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Full text of "Parke County, Indiana, centennial memorial, 1816-1916"

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1816 fer-4a 1916 




HIS work IB not an "up-to-date" History. It is a Memorial. Had the purpose 
been anything in the way of a complete history, dcalinf; lorHcly with recent 
events and with the present time, I should have declined writing it. As I 
understood the purpose of the Centennial Committee, it was to collect, in so 
far as possible, the scattered fragments of historical lore, particularly that which has 
remained unwritten, and record them before they are lost or forgotten. Therefore, this 
volume deals principally with the past. The principal reason for this omission is as has 
been stated— the memorial character of the work— but there is another reason, and from 
the standpoint of impartial history, a better reason. Nobody can write fairly and 
impartially of men with whom he has associated, cither in co-opcralion oi opposition, or 
of events in which lie took an active interest. No history of Parke County, for instance 
has dealt fairly with such men as John G. Davis, or with the events of the Civil War. for 
the reason that no man on either side who imbibed the hatreds of that period could write 
of it fairly and dispassionately. The men and women who are subjects of sketches herein 
are those who should have a place in a memorial volume. In the illustrations the samu 
idea prevails. The picture of no living man ts printed, and with one exception— that of 
Elizabeth McCoy, who is in her 106th year- -no living woman. 

In 1885 1 was making a study of the Tippecanoe campaign, and the Hon. William M, 
Endicott, Secretary of War, had copied from the archives of his department more than 100 
foolscap pages relating to that campaign and sent them to me. These reports of Gcneial 
Harrison made the basis of an article in the Magazine of American History. May, 
1887. Other sources of information are: Dillon's History of Indiana; Dunn's Indiana; 
Lossing's Field Bodk of the War of 1812; Indiana State Library archives; personal 
investigations at Vincennes, and much inquiry of people in Parke County. To the latter, 
and especially to those who have contributed to the work I am greatly indebted, and I am 
sure that their services will also be appreciated by ibe reader. I. K. S. 



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[!g!] l:rj'Ci!ii!iK;ii!!iiiri'!i!liiTi';iii,ig£;:i!ililig^^^^ 


111:11 r. VVllITi;, in I.I" PlmilU'lll 
hUliirl'-nl mlilri'ss ilolli.Ti'd In 
Ihc' iilil coiirl hniiRi- on ihci'durlh 
or .inly. IsTil, In foiMinoMinrnl|..n 
(if il.i. N.ill.m's (Vnli'Miiinl, irnld. 
(hoiiJli i;ni InTviTrnlly : "Tin 
1 mil wui In n BW'il Imnini' « lir., 
Ik. niiidc. I'liikf ( ■.inilty." II Inn 
nlBftyn K-unifd lo Unji-o of ns who Hero liorii lic-ro 
iiinro illvlni'ly cniloMiil li.nii nny cnnnly In ilio 
Ploto 111 vnrlcly and dhciBlly of soli nnd loiiOKrniili- 


Icnl fcaturcB. It hm the fortllo valleys of the Wr- 
l>n»h Klvor, Sncnr nnd Ilnccoon Crrokn. wllli ilmao 
or nuniorons mnnlliT mrinn.n. Thp prnlrlps of He- 
Borvo townnUlp nro nnflnrpiiBHOd fur fertility of poll 
lind l.eanty of Inmlnriipe. The ■T.lnn Tnlrkef nnrt 
".New Dlir.oveo" uplnnd aro lyplcr.! of thonpandfe of 
ncres In every townBhlp of the Connly. .'fiirely In 
no oflter placo in erenilun enn bo fonnd a more dc- 
llKlilfnl loniilry than llial fjilr land no fairly pro- 
IKirltoncd betwe.^n wntrr, wood, lilUa jind pralrlo 
whirh lies wllhln lllc iKirdiTB of I'arlie (■..imly. 

Only In fancy ran wo nee llio canoe of the first 
l-'rench explorer aa It floated do\vn the Wal.aBh nnd 
diKiloRed wlrnt no while man had ever i.e,.n li.'fnro 
— tho virgin Boll of I'nrko Connty. 'I'railUlon alono 
records that man, for It Ib not Itiiowii who amonK 
the csplorerB to deneend llie Walmhh In the ITlli 
('.■ntnry wne flral. The flrnt while man who la 
known to hiivo vlalle.l I'nrUo County wna, aec.irillni! 
to lleadlo 11 "nay and Kallanl I'renehman, with the 
Biylo of n ll'Orsny nnd Iho mornlg of a lion .liion." 
Mko many of the yonoR Moods of IiIm nation In tho 
IKth Ctntnry, he had l.cen sent out to Canada to 
BOW Ills wild oMia, mill like many more lui.l wander- 
ed from guohec lo Iho Wnl.aah. -Mioiit 17ii.Mll lie 
nseended Knuar Creek lo Uie .Narroiva. nn oecount 
of whleli was publlnlicd In I'nria In ITIH. 

After the rBlnlillshineiit of inlliinry and iradlni: 
poRiB at ijnialanon MTIjiil and ^'llM-ennl'a llf;!Tl It 
In iin.hnhle tliiil Iho p:iB-ni;e of hoila aloiii: Ilie VVa- 
hash waa fre.|iieiil. (Jiiiatniioii and VIniennen h.- 
fiiri' ilie I'remh ami U'nr i njoyed a pmilahle 
lr,idi. «lih llie Indlai.B. .Iimi wliero ifiilalnnon 
Blood la not known, .;nil why no lineo of II can non 
he fonn.l or was nol niili.e.l nnd recorded In receni 
.vcara nfier lia drairindoii In ITnl, Is one of Uiii 
iiiyalerl.-s which h,irfle8, while nl Ihe aaino II. no li 
lure." the lilalorlan. That It wr.a tr,,,,,.,, )i,rr helwei 11 . 
Ciiviiifion nnd ihc rnplds of llio WahaBh fifleeii 
iiill.'B below Lafnyelle 1b rerlaln. lint where'/ 
i^nlnl inon waa loliUly deslroved hy Ceiieral CharliR 
Scoli in IT'.il. nllhoiicli It was lli.'n an Anierhan 
town under llie aoverclnnly of Iho I'niled Hlnles. 
lii-iieral .^coli led n foreo of KeiilneUy volnnterrh 
Inio the Indian Coiinlry t.. punish them for tlirlr 
mnrileroiiB forays. Ivvcrv man of his foree lind 
Ruffeied III aoii.e ninnner from the bloody Invaslon*- 
of Kenlilelcy by the Indians north of the llhlii. It 
\'aa ailape.led Ihat the I'reneh people at IJnhilanon 
liarborid ih.' Indiana. alllinli).h Ihe I'remh were 
p.'aieful and frlemlly lo ihe l^nll.-d SInlea. How- 
ever Ibla m.ny be, anrli a ai.aph'lon once enlerlnliied 
by Iho plniiiei-B of Kenlnel.y was anfflelenl lo call 
lor sinnnmry venKeanr... i;ulainnon, I'OnaMlnu of 

aevenly bouaea, a e of ihen. of bri.k. win, lairnid 

10 tho cronnd. The alie of ijiilatiinon lina nn iloulit 
for luoro than Hm years been Ihe bed of tne Wnhnah 
lllver. A raphl and radiral rhani;.' In Iho river's 
courao con only neeounl for Ihe diB.Tppearnneo of all 
debris of tho ancient town. One ciiess ss to It" 
exact loeallon Is ns good Qb another; so 1 glvo as 
my opinion that it alood aoiiie\\liero In llio neigh- 
borhood of Attica, lint on tho oppoalto side o( tho 





I'aike I'miiiiy tlial flunrea In tnillaiiu 'rerrlliir al 
lilBlnry In llie Irrnly In eMlimn'sh Indian 1 Inlina In 
thai pan i.r Ihe territory Ihen belnu >ellled or nr- 
(taiili.e.l Inio eounliea. 'rhls Ire.ty »n« Mral ilrnwii 
nnd aUned at I'l. WnMie, Kridemlur W. ixini. II 
iMta llien sicneil hy Ihe head men oi" ihe Il.hlware^. 
rollewnloiiiles, MlniiilB and Kel lllver Indiana. Du 
Ihe :;''.lh of, lldieinl llnrrlaon. who liaii 
lnatli;ale.l the treaty, iield .. rminell wlih Ihe Weaa 
at Mn.ennea. who also rnllflril llie Irenly, About 
l.Miiiii,iiiii anea of land was ni>|iilred by ihl- Irenlv. 

•I'lie Ten li'rlork line, which la mill Bliov>n on nln|l^ 
of Indlnnn and I'nrke C.iunly, was cslabllslie.l by Ihe 
Irealy of I'l. Wayne, lint llio idrn so bin:: preialeiil 
Ibal Iho line waa eM.lninrd lo Ihe Iml ana aa be- 

ulnnlni; at lis ami aalern point and ionllniiin|.. 

aloni; Ihc direilinn of liie shadow caal by Ihe .un ai 
len o'lln.k la eri'onenua. On Iho innlrary Ihe line 
ainileo M Ihe nionih of 111k llaeriion, nml Ma eoutae 
wna eMiliilni'd In Ihe Indians na lielni! lowarda Ihe 
point where ibe aim was nl ten o'cloi k. In Mils 
direction Ihe line .1.11111111011 lo a pnliil nn llie eiir.t 
fni'li of W.lille lllver In .laikanii Coiinly nboul |rn 
nill.'fl from llrownabura. It linn rnn ill iicnally lo 
the Ohio boundary line north of lllihnionil. It lia« 
been cenernlly Riippnaed Hint Iho line bet-aii on Ihe 
tlhio lllver, niiniher populnr error In connitllon wllli 
the Ten O'clock line. 

At Ibis period of our lilBlory the Ironble was 
brewing bclwoen the Inlted Slates nnd Ureal llrll- 
nln which bronchi on Ihe war of IHIL'. ilrneral 
llarilBon auapecle,! ijie llrlllsh mllllary iinllinrilies 
in Canada and llrlllab traders of Inriuen.lii); Hh' 
Indiana nirnlnat Ihe I'nlle.l Hlalea. 'llie illualloa 
was made more pcrploxlng and diiblona by Ibe ad- 
vent nl Ihlfl timo of Te.-nmaeh nnd bis brolher, Ibi) 
Crophcl. There Is lio doubt about llie oblllly ot 
Teenniseli nnd tils high Blandlng om"Pi! the ureal 
Indians ot history. Hut llie I'rophei wna a frnnd. 
However, lie waa iluHc uaefnl lo Td uuiaeli hi liH 
rolo of Bplrllnnl head of the Confideia.y Ihnl Ihe 
great fhawncn Chief hoped lo form frmn all Ihe 
Irlhes or Iho Houlh and WiBl. At Ih" I'mphela 
town on Iho Tipiieeanue all of tho fnot-looae or bad 
Indians from Ihe Mlaalaalppl lllver 10 Ihe Ohio were 
being tnlhend lowllneas Ihe Inrnnliillons of Iho 
I'lophel, nnd llieae Indians were easily Infliicmcd 
aunlnat ihe aeiilrra of Indlnnn. 

Teculiiaeh rcenlcd the Iranafer of bind affc.lcil 
by the irea'y of I'l. Wnvne. lie deelan-d ihal Ibe 
Indlnns who Bigncd 11 avvny had no rl;;lit 10 do so, 
.Mnny nicaaengcrs were dlapalebed from Minennis 

til Iho I'riinbel's town by (lenernl Ilarrlann I le.l- 

lalely nfler Ihe ealnlillslinu-nt of Ibe Ten O'clock 
line lo Influence these Indlnns favorably. Then 
iiiesaengera wcv" grnerally Krcnrlimen who had - 
been residents of Vlnconncs al llio limn of I'" 

,,,„„,■,• I. 111., lull 1.1 (;..i.i;. 

|(.,K.P« n..ll> .11 ITTIl: IT., III'. « \-|«". 

,.|;,. ,.| 1,1.. n.MI.MIH .■ImriHl.TN »r ll.lll 

|...ri...l. >..i 

lIllKI' III 

IT.Il.lliiMli »..iv T..II-WIIII1 

|l,.l.,.l^. 1.1, li:i,f..'. M. Ilr Ili'i'i- 

,„„| I'l.iiv l.,|.|'l,i.. Tvvu wir. 

A ilnii,^ ■"i.i.H- iiii.l Wlliliiii, 


l.iini,li-rl,.llr,. iil' III,' l'rii|.:i,'l iim: 

•r,.,.,i , B,.|, ii,vii,.'.i «ii. II .ii.».i', II.. I 

,■1.1, li.llHi. I.!k 1.I|. I" 'I'l' I'l'il'l".'!' 
iili..n. III,. i'r..|.liii I'^.v -111. II.- <• ■■■■■ 

rill, ,1,1,.. I l,> II nil,.. I., r ,il IiiiIIiiiih oI 
11111,1,1,1 1|.,I„K. I'.iiiii.ii Hli.iiil il.iiiil 
1,11 i,|. i«..h.. l,,! Iin.|. 111,. I'|.n...|i,-l. 
•■11,. I,„il,.il III 111,.." Bill, I lliirriiii, 'liii. 

>,,<,.. Ill llllllllll.S. nlllKIIll K|.,.lllllllL- III 

ii.iil.lii/ iiiiy i.lmi „r i..|.,.i:iiiil..ii. iil 
lll..ll,;li III. 1.11, .« i,„. l.,ll. Al liiKl li.. 
Unilli.. iippiiriiiily In iih-'ii. •\'«y vvl.ll 
'|,lll.|.",„. Ill, VI H ,,.1,1.. li.i..;- (Mill li... 
•Ilriiiiill. II,. wiiK ..,.11. .. h.. vviiB ....,.v. 
I>iiI„iIk w.iH liiTi.: h,. »»,• ii x\<y. N.-w 
VI M: liiivi. timi,.. You. i,ki. iir,. ii 
hpy. "riii.i.,. In yiMir Kriiv,.;~l"i.k ,'ii 

II :• Til,. iTiii I iiKii i,iiiiiii.ii 1" 111,. 

i:r.„Mi,| mill. 111,. h|.,iI wIht.. I miioil.' 
Iliil III,. l'iii|.li,.|H l.liiir wni. 

11 1 a r K 1 (• A L S K li T C U 1- 1' A It K i: ■ (' () U N T Y . 

M, iK,.M.i,ii.,l iiiiuiiiir l.y I" nil.. H ''111'.' I'O ..""I'lii-.' Ill 't'll'; 

,. „.!i K,.ir, «i 111,., J lur.. I-. ..i,i,..,>i.i.ii 1.. ..;.■ 

,„,,,, I ,,, ,..,,, ,,, |1„. iHillillI l.illt 1, nil lll'l lll'll"" I" .I'"""* 'I I..K,' 

"mill. 1,11,,.,,,.,. I,.. ...ui ;;"-,i;;:y",:';::,::ll;;,!:".'i:;j'i^'X 

lln'iiii. ,-...|,ii-.l hli «li,l,. Ill, .„,.|.|,,,|,„ („„. ,.!,■.. I l„ ,„ 1. 1 nilr 

i.l.j.i, ,.i lilH ,l«il. Tl... I,.M or il.,>. ;,|,„,ih'|„. lriiiKi„.|,..l Ii. wi,n..i|.«." 
,.|l,i.|. lliiilKiiliV nil »i.i,i:,' KM 111.. II ,^ V,., ,iiiiK,.|i iviiiilil 

..,.|ii„i„,iliiil,.,l 111 llii. I'|.,i,.|„.,. 111,'. ,.'.'" '"',",:. „ .'i ' ,„i,i,r|l 

;:;:r!;, hr''^.wthh'iir";;n.rM::;' '-'■■•I'ly. n" n-i i-i ">-■'" '-^ 

II v.iK Ml llic I'-'ll, II, A,l;:i,iil. IM<.. *■'" ' ''' l"""'''! "''I"'" 
lliilt T, ,„,li«,.|, will, »,'M.,il> win-. 
rliirit li|.|ni.,l 1,1 Vilinli,,,!,. Tl,;!, lri,i 

(,IiIm„ikI inily 1,1, Ti.,',iiiiHili ki,..» 

1,, iviiH nil rily : Iiiiv,.,. nil Ills «.,,, 

11, linin rnnnilU «illi 111,' l:!'".. ■; 
!,,,. Siiiilli In 111, It 1,1 Inilnii' lln'.n ,n 
J,il,i .„ II r.iin, il.'r.i.y «liiilliii I" lliiii 
inn,,.,! I,y I'nnllin. In IT'^l. T,.. niii.. .|i 

llll'lll,,,^ IliUlil' Ii.. uiili' In l.nlil li« ml 
mnilni; lliin ..i liiiiiilKiiillnii. Tli,. 
..lillnry nl T, ,.lli,.s,.|i lins l.i.i'li sh.'ll 
.11. lilK .•n'1.1,,-1 I ,lL.|il. I'i.rliii;..i ll 
»nB «li,'ii ,|,'llv,.|.,il ill liU I'aily,' 
,',i,i:,i,> i„ il„',i,. u'hu ii,iik.|.>,.. >>.| hlH 
li.iii:i,i,t;i'. .\ K|,..,cli il,.||yi'|.,.il i," ili 
,.nii,i,. '. Ii,.lil iilll, linvi'i-noi- lli'-il 
,11, III,' .Jiilli 111 AiimiBt wiiH ;.,! 
,lii»ll liy 111,. i;nv,.|.|i,M''« n,.,l,.,. (i 
will, h I ,;il.,. I 111. liilln«i„L' piiKKi.;.. 
"Ilmllnr. • I wIhIi ,\nil »ni,l,| 11 

i..|i t »,.|l. Ak I think y 

nnl (l,.,irlv liii,l,',»l,„„l wliiil I 
Hillil 1.1 Mill. I will ,'S|,llilli ll nil l,i:iiln 
' • lli,,lli,.|. Sliii'i' III,' |..'iii,. ml 
iii,.,.„,lll.. In IT'.i.-.. 1 will, 111,1,1,.. y,.ii 

llIlM' 1,111, .,1 will,. „f ,l„. SlllllMlll,.,.S, 

U'lnnii.iii;,,,..,. |i,.|i,»i,r,.». iiiiil Mliunli,: 

1,11,1 t,i,i hi,,,, till ,1 I;. Mil, tl'iiin 

hh; mill I iln mil >,.,. Ii"w "i. nii r,. 
nniln iit i„.iir,. will, >,.„, If yiii iir.i 

111" imily nl»n »|in„,(! i,|i, i,,.|„|.,l wlili 
war ilnt.n. tninaliuwIiK. mill i.|i..,iii,. 
mill HKii.'l 1,1 ,1 till', it,.|iliiL- iiltlliiil,.. 
\,il inT,<l,.|Ktiiii,llii>:l lilK liini:,iii:.',., I 
ill, I ii„l 1,11, iw wli„t liiiil I.,.,. II Kil.l. nil. 

I I ll„. Int. 11, 1,1,. I' i.\|,l,ilii,,l II t 

lint III,. K,',.,'y nl ili,. I,.riiini.,, 
i;,. II,. nil i;il,H„ii. will, i.|„..ikM ilii. 
Sliiiwnn,.,. Iiiiitnni;,'. iinil « ,» nllllmi 

l,'ii|.,'. 1, ,',,i,Kl,..l l.l,.,il,'iiiinl i.l.„«.'i 
.111,, .In,;- In iii„l(,' 11 u-.i;i,.l „.,' 
mill, nil,, w,.||. Ill II llltl,. ,IU,mi,,. 

Klliml In Inllr lir,,,^ TIl,. Kll.llll w ,» 

IniiiiKlil Innvmil : iinil. in< kii„i, n., lili. 

r.| h ",iK Inn 111, 'I,.,! I I ,, . 

I.rnii, li,il 111 I, Inr hlH ,„iiiliiil. 1111,1 
l,.|llll,.,l hliii ll.Hlilllllv In ,I,.|,.||.| In 

lilH .11 1,,.|,ii'lim lliiil I win. ,1,.. 

t,.| ,1 1,1 , xlli.t'iiluli tl mil 




1111,1 with vhili'i.t i;<.»l„ro« iiinl fvi.ry 
1,1(11, nil,.,, n,' .nni;,.,. il,.,! ,r,',l llml tin' 

I nil,. In ,1,1 m. Vnii , r.> t,i Inrn 111,. (i„v,.ninr'B nimniniilH wrrv Inlnc. 
,,.,1 ,„„|,1,. In ,1,1 K..,i,.. lnjii|... It Is ,;„>.,.,,|„r iimrlmin «fK.i.wn,.<lB bik-iiU- 
.Mil, lliiil nr,. |.n»l,liii; nil n ,„..„,. ,l,l» ,.|,U,i,l,. «■, 1,1 . 

n.h.lil.f. V n.l..av„r l„ iinil,,' illB- IM- "MhlB , ii.ilil . 

Iln,ll,in» ,n Inilhin lilh.B. In nllntllnn "I"'" 'i" """ """ . i' "'iml"-!- "' 

In ,.11.. I, 11 pailli.iihir liiM , ,1, linil. >■. ■ — 

U<. ,l„.„l 1,1 ,11,1 will, iinli ntlM'l. Tnun...l, >n,l ll,r r,„|.l,H wrrc ,v.o nl Ihr 

Vnil ,„.,,.,. K,,. an ln,|l.,n ,,1111,. anil niplM .„n. l..rn .,1 .Cerk m,„hrr Mr<l,o„l,..l,r) 

,.n,l,.a\<ir In inakn III,' wl.ll,' |„.„|,l,' iln ,„ . „\,„ ul .nni.l.r.. o,. il,.- m,„l>{vn ,r OI.,o. 

■<,>. ViMI I Iilllll.lially llrl.lllK Tl.rlr „,mr. wrrr Tccun.srh. Kl.l,..,... .,,,1 

nil pi.,11.1,. ; will. II. at lust. ynil Knm.UU 1 l,t ,.o„r.l,. h«r „vrn >,c from 

W II ,I,1V,. Il„.,„ inln ll„. HI.,'i| lak,.. „,.„„|,l„|cl,r. mi,dr h, IV„r l.r U,u. e »our,i 

v.tnl.. llii'V can't ,.|tl„.r rIihiiI ni- Kimth, ., V.mcnn... ,n Inn". <>..«»,.. 
wni'k, Itiolli, |..— V,.,l nliuhl In Icnnv, .,„,„;„ H...„..,i.nn il.c I't^nW, npiw.,,. much 
\.lial Mill 1,,',. llnlllK "III, III,' IniltnilK. oMrr ll,.,n Trr„,.,.rh Uiilnu. Iran, whD.r h.|. 
I',rllll|,» It l» llV ,l|ri.,||,ni of 111,. i„,y i|,,„ p,t|u,c. »,c ,.l,cn.^.y.l^..l"Tcc„n„l„.•• 
l'l','.sh|,',ll 1,1 lliakr tllll.',' lllHll„rt|,.nR. i, ||„ p.ou^r •l.rll.n.,. .. l, cor.r.nond. id iUc 

II IH n viry l,n,l IIiIuk: and no ilo not |„j,.„ p,„„„„d.i,nn ol kl. r,>m<, 

:u i.'h, r lilt, iih'w. miil piiii,' l.,l Hint 
I', ,1 ,1,11 „n harm l.y IiIk innilili'l llir 
ilav h,!,,,,.; ami tliiil lin wli<!i|.|| i viry 

I him: i|.| halily H,'ltl,'il. Iln alKn 

liilil Mr Hal inn thai 11 wan prnhihl.' 
h,. Iillil li....„ (l..r,.'.\,(l hy wliiln pnn 

pin: 111. It ll,. hail I. I |ilfinln,',l tlinl 

llin cIllzi'iiH liiT,. wire iiiniillv illyli). 

Ill -nun liiiir nti my Hliln, and II II,. 

01' nt, IiIb." 

liiiyi'i'iinr llarrlKnii iiiiil 'IViniini'li 
lii'lil iwn iiinri' llili't'vlnwii. Tin' hint 
wan ,11, 111,' liny wlii'ii Ti'i',iiii«,'li niiil 
hlB wairlnrH riniind dnivn llir Wn- 
liiKh nil llii'll' way Smith. At IIiIk 
lliii,' 'r<'(.|iiiiK,'li Inhl linviriinr llai'. 
rlmiii at lii» laiiip. wln'i'n Ilii' dnyirniil' 

hail Kiiti I'liil,.,! only l,y Hi,' III 

li.,.|.,'i'l<.r. Unit III,. I',.,.|il,l,.nl „r II,,' 
I'l,l,,'tl Slal,.H w.,11, lint a fit {.crHon to 
di'ilili' tl,,' ilirfcinci'b hL'lwci'ii llic 
wlilt,.» n„d till' liiulntiH. In Miln alli,. 
allnn 'i'i',.|,i,,H,.|i hail very cnii- 
cipllnii nr a tiiilli Ihul U npnlliahli. 
(n nil wars. Mr said: 

"Will, aa the Kmil ihlnr la In dr- 
tiliiillic Ihn ninltir. I Imln. Ilin Cniil 
Spirit will pill 81.111,,. i.|iniiL:li Inln lih, 
hind In In, I, a,, him In iIIkcI yn„ In 
i:l\c „|i this land. It Is triio. h,' li Kn 
lar oir Im will „„t h,- Injnr,,! I,v llin 
wir. Ilr iiay hI, bIIII In lilg lown. 
and drink hia win,', whili. yn„ and I 
will linv,. lo ritiht II mil."' 

■ D„w..,n'i I ill. ol I U, 
UU ol Tnumirh. p I )9. 

®Ij? ®t|i|Ji>ran0p (Eautiiaign ani> lattb 

A„.l IlKliI,. 1 

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il„.v ,.,,.n,,..l ,l„. r,,l.l: 

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pairing a lili^liway In Uaccoon tuwn- 
ship two rude gruvc atones were dis- 
ci, iscd. Th, 6C slonrs were l.ioURlit tn 
The lln'i.iillf 7'rl(,i,ii- otfico where 
they renialiied for acvt, iithe and 

w, ro. 1 ihlLk. liiriu'il oi", .o the ko- 
• alli'il ",.1111111^ Miiiaeniii. • They had 
l„.,.,i ,111 Iriin, r.ull Mind ainllc. a,«l 
tiaiis nt htlerliiL' ,o„ld he a;,.n. The 
dale nf "l.sil" was ,|,ilte leu-lhlo. in,. 
inoBi r,.aBnna..|.' c'liji'ctnre as tu I he 
|.r,'s,'i,ce or whit,' men at that |ila,,' 
In ISIl Weill, I h,' I heir ronilictinn wllli 
ll„. Kill,,. y lie parly a,,,! oiil hy lioi- 
ernnr II irrlsnn. The further fa.l thai 
diirlni: Inr BprlnK and Kiiiinner of |si I 

iiiKsed hy III,. Indiana unnlil Indleal,' 
that the MtoneH were iilaicil at the 
urnve of aniiie man who was killed 
while with the aiirvi.ylnn party wlilih 
lan ,he T,,, u'clnck line. 

Iiepredallnna licaine an nimiernna. 
1111,1 |i.,. ;:atln.||ii|: of siinli a lirninlHin. 

Shnrlly nfler 111,. cniif,T,.n,.r wll 
■|V,.iiiiiK,'l, n ►mall d,.Iarliiii,.,it nf V. 
iiKiihiiH iiniler I'aplain Crnsa ni 
Kent I,. Vln.enn'a. These aoldle 
win, three lOinpanlea nf Inllllla I 
fantry ami a ,<iiii|.aiiy ,if Knox 
ly draKnniiB wer.' Int.. nihil Inr s.-rvh 
In ,.,.,.clln); nn,l >;arrl»„lill,tf a fnrt 
he hiilll nil III,. ,.,Bt hmik nf I he W 
hnnli nnd hear tli,' T,,, llrlniU !'.I1,.. n 
l,nl the ,.r,.rll„n ,,r th.' fort waa il,.- I, 
frrriil. In UrInlBr. ixm. llnvorMur ".ean'^-B" an llinnlrnlliK. Ilinl lleneral 
ItllrrlMii, l.i'llevlnu Mint a anrvoy nl ll.'lrrlann de,'!,l>'d II hail In he atniiiud 

llle maty I idiirli'H inlfhl h,' inlii- Aild.'.l lo tin' dl-aallHliiillon of 'le 

liirnied wllhiinl dani-'er frnm Iho In- riiniH, h waa the aiiH|,l,.|nii Mint llrll 
diana aeiit n .Mr. Milinnald In rllli the IbIi u.iinta were Imlthu; llio hiillnni 
llnea. •ifainsl the Tnlled States govern 

.\i p"l tweiily years rko \y|ilIo ro- aient. At'ler itinahleriihlo eorrea|toiiU 


encg with the Sicrctaiy of War, Uon- 
crol llarrlaoii Icll Vliiccnnca on the 
::iith of Scplciuber, ISIl, with a force 
of l.'Jl'.l nicn. VVc luar much lately 
alio, a lack of ofllreia for mllllnry 
aervliv hotli l„ I';,i,.oiie and the I'liit- 
ed Stale?. Nn su.h sliortaKe attell,le,l 
the nriny whhli fought :il TI|,|,ceaiioe. 
■I'lie i.tfliera were: line ...ninniandi-r- 
Inchlef. -J aids. I adjutant of the 
iiriiiy. I l,rl::nile major, I toniu-,' mna- 
,,'r. I colonel, :l Ihnlenmit ,.,.|nn,.|8 I 
ninlnra, m enplnlna, :|..' alihalterna 
(lleuteunnta.) 1 paynniBter, I adjn 
taniB, I aiirgeon, and 'J aurgeoi, 1,inlL.a. 
Sm-h waa the "nhly orrheri-d" force 
which en,i,iup(d at ,\rii,lcBh,irg nnil 
n,arih,.d from tlli-re to a t«lnt one 
mile fthovo JlotilC7.u,iia, w.lierr the 
army cros^d the river. All lilBtnrlaiis 
any lliit the Wiihaah waa erosaeil 
"ahnill where the town of Mnntexiimn 
now atmids," hut as 1 nlinll alinw Inter 
on It In au rstabllahed fuel thai llie 
'tfiHRlng waa one inllu nliovo Monte- 

■I'hr army |,ro,.o-,led nn the weal 
B|,le of the rlirr io Illg Vern,lll!on, 
whrre a blorU hnimo waa linlll for 
|,rotr,llnll of Bloria. Tlir milrae of 
the •iValinah iKeinnliiK too wlmllnu to 
lirntrct plovlBinn l.oala "five nr alx 
wiiKKoua" were ordert.d lent from 

Vlneennea and when IIicbc arrived the 
niaicb wua re8u,iic,l acroas country to 
the rropliet'a town. 

The order of ,i,nrcb waa aluillar to 
that of r,cneral Wayne on lila route 
to "Tallen Tlmhera." The Infanlry 
were In two flha on eaih »lde: the 
inonnled nien hi front ami reir anil 
nn •a,.|i I'Innk. SoinitlineB Ih,. mount, 
cd rirle„,e» would e.\chn„a' plaira 
will, other naiuntid nieu from frnul 
to nar. na cireiiinalmnea favmeil ami, 
a nioviinent. Ceneral Harrison waa 
tlreleaa In h'a allliervlalnn of Hie 
troops, nnd with great aklll inaile Ihe 
beat of ,.very alttiallon. 

Iln llu. evening of .November 11. l.Mll. 
the army an Ivcil near the "I'roiihct'a 
Town," nnd aoine negotiation* wcro 
begun. The general aaya : "A eor- 
r,.piM,i,d,-nce waa linnieillately oliened 
with the •ITophet,' and there waa ev- 
ery alipearance of ii Bin ci'ssfnl term' 
nation nf the e.x|ie.lltlo„ without 
blooilBhi'd. Inileeil there wa» »n 
ngreciiient for the auiiprcBaloi, of boa- 
Ill Ilea until fnrlhi'r ronimunhatlon 
ahoiild vake pla.i. n,.xl day." Iliil the 
known ,.hnrn,ler of tlio "frophef 
waa aiiffl,.|,.iit renson t,> auspecl ex- 
nelly the opiinaltc of hia pror,.»«ed In. 
lenllona. The nriiiy hlvonailcrd for 
11,0 night in Iho order of battle, i;oel. 



,i,„n kUvI ' i.'llr hlr< i.lnr.- In rnii's. iImIiiI nr !ii. r «^,« I.,.. |..)l.-nl, -111.- r. Ini ii I.. Vliirrnn.-. «.i» .■• Il:ill,v r.l.ulll ;,ih1 ,.,n»l,.l.,l ,.r n.rly 

ulij.h ».!.■ ■■.Ilml.' "r lii.lhii. fll.-. I..,. -i„l tl..- ,„n-.l.nll...i„ >,.„„■: .ill..,r.v m.mi|.Ms vMIIi.miI ,liril. .illv, II iv.i^i <■« •« or hull., nnil n line K1.1(,m...o 

rill CiiM'iiil lliinlson liii>l Kiilil "III III lioil hlH riiM'. Il< nlliiMiinln .niiir In I'M'lilh'H:'. iiHiillnii In liiiiil'' <>l \lllnui' »n llh' \\>n kIiIi' nr llu' \Vi|. 

ill.'ili oiii'liin'. »Imii' IIk'K' IK lin \ liiniiMi ii iiinl |i> iinl I \|..vll' li.i oni' <ln nlniim: In I'niki' I'nuilly, I imli. TIiIh vlllnL-. hn.l |i»l inliliin nr 

i.liiifU In r.HlBl, niw nink l» mnrlv ;i,< ;.,i n |Hi\:il.. .iikI ;iI llir «nlli linllnii n; '"> 'ln' "'"I >•""<< "i H"' « ihii-li. ill .1 I nl" All llw mm rmniil «im lU- 

V..,.cl n« Ivin. mill In Mini lilinl Ml «ir liiai;liirlri nl Ih ml nf Ihr ihrr In " llnnTiil llnpUInn nnn cnni- 

nil-.., II M.iislMi, or 1111. ■ IR n 11. III. ,- .-it-^vv, "I'll"' "11""" l.nii.lliii;." Ili'ii- Mm- l"'ll'-il In Binll nn liln rrllirn ninrrll 

l.r nf III!' lliHl I nilnn..'. ll:!" Tr?.!--'^- ,.•>' f,~t-JW-!i?Aj,.. rJKnnV n r.ninil -hlii.. miiiin" cinM nil Ilir J.-.lli nr .Nnvniihrr. l.y iiiinoii 

,„n;» iiinn ,. ir iMIli I .r.- fn ,V,'? -. • ^•^■- .•;;<"-^..- ,.^ I„... «ll,l U lini i . Iiii iiln.;. Mniio nl nf Ilir .-I.I.-kI «•, ilhrr i.>,-u lunnMi 

illliv III liliii;!.' llliili III iliinlil.' i.inl;.- S"' "jil •'* ': '"f^k'} ""' Ki'niii. klnnn pnllnl ii|. Ilii- ttr.iKH Inii- nl lliiil llini- nf ycnr. Ill' nnhl 

Cnrriil lliiiilsnn Iniil nrl-nn nl ;i /- . >'*<*' iV-.'' :-V "">' ■ ■Iiips" linnn-. rlinl lirn wrrn ••i<lin..|c-..;i. rinrt hlilrll-mi rhiil 

.liiiil'l.'i l.iisl rniir. nii.l llii^ 1110 il- « ',>_• „K V-'V y 111 clii nnvn tin- f.-.d. Ar.nrillnc. In i:,n rnnnnlili. nr Ilir r mnni • In 1.1II n oil!. nl.nnl In h, ulv., t -l r,«.-k_i}L-h_ Ar').\« ly. II lias l.,Ti, 1I11I11...I 111" >ln»«." I'l.Tiv Lnplnnl. n .lilx™ ol 

u , „ «ln,:l.- 8linl «n» il,v,l l„ n ^, ■:Ai%:S^^^^X^^'^-^'-\''-^ .rlulnnl •■l.liiP i;i:.s8" nl' Ihr iMMnlllnl, «hn «n« «lll, Ihn nniiy. 

o^.N J-^r:^^J,SS5"^-•■:f^^■^^•'■.^■'; .M.llnn fit Knitnrky kinnvii In llinl (.ilil: ■•«> nil mirforrrt yrry iiiinli: 

IIIM'I nil III'' I'MI I'Innk : 


1.- l.v Mm |.|.1;.K Mh" i' ' • ^' - — -'^.-.^-V ..,v, /! r.ninn. i- Irnl |v <,nli'l spnl nn Inil I plllod llir |.nnr 

"V's . , . .■ ... -<^~-''--N-',V;v...^^ Ilii' Wnl.iisli. S.-v,-nl.\ yi'iilK III:" 1. ' I"') "'-n' iilmnm nnrt 

■3-. - "-^i^^ „..i .^?.-i^i2r 

Mill . ._ „ , . ,,_„,,,, 

lnilLilii> "VH' in Ih.- nrinv. riilii- -S^^ - ' -j^.J"^^ ,^^^-^13' .i.nllnnnn ..f nrFLili Inill.nnn Inirt :i Lml-nnly llilii lln.ii uhlrl mil llii. 

ill il.iK.. iiini:.- mill ynllln:: Ilk.- il..>lli. ■Sy.iz... ., ."~ '?'.".' TiliL^^-'-' ■ nrrrsi.niiil.ii.-.- Willi II. my chiy on finiinil rnv.rr.l wliu sn.'W nnil tlin 

lliiil rniilil 1»' ».-.'n 111 111!' l.ln.UnnsN i.iiiT ini!iii-i..\ In linr 1 nnil K.-nlii.hy "nn in.' 

|.li..illni; Ih.' dnvvn nl n Nn\.'inli..i- •■: lillmiMiniiin of Mm '•lilun cnm-s." lull ' "i " » »>-^ "i ' »ni\i<i in r.tlini' 

llninlliL-. .\» l.lmi 1 l.y Um ■•l'in|.li- Hi'' k.'I.U. r.'< " nn 1. :.<!.■ imijnr .1 i< r Bnini- iin«. 1 rhil n linl .-..i vtv. 

rl •■ III.- nll.i. k vmn M.'.irlv 'll-i- i". fi.-ii.-rnl llm. Innn snirt : 1 .-n ■.-.-n.-i nliy r.-. .lUiilz.-.l. Ilill hn 

l.ii'l Ih.- Hill.- nnny \vii..i linl In I..- ■IH'-. .-i.n.lii.l lli.-lr .li.iir.-. llir nr.nsii ::r.« iin.l nllll cinnn: nn. In llim iniiliiwr. II wnn linn- .V.-v.-r urn th.-r.- nn ..rflr.r liiissn- ».-il «nii Iiiki n In K.-.iliirkv. nnil nninr 

Ihnl Ih.- I.irc.- Ill ii-r nr nrr .viK wns i. ■.nni.- iililnr nr z. nl In .|l..;,hiiri:. hi- l.n-t -' 1\- n-nln,-.. nr llu 

i'ernnii Army in fnvkt (Enimtij 

ll.ipk nn. II riirnlnh.'B nn hnn 

HI nlmiiln nn 11 innniiii | In I l.r r.x- 

iinr.llniry ii;.-rll nn.l hnivcry nf tlip 
ri.ri. nn.l »..|,llrin >ylin rniniionril 
.- I».. nriiilnn. 
Ili:.l hiinnnihlr iii.-nlloli 1-. iltii. Ilin 

I niiy «.-:i i.niir.. hnn fnr lirlni 

1 Hnn nr III M uhn ntnrrhoil 

11.1.1111:11 I'nkn iniinly In Ihn nr.i.lnii 

1:.' lllliiini-r ni nil ..-is "lis -■'- ■< ". "■■. "■ >.......... .i. ...- i. ..■ 1 ■ ■ :-■■' ni 111. n- _, i-,,,-,p„i ii„,...i. ,. „. j ., 

>.l ii.lvMiln.,-. Th.-n .l.ill.n vvllh „r h l.v Innvornr,.- .Irii.n .. .V lind l.n n,U,„ In l/: ;;:"\, V:'.:!:,! ^^^ J.;™:: 

IhiTH liiiil h.-.n .nri-rnlly -.-l.-di.l »li.. wnul.l hnvn r-n.nnnlnri-il Kii~'l"r rnrkn I'nnnly nn III.' Imnkn nr lli 

„ l.rnv.- n 111. nml mill n.-.-ii ni-rvLn ilmiiror to inir.hnMi- mil I.iry rniiif. W.ilmnli. 

i:M-i,\nlii-r.- Ih.y lli.-*ol.|. 
I. in tl. nl:iy 111 Mil.-, mill win- .|iil. k 
Ink.' nibmilnm- nl I'viry nnnU i". 

;'.n,M''d,',lTlX. Il'rn'fllJn'nl''',,.l ^ *»♦.*.*) ».» ^^v***** Xy-*.***.**) .,, rir, m n lin ,vi n- kll „l Tl|.|.n. 

imici- l.y Ihi- mnnnli-il n.i-n ml In '""" ' """""' ■^'•'«>""" <'«-". <'"l. 

rm.lry. will, riM'.l h.iyn„i-l-. .Irnvr Ihr Dvnrlly nn.- y,.ir nri.-r II i.rli llinin, vviii. ii» r.,lln,.n: on nil n i-iin ;"";' "''I"'-, ]'"i"<; ■'<"••'/' I') '"" 

Inill,,,, I, In-lr Irnnl. nml lhl■^ "l rnl In T ,n h-n« I i-.irrl.-.l ii.y rill.-,,n«k "■I'l"". mill «.(. Hum. ( n|.|nln 

I. nll.-i.-il mill rl.-il In n iini-r I.. '•n.nli.-r nriiiy Imvim: Ihi- I'miilmr,. nml hiilchnr.liniri-. \yltli n Inml. il |.'; ■'"'"'' "i<i'i''k. fiiplnln S|.l.-r Spnn- 

.111.1.1 purimll Ini-rr.rl yi-. Th.- Inns.!. Iinyn;l.l...rlii.n,| nn lln nl.|i-i'lly. . ml n iny h.-ll. \Vhrnl« 1 In pin r. r. I li-nlnminl 'lirlmrrt .McMiihnn, 

Mill- li.-in> rnnnlil.-rlni- ihni nnly mnrrh.-il ll.iiiii-h I'niki- nmily. •|-|i:' I hild my i;iin nn Ih.' iilnniil lti.iiii.I ''■ '"""'"" Ih-rry, l,(. ■rhnninn linn- 

i.hinil i;.->.'n hmidn-d n.'ni.ininnil.nlnn. "'nr nr I.SIJ wnn 1 In 11 In lln flr-.l nml nlin-k up n nll.k l.y 11, fnr 11 iniii 1., ''"'!'''■ 

Id nfrrir.s mid inill wi-rn iimnK.-.l ; .•.:; >-Ini-.-», nnil llin Imllnii:. nf Imll 11.1. 1.11 Ihnl I rniilil k.i II .pil. k In inn- ll I'niinllm linrn hoi-n nnino.l In pni- 

|.rlinl.-» mill I" nlfl.irn wrn- kllhd. . ii." iir.i.:. il l.y llw llilllnli <-.i 1 iiilll.-rt nn« wnnlrd. I linil Inn i-..iiil dn-n. I pnliinio III niinry .if (Iwi-li. WlillP, 

nlid nil.-'.l ill. I nlKhlvi-lu'hl nnny d.-pri ilnllnnn. II. Ilnnl'.nii Innk nnr In llir hinin.-. I.iw Iiik H.i- olli Unilnnn, Wnrrlik, S|ii-licnr nnil linn- 

niinn.l.d. ilin.'nil lliirrlsnii Iliiiii-.MU finir iiilli . nnrlli nf Tii r.' limn-, »ni. ni 1.111. -I'ln- nnn niilnlili- unn cinlph. 

III.- Imllnnn Kiiri.r.d n cn-.-ilor Inns. nlln;ki-d nn Ihr n unl n. s.-).l.nih, 1 1. In Klvr Ihr iihiriii. vvlili h wniil.l rniin,' In nddlllnh (o llin pnriik-ninll Jl|. 

hill n» Ih.y inrrl.-il nrr Mil Ih.-lruniiiiil- '"I-' 'I'hi- dny hi-f.'r.-. Iw ill «lin lln- niio Innlili- In l.irk. liy I l-i-:iily kIvou, wn linir the fnlliminu 

I'll mill n.nny nl !l.r il.-iid. nn r.-imn ".-in mnklni; liny 11. nr lln- f..rl \y. . • ivinihi In- nwiik<-ni-d, liiiyliii: my nn ■nnrrnliiK .Inm-pli II, lliiylmn. lln 

iniilil l.i-i:l..-li. II limy linnil i-irdlhnl nn.l B..1I1 'nii- Inrl «• n nhiiiyn limilcil. I k.-|.l niy hnrni-n In uiin ininlnniily inll.d ■'.Inn llnrlinn,' 

Mil- -in.-nirnnplnlnn nnn v.-li fniindi-d, Inrnu nlly ili-riinl. d hy lln- tnnnll cm 11 nlnhh-, rlnsr In lln- hniiM-, linilnK n nml wnn ri-i;nrdr-d nn Ilii-innni hrllllm'il 

m. Ih.' Inrnilry iniiMkiln iin.d n rinoii 1 r inplnin Zinlinrlnli 'I'liy. p.-illmli. nn ihnl 1 iniild nhnni in ll|. nnn Inlhnnrniy. IIowiib hnrii In 

rniir ili:.- innlnlnlnu- /...(.. lni.-l:.nlinl. h.r. «lin nnl ..iily hnrt In Uulil Ih. Im t.lnl.1.- dnor. Hiirlnc iw.i y.-mn I nrvi-r VIrcliihi, ,111. 1 nl Ihr llnin nf h n il.-Mih 

III ilid 111 lh..ii.- ilnvn iilinn-l i-v .-r,! dinns Inil llchl lln- fin- nhhli l.iid wi-iil rinm hmm- wlUi nny c.-rlnnly nl >vnn :1T yi-ni« nf ncn. In IMH ll.iy. 

iiinn nml of Ihr .MIi-Blinnli-n wnn n i" nn nlnrli-d l.y l.lmtliiu- iirinun nml nliinilim mil knmvliitf I nlniiln 1 h- ■ n.-iil in \Vnnliln»:I..ii nn pmLn- 

Cinnl Hhnl. I hii- .I.-iii il In i-nllnly rinin 111.- inlKhl riT.-li.. n h.ill finiii :iii iinkllmvn hinniil hiinlni-nn, nml nnn lln- riml 

■ri.i- iimiii-n nr llio nfrii'.^l-n klll.-.l hln.k liinin.'.^. Mur rlclilhiM d.'sp.r llnnd : Inil In Hi.- n.l.lnl nf nil Ihi-n l.lnyirwinl nf III.- Alh-ifhi iili-n In np. 

ni-i' |.nrpi'liinl.-d l.y lln- Sinin ill Hhnn "i.'ly nil nluhl Hi.- hmlli- wnn |. nnl diinMPin. Ihnl ilnd wlin imvrr nli-i-p pmr In-rnn- Iho Inlli-d .xinli-n Sil- 

ilnr.'lln- thi-v liini lliilr livi-n. Tli.-> li"l'''l "I '1 n'l lurk nn nimlilii'.. n, iiiir nliinih.-rn, hnn kept n.i-.'' pri- Iniirl. .UlniniKli n I 

«.'r.- 1111-11 nr hk-li rlmiilliiL- In Ih' Hi'' '■<'' ^<> Hi'' Inilhui" "llhilinn ir; ,\ |,.n «,-,.l,n nfn.r lln- iillmk nn In p.ililhn. II. \i n- npli.ilnli'd lnlli-.| 

Wi-sl. pnrlliiilnrly .Miilnr .Inn.-ph II. I'.-yi'iid Hi.' nii. h nl llin L-iiiin nl III.' |.-|. Unrrlnnii nml lln- I'lumn lln.ini Hiil.r. IHnlrlri .\llnrii.-y l.y .li-rf.rn.iii nn. «!.,. iMin nlinl fr Iiln hnrsn . I'HI. 'I'hr n \yi-ri- klllid nn.l iKn .\'„„.,irii.. ilriii-rnl Hmnilrl lliipkliin li' i.i.ik-il linn nf liln Brnit nhlllly. lln 

111 iliiyll:;h! ohlli- li-.i.llli'.' 11 ilinrm- ni wnimilrd .ml nf Ih.- flthllnc fnm- nl i,r |<,i,in,ky. ori:nnlzi-il n Inn-n 1 .111- in.iril.d n nlnlnr «f fllli-f .lllnllri- .Inllll 

111.' liritiinm.. Ill K.nin.'ky h.- hn.l "iiLv M nr I.', ni. 11 n hn wnn- niii i|. npii,,- nf llirn.- billiillnnH nf Km. .Mnmlinll. 

Iiii'li II Inw, f trim nhlllly nml 1111 llml Hm" "Ifk. 1,1. ky nillllhi. n nniiill ,-,,< y nf r .|„|,|, |.„rki. Mmri, Cnlininl nf Hie 

•■■ nr wiilidirml inmnr, Wlim 111, 111.- dnv Ihi- Iw li«i-n-klli- •''' ll''.':iil"lK inlnimiiiihil hy |-nplnlii llh f. S. Inlnnlry, wnn hnril III .\rw 

A^iiin. Iliir;- rmiii' Wi-nl In ^ynrk mil ,,,, „|,|„|,in nr l-'l. lliinlnnii .Si plnnihi-i Xmlimhlh Tnylnr. n riniipniiy nf I'nni;' Inii'i-ypiirl. Miinn.. Ilcrmilmr -Jl. ITUI. 

hi. .Inln. n i:ni .•riiini-lil .11 I hi' :i. ||m- I'L-inn llnnnl iiji-niirri- n.-nir '■'"■ "'"I " riniip.iiiy 01 ncniilB. Tim ||n niilnriil Ihi- nnny In IT'WI. nn on- 

Snminuhl. .Mnliir llni.'KB « rnli- snv- ,.,,,, ,„ ^r,,,, , ■,„|„| , . .In, ..|nl„|i I'nMi.' 'l"'>' ""''"-' I''- Hiirrlnnii nn 11 hnn.. nl^n 111 lln- Hi-.niid Iti-Kl 111. Willi 

I'inl l.ll.-rn 111 Ih. rrinhh-iil. nud .„,, „ ,„„„ „|,„„. „,„„„ „.„„ ,-„rr,„„„ I. II I pnni ,\„vm r II. IMJ, nnn n nplrll nr mUmliiro, lir wml In Mr 

nlihnni n-ii'lvhik miy niiihnrlly, ,,,,^„ i^m,,,, i,, ,,, . r.ri.-in....n nhll' I'r.'i. . il.-.l up lln- rivi-r nn lln- iiim ,i|„ |p, Imrlim firm Iniiihrd on 

Ihliikliiu II vynnlil hi- ino InIn If hr |,„nllni: fur hi-i- liii's In 111.- «..nili;. f^''!'' "' l"K ""'<■ i- I" <>'<' ii-I'ml I" Ihr lull- nf |-ninii-. In n Inilnr In lili 

«ni|i-il Iniianr. imnlvrd In I... Idly \hmil nmisi-l ihn hiillnnn nlliirkprt Hi'n-nmr Kln-lhy nf iMiilinky, (l.i,. f..|ihi-r rrniii", In .Inn.-, ITim. In- 

.li'iki- 111. rr nn L-iilliy <.r Irrnnnn; ho- ,|„, s.-iilmnnl. mid In nn hour k Ih-il '''"I Uniiklii- nnyn : -I'lin rinn In lln- nnyii : "llnvhiu' prnnirril rrrnnimon- 

im: llilli-d ,«im.n Allornny, h.- >yolll p,,,, i,,,,,, ,|,,, nnnim. nnd nlMi-r,i "nlniB riniii llm linnvy fnll nf rnlli ninry Inlli-rn In Iho Knt'llnh rniiniil rj- 

hi-rnn- llinln, nl I'iniikrnri, Willi r|,||,|nn, Tlio pi-rnnnn ninnnn-rni pr.'ri'dhii! niir liinrrh. nml uoiiic Inrtv nldlnc nl llm rniirl nf liln hitliiirni, 

111.- nniiBiillnii ilinl lliirr >y.l>. or- „^^,. ||,,„,y (-n:ilii.,:» nml liln wife, rrrrkn li-ft nn In nn doiiln of pnnnlili-r- ilm .Vlznlii. 1 prnimdnl In liln inpllnl, 

Kniii/, UK n inrri- in iiinkn wiir n;nlnni .\|r.i. I'm ni-, wifp nf ,lori-iiiliili I'livn.-, "hh- dirrimlly nnrt i-inlmrninnnii-nl ; llydrnhnil. |.-.<i iiiIIi-b frniii Mmlrng. 

Ihn pnnliirnn nf Mi-.\lro. .liid-.:.- Iiinl.i .„„| ,,|,.|,| „, i,, ^ , |,|i,||.,.|,. .M.-w. uiih InBnimi. h llnil nnl iiiilll llio I llh did lln my nrrlrnl, I Kim prrnmlrd In liln 

li-fllHi'll In innin- Ihi- lirnivnn nnlinrt for. .,,.,1 cnlHnt-n nml ni-v.-n nf hrr (-lilh " r piR" Suk-nrl -rnrk (//rrr ml/r* ndnrr lilL'hnrnil In form by Hi'' Knu'llnh ion- 

mill 111 dm.- Hull' llurr npprnnil irlHi ,,,.,,,,, m,.b. ,)nhn .Mnri In nml hnr nnly ""' ''""''" •^" l'''l'l<lni< fnllnvvi-u tin- ml. Aflrr Mm iifiinl wri^niony wnn 

IiIk rnium"l, lli-nry rinj- nml r.-lnnr. ,,||,||| j,^^ ,\|nrr «. Hip iiinlln-r nf .Inliii Hnrrnnn rnnd In wIipi-p It liirnpd ornr. Iio iirpinnli-il mn wllli llin rniip 

All'ii. .iliilnr imilpun wns iiilly run- \|nrrin Mm .Iniip llluun wlHi Imr "''"" '" 'I'" l'!'''''' ""■ l'"l"l "' wl'I'li ni mil nf Inn kniinnlnrii nf Infiinlry, 

till. I'll Ihnl l-.nrr dinl-.'iii-d lli<- ,1,^^ „„„|| ri,ii,|,,p|, ,.„.„pi'd frnni Unrrlnnii .rnnnpil lliu \Vnhii«.li, in hy nmli of wlili'h rnii.lnln nf .Vm iiirn," 

ulnii nr lln- Hniiihttii.i, hill 1.1- liiid in ,|„,|,, i.,,,,,,, i,,,,! |,pf„|.p ,i„viiKhi ih.- "lln i-.'pnri piwliivply flvpil nn (In- |||i, niiiinilnHlnn nnrt pny wnro In nc- 

. liiihl i.L-iiliini piii.lh' npliilnii, nml |„,,| ||„|||||,,j nrrlii'd ill Hip h.ninp nl nhnllnw wni.'r nn.' nillr nhnro .Mnntn- ii.rdnnro wlili hln rn nnrt, II'' rto- 

ihnii::li In. In. '.I wllli nil Hm nUHI 1 i,,,^ i,,.,,,!,,,,. /, imini, rnlllnun, hl\ '■'""■*■ '• l'"'"' "'"''''' "i"" *ViihnBli >yii« ni'tlhin Hip nnny nf ih.- ,Vlzniii, lylili'h 

ilii-iliy nf hln li.iliir.- In- i-niilil mil ||,||,.^ „j,„j.' (villhim riillllll:*, n ll'i ""'" '""' '"" '" i'"irtnh|p nl |,i»' |,n,| ,„|(,,|| ipp r|,,|d nunlilRl Tllipno 

fiinli'ii Hip ih ui!.'. Impnrinni wll. «■„„ nypr iai y-iirn nlil, dpii'iiili'il lil« *'"''''• Hm.'inl lliiiikiiin pniippilpii Nni|,in, "|| (-niinlnlril "f l-VMUKi lip 

ni'nni-n I'liiilil m.i, nr ivniilil nnl, f.,,,!,, f,,,. „„ir|y „„ ||,„ir iiiilll II Iip' "'""" "'" ''''"" '"' ""' li'"l"'i' Kriiiinil fiinlry, ,-i(i,iiiiii ninilry. nml ."'"l fln- 

iiml nl Ihln Imiiliir.- Iliirr ilniiinnli-rt p„,„p ,|„ri. pnmmli fnr liliii I" i-mnpi- '" "'" lilii''liiii'li''i' finii. lln prnlmM)' pliniim, rirli nh-plmnl •iiPlinrlliiii n 

n Irhil. ,liiili:,- liiiln Inflprvnn'ti „„,, ,„.„ , ,1,11,1,.,,, .|„|,|, ,||„| i.ydi,, iriwHi-rt Hiiunr Crpok jiint Iminw tlin 'rniilln' rntilnliiinu n nnlinli nnrt »cr- 

"<< i-l'-.l nf f.iv-rlm: nn nllpinpl tn cnm,,,,,. Tlii-y ninii rpiirhPd llinViililn "''I "'"'■ -^H"" '"■l'l«"- vniiln," lln ri-iimllirrt 111 Inrtlii nrrnrni 

iiinkp Kmiiiiky n Npnnlnh |ii-nvliii'".i nr Zi'lnilnn Cnillm-ii llip iipvi inornlmi. 'mirnl llnpkliiK' iiiiiiv inni-'lipd In ynnrn, In n nnrl nf mirrrllln npnln'. 
rtffldPd (ivory pnlnl nsnlnni linvlnnii Zpiminp CnlllnKn, ninny ynnrn nricr- t n yh-lnlly nf Hip IihIIIp urniinil nf nml nhl-.lnnrt iiimh fnvnr, lln «ii» III 
wnriln nnirt : "'l"hp ninnnnr In ivlilili Tlppnrnnnp, Thnrp hn dinlrnyprt Hi" I'nrli oirly In l«i»<. nnrt nl liii"" '" 

■'Dur.ouMMi-i^nvilir.naVinci-miFiifilMf, I ««Pd to work, In lliono |iorlliiiin I'mphnln iinvn, which linrt hpi-n |,nr- llin miliinm of llinl j-f«r, «lion ho wti 


ul'iwintf*! ii*»-luU-r '.^i I'oluDfi oi Itit- 
r.'iirtli KcRiiurut ..f 111* I' ?< .\iiii> 
111' tb<-ii caiiif to ladlan*. on ih>- i oiii 
II • a<-<4iM'nt of the- war wllli *;rt;al 
l:rlUin Ik? •«« a|i|Oinl.-<l J l.riK.iilIrr 
Krorrml. l-rniilenl Jm koiii il>[Hiiol<^ 
liiiii- Naval iifri«r «l iloslou in If" 
lit- d.ed llK-re lb* aanK yt-ar. od iih- 
ttb of *lclol>*r. al Ihe a,';i oi iii\t>-ai\ 
>vars. «tfD«rHl Hoyd v j* a lull. *«*H 
roniH-d. and baniL-oiiiF iiiaD : kind 
luiirttoua, and gent runs. 

ABXiDX ilMf iidvfnlur<'iia yoiiilis ol 
Ki-nliicky aim K>lnnl«*r«l for ser 
vite In tin- Tl|i*can<x? caiiipai;:u 
aax lironic inxhan. then l!> yia^^s u 
.-!::«•. II* was a snltaltfrn or lit-uli-u- 
aal. Two yrars later alU . hi* ap- 
poluliiirul lo Ih" I . .<. .Vroiv. la- n s 
f Major in I ;>ii.<iiaud of l-'l. .'^lepbea- 
mM. an liniortant tun in oliin. Au- 
.«I»T yonng nian rroiii Kenincky nllli 
tlir anii> In 1-ark* i oiinlj »a» 1. 1. 
Kilnmnd Sh l<f a|.|«inUnl t-nslgn in 
in* I7lh r. S. lafaDiry in l'«IJ. shlpi> 
Maa iind* r i'ro:r!uin at Kl. Sleph- oa.*n 
wla.B it «as bfi.jcl in Ihi::. Th. 
hrltUli iviiiniander ask*d lor a l> r 
I. y anil •'rtjghan s<nl Sliipp to i-un- 
frr ailb tiini. I'hi. Itrilisb and In- 
dians oiilDnuibprid liie Am*rii«na leu 
to I'U*. and tbe diuiand for lla- sur- 
render "f III* fori was reall\'ti 'I 
I t a iMlii.anllarl; n s; i. il on Ibe part 
•.I the llrlliab io.ii.and<r abi. feirfd 
ll'at he lould not ri.btra n lli* la 
•:ian>. and all i i- Aiiieriiana xoul.l 
l«. iitaa^' rtd. Sliip). coiiHunnicate.! 
th* snbatanr* ol Iti.- i<irl*\ lo i roK 
ban. and w.i^ still taking lo lite Itrii 
uth offic* r M li*n < rtjp'uui .ailed lo 
hiiii -l». itHiie in Sliifli in.l well 
••low Ibeiu all lo lirir" I'roKhan bad his siKKle . jnnnu »illi a hall 
rlia K* ..r |«n>d. r and half full o. 
i>ii:a.el l.alla. Me planli.d it so as lo 

• iteeK .1 dllrli Ihe I'.ri.ish and Indians 
luid lo rross. Ub.n I »aa full oi 
■••en dvan^infE on I'm- ran lli* can 
nun oaa riretl uilh rrlxliirnl efre- 1 
Ai ibe aa.iie Itiiie ihe infantry fln-^l 
with iltwlly aiii^ Tl>e l«lll« was • nd 
ed ri;:bl then, 'ulkiaed by lite retreat 
o' lh> intaillnfE ar.y. t'roKian al 
terwania . otw U> t!«- r:ink of In-p^^.-lor 

• ;. neral. and in I^J.'. ii-n;;naH loleil 
hii» a ;:old nie^ul f r his >i.-lori • 
Kr. j(«etilt«-iMOD. I pon Ills rtaigna- 
liuo truni III* amiy U- inotid lo N< w 
Orleans and wa» a(.|ionlid i usi 
ntasler. II- dieil on t!i* Mli of J^nii 
.iry. IHJ!.. 

• aplain .run lb Sn* llinn of tb-^ llli 
iBfaal > was brenited for Kallaiitr 
af tl>- l«lll* of Kr..»n-lu.>n In An; 
usi. IxlJ. In A|iril. I"i::. »as a; 
l«'laled asaistant insi'ilor ::enerai 
with Ihr rank tt a in ijor. an. I In 
Kebriiary. Ixl I. .. > .tiniiiiss nm ■■ 
l.leilleaant Colonel of I ■*' ^'iiiirt i 
KeglnM nl of illfl«i^^<-u In April I ' 
rt.elviHl Ihe co:i.nilaaU/n of Insp* r;ot 
l>nrr;::. » th th* rank i.r i okiii. I II 
waK diNilnaiKshi^l at l.y.'n's I'.ie', u.. 
lb* I'lilptH-wa. nn4>r lieneial Hiss II . 
and wlien tlie artiit wa* I'la'-id on :• 
|.»we r.«iin;< In l»l.". I^e was r.i iln 
•-4 as l.l*<itenanl of ll>* flilh In 
fratry. II* naa ■•roniol*d t'olon.l it' 
Ik* Klrth in ■<•■!•. lie ilied al Was i 
li.cuin I ii> on III* ;»th of \ii;:iisl 

I ulonel Xai^iii*! MVIIs. of the Ken 
likky Militia al Tlpi».**nue, w •s 
Maj«jr In Ada r's l«ltalion of >•• iinli-d 
rin*i>»n. i;*n*riil ) harles K-oll's di 
xtmtim -I Kenlinky Voliinleers in 
i;.i::. lie was aftero arils made M ii<i 

• >w>ral of III* Kentoiky Mllllla II. 
Maji appfilnlefl f'oliin*! of the rf«'\i-n 
Ui*acb H*Rin^*nt of Infi^ntry 'ii 
MarHi. I«l'.'. »hicli »a> dlsl«nil<-l l;i 
Ma), mil. 

\la;<.r JaiiKs Mllb-r. lib I'. M Ir 
r^Btry. itlMi M-ap ;it TIpii*-* ino*. !• 

• ani* fanio^ia tn A.^ieri. an liistury f"i 
ha wurds, "I'll try. air." All siimI>ui> 

ol Ihe old s< liool blatoric* will rr- 
me I Ih-r the ans»er ot t'olooi-l Miller 
when asked if he luuld take a llritlsli 
lialter?- at l.undy's< also ibe fa*t 
that lie look Ibe battery. II* was one 
of the niost c.ilhint offii-ers of tlie 
r. S. Ariu.\ when It became a real 
fielilinit forte In 1x14. l-ronioted I" 
Ibe rank of t;eteral lie rei.licned in 
isltt lo liei-onie territorial liovemor 
of Arkaniwa. lie waa sulae<|iieotl.% 
aHioiottd revenue i-ollector at Salem. 
\laaaacliiiaetta, an offii-e be held for 
-Jl veara. lie died July 7. ll«.'>l. ax* 
".*• yeiira. 

<;*>erul saiuuel llofikina, wlio rani- 
• anded Ibe sti-onil army la I*arke 
fi^ualy. bad served wltb illatlnetlon 
in the Uevolutlonary War. lie was 
called CO the eouiinaiid of the Ken 
lucky MllItU In the war ot IMI2. and 
Ud an exiMdItion to llllnoia previous 
•o ill* etpedltlon against the Indians 
of lad una. lie w;ia a brave man fuid 
a good soldier. 

Very feu p* niile nou know that 
.«M natiir John J. t'ritlendin. author ol 
tite I'rittenden t'oiii|iro4iilBe, waa a 
;oliiier In l*arke county wl»en a yotia*.: lie waa with lieneral llo|iklns 
in IM.'. Jolin J. Crittenden waa liorn 
in Woodford Coiint.v. Ki ntui-ky. In 
.^e (• iiil-er. IT^aL He ai-i'OtupaaU.d al Hopkins in lila expedition im 
III.''i. anil the neitt yeiir was 
»il1i llartison on the \ortbw4at*ra 
fp nt ^r. Me iM-rformed ifaJlant aer- 
vi e in Ihe battle on the Thantea. af- 
ter ahii-li he rvfliiu^id hi* profe^aWa 
at lluaselu ille. lie waa several tlntea 
I, me be. of Ibe state l.e(laUtarr. 
and »aa ilHitiid I'nlted Mates !«eB- 
:itor in IMI7. Me waa eilled to tlie 
raliiiH I of I'revldent llarriaoo. in 
1.^41. aa .\ttomev i;eneral. He was 
a:rain • li'i ted in lli^ l**'nate. and In 
l*«lH uas I'hoaen Kovermir of Ken 
liH-ky. I'res.'hnl Kllluiere railed lilni 
to lii» cab net In July. Ik-'si. aa Al 
tomey 'General. Me enters the Tnlt- 
e«l Stales Sen lie a-.::iln aa a lueiulier 
In IH.-4. and lielil hia s*at there nolll 
l>«;i. when hia term of offli-e expired. 
Me tiiok an ai-tlvi |iart. aa a I'nlon 
II an. in legislative ineaaiires |«rtala- 
ing lo the <;reat lleliellloa. aB4l his 
propcsitkHi for cone liatlon will ever 
l>' known in bisti.ry us The Crittfn 
den I'ooipronilae. In IWil. lie was 
elec'el I l(e|ires*'ntatl«e ot the l.ower 
lloi.a of the Tbi.ty-a: ventli Cooierei'S. 
wlileh position lie iMilltiied until tla- 
I lose oi' the SI ssion on the .'Ird ui 
Mar II. liar., wlien lie waa acaia |ini 
in nniiiinallon for Ihe same nffli-e 
r.HI he did Wil I le nalll the till.* for 
Ih" *l**-tlon. Ills physical lowers had 
Uen gradually giving way for some 
tiliie. and at lialf piist three o'elo k 
i.n Sunday uiomlng. July 'Jli. iw;:s. b.- 
die-d at bla risidem-e it Krankfort. 
uitlioiii a struggle, at III* agi- nf al 
moat "eiealy-seven yi-ara. 

Allhoiigh nM In eiihe' army 
lame til I'arke County during Iln 
a>>orl-.:ln il p*rlo«l. wr lU-eiii it |iro|M-r 
I'f slate liere tl^at Colon*l It i-hard 
\lalcoiiib Johnson iliii-k Johnson iv h 
killed»-hi «aa In llorkvlll, 
when he » a Vice i'reslilenl. 11. 
made- a lieiiiocratl.- sim-ih h liere In 
liMii, havlnir b**n sent to IndlRna to 
roiinli rai-l the |M>tiiilarlty of 'Tlpp* 
an<>* and Tyler, too." Junii s II 
IMker. of lloi'kiille. then a Iny. I'' 
(.ni' i.f III* few yet living who saw 
Colonel Johnson al tl«t 11 le. 

Another famous mm wlio marclM'd 
and ldvoiia<'krd In I'arlte County In 
IHI'.' was >lajnr /aiharnh Taylor 
singularly enough the only men erir 
elected l*r<sldeni hi the Whig pnrl) 
were til* tail >old|ers alio laid th. 

foundation for their mllli ir.< fa 

•in the l.unks nf the Walash." Mke 
the servile |i*rfortii'd hy lti*lii nn In 
dlan IS beautiful rlier. a |iart of II in 

I'arke county, tliere ia a similarity In 
their lareen. Both were (lei-te.1 by 
the Wliigs to Ibe ITesldeni y. and 
loth dieil before Ibelr adiulnistralionii 
liail scarcely liegiin. Both had been 
lirave end auiceaaful •■Idlers, and as 
>ULh will ever lie re:i eiulwred bv a 
grateful peoi>le. Tb«y wroa tbiil for 
ulilib tbey faced death, and tlie world 
biill worsbliia at the abrine of mill 
tary (lory. .Va surceaaful aoMiers 

tlielr names are Indelibly writtea on 
the pagea of our i«UBtry'B history, 
one aasorkited always with Tlppi».- 
fsBOe aipl tile TlMuiea. the ocher with 
Huena Vi»»a and Monterey. T'n-y. 
with all III* (aJlant tkroog w l»i aan 
Virgin l-aike County, ■dream "f hat 
tie fields ISO wore," and know ao iuor>' 
"•lara of daaxer, Bli;bta ot waking." 

Sntiamitt Parkr 

la DCI, r re years aftar tlw a«wle- 
sloa of Indiaaa lata the TbIob. Parkr 
CoiiBtv waa orsaalaed uader bb act 
of llie l.eglaUture .lad Baiue<l In hon- 
or of KenJamlB Parke. Al that tluie 
lie waa one o( tba moat proalBCBt 

ReBjBBilB Parke waa a lue uUrr o. 
the fliat Territorial lj!(lalature. aad 
waa by It ckoaea aa the flr>t iviir*. 
aealat ve ia Can^reaa, In wlih-h ra 
laeltv he aervcd until IMst. a Itea In- 
waa aw'a'a* hr Jarranan Tiniior 

,ji -.s pfc^Mu 1^ 9^tW^^j - 

i^'i b'.T:L-=?^'-*^ **- 

Hg us BBS 



Tku a««SP •rss kaiM '•* Jm4^ ^nrkr IB IMM. 1 I iw 
rtrardt rmt im tiro aad f*e ^n» mutf4 fo aritmimte UA* la I (areas* a. 
iH Irowtrd tritk keorg limhrn aaif knred likr n hwra. Tkr «|m>i k 
a fasten a^y aad ireafAiThaard iriis laid s^ irif* krv-i. iM«Aia# if ^roo; 
Bsf ri/lr kmllrit in rrrnf of oltaik »» Im-liimt »ri«iaa<(|t fke »>••<• 

*'id m. 

iiiea la llie ikw State. Ileajau la 
rarke waa liom la New Jer««y In 
1777. and caiue to Indiana when a 
yiiing lawyer, age ::l. la Iwil. He 
h ul itMue to l.exlBgtOB. Keltlmky. 
wbea 31 yeara of ace. There lie atlKl 
led law aad marred Mlaa Kllza Itai 
ton. Soon after bis marriage he and 
bis .voiing wife laiii* to \'luci.iin<-s 
Iliea the laplUI of ladlana Terri 
tor.v . nd the hoine of tlie i;oTiiBar. 
William lleary Harrison. I'arke oi 
ened a taw oiYlee, and was 'Oi*n In 
tile ifood grai-es of lioiemor llarrlaon. 
To this circuiiiatani e Is no diMiI4 due 
lis apfiolntmint aa Attorney i;*neral 
of III* Terrlti'iy by freatdeal Jefler 

Woykt^y^r ISMiored and f-*pe«-ted f.-r 
Ihoa* refiuaeful traits of charterer thai 
dlstln,fulshrd ilm In later llf*. ami 
wiMt fur hliii Ije love and veneration 
of siH-h a man :is the late llarnnl<na c. 

Hobhs. lllstorl'Bl lllllh eolllpela lue In 

state that one nf llenjamln I'lrke'* 
earliest ai-ts al VInrennes was n rhal 
I'nge to flglit a duel. He waa an ai 
five and Uj.ial suppiirler of th* iiarl- 
whih rillied around ilovernor lis 
rlBi>n on the Issue of slavery in I'l 
Terrllo. y. and we fiirthi r n-iere I 
■tale ihal on the .iiM'tion im li th 
lirisented itself the iiovermir» l.iiil 
was |ir»slaiiry. The rnnlr . r 
grew so Inner that I'nrk* ■ nl .• ' :<al 
lenge In a Siolrlimiin Wllllai» M- 
Iniiisli hut It was not neiepi^.^ 

He w.. 


lal Judge. 
la^ai'lty « bea the Tlppei-anoe cam 
(•aign waa prajecled. In whli-h he 
B'-rvid aa a loliialeer la Che hallallon 
of l»rajp«tu. He waa |irooiote.l on 
Ihe field to tlie Majority niaile ia< ml 
l.y llie dcmlh •■< JosefMl II. |IBvle-a. 

anil vaa highly ratuiueniled for l>rai 
• rv and effdewy hy lienerml Hai 


Judse I'arke «aa a memlvr of iln- 
<«natliutlonal eonrenilon whl.h iiiei 
at Corydon In 1S|IL Ipon llie idnila 
■Ion of lb* State he w-aa apiolnted ■•• 
President Madlaiin railed Slate* in* 
trill Judge with Clnult Cnun jawers 
.Not long after this axf-i ntnieni h. 

Hioved rriMM VlBCeane* ta Salem III 
\\h' 'ilngton County, where lie residi il 
■ ntll kl< ileath. 

In iierMiB Heajaiuin Parke waa tall. 
ni«rl.v six feet, hut *|«ire ani. of ^i 
rather delicate frame. HU dlKnlrii-d 
preaenie Impreaaeil revereace. ami liln 
klndnea* of Itrart won Ihe loie and 
devotion of ereryliodjr. He was nan 
ly Insti imiental In tlie fnniiatlon nf ii 
public tlhrary at VIneenne* : lie wim 
a II ember i.f Hie flr*l boird of triiK 
li.<- nf Hie Vimenne* rnlvir*lly. and 
he was an and im'sldeiit ui 
Hie Indiana llUlorhal Mo<'iei> 

.\n Interiatnif fart, strangely over 
looked l.y I'arke County klstuilaii 


<l*llon with lien 
' late 

min I'lirke enjoy. d li.i -. 

al.aa c. Ilnblia. In Hie year lici:! the 


■il fr. 

I Ik 

K.iMirKn "I .■hc.loill. Ilnrlnn. f In' 

Hoii III' .linli.T I'lirl.i-, III! Ill 

iiimliinli Iril liy llii- ili'iilli of liiH 

in- in I III- niir m' lii- tiianilimt' 

l.nili illi'il iinil lliiijiiiiiln mill 

1 I'.irlii' won- l-M . hllillcwi. 

nr. Ilolilm ,11 L'hIliK nn nc.oiiiic 

Ik irliillnllH «llh .liMlci- I'mki- 

"lli liln liim llMi-KH ho liivlloil 

n liniinl Willi lilln wlillo 1 wiis nl- 

iiK mlii.ol III llif Sp.i Iniiry, niiil 

ivi> n run- nr llio lnnilly isardon 

Hialili'H. "Iilli- 111- nun n«ny ni 

111 hiillniiiiiiollH. On niio occoi' 

I'nilii- I'niinly nl Iho I|;io ol' I 
i:nnlziill..ii 'mliiilorl iiinut of In pr 
III! RMi'iiri' iiitli'H iiiKl nil or Vi 

ullilllr. Ill 

iiiily lii-r plnno, 
,. iiiKl iiiilsilp. lions 
ml ilnro, iiiui poBfl-.,; 

..1 s Illllli 

liiinlBlili B iili.l iirhiillniis nf onrl.v m'i 
Horn or n rnrcsl linnllcr. Mniiy n 

iipiiry Iik: yi Ill's nun. iiiul rnnnri It it 
linMli-il I'V Hull 111-, in iloilKi- foioul 
iiiilniirliril. ill. strrnni. iniiiBC.I. iiii.l II 
I loll pniii'liB and nplnnil.-. nn. on iii.i 
III l.y Ihr |ilow mill Kirk 


rli-d 111 111 
nnilB. nnil I In- pin 

inlilsl or iiiilil'ok.' 
,„.,.r nr I'ni-lii- I'nnnt.v. nv In liiin.l 
niTvi.l Willi niiriniiiili'il ronini;i'. In-: 
UMi llio Imlllr nr ll.i'. An n.i'o nr Iwn 
Mns ili-nriil llio rii'.Bl yonr fm' roni. 
mill Iho wnnd.i nnl nlronniH riirnlnlioM 
iMiio mill ri.ii. r.y-niiil-hy n now vii- 
rlol.v wii» iidiloil in Iho B.nnly Inrdoi' 
111 Ihr Hliilpo nr "hni; nnil lioiiilny." 


Bliipio lint liniolr dnya. Coiu- 
wlln Iho hiKlily lirod slock nr 
lliiwi- "nn-nr lin.k" Iioks worn 
liidcvd rrnni (In- slmi.lpnlnl ol 
i.ihiii bnoMor: Inn tho ox.pilsllo 
• nr iiin.sir.-.l hmii and hnonn 
111 ;do lip « hnl '.ns Iniklni: In 

ill liny dovolnp nl. Tho pnw- 

wild pill. 11. hnw. mid wild hoi- 
rniiBllliili'd Iho sliiildo slnol; nl 
nd In Iho 

nils, pnl 




pnt.h nnd wild door nflon fiirnlslio I 
Iho onliro wnnli'o'.o nr Iho rmiilly, 
•Iho hiMirloa nr Iho t'llilo worn dlslios 
nr wild hinioy mi. I linys of pllinpklli 
,il. s. n. Ilhol- ..r ivhlrh lins Inal It.-i nl 
Ininli.ii In this liny, 'nc hlny.od pntli 
Mliy Ihlnlicli Iho or tho llldlmi 
null wn» llio only known roiilo n.' 
Innol. Noni nol.'hlinin wore hoars, 
l.niilhora md wnh-s. llio Inltor or on 
Itn.loiis fliniiinch, oti null appolllp oiid 
i, l.niindloss mid IhiiilloBS "iticck." As 
II iltstiirhor or llro's BoipioBlorod soonc 
Iho nnlr BlmnN Bo. nn.l In the history 
or I'nrko Coiinly to her nvornKo onn 
didnio nr the piosent dnyl 

Tricos of nhl Indian war trails, 
whl.h I'm n lom: tliiio wore vlslhlo In 
iliri'.Tonl pnrls or the loiinty. nnd Iho 
fmiiionl Innilni; up hy the, plow 
slinro of nrrniv heads nnd roll.B or In 
d nn ornniiiont nn.l wnrrnre, the ahiinil 
nnro or pure water and plenty or 
B.nio. Indlrnto that I'nrke Coiinlv 
Hood e.pmlly rnvorahle In the rsll 
mm Inn nf the r. d men nB she Is now. 
with her neat raniis. vIllaRes. chiirrh 
OB. lond-. bri.lfoa. rallivays. herds 
and rio.ks. orrhards and happy liolnei. 

or Ih. 


nmeratlnna. who wl..i the liinslo Imn.l 
nf lahor Iransrornieo the wlldornoBr. 
of llin years alio. Step hy step IIiobo 
grand old fatliers anil inothers march- 

nil llarrl.H 



nnni .Vnrth llend t.i Nlnoenn ii 

dlnid with iia. I wni iiinrli Intorosl. 
Ill wltiioKBlne Ihe ol.hllnio rrlenilshl 
or thoK.' ll.iiio. r nrri. lain, .\rior d i 

nor 1 hroiiKl it 111.. KoneinrK hnl■^ 

and ! ol;oi| hliii In Ills sllrrlii. nn 

they piirt.d to liio.'l on laill inr 

MnrlliL' the e. iiior nr I,s.';.-| th.. d 

alroyor rlnlfhid lil.s wnr!i. I was wll 
him In his laBl lioiirn, saw 111 ii expir 
nnd ass sled hi linild rmiipheM, I'r 
feasor CnlnphenV miller, nr I'ini 
Inr.lBvlll.., piipar,-.l liliii ror IiIb na 

low risllni:'o on ih.. hill w 

OBt ol ,>Tlntlve or th 

i-'r splrllilnl ion.- 


iniiiilona as Iheinse' 

vos, lie read and 

"Ileiijanilii I'ark.- waa a eh 


enjoyrd lliolr hnnl. 

,and kepi tlioiii In 

III the inio n.'replallnn nf the 


Ills lll.rnry, 

was perhaps, the 

I'lnnlKli ho Idi'llliriod hlniHolr n 

Ih no 

host at that lime, 1 

n the Slate. When 

loll'.-lniiH di linlnllial on. lie at 


Ill-nth wa- near he 

vas very consriniis 

Il value In th,, siilrllnal a 


and mini, ami aiiill 

oil at all my little 

lion and ex|iorleii.o nr riirl.stin 

n life. 

attontlonB: and i\ 1 

en the IobI Biif- 

Tn hliii It niilBt 1,0 a lino life 

n Ih.! 

focal InR ooiiRli iva 

over lie Boeiiird 

sniil. Ilo inilhl lie satlBriei 


ipilto ready, with 

Kirk White who 

iiplioiiraiieoB wUhniit n pra.'t'o 

nl rx- 

Hnhl under like olr 


hlhltlon of Its Keniilneas. lie 


"Hcncrlonh. O woild ao 

moir of iko dftirat, 

often rode out throe iiillia In 


No mofvafhep^. of am. 

Dua, vamant hop«, • 

roiintry to alt In Bllonee wll 


labiuT«all. N'owolh»r 

arra anaioaa mr. 

I'riends at their iiildw..iU me 


And mr lirr<l aoiil. wilh 

mulallva haala, 

as well na nn the Siihhmh, and 

vaa as 

l,m>k* loin Cod *nd plun 

aallawlnia Intteavan.' 

ed, >ldi-l.yalde they lal.orod from ill W li.aBli TowiiBlllp. It is .lose |,. 

"early n orn tn dowoy oio." toBoihor the Wnliash lllver, .onlaliliiiK inl.n 

the.'innR and priyed ami rniiBht Iho aoroB. It wna iiiaile In inirsnnnre o, 

prnd rinhl nr rallh :n Hod and line the Tlilld Arllole or the Irenlv made 

in man. Illllli the l.nwid nnd and oomliided at St. .Maiya lietwe-n 

siTrrenilore.l tn 111. Ir lent Indiisl.y. the Tnltod Slal.-s ..r A'' orlon, liv 

S.linid lioiis.-E nn.l ohiinlirs sprmiv lip Ihilr (•oiiiinisBlonerii. .lonnllinli .Ion- 

rroin almost every hill and valley, the nln^-s, I.owIb Cibs and Ilenjaniln 

olanK of entoiprlso and eniniioro.' I'nrke. and Iho Wea frllie of Indians, 

ran.' IIiioiibIioiiI lliolr hnrdoiB. and Octoher 'i 1«IS, Brnntoil unto ChrlBt 

then, hnvlnB rinlslied Ih. Ir work a-.^ iiinB liagenet. llin'zney.l one of Ih' 

Klvon to lis, their .hlldron. Iho friiil .hlldron or the Meehlnipiainoahn, sis- 

of their eoiirapc. virtue and toll, they 
passed away, maklnB the history oi 
I'arke ('"iinty what It Is. nill of Inter- 
est, IntolllBon.'o, morality and pro- 
Birss at the ilose or the rirst coiitnry 
of our holovod State, and leavliiB ii 
to shape her history In the coMihiB 
century for good or 111. 




Tho territory now emhraoed In 
Tiirke Coimt.i' PoKan to he Bottled be 
fore It was niBan'zed. I,an.l was en- 
tere.l In Klorhla township belnw th.- 
Ten (Vch.ok line ns early as islil. hut 
there Is no record of any BoltlerB lo 
latlnK In Oho county at that time. 

The only Indian srant of land lo be 
found of reoord In Parke roiinly, P 

tor or Jacoo, a rlibr or tin 

Tbo Act of CoiiBresB stlpnlate.l tlia' 

I'lirlstmaa K.iBonet and bis lioiiB for- 

hiB Iieira, without the cmsent am 
permission of the I'resident of tin 
I'nlted States. Chrlsliiias DaEonct 
died in Vnnlliiren Coiinly, MlaBoiirl. 
in 1HI«. lie lert as his sole nnd onlv 
siirvlvliiR holrs-nt-law. his wlte, Mary 
liaEonot, and sons nnd daiiBhtcrs, six 




Ilyarlnlh. i:dwln It., Kmlly and l.ii 
I'lnda S. liaBonrt. 

'I'ho land wna partitioned and set 
apart In the Parke Prol.ato ronrl. 
1.I1.VI. to the dirrcrcnt lielra, who sold 
It to strnnKcrs. The new inirohasers 
eonvcyed and rc-convfjrod It, wllhoiit 

the oonsont or the President or tho 
t'nitod SlatoB. Ill lonklnx up iho 
I II.'. I'. I'.'. I.ninliert, .Mislrnoter. dlB- 
I'overed this "oloiid" nnd sen rnl deeiln 
"ore sent to WiishlnBtoii city where 
Iho then President endoraed lila ap. 
proval i.r sale i,|.on Ih.. doodo, IIiiib 
pcrreoting the title tn Iho land, con- 
diilone.l by the original Act of Con- 

I'hrlstniaa liagenet londeicil vnlii- 
nl le aorvlees tn tlio fiilteil StalCB, for 
Khloh the Eovernnienl sliowod lla np 
pnolallon by th'i land gniiii to lihii. 

Wo note Hint the prosoiii nivnora ol 
Iho "liaziioy reservation are ,rniiiefl 
lUiie'B estate, .Marx Ml'oldonhach, 
■iolin \:. ,loiinBt..n, .\nnry ,1. Pratt, 

.Martha 1). Sliiilley, Sal I A. Spon- 

c r's cstnto, .sniiiiiol SliootorB, \V, V, 
liliic nml Thomas nine's oslato, 

'I'lie |.;ast I't-acllonal ,-<eitlon :i,"i, 
l'*loi|da Township, was entered hy 
.lonolih Klt.holl, Septeilibor II, t.slll. 
Ilie innt cnntalnod XW.n a.ri'S and 
hordors ah.nB tho Wabash lllver. In 
early liines deeds for lands In Ihe 
^'oiilh part of the I'onnty were re 
•oided In tho llcronlcr'a otlUv, at 
Tone lliiile. Iioeda lo this traot are 
nisi recorded In Vlnoennes, Terro 
ilaiilo and llockvlllo. (harks An- 
-uiiil now owns ."HI nercB, W. I-'. Siini- 
iiicrB, (leorge Wnlkor'a estate. Mary 
Ayres and John Denny own residue 
nl Biilil traot. I'IiIb plo.e or land Is p' 
so part or the thirteen tracts lying In 
Iho roniitloB or ^'lBo, Parke and 
Knox, inircliased from the I'nitod 
states hy the Terre Halite Compnn.v, 
whi h platted and laid out Ule I'lty of 
irrrc llaiito. 

The Bonth-oast ijiiarlor ( ■ o l-l) of 
i;ectlon twonty-soven ('.'7,) in toivn- 
slilp ronrteen (111 north, range eight 
(.Ml we^t, .ontalning imi a.-rcs. was 
gnnted by CoiiBross lo (lllver Proc- ' 
lor, Sept. II. isiil. "late a Corporal , 
In Corpa of Canaiilnn lleriigres, a ill- 
Ixen ortJreen County, Now York." ,May 
. .~i, l-Hl.x. he sold the land to Thomas 
Parker, "late a Sergeant in tbo ,\rniy 
or tho Inltod States In Ihe war with 
Creal llrltaln." Parker died nnd bla 
bo rs-atlaw deeded lo Tollvcr Craig, 
of Jorrei-Bon Coiint.v. Indiana, wli.i 
■ nnveye.1 lo .lohn .M. l>oty, .lohn .M. 
Doty died seized of this Inod and II 
waa partitioned aiiinng hlB lioira. 
I':plirlani Doty and .Mary Doty, two of 
the heirs, oainc Into iioBsesslon of it, 
nml first laid onl llio original plat ol 
the Toivn of liosedale. Other adill, 
tlona to the Town of Hosednlo are al- 
so l.ii-ated thereon. 

The solllhwost ifliarter ( s w- 1-^) of 
Bootlon IT, township II north, of range 
S west, containing KMl acres, Florida 
township, was entered, .May 27, 1817, 
by .Mexander liiinlap Scott, of Knox 
County, Indiana. II soon camo Into 
possession of Hanford I,cwla, and la 
now owned by J, It, llcaton, 
r'hannojr Roio, Moaca llohlilna and 

,,>ili"»' llMxiliH iMilll n mill III ll'i 
,1111' 111 IM'l. 'I'l'li" "'"• '"" >■'•■"" 


till- Bill- nf liln KrnnilfiUhcr' 

I I'll! 



.Mlhniii;li II «.iH iil«nyii n i|mmloii lliii Iwiniin 

Nnllmn IllnUi-. IMinrlm Wnohoilnn 

,„l.|n and llii- llllo m h nl l« H"- J"l"' H'lrrnril. llniiliiiMln Wiilln, niii!'inl nil t I"" ' <" •"""■" """'''" "'" '" "'" '"'"'■ '" '■*-'■ 

hv .liiiiii-n Mnnroi-. 1'rri.l- .Miib.b Hurt,' SiiiiMua S Ir 

ol lIlBl.ulc iliirlllK the lirr lliiio of III 
liliiMKiB. mid U la not imsltlvpl 
l.n.iwn «lin «n» llir flim |ii'niinniii 
ii-IIlM- In r.Tiki- Cniinly. tlii' n-roiil- 
IIB wi'll IIB Ihr ilillhi III mill illsllni 
linn niiiili- li.v .Inhn M. Holy, iiiIImiI 
I, .III In- iMiH Ihr tliBl. Mr Inrnliil in ii 
III.- iii'Binl ln"n nl lloBiilnli- In 1S1^ 
Till- Mil.lii-ll lunl MIlliT r:i I llliB i.llll 
In IIM.-i o..n liiwiislili. In ISIM. Imi 
l.uilmlily liilir In lln- >riir lliiin III 
Imty rmiilly, .livinm Ki-ir. xvlni linii:;li 
hinii In I'nrUr rniinly i'iirl|.-r tlini 
niiy I'l I In- llrnl |ii-nnnnrnl Billlni 
ill.i nnl ifiiiin nnlll nili-r n nninl.i-r n 
nllK-r plnni'i-iB li nl I'lllll Ini- r riililns 
lull hlB wlfi- nlwnyi iliilnn-il IhnI III 

ilinl i.f lln- rmiiil Slnlc 

i:l(-ni<-n Cure .Inhn li 

nd I.I 

il-rlnrk Ilin-. Al lln- n|«nlii); nf l.iinl 
*„1,» nil In. linn n-irvnllnn -lii-;;lii- 
nliir ml III'- Ti-n iCrl... U l!ni- jilBl 
Hiiill, nf rmlln, riinnlni; wlili Ilini 
:,no in lln- Wnlii.Bli II Ivor. |i|<-i,i.- li|. 
,|„. rli.-i iilionl B.-v,n iiiIUb. Ili.nn 
,„ ,1 ,.nnl nl«ml lliivr inll.B nnill, 
wi-Bl nr lln.kvllln, iinil rinni Ihorn to 
III,, iiln.i- ..r l.i.;;lniiliu;->vnB nindn 
MiiBl nf IhlB irnil nrii-rvuinli. linnni.. 
IliB.-lv.. InlvllBlilp. I'nr II rr« ynn. 
nnly did lln- wliHiH n-|ii-.l Ilin n-BiT 
willnn. ..Ill wlilli- 11 IM-In no liind «iib 
,.„l,.r.d IliBlilr nr IIB Imnnilill li-B. Til. 
•llBznoy" rr»i-rv.illnn. Innv.vrr. nnn 
liiBlili- 111.- Iiirm-r rrB.Tv... nnd IiIb I llr 

(•Ininniy llnnn «"« nl I'l. llnirl«..n 
In INI.M «ln-n Cnpl. Andn-w llrnnlis. 
iMdInn ntinl nnd lnli-rnrrt<-r, who 
Inid fii-iiin-nlly vIbIIoiI rnrki- cniinly 
nnil nolid 11." ninny nnlnrnl ndvnnl 

nrcn, nrrlvi'il nl llin fort nflor nno ol m.i.r KlrUpnlrlck snllrd n I'.lc 1! 
Ilia onlBldi- lrl|i». lln lold IlnBc, ilin, 
n yniiiiu- ninn nr l':i. nlKini n rinn inlli 
nun iin lIlK llnri-onn. I>nr nc lln- win 
If-r llii-y fnrnird n (.nrliiriBlilp wli:. 
.Mi.Bi-a Iliil.l.lnB, nnd wlillo llii. Biinn 
«nn F.IIII nil tin- Kinnn.l In Ilin r.prliiL 
III islli Ilii-y l.i-i;nii wnrk en llmlr 
11 111 iin.l ili^hll, n' nl llnl ll..r.r-vlll ■ 
rli.iiiniv IliiK... Willi... nnnir n-i n plil! 
nnlinplBl IB knnnii Inr nnd widn. w: f 
liorn nl WnnI lin innl. Cniin . l>.-r. . 

.InniiB KilBi- 
liiilll |i|ik«.iir» 
.MniiBllild In IS 
In 'In 

111,1 I'liiliriB nirkBon lli'l .\nriiinn. nil rinin Kinliicky, bo|. 

now IioIiihb mill, nl lied nl or inn,- I'lirllnnd Mlll». Tin- 

.'1. Snlnimi l.iiBk rniiin mill thi-rn w.ib liiilll l.y Snimi.l Slirln. 

,.r Cipi-k In Inllii-r nf (.VnnrnI Knorcn Klrl.imli ik 

rorlhind MIIIb n- n 

mill In IV-'i; l.iilll 111" 11.111 llinro. Slnnln. In is 

VM-ir lilir .liilin liiniil Imlll n iiilll m-lllnni-nl vna , onlniiprmii-onii ulili 

I'liinn tin- minilli of Simnr rrni-U. Ilir town of llo.killlo. Wllllim li«i'. 

IMIry .Mllrlmll In IS'.'l Ininnio tin- milirrlnlnw of linvirnor Wik-M. 

Ihwl Biltli-r nf IVnn lnwn»lil|i. llic Job. nnil I hivlrt Wnlfr. John Llni liiirL-i-i 

ijmik.rn |..||owli,K In l.s-J.".. nnd lir. i;. Allnn nnrr miioiiK tin- riial 

■111,- llr-l Billl.i- 111 llnrkvllln wn« (.nlllm, of lli-Bi-nr Inw.iBlllp. .Imii.v. 

Aiirnii llnnn. " lin Lull n inliln nnl nnd John l.nvrrly. .'■•niiinrl lllll. I ir. 

inr Iroiii Ilin ■l.ipk wnri-liniiBC" In 'Inylor. inlnnnl llnvB. .Vqiilln I'lilnn-y 

till- noilhoisl pnil nf li.wn. .M tin- nnd Wllllnin lllxmi wrro ;i i nni: lli,- 

,,,„„ II Solomnn SiniinniiB loinl,-d r isl BnlUnrB of WnlniBll InnnBlilp 

n mill- Bnntlmi.Bt of llir loiirl lioiiBc-. Ilinry l.ll-nv. Sniiiiicl Snonk, nml 

I.llll' 111 llii. Biinn- Jinr unrnlii'iry .IniiiiB l.iiiiK wrii. ilm iItbI »i-ii1i.ib nf 

\Vnid ninii- "lid I'lriili-d U"' Imid In- llnnnril I.imiibIiIp. I.mJJ. Alirnlinin 

nlliTwiird lioimlil nol fnr from tin- ■nniln-nnnn. Wlllimn nnd IMivmd 

rnliln of rornolliir, Siindi rinnd. two llrmkivny. .Imnli ItowBlinr. Snmiol 

,Mlli-a norlliwcBt of llmki 111'-. An Arnot. l.nwBon lliirimnn nnd IWilil liny. Ilm ■■fnllii-r nf llorUvilli-." Shirk wi rn lln- firm si'tlli-rB of 1.11.- 

rnnin In IsL'l. hiil did not hrlni: liln my townshl|i— ISJJ to ISJ.V .lolin 

inmlly lint 1 l-SL'-J. In ts-J2 John lIlnBB, .Mnrlln In l.vJl wn« tin- fIrBt Bi-llkr 

.Inhn nnd .In, oh Mlllc-r nnd I'hnimiB In Inlon loivnfllilp. John .Mlllnr. Wl-' 

Wnolvrrlon wlillo nn thi-lr wny to llnm Siithorlln nnd iBnni- Noriimn 

MnnlKonirry I'oiinty Innklnc for irnml iniiin Rnnn nCtcr John .Mnrlln In IHJI 

l-nllln In lsi;il Iiiinlrl llrnln ImiLiI Imi.l. wi-ic lold i.f n flnr l.oily ,.t Innd iindlSL'L'. 

on l.iilll- llnirnnn. nmr Union. Ii -n -.Ww I n-covory-on lln- mdnnd llownor Inlcrr-tlnd It wmild ho lo 

is-'l nnd Hint yrnr M? ilmmhtor l«-tvvrfn llio two lln.coonB. Tliry po Inlo further nnd nniro oxlrnBlio 

•^rrn'pin who iK-.miin lln- wifr of Iv looUrd nl It nml lilted It. Thn noM ilMiill nr. lo the rnrly ploni-i-rn. Bpnrr 

wnrd llkrni-s wnB horn. J;iiiii-8 Umli venr Aln-l Hill. John Jnsaiip. Ilinry forhliln more tlinii Is linrc sivnn. Iho 

nnnn lnvld Tmlil .M.rnliniii Inirlli. Ncvlna. Sllnn llnrlnn, .lolin lllnkc. nliji rt ho nK to ro,nrd Iho flr»l »i-t- 

nnd AmhroBo I.nml.orl ontrri d Inml on ""i" of Iho oonnly, IhoBO whn rnmo 

l.tih- llnri,),.n In ilro, no inwiiBlilp li Mf iiutUn,,. , .inc. ihe -l.nvc w., l.oforo or nhoiil tho (Into of Its or- 

IM-.'l. .loBoph I'. Hmhnnnn ownB nml wnn,.n ...1. H. S. Rnnly.ntlnn. 

ISIS. Jniioiih llnl»;mi. Br., in. no fri.ii 
TinniBB.o to llnomon InvvnBhlp li 
isi'i. In ISI11 Jiid::i. .Ins.-ph Wnlkoi 
B.lllo.l nonr N'liinn In I'Inil.ln town 
idilp. Ab oarly as isjii Jiiilto Ad iiii: 
I. .iti-d In Iho "lorl,..! nf Iho rroi-k.' 
I In.ldn InwnBhlp, i:oor-o nnrl Al 

(irrjaiitzattnu of ftirkp (Enuuty 

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\-A (0 1> 1SL'1.--I. .Innmi, 

[. &':^i-i\ Iho •■l--miniliillnii nf ii 
L-w-'4.-««...«A ,„.« connty .North of 
VIko." Iik l.inindnrlon «oro diB rlh- 

oil BB fllll.lVVB: 

■Ihnln nl Iho lino illvldlnu- tho 
.-■|nl,.B nf Indhmn nnd llllnolB. whoro 
Iho I no dlildh.i; -rnwiishlpB l.'l nn.l II 


lilvBls Bipinro n 1108 l.otnoon i.yory "Ih cln nn tho WnlmBli llhor nn tho 

lorBoilInn nnd Iho rniiL-i lino. In lino holwoon Tnnn»lil|is i:i nnd II; 

nnlll' llio rnnto llnon nn.lhnnrrt lliom o i nBl lo llio IIiiob d vlillnu- rnncoa 

Mil Iho hiiBo llni- Iho iiincnoll,- noodio .", nnd "1: lliomo nnrlh is mllo» to tlio 

Iho Biirvoyor'B loiiipiiBB pn.niliitt IIiior holwoon •liuviiBhlp in nnd 17: 

Ihi. pnl,. would l.r nc tho vnnt'o llionro wobI :i iiiIIob; thomi- norlli Bl.\ 

,o. 1, KB ih,;n iiK iiilloB niiiirl -IBlnoo mllo-,; llionro wont In Iho Wnlinah 

wliloti hy ttio wny. now loiiolios loBn 
of lis torrltnry thnn nf nny tnwinlilii 
In llB cniirBo. 

I.lhorly, .Niinlor lour; nninod for n 
word vory donr to tho hiniti nf the 

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Iho lln..« dlildin;; rin-..B i; nml 7. 
woBl nf iirlnolpnl inorhr.nn : lln-iKO 
nnrlh in Iho lino .llvldin!: Ti.wn«lilli 
17 nnd IS. norili nf Iho linao lino; 
lliinoo wiBl In Iho sialo lino; llioino 
iinnlh 111 tho pln.o nf lii-.-lnnlii;:." 

In nrdor lo tliimniKlily iindorBinmi 
Iho nliiiio. II IB iio.oBBnry lo uiv,- «nnir 
hhdnrlinl rn,t», \v'« i improlnn h-n 
hy lory foi'-, hiii whioli win- '<\w.\\\ iinilorBlnnd hy nil Iho p;niioor:i 
Wlii-ii Iho fIrBl Biirvoj w.ia ninilo .i, 
linllnni. oorlnln llni» woto obihIiMbIi- 
Id; mil. niniiini: nnrlh nml Biiiih 
Ihinniih tho Sinio wii» rnll,-:l Iho "ii.-o. 
i.nd prlnoliml morldlnli." A fii«' 
prlnrlpnl niorldlnn had nliinily l.o.ii 
run In Ohio. Tiio Rormid prin- ipnl 
mornllnn wnn fnrlyolKhl iiiHob ol 
Ilin Wilinnh lllvor In Iho hiilludo nl 
I'nilio I'niinty. From II, rnnso llnoi. 
»oro run frnin llio hnno lino nnrtlo 
wnnl ovory hIs hi Ion innl .ind wont, 
hono.' rnnco 7, wml, nionnn iho i-oc- 
onlh rnnco of nix i.ilhn worn of tho 
prlnrlpnl morhllnn lllio rnnao ir. 
nhlrh llnikvlllo Ib In.nlod.l A hnao 
lino wnB niii onst md woii In tho 
Knnlliorn pnri of Iho Kinlo. novonly 
riahl hilloB nniilli of llio Imnliilnry "f 
I'nikn Cnnnly. Inni fnr from VIn- 
lOliniB.l Thllii tnwnahlp II m Is 
InonnB r\\ I llioil IIB niinihor nnrlh nl 
Iho linBo linn. Kvory r»|nnro mllo wiib 
inlloil n Boollon, nnd niiinl.orrd frnni 
ono to tlilrlvnU, an lliorn woiilil ho 

r.l\ II lloR. nnd pmooid northward, 
lino Biirh loL- wnn .i.ado In Iho north- 
cm I an if I'arko Imint.-. 

i:iiv. rnor Jnnalhnii Joniiinmi n;.- 
Iiolilod Jamoa Unrnri.-. nf lUvon rnnn- 
tv; l.lrhard I' I'nor. -il luvloin; 
i;.ni-(;,. |;wlnc. nf Knn\ ; Aniin w Wl'- 
lilni. If KiiMlinn; .lolin .M. '•niomiin. 
of Vi;ii. lOiiiiiilBfllnnorii lo "i^nnono a. 

inino nf Xnnniol llhiir In tho Bald 

rmiiiiy of I'nrko nn llio third .Mniiilny 
.ii' l-'ohiimry, isjl', in fix n donl nf ,|i«- 
lire 111 ho ii.nvod nn Iho oniirt iiiny ill- 
nil nnlll n porinnnoni soil nf JUBlho 
.H oBlnhllBliod." 

Soolnm f|yo of tho Ait orenllmt 
I'nrko roiinly proyirt.-il Hint 111- n-fii; 
whn ali'ill ho nppolnlod lo mporln end 
Iho Bnlo nf IniB al iho CiMinly noni of 
I'nrUi Cnnnly. "aliall r.-sono ton por 
rout, out nf {no prni-ioilB Ihrronf nnd 
ilBn out nf Iho proooodB nf all dona- 
lions nindo in tho I'niiniy, and pay 
Iho Biinio nvcr In biicIi |io.B,.n nr por 
poiiB iiB mnv ho nppolnlod hy law to 
riiolvo Iho Bniiio for Iho luo nf n 
llhinry fnr Iho Bald I'oiiniv nf I'nrk.-. 
wlllrli ho nimll liay over al nil-h llilio 
an 11 ny ho illroriod hy law," 

II will ho (iron hy Iho nlmyo doirrlp- 
lion of Iho inoou nml ImiindB of I'nrko 
fniiniy. that iia innl hoiinrtnry wiib 
Iho proR.-nt wnt liiiiinilnry nf I'n nil 
Tnwnnhlp. When Vormlllinn ('oinily 
wnn o.Kiinl/oil now Imnndnrlon worn 
o.lihlhdioii. which worn boI f.irlli loi 
fnllown In tho llovlned Klnliilo of IWU : 

Tho InwiiBhipB of I'nrko Connty 
frniii the fIrBt have hoon .lr»|..;nnlod 
hy niinihorH. whirh rnrrcBpond lo Iho 
prloilly of orKanhz-nllon. 11, Inw thoy 
nro u'lion In lli< nr.lor nf niimhorB. nn 
thoy liaio iilwayR appoarod nil roinrilB 
nf i'lrli.' C.iiinly. a» lln-y worn alw-.yn 
•Talloil" In pnllllral rnlnrnllon«. nn- 
lll nno nr Inn loronl Innninl lima wore 

II mil. whloh oniiBi'd miino Irmihlo. nnd 
nn Ihoy nlwnyn Hhimhl njiponr If liln- 
tniloal prooodoni la to ho fnllnwod. II 
U onay lo romoinhor iho wny to cnll 
Iho townahlpn In llils nrlor If nno 
known tho u-onuraphy of tho County. 

III Kin wlih Allium: KO north lo iho 
Conniy lino. takliiK In NVnflhlnRlnn 
nnd Siicnr Crook; ko neat In Iho rlv- 
or. inkliiR In Lhorty; no fonlli down 
tho riyor. inklns In lloporvo. Wnl.nah. 
nnd I'lorldii; no oaal. laklnu' In .Inok- 
BOn and Ilnicnnn; tin noilli. Inkliic In 
Inlon mil ilro..iio: ihoii I'onn, nn li 
wafl orL-nnlzril hoforo I Inward, (liid 
laBi. Howard. TnllnwInK arc the 
Tnniiahlpa hy nrdor of niiinhora: 

Adnnin Tnwnnlilii, .S'linihor (Inn; 
nninod for John Aihinin, aoronrl I'rMl- 
dont nf tho I'nllod Hlnlon, 

Wnah nu'lnn. .Vimihor Two; nnnird 
for (lonrao Wai-hlnKinn. 

HiiKnr t'roik. N'limhor Tliron: Inr- 
Islnnlly tho lirRoal townahlp In tho 
County) nniiieU for Hnnnr Creek. 

I orlKlniilly tho Indian 
r.orio. .ihch wan null ro-prnoil when 
Iho Cniinlv W-IR nrRanlr.od. 

WnhnaH. Niimhor Six; nniiio,i for 
the Wah.Bh lllior, which Ib IIB worn- 
>rii loiimlniy. 

I Inildn. .Niinihor .Sovon ; nnimrt »l 
til.! rein, Bt of Havld |i. l/ino. nno of 
llii iiloinor Bolllorn. In liniinr of liln 
iialivo limnahlp In .Vo.i- Vnrk. 

Ilnroi.nn. Nimihor i:ii:hl ; nmiil-d for 
lllc nnd I. llio llnoonnn, whlcli run 
liiioniih tho TniMiBlilp. 

.Inikmn. Xnmlir r .Mno; n iinod Inr 
■•Old llhkoiy" hofnio ho hi rnnin 
rroi-ldnil ; hiil when hia pnpiilarliy 
wnn r.o croat Hint tniiro lovvnulilli* 
uorn iin.od In hin hnnnr In Inillnnn 
linn Inr nny ntlior iiinn. 

Cnlnn, NiiinlKr Tm ; naiiiod fnr the 
liilornl I'nlnn; then nnd nlwiyi 
iiiorod In I'nrko Comity. 

lln ono, Ximihor Mlovon ; naiiiod for 
Conrrnl Xnlhnnlol (Irrcno. WnnhliiK 
lon'i fnvnr to ilcnorni— n (lonorni who. 
wllhniit wlnnlnn n nlnclr hatllo, wnn 
Iho cinipilfn wliloii olonrcl .Vorlli 
Caiollnn. Sniiih 1'arnllnn, nnd iloorKla 
nf llrlllah ilonnliilnallnn. 

I'onn, Niniilior Twolvo; Im roni 
nniiio In Sinit Townalilp, nn II wnn "O 
naiiioil fnr llonoinl WInf old Srnll, 
nnd nn ontorod nf rii^ord when II wn« 
niiinl-/e,l finm lorrllnry taken from 
llonono nnd Kimar Crook. A en ii- 
I'lllro nf ritlr.r-un prnloiiled and nakoil 
Ihit tho nanii ho ihnncod In I'rnn. In 
honor of Wllllnm I'onn, hiil Iho loc- 
eidn nlin.v nn formal chnnKo of nnino. 

Howard, .Niinihtr rhinmmi npnitd 


lor I'.irK.' c.hiiilyii Kioiilfil iimii — 

ClIl.Tll -llli;!!!!!!!!! A. Ml.VViinl. 

All nlil h (.r In.lliinn. | Il» I 

Jiinl iill.T 111!' ori;;,lllznlliin nf I'nrki' 
liMinl.v. IlKliniliH Ihni 111 JiirlKcllrlliili 
rvli'ipl.'il iMil .inly l<> till' IIMiicils line, 
l.ill till' ID nil- Xiirlli. I'lirUc' hiiil i-..ii. 

run Jiiil-illrllnn Willi imIi.t llnrlli 

,'in KiiiiilliK iir III! llii' li'i'illory In llw 

jinril iMi; llK' I" Unci l.i'inlini: Hi.' 

Ml'L'iiiil/iilinii nl' I'lMiiilnln I'niiiily. 
V.^niilll im rnunly w i» a IowumIiIp nf 
null.'. Tli.' Act or Ihi' l.i'l;li.liilii..' 
.1-..H1I11K I'nrk.- vv.i» imKhi.l ini 
tl... •Ill, ..I-', I«l, ul r.nyilnii. 

111. M 111.- .11 1 ..I tin- Hliili'. "Ill llliil 

iliu I ;..v.-iii.ii- n|i|>nliii.'.l An.linv 

I1..1.1I.H. .Ml.. liiHl l..'.'ii In l.iiHliK'im III 
.■ . 111.' r.i- M. .. vr 'ir... SL.'rirr. I.i 
H it.< mil II nil .').'. I Inn ...nlil In- Ill-Ill. 
Oiil;- linn nlliiT oiriflnl wii.. «|.| 

111 II nl tliiii' l.y 111!' Cnvnilini— .In s 

lllii'i'. r..i'..|i<'l'. II «iiH linl linttl 111.' 
:':ili 111' .Miir.-I. lliiii two nmtorlnic 
J.iili;,., KIT.' mip.. 1 1 ll.'lii|iKi'y Sn.v- 

;i.|M .111(1 .I.IB.-I.h Wllll^lT. .\BKO(lll|l' 

j,i,li;''R «i'ri' liniiiiniry nfil.lnlii, wlin 
K.ii Willi Mil' rlidili Jink.', i.iiil wiM-i' 
..iipliiiKi'il III mill illKiiily in llir rnnrl. 
Tli.-y wiTi' 111.1 ifiiiilic.l In know (iiiy- 

ililii'i; 11 1 Inw. tlii'lr uinrllonii lirlim 

i.lrlrlly nrii.nin. nliil. Tin' nrilr.' nf iih- 
• nrliil.' iililu.' .i.nlliiiii'il iinlll Ihp liri'ii' 
.'III I'i'iiHl liillnii In IH.~.J, mid porvfrt 
I.. K. i.ll.'i' nil iiMT l.lillnmi nnniiuli 
'iii.l,,'«' 1.1 MinUi- n fliii- linliinr.' 
iiti.llihl 111'' ■■.■nl..ii.'l«" iif Ki' 
Iliiu.v.'l' III.' nil.' Iiii.l n ll.nill llirill' 
I'll..' nil llii' iiii'i. »lin l>irn II. 'I'lm.v 
I'l'iii'inlh iii.l.'innii'il III HO iloiini'l 

lli.'ii.H.'iM'H nn In 111 In lllo Mu- 

nil) ..r llm nil.', mill 111 llnllie tllln 
limy will Ilio r.'»|.<'il nf llm .•niiininn- 
lly .11 llii'.v llvi'il na imollll ell- 

V» lilii.-.' Il.'i. «.ii. iii.j'iiinlnil li'iii- 
l..i.iiiy rl.'ik nnil llpmnlor. nnd ,l.w 
i|in lliil-lnn mill .tnliii Skliliiinr.' w.-r.' 

l1.Nlnll.ll ju»llr.'» nr IIIP l.i'lir.'. 

'I'll.' (illlrllllH li|.|»illili'll l.y III.' lliil 
linnl' ii'l'l.'il lllllll Ihi' rilnl oln.ll.iM 

wliidi wiin lii'ld In AiiKiml. IsJI. Tliln 
nil. Iliin unn III Id .'it llm rnhlii nf lll'li- 

nr.l llrnry, nrnr Ilir Cnnnly Mnr. JiihI 
Kiiiilli M llniii'.lnlr. .Iii.Il-.' .Im...n 
llnriii'^ Borv.'d H" Jmlp- of llin .li'C- 
I nn with Jiuliii' Soyl.old nnd llB.inlrn 
ltnl»l..ii 118 .onr.llimloa. s.'vrnly 
ini.'H vvorr .nm. nnd Wnlln.i' llo.-\ nnd 
ll.nry Andcmon wrrc nl.'.l.'d Cli-rli 
— " 111.'!!"— ov.r Climincy llimi' 
mill .Miirlln .M., "I'lny mon." 
TlilH unK ;.l Ihnl linnpy |ir-i Ind nf 
ic.niiUy'B hlmory « linn I'nrly dlHllni- 
lliilia wpip In-I nruT ll.r wnr or IML'. 
mid 111.' Iloinornillc imrly Inid no n|i- 
I' II In rnllod llin "i:ni >iC 

L- I li'dliif." It npiiiiirn In linvo onil- 

I'.l liowivn nl llinl rirel il.'.llnn In 
I'nrkc I'niinly. .MIor llm m.i.'k wcrn 
111 111. to ll.n.lln, "(loi.ii' 
KiilliiliK or wlroUry \y.T.' n.'rvrd nm 
l.v ihn rmidldiilm. niiil In duo tliiii' llw 

llliio»H lind n diHpi'lnln "nrrnii" Willi 
.liuiicK Ili.l.liiBoii ; iho lallnr llirow llin 
I'ni.inln to ilio lirnrth, wli.^rr ronUInu 
liid l.i'in In pinsioBi, Hi™ Roizr-d llin 
Blinvol nnd llt.^rnlly "IwniK'd lonln nf 
riri' on liln lirnd." Illlioi- offlrrr* 
lie. I.'d nt tlinl tinif worn .Iobo|iIi 
Wnluor nnd Mr. 'I'nylor. nflsm-lnto 
.tnilciH. mill I-'rroinnii l-'ni-d, .-oroinT. 

Kvorytnlnc wnn now rocnlnrly don.- 
11 ll.f w:i\ M iifflilnlB fnr 
111., now Coniily, nnd tho firm cniirt 
wnB liolil nt lloBovlllo. ILisoilllo wnn 
nnt loiiK tho roiinly Bont. for tlint ilK- 
tlinllon wnfl onjnyod liy Imlli Arnilos. 
InirK nnd Mnnlof.nnin lirforo tho In. 
iiitinn or tho iiommiionl Bonl of Jim- 
llro nl Itiwkvlllo. Ab iIiIh wnn In 
l.vjl nolihoi ..r tho i.hi.oB wlioro .'oiirl 
wiiH h.'lil loiild li:ivo vory Innc ro- 
liilnod llio liLiinr. Aitor Iwo Boasinn.. 
hnd ho.'ii hold nt AriiiloBhiiri:, coiiM 
wnB hold nt .Mnnlo/imin, nr niUior on 
till' rlvor wlioro .Moiiioziinin wnn nr- 
lorwriril.. biilll. Tli b Incnllon wna 
lotiBld.Tod iiinro rontrnl. nn Vorinll- 
linn t'niinly wan tlion n 'I'.nvniililii of 

Tho Binry of llio Imntlon nf llio 
Cniinly Sonl nl lli.rlivlllo h. Ihbb In 
Mio mind Boino ilrninntli', nr nt lonnt 
|i|.tiiroBi|iio fl.onoB In niir fnrly on- 
iinlB. llonornl .loBopli (Irr. llonorni 

Arlhiir I'nlt.rBnn nn.l I'olnnol TliomnR 

.^lllllll hill 1 n .■.niiiiilB 

Blnnor- 10 hicnlo n ponnnninl roiinly 
B. nt. Thoy .nine to tlio I'niinty In 
.hiniinrv. ISJI. nnil proi roih'd to vlow 
Iho vnr.'.iiB l.ln.i'B olUll.lo mr n Cniui- 
ly R.'nt. Il.-ndlo Rlnlon Ihnt tli.'y wore 
vory fiivnralily liiiproBa.'d with Iho 
lioli;lili.irlmnd iihniit .Inin.'B llllih- 
iiniin'H rnl'lii nonr .liidBon, hiil woio 
iii>:.'nlly ri'.|iioBlod to i;.i fnrthor down 
1,1111.' Ilii.ri..iii Milhy to tho Innd on- 
11 rid l.y I'li.minB lllll.oBOn. onBt -il 
Ciulln. .M.iiiiwhilo Iho B.llloi. nhniil 
ll.y'B 'I'.n.rii. or llmkilllo wnn lllon 

uiiovMl. ml nl nil' |.r..Konro iif tho 

iiiiiiiiiinbl..ii''r.. [.11.1 111. liulliillnii wnK 

"tin I 


o ninklnc lliolr do.ln- 
iiy liny nhniil llio fIrBt 

1 inlB-ln.iorii, wot, iiinddy, ninl 

wonry, roacliod tho hoBiillnlhlc tnvorn 
i.f Aiiiliow liny, nnd "oro rnynlly on- 
l.rlnlnod — ror th.iBo llmoB. Whnt 
liorBOlml Ilidii.oiiioiilB wore .irfon-d 
wo iniinnt ovoii unoflfl, hiil l.y hroiik- 
InBt lliiio noxl dn.- thiB B|iot wnn 
ihoRon. Tho tliroo offlilnla nnd riio 
ninlo cltlzi'iiR oniiillod n linlllo nf old 
whlBkoy, hrnUo tho linlllo on tho hlu 
rn.k nil tho hlRli.'Ht jmlnt of the nHo, 
nnd liiiiillzod tho tnwn ItiK'kvlllo, 
iniinly aont of I'nrko." 

Tho plory of Iho olirlRlonlnR of 
llnrkvlllo, nB II rnliio In Iho wrilor 
liniii nil old iiiiin, Willi hnd oflon lionnl 
II rrniii IIB |.nrn.'l|.iintn, Ir llinl whih' 
.iKHi''il iirniinil Iho rmli u dlB|ililo 
nr.iRO nB to Iho nanio of Iho tnwii. 
.Vnr.m llnnn, Anilrow liny nnd JniiioB 
.Mrl'nll conloniloil for tho Imniir. nnd 
onrh iirnod hiR prior. ly nf roBldonoo nr 
poiBniinl |.io..(n.o nR n ronaon for 
hlB ohiliii. 'I'ho lonlrnyorBy wnH :il IIb 
hlthl whon nno or Iho nihor liion 
lilii.liiE lilR hnnd nn tho IiIr rnik anld : 
"ThlB rollow Inifl hoon horo loMKor 
Ihnn nny i.r ymi— nniiio Iho lown nfloi- 
hlni-nniiio II lln.kvlllo." hiRlnnlly 
tho ronlrnvorBy oonBod. Ilvorylioily 
wiiB linppy, oBiii'ilnlly "flor Iho 
niiiilii WhlBkoy liottio hnd boon 
hrokon on tho rock. 

ullp IJflUttral Ikv'iah 

PulKi: I'liiiMiy Rinr.i'd li« I'o.Mid 
n% « ihil div nr Indl 111.1 
Willi Iho piiL-nniloiiR nnil pi" 
liMi'K'pio oloi'lii.n of l.'^l.'l. Tho 
.li.ol.Rull nil 11, nr llonini'i ilR, wnn llio 
lllHl oli'illnn. Thoy ii.'.'iii 111 hnio n . 

lllllll. I Ir l.illjnriiv. with Iho oxo.'l. 

i.iili of hi'i'i' and Ih.'ro tho hiRR nf a 

...iilPj o, liir ahiiiit firioMl vo.iiB 

ml. r iiruaiilzalliin of iho niiinlv 

lly thai ih.. i;ii.iiii',' liiiiii crnlhiii 
lill.l I'liillKliI a lirii.' Willi; .'l..a..'iil In- 
111 Iho piilllloR nf Iho riiiinly, mid dm- 
lilt' Iho porliiil frnlil IX-'lll In >^''» Iho 

Ciiiiiily wna Ri> iliiiH WhlK nnd 

MilnolliiioR II. inn. nil h' Ml tho vnrloliB 
■'l.'i'tlnliH. II IB [irnhalilo Ihnl tho 410 

f liro nf TIlL'hnimi A. I Inward and 

.Inn.'idi .\. Wriulll nR lon.h'lR of llic 
lioino.rnl .' pirly. md i.nly In I'nrko 
fnniily, hiil In 111.' Slal.', Rorvo.l In 
ofrRi'l n VVIilL- liiinilKinllnn ihnl nIhor 
wlBo Minilil linvo innlrnllod tho rnun- 
ly nt all lliiiin. Wo look In vnin lor 
nny oild.'ii.o Hint iIiobo inoii \\o,-i' ov 
ir oniharniRsi'il l.y nny fn.llonnl 
Rlrlfo In tholr own pirly. lloro. na 
norywhiro In Indlnnn, Iho lioiiiorrniR 
loyally alnnd l.y llioiii nnd HHik prldo 
In I'lory honor Ihnl rmiio In llioili. 
Th'R loinlly nn tho purl nf Hint cm- nf Park.' I'.iililly lloiiinrrnl-, 
niTonnU ror tno in' I Hint oiir Connly 
from INl.l in I.".",!' o\orlo.l iinr.|iinUd 
Inrinoii... in tho pnllllra or Mm SInl.'. 
Ilonnr.l wnn olo.lod In Cnncroan a 
ffiw yonrs iirior ho Inoolrd In Itoik- 

vllli'. Ilo nan mipnlnlod h.v Allrtrow 
.laikann, I'ronldillt nf Iho rnllod 
SlnloB. to Bolllo Iho mnrllitln- olnllila 
111 Indian IniiilB nnw oiiihinrllii; Iho 
Clly nf Chlia.;.!. Ilo w »i lln' lioinii- 
iralli' randilnlo fnr I'liltod .xinloB 
Sonnlnr In l^l'i, holnc d.roalod hy nn- 
ly lino yiiti'. Tho noxt yoar ho iwloo 
hondoil Iho liomnorall.' KInIo llrkoi, 
nn inndldnlo f..r (Inn'rnnr In Aiiuuki, 
nn.l i:li'rlnr-nl 1 ir^-o In Ni vomlior. Ilo 
ill.'.l n» liilnlRlor In notollnlo wllh Iho 
111.' Ilopiihll.' nf Tosna ror IIb ndiiilR- 
Bhill mm tho I'ninn— tho liinBI lin- 
piiilalil illpliniiall.' . oniiiilnahin ii.n- 
liT'Oil nn n I'lll'/.n or tho I'nllod 
.<liiIoM Iroiii tho I'loRO of llio wnr of 
1S|'.> 10 Iho hoiilnnlii'.' or Iho Civil 
War. .lo.'i.'iih A. WriKlit. nrtor hoInK 
rop.aiidly oloilod In fnnKriBB. wnn 
oloclod (invornnr In IMM. Ilo wnn r.- 
olorlod in IhiR lili;h nrfiro, lin'nc Iho 
1 Bl ninn In Indlnnn olootod 10 It for 
two loriiiR. Ilo wa- nppninlod nilnla- 
lor to Itorlin, nnd upon IiIr romrn 
frnm that linporlnnt mlRalon wnn np- 
p. Iiiird rnllod Sinto.s ,'<oiinlor. .Iiidk-o 
\\ Illliin IV llryniil wnn npiin niod 
riilor .luBllio of l)ro-nu. .Iiilin <1. 
DnvlR wnn oloilod nnd rorlcolod to 
ConsroBR. Willi 1111 Nofalniror wbb 
olorlod Tronanror of Slato. 

In l.s."!) ,lnhn II. Ilondlo. ihon nn no- 
llvo nnd Infliionllnl IKpnhllrnn. rnn- 
Irnnlrd tho lonird nf Iho l;o|iiihll. nil 
pnrly In I'nrko rniinly. with tlinl of 
tho Hcnioorats. Ilo nttrlluitcd the 

fnlliiro nf Ihp Coiint.v 10 nihlovo honor 
nt Iho linndH nl' Iho IIo|imIiI rnna In 
rinrly .loalniianiBR. 'In nil Iho iwon- 
lv-..ld yoara of llopiihllinn riilo," aald 
Moiiillo. "I'nrko hnn only aorvoil lo 
t'lro Kood iiii.l.irllloR In olhir rniidl- 

ihlliR." Wllh tho o\0O|il|nn or .InilloR 
T. .(iihnRlon, who wiib .lirloil lo I'lin- 
croaa 111 l.ssi mill msil. nn I'niUo 
I niinly l,.'|iiilillriin ha-- horn 'innnroil 
na w.'io Howard. Wrluht, llryaiit mid 
luvin, nllhnimli many In inililldinn nl 
nhlllly and rilnoRR linvo hoon illlz.'iiB 
or niir roiinly ri'mii tho orunn rnllnn 
nr llio llopiihllrnn iinrly BKiy yonrn 
nun iinlll now. In IS.-.L' whon tho llo- 
piihllrnn (inrlv wna nrL'nnh/.od, I'nrko 
I niiiit.- ran'^od firili In Iho StnIo In 
Roni 1 nl Imiiortntioo. 

Thon oanio Iho romploto ovorthrow 
of tho lioinoirntlc pnrly In I'nrko 
roiinly. Tho rrponi nf llio .Mlnaoiirl 
coiiiprniiilBO nnd Iho ■pnB«ni;o ..f tho 
KmiBaR-.Vi hrnnkn Ait hrmmlit Iho now 
llopiihllrnn parly In tho from In [XT,:,. 
It liindo n olonn kwooi. of all .'..iinly 
orri.iB 0X001.1 Irinniiror, lo whirh 11. M.llor wnn olorlod nnd Ihon 
rr-oliclrd— llio InRl Doiio.rnl to onrry 
tho ooilnty iinlll twonly yonr« nrtor- 
wnriln whon John T. CnlllncR nnd O. 
I'. Ilrnwn worn olorlod inniiiilRBlonorB. 
Tho wnr mndo tho roiinly .ivorwholiii- 
Innly lliiinhllrnn, or ritlio- I'nlon, for 
lloro wn» no llopiihllrnn thkol from 
lym to imw. 11 wna inllod tho I'nlon 
I'nrly. nnd aa sii'-h rci-olvcd tho votca 

of liiinilr.'dB or Kiiniicrnla. iiiniiv ot 

»hniii 11. im II to Hum- roliiiii,.| m 

Ihi'lr old parly nll.-Klani-o on tho I'-aiioi 
Binc'iillni; Iho I'lvll War. 

Tnklnu' up Hi. md nr l'arl.o I'niin- 
ly olHclilR Iho ofHro of lli-pr.R.nin. 
llvo will riral ho .iiiiBldoroil. In In'.i 
I'arko and \Iko ooimil,,, „,,-,, „|„, nu 
trl.-l. I'arki' had . , - 

■'I" » "laho an, I .NiiHianh'l llimlliiK. .V.i lilalnry nr r.'L-nrd .n I'mho 

"^ '-'■ «'>''» n oo.ii.h-i,- Hal of Iho 

liioii who OR ll.'pr iitillvo 

ff '■''■-'•I I" I>^'"1- 111 !>..'-■. It I. Bint- 

0.1 lliiil .iimi-pl, .M. ||„y,,,,, „, M„„|„. 

liiwiiUiK 111, hull, II, IK „| .|,„ xviil'.LJl! 
nnd Krio ran .l." nllli.iiiKh 11 la 
Blal.'d lliat ho wnR ol,-.l..d. .Vi-lihor la 
II nf rrinid Hint .liiRrph A. Writlil 
'-'--' '■''■ I'.l ll'-i-i- ,,.1.11 ..-, I.„| |„, 

«aa In ihi I,oi:IbIi -0 in i.h:i:i. « inn 

tho iniiiily ii'.-nrd. w.-ro liiirii.'.|. 
H.nrj;.' K. Sloolo wiir olor'.-d In \s:ir, 
nml io.ohiiod In l,s:iil. .inmoa Kirr 
wafl olo.lod lloproBi'iiiailvo In 
.ivor iwn nthor rnnilhiiloH, All.lln .M. 
I'lioll and .Iniiios llnilh'y, II.' wan ro- 
ol.-olo.l In IMI. I'rrjiii 'IS 1 1 m (ho 
ail..pllnii 01 Iho now I'niiallliilinn Iho 
lollniihiL- mill hold Ihn nrfl.o id l|o|i- 

roaoninllvo: Wlllimn Nnfa nm r, .Inhn 
-I. .Moacham, Sniiiiiol 1 1. .Inhnalnn, 
nnhrlol Iloimhmnn n'ni I-:, s. llolH- 
diiy. Tho rirni llo|ii-oBoninllvo imdor 
tho now I'nnBlllnlhin w.ia (Joiuko K 

sio. h. i-'oihmina hi.n m orm-o u> 

''"• liroB'-ni II : i.ovl Nlilwi-ll, [h:,\: 

H.oim. U. Kli-i'lo, I.S.-.II; .sn I II 

•l"l"i' W'VM; .Nihil 1:. I'rnIn, l.xmi' 

I'nRpor lliidil, isiii;; '|-hoa, .\-. |,,,.„^ 
IMMI: Waltor I'. Ilonaldaon, l.snil; 
.laiiioR T. .liihiiHlon,; .lolm |.;. 
.Woodard, l.>.7ii, ilwo liriii»;) Hnn oi 
Thiimns l.s;i, tlwo loriiia:i llnhorl 

Kolly, i.KTs: ini 11. Hill ixsiii 

Wllllnni KnnwliB. IKSJ; W iillnin .S', 
Alkln. I.'<S|; (lioruo W. lloh»nii, IHMI, 

Ilwo li'r.i»;l Alhort .M. Ad R, IMIH; 

|lli'.i .Mllh'l-, Itlil; l-lllna II. (Iwon 
iXii-llmi. |K|||,.|| hy a falllnu trooi 
-I. II, .InhliRliin oloilod at Rpirlnl oho. 
Hon. R, rvod until lnw; ,Iarnh H. 
Whilo, llll.s, ((wo lormail HoorL'o W 
Nponior, nil'.': c. c. .Mnirl«, mil. 

Tor forty .vonr». from ls.-.)i 10 i.sihi, 
no lioiiaioral wna lli priBonu. 
Iho. ".< Ivor IMi-k" .Mlllor hroko iho 
niinil In l.siiil, nnd llonrco W. spon- 
ror, Donioiral, waa olooio.l In nil:', 
Ihiiinu n |i. rhiil ni ilii vonrn only Iw.i 

I nnala hiiio had Ihi' 1 r of rop- 

loiionllin! I'arko roiinly. 

Tno Hi-Ri ilorh nr I'nrko I'oniity 
V..B W llaro liny. n|i|inlnlod nml 
110 lid In l-NJI. Ill' una loi'liriod iin- 
lll h'R ilonlh In |.><.'IM. .liiH.-ph I'oiu 
una ii|.|.olniod In tho vn.niny, nnd 
.lllllll H, Hat la wna olorHd al Ihc 
npo lal i-lorllnn In |k;i:i. Ilo iimk Iho 
i.fMi-o n IM-'i.'i nnd' hold II r.iiiiliiiiiiii-l,i' 
Iinlll l.s,-|, whon ho roHlKiiod in 1h" 
101110 n oniidlihitn for I'linuroRR, norv 
Inn ovir l.s yo-iR, Tho lunnlR kopi 
hy hliii nro piohahly mil iiiirpaBa.d fur 
homily of ponninnalilp mid miiii|i1o|o- 
noiiH hy nny ollior ofll. lal 11 ho liaa 
hoi, I olfho In nil Indlnnn. .l.iRopli 
II. rnniolliiR wnR a|,|,nliilod In nil llio 
vnrnnc, iinlll tho ilorllmi nf IK-V.', 
whon H,nri40 W. Tholiipnnil w i« olorl- 
id. Ilo hold Iho orrioo lint I I.-uill. 
.><i:hRo.iiionl rlorka woro Samiiol .Mn- 
fll, hsiai. (two loriiiflil ,lolin I', l>. 
Hint. IKi„s, (two lira a:) imvid 
Mrnilno, l,s;il, (Iwo loriiiR;) .MndlRon 
i-irnry ,'Sl : .lonao II .Mi I'm-, IKH-f; 
laaiii' I.. Whmiior, 1W2: .lohn I'l, 
llarahhnrcor, I.-'Ihi; I'hna. I>. Ilonlok, 
llHui: Dwliiu- rhapiiinn. lIHil; (1,-n. I,. 
Ijinoy. iiKis: II. .r. riiiiiiiiln«B, lull'. 
1'lma II wiiiild room Hint from tho or- 
L-nnlziiHnn nf llio roiinly iinlll l»>*l, « 
porlnd or ifl yciri, only «1« men wort 
olitlMl lo the 0(11 01 Clerk In I'aik* 


CiMiiiy. .riiiiii <i. li"il.i »n« cii-rk for 
ilKliKni yinmi .lolin l>. Ihini, Clirk 
i.iKl ili'piil)- <»<•>• t"<'llly yrnii>. nlul 
|)n\i(l Slninm' Clerk nnd iloimly fuiir- 



■•s. >j;^ 







''-■/ '_ 


■ . - -- 

finl: I I.M.I ISS.S (., ivij. 

lion yrnrH, I'p In ;ssn llio Men or 
"liniiRinc Ihp iMonnir' illil nm |.rn. 
\nll ovrr llio lilni i.f ki'ipliic ifilrlfut 
nion In oiTlic In I'nil,!- rouiily. 

Till- Slii'iUl V nfll.-o w:.s iri;,l ns 
.if rliHl Inii.nilmi.i' by Ihc plonor-rn or 
liiilliina. I'or lira ri'nson Iho flrnl 
i.rri.hii n|i| l.y (ho <;nvcriior In 
.Tnnnnry, IsJI. "Imn llic County wnn 

SloinUiiiuh, IS7i:-TI; lli-oicn I\. flmii- 
iMiiii. 1.S7I-7K; Zlinvl I). MmiIk. IHTM- 
vj; jolin It. MiiRKiT. issjsil; IMwiird 
M.hiilim, IKMllH); lii'nivi' S. Jiiiu'H, 
lSHI.;p|; Wllllllhl l>. Mull. IS!l|.|M!Hl. 

Mlli'il In orrii'i'. HUi'i'i'i-ili il l.y lllniui 
i:, N.'wiln. ConiniT.) I ■ninillim It. 
li^iuKor. isthl'.ls; 1',-iry ivis- 
"1. lllrakniil. •IhnninK i:. AmI'I.'H 
ii|ip.->lnlcil.) 'J'lioiiinB r.. .^y<ll■llMl, 
i!«ciii; V,. M. cnrior, iihiiipm: ii«i.- 
Ill Klniii.y. llHis.|i!j |.kl«nril .Nli'lmlna. 

Ilobort Klnnoy illcd In offlc In IIIVJ 
mill wiiB mii'i oi'iloil liy Uio Coroner, 
111'. ColllnKB, ror 11 row ilnyH. lllrliiinl 
Mii'iinr vnii (i|i|inlilloil Sliorlfr 10 
«flvn until Slirrirr-llliTl .Vl.liolns 
woiilii bo InBtiiilcd. 

•I'lio ItcoordiM's orrirc nt llio or- 
KiiiilzntloD of tlio Counly wah con* 
S'.liilntcd wltli tlint of Cirrk. 'I'lio 
Clerks were thcrororc i:r of /trio lie- 
ror.lcrs ulitll is:l.l, when tlio office of 
lli'cordcr wiiB for a eliort llmo i-rcil- 
I'd. It won filled l.y linn.'nn, 
hy niipolntnic-nl. AucuM !l. IVI.'I. lie 
died In l.s.';i, nnd llie ofllie ivn» ni.-.'iln 
lonBiilliinlcd Willi Hint of clerk. When 
the new ConBtllutlon provldlni; for 
I lie Kepiirnto of lire of lleior.Ier went 
iiilo efrcct, Joseph 11. CinlielhiB wbb 

I ointeih lio renlLMU'd nnd .'^luiiuel P. 

1 iBher wns appointed, lie served iin- 
III )S.-.7. !'•. W. Dinwiddle wiiB elected 
in KS.-.7, served until l.'<i'..".. .Innies .M. 
riioiiins. elected In isiil, Idled in 
.luiie, isnij. nnd wiib sueceided hy his 
iiillier, John .M. ■rhniiins. i Chnrlis 
i:. AdnniBon, eleeled In IMli:, nlmi dic.l 
In nffleo; Klwi.od Hunt wn.i nppoint- 
III to the vneniiey. Ileeonlei-.s Binee 
Hint time: Khiood lliiul. IW7I1-7I ; 
Wllllnm .7. While, I^TI.SJ: Henry H. 

Cord, ISSJ-nO: CImrlea K. l.ii eri, 

IMni-S; Dan W. Chnpin, lsp.sni; ; Cnrl 
lliittcr, lDOO-14; ,\lhcrt J. Itukos. mil. 

Tile Auditor's duties wore also per- 
ftiriucd hy the clerk for •-" years af- 
ter the orcnnl/ntlon of tlio County. In 
isil tlio offlic of Andllor «ns crested 
nnd .ToBcph I'ott-* npi.ulnted to fill It. 
I'r or to that time Hie clerk kept t,ie 
reeord of Ihc CoiuiiilBsloncrB, who 
I. nde the tax rnle In ixv.l llio rale 
wne 80 ccntB per Iml acres on "first 

.-./i.ri/f ll'iiif I.Vll (.. ISPil. 

nruiinlzeil wnB Hie Sheriff -Andrew 
llrnok.". He held orflee linlll Aul'iibI, 
when lie WIIB defenled In the fIrBt 
.■le.Hoii hy Henry AnderBon. Many 
men priimlnent In Hie nflnlrs nf Parke 
Counly held Ihc Slierlff'B ofriie. Innac 
.1. ."^Illlmiin Bueieeded Henry Aii.ler- 
Hon and uerved from .\ucUBt '-".'. IX'-T,, 
to Kept. (1, I.V..7. Wllllalii c. .Noel 
then served two leriuB. nnd .liilin c. 
Davis served for a Bhor! lime iinlll 
hiB election In I he Clerk's office In 
ls:i:i. AuBlIn M. I'liell wnB appniiile.l 
.'iherirr by the CiiiiiilsfllnnerB nnd 
KirMil a few ninnlhs. sherlfra frmu 
is.i:i In Hie preB.nt lime: WilPnm 
Kllcnre, 1k.-im:i7: Aninn H irl, ls:i7-ll; 
.leKHC II. YoiimimB, l.-ill-Ct (InlMlel 

Hi.ur.liimin. IM."i 1:1: .III " \V. Il.'iidle, 

IMIi:.:i', inivld Klil.iiinrlik, IM.Vl.r,7; 
Al.rnm Diirrn.h. |s.-,7ill ; (lenrcc II. 
Ince. ISIll.ll.-.; .InmeB rhch.n. IHl'..-., 
Idled In nrriie I'ehnmry. IS117. .Tease 
I'nrllow, Coroner, huceeded In the of- 
rice: served llnee weeka, when tlio 
CoimulB-li.hers appolnied Xorvnl \V. 
" uimiiliiKB, ,Mareli 7, 1W17.I Mr. Cum- 
Il liiRs servoil until IM7L>; Christian 


AidlKor rroiii IS'liI In IS7I. 

mil. land;" and pull lax wn« ,17 I ■-' 
renlBl No wondir tliu plonuers eniilil 
: 'I'o tliclr money, .loaepli Toils seiv- 
.d as Auditor freni ISII unlll l.s.-.l. 
He wna born In Willi, nnd lived until 
iiflor tbo closo of tho Civil Unr.- Diii- 
liiK tlio war lio was poBlmnater at 
llnekvlllo. In 1.1111 when Kilns nive.i. 
Hie clRhth Auditor of I'ariio Counly 
Mas elected, every iiinn who lies filled 

that office Willi Hie exie|illon of Jos- 
ipll I'olts was ll\lliK. Tlieao men 
vveio: I.iiilen A. rnoto, who served 
unlll IMi-j; lie... I". Daly, IML'ikl; ,lohn 
II. Tnle, IMI1I.7I; .I.I.B.. II. Cnniii'lly. 
IM7'1-N2; Kdwiii !■•. Hiidley, Isv...m-.; 
Samuel T. CiiHIii. is..i;.'.l|; Kllna II. 
Owen. l.Silllis; s. A. I'Ike. Isiis-ii'.'; 
Henry Orubb, UK):; -00; II. A. Ilcnder- 
pen, iiiiBi-iii: ,lnmiB K. Ivlder, 1U1I>I-I: 
1 liurles W. Dnvis, lllll. 

The TrcnBurer's nffleo, unlll 
wna held by the .Mlierlff, who wna niBii 
cMlleU "ColU'clor," lluuh J. Ilrndley 
vns tlio flrsi TrcnBiiror. Appoiotctl In 
IK'i:i. lie Will eucieeriid hy .VustIn 






I f^ 

■ :v' r 

'■". ^ 


/.! .., 

', . 'z"^- 

'■-M 1 



■ s. :-\ 

Z.W--Xrt ■ 

Islil" In 1.1 

.1. ruelt and then nsnln clecled In 
l>:;.l. I'^rasliis .\I. IleiiBon sin'i-eedcd 
i'l II. And llien eniiio the 
reKliiio of the Hurts. Aaron Hart was 
elc.led In ISII. He \vn- sue. ceded l.y 
his Bon, .Miles Ilnrt. and records show 
'hut Aaron ll^irt, .Miles Hart, Samuel 
Hart, nnd "two or three more Units" 
held office I.f BOiiie kind for luaiiy 
.\raiB. -MIICB Hurt died In ofricc, thus 
hrenklnc the cbnin. nnd Clinrlcs Hrnnt 
BiLcccdcd lilm. J.'lin II. .Miller serv- 
ed from I.1.V1 to IS.VI, and wns su.'- 
iceded by WnBlilnu'lon ILidley, l.i.V.l- 
i;:i; John T. Caiuphell, IWVI-liT; John 
II. Llndlcy, lSii7-72; N. W. Ciini- 
niluKs, 1872-711: K. W. Dinwiddle, 
|; J. N. .McCoiiipbcll, 18.10-s-l: 
Isaac A. I'lcknrd, l,,l,1; James M. 
Dinwiddle, IWO-OO; (Jmiica M. Din- 
widdle died JuBt nrtcr his re-election 
D.;c. 20, isno; sucioedcd by N. W. 
Ciuunilnes by ap|<i'ntiiient ;1 M.b.'b 
I'. Kclley. inrj-liil: Wlllhini llawl- 
Ings. ISOC-KXHI; Ceorgo lirnnson, UHIO- 
111: I'Mwnrd llnidrlcld, Um-l-OS; <Ieo. 
W. Sponecr, IDOS-i:;: Harvey nnsli, 

Of tho office of Counly Surveyor. 
C. I-:, l^nibcrl Id Ibe blslurUa) edition 
01 The lloikrillr Triliiinr. .Mnv. Isml, 
auys: "Jeremiah II. Slier, of Illooui- 
fleld. (now IlloomlnBdnle.) wna Hie 
flrtt County Surveyor of whom the 
prcaenl records eIiow any thing. The 
tcriii seems to have nhvnys been two 
ycnrs, hut as there Is a brenk In the 
tliiio served hy some. It Is probable 
Hint Bonio have reslfned liefore the 
term expired. i:iii.» C. Slier (son of 
.I.Tiliihih H, Slier.) Wllllnm II. Nyo. 
.Inhn T. Caiuphell nnd Claude Olt nro 
the only eiirvcyors who have kept tho 
orrico In Itockrillo, and Caiuphell and 
lilt lire the only ones who have kept 
Hie office In the eciirt house. IhoiiKh 
Ihc law rnpilros Hint all ofrielnl rei-- 
-irds shall bo kept there. There Is a 
Irndlllon that when Airred Iladloy 
wns SurToyor, ho iiiado a "doirn rlr- 

er" Irlji to New Hrlenna mid uppi.lnl. 
cd ft .Mr. Doniiiree of Sunar Creek 
lownshlp (now Howard) ni his Av{>- 
uty. Lietuaroo's lioiiso burned niul 
destroyed nil the ciiunly flel.l nnles 
U|i to that tliiie. All Iho nelrs ul 
Joreniluh H. Slier, who served Hie 
lonccBt, are gone, cuecpt a few cob 
lecled by Ills sun, i:nos C. Hllcr, from 
• 'Id inouioranduliia. 

T'lin scvenil Surveyors nnd the I.e. 
ulnnliiR of their leriin of service are 
•IB follows: 

Jeremlnli II. Slier, leriu heiinn April 
I. I.ia.'l: Bcrved In Nov. 111. lll'J; Ai- 
rred llnilley, INI.'.; Siilnmi.n II. Ilnr- 
rlL-ua, 1.111; Snniuel Kelly, li.-,l; llmis 
C, Slier, is.-.:i: Wllllnm II. .\je, H.Vi. 
.'.11; Isnne Mndley, li.-,n; Wllllnm II. 
Nyo, ISilMl.-.; Joseph c. Ilueliiiniin, 
till-.: Mndlev li.lT.7'.'- I evi 
Smith, 1N72; CluirleB W. l.lndley, 
1171-711; Jidin T, Ciinipl.ell. 1171. ro- 
BiKued; Levi Smith, npi«iliiie I, ism; 
Henry (Irubh, isi-j; ,lnhn T. Camp- 
bell. 1.1.1 l-li'J: Claude oil, 1,111 |.!si. 

"Tlio nioro tlinn a.OOi wlliuss trees 
iiinrkcd and recorded by the t'niled 
StnlCB' BUI veyoiB In I'nrke County nro 
now nearly all eouo. Captain camii* 
hell, who furnlBliea theae notes, lilends 
KUilly to hnvMiK ilcBtroyed iiioie Hinn 
.'\ hundred of thrui, wlikli he would 
not do a^aln, by ehnpiiliii; Into tlieiii 
t.i make sure they were the reni trees. 
He bcBpcal;s for the few rem ilninu 
the teiulercst care on the part of com- 
ing surveyors. Ilul Hie fnriiierfl Hieiii- 
Bclves bavo killed the k'rcnt part nf 

Surveyors sinre Isisi: CIniide Olt, 
l-^niorson riillllpi, Arthur IMckett, 
Harry DaTles. 

The County AtscBaor's office \vns 
created In ISOI, and 8. A. I'lkc wos 
appointed to till It unlll .saiiiuel Cohlo 
wns elected In l.Mi'-'. Mr. Cohle was 
Biiceccded by Clark W. McDanlel, C. 
A. LMk» and William Cox. 


ny Ibo Iftw Of is;i2 all the Jusllies 
of peaco In tho County cmuposed tho 
Hoard Of CkimmlBsloncrs. In 1111 the 
jiresent ■yntem of three was adopled. 
tho first boird being Tobias .Miller, 

Nnlhnlilel Mvans and James W. Tlendln. 
Time does not permit of the loim 
labor that would be Involved pouring 
through the records since IH.1,1 to oli- 
tnln the naliics of all the men who 
have hold the office of County Coin- 
11 iBsloner, 1 recall such names as 
John Olt, Btrphcn .McCorkle. A'pilla 
JuBtleo, s. It. Ilanillton, Jonie« H. lleg- 
Charle. W. Stryker and James Jacobs, 
ers, Wllllnm Jarrls, Tliomat Nolion, 


Ili.'ll of llu' Itklui;! HllllHllim In llio 
lOiinl.v, who »L-n.'il l.i-l<ir.- II"' |..M|...I 
. iiil.rnV. il III I ho Inm foiCy, 
»lil.'li l.rlimii ll» il.iwri in Iho hiviid 
wh'rh liiiu Ihc <ll>llu>lloii of bullillm; 




«l(li th.- Hon. \V. W. Cuir.v, ii illilolli 
lli|.iil.ll. in oinlnr. in llilti:, 
kiiMkoil Ciirri (loMii. c:iil-od liliu ti 
!..• hlll.Tly ilcnoiinrnl nil ii "Urln-I,' 





ll Mil 

IS.-, I. 
.1 iiiii'n M. AllPn, I'lhri 
llrnry sliniiiion. May 
•rhoiiiiiR \. II ho, NOM' 
llol.oil W. Ilnrrlmin, 


"lllllKH. Novinihi 


holilil Wlin /.nrhiirliih II.mih. Willi. mm 
lliiiiih'liiiol iiml Muliloii \V. .MnrKliiill. 

SiihHi Ml Co iKnloncin; John II. 

rollliicK, O. P. llriAMi. Jn s .V. .MIcn, 

I. C. Iliihlli-h. l.coito .Miller, M. II. 
lIlMMi, l-lnilloD lliill.i, 'I'hoiiHm A. Il.'it- 
cllfr, Nnlhiin (haiiiimn, .M. O. Sulli- 
van. J. S. Ilniilin, Isnao I.lo.vd. llrnry 
,\. Myi'iH. .lohii lliiv.olil. .lai OK II. 
Kii r. .l"o. i'li Ilnln, Tlion, cnrrftrd, 
SiiTiiiii-l (Ohio, .Inhn T. 'I'honili.-on, 
.liilin .M. .M.iy. I.pvl I.lnolmiKor. Wil- 
liam .\ioiiorn. Wllliaiii llo.:,, s ol 

Judicial ilr.iilln In Iho rarly dayB 
ivore on ;i Uroiul Briilo. .IihIkob nnd 
lawyors woMld trniol by liomohack 
fr.nii Mni-.nnoa to llo.l.iillo and Inter 
oil fro. 11 'IVrro II. into to l.iijiorlo. In 
I hour divH many l.rllllani looii. cllhcr 
an .InilKO.s or nltmniys. look pnrt In 
JiKlhhil iiroioi'dlntB In I'nrkc <'oimty. 
.lohn Law held roiirl hero nB jiidfc : 
nldo lllili.ird W. Thompson. Wllllnm 
I'. I'.ry.iiit ami chni, lii.; i. I'.itlo.n.m. 
I If Iho Kaliixy of Iiivyors who prno- 
I lod hero. oIlhiT n8 iiicmhi rB of the 
har or In Iho lilal of casus, ninny won 
cIlKlimlloii. .>:iicll names na IMwnid 
W. llannoiian. Tliomn:i II. XelBon. 
111. hard \V. Tliompfmi, Unnlol W. 
Voi.rheea. I.owla Wnllico, Henry .S. 
I.ano. Hllh IhoBo of our o« n Howard. 
Wrlchl. mill .M.iiauBhey save luster 
lo the I'arke I'lniill eourt liefore the 
• 'hll Uar. Ab connectlni; links bo- 
Uv.oli the "di.Mi of Klnula" nnd llie 

poi o.l Buh. onl, il„. tivn .\ln.\wellB 

Sn'iuol r, ami Uavld W. were 
iiorlhv of Ihiil illHllii'll'ili. Tile for- 

r VI a» Jiiili-.e i.f Iho I'liurl of rmu- 

I rieiiH. alii.llBhe.l In l.MTil. mill Iho 

lall.r e..nll ll 111 Ihe |,rn.||re of Iniv 

I'lllll hl» ill mil a few yeaiH nL-o. lioh- 
111. d r,,r hiB hl.-li -inmllin; na a In*. 
>.r III. 11,11 an lor lila ..oiine. Hon with 
Ihe dlMlliKU hh.'d men of the onrly 
har. (In Ihe heneli fmni l.>i;j linlll 
I^m; Mill II the eirciill wns clinnKod 
liiiiii I'lirlie ami MonlKoiuery tn I'arke 
and Vermillion, vm re .^aliiuel C. Nel- 
noil. .lull... .Mh.rl ll. Tliomna mid Wll- 
111! II I'. Ilrhloii. .Iii.Iki' Kdwiril 
Snydir «na eleiled In l.v*!. when Hie 

(he "IlKhllns |-oiirleeiiih" Imllann; 

Th na .N. Itlee. Ilohl. II. V. I'lei 

-Villi I'. While, and I'riink .M. How- 
mil were able I'roseiiitora from lH.".(t 
(II l.SNi;. 

lollowInK Is n complete Hat of (he 
.Indues nnd I'roseciilorB aln.e the cb 
Inbllahinonl of the first I'.irke I'oiinlv 



I'.-iled lb. nih .lii.llrlnl Circuit. 
.lo.diiia .liimii. of \ew|.orl, wna np- 
loliil.'.l .hi. Ice. Borv ni: iiiilll is-sil. 
when h.' derllmd lo n .audi- 
dale ,.)r reele.tlon nnd .\roil I'. While 

unK oleilid wlllio ppoalllon. He 

l.-neil for elK .11 year... Ilia a 

iiHier. Could 11. Iteiihy. ri alined, nnd 
Cliarlea W. Wind, ol .Sewpml. w s op- 
polnliil by Covernor .MniBhall. .IiiiIl-o 
Wnrd ill.d In offl.o. nml William c 
Wnl(e wna appolnled (o (he hencll hi 
Ihe (li.vernor. hi IPIO. Ilarlon W. 
A kliilill waa ele.lid nnd a.M'ied until 

liil."i. when I'nrke Conniy wna iiinilo n 
a.pirale ilriillt nnd (ie.ince 11. Siinkel. 
our preaeiil Jiiilue, wna npimliilrd. 

The offlro of I'lOaerlKlnn Allormy 
baa been filled by (nnny lirllllmil 
.\iiiini; iillorneya. l-'lral In order of 
I me and li.'ihiijia of nbllUy waa Ihe 
I roriiunrl .l.'hli I. IK. 'I'liomna II. 
.Viliion. whii laiue lo ItoeUvllle with 
iilB yi.mi.- Mlf.' at the nee of nlniteen. 
In Ihe early ferlliB. aervrd nwlille as 
llipiily I'roaeriillni; Allornoy wlillo a 
■ill (liber of our hnr. ".Ve.l" HnnnoCTn. 
IiBiph .\. W.lKhl, .lohn r. raher, 
I .null I W. Vo.irbees. nnd Low Wallace 
■ere iinlnble rriiaeeuiors. .lohn C. 
l:rlK;:a of Kulllioii Coiinly. wna ele-l- 
1 I I 1 niedlnlely nfler the wnr on the 
11.11101 inllc llikol. Tills clnninBlniicc 

.Tonnthnn Poly, April 1'. l.><i;i. rirst 
.Incoli Call, .Mnrih 7, is:;j; realKned. 
.,...11, u. lorler, a|.,.o.i.u.l .i.ilj .:,>. 


lanne Nnylor. Jnniinry *J7. I.*t:t.M. Tito 
All of Jnnimry \:x. is:i'.i. put I'nrke In 
Ihe Seventh. 

IMIshn M. IIunllnRton. .Innnary U.S. 
\KKi: riBlfc-ned. 

William 1'. Iirynnt, niipiilnicd July 
IL'. IMIl. 

.lohn I.niv, .Innuary L'.-|, 1.S44 : ro- 

Snmnel II. Cookinn, nlipolnted Ails 

list :n, i.s.-,(i. 

Delnna 11. Keklos. Jnnimry .In. I.s.-il. 
(l.loher rj. l.x.-,L'. 

Wllllnm r. IlrynnI, October IL'. IS.".!'. 
l:i-'hlh CIreult. 

.lohn M. Cowan. Novenibir t. 1S.-..S. 
The Alt of .March I.;:, put I'nrke 
In the KlBhteenlh. 

Ilbdnnl W. ThonipBon, nppnlnted 
Mnrch 1, 1.'<117. 

CliainberB Y. I'nIlerBon. Sovemlier 
I. I.'<il7. The Alt of .Mnreb ll. 1S7:1, iml 
I'nrke In the Twcity-seeund, 

>niiiuel ('. Wll.son, nppolnlrd Mnrch 
I:;, i.'<7:i. 

Albert I>. Thoiiina. O.lober HI, 1.S7.X 

Wllllmii I'. llrlKon. Orliiher -Jl, 1.S711. 
The ,v,l of Fehninry ■2\ IHs.-,, iml 
I'liike In tho rorly-Bevenlh. 

.loBlinn Jnnip. nppolnted Kebrnnry 
Jil. 1SS.-I. 

Ared r. While. Xovember l."i. IWii. 

Ciould II. Ilheuby. .November I.". 
IIKH; realcncd In AHL-iiBt. IImki. 

Chnrlea W. Wnrd, appolnled .Vuciiat 
J.'l, inim; died In Septoniber, lOin. 

Wllllnm {'. Wnll, Bppolntoil Sep- 
tember -'I, inin. 

Ilirlon S. Alkliian. November 1.". 
llilii-I'cbrimry 22, llll."i. The .Vet of 
I'Tlirimry 22, 10I.-|, made I'nrke (lie 
M'lo County In tho newly crenled 
Sl.vty-clBhth. Judge Alkmnn wna left In 
the 17th. 

fJeorRO I). Siinkel, nppoinlrd Mnreli 

I. Ilil.'i, to serve until nc.\t iioneral 

rnofinrcTixo atyornkvs. 

.lohn Ijiw, August 0, 1.121. First 

Kdwnrd -\. Ilnnnccnn, Janunry 2.", 

Amirew Innrani. Jnnuary 2.-., 1.>l.'rj. 

Wllllnm 1'. lirynnt. Jnnimry 'JM, Im:k. 

Joaeph A. Wr uhi, Janunry 2:i, IKUt. 
The Alt of Jnnnnry 2.><, is:iii, put 
I'nrUe 111 the Sevinlli. 

Keimm II. Ki'kles. Jnniin.'y '.'1, IKID: 

Ddiinrd W. MrdiiiBhey, Kebrimry 
I.",, isil : reaknrd. 

(Jforue I'. VVnlermnn, appointed 
AliKuat 111, 1S12. 

John I', rahir, Deielnlier I.",. t.*l2. 

Jniiiea .1. Ilnnnn. Dceniiher I.", I.HII. 

Jniiioa <'. ,\IIen. Pecemher 1.",, 1.11(1. 

llnrvey 1). Meiill, AukiibI in, IR."il. 

Lew Wnllnie, October 12, 1S.-i2. 
i:iiilitn circuit. 

Ii.-inlel vv. V'onrlieos, nppolnted Mny 

II, l.i.VI; If Binned. 

HnmnrI I,. Telford, op|iolnted July 
21, IMI. 

Snimiel I'. Wood. .Sovi liiber 12. INirj. 
he Art of Mnnh 1. IsiiT, jiiit I'nrke 
n the i:ii:hli'eiith. 

Sen ell Cimlaon. n| Inle.l .Mnnh 

s. isi;7. 

Ililrlou (!. Ilnnmi, Novemher 4, IMm. 

John C. Ilrlcpa. (leloher 21. 117". 

Ilobert II. Searn. Oilobir 21, 1172. 
he .Vel of .Mnreb (1. IS7.1. put I'm he 
M (he Ineiily »..oild. 

Ilobert II. I'. I'lerce. Mnnh C. 117:1 
he Act of .Xinnh d. 1.17.1. trnnaforred 
' cnv from the I:1kIiI1i lo the Twf nly 

Arod r. White, 1174. 

li.ivlil Ilnneh. Noi ember .'t, Ii7(l. 

John .\. Iliirfonl. Nnveiiihei' 

I'iniik .M. Howard. .V.iviiii 

l.-vl,'. Tho All of I'ebriinry ; 

put I'nrke In Hie I'orlyaevei 

IrncBf.rre.l Howard from the 

Bciuud lo the I'orlyai.vonlli. 

Jeaae I'. Vol k. I 

Henry ImulelR. .Vovcii ber I 

llnrinn S. Alknmn, 

mbir 17, 
Ilownrd Mnxwell, Novemher 17, ll:i|. 

(loiild J. Ilbeuliy, Jnnimry I, IlBil ; 
n sU-ued. 

Albert .M. AdniiiB, nppolnled Novoin- 
ber 211, unit. 

Clin-nce (J. Powell. Jnniinrv I, 1IKI7. 

WllllB A. Snilerlee. Jnniini y 1, lull. 

iv„r;.„ IV Siink.l. Jiiiiiiarv I, ril:l 

Kveret A. IlnvlBBon. Jniinnry I, till.-,. 
Term expires .Iiinunry I, IIM7. 

icarlij (dliurrltni nf Park? (Einmtij 

t* 'TLiinr Tin; i. 

■ "'■' '"I Ing Infb 



icB In Park 
ty— the Church nn 
Sihool— t h cliurrh 
■•nmes first, nt least In 
pr'.orlty of cHlnbllBli- 
nient. It was present even before the 
crganb.'itlon of the County, for there 
lo convincing evldcmo that the mis- 

inw. \ Iiugo loK roughly levele I 
• on lop wiB the piilplt. Nenr It were 
1 f, few Bents oeinpled by the 
I and young children nnd n foiv of the 
1 most 'Biibdiied' men. llehnil them for 
. Biime dlalnme nil sorts nnd cnmllllona 
^ of pe.'ple snt on lops nnd bIiiuipb. or 
Mood lennlm; on llieir long rifles or 
nt-nlnst the Irco-. (In Hie oiilaklHn 

ri-^ ■'. 

J...... a.. ..■^. .>..- --^w-t--. ..1 

sliinarlrB of the Cntliolle church had 
lomo Iho ImllmiH here before 
the llov. lanac .Mi-Coy. ine flrnt I'nil 
(Btniit mlaalonnry, prenehed In Hi:- 
lounty. Ills nceomil of ha work In 
Ihla pnri of Indiana aintes Hint In- 
illnn nnd hnlfnieed eblldreu were ro- 

iioved fro la arliool by Cntliolle 

piirinla wli.i Imd been converted by 
Ihe liilaaliinnrle» of that ehiinll. 

liefore taking up Ihe lonnecled Ills- 

toiy of Hie rhiirrhrs of I'nrke C it,,- 

I ahnll mention the blalorh. o.-enalon 
when the fiiiniiiis I.oren7:o I low prench- 
(d at lloclivllle. It wnB In 1112. and 
Ihe meeting was lllUB ilrBrrbid In nn 
crlhle In V/.f UmUiWW ■Irlliuur, ls7». 
giving Ihn reiiilnl.c.niea of .Mrs 
lleorge W. Kill, who wna a ilill.| ii hen 
I low wns nt Ilne;vHle. 

"Ihe day came, nnd with It n« mnl- 
Icj' a congregation na i'arke County 

((. X( .Nt:iT. 

of the crowd wore icvornl Iiiinlern 
'Ind In liKi'kBklu, wllh headed mo." 
ranlna. the whole ndoriied by Ihe 
Iiiindlwoik of B.|unwa: mid In nn^.aldi' 
waa a siiinll groiip'of |.'r,incii-lmllan 
hnlf.hreeda. nml with (hem two or 
Ihne fiillhlmideil lii'lliins. No one 
bad seen Ihe prem her enler the 

n'd, will 

Mierledly In 

the log. and doffliig Ida 
ivolf-ak n inp, glared nnmnd In n 
ninuner Hint Bteiiied more llko ln«nn- 
lly thin nnylhlng elae, giving Ihoae 
nenr lilni a derided sinak. In a mlu- 
lile the who'e nmlleiiro wnB hiia'iel: 
then In o atniage, i|imverlnu voire, 
drawing the vowel aoiind In gre.vt 
length, imw rerltrd Hie llnrs; 

"Tim Jny !• >lni 






Th* nlihl ol <l»(li dii 

Til.' if frit wni. I'tiilrlr. I'.v.My i-yi- 

III IIm' hiiillM- mill I'llir «,IB riMcl »\i 
i-M III.' rt|r|.Ml(,T IIK If lo- n irrillil.' 
I,.H Hill liuilni! Ciiiw pii'imri'il 

.h,. wiiy. hi' i.rii.i.-il.'il i-iu li In n 

iiiiMv nliliinil liini-. Illn illii!ilr:illnlti' 

m-f ilniv.ii lilri;.ly fiou, tlio iiioii 

llfr i.f hi- h.'iir.'iK. Ill- Bl'iiki' I'f llii'ir 

, .i^B «llll unUrs mill B1M|..-1IIK. 

Mill M nil/I'll till- rnnli'KlH of tin' 

Kiiiil: hi' tiiiirh.'il u|N.ii tlii-lr .'nrl> 
lllillH tiliil III hr^lllh. Mill l.nlMl.'il in 
ll.i' l-nlMlnrl.r: \u- iilll|.|.-,l li. ill'U 
iilnviilv l.iitl.'il In thlH yniiiii; s.'tlli-- 
nii'iil. mill 1.1 llu' criiMB of kllulri'il nl- 
Irmly lift liililnil. iiiiil liwi'll with 
i-.iiMl .'iiiML'y iiiM'ii llu' imiMilm' nf n' 
iinlmi ill llM' MliliK Th.' fi'iv «hii ri'- 

M'l-IMhrr llll' .iri'lli' lln;- lllin ai'rliniil 

lint hiiv ihiil my innrki-il ni' i.i'iiMnii 
ml .rtVii WMR iniKliici'il, .Miwl nf tlii- 

»i'ii' tiiii tniii'li inti'i'inli'il III IIm 
I'll 11. Imm''» I'hlrlill m 111 wi'luli lii'i 

I ii.|ii.iiil.i.r wlii'n 11 hi.y nf In'iirln.. 
II Hliiry nf llll' iiiii'lliiK III till' offi'ii Mi-H. Iliiy "lis li'i'tii'iii «lili llll 
l.iil.y Willi h l..'i:illl in ii-y ivllli llii> v|.; 
nr nf ii |iliinri'l- rlillil. I>ii« (!tiili|.oil 
niil.l.'lily. »riiHliil In llll' illri'illiiii nf 
till' nlfi'iiilln:; y..iiiiL-li'r, nnil uliniiti'il : 
■■Tiil'i Mill ijii'iii. linKllii.-. Iiiiliy mil of 
I hi- inii^ivciilliiii- 

iEI)r yrriiliiitriiaii (Churrli till' Mlhsliiii.-iry linptimi' 
vvi'ii' Ihi' r iKi I'rnliBiiinm i.. r.- 
llcliiiiB Hi'r\l.ii. In I'liHcn Cniinly. 111.- 
llTKl iiri:iiiilxi'il ihiiiTh wliMi Inin h.-iil 
nillllliunim I'Vlsli'mi- wns the I'rrnliy 
l.iliin rliiilTli. "illil Shllnli." ut n imlnl 

II I s T () n I c A I- s K V. r c ii o i' p a u k !■: county. 

Till' "(llll Schiinr' mill ■Ni'iv iilo Hlillo Kniii llimlnn \vn» rrpulili'nl. 

.oliLTi'L-nllnni. iLiillnilril In hiilil m'|i .Miiiill IIm yrnr IMIll rillili- In I'lirkn 

nriili' munnlwilliiiiii iinlll ]w.i. wlini rniinly i.ii.l vvn» limlnlliil in rnuLT nl 

lliry .iROln iinlli'il nml llii. ni-xl ynii- llilhniiy. Ili'V, Alliii iiinrrlril ,i rtnilu'li- 

I'L-iiti hiillilliic llif proKHil rliiirrli oill- Irr of hnvlil 11. Mnxwoll, who' -A-nii n 

lir.> iin IIm wi'St nf tli|. |iiihll|. liii' of till' Indlnim I'miBl llllllnnnl 

i.|iiiiii\ 'riilB liiillillni:, ihrniiKli tin- r..nvnitlnii In ImIH. Sim wiii< n bU- 

ILi'iilflii'liri' i.f .Mi'B. .Miii-y .I.iiii'h, ivii» In' ni .Mib. .Mnnhn .\. Iln«niil. .Iiiilui' 

(I'liililiti'ly rniinili'lnl, miil ii i'liii|..'l X. I-'. Mn.wii'il nml Ihnlil II. .Miivwi'll. 

nilili'il In It 111 IVII. i.iiii tim imiiii Willi. im V. .MIin'R iiillilBlry lit lli'll.- 

ihiiniiril in .Mpinnrlnl ITmliylrrlnii iiny niul lln. kvlllp. nml Ills r\iiii|ili\ry 

I'liiirrli. nil' UK 11 rlll/.cn of lluckv lie In IiIb nh' 

r^i'ii Imfni',' llll. I'nniiiil illvlnliiii ii; nai' nri. ii ilinlBlinl ri'inlli'rllnii nf nil 

ihi. Old Nhlliih rnnKi'i'i-'iilliin In ivij, ulin linrw liliii hi tlniKo y.'ni'n. II.' 

Ili'lluiny rri'Bliyli i-liiii iliiirrli hnil lit. illi'il In Ihs|, 

lii'KlniiinK. Tim fii'Hl iiiii'iliii'ii «i'i'. .\ fnv yi'ni'B iim lli'lliniiy iliiirfli 

111 I.I hy Mm llrv. .Inlin ■I'hnini.Bnii In »ii* vi'il to MniBliiill. Korty ypiiis 

|.k:i|. hill It WIS mil mil I l.s.11 llmi n nai llpllniiiy linil n iiii'iiilifi-»lil|i nf imi. 

Inc diilri-h wn» Inillt. TIiIb hiillilln'i Tim I'li Bhynrlnn iliiinh ill Mniili'- 

«nB iiBi'il until IMIi. Klmii tlm fmiir' ■/iimn Km hiilli In IWl. Tim fli-«l 

Blniiliirn Inna knn«ii nii "lli'iliiiiiy.' I'liBlnr Hun llcv. John llnwIiB.'wIin nh 



im:v. wm. v. m.i.i:\. 

II. '.'r I, lull' lln.ii fniir or flvn 

li.ll.H" nni'll....iHl nf lln kvllln. Ilni.. 
Ill l.>^.'l, llllili'l' II lllll-ln nf lli'l. 

fliM'li'ii lli.'iiiy, ,. Ill); chiinh >mik 
hll It. Si'ivliiB fni- nil llm I'r. bI.vIii- 

InllH fi Ilrlilui'lnii In Wnvi'lnliil. In- 

ilnilliii; lliiw III llnikvllli.. wi'l-(. Imlil 
ui Slilliili fur ti'ii yi-niB. Thin. In 
IHI'J, 1.11 tlm mil nf .ViiiriiBl, n rhiinl. 
«BB nii:iiiilzril nt llimkvllli' by lIi'V. 
Sum. I II. .M.'.VllH. .\ •■.iniim" liiillil. 
111'.: iiiiiiHiiiilly Imt.. |..r llii.Bn ilnyB. 
riliiilii'il 11 nil n ill|.i.ln. wnH liulll nil 
111.. I'li.llliil lliliv n.Tll|.|i'.l l.y till' imp. 

IIbI ihiirili. lIi'ii' nil I'rr^ 
■'ni.'.lilpp.'il iinlll |m::..i. m Hint tliiii. 
111.' riii,i;ri'i:nl i.n iiiiiiilmn il l::n iimili. 
1...1B, l.iit fiiilyoim nf lli."i- wllliilrnvv 
mi.l nrLTinl'/pil »liiil wiib klinwn nii thn 
"Niw" Chiirrh. TImIr ihiilili 
Inillillin; vvKB crr.tiil wlmrn tlm rrnl- 
ili'lnn of lliirim Doi.loy now ilnniln 

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■■■11*17, I-.''-,-; li:--' ."' •/ ( ■r'Y;^ '■ ij Hr^A 

^,:^;?l ::.?;! :,p j;|;V 1 ;;' * ":fi-' '/ A 

Mi::iiiitii.M. I'liKNm ii.iiiA.N i-iiriii'ii. 

(Ill 11 Up i'UhI nf llip prrni'nl Inuii ny «i. fur n llini' wnB pnBlnr ill lliu'livllli'. 

.Mnihlinll. vinii nl n iiiBl nf 111 IMT n I'riBl.yli rnn rliiiiili hub 

«l,iiiM.ii. Ill Ihlii iliiirrh nml hi tlii' I'lc inlw.l nl IlinvniU In l.llmiiv tnivii- 

i.lil Inu- rhiii'i'li llip lli'v. Wllllnni I'lilp Willi L'li 1 h,ii'«. In l,S|S-|hi' 

Vnuoll All. 11 |.i'i-nplii',l lor i.imiy yi':irn fli-Bl I'liurcli wnii Imlll. 11 ivii« Ininii'il 

lie »ns nlBii ii.Blor nt ll'Hkilll'. Tlilfl ili.wn. Iiiil I'.'l.iillt In 1,(i77 nl cnw| of 

ri'iniirknhln imili wnn l.nrn In IMrii 111 ».vii(i. Tim flr»t i.iiBtnr wnB Hoy. 

.^hi'lliyvlllp. Konlinky. lli' w;ih idii- .IniiiiB A»hiiini'p. Tlm ronKrrcnllon 

mini nt ITIni'itnn. nml wlmn 11 ynmv:: linil lai iiiniil.i'rB In iwii nnilor tlm pnB 

innn wi'iit In .MoiiIl-hmipi y. Alnl.iiK'n. InrBlilp of ll.-v. T. A. Willi, mm. 

whorr Iip wn» piiBlnr iif Ilio ITiB'tylnr A I'rnBliylprInn cnnu'ipqul Inn wns In 

lin rliiirih nlmiil two y.'nrB. I'Voiii bIIIhIpiI In Sylvnn n. .Mnrih in. l.sTii. 

thnro ho wont In Urn llppiihllp of Tp\. IIb flrBl wii» llrv, .1. \\ . llinnn. 

n>. and served nR Chnplnln of Mm Hen- Tlm Inllrd I'reiiliylcrliin ehiircli nf 

(lii'i'iin Inwiinlilii \\n» nrL'niil/eil In 

IV.s l.y ,1 iinli.n nf IIm ABBimtiil,. 

Iiii'iii I'ri'Hli.Mi'rlnmi, .VhrihIhii' I'n-Hl.y. 
lirliiii mill Ciiveniinti'iB. ili.'h' rimr. Ii 
liill.lhiK wiiB ..iiii|.l,'ii'.l In ivai, 'i',,,, 
Bizp nf Ihp liiillillnu wn» X, x I", ninl 
^•l.■■«l.(l(l: Till' f.rnl nrdiilmd iiiIiiIhI.i 
(Il llilB innKii'Knllnii ,ini Wllll.iin 11 
Siiin.i'r. In l.tsii tlm iiiiiKiTUMUni, 

11 l.i'iPil forty. four, whb In n riiiiii' 

iBhlnK ...mllllnn miil Bii|.p..rl.',l n K.iii. 
liny Bihoi.l of BiMy rriiiilm nll.'ii.lnm.. 
II rinBod I'vlfllini'i' nUiiit llNi.y 

llilliol I'lTBhMi'rlnii I'hiirrh in il.p 
l''lnlii'r nrlulil.nrliiH.d, lliri'u inlli'a 
ririiihu'i'Bt nf llni'kvllii', wnB nruiinlr.iil 
II. I.v.-'li, with iwplvi. nii'iiihcr.. .u 
flrBl IllP rnnilri'unllnii iiBcd IIm bi I111..I 
I'.. IIIB.' Ill llinl illBlrl.l. hill l.y III,. 1,1,. 
.rillly nf Hip iimnilmrB n rliiirrli wii» 

-» .. _ 


.'."iif. , 



'■ ^ '^: 


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,"■; -V' .1 

n.hlll .l.\ll. II. III'MrlllDAIl. 

Imlll .'nBilni.'Kli(Hi.ii<i. IIpv, .Inlin llnwkB 
"IIB tlm riiBt iiri'ftrlmr. A luiliihlP ro. 
vlinl nliiiiil fnrly.flvp ypiira nun mlili'd 
mrly iminlmiB In Mm ronuri'untliiii, 
wliii'h niirp iiiiiiiliprpil BlMy. Ili'ilicl 
Siimlny Bi'linnl Boon nflor IIm rliliri'll 
wnH hum romlipil nil I'lirnlliimiit (if 
i:'ii. llPuulnr Bonlii'n linvn imt Imnii 
Mold tlii'io for iiiihy yonrn nnd ronh 
dPiilB nf llnikrlllp iin iiiori' hour lliii 
InuPB n. llu hpll, whirh for mniiy yciii-R 
Bii hi'millfiilly lilrndeil with IIm fniiill. 
Inr imiindB nf i|iil.<t Hnlilinlh mnriilnxa. 
No lilBinry nf '.ho counly, nnd nn 

Piil.|lBlm.| iri'ord iimntlnnii IIm nid loir 
ilmrili Mini Blood on the .MnrBlinll 
lonil fniir iiiIIpb norlli of llorkvlllo. 
Ily dlllRciit Iminiry I find Ihnl nil who 


klmw nnylhiiii; uhiiiic ii nKii.' ( li 
nn» iirlKlllliDy nnlrd l>v llii' I'j.nliv. 
(crlllliJ. hut [i.nynr .v,Mi> ,ii:,i It 

UIIH ||M(I ill ('iililiilnll liy :iil .1.' Inu. 

lluiiH. Ilix.uvor, II In iir riTiii'il lliiil 
JiMiili SHI. hill' i.tiil lliirlMilii. Ilia »llV, 
ilLi' iitru ot KiiiiilMl til Aiiilivw 

I' III. III. .Mci:»t'ii iiMil Mnnlii 

<lul;;.r. lrii»l.i'« of llu. l'iT«l,yli'i|:ili 
.hiirrli 111- It. ..Id 111,.. .\,)v. js. is.-.l, nllil 
lliiil llli' l^ll^ll■,•d u( till. Ilnil,vllli-, 
.lllir. I.. .Millili .'U. I.'.s:;. il.'.'iU'il llio 

KIlMinil III .ll..l,.|,h i;|l.l.KI.Il. II HIIK IIHl.'ll 

llir niTilr.- mill .^iiimli.y kfliniil ii|i lu 
is;.'.. III. II iihi.nilnii.'.l. Ii MUX pinli. 
Hilly l.lllll til' ri'i'Hi.yl.'i'. 

Iiilin .11' liial :.. l.'hli..i'll.i(ill. U'li.i hi'lrl 

II..IIh|.I|ImI I..TI » llll'll'. TIIIM'ICI'H 

I K llli' lliil'livlllr mill .Mm'Hiiiill 

sniM'l ruiiil limy lilrillHy tlir Inriilli.u 

Mini Mil II. i; VM'HI nlil.. iif Mil' riiiiil. Thi- 

I'llimll WIIH III, l'|,«|-K|,|l. ..|,|,<,|<||,' 

mill II inn.' iiiH'ili III Mil' uiavi. .vni'il. 

ilii-tliuMiit (Cl)urrl| 

■I'll'- 111 "I iii'i'ii.'iii'i' i.| „i 

.M.lhM.II-iii nmiii ,„' ih,. 'i',.,, ii',.|i„.|| 
IIIM' 111 Wl Bill II liiii m,;, „„.., \t'|i||,,„ 

''I'"- ' " VIl'tllllMll. II,. l„,ii„|,..| ||„. 

' 'I' I'l I'liil'i' <■ y. .M li'iiHi 

I ■ .>•■""' I"'l"i'' 'III' iii'iiiiiii/iilloii ni 

.1 .1.111. h 11... .M.iliMiliMu li.'hl lints 

"I >"il 111'.'-, mill i.Hl 111 ,'l,i»„ „| 

lull 111- li.iiiM'.s. Ill l.sjii ||,.v. Willimii 
>>"'lil i^iin I'l'U-iiliir H.Tvl,,.., I n 

ll'U- .lllirl llMlll,,' III llMclalllc. iiiiil II 
!>■ Ill' I hill Ihu ililll'i'li »||K iliily 

ihkiiiiIz.'iI ihiii y •. |„ |sj| ||,,j'. 

'■> " "••i» 111, ".Irriill I'l.l.M'," mill 

lii'lil Mii'i'lliitH III .1 1 l.|ii,.|ml'ui.i'-» 

■III' 'Ill' l.,i,llM'r«,.,..l mm „i .l„iii,.B 

."IniliiV iii'iii' lll>: 11,1,1' ■ iifi,.i'wm',l„ 

Kliiii, II ;i.-, I'l, ',,1,11111 \'Mll,'y. Whiii Mil' 
lirlili n.liiii.l iMiiiH,. «,i» liiilll In tlir 

IIIHl purl 111 IMV, II III,, .M,.||ll„||Kl8 UK. 
I'll II lis II |,|1,',. ,11 W,ll'.|i||.. ,11,111 111,. 

'"■»■ "'ill-l I HI' WHS IIiiIhIi,',I, nlicn 

llliy ll,'l,l S,'1V|,,'S IhlTl' lllllll 111,. 

I'ri'sl.jl.'iiiiMs .•i',.,i,.,| ih,.|,. ,.|„irr|| 

«lilili y iis,',| uniii i|„, l.iilliiiim „f 

lli.'li' .."11 111 IVIT 

VV'li.'ii IIIhIiiii. Iliiliii'is iniiici In 
ll,.,'Uilll, 111 |s:i|, n,v. s. II. .M,.\i,ii, 
|,:isi,ii' ,11 ll„. I'i',.sl,yi,.,'|m, ,.|,„r,|, |„. 

<li'il III,,, ini'l. 111 ihji ii,.» 1111,1 

' "1,11, HIS ,',1111, ,'. .\ sliiilliir liivl. 

Iiill'ili ,'M,'i„l,,| In llli'limil llui'. 
KHiv,'. llll'll II yiiiim: MilliMilIsi .Mil,,,'. 
«l„'li III' mil,,' Ii, I(,„'I<iIII,' I Hit In 
till' M,l„,' y,'m'. II Is n.,„,.,|,.d ihm 
111,' yiiiiii:: lllllll. Ml,., iill„i„,i,'.ls 

' I » IIK II IMilirlliT. (l,'llv,.T,<d 

■Illii,- iilil,' 1111,1 ,iiiivhirlliL' illBcoiirBca'' 
III llio |.iil|ill III- Fiitlicr .Mi'Xiilt. 

Tin- iK'w Mi'tliodlBt cliuri'li wos tlic 
flci'hc uf tlic most liiiporlnnt ovcnl In 
the nun iIb of I'nriio County .Moth- 
oillBiii whin 111 1s.'l-< llio Inillnnn con- 
ti'MU,,. u'liB |„.|,| within ItB wnllB. II 

UIIK iil„>lll llil.s Hill,. I Ill,, rnulrsl 

«lis lii'Bul Iwi lln'.iii'iiBll,. m„| 

llii.kvlll,' oil 111,' loi'iillon or .\sliiirv 
<IiHi-lslly-n,i« llil'iiiiw. II «ii8 
|iii|.i'il Hull III,. „,>l,lliiK of Ih,' cinfor- 

I'lll'O lull. MiIkIH IllflUl'llC,' 111,. l|,','lB- 

hiu 111 liimr of ll.M'kvlll,.. •I'ilLMininn 
.\. Ilowiiril mill .l,,»,'|ili .\. Wilnlil, ex- 
oi'lul i-v.'iy ,.irorl to BiM'urc llin I'Ol- 
li'Ko. hut Cri'i'iiriisllo Kot II. Sovonty 
yi'urn nfli'i'wmilB ii ITi'Mlilont of lliiit 
I'lihirsllv— lllBl,o|i lluL'hi^B— liiiiilo > 
l.l.'ii l.ifor,' tlir ilovuinor of liulhuio 
mill Iho '|-iih,.r,llln«lB llnmillnl Cniil- 
lii|»»l,ill. iiskliiit Unit Itoikvlll,. hiHli'iiil 
of (li',.,.ii,iiKl|,. I„. ulvoii Iho hoslilliil 
1,1 rirouiiiiiiso lior for the Iiibb of llio 

Till' ■■|,lll„iB" of Iho .MolhiiitlBl 
ihiiit'li In IliHkvlli,. In llic oarly 'InvB 
«rio lliminnr .loBi-ph A. WriKliI nnil 
IiIb Mifo UiiiiBn, Conii'lliiB Sun, lor- 
lllllll. •llll'll'" l-.'l'iy riiiiiiiiliiK». KIlBlm 
mill lli'lii'cin Ailiiiusiin, Smiiiiol N. nml 
Ciilliurlni. Iiiikir, Siiiiiiii'l .\ool. John 
find llolioi'ui MiikBWilor. Iinvlil Itcnl- 
er, Jniiios Jiitlls, Ni-att mid I'uinllln 

Xml, .lohn J. Minclmiii. Mnrk Momli- 

11 liiliiiHOM null lliiniinh Whlio, 

ilroi'iilioriy nuil Ijivlin Wiinl, .lii,-ol, 
mill liiivlc, Slr.i:.i'r. lir. ivii-i- ij, miil 
Aiiii'lln Nirykor. .Iiicoli siryliur luiil 
lioi II n iriivi'lliii: in'cuciier licl'or,' I*,- 
inttiit; liiru iitid IVrry ('iiiiiiii1|)i:m Iio- 

Knnlitril a rhiiroh, Tho loir chiirili 
»ii8 iiBi'il iinill (.HIT, u'lion miolhoi' 
liiilliliiiit wtiB oroctod. TlilH wnB ro' 
plnciil In isiw by llio rronnl cliiinh, 
II hiillilliii: :i'J .X .'il fool, known im 
Mnolini'itiT Clmiicl. It cnit fL'.Lim.ilii, 
hihI iioi liccn the contrc of ono of tlio 

KTIIOIIIBT KP1HI1II'.M. <-|ll'Hrli. 

.niiio 11 lllllll pmii-hir, often fllllnc llic 
|Mil|,ll In Iho'iuo or Ih,' loKUlur 
imslorB. .MiB. l.iivlni Sliyker nna 

fr iilly I'iilli'il on lo oflir lu'iiyoi' 

111 Iho BirvkoB, mill nlwiiyn roKpoiidi'il 
wllh mi n|i|iro|irlnl,' iind liiipriBslvv 
Invni'ullon. 'llio wKo of (Jovornoi' 
Wrluht \\n» |iorlin|iB tho inoBt ardent 

iiioiiilier of llio .MothndlBl ciini.'roKnl|,in, 
mid ntwavB "Rhoiitoir when the Ber- 
^ leoB |>iirlook of niiyllilUR eliinllnli:il. 

Tho lost Boi-vli-oB hild In the ohiinh 
lllllll In l'<:iT wore under the nuBplcoB 
of llov. ThiuiiiiB Morodllb, who wiib 
iiBi'iKiii'<l here In LHH.'!, anil OKalii In 
IS.**!!. In tho SprltiK of'iil work 
\M1B hoKUtl on the pri'sent eliiirrli 
whii'h wnH hunt on the Bito of iin old 
hrlck hlnikBiiilth shop at tho corner 
of .Market mid York Blreeta. Tho 
ehiirih -./ib eoiiipleliil nnd dodli'ntod 
In I.MI17, iiudnr the liilnlBlry of llov. 
.loBojih rnxworthy. liiirhlK tho liiilld- 
Int' of Iho new church BorvlioB were 
hehl In the lotirt liotiBO. To tho or- 
iginal ohurclt liaR been added n chapel 
und tower. 

The flrBt .Melhodlsl ilmrcli biilldInK 
In I'nrko t'omilv wnB n bowed log 
hoiiBe liullt on the Ki-ounil now ooeii- 
pled by lilnohnrKor Clmpol. Here In 
ls:iL' llcv. II. Hiiilth, ono of the flrat 
MotbodUt itreachors In tho county or* 

most rioiirli-hlng miiKrciiiitlonB In llio 

A .MetbotllBt I'lUBs WHH nrcmilxi'il In 
llniiiion loHUHhlp. na nli'omly Blotod. 
m Ibe Biinio llnio tlint oIobbob wore or- 
Kiiiil/.i'd or Borvh'oB londiicled nt 
1111,'UMIIo, nnd at the inbln of .lohn 
l.liiohnrKer. In I.ML'.". the .■>lcllin,llBtB 
who hud been iiiiellnK nl tho boiiioB 
of Jiiiues t'rabb and .InnieB StrmiKe 
came loci'tlier nnil orRantx.,'il wliiit 
nflorwmdfl bcnino Iho neiiHunl Val- 
ley I'liiirch. The flrat prencbor at 
■ ■linBiinl Valley wna llcv. Wllllniu 
Taylor. A liirt-c church w;i« biillt In 
I.M.V., nnd ln'fiuo l.siai It had 1I:| iiioni. 
bora. Tho aoelety nt llrl.litotiin waa 
iirKanl'/'.i'd uliuiit ismi, and for n lliiie 
Korvlii'B woi'o hold In the old I'nioii 
lliiptlHl ibiiri'l'. In IWW ibo preaenl 
I'luii'ih. very larco and coiiinindloila 
fur tbiii porlori, was built. 

In I''lnrida IuwiibIiIii. ns In i.nst of 
Iho olhera of I'arko I'onnty, prouli- 
liiK wna eondiictcd nt tlie liouica of 
illffcreiit Bettlcra alnioat eontonipo- 
raneoualy wllh Iho moving In of tho 
acttlera; but It waa not until 1S50 
tlmt B cbureb building waa erected. 
Thia woa on an acre of gronml deeded 
hy Friend C. Ilrown In Section 7. nenr 
the preacnt rcBlilcncc of .I,ihn T. 
lirown. TlilK oliurcb waa a •'Irniiio" 
i.trnctiire. :iii .\ 4ii, nnd woa oiillcd ".Ml. 
I'lonBont." II wiiB need iinlll 1S7.I. 
when II waa replaced by a niuoh nioro 
prctentlona nlifloe, which onat $t,i»ill. 
Il wiiB dodh'ated by llev. Aaron Wood. 
TbuuuiB Merrdltb, who waB paator nt 
llii'kvlllo when Ibe prencnt clinrcli 
wna built here bad ebaren nt >lt. 
IMciiBiint when the new church was 
hunt there. One of the moat benull- 
fill ceiiieterlea In the county adjolna 
Ihle church. In IS'UI a frame cbiirrh 
waa hunt at IIOBevlllo at a coat of 
»l,'JiHl. In 1H70 thla chunb had forty 
uiouiln'ra, nftor n part of the conRrenii- 
tlon orKnnlr.ed ft ohilrcb at tho Cox 
ai'hool lioiiBe In IHiiii, with a iiieniber- 
ablp of over forl^. In IH**) thia or- 
itanlxiillon had tncrcn«cil to oiKhty 
lueinbera wllh the llov. llcr.ekUh Wll- 
llaiiiB In clinrgo. Still anotber part of 
the lloBcvllIc conRregallon formed an 
orKiinlxntlon at the Doty eetiool hoiiBO 
and In WW they built n ehureb, ;i(i x 
■IT,, In lloBeilale. 

TUo .MothodlBt church tt Montuiumii 

waa orecteU In I.MIII, Ihiniiuli uio on- 
iruetl,' effui'l, of llov. Iloz.liliib 
Sliillb, Ahuill I'll yeiirH ni;,i tlio pri'i 
inl line ohiiich vmib Imlli. Ihis rliiiiib 
BlniT 118 oi'Kiiiili'.mliiu biiH liiin imi. ot 
the iiioKl ncllvo nui'iila iif ClulHllnnlly 
III I'arko Cuuiily. 

Tho rii'ai .Molhodlal iIiikb linellnii 
In Cnuu iQwnahlp wm. prohiibly bold 
lit the hiHiio of TlinimiB lliirliin nl n 
voiy onrly p.'rlnil, bin th,. dnio la iii|. 
recordi'il. In Isiu Cminnn ihur, h wna 
hnllt. Tile rouliiu WHB n purl of ib,. 
Ilni'kvlllo I'lri'iilt fur hiiiiii' ilmi'. hut 
luiiio In bu know. I na Ibo ItoMmnro 
■ Iri'itlt. In l»is the presi'iii cliiin h 
wna built and wna doillciliil Sopiiin- 
bor '.'T, of Ibnt your by IIIkIiiui Mow. 

Tho only .MitbudlBi I'hiiri'b In I'enn 
lownablp fur aevoiily yom» aflor Ibo 
iMkiiliU.iilliiii 1,1 I'mki' ruiinlv vn, 
hnllt In AMiinpiilla In |.><.-,ii. i'lio So. 
rh'ly nl Auiuipiill*, liuwover, wna or- 
Knnlxi'd iiiiirh omlh'r lli:iii iho iilmvo 
ilnio by lliv. ||. Siiillb. In lb,' iilun. 
Ilea Iho priai'iii cliurili nl IllonmluH' 
rtalo wna built. 

The firal inoollnt: hoiiao Inillt In 
Mmnr Crook townablii woa inndc of 
lOKB nnd waa locnloil nlioul a mile 
loulhoUBl of Wni'da .Mill on .Mill 
Creik. M una n .Moihoillsl ihunb. 
but probably no trme of II now re- 
nin na. Ha flml paBlnr wna llic llev. 

In l.s.-,.-, the MolbodlBla orunnlred n 
chiireb In Siwnr Crook tuwiislilp In n 
^ohnol hoilao nnrtb of the Nnrrnwa. 
near linnlol llonili'a lesldmio. They 
I'Bod Iho Boliool boiise lllllll |.s.-,s wlioii 
llioy biilll a fialiio oliurcb, wblib In 
l.siil wna biirnod, hiil piobahly not hj 
Iniendlurlea na waa clMirm'd nl tho 
time. A new ihunh wn» hillll and 
ilidlcali'd .tnnunry .', i.siri. The ao- 
elety waa iirKaiiliied by a .Mr. ICdwarda, 

nn ohi Wolabiiinn. who pronehcl lo II 
fur alx inontba. Ilmilel Moiiuitle wna 
the first roKular privichor. In IHun 
tlio nioniberablp hnil grown from four- 
teen lo thirl.v, wllh a Siindny bcIiooI 
In oonnrrtlon, of wlilib Albeit Swnliii, 
an eocentrle niualrlan, well known 
Ihrnuubolil tbo niunty, wna aii|ierlit 
tonik'nl, and of ooiirBo cborlaler. .Mlaa 
.Mnllldn lllrsbniuner, of the Hook- 
vlllo public BihnolB wna a aciretory of 
Ih'a Smidiiy ailinnl. 

A Molbodint ehllrcb wiia hiilll nl 
.Mnnaflold iihoiit LS-lil or •.'J, after the 
Boolely thoro bnd for yeara worahlped 
In acliool hoiiaoa. The eilirteo oobI 
about ».siKi.(iii. nnd wna flul"li,'d wllh 
n deflrit of !::li>li In tbo Ireaaiiry. Tbo 
work bud prui'cciled on the onlcr of 
iriiateoa, who uid not wnit for aufflc- 
lent aiiliaerlptlona. nnd when It "uip 
lo paying, Haniuol .lohnalon aotlled 
tho halanco ot |i:iUU hluiioK. Ilia wlf« 



..iK,iiil/.il II Smiiliy H.luH.l In cuiiic- 
II, ,11 «llli II" , iMir, h In IS.-,M. 

On I ho h, ,i,nil Siiniliiy In .\pill, 

1^7;;, llic McllmillKl .h III l.riiu 

wiiH il.'illi'iilcl l.y III-. Aiiili.'WB. I'n-sl- 

(!,■ r .VkIihiv rnli.'ixlly. II, v. r, 

{. WilnliT "iiH llH lirnl pinBlor. 'I'lio 
rlniivli »iiii :','J \ tJ. iniiiilninlril wllll 
u 8K-i|.l.' nn.l .-.wl M.:;'«i. 

A Idi; rlMiiTh " im rrciMd I'y lIn' 
.\l.lh..,llhlH 111 lln.iinl l.MinnhlM im 
,■,•11 h I.- ls;l. .mIIi'iI "M, K,iizl,''» 

ll„i|„l," •rl„' M.I 11. IB .i.rl,,! ini- 

nll„i lot 1,11 t "11 Snlloii Jii In 

IsMi. ,\ll,T\Mi.(l« iIiIb ,nm;rc-i;iillnn. 
Willi 111,' N.Mi l.lKhlK. lilOM-ll 111,' oM 
lliipllBl I'll, mil iKiiii II' riisn (III' lino 
in \Vii»liliiL.'liin liiiMislilii mill ii, ,'ii|ii,'(i 
.1 Jiilnliy. 

Till' Milhniilsl'ly iil .lii.lsiiii una 
l.r;.'illllz.'.l 111 IVT'JT.I l,y llrv. .laiiiiB 
r st,'i,„ir. Ill, I Ini' In, I ll,nl llio 
M, llii„li»l^ 11. Ill i„..l,iiK- .11 11 "..> 
I'lrly il.'il.' Ill WiislilnKI'.li tnwniilill. 
■b |,ii,i,',l l,y 111.' irroKl lliiil llir Itpi. 
'Vllllniii riiiwn... «lin Is infill 
..Ib. "line lis lidiii: 111.' lllBl innil 10 
|,i.'ii('li Millm.llKiii ii.iilli nr III:: llii.'' 
...nil. nifl.liilril. Ill- "iia nno nf Hi" 

II OKI p.'iiilnr or nil III.' noloil cliiir- 
iicliTfl ulio ".'i-i' I'oiin.'.l.'.l wllh llm 
.iiily 1. lltl.'iiB lire or till' plonci'i's. 
II.' wiiB II VliKllilil Bliivr linldiT, lint 
Mihl liln Blivrn mill BO l.lllorly ili'- 

1 iir.'il sliivi'iy llinl IiIb llfn wns fri" 

nllv llil.nti'n.'il In llir S.inlli. IIIb 

iiiiiniK.' wiiB r\i'M iiioi.' Iliiiii loniilni'. 

ulil.'h he liliiiBi'li' n K'.l liy liikliii: 

I he liiinic nf llR' "AlnilL-hly's Hull 

A M,lll..illBl .liili'di. .OBI nK SI.'.'lKi. 
HUB hiilH ill 1,11(11. l.ll.iTly lown'-lilp. 

III is.lli. liirti'ly lliloiiKli Iho dfolIB 
nr Ui'V. Wlllliiin Siiillh, who iviis IIb 
lll'Bl iiilnlBli'i' 111 ilinri;!'. 

•nil' Afil.iin .M. I-:. .,r Uork- 
ml.' nitiiiilz.'.l 111 l'-7'J. I'llrlik 

'11 IIIB. I..1I1 nn llliirl,. Wlllliiiii I.i'm 

Ik. Siiiiii.': Kill. 11. Wlllliiin llnnii'i. 

Siiriih Wllllni. s. .I.'i'ry llimvn'. .Vnlli- 
iiiiv llrowiT. i:il mill I'ynllila Kli'U- IIiiiiBniiii' mill llnnn^ih Cnlilo, 
.Inlin l|..l.|n«nn, Ccnrk-c ItoMnnon, 
C. firi;.' Willl.-iii.B niirt .lorry Crnvrn 
iioii' Iho mil.' hiin.l of I'ol.iroil .Molh- 
ii.IIbIb who ll.iill il|,.,n tli.'lii''olvOB Iho 
IJIiiiilo InBl, or liiiyliiL' iiii.l I'liyliii: 
Iho ohi .Mollio.llal rlilll'.li. Ill n oust 
or .v|,.-j«i,i,i.. Tl.oy io|,nii'oil iinil ro- 
llll.'il II mill nilil..l 11'Bonnco „[ n 
I. mil i.'Bl or ?'J.iH<i.nii, nil nf whlcli 
lli.'y piilil. dill olll/iiiH ..r llo.lolllo 
nnionilior IIuho zoiiIihib iiiid Cniir.'iir- 
liic lionplo US tt.irlhy or Iho rOBpoil In lliiy iK'lil In llio coiniiinli- 

ai)r ilKipliHt (£i)iirrl) 

lli'V. iBnii" M.'Coy whb the fliBl 
I'nil.Biiiiil iiiliil'ilor lo p.. noli I'hrl-- 
li:iiilly lo Iho pl.ino.'m. .John II. Ilonllo 
iiiyB: "To llii' Mlnnnnnry ItipllBla. 
llioii. Kho 111. .loilll or Iho rioBl 

.1.1.0. h In l-nrko C ily.' I.nuk' nrioi'- 

iiiir.lB ihi' III. I S,'ho,.| llii|,ll»l». I.'il by 
Miillh.'n Nni'l. .\n»lln M. I'lioll ninl 
iilh.'iB. f.iiiiiih'd n nniirlBhliiK hoololy 
In lliii'livlllo. i.iid hiilll n l.rlok ilinroli. 
Inil hy Mmv ilOKrooB iind nlllioiil In- 
.O'linl nr iNlornnl eliock 
Iho Boololy di'onyod. nnil tlio rhiiroh 
wi.B iiliitidoiiod, th-Bi iisoil nn a cm'- 
I'l-nlor (.linii, nnd llioii In ho l.n-n 
.I'UMi." Clh B I'hiiroli BHiiid on "iho 
iniiiiiinni." now (ornor nf Krio nnri 
(Ihlo BIroilB.I 

I'nr riliy y. ni'H lliokillln hiid no 
liiipilBi ohnr. h. ■riion In isvi. ihrmiKli 

Iho K.-iiliilli. ofrinlB nf llwil ih'Vnlo.l 
rill l^ll. Ill MiliilHl.'r nil. I oBlli.'iihl.. I'll-, II. '1. H. K. l-'iiHiill. Iho Hhiinilnnod 
Bi'hiiiil h.MiH.' hi.lil.'d on Iho .Mnmlinll 
mild. 11" ir WllllniiiH Criok, uiih piir- 
.linBo,! mi, I iiini.'il ii|, mid il.iwii hill 
for niiiro tlimi n iiillo mi.l pliirod on 
llm Old K.liiiol I'loBhylorhin cllliroli 
«llc. U'licii the proBOiit ohnrch waft 

Imlll n tow yonra Inlor tlio I.iiII.IIiik lln. .onii lnwii»lil|. In Is:!.", w llli n nioin- 

linn nnnoM'd lo II nB n i-h:i|,ol. I„'ii>lilp nr twonlyflio. Iiuino W. Hon- 

A llm Mm,' |h,' fn.'lln i.nd .Si.i'la iiimi. Iho phin.'.'r IlnpllBl ]ironrlioi', 

il.Mh' pllliilB or llnpll-ni mill 1 1.'- hum In . hiiriio or thin rhiiroh rrniii llH 

iimoin.'.v— oBliihllahoil Iho ihiirch In orcnnl/iillnii iiiilll Iho Mini or AiiB- 

llo.-livlllo, Iho I'li.loBllnnrhin llnp- iihI. LsT."., In IS.'.s llio . lull .-ll In wlili-h 

llBiB or Inl.m mill (ir.'.no IoimibIiIiib II. 'V. I.oiiiiiin promlioil iinlll Ids 

.'1-.'. I.'.l n lo;; .-Ininli nnd oiillod II donlli unBoro.lod. In IS.sii hln widiiw 

"I'liiilil.'n.-o." It wnR In l.sjM. vihin wii'. Iho oliloBt IMiiK liicmhcr of tlio 

Ih.' Borloly woB orf.inl/od nnd IMll coIinrcKnllon. 

Mh.'ii III" .hiiroll wns liiillt In fnlon 'ihe ihipUai church, which Blood 

InwiiBhlp, iiinr tho north lino. It w-,in „.|jnconl lo Iho llrldKoton fair 

iiM'.l III yonm mi. I n new frn.iic lilllld- proiindB wns liiillt In IS.".:! by n ooiil- 

liii;. :;il X III. wna orcolod nt n cost ot mlticc nppolntcd l,y llio .Sow DIboov- 

.<.Mi.i.iii on Bllo 111 (Irocno lownnhlp. ,.,.j. coiiBi-."-nllon. It ront lt.i("i nnd Its 

Boil|,,n :i.l. Thie cliiinh Ih known n« dlmoiiBloiiB wore :iil x .",<i tool. A hiilld- 

.Moiint .Mnrlnh. In I.-*?! llio oontirocn- ,„^ , oiislnn-lc.l nn It wna .it llin rilioat 

lion l.iillt their third ohnrch on Iho „,■ ,,„|,|,ir nnd wnlnnl would cont ii 

i.llo ohn.B.n In I.MI. .-Ill .n -1(1 fool, nt ,„i,„|o,i8 prloo now. It wnn lisod iin- 

n oosl of *l.illi:l.'J.-i. .loBSO Mci'lnln m isTli, whon the IhipUst conRrocntlnn 

wna iniBtor of tli a i-linrt-h for forty doo dod to l.nlld n i-hnroh of ll« own, 

yi''ii"- Inna.nii.-h as the old ohur.-h wna n 

111 I.KVii wnn tho ol.lcBl liiilld- noinlnntlona lind ninal prlillrRos. It 

Inp In Siipar t'lH-ok t^nvnalilii, was not appear, however, that thoy 

hiillt In IK.'l.'i. Tho conKreenllon was iivalloil IIioiiiboIvob of thin rlk'lil to 

iM-Kiinlzcd In ls:i.i. o.-t. i:i. .lohii use the old church, for In tliu winter 

Si iiera wna tlio ftrat i-lcrk. Itov. of 1M.SJ I attended a draiiiatic iierforni- 

1 1.11 Id .>;|ilrk. known na "l-'.ilhor" 
Sh rU. l!ov. It. SIni'lotoii, llev. .lolin 
l.oo 1111.1 olhers of the pioneer prencli* 
era condnoted flervlcos there In tho 
oiirly days. 

The lliipllat at l.odi wn» 
pi'ol.iiMy orKanl/eU about I lie tinio, or 
not loiiK nflor tho Inatllnllm: of Wnlf 
ir.'ok. an linvid shirk's homo wna In 
that nclKhhorhood. Tho aoclety thcro 
biillt a fine cliurcb In ISilll at a coat 

or .«'.'.MKI. 

Ahnnt 1n:i.| a .Mlmlonary nn|.ll«t 
I'hilrch wna hnllt on what w-nn oncn 
known na Iho riillorflon plnoo n .siii:- 
nr IToek lownBlilp, hut It hna lonu 
aliice (tone to dooay. "Dlil Toinniy 
t'ray^on" wnn one of tho prcachrra at 
IhlB clinich. 

The ItnpllBt cliiir.-h at West fnlon, 
m loiiR Hie B.-rne ot the InlKirn of Itev. 
.lOBopb Skooiora. one of the host 
known nilnlalora or Hint ohiircli In tho 
lonnly. was ralnblialiod at B very early 
ilnlo. but tho exact time of Ita or- 
tiinb.ntlon, or of the bnlldinK nf tho 
I'hini'li, cannot ho dcrtnltely dotenn- 

Tho .\ow liln.ovory Itapfiit olnirih 
wn« nmanliiod on tho L'nth of AiikiihI, 
is:: I. A .'liiiroli wnB hnllt In INI I, 
nlihli wna iiBod iinlll Hie preaent 
church wna ('nnalmrloil— a perlnil of 
MIO10 I ban forty yonrn. At ll« or- 
;;Miili'.nilnn Iho ohnrch hnd .'IT inoin. 
bora. In INMi tho nioinborahlp wna 
alioiil Boventy. llev. H. IC, I'linon naa 
Ita paaior In IS.SII. nnd Inn prenrlioil 
thero from tlino to tlinn until tho 

A ►ocloty of Itomilnr Ilnptlata wna In the aoulhorn part of 

unco thoro. and II wan known then as 
the "llrlilgcton Dpcra IIoiibc." Dr. 
CroolcB. I(r. .Mater. .Marlon .Miller, 
Major Kelley. II. I'. Sellers and other 
citizens nf lirldKclon IntcrcBtod In 
drniiiatic prodn.tlnno hnd fitted It up 
with ft 8t:iKe and acenory nnd pnvo 
nonio very eredltablo iicrfornmnccs In 
the old ohnrcli. 

Isnae Dcniiian prenohed tho firat 
eoniiun at what la noiv Itosedale In 
IS1I. m iS^n n llsptlst ohnri'h wna 
built nt the I'orkB of tho Crook, un- 
der the Biipor\lflloii of .Tnooh Klrkon- 
dnll. In l.><.",:i n laree friino ilnirrh, 
III X .'I'l feci. onBlIni; .fsiKi wnw eroctod. 


In the congret-ntlon. The .Missionary 
Itnidlnt BOoloty was orKanlr.eil. In 
l.silil this Boolety built a new- church 
alBinl n half inllo southeast or the old 
bull. line. 

One of the ol.lest ehnrchea In thn 
ooiinty WIS hnllt by the lla|it'Bts In 
.larkson township In IH.T.'. It wai 
known na llnoky I'nrk oburi-h This 
i-hiiroli wna Imlll of liown loBa Bnd 
ainloon wnro r.'uHlnrly held In It un- 
til Iho I'lvll Wiir. nllliniiKh llio an- 
eloiy wna mner Inriro In ineiifbershlp. 
>Vlien tho i Inircli wnn built II had on- 
ly aovon nionil.ors, who nmde up In 
roftlouB nnd actlvo cbrl»tlnn'ty ivhni 
liny hickod III nnniberH, 

Did ilnalion .MlBBloniiry llapllst 
I lunch In WasiilnKton townalilii, wna 
Instllutod In IK'll or IKin. Tho con-' iiBod a school boiian for wor. 
ship unl'l IHiii, when thoy hnllt thn 
church whl.'b they were iialnn In 
IKNII under tho inlnlatry of Itov. S. K. 
Kiiaon. Home yoari after tbiit the 

chnrih l.nlldlni: wna niiivod lo .IndBon. 

I'li'ssmit IJroii' lliipilHl ilnir.h. fniir 
billoa north of lln.killlo. was l.iilU |n 

l'"*-".!', »o yonia iirtor llmt ao. I.'ly 

was orKnilzod. The frame ohnrcli 

was orocto.l In Is.Vl. Ai IK Iho 

early nilnlBlors who pronchod at I'haa- 
nut iJroie worn llev. iBnnc lioninmi 
and Itov. Josbo .1. ll<,hlii. Aflirw iinl- 
Itev. .loBipn Skoi'lors wna lie |,n<l,ir. 
The riiuaniU Crmo Siicloly at Hint 
woiahlpi-d In llncUilllo. hut nflor Hiii 
dorny of the i-hiiroh h.-ro llioy li.ld 
Borvhos .11 .1 n.liool loniB.' oil Iho 
IMidloy .MoWllllania farm, s.iiilh of tho 
.liiiiiiB l:ldor liniiiosload. II was loim 
one nf tno Blroim.Ht cliiir,lio« In Hi.' 
coiinly. hill n foiv yonls nBO Iho 
ohilr.h ort'iiiilziillim i-i'iib.iI. Tho ohi 
ihiireh building was iinr.''d bi' 
W. I'. Soybnld and muved lo hla 
rami pieinlaen. .lohn Ihorninn mid 
.IiiT'i in.l.'r, pioiiiliinnl plono.T ll;i|i 
tiata, were nienilKTB of tlili oflnifleuil- 
Hon more tliiin iMi ycnra. 

A log HnpHst chiii'.h inllid •■l.llllo 
llaccoon" w;ia biilll nl nn rnily ihilo 
In Hroono township not far rio.ii Sap. 
Iienflold'e mill, nhont a iiillo iiiin u 
half north of I'arkcvlllo. I'lila ohun-li 
wna d Bconllnnod nian.v .lems ago, tho 
iiicnibera nttnobliiR HioiiiroIvos to oili- 
er orgrnlzalloiiB. .\ ooinetory of i-on- 
Bidirablo alz.e adjoined the i-linich In 
which moat of the ploiiooia win wor- 
ahlpod there wore burled. AIHioukIi 
the old c-hun-h liaa Knnc lo dooay, Hie 
ccinelery la allll itaed for oci'iialnnal 

The Second Itaptlat lAfrl.ant 
cniirch waB orgnnl/ed In Uockvllle, 
.Inly :!:l, INTO, by Itev. I,. Ait a, who 
bcoaino Ita flrat paator. I'rovloiia to 
that lime he had preni-hod at vai loiia 
placea In ll.ii-kvlllo nnd Lost freok 
noliibhorhood. Tho oniiKroBnllon wllb 
oonrmondablo real biillt n cbnri-li nn 
lot No. I at n cost of nearly $l..-ri«l. 
Ilrlght llolmea wna Molorator and 
llnrkct Artla i-lork of tho flrat or- 

Slir J^riniftn (£l)iirtl( 

The flrat ineetlnK of I'rlends nr 
liii.-lkera In farko loiinly waa licl.l In 
ISJ.-, nt the lioiiie of Adnm Sllor. 
.Moi'llngB were next hold at the linoio 
of Simon llnbolloin. .Ilino r., lN2il. Ihc 
first ohiin-h bnll.llnB wna creotod iin- • 
dor JiirlBdIcllon of Honey Creok 
Monthly inei'llnK. Uloomflold monllily 
ineetlnij wiiB cBlnhTIahod He. I, IN'-I". 
Thn ineetlni,' groiinda wcro anrveied 
and a ceinetery marked off by direc- 
tion of a eoiimilttec apjiolntod by an 
order from Illue Itlver Qiinrtorly 
Mooting (Ornngo County) Sept. ^7, 
IN'i". Tho namo waa aoon afternnrda 
changed to lUoonilngdnle. Tlio first 
.hnroh wna oonstrucled of loga and 
Blood on n ai«it ndjaoont to tlio ooiiio- 
tery south of llloomlng.lnle. Not long 
ailerworda n spncloua church waa 
built on the lilllBlile In Old lllooiiilng- 
dnlo. At the foot of tho hill In a 
siiinll glen a spring, siirnioiinlod by a 
llltlo B.iunre hoiiae. wllh open aldea 
iinonihed the Hilral of worsblpora and 
ivayfnrera. .Vo trnoo of Iho aiirlng re- 
inalnB, nnd the old ihiin h Iniilillng li 
now n wnreliouao In Now Uloonilng' 
dale. Soon after the I'lvll War llila 
ohnr.'b wna exohangrrt for the present 
heaullfiilly lornled building In tho 
grove n.ljnlnlng llm Aoadomy. llloeni- 
Ingdnin meeting Inn long boon known 
far and wido na nno of I bo moat In- 
lollecliinl OTngrogiiilnna In the BInle, 
nnd from lla flml nrjaiiiK.allnn la hm 
oxerlod grout Infliionrn on tho aoi'lotr 
and inoiala nf I'nrko I'oimiy. 

['•nllowlng .'lose on the Imnilgrnllon 

lo llin ijnakor aetllomenl nl HI" 

field, oaino the llnah I'renk organlr.n- 
Hon In l.lborty toivnahlp. A rhiirrh 
was built In IS-'U of loga. II wna 
\variiicil In winter by a ibareoal fire 

In llio ri'iiirr, n linio IioIiik Ipft In tlio 

li«<r In nlliin' llio fi R to rxiiiic. 

Why rnicli a il.vlci- «n« imocl lilKlonil 

III' I III' iiimiiiiiii Ihoil or "rirn 

l.luirH" wr ,-iililinl i.iiniil»(-. lull Hid 
rnnnl HliiliN Hull llio ImiIIiIIiik »'nn ml 
lirnlnl (V) TIm' 1i>k .IiiiitIi wim imnl 
iiiiUI IMM, whoii n I'miiic liiillillni: 
J.-i X .VI «ni< .onHhurlrd nnd iis.d un- 
til IS?.', whin a iiinrh iiioiv prWrii- 
llnuil ihniili vwiH Plrcl.-il. ■Clii' Hlli'imlh 
mill ImiKirhinii' of Ihln rhiinh In 
l.svi may In- Infi'l.-.l from llic ri.llow- 
Ins I" lii'n'lli-'s irmory: "The con- 
).'i'i£nil"n novv iininin-iH Imiwoen :ii«i 
ana li«i inohrhorB. Ilio i.rnBont Iras- 
l><i'3 hiliif .liihii Ihiri.y anil Henry 
IHil'liaiM. A laiui- S.ii.uay b< linol Is 
hi'lMS car: Ird on l.y Ihr incnilicrs of 
Mil' chnrih, Ihi' orKnnlzilInn dntliiR 
lia.k lo IS.-.-,, IV lien .InnicH Woody In- 

Kniiinior nionllin, Ih.- avrraiic nttond- 
nni-.' al Chat tinio liolns tl Irly-tlii-nc : 
lUiH' It is londiiclrd l>irnii|:hi>iit the 
year and jupia>:eH Iiki. The unnerin- 
ti'liilenl :> Sarah l.liidley and Iho 
HI'. ITI :ii7, .\ii'anila .VndrowB-" 

•I'lie llocky lliin Sii.-leiy iif I'rlrndH 
ili'Kl iiii'l ahiint |v:i>. In (lin lllllo hi.' 
Kc-hiiiil iMiiiK.' al rnlnnia. .\ |M-e|ioia. 
live iniellnL' was nol enlahllnhed. how- 
over, nnlll 1.s.;| hy BrnnI from While 
l.h'k liimrlerly ineellnc The 
nilili-e apiinlnied 'o eslahllah (he 


Ilev. r/>vl Woody. In LS."!!) iho Quale- plot of ground for n cemetery nnd 
ei cmiciecallon nnmherert forty. At ihnreli to Iho tnisleei of the t'nlled 

f- •■ 

1-. \ . 

y \ 

,j.. ■■». 

liiiiiMihiry line helween Knikv linn nnd 
Illo.i|nlleld nfc-rcod upon tho Stnlo 
road lion. Ilockvlllo to .Ncwiiorl on Iha 
illvldiMii line, those llvlns south to 
belon? to Iloiliy llun, tlioso north to 
lllnonifleld. Tlio lino haa novcr hecn 
Birlctl.i adhered to, perflonnl prefer- 
enem havln.- Knverned In liio.^t casee. 
'Hie orlu'lnnl rlinreh Imlldlnt; has long 
slnee Klven way lo Iho preKont spac- 
lnn» edlfiee, whi.h Bin.-e lis constrip'- 
tlon hn« hern the secno of iimny no- 
tnblc rel'iilons aiise.iibiles. 

.\ KrIenilB Soelely was ln«lllnted In 
a Init eahin In Wnahtnclon lownshlp, 
IVh. j:i, l.vii Naihanlel \5wlln, ,Io8- 
eph Hall, .Miinlniiii llolhlay, Solomon 
.Mien nml Wllllain Morrison wcro 
naitied an a i-oininlttee hy the monthly 
niei ling to attend tlio opening. That 
year n niceilni: lioimc wna hiillt on Iho 
land of .lohn .Marls. Thn Rranl for 
a prepariillvo iiieet(nR was made hv 
111. inn. field, I lee. II, IK.i:i, Tliln chnrih 
«a« known an Iho I'oplar (Irovo So- 
cl.-ly of». 

I'nlon rhnrcli In Sugar Crock town- 
Bhlp wan ihRiiiin.d hy Iho l-'rlcndn, 
hut from the fliBt tho meetings wcro 
enllreiy niiBeclnrlRn. The church 
hillhllni; wan lonnlni.led In lN7r,. :!0 x 
('• feot, at n cent of J!|,<ifio. On Christ- 
man nlnlit, INTn, It vns dedicated br 

..t tin 

e It lind a riniii 

HhltlK Siindav 

llrelhern In Wahaeh lownshlp. Tho 

hnol . 

..ii.piiiied of illffi 

rent religious 

giounil was nse.l as n (rliielery Bome 



.iciirs before •'.Vrahia" ehnreh was 

It Is 

not tho pui'iiuMc 

.If Hie writer 

cnnslrmted on n part of It. A few 

KO 1 

110 the merllB 

f tho sehlsin 

years ago a Inw suit was tried In tho 






h' IIIIIIVK, lltiHIMtNonAtK. 

'linn ninrr uf tinllic forctt tfccM ft nnr nf the liraiit;! */to/s iif t'ai'kc 
I'nitiit.if, mifl /ittn hirii tlic accHc of mmitf intcrctttiitff n*!»ctiihHc$. 

In the l-'rIen.lE ehiir.-h In the nortltorn 
part of the eonnly nl.ont -'l.", years niro, 
exrept lo nicnllon that at thot time 
there was a radleiil difference na to 
nielli. .ds 01" worship l.clwceli tho "llcg- 
nlar" t^iakcrs and those who were 
kni'wn as "I'ttst" (junkers. 

llultrh illrrllifru {Cliitrrlt. 

The Inlled llrelhern ihurch devot- 
ed lis Infliieiwe towards •hrlnllanlty 
In I'aike County at a very early iloy. 
Tliev lonir held their annual camp 
iiie.-liiigs near .\nnapoliB. In 1M.'I2 
Wllllniii nnd IMivIb held iiieet- 
Inus at (he homo of .lolin -Nlatcr, 
whl.h wiia a pieaelilng point for flf- 
den .vears, nnd uns the heglnnlnc of 
the .Mnusfleld rlr.'ull. Krom It also 
daleil Ihe ehiiri h ot XycBVlllo, which 
was orgnnlr.eil In isilii. Its member- 
ship nnee nimihere.l m. In IWI this 
.ongre^ulhin pureliascd tho church 
which had been originally built by 
tho .Mctliodlstt. For many yean It 
had a largo Sunday school. 

Another church which grow out of 
the t'nlled nrcthcrn mcotlngs nltove 
mentioned wQs Ottorl>eln, one of tho 
well l<nown ehurchrs of tho County. 
Itefore tho erection of Ottcrboln In 
IKIii, meetings were held ot the h(imcs 
of John, John MKUlvery, Moscb 
Mill nnd ChorlcB lleaehe. Noted 
prenclierH who filled tho Otterhein 
pulpit worn llev. Low, Ilev. A. WIm- 
heK, Klllah Cook, John Kckles, .Tolin 
I'etlefTioff and John Duncan. In 
March, 1.SI17, a i:roat revival was held 
nt Ottrrhein, and tlilrty-ono united 
with the church. That year tho preB- 
ont church building, .10 x 40, waa 
orei-ted. and deilfdnted Nov. 10. 

The Tnlicd Ilrethern orgonlzed a 
church one mile east of Annapolis In 
WnshlnL-lon townnhlp In 1»I0. John 
I-Iphlln and Isaac riel<ard were nctlvo 
meniliers of this rongregatlon. In IWW 
or isili) n einirch, ;I0 x 10, was built 
In Annapolis. Tlila hnlldlng la of two 
etorloH. The npimr atory waa uaod hy 
the Masons as their lodgo ■ room, lio- 
foro that fraternity olionged Its loca- 
tion to lllnnmlniidale. 
In laia lenao J, Bllllman deeded • 

Circuit court for poRsesshin of tho 
clinrch, to which another denomlna- 
Hon made a claim. 'I'lie case was de. 
eldrd In favor of (he Inlled llrelliern. 
since (ho ici-ords clearly showed (ha( 
tho ground had been deeded to their 

I'rovldenco Inltod llrelliern church 
wiiB orgaiilr.cil In \\'asliliiglon town- 
ship anil ft churi'li Imllt In l.s.-,l. I'or 
a nnmlicr of years It had a lorirc mem- 
her»hl|i, but hy IS.S11 servIccB had 
ceased to he held nt rrovldeni-o. Hear- 
ing Creek church, which wa» or- 
ganl7.ed as above Bintcd In IKio on 
Section (I, \\'nslilni.'lon township, ono 
mile cost nf Anniipnils, had 7" mem- 
bers In l.s.S(i. but the old elnirch has 
long since been iibiindnned, nnd Is 
now MBod as slielier for hay and grain. 

Tho linltcd llrelhern had a clinrcli 
In IKSii in what la known as the llrls. 
tie lltdgo nelghliorhood In Sugar 
Crock township, 

(TV (Elirintlait (CItitrrIf 

On the second Bunday Ih September, 
IS-W, the society since known as tho 
Chilstlan ehnreh was organized In. 
llockvlUe. I'erslus K. Harris, one of 
the first and foremost of llockvllle'j 
nierchanla, was chosen one of the 
hishopa. In IKlll the church, which 
for (HI yoara stood on tho Bite ot tho 
present edifice waa built. For near- 
ly twenty years eongregntlon 
Blowly Increased and had regular Ber- 
vleeB, then It declined In nmiiherB un- 
til there was a re-orgnnl7.atlon, and 
by 181)2 It bad over eighty memliera. 
Again Interest lapsed, and the cliurob 
heeauio completely disorganized.. 

On February 2.1, 1KTI, a society of 
Christians wn» nrganlze.1 nt Iloyd'a 
tchnnl hmisn, Thifl society was called 
"Whitehall." ami hy this name tho 
Bi'hool house Is now known to the 
.vounger generallon. Tlionma llonrd- 
tnan auccccded In provalllng on tho 
Whitolnill congregation lo unite with 
the remnant ot the Itockvllle society, 
nnd Ihlrl.v-one nieiiihers onen more ro- 
Tlved tho Itockvllle church. This was 
In 1870: but tho church did not long 


continue Its work. For n long period 
It had no rcciihir pasliir, but abiiiil 
len years at-o It was womlerriilly re- 
ilicl. A iieiv ehnreh was l.iillt and 
a t;r. at liitirest nianlfcsted. wlihli 
hns iinl Hin.e rolaMd. and the Clirls- 
llan smlcly Is now ono of the most 
fl.uirlsliliig cliiir.h.'s hi lloclivllln. 

The Christian Cnhin church on tho 
Itnckvllln and Mcca roa.l, was hitllt 
about .-.CI .vears ago. When the wielcty 
was first oi-CTUlzcd lis IMeethlL-s wor'o 
hel.l In the school house of tho Mar- 
shall dlstrht. For many years Ilila 
church was In a tliMvIng condition, 
but removals nnd deaths greatly re- 
diieed Hie iiioml.ershlp. 

FIfl.v-seven people iiiei a( .Sew IMs- 
■ ■overy Jan. Ill, isili, and orgaiilwd 
n Cbrl-^llnn cliur.h. The iie\t .voar 
(boy built n ineethiK bouse there. In 
isii; Hits society hiiiu n new clinnli 
at, using all 11,0 avalhihlo 
material from the .New IHseovery 

'Iiil-'- The llelliiiore conBrcgallon 

numhere.l 2.-i In l.wd, Abner li. Iiall- 
cy was the first pastor nt llellinore. 

A Chrlsllnn chiinh was organlncd 
nt Catlln In 1.im17 with forty-two mem- 
I." IS. For a lime lis niton. Innce was 
iigiilar, nnd great hope was enter- 
(allied for a siiccessfiil eereor. but this 
lioiK- was not realized. A biill.llng 
.-■-! X ^^ was ere.led. Jacob Wright, 
Theodmo C. .Marshall nhd Wllllnni 
Holt were the poBliira who prciichcd 
the gospel there during lla early 

Jaiksnn township In l.vsii had tlio 
strongest Chrlsllan eongrox-atlon In 
Ihe county. It iimiibercd IHi. In IN7.1 

n 'hurcli wn It nt Lena, which 

cn-t .<J.iii»i A of noiai.lo re- 
vivals wore held In llils cliiir.h. duo 
of, eondn.ted by Ilev. W. II. 
Williams In I.ST.-i, resiiKed in 2(1 ni.- 
c. sslons. 

The Chrlsllan soelely Hi (Jreono 
(ownshlp hunt lis first chiirch nt 
I'"rtland .Mills In l.s.111. Three .llsllnel 
Bo.letles of Clirlsihin* were i.ignnlxed 
In (ireone lownshli.- a( Fordaml 
.Mills. Hanks Springs and I'nrkovllle. 
A frame eliui-cb, 2.-. x X,, was firsi 
built ot I'orlland .Mills, (he (n(al cost 
of whl.h illd not ex.ced i<iini, as Ihe 
work and were dniini.d. In 
IN.-.II (his chiinh was rejilared hv a 
now one, I.-, x r..-,. Tho fIrsI mlnlslcr 
was Iter. J. .M. Harris. In \'>m a lag 
iliur.h was Imllt nt Ilnnks Springs 
(near Henley's Slallon.) This wsb 
rcplaicd by a .'Ci x III frame building. 
Tho I'nrkcvlile society united with 
other sets, ond In iwi.'i Imllt n church, 
but It woB toon afterwards dcitroyed 
by fire. In 1870, largely through tho 
endeavor of JomoB J. Jack, the Chrla- 
Hant built a church at I'arkovlllo thai 
cost »l,7iin. This church was gcner- 
oiiBly tendered for the use of other do- 

SKCKIItaiS AXO rilll.Ali|:l.rlllA LUTir 

Tho ABsoclato Proshyterlnns, coiii- 
inonly onlled "Secedera," organized a 
strong society In (Ireeno township 
very early In the settlement of tho 
ci.unt.v. On the Ilitli ot Fol.riiary, 
)N2II, Ilev. Jns. I'. .Miller, mission- 
ary worker apiolnted by tho Synod, 
Instituted a church which was at nr»t 
called Kaecooft and (hen Portland 
.Mills, although It wbb lo.Bird mora 
than n mllo north of Hint iwlnt. Alex- 
i.ndrr llaiiisey and Samuel Steele were 
(he Hrst rilling el.lers, hut In ]K\ii 
Ale.Tandor Klrkpalrlck ond Nalhiinlol 
Steele of .Mansfield, were o.l.led lo 
(ho list of oldorB. Tho first cimrch 
was built of lops In ln.'ll ; n mnrli 
larger frame building wns erected In 
1S.-A and In 1.171 Ihe presenl 
was built nt n oiBt nf IJ.ikki. Here 
tho scholarly Jamoa Dixon was piislor 


iiir ..^ X'""- '"• W'">'r *"• "'• 
luru.-.l ivilliHilim of ri'llKlniu III- 
iriKurii iMil«l'lu or lliilliil<u|>oH>, »>■*>l> 11" ITlimo llhrory In llio I'li- 

||„. Mdlll' U1..i-.h|.«I ir 'lIlU lIll'llltHT- 

ulilli of llii' KiHiilur iliiirih loim InrliM- 

,.,! ,, of iliM ninil mil'iliiiillul rl(- 

lr>'ii> .if Curlto I'.Miiii)'. iMil <"> Ti'itri-l 
III null' lli'ii llio ol.l cliiinli !• no lonK- 



liiiiiihlilli WOK llio crnlcr of 

, Il„.r rillKliiM- liriionilliiillnii, wtilcll 

uiin mil liirK<' IM uiiy iitliiT luialll)' of 
III,, rmiiilt. llio I'lilliiilillilila l.iilli- 
I'liiii I'liiinli (Oilily biilll a iliiircli on 

Hit line Ill \«>-\ I'll! •' «"• f"" 

, xiiifii Ml. Ill r wlii'M Ihp wKli'lV t)iilll 

lln III. I .mull lin"«. of »(ir«hl|i, wli:ih 

' MiiK iilwi lunl liir ■rliiHil |iiir|Kjiii'> In 

In ii.»iii.lili>. Tlil» hoii'C Imriiml 

iiiinii wMiii .iflir 111 iTiHllon. Till' 

,i,„r g d i; i:.' n-clily Ir 

|. iiiii'i! In (111- (I'lilir of llrorno town- |i iiiljohiliik No. .' BrliiHil liniiiii'. It 
Kim liiilll III iwxi. ii'Kl tl.'*'>- A Hull- 
iliiy nrliiK'l Inn InuK Inon lonni'iit'd 
Willi llii' ilninli. .VIkiiiI llirrc ymn 
iitn II liilil rlilni 1(1 II"' lnriii'il rca- 
nliir nlii iiilnnii' iif iiiiy Hninlny •rlmol 
III till' Coiiiity. 'I'lio Hllfiulunco, ai* 
lliiiiii,'li miKllir lliiiii III llinl tliiu.', I> 
Bllll hirm' mill inimUiil. 

Tbu f'uintwrliind •'rctliytrrlnnt lind 
iHii cliiirHio III l.llH-rly lownililp lu 
INMi, lK)ili «r uliMi Horo iitciil Juln(l> 

Willi llio ill'llXHlllll. 'llio uiio ut 

lluHord uiii liiilll In IMIil. In |n7k 
tlio ol.K.r iliiiri'li wti biilU In Ibo tlyl- 
tttiilu nt-lHl>l'orlinu4l, 

Tho rnliiriiullii Imio had onn 
t'liiiii-h ■ocli'Iy In t'urko, In UUKur 
I'ri'ok loHnihlii. 'I'lio liulldlnu, :iu x 
111, «n» crcrlid In IK"rfi. iind nn Clirl«i- 
mill niKliI of llmt yinr 11 una dodl- 
uitid by llie ll"!'. T. C. Ilolon. It did 
iioi |.uii(lniK' \cry Ioiik tin a clinn-li up 
nan xallon, iiml otlior dtnoiiilnatlona 
wrro iHTinlttcl tu llio tlto clnircb, 

(futliullc a:iiurrl; 

riio t'atliullr I'liiirck of llo<killlo 
tiud lla bo)iliinlng In IS.M. wbcn aor- 

M IT •.:■'•'■■ l-c'l o( l!io I - of M,.r- 

tin 11,1 un, tbioo uilica aouih of town. 
Miiaa Miia rind liy Ilov. milior U- 
mm', iniilali prli'il of Tcrro llnnlo. 
.Mtir lluit .Mill' wai ri'ud it llio real. 
■ kncua of JaiiiL'a KInnc) «nd I'ulrick 
lliordnn, lu llm^vlllo. Hoou uficr tlio 
civil War Ihi' iiionilicra of tlili tvn- 
uicicitllun boiiKlil a bulHIug tbat bail 
Invii iind 111 a col'lnil rud rarprnlor 
•lio|i nn lork atn-i't. wiicro Junica 

liiichanan'a roaldenc* now atandn. 
I'lili Hoa mads Into t ainall iiliila 
• biinli and ki. 11.^.4 iinlll Ibo Calif 
ollca iHHniiH- alronii nionih lo liaio a 
Iwrlih iirloal alalluned lioro. 'I'licn 
unilor llie ubic nilnlalry of l-'iitlirr 
JuHi'lili llnilor llio iH.ailllfnl cburill 
kiiuwn ni HI. Jiiiiplii. liHOtcHl on llio 
corner of oblo and \ Iruiulo alrcoia. 
Willi aUJulnInu |>arlili lionio »na billlt. 
Tbia »na In IKti 

In IKW Ibo ('ailiolli.« bod a clmrili 
m .^IniiU'xniiin. U.1 x I.',. orc<lcd on a 
lul dunalnl lo llio dinri b. A dwell- 
Inn for llio rcililent prlcit wna alio, 
built on tbo weal end nf llio lot. Tlila 
(Inirrll wua nniiiid Ibo Cbnrcli of Ibc 
Vlaliail'iu of tbe llliiiL-d .Miiry. Tlio 
riial prliat In eluimc ut .Monlciunia 
>vai Kaiber llrt'nrly. 

•I'l." >i-llrr or thl« «l;pl,h baa nrllb- 
or tbe tlino to InvcallKntc nor tbo 
*<l>aii) lo doeoto (o ft lontlniiona lila- 
lory of Ihc clinrelica of I'arko County. 
^\'cl'ka of reKcarcli and ln.|iilry tionld 
bo rc-ijiilri-d lu brlnu thi' aubjcil down 
lo llie fiieaent lliiic. Tlio forcfO'lnif la 
only wiiat It la Intoudeil to t>c— n rec- 
onl of early i-hurcbca and rellfiloiw do* 

Eiiurattmtal Simrluimtput nf Jjlark? (Enuntij 



Illy \<r» 

nflcr lla 


lull Ibo iiluniK-m nil- 
ini'ilalid I lie linl-orlaiiif of llio nlu- 
laib'n "f Uii'lr clilldron la |irovo<l Uy 
iliU rail. S<'liu4tl liiiuHcH bod lo bo 
liiillt nnd ii'iubuia cmiiliiyed by Indl- 
ililuiil I Kurl mid prlvnlo funda. Tbo 
arliuul buiiaia nuru <vnatrurti.d by llie 
ai'llkia llioiuaeKo>. uliil Ivilibi'ra wcro 
l«ild ilulr luiiiiiir MUKu by Ibc |>»r- 
rnia of implla. I.nrio runilllea ucro 
ibi' riilr Ibun. nud ■ man with «U or 
rUbl iblblriii bnil lu "dll! U|i" liiucll 
iiHiiu lliun III' wuiild bavo |uibl lor any 
nllnr Kiiitlrlrulluil. If Ibe |irrai'nt 
luiielK-ra hud bot-ii In 
Minlil liavp tiuiikrniiled 
\ llu> luunly ul Ibu viry alurl. 

!' Dr. Jiiiiii« I'riHika. wbo wu born 
11,1. J I. IK:.'.'i, and »boic fnlbor moved 
lu lluiiiiuli lu»ualil|i lu L^lll. Klvea ft 
iiiaid ibair<|ilbiii uf early fnrkr Couii- 
J ly Belii>da In lila .\nliib|»arft|>by. Iiuli- 
) llabitl III liaai. Ilu aaya: 
1 ".Voil yeiir ft acbool bouao w» built 
j u few liundred )ard* Moat of our 
^1 houao. 11 waa built out of vory largo 
1 III noil |io|ilur loita. 'l°tao erftcka be- 
' IHeun tbe loira wcro cblnkcd, ftnd 
: diiiib,.,! Willi lliiio nioriur and amootb- 
' I'll uvur Willi ft iruwel: tbo ibliunoy 
J uua built uf brii'k nnd tbo flro iilnco 
I »ua miMiblo uf laklnit In n lu>ck'b>( 
I alt fiet lunx. .V long uliiduu- waa 
iiinili. un one able of llio liouac by 
' nil UK out n loK nearly Ibu wlwlo of 
II; lb- winduw bud itlaaa Inatead of 
ulbd |in|<;r. A wrlllUK-deiik wna con- 
, rlrucliil ftluiiK undur Ibo ulndov; 
li>'li« wirr Uirol with ■ Iftrito ftugcr 
I lu Ibo lug Iwluw, ftnd liiriro woodou 
J idna werv driven Into tbo liolca. A 
' nbo aiiiuutb idank. about two feet wble 
! iiftu fattened lo Ihr plna. wblrh niftilc 
. ft fine frot-furall wrlllng deak. |t<-all 
or l«nib|.s ulllioiit baiki were made 
of aInU ten or twelve fort long with 
(illia ililii-n In for Icua. TlatTd abing- 
aldu uf Ibo wall 10 aii|>t>ly ft luiek made 
tbeiii liiori- nimfurtiible. 1'bli* houao 
wna iiiiln-dMle. and anawrr^ Iho pur- 
l«iau niroly. Mofuiuon lii.ft(b Itftrrlgui 
Wna Ibu flral leni hor lo ort.u|iy tlie 
n<'W acbuul liniiau. Mo ml ftbing (•left*- 
• nily Mllb llio vlHilara and waa ft 
trry aiKid toucher, lie uaod tho "gail* 
but llltlo. lit wtj an tiport ftl uitk- 

liii: a good guoae-i|uill |ien ; tlicy wore 
o*inal to a ^ood gold ik-u. HIrel |icna 
nt tlint lliiio were ararix'ly known In 
uni Wchlorn country." 

"The llrnt aebooll I ftllemleil wore 
tatiKbl bj; anbru'rli'tlon ; )iubllc money 
nut lieliiK provided. Tlireo nmnlba 
dilr lig Ibe wliilor wna ulioiit oil the 
ai'lHiol wo had earb year. Arltlinictle 
wna the bli:lirat braneb laiigbl— I'iko'a 
iiinl HiuUoy'a were tho l«oka uaed: 
bbickl-'urda were unknown. Tbo |iu|i|l 
would elplier. na wo cnlUil It. until bo 
got "atin-k," tlicn 4iO to tbe tcurbor 
Willi III- book and alatc. (lolnt out llio 
tiiobleni lo Ik- aulved. anil tbo obllRlng 
icui'bor would then work out Ibe ox- 
niii|<le, and often luiaa It lutck lo Ibc 
|ni|il| wltlmiii giving an ei|>lnnallon. 

Tbo Oral ai'buol I Mliiidi-d luo 
•cbolara were nllowed lo reuil anil 
MtM-ll out loud durinu Ibc aliidy |.er- 
bid. If llK'y wlabcd. I Iwllrvc the lual 
ailiuol where Ibnl wna ftUuwcil waa 
IftiiKliI by Kulouiun II. Oarrlgua. Af- 
ter Ibo eluia bud rpclled. bo would 
lay: 'Vou con now aludy your aiiclllng 
leaaon.' Tbcn beillaiu would begin, 
each ono trying lo excel Ibe other lo 
Ibe nolle Ibcy were luaklng. 

"Hrbool oxblbllloni were uiy delight. 
Home tcaehera wuiild a.iow ua to uao 
ft lorllon of the iifternoon on Kridaya 
10 praiilco our >lccea.* >ly memory 
waa goud. anil In ft illfttoguo I ftlwftya 
cboac llio loni;eal part. With great 
onxicly I would look forword tu the 
Inal day of acbool, wbleli waa alwayg 
bailed with delight by inc." 

II10 aliovo dcrerliulon la typbvl of 
• II Ibo achofllt of I'arke County for 
|>crhft|ii fifteen ycara after lla or- 
gnnlxailon. Then i-atuo an Improve- 
men! In both Icnchon and building*. 
In aiHiie liiioa oven brick aihool houaca 
wcro built before llie prcaenl ayatem 
of freo acbool* eanic lo Ibe early flf- 
lU-a. Ilwkvlllo built ft brbk one- 
alory aihoal lioiiao In lite cnrly tlilr- 
till. II alood on lot .\o. I. Jiiil aoiilli 
of where tbo Afrltan Ibipllil rhiinh 
now alnndo. II waa ft long, biw build- 
lug with doorv on each able, and 
would fti-ronouiMtnto from '.^ai to .'an 
puidli. Tlila biilbllng waa me<l until 
aomo yearft nftcr tbe "llo<kv|l|o Hem- 
Inary," a twiMlory l,rl< k Inillding w*i 
built on the alie of the preoeol colored 
•ctaool In ItUU. >'obod/ knowa vbut 

beeemo of Ibo flrat building, ulicn It 
wo« rciiiuved.or why, or bow. and fifty 
>eaia ncu not a trace of II iviild lio 
aivii on the luu lilllHldo where It 
eluoil. lu Ih:>!< I'niuu town>hl|i do- 
i-'ded lo Imiirovc lla icliooli. .V fraliio 
building, JU X :!l fi-et. waa blilll 00 
Keiilou i. and n brbk building waa 
put up In tho aouihern purl of tbo 
luwiialilp. In one wuy or anotlier all 
llic lowniblpa were Improving their 
ai-bouta and employing lienor learbern 
(ur ten yeur* liefoie tbo advent uf tbo 
Ireo aebool a>ali.ui. Kticli men aa 
Cyriia llou, of Colon lownablp. Sol- 
omou II. (Jiirrlk-ua. Wllllii.u l;oo<lln. 
• 11.1 Hugh Vluiunt, of Juckiion, John 
liouKlimiin, of .Munlertiiiiu, Jiilin >lc- 
lilnnli. Jeremlub iKpuw, ^.uvlnda llo- 
IKW, Jubu llarrlRUa. Jtuae l..,wc. Ilev. 
Haiiiuel II. .Me.Vull. John Wbllford and 
ollicra who luiigbt In llo<kvlllo and 
olliur placea lu tho ixiuuty, men of 
good i-dueullun, were employed lb 
leueli during uiiilur montba, and Ibcy 
were giKhl Icaeberl. 

Tbo early •ulllera of llockvlllo and 
vicinity wore dcvutoea lo the cauae 
or cducailoo. Tbe llockvllle Seiul- 
nary and ao "icadomy for young 
ladlca" were caialdiahed about tbo 
aamo lime. 'Hic laller waa a frame 
hulbllng loniteil Juit aouth of U .V. 
tirlnley'a reildence. >la(lho» KlniiKon, 
Mlu liiiaa and >lla» Jane Urcgg. all 
cultured Icachcn. l&liorcd to found 
Ihla iDalllnllou, which waa In llm« 
aliBOrbcd by lh« Keoilnary. 

HUiomlngilalo Ai^deniy waa ctub- 
Mailed In IKM, aa iho Wciloro )lanuiil 
lalKir ill huul, anllel|,allng by 111 year* 
tlila braneb of la^tructlon Id our pub- 
lic ai'lioola. It waa Inleniled to fumlab 
ft thorough ncBdeuiIo cdui«tloa for 
young i>oople of both leie*. and gira 
them an op|>orlunlly to pay for tbclr 
education by UlKir oa Ibo farm and In 
tho worklliolM t-ono»led with the 
Ain'leiiiy. It woi Inilltulcil by the 
Krlendi, and boa rtmnlned under their 
denouilnatloiial ivntrol for tho tei- 
euty yeara It liu been In coutlnuoiia 
eiMence. Tli« manmil Ulur depart- 
nienl aoon gave way lu umre iirartlcal 
bloaa ot ediicallon. in ls,'il I'rof. II. 
(*. Ilot'lia woft aiipolntod preaidani of 
llM Arailomy, wlibb ilallun be filled 
In ft manner conal.ieni with bla high 
•duiftllonal •tialoiiicnl* and ftxaltc^ 
moral ilaodarda oalil 16ua 

I ftitt fture ! il« Ml tiftggcrftle when 
I llulo that Ibe B,liu>la of I'arkft 
Cuuni) lu Ihu rifilua. and fur twenty 
yeiini ader, turned nut boji and girla. 
nud mm ami uomin Uller Inlnruiod 
ou tbo roiimion avhoul branclKi timu 
at any tliue almv. I aay meu and 
wiiiiitu for Iho rciiiun Ibal during tlia 
IMlod luenlloiied liiuiiy ajull pu|i|li 
ulleiidml llio coiiiiiioii Hhuiila, |iur. 
thuUrly Iniiuedliitely after lliu war. I 
rvliieniUr when In tliu prlumry ilo- 
(■urimciii nolng yuunu nun fruiu tho 
high ailioiil loitiiif lu go lu Ibo pulla. 
hut lug been eviiiiid lu order Ihiil 
Iboy nilglit >olu and annul llie ubc 
llun. Th a fact that ailnlt piiplli at. 
lendid ai lioul It lliul lime piirlbilly 
niioiinll lor tlie iiuii li liiigei nUend. 
amo then. Aduu a to»u>lil|i hud In 
eclioul dliirMi. (.Il-tty U. iireuiiu 

I'. I'nlnn 11 d olliir. In llio lu 

|iro|H,riion, and In aoinc uiiirbla tbe 
atienduiice wai over .'lO. 

One rcaiun why the ailu^ili aire 
guoil, uae tbo clioriKlur ui the Icm 
liooka. .\o aerlia of lull ImnjUh eicr 
nrlllen hiia eipiali^l tho Did Meiliif. 
fe>i. ilu.llid la the acbuuli uf I'arko 
County, before Ibo wur. and for aunie 
ycora aricruanli. Iliiy'i Arlllimeile, 
Cornell'i llrogrupliy, I'Innini'a ilrnni- 
iiiar, and llio Hpuinvriiin lyileni of 
lieiiniaiiililp »oie entillont «ork», and 
they were geliurallv lu iiau In Una 
Coiinly'a icliuuli. Then there waa lb.> 
lownililp library. conlulning Ibu 
■ liiial.a and ft wunderf'illy Hoil-wloil. 
Id eollctlou of iKNjka. ull of grrot 
iiliiiiilbiniil vnluo. Ag.iln the baneful 
Infliii'iice of the dally |m|^'r woi not 
preii'iit tu ueau ono Buoy from Ibe 
reading of « elaaa of lllcralnro that 
liiudo for Iho mliid'a liiiproveiiicnl. 
lllalructllig iiluiliiaiienll wcro nut ft 
loniiiiou tiling. Alldo from llio iliurcli 
anil -Hpellliig Hclioola" Ibcro >»ero not 
niBiiy public meediiRi or etilerlaln. 
nienia lu lake l«>ya and glrla from 
boiiic, anil the iDiupniibiniblp of tbe 
Kood reaillng lo wbkh llnir lelauro 
buura were devoted. Muiwtlon bad 
not lung liein Ibo coiuiuon tbing thai 
It la tudjy. ran ma wbo had lieen de- 
prived of lla ndiuuiuKea In llioir yoiiib 
p|.in..d a higher value on It tlinn pa)-- 
enl> of today do: and Iboy took great 
Inlereal In tlieir rblldreil'a almlli-a and 
enivuragi^l Ihitii to liie uliiioil en- 
ileaior. lu Ibia rcipint the n bouli of 
today are duprliod of a moat helpful 
Inriiience.wlilili wai eilended to the 
aclwola of the generallon of wbhh I 
ftiu writing, and llir talk of tlio tcaeb- 
or la luiiro difficult Ihnn It waa Ibcn. 
"Whipping" In aelKKil waa aa much 
ft |iart of tbe laacbar'a work aa aoy 
otbor thing In tbe dally roulloo. I 
will not aay Ibal It waa Ilia uioal Im- 
l«rlant thing, aa boa Im-ch »o oflen 
dtclared by tlioio hIm write of llw 
earlier aibuola. but I do know from 
painful peraunnl exiierlent-e lIuil It 
wna ft %ery froiucot thing In ibe per- 
iod following the Cli-ll War. Tlw 
"whaling- of boya. and "Idg" girli. 
too, woe ft dally iMTurrcucc. and if tbe 
^cboola of toilay have eTohed a aya- 
toui thai ftiliiilla of lla abollihmeol 
witliout linpalrlnf lb* irupli'a ftil- 
vaneeuicDl— Ihoo tbcr< boa been great 
progreaa along Ibe line of dUclpUae 
ftl IcojL 

"(Jraded Bclioola" wcro Mtablliliod 
IB ilwkiUki and >lunleiiniift about 
IKW. AI llul date ilonleiuiiift built 
ft fine Iwoilory brick bulldlog ftnd 
plai-ed I'rof. U. Craig Ift charge aa 
prludiiL 111 waa a brother of I'rof. 
William II. Craig, who waa In cbargl 
of the lloikilllc a-hool» from 1K7I u 
IKSiL llradrd arhoola had ft prliuarr, 
Inlemicdiait. grammar and high 
*cl>«l, and puilla were gradoii froin 
tlieir rovilatlonl by IlK Icabcr. II 
Wna 101 unlll IH72 lliat Iba Dileui el 
wriltto axftinlBallooa waa Intreduoia, 

,1 HtHliPM Mlihil IM luy iiplnl'Mi. In ll« 

|rii|.|<»l'IM. Ml I.M 111.' nlcl. hlMHIIIIIrl, 

IIH Ihi' lilllcT nlV.ri-,1 ii» (Imn.r for 
Inniil. -liiMiiK.' ■"■ ■•KMiiliniri- l,y." 
A iM-.Tlhiliiiilliii: 1.11. liiT kii..»- 
ilii. |ir.i>!r.»K .il implln. n li.i».' I'lmiiv; 
II, .1, .l.-i'.Mil..l ..M II..' ti.i.l." ....ilhlnhi- 
,'i| nl r.'.'Mi.lli.iiH. 

•|-|,.' ol.l s.iiilii.iy l.ull.llTm I.I 
li.' n\.T-. low.l.'.l 8...)n i.llrr III.' tin. I. '.I 

xi.'! I vns .1.1111. IlKhi'cl. liH I'liiir 

liii-i:i- re IB «^ri' 11. .'ii «n|. ninilr.I 

l.y u r. Ip l.y |i:irllll.iiilni: llio 

nl.l.iT hall. '11. la \\:m dolir In IMIT'. 
.Vl«.m IS?" 11 C0I..1..I H.linol Mil'. Blarl- 
I'd 111 the oia htilklllil; iiilird Ihr 

of ll.i- I lid Sclio..| I'l.'sliylcrliin . hiirih 
uu V..rk iiii.l Vlriiiulii Btrt'.'ls. N'.'M 
y.'.r Ih.' ni'houl l..<iirii iinl.d Ihr ulil 

.M.II..HI1»1 l.l...... .Ui i... ..^., 

>,. ho.ll. and to rclk'ic Hit' i-r-nwdrd inn. 

mil Il ll.c S.l.illMiry thr OhI rr.-n- 

l.yl.'iinii waH r.'iil.-d Tor Ihr 

uhlt.' l.rlM.nry .kpiuli I. Thra Ihr 

ai^lioul iKinrd Imiilrd l<..nds to tl..- 
a.Muiinl 01 .<J>-..i.>.. 1.0. mill tlir Bile of 
the pr. s.'iil mii.l.' hiiil.llin.-, an.l 
.u.'.l.d tl. .r.'rt lli.r.'..ii a liiillilInK 
Mlil.'h. "Ilh til.- Kioiind. cosi J.ii;.in«i. 
'I'll B hull. Hut- \\«i lii.'nir.l In a B»aii.|.. 
and thi' Hiltir has Blc.lcd on cn.iind 
It oi.ii|.l..'8. The only ai.proa. Ii 10 It 
In IS7I. wh.'ii II »iia firm 
««» lliiiMi>:li alh-ys. An.l this 
M-a" i.iir.'hasril v. h.'ii nil tl.o llii.o tli<< 
town nir.'iidy nnn.-d llir nni. h 11. ore 
nnoiahli' ullc on which slonil ihc old 
Siui.nniy. a rIio that would rcvrrl to 
hi'Iri. ir .■^^r II .'fnsrd In he nseil for 

SInie the nilo|.|lon ..f 111.' Krr.lcd 
n.hool ByuleiM I he rollouInK i.rliuliialH 
ha\e beon In cliarKe of the llocktllle 
B.'h.n.l: .1. I'. l.nilL-. .Tnlin Mrl,nti|;lilln, 
.Inm.'B M.'Ailhiir, .1. C. lloiisek.e|ier. 
I-;. II. Myko. A. I', •rmnehnin. S. W. 
.M.i'ornin. k. 1 1. If. IVniiowlll, WllUani 
11. Crnk'. I.ln II. Iln.ll.-y, .lohn A. Mil- 
ler, J. r. S|.iini:lor, J. K. ■Hvirnlnn, O. 
tl. ItloK-nni, John II. I.lnel.arircr. 

In l.sTil the present lilch «,'li..ol Bys- 
li-iii or tour y.'iira with .llploiim at 
Jji-odllnllon went Into etfeet with n 
rl.iea of Ihr.-c-inia Conin. .lesslo 
.Miilliall.'ii an.l I.o.iIb II. Whipple. 

I greatly rcKrcl that thl« akctcli 

Tin; first ot the public Improve- 
n.eniB In I'nrke fminly wb« the 
rniirl limir.0. 1. i^rlo..;Bal nnd 
heaulirnl hiilldlns (or those 
duyii. Iliil a was not built without 
ii|i|>o><lil..n. It IB n tindlilon that 
when the l'oniiuli.»lnn.-rB were In flea- 
Hlnn In Ihe lot .oiirl Iioiibc, wl.leh lia.l 
li.'eii hnllt for tenipnrary iis,'. nnd 
were liearlni; holh -.Lies ,.f the iiiies- 
lion aa pronenled by llioso who were 
(or linil lhn»e who were iiciilimt a new 
eourl h.iiiB.'. a waKSlBll (.How who 
wtifl oppowed to 111.' proponed now 
nilirt hnime pill hiB head In nn open 
»lni|.>u' and Bhotiled In derlslnn : 
"Mull. I a hiK one. .Make her lai x lai!" 
Whelh.-r lh;a iiu««.'Bllon of a hiill.l. 
IhK, h.'.vnnil III.' luaunllilde or Ihe iu(i>.i 
nrdeiii or Ihe i.uirl hnuHO parly, In- 
llllene.'il Ihe hoiiril In iinl Uiiowil ; lull 
Ihey ilhl hiiil.l K .'va.-lly of 
Ihnxe .lliiieiiHlonrt. Ihey liiilll II ol' 
brill,, two i.l..i'l.H hlk-h. and BB liiipnn. 
Ink' iiB any curt house at thai llnio In 
Ihe ..^ It wnj kiiriunllnlod by a 
iiipnln with i:,een 8hiul.'r». nnd nliove 
111! n Inrce bnll and a upear 
iieallier vaiio «lji (eel lone. The 
wealh.r v.wio nan 7ii f.'ei from Ihe 
Krolind, and when llnrhvllle boyr, ile. 
•Irod to ciprent hclnlit In Its iiioii 


.mint ho willl.'ii no linKllly that 110 Iniiinin.rlnllnn. The (Imt ohjeelhin In couiinilnlllrB Hint are Bllnwliin 1, 

II au I,.' Ink. 11 I.I iir.i.iire data hn« b..ii alii.ot.1 .ullnli over.niu.-, very BlrnnB B.hool Bplrlt. and will 

whlrh iiiIkIiI , bI.iI.IM, Hi,, fa.t Hint .'uly I w„ low iishlpB Inn liiK ran.ln lliat w Itliln the iieM two or three yenrB no 

Il iliy n.'khhi.rh Iv In I'nrke rouii- woill.l nerl.iunlv liiliTfere with Irnufl- rtoilhl be ...Inillte.l to tho hlRllOBt 

ly n.h.i.ilB evlHl.d like thai nl "OhI porlnlloii. Tlw Be.oud nbje.llon IB rnukB. 

Iliihh rr.'.l,- In l.lherl.v IowmkIiIp. Kia ill.v u'lowluj; weaker, bb Ihe puh- i,,i„., ,„„,„ 

Il- hi, i.lionl, nnd fioiu II.OHO or 11.' ollhal, n.r.iKl.l-:lnu- the advant- " HI' " I H Ib.I len yea , a .plemlld 

o r lul.lh-.t ii.'kh hoo.lB.weio ap., of e..uHolldallon are exer.|,lng hl^h Beh.,,,1 hull,llu|.. ha. been built at 

I'll .111 iiiniiy hilthl l„i,s nu.l L-Irl,, Kfenl .are lo lunl.e Ion fa- '""*^"'''' " Z",\'!T .','"' , ''"'''""" "' 

»1 .>.' ■■"."d.' the r M.nlk- In nuiii: .;IIII.'h Bnllsfnrloi .v. ^"^","' " '," "'"' " , '7 ">»' '»» J"""" 

ei.iiiB fields ,.r lin.rulncs... The ,u.,d.'ru lUth n.le.ol 1.. eoiupn,. " '""■'"^'f "-'] ' "« "' Ho-ednle. 

Inr Ihe foilowluK Buiiuimre of edii- "Hvelyn r.-..'nl lunllliillon In this , ,?,"'ri,„17 IT,im'i * ■ «'. . "*■" 

.,,, , , . ».'"""'.' '"" ,.„„„,,. ,..„. ,„„.„ ,.„,,,i,.,r„i,i„ ,i„>n '''*^'' ■"^"""l bulldluK at .Monler.nmn 

we lire In.l.'l.l.-.l to 1 miiity Sitpcrin- ~ " "' " "'^" nciioni eii.i.aiion. ,>ow . 

tciuleiil SUecleiB; Ihero arc el^-ht lllch nehools an.l one 

The mile.' of (oiinly Sunerlulen.l ^'"'leiuy. (he of iheae hlu'li Tho followluK Binllstl.s iiiny bo or 

int ..f S.hools wnn .renlel In iVl """' """ A'-ndeiiiy are of .oiuiiilBnlnned ililereBI In bIiowIuk the growth o( the 

I'riiir 10 Ihin lliiie B.hool affalrB hnii ''''^'' "'''""' "■""''' ''''"" "'■^'" ""'''' "'<' ''''^'' ""^l'""' : 

been alleiid.'.l lo by llio I'onnly i:\- Vcnr * liKXi 'nl 'w 'al '01 'O:, 'on 'DT W 'm 'lo "li 'tt 'U 'il 'Ift 

i.rrl.-e of roiinly Sniieilntendent was N°: i'on,'.nK-,'innr.i;:; 1 1 1 ? 3 -J li s -j !i a i " J J J 

Klwood I'. Sll.r. Ist:i-I\7.-.. lie was No. I'..i,il- Ki.r„ii. .1. iw iw Ki :n '.M'. m iv »> .■«• 1117 Ml wi jni hi ii< tm 

folb.we.l l.y Oliver lliillon. l..i7.Vl.s,sl. ,t „lll be Been Ihal lloekvllle was airs an.l the lowuBlilp, rroiil wbl.h 

liilloii was -u...e,l.d by ». II. i:ison, Ihe only .oiiiuilssloned hk-h ►.hool Ibev graduaUil follow ; 

.^sl-ivil. lolh.wlu- i:i.«oii raine C. fmui Iikm) to \wl. when .Moul.ziuu.i rbiudin Slaik. Inlon; l.niirn Spen- 

I,, \liizniil. is:i|-l,vi,. J. .\r. .N'cct was coiiiiulsiiloue,l. Tanu-lcr wnseoiu- r.-r, I'niou: Wllllnui II. .Miller, WnBli- 

K.-rvid from IS'.i, 10 PHI. Homer J. miBBione.l lii l!ilj, .Mer.a In IPl:l and lu;;loii : Mdnn llnrniou, WaablnRlon; 

skeeteiB hna served rioiii Ihal lliuc iios.-dab' In llH.-,. .la. Ubou ninlntnin- -leuule Tengiie. Wn-hiuglon: Mary 

iiiilU Hie iir.'si-nl. ,.,, „ ,„„ j.r„r„ MRi< Beli.«.l .oiirBO llobjou. WnshluKlon : Kvn llobson, 

Kiiring Ibese inrlous admlnl.slrn- floiii lims lo lull', when It was dl»- WiiBblnglon : lilla lliirford. WaBliliig- 

lloiis the Bchnols have felt the pupiilgo conllniied. It Is nol llekly there will ton: W. .1. (MIUiBon. A.laiiiB ; Nnnnio 

of difl.'r.'iil pb.n.s.a „f edmalloual do- ever be more than Ihe present nmu- -lack. Hreeue: Anna Webnler, llB.- 

v.'lii|iiueul. To iiieei iho growing re- !"'■' "< I'lu'i '.booln; they are so bIIii- : Anna Siirnniie, Itaicoon : Ilovia 

.pihciiients Ihc loiir.'-c of has "'ed ns to take raro or the entire \Vfl.«ler, lla.eooii : Alhe AiueB. llae- 

bern lurl.hed ami \; belter eoiinly. coon: I'eriy llenson. Ilne.oon. 

Irniiiliig of lencher.-i has been dc- The pre»i'ul flyslem of eoiiinion In IIKm there were Inn dlstrM or 

luan.l.'d; the bo.\ lype ..f illslrlel Beliool grartiinllon was InBllliiled In one-i ooiii Beho..lB : In IIM.-.— iw. 

Behool hnB L'lven nwny to Ihc modern IWI. The first elnsn t.. graduate nmu- .Number of high srllool an.l common 

t.ipe of well veiiHlaled, well heated hered l.'i. Tho names of thcBe griidn- B.hool gradnaleB i,|n.c imm; 
and Fnullnry dislrl.l building. 

I'erhnps llio iiioBl rhau -o In ^'^■■"' '"'" '"' " ™ "' '" '"' "' "" '" '" " " '" '" '" 

I'arUe rnunly'a piilillr school system No inch ~~ 

In re.enl yenra has been lo 11... ro., . Ir.i.l...!.'. 17 l« M 'il m M Ml jn M tl sf 70 SO TO « 77 

■' ° '"" ." , .. 1.1 .III ion- y^ t'niiinion 

B..|ldnilnu of distil. t fl.hooln. nud the lir.i.m.M.",'. 7s 103 ;.i 1.0 in 117 12« inii lit lu );i ■.■it «|7 iit in -ni 

rilBllt, ""bZoI ll el.'^'jj"!'"""' .''.'!"■ •^>'''"-« >■ "■"'^'■» "' '-"'•'"'" """ '-■-'" I'" "'"•'•„f r , r. nT^ •^"'■■■«'^ """>■ »"'•"•» "f '^"'■"^" ""•'• '■'•"■' l"^' ""' 

11 e beh,,: ran ,1 „„ „ ; ' l', ^o. o( brlcU' llulldlugB PHHl. d 

iubI 1, H..1 I ™'° """='; "'™ No. of brick buildings IPl,-. 'in 

".iiai.'r^r ; " Z, ' ""■ KsHiiialed total value properly 1!«... »I'.'I.IK»1 

c.iiilpiiieiil. Viler Iralued'nndiiior "" '^Btliuated total value eeliool properly ini.-. »JJN,.'1IK1 

perl.'ii.ed lea.hera. and heller roiirses b( k.xamiskiis. ml ntv 8UrKaixri:.\iii:\T«. 

of Bliidy and grnde.l flyste f school „ „, lu-iu,- Klwood Slier. IS7I-IS7,-,; Oliver lliil- 

work. Two obje.iiona. or bnn.llcapB, ■'°"" ' '' '''''"'"•'hH", 1'<1.-'1>"" : |on. |K7.-.-l.'*.sl ; W. II. Klaon. IKMl-IWII ; 

toward the liioi cment liavo been In the .'oscpli Foxworthy, lSll7-lS<ill ; Arcil K, c. i-;, vinzanl. 1S1IIIS1I7; J. .M. .Ncol, 

naliire of bad and means of While, l.silO-lSTI. IS'JT-lUll; II. J. Hkeclcri, llill — 

siiporlatlvo degree tliey would say "as Jail was biilll. It stands on the cor- the cveellent Iiiirr type, to which the 
high as the eourl house spear 1" The ner of High nnd VIrglnIo Btreets. I'onnty foitunalely turned. II was • 
l.iilldlnL' wn« begun In |SL'..i, when conn- In iw« a new brick biilbllng, called Howe truss bridge. II stoo.l from 
ly oiderfl were worth only. '<! reniB on Ihe ".lerk'B office." was built In Ihc IS."..'! to I!ll:l, im years, when It wbs re- 
llie dollar, hntl was not rinlBhe.l unlll soiiHiweBl .oruer of Ihe loiirt house moved to be replneed by a niaBslve 
IVIi T|,o ,.|ork had not yet move.l vard for heller prnlcillon ngnlnst fire, roiicrrle arch bridge. Henry Wolf 
hl^ ofdie In Ihe new roiirt honso ami to a.'.niiimodnle Hie growing buBl- ronBlrucled Iwn brblges of Ihe Iliirr 
whlrh aiennutn f..r the ilesfniellnn of hcbb of Ihe eniinly. II liad four largo lype before the advent or JoBcph 
the re.nrdB. aa Ihc clerk'a ofdi-e was rooiiin on each Bldo ..r a hall-way for .1. Ilanlels. The (liBt of lhe,o brldgcn 
ileBlroyed by fire lale In IN.L'. When Ihe elerk, reorder, trensurer and wa« o.roBs lllg lla.-.'oon (l, at 
lb.' old building wnn lorn down In nurtllor. The same year a new hrlcU Portland .Mills; Ihe se.ond 0. tobb 
1^711 by Isaac Mi-raddln, J.iflt fifty biill.llug wan crc.ted na a p.ior aBylum. I.lllle Ila.ioon (I.S--.I1I Ihreo nillea 
yeaia nfler 11 was begun, mniiy cli- Thin hulldlng was replneed In IIMM hv ensl or Ilockvlllc. In l'<iil. J. ,1. I>iin- 
l/..'iiB walled In niiMouB eMie.inncy Ihe pie«enl rommodlnUB and lian.l- lels. who ha.l hnllt (ho brblges for the 
ror Ihe imeanhlng of a inylh.iloglrnl BOliie slrnrliire. deslgiied by I,. W. Dvanavlllo and I'rawfordsi llio rail- 
hollle or whiskey whi.'li old men bbI.I llrowii, of lloekvllle. nnd couslriicleil rood, two of tliciii In this eounly. and 
ha.l been plaied In Ihe (oiimlnllnn by .lamcB IloBwell. o( llloonilngdnle. had been Bii|icrlnlendenl of that rail- 
walla of Ihe I. nlhllug by llio workmen : Al Ihal tinio fharb'B M. Tenllpiok, ron.l. came to lln.-kvllle and put In • 
hill no >ii.'li legjuy lo n fullli'n gnior. who for lienrly Iweulv yeniB was a bid nn Hie bridge In be blllll Hull .vear 

nlloii was fniii.d, nn.l great was Ihe iiiobI efflel.'iil so liileudenl, wna 111 ncioBB Hiiu-nr I'reek al Ilo.kiiorl, 

dlBiippolnimeul. .harge of Ihe loiiiily aBvluiu. I'orluunlely he wa» nwnrde.l the con- 

.\ log Jail lia.l k'eii bmli 011 loi .".ii iiiiii>ii'h .vmi iiiiii>,i: Iiiimuno. Irael. and ho moved Willi hit foiiilly 

noilh of Hie ..III hriik Jail ubi.h nns Ilevoml Ih.' biill.llug nf llin court lo lloekvllle. The llo.kporl brldgo 

ir.'.i.'il 1,01 long afier Hie court hoilB.'. hoii«e and Jnll no puhll.- ImiiroveiuenH waBimliied for Andrew Jackson In 

ThlB Jail wn« lined iinlll l.isi, wlnn or any iB'nminent nnliiio were iiiider- rouimemorallon o( lila fniuouB leant, 

the jirrsenl Jnll wne lompleied. It la mVen iinlll Hie I'ounly began lo bnlld "llie I'edernl I'nlon: II mii«l »n.l 

BUM Blaiidliig, nnd reeeiiily was re- brldgcB airosB lis niimeroiiB ilrcann. «bnll be preserved." II !■ worthy ot 

paired anil remodele.l by John ,?. Ilru- The rirni Imimrlanl bridge erctcl al nolo that this majeillc bri.lgo <" o"" 

he.k. nol In any aitempt |o "mod- the b.'glnnlng of rnrko Cnniiiy's e\- «pnn of ■-•l" feel has stood lit »" >'• 

fiiiUc" Hie I. Ill lanil-mnrk, hut lo le- Iraurdhmry career In bridge bulbllug original tirenglh, nnd w«< not nioiefi 

Riore as iiiiirh as po-sihic Ihe lype of was the Armle.biirg bridge nerosB lllg nn Inch when » few yoari »to » tor. 

orrhliectiiro prevnlenl nt Iho time tho JIu.coon. 'J'his ivn» not n brldgo ot n«do lore nnd Iwliloil every iBmiie 

I r.ill.r fiMiii 11" n...f. Mr, IliHil.ln 

,.„||l l„lll.-.« ,.l IIMH.'VIH.-,'ln,,. ^ ". '^'x'- Mill-, r.nill. 

I »ii,iill.-i' In Mirli.iiH l';irl» 

„l 111, ...Miiiy. r\w Iw.i nilln.nil 
hll'l,;.- iiniiSH Mill.' 1111. 1 Illi; llii. renin 
,,,„,,,,, |„ |s,;m, wl„.n ln,„in„l,l.'« 
„, -■" <■'<"■ "'■'■'• Khin.llMB (M.n- 
ivilw y,.i» Mll.iuiinls. «I"M, I.K'..- 

iM.ltll.S 111 lIU.'l' lllll.'H lIllU MclKhl 

' |,il nlhiil.' I« 111."" JoB.'lili 

\. nil 1. .iii"ili' 1- >iniii.v Ml- 111.' Iliin- 

I,,.,. , |.i,:.'.. Mr. Ilrlli.iii lii'Kiin 

liiiililltir. liilili:.-" In I--V1. Ulr. ilr>t 
l.rlilp' "n» .Mi-.ii.l ricro«B l„.nlli.T- 
«„,.il nil Ihi- Miiiil.v.iinili mini: IiIf 
,.,.M ,„r.... SiiKii.' rivU nl 111.' Niii- 

,n,. , ■ni.'U f.M liullll.' 111.' !■ llK 

i-.m.-iH r.'iiH. il niill.lin:: imim.Imi ImIiIk 
,K „n.I KM' II |..'il"'l iinly Inni ^ll■■n. 
liir. H VMiv conslihT.'.i. Siirli l.ilil'^i'- 
. , ,..,. .1., ,11 IVniil .!.■ II. Ip's Mil' 
illl>;li llii.lco.i mill inSK l-iinl. on 
Siijiir ^lv,■^, ni.T llm WiiliiiHh ni 

.Miiiil.v.i n.ioMi l.lltli. III 

.Mliisliiill, .Vi-w liiBo.viTv roiiil mill 

K.m, iiiiri l.rlilK.'^ "ii'i- .Mill fl"l. 

iiTKl mil. I- -I Ill- i-MviMi.i. Tlinli 

|.,iil„. Coin:!, ••loi.irn.-d in iU IIir: 
;„M." ilir lliii.'iil.-il lliirihr|.li!..;iiiiil 

, ,. iiii' ri'lli'i'iuiul iir Mr. I'.iiil.'U 

.Mr. Ilrllii.n Inn. «.'iiiMiilly ImiMi nvvunl- 
III .iiiilnii'lK I'm' uiin.l.'li lirldui'.i. Ill' 
liMK hiiMl l"c. 11. iiiKH llli: lln.-.oiin. ninl 
III |..ii;i hi' l.nlli Ivm liiri;i' lirlilK.-H In 

1 ninily, ii'plii.lnt: 111.' Iron i.lril<- 

nil.', iviilrh "I'lil il'iivn In llic flo.i.l 
„r ihiii ynir ..1 rnx'R I'nr.l. iinil on-.l- 

l„K » .'IK- 111 till' 'rillinriulnHls 

li,iH|, Diir.fmniH U lo In' cm- 

L'niinl il nn Iih iiilli.'n'in'o In IIk' 

lv| r l.rl.lK.'n li"» 1 " ""'"I 

III iiiKiii' liiTi'. 'nn'ri; lire yi't Bliin<l- 
tin; III llii' cii-li-ni Siuii'B ninny llnrr 
lir.liii'H lliiil iM'rn liiillt 111 Hn.' oluli' 
l.i-iilli ri'iiliirj. 

I'll.' Iirlili-'i' ntor Mil' Wiiliiifih 111 

M,,„i,.,. I M,i» innRlrui'lril wlnn 

Mil 1, 11. 1 II. N'lilliiin rlminiinn 

.11,11 •riinliillH II. lint. 1111.' wrru i • 

iiilBKliiiioi'B. V.'niillllnii riiinity wii« 
i,l>|i.iili'il In In .in c'liil.'in.'r In linvo 
I III' I'xi.i'iiH.' Iniriii' In linlli rnniillr.s. 
lull Hint (nntily r.'fiiH.'il In Join "Kli 
I'lirUn. .Miilllizninil wn«. "f rolllm'. 
illliililniniiHly III I'llvor nC liiillilln:: llin 
l.rlili;.', nil. I In lli.'lr rfl'Mls llii' p.'.iplo 
Ml ll.i.-killl.' .1.111.(1. In r.i.l. Ilii'r.' 

«in. ii'ry lilll (...-Illnll. r-vi'li wll.'ll 

V. rnillllnii ■■nnnly's rcliiMil |.|niu.l 

iillri' 1 1. '11 on I'lirkn. Al lliln 

nili'lii.'. llH' "Inn-- lioiiil.'il" inlvlco m' 
Siiinii. 1 I', c'nllln, ivho ivns llion Anill- 
liir, iinviilkd wllh llic c'nniiiilBaiollcia. 
.Mr. Ciillln ninlntnlnod tlint llir rofnsnl 
nr Vcnnllllon ronnly wns n bkssiliK 
In illhmiliii'. lln fiild Hint sni.nor or 
liil.r l.nlli c Union nnil Cnyntn woiilil 
iMiiil l.ililt.'K. iinil llini. l.'Mlini.'-, In 

III.' innlnlK.. iii'll Nu'ivl.nrl v.inilil 

|,l'l 1.1,.'. I'.,\ I'SlllllllBlllllK lln' I'rL'fc- 

.l.'iil nf nn.'li Cniinly Inill'llnL- ll» own 
InlilB.'K. I'luUo would l.i' iilimilM'.l frnni 
liillilni: liilllil llio lirldL-CH Unit wunlil 
III III.' I'liliiro 111' ili-lniinili'il l.y lln' vnr- 

mm i.iiniinnillli's ol' \ rmin- 
ly. Dii'iiu hiivo provi'il llir wImI.iih 
i,r .Mr. CnlllirB li.lvico, wlilrli wilB IllU- 
in. mill llin iiroBi'nl Iron lirlilur .1I 
.Monliznnm ororli-il In IS'.H. II vvhh 
llinndil lo bo n vv.'nk IirlilKo. «il ll- 
in II yi'nr nrirr lln Imlldlnit II wnw Biili- 
Jcrlril In llio Rlrnlii of lllo KronlcBl li'O 
iioru'i' I'H'i knnwn In Iho Cnnnly. 
llrlilt.'H Miri' Bwi-iu awny by ilio Wii- 
ImHli, iinil ollii-r Inrc Blrcninn In the 
Hlnlr, bill tlinl nl .Monli'/.nnin. Willi 

Ik Iron |.lrr« Bliw.d. However. Ibcac 
l.brR wiri' iiflrrwnrdn Btniitlbi-nrd 


II ry 

It IR probiiblr tlint I'nrkn b.i>. inoro 
brblKiB llimi nny ollnr i^mnty In In- 
illnim. In fml onr I'nniily ImR iinno 
to I'Mri'iiii'R In Iho innllir oT IoIiIki' 
bnllilliiK. Ho cniii|ib'loly lini IIiIr work 
I. ('I'll il.'.niniillRlicd Hint It !■ liuw lin- 

|i..iiRlhl.' to liiril n Hlnniii mnl vmiIit 
liorRi'B In 111.' old luiy on miy of llir 
iiuilii iniiiU iir Iho I'oiinly : Inil It Ih n 
Kl'i'iit IIiIiil: lor niilmn..liili' lrn\eb'rR. 

In lhi. Iiiil|..liii- or Ir.'.' tii.|i|i'l..'i< 
Pnrke I 'mini v wO'- llii' l.hiiiior. Wlilb- 
not 111' ii-rord. II liiia loim l.i'i'ii nr.i'pt 

Kh onr I'linnly. Side 
.\ n ns "Connly rondfl." 


.•iU. no linpriivi'rt IiIkIiwiiv wn« con- 
ill. lid In I'lii'ke I'nnnly. 'I'linl yenr 
Rtiirli roinpmiy wnn nri.'nnl/.ed to 
lid n plunk loml tliroimli the connly 
mil 111.' WnhiiBh (o (lio I'nthnm lino. 


\:.:'. l '\ 

I'd IIB II fii.t Hint onr foiinly r.Mnplito.l 
Ihi' lli'Rt rri'i' Kinvel iimil In Ilio Stnle. 
Al liny rnln llnnieilliili'l.v nl'lrr llio 
piiBsiim- or 111!' Alt pi'ovldliiK tor the 
iniiBlrnitlon of free liirnplkeB by lux- 
hiK li'iil e wllhln l»i' miles. Hie 



7.II11II1 road from llnekvllle to lloeUy 
Uiin »aB heKiiii. Tlint I'nII the road 
wnn .iiinpleti'd l.sTT -mid next year 
the .Meceft rond wni* u'ravcled. 

lint we are ahead of llic beKlnnlliR nimble lo r ml nnybody who knovyi 
ot onr load ayatcin, nnil a van ol! Ita Iho lalo o( toll. TUo plunk road prov- 

r iiouHK. 

Till' Rio.'k wna iirln.lpiilly taken by 
illl'/.i'iiR of lloikillle nn^l .Miinleznimi. 
In bnllillnu- Hiln load, pnrllenlnrly In 
lli'Bervo towiiRhlp, the |iliink8 were 
laid on srnvcl thai would have iiindc 
a piriminenl I'niid. but noliody tlmnchl 
of iirIiir n liinlerl.ll Hull lias Bince 
proved of Bii.h Kreiit value. Toll pntes 
were pill lip nt vtll'lona plneex olonK 
the road, and nil who iiaed It were 
coiniielled to pay. HioiikIi I have been 

;'','.;.'" "S. ''',■■.■''' '•^■? ■.'•-'" • -■*■--■■.-■-'■'•'■:-.' 



':-^^: ■■^.- -'Sil^pM^ 

NINO i.inu: HArmoN rarRK. i:.iht nf rik'kvh.i.k™ 

deielnpment. In the early days roadu 
were nil. rely pn^6n|;eB ninnliiR throiiKh 
llie fiiriBlB. ri'oni wlilili Hie I 
been I'linred. •'Slate rnada 

'd a failure. Il wab ureal when new 

o drive nt a Uol over lla entire 

bud kncth, while all other roailB wern hub 

deep In bind; but In a eoinriarallvely 

dealu'nnled by three nnl.heB cut with hhorl llliio the phinka bennn lo wnrp 

BtnnillnK nlonpalde the 

rl lip, making the plunk road u 

road— nil Idea thai lion lately been, nnlBnncn lo thoBO who traveled 
larrled oiil by niarklnic telephone It. Albeit Oo»r. wrllhiK In Tlir llmk- 
puli'B to dealKnato Ibo I'lko'i I'enk I'll'i; 7'rlliiini;, Juniisry m, 11110, ••/• 

that the Plank fond wns Hie flral rond 
In the iiiniily to, InUe ndvanliiKe nl 
rn\lniB and vnlleyH to nhlain eiiHy 
crndea. lie relnlea nlRo that one rnriii- 
er linnled l» bnahelB of »beat to .non- 
li/nniJl when the road wna new: bm 
OR a reaillt he had to have all of bla 
wliei In "filled." 

.\liont the year isiir*. when linrRi'R 
were freipiently "Blnlled" In the iiiiiil 
on the piiblle Biinnre. ThnmnB N. Iih-e 
niillaled L-rnvellni: the Ripinre. A pro- 
lonnd dl'i iirrIoii nt once aniRe na in 
the effleaiy of L-rnvel, and the po«i.|. 
bllliy of iiliinliilne'enoiti:li of li. .Mr. 
llli'O nrrirnied thai enoiiKh Rood iiravel 
I'onbl lip round on WIIHnniR ('reek to 
HI lenBi crnvrl tbo Norlb Side, mid In 
order lo eitnvlnce "donbtltiK Thoni- 
naeB" of bin nBHertlon. took a bIuiwI 
lind eondiii'led them to the ereek. 
BhowliiL' Hie iinnltly or the craxel nnd 
Ita iirohiiblc iiininllly. Wllh aniiio iiiln. 
kIvIiikb It »nH decided to rlak the 
ercek for the .\nrlli Side. It wa". 
thererore, Rradeil nnd Kiaveled. Willi. 
Ill ten yenra nil aldea or the piihlb' 
Bijnaro had been Ki'aveleil frnin WII- 
ItaniB Creek and Hinnflnnda or ynrdn 
have been procnied iilimi.' ItB t'oni-BO 
lor other alreela and roiida alni-e the 

A It hi 

el Iho 

Bidernbly depleted of irood 

Ireek at lilch water ronlliinei. lo wnah 

lip bars of Rrnvel and Band. 

Tbo ailc.eBB nl the .Vorlli Side ex- 
perlnienl lininedlnlely led tn Hie build- 
hiK of two toll Krniel rondfl. A entn- 
pany wna nremilzed and In IsiiT biillt 
Hie llnekvllle and llellmnre load, .Ina- 
eph A. Ilnyd beliiK one nf the biilld' 
er». Ne.Nt year Hie lloikvllle and An 
iiiipnllB Inll road una eonatriieied 
InrKely Hirmn-li the cfforla of llnrnn- 
bna I'. Ilobba. 

I''i>r ten yeara the two loll loadR 
were Hie only irooit roadu In Hie ('nnip 
ty. l'./'ople l.nd In pay for (ihIiik Hiu 
loadB, bill they aervetj the unod pnr- 
pose or rdniathm the piiblle lo nn np 
pre.lallmi or the value of Improved 
IiIkIiwii.ib and deinonBii-ateil that tfrav- 
el waa excellent road limlerlnl. Sn 
when the riral free turnpike Inw wna 
piiaaid onr Connly waa rend.i' lo pro- 
reed wllh the bnlldlliK or k-rnvel rnada, 
na n rnnrinned priM'tb'nl certainly, 
nnd not na an exjierlineiit, na waa Hie 

111 nioBl 


The rnada lenillnk' Into Urn ki lllo 
were all itrnviled wllhln five yenra af- 
ter the bnlldInK of the flrRl road. Two 
of llieao ronda had In the nicantlino 
ccaaod to bo operotcd for loll, aa the 
twenty-year franchlBO lind expired. 
The County "took them over," but hnd 
to do much repair work on them to 
brlun them np to Iho free turnpike 
ainndard. of conrao. they were nol 
keid In jiood repair by their private 
owiiera fur ninny nionllia pieeedlnR the 
expiration of the rraiichiae. 

Willie Iho ronda lendlnK to the 
I'ounly aent wore belnn ronRlrinied 
moat or Iho lownalilpfl were t'lnvellnK 
tlieir main roada under the "two- 
liillc llnill" Inw. I'erliapa IIHI inllea 
were lllliB built belore lite pnBBn«o of 
tbo present law which provided for 
Imndlnx townalilpa for tlio pnyinent of 
made InBlenil of Inxlnx the land own- 
era nitliln two inllea. Ilooda over 
three nillea In length voted on nt apee- 
Inl clectlona have rarely fnlled lo bo 
irrnveled. One road waa "bent" In 
Adaiiia lowiiahip: one In lleaervc nnd 
one In Florida. Tlieao arc the only 
Inatancca I recall where cleetlnna 
went acnlnat the roada, but II la not 
Inlendeil na a poalllV(< atatenienl. 
. The I.eBlalnlllro or MH.I created IhO 
nreaeiil ayaleni of inalnlennnie. I'rov- 
louB to that lline the County Com- 
inlBRlonera, each »ltll a dlalrlct, hod 
rliarRO of the work of malntcnanco, 
Willi local iuiierlnlendenla under 
tliom, Tlieao luporlntondonli woru 



' mill 

y SMlHTllll.'l 


u^-p of hiKli 

■n.o ll\\ Irv 

II ii'iili nil 11 





or 1 



kI I 


NHl. 'I'lll' •Slllll- I'Ult 

..ii.'il nliKMit! Iho CI) 
$7..".:i»..'l'i. The 
ii|i h.v llic Coimi) 
|i,T mill' of ?.-.ii.i:. 
r, aiiiic iir iiiiK In 

Inn. lii'iirKi' ^v. s 
iilw lit I'lirkc Toil 
nrhi'ca lluxroi'il » 






nt R 

1= III- 
cr, 11 





•A, Jn 

iimr.v, llilil, 1 

y S 

A. Nolilc. 


iS'nii (£mu- 

t Bioiuip 


.1 nov 

» -Ihc 

I hot! 

V we i-.iim; to 

biillilliii: or 

,0. Won- 11 




3 IT 





nnil Jnll It »nH nn iiiiiili aiiriirlKlnx In 
tho iiroi'iturt lioimc puny nn to Ihn 
niillioiiit liniiiio imrty. for Into mirli 
l.iirllrii thi- |..o|ili> liislnnlly illvlilccl. 
AlmoKt ini'i-yliody iKlmllli'cl the no- 
ri'imlty nf r lifW Jnll, hut tho nnllH 
driiird thni Rny iicccaiilt.x' cxlstid for 
a new cotirt Iioubo. 

iif tiio iiiocilnni vnTo Cli- 
nic lo .Inmcn r. .Inhniwii 
nil of mVomi liiBl 

kIiI|i, nt cm* 
pcmMl In di-hnlc lo 
nml Thnmna N. Ill< 
Iholr Icmii.r. I <ui« ono of >ho hoi « 
«hii well' nl«n.v" |irni.nit nl Ihc meet- 
hiL-a, nnd ri'inil IhnI .Inhn II. Moiidli' 
wan the only njipiihcr wliii lundo R 
caliii nnd dtnimmloniitc nrgiiiiicut. .Mr. 

rItliB domiind It, I «ou|il 
dciiht the piopricty of go- 
he story of Ihiit mormy pcr- 


mnilc. OlhiTwImi Ihc InllldlnK ilnndl 
tnihiy IIS pliilllii-d hy the iirchllei'l. 

'J'hc tivo' licikillle pnpers nerc do- 
I'hledly neiiiinl (liirlni: nil ihe illi-i'im- 
slon of Mils unhjcl wlilrh rnm-d with 
liver hem nil over Ihe roiinty. Iliil 
II umli wnl'HhIpn nf Ihe I'lrsl elans re- 
Inneil to fire hnmilnldes, nut so tlio 
■•MiM/i." This mile .s X 111 shell, 
»liu>e Held WHS llorkvllh- nioiir, »ltli 
II iierslKlen.c nnd liiipiiileneo wnrMiy 
ur lis linme, fired i,'iiliin):ly Into Ihn 
onciiiy lo the srent plensiire of Iho 
iiiiirt home pnrly. nnd I'orrespondlnif 
lilsidensiire of tho O|i|iosltlon, 'Iho 
"llrn/i'«" cxlMtenco »«« brief. It 
cloned Its enrcer on the ilny the nhl 
house bCBiin lo ho deniollnhed. .Mnrch 
1!!, l.xTIi, dei'liirlni: its mliiiilon nf » In- 
iilng tho rik'lit for ii new loiirt Iiouhc 
ivn« nir. .;,/ri.!;y .-liviHiHinBl,,,!. U, 
demise wns thus chronlehd III one ol 

llendlo's '■li.enls: I'lic Knliirilail 

irn»;i liiiitr.cB nnd stlni;s no more. It 
WRB lovely In life nnd In denlh It hbs 
divided. One partner took the type ; 
(he other the eicoiints, Nl (looil Iskev 
nny kicks tlmt mny ho duo tho do- 



'^^^•^^l?g'^^wwr^^ M^^?^ ■ ^v^ ■^^!^ 




II. llendle de 




IHNii, merely referhiK to them nnd 
snylni; "The writer Is hliilBcIf n part 
of IhiK eonlesl. ami the ninlter Is too 
reient for llnimrtlal history." 

1 hope thai I enn he fair to all par- 
lies, Ihoiich I, ns n boy nt that lime, 
«ns naturally n fierce parllann on 
the side In fRvor of bnlldlnc the court 

The war sliirled liiimecMalely nfler 
Ihe .N-.ivemher elerllon of LST.-i. In 
thai election Znrhnrlnh livers nnd 
■Mnhhiii W. Mnrslinll were defeBtcil 
for ii-e|e,Unn ns Coiiinilssloners. They 
lind lonit enlerlnlneil llie Idea that the 
iniinly needed n new eniirt hoime. nml 
Mini the lime had loiiie In liiilld II. In 
llils opinion their enlJenKne, William 
• ■nrmlrhnel. ii.mnrred. When the 
l'omnil»slnnei-s announced llieir In- 
cllnatlnn to build a now conrt house 

Of i-onrso every man. woman and 
rhihl In Iloikvllle was In favor of n 
new eoiirt house; nnd It Is aurprlslnR 
lo what extent partlBanphI)) may go 
with women nnd ehlldren In a crisis 
Hint Involves nnd solldlflea n wlinic 
ifiminiinlty. This was one rennon why 
Ihc iimtcBt heennic so hitter. The 
nntl-coiirt house pnrly railed meetlnKB 
for Ihe entire County to he held In 
I lie nhl conn hnilae. Few ro.ids were 
tnnd eiioiiRh lo enionrnce Journeys lo 
llie eoimty fleal In mld-«inlcr. so 
when Ihe cnniparnllvely few nnll- 
i«nrl house people enme to the meet- 
Injt they found the room crowded, 
whole seetliins of senls IveInK filled 
with hoys ready to rhecr every uller- 
nme In favor of the i^iirl Iioubc jind 
lo Jeer ami "Kuy" tho speakT^ra oppos- 
ed lo II. Annry nnd healed dehntes 
ihni-nrlerlr.ed these meellngs. John i:. 
Wondiird. of Illnomluk'dnle, Dnnlel 
and Albert ThoinRS, of Union town- 

lleaille, who had heen In the West for On Ihe first of ^'"■'•- '^■;\''''' •;™': 

len vears. had returned to Itoekvllle iiilBsloners let Ihe ennlrnet (or bn Id 
lo spend tho winter, and wns preBcnl Inc lo W. Il_. .Myers, of I- 1 

at every meellni;. Bpealdmi In favor " 

of the proposed lmpro^ eliient. 

.Mennwhile Ihe CommlRslonera met 
In regular and spcelal sesalons lo enn- 

. _ rl houBc and »l<l.- 

iKMl' for the Jail and sheriffs rrsl- 
denre. Work wns begun Immeillately. 

Bider the i|ne«llnn. 

nnd early In Ihe 

year IRTft decided 

In ndverllse fur 

plans nnd speelfP 

illons for court 

house nnd Jail. Ma 

ny plans were siih- 

milled hy nrchlleel 

s at the meetings 

of the Heard held 

In Ihe old coiirl 

since thr 

rKiilnr phi. 

Ing In Ihe Audllc 
smiill. lo n.coiumndnlc the nrelilteela 
nnd speilnlorB. They nilo|iled Ihe plan 
of T. .1. Tnhin ti Son. of rt. Wayne, 
which originally cnihrnied n struclure 
of red pressed hrlik trimmed with 
limestone. Ileforo Ihn foundntlnn 
wns rompleled Ihn cnnlrailor agreed 
10 suhslllule ston.. for hrlck nl no ad- 
ditional cost, snd Ihls chango wns 

the opiinalllon lo Ihc biilldlng of 
Ihc court house now tenk R new turn 
11 wns proposed Hint Hie cnunly BCat 
he moved from llnikvllle. This met 
wllh Ihe approval of l.ra.thRllv all of 
ihe anil-eourl house parly, which up 
In Ihe point of choslng the plme was 
similarly cohesive. Then enme Ihc 
declsl.m whi.h had to he mRdo be- 
tween lUooiiilngdaic and Monlezun.a 
i:nili had hoped to he Hie favored 
town, nnd when lll"Oiulngdiile was 
ihoseu iiui.h of the fight went out of 
MontMimiB The law- rei|ulred ,l> pe- 
illlon signed hy sixty-five I'or^"'- "^ 
Ihe Inxiinycrs nnd voters. Tho l>c- 
imon was circulated .11 over Ih. 
County and ovcrywiiore received si»- 

n;ililr.> ■ \o'|il In l.-orki llhv A rt- 
iiMHifrnttii •' i«K:ilnr<l mo* hi:: the futin 
t> •*-■! mii» |ir<iiar<'«l .iinl mm t Uoroii*- 
l< •Inllliili'd :<» Ibi' lalllion. II »u 
al this Jiin.iiiK' thai William 1. 
Whin-, (■..iiniv IC.-wnli-r. Iiapin-niil to 
oHiK- ai-riRw that pruilxlon In th<> or- 
l;:liial 4'■^■a^ l.y Andrio l:a> 
• nil tlH' r<uir<id<'ratii>n llial II<>k>lll- 
»•» lu ■r.-iiiilii III. |. riiiaiM'nt -al i.f 
jiimln' uf ■■iirk.' I'oiinlt." ir IhlM 
>i>ni|i«<l kImiiiM \h- iliilali'il lh<- n»n<r 
iir .v.T) |>w-.- i.f i-«lat.- In Knck 
>lll<' IlK-'lM-d In It liail li'uul n'^iini" 












• H. 

■ 1HM>LII. 


th.- ti 
. 1 r 



f«»r daiiiu::i-s. Tills 
rat hill Mas tlir 

hail 1.-, 

ItiiiUif t 

r .aim 
1 "I'l"' 
It .nil. 

liK iMan> tB\|.i>i-is who 

'-A 1 IMIni: the i-oiiii 

r»in truui iilfnilttl! 


tiN- iM-tltHin or In <.lrn tbr ri^inona- i iil.-nts 

lran.-<- ThiK »as |.artl. ularlj true of Ih. r«i 

till' .<uiiilHrn f..«n»hl|«. « Ixri- Ihi' hi 

t'l^lMiflllliin III nHi%<. thi' .iHiBt> arat .atlr.- 

Ill lllf»iiilni:dali- waa not ri nt- rally * a" hU 

nn on lK>lh uhliii of 
1.' uf nas a 
\v Ihi- fPiia rutting 




oii-r III*. it>iint.v a<.al''> 


Hii»xii'r*a KMiiic.xi-r. 

raui^ iiitaKely iinlll far Into the aillii' 
1IIIT uf lsT!>. lliM-ki llh- ilF.'l<lml |.i 
.- I. i.raii. iIm- li.iinh I.f July wlih Ihi- 
•li>rl of luni-illatln;; as ninth as |*os 
III.- Ihi' hiMtih' MOtlniPnt. Al ooiT 
' rlial it'li'lirallon was plannrd for 
"iinli-znnia. Ily Ihia lln" Ihr fonnda 
:liin Mulls of thr roiirt lionM- wrre 
will aInnK and Ihi- pnispi^t favorahtc 
r..r nlalnlnc lU- r..Mnly s<.il. An In- 
. Idrnt of III*. f-t.|i'brallon at llockvllle 
was a |«rad.- fioni I'mn lu^Mishlp iro- 
InK In Mnnti'Ziinia with varlniis hmi- 

nn; and mnttixs dHiidi.lly nn.-o II 

niintary In ISm k< llli-. This' 
lasa'd ah>nK tlic Nortli Midi- ..f Ihi' 
|.iib!|.- xiiiari' and on In Vontnocin. 
Arrlnionluna and fXasiw.retlBK In- 

lair rinislird tin' runlmctor filli-d. lit,- 
had rnelvrd a larRi' |iorl ion of Hit 
• i.nlrait i.rln- wlrn ho thri'w ii|. Ilic 
jiib. Thin haiiiM'n.^ Jiisl as ". I' Itr.m u 
»n.I John T. <'ullln::s. nun »ho h::d 
Ih-i'm Btri.nKly opi'.iKd lo ihf l.iiildlnic 

I uii'iiiliulon. m. What woi.ld IIh-.v dnV 
Iti'fiiai' to ISO alK-ad ulfli inp work as 
nian.i tiBMiEhl tliiy nili:ht dnV Th.y 
.Ihi MO sii.h thlni;. Thpy i'i.i|.lo.\pd 
i;.iirj;.- W. I'ulllnjs as I'l.nnly Agon: 
III iiiiil. rial,.- Ihi' >. i.rk Of rinlshiiij! 
II..' I.iilldinu- :i.'.'ordini; to ll~ original 
lilans. >lr. I ullln^-s rinph.y.-d nVlllr-d 
wi.rki.i.-n. UM-r nhnni hi- lilacd I«aac 
M.ladilln as furi-iiian. The Uautiriil 
niiodt^ork In tlic building was done 

bi smh iiiaAtiT rtrpontira aa Jaairs 
and "Jh. k" tjtst, I'loaaaot ItroHti 
. nd Aan-n lU. k 

The I'oimty prolllrd lo tin- Ptt<'nl 
I.f prrliaps rjii.mi l.y th.- cliriiin. 
atancf that slnirtural Iron fuml-lM'd 
bj Ihi- llasa foundry of It. Wayn. 
and brh k rnrnlslinl by William Mi - 
Kay were Deier |.ald for. The iiiuter- 
lal had b*-on sold to Myers wIhi failed 
lo |.av for It and the I'ontention of 
the I'omnilssloners that the del.t was 
;:tnlnKt bint an. I not I'arke I'mtnty 
uaa sustained liy the Sniireme t'oiirt. 

Tlie lorner stone i.f iIh- .-oiirl Iioiih- 
was laid on the nth of Si-ptembt-r. 
Ix?". l.y I'arke l.odi:e No. h, v. and A 
M. 'llie oration waa deliver, d l.y llr 
llnrriaon J. Hl.v. White's <orn.-t 
Hand played, as the stone uas loner 

• d. ihsl iK-aiitlfiil air frnni -.MaiP 
tan I," '•s«e«-t Spirit Hear My 
I'ra.ver.'' Tlie s.tire ..f the nmsli 

playeil, loxellier with iiian.> me n 

looa. was plared In a lln \<o\ Inside 
the alone. When tlie remeni had 
lK.«n laid and all exer-'isi-a r..nclndi-d. 

• Iranil JIaMer ItolK-rt VanValiah. n h.i 
I'ondii.'tr.l llie ceremonies, eirlalnied 
»ltli dram.illi solemnity: ".May een. 
Ilirles ilal-se ele the t.'kens ii.n-ln de- 
IKislli'd si-e the lUht of da.i :" 

<m iIm' -SM of Kebniar.v. l>>^:.•. ihu 
diill.'aflon i-ereiiMinles wen- it>ndii<'t 
I'd «llh creat enthusiasm. An nr. 
ihiMra rroiii liidlana|>.|ls waa encas- 
ed l.y tlH' iiMinly ofrin-m IIh-ii In aer 
>|.v. to lnler.K|Hr-e the spii-elii-s m.idi 
l.y iiii-n who vnre on b..lh sides of the 
i|iN-stlon of biiUdln;: That eventni; 
tlie cor-lihin were de\ol<-.l to liii- 

pro I" da.irlni: and general ni. rry 

niskl:i'.-. mil from (hat lime on our 
l"ii|.l.' hiiM uH.inl towards tiK' day 
pri'vli. li'.l b) a jlnsli- xritKn for llie 
■il.Mj." b> Jam.-s ll.nri SIrous.-: 

"A>d .krn on I..3I. 



ks wt-Ail.«Y v«n« p. 

>.i... aVr Ik, U.i 

Yaw aratcFly tKc« ah 

.11 k^ . 


Vha'll Lici •«>,» 

tkc CO«f1 

ko«.c " 

itiii^r. QIawal aitb ilatlrerJs 

Al.llllll i^ll III.' stiam:<Kit bad 
l-.n III! I tit. 1I Ihlrti-in yearn 

uaiil/.i). It waK m.t until llie y.ars 
aliirnards ihit II b.-.anie a comnion 
siFht un the Wal-a-h. At first the 
iM-el lK>at was lis. d l.y all irbohrousbt 
ironds to the new fonnty up the river 
and erii-ks Keel l^jata were fioIMI, 
"r piill.d ii|. stream liy mpis. Tbe 
llrnt i.tiaiiil««it The 'I'loiiililoy- — 
ii.a.l. Ii.r W.I) ii|. Ih. Waliasli t.. th.- 
niiiiitli i.r l:i^: l:a. .lain In l><JI. In 
l^-.i;. III. "Xi.i. rii-an- I.oni ilnnnnnl. 
.ai.n lip Siu-ar • r.-.-k and iiier the 
ilai.i at I'Marils Mill, landin;: al the 

I. th III IIiikIi I r. .k. the rlii-r. U Inx 

<■r.^ hU-li. had Im. ki'd Into Siicar 
• ■r..k. si.aiiilH.alii -uion .llspla-iil ihi- 
'..-.-l hiKit. anil a- mtiiialhin diirlnE 
liaiM ,.r the >.ar «as |a>5sll.le as bich 
up 111. rlier as l.iifayi'tte. many 
siiaii.laiats wire aiallable for freight 
lid passi-ngir ».-r>|. e here after Ivjr, 
i.<Mts wer.- hinl.-d from Miinteiiiii.a. 
and ••III. r sl-aiiitoai lan.llni:s l.y waL- 
t<i liokiill. and ..lli.r Interior 

The liii.Mi.r. n .,. ih.' 
prln.lial nK-aiiM ..I .tinnyiiiB pr^idiir.- 
Imm 11.1 roii!.l.> Kl.ill«iatB wire 
.•lilt on III. Wai.a^h. Itic lu.Tuon. 
•iiuar iri^k anil Miiiller .•.Ir.aiiu. At 
■ •aM .11. loat ..i« iHilll .n l.mie l:ae 
• <.n for th. ii.iirii -.» d.i.i n Ih.- rli.r 
.1 \.-« llrh-ans 11..- hil Idini; of \\\\, 
...1! ->», th. Mihi.el ..r a ,„,»-r l,> 
h. lal. lal.ln •;ill.>..ii. r. ad l« for. 
h. I'ark.- iiiiinl.; S.k1. ly. 

It was l.nlll al <:llkesnn'<i Mill. »:;>at 
of I'atlln. Klalboats were IniiU at 
Je^siip and Hunt's .Mill on Hii^nr 
Mill i'n-<-k. nn of whh h Klwood 
Hunt wiM-n a i-hlld made Ibe voyacv 
fi tbe uioulh of tbe Creek, wber« II 
waa loaded at tlM point Bc«r tbtf 
I^oek Rlrer Club House. la tboM 
diys c road lead to tbla point wbcre 
many mt-loafs were loadeil. This old 
r.iad Is still used from llie piil.lle 
hichiiay to the I'liih l|..ii»e. Ilat- 
Uiats were rinali-il over dams when 
tlH' I n-eks were hU'h and |«s*ed on tiM- str.-aiii to their destlnattm, 
iisiiall.i Ni» ilrleins. where their ear- 
-•Hn and tlmlTs were sold. The 
lN>atman pener:illy i-ame l«ck In sleaiie 
hnats. Ilmiigh In the early days there 
were In-tani-ea of nien walklni; tbe 
.-nllri- illstanrv from .New Orleans 19 
I'ark*- roiinty ! 



.\s far bai-k as lK:^r Conffresa |«sa- 
. . a law grantlnn lands to the Wa- 
ll isli and Krie I anal. In l<CM the 
yiale I.f Indians aiilborlzi-il llie work 
whhh l-nan ne,t year. Tlie fan^l 
waa mmph-ti-d to Howard early In 
lolM. and by IMii n had reaeheil 
T.-rre llanle. K..r a lime Howard 
naa a |.roM|«,roiis town. In fart It r^ 
iiialn.-d 1 RiMid Iradinc point for twen 
ti yivirw. 1.11I Mnnt.-xiinia was llie his 
l-irt In farke •oiinly. Wi-I I'nlon, 
• llr.lun l.™vs. and \iiii.a nere ahio 
iis.llMu p..|nt». Th.' eanal manage. 
III. Ill ehiiH.' .-^IIKSI •"ri'ek for one or lln 
•■|ii-di rs." .\ bli: ilaiii waa put a.-r^iaa 

thi- rri-«-k alKjiit a mile and a half up 
sin. 111! from the I'anal. and Hi" water 
ili-rie. i.-,| mill the lei-dir and from It 

I the I'anal. I o. ka also eon- 

strueted In llils County where Lyrord 
is nun, alllioush old resilenta still 
Biietk of tba; polit as Clinton Locks. 

•naelns" were eicirationi it the aide 
of the C.inil lara- enough to aerom- 
iiiodate many leais "al anchor" aad 
10 |K-rmll long I«»il9 to turn around. 
Ill iiMtin's Kisin a. >lnnte/.iiiiia may 
ktlli 1.. ri-.i.i;nl>'..-d. an.l there »a- au- 
•iiher lasln at West Inhm. Inl.i 
ih.'s*' l^uins larL'i- niiiiilieis of rial. nallie here would .-olleet. aw hi»- 
iiiliiK from their nall\.- waters o' 
Ni.rthirn iak.-n Into the Canal. Ilen.-- 
tlie Bi-lning panli-s that went to Dw 

Canal boats were owneil by prlvata- 
Indlildiial- and m-rcantlle firms wlm 
l*ld for the use of tlie Canal. .\ly 

.randfailiir, Ma -1 N inker, wb-. 

i.lwTated th.' i-.ttf y and was In lie 

rranliie husineii. In lln.kvlll.'. 

iiwm.l on.' Vox fo;'t> years after any- 
i«ali In I'ark. Connly on ned .1 .anal 
l>.at th. lln.- "\unil>'r of canal l^ia'ai 
and inlii.'." was sltll larrh'd on \»- 
»s-iir's blanks. 

Ihe lanal nas ,n a.-lln- ol« 
1..1 I.-. >.-ar». nhi-n it l«-gnn I., d-elltt. 

■ Its s..ulhern en.l. II nas iis<i( tii 
I'ark. I'niinl.i a whih- liint;. r than In 
Mg.i Cimnly I'.iil nlill. It i.ii-K-d It 
«.i« .1 lliltii: fii,- iiir |.-.ii.|. W l.-n 

> ar anilolt talkim; al'.iit Ihe 

li.n pri.. uf farm |.rvdii. In i.nd higli 

prill- of uiMids "lierore 
the nar," he Is gr.'.ill.v iiilaiali.-n If la- 
in. hid. s III.- d.-rid. 11.-111 1S.<1 lu fJSl 
In hlM a--.ill..n. The ■ anal 1 hanged 
(-(in.litlons and pro-hi^v-d «u era of 
wonderful i.rosperity. Vi'boat aver- 
aged hliih-r la prlte f-.-oia XKA to 
lw'>4 than duriu.; any ciier decade 
within the last forty jcira. X. Ei>- 
p<rt anil the "iTiirie Store" adve<-tls< 
ed call.o al .". .-e.nis a yard 1,1 7.'.. 
r-rr,- imm, J.,«,»,i/ .^r March l.V 
fOj; slie..tlng and nl.lrtln-'s at 11 to 
I" .enls |H-r lard. ..nd Men. lieii -hlrt- 
lni..» al li II .i-nis |H-r vsrd. In Ha. 
same piiN*r wool l» .iiiuted al ::7 I-:; 
cms |H-r i".iind. 

a.Mun. %!.... 
In l>«»i Hie Kvansvllle and Craw- 
f.irdsvllh- rallroail waa i-ompleled lo 
llo<killle. To Ceneral lieorKe K. 
Steele more I turn to any other iltlzen 
ol our Coiinly is due credit for hullil 
Ing this n*!. fnr it never went ny 
fanher lloc1.ilile was Its Northern 
l.riiiitiiis fur Iwelie years. Tlie r.iad 
nai. hulli li> s'lhA. rlplloTiR of stix-k- 

ll.'l.ler-. ind lieneral Xleele Indil.'ed 

many rllli.ns or ihli. County lo take 
sharei. of sl.» k Kiery stockholder 
had the rliflil lo l)e present at Ibe an- 
nual m.-<-tlnita held In Kvaosvllle and 
a rr.-e tiain was run eat-b year to 
lak.- Hie slnkliolders to Ihe nieellrrs 
I Ins.- tralna were Invariiihly crowded; 
This rsilriMi.1 -eemed ti. I.rlnx clou- 
• r r.'lallnna l»'tw.-en l-:Tansrille ami 
ICinkvlile than beineen Terre Hante 
and lluikillle. The Iflcban Bm« 


piir> huiifd uur fluiir utill itiid cuiidihl- 
• (J IT koto»Tt iCitstln. or K\;intttlllt- 
arrr-rwarda luaciKtMl ttif miU . Jo««-|>li 
4 l»)iDi*-!:4. si»iierint**n>l»-nt of ih.- r»ii- 
iiwU. and SuUa J. Walker, oii^ ot tIh* 
< »rl> < uiidiii tors, moved !-■ l;o«U\ilIt*. 
.illd ljf»T Saiuiifl K. J;ick:tian w> nt iu- 
'o Uiuiin*-4s li^re. Ii also .t'iirni'>lit^ 
Mii|<l«>ui*'nt r-jr iiian> lltxkville t«>.va 
.tnd iti**n. Jiniea S t'>ak*T. who i<«^ 
.ran rair:a«dinK wh^n rirt>-tii >*ara of 

M\»-r rort> yt-ars. jnM «.is renr»nl in 
l;*1J on run pay urtt-r rtrt> yean "( 
roDtiniioiu ser^ ic**. S<^it Noel. Al>ni- 
haiii l»-<irn<h. H. M. Koor**. .iD<l K. <' 
Klin*' bf4me railroad mail aieenta. 
. e..r^e »■ Itaker. -Billy" » uiiiiiiin;:a 
•aid "Kiid" Tlioiiiaa ><*canie condm- 
lor*: lleor> Strouse and Krank \' 
lt^*T Iw^ aiiM- fDKineers Walla* t* 
Uiker an<l \W\ lliett Mere alau Kock- 
ville bo)s who railruAded -in the old 
K. A • 

<»ne of til*" |.''»*s^nr ^f-neraiion -an 
nof realize the iDriinaie jtersunal re- 
hirions evUiin:; bet^«een e\eryhod\ 
iii.l iiie nilnwd in the olit data lr 
w;ia a «»n of <ootiniiarion of ol<l 

...ndii.ror and other fra-niiun 
kno» n by naiu»> to everyi<od: els* 
\«» felt-Krapli lin*" « as run to \to'\ 
till*- iiniil I'*:", ao our pe<i|.|e durinie 
ftiH war did no* z^t ili*> news until ih» 




rrain t-mnw. If the Dew< was good a 
long lilul or thr lo^iiiMitri vlilstl' 
pny li>liii«d It: ir tud a lli'Tt Mail. 
Tlif news bftd t**'n good ♦•very ♦•*fn- 
Inx rroiu the ttti of April. \^'<r,. when 
l.t»* aurrendered. <»n S;iliirday even- 
ing. April It. > abort Mast a »all or 
• listreaa — atartled the town. Tli^rt- 
wiu a ruah to lite old 'Ifiot. and tli^re 
the |ieoi>le aaw "Bony'" l.yon'* eniclne 
draped xilli iiioiiminif: for l.lmoln 
\y*m dead. 

The next railroad 'oniplete<l i.l the 
many proierled line* in I'arke Conni* 
was tiK- LoKinapurt. ''ra^t rorda^lle Jc 
!*o«th»esi..rn. which tan ita (irstt en 
Erne il,e John l.-^" Into IIo<ktllle 

In l»7l. e,j. tly ele<en .1 eara after tlie 

riral trail) was run into the cmnf.v 
keal l.> th. y. * I-. Tlie -John" 
Maa a n< u and »tran.£e lo*-oiiH>llve [•• 

the eye. of f ,rf ||k. |a>pi||ai e v> ho 

.^H "her" ihar l»e«eiiitwr niornlnic. 
rur she uaa a ' All llie 
•hmn-a on the K A IV whi. Ii ran In- 
•I lliM-kiille hiirm-d wood, anil the 
Mailnj ■|M»niiei'" aiiioke-ata' ka of the 
Kxan.. ille." ■i'" "faloka," 
»i«.innea," and "< arliale, • »er.' 
lery iliffereni rroiii Ilial of the "John " Thin new ranale.1 lo«)IM..||ie 
iKPfe the name of the IVepildenl of ih. 

r.iilniail, it Imi in .hia apeerli In re- 
a|«ii-e (o The addreww-a of wel. ouie de. 

Ill end by riioiiui.s \ Kiie. Janiea T 
-lobnalou and Areil K. White, refernd 
lo the fait Iliat he had the Imnor ol 
niiiaini: the flral locuDiotive of the 
I., t . « S. «• into Uockillle. 

The new railriLid .mine into town 
on a srade of '.•> f.^t from \\ illiania 
iriek m the Uepul. win. h uaa llie 
reaidi noe of • aptain II lioiid. irans 
fiiniieU into a stalLn. Ihi.-i hoiLs.- anil 
lot hill l<-'n iiiinhasid by rhe rail 
lAail. as tile jin.jit-rty i\a» needed fur 
an iiteiown" alation. It ^tood on 
X'irKlnia street op|«aite the jiroperti 
ivhiib for many \ears waa tlie hoim- 
of Henry s^'boll. It waa iiaed Uaa 
than a .\ear. houever. aa the K. A !■ 
ill the Slimmer ..f l**T'J leased Its roail 
i-d from Terre Maine lo lio. kvllle |. 
tie I.. I . i s. \V.. ind the linea .vere 
• imnecled. The loiin board granted 
a n;;lit-of-way to the railroad along 
tlie leDttr of Virginia street, and per- 
lUitled it to I.e 1 III like a rren. h lor 
ihe entire length oi the iireit. i:.- 


of Virsii 

• ail a boiiii 


The I.. 

Jt .«. W soon l»'ami 
knoiin hy [he lery truthful soliriiiiiei 
III LoliK I'redit and ia>» \\"a;;es." It.-; 

• niploy.-.s woiil.l have lo eo »iihoiil 
pay fi.r months al a time. Why m. n 
luntiniied wilboiit |ia> to •'nt;a:re in 

I le ha/.ardi-ii8 work of riiiinine il.s 

itial at anise ra.«iinalion whi.h dan:r 
erniis adieniiir^s ha\e lor aom-- na 
tilrea. The track of Ihe r.iilrnad .ro n 
lloikville to la>i£ans|>irT waa ao 
roti-.;h. ao irookid. and undiitatln? 
lb It It rese iihled a iHimpkln > ine. and 
by tlila name the niad was also 
known far and wide. Tlie ilealh -ali 
of its fain men »aa as liigh a> that 
of Ihe average i-oniiiany of aoldiera in 
iIn- i'IvII War. 

t>Bi-e word went :ilong tJie line that 
the |«y car would ai-tiially be nin the 
next day and one iiHinth's wauea woiiM 
he paid. When tlie itir got to Itoi k 
vllle the pay-niasler. William »jim- 
eM. waa iiiet by the Mlieriff. who 
aerved "|«i«-ra" for lloikville hiial 
neaa men and people wbn bad eiahed 
orders, worked for. aold gooda or oth- 
erwise creillted the lompany »' II 
Tnieadale. Superintendent of the niad. 

• anie Into the ile|«it with Mr. ►:am 
rat wlio Itail the money in a "grip 
aa«-k." The creditors, wlio were "in" 
on the legal priiceedin;:a reielved 
their ii.oney. hut tlioae leas fortunate 
on tlie outside . oiild not restrain tbe 
Iroimlae at the slgbt of the ai^ual 
tiione> 10 Jiini|i in and guy themselves. 
.\ general scramble fur the mone.i 
took plaee, and •K>iiie of it was anatrh- 
ed away from the payTiiaster liefore he 
loiild itet It into his grip sai k and nin 
for the pav .«r This lie finally ac- 

• tmipllahed liv the iid of .Mr Tniew- 
dale. Wliat waa lloi kvllle'a gain by 
ihia ii/"/< was the loaa of cre<|lior» 
fartlier up the line, aince the remain- 
ing caah waa now aadiv inadei|iiate to 

II eet elen the faint hope iif one 
nionlha wagea i-iween Itockville ami 
l.oganal>ort. The |Nior paym.iater 
i-rtalnly hail a j..h of figuring when 
ii lanie to pro-rating the remaining 

ilunning tralna on am h a Tvad as 
Ihe old I.. <• k .1 W Involved a re- 
a^iiin-efiilneas and a afieciea of pnei ii- 
live aliillly often resulted In tlie 
I-erforiuan' e of en:xlneerlng iiilraile*. 
A man who i oiild railroad here could 
lailroad anywhere; he • oiild glie 

• arda and apaiha to an ordlnar.v rail- 
L.ader and i>e;ii hliu at any aiage of 
Hie -.fame. It waa a si-hool That grail 
iiateil a niliiilier iif men e*|ulp|ied for 
.il. I Iriaaliiidea. lieiirge liawka. a 

IliM-klille lio.l. at preaenl geTiernI 

iiausger of Ihe Kl I'aaii and .Suulli 
western railway aysteoi. be:;an brak- 
ing with the sulich en;.-ine tlial work- 
ed at The Sand <reek uilne« and 
lluikillle. oier aide tracks and mam 
line on wblih a modem railntad 
iioiild not trust :i push rar. In those 
• avs wrecks and break-downs, whi.h would .leUy traffic until a 
wreck train has >t>me to repair dam 
aets. woul.l be nken lire of hy the 
train i rews. I>:n;rlne8 with "allpped 
eoentrii-a," hlown out fines, and "til- 
er ln)uriei«. would be put In ninnin;; 
order hy engineera. 

Kor ten years Uoi-kvllle vtis the end 
of freight divUlona of the I. ('. * s. 

W. .VII ireigilt trains btopiied liere 
and tbe • rews from lajgaoaimn and 
I'erre I lame loaided or lived In 
llockville. Iu ISMI Ihe rwil waa aohl 
lo Ihe N'audalia i-iuiiliany. right.of. 
way, track and rolling atock, for 
s.~iMi,4aai. True the road at that lime 
was only "two slreaka ot rust ami a 
riglit-of-way," and the rolling itm-li 
tit for the ai'ra4i pile. b4it the new 
owneta foresaw the losslhllltles of 
liiillding up a road, and at onre liegan 
to do ao until It l<e< ante one nf the 
best [laying propi-ni>s of tlie Van- 
dilla system. 

Itockville was mad.' lieadMuarterK 
fiir one of the liiiportanl departments 
or the Vandalla and later tlie I'en- 
n-ylvania system. The of fire of the 
land, ta.i anil i-laini ilep^irtnient la 
still here In charge of liavid Stroiiae. 
wlio baa aerved in hia present i-a{i«i-- 
ity alme I>«<1. 

In the meaatime the Tirre Haute. 
Alton * .41. Ix)iila llallroad, afterwanla 
kniiwn as tbe I. & »t. I. and ua the 
lilg Koiir. waa luiilt. i roaaing a cor- 
ner of Jai-kaon townihip at l.ena. This 
niad was itinstrtu'ted about the lime 
Ilie K. k )'. was pr'ieited to Itockville. 
In IH7II another road crossed a i-or 
ner of The t'oiinty— tbe Kvansville. 
Terre Haute Jk Ch ago. miw tlie r A 
K I., ^ind that yAr Joseph J. I>ftn- 
lels built Its bridge oier the Waliash 
at •Union. 

In ixiw the "North and !<outh 
road" and the "l-:asl ami West road" 
began lo take form, and -The uueallon 
if ajipriiprlatlng Two per i-ent. of tax- 
il.le values WIS aicllaled The North 
und !«<Hltli roail wa« to run fnuii At 
il.a to tile Ohio rlw-r Tliruiigli tlie cen- 
ter of Ihe 1 oiinty Th- Kaal and 
Heat mad was a reilial of the old 
Indiana and MIIipms lentral." a line 
origin. illy prolKHUMl In-fore the wiir. 
This wiiuld give KoikilMe two ue>re 

I'ailiuada. .iiid ihe enl,-rpriae was lai 
iired li, a large ii.ajorlly „( lier p. o 
pie. riie l»-ople iiileil Ihe lax of Ulo 
l-er .eul. wblcli was To !•> aplit b> 
The Two rallruaiis: l.iil l^fore It waa 
.•II olleiied .^uluiiein I'., liarrigiis ami 
'Mlier laip-iiem i.roii.-liT an Iniiiii. 
tiin. and the toilrta de. i,li-d llial th.' 
la\ wa.- illegal. Some giadiii- waa 
ilone on the .North 41 Solllh ruttd in Iti.' 
li.inil.i or Kridgeti.n. 

.Vlioiit Tbia lime railroads wer Idl- 
ing hunt in l-arke i oiiniy like raatlea 
in the air. At one time In K.-. and 
■"11 tbe grades ..t three railru id.s were 
in •'oiirae of consirui tion. .\ll oi 
these r.iada were to . ruaa the Wabasli 
at Montesuma. which pruiuiaed To i*- 
iliilte a railroail renter. riAi town 
was llten the teniiinua of the Imllaii 
apuli«, lieeatur * .«prin;.nielil railriaiu 
which b^id been flnisbe.! rroiii tlie 
West, and had started towards In 
dlana|>ilis. It.»k>llle feh no tin 
• aslneaa whiM Tlie re|«rl was first 
liiculaled that llliiuiiiingilal.' was 

llie proisis. d liO' ilid nol strike a 
loan or .:i«i inhalMT .nia from Indian- 
apoiia to .doiitt/.iiina. aiiil wa^ fl\.' 

II Ilea or mure n 'Tih ot the .iireit llii, 
Hull in. Iiideil liuniiih' llainbn.l;:.' 
and IliKkiin.'. iwo .11 iheae t.'wns l>' 

ina .-oiinl.% seats. Th.- arrnioi ol 

Kockiille in This .risis List l,er lb.- 
lailroad. In a cuiisiiliaiuiii aitli tlie 
lo almg engineer lursli words w.r. 
•Hiken. and lie w:is d.'fie.l l: 

« . ll.iWis. wh.. wa> |.n nen. .,,. 

the 1.1. u fav..ring ih.' preseTit lin.'. 
iia-s a.-, iiae,! „f uiakiug a map of tin 

' iiiini.> nil .ihi. h the .Sand i r..!, mal 
I lUea nei-e l..,aied mil. I. ..irih.r 
liiillh Than u,.., r.-alll ...f.. |„ f,,,, 

III the lilies in .till se „i conatniiTlon 
had their ardent parilasns and all the 


apllefiil Ihlnga about eai h uihe 
Tiaiailia wt- on tlie line ot of Th. 
i.aila "Ihe An.leraon. I.'lunon t 11 
l-oiiia" ami led l.y lis must prouiin 
•nt 'liizen. Hon .-imiiei f Knaev 
that town. whI.h waa then a plai-e ot 

""" "■*■ 'irillly Than llloominx 

ilale. was piiitlns up a stiff fight 
against Inth llocsvllle apd llloiuiiing 

« hi n it l»H;ame apparent that lt.« k- 
lille would not iet The I. |(, » M a 
ni il line waa proiKised fnuii Indian 
3|..|i» til |ie.aliir along Ih.. original 
•lir.'ct line, with Ihe evcepilon of l-ar 
in:: aiNiiit one mile northward to 
strike the .<iand iriek i-oal iiil,ii.s. 
trading was done on lliia line f-oiii 
Williams 1 reek. ii..rlh of lloikiille. 
iraitlcally to M.'.iteiiima. It was 
.liaiiitd to I narrow imiige " road 
mat iH-fore the grading was begun, 
ami in.n waa actiialli laid from Dtts 
groie to loUima neighliorhood in lOi. 
and a hand . ar ex. iiralon" run alonu- 
the rinlahed road: but that was Its 
"finish," Nil better fiite awaited Th.. 

\nderai.n. Lebanon * M. l.oiils road. 
All that la left of II la the trai'e of 
the grading that waa done In llie vi 

inity of .vnnai»i|l». Ihe 1. 11. t n, 
rea. hed llloomingdale In the aiiniuier 
.if KTs. iin llie dav The .tinatru.Tlon 
train arrived at that town a "Slriw- 
l»-rry roiid " picnic dinner waa gl en 
to all the lalwirers, wlm niarche.1 from 
the .finatrucllan train to the Krle.jila 
'liiircb headed bv Whllea I'or 
net hand of lloikville The new r«d 
was loislly known aa the Slrawla-rrv 
road." though for wliai reason we can- 
not Tell, for it iiilaaed " olnma : 

I'arke 1 oiinly »;ia literally aeaiii..d 
*i'h "I'lila and fllla' In the niiildh' 
•eienties. railroad grades thai wen 

ai.andiined, and whhh ill.l ch lUiii 

age lo farina James W Beadle. K.wi . 
waa "longheaded" enough tu .iitnpel 
piiyiiient of il.'imagea liefore he would 
evea permit the aiirveying iiarty 10 


„n \iU liind. Whfn n... pnlly >'„•> 

In inlln.ii.l 

l,,,,, l.v Miiurhr ■||i.iiiip»r,M, (hil.-r 

inilhni' iif ".Ml"' "I' OhI \ln- 

,,'K "i i.liirliil I" riiirr on llic 

n. mil.' IMilnlHr.i Mr. Thnini.KOlv l.o. 
iHliI 'SMnln' Miinlli' wllh IiIh lonu 
.111.- Hinnilliii; Inslcli' Ihc mil fi'ii'c nt 
h.Miniliiiv Ihw. 'nif .Mil.T lull 10 

.,„.,. on il..- |.inn.l-.-« «„« |.n Hl.v 

,.!.., l.ilt.r «l"n ;i .li'lnihilUiii ot 
II... kill). • rlll/.<n» hIkiiiiI nn imrr,- 
....Ml 10 l.nv fill r,i,»onnli|.> .hinmi;.... 
Ml. ll.ii.1lo l.oiinlllnl llio Biino.> to 

..■ iiiiiclo. 

lionn lo l'-'<:i II "nn ron«l,l,Tf(l ii 
,. r.iol lli.,l,vli;i- ui.iilil ;.-.l 
I ho .Vollh iiliil Soiilli nnlil. wlilcli i-v 
.r.vliody iihlliliiiilod >vn» (.nn> lo run 
lliroiiLli III.' loMiily. Tliiil yonr nn 

hlilp lunl iiii ii|.pro|irlullon volo.l for i, 
lino I hill Klin lo ho run Ihrniiuh Hoik- 
vlllo mill north In Sili;nr IToi k In (ho 
vi. hrily nf Tnrkoy linn, lint hy ihin 
llnio iho ollmlnnlhni or lionvy crndoii 

iillilliiK Whllo II ■■. Ily on n hill" hi 

Inlonirhnn llnon Imvo llinn rnr illn. 
oKuriloil tho iMinllar iiilvnnliiKori ol- 
oroil hy II cllroil lln-l nnil Wml roni" 

IIH oiUiinliit.H. .Iltllilllly o» n mil- -I'l .kin Mno." It n.n l.i.».,-ni;,T 

mini iinlrr Is i no of Ihiiii. When linlns lor n (vw yoiim. nn.l II. |:. 

II r.iioo In InilhUnt lln- rond not oM-n .Monro, now n conl o|.oriilnr nl Nyon. 

Iho honiiH or nn ii|i|irn|.rh.l Ion lonlil illlo. ivim ono of llio . onilurlom : hnt 

orr»,-l Iho .llhii.hnnliitoB In Iho wiiy for inoro ihnn Ion yonm. or nhnr It 

of urnilis. 'I'lio rro-Hloi; of Snu'nr win imrclinBi il hy Iho llle lour inr. 

fri'ok «ii» iini.lhor ilifrlonlly lo ho iiornll.m. II lin.i hoon nll.iKolhor n 

rnnnlih roil. Ily i roB-Ini: III IIubIi frolclit ro ill, conl holiiL- Im lulnrliml 

I rook nnil k.-.'|ilni: np Iho villlry of . oiinnnillty. 
thill nir.niii. nn imbv t;niilo vvni. |ioh- 
Blnlo, BO Iho iMTsonl lino of Iho "innl' MiiB on. nnil Iho tonil 
llnlBlo'd In 1SS7. 

Tho •■.Mhlhin.l" nmil rrn ,o ••„ii. <""" l"<ll"i>'<P"ll« I" .Monlor.nnin l hnt 

l.oif lo llniirll w.iB hnlll In tho onrlv '' '" "'nr.oly nrolinhlo ihni ii onunlr.v 

nInill.B. ThlB rnnil wnB innlocloil unci l"<o Hint hiUioon lliiiivlllo nnd llo.k- 

llnl-h.d l..\ ihirlnL' -. iiiHIiiIIbi." MHo. "IIIi nn inllrnad nf any kind. 

Ilonry ( ■|ii«f..i d. Tho notniil rnn- will InnK no nnpiondoil wlih IrnnB- 

Bliiiolloii work noH i Inotoil hy tho jinrlnllon rnrllllliH. It In Iho lino nf 

liilr Dr. Ilonry .Mnoro. IIIb »nn. .Inhn Iho I'Ikr's I'onU llrdintollirnn liUli- 

.I.', »,.^», .li.lio.i .....; ..o „;i,li V, II Ki.llil.ill^ ,001. ■ 

nnd dnrlllK Iho lliiio o.vniiloil hy lliln In lio rou-nrilod with fnvnr nn nn Inlor. 

nnrk ho lind liln hond lorn In nrhnn ronto. Tho only Intorilrhnn 

llnokvlllo. In lln oiirly ntiiKon nf cnio rood III I'nrko ronnly In Iho nhnrl 

slruotlon nnd oiiorntlon Iho .MIdliin " ntrotch of trnok hotwoon Atliorlon 

wnn a nocnnd rdllhm ot ihc old nnd I'llnton. 

lusinriiH iHrgimunp 

WITH BUol, n ohnrnrtor oh 
'■I' "■•> I""" n.ino.n, 
IliK Iho riiBl niolTinlllo 
UMilnro or rnrko Connly. I 
,. II) woll Biiy Ihiil liK liiislnoKK lifo lin.l 

nil iinniiohniB i.nlli. .Vb h.i« I n nl 

r ly rohilo.l .Mr. Hob... In .nnnorlioii 

»llli I' lln llrookB nnd .Moh.h llolo 

hliiB. hnlll II mill nl II0.-1 vlllo In \s\:\, 
or iiiih.'r loo ii.lIlH. „B n Hiiw mill 
ooB i.iion lo llio crisi i.illl. I'l'io 
|.h' oniiio 1.1 liiii. mill rroiii ini' oiiil 
iioiir. lino mitii. »li d .'OHIO nlli. 

II "MrlBl" II Irnndvlovv. 111., In m 

l.r yoiiiB lolnii'd ,1 Klory nhoni llio In- 
ilhinn nhoiii ho hid boi n iniilln;: nl 
tho Hinri' nil.loinlii;: llio mill: .\ B.|nnvv 
Inid h'li lii'i imi.ooBo onl-ldo lonnliik- Iho l.iillillnK. Whllo kIio »iis 

III III. Blor.' .01 ■ tho hnlf Willi hoBS 

ihiil man. ..I iho vvnodK Willi \oniolons 

ilpiioiiu' M nloiiK. klinrkod Iho 

l.iil.iioB,' il.ion ind inoooodod In mnko 

11 lo.ol ol' II. Till. Indl.i nthor nio 

on ..imliii; 0111 or Iho Bloio nnd b 

Ill:: Iho lliilnh of hor oflBi.rlnn .nlni- 
i> l>oil, "I'di nmv onl p; ho!" 

Ilo-i'illlo IH Kiw'ii In n .|li ■ lllllo 

I..1.1I.. "Tlir hl'liniin f.'o ;..(.','i',- - 

llBhoil III I.VJI. MH 11 "poHl town In 
I'arko ronnly." This diito In one nltor Hi.- b.-I.tIIoh of linikvlll.' 
iiB Iho oniinly B.'.il. In Ililn llaz.ilo.-r 
illMioni'K Iho rollimliiB: 

ll;,l.,(llr.-\ lii.mlBon.o vllliiKO. Bll 

iiiilid Hourly lonlor of I'mko fminty, 
.•|7 iiilloH lino H'.'Hl nf liiillnnalnillB, N. 
lol. ■•■•■ irrooB, I mil-. Inn. !i ilo. 

rhurrh now Hnndn. llnokvlllo wan In 10 nnd rolnrnlni: In VlnconnoB. nrdont «ldrlli." Wllllnnm frook wn» 

laid mil wllh tho Intonllon of mnklnt: I'lilcU Wlllluiin. o iiinn donllnod to linniod In honor nf lliln nolod chor- 

Iho South Slilo Iho |.rln.'l|.al himlnoiin llL-nro In 11 dual onimclty In tlio himh ailor, who. In our oiilnlon. Iin> nol re- 

Kiiool, nn.l tho u'lBl sido noM In liio noon life ot lloikMllo, oamo 10 Adnmn colvod aa clinrluhlo oonBldornlloli In 

i.ortnm-o Tli.' ininiir nan plnllod toviuBlilp In ISu'l -two yonrn hof.n'o tho iinwrlllon nnnnln of llockvlllo nn 

■ -^■<^^^^'"-'.^ :;*-^>;^; !^^.\ 

■v; :.•:.. ■>*;,,..._ 

ly I'mnlll.H nnd |ihi liiliahlianln : on.' 
Blor.'. tliioo laM'riiB, Hoiorni In, Ins 
llloiiB inoclianlri., on.' Iiiwyor, two pliy 
Bl'lahn. This town la within oluhl 
mIloB of (itoainhnni nuvlsntlnn. whlili 
Willi ninny ollior ndvnnlnKon In lis 
Invor will loiidor II 11 pln.o nf con. 
Blilirni.l,' Inipnrtaro'o. 1( nlao him tho 
,i(hanlai;,'n nf piiro nir nnd coral 
viator, whl.'h will InKiii'c the honlHi 
nf lln Inl.ahllnntn." 

.Vflor Iho Inpno ,..' ,,)i,oiy.(wn yoarn 
wo limy miy thai k,. inivn rolnlnod 
niio of ihono n.UniilnKoh ninl linprov 
oil on tho oihor. Unr nIr In null nB 
•.alnlirlnim, nnd onr 'Vll.\" walor Ik 
PI ohi.hly hi nor. 

Tin- ono kloro r.-rorrril lo In tiio 
111. nip r^lrn.l wi.<i Unit or I'niiorHon 
* .M.Cull, who hroniiht thoir Hook of 
U'loili. lo llooknll.. In IN'JI. Thov 
hnlll iiioir Hinro. InrKo oiionlory 
fnuii. , nn Iho aonlluvial oornor ot lli'u 
pnhlic t,pmri\ whoro llio I'rohjiorlaii 



i!ffTf-^';''''''^^-'.r ..£:::: 




nl.lMrNK liiiil 

iui loll In widlh. Iho luilor sii; tin 
.Norlh nnd Miibi Rides holni; fnnil.lor 
nhly 1o»b. Tho firm oonrl lionso wni 
tlicrctoro locatod on tho Sontli Sid.' 
tJonornl Arthur I'miorson wns ih, 
lalhor ot Jndtio Chamhorii V. I'nitor 
ton, nf .liiinoj I'niiorBon, loiik- n oil 

1'. rohor, wh.iso hiiBl.aii.l wan 
hor Ol' l.lii.'olirB fnhlliol. Anil 

linni' ny li.\i 
Illy BO 

llo.'Uvllli' was mnilo tho 
Ilo Blarlid a Iniinory, hiil 
cslnhllshc'd 11 sloro In tho town, hav- 
ink- sold tho innnory 10 .InmoB strain. 
.Mr. WllllniiiH sold whlnkoy, nn did 
nioBt of Ihc morolianli ot thai dny, 

IIIIMII.VIl IX l.silli, 

llio I'll'ciiillatnMiTa of lill llio donorvcd. 
JniiiOB and llonort .MoKwon ranic lo 
llo.kvlllc In isai. and ot one pnl up 
lliclr Innnory on llio llroomantlo 
Sinio rniid, whhh onnio np tho hill 
Iho dniiBhlcrn ot .Initios Mr- 
hut ho kcpl lip this hinmh ot hln Imib- llwon— Mn. Mnrgnrol .\yc nnd Mrs. 
izin ot Armlcsbm'K, ami nf .Mrs. .lohn Incna for n mnrli l.niK.'r period than .Mary Satoly now roaldo. .lohn Alex. 
Iho olhrr Blorci whoro 11 hn.l hccii nnilor, then a yoniiR iiiiin, worked tor 
bold, f.T riiilit In llio toan> hiBinry Ihoin. (Inn nuirnInK upon Kolnif lo 
loiaoii v/ns n man ot iiilinro nnd p..|- Iho " \Vnihln«toiilan" tompor.imo nul- work hoforo ilnvllchi .Mr, Alcxnndrr 

Ihliod niuiiiiore, and lo him |b dno Inllon onllHtid iniisl nf lla roni lahlo nnrprlaod n Inrco black honr imwlnil 

Mili'li of Iho splendid piihllc ohnrnrler olllzcns. I'lnnlly, linwovor, Mr. Will- nlioiit ono of Iho vols, llioimh II Is n 
of Uookville In Ita cnrly daya. .Inniea Innin ylohlcU to Ihc popular domnnd. iiiical|..n which wos more surprised — 
M. MoCnIl wna a Inwycr nnd aiirvo.vnr Ono of iho first rntrlon In iho rorords Ihe nnrprlner or the siiprlseo --«» Mr. 
who ilroppi'd bolh proteBslons for of I'arko linlu-e \o. H, f. /, A. .M., es- Ainxnndcr rnn rluht onto tho henr ho- 
inorcniitllo purMills. Ilo lived In Vln- Inhllsho.l In IKI.-|. was a renolnllnii fore soolnit II. Tho hoar Rnvo n hlR 
cohiioa hoforo romlng lo llnckvllle. lie conurnlnlniinn "liro. cnleh Wllllnm. nhoe/.o and nn oft Into Iho wnnda. 
coiniiiilloil tuii'ldo nflcr eollinK out un his dolcrmlnulinn tn eoaao voiidlnx And here n hrlof digrcailon la in 

DMl.r (11 iii-iiiil h.iniinililii iii.iill.m i.i 
,l„l:i, Mrxnn.l.i. \ciy iiiilv In Ih.' 
Illo i.f ilo. I.illli' Mr. Al.'MMMcr c- 
nii.ii»l,.'il 11 uii.ii.T.i ni.nli •>( loun nt 
rho lilmli. nC 111.' loiid (n llir Varrnw. 
iir SiiKiir Cick. 'Ilill lOiid ih.'n ml 
iliiiiil;:!! Ilir Mni'ils 111 ;l IniIiiI nlioiit 
ulimv Wllllmil WiindK IKin ri'Hiili'K. 
nil f.irthor on liini..! i;iib- nl ilir 

.'|ili A. Ilritlon'M iii-lili'nri' ulnnilJ. Ik 
lonilinii'il Iho Ian ,v niiiil IsTii. hiii 


ii.i, iMiiii iiiii rii 


iliili' l;i' tniik illi li.liT.1.1 111 ill.' llii.k- 
illli' .iMiii li'f.v, mill ii|i|inlnl(-(I 111! 
^.Miiii In \'<r.. 111. "i-.H Hi'ill M.nii:c 
In lliiii ifiiiMi-liy Willi; iiiiiy yi.nin Ini- 
(i- III,. hiUli'it of liin.Tiil •lllchi.Kin \. 
Iliiiuii'il mid rniilnlii TiIkIiiikim .\. 

M.M. .Mil i.n.v liv 111", l.ll.o:! rnmi ill,. 

luiiilU Imrlil pliil iiiiii inirnril In iIh' 
.■■•nii'lorv. Mr. .McmiihIit Infiirimd 
ilii. wiKiT of lht» KM'ii.'ii ihiil nt Hi" 
i..,in.-l of .Mm. lIuiMiiil lii-',1 
11,0 I, .ml ,.,mi.i.l 111 iilui-h til,' liiiily of 
f;rniTill llowni-il «ns liliiioil lU Wnsli- 
lii^iiiii. 'IVmih. in I.HIi. nun llinl lilt 


Mliii'mlionil tlirni In llfr. Aliniii iw." 
,Mr. Aii'xi.liiliT li'tl Ilnrloillo for Knn- 
1,1111. In 111,- iniifoiind ri'i;!!'! iif .-very 

num. u,iii,.,n iind ilillil In tlio Imvn, nil 
nf whom fill for liliii n Blntnliir ro 
H.Kl mill nffiilliii. Willi,. In rlmrto 

111 llii. ri Iiry In- Biivi. Bi'iiiilliir,- In 

iMorr llnin l,i«»i iif nnr "Inv.'d nnU 
loBl," nliDRP KiiiM.H worn iilli'liilid 
iind ciinnli'.l hy iliN rnlllifnl srMon. 

I'lTBlnn i;, Iliinln, llniinm Imnnili, 
.li.liM 11. M.irnlinll nil, I .lolin .«iiii(l.-r- 
liihil rsliilillHlHil Kliinn In I(o..k\lllo 
l.i-iiiio is::ii. nnd nni loin: nfii-r llmi 
.lull' Anili.'W rool,. Imenn InislnobH 
Iwiv, I'cr.lin I-:. lli.niB ivn.B lone one 
,,f III,. li-n,llnK liiiBlni.Bi. mm .if Ihc 
101, my. Ill- look nil mllvo Inlomit 
In llio nn:iinl/.,ill,in nnd niiilni,.niinro 
of ilii' clirlKlliin rhiinli, liilTiB n Iny- 
iiiiin nilnlxli'i' of lliiil rinnnliilniillon. 
II,' hiilll III,, flrnt lliior-iilory lirirk 
l.iilldim: III I'nik,- Cnnniy. nnd wnii In 
iiirlons »>,yi> intoriBloil In biilhllni; 
lip llic roniiiiiinlly. 

.I„iiii« llniidml iiiiiio lo llo.kvlUo In 
Ivjii. nnd l.iilll n iloiilil,. ulni-p ro.,111. 
Ill,,' of lli,i,. Is i-llll Hliinillni: nno 
i,.|iii,i„ Mini of "Loio 11 orlKlnnliy 
Blond on llio WiBl Side of llio Siinnrc. 
II « IB l„ni; known ;ib llio lliinu-iTford 
l.iilldlliE. In tlio inrly tlihil.'.B Mr- 
('ni„|,l,cll A: McMiirlry o|«iiril n Blorc 
Willi n |,ork rn.klni: oBiiilillnlinicnt In 
.onn.-clloii. •Mnplni; llio ii.irk lo New 
ilr|,.,inB 111 finl l,oiit(.. In l.'..lil Wnltor 
r. noniildmiii nnd |.;in-lli(i M. Ilrniion 
lii'cnii l.iiRliHBK In Ilo.kvlHc liolli of 
Mlliin, «lil,H,.,|ii,.|illy lii-rnmo l,<-tl..| 
knovin .n conn,',. linn wllli llio bimlniBB 
iiffiilm n( Monti-ziiiim. Tylor H. llnld- 
nin, (liorKO \V. Mill, .Inmci Dol'ow 

lliirii In WllnDii f'n, 

»///. 7 


i„. im, iKiil, ntfil III l/iiikrill<: lu- 
ll, llrl. ;i, I.SIIT. 

hrli'k roBldPiiii' wliji' 

1 "Inn 

iinlll ro- 

Sniiiiid HlrniiBO. wli,, 1 Insod II mil on 

mil yniTM ill tlio boii 

li on,! 

of .l,'ff..r 

the KnBt Slilo. DnvId W. KInrk rniiio 

Min Rlrii'l. .Iiiiiiiii 1 


nl rifBi 

In ISMN. Olio iif llio triiiiBiiri'il miHil- 

Iliini nl Mnunn Cllil, KlIllliHll. June •.'11. ISlill. lUr,! at Itnrkilllr. Imllaiia. 
Mail y:, IKS.-,, 
olnrkod In llio Bloro wliloli Mr. Kill o«- Icllonn of lliln writer la liln porsonnl 
InlillBlicI In IS.I11, nnd nftorwnrdn ho- iininnlnlniiro with 111 


W. Sl„rk mill l.oil MldwiU. who ,11, d 
III Ilii- onlor nnnii'd. .Mr. Slilw,.|| w>a 
iiinro lliiin nliioly .viiir« of nu,. wlmn 
h,' dl,.,! Hoidoiiil.or .'lii. Il«i.-.. Who 
cnii forKi-1 C'oruo \V. Hill, iillh lil< 
Htnloly hi-niliiu. fino old rnHliloind 
fnci., I,ln,.k l,rn:idi'l<,lll roul mid Hllk 
liot. IHTBi'lilInK n BirlklliK liki'iii.BB 1,1 
III,' |>|,.|iin. of Wllllnni II. Hiw.ird In 
Iho riiimidimlliill uiniiir; |i,ivld W. 
Klurk wn< 11 iiiiin of wido ri'mlliii:. » 
IKii'l nnd lihlloaoiilior. l.i'Vl HIdwi'll 

wnii INI (I liy liriiornl 'I'lliilit .\. 

Ilowiiril im oxoiiilnr of hla will. TIiob,. 
wi'i'O men nf iirrni ainlillliy nf ilnii-. 

I ri'iiii.iiibi..r the doiilli nf liiniii. .1. 
Hllliiiiiii In iwix. hoiniiHi' Iho nrliiinlii 
wuri. illmiilBiii'd nB 11 iiinrk nf roBin'il, 
.liillii II. Iloadlo anyii nf liliii: "lino nf 
ilii. iiiiiBi I, HI',., nil, 10 nnd liniinii.u 
irnddiiiii'n llnrkvllle out h.nii 11 in 
inniii' ,liin'la Hllhniiii, n N'nv |;iikI"Iii|. 
rr, ii'Inioil in I'rnf. Slllliiinn, of Vnlo 
inlli'uo. lie eiiilixrnlrd lo Hiilllvnn 
I'oiinly, Indlnim. when n hoy nnd 
iiiiiehl BChnnl. lie hiilll n mill nt 
llrlilRctnn nnd w«b In IninlniBii there 
nwlillo. nnd nflerwnrdi nt llnokvllh' 
Willi Perslim 1). Ilnrrl». lie then wenl 
In Ai'inlenhiiru nnd In i.niii|iiinv with 


ni;ni!ed In 

tjenerni rnllen 
innklliK flour, hiiyinu inndiice, dl«- 
tlllliiB nnd hontliii: to New DrlennB, 
lie reliirnid to llo.kvllle iilmill I.M.I. 
nnd UeKiin bnalniBS wllli II. .1. Innla 
nnd .1. .M. McliolB. In n few yrnra 
S!r. InlilB rellreil nnd Slllliiinn nnd 
: hola imiTlmiod llio iirlut mill. \)nr\y 
In l.viii Wllllmil .M. ■I'honiBon nnd 
JiimoB II. .Mil'.wen hoiicht Nllllinnn's 
InlercBt In both mill nnd Bloro,. nnd 
tho firm wnB Mcliola, ThnniBon k Co. 
.Mr. Slllliiiiin died Rienlly renri'ltod n 
■ IV yeni'H nfter, when nlioiit aevenly 
yini-B of QUO. llo wn« n liinn of Krrnt 
onercy mid ncllvliy nnd of bpoIIob* 
flniriifler, whOBO llfo wnB n miior of 
KOiiil workH. and la well aiiiiiined up In 
tho from whleh Iho llev. lllahnp 
lireoeheil hlB Roeond funornl aermon 1 
■A fnlthfnl l.oiikh, oven n fruitful 
bouKh by n well. whoBo lirnnrliea run 
over the wnll.' llo wn« not n profOB- 
aliiK t'hi'lBtlnn ; hiiL uood deeda mndo 
lirnfoBBlon for him." 

It lins been ninety yenrfl ainro lannr 
.1. Nllllnmn flral enpnueil In l,iiBlnei.a 
In I'ni^ko Connl.v, nnd yet nn n«Boclnlo 
of Mr. Pllllninn— Wllllnni M. Tlioiiiflon 
—la Btlll In liiiBlncaa here, with nn- 
dlniliilahed InteroBt nnd ncllvilyH 
llio niio of elulily yenral 

AsBoilnted with DnvId W. Stnrk 
wna .lolm II. Pnvy ; both wore ane- 
roBBfiil nnd ncjiilred eonBldornhlo 
wealth. A well known firm wna IhnI 
of A. M. Iloilalon a Co., rompoai-d of 
(IcnernI Alexnnder M. Iloimton, Will- 

hli imrlner. Mr. Kill eonllnned nniiied 

-deoriio W. Hill, llnvid Inni P. .Mulliallon and Tombroko Cor 



n.'liiii. il.Miinil lloii«l'>li ni.K II Sriiilh' llhi'iy -imf or kIimj,. hIihIcI hI (.ll.My (HI l.riil Iktw noit III \-<'J'. niul 

.'III ti'iilli'iiMh, II iii'iii'inl III' iMllllln isiii 1,1 MiH. l.iM'iniin llniilli'y. iiy n nv.-il l( In Mm ki lllu two yiiirn Inirr, 
\,\m Ini.l HiTM'.l mill, r Amlnvv .liuli- llilii II iiiiiy l.o liitorml llml (l,i' Imli.,, «ii,. nlmi In llio iiirrciinlllo 
>iill III Ihi' I'lvi'lt Inilinn Il<' nt llockvlll.' iil llml rniiy ilnin i,ii.i|iii'H« In llic fUllrn. .Ihki'IiIi IIuI- 

linil l.rcii II tmulili'i- III ly lll'p, nml i.rnmium il luyniiil llii' •■liii nili.- hii'il mill Uiivlil \V. Shirk wcri' nlno III 

u iliioii nil.'. iiH li'' ^:iV'.l II I'lirniiU' nil rinil In In' ill Ki'.'ir ill Ii'iiki. Nnl liiiiu ILi- llliwir.^ Imii.|ii.'HK. iln.l nl llio lliiio 

hinc ii.i iiii-iinn or kMowiiiK III,. ,.,i,.„i 
or InilHlilniil lrnni.n.llnnii hi iiil, of bimliiiiii. ; lull I dn knur 
llljit SSIUIII'I Sll-niinc 111 nnn llmo innl. 
a roiilriict from llio fnlloil Sliilm lo 
liny .■i.iiiMi invnlry nnil nrllllrry homrt 

f-vv.. ■■:■■,:; 

A mm 

t ■- ■" .■' ■ 

,. , -t'i'.v.v::. 

■■•■■• 1 • '.r. 

t ■■■V !-:fe^v ..>¥/';" 

1 '"■ ' 

■^"■^" ."H ^ ' ' 

1 1 ■ 

j"i" ! ' 





1 -■ ■ , 

sL.\i^r ;;:-"..■>,■.'> v\Lu.~iiiiA.i 


llml for I.' Ill I'l.'tiinl li-lmirc. 

TlifM lie hla llfi-. Iirciliiic .-i 
nipinln'r nt tlio I'rc-liyli-rlnii iliiiri'li. nii 
illU'r, 1111(1 In i-vi'iy wiiy ii icMilly 
l-lniKtliin i:rnlli'liinn. 

In ls:iT .>;.oii .Nni'l niul lioi.i'ii i:iii<. 

H1.I111I n mnro. 'llilB mini- llkr nil llic 
ollion ivim „t 11,,. K.'iii'nil inon-hiin. 
illm. lyiii'. ThP riiBl dlnllnrlly olif dr. 
purliiicnl ilnro In lloikulir wim a mil- 

nr the rirc hi INill, O. .1. InnlR nnil 
.1,'iiiir's .M. ('o\ iinil n miiir iin.l tin 
slinp on llio .North Sldr. 

Siiimii I .>tiMn8r LORiin linnlnoss In 
llii.kvlllc 111 IKl.l, lie iniiiliii'l(-d 11 
livery iinil Blork l.iiyliii; lniiilli>.Bn con- 
llniiniiKly rrniii Unit ilnl.' iinlll INilii, 
whnn ho Hold lo II. ('. Iliinnit. Tli'.|i 
ho fBlnl.llHlii'il Ihi- first ilMlnilly 
rfiidyiniido rinllilii): store In llic. 
foiinly, Inliii.llni; thnl lilg b..iib. i.nv- 
I.I. .iMcoli nnil llpiiry Bliniild .-nndiiil 
II fiu Iholr own. Iinihl nnil .lii.nh iti" 
ii-l.tcl the iiin|iosll|.in. hill llonry ro- 
IliBCd pOBlllvi-ly to ilork In 11 Btoro. 
ivon for n third liilrii'.sl In Iho liii«! 
nrsn: llnvid noon n lln.inlalird hl« 
Bhnro to .laroh nnd wnil to Knn-^na to 
rnmiKo In hiiBlnosii, rplnniln.: bI\ 
iiii.iillia hilrr to hoi oiiio do|.iitv ( l"rk, 
.Incoh iiHitlniicd tho liiiaiuofi.i .jiilli- 
BllcirBiiriilly iinlll his dinlh. Ilo w.i- 
diovvnod In llio Wiilindh nl Iho n-oir'. 
i.r nil! Iln.iiinn, .Iiino ■-■:.. Is;i, n«' ■.'.• 

'I'linl Iho old 11.10 hiinlnoKB mi'ii i.l 

in Ihcy wcro <ni.MKod until tho 
riro i.t I.ST" ilostriiyoil thoir bIoio on 
Iho Nnilh SIdo of llic S.iiiiiro. -rho 
"lli.iii-liiimn KlrlB" niMio lo llmktlllo 
Willi Iholr rmlior'H I'jiiiilly l\ In 11 ho 
ninvod I'rimi tho l.ind on which ho hoi 
lloil In |x:;il. n linir n.llo miillli of 
town. III. »oii( Inlo hiiHlnoMi In |.s:ui, 
Iho riiiii l.ohm .Soil a llollL.hlnnn 
l.nlor ho ko|.t Iho "llo.kvlllo llniim.'. 
whioll Bliioil nil Iho ■'..inor now nrni 
(iloil hy thu llli'o A <'i.. hilll.lliiK. In 
I.H.M ho hoilKlit Iho liolol. wl.h h Klniiil 
on Iho priHinl alio or Iho I'nrko ho- 
in, nnd kojit this tiivorn for Iwolvo 
yonr«. I.ntor woll known nillllnora 
woro Mra. I.ynih. Mi». Iloo. W. I'nl- 
llniia nnd Mlaa .Mnry Tlnllon. 

In IRII J. M. .Miliola Btnrt.d n tin 
Khop. not Iho rlrat inio. howcvor, na" I'nrko loiinly onpiKod In hl^ Irnna- 
nio.lotinn I'ox'hnd iiiidorlnkon llila nrllona la not to lie doiil.lrd. Tho 
hiialnoBB aoiiio llmo boforo. lint liftrt pork pnoklnit nnd iiion niilllr Imalnoi'a 
lo(l town hpr.iro .Mr. .Vlchola rniiio, down Iho rlvor ovlilonlly Iniolio.l on- 

HaiMiicI N. Ilakor, who citahllalicd a lorprlBoa of conaldorahln mnKnItndo. I 

'with B tliiio limit nnd ponnlly. Ilo 
'omplclod tho rontrait two wcckn 
fthrad of the date ror coinplcllon. 
The rirtt linnklng Inalltiillon In 

I'nike foniity wan rBlahllshod In 
ix.-.:i. hy <lrner:il ilc. IC. stoolo iin.i 
IVraliia I-:. llnirlH In inlinorllon with 
.MiBHla. Ilrnrkwr.y niul I.ovIiikb, of 
flovoloild. Ohio. The anfo, wol|!lillii( 
l'..H«l iioiinda, Alia linilloil on n wnumi 
troni Torre llniile, Iwelve yoke nr on- 
III nnd aovorni men holiiK roipilroil for 

Iho tnak. tho liiiiik lii'tun hiiallio 1 

Iho l:n>l SIdo, hill In IS.V1 nna niovoil 
In till. Iliirria l.iillilliiu. whore the 
linoliy lliriliMiro aliiro la now In.iil' 

Id. II una ni Ilioly Mow nrunnlM 

Hon whlih ton.i ohnrco In |M--,.\ The 
l:n»torn 1111 11. not l.olni: In hiirinony 
iillh tho WoKlirn moikhohlora wllli- 
drew, nnd tho lioiiie alockholilora or- 
Knnlzod the I'nrko Cimiitv hnnk. U' 
ronllnnod na n Stntc Imnk iinlll IX'l-l 
when it hoiniiie tho KIral Nnlloiuil 
llink. The I'nrko County hnnk lind 
a I'liplhil I.r ^llMi.lliKl, Ihn NnllonnI 
hnnk. »lj.\l)iai. (Iinornl Hloole wna 
liroahlent of both linnki, retiring In 


1.S7I. In isiil (Iw lal.lhil «u^ In- 
crousrd lo $l."ai.i«Ki, nnd In 1S7!i lo 
SL'Kl.OH). In IMTT th<- nrmiiB of Mils 
linnk wore ilosn.l nnd ii niw oru-nnlzn- 
linn pcrfortPil wIMi a inlillnl or $l("l.- 
cMiil: J. .>r. SIHiola licTiiini- Ilr^sldcnt 
nnil S. r,. McriMic. cnslilcr. Ton ycnrn 
laliT II was nsnliL r<- oicunlzcd wllli 
Saiinicl T. ("Qllln. priBldonl. and r. 
II. McliolK. inshlir. At Ino dc.Hli ol 
Mr. lallln Mr. Nl.liol« l.ocnMio |.roal- 
tlonl nnd A. T. Iliockwiiy. rnshlir. M. 
II. •nsi- lina conllniiid In Btrvo as 
vlrr-|irraldriit since the last ornnnl/.n- 

•rlie rnrke IliinkInK ■innininy was 
niKJinlzod In ls7:i l).v Airrert K. Stnil;. 
.lolin II. T.ile nnd Dnvid conlirr, rwo 
years liiler .Mr. ronllir retired nnd 
llie linsllless was londnclecl l.y Mr. 
StnrI; nn.l Mr. Tate mil II IS-Sil. when 
Hie Inner reslcned na easlller lo CO 
Into liiishieas nl lllniilia. Neli. I'reil 
II. Stnrk snieeiiled .Mr. Tale as eaali. 
ler. The L-rnwtli of llie hualness o! 
thla hank diirliii; the iieM ten yo:irs 
\MiH Hu Kreal llinl the |iro|ieKll Ion lo 
renrKiinl/.e It Willi an eMended Hat of 
slMi-ldioldei'R was <|iilekly neee|iled hy 
InrnI raplliillsla of the Cniinly. and II 
una re^ircnnlzed a^ the I'ai-lie stale 
llallU. Its presenl oirheis iire A. II. 
Stark, i.resldenl. Wllllnni .1. While, 
vleeinealih^nt. Ceo. C. Miller, .ashler. 

Until llnrkvllle liiinUa In vnlniiie of 
liiialnena nnd In every feature that de- 
llnea cnort hanking- are ehiBae.l aiiioiiK 
llie first hanks of the Slate. 

tieiieial Steele upon Belling Ills 
store at .Miiiisrield In ism. enme to 
llorkvllle. where he eniharked In biisl. 
ne»a will. Aaron ll.inn. They c.m- 
.lii.'ted 1. i:enernl store In the frniiie 
l.iilldlnR which slo..d until removed to 
lie re|.lnced In ISTU hy the I'reshyter- 
Ian .hnr.h. The last hualness eon- 
dueled there was b meat slutp, I think 
hy a young man— i:d lloynoldB. The 
InillillnK was then In had repair, and 
was still known aa the Steele Corner. 

tine of the iiinsi reniarkahle of llork- 
vllle iHislnesB men was llmry llar- 
i^riives. Tills eiierKctl.'. Btiirdy an.l ro 
aoiircefiil Knullshninn eaiiie l.i Itoek- 
vllle In isill. He was a sho.-inaker 
nnd l.e^nn hiishiea-. as Bilefi on the 
.Sorth Sl.le of the S.iilaie. Within 
five years he liati added a larue Blo.k 
of fa. lory made hoots nnd alines lo ItIb 
liilsllieRB- .IB II ahoelnaker nnd harness 
maker, whieh hy thai time einplnyed 
many m.-n. Then canie the fire and 
the 1^^B of most of Ills store. WMK 
Hip hnlldlllCB on the Xorth Sl.le were 
.vet hninlim he hired men lo ipnirry 
the Kloiie and make the l.riek for a 

Ihr Binry hiilhllnR. The fire oecnr- 

red In Septeiiiher. Iiefore cluistmnB 
Mie new IniU.llnR was np. In the 
meant line he had erected tennment 
hoiiBes In various parts of town, an.l 
In every wny |.na»llile he devoted lllii.- 
seir 1.. the ilphnlhllilK of the . nin- 
ninnlly. Ills eHlhiinhle wife, llnnn;ill 
MilrKi'avex, alHn went Into iirtlve liilBl- 
nisH, and ror years before her death 
I'laidiirted n hirue millinery rslahllBli- 

II. ,1, InnlB was olinther of Kn.'k- 
tllle's enterprising linslneBS men, 
wlinse art Mill's were of a pilhlle- 
splillid nature. Ill' .<:iiiie lo Tarke 
f'liiiiily lo .'h'rk In niie of the I'inres 
al lliis.'vllle. Then he came to Uoik- 
vllle and eiiKiiseil In lines of 
I'l.slneHs. lie liiilli Innis l.lo.k nrirr 
the North Side fire. Al thai tlaie 
he WOB aiienl for the Kx- 
presB I'll., nnd was the first expresB 
aRenl In I'arke t'onnty. lie was huc- 
ciede.l hy fharles .M. Ilnnnlnitl, who 
slarled In the Jewelry hnslnesB here 
In, an.l he hy W. N. Carlisle. Mr. 
Carlisle lieitan working for the ox- 
lirpBB company when a Ind twelve 
>'cani or ago, In 1HU8. Ilo also did * 

transfer bilsln 

larRo while be was yet a bo.\ 
came express nsenl In ISS4, 
tinned In that capacity until t 

lik'li was ipilto lie and J. M. Nichols went with an 

■et a bo.v. Ilo he- ox team in 1S411. Mr. Kbacklct.ird'B 

store lias on tlie North Side, and was 

3 drstroycd with most of his Block In 

ISMI, wlicro ho resided until hiB dcalli. 
Mr. .Shaekleford was one of the niost 
Inlclleetnal of all of llockvlllo'B hnal- 
ncsB men, a good writer and R public 

fvi'^'^lX y^ 


Imri.. I- 

aco, when be 
enec Harrison. 

llarton \\. Sbaeklefonl, 
step-ion or I'crBliiB K. 

Bucereded by Clnr 

iifiiiiiNo, nrsTnovt 

the fire of INTii. 
enl Whipple Dry 
btilldlng an 
tbero until aliont I 

e hum the pres- 
(loo. Is eonipany 
In liiiBlneBs 
Tbcn lio op- 


grew to manhoo.l in llorkvllle, em- 
barked In the dry gnoda biiBlncBfl up- 
on lili return rroiu Calirurnla, whoro 

ine.l the shackltford con) mine near 
Will lama Creek, wlileb be eondnctod 
until ho Icrt for St Joieph, Mo., hi 

speaker of more than ordinary Rhlllly. 

I'r.inclB II. Whipple and A. c. Hales, 
long prominent In the huBliiesR and 
s...'lnl life of llo.'kvllle, eame In Isill. 
The fi.rmer condm-ted a ilry gopda 
B.ore on the Kast side, adJniiiliiR the 
drug Bloro cBtablislii'.l iiy Mr. Hales 
on the I'lirke bank corner. Ilotil weie 
one.Blory frame bull.liiii;s. a picture of 
whiili 1» pilnted elsewhere. Mr. Whip- 
|ile ennllniied In hiiBln.aB until the 
fire of i.MTI ihslroyed his atore build- 
ing. He then rrllred. . Ills son, Kran- 
cls II. Whipple, Jr., who cleiked In his 
tiitiier'i store, afterwords went Into 
Hie dry goedB IniBlnehB with /,. T. Ov- 
em an. The firm of Whipple « Ov 
iriiian wmb one or the brat known In 
I'arke County, I'pnii the death of Ml', 
iiieriiiaii In l.xi'1, .Mi. WTilpiile eim- 
llniieil Hie biiBlness until his deiilli In 
IINiii, Blnee whlih Hiiie the luisliieBii 
lin« been lonliniied n« the Whipple 
liry c.i. I''riink Whipple will 
long be roniemlirred In I'arke Cnimly 
for every iiiiallly IhnI defineB a pel'- 
reel ginllenian. 

Iloekvllle bud Iwn ilnig alnren In 
the alxllea-A. (', Itnlea nnd Hie HInrll 
llriitbori— Alfred K. and I). W. The 
latler'i «lorc wn« on the Xnrlh Hide, 
However, before Hint llino Ihn aloro 
«nn on the Mast Hide: It wns eat.ih 
llBlied by laaae (I. Corfin an.l a part- 
per naiued Cloud. Alfred K. SInrk 
began ileriilng In tbla "lore when tw 
tvni •oveale«n. Upon the complrtlon 
of InnlB hlo.'k Mr. Ilalea moved Into 
the room mif neciipicd hy Tad f.. 
J,}bnBon. WllIUiii M Ott nnd W. II, 
Fry eBtabllBlio.l • ijnig Btoro on the 
Kait 8lde In the eirlj MVcntlM, ■ 


I.. »hl. li "ii» iiiM rwiu.U | I) li.'.iinn> tho (III Itiiv.lnnic Cniii- 

il,.. ||„i,.hlMH"n llic.lli.-.x. A. M. l.n.iy. nlul iv"» ■■■.iKli.. lo.l l.v I •. II. 11. 
Will Tl.r lull.'.- «li.Ml n Im.v .1. nn.l U . r. .Pit, 

nil III cklk tor .\. C. lliili'K. Willi UlllLiiM II, llicmm iil .V. II. Mi . 

,11, 111. »iin n«»n:lill<'il lnr |m ilinim Minli.i ivoio Imii; inBii. Inl..,! locolliiT 
III hilBlllini 111 llorLilllo. .Mr. Ovi'r- 

1 ciiM.o hci-c Ml.iim the I'losn or the 

ihll War 10 niiinni:.' 111.' Iiiiiilii.'im 
« miH l.i'K.iii III a liui:.' now 
HiiiM.' liiilliliii): on the SoiilhoiiM .or- 
n.-r oC Iho B<|iiiiro. rlil« IiiiUiIImr Im.l 
II hull iil>m,> II UhoM-n UK Wnahlnu'loii 
Imll, II vtiii. d.Eli'..>'i'.I whi-n llio 
Sniilh SI. In wim l.iirii.'il .Inly I. ISTI. 
Til.' Hloiv wn Ihoii m.ivill 1.1 llio new 
lulrk linllilliiii In llic r.ioin n.nv o.-.ii.'.l by ■r.-.ii.Mio & Cliniininn. IIimv 
Ovciinnn it .Mr.Mnrtry i-onriiiclod n 
Inrff.* bimlniKn. luit In tlio tiioiintliuo, l-i. 


h of I'orllniiil MIIIb. rniiio lo llii.k- nl' Hi.' I Ilrni doctor, "iiiilli'd tpolh," 

vlll.' Ill llio nlxlli'ii. Tli.^ InlliM- wim mill »o nilitlit uny llinl loolh ivfro 

.vlii-rirt for mo IcrniB. '.11 lo '.l.-.. •Iliry -oniollinon pnlli-d nt Iho iwllor tlmii 

iimilii.'Ird II moro nwhllo on llio lliint xllli linllol nmiilda: Tlio fitat iioriii- 

Side. Mr. Plnvona thon wonl hi biml- . niiont .lonllal or donlal iiirKcon win 

oy '^J 

...iiiv, ilii;iliu nhli'li llnio li.< ii 
,U 11 knoMliilKi' 01' iiliiii-iiuioy lir 
Ihiiii .an I..- oiilnlii.-.l frnm II 


A. II. m nirit'i'iiv, 

I'. M.'Muriry liinl a.i|iiliv.l hla Inili- 

I r« Inioimi III tlio aioro. Mr. (iior- 
Mian r.llroil iiboiil 1SM|. II. II. lliiilir hliii. tho fli'in l.o.onilnL- 
.M.Miiiiry ,H lliillor. 

Il.'for.' llio «iir lliioliilllo iiaa .-on- 
ri.l.'i'i'il ...Hiiiniinliian .'niini.'li fur a 
'.iLiiy-u niiialil.' iIiIiik n lion oiio 

.iiiiHldorn II iilillalii'.l oilHlniii or 

liniii.' IiiiUIiil:. WIIIIiiiii I'lniiili will. 111.' 

INI 11' till' liiik.'r »li.i I'Miiio li.Ti' al 

li'llkl Ion yoiMH ali.'li.l or 111.' iliii.'H. Mo 
■ ''• "" did 11.11 r. iiiiiiii loiii! In liimliio-». and 

«.Iii.i.1h. Ill' In inni lio.nini' llio tnior H wa» nol niilll ismi tlmi liinkilllo 

.11 Mill II. (HI, Willi l» now i.rniirl.' .'iiii'ii'il 

1.1 III.- Iiii-,n,'^, iMiii.likli.'.l l.y hli i:. si'ooi 

Ijillior. ,<l<l.' I lull .v.'.ir. 

.lolili .III III,. I .li,liii II. I'rioo .'Hinli' .lanii'ii l.anili.'rl, .Ir.. liinl .. Ki'iioory 

llah.'il i> liai.luai'.' :iiiil uro.ory ai.iio hioio oii Mi.' N'nrili Sldo In Iho aKII.'H, 
ivlil.h ho aflonvarda liiovo.l to Iho 
My.'ia Corner, and sold lo I'lrinnii ,M- 
Ion. 'I'lio My.'ia iflllior ivaa Iho linino 
or Snnl. .MyoiR. who kopl linnr.lor-. 
mil nt line tliiio had a Rr.i.cry store. 
The weal bIiIo lower floor « aa a sloro 
room. It was do8lroyod hy fire In 
the winlor of vsi.'S'J. and the L-rniind 
I'lir. hiiB.'d hy tho Ilo.killlo Opera 
lloiiBo roiiipany. 

,lnlin Siindorland had a <lry co.ola 
Ml. re wheio Iho WryborBor l.i.ll.llni! 
BtanilB. .\. K. SInrk la po-lllvo Ihal 

II «iia In a ino-alory hrlrk InilhllnK. 
My Iniiiroaalon of the iilmo. Ilioiuli 
Ihiu of a iHiy five yoara old. la a ainall 
franio Inillilini;. II wna ihon Hi.' post- 
offlio Willi .In.lco I'ollB aB |io»lnri»lor. 

Wllllaiu II. lliii'illiiL-. who waa In Ih,' 
.try l.nalnoaa lor liioio llii.n 
menly .lonia. .am.' In Ih.- fiflloa. Mo 
waa for a llino aaa'irlmod wllli (Irooii- 
hiiry Wai.l on llio Mam Side, whore 
he had a lilc ilore at Iho llino of tho 
riro In ISTJ. Mo ron.liol- 
ed hnalnoaa In llio Nnl.inol lliliik 
lliill.lliii.'. .Mr llarillni: Ihon looir.l lo 
.Ml Ih" \orlli Sl.l.' In Ih.' alMloa. Thla III.' Ward f.iriii, wlloro ho lliod for - 
I'lialii. i> nnh n.-,pilrod hy aovoral y.-,ira and Ihon amiln heiniiie 
I'aild lliM.r (111 an, I Walliioo lloy.l. a r.'al.lonl of llorkilllo. Mo waa one 

and una manv mhib one of Ih.' of the boat known n of llio eoiinly. hi tho loilnly. II Riil>-o.|iionl- lleiiben and (k.iree Inai', 

noaa wllh .liiine. Mor.lnn. The laltei 
waa iilai. t.nvnalllp Iriialoo. 

.loa.'ph ( -11111 had a Jowolry Binro - 
porlpipB Iho riraf In llorkilllo aov 
.'lal y.nri. b.'r.ire ho onllau-.l In Ih. 
I'Oiirlornlh Inillnnn. nii.l dl.-.l m\ 
Ch.'nl M.iiinliiln In ISiil. I'al Thoin 
na In 111.' aUll."- laid ii lariio J.'.v.'lr.v 
aloro In the oiial lilill.llni: of Iho .N'orll 
Sl.le, when' Ih.' lilt flro aliiilo.l. Will 
lam .Mexaiiil.'r ri'piilrod waich.'a an.i 
had B Biiiall Blo.k of Jew.'liy on III. 
Milal Side, and vnrlona niher pln.'.'a 
llnrlon .V Mnnnl.'nll .am.' In ls;:l 

Thi'lr firal alo 

In Mil' (y 

of .1. 1,. I'pp'a ►liiillo, In 
the room helow. I'ranli M. Mall lanie 
iihoiil Iho Baiiio Ulil.'. Ilia Btoro waa 
In a Iraiiie Imll.lInK ahoill whore Ihn 
Colonial leHianiiinl la now lo.nlod. 

A man by Iho name of ilaloB waa 
lioekvllk'a thai pholonraplior. Me 
made pl.-tilroB .-allo.l "niallneolytioa" 
or ■'Blhertyiiea." In the alMlos Will- 
iam (loluor Iwi.l a birRO Kallery .in the 
third floor of the llarrla hnll.llng. Mo 
aold t.i CInr.noo Noel, a fine wlnE 
ahol. whiiae pohilor doK ".Ve.l," wna 
eolebialnl for hla relnarkalilo kooii' 
n.aa of aeoni and trnlnlnL'. Slannlon 
lihi.klo.iKo for a lime made iiboio- 
l.'riiphB III Ihe hnlhllnK laal yi'ar lorn 
down wllh sainnol chooBor'a ..hi 
hlaokBMiltb abnp. It orlL'Innlly alood 
on Iho nnrtli end oi' the S|i. nrer l.if 
.III .lerforaoii alroel. The lower floor 
una Dr. Ilhii-kl. .luo'a "Flinp." Dr. 
llhi.' «na llorkillle> firat .lonl- 

Scott llnm). and .l..|in Cnllon.lor 
laiiie to Il.'.kvlllo from .Manaflold and 
went In liiiBlni"-a nlmiil whore Ihe In- 
dex Nol Ion .«' la on the Kial Hl.lo. 
Thoy had a Inrco warelmiiao In o.m- 
ne.'llon with their bnalnraa. whl.h nn- 
III ro.'rntly waa nai'il by Iho Hhannon 
& Mnvona I'oiillry rompnny. 

Knrly donllala wore. Dr. lllnokledRo 
ami the .Mciiown llrothorB. All 

Dr. W. X. Wlrl, who cnlne In l.ST.V 

lln,'killb"a rlral "hiiallrr" In hnal- 
niBB waa l:. .1. MiiEh.'B. Mo laino in 
t..wii anon aflir Iho cloao of the war. 
and 111 ..lie.' h.'-an the iiinal allipond- 
oiia lii.'lhnila of ailierllalnn out 
known In I'nrke c.innly. .\o man ho. 
hire or alnre'rila.'d ao exienalve. 
ly. anil b.' .iinai'd oieryhody to Bit np 
anil take nolle.'. Mo |iiilnt.'.l Hie front 

of hlB alnre ro whl.h waa about 

Ihii cout.'r gf ihc .\oith Side, rod, and 
yon loiil.l K.i n.iwhor.' In tho Cnnniy 
wlthonl h.'lim ronilnil.'.l of the "H.-d 
I'roiii," and "i:. .1. MnulioB' Ch.'np 
Ca»h Sinr.'." Tin' fire B.'rloii»ly hurt 
.Mr. MnKh.'a flnaiiolally: but It dl.l 
not .anae him lo lot np for a day. .V 
hlB throoali.ry warohonae Blood one 
B.innre n.iilh of hla El.ire on York 
alreol. oppoBlle .•>;. W. CiinniiliiL'B' liv- 
ery Blnblo Into tbiB .Mr. Ililchea 
moved anil |iro.oodod lo paint the 
hnne ol.l biilbllnu a vivid roil. There 
be rondiiolod biiBlnoBB for n lime, but 
loft llo.kvlllo nhont !.><:•.'. lie w.ia all 
entorprlalni; clll/en, and waa not 
afraid to put ninney Into Ihe dovoln|i- 
ni.'nt of the town. Me Iioiil-IiI the 
forty airea owned by llilaa.'ll (Ireen, 
nnrib of lown, platlo.l It Inio Inla, and 
lalird II .Snrlh Itorkvllle," or 
"lliiKhet' .\ddltlon." hiii neither name 
ain.k. It wa" called Ihe "I'lirly," and 
hy ihni name la known lo thla day. 

Iliifna Donley li.iB hron In oonllnn- 
oiiB bilalniaa In the aalno lino loniter 
Ihan any other llnikvlllo hnalnoaa 
man. Soon aflor he .aiiie out of the 
army In ismi he .nine to lloi-kvlllo ami 
inlrred a hnr.lwaro aloro on the r.aat 
Sl.le wllh William Knowle« and Sain- 
nol Manlll. Mr. Knnwloa aoon rollr- 
ed fiom the hnalnoaa anil Iho firm ho- 
oiiii e Maclll ft D-mloy. ,\flor Ihe Kaal 
Side flro the atoro waa moved to the 
bnlldlnR It now o.-rnplea. WIlllBiii 
.McMlllIn nnd l>. \V. stark hn.l. In the 
Incantlnic acr|iilrcd partnerablp, tho 

nmuMA •TAia UBILU* 

llnii lii'liiK Mc.Mllllli. Sliiili it lliiulcy. 
.I.'KH.' II. I'lihiii'lly wllh Mr. Kciiiir.v' 
Ihi'ii liniiKlil III" Hinn', lolillnnhlu ,llii> 
hiiHlnots KB linnloy k i'miiii('II.>. .Mr. 

Cnniic'lly rrllrcd n o ynira nK", 

w hni .\. 'r. l>nnlry lin-nluc a iiiciiiUer 
iir Ihi' riMii, iinw klionil nB tllr llooloy 
ilnrdwurf To. 

{•'iiiimn Allen, who prcvloiiB to com- 
liiK In lli'rkvlllr niiH In liliBlncBS at 
.^Inntr/.MNiQ, palablinlird a grnrory here 
111 llio Intp Rlxtles. Mr. .Mien wiis n 
lino ^iKelnien 'if Ihn typo of liiiflineBB 
Nii'n of Ills lime, dlKlilfled nnd uenlle- 
ipiuiily In clonionnor, yet wnrni-lienriod 
and Kindly. Me rellreil In I.K.Ht, when 
ho Bcjhl his 'lore to Wllllniii M. 

Wllllniii .\. HiivonHoii liiiU ft store 
In I'nrke Coiinlv nt I'oriliind MIIIb 
lirevlniiB I.I iMonllnt! In llookvllle In 
IH7H. \ fi'nlnro nl Mr, Hteveniion'B 
ndiortlBoinonl In the lloekvlllo pii- 
iroi'B una II Blcniilnre Hint beemnc n 
►.irl of irmlo mnrk •'■.loft ('. Sloven- 
win, I'ImrloB .\. xtevennon, I'ronk K 
Slevennon, will II, Stevenson, Sules- 
inon," A IrsH eoiiBelonlloiiB iimn lliiin 
,Mr. SlevenBon nilRht Imvo mldod the 
nnine of Allien— but Albert wa« too 
yniinL' then In he ii elerlt. Mr Stov- 
oimnn Hn» n pupil of thnt morrnntlle 
B.hnnl which cnidimled »noh men ns 
Chnnncy Itose. Innrie .1. Sllllman. 
I'erslnB K. llurrlB imd ninny olhoi-B 
like IhoiM. n ninn i.f Btrht InloKrlly 
nnd nnniiofltloned inornllty— n Chris- 
tlnn Rrn'loninn. The huBlnesB oBtnlt- 
llBhe.l hy hini In Itoikvllle Binreodod 
to hiB Bon. V. K. Stevenson, nnd la 
now lohduoted hy hln son, Wllllniii |i. 

John I.. N"Cl ivns long In IniBlnoBB 
In llookvllle on the South Side of the 
Siiiinre. .Mr. .Noel utia n \ery pnul- 

ent nnd eoon loni hnalnoas miin, 

Btihlly hono»l In IiIb denllnJF, and he 


B<rl|.llon of .Moiilen i il|i-li|.iliili'. II IIoiikoii .onlln I In the lolnll ImibI- 

no douhl n.lrly doBordiert Ihe pinoo ul iiobb nflor llie deollne nf ihe fninil 

the llmo II nppi'nred In Ihe liiiNiiiiii inilll he lind roiiiiihd out forty .venrt 

lln-.ntm- for ISJI. The author was of nellve hieioiinllle llfo In .Monlo. 

no douhl doB.rlhhiK the lown early In / i, with ten years of prevlouB husl- 

the year IX'.'I, alnco nothlnn la anhl m b« nt Uoolivllle and Arnileahuri.'. lie 

n<-,|iilrod oonalderahlo wealth. I [la 
honofno||on» afler hia rellroinenl from 
huBlnias demonalniteil that he had the 
welfare of biuiinnlly nnd of hiB roiu- 
niiinlty nt heart. 

The fovoRolnp la a annimary of 
llorkvllles biwliuaa iiiou nnd iiiorcnn- 
tile Inalllullona iirovlnns to a date too 
reoent for dolalird il»scrl|.|lon. Blnoe 
It uonhl bo iiianlreatly InipoBBlblc to 
lake up In thla manner all of the later 
Indlvhluala nnd rirniB. 

•■l/o,/(<ii«nifl" --A Biiinll vlllaae In 
I'lirko County, »ltnated on a henntl- 
fill l.lurr on Ihe enat l.nnU of Iho Wa- 
hnHli rlvi^r, T inllea from llookvllle. 
Thla phiro liaa the ndvnntano of Blenm 
nnvluntlon, and hhla fair to boooiue a 
Plare of IniporMnoe. It lontnlnB An 
InhnhltnnlB. ime tavern, and aeveral 

rerhnpB yon have ohaorved the luo- 
Inllon liiarkB. hut If not, pleaae know 
nt oneo that tlio aboro Ib not a dc- 

nf a Blore. It was prohnhly later In 
Ihe yonr Mint .losopli .M. Ilaynoa oa- 
hihllahod the firat sloro In Monte- 
ziinin, too lalo to l-oI In Ihe llaznlifi: 
lie hail a ninnopoly of the rolall Inial- 
noaa for Boii e lime, when a man niim 
id NoBwIth atnrtod a aloie. lllB atook 
lonalaUd of Ino IioIIb of ealho and a 
harrol i.f whl»koy. 

.Monlor-uma dilflod iiloiiK wllh ii 
low aloroa and waa more of a alilp- 
plnK point for other placoa In the 
fniinlv until Is.-Ji, when very now 
wine was put In thla old hMtdo, arrlp- 
lurally apoaklnu', for the t'nnni hail 
ooiiie. and Wllh It aonie of the nioal 
enlorprlBliiK men who have flu-nrcd 
In the ooninionlal hlstury of I'arke 

Antlclpallni: the Imlhllni: of the 
Cannl, Col. Kinatns M. Ilenson. who 
hail been In Inislnoaa at Itoikvllle and 
.Vriiileahurf;. rnniied a parlnerahlp 
wllh .Tohn <!.. havla, then Clerk nf 
I'arke County, nnd opened a general 
merohnndlBo himlnoBa In isin. Thla 
pnrlnerahlp wiia onnllniioil for seven- 
tern years, ilurlnn whioh time Mr. 
llavlB was Clerk and then n nionihor 
of ConnroaB. so It la neodleaa to Bay 
thai Colonel llonaon oondmlod the 
linalnosa wllhoul any asslslanee from 
bla partnor, II wna a large and very 
flonrlahlni! hualnoaa, loo. RmwInK In- 
to a wholesalo l.uylni: nnd aolllnn nt 
the big narohoiico on Iho Ciinal. ITBi 
yarda north of the present arloalan 
well. This wnrebonae was inanagod by 
Kopttnina Vanlandlngliaiii. Colonol 

dealt honoally wllh ovoryhmly and 
wna uroatly admired and roBpeileil. 

.ludKo Waller C. Konnldaon waa n|. 
a.T In liilslneas at llorkvlllo. aa haa iil- 
ready been rehiled, hofore KOing to 
Mnnloziilnn tii lake advanlngo nf the 
Cannl. lie wna eiriloil naao.lale 
Jnilge In ISIS, aorvod aa iniinly eo.ii- 
mlsaloner. and In l.sill waa eloiloil 
llopreaontiillve of I'arke Coiinly. llo 
had retired from biislni>B long be- 
fore hia dealll, ami wna known far 
iiml whlo aa one of I'arke Counly-s 
grand old men. llo was born In Clark 
Ciinnly, Kentinky. Aug. -JJ. l.siH. At 
the ngo of 7^1 .liiilgo lionaldBon, who 
had boon a widower lor many years, 
uiarrlid .Mrs. .lull i A. Ilnaaoll. one of 
I'arke Connty'B pioneer women. The 
uiiuTliige erroiiiouy naa porfoniiod In 
a groio near .Mrs. Ituaaoira homo ami 
wna wltneasod hy a large oongrcgn- 
Iloii of frlonila. 

i;. «;. Wllaon, who waa for forty 
years one of Montozimurs most enter- 
prlalng oltlj'.enB. Iiognn luialneaB as n 
ilork for llonaon *; liavla. Afler 
aoiiie yoara aervloe he had nri|Ulreil n 
llinrongh knowledge nf linalneas nnil 
bnrt n.rnmnlnled anfflrlont oapllal to 
embark In an enlorprlse of hia own 
dirortlon. In he nnd hia hrollior 
atiirlod n general store In Monloy.nmn, 
ronllmilng the pnrlnerahlp nnlll isill. 
.Mr. WIlBon waa for many years one 
of the best known of Iho BUoeeBsfnl 
merohnnts of the munly. 

.1. X. Ireland, after elerklng In a 
grocery store In Now Vork City and 


l.alayetle, Indlnini, nnd lainluollng n 
Blorn of Ills nwii nl i'^iigene, Vernill> 
Hon Connly, oamo to .Monlezmua In 
INlll. Ilia ti'iide at .Moiili'Miina wna 
iinlle largo nnd he riinllnueil ns one 
of Ihe town's foroinoat biialiiosa men 
tor many years, lie wns burn Intirniiue 
Connly, .V. v., nnd nt the ago of II 
wint to .Sow Vork Clly, nllor which 
time he was enllrrly dopondent on Ills 
own reBOlllToa. Ilia life war. exemiiliry 
and ho was always hehl In Ihe hlgbosl 
latoini In the rommimlly whole lie 

llnnll.i Inintoil poimii iily. 

ilfiirgo .Melioniild. who ivita one of 
Iho wldosl known rommerelnl inrn In 
Indlnnn, began biiKinosB aa n grncer 
in .Monlemimn abnni ININ. lie after- 
uaiila woni "on the roalT ns u triivel- 
ing Bnlosmnn nr "dnimnier," ns lhe,\' 
woie Ihin c;illo(|, ami wna engiiuoil In 
Hie onlling fur iiiuiiy yoiira, I Hiring 
Ihe ,Mui|ihy nr "bine rliihnn" innvo- 
iiieiii, ,Mr. .Milinnald, who linil hi'oii 
II "ilrliililiig iiinii," •iiiiioil llio pledHi' 
and nl omo lii'oaiiio one nf Ihn I'ni'p- 
nil St men In Iho mnveiiienl,' llvpry- 
nhele ho went he waa eaileil nil In 
iiinko Biiooehca. nnd hia olmiueni plead- 
Ing oniiaoil hnndrods nf men In sluii 
I lie pledge, l„ II. Vnling Went In 
.Mi'iiloziima In ls,-,l In elerk Inr .Mr, 
.Mollonald, lull soon lil'lorwnHls re- 
Kigned to enter Ihe dry goods bllsl- 
noaa with Aipilla Jiislls. .Mr. Vonng 
Mild hia part of the bnslnoiiB, and for 
liiioe yours waa hi)okkee|ier at .Meoin 
.Mills, llo nininid In .Moiiloziima and 
ongagoii In Ihe grocery and boot and 
aline bnalnraa. llo wna for many 

.1. r. Slaoy began buying grain In 
Monteznmn In IS.-, I. Me hail n wnre- 
house Willi a oapaclly of I'.l.iaal bnali- 

(Ib. llo eonllnnod for ny years in 

' arllve bnsliioaa, and died at an aii- 
Miliced age, nflor a life of exeopllnnni 
aollvlty, lie hol|K-d build the Now 
Vork & I'.rle. Ihe l.onlsvllle H Nash- 
vlilr. .Mllwnulioo & Siiporlnr, ami was 
employed on Ihe ounalruolion nf the 
Indiana a llllnnia Central riillriiad 
"hen he wna ntlrnolod by the hnal- 
mas proapool al .Monlo/.umn. 

.MoiriB llnghoB and .liinioa .Inenba 
wore two iif .Monlejiimia'B mnsi hlglily 
naiioilod men. In Ihe lialyoon days 
nl Ihe town they were ollizona nf 
gnat Imporlanoo to Its welfare. Mor- 
ris Hughes, allhoiigb lie was deprlveil 
of nil ills weallh In bis old ngo. wns 
by no moans a I'nilnro whin II i^mos 
lo the rent worth oi n iiiiin : and II 

wniihl he well Ind I If hia evemplary 

life aa a rlllzon of Ihal mwii wna 
emiilaled by lla olll/.ens of today, 
.lames Jaeoha for many years oondm-t- 
id a drug BiMic in Monteznmn. lie 
waa proiiilnenl In Iho affaira of Ihe 
llepillilieiin |i»rlv In wlileli lie look nn 
nellve part nnlll he wna iiulle old. lie 
wns nt one lime Connly Conimlaalon- 
or. Dlhir firnia nnd bualnoaa men of 
the early and middle period of Monle- 
zmua wore Uoneral T'lnnoy: Tenhrnok 
II. I'alrhnnka, I'rnit Trlnk, .loaopll 
Slephenaon, Stagg and llhirla, clinpln 
nml IllBlng, I'oler Sharp, WalloiB nnd 
Thoiii|.a..n, Cornwoll, linvia & Co., 
Mori la. Ilndley .li Co.. Wm. A. Ilonder- 
ann. (I'llriat nnd llnvla. II. I>. .lonea, 
Alfred .Mollonnlil. .lolin Snell, I', S. 
Illpua, W. II. Sylveator, rij the flnn 
of Stanley and Weaver of Annapolis 
liail a hranoh store In ,Montor.umn. 

The rirat phyalelnn to loonle In 
Monlezuna was |lr. .Ins. Illll. Many 
nIhoiB promlninl In Ihe moilloni pro- 
foHaion have prnrtlood there nnd nrn 
monlionoil elaowhore. among Iheiii Mr. 
II. I', linilaon now a mmngenarlan and 
Mill prnillolng. In Ihe early rtnys, In 
fail until n very recent perind, Mon- 
lezmua hiid no proreashmal men oth- 
er Ihan physlelnna, nil the Iaw,ver8 of 
Ihe Connly rcaldlng nt the Connly 
sent, llbwovor, llio town hfil ■ nuiii- 


I.,, „r ^ I -i'Uu„~. I IK 111' 

,>,ii ...111 I..I ><t 111 i> '""•" ''''ii' 

hi III.- r..nnl}-. Ai IK Mi. n.i.slrl.ini 

„r iii.l. WIT.' .I..I111 Niiylor. .liini.'K P.iv 
|. h.l.i-. rnif. Will 11 

II1..I11 n.l l.yri.i'.l. I mil.' 

Iiiiilliii: 1...I11I iliirli.i: (In- fin. .11 .....iii. nn 1 

or .ni.iil imvlKnIlon. On llio l.'.lli of iiikiI.'hI iinil k^'IHI. iimiil)' In >il« "I 
Miiy. IV,ii. Ilir l.lK wmi'lioiiHr, III x wi. |ii'„ii,i,i.. imU di-li Wi.K li.iii: 11 laiiilniiiili, «n«'i.|i. wkb n luilly. h.v W. li. Cinlih. II wiiH nrii'i-- 
nlH xnlil 10 Villi. iiiiiiH & Shillh. nn.l 

il Unit ..III. hliii. ITi. li> liln ».in, rii'iiiRo 11. rrmilin. who l.r. 
il old hi:.' mill wnn IkxIi iiiiiir lU |ira|irlrlor nl.oiit llilrly yoari 

linnUl luiroo Aii.l'-rBnn Jnck". 

Iiolh vclrn.nn nf llio I'oiirlroiilli Indl. 

luriK.v n.«\MiMl'. """• "lilillili.'il "loroii In PrlilB.lon 

nflcr rclurnluK frnm llin anity. Ilolli 

llil.lKi'loii nn n iMmlnoiiB point dnlm ^.„^ i„ IniBlni-iis (licrc for twonli-flvo 

rii.i.i il.o very IKL-Iiihlni; of PnrUc 

I II iilsn lull, llir li.illni' itt 

^^^,V^„....^-,--.^.^ --i.-t^i --L_ 

^,^C.'wi....< I. liV'iltJw-*-*- 


Ilif mill a/lrr il.i irhiiihliiiri Ihi llif llnUiin 

men.. Ill Ilir Ciiiinly In tlic ri.ii hoiillnu .Inrl.'d 11 ►loiv iil (Union l.o.kii. Ilud- 

nil. Iliil wlii-ii III.' iiniil inlli-.l III.' mil .V r.i. j.iir.liiiii. il llic wnii'lu.iiB.- In 

d.'.lh r Ar Kliin;: k.'I In. Tin.' IsVs, nnd fi.i- 11 111...' did nn liiniioimc 

Hii. h i...'n iiH .luiii.'H lliiK-.'ll. wli.i cii' l.iislnrHH. Thru II lilK tlitvr m.i.'ry 

ilii.l.'d III.' inii'k nii'lilni: •i.ii.l'llHliiii'iit "nn pnl up. Ilif ninin l.iilldinu' Li'lnii 

nil. I II ,.,ni.' ilii'iT In 111.' I'lirly h.'h'Ii- Tr. x .'>ii IVi'l. Willi a i-Ii.m- Bli.'d Jit x 

i|.». liliil III l.i'.p Aniil. '; on Hip :iil' f.'i'l niid i<n« Blicd ■1\ x :ii! frrt. 

liiiip. l.iii ih.' .l.ntiL'.' Ill iiiinspiirlnllon Tor a lliu.' n r..n|icr Kli.ip Wii» oponil. 

111. Illll.« nn.l llip ci'iii'iiil iiBi' or i;l.Miii oil In niniH'.llnn wllli the mnv.' U\c- 

hiBl.ii.l or'i- I'lm.i- wi'i-i. fnrri'ii lory. I.m nil I1io«p onlorprl'.rB .ciiai'd 

111 II r.'iild nol 1.1' siirr.'-iilillly '.ini' « llli the I'xlinimllnn of .Invo lliiil.rr. Niiiii.i liiiil n invoin nl nn r:irly dnli\ 

.M...i. h.i.l on.' lilK l.iislii.'KB ion- i.nd b. i.TuI'i. nl dirfi'l'.'nl lliiicR l.y AI.Aaiiil.'l .Mr. 'nn.' mill .'<niii' iliuini; llic rmuil pirlnd. l.iil none of 

ml l..i.<r.v. Mb Knni.'i' mill nnd In." m ry iiimli IniiMl'loni-o. 
101 y . nli'i'i'iiBi'. how. viT. lii'loMi! 10 

mmlli.'r .l.'pniliiirnt or Ihls Bl.ol.'li. nnil hoskimikk iinsT ma.^. 

Hill I,.' L:lvi'n Ihcro. WIIIIr lli'iiinhnmp wnn ono or llic 
ll'fil nrnhinls. If rot Ihn riral. In 

*'■' * TOW .vsiiii', lliw'dnlo. IMr nlorp wna on llic rn"! 

■I'll.' .nily l.iiBlii'KB llf.' i.r l-'loilila aide or .Miiln alml. Ilo wna InliT 

Im.nslilp wiiH .iinrini'.l 10 lln,..'. ill.', p^Bliinisli'i'. nn.l .Inlin K llnrahliiiiKor, 

rlliiliin Lorkk mid Nii.i n. Ilnai'd il.' U who rnrnlBlii'B llila diiln. Ililnka lir 

I. .oiiipmiillK'ly ni'iv town, iib II wn» wna Ilio m'lond i^i^lmnBlii' of lln«i>- 

ill. I "on 11 Mill" nl nil iinlll 111.' Iiiillil' dnii'. The rlral lioallimBlrr. wlio 

Ihu or ilii- I'l. K r. nillroiid In |m'.ii. II arinl dnrlnx the nor, wim KmnU 

wna nol iiimh or n lown nnll! I.<n III II 

.vi'illa Inli' whin tlii< mlnm, ulilih Holy. Ili'll nnd llrnlhnra lind n alnik 

Bi'.pi.'nily iiiiidi' II n Inwn or niiii'h ..r lii'iii'iiil mi'iTlinmllBi' nn 111" weal 

Ih'Pi.n.n.i. Ill Ihi. riinmv. wni' op ilh or Mnln nir.'.'i iliirlnn III.' win'. 

I'lii'il. I'll. Ill IMIsi.i 1S71 .N.'Mi nnd lllikni 

I l.n.i' iili'.' aliili'd Mini I'l.iinnry riin.imli'il 11 Blori' ..n tli.' w.'bI <.|.I.' or 

Ilia", .1 iipliilii llr.ioka nnd Mi.a.a lliili- Mnln alnrl. I'lnnl l.sii:i In nlioill l.sTii 

l.liiK III iiiri'.nhlll.' I.ii.ilni'fa .lii'iy lli''ll did nn I'xlrnahr i-onpor- 

III roniii'illon xllli lli.'lr mill In INIIl. nm' InialiKaa. Ilia api'.lnlly wna rioiir 

.\« I'lilly na Iv.'.", .|,i,|„,' W.'d.lliiu ra- lill'i la. .lorry Hull wna n niili'd ninn 

liihllBli'il n a.riiiid al llii'i'.'. nnd In In rnikn rniiilly diirliiu 111" plnnarr 

l.nilii.rHlilp Willi .Mr. Ili.lil.lna "on- prrlo.l. Ho wna nol only tlio "li.'al 

diiilnl n pork pn.kliiu l.nainiaa. nlilp- ninn" In llila I'lmnly. l.iil ho wna inn- 

phiK llHir pioiliirt lo .Voir ilrl.iim nn rodod 10 l.o llio lii'i.| mnn In lonaldor- 

Mnl hriiila. nlilo ndJolnlnK lorrllory. na lir Inrnr- 

('Union l.nika, nflorwiirilH known lu Inhly w lilpprd orcryliody who lonlcat- 

rhrloly. did not Inal vory lone, how- 
I'vor, nnd II mny In- Irnlhrnlly anld 
thni for oL-lhy yonra Hint coimiinnlly 
lina rnnkod Willi llip lic-al In Iho 

.Vnlhnnlol Sninck wns Hie Mrat ninn 
In oHinlillali nnd innluluin a sloro at 
llrhlk-oton. Tho noxt wna Hint or Mnl- 
llcnn nnd Koldiniii. 'Iho liittor sold 
out to n ninn nnincd Sonrlns. .Mnl- 
IlKnn and SenrhiR contlnncd the atoro 
r<ir two ytnra wlirn SonrliiK rr'tlrcil 
from llio rirm. prohnhly to donl In rcnl 
oal:il.\ na ho plnllo.l llio lown 0" 
llrldKilon. B.I cnllo.l lioiiiiiao of a rndo 
liildi;o tlinl wna innalnirlod ocrofla 
Ilk- lln.i'oon— porhnpa tlio flrat l.rldKO 
In Iho cniiniy. Almnt Mils lliiio sinoik 
nnd .Mol'nrlnnd wont in hnalno.aa to- 
Kolhor. .Mr. .><iiiock waa In hnslnoaB 
In Itridcolon nt vni iona Illnoa tor nioro 
than ririy yonra. 

In l.s.'.il .Inniia I'ronka. who wna al- 
rondy known na a vory aiioriaafnl phy- 
Kli'lan lon.'lnilod In lornlo In llrldto- 
Ion, and movrd from a Irncl .if Innd 
ho hail piiri'lina.'d In llncoon town- 
ahlii 10 Iho Inwn wlioro ho liro.l until 
hla ili'iilh. .M IhnI II. 1.0 n pliralrlnn 
of ,iiiy roiia.iiiii'ii.n linil lo inrry a 

ronalil.'rnlili' a I( or npoi lio.nry 

rirlhloa In hla "almii" na Iho IIHIo 
l.niiaoa iiBiiiilly n.l|..lnlni; tho real- 
(h'liroa i.r phylilnna woio rnlhd. It 
waa n Biiinll ah'p from I hla alork In 
llinl or 11 driiu ainri', nnd II wna nn- Hull II aliniilil aiinii li,. Inkoll. I Ir. 
rrooka wna IkiHi phyahlnn nnd iiiorrh' 
mil. nnd hoaldoa Ida hiiilnoaa In 
llrl.luoinn ho hnd an Inloroat In a 
InrKO Bloro nt llrnrll. 'rho aloro oa- 
tnhllihod liy him la iilll cnndnctod hy 

riiioioil It for a ahnrt llmo boforo 11 

I'pon Iho lomph'llon of Iho K. ,^ I", 
rnllroad Saninol T. rnllln nn.l Tliom- 
aa llnrslininu Inillt tho wnrolio.iir allll 
atandhiK nnd naod hy Police nnd 
I'onco nt t'nllln. .Mr. Cnllln honcht 
u-rnln nt thai plaio for ninny yonra. 
lie wns nl one tlnio. aaaorlnlod with 
"Whll" nnd "l>oc" I'liotI In tho trnin 
hnylne hnnlne!>s. Jnim-a liny hiilll tho 
largo atoro biiMdlni: In tho early alx- 
tloa. Hie Boinnd al.iry of wlil.h Is now 
ocrnplod liy the .>laBonlc lodk'o, 

JAOKHON low^Mllir. 

If the mill at -Mnnaflohl wna Inillt 
In INL'i). then Hint pinoc slnnda next to 
lloaovllle In our early annnla. It wna 
n ipiostlon of aoine niiiTrlnlnly In 
l.s.S(l whelher Kelaoy nnd IH.'knnn hullt 
their mill In isai or later, hnt not Int- 
er than I.MJ.-,. II la linnlly prnl.nhlo 
IhnI It wns hiilll In IS'.'n; allll Hirro 
Is oildonce to snpporl llila dale. Tho 
poalorriio was ealnhllahod hi lK.'."i. 

OnornI (lonriro K. Nloolo npono.l n 
Bloro nt .Manariohl In I!<:1M. ami next 
year ho hoiiuhl Hio mill, lie rnndn.l- 
oil liolli ainri. mid mill nnlll INIil. 
when ho movi'd lo llmki llio. Iloni.rnl 
HIrolo Bold hla aloro lo lliimp ft Col- 
londrr. .loaao I'nrllow hnd a atoro nt 
.Mnnariold a IllHo Inlor. wlilrli lie »nld 
lo .lohn II. Miiaaor. Kllna Krinprr ho- 
unn liiialiH'Ba In iwiil. Cnl.ln rmoit 
and .lne.1l. H. folo worn In biialniai al 

Arier (Irnoral SInolo tho Mnnariold 
mill wna owned nnd run hy .Mllo 
• Inoklnn. Tonoy and llamlllon, .Innira 
'Murphy, Jacob llohni and tho present 


^»llr-r^. Miiniirh'l.rii .hWl Inilimlr.v 
IiikMih IIic mill wiin llii' wii^'cui iiijik- 
hiL- iinil hliK kKiiillh kImmi or .lolin 

liiiiilixly. Ill' vvnn mcrr I In IIiIh 

hliHlnrnx l>y Mnhlnii i;. Wi.Kxnii. In 

is.-.s .1. lliTi.lilx. who liiut II 

vv,.rl.lMK fnr .IiiiiicN 1'. •I'lrkiioi- ill 

ll.ukvlll.-. .Hlnlill-hi'd Ii MiiKoii iin.l 

I'liiihiKi' hIiiM'. Mr. lli'lKli'lx I'll hU 

Iiii»Iii.h:< for foiii- >,ni» wl hi' ..■.■>• 

I'll ulfh i:iilhilUr< In Islh Imlhinii 

l.iilli'iy- I'upliiln Kll l.llly-|.nrll.lpn|. 
InK In inoro thnn ivvnty l.nlll.'B anil 
nl.lniilHhc'S. Ill' wns one of Wllsnn'B 
nildiTB. nnil wii" »llh this i-oninianil 
wlirn II niinnri'd Ti-lTi'iflon I'nvls. 

SiMii' or llio I'l-nl phynlchiiiH or iho 
I'onily liiiM' liriK'lhi'il nl Mnnxrirlil. 
liMi'l.Mit \oriBln|:nr. Ililll. lll.iiU. 
hilly. ICnv.l mill riinnw. Ilr. Ih.vd 
Miin till' llillii'l' ul Wlllhni' .1. Hold, 
lloni: In IniHlln'ss In llorkv lllr.l who 
Mim horn In .Mnn»rii'ld. 

lh'llhiGri''B liii-lni'Ks lii'Klnnlii^- wins 
111 IKIii, when W'llliinii Aydi'loll Kliirl- 
I'll II lihirUmiillh xlio|i iiliniil ii liiiir 
mill' nmlli or llir pi-.-nciil lown, A 
mill' liiliT 11 hlii.l.miillli «lliip "lis Hi'l 
lip ini Ki'oiind now nllliln llii' pl'i-Hi'llI 
lliiillH or lli'llniiiri. mid noon n low 
iiihliiK wi'io I'U'.li'il rlow in II. Wlini 

.Inim Hull HI'.. I'limi' lo I'nlon lowii. 

Khlp ri-niii .Mn-hiirhUKillB. hi' biii;l-i'Fi(. 
I'll Ihiil (ho I'lihllin norlh of fho Sliito 
roiid I.I' ciilli'il .Voiilinniploli ninl (hoKr 
MMilli nl' Iho rniiil Sonlliiimplnii In 
loud r.'iiii'iiiliinnii' or IIioho Iowiih n( 
hlH iimlvo Sliili'. 'I'lio phi.'i' «iiH 
kiiiinn. howi'iii'. nn .Sorllinniplnn. iiiid 
II'IR lilinii' Ktlll rlKiii'i'i In rriil <'8tnti< 
tniiiioiilionH liiMilvlii;.' th.. o|.|..-lnnl 
phil or till' liinn. Whoii lIlo potlllon 
111 I'Hiiilillvli n poHt oirico roiM'hi'il 
WnshliiKliin II wiiK round llinl Ihorc 
wiin iilrrndv n .\nrlli.iiiiplon In Indl- 
Mini. Annlhi'l- imilio hn.l lo lir Klllmll- 
liilid. "Till' imiiio llrlliiioro." «ny« 
lli'iiilli''» hlRlnr.v, "IH mild lo liiivo 
iirliii'ii rroiii iln r.dlowInK oli'imn- 
utiimo. A .Mr. .Moore ul Ihnt Illiic n 
ri'Hldint or III.. Imiiili'l, liiid aniiio 
ihillL'lili'i''< Hhom llnn'riil Sli-i'lo, a 
uiiiKl or .Mr. Miioi'o, Ki'i'iilly iidinli-nil. 
•Iho Bom-riil on,' ilny mild lo IiIh IioM, 
•IhU lown oiiKlit lo 111' inllod Ilolto. 
iiioio illi'n['..Mo.ii'oi In limior or yoiii' 
diiiiKlili'l'B.' II vviiB BO nninod." 

Wllllnni 'riinnilon hiilll llio rimt 
Bloio In lli-llmori' iihoul l,s.".li. I'rnvloiifl 
lo thiit llino Wllllnni AlcMindor con- 
diiflpd n tovorn, or Inn. Iii:inf Wlin- 
nirr nricrw»rd» lioiight It and In 18.V1 
or '.".I Bold to Mooro nnd 8no\v. Mooro 
nnd Rnow liiillt n Btcaiii crlst mill nnd 
n Nitiv mill nnd nl«o n Binrc. wlikli 
lliry .nndiHli-d. I.nirr llrnrco Colo 
hoiik-ht mil Mooi'o nnil Know. Mr. Colo 
inllBlod In Iho iirniy and wbk roporloil 
inlBHinit ortor nnt- ot llic Imlili-B. lie 
wBB never »con liy niiy of lil« ram- 
nidr« npiln, nnd wne novrr hciinl nf 
liy any one who know lilin at PclI. 



dniil.t Biri'iiH In onn or bimIIIi shop nnd two utorca when Ihia 

of friivoH niniNrd liy Ihc «rllnr riiBl iiiw It. In llio onrly lov- 

d, ■■riikiiimn." .li'»>o rnlliB. Wllllnni O. PIiIIIIi.bp. rmlicr 

lOB llrnUi-nrlilKO nnd or llir I'lillllps llrolliorB, who wore 

illh wi'ro loii led Willi i„ni: In liimlnrH" nl .Iiidioii. Bold Rooda 

cnrly hiiBlnonB or Itollmnrc. „| Pnikcvlllo for over flfloon years, 

liriiliiiiu Colllniig wnB llio rii'Bt nnd km posliiinBtnr In isn'.'. I'lirke- 

iliiinl or llollniidBliiiri;. wlilili In illli- wiib hIbo rnmlllnrly known «■ 

ilch hilir town llinn llillmoii'. Ili> "lliinroliih," but why 1 Imvc Mover 

t a Biiiiill ronni in \ ::i. nnd enr hcen nldc lo rind out. na lla clllr.cna 


■ 1 

■/•//. . m(/r.v 11/ llni.rllh: lluikiHirl ni 
rliil a Bloik or perlinpa miill.dii, Tliln 
wiiB In IS.V,, while I hi' plnnk road wn« 
>llll In lino. The Colllnk-H fniiilly kuvc 
the town Its niiiiie In honor or a llnp. 
tlBt luenrhrr In Kentiiekv nlii.ln they 
mlnili'i'il. IIIK mime wiib Holland. 
Iliirvey Connelly l.iilll a lilnckBinlth 
ahop In (he plank rond ilayB. I,. II. 
.MrClliery Imllt and oceiipled the 
Bloro wlilrh iirterwnrda wna lonK oc- 
nipled liy the well known firm of 
Wrlfht and HloiK. 

(ii:»:k.\k tiiw'iiinim(.. 

AlihoiiKh I'orllnnd Mllla wiib a 
IhrhliiK IniHllieBB point In the early 
dii.vB lini iniieli or II.. liiiBlnrBB wna 
iralisnited In I'arke roiinly. as most 
of the lown la In rnlnani. Its people 
liavo nlways hnd a more divided iil- 
li'Klnni'o than any eonnnnnlly In the 
I'onnly, as It Is located In two Conn- 
Ilea und four lownslil|is: The mill, 
however, wlilrh wna IH prlniliMil hiisl- 
neB« aBsrl, Is In (Ireene Inwnahlp. 
Samiirl Unit and Adam Sellers had a 
hlK Bloro on the I'arke Couiily side of 
".Main alreef In the early days of 
I'orllnnd .MIIIb. Keiiien Slavena nnd 
tioorgo Inije, who laler went In Hock- 
vlllo lo enpaRe In hnalness, alno had 
B Keneral sloro In I'nrko Connly. 

I'lirkcvllle once iNU B IlirlvInK hiis- 
Incsi: It hnil a wBRon »li0|i, a hlaek- 

■( .Irml.'ii'.iirf; icirr tliulUir bnWIiiiis. 
were Ronerally men who dealt In 
alralk-ht Rooda and were not the linn- 
conih kind. 


Siilinon r.ii'k biillt his mill at the 
.Narrows In l.><'J>l, and rmlmrked In Iho 
pork paeklni: linBlness an soon as the 
settlers lioRan ralslnR Iiors. Me bIiIii* 
ped flour and pork on riatboats to 
.New Orleana. 

I'rlor WrlRht rslahllshed tlio (lr»t 
sloro In the township In IKUi. lie did 
a thriving biislneBs until INIT, when 
his store anil the l.iisk Mill wero 
swept nw ay by the Rreiit flood on New 
Vears iiiornlnR of Hint year. 

Tho Beiiind store was openeil hy 
Thomas (mhalt on Keel Ion HI, niKint 
the lenler of tho townnhlp. In IKIii. 
llei.rRc ilrlmes had a aloro at lliis. 
sell's .Mill In INIn; nnil a lltllo Inter 
.Miles llalcllff had a store at Hub. 
sell's Mill. James .Mooro snd ileorKO 
Wllklns opened a itoro at Wllklni' 
Mill In IMIl. A largo RrBngo aloro 
wns conducted by John I*, f.iindgrcn 
during llio lieluht of Iha granger 
nioveinent. The plni'O «'n« called 
(irnnRrliura. hut Is now known ni 
Oiongo t'orner. 

rr.nx Tntrxaiiir. 

Tho first i«ninicri'lnl vonliirc In 
I'cnn townilil|> wai nindo Id ll^il, 


when Wllllnni I'Ickard and IiIb aon 
.lohn, hunt a h.R Btoio; nnd sliiRiilnrly 

• "k'h It was n dniR nlore. This wnn 

at 111! rlild. AIkiiii the Biiiiie lliiic 

Alinnpnllii was riri^l sellli'il. and et- 
rorls were ninile to eomhliui iho 
|.|aie«; hut nellher w.iiild yield. An- 

mipnIlB soon oiiiBlrlppi'd I riihl 

and llloiniiliiRdiile, loo. nlier iho 

■ ""'"<■ wBB il Ri-d. The rir.l Bioiu 

In AiiiiniKillB was Blnrled hy Thninan 
Woody. The ne.xt waB eBlahlUhed l.y 
Wllllaiii .Marin, .lohn .Moulder and 
Aaron .Maria. Then Ann.i|>.lla Blnrled 
on a eareer of e.vcepiionni InislnrBs ac- 
llvlly. nnd In the ririUa II was one 
or the llvrlleHt Inwns In the roiinty. 

.No c unity of Its Bl/.e e>er exerted 

sIronRcr Infliien.e on the poliiii. of 
Ihc I'onnly as ilhl AnnnpnllB from 
1.S...I (.1 J.Stii. Stiiiniel T. l-insey was 
a very inllvo and enleiprlBlng man. 
lie I'ondncleil a aloro, kept hotel, and 
worlied at polllhs wllli an erfeelln'. 
MOBB that placed liliii In a i«iHlilon that 
would nown-days be lallid that of 
hosB of I'arke I'onnly— at least of Iho 
llepnlillian |iarty. Wllllnni -Stanley 
wn« perhnp:. tho hlRu'esl liiinlneHs mall 
of .VnnnpollB, nnd ho remained at llio 
head of his largo eBtahllBlinienl for 
niniiy years. Ilialdia Its iiieniinlllo 
eBlahllBhmenlB It had a number of In. 
diislrlea which w III ho ronsldered cine- 

I'rlor WrlRhl eslahllBheil a sloro at 
l;ni'k|Kirt afler the ilri!Triirllon of lila 
store nl the .Nnrrowa. This Inmlness 
Is menlloned elaewhere. 

l.lliKiirv Tow.Vhiilr, 
llnwni'd wn>, ns lian hi en slaliil. a 
good business cenler iliirhiR the cnnnl 
period. AnionR Its rarlleKt nierdiants 
were James W. Iiiadle and Harlan 
Harvey. At that lime It had two 
largo dry goods slureH, Iwo ware* 
lioiiseB, and Bonie smaller atores and 

Henry Hnrhniii started Hylviinin 
some tliiio In the firtles hy erecling a 
hlni'kBiiillli shop. He nrterwnrda iiili' 
dni'ted n store .there. .MeRsrs. Atkinson 
and Hlolit al one lliiio on lied separnto 
Btnres. In IH.'*! Hylvanln had lieshleii 
ItH stores, two lilackBiiilili, 
hrooni liandio nml plrket fenee fui'tory. 
Hie factory, apiarian supply shop, h 
wagon shop, aaw and planning inllt 
and n photograph gallery I 

l.odl wna soiiielhlne Of a lown he- 
fore lir. \\'iileriiian lornted lliero In 
IS."(7. Its nnino wna elinnged lo >\'ater- 
iiian In his honor when he Bnieecded 
In I'stabllshlng a pork pncklng In. 
duatry and a largo ucnerni iloro In 
both o( which ho had an Inlrreat. 
Among tho men who were In Inialneiia 
nt Walennnn was Oliver l.atnnrello, 
who enndncled a sinro there for many 
years. In Ik.><0 C, K, llrlghl and I.. •'. 
Davis orccteil a Inrgo flonring mill. 
Tho place then Imd two dry goods 
•lores, a grocery ami a drug store, a 
•B\v mill nnd two lilackiiiillli ihopi. 

i:^ui4iijjmintt nf MhiBtiitB 

■I'lirki riiiiiiiii iviii.— I'oiMilftlloii, 
;,.-..'>l: iiiiiiiiiiT nr h.iIIh uml iiinrhlnoA 

III rmiMij pi- lliil hy nnicr powci-, 

:.J. Siiiiiir I'lTi'k niKl IHi: lliiccuim hit 

Ii Kiiv;iiiis ii.ivlcalik^ lor novnnl 

liillin riinii Ihi'lr JillKiloii wllh tlic 
\\i kIi." 

Hip iihiiM' In llic |'i'|h>i'| ur llio I'liIlM' 
l.\ inllili'il III llii' •■InilKiiKl ll'iliillirrr 
I'likim: llu' iiiiiiihn' iil i.'|'IhI niul mm 

mills hnim In' In I'xlBlfiicT llicii 

Mil' Inliil III •■iiillU niHl iii.Tlilni-B iiro- 
li.'llrd I..1" IB nil- Klinrl or Mill-- 
Ijiwi., II \i I'Miliiii Hun Hull miller 
liiilnmrlcH ivfiv oprniloil In coiinm- 
i;,,ii .,:i', II. lii:!' '■ i« ini""-ii H'lu 
lliiM'VlMi' hnil a kmh mill In ivniii'itlnn 
ullli lltt LTlKl mill aliiiiiKl rniiii IIh 
Kliirl : Hull Hie Nnl'li' mill. Hi'- .MiCII' 
iny mill nml Hi.' SnlMU'lll'li'liI mill, 

'.'iin liy AliK.ilmii iiml AmIlTvv Su|>' 

lii'iifli'lili on lilt; lliinnnii In I'nlnn 
linvii»lil|i iviu- iil»o Hiw mlllH. nml one 
I.I llii'iH lliill II I'lirillnu mmlillii'. TIiiih 
will II »!' Ilirlmlr nil Hie lirlKl iiiIIIk 

iilirnillii:: III l^"" "ll Ir nnncvcb 

llip liilnl inn I.p nc.oiiiiU'il Cnr. A 
iiinllni; mnrlilm- \\m nilili-il to (lie 

Sill irirlrt mill liy M.linlni. .Moltorn 


lililnil whin «(• f>m>l(lir Hie In- 
.IllKlrlm or IVnn IowmhIiIp nlnnc Hin 
iiimibi'i' or IniliiKli'li'n kImmi In Hic nM 
l{,i:„ll,;r Ik Inn nmnll. llcmllr'H Ills 

liny t:hl'^. lltr iiiIIIk nml I Iilnrn In 

Hull IiiwiihIiIp nl Ihnl tliiii' nil ol' 
llii'in Mil l,i'iillirr»nnJ: nml liy IKII 
Inn mnri' liiiil lurn rKlnlilli>lir:l llirrr. 
Aliiml isj.-, Pmliy .Mllilioll mnrlcil ii 
.iirillni; mnrlilm\ nml llio nrM yonr n 
Mi« mill on l,rnllirr«n..d. In INJli 



nil llir irirk n liiiU ii'llr nlmvo Mllrli- 
iII'b Mill. SImnn Uiiliolloni In llic 
Miiinvvhll.' Iinil iMilll n nido crlst mill 
ini l.pMllK'iwiind. Srclinn 2:1. TIip 
I'l'inlii'rlnn mill wn.s n riillnrc lio»- 
(•111-, mi n.rminl of Inaiifrlrkiil "fnir' 
fnr Hip wnlir. niid II wnii irlnilll mi 
Ihr opiKinllp nldp of Hip irock liy Win. 
rpiiiBun In I.M'P. Ailniii Sllpr nlnn 
Inilll II snw mill n Imir iiiIIp nl»vp 
Hip l'..iir»mi mill In lx:H. Almiil \s:\\ 
.Mnhlmi l|pyiml.l» iind .Ipip Sllpr prod- 
Pil II rnllliii; mill In Spilinn •.•:!. on 
I.pniliprwnoil. Ami Iipip n dPnrrlpllon 
of •piirdlm: nml rilllllii;" U In nrdor 
fur Hip InroinuUlon of n ucncrntlon 
(lint knnwi noHiIng of lliOBc old nicHi- 
odB. Wc iiiiotp froiii ncndlp'B history: 
"The mn.hlnpB In use n( that time 
iviri' Blnillnr to thoBP now cxIsllnR. 
•||ip rullB ivprp Bboiil t«o fppt long, 
nml whPii inrdiMl wpip rollPd np In n 
Bhi-pl or lilnnkPl. IipIiik pinnpd Mfplh- 
ir Willi llinrnB. nnd wplfliPd from ten 
In forly pniimlB. 'rlipiic wcrp KPUPinlly 
inrrlpil on n hnrBP In front of Hip rl.l- 
pr, wliprp IliPy wpre Bpiin on wimt Is 
known B" llip whppl. I'roiii Iwplie 
10 forly Pills wan n dny's ^vork, Iho 
|iny fur Bplnnlne wnrp lielni; Blxleon 
nnd IwollilrdB rPiils. nml fn.- fnlllnB 
IwpIip nnd n hiilf i-pnlB per linr.on inm. 
nnd fnr inrdInK rolls wllh mnrlilnpry 
iPn 10 twelve nnd a linlfn penis per 
(Kiiind. The wnRPB pnid for wenvtnc 
wprp for pliiln. Irn CPntB per ynrd : 
lor iwlllpil. twplvp nnd a hnlf eenls. 
from llirpp lo fivp ynrdn hplnK n dny's 
work. I'wn linml«. with nmrhlnpry. 
poiil.l eniilly .nrd nnd spin lim dozen 
per liny of as eonrse yarn ns wnB 
Mspd nt llinl llnip. nnd une Kirl with' 
n [inwpr Inoin ronid wpnve from thirty 
lo sixty yiirds ppr diiy. r.very woman 
nnderslnnd Hip nrl of dyplni: all eol- 
ora perfeplly. pxieptlnir hlne. wlileh 
»na more dlfflenlt lo iminnL-e. nnd wna 
■governed hy link or (he "sign." The 
colors were ohialned from vnrloiia 
harks, thoBO prlnilpally In nae hcInK 

nnlniii. wIiIpIi prodnecil the fnviirlie 
Itrowii polur, yellow from Idnek oak 
hark, mill swniiip nsh for drah." 

I'lip "fulling" done at iho mill on 
l.piiHiPrnood Is tlius ilcBcrllH'd : "Tlio 
rnllltiK-mlll \\i\» run by a water wlierl, 
and Hie nliearlng mill l.y hand. Tlio 
rnllo»liiL' Is n list of the prlpPB chnrg' 
I'd : I'lilllnu polorliiK nnd dressliiK 
■ liilh. Iwpiity-flvp cpiils per ynrd; 
wlihuii' dressing, twenty penla. Color- 
ing nnd seotiring flannel, (en i-ents. 
lolorlng nnd fulling Jenns, ten rents. 
I'm- ai'verni years the dyeBliiff was 
hniileil 111 wagons for Hie mill from 

I ■•11 inn. olilo" 

Smiip fnpls uliiiilt the early saw mills 
of I'Piiii township arc also of iiiteresl 
nml MP tjiiolc : "l-'roni ,*ilillto .siki fppt 
per (liiy was mnsldereil n good dny's 
vimk 11 lib lliime iiiIIIh, nml siipIi wns 
Hip rush of hiislnesB that they were Di- 
li n run nil niglil. ami frpiineiitly on 
Snmliiy! Saw logs wero giMlprally 
liiiiilpd during the winter on sleds 
drnwii li.v o.ven. some few of the set- 
llprs linvliig horse teniiiH, the linrness 
iipoirihpin being of the most primitive 
dencrlpllon, ponslstlng of sbiirk eol- 
hirs, linnip-imulp rope linrness, destl- 
liilp of Iron, with the cippiillon of the 
hrlille.l.lls: also n rope log chain l!l 
'rill! prices for sawing wpre twcnty- 
rhp ppnls ppr one hundred feet for 
pnphir anil llili ly-evpii nml a half for 

luiril ilmlipr. I her sold nt Hie mills 

al from fifty In sl.My-lwo and a hnlf 
cpiils |ipr one hundred feel, nml had a 
dull sale nl Ihal, until Hie prairies of 
the Wnhanli began to be settled, when 
large .innnlllles were sold. The first 
sipiiiii saw mill wns linlll by ,lcrei:ilnli 
Slier, one-foiirth of a mile soillb of 
llloomlngdale about l.siai." No wrlt- 
len rei-ord Is left of a linseed oil mill 
that was operated on Kealberwood, 
iMil tiint such a mill existed there can 
IM- no doubt. When It wns started "r 
how long It was rnniilng enn not be 
loPI: hilt .hinirB II. linker says tlnit 
when he was a lioy of about twelve. 
IIXPJI he went there for oil eakes, were fed (o stork. l.lnBccd oil 
wns imide from finx seed, ami this mill 
Imlbalea that flnx was generally rais- 
ed here In 'the early diiya. 

.\nother strange omission from the 
I'l.nnly history of 1S.X0 Is the woolen 
fnctory at Old Uloomlngdale (then so- 
lallcd.l It was an outgrowth of the 
pardlng and fnlling mill estahllehcd 
by .Mahlon Ueynolda and .Terry Slier. 
In the sixties this factory, which was 
eondinted by John SI. O'Hrlst and 
.Nnlhaii Davles. did eonsbleralde weav- 
ing. Then f,eatlierwood failed to silii- 
ply eliongli water iiowcr. and the ma- 
chinery wna moved to Monte/.inim and 
Installed In another factory there; but 
II did not survive new conditions then 
foiiiing Into vogue In woolen manu- 

The Inst attempt to use the old fac- 
tory building wiiB by a stoneware pot- 
tery for a time operated by Hoden- 
baiigh and Hon : taut tlila pottery, al- 
tlinngh well C4ililp|icd and loealcil at 
a fire elay ile|ioslt soon failed. 

Ilurr stones for (he firsi water mills 
were pioliably all made from (ho 
glnrlnl SI ones everywhere abiindani In 
the Coiinly. and were called "nlgger- 
liend" burrs. lAtcr when they could 
be transimrled Into the county French 
liilrr siniies replaced (ho crude atones 
cut laboriiuisly from the glnclal bould- 
ers. The later stones were sectional 
nnd all came frolu a province In 
I-'ninco wliero thcjr were exclusively 

The aliovo nientloneil Indnstrtes. all 
(ho result of harnessinc r^catlicrwood, 

IndhalP llial Hip "walpr power" of 
Hint slipaiii. no liiallPr linw great lis 
ileillne when I'nplnlii I'miipliell wrole 
Ills cplcbralPd Biillrc. Mas nut to bo 
diKiilspil III Hip I ally dnys. I'ciili 
lowiiKlilp lind tlirpc otiicr water mills 

n saw mill ciprtrd by Trior Wright 
at "I IP! Us liin," npar llockport, a 
saw mill on llrairing I'ippk nt I'nion 
Inldgp, ami Hip lliiikimrl mill. TIip 
lallcr long cunilniiPd mip of Hie big 
mills of Hie coiinly, anil was Hie ppu- 
Ipr of poiiiniprclal lullvlly. A Btorc 
lomluilpd by I'rinr Wriglii nml /iicli- 
nrlnh livers at Itoikport did n big laiB- 
liKss. nml Hie mill pontlniud In full 
opeinllon iinlll ivsl. 
< llpBldcB the mills nlrcady menlloned 
on lllg llnnoon, were those nt Ariules. 
burg. .Mppia. llrldgilun. .Mnnsflpld, 
I'nrllamI and the licppw mill almve 
Mpcia. The dales of creeling Hipse 
mills have alreaily l.opii given In olli- 
or iilmcB. Also we have nollcid Hio 
lipglnnlng of llpnid's and l.iisk'B .Mills 
on Sugar I'rppk : but tlipip Is llillc 
dntn on the lip||i mill, which stood 
nenr the High llrplgc. It wns hilllt 
by I'riil t'lore, who BobI It to I'rnl C. 
Help 111 isi»i. Illiinipiis While hiilU 
the mill, ntlerwards known as Spoil's 
nnd I'lplRlianar's. In 1S.V1. Help's mill 
was In ruins whpn 1 first saw It thir- 
ly-rivp yparB ago. .Icbbiip ^ llnnt'B 
mill and IIiibbpH's mill pii Sugar Mill 
cippk had iriide beginnings, iBpoc- 
pei'lally the Inller. Al flrsl tho dnm 
wns a big poidiir tree felled ncroBB 
the treek to turn the walrr. The or- 
iginal "iiilll" wns n siiinll log building 
In will, h lorn was craeked by a pair 
of "nlggcr-hrnd" l.ilrre. The mill was 
afterwards greatly Improied, and 
was run by Imlli water and steam. It 
wnB niso called Ward's .Mill. ,I08epli 
TboiiiiiKun biillt the first mill In I.SL'll. 
.IrsBlip & iliint built their mill, later 
known ns Wllken's .Mill, In ls:i."., nnd 
It wns orlglnnlly a saw mill. We have 
already incntbuied flnl boat building 
llu re by JesBUp & Hunt. This was the 
lending Industry In the north part of 
the t'ounly fur a long period. Itoats 
were built at (be .Narrows: and I'ox'a 
boat yard near the prcBent Itock lllvcr 
Club House wns a big boat building 
center. Cnmiil>cll and Tenbrook hiilU 
flat boats at Devil's Den, and n num- 
ber of boats wero built at tho Coffin 
iKjat ynrd — Coke Oven Hollow — and at 
the boat yard at the month of Hush 
< 'reck. 

It was In 1S:17 that Wllllnm O. Cof- 
fin crcpted a fonmlry near Coke Oven 
Hollow, where be miinnfaptiired tlio 
first cast Iron |ilow used In I'arko 
Coiinly. It waa loo heavy and clumsy 
to be sold In compctlllon with the 
lighter Iron plows Hint were soon af- 
(erwnnls put on the mnrket. 

It should be remcnibpred that black- 
smltlilng wns ijuKc an Indnslry; the 
sniltli luaniifaptiirpd both slioej, and 
nails for Iioisc shoeing. Not a scrap 
of Iron was allowed to gu to waste. 
It was all taken lo the hlncksmltli 
who cnlirged lY* I-'.* cents lor shoeing 
a liorBP If Hip owner fnrnlsbcd tho 
lioii— $1.1111 and ?l.'2.-i If be did nol. 
I'or twenty years or more ihnrponi 
wns iisp.l by all blnrkBinlHiB : "atone 
roiil," wlib-li propped out In |>lnces In 
llic Coiinly, was tlioiighl to j.rodiipo n 
degree of heat nml sulphur too In- 
(piise for good work. When It wob 
fonml tlint Inm nnd slecl i-ould he 
welded with "sloiio i-oal" without In- 
jury. It ulilekly dlsplnied chnrcoal. 

I.KtIo Itaecoon lin.l nt one tlino five 
mills. Tho first waa (lllkcion's Mill 
cast of Catlln; Ihcu caino JIorclond'B 

nr llallowplI'M .Mill east of llii. 1 

..f A. Kdgnr A.binia: llariiPs' .Mill, 

llinr .Imlnoii. wii aB "I'lii Hunk:' 

llrnln's .Mill not far fruin lliihin, anil 
Sii|.ppiif|p|d's .Mill on Hie cunt link ui 
Hip Cipck. Thp Inllpr wmb built l.i 
.Mnllilns Sappi-iiflPliI, Inllipr of I'harlia 
Sapppllflpld 111 is:s. These ii,|j|. ufn- 
gpiipnilly cmiililnallon l.oih rimir ami 
saw mills but Hip llrulli .Mill was a 
saw mill niily. Itarn.'s' .Mill waB In 
oppinllnn iiB bile an Hip parly BpiPii- 
lliK. anil Hip slurp Han illd cnnsld.'i- 
ablp ImsliiPHs. Iliip of my inrllpsl 
rppiillcpllons Is vlBlHiig with my pai- 
piils al Hip liiisplinblp hoiiip or the 

liillal ipsl.lincc and playing In ami 
a 1 Iho old mill. 

Aboiil l><:',:i SiimiiPl WpI r luilli a 

mill iipnr Hie luniiili or .Mlllpr's bnincli 
Willi h niliB lliln l.ltlle llmpoiin abnip 
.Moiplniuls .Mill. At Hint plinc llu 

bri h runs u\pr n solid rn.k bed 

»lilcli forms n niiinll wiiler lull, ll Is 
u very prdly sput. only roiir mllit 
rroiii the Ci.iinly Seal, and It Is slrnilgc 
Hint It Is hot viBlted oftpnir by .Vii. 
Hire lovers -and other lovers. Irn 
.Mnlcr writing of the mill. ycnrB ago, 
said: "Here uue Sunday several girls 
In their glee tried whi. Ii eoiild ilrink 
Hie most wnlcr. One of the girls was 
thrown liilo a fever from ll and In 
six days she iIIpiI. She was one or Hai 
"larly BPlllers" of the .Miller graip 
ynrd. linnlpl .Miller built n saw mill 
farther up the sniiie lirnnch. nnd still 
farlher uii, .Moses llarlln built an oil 
lull), which the father of Ira .Mater 

.VII my life I bale known a certnln 
spot on Wllllnma Creek as "Hie old 
.Mill :" hilt down to the writing of this 
ski tell had never beard a word of aii- 
Ibentlc hlBlory about It. It was a 
ravnrlte swlmbilng bole for tho bo.vs 
of Itoi-kvllle, but not a vlslcgo nf a 
mill was there forty years ago. This 
mill Is not mentioned In nn.v wrlllen 
hlslury, but Imiiilry has dlsplosrd Hint 
II was biillt nml operated l.y Aiislln 
.M. I'lictt In the early forties. It wns 
nperiiled ns a saw mill by Cnrey Ued- 
flpl.l, and nt one tliiio two dwelling 
III. USPS stood near It on tho east slilo 
of the creek. The "Old Mill" hole, as 
all Itockvlllc Doys of foriucr gener- 
ations know, was a half nillo bUovo the 
Jnilson road. 

A saw mill was built on Iliish Creek 
In I.H2I1 by a man named Held. It wns 
nrtcnvnrds known as >lanwarnlng's 
.Mill. The pnl.llahpd history of Liber- 
ty towpBlilp n.rnll.ins n corn rrnckcr 
In tho northwestern pnrt nf the lown- 
slilp and a water mill In Hin soiithorn 
part, lint there Is no rc.ord nf nny mill 
on .Mill Creek, a Blreaiu that belles Its 
name. In ISI.S o. 1'. Hnvls built a 
Bleaiii mill on Scitlon til nol fnr from 
Tangier, nnd for aomo years pondiicled 
It siiri-cflsfully In partnership wllh 
.lohn Woody. Tlils was no doubt the 
first sleani mill |n the County. 

John l.owry nnd Wllllnni nntninn 
operntcd the first noolcn fnitory In 
I'aike County at Mrcea. This Indus, 
l.y was begun before the war nnd con- 
Hmied In ncllvo opcrnllon until nlmiit 
Is7."i. l.owry fi iiatninn alBO lind a 
large general store, nnd Inter (Icorge 
W. Ilalman londiictrd Ibis store, and 
his fnlher— Wllllnm S.— c.iiiie to 
KopKVllle to go Into hnslnCBs, assoi^ 
Inipd Wllh bis son I'rank. Tho flour 
mill nt .Mecca i-onllniicd linlll after Iho 
opening of tho mines In tho nlneilcB. 
The .MpCiuio's. lowry'a and Ilalman's 
imide Mecca one of Iho principal busl- 
ncai conton of Parke County when 




In l.imlM.sK Iti.ri-. |)t|..-«ii 



ni Ihi' inil.v ih»H. hii n Iniru uf 

M «im III 111' wi'li rmly yniiu mko. 

rill' iihiiM' iiiiiiiiliMi'H Ihr InilMHlrlnn 
l.iip|i.'lli(l l.>- wnli-r m) ns I linii' 

n iil.l.' Ill li'iini. mill wr rn lo 

...ii^ililrr Ini' Itiliinil liiiluxlrli'K. nii.l il 
pilliril Mhi'll liniMi iiiilih' iiillrli-. \m-io .iliMiiM I'M-liiBkily l.v pinpli' iir 

llilnrnuniy t: I liiin.»l r in'illll. >.. 

i.iy iliriili'lll rnini Ihi' nhiHlily uliilt 
nil llw liiiirl.i'lH iif (nilny. 

SiMMly .M-niH ii:;.! Iln.kvlllo Knvr 
, iMiilinnirnt In iMiiiiy imiri- innlMnltn 
ll.iui nil- IwiT li.ilny: pi'iliiips ni..rc- 
Ihnii run hi' ronnil In tin- Cniiiily n( 
llil^ llii..' ni«l In iT'li'l' nr .■nnt.l.lri' 
III Inn "hiMilil III' till' niiiKl lini'irni nl III! 
Iliiili'.'. III. II nr l.oll.ri. Sninlli'l N. 
Iliikir mlnlillslii-d ii iiniu-iy on l.cnlli- 

In IS-'!". Ill' 11111110 '■rod wnro." that l.i 
»ni(< niiidn nr iiiiiiMinn yilloiv I'lny 
iind Klii/xl »ltli ri'il Ir-nil. lie Innnc'd 
,1 fi'iv l.ilMn iin l.i'iillii'rvvooifwliin lio 
iliililnl In nioM- In UoiUilllo. lie lia.l 
Mill Ill-Ill h>-ir loni; when ii ■■jniiinny- 

iniiii" li'i' frniii llliln mine- nloiik- nnif 

mill hlin iilioiil RlniU'wnri-: Mr. Itiiki-r 
iniilil iiinki- Mil' \Mil-o. lull n hnl liliniit 
Mil- liny-/ II tlii-n i.r.iiiri-d in hliii 
I hill III- hnd noon rl.iy like Unit do- 
nnlhril hy I In- Jniiriii-yiiiiin. cximsoil 
Hlii-ii i'\rn>iilliii; Inr niir nf tlio mill 
iiii-i-K nil l.nillir-rwonil. •I'lin ciny wni, 
li-Hli-il iinil lirnvi-d I.I 1,1' llin M-ry li.-»l 
nr i-liiy Inl- i.lnni-"nri-. A kiln wn- 
I'lilll lliiil uiiiild I'liiil cliiv In n 

III llii 

hliiiii-uiilv lii-uniL ."il 1.1 N. Iliik.'i 

dliil III ISiiii; III.' liiiHliii'K.i MiiH ion- 
lliiiiid li.v I hi' lliiki'i' Ill-Ill liorn. .liiiiK-H 
II.. .Inhii W., Sniniii-I \. mid Clmrlon 

II.. hill In l.-<i:'.'. .Inhll W. wiin Hlinl nut' 
nl II. liiBlli;; lllh l.-i; ill l--|-rdrlrk«lllll-|!. 

.Il - II. n-llri'il rrniii lliln llriii in 

|v7.' d liiiill n imlli'i-y or his nwn 

111 Ilii- llin-lil pill-l i.r ln»ii. riiH Finn, 
llrnrui- II. lUk.-r. uiiK iinKo.lntod with 
hlln In IhlB IiiimIi.i'.sm. 

.Iiiinns II. llnk.T iils.> I'KlllhllKllrd H 

imllii-y 111 I'l.i-ll I MillB In l.x.v,. lint 

iirii-r liili-nlni; ii ri-w kllnx In- hiir cnin- 
|.i-lli-.l in dlHrnnllnnn I hn pnllcry on 



riii'ililik mid >:|i|iinllic "im dniu- h.v 
.liiM-|ill S|..iiii:li'|-. wliunn BInnd 
nil inlilli .Mnrkrt (iln-rl. just nnill. nl 
llii' ri-Kidi'li.. nf .Mrs. .Mnry lliinl. II 
WHS hllill nn ihn w I'st nlili' ol tllr Iml- 
Inw ilinl lit .Mlrhlsun sln-i-t. 
mil the d('|ii-(-oi8iun of the hollnw forn.- 
I'll the biiBcii.clit or "power hoiiBc" 
where liorBoti oi-erntcd n tread ui!ll. 
The fni'iory wbb ft Inrco bullUmK. It 
iiirded wnnl, spim yarn imd wove nnil 
d.M'd i-lni;i. inlor.i wei-o Renernll.-.' 
.iiiilli' ri-niii htii-ks iind llie hulls nl 
iiiii,;. .Miriil K. sinrk reriilli. ilmi 
lihniii I he lirwf Ilinhi'y III-* enriied wns 
iiir wiiliiiit IiiiIIm «nld to .Mr. SpniiBlof. 

I'lilll II .'nnilMii'iilivi'ly recent dille 

I he nhl BhiipK nf I'm Mil's niul .\il< 

iililh..n hlimd Jilsl w-esi nf Ihe present 
h.iiiii- in' riinrliH .\y.le|nil nn llluli 


Ii.euiniy. .Is known lo every 
imnl nnllle or I'mke I'oilnly na n mill- 
Isler iif Ihe fnap.'l. niiil low will re- 
uieiuls'r hlni nn Itnekillle'a rirst nnd 
leiidliii: hmier. lie iiindn lints, cm 
PIniiuR Ihrec men. IllR prlnclpiil qb 
sislmil wnn -Vlex lliirper. a uinlnltn. 
wliniii Mr. riiniiiiliiKH hnd hniiKhl n» n 
► line In Vlrt-lnln. and cnve liliii lil» 
ri-ei-ilnni. Ale.v wnrl.eil riilllirillly nnd 
siiie.l eiinuKh money lo buy IiIr wife, 
"Aunt I'nisey," ns Blie heciilile known 
liiler. Arier workliiu rnr Mr. I'lini- 
minus. Alex lliirpei' set up huslnOBH for 
hliiiBeir, I'llst or Ihe present TftrkO 
Stale hnnk: nnd Thomiis lloKns nnd 
r<nn innde hnis In n Bimill liulldInK 
wlih-h sinud nil Krniinil now- oi-euplei! 
hy Ihe eniil end of Ihn I'nrko KInle 
hunk biillillng. Kohert MulbRllon alio 

innde lulls on the Boiithwest eornor of di nee nl IiIb son I'.dward nnd dnuRli- 

thi' piililli' s.|iiiiie. I.r, .MIsii .Mnry l.iiiiili.'rl n.iw slniids. 

Niilliiin .\diiiiiBOii iiiiidi- full mills for Mr. I..-11 rl .'nine lo lln.Uvllle Iroiii 

iluiiilui: In Mil' purl or the Mrtliil.i In 1.'<|-J wllh Ihe Inle .lohn 

liiiililliii.- iillnll.-d lo hliii. 'Ihe old bIkii Oil. lie wns ntlerwnrilB Inwiislilp 

li-nil "riiliiiiilncB & Adiiiiisoii." but Irusli-e, nnil Ihe rernids innde by hliii 

lliey wele lint liuslnesB piirlners. nie ns |"-rlert Bl"-. Inn MS or penililin- 

(Julie nn exIeuBlve t"hn.-i-n Bliop slili. lis rnn he fniilid In the Sliilo. 

WHS iniiiliirled hy ■riinnuis WrlKlil. lie Keiiliin Ken. hill iiiine In IMM. sliirl- 

hnil rive "run nf presses," iiiiiklUL' 1,,^, |||„ „,,„ i,, „ |„^ hullillnt: Ihnl 

!-h''nrrsohr'nVrerceiiirl,'''lnre"i 'e'" ""'"' "" ""' ^"""""' """' '■'"""• 

^-pMiirilluinuK '™ p,'.N'M?rmi'd'wlikh ^ l'"''"' ''; """"■''' ","'"' *"'''";""' ul !■ l-'J cenlB eiieh. 'Ihls clear » '"' """ "'"" " ■"nieuler. wn. employ 

WHS kiinwn ns the "CeBiinllB." nnd wiiB "I ""''■'' ''>■ ^''■- I'^'-ndnll. who nfler- 

mnile rrnui Imported l.ihni-i-o. The Bur- wnnls built n mnih lunrc c.xlenBlvu 

plus Bini-k wna Bold, "brond-wnler," nn Bh"P where T. I'. (Incbler'e mnrhlc 

expri-slnii (hen In use In d.-sl-.-nnte shop now sinnrts. Mr. Keu.lnll iinide 

L'onds inkeii soiilh on rlnt honts. nil kinds nr furnllure. hnvliiL- a i-oiu- 

Time siidiller shops were i-oiidinte.l pl.-le ByBlmi of Inllies and lonls for 

In Ihe forlles. That or .Mark .1. JnlnliiK. He nlBo made coffliiB. After 

M.-..-1'nin. «-|.|.-l. W'. I..r-,ln,l ,.hr.^r. |1,e rlv" he I. mil n lnr|-e three slnrv 

7 >::'/^-{r:^"'^. 

limn III I'l-iiiitiilinnin Is'Jil; IHnl Mii/i li. IWIl. 

I be lesUli'iH-K nl' .Misses Kiln nnd Ida 
Cnrllsle Hlanils, emplnyed five nr sU 
men. line hand devnird lillUBeir e.x- 
eliialu'lv 10 Iho imiklni; of «ldesnd- 



hnve died of shame ir seen rldlllK 
iislrlde. ilenernl .lolni .1, ,Meni-linm's 
shop stood on the enst end or the lot 
now ow-iied by .lohii l.lncbarccr, fleii- 
ernl .Meacbaiii emplnyed five bands 
and wna liliiiself a inaatcr w-nrknmn. 
.lacnh Wlndnll's shop nna on the enst 
Bide or the eipmre. 

Cabinet iiiakera were Iho men who 
made the heaiillfiil old fiirnlluro 
which a auhBeipienl Konernllnn dla- 
i-nrded nnd would now swap Iheli' 
present riirnllnro Iwofor-one for Iho 
old, and kIvo exorbitant "boot" bo- 
sIdeB. .loseidi Ijimliert wa§ ono of 
I lie rirst nnil ono i llio IicbI of Ilork- 
vllln'B splendid en .not ninkora. Illi 
bIiup atuoU ou Ibo lot wUoro tbo roil- 

brirk biilldlntf on I lie eanl aide nn 
Krniind now ocriipled hy the llnrrlson 
lilllldlnK. Here he ennllnnei'l In Ihe 
rinnllnro and iindertiiklnK biiBlneaB. 
lie wna tlio flrBt undortiiker who had 
a heaiso In I'nrko I'onnly. Mr. Ken- 
ihill remained In nrtlvn biialnesa iinlll 
his di-alh In Isiil. when for a lluie the 
liiislniBs wna cnnllnned by bis Bona, 
William nnd llnrry .1. Kendall. Will- 
Iniu I'nxlon be-all ns 11 i-nhliiet maker 
nn the BOllth side In (lie rirtlea, nnd 
wns In InifllneRB for nhout twenty-five 
.lenra. Jiiseph I'lianio Mtnrted a call- 
Inet shop In n hullilliiK on West York 
Rtreet, hut did not IhnK eontlniie tboro, 
ns he emliarked In n iiioro exienalvo 
iMlslnesa In IH117. This pliop ivfta after- 
wards owned by Wllllnm lllaekledRe, 
ami then made Int.. a eliuri-li hy tbo 
rnlhollc i-onnreuallnn. Wllllnni 

Mlrlinola Iind n ciiblnel sho|i nn Ohio 
■trool wUcro lio timdo oxcollonl fura* 

Iture. He aflerw-arda ealnhllBlicd a 
cnblm-t shnii In rimiaillle. 

Ill-fore l'> there were fniir liinni-r- 
h-B or "uiii ,\nnlB" In mid nl.niit llnck- 
vllle. TlM-.-.' of Iheiu were wlllili, tbo 
pri-sinl enipnrale llmllB nf the town. 
.IniiiiB Sli-aln's waa on Ihe lot now 
known as "|lii»y line I'ark ;" John 
Alesniid.-i'a niiB Just west of Jns.pli 
.\. Ilrlllon's resldi-lice. end .Mallliew 
\an.-.-'R was nn llnwnni .Vn-iiiie whi-ru 
Mil- hrliU resldem,. or VV. It. Over- 
man was arierwniils hiilll. As nlrenily 
ri-lnl(-d the tannery eBlahllslied by 
lloliei-i .McKwen was lo.nled near the 
hniue or .Mrs. .Mnrcnret Nye. 

I:bi|. John linker miiile ibnlrs nt a 
Kr.v i-aily dale but ills.-..i,il,„„..| ,|,|, 
Induairy 10 lake up bis ollii-r Iniile, 
Unit of pnlnter, ,1. 11. Inula, father 
or (I. J. InnlE i-ondiiiteil n i-liair Bhop 
en ei-niMHl lliiil Is now Ihe l„T:.,-,e,.| |„n 
or Howard Bireet nnd Howard Ave- 
nue (In I Inward Street.) 

Two ii.irk houses were busy dlirloR 
the season Biiltahle for packlni; pork 
,Me< 111111.11011 & .McMurlry, Uaae J. 
Sllllman nnd otheia of the old time 
merchants conducted Ibla bilBlnoss nt 
dlffei-eul tliiiea. 

Tnllni-fl w-ore at one time bo ntuiier- 
oils that It waB a cnnimnn snyliifE ; 
"The town la mil I.r ilninken tallora 
nn 'lUue .Monday.'" nine .Moniliiy 
desl-miled the fraiue of tiilu.l or tbo 
prnprlelnrB of the tailor ahopa when 
their "JiiiirB" all i:ot drunk on .Sunday 
mill "aolieredup' nn .Mnnday-aoher. 

Inn 1 ivnlvlni; one day's lonrhm. 

Ilaiiihill llml>s. Samuel I'lsher, Henry 
linns mill Inter I-'. \V. Dinwiddle vvcio 
prnpi-h'lni-s nr Ihe Inlliir simps. 

lllai'ksmllhliiK wna i-arrled nn by 
.bihn l.liikBHiler. wlinae ahop wna nl 
the (..riier or College slroi't and How. 
mil aieiine: lloherl ltnBi'lirmii:li who 
lin.l 11 Im-ne brlek shop with three 
forces where the .Melhodlst cliliri h 
now Blanils: .lobnson s. White, w hnao 
shop wna nn the Bile of (lenrite .Mlller'i 
rtaldeni-e, nnd Cnptnln «ehh, who 
had a Blmp on HIeIi striC-t opposlto 
Ihe old llniii-rB roBldonee. Ahont lsi:i 
.lohn Aydelotl ennie from Ilelliiioro 
nnd eslnhllBlied a larKO blai-kaiullli 

I wncon shop nt the iiirner of lin;li 

nnd Vlriilnlii BtroolB. 

VVaKoiiB were innile In nn early day 
by llnhi-rl lloseliranuh, who rnndiirted 
Ihe hlarkBuillli Bhop as nbove Blaloil, 
.Inmea S. llnceiB hail a ahop nt tlio 
corner of llli:h nnd t'ollofe ilreclB, 
" here he continued tn wor'k until tho 
early clebdea. James I'. TIcknor wiii 
nt tbo head o( one of tho largest wag- 
on and carriage sho|ia In tho Rtnte, 
which bo eondurted until nliont ISiW. 
HIa Bhop or BlTopa atood on tho ttnuind 
nnw- ni-i-iipled hy Shonp'a livery atnblo, 
where wiiKona, earrlnireB nnd hUKUlel 
of a Mljierlnr t-rado wcro hiillt. Tlir. 
Iron woi-k naa dnno In a ahop to tho 
rear of ibe twoalory main huUdlnit 
mow- iiai-d by I Usher and iihnver nn 
Iho miiith aide) where It wna iiinveil 
In I'd by Wllllnm I'axlon, whoao 
enblnet shop w-ns hiirneil tli.-it year, 
Tho wood w-ork, trliiiniliiK niul paliit- 
luK wns dnno Ih Ihls biilldliiu. .Inhn 
liiirke i-nnifl Inter nnd ealahllahed 11 
shop on HiKli street. Ho waa also a 
flnn w-orkmnn, 

CenrRe Itlltard hnd n eooper sltoii 
on BOllth Virginia alroet opposlto Cho 
rOBldeni-o or l,eo .Mi-Mlllln. Ho sold 
Ilia Bhop and biialneaa tn .Iniiiei Car. 
Hale. I-;bi|., who came here from 
.Moorravllle In isdl. .Mr. Carllalo con- 
llniied biiBlnesB tliero for about fivo 
yeiira when ho built n Inmo almp on 
I'ennsylvanin Bireet Jiiat west of the 
Inme old hoiiae now- tho resldonro of 
llowoy I ox. Mr. Carllslo nnd his son 
imnlel M. (Diilchl wero holh good 
i-onpera and worked wllh the forio nf 
men einplnyrd In tho pxtenalvo hilal- 
ncBs whick 11 (row Into botoro Iho d*- 


,.,l,„. nf Urn l:ilHi.lrirg. Oli.-dliil] 

.\j,.,.. lindu.m,|.rrhl.o|.oi.<-inMcnor(l. 

II llH 

.11(1. «l" 

■ ■■.■ll> ^ 

:illi' hnrroU 

A .liriiiiiMiMir.'. hlBloiiriil ill lu n.v 
iiii.' ►iHMilcl lii-c-.' lie iilali'd. Wlu'U 
liHMH H IM^c'ifc innrti' 111.' iinBOnil lo 
'l„. ilrl..-n I.. riilKrirnlii l.y llnrlii lll.''« 
■'I'm IV Mm ih.*" Ill- itnd .(..liiiHoil H. 
« nil., linn Ih.-n., Mr. Wl.ll.' I.olii'd 
III.. llr.'B iHi III II | iimiiiior ili'- 
xitniil Inr ilm liiinl u«iia.' of Ihrro 
ii.iMiKi.ii.l iiiil.'H, nil. I lli<'»" >uii:i>iiii. or 

11,,' 1 IKIU.iIh iIiIWII lllTllhR IIIC pllllIlK 

li. isr.i. ni-iv 111., only «iii;..ii« lo lu.iko 
III.' )..iiril.'y wlllKHll ■■Hit tioillilc^' or 

.Ill i|..itll. 

n.iirl.l.'li llrllK.ii. .Iiil><i» i:i:>.i'i'l. 
U..IK rl I'hrlHlliin. Willliiiii I,. .McMII- 
II... .l..hM nnil Murk Iliisii.Mis « ere 

'ih.'l'r i.wii linnl.i'V wllh •■»hl|.tmiv»." 
.Mi.hl m llir li.'ni.i llMil..-r« f.'.r UiP old 

,\, ,l.„ri; l.rl.l;.- .ion> ii.."od In llils 

liinniiir l.v llrllion iiiul i;i;l..'rl. Tlio 

, <,' nail. I'd iiii-il l.nill "11 "I Uio old- 

,M rriii.ii' liiMiK.n III lln.'kvillp. In tlio 
rilll.'l, Hinii.ln Iliii,.|.lniy» nn.l Will. 

1 1.. M.Mlllln. Jr.. w.'r.' yniini: .nr- 

l„',il,-n. 11 ho hud llio mil .inlni:r ..r ro- 
,,,ii iin.'iiiloiiK In ll.c luiy of lools. 
i.'.i.l.ln.'M.n.l.' null- mid liin.l..'r midy 
lo I.,' ilr.'KB.'.l. Mr. Iliiii.'|.lir.'y» i.i.lli 

M..,Mi or lioiiH.H In llorMlllc 

,'i.'.i.-il In II"' nrilc-. ii.iioni! II 111!' l.llli-.' ..n lllu-ll i.nd foll.'CC 

„ir.'.-n; 111.' I.o or All.'n ; 

111.' rl'^l(l.■n.■.' .'f l.''vl SIdiMll mid llii' 
ii'hid.'iic.' of Ih.' im.- .In. IK.' Willi.'. Ilo 

liiilli 111.- Inrn.' rr .' Birn.iiir.' on iln) 

r..iiiiln'ii,it .on .r Ilii- wiimro kiinHU 

,.► ilip "lliiii.'riiiil liiill.llni:." iinil llm 
11,11.' Klory l.rl.k uooi™ rn.lory 
iihlih Hloo.l on ll.c liri'K.'nl bIic of'K null. II.' «n« "'d l.y 
li.,n(' .M.liolilln, ivh„ ciiiiH' In llncU- 
Mil.' IW,. .i.'niK iM'lor,' Ihr driilll of 
..,,-. ll„n,i.lH-.')M In \s,::. .Mr. .\l,|-nil- 
,lln Mi.H 11.0 l.-mllni; contraclnr nnd 
I.Hlld.'r In 111.' roiinly tor twenty 

Hint atiind lo Ills ,rcdll nro tlio fin. 
iHlilll;; work of tlir I'lirkn foimly 
lonn lions.', the|lnR of Mf. 
liiorlnl I' I'lninli, tlio lliiii- 
llm clmr.'li. Iir. WIrfa ro'-ldnn.-o. nnn 
Hon.o nr llio l>iill.lln;:i< on ll.r pnl'lL' 
wiiMirc. Tlini„;,H I'niton nn.l .Imiios 
KnM nrre lonlrn.loi'B mid l.iilldorii for 

I Ik 

A. nnsMi'd l,y lilB foim. Will- 
In nd iliiirl.'s. nn.l l'i™»mil llr.iwn. 

illd conaldrriilil.' l.nll.lInK nnd cn\- 
l.pntcr work In i.nd Bb..ut llockvlllo. 
■Iliorc were n of excellent rnp 
liniters In the foiinly In the flfilos 
«ho tinlll llie ii.nny Inrse tiin-mory 

fr.inie reBld.'iir.i. or 11..1 riod. will, 11 

K|.enk or II. e pi.isp.rliy of Hint cnu'r- 
iitloii. Ani.'iii: ll.rfe were Henry link- 
.'r. .Inliil'lny. Wllll;.ni nnd .lolin 
llnrtrnie mid ll..l.rrl llnrhlnon or 
rnrlliind Mill-; Wllllnr.l .leroine of 
llellnmro; ■nionniB l.nne. Admii Adnn.a. 
I'idvviir.l Mnrelmi.l. Wllllmn I'leldB nnd 
('. W. Ovcronn of Wnnlilncloii town 

N.inli llo.iBinid. Moore« Sinltli. 
ThoiniiB llnnrdinnn nnd .I.din Itl.linr.lB 
were the BlineninkerB of Itoekvllle who 
londn.led IhlB lni|«rt.inl Industry be 
fore Iho ndirnt of fn, lory mnde ItooU 
nn.l Blioe... They employed iinlto n of hnnds. 

linns were iiiiide on the boiiHi Bldo 
of the ».|niire l.v lll.lmrd Irwin, nn 
linL-llshn.iin, ivhose riries were won. 
ilerfnlly n.-cnrnle. .In.-oU Mlrl.kl.'r 
Im.l n k-nnsnillli shnp nl the I'rnsB 
llondB four inlles north of Ho.kvllle 
mill lllclinril fnlverfs b1io|i was nt 
I'liittsvllle. To this liny the rifles 
liindo hy tlieBo men nro In liso for 
Bipllrrel nnd tnrcet Bhnotlni! nnd with- 
in their rnngo lliey cnn'l bo oicellod 
lor cloBO uiurkimiDiblp, 

Ico wr.B I'lii 111. on Wllliiihis Creek ll.o .Voiillnctoivn s.'vi'nly- 
lUe yenrB nwo l.y rl.'r.smil Morrl", 
VI ho hiid n Inri-e l.e IToime lli.'re. II.' 
lelnllrd leo ilnrlnK the Biiinnier. In 
IS." when Corrln mid Hulls InKiiilli'ri 
Iho fliBt Bffdn ronntnln In l!..rkvllle 
lie »ns put up nn the lilllslde l.aik 
or Hie ol,l Jnll. The l.'e una pronire.l 
I'rniii Wllllmns I'r.ek nnd Ih 
nn •'X.nintinn .nt In the lilllsid,'. 

The flrsl inent liinrket In llo.Uvlllo 
iviiB <nine»hnl Inlennllhint In lis Inisl- 
iiPBt neilvlilPB, It iviiB n lenipornry 
frniiie Birinliiro nl the sniilhweBl lur- 
ner of Hie court Ii..ii8e ynrd' Hedwiek 
or "Hed" N.'Cl opernlc.l It, nnd II wn« 

. .11111' f.inilllnr. The first regnlnr iiienl wiis eslnhllshe.l hy llonry 
Sii.'mh. who WIIS Bue.'.'.'ded by his 
»ous. ThnninB nnd llnrry. (lenrge nnd 
I'linrles i-lnrled n ne.ond luenl 
inn. kit in.nirillnl.'ly nfter they cnnio 
homo rrnni II. n iiriuy In I"*".''' Henry 
l.oe, who «ns In l.ilslneHB forty yenr« 
innie In the curly Bevenlica, and 
lllensoii nnd Cronln In l^^M' 

I'erlinpB the Inrcesl i.innnrn.tiirlnu 
vonlnre ever ntleinpled 111 Mm fonnly 
from liB oru-niilznllon down to the op- 
enlni; of the cliiy lii.luBlrlei, wn» tho 
woolen fnclory nt llmkillle. ■ It w.ih 
hCk-iin In IKii.'. nn.l finished at a coit 
nf .t'Js.iMNi. A Ihreo nn.l a Imlf atory 

ISAAC M'KAtinl.N. 

Iloni In Itnikhiiiluc Co'iiilll. Vlrainin. Mnrrli \ I, ]X-Ai. Mrmhrr of ^st Itcgl- 
i:iciil Arknnliiii Carnlru. C. H. A. ninl l-iiihi- Voiinli/. Iiuliana, Janil- 
nnl 4, iim. 

ciiBtomnry for liliii to eoiiie to town 
before dnylluht on dnye following tho 
BlniiKliter of a beef. At ilnwn on such 
o.cnslon.- he would blow loud nnd 
lonir bli.Btfl on a tin linrn, whereupon 

the Jieopln who wiinted nient would 
selr-o tlifir bnBketfl niiH procee.l to 
mnrket. I.nler Iho npcitnile of Isiino 
AsI.erry In hlB nnprn nnil tho sound 
nf his I.ell OB ho drovo nhont tho 
Blreets of llockvlllo, selllnit "ram, 
Iniiib^ aboop luoat, and 111111100,** b» 

l.rlck biilWihK. Ill -\ N), wnn put up on 
the present sito of llohin's mill nnd 
r.pilpped with the Intest machinery 
then llBcd for weaving woolen goodB. 
TlilB enterprise wn« finnneed hy J. M. 
,\icliol». Willlnni .M. Thonieon nnd 
JnnicB II. .MeKwen, but before It bo. 
gun operation the Tatter died (18iin.) 
Experienced wenveia from .MnBanelinB- 
Bells faelnrleB were pln.ed In clinrt'e, 
nnd the very i|iinllly of cloth 
wns liinied out: l.ut Birnnge ns It niny 
srem. Ihe very cv.'.llencc of this out- 
put l.rniiBht nhoul Iho ruin of thlB. ns 
It <ll.l nil 01 her like fnilorlcs wiil.h 
prnduccil honest nll-wonl cloth. They 
were not cinlpped for Ihc innnufnctiiro 
"f the Bliodily goods, which soon nflcr 
the advent of the llockvlllo factory 
were put on the mnrket In audi a 
ninnncr its lo he In close eonipeiltlon 
wllh llio renl article, lint as this Is 
not a dls.'onrsc on polltlral c.'onomy I 
leave the Bul.jeel by Bl.ning the fnclB. 
(liir fnct.iry. like prn.n.-.illy nil of onr 
home ind.islriea of a by gone dny. lin* 
long been only n memory. And In ro- 
mcml.rnn.e 11 sliouhl be hero rehited 
Hint on New Year's night, INi'Jl, l.eforo 
tile n.n.'hlnery hnd been placed In tho 
now fnclory, 11 wns tho scene of ono 
of Ihn most n.itnhio events In 
onr foiiniy'fl history— a grnnd hnll In 
honor of the return of too soldier 
l.oys who l.y Hint tlmo woro nearly all 
homo from tho war. 

In l'**'!" .li.fleph Chance cslnbllshed 
tho flral pinning mill In I'ariko County, 
lie conducted It tbroo yoari and tbon 

Holon lergiiBon, who bnd a »niv mill 
a lew mih'H iiorlheasl of llockilll.'. 
l.onghl II. .Mr. |-ergli.oii In 11. os.' 
hnnleil his Iol's lo the mill with on 
te.iniB. •Ihe liuBlness grew from your, 
l.iyenr and has rontlnueil In the 
I'crKUson fninily during fort.i-slx of 
the forty-nine yenrs of Ha exlslen.e. 
It Is now knoiin ne Ihe Frrgnson 
l.nmb.'r t'ompmiy 1 In.nrpornli'.l.l own- 
ed l.y .Mrs. Solon l^erguson, Wnller H. 
nnd Wllllmii i;. |-eri:usiin. Tiie loiii' 
pniiy does nn cMenslve hiisinesB In 
alrmliiinl Iron, .em.nt nml ciiiy nint 
.I'liieiil pr'..lucts nnd eoiistruris iu..nn. 
lliii silos. Iirnncii Insilinllons nie 

lor.ile.l nl .Miilil.'/. a nn.l llnsednle. 

Hoinii I'ergiiBon mis n 111.111 of l.irce. 
fill chiiin.ler— fl ninn who In "priic. 
tlclng ivliiit he premheir' ivni milliniit, 
Iv nggresslve. Ills rellgioiii nnd inor. 

from iiiotivca of expcdieney or is.pli' 
Inrlly, lie was dillgeiil In IiIh I.iihI. 
nrsB 10 the dny of his denlli whrn he 
was liiBlnnlly kllie.l while working 
nenr Ihc boiler or Hie mTll ex. 
plodcd on Hie J.lrd of .liiue, l.sii;. kill. 
Ing • nt the anmo time lidwnpl 
Hlrnuglin, eon of lUv. Imdley 
Klrnughn, nn.l Imdiy Injuring Wnltir 
K. rergiiBi.n. 

Tcnbrook. .Mnglll nnd fninpany fnr 
a slmrt while In Ihn early soventleii 
coiiilii.'ted llio Inrgi'st mnnufni'luilnu 
biiBliiess In the rniinty. It known 
na the aliivo factory, where nlaves iiii'l 
hooding were nindo from the fine oiii, 
timber, whl.h up to Hull llm.- hnd h.'en 
llltio fcoiiglit nfier. No less thiin forty 
men nnd hoys were I'Uiplo.ii'd nl.oiil 
Ihe fnclory In any notiiing If liioso en. 
gaged In hnullng logs. 11 wns a busy 
plnio Indeed nnd wii« ipilto n (actor In 
Iho town'B prnsperlty i nn.l when, nnu 
night In IS":', tlm cry of "fire" whl.h 
had .ome lo liave drrndfnl Bignlflinn.'e 
In lloi'kvllle, nlarimd Hie people, fob 
lowed by the word pns«eil from lip lo 
lip— "ItB the Btnve fn.'tory !" tho wliolo 
town turned out to Bnvc II. Men, wo- 
men and children worked desperately, 
but lo no avail. Stnvo niiiklng wa« 
never rcsuined ; but It was replaced by 
n pinning mill, bbw mill nnd lumber 
ynrd. Asaoelntcd with Mr. Tcnbrook 
woro William II. llnrgrnVe ami .lohn 
■1'. Trice. Then .Mr. llnrgrnvo nnd tinr- 
rclt Tcnbrook opernted tho anw nnd 
pinning mill and various clinnges wcro 
made In the proprietorship until II 
wns bonglil by Henry n.klo nnd then 
by Wllllnm II. (irnliniu. Tlireo yonra 
ago (leorge I,. I,i.noy bought a half 
IntercBt In the buslneas nnd alnco then 
11 liaa been known ns tlie Ornhaiu- 
tjiney I, foiiipnny. Kvorythlng 
In tlio line of building material nnd 
ninny finished articles, auch as gates, 
.rntea. etc., nre Bold. Ilnylng nnd 
siiipplng logs iB nn exlenalve pari of 
Hie biislliesB. 

A large grlal mill was hnlll In lloi k- 
vllle In IK.V. by Moore and Slier. It 
was built nn tho Bide of the ravine up 
which tho lirecncaatlo Slate roii^ 
came Into Itoekvllle. and oppoalte tho 
"mineral spring^* which gnsbed lt« 
cool water fcnn the low IiIIIbIiIc. T1i» 
water from this spring was supposed 
to linvo medlclnnl propertlea; but 
when a pond wan needed for the mill 
11 wns used for supplying tho wnler 
which Bubnierged It, nn.l when tho 
pond wns ilrnlned ,'Hi yenra nfterwarda 
no Iroce of Hie spring could bo aoen. 
Isnac J- Silllman, O. .T. Innis, J. ,M, 
Nichols, Wni. II. Thonis..n, JanicB Mi"- 
Kwen, Kigleharl Ilr..llierB. .lohn li. 
Walker, Itobert Itustlu, lloi.ert f.lno- 
bnrger, Jniues lliissell, Androw and 
W'lllaui llutciiinBon, and otiiera whom 
I cannot recall, at dirfcrcnt times 
oilhor owned or operated *'Hio mill." 
It was always called "tho mill' by 
Itockvlllo boy» to whom It was an un- 
coaling lourc* o( IntensU To bars 



.•nllod It Biiytlilni; but "llio 
wniiM liiivo liworrU tlii' cIIkmII 
IliU'iiilniici' wlilili II iKishoood ill lif 
liiL' flic IrlKti-Hl llilni! In town. It wni 
llni'ir ilrBiinywi i.y llrr In 1S'<I. iifir 
liiivliiK hocii 11 «..iiriT of fini.n.liil ilr 
Klnirtliiii (.1 nhiiiinl rvoryliody win 
liiiil niivlhliiL- l» ilo Willi It. Why Ihl 
mill, liiriili'.l "liilnnil" HI lliKl. iMi 
«h|.|i rinly 111 IlK lilBl.iiy liml ii inll 
I'tiilil iMilll (llr.i-lly In lln donin. »iii 
mil piiiilliiiilo «iiM iil«iiy» u iii.irM'l ii 



-.1 I ho Mil 


II «ci», llioicrorc, llio ojilnlon of 
limiiy "f 111!' proiilo of llorkvllln. M hen 
llM' |ini|iunllliili <l( I'llc'MlrilclllK Mil' 

lliiliiii lirnlhirH K. II. I'lilvln and 
CrniKi' \\.- In liillld n iiilll lirrc wns 
liinnrliiil lliiil llio vonliiio wniild |iro\c 



iimniy vtmt piiIibiiI I to luiiiliaiio the 

»llo mid llic Ittdiiiw rrcilcd tliidr 
mdrndld lirl.k mill In isii:i. Ilowovcr 
llir imliiii IlinlhiTi' «crn iiillkni "to 
llir iiiiiniH'r linrii." mill Ihoir mill linn 
lirnvnl wniid.irully mlcnsBful. Con- 
ni-'lod Willi II In 11 Inri:'- nnd poifntly 
I'MiiliMiod il.inlnr, mid tlioy linvo mills 
mid clrvniom In nilii-r imrln of llin 
iniinly iil .Miim<rir.|d. MciTn, Wost 
I nliin. lllo"iiiliiL-dnlr. .Monlcznnm. 
.lildMin nnd MnrKliiill. Assoclnlcd 
Willi thrill iirn llornco Holler and 
Clinrlr'H O. Soyliold, who linvo clinrso 
nr Iho iiillN nl Mnnnrlold nnd .MnrRhnll. 

Ilofnro Iho wnr Snniuol N. Il.ikrr en- 
cnKid loi' 11 lliiio In Iho nmnnrnctiiro 
lit Rl'Mlo piiiiipR nl hiB potior shop, 
nhloh Bloo.l on Iho i :ii<l ond of the lot 
nciiplod hy Iho lo.splon.o nf Chnrloa 
II. f.nkor. Tho mm liino imo.l fnr Dink- 
hiK Iho liiluilnr «,,llon« nf tho pniiipB 
wim nflorwnriln ndnjilod In llio iiink- 
111.- of drain llio ,in n Rinnll sinlo— a 
RiiRiroatlon to .Mr. Hakor from .lolin 
oil iind II.-irrlBon y\ndorfion, who took of Iho first oiilpnl of ohlfnnhlim- 
0,1 "liorHCsllOo" tllo— tho first tllo us- 
rd In Iho Connly. At Iho opmo of Iho 
civil Wnr Iho Ilnkor Ilros. rslnhllBlicd 
n llio fnrlory, mnkliiB the tllo w-llti a 
Mine hlno oporntoil hy horno powor. This 
fnoliiry w ns lornlod In tho northonftt 
part of town, and for several yenrn 
dhl n "land offlre hiialnORs." When o 
kiln wna ready lo "drnw," farmers 
Willi tlioir waconB would often ho lin- 
ed up nnlllnc their turn lo eel the 
tile, which wore boiucIIihob bo hot 
I hat they would luirn the linnds of 
IhoBc who took them from the kiln. 
The demand for tile cmiHCd a nniiilK'r 
of Inoxperlenoed men to embark In 
the huslnesn, nnd tllo were made for 
a few years In various places In the 
• oiinly. linker Ilrolliers sold tliclr 
oBlabHRhiiient to Wllllain II. Nye nnd 
CharloB MeKwon, who Bulii,o.pienlIy 
sold II lo Levi Kldwoll. The only 
lieriMnnont red tllo fiiclnry eBlnlillnh- 
ed In the ciitinly la tlinl of lliis l.oo 
lit llollinore, who undcrstnndB every 
celnll of tho hiiKlness. Two tllo fni'- 
torlOB at one tliiio mudo red drain 
tile In Suuar Crock tovynahlp. Henry 
\. Myera manufactured tllo on Sec- 
tion One, and William O., and John 
V. Carter's factory wna on tho soiitli- 
en«t corner of Section Ten. 

A. P. Vlquosncy nnd John Ohnvor 
cBtabllshed the iiiarblo cutting In- 
duBtry In Tarko County, Juat after tho 
flvll Wnr. Trior to that Uino toiiili- 
BloncB of natlvo stono woro occasion* 
ally made by J. K. Ktacy lu .Monto- 
7.uma. A. T. VlijucBDcy retired from 
tho buslncBs In tbo early aevoiitlcB 
iitiil was succeeded by Ju8C|ili Ohaver. 
The Ohaver Urothers coollnucd In 
InialneBS In tho Ticknor shop building 
until It waa moved to tho south side. 
Then they moved to tbo building In 
which John Ilurko had iiiado waicons 
on cut High itreet. 'l°he Ohaver 
mnrble worki waa tucceedcd by Ooff 
mil OMbler In 1881, Ttaoy bad prer- 

loiiBly been In liUBlneBi at Mnntor.uiiiif 
for about a year. Mr. doff died a few 
iiiniilliH nfi.T couiInK to lloolivillo nnd 
T. 1*. Ilnehlor beoniiie solo proprietor 
of Iho only mnrble works In the 
I "ounty. 

llrlok imiklnii wna ihmo "off au<i 
on" 111 or nlioiil ICockvlUo from ls-.'( 
iilmnm to the prosoiil time. llnrrlKon 
I'alntor, .Inaliim l.nnii. Aliinson 'I lik 
por. .Inhn rnlnlor. .Iniiios llnrnnhy, 
Wllllnm .Inluor worn oldllmo lirbk- 
innkern. .lolin Jnrrolt euRUKod rntlier 
extonalvely In Iho hiislness In the late 
BlmloH. lie iiindc the brick for the 
NnllnnnI Ilniik luilldliKr, .\iirrihfliii 
llitrrni-h bad a Inruo lirb-k yard easl 
or the Hill addition to lloekvllle, and 
Inter Henry bad n ynid north of 

Itrnwn'a reablenoo. and made Into a 
larKO Bhnp where fino huKglea and 
riirrlnL'o» woro turned mil. Tlila ob- 
inhllHlimiul wn« piirobn»ed by Iho 
liiBior liinihorB who ceased work 
nlmiil 1M>"I. Knvid II. WobI, nlid Allen 
M. i:illoit iiindo biiKxloB for a abort 
while lu 1HS<| nn<l 'HI. 

Aiuiiitinllii tilth ilo Arlliilllrii 
.loKBo It. rouuelly kindly cnnsuulod 
In u ro,|UcBl lo write iibmit Antiapolle, 
anil conlrlbiiloa the followlug: 

"In wrlllnn of tho Industries of An- 
imiiolls I will do the heat I can. My 
riisl I lonr reiiiemhninco of Ihlum 
hniiiH'iiliiu In Anun|K)ll8 wna Iho ram- 
paliin of ISM when Ja». K. I'olk wna 
the Deiiioirntlo cnndblato and Henry 

that addition. William Bracken and 
Wllllnm Ivlllott were our last brlrk- 
niakora. All the hriek for tbo north 
nnd east aldon nflor Iho flrcB nnd fnr 
Ihe court houBi' were mnile nt llnok- 
vlllo. W. II. .MiKay iiindo tho hrlck 
for the court hoiiso and Tarko hotel. 

An IndUBtry, much more extensive 
tlinn our |K?ople realize, la that con- 
ducted by Shannon Ic Haven. This 
company biiya poultry which Is drcBs- 
od for Bhlpment In a new brick bulld- 
Ini; on Virginia Btroot. For aoToral 
yenra the buBinosa waa c-arrled on In 
tho old Hump warebouBe, which was 
reiiioved to be replaced by tho present 
ImllillnR. I'onltry Is alno droBsed and 
Blilpped In largo qunntltloa by Pence 
& Pence iit Cntlln. 

l-or forty yeara Ixe .Mi-.Mlllln on- 
fngi-d In the busincBs of houso-niovlnir: 
doing all siirh work In Itorkvlllo, and 
iiioM of It In tho County. During that 
time .Mr. Mc.MlllIn moved many very 
large bulldlngB. and accompllehed 
some very credltaldo feats of iiiecban' 
leal engineering. 

About 1870 Ii. J. O. Hlldebrand ea- 
tnhllalied a carriage aliop. Tho now 
aciinoi Presbyterian ohurch wai nnr- 
ohaaed hy ,Mr. Hlldobnind and iiwved 
lo tbe lot now occupied by U W. 

Clay tho Whig candidate for the 
Iresldenoy. nnd as I waa Iobs thiin 
six yenra of ago. I may remember 
Rniiie IhluKB that never happened. I 
will Ini'iiie llie IndiintrliB on ronilH or 
strolls sn that I may not oiiill. If pos- 
sible, any of thciii. I'lrat the Knat 
ond West road— tho 'Montrauma nnd 
CriiwfordBVille road. 

In the east ond of the town, juat 
woflt of the home of William .Marls, 
lather of /liiirl Maria, waa located n 
wo<ilcu nnd carding mill owned by a 
man by the name of Tnylor. Ilo card- 
ed wool and made aiilnning rolls fnr 
the fariiicra: niao tho wool wna card- 
ed, imiile Into rolls, spun Into yarn and 
wnv^n Into flannel and Joans. It was 
run hy h,trBe iiower. There wna a 
gront wheel on tho south side of the 
Inilldlng. W X -111 feet In diameter, 
which Blood at an angle and with a 
Head BO thiit when two liorBOs were 
lo.i up to a oertiitn place oil the aide 
next to the building tho weight of the 
loiraea put the wheel In motion, and 
Bo It continued ao long as the horses 
remained and walked on the wheel 
and It waa In gear. 

Just neat of this on the north able 
KIcct lluut mado men and boys* bats. 
Ho bad ■ twoitarjr building, about HU 

feet Biinnre, the lower alory being 
aboul half uiidor ground and In It wna 
tho vnls. rnlnrluK Innka and work 
l,on< hoB for tho ninklug and shnpliig 
or linls. I I'liu lint now say whother 
hi' made fur mid allk linla. Iipatnlra 
111 IhnI hiilldluK In our ojirly dnya 
Hunt ki'pt I lie pusliiflk'c nnd a sit- 
Innii. When oblldron got iiiiill nt lliiil 
iiril.o lli,.y liiid lo linve ii writlen 
orilor. Adjoining lluiifs lot on lli.i 
weal, I'nlob lliiiidy Imd a Ian yard. 
On tho south HhIo of Iho alroet furlli. 
or woHl, Cnlvin .1. livmis mnile fiirnl- 
line of nil kinds (cMopI ilinlrsl - 
biironiis. Iiihlos. bodsl'iida nnd coffins, 
ilho ,'niiliis holiiK Hindi' only on ur. 
ilor and In men.iue.) 

.Ml Imiiher nns rirossod hy hnmt nnd 
Iho turning of boilpoKis. table lega nnd 
ullior plena n ua lu liirniui; hillu b liy 
horse |«iwer. Next lo lOvnus. Iliivid 
I'onnelly had a coiMxr shop lu which 
iiioBi all kinds of woiiilon vessols were 
lundo, e.vcept llilis nnd bilckols. All 
Bliives and bonding w, re made finiii 
the llmhor In tho woods by band. 
|,|lo,l nnd dilod on Iho lul nt the shop 
and shnvou nnd fllted lor the Legs nnd 
larrols by tho workiieii. Tho iiiosi 
protintliMiB part nf the work wna uiuk. 
Ing Inrd kegs fn,- i:. M. Itoiisoll of 
.tlnnlezmiin, and flour hiirreln for the 
Wright, or itoekport .Mill. 

.Next weal of my fntboi's aliop was 
Ihe hariiosH and anddtery Klinp nf 
Simon Vestal. He had lliieo nr foul 
workmen and iiindo by band all klnda 
or Baddha and biirni-ss, mid had uullo 
II birgo iriiilo. Wo"t of whiil was nf- 
lorwnrds tho store room of Saiiiilol T. 
Knaoy for bo niiiny years, wiib n build. 
Ing In which laitk wan packed. It wna 
some tlluOB bouglil oil font, but iitso 
l«ugbl iliTBseil. I liiive olwaya under 
Blond Hint .lolin .Moulder mid Tlioiuni 
»'oody. began the packing hUBlnesB. 
but In my day I ospeclnlly reincmhor 
II as under the iiiiinagciiient of Sam- 
uel T. I'.nsoy and llobort llauisoy, 
whose bnilie was at Itimsellvllle. The 
l"Uk waa wagnuod lo .Muiitrxiiiiia nnd 
ablppod on the rivor to the .Xoufli. on 
the weal end of the town Ahraiii .Mar- 
ls had a Ian yard more iirctentloiin 
llniu that of Caleb lliindy. Ihe work 
wna done by bund, no iiincbinery be. 
Ing nseil except Imrk mill nnd with 
hoiae power lo grind the hiuk. 

Ihl the street running lliroiigli Ihe 
town rroiii north to south. Juil west 
of tho .M. I-:, oluirrh. wns lb,- carilngo 
and wiigon-ninklng shop of ticorgo and 
William Hunt. They lundo wagons 
aa well as cnrrlngoB. hul ape, laity 
wan biigglos and cnrrln-.;ia. All tho 
wni-k wns dnno by band, evc-n tlin 
shaving of Iho s|«, and Iho snwlng 
of Ihl' follniB. They esl.ibllHlied u 
style of rnrrbige which wna kunwn an 
the rrloiids cjiinrl, rly .Mooting Car- 
rlugo. Illlbbnrd Wnnily and W. P. 
Stanley also made cnrrlngoB nnd biig- 
glea and llnvld 1^ Osboru uiado wag- 

When It "Uiies lo Ihe pollory IiubI- 
nesB I am Bomewbat confused as to 
who woro tho heglunorB. hut I rciiiom. 
iK-r Ihat -laniea nnd Crawford l.aiigli 
lln, linvid lliigglna nnd II. I,. Alclicu- 
ann were plonoora In tho business, 
which In a Inlor dale fell Inio Ihe hands 
of .lohu Webb nnd Ahx l-eo, nnd 
lately .ontlniiod by II. tl. AtihoBon at 
the Bolfsniue idiice. Tho chiy was 
wagoned lo the town from ImnkB near 
Sugar Crook, three lulba dislanl. 
■Ilion Ihe finished wnro was hauled ^ 
and s,.ld In r.aslorn llHnnl. nnd ei Inr 
north In tlHs SIntc aa <">l""';'"' ^^ 
Ilea and l.nfnyolle, nt whnlcsnio. In 
Ihe early davs .Inhn IMckell had a dry 
good, Blore .« did also John Moulder 
and Thomna Woody, then A"ron M.rl. 
and Jame, Davis, bis "<»'•'"•'»''•,•'•" 
nckolt and H.dloy and .Iter tb.m 

-lil tl -UU^MU '^--^1 



Nallmn rkkctt ; also SnitToei T. En- 
Bt-y. 'I'liesc nit kept Blocks of goods 
that woiilJ Btipply "'o people In those 
pioneer daVB— dry Roods, clotbing, 
bootM and bIiocb, boiiio hnrdware and 
Biich Krocerles as woro hcccfisary for 
houBctiold need. Not any canneS 
KoodB. neither fancy groeeriofl. 

John r. lOplilln, Leonard Dunnlean 
and fJeorjie Dovertcr made the hoots 
ond Bhnes of the tlujCB. Most of us 
hoys went hnrefoot from the early 
Srirlnc to the Into Fall. 

Wm. & I^alien llubottoni began mak- 
ing of the round pump at the four 
roads i^onlh of Annapolis In lNi:i. The 
Itnhotlohis sold out to (Julney llos- 
kins who coullniird the buslnesB for 
MUite nwhllp. .lohn (ioffard made rhaln 
piitnps In AnnapollB In ISIS; alSo 
.los. A. linrley In IS.-1.W. Wni. V. 
Stanley & I'o. made the round piinip 
In l«i;l; J. c. Ward and Job. A. Our- 
ley were also In the husfnens and lastly 
one Jeirerson .loneB. The round pinups 
were made hy relllng large poplars, 
sawluu Into sullnhle lengths, then 
splitting Into plercB suitable for up- 
per stork, which «-ere put Into lathes 
run by horBO power and turned to 
pioper size and also bored. The pip- 
ing «aa also hored by horse power. 
Thefle puuipH were sold from wagons 
hy .los. .\. tJurley, Marlon I'Minonson, 
Wm. I,. .Mclntlre and others through 
out tills part of Indliina, from Terre 
llnute to l.afaveile, anil In Illinois 
froin I'a-ls to Danville. ■Ibis luisl. 
HISS una of wide extent and there 
were few fnniiH but what hnil an An- 
lianolla made pump. 

-lohn Coffin, of AnnapollB, replying 
to a reipiest for Information, snys : 

"I find that the first pottery weal 
of AnnapollB, was not the one built 
by It. A. Coffin at Coko Oven Hollow, 
but was at Foundry Hollow and hullt 
anil run hy Thoimia Coffin anil David 
llugglns. Thlfl plant was BInrted In 
Iho early forties as near as 1 can find 
out In '-II or '12. 

"Ihe pottery at Coko Oven Hollow 
was not hullt until I8Cn. R. A. Cof- 
fin bought of U'm. O. Coffin thirty ac- 
i-es of land, which tract Included Coke 
Oven Hollow, and In ordor to got 
means to start hla pottory shipped 
I'laj- to potteries by way of the canal 
to f)cl|thl, Mauiuco, Covington, and 
Attlea. The year before ho built tho 
pottery ho sblpped IVtO tons at ono 
dollar per ton. 

"Coke Oven llollonr !• Darned from 

the business conducted In It by Wm. 
U. Coffin in IKI.~>;iil. lie also ran n 
foundry near by nt a point called 
.Mount Aetna. He mined and coked 
coal i-.t L'oko Oven Hollow and wagon- 
ed It to Cincinnati, nmi would haul 
pig iron back to his foundry on his 
return trip. 

Tho foundry at one time cast a can- 
non, which was used at a celebration 
in Annapolis, and, not unlike the Hull 
.Moose party, went to plei-es nt the 
first Bhot. Fortunately, nn one was 

"In regard to the lease on Ihe clay, 
or w lilch would more properly he 
called a deed, which In fni-t It was, 
lovered all the land belonging to Win. 
li. Coffin, nn.l Incluiled the clny on 
Ihe Innd later Imught by ItMhert Ad- 
dison Coffin. This lease, 01 deed, was 
made 10 ,lniiieB I,. (!ii|i|n (or a siiiall 
lonslderatlnn. Capin was quite a 
boomer and Coffin tliouglit by leasing 
the riny to lilui he would bei-ome more 
inleresled In developing tho clay In- 

"In l.s-Vi (iapin started to Callfi.rnin 
and died on board the abip. and wns 
put In a sack nn.l thrown overboard. 
The clay lease, or deed, fell to IiIb 
brother, Stephen tiapin, who lived In 
the siMilhein part of the State. 

"In l.suii Welch and t,ee. owners of 
the Annnpidls pottery, bought the 
right of Stephen (Inpin for all Ihe clny 
the .\nuiipolls pottory would use In 
iheir business for one hundred dol- 
lars, i'hls right has been deeded 
with the AnnapollB i«Pttrry to Us dif- 
ferent owners down to fjeorge i-;lston, 
Ihe present owner. FIston still owns 
Ihe pottery, but sold the lease, or 
deed, lo liie clny at Coke (Iven Hollow 
to -lohn H. O'llnylo, who owns the 
llloomlnL-dnlo imttery. This trane- 
aclion took plneo two years ago. 

"The Annapolis pottery wna built by 
I 'avid AlihcBon In IRII. father of II 
tl. Atcbeson, who for several yoiirs 
was sole owner of the plant here and 
Is atlll n citizen of onr town." 

SIk (Unffiit IITauiti)ri]. 

Tho following letter from W. (!. Cof- 
fin to Mxiuu Newlln gives valuable In- 
formation about tho Coke Ovon Hol- 
low foundry. 

Falrmount, Kas., ,Tuly n, INIUi, 
Rxuui Nowlin, 

Parke County, Ind. 
.My Moar Friend 1 

Thee asks for a historical skotcb of 
the old Sugar Creek foundrf. 

It was I'omiueni'cd In the spring of 
the year ls:i.-, by .loseph Woody and 
W. (!. Cofflu and my brolber. Tliomaa 
c. Coffin, the firm name of Cofflu, 
Woody & Co. Woody «ns suiceedrd 
soon aftei by Wllllaiii llhuboltom and 
he by Samuel Harvey; firui name 
cbaoged lo Coffin. Hnrvey & Co. We 
did a general foundry business and 
plow mauufarturlng. extensively for 
those times, imr product going as far 
as Lognusport north. Iranvllle. 111., oil 
lire west. VInconnes on the Booth nnd 
lianvllle, Ind., on the east. We used 
an excellent article of coke as fuel 
made from coirl mined on our land In 
what Is yet termed Coke Oven Hollow. 
Iliir Iron was procured rrroslly from 
CIrrclnnnll nml the blnst furnnees In 
Ohio and Kerrlucky. T. c. Coffin was 
oirr prin.lpnl rrrouliler, wlilie W. ll. 
Coffin was also iironlder. pattern mak- 
er, foundryuian. mncblnlsl. black- 
smith, carpenter, millwright, engineer, 
fbit Imnt builder and Wnbash lllvor, 
Ohio and .Ml8Bls..|ppl HIver pilot. I 
also irrnctb'cd dentistry and dealt out 
medicine to the Bbk neighbors In a 
\ery surail way; was politician, striuip 
speaker, irrerrrber of the I.egislatlrre, 
both House and Senate, rend law un- 
der .lodge Hryanl. was ndurltted lo Ihe 
bar. but only practiced to a very snrall 
extent, and I think I may safely say 
ne\er was a great sm-cess or entire 
failure at nnythlug. I bull; two steam 
saw mills nn the bind, hewing the tim- 
ber, doing carprnler. mlllnrlght work 
and built all the engines except Iho 
hoilere. I built flat boats on Sugar 
Creek, from three to eight a year, and 
ran two a year to New Orleans for 
twelve years and finally wound up 
nnd (|Ult on Ihe generirl wlnrl-up of 
ftnt-bontlrig on the western river In 
IM.S. Went Into Ihe government aer- 
1 lee as agent of the copper mining on 
Lake Superior, and have been In gov- 
ernrrrent service as Superintendent of 
Indian affairs or claims attorney ev- 
er since, not conllniionsly, but most of 
the time: hnvc been ibipwreeked on 
Lake Huperlor, wator logged In the 
(liilf atrraui. 

,V8 ft beggar I wrilo all tho Friends 
yearly meetings In Ihe world, but once 
as a hoggar I rnlsed nearly twenty- 
four thousand dollars for the building 
of Kansas yearly moeling house and 
nfter all the vicissitudes of fortune, 
hnlr-hreath eaeapcB. I am still honrty, 
bale nnd stout, stand up straight, walk 
with a Ilglit, springy step, at the age 
of nearly 83, with a reaaonabia pros- 

pect of more .rears to come. If It please 
liry greirt lx)rd and -laster to continue 
Ids wondrous goodness and mercy to 
one so utterly unworthy ovon to Irow 
with submission and obodlcnco to fals 
win t 

Itellmore, as may bo seen under 
"Itiislness iteglnnings," was a buBy 
plaio fifty years ago. Tho llocd 
Krotliers— Perry J*, and Joseph — made 
wagons ; John Tumor manufactured 
pumps, made coffins, and was tho loc- 
al underlaker. After the war llosello 
chnpin, who had formerly worker! In 
Annrrpolls, started a cooper shop nt 
Meltrrrore, and Thomns Mater made 
Badilles and harness. 

Along In the late elgblles an ngila- 
tlon In fnvor of locnl crenruories wrrs 
started. Tiro people of Hellrrrore nnd 
Itrldgrton neighborhoods beciimo en- 
lluiMlnntlc over proBpects shown to oe 
IKiBslble by results In Wisconsin nnd 
other stntes. While the subject wni 
under discussion The Ilockrllli; Trili- 
in\f wnrned those who proposed on- 
(nbllnblng creameries hero that co- 
operative Indiiatrleg of this kind were 
only possible with people who had 
slroug communistic tondencles. 'rii« 
only result was the loss of some sub- 
scribers to The Trlliiinr and the build 
Ing of t"'o creauicrlcB. Both crealuor- 
les were short-lived. However, a foa 
years ago a crorrinery wns establlBbed 
at IHoomlngilalo under n system that 
i-onforius to conditions now prevailing 
among farmers, or rather , tho wives 
of farmers, and It has proved qillto 

The last tannery operated in the 
County was that of .1. I'. Hlrsbninner 
fii Sugar Creek township. It was lo- 
cated at Tiusk's SprlngM when the 
place was tho only poBtofflce In Ibat 
part of tho County. The large spring 
there furnished power for grinding 
Ian bnrk, nnd is the Inrgosl spring In 
Ibis part of the Rtate. At this iioint 
was also located tho tobacco mtmii* 
faiiory of J. P. Liindgron, which, 
when II was operated was tho onlf 
business of lire kind In tho I'oiinly, 
,\lbert Krelsch afterwards made el- 
gars at lluckvllle for about ten yoara. 
In 1!I83, A, W, fAindgren eame to 
lliickvllle, and for a time aold produoti 
from his father's taetor|r In hla (tor* 
on tba wait ild«. 


§>tnim May tmh Mram §im Mills 

B|-Sll)i:s (ho k-rlsl mills jilnacly 
v\lMc-ar,- nnd pone- out of o% 
iHlnriio since Iho firm ntcani 
Miin xriH liulU In Ihr Cunnly. Mini 

i.f Ihnii liiivc In oro or Ipb^ rhi-i if. 

,r.^l cironiB. If I..V Riind fcrliino or 
^ hmiumi-incnl llioy mirvlica the 
lr:inRlllr,n |.crinil L.-lwcfii thf old- 
in,<liloninl liuiT lo llio ii.'w roller pro- 
iTKfl. imnihor iMM'iny — firo— hna In 
Miiiiiy ln«tiin.oi. iloslrnytil ihni.. Tin' 
mill ill lloK.'ilnIo In n (■..nBiilnioiu ox- Till' flmt on.' ori'ilcd llirrc liy 
I Inly, Mcll iiiicl llroi ii.'is, ui.rn.u uii.Mii 


nl yo 

riiiirlfK Tnill.'. nlilod by o donntlon 

fro •lllz.M.s of KoRi'dnlo. rcliiiili 

III.' mill on tlic Bill...? 8llo. Ilo Bold lo 
;i MMii iiniM.'d .'inlor.. n lio In turn fold 
I.. II. I'. Unvlii. Hli.. Rii.r.hsfnlly con- 
ilii.i.'.l II for yoiirii, iimklng 
n.ldllloiiR 10 11 unlll II ""K n vory 
.omplolo pliint. wlion llii- mill wns 
iiirnlii l.iirn.'d. .\rior ono yonr 
(..■il N.iln,. lioiitlfl llio *llo nnil re- 
Imlll on Ilio Miiio foiin.lntlon niiollior 

!■ |.|.l.' iMlll. wlilrli mood for por- 

i-.p» IS inonllm. wlion II wiik hnrnrd, 
l.inlni; Ihn old 1.1III «llc-a dia- 
i.inl rriii'l»li-r of l.|:iRlrd lio|>ca. 

Tho Mri'iino mill nt Mont.'znnm dlil 
i.ol Biirvho Iho irmBlllon iirrlol 
wli.'ii innny of dm old ly|io- or eli-aiu 
1..IIU «,.!■.. forrod o.ll of l.llBlnoBS. lU- 
fun- li..' lull. >ilii III. n of llio rollnr pro 
r-Hh nil or.lih.iry mill roiild bo o.pMp- 
,.1'd for nl.oiil Sl,in«, oxcln»lvc 01 
llio mllhvrlKl.i work. To oipilp incli 
II mill fm Iho lollor proii'BB hivnlvoil 
iiii InM'Bliooni of .s.i.iMHi.iid for mn- 
.l.ln.'ry niono, M.-iinnlillo nil loonl 
iiilIlK woro'd to Iho Bovorrgt 
.oiM|,.'ililoTi of hie iMlIU fnvornhly lo- 
i-.ilo.l. pnrlldilnrly iifl.-r flonr ronnoil 
10 ho roiiillod In hiirrolH. Th.- Monio- 

y. 11 mill o«n.'d hy (lror.:o W. nnd 

lli-nry Mri'iin.. In lomiiioii with Iho 
..thorK to iiio.'i IhlB Bllimtlon. Af- 
tor 11 rnmo iho mill hiilll hy Nor- 
dylto & .MnriMon In i.h;m. It lind n dla- 
•i"lrouB finnnrlnl liUlory .loBplto ltd 
[towrrfiil proprli-lorBlil;.. 11 dlBCon- 
llniiod Brlndlni; flour In IIk.ii r.nd whb 
i-linnKcd to n hominy iiilll. f.'ll Into tho 
linnilB of n ro,-.|vor nnd whb Bold lo 
n Tolodn Mllline .'onrnrn for the pur- 
poflo of innnnfncliiring mnnl from corn 
f 0I18 na ft filler i.nd n.lultcrnnl of ptock 
food, a son of foodino or Bubslltutc for 
food. It l.urncd six .\cara nco find on 
Iho ruins of Iho old mill tlio present 
.Monle-/.umn Mill nnd KInvnIor woe 
l.nllt In IIHL* hy ft corporfttlon known 
lis tlio Monley.unm Mill i.nd Klrvnlor 
I'oiiipnny, Ilolim IlroiherB nl llo.kullof 
helni! tho controllInK iiloriihiilderii. 

Tho prrH.-nl mill nt liloomlnednln 
unx orlKln:.l'y hum In Iho old town. 
The Blutemciil IK iiindo Hint Its nm- 
chlnery van tnUen from llie mill ftl 
llcllmnre. After Ihe rnllrond wns 
hnllt the mai'hinery wnB ftRillil moved 
to the present alto In .Now IlloomlnK- 
dnle. It bftd n nniulior of nwncri* 
nmonK Ihem Tliomns I,. Nevlns. of 
ll'iccoon townnhlit, iinlll it finally 
pnsBed Into the hands of tho Itohm 

A mill wfts eBlahllshed by llnrnes 
nnd Knyder at Judson early In that 
town's history. Hobert ItnrnCB, son of 
Kt'ward Ilftrnofl. who conducted tho 
old wftlor mill at "IMn Hook." was Its 
proprietor when he died. It passed 
Into the handa of different owners, 
nnd finally was owned by A. R. Mc- 
Murtry when It was destroyed by firo. 

James Kay built a mill at C'allln In 
IBIin, which early foil a Tietim U) ont- 
•Ida rompetltloD. In tlin carl/ ■•Ten- 

lies Chnrlc'B llapp con.lmled It with an 
en.-rsy (hat promised well, hut In ft 
lew jenrn II d.'rllned nnd then went 
out of business. 

ChnrleB riclsliiiii.'r, soon after .Mar- 
,-<liiill hei'nme a town, moved the iiin- 
.-lilnery from his wnter mill on NURnr 
Creek 10 the prcBciil silo ..f Hie Mnr- 
>hnll >.lll. 'I'liln mill met with Ihn 
vlclBslliides of all the 01 here of Its 
lilail. It wns nl last t,ii..'n over hy 
Ihe Ilohiii Ilrolliers, who nro now ini|. 
dilelInK It. 'Iho mill nt Lena went out 
In tho olBlillcB-enrly In tho Kniiio, 

frum fliilln 

"Wo«.lm.nio..>ll..l lr<-r. 
Touch not > .intlc b«..i.h. 
In roinh II •hrllrrcil ni« 
Antl I'll pral^cl it now." 

I'rom a sentimental standpoint we 
now eonie to a and piik'e In tho history 
of I'arke r.iiinty. Nobody who IniB not 
scon tho dnrk reaches of iirtnicvnl for. 

the vnrlely of native for- 
est Irees In I'nrke Coiinly may ho oh. 
lalne.l fioiii the folh.wlnk' list fur- 
nished by Waller S, Kerk'iiaon ; 

.Lv/i — While, (irny, Swamp. 

;ic.-.-/. —While. Vellow, lied. 

(•o((oiMroo,f -Yellow, 


/.'/m—iled Slippery, Walor, Hickory, 

auw ^Yellow, Iliaek. 

//i.Aor;/— Wlilio-Shcllbark, lllock, 

I ,„.„,(_|,ni,ev. mni'k. 

Mn/ili — liord, Soft. 

Onfc— Wilier, t'hlnknpln, Bcruli, 
White. lied. Illack, Tin, Spnnlah, Ilurr, 

/•o;;/./r--Whlte, Yellow, illuo. Silver- 

^'//r^/llOl•l— While, Yellow. 

Wlllriir- -WeopInK, Whilo. Yellow. 

iro/n»(— Illn.k. White, 

Arl.or Vltea. illack Haw, lluOkcy.', 
Cntnlpn, ('offeenut. Cedar, DoKwood. 

, J011N8ON 

Itlacl.imllh, Saw Mill Operalnr, and 

cat which Burvlyod the necessary 
clearlnit for culllvnlion and rail fcnc 
lug— onouRh to ondrclo tho worl.l — 
can conceive of the majesty of the 
ii'lloB upon miles of woods IIirouKh 
which too Mads of tho County load 
rifly yenrs ago. A taint •uggostlon 
can ho Klvcn by n sight of tho big 
iKipinrs and onks at 'i'nrkcy Ilun, 
ImaKlno htindrcdB and thousands ot 
Hiii'h trees within sight of the roads 
along which ono drove in IHd'i, ami 
thi-sn only typical of hundreds and 
IhuuHaiids not in view. Hut at tho 
I'll. BO of Iho Civil War came devasta- 
tion, I' IrsI to fall was the black wal- 
nut, then Ihe poplar, then tho oak. 
then tho hickory and ash, the sugar 
and hcecli, Bycninore, nnd oven oliil 
of unprintable variety. Troes tho 
woodman bad spared the saw mill 
man took; and Iboso the saw mill 
man didn't take the Umber man Is now 
lon.ling on cars to take — "logs" that 
a l.loneer wouldn't put in a pig pen 
ore now in demanil for aonie kind of 
lumber — niiilo nnd gnarled reminders 
of the fact that even after all tbcBe 
years of wanton deetrucllou I'arke 
County's wonderful ' forests have not 
been entirely obliterated. An Iflea of 


^.■<i(/cr of Ihe rirtt Hand In rarkr Cn. 
r.hler, Ilarkherry, Hemlock, Ironwood, 
I.Inn or Ilasswood, Mulberry, IMnc, 
I'nw I'nw, I'crslmmon, lied Haw. Sas. 
safrns, Spru.-o, Thorn. 

To keep track of the mullldiinlous 
saw mills that from lliue to lime hnvi\ 
o.vlBled In every part of Iho County 
would he liiiposalble. Many of Ihcni 
wore portable, "innlcy" mills, or torn- 
porary alnicturos for sawing soiiio 
parlleular trait of timber, nuch aa tho 
snw mill ere.'lcd a hnlf mile South of 
the Narrows of Sugar Creek for Iho 
piirpo»o of sawing Ihe first tlmlier 
sold by John I.nsk, ($:in.rioO;) and Ihe 
mill al I'.ast UorUvllle. put there lo 
saw Iho Maxwell tract, ono of tho last 
lonslderal.lo bodies of limber Bold In 
the County. Ono aurh mill was very 
nrlstnerallr In Its oporallona. It snneil 
nolhlug but black walnut. It was lo- 
cated on Pnnlel Slrnngo's land near 
New Discovery, and ccaacd work when 
all tho walnut timber In that section 
waa sncrlflred to Ihe iuinhor Moloch 
that demanded the life of every black 
walnut tree on the face of the oarth. 

The firnt steam saw mills were like 
Ihose already sawing Iiy water power, 
and were called "easli* mills: to call- 

ed bocj.use the saw worked up and 
down Inside of a frame called a siibIi. 
Such a mill was operated hy Harmon 
rulllani, not far from Iho Tiiherni- 
lofllfl hoaplsial reaervallon. sawing 
onk for tho plonk road. 'I'hry reaom- 
hied Iho nilllB of the llods-lbey saw- 
ed slowly. It Is not certainly known 
when and by whom ibo first circular 
saw was used In the County, hut It la 
generally Biipposed that Nerval Ham. 
illon's mill imrlh of llellmoro was Ihe 
first to he so c.pil|ipi'.l. Nerval llniu- 
lllon was not only n remnrknblo man 
In fnw mill .iminis, hut hl« record ns 
a soldier In Ihe Mexican Wnr waa 
dlsilni:ulBlied. He was the first man 
over Ihn raiiii.a'ris at Ilellen (hlle, 
when Iho Castle of CImpultepee was 
assaulted and captured by the Ameri- 
can army opernling against Iho Clly 
of .Mexico. Tor Ibla gallahtry he wa. 
given a cerllflrale of merit hy I'rcsl- 
ileni l''.lk, which la now the volued 
heirloom of bis daughter. Mrs. Jidin 
llullon. The Mississippi riflo ho car- 
ried al Ilellcu llnle Is also an llelr- 
Inoiii. inil.c.lded in its sloik Is n bill. 
Id that would have killed ilaiiilllon 
iind ills tniKly rifle been anywhere but 
In front of his body nt the right in. 
'slant. He was Iho vlilliu of enongli 
saw mill accldenis to kill a half do7.en 
ordinary men. Ills vltnllly was such 
Ihnt ho Burvlved them all, nnd nl the 
nge of 70 he was serving aa poBlmnsler 
at llellmoro In iwsi, 

James lloslwiik. Ihe Wright Ilrnlli. 
ers. and WIIHniii Illa.lJe.lgo hart saiv- 
mills in the neighborhood of lloikviiie 
In the sixties. lloBlwIck's mill wns 
near llelhel; the Wright mill Just 
south of Iho rosidonce of the Into V. 1*. 
Noel, nnd tho lllachlodgo mill 
on Wllliniu's Creek, near tlic Nowllng. 
town bridge. 

.lohnson H, >Vhllo opornlcd > saw 
mill Ihree miles south of Ilockvllle on 
the n. ft C. in Iho sUlies nnd 
cnriy scvenllcB, 

Frank i'nyne lias the iMatincllon of 
bnving conducted tlio Inrgcsl bow mill 
opernllons of any 1. an In I'nrlie Coun. 
ly. He began wllh a l.lg mill nt Jud- 
son III ISTI : be also comliiclcd a mill 
on Seillou 111, (Ireene Township; two 
nl I'Inltavllle, nml one at Ilockvllle. 
After sawing In IMrko County until 
llniher became too oraree for his scope 
of operatlouB, he wint to Mlaalaalppi 
nnd Alnbamn. and there completed • 
term of over Ihlrlyflve .vears of con- 
tiniions BOW mill business. 

At Ihe lime ,Mr. I'nyno was in busi- 
ness In Iho l.'.iuniy. chnrlea Flels- 
iiniier had n large mill near Sugar 
Crock In Ilownr.l 'lownahlp; the Abep 
nalhy mill near ihe home of .Mrs, Kilty 
iliirks. and Iho mill north of llyron 
were also In Howard ToHpshlp, Tho 
lallor was i-onilucled by llohert Ixii'K- 
hart, who bniiglit a flnn body of llm- 
ber near .M. (). Siilllviin's rcBldenco, to 
be worked into Imx bonnliT for Iho 
ftudebnkers. Mr, l,nckharl lost ail 
his rinnnelnl resoiiriea In this von- 
lure. Snmiiel liellaiiii lind n mill in 
I.II.eriy Township nl thiB lime; II, A. 
.Mvers and i:ii Wendnll. Wm. O. Car- 
ter and son .lohn, lind mills In 
Creek Township. Chnrlea |.-|elBliniier 
niao condurled a mill nt Cot's Kord 
on Sugar Creek. This mill was so lo. 
latcd that nil Iho snwdiist fell over 
the rock ledge, where ino bridge now 
Btnnds, inib the creek nml floated 
nwny. A mill slnrled by Huff and 
.lunk in Sugar Creek Township forty, 
five yenrs ago Hsed the first rlrciilnr 
Bfiw In that part of tho County and 
used the first horses, Instead of o««n, 


i.M' lutJ'.liiu. Till- mill Ii""bIM .'in ill»iil'l'M II'" "I ""'■ II""' '"'■ "">■ 'l"l- " 

|„i' lii'H 111-'' 111""'' "t 'I'nik.'y .iiiiiili 

„„„ V.inlu 


thii; Jii'li:'' or Hii'Mi'. Its 

i«'cl Ih htlllillMK nil nt.r 

l.iiwM.nri- nml .l.-rii 

h.\ lliili- '■Mi'llnil V 

ittim Hoon Ci'iir 

!■•[. Mil. I III!' f'liiiiiHiiiv InllliiK In iiiri- 

llh nl.|li:iill"ll In III.' Itolllim, till- |irn| 

'■ilv iiu'iilii loM'ili'.l I.I Ihciii In ls!i-. 

I'liiiik w-iK nil inilj «inv.v,.|-. Ii.l I kUc IIw kI.'II.' IIh ri'l'iilnllnii ,|i„i 

II,. 1111,1 11 •■Miiil.y" Milll wsl or Cnllln l",nlly. Mi-. l>r\oll. H.-iminlril "llli l.-l.i 
In IKili, 111, II li.. "'Mil III ihi'.'llBl llccl- LTint i-iiri. 111!' six ilMT.'K.iil Klinili-a ol i.i,.i 

1.-.. ls:il. Till, inllroni. how- 
lliiiud lo 111- lined rnr llio 



• >""^*. " V *^^^^^ 

11,111 111 III,, niir. I'lioii hlK ivliirii lie II mill nl .1, hSil|,R. Iliin ll,. liinv. 
,,l III llrl,li:..|„ii. Willi:, Ml Willi,. 0|i' 
Miil.'il ,|iilli. I'M, iiKit,.|> nl l.i'iin. 
l:i|.li;,-l,iii nil, I i.|s..Mli..i',. iil.niit 1'.", 

I',l,.r lliilLiI',.,.. Willi i:iiii|. Ill I'liiki' 

I ""Illy 11,11 Iliil,.|j nrirr Ihn Civil 

\\iir. <,ili<lii,'l,.,l III,. I'l.i'Kiiariii mill 
niirllii.nxl „f llmUv III,. In U iikIiIii::ioii 
'lo»m<hl|i. Kir n I'liii: i\ lill,'. Mr ivns 

111 "II,. II Iiri'll'ly miincli'il mIiIIo 

t.n« Ill- 
Till rlisl ■liiiml iiilll" In llm roiinly 
»ns III Milirni r.liiM. nml TlimiillN 
S,,.||.> ,11 Mnislinll. rlinrli-s Klda- 
liiiiii.r will, iilsii 1,111111, l,.il Willi llii. snw 
ii'lll III Miiisliiill. nml niiiH lUvrn for 

hi'iiiiil iinis iMni,:i-id II Iiniiil 

mill." I.nlir W IIMiiiii :,nil Wlnriclil 
l.'ii«llli>.'i< liiiil n mill III Mm-KTiflll. 

iJi'nii,'.. Iloswcll, olio or tlir bcsl enw 
mill mill himli'.r ini-n or liU ilny en. 
ml. 11.1, I'll n mill nl llloniiilni:iliilo nnl 
iniii; nil,,, lit; inllini.l l.runn. Tlioiiin« 
Diiim.. -ii.i Bi.iirt II nnwyiT nn ,.vrry n nmv liilo ii Inc." niror.lhic to 
IliiiiU I'liynr. rnr n Inn- lliiii- romlml- 
III till- Ilinomlncilnlr mill. 

Tlio nnw mill linliiKlry. roiii|,uic-il 
xllli llH InriiK'r iii:ii:nlltirto. In n lliliic 
or llio pnsl. A low liillln nr,. yrl nl 
»ni'k miniili'llm.- Ilin ilnnlnnl ion of tlio 
limnniil ,,r oiii roivnl". llnlini llros 
* 111. lin\o n mill nl Miinnriolil ; 
1,1,'omn AmiBlinni: nl Jiidnon : WIMiiir 
.Mnicliiill nl .MiTin; Arllnir Wlllillr 
111 .Mohtrxiiimi niid Mr. Snltrn nt l^nn. 

Mill, or llio rilKl IndilHlrlrn In llio 
I'oniily Id nllnii'l milnlilo iiiiillnl wan 

111'. »lo lurry ii|i tlir I'ronk troin 

.Mnlinriil,!. I noiilil niiy nnrlli or 
Mnn-ri'lil iM.i,. It iii'l ror tiio furl timl 
lli,.|o i>i.,.|iiii to ho no iioliil or llio loiii- 
pnio. lli.T,.. Nol.u'ly Inil n niitlvo 
kiioviH nii.MliliiK nl.oiil dlriTllonn lit liinio. r:i'Tylio,ly olni- In liopo- 
li'KHly ■liirniil nroiiiiil '• Thin nloM.i 
,|iinrry uim dovoloinil liy Wojr nml 
l^'in. Indir llio mnnnBoinonl of frills 
Povuto, It oklliriil Hlono uiuBon and a 

nlill'iiirnl of flour, Iorh, nnd Boiiio sloiio 
iinin I.VMl. ,vlicn llio Irnck wbb re- 

lolor mill lliii- iiindo nil oiilKldo ropn 

Inlloii for Iho i|iiiiiy. Tlio mono wni 

liniilid In ttncoiiB nml hIiIpiioiI rroiii movoil. 

I'lirlion. In IMH n roiii|.;iny of rhi- A voiy miporlni. ikimnll of cIiiub- 

riiKO iiioiimlirs IioilKlil mill nnd 'iimrry nniid Iinn hoon dcvclopod In Iho liliiffB 

riiiiii Kolim t Sons, n hriincli nillroad ol lllg Karooon o|i|ioallc KobciIIIo. Thi' 

Willi Ihc Mlnislfftli<pl lll/lc »r Ctirrhtl nl llilirn Onlc. 

wiiB liiillt rrniii llrldgolon, nnd 11 look- iii.nrry wan oponod Boinc ycnrfi uro liy 

Id HB ir IhiB Iniliinlry wan lo hccoino llonry Crnwrord. A rollrond bwKoIi 

of Ki'oiil ninunlliido. Tho l!nlnn Sin- una linllt froin Uio ^nndnllll lino to It. 

lion or Torro llniilo wnn iimBlriiclod Aln.iil Bovon yonrB bl'o llio plant wn» 

,,f .Mnnnricld Blono: l.iil It tvnn IhU Joli piirrlini-ril by I'niil Kiilin of 'I'crro 

thni flnlBliod Iho bltnlnOKB. The Btono llniilr. Iln output hiiB liion iiBod by 

for II bnd not boon aoloi'tcd with tbo cIiirb rartorlcs and rolling inlllB. 

inrn otorilncd « lion tlio qimrry wn» H.iiid mono of good 'iimllly ror build, 

iiiaklntf lis roputatloD, and It wub Dot Inif puriKiBOB Ib found all orer l*ark« 

loiinly. Tho foimdnllon of Iho I'roa- 

li.itorinn ilinrch wiib oblnluod on Will 
h liiH I rook nl n i|iinrry tlnn owiioil bv 
i:. A. I'lloll, nl'Oiil ohO nillo norllirnKi 
of town. Tho mono for tho foiindnilon 
of llio loiirt hoiiBo wnn iiimrrloM on 
I, nil,. Ilnccoiiii nt llio fiiriii of Ilnn,.i- 
Ailniiii.. llonry llnrtinvii. with Sum. 
iiol Inrnir. ,|iiuriloil ntiini. In lb,- 
Wlliliiiiin llolbiw, n Kpocha of llmi. 
Ktoiio nhhli «n» lurKoly ii><.,| inr 
fi'iiiidnlloii «ork forty yonrn nt-o. Th" 
Bloiio Iny In llilll nlriilnii. ,tn oxiob 
liMl ImvlllK Ktoii,. vvnn iillurrl'd noiir 
Siiaiir inoU thirty yonrn oko by will- 
Iniii llniii;liklrk. Tho Vniiihillu ||nl|. 
ii.n.l 'onii'nny, for n llmo, opiriil,.,! ,i 
llmoBlono ipinrry iIobo lo IIh IriirU In 
l.'roono Township noiir tho lioiiic ol 
Kriwiird llldnbiio. low pooplo nro 
iiwiir, ,|.i Iboy d,.|io llniiili'li Wiplmnii 

Mi'lliiw Ihnl lliiy nro pnHHiiii: otir ono 
or llio riiio-i di'iHiNliB of Klnnlni: cl.iy 
III .Mil,.rl,ii. Thin ilny In pollory pnr- 
Iniiro IH inlloil "Hllp." stnnownro In 
L-lviu II biiiiillfiil hhok flnlMli Willi II 
whon propirly biirnod. I'lio llnkor 
llrolbirB iiBod Ililn Blip Ilny for over 
II. ly yoiuB. nnd rroipioiilly uhlpjioil ll 
III biirrolB lo Iho pollorloB In Olilo. 

Ill Iho iiionnllnio llio .MiinHriolil mill 
Mill III on inii.-h tiiiprovoit. II w-hk ..oin- 
Pl'loly lobiilli. nnd In l.'<'<i| oipilppod 
iMIh 11 rollor pioriBa. llio flint mill In 
111,' I'oiiiily to ndiipl llnilf lo now con- 
dlllonB. A Btouiii oiiKlno wn- piK In 
to opoiuto Iho mill when llio BlnL'o of 
wnlor bocnnio l,,o low; bin IIiIb niixll- 
l.lry In no louKor nooilcd. In lm:i n 
'oiurrlo dniii won i oiiBlrni Ird— n 
Mioiinllih 'JikS foot long. 7 fool six Incli- 
on wide at llio bnno. nnd -.'M Inchon nt 
the lop. nnd Bcvrn fret IiIrIi. All IIiIb 
onoriiiouB Blono wni built In In work- 
Ini; hoiira »llh a forio of Iblrlyflvo 
nion with touiiis lo liniil mntorlal lo 
llio dniu Bile. Winlhor nnd crook oon- 
dlllouB wore IdonI, nnd tho work bo- 
Biin on Soploiiibor .'1. wna finlnhod on 
Iho mil. Tho Kront flnnil In .Inliiiury, 
1lii:i. ha, I wnnhod up nn iintiBiinlly 
Inrgo nnd fino bnr or urnvol Jiint bo- 
low tlio dam. Tho Iouk drouth of Iho 

BiiiToodlm: B nior nimlo Iho orook n« 

low as It bad ovor born known lo bo. 
Tho ilniii wnn put down nn IIh aolld 
Bniidnlnno fonndiillnn, alBo Iho liu|. 
IroHHoB and rinli hiddor, nnd llio Blono 
"Boi." long boforo tlioro una a ralao 
In tho Crook. 

nrn oiu:.irKli ixni'HriilrM., 
Allhoimh tlio nnliinil roBoiinis of 
I'arkc foiinty wore known boforo Iho 
wur when I'rorcB-ora llrown nnd fox 
liiudo a geological Burycy of tho Conn* 
ly, and later when Cnptaln John T. 
rniupbell bad Biipploiiimled that aiir- 
voy wllh a rund of knowloduo nboiit 
IIB Koolok'linl rnrmntlnn. no allompl 
wan ninde to ilovolop on a Inrgo b'iiIo 
the great wenltli or nhiilo nnd rloy Ihnl 
nliounilB In Incxlinnnitble ipuinlillra. 
IbTlng for oil waa tried when tho 
lietrolouin crare atriiek Iho County bo- 
for the war. In Ikhii when nnlnrni 
gna was tlie dream of every coiiiniiin- 
• liy In Indiana, "gan wells" were bored 
at lloekvilio nnd .Montezuma: both 
Blriiik mineral water, but tho well nt 
lloi'kvlllo wna at an altltiido loo high 
for It to flow. Thla water wna en- 
countered at alHint 1100 feet at nock- 
vllle and tho well waa continued on 
llB oourno toward China. 2,ilO0 feet 
lieforo It w-iiB given up as bopolona. 
Tnen a local w-ng propoaod to BcII 
It for poat holea. 

Tho pioneer elay manufacturing 
company In located In Mec<-a odjaront 
to tho hllla from which tho clny la 
tnken. It la lo thla ninnufnclory that 
Moci-A owea llB grenlont growth. Win. 
K. Deo eoninionccd building In IKIIS 
nnd begun tho ninnufactiire of Bowor 
pine In January, isnil, wllh * twcnty- 
olgbt (cot down draft kilo*, ud la 

,\iw:n..l, ll«i:l. Ilirr.nR'd Iho"P 
I....IM .iiul III-' kllMx l<i ir, l.llua mill 

nirtii.'il Mil llii' Nil. '.' "Imp In 

.liiiiiiiiU. I'«il. Mr. Iiir niKMil'i'il llie 

Will. i:. I iliiy Mln. < I'. «IMi II 

il III- Sliin, mi, mill MiiiiliiH 111 

>si:.iil>ii. SlTiri' thin II IKIH liiilll IJ 
ihliu mill klhiH I.I I'hinI .Vii. 'J. iiiul 
- tliill.vl»o f.Mit klln» lit I'lulil Nil. 
I. iiMihhiL- :'.l liUiis. II liiinn oiil nn,v 
nil Mil HUM. If i.f :i l-i; Mill" PT iLiy 

III II IIIHI l.llllH p.M- .VO.Tl- mill sIlllH 

nil nil iiMTiici' III' 111 .'iil'K nr Miiilnhil 

piT ilii.i. 'III.' Ill miy Bliips II Ill- 

li'ihil in liiilliinii, MlliiiilK mill (Mr 
\..r(h»ii.l II li.n~ lhi. Iiir;.'..;! si-« i-r 
pl|.i. liiil.iiy ivml or AUriin. (llilo. I In- 
iirtlrcra iif llio Miiiiiany nii-: Win. I). 
Il.o. rii'sidilll: lli-o. \V. I)ro, Vlio- 
I- 1.1. ..• I..lni ,1 K.-n.-ns, TrrDiiiirrr : 
iliiirli'S r. WalKi-r. .Si-cri'lury. 

I 11.. lii:.- huliiKlry nl Kn.nt Mcrcn Is 
111.. lii.H.iMii Si'M-rr I'lpo Co. 11 la lo- 
I II I'll Jiisl I'lml nf Ihi' old mill nnd 
«iiiil.ii Iiirliiry mid th... iliiir iilil llsli- 
limpln.i.-l.i'lniv llii.iliiiii." The niw inn. 
Ii'iiiil iiHi'd I1.UT3.V Bhnlonnd firo tiny. 
■I'lii- liiilliiiiii s.'«.'i' I'iiii- Co, will or- 
I'lilll'/i'il III I hi' lull nr l:iin:. 'I'hr pliinr 
VMin roliHliilrli'il lln- lolliiu Iiil' siilnlni'r 
mill i-(iii.iiii.|ici'd liic inmiuloilnri' nr 

iliiy iiKiilii.ln III (lilohi'r nr Ilio mi 

.Mill-, mid liiiH lii'iii In oprnilhin i nii- 
llniiniisly »lii.,' tliiil lliiio. The ciny 
prndinu iMiimiliirhiri'il liy Ihi- colii- 

llli'. riiu' llnliiK. and ililiiini'V tops. 
Thi' yi'arly niilpiil or thi' plmit Is nlno 
liiiliill'i'd ciiiB. Till' pmuciiI orrii'InN 
iil'o: I'rcnlilinl. \V. .1. lilllii-rl. I'lil- 
niBii, 111.: Vlri'l'inhliliiil, 11. I). lUivlB. 
link Mill. (Ihln: I .■i-rrlmy, I.. II. Kri-ll- 
cr. (hliiiun. nnd .''iiiirrliiU'ndnil.ri'iirl 
ly IHuIb. .Mrc.ii. 

Till- .Million lirPk woi-1,8. insl or 
.M.mii'/.inii.i. «ii!t orli:limlly t<8liililliili- 
I'll .11 Mm Inn: lull IIk' dt'i-llno or nn- 
liinil Kim Mil ri' ijiiisi'd the loiiipmiy lo 111.' hrmii h In Tm-ko I'onnly. It 
xiiH .Klahllhlii'd Iwri' In IVhi. nnd con- 
iliuli'd hy lhi. nrklinil <-iiinpiiny until 
iwn JI'IMS llL-.i ivhi'll It »:iB sold hy li'- 

ri'lM'r to till, r imiy now ownhiB It, 

or whlih I-, II. Wnr.-lirMlpr, of Chi- 
iiiKii. Ik rri'Blihiil. 

The L-ruM'l i-isl or .Monlo/iinin U or 
I'Mni minil iiniillly. -Ihla urnvi'l linn 
III I'll llsi-.l by nil Ihr rnllroiidB pntBlni; 
Ihinllfh till' lnc\ll:illKllhli' dnmsllB. 
I'll.. .01,1 nlBO prniiii'cd urnvcl 
niiir lliu .Vriiili'.sl.iirk' mini. Bonlhi'uBt ol 
.Mnlili'/.unin. IMIB m.. no.v 
l.y thi. Chritihinn t'oiinlriictlon Co., and 
l.inohiircir. Tlmnnn Wllann, anil the 
.Miinl.'y.iiiiin .-Iniid nii.l llrnvcl Coiii- 

.><. <^ l'oi:i;l i.i<i:iIiIIb1ii<iI llio N.illoniil 
liinlii Till. Coiiiimny iii-nr .Monlczniiui 
\<llli hC'id.iuarliTB nt Terr,] llmiii'. 
ThlB liidU'-lry was opornlnd for n iiiiiii- 
hir nf yi'm'B on sroiiinl ndjnrcnl to tlio 
Miirhin llrlck Works. Tlio Ir^ian r\|ilr- 
Int. tin- plnut wi.a nlinndonod. .Mr. .V. 
t oiincr wna ni'ncrQl flnporlntrndfnt 
mill innniiKur iiiiU Btlll lly.'a In .Monlc- 

.lohii honnldHoii oponitrd a tile 

«lillik-lr liliinl III .Monlrx ll, mid for 

n while nij;lilly iiiid |ierinQneiit roofs 
were niiide frmn the»o iile. lint Ihn In- 
.Inmry did not pi-ovo iniifllnWo. 

.Monie-/.nniu linn n iiiiichlnc fthnp 
where 4|iilie nil extensive biifllnoBS is 

ilnne. ItK prnpi lelor lielni: A. 1-;. IllBhee 

n very roi lenl nierh.lllie. 

The Itlnninlnuiliile I'linnlnK I'nctnry 
vMiH ei,.orpnriili'd April n. \fiM. The 

nrlKlniil pn lent of this Inslltnllon 

wire 11. I'-. Mill. II. .M. Ill-own. I,«i| 
I'leliell. Mnliloii lleyiiolilB, Wnllneo 

IliiliMin. Win. II. KiB.ilir. Mnhlon 
l.lmlley, AllK-rt Ni'ivlln. Clina. Kersey, 
T. i;. Corrin, stmniton .Vewlln, F. S. 
nyel-s. I'. II. Woody, II. W. Harvey. 
i:ivln .Morris. I..\dii iind .Inhn T. KIntr. 
A (tor runnluii a row jonn a company 


h-il Uk I,, o. U. llilKlie.i .,| 111 IIIh.. \. Inillv. The philil Ik mm nil m'd hy lien or Ihe S|.ei'ilwn> nl I nillmiiipoll.. 

li.i.k in.r Ilie iiiiiiiiitniient. A» .Inhn u'll.i.vh' nr ImllmiiipnIllB. which Is piniiiiilii. eil one or llie rii«|. 

with .Mr. llili;li.B were 1 ir. .1. i:. I,, nr Ihe liirtesi rnnlrnilliii; rirnis i «t nillniiinhlle r.n e i-..iir«e» In Ihe 

.M.ieri. mill II. I'. Mill. TliiBe tentie. i,, i|,e ,«inle Ib Ihm ..r KIiik llrntheiB world. The rlnii iiIko hull n liirue eon. 

men ilhl n Im ue hiislniBS rnr n lime. nl Mnilli'/iiimi. C Ke W. KInil. Ihe tinel with the Kn\ i rnlni'iil tor Ihe 

mill iirieiwnnlB the idnnl win. Inkeii iiiihei ni Ihe ml. r|.il»lim biiiib. wiib trade work nl fori llenjmiilii lliw 

.M.r h.\ the Vin CniiipH or Inillmi. n nillrnml I'nr in and liiUL-ht lil» I Iboii. nml did an Immense lot of rail- 

iipnlls. who last year snlil II lo \V. II. xniis the value or liiiliii.lrv and tliriri. loiiil work In the .Xnnlli. 

Wel.h. 11,,. 11,1,1 laiB Bliire opiinl.'d under The lather died In IsT'J and chnrles 

111 I'msin Arthur Zliiimerinnu. ol llie rirm name nr Mni; llrnlhers. line "nd lohll II. h;ive slnee rollowid liliu. 

linr/ll. pr.. Hinted n i-lay works nl ol iheir hirniBl rnnlimls was with 'Ihe Burvlvlnn soiia nre Carlos C. 

Illoomlntdalr, aBBnilale,! with .lohn ll»her and Allison for the ronstriic- Heorte nnd Kdwnrd. 

(Unal iHturs auit (Enal fKtnrns 

■ llAl. lulninK wn- 


X^ uuventv years oto. and loni; lie- 
loie the war eoal was liij<rn 
rrnn, the hlnrfs In rinrlda 
lownBhlp. William Ilarrisun. -riind. 
lalher or W. I'. Ilnrrl.sou. came In 
I'lirke Cniinly In IV-.J Irom Colniii. 
hiuua County, tthlo. and hnntlil the 
fiirin will re W. IMIarrlson now lives. 
The man who nwneil llie hind Mien 
was strlpphiK and Imrnlni,- lliiie. 
Finne n-ed lor plaBlerlnt;. Coal was 
lint then used liir ilninislli' pnrpiws 
In this Coniily. W. V. Ilarrlsnn says: 
■■.\U (irnndrnther lliadrield was the 
riist man to mine innl In the Coiiiv 
ly. I'll In the wlnlir or ls.-,-.'..vl he 
put It out in a hushel hox nnd raised 
It up hy a hand wlmllaBa. Ahont l,x.-.i 
or •."..■• John Hatty laiiic and worked 
Inr my Krauillnlher in the coal bank. 
Coal .11 that Mine wn~ lianled hy w.iir- 
on as I'ar as I 'i aw rnrdsville rnr lihick 
seillh use. Snnietlnie In Mm sLvlies a 
small inr ol i-onl was hniiled to lioik- 
vlllc nnd shipped to .New Vork. and 
thill wna Ihe Blnrtlnu- or tne extension 
or the rnilrond nnrlli. in 1ST1 the 
swllih was hunt mill the old Snnil 
CrceU mine wa« Blartid. which em- 
ployed three nr rmir hundred men ami 
shipped as niui-h as ::" to :;."• ears per 
day. in iwj w. I'. iiarilBon ami n 
couipniiy of rour other men opened 
Mic mines on Ihe ilnrrlBon rami, and 
In a yrnr or so llnrrlson hoiiKlit Mie 
other men nut and has lieen slii|ipiiiK 
t^'iil since that time, lie opened tlic 
sei-ond \ein in ls:«i. nnd there is bcv- 
eiity or more acres lo mine yet. Hy 
this nceonnt there lins been ronl min- 
ed for the past ilx years on this farm 
and eoal waB striiiped helure thai, but 
1 laiil say JiLil hinv InnK. hut would 
Miink it look I.-, or TO years, hy the 
size nf the apace they hnd ivoiked. 
There Is etill coal anil clay and ahnlo 
1 noiu'h 10 make n cood sizeil lirh-k 
plant to hiBl lor ririy or more years 
on the Harrison farm." 

The first nilnluK on a inrfe ai-ale 
wns beunn on Sand Creek, ahoul fniir 
inllea norllivvest or Itoi-kviile. early In 
l.HT'J hy the Sand Creek Coal Company. 
Win. II. .Vye of llocUvine. was Inter- 
oBled In thU eoinpany and the town 
wlileh soon siirnuK U|t nliout the old 
lionies nf .lolin Unity. Martin Nowllnn 
nnd .lolin Cninpliell wns cniled Xyes- 
ville. Ivlward II. N'ichnlna went to 
tliat nelBhhorbood wTun a yoiinK man 
In I.STI, and helped In the 
work or openlnu tbo mine. Very soon 
iiflorwarilB l.oiils (Irinley opened an- 
other mine enlleil the i-'rench mine, sn 
called from tiie fjel that Mr. Ilrlnley 
nnd the liiifonrB who nsslKled liliii In 
the Hiirk were rreurhlnen. Tlin honsea 
in which the I-'rrneh miners lived 




linKUI"lied from Nyesvllle; iho poBl- 
orrico wns enlled Nyesvllin. Mining 
by the Hnnd Creek ConI Company nna 
operated on ft largo sealo for ten yoara. 

.V switih was run rroiii liie mnln line 
. t the I. C, ,\. S. W. lailioad U|i Sand 
Creek tn Ihe mines. w 111. Ii w i 1 1- 
"Blu|ie' niliKS. 

Nut luUB nfli r the m.w mines were 
npiiie.l .\)e»\llle I.e.ame ipllle a town. 
In l^Tii It was evMiiialeil thai hetween 
.-.iHi ,iuil i;i«i people lived there. Wairea 
wire hith- ?1.'J.". per Inn and the 
inliiera were piiiil Bpen.lers. About 

hair of the .■tS.IHHI or .<ICI.IHHI p.iid 

nnnlhlycani ilnr.;\llle. -l-hose 

.nrly miners wei en. or i nil 

hlclier averano of Inlciliui lice than 
Ihiise emplnyeil In larxe iiilnini: Imliis 
trlea now. Tbei lived well, anil 
dressed well, and they also dressed 
till Ir wlie« and elilldren well. An c.v- 
u:i pie or tlieir illsi rinilnallng taste In 
iiuitters nf dress and diet their 
use or nlhe nil. N'nhnil;v in rarke 

I oiinty bail eier .iseil i.llve nil lor cnl- 
llimy piirpnsis. Tlie N'yesviilo iiilmis. 

Willi used 11. lie ideil the fenulne 

impnrleil nrllele. and would have no 
oilier, nnd no other kind eould be 
"worked otr" on them illiier. for lliey 
were lonnnlflseurs who knew. 

I.oiils Ilrlnley In 1ST:: first built ii 
tipple and a bonrillnB liniise lor llie 

Itnwe land: bin ho found no coal 
tlic.o. Till n he boiltlit nhoul fnrly 
iieies nr .lohn i-nnipbcll. an old acltler 
who lived on the eorner where tli".' 
ro.ul lurneii orf len.llnK tn .Morebind's 
.Mill, lie lore ilown the llppie and 

II oM'il il lo Sand Cieek Station, opeii- 
eil the mine on Ihe Campheil land, nnd 
lor more than fiflc.n yema cniiMnued 
to nperale tills mine. He wns aBso.'- 
tnled with Meorire Sbnrtio for a ftiiilu 
ami then with .lohn l-'nlebet nnd Sam- 
uel (Irlnley. Tlic conI from the l-reiieh 
uilne wna n«ed for the riillwny loeo- 
uioMvcB and waa far Ihe best alenni- 
Ini: cnni that could bo procnrcd for 
this pnriioBe. 

.ViiioiiK tlio flTBl Of tho railroad op- 
erations 111 Sand Creek was the mine 
.nniluited by Ilavid Coulter and 
(Jcorpe Sbnrtlc. It wna a smaller 
mine than either the .sond Creek or 
I'"reneh mine, but It was ipilto Bliecess* 
fill. It was conducted hut n fow- 
yems. diiriUK which tlnio It netted a 
lonsiderablo aurplna tor llio pro- 

In l.wj I'.dward Nlcholna. with Ida 
lirotlier and brnther-in-lnvv, oiienod a 
railroad mine on the went alilo of 
Sand Creek and operated It ono year. 
II was then sold to tho Henry Craw- 
ronl, or the ro'lroad which he was 
bnlldlni; nnd waa called tbo Wynn- 
doiio Coal Cnmpnny. Henry Crawford 
nrierward headed tho Tarko County 
ConI Ciupany nnd Mm (llnsa Snnil 
plant nt itoKovlllo for nhnnt ono year. 
Henry Moore BuliBei|uently piirehnsed 
Mils mine and n laruo Isidy of Innd 
with It. Ho npernled 11 for n while 
asBlBieil by his son, II. R .Moore: the 
Inller had sole ilmrBO of It fur sovernl 
years preeedlnR the dentb of hia fath- 
er In llll^, anil Is now eondnetlng It. 

It should be Binted that tho Rand 
Crook Coal Coni|iany leaiod lla minei 

in Ceiu'i;'' HodL'son. and nlsn lease, 
.its No. 'J mine 10 .Mclmlas and Cmn 

' 1.1, end 11... I;ill,r «. nl In Mln 

shall wlien Ihe mines were npenei 
Mieie In iv^^ct. tleoi'Ke HodtBon w ai 


le.piiully nioied lo Itockvllle and liv- 
rd here until Ills death. May ll, l.sii;i. 

.Inhn Ilalty. who opened Ida firsl 
mine, or -hank" as It wa» ceni rally 
called, nearly seventy ycnrs acn, eon- 
tlniled In npe.ale II until Ills lii'aMi. 
ami It is still owned ami operated h.v 
hi- widow and snns. .Mr. llally was 
hlinseir a miner, a very lonsilenMoiis 
one. Ion. and would never permil any- 

tblllK but clem enal lo CO riOlU iliS 

lank. He coutluued In work his mine 




templed Mie more moilern si ope of op- 
eiallnuB: but lie dhl not continue h>ni.' 
on Mint scale, piererinc tn londml n 
snialbr and in ii way a heller hunl- 
iie-B. for a lout- time ne worki-d 
ahoul 'Jii miners. 

In the I nrly elu-hlleB .lohn Itlenhh 
pur.base.l what was known as tlie 
".liiu 't oppna I'orty," and for twent.v 
jinrs operate.l It ipille snieessfully. 
Mr. Ilhnlrb iiilned a Beuilld.ick coal. 
Piohalily the laruer pnrl of wbl.h was 
liikeii liy w aeons nl Hie bnuk nnd de- 
llverid in ll..i kvllle l.y Hie pioprletors 
on pulilb' and private inntrnclB. .lohn 
Menlch went lo .\ye«\llle nboul ISTJ. 
and It wns there he learned nilnlni:. 
He still resides at .NycBvllle. bin hni 
lee.ied hIa mine. 

The life of I'lirke Counly'a pioneer 
niinei-, .Inhn Unity, waa one nf ro- 
piiinee enmhiued Willi |iernintenre nnd 
miliinuB Btrnccie for aiieeos. He was 
lorn In Vni-ksblre. Kntland. In Ls-.'."., 
the evnci ilnte of his birlli heinx un- 
known. Wlien a bid of nine yeara lie 
wns pinecd In Mie Vorkahlre mines In 
liinke li.a llvellhooil. He becnn by 
linnllnL' eoal In sinnll liaxes, nnd lalsip 
0,1 an a i-oiumon Inliorer until he wns 
■J-l years of nRC, when he derided to 
cast hIa rnrliinca In America. A friend 
and co-laborer hnd pieecded him to 
this country, nnd Importuned Mr. Hat- 
ty to brink' hIa rrlcnd's wife nnd small 
children alone with bini. I'nssnEe wna 
enRnfced for Mr. Hatty, the wnman and 
small children, nt MveriKiol for Now 
orlenna In a aalllni: veaael. Soon nf- 
ter leavInK Mverpool a tcrrirle snlo 
cnnio ii|i anil tho vessel wni driven on 
tlie reefs of Irelnml. nnd the crow-, un- 
der iirctenso of jrolnn for hol|t. rode 
.iway In the Ilfo bonis, lenvlnu Hie 
pnssenRers to nlinoBt certain deslrui'- 
Hon. rorlunnlely tho ahlp wna alaht- 
ed by anolher which look the pn»- 
aengora on board to gncenilown. 
where nnotlier aliip wn" chartered fof 
the pnasenBera; hut etfltlnit ovonia 
were si III to roino. While only a few 
diiya out, tho crew mutinied ; a lor- 
rlrie hnttlo ensued between tho fn|» 
lain nnii Bnme loyal pneaennera on one 
Bido, nith mntlnoera nrrnycd acninaf 
Iheiii. .Mr, Unity persnnnlly oniniied 
In thli onconntor, atalaling (ho cap- 


mil. i.> <|Mc'll llic uiiilijiy. '1" MKlii- 

n-iri w<-l»j llimHy invrj'invfri-ii. ftnd 
»ct.. .I.Mll with BiiiiM.mrlly. nu.l iilicf 
inniiy diiya ut Ip (Iik vmscl nn- 
ilnir.'.l lit Now OrUnna. Ily iho lliiio 
Ulr. Until- Qiiil III" cimrfcva linil rrnrh- 
.'(I Ni'W ll|l,'iiii». li'- »ii« comlilcloly 
wlllMiiil fiinil" with a iImt trl|i to St. 
1.11111k iiliiMil iif luiii. 111' wu.s miiiii- 
\tli:il il/iiliiK'J Ny Ih.' cxIh'ini'l.'K of tijn 
oidiKlii.i. iHit ciiiilrniii'd \illll the nmf- 
li'l- of n «l. '111.11.11111 in .vork nB n (.lev.- 
ili.ri. fur li:ii i.iBKiiKi-, niiii fnr liln 
frli'iKlK' wiro .Tiiil rhililii'ii. Tho luirty 
vm nift ut .-it. l.niiiK by iil« frichil, 
wli.i iir.i.iirrii work for .Mr. Ilaiiy nn 

,1 I'liiil iiiiiiiT In llio ii.ihi'ii 111 i.Mil (1 t 

SI. I Is. Mr. Ilully workci In .Mln- 

miiiri fur snii.i' lliiii', nnU then ciiino In 
I'mld' f'niinlv In n plniT wlicrn Nycs- 
till.' irt ...i» I.I..I..-U .iiiu ii.i..,;.Lj ill 1...^ 
io:il liiiHliii'M. 

Mr. llaliy win iii.Trrlfd iivlrc. Ills 
firm wUm illi-.l. hh m-oond wife, Ann 
Ilnlly, minlvin lilni. IVu- nifn who 
liiiM' .'ii;:iii:.'d In llir liiinliiOKa nf iiild' 

lliL' .Inyi'd llii' Bli'tllii;; ri'initn 

linn for |. ml. Ily, h..nnr iind inicerliy, 
iiH illil .Inlin Ilully. lllH iwinii- woh n 
synnii)in inr liiiiM'<iy mid fiilr i|.<alliiK. 

I'll III u Hh'.rl lliiii' hofor.' In' illi'il. 
Ill' wi.H II fjiiiilllui' riKiir.' In mid iirniin.l 

hlH l.llll'l' of llllBllllKB. litlll I'Olldll.'lllIK 

IIH nilliMiH mill II. mil nf IiIh fur. 


1 Il-ii 



I lini. Hiilil Ihiit III. 
.\nrl,Pd 111 Ny.'mllk forty y.iim nun 

w nf u lyiii' dliri-ri'i.l froii, llir mln. 

.'IB nf Indlly. 'I'lilK wiiH dii<< In tlir fil.l 
Hint tlioy wcro iiiiiliily frniii l''rmiro 
mill ItrlllBh'K. ■Ihir.' wrrn nl^n 
i.imiy Aiiirrlrmi l.oin iiiliii'ri- mid u friv 
ii'.'iii rniiiln.'iilm Diirni.,'. Sin h ini'n 
UH .In. k IliMniir. .Inliii lli'nry. Dnvld 
llohl.'y. .I.ihn mill lii'nri;.' Klonlrli. VA 
wind Nli'linliis. Ilol.oit .Mylnlyin. Mm-. 
umi lliil..'il», ili'.iri;!' I.. I'nim. 'I'lLMnrn 
IllMKliuiii. mi.l mill IB. wno lypliiil nf 

u Bliirily i.iiinh I lliu> ilinnii'lrrbr.l 

«l nf Dim... old I hill' nilni'111. 'I'liry 

11.1. k .in u.'IIm' Ihli'ri'iil mid nn nrllvn 
t'liri 111 pill. Ill' uri'.ilPB. Ildiviird Nl.'h 
..ln« huH -I'rii'il four utiiik iib iilidlff 

id I'liik.. r iiy. .Inlin lli-nry. Holi- 

irt Milnlyri- nnd .In.l. riicjl vvi'i-o ro- 
li.'Uti'dly nnli.llinlt'd l.l llir UriiincliilB 
l..r tiiut nffl.'.'. 

Slir Piiilir (Ciiiiiilij (Ciial (Cinii(idiiu 

In Ilic I'lirly Bi'Vnilli'H. .Inni'pli 
Mnrllil, who hud In.ntnl nl llrn- 
■M. Iiidlmin. iind wuii wiirkInK In 
I hi' l.ln.k ninl. niiiin to Hose- 
dill.' uiid dlxroviri-d nlint IiIh Ioiie i'X- 
I'l'ili'iii'i' IIB n luinor iiroinl to lilni 
VMIB II vuliiulilo ronl doimBlt, locntod 
In llin hlllHliln JiiBl north nf llnscdnlo. 
Ik' noinlroil title to a Binnll territory, 
mid l»rc. -ceded to inlno the conl In ft 
siimll wny, scillDR It nioBIIy to tho 
fnniiorB Bnd tho few reflldeniB of UoBe- 
dule. In ft few yi-nrn no Hiiecendeil in 
111. Inline the offl. luls of the rnllrnn.l 
ninpuny to try Boiue of the rnnl on 
Iheir rnKlnes. It proved to ho so well 
ndnpted to thftt ptirpuBO thnt the own- 
i-r« of tho rnllri.ud were ntlrnilcd by 
II. nnd they proecded to orRunl'/.c tho 
I'mlto County Conl I'ompany for the 
ilevclopiiienl of llie field. Mr. Mnrlln 
wDB inndo iiinnnRCr of tlio enterprlBO, 
liiivlnit rniii|>lelc control of tho devolnii. 
iiient. It w-n« duo Cn hln «neeeBBfill 
nmnuprinent and InrRo operntlonB of 
Hie I'ohipuny Ihnl llin tnwn sri-w frniii 
Ihn Biiinll hmnlct It wnB to the proa- 
r"'roUB and thrU-lnit town It la now. 
The coiiipnny hnllt a Inrco nninhcr of 
hoiiBei for Iho ni-coniiiindiillon of the 
men employed In Iho inlnen. Lftlcr 
niOBt of thcae men, lhroiii;h tho (tooil 
work Ihfit wnn fnrnlaheil Iheiii, were 
enabled to l.iiy their own lininoB, nnd 
the eoinimny anld off moat of their 
lioiiBCi nnd property In tho town un- 
til thcr hara rary taw houiea to raoL 

Willi.' .Mr. .Mm tin ciinilnil.d Ita uf- 
liili'B tho I'lirke rnniily t'onl Coiiipnny 
iipeiio.l lip twelve conl nilnes nnd op- 
iratcd eleven of llieiii. •Iliey w-ero In- 
nited n« follnwn: .VniiihiiB I. '.', .", II. 
K, fl and II nl mid neiir lloaednle ; 
.Vniiihi'ra :i, <l, and 7 m .Mlnalinll, In- 
illiinn, nnd III nl lleiklund In 
\li;o rminly. Mln.. .\\>. PJ Ib now In 
(,|u'rnllon nt lloBednle, nnd oiiiploye 
:i'."i men. 

'riie nilncB nt MliiRhiiU were opened 
np to develop n lliiillea field i.f on ex- 
.I'llent dninealle eoiil, wlili-li hoinnie 
knonn fnr nnd wide for Its booiI i|iml- 
lllea. l-'or ft niiniber of yenra this 111- 
lie town wna tliilvliiK nnd prosiieroiia. 
SevernI hundred men weru oiiiployed 
In the mines und Mvod In tho town, 
ilther In the "Upper" or "fxiwcr" 

cotlagcB. ftotiio 73 to lOii of them, hnllt 
liy llip conl eompony for tho cniploycB, 
nnd they conBtltnled prnctU'olly nil ni* 

h.r pei.pio did not do to «nlt her, aho 

li edinlely pioi-eeiled to ellnfltlBO 

Iheiii In ii'iinlnr Sonlliein fnahlon, 
"Si.Knrlii.i|- wuB nn iinilKiinlly hiK hni-k 
ni'itin iiieniiiirliiK nhniit alx nnd nne. 
hiiir feel lull nnd Inrto In prnimrllon. 
When "Smtnrfoiil" went nn u ranipnuo 
everyhody ela.' In"k n linek B.'ftl. Wyfttt 
lle.-d wna the one with the hlK month, 
l«'urly lei'lh, nnd annny dlaiioBltlon ; 
Imwhlnit. irond nulnred : ho wna ft Rcn- 
erni fnvorlle with everyhody, f.00 
l-hllllpn wna hla pmllcnlar friend, the 
llnmoii In thin I'yihiiia. unil Ilia npiHiB- 
lie In dla|.nalllon. Meredith l;nnrle« 
wna the iH.llleal net-rn In Inillnnn, tho 
lleiiii llniiimi.'l nnd Iho l.urd I'lieBler- 
fleid of the whole ailllenient. l-'.very- 
hnily enlled him ".MIbIoi-." Mnny olli- 
ira eiinnlly IntereBtlnE conld be iiien- 

.Mhert Ihinler. II.' I', I.owla, who died 
Ironi ft blow on the lieml < '■) nnd 
many nilior". "PiiRnrfoot" ««« killed 

I lie town. There were ihnnh nnd 
aclmol bnllillngB nnd Bonio IniBlnesa 
pliH-ea. Work wan alendy, money 
plenllfnl and Bpent very ficcly. Almiit 
l.'^Ml there wna a I.Ik gtrlke. The dif- 
fer, iicca hetwecn the iiieii nnd the 
rninpnny were ao treat that there np- 
peiired no posallilllty of n aclllcnienl 
helni: reaehcd. Ilnnlly four hiindred 
nnd alxty VlrRlnla necioea nero lin- 
ported In break tho atllko. Sonio of 
theae wore men, aiimo wero women, 

nnd a e nillher men nor woiiion. 

Then opened a new period In the hla- 
tnry nf mlnliiK In I'nrko County. 
l-'IfhlB helwein "nlimeia" nnd whilea 
were freiinenl. Illnia nften lirnke mil. 
Snionna were ahot np nnd amaaliod, 
Mlnshall at thnt time was tho ronl 
wild went town "f Inillnnn. Twenl.v 
polh'Cinen from lerre llanle w-ero rc- 
Mlllreil In imilnlnin order. A nnniher of 
original ehnraelera laine to I'nrko 
County In thul hunch of Virginia ncR- 
roes. "HlK .^Ix" wan a black wench 
said to wclRh lam pounds, who wna tho 
boas of tbe aettlenianU When any uf 

In a flkdit nt Cixvllle. I.ce IMillllpa 
killed ChRrllo Marklns at lllirnott, 
w-ftB aent 10 the penitentiary for life 
anil died there. Tho othera hnvo bo- 
eniiie aniHereil nnd very few. If nny, 
now live In I'arke County. The alriko 
wuB broken nnd work reanmed at the 
mlnra. lint that method of setlllnL- 
• llfrereiieoB wna' nnaallafaetnry. bnlh 
to tlio foiiijiany nnd the emplo.vea, nnd 
It haa never lieen used »lni-e, .Moro 
aallafa.-lnry melhoda have been cni- 
ployed nnd for n urent many yeara no 
inlnred |.en|.lo have been lilloweil to 
work In the iiilnea nf Iho rni.ipuny. In 
ft few yiai-a I he enal wua an wnrked 
out Mint It was nnt nvalluliln In pay- 
luK ipinntlllea, nnd the field wna 
nl.and.>ned. What waa once a iiopu- 
lotia town la now n cniinlry nelRlibor* 
hood. A Bnmrwhnt nlinllar eoal 10 Iho 
.MInBliftll eoal hna been dlaeovered In 
other locnlltlea, nnd It Iiob been given 
the some nnino ns tho conl that was 
mined In the .Mlnahall neighborhood 
ao ninny years ago. 
After havlaff boon at tha bead of 

the I'nrke County Coal (.'oinpany (ur 
about twenly-lhreo .veara, Mr, Mnrtln'a 
health failed and ho rei.|«ned from Iho 
ml lie mnnaiteinent. It boing noi-eainry 
for him In go tioiitb to a milder ell- 
male during tho winter aeaBons. lie 
died nl St. retoraburg, 1-la., April H. 
Ili|:i. since hiB retirement the I'.nii- 
liany baa eliniii;ed bnnda nnd Is now 

nw 1 l.y Cbnrlea MliiHliall. prealdenl ; 

II. V. >rnr8hnll, genernl eounael : .M. ||. 
.lohiiKun, vk'C-preBldent nnd genernl 
munuKer, nnd Olio lleyden, aeirelnry 
mill ti-enBiiru-. 

A brief hlatory of the life of Joaepll 
.Mnrlln would no doiiht bo nf Inleri-Bt 
to uliiioal every realdent nf I'arke 
Connly, na no was nn iinnaiinlly alrnnii 
i-lmrneter, nnd wns known In nlmoat 
every man, woman und child In the 

hiiri;. In Komeraelahlre. England, In 
ilelobcr, In;ii). At tie ago of Iwelvo 
be act out to seek hla fnrtune. di'B- 
lined to bo found nt lloaednle nfler n 
long acrlea of wnnderlngB, lie flral 
wont 111 Wnlea, where ho Inbored In 
Iho Iron lulnoR. Al the age of twenty 
he Jnlnod Iho llrlllih navy, where ho 
aerved with diallneiinn, nbmiiloiilnu 
the aervbe nt Vmiennver lalniid, ami 
going In \<nBblni.'lon Terrlmiy. I'rom 
the I'uget Hound nelghbnrhood ho 
went 10 San l-'rnm lae.i and to Mniinl 
IHnble, where be wnrked In the cnni 
mlnea. In lsi;l be fell a vlillm in Hie 
gold fever and left the eonl mlnea to 
take up gold mining In Slerrn nnd 
I'lnmaa iiiiintlea. I'rom Cnllroinin be 
went l-lnat In lsii.-i, arriving In .New 
Vnrk city In ,Inne, lie wua later In- 
(nled In Allegheny County, .Mnrylnnd. 
Nienbenvlllo, Ohio, llrnlihvond nnd 
Illnnmliiglnn. Illlnnla. He becnnie n 
nnliirali/.ed clllzen of the Cnlleit 
sinlea nt .lollel In ISiui. lie removed 
to llrav.ll, Indinim, In l.'<7l, followr.l 
hla vn.ntlon of i-nnl mining nnil In 
IS7L' bi.nted ut llofednle, where he dia. 
invercd Ibe vein of i-oal liienlloned 
nlKive nnd where ho lived nnlll his 

.Mr. Martin's early ronl opeiailnna 
In I'nrko Connly were In rnnnerllnn 
with 'I'homna llnrnes of .leKaiip, one of 
■ be mnat aubalnnllnl eltlrena nf Hie 
County In hla day, I'nllowlng Ibilr 
ipernlloua the I'arke Connly CnnI 
I ompuny wna orgnnlzid. Mr. Mnrlln 
In i-onneelinn with \V. ll. Ibiwe of 
Chbago, upenid np nne nf the birgeal 
nnd be-l eipilppe.I nilnes In Ibe Illel.- 
nell field, wlibh la Hllll In opi-rallon. 
TlilB waa nfler Mr, .Martin had dla. 
IHiBod of hla I'arke County Conl Com. 
pnny's Intereats. 

Ttl»-. HIIKKVII.t.K OR C.IXVll.l.K\Ka. 

About mic, llosovllle, wlileli until 
the building of the Cblengn and Indi- 
ana coal railroad, had retained Ha old 
pioneer aspects aa a town, etperlriiced 
n sudden tranalllon. It w-iia duo to 
the loratlon of a big mining enter- 
l.riae near tho town by the llrnr.ll 
llloi-k Conl Coiiiiinny. .\mong other 
i-hnngee was one whlrli ohlllcrated. or 
aonglit to obliterate, tho historic name 
of lIOBGvlIlo, The name was changed 
to "Coxvllle," and as Coxvllle It was 
known until a few years ago. when a 
citlr.en of the County, mindful of the 
Serlplurnl In lunet Ion— "remove not 
the nni'lent Inndmarka of yniir fath- 
ers"-- -iijipea red before the llnnrd of 
Coiiiiiil>Blonera and petitioned Ihnl tho 
name of the flral County aeul be re- 
stored. An order was entered ehnng- 
Ing the name hack lo Iloaerllle. Borne 
of tho Connly pnpora do not permlf 
nny other name lo apiieor In their 
i-olnmna In speaking of tho town, and 
It Is 10 bo hoped thai In time It will 
only he known as It ivna known when 
It wRs the Cnunty sent and the first 
town In I'arke County, 

Tbe liraill lllock Coal Company coo- 

lliiii.d for n of .v.-.irK nt rioao 
Mil.-. ,l.n.l,.|.,.,l mill workr.l oiil (li.-lr 
{•'I'lll.iry 1111,1 iihiuHlohoil It. ThI-i loft 
III,. ii,'M i.iiollrnlly In ihr I'lirki' Coilil' 
f> i'(,iM|,ntiy. whli'li l» si III opiT- 
iltlni! hh Ni.. IJ Blmfl wal of Ilono- 
il,l,' mill 8,iiilh of llr.srvllli'. .V Biiinll 
>li.>ll Ik ilI.„ii iiou' In opcinllon 111 the 
Miiilli p.irl "f »Iwil IB known itH tlio 
i..».r p:irl or llio town, In which John 
HiivlB of .MinnpnllB In Inlori slo<l. 
■in, rniki- ronnly Conl Co.'b IimtI- 

lory III HI loih'hiB tho old Ilrn7.ll 

lllo,k coiil rmuii.inv'B IcrrlLiry. ami 
hili'r ilovi'loioiii'nlH by Iho Wiih.ish 
Vnllrv roiil Co. lit r.yford. Iict-nn hut 
n nilh' or Iwo wiHt nf tlio llrazll 
(lloik lorrllory. 


.Vhiiiu- III the imily ninotlos thn town 
,,r I'liHi'ytlli'' hcenn to flKiirc In the 
hi.l..ry of I'urk.' ronnly. It wna bIiiii- 
III on .^,',11011 :>l. Itiirroon Tuwnnlil|i, 
JiiHl norlh or lhi, rlay Toiinly linn. ItB 

,1 r IH llkn Ihr hoon, towns of Iho 

WiHl. whlrh Biinini; liilo Binldrn ex- 
ihlinic- In linina of K..|d iiilnlnK 
„li,l Ih.'ii hiKiin 10 di','llnr. .\l Olio 
llni., riisi'yilllc. or Dllinionil. iib the 
lioMolthi' wim rnll.'il. Iiiiil n |in|inhl- 

|i If ov.-r l.'Ji«i. Vroiii IWBl to tlirj 

II wiiH Iho iirliKll'nl fnilnr In n ror- 
mill kind of politlrH thill iinfori iinoto- 
li hiin.'.l Iho ■■Inillomi of tlio foiinty. 
<'iiHi\v\llli' III llB hiyihiy dnyx hnd 14 
Kiihu'iiH. Tho town Ik now only a 
shiiilow of ilH forituM- KicjitncflB. 

■I'll,- nilnlni: oinrnlloiiii at CnBoyvnli' 
w.'ii' idiidnrlrd on a hirgo s,nlo. 'nii- 
lliii/ll llhi,U fo. WHS early In the 
fl. Id. also /..'Ihir. .\t,riPlhin & Co., of 
ivhkh Wlllhiin II. /.olhir wnB I'rosl- 
ih'iil. Mr. Zc'lhir Is sllll rrosldonl of 

III,, k;i Coiiipiiny. which -la n,.w op- 

iriilliik' ono of the lartf-sl nilnca nt 
Hhkiioll. .Inin,-H McCh-llan. who was 
fi,-Bl,h-iil of ihi- ilinzll lllock Coal Co.. 
aioMi- from a Riihordlllnlc position In 
Ihi' o|ii'riitlon» of Cas.-yvlllc lo I'rosl- 
ih-il(. A niiii,l„T of nilnca were opcr- 
iitcd In I'lirko County, Roncrally 
I null n liy nninhci-B. 'Iho Mnrry mine 
Mild Iho Siiioc kvlllf mine, whii-li IB 
tllll iK-iPK worked, wore anionK tho 
oilni-ii In llM' Caauyvlllo field. 'I'lio 
nml iiilni-il thoro wna "flo.-ond vein." 
uihl nil old minor Bnya tho top vein 
has not yet hicn toiiihcd. 

The Oiler Crci'k Ciml Co. also op- 
oiati-il at Ca.H,,yvlllc. This Company 
wii» under the direction of \V. II. 
/liiimiTinan, n well known real iiint;- 
nnle of llrB7.ll. 

.Vs already Btated conl wna mined 
In the Idnffa near Clinton liOckB. It 


wna ul.oiii IVM tl,<ii III.- iiiln.s 111 l.>. 
ford boi;.ili 10 be doielopi.l on u Inrn.i 
>i,nle. Ihie of tlio finest vi-Iiib of conl 
III the i-ullnlry naa deielnpL-d there, 
about II hill lla roof In parts was 
not k'oo.l. .V mine w,ih o|s-lie,l by the 
\Vnl..-i-h \nll.-y C„nl Co. Its flist 
I'lvsldelil was .liidi;e .Moffel, of I'a.v- 
Ion, lllln.'la; W. II. l,>roril. for whom 
til.' lowii Inlil out iiml plnlli-d was 
name,!, was Vh-e-fresldent and k'en- 

■ riil loiins.-l of the C. .li i;. I. railroad. 
•I'his i.ilm- was owned by Illinois cap- 
llahsls. Mho llrst and last ^ank .-tillNi,. 
(ri«Miii In II. 'Ihej Ih.-n renh.-il to op- 
orate It and leased to the new Ken- 
Incky Coal Co.. wlih U cunlli.m-d lo 
operate It until the Eto.k of the roni- 
p.iny i-niiie Into tho lianda of Ma.\ 
l-;ichl.erB. of Chleaco, who operated It 

I 0,11 Co. lor a few yenra. .Mr. Klehhers 
also had an Id.-a of le-npenlnE the 
.MInshiill i-onl fh hi. hut he afterwards 
ah:iii.him-d It. 'I'lie l.yford mliiea then 

cam.- I the hands of 'IhonniB 

fl'tjara of t'lika^Q, and a Uitkc pari 
■if the Wabi.Bh Valley hnldhma were 
ti-ansl'err. d to Mr. D'llnrn. This part 
WHS iifL-rwal-ds operated hy tho Viv- 
ian CollerliB Coliitiany. which was Bll.'- 

■ ced.-d by the I'niled Coal Company, 
now In the han.lB of the l-e.leral Court 
lit Chl.aKo. Its tipples are down nnd 
the inliiea aro abandoned. 

The WalMish \alh-y C.iil Co. still 
owns Boine seven or elplil hundred ne- 
res of niidevelopc.l coal land lylm: 
lui.ler the aiirfnc.' of the lale .lolin 
llnxford land and snrronn.llnk- terri- 
tory. |irlllliiKSKli..wtlinl IhlS field ex- 
teii.lB as fnr iinrlli iiB the north line of 
the lands ..f Mra. .\.|iilla l.averly, lu- 
ilndini; the major part of the (state of 
the late Samuel 1). I'liett and the farm 
of Charles Dally. 

Smiiiiel I.. Mi<'nne In l.-isll. In con- 
neetlon with the Shiikey family, op- 
ened a mine In llie hills east of old 
Mecca. .Mr. .Mil'uno 0|ierntc.l the 
mines .|Ulte cMcnslvely for several 
yrars. then leased It lo the Otter 
Creek Coal Co.. wlihh under Col. r. 
\V. II. /.Immernian iiIbo operated a 
mine al CaBeyvlllc. 'I'hla 1 oniimny 
lensed tho i.roperiy to the Me.-cn Coal 
1:0.. of whk-h Frank Url.nln nnil the 
.Mllns Urothcrs were members. The 
Cninpnny mined It out en.l the field 
was finally abandoned alionl three 
ye.ira ago. 'I'heBe enterprising 

I'Tenehmcn beiran their coal inlnlns 
experlen.-o In America at NycBvllle 
tinder r.oiilB nnd ^^aiiiuel firlnley and 
.Tohn Kolchat. They now control the 
Unlteil Coal Co.. anil are large pro- 

I'- P A U K r: COUNTY. 

.iMc-.-rs .,f I'Oiil nt Chrlslopir. Illlnoli. 



ll.'fore inUlllc ov 
inlno they 0|Mii.d lip the llo. k linn 
mine belwe.-n .Me.vii nn.l .Monter.mmi, 
developed the field and w,,rk.'d It mil. 
It wan In coiine.'tlon with the oper- 
iillon of this mine llmt Wlllhiin l>. 
.M.inlKOiiiery. nf .Mont.-zuma. first 
eaiiio to tho County. Mr. .MoiilKoniery 
waB flrnt B.-.-relary nn.l treasurer, and 
uianiiiied the roinpany'B store at Mon- 
11-7.11111.1 : hilt w Itb the cloBlng of this 
1 Ino he .cased coal nilnlnR oiierntlons. 
Col. II, W. I'erry. lor ninny years Sii- 
perliilenclriil of the llrazll Illoek Coal 
I o., leslcd nut the fields afterwards 
I. Iiicd b.\ the Hock Hun Co. The New 
Cenlnry Co.. whlrh ha.l n larKr field 
nUlarent to the .McCnne mliiea— nfter- 
wai-dB lulnc.l out through the Mecra 

1 .1..' 1 II "O l--!.|.. Irnnr.l 

them lo I'rbaln and Allals, nnd fl- 
liane.-d them In their early endeavors 
to .lev-elop theui. 

Colonol I'erry waa one of tho best 
known men In tho i-oni flelda of I'arko 
nnd ndjolning Counties, and two 
years n^'o died nt the homo of his 
dailchter, Mrs. llilull Montgomery, of 
Monl<-/.iim.i. In the ilcvrlopnient of 
III., .Mee.n iiilnea under the .McCiino 
iiinnnu'eincnt nii.l Iho Dtler Creek Conl 
Co.. Mortnn ItoheriB, of Mecrn, ivns 
mlnluK boss nnd l-.nd netlvo charge. 

No belter .-onl Is found In I'nrke 
'ounty than hna been mined and Is 
illll hrhiL- nilnrd on n siinill B.-nle In 

forty yenia ago ThoniaB Clark was 
mining eoal west of llrange Corner, 
Just soiilli of the l-'oiinlain County 
line. I'erry, William and .lames Moore coiidneled mines on .Mill 
I'reek and llreen Creek. Charles 
liollldiiy began nilnliig coal South of 
.'<iigar Creek In I'cnn Township many 
.leiirs ago; and John Copner, who Is 
Bllll getting out coal north of Anna|i- 
..I's. was early In this iield. William 
I-'rllz IB w-orUIng a mine not far from 
Cnpner's, and there Ib n mine on the 
.Mllo ChamnesB pla.e. I-Mward New- 
lln has a iiiino on the o'll William 
Craft farm, two nnd onclinlt miles 
northeast of Annnpolle. It Is tho shaft 
sunk by I'erry Wolf, who Bold to Ncn- 
lln. All this eoal l« of extra fine 

About i!>Xi, Pnvld Manklns began 
mining conl aonthennt of Ilockvlllo. 
lie sold the mine to John I). Over- 
man who conducted It for lonio years 
an.l It has slnee been known on tho 
Overinnn mine. Tlila mine was IcaBod 
alioiit ten years after It was opened 
to Smith A Bon, ol Terra Haute, ind 


It was operale.l under tho anporln- 
lenden.y nf Doug II. Smttli, who was 
one of the hrlghest newspaper men 
In Iho stilt... While In Ito.-kvlllo, 
Doug Smith colilrlhillcd many good 
pnrngrnpIiB and articles to Tito ItOfk- 
illlc Tribune. Ilnph CnuldwcU «no- 
.-ce.le.l the Sinltha at this mine. An- 
other bnnk ncnr the Overmnn mine 
was opened by Wllllnm lleeder. This 
and the Ovornian inlno have been o|i- 
ernted al different times hy nian^v peo- 
ple, among them Jeffernon Skellon, 
John l-nlwlder an.l CharleB Taylor. 

The Shn.kleford jnino on Wllilamt 
Creek was opened ahonl 1S7.S. nnd wni 
enndiirle.l hy Ilnrlon W. Sliackleford. 
It wos nfterw-nrd opcrnted by Charles 
Wiilkor, now sccretnry of Iho Wlltlain 
VI. Dee Clny Company. The MeN'ort- 
m Urn,.- Iinlirri and Charles— were 
the Inst operators of this mine. 

Henry I.oo had n mine cast of Will- 
iams Creek, north of the Jn.laon ron.l. 
about tw-enty years ago, and for a tlliid 
got out eonaldrrable ronl there. 

A vein of which Ib thought lo 
be e.|uol to the best In the Comity lies 
under the hills ensl of l.lltle liaeeoon. 
Miles I'llsey has hnd a bnnk there for 
Bcvernl years. About t,'i years ago a 
■liafl was Blink on Ceorge Jcssiip'B 
land, an.l ex.-ellenl eoal mined thero. 
Snniuel Wlllon wmb In charge of Iho 
enterprise, and he reports that for a 
time he worked a vein of eoal thir- 
teen feet thick I However, It proved 
to bo a "po.ket," but Mr. Wilton is 
eonfident that a wl.ler area of good 
vein exiBta not fnr from where hta 
shaft was sunk. 

Two mines w-ere operated eaflt of 
CatUn several years ngo. One wna 
owned by Saimiol II. Heal and another 
viae on the Asherry farm. The latter 
is now run by Ilcrt Kdwarcla. These 
mines have been run at various times 
by Williani Karnest. John Jolllef, llob- 
crt M.-lnlyre, John I'errln. Jacob Rar- 
geant, Charles Taylor nnd otlierB. 

Charles Taylor nnd Wllllnm Pan- 
lela opened a good mine Inst year on 
the Kdwnrd Ixivl place south of llock- 
vllle, and are now- prodiic-lng aliont 
twenty tons per day. ThiB la a promis- 
ing mine on nrroiint of Its proximity 
to llockrillc. 

■I'lio nenrest conl mine to the Coun- 
ty Beat Is that on the Kll Cook placo 
Ubb than a mile southeast of the court 
lioiiBC, now In rharge of Shelby Kent 
nnd "To.lo" Mnnklna. It wai first op- 
ened by Frederick .Manklns nnd Shelby 
Kent- "I'iiey aold It to J. V. D. Cola- 
man about five yenra ego. tie oper- 
ated It for a ivhile and aince h« aband- 
oned It a number of men hart worked 

(Einuitg ixiih (i]ininuil}t|t Ninitii|ja}ii^rj0 

7Vm U.iL.rx/. //.Mil./. ;.l 11... k- 
till.'. II >v:is ill Ihni till..' .on- 
.lii.i.-.l i.y Miirfs iiiiil roii.|Mi;..ii'. As 

1 |.» "I II. I» 1- "aB hi i-\lMni.,. 

«l.,ii Mr. ll.'iiilli. "Mill- ill 1--1'. iiliU 
I,.- I.II..I ..II III.. in.MU.r.i Ml- iihl iiini 
III; ii|. hW i.'i'Hiil III' thi- iii'WB' 

i.ii|..'iK. II..' .'ii.'i' I hi'.i III I'i'for- 

,n.-.. I.. Mr. r.Miilim.iu- ia 
riiiil Ml-. l-,M..liijMii- «,.« .niiiii-.l.d 

Mlln Mr. M.iriH ill I...- II. nil. Ill iif 

7/,, ir.i/,./,/. //.-I,././ Ill is.-.:l In 1.1-1. 

r.rii.ll.- tiv.K IIS .1 Inirr iiiil.lislicr. 

■//,,,./W. //.-..././ «nH n .l:irksnn 

|..H"'r. Mil .-.-11 III t ...i« or lloii.o- 

.riiU.- ii-..iiiloii.y II li.-iiio.-iiiilr |.ii|..-r 
III I'lirk.. loiinU II ivns Riilil 

1,. Wllll.iiii I'. N.i.-l. H Iiiiiit.'.l lU 

1,1 10 ■//.. /.'.I./..,//. /ii/.-//ii/.-.i.-.-r 

: ml ii-adc it WhU In liollllrs. II llicii 

i...hs.<.l liilo llir l.lllillliol Tilli'lii'l llnll-y 
Sim. 11... who iiilh'il II III.' «/ii'.' 

/Ii.i,../. ••ii llio i.t, iiiIkii r." .siiv« 

ILiiillc, "iiK II ivng luiitliini; I.iii nil 

■ Mil.l.-l |,-.- 

'Mini. I.oil.l." I'Ullllli.U'.s Mr. Ili'iiilh'. 
"Illl.i I.MI.llKllll.' IK-Ii. il n l.'» niiiiihriH 
or III. 117.11/ l;illr. hill llio (//...■ 

/....I../. .V....II 1..'.- th.< i.-.n^iil/ril 

l.iiil) orKiili. iili.l ,-..iilliiii.-.| r.ii y,-ni» 

lo I - liroiiil,ii.l.'ii I.I' hImiik mill mir- 

riisiii, Willi nil or.'iis|oii;il iiri:MiiK'nl. 
lull. lluiMilil. WriKlil. I'll.-ll. mill olli- 

.r hiiillliu 111- I'lilK. 'I'llin KO ox- 

, :.|i. iiii.-il III.. Iiiil.-r lliiil lli.-y n|i|illril 

.1 .oiiiiCr lirhillii III III.' I'.il ' n 

..I t |.iil'.:ii III' nil. |.;i|..-r: hilt II 

Illy run for ii kIi.iiI IIiii.-. ii.iI k iiiiiii- 
l.'i .nil li.itnil. iiii.l Hiriini:.' lo 
•ii.i llH i.-r.i III Is lor::.ilti'ii." 

II UI1K ill LSI'.' .Miitlli.'n- Sliiip- 
:'..ii. .1 iiiiiii ..r uu'.il .-.lii.ul|..n. Mho lin.l 

.1 >l III.- ">..illli: hiilh'H' Hi'lnlli- 

i.l.i." I.oil-.'lil ll.o (1/1., Iliiiiiih. lie 

I hlK Mill. Iliiliis, i-..||.-|.-il ih.' |in 

j'.-r oiilll II iMis s.ihl (o Nil I Mii- 

^11 nil. I I'.ril C. Kllin; is.-,i;. ,\ 

I. M yiio nilir Siio|ison hoimlil llu. 
III,.,- Hni,„l, III.- iMi.Mi- u-as I'liniiK.'il 

II. Ill,- /•.,,*,- (.,,.„/„ II /,,„, .\„nlli 
., ilit- lli-i,.lh- 

'111 IIK lll.'^< air- .V ilM.I u 1111- 

IMlsiii »oilli .loollii;:. II ih-iil o:' rliiill' 
Willi 'uiiio KHiliib III Kohl.'ii I null. 
I. II. h |i.-rH..|iiil ::oi.i.i|. Ill- iiiiknoMiin, 

wlioK.- I.I « ur.- now oil K. Kinwn 

loiiiliK, lOioli- i.r n| rlii'H 

.1. -111. 'nil In r.Mi;;r.-Kh iiili.i. nl lim ii 

liiliiil .sinl.'- I.niik mill Inrlll' ol 

iM'J. I. fi'w .oliiiiin.s 1.1' loh-riihly 
|.i'o».., mill nh..|i' hiiHl.i'triilK of wri'li-h- 
nl |..„'l|-y. 1411, h .-\|.i-..s!.inii» n» 
■■.■o.iliK," •■|u.ii-ro.i.»,- " Jo,, iiiiil 
wliy .\nnlln.' 'pnlil wllh u'olil.' 

mill ihi- 'inii'-lh'iiri.'il TVIilmi or olil 
I'lirk.',' wiTi' mori'ol.v | iii. 
Ih.-y o.-nir 11I...1II n iloz.'ii IIiiii'h lo Ihi' 

.Mr. Il.'aill.' niiil..<» on.- slm.'.,i..|il hi 
llK' iihnvi. wlilrh I'mihol iioMHllily nlhiili' 
lo I. in, I iM-npli' whrli h.' Hiiy«. "iiiii.-l, 
|.,ri...iinl KOH»l|i," 1-1.-. 1 Imv,. ronil 
III,,-..- uniiin ohl |iii|..'i-« and rniui.I lllllo 
|.i-ri<..iiiii lii.iillnii of Inciil iicnido. 'I'h.' 
M'l> llllhi.- Ihiil Hoiilil hnvc ph-nx-d 
Ml., ii.-iipii. of I'nrko I'oiiiily nio.<l In 
Ilio old ilny«, r,« ll iloi-n now. would 

linii' 1 II whl.l IH li-riiii'd "local 

li,'W„;" hill tiriy yiain nco no kiipIi do- 
piiTiiiii-iil an '■lonil" or "pi-i-«iiiinl" ex- 
iKli'il. tl wan llioii,:lil Iriihil mid nil' 
.ilKiiirii'd lo ini'iillon llii' ordinary n,'- 
,-nrr,'iii-i'i. or .oiiiIiikh niid uoiiiiiii of 
I ho lioiiio pi'oph'. .Mnrrliii;,". worn no 
ll.-od iwllh orciiHloiml arknowloduo- 
iiii'iitn of ilio "ilcllrloiiB inko" Rrnl to 
Ihu rJiior.l iilno di'allin. hih not oftoii 

hlrlliB. WholP imcPH would li<. drvoird 
lo «|...,'. hi'.i .l.llw-ri'.l hy party lend- 
.'l». and III.' |.ai;i'« wnri' f.-w. hnl 111.' 
a.liinl ii.'w.s or 111,' i-onnly wont iin- 
liollr.'il and mil.', oid.-.l. 

In n.-lohor. I.viai. .MmllRon Kr-.'n.-y 
niiiii' rroiii I'riiwrorilHilllr nnil hoiiKlit 
tho l;iil.;- <-n,„il,i l;,-i„il,lii„„ or .MokII 
and Kllno. In l-c.l ihi- naiiio ll'/.i/i 
lind hooii cliniiKi'il to riiii- lli-iiiililii-nii. 
Willi .Mr. Ki-.-ncy Irro II. iiml 
.1. W. Ilrown. ni;oil Ihlrlrrn nnd olo- 

l.nrrli.iKPd. T|..wrv.T. Ii.'fnrc llinl llnio 
|ir. Imro wllhdri'w friilli lllo paper, 
whlrh hull l.<'.-li an Inil.-p.'nd.'lil ndro- 
.ai.' or II..' ;:iiriiliiirk riirr, iiry, nnd 
.Mr. I'lilllnna n».siiiii.-d foh- ownornhip 
iiiil roiilrol. Ilo ihanil.'.l I ho nnnio to 
III,' hi'li,,,,,, l;il,„,( niiil 111111I1. It llrliin- 
.rail.'; hilt llli' f.ilo of i-vi'ry otiirr 
Ih-iiio. rail.- piipor uwnit.d II. nltlionirh 
it wan. iliirlnL- III,' period when Mr. 
< ..lllim- li.'iot.'.l all hin lliiio to It. B 
too.l pap.-r. II i-.-nnrd piilill, nllon ill 
.Marrh. IsiT. whnii all tlii' typo nnd 
II ali'rhil, Inilndini: n .-oiiiplol,' oiiiril 
l'..r Look I.IiiiIIiik wire pri'pnr.d for 

lor n time lliat n llepiihllcnn eoillil 
nilinrali' Ihnl prliiclph': hut evelitl 
proud t.,e r.inlrnry. In IVSJ lie piu- 
|.o»ed n parlnerahlp with iBniif II. 

Strmn,.. which wan pron y nml Jn.v. 

riilly n.-.-epl,-.l. .Mr. Ileaille nnd Mr. 
stroiiBi' cnnllnned na parlnem until 
I.VMI; howeur. In ivvi Mr. Ilendle. 
hniliiK K"iie I.. .Sew Voik lo do cill- 
lorlal wrIIInt-, li nm-d hln hnir of the 
paper lo hla nephew'. Will W. Crimea. 
Tl,,: ■i;,bu)u- In ivvs Klipporled the 
lii'ioo.-rntl.- l.aity hi'. mine of the liir- 
Iff l-mie. Thin Ikhio, nnd tho tm 

^i4i -;-^'A 

lit tn 

.•--;-^i'VK^'i '-A ^t'l'. 

ia.,1/ l/.iii 0/ l'»r]ic 

>,ii. r.-Hpi-rllvi-ly. I...1I, of whom work- 
.d In Ih.' oiri.-e whih' not in a.-hool. 

I h, .1, L'ood prliitera. Wllh llie 

,-.\.,.pll If a l.rler liilerval l.olh were 

.01111.-. led with the paper from'<i 
10 l.-vvN. ,1,-1-,' K,-,'ii,'y, n hr.ilh.-r or 
.Mmlls,.ii. wnn. In IM17 ami 'iN. roiiiiei-l- 
,il with Ih,- paper IIIIIII th,' 

Ilrown llrollii'iH I ami' old eimiiKh 

lo ;:.. Into hii»iii.-Hs. whi-n they 
a..|illriil nil illier.'Kl 111 II. I'lllK 
una a.. Id ill InTH lo .lo. II. I'heail-' 
I1-. nml I.y hlni -old In 1ST.", lo n alo.-k 
.oipmi.i. I'h.' papi-r wan niiiiini:e,l 
ami .'dlli'd hv Snmnel .Mnulll. Mndinoii 
Keen,',. .1. II. nnd .1. W. Ilrown until 
|.>.s«. whin lis priKont iiroprletor. .\. 
.\. Ilni-srnve. honchl II. In preKi-nt 
linln.'. lli„l:,-,\\, U,i,uM„nu. wn« kI>- 
111 II hy Ml'. I'hi'ndli'. 

Ill IS.M1 Kh. I'ov mtenipled In eslal.- 
Hall ■/'/..- Iliiiiiir,,,!. hilt II only Insled 
.iiirlim the ciimpalKii : nKaln In I-^ni 
am.lh.-r 11. in.uinlle pap.T was started. 
I-:. I', ramrihell. e.llmr nnd pi-oprleior, 
and nlllmiiL-li II wa.s a neat piihllcnllon 
anil ,l,'Vot,d more «|.a.-e 10 lo.-nl news 
Ihnn ll« lli'imhlh-nii eoniempornry. II 
soon .lied. In ISTn l>r. .loiin S. hare 
and lienrt;.' W. I'olllliKB. estahllsheil 
the l-niki- Ciiiiiili, ,V.'ir.t. In the inenll- 
lliiie the /'nr;.-r Cninilii lti-i„ililii-nn In 
l-xi'-s. pnt In a [lowcr press, rel.'cnilni? 
the old Wnshlnclon hnnd prep.-, with 
whjeli niosi Cniinly pmiers were cpilp- 
lied In IhOBi' dnys. 11 was lurned hy 
man or rnlher. hoy power, and ninny 
weie the llo. kvllle l.oy» wh.i lilrneil 
orr the eilllloii and earned fifty cents 
fur tlinl servK-e. 'I'lieil n Utile our- 
horse power Blenni eniiine wns pur- 
,'laised. nnd the /fr'/.n/i/leoa honsted of 
lis "stenni print." Tlir rnrki' I'liulilll 
\,-,r« wns nisn cpiippeil with n power 
press. I.iil II wns de«lroyed In tho fire 
on I lie l-'.nst Hide In lleceniher, \HTi. 
.y. Waslilnulon noml prcij wai thon 

inlliiiKB i-oiilein|.|nted pilhllshhiK a 
pnprr. II was Ihen Ihal .lo. 11. I'hend- 
h- wlio hnd cone from llockvllle to 
I'ralll.l'orl. relumed. hoil;;lit tho out- 
ril nod on ,\prll in. ISTV. is.iii.-.l the 
first or Tl,,- llmhrilli' Tiiliiiiic. 

I will here dlRiess from the sketch 
of ■/;,.- rri/ian,' to chronicle the en- 
leer or two more Iii-m,..-rn1fc pnpera. 
In ISTT II. S. Illmkle.lce nnd n pari- 
m-r .Mr. Ileal— .nine 10 lln.-kvllle nnd 
sinrl.'.l a paper .-alle.l the .U/ro™/,-. 
IIH rlrsi app.'arni.i-e wns slninllnn- 
.oiisl.i Willi thnt or ■/'/,.- Till„,,i,: Wliy 
two nihlllional papers simiild he nl- 

I pled 111 n ri.-ld where one of two 

;-iiil .Inst dl.-d, is one of llie niyslerles 
..: 111.- art pre.';eniitive wlilcli hnffles 
exphiniilloi.. Ill,- .l,/.„<-,il,- wns neii- 
irni 111 polllles. while '//,,' Trihune 
wns lleiinhlicmi. .Vfler a few weeks of 
hand-to-monlh cxUlence 7'/i,' AiliornI,- 
he, ami- lieinocrallc and thnt flnislied 
II. lor p.-rhaps six monllis It stniif- 
lll.-d nioni:. II ha. I no press nnd was 
compelle,! |.. have IIS press work ihnie 
nt the other "shops." 't'he other shops 
Wen- not worklni; for llieir henlth. nn.l 
wh.-n Tl,,- \,lr,„-,ilr to the point 
where II i-oiihl no IniiL-er pny for press 
work. 11 iiiill. llln.-kh'dBe moved II to 
Monti'/.iima. .Iianiied lis nnme to tin- 
l/oii/,-;n,.in /.'/-n, and for n lime It eon- 
•Inii.-d in he a li.'inoerallc paper; hnl 
not loim. 

In IKMi) .Missrs. Ilenkel and I'lin- 
.liL'iinm Klarteil a I i,'i,io,-ratl,' paper 
rnlh-d ■/'/.,' .siiiiinl. The n.'xt y,'ar Wlll- 
Imil v.. Ilenkel. n nephew of I-:. .M. 
Ileiik,! <anic to llockillli' In work lor 
Ills iliirh'. The 111 xl year he IioiikIiI 
■. /('■ Siniinl nnd tile next yenr chaiiKi'd 
ila nam,' lo '//.,- Ilnrkitll,- i;,t[il,-. .Mr. 
ll,-llNi'l was nppolnteil postimisler In 
l^si; i.liil lilHpimi'il or Th,- i:,itil,- .Inrlnu 
his lerm or ..rri.-.'. s.-liinu ll lo lleo. 
Tlplim. 7/1,- /.'„)//.■ ill.'il In IMm. 

.lo. II. I'hiadle, ailhoncli ni.| a pinc 
tnni printer, ovi-r.niiie imiiiy olialii.les 
In tellliii.' out V';ie llm-l.iilli- '/'n/iaiir. 
II ha.l a Wnshlnclon hind press. I 
was hnrniiiK the jirlnier's Irnde In tho 
lii,li,iif,i l;ili-l„l orri.-e when liehoni.'iit 
Ih,' |.nper. The rirst Issue of Tlir 
Ti-ii,,,,,,- wns an edillon of J-'iisi. nnd 
hnvlnc volunteered to work the press 
nil nli:hl I wns ac.orded the honor of 
prliillni: the first nnl.iher. Kd l.nm- 
l.erl and I worked oft the entire eil|. 
linn. Imlh sl,l,'» i.'iIkiii Impresslnnsl on 
I he hnnil pr.'ss; one "rolleil"— thai li 
liike.i tho pnces while ihe otlnr work- 
ed the presH. InkhiR "turns nlKint" nt 
the pr.-BH work. 

John 11. Ilendle h.'.anie editor of 
■n,r Trl'i,,,!,- In l.sTIi, an,l |.rn,-rede« 
to iilve tho llepnhllcans nf Purke 
foiinly somethlnti new. nnd not to 
their llklnn. In Joiirnnllsni. lie refus- 
I'd 10 Biipporl the moieinent Ihen popii- 
Inr Ihe nonilnnllnii of (Imernl 
(liant for a Ihird term. Tlir rnhinif 
next ■•halkeil" nt n IiIkIi Inrlff. Mr. 
lUnUlu «'a» a froo Irador, and Ihoiiglit 

f.Vi/or l/'irki-lllr Ihimhliran. Ilorkrllle 

TilhiiHi—Viuil,,;- nf foiiBrrm 


rency Issue wiili-h Inter he.-alnc ncillo. 
Impelled Tl„- Tiihiin,- to he.-oine n 
ll.'ii oeratlc papor. Since l.silil— Iwen- 
t.i-six years It hns conllniie.1 the on- 
ly licmncrall.- pnper In I'nrke folinly. 
after s.'ven oilier errorts In Ihnl rield 
hail railed. 1-:. V. Ileadh'. nnother 
nepln'w of John II. Ilendle. Iiecnine n 
piirtner In the hnsiness In llm;. 

II wns IhoiiL-ht n foolhardy proposl- 
lion In IMTs when Staunton llin.-lc- 
ledKe Blnil,'d the \l,ml,-:ii,i,i, /.■rntonl' 
tempi n paper III n town of IIS line ; 
hut .Monti /iiinn wii. a nietropniis einn- 
piii'.'il with iilaies whi'le pniiers hiivo 
hin.e hi'i-ii Blnrli-il. It wns In the 
eltlill.'s nnd i-nrly iiln.-ties wlien 
llloouilnL'daii-, llrhlReton, lloBi-dnle, 
Hnd .Mnrsliiill, and laler .Mei-en. nil hnd 
inpers. The llinnhllr It,-,- wns start. 
e.l hy Kdwilrd and William Hell. Troiii 

lid BlnninL- In Jniirnnllsiu Inlwnrd 

Hell has arisen lo the front rank of 
.Vmerienn ncwspapor men. l-'or several 
jenra he liiiH represented the flitmiio 
lli-i-,inlll,nil,l nt Ixindon. after a lirlh 
ilniil rarcer on llio alaff of that pnper. 
II wniihl he Imposslhlo to alve tint 
iinnies of tlie men or even Ihe shlfthiK 

nnims of Ih.T 1 s pnldlshed In 

I'nrUe foiinly In Ihe nhnve nniiied 
towns: hut it shniilil he reim^nihered 
thnt hesidrs .Mr. Hell oilier men and 
one woman have demonslratrd eiU- 
lorinl niilllly while cnnneeled with 
them. Wlllium Irelniid mm IMwnrd 
ItnriiH did Boml work at .Montcfiimn. 
I>r J. 11. I,. nnd Kiitlierliin 
l.niiih mii.le the llliininlnniliil,- Wnrlil 
on excellinl pnper, while SI I,. Hood 
now prcprielor of llio llnm-iliilr lli-riiril 
wna known In llnrkvllln forlr yenn 
ntio a< a brlulil wrltor, llo naa local 


.■,lil..r nf II... Iil,li:,ii,l rmnnl » it 
I..... I.U.I lilh i.i.n.Kriiphu w.t.' i.livnMi 
t,....l rcmllriK. 

\.«i.|..i|..'i« i.ilnli'.l hi IMikr Cniin- 
I). ,..ii«iil.. ..f 'lie rountj- spiic III 1:1111 

riir \h„ilr:, 11,111 ;;n/.T;.ru,-. C. 8. 
cK.^inmn. |.,iI.1Ik1ht. 

■III.' »/.i..,..i/i(//;...'. ii'..i;.;. 11. i.nii„ir 
i;ii.i.uiii, i.iil.lliilicr. 

Tin M.inliiill \...<.. I'r.'il W. riiolim. 

7(1. ■ lintr.iul, llnmrh-i: Kl I,, (inoil. 

Mii.IIboi, Ki'cni-y lii'Rnn i.Ml.ll.-nllon 
,,|- 111.. /'.iW... Ciiiinlu Jniiiiiiil In 
Ii.. miK l,..^i»,ru 111 i;ic u.irk l.y Jit.- 
II. Ilmwn mill Will A. Mnnon. It wns 
l.'..|.iil.ll.'iiii In |.iillil<-i<. I.iit OR llii'rr 
wnK nil riohl for two UriMilill.'nn im- 

ljtijl|lij Urrii i'tnrk unit Aijrtrultural Jaini 

.iLli'd ullli ll... /,•.,. A-.ii;.. l;,;„ihlii-,i,i 
111 IV.N, Mr. K...I1..V nlirlni: iit lliul 
II rioiii III, ns|.ii|.(.r l.ii«lii(.«B. 

Ill I'.i.i'.' I'. K. I.iiii.l...rl iiii.l 1:1. nil. u 
I.. Iliilii.i.n li.'i:»ii 111., i.iil.lli'i.tlnn m 
nil n;;il.iilliinil i.j|...r In Ilii.Utlll.. rnll- 
.•il /•..,..;, .....d.. i;,„i,liii l.tlc Tlio> 11 1 iill.t, lii.liiilliiK IX 

l»ii-n't..lillliill (Ij.lhiiii.s i.ri'sn. II niia 
liol III.. (iilKliiiil Mill'Mo^i. ..r Mil' I'niinil. 
.rn or this i.ii|..|. 10 ili'viili- il 10 lo.ul 
iifniira: l.iii II Bliori ..M.i.rli.mi. In iin 
nil. .1111.1 1.1 i:..| ,. r<> III III., rinlrt 
1.1 .\;ill..iinl r.ini. IniiinnllKiii |<(l 

lllls In I... I shII.Ii-. II iwin llH'n 

inn. I., n l.ii'Ml |.ii|...i.. .Vol loiiL' nriir iIiIh 
Bl.|. ink. .11 .Ml-. l.niiil...|l « llli(li...iv 

lion. III.' |iiirlii..riil.l|., nnil .Mr. Ill nii 

..iii.lililr.l 11... |..i|..r. iinlll rnllliiu 
I1..11III1 .'oiii|..'ll..<l hill. In L-K.. II ii|i. II 
M.iH Ihi.n KOliI In 11" iirrsnil liro- 
lil..|nrs, rrnnrc-n 1.. 1.1. d c. I,, slic-r- 
rill. Hh.i rnii.r In llorkilllc rrom Nrvv 
Vnlk. wliorr lho.v lind lii-i-n In llio 
ni.iiK|.n|id. liiiBlni.m. .Mm. Slicirlll 
I. ml niRO clnlii- lll.inry work nn n wrll- 
.r or nhoil Hlorl.B. rrniiris-irr Coiin- 
lili l.ll,- wni. liriilrnl iinlll ll«i1i. " li.'n 
II mm nwi.lo ll..|.iilillnin In iinllllcit, 
mill IlK iii.ini. .linliKi-il In Hip rnrl.r 
fnuiiln rimrt. -rilc iinik(>ii|i. wlilcli 
lin.l |.i,.v| l..-,.n of lilMr..n pnitrB, 
»iif nlRo clinnc'il In l-lirlu |inco». 
d.'iil.l.. I hi. «!/.(• of II H forniPi' lingos. n xlinrl »lilln afl.'r nlmllnR 
r,n„n..shr r„„,ilril I. if,. I:ii.l..plt I,. 

Ill nil nil l.ll tl.p pnl.ll.nllon of 

1. dully .nlh.d Tli,- ll,„l.iillr .v.mi llin 

only nil).. nt n dnily In rnrkr 

rniinly. R.iio ihn "l-'nlr r.llllonii" koI 
..111 l.y Tl,,' Triliiiii,- In issii-sl. Iliil 
n.ii 111.. ..iilnprlB... i.n..|.Ky. nliil Inlnnl 
nl Mr. Ili.l...nii ...nld nnt iiiiik<- n dnIly 
I'Mlor en In l|...kvlllo. nlll.niii:li Iip did 
ini.....'d In iiinnltit: It iniirli lonRPr 
ihiin lilH r.llnw ni.n ii|i.i|i(-rni..n 
tlionulil liu could. 

I\ Tin; oMily dny« of I'mkc Conn, 
ly iriy lliih. niiK known of. or 
liiKr.Hl liik.n In |M..llL'r....d 
»|...k. No« «..r.. k..|.i of 
ill.. I.r.....lhn! of linr»<.., iinil llioir prdl- 

il- wi'|... tPiHTnlly rirllr|...iH, llip n • 

1.11I1 of honrxn.v or linnclnnllnn. Iliiriii.» 
«..n. K,.no|.|illy JiiilK..d l.y ulinl Imp. 

p.' I In Klrll... III., fmiry of th.. Indl- 

vldin.l witliniii nny rrunnl to tlirlr 
^i-r.illnc or liiplr liiflnriirc on tin. fii- 
lino mork Inl.'r.iilA of the Connty. Tlio 
h'ifo Ihnl ..liniiip...l the lill. prniirod 
i.nil Inoki'd tiny, wns nciiornlly tlio 
: ■ I, nn ! ■ ■ :. •■■,1-. . ."ii- < 
off iho rir«l lioiior« In tlio show rlnc. 

( ■niKliinnii A. Ilowurd nnd 
Coirrnor .Inncph .\. Wriclit look n 
ilr.-p InlrKsl In ..n<nilriii:lni! Hip pro. 
plp to liiipr..vp slo. k. Alionl ihc 
.\|.|ir l.xm CKnornl l|..\\Br.l lironshl In 
"Mpdo.k," llip first IlioroiiBlil.lPd nlnl- 
lion to .111. .p 10 I'nrko Connty. Up «ii« 
11 h.y horB,' nl.oiil 1.-. hnniln lilfli. nf 
l.lo.Uy Inill.l. with ilii' npnc nn.l cniir- 
nup ilinrn.lprlmlr nf tlio tlioronith. 

il«. 'riiln Inlmdinllnn of now nnil 

lii.ll.'r l.lon.l ttPiit n Inni; «iiy lownrd 
III.. |..lii..nllnn of iho p.oplo nil 10 Hip 
ii.|\iinliiL-...H of l.pttor lilond. riifnr. 

Inniilily IiIr not ivpi- o«tly nndpr 

»l/... Inn uprp lilphly npiirpflnlPi) nn 
nrrnnni nf ilirlr m.-iinlim nnil piidnr. 
nii.p. Tlipy wpi-p iinlvprBnlly ponwlil- 
.•ipil In III' Hip I.pbI Iioiupb in tlioir 
IniliPK In Hip ..nniitry. 

l.iilpr on I'r. Tm-kpr kppi n jinntl 
hoi-BP cnllod ••Urnliil Turk." nl 
WrlKlil'B .Mill on Siicnr CrrpI;, I-:!- 
H0...I Sllpr Inlpr hurt n stiihlc of so..d 
liorB.'B nl llloninliiKdnlp. 

Alionl Hip ypiir Is.-jl .lohli Knsp. 
"01 III. of nonr .Montpzninn. hroiiKhl In 
BoiiK- lili:li hiPd liorBi.B nn.l did niinh 
for Hip Inipn.vpinont of Iho horep 
« In Hint pnri of Hi.' County, .lolin 
lliiBworlli wan n nonlnlnH' of Iho not- 
I'll old Indhin. clirlBliiinii Dnznpy, who 
livpd on thp Innil now ownod hy Sinn- 
ml Skpptprn. 

AlniiL' In thp IlltlPii, throiiBh Hi., of- 
lorlB of Sninnil SlroiiBo. '•(Irpy llnwk 
Mornin" WHS hrontht to lloikilllp for 
n BPiipon. Up wob n lnri:P, srpy Iiotbc 
of lii.iivy bono, nn.l with Hic brnnd, 
Bi'iiBllilP lipod poinnii.n to Hip Morcnli 
fiinilly of horsPB. lie did iniirli fnr Hip 
iinprnvpnienl of the HorK of the 


more for Hie linpnivi.inpnt of llio Irni In nlioiil iwoforly. nhlph wnn 

hnrup Btnik of III., ronntry Hmn nny tnml for Hint iliiy— l.s.-,.". Nhe lipriiine 

ntlM.r ninn In rnrko Coiinly. hiforo or iniii.nm hi Im..oiiiIii|; the d.iin nf Iho 

-liicp hlH dny. AlMiiyB on Hip nh.|l ■•" l.y "Chiy IMInl. IIip Moor" 

lor tin Bl Hull miilil ho pr...nrn.d wim n linlpil Blrp nf Bpp..d nnd nnn Ihu 

In nil .'liiHHPii. frnin Hip IIl'IiI ImrnpBB Birr of "Kiilinn," who hprniiir inip of 

In Hip lii'my drnfirrii. lie Inib imiiiIp iIii iBl mi.-. e^Bfiil drPH of ii|ii...d In 

nn Imlrllhlp lnipri.|.Blnli on Hie Iioibp Aiiii.rl.n wlHl n IniiK nml fpulnrlnu 

InlriiBiB of Hip coniilry Hint will nev Birliiu nf J:: id bpller irnlipr» in 

or he eff.irpcl. IiIb crpdit. lie wnK owned hy T. .1. 

>lnny other nnd tnlimhh' IIobp n iinted horarninn of I'nilfornln. 
horBrp hnve been lirnncht Into Hie 

County hy dlifprent pnrHeB, nil of Aorlfilllurul JFulru uilh Hucf Irilflin 
whieh dill Ihelr Bhnro In Hie Inipnivc. 

...■■•.I i.hlrl. h.iB heen lirn.iulit nhoill. To governor Wrl«ht, fliBt IVobI. 

There were Btnl.lea nt lloekHlle. uno ili'iit nl in.. Jiiiimiin Aki Iriilliiinl Kn- 

ownrd hy (ilielhy c, riieit nnd one ili ly. In due the 1 redll of onr fnlm, lio 

owned hy 8. II. I'nclt, Ihnt woro «n|i- hnvhiK liilindnied Hio pion anil limnu- 



Thill ennie the Btnndnrd 

I I hniHex Unit linil In I'll di'Vi'lopeil 

Imtily frmii Hi.. Hinron-hl.rP.lB l.y 
enreml nnd Jiidl.l.ii- . ro»BliiK wllh n 
Mieclnl y|..w In Hie develnpnient nf the 
IroltlnK liistlml. nn.l Hie reBiilt Is the 
pr..B. nl dny trotter, with speed cIobp 
to two inlnntpfl nnd i-npohle of pIvliiK 
mil., nfter mile nt near HilB niiirvel- 
oiiB ..|l|i. Then mine Hie Imported 
ilrnfleiB. the .VormniiB. Hie lleldniis. 
the Shlrm. the Snffolks nnd the 
Conrh horBP..". They hnvc nil played 
their pnrI In the Improvemenl of Hie 
illffirent lypeB of Iioib.b to he found 
nil oier the lonnlry. The fIrBl Im- 
ported drnftern shown In HiIr County 
were two pnormoiiflly IniKo prey 
NormniiB bIiowu nl tiie llrldi-'eton fnir 
nl...iil IST". or hilpr. They were own- 
ed nt llrn/.ll. nnil wer.' n »hnw In theiii- 
BPliPB. "orlh Kolm: u.IIps 10 bpp. They 
were Bonn follow.l hy n nimh heller 
type of the «nine Inerd. liorBPB of low- 
er nnd more l.lorky Imlld. heller fin- 
ish nn.l hpller .iimllly. 

Ahoiil ISiai Wllllnm 1'. Swnliii weni 
Into the »ln.k InislnesB nt Itelliiinre. 
nnd hiilll IIP the Bri.nlf«t hrpedliiK 
PBlnhllBhiupnl In Indlnnn. nnd l.y his 
unUrInK energy and iionoyoroneo did 



piled wllh Rood horses of the differ- 
ent hree.lB tlinl helped nlons wllh the 
growing nnd linpinvemriil. |i. 
II. Swollii mill Spot Wehli. of nenr .lohn Alexnnder of llloom 
liiKiliile, nn.l .Mr. \Vllllnm« of Colniim. 
nil hn\e slnhleg of the heat of «loik 
Ihnt will plenne Hie iiio»l rxnillnK. 

Aii'ong Hip notpd horspB of llie enrl- 
ler dnys were nl.l "It.dl.nck" nn.l the 
"Hello of Hie Wnl.iiRli." "Itpdhmk" 
wiiR II nolid hnrsp nml never wbb 
^iiown In tnkp the diiBt from any rivnl 
he evrr met on the rnrc Irnrk. "IipIIp 
nf llip Wn'.nBh" wns n l.enullfnl hin.k 
mnre nhoiit Bl.Meen hnnds liUh nnd of 
rn.y nppeirnnce. .'ihe wnn of tin- 
Known l.reedlnir. wns Imiiuht hy Hen- 
ry C. Ilrown nnd Cyrns Itoiiinln of 
SI. HIP llinn north of llrn/ll nml hroiiitht 
to Me.rn nnd wns «..|.l hy Ihenl lo 
.lohn Ale.xnnder of Monleznmn. She 
wna inilned nnd rB.ed l.y .lohn Wlll- 
iHnu of tli« iiime iilncg. HUe coulU 

iirntrd the fnlr tyBlem In Indlnnn thill 
Krew Into niir iireiit Coniily nml Slnlc 

The llrst Block »liow or fnlr Inld 
In Indlnnn wns lipid In Iho .oii.t 
hoiiBO ynid nl Itockvlllo nhoiil the 
yenr ISIS, (iovernor Wriclit hud Hip 
people from the BiirroundliiK Cniinil « 
hrhiK In their bpst liorBii nnd ni'll' 
nnd Hie ilny wns spenl In looklnB ..v.r 
mill illflrnsBliiK the uieills nml itond 
.lunlliles ..r Hip .llflinnt nnlinniB 
show II. llovernor Wrlitlit hpint tl>e 
iiosi enthUBlnBlk of nny pienent. nh- 
Inc n.lilce nnd enroiirnKeinenl to nil 
Ihose InlereMid. I.nter n fnlr irninnd 
wns r. need In with n lilllli hnnnl felire 
mid n f ilr held fnr o few yenrs on Innd 
owned l.v Heneinl ll.orL-e K. Hliele. 
now km.wn n.i M.-Cnne nilillHon. .N.'xl 
wns n rn.e l,.n.k ensl of the rnllroml 
on Innd owneil liy lliome "'. Mill. 
The.e 11... iKiyn met on Hotnrihiy nfltr- 
uooiii lo Iry tUclr liorBci lor Biietil 


mid groat wiis the kooiI natiircd rlr- 
iilr.v ns to llif merits nnil spopd nf the 
ilirreniit IrollcrB. Tlio I'nrko iind 
V.Mip.lllloii Auiiciillural Soiloly hold 
iiH mil 8 at .Mnntoi^uinn for ton yoniB, 
lioKliiiiliiK 111 ISTiii or T.". Tho lUooMi- 
liiKdnlo inir wu» hold for about ton 
youm In Hplioor Ihn riM't that It hull no 
iii.o irarli. Tho Inst fnlr was hold In 
1S77. The Intercut In tboroiighhred 
oalllo loiili Us start ahoiit the time of 
I ho holding of our first fnlrs. General 
Sloi'lo bonghl n Shorthorn hull snlil 
Ir. Holgh Ivvonly hiinilrod. and ho lonk- 
I'll It. lie was a iiinCTiricent iinlmnl 
nnd his Biiporlorlty In appenrnnce 

Hllniiilnt II InleroRl In the brood- 

Ini; nf hillor lalllo. that never dloil 
mil. Slnio Ihoii our fariiiem all have 
oil her thoroiiBhluiMl or IiIbIi grades 


that look aliiioBl their equat. Some of 
the runners have at different timea 
had fine show lierdn. Notably Oliver 
Sl.iiil of llollnndsbiiri;. Thos. II. Nel- 
.ion of lllonmlnKdnle, Win. II. Mai- 
well of Itnokvlllo, nnd .Miles Madden 
nf Sylvanla, who Is still keeping up 
Ills herd and la breeding aa good cat- 
llo as there la In .\inorlca. 

Tho brooding of good swine bad 
liopt pace with other stock Improve- 
iiients nnil at this lime the entire 
rminly Is stocked with tho heat breeds 
of roglalorod bogs. Among the earl- 
ier breeders wore Harrison Niitgrnss. 
of llollmore, Thomas and Itobert 
llnoy, Wllllnni II. Maxwell, of Hook, 
vlllo. nnd olliers who bred the I'o- 
lands. .Mr. Ilnllon lireeila the O. I. ('. 
or ('heater Whites. .Many breed the 

Jcrncy Iteda and Oeorgo W. Jessup 
the Ilcrlts. Mr. .lessup has made him- 
aolf and Ills stuck a national reputa- 
tion, nnd he stiimls at this time In tho 
front rank of the swlno breeding of 
AiiierloB. having served as President 
of tho National Association. 

In l.sim came the rtrldgoton fair 
which flourished for twenty-five or 
more years, and was one of the best 
lairs we ever had: It did tiiuob to 
Btlniiihitc an Interest In every Indus- 
try ciniinioii to our iieople. 

Abiiut \n" Will. r. Swaliii began 
hohling nnniinl colt shows at Itell- 
iiioro which for several years took on 
tho aspocl of a county fair, Tlions- 
nnils iillcndcd llieae oxblblllons. 

The I'lirke foiinty Agrlciiltiinil So- 
ciety hehl Us flr»t fair at llockvllle. 

August II, 12 and 1.1, 18.10, and eon- 
tlniiod until l.<>fl2, when It closed Its 
gates Kiitr iIIl: It grew out of the 
Itockvllle Trotting Association or- 
ganized the year previous. This as- 
sociation already bad a fine balf-mlle 
track, and bud held one meeting. Tho 
track nnd fair grounds were In a mag- 
nificent timber refcrvallon owned by 
Alexander I'liett west of town. II was 
a good fair and was In obargc of good 
men who worked hard to iiiako It a 
Hiii'.'oss. but It WIIS Impnaslble to make 
It pay expenses and It hnd to go, 

(Mr. I'liett says nothing about tho 
"Mircet fain" which wore hold for 
awhile after the decline of the agrl- 
I iilturnl falra, and we don't blame lilin 
for keeping silent about them.'i 
all try to forget Ibeiii.— I. 11. S.) 

Park? (Ununty tn tl|? Har for tljp Ininn 



Tlhiil prevailed In llo.-livillo on 
llio t:llli day of April. 1WI. 
whoii llio news of the fall of 
lorl Simiplir was rooolvcd. was con- 
liigliHia. nnd was Immedlaloly follow- 
.il by enllsliiionis to servo our roun- 
liy under the first call of I'rosldent 
Lincoln for T.l.f"" n to i-erve three 


companies wrre roorullod In 
I'ono llniilo for llio lllb Indiana Ilog- 
mcnt. .\ roiTiillliig siptad came from 
bat town to get rooriiUs to oouiplete 

Co. "I," IW/i hiiliriiin lli-niiiiriil. 

Coiiiiiaiiy ■■('" of that Itoglnient. About 
11 dozen of our young men enlisted 
and went lo Torre Ilniile April 17lh. 
Tho roster being almost coniplelod. 
Botiio returned home. Tho follnvvlng. 
however, went with the Company: 
i:liarlos !■;. AdniiiBoii. .Ibiiios II. Hullo- 
well, .lohu A. I'Iko. KiiiorBon .M. I'oolo. 
Jaiiioa II. rnliilor. and (ieorge .'Sander- 
son. The U,-glhiont wa» organized by 
Coniral Lewis Wallace, who after- 
wnnls bore a cnspl. nous pait In Ihe 
war, heciuulng a Mnjorlirnoral. The 
llogliiienta service was prim Ipally In 
Virginia, and was miislorod out Aug- 
iiBi :i, IHdI. 

Soon after the call for volunteers 
for Ihrro months, nnolber was Issued 
lor tliroe liunilred' thousand men .fnr 
one year, and was changed to three 
yeilB. The Htb Indiana wnsorganlr. 
ed iiniler I ho call fur one year's aor- 
vloc. but wni luustered In for three 
years, or during the war. at Cniiip 
Vivo, and was the iirsl regiment mua- 


lired liilo the tbioc years Borvleo. 
with Nnlhnii Kimball as Cnlonol nnil 
1i:n men. .Inly T>,'.l, tho loglmrnt 
wont lo Virginia, loiiipany ".V" was 
orginizod at Ilocl.viile. Hie fnilowlug 
being elected ofrlcers : Caplaln. Lite- 
ion A. I'oolo: Ist l.loulcnant, Tiiniiins 
(i. Williamson; 2nd l.leiitonanl. Tligb- 
man A. Howard; ist SorgeanI, llobert 
r. I'allerFioii. I'oole was made 
.Major; WllliaiiiKon. Caplnin of Coiii- 
piiliy "I''." nnd Howard bocaiiio Cap- 
tain. He resigned and Catlorson be- 
came Captnln. Marion Kallry. I'irst 
l.leiitonant and l.cvins llostwlck. 2nd 
Lieutenant: llustwick was killed nl 
Aiitiolaiii. Soiitembor 17. M*rc Marlon 
Kalloy boiame next Captiiln nnd .T"bn 
\V. linker iBt Lieutenant. Kalloy was 
killed at the battle of Krcilrl.lisburg. 
liocoiibor i:i. ism. and Lieiitonanl 
linker bad his log shot away, nnd tho 
rogfiiienl lost heavily, .loshiia I.. ILiys 
bioaiiie caplaln nnd wns wounded at 
(lotlysliitrg. Lieutenant Baker in 
recognition of Ills services, wns com- 
missioned by rresldcnt Lincoln a 
Lloiitoiiant In tlio Veteran Ilesorve 
Co' IS. and was put In charge of a 
ward In the .Marine ilnspllal at St. 
Louis. Cnttersoii. who wont out as Ist 
Sergeant, wns through proiuotlons 
commissioned a Ilrlgadler (Jencral, 
and his dealh two years age removed 
llio last full Urigadier (Jeneral from 
Indiana. September 12th and i:ith, 
INilt, the regiment was in the battle 
on Client Moiinlnin and also at Oreen 
lirler .Moiintnln Ocl"bcr .'1. l.SdI. whoro 
I'arke County bad Its first soldier kill- 
ed In battle, .1. rmor rrice, of nridge- 
ton. This regiment also participated 
In the baltlos of Cbancollorvllle, Oet- 
lyBtmrg, Sirottsylvanln, Wilderness, 
Cold Harbor nnd niiiiieroiiB others. At 
Anllolam the bloodlestjif the war, tho 
ttrlgade elf which it was a part, receiv- 
id Ihe title of tho (Jibralter Tlrlgado, 
boiniiBO, for four hours it fought at 
"bloody lane." standing like the rock 
of (JIbrallor. nnd loosing over I'lO por 
cent. In killed and wounded. Tlie er- 
onlng of .Iiily 2nd It went at doiilile 
• liili'k across the fiohl of r.ellysbiirg. 
and on the snnimlt of Cemetery Hill 
nt dusk fought hand to hand with the 
enemy and drove them from the hill, 
nnd rccnptiirod IlleflvClt's Itattery. 
held a strategic point ol tlial great bat- 
tle. It here cnpliired all the field of- 
fioera. tho colors and iiiosl of the men 
of the 2Ist North Carolina, and siic- 
ceodod in realatlng a flank fire from 
the enemy, made on the left and rear 
during tho nlglit, Tho roglniont lost 

only Company from I'nrko County that 
Ber^ed In tho .Vriiiy of Ibe rotoiiiac. 
Its Colonel-John Coona— was killed 
in Ihe bnltle of Spotsylvania. Its last 
battle was nt (old llnrbor, .luno il. 
bsiH. The day nflor Ibis battle it wa.i 
ordered home and was luustered out 

years service .Iiine HI. 
being loft only a remnant 

no hundred and fifty of- 

of its till 
ISIIL ther 
ol about one 
floors nnd mc 
this company 


vho I 

living In rarko ("( 

nl III 

7';ie f)iil/; Dlliccr From Parke County 

Whouc Vommisninn Wat fUgneit 

hy Ahrftltaiti fAilcoln, 

niien this was written are: William 
M. rlckard. Isaac .M. Kalloy, James 
K. .Meacbaiii. John I.4tnoy and Kr.eklel 
r>. Hamilton, who Is absent In the 
Soldier's Home at Panvllle. Illinois. 


The next Company organized in 
I'aike County wns assigned to the 21st 
Infantry, with Jaiiies W. .MoMlllln as 
Colonel, nnd wns lettered "II." The 
first officers were Captain .lohn T. 
CauipbcU. Ist Lieutenant Thomas D. 
Ilryant. 2nd Lieutenant James W. 
Connolly, who was Its last Ideutenant- 
Colonel. lis last Captain was William 
I'. Wlmnior. This regiment was niiis- 
tored Into the servlro July 24, 1801, 
and went to Ilaltlmore. where it did 
service on the eastorn shores of Vir- 
ginia. On tho mth of April It loft 
Hhip Island and was present at the 

iiioiitb of the solllbwost pass nn tlin 
slcnmor, (Ircnt IIopiilillc, during the 
iHiiubai'dment of I'orts St. I'bllllp and 
Jackson. It went to Now Orleans anil 
iiindo numerous fornys into the Inter- 
ior, and wont into caiu|i at Algiers, 
iiinking from lliore ninny cnpturos of 
steamers in Hod lllver. On tho r.lh 
of Aiigii-l, ISi'i2, llio regiment partlcl- 
pnlcil In a severe baltle at Ilaton 
lloiigo. La., fighting for over four 
bciiirs an rntire rebel brigade without 
lallerlng. Company "II" lost In this 
cngagoiiicnt alx killed and several 
wcmnded, among whom were Ist Liou- 
leiinut Ilryant, killed, nnd Captnln 
Campbell, wounded. In I''ebrunr.v, 
isii;l, this regiment wns changed to Ist 
Indlnnn Heavy Artillery, two ix)iu- 
panloB "L" nnd "M " being added. A 
part of the roglnieni. Including Com- 
pany "H" wont wilh (Joncrai Hanks 
up the .MlBBlsBlppI lllver, tnljing part 
in tho siege of Port Hudson, sustain- 
ing a loss of '2S killed and wounded. 
In March. LSiH. the regiment mndo an 
expodillon up lied lllver, the Parke 
County Company bearing an active 
part. Just after the return to the front 
from their homes on veteran furlough. 
In .Vprll. 1.1(1.1. part of tho rogliiienl. 
including Company "II." participated 
In the Invosliiient of Mobile. Alabama, 
nnd the investnient of I''orts Morgan, 
(Jnines, Spnnlsb Tort, and the capture 
of Mobile. 'I'lils was the only regiment 
of honvy artillery from Indiana, hav- 
ing on its niuBtor roils from first to 
laat, about throe thouannd six hun- 
dred men. After tho close of active 
operations, tho several cotnpnnlos were 
assigned to duty nt Forts Morgan and 
Pickens, in the works at Baton Ilongo, 
and other points of river defense, and 
were niuBtered out of the service 
Jnnuary 1.1, 1800, 

Those now living In Parke County 
and who served In this regiment from 
July 21, 1801, nro: Uufna Doolejr, 
Stephen nceson, William H. Wllkey, 
S. M. nerry, Ollbert Davis, ,Tamea 
Havls, W. J. Eaglosfleld, Frank M. 
Johns, mias Kemper, Ooorgo W, 
l-ougb, .Tohn W. Martin. John N. Mer- 
abon, II. M. Buckler. John N. Seybold, 
Panlel H. Strange, Jonathan Towell. 



IVo eompaiei wore raised In Parke 
County, "A" and "I." The firat of- 
ficers of Company "A" were Froderlok 
Arn, Captain: W, IT. H. Beadle, lit 
Lieutenant, and n, W. Waterman, 2Dd 
Lieutenant. This regiment waa tnua- 
tcrod at Camp Vigo, Septembar 5, 

IM.I «liu rhmli-H i-iiift BB ('..lonrl. 
,l„hM ll-l.(irn. I.I.Mili-niiniroloMcl, nn.l 
1 n.l -Mil. MnJnr. Ilinn nilv.inclni: 
|t,n,ll.. in 11,1. Cii.l.ilnrv. l-lic ofn.orB 

i.r in iiiy "I" .oii.iMlBsloiio.l ttorc. 

I'l.l.lnhi OmrKC llorvry. Isl Mnilon- 
i>ii(. Will. M. (irU-iT. ;!n<l l.lfulonnnt. 
,li,iii.-H li. Iliillnnrll. -Ilio n-clnicnl 



(;rc-'.|i lllicT. wlioi-o It rciimliHcl In 

,■ |, In u iiilBi-rnl'li-. unhniltliv Inin- 

linn. .Vl.oni Imlf Ihc nun l.rrnino III 
(mm .'vrnHUrc. rcxnillni: In lli<< ih-ntlix 

„r I. Ml In In nn.v "I" iinil rlclil In 

1 nn.i«iny ".V." IicsIJcb a niiinl"T « In. 
w.iT iill.TWniils .llB.liniT'-il riniii (IIj.iv 

lillllli'H IhiiB ImnriMl. I .hiiuii.i 

Ilin i.Tlni(nl lift Cnllionn. It rnnrlir.l 
Fori UnnnldBnn nnd iiariniiuilod In 
ihiil l.nllln nil llir i:illi nn<l I Itll, nnil 

Cnnt'filrralp uniiy 'o Ci-ncrnl Crant. 
I'll.nniry i:.. IW.J. ImvlnB I-' klllnil an. I 
.v.. « In Ihr Inlirr pnr.l of 
.MkivIi II nrrlv.d nl IMIlBlinii: l.niidInK 
mill "BB cni;ni;od In Un- l.iiltlo of 
..ihllnh .\|irll (Wli .ind Till. InalnR JJ 
1,111. d. 11" i.nd I.Ml ii.lsslnB. 
nuiniii; I hi' klll.'d h.dn:: .Miijnr Am and 
( iM.lnIn llnrny. Th.' roclniont nn» nt 
th.. Hli'i;.' I.r Coiiillh nnd wnB n.llv.-ly 
niL-ai;..! In llio I.ivUIom i.f Sinn.' lllvnr. 
|i,vciiil..T :il. IMIJ. .in. I .Innimry IbI 
Mild 'Jli.!. l»l;l. 'III.- rrk-liiiint nl».. |.ni'- 
liill.nlid In II..- I.(\nln n( ( lilcnii.nnKii. 

.si.| , null and ■-•Mill. I.xi-I. nnd 

llm l.nlll.s or llio Allnnia Ciinii.iilcn 
In I.Mll. Arior Ihn fall nf Allanln. It 
dn.|.|..'d l.i.. k with II..- nndnr 

I.. n.l TlniniBB |.iiiB..lnK lloo.r» 

arn.v, niid (noli purl In ll..' Inilll.' ..r 
NnBl'.iillr. I i.e.. .1.01- I.'.. Is.H. In J.inn. 
I.<;cj.. III.' ictl.M.M.I BB pan or Ihn 
(■■oiiilli Army Coipb Jolni'.l iloiionil 
Mi.'il.l.ii.-B a. my nnd win lo ToNnB. 
wh.'io l( wnfl i.iiiBl.Tod ...11 lalcr. Tlic 
r. Klninnl Biivioliicd liiBsi-a In Ihc bl-v- 


iiwnl lo hind In llio city or Wllllun. Ilrn..klinnk. ClinrlcB W. llock- 

In .Inly, l.sii..'. II went ii|. While lllvrr. innii. Ilnnry N, Connolly. .lamcB 

Ihcnro to llch-.m. ArkannaB. In lie- Cook, .Ini..i'« CroBliv. Marlon llnyB. 

rrinhcr It mar. hod to (Ircnnda, .MIb- .lan.cB .1. KniRlil. U. C. llnBB. Ilonry 

BlBslppl. rclnrnrd lo Ili'lmn. where It Sowers. John K. Spencer, William II. 

MBB cncaned In a l.alllo Jnly 4. IS.VI. Wood, 
and ainno Biipporlcd a battery thai 

was three tlnicB .haiKcd hy the enemy. I'lil i.AiT.nv, i.i.iiiT Aiirii (.r.iv. 
ri'i'iilBlng each allack, and cnptnrlnK i. 

r.ill nulmenl, Inriter In nnnil.erB than ThlB b.ilte.y win rerrillle.l In I>e- 

llfl own. It Lore a part, l.-dil, ..n.l waB .oiiipoBril of 

In Iho nBBniilt upon nnd enpliire of men rnii.i dirrereiil ConnlleB. a larfo 



heroli- B.'rvlceB hi in,' 

\V, II. II. llea.lle WBB cm IsBlonc.l 

Colonel of the IbI .Ml.hlcin Sharp- 
klinoli-rK. K'liimlnu- wllh llie rank of 
Itrevet llrlL'ii.llcr (innernl. .InmoB It. 
llallowill WHS Iib Iobi . ohiiirl. The 

iii.-n "ho ^eryed In Co iiiileB "A" and 

■T' IhliiR In ..r n.-ar r.rUe c.iinly 




c.innelly, Nonal W. Ciininilima. l-:il C. 
Iliiillnin, .I.-BBO J. Cl.irU. I'rank M. 
Cal.'B, .Inhn VV. .liukBon, Kdwiird I>. 
l.llB.y, Willlnin 'I'. .M.-(Vin|il.ell, Henry 
Snyder, all lliinc In I'm ke Connly. 
ThoiiinB .1. Ilal.lirf, I>avld ,1. Unlcllff, 
at Kln;(nmn; Henry II. Ik91irIi, Wave- 


'IhlB i-oi-lnienl waa orcanl/.ed under 
Bainc ordeCB na the .llBt at Camp ViK.i, 
nnd waa innBlero.l Int.i the Bcrvl.-o 
Seplenihrr ■-'". ls.ll, will. OeorKO K. 
Sleele na Colonel nnd Wllllani K. M.-- 
Lean. I.leilli-nanl-Colonel. Company 
"K" wn» rccrnlled at ILickvllle. IIB 
ofrlcnra were, ,lol.n II. Callendcr. Cnp- 
Inln: Wllllmii S. .Maclll. iBt [.Iclilen- 
(inl; CeoiRo II. IliinBel. 'Jnil I.le.ilen- 
nnl. Maglll beianie Captain in, 
iwrj, nn.l Wllllan. Hv.ei-ney in Novcin. 
iK-r, isin. Soon nrior IIb nnialer. It 
I1...1-0.I lo SiHiimllle. Ky.. an. I Ihence 
lo Calhoun. Ky.. on llreen Klver. 
whore II endured Ihe Hoiiie ex|io,.iiro 
III Ihnl nnheiillhy locnllly aa dirt Ihe 
:IIbI revlnii'i.l. loBlnn ninny from dl«- 
caae conlrncled dnrlnn ll.e winter, 
l-'el.riinry. I>>.i2, It waa li.inBi'errert lo 
MlBBom-l. anil waa allnclied in lieu- 
enil I'npe'i iiriiiy, enitaiilnu at llio 
bIcko of New Mn.lrirt and iBlnnd No. 
Id. II M'rved nr> dnya wllh ('nnimlnro 
l-'niila'a fleet In the re.lii.-tlon of I-'ori 
I'illow unil waa tlio flrit Union niil- 

^^ ■ ■ " " ■" ' • -^ 1 





III' Itock, Ark., where in .laniimy, 
I.SIM, ine rcKlMicnt rc-enllBled. It co- 
operated with llencrnl llnnk'B lldl 
lllv(r expe.lllinn, and was in the hat- 
lle« of i:lkln'« I-ord, .lenkin'a rerr.y, 
Cain.len an.l .Miirl;'B .Mills, wliero on 
April ."...111. Ihe InlRndo was fiirloiialy 
nliacked hy ul.oiil ii.iKio of .Manna- 
iliike-a cMvuli-y, loBlnii over I'.K. In klll- 
I'd, ivonnded and iiilBBlnR. ,lnne Id, 
ISiU, the reghnent rrnrhed Iiidlan- 
apollB i.ii. veteran fiirloiiKh, where II 
I el. mined diinrdliiK rebel priBonerii nil- 
111 miiBlereii oiil In l-Sil.-.. One hnn.lred 
iiiid were .aptiir.'.l In Arkan- 
hBB mid wero .-onlln.-il In n prlBon nt 
Tyler. Texas, where len or Iwolvo 
illt-d. Cie remainder belna relraned In 
.Mar.-h, isd."., Alihoiiiih tlii« rei-linent 
wDB not In any of Ihc bin bnttlea, it 
en.-onnlered hnrdBhlps which teatert 
IIB endnronK-, in.iklni.' |ihy»lcal wreekii 
of II any, and the men of Conipany 
"K" wilh other i-o(niiiinloa, «nw tlio 
linrrffBl kind of ioivleo. 

ThoBO now llvlnn In Parka Connly 
nro: L'harloa AlUood, John T, Ilrown, 

riiliiiiil rimt Mifhigiin Xlitirii- 

iimnher helnn fi-oiii i'arke Connly, nn.l 
wan imiBlered InIo Ihe Berviee nt In- 
dlanaimlla wllh \onli S. TlmmpBon nf 
CrnwrordBvlile. M Cnplaln; (lenrue 11. 
ilrown. of IndlnnnpollB. IbI i.ienleii- 
nnl. nnil Ihiiilel A. i'nrler, of Anniip- 
oIlB. -.'nd l.l.-nl.-nnni, .laniiury J7, isirj. 
It left tor Carlo. Illlnolfl. nnd left 
Ihere on a Bleamer for Criimp'B 
Inir, Tenn.. nnd Joined (lemrai I.ewla 
Wnlhi'-e'B IHvlBliin of Ihe Army of the 
TenneBM-e. .Marih .'ll. isirj. April lllli 
It went lo Ihn l.ntllefleM of ShIInh 
ullh W.illace-B IHvIbIoii. where II ur- III BiiiiB.-l. nnd al el.-ven o'.-lo.-l; 
ai nichl i.iove.l liiio i.oBllloii In from 
..f Ih.- l.-fl wina nf Ihe rebel army. Al 
.In.illKht on Ihe iiiornhiK of April "Ih. 
Ihe !l|h ilnlleiy fireil Ibe fliBl Rim, 
IhiiB I.eiilnnliiic the Been. I day of Ihe 
urrll.lo hnllle of Slilloh. laane .Mc- 
Coy. Ihe hilfler, .alle.l the Imllery In- 
Io anion In an arllllery duel wllh Ihn 
enemy for half an hour. The hntiery 
ndvanred wilh Ihe IHvlalon, Ihe rnemy 
fiilllnn bnrk. 'I'he Imllery ronllnued 
lo iM)iir Iron hall Inlo tlio enoiiiy until 


four |i. ill.. Its last ahot helm; exha.i«l- 
e.l. It WHS relieved. Iliirlnii Ihc diiy 
lis Blx itiiiiB fired ll,-,L- innnilB. bub- 
inlnliiK a Libs or one kllh-il and rivo 
wounded and five liorB.-B killed. (icorRo 
11. Chapman, wii« one or llio wonn.led. 
This ballery liarllclpnlcd In the sleuo 
nnil capture or Corlnlh. .MIbb. Arter- 
wards It niar.hed nnd i-.iiinterinari-li. 
od. .-overlllK Ihnilaands of liilli-s of 
cneiii.v'B rniinlry. heInK otien .-iiKiited 
iirnnn.l Vli-kBlnirK. and nllier plmea. 
Inrhldlnil Ibe hnllle nf Nashville. 1 1,., 
.emiiir nnd I. lib. I.S.II. Jaiimiry 
-.'illli. Ibe liiiili-ry win ordered from 
ilnsllHirl. .MPs.. Ihose whose Ihree 
yeai-a eiillBlmiiit linvlnR expired lo be 
iiinstereil oiil. ll ria.hed .l..hnBonvllle 
on the TenncBBi-e Iclver and 
tlic steamer, K.-llpBe. early on Ihe 
inornlnR of ,liiniim-y -JT, isii.--.. The 
Bleainer-i Isiilers exploih-d. and of Ihe 
i'kS men on bourd, onl.t i.-.i i»li,piu in. 
Jnry. Many were killed oiilrlchl. 
some drown. d nnd olhen wonniii.l. 
This wiiB a lerrlbb- affair, iliave men. 
who hail fa.eil Ihe en.-iiiy's cannon, 
had endured all Ibe hnrilBhlps of a 
fearful war, w-lthoiit a moment's wnni- 
Ini; ami wlien boh e were nsh-eii, m.l 
drnlh by fire nnd BcaldlnR sleani ami 

wilier, while (nroiile lo I heir h e« 

aflei three yenrn service. 

in this awliii heiirlrendlnir disnslei- 
(.everal i'arke County soldiers sai rl- 
ri(-cd their liiis. leaving widows ami 
.'bllilrcn lo mniirn llieir nnllni.-lv 
d.-.ilh. The men who serv.d in (be 
inh llnlliry IIvIiir In I'lirke Connly 
when this wa-. wrillen wer.' ; ,lanie« 
Newt. MiCanilibell, .lohn II. Tin kiT, 

.\iiirciis (I. Siilll.nii, John Cox. i-'iiller 
llradl.y anil .lanics 11. I'illiiinn. 

linerilllu lolds iia.l hern fri'.,neni 
(.iirlnR I. idnmimnr, IML'. Six Com- 
panics Here hiisllly ro rniled nnd were 
iiiiiBleied Inlo the servl.-e AiiriisI .-.. 
\SIV2, fur sixty days, wllh Wlllliiin i.. 
l-.irr..w of Creen.-iislie. as l.hiileiianl- 
I olonei. Coniiiany "C" wiia 
nl Ho. kvllle, nnil Coinpnny "ii" nl 
Ilelliiiole. The offheis of "C" wi-r.- 
TilRbmnn A. ilowmd. Cnplaln. .1. M. 
Nichols. riCBl l.leiilennnl, nnd Mnd- 
l.-on Keeiiey, Second Mnili-nnnl. Coni- 
lany "|i," J. ihn W. iliiiii|ilii ey. Cap- 
lain. i;benii;er Cole, I'lral 
and Saninel Crnolia, Second I.leiKeli- 
nnl. The rcRlnirnl afler orRanl/nllon 
went lo KvailBvllle. where It perform- 
rd fiinr.l duly nnil made aeveral i x- 
l.edllloiia inlo Keiilii.-ky in pinanlt of 
Uiiorrlllni. A iiorllon of Iho reKliiicni, 
IneliidlnE tlio llockvlllo Company, wna 
ailacked by several liiindrrd reheli 
(-..nimiindrd hy llenernl Ainoi John- 
son nl i'liinnlown, Ky., Re|ilemhcr 1, 
IK.U, and nfler a fler'O cnBnRcmont, 
laallni; n few- hours. Company "C" 
ivlth Iho ollior eomiinnlca cnRaged, 
was cnpliireii and paroled. ImmedlalP- 
iy reliirnliiR lo IndlnnnpollB nnd mils- 
lereii nut. In llio hnllle Bcvernl men 
were killed an.l wounded, among Ihe 
killed being Ihe Inmcnled Captain 
llownrd al Ihn nco of Iwenlylwo 
yean. Tho fnllnwing llvo In Tarko 
C.ninly at this lime: Joseiib C. VIck- 
cry, Charles II. linker, Alfred K. 
Sinrk, ,Iosepli A. Tlrllton, James W. 
Ileadle, William I'. Illake. ilolberl 
lliivls. William II. Ilargrnre, J. 11. 
Johnslon, ,7ame» M. Miller, William 
A. SmIIev, r.f.rn Thomas, Wllllani .>I, 


Tills regimenl waa oriianlsed it 
IVrre llama nnd mnslered Inlo the 
three year aervice Seplember S. IIV'-' 
during a liine of douhl and fear, wllh 
John I', Malril, Cnlnnel. Aloxander 11. 
Crano, Moiitonanl-Colonol, lloborl B. 


rj-iilB. Aliiliir. riiiupiiiiy "A" wns nr- 
fuiil/i'il "itii Almrr Kliiyil. Caiiloln; 
■hittliili il. Slicrinnn, l-'irrti Mouti-nitnt. 
iiiiil llc'iiiy II. luiirnlM. SiTOiiil'U- 
li'iinlil. iinil III on.o iHOrcfdod lo I'ov- 
iiiirioii. KciilMiUy. Cnniimiiy "11" was 
I'liinpiiiK'il nr iMi'ii Willi "cri- noiirly nil 
iiinii I'mko roHiiiy. I'roiirlii liroolcB, 
III 'I'lTii' lluiiK'. niiK .■li'ilcd Cniilnlli. 
I 111! Ill l'lillli|i», of .Monliziliim, Klim 
l.ii'iiliMiniil, (iiiBlnvim lliilloy, of Mon- 
IrzHMiii. WiiB Im liiBt Socoiiil l.lculoii- 

.Minni Miic-lhlrd nf Ciiiiiiioiiy "fl" 
MiiR nlBii iviiiii Piirkc I'oiinly. Il« firm 
I'miliilii wim inii'iy I', liovln, oi' TiTio 
lliiiiie; llrnl I.Ii>iiiimiiiii1, MortiiiuM- 
Drimy. of lloHcvlllo, who dicil AiiRiiKt 




, xs^r^X ! 

* i 




. L 

...^ 1 ■■ l,J 

111, IMll. Ill' woiiiidii 11'1'c'hi'd lit III' 
Kli.Kii. nil.. Ili'liry «'. Illnvvil Bll.T.'r.i|. 
lilK tiilil MB nrnl'llli'llillll. 

II ili(. I'i'iii'l iiriiiy, wlili'li 
ii'll liiiiu, I'lii' ivi.'liiioiit wnil llilo 

11 Ill I mm nil', mill In llir Inlli'r 

l-ml of I'i'l.iiiiiry. |sii:i. wi'iit In I.ohIb- 

illli' mill Ii'd hv luinlB to NiiBli- 

illlr, ^iiid tioiii llii'iirc iiiirchnd to 
l-niiikllii. I'l'iiii.. miri «llli tin' IuIl-hiIi' 
ii.iii|iiiBi'il or :iMil liiilliiiin. JL'iid NVlB 

inliBllI llllH mill .MIihlKIIII. Illlill'l' I'OIII- 

Ill or I'ol. .loliii I'liliiirn. Mni'i'li .'i. 

ivi;:i. Ill TIloliilmiiirB simloii. I'ol. Co 
hiirii iiiiiili' 111! nlliiik oil llii' I'liiiiiy. 
ililvlni: tlii'iii linik bi'vitiiI iiilloa. nii 
niiilili'rlllK lli'lli'l'iil I'niVBt. Willi rlvo 
1.1-IkiiIi'B BlmiiBly iiiiBti'd l.i'liliiil stoo.' 
iMina. nhi'ii' ii di-s|iiTilH' rialit on- 
fliicil. lilBlIll); BrvciBl hoiiiH. 'I'll,, 
l.rlciuli' wiiB Burrniindid liy an over, 
wliiliiiliii- loir., mill .oinlirlli-d lo Bin-- 
Illlill'l'. II HUB liB rii'Bl I'lir.nepiiionl. 
mill ilip S.MII loiiKlit iiiillmiily. cliiins- 

111'.- ri'oiil Mini' lIliirB lllliliT flin. Tlir 
liiBBi'B wi'io lionvy In kllli'd miil 
umlllllill. Illllillli: till' lillli'il lii'lliK I'nl" 
liilil ri'.yil mill Siiliiioii l.ii.«k. Aflri' 
llio Biiii'i'iidi'i' till' lirk-ndo iiinri'hi'd lo 

runiiiiniiiii. Till' iiini Biirrirrd it- 

ilhly ri'iiiii liiiiii:oi'. I'xlimiBlloii. mid ox- 
I iisiii'i' 111 rnlii mid loM. Tlioy wcrr 
lilki'ii lo Itliliiiioiid liy rnll ami plaii'il 
III l.llil.y IMsoii. Al.oiil llio rirst of 
.\l.l'll III.' lillBoiiriB wiTi' rxiIlallRril 
niid iilliilii-.l lo liiillminT...liB. Miir- 
Ihk lli'lr niiilhlty. llin .s.Mli Biirfi-rrd 
I Vdiilllmlv rroiii llliiBimi'. Bi'ViTil dy- 
111'.; a|..iii; llio iiinrrli an. I In 111.- prlBon. 
Ill .Inni'. IMl'l. afli'l' rx.'liaiiBi'. Ilin itr- 
I.I.I III Hi'Mt lo |.-iiinkllii, -l-i-nn., and 
iii.-ni:.d 111 Bkli'ii'lBliInc until llonrral 
MiiiC'j'B ariiiv Ml l.a.k. Apill 'Jii. Iwll. 
I'll,, r. Bliiii'lil li-ri l.avoii.-ni' and wont 
In Lookout Valloy with I'oliiinrB 
lirlc.di'. Johiod Ilii- 'Jiilh Ai'iny forpa 
■ind liiiiiioillnli Iv rnlorod Iho Allanin 
caiiipaliin. partlclpallnit In tlio batllca 

or llPfliicra. <'iieB\'illi>, IiuIIiih, iiulKatliu 
riHiii'li, riilira Kami, mid I'rach Troo 
rri'oU. mill was Ilio ririit to locolvc the 
.liaruliiK liir.i'B or Iho I'nciiiy'a 0|icll- 
liiK rlio whon not over firty foot rroni 
Ihi' ri'l.ol rinnl. This liattic of .Inly 
■JII. I.sill, was ono or tho rioi'ioat and 
iiioBi loi'i'llik. 'I'lio t-riiMnd In front of 
I III' s.-.ih uaa pilPd with ilond and 
Moniid.'d ('..nfoilcialoB. 'I'lio roKliiicnt 
iilBO rmrllrlpalod in Iho bnltle of At- 
lanta, .Inly 'JJnd. .Novcmlior 1.-|. isi'.f, 
IliP N.-.lli Rtiirtrd with Slipniinn's army 
nil llip hlalorli' iiiarrli froiii .MInnta to 
Ilip BPii. and on llprpiiibpr 1-tli caiiiu 
upon the pnoniy'a lines at Savnniiali. 
.Iiiniiary I, l.sil.', tho dlilalon to wlilili 
I ho wnB altaihrd. wbb tlip first 
In rriiBB Into Siiiilh I'arnllnii, ami on 
I'pliniary Isi Blmlpd Its last I'aiiipalBn 
ilii'oiiBh thp rarollnns. .Mnrrh Hltli It 
.'iicacpd In a lintllo nt Avpryslioro, 
.Voftli I'arollnn, and snffprrd hoavlly 
In klllPd and wniindpil. In this haltlo, 
liBB than a month lipfoip thp Bilrrpnd- 
.1' m Ar.poiiiallox, llii'i'p Inavp hoys or 

r imiiv "A," Wlllliiiii .Mi'l'iiril, ,IaiiiPB 

T. I'alinn and .IniiiPH WIlllaiiiBon, 
mi'p klllPd. It waR In Hip lintllp of 
lii'TiionvMlo. at CoUlBhorn, ninrchod In 
III.' riiup'ilL-n iiualnBl llalplKh, and ar- 
i.-r llip BiiirPiiiliT or .loliiiBon, iiiarrhpd 
I hi. Ill.liiii.ind 10 Waslilnt'lon, whprp 
llip .s."lli partlclpalp.l In the grand 
• II. mill down I'pnnBylvnnIa Aveniio. 
Kr.ini May l-l, isill. until It ivaa niiiB- 
iPl'i'd out. Hip loBl In klUe.l anil 
woiiiidi'd ahoiil \:t\ inen, pxpIiisIvp of 
ilinsp who died from illBeasp. 

Thp men who sprvpd In thp S-Mh 
llpuliiipiit rPBldlns In I'arkp Poiinty 
"li.n IhlB was wriltpn iirp: Jnsppli 
lliiiila, Saiiiiipl Cohlp, -Tohn Craft. Al- 
rrid Crnnipr, -T..Blali \V. Mphlln, .lolin 
T. llnri, .Ii.Blah Ilpalli. .Tospph IIIekB. 
l:iwond Hunt, Wllllmii .T. I.oiiu'li, .Tohn 
,«. Mi'Cliirp. Mnhlon W. Marflhall, 
llporL'p c. Maris, llol.ort Martin, iBane 
.\. ri.'kard. Yanry UlrhardBon. W. I". 
llodpnliaiiBh. .laiiipfl llllpy Tnrnpr. 
liporup W. rsrliiian, Panlpl c. Will. 

This rppliin'iit waa orsnnl/.pd In 
.lull and .ViiBiisl. Isi^J. when the 
. Ion. Is wore darkest, the I'nlon rnri-ea 
hailtiR met with reverses, pausing 
iiiiiih ilppipasloii In the .Viirtli. 'nio 
Tlsl leclnient w:i» iiiiistprpil Into thp 
ai'rvli'P at Indianapolis. .Vngliat IS, 
IMl'J, Willi Mplvllle II. TophiK as I.leii- 
li'liaiit Coloiipl and Wllllniii Conklln, 
.Major. Company "H" waB orRiinl/.Pil 
at Mnii|p-/.iimn Willi Wallaep W. .\lc- 
cinip, I'nptain, WIlllniii Kinney, of 
.Meeen, l-'lrsl l.leiUennnI, anil ,Iaiiiea 
W. .Mi'.Vrlhlir. .><ee..nd l.lpiilpnant. Ily 
Hip rpsk-nallnn or MiCiinp and Kin- 
ney. MiArlliiir. wlm lie.aiiie Siiperln- 
iPliilent or the llorkvllle Bchools at Ihe 
elose or Hie war. was promoted to the 
I aptalney In lie.'eiiilier. Isii'J. 'rhe 
lalp riinniaa llrlfrlth, of Mnnlpznimi, 
"IIS Ha Chaplain. TIip rptliiieiit was 
Binl IniiiiPdhilily aflpr miialpr In Kpn- 
III. ky to In repplllnL- Hip Invas- 
ion i.r Hip Conrpilpriitp army In lo.ii- 
iiniid or ilPiipral KIrliy Smith. .MiK- 
I Bl .■:il. l.sil'J, iwplve days alter Ha iiiiis- 
li'r, iinlralned In drill, diaelpllne and 

Hiiin mil other Indiana leginienl in a 
hliiKlp lialtln. Tho recliiient wnB sent 

to Ken ky lo Kiiai'il the rallniail, anil 

lie.eiiilier J7. isilj, Ceneral .lohn II, 
.Moi'Kan. Willi a tone of Tour thousand 
mm. Btlaeked four hundred of the 
reKliiient, and after an enKaitenienl of 
an hour and a half were anrroiinded 
and ruptured, wore paroled and sent 
(o Indianapolis and teiiinlned until 
Alit'iial ::il. isr.:l. In the nioantlme, the 
reBliiipnt was ehanirpil from infantry. 
I.prniiiini; the I'.tli Inilinna Cavalry, 
i.'omiiaiileB "I," iinil "M" being reenilt- 
ed and ndded to the regiment, doing 
Into Mast 'I'cnnpBsee, the regiment en- 
caged In the Blege of Knoxvllle, where 
In a.'tlve operations against (leneral 
Longslreet, it lost ninny men In killed 
mid wonniled. May 11, INiil, It .Inln^d 
slieriiian'B army In front of liaTlon, 
Hiorgla. and wiib aaalgiipd to the Cav- 
alry Corps rommanded liy lieneral 
Sloneman, During the Atlanta laiii- 
palgii. Hip reu'lment |iartlel|inlPd In 
Hip hmllPB of lli'Baeea, CaBBVllle, KenP- 
Kiiiv Miiilnliiin, iil.lPil In Hip riiptiire ol'. 
.Mionna I'nsB ami wa» tho fIrBl lo 
raise the flag upon l.nat Monntnln. 
Iiilv '.'7, iwil. It Blarled with (leneral 
.'<lonpiiian on his raid to Maron. 
lieorgla, losing lim orriccrs and men 
In killed and wounded. The men who 
WPIP I'liplilred by thp eneiiiy on this 
raid were taken to AnileraonvlUe I'rlB- 
rn, where twenty or Company "d" 
Blarved t.i death. Arter this dla- 
aslroiiB raid. Hie regiment wpnl with 
(Ipnpral UoiiBBean's i-oiiimand to repel 
an InvaalOTi of mldille Tenneasee, ami 
parllilpalpil In a hiitllp iit I'llhiakl. 
losing J:i iiipn In klllpd and wounded, 
lieirniher I-", and HI, l.'tiW, It was In 
Hie hnlHe of Nashvlllp, and Jnne 17, 
isir,, a portion of the regiment wns 
iiiiiBlered ..lit of BPrvico at riilaskl, 
'i'enn. Sept. l."i, IsiTi, the roBldiie 
wprp iiiiiBlprpil mil. Col, C, C. Matson 
I oniiiiandlng. 

Those now living In I'nrko Connty 
who aervpd In the illh Cavalry ore: 
S. W. Ilerry, II. A. Martin. Krancis M, 
.la.'ks. Itenjaiiiln Miehaels, Janiea M. 
I'rnell, Ale.xander Sanders, Ilninllton 
I,. TlliiB. (Jeorge \V, Thronohiirg, Al- 
len WUllniiia, Ile/.eklah Wlllinma, Wlll- 
iniii II. Wllllnnis, IteaBon IIiiBbanda, 
William Cox. 


NelBon'B .Vriiiy al Kl.bmon.l, Ken- 
li'iky, they look pari In a hattlp 
iigiiliial a largely siipetior roree or BolillpiB. and It BPpiiiPd likp 
a shill'-ihler or r:iw reeriilts. The rrgl- 
1. int Inst 'Jl,-. men In killed ami 
w. undid. Inelmling Col. Topping and 
Vn'm Conklln. Two Imndied and 
I'l . nli-rivp mrn eseaiipd eaptiire and 
ihe priBoiiers were parolrd, iPtiirning 
lo 111 ' p al Terre Ilmlte, whpip It was 
iiorganlird. Cnplaln .limes I'.ld.lle 
er the rrgnlar army wan made Colon-^l. 
The 7lit lost uiorc uien In ttala battle 

imdormlncil by dlscnara eontracted In 
the arin.v. Tho lIMh. Iintli. 117th ani> 
lIHlh, all six months men, wero cnlleil 
the I'ersliimion llrlgade for having 
this rmll as its prilielpal diet In the 
rail of l.sii:!. Those now living In 
I'arke County arc; ,Iiiiiies W, Ileadlo, 
Ilarton W, Dooley. Thoiiins C. Iloek- 
er. (leorgc Ilendrleka, William T. Me- 
cniiipbell, Clark V,. -Melianiel. .InniPi 
IMtmnn, W, S. Trlee, I). T, Itowo, Wlll- 
lniii K. Sapp. Ilcason Tengiio, 

11. "i 


IssiiPd In Jiinp, isii:l, for 







Thil regiment WB» organized dnrlnii 
Hie winter of Lsitl-iil, and wna iniistep- 
ed Into the service after Its eoinplotlon 
at InillanapollB. Mareli 1, Isiil, with 
lloliert II. Stewart, of Torre Haute, as 
Coliinel. Company "V" wna froin 
I'arke County, Its first offlcera were 
lianlel ,v, I'nrler, of Annniioiis, Cnp- 
laln: David rhiiiipa. of .Montpzinmi, 
I'li'Bt l.leiilennnt. nnd John V,. Wood- 
aid, Serond'iiiennnl. Cn|ilnln I'or. 
ler WIIB dlBi'hargeil llelolier 1,1, l.sill, 
mid lohn K. Wuoilnnl hpiniiio Cnptain 
and 'pslgned when .lohn II. I.lndlpy 
waa rommlBaloned Cnplaln. (Iporgc II. 
Chapman. nrst l.leiilenant. and 
Frank -M. llmvard, Se.ond Lieutenant, 
II ho waB miiatered out as I'Mrst Lien- 
tenant, -May Ist tho regiment left 
lamp nl Inillanapnlla for Nasliville, 
'I'piin., rrom wlionre fl went Inio 
north. 'rn Alabama and went on duly 
guarding Hie .Mpiiiphls and chnrlPBlnn 
lallioail. In October It was iiionnteil 
and sent to the front. In .November 
ami Dpceiiilipr tlip regiment wna ac- 
Hiply Pligagpil in Hip hatllea of I'rank- 
lin nnd Nashville and piiraiied Hood's 
army on Its rctrpiit. .\rter the siir- 
I'pndpr. Hip rpgliiient was BPnt to the 
Wpsl. where It did duty on the plnlns, 
returning lo Indlnmiriolla whoro it 
was iiiiiBlereil out in Seplpiiilipr, 1.1lk°i. 
.Mlhi.iigh Ihis regiment wns ninstered 
In isiii, the men saw hard Borvlee nnd 
eoiereil a Inrge territory from Ton- 
neasep to Iho lloeky Moilntnlns. Tho 
leglment wns niit moiinleil all the 
lime, iiinrehlng on foot during mneli 
of llfl first service. 

Tlilfl Conipnny lost n nimihcr by 
dpatlis from slrknoas. and one, Sidney 
V. Wood, wna killed nt I'lilaski. Tenn. 
Those now living in Parke County are : 
.lohn v.. Wondard, Samuel Davlea, 
I'eter Tence. 



IS iirganlzeil In I'arke 
loiinly mill ninstered Into the serviro 
at liiillanaimlls. August .'. lMi:l, with 
Wllllmii II. Mull, I who was a sergeant 
of Coiiipiiny "A" lllU Indiana, nnd 
wns desperiitciy wounded at the hat- 
He of .Vnllelmii nml ill8Pliarged,l as 
Captain: his brolher, David II. .Mull. 
Ilrst Lientennnl. ond Wllllnm II, Kl- 
llotl. rather or Wllllaiii Klllott, n elt- 
i-/.en I.r Itorkvllle. and a lirother-ln- 
law or the Mull lioyB, Second Lien- 
lenmit. Septpml.rr liltli the regiment 
ieri I'or the Boiitli and renelied Cum- 
berland ilap, Tenn., Oclolier :lil, after 
rmlgiilng marrhea nnd BklriiilBliea with 
Hie enp.i.y lo IliiU's Hap, where 11 wna 
ingage.l lor sometime In fortifying 
iiniiiilain paBsea, preventing the rebel 
tinny under IxmgBlreel rrom eiuiilng 
lliroiigli. During the wintpr II endur- 
ed great liardBliliis. Biitrered r..r want 
or rood nnd I'loHiing. was wllbout 
rations, sugar or .orree, frr.pi.pnHy 
Biil.BlBlIng on pnrihed corn, nnd wns 
keiit on .luty In Ihe iii.inntalna, march- 
111:.' nliiioat Bhoplpaa over nuigh iiionn- 
lalns. all of whieli resulted In much 
BhUneaa nnd PXhnuBllon, .Mthnugh 
IblR regiii ent parlh-liiated In no reg- 
ular I. allies. Company "II" lost 12 or 
I." men rrom sliikncss on neeonnt of 
exiioBure, and inany whose health waa 

.Near the close of tho year IRIUI 
dpiipral r. S. (Jrant waa put in eolii- 
iiiiind or (ho Northern -Vriiiles. Tlio 
Coiirederiilp nriiiliB under iiiiiimand or 
(leneral llobert K. Lee were still hope- 
lill or liltliiinle Bil.ress. (Jrnnt was de- 
lernilneii. ir posallile, to end the war 
In l.iiil, nnd arranged to nBseiiihle both 
in the eastern and wealern theatrea or 
war all the nvallable men nt the front, 
,\ Inrgp nimihor of tlireo year men 
were In the renr guarding railroads 
anil kee|iing the ways 0[ien for Biip- 
pllea for the armies at Hie front. De- 
t.iehiiieiitB or ConrnlpratPB wpro con- 
Hnually tparlng up the tracks and 
liirnlug railroad I. ridges. Hiiis cutting 
off the food supply and numnllliin 
from the armies nt the front, A enll 
was made for men to serve for one 
hundred days. Mllion II. Vance. Cap- 
Inln of n eoiupany of Home (Inards. In 
\prll. isivl, rpirnllPd nnd wns rlceted 
inplnln of Comimny "<I." l.'Uld regi- 
ment, wiileh went Into eaiiip nt lii- 
dlanapolla. The regiment left for the 
South on Mny 17th. After nrrlving nt 
NiiBlivlIlp, wiiprc It remained n week, 
Ihe rpgliiient wns ordered to the front. 
WHS delrnlned at Ilrldgeport. Aln- 
Imma, where It remained guarding the 
bridge over tho TcnneaBee Tllver. nnd' 
several miles of rallix)ad, until It* 



III...' .vplriM. S.->rrr.l lio>» l.-f( b<-Iio..| 
,111.1 mnl III II. In riiMiiiaiiy. I'or 111.' 
I'i..ii.|'l n'8|.i.nv.' TMii.l.' iiikI.T IIiIh cull 
I'l.'Mi.lnil l.ln.olli iBH.l.'d to rai li 

M.l.ll.r I nl ovrr hin bIk- 

luiliirr, n vole ..r ll...iikH' 
►I'll !..'». ■II.I..SI' niiw llvliii; 111 rnrki' 
loiinly Willi l>ir\ril In lliln rri;liiirnt 
nil-: .Inn. in \V. lli'iulli'. Wllllniii T. 
Iliirni.1.1.'. IVIc'i- II. Cnihl.. .lolm !■:. 
lilllH. .1. II. .InliiiBon. .Mrri'.l K. stnrk, 
Ihiilil SlrmiKP, IJroi-ci- Inrtonxioil. 
.liiiiui. rm-liiiiill. 1 1. .soil Wllunicr. 

Tlilh I'.nhi.i'lil will. nl'Kiinlxi'il liT 

111., miiiii' inll iiH Mil- i:nil. Wlllliiiii 
II. .Mull riTi'iilliii Ciiiiiiinii.v ■■|." wlilili 

:: . .. • .1 I., r-.,..... nl |l|i|lnn. 










r^' ■• ■, J- 

.' .jiiS 

nil.. «M. 11, Mll.l.. 

i.|.i.ll», Uv.'iily-IHf liiiys rroiii .IrriiT- 
mil rminlv Jiiliihii; llii- Cnini.nn.v. niiil 
llii'.v I'l.'.l.'d M.ill. rnpliiln. Ixircnzo 
II. Miilli'v. or .MiidlBon, l-'IrBl l.lnildi- 

mil. iiMil liii II. I'lissil 1, Sccoiiil 

l.liiili'iiniu. ThlB rrdniciil «nB iiiiia 
li'li'd Int.. Illc K.TVI.'P .\lny 'JU, isill. 
mid Ic'll rnr llic Soulli. iind «HB ilc 
liiilii.'.l nl Tiilolioiim. 'rciin., wlirrc It 
ii'iiiiiliie.1 iinlll llM- o\pli'nlloii of lis 
b.tvIh'. •111.' i:i71li wiia lOiiBlniitly on 
duly BiliirilliiK 111.' only line or conl- 
ii.iiiilriillon lo IniMsporl fo..d niid mil- 
uiilllon 111 SlK'niiniiB nniiy, rifrlitlui: 
llB wny lowiirdB Atlnnln. Tlir \a»li- 
>lllc nnd Clinllnnn..);!! rnllrond niis 
roiiiiniinlly iiicnarrd liy llio enemy 
iiuiklnu rnidB, tcarin;: up tlic trni'k and 
liiirnJnL- brI.lpcB. The men who com- 
posed the rear nrmy helped ninko the 
rflmpniKn of 181^ BUeceBBfitl nnil do- 
ilElvo. I'-rank Whipple nnd Jliii Pln- 
wlilille were In tnlfl roiiipnny. Tliey 
wero only fifteen ytarg of hrc. a» were 
very iimny who served after tlio be- 

Klnnlni; of the year ISin. Kor the 
piuiiipl ii'Bpnnae pindi. iiiidi'r tliln 
run, I'reKldi'Ut l.liiculii iHtiied tn eiicli 
soldier upon pivr.l.iiii'iil over liln bIr. 
iniluri., a vole of thiiiikB for hoiionil.le 
M'rilc.'B. ThoBc now lliliii; In I'nrke 
r..iinly lire: II. i;. .M.'lilnioii. II. li. 
•li'iiKili', •I'honiiiB llnrnBlde, Joliii .\l. 
I>..|y. WllllniM llnnl.'lil, i:ll Wiiidnll, 
John W. .Ml.'linel, UiIIIumi 11. ,^wiiliii. 

they reinnlncil until the war 

The wIvi-B nnd liiollU'iB of Bnhllera 
nt the front did pnlrlolle Bervlcc In 

I I'.ini 

r. l,\ 

■IIiIb \va« one of eleven leBlniciilB 
ortiiulz.'d In I.mi.". under the lust nill 
for Kiliinl.'eiB to serve one yiiir. Wlll- 
lniii II, .Mull ri'vriill.'.l B.'teiul from 
I'lirke Counly, nnd went lo Indliin. 
npiilla. Mere iillli Bevi'iiil frinii nili.'r 
Counll.'B, r.iiiipniiy ■•K" wna orunnl/.eil, 

linny "i:," hoivever, eon'ulned more 
I'urke loniily men, |irlncl|i:i|ly from 
Crernc ami Inlon Townalilps. Will- 
him A. I'nrler wnn rnptiiln nnd he re. 
bIkim'iI. Illrniii C. .Mnler was promoCed 
rnplnln nnd I.eonnrd V.. A. ker. See- 
ond Llinteiiniit. 'rlic re(;liiient wna 
miiBlered Mnrrh I, isr..-., nnd Wllllnm 
II. I'nlrh.-inkB, i.f Terre llniile, ns Tol- 
onel, nnd Wllllnlii |l. Mull, Meiitrn- 
nnt-roloiirl. It left Immediately for 
Nnalivllle, nnd after a few weeUa went 
to lie.nlur, Alnlmmn. nt plme 
the reL'liiielil reeelieil tlin Kiirrender 
of I he rei.el foreea eoiuninnded l.y 
llenernla nn.l folk. The reel, 
mint waa miiBlereil oiiU nt Nashville, 
Sepleiiiher T\, l*l.'i. 

ThoBe now Ihinc In I'arUe County 
are: Xnlhan II. IL.wdell, Alvln Kin- 
ne.i, i:|ilirhini l.oodwin. D. S. llo«nril. 
,Ioliii .M, Mnrlln, J.iiiieB It. Morunn, 
Wllllnm K. I'nrenl, V,. 11, PoniuelB, 
Wllllnm II. Hwnlm. 

I'nrke County fiirnlBlied for the 
civil Wiir, InelmllnL- orlclnni and re. 
enllalmenls, n|.|iro\lnintely two thous- 
nnd men. There were a i-onBldeinl.le 
niimlier who went In other retlnienla 
Ilinii lln.Re hnvlnir coni|i;inteB reenilled 
In the County. A few were drafted 
The ipinln reipilred In furnlBh Iib 
Bhnre In en. h enll, however, wero 
nioBlly volunleerB. This ilemonstrnt- 
ed Mie i.nlrlollBm exialinc In our 
Coiintv. riie I'VlenilB elinreh, na nn 
orL-nnl7,e.llon 1b eonsrlenlloUBly nppoB- 
e.l In war. nnd thnt elinr.h linil n Inrpe 
meiiil.erflhlp In the I onnty, nil of 
whom eapoilaed the enusc of llin Un- 
ion. However, inlte a niimlier of 
ijiiakera volnntcered. Thero wero al- 
so a large of Soulliern ayiii- 
pBlhlzers, w-ho wero meinbora of an 
organization oolled "KnlghH of the 
Coldon rirele" whoae purposes were 
to aid tlio ronfoderncy, linrhor desert- 
er» nnd resist the draft. Some were 
drafted nnd either hired men to go na 
siil.stltiitei, or cmlgmtcd to Canada, 

Sirtntnit t'inti Mirlii'ian Shiirfnhnnt' 

fin. Mnrlilllll Un.iii.f.'l nl Simll- 

milrniiin. In, 

orgiinl/atlons formed to furnish cloth- 
liiK, bandages nnd other neceBBltlea 
for Bilk nnd wounded In the hoapllnls. 
They iilBO performed men's work In 
hiiBliiesB mill fnrmlng. The men who 
r nliicd nt home, na well na Ihe wo- 
men, dill n work that wiis nl.aoliilely 

Soldiers who served In the Civil 
Wiir, who now rcahle In I'nrke Counly, 
not inenihers of lleglmenia In the fore- 
going hlBlory, nre ns follows: 

Ale\nnil.'r, .Inlin H., IMIi In.lhinn, 

Ames, II, I)., Illlh IMiln Cnvnlry, 

Andrew, Samuel II,. l:ith Indhinn 

Arils, .lohn, 2.Slh I'. ,«. -Colored, 

Anwny, .Nicholas, ITIsI Ohio. 

linker. John S., I.Mth Ohio. 

Ilnnnon, Samuel 1',. IL'nih Indiana. 

Iliiidl.nrn, ,Tniiieg. lisih Indiana. 

Ilrynii, Ceorge, fJ-'Ird Indlnnn. 

Iiufflnglon, ,1onalhnn, iiTili Indiana, 

liyerly. T, .t„ ,v.ili Indlnnn. 

Ilollea. Daniel. Mst Illinois. 

Ill-own. Silas. I2.'lil Indlnnn. 

Iiiilloek. .Inmea P.. i:iiiih Indiana. 

Ilogiie, Kll. .ITth Illinois. 

Uyerly. .Ldin T.. Ultli Indiana. 

Clark, Kllshn. i:ith Kenliieky Cnv. 

ciiaviB. Henry. ;:sih t'. s. Colored. 

Cole. Jiicoh R., lull Indiana. 

Crooks, .laeoli V.. IXltl Iowa. 

Powd, John D.. RSth Indiana. (Wash- 
ington. D. r.) 

Dndda, William II., Ohio Car- 

airy, ( Wnahlnglon, II, C,> 

Dunberry, K. A., 4th Ohio Cavalry. 

UclviD, Irwin K., ]C3d Indiana. 

Ilurlinui, Wllllnm, linih Iiidlnna, 

i:iiim, Wllllniii, JJd llllniila. 

riekiiB. W. C., L'lid .MlBBiinrl. 

l'lla..|l. Slephen K., Il^tll llllnnla. 

llalea, ClnirliB, llh .Mnryhmd, 

lioBo, .1, M.. -.Mill Kentiii'ky. 

tlrlinea. !■. .M.. TJiid Indiana. 

Halms, Kdwiird .M. 

llodHon, .1. n.. lIMh Indlnnn. 

Howard. Iio.ior s., iiiili Indiana, 

lligerlon, lloi.ert, 

Jn.ks. I.eander, IJ.ld Inillnlin, 

Jnrvls. Si'Ott. 

Kerr. Jamea II.. L'nil Imlliiiin Cav. 

Knniier. C. W.. LMIIi Inillnlin. 

I.nke. llohert II.. Isili Inillnlin. 
.I.eoiinnl. .1. II.. .".iilh Indlnnn. 

I.ewla, Wnnicr. .".IkI Indlnmi. 

I.evvlB, Chnrlea, itlrd Inilhinn. 

l.lndley. Chnrlea W.. iiinii Indlnnn. 

Long, .lohn, l»t Tenneaa.e Cavalry. 

I.ii..ll.'>, win. ,1111. Il.illi lii'llniiH. 

.Mi-Cnnn, l-rank, Imii I'eniisylvnnla 

.Mi'Klniy. Steven C., liTlh Inrilann. 

Mr.\illlln., ITlh Indlnnn. 

.Mnitln. .toll ]■:, .-i7lh Indlnnn. 

.Miirvln. hnnlcl. Mril .New .lerBey. 

Mnsoii. i:.lwnrd, rjiilli Indlnnn. 

.Mil. hell. Wllllnm, Till lluflnna lint. 

.Murphy, Cllnlon. isih C. ». (Iteg- 

.Ml. ring, John. Plh Kenliicky Cavalry. 

Miller, laaae. .'.Till Indlnnn. 

.Mnier, .lohn T.. l:l.-ith Illinois. 

.NewMrk. .loel. iVlrd Indlnnn. 

Ilhiiier. .lamea, 1 1 Till Indlnnn. 

• lawnll. .Ini-nh, I lib Indlnnn. 

I'erry. Tollver. Isth C. S. (Ilcil- 

rylr. (ieorge, Ist Kentucky. 

lienor. .|..hTi I,., ii:li'il Indlnna. 

llogei'B, Henry c., rr.lli Indlnnn, 

llnhiii, II. !''„ ,-..stli Illlnola, 

It.inii, .Iniiiea, ,'l.-.lli Indlnnn. 

Shrlgley, Kniieh. lL"Jnd clliln. 

Siiillli, .Ini'oh I'l., nth .Mlchlgiili. 

Slewiirt. T. C. Till lllilliinn Hnllory. 

Siitloii. John, .sth Indiana llnllery. 

Sylvcsler. Wesley, lat Kniiaiis. 

Siiillh, IVler. 1.-.tlh Indlnna. 


Inylor. (Ireen T., V.»\i Kenlnrky, 

Tcagiie. Jnhnaon, l>'Jml Inillnna. 

'I'h.unna. Aiiioa C, lllh Indiana, 

Toney, ,lolin, I IMili Inilhinn. 

Trliiil.le. .lohn. T.lrd HllnolB, 

Tongue, Cnawell, 

laelmnn, A. S., llth Indlnna. 

Vanholt, .lohn. Hal Ohio, 

Vaiiglil, John 1!.. Sth Kentucky Car. 

Walker. John J., IJnd Indiana. 

Wenver, Sylvester. 

While. Klljiih. I isth Indlnnn. 

Wiggins, lanne. liTlh Indlnnn. 

Wlninier, II. Cla.v, ikltli Illlnola, 

Wright, II. C, l.TTith Illinois. 

Wymore. (ieorgo. HOth Indiana. 

White. .lohn .v.. TMlh Indiana. 

Wagoner. Sainnel. ILIitli ImllnnB. 

Wclla, William, l.<Oth Illlnola. 

Q^i}t ^mh nf tl)^ Parke Wx^nht 


To-(taj/ let the hand of the years 

staml tttill on the iHat of time: the cite be wet with tcar§ 
And trhernvr the llatf a/ipcar« 

l.rt its slniicft timl Us stars sublitiic 
<!row fHin with the grief they hear, 
Atui sail irith the voc they tocar, 

I. ft the streets to allcHce i/lcM, 
And the martH of trade be still; 

Let the plousharcs rust afield. 
A)til idle thr herds on the hill. 

l.rt the toilers for mammon ceaac, 
And stand hy these graves awhile 
'Till the dust of our dca-d hcffiiile 

The Hoiil from a sordid casc^ 

'Till the heart with turhitlmt beat 
(Iroirs soft, and tender and awcet 
hihc dninifc in a sad retreat 

When the campa arc asleeji in peace. 

If the tiHVil must ring this tfaj/. . 

And the hannnrr must rise and fait, 
f.el mil- o rrifniciii plan, 

And the other a bugle call. 
If the fitrnaec must keep its fire 

And the spiniPlcs their busy hum, 
l.vt one be the haltle's ire 

rt\c other the roll of the drum. 
If the ships must put out to sea 

I'rom *lnu'n 'till the day is past, 
l.rt their sails like great shrouds ba 

And their flags half down (ft-r mast. 
If the car of traffic shall steam 

In haste on Us iron way: the pent up engines arrcaiu 

l.ikr a wounded charger's neigh: 
/'or thr past eonies back like a dream, 
.\nd the throb of our hearts should 

Like the hush of a ffabbath day. 

Lei the winds of the sea and land 

ttlow soft where the loi'Cd ones lay. 
And the feet of the yation stand 

At the graves of her dead today. 
Atud wc who gathered now 

In silent and sad parodr, 
I nrover the reverent brow 

To the dead of the Parke Itrlgada. 

Who shall call the roll of our dead 

}\'ho died on the land and scat 
Who shall speak of the blood once 

For the flag of the slave and frecf 
Who can sing of the dauntless $oul». 

That rallied iindismnucd 
To honor the muster rolls 

Of the Glorious Parke Itrigadef 

Wc stand hy their silent graves 

And backward look to the years, 
Whrrc the flay of (Hory weaves, 

And the long, blue line appears. 
Wv look nn that sllctU host 

And many a face behold, 
And the names of our loved and lost 

ttn the scroll of Fame enrolled. 

And our dead in their blue coats U« 

In the trenches' solitude. 
And Am and Ilaricy die 

In the glomn of Shiloh's wood. 
In the buttlc's not and rout 

The soul of Price goes free. 
And Floyd's brave life goes out 

On the hills of Tennessee; 
And llostwick to glory goes, 

From the fields of Maryland, 
.\nd t'headle his last lance throws, 
In the face of his haughty foes. 

Where the Churches of Itichmond 

The voice of Howard calls 

From his last fight, gallant slitl; 
.\or wounds nor death appalls. 
As the sword of Kallcy falls 

tin the slopes of Maryc's hilt; 
ind I'ike has yielded his life 

In the hospitals of pain; 
In the roar of the battle's strife 
Patton an-il Liisk arc slain. 
And Torhct and Wood have lain 
Long years on the mountain side 
And liryant in the battle tide 
.\nd llownian the company's guide 
(Jo doirn to their deaths again. 

And Itynn has starved and died 
In the hell of a prison pen; 
McCoy the battery's pride 
Will never come hom^ again. 
There's Oicin of the color guard 
floes out in the fever's stress 
And llenillc is struggling hard 
^\^ith his wounds in the Wildcmesi. 

Hut the Itoll of Honor growi long 
And the story longer yet 
(if the names we cannot forget. 
They arc worm in prose and song 
Of the Nation's hero lore — 
These men who our colors bore 
On march and in battle blate. 
In the old heroic days — 

Proudly and undismayed — 
These men of the Parke Brigade. 

Look, where the Fourteenth burst 

The liarriert of the South, 
And the men of the Twenty-first 

^tand fast at the cannon's mouth, 
Lo! yonder in Shiloh's wood 

Italtery ninth appears, 

Wiih Us boyish cannoneers. 
And the Thirty-first in blood. 
The brunt of the charge withstood. 

On that field of hope and fear. 
On Helena's hills arc heard 

Thr IhifilCH of 'iVX 
As the ring of the Forty-third 

Is carried to Victory. 

Where the Southron would do his 
On the "Dark and Uloody Ground," 
The men of the Seventy-first 
Take bullet and sahrc-wnund; 
As they stand that August day 
A bar to the bloody way. 
Of the foe as he sallied forth, 
To the homes of the peaceful 

The ranks of the minute men 

Of the Seventy-eighth grow lost. 
As they rally again and again 

HIeeding and victorlcss: 
And the mists of the battle drift 

Hy mountain and river and Ico^ 
And the mists of the battle lift 
As the men of the FAghty-fifth 

March on to the utmost sea. 

The Hundred and Fifteenth files 
Through the snows of Cumberland 

And the moon of a irintcr shines 
On ragged and faded cap and lustrv 
less shoulder-strap, 

The bugles blotc icild again 
In the camps of the Cavalry 
The Eleventh gives spur and reign 
Through the valleys of Tcnncnsee-^ 

In the mountains far-off hate 
Lie the camps of a hundred dai/«— 
A Hundred and Forty-nine 

Marks the last of the long blue line. 
Of the roll of the Parke llrigadc. 

All hail! to the matchless host, 
All hailt to the loved and tost. 
Who stood for the right and the 

tttrong men and "beautiful youth,** 

L'ndnuntcd and undismayed. 
The dead of the Parke Brigade. 

Bdhms lil|0 Wwh tit tl|i> §>nmtt 

A DEAUl irUL fcnluic oi llic (jreat soldiers' reunion in 1875 was a large monument erected In the grove. It was a perfect obellslc, designed 
*^ by Arcd F. Wliiic, who hnd charge of the mcmorinl. After the reunion Mr. While appcnrcd before the county commissioners and obtained 
an order to hnvc the monument moved to the court house yard, where it remained until the work of building the new court house compelled its 
rrtiioviil. Following are the names inscribed on the monument, which ia a complete list of all Parke County soldiers who died during the War: 

Iniin-lB .\t. Knilc 
uii.v •■A." 
l.i'VliiB ilimlwl.'k, 

.1. I'l 



Caiilriin I'oiii- 
I'ond Motitrti- 

■I'lllrd SiTUcj 
1. I'oii.oral. i( 




I'rHulc, Cninimny "A.' 
iinclly, I'rlvnto. Coin 

.Iiiiii.-» 'I-. ('hllilrrn, I'riiatu. Coin. 

my "A." 

AIm'.mii Ilfnnil'd. I'rlvnlc, ('(HiipHliy 


l-iiiu- II. Killcy. rrlviilc. Coinimy 

luiMl.-l S. KiM'nor. I'rlmlo, CiMn 

111 -A." 

Wlllmiii I.. .Mnorf, I'riviiin, Coiiiimny 

.liiioii Xcnroii, I'rlvRtr, Cotnimny 

J(iHO|.li W. Drvvin, I'rlvnlc. Com- 



.loiii, 11 Nolon, rrhitc, 

Hiivlrt I!. Ilurnoy. f'nrriorsl, Colli- 

iiiy ■•!■:.•■ 

.Iiiiuoa «'. rmiiKtocli, Private, foiii- 

my ■■!■;.•' 

.IiiKliiin lliinipy, rrlvntc. I'oiiiiMiny 

.Inliii .1, Howl, I'rivaio. Coiupany 

.Inlin W. Mershon, Private, roiii- 

my "l:.- 

.'<linnn Sriiirt'oon. Private, Coliipnny 

l.rii WInkIrr, Prlvatr, rompnny 

.Inincn M. (;aBvvny, Private, Com- 

liy ■•K." 

VVKRliiiiL-lon llooil. Private, Toiii- 

Joslnh n. Davis, First Bergeant, 
Company "H." 

Dnvlil R. Kuhn, Third ScrReant, 
Company "II." 

JoBBc llcddlsh. Corporal, Company 

John ,T. Spencer, Corporal, Com- 
pany "II." 

Matthew n. Ayilclott, Corporal, 
••o any "If." 

WIlllBiii C. Wolfe, Corporal, Coiii- 
pany "II." 

Alhort P. Dnle, Private. Company 

.tamcB W, Dyke, Private, Company 

Eriiioy, Private, Company 

loBlah l.nmhort. Private. Company 


lernmo l.omliert. Private, Com- 

Private, Coiiipnny 

William II. Plielon, Prlvnlo. Com- 

I y "II." 

Huvlil ,r. ■rhomiunn. Private, Com 
pnny "11." 
WlUlniii Towcll, Private. Compnny 



Willlnin T. David, Corporal, Com- 
nnv "I." 

JeTforson Itlshop, Private, Com- 

ThoimiB .Marshall, Private, Com- 
piny "K." 
Sniimcl I,. AniistronK, Private, Com- 




II. Tliotiipson, 


puiiy ■' 



, KnullBh, Private, Coin- 
lledKi'H, Private, Com- 

linvlil A. IIobBon, Private, Coiii- 
pony "I." 

Wlllmrn llnlllnKsworth, Private, 
Company "I." 
■rilBlimnn II. KlrkpatrlcH, Prlvnte, 
llnhcrt McCorklo, Private. Com- Company "I." 
pany "II." 

llnrvoy Winkler, Private, Com- 
pnny "II." 
.Joseph Ik^avcB, Private, Coiiipiiny 


Compnny ' 

I'MiTii In?!-, Prlvnlo, Company "II," 
.Mliert l„ liopoiv, Private, Coup 

pnny "K." 
Hiivld II, (larvon, Prlvnlo, Com- 

pnny "K." 
.Iiicoli (Irny, Private, Comiiany "K," 
.lolin I", ,In(ki, Prlvnlo, ('oiii|iany 


'riionniB llrynnt. First Meutcnant, 
■nniiMiny "II." 
Ijirry Cos. Prlvnte, Company "I." 

l-"rotlrlfk Arn, Major, Company "A." 
iJeorKO Harvey, Captain, Company 


,lolm A. Pike, 
C imny "I." 

Samuel Itrochway, 
pany "A." 

John W. Byerley, 

Soeond IJetitcimnt, 

ay,. Private, Com- 

Private, Coni- 

Wllllnm Cook, Private, Company 

John CiinnlnRham, Private, Com- 
pany "A." 

Corni-llus DiiVall, Private, Com- 
pnny "A." 

Jolin T. HiiVall, Prlvnte, Company 

Wllllniii M. nimorc. Private, Com- 
pany "A." 

Alexander W. Klcklln, Private, Com- 
pany "A." 

Thnmas \. Olblions, Private, Com- 
pnny "A." 

Jniiies Harris, Private, Company 

Milton Headley, Private, Compnny 

Henry .Martin, Private, Company 

.Mar.nrino J, .Mcl'liire, Private, Com- 
pany "I." 

Wllllnm A. MiClurr. Private, Com- 
pnny "1." 

William II. .Mendenhnll, Private, 
Comimny "I." 

Jitroh Price. Prlvnte, Compnny "1." 

I-Ycdrick Knellenharcer, Private, 
Compnny "I." 

iJoorgp W. Stiinrt, Private, Com- 
pany "I." 

John VcBsels. Private, Company "1." 

JamcB It. Adams, Private, Com- 
pany "I." 

Henry Alfires, Private, Company 

JaniPB W. .MrCaiiipbell, Private, 

Henry C, Nevlns, Private, Com- 

ny "K." 

Lewis P, llosB, Private, Company 

llowiiian. Private, Com- 


pnny "I." 

Joseph ronCiinnon, Private, 
pnny "1." 

Hlephon M. John, Private, 


It. Corhln, Private, Com- 


William H. Itnrnett, Prlvnlo, Com- 
pany ■ 1." 

I'homas Nevlns. ^ 

Chcslcy Leak. 

I,iirlen Ray, Rccond r,leiitcnant. 
Company "C." 


(*orncllus Donovan, Private, Com- 
pany "It," 

Martin Ilyan, Private, Company 


"A." David II. Donaldson, Prlvnte, Com- 

Rafus HIzon, Private, Company Pany "K." 
"A." William M. Jacks, Private, Coni- 

Olles ^f. Justus, Private, Com- 
pany "A." 

JoBlnli r,oak. Private, Company "A." 

Omrr Lunger, Private, Company 

Dnvid rhilllps, Private, Company 

jBiiies A. Uliane, Private, Company 

Henry T.. Smith, Private, Com- 
pnny "A." 

Wllllnm A. C. Thompson, Prlvnte, 




Nathaniel Earnest, Private, Com- 
pnny "H." 

Jolin Pitman, Private. Compwny 

Oeorgo Plekelt, Private, Company 

Jackson Back. Private, Compan.v 

Andrew Cnhlll, Private, Company 

John Carson, Private, Company "n." 

Perry II. Thompson. Private, Com- 
pany "A." 
John West. Private, Company "A." 
Dnrld Wells. Private. Company "A." 
William Wllllnms, Private, Company 

pany "K." 

Wcaloy II. Catlln, Private, Com- 
pany "K." 

llrloli llardesty. Private, Company 

Kzra Reeder, Private, Company "K." 

Siimuel Strain, Private, Company 

John W. Hoffman, Private, Com- 
pnny "K." 

James R. Iton-man, Private, Com- 
pnny "K." 

Iinnlol Copper, Private, Company 

puny "K." 

Jnmes .\. Itarnnhy, Private, Com- 
pnny "K." 

l.owlB linker. Prlvnte, Compnny "A." 
Ailns Cox. Private, Company "A." 
Oliver Jnrvls, Prlvnte, Company 


KrastiiB llrnnson. Private, Company 

John M. Cheadle, First NerKrnnI, 
Company "H." 

Alexander T. Wade, Corinral, Com- 
pany •■»:• 

Innlali T. Adams, Private, Com. 
pany "(I." 

• leorgo Adklns, Prlvnte, Company 

Mnnford N. Anderson, Prlvnte, Com- 
pnny "d." 

iBnne lllarkledgo. Private, Com- 
pany "(I." 

Ira Uoynlon. Private. Compnny "II." 

SniiiucI Ilurnett, Private, Company 

John N. CballlB, Private, Company 

Mnrsliall Cottrell, Private, Com- 
imny ■•<)." 

.Sonnan Cartwrlgbt, Private, Com- 
pany "O." 

James Dixon, Private, Company 

Washington Dixon, Private, Com- 
pany "O." 

cimrles C. Klson, Private, Company 

Wllllnm nraham. Prlvnte, Com- 
imny "O." 

Davlil HIae, Private, Company "0." 

Iloscoe Jackson, Private, Company 

Wllllnm II. Thomas, Private, Com- 
pany "K." 

William P. Kelley, Private, Com- 
pany "K." 
Newlon J. Wilson, Prlvnte, Com- 
Pleasant M, Rolling, Private, Com- pany "K." 
pnny "A." William O. Jefrries, Private, Com- 

Oeorge Barkis, Private, Company pany "K." 
"A." Ocorgo Hansel, Private, Company 

Zacharlah Jarvls, Privala, Com- "K." 
pnny "A." Beyborn N, Branson, Private, Com- 

Aloiander Johnson, Private, Com- pany "K." 
Ramool Cherem, Private, Company pany "A." JjJ'^b T. Vance, Private, Company 

I." ^ol"" Myera, Private, Company "A." "K." '"■ ,„«!,» PriratA. Ootn- 

Atelus Dooley, Prtvata, Company R. M. Waterman, Captain, Company Jaraea 8. Nevlns, Private, Company- """^.""'^ "• ' "^'""' "" ^ 

LnrlHs I. KIbhy, Private, Company 

Joseph Miller, Private, (3oispany 

Stephen U Mllllken. Private, Com- 
pany "O." 

Thomas Myers, P^lvst^ Company 

Jacob Myort, Prlvat^ Company 


Jamof Mysri, Private, Company 

pany "O," 

.rnii,.,. >.. Ov.Ti.rii,, I'lliulo, foiii- 

.\i.i I', iii>hi«.pM, rnihi.', roil, 

ll.l.iv II .■«.uic| nuillc. Coin- 

I.ImI^ II. liu.'iihiii, I'ru.ili-. roiii- 

(M.Hii.ll. II. Miill.r». I'riMilc. roll.- 

.ImIiii Wri.Ki.M', rrhuu, CDhii.iiny 

,UI"Im.ii wlllliiiiiK. I'lhiiU'. <-oni- 

.h'.iii.-^ K. c-llliiHi, rrlwilr, rniii. 
I'llliv -'i." 

.ii,H|..r .\, rhilMliiM. I'rlvHii'. roiii- 
.i.'.»-|.i. I.' II. I'lii.ii,' r(iiii|iiiii.v 

ll.'iir> l: Mllli«i-ii. I'rlUiK'. roiii- 

llllll.l 1.. 

l.iiwMMii Slimlli-v. I'llvnlr. I'oiiipnny 

llriih.'ii s. stiiKi-. I'riviiii.. rniii|.,iiiy 

.Inliii T M'v, I'llMili'. Coiiiniiny 

(..OIK, W. \V|]«iin, I'rlMili'. Com- 

i-.i II lluiiii.i, I'liMiio. Coiiiimny 

.V.hllMiM .vii.irkK, rrlMilr, Com- 
INiM, ■•i:." 
Illl.> lliiniiliKs, rrlvnic. (■..iiiimny 

■II KH i:. Hlvoii. I'llvnlc. Con 

p.iin ■■il." 

I tiiiiiK .M. IliirlDii. I'livnlo. Con 

Tiltliimin .\. Unwind, Cniilnln. Coin- 
Wlllliini i;iiyli>r(1. I'rhnlr, Coiiiimiiy 
lunliinilii I'. l,oicl.s». rrlvnic. Cm- 

.Miinr I'In.Ml. I 'iipliiln. Cointinny 
.\ •■ 

.M.irlliii.T n.iiny. I'lrht l.lonlcniilit. 
niMl.iin) "lir 

l.liidiiR llnllMny. Cnriminl, Coinimny 

.\i>.' II. .MiLlnr. Cnriioiiil, Coiii|.nny 
liii'Mi l.iiHk. SiTiri'iinl, Compony 


Inlin M. lloVnl.r. Minlclnn, Coin- 
imny "A.- 

.Inpriih M. Iiiiiidy, l*rlvnte, Coiii- 
t.nny "A." 

Wllllnin A. nnciiB, Private, roiii- 
imny "A." 

iJrorRo K. Tlnrns. rrlvato. Com- 
imny "A." 

l^lam Crcwc, rrivatc, Compnny "A." 


.loliii T, Crtnlinli. I'rivulo, Coni- 
|,.iny "A." 

Clinilrii <olwrll, I'rivulo, Coinimny 

.Viilliiiii V. Ildmirdii, I'rlvnto, Coiii- 
|,iii,y "A." 

I'r. hsl,> .1. i;ihi„ii-, I'livRto, Com- 
Piuiy "A.'' 

Wlllinni i: llolBlliic. I'rlnito. Coiii- 
l.iiny -A." 

rrniirln M. Ih'iilli, Trlvalc, foni- 
|.iih.> ••A." 

Il,nrv A. Ja,kiion. I'riialc, Com- 
|.iiny "A." 

wininni II. I.yoii, rrlvato, Com 
|.nny "A." 

.Innir.s T. riiuoil. rrlvnic, CoiiMiany 

Wlllliiiii (I. .MH'ord, I'rlviilc. I'oiii- 
l.iiiiy "A." 

Ihiiiy -A.-' 

.loltii S\^lll(llo, I'rlvaic, Conipnny 

.liiini.K II. \Vllllnin»"n, I'rlvnlP, Coni- 
Piiiiy •■.V." 

i;il Vnrk,'. I'rivnic, Company "A." 

iMinlrl l>o»doll, rrlvnic. Company 

I'liomna llUk-lna, rrlvnic, Compnny 

.Mhdlunn T. Illrks, Prlvnlc, Com- 
pany "A." 

Amos IIIkuImb, I'rlvaic, Company 

Ilrnry llllcy. I'rlvaic, Compnny "A." 

.Vrnilflrnd Clark. Corporal, Com- 
pnny "ll.- 

l.cwiR llr,,i;|p, I'rlvatc, Company 

.Insi-ph ciicw, I'rlvBlo. Comiiany 

Sniniicl A. Holy, Prlvnlc. Coinpan.v 

Wininm PnvlB, Prlvnlc, Compnny 
llionias ralln. I'rlvaic, Company 
Mnrlon JimltiB, Private. Company 

Wllllnin .Miller. I'rlvaic. Company 

.InmcB W. Mll.hcU, Prlvnlo. Com- 
pnny "It." 

Kplnlam Onborn, Private, Compnny 

Ilrnry OBlmrn. Private, Company 

Znilinrlali Itclnhart. Private, Com- 
pnny ••II." 

i:norli SprlscB, Private, Company 

.lolin P. Adaina, Private, Coinpany 

.ToBcpli J. Fiverctt, Private. Com- 
pany "O." 

.leremlnh Lamlicrt. Private. Com- 
pany '•O." 

I>avld Montgomery, Private. Com- 
pany "O." 





llarvcy Mvnns. I'rivaio. Compnny ' 
"I I." 

.lulin II. Woiidn. Prlvnlo, Coni],jny 

Alevander \Vllt«hlrc, Private, Com- 
|,nny "H." 

WcHlcy Itrown, I'rlvatc. Company 

Henry C. Illlcy. Private. Company 

Cnrrlck Coltrell, Private, Company 
Andrew Mc.Vell, Private. Company 

llnrrlBon Cntlln. Prlvnlc. Compnny 

Jniiim C. Waldron. Private. Com- 


clinrlcB N. Oirrord, Prlvnlc, Com- 
pnny ••A.^* 

Irnn.lB Ilomlni;ton. Prlvnlc. Com- 
pnny ■•1>.'' 

.Mfldlson IIIcRb. Private, Conipany 

TlinmnB IIItBlnB, Private, Coiiipiiny 

I.ewlB II. iJrirrin, Private, Com- 
pany ••A." 

ONK iir.vniiKn A.xn rinKK.NTll inoia.xa. 

.Mcxander Miieni-cr, Corporal, Com- 
pnny "11." 

.lolin CrenBon. Private. Coiupany 

Wllllnin I,. S.-itl, Private. 
CyniB Wcllioin. I nrimral. 
Jiiinrfl A. .x.iill, Private. 
.Inlin S. Siiinik. Prlvnlo. 
,l<iin<'B Tlioiiip„m, Prlvnlc. 
Allii'rl H. Indnwood, Private. 
.In»<-|ili Woir. I'rlvaic. 
Wllllnin II. York, Prlvnlc. 
Wllllnin r. c^onncr. i rlvnto. 
Wllllnin II. C,,rilii. I'rlvaic. 
I'-rnnilB KnclUli. Prlvnlc. 
chnrlcB ilrlirin, Private. 
.Inlm llraly. Prlvnlc. 
Slll.lcr il. miller. Prlvnlc. 
.InnicB T. .Monroe. Private. 
.IniiicB M. .M.Cnrd. Private. 
TliomaB .\nlilct, Private. 
.Inupph W. Snillli. Private. 
Mntthcnv, Sto\or. Private, 
.lolin Taylor, I'rhnlc. 
Ilcniniiiln P. •rimiiniB, Prlvnlc. 
riioiiia« C. While, Private. 
.IniiicB M. lIcMrl.k, Prlvnlc. 
.lolm Ilond. Private. 
J,,Bcpli •I'onillnBon. Private. 
.laliicB OivcnB, Private. 

KU:VK.\TII IMil.VN.V (•.V\.M.1IV. 

Sidney K, Wood, Private, Company 

.Marlon .MorKan. Private. Compnny 

\K llf." 

Tiiiarv-Tiiiaii l^ 



II. Connelly, Private, Com- 

.lolin CralK, Private, Company "It." 

.lolin W. l-ulwldcr. Private, Com- 
pnny ••II." 

Ilolicrt Kyle, Private, Company 

Ainliroae I.amlicrt, Private, Com- 
pany ••II.^" 

■ ■avid II. .vIIIIb. Private, Company 

Amos Pickett, I'rlvatc. Compnny "II." 

James II. I'alton, Private, Com- 
pnny "It." 

.lames M. Iloddlsh, Private, Com- 
pany "It." 

Ini Stilton, Private, Compnny "B." 

MSTii iNiii.\.NA iiATrrar. 

Samuel Conner. Sergeant, 
.lolin 'r. Iludd. Corporal. 
Isaac .McCoy, luiglcr. 
Andrew J. Whitleil. Private. 
William .M. l,owdcr. Private. 
Illclianl P. ncekel, Private. 
I-'rnnk Ilrown, Private, 
ticorpc ItroiiRh, Private. 
Jesse O. Ilavis, Private. 
. ThoniaB II. I>ny, Private. 
Joseph r. rlinn. Private. 
Wllllnm r. Onffe.v, Private. 
Irlah Iladley, Private. 
William II. Miller, Private. 
Wilson .McCalment, Private. 
LewlB Itall, Private. 

Ilohcrt I,. .ClulBllan. Private, Com- 
pany ••ti." 

.leremlnli <I. riBlier, l'r|vatn, Com- 
pany "(I.' 

Wllllnm (Ivvlnn. Prlvnlc, Company 


.Mnrlon llcndy, l-'lrst MerKcant, Com- 
iiany ••i:." 

William T. I.ovclady, Private, Com- 
pany ••i;.'^ 


lieorKO lliiliel. Private, Company 


A. J. Pa.v. Private. 

II, r. Day. I'rlvatc. 

William Pitman. Private. 

Ilonlicn Hay, Private, Compnny "C." 
KiniiTii iNiiiANA DATrrar. 

William II. nine. 

mBTT-Kiaat irdiana. 
■ Aniog Pint, Private, (Company "11. " 

Alcxaniler Plummer, Private, .Com- 
pany "11. " 

John Clark, Private, Company "B." 


Edmund P. Dcadic, Sergeant 

Koldicr, roll thv virfarii o'er, 
Sleep the sleep that knoiot not 
hrinm at bnlllc-/lcl(ti no more, 

/)(i;/« of ilanffer, ni0htg of waktnff. 
In our («(<■•« enchanted halt, 
l/an'ln uimeen thy couch are «treu> 
rmrii ulratui nf mmle /all, 
/;ciii; •iiifc tn il\imher ilciHiig 
Hnlitter. reitl tlii/ wnrtaro o'er, 
KIccp the i/lccp that knoict not break- 
iiream of bnttle-fietdt no nxore, 
lUom of Ion, nor ntoM of wahint. 


l^nxiit (Cnttutg's fuhlir Mm 

THAT I'niko I'omily wlUilii tlio 
Blinrt spnco of twciilj ycnrs 
Incioiiwil fnnii n MildorncHa 
with a populnllon of less 
thiiii :'.iH>, to [I iinpiihillon of i:i. ni'.i: 
llial l]i point of popiiliitloii It lankoil 
firili III Ihr Sintc. imd In pollllcul In- 
fliinncf wns first, wns not dun to ni'- 
ilrtiMit. It wim Uilp oIhivo nil tlilncs 
10 lllr rclnni'liflblc nWlllty of Its pnliilc 
men : men whose ihtbcmcc nttnictrd 
III the roiinty iimiiy wiin doBlrril to 
iiiiiKr hoinoH In ii coniiiiiinlty which 
roiihl lioiiBt of aiicli puhlle men — 
ilk- men, who In turn nionliled piihlh- 
ihiiiiutcr III an. h nil. extent thiit I'nrlic 
Cniiiity Blood iinelmllenKeil ob the lead- 
liii: t'oiinty of I lie .stole, nnil Ib so inen- 
lioiied In the hiilliind lln:rl(vr of tliiit 
peiloil. •I'hliik of It: within n iierlo.l 
iiH short ns llmt from UNHi to the 
pi-fHent lime, I'lirkc t'niinty wns twice 
lioiinri'il Willi the nnmlnnllon of the 
inmllihile for Governor: twl.-o wbb the 
niliilliliilo for I'nlteil SliileB Sennlnr 
n 1'iirl.e I'onnly imin. nnd five tliiieB, 
from |m;:,", io IS.Mi. the Iteiireaentntlve 



Cniiiily. II la n record iine.pmled hy 
liny Coiiiily In the Slate, nnd has al- 
wnjB I.een and always will he a BOiiree 
nf pride to all who were Ijnrn on the 
hlBlnrlc anil of "Old I'nrke." lIlBtor 
lima of Indiana when rccoiintlnR thn 
period liilL'ht well call It the llporh of 

Piiblle men like those of rarke 
I'oiiiity In ItB early days start and 
mark llio eonrse and iiieosnro the vol- 
ume of ihe inrrent of lis Intellectual 
nnd moral life for ninny nnd many 
year«. They act the pnee whirh those 
iiiiiilnii lifter iiro expecled to fnllo\v. 
TIrey fiirnlah the cvamiiles to lie Imi- 
tated and emiilnled. They arc the crl- 
lerlona hy wlilc-h amliltloiia pretens- 
ions me IO be Jildned. Tliey arc tlic 
Blnndnrda hy wlih-li llie claims of na- 
plrlim men uro •oiiiparcd. They arc 

I inn. nf coiir.u, iind subject to Hue 

IiiibbIoiis Willi oiirBelvcs; liut they 
lire ao much ii part of tlio stalwart and 
heiiilr aiie nf local hiatory that their 
Inflriiilllea have lone since heon lost 
In innleinplnllnn of llioao nohle, use- 
ful nnd rohiiBt eleinenta, liy wllleli 
they lire heat known. I'nrke County 
Ib exeeedlnsly forliinnte In this rc- 
Bpeel. It Bchloni fiilla to the lot of a 
coiiiniiinlly to poaseas bo many of anch 
charactera who horo tlina shaped Its 
early history and linprcssed thorn- 
selves on Us after tliiiea for tho hene- 
flt of the people nnd for their honor 
and distinction. Tho moment wo re 
call the aettlement and early days of 
niir I'oiinty, wo at once revert to tlio 
namea of Howard, Wricllt, MeOniiKli- 
ey, Davla. llryani, NelBon. the Max- 
wella nnd olhera. who capeelally na 
Iccal llKhiB and pilldlc men, made the 
I'oiinly conapleiioiiB In the reflected 
IlL'ht nf Iheir Inlenia and forceful 
rhnraileia. When the roll la called 
and tlicae celebrities eoiiio from the 
ahiidnwy paat the name of flcneral 
TIlKlmmn .\aliiirat Howard, by com- 
mon wish nnd ennaent ataiida first. 
Ilia place la iinchallcnxe.l. A aliidy of 
Ilia llfo nnd iharacler explalna at once 
why our people, of all claaaea nnd 
rniidlllona, nf all bccIb nnd political 
parllea, have at all llinea awarded him 
the hlBhcat place In their nffccllona 
for our piilillc man. ThoiiBh not a na- 
tive of Indiana, (lencrnl Howard 
claimed thla, his adopted Htnto, na tho 
land ho lovod heat. Horo was the 
field of Ills ninnbood laliors ; horo was 
tlio center of that Infliioneo and repu- 

tation which radiated to tho confines 
of the Xollonnl doninn ; hero wero tho 
personal and polltlnil frlende who iin- 
wavcrlnKly followed hiB fortune 
through BiiiiBliine and storm ; nnd, at 
the close of his short but eventful life, 
hero his rciiialnB lie burled. 

(Tllijllimau A. Siintuirt) 

Tllplininn A. Howard was born near 
Plckcnavlllo, fJonth farollna, Novem- 
ber 11. ITnT. HiB father, John How- 
nnl. at tho ace of eighteen, was a 
hold lor In (ienernl Orecne's nriny dur- 
ing the cloalng months of the Itovolu- 

tcllow citizen, tho llon-heartod man 
who had befriended hlni when be be- 
gan his profeaslonnl life — Andrew 

Two years nfterwnrds, at tho age of 
;t.^, Howard come to ItloomlnKton, In- 
diana. Here Ills wife died, and In 
ls.i;i. be married Martha, daiichter of 
llavid H. Maxwell, a prominent cit- 
izen of Southern Indiana, who had 
been a inciiiber of tho convention 
which drafted tbo State Constitution. 
Immediately nflcr their marriage Oon- 
eral and Mrs. Howard came to Hock- 
>lllc. flcneral Howard at once began 

HUMAN A. now/ 

tlon. Howard's boyhood was a time 
of privation and toll, with no educa- 
tional advantages other than a motli- 
erleas hoy oiild bliiiaelf make— for Ida 
mother died when he waa hiit two 
iiiontha old. At tho age of nineteen, 
poor and unknown, hut reaoliile, ho 
atiirtcd to aeck a homo In Tenncaaee. 
Ho there loiiimenced the atiiily of law 
with lliiKli l.awBiin While, a mlehral- 
id ndvocale of Ihe Soiilli. ami at the 
age of tweiit.^-one. enlereil Into prac- 
tice. Thoiigli a pennlleaa youth, he 
did not remain liiiiu wllhoni filcnda. 
Ilia Inherent ninnllneaa aooli nllracled 
the allcntinn nf ,lacUaon and llniialon, 
wllh whom lie maintained Inlimaie 
nnd plenannt rclallona until dealh. At 
tweuty-acveii ho waa ii member of lliii 
Tcnneaacc Kciiale. repreaenling a dla- 
Irlrt which at thai time waa nlmoat n 
wilderness. In tho election of MV2H 
lie was chosen an elector, nnd. wllll 
Ilia associates, had the plcRsiiro of 
enfltlng the vote of Tennosseo for his 

a law practice that hcciinio extensivo, 
Abmit this tliiio he was appointed dla- 
trlil attorney f<ir Indiana by rreslclent 
.IncUson, who, when be heard that 
llonnid had mo\'ed lothlj Stato, gave 
liiiii the office In npprcclatlon of lila 
cmlneni fitneaa, and without aollcita- 
llnii ftom any aoiircc. Tbo tlrat 
knowledge nnynno In Indlnnn had of 
Ihe appdliilment came Willi the offic- 
ial CO laalon. At the ago of ■tO How- 
ard waa elected to the a7th Congrcaa 
by a large majority over a competitor 
who waa nil iiei-ompllahcd inau nnd a 
popular nralor 'I'. .1. llvana. 

I'revlntia to Ilia election to Con- 
gress In IN.'i.'i, ilcncrnl Howard was 
Bciecled to rcpieacat Ihe National 
llnvernment In the acltlemenl of con- 
fueling rbilma In the land In nnd 
iiltoiil Cbicagn, dlapntca nrlalng from 
Indian Ireiillra and nihor sonreci. At 
Ihe Cabinet mcellng when till! niBttor 
waa under dlariisBlon there was a 
sharp controversy over the aolectton 

of a man who could licst represent tho 
(lovcrnment. President .latkson com- 
ing Inio the room at this Juncture, 
BBld. "iJentlenien. I will tell you whom 
to appoint : Tllghmnn A. Howard, of 
Indiana. He Is an honest man; 1 
have known lilm long and well." 

(Ino of the moat celebrated of Gen- 
eral Howard's political contests wns 
that for tho United States Scnato In 
ls;tu, when his name was prosentcd 
and strongly urged by the l>eiiiocrats 
In Bpltc of tlie Wlilg mnjorlt.v. When 
the contest was at Its height one of 
Ibiward's Biipporters canio to lila 
room at the hotel and said, "lieneral 
you have only Io go to the cellar to bo 
certain of a scat In the Senate." To 
which he promptly replied, ".Not a 
drink of whiskey ; n"t a cignr. I have 
iinnniinccd my name as n candidate; 
If that Is not sufficient I niuBl loso 
tho offbc" 

Two years after bis race for the Sen- 
ate Ueneral Howard waa tho Heitio- 
iiallc nominee for llovcrnor. Ho re- 
algned hia scat In Congress to iiiako 
Ihe race. It was the year of tho Whig 
revival, and notwithstanding How- 
ard's popularity, especially In western 
liiillana, be went down before the 
grand rush for "Tippecanoe nnd Tyler, 
Ino," the political ghost-dame of istd. 

While at Wnahlngt'in on a iiilaslon 
for the iicople of wealern Indiana In 
isll, (Jcneral lloivard was seleetcd os 
.Minister I'lcnlpolcntlary to the lle- 
piibllc of Texas. In accepting this ap- 
pointment from the Whig ndnilnlslra- 
llon. lieneral Howard went counter to 
the wishes of his many frlenila In In- 
dlnnn, who tbniigbt It meant IiIb ro- 
tlremcnt from active polltlca; and to 
this day there are thoae at hia old 
homo who declare Hint the politicians 
at Washliiglon sent him to what wns 
then almost a Inra incognito that u 
I'realdentlal pnaalblllty might bo re- 
iiinved. Ilia diplomatic apiiolntmonl 
I'limo like tho other Tcdcral offlcoi, 

(icncral Howard left lloikvllle on 
llie roiirth of .Inly, IKII. Tho entire 
pnpiilatlnn turned out to bid liliii flod- 
speed, and hundreda nnompanlcil him 
to the river at .Montcr.uiua, whore for 
tho Inat tliiio lio nddrcaaed hia fellow 
citizens. On tho 1st of Aiignat ho 
reached Washington, the Tcxna cap- 
Itiil; liut scarcely had he entered up- 
on the diillea of hia office than ho 
was stricken with yellow fever, and 
died Augiist 111, 1*11. 

Physically and menially Ooneral 
Howard was a remarkable man. He 
was tall, atralghl. and poaaeaacd of 
great natural dignity. His complex- 
ion waa dark ; Ida liiatrons eyes and 
alralKht hair, coal black. A prcimln- 
ent nose, n large, Impaaaloncil mouth, 
together with Ilia general featiirea. 
betokened Ihe man of energy. Intel- 
lect, atrong emotions and yet tender 
Bonalhllltlea. Ilia face In repoae waa 
aad nnd serious, but when kindled 
with n suhjcci which hrnught Into full 
play Ills noble facilities. It waa animat- 
ed, full of sympathy and power. Ilia 
voice, though atrong, was not niiia- 
Icall Ills mannera nnd goatliroa wero 
nnliirnl, nlmoat niajeallc, nnd nlwnya 
Impreaalvo. In the aoclal olrcio Ids 
manners wero simple ond hit con- 
vcrantlon dellghlfnt. 

Ilia uilnd nni eoniprehonilTO, itorn, 
vlgnroua, aolfrollnnt and •clf-dlaol- 
pllned. Tlicmgh a man of unuiunl 
culturo nnd learning ho acnnlred It 
nearly all after tho eoramonccmcnt of 


hill luofoRBlonol life. Ilut great as bo 
wjifl in llipso FPsprctB, he was yet 
iironter In lil» ilmraotor as a ChrlB- 
lliin. Ilowanl wna a eonil man. One 
who knrw hlni well anya that It was 
lint of tlic abiindani-e of I'hrlBllan 
trai'o lliat he «ni master of hlniBelf 
and kept rontflnntly nntlcr control a 
BlronB. anient and deeply paBslonate 

In private life, at the har, In Con- 
jd-esn, a Mlnisler of his (iovcrnnirnt 
to A forelKn SInle -tlirongh all lie was 
I he ilevoted. iinBertarlan. eonBlslent 
man iif prayer iind chrlHttan devotion 
- unci, having filled the meannre of 
,,n liniiorlaiit life, leaving liehlml hini 
an e\iiiii|ile and a memory that will he 
rherlnhed liy the pen|ile of I'arko 
I'nnniy, IiIk iImbi mingles Willi her 
diiHl. while his name and boiiI livo on 
through a clorlmis lnimortalliy. 

•I'hi' lettir of .lohn i'. rnlluMm. .<ec- 
relnry of Slnle, in Mra. Howard In- 
forming her of ihe dealh of (leneral 
Howard la primed In tieaille's IIU- 
Inrv. The following letter from An- 


him. lie ociaalonally Bpokc, bnt a|i- 
parently na talking to himself. I 
conld imly rateh a word or two. Onco 
or twice as If making some ralenlatlon 
I heard him say, "ItB all right— there'll 
no en or." lie Buffered hilt little, 
gradually sunk, and after a atriigglo 
which eontlnned about half a minnto 
he o.vplred at 1.1 nilnntoB before 
twelve o'clock ,M. 

Iir. Mill, (Secretary of War,) Dr. 
Heard and several of the gentlemen 
were with hliii when he died. During 
his sIcknesB he received every atten- 
tion friim the family where lie reilil- 

nf Sin 


for th. 
•r beer 

piiiiliHlp'il, and IB given here In full. 
,\h»eli .lonca lived llillll Iwn years 
ago. lie «0B Hie Bilhlrcl of editorial 
cninmenl by Wllllniii .1. Iiryan In the 
fomiiintirr. by reason of Ills advanced 
age i,ml unimpaired mcninllly to the 
day of hiB ileal h : 


Iii(;. IN. istl. 

.Madnni ; 

llefnrc ihiB eomcB In Irind yon will 
priilmlily have received through the 
ledliilH of Ihe pnlillc papers the 
iniirnrni inlelllgence of the Blcknesa 
(id death of .lonr linshand, Oneral 
'rilghmnn \. Howard. The absence of 
■ President of Texas, (ieneral Sam 
inslon, the only old mipinlntancc of 
neral HoMard's, resident here, has 
inlvcd upon me the painful duty of 

II nlcating to yon the particulars 

part, of this distressing event, and 
some clreumslanceB connected with 

I Siiluiday, the KUh Insl., I called 
ippolntiiient on him and wo rode 
Icigcllier about half a mile to see Dr. 
Hill. I Ihe Secretary of War.) with 
III be had projected an c.venrslon 
nf ahniil a hundred miles Into tho In- 
ir of Iho coiinlry. Ho was then 
I'lalning Bllgblly of indisposition, 
particularly of pain In tho neck and 
ildeiB. 10 which he remarked he 
bad been before subject. The next day 
iSundiiyi he sent fur imc to visit hlui 
ut Mr, Tastiuhan's, where he Urcd. It 
was about nild-day when I received 
IiIb message and I immediately rode 
over and called on htm. It was about 
one o'clock p. m. when I arrived. I 
found hlin In lied wrapped In his rlonk 
(omplalning of sensiitlons of chilli- 
nesB pains In the hack and head and 
aymplMina of fever. He said he did 
nol know wl.elher he was going to bo 
Bid; or not; Hint he had fri>|uenHy 
liefoie bad chlllfl and fever at home, 
anil Hint perhaps his present nttiick 
was nnlhing more, bnt that. Inasmuch 
SB he was a atranger to the cllmalo 
and Us dlseaHes, he bad sent for mo 
In examine bis situation and to ad- 
1 Ise hliii In regard to sending for a 
pbyslrlan. I told hlin I thought It 
would lie p.iident to Bend at onco for a 
|ihy«lclan. He snid Dr. Heard, of 
WiiBlilngliin, had been reeoinnicnded 
to him while at tJoIveston, and upon 
iiiy approval of Iho "hoieo tbiB gentle- 
man was rent for. Itelonging to tho 
profoBslon inyBCIf, and having former- 
ly had much experience In the dlB- 
jeaBCs of Iho South, holh In New Or- 
jlenns and thlB country, I at once felt 
(nlarm for IiIb situation. I took care, 
however, to conceal my fears. Wait- 

ing Iho arrival of Dr. Heard I pre- 
scribed such remedies as the case rc- 
ipilred. Dr. Heard arrived about (I 
o'clock In the evening, when I gave 
bim my opinion of his (flencral How- 
ard's) ciiBC. Informed him what had 
been done, reuuested bIm to stay the 
night and promised that I would re- 
turn again and consiiU fnrlher with 
lilni in tho morning: which was done. 
During the day on Monday 1 was 
iiiuch with r.eneral Howard. On Tues- 
day the same. This day his fever 
abated and no all had confident hopes 
of Ilia recovery. On Wednesday he was 


au well ttiat be sal viii, sbaved biiu- 
bctf, and was to all appearaQCo, and as 
be bliuself thougbt conralesceDt. Tbo 
only unfavorable flymiitoin whlcb re- 
mained wiii an Irritability of tbe 
stonmrb whl.h showed Itself In n dis- 
Rlilllty to rotnin tlio Icnat nourish- 
mont. About niblnlght. however, an 
unrnvorahio chnnirc took place. lie 
lomplainnl of o.xcnirlntlnK pajnH In 
tho 8(onmcU nml thoiiKht he wak gohifi 
to die. Wo wiiB (lipped and n larKC 
blister applied, when he becniiio cnp- 
ier. On Tiuira.lay a little past m.on 
linvinc bad o return of (ho pains of 
llio previous nlirlit— voiiiitlnR took 
plare an<I about a <piart of dark fluid 
was thrown off from tho stomach. The 
pain Biilislded, Iml wc abandoned all 
hope. Tlie "blaeU vomit" could not bo 
mlRtakon. From this timo he rapid- 
ly sank. On Triday niornlnK about 8 
o'clock I called to see him for, as It 
proved, the last time. When I enter- 
c<l bis room he, ns t thought, recog- 
nized mo, and extended bis hand 
which I took, and upon my asking hiui 
how he felt be said feebly, "pretty 
well." and added In a tone scarcely 
audible, "Everything has been done." 
These were tbe last coherent words 
lie spoke. I continued constantly with 


ed and from tbo cltlzeuti of the DClgli- 
borbood. Nothing was omitted, which 
could be done for his comfort. He 
frequently spoke of his wife and fam- 
ily. There was, however, no partic- 
ular mcflfliiKe left by hlui. lie did not 
tliink lilmsclf dangerously 111, and af- 
ter tho fatal symptoms appeared bis 
mind l>e(amo wandering, and his rea- 
Ron wholly impaired. 

lie was Imrled on .Saturday, between 
tiie hours of I'J .M ami 1 :(H> V. M., In 
II private Imrylng proimd near where 
he rcRlded. The Hcv. Mr. Tryon of 
tlio llaritlst cliunh and tho Ilev. Mr. 
Krnney of tho Methodist church per- 
loruicfl tlio religious ceremonies, and 
a very unusually large concourso of 
our cltlr.ens were In attendance. 

Tlio coffin was enclosed In a sar- 
cophngUB of cedar wood in order that 
should it lie tho wlsli of his friends 
Iho body can bo at any future tlnio 
<X)nveniontIy removed. 

On MondAy before his death, while 
In ronversatlon with him, he remark- 
ed that he had commenced a letter to 
yon tbe day previous, but that he 
would wait until he recovered before 
he finished It After his death this 
unfinished letter was found. I have 
sealed K and enclose It 70a herewith. 

I also send enclosed some of his 
hair, which was cut off after his 
doiith for this puriioso, 

n. I). Cruinpler. Kb*)., a rcspoctaldo 
maglBirato of this placo at my rcquost 
In presence of tho Itcv. Mr. Tryon, 
Itr. T. <J. Heard and Mr. Tnylor, took 
fin Inventory of tho valuables, money 
and other properly In (Jcncrsl How- 
ard's poeaesslon at the tluio of his 
death. A copy of this Inventory Is 
likewise encloaed. Tho vnluahlcs and 
money were taken Into tlio care of Mr. 
Crumpler for safe keeping. The 
trunk. Ac., with the clothing wore loft 
In tbo charge of tho family wUU 
Vl^cb lio resided. 

The private papers wore put In the 
trunk. Tho jiuhllc Archives sealod 
and put wltli thorn, 

I wrlto tills In somo haste, and 
thorcforo have to reiiuest you will ox* 
cuse tlio unsatlBfactory character of 
tlie details which It contnlns. I shall 
readily eouiruunlcato any further par* 
tlcplars you nmy wish as far as may 
I'P In luy [lOwer and answer anV In* 
quirlcB, nnd any scrvlco I can render, 
you will piciiso comniand, 

With tho most profound rcspoct 

Vour olwdlcnt servant, 

ANHON joni:h. 

The Hvrrctnru of Rtatc nf Iha lirpub- 

lie of Tcxag, 
To Mra. TUghman A, Howard, Uoeh 
vlUv, Indiana. 

^aaciil} A. Wt\i}\)t 

The next in order of prominence Is 
tho name of Josepli A. Wright. Ills 
early years were spent ui»on a hack' 
wooilB farm, and ho wns compelled to 
rely mainly upon his own exertions. 
He becan life as a farm laborer, and 
by overwork earned tlio means to buy 
a few hooks. What education ho re- 
ceived at srliool was partlnlly paid for 
by bis services as Janitor. At what 
timo ho learned bis trade — that of a 
brickmason — wc can not Bay, hut It 
was learned and followed to somo ox> 
tent. There were chlnmeys In Hook- 
ville, standing solidly nnd substan- 
tially, until twenty years ago, that 
were built by Joseph A. Wright. After 
preparing bluiBolf for tbo practice, ho 
removed to Itockvlllo and finally bo* 
camo a partner of (leneral Howard. 
In 18n.T he was elected to tho State 
Loglslature, nud attracted attention 
by his qualities as a public spoakor 
and thorough nmnner of huslness, Tho 
first ineasuro be Introduced was a bill 
allowing each County to send one 
student free of charge to tbe State 
University, then just established. 

Like Howard, Wright was a con- 
stant and warm patron of institutions 
of learning. He was an active trustee 
of Indiana Astiury Unlvcrflity for tho 
most of ttio tluiQ up to his ftp]>olntment 
as Minister to Prussia. In 1840 ho 
was elected to tbo ^tato Sennto, and 
throe yeors afterwards was elected to 
Congress from this district, which bo 
represented several times. In 194ft ho 
wns elected Governor of Indiana, run- 
ning largely ahead of his ticket In tho 
potltlral race for that i>osltlon. At tbo 
expiration of his term ho wne re- 
elected, again loaning his tickot by a 
largo vote. Governor Wright was the 
last nian to hold ofrioo two torms. and 
he was Oovornor for a longer period 
than any other man who has held that 
office. Shortly after tho expiration of 
bis second term, having achieved a 
National reputation for energy, wis- 
dom and conservatism, bo was appoint- 
ed by President Huchanan, Minister 
to tbe Court of Berlin, a position 
which ho held until the administra- 
tion of Abraham Lincoln In 1801. Com* 
Ing home, he threw the whole weight 
of tats Influence and talent* In tbe 



r>tiM> of the TTnr for th« rnlon. «n.| hl« 
.'«niii|iln niimriK liln nlil rrh'iiilH 111 In- 
illnim wn» nf lii.,il.-uliil,|,- vriliu- lo llic 
luiinlry. Iln nn» npiinlclnl riiltod 
siiid'B Si'iminr. mill in iluit poHlilon 
vMin luiliillint: niHl llilllrlni; In liln 
/ml nil. I di-Millnii 10 Ih.' ohl flni:. In 
IHlii till- l.ftlBliililr.' of Iiiilliiiiii nil- 
llmrl/.i'd tlin forwiinlliii; nf n lilork of 
iiollvi. Miiirl.ln for (ho WiiBhliiKloii 
Moiiiiiiic-iil nl WimhliiKloii Clly. Inil 
|.ro\lcloil no lii«.Tl|ilinn li|.iiii II. liov- 
rrnor WriRlil look llio ri-Biinnnlhllll.v 
of iinivlilluK one. mid. nn oinliod.vliiK 
Ibo miillMicnt of llio in'oplc of liiillnnii, 
ho cmiHOd (0 bo Inarrllind tipon tfiU 
hlock of nmrhlc, "Imllana knows iiu 
Nortli. ni> Soiilh. notlilnu bnt tlio I'll 
Inn," a Bi'iilliiinnt (o wlilrh hn icnioiin- 
|v n.tliTnl to llin dny of liln ilcntli. Mr- 

|inBs»,| awny a l.'w >.<ii» uu. i lmc > 

r.nd lit llin iiruvnt roiiiicnl of Ills wifr. 
wn» iMirlr-.l In Now Knglnnd. 

In lii-raon (iovnnior WrlKllt wns Inll 
and coiniimnrtliii;. wUli a Inrsc, n 
rri.inrknl.lo hiRh forrliond. Hclil rol.ii- 
rd hair, which l.iy thinly on his h/'iid, 
larnc. bliii' oyru, n Ido month, a prom- 
Inont, siirh n» would havo Baf.B- 
fled thn First Napolran. anil ; 
good fc.iliiica. Indlratlvo of iin (i.rr- 
gclh'. vik-oroiia. honest, liii]iiil'.!vc. ni.d, 
nhovo oil, a IhorouBhIy Aiiiorlcan rhir- 
actcr. Ills voice was Btron^- and 
ileor; hiB stylo aa a imbllc sitoUt 






rnrrly elvon 
lioitlilnr. lie was a>-ioil.itcil to ho one 
of tho host Btiiiuii 81.0.TU01S and ono 
of tho moat nrconipllKliod poUtlrinns 
In Indiana. 'Iho nu-chaillo. Inliorcr, 
anil poor man supported and admired 
hliii as tho host representative of tliclr 
Inlere.^itB. as they thought. They had 
faith In hliii in a piihlle man. and re- 
posed full cniifldenec In the Integrity 
of his personal charaetcr. Ills «a- 
garliHis mind. aUvoys on the alert. 
baftllni; the plaim of hia polllloni op- 
ponents, and organizing and dlreetlng 
pollllcal victories, natunilly provoked 
stateiiieutB ilerok-alory to his personal 
ihnraclor. and Inrorrert motives woro 
attrlhuled to many of his public ac- 
tions, lint those days have passed 
away. Tho services of Joseph A. 
Wright have been given to tho Ucpuh- 
lle. Tho iisperlty, rivalry and party 
spirit of his iKilltlciil friends and foes 
havo died -n'llli him ; and, giving a fair 
OBtimate of hla character, no ono will 
Bttrlhuto any unworthy or unpatriotic 
mollvo 10 the puhlle acts of his llfo 
whlrh were glvcD. without douht. for 
the good of tho conimon people from 
whom ho sprang, whom ho loved and 
honestly served. 

When Joseph A. Wright was elected 
<;overnor, he moved lilfl hotiBeliold 
goods through to Indianapolis hy 
wagons, (ieorge t<iiillhi Levi Smith. 
Simoon Smith and Joseph 8tltli haul. 
Ing Ihom across the country. On Lit- 
tle lln.coon about throe miles cast of 
llorkvllle. they stopped and soemcd 
to bo hfivlng some trouble. Alexander 
I'lielt being not far away went to 
where they were and found they were 
having tronhle with a barrel of loft 
snap that had sprung a leak. 

Tho night they arrived In Indian- 
nitolls, Governor Wright, who bad pre- 
reded them with hiB fnnilly. and was 
In office, gave a reception and all 
of these plain, honest, worthy teaiu- 
Slers, who were always his friends and 
snpiMirters, wore In atlondanceat that 
reception and received <'very atten- 
tion that eoiild ho given thorn lo mako 
them feel at •as* and enjoy the oc- 

3iul|u (i9. Duuln 

A t 17.-K) or ITilil, four brolheiB 

nniiieil Davis, landed at Snow IIIII, 
Maryland, fmin Wales. Two of them 
Jie.nme ancestors of Iho Biihject of 
this Bketih. Wllllinu had llireo chil- 
dren. Trmlt liiid eleven children, and 
three of his sons wero killed In the 
llovoliitliinary War. One son. Kll, be- 
cnmo iho falhrr of John. 

Ilobert llavia had ten clilhlren, and 
ono son died In tho war. A daughter 
intrrlod Kll, hor cousin, and becaine 
tho mother of John Olvan. The fnuilly 

foe, to adjust tliolr troubles, and ho 
thereby prevented mii.h litigation, 
imd thus seinred the good will of the 

The rilemls Hfiinkers) wero strong 
In the foiinty, I'enn township having 
hut nine vntcrs not Trlends. They 
wero biB friends. Baying, "John, we 
dont llko thy politics, hut wo believe 
thee Is honest." So they volcd for 

During Ills service as Clerk, ■ law 
roi|iilrcd nn e.Tiimlnatlon of the office 
and a report lo the Court, of llio con- 
dition of the office, Ita record! and 


\ . -J 




removed to riomlng County. Ken- 
tucky, where John wna born Octohor 
111. IHIil. In ISIO tho family removed 
to Indiana and niado a homo In tho 
wilderness of I'nrko County. Ull. sr., 
and Ills sons made tho brick and built, 
probably, tho first brick houso In tho 
County. In llroeno Township. Kll 
gavo to each of his eight children a 
Muarter section i.l' land, llo was a 
llaptlst iiilnlBlor and fnrmor. and 




John iMvan attended the schools of 
those times. In the log school house 
In the wooil.q. llo attended Beho<d 
about six montliB, and afterwards 
taught, lie learned tho three "It's," 
hut was not-antlsfled with tho rc- 
Milts. lie read and studied much and 
became proflelent In the use of the 
best, forceful Kngllsh. He remained 
nn the farm until grown. The day be- 
fore he was twenty-one years old bo 
was elected Sheriff of I'arke ("niiuty. 
In l.'vXI he roBlgned to become clerk 
of the County, which offbe at that 
lime Included the duties of Auditor. 
lie was re-elected eontlnuoiiBly until 
I.VA In the rierk'a office he was al- 
waya rendy to aid anyone, without 

the manner In which they wore kept. 
At the August Term, 18.17, such a re- 
port was iiindo, in which tho condi- 
tion of tho office and roitirds ore 
spiikon of In most flattering toriiiB. 
That report Ib signed by Oeneral 
Tllghman A. Howard. Judge W. 1'. 
Ilryoiit, Colonel Henry Klavens. and 
Joseph A, Wright, (later tJovernor and 
.Minister to llerlln.l Davln was 
brought In contact with a colerlo of 
very brilliant and able men. then resl- 
dcnta of Itockvllle. 

"In IS-'iil, and prior thereto. Iklwnrd 
(Ned) .Mcdaughoy was considered tho 
Invincible man In politics, llo repre- 
sented tho district In Congress. The 
Democrats of tho dictrlct held a con- 
vention at Howling Green, Clay Coun- 
ly. No ono wanted to bo a candidate 
ngalnst McOaughoy. Davis was urged 
to accept, but refused, saying ho had 
had no cxperleneo, and had never 
made a Bpeech In his life, tint the 
convention drafted Mm. Ho defeated 
Mcdnughey. In Ifi.12 he was renomi- 
nated and defeated Wolsoy Harbour, 
a Torre Ilauto lawyer. In IsM tho 
American or "Know Nothing" parly 
waa at Its (trongeit. Darla saa re- 

nominate.!, and Harvey I), Scott, a 
Tcrre Haute lawyer, «a. nominated 
by the "Know .Vollilngs." and the se. 
cret organl/.ntlou defeated Davis. Tho 
orgniil/iitlon caused mobs ami riots, 
and great violence In tho largo cities. 
Us purpose being bi prevent foreign 

In IN.-rfi Iho Whigs nominated John 
I'. Isher. a brllllnnl lawyer (Inter 
Secictary of Interior under Lincoln.) 
and known oa a "broiv. heater." Wo 
say now "" They experled 
hlni lo nwe Dnvia, but he fulled. DaviK 
was elected. Ity 1N.-.S the slavery 
<|uesllon bad eiillned great cnnteiitloli, 
and the Drmo.rnllc parly divided up- 
on It, llreci.enrblge lieing nointnaled 
liy the Slavery nr Adinlnlstrotlon lac. 
Hon In IMKi. and Sleidien A. Douglas 
by the oilier faction. Dnvis reriised 
l.i .il: Mil!! the .\diMlnl"'inllen npd 
Ihc silpiHirtirs of Hint f^icllnn nninl- 
nnted. by trickery, Henry Secrlst, a 
lawyer of HreencaBtle. Davis hecanie 
an IndeiK-ndenl landldate. and defeat- 
rd SecrlBt by oier .I.""" voles. 

John's father hnd frecl his slaves, 
and John Inalsled shivery should not 
he forced ii|«in Hie territories. The 
Administration sent an ngeni to lilin 
t« offer hliu any sum of money, or 
office he wished for Ills friends. Ills 
answer was, "Ho buck and sny that 
Davis Is poor, but the Admlnlstratlnn 
lias not money enough to buy hliii, 
mid he IiaB no poor kin." Of eimrse, 
the power of the AdiiilnlatniHon wna 
used against biiii. 

After Jolin'B term expired he retir- 
ed from politics, desiring notliing so 
niiieli as to be allowed t.i enjoy the 
pea.-o of family and home. He had 
large Interests In I'arke County. In- 
cluding Section 111 In (Jreene Town- 
ahlp. where one man was his (enant 
and agent for 'M\ years. With Colonel 
K. M. Ilcnson he had a l.irge business 
at Monter.iima. They packed and 
shipped piirk lo New Orleans: also 
conducted a large sloie. He sold his 
IntcrcBts nt Montcr.niiia and removed 
to Terre Haute, where with n brolh- 
or-lnlnw. rembroko S. Cornelius, he 
CBtnbllshed a dry goods biislnesB. Hint 
he later sold to P. W. Hnggerty. llo 
hnd a beautiful bnme outside tho city, 
where he lived until his ilentli. on (he 
ISIh day of Jnnunry, IWJI. He mar- 
ried In enrly llfo Jnnc W. Cornelius, 
dniightcr of enrly settlers. Tlioy hnd 
eight children, bnt all died before hliii 
but three, Littleton T., John W.. and 
Xrs. Amanda D. .Mack, wife nf Judge 
William .Mack, who Is the Bolo aiir- 
vlvor of the family. 

In Congress Davis served on Im- 
portant comnilttees. He was cno of 
the chief advocates of the first Ta- 
clflc nilliond. He hnd Inflexible In- 
tegrity as a public official. He had 
n brother, 1:11 Jr., who had been a 
soldier In Hie Illackhawk war. Con- 
gress hnd voted .""il acres In land war- 
rants to those soldiers. After no en- 
tered Congress a bill \\«r. Introduced 
lo give an addlllomil sii seres to those 
men. Ills brother naliirnlly urged 
him to vote for It. He rj'rilsed, sa.v- 
Ing that bo did n"t believe It right. 
He was an efflilenl member, and nl- 
ways on the side of the people. He he- 
lleved In the old democracy- n govern- 
ment of the people, by the people, nud 
for the people, an economic and ef- 
ficient ndiiilnlstrnlbm of all affairs 
of tho people. During his enrly life 
ho was a Captain of the Stiite Mllltla, 
and Btndled military nffnirs. At the 
beginning of the Civil War ho waa 
tendered a romiiilsslon as Major flen- 
ernl of Volunteers In Iho rederni 
Army, hut ho declined, feeling that 
the time for military lorvlee waa pass- 
ed with him. He wna a strong. Ini- 
presalre speaker, lolnf atrnl«ht l« hla 




(in Sntiitor Voor- 
of ininiilN. miii olli- 

I |..lriil III Jiiilp', iirimoimrcd 

1 (h.i Mj.iBl foi.Tnil i.|.r.i,k.r In iho 
„liy. llr »iiH n kln.lly, ioli;:ciilul, 
I Inio rrliiii). ni)»lnill.v, im Ini- 

Imkiifss forever. Ills roiim 

in Bjcrii 

IliL- » iiin 

nti 'he uolili-ii bIo|k-r o( thii 


trnl l>ro| 

•^Inlc. ImU time n"r illi>lnn.i' 

run not 

lo hln l> 

ctrnec from llio innnory or oi 

r iieopir 

tlii-vly, 1 


KlX fll'l. l« 


hroiiil i-li' 

nhli re.l mill 






n K-ioil -per 

n or 

S. 11. 



h lHrO>|fi! 


HIT uns I 

Iliilliri', lllxil 

nil ikIo 



or I'll Ike 

"oiiiily : 1111(1 




hn- or ye 

rn lie Hpent 




ein were 


ly few. 



lilliii tilni 

»llh nn nil 

1 li prill 

e nn 

vim h: 


I Inn 



el entlinslnKin ninl nilinhntlnn. llie 

K Il, rleiir-lilM.liil. lulHllK. oii». iiiii- 

iMllinin nnd lirllllnnl Ned M.dniiKliey. 
Ilifl lilnniplis nl llie l.iir were llie fire- 
slile liilk ot llni»e enrl.i divn. Ills 
ileil;,iil nn.l ehlinlrle .onlesln on Hie 

Hit 1 Ml re llie' nnd Kliny ..! hln 

irleiHls mill the lennr or hln liollllrnl 
enelhleK. In prrKnii lie was nlmnl five 
r.el. He>.n Inrlies In li.-ludil. nlenderly 

le. Iiiid n K.'illnw eoniple.vloii. IIkIiI 

liiilr. wiin lliln-iiKiiued :in.l slliililly 
KloiiiinlioiiMenil. Hln voire nun nol 
iiiellMW or ninxlr.-il lull lind liliont II. n 
niinnl VmiKee l» nnc-elenr. pierelllK 
mill penelnilliif. He wnn n prndliiy of 
Indiinlrv mid energy. I'liv nnd iilclil 

hln nilive mid .nnle nl wiin nn Hie 

iihrl. devnnrll - mid nhnnrhlni; Hie 
prill. IphK of law nn.l pollll.n. lie 
Meiiied 10 dwell enllrely In the recinn 
OI Ihe Ihlelleeliml. Hln mlnil mid 
liodv were dlnproporll.nied ; the 
hnnirry. crnnidnc. nccrinnlve Inlelleet 
ilhl lln work cirnrly. ponllively nnd 
loniphlely. hut nt Hie expenne of n 

delhiit d feehlo ronnlllnllon. IMs 

l.iniM fi.iiied In ontrnn h'n lindy, nnd, 

.nilielv ,11 enrly life. The lendlnc 
ehnrn.ierlntlcn of his mind were crent 
elejiriieKS of mental vinlon nnd nn lin- 


111 nlif 

liilely meihod of menial oper- 
iillon. No nlthln of IniaL'inntion or 
rioneii. of rhetorle adorned hln nrcM- 
meiiin heiore the liar ami Hie people; 
he m.ide i.n effort nt nnindeil perlodn. 
or Hie mere ^rneen of oratory to nt- 
liiel. :iniiiBe or iihane : hnl ii hrlstllni: 
piiinl was In eirly neiilenre, defined 
hy e\nei liinnnjii-e. and enrorced liy 
the power of pure rennonln:;. i;iilier 
knowini; or rnrliiL- noihlni: for II. o 
xennlhimies. hln field of hiiltle, In hln 
Intellcrlunl lontciiiB. wan In the reolni 
of the Inlelleet ond the will, gave 
when at tIriicB ho let fly n clltlerlng 
i;eiilriii-c of narensm or inveetlve. 
whieh eiit rlBht and left like n I>n- 
innniii.s hlnile; or nnalrlied nnd niiilh- 
.d mill l.llnleied ami slilvereil like n 
iiollen hiilt of llclilnlni;. 

Ijlwanl Mrilaiicliey wan Imrn In 

I mill I'nnnty. nml prnrllsed Inw In 

and won ele.led lo Conu'reBn fniiii that 

c oilnly. 
iiImiiiI lie 



Ihe PI 

ship with 
irll.e of 




elerl.d lo l-oncresn while n resldenl 
of lliln ('oiiiily. hnt In a niihseipient 
rare I'nnBrinalonnl honorn wan de- 
fiiiled. He wan niorllfleil nnd rlia- 
L-rlned over hln ilerenl. and It Inrcely 
Inllneneeil lilni In hln delertnlnntlon 
1(1 remove to nnolher riehl. lie turn- 
ed hln (are lonnnlii the nnnnel land, 
and ileiiiiiilneil lo i iinl hln lot and ex- 


I hi 

or ralirnilihi. lo whirh SIrile he Hn- 
ally Weill. lint the overniirlt and 
ilelleale i mint II III Ion nt InnI unve way 
heforo hln rnreer In thai dlnlaiil land 
hiKan. 'riie lamp of hln lire, lirllllnii 

nimit to the Innt, went out 


lil< lalenlu and Ills lirllllnnl iinbllc 
nenice, or nhale. the HI he of n hair, 
onr ehilni that hla n^hes nnd Ills fame 
nrc the commoii properly of the pec- 
I lo of I'nrke Cininiy. 

Willtum y. iLlriiiiut 

Their wnn still nnothcr who bole 
and made an lionorahle imrl ill the 
hlnlnry of I'nrke County— Jnd;;e Will- 
mm I'. Ilrymil. He came to our Conn- 
ly a few yearn liefnre <;ciiei-iil How- 
iml, mid lived here hniKer than How- 
ard. WrI-'lit 01 MiclnuKhey, He form- 
id a pnrinershlp wlili (leneral How- 
ard, and the two ioiiBllliit"d n firm of 
inrr nidlliy and InflueiKe. The career 
of Judse Ilrynnt lay In a different ill- 
rertion to that or cither ot hln lllin- 
irloiis eoiiipecrs, hnt though less hrll- 
Hani, It wnn perhnpn more nuhntantlal. 
They nniiKht Inriuenre, posMon and 
Iho ends of nmlilllon In the orten un- 
lerialii and nnsallsryliu: Held or Stale 
mill Nnllnnal polltha: he prelerred 
Ihe less nhowy, hill more Bolld honorn 
iir Ihe Imr mid lieneli. Not averse to, 
and not unncipmlnted with the hln- 
lnry and prlnrlplen of polllhn. yet he 
looked lo those ponltloiin ot lecal din- 
I Inn Inn lo nallnfy whatever mnhltlnn 
he miy Imve had. He eonllnued In 
Hie prnelli-e or hln piofennlon linlll 
nlioiil the yinr ts.-ki, when ho wnn np- 
liolnled elder Innllce of Orecon Ter- 
ritory. He ills.harced the dlltlen of 
llinl offi.e with ahlllty nnd nileeenn 
rnr A nnioher of .venrn, nnd returned 
to hln old home In Parke County. 
.Mioiil the year IS.M or I.V..-. he wnn 
rleiied .liiilco of Iho .Tildlela) Circuit 
or whlih thin County wnn n part. Af- 
ter reilrlni.' rroiii the henili, ho remim- 
iil the prarllre In ivhhh ho continued 
unlll hln death. -ludKe llr.iyonl win 
fully nix reel, three Inches In stntnro. 

I of srnnd mill mnnnlvo phys- cd ureal enpnclty nnd power, lie wnn 
rtlonn. Hln mind wnn akin IndiiBtrlonn, nnd his rnnen nli'iwul 
dy In ntrililnre. II worked clnliorale nml inriliil llioiiKlit. 

It In the liinln, surely. It Tlioiii;li i arr, In,; w lih nlinn.i , „n. 

8lniitly n dniieaiior of lloman ilumiv 
nnd nirinmsn. he won naliiially kind- 
hrmted mid ImliilKenl. He wan nl- 
most an llnplii.ahle enemy, hul the 
lies vvhieli hound lilm lo n friend were 
nlioiiL- nnd pure nn tlione that knit 
hnvlil mid .iMumliiill loi:ellier. Tim 
heller part or hln lire wan npi lit In 
I'nrke County, mid like Ihone or How- 
ard, his ashes sleep within her Inir- 

(ijriirrir SClrli^utrtdt tJ'lrrlr 

In the mnlerlal developnu nt "t 
I'llrko Coiinly no man did no mm h iin 
tienernl (k-.rce K. Steele. He 
the eonlemiKiraryorchminey Hone, mid 
llko Hose he wan n man oi Kreal "ii 
lerprlse and puldli- nplrlt. .lolin II. 
Ileadlc Klves the rollowhlL- l.loi,.aphy 
In Ills History of I'arke county 

"tienernl i;e.iri;e K. Steele wan thn 
son of Sniuuel and .\lory SlrcH, nnd 
won iKirn near Sprlniiriehl, Dhhi, No- 
lemlier •.'.-.. isiis. At nn early ho 
moved with his linrenlg to (jreene 
County, Ohio, nnd In ISL'I innie lo 
I'nrke County, nettllnii ncnr where 
I'ortlmid Mills now ntnndn. Here he 
nnslnled hln father nnd lindhern III 
rIearlilR n mnil till hs.'.-i. After thin, 
for awhile, ho Immht neliool, nnd rroiii 
liiln lime to l.'tL'S was elerk in tlie 
proniieronn store of Col. Monen lloli- 
liliiB, In IIOBCvlile. DurhiK thin limn 
lie mndo n I rip earh nprlnu to New 
(IrlenllB In rhnrne ot rlalbouts. In 
\K» he entnhllshed n store nt .Mnns- 
field, contlnilInK In thin Imnlnrss en- 
tirely, except wlicn cnpaKed In piihllc 
biiBlncss, tintil 1.s.'t.M, when he tiecniuo 
owner of tlio .Mnnarield iiillln, whlcii 
he ran In lonneilion with Ills store 
(ill ISIO. He tiicn disposed of Ids 

nd his build wu In proportion, nii\l(- 

could hardly ho said ot iilni that his property nnd moved lo lloikvlllo. In 

mliiil wns loKlrni. Ho had n coinpre- l.s.1.-., nenerni Kloele wns chosen lo 

henslvo, rntlier Ihnn niuto Intellcet, represont I'arko County In tho 8Ulo 

and when Ihoronghly «roti»od, illiiiUy- Loglslaturo, tnit ro-oloitcU In I8.1<I, At- 


Irr IhlH 111' B.i'vod ninny Iniitw In Uio 
Slnti- I.OKlHlnhirc iind Sinio Soiuilp. 
Ih' wiiH n frlcnil or mlncntlnn, iiKrIcul- 
Km: nn<l nil lu-ni'vuli'nt IniXKnilnnii. 
Ill' volnl for .tnclo.on. nnd iiiion (lie 
liliMh of Ihf WMb pmrly ho.niiic .uu' of 
IlK nilhiMi'nlB. nnd llnw miuilni-d uri- 
III 111,- oi'L-Hnl/allnn nf llu' llrp^il.lli nn 
l.iii'ly, wli'-n ho Jolnnil ll, lln WPI8 n 

d. loKiiln 10 oni'li Nntlonnl llo| llr-nn 

I'onvonllon. Ili' nnn Infln.'ntlnl In tlio 
iioiiiiniillon of Abrnlinni Lincoln in 

When (lonoiiil Slivlc niond lo 
lloclivlllo In ISIll lie onKilBOd In im-r- 
ciinlllo iHirsnllH for llino yonrs. lie 
ihili niwlRlod In llii- OBlnldlslniiont of 

I ho I'nikp roiinly llntik, of whirli he 
«n» choHon I'rosldonl. nnd nnnmilly 

h'lli'd 10 lllln poBlllon nil isd'l. 

when IhlH Imnl. mrriind Inlo llio TliBi 
Snilonni llnnk oi' lln.kvlllo. Mo «ii« 
HKiiln .'hOKon I'lTBldonl nnd hold tlio 
l.oBlUiin iinill ISTI. whon lio docllnod 
In lodd II lonL'iT. Ilo look nn mllio 
InlcT.'Bl In nil tli.' rnllronds In Iho 
rounlv, OBi.iTlnlly 111.' pn-Bont raid 
iiiiiiiInK Ihroiiuli llnrkvlllo. which 
»n» .•..inplPliil hy lil» nBalBliiii.o, nml 
ho iMiB I'hoBi'ii BU|M'rlhl>'ndi'iit of (ho 
lloiktlllo dhlKlon of Iho rood. Al Iho 
nnllncaU of Iho wiir, In isdi. Ilonoriil 
Sioolo. holoK n iiipnihor of Iho Sonnlo. 
look u do. Idod Binnd for llio I'nlon. 
Ilo offitod roBolnllonB npilnBl ni'ii- 
in.lily. Hhlih wore Boni In llio I'itbI- 
di'iil of Iho rnlli'd Slnloa nnd llov- 
onioiB of nil ihi' SlnloH. A nioilon 
ivn» inndo In Iho s.nilo'to print 'J.^hi 
I'opliH of ilnvornor Mnrton'B flrsl nnd •-•.nnii roplos of WnBlilnx- 
loii'H I'ni'oHoll AddioBK. (ionovnl Sioolo 
lootod 10 iiiiiond till' motion by nddlng 
•.'.iniD rnpliB of .liirkBon's proclniiinllon 
oil niilliflinllon. 'Iho niiionilnii ni wnn 
iidnpii'd. Sovon UoprosoiitnllvoB nnd 
bI\ Si'ilnlorx woi'o nppolnloil In moot 
l.lninln nl the Sinto lino nnd wolooiiic 
hinj to Indliinn. Conoral Sioolo wnR 
ohoBi'll pri'sidont of Iho ooniiolltoo, 
iinil to innko Iho nihlrosB of wolioiiio. 

I I In Bpooih nnK polnlod. oloipionl nnd 
opprnprlnto Al llio roiiinionroiiiont of 
Iho wnr (loni'rnl Sli olo wbb offorod 
Iho loniiimiid of n rocimont. hut, ow- 
liiL- to III lioiilth mill sovoio nfrllotlon 
In hiB fiiiiilly. wnB .oiiipollrd lo do 
.lino till' liiinnr. In iho f.ill of isill 
ho Borvi'd OB I'olonol of Iho i:id reel 

iiioni for n II hiil nn Bocniint of 111 

hinllli roBltiiod tlio ooniiiilBBlon and 
rohpnod homo. Soon nftor this I'.ov- 
ortlor Morton npimtntrd him nB n niom- 
hor of hlB Blnff, with Iho roiiiinlBBloii 
of lolotii'l. Hhloh ho hold 1111 Iho olono 

iiiiin of wido ovporloiioo. oMopbIvo in- 
fnrmiition, iintlrhiK onoruy. nr-llvo 
piililli' Bplrlt nnd pntrlotio dovntlnn lo 
hln rnllnlry. Ilo hoiniiio wonllhy nnd 
dill, iiorlmpB, iiioro tlinn nny otlior 
mnn of hiB dny for I'nrko foiinty. Ilo 
dlod In ToiTo llniilo Mny 7, ISTP. 
whoro ho hnil rosldod for tliroo yonrB- 

Aiiatiit ifl. yiirtt 

AiiBlIn M. riicit wiiB n promlnoiil 
linn In Iho BfrnliB of I'Brko County 
mill tlio Stiito Bovoiity yoiirH iiRO. Ilo 
iiBl.lod hrro frimi Iho onrlliBl dnyB of 
Iho foiinly until tlio fivll Wnr, whon 
h.' iiinvod to I'ntnnni fniinty. Mr. 
I'lii'lt iniirrlod n' Bl»lor of Josopli A. 
W'rL'lil. Ilo WBB not only nrtlvo. hut 
iiioKl BcL-riBBlvo In iiolltioB nnd throw 
nil of hlH prcnt onoriry nnd ontliiislnsiii 
into ovory flulit wnRod hy ollhor fJon- 
ornl llownrd or liovornor WriRht, who 
roRBrdod him nfl the falthfnl nnd ef- 
fhlonl followrr Ihnt ho wiib, Ilr wn» 
n lonilor In Iho prnillonl work of ovory 
rnmpnlBn, nlwnyB flchllne for the 
lioniocrntio pnrly. and ho nlso filled 
varlona ofricOB— Sheriff. Treas- 
iiror, Ciinnl Tnistee and State Senator. 

In oonncctlon with Austin >r. rnctt it 
will bo of interoBt to know more niiotit 
n I'nmlly that from the very hrglunlne 
of rnrke t'onnly to the prcBont dny 
liBH niwn.vB boon prominent in the 
Domoorntio pnrly. 

Aiuonp: the onrly settlors to ooiiio to 
(lie Territory of Indiana wns Colonmn 
I'uott, who moved with Ida fniiilly 
from North Cftrollnn In Monroe Conn- 
ly In ISITi. \*incennefl wns thoir nenr- 
ost town, 'rlie oountry wns allvo with 
Indians and they wore n sonri'o of ter- 
ror to tho women nnd children. Two 
or three years Inter his brother, .Tos- 
eph rnett, moved to Monroe County. 
v\binit 18Li2, Coloinan ruott enmo from 
Monroe County to Pnrko County, 
hrlnRlnR his wife three Bona nnd two 
dnilfhters. Tho lioys were Kllsha, 
.Tobnaon, and Ale.iandcr I'uott. Kllshn 
I'liett later went to Texas, whoro be 

illuriialiaB C. ifiiililm 

It will 1.0 nil yours the Ith of Oe- 
tohor Blme Itnrnatms Coffin llohlia waa 
horn. Tho onrly days al.out hl» fath- 
er's honrtb nt Snli Indiana, Iho 

short terms of srhonl In n los cabin 
school house and later Iho Ions ses- 
sions nl the foniity Academy, where 
lie studied llie so-called "common" 
brauclics nnd Ureok and I,nlln— these 
all loKOther luako a most refrcsliInK 
Btoiy of a iirnniielni; hoy. 

When Ilarnnbns C. Ilobha entered 
Cluclunali CnlleKe In 1.s.'17, he had de- 
\ eloped already some of the penetra- 
tion Into truth which so Btnint'ly 
itinrkoil his Inter life and he showed 
too. tho dotornilnod perBonallty which 
made hini able to bo a tonrher. On 
eutorluB oolioKe ho chose nn elective 
rntlier than a rogtilar course, and 

lived and died, lie wna In the .Mcx- 
linn war. nnd In all the luluclpal hnl- 
llcB of (ioncral SiiiIIb canipniKn, lie 
bail one son killed In Tcxbb hy the 
Indians while rnriyluK dispatches 
from one a ,iiy post to another. .lohn- 
son and Alexander I'liett lived and 
died ill rarke County. Austin M. 
I'ncit, son of .liiscph .M. I'uett nlso 
came lo Parke County mid umrrlrd 
I.iicy, tho oldest dnmihler of Coleiiinn 
I'uett. In isil Auatln M. I'uett'B wife 
died nnd a year or two Inter he nmr- 
viod Amy Wrlfht, sister of Oovernor 
WrlKht. Ale.'sander I'llell wns one of 
tho pnrly of surveyors who laid out 
the State rond from the Wahasli Ulver 
lo Indbinniiolls. Johnson ruott mar- 
ried I'ntay .\ofl. 'i'helr youniiost sun, 
KllBlia A., Is Uvlnit In Ixmg Ileach, 
California, shclhy ('. I'lictt and Mrs. 
I,ui-y Itnles, son nnd danghlor of Ale.v- 
ander Tuott, are residents of lloek- 

hourilInK school nt Mount I'leilannt, 
Ohio, nnd remained nt the head ot that 
Innlltutlon until 1n:i|, when ho mar- 
ried Ilcliocca Tnluiii, "tho boantlful 
Utile tjnnker maiden" ns bIio was call- 
ed, nnd removed lo Ulchmond, Indl- 
ann. Ilo estnlillshcd a school thoro 
nnd conducted It four yenrs with 
lunrkod sipcobb. 'i'lio Society ot 
I'ViondB then oslnlillshed n school, of 
whicli bo wns made superintendent. 

In IS.-,i ho wns chosen superlnlond- 
ent ot lllooiuliiL'dalo Acnilemy, whoro 
he ronllnuod for fifteen yenrs. In ISiIll 
he wns nppolnted by llovernor .Mor- 
ton, a member of the board of Inis- 
lees of tho new State Normal School, 
which iK.sUlon he held until bis death. 
The same year ho wns cleeled tho 
first I'rcBldonl of Knrlham CoIIoeo. At 
the end of two ycniB he wns olcclod 
Sinto Suiirrlnlondeut of I'nbllc In- 
struction nnd resided In Indianapolis 
durhiK Ills lonii of office. In 1S7I ho 
retired from the depnrtment nnd mov- 
ed to Itloomlnfidnle, where be agnln as- 
sumed i-hnrBc of the .\cndeiiiy. 

In 1S71) tho Krleuds of America 
wore moved lo send ii niesBaRO lo 
Alexnnder, the Kniiiernr of UubbIb, 
nnd another to Wllllnm, tho Kmperor 
of (iirmnny. I'i-i,r,'s«or Ilohhs wns 
chOBon to iM-rforiii tho mission. At 
St. I'otershurK ho left with the I'riino 
Sllnlflter n nieiuorlnl, which nrned that 
the Mennonltes of the empire— n sect 
consclentioualy opposed to wnr — 
nilnbl he relieved fnuu military ser- 
viro. At Ilorlln Professor Ilolibs ino- 
sented lo the Crown Prince a memor- 
ial which advoealeil the settlement of , 
Intornnllnnal disputes liy arbltrnllon, 
inther Ihnn hy war. l-'or aomo years 
be worked li, tho Interest of the In- 
dians In .North Carolina nnd Tennes- 
see. He uinde enumeration of Iho 
1 herokees of the reservation nnd de- 
termined their slinro of the nppor- 
tlonmonls of revenuo atitborlncd by 
the tJcneral CimKress. 

Thronshoiit his lifo an earnest nd- 
vocoto of the principles of tho Soelcly 
of I'Vlends, llarnnhns Tlohbs, as has 
been elniiiied was the best Informed 
mnn of his dny In tills country on tho 
doctrines ot tho Society, Certain It Is 
he was one of Its most loftlcal preach- 
ers. Ills record as a minister alono 
shows a full enough life for one of 

hence was not ellirlblo to tho honor of 
n doBi-ce. on bis wlthdrnwnl In is.'m, 
thollBli he w»B recoBlilzed na poaaesa- 
InB all that la Implied hy a Ihoroush 
coiloBe trnlnInK, nml auhseipienlly re- 
ceived a uiBster doBrec from Wnhnah 
ColicBc nml the CnlvorBlty of Indiana. 

It wns this pioneer Insight and 
rcailcBBUCss which led him to enconr* 
npe cbaiincey lloso to fotmd a Pol.v- 
tri-hnlc school at Terro llnute. Uo 
eucnuraBcd the hlBher education of 
women and was parlleulnrly Interest- 
ed In llryn Mnwr ColleEO. It was this 
pioneer spirit In mctbods that nindo 
the reputatlim of his work auionB tho 
schools of Indiana pcnetrnto even to 
llcrniany. so that a (lermnn profesaor 
lertiirhiB In WaBhlng'on. n. C, spoke 
of the piilille schools of Indiana as be- 
ing the finest In tho United Btatcs. 
"nnd this Is due," he said, "to a roan 
named Itarnahns C. ITobbs." 

In 18.10 he assumed charge ot • 

us, perhaps It was tho crowning ac- 
tivity ot hiB crowded life, lie died In 
Illooiiilngdnle, .'nno 22, 1802. 

Tho personal appearance of Harn- 
abas C. Holihs suBgcBtod at once the 
benevolence that characterised bli life. 
Uls hair was snow white, from early 


iih..„,l tf, nl,l Hi:.-; Ill" IflllUM,! noro 

ruK-K' il. Ill" i>''» I'll"' «i"^y ""'' l''"^!"'" 
Ink- iMi.l.r hniv)- lip.«»: IiIk holulil 
iMin nlionl .'. r.-ol. II Iw hfii. Ilo liorc 
11 rcrnnrkjihlr IIUi'Ik-kh In Wllllniil K. 

JTumiirl 3f. Iflaxiiirll 

JihUi' Siiiiiii.'l r. MiiNvirll niiK an- 
iitliiT (if Ihp .■..n»|ili"iMi« niPinli.Tii or 
lilt- cnily (if I'lirlio rminly. Up 
»nH (III' iiiipll nr lli'vviird In tlio Inw 
hiiHliiiHR mid pniliuiU or tho coilrlll- 
ni'KK mill llioniMKliiii'KX "lilrli •'■mr- 
n.liTlznil Iil8 I'MihiPnl iincpiilnr. lie 
«,ii. Iiorii 111 INIT, lit MiwIlKnn, Inilliinn. 
null wnH •'rtiirnKd nl llloiiiiilnclon. Up 
rniiiii to lln.uvlllp In \x\'.i. nml ontcrrd 
llip orriip of (iPiipnil lloiiniii, ■■ n 
.lii.l.Mil nf II.P Inw nil. I. lit tliP pon- 


• Iil.'.loii lit liln |ir<'|.;iinliiri hIiiiIIps, cn- 
l.'iiil (lip i.riipll.p In llip County. In 
thiip IIP lipi.iiiip iiiiHHPimpil or a irnnil 
in'iiillip iinil linil II rinc rcinilnllMii an 
II iiiiin nr Inlpcilly ami a Bound and 
iin iinilp law.vpr. I'Pi'lMipii none or our 
liiiiipi'x, rinni llip ilalp nr IiIh dpalli. 
had II iniirp cnni|ilp|p niaslPry of llip 
|Mln.'l|.|iH or nppcliil plpadlni; than 
.lilill,-!- MiiMnll. or a nioip iPllnbIc and 
iiilnlnphpnslip kn-mlcilKP or the liiw 


ni law i.r ilisppol loiiip Into exlulpnpp 
In I.ViJ. .Iiidiip MnMiPll. a« one or Ihp 
Iniiiinon l-lpns .PiidKH ot the StntP, 
wan inllpil ii|iiin. In .•oiiiliion with 
ihpiii. to pxmiiliip Ihp.ip npw •latiitPB. 
and fo'innhitp that KrPat ni:i<i<i nf lin- 
l.orlmil iiilps of law frowlm: out of 
(.Inlnlory ponm rue linn, which l> Hip 
haaiR of nur indp i.iaill.p ami SlalP 
law of rpal piopprly. Ills lahorsMn 
Ihla rpgard worn of Ihp IiIrIipiiI liii- 
liorlanpo In Hip |ipn|ilp nf IhP StiilP. 
and caBt u|inn lila ahouIilPrB thp crpal- 
PBl rPBiinnnlhlllly. Up pnnllniiPd on 
llip hrnrh iiiilll thP ypni- ISi.M, when 
ho rpaimipd tliP prarllrp of law and 
at oncp iniiiiiinndPd a widp pinrllcp. 
Ilo wan afral.lp In dpiiipanor. nn n- 
rppdlnply nprppnldp poiiipaninn, full 
of rpiiilnlHPpncp, wll. wiailoni and bop- 
lal BliiPnItlPB. Up wa« pupprlally kind 
and ponwldpratp to lltp yonnnpr at- 
lornpvB. Up Invllpd IhPir ronfldpupo 
and Rave tlipui. wllhniil dint or rp- 
miinprnllnn. valnahip liiBlruptlon and 
advh'p whrnpior Ihpy clinao lo a»k It. 
HlB dPath In 1S77, waB unpxppctPd. 
and was dpplorpd hy a larRo rlrpln of 
Hip piihllp, n-hnin hn had acrvod 80 
fnllhfnlly and pfriclpnUr. 

Dttlllft i5. fllllXlllfllJ "7 

liavid II. Maxwpll, for many ycara 
Hip honnrpd NPBlor of Ihp Pftrke 
Coiinly liar. connpptPd It. until 
hlB dPiiHi a few ypara ago irith Itl In- 

iprPBtlnu and IiimiIiioiib pan!. It wai 
cntlrply flltlnK that lip Bliniild hav. 
dono BO. IIP naa ii Kpnllpinan of th' 
old BPhool. InliPrPiilli |v.BBPii«pd ol 

lilp nui rarncil, dl 
o hpiirh and har, i 
MP nf prartlral Id 
d. IIIB iirofpBBlo 


dpnied lillii t« tbe h«arti of hli luiar 
friends, who as ho approached th« 
BiinBPt of Ills loiiK and UBcfnl life, tin- 
i-rrply wlBhpd for hliii "urcat loRKtU 
nf days," and niKin hla death Sept. 
i;i, liii>:i, paid reverpnt Irlhuta to hli 

i^arrlniiii 3). IRirr 


J. iii.<< 

Ihp irodlllniial dli:nlly thai phnrncler' 
Izpil hiB prorenNlon w hPn Howard and 
Wrlnht were Its Ipnilluu piPlnhpia In 
l-arkp I'oiinty: ypl ho roadlly adiiplPd 

waachnrai-tprlr.pd Iiy a mental and 
al IntPBrlly, which kept hliii 

to his ponvli'tlonB and BtendfaBt to 
official oath. IIIb probity of char- 


IiIh pnifpsK 
wiiB horn li 
AiiKURt 7. I 


ctionl" and kept actor, hiB le^al leiirnlnR, hla unralllnR 
IctiiniidB or coiirtCBy and unohBtniBlve manner en- 

man In I'arke Coiinly tor nearly flfly 
ypaiB. will born In Shelby Cininly, 
Kenlni-ky, Auk-usl J."., IKj;i. ,\rter at- 
tending Wabafih Cotli-uo two yeara, he 
laliip lo llorkvlllo to atildy piodlclne 
In the ofllce or Dr. .lamcB I.. .Mien. 
He Hiipjilrliicntid thcHO Htiullca with a 
courHO of Iccllin 8 In LnnlBVllle. Ken- 
Iniky, and In Jerftraon Medical I'ol- 

liKP, I'hilndplphla, fr which Inill- 

iMlluu lie tiii'lui'li'a In l.llll. 

Ill October of thp year ho conipletPd 
Ida mrdlral edmallon. Dr. Illi-c waa 
marrlod lo .Mies .Na.y Moxley, of 
Shdhyrllle. Kpntiu-ky, a doiiKlitor of 
Hon. (JporRO ,Mo.\le.i', who wiia ppiin- 
Inent In the affolrs or Kentucky. They 
at oni-e t-aine to llockvllle whore ttioy 
resided until their death. Dr. Illee 
prai-tlced aa the partner of Dr. Allen 
until tlip death of hla preceptor In 
I.N.-I7. He lopldly rose In bis Iirofet- 
sliili. For more than twenty-five yeara 
lip lunlntalned a i:re iter influenco In 
It than any other physician of Weal- 
irn Indiana. He was called to all the 
Biirroundliif; t'ountles on illstant trips 
Hint taxed the endnranco of oven a 
n an of hla perfect phyBli-al manhood. 
I'loiii isi'iii to 1S7II prhCB wcro re- 
niunpratlve and one fee of $l,-t."iO was 
piild him In a sluKle case. During Dr, 
IHi-c's prartlce he had an office In hla 
door yard (shown clBewhero In an 
old iditurcl and In this offleo mora 
than twenty students at different 
times were under his Instruction. 

Dr. Utco w-OB phartor monihor of 
Iho I'ariio rounly Medical Boclcty, • 
member of the Stalo Medical Society 
and of the Ksculaplan Society of lh« 
Wabash Valley, Ilo was as reniarkablr 
Bui'ccssful In huslnets M h« ««§ In 

I Id II. 



IIIooiidiiRlnn, Indiana, 
i. He was (dni-ated at 
llip SlalP I'nlvpr.ilty at lllooinlnRtou, 
whpre he piirsiipil hla stildlPB with 
dial ppi'slBlpnie and InlclllReni'O char- 
ailprlBib' of the man. Arter flnlshlni: 
hla pol pgc courfle he came to Itoi-k- 
vllh- In ISI.-., anil entered the offhc 
of Wriu-ht and .Maxwell nr. n atudenl, 
lint arterwaid cradimted from the 
Law -•Jphnnl nf the .siiite Inlverslty In 
ISIU. lie relilniPd lo llorkvllle iind 
PUCnRPd In Hip praillrp In whlrh he 



For twenty yenrB prior lo Ida de.illi 
Mr. Maxwell was a.ssoi-laled with his, Howard -Maxwell. In ni-tlvc praiv 
tlcp or his prnrcBulou. Ills apllvo prac- 
llpp nr ."lit ypaiB was the InnirPBt per- 
Ind of any lawyer wbn has hern ii 
nipiiilier of thp I'arkn Cniinlv har. 




trloiiB rpndpr nf tlip law and Ida Indns- 
Iry alone produced practlral rraulla. II 
devploppd and habltuiilpd a mind of 
fine nalurni pndowmenls. to loRlcal 
and analytical niPthnds of a Bupprlor 
nrdPr. He had Ihp Inwyprs' best »irt, 
the fnpulty nf clear Blalpment, sup- 
portPd by an ample and aceuratp 
knowlpdRp acunlrPd by years of palns- 
toklnB reflecllon. It was rcfresblnR t( 
bis brnlher lawyera In hear the Nes- 
tor of tho I'arke f'ounty bar quote at 
w-lll, and especially when occasion re- 
nulred Iho iii.ixlma and elementary 
prlnclplea of the law with precision 
and clear inalRlit as to appllctalon. as 
ho teamed them years ago at the feet 
of the Oamallels of our bar, and by 
peralBtent and li>t«IllcenC study and 

UlBilSO.'l J, IICC, 


Iiln |.roriH»loil. llo KM loMK 01,1. of tlio 
l.n.llTi); |l,nio,iiil» or liMllni,.i, nnsor- 
liiOil »llh WriKlil. lli'iiilrlrkK, Voiir- 
l>i'c'H iinil M<'l>'i|inl>l. In INTI Un wu» 
III.' iviiiocr.ilii- lamllclnlL' for <'"n- 
t;i.>,«, but the illHlrlit «ii» hi-inily Ho- nnd lir wiis (k'lialcil. ul- 
llinnBh he iiipiil.' a RlilPiidM iiinvnsH. 

llo wn» u |.l Ik- nii.l .•rro.Ui.- 

KIK'iikiT. IIIH ndilroKS on 111.- orciislon 
of the la.Mnt; of Ih.' i oinorBlono of the 
rnrlci' Cuiiuly court h"ii«c. SimiIomiIum- 
II. IsTli. wiiB a ninmorpli'cc In illrlloii 
iiiHl il. Iiv.'ry. llo wiiM 11 Miohil.or of 
(ho I'ri'Bl.jK' rhiirili, to wlil.h. i\k 
will DH 1.1 olh.M- ihiinhrH. Iio wnn ii 
llliiMul lontilhulnr. lor tin yonrB ho 
wim innulor of I'lirkL' l.oilto No. s 1'. 
mill A. M.. llhd una llluh I'lloat of 
I'lirko llo win 11 KiiluMii 
'I'oiiMiliir nnd lonir Blood nl tho linid 
of tho .Mns.inii- iiiiioniic, .1. .1..., 

Iir. llii'C wAn till rnthiiHlnstlo RjiorU- 

loiiii. n Konlloi.innly, .0 iinloMuhl,- 

iiiiui, with wlioii. It wuh u |ilon«iiri! to 
to 10 ilio flolil <.r 10 InlK ovor tho opl- 
Rodoh of liunllna or flshliis. llo win 
lOinlly In Ilia bonrini:, with Iho dlK- 
nlly ami cnur of iiinnnor thnt olmr- 
iiolorlzoil tho ronl i;oiillonion of hln 
(•(Moinllon llo wnfl mrlklniily hiind- 
Hi>!no :i 111:111 who »onlil ntlrncl iillon- 
lion iiiii.niK Iho most dlatlnenlshod of 
llio inoii of bis tlhio. 

Thoini.s N. llhn wns for forty yciirs of tho forolnOHt 1:1011 of I'arUo 
roiiiily. llo WiiB horn of Konlm-liy 
|inirniiii.'o, iionr Wavolniid. Ho oiiiiio 
Ih lloikilllo 10 sliidy law In Iho offloo 
III liavid II. .Mn\woll, iind look n lomil 
foiirsi at Iho I.oiiuilllo rnlvornily !«•• 
loro hiK nilnilsslon lo tho liar. Whil.' 
mil an uliiiiinini of imy InslltiKlon of 
loiiriiliiK, yoi .Mr. Ui.o wa« a ihiMHioal 
ni'liolnr of no t^inall ronown. nnd ImU 
II iirnfonnil knowlcili.'o of polite liter- 
alnro. The ;;roat oplr |ioola, llonior 
and .Milton, wore Ms fuvorllo nnthorB. 
and ho could ipioto from Jicni with 
iiumlorly effort. .Mr. lilio entered ii|i- 
011 a Inrno and liior.itlvo pr.ictlcc nl- 
I. mat nl once. He liehl the office of 
I'rosoinllnit Atiorncy when Judge 
llrynni wai on the henoh. In ISi'fl be 
fnnnrd a imrtnersblp with Jnniei '1'. 
.'lohnaton, which for ir.anjr ycara con- 

lltmi.l. He ably repretiontej this 
roiiniy In llio I,oi;lfllnlm-o. both In the 
Iliiiirio and Honato. Mr. lUco had innny 
of Ibe cbarni'ierliitloa of a Rrent law- 
yer, llo never rofnaod a litlRnnt'a 
I'liRo borniifln It waH n closo one. Ho 
had no fonr of Kottlnn honlen. The 
niorn dCii[iernto tbo case tho .tnoro nn- 
tIrInK nnd detcmilned wore his of- 
forti, Mr. UIco apprcclatod humor, 

anil occnalofinlly ii»,.,| u wllh H|,|oiiilld 
ro».iliB before roiiriB and Jiirlr,. or 
aliholiiloly pure llio, i.f iho bluln-Bt In- 
loKrlly. of conlnl. klmllv. rharlliihio 
illRlioHlllon, ho waa romioclod and 
admired by all hla hrethorn of Ibo bar. 
Thomas .V. lib,, was a palrlot wli.-n 

It oonio.s to Iho Irm nnlnu- of thai 

iior.l an it api.H.i. lo tbo ilally walks 
of llio. Ho iinsolllshh rtovol.-il hlin. 
a.-lf to Ibe willnro of I'liiko c-onnly 
and linrliciilarly lo Iho iiiibiilbllni: of 
the Coiinly ao.ii. Ill, ,ii,|,||,. ^,,|r|( «„, 
nrralor porbapB than Ihnl of any pub- 
lic man of biB Kinorallon. Krery 

11101 eiiioiit for Iho I lovoiiM-nl of Iho 

oomniiinlly. morally or Inlolloitimlly 
loiiiid III him an nilliiiBliihllc mho. ale. 
llo HOB promlnont In .biinli ami .><iiii- 
.lay Bcliool work. Hn ii.lvo.alod Kood 
roiida for llio Connly. vooil alreols for 

money to any ntlompl lo cot n.ldlllon- 
nl rnlli'oada nnd other ndvantaKon for 
Ibe lown which ho so Innu honoie.l by 
hlB citizenship. TbonioR \. Kloe w.ib 
8 mail wh.iae life nilnbl well he taken 
lis n crllerlon of iiood cltl7.onshl|i. \\c 
died. Noiomlier ;i, limi. 

.llaiiim CT. .i<iil)iunuii 

.V Blurdy and nnbine obara.ler waa 
.lames T. JolniBloil. If incaRilro.l hy of srholarshlii, as bo some- 
Mines waa hy those who wore unable 

Itolaibllcali iiomliiatluii for 
111 IVHl, rorohlnn ilioiiK mipiiort. In 
ivi.l bo R.-rvoil as Sinio foiiiman.l. r 
of Iho (lii.nil .\riiiy of the llopiibll.- 

ami ho r ii.ntly Biiccossflilly c:ln- 

lUsRod llio Slate In Hie InteroBlfl of Ibe parly, llot-lnnlni; wllbnnl 
liionoy ami wllhniil InlUnnllal filoiids 
ho nllaliioil hk-b p.-BllInn In llio law 
ami 111 pollll.B by lilH oiioriiy, porBo-' and will. IIU onr.-cr nffoida 
amilbor alrlkliii: llliisir.illon of what 
may bo ao.onipll.Hlii-il nnd what may 
bo ovoroomo If one l.i |ioBS.BBod of Ibo 
BlrrllliK .pialllloR of .IniiioR T. Johns- 

A few .\oniB l.oforo Ibe .Icolh of .Mr. 
Johnaloii. blR parlnor. TliomaR N. 
nice. Willi whom be bod b.-on nsBOi- 
hlloil for n iiinirtor of a oonliiry, re- 
lli-od, Jaiiih S. While Biii-i-fodod Mr. 
'■:' • :•. 'I ■ Inn- firm iiiilll Ibe denib 
of Mr. JobiiBinn, July 111, UmiI, 

Jfrimit iH. ?5nuiur& 

ri-iinU .Maxwell Howard was the 
yonnsost of tho children of llcneral 
iilKliman .\. Hownril, horn n few 
iiionllis nfler tho dtntli of his father 
In l-^ll. lllH boyhood wns pasBcil In 
U.H-kvUlc, until Ills IHlh year, when 
he enlisted In the Kleventh Indiana 
Cnvnlry. He excelled In all tbo ont- 
of-door BthUtlcB common to that per- 
iod. He was the heat Rhot, the liesl 


to coniprohen.l bis Intellectual .iiial- 
lllea, bo fell far short of effete IdealR. 
lint he was r.n Inlclleilual man, en- 
dowed by nature wllh n big mind nnd 
a hiK body, llo waa do|irlvcU In yoiuh 
of tbo a.lvanlagos of even a common 
school edticotlon, yet by hlB resolution, 
energy nnd nntlvo nblllly, ho succeed- 
ed, and was tho only man from Tarko 
County clc.ted lo CouRrcss by Iho )io- 
piihllcan parly slnco lU organization 
Rl.xty yeara ago. .Vs a lawyer nnd nd- 
vocaio James T. Johnston helil do- 
sorvodly a blRh reputation. .Shortly 
nfter tho wnr ho read law In tho offl.-o 
of Wllllainson and nasuy, nnd waa for 
a brief period after locating In Itock- 
vlllo tho resident partner of that firm. 
.Mr. Johnston had ft logical mliul, a 
forclhio inctbod of prCBOnllnK facia, 
nnd his nrKumonla appealed to the 
reason. Hn posKC-HScd to a romarkablo 
depreo that rare Qccompllsbniont — 
tho art of Biic.-eaRfnl cross cxnmlna- 
tlon. Tbo political ftrcna cngasod a 
ureal deal of ills llmo nn.l atlenllon. 
Ho bold Ibo offico of I'rononilinK Al- 
loi-noy, represcntoil tills County In 
both brnncbes of Iho Lcglslaturo, twloo 
reiircBcnled the Kiglilh district In 
CoDgrcai and was an aaplrant for tbt 

awlmnicr, Iho best ball player In 
liorkvlllc, strikingly handsomo In per- 
sonal nppciiranoo— lall, slralglit, with 
ilnrk hair and dark oycs, be fulfilled 
tho Ideal of a typo of manhood fro- 
iiuenlly porlrftycd In roinanco. IIo 


Bortid u.illantly during tbu war, and 
upon hlB relnrn homo began the sluily 
of law wllh hiB niicle, liavid H. Max- 
well. Ho was iiulok-wlllid. brighl. 
and In tho courso of his addreaBOs be- 
fore Jndgo or Jury was the author of 
many 1.011 mofj ihnl arc still rcmrni- 
beroil nnd ipioled. The wnr Interrupt- 
ed Ilia course of eilm-allon, and be 
never ollondeil s.liool alter hla re- 
turn from the army, yet ho waa an 
cM-ellont obiRalrnl scholar nnd an ex- 
tensive rea.ler of the best hooks. .Mr. 
Howard was Prosecuting Attorney 
two lerniB when the Circuit waa 

I'nike and Montgoiiiery, nnd always 
lil-raented Iho cause of the Hlaie to lis 
best pORHlblo a.lvanlng... 

Krnnk Howard was one of Iho bril- 
lanl men of I'nrke I'oituly who always 
thought loo lllllo of the "•hiiluhly 
dollar." llo was absolutely Indiffer- 
ent lo the vnliie of m.iney. He -lolild 
lonn or givo nway hla last com wllh 
the noiif/io/riMr-e of one who baa money 
lo burn. The Irenanres of lllcrntiire, 
tho ohnrnia of nature, Oio companlnn- 
Hhlp of. friends., anil his many little 
Journeys afield wllh dog and gun, nil 
inennt inoro to hhu than money. He 
wnB n poet, nnil now- nnd then would 
catch B01110 of tho rhythm of hla 
tboughts "on the fly," and transmit to 
paper geina thnt \vould, had ho given 
hiB soul to It, hnvo iiindo bli naino a 
raiiiouB one. His rorao waa pnra In 
Blylo and elegant in cxprcaalon, hlB 
proRo waa forcible and eloquent, and 
be was a literary crllle of oxceptlonal 
nblllly. In writing, Frank Howard 
had n atyto entirely iintquo nnd or* 
Iglnal. Among tho boat of his poems 
wns "Folo by .llnrllght," publlshc<l in 
tho hulinnoimJIt Journal, (nd n'Idelf 

il^alr It It 0tarltQi|t 

roi7 flontino heavily, weird, and ichltc; 

Mld-xtinimcr mnon, at tho hour of tuidntght ; 

Talking low, walking stow, over the hill; 

Sleeping or waking, it ttaj/t witti ma itill. 

And thcao word$ iccro spoken, "Tho day-dairn is near^ 

The hot sun of summer is hastening here. 

I loio'tioH, I loja you, soon gone from mil sight, 

M'hen red handed morning kills shadows i-f utght. 

(lood-bua and Ooil hlcss tiou, at break of the dag 

A romance will end and a dream pass away. 

'TIs said that tho stars up In heaven will mark 

IJncK soul at its birth for the bright or tho dark; 

Thr shadows arc mine, but for you brighter skies, 

Our destinies part when tho sun shall arise, 

/)till. ricr bo happy till Ufa shall have pa.ued. 

And (^c star of your destiny burn till Iho last. 

Thus uinuy a mortal, at length and too late. 

Has found what he wished xcas not tcrittcn by Fate, 

And bidden somo beauty, whose tips he has kissed. 

Adieu like an Idol caned onl 0/ the midst. 




31iil|ii 1^. liiraMr 

Wlion it cornea to considering Jolm 
II. Ilciidic nniong tlio inilillo men of 
I'nrliO Connty, lie o<inplc8 a pocnllar 
nitlioiigli n conB|)lcnoii8 |)Irtrc. lie nev- 
or iiold !i piilillc office, wna never a 
ciindldalc for office, jct Ills Infiucnco 
on llio pojlllcs of the Connty was 
Kroiil, nnd ho was, ilnring his nclivo 
life, the widest Icnown of all lila con- 

.lolin llniiRon ItcDdio wna born in a 
lri|! hoiiHii iicitr Mill Crock In l.llierty 
InwiiHhli., Miircli M, INIII; ho died In 
llockvlllc, .Inniinry ITi, IsiiT. Ilo In- 
hcrllcd from lila paronts nil the nn- 
iiamil till II H of clmrncler which dlii- 
ilnKiilahcd hliii ns n ninn of slngnlar 
Inlelllccnce, ilic moat atrlklnB bcInK 

II wonderful memiir,\'. At Iho aKO of 
IIP ho could rcelle the entiro New 
'i'catnnicnl, nnd In collego ho could 
Miiole ilio orlglnni (Irccli of tho Illind 
nnd (Iddcay. At Iho niio of oighl 
ymira, which wna the iicrlod of lila 
life when ho firat cnme to Uockvlllc, 
ho hnd nlrenily iicinirod l<'c 
fnr hcyond Ida ai hnni fdlowa, lie in- 
tended ".•honl nt the ohi .Xciiiliwiry nn- 

III IS.-.-, when he nnd hia l.rollicr. 
Wllllniii II. II. Ilcndle, entered the 
liiiverally of .Mlchlunn nl Ann Arhor. 
Ipoii hIa reliirn to I'lirke County In 
Ihe auiimier lit l-sill. he vnlniileered na 
II priinlc In Cniiiininy "A" :ilai InrtI 
nnii Infnnlry. After the hiillle of Tl. 
liMimldHiili. In which .lolln II. Ileiidle 
illaidnycil gicnl couiiige. Ihniigh an 
wciik he ciiiild aciirccly curry ii gun, 
he wna illarlmrucd hy reiiaon of wlilll 
wiiH llliinghl In he Inclirilhle .-iilianmp- 
lion. Ii"*' ngnin recovered, nnd a sec- 
ond llmi Icrcd the iirliiy na n priv- 

iile. In the lllllrd reu'lmenl. In l.'<iK 
he locnied In I'.viinavllle Willi Iho In- 
lentliin of iirnrllcliiK Inw. lie hnd 
done aiiiiic cdlliirlnl wrlilni: for llie 
.lonriiiil of thnl clly. nnd when Ida 
heallh nenin railed, he atnrtoil for 
Cnllfornln. Inning aeciircil the pinco 
of WcHlern eorreapondcnt of the ('in- 
tiiilinli <-onni,rrritil. Ilia lutlera at- 
Iriiclcd wide ntlenllon. It wns tho 
golden nge of newapftper correapond- 
ence, nnd Ihe letters ohtnlned fnr hliii 
n repiiintlon Ihnt would hnve brought 
iiol only enduring fnnie. but forliine 
na well, hnd .loiirnnllsllc rnndltlona 
conllniicd aa they were, tinfnrtunalely 
Ihe diiya of InilH bliinllaiii were Ima- 
Idling In nn end. nnd In n few yenra, 
Mr. Ilcndle. na wHI na iiinny other 
splendid wrllcra. wna anpplnnled by 
ordlnnry men who were Ihe rnvorlles 
of the Blorklinldera llllo wlioae bnnda 
liinal of Ihe great dallies pnaaed nbnilt 
Ihc Inler aevenllea. Ilia Insi work na 
apeclnl cnneapniideni wns done for 
Ihe Cliiriiiii'ili i:ii:,llc. over Ihe nniiio 
of ■■llnnann." I Hiring hIa anlniirn In 
llie Weal— Iho prlnelpnl port of which 
wna In I'liih, Mr. Ilcndle wna for n 
yeiir edllor of the sn\l l.iikr. Ilfimrlrr. 
At Ihnt lliiie pnrly niilmoally lictweeii 
(lentllea nnd Moniiona wna very bllter. 
II wna during hia edilnrahip timt he 
wns nasniilled nnd dea|>erntely wound- 
ed by the Mormona. lie resigned na 
edllor of the llrnnrtrr, nnd came home 
In the Inltcr pnrt of IRiin. when he 
ovnilcil hlniBclf of his knowledge of 
rtnh and Morinonlam to write his 
first book— "I.ifc In Utah," wlileh was 
(he most eomidete nnd valuable pnb- 
iicntlnn hearing upon the subject over 
written. Ho snbae<inently wrote the 
"rndevclopod West" and "Western 
Wlbla." Ilcaldea this work ho was em- 
ployed In IWI to write n pnrt of the 
lllslory of Texas, pnbllabed that yenr 
by A. S. Jones, of Vhilndclphln. rlo 
fllao wrote about 100 pages of tho ITIa- 
lory of I'nrtio and Vigo Connties, In 
conjnnctlon with II. W. ncekwlth, the 

hlaloriun, und .Iiidgo Saimiel !•'. Oook- 
Ins, of Terro llaiite. 

Tho exigencies of Joiirnnllam finally 
brought him to Iho edllnrshlp of tho 
Itni-kfillc 3'rihiiitc, which ho nsanmed 
In April, ISTft. It was a atoniiy per- 
iod In onr local polllienl history. Ilc- 
Ing moat Intimately nsaociotcd with 
Mr. Ilcaille during nil that time I foel 
In one sonse peciillnrly (iiinllfled to 
write of it, yet refrain from speaking 

tido-wiitcr country to Southern I/Oii- 
Islann. In l&Sii ho made what was 
probnbly hia moat nolnblo trip as a 
correspondent, going In tho dead of 
winter on dog sledges to Northern 
■Mnnitobn nnd Snakatcbewnn. When 
ho was afterwards sent by the same 
ayndlcato to l>:ngland and Franco he 
wns directed to write his letters "Just 
na bo would If doing It for the Hoct- 
tillc Tribune, nnd tho people of Partto 


of Its vielasltndes In a spirit tlint 
would make them historically correct. 
If It can he suld Ihnt acrupnioiis hon- 
esty Is n fault, then .lobn II. Ilcndle 
poaaesseil this fiiiilt In a manner tbnt 
brought him the polltlcnl dlaplensiirc 
of iiiiiii.\' old friends. Ills conrac was 
tbnt nf an iiiirlght, honorable ndvo- 
cnte, and In pursuing It he never fal- 
lereil. lie apoke what ho believed to 
be Ihe iriilh. regnrdleas of ronae- 
tpiencoB. Tarty ties were nothing to 
n iiinii of his mental ninkeiip. lie wns 
n reforiuer In Iho best sense of this 
word, mill allhoiigh bo wna denied IIig 
full iiaiire of hlB ambition, his In- 
fluence nil Ihe peniile of I'arke Coun- 
ty hna tiikeu deep root. 

In IMS'.', iifler a acnHoii of ndveislty, 
liroiighl nbolll by n birk nf c.vpcrlenco 
na a prncllciil iirliiK r— .Mr. lleadle 
luopoacd to the writer n parlnerablp 
In llie Tiilninr. .No aeciirlty whnlever 
wns naked -Iho Inilivldlinl notes given 
for half nf Ihe property were ncecpted 
\\lllioiil even n chntlel luorlgnge on 
the mnlerlnl sold. The imrliierahlp 
was eoiUlniiod with the most pleasant 
relations until Mr. Ilcndle wna cnll- 
ed to New York City to do editorini 
work for the American I'leaa Aaaocla- 
tlon. While editing the rriliimc, Mr. 
lleadle wna at Intcrvala employed to 
do spceial eorrespondcnce for differ- 
ent metropolitan |iopers. In the win- 
ter of •7n-'S(l ho trnveled In the South 
nnd wrnto an clnborto deacrlptlou of 
the Kuds Jetties. In IRSr. ho was sent 
on a tour through the "Blnek nelt" 
from Washington, D. G. along the 

Cnimty." l-'roiu l.tHS to isni ho was 
historical nnd polltlcnl edllor for tlio 
Amerlcnn I'lea Aasnelnllon, and so 
naHldiioualy applied himself tu tho 
work that his health again gave way. 
IB- wna sent to the World's I'nir by 
Ihe Aaaoclntinn na Us representative, 
nnd Biibseipiently to NVaahlngton City 
na CnngrcaaionnI correspondent. 

While In New York from ms; to 
IWiil Mr. Ilenille's nununl vacations 
were apciit In I'nrko County, during 
which lliiio he delivered lectures and 
apeeches on pnlltlcnl nnd ei-onomle 
aiibjecta. Tlieao vlalla were among 
the linppleat e.xperlencea of hia later 
llie,. eapcclnlly when Ills lionlth |»i- 
liilllcd him to lake Ilia old lliuo Iraliips 
nbniit the arenea of hia boyhood. Next 
lo Itnekvlllo Ills bcnrt would yearn for 
Ihe woods and flelda and running 
slrenius of LIberly townablp. It wna 
the good fnrtiino of tho writer to bo 
iiiiieh In bis company when ho wns 
Inking his vacnllona In I'nrkc County, 
nnd the days spent with hliu will nl- 
ways be rocnlled among his brightest 
experiences. Not only this but the 
dally nasoctatlon with John II. Dcadle 
during the years wo were together 
were of great educational value. 
Words are Inadeqiiato to express my 
niiprcelntlon of this best friend. It 
can be said of him as truly as Anttaonr 
said of Ilrutns, 

Ila>)ti iT. (Cuiiipbrll 

.lobn Tenbrook Campbell was for 
fifty yriira a singular character In 
the lllslory of I'lirke County. He wna 
Ihe sou of Joseph and llnchel (Ten- 
brnok) Campbell, boni .May J,"., IKIM, 
one and a half miles enat of the uorlli 
end of .Monlc/.iiiiia. He worked at Ihe 
carpenter's trndo while acipilring nn 
education iit lllooniingdalo Academy, 
taught school, studied political econ- 
nmy, attempted Inventlona, and In 
18.J!) licgnn writing for the neua- 
pnpers. The war found liliii linaettled 
as 10 nny gainful occiipnllon, but had 
ho been engaged In the niost liicrntive 
liuainesB, he would liiivo ipilckly drop- 
pod It to go Into the army, lleiug le- 
jecied as a inlvale, ho rnlaod. In con- 
noctlon with others, Co. "11" 'Jlal In- 
illann, of which bo wns elecled Cap- 
lain. At the battle of Union lloiige he 
was so badly wotiiided that ho could 
no longer render scrvico in Hie field, 
lie resigned, ciinie homo nnd wna ap- 
pointed Aaslslnnl I'rovnat .Maralial. Me 
wns elected Treasurer of I'arke Coiiii- 
t,v in isii:i and ro-elected In isiti. 

In INTO bo espoused tho greenback 
cniisc at that time being abandoned 
nnd rcpudlnteil by the llepnlilicnn 
parly; ran ns an Independent cniidl- 
dnto for the Htato Senate and was de- 

In 1N7S Cnptnin Cnnipbcll was cnll- 
ed to be assistant In tho Indiana lliir- 
enii of Statistics and tleology under 
.lobn Collett. Ilnring this perlml he 
wna deeply Interested In the atiidy of 
geology, especlnlly Iho ginclnl illvls- 
inii, nnd tlioiigli nn iimateiir he sluillcd 
nnd Investlgnled with the porslBleure 
nnd energy of n professional. Ilo made 
a number of discoveries, Ivolh Ronloi!- 
lent nnd aiithro|iotlgicaI in I'arke 
County, and for twenty years ixinlrlli- 
iileil to various publlcnlions nrllcles 
bused on his discoveries and oliservn- 
llimi bore. Tor ten years, from INNI 
to 1801, he was Surveyor of I'orke 
County. Ills qimliricntlons for thnl 
offico were conceded to such an ex- 
tent that nil polltlcnl parties cither 
nominated him or endorsed his iionil 
nation. During thot tliuo he worked 
at civil engineering, ditch, levee, grav- 
el road and railroad construction. At 
that period he was solicited by tho 1'. 
S. Weather bureau to enter its ser- 
vice and make Important Investlga- 



■> ,^'" .>-•*»,. 

' *^ 

[■ • ' 




' ■ ' . 

/ ^^'- ■ 



--^ ^^ 

"Hi> life »•> ainllr 
3o mii'd In him ih 
And Mr lo all lh« 

ind iho cUmrnli 

»ld, Thii wu • muil* ' 


tinns and meaBiirements relutlvo lo 
the floods of the MIsalBilppI river; but 
he ilecllned the offer. The Chief of 
the Weather llurenu was Influenced In 
his elioieo by articles contrlbilted by 
Caiitain Compboll to tho licst scientific 
pnbllcations. These artlcica made 
him a well known lunn In that branch 



l.lnr.- I.I 

No ,„.,n >v,i» II iMi.n' n.IlM- m.lor In,.: iiiMl wi.rklin: liil" Mfr out 
Mlilily knmvii luiil prnlHi'd t-nncl 
rniiilH lliiili riipliilii .loliil T. in lull 





v>iin tiiiHl rm- Ihr c'iMiiily. Sliilo or Nil- 
lion, hi' KiiM- llif li'i" yi'MiK or hla IKo 
In rmlillc "'-ivlri- tmi' lil« Hmk- "nd 
MI.'lilB lilinriiilKlimly. wlUioiil. the 
kIIkIiIi'kI Ii"I"' or ullthloul o^liritallon 
of rrvvniil. iMiln-il lilH llfo work wiin 
Hull of n plooi'i'r wlio knows Hint Ills 
I'lrorln will 111- of iiiotv l.oni-rit lo tlip 

liiliir.' Ilm Ill- |.ri'i.i'iil. II win 

ii.iiri' Ihiiii lliiil, for iiiiiny of Ilm linn'. 
rii- ,M.I ■..r.iiit... fii'- wlilrh hi. Iiilioroil 
wi'M' ini|iii|iiiliir iiiiU iiciiiii.'lliiii'H 
lirniiRlit iM-rHi'.iilloii upon hlln. 

To miy llinl .loliii T. Cainiilioll wo« 
|.ro|H'rly n|i|irriinlr.l liy llio proplo ot 
I'lirko Couiily would lie nn historlcnl 
lint nil h. Ho huh not iippri-ilntril, nl- 

lorlly ones liliii a ilrlit of k-ratltlldG llioBo whn iln npprodntc hini 
liopo nt li-nsl lo Koo nrknowlcdgcil. 
Hinco It ran never lie pnld. 

luptnln I'liiiipl.i'll'B wrltlncB would 
iiiiikc ninny vnliiiiirs If rollctcd nnd 
prinlril. lie wim Inlorcslrrt In n wide 
rnni-'o of buIiJi-cIb ninl never refiiBod 
lo write when n»krd to do Bn diirlns 
Hie fifty yinm of bin Bliicnlnrly Inter- 
iHlIm: puMIc enreer. lie hnd n plena- 
liiK Biyle ot expreBilon nnd never fnli- 
eil lo Interest his lenders with Ills 
keen sense of hiiiiior nnd fine dla- 
irliiilnnllon for IIiIiiks which every- 
hody roiild understiind nnd nppreelate. 
TIiIb style ninde Ills work even on 
selenlirie siilijeits hrlKhl anil attrnc- 
live to the laHiml reader. 

Ill personal nppearnnre C'a|itnln 

fn I.ell wi.B un eMraor.llnary nmn. 

lie was a Klaiil In Binlnrc and 
slreni:lli: Ills linir wnB IIkIii nnd his 
heard, wlilili he nlwnys wore, was nl- 
iiioBl rc'il fnr Into middle ate; his fnee 
WOB rmldy. eyes light l.liio. whieli In- 
fllnnlly lluhled ii|i nt the least sugt-es- 
llnn of hnnior; nnd I think It wna his 
nhlllly to see the Joke In everything' 
which kept .lohn T. fnnirihell from 
lie.-oiiiInK n nilBnnllipijilst Instead thnn 
the linnianllarlnn Hint he was. 


^iiiiiiirl D. yiirtt 

el II. I'llnll Piinenn 

he was known to r\ery loan, wiiiiian 

I child In I'nrke I'oiinly— wna n 

sirlkliii.- flk'nie In Its annals. I'pon 
Ills Krii.liinllon from .Vslinry Collecc 
In I.S7'.', he entered Hie law offlee of 
.InilKi' .s. V. .\la\well. nnd pliink-ed nt 
on.e Inin n hual and iKillllral inreer 

Hint iiinile hliii f oils. I say "filiinK- 

id" f'lr the reason Hint the hot emu- 
pnlitn of l.sT-J »ns In firoKreBS when 
he enler.'d .Indue .Mnxweirs office, a 
yonim nmn full of pluck ntnl viitiir fnr 

Ihe ealMo of his piltly: anil heloK Hie 
only lawyer In I'nrke Coiinly who was 
a lii'iiiocral he l.erame at on.e the 
pride of his fellow Denioerats as well 
as llHir rhniiiplon. And well they 
nilKliI lake pride In liliii. for his per- 
sonnllly was wonderfully eni:ni.-lnK. 
'fall and coiiiiiuindlnK of form, with 
dark hair. Iirown. i.lerelnK eyea, and a 
voliv of sln::iilnr fone nnd dlstlnel- 
ni'Bs, he held Ihe allentlon of nn all- 
dli'lico with his very presence— for It 
WHS Rood to look upon so t'erfeet a 
speeiinen of pliysl'-al manhood. 

Mr. I'liell heiniue the partner of 
.Indue .Maxwell and was assoelaled 
wllh hliii iinlll his death In IKTT. To 
Hie Bliidy and practice of law he 
laoiiKht all the energy of an ardent 
naliiro. .No Inivyor ovor doroted more 

nseli ss energy to his profession than 

fraimtrl .11. (Eutllit 

iiiienii riicll -a fnct Hint heennio 

lown nt the oiilset of Ills enreer nn>l 

■Viiiolig the Widely known nnd uaefil WHS line Ills early sne.esB. 

(lll'/.i'iis ot I'nike I'oniity, none cNcrte: 

e ninde his proresslon a luislnesa. 

n alronger Inriuenn' nn piibllc nffalr 

id devoted liliiihelf entirely to It, 

of his lifetime Hinn Sniimel Tlioiim 

oiliing nnreinlttliiKly nnlll a few 

fatllii. lie wnB horn nnd alwnya Ih 

'nrs before Ills dealn. when, lo soiiio 

eil In till' Coulily. Ills early llfo »n 

ilent he rela.xed In Ills life long Inln.r 

s|«iil nn his fallier's farm near tli 



hi school 
g rerrlved 

anil took oceaslonal vaeallons. having 
at that time a partner— -lohn S. Me- 
la.hlin-on whom the burden of the 
business devolved. Hut he never 
eeaaed participation In Ihe flrmB af- 
falis until til"! day of his dcnili. 

for thirty years Duncan I'nctt iviis 
an active partblpnnt In the pnllica of 
I'arke Coiinly. He always atlrnde.l 
the public nieellngs and .all.nses of 
Ihe Itemocratlc parly, made spee'lies. 
HHended at Ihe polls on ebillnn day. 
and In every way was tndefntlgiinble 
In Ills work lo prniiiole tile party wel- 
fare; vet lie ne\er held nny reninnei- 
iillve offlee. 'l-lio finnn.lal reliirna 
from the praetke ot his profisslon 
were greater Ihiin those of any other 
lawyer who has prnrlleed permnnenlly 
nt the I'arke Connly bar. 

.Mr. Pnelt'B chief attribute as a law- 
yer was Hint he always at the e.vpens • 
of iiini'h time and labor made blniself 
thoroughly nc.pialiited wllh Hie fuels 
and Hie law of the parlbiilir eiiae In 
band. It was on.e aald of him aB of 
a fanimiB general, "ho lias a genius 
for InrlMilcnee nnd tin 

an nie.lemb- eiln.allon nl 
dale .\ciideiiiy. During the .^enra fol- 
lowing when be owned a fnrin and was 
also In loiiinierclal business. .Mr. Cal- 
lln wna BoiiielblnB more Hinn nn In- 
li'lllk-inl and siinesafiil ninn. He d"- 

>oli'd h of 111.. Bl.are lime to Ihe 

niinnile nn.l ills.-rlmliiatlng sliidv of 
bisinry. s.lenie. Illernlnre, nnd cer- 
tain pliasea of cliiireh doclrlni', 
polity and history- not for mere con- 
tiovi'lBlnl imrposeB. or lo display 
learning In sacred nialteis; lliey 
were III.' Inveatlgallons of n tbonghl- 

fill, mod.'st man Int leslloiis of the 

hlghesl lni|»rl In nil men. l;ronoiiile 
and pollHial ipi.-sibins were nisn 

Bliidb'd by .Mr. rmlln. nnd I iile 

■,,'.lmil,:.- II., i,r ., fund i.f ac. male 
knowledge niiinlred not from pnrllsan 
soiini-B, but from the best works on 
pollllnil economy. Ills views on 
Boclologbal malters were emlnenlly 
sound and Jiiat. 

hi what la known as "firnctlral iwll- 
IliB" Samuel T. CnlUn wns Jnslly re- 
garded as a wise and far sighted mnn- 
nger. bolh In County and .'Jlale affairs. 
Ills eollnscl was always sought, nn.l 
when acted mmn was generally found 
to be B.aind. .V.ting with the Itepubll- 
ean parly on the lasne of preeervlng 
the Tnlon, ho was one of the first men 
to abnnilon Hint parly when In his 
Jndgiiient It fulled to fulfill lis de- 
clare.l purposes. For nearly twenty 
.veara from Isiis to I.VlSiI. be acted with 
the Independent element of those dnys 
generally cnlled "lircenbaekers." Ills 
personnl popiilnrlly prompted his fre- 
•inent nomination for office. In one 
of his rucei be nns defeated for the 
l.eglalntnie by the bare margin of 
light voles. This wna In I.KSl'. l-'onr 
years later he was ele.ted An.lllor, af- 
ter one of Hie most remarkable ram- 
palgiiB In the hlatory of the county. 
He was re-eleited on (be Hemocralle . 
tlekel, a reinarknblo thing In I'nrko 
•'oiinljr ttrenty-rive yean ago. Upon 

ballle till 



Heady In recourses, fruitful In expeil- 
lenlB. of long and varied t.xperlenee. 
ipiick lo detect Iho weak i.olnis of blB 
adversary, and to bring onl the Btrong 
fealiires of his own ranse. Hie grenl 
niimlier of 



moat of Iho Imporlnnl cases In onr 
lourt, nttcaled bis ability and his 
•iiceou. Ilo diod May C, I0O7. 

■AUUCI. T, rATi.i.i. 


liln ri'llii'iiioiil from llie Ainlllor'l "f- 
llri- lip «n« rliom-ii I'rcslUcnl of tlip 
Kockvlllf Nudonal Hank, an office ho 
rilliil nntll hl« di-Htli. 7. 

SliPinii;l T. Cnllln wnn n innn of 
rourlcoim. iiiodrsi iind iiinnly ilmicnn- 
or. lie wiis Inll mill rrcct : linlll liild- 
illo nee III" linli" »»' HbI'': >iI» ""i" 
wore hliic iind of kindly exiircaslon. 
Hill sonno of liniiior ivn» knnly dovelo|>- 
I'd : he never iniascd ii [lolnt of reni 
hiiMior In n pnlillc n.ldrcss or In ion- 
veiBAllon. lie was efficient as an of- 
flilnl. connlstrnl as a Christian, and 
always and everywhere a gentlcinnn. 
Ills nKcfnl and iinol.triiBlve life etiin- 
iiianded the resiie.t and confidence of 

Arrb 3f. mijitf 

.Vred I'niller White was horn in 
lloikvllle. Indiana. .May JT. IM.l. and 
diril here. January II, lull, lie was 
Hie son of .lohnsoii K. and Hannah 
.lones White, pioneers of I'arke Conn- 
ly. He utleniled the old llockvllle 
seminary and worked as hhicksmlth 
ai'lireiillce and In hl« father's saw 
mill until INO'-'. when lie enlisted In 
Comiiaiiy ••(••■ Tsih Indiana. He after- 
wards enllHlcd In the Wl'lrd Indiana, 
lull In the iiie.inlliiie li^id attended As- 
hnry t'nlverslty. from which he cradn 
ated In IWIT. He then studied law, 
Iind het-an i.ra.thInK In lloeUvllle: 
was a|i]H>lnteil deputy prosecutor and 
.■le.ted to that offhe In 1.><7I. 

lor ten years after his election as 
I'roseiulinc .\(torney, .ludi:o While 
was I'ontKnntly In demnnd as an ura. 
lor. Ills eloipienie was jirol.ahly not 
ixevlh-d by any pnhlle speaker In In- 
illuna. Ills siieechis were scholarly 
ami nunslerfiil. He was familiar with 
nil the hesl lionks. The lines of every 
poet wvri' treiiBiirea on which he could 
dniw nt win In n|it ipiotathm. Ills 
lllerary nltalnmtnls were as morked 
OS his letnl ohlllly. Ileforc he was 
fiflien years old he had written good 
poetry. Thlrly-flve years aso he de- 
ll\eicd In various plniis In liidliina 
and Illinois a lecture on Ahrahum 
Lincoln that was classh- In lonslriie- 
llon anil sii elocpiently delivered IhnI 
a noted nnllior and Journalist of the 
lltne jironoumed It '■uneiiunleU." .Many 
of his orations ami particularly his 
eiilocles of the soldier dead, delivered 
iin liccoralioh days, were prose poems, 
wonderfully hclRhtened by his remark- 
.ihly symiiathetle and musical voice. 
As H historian, es|ie<l«lly of the Civil 
War. .Iiidk-e While was e.iiilpped to 
have w rllten. had he heen so Incllneil, 
a work that misht have siirpassed 
nnythlPK In llterntnro on that period. 

In the i-ainpnlun of IWiO Judge 
White as a eandldalo for Presidential 
lllcetor on the Itepuhllcan ticket, 
made a canvas iif the .State. Ho spoke 
frequently In every fonnty In this 
rongresslonal district, and at the deill- 
enllnn of the 'lepuhlh-an •'Wliiwinn" 
at Torre llniito so dellKhted the laritc 
inidlenee In attendance that ho was In 
denianil on many pnhlle oecaslont af- 
terwards In that elly. Daniel W. 
Voorhees. who heard that speech pro- 
nounced It one of llio hesl ever dellv- 
ored In Indiana, and ever afterwards 
regarded Judge White as a man of 
kindred spirit, only reeretting Hint 
Ihey should differ In iKillths. No oth- 
er lloplihllean would have lieen lon- 
alilered nt that time as tlio noit can- 
didate for f'ongress In the Tcrre 
llaiiln district, but nnforlnnatcly 
Jndgo white suffered serious nervous 
pniBtratlon as a result of his arduous 
wort) In the campaign and for flvo 
.rears he «nB an Invalid. 

Ai n lawyer Judge White was con- 
•liloreil \>Y hla fcllonr praetlllonen of 


the period preceding IiIb cl«.-ttoii as 
.ludKC one of tho beat In iho profca- 
Riou. Ills only [lartncr hcff're lio went 
on the bcnrh wrs ICtwood Hunt. In 
isHiI he won olccled JiitlRc of ttio new- 
ly crcateil -ITth Judlclnl CIrcnIt and 
held (hnt office for eighteen years. 
I'pon his retirement Trom iho bem Ii 
Jiirlk'e White In partncrahlp with Itia 
Bon. ,Inc>h S. White, prnctlced hl« pro 

In hlR rellh'lous vleua Ju'Irc Wtilte 
held to the ahnptc "oldfiiahloneil faltli 
of his fothrrB." Xolhtnf;; could 
Bworve hliii front hiB belief In tho hu- 
morlnllty of the soul. A friend who 
knew hliii Intimately remarked when 
he was dylnj; that he was nearer to 
tho ChrlBllan Ideal of what a human 
beInK fan moke htmaelf than any nmn 

naiirc h»vcr. the humunllarlon. tho 
friend, the home-maker nnd pmrdlan. 
tho Ideal hnahnnil and father— ^arh 
(leKervcs a nepnralo eni--onihnn. 

Albrrl fH. A^ulu^ 

Albert M. Adams was a son of liar 
vy AdiiiiiR. who was one of tho largest 
land owners, one of the most sui-rcss- 
ful farmers, and one of the best cit- 
izens of I'arko County. Ilarvy Adams 
lived nnd (lied on the heautlfiil tract 
of land adjoining the Slate reserva- 
tion three miles east of llockvlllo. 
Hero In l.'tilo Albert Adnius was lK>rn. 
He graduated nt the State Inlverall.v. 
read law nltli S. IJ. I'liett. anil was his 
partner when clocted llrprcscntallvc 
of I'arko ronnly In lnn». IIo wna af- 

f*l??',!l|»'J I 'W^wwiJ 

I mim.mvn^*i^^'wy^ 



she had known, .\nothcr friend re- 
plied that he was endowed with tho 
two great reipilsltcs for personal 
llntness — his head and his lieiirt. In 
addition to his fine Intellect ho lind a 
great, good heart. Judge Wblto wna 
cne of those tare iicopie who stand 
the test of dDlly llfo. IIo waa a gen- 
ial imin In hi i homo and iinrcservodly 
devoted to hli duties as n family man. 
He took his responslhlllty na a bus- 
hand and father as few men ever as- 
sume them. He was alncero and sim- 
ple In Ills triinsnctlon of plain, dally 
duties and to all tho little acta of love 
and kindness at home which he llkrd 
til rail "the small, sweet coiirteales of 

There Is so iiiuih to lie said of a 
character like that of Jinlgo White, so 
many-sided as It waa, that the writer 
dispaira of ronihlnlng It In a brief iu<^ 
iiiorlal. The hiiniorlat. ,th« poet, the 
ai-tor, tlia orator, tha Jurist, the great 

terwards elected I'roseciiling Attor- 
ney of this Jiidliliil Circuit. Ilcforo 
studying law Mr. Adams waa Rujierln- 
tendcnt of the Itockport pnblle aihools. 
Hero ho was married to MIsa Kato 
llullook, the benntlfnl nnd aci'ompllsh- 
cd daughter of James nnlloek. Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Adams canio to llockvlllo In 
ms.'l and resided hero until tho death 
of Mr. Adams. 

Albert Adams was a man of fino 
pertonni njipearnnro, an nthleto of 
splendid training and remarkaliK' 
strcnui'h and activity. Ills frlenda 
could not rrallr.o that iino so strong 
and robust was In serious 111 health 
when he was compelled to cease Inisl- 
nesa activity, yet his decline was ten- 
slant In spite of his strong constltii 
Hon, and he died afler a long Illness. 

.\lliirt Adams had strong emnlt-- 
llona and never hesltaled In aillnn up. 
on them, even tliongli It meant iin- 
popnlarlty. Tho lator jcara of hli 

life were devoted to business and to 
the manaeemenl of his farm four 
iiillos from Itockvllle. 1<> this w.irl; r\ii 
to everyllilug he undertook ho devot- 
ed all the energy of his naturally In- 
dustrious nature. 

]Srii. lUiUiatii {1. (Eiimiitliiijii 

Wlllliim I'erry Cmmiiliigs was 
prcatly beloved by the people of I'arke 
(oiinly. l-or sixty yenis he llve.l here, 
"laboring In the I,ord's vineyard." 
Without money and without price he 
prcaclie*! the gospel lo our people dur- 
ing all the years of his long life. He 
was present In times of gladness, of- 
riclatlUR at marriages, and In hoina 
of BOirxiw. or distress, ho was also 
lirrsent to Qdmlnlhler words of com- 
fori. No man In I'arko County wos 
railed as often as "I'ncle i'erry" lo 
efflil.-.le nl iii:irrln;:c rerniionles, and 
Ilia consoling presonec was as fro- 
■luent on funeral occasions. 

William r. ('nnimliigs was bnin In 
Hath County. Va.. May n. IH|:i. He 
learned tho hatter'a trade and worked 
at It for b1.v .vcnrs. Then. In hcIoIkt. 
I.Klil. he was married lo .Mngilalen c. 
\\'alloi-e of Lexington. \'lrginla, who 
belonged to a family of noled Indlin 
fighters nnd frontiersmen. The next 
year they cntiio to llockvllle. where 
Mr. Cunimlngs began business as a 
linttcr. He condiiited his shop In 
llockvllle from 1S.17 to l.-ilM. when ho 
nioveil for a while to a farm. In LI'lM 
be was licensed os a local preacher 
nnd rniiii thot time until hia death 
Ireqmntly preached In tho Methodist 
luilplta of the Count.v. lie neither ex- 
pected nor received pay for bis offic- 
ial relations with the eliurch. lint sup- 
ported himself and reared his large 
family by his own hard work. 

On tho occasion of the flolden Wed- 
ding of Mr. and .Mrs. Cummlngs a 
large ntnnher of people from every 
Iiart of the County were present, and 
attested their lore nnd appreciation 
of the rcnerablo eoiiplo by tunny gold- 
en tributes. Not only Iho ehnrchrs. 
hilt lodges, County and town officials, 
the local military companies and 
aclinoli. attended and extended con- 
gratulations. It nai fl day long to he 

Ilev. Cnmmlnga was large of ala- 
lure. Ilia personality accorded well 
with Ills calling. Ills rolco waa deep 
onil Inspired revercneo In tho hearer— 
a roleo more ramilinr perhaps to tho 
curvlrors of past generations, nnd 
nhlch will be nioro readily and affec- 
tionately recalled than that of anr 
other man to which memory now 

&aiiiurl QJ. lEnsty 

When Tarke Coimt/ celebrated tli« 
.Vatlon'a Centennial with memorial 
services In tho old court house, July 
4. Id'il, tho prealdlng officer was Hon. 
Hnmiiel T. Knsey. Tho occasion wos 
nlso tho Mth anniversary of Porko 
Count.v. Mr. Ensey waa then an old 
iiinn, lint he was atili nulto actlvii in 
iwlltlcs. For many years lie waa a 
lender of the Itepubllcon party. Ills 
home was in Annapolis, wlioro ho kept 
tho Knsey hiiiel or tavern, and many 
wore tho political c-onferenees ami 
enucuscs held therein, IIo represent- 
ed i'orlie County in the Ulnte Kennis, 
was a forcible public speaker and a 
fIno parliamentarian, lie came In 
I'arkp County in 1«A and here labor- 
ed as a useful ritlren, enterprising ' 
luerc'hant. and roliiable pnbllr man. 
lie left Annapolis soon after the rail- 
road waa built to lllooiiilngdals: nior- 
ed to Torre Haute, wh«r« ha died »t 
a rl|i« old afo. 



llrnry Hlavciia wnn one of tlio well 
Liinwii iiirn ur llockv lllo In 111 oiirly 
iln>i lU' iiiliihl Imvi^ limdo nilicll 
ii.iirti ur liln tiiUnln lliiin ho did; but 
hi' »u« inili>k'n( an »i'll i\t erralli', 
r<Mi<l nr Hpiirt and pnstlMip. unil nhHO- 
liiloly liidirr. rvnt to hinliicsn. Mc wan 
lhi> (ypc of ninn Ihnl iinthhiK hul war 

iiko fv 



►rrii-il III llic lilnrl, llnivk war, and 
Ihin raiiin In liockv lllo. Hero ho wan 
idllor ot Ihc Coiinly iinpnr for a« lillc. 
Ihcn law. and vvaa for a lliiio 
a JiiKlIri' of till' iM'uco. lie fiilird to 
iiri iiiiiiiliun ctthpr incinry or property, 
ilird pour, and hia nanio la lifliv for- 
Kotlin oscnpl hy tlio fow yot llvlnn 

J)nl)it Jl. fHraritam 

llenornl John .1. Mrocliaiii. nlio wan 
ciiir of llio Oiirly hiialnrpa mon of 
I'aiki' County, wna hnrn In North 
iniollna. July H, ISIJ. When twenty 
.venra of nite he niiiie to lloekvlllc. and 
he^an to work at the aaddler's trade. 
In IS-1.S ho was ele. led hy the offlrera 
of the Indliiiii I.OKlon, llrlKndler-den- 
eral. a rank he rolalneil until Ihn ays- 
tini of iMllltIa then In vocue was nhol- 
lehed In IS.",:.'. In 1SIN he wna elected 
In the Inillana [.ORlglntiire an an In- 
dependent lieiiiocnit. lie was a nein- 
mint until the pa.i.<inge of the Kansas- 
.Vihroaka act. Oeneral Meacliain was 
* prominent Inymiin of the .Methodist 
eliiinh. and waa the first lay deleifale 
from ItoekTillo to take part In con- 
ference. This was al CrawfordBvllle 
In 1>«W — IllRhop Ames presiding. 

I fome now in eonslderlnf; sonic of 
tilt early lawycra of Itockvllle who af- 
terwards hccame prominent In their 
profession and In politics In other 
flelda. Thoniaa II. Nelson ranic here 
from Kentiieky at the ago of If) to 
practice law. lie was nominated hy 
the WhiRs for Conffress when he was 
twenty-ttirce, hut had to decline, be* 
cause be waa not of ConstltutlonBl 

ii(s. Ha iiiuyrd to Terro Haute and 
was the succeBBful llepiibllcan cnndl- 
ilato against IMnlel W. Voorhcca In 
iwkl. I'roaldent I.lnooln apiwlnted 
hliii Minister to Chill, and ho siibse. 
ijuently served as nnihassador to Mni- 
Ico. lie was II hrolher of Ociiernl 
William Nelson, who waa killed hy 
(Jeneral Jeff c. Iliivis In a personal 
encounter diirlnK the war. Thomas 
II. Nelson died In Terrc Haute In ISOil. 



> f t. 

era he lioi-aine a IcAdlUK 
.Tiidtfc of the Indiana 

James M. Allen and ,1ahn (I. I.'rane 
hemm to prn.-tlee law In Ilorkvillo 
ulioiit IKI.-i. Allen went to fjiwronco- 
vine ahoiit IMMi. Jiidiie Crane mar- 
ried .Miss .lane t<lark, a sister of Al- 
fred K. NInrk. and resided In Itock- 
vllle until the adoption nf the (iresent 
system of Inlernal revenue laiatlon. 

a l>n{jiirrroti/pr Mail' 
a son of Dr. 

.Uioiiiif IS.-II 

Addison l<. Itnarh 
Iloach. lie studied Inw under 
eral Howard at Hie time when Snin- 
1 el V. .Maxwell was also a student In 
Howard's office. He practiced for a 
time as the -partner of his fo'low 
student and subsequently Diored to Tn- 

when he was appointed collertor hy 
rrcsldenl Lincoln, 1R02. lie then 
moved to Terre Ilaiite. where he died 
In ISTO, having from a |>oor Iwiy arisen 
to nenlih end distinction. Judge 
Kllas H. Terry established a reputa- 
tion here as a good lawyer Itefora he 


ed to lisnvllle. III., In tha early 

nl bar, though not 


rd fn 

point of I 
In the 

live |» 

■ tic 

past, Ini'llldes somo inenibers 
who were connected with the lawyers 
wiiose aihlevcMiiMils arc a part nf the 
history of I'arke county and ha\o hern 
noted among her public men. I-Hwood 
Hunt Is now the oblesl nirmber of the 
liar In aitlvc pnictli-e; Henry Daniels 
lanks next In length of years; David 
KtroiiBC Is a member of the Itnikvlllo 
bar, but his praitlce has been olsi'- 


ntliig lilt 

Vandalla rallr 
nols: Howard .Maxwell was assoiliitra 
with his tullior lur oter tneiuy yiiiia: 
J. N. .Mcl-'addln was almost as long ss- 
soeliited with S. I>. I'lictt. and Max- 
well and .Mcl'addln have for nearly 
ten years been porlners In the prai- 
tlce of their profession. Joseph M. 
Johns, for more than twenty years 
has been In o'tlve practice here, most 
of the time slone, but ho Is now as- 
soilnled with S. K. .Max I'lictl and 
Hugh llanta, lately admllled to the 
bar; Jacob S. White practiced with 
James T. Johnston, and later with his 
father. Judge White; Harold A. 
Henderson, now the partner of Mr. 
White, rnlered the profession uiion his 
retirement from the Amlltoi's offl.ce, 
praitli'cd nwhile with KIwood Hunt, 
then became a member of the firm nf 
White, While & Hendoraon. wlilih u|>- 
on the death of Judge \Milte became 
White t, Henderson: Howard Han- 
cock lias been a member of the bar for 
ten years, and Homer Ingram, prose- 
ciiting attorney, romplctes the list of 
men who devote themselves solely to 
the practice of law. although a niuii- 
licr of men are on the roll of thn Iloek- 
vlllo bar as lawyers whose aetire hush 
nesa Is along other lines. Pome of 
the names above given are of lawyers 
wlm are known, respeoied and fear- 
ed nt other bars and are alwa.ri 
sought In rases tried In E^rke county 
on change of renne. 

IIIoun?n llljo Wm II^U ICuniun 

mil' «r llu' li<n»l l:>ihl;ilil<- "T nil Ihr 
l,.,„.nMliU .,h..'nnn.T« h. Iii.ll:'nii Ik 

III.' i.l.iiic'.'l- " '11 "f llii' f^li'li'' 'I'll'' 

i.loiii'iM' Minii'U iir I'nilo' I'liiilUy ilo- 

„,,', 1.1.- Ill llif wn.v or rncoinliiin 

il,„„ I ,1111 |."»» Klv.' Ilu'iii. In 
iiiiiiiv r.'»|..'il» llii-y I'oiinn.iili'a ni""' 
III liii' vMirl. iir liivlni; llic fmlil'lnlhin 

ol 111.' riiliiv lliiin 111 11— li.r III..* 

I.iilll til.' Homo. Ihr llllll on which tlio 

VI ,.,.1., iin.l iiiiiKl iilwn.M. Rinnd If It !.'• 

I.I I'NlBl ll.'lllllllll'llll.V. II VM'....II.- li" 

,i\. Klthllni; llii- rllli-. rnlshm- llir inli- 
liiK. i.loMhiL- llK' .l.nrliiKs. liliizliiK mill 
lii.vliii; ..111 llH' roniln. iii.d nil 111!' "oik 

III ill' %M.rl( i.r n..' vMiiiii'iiV Willi 

iilnlil r.ill 111.' Hoi'k or iiinii.v of till- 
urn irn.siil. 'Ihi'.v I'oiilil I'l-sl mid ri- 

|i,' lli.',ii.i'lvi-»: lull Ihi' ■■«" iV 

iwiil, »iiK ni-iiT ihin.-." Slio iiiiiili' III.' 
rli.lli liixlil.ui.'il iind kIIIi'Iu'.I K Into 

^.„|. „,„. „ „.. ih.' .■iii'|..'l». liioilldcl 

111.' riiii.lli'n, iii'iih' III'' Konp. ri-ndrri'd 

Ml.' Ini.l. » kid 111!' liwnl' inndo llif 

I. Willi, mid ii.'rri.niiid ii liiiiidr.'rt mid 

„„i. .1 r ihilli-H Mini di'vnUrd on h.T. 

All. I flo will lliliiU Hull Ihls linid nnd 
I'l'iim l.'Kh work wni. dmlo I..V ItlLTiinl 

w (.1 1 II In mi.v «a.v di'L-rnd- 

, ii.-.i li .voii do. ir .von nro In- 

I lliii'il I.I plly Ih lii'iniis.' mull lankH 

m r.'ll lo lln-iii »''l'.' Ilir.inslBl.Mll wllh 
III.' lil^lii'M liililliTlnulriy or rcrinr- 
iiiinl von hiivi' In Mm IniiKHiiKi' of Ihc- 
Kln.'l ■•■i.n..lhf'r think lOiulnB." Wo 
l.nn- In nillid woinon. wh.i l.nrori- Ih.y 
iniiir In Ihr \vlld« of I'lirUn Coiinly. 
w.Tr r.nri'd In nn nlnio»|.lioro of re- 
rini' 'I'lioy worn ln-llrg In Old 
Vlrtliiln; w.'rc Blinhntii In llio foninio 
i,.'iidi'ii.l('» or tho KiiBlcrn SlalPB. were 
nlli'lidi'.l l.y Bhiv.':!. If from Ih.^ Soiilh. 
iir kli.'n liiillilni: "f tin- i.rlmlloim n( 
n iii'w connlrv If from llio oldrr «<■ 
iloim of Ihn I'-.iist: hilt nno nnd nil if 
llM'iii mln|.i.-.l thim.i..dvoK to llio "v 
iL.'in ii'K .11' lli.'ir ni'W llfo. nnd in"'- 
fi.riiKil Midi Ihi'lr imrl In Ih" h'Toj.' 
mriiL't'lo "f triiiiiirnriiiln); llw ivUdi'i'- 
l.iHH liiln n liiililliililo nnd linpiiy I md. 
.Mont of ihiiRo i.tononr wiiiii"n nr" 
fordiliin mivo hy llii-lr Immodlnli' 
di'Mi'i-niimilH. Miiny of thi-m nloop In 
lllililirUr..l L-rnvrB. II In tin- |.lin"'»'' 
of Ihls ihiilitor in imy trlliiilo lo nil 
of thorn whllo riTonllnK llio IIv.'h of 
tli.'lr BlBt.rH who l» ii-iinnn of innni- 
Ini'liro In ono wny or nnnlhor nro hrrr 

IPr*. lHuig Sjiirluu 

.Mm. Mnry lliirinn, ninllior of sni 

iiior .1 » llnrlnn. of InwM. Ihod to 

I ho nBo Ol inn yiiirK. I'-rnin IS'.M nn- 
III Inr dinlh in iwiil »lio i'r»l.lod III 
I'lirko roniily. Ilor ilniii-'hlor. .\lr«. 
.Inhn T. Ilrown of norldn IhwiibIiIii 
fiirnlnhod IhiK nkdrli: 

"My inolhor. .Mib. Mnr.> i-onloy llnr- 
h.ll. wnx hn.ii noir Morci ahnrK. 'Md.. 
Mnrrh Jn. IT1"1; dlod July II, isiiil, 
Sho wiiB miirrlod lo my f.ithor. SIIiib 
llnrlnn, on llio mui of .Mnnh. Ihis, 
ni'iir l.olinniin. (Ihln. 'I'li.'y Bo..n nrior 
ii.OM'd in llnrk roiinty. Illlnoin. Ilvrd 
nn iinlod I in. I iinlll nflor llio tlilril 
■ hlld niiB iiorii. 

"Ill Iho your IN'J- my fnthpr Bont liy 
fliil l.iiiil oninii:li rnrn in Sow Orlonna, 
Ihilr iinly iiuirUol, lo lirliin liliii nno 
hninlrod diillurn. Thin ho wnnloil to 
llMOBi In Iniid. 'I'lioy hnd honrd of n 
,1111 il/»i'i,rir;/ IrBil of land In I'lirko 
Coniily, Indlnnn. lyhm hotwon two 
iitrcanii culled Itnocoon, ulilcli from 

Iho dosiil|itloii of tho Krowlh of lliii- mot nnd n^rooil to l.nlld n school 

hor. iMiiBl hino oxtm hoII. So ho In I.oiib.'. 'Ili.y biIi. lod n iillo, out, hew- 

oonil.miy wllh boiiio olliom Binrlod out rd iiii.l hniil.'d Iokb, crortod n hillldlliu 

on horKolinik In Bonn h of Ihln locntlini on Iho hoiiiIi of llio roud, wllh n Kronl 

nnd rindhiK rvory iIiIiik R:ill«rnctory ioiil-Ii, nlnno fli .-iilnio on llio north 

llicy won! on to llio nonroat hin.l of- in.i nnd ii iloor In Iho nniilh bo the 

rioo. Thoy inovod the Biiino yonr lo chlldnii would not ho diBliirbcd dnr- 

llioir now home In Now IHBCovor.v, ns Inc Iioiiib wllh the trnyol. They 

II linn ever Bince been rnlM. Tlioro lofi one Iok out on each bIiIc nenr tlio 

wnn nn n.n.l. only hriisli pn.kod down i-PllInK for IIk'iI nnd air. M fli'sl 

nn.l n l.lnj.e hero and there on n tree. they tnoked nn slrlpn of cronBod linen 

Thoio wan no .hiireh nnd no nohool. ilhey hnd no |.n|irrl wliloh wan nflor- 

.My fathor and mother IniiKht their wnrjB nnpi'llid wllh loiiK Bash and !< 

children In the rirnt l.'BBonn of rrni*- x m Klaan. Thin Is where .lames nnd 

Ini.'. wrltlnn nnd orllhnicllc. my ol.lor bIbIoib oltendcd s.liool. 

■When my hrolhcr wnn sixteen Then JnmoB not Instrnetlon from Boino 

yenrs old a man wlinnc naino was of the lenillntf men tn Uockvllle, who 

Terry in frniii Konldoky, 

frrert to loHih n i lann In L-r 
ho <Y)nld Bociire enniii;h nil 
.My father went to Iho Bollle 
niiild iiiiiih rlillenle nnd niipoBll Ion nli- 
Inlnnl fifteen, whioh nwolled to twen- 
ty before tho teiiii fsiilred. lie tniiuhl 
two teniiB. .Mv mother gave np her 
kitchen for a srhoni room clnrlnK llil« 
lime. Hoon after this (ho ncliihhori 

m of- HOI nnd lo tnke ii deildod InieiOBl In 
lar If llllll' In Ihln way he kept up his 
IhetB. BtiidliB. helped nn tho farm nnd 
I null Innuhl one term of ncliool beforo 

Bl irtliiK lo .\nhiiry I'nivernlty. 

".My ninllior fiirnlnlied his olothlnK, 

liotiio spun, nnd wo\'en linen for Binn- 

nifr nnd wool for winter. Also bod 

nnd heddlnit. 
".My .'alhor nont In a tiro-liono 

wai:on every two or three weeks wllh 
prnvlBlniis. .TaliieB rented a room nnd 
did hln own onoUIni;. lie » nn mnrrl.'il 
Honn nflor he wan uradnati'd tn .Minn 
Ann I'.ll'/.ii I'ook. tnilKhl nclionl llin fol- 
low IllK winter nnd In I lie Sprlnir of 
l.sin moved to Iowa flty, prnclloed 
law nnlll elo.led rronldenl of the I'nl- 
vornlly In Mt. I'lonBoiit, nnd after- 
wnrdn wnn elocled to tho United 
Stnles Senate." 

iKnrllia inii.vuirU l^iiiiiurh 

liiiiinl.l.r of lm\ld II. Mn\woll. n 

III her of the 1X111 Indiana ConBllln- 

llnnal oonvonllon, was born In Ilan- 
o\ei-. In.lliinn, ,Taiiimry r.',; sho 
illod April -JT, imKI. need 111! y.nrB, ;l 
montliB iiml .' ilayn. .Iiillet V. strannn 
on the occaalon of Mrn. Howard's Olst 
birthday .-ontrlhuleKl to the /mjinii- 
nimltn Scirs nn npprcclntlon of .Mm. 
Iluward, from which tho following Is 
re-prlnted : 

"a I.Anv OK gUAI.ITY." 

"Mrs. .Mnrthn .\. Ilowuid. widow of 
(ieneral TIlKlinmn .\. Iluwaid, who 
died of yellow fever while nilnlnler 
plenipotentiary lo the Itepnl.llo of 
ToxnB In the year 1MI. still liven at 
Iho old Howard home wllhin a stone's 
Ihrow of the homo of the Country 

"It was a snowy afternoon on one 
of the plotnre dnyn of winter when 1 
Joined the little pnrty of frieinin who 
were piiltiK lip with KlflB nnd flowers 
10 pay our (rllnitc to tho lady, ills- 
tltnrnlnhed not only hy her (irent ntfe, 
but Blno by Iter own stroiiK anil boaii- 
tifiil chnrooter, and lier coimeotlon In 
days lone past with tho nffulri of Ihc 
Stnic and Nntlon. 

"W'c arc wont to spenk of very old 
lienplc ns links between llB and tlic 
pant, but do ne pniise to think JllBt 
what wc nionn by the pnst? Thoniih 
no nro thrilled with a sense of awe 
In tho prenonoo of n person who has 
lived nlmoBt a century, we nro prone 
to fnrifot how niiioli of history siioli a 
period of life eiiilirnces. l-rt tin think 
tor a iiioiiient nhotii wlint was Rolnif 
on In the world that January rJ, IHi:i. 
when this gentle old Indy, who Is our 
ncit'tilKir, WHS horn. Ho you know?. 
Well, Nnpolron wnn rondiictlnu Iho 
I'etrent of his grnnd oriiiy from Mos- 
iiiw: ThroiiBh the snows of Kinslii 
the grenl conipicror was loadlnR his 
linsiB, free/.InK, bleedlnu and ilylnir, 
but followlii):, after the nionner e,' 
people wllh Krent lenders. 

A few weeks earlier the ronstltu- 
llon cnptured the finerrlere. nnd 
when Mm. Ilownrd wns nine innnlhs 
old. t'oiiinnidoro I'erry won his sph'n- 
dld vlolory on l.nkc Krie. I nn, not 
Very KOOil on eontempornneonn hlnlnry. 
Imt these fneis fix my old frloii Is -iije 
tn my mind mote elenrly Ihnn Ih" 
nioro rejirtlllon of tho dole o' her 
birth. Nbo wns two .vears old wlo n 
-Inokson won the battle of New Or- 
lennn nnd Nnjiolcon met his fate i.t 

"Mrn. Howard win ninrrled In IS I.!, 
and rniiin tn her homo In Ihln plnoe 
from ItloomliiKlon on liorBohnek. I 
have heard her doscrlbo Ihln weddlnil 
trip, nn.l nni Irreslstlhly reminded rf 
the we.hllnK Journey of "The VIr- 
Klnlnn' nnd hln bride. Their wny l«y, 
for the pnrt, thrniiuli llio tin- 
broken foroBt, nnd she broiicht her 
worldly pnnnenslnns In two inildlebaiia 
and a portiiinntenn. 
"Again tho mind rum btclc (0 •tent* 

wlil.-li scoiii 10 ii» Mildcllc-nKOd pcoplo 
t<i lirivi' triillB|ilr'(l licfiTO llio jiin.t.iry 
i,f llilMi: iiii.n, and w,. rrth-.i ll^nt our 
i>l(l fri.nil iniirrli'.l «:irii Aniliow 
.liirkKua \v:iH rri'8lil<'ut oi' tlio I'nllrd 

ivh.ii 'I'linln, <'ii..-U.>l nnd llowl.i on- 
, Ihc lirr.ilr ini^.dy tif ilio Alan.o. 
M..rn (liMli ihli., Irii.kil nn.l llnwlo 
v^n,' lurNtiniil ri'l<-i>,lK ni' lirr 

III hln .'nrlilT llfn III ■|-i'llll.-HR<-c, Tliolr 
li:ii,i.-, wrrr linNKi'lioUl nnrd.i. Iiiilrrd 
^iiiil ;n iiiilii 8lif inn •rnMciiilicr tlio 

"So UK dfcndi' nftiT dmadi' slips in- 
lu till' luat, MrM. llowiiid liiiK »r™ lior 
liiclida r.iiil kliiilvid l-i'.\ iii-oitiwl li.-r, 
liilM wlliirBKnl (ni'iiln nlmkr llii- 
I'll ill/I'd »orldl en II riiipln's rlxo mill 
niiil. Ilk."'s fill Ihr wind-. Ill- 

IniliKll. limi-vHn .11- i.r.lillrniiri'. nil 
I hilt «p inM pi-ocrorK, lum di'vdnppd 
ulililli hir iiiniini-y. Hit rharnrlnr Is 
I. mil lipnil lllli'H v]\ nili-ulnli'd lo i.r- 
r-pl tliim- rliiini:.'*. -I.rl nnlliini; din- 

liii'li Ihin. iiiilhli'.i.' iirrrlKliI II ,' 

>.>>i-i,iK nhvriyK in Mill III lir lior iiiriitiil 
iiilliiiili'. I liiivi- n.-i-ii iii-r III tliiic-n ni' 

I i-iiol nirili-ilnii. hill liiivo iii>M<r In I 

Iii'i- wllliiiiii till' iinii-p III* pni-fiTi rPh- 
k-liiitliili. II llllii ni'voi- n.-.-iiii-i-d In lii-r 
III t:iliiiildi< nMT hi'i' lilt III urn or to 

llltlli'lll tlio lOHK or III.' loli-ll lini'8 Mini 
III III! llliirH hnii- Ill-Ill lilkrii ii»iiy 

I'riiiii hi-r iitidr-r pi-i-iillnrl.v trylni: niid 
Ii'iikIi' rlrriluiBliiiii-rn- 

"ir .Mill i:n III niM ilpiin .Mi-k. Iliiiviinl 
liiiliiy ynii will lllii-ly rind lli'r ivllli 
l,i-r rinni'i-s hi'twiTii III.' iii'wiy cm 
|i.ii;.K ..r till' hil.'sl lioiili or iiiiiKnzIm'. 
or pliTlii;: II i|iillt. or iiinklni: ii m-rnp 
liiiiilc, hill .toil will mil rind lK<r Idle. 
I'l'rhnpK Kill- will h.< wrilliiu- li-ltom. 
for nh.' Imk a liirci' . orrrBpondoni-r. 
mid her li-llorK nrr IIiIiikh of iK-iiiiiy. 
Mhr wrII.'K n dninty. oldlliiio hiind. 
iiKi'H iihiKMl [.i-rfi-n Miiu-IIkIi mill liiis n 
fllii' Bi'iiKi' of whli-li In ovldrni-- 
i-d III i-v.-ry IrlliT. 

•■-\ pro iriil n.-ivKlLiprr woiiinn ni 

liidlmiii wii.-< nilllni; upon me foo dny 
Inst KilMilii.-r, mill \v will up lo vlsll 
MlK. lloHHril. yihc wn» not ipilln well 
Ihiil day mid niir miilili'n iippi-nram-n 
llir.-» hir u mill- off lii-r iiiinrd. Thin 
iiiiHiiiilnl norioiisii.'KK nwidr lirr .-m- 
M-iKiitloii pni-lli'iihirly lirllllaiit. llrr 
mind .111111' mid "ml In .-l.' 
IIHHlir« nnd we llsi.'ii.-il lo tii'r mlk. 
liil.'rKp.'iK.'.l Willi willy i-i'iiimkii mid 
MlK of pnlloHopliy mid poi-llinl .piola- 


".My "Id frii'iid. wlioiii 1 liiivo iiindo 
III,' mihjicl of tills bUoIiIi. lias lived 
a llfu "f Dlniost Sparlan Blmpllclly. 
She never cared for luxuries, rialn 
llvlnt- nnd high llilnklni: constituted 
her plilloBopliy of life. Have you not 
perceived Hint great people nearly nl- 
niDs dlKpense wllli lu'iury. and Is not 
llilK one of the Bcrrels of Ioiik life? 

• IHirlni: our re.-ent lilrthday vIbU lo 
.Mm. Ili.nnrd 1 lind to wrestle with 
the tears Hint Insisted upon fiilllnK 
for her h.-cnuKe bo few of her kindred 
r.'iiialn lo i-heer her .IrrllnlnR days, 
• who went to pay their respects 
were not oven the friends of licr 
yoiilh, few. Indeed, of whom arc In 
III!' land of the lIvlliR. Hut wc did not 
rind her wholly desolate. .\ grandson 
l.d her Into the room <in his arm, a 
nephew .-mile to i:reet her; blood is 
Ihli-ker than water, and wo nro not 
nlniie so lonn BB wc ran grnsp n kins- 
iiwin's hand. 

"Our lltllo roiiipnuy was (inrtly niado 
up of inUHlcnl people, who had Iwcil ro- 
.piested to King the old-fash lonoil 
hymns nnd songs Ihnl have chcorcd 
I ho henrla of (lod's people for genera- 
lions. Among our ninny blessings wo 
hnve In our l-oiiimlinlty soliio people 
who CUD really ilag. Thej Bang the 


mrn. (Siillriiiia (Taittiiui 

Among the North Cnrollna liiinil- 
innls lo PnrVe County In tlio early 
orlirs wns Dr. lloraio fnniion mid 
Is wife liiillelnin— the fniher and 
loiher of lion. .T.iseph O. Cannon, ox- 
peaker of the I louse of Ileprescnt- 
her dauglKer. whose light fingers stives. Mrs. Cannon nt once ndnpted 
id to e\o'<n magic meloilies from lirrBclf to the comllllons prevailing at 
tlinl time. Nho was a typh-nl iJiiaU- 
cress. Hho wns not one of the strong, 
rohust women of her day, though she 
IniliiBlrloiis snd of n dlsposlllnn 

old songs like "How I-'lrni a FoiindB- 
lion, Ve Saints of the Lord," and some 
nior,^ modern, "llie lloluo of tlio Koiil" 
and •Sniiie Sw,-.-i Pay," nn.l ihen. .it 
her rcpi.-st, "Ihe lllver of Time," nnd 
Ih.'lr own music lo ■I'ennyson's "Croas 
lug the liar." Hoiihllens OS bIio listen 
rd In the sweet strains, sho tlioughi 

■cars ngo, nnd her 
so sweetly lo his 
nnd of tho troiip 

old, and many of tliein dead, who fre- lo snvo her hnshnnd's earnings. 8ho 

■^^ p^^ 

■\ ., .'' /■/ 

.■>^ C t 

..'•1 '^^>'" ^^ 

c . , / i. 



./ii»i-/.;i (1. Canimn. cxHpcat.<r of lUc Home of lt,\ 

.luiuleil Mil' old home In tho years, 
long piiHt. Iliit this grand old 
wnuiaii Is no mlsnnthrope. UHillo wo 
were still In her parlor I heard the 
.arrl.-r nulslde lall ".V. "»" nnd saw 
her faro light up when tho paper was 
brought In. She lives In touch with 
the world, mill would he lost herself 
iinlesB she Is feeling bndl.v, when alio 
has It read to her. 

"She has often snid to mo and her 
nieces, who nre my friends: 'Girls, If 
you enteh nic telling tho same story 
over again to the sniue people. Just sit 
on nic, will you:' We laughed heart- 
ily over her drend of the Infirmities 
of ngc, ns well as this little bit of lat- 
ter dny slang, lul.xed in with her pure 
and forclblo ilngllsh. 

"I like to visit .Mrs. ilow.-ird In 
hours of despondency, bccaiise her own 
Bplcndid serenity lifts nic out of It, or 
lather, shmiies luc out of it. She 
would not dare find fnult with life, or 
seek to pry into Its mysteries. She 
believes that 'Cod's In Ills heaven— 
all's right with the world,' nmi bollov- 
Ing this, she lakefl life's buffets and 
rewards with ciual thanks. 

"In ronlemplntlng her long life wo 
nro rcmldued of n lino of verso thnt 
used to ho populnr with pulpit ora- 
tors In olden times; 

"Sttania Ihal • lorp w.lh • ihouond uHkm 
Should UV in <""« » Ions" 

"nut WO rcflet-t that sho wns cnst 
In a heroic mould. .Mind nnd body 
were hnnnonlousiy fnshioncd, for sho 
wns lo bo tlio wifo of n stnlcsninn, tho 
mother ot aoldiera." 

wns nffeitlonnte in her home and was 
dcvnted to her hushand nnd four sons, 
isaiii-, Dlislin, -iosepli and U'llliniu. 
The Cnniioiis wero not blessed with 
daughters ot their own, and .Mrs. Can- 
non's heart wns largo nnd sufficient 
lo Inke under her protcllon three 
nlcres who wero homeless nnd In need 
of seliiiollng. 

.MIbs Katherlne V,. I.aluli gnvo tho 
following account of tho great Irng- 
cdy In tho llfo ot .Mrs. Cannon in a 
Woman's Kdltlon of tho Dloomtnt- 
dale World, December, lOOS; 

"It wns in August of IMl. and the 
tliiio w-hen 'IJunkcr qiinrtcriy meet- 
ing' wns at band, that grent prepar- 
ations were going on at the homo of 
tlie Cnnnons. True, they wero iicople 
of modest means; their homo was not 
of the elnborntc typo as is that of 
their nillllonairc son, Joseph O. In- 
deed, Dr. Cannon was iienrd to say 
that the possessions of hIniBelf and 
wife at the time of their marriage con- 
sisted of a dinner pot and a gourd- 
Hut the visiting brethern had learned 
to love thciii for themselves and tho 
welcome which they held out. At this 
special time the Cnnnons knew they 
would share their usual number of 
guests. Tho Doctor was overseeing 
the harhrculng of some sllontj, and 
getting homo affairs In readiness be- 
fore making a professional visit 
across Sugar Creek. Heavy rains had 
been fnltlng nnd tho stream was far 
over its lianks, and tho only means of 
.Tossing wns liy fording. Dr. John R. 
liare, a follow practioneor nnd close 
acquaintance of Dr. Caonon, bad boen 


to tlie crcok and said It was unford- 
alili'. Hut Dr. Cannon tiiought differ, 
cntly. At nny rnte, he was Intent on 
making the effort, lie felt It a duly 
to hrnvo the waters, ami said; 'llivs 
me old llilford (the fsiiilly horse) and 
I'll make It,' nnd ho soon wni off, 
with the pnrtlng words to his wIfo; 
"riico see thnt thee helmves, nnd is a 
good girl while 1 mil gone,' nnd her 
leply i-nliie; 'Thee sec that theo Is n 

gnnd lioy,* llltle rcallr.Ing tlioio wero 
their last words tiigethrr. 

".\s the evening shades hcKaii to 
rather nnd tno lio.tor failed lo come 
hnine, troiiblo wns Biiiiiilsed, and de- 
vi'loplnclits proved Hint ho had been 
swiiilnw-cd lip by llij rushing waters, 
Ihfltigli no trnco of liliii was over 
fiiiiiid snvo thnt nf the hat ho wore, 
nnd Inter soiiio litimnn lionoi, u-nslioil 

st'oAn cnECR. 
cfif .i/i/icarniire of Sftot Whero 

llr. Cnitfl 



up on tho snnd, and which woro 
thought to ho ills, among which soiiio 
swlno were routing. Aftorwonls it 
was rcmcmlierrd that ho had related 
n dream that ho had had alioilt hii 
drowning — of how his bones woro 
found blcni-hing on an island, ami 
liogs wero roollng tneni. 

"Soon after tho drowning of Dr. 
Cannon, his w-ldow with hor two sons, 
Joseph and ^^'llllalu, moved to tho 
house herein shown, w-blcb still stands 
In the corporation llniits of nioonilng- 
dale. They later moved to Tuscola, 
Illinois, whcro alio died in April. 

fflm. Eltjabrtl) flIrSau 

inir.alieth Towell .McCoy la living 
at the home of her daughter, Mrs, 
llnihel .Mnrks, In Liberty lownshlp. 
She was Iwrn In Orange County, North 
Carolina, August jr.. 1811. When In- 
diana was In Its first year of State- 
hood (1HI7) her parents settled in 
Orange County, near the present fam- 
ous hcnilh resort, French Mck 
^|. rings, in IR.'l.'t she wns married lo 
-lolin MrCoy, They lived awhilo near 
Salem, Washington County; then In 
Krnngo County, and In 1811 moved to 
Fountain County. 

Later they settled In Mborty town- 
ship, I'arke County. Mrs. McCoy was 
the mother of soren children. One 
son, Isaac, dieil whllo sorvlng with 
llin nth Indiana Ilalterr In tho CIrll 
Wnr. Her other sons woro Wlilii. 
John and Jesie U. McCoj. Th» lattar 


vMi« rinV nf I'nrki) Cnnivfy from 
ls>»M (11 ls!C. II'T dnufihlorii wore 
AiMiii •iiini- (t.aviTly,) llnclicl 
(Miiih«.i iind Mnrllia (llnillry.) Mm. 
Il»clli-,v >iii« tipi' iiiolhnr nf .luclii<" lllr- 
mil l:. Iliiilli'y. of WnnnlnKlnn, and 
lli.ii Mil II. Ilnill.y, I10|ir(>»oiilnllvo 
ll, (•,iin:rc»» from lliiK SInlr. 

Mm, MH-ny l« n mi-iiil'ii- of (li<- 
Irli-lMld' iliiirrli. rnlll n .oiiiimnillvp- 

Iv rp.-.'iil ncl .hi' look nil nctlvc 

liilrrrKl III lhi> work of Iho W. C. T. 
r. nml 111.' Woiiinirii Knr'-lKii MIbsIoh- 
my'ly. Shr " nil inliirliilly 111- 
Irrmlivl In inlmilniinry w.irk up to IllT 
liKMIi M'nr. mill nl Ihnt UiiiK donnloil 
n Miilli of hiT own iiinkliiit lo n 
I'rliMlilil' .Ml8«loil In .McAl.-o. Tbr- Irli 
Venn iHdloMi to tier tianh lilnhdny 

'....^ ,v.„lo,l „vln<-ln,llv In til.- work 

..f iiiilltlnK ivhlih llko nil plonrcr ivo- 
iiirn dhf did lii-niillfiilly. Slio Ins 
iiindp iiiitl cl^'ii tiiT drBiTndaiits 
forly iiiillln 

On Ihc n.innlon of Mm. Mcfoy's 
no hirtliilny. more llinn r^m rdntlvcn 
nnd frlrnils In I'.irkr County nKROiiib- 
lid nt lior Itoiiii- In IllooiiilnRilnIo 10 
|.ny llitlr ri-BiK-rm to lirr. JimIrc IlBd- 
Iry lolcpd lilt- Bi-ntliMcntii of the aa- In nn rlo.|iifnt Irllintc. .Mra. 
.Mrl'oy rrBliolldrd to nil thp KrrotlnKB 
nf hrr frlnidR. ronvpri*nd ivilli them 
ulth llip Inlprmt nnd iindTRtnndlni: 
of n yoiniL' unman, and rrml a .Iinp- 
ti-r from llir lllMo n« a fllllni; hone- 
ill.tlon of thr day's oliarri nncra. 

iHm. Elliulirlli (Cofflii 

i:ilzulinlh Ann Sryinoiir, daiighlcr 
of (irorco nnd Kllrnliolh IMirlinni Soy- 
liioiir, waa Imrn In Storkhrhlgc. Mass., 
April 7. ISL'M. She wna clirlatened liy 
I'araon J-lold. the father of Cyrus 
\V. I'lehl. Kllzniielh Seymour waa the 
plnyninle of .Mary Field, and was a 
student In llic iniiic srliool nllended 
liy Cyrus W. Field, iiho ptojecled the 
Atlnnlli' cnhle. The early surround- 
liics of i:il7.abetli Seymour were those 
of wealth, even arfluence for that 
lierloil. She had many advantages 
both social nnd Intclleotual, and re- 
eelvrd a fine KnKllali education. She 
was l»th artist and poet, and palntcil 
pli-tiires and wrote meritorious poetry. 
Her hiisliand. Wllshlro Coffin, to 
nhoin she was nianled In IIWl, was ■ 

MRS KiJKAnimi rorriN. 

iniin of Intellccliinl attainments who 
look an active Interest nnd partlelpa- 
tlon In the |.olltlcal life of I'arke 
County. .Mrs. Coffin made a collec- 
tion of many rare and valuatilo books, 
nnd was at one time librarian at An- 
napolis, where sho had tlio op[iortun- 
Ity to rend tho good books whteli con- 
st lluteil that collerilon; an opiK>rtun- 
l(y which sho Improved. 

Mrs. Coffin was tho auhjcct of an 
urilelo printed In a Now York papor 
which resulted In a wido rnnjo of eor- 
rosimndsnco with people who wanted 
to know more about a personalltr so 
InterestInK and so charmlnit. Just b»- 
fors h»r death, Jnne 0, 1008, a npra- 


senlntlve of Cnlllcr't Werklu Inter- lo the entertnluiiient of auditors »nd 

viewed her for personal romlnls lo the history of llie epoch In whlrh 

eences .oniernlnie her lonn nnd In- she lived. She wm a lovable cliar- 

lerestlnn life. ac ter and well deserves a place ainonf 

Mrs. Coffin was a modest, enter- the notable women "f Tarka County. 

r ^ . -J 

lalnlng and faselnatlng conversiilion- 
allst. and could entertain one for 
hours with the oliaervatlons nnd In- 
cidents of her own life, which were 
related without the slightest sugges- 
tion of egotism. Iteing a survivor of 

fSattIr (Eiul Ilruiila 

Fifty years ago, when the common 
schools of I'arke County were passlog 
from tbelr first stage of dorelopment 
into the system we now bare, many 

our pioneer period she had a fund of 
personal reminiscences. With tho ex- 
lenslre and varied rending of her long 
llfo; her aequalntanco with many of 
the cbaractera prominent In local his- 
tory; her accurate knowledge of 
evsDU, aha waa able to contrlbnta botb 

gifted nnd talented young men and 
young women were teacbori ; but 
none aurpaaned, if any equaled .Mil- 
lie Curl. She waa the first achoot 
teacher of whom I hare recollection, 
snd tbal Is of seeing her aa a gneat 
In our bonia and hearlof mj older (la- 

tera, who were her pupils, speak of 
her in terms of approelntlon and af* 

.Mnttlo Curl was born In I'arke 
County. She was the ilnuKhter of 
Jeremiah Curl and Harnh (dlfford) 
Curl, (who after .Mr. Curls death he- 
rnme .Mrs. Flljah N. lliirfurd.) nnd a 
sister or .Mrs. Iluth Caroline McFad- 
dln. Mrs. Fllen C. ruterlmugli. Mrs. 
Jnmcs A. llussell and of Willlmn T. 
Ilurford (deceased.) She received 
no education iieyonil the public 
schools lieforo she tuiighf In (hem ; 
but subBeiiucnlly attcniled lilooiiilng- 
dnle Acniloiiiy, the N'oniml Nclmol at 
l.elianon, Ohio, and the Indlnna Slats 
Noriuai, from wiilch she grtiduated In 
IN7-I. In the meantime she had 
taught twelve years In the I'arke 
Ccuhly h.lio'jU and in lljo clli school. 
of Indianapolis and Itockvllle. 

On the 22nd day of .lune. l.sTil. Miss 
Curl became the wife of I'rof. David 
Worth Dennis, one of the foreinoat 
of Indiana's eilucators. .Mr. Dennis 
for many years has been of the fsc- 
ulty of Karlham College. Her only 
child. William Cullen Dennis, was 
born December T2. 1878. The pre- 
cocit.v of this son was so remarkable 
that be gradunted from Karlham at 
llio ago of 111, and at the age of IS 
from Harvard, and at the age of '21 
from Oilunibia I,aw School, lie then 
aiKint one year In Iioston. wns then 
for two years a professor In l-aw D.-*- 
partment of University of Illinois, 
then In charge of Chair of Interna- 
tional law at r.eland Stanford Cnl- 
vorelty for a year or so. when lie re- 
turned to Columbia Law School to fill 
same position. .Mr. Tnft was then 
Secretary of State, and called Mr. 
Dennis In International I,nw Depart- 
ment of office of Secretiiry of .state, 
whcro he remained until .Mr. Wilson's 
election as President. During this 
time he represented tlie United States 
at tiie Hague and In other Important 
intornatlonni matters and waa during 
such time Professor of International 
r.nw In University of AVSshlngton. On 
Ills resignation he entered practice of 
International law at Washington, 
where he now resides. In some Inter- 
national matters when Chief Justice 
White Is arbitrator, he has placed 
large responsibilities with Mr. Dennis. 

Mn. Dennis waa of delicate phys- 
ical constitution and conse<juentIy her 
work as a teacher was sometimes In- 
terrupted by Intervals o( travel made 
necessary for the Improvement of her 
health. These journeys and sojourns 
In various parts of our country and 
in Rurope served to broaden her 
acute mind and to Improve It by In- 
telligent observation. She resided for 
a lime in Tennessee, fleorgin and Ala- 
liania, and for fourteen iiiontha she 
traroleil in Europe. 

Associated witli her husband ibe de- 
voted herself to teaching. From 187n 
to IN81 ehe tauglit In Wilmington Col- 
lege, Ohio ; from 1882 to 'H-l In lllooin- 
Ingdalo Acodcniy: from 188^ to 180T 
In F^rlhaiii College. She was a mem- 
ber of the «tate reading circle, and 
took an active part In tho literary 
I'hiliB of nichmond. In 1603 she wss 
tho caucus nomine of the minority 
party In the regislature for the office 
of State Librarian. 

.Mrs. Dennis wrote with a fine liter- 
ary style, lioth proso and verse. Rome 
of her poems ivoro printed In a .Me- 
morial Volume published by the his- 
tory class of Itlclimond, Ind., soon af- 
ter her death, Feb. a, 1807. The many 
Irlbutoa spoken at the memorial ser- 
vli-e held In her honor are printed In 
the volume. Hon. William Dndley 
Fouike tald of ben 

"It la not an aiafferatlon, that the 

IdM of Mrn. PcnMla la grrntcr ttian 
\ hmi' l.rrn felt In the dcnili of 

Mil- old iiurmlon < 
nny of 

iflir Is It 


vhoin the 


pcriiiUtrd to rc- 
hinln, nnd (lint alio haa gone whom wo 
rniinol Biniro nt nil? Slip Ima dono 
Miorr rnr lllihiiiniiil ihnn nny one who 
ii'iiinln« iiol In llir ninllor of uinlcr- 
Inl prnHiHTlly, tlix hiilldlnR of itrcnl 
hniiara, or III'- |>roniollni,- or Ullalnraa. 
hut In dcvoloiilni; the llira of onr |ico- 
|ilo. cnnohllni; tliclr rhornctprB. and 
ronlrllMitliiK to thrlr liniiplnras. And 
Mra. Itcnnia hna done more than nny 
othor piTson In Ihia wny. Iirrnuao alio 
dill nolhInK from aolriali iiiotlrrs. In- 
dnod, elir Inl, hocaiiac alio did not com- 
Miimd, Thrre rrvrr wna n spirit niorr 


lion. Xr 
aplrll, > 



ntrol. I 

■na there one litecki 

lacked th 

dralre to control. She led by the 
•IronR ilinin of love. And Ihnt ihnln 
una BlronBcat In the plme uherc II 
nuclit 10 lie atrOHRrat — In her own 
rnnilly. lint II did not atop there. 
There never wns a happier homo: 
there never waa a tenderer wife and 
niolher: hut ahe wna that becinieo ahc 
wna aoiiielhlnR more. Iieinuac her 
aympnlhlc^ were largo; hecanno her 
vIewB were hronil, not confined aim- 
ply to Ihe hcarlhalone. She aonu'lit to 
Imiirove ihe i'<immiinlly around her— 
not by offerlmj nluia or rhnrlty. When 
•ho went among llinao who neoded 
help, alio went na one of theinsclTos." 


r If II ttet condftten4. 

naer. Ihert iha Icfl ■ Iricnd." 

(^unnl) (l>atl)riiiir IDI|llr 

.Mra. Sarah C. White wn« a well be- 
loved and widely known vonian In 
I'nilio Coiinly and throughout Ihe 
HIale. Hhe waa Trcaldent of the Wo- 
man'! Keller Corpa, Department of In- 


diana In IlKVl nnd IIWJ, during which man and Mra. Mcacbniu eo-oporatlng 

lluie Mra. -Inlla 1\. .Mcarham and Mra. with her. It was during .Mri. Kphlln'a 

Mary lx>athornian of llockvllle, and term as State commander that Mrs. 

•AMii r. WillTK. 

.Mrs. Hello Kphlln of Tangier, aerred 
na atibordlnnte ifflcers with her. Mn. 
Kphlln waa later 111)12-1013) Depart- 
ment rrcaldont, with Mra, feather- 

White naa ele'tcd Hecretory of the 
Nnllonal organlutlon. Mr*. White 
twieo roprcBonteil Indiana In the Na- 
tional ConrnUon of the W, R. c 


Karah ('atherlne. daughter of Ham- 
uel and Mary Frnncea Ktrouae, waa 
horn In Koikvllle. Dcceuthcr 20. 1H.".'J. 
When a very young child Bho oxhlbll- 
ed reniiirkalde luualcal prococlty, 
which waa enr'aurngcd by her paronta. 
Kho waa acnt to a mualc arhool nt 
Klockncll. Indiana, bcforo alio wna 
twelve. Hhe afterwnrda ntlendcd the 
DrMotte Inalltule at Indlnnniiolla one 
)enr and thta wbb auppleuicntod by n 
ycar'B Inatructlon In tho romalo fol- 
lege at Jackaonvllle. IlllnolB. 

tictohcr Jl, mm, ahe waa mnrrleil 
to Ared K. White. Tho homo llfo of 
Ibla huahanil and wife waa Meal. I'cr- 
hapa no couple over won and held 
thniughout life more rcapect or affec- 
tion than they. Kvcrywhcro In I'arko 
I'ounty lioth were known and loted, 
nnd Inccther tliev will long be ro- 

Although her home was never neg- 
lected, and for aomo yenra after the 
death of her mother, ahe made a home 
for her fnther and youngeat brother, 
ahe WBB all ber Ufa active In aoilnl, 
rcllgloua and charitable clrclea. lie.- 
uMiBlcal tiilent waa alwaya In deumnil 
on occaalona of public entcrlatntucnt. 
For forty years nbe waa organlit of 
■ he .Methodlat church and Hiii dry 
achool: for fifteen years ahe naa 
Hecretary of the Woman's Korrlgn 
.Mlaslonnry Kociety ; for four yeara 
ahe wna worthy matron of the lloclt- 
vlllo «'hn|iler. Order of Kastern Rtar, 
and from Ita orgnnlr.atlon until her 
last Bli'kneaa she was an ael'vo and 
ileroted uieiuber of Bteole Post Wo- 
hian'B llellef Corps. 

While our people who knew .Mrs. 
White will rcmeuibcr her public lor- 
vicea, they will more affoctlenalelr 
recall her iinsel. .Ii and derated 
inlnlstratlona tn tlioae who were In 
alckncBS or sorrow. To snch she at 
all limes extended aid and sympathy. 
With no Impropriety she might bo 
called the Florence Mfhtlngale o( 
l'tt<« I'ountjr, 

Park? Qliiuntij ilU>iiiral f rof^BHtnu 

By W. H, GILLUM. M. D. 

Tin; linirll.o i.f iiirdlilTic In 
I'uik.' Cnnnly |ii Inr lo Iho 
cn. nr Boo.l niii.lH whUh he- 
UMI, II IVw .v,-„l» Im.k- 
»iiH nl»n.\» 11 linr.lHlil|< rnr lilin »li<> 
l,ill..»ril il. or iill n.r- i.lniw.Ts «lMi 

in.sM.'.l 111.' AIIi-kIi'-mI.-" Ilil" »"'•^■ 

l.liM'.'il "lliln l.r.xihd nii.l lipwrrt mil 
llii' now iiilKliiy piiiplif or iln. MUl- 
llli' Wml. liniir well- miliJ.Tlrrt In 
II (ir.' »ii-Miiiniii. iilnli. nr rmlinril 
i.riiiliT linnl»lil|i» lliiiii llii' ilorliiin nf 

Ihiil ilii)- 'I >;•■■ 

III III., riirly si'tliiMiiriil or ill.. Cmiii- 
IV iihyKhliiliii woiv r.'iv nii.l vriy rnr 
l.ilviiin. Mnny or lli.iii wcio liirii 
who ■•loni. ii|i" llic work Willi lllll.' or 

no ni.|.n ilU ror •I'lipy 

«iri. hi.n or iinliiially IiIkIi ilinrii.-lrr. 
Iiirt.. «yiii|iiilli.v. hvoii.l. ol,„.|vliii: 
iiiliKl jiiil Klroiii: iiiiyHl.'iil imiihI lint Ion. 

ir lhl« mill I. n lli.-li- 

lllll .MLlim .1 y noi.T would 

Inn.' Hiirri'.'il.'.l. mill 111.' Iilnlory 
rlii.H^ I lllll ilu'y (11(1 BiLTc'i'il, ■rii.'y 
mil only wi'ii' mi.r.'KHfnl. Inn mnny 

r.'iilly oniln. Ill In lli.' work. 

Tiii'lr ihiinri-h lor (|i'vol..|iiin'nl won- 
Ihi' iniiHl inrnKi'i' lliry linil fi'w. nn.l 
In iiniliv I'llKr^. nn linok!i. Tlii'ir WIK 
no iioHHiliillly nr iilionilinu- ii iiii'ill.iil 
mhonl. li.'rniis.' Ilii'y won- Inn fill- 
limiy. mill 111.',! ilidn'l linir III.' iiirmiR. 

or I'lii'in nol lllll.' lo own n lioini' mill 
lliii-i'riiln, liiiMiit; In CO nlnol. .Iiml 
lllliik or n imll.'nl ill rrln;,iiM nlok 
iiluli nnin il.'iiili, nn.l llio (l.i.lor liny- 
In:; 1.1 wnik Ini oi- ririi-i'ii nilloii 
llirinmli Hi.. inr.'Ki. .nmalni: nwnllin 

iliviiniK. I.nim mill ii:iiiln.<. nrini- 

lliii.'K In III.' Klo.iiii or n iilli'liy iliirl, 
iiIkIiI. lo vIhII nnd If l.niwll.|o clvo ri'- 
ll.'f. All lliln llio Idnni'iT dn.lor llii.l 
I", nr lllll, I'lnliiri'. nn.l llir ponr pin- 
hrrr imlli'iil lind In Rliind up llirnncli, 

mill Old OI II niiiii' no of our very 

lir»l iiicn -AlTiiliiiiii l.lnroln wrm Lorn 
niid.r noiiic Hiii'h rnnillllnnii 

Till' plon.'i'r iln.|..rii or Ilir Wimi 
riiini' lip llii'iiiii:li Ihi'Ki' irri'iil Irllnilfi- 
llmiK. nnd I'lirk.' roinily wni. nn cx- 
I'l'plloii In llio mil'. I'rinii llio klinnl- 
I'dKi- L-nrnmd l.y llioir iloso olmi-rvn- 
lion, wide i-xprrlowo mid »klll, Iihr 
roiiii' down lo n.s inmiy, If not inonl, 
of the fiindmiiiMitiil princlplfa of 
ini'.llilnc. In the cnrly dnya of the 
IirofrpBlon — fifty lo a hundred ycore 
Imrk — llie books were entitled "The 
rrlni li.lin and I'rnilico of Modlclnc." 
.Vow "the ITlnrlplon" were fnnnded 
lllion, worked out frnin the nliservn- 
llonn nnd dlmoverleB ninde liy Hie pio- 
neer d.iclorn. nnd llio '•rrmlli'c" wim 
Hie nplillrnlloh of IheHO prln.lplen lo 
Indlvlilinil rnden. Tlie I'rln. Iplen nml 
I'rnetl.T of Riirnery di'vclopi'il Inrirely 
In the Kmiie way. The iim-ent e.xlf 
niey of the tlino nml nltimtlon de. 
innnded of the dorlor that lie do 
mn-Kery under Hie nioflt trylnc. nyr, 
ii|i4.iilllliK f-lri'niii8lnnceR — inich nn 
would try the nerve of Iho utmiloat 
henrl. This writer knows of a enne 
where n niiin was ioiii|ilelely dlnem- 
iKiweled with n liowie knife nnd. after 
lylnK In the dirt nnd leaven for sev. 
<rnl honrn. finally mine nn.ler the 
rare nf n yonni: iloetnr of the pioneer 

type with no edi Hon lieyond Hie 

nlilllly lo rend, wrile mid cipher— no 
Jneillenl ednrollnn exeepl what he hnd 
(licked lip, who fixed the tnnn up, not 
Kclentlflenlly lull effectively, and ho 
irnt well. 1 mention thin an only ono 
o( many diBinpIn of the borolo work 

liy the 






were 11 



In th 





In e 

nliire 1 






he doi 


nd 10 

hln ne 



e dnli 

a 11 


d. II wild 

a c 



K for 

linik, even when the roads were good. 
Mill now the doctor hns Hio luxury of 
Kon.l k'rnvcl ronds. Blreniiio well 
hrlilKcd, the aiitoinnhlle lo convey hini 
In Hie uTcatciit roniforl llilrly miles 
n.4 nKahlBl five liinilo In the Haliio 
time hy the old dnctnr on IiIb hocHe, 
the telephone for commnnlcntlon, his 

loiild '•enl tho ipilvcrliig flesh with- 
out BhrlnUInK" when. In fiict. ho was 
full of Bynipnthy but dnro not show II. 
Then npaln, aa In tho present day, 
the phyHli'lan ofllniea was poorly paid, 
as now, ninny [icoplo made good tho 
old Baw : 

"Co.l .nd Ihr docloi ■>' bIiIc adora 
Vf lirn in •l.r.iici— nol brloio, 
The .l.nir. e'-'H ihry .,r .l.h> <-nmatJ-.. 
Cod ii> (omollFn and ihc docloi •llnhlcd." 

Hut notwilhstnndink' all these 
llilncB Hie old doctor was always 
ready to co, was welcomed wherever 
he went, not as n Kucat, Imt as ono 
nf the family, lie hellcvcd In stroni: 
remedlea: tho lancet and calomel ho 
reparded Iho Saiiitmon of medicine, 
nnd I doiil.t not ho wan rlcllt, for 
they Biirely Blew tnelr Hiniia:inilB. 

Melliodfl and fnillllles of the mud- 
ern idiyslrlnn nrc In mnrked lontrnal 
In IhoBC of the pioneer. Then he, nl 
licBl, proBcculed hlR work over mud 
ronds nn IiorBelinek, In the face of Iho 
hll!./.nrd. Ihrongh ilrirts of snow nnd 
fnrdluK dmiceroiiB. Bwollen Blrcaiim: 
or In the Bcorchlnir riiys of a mldstim- 
nier Blln nilnUB the prntecllon of a 
huKKy lop, for Micro being no bngglos 
In thoto d>yi bo wu ttlll on bone- 

medlcliies elegantly put up ready to 
hand, etc., etc., and when he has a bad 
cnso tho cvor-roady h.iflpltnl or spec- 
ialist ready to tnko the rcBponslblllty 
all from hini. Then, the pioneer had 
lo treat every sort of ciibo nnd do all 
manner of surgery from iiiilllng n 
tontti tn cutting off a leg, and. nvor 
and nhove nil, nq sll.h liewllchlng help 
as the pleaBing trained nurse. 

Airnrding In the lient niitlinrlty oh- 
talnal.le the rirnl phyBlcliin who lo- 
lated In llnikvllle wnn llr. I'nrls r.. 
inninlng. This was aliont 1,«:;.n. Ilo 
nrtcrwaril moved to the Boiithern part 
of the State, •pilt iiicdii'inc and stnd- 
li-d law. Ilo was elected fjlentenant- 
Covemor on the llcket with Hovernor 
Whllcoiiih. who nflerwiinl went to the 
r. S. Senate, Dunning becoming Oov- 
evnor. The first physlrlnn who prac- 
Hiid In the liai'i-oon Valley of I'arko 
■ oiiiity wna a Dr. Ilodgklss. lint ho 
lived hiBt arroBB tho lino In Vigo. This 
was al«iiit the timo l>r. DunnlnK 
was In llockvllle. The first physician 
who rcBldrd In Honlhcrn I'nrko wn« 
Kr. M.'llnnnid at IIob.'vIIIo In 1K\. 
l-'or this I am Indebted tn a manuscript 
left hy I>r. James Crooks, doconsod, 
of Uridgclbn, Dr. Wllllain Bullock 

nlBo was located In IlnBCvllle alKiiil 
IMii, mid llr. Will. II. ironkB, father 
or the alBive ll.ciitlnncd .InnicB I'rooks, 
In lliic.oon towiiBhlp nlinut I.^J.I. llr. 
I'. II. Stryker was one nf the iiiiibI 
widely knnwn nnd noleii of the early 
lliickvllle dm Inrs almnt IH.'Ul lo 'mi. 
lie was one of HioBe already mcntlnn- 
rd who ruBc In dlBllnitlnn with, 
oul Hie admnlngea nf either iiieillrnl 
nr nlhcr Bchoollni.'. Ite helleveil In 
inlnmel iinil Jalep nnd plenty of It. 

lUB. Leonard, I nley nml l,<iwi' wcio 
In llnikvllle alinut IS'lii. |ir. Wllllniii 
II, Xofslnger niiont Iniu or 'I.-., lie 
wns n Bonlnlnw of (leuenil I'llghiniin 
A. Howard, lie married the llencrnlii 
ilaiightcr by iiis riiBi wire. Dr. Nor. 
Binger was ele.ted Sl.ile TrrnBUrer. 
Drs. Allen and II. J. Ilhe were In 
llo.'kvllle from enrly In the rortli'B nil. 
Ill lliey died, and both aci-niiipllBhed 
pbyBlclnns of high ntandlng. Dr. Illie 
was pcrhaiis Ibe finest looking doc- 
tor In tho county. Dr. Ilnaih. rallier 
of .Imlge AdillB.m I.. Iloai h nf the In- 
diana Supreme Court, was prnnilnenl 
also in t.><M>. Dr. II. V. lludBou. nf 
.Mnnle-/.unin, has been for the Iirellme 
of about two generations one or the 
liinBl rcniari;: lily succCBHrul iihyslcliimi 
In tho Wnl.ash Valley; he U nnw 
jilncty years old, rends the finesi 
print wltlinul the aid nf glnssea, ban 
a mind na clear iia crysial, a body aa 
aniind na a ilnllnr, n chnrniler thai la 
nil uplift to tho community, and la 
atlll prni'tlclng medlilne, 

fine of Iho moat widely Vnnwn and 
nniedly ani'ccBaful nf I'nrke Counl.v'a 
doilors wns Win. I', I'lixlon, nf Hell- 
innre, and bo was beyond i|iiealloti the 
moat eccentric, .Many ver.v nnuiBing 
Btnrles have been told nlmiit bliii, nnd 
would well hear repeating here, hut 
flpnce forlilda. lie had among other 
eccentric peeiillarlllea, the hnldl nf 
biding nwiiy bla money In nnaiiapecled 
placca, siii'li ns barrela. nhl bran nr 
meal aacka, el.'., having at times 
thnuBanils of d.dlars secreted In thla 
way. XotwIthBlandIng hl« ccicntrlc- 
liy ho died Ininenled by all who knew 
lilni. Dr. .T. I-'. Croaa nnd (leorgo I', 
lialy were geiitlemcn of niarkod ur- 
banity and great proinlnence In llnik- 
vllle and I'arke County for mnny 
yenra. They wcro both allghtly «c- 
centric also and very popular. 

Dr. J. A. (loldsbcrry waa not only 
one of tho flneat phyalclana of tho 
Cnnnly, but bo wns long one of Hi 
most prominent and Influonllal cit- 
izens. I'nr many years ho resided In 
n beautiful country homo midway 1>0- 
tween AnnapollB and Illooinlngdnlo, 
and tboro ho was engaged In ncllvo 
prnctlce of bis profession when sonio 
years ago lie lost his life while ro- 
8|ionillng lo a call In the most Incloui- 
ent weather. Ilo waa killed wlillo 
driving ovor a rnllroad rmasing. anc- 
ririclng hlB life In tho perfornianco of 
lirofCBBlonal duty. 

Dr. C. c. Morrle la now and hni 
been for many yenra ono of Hock- 
>lllc'a heat phyalclana. Ho Is not on- 
ly a very bucccbb'uI pracHoncr but, In 
aildlHon, has beconio woll known and 
appreilaled In tho County for elocu- 
tionary nblllty; ho recltea entertain- 
ingly an extenslvo rejicrtolro from 
varloiie authors. Ho baa also aorroil 
the County In tho Stato [/-glalafurc. 

Drs. .Tohn II. SIcNult nnd llornco 
V. Cannon wore proinlnont st Aniiap- 
oils from ibout 1B40 on. Tb* latter 

Hill, (llr rmlin- (If llM' 11(111. .In»r|.l. 

I nil I v.liii. Iiir Ml- yr-Uill, Wll» 

Slirlll.i'l- 111' III!' .Nlllldlllll COML-ITHH. |lr. 
I'lltlHIIII CirilWIIril Wlllll' H»|hlllllllK 

hlH li"li<i- iifi""" Sir.Mi- ir.'i.l, in \MI 

II i.iiili'iii. 'I'liiiK II IH llii liny III' 

lli.ilV iin Kl iM.M In iiinil."<l vnlki: 

ol Mil- lull. II ».-niirirr Id iliily. wliii.s.' 

1,1, nn nihil I nl' hi'ini/r or innrnii' 
bIi'.iiI |iim|.iIiiiiI.». 

IM'. .1 rt Cninkh WIIB III ICT mil- 

.■.I iiirl> |.li>»\n n|- llM' Cniinly ; In' 
in'ii'll I In 111 ItrM^'Miin riiiniiiiinlly 

II nil LT.iil r.iii-iis». An niiliil.iiiKi:i|.li.v 
uiillrii iinl liMii: iH'iiiri' lilH ilinlh. 
wlilrh ii.iMiPil III Oil' nto of hIkiiiI 
I iL-lilyliiiir. i.MiilK n llloiiiry Inlrnl 
Mlili'li iKiiilil iln rri'illl in a mini of 
Kli. ilii- ii|.|.iirliiiill.> .11111 i.i^i.. 1 ..;,. 
.iilliiiinl iilliilniinnl. 

111-. .1. !>. .Vinl.T. who luiiill.pil nt 

III III::. Ion Ini' nriiiy yiiMB wiiR n ninn 

III' liitrllirliNil iilliiln s. lie liiKl 

Irm-llirt iM.nHlvrly nnil nl nnr llllic 
wn.s un Iln- Irrlini- |iliiir<inii. 

■{■\w riiKl (Mi;;inl/:ill"n or I'lirkr 
r. iiiily |.|ii»l<liiiiH loi- i.rnlVs.sloinil 
• ouiirniiliiii mill iiilMiini'iiK'iit took 
pliiiT In IvTI. I«r. W. II. llllluni. nf 
lliii'killl''. iiriiT rnnsnltiillon willi n 
liliiiilii'r or llii' iloiloiH. rnllril n inrrl- 
Ini: ill liiiikilllo |..r NnnMiil.iT '.' of 
lliiil yinr. 'Ilir rollowlnn Krnlloiiii-ii 
i.Kiinnili'il 111 llii' 'Kll: 

lir. .1. S, luui'. ricrliil nroslilrni : 
111-. 11. r. Iliiils.iii. I'li-cli-il \ Irp-iircBl- 
llrill : l>r. W. II. IMIlllili. olP.trrt BCrrc- 
liiiy: |ir. W. I>. TIiomihs. 
iirnwiici-: In-. II. .1. Illri>. Iir. .1. I'. 
frnnH. 111. W. 11. 'llioninB. Ilr. i;il»ln 
.». .Miilmiii. l>r. W. II. .Mono, l>r. 
.rinicB ri-..i,k«. Ilr. .1 II. Mnlor. Pr. .1. 
.\. Colilsliiiry. Hi-. .\. I>. •I'oiiillnaon. 
Mr. Irii II. Cllhiiii. In-. C. \V. .Mcl'iinc. 
hr. i;o»». Ill-, s. S. (iolUa- 
liorry. I>r. II. II. \V. .MrKiy. 

Ilr. II. r. lliiilRon. or Monlo7.nnin. 
liriBldod nl llio iiioi'llni; with Hr. 
lillliiiii. scroliry. Ilr. J. S. Pare, or 
IllooiiilnirUnlo, was nlcrtcd iircsldcnt 
10 Bonc lino year. Dr. \V. II. Glllnni. 
eocrotnry. and a ronstltiillon and liy- 
InwB ndoplcd. Tho Borlcly Ib Btlll nn 
nctivo organUatlon, liut for Bcrcral 


y.nii ban hrtn Jnlnrd with Vcrlnllllou 
riMinly. iiB llio l-nrkn-Vornillllon .Mrd- 
ttal Sorlniy, and nvrracra up tii llioBt 
nf llioBi- In Ijic Hliilo. 

Tlio iirnri'BBlon of llio Coimly waa 
rriTi-Bniiod In (he mirBlial ilr|iart- 
monl of llio nriny diirhiE tlio Clyll 
«iir liy Un. (I. W. Mdiinc of Mnnlo- 
Miiiia. J. ,\. CoMaliorry, of Annii|».llii. 
and Uoorgo G. 1', DniT, of Rockvlllo, 


all or ivliniii Bninllird IhoinBolvoB witli IM-. llom lio alioiit 1RW 

iTidll. Dr. .Mi-rimo. howovrr. dr- |ir. Win. II. Nori<liii;i'r nlKinl IMO 

KiTvri. m.i'.liil ini'lillnn: lin ii mil oill In I ir. Worn or nbont 18I.S 

llio lii,:liii>|n;; lis HiirRi-nn or tli? col.-- Iir. .1. 'I'. Allrn almnt \V-» 

linilid lllh Inillnnn Infinilry, and Hr. Mail™ nlmiii INTid 

dprvnl BH Biirli tliri.iii;h II nllrowar. Hr. I'.di-pl aliniii XX'-n 

lllB iliily wn» iirrfoniird liol In Iiob- |ir. I.r-niinid almill I'tlO 

liltiil. lint on III.- ni.ii-ili. In laiiiii. and Hr. Tonlrv al.iinl Is:l."i 

on tho LnltlfB Bn \H: .Mrlioii ihl nhnnt l-'i-'iO 

Anllclani, l-rcdorlckshnrK and Clrttys- Ur. I..nvr nlmiil .. IS-1" 

hiirjt, nil. I "llh anrh i-onrnLT, ahlllly Hr, ihnni alioiit I**-"'" 

and Byiniialhy. as to endear liliii to |ir. Illrniii Alvord ahoiit..- l.>i."ri 

fiery floldler. Hr. Ilnrlhy aliollt IWrt 

■Ine prorcBlnn lind Its fonndalinn Hr. .lohii I'otta nhoiil— l-VhS 

laid hy tho pioneer doctors linrk In Hr. Iliinhnell nl<iut._ M>in 

the early d.iyb— "a h..iiao foiiiulrd up- Hr. Ilarllioloinew ahont ISl"! 

nn a roik"— nnd II ImB Bleaillly nn.l Hr. Anil.roBe lliknor nlioiil .ISiin 

Burely adinnied since. Medical edu- 
cation 111 the County lina been won- 
ilerliilly elevntod. cfll.len.y lorie- 
Binndlnely IncrenEod nnd Its dlk-nlty 
iiialndilned. We haven't so iiiucli of 
the hnnleiiy of the doctor of the "old 
Bcliool." hilt, iiiBtend, more of the pood 
lellowslilp whli'li ehonl.l he n solace 
nnd sntlsfni-thin to everyone who 
would love and reBjirct his fclloiv- 
workcr. The different schools of 
medicine are no longer eneiiilrs. but 
friends. Time was when the nllopath. 
homeopath nnd eclectic would not 
spenk IIB they passed by— such a thing 
IB unknown now, nnd would ho IniiKh- 
td to B.orn. 'I'hey nil look alike, talk 
nlike and prnctlre alike; yon can't tell 
one from the ntlier, llrotherly love 
prcvnllB nnd every iiioinl and soclnl 
virtue ceincnlB them. SebiliV 

We cannot cIobo this Iniiio effort to 
Hay •ometlilnf; In lielialf of the med- 
ical profeBBlon without nientionlni: 
llio worthy yoiinn women wlio linio 
lic'oino trained nurses and. na n pan 
of it. are nnaelflflhly dolnc au.h noble 
and efrhlcnl work to aid the doctor. 
They arc renliy iiieiiil.erB nf the mod- 
icnl profcBBlon. and riirl<e County Iibb 
furnished lirr full ipiola to the ranks. 
Wherever you find sick iii.'n there 
you will find woiiinn— n iiilnlBterlnc 
nncel. The only tlirrerenco now Is, 
the trnlned nurse Is n better edlirnled 
nnd. Ihrrefiire, heller einnliried nurse, 

riiysiclanB in I'nrko County were 
located as follows; 


Hr. I'nrlB U DiinnInK nl.niil IS'.'I 

Dr. r. g. Strykor nhoiit IICIO 


II. J. Itlco about 1»IM 

.John T. Itlco alKint 18il- 

Jamcs McSutt about ISiJt 

Wui. rirynnt ahont ISfil 

GeorKo I'. Daly about— ISIH 

J. F. CroBB about isil."i 

W. II. cillum lS7:i 

I'ctcr Daly 187:i 

C. C. Morris 18711 

Anna n. Conipbell obout ISTH 

.Mntson about IdSi) 

W, I). Mull about ISSO 

rhyslcinns who have entered the 
praiii.e nt llockvllle slneo I.iSO arc 
Hra. II. C. Itofcra, \V, .M. I'urrcll. O. 
K, Mnihlnx, A. 11. IxickrldgC, A. V. Mai 
loy. .1. Slionknilcr, II. A. Swopo, J. II 
lilooiiier. C. \S. Overiieck, T. J. Col 
llni:s, .lolin .1. Connelly. 

Dr. Kilns .McKey 18.11) 

Dr. J.din II. McXntl ISW 

Dr. Ilnraco I". Cannon ISIO 

Dr. .laincB I'. Tucker lS."ii) 

Hr. .lohn S. Haro_ IViO 

Hr. WilBOn lioblia 1R.V) 

Hr. J. A. (lohlBbcrry ISiai 

Hr. Oinar (). lloll, Dr. J. M. IloyU. 


Hr. John IMckard 18."in 

Dr. sniiinri Coffin 18.M) 

Dr. Will. Aydelotl XKti 

Dr. A. P. Tonillnson ISiri 

• Dr. M. r. Wooilard, Dr. n. I'. Hes- 
ter, Dr. Orecno. 


Dr. Aloiander Burbaugb \KA 

Dr. II. II. W. McKoy (at nii««oir» 
Mill!) 1808 


Dr. Geo. D. DeVertor (alio at 

l/)dl) 1S7n 


Dr. .MiHonnld 18JI 

Dr. IIoduklBs (first In llaccoon 

Valley _. IH-.'l 

Dr. fiklnner ....l.siii 

Dr. KIlBha Gooklns nlioiit IKIir 

Hr. roniroy isiui 

Hr. Vnnriect ..- is:ui 

Hr. II. A. IliiIdrldRP ..INllo 

Hr. W. W. Wiieat. 


Hr. ngdcn— .isi.-, 

Hr. Overton Stone I.mihi 

Hr. .Mclnlyre I.m« 

Hr. Ilaiulllon ...ISll", 

Dr. J. A. Ilaldrldire Isin 

lira. .1. Y. I.ynrb, C. K. White, V,. A. 
l:lnn.^ Dirn llaldrlilne, lllilne, Slew. 


Dr. Will. I', l-axton I.M.-.;t 

Dr. Will. Ilee.ler IMU". 

Dr. .M. Cobb IsTil 

Hr. .loseph Klnirbam Is7.-i 

Dr. li. W. larver I.S7.-. 

Dr. Willlniii 1'. imrroch about... It""! 

Hr. .lohii W. rnrtlow.. IMsfl 

Hr. A. Maliln IM711 

Dr. .1. V. Hohiii iwi 

Dr. A. .Moore ..t.s.Mi 

Dr. II. c. I'eare.. I.siil 

Dr. Sherman lilake. 

Dr. .lobn inn was the first about Is-.C. 

Dr. inn lias been followed liv tho 
followinK phyBlilaiiB: Hr. A. Hiival, 
Hr. A. r.iteel, Hr. .In». Talbott, Hr. 
Win. .lonCB, Dr. II. .M. Gllkcson, Hr. 
.1. W, Keiiip, Hr. i:. II. Cannon. Hr. 
Geo. W, .McCiino, Hr. 11. I'. Hudson, 
Hr. Win. lleeiler. Dr. II. I,. Dooley, 
Ilr. .lames Cone, Dr. .N'cwhoiiso. 

Dr. Ilaldrldice. 

Dr. Dcdmonil, Dr. IloliiicB, Hr. Jouea. 

Dr. 8. S. floldBberry. Dr. 8. Wat- 
kina, Dr. S. S. White, Dr. .Taa. I. .Nor- 
man, Dr. J. F. imp. Hr. .1. SnnndcrB, 
Dr. 8. II. McCord. Dr. V. V. Irfaih, Dr. 
Kdwin llnndall, Dr Wni. Steele, Dr. 
J. T. Towey, Dr. J. C. Price. 

Dr. C. A. Cnplinger, Dr. A. A. Will- 

IIR. >IARIO.X gosfl. 

laiiiBi.n, Dr. Win. Hnvli. Dr. Ilradford 
Warren, Dr. Wnldcn. 


Dr. Knight, Ur. Tlnilcy, Ur. 0<I«1I, 
Dr. lUark. 

Dr. i;. \i. Vancleave, Dr. DIack. 

Ur. llord, Dr. Ilrltt, Ur. Oao. P. 


Pnly, Mr. .lohn \V. Ilnrvc.v, Dr. A. C. 
Innnw, I>r. (JKfnril. IT. Modlscll, Dr. 
• •olIlllKK, Mr. Ill.liU. 

Iir. .\iiron «'. MorrlB. Iir. Wooilnrd. 

In. .lolm (iiirrlcim, I >r. Win. I'rloo, 
in. iMin.iHi. IT. lllcltB. Dr. Cnlhlwrlli, 

111-. SIn.llliolliir. 

Mr. Ini II. iiuhm, IT. It. I'. HIM, 
It. W. N. WllllnhiKOn. 

IT. ..iiiiirs Crookn. Dr. H. II. IIOBcn- 
11 nil". IT. .1. 1). .Miller, Dr. O. L. 


IT. S. I,. Ilolirrln. 

In. J. 1 . .--...1.11.., IM. i.. y.. i.v.iii.. 

yiirlir (Cmuitji WritrrD 

Whili' rnrkp Ciiiiil)- linn luiil iiiniiy 
hrlKliI ""il liili'iii"! "rlli'm who »rrc 
H'liil mill iipiiroclnlcd hy lioiiic pci>- 
|.|.', iinl iMiiii.v Imvi. dovoldl llinii- 
Bi-lvri. cx.lUHlvol.v (n olllicr llloniliirc 
or Joiirnallsiii. .Inlin II. Ilrndli' wnx 
iiH linH hri'ii Kill" ill Ii'h l>loKni|>li.\, 
hiilli nii'hor nnil JoiiriiullKl. I.ticlim 
1:111.8, iiiliT Iniic yiniB or liiM'd work 
hiTi' iiB a.hool irn.licr. rnrim-r. niirt or. 
riiBlonnI .-onli llmtor to iiiilillcmloiiB. 
uilon'il iirofrBBloniil JoiirnaliBhi rntli- 
rr lull- III llrr. Mr «pi« ciillr.l lo llif 
rdltorslilp of llio Cliiniiio iUim-at, a 

IIISTOUICAL SKETCH OK PAKKE COUNTY. iMii.or owno.l hy Mujor O. .1. 
^;lllllll, ivlicii hr «nn nl.oill forly ynuB 
or OEC WlK-ii .Mr. .•<inllh ort.inlzfd 
Ihr .Viiwrlciin I'rrss .\r.s"ilollon. .Mr. 
IJOMA ivdB itliirrd III nn liiiporlnnt nil- 
torliil Hliillon. niid lo IiIb work wnn 
lino llir rxlnioidlnniy hiictbh or llic 
KiiMit iirwHl' H.vmll.nlo roundrd by 
.Major .>;nilll.. .Mr. i;obb \vn» n vorsn. 
Illo «rlli-r on n wido rniiKi- or fiil.Jo. l«. 
lie will, n Ron i.r CyriiB Cobb, bo rnily 
I'lirko I'oinily Brhool iPii.hrr. iind 11 
l.rollior or .lohn lioBB. or ll.Miiioro. 

A. W. Nowlln. Bon or Ki rB.y Now- 
lln. or I'iMin loMoBlilp. like Mr. II.'bb. 
I,nd no noWBimpir CNpprloncn iilinl- 
rvor liororo lii' rnlorr.l JoilrnnllBiii, 
l.iil l.c- »ii. ri'i-ili'd rrom llic ainil. I'roiii 
Dnrllii.iii CnlloLV ho nrnl lo llnrinnl. 
niid nflor loniplrllni: Ills coiirBO or 
Bliidv lioiinn Rcllvc nowapnpor work 


nrilrd with ollior nrwBimporfl. nnd 
for II Ihno imiduitrd ono or Ills own 
m l,nkr CliniloB, I.B. Tlila wn« nrirr 
ho hnd nindo a nnnio ror hliiiBC'r ivlillo 
on dirroronl impcrfl In Nnv orlonnB. 
Covi-rnor Mlnmhiird nppolnlod hliii 
prlifito Birrolnrv diirInK hiB lorin, 
whon .Mr. NoMlin nu'Bin roBiincd ncwi- 
I npoi- work, an.l l8 noiv ono or llic 
|irln.l|inl cilllori or the Srtr Orlrnnt 

IJIwBrd lloll. who IB now Ihr Ixin- 
don roproaonlnllvc or llic flil'-np" 
l!rinril-llrrnl,l. Ib ii nnllvc or rnrkc 
( onnly. Mr. Ilcll la rcroKnIlod bb 
ono of Ihr hoBt ncwapiipor corrcBjioiid- 
ciilB coniicclcd Willi .\iiicrlcan Joiirn* 

Mnr.v llriiflh WllllnmB. nnlll rcccnl- 
ly Vnown In llliTnliirc nB IbbI'cI 
llriiBh. Ib b dniiKliIrr of .lohn C nnd 
.Mary Kill llrilsh. nnd n Knind-ilaiich- 
Irr or Crorcc \V. .Vlll. or llorkilllcB 
onrly dn.vB. She Ijcfnn her lllcrnry 
work BB B Boelely reporter on B fill- 
IBL'O paper. Troiii IhnI .lly Bhe wenl 
lo .\e.v York, where Bhe did new»- work. In the luennlline bIio hnd 
,i,-,„n.iilale,l n inat Binonnl or ninler- 
lal whlrh Bhe In now hrlni-'InK Inl" 
Food neroiinl. for ner nnme hnB he- 
.•.line on • of the hem known In Anier- lllernlnre. 77ie ^nrunlo// fvien- 
tniJ VnsI InBt yenr Bent MtflB nrnsli lo 
IliiBslB. rrom whi.h eonntry Bhe 
wi.ile Bkeuh.a or the war. Vpon hor 
return bIic wbb married to Mr, Will- 
IniiiB, or ritlBhnrK. ITer InteBt work 
liiiB been done for Ihc ,Vn(i(r(fo|/ fvirn- 
.'.I,/ ;va/. 

,Iiillft V. HlraiiBB, who hn« nchlcved 
worldwide fnnie n« a writer, Ib r na- 
tive of llockvllle. She heiran her en- 
leer In the ofriee or the llnHrUti- 
TrIliKiir when but a Bchool Rlrl, 

,Iohn II. Ilendle flrat noticed her 
talent at a I'riday nrternoon Bihool 
rxblbltinn when Bhe was sixteen ycnra 
old. .Mrs, Slrauaa did loral and fcB- 
lure work on the Trihuiir. and In 
ISII-J besan llie Ile|iarliuenl of Si|ulb« 
and SayinfB. For Iwentyfour years 
she hiiB kept np thla ileiinrtmenl. Mrs. 
sStraiiBB WBB a rcEiihir contributor to 
the old hi'ltniiniinllH Jniininl. and In 
lIMrJ bcRBn her dcparlment, •"I'lio 
fonnlry fonlrlbulor," In llio Indian- 

nimlln ^^nl■n. TIiIb feature hna ha* « 
very wide rciidlnn nnd .-out Inn. b In 
popularity, nol only In Indiana, hut 
In other pnrln or llie country, lii l:i.«i 
the head line "How .Mother CcIb Her 
Halo"— over a report or a talk Klvcn 
by Mrs. Strnuaa In Inillnnni^illB, 
cauKhl the or Mr. IMwaid 
llok. editor or Ihc l.nilln Ihfwr 
.Iniirniil, Sbortlv nrierward .MrB. 
SIraiiBB became editor or a deport- 
lueul In Ihc /,orf/.-» llmnr .Iniir- 
nil. enllllcd "l.lcBB of a I'lBln 
Country- Woman." •|'IiIb dcparlnKnil 
at once attalncii Rrcal popularity and 
• onllnnea to be a valued dcparlment 
In the treat. Bl womana niauaitlnc In 
Hie worlil. Al a nnlh.nBl .onvcnllon 
or cdllora In Colorado SprlnuB llirec 
years ai:o Mrs. SlrauBs w-ns Introdn.-- 
ed 10 nn audience bb ""rlie .Moat llea.l 
Vm.iiiui. in Ihc Wolld." 

In addition to her rcKular literary 
work, Mrs. StrntiBa nns'i'ira thousinds 
of letters from all parta or .\nierlcn, 
an.l many from dlalanl landa all over 
the elvlllr.ed worl.l. She baa lately 
tnken np plntform worT<. and hns licini 
IndorBcd as a Bpctikcr before lUeniry 
■ liibs nnd olhrr organlzallona. 

She Is the Biillior of ono book — 
"Ideas or > I'lBln Country Woninn," 
which wan republished In i:nK<nnil. 
an^, of several storlca and sketclicB 
oulBlde her reculnr work. "A lilrl In 
(lid VIrElniB," "What Iielnit 11 Wo- 
man lias ,Mennl to Me," nnd "Clirnn- 
IcIcB of H (Jneer dlrl," nil appeared In 
the 1-aiki Home Jonrnnl. 

f oUtira After tl^F (Hitiil Har 

Tin; I'dl.l'llc'S lit I'nrko Coiin- 
ly aliico llic wnr |irpsrnt 
iimtiy inlcrcHtlng fcnlurcs, 
many ImldonlB worthy of 
imXi'. .III. I vvniilil iiiakP II volllMK! ir r\- 
I'l-.ilhfiiK roimctrd wllli Ihni pcrloil 
w:i* riil'y niliBlilon'd. II ulinillil lip |-i- 

ilH-nil llinl riiirlnK tlif «;ir llic 

ll.-|.iil.l|.-nii [Miily wiiR kiiovvn nn the 
riitnii tmrty. niid iii* Hiicli piiilirncnl 
luiiKlri'iin nr ■'«ni- I iriiinri'nlii," not lo 

ili'ii Ihc I ly Ki'iiinrrniii who lip- 

<iiii..' lli'iiiilillrniiH nil llip iHHiim iirln- 
1MU liMiiiPillnlPly hprni'p mill ilin-lnit 
III!' uiir. Tlip riiliin niiijiirlly »ui 
I Idi-p iMprwIiplihliiu'. 

II wiiH mil iiiiHI INTO (tint llip I'lml 
I'l'i'iik III ihp lli'iinlillpnn llhPa I'liiiip, 
nllliiHiKli DH parly nn isms miPh IIp|>iiIi' 
llniiiK nn HiiimmpI 'I'. I'nillii, .InHPpli 
1.. Iliiy.l, I '11111,1111 .Inhii T. Cn'iililiPll, ■ 
mill iitlHWR iKu-nit In illHti'iml lliolr 
imrly nn Hip inniipy i|iipmlnn. TIip Up- 
imlilipiiii stiiip iilniroriii of Hint ypnr 
itiihirpil 111 rnvor of ttiP Krppnlinck. 
Iiiil llirTP wiiH nil PlpliiPllt oppnupd lo 
Hip pliiirnriM ilpiliirntlon. Ily 1S7il 

p «ii« n ilpclrtPil ilpflppllon from 
(IIP llPiMilillpniiK. Tlim ypar .lolm S. 
linn, wlin hiiil liprii n llpimlillcnn, anil 
<ip..itp W. rnlllnH. n lipiiioprot. en- 
IIil.|lBli.-il Ihp rnrl.: Cninilil Vpip*. 
Mtilrli MiiB nil iidinrnip of tlip Krppn- 
I'lirk ciiriviipy. rnpinlii .Inlin T. 
iipl.pll, who hnd born Cniinly TrpnB- 
r, Ipil tliP rpvoll. hy lippoiiiliiR n 
dlil.ilp for IhP Slnlp SpnnlP. Up 
1 dPlpniPd. lint Mospb T. I>iinn, fTfp 
llppiil.ll.nii piindiibtp for rnncrpss, 
iiiiB liPnlPii hy DnnlPl W. \-onrllpP8. 
Hip U'm of firppiilmrk llppiihllrnnB lie- 
IML' Hip prlnclpnl phiibp. 

III tlip tlrpplpy pniiipnlEn of 1S7^. 
p Itppiihllcnnfl of I'nrkp County hnd 
wnlk nwny. i1p8|i|1o thp fnpl Hint Ihp 
fiiin.Tnlir I'lPBldpiillnl rnndldnlp hnd 
r j.nrs Iippii Hip Idnl of Hip rndlpnl 
i-iniMlPiinB of thp rniinly. ThP pnni- 

■I'lio llPimhll- 
ptiornioiis lorph- 

tlio Dpniocrnts 

■•n "Dnn" Voor- 

' ynrd. on 

) lind Olio or ti 
llKlit procPBBlonB. 
™p rouBlne rnlly 

lippB Kpokp In the r 

Hip RHi nf AilcilBl. Mnny of tho Or.. .. 
bnrkors votpd for Oroolpy, but many 
llioro Dcmocrnts dtd not 

ny 1874 tho Orocnback party hnd 
grown cOHBldornhly. That year noml* 
nntionB woro iiindo for County offleea 
on 801110 of tho cnndldatoa the 
PpiMOProtfl ftnd Orconhnckora united, 
sroat flKlit wns hotweon Jniiiea 
JohoBon and Joupph I*. Boyd t-or 
the Rtato Senate. Mr. Boyd wae nomi- 
nated by tho Oroenhackers and en- 
dorsed hy tho Democrats. The rote 
very pIosp, Mr. Boyd carrlPd 
rarko County by 12 votes, but Mr. 
Johnston carried VcrinlUlon County 
hy enough rotes to "put him acroBs." 
Dr. Harrison ,7. nice of RockrlUe, was 
tho Democratic candidate for Con- 
grpBS, but was defeated by Aforton C. 
IluntPr. Thus far thP Orppnhapkpra 
hnd l.ppn rp.-nilipd aliiioBt entirely 
frnii, Ihp llPruilillinnB. Sii.h inpn m 
.Inapph I,, lloyd. Tlipodnrp and Kd- 
wnrd MnrBhall. of .Vdninn township: 
l.iilciifl (JORR, of Cnlon. Wllahlrp Cof- 
fin, of IVun, I,. C. lOwlmnk. of Sugar 
Crppk. wpro the early IpadPrs of the 
parly and all camp from the Ilppubll- 
t-nns. T.ntpr on n few Dpmocrats like 
.lauiPB N. nhd .lohn II. MUlpr. of lln.-- 
poon. afflllnlPd for a lliiio with Hip 
OreenhnpkPrB. or Nallonals. as tlipy 
wore known, but tho defection from 

thp lloiiiopi-als waa slight In coilipar- 
iBon wlih the llpimhllpan loss. 

The campaign of IS7I was tlip first 
In which the Crnngcr iiioyenipnt fig- 
ured. A yc:\r previous to that date 
(irangcB woro InBtltutpd In almost ev- 
ery district of the County. Only fnriii- 
pra, Hiplr wivps and daiiglitPrs 
"pro ellglhlo to niembershlp. hut dur- 
ing Iho wlnlPr of 1S7.1-7I so iiinny 
(irangps had lieen inslltiltpd that the 
lolnl iiipiiihcrshlp in the County was 
up in tlip HwuiBnnds. 'I'wo cnonnoua 
(Irnngp pirnliB werp lipid In IS7I — 
one nl .liidBOii and Hip olhor ni IIobp- 
ilnip while niiiMPi'oiiB nelghlmrhond 
gnlhprluBB w.TP liPld III! over llin 
County. Into Hip limngoB niahpd ov- 
rry fnrii or politician in the roiinly, 
I'pgnrdlcsB of pariv, piici trying tn tn- 
fliipncp the nrganlrnilnn In favor of 
iilB parilculnr political party. Tlic 
prlni'lpal fonturc of tho (Irango iiiovc- 

Wlishirp Coffin, Leo Wheat, ,IoBephua 
and Itolicrt Lake, I.ucIiib (Iobb, Joseph 
I-. llo.vd. Thp.idnio C. Marslinll and 
otiipr men of their type uillmalely ho- 
caiiie Iipinoprals. and during tho 
transition porlod they exerted a 
great influence on the young men of 
the County, who from Independent 
volprs bPcaiiip IiPiiioeratB. Iliit new 
mining fields were devchiped ; ami at 
one tliiip thprp wprp over SiKi negro 
votern In the County— .ill llepuhliranB. 
l''roiii tlip iiilnpra and Ihp PiifranclilBe- 
iMPUl nf the negro, Hip llcpiihlicaa ro- 
criilipd pnniigh In hold llio County 
iiioBl nf Ihp II I e In BiiilP lif Iho Iobbos 
I havp iiipnllnupd. 

The liirninralilc ruiiipalgu of l«7il 
liaB no parallel hi our potltli-a) his- 
tory sa^■p Hip pipiallv sppplnculnr cam- 
paign twenty vpnr» inlc'. It waB call- 
ed the "bloody BliIrt cniiipnlgn," and 
Iho Itopuhllcnni In token of that name 

iiient was tho elimination of Hie ■'mld- 
illenian" — the retail merchant and the 
"driiiiiiiipr." .So far as was known 
npllhpr party henPflltPd nhovp thp oHi- 
pr ill HiIb Cniinty from the siippospii 
"ilrangpr vote"'— DemocralB continiiPd 
10 vole tliPir tIcUot. and Itppiil.llcnnB 
ns Irnaclnusli sIupJ; to thplrs. The 
iMo>empnt Riiiisldpd almoat ns rapidly 
as It aroBP. 

In the uipautliiip the mines had 
been opened at Sand Creek and a 
large lncrpaj.p in thp vote resultod. 
While the niinerB wprp not all Uepiib- 
Ucnns. that pnrty gained almoat as 
mnny frmii the innux of miners as It 
lost to the (ircpnlinckPrB. .\nd hprp I 
might slate my liplipf that twputy or 
Iwpnly-Hve .venrs after tho war, 
I'arke County, on a hnsls of Its Pit- 
l-/.enBlilp as It eMsted before and dur- 
ing the war, wns probably DpniOPratlp, 
for at that time on the issues of the 
tariff and Piirrency many of tho 
Dpiiiocrats had returned tn tliplr 
parly, and the Prohlhltion movement 
hnd takpn from the ItppuhlleanB 
quilo a number of Its Quaker rotprs. 
John II. Readio, Samuel T. Catlln, 

adopted a red shirt and cap as their 
unifnriu. A marching company of 
npiirly '.'iki wpII drlllpil men was or- 
ganized at llockvlllo with John I'. 
.Mpaehnm ns cnptaln. A sluillar or- 
gnni/atlon was perfected at Nyesvlile, 
where Jack Dufore, a Civil war vet- 
eran, drilled tho men. .Monte/.uma'B 
comiiany under Cnptaln Ned Turner 
wore old Continental uniforma of blue 
and huff wllh cocked liats. etimiueiti- 
mornllvc of the Nation's Centennial, 
i.iooiulngdnle and Annapolis had a 
large coiitpiiuy commanded liy John 
Chapman, All wore the regtilation red 
shlrlB with the expcptlon of Monte- 
zuma. Towards tho cIobo of tho cam- 
paign llipro was a "rally" soniewhero 
nearly every night, and always a 
torch-light procession. Whito'a cornpt 
band at llockvllle. Kvans' hand. An- 
napolis, tile JmlBon band, tho Monte- 
zuma band, and the Orange band In 
tho Fisher nelghlKirhood, did a iand- 
offlee huslncBB. The Democrats wero 
by no means out of this game. Tlicy 
had a large company at nockvlllc, 
commanded by James Ryan, a veteran 
of the SStta Indiana Regiment Their 

uniform was a neat liliie shirt, wlili 
Iho iPlters "T, II."— Tildcu and lien- 
ilrlcks-ln while. While tlio Hc|iiibl|. 
cans could boiist of tlio best driiiii- 
iiier, .Tonu li. Strain, of the roiirloen- 
Ih— for their fife and driiiu band, tho 
DeniocralB had far and away tho lieat 
fifcr In "Whit" I'liett of tho 4.'UI. 
.Viiiong the noted Bpeakera who ad- 
drcRBP'd I'arke County crowds that 
year were (ieneral Jiidson Kilpnlrh-li, 
who BiKiko for the llepiiblirans and 
lleneral James SliicbiB wlin Blmko for 
Hip lipiiiocrnlB. Scnalor Harlan, of 
Iowa, Spiiiilor Morton, (Jporgo \, 
Hhpridan, and lleneral llpnlnmln liar- 
rlunn. Hip llppiiblican I'andlilnlo for 
iio\criior, npro sppnkerH nt btg Ho- 
piihllcan rnllicB, and Hennlnr ,MpItnn- 
aid, ijeorge W. Julian, I,yiiian 'I'niiii- 
Inill and "Sun«et" Co.v nddreBsed lariti.' 
erowda of lipiuopi-nis al llockvlllo. Tlio 
bIggPBl Iipiiiorratlc rally of tho cnin- 
paign was at .Monlezitimi, when "llliio 
Jeans" WiiiiamB anil "Imu" Voorhoei 
were there. The grent llepuidlciin 
mlly wlipii ilnrrisnn spoko nt Hock- 
mip. Just lipforp the Oclnber eloctlon, 
WBB nttended hy the ceremony of rnls- 
lug the Auicrlcnn fliig to tho hlghiBt 
elevation ever ntlained on a flag polo. 
ThiB "pole" waa In BccHonB, Iho first 
one being a large poplar tree, II was 
nllogptlier *2.M) feel high, and placed 
iiB It wan bpshle Hint of Hip I leiiio- 
cralB, l.-iil feel in higlil, made Hie Int- 
ler look like a hickory swIIpIi, Molon 
Ferguson orected Hits flag polo. 

When (ieneral IlarrlBou was lioro at 
the big rally on Iho nth of October ho 
waB pulprlalned by Ibobc (1. Coffin, 
111 whofle i-nrrlnge he roiio from tho 
railroad to the liouip of Mr. Coffin on 
Cnilpgp street. It was tlio anniversary 
of the bailie of Hie ThniiieB. A nretty 
compliment waa paid the future rrcHl- 
dent of Iho I 'n lied .statcB when tho 
carriage reached the center of I he 
.North .Side. A wire had iieen run from 
one of the biilidliigs on tlio North 
side 10 a tree In Hip court house yard. 
The carriage stopped, when a beauti- 
ful canon was seen to leave a window 
of an up-slalrB room, and glide iis It 
In the air to tho crnter of tho alroot, 
where ItB opciipant, .MIbb Clara Tnto, 
dropped a laurel wreath and a beau- 
tiful bouipiot In the Genoral's lap. IIo 
raised his hat to tho llttio girl In tho 
canoe; the multltiido cheered. "For- 
ward March 1" and tho long lino of 
uniformed men, bands of music, bug- 
gies, wagons, log cablnB, canoes and 
all the panoplied array moved on to 
tlio residence of Mr. Coffin, where 
Ooneral Harrison rciuolnod for dinner. 

Thomas N. Rico was a candidate for 
tho Republican Congressional nomi- 
nation In 18711, but lost to Morton O, 
Hunter. Nerval W. Cummln'gB was a 
candldato for Treasurer of State, and 
Itkowlso lost. Although tho Slate 
went Democratic, Parko County's Re- 
publican ticket was elected by major- 
ities ranging from 027 for David 
Strouse for Clerk, to 1.1G for F. W. 
Dinwiddle for Treasurer. Joseph 0. 
Vlekory was Hie Dciimcralic eandldnie 
who Pill BO Blroiigly Into Iho llppuhll- 
can vntp. Arpd F. White, nllhough 
he had a Idg majorlly In I'nrkp for 
I'roBOcutlng Attorney, was defeated by 
David A. Hoach, wlio carried .Mont- 
gomery by a majorlly sllgbtly larger. 
.Mnrton r. ITnntcr, the llppiibllcnn 
candidate for Congress against Col- 
onel Will. It. Mpl.ean waa oloctrd. ow- 
ing lo the candidacy of O. P. Davis on 
the Orecnbatik ticket Adami town- 


at Its one rnlly 

Blll|i niHt over l,<iOO vote 
lUTilml, find tire roiiiK wns acan-cly 
riiilHhrd III tlMir tor iiinvnss l>y the of- 
lliliil boiinl. llohiTl Cliilstlnii, llciiio- 
.nil. wim rlrrli'il InnnKlilp tnlBlcp. 

It niiK In IsTS llinl Mil' UciMilillcnna 
«nl|-|'ri-il llii'li- rlrsi rcviTBn nflcT the 
ri\ll War porlort. Tlii- cniilrat Blnrlort 
In im R llin-c-coinrml flt-hl. l.ut n fns- 
Ion wiiB nll.'innrila pnilliilly ofroi'trd. 
Moilnn C. Ilnnlnr. ..opni.llnin. A. .1. 
llnslPllnr, I Mno.-rnt, nnil Henry A. 
Whltp. Circniiiirknr. or Nnll.mnl. wi-ro 
rnndlilnloB for rnn;;reBB, and lIoBli'llcr 
won In aliltn nf Hip third imrly landl- 
dull'. O. \: Minla. Nnllonal, of Vor- 
iMllllon Coinily. .nrrlrd I'nrkr- nnd waa 
I Ictlid to tlip Sliilc Senato from the 
Iwn I'oiinlles, na Ihe Iteinncrnta pill nn 
.iindldnlp In Ihn field. Arclmhald, Nntlonnl. for .lolnl llepn- 
M-nlnllve wilh .MnnlKoniery Cnnnly 
iilBo Mon; I). I'. Ilrnivn nnd Jolin 1>. 
.■onini:a. DeuiorrntB. were eir.led 
(■nMinilaalonera. nnd Cenrce W. Col- 

llllBB. I lornil. defenled .lolin II. 

Iliurord. nf .Mr 



llial KnnI 

Slali'fl Sel appn 
hy Ihe dn 
the loaa r 

1 W. \onrli 
r eandldii 
nlor. na li 
llled to Ihe 
nth nt Sen 
r l.nlh Sen 

•ra would he Ihf 
.' for rnltcl 

c had already 
vnfanry rnnaed 

ilor nnil lle'pre- 

lona one 
■I'lie lanip 
nnide hy 

n I'nrke Cci 
niliTd lor 
nlirn waa » 
. anil few 

ho Itepiihllrnna. 
holly devoid of 

ii<n of I'lthrr 


In .0111 
riirkr lo 

eel Ion will 
nily. (1. V. 

Ihe hialnry of 
|)n\l3 doBervea 

nn hnnonihle plnre. oven llinnudi ho 
Miia n olllzon of nnr Tounly hnl a 
ahorl while, lie realdod In Itlnoin- 
Intilnle ahonl mi yVnla ni:n. wlioro lie 
lived while aniiio of hia ililldron at- 
lendod Ihe A.adoniy. Ilia aon. F.<\- 
ward, now a real. lent of lloikvlllc. 
waa horn In Ulooinlncdale. nnd lalor 
hlB dnnthlora. Mrs. V. 1>. >tnnaon and 
Mrs. Allie (Iroonwood nlw roalded In 
llookvllle. Tllo Inner lina wrilton n 
vnliinio or TineniB wliloh hns civon her 
n pinro anions- Iho reroKHlzod literary 
women of Indiana. 

lion. O. r. Oavla wna horn Nov. 7. 
isll. nl Warner, N. II. At Iho ace or 
1.-.. he Irfl Ilia nnllvo KInle, for tho 
WoBl. Ho Flopped awhile In Canada, 
nnd aflorwnrda went to Uoclioator, N. 
v., where lie waa employed aa anpor- 
Intendint of a paper mill. lie Blmlled 
dontlBtry and was practicing hlo pro- 
fession at Orcencastle, when he was 
persuaded by the famous Ned Me- 
fianchey to study law, which lie did 
ind aflorwarda horamo n law partner 
if Midanchoy. He aellled In Ver- 
million c'oiinly In ISm. and was elect- 
od II moinher of the ronatltullonnl 

vonllon In 1S.-.2. Three IImiob dnr- 
lUR hlB rrsldonoe In Vermillion Tonn- 
.ty ho waa oleolod a Stale Senator. lie 
loyal lo hlB eonnlry diirlnR the 
Clill war, ond wna a warm peraonnl 

nd of floveruor o. I". Morton, who 
freipienlly durlni.' Ihe dark hours of 
Iho roliolllon. Bont for Mr, Ilnvls to 
onuiiBel with lilin on Important mat- 
lora i-onnected with Iho State Bovern- 

ak for hliii the nllentlon of tho 
.Mllllary Aulhorllloa. 


f;.,i.r,ior nf Iii.linin,. 

Ill I.S.V11 Itopiihllenn enlhiialaBMi wna 
aoiiiewhnl revived. Cnplaln .lolin K, 
.Meai'liiiiii orcanl/ed a niarchlui.- club, 
mill a few ralllea wore held, l.iit eoni- 
pared wllh IsTil Iho eiinipilBii was 
voi-y mild. Thia wna Ihe hial time Ihe 
Sliilo volod In .laiiioa A. llnr- 
lli'hl wna llie llopiilillinn eandldiilo 
Inr I'lTBiilenl aL-nlual (ieneral Wln- 
llihl S. Ilnm^nk. and Ihe "Woody 
Klilil" riL-urrd ronaploiiniialy In f^ieo of 
llanooi'k'a hrllllant record aa a Biil- 
(llor. On aeeount of lla Inflneneo on 
the Novomher I'roaldonllnl eleellou In- 
diana waa a vital |Kdnl. Tho reailll 
In Iho Slale wna a iloae vole- Hie 
llopiihlli'ima wliinlni: hy alxnil .S.IHHI. 
Ill I'lirko roiiuly Ihe eampalKU was 
llvniod up aomowhiil hy ii uew.lleiiio. 
iialle palier— Ihe .v;,;,i„( oillled hy 
A. ,1. rnnnlntham. who lamo here 
from Crawfoiilavlllo. where he hnd 
won Iho name nf "llie raw l.eef edi- 
tor." He doall larKoly In peraonal nl- 
larka on llio l!opiiMli-in rnndlilntra, 
nnd Iho pnpor renllv hurl Iho Homo- 
onils iiiiire than II helped -Ihe enllro 
llo].iihllonii llikol l.elui: elo.tod liy n 
tienlly In.nnaod vole over Hint of 
I wo years l.oloro. It. II. r. I'lorco. of 
I'rnwfordavllle, WOB ole.lod lo Con- 
fiiaa over Ilnyleaa W. Hanni, of Torre 

The rai^iiiilun of I.S.SJ Is somrlliiioa 
rnllod Ihe "l.niiili .•niiirmlKn." owlnu 
lo Iho adveiil Ihiil year of .Inho K. 
I.aiiih. of Terro llaiile. iho hrllllant 
.Miiini: proloKo nf Sennlor Voorlioos. 
.Mr. I.imh was iiomlnnlod for I'nn- 
i-roas nl lln.kvllle. where Iho conven- 
Ihili wna held In Parke Connly's hoan- 
llfiil row ooiirt Tho dlalrlcl 
ill Ihal llmo wna heavily Itopuhllinn, 
and Ihe enllaiiio of Mr. l.aiiih, a youn;: 
nud iinlrled iiinn Inio n lonloBi ncalnat 
1!. Ii. r. IMeroe. Ihe llepnhllonn Ton- 
croasmnn wna at riral i-onsldered 
ralhor proaiimplnons ; hut I.anib 

pro Hy ihalloniroil IVlrce and no- 

ipillled hliiiBolf BO well Hint he waa 
oloolrd, .Tohn W. l-npuer. the Nallonol 
rindldale. ehallon^ed Mr. I.niiil.. hut 
Iho lallor refused. anylUK he had no 
iliiarrol wllh Mr f'opnor. At nn Inde- 
pendent oonvonllon In Mnnlezimia. U. 
f. MrWIIllama was nomlalod for .«en- 
alor and John II. Tloadle for Itepre- 
sentallve. The former withdrew In 
favor of ricudo MntthowB. of Vornill- 
llon County, nnd the loiter also with- 
drew In favor of Samuel T. Catlln, 
Mr. Matthews was opposed by Captain 
.Tohn II. T.lndloy and Mr. Catlln hy 
Wllllnm Knowlea. Tho enntoBt he- 
Iweon Mr. Callln nnd Mr. Knowles be- 
.aiiie Ihe InlorosllnR feature of the 
eninpnlcn, Iho liiller wInnlnE hy tho 
nnrrow iiinrcln of elcht voloa. Pntke 
Coiinly llepiibllcana In IIiIh oleotlon 



l''roiii Ihe orlRlnnl dneiimoiit In pos- 
BosBlon of Mdward Daila. the follow- 
hiK la printed: 

■llnir nf Imliniin. n.rrnillrc Driinrl- 

Indlnnapolla. IVIoinry L'J, ISiVI, 
To Ml Wlinin U Mn,i Concern: 
Tho hearer, O. V. Davla, Iviri., of 
ormllllon Coiinly, Indlimn, la a f-n- 
lleman worthy of attention, lie has 
reproBontod his County In the Htat-J 
reiilalature, and 1b loyal, 1 respoet- 

aliii-o Hie Iioiiioerala carried Iho State. 
The vole hero on Iho Stale llrket waa 
•-M'.'S, llepnhllonn; L.IO-, nonioerntlc. 

The riepubllcan County conven- 
lloii of issl. held In the new opera 
hoiiao lueilpllnled a nopulillean local 
fiBhl, whl.h aliiinat ovorahailnwed tho 
Niillonnl eampalKn, even with tho 
"I'lnmed Knipht ,Tamea O. Tllalnc, ns 
aliindard hearer. Zlmrl I>. Maris waa 
plainly Iho iholee nf more Uepubll- 
inna In the primary voIIok for dele- 
snlea Ilinn any othei candidate for 
TreaBiirer. This wnti particularly 
I rue of Adiinia township whoro Mr 
Maria and .Tamea M. Dinwiddle had 
received nearly all the rotes. Instead 
of casting their votes for »rr. Marl« pr 

.Mr. lilnwiildle Iho Adaiiia township 
ileloKnti'B ilro|i|iod lliose inndldales for 
Isaac A. I'Ickard, nnd he was noiiil- 
nalcd. The friends of .Mr. .Morla were 
BO B'lro lluit they provolled on hliii to 
iioi'oiiio nn Independent candidate. 
Henry ('hi.\' lliinnii, a Itopnlillcan, al- 
so iinnouncod as a candidnio for Clerk 
au-alnat .M.adlaon Kecnoy, Iho Itepub- 
Ihan landldale. The Hoinocrals en- 
dorai'il holh .Maris and llanna, and a 
rirrce and ao.iiewhnt hitter flfhl was 
on. The loiinly conleat provented 
i;ny uroiit deiiional ration along Na- 
llonni or Slale lliioa. The Demoirats 
did not want lo drnw parly lines loo 
Klront-ly and Iho llopiihllcana Bceiiiod 
lo la. ,i Intcrost In National and State 
aflnliB. In llila rnmpnlirn Albert .1. 
lieveridgo, a student at Mol'anw, made 
his rirsi pollHeal spooe.i. Ho waa at 
HolliindabiiiB nl a nlghl inoollng nnd 
Binke I no n. -M nflernonn lo an nd- 
iiilrliij an. Heme In the court room, 
-lohn i:. l.aiiih aii.l .Iniiica T. .loliliaon 
bad a lolnl dei.ale In the .McCuno 
K.ovo. nnd Hon. .lohn M. lliltlor, of 
liidlaiinpnllB. Bpnke for Iho Uepubll- 
cniiB liial hoioio the eloiHon. .Mr. 
.liihnBlnn bad been nominated In tlic 
Uopiihllcnn convontlon nl CrnwfordB- 
vine, and Iho race between him and l.niiih ad. led lo Iho riglit In 
Parke Coiinly. whi re al llial lime Mr. 
.loliiialon wna nppoaod by many lle- 
piihllians. Ho larrlcd the County hy 
1117 voloa: PIckard heat Mnrla hy 711, 
nnd Koonoy had PW nin.|ority over 
llnnna: Cbnrlea Unlly. Iiomocral, was 
ele.lod ComilllBaloner by 1S7. .lobn- 
Blon'B niRlorlly over l.aiiib In the dls- 
Irhl wna aiiiall. Tho -sinle wna car- 
ried hy the lioiiio.rnla, nnd Crovor 
Clrvolnnd wns elected , roaldcnt. ladll 
vIclnrlcB I.elni; .■.-lebralod by an np- 
ronrloiia Jollification at Ito.kvllle. 

The "off year" of IS.SI1 was not fig- 
ured In Kemocrallc calculnllnns until 
ntlcr tho rcanlt allowed that the 
"alioo was on the iitiier fool." Itefore 
Ihal I linn nn off year waa urently 
lo Ihelr advanlage. almo Ihe parly In 
power .N'allonnlly iiamilly loses voles. 
The Slale ha.l been redlalrhlod : Sul- 
livan Coiinly bad been piil In our dls- 
trl.l. However, .laiiioa T. Johnalnn 
wna not illaninyed or .llBcouraccd. for 
In the menullmo lila oppnnenl. John 
i:. I.aiiih. had lakcn an acilvo part In 
liie dialrlbiiilon of the I'cdcnil nffli-cs. 
lloaldoB ho had wobbled aoiiiowhat on 
tno larirr .pieallon. A "John I'.. Lamb 
l.ioieoilvo tnrirr .lull" had been cr- 
Kanlzed Bl Torre Haute, which didn't 
look al all good lo the more than 
l.CKio Independent Free Traders who 
had twice supported him. 

Aiialn a row was stirred up In the 
Itopnbllean convention. Tho one 
lenii lliiillatlon wna enforced for the 
riral lime. The rule was pnasod In 
the Uopubllcan convontlon of I.WO on 
liiollnn of Klwood Hunt. Thoao In fav- 
or of Iwn leriiis died tho fa.t that Mr. 
llitnl waa no longer a lleitiiblli-nn, and 
Ihcrcforo a rule Inlrndurod by him 
waa not binding nn llepnhllcans ; they 
olao deilared Ihal If Ihe rule should 
he eiifor.-od agiilnal IMwIn P. Ilailley 
for Amlllor. II alionld apply to Henry 
11. Cor.l for Ilocorder. The conven- 
tion rejorled lladloy and nominated 
lord. Henry Johns wns the nomlnoo 
for Audllnr 

I'or the flrat llmo Ihe Prohibition- 
Isla put out a County tl.kel. Its can- 
didate for itepreaenlallve. Prof. An- 
drew Mllchell, received nearly doulilo 
Hie vole of the State tickol. The Nn- 
llonala, who atlll bad a following In 
Ihe Coiinly, put out no ticket, but 
they nniiied Samuel T. Callln tor Aud- 
itor, end snhmltled the nomlnnllon to 
Ihe Itenioerals for endorsement. On 
the 4th of Sciitenibcr the Democratic 

thkot with .Mr. Callln for Auditor was 
nominated. .Mr. I'allln was a strong 
I'ree Trader and n warm iicraonal 
friend of holh editors of the /fo.+i(»c 
Trlhiiiii-. which alipi.nrlod him. He 
wna elected nfler one of the liioal ex- 
lillng and nirlmonloua rontcBla In our 
political hlatory. Ilia mnjorlty of I'-I 
votes was for anillle the subject of 
.■onlcat pro.-oedlngB. hut the reaaon- 
able and tolerant element of the l(c- 
publican party prevallcl, and l..e coii- 
toat was nbandoned. The Uopubllcan 
l.liirallly In Parke County for the 
Stale ticket was lid.'., and Johnston's 
majority over l.anib In the illslrUl 
more than l.lial. 



In the .-ampalgn of IN 
Maxwell and Parke Hanltla. two 
young gnidimles of Walinah College, 
iiindo Ihelr flrsl apoecheB- .Mr. .Max- 
well al Portland .Mllla and .Mr. linn- 
lela In tho i-ourl romu nl llo.kvllle. 11 
wna also nolnhlo as Innugurallng the 
campaign lint. Ilonjimln llnrrlaon, of 
Indiana, was Ihe eandldalo ngalnat 
llrovcr Cleveland for Prraldenl. and 
taking up Iho appellallon of "grand- 
fiithcr's hat," applied to the Ilopuii- 
Ihnn oanaldalo ilerlalvoly by Iho 
liomocrats, tho Kepuhll.anB cvolvo.l 
n white plug hat that waB every 
where worn. The liemoirala ndopled 
a aoinewhal more uiodorn type of plug 
l,at— while, wllh a small bl "k band. 
Nobody ever aaw one of rllher In pub- 
Ih- aflor the elocllon. 

A few rallies were hebl In I.><.hs, I.ui 
Ibere waa nol aa much enlhiiBlnsui as 
might be expoeledj. conaldcrlng Ihe 
Uepubllcan candidate wan a clll/on of 
Indlnnn. John I'. .Mon.liniii organlzo.l 
a flnml.eaux rlub, which api.earod on- 
ly n few llmea. The Ilopu'illcana had 
ralllea when Albert li. Porlor wan nl 
ll.i.kvlllo and again when (ionerni 
Alvln P. Ilovey, their .indldnlo for 
Hovcrnor. waa bore. The Iiemncrals 
nllonipled hut one rnlly, and It waa 
allrndod by great onlliualaBiii. A 
Birlking fealure of their rally waa a 
long hl.kory Irce Irlniniod lo Iho 
hark nnd nioiinlcd on Ihe running 
gears of a log wngnn, Ihe tree being 
the coupling pnle. Moiinled on aail- 
dlea and rhllng nalrlde of llila |.ole 
were as many Inaly-lnngod lioiiioirala 
as II would aci'onuuodale, all cheering 
lit Iho top of Ihelr voices. This iinl.|U0 
fealure. which Judge A. 1'. Wlillo 
privately pronounced Ihe iiinat buo- 
eosafnl campaign device he ever Baw, 
caino from Tnlon townahlii. Cai.lalii 
\V. II. Myers waa the orator of the 
da.v. \V. r. Flshback and Corporal 
Tanner mode speeches for the Repub- 
licans. Judge Cyrus F. McNutt and 
E. V, Brookshlre, spoke for the Demo- 
ernts. One rresldentlal candidate 
8|«ke In the County— A. ,T. Strealor, 
nnnilnale.l by the Union Labor pnrl.v. 
Juat before the election, (iovernor SI. 
John of Kanaaa and Helen M. fJougar 
of Indiana, addrosBod a ProhHdllon 
meollng In Ihe opera house, Ihelr 
apoecbes. imrtl.ularly that of Mra. 
iloiigiir, greatly offending the Itepub- 

Hr. W. II. Ollluin, of Parke County, 
wns n candidate for Congress, nnd 
probably 200 people from Parko 
County, nepubllonns ns well na Deino- 
erats, went to Tlrazll to root for fllt- 
liiin. The conical between Dr. (llllunl 
and Judge McNult, of Torre Haute, 
doadlooked the convention, until Iho 
Parke Count.v delegation, enraged nt 
the unjust troatinent of Hr. llllluiu 
by tho friends of Judge McNull, 
threw their votes to K. V. Ilrookslre, 
of Montgomery County, and nominat- 
ed hini. He waa elected by a very 
close vole over James T. ,Tolinston, the 
llepidillean candidate. .Hwood Hunt 
was on tho rrohlbltlon Rtate ticket 



for AHorncy tirncrnl. The Ilcpitbll- 
rniis cnrrlr'd llio I'onnly liy fimi. 

'I'lilH cniiipiikn uns tlic orcaRlon oT 
nil firclioii wiiKor that iiUriicloil no- 
lire nil n\or the coiititry. l'*oiir young 
Ki'liuMli'iins nnd roiir youiii.' KciiiO' 
ilalB nKrcod to kIvc n swell linll at Inc 
oiii'i-ii housi': If flevclanil was clcrtod 
Ihr llc'pnlillrans footed all bills: If 
llari'Isoli won the lleiiioirals juild. \ 
peeiillar clnuinalnnce. now for tlie 
lli'Hl lliMe published, was that "li" 
<;rluies. one of the Itopulillcans. voted 
fni' rleveland. The proKratn contain- 
I'd sueh dnuiea an "Jim .lohnalon" 
philu <inadrllle, ■■I'runces t'leveland" 
yuK/. "Morton" Knlckorhot-ker. 

"Cli'M lan.r iiuadrille. "Matson" 
piilkii. "•I'hnniian" laucei-s. ' ilrook- 
shlre" sihotllsche. "Harrison" waltz. 

liurliiK llie eanipalKn of l.SS-S a 
Miari-hliiK rouijiany was organized at 
llhionilngdale iniMiinsed of more thnn , 


unlfnriii— while shirts nnd eaps. Oaenr 
Mii'nrd was laptaln and brought the 
eiilnlinny up In n ri'iiiarUable degree ol 
plnfleleuey In drill. 

The ll.'in.i.rats liilghl have elceted 
Iheir whole tieket In IS'.m had It not 
been for the April elections, when tlicy 
eleeted eight of the thirteen township 
inu^leea by a vote wlilrli toln'ed a inn- 
Jorlly of Jim In the County.' The lie- 
pnhlleans eleeted only four trustees. 
In I'enn. Wnsblngton. irnlcm and Wa- 
bash, even losing Liberty to the I'ro- 
blbltlonists. The drift was strongly 
la'alnst the Iteiiiilillcans. I-'ariii pro- 
ducts were so low in price that corn 
vvna burned for fuel In Kansas, and 
an orgnul/.atloii known as the l-'ariii. 
er's Miiluril lleiieflt As.ioclntlon was 
strtnig In this county. 'I'bia organl/-a- 
tlnn was n protest against e.vlstlng 
eondltlnns anil naturally helped the 

' Hut the piospeet of carrying the 
rouiity brniight out rival Keuioeratle 
candidates, who eanviissecl actively be. 
fore the primary election, which was 
held .luly l.H. The Inevitable soreness 
followed and lost the County ticket 
enough votes to defeat every candi- 
date with the exception of Sninucl T. 
I'allln. wlio received n majority of 
111 over Henry firnbb. the Itepnbll- 
con candldcite. f'landc Matthews, the 
lieuiocralle candidate for Senator 
from I'arke and Yormllllon. wos tak- 
. en from the ticket hero and noniinated 
for Secretary of State. The vote In 
I'arkc I'ounty was: Milton Trussler, 
llepuldlccin, for Secretary of State. 
■S^T2. I'lande Matthews, 20.1,S, 

The Uepublleans had hy this time 
hiiiuRnrnted the iirlinary system In 
I'arlie foiuuy. The Ileiiiocratlc prim- 
ary cost nothing, as all the election 
honrds were composed of men who 
«cr\i*d without pay. 

I'ocir ilckeiH were In the field In 
Tarlie c'onnly In IHli'J. the i eiiplo's 
parly making its first aiciceanince 
that yenr. ll Jiollod IW votes. The 
c'ai;,iMilgn wns absolutely devoid of en- 
thusiasm. I'eopin would not turn out 
lo pollllcal meetings, so In order to 
gel a crowd at the llockvllh' fulr. and 
111 a liollllonl liiecllng loci, the fnir n»- 
soclallon cleslgnnleil rt'ednesday as 
I'rnhlhitionlst day, Tbnrsdny as llemo- 
crntic day and I'rlday as liepiiblicnn 
.liiy The IVohlhlllonlBis hid llov. 
Sam Small as I heir draw Inn card and 
would have beaten both the other par 
lies bad tlicy been assigned ono of lbs 
"big ihivs" i.f I he fair. Taplnln \V. 
It. Myers siioko for tie Dciiiocrats 
and Hon. .losepli (1. Cannon for tlio 
Itepiiblli-nns. Iloth parties claltiicd the 
honor of iioving the bigger crowd. It 
was In this campaign that John B. 

.Mct-'acldtn made his first spcecb. In 
llreene township nt I'arkevllle. 

The liciMcicrats held a big Jollifica- 
tion meeting. Hon. .lobn I'.. I.amh 
who camo up to "address" the crowd, 
attempted no speech merely felicitat- 
ing the lillarlmis throng on the occas- 
ion. The entire llepiiliiican County 
ticket wns elected, hut by small plu- 

Itcfore the i>|ien[ng of the eanipnlgn 
of IN!H It was apparen* '.o all men of 
fair judgment that a ltepilbl|c>nn walk- 

resentallve, and Albert Wheat for 
Auditor on tlio People's party ticket, 
nnd Anson I!. Madden for Sheriff on 
the ■■rohilclilnn ticket were placed on 
tbellcliioerntlc ticket. 

Ily election ilny. however, all the 
"1(1 stand-by Ilclnocrats had been 
brought Into line, and tliey worked 
like Turks nt the polls to slein the tide 
against them. .N'eVer before did dark 
approach with so niiiTiy men marked 
"11" on tlie poll hooks falling to vote. 
Itiiggles, corrlnges, wagons and all 

of the liemcirrallc imrly, who con- 
liolled the Stale convention by an ov- 
erwhelming vote, despite the fact that 
the Iitiliilnnimll.\ Urnlliwl, tlio llenio- 
eratic organ, the fiiillaiwitnU/i Xctrn 
and tile /iiificiiici/iofl* Jniiniiil were nil 
indl.nlly opposed to the Silver men, 
and prlnlc-d only cllseoiiraging news 
about tbeiii. William McKlnley was 
noiiiinnted hy the Itepubllcans on the 
Isth of .lime, and the Democratic Nn- 
llonnl i-onvetillccn met the first week 
In July lit Chliogo. New York and 






■'- '■"'"'^•iriitir ■■"•-'^' -"•■'"■■' 


KU .1, ISillt, PASSINO Al.ciMI Mlltrtl Nllll': IlK Hql'ARK. 


Iieiiiocnits lielleved llint the Keinilill- 
cans would be unable to recover from 
the criishing ilelent of two years be- 
fore, hut nci observing man held such 
a view of the -Ituallon. The finnnclnl 
policy of the Cleveland administration 
more than displeased tlio average 
Western liemocrnt— It angered him; 
and the tariff law In process of fram- 
ing was hut little less |iroteetlve than 
the .McKlnley Act wlilcll It was to dis- 
place. It therefore disgusted free 
traders, and failed to satisfy the tar- 
iff fcir revenue only men. 

The llepulcllenns were early In the 
field. 111 State, district iiud County. 
They began to bold organization meet- 
ings and "love feasts" long before the 
campaign 0|iened. As ono lleiiiocrat 
expressed it- "They can't wait to 
count It. they are so sure of winning." 
It was with the utmost difficulty that 
ony semhliinco of nn organization 
could Ice formed by the Uemocrats. 
Many of their voters bad o|ieiily allied 

ill selves with tbo IVoplo's party, 

ond not a few became Pniblbltionlsls. 

\ largo vote wns east at the Itopiib- 
Ilean primary election, nnd there wns 
not the iisiinl soreness on tbo part of 
defeated candidates. The Ilemocrats 
really had no convention. They had 
to draft candidates at a very poorly 
attcnde I meeting called to nominate 
a County ticket. In fact there was 
some sentiment in favor of endorsing 
the I'opiillst ticket already in the 
field. ,\ eomproiiiiso was affected by 
endorsing two t'opiillsts nnd one Pro- 
lilliltionlst. James N. Miller for Rep- 

I'or the missing 

not vote nt all or voted 

side- It \\a» nn avalnncbe. The Ue- 
imlcllcnns carried the Slate by nearly, tlie largest plunillly ever given 
up to Ibat lime, and elected every one 

was elected Aiidllor over Albert by L1II1, and W. |l. .Mull bent A. 
<1. .Madden MT." for Sheriff, 

The c>aiiipiiigll of LHOit was liniines- 
lioliably the most reimirknble in the 
history of Parke Cimnty of all cam- 
lialgUB before or since. Altbougb 
twenty .^■ears have passed, that battle 
year of polities Is still fresh In the 
minds of our iieople nnd closerves 
more space than any other. Taking 
lip local events in their cronnlngleal 
order, the llc|iubllc-an primaries were 
held on the inth of April. At that 
time I'lirlie County had a candidate 
for tJovernor. James T. Jolinston 
was siiiiported In the convenllou hy 
Ills homo County nnd the entire riflli 
Hlstrlet, but was defeated by James 
A. Mount. Cenrgo \V. Farls was the 
llepiibliean candidate for Congress 
and Howard Maxwell for rroseciiting 

Ilenjnmln P. Shlvply wni nominat- 
ed for Oorernor by the Sliver forces 

the I'lnsterii Stales viere iiowerless tn 
Hie face of the dolcgntlons from tho 
West nnd Soiilh Inslnicted from town- 
ships lip, and Wlllinm J. llrynn was 
iinmlnaled hy the Silver men. Ills 
iiomlnailon was received In Parke 
County with unbounded enlliublaain 
by the Sllverltes of all piirtlos. lOarlr 
In I'ebniary the UnrkrlU,: Triliiinc bo- 
gnu urging the formation of n "Union 
Sliver Parly." This name was adopt- 
ed, and iliiis after more than thirty 
years the tables were turned on the 
Itoimlillcans, who used tho word "Un- 
ion" to siieli good ndvnntago from *(12 
10 'ilil. Tho Union comitrisod four 
icarlles— tho Ilomocrats, Popnitati, 
I'robliitlonlBts and Silver nepuhlleans. 
Ily Saturday. AiigiiBt 1. tlio orgnnl- 
ration wns complete. Silver clubs had 
been formed all over tho County, and 
their Influence was exerted towards 
n fiislnn County ticket to bo nomlnnt- 
fd in mass convention on the almvo 
date. It was presided over by .Toscpll 
A, lirltton, who upon taking tbo chair 
c|Uoted — 

B foMunt." 

Wild cnthiislaim prevalleil. No luoh 
ringing elieors were ever heard In 
tho court room as camo fnini tho 
niidlenco which crowded every foot 
of spare In room ond corridors. Tho 
ticket nomlnnled was made tip of 
re|iresentatlvcs of all imrtlcs to tho 
couipnet. A "eowltoy preacher" from 
the West, nno bad struck Itosedale 
tbo nigbt betoro the ranrentlon, v/u 


liniuislii III' I'y Kloriiln luwiiship, uiul 
111. niiiclu 11 miouili lliut (Ired ovoiy- 
liuily with Jicui. lie WHS iil onco 
••liiiukotl" for 111! iPiiilb of tlio I'oiiiily. 

.roliii Clnrk lliiliuiili, llic ouilDcnt 
lilHlni'liill, wiiB liuliiliinlcd by tlio Dojii- 
ociiiu and I'oiPiillBls for Coniiri'sa. He 
waH In llio lOusi iiiul did not iicl home 
iiiilll lr.lo 111 i)ctol>or, when he iiiiido 
BOMic »|iL'L'rhi8 111 I'arka.l'oiiMty, about 
iho only spci'iOics he delivered in tlio 

An epliiodo of the ciiiii|iuli;n, not 
loiiil In llB nniiire. is dreined of In- 
UTe»t 08 II dlKri'BBlni.. In Sc|ileiiibcr 
I wiiH 111 lndlaiiii|>ollB to oliservo the 
"ilitld iK'UKin-atlc" National eoiiveu* 
I Inn, iind railed at iho Iieiiioi'ratlc 
SUito coiiiiiilttce I'ooiiis. 'Tom" llnd- 
Hon, n loyal Silver man, was at liU 
lii-Hk. lie lielnK afl»lRtnnt State Socro- 
laiy. It was a|i|ian'iil that ho wa« 
inillhleil. lie H|>nke uf tile delicate 
slliiallun he wnB In, and Bald: 
"Sironne I wiiih yon would utay ahont 
here while you are In the iliy. Oh- 
i,i'r\e every! liliiK yon ean, and writo 
yiiiir liiiiireBBlriiiB In Slilvely." I did 
UN, and Baw men neailiiK "iinid bin,'" 
liadKeH Kiiinu Into Ihe private nioiii of 
ihi' Stale I'hiilrman and eniiilni! out 
with iiiiiHt I'eiiluii conntenanceB. I 
ivroie lu Mr. shively, and iinheBltat- 
Ihitly cvin'eHKed my hellef that the 
Sliile I'halrmaii wna not loyal. Tlirie 
iia,\» laler. .Mr. Shively lanielle.l IiIb 
limi.ediate a|i|iniiitmentB and went to 
IndianapnllH. Ilefore ho left that cily 
Ihe stale I'hairman had "reslsnrd," 
taklTiK with hliii, na was clinri:ed at 
till' lime, all I'f the liiformpillan ho 
lOHNi'SNed ahont llie State campalu'n, 
and iiBlni: 11 aitiilnst the liemocratB. 

.Ml our Inial Bpe^ikTB on bolh Hides 
took pari In the eampiilKn. N'liiiierous 
r.illlea were held, hut two were of gi- 
B.iille propiirtloiiR. On Ihe am of 
ii.lnher lion. ThomnB .\l. Pnlterson, of 
Colorado, wob ni llorkvllle. Tho Silver 
men determined to make the day a 
hi:;' one. .M biiuiIbc the two fliree- 
llirli Hodman field plei-es iK'lonKlni; to 
Ihe lloikvllle l.lKhl .Vrllllery- one of 
Ihem III Ihe I'lilr KinlliiilB. ihe other 
on Ihe .VowlliiKlowii hill BolllheaHt of 
ii.wii -hetiiii HI firi., aiiBWerlni: eaeli 
nlhi'r with llmniler loiieB that were 
heard fur mlleH around. Ilefore noon 
all Ihe fllii-elB of llockvllle wore 

erowileil will n. women and ehll- 

dren, liora.-K and vehliles. Many 
plrlkiiiK eampalirn devices were used 
111 Ihi- piira'le, whleh w:ib one hour 
ami fifty mInuli'B In passlnc a Klven 
polnl. No prevlniia rally ever held In 
I'nrke County a|,pioa<hed this In iiiaK- 
llllude. and cerlalnly not In enlhliB- 
laHiii. It wiiH followed hy a counter 
demonslriillnn two weeks Inter, lint It 
was not eipialed In any feature, al- 
lhimi.-li Ihe llepiibllcnns were gn-atly 
Mle(ninii;ed l,y the very large erowd 
that was preBenl. It Is safe to nay (ho 
IiIk Silver rally inst Ihe coniiiilttee 
less money Ihaii nny polltlenl demon- 
Blrallon of Mb prnimrllons everh'ldlii 
the country. I.cbb than fifty dollars 
mvered all ex|.eli»eB. the money beliiu 
enllellcd from Individual men hy 
Henry A. Price, nearly all of wlileh 
went to pay Iho hrasB hand. When 
It IB remeinh'-red that nlmoat one 
Ihoiiannd vnlerB were fed nl tho fair 
ItrniindB. tho Inalk-nlflcant outlay nf 
money Ib remarkable. The IndleB eon- 
necled with Ihe Adnlna Townahlp Un- 
ion Silver eluh furnished the dinner. 
I're\ loiiB to thia they di-monslrnted 
their devotion to the eauae by prc- 
BPnlliii; the rliih with one of the hand- 
ai'inejit Bilk hannera orer devlBCd by 
Ihe deft hands of patriotic women. 

When Itryan Bpoko at Terro Haute 
a few days before the election a largo 
delegation attended from Parke Conn- 
tf, Kvery Dtan wore a badge onscrlb- 


til • I'arke Coiiiily I'nlon Silver Clulm 
■ Memherahlp, L'.tiiKJ— lioiiioe r a 1 1 e 
Vole, isni. I.Vik'l." One iif the liadBeis 
primed on while satin w.iB present- 
ed 10 .Mrs. Ilrynn, who was with her 
hiiKlinnd on that ocaalon. The tweii- 
ly-five silver c-lill'B ill tho varioiiB 
tnwnshlpB of the Conlity. with a mem- 
bership representing over two hundred 
it;ore votes than were cast at the 
previous elei'tlon. waB a forerunner of 
ihe L'lrnt gain tho Silver men con- 
fidently e.xperleil to iiiiiko. The lle- 
piibllean cliiha were not so iiiimeroiiB 
nor 80 large of memhershlp as the 
Silver rluha. In fact the Silver or- 
canlzallon of isiiil was the strongest 
ever effeeied hy any parly in I'nrke 

The icaiill of the cleetlon lornlly 
gave each parly an opporliinlty lo 
"Jollify," and yet beyond the conisre- 
gallon of n noisy crowd nf Sliver men 
at Iho I'oiirt house on tho afternoon 
folloHlng the elecilnn, no rntlfleallon 
meetlii;: u'a« held. The lieniocrala 
were loo sorrowful al Iho defeat ol 
llryan lo .lolllfy over ilieir Inenl vie- 
lory, and ihe llepiihlleans were too 
B'tre over the ie«iilt at homo to re- 
joice over llie election of their I'itbI- 
deiit. Had It lieen reversed, however, 
(he Silver men would liftvo been wild 
wlt.i delight. 

The total vote of the County was 
laru'ely Increaaeii over that of any 
previous elertlon. MeKlnley received 
•.'.si.x; Ilrynn. 'J.TTT, a lleiiiilillean gain 
of J7:i, and a gain In the Ileiiiocratic 
vole over that of l.>lll| of l.flll; tho 
Iwo rrohlhillon parties cast .In and 
111 voles eaih. Dr. John Clark Illd- 
path laeked only nix votes of as 
man.v as were east for Mr. I'lirls — 
.'.si'il. M,-I'i,ddlii and Maxwell for 
I'riisecnlnr were a lie. 'I'lie following 
County offlceia were elected: Uepre- 
aeniativc. Miller hy :i:i : Clerk, llarali- 
barger, J.": Trraanrer, ltowilni.B, ml: 
Sheriff, Hanger, l.": Coroner. New- 
lln. Ill: Siirve.vo;-. oil, 111: Ceiinly As- 
sesBor, Mr-Daniel, 111; CommlsslonerH, 
.M.vera. MiS: lliiMord. 1". The Silver 

men el eled It' preae live. Sheriff, 

TreiiBiirer and l»o Commlaalnners : 
Ihe ItepiihllcaiiM. Clerk. Coroner. 
Counly Surveyor and AsResaor. 

To the ai'iaziMiient of the Silver 
men. the elerllon of "Silver I lick" 
■Miller and of .lolin lliixford was con- 
tested by their Ilepiildhnn opponents. 
•Mr. Ilardin wlll.drew his suit, when 
he fmitiil there was only rumor upon 
whlrh lo base a ly charge of fraud, 
bill Mr. Adaii a carrle.l hla cise to Ihe 
I.eulBlallire. where It waa finally de- 
cided against lilin. 

In writing Ihe above alory of tho 
lampalgn of l.spil more attention la 
paid 10 Ihe Silver inoveiiient than lo 
the llepiibihan flandpoint. for the 
rcjiBun thai from flrat to liiat Ihe Sil- 
ver men doiulnaled Ihe eampnlgn. Just 
as In Ihe other eimpali-MiB the Itepiilv 
llcana dominated. 

I'revloiia lo Ihe brgliiiilng of the 
campaign of INIM II looked aa It Ihe 
lieiiiocralB iiilgbt carry the elections. 
The Slatie that voted llie year before 
sliowed large Deiiiocrallc gains. Me- 
Klnley who had been vaunted aa the 
"advance agent nf proaperlty" wbb. 
as a wogglah fellow aiild. "A long 'lia- 
lanie ahead of hla aliow." Too Klon- 
dyke gold diBcoveries had not yet 
added to the voliiiiie of money ond 
lliiieB were very little If nny belter 
than In isial! 

Hut an iinexiiocted factor came 
with Iho Spanlah war. The Itcpiibll- 
can appeal lo Bland by the Adlulnls- 
tratlon ; tho ImpctuB given business 
by the war and gold dlaeoverlea, 
which licfore the election Increased 

1,1 . one} Biipply, inndc I'T Itepuhll- 
can Blleeiss. 

The principal llitireil In tho cani- 
piilKii in I'nrko Coiinly centered In 
cuntests fur congreHKUiaii, Sheriff and 
rrenanrer. Dr. llldpath refused to 
bnome a eaiiuldate, so the Iiemocrata 
and riipiillBtB had to find sonic other 
candidate on wlmm they could unite. 
'Ihe only Democrat tho I'opullsls 
viouhl take waa Samuel II. Ilaliill, of 
Terre Hniiie, who waa also very ac- 
ceplable to the Democrats, so both 
conienllona ni'uilnaled lilni. How- 
ever, tlie llepiibll'-ail I.eglBlatlllo 111 
order lo prct.cnt Biich a union as hud 
been perfecud In I'arko Counly In 
ISIHI, had pasBed a law lorl'iddlng the 
nniiio of any candidate from appear- 
ing oil more than one ticket, ijnite 
a colli rovefBy was anaiaeil over the 
ipieallon of the emblem under which 
,\lr. Ilaniirs name elionld appear. 
Sumo of the more rauical or nilddle- 
of-the-rnad ropnllBls, iloiiinndrd thai 
Ihe plow mid lianinier device should 
lie taken, hut the DemiierolB pointed 
lo Ihe fact that their parly had many 
thousands more voters, was the older 
parly, and eoiild not bo c.vpeeiod to 
give away lo a newer and miieli weak- 
er party. Tho conference dcehlod in 
favor of Iho "rooBlor." 

Wllllaiii llnwIlngB and Cornelius II. 
Hanger, who had been elected Treas- 
urer and sheriff in 'IMl wore candl- 
datea on the Democratli' ticket for re- 
I lection. The Uepuldlrana nominated 
Kdward Itradfleld for Treasurer and 
I'erry II. llenBon for Sheriff, (ieorge 
W, l-'nrls was the llepilbllcon cnndl- 
dole to succeed bliuBelf in CongresB. 

The campaU-n was rather llBllesB. 
The iiemncrnls deeliled In favor of a 
Bllll hiiiit, but over the proloat of 
some who wanted an aggressive cam- 
paign. The ItepulillcanB were more 
aggressive than In the I'rosliicntlal 
ciimpalgn two years before, and they 
carried the County for Secretary of 
Stale, nllhoiigh their Intal vote wos 
liss Ihai. In 'nil. The I'roblhlllon vole 
iiicreaaed from .sil ciiBt for both par- 
lira two years before to 1.".". I'arla 

I llaiiill In the dlnlrlct by n close 

into and canted I'arke Counly hy 
i;:i!i. llawlliigB was elected by W. and 
llenson by l"n. 

Compared with INllil Ihe rrcBlden- 
llal campaign of llKHi was uneventful 
ami uninteresting, nllhough llryan 
was again the cnndldale against Me- 
Klnley. Ilolli partlcB atlempl/Ml to 
perfect orgnl'/.atloiis on the scale of 
four years before, but the effort fail- 
ed. A few clubs were formed. Hend- 
ipiailera were estalillsbeil, where 
campaign lithographs were dlatrlliul- 
ed. but they were not taken by the peo- 
ple with the erigernesB that attended 
Ihe -1111 campaign. And hero a few 
words ahould he said h.iout the com- 

lllhograph and tho ciisTo 


pulling the pictures of party slandanl- 
hearerB in wlndona. It waB first done 
on a l.irge acale in 1S.M.S, although In 
1.S.SI a few iilctiirea were Ihua dlapln.v- 
ed. Ily l.snil It «0B the rule to see 
displayeil nl every homo the picture 
of the canilldnte for whom the head 
of the house intended to vnle, unless 
as sometliiiea happened lie had n wife 
whose politics was different and who 
ruled Ihc rooat. In ISIHI liie llepubll- 
cnns gave plcliirea of .McKlnlcy to ev- 
erybody who wanted one. But the 
Democrnla. having no Stale or Na- 
tional funda wero compelled to buy 
tbeir own llthogmphB. It was alatcd 
In the campaign of isnil llial a pas- 
hrngor on the train from nn Kaalern 
stale, where Bryan llthographa were 
lery rare, looked out of the car win- 
dow nl Callln, where every house In 
town displayed a Itryan picture. Ho 

liuinlred of Ihe eondnetnr— "What 
kind of a d d place la this?" 

The llepuhllcauR had one or two 
credllahle rallies In Hhki; the Demo- 
crnlB nllempled imt one. It waa llie 
occaalon however of a nolable fea- 
ture, the presence of Iho I.lherly Driiiii 
Corps of Indianapolis. Tills organl'/.a- 
llon wore heaiillful contlnentnl uni- 
forms. Two very largo and hand. 
Boiiie men carried the hannera of the 
eorpB, nn embroidered silk American 
flag, and a banner synibul|y.lng the 
liechirallon of Inilependenie. Might 
fll'era and eight driliumera imide up 
Ihe corps. The liiiialc waa moat In- 
splilng. charlea A. Towne, of Minne- 
Bota Bpoke at night In Iho llockvllle 
opera lioiiae lo the largest crowd ever 
in Hint building. 

The cnlir llepubllcnn ticket was 
elected. The llepiihllciin ninjorlty In 
the County was ."(IS. The principal 
fight locally waa between Charlea I). 
Ilenick, llepiihllcan, and David II, 
Swnlm, Democrat, for Clerk, llenlek 
winning liy IKI votes. 

The cloBo of tho Cenlnry sooiin In 
have brought lo a eloso Iho doiiihm- 
lion of Ihe llepubllrnn parly In I'arko 
County hy tho geiierotlon which bad 
iH'hl Bway since Iho Civil War. In- 
deed, In IsiBi tiie Ilepiibllcans made 
no particular appeal lo tho "soldier 
vole," while the Drmocrala made 
heavy Inroads on that vole through 
which the llepublieans had appeolcd 
ho long. 'I'o llliiBlrato tho signlflranee 
of Ihe change I shrill i|Uolc front 
lleadle'a History (ISMl.) 

"Meanwhile pollllcB had taken new 
and pecullnr sli-pea; tho young men, 
'irrere Iroya,' said the old stagers, had 
come to the front and dlaplared the 
ohl tiniers. KIwood Hunt, a mere lad, 
imt a Bplendid soldier, who was bad- 
ly woiiniled at Tlioiir|rBOn'B station In 
Ihe .M--.lh lleglment. wos twice elected 
liecorder. Hon. Jaiiirs T. .lohnatonr 
who enllaled aa n private Boldler ond 
idiicaled hlniBcIf during Iho war, was 
I wire elerted State Senator, and took 
high rank Mirrong the active Uepubll- 
caiia and oralora of Western Indiana; 
Nerval W. Ciimmlnga, nf the Mist llcg- 
lirrenl. who got lilB furlough wound 
nl Chlcamaiiga. served five years as 
Sheriff and four as Treasurer; and 
.IcBse II. Connelly, of the same Itegl- 
iiiont, ami dlBabled In the same bat- 
tle, served two leruis aa Auditor. All- 
over the County tho over-renewing 
new was crowding aside the couser- 
lilt he old, to bo In time crowded 
aside by the newer new." 

Siibsiitiite the above names for 
llowirrd Maxwell. Dan J. Chapin, 
Lincoln Wlniiirer. I'erry llenson. 
Charles D. (tennick, Kwing Cllnpman, 
Harold Henderson, Carl McDIvItt, 
.lohn II. Spencer, V,. M. Carter, and 
I hill consider tlie men named by 
Itradle aa Ihe olios shoved nBlrle h.v*. 
the "newer new" anil you have tho 
sitmitinn In I'arke County as It be- 
gan Iwcnly yeaiB ago. It la a law of 
iialure applied lo polltlca; hut no man, 
no matter how old ho is, aa long as 
he takes an Inleresl lu iwlltlcs will 
'.e set aside wllllTigly. That they did 
the same thing to tho generation 
alirad of then. Is no eonaolatlnn. How- 
ever, the "newer new " Is always com- 
ing on. and the "hoys" who domlnnlo 
the political parties of I'arke County 
today imiat give wa.v to the "newer 


The iiIkivo Is Introductory to tho po- 
litical altiiatlon In I'arke County 
ainong the llopiihllcana at the opeiilnR 
of the cniiipalgn of lixtt. It wos op- 
parent thot the old timers had been 
aide-tracked and that tho young fel- 
lows were In couiplote control of 




tlilnc). Indcod. Hon. James T. .Tolins* 
Inn hail licon Rovprply lainliastcd in 
lllc llmkrillf Itrimhliittn liocaliso of 
liln anll'IriiiK'rlallHlli' vIohb. llo|inbll- 
inns who hud bcrn ciiilnont In the 
imrty- sni-li mm ns I'rPHldcnt Ilnr- 
ilBon, rhoniiin 11. Ilccd and Senator 
lloar-MCro oiMio8i-d to tho rhlli|>plnc 
|iii|lc.\ or till- udiiilnlstrntlon, and 
.liiiMin T. .lohnnton did not hraltato to 
di'iinunie It. While ho was not snp- 
piMl.'il hy any Blront- followlnit on this 
• ini'stlon of principle, nearly oU of his 
Mill nsBoilates In politics resented the 
iiKsinnptlon oC imwer hy the younger 
uirn of I he party. 

Howard .Miixwell was a candidate 
for Ihe llrpiihllran ConEresslonal 
noMilnallnn. Tho lonventlon was call- 
ed for I'cbrnary is. at (Ireecastle. 
vvllhi.ut ninch notice, anil had all the 
iippcarance of ii snap affair. James 
S. Ihircns. who had conio Into tho dls- 
lilcl after PelnK ml.ved iip In sonip 
diililmiH huslnoBB connected with tho 
piilillcalliin of the "McssaKca and 
I'apcrs of Iho rresldcnls," hud an- 
niinnecd his cnnilldaey for Conuress 
ami "npcncd ii hai'l." llo was reiint- 
Ml til have iilcnty of money, and there 
was evidence that Bome of the delo- 
u-iilcs wore after It. lleBliles .Mr. Max- 
veil and Mr. llarcnH, llllas S. IIolll- 
du>. of ItrazU. was a cindldate. The 
lonvenllon was attended hy one or 
two dramatic Incidents, lint there was 
no liinK-drawn out contest. Mr. lIoUI- 
day wuH niMMliniied on the first ballot. 

I(n Ihe I.Mh of March the llepnhll- 
em Senatorial convention— I'arke at 
Ihat time helnK Joined with VIro 
lonnly— was held at Terrc llante, 
and .lames S. llanns was nominated 
lor Stale Senator. K. H. Owen of 
riirke fonnty wbb a eandldnte, and re- 
ceived the vote o( Ills Connty 
with a few from VIro. 

•I'he ItcpMhIlcan primaries bronsht 
out a very llcht vote. Only one con- 
Hat excited any Interest whatever, 
that between S. A. IMke and Henry 
(Irnhli for Auditor. .Mr. I'Ike was 
rnnnlnc for re-election and testlnj! 
nut the nne term rnle. Judk'lns from 
Ihe retnrns from over the Tounly the 
prevalllnK sentiment was afalnat the 
Mile, for with all the fonnty In e\- 
.e|it faBcyvlllc I'lke was leadlns 
ilnihli hy lai voles. When this Bltii- 
allnn was telephoned "Tip" Kerr, of 
luldKi'lon, who was active In opposl- 
llmi to rike. be reidled : "Walt till 
you hear from Caaeyvllle." Hy and 
by Caaeyvllle reported— /'i^e 8; Onilili 
l.".H. The llepnhllcan ticket nominat- 
ed ut the primary was: K. II. Owen. 
llepresiSntBtlvo; Henry Gruhb. Audi- 
tor; D. J. Chapln. neeordcr; Ocorge 
llranson. Treasurer; T. H. Avdelott. 
Sheriff; John 11. .MusBer. Coroner; 
.Siithnn I'lckett. Surveyor: .Tosepii 
Itiiln and Thomas Gerard, Com-^ilB- 

The lleniocratlc t'onnrosalonal eon- 
venllon met at Ilrazll. Monday. .Vng- 
list Jl, and nominated John A. Will- 
eriitood of fllnton. 

On Salnrilay. tho illh of September, 
the lieiiiocrnllc County convention 
mil lit the court house with Joseph 
.\. Ilrllton. chairman. II was ild- 
dresaed by John A. Wlllcriuood. S. I). 
I'llett and W. II. Caffrey. The fol- 
lowlOK ticket was nominated; Ilopre- 
Hcnlallve, Arthur Miller; Auditor, 
Samuel Skeelcrs: TnnBiirer, .loseiih 
C. VIckrny; lleeorder, JaiucB A. Una- 
hell; Sheriff. II. C. .Murphy; ftnrveyor. 
John T. Campbell; Coroner. Kdward 
I-'. Itaker; CommlsslonerB, J. It. Htiey 
and Henry C. Thoinpaon. 

The Memocnille Senatorial ronven- 
Hon nominated John lleilman, of Ver- 
million Coiinly. and 8. K. .Max I'nett 
was named for rrosecutlng Attorney 

hy the Jiiillcial convention. Then 
came the Bonaatlou of the campaign. 
I.ale In Sc|tteniher Samuel Skeeters 
withdrew from the ticket, and It was 
up to the committee lo fill the vac- 
ancy. With one accord the Democrals 
of the County turned towards Will 
lam llawllni:i. .Mr. IIBwIlngs had 
moved lo MiirBhall upon the e.vpli- 
atlon of his Bccond term as Treasurer, 
lie bad refiiacd to liecome a iiilidldute. 
aa he waa then In hiislneaa, allhough 
he had been earnestly aollcltoil to 
take the race lor .Vudltor before tbo 
convention. Knowing this a petition 
waa circulated and signed by Hemo- 
cralB In all purls of the County ask- 
InR lilin to take Ihe race abandoned 
hy .Mr. Skeeters. A delcnatlon waited 
on Mr. Ilanllnsa at .Marshall. S. I). 
I'llett proaented the pelltlon and made 
an appeal to Mr. IlawllnKs. closing 
with these words: 

"And now. Mr. llawllngB, on behalf 
or the IioiiiocralB of I'arko County, 
whom lliis committee repreaenlB, 
who have always cheerfully support- 
ed you, I ask that you accept tue 
nimilnatlon and make tho beat effort 
In your power to win, asaurlng you 
thiit yon will have our loyal support, 
and tbo Biipport of a targe number of 
our llest citizens irrei(|iectlv»! of 

Wlliiout hesilalliin Mr llawnngs ac- 
cepleil the race, though he fell at Ihe 
lime that he could not bo elected, ow- 
ing to the short time between his 
nomination and tbo election. 

The Itepiiulleans carried tiie Coun- 
ty hy a plurality of 1172, the largest 
sime l.sni, el-^ctlng their whole Coun- 
ty ticket by plurallllefl nearly afl largo 
ivlih the exception of .Mr. (Irubb'B 
who won hy .'iuO. 

It Is not surprising that t .e cam- 
paign of inoi IB not rcmenuiered very 
uell by tho politicians. It was no- 
lalde only for two things— fur tho pe- 
ctilliir absence of any parllsan feeling 
whatever in so far as National issuea 
were eonrcrned, and for tho presence 
of Wllllaiu J. llryan. Aside from the 
llrynn mceling no oilt-of-doora deiu- 
onslratlon took place. Indeed, the 
total lack of any Interest In the caui- 
piilgn iiroiiipled the holding of a liig 
Inler-iraternal picnic in which all the 
secret societies of the County Joined. 
\ large crowd galhered at Iteechwood 
park on this occasion and was ad- 
dressed by Hon. Krnnk 10. Gavin, of 

Kilns II. Holiday was renominated 
for Congress by tho Itepulillcans witli 
nji|iarcnt harmony; but when It eaiuo 
to their Judicial convention there was 
D bitter contest between the .. nile 
and llheuby factions. Tue Republl- 
can oiganir.alion in tho County was 
completely In tho bunds of the young- 
er men of the party, and almost lo a 
man they favored tho nomination of 
tiouid (I. Itheuliy for Judie and Al- 
bert M. .^daiiiB for Prosecutor. The 
convention was hold at Monte/imia on 
the 22nd of .March and reaulird in ti.e 
nomination of both Itiienhy nnd 

That many I'arko County nepubll- 
cans wero dlHsallafied with the reaiilt 
of the .Monle/.iima convention waa 
shown by their onlBpoken denuncl- 
nlion of that affair. Immediately 
there was a demand for tho nouilnn- 
llon of .lohn 8. .Mcli'addln iiy the 
liemocrati. Mr. Mct'addln did not 
want to make a political race, and 
"staved off" hifl decision until later 
in the campaign be yielded to tiio 

The Uepubllcan primary election 
was lield on the 2nth of April. It 
lirought out almost 1,000 more votea 

than participated In the primary of 
i:iii2. l-;lias II. Owen was nominated 
lor lleprescnlatlve; I'.wing Chapman, 
Clerk; Kdward llrndfleld. Trensurcr; 
l;. M. Carter. Sheriff; William Pearo. 
Coroner; John T. TlimupBon and Sam- 
uel Cohle, CommlsslonerB. 

In the meantime a spirited fonlest 
was going on among tho nemoerntfl 
over llio inoposllliin to nomlnale Alton 
II. Parker of New York, for President. 
Tho County convention met on the 
2:lrd of A|irll to select delegates. Of 
the 12 delegates, eight were for 
riearst, two fur Parker; two for neith- 
er Hearat nor Parker, and in tho Jack- 
son township cniicuB the vote wan a 
tie lielween Horace Heller and Henry 
White; bot.i were Bent na delegales 
with a lulr vote each. Tho convention 
waa nildreaaed hy Hon. John W. Kern 
after the eleelion of delecatoB. 

The SInto eonvenllon. after a hitter 
contest, Inatructed nil the delegates 
for Parker, Including the two from 
Ihe 121h district who were elected by 
the HenrBt men. These delegatea af- 
terwards refuaed to parllelpato In the 
National convention. 

Claude O. Tlowers was nominated hy 
the r»cmoerntB for CongrcBB; John S. 
McFaddin for Judge, and Bernard C. 
Craig for rrosceulor. The County 
tlel<et was made up principally of 
"drafted" men— .Tohn W. Thorpe, for 
llepreacnlallve; riiiniel >f. Skeetera, 
Clerk; Klliert McKee. Sheriff: Carlos 
I', nine. TresBurer: Dr. W. S. navls. 
Coroner: William J. Alward, Rurvey- 
or: .Tames Collings and Isaac M. Ov- 
erpeck, Conunisaloners. 

\'ery few of Ihe delegates from 
Parke County attended flie Stale con- 
vention to nominate a ticket in Aug- 
ust. .Tohn W. Kern waa nominated 
for Governor. The convention which 
was held In May violated all preced- 
ents, as it was called for Ihe purpose 
of Bclectlng delegates lo the National 
i-onvention only, and did not noml- 
nale a .stale ticket. It was the first 
and last convention of that kind held 
bv the nemocratB of Tndlana within 
llie memory of any man now living. 

The camimign slowed along until 
September when Hon. Frank Hanly, 
Ilepuliiicnn eandldnte for Governor 
•opened" for the Itepuhllcans. It wa« 
not a large iiieellng: the court rootn 
accommodate the audience very com- 
fortahly; late In the campaign Hon. 
K. n. Criunpneker made a Ilepuhllcnn 
speeeb; but neither Tlepubllcans nor 
T>einocral8 could interest the people— 
they simply paid no attention to poll. 
tics. How-over, when Hryan came on 
the I2lh of Ocloher Ibo crowd was 
uulte large, eonaldering tho hour — 
nine o'clock a. m. Mr. Tlrynn had 
been prevailed upon lo lake the stump 
fop Parker In Indiana, and It wan 
planned to have him make his first 
speech In Parko County, generally 
considered the Bryan stronghold of 
the State. Tie was accompanied on the 
special train by a largo number of 
newspaper men, aomo of tbem from 
New York. They and other Kaatem 
men wero aeated on the platform 
erected at tho weat gate of tho court 
house yard. Tho plat form was nearly 
filled hy theao people and otberB who 
came on tho apeclal. When Mr. 
Tlryan made reference to Judge Parlt- 
■ er there was eonslderahlo npplauso — 
from the platform; hut when ho re- 
ferred to tho campaign of IROfl and 
declared that evonlB had prored the 
correcineas and tbo rlghteousneBs of 
the Silver contention, there wafl a 
loud, ringing, old-fashioned, Iloosler 
cheer— the only chcor during the 
speech. Tho New Yorkera looked at 
each other In amazement. It was the 

first tliiio tliey bad over heard that 
Benlluient greeted wilt) a cheer. 

As the election approached the 
llemocriits began to tako some Inter- 
est in tlie fight for tiie Jiidgeahip 
|mt up hy their candidate. It was tho 
only thing lliey bad to fight for with 
any aliow of carrying the Coimty, and 
ItelB were made oven that ho wimid 
do so. When it la romomhered that 
the llepnhllcan National ticket had n 
majority over the Democratic ticket 
of I2II2, tho ra.e made by .Mr. .Mcl'ad- 
din was probably tbo iiiosl remark- 
able in our political history. The 
total vote for Parker was 2,I7d. .Mr. 
.Mcl'addin received 'J.-StH. and Mr. 
llheuby, the ilepuldlcan candidate, 
2,si>.*». On the face of tho retiirna tbq 
County was carried for the Uepubll- 
can candidate by one vole; but In- 
stances where liallola wero not count- 
ed for .Mr, Mcl'addin tthe election 
boards heiog largely Itepidilican) wore 
known, and bud this Bituatinn been re- 
versed bo would liavo carried the 
Couuly on the aaiiie vote by a aub- 
alanllal majority. Ilooaevolt carried 
Adams township hy IlCi— .McKaddln 
by isdl 

Tile total vole of tho County waa 
ll,l:w— Democriillc. i.1711; llepilbllean. 
:i.ias; I'rolilbllion, lilM; Nocliillat, ttlt; 
Poiuillst, 1*1, 

Itefore enlering on the campaign of 
liniu It should bo recorded that a apoc- 
Inl eie.lion was held in January, IIKkl, 
lo fill the vacancy caiiaed by the death 
of Klias 11, Owen, ItcpicBonlatlve- 
eiect. .Mr. Owen waa killed by a fall- 
ing tree while In the woods ins|>ecling 
timber. At the special election the 
liemocratle candidate was William 
lllon Collings, and John Itandolph 
Johnston tho Itepnblican candidate. A 
light vote was polled and .Mr. Jolini- 
ton waa elected. Inking hia scat Im- 
mediately, aa tiio f,eglslattiro waa In 

The Itepubllcnns held their Sena- 
torial convention at Waveland, Marcli 
27, and nomlnnteil George FJ. Hannn, 
of clreenc township, I.alcr In tho 
campaign the Democrats nominated 
ilobert II. Smllh, of Montgomery 
County, Tho llepuhllcan Congression- 
al Convention on April ,'1, ro-nomlnat- 
ed Mr. Holliday; his opponent In the 
convention was Ofla K. Gulioy. I'arko 
County had 17 voles, casting thora— 
1.1 for Holliday and 2 for Oullcy, Tho 
Deiiioeratic CongrcBBlonni convention 
waa lield In llockvlilo Aug, :k), with 
an open air meeting at nooehwood 
park. Claude O. Uowors waa tho 
unanimous choice of the convention, 
which he addressed In an eloquent 
speeci). Betting forth the Issues of the 

Twenty-four candtdatoa for tba 
various County offices contested at 
the Republican primary election, 
which was held on tho nth of ApUl : 
For Itepresentatlve, WInfleld Catlln, 
J. It. Johnston, Joseph Martin, Isaac 
A. Mendenball and C. C. Morris. (The 
latter did not enter the race until 
two weeks before the election.) For 
Auditor, JoSn Iluckley, Harold Hen- 
derson, Kdward NIcholaa and Win, 
Welch ; for lleeorder, I. S. Hunt, ,Tohn 
Tolln nnd Carl Iliittor; for Treasurer, 
Kdward Hradfleld; for Sheriff, H, M, 
Carter ; for Coroner, W. J. Peare and 
Dr, James Towey ; for County As- 
sesBor, O. 14. McDanlel and 8, A. Pike i 
for Surveyor, Arthur Pickett; for 
CouuutsBlonera, -lobn T. Tiiompson, 
Samuel Coble, Wm, If, Craig, 0. W, 
KInaey and T. A, Gerrard. 

Altlinugli the total vote east waa 
2,,'I77, It was over l.nnn short of the 
vote at the preceding 6le<'tion, Tho 
Biioceisful eandldatei were J. R. 


.|„|,,.H I ll<'pr.'H>'h(ativii: IJlir.iJcl 

II. r rs. \ tnr: Cnrl llullrr. Ilf- 

miiiIit; i:.l»uril llrnilflnl.l. (r.-nonil- 
iiiiliil.; TniiMiit-r; i:. M. Cnilfr, (ri)- 
iinhilnnlid.l Sh.ilfr; W. .1. IVnrp. 
l-t„i,wt: Arllinr I''ll. Sni-w.Mir; 
S i..| Cnl.l.-. -I'. A i;.iiii.r.l. .I.ilili T. 

i:\ii.llv nrif! VM-ik iiri.r llir IC-lMih- 

II. rIniailiK Irl.l.iy. .\|.rll i:i- 

II... Il.'iiiiirritis r.'l.'l.nil.'ll tho l.lrtll n( 

.1.1 f .11 villi I. l'iin.|M.'I III I'lir- 

lUI.- I.i.n. li.i.i.Miiili. fr .-i.'iy purl 

„l 111..> h-M:, i,s«. iMiu- III tho 

i.ll.rii....ii. mill UK . iii- iin r.Tlsti'ml 

innilll.'i' i.r .\niiiii: l.iillns MIshi-k 

l',.'ll.i lliiiiii.lirl.H. M.'iy llii. y. l:ilziil..'lli 
M.illli nnil Kill.- siiniiiii— 111 liinrK.' 
I.r Ihiil r.iiliiiv |.|nii.-.l .111 hlK .■nut n 
hiliiliiliir.' Aiiifilcnii rini;. A liirL-o 



Iniiii 'r.'ir.' Iliiiil.', niiil Clin- 

li.M. Til..» 'i.-"-! n.liiipil .-..-.ii 

lint i.H I iii.ic, lliosr wh.i dill not 

l.niniro llik.l» In n.lvim.f- wnrr srrv- 
III III 111.- .Ihiliii; room l.i'loiv, .lolm 
.-i. M.liiil.lhi «ris lion. 

.I..I.II W. K.'i'ii. lion. .I.ihii K. I ill. 

('h.iiil.. (1. Ili.u.TH. I'cl.T l.ullior nnd 
.liil.h \ r.i.|."l..|. d In loiists. 

'I'll.' I|.'|.iil.l|.;.ti .liKll.'Inl r.iiiv.<nllon 
iiiilnllinli'il A|l..'ll M. A.Imii.h liir rnm." 
iilllni; All..ri..'.>, i.liil Hi.' I i.'iiin. riiU'.l i^.'oiL'.' II. .^iirik.'l. 

nil Siiliilili.y. .Inly '.'\ llm In. no 
.-niln' I'onnly . oiii.'iill..n uiih Inlil In 

III.' .iniri I'll S. II. I'n.'ll iH'iKldini;. 

'I'll.' Ilrl'.'l iiniiilliiil.'.l iviih: I'or lli'li- 
liNi'liliilhi'. 'rnoiniin 'I'rii.'iiiiin :' 
Aiidlior. .Iiiini'i. i:. Illil'i': for 'rri'iix- 
iir.'i-. .Mm Inn .Mnilin; lor ll.''r. A. 
.'<. I1IIBI..I1 : r..r Sli. rlfr. Aliml .x. 
Howl: r.ii' ronincr. Iir. I'lnirlfs iivri-- 
l.i'ik; lor loiinly AM.'»»or, Inivlil 
I.llii'lii.r'.'.-r: for I'onnly Piirvryor, 
Wiilln.'.i 111..'; in:- I'liniinlKBlouci-b, J. 
I. Vunrnsk.'in, Iniylil shirk, .T.miali S. 

't'lin t'onvpiilion |.nsti.-tl rln^in;; ri'ho- 
InllonH In Tut or or H rmii|i,'ili:n, 
linllini; Uir II.'i.iil.ll.nnH to cnoinnito 

villi lli.'ii, mill II ilinilly |.l''d:.-n 

.'iinillilnl.'H 1(1 II Mrli't nl.Kf'i-iniK'n of too 
liiu. mill |.|.'.li.-lnK Iho rnnilldiil.'i. lunii- 
hiiili'l to siii'ii ol.h.'i-viini'.' r.'KiinllcsB 

or til.' I'liiiri..' or nil' lli-i H.-unu. I.nt- 

IT iin iii;iv.ii,.M; lunl |.:.'.i^.' WOK 
iliiitvn lip mill Kiilniiill.d to llin II.'- 

I II. nil .on, mill.'.', II M.i'.-lriPil nK 

ll|.'i:ili;iilil.' nnd iinliivtfiil : Hip InlyliiK 

of viiI.'h: Hi.' I'I' iKi' Ol' .'inolinn.'iil.s 

IM' I'l'Wfii-ilEi ; till' iiKc or tnoHpy In iiny 
«iiy fill' till' iinriioKo of InfliionplnK 
\oti»; 11,1- i'luiim n;' ttlilKkpy, lippf. 
Aliii' or 111.) inlovlnillnu ||.,nor ny u 

I'.inilidii r l.y In lii» be- 

Inilf. I,. Bltiinntp pxiii'nB.'K woro iIphIk- hull ii'iil. iiiiy ..f Jiinllni-H, 

Kir. .>N|ii'iiK.'K of Kii.'nki'i'N. Ilvpry 

hli'p. Iioii'l l.illK, .'t... iirliilln:.- ami 


■riip llPiiuhllrmi I'oinllilllPn rpfimnd 
In I'lilpr till' nKi-pi'iiiPiii, nnd bo (he 
■'fiinimlcn proKiiKiii'il wlih Hip Finirnn 
of n "ch-iill .nnii.nlun" hy tlip Drino- 
I'mlB. TIlp lli'iiioi-inllc 'iiii.liiinlPK 
Pllcll WP.-k 1..iI.IImIii-iI n Bvvnrn BtnlP- 
tiiptit of Hi.'ir t-,\|.i'nHPM iinil nmdn nP- 
live r.lniiiKH.-H. '|-|.nt Ihp Iwino of n 
rh'.in niin|.nl'.-n ii|.|..'ii|Pd to nniny vol. 
(I'H IH |il-o\i'd hy iin nniilyHlti nf tho 
('Ippllnn rpliiriiH. .MihoiiRli ilin piiilrp llrkPt unR plpilril. Hip 
i-undhlntii. rniinly offlpPB hnd 
uri'liHy r.'^liilpK from timt 
nf tlip Sliitp ll.k.l. ThP Upinihlirnn 
•'nnill.iiilp lor S.i'rpliiry of Slnln pnr- 
rli'd llio I'liniiiy liy Ti;:i: liio inndl- 
ilntPB for Cnniity i.ffir.'B hy iiliirnlllh-ii 
tin fnllnna: .1. II. .lolniHtnii. Ilpprc- 
wMtnlh'P. 1171; .inrnhl llpnilprnoii. 
Ainlllni-, l.'ll; Miiwnrd llinilflplil, 
TrpiiBiii'Pr, .l-'ii; Curl UiiitPr, llpi ord- 
er. ISI; I'!. ,M. Cnrlpr, Khrrlff, 2.-il; 
W. J, Tcuro, Coronor, .'l.'■^l; Arlliiir 





It xnn In IhiK .iiiiip.iltn Hinl Hi 
ll.'l.iihil.iilli. ■'.'iisi'd lli.'lr old In.'tir 
I.r ir.vlll;: lo "Iin.' n|." .il.sKiill 
ri.ii vnl.'iB lor II..' ili-k.t or L.r wini 


"oil." jilnl nil.'.l lo nflK.l Mil. Il 
loiK.'K h> .il.tiiliilni; Ih'iiin.r.illr tol.K. 
.MoKl of Hip l(.'|.nhl|.'..ii .nnill.lnlps 

.li'rll..ii.'pr.'.l I o.rniK, nnd nndonl.l 

VMi-p ih'.t.'d l.y Hip \otPK llipy Hiiib 


l-or Hi.' rirsl tlnip in <lciil jporn 
111.' in'ino. rniK niniiir.'Kl.'il iiipnt pn- 

•Iii|.K|..|', I •,',..,-.11-.. „|' |.»W 11 

wns \.'ry i.i.|.,irpiil liiiil no olhpr run- 
ilidnt.' Hull «onid l.p ronfildpr' 
rd hy Hip .Vnliniinl .onv.'nllon. In 
Inillnnn, nnd p.^|ll■rinliy In I'nrkp 
roiinly. this sllnnlhin «na lilKlily 

phn.iin-- lo Hip lie nilB. On IhP 

<.li,.'r liiin.i. ihp llppiihlipiins wpip nol'r KJlLslii'd with Hip iiipthods 
o|- llooBPH'll In K.'pklni: in noiiilnatp 
hlH Kiir.-p^ lo Hip I'lPKl.h'tiry. Thoy 
dill not hpilpvp Hint'ri'Kld.nt 
1' KOI n i..|iiiirp dinl. In fii.l 
III.'.. I..'ii.'i.'il. ..r nimiy nf Hipim hillpv. 
.'.I. tliiil I'.illluinl.K ;;ot Hip worBt of 
. v.'..uiiiiiB Hip I'r.Kl.l.nt did prior In 
Hip ll.'pnhli.nn .Vi.llnnil lonvpiidon. 
■I IIP lml,iiimi,nUs \.M.i r.'»pniPd llilB 
to Biipii nil PM.'nt liinl II siip|.orlPd 
llrynii In Ihp . iiiiiiiiilcn. 

A ponlpr.'li.-.' of n.ino.KiiB « ,ik IipIiI 
m liMiiiiiiii|...liB Ininip.llulPly inilnvvhiK 
H.p Miinoillnpiiipnt of Hi.' ilnl.' SPt hy 
III.' ItPiiiilillPiins lor HiPir Stntp .'on- 
wntion. This dnip wns nnii.snnlly 
.'i.ily, mill wnB bo, iib Hip llpino- 
runs i.pllpi. d. in onlpr lo l.p llio llrsr 
l.iirly lo .iP.iiiiT lor Kon.plhin:.' Hint 
liiltlil "L'Pt hy" Willi i.oHi Bld.s of tliP 
Ihlii'.r .iiiPBiloii. tiipn hprnnilni; iiriilP. 
S.'iitiinrnt In linnr of lo.,.! orilion hnd 
KiniMi In Biirh nn p.MPiit Ihnt hotli 
l-nrllPB rpaliz.'d it hnd to Iip inpt; liit 
/.OP lo iiippi it nnd hold Ihp voIph of "vm nnd diy'r" Thni wna iho 
.|iip»llon. Al Hi.' Iipinn.'i'iill.' loiifpr- 
in.p iihnip ininlioii.'d .lohn S. .Mc- 
I'li.idln urtPd Hint Hip Stnt,. .nnvpn- 
linn 1.1' iii'lil nii.'ii.l of till' ll.'i.iihli.nii 

..nn.'iilloii. 'I'lils ri'pn inhillon 

wiiB nl riiBl oiprriilPil. hiK Inlpr It 
unH ndoplpil, and Hip diilp bpI nno 
«p.i( nh.'ad of Hint BPlpilPd l.y thp Up- 
piihllinnH. A dpplnrnilnn In fninr of 
Hip lowiiBhlp iinll wlilrh millilpnlPd 
Hip iipllnn of III.' ll.'|.iihllrniiH »'iih 
pnil.oill.'d in till' pliilforin. 'I'hniiiaB II. 
.Mni-Klnill «n» nonniuilpil ;or (invirnor. 

ThP llpplinlhiili StntP r..nvpiitlon 

onr wppk InlPr uob n l I inil.' 

affnir. I'liiHliPd with fmirippii yptlra 
nf pnlllh'.il poniT. nnll.'l|.iillnK y|." 
Inry, n Inrco niinilipr nf rniidl.lal.'K 
.onl.'KtPil for Hip linnilnnllona. Ivvpiy 
I'll nil .lint.- hnd p\|ipiibIvp nnd hpniitl- 
fnily dP.'oralp.l lipni|.|iinrlPlB al thp 
ChiyiMiil holpl. .Inni.'B V.. WiilBoll. Hip 
Idol of HiniiB.inds of yoiniR llppnldl- 
pniiB, wnB n .'andlilntp fnr Hnvprtior 
ncnlnnl Ihrrp ntli'^r proi.iliipnt innn of 
hiM party. Iliiiidrpilfl nf .ViiicrlPnn 
llpnuly rnsPB wprp itlvpn nnny nt hiB 
InadiiimrlPlB. lln r.pplVPd Hip nniiii- 
iinlloii nil a plnlforin Hint did nol Bnl- 
iBfy till' ipiiii.praiiip nipn. J. 
I'rank Inlnr pxirntPil IiIb fnni- 
oiiB r.ii./i <lr rl:il hy rnllinK tho I/pcIb- 
liililr.' Ill Bpppial BPKBlon to fhnPt Hip 
loiiiiiy unit law. 'I'hlB oi'.nrrcd wlipii 
Iho i-nniiinlKti had hppn In pronrPBH 
M'vpral MPpkB. .Mr. WnlBon BiKikn In 
lloi'kMllii on ihp day It pnBB.'il Hip 
(.PUlHlaliirp. Althniiu'h hn rpniir.pd 
Hint Hip net of (Invernor llnnly wniilil 
dpfrat hini, liil bpi-ppH In dpfPnBP of 
Ihnt ml, ovon cnihodying a trllnito to 

,.ii „|.o iia.l ia» th.ina.uidB of Ito- 

|'V.ili hPlin.vpd niin, nan 
slpil P of oinlory. 

ll.nMir.i MnvBill. nflpr n Bi.lrllP.I 
pont.Kl d.lPnl.d OHb liiilhy In IhP 

III' liiiii.'r.BBi..nal .■nnvrnllon 


'I'll.' 11... oiiiillp coiivpnllon was 
a_-,iiii h.'l.l In llo.kvlllp. rroni a 

'|-h..i....K ii. MiirBl.ull IhP 

I,,,., lliiu I V HIP noiiiliiiillon of llnlph 

\V. .Moss, lliln.n.i llarr.'lt. of IIpo- 
i.rl.k.'. c oniiiy r.'.iivpd tliP >o1p of his 
oiMi roiinu and a f.iv otiipr \ntPfl. 
'Hip l'ri.hinii..iiiMK nonilniiip.l I'.ihvnid 
Uondm.i for r.'liti.BS an. I Hip So.inl- 
IflK. Uiii. |i. Vmiilorn. iIi.uIps rnll?.. 
Ii.niopial. and I'liirPn.p rnwpll. Ilc- 
pnhli.iin. wprp noinlnntPd for rrosc- 
.iitiiik! Atlornpy. 

• Tiip llp| prlniarlPB rcBoltpd 
in IhP InlloMlni: llrkpt : .Inpoh S. 
W^illp. f..r llPprPBPnliiHvp; Alcllin 
T. Iiooh'y, Clerk; Wnllncc Slokpa. 
Tr.uKiiipr: llni.rrl llnnpy, .>;|iprlir; 
Wllllnni I'piii'p. I'oiniipr; KinerBon 
I'hiillpB. Snrv.-yor; .Inlin M^y ami 
ll.rhprl S. I.lndlpy, CoininlsBionorB. 

'Iiip I •.'llio. nil Ip ponipntlon n..inlnnt. 
P.I Wnii.r I'InIi for UpprPK.ntiithp; 
liporun I,. I.anpy. riprk: liny Ald.n. 
sin'rlff: riinrliB iivpri-'rk. Cnronpr; 
.1. T. .Inrk, Siirvpyor: Imiilpl Ma.hln 
and .lohn Coffin, CoininlBBlnnrrB. 

lour full . oiinty llrkpla wore In tlip 
IIpIiI I..111; ...Inrp plp.linn day. Kor the 
fiiBt linn' Iiip ,«orlnllsta had a poni- 
plplp II. k. 'I. 'I'hP I'l'ohlhlHonlBlB hnd 
lor tu.'iily yp:irB lippn pllltlnc out 
i'oiinly HckPiB, nnd KonrrnHy very 


'I'hp prln.ii. Ill pvpnl of thP IlPpnhlF 
.an .'an.|.nii;n u'iib Hip bppppIi of thpir 
rnndiUnlp for Coi.rii..r. It was liin.ic 
liniii Hip i:nst Side of Hip rnurt lioime. 
'i'lic lipinornillp .-andldnto for Hovpr- 
nor ni.iilP two Bpiprhes In lloikvlllp— 
al till' Con::ri'B8innal cnvpnllon, an. I 
lalPr In the ranipnlL'll lip nd.lrPBSPd a 
nipplilis 111 Hip poiirt ronin. The larc- 
pst lirnio.ratlr niepllni! wna when 
.lolm W. Kprn. who mob Ihp i-nndldolp 
for VIrp-l'rPBldpnl, nnd Cpnpnil Weav- 
pr, of Iowa, n.'rp li.'rp a fpvv days he- 

fiir.' II Ip.llon nt n iiinrnliiK nippt- 

Inir, Tiny niB.i bpoUp from Hie pnat 
si 'p nf Hip iiini t lioiiK.'. Mr. Kprn 
and Hi'iipral Weavpr wont finiii llo.k- 
\il|p lo Clinton with an pb- 
lorl. RlnpiiiiiL- In .M.rra to aiidroBB Hip 
"oik.rn In IhP pl.iy plaiil and iiiIopb. 
Ilohprt ... llpniy, ilip hrlllhint .vonnn 
Ti'SaB Coiiui'PHHiiiaii, rpinnliiPd In 
lloikvlih' lo lilikp a rppppIi In Hip nf- 

Tlip fiinilH fin- nn'.'HiiK PxpillBPB of 
Hip lipinii.'.nllP rmnpnlBn «prp rnlBPd 
l.y voinnlnry Biil.srrlpHonB In rp«ponBO 
in nn appi'iil pondnclpil fnnii wppk In 
«ipk hy Hip llpnioiraili- County pn- 
pi-r. thp i-pKpnnap IipIiir i|iiitc llliprnl. 

Tlip li.'iiincrntB elp.'tpd their rnniU- 
ihitPB fnr Ihipp County offlPpB— Clerk. 
TrenBiiipr and Cnronpr. I'ollowlnn am 
Hip pliliallH''fi ri'rplved : Tiifl fop 
I'lPKldPnl. lllll; WalB..n for (lovernor, 
•JS7; MiiMipll for I'oncrPBB. 17ii: rnit?.. 
for I'roB.-rnloi-, -Jul ; While, for llep- 
iiBPiitnllvp. illu: I.anpy, (•lerl<, TOI ; 
Sppii.'.'i-, 'rrportiirpr. VV2; l-'innpy, 
Shprlff, I7il; (ivprpp.k, Cnroner, ins; 
I'hlllliiB. Surveyor, llll ; .May. Coin- 
inlBKlonpr, III'.; I.lndlpy, rninmlBalon- 
er, 7>i. 

It will iin nollred that Hie llPialMI- 
ran pinrallly tvna llll) aa nualnat TiCi 
III IIMHI. iioili parllia Inrreaaed their 
\n|p ovpr Ihal of two yrnra hpfore. the 
lipinorralip InrrPnan hpliitf oler 7I«1. 
ConlPinphillnK Iho nanlt, nnd refleel- 
hm on paal polllh'nl pvpnia. Han 11. 
Chopin rpiiinrked: "Thpre'o no nan 
for IIN to oxpoct to oloct our ticket 

I'he yiar IIH'l l.ioiiKht the firat aiih- 
Hianllal anil RPllpral am .paa of the 
lipinorralh' party In Indliinii aliirp the 
ilpplloii nf ivrj. a p.-riod of pluiilppn 
yPlUB. Ill IIHiN in.' Il.'lno.rata pl.'.t.'d 
lliplr randl.latp fnr Hnvirnnr, a major- 
ity of Hip lower h.niae of Hip l.itla- 
Inliire. and n.alnrlty nn Joint hallol. 
I. Ill Hie llp|.iil.||..ilia pl.'rl.'.l iiinal nf Stale tick.l. It wi.a lii.'\ ilnl.lP 
thai pv.'li a pnrlv ao thoroiiijli'y dia- 
.Iplln.'d na Hi.' Il.'pniill. an iiiiiat in a 
loiii: lenap nf pow.r oi.nmiiinliilp n 
tr.'Ml many .'.iap« of diasnllafa. Hon 
Ihal at IhP firal opporlilnlly would 
linpi'l thp diasulisrlpd lo arok Hie dc- 
teat of tiiPlr |iarty; and ao In IIMO the 

-.1 It 

ThP Bllilallon was pe.nllnr In Imll- 
ann. Spn:.tor All.Prt .1. Ilpveridne, 
who would aland fnr re-plertion In 
I'.iln, liii.l for s.mip tinip manlfpatpd a 
Bplrlt of rpvolt fioin Hip hich tariff 
poll.y of H.p pnrly— a pnlley which 
hp hn.l prpvlonaly tilorlflPd with oil 
Hip Pio.|iipncp In hlB powpr. ITe refill- 
.'d 10 vote for .ainna ineaBiirPa. and 
did not hpaltale lo denounce the hene- 
flcliirli'B of IiIkIi protertlon oa the 
"powpra of plllaap." He voted 
au-alliBt Hip I'aym'Aldrlcli hill on lla 
final pnaaiiL-.'. Tiila. with Hip rankl- 
int-a of Ihp cninpiiUn of two yenra he- 
foi'p. Hip onlKrowlh of the defeal nf 
.Iiinipa 1:. WnlBon for Hovprnnr. plaeert 
the Ilppni'll.'niia al a crrat .Hand- 
vanlacp hy thp lllile the rnmpnien 

Ilowpvpr. for ninny nionllia hefnrc 
t.ip oppnliik- of tliP pampaiirn Ihpre wa« 
cieat dlaaatlafm-tlnn anionK Hip Dpiiio- 
.rata of Hip Slalp. The Bprret 
hy which .lohn W. Kern nnd .lohn V.. 
I.aiiih wprp ilpfpoiPd for Spiialor cana- 
rd Bii.h rpapnlniPiit that the llepnhll- 
rana nilBlit have won the elei-tlnn, had 
the phoico of a candldatp for Senator 
rennilned aa lipfore with a leclalallve 
laii. na. To allay Biiaph Ion on thli 
B.ore that iiiiKht weaken l>einOPratlc 
phan.PB, llovprnor Maraliall early In 
Hie i«car cave out an intervlpw In 
which he declared for the noinlnntinn 
of a pandldatp for Srnator hy the 
SIniP rnnvenllon. Aa Ihia waa lOK- 
I. ally In line with Hie nft-repeated 
d.'claiallon of lleiMorr.ille plalfornia 
In favnr of the ple.tlon of Sennlnra 
liy popular vole. It waa rprelve.l wllh 
ptitliiislaain hy llrmo.'rata In favor of 
Hill primlplp. nnd eaiipilnlly hy 
those who wpvp florp on Iho Bccret 
.an. IIB |.ropppdini;a of liaiO. rnrkci 
County Iipinnrrnta were alinoat to n 
man In favor nf Hip "llovprnnro plan" 
aa II waa rallpd. and llipy did nol dif- 
ipr from Hip rank and flip all over tho 
Stile. 1 Inn ever. Hie Idea, waa deaiier- 
atelv foimht hy the aocalled leaden 
of the parl.v. With the cxeepllon of 
lion. .lohn i;. t.anih, not one of llio 
announced or proipe.tive randldatei 
for the Sennle wna In favor of lh» 
l.npiilnr plan. 

The lleinnernllc eonvenllon lo nnmo 
delet-alPB lo the varlona convenlloni 
waa held nl the raurt hnuae on Rntiir- 
day, Api-fl n. It »'«» nddreaaeil hy 
Mr. I.niiih, who pledged hlniBplf lo tho 
n.ovpiiipnt In favor of nomlnntlnit i» 
Si'iialnr; Indrrd Mr. r.ninli waa nllhnt 
Hmn at thp hpnd ol Iho niovenienl, 
and remained In Ihal eonaiilciiona po- 
anion iinlll Hie flRlil waa won In Iho 
Stale convent inn. (lovernor Mftraliall 
de.llned lo naaiiniP Hie n.'tlve leader- 
alilp. ao the rank and fllo Innked ii|>- 
on l.nmh na Ihelr lender. 

The I'lirko Cnnnly delenntei wero 
(nalriiPleil 10 vole fnr Hie nnnilnntion 
of a Hennlor hy tho Stnio eonvenllon. 
and 10 volo for Jonn I',. r,ninh for Ihnt 
offlco. I.itiiib trai prciont ind ad- 


,l..'i..M-,l II..' i.iiiiilj (.P.1..1.II..U. •rho 
llipiihllriici M.ilo ...inriillim linil li.-cn 
,nii.|il.'l.'lv'il l.y S.Minlor llrv- 
I'l'iili;!', who HiiKl.' till' k.y iHilu siir.'cli. 
whl.'li Mr. I.iin.l. niilil w.m on.' of lln' 



Tlin l> inil' .-iiiiu- . 0111.1111.. n 

tt-.iM li.-ld nil 111.' J'.iiii „.• Ai.lll. II VMiB 

1,111' i>r llic iMi.Hl III' illr i.ollll.'iil 

..iiKi'iiHoiiK 111 111" UMrny .<( Ili'< 

Sliilr. ■rill' Sliili' I'd llli'O. luosl i.r 

ihi' iirniiiliii'iil lii'iiiocnils i.nil or- 
-iilil/.lilliill lil.'ll LTII.'n;!!/ niM.lis.'il tlu 
"liiiv.'iniM-'t. i.liiii." Till')' wi'i-c llior- 
nimhlt ni;::iiil/<il. Tlioni' In fiiM.i' of 
111.' iihill .111.1 no o't:..lll'/..illnii, bill llicy 
ni'l'.' voiiil.'i'lully nilhlixli.Ktlc iin.l lie- 
li'i'liilliril, ilii'l I" 11 111:111 ncro niiUy lo 
I ,'1. Mr 10 11 iliiUli. VViicii ii.-. 

iniilo hlH „|i,'i'.|i h.' «.is j.'.rt'i »..■ 

I'.l, liniili'il. mill lliri'iilriii'il. hut ho 
iiii'i'il hlH nss.'ilhinlK Willi Boir i-oiurn! 
mill ili'li'niili.iil|..n. Wli.'ii Iho voln 
».!» iiiki'ii 111.' .'Vrll.'iMi'lil KM liuoiis.-. 
\i.l null! Iho liiHt rniiiily ivna I'niloil 
I'liiilil II ho ih'i.rii.liwil, 80 cloRO «ns 
111.' roiili'sl. 'I'hi' linliilluillon or n Son- 
iiiiir «ii» onrrio.! Iiy lliliiy vnlm-i'x- 
iwlly Iho vnio hy liovcrnor 
.MiiiKlinil Imd l.oi'ti noiiiliinii'd two 
.Miii'M lioioro. 

•riio ITolill.liioiil,<m w.'ri- ilrnl In 
111.' fl.'hl Willi 11 I'oiiiily llri<ot. Tholr 
nun nil Ion iii'lil nn llio I'.Uii of 

Iniiloil : III'. .1. <:. I.. Myora for 

il.'l.l'iK.'hliillio: II, W. Horn, Auilllor; 

Win. l:. K |.. Sh.'rlri : ..111. II. liillirH, 

'I'l'i'nHiiri'r: .li.liii .Inill.'f. Ili'<'..rdi'r : lir. 
.M. W. Wnndiird. Inroiior: llosc.l 
W'liiiiiii'i', CiiiiiiiiiiiKlniK'r. 

Ill Iho iiildxl or Iho iniiii'.ilcn K. .M. 
I'lirt.'r ri'iili:nod nn chnlriiinii of the 

Iti'iiiihilrnM II illi'O, .Norvnl \V. Ciiiii' 

liilllKK wiiK ii|i|inillli'd lo nil Iho vno. 

•Iho ciwI.Mii or hnlilliiK iirliiiary olc- 
lloiiH. which linil hoon in locno bIiic 
'IS'.Ni. iihroiTiiloil 111 mill l.y Ihc Ho- 

I Ilrniis. who nlxo siunnli^.'il Ihc 

yinr l.y wnlllnu- until iirtcr the Dciiio- 
crniK Imd noiiiliiiili'.l lliclr th'Uct. II 
Ki'oiii.'d lo ho II wnlllni.' K^imo nil 
hloiliid. lor Ih.' |i.'iii...riilB .lid lint 
hohl Iholr I'oliv.'iilloii until Siiliirdny. 
So|iloiiil..'r 111, ninliiK l..',oino llrrd or 
wnilliiK on Iho ilo|,iiliilciin.i, nnd roar- 
rill liny louKor poslponoiu.'iit 
wniihl lui'Miil the ■'Undidnlos rrniii 
iiiuliiui; n |.ro|.or uinMisa. The r..ii- 
vi'iillou wim .■all.'il lo onl.T hy Shclhy 
I . I'li.ll, cnuiuy .li.iln.iuu, In Ihc 
liioiuliiL-. l>|.|...lnlo,l roiuMilltooi, In re- 
t.orl In I hi' nll.riionii, mid n.lj 'iiriicl. 

.lolin li.'H.H wiiH ii.i d Tor .'Imlrninii, 

uli.i l.roHldi'.l whil.' the rolloHluK Hck- 
ol wii.. iiouihinlod ; Tor llo|.ro8i'iiin- 
llio, I'rcil W, 1,1'nlhoriiiiin; ror ,\ihII- 
lor, JiiB. K, DId.'r: lor Trciisiircr, 
f.'.nrKo W. .Spi'iiror: ror .><liorlrr, Ciiy 
.Mdon: rnr lloioidor, I inch linnln; 
lor rm-oncr, ilr, rlimh's (ivcrpcck; 
Inr rniinly .\spcBsor, Henry A. I'nyno : 
for rniuiulHHlonor, iBnao Ilriitlnln. 
I.nlor In Ihc .niiipnlKU MItoholl. or 
llii.'.'oon lowuBUlp, WBB noiiilnnlort 
Inr I oillily Suryoyor. 

'I'ho ('onf;icRBlnnnl cniivonlloii Imd 
provloilrly ronouilunlcd llnlpli \V. 
.Mokh: Iho .liiilh'hil coiivoulinu nonil- 
nnl.d Wllllniii t'. Willi Inr Jiidco and 
Chivrh'ii Siilorloc ror rrOBCciillnn At- 
loriioy; Iho Soniilnrlul lonvciillnn 
nniurd Wlllliiui llloii CoIIIiikb rnr ."^cu- 
ninr. The llo|.iihlli'nii ciindhlaloB wore 
Kranli r. 'IIMcy rnr I'mifi cbo : llnr- 
Inn .•<. .Mkiimn rnr Judfo; Chirourc 
fowcll rnr rrnBci'iiIni'. nnd Wllllaiu 
M. Whilo ror .xoimlor. 

■Iho llcpiil.ilrun roiuily ronvonlinn 
wn» hold lit Iho cniirl Iioubo, Sniiirdny. 
So|i|oiiihor -Jl. I'hutlCB llnvia prrnlil- 
cd nnd II. rifty Dwcn Borvcd on Hci'- 
roliiry. Duly Ihroo couIcbIb wore 
■undo ror noinlnallonB. Isaac W. Pick- 

.ii'd iinil .MIiTl Ili^U.'B noi'i' iiiUiliihiliB 
lor Aiiilllor: llroin T. Tiiylnr nnd 
ThniiiiiB lliiiniloBB ror roiiiiHlHBli.nor : 
nnd lir. I'. ,1. lolllnCB and Mr. J. II. 
.shiinUwilcr ror I ■nioii.T 'Iho ticket 
liMiiii'd w.ix: l''nr llopn-Bonliillvo, ,lac' 
oh S, Willi.-; All.lllor, innni' W, I'lik- 
nrd ; •rn'.isiii.r, ,1. II. IliirkB; Sliorirr. 
iliilii'ii l-'lnnoy; il.'.tird.'i-. ,T, Cnrl llul- 

icr: c'di r. Hi', i: ,1. rnlllOKB: I'niin- 

ly .Vwi'SKiir, S. A, I'llio; l'oiiiiiiii.»loii- 
I'l, (licon V, Tnyinr. The cnnvciiUon 
wnK addii''d hy linn, rinlcy Mount, 
of rrnwrordHvlllo, nnd linn, l''ran'.< 
■llUoy or Toi-ro llaiilo, lli'vorld;.'c had vi.ioii (or 
.-l.lp rfuhldli.. .ili.'u the l.lll wnB 1.0.' ConnroKB, nnd hn.I liocii ropontcd. 
ly iir-kcd III dcriii.' his iioblllon nn timt 
.|ur»lloii. lio wo- iiilvorllKid 10 spciik 

ri.Hod lo iliM'iiHB Ihc \miil: lie wnK 
lu'r.' two wookfl hoforo the election and 
wpitlio In iIh' aaiiio room where I'd 
.\.'iir.4 hcroro he had lundn hia Bocotid 
poiuiciil siicicli. The .xcnnlor wiiltej 
iinli; Ills llorkville Bpooeh to define hix 
i.o.siiioii uhh'li was a;:nfnBt the propo- 
Hllloii of BilhslillCB. A week inter on 
W.'.lni'Silny, .\ov. 'J, W. Kern 
hpoke In Iho name room, closing the 
I ninpQlirii for the liciuncrals. 

■ih.i rcBiilt or Ihe election In Iho 
sinio wiifl a 1 leiiincriilic vli'iory. Son- 
llio,' Kern wns olc. tod hy the Louis- 
l.iliire; the popiiliir elecllon niuond- 
liient to Ihe I'onBlltiitlon lind not yet 
loon adoplod. I.o.nlly the llopuhllcnns 
oh'.icd their ticket » (Tli Ihc exccp. 
tinii of I'loso.iilinK Atlorney, Auditor 
nii.l Treasurer. They carried tl.o 
rniinly nn Ihe head of the .><lnte tlok- 
ci l.y M.'ii. The loinl yole of the pnr- 

l|. B 

K.iMO.nlll.' ... 
ilcpilhll.'.in .. 

I'lohihllonlBt I'.V, 

Sochillsl HIT 

lollowlns are Ihc rilnrnlllles on tlie 
loiiil tlrket; 

Tllliy. Hop., ror CoilKresa Ul 

AlUiiinn, Hep., ror .liidco 2i:i 

Sallcrloo. Iieiii.. ror I'mBceillor X'l 

Whilo. Hep., lor Sonnlor I'lM 

While, Hop., ror Hopre«oiilallve...lS'J 

Klder, lii'iii., ror Aii.lllor- I III, Hi in.. lor TroaBllrer lul 

I'ilinoy. Hep., Inr Shorirr 1|o 

lluller, Hep., for llocorilcr 211 

rii.e. Hep,, ror ABSesBOr ',\Tt 

I'nlliucB, Hep., rnr Ciironcr- UH 

Hinli'B, Hep., for .Xiirvr.vor _. IW 

Taylor. Hep., for I'o ilBBloncr... 7il 

Aiiihl Bloiiuy Bi'i'noB Iho inuiimlcn or 
ini'J UcEnn In I'nrkc rouiity. It was 
to I'lirke loiinly Mini the lleiuocrals 
I.r Viuo hniiii;lil Iholr dirty linen lo 
1.0 laiindrli'd. Tlio riicllonni rii:ht in 
that rnunly holwcon Iho l.ninl. or- 
k-aulznllnii nnd llinl whiili nflorwardB 
hciunio the HohcrtB orKanl-/.nllon In- 
\olvcrt the entire rnufreBsionnl dls- 
liirl. IMor .M. Tolcy. dlstrlel clinlr- 
iiiin, wns n candldnle ror rc-cleollon, 
l.n. koil l.y Ihe l.ainh forooB. Mr. Ijliiib 
had Incurred Iho enmity or frnwrord 
I'nlrhnnkB in Ihc Senatorial riRht, and 
ho headcil Iho r-volt nKnInst Ihc l.niiih 
nrcniiiiiitlon. 'Iho fltht herniuo very 
hitler l.cfore the dale set for the dls- 
Irh't convenlion-lir.cuihor 'Jll, Hill — 
nl HockvMlc. The lleinoiralB of 
I'nrke loiiiily, owlnu- lo the altitude 
I.r .Mr. I.aiiih on Ihe Senatorlnl Issue 
two years hofnre, were liirKoly his ad- 
hironiB In Iho lontoBt, At their con- 
lentlnn, llecoinl.or 27, they passed 
DtionR r.'SDiiitinns InstrnctlnR Ihe do'o 
Ratcfl from l*ar''o roiinty for Mr, I*'oI- 
ev. This ronvonlinn, iiltiiiuisu fnid 
nil one of the worst days of luldwln- 
lor. was attended by nonny fi^lO ..euio- 
rrnlB .roiii every part of Iho I'onnty, 
ilcorBO \V, HiKni'or prosldeo ovor it. 

mill tlii'i.' wiiH 111. atlciupt lo opposo 
Ihe ilctlloii of I'l.l.'y deh-Kiiles. 

The lnri:e nuiulior In alundnnoo 
wns due lo a rcimrt that the Falr- 
liniil,R fa. I Ion had Bont ennsldernhio 
iiion.-y inio Iho I'oiiiily lo Infiiionco 
Iho Bolorllnii of di'losniea. I 'nil Ink- 10 
mill any lU'iiiiicrals to "handle the 
unlioy " the Terro llniilo oruanlzniinn 
iuil.|..'d at CnBoyvllle In 
iiudorliike Iho work of Bi'ltlnu' the 

di'li'K rrnui llni'i'onn IiiwubIiIp. .tc- 

rordiucly nl.niil Iho lime Ihe Hepiili. 
lliniiB iiaimily iiiol at llrlilk'otoii lo 
n-ndiiit such limltors u crowd of vot- 
ers nhnwi'd up nl llial plme frnlii 
ras.'yilllo. -Iiiiy looked nronnil the 
inwn everywhere for Ihe vntliiK place 
.iiid rindlni! nnlhlnit of Unit kind Iho 
Hopiihllinii leader or the expodltinn 
lol.plinn-d In llnikvlllo lo a llcpiihll. 
run who had always worked iMlu iiiiii 
in iiollllis nsklUK. "Where do llie 
liouiocriilH down here vote'/" "Thoyre 
ii|i hero voiliiK now— yon fellows can 
doposii yi.iir hallois In Illc Hncioon 
ir yon want to vote." 

Hrlok-alrs from over the district bo- 
liiin 10 arrive In lloikvllle on the day 
heroro the dlslrh't convention wns to 
meet. \ prc-eonventlnn estllnato 
Blinwod the two faclloiiB about ei|ilnlly 
divided. In order to insure the de- 
feat of Foley the l-'alrhnnks deloKnIofl 
from \\m Counly fot hehlnd -IrtuioB 
l:, llnndall, of i'liluain I'lunuy, who 
was a cnndldale, hut had not allied 
hliuself wllh ellher raitlon. The Icat 
vnti' ealiie on llio eloillon of clialr- .1. S. .MoKaddln was nouilnnted 
by the adhercnlB of .Mr. Foley; .lolin 
II. .lollies hy the llnndall fori-ta. .Mr. 
.MoKaddln roielvcd .Vi voles— I'arke 
and Veruiilllon Bidld. nnd the Koloy 
voles in Vifo. Mr. Jaiiiea was eleoied 
reoelvlni; T.'i voles— Hendricks, Put. 
11 on. flay and Ihc KalrUnnks voles In 
VlBo. The convention then proi'oeded 
lo elect .Mr. Hnndal dlBlrht chairman. 

Heverslng Ihclr Incths of two 
years bororc Ihc Hepiildi.'ans were 
early In the ricld to nouilnnlc Iholr 
• oiinly llckct. A dolcEale convention 
was hold on Satunhiy, .March l.n, 
-liidi.' While presided; Kelix Illanken 
haker of Tcrre llnule ndilresscd the 
lonveiillon, wlilili had previously In- 
Btrn.lcd the dolcKntCB from I'arke 
I'ounly to vole for that Rcnllenian In 
the I'onirrcsslonal convcnllon. Thrco 
rnnrtldntcs Bought Ihe nomination for 
HoiuoBontalive— ChnrlcB A. Tnoiup- 
Bon, of Jiiokson lownshlp; II. c. Ow- 
ens or Klorlda, and John 'I'. Thoiup- 
snii of |!nlon ClinrloB A. Thoinpaon 
woB iinni Hinted. Kor trenslirer two 
rnnilMnles were vnloil on— "Illik" 
.MeCiinc of WashluKlon, nnd I. A. 
.Mendinhall of Wnlmsli, .McCiine re- 
celvinK Iho nouilnallnn. Kdwnrd H. 
NhholnB. John K. llarBliharKor and 
.Incoh .^liiipBon rontCBleil for the 
l^hrrlrfB orrice, .Vieholns bolnc the 
noiulneo. The ticket nominated was 
aB followB; 

I'. A. ThompBon for Hepresenlallve. 

II. J. riimiiilnKa, ror Clerk. 

H. ('. Mcl'iine for Treasurer. 

Kdward 11^ Mvholns ror Sheriff. 

Mr. T. J. rolllnk-B ror t^oroner. 

Ilariy Havles ror Surveyor. 

ilreen T. Taylor for Conimlsslonor, 
1st dlslrlil. 

John .May ror (■oiniiilBsloner 2nd 

Herbert S. r.lndiey for ronimls- 
Binner. :lrd illslrlct. 

On the 2.-.tli of March the Pcinocrals 
pirfeiled Iholr ork-anlr.nllon by elect- 
InK I.. II. Iliiniphries ehnlriiinn. Tiie 
ueitluit of iirocluot I'oliinilllooiiien 
passed rcsoliitlons coiiiiuendinK shelbv 
<•. I'uetl for hiB services os (oiinly, 
Chnhninn In II«w and lliKl, and eon- 
Kintiilniing Iho County on the election 

of MoBBrs. I.ano)-, Spenoer and limner 
Skeoiors 10 Iho ofricoB thoy wcr« 
I hen ociupylnK. 

Iho rik'ht nt Hoi'kvlllo over the eleo. 
tiiui or a illatrlct clialriuan whb niero. 
ly a preliiilo lo Ihe hattle royal which 
Innk plnce nl IndiiinniiollB on Iho L'uih 
or .Marih, when delik'nlos lo Iho .S.. 
Ilonill .'onvolillon wore eleoied. .1. K, 
.Milnddlu or I'nrke Counly and 
lieoiito W. Ilrlll of llondrleks wore 
Haled nk'alnsl Crawford Inlrlmnka of 
Mk-o. nnd M. J. Tinker of Veriiillllnn. 
The rlBht Brew very hitler n> Iho 
time nppronoliod for iiirollnK. Jnnies 
II. Ilnnilnll, Iho dialrlrt ehalrman 
elocled liy Iho Kiilrlmnks fnellon, ro- 
liiBi'd to exert Ills Influence In favor 
of Hull slale, sinie Ihe drloBalos from 
I'liluian Counly were InrKOly opiinaeil 
III II, l\<' was denounced In slronii 
lerii. u.i iiuiiu .M, l.oliorls, and when 
the liitter ehark'od ,Mr. Ilandnll wlili 
"lakliiK I'nlrhnnkB nioiioy" iiandall 
■ ailed Hoherls n liar. In the uiIiIhI of 
Ihe iiiiiiost ronfiislnn the voto wna 
taken. resiilHpK in the oleotlon of Mc- 
reildin and I'airlinnki. Ho iho flBht 
vvog 11 "draw." 

The I'lohlhlllon Coimiy ronvenllon 
wiiB hold on Hie 2:HIi of .Moreli. HInle 
Chnlriunn IxiiiKh was prciont nnd 
liindo a Bpeei'h; the Clarion Oleo chili 
inlerlaliied the convention Willi 
iiiiialc. The ilrkct iioiiilnnlcd was: 

John Ailniiis for Itopreeontiitli'C. 

l.oiils lloyd for clerk. 

Henry c. VoBial lor Trensiirnr. 

.lohn Alfew for Sheriff, 

I'r, M. I''. Woodard for Coroner. 

Clias. y,. Thorp for CominlBaloner, 
Ist dlBlrii'i. 

Iltnvy Mnrka for Coinmlailoner, 
2lid dislrlel. 

Jiihn Alice for ('aniinlaaloner. .Ird 

Hoiin .\i. UoherlB wns chosen to pro* 
flldo over the liemocrnlle ConKrea- 
BlonnI convention, wlilih met nt Ilia, 
r.ll on Ihe ITtli of April. He wni elei !■ 
ed by the vole or VIbo County witli 
(our votes rroiu \'eriiillllon. Koiir 
Connlles— Ilenilrleks, Clay, I'litinan 
and Hiirko volcd solidly ncalnsL 
Hubciis, but at Hint time VlBo County 
had mi voles and tlio four deloRntea 
rroui N'crmllllon wcro cnollBh to 
swIuB Hie convcnllon, Kalph \V. 
,MoBs was ronniulnated hy ncclninatlon. 
The llepiilillenn eonvenilon at Terro 
llnule, nrier an iipronrioiii iesBlon. 
nnmiiinted Krllx lllankenlinker by onn 
vnle over Hoy I,. Shnttuik. 

On the mu of .May Ihc Peniorrata 
mot In Ihe various lownshlpa to elect 
ileloBnirs lo the Counly convcnllon 
wlih'h waB called for Iho next day — 
Saliirdny, ,May 21. On the 2lat of 
.May CoorBc I.. Ijiiiey published a card 
dccllnltiB 10 Iioroiiie a candldalo for re. 
eloillon ns Clerk of Ihe Circuit I'Oiirt. 

Wliliniu .MnnlBnnicry, of Monla- 
y.iiiiia. prealilcd over Ihe Connty eon- «^.., 
vontloii, which met ns a periiianenf ^^f" 
orBnnlr.ntlon In the nflernoon. 

HIvnl cnildldntes souBlit the noiuinn. 
linn for Sheriff. Trensilror and Coin. 
mlBRlonor. John Coffin and Harvey 
Hush were candhloles ror Trenaiirer: 
Frank Tayije. CharlcB Smith and Hen* 
ly Ijinib i-ontested for the Slierim 
race; Wllllaiu (ioodin and Xrilllain 
.Mnllern tor CoiuiiilBsinner 1st dlelrlrl: 
/.evl l.lnebnrBor and WlUlnni FlorH 
for ConiiiilBslonor .'ird district. Tho 
♦Ickot no'i'lnlted follows: 

ileorito W. Spcnii^r for lleprnent- 

ll'iii. F.. Ilof klna for Clerk. 

Harvey Huth for Treaaiirer. 

Charles smith for Sheriff. 

I>r C, s. Whilo for Coroner 

Jai'Oh IV Smith for Bilrveyor. 

Vim. Moltern for Coininlaalonor lit 



N'oorhoos Iluxford for Comiiilaslon- 
rr •-'nil dlRtrlil. 

Levi Mnehargcr for CoinnilBsloner 
.".rd dlRtrlct 

'I'lio Itppiilillrnn Xnllonnl convon- 
lloM 111 Clilcup. ilnsnd Snlunlny iiU'lit. 
.Iiirio 'JI. Iinvlitf: renonitiiiilcd IVrel- 
drllt ■Jan. .\« It wn» cloBlnK tlio dele- 
snIiB lo Iho Niitlonnl Koiiiocratlc ion- 
vnillon uiTo (iHRniil'Ilni:. How lloofle- 
voll ilmri!i-d 111 ClilcnKO mid llryan 
ImUIrd III llnlllliiorc la a part of our 
pollllcnl lilalory and la well reiiiciii- 
hr-rnil. Woodrow Wilson and llic r.ov- 
ornor or Indiana. Tlionias II. Mar- 
shall, wiro noiiilnatrd at llnllliiiori'. 
.laridi S. Wlillo wQB an iillornalo dele- 
ualo to Iho rhIcaRO convcnllon and .1. 
.X. .Mcl'addln wna onr or the riiiinMiB 
"oluhl" at llnllliiioro. I'arkc Daniels, 
whom «■<• Sim roRanl an ii ■•lioikvlllc 
l,oy." was a delccalc rroin .Mississippi 
lo Hie rhiciiKo ^invention. 

Diirlni; Ihe drniiiallc conleat wngod 
hy Ihe llryan, or Wilson Doiiiocrats. 
nl Ihilllniore li:? rollowlni: lolcKraiii 
wiiH ami to Mr. MeKiiddln hy a nuin- 
her or I'arkc County I>eiiio«Tats ; 

"I'niiiiriiUihih'mit on your iiianli/ 

IMirlni; the riral week or .Viimist 
the llodsevelt, or "Hull .MooBc" parly, 
iiM t 111 Cliii'iiRO iinil noiiilnaled Thco- 
lluie llooHevelt and lllralil W. .Tolin- 
soii ror I'realHenl and Vice rrealdcnl. 
I.iilcr the I'roKrcRslve party, as 11 was 
orrlehilly known, noinlnalcd .Mhcrt J. 
IteverldKe ror (lovcruor, ami sllll lat- 
er .Inai'iih W. .\iula or lllnton was 
noiiilnaled for ('"ncrcRs. The I'ro- 
Kl-easlvea were hiiallly orRalllzcd In 
I'nrke roiinly. r. M. >.er.nuKhlln, or 
Monli'xiiiiift. was eliosen ehalriuan of 
the riiilial coMiinlttee, hill no llekel 
was iioiiilnaleil. 

Willi Ihe National atajje set as we 
have ahown for u hiK dniiim. It Is 
iinniowlial straURC that so llllle CMllc- 
liienl. apiiBienlly so llllle Inlercat, 
Khniild he aroused In I'arkc County, 
l-lnnlly the Coiiiinerelal tliih or Uock- 
illle came lo Ihe fronl and aoiiRht to 
lufilae a little life Into Ihe lampillRn 
hy holdliiR a aeries of |«i|llleal "days." 
Hand couceria ami halloou aseenalons 
wn-e adveillacd In hel|i draw the 
crowds. Wednesdny, Ocloher HI, was 
set apiirl for "rroRreaslve l»ny." lion, 
.laekaon lloyd spoke all richt, hut the 
hallnon lielmveil hadly. It Rot IiIrIi 
enoMRh lo clear tin Notional bank 
hillldluR and eaiiie dnwn In Kiwooil 
lliiul'a door-yard - a flat rnlliire. On 
'rhiiraday when Ihinean .MeKlnle.\ 
lunile a uond |{epiililli-an speech, we 
rind no record or Ihe pcrforiiianee of 
the hiilloon, hill that II was still niak- 
lliR alleiiipla lo nacetid Is proved Int- 
er on. Saiuilrl 11. KalaliMl the Ileiiio- 
cratle enndldale for Governor and 
.lolin I-:. *,aiiili mnile roiislnR apceehes 
en I'rhlay the Isth ami the hnlloon 
went up— hy Itaeir. I'lndluR that It 
would nol earry the welu'lit or the 
tleronniit. the parachiile was cut lonae, 
and .-iway the halloon aoarcd. It float- 
ed off Riondly to the northeaat. re- 
mained n louR llllle In mlil-air, and 
then slowly ■'turned turtle/' cnilltlnR 
voliiiiins or hlack amoke like the crat- 
er of a rionllnR volcano. Hallirday, 
when Uev. lO. (). .shoiiae spoke rOr the 
I'rohlhllonlsiB and .1. S. O'Neal for 
Ihe Soelallsts, the balloon rinally wont 
up. The aai-enslon was a success, 
pleased the erowd iind aavril Iho reim- 
Intlon of Ihe Comiiierclal cliih. How- 
ever, the halloon could nol ho foi.nd, 
nrier iiioai earerul search; hul soiiie- 
hody ran on to It the next day In I. 
N. Lnwry's wooda nearly Ihrco inltes 
soiithi-nst of town. 

.Moss . and IVInnkenhn4{er nnido 
speeehea In Ihe County and on Hal- 
lowe'en Ulc'k Mlllor cloiou tbo cam- 

pnlRii Tor the Democrala. 8|ieakln|; to 
II fine audience at the court house. 

The .Si.elallBis put out a County 
ticket, the vote It received heing Riven 
hrlow. The result of the election, 
TueBday. Xoveinher .1. follows; 

WIlBou for I'rcsldent 20.11 

Tun ror Irealdent 1.S1M 

Iloosevelt for I'realdenl_ rKS4 

Charlln for I'rcsldent iM 




Wilson's pliirallly 1-in. 

Ilalslon. Hem., for (iovemor IflCrl 

Iiiirhln, Hep., for Covernor 17(11 

HeverldRC. I'roR., for (invernor lillj 

llnlalon's plurality lilil. 

Mobs. Hem., tor CoiiRress 2H«) 

lllaiikenhaker. Hep., ror Congress. 2i^l.s 

.\iii1b. I'roR., ror ConRrcas ;ill- 

.M.vers. I'rolil., for CiuiRress 227 

Houston, Soe., for ConRrcss 'JitU 

Moss's plurality 112. 

Siinkel. Hem., for rroaceutor 2n,S:l 

NclK'ker. Hep., for I'roseeutor...2mi 

Siinkcrs plurality 72. 
Spencer, Heiii., for Heprccenta- 

llve 21111 

Thompson. Hep., Heprcscnlallve-212.-. 

.Vdaiiia, Pro.. Hepresentatlvc 274 

.Morirnnlhalor, Sos., Ueprcscnta- 

live .._. 27.1 

Silencer's plurality 24. 

Hawkins, Dein., Clerk 2024 

Ciiiiimlnga, Hep., Clerk 2.102 

lloyd, rro.. Clerk 2.17 

Wood, Soc, Clerk 2m 

CiiiiunlnKs' plurality 278. 

Hilah. Dcm.. Treasurer 22,1!) 

MeCune, Hep., Treasurer 2070 

Vestal, Pro., Treasurer 2.1.1 

.\danis. Soe., Treasilror 201) 

Hush's pliirnllly ir.O. 

Siiillh, Hem.. Sheriff 2141 

Nicholas. Hep 2104 

Alrrey, I'ro.. Sherirf 242 

Terry. Soc, Sheriff. 272 

Nhhohis' plnrollty n.'l. 

While. Hem., Coroner ...2002 

ColllURs. Hep., Coroner 22111 

Woodard, Pro.. Coroner 242 

I'^vans. Soe., Coroner 270 

ColllnRs' plurality 2.10. 

Sinlth, Hem., Surveyor 2001 

Iinvles, Hep., Surveyor 22(10 

Hosfl, Soc., Surveyor 27(1 

Havles' plurality 1(10. 

.Mottern. Deui., Commissioner 2140 

Taylor, Hep.. Commissioner 200.1 

Thmiipaon. Pro.. CommlsBloner... 2(17 
Iliitls. Soc.. Commissioner 27o 

Motlein's plurallly 4.1. 
Iluxford, Hem.. ConiiiilB8loner...21 17 

May. Hep., ''oiiimlaBloner 2201 

.Marks, Pro.. Commlaaloner 20S 



May's plurallly .17. 
l.lneharRcr. Hem.. comiiiiB8loner.2140 

I.lndley, llep., Comiiilssloner 20,10 

Alice, Pro.. Coimiilssloner 200 

Warner. Soe., ConimlBBloner 271 

I.lnebiirRcra plurallly 41. 

.MlhnuRh Iho Hepiihllean vole fell 
orr more than ('.i>0 rroin lis normal 
slreuLth, It Is prolmlile that the Ile- 
puhllcana or Parke Connly, compared 
wtlh Ihe loaa elsewhere, made a bet- 
ter showing than In any Connly In the 
Slate. They obtained second place 
iind eleeled most of their Countv 

The Inst campaign la loo recent to 
he lionsldered In a hlalorleal way. He- 
Rldea k Involves factional controvers- 
ies and Rtrlfe In which the wriler took 
i'arl. The Hemocrala were again In 
bosille factions over Iho elecllnn of a 
district eliiilniian. l»onn M. Iloherts, 
of Vigo County, then nia.vor of Torre 
Haute, naiilr^d to tho chnlruianshlp. 
Ho wiia supported In Pflrke Connly by 
one fnctlnn of tho party and opposed 
hy the other. The atriro wna Inlenal- 
fled by Iho presence of Hoherli him- 
•olf and by many of lili adhersnti 

from Vigo County, who took active 
p.-iit In organising I'ni'ko County In 
favor «r Hoherls delegates. On tho 
day of the convention a spceial train 
bearing about 20o of his followers 
from Terre Halite came to Hockvllle, 
hut they did not attempt to molest the 

The i-oiirt room and corridors were 
crowdid ami for ft long time It was 
dirfleiill lo orgnnlzo the convention. 
This was finally accomplished hy 
clectlnR lleoiRC W. Spencer chairman. 
When order was restored the various 
lownslilps held their mcllngs and re- 
ported. In all hut two— I'lorlda and 
Wabash— the anllHoberlB delegates 
were elected. Kuuiilly lurhulcut was 
the district conxentlon at (Ireen- 
laBlle, where James It. itandall was 
ilcled chalrmnn. 

The llcpiibllcans, not only In Parke 
County, but throughout the stale, on- 
ttrod the campaign with a discourag- 
ing outlook. Their |Mirty within the 
short apace of ronr years bad dropped 
Iroiii firal lo third place In nimiher of 
voles. I'nder the law the Hepuhllcans 
had no reprcsi-nlatlon on Stale and 
Counl.\- election Comuilssloncrs and 
none on the prceluct election hoards. 
It was a humiliating position for tho 
■..rand old Party." Hut It entered 
the ciiulest almost as gamely as tho 
Hciuocratic party, which has survived 
Ihe defeats of more than a century. 
William Hays, of Sullivan, was elect- 
ed Stale chairman, and made arrange- 
ments for a State convention on a 
par with those of more happy days. 
The honor of presiding over the con- 
vention and delivering the key note 
speech of the campaign was accorded 
to a citizen of Parke County— Howard 
Miixwcll — whose speech on that oc- 
caslnu was one of the best over de- 
livered at a State convention. 

I^'lve County tlcketa were put out In 
Parke County — I>ciiiocrntlc, Hepiihll- 
ean, Prohibition, Socialist and Pro- 
grcflslve. The Pemocrata nominated 
the following ticket at their various 
conventions ; 

lor Congress, Unlpli W. Moss. 

r'or Prosecuting Attorney, Oeorge 
l>. Sunkcl. 

lor stiite Senator, Alfred D. Mer- 

For Iteprcscntallve. Howard Clark. 

I'or .Viidllor. .Iniiies E. KIder. 

I'or Trcaaiirer. J. Harvey Hush. 

I'or Sheiirr, It. A. Conncrly. 

I'or Hecorilcr, Hugh llanta. 

I'or Coroner. C. It. Thomas. 

l''or Surveyor. i,ee .Mitchell. 

I-'or Cimnty Assessor, Shelby C. 

I-'or Coiiimlfisloner. 2nd district, 
Hamticl Skeetera. 

I'or Coimulsaloner, lat district. 
William I'lock. 

aKCirill.irAN TICKKT. 

l''or Congrees, Hoy L. Shattliek, 

For ProBccutlng Attorney, Krerett 
A. HavlBBim. 

Tor stale Senator, William White. 

Tor Heprescntntlve. C. C. Morris. 

For Auditor. Charles Ilavls. 

For Treasurer, IClkana Vlckery. 

For lieeordcr. Albert Hukea. 

For Sheriff, Fdward Nicholas, 

For Coroner, Hr. T. J. rollings, 

l'"or Surveyor. Harry Davlea. 

For County .Vsseaaor, Wm. N. Cox. 

For Coiumlaaloncr, 2nd district, 
William F. Ilroi-liway. 

■■'or Comnilaalonor, .Ird district, 'T. 
A. ilarrsrd. 


For < ongreaa, Otis K. nulley. 
For .Proaeciillng Attorney, Howard 
T.. Hancock. 
For Hennlor, Kent A, Htrnnghn. 
I'or llepreienlatlvo, Win. F. Htarnoi. 
Ii'or Auditor, Ort A. Jetfriei, 

I'or Treasurer, David r,. Parent 

V'nr Hccorder, Charles A. Btrange. 

For Sheriff, .lacob A, Fisher. 

For Coroner, Alvln A. Wlllloinson. 

For Surveyor, ,lcne McClurc. 

For Connly Aaseaaor, .1. Oliver Stout. 

For CommlBBhuier, 2nd district, 
Wilson W. ( iimmlngs. 

For Commlasloner, :iril district, II. 
Ilert Vanslckle. 

I'ltoiliiitrloN T(CK»rr. 

For Cougresa, Frnest <1. Slionae. 

For Keprrsentallvc, Win. W. (trif- 

For Auditor, Josephp Kntwislle, 

For Treasurer, Alexander V. Slnmg. 

I'or Hecorder, Ora Newlln. 

lor Sheriff. .Ion. It. Heiilon. 

For Coroner, -olin II. I.lndley. 

I'or Surveyor. Waller Woodard. 

For County Assessor, Win. I). I.ani- 

For Commissioner, 2nd district, 
lloliert Itablwln. 

lor Commlasloner, :ird district, 
John W. llusBcll. 

For Congress, Jniii"s O'Nell. 

For Senator, llenjamin II. Paddock. 

For UepreBcntatlvc, .Iidin M. Hoat- 

For Auditor, 'I'lllimin Itoaa. 

l-'or Treaaiirer, William .V, Wood. 

For Sherirr. ■ aul Terry. 

For Coroner, Wm. W. Illcbiirdson. 

For surveyor, Oscar Humbert. 

For County Assessor, Sylvester 

For CommlBBhincr. 'Jnd dislrlel, 
C aiido I.eftthcrumn. 

For CommlBsloner, :ird district, 
.Tolin H. Creaa. 

At Ihe election. November :t. tho llo- 
piii.lleans elc. led all of their County 
ticket with Iho excepllon of 'lYcna- 
urer and Coimulaahiner, .'Ird dlstrb't. 
Harvey Hush was re-elected Trena- 
urer by a pliiarallty of (W. and Will- 
iam llo.k elect ;d commissioner hy A 
plurallly of :ii). Tho total vote of Iho 
part lea tor I'nited States Hcnator fol- 
lows : 

Shivrly, Delii. 2011.1 

.Mlllir, Hep 2'J27 

Ileverldgc, Prog. Ti-'io 

llolucs, Pndil a.'f.l 

HeynohiB, Soe. 144 

Miller's plurality l.'12. 

The vole of tho candidates for the 
two leading parlies on the County 
ticket was: 

.Mobs. Dcm., for Congress.. 21.10 

Shaituck, Hep., for Congress 22r>4 

shatluck's plurallly 1'J4. 

Siiukel. Dcm., for Pnisecutor 20ikl 

DnvlBBon, Hep., for Prosecutor— .2180 

Davlsaona plurallly 120. 
Merrill, Deni., tor State Sena- 
tor WM 

While, Hep., for Stole Senator.. 2'22<i 

Wlilio'a plurality 
Clark, Dem., for Uepresontatlvo..inri7 
.Morris, Hep., for llepresentatlre. 2.121 

.Moirls- idnrnllty .'kH. 

Filler, Dem., fur Audllor 20,S(I 

Davis, Hep., for Auditor 2211 

DavlB' plurallly 12,1. 

Hush, Dcm., for i reaaurer 2184 

Vlckery, Hep., for Treasurer 2110 

Hiishs plurality 08. 

Ilanla. Dem., for Hecorder 20-1(1 

IliikcB. Hep., for Hecorder 2I1NI 

Hukes plurality 1.14. 

Connerl.v. Doiu., for Sheriff lOllll 

Mchoioa, Hep., for Sheriff 24'J2 

NIcholan' pluriillty fil;!. 

Thcimas, Dem., for Coroner 2021 

Colllnga, Hep., for Coroner 22.'lil 

Colllng's plurality 2iri. 

Mitchell, Dciu,, for Surveyor 21II1» 

Davies, Hep,, for Hiirve.vor ..3IT.1 

Dnvirs' plurnllty lUl. 
Puell, Dem., for Connly Asaessor 20.17 
for. Hep,, for Connly AiioHor.-.aiTH 
Cox'i iilurnlltr 131, 

SkoclcrB, l).-in., for lomnilssloncr 20!17 
Krofkwiiy, Iti'p-. for < 'odiiiilsaloncr-l.vr 

llrmlnvnva |iliirnllly i;j. 

!■ lock.. I ., fnr l ■..iiniilssloiiiT .-Jlcl-J 

(JnrnirU. Iti'i'.. for (•oiiiiiiliiBloiicr..'Jl:lL' 

Klo.k'K iiluialil.v Mil. 

(Ilcforc lliiic for nssuinliiR office 
.Mr. Ilroikwny illol nnil Siiiiiuci Skcot- 
ir» wns uliclril hy llio board to tlio 

'I'liu Iii'itiorrallc niid Itriitibllnin 
llikila now hcforr llio lii-ojili- of llio 
Counly for oliTllnri In .Nnvriiilior were 
liiiinlnii(i-d nl Ihr iirlnuiry I'li'.llon 
IM-Id on llip Till of .Maroh. Tlio Pro- 
Bii'wlvi. iwirly pill no llckiM In Iho 
fli'lil 111 lliiil lliiip, iind inn now Imvo 
no Ib'krt. aa llii'v arc no) rnlltlrd iin. 
dir till- Inw to noiiiliiulp by ronvi'iitlon. 
'I'lii' I'rohlliltlon mill SnrlnllBt piirtlcii. 
mil liiivlnir lhi> r.iinlroil ikt cont. of 
I III- Intiil voli' lor ri-|iroBcnlntlon nt 
till' iirliimrli'8. may sllll nniiihmlc by 

OXflrrm nf ^Jutkr (Cnmitii 

Tim rounly iiml 'I'mi iib1iI|i ofriflulB 

now Hi'rvInK arc Klvrn In llio list 

whlib rnllowB. Nniiics of Itrpubllnina 

In lloiiian, Hiiiiomila In IIoIIib: 

COll.NTV (IKl'iri.M.S. 

fli-i,lf/r n. Kinit,ri. JtldKC 

lliiliiir I). Iiifirnm. I'roBoi-lllIng .U- 

WllUuni N. Wbllc. .lolnt S^alor 
I'arki' and Monlu-miic-ry I oiinlli'J. 

Ilr, ('. r. .MiirriB, llr|M-i < •iilnllv.'. 

I'liarliB ImvlB, Amillor. 

,1. II. lliiKli, Tri'iiBiircr. 

II. .1. I'nmiiilliL'B. I'Irrk. 

Kdward II. .MrlmbiB. Nbcriri'. 

Albi'ri ItiikoB, Itc'iordcr. 

lir. T. .1. I'olllnRB, I'oronor. 

Harry liarlcs, Wuricyor. 

William .\. Cox, .\B8i<BBiir. 

Wllllniii If. Mullirn. CniniiilBBlonor 
I IfBl lilBtrlct. 

sniiiiirl Nkrlrrn, ConimlsBloncr Sei- 
(ml lilBlrlcl. 

iri»jiiii) I'lnnk, CommlaBloncr Third 

i:iirni)(l lliinl, roiiniy .\tlorno.v. 

s. A. Xnhh; Siiiicrlntondrat of llliih- 

^^y- Siiuimilitu Sciiutrra unit AuRriaara 

II. .1. .vji-r/iT.i. .>inpcrlnlcndent of 
.x.bools. AllAMS TIlWNaillP. 

II. .1. Hoed. AKrlcultnrnl .\gcnt. 

Ilr. It. r. r.nir. Ilralih Officer. 

In: ./. J. fniiiirllii. rbyslclnn. 

niiirhli),- liiiiiil, .sniicrlnlcnilcnt of 
I'oniity .Xsyliiiii. 

i:lkrincv Vl.krcy, Probation ami 
I'ninnt lifflror. 

Tli'iimiH t'uttU'ti, rrcsldnnt. 
(i«..ii- I'ruiiimil. 
anllaro II. stokcR. 
./IV.VI- /;. MfMalUn. 
SlliiR .>i. Iioolry. 
iBiiiic W. I'likiird, 

Vncniic.v cNlalB nn mronnt of tlin 
cBlKniillon oi. s. ,\. Noble. 

\V. X. Cox. I'lcaldcnt. 
fborlca 1)111 la, .^crrelary. 

./. //. ItllSll. 

J. II. JoliiiB. 
I.r.i l,li,il,nrtirr. 


II. i:. .Monrc. I'roaldenl. 
;/o/i.r( MihUi/r<\ 
Ibnrlcs i:. Lambert. 

Ilmlilrt So. 1. 
\V. 11. Stokes. 
Ilaiiil II. Siriiim. 
l:zrn Tiiomas. 

Ilislrirt .Vo. 2. 
\V. .1. Wblte. 
Ilifrar I,. I.niini. 
.icsan 11. Conncll.v. 

hislrlrl Sn. ;i. 
Ileorue W. liowna. 
.\rnold .1. thibaer. 
t'liarlcB (i. I'cnrRon. 


IIARIi ilK rHIl.lillKN K Ot'ARnlANR 

W. X. (OX, I'rcBlilcnt. 

.l/r«. /;, /'. Ilrailli; Hecrotary, 

ir. n. cuinimt. 

Mrs. r. I,. Kherrlll. . 
Mm. Ilrnrr \l,rnril. 
.Mrs. Wiillai'G llobson. 

lloliert 1,. llopklna, Triiatre. 
lOmbert Newnmii. .\naeaRnr. 

Trunk Am. Tnial 
l:,llinr \nrmiiii. .\ 

tlrnrpf /-'. I'liiitim, Tniflteo. 
.tnsriih .1. Itrifnut. .VaarBBOr. 

.[I,:rniiilrr MH'Inln, Trnatco. 
Clark .InniB, AaaiBBor. 

Klliert II. MorrlB. TriiBtco. 
.riiel .Vewlln, ABBCHBor. 

/.'. ./. .If)/'r«. Triiatce. 
riioinim ir. soinm. ABBcaflor. 


W. I'', llrnham, i'reildiM!'.. 

./. W. .Mrllallon. 

riniKl I', ycmirr. 

.Inlin S. Siinirir. 

Clarcni'O WooiIh. 

Klin MllrlicU, Clerk- 1 r" 

.limriih lloanliitfin, Marslinl. 


Irril It. rnlicrt, Snpt. Kllctrlc Muht 
end Watrr Plant. 

';7i<o. /•'. Ilmblcr, Snpt. Cemetorjr. 
Dr. Henry c. ItoKcrs, Health Officer. 
J. M. Johna. Town Attorney. 

,Vi7iooI Hoard. 
Walter S. l-'erKnaon. 
Ilir. Will. T. Ilorbrr. 
.Mrs. Clay 11. Carver. 

II. N. llHiilaii, I'realdent. 

II. W. Johnalon. 

II. I', cornwell. 

(leu. .Miiltma, I'roK. 

I'riink Mi'l.aiiRlilln. ProK., Clerk. 

.Miiilnii MnlliOH. Treaailrcr, 

N. S. Wheeler. MarBhnl. 

JiiBllie, .liilin lloiuliln. 


'foicii Coimrtl. 
ir. .1. Vaiil. 
Willinm llonliiian. 
riinrlm A. f.nii«OB. 
Warren PlillllpB. 
William Stntler. 
CnrllB llrlmcB. Town Clerk, 
ileorge W. Cotlrcll. Town Treainrer. 
cliiHleB .McCallnm, Town Marihal. 

Toun Council. 
.ra A. Newlln. 

W. I>. .McMiirtry. 

W. T. .Mi-Camplicll. Pro. 

./. /,. //('■.■. Clerk. 

J. C. Kwnlni, Treaanror. 

(1. M. nhiyUark, .Marihal. 

Prralilint town conncll, ('. H. Nlnglr- 

1„ C. Morley, Pro. 

Allen .MorrlBon. 

Town Clerk ami Trenaiirer, W. 1(, 

MarshBl, T. II. Woody. 


Vhorlvi Ariiitlronii. Proildont town 

Membera, Charlea Diinlcia anil (1. 

W. .Mc.Miirtry. 
,lohn K. Hn.vder, lown riork, 
llViriiim rr>i|/>, town trcaBnror, 
Ilr. II. V, I'rici; health offlrer. 

To rilOSi: who lire now iioar- 
lllK ll„. 1 1» of llir Sll.'l.l 
l.iiiiil, ll".k\llli' iliiii. niK 
nil iiiii' prrKinl I'imy. Clirlv- 

Ini: mill' ■lly. 'niilr h.jirlK linli 
(onilly to llw iliiiK "li.ii mioi.l« w.ti: 

mil nivMl. iin.l hiill.ilnu-» r.'vv, wh™ 

ll,r olil ccilirC lioli»,' \»ii •• mid 

IhiM-.' «i'n' lall jiinlB. nnil wiiKoii 

H .■-. null old tnv.Tn», vvhli IhiMr 

IhiKlIn^- li.'ll". It w.-iMB 10 tlM-Mi llhit 
III.' Ili-hl iiiMl lirr Imvr KHUP oiil of the 
nicl l.mii: lliiil Ik 1.,-nMm Ih.'.v worv 
.uiiiiit: III ll»»"' <I<>>X' 

N iillcM- wlilil iiiipiovdonilB ii.iiy 

anil KllTliKlli «lll "I'i'in ll» Imliynu 
.li.yK lo iiH. II in nrurly n linndnd 
yiuiH Blnri' 111.' riral .iM' Ti'llrd ll ilrai-- 
Inn 111 llli' I'nri'sl wlicrn our linnu'B 
:ihin.l no»-. nml In tliul lliin> lio» 
I'.r.ivin Inio lilV, n lilsloiy dnir to tin- 
liiui'l (,r .-H'ly nivllvu l.orn Uo.kvlll.- 

hin. It* so tliinu- lo tlicni; 

llnv urn 111 It; 11 I" tliPli- lOHii. nnd 
lhiiMi;li lliiTn nrc tlie hlaik i.iis.'S which 
nml,,' ilx n-.'I II I'limli "f ahiiin.', the 
liiir nil- ti iMitnnnil.or tli.^ni ten fold. 

•riii-ri- i-..iiwi,..« II iinii.i.r niii.-riii-M m 

Ihn nil- of lllV. »i. wn nil Iniv.- Olir 
ni-lnoiii-H llnll ».- wnilhl llll.- to U'-l 
nwiiy ll-.inl. We li.ivi- nil known liiin-s 
ill whldi w-i- l.'ll iliiil till- lu"n Inul 
IK. I n.-fii liM Kind lo lis OH wp di-K.-i-vi-d. 
ll IH linniiin niiiin.- lo n.-ch-cl those- 

ni-iin-sl im. nnd t inoi-.- lilllii- low- 

ni-di. niir o«n wU.-ii liny dl»i.l,-;i».- m 

fol- III,- » h- n-llM.ii tluil It Iniils lis 

iioi-i- loi- nil.- w.- lovi- lo Kii (oniniiy 
In oiir n-lKhm. ■IliiiH It In tliiit »■■ 
mill I- hill.-, ly <-.-ii»nri- on.- nf oni- pro- 
|,|,.. nnd 111-.- fi-o.-i- 111 l.-ttlin: lilin s.-.- 
II llinn "c Wdilld h.- with n BlniiiK.-r. 
Not hnii: liw 11 liorkvlll.- innii kiI.I lo 
11 lii'iKlilinr, wllh whom In- hnd illn 
iiKi.-.-.l on i.ollll.s ilhnt fnilUnl 

miiii-r.- or i|l»nBri- nl.i --Wliy ilinrt 

joii ;:i-t out of this coiinly If yon 
don't like Ihi- wny ihiiiKs iire iiiiiii- 
iiKid; th.r.- 1h n.. mini; tl.-d to yon." 
No mrliii; ll.-d to him: And hi- wns 
horn In-ri'l Xo Ktilnc.i lo ll,<- old 
Bin. -Is. Iln- old fn..-ii. Ilii- fulnllliir 
Moi.'H nnd d«(-lllnL-i. of lila frlc-inl!.: 

1--OI- u 111 Ill Ml. h n r. Ilk mii',.-. 

on.. I.'.. I III..- 11 nniii wlthniil n .oiintry, 

hill ..Illy r.M 11 m. 111. Iho mind 

l.iidlly ll«.-lf lo tin- fii.l thnl 
IIIII- nlvvniH IniH n xliliie tl.'il to liiiii 
liom till- Mill..- whi-li- hi' «im horn, no 
imill.-r If nlhi-i- Inimil.-H of tin- town. 
Ilki- .innin-lhoim- .hthln-n In llio honii- 
n. HI. <!.>nl.'Ht hlH rlchlH lo ii pln.-o 
Ih.r.-ln. So. Ill Ht'lli- ..r nil ilinilcns- 
nntll.HH, WI-. of till- town of llorUvlll.-, 

Iinv ilninnn c-iiilH.- nlii-ll II rmnrH lo 

Inn- of h.nm-. .\o .h irr.. hnvi- 

l.i-..n H..m.- iiinpl.- v.ho liii.,- l.-fl onr 
lixMi wllh. ml n-::r.-t. hut tin- niiml..-r 
Ih liiHknIII.'iiiit i.nni.ii'.d with tlioho 
who li.m- K"iii- with HOI.- In-nitH. nnd 
niLi millll.d tin- lontlni! to coiiin 
l.iirk hmiii- ni:iilii. Thoii- Is BoiiK-lhlnn 

"ho >■• I In- |iliii-.-. hh onr nilopt- 

lil clllzi-iiH ..111 t. Hilly, nnd llioHi- who 

olljr (Enitiitii Brat 

\y\ur<-\fr Ihn nmi-.-ily nwn.-r lind .d .l..hii t.iiiirl.- or .\nrl.'. or (in-y. or | II.- h|.IiII lo l.rovld.. «il.-li h uiiin- lliiil Hoiiml.-i t wny. 

I. ..ini.-nl.-nn-. sm-.-i-Ih w.-r.- iliilni- .Vnhiu- l'iilt.-rs..ii, .\n.lii-w lln>. Anion 

|.lovi-d d.iwii 1.1 tho dnyn of my child- I. nnd iin.l .Inm.H .M.r.ill .■onlrlhiil.-.l 

hoiHl. In wint.r ami Hprlni; Ih.-y w.-ri- of l.ind for Iln- town hIIc. nil. I 

HhnitliH ..f mini; in Hlimi.n-r while, wrrn pn-H.-nl nml ndvlB.-d nll.l allK- 

yi-llnw, or hlii.k of .lilHt h.-- Ki-Hli-d the Hiirv.-y. 

iw.-.-n n hord.-r of doc fonnci, In whh-li On.' diiy In Mny tin- niincyorB wore 

111.- linn- fi-.-l of .hll.h-.ii 1,-fl cnntn of on lli.-li' wny lo illnm-r nml when n.-iir 

h.-.-l. In.-H nnd hiHli-p. IIH fei-l nH tli.. the iinrtli. -.ini-r of the old or.-li- 

iv.n-k of II .hiy mod.'h-r. And here I niil nhoilt 11 i-iilrr of the fnrm no«- 

Honl.l like 1.. h.- nhh- lo p.iy -i Irllmte own.-.l l.y MrB. .Inhn .1. Thnn.iii.. they 

10 .l.iK f.-nnel, ho fur uh llo.kvllh- Ik inn nrroHH u rnllle siinke eluhl feel 

Kii rni-d. nil e.Mln.-l wi-.-d. Altlioiuh Iouk which lh..y Mlli-d. lie lind only 

n wi-.-d In HPi-d.-ii ll hiiH n phic In the M-veii rnlll.-H. or hiitlonii on (..e end 

h.-iiil .If cM-rv el.l llocl-vlllo h..v ..f hi. Mil M- y en-i »nl.' 'i- hn.l 

...|iilviil,-iii to tin- lulr.-Hl flower, nnd n.-eh nillle niinkeH only two feel loiiK 

11 li.-rfnlne the eipiiil of niiy thnl ever- linve nn y nn twi-nly-fonr nillh-H. 

flonl.-il thi-onuli the u'nr.lens of lies. II,- lliereinre coinln.l.-d thnl llic liiini- 

pirldi-i-H, 11 ndorneil the inllB of kIt.'B, her of rnllh-H .Ioch not Indl.-nle the 

nnd the ioch of hoys which plin-k.-d n^e of llie simke. Ilinl BhnUe wna n« 

the hlooin KK they rnn hnre.fool InrLV nroiind IiIh li..dy ns n roimnnn 

lhrom:h ll in Imrl.nric iiliiy : Iln o.lnrs min'B IhUh, nnd It wnn a linrd lift 

were ever |ireH..lit In llie lopL' eninincr lor u innn to hohl him clear of the 

.-tlh-.l .Inwn dnrlliit the 

till II 

1.1. d 




inn Hiiy Knhiy tli.y linve found 
DB «nrin r.lindH here iih they left In 
Ihe holmii of Ihl-lr i-lillilhood. 
t.Mil.v t:ii;MH. 
The inrly hlBtnry of lt...kvllle I 
hnve Klv.-h In u fnicim-nlnry wny In 
the \nrlonH In-pnilimnlB llinl hnve 

pl d.-.l IhlH. I'll lo IS.-,I ihe town 

«nH n Hirai.'i;lliii: vllhi>.'e. with no imi- 

nl.'Ipiil noveiii 111. no H.iBlciii of |.iil.- 

lie Imi i.Kilm.iilH h.-vniid llinHe mn.le 
hy Indlvhlni.ln iidjiieeiil In Ih.-lr own 
|n.i|iert,\. SlUeiinlkH w.-re piincllenn 
loKi luld vfltll the hewed Hide n|., 


ilnys while l.oyB were lyliic down Willi- Kionnil Willi the end of n Bllck or 

Ini: thi-lr turn nt the hat In town hall liniid spike. 

or ha»e hall. We inn yet smell the 11.- snld Hint Bome of Ihe raltlc 

Irnlsid iloK f.-nnel ul.oiil nnd under Bnnk.-B ha.l hin. k nnd yellow b|ioIb nnd 

the cii.-liB trnt. .Vothli.K In the wny smiie lli:lit l.rown nnd yellow Bpols. 

of a flowir .an lie;ier nerve lo recnll Me llimiL-ht one kind wna male nnd 

the dnyn of loni: npi lo the hoys of Ihe olh.-r feinnle. All were hla.k for 

old llockville. ihaii n aiirli; nf dog fen- the whole hnnlli of llieir InllB. which 

n.l. If II yet i:iowH ivllhin Ihe .on- woiil.l he al.ont one-flflh the whole 

flm-B of l-arke roniily, I triiin. Hint 1i-iil-i1i of the snnke. 

III.- Iloiiie I'omliiL- .0 Ilt.-e will Hec The u-rent annke den In the south 

that eiiniiBh la proihlc.l lo pin on pnrt i.f toe orlclniil plnl of llockville 

.n.h ohl or mi.ldle-nc.-ii man in nt- wiih In n aiirlni: near the hcn.i of a 

icmlan.e n sprli: of tlila piincent re- hollow, now more thnn half filled il|i. 

minder of .-hil.lhood'a happy ilavB. II waa on or near the boiiIIi aide of III the eaily a.-ltlem.-nt |-i nnaylvanla ali-eet. nnd perlin|.a on, 

of lliirkvllle ahoiihl I..' clven hen- na or very nenr the line h.-lween lots ml 

il r.-lnlea I., the lin-a.-nre of inlll.- anil III, or Juat nil.h-r the old I'nrllale 

anakiB In ami ahniil Ihe town iil thai ..mper aliop wcbI of Dewey ('o.^'s 

ti.e. -Ph.- niltl.-r wiiH aa common re.shlenre. 

mound Kockillle when ll wna firal line A|.rll miirnlnL- in the year I.S^T, 

a.-tih-d nH ll wna In otli.r |.arlH of the linnlel I'lmner nnd lloherl linvia nnd 

innnij. hot there ni-e ini-n In town ronie olh.-r iierann now fortolten. 

;.-. yinra of no- who weie horn here were hnnllnK a.pllrrels. nnd look In 

l.iil iieiei- anw a rallh-snake oiilald.- of Ihe town In Ih.-lr rminda. ns s.|iilrreln 

a ahnw. 1 nllrllmle llila to Ihe whole- .111110 10 the Ireia Btlll Binn.lliiK wltli- 

Kiile d.-.-itril.tion of Ilila Bperlea— tin- In n lln-ow of Ihe |nihll.- B.pinre. 

only native annke e.\ci-iit the lopper- rnlllii); at Ihe B|.i InR for a drink, 

h.n.l that la veiiomoiia. Some years lliey saw many snakea erawllnK alow- 

nKO. Ileni-y Slniniona. helnir inlervlew. ly out of the hole hesldc the sprlni; 

ed. irnve Ihe folhnlini: renilnlB.-enceB. nnd annnlnK theniaelvcB on the hill, 

lie waa horn on the NIser farm on alile nnd alnpe. Tlicy kllle.l thoac al- 

l.-nc.oon l-re.-k a nine or two Bnnlli. i.ady mil. nnd .-nlled '.he elllzenB 01 

M.-r.l ..f llrlilK.tnn. .Innilnry L'.l. l-e.-J. Ihe town lo the scene, Snakea still 

Wna n aon of Solomon SliiiiioiiB hy k. pl p.inrinu- .ml. nnd Ihe men ke|il 

Ihe riral wll.\ .MoM-d wllh hia pnr- on klllliiK. Al Inat they .hit; Into the 

enlH lo the old SlmmniiB farm one mile ilen five lo alx feet. There they found 

Hoi-lhw.BI of Ih.- conn In. na.. In ISU-j. the aliakea piled n|i toc-llier like n 

The siirveyni-H WHO Inid mil Hoik- hiindle of Innuhd r0|.e. and in every 

illle hoirde.l wllh his fnllier. The iiIiiki- of lori.l.lily, from n|.|.nrent 

1 hlef surveyor w»» " .voiing iiinn nnm- d.-nlli lo stupid n.tlvlty. Thobnnk had 

|.-av.- III.' .llallnil prima nf the Hpola 

1.11 tin- loiiRli mild. Thnl snake s. 

e.l ll. 1... enllr.-ly d.-nd, hiil n few mill- 
nti-B In Ihn aim showed him to he 
iilK.- nnd rendy for flKhl. 

IPii- i.-port of the niimh.-r cf ■mike. 
.If nil kliida killed from Ihn .len thnl 
dny cIv.-H 11 na six liiindr.d. Mr. Nlni. 
inmiH hiiiiK then a small hoy dl.l mil 

r.-liie .-r Ih.- II her, I. Ill he 111, 1,-111. 

la-n-d Ih.' iinmher of one hnndr.-d nnd 
H-M-iily.five, nnd ho IIkmikIii ll re|ii-e. 
Hint.d Ihe iinniher of a c.-rlnln kin.l 
..r Hii,il.,< am', aUu timi la.y „...-,. 

,Mr. SlinlnniiB idnyed with the In- 
dinu i-hihlren when he wns a miiall 
liny, lie Bald lli.-y were very playful, 
lint 1101 al nil holalroiiH or nnlay like 
Ihe wlill.-a. They could Kenernlly 
a|..-ak l-:nBllBli well cimilch lo f.,- iin- 
dernlood. Many of llielii otlendcl a 
iniiiBlnniiry school InliKht hy a Mr. Mc- 
Coy; where Ihe s. hnol wbb kei.l h.' 
knew not. hut M.-f'oy lived on Henry's 
prnlrle In Vifo i'..nniy. lie knew 
Iwo tiioniinenl Indlnna. ench a sort 01 

Biihchl.-f of Ilia r iinni of a trihe. 

One wna 1'ele ( -oriiala.k, chief of I'lO 
MInnii'a, Ihe otii.-r 'I'nm Keiawnre. 
chief of Ih.. ilelaware's. There wn« 
nla.. n chief .alle.l NifKi-rlen, from a 
hurl whl.-h n-anlled In iiinklni: one of 
hla' h-KH hliick or imri'le like a dnik 
scnr. Me nnd his Irlhe rniiip.<.l a 
while on the iiibI hnnk of "NlKnerlcK 
lake." rnnii wlileli Irlhe that thnnannd 
aires of liinrah takes lis name. II 0.- 
enplea 11 larni- iiorli.'n of secllonn ;:il 
nnd :i."., '1'. II. II, s W., and Is nhoiil n 
mile iioilhenst of Ilonedole. 

Another liii|.orlant event In the 
town's hlalory, slranuely overlooked 
hy loinl hlalorlans, wna the hiirlal of 
Ceneral Howard. On the 2nd of 
June, 1SI7, the rimnlns of IJenernI 
Tll^rlininn A.' llownrd were reinlerred 
nt llockville. The Indiana t.eKlBlntiire 
hy special Act iirovhlcd for the dis- 
Intermenl of Hie nt Wnahlncton, 
T.-xna, mid trnnfli.ortntlon to '.to.-k- 
ville, where the burial look plnco on 
the ealnle of lienernl llownrd In the 
nnhniil hnck of the residence. A 
Biieclnl Riinrd of honor wna delnlled hy 
i.eneral Zacharlnh Taylor from the 
Tniled ,stnles army then in Te\o« nnd 
Mexico to nc-.omiiaiiy the remains lo 
Indlnnn, where Iho Slate offl.-lnia n«- 
siimrd chnrKC, The fnlicrii] diacourao 
nt the home of tlcneral llownrd wnB 
delivered hy llev. Chnrles 1). White, 
who look na hla tejt / Snifiiirl A'.VI" 
— /; "And Sninuel died; nnd all the 
Israelllea tnlhcred together nnd la- 
nienleil hliii." This diBcoiirao wn» 
prlnled na a |iaiiiplilet, copica of which 
are no doubt yet iircBcrvod in onr 
roiinly. I «inolo from It: 

"Uno.l Iky LlikM lotnb. 
T.kf Ihi. nfw i.r..ur. lo ihr KU'l 
And ...c ihr.c ..od .tl.r. room 
To •lumber in iky .ilenl dull." 

On the null ot AtiEUBt. 1R."S.1, JiibI .111 
yeara after the death of (Jenerai How- 
ard, the body wna removed to the 
llockville ecmelery. WrIlInK of Hint 
event at Iho time I said: "Ihe llock- 
ville ecmelery lin» received a rich 
legacy from Mrs. Mnrllia Howard, 
who haa caused the renialna of her 
Imahnnil. IiIh two infant ilanghtcra, 
urnnddnnghler, nnd aon, Cnplaln 
Tllghiinn A. llownrd to he Inlil Ihero, 
The removal of their naliea to Ihll 
hnllowed spot heller ao.-nrea tlinH 
from iirofnnntlon by "><> atraniior'l 
hnnd, nnd Is nnolhor lokon oC tbat »a- 



1 whlrh in inn mrrnl 

ouiK li.lil Ihirc 

Ninil nf Ml-, .lohn Alox- 
li-iMl.Tly rnun.lrd llic 
iiy III' tliii lovtil null 


III lia.l iili'.'llil) 
llii'i'p I'nilli'ii 
irli'il ..11 l''i'liln.\ 
Miily liurliil |iln 
I Hull II All 



Si'iil. .",. isi;j. nt llin 
■•• ni'iir till' rimilclici". 
il r. WlillP. wlio win 
!■ wim dliot. pnld llic 

r mull iniiiilBtiiknIilc- ovIdciU'cB 
.■ srowlh Hint llio -Ihi Nolli. 
■Klin lo nilBo ohji'cllons lo llio 
Ovp liinioniPtll fur rnroriioi'- 
Tim rucllnnii "clioivoil llir 

"111 pi 1 

lioll ln\. 


llilii .|i 

rinnlly iil III.- Jim 


I'ho lolnl tnxnblo« of llio 
d 10 ?.-n«l.lK«l. Tho Ii-vy 
!• s.;..-,i«i. 1101 in ini-Mllon 
Wlini tl wnn nlnnvii tlnK 
mid wnilUt Im iiilm-d Mix 
tliT.'il nlHl iiinilr llin levy 

l.nsMil .iilllni; nil nlocllnii Tor lown or- lliln i.itIo.I wnn 

ri.lii'K. Tim Willi, IViirlni: Hint lln' i.lmr. Tho Mnsi 

|.in|.lr ivoiilil lot the I'lnrtloii Kn by ortniilz.-d for iii 

rirfniill iirKid cvnyliorty lo Inko nn mid the IMd IVIIoivb nl IhiB lliiio 

liilorpHt nnil fc tlmt Kood nion were nilnrliiK upon n very acllio rnrr 

iliOHOu for town offlilnlB. Tlip clcc n new lodge. The rliunlirs Imd 

IlL-loilKly llorkvlllo nl 
l.y no iiinniiB n dull 
Pile IndKO liiid lioeu 
^le Ihnu ten ycniB, 


pioie. DnIl.v 
rlril In hiirk 
lorn Ihnl Mil 
ly. Two •■^ 

mil. lieciin In IV.I, rn 

roni Inillnniipnll,. ii, 

llie iiinll WBB lrlwei'1 

•■Si-iiilimrlr»"_ilir Coiinl 

nd llie IViiinle Heinlimry- 



of llie lowu. The loriner wii« conilint. 
eil l.y I'lnfiimor Klinl.ull. n srnUimle 
of Wnl.nBli rnllnne, iind Iho Inller liy 
Ihe Ml.m-n lloiiulilon. The lown nine 
lind four froo bcIiooIh, nnil the move. 
iiient townrdfl eBtabllnhlnR n i^railrd 
Bcliool wnB under wny. I'crBliiB K. 
llnrriB In ts.V. crcetcd alioul the ccn- 

ilh •l.oii .re ihowercd 
J. Hoo.kI. " 

I'liKsliii; oier llie |ieiliid» of llinl,- 
lill. H diii'lnpiiiiiil whldi hiiie been 
ihill In nlher phires, we eoiiic to tile 
liiiii' Mil. 11 llii' iiiwii wiiB thoimht t.i 
In I. Ill .-nollKli III hn\e coriKiviitlon i;ov- 

I iiiiiielil. I'lilH wuH In IS.-..'!, but Hie 
piiiple wire not nil In Inior nf the 
iinni'ineiil. iiimI It U'lm lint iinlll Isr.l 
Hull Hie liiw II wnB eueiirpornted. The 
..iiMiK of ls:.ll Bl>eH I'nrke Coiliily ii 
I'lipiihilliin of 1 I.IKis. Itockvlllc nl 
ilNil lime In irlun: 

While Miil.'H :i.'i7 

While I- les -..:i.-M 

Ire, Ciilnred li; 

It will be ul.Herve.l Hint liinleB iind 
lilnnliB were eMiitly e.|linl In llnek- 
\llle US yenm nm. 

Ill li.veinlier. Ii.v.. Hie flmt tnuK- 
ilile Indlenllnli of l.|i:i:er Ihlniiii I'lir 
llii. Uville WIIB the lelHiu; of lOntrintB 
111. ronKlriiiliiii; the Kriide of the i;v. 
nun llie ,\: CrnwInrilBvllle liillro:id 
li.iiii Ihe Vlto r.iiinly Hue lo lioek- 
illle. The lelHilj; took plnee here. 

.In n SIrnlii. .Mini in llynn nnd John wer.- ninoiiK the 111111 wlio 
were nwniil.d eniilinrlii. The winter 
llisiii'il 111 iili\h.lii. .Apecliiii.y, nnd 
liiiieh lull, nf wliiit we wnlilil now eall 
•the hniini." 

The /V//,.' liiiiiilii ir/u.; of I'cbru- 
my in reporlii .•-mi linn<l» nt work nnil 
hijb: •iiiir Bli.elH jire enlivened 
dnil.i hy 111.- BiL-hl nf enrlB nnd dniya. 
mill Hlninlli-B of Inl.nrerB lire Blruim 
iil.iiii; Ihe hniilh.-rii miltklrlB nf the 
tinMi." Uhll,. HilB was In 
11. mill e..ur6e of eonatructlon In l-iCI, 
It WBB not iMUIl Uecenilier, 1-Si;0, that 

II "MB eouipletcd to IlockvlHo; and 
the i:nBt nnd West rnllrond, of which 
Judce lloacli, of llockvlllc, wnB nn of- 
filial, and was nt that lliiic HioURht 
lo be eei-lnlii of ronBlrurl li.n. never 
wiiK Iinlll Hiroiii;li llo.-kvllle. 

Kvery liiBiie of Hie /'.ir/..- CoiiiiO/ 
II /.III lit llilB period ronlnliis Iteiii.s 
i.hniil Ihe inwn'B prospe, IB. The Issue 
of Miirrh :il. 1.>*.".l. ;:lves n of 

1 I'Blnle irnimaclhMiB nnd ImsliienB 

ilinlB. A few weekB before that date 
Hiiil.l II. Slilh nn.l W. II. Ilaiulllon 
piirehnsed two n.-reB of sroiind on l-'ol- 
l.-ce Btreel, payln;: the fabiilons Biilii 
or if.-iim for the tract. Isaae J. Slllluian 
at thai lliiie Bold a fann of :i2n aeros 
JiiBt BoiiHi of .M.inlr/.niiia for .«.".<i per 
11. re— Hi.- hlk-hent price up to Hint dnio 
nf n lioily of land bo birire In nereace. 
The linlldliic of a larfe st.-ai.i flourlnn 
mill Ib on.- of Hie propoBed move. 
iiienlB; i-ee.lB have liieren«ed IW per 
(eui. "We are told that M dwellluK 
hniiBi-B eonlil now be Imm.-dUitely rent- 
ed. Our inun \s rapidly filllnit with 
BlriiiifcierB. We see a Krent many faces 
lliai are new to ub, coino on; thcro't 
plenty of room yet." 

It wai Willie tho town win tbo 

Triislee. iBt IHtlrlet. liar 

I less. 

TrUBleo. Jnd liltlrlct, I'crsluii Iv 

Trustee, :ird Klstrlct. K. E. Terry. 

TriiBtee. -Itli District. Iinac J. Rilll- 

TriiBtee. .".ih Dlstrlel. Jaiiies II. 

il.-rk and In iiBiirer, V. W. Illu- 

.\lai.ilial and ABse.qsor. ChnrleB II. 

Al Hie iiie,.|iin: lo orRanIze tin- 
board I'erBlus i:. Harris re.^lBued. nn.l 
Havl.l W. Slark was nppnlnled to fill 
Hie vaenne.i. TIiIh board does not ap- 
pinr lo have done aii.vHiInc at all 
Inwards lavlni; Hie people for Ini- 
proirineiiiB or nnylhlni; else of Ini- 
porlaii.-e. So nl Ihe next election the 
••11.1 .VnlhliiBB." IIS ihey were cnlleil. 
were all put out with the exception 
of r. W. IHnwIiIdle. Then n new 
Imard was ele.-led -AlisHn M. I'llell, 
l>r. Wllllalii lle.der. John Mnkswller. 
J..hii Sniiilerland nnd lir. !•. Q. Mtryk. 
er were Hie I riislee«— Joseph Ualston. 
iii-irsliiil anil nssesBor. Tills Imanl 
BceiuB lo hnve been w llllnK to so lla 11 on the policy of "do BOii.elhlnn." 
lor II liinde a levy of ^1/0/ rriifn on the 
KHKI.liO. and ::." eenls on each poll for 
eorporatlon piirpoaes. Then what a 

unlloii partliB" or "poiiud parlleB" fur 
Hie pieiii-liera; the "lleaperlnn .-^o- 
ilely." a Bo.lnl. literary and dranialle 
ort:iilil-/atlnn, nave at least one per- 
foi-niiinre. and there were ocenBloiial 
"lotllllon parties" at the hotel or tav. 
ern. Also soelal parties at the bomca 
of the prominent pcoplo- 

Tho town bad five churches; two 
rresbytrrlnn. MethodlBl. ChrlBtlnn 
nnd llapilflt. HioiiRh Ihe Inller waa 
wlllioiil a panlor. About nil of the 
liriarbera. however, condemned the 
I'ollllloii parties: but one Is assured 
by Hie ir/i/(/— spenkUiR of one of 
Ihe 11 that a "lart'e number of yoiinc 
BB well as old were preaent" nnd that 
"Hie Biipper was flr»l rate." 

I. (i. Coffin, secretiiry of Hie Iln.k- 
vllle bra.iB band, publlely acknowl- 
edL'iB the gift of a Ilass Driiin (dli:nl- 
fled with enpsl from fleneral Steele. 
Will. M., Nool and O. J. Innls. This 
bnnd cave a eoneert nt Monleiuinn and 
Annapolis, ami on inoonllKht nUhtB 
Berennde.l lis frIindR ainonit the popn- 
la.e. It turned out for n biK County 
lenperanee ineillii." at the court 
hoiiBi.. addreBsed by II. C. Ilnbbs nnd 
llr. Hare. At tlila nieellnc !x-vl Sid- 
well, .wnmiiel ,V. linker. Wllllnin Uobo- 
brnui:li and Cltsrles Miner were np- 
pointed ns a 'Coiinly Vkllaneo Com- 

AIihnuKh the railroad u-aa alow in 
eomliiK. the town ronllniicd to Im- 

ti-r nf the .Nortii Side a Ibree-Blory 
bri.k linlldlui:, tiic lllOBt pretentlollB 
idlfi.e in the Coiiuly al that time, not 
OMeplliur the loiirt lioinic, Tho Id;: 
mill wn. finished the next yoar; but 
tiie railroad wa) still no Dearer than 
Tcrre Haute, 

A (illmpBC of tho town and a lUf- 
Resllon of Ita Reneral atmosphere may 
be oblnlnnl from tho tollowlnit letter 
wrllUn by Sainuel ,\'. Maker to hli 
neltbhor and fellow lieiiioeral. John 
H. Iiavis: 

llnckvllle, .Mareh -I. 1H.VI. 
//mi, ,/(!/, n II. Itnili: 

,My resiieeled friend after my Iiest 
respeilB to you, I have taken my 
pen lo nddress you n few Ilnea. I 
l.nve not rei-elved any conininnlcntlon 
In the way of a letter from you. I re- 
ceived several jinperB, and the een- 
BUS for the Library, for all of which .vou 
have my tlmnks. I have still cnnulp 
ed after your health from your fam- 
ily and was Klad to hear that you wore 

I find by the papers that Connress 
have a time of It on Hie Nehrnska bill 
for a few days. There has been soiiio 
excitement here on the subject, ea- 
peelnlly ninonn tho WIiIkb. I find 
Ihey are all to a man oppOBcd lo tho 
bin, but I have heard but foiv Demo- 
erau Bay niueh almiil it ; Indeed they, 
or B01II0 of them, do not iindor»land 
It; at lenit thor •>/ but little about 


II. 'I'll" IriMiHTiinio qucBllon npi'PnrB 

In l.r llir nnlrr nf llir ciiiy ; IhO' n't' 
iii^iklni.' n t;!!-"! orfnrl on IhnI mihjpil. 
■riMMii iK'ip nro Miilli' ricMirlsliliiK. 'I'lioy 
iiip no« In fnll opornllon iin llio 
Norlh nnil Snnlh inllrn;iil; yCBlcrilny 
wim Ihi' riiKl rBllnuiti- Any. Sonic hnvc 
ilnno n u'inil rtful of work, conBldorlnc 
I ho wpnlhcr. 

'rlnrc lins lirin ii k™m1 dinl of p.\- 
.llrinr-nl n^nill 111.' Biiiallpox. II. Slliip- 
rnii hBB II. Inil IB p.'tlini: well. Thtrro 
«rrr Bovpiiil In wlicn hi- hrnko out 
Willi II. lint hiia not llino to dIvlllKC 
llBolf «» y.'l, Init 1 Ihlnl; It lili« In ■! 
h ciiBiiri- illi'd n»ny. nl imel for i\ 

II ihir nlil trlinrt. John I'lnriinr. 

ill.'d InBl Siinilny. 1 suppoBo yon lionrd 
of rolniw'l Slnvnns ili-iith. I hi-ir of no 


M now tnlio n rldo. 

10 protirrvo for posterity a prlrolcBB 
rnnrci; II WHB loBl-woiBc Ihnii lorn 
II wiiB Bliipl.lly iKnorrii: lloivcvrr. 
I III- ll.-,„il,l,':in B.ild In llH iBBiic or Ho. 
' (cnihcr UP, tlinl "owInK !•> tlio iiowil- 
cil Httilc ot our i-olnnitiB IhlB week 
"lib tlio ri»'«iilo»''« .U.s«nvr- ("ho 
wniilil rciu! Olio nowl we will nnl lio 



I'ol. II. w., who for on hour 

onlorliiln ho Inrto iiiullonoo Willi n 

hpii-.h lilKhly Biillod 10 till! oroQslon, 
nnil ilolhorrd wllli llml nnolmnllnK 
oloMilolno Bci poinllnrly his own. 


.ilil I ho iliiy 


opy 111, 




hoio by Ihp fIrBl of .\prll. 

'i'horo iii-o a Rooil innny BlrnnRorB 
.oinlnR Inln our lown to cot lornlloii. 
lull ihoio liolni; im Iioiibi b In ronl tin! 
lunplo will hlivo I.I KO to iMilUlIni;. 
liorU I'rnlK. of WhU- nolnvloly. Ib 
oiiinllnl li.TO wllh n bIoio from Wnvo- 
l.nil; ilioro mo two or iliroo olIiorB 
comlnu Iioro. I liiirdly know wiml 
oIbo io wrilo nK.nt na I don't know 
bill von nro kopt liifonnoil of ninllcrs 
nn.l 'lliliifB In conornl. 

My boys iiro nnvlnilK to lunko smoke 
plIioB nnd tho ponpl.' nro onlllliK for 
ihoin. nn.l I whb roii.llni: In llio imtonl 
nri'i.'o loporlB nnil I find tlirro lins n pnlont Inkon mil f..r olny plpo 
iiiolilB, iiMil 1 tlioiiKliI If Ibo.o woB nnv 
.■hnii.'o mill tlioy woro n u'on.l nrllolo 
nnd nnl loo li;t;li pri.od 1 would got 
ib.111 11 iiinrblno. Will yon. If ynii 
nloimo If nnl 10 iiiiiob InMiblo cot mo 
:i ii'ortol. or Kcf If nny innoblno onnld 
bo (:ol. iiiiri vh.'rofnro wlint prioo. I 
wiml lliom to iiinko nn orrtlnnry Btnno 
Pino. .Mbii b.o If iho pnloniB on slonc 
piiiiiiiB Imvo boon ronowod or not. 

.VIbo If It would nnl bo Ion iiiiicli 
linnlilo to yon u^l iiio SInnloy'B ."iiir- . 
vovlnu 'I'oiir In I'lnli. I fr- ono work 
lliiil yon Boiii I.I .1. lirilBinn. It In n 
Kood Hork I nn.l. Iii.lood. I nm nlwnyB 
iimlniiH to roiid Biirti works. I I slionld 
llko to Imvo II. Your fninlly nro nil 
woll. My fnnilly l» w.'ll nnd .Inlin 
Ibikor IB Hllll voiy frolilo. but .b fnni- 
lly In woll. Hook N'offBlntor'B nro woll. 
Ilo, oho our boBi roKpoolB. I Blionlil 
bo Kind to t.rr you. It npiionrs na If 

II Mn» nn nco Binro wo nnw yon. You 
innBl wrIlo Io nio na Boon nn yon cnn 

III lol mo know nil nlKiiit Iho nbovo. If 
Ihoro nro nny pntonlB for grinding 
rlny, I Bhmild llkp to know, I am 
yourB with rf-ii|.nrt, 

Ramtel N. DAKcn. 
Ilrm. .Inhn O, /)iifl». 


rinnlly. In lio.oinbcr, INim. the rnll- 
rond wHB nt last rompletod. A dny 
wn« not npnrt for Konernl rcJoUInK iinrt 
lor Bullnhlo oliBorvon.e of nn event bo 

I orlniit In llio lilBtory of I'urke 

roniily. It wnB on TliiiiBdny, Do.eni- 
bor I, l.imi. Hint tho Bpivliil trnlii 
brlni:lnii Iho inllroiid urrirlnlx nnd 
priiiiilnont iiioii fioin VI;.-o, I'ulnmii nnd 
ollior ConntloB nrrlve.l In Uookvlllo, 
Tho /'<ii«i- fniinlii ll'iutl,Ur»n. nn us- 
linl, f.i\\-v no ri-jHirt wliiilover of tho 
ovoiiia of llio ib.y. Ilnroly did ii Conn- 
ly impor m thm llmo nnd boforo mnko 
more limn brb-f nionllnu of events 
Ihnl woio obvlon.ily hlntorlcnl. Tho 
biirlnl of llonernl 'I'llfhiiinn .\. II.iw- 
nrd, nttenilod nB It wns by circnni. 
BinnroB of tlie lil(;hi-«l Import, wna 
(.BBBOil by wllh the brlofoat nolbo. Illn 
rtoitnrtilro for Toxna, nn occnslon Rt- 
leiided by n ninlllludo of i>ooplo from 
nil imrtB of the Coiinly wna not men- 
ll.inod nt "II. What nn npiHirtnnlty 
to (ratify (he rouder of that d>/ and 

llhn colobrnll.Mll from Iho \y„l,nnli 
/.•.r/ir.«.<. but wo i-opy Iho mntovlnl 
l.orllonK of II." 'I'bo /.'.■/ir.-«» no 
fiimbt brill n pood aoooimt of Ibe ble 
dinner, aorved by the bidlos of Itnrl- 
\llle. In Iho then now dopol : jiorlmpa 
B.inie brilllnnt poma from hiich a" 
PiB i.B lllrhard \V. Tlionip«on, Thoi.uB 

I- w.iB B.. .nBlly o\.ll.-.l n» bin yoiiliK 
ilinil. .Iii.lpo .\ln\i\oll. llo cniiio Io 
,ini;niliibilo Iho p.-nplo of I'nrko 
oiiiiiy on Ihla now ern In tlioir IiIb- 
iry. Tho dovolopniont of tho com- 
loioo of Iho world wna n moat Inter- 
y. Tllo rnpid ilovolnp- 

nl hn.l 111 on mndo In the now world. 

r coimlry wna ndnplod Io the poo- 

t'ohtnol Tboiiiitann In n iliort nnd elii. 
,|iirnl Bpoooh, dorlnrliiK tlint I'nrko 
loiinly ahoilld onahrlne In llie h.-nila 
1. 1' lii-r |.oiiplo n monimiont Io (loiieral 
Sloolo more dnrnblo tbnn mni-blo, 

,loliii KiiKl.-, of I'.vnnavllle, I'real. 
iloiil of the rnllroiid, followed Colom-l 
N.-laon. Ilo anld: "Mat Thnradny wo 
hnd Bot npnrt In elve tlinnka to M- 
nilu'hty lloil. Tbia Tiillra.lny wna aol 

pinlBO to 


Honed iJenrrnI .«toele, I'biiunry Una.- 
uiid W. I>. tIrlBwol.l na men wliii 
-Bhrnihl be honored. Ilo eloaod by iirK- 
IHK Iho poo)ilo of I'nrko t'nitnly to 
l.iilld (rood lilifhwnyB tliroiiith llioir 
ooiinly to lite rnllrond. 

i#J 1^1 It!, K: 




i UjL;'-/ .5^«m,;-.';^_^-;rr 


ST conN£ii or bijuare, ik ISOS. 

II. XelBon, John 1'. TBhor nnd Colonel 
Kitwnrda, nil of whom wore gueats, 
but tlilB wna "lininntorlnl." Tho /Jx- 
/;rr.« anlil I 

"l'|.on lonvim; the Irnln— tho order 
of the dny wna rend by our frlon.1 
.Mnclll of Ihn llnckilllr llrpiibllmn. 
nnd Iho pooplo took their wny—npon 
ii woll-conatrurlod nnd oonvenlent 
pliiiik wnlk londluL- frniii tho d.^pot to 
Iho .■onri lioiiao t.i lionr the aponklnR. 
n'be deiml Blood whoro Iho John I>. 
Ovorinnn wnrehoiiao la now lo.-iited. 
hoar tho olo.lrle llxbt piniit.) 

"Jiidu-o Minwoll wna onllod to pro- 
aide, nnd na bo took Ibe elinir offered 
n few very folblliiiia nn.l npi.rn|irlnl<! 
temnrUa. Ilo aalil : 'The oeonalon 
Ibnt onlla na lok-oibor Ib no ordinary 
one. Other porllona of our Sintc hftvo 
long boon bloBBod wllh rnllrond fn- 
oIlllloB, while wo o' I'nrko Tonnly 
linvo been ron fined to Iho old fnah- 
lonod BIyle of alow alnEo conohea, wnc- 
ona, nnd liorao power. A bettor dny 
linn dnwned upon lia. Wo no lonpor 
hnve to 'wnit for the wniton." Tho 
Bcrenin of Ihn looomotlTP la now honrd 
In the very heart of oor Oonnty — and 

pie nnd tho people to the country. Tho 
nfte In w-lileh wo tlvo Is a romnrkablo 
one. Innteiid of tlin alow- methods of 
travel of yonra poBt we now trnvol ov- 
or Hie I'Oiinlry nnnlhlllatlne llmo nnd 
spore. Hut n few dnya ngo bo bad 
boon irnvellnp nniid tho rnlna nnd 
Blornifl of ICnnnna. nnd now ho wna 
In I'nrko Coiinly, belnit nrnreoly nhio 
10 ronlizo Iho IrmialHon. The te1ei;raph 
Ib tho twin brolb-r of rnllrondn. Ily 
ono llio moreliiindlao nf the Allnnllo 
sonbnnril In Inld nt our doora In llio 
apnio of throe dnya; by tlio other wo 
nro onnblod to rend yewlordny'a pro- 
ropdlnKa In t'oncroHa at onr breakfnat 
Inblo thla inornlnK." 

'I'bo report nf Colonel Tlinmpann'a 
apooi-h pontnlna n wpII niorltod tribute 
to flonerni i^Joorpo K. Rteelo "who hnn 
boon Iho noHvn aiiiierlntondont nnd 
flnnnolor," nnd to Mr. John PI. InRle, 
rrofildent of the road. 

rnlonel Thompann anld Iho nnnioa 
of linao nnd rirlawold wore Intlmntoly 
oonnootod with llioao of Rteelo nnd 
IiikIo. an.l on IIiobo men pneaed n 
BlowlnpT enloKT. 

rolonol ThOB. n. NolBon followed 

"Oene.-al Steele was then called on 
nnd oxproaaed hla hiKh appreciation 
nf the nonnr thla dny piild bliu. Aa 
lie bad ilotormlnod to live and iHo 
here, ho doalrod to bavo apoody com- 
iminlcnilon with the roat of tho world, 
lie a|.oke with iimoh feellnp of the pn- 
lorprlBP nnd public BPlrIt of Mr. 
Chniin.y Hobo. IndPod. enrh appnker 
«na onrneal In hla aoknowIodtfoiiioniB 
ibat Mr. llnae atood preonilnenlty nl 
Ibe bond of rnllrond men In tlio Wn- 
Imnli Vnllo.v. 

"JuiIko Ilnll of I'rlnooton, Ilev. 
.Vnrnn Wood nn.l I'nptnin riimnbilrg 
of (iroononallo innde brief apeoohea. 
Tho Inner 'eonnrnlulnle.l tho real of 
mnnklnd Ihnt they miKht now hnve 
nn opi*. rinnlly of TlalllnK and ndmlr- 
Inc tho fair dninthlora of Parko 

"Mr. .Tolin r, Ilaher. bolnir enllod up- 
on, anld nhllo lie rejoiced In tim 
ooinploilon of llilB road, ho enuia not 
but recur to the yonra ffono by, and 
liunKlno the Intenao pleaanro It wpnld 
hnve afforded hlin hnd thla apoedy 
nnd ennvenlent method of reaching 
nocKTille eilatod lome f1ft»«n yeart 


h^'< vvlmn iio iiRPd lo pint) hla way 
U't'<'IOy IhrciDKti nnid nntl ratn, a Insk 
wlildi nolhlnu could linvc limiilrcil 
hill tliiit iii'nllini<iit or the ..iniinii 
hi'iirl Ihiii |>ulB n liilin oil Ills lilKhost 
li.i'llli'- llic lovC! of cnrly iiinnhooil.' 
(Mr. I'shpr, Boon to bf a uiciiihor of 
l.iiM'oltrK I'nhinot. niniTiod a daliirli- 
ti'i" of (Jrncral Arihiir I'attcrson of 

"Colimpl I'IdwardB, who had bron 
liii'iioilBly riillnl U|Kin DOXl took tho 
hliiiid iind I'hwcd thin imrt of the iiro- 
Bniiii wllh ono of llip liniiplPst offorln 
of lilM life. ThU apfOfh was In fait 
\\w ilrnM-rl of tlilH InloUcclilal tcasl 
- IIkIii uihl ItixiirioiiR." 

I'nil.v Blind ri'poiiin;! wp nhoiild 
Illy an p»aiii|ilo of Ihn way nowii was 
t'U"ii In till' cliiyH of llio old 7'iTrc 
lliiiilr /•:r/iri'«». hiilUinniuillH ■loiirnal 
;t\»\ IniliininiiiiliH Snilhii'l and laid' 

Ill iM'iii'lIri' hv Kood wi'lli'i'R Iiimt 

ill llii.kMllo ivporilnit In ooniiiarlBon 
."iili Hhlrh Ihi' iK'WB nf ihi' avoraB'' 
My dully now loailB like the lodger 
of II hardware Hlore. 

iilli:.\T I -Mo.v Ml.t:il.\o. 

■l'!ii. lallniurt enalilicl I'lirko i'oini;> 
In h.ive iirexi'lil at a ureat I'liloii 
inily held on ilie ;id of Aub"ki. ism, 
a parly iniiii liidlanaiiollB, Inelndlnv 
iliivernnr Morion, II. .1. Ilyiin and the 
inlrliniiert edilor ot the Indiaiiciiiiill.'. 
■hiiirnnl. Ilerry 11. SlIlBlove. They 
hll IndliiniipnllB early In the morn- 
iliB and arrived In Itoekvillo ahonl 



Irrre llaiile (t lllelHiioiid railroad lo 
Tim re llaiile and from that town on 
the niw nillroiid to Itockvlile. This 

1 ilnE wr,B one of the larsest anil 

IHOSI lini.orlant ever held in I'arke 
Ciiiinly. Ii was Iniemled lo eiuonraBe 
lieiiinrralB to Biiiiport the I'nion and 
lor llial riaBon all the prinelpnl 
HpeaUerB nrivortifled wcro Iieinoeriits. 
lolonel Khi'iiezer nniiionl. lielnR tin- 
iihlr In leave IiIb reKlment— llic Dili 
Inilliinii-wiiB not iireBenl. hut It. .1. 
Iljan and lielaiwi K Wllllanmon eaiiio 
wllh ciovernor Morion and ninile 
hpeeihi-B. Mr. SiilBPive In IiIb report 
In I ho liKllniinimhn .Iniiniat Bnid; 

*'I''or Bonii' time past an effort has 
been In procreaB In the Western part 
of the Htale to prodlirc a feeling of 
illhiinllRfartlnn wllh the war. and 
loivn II Biirrender nf Iho unverninent 
In the rehelfl liy diBeoiinlenanelni: the 
iiilinn of llio .Xdnilnlslratlon In main- 
liilnInK It hy fon-e. It has not extend- 
ed far. or met with much Buceess, but 
In two or three counties It has or- a nuclcuB of treason that 
bIvcb uncaslncBB to the loyal men of 
the nelRhborhood, less throUBh fear of 
Its power thrin the apprehension that 
the means necessary to ernsh It nilelit 
create unpleasant dlsturhanceB. In 
I'arke Toiinty It was thouRht by loyal 
men, that 1b by pretty iiuieh every- 
body there, that It would bo well to 
hold a Union nieetluR, first to show 
the traltorB or their dupes the BtrenBlli 
of the loyal sentiment, and second to 
Bct out Boiiio wholoH->nio trill hs for 
the enllKlilenment of Biieli iiB were not 
wilfully misled. A day was set. an- 
liniincements made. Bpenkers Invited 
and a real Union, no jinrty demonBtra- 
tlon preiinred. I.aBt Saturday It came 
off. and It exceeded all expectation In 
numbers and spirit, as liltrh aa loyal 
men bad rated tbelr atreuKth. 

"A siiiall party from this city. In- 
cluding Oovernor Morton and U. .1. 
llyan. who bad been Invited to apeak, 
attended the mectlnic. hut there was. 
of course, little manlfefltntton of popu- 
lar Intereflt outside of Parke and the 
adjacent country. Tho oxcnralon 
train from Terre TTante showed Bome 
BlfTDB of excltenaent, bot It was not 

iiiiill II had left that city and ni>- 
lu-oaehed the place of the iiicetlnB that 
I he observer could have told that any- 
ihliiB unusual was i^olng on. The 
crowria lirRan to appear at all the lit- 
tle stallona. The oiiipty ear floats 
filled up. and the ears ran over ami 
filled the plalforins. There was 
iTowdlnu ant\ sweat enniiBh tn jtrove 
enncluslvely that there waB somelhlnK 
to he Been worlh endurlni; lorliiro lo 
Bet at. Ah. the ears entered llockvlllo 
n bIbIiI wna revealed worth aiich a 
.ioiirnry lo ace. All alonB llio road for 
hundreds of yards up tlirotiBb the 
atreola, and haclt in tho adjoining 
KfoveB nnil moailows. tito groiinil was 

diii'O to tho meeting R. J. Ilyan of 
tills place .who aiiokc alHint half an 
hour In eloiiiient di iiunclatlon of many 
of those I leiuocrata who Byinpallil/.o 
with llie effort to diatroy tho govern- 
iiienl. He aald bo had ahvaya been a 
l>eiiiiM-rai; and If there waa peace In 
tlio land anil a Boverninent aeciirely 
ealabllahcd for any party to adinlnla- 
ter, he should be ii Itciiioerat always, 
Hut the iineatlon now Ib not what par- 
ty shall adiiilnlaler tho Roverniiienl, 
lilit flhall wo have a government to 

Tho next sp^akor was Dctana V'.. 
W'llllamaon, a prominent and able 
llcinoerat ot tho 7th niatrlet. Wo ro- 

iiA.NK bUKcrbu 187: 

eovereil with people. Two or three 

Millilar.i r |>nnli'S wllh the old flnu 

llylUB fliiiilid the train, and led the 
lirnctsnlnii utter the train had been 
eiiiiilled. hut their flags and luilale and 
iiulloriiis iiiiiile hut a apnt In the vast 
concourse. It was evident then thai 
the Intense bent and Inloleiable dust 
of the day had not abated the zeal of 
the luyallats. or melted any of thel 
patrlotlaiii out of tbein. It was a 
glorlouB ileiiionatratlon In numbers aa 
will aa ami It waa made In 
a VI ry large dCBroe by the people of 
I'arke alone, though a number caiiie 
from VlKO and Vermillion. Wo ahoiild 
judge there were .".(ViO people iirosent. 
-Ihe speaking was done In a pleas- 
uiit grove near tho resldeme of (Jen- 
rral .Steele, where a capacious stand 
had hern erected and carefully shad- 
ed wllh hee.h boiiL-bs. A little before 
iwii n-clnik the m.-clliiR was called to 
order, and .Tililge Maxwell moved the 
J'lipolntmeiit of .lildge nbnelsnn, a 
highly esteenied nemorrot. as presi- 
dent with two or three Vice TrcBl- 
dnnta whose names we did not learn. 




soldiers of tho war ot 1SI2. who made 
ji consplcunufl and Interesllnc feature 
of the ilemonBlratlon. AiiionR them 
waa the father ot Senator Harlan, of 
Iowa, a tall, rather slender, venerable 
old man. but still hole and strong. On 
taking the chair Judge Donaldson ex- 
pressed briefly his devotion to the Un- 
ion, and proceeded without any of the 
UBual wearlaomc tlourlabcs to Intro- 

gret Ihal lank of apace aa well as 
mriiiory iirevenis iia giving a full ab- 
stract nf Ida siieeih. It waa clear, 
inherent and s.vstelmillc, and It pre- 
Beiilrd Ihe main iiolnta discussed— the 
madness of holding inirly more aacred 
than .oiinlr.v. 

"(Governor Morton apoke last. Aa 
we have a pretty full report ot hla 
Bpcech we need not aoy any more 
now than that It waa as all the oov- 
ernor'a aiicechea are. strong, direct 
anil convincing. As he concluded he 
■\i-nrned gentlemen who symimthb.ed 
with the rehclllon to be eautlouB. 
N'lgllant men watched them, and the 
moiiient they put a foot one Inch be- 
yond the line of alrlcl legal action, 
they should feel the consenuencca.' 
The eheering at thia significant dec- 
lanillon wna something wonderful. It 
fairly shook the trees. There had 
been big cheering before, hut It waa 
hut a whisper lo thla. 

"Mr. Ilollnwell. ono of the thirteen 
scouts ot Ihe Kleventb lieglment, who 
"ere in tho desperate aktrmlsh near 
l-'rankfort, Virginia, was called out at 
the coni-liialon of the njeptlng, to give 
Ihe peoide a chnnee to see one ot our 
Indiana herocB. He Imrn tho oxhl- 
hltlon modestly and well, aald he 
couldn't make a siieeeh, hut ho could 
say he was glad to aec them all. and 
to be at home again. Flo has an In- 
telllirenl. bright, boylflh face, and 
Inoka more like 


inch ■Uuihlci 


The iletuirlure of the firat company 
of I'lirkc County volunteers for the 
war oeciirrcd on Weilneaday morning, 
.Niay .»*, l.Mill. This company began 
loriiilng on the 'SM ot A|irll at which 
time inoBt of Ihe men enllated. The 
nucleiia of the company was the 
"lloekvllle Union i;iiarda." a hand- 
homcly nnlfornied orRanlr.atlon, iiro- 
fh'lenl in drill, which had been in ex- 
istence for a few yeara [irlor lo tho lie- 
glnnlUK ot the war. .Mnat of lla of- 
Ihcra and non-eonimlsaloned offleera 
bad been niembcra of It. Ono notable 
exception waa that of Dr. Itohort A. 
Ciitterson. Tlila young man had come 

10 Ilnekvllle barely a month before 
the fall of I'ort Sumiitor. lie had made 
frlendB ot Bome ot tho young men who 
enllBled, aa he did at tho first oppor- 
Innliy for toniiinK a llockvlllo com- 
pany. As the days passed pending Hie 
order lo leave for rcglmenlnl eamp, 
the recrullB nolleed that young Cut- 
teraon waa alwaya to bo seen seated 
with Ills back agalnat ono ot the loc- 
ust trees then shadltig tho court bonso 
yard, pouring over Hardee'a TacUcfl, 
Ihe lateat Instriiction book of tho 
United Slates army. Ills Boldlerly 
I'eiiring, Ins Bludloua application, and 
above all hla kindly dlapoaltlon, inark- 
eil hliii for tho important office of 
l''irBt Sergeant to which ho was elect- 
ed. The fail that Hubert CntterBon 
hecaiiie a brigadier general, and made 

11 record aa brilliant aa any officer In 
the whole army, proved the wiadoiii 
nf the uiiBclflsh action of thoae Itock- 
vlile boys of '111, who did not heallato 
In elevate a atranger above life-long 
asBoelnlea when the good of their 
fountry'a aorvlce demanded It. 

,Va the company, which hecniuo "A" 
of tho Uonrtoenth, waa preparing to 
march from the court lioiiso yard to 
the deiiol. the cannon being fired in 
their honor luirst. A large crowd waa 
preaeiit, bealilea the eoldlera, and 
while I'rngineniB of tho cannon alrnck 
the court lionae. breaking windows 
and ernahlng tho walls In places, no- 
body was Injured. 

Uefore tho company loft Oenoral 
Steele gave Captain Foote n eheck for 
$L'i)0 to bo used for tho pleasiiro or 
comfort of the men: and while the 
loiniiany waa at 111 in camp at Terre 
Haute a train load of lloekvllle peo- 
lile, many of them ladlea, attended Ihe 
presentnllon ot a swnrd lo Cniitaln 
I'oole. taking wllh them "well-filled 
haakets." to the great delight ot the 
hoya, eapcclally those wlioae sweet- 
hearts were among tho ladles. 

Diiring the wkt Rockrille's business, 
social and political life, like that of 
all places In the entire country. North 
end ,'5outh. turned on the gigantic con- 
flict between the seellons. nilter was 
the feeling between those people, who 
either sympathized with tho South, or 
SB iiartlsnna did not indorse every act 
of the AdiiilnlBlration In power, and 
the great body of the people who ad- 
hered to the ITnlon. I have beard 
from the lips of men and women both 
sides of that story — and there were 
two Bidea to it. No comment of mine 
Is now In order: but in tills connection 
I desire to advise those who want lo 
Know the subject from all points ot 
view to read Harold rrederick'i iplen.- 
illd novel. "The roiiiierhead." 

Many entertalnmenlB were giren 
during Ihe war lo raise funds for the 
relief ot soldiers In the field. The 
Ladies' Aid Society ot llockvlllo, be- 
siilefl meeting regularly tor work, wna 
active in promoting functions for 
thia piirpoBc. It wna during tbo war 
that llie cliurch aoclnl. or "aoclahlft." 
became a fixed form ot entertainment. 
Thcflo events were held at the homes 
of members of the oongregatlon on • 


lili:lil ».-t nHlilo •■nrl, iviik nii.l duly 
>iiiMuMM.>'<l rrniii llM' i.Mlpll. Ab «",lnl 
rvililB llli')' I'M'lli'll II KDOcI Inllilfll.c 

i.ri ' pi.M'li-, Ki'rvliiK l« cltlltiriilr 

(li.|iir« iinil liinldns. i;\rry rcspwl- 

iilij nil nr «iiiMim In llir (own was 

I,,; 10 K" l« III'' linl"'-" IlK'H ll'OWIi 
,.|"li Tor nil wl,o raii-.l lo iniiii-. 

In IX ;i U.i.Uvlll.- wuh hIIII mUIkiiU 
inililir liiipiiiM'iiicnlB. Nol li lilrrcl 
lind l.rrii Brnvi-lod. niiil nldoniilkn worp 
l,\ nil iMinim coiimil. 'llip Nnrlh SI. If. 
I. Mil pan (if III.' KiiBl mill WoBl Silica 

Imn piivc iilH of coDiiiioii hrl.-k liild 

In unnil. lliniit'li In pliKi-s plnnk were 
U....I. Ill IVC I>r. .Minn II. I'nmpl.oll. 
Mini wnn iiinrilpil to Cnplnln .lolm T. 
('i.iMpl.rll In I.Mill, pri-imrc.l n piper 
nil l.i'r ilrm Imiiri'iinlnns i.r llockvillc 
,1,. ., , '. ■ ,■ '-I .. rr .T I'T-M" Till". 
pnp.T follnwii In full: 

"Wlinn I nrrlvrd In I'nrko County 
In llin winter oi' isiu It proBontrd R 
wn.'fiil npiionrnm-o In.lood. It lind 
lii'iii BMil.'il so Innc II. nt 111!- n.^iv or 
p|ilnr(B.|ii.'nr8» of llio prlii.lilvo Iok 
I'lihlll hiMl worn r.wny. 'I'lic Inillillni-'B 
wllli'li liOiiin thlriy yrnrs linfurc Imd 
lin'BPillc.l II miiArt npprnrniico liiirt lic- 

11 old mid iM'ro In n slnlcof di-cn.v. 

'I'lic riiBli nf irnvol wrnlwnrd hid K.iiio 
pni.1. nnd Inwn and County ai'cnicd 
nli'inilrd to llio pimt. Ilii' ronds. 
wlili'li In n nniiirnl Finio nilKlit linvi. 
Iii'oii Kr.nd, woro K.^ni'r.'illy fi'iicrd. 
tiiillili'im of any Flono or L'rnvrl, nnil 
MTro I'lil tliroii;;li with lnr.'fl«:int Iruv- 
I'l. 'riioy nnvrr rorovcrod (iiirlnK Riini- 
incr from the triivel of winter and 

"Tlie wnr .si.lrll lind .'on.ploiely tnl;- 
in pnBMei*Hlon nf llie people, the yniinn 
MM II were nuny, nn.-i hewn from th" 
Brill nf vinr wrts .;ll the c'lnverpntlon. 
I do know «hnl the rond Inw of 
I he Sliile ctiiild Iiiiie been, or If iliere 
wiiB nil.', lint reriiilnly U wrr very In* 
nrieleiii. Afirr remdlnc here nevernl 
.venrB I liollred Ilie rnrnier.l "worked 
I...1" ilielr r.wd Inx l>y BilrriiiK the 
illri, Ihi'iiwhii! II In a sleep rldun In 
Hie iMlddl", nnd lenvini: ll m ho wnnh- 
r.l l.y rninB Into deep rnlB. We cnm.i 

fr (ihin li.i -I'erre Ilniite on n Blow 

Iniln. Khhli iriiveled lelmirely nlonc 
ntiil r.inBiiiiie.i ihree nnd one-lmlf 
liniirn frnlii 'I'l-rre llmile. I op.'ned Iny 
e.ioB lu'xi Till. mini; f.nil looked out of 
n tt'lnrtnw Ihlrk wllli InUnw frense 
I for there had lieen nr. Illiniilnnifnii a 
few nlfhlB previous. In hi.nnr of Boiiie 
vlrlnryi iliieii an nhl llnie worn. Ilii.e 
Bl.lllled I.riek lilllldin.'. .ailed 
the Ciiiirl III. MB... whM'h nliiml In the 
renier nf ihe vlllace. The hr.iiseB werr 
old nnd wenther-bemen. one nr.d two 
»torle» hieh. Tim Birte valka were 
enniponed of hn.nrrtB Iftl.l down lenKlh. 
'lirled nil nt th 


There wiifl not a wngon or ollior vc- 
hl.le on Ihi' elrcet.i. Afterwards 1 
H.i» wiiKni.B half flll.'.l Willi hay nnd 
.owa wnlkhiK np and cntliiK. Dili: 
cow rlliiilied ii|i Into a wii;:on to tne 
creni delight of five Biilnll hoyB who 
InKlen.d her In. The lown lo..ked 
dllni.ldnl.'.i. Mr. lliiirlB' hoiiBe wna the 
liioBl lllipnfllli- Birilrllire, hut WnBllIni;- 
Ion lla.ll.-y hnd a food honse. now oc- 
riipled hy Mn.|or Nieholn, nnd T. N. 
Hire lived In the lioii»e oeriiplrd by It. 
C. .McWIIIlmiiB. Tlirso lioiiaeB -nero 
Inillt In the stylo of todiy. Where 
the I'reflb.i terlun chnreli now Btnndn 
I here wftB R Inrce. old two-story liiileli- 
er shop, whleh wna empty and rcnd.i' 
10 fall lo pieces. 

"I .ic .North Side of the a.iimre was 
c.itiilw.ofd of ii.lncled I.riek nnd won.l- 
cn liiilldlnKs. two stories lilk'h, all old 

mine. There wna only one old hrhk 
Behi.ol hoiiae, of nntnlnly proporthinB. 
iiliiioBl reidy to fall lo phie» on (lliln 
Bireel. The .Nallonal llniik wna hiilll 
liiiir year» later. Where the I'nrkc 
Itnnk now Blaiida wns n low, oiio-atory 
liniiie hiilhlliiK. where A. C. Ilntes 
►ol.l dniKB nnd Iniiip caiiiineya. Candlea 
were KoInK of fnahlon. 

'There wna a fair livery Binlile kept 
hy Samuel Stroiiae. We esBiiyed one 
hrlEht aprlni: dny to tnke n ride. I 
hnvliiK c.vpreBBe.l n wlah to thnl effect 
nnd had nlwnya I.een nceiiBtonied In 
Dhlo to rl.lo whenever one plenacd. 
We Btnrted out on "lint la known ns 
I lie ,SiiKnr Creek rond nnd nilrctl 
In front of linker's I'olter Shoii. Some 
one cftitie out of a lioiiBe and threw 
IkwrdB down for the bo'Bea to atnnd 
on while he pried out the lilndwhecis 

d the ilrli 
< Ihe horn.- 

» l.y the 


• 11 

Irkeilly a 




awhile, we roae up. up. np until we 
len.hed the land. Wl.k a|, 
After Hint we had aeiernl iiilBhnpa el 
like nnlure. I.iil like the iiinii who had 
I. la lii.hryiiinl ulnnda extra. led. he 
.Olll.l feel cry. I.iu could bIkiI no l.'ais. 
Wl.k fell awicir hut did nol liidiil.;e. 
I'nti liii: home I held the l.ahy anil 
Cnplnln held me and Wl.k took down 
I- fence nnd we rode part of the way 
In n field. This wna in .lime or .Inly 
of '117 or •i\.\ 

"A friend of mine wonted to itn to 
.Newport Boiiieilme dlnin).' my llril 
Biininier here. lion. T. N. Illro wan 
toliiR aa Inwyer nnd naaoilnle lii.lj.. 
nnd offereil to accniiipnnv her. Wh'>i 
lliey arrived iioiiio tiiey laii.o to .ii.r 


iiud. I 

lonke.l In c.iiaiernnllon. for thnl alow 
trnin aeen.ed lo mark Ihe end nr the 
world, and 1 l.iid eoiiie lo live here. My 
falher hnd wnrne.l me Hint IIiIb wn» 
II wet, Bwnmpv roiiiilry 'Ahere Ida pen. 
nle wh.i hnd moved here twenty or 
Mitrly yenra prevloiia IumI nil died. I 
lind married, and thoui-ht ,if .^niirae 
Ihe eniinfry vaa of amall ninuient. I 
did nol see how ih.nt could nffect my 

•"I'hnt dny I gMci with ever In- 
rrrnaln)! wonder nt ihn phenomonon 
I bad never seen before, rnrniera 
inme In from the eoimlry nnd hitrh. 
I'.l their iMiraea to a rn.'k which ran 
around Ihe court boiiae, nnd they stood 
there nil dny. They alood knee deep 
In mud nnd I wan afraid of aelnt; lliem 
fo compieieiv under I thoiiBht — 
- |ionr drunken vvrel,.'heM. tbey muat 
be In Ihe anlo..n». lo ao mlatreat n 
hnrae. Hut I wna Informed there were 
no aalooiia In Ihe town; Hint Hie 
fnriiiera htirhrd Hi. 're from choice, 
and 11 would not burt Indlann horaci. 



; II. I mohily iiiipa.nicd, contalnin;; 
suirci. cro.ei'lea. Iiardwnre. etc., which 
Mil exninlnnlliin I I'oiind coninlned ml 
excellent i|iiiilliy I.r i;r.oda with wnr 
prices marked uii iliem. Aa wo walk- 
,d over the town we found many 
MoiiBCK Boi up en HllliB or lilocks of 
wood, ollieru Belting flat on the 
v;ioiiii(l ; n.ic! i wna told it was bccaubo 
ihero wns no sloiio In I'.irlio County, 
anil It wns too expensive lo ahip It 
iieri\ Now that wo nrc sblpiiint! Klon 


l.iri fcoiinds cb.iiii'd. iloliiu 
the dllaiil.laied Btruclures 


.iliidow curlnlna an. I bull. '8 scillnR In 
Hie dnrli wenrinc trnlllnB dreaaea. 
iinie the rcioi.i wna bO dark 1 ci.'cl- 
denlnlly Binmblcd ov.r a pri.nd piano. 
The cnutlaat wna reliinrkahlo. 

"There were two I'rcal.yterlan 
.'hiirchea, liMlh frnmc atniciurea. which 
had been painted nnd vvero fnlrly re- 
aiie.tnble. At ono the llev. John 
llnwka offlcbilo.l. nnd the choir sani: 
from n u.illery In tlio of Hie 
biilldini:. The other, altunted where 
Hie llnpllal church now ttnnda, bad n 
aiipply once n month from Terre 
Ilniile. The jieople In the church aal 
aleru and luicomprouilalnK wllliln lla 
walla ami llalened Willi crliu iilcileiirn 
II. Ihe terrors of Hie law nnd Hio fate 
of evil doers. The Cnniphellle chnr.'h 
aloo.l where It now slnnda. There haa 
h.'en mile lu.provenieiil. Of Iho Melli- 
i.dlat chilrcb I do not leiiiuiiiher, na the 
now i-liurcli nrna built aoon after I 

with n fence rail. Where wo went i 
do not know, but we nilred a^aln, aev- 
I nil miles call an. I Cnplnln eol out and 
Hirew fence railB under the horae'a feet 
whil.' he prlcl out the hind wlieela. 
We hill. led nl Cuarlea Overmnn'a. Then 
lor Hie flral lime I enw Iir. Imrr, who 
I'.ecoiiiiinnled us part way homo over 
ilic mud ronda. 1I( hnd nil tho nira 
:.iid crneea of tho typical Southorn 
irenllenien. wore top tioota. kid gloves, 
tode a i;Hllant horse and wna Bplaahe.l 
.all over with mud. 

"II lull! here I wnnl to tnko a 
m.ioiinl of credit In myBelf for rniki! 
County roads na we find them 
I freited and icolded nboiit them so 
luucli for ten years that Cnpiain Camp- 
bell act about bow to make bettor oner. 
To hini and Walla -n Mc-Ciino la duo 
Hie BtnrtliiK of good r.'nda In I'arke 
County. There waa a 'woiiiaa ut the 
loitoiii of i;' In that enae. 

"Aficr llvlnii hero ahoiil Ihrco ycnra 
my hllBl.nnd aiiggCBled I Bhollld no lo 
.Mo.ile/.uiiin lo acimeono'a fiinernl. We 
went In n piildlc back driven hy Wick 
Vnnlandln«hnm. There were Iho rc- 
nialna of the old plank rond, which 
bad run tliron;;li tho County, ind wc 
iloiinrecl along, first on tho earth. 
Hien on a auilden rlae on tho plnnk 
llfleen or twenty feel, when Orent 
Cenaar we went down, down. down. 
1 had heard of tho hotlonileaa pit. nnd 
I aliiil my eyea und hold on to the ve- 
hicle. Caplaln wna holding tho bahy. 
1 hold tight and we cam« to ft atand- 

louse both sidnahcd wllli niiid and 
their MoiBCB literally covered, rbai 
was the first tiiiio I saw T. N. Itlce. It 
acemecl he had a cavalier fnalilon. nnd 
I laughed at tho coiitrast. I ncllher 
cxicuunle nor act nnylliliig down In 
lunllce. Moiilc'/.iiiiin aa regards sllii- 
allon 1 thought iK'niillfiil and oxpreas- 
c'd my wonder that llockvllle did not 
lacive' thero In a body. Inking tho old 
(oiirl hoiiao nlong. 1 waa told It w-na 
nothing but a liemorratic town nnd 
llockvllle could not he piiraunded. 
coaxed or driven to llvo lliere. Draper 
aaya when the Aalntle hordea ovorrnn 
Ihiioiie on their march wealwnrd 
Tlgypt wna old. So we found .Monte, 
i-.iii'mi. I.Ike the fnbled Sphynx ah" 
rose from Hie annda. cnim, Immiilnhle 
mid the allllneaa of dcnib aeemecl to 
have ac-tlled on It. No Boiuid cif rnll- 
lond or Bteniii whlslle, not oven n flnt 
bont. nothing but tho calm, silent 
flow of the Wnbnsh on the banks of 
which aal n few men nnd boys flailing. iif today la n bejiHllfiil 
village, with tho railroads In alglil and 
the fnnioua White Riilphiir Springs, 
balh lioiiBO and lllvrralde hotel, for 
which II will yet be fnnious. 

"Itnekvlllo coninlned nliiinai no 
trees. Six ninple trera grnced Iho 
Irnnl of A. C. Ibilea' jiroperty. plant- 
ed by T. .N. nice, and at hia property 
the natural Sugar trees were left 
standing. Toady there la not a street. 
Bcnreely a lot which haa not 111 row 
of maple troo* until It would be more 



i'|i|>rui>i'liitcl.v called Mniilcvlllo than 
ItocKvlllc, as there la hut one roi'k nnd 
(hnt Ie In I he roiirt house yaril. There 
hiMod In the conn house ynrd a well 
liiilll Blrui'lure wllh Iron window 
■ hullers. I llioui.-1't It wns the Jull, hut 
II provcil to lie the IroiiBury hulldlUK. 
l^iokluK li'oui the windows of this 
iifolfmild hulhllng on the ohi bnt.hcr- 
hho|>. I i-entarkeo sententl«»nK!y, "I'his 
luwu Is di'iid and oucht to he hurled, 
hill Ciiplnln rniu|.hell wa« no utterly 
illHKUHled wllh me, and had siii'li sii- 
lireiiie fallli in llockvlllc'a future, that 
I ke|it a dlmreet sllenec on tho BUh- 
Ji'ct ciiT aince. It was In the afore- 
Bald treiiBury hulldlni: I first saw and 
henrd John 11. Iloadie, one of the ehar- 
iicleiB for whiih I'arkc Counly Ie not- 
ed, lie sat iin a ilialr tipped bark 
iiL-alnsl tne wall, his pants tiirust In 
hiK ImniB, and splalterod with mud 
In Biiiiinur tllue. lie xave luo a ahnn. 
lill-l how and went on wllh ;i rorllu- 
lliin of six or seven . Iinpters at 
llniuei--8 Iliad. •I'lien hroke out afns'.l 
•■ ud i:i>ve lis a s-nopKls of lioiiian IiIk- 




I'll' ilirllne and fall of ihe lloiuan 
l-'ui|i|ri. I'rmii Ihai on m lireeiim hLv 

lery I'r Ilie tluie of .\rlslollle. .Ml 

of llilB Iniersiiersed wllh the most 
caiHiiiiilInt!, jolly, rnllleklnx laiiRli, I: 
M-hiim In Ihe lonlrtors of in.v iiioiiinr.v 
yi'l. I looked on wllh npened-iuouili 
.'M'az. iiieiil. and IIko ilio yoiinK lady 
i;i III!' ohl Midiirrey sclinol hnoka. i 
\Mindi'r,-<l that one hrnin could eoii- 
laln II all. .lolin II. Talc nnd Sniiiuel 
.Maulll at Mint time occupied the audi- 
lor and lounly clerk'n orrices. Thev 
were liolh fine aentlrnien. Mnu-lll 
una of Ihe loiirlly old s.-hool type auH 
five you the Impreiislon the world 
was liiru'e and Mi: enough for all. 

"Hear wllh me. friends, while I clic 
,viui a rtewrliillon of two political 
ineellnKB I attended the firBt and see. 
ond siniiiiiers. The first was Ihe 
l-'nurlli of .Iiily celebration In General 
Steele's Rrovc BOUIh of town. It was 
n luncnirieent Krove. Xntiire liail 
done well ennnuh by Inillann. nnd If 
hhe had onl.v made some roada we 
foilld all the more enjoyed her Broves. 
There was where I first heard the 
•old man elocpienf— lllehard W. 
Thompson. The people eamo In 
droves. 'In miles nnd in millions, the 
hlaeli hurrnlnes came." Bays Jnaipiln 
.Miller. deserlhlnK a stampede of l.uf- 




horse hack nnd foot hnck. .\b I opened 
my ilonr at seven In the mornlnc. a 
ynunK Indy In a while ilrcBs ncximpa- 
nled by a youuE iniin In a red neck- 
tie ,'nuie at full callnp Into tho town 
We lived where T. V. Oaehler's home 
now BinndB. There wns a hnnd of 
music of course, nnd Ihe town literally 
swarmed ullh people. 1 remember sce- 
Inc one old Indy puttlnc on her bIiocs 
nfler she arrived nnd hoys carrylni: 
Ihcirs on their Imck. Ared While 
made a npeceh. He wnved hln hnt and 
talked of the 'fjlory of old Parke.' I 
iniihl not help feellne thai Its slory 
had lonir since dcparle.l. Two ladles 
from town rode out In bupRles. . They 
H:it In I heir bncffles nnd leaned back 
with an nir. which Bnid ns plain as 
words. T am not of Ibis world, I am 
only here as a ai^ectnlor.' 

"The nCTt memorable affnir wns n 
pollllcnl meelInK held In Ihe court 
house yard nildressed by Finn Voor. 
bees, then Tleprcflenlnllvc Voorhees. rte 
was wllhoill dnuht Ihe handsomest 
man 1 have ever aecn. It wns prcnlded 
over by r>r. nice. The two hnndsnme 
men were In remnrkable contrast to 
the crowd, and Voorbecs perspired 
and labored to make one of his bril- 
llnnt specehes. and nt the name time 
pay notblnff. The crowd jcnihered 
early and I do not think exactly that 

kind of a crowd could again bo ni<*t 
wllh In five years travel. Sonio one 
wrlllnK to the .Vcic lor/,- ll'orW char- 
ai'terl'/.ed It aB tho 'rat; iiiR and bob- 
tall of creallon.' Tho Ucpiihllcans 
Blood afar off on Ihe outskirts of tlic 
crowd, BiiylnB by tbclr nIr, 'don't count 
me In,' -\l Inst N'oorhees In sheer des- 
peration left hiB Biihject and bcKOn 
flatlcrlnu- tho crowd, lie told them 
thry wero the best looking crowd be 
had ever seen and hoped lo have all 
the volcB of Mien, wniiien and cblldreu. 
That took like wll.l lire and the wo- 
men nil erleil, 'Hurrah for Dan.' 

"The I bird year I wns here «'c went 
to Turkey Itun. No one was there, 
and we speiu a unlet day alone with 
Xnlnre and Xaliire's lloil In one of Ihe 
most lovely spols 1 have ever seen. To 

fhe in the County, in tho year l.'«i!i 
Ihe hulldlnB was completed, and llu- 
dcdiiallon was intended with muili 
ceicmuny. Col. TliuiiiiiB II. Xcluou. m 
aalipy memory, was tbo s|)eakcr of tho 

.Many anil ilear arc tho mciuorles of 
Ihe old N'alloual Hall. In the old days 
Ihe .Vntlonal Hall was far In advance 
of Bucb halls In other towns tho size 
of Itockvllle. It iKinstcd a Inrue staire 
wllh wlnt-B and drcKKlUK rooms nnd a 
drop ciii-iuin of iiniiBiial Ix-nuiy. .\nv 
old timer can Bhiil biB eyes now ami 
lememher the caslle, the lake and Ihe 
snow capped mountain peakB that 
ui-naiiiented that drop curuilii. What 
Bicnes of mirlh nnd pleasure hive the 
walls of that old ball wllnosacd! What 
Imporinnt IlnkB In llie clialnn of our 

ilic peoiile who Bather there now It 
elves but little Idea of Turkey Uun of 
yore. I'limolestcd by the b.ind of the 
vandal, the ferns grew fivo and six 
lecl tall: vines, weeds and flowers 
mluBled in rich profusion. The 
whistle of the red bird and the book 
of Iho tlirUBh Bounded In our ears. The 
trees reached heavenward and the 
iMonn was thicker than any Wilton or 
.\xmlnlBler carpels woven In Oriental 
loiuiis. KverythInK wns In Its pristine 
hcnuly. A romantic bridge spanned the 
gorge tit only for lovers. Wo wero 
alone wllh beauty. Ornndly lowered 
Ibe rocks nnd one (oiild almost hear 
Ihe trend of Ibo Indian as bo lurked 
In the bushes. Strengthened and ele- 
vjited wo came home, forgot smnll 
trials and worries nnd bare always 
looked back on that «b ono of the red 
Idler days of our llfo." 

nuii.iilNa AND nuaNiNO. 
The date of tho erection uf tho o.d 
.National Hank building— i ueuutU'ul 
edifice, a plcturo of which Is priced 
on page 'J.", marks an lui|>ortant era In 
the hislory of Uockvlllc, ou:i the Diilld- 
lug long stood a monument to the 
memory of one cl our most p-jbllc 
spirited, unselflBh citizens, IJcii. (J. K. 
Steele. It WBE ajalnst no little dlB- 
c-.urtigemcnt nnd criticism that ihc 
Heneral persevered In the si-heme of 
lilting up tho magnitlcoiit cJIflee. 
Unc man who thought he saw failure 
Icforo onyone who would embark on 
such (in enierprisc In the little town 
of Uockvlllc suggested that the words 
"Steele's Tolly" be graven on the 
front of the building. NcvcrthcleBa 
when It was completed it was the pride 
and glory of tho town, and remained 
lor many yeara the handsoincat efi- 

llies have hoen welded there! Scarcely 
a couple who were marrleil from 'St In 
-In years a;:o hut can d;ilo sonic clinp- 
ler In Ihelr love alory lo aoiuo dance 
or fcBllval In that .S'atinnal Hall. How 
often did Hint Blaue present tho tal- 
ent of the own In concert, school ox- 
hlhltlou or more ambitious drama ! 
How iminy gny and prelly bItIb, now 
.sober mnlroiiB. hound evergreen fes- 
loiuiB 10 ornnment walls and chnn 
dcllci-B, while Ibelr ndmlrerB aaBlBled 
with a BurprlBlng alacrity I 

The building wna of the siibBlanllal 
sort cnlculntcd to preserve an Impos- 
ing nppcnrnuce, even after the town 
hegnn lo expand and other handsome 
buildings were put up. 

The root of the bank was In the 
earlier years of lis eoui]dellon a fav- 
orlle i-e.sort for parties of young pc<i- 
plc anil others who desired to catch a 
birdscye view of tho lown. At this 
time a Biili.-^lantlnl and ornnmenlnl 
railing surmoiinted the central portion 
of the roof. On the morning of tho 
I-'oiirlb of .Tuly in the summer sue- 
ceeillnp the completion of the b.nnk. 
llio old Uockvlllc band repaired to 
tbo roof. Ihcn tho loftiest eminence In 
town, nnd gave an open air concert 
of Nalloual airs al dnyllBhI. The music 
from tills uncxpcclcd soune— floallnc 
down from the Bkles, woke many a 
cillzcn who long remembered how 
Bwectly Hie slrnlns of our fnvorlte 
ponirfl sounded. 

I-'roni tho roof of the hank a select 
parly of our old citizens asBcmbled to 
wltnesB Ibo weird apectaclo of tho 
total eellpso of tbo sun In ISdl). n 
sight that none of theni will over 
again behold nnlcsa sundered more 
nldcl; by land and Bca than la llkoly 

for old friends to boc»inie. Many of 
llio pnrty have croBsed tho hondarlcs 
of lime and entered into eternity. 
Soiuo are far from tho town of their 
nativity, nnd others are atlil living In 

In INTO when the fire fiend that 
raged In our midst wllh such dis- 
astrous frenzy seized Ihe North Side 
of Ihe si|uare it was feared thnt tho 
Nalloual ItanU building, then eouipar- 
nllvely new, would be destroyed. Tho 
work that was done by citizens in 
Ihelr efforta to bovc tbo building was 
itlmoat snpcrhumnn. It was a nieiuor- 
able ulghi. The heaveiiB wero auffiis- 
ed by a peculiar light that extouded 
10 the remotest horizon. Those who 
bnliled wllh the flames upon tho roof 
of tbo National Hank noticed a huge 
black biril li.inglng aloft In Ihe Weat- 
ciii sky, and 11 seoined lo presngo 
dcstrui-llon, but morning dnwiied up- 
on Ihe bewildered town wllh lis pride 
ami glory, Ihe new linnk building, 
standing unln.lurcd lowering above the 
wrecknse of Ihc "Norlh Side." 

This great fire which inflicted a 
loHB of »l."suiiHi, occiired on Saturday 
nighl, Sept. IT, ISTn. il alarted about 
Hi o'clock In the Jewoliy aloio of I'lil 
Thomiis loialeil In n fraiiio building 
now the Bile of llio 'I'lioiiiBim grocery 
Hinre. Mvcry building was biiriied lo 
Ihc ground fiom that corner to Iho 
Nalinnal hank. Hanging In order from 
lOBl 10 west were Ihe following alorea: 
I'nl Thomnfl, Jewelry; H. W. Sliackel- 
lord. dry goods; Henry Hnrgrnvcs. 
hoots nnd alioca; Utt & McMlllln, 
hardware and groceries; llnbrlot 
llougbman'a daiigbtcrs, mlllluery: K. 
J. lliiBbcB. diy goods; Slark Hrothers 
\ I'o.. drugs; .lames t'nx, stovea and 
tinware; O. J. InnlB, Amerlenn ex- 
iress agent; (Icorge W. Sill, dry 
goods; Mrs. role, inllllnery. HeshleB 
the Norlh Side II. I'. Ilauna'a large 
livery sinblc. alandlng on the silo of 
Ihe .doore huUdliig. was destroyed. 
'I'he I'nrkc f'oiintif .Vcicji In an editor- 
ial wrillcn by Or. nnro said : 

"To dcacribo tho acono, as amid 
Miioke nnd flnme, our people Btrovo 
Willi the conflngrntlon ; Hie iminy ncls 
of gcunlno heroism dlsplnyed In the 
proicctlon of ndjncenl niid endanger- 
id property, la a task lo which we nro 
not cipial. 'I'o our cUlzens who have 
seen II. nnd lo those who have In two 
short hours lost the tolllngs of yenra, 
It wns a spcclaile which they are not 
nnxlons again lo see In renllty, or ov- 
en afl clad In the Imagery of worda. II 
Is preferable lo cover this with the 
Bccne. shortly to occur of busy me- 
chanics engaged In building on liii- 
pcrlshnble and more bcnutltul row on 
the Norlh Side." 

llu the night of the roiirth of July. 
ISTI, the entire South side of tho 
Eipinre wna destro.ved by fire. It wns 
first obaerved in a stable belonginE 
lo John Itlcharda on tho back o( bis 
lot about where the Chlncfle laundry 
Is now located. Mr. Itlcbnrda lived 
Ibere ond worked as a aboomakor. Ad- 
lolninc It standing on the eaBt cor- 
ner of tbo South Side was the Inrgo 
frnme slrucluro known as the "Hut- 
lornnl Building." nnd occupied by tho 
store of W. It. Overman ond A. H. Me- 
.Miirtry. Tho upper floor was called 
"Washlnglon hall." All the hnlldlnga 
on the entire South Side wero frame, 
every one wllh Ihe exception of the 
liulloing Juat mentioned, o'd and dry 
ns tinder. At first nn effort was 
iiinde to nrrcBl the flamca, but a scarc- 
lly of water made this taak Impoa- 
Blble. Kverybody then worked to aave 
tho contenta of tho bulldlnga, and to 
I recent tho spread of tho fire to 
bulldlnga adjacent to tho South Side. 
Willie thia fire did not occaalon any- 



^, I,,,,. ||„, rill liil )im» o|- llmt I'. 11. \Vlil|.|.l.-. dry i;'""l». *V.",il ; In- liu .tc-iicI .'.v .lomiid l.oil^o I. O Ihmihi' wrro rtratroycd ; rrplnccl liy Iho 

11,,. i„,.,',llim •<,l,lr • U vv.iK *-■"«. «. !■. «„. r Innl. ■|li,ii Tor niiii-- lln,lnlll<! oprni hiiuso l.xs.1 nnd tlm 

.'.■,il,l..l IIH ,. .illlliMllv ul 111,, lliiic. Vill Ul„ & » IK. r.'.i ■ 1,'lloiiH. ly llilil, y,-i,i« tl„- nillr,- li k Blond Krlly l,l,„k ISIIi -l-ivlco iluco tlio ro- 

■„iiiliii- UK It dill wlii'ii'i'iily l"u or llhi „r. .'Jio. i,ii„i.,l,«l,d. in, ill In ri,,,'iiil,ri-. ll«iil. Iinlldliii; of tlio i:n«l Sldo Imvo rirr» 

\„nl, ^l.l,' l.iiHliii»» liiiimi-K hull 1,01-ii .M. il.iililii;;. !;i..-,'«i: liimir.-d I,,' iiilli'iil Nulloniil Ilnlik l.iilldInK dcmroyiMl imrt ot II. Tlio Ilrpow 

,,.l,„l„ ' .<L'.i«»,. I,iiiii,'il. .M IIki rir,, llio clwiiilriil l,l,i, k nml Ih,' Ki-lid.lll liillldlni!. tlio 

"vVKhlii Wi-K llmii kIx 11,111111m llii' Win. II. llmulnL-. dry fmiilB, .<:.:ii.- , hclno nl llloninlntilnl,' nrihiMl In Inllor tlircc utorlOB high. Ininicd iil dif- 

I „sl .si,l,' 111 Ih,' »,|iM,i,, winl IIP In H'li; liii.iii,',l,, IIi,i,. i„ iiniiln,, Ini- iniillni;nitli,h In li-nnl llnii-ii. Thon Wllliiirn Ilarrl- 
il„„„.s II Mils nl„„ii linlf piiKl 1,'n .Inliii I.. Ill, Imi ,1b. bI,ooi„;i1(,t, .t:;.',". Ill,, l.iiiil, 1,1,11, linK. 1111,1 ilio rlro dopnri- Bon or, ,-lrd n IniKO In'li-k linllninn; II 
i,',l„. i, 1,11 liltlin iilBhi. |i,,,'ini"'r ,><. I i,-|„w I„I,b, Inillillni:. si.iHKi. niiiii iiniii 'IVi ro lliiiil,' Bi-nl nil On- "nB piirllnlly doBlr„ycd nnd DKnln re- 
IsTI ll„il II, ,■ drv tn,„lB Bliiro or Win. II. Kniihill. hiiiilhiro. .<J..M«i. ulii,- nil, I cn-w liy Bi„-iliil Iniln. ll,,\v- liillll. 

II llnr.lhiK IBhiiwn on imfn -JT i waB Hr. Illnini Alvnnl. InillilliiK -'I.'""!. noi- Hi,, lllnonilni-.lnlo hnvB. wHli llio SInio llic orKiinlr.ntlon of lloikvlllo'n 

ill„,,,>i'r,,l In II ». It «:,a In tlir II. II. .Inliuson. drnKR, *-V,'»i: In- ..o,kvlllo hiii k,t Ivrlfado hnd Biiliiluod llro ,|o|mrlnionl llic nlnnii of flro doon 

,,iil,'rnr Iho l,ln,-k from the alloy, Min'il ^I..Viii. llio flro 1„ for,- llio ■|Vno llaiuo nid mil oi-ciinlon the rcnrfiil fcollni! that 11 

Ml, III, lli,n ,llvl,l,'d llio KiiBt SIrto, in .Mr». rnllliiKB. nilllinory, Wm. .-ii'ilvo,!. .\ Bhorl whilo arior this nn,o did. No voliinlocr orRnnlnntlnn 

Ih,- i-,,iiioi- now ll,o lv,rko Ihiiik. .\ii .1. .M. M, hoU. hnlhlliic. «Ti«i. ,nlnBlroplio Iho town or llo,-kvlllo In llio country \yorl<« to ii bottor id- 

nnpi'coili'iili'd diuiitli Imil prcvuIKU I'lililol niflr,-, .<7ihi, (l.obn ii,, liuiii.'iil an cimlno sliiillar to that of lantugo lliuu thu young liicQ wUo com- 


i'-.; ■!■ 


iV, 1 

11,1 ► II and 11,1 Miil.-i- «-,iB nvall- 

1,1,1, ■ lin- Iho lin,k,-l hrltado. Tlio 
n,-allii'r miib liiii'iiB<'ly ,<il,l. nnd miiI,-i- 
hniih-d In l,iirr,-lB tnoi, llio Ticlory 
piiiiil III Iho llv,-ry Blnhl,' of liai-ro,li 
i- ."iinMiB,- (Jn«l i-aBl of tlio ,-oiiiily 
l,oll,-r hoiiBoi fi-o/.o as II MiiB lliinwn 
Oh Iho iiinf. •■II MnB ovidint." »ny.« 
lh,< lii.l.nnn liihhil. "Ilnil imiIobb IIiIb 
I nlhllnu MiiB Biii,<il ,1 Miruo piHtliin of 
1 1,0 i:iiBl |,„i'l of loMii iniiBl i:n. 'riir- 


«illi n M.ll. M IliiioB Ihoro was a |,or- 
l,-.l Bion,i of B|.ni-kB. i-nalB and hiirr.- 
Inu' mill, rial I'lillllik- mmn anil nrnniid 
till' liiilhllliL-. .Vildi-il lo IlilK WAB the 
Inn Ihal Iho iippi-i- jinrl of Iho Blahlo 
was flll,-d Willi dry hay. 'Iho Koii. 
('all hnnlo-r yaril hub wllhin twonly 
till or Ih.- nnrlh ond i.r llio Blahlo, 

'I'll,- „iilldliik-B on Iho B ro wcro 

iihont .",11 or nil fi'il frnni II. l>o»plto all 
lliiiBi' dlBnnlniKini.- rl|-,-iiiiiBlnni-i-B llio 
,11111 wiii-koil Mllh R dolorniliiatinn 
Mhirh know no aiioh word na fall, and 
III,- hiiililliiR w;ia saved." 'I'lio waro 

hniiB ■ M.iKiil anil Hooloy dolor 

lliiiik I'rl.'o'B iilai'kBinllh ahoin wan nl- 
m Biiioil. II waB nhoiit 'J o'clock In 
Iho niiiriihi): hofnro iho oonflauTnilon 
was .onlrnllod. 

ThlB lin md .liiBl nri,,r llui cr.'nt 

c'lili-a^n firo, nnd llio Vntrli,!, which 
MiiH porhnjiB llio woi-Bt Biiffcror from 
ihn fii-o, Bald: "I'onBldorlnR ovorr- 
llilim MO ihliik wo Bhoiilil Im plaocd In 
Ih,- an llBl nH Chlrano." 

'I'ho Mb! of losnoii wnn Ihiia given nl 
Iho lime: 

liaioB k Iir,mnlnx. (Iniga, »n,<KX); 
inmiri'd fil.iNHi. 

ili-BB was doBtn,ycd.) 
loloy .^ Heard, groceries, ?:U10; In- 

Itliinniliiffilalo nnd orRanl/cd nn offte- 
loni volimtoor fire dopnrtiiicnt Willi 
I.. \\: Ilrown ns chief. At dlrfercnt 
times sinco ISTl flrCB destroyed prac- 


l.ovi HIdwcll. hitlldlns, IfT.iKiu; In- ilcally nil the old biilldlum that stood 

Biirod i;,-,,liiiu. (Ill Iho piihllc miilaro at thai time, 'I'ho 

.Mi.Klll & Dooloy, lini'dwuio, iyi.(iM; old I'nrko hoiiao wun huniod In Ik;:; 

liiBiiri'd *l.tiOO, '" ''" roplncod bovoii years Inlor l,y llio 

Tho North Hld« was tot oiiilroly ro- prcBont nimoloiiB I'nrko hotel. In ^HS^• 

I'lilll until 1877, whon tUo lust build- H'O -^'yors I'oruor and oM Itotlkvlllo 

lose tlilB rii-o roniiinny. 'I'lmc nflor 
time llicy hnvo Baved Iho property of 
llielr folinw illlzeiiB rroiii doBlriicllon. 
Olid while Iho pi-ople ob n whole igi- 
prei-lnlo their Bplenilld lervlcoB. 1 fear 
Ihnt on one or two oi-cnBlons Iho "lowii 
rmhcrB" have not rerierlod the »onll- 
11 ent or Ihc pooplo towards Iho fire 

'I'lic lanonlicl of the ileparliiient fol- 
lows: I, u, Ih-n in dire, lor anil chler, 

I.ealle Harrison. Clnndo Whilesoll, 
liny '.Vlillosell. IM Mllllknn. Wallnco 
l;l,hnr,l8 n. Wnricn llarsliharKor, 
.\rnold llruhei-k. 

When I look hai-k over Iho years, 
and renicniher how lloikvllle appear- 
ed In Iho sIxllcB i-Diii|,nred wlih to- 
day i nnd tliMl whi-n 1 recnil how Innu 
n tlinc Unit Is. Iho lomliiBlon thai prn- 
srcBS has heen alow hut sure espec- 
ially Blow— Is InovUahlo. I.el nolioily 
think for a mlniile that the piildio Ini- 
provenienlB we now ikibbibs nnd Ihn 
cnvonloiic'S wo onjoy hnvo i-onio 
laally: en cho lonlniry iiioit of llieni 
have tnnio In aplle of oppoBlllon. thai 
In ninny Inataiices reiardod ilioin for 
years, l-'ron. tlio very fli-st onr town 
lias had onlorprlsinK and nnsoirisli 
i'llir.ous who havo always boon rcndy 
III iln nil wllhin llioir power to build 
up the place, ready to saorlfico llliis 
nnd money for tho town, and always 
ndvoi-ntluK wlialevor nilnht bo dons 
fnr tho inibllo good. Hut on the otbsr 
linnd from the heglnnlUK to this dtf 
Ilockvllle tiai bad p*u|il* o( tbt «UMr 

Uhid. Tlu' iv.iil.T knowB llio kind— 
1,1 II I.,. iiMMii'loBa hrrn fmrvcTiiiorp. 

Mill III..' •I'lk-hiiinii A. Ilownrrt und 
.l.iM'i'li ■• Wriulil lifv.T ci'iiRPd 10 InIk 
mid VMirk lor llnrUvllli- In tin- rnily 


The lire or Biicli o walk 



SK'i'lc iKiuii' .1. SIIIIiiwiii mill I'l'inliiB 
i:. Ihiri'lK niiliRliinlliilly nddi'd to llic 
limn's llilinnvi'iiii'iils. mid sllll Inlor 
Biirh nii-n iiH Henry llnrcravcB and O. 
.1. IniilH ic-nsi'lrssl.v indi'nvorcd to In- 
li-ri-m Ihp |.i-.i|di' nr UiPtovvn In c.'nrriil 
liiiprnM'iiii'iilH. iiiiil did not hmltntr to 
Blinid llH'lr .urn inoiwy In doing so. 
(iiir own lliiii- lins lis .|iioln "f Buch 
1,1111 as liaw l„rn nnliiPrt ; iiipn who 
li.ivr pill iiiniir'> Inin |iiildlc liulldlnRi! 
.iiid mil, r I'nl'TiirlM'B lor IIk- Kood or 
Ilir I'liniiiiiinliy ivllli riill knowlcilcc ol' 
111!' I'lnnni'lal sncrlllrc tlicy were iiiok- 

In IsTl II 1 iMiiilry was cataldlslicd 
In llorkvllli- ililili slioiild linvo liocn 
lii'lillonid In 111! rlninlor dcvntrd to 
hidnstriiB. I In' Uoikvlllc I'onndry 
mid .Maililni- sliop was slarlcd liy Isaai; 
r.ollon of ■li'iiv llaiili'. lointcd near 
111.' l,ni:nnB|,i,.l rallrnml In the north- 
,a8lil'n part ,r a sielloli. afti'miirds 
nill.'d Sill's r.. 1:1, .11. II "iiB i.|.ilPi..'i 
ullli a blaBl liirnnc.. for moulding, 
lall.i-B and all ippllnmcs for iiiuchlnc 
«o. k. After o;.eriillnB It nlioiit a 
.M-ar .Mr. Ilollon B.ilil tlie fniindry to 
iBiiai- .Mcl'ajldln, whii was rondin-llni.' 
11 When II WHS d.slri.yed l.y fire In 
1S77. Mr. M.l'iiddin llien moved tho 
iii.ielilne aliop lo east illilo street In- 
to a bnllillnL- ereil.d where Daniel 
Chonkwiler now resld.'B. l.nier he 
moved the iiinthlnery tn a building on 
Vnnkec sir. el. Mr. .Mcl'nddin made a 
great finnnelnl sairlfl.c In this ontcr- 
prlse. like many aitenipts to 
biilld np ih.' town, not cneourag- 
e.l by (iiir people as II deserved. 

Abont the only thing Ihe pcoplo of 
lloekvlllc ever did wllh Rpontanlcty 
jind nnnnlnilly was lo plant trees. How 
llipy eame In do II. and bow tho trees 
linppened to llvo ibrongh the rnvages 
of I'lwn cows, horses, bogs and Indls- 
erlnilnalo live stoik Hint roamed the 
SI reels. Is a mystery Ibat would pnzzlc 
Ihe seven wise men: hut llio trees liv- 
id. It never oicnried lo the people 
who planteil tlioBe ireeB, and then for 
Bivi'ial years kepi theiii hoxcd; who 
nialnlalnod plg-llglit. bull-strong, and 
imile-blgh fenr.B, Ibat n simpler and 
more effleailmls thing would bo to 
prnblhll alork from roaming tho 
HireelB. Not ev,.n the boldost Ulna 
nnnhl hove suL'g.'Sled sinh a thing 
then. Twenlyfivo years after the 
trees were plnnlod It look u bitter 
right and II town eleellon to aci'om- 
pllsli ihiK reiorm. Who dneBu't reeall 
the •■widow's cow" so sobblngly set 
lortli by the reai-llnnarleB who oppos- 
ed the slock lawV It rei|nlrcd the 
Kimimnry nclinn of a vlgllnneo com- 
lllltli-e lo do away wllh the last of the 
old shed awnings that illsfigiircd tho 
I'ublli- Ri|iiare, not so many years ago, 

1 II her. 

The rirBl noliible ilapi-iivoinent was 
grading and gnivelinc ihe pnbllc 
sipiare; but ll « as 8e\en years before 
Ihe four Bidi'S were graveled. It was 
•J., years laler Hint Iho principal 
HireelB were graveled; but In this 
iiise It should be renieinbered that the 
people of llorkvllle at that time worn 
paying taxes on eiery gravel road that 
entered the Inwii. The a.nie of folly 
was perpi'lrated for a iiuarler of a cen- 
tury In the building of side-walks. A 
few people of I heir own accord put 
down brl.-k, laying tliein In sand, 
more people iiimle gravel side walks: 
bill along In Iho icventlcB tho town 
board paRBed an ordinance reiinlrlng 
all side walks to bo linllt with oak 
plank eight Inches wide, and of sl\ 
lilanki In the built-up part of town. 

1 short, anil 
for nearly twenty years enough lum- 
1 er was wasted on these walks to pay 
lor the permanent system that was at 
last adopted. And even then the pav- 
ing brick spiiirieil for side walks 
have been leplaced In iiiOBt parts of 
town with coniTcle. 
•|'"enty-rlve yeai-s „ 

swinging It Inward. Tlio pioperty 
owner arose next morning and pro- 
leeded to replace bis gate, swinging 
lis liefore. .Vnd the man who bad torn 
II loose went on home, opening Ills 
own gale, swinging II tho self-Bame 
way. iintcBS It happened to bo open 
and iiiroBS the side walk In tho man- 

y bouse ner of the offending gate he had torn 

fence. A from Its hinges. 

.\arii gale permitted Ingress and 
iS. and every one of those gates b.v 
iilwnrd! Not o man In town 

ivement over aecompUshed 
n. not even tho beantlful 
lights that now adorn the pnli- 

tbougbt of the simple expedient He siiuare. ever afforded the pride and 

vinging bis gate Inward to pre- 
nt it from injuring belated pedcS' 

pleasure that enino with tho first 
street lights. It was In 1870 that 


ever came to Ihe public Bipiare alone 
al lilghl. and linl oflen in day time. 
.\ story al.oiit the first street liglilB 
« ill he rei lied by all obi lliiierB. One 
of Ihe town drunkards, coming homo 
from a spree In Terro llnuto. Blagger- 
Ing along Ihe Btreet from the old depot, 
iiime up to one of Ihe now Btreet 
lamps erei-ted during his nbBence. 
Ome It biio happened Ibat a erony In 
a Kimlbir eoiidlllon had iKlarded the 
iruin for lOvansvllle lUBleiid of the one 
lor lloi'kvllle, anil was thus landed 
anil stranded at the soulhern inBtead 
of Iho northern tennlnus of tho rail- 
road. When our Inebriated follow 
clll/.en saw the street lamp nt the 
Stryker i-orner. be bucked away, and 
gaxed at It for some lliiic. Then ho 
lemarked— "In Kvansvllle, by (1— d." 

This plan of llgbllng the streels did 
nol last long— perbapB two years. Tlieii 
there was nil Inlervnl of time when 
we had no street llgbls. at Ihe end of 
whlih time a rniiud lamp wideh burn- 
ed kerosene was liislltllted ; then gnso- 
llne wiiB again lis, d. running until l.siil 
when Sylvanns .Moore put in a syB- 
lem of I'leetrlc llgbls. .Mr. .Moore was 
suceeided liy Iho llockvllle Kleilrlc 
Light <"o.. a private eorporatlon. whlrli 
had lis plain on ground now occiipled 
by Iho (Irahaiiil.uney l.uinlier Co. A 
llnikvllle Byudlialr bought It, tmt did 
hot opeiiite It long. This eonipiiny 
sold Ihe plant lo the town Itlio nsiinl 
kick at Ihe action of the town board 
following) and for fifteen years It has 
bren nnder miinli'lpal eonlrol. 

About 1.S7II Ihe town Imard derided 
lo prohibit bogs from roaming the 
slreelB. TlliB prohibition afterwards 
e.xlended lo cows, but neither hogs nor 
eowB were prevented from running nt 
large very long, .\fter a few months 
the "siray pen" was abandoned, owing 
lo abuses ItiBeparatile from tho sys. 
tem. Mvery boy who brought a hog or 
a cow to the Bliay pen received ten 
cents. Tho teinptallon to o|>on cow 


n. niTRKR. RorKVTLLE. 

trians who on dark nights bumped In- 
to a gate or two swinging out over lie 
sidewalk. Kven when tho pedestrian 
In Ills rago would tear tho gate from 
lis hinges and throw It Into the 
strcot, no hint was taken that tho 
gate inltfht bo rentfcrod barmlest by 

gasoline Inmpii on posts at each street 
loriier were Installed. Tliese lainns 
reBoiiibled Ihe go» lights of cities, and 
the light they gave was In great con- 
trast lo nono nt all. Ilofore that time 
nearly every man who eaino up town 
at night carried a lantern. No woman 

loiB and |iig pens was too great for llio 
average llockvllle boy of that period 
to resist. Instances oeenrred of boys 
turning Ihelr own hogs and cows 
looBo for Boiiie other boy to take to 
the stray pen ond then divide the 
money. He simply took chnncea on 



I. in lllHlM' 'III 

III Ih.' KiM 
»IIH l'lM|..'ll <ll 

iliMI'iill liir I 

hlH IHIlt 111 llll 

..1 ..IM-..1 •• "' '!"■ 

,, ,11,11, ■ III »nrl. II a. i:>'-i>- Bliiro liiiil 

|„n,, .V.....I.M, ^llllll.•l« wlilih vv.r,. re- 
lli:liili"l.> pill I" ll""l ■•'' «i"il"«» '->• 

,,i iilulil iiiMl I .rli.ii''l) liik.u .l"iMi 

,.;,,•,■ iiM.itiui.:. A »l..i-.- ■■^•■> iviii. " 

I.U l„ii»» iiliiilr 11 i""l I""- l-.f luo- 

|.,.l ml.- M.'Uhl. Til,- ,l|.|.oan>lwr o! 

III.' Kl.M'.M ."1 Siiii.lii.1.1 "im Kimiiiiy 
inlil ja'ciilliir Tli'-y lik,' lliry 

hiiil nil 1 11 lin^irilril ii|. '.ml iuIkIH 

„,.i.T l... .11" li-.! "Mill, rur ..Illy ll'i"',-> 

»l ..• I'' " " i"nl-'il I'l'IIV 

ui.ulil I'.' nil iin'i;i':"iiH » li.'tl lliu wl.i- 

iliinii »ir.' Hi Ir.nd'il. At ninl. 

,.. , ' . .1,,. r-.l.M, ;,i",« l.ri.l horn 

ilrliin.iiiy, "l' ill n I'll: |.nllll.'lll ili'ii.- 
.Illhll'.ltl.llll li"' ^i.■lll WHS limiilliiiL-. 

II. .ur .ir .' II.'.. M.iul.l 1.1' i.liK.'il 111 

III'- nliiil.iwK ..f 11,.' Hiiiii-n. mill 111 "-v- 
,iy wIliil.iK ..r 111" .llll lOiirt liniim'. 
iii'iklim III. .-"llll li""^'' yi'iil 'iii't 
fill. IN liB il.-lll UK ilii'. rspiTlully 
wli'ii 111.. I'i,; I'lHillns ..r liir l.iiird.^ 

iHiil I'. Is l'.'\''ii ui'ii' 111 lli.'lr hlu-lil. 

lliillH .11 .-Jliill.'."!.:; wi.ikrd 111 liiri'rll- 
llTii i.'iiil.l I'.' llH.uMi III llll- iilr. ••roi.a- 
lii^' I'lii'li mil, 1' 111 ilii'ir riklii Ilk.' 

1, .1,111.1, i.i"lill.lllii„- llv,. hlork fr.iii. ,.l 1.1 Ih, r,i»i t.i..r..l .ii.l'T li'siicil liy I'lipliilii ll'irn-y. AfLTW iir.U (hg 

iiiiiiihiK 111 li.lL-'. I.c^iili in ;;'illi'.|- hiiiil. 111...:. A. II. r .Ill.-.i «.'i<- pi.-wiil . iimIi.i ' liiililliiu II..' ».■. , I.,-! 

Ml... IVii .M'.iii. I...r..r.' th.i'- llin I'.'liili.l. 1 K llM-iii 11 n.ii.iiill llll nl 111.' ki-iho of 111.' I.igi iini.M.i- •. 

l..i:Kl..liir.' i.iis»..,l ll» (iiHl Hti..k li\\v. . I. ...11111.111. ol.l.h 111.1 111 111.- .Vullniiiil I. il Mii« nrtiiplr.l. rmil (I... r, ,,il i.r 

I'.il ii liii.l 11.1 . n.'.l In lio'kvlll... Willi.' Imik l.iiil.lliii: ivlii'ic l.oii.iii.'ln iiml II"' Iniily ..r I'npliilii 'I'llu i A. 

Ih,' ,liK.iiM.l.iii WMK .11 Mhllo li.iil. Cnp. lu.iill.i. »,ii' iiiii.l.'. Tl.o <i.l 111.'.' ll..iviir.l 111.- i,r.iri'! of'i, iiii.l 

mill .h.liii -I', iiiiupli.'ii 1.11,. iiowii liiK i.,ll.i,iB.. r.ipi. w. \V. .M.-rmi.', i' .llizoin li..iiil...l l.y ii... i.nii.l (ivi.i.ii 

yiinl IViir.. 1111,1 iiiiiioiiiii.rrt ll.i.l lie r. l). Ailiii..H.'ii, .I..1.11 liliiiv..r. \ nliMiyn pl.iy.-.l n riiii..nil illiK.'l iiinnli. 

«,.ni.l |.ii.«..'iil.' 111.' oiiiiri- ..r uiiy mil- rri.niilni;. Mm. Il.i«.' Ilriiri-, Mik. . il Ir.iiii llin .-.'iiii l.-ry In llir uriiv.. (if 

mill Hull li-1-...pi.-H...I .111 lilH iHiipciiy. Aiiiil.. Iiiini.i.l. .MImkik Miiilii ,vir,ln, rii|iiiiln lloimr.l, nt 111.. ii|i| llmvurd 

K.niiK | nUn ii.ii.nvril Ills ri'lir.-, M. .\l. Si.illli, lliilllu N. Ilni:,.|», IVII.lii I'iiimp. ivlii'io llu' nililli'iiri' wns illi. 

1.111 III. I "t;.i llll.. wliol,. line" iiM llip .V, 111,..., i.u/1.. II. imr.', .Miiry .Moui-li- iiilKw.d wlili iKnodLllnn. 

I iii'iiilii .llll. .Ml-. 11,.,.1,'y I'l-i-ci.d 1 ;i .'. .Mnry I'l'Hi. H "i" mmiy yi'nin iiriiT ilio wiir lio. 

Hill ill r.'ii.'. nil.. Ill I.M lii.liPK IiIkIi— lliiluy Brnlliii- pn'\Piilo,l tlw- oxer- f.iro I miiv n rinii dl.plnyrd ..ii d.'r.irn. 

ii.T.'ly 111 iiinik ill. |.riii..-riy Hup. Hi- . Lo-h .■i-oin IipIiik li.-l.t nt llin ciiidcry linn dny iH-yond lli.. oii<- inll.'ml l.nii- 

1 rliniiL-o 80 :i'i Snniidiiy m. niltliinlly iiliiiinpil. lull lipr or tlin i::d liullniin, wlilr riip.-d 

l.pllii; (Iniii- II corillir.- In llip r.-porl In llii- Hiirk- wllli ii..|i,.. „„, cnrrlPd ill Hip I d i.f 

Ihr prni.'hBloii. || „a, iml cnn.lil.'ii'd 
11 lliiip lor dl«i'loy or flni:« or liunlliiK. 
" ""■ more Ilkp n boIp uncrul ms 

l.llTll lluhl pi-n.-.'.vsi.ilis piii:id.''l till. 
i>li....|s .11- 111.11 ..11 liiirHL- 
111.-;, .11.11 riirryliii; n riilii.'.^p l.iiiipiii. 
■n... I'll., I iir silili ;' pin I'KKlnli wns 
1','miill'iil liii|,','il. 

T .si 111 HlllI'lll.T lil"''. Ill,' Ill's 

111 il.iv Hill.', mill lii.i.'.'iiillns nl lilitlil, 
iMi.- mini, ral.l.'. |-Iy l.nisli.s nr p,'n. 
MM'k PnlliiTi.. ,.1' i.r I'np.'i- on n sllik 
I'lid In III' iM'lI'li'.l l.y snlilp 111,'llil'Pr or 

II.. l.ili.lly 111 nl li Kilnlly 

llu' 1,..., wli.i wns dPI ill.'ll 
m duly until r.-ll.'vi'd liy nli.iHi- 
n-. Ill' nil II,.' tnsks of lllosp .Inys 

II. wiih luii'd.T to n liiiupry l.ny llinu 

k.'.'i.liit ii\Mi> Hip fills wlillp llin ri si 
lit 111,' Iniiiily «,i-,- .nllui;. Yi'ura iif- 

i.nim.n'lll., li,.l, llinilL-llt of tllP sllll- 

pl.' i\p..ll. Ill nt inrkliiL- It n.ioss 
ilinii'K nii.l Mlli.l'.os. |.'ly s. rrPlls ni'.' 
11 ,-..... u.-w llihli: In Knrk- 
>lll.' I'li.'lr lis.' hns iinl I iiiil. 

rilh- l!ri,„l,liiiiii or .Mine :;, "tlic lit- 
l.'iiilnnrp ivns Ini'tp, mill pveiylliluij 
. niitip.'lpil with tlip pxercisps pnsiird 
olt hi a iiinnti.T lili:lily L'rnllfylili.' to 
nil pi-cBi'Ut. I>r. J. .M. Unrc lead on 

ciiBloii than It i-niiir to tio Inter. 

Cnplnlli Uporite Harvey anti run- 
tain l-'rpricrlck Am roiiiniaiutpd Hit- 
two pnuipaules or I'nrkc t'oiililv vollili* 
tecra In the -list Indiana. Am nui 

111 I'll 



ll;id In I',- dilslPil ,'.iiismMI- 
ly. II wns 111,1 111,111 nl'nill ISTI Hint 

n sli I spriiikh-r wns iis",l In Uo,-k. 

>IN,- iin,l II only "11 llu. ii.irlh side 

mill n slu.rl spnr.- nii Hi., pnsl. Thla 
sprliikh-r w,is .1 Inn-,- l.ns.|ii.ikiiiE nf- ihawii l.y II I, ink- ti'niii ilrhrn by 
^■|lU1ll, I Ki'Uiiinn. n well known coi- 
on-d i: nil, who hniil,-,! wntcr from the 
minrv p,,iMl. Ariprwnids Ihn Mp- 
.V,.rl.,ii lli,ill,,.|B innk tlip ,oulrn,t for 
'I'l Illll-- llll'l Kr,':lHy P.Ml'lllh'd Hi 

iii.'.i. |.i..vl,lliic Ih.'iusplvps Willi an 



l^vi H„. Vonilnlla rallionrt 
Muiipmiy IhiiikIiI Hip .Inlii.s lilnss 
|i.i|..ily iiinw i>wii..d l.y T. I'. i;aph- 
hr. mill I'lilll .It Hint plnio nil iiiitn- 
dm,, simlnii. a pnil I.r iililch sli.,,.l 111 
VhKlul.i R|,..o|. .\., |,„s l.p. „ ,.,.„i,. . 
il»..«li..rp, tlip Inwu Isinid hn.l— wllli- 
iiiit (-1 I'M rniisiilHui: the propprty own- 
iis oil Hint sirppt -i;inril,-,l tho I.. V. 
t S. W. rallrnnd n rlKlit-or-wny. In 
l-o-il Hip slnllnn uinioil to lis 
I'l'.'s.'lit slip and Hip trnrl< reiuoipd. 
All linhl'iil. whlrh should linvp hepn 
rPh.lPrt 111 Hip rhiipl'T on I'nllths will 

•"" iiHoiiPd In iTOiipplInn wllh thp 

liploiin rnllr.'n'l slmlou. It wns at 
Hint phipp In ihp 'niiipnlKu or 1SS| 
Hull lli'ii.inl II. \: Uiillpr, llipn the 
Niillniuil (ir.'iil.ii'k for 

I' i,,n,lp n sp, h. A larKP 

ilnwd was pr.K.iit and n« Ihp train 

'Ull.'.l In Hip npiia lions., hand I'hiyp.l 

■I'liayiiap lliill.ra Coiiilnc to Town." 

In Hip rnrly iilnetlps tho liiovcinent 

Ill.'ll a Hii.p. II wns nlsn d.rhh'd 

111 nil .'l...'lloii. hill no K.'iu'rnl s.isl.'in 
nl w.,l,'r supply wns piil In until i:him. 
.V slinri whll,. I.pfnri' Hint tliiip mains 
11, 'IP laid ar.inn.l tlip piihll,. apiarP 
Irniii Hip piiiiipln:: sinll.iii lit a dipo 
will I'll Hi.' town's properly npar the 
i.|..Hlr llel.t pliiut. In atlciiipllnt; to 
lill.l wnlPV Hip I'Ouid put down a niliii. 
I..r of lisi w.'llB In \nrlniiR plan's, hut 
111,11.. developp.l ail adc.iiiat,! Biipply. 
I'lmiUy ft 8:i oil piece of Rroimd wna 
I "iiKht In l.Hlle Uaicnon vnllpy. where 
til,, wnipr Biiinily was known to ho 
i"l,-,|iinlp ami ninlna laid frniu tliprc to 
a pnrlhni of Ihp In i ii. .>;|urp Hint lluic 
I'lhlllltinal iiialns hatp hipn lal.l, and 
linw iilii.npt Ihp'pulirp town has an 
rhn.hiii.p of 111.. Iipst of water and ndc- 
.iinip Hip pr.ili'rllon. 

I'.iitr ypaiH a:;., aniiio of Hie strcrta 
w.'i'.. diirliiK Hie siiuinier aa on 
. \|,, . liiipiil. It |,rove.l not only ft 
lioo.t aiill-iluRt lupaRiirc, hut It Kreatly 
l..i|iiin..d Hie Birocls. ITn.tli'ally nil 
the striM'tB ore now oiled : n apeelftl ns- 
sPBBUiPnt iifialnal the property bCDC- 
lltpd pr.ivldea the revenue. 

lIltST llKC'Oa.VTIO.-V PAY. 

At a iiipplln)! hPhI In the i-ourt 
liniisp May Jl, Im;m, ••poniniltlppa were 
ni.p.ilnlPil lo iiinko nrrmii;piiiPiilB In 
.1. nlp 111.' KHivps of .le.eiiBed sol- 
di. ts. nn S.indny. May 'JP, In cniii- 
pllnnre with Hie onler of tlio i-oni- 
uinndpr-ln-phlpf nf tho (Irand Army of 
llip llppiilillr." 

11 will hp ohsprvpd tliat Hip almvp la 
PiiiBiianl to an "nrdpr of Hie i-oiiiuuind. 
I r or Hip lirniid Army or Hie Ilppuhll.'." 
.iiid as Hip day wna apt nparl In IKi'.w, 

It la probahio that lt"ckvlllo rcapond 

"itirlniil iioeiii. both nppropriato nii.l 
|utr|..tlc. In which he paid a beautiful 
Irlhiite 10 the soldiery— llvlni: ami 
d,nd. Next followrd uiiial,. by tho 
l;,i,kvlllp brasH band, after whlrh 
And r. \n.ltp nddrpBSPd the an- 
dlPiiPP In a RiK.p.h or al'Oiit forty liiln- 
iil.B. al'O.iniUnR 111 hpiiuly, elCKntu-e 
and piiHios." 

As I rpiiipmhpr thia occnainn the px- 
on IRPR were hPld nt the crave of ('apt. 
(;.-.>rKP lliirvpy. wh„ wnR the rirst r"I- 
dk-r nf the Civil war klll.'.l In l.attln 
and t.iirlp.l In the Itorkvllle reiuelery. 
I'ji.h year Hip esenlaea at Ihp ceiiio- 
tcry wprc condiirted at tho grave of 

pioiiiote.1 Major nt ttio orKnnlr.nlp.n 
of the regiment; both were killed nt 
the annie hour. Their hodlra wero 
hroiik-ht home, and hurlp.l with nilM- 
inry and rlvh- lionore, that of .MaJ.T 

at Mooter. 



thosp L-allalit ofrieera i-allaed linl- 
vprsnl Borrow. .Major Arn had JiiBl 
lirndiiated at the Inlverally of Mich- 
igan when he volunteered, faptain 
Harvey left a ymniK wife and three 
ililldren. tho oldest four yenra, the 
yoiiniiPBt a baby, when ho rcapnnde.1 
lo the call of Ilia country and died 
heroically on the "dark nnd dfnbtful 
field o( Ktalloh." 



A I, I.I 


I'l.lly nr filly yi'nm liKO llorkvlllo 
vm I'V Mil iiM'iiliH a iliill place surlnlly. 
1 , <,|,l.' war nillih llioio lliclllira low- 
,iriln iMliiKlIni; IhillHcrlnilnati'ly wllli 
I lirli Dllirr I lain lla-y alv now. Hoi'lal 
lllr wax liol illvlili'd lllln hu ninny 
,l|.,n,i. niKl ra.llnilR an II noic l«. 

,Mli-r Iho c<nH|.lilli.n ..f Innli. linll 

In ISTI, «l r Kciimin wan rnllv. 

I mil Hllli n.nny -.nll.-i. Iiojih," nn rail- 
<i, l.|.r:in»i> II «a« ,'X|m'iI.iI IIiiiI llir' 
mill.',. »nnlil only i„llrn« 
In null I' I" Hliniv llinl III'" cliui.iii WIT.' 
Iir.l .'V.lll-Jvn nri'nIiK. A llllli- InKT 
III.. "Illani.ui.l ll:ill.lliK •■|nl." wan nr- 
..nnl/.i'il mill a ilniii Iiik in mliT cmi.l.i.v- 
..I In flv.. l.'Ksni.M III III.' H-ii.Kl.nnaii 
11 M:iin ..r yntiiiL- p.'' .inli-k- 

Iv li. ra i.'nri.'l.'iil In nil llii- li.'w 

liani'.i. nr llin ilny, as ivrll an Ini- ol.l-i- 
,an..ii. Al III.- lonclllHlnn ..f cvoiy 
«. rl.'i. lit I. will..! a L-rinil liiill wniil.l 
In L-lvnii. Nalinnal linll « ii» Ihf .wn.- 
of III.' Iihin.nnil .liili's ilnn.oi.. When 
III.' rir»l np.-ni hnn.'..' wan Inlllt llin 


llclil. JllHl I.iIkIiI I'll 

null In fiv.' 111.'. 1 

In 1. Ill- nii.H.'lvi'M away; tint hail lo il.i 

In llin iirilly ilr.'rts 

H. nu.l on th.' 

no Jiim an Ihi' nmni frnw lirllllnni Willi 

KlnL-o ■roilli-'K Orrhm 

Il'n. j.rn.ln.'lnr; rt.'- 

llio iK-nliiR n.'llvllli'B. W'o urn Inlrt. 

IIkIiKiiI Klralim i,( >. 

nri, Inw iinmli'. 11 

I.owi vrp, llnll llin nijoynirnt oycn ex- 

waa like n llllln ».■ 

Hnn of fairy. laliil 

r.'oil.'tl Hip rl.'li proniliic of Iho oppii- 

Ill ilmvn lllln lllo i 

ilililli- nf a linll 

liiK. Tin- IVmovprlnu l-;i«'it arc rnr- 

1 riwnl.' w..rlil. It. 

KliloH llir linHlH, 

iiilnly In l.p I'onKrntiilnlcil. Tlipy am 

Inoio h;ir an ami.' 

nf |.rnfi'ii»lnnal 

l.ank Whlio. Krank Xlclinln, Krank 

nil apl.-nillil .■ Tim Wallni-p 
SlHlirn mid Mil- llavla family "inn.!.'" 
II..<livllln. 'I'lin lall.'l' liinl a liirea 
rninil l.anil. nil Ihi' Innlriimrnln hi'tnn 
plnyi'il l.y Iho ilniiu'lili'm Willi Ilin c^. 
i.'piinn nf Inl.a. for wliMi, prnvUion- 
llally, Ihorn wiia a "on. Wi> nliin liaU 
In.lni'oii In llinii.' dayii liy i.ncll ln"n nn 

III KM Inio Ilia ninniond iliil.. wire nr- 
KMilz.d Inin a rhiKK. wlilrli was also 
Jnln.'d liy iiioml.i'rH of Hip old |i|:iiii..n'l 
iliili. .Many nolalilo linlla wprp Rlvpn 
In lllln nppra Iioiihp. 

In liic Inii' K.'ViiillPH and parly 
I'k'iiil. « 111.' Indli'H kppi •oi.cii lioimi''- .N.'w \pa. a day. Iroin mlprnnnn 
mil II Inip at iilclit ipi'ilvinc pnrlli'ii 
ml. niilni'.l i:i'iil| nilli-rB. I'lii' pnp.'m wiiiild prini Ilin iiann'a m 
III.' ladliK Willi would r.r.'ln' ul llii' 

i.'hi.l.' H hPI apart. Karll pirly 

I.II-.III' III oiililn III.' olhor In di. nr- 
Ml hum aii.l ri'r.PNlnii.'nlB, and lac coa- 
Inln.a' ol Hi.' ladlm »pru tlic snliji-i'l 
n. d.«crlptl..ii In llip ncwBpap.r rp. 
jnim. Tup liardpHt Jnl.8 of ipporiini; 
I Inivp Iniil In all my ex- 
jn'rli'ii.-i' wpre la ponncctlon with 
Ham.' Inn.'llons. Only oiio >ii°» <" 
lawn had adjp.llipa pnoiish at his 
innni.nnd In ept all amnnd nUliont 
too niiicli rp|K:Htlon. That wns John 
llpiiilli'. n ho, wlipn he ran out of Kng- 
IIhIi fnipprlaHrpB coiil.l draw on his 
riiiid nf tlrppk, l-allh, or rrenili. of 
innrHP dilp nllnwiiiu-c intint he iiia.le 
for Hip cypB and B.nups of yoiilli. Init 
I iiin Btirp that iiow-liprc, before or 
kIii'-p, cunld be seen bo many henntl- 
fnl Indlpi'. so l.pionilntly attired, as 
Krai'i'd Hinsp "oppn hoiiflc" pnrtlPB In 
Ihp l>y.K..ii.' days of llo.kvlllp. 

In IS-sii Hie KpntlPliipn promised 
Ihiil at I 111. ne.M Ipnp year they woiiM 
ke.'p ni.en liniisp f.>r the hi.ll.a: hill 
wh.n IS-.! roll.'d nronnil only a Biinill nf HmHP who liii.l prnniliied In 
r.'liirn Hi.- h.i»pllnllly s.. oflPii pxlenil- 
I'll In Ha in hy the IndliB. hn>l Kal- 
lanlry Blifflclenl to do so. 

Tlipflo yoiiiiR gpntlcinen were refer- 
red to by 7(11' Trlhinir m the "I'crsc- 
verliiK I'.lu'lit." The ncioiint of tho af- 
fair Ih here Riven : 

"Xpver. ilncp we first saw n New 
Ypiiib. did wp see It inorp plefanlly 
Kept than nt Hie opera hoime Tne.s- 
diiy. A IniKP niiniber of yonnK rpii- 
Hpiiipn. nrllnR In riMiierl with the 
lilniiionil null, dilprinlnpd lo koep 
nii'ii honpe. and IndiilKe In a donee 
oflirwarilBI but the lipurls of aereral 
fnllp.1 Iheiii and Hie orlk'lniil plan 
«'iiB dropped. KIcht of the nnniher 
Ihi n went on and fairly outdid tliein- 
aelvPB In the heniily of the ndnrnineniR 
and the elepnnt manner In whirh lliey 
rnlerlnlnert the liidlrs. Wo dropppd 
In at I p. III., ami this In what uc saw : 
"A central pyrninlil of IminenRP 
pkinla and flowers. RivlnR vprnal 
l.pnnly 10 Ihe pftr.iiiette: around It Iti 
hnrse.ahoe order the little tnhlea nt 
wlilrli Rronjis nf ladles wero slttlnR 
lit rl.'h pnlhillnnB. walte.l upon hy tho 
goniloumnly hoala; over all, tho aoft 





wallers to ninke II pleasant. Mr. Then, 
rl.pck iianaulnR this part of Hic work. 
We shall not attempt to ilpscrlbp the 
. iiaRto plPRanco of the tables and their 
adornnipnts. (wo are not np to th:it 
a..rt of thlni-M bnt the llRht cnkp. the 
nniber-.'olorPil I'offpp. changed to a 
pnlc phocnlate hue by pure cream. Ihe 
rich 11*08, the Jnley ineaia and buns — 

»»inc:«CE or t. u. joiiita, (ocktiixi:. 

Stevenson. Will Nelson, Will Carlisle, 
Will llenkel. Charley Stevenson and 
ileorico liiiyd." 

rrofessinnal t^leiltr|paI performnnees 
were unknown In lloekvlllc until the 
billldln;: of the Nallnnal hull. Then 
Boiif* very go*iil perforniances were 
itivcn there. It was tho cnstoin In 


■ •III luaii liJUR 



all, wo roi/W BPiircclalo them. Tho 
lollies present nro certainly to bo eon- 
ftratiilatPd on the liarinony between 
their .'OBtiimes and the lluliHnR of tho for, thoiiRh wo could not tell 
« hat they had on. va know they look- 
ed lovely. Kvon before night tho 
music was chnniiInK to livelier strains 
and the Impatient yonllis were cnxag- 
Ing In a fow ontra Wo hated 

those days for such actors oa V. 0. 
White. I'rcd Me.Vdo, Alf. Ilnrnett, and 
other men of talent who would not 
play In tho laritor comiinnlen becaiiso 
ihey could not have the latitude Hiey 
demanded, to travel with tholr own 
I'ompanles. Kaeli ono of tho aboro 
artists remitarly canio to Itoikvlllo. 
sometimes ronialnlnir a week and al- 
ways having gooil hoiiaoi. Tlioy wora 

Theodore Tlllon. .Tosh IHIllnRs and 
Hob lliirdelte. 

.Vmolenr drninatli' eompanles frnni 
time to tinio assayed iierforinnnrcs. 
The first In my rc-ollectlon. and the 
first of which there Is record, was or- 
ROnl/.pd lo Rive entcrlnlnmcnls for the 
IMiriKise of riilRliiR funds for tho band 
oritanlr.ed In )Na>. This cmipany put 
on llio Itevoliillonnry ilranin, "llorso 
Shoo llohlnsnn." It rcinlrcd a larRo 
• nst with both Aiiierl.nn and llrlilsh 
aoldlerB. There was no Bingo of any 
kind In the Iowa, hut Iniiibcr was 
plenty and clioiip; so a tempnrary 
BinRe wan built In tho old court hoilsn 
where tho performaneo was given ond 
repealed to crowded tionsea. 

After Washington ball and National 
liall wero bnllt, many dramatic enter- 
lalnnients and eoiicerla wero gIvoD. 
One company which played "Ton 
Nights In a Ilor llooin" had a remark- 
obly Btping cost — Captain John II. 
Kowd. Joseph Ihlnl, Frank Howard, 
.Maurli'o Cochran, llnbert (llllniii. liav- 
lil NtroUHC, .MIns .MnRRlo KIrkpntrIck, 
.Miss Julia Hughes. .Mlsn l/iicy Allen, 
.MIbb Jessie .Mnlhallcn and Miss ICffIn 
Noel, tho latter a little girl at tho 
time. When tho now opera house was 
bnllt a play colled "Tho (/nloi» Spi/," 
put on under tho direction and with 
tho asBletanco of two professlonol ac- 
tors. Included about fifty of our ama- 
teurs, and ran for a week with big 
aiidlrnces every night. Theodore V. 
flacbler organlT-eU a company soon af- 
ter the Ojiora honso was built an.l put 
on "Tlir Orlnrnnn." It was folhiwcd by 
an extravaganza called "Kino AtfrM," 
which Mr. llaehlor and Kronk O. 
Wlilto adapted from a biirloaQua print- 


,d In /Mr/ 


.l/ii|/u;i"i-. Thla pro- 
Jxu ulviii 111 rllntoii. 
c noliibli' nitoiluln- 
Klvi'ii lit Nulluiml lijiM nt 


In IS 

nil III nilHi' I'linilii I'nr Mil' iil>|ii'Oii< 
Ci'iili'iihliil. Niilnrnlly U Ui'pli'i 
olnlliiliiiry iliijii. KninoiiB lilBli 


mud : 



hiiolliH vvcii' 8i't npnrt for rclli'B, In- 
illiiiiH. rorliiiK* toltliik', elf., nnd sceiicti 
liniii Aliiirliiin hlstniy wore deplcleil 
h.v inlileiillN. rollnwillg wero llic 




inlon -l« 

»"'■ "■ * 





im.on .\ 

h'H. 1'. 





■ I'l 

hiIk — 

.Mr». II. 

'. Iliinnii. 



I' lln 

iililn.i 1 

a|>i. .Iiilin 





r lliiiiilllon. .Mm. 


1'. Ill) 







Ito -11 nf 

11 s 

1 Innle) 




-.lolin . 

. Wnlker. 



0.V— .\ 

m. W. II. lillliiiii. 




vlil sin 





B. W. It. 




niiiK - 

.le»ae 11. 





MiB. A. 

<. Slorli. 


• I.H 


1 ir. W. 






\. r. White. 


I > 


r- II. W 





sllir— Mrs. \V. (1. \ 



I'ocnIionCiiB -Miss Ids Il.ilier. 

il.Mienil I'lilnnni A. T. While. 

KiikIIsIi l.iidy Mrs. \V. U. nveriiiiMi. 

.Inhli lliinriirk .lonepli llilnl. 

I.iiwnn.e LewlB .M. .1. Coelinm. 

I.iiily sill llni:— .Mrs, S. I.. McCnne. 

Iliihen Morris S, I,. Mel '11110. 

.Mrs. Ilolierl .MorriB .Mr». Weed. 

Iliinlel lloiilie I'lipl. .1. T. I'ftliiphell. 

.Mrs. Sedcwlili— Mrs. M. .1. I'oehrnn. 

•SIsiera iif rimrlly— Miss Mnry 
lliilililnaon, .Mrs. \V. \. CnrllBle, MrB. 
.Iiilin Ohiuer. 

I'eii.inill illriB MiKS Niinnle SIdwell. 
Miss riani roffln. Miss Xnnnle nil- 

Sirs. Aniln II. rniiiiihell rend a cen- 
lennhil |»»'iii: While's I'ornet Imnd 
»iiB piesinl, and llie hull »i>s pneked 
for iwo lilKhls. I'roreeils .?l'lll. I" over 

rerliiips the iiinsi elalmrnie enter- 

niln Ill iinilerlnkeii hy lloekvlll.' 

people as well lis the liiosl Slleeessful 
was the •'.Mlllliiry carillvnr' u-lven hy 
ihe lloekvllle l.luhl .Vrllllery ami the 
Mel'iiiie I'ailelB In Its;. I'nielleally 
Hie whole town n'spoiide.l to Ihe eall 
It was held In ihe opera lloilBe fo:- 
ihn'O nluhls. Animn; the relies ex- 
hlhlled In the hiiotli Bel uimrt for tinil 
imrpose were all the Conlederale fl.iKs 
lapiiired liy Indiana reeliiienis diir- 
IPK the war. They were lonn.'il hy the 
Slate lihrarlali. A eniiipetlllve drill lie. 
iwoen Bijiiadji from the .VrtllUry and 
C.idels was a fealure of Ihe fIrBt e>"il- 
Init: Ihe second evnlnn wa> dmoled 

10 Kfaiiil ehoriises from 111 Tn;in/or.'. 
■riif ('1,(111,11 n/ \oriii<:ii(lli nil I oll'.i 
openifl. nnd on llio I'llrd cvenlnp about 
fifty ladles and .;ontloiiirn appeared 
In roBtiimoa deplelln.f styles cS dress 
lit various periods oi' 'Jio •.vorUl'a his* 
rtiry. Ivaeh nilllur;' comimnv 1.4d or. 
er HJiKi after oli 'iii'ensin had leen 
paid, 'riio eoinpa.lies hid hocn ''ipilp- 
pen Willi new iinifor.n.T for the oceas* 
Ion— Mint of the artillery oein ; Ihij 
ie;.'ulailon hliio of Ihe ti. s. Army ot 
that time, while that of tlio PnileU 
was Brey, cut aecordlnn to West 
I'oint reanlaiions. 

'I'he cln'iis was tho .llBtlnctlvo 
aiiiiiBement fealiire of lloekvllle In the 
olil diiyB. .lusl when the flrnt show 
iniiie 10 town is not of reeord. hut llinl 

11 wn« morn llinn slxly-flvc years oro 
Is eermln. "VBnkoo" noblnson, who 

iiime a lollllonall'e was in Kock. 
lie In the laie lorlies. and III his me- 
oils menllniis the fait that ho was 
raiidid at lloekvllle, Indiana on iie- 
lint of laiiiy wcatlier, not talilni: in 

loimh money lo defray ox ses. lie 

so iiientloned Hie "kind'hearted 
imiK (ierliian" who kept tlie livery 
ahle and trusted liliii for Hie |iay- 
enl or Hie hill. A prominent feature 

a little higher onier tliiiii the one giv- 
en ahove, in miisle. lint Its only rccoiii- 
meiidiiHon as lo poetry was Its fliiii- 
|ilh-lly. Kveryliody sang It. I re- 
II eiiiher going along the street, onii 
hearing at leant lour iiersons mil of 
live either singing. wiilBtiing or hiiiii- 
iiilng It. The sorrows of a man who 
was the vicllni of an unfortunate rc- 
seinhhinie. go tlirougli the song, while 

or ilrciis day sixty years ago was the 
inivilahln CIglil or rights that oecilrred 
wiien Ihe ipiestlon or wlio was the 
"lust iiian" waB .sellle.l. ■I'liese shows 
laine overliilid In wagons, ami for sev- 
iriil years hel'ore nillroads were iitll- 
lueil wi re <|iilte elnhonue. I'. T. nar- 
II mil was lien> »llh a big wagon sliow 
In l.silii, exiilhllliig at that lime Tom 
Tliiimh and wire the celehrated mid- 
ills. \an Amhiirg's show In IWiil 
liolight Ihe faliiniiB elephant, llan- 

The eln-iis clowns of those days al- 
wii.1'8 hroiight the popular songs of tlic 

II. sTiiiilKK, anil 
111 J rhoriiB resounds witli what the 
elown would do if he eoiild only have 
a personal eiiioiinler with "The 
l-'eliow That l,ookB I, Ik' .Me." 


iihln'l I Ilk 

eh hli 

1 am undecided ahollt Ihe introduc- 
tion to "I'nt .Miilloy," hut believe It 
I ame In nexi, and at Yankee Uohln- 
son's show. In IsilT. It always ere- 
iiled a smile, when Biing even poorly; 
hut ItB I'li'Bt rendition In the cinils 
WHS received with roar ii|iim roar. Its 

If**" •I' 



I 1 




■:-.'^' if^^ ^V 


■ ll«-:^ 

ttmers—iiut many years havo come 
nnd gone sinec tlio "old clown" gave 
II to lloekvllle. I ean oeo hlin yet, as 
he Blood at Hie edge of the ring, hiB 
robe of motley floHlnE about him, and 
Ills liltle peeked hat t:i his hand. I 
reeollecl how disllnclly the woni 
"hnivo" soundeil in the lino: 
"Mhe winked hiiek at him and nhouled 
■lliavol' " 

I did not know what (iriiro nionnl, 
1 hough I eniigiit on to the i-onneclion 
nnd alco eailght the infection for the 

A ilailiig young iniin on ihe flying 
Ills inovi'ineii'lB were unieeml, all girls 
Anil my love purloined away," 
rntemiiorary with Ihe "Flylnn 
Trap.'i-.e" wero "Shoo I'ly' and "Cap- 
taln .lenka," though neltiier of tliciii 
was sung hire In a rlrciis. In fail, 
along In ISllli, there s'eiiis to havu 
been a surfeit of popular nielodlcB, for 
In aoditlon to the three Just nielitlon- 
ed, the "lllg Silnriower" eaiiio In for a 
share of |tliblio pat-onage. Tlieae 
songs swayed the public mind so that 
tiroiigh tliey wero not the prodiietlons 
of elowns, 1 give tliein a idaeo witli 
the others, I recall an Instanco which 
will show bow higiiiy they wero ap- 
preciated : i''red ,MeAvoy, an old ac- 
tor who nseil to come to lloekvllle, 
waa going lo give a pcrfominneo oiio 
night, and. In ordor lo advorllso it, 
he hired the band to go around town 
In the 'iais, playing, I'art ot the band 

being eo osed iif ai'hool boya, a iiiIb- 

ihlevoiis Inatlnel prompted tlioiu to 
slop In front of the old brick aoniln- 
ary and piay "Shoo l-'ly," The result 
i-an be Imagined. At oneo there wiia 
a general staiiipedo for the windowa, 
the writer feeling heod ami ahiiuldcra 
above Ihe rest liecaiiae he linil tliroo 
hroliiers In the band. The Inaplrlng 
sirains of "Shoo V\y," Ita allegro 
niovemenlB and general martbil Bound, 
caused a great cominotlon, but when 
Hie hoys drove off to the swinging il-8 
cadences of "I'apt. ,lenks," all study- 
ing for that day waa done and tlio 
lench.^r was eoiii|irlled lo dlstiilas the 

ileorge A. Iluff'a show enmo In the 
Slim. I ir of INTii, and with It the 
•'l.lttie Itrown .lug," a piece thai 
was vigorously sung for a year or an 
and then lorgolleii or dineanled for 

lO'.SlliKMK. iiF r. It. 

period. Tiiese clowns wero generally 
loinedlans of high order, such men as 
•Vaiikee" Koblnson, Han llieo and 
John ixjwlow, all of whom havo been 
in Uockvllle with old time rlrrnses. 
The first clown Bong I dislinetly 
remember was a rollicking duty, de- 
pleting the exploits of a fresh Uor- 
man who wad.^d through a free-fur-ali 
figlit to a bizarre iici-ompanlanient b.\* 
the hand. The Bong was an indiffor- 
ent eoiiiposltion, but it created a groat 
cheering, and must have been extreme- 
ly ludicrous. Tlio words ran: 
■'Piinebeil one man with n great big 





ilher man 
hrick, elc." 
Tha next siioiv brniiRlit a song 
wblcli atayoil a long tlmo. It was or 

uhnipi ending, to B lively Inlerluile by 
the orchestra, waa favoroblo as n 
mlrlb-in evoking lay: 
"lib. Mlxleeii ehildren, rut. fays slie, 

Whicli Heaven to me hillh sent; 
Hut ehildren iilnl like pigs, you know; 

Thev c.iniiol pay Ihe real." 

'I'he "I'lying Trapeze" ovitlently ealiio 
along the next sumiiier, with Adam 
I-'orepaiigh's hIiow, or witii Ilailey'a 
in INilli. I know I wnB ipille young, 
but, .voting as I was, that song ninUe 
u lasting Impression. 

it Is nafe to Bay no circus sung ever 
was as lasting. A close observer of 
mnsle cannot go many ilnya, even at 
this late date, without hearing It in 
some manner. It wna ao universally 
sung nnd had amh a long run that II 
■eeiiia aenrrely to belong to the old 



The hand eaiiie In Willi liiree erasli- 
lug noicB on the beat, while the elown 
s *ig "ha, lia, ha," and then there was 
a "pp" Interval until the next "ha, lui, 
la." II Bounded real well— In the 

I ll'I'tlB. 

A song that was really loo good lo 
lierome popular, followed the "MItle 
Ill-own ,liig." There was a great deal 
of fine Binilmeni in II, and the niuale 
woB of an eiimilly high order. It in. 
I reduced WaBiilngton, ".S'al lire's I'oet, 
Hobby Iturna," nnd Siiakespeare and 
Bhowed they all billll "I'natlea In Hie 
Air." Its miiBle was likely taken frnni 
Bome of the old Scotch songa: but 
what If II was— It wna good. 

After the circus bringing "CaatleB 
In the -Mr," there waa an Interval of 
ilirec or four yeara when there wero 
no shows. Thia always appoaretl lo 
me like a dreary Inlerregniini or n fit 
period of niourniiig for the oln over- 
irind sliowB wbleh are no more. For 
the next one came on the ears, and 
the country children nnd the lioya In 
the aiiluirha were horeft of the an- 
prime liapplneBs of "watching Mio 
road." The first rnllmod ahniv broiiglit 
Hint riirloua aonii which wai quits 

■I'l. 11 :u.i..i- 11 111.1.1 f.'il m, ...■ 

U ilh I .Miilil.hi J.>; ' .1 JiiliilV" 

I'h ' UM HUIIU Willi Ik I Mllilil KlVI' 
.!..» nil liil .iililuloli iif ;. ;irw niilrr of 
. I.MM. ■'K. it »n« illi< I'lviti lull 
.l„.,ii» I ivni.MiI.i-r ill- lunriiii! In llio 
Mil, 11, mill mis w.'ll iTi'i-lvi',1. In 
nil I. II Kill! Iiiiliiri oiii oiicl 'must liny- 

IIISTOniCAL SKHTl'. 11 OK 1' A 11 K 10 COUNTY. 


Iliill.r ^Millii,; llli;,s Kinick lliii tiinii "■'" '■ l"-"'l "'•■'■ 111' ■■"rp'iiolli.ii 

"li XV.Illllil In,- ,,,,111. ,,.„,,„, I 

ViilH IliU „ii„, ,„, look „ii III, 


M... |„,l 


lllri' or I. .'ri,7.,<. llllllH llllll WIIH 1,1, Wh.'ll I, 

IllKl ,1 rhik UlHMV II Unillll lli|ll„|,llMIHl 
»aB KiVi'll. l,lltiT llli' OJ.iTIl lliiim,' «„ 

il.-inl,'.! all„OKt CM-liLslvoly In nkilHii: 
I'rilu.-v.Hhr I'lli-lii-p l,.i-.lii,r „ ri„zr 

1,1 „■.■,■ II, ,■ 
n„li« f.ii- 111 


lii> will 

„f IK 

Cliu. k 

ri f 1 

o,„l \vl,lcli m 

iMncd I lie 



»„,< hlMh" or 

llio ",l„y 

.Mill 1 

■ iv y 

iH'iik ii( 11,1) 



.■."lil!. I,y 

y III,' .Mliliuii 
hor,*." fur 1 

1 lli„>,l 

'M l„)tlll,| 

1,1 „i, 
Hy ll„ 

ivhli'li In 
Jtllh' I'll 

iVK,il.irly fii- 
1, nil ,1 in-iici 

c ilay. 

h.iR my .\l,.iy .\n 

Till- iii.iiii' iliirii* «iiB hi,HK liy lie- 
■ ■ : ■ ■■« In r,„.|«„ly 
111 11,1' Hluin wllh II v„l,i> UllH 111 lliu 
,'.„„|illliy iiiiiH.^iMl liiii'k n! I 111' riou'll. 

\\,< l,,i\,' nil liiill;li,',l III III,' ilnwilH, 
hill M.ilrl'lv llinilillil lh,ic ",I lllkl'.x 14 lli.lll 111 1,1' 1> I'nol." IlKli'i'll l> 

iIihk; mill II, liny iii.-ii •" i ..niniil iilill- 
i,v h.n,' I'ltnivil iiK fill. I 111 llio 111-- 
. UK. Tluir »(iiii;ii nri' n;.„,n thi' only 

i,'ii,,',iil,iiin<'0 »'o Ui'i'ji nl' till ind 

llii'i 111. I1I.I' III,' iiiniliii-iliin.'. nr liiiriln 
,1, ):r,';ilnr nolo iioiiir ,iri; KO,>(i iintl 

h.iir.,' lUV liltll. ir U'l' Blinill.l l.iki 

■iiiulV .iilvlio." k'lior. In Uic Ih-kI lit- 
ii.iliir.-. ni- ,.v,'ii in Hi.- ,lrc,i» nicnn. 
11 HDiilil 1,0 well: for ilii' ilnnn'B wli 
1111,1 MiM'loii, linv,' 1,1'lKlili'ni'd the 
l.iiM.h ,.r liiilli iriiu.'ily mm coiiii'ily. In 
111,111, no ii.icn ovci- irnvo Iioii,t n,l>lro 
ihm lliiil i-nlilnliiiil 111 111,' U'n IIiicb 
iiiliii'il l,> l,.'i,i'8 r„'il. Ill,' iiiily |i,ih,in 
iilin rifii,;.',! lo (lihiil II, p pniii' o|,| 
MiiK. mill Inliiili'il in "nlltOi-Bl Ilia linill 
mink InJniloB." Dr. wimt iiitboii 

i".iillni; V y-iin's "l,HBl •|-ollriin. 

Ill, 111" IB 11,11 iiii|,,,'i<ii,il Willi the Bnil- 
ii,'»„ of tlm (..nrliiillii); Hihb iiticrcil 
liy liiii;nn,t. who ",liiiic,',l like n wIlli- 
,'i,il 1,'iit 1,,'roic the hull": 


liiiiliiK till' BchiHil tiTiiiB uf l.sT'j nnil 
l'<7:i II lll,i„ry bh, Icly cnlhil llio 
"ihiiiiH" wii.^ niKmiiziil. It hi'lcl ri'K- 
llllll' niei'lliiKH every l''rltJuy vvenln;;. 
■Ihi' iiBhll. WI.B ,nlii| ex- 

,h,Hh,|y „!' hlull Brhnill KlllllClltB. the 11,-w Kilmol UullUInK van 

ni h'li-l 111 .liiiiiiniA, I.ST I. I In' "lllsli 

S.h.inl l.lliiiiiy .\Bf„cl,illun" was or- 
ciinl/icl. It Ill-Ill ri'k-iilnr iiieitlnK.i In 
ihi* imMi'iiihty roniii on tlio third Hour, 
,„lh-d ' Hull." l.ciliinB were 
i;lM-n lit liiliTv.ilB or two wi-eks. gen- 
• iiilly hy clllzi-iia ot Unikvllk'. hiit oi- 
niBh.niilly hy llli'imy men of rcnr 
I llllll,' ,iiiil i.lhi'r l,l„r,-s. 'rlio iiroieedB 
1,1 llii'B,' loctnriB were ilcvoloil to the 
iniiThiiBP or a hiL-h Riliool llhrary. 

.Miiili of lloi-killIo-8 BOi-liil lire In the 
Hi-ii-iith'R riidlnti'd fniiil the "eornct 
I'liiiilB." dnilnR » llllll I lino wo liiiil two 
Blih'iidid ort-iinl/ulloiiB, 'llic "old 
I'Hiiil" was 1,'d by .laroh Stronso and 
the new blind hy Wllllain ,T. While, or- 
Kiinlzi'd two yenra after the dentil of 
.liiriih SI1-O1I80 In 1MT1. The hands 
would at liilorviila civc i-oneerlB, fen- 
I hills anil liiwn BmlalB. Tho firat eli- 
1,'rliiliiiin'nt uf llio latter charaeter 
wi,B L-iven In SIITfl wooila, near the 
iiu'loiy imiid. The Krove was heantl- 
Inll.i lllniiilnaliil wllh ChlneRe Inn- 
l,'iii«. Such 8eiiil-»o, l,il functions cnn- 
lliiiM'il 10 he civen hy the new band 
mil II issii. -I'licy ,vrro nenerallv held 
111 M.Ciin.'B Krove: ono »-a» held on 
liavhl ,xiroii«e'B lawn which w-a» II- 
liiiiiliiali'd hy two Inroinotlvo head- 
IlKhiB Bilrr.rillllniiBly taki-n frmii tho 
iiiKliii'B liiyliiK over at Itorkvllle hy 
Hie riitlr'ind l«iyB. In thOBO dnya "ev- 
erylhlnK wint" for Hie hand. Tlic 
rniinly fiirnlhlied n hiind room and 
tho roinnilBiilonors paid for fuol. lampn, 



.. f^ 




* - — 





' ---Tl.-. 

— 1 

, -^'n::^-.T 

._. — ... . 



i ■- 

1 1.1 


■■'- s 



IIM'I.- shniillnK Willi Hie |,rlliri|illl H|,ori In >ll> wmu.m, h.-.l ,i,l Hie IHlhlle B.|ili,l-e. 

of miiiiy yoiini; and mlililln nKi'.l men '■ ';' ' "' I'lHi'i" hav ,„„ie,l her 

Inr a hm,; lliiie. The llneUvllli' llllli' , hj- m.',',"n-".,f „ in m-.l nee) 

rliil, and Hie .\nnii|iollK lllfle eliih "e- T.,' fill a flank nr fallen n rlh 

caBlonnlly conleslid with ea.h otlioi'. '" "''^ |""i""' I'l"'*- "' ""• I'"''"'' 

lliilh iir;:anl>'.iillniis held innnthly eon- "^ '' 

loBlB ror Hie ini'ilal, and turkey imiteli- Whiil Ib Ihal nimher? A "h„»B" my 

oB ome n iiionlh. The tiirkeyB were '""• ...,„^_.. .,. ,.„„^ ,,.„, .,„„„ 

lionchl at 7.-, cenia each, lint wore not .''J ■ 


i 1 



|iiit nil l„ lie shot at. Tho best ahot on 
Hie target at l.",n yards "off hand" 
took the turkey at each round ; tiirk- 
evB ihiiB won were taken homo alive. 
The lloikvllle lllfle eUib twli'o eon- 
liBlcl In teams for tho prlvIIeKO of on- 
.lo,\lnK a haniinet at tho oxpenso of 
the loBlnR team. At ono of these ban- 
Miii'lfl the eliih entertaineil a fine 
comic opera company which gavo the 
"Mikniln" that niKlit at tlio opera 
hoiiBe; and I he ,'ouipuny entertaineil 

the eliih will iBic until nearly iiiorn- 


I.lfe In Itockvllle In 1W7 was epito- 
mized hy .Iii.lRe White In ver»c«. print- 
ed aiinnyiiionnly In tho Chrletmna num- 
h,'r n. T/ie Triliiinr: 

Wh„i IB Ihal niolher? Tho town cow 

my lad. 
A KlImpBe of hoc makea tho farmer and. 



Th.' ,lrlv,'r who hoha llko a Jumping- 
Jack, _ 

Ab he BifiH In hiM Bulky nroundThe 

Will talk of nnlhlnit hut "lloBa" till 

Tl~n h.ivo nlxhl-nmie till liroa.1 day- 

Anil wlien at InBl. hy tho Itlvor of 

He awallB tho Imatmnn with lonn- 

What IB that, mother? A llallard. huh— 
It liehiiiuB lo the 11,,,-kvlllo nifle dull. 
To I.enBl or hlr.1 It docB no harm: 
Hut llB filled ono hill on Puctflfarm 

Wlal IB that, miilher'.' A flBlierman, 

Voii can till hy the Beat of hia lainla, 

Hail Blld 
Hown 111,. ,i|,i„,i ,it ,\lece,l, when llio 


\\,1B mail,, t,, B,>('„re that eleven potin,! 
Whh'h eviry re»|..','ial,lo anxler. Ihcy 
M.'iH "I ■io'k.'.l," hut which always liaii 
Thill 1,1, nth 111 liiBB which larh Bcaaon 

KlVl'B riBo 

one piBcntorlnl 



n ,<k at 1 





iilley l„Bl op,. 

ii.,l. not 





oiraiii,; bIIhb 
Bti'alllur Bliili 
B or Lie-B fo 
for dinner. 

lip. Ilk 


\Vhi,i IB that, mother? A hole, my 

ll,, * fompany iihinted It there. 
II iBii'l for B,ile.„ii,l It |»„-i f,.r i-eiil; 
Th,. Block of the hol.lciB non'l Bliare 

worlh a rem. 
Tile w„l,.r tl,,it'B In It, on Boher re- 

Will I.,' Bhippeil to John follelt for 

thol„„Kl, lliBpeclloll, 

hack wllh an 


of Ihe mill 

Iher? The houdllin 

At l.„ill: „a,l 

for I hi' day when we dhln't net 

t,li',il K,1B, 

Ulnil IH t 

my hoy- 

That yi'll IB Ihe vent of IiIk hIdemiB Joy 
ii'er Bome cheBlniit of anleillluvhin otic 
JiiBt ,'iaiki',l l,y tho cumlcul man on 

Hie Btaue, 
H," BliB III 111,, uallery, where ho can 

Anil niliiuh' thlB yell with hIa equina 

.\n<\ „B liB wlhl erlmeB reanund loud 

ami lo,iK 
Ah.ive the .Iri-BB circle, where all tho 

The lailhB III citified bonnets and 


rpllflliiL- Hi.'lr eye-hroWB fnnd llko- 

wlBC tlH'lr nowB.) 
Kxi'lalnt la liiaudltile necents. "O, 

What IB that, mother? A hooby, my 

?d for It fifty-two nlKhts 

erlooBly Rimttereil their proB- 

And when all tho hurry and BtrugulB 

Ib past. 
Somebody wins but the booby at laaL 
In tho Kieat gnmo of llfo, played for 

honor or lucre. 
You will find that It ends much lh« 

Bnmo as In euchre: 
Snmo Btrlvo a great goal of ambition 

to Kaln 
And find, llko tho Preacher, ambition 

iB vain: 
That when all the BtruKglo and worry 

They've won but the grave and a 

hool.y at laaL 
What mntterfl It? Kor. at the end of 

llfe'B (tame. 
He who wina the first prUo or the 

And whelher our trophies bo groat or 

he Bmnll, 
Tho elodB of Oods Acre will cover 

iiB all. 

.Tint after tho end of tho projrrcs- 
slve eiiehro and rollor skating crates 
and tho general air of rnnntnit to 
amiiRemcnt fads depicted In Jndee 
Whlto's TorscB, there was a decided 


i.„»|. r cliil.." 

1 ISvs; 

1 iiiul 


!■ iir four ji'Ml 

B Ihn-. 



m;iiiiI/<-<I tiM 






liii..- 1 


All Mi.s.- 1 




rilliliilruil rnr 

ni;' I'li 



ll n II, .1' ilatn Inr Inii 

W.,(,.i„i„. .V7,„|,' . 

ma. 1 

li.l.r Sniillifrn 

Miiin. (lih.m ivho j.lnycU 

.^■.■. i,«. A f,w ,,[ 


B nrlL'Innl pro 

ire Ma.laiiii. lihc.l, ii rrlc 

■liirll.iiis ».'ro Kl 

,11, n 

7Vi;i /o r;,ii,a 

KS with n rlmrrnlni: |.or- 

f'iMi, 1,1 Inu (111' 1 


lic li-lil a ior.|il|..„ In llic 

Tlu' iii't-rn hoii 

41- unn 

fln:illy I'loHl-d 

t Ih" I'iirk.- holi-l, whni 

III IraiT. iinil im 

i;is ll<- 

^11 Binlrd. nold 

r iMHiirii Mill hT and woi-f 

lo I'lirkn l.ndi:c. 

'. iinil 

A. M. 

■111. -11111110,1 l,v liiT conliiil 

Mso. Aloxnndi-r .^nlvlnl In 

iiir. Mu 


mil Ml 

/I,- /M.-./n. (he Brcnl'iil 


Ihr iihniidon 

;.3>^;^-^<;k ^>^^> "... -^ 

f ■..■■.» "-I •• '■f's-V -'• ■'■■'s 


/ 5l.:_-— J 


iiii'iil nf llir nlil n|irra linils.'. Itoikv'llc 
WHS ullliniil iin n|.i'ni limisf, llnrlliK 
llii' Mllilrr nf I'.llI-lJ. \iirloii8 lilalia 
011,1 iiiitlindH wiTo siiKK'fl'eil and pro- 
|,is,il inr liiillilliiK on,'. 

Ijirl.i In llif y,ni- llirj, ii iiuollnK 
vum hi'lil 111 llii' mil ,' 01 MaMvi'll \ 
Mrliiililln, at »li|,|i iiirMIni: wer,' 
IMi'si'iil I'l.'v, n l.iifiliK'BB iiirn or Ihc 




■llioB.. piiBi'iil 111 llio nici'lln:; wvrr ■ 

I riink 11. .Mrh.iln. Alli'n T. Ilrnckuny. 
lliiMiird .Mii\«ill. .lulin .■*. .MiKiiddln. 
.l.ihipli .\l. .i,.lin.'<. Sldw.'ll Allien, I'rnnk 
.M. AdaiMB. .s. r. Mii.v I'llc-ll, Uiinl,'! 
.M. rnillBli-. nnd Cm. I,. I.nni-y, wlio 

1,1 iisr llio loniimny, wlilili oroilid 

nur luiBrnl iiiiiL-niriirnl liiillrtln.'. Tlio 
(.llirr LTnlloiiiiin iirrsnnl nt 111.- nirrt- 
Inc wi.s IHik II. nit, who. osldo from 
thr cmlliMiiin who nclimlly piil tliolr 

II nni'y In the rnliriirlBp did iiiorc for 
the |ii-.inionoii of the Bchcino limn nny 

i;rn 1 li- 

ne nl l.itoriilnn: rlilli ln-lm.- 
I- mid liislrl't I'l-di-rnllonii. 
Illy li.-iN 111,- follonlim f,',l- 
ib: \V,.ii.:iir» fliil., Illniiiii- 


XViilknr WhItPsldP.s In llamlcl. V,. II. oiiliirt ihni whnt tlicy ncrc propoBlnK 




In Thrrr 
Clnrn .Mo 

cnlncd renown wna 
r,„ in Our llii.'.banil. 
(■ollipnnv Willi l-'rrd- 

lo do would iiionn a finnn.lnl loss, hnt 
mill/.InK llic nrccnt nri-f-Bslty for an 
nporn hnuBP cliperfiilly ami iinlio-,- 

lii 111,- iiirly i1k1i11i-b IIk- n.i-d of nn 

I" ""»■■ iKii.iiii- niipaiinl In Ihc- 

,1 lilB 1,1 iiiir ,lll/i-iiB which linn- 
11,11, Mild h l„-,iiliriil mil' wiiB bum, 
ml ,1,-dliiiMI .liim- 11, ls.s'1. I.y thi- 
Kiii'i-ililii n my with 'ill,, .-rli-liiul- 

rrhk llr.\Bon In I he lo.idini! role pre- KriidL-lnKly flnan,o,l llie venliire. the 

»,-nted CnWfi Sl-tir. V,. 11. .^iiencor riBiill of whlrh Is nn np-lo-date pln.v- 

nnd i-ompnny In ./"liiM f'nrjor, Of/icf/o, Iioiibo, modern In every detail. In 

.l;.-i,/iiiii( nf \ rnirr was here two Bcn- which Boiiie of the best nttractlons on 

BonB. I Mara I.onlBe KelloRg, who had the lonil have played ; nnd oil of which 

,1 .1,, 



»~,ll. I.mlls 

nilhiii nml olli,-r l,k-h 

»tl lllllxlB 

II ll„- ,ii.,<l. Ihe alriic- 

■ iB l„i>\ m 

m-,1 liv tl„- .MiiBolm. iinil 


liilo llii-ir l,.-mitiriil 

L,- ami ..^11, 

111 rooi.iB. As nil oprra 

»,', II WUB 

oni; the hnmlsn bi 

he Slali- \ 

hen lomph-K-d. 11 llml 

11 iliah'Kn 

Id ,1 l.iilri.ny, liolh noma 

IliK ^' 

■ pie. Tlie Bl.ii:e waa :,:\ 

Ill ili-plli. 

ami Jl In wldlh. Willi 

<-,-tl B,-lB f 

f iH-nntlfiil Bi-i'iiery, a 

ly drop ,1 

rlnln, iiml IN drrsslni; 

i". I' trlial pc-nide who played 

hciiiBe rliiinied II one of the most 
illfiil nml eonvenlenl In Ihe Slate 

III ll„- nine. 

Iiiirlm: llie time of Its e\l»l,-noe, 
ver.\ many of the bisl nltrnetlons on 
Ihe niml playi-.l In It. Aiiioiik Ihem 
were /f,i:,i A,,A,- wllh <'. W, Toiil- 
ilnrk the.irlKlmil IninBtan Kirk. Annie 
llimr.,11 as ••|l;,-/,-l Kirk,-," lleWi.lf Hop. 
Ii,r iiB ••|-llll,iiB lln-em-." 

IHirlhK our iiMinty fair In AiifiiBl, 
1'>'<1, .Minnie Mnildern (now ,Mra. 
riBk,-i nn nelreBB nf International 

f'l illmi, played tbren nlthts. 'Ihe 

mo nr«i niL-hlB III a beaiillfnl comedy 
iliniiia, ■■.liin.iiln." the last nlk-lit In 
the "/'iM((„,i If,,,,;." Xovemlier ."., I.S.>*.I, 
MiBB Anna lUikliiBon played Hamlet, 
1 Kieni liinnvaiion for a woman, she 
dill a remnrl.nlile piece of n<llnj; with 
11 v,-ry Kooil Biippnrllni; mmpaiiy. The 
rlrBl year elnsfd wllh llie "f-„/o,i ,f/n/," 
under Ihe iniBplceB of Sleelo Toat fl, 
A. II. llnme talent look all but the 
Inn lenillnK pnrtB, which were nplen- 
illdly played by uv„ |,rofe,aional no. 
Ion who drilled Ihe Io,al talent. In 
IK-MI the fair dnliB were by Ilella 

iiiirKvii.i.f; orp;n.\ uoi 

l',-,-li ,tiliBld,-i>-il the KieatCBt Kinnd 

0|,ej-a Blur, tav i operalle i-olicerl. 

'rill re also nppearcil the larKCBt inln- 
Hin-l i-nmpiinh-B. llavorly'» .MaBlodon 
.MIiiBlr.-lB. l.'orman llrolli,-ra MlnalrelB. 
Ilen.h & llowera Mllifllrrla. Ill lien- 
ry'a .MlnstrelB. nnd olliera. 

The moat L'liraiitle iiiiiBlral orcanlr.a- 
tlon waa Cllmore-a hand, which gave 
a mnllnec lo a packed hollBO of en- 
thiiBlaBlle ndmlrerB. 

•there were bIbo n nnmlicr of hlv-h 
ilaflB comli- opera eoinpanlca, alnRlne 
Biieh popular operna aa Matnl. I'ir- plnnnlnu of public biilldlntB. Tho nr<-h. 
<i/,-» „/ /•,-„;n,ire, Mlkniln. Itert Biltilultted to Iho company with- 

Many iK-anllfiil paBlornI playa were In a few dayi certain plana nnd aped- 

mendallon of the aplrlt 
which prompted the cenlleiiien In 
their effort lo furnish and fill a Ioiik- 
lime need for oiir town. 

The ,-miipany IIiiib forined proceeded 
at once lo Im-orporalo nndcr the lawa 
of Ihe Stale of Imllana: nnd encak-ed 
the a.-rvlrcB of an experienced archi- 
tect 10 formulate plana amf Bperlflcn- 
tlona for the proiiosed bulldlnK. The 
nrrblle.l thus employed wna W. II. 
lloyil, of Terre Haute, who had hid 
a vast nmniint of esperlem-n In the 

iidopt.-d. The new t-ompany. tliiia 
fonm-il. In tuukluk' llielr nppll.atlon lo 
the S,', I clary i.f Stale for llieir char- 
ter naimd In llii-lr appllcntlon, as dl- 
rcrlora for one year the followlnf 

Kinll n: Trank II. MchoU, John S. 

.M.riidilln, I'rank M. AdnniB, Sldiiell 
Aldi-n ami lleo. I.. I,:,ney. After re- 
cililiiK tlielr ihaiirr from the Slale, 
Ihe loii pan.i ori;anl7.ed by ele.iini! the 
lollowliiK i.fflcere; Inink 11. McIioIb, 
president. Krank .M. Ailaiiia, vlie prea- 
Idem. Allen T. Ilrockway, lrea«iirer, 
1.1 o. I,. Laiiey, Bcrrelnry and S. V. 



llllK of the Btoikholdera of 111, 
pany Ihe alKive named nff|,,.r, 
e beui re-eb-.ted to the lea|H-clHr 



liIverllBcd Hint on 



-Moore and her company who ployed dIbo In tiio honao, among which n«ro flcnllona which woro npprovcd and 

would rccrlve hlda for Ihe lonBlriic- 
tlon of a bullillnE. KIkIiI hld» were 
Biilimllted. aiuouK Ihem belni; one by 
our loi-al lonlrartor. i;,lt;ar Jerome, to 
whiim the conlrnct waa awarded for 
Ihe cnnalriirllon of the new edifh-e. 
The rnnlrait which wnB nwnrdcil In 
.Mr. Jeioiue Included the biilldlni: and 
fiirnlBliliiL- nil Ihe needed and necea- 
sary material for llie proper conBlrne- 
tlon of Ihe Inilhllni.', the lienllnL', wlr- 
Ini: nnd plumblni;, el,-., I.elnK let In 
aeiiarale i-ontrncta. Ily llie lerniB ,.f 
the coiitrnit the eontrnclor was lo 
have the bulbllnc rompleled and 
ready for occupan,-y by the flrel day 
of AliL-usl, 11112: hill owInK to eertnin 
unavoidable ilelayB the building waa 
not completed until the flral of o,-- 
lober, the same yenr. The heating 
and plumblnK contract was awarded 
to the Otl Hardware company, and 
the wlrlne lo V,. r;. I.annInK, while llio 
A. II. Andrews rompany, of rhleaRO, 
were given Ihe eontrBct for the aent- 
Inir anil furniture. 

Work was bcKiin on the first day of 
April. llll'J. and i-ompleted aa stated 
iihove on the Ist day of llclober. IIIIL'. 
tlie total rnst of Ihe billbllni: belnit a|>- 
pioxlmalely The home 
has a Bciillni; capacity of Till, arrang- 
ed In strict nii-oidancc with the Indl- 
biin law reciilallnt: the se.itlnK In Iho- 
nlers. The house has a thoroiiKhly 
Modern slak-e, wlib-h Ib one of the 
largest In the country, being larger 
Ihnii some of Ihe slages In large cltle«. 
Its rront Is :ij feel wide nnd III feel 
1,1 piuaiinliim arch: and Is fifty feet 
lo the rigging loll. 

'Ihe building wns openci to the 
tllbllc on Ihe evening of O, loher I.Mh, 
11 L-. when Thomas W. Hoss apiiesred 
III '•■/■/,,- ((ii(// ^■on." ThiB loiiipnny 
was brought here on a gnaranleo of 
>"i:i ii.Mi, Slats were placet on sain at 
' if-'LiHi fcr seal, nt wlil,-h price .'^lit were 

The iiianngemenl has lieen able lo 
olitnlii some of the greatest atlra, lions 
known to the thi alre-golng piilille. 
Bliinng Ihem being "l/n,f,ii» .V." Ib'c. 
Ilh. IIML'. Ill which llugeiile lllalr was 
Ihe leading lady. Tills was followed 
on llec. .'■.lllh. by '■llrrrrlu nf Ihiiii- 
A/„r»-," This on Jan, ITlli, IDia, by 
"llllly'' Clifford In Iho "f7irf. Ihr 
lliiHi,- mill Ihi- tliiii." In the |iolnt nf 
attindiince this nlrra,-tlon siiceeeded 
In bringing out the largest niinilier 
Ihni hml palronlr.ed the new bouse lo 
that dale. The next nllracUnn. 
"\liiihniif ^ihrrrit." on Jan. 2.",tli, prov- 
ed to be a "record breaker" In llie 
point of attendance, i lila waa the 
first nltrnrllon brought to tho new 
theater In which every seal was anld. 
c\ery rfserved sent In the honao be- 
ing sold In the advance solo of seals. 
This was tho first ntlrnctlon In which 
tho liianaKeiiient was forced lo sell 
"alnndlng room." In tho liilnda of 
Biiiiio of tho patrons, ttio greatest at- 



111 I,,, -I ilnrliii; 111.' Ilml \rn,- of IIh 
..M^lrii.i', \M1H ■•;•"//// "/ //"■ Cir. »».■■ 

I I, IK >. il 111 I"' n L'.iiMl (ll'il» IhK cuiil. 

.1.0 II..I1.1M ...- HI «n. i,.ii.l.Tliil.v 

iM II..- .-1. nil.-- "-l.iii >; r".'H." only. 

11.;.. ii.,« II w.'.l i.n Miiicli I'.l I 

>.,.i I.) ".^...ri /(......v 111 V,.. l..(/..- 

»l.|.li ini.M'.l In I.,' n tn.'il allrnclloii 

,.ll» u.ll |.|llinlil/.-ll. ■rh,. ll.'M 

Mill,.. II. .11 ulil. I. wild w.'ll |..ilr(inl/...l 
:,,„l ili,.i,„itl.l.v „|.|.|,.,-liil..|l l.y 111.- 
,111.11, IK-.- «,.K ■'/■|,.A(. V." M.inli U'llli. 

•| li.' K.'iis.iii nr 1im:i-1I wiiK iili.'iio.l 
.V.iKUiil •j:.lli wh..|i ■■■'■■,» rrrki,is" VMI« 
II..' nllrii. II..1I. "11,,, II /.■:«•• In wlil.l. 

i;. S J pliii.-.l I III. l.-iuluii; liiirl, 

,i|.|.,'iir. .1 ..II \.M. Jllh. 1111 I. nil. I wiiH 

1.1- ll/.d. I., !/./■.■ Uhlshih 

■ I.I, h ;,.. I. ,■.,,■,■, I 111 .Vpril, ini I.'il 

111 I inilmr ^iiihI ilriiwinu riiril. 

M,iiiiilM>; r..i>iii uiin iiKaIn Rnlil. 

I 1- ,11 1 r nil. (if iiiilloM-ivlilf r- 

; nil'. ul.,.ll II..' l,.,lhn;;,'nii'nl liuvP mir- 

iiii; "ll ,//,i,i III, 1,111, r III which .M n- 
.i.i..| iniimlim "hlnnvcl;" ••llllly" Cllr- 
Inr.l nil li n-lnill i'ii);ni;. ni.'lil ; "t'lif 
II ,:,ii,l I.I \\ nil.liiil" «ns linM ; lln- 
,.,1.1 III lirlnu'iiii: IhiK nnli',1 .illr.icllnii 
1', 111,. I,.. Ill,' «iiH so Ki'i'ni llinl 111'' 
n.iiii.'ii:. i...'i.l l.iM n.'v.Ti.l dnlliirK. Inil 
ini'v 1.1IKI liiii'.l Ih.'lr IniiK wlihniii II 
1,11111,111'. r.'iill/lni; lliiil llii'y Iniil lii-.'il 
:ii»l. 111,11 mill III l.rlii::liiK tn [he town 
iiii.l nllnnliliK niir iH'oplc n i-liamv in 
l..',.l' mill HI'.' oiip 01' Clio tfi'i'mcsl ni- 
ii.ii'li.iiiH nf iiiiKli'in llni.'H. •rlinr,' liinn 
l.i'i 11 hi'\.'nil nlhiT linlod alli':irlion» ■ 
l.n.ilKht hi'i'i' foi' ll.n li.'ll.'rit of onr'. niKl iiH mill! In Dio oiilKri. IliP 

l.'lill I tvlin iilniiinfr.l lliiH' 

iiil.'i'l.rii... <1i'..'i'no i;ri'n( cmlil, nnil 
nil' I'liihli'd 1,1, 1111,1 Bli.nilil r.-ri'lvo, (he 

'1,1 na»l»liinrp ni nil Uirnlor-cnins 

I'l'iipl,' nf r.irki. Cniinly. Thn nnirr- 
..lis.. li.iH nni hmi nni. ni' fliinnilnl 
.'.ilii for 111. iirniiinl.'m, Inil nil llm foil- 
lini). n liv.nliiK |ir.i|ioslllon. Thi-V 
i:i<.' II. ll niily lii',<n iiiiKi'iriuli In llii'lr 
II..IIVIH. lull Inn.' Hlinwti nnil niani. 
I. "I., I n irii'i.i Inii'io).! In r.iii' ln«n nnil 

I'll.l.II- l'.\IIKH. 

.viHiiii ilii' ii..):lniiliiK 01' 'lie >i<^"' 

iiy ll.i.';>\Mln wiiH llw ii'iliilonl of 

:i ;:iii In 'hi' tuiy i.r a imhlli' park, 
•iiiiii, 1,. Nui'. iirihi'iiii'il ihi' ini.'t or 
.1..' II.' i>l\ iifirK lyin;i Juki wi'nt of 

.l.'ir.'ri.|,l| Klll'.'l, Wll.Cl. Illld l.Ol'h TIB- 

'll „« II i.iiH.. l.iill Kiniiiid, whvn the 

iiiuii li:id us 111 M iii'iiri'Hnlniinl 

i.iiiii In ■!i.-i nnil ■•.,A. Tli.. lii'.iiii'nl wim 
iiiilMil Willi I'liiiHlili'rnliln unlliiiulniiiii 
I'y i.iir 1" iipl,.. llnliTUilnnii'iitB wore 
Bin II 1,1,' n liiiiil lor iiiloriilnK 
. <...'! I'liik, a» it wim cnllrd. Willi 
H.iiiilti.irv Illld nlii.'rwliin jnijirnvInK tl. 
:i wiiH npiniii'til, Imwi'Vi'r, llinl iiiiiiiy 
'.111,1 liiinil I'liipm. Iinlnrn iIiIh liliii'i. 

•I'lliI I mil' liiln n niiiinbli. piirli; U 

iiiHii liii'kiil Hiil'i'li li'iil ni'i'ii. At this 

J ■lilri' iiipl. Wnlliirn \V. .Mrriino nf- 

ll r.'d III!' Irnr. l,iio«n in .Mii'imn 
iiMMi', ithlili, 'ji'iili .1 Hnmli ndilllinn, 
I'liiiHiHir. I.r iili.iiii rii'ii'i'ii .ii'ri-H. ll iviii. 
i.iii'iidy hi'iiinlfiilly iinlowi'd wlih nn- 
I 111. I'lirml Iri'i'n. iirln.'Ipiilly ln-i'ih nnd 
I'liii. Wlii'ii i'iip;.iiii .Mct'iiiii.'n nfiVi' 
UiiK Hindi', .Inhll I.. .Viii'l |:i'iii.rniliily nr- 

Kii'il 11 y nf till, town the Inml lio 

i.iiil uHiii ll ; fliiii ilio niniiiy |inld by 

.Mr. .Vn.'l wim n loil on llin pilrclinn.' 

<•' Mrrimn liiml. .Mnrli dlnciiBHlnn 

ilirii I'limn-d n» lo a proper naiiin for 
ilii. piirk. A niiiiil.i'r nf naiiiea ot 
proiiilnini illl/.i-nii llvliiB nnd dond 
v.i'i',' mu-u.^Hii'd. wlirn Klwond Hunt 
piil.|'il n .'iinl rlllnc tlin prnprldy 
nf ilrnpi.lii:; nil pi-iBonnl nnini-n and 
liiklni: llio iiniiio nf Ihe tr,v« m niiiner- 
1,1111 111 llin iMrk-llonhwiinil. Tliln nt 
nnre ini't wdli iinpnlnr npprnvnt, and 
no onr park lina iilncn liron known by 
Unit naiiio. 

Tin' l"»i' "II "| n pnik i.iiiiInK ii p.rl.i.l i.r (Illy yinlH. Hoihc 

< iil»Kloii mill iiBB.BB.'.l n (.lliihl l,i\ 1,1, Inn l,,!,,,,. Ihn war Kiiir wny (0 Hi" 

l.>.> I'nr (ll nlnt.iii r ot the park. more milium nnil rlevnllni! Koelnl I'lin- 

llnH.' I.nll uiiiiiiB mill \nrliiii..i f..riiii. ol i „ of a fnlloivlni: em: llion cmiie 

I'lilirliilnnnnt biive nil.lid In the fund: ilu- uiniiH.'iiient rrn/.K I bnvo mention' 

Mil' llo.'killle I'lvl.' 1,1'aKii.', nn ui- , ,|. llii-n llie elnli iiiniinii'iit. mid tli.n 

minlziillon of pnlrloll.' Iiidleii. lills iilun Hie nlrert fnlrl It win In ini«l Hint 

nBHlsled In Hie imrk work, lint the ih,. inwn wnn flmt Blven over lo a 

creiilml ot nil fnilorn In the liiiproie- f,„| iii„t wiin Bue.pliii: Hie country ; 

II eiit ot the inirk la the Itockvllle i,,,, impplly (he renidoii enliic here 

Chmitmiipm. mioiier lh,in In iiioul oilier coiiiniiin' 

The ll..ckvlllc Civic I.enKiio was or II Lb. nii.l II In not pokhlLle, at leant n..l 

Biinl'/.d 11 few yearn ni;o. rnder the prnhnl.l.'. Hint wo iiliall ever annln he 

leadi'mlilp of Kb cnpalde PreBldent. dia. redlleil a« a town liy onlertnlnInK 

i.-r' Y 'Cv ■■■+"'>"''f^- :.,-:r3 

v/r,«-%v:,-.'V>.^.v! ■ 4 



.Miss .Mnrgurct KlrkpatrlcU, llio I.oa;;ilo 
lina been nt ureal Infliien.'c In direct- 
In;; I'rrlnlii rivie liii|irnvenienlB. 'I'hc 
driiililiiK fniinliiin In the conn hoiiso 
yard w.,s plmed there by tho I.ciigiic, 
nnd It linB been ot valiialdo acrvico in 
an i.dvlBory ciiini.'liy on different oe- 
I nnlnnB, tlioiiirh It Is to bo reijrclted 
Hint B.iiiieiliiicB lu ndvli'o has been 
ii.orp 01' li'SB Btnpldly U-nored by the 
inwii iiHIhoriHei), I'lvery tiinn In (own 
Willi niiy Beiillinent lowardB Hio pres- 
er\atlon of uiir natiirn] clenicntB of 
bemity nnd iiddlnB to them wlint Is 
Bcnslbl.. In Hie way of nrllflelul liii- 
prnvemenis will wIbIi (lie Civic Leniine 
I. .11;; life and ever IncieaslnR Blroniith 
and inflneiico, 

llnekvllll! soon B lo linvo ultei'llated 
I.eiwren liid'llecdial iiiovenionts and 
aniiiKeiiinu relrogreBnloiiR nt Intervals 


hili'li notions of piildli' ninilBCnient as 
chnrnclerlzed tho atrort fnlrs of fif' 
tern yenrB ncn. 

A more enlightened public Bonii' 
nicnl has prevailed tinea the itrcci 
lair days. The BalooiiB liiivc cone, and 
In their pliico wo have u new IiIkIi bnlldlni.' tUMis) and a new 
llinnry, the latter opened nt tlio l.e- 
k-llinlliK of this centennial year. Our 
Bplendid Chaiiiiiii.|iin provides a per- 
iod of nienlul linpiovenicnt anil pliys- 
hal rcirentlon that Is looked lurwanl 
to with Pvcr-lilereaBlnK IntorcBt each 
year. County has Joined bands with 
iiiiini.V'Sint In a syBteiii of public Ini- 
proii'iiieiiiB aroiiinl the sipiaro and 
rniirt house yard Hint Is wnrlliy nf 
both, Tho county sent Is proud of 
I'nrke ronuly, and II Is In be hoped (hat 
I'nrke county Is proud ot lt> roiinty 

iHilitarij (l^rijauiHatUTUH 

Tlir old nillill.t law ot Indliin.l rn- 
I'olltd nil ahlu'l'oilleil men Into eniii- 
piiiil, B, linllnlinns, rculnieiKa and hrl- 
Kiidi'K. Tli.'y liiel nn xiali'd neensloliB, 
nhleh wri'i'. lalled "iniisler dnys," nnil 
were rcipilred In drill lu all (ho above 
rnn.iatlnn.i. TliiBc orKiinl'/.aHons were 
noi nriiied by the ,*<ta(e, hut tho men 
wlio had unns. which at first Ineliidcil 
alnioBi evi ryhody, broiiulit llipir own 
arms '.villi llieiii. I.aler when pnpiiln' 
Hiin In. 'reused beyonil tho imint wbero 
ev.'i'y 1,11111 linil a aim, Hi"Bn who ivcro 
1101 (liiiB .-iiiilppi',1 carried Bileks or 
lorusinlks. I lento tho iiniiin npplled 
in (Ills KyBieiii of pri'iiarediieHB in 
Ueriiilnn--"rorns(iilu nillltla." 

The lOinnilKfllon of Walter C. l>on- 
aldsiin, IhBiied hy (iovernor Wallace In 
|k;;ii, has on Its l.n.k (be followInK 
'■ertlilcnIlonB. RlinwlnR ho belonced to 
the .-.nth rcRlinent and Hie sixtecnili 
niiili- nl Inillnnn. l-nrkr rniinlil, m: 
Personally appeared heforo tbn 
sllliBerllier, n JliBllie of (be peneo In 
and for the CmnKy aforesaid, the 
wllhin mil ifd Waller C. Iionnldsnn, 
and took tii oalli to aiipiiort tho 

ConBllllllloil of ihe I'nlled N(a(eB, 
the Stale ot Indiana, nnd lliat he 
wnilld fnllhrillly dUeliarKo bis duty 
as Cnliinel nf Ihn ,'iiilli lleuliiirnt, 
.ndiiinn .Mllllln, aciordliiK to lnw lo 
I be best ot Ills Jndunieiil and linder- 
BtandlnR. Clvrn tiniler my band 
nnd seal this Mid day of Hrpieniber, 

llCVnV BI.AVK>'K. .1, i>, 

(III Ibis liny, thn .'llsl day nf He- 
ci'iiiber, IN 1 1, jiorBnnallv niipenred 
Col, Waller C, KnniililBon. anil ten- 
dered Ills renlKnalion. Afler e.xaiii- 
Inlni: bliii, was Ballsfled Hint snnd 
rnilne wns sh.nvn : nreepted Ills he- 
Inu over nko, Ac 

.IIIKX .1. .MK.lriMM, 
Cnmilt. VMh llriiinilr. Illilln III Ml- 

I'ven ns early as tho cornslalk ml* 
IKIa period reiinlnrly ripilpped mill- 
(iiry cnni|innlcB were nialnlatned In 
some of Hio eoiindcs. The firs( mlll- 
lary company armed nnd eiiiilpped by 
the H(a(e was In exlBleni'o In IKIJ, 
and served ns Riinrds nl (ho exec.l- 
llon nf Noah llennebniiiii. They wero 
arinod with a ibort fllnt'look gUn call- 

I yiiKcr, which was liiBiiri'd (o hit 

the Bide of n l.iirn If fired within llio 
slnicliire wllh doors eloii.d. pnnhbd 
Hi.'ie were no rra.ks hlx en.iiiKli for 
Hie iMilh'l (11 KO (liroiiKh wllboiK hu. 
lliiK n bonrd. 

A loiiipauy cnlle.l Hic I'nrke Coiiiilv 
Volnnleirs was niKanlxed and h. Ii'l 
lor imi.Bler In the t nlleil .sini,, army 
In l.'<|il when war with .Mexico iiai 
d.'.'lnr.'d. Ja.iili (H.lslme was Ciiplnln : 
.\iiBlln M. I'liell. iBt Meiiiemini ' 
II. .M. lillli.snu, Scond Mnilnii. 
mil. ThiB coiiipiny was enrolled 
nnionL' IhoBe on Ihe wnlllnx lint hv 
Hie .VilJiilanI lleneral nf Ihn stale, hiit 
the war ended before l.iey iinild b 
iiarhed In the order of priority of nr- 

The Itockvllle (liiards. orKanlr.ed 
1,1 bill l,S.-.'<, u„B „ r.lliioliB l.illil.iiy 

rniiipmiy. Iin nnlrorni was nn rlnlHir- 
ate a. fair, iiiKlIni: em h man forty dol- 
laiB. II was of fine l.lne riolli wllh n 
hlch liil silrinmlnled l.y a l.emillful 
Willie and bine plmne nf oBlrl.h r.'iilh- 
CB. I.n.len .M. I'oole wbs Cnplnln; 
.lo'in Klrlinrds, I'lrst Meiitennnt : 
TIlL-lininu A. Howard, Seemid Menieii' 
ant. ThlB company was froinently 
drllbd by Ceueral I.ew Wallace, win 
wns then Cnplnlu of the MonlL-oniery 
lliiards of Crawfordflvllle. and proae. 
intinu' nllorney of Hie circuit of 
I'aike County was a unit. 

A I'nrke Ciinnly Iteclni.-nt of the In- 
dliiiin l-ecion was orKiml/ed In IKii'j 
and In isill waB i-niiiiiosed of ten colu- 
panlcB with the followInK field and 
Blair otricers: 
CaBper llndd, Colonel. 
1,11. len A. I'oole, l.t. Colonel, 
J'llin II. Collcnder, Mnjori loier 
Captain Co. K, l.'ld llegt, .Major l.'Ud 
-laiiiea K. Menihoni, Adjutant, 
Havld W, Stark, (^larlerniaBtor. 
William lleeder, Hnriienn, Inter l'a|i- 
tolli Co. I>, .s.-,t:i lleslnienl. 

llinimis .V. nice, .liidge Advocate, 
The follow hiK n sped lie roinpanira 
Here orKaulKcd In isill : 

ll. W. Shnil.elfnrd, Caiitnln. 
W, S. .Maulll, iBl Meul., Inter Opt. 
( o K, l.'ld llefliHcnt. 
.s.imnel .\. Maker, 'Jnd Mciit, 

.(ieorge Ilarviy, Cnplnln; rcBlgned ; 
killed nt Sblloli; (apt. Co. I, .Itat 

-loliii V„ Woodar.I, Captain, lalor 
Cnplnln Co. I', I lib Cavalry. 

..OBlnh liennell, IbI I, lent, 

lianlel A. I'oiter, L'n.l l.loiit, later 
('apt, Co. r, nth Cavalry. 

I'.XIlKi; IIAMil.HN— Al..\MM TOWXNIIir. 

TlioiiiaB Cornllnvalte, Captain. 

•loseiih C. .Myers. Ist l.lent. 

.liiBiidi Chance, L'nd Mont. 
nuiimci'iiN viii.cM'cms, 

llntiis ('. Alluii, Cnplnln, lalor Homt, 
Cn. (I. l.l-'ld lloKt. 

.Inmes .M, I'lielan, Ist l.lciit, taler 
Kcritt, Co. II, IM.'ld llegt, 

lieinpsey Heyliold, iinil l.lent, 

Willi Illeidenlll, L'lid l.lent. 

Anderson .M, .Iniks, '.'nd Mont, 

lloherl I'. Ilenson, I'nd Meiil, 
ixiiM'i'.iMi >iii,|j4 iM'AaiiN,. lusiiA.oncn IK 


Wllllniii M, llyerly. Cnplnln. 

.Vnrval llaiiillinn, Ist Meiil, 

Win. II, llamrnvo, ;!nd l.laiil.l In 
'Kih llect, 

nn.i.MnnK ni'Anns, 

.Inhn N, Cheadle, Caplnlnl killed at 

lllcl nd, Ky.. 7lBt llegl., An*. 10, 


l,eonnrd C, Acker, Ist Mrnt, 

Kniniiol Crnoks, 2nd Mrnt. 
KOWARIl nPAniis. 

Cnsper Iliidd, Captain, proiuoled Tot- 

Archibald llllbo, Ctptalnl l*t«r 


MuiijKJr'il I't. Honnldson, I'u. 1, UlBt 

.l.uiM'B lllnford. im Mciil. 

JuiiK.'H I'hIllliiH. ^nd M>!iit. 

'IhiiiMriH II. i:\iiiiii, i;nd l.lfiit. 

Wllllarji W. Iliidd, ;.'nd r.ioiit., later 
ill IMIi lliillcry. 

.liiiiii'H i: Itnhlaon, ^nd I.lnit. 

AliiKT I'lnyd, I'ltiiliiln, lalcr killed 
111 TlinmiiHiiM Slnllon, ('B|it. Co. A, 
KMh lli'Xi. 

.liiiiii'H II. UuKKoll, Jnil ('.i|itnln. 

Wllliniii I!. i;r«ln. 'Ird <u|pI.. later 
Snruniilll I'o. \, K.'.th Ili-Kt. 

Siijiimii l.iiKk, .Ir., iHt Meiit., later 
killed 'riioiiiimnr. Station, Sergeant- 
Major xr.u, II.Kt, 

lieiirue rinidrnnl, lat Meill. 

Wlllliiiii 'I'. Klni;, Inl l.leiil. 

.Iiiiiii W. llaccnH. L'nd I.lent., later 

Serill, I'll. A, Villi lleiil. 

liiitlH L'nil l.l'iii. 
.Mmhi'h liny, 'Jiid I. lent. 

mi \IIP\T ll.\,M.l.ll» IMH.V TIIWJIHIIIP,' 

i.iMi.tMii.ii nil. 'Jil, IMIII. 
iHiiih' llaniiiii. I'niitiiln. 
.iiiKliiH Snllini. Inl'iil. 
liii\ld .1. Mnlnln, L'lul l.leiii. 

,Iemie II. VininiaiiH, Taiilnln. 

(lenrite lliiirhlnwin, inl I, lent. 

\S\ II. .Inrdan, L'nd I.lent. 
H'.tMiiv \ III Aiiii>. iiiii,.\.Mi'.l':li iwn. 

Will. I>. .Mull. Ciijilulii. 

i;il.lali X. Ilnrlord. Caiiliilii. 

Iiiivlil II. .Mull, l8l I, lent., later 
Si'it't. I'o. II. Il.-illi Itl'L'l. 

Imvld W. Hull, iHl l.leiil. 

.1 1'H II. Sli'i'le. llnil'iit. 


.Ii'iviiiliili IliiHli, rnplnlli. 

Wlllliini I'. WliiiliiiT. IHI I.lent., Inter 
I'niil. 111. II. Inl lliavy Artillery. 

Illniiii .Miller. iHl l.leiil. 

SIliiH II. .1. Ilr.vanl. Jnd I.lent.. later 
iHl l.leiil. Co. (1. lll.ld IdKl. 

Siiniiii'l rniokH. 'Jiiil l.leiil., Inler 

■.'inl l.leiil. 111. i:. TMth lleKl. 

».Mi\sll ii.lMiiliK iiiii,.\\l/):li isii:i. 

Wlllllllll IllM'hH. I'liiiliilh. 

.Iiilill II. I'llli'lllliy. Inl I.lent. 

Andrew .1. Iliyiinl. Jnil I.lent. 
lliiiKMi.ii: iir.MiiiH I ii.\M/Mi lsii:i. 

.\illliiii II. Viinre. I'niiliiln, Inter 
I'niil. I'll. <l, l.l-lil lleBl. 

.MimeK M. Sniltli, lat i.lent., later 
rorimial I'o. I. Illal Hi-Kl. 

V. \: llniisiil. L'nd Mem.. Inter Si<rKl. 
Co. li. i:i:'.il lieci. 

Allrid K. Stark. 'Jml I.lent., later 
IHI Seri;t. I'o. li, i:l.',d llei;!. 

.ImiieB W. I'rnwford, I'niilaln, He- 
nli;iieii ,\iii:iint, 'I'bt. 

l:ll.liili I'mwrord. rnplaln. 

.Iniiien V,. SentI, Ist Melll. 

Wllllnin M. Ilyerly. lind I.lent. Ile- 
Hluileil Orllllier. 'H.'!. 

.Iimeidi r. Hull. 'Jnd I.lent. 
iiiiuiin iiiAiiiis iiRii.\M7.Kn l.siin. 

.Iinse K. Viinlnana. I'niitiiln. 

.Iiiuiph Aliiintl. iKl I.lent. 

.loliii A. ^nnlllnnB, Jnd I.lent., prn- 
nioleil 111 iBl I.lent. 

I lie W. I'liv. 'Jml Mem. 

luiNln.Mi: iirmiis iiiiiiamzkii l.Sm. 

Ira II. Ilendcr.ioii, I'aiilnln. 

A. M. Ileiiily, Inl Mem. 

.Inlin W. .snce. 'Jnd I.lent. 

I'MIKK lA\.M.nV lll|IIAM7.l:ll IMin, 

.liinieii I'. Tinker, I'mitiiln. 
ArrlBiin V. Winvrr, IkI Menl. 
Kdwiird 1>. l.llKey, 'Jnd I.lent; Ser- 
Reanl i'o. I. .'Hal lleitl. 

lleorKe lliuiHel, raiilalll, wna In llMli 
iind i:!il lleKla. 

.lohn II. .lolinaton. lat Menl.. waa 
In TMIh and l.'l.'lil lleiilB. 

IMiiiond fnietl, 2nd I.lent. 

.\ liirne inajnrlly of the iiieinliera of 
the Beveral eoniimnlea cnniimBlnK the 
I'arke County KeElinrnt went Into 


tlio volunteer army, inuii.x or whom 
were killed or wounded In battle, or 
died of dlaeuKC eontraeted in the scr* 
M<e of the lonnlry. 

The llecliiient wiis called out to aid 
In repellinE a eon.HiUerahle rebel forre 
iinilei' (leiieral John .Mor^'an, who 
iriwned ibe ulilo rlior from Kentmky 
and iiiiide a raid tbroiiKh the Sontli on 
Indiana, captilrln^ many liorBeg, role 
bliiK riiriiierB and people In the townR 
llirniixli U'lileh hla rnlileis tvent. The 
rexiriieiii went til Terrc llanto onronto, 
hut on iici-onnt or tlio inllltla nearest 
ihe raid belnit anrriclent. the I'arke 
County Ilexlnicnt was ordered liomo. 

.Military ardor la never ao dead aa 
dnrliiB the period followini! a Kroal 
war, au when an attemin wiia made lu 
imilntalii n I'oinpany at llnckvllle In 
1X71 It aoon proved a I'alliiro, Tlio or- 
Mani7.iitlun wiia ihily pcrlcctcd wItU 
Willlain S. .Mak'lll an Captain and the 
uriiirt iMKiied— hrlttht rinlahed KnI'lnId 
iltli'H or the Civil War typo -but be- 
.lonu one or two atteniiilH at Urllllnt; 
III tlie I'onrt hniiQe yard, notiilng 
Inriiier wa» done and the eoinpany 
i-eaKed an all organization. 

Ill lM7:i iL new generation ivlth no 
meinorieB of the Civil War, had arisen 
10 the line of military service. To tliat 
Kenerittlon only the glm-y and glamor 
appialeil. These boys organir.ed a 
eoinpany called the .McCnnc Cadets. 
M tlnit time tliere was a xreat revival 
of niilltiiry eiilhimliisin. Tcrro llantc 
had three i omininies, tlie llovernor'a 
llilanl. the Tene lluilte llifles and the 
.Mi'Keen Ciidets, all finely nnll'iirmcd 
and well ilrllled. Iloekvllle caught 
the Bplrlt whh'h resnited In the eoin- 
pany aliovo named. Clinton .Mnrphy 
wan elided Cuplaln, I'rnnk 1!. Steven- 
Bun. iBt Meiilenant; l;dwnrd Lambert. 
M Mentenanl. Captain W. \V. .Mc- 
Ciine and Samuel L. .McCiino In rceou- 
nllhin of the lionor confcneil npon 

Ih eonlrihilled most of the money 

iiir the piiriiiase of a uniform. The 
laiext and iimBt erfeelivo infantry 
iiriiiB then known— i.-i enllliro lircceli- 
loadinu- Springfield rifles— were Is- 
Biieil to tills organlmitloii by the State. 

Hill Itnikville was too Biiinll to fiir- 
iilHli enniiKh ineiiiliern of an Infantry 
riiiiipiiiiy lapalilc of entering the prize 
diilLs that were held all over the 
iinintry at tliat time, bo when the in- 
Inntry eomiiitny began to difllntegrate 
iiB It illd after a year or too, a iiiove- 
meiit was started among the young 
men of tlie Infiintry company to or- 
ganize a Beet'on of artillery, generally 
inlied II "battery." but In reality one- 
sixth of a full battery. It rcipilrcd 
only eleven liien to form a Beetion. 
and It waB thought tiint aiich a niiiii- 
her cninihle of mastering the artillery 
drill loiild be obtained. On Monday 
nighl. March tj. ls.s:i, at the llecord- 
er's office, (lenernl Cnrna- 
iian, asBlsted by Imvld stronse, inns- 
lereil In "llatteiy r' of the Indiana 
I.eginn, for a jieriod of three years. 
Tlinse wiio signed the innsler ro'l tliat 
iilglil and started the famous UoeU- 
vllle l.iglit Arllllery on Its siili8ei|iient 
brilliant eareer were: Krank V,. Stev- 
enson, lleiilenant: Will A. .Miison. 
sergeant; Isaae II. Stronse, eaisaon 
roriHiral; liie privates were TiiomnB 
l.iing, I,. It. Tlelaior, I'rank .Tnhnson, 
Harry .lolitiBon, l>Bcnr MK'ord, Harry 
I, re. Wallaie Iloyd, Horace Kendall, 
Will Kendall, Charles fjriines, Wal- 
lace Ilrown. KiUvard T.ambert, Frank 
llryant, I'red Sllth and Mward Iloyd. 
The first pnlille npiieoranee of the 
buttery wos at Newport, where an ex- 
hliillion drill was given on the 1''ourtli 
of .Inly, 1.s,h:i. In Seiitemlier. ts.s.1, llio 
battery entered the cuntest at Indian- 
apollB, and put up a fair drill conBiil- 
erlng tlio Inexiierlenee of the boys. In 

.lime. IS.SII. tlio three years having ex- 
pired, a new organization was por- 
fecled called "The Iloekvllle Light 
Artillery." Lieutenant Stevenson at 
this time received the well morited 
lomnilsslon of Captain; Will .Mason, 
iBt Lieutenant; c, i:. Lambert, 2nd 
Lieutenant, l-'rom thia date tho rec- 
ord of the artillery la a «niccB8lon e 
vlctorliB. Its guidon was adorned 
witli tiie following pennants: 

IndlannpollH, is.s;i, black ribbon. 

l.iifayette, Indiana, l.'^.sil, rod ribbon. 

.laciisonvllle. 111., IKsi;, red rllihon. 

i'.vnnsvllle. Ind., 1S.MT, blue riblion. 

Tuscola. 111.. IWT, hlno riiibon. 

.Ihikaiinvllle, 111., IsST.'blue ribbon. 

Kvansvllle, Ind., isss, blue rliibon. 

Ladloa of .Now Harmony, Indiana, 


Nashville, 'I'onn., INKS, yellow rlb- 
Vlncennea, Ind., INim, bine ribbon. 
Indlannpolla, l.siil, red ribbon. 
St. Louis, .Mo., IKIi,'i, red ribbon. 
I't. Wayne, Ind., iwi,", bliio riblion. 

Mine ribbons ilciioie lat prize, red 
second and yellow third. Tho prlzo at 
lOvansville wiib ^taio, and on that oc- 
casion l.'aptaln Hay wood of tho Unit- 
ed states army wrote Captain Stcvcn- 
Kon : "The drilling of your dctacli- 
meiit was excellent, and I have never 
Been lietlcr." .Vt I't, Wayno the team 
made the remarkable score of 1)8.7. 

Wiien bilBlnefls no longer permitted 
Cnpt. Stevenson to devote tho time ro- 
iinired for drilling tho team, ho ro- 
Bigneil and C. K. I.amlicrt was elected 
Captain. At that time another section 
with another gun was added. 

After the disiinniling of the first 
iialtery In l.Wil, nn infantry com|iany 
was organized, i-oinposed principally of 
students of the Itoekvlllo hlgii Beliool. 
Tlie loinpany adopted tiie name of the 
previoiiB infantry coni|iany — ".McCuno 
Cadeta." Its officers wero: laoac It. 
Slrouse. Cnptiiln; L. II. Tleknor, Ist 
Lieutenant ; Oscar Knllwider, 2nd Lieu- 
tenant ; .loiin Marsliail, Ist Sergeant; 
Claude int, 2d Sergeant. .lohn Mar- 
shall, the 1st Sergeant, was trans- 
ferred to the artillery and Uick II. 
(lit HUB appointed Ist Sorgennt. The 

lirst uniform of llio company was 
blue, hut In ISd" It was handaouiely 
uniformed with West I'olnl eadet regu- 
lation grey. Some of tho boys liecanm 
very proficient In drill, hut the handi- 
Clip of the larger iiiiinber of men re- 
i|iilred for infantry prlzo drilling 
could nut be overcome, and tlio Cadeti 
never eilti red a prize contest. 

In .Marcii. Il«i7, eleven years after 
liie old battery was miistered out of 
scriice, there was an npportnnlty giv. 
en Iloekvllle tii have nn.ther battery : 
this HUB brought about by the Stale 
iimsterlng out of service the Lafayette 
orgiinlzatlon, wiilch had been below 
standard for ijiiite awhile. 

Ibe offer to locale another arlll- 
lery nrganizatlon here came at ft lime 
when the Incal camp of .Modern Wmid 
men of America was making n vigor- 
nils eiiinpaign for new ineniberB anil 
In conseipience liiereof a mnveinent 
was Blarleil at once to organize a hiil- 
lery fi'iiin tiie memliers of llie lamji, 

This movement wn« siiccessfnl anil 
an oiuaiilzalinn nf fifiy-aeven members 
una fiirmiil and miislered III llie Mlate 
acrvice Ain'll II, llNi7, liy .Majni' Win. 
II. Kersliner. At nil election held on 
the Biime dale ol'flcera wero elioBcn na 
follows: Captain, II. .M. Ilice; senior 
ist lieutenant, Han H. .Tones; Junior 
lat lleiilenant, Walter f). Alice; sec- 
mid lienlenant, jaiiies K, Anderson. 

Tiie nrganizatinn was known no 
nailery "C," rirat Artillery, Indlami 
.Vallonal lliiard. The iiattery was 

lippid with three llolchklss rifles 

and Ihe regulation Colls revolvers. 

In the fall of IIMill tiie armory burn- 
eil and nearly everything heloiiging to 
Ihe battery was destroyed, excepting 
the three llntchliiSB riflcB, which weie 
only Bllghlly ilaiimged. After liie fire 
nn effort was made tii get enllstmeniB 
sufficient 10 obtain a new tliree-lncli 
field arllllery eipiipnient from the 
goiernnient. and after several weeks 
of hard work the roll showed In,'! men 
and four officers. 'I'he following Ang- 
nsl the now ei|iilpiiient arrived. 

In Ibe wlnler iif 1l»ll II. M. nice re- 
Bigiieil aa Cnpliiln of tho iirganlznilon 
and I.. Deiinla Williams was elected 
to that office. 

ulntf ^tnrii of tl|? l^tUing of 

".Io)inny firrnn" wan tho Inst In- 
dliin 111 Ihls port of the rountry lo live 
llip Willi life lu the woods, all others 
Imvlni: Rone rnrthcr Wcet. Ilo was a 
riT.iiiont unwclrome visitor at the 
hoiiK's of the Bcttlnra. He had a lonff. 
iinprnnonncahlp name, which the aet- 
llcrs^ pot around by calling liliii 
"Johnny (ircrn." I Us Bftviigo brutal 
Btortofl and hla ugly, lll-tcmpcrcd dle- 
posltlon when drunk, always rreated 
a freliuK of ilistruBt ami of fear on 
the part of ninny. r8|>erlally bo with 
the women and children. lie was 
much given lo relating his many deeds 
of harh:irou8 cruelties oonunltted on 
riefenerlesB women and children while 
the men wore away from liome figbt- 
Ing In the war with the Indiana. Tie 
never failed to relate tho nioBt hor- 
rible and cruel tblnus that he bad 
done, tblnga many of tlicm too borrld 
to relate In j'rint. 

i>n one ocraslon ho vlalted the homo 
of 4'nleiimn I'uett. who lived about 
three mllea northwcBt of Uoekvlllo on 
the farm now owned hy JoBlah Morrla. 
lie aoon began telling ono of hlB rniol 
fltorlei ab»>ut ereeplng up to tho eab- 
ins of tne settlers when the women 
and rhildren were atone. Bllpplng the 
nuixzle of his giin tbroiiRh an open 

< rack, anil ai.ooting them standing ho- 
fore the fire as he snld. "floalns them- 
flrlves." and then rolnto how they 
would fall Into the fire, and would go 
through motions showing bow tboy 
would kick an<l flounce around In 
their dying ayonlea. On this occasion 
he was pmuiptly knoekcil down and 
o'lt by Mr. Pnett. and was thrown out 
of the door. Ilo lay for aomctlmo ho* 
fore bo came to bluiself. and when 
be did and was able to got up and 
\\ alk be went down below tho road 
near the Ilelhco pond and fixed up a 
teuiporary shelter by a largo tree, 
where he spent tho night. Ho xvHh 
watched by members of tho family till 
mornlnii to see that bo didn't att'^mpt 
revenge for tho rouirii trentmert bo 
bad received. Tho day following hla 
knock out iio started for Hugar Preok, 
and rolouian Tuelt ond his oMoht 
non. r.llsba, took their rifles and went 
for tho aame locality. Tho next dny 
after this be was 'oented O'l t\ rork 
flahlng In Sugar Creek, and was thon 
and there shot and killed by^ Colenran 
. uott. 

('n))taln John T. rampbell, who woi 
raised on Sugar Creek, and was ff- 
miliar with the aeronnts of the hIM- 
Ing, located the rook Jnit below tho 


MiiMilh nf Tiiiko.v llim. Tli(!io Is no 
ildiiitt tliiil )in wnfl Rlint liy rolnltuili 
I'lii'll. lllB niro, .hidii I'lirtt, nnd IiIr 
niMi. AliMinilcr I'li.ll. with llic other 
nicliihorH of tho rnmlly were present 
iiikI wlllli'Hxrd Ihr troiihic lit the 

I II lionio. nnd witc rnnilllar ulLli 

lh>' wlioln iiffnlr rrnin tho Blnrt nt Ihi' 
liMiiKr to Iho killing of Jolinny (Irocn 
■III SiiKiir CriMk iwo dnyn nfur. 

Thr nl'ovc ncroiint of the trngcdy 
wnR ivrllleii hy ^<hrH»y €. riictt, who 
rivnlls nil the fartn as related to hini 
ninny llnio hy his father nnd hln 
lii-niidiiiolhrr nnd otiiers of the old 

In the lllatory of I'nrko County, 
liiihllnhed In I((M'. an miDnnl (not 


Ji.lm II. 11' 

i.ll.', Ik 

VMIB Kl>en In tho Siifor I'rcoU town- 
Hhl)i drinirtnirnt. 'I'IiIh Htory follows: 

"Olif day Henry IJt/cy nnd boiiio 
Mini'i' of the old si'ttlcrs, were at Old 
Jiihii llciiiil'B will at the month of 
SiiKar ireek nllir fh'iir; the old In- 
dian lia|iM<'iied nlBo to visit tho uilll 
ill llinl llini'. and liiu'in honBlIni; of 
llle liiiinher of woiiirn and ehlldren lie 
had killed. In lilaie of koIiib on the 
wiir iinlti with the wnrrloru he tiBCd to 
ttkiilk around the settleiiienls nnd 
nlaiiKhler the defi-nselcss reiiiales ami 
liifniilK, nnd on IIiIb occriBlim was 
honmlliK of hiB e.xplolls In thnt line, 
nnd telllni! with great kIco how he 
used to liii|ailc the Utile InnoccntR on 
Hn|i|dlnKB. and laiii;lied na lie deucrlb- 
«d how they woultl shriek nnd toss 
Ihelr Utile arms nhoiit. This nronsed 
.Mr. LII/.cy'H mnnhood, and he at oneo 
I'loieeded to Inflht i'or|>oral piiDlsh- 
liiellt on the old henlhen. The other 
mill, however. Interfered, and the 
mntlor «ns ilropped. On his wnj' 
home on liori»ehn'-k Mr. lio.ird 
the roiHiit of a Klin, anil felt a hullet 
whlmle pnBt him; glnnelni; hehind he 
iibBerveil Ihe Indian hehind a tree. Ile- 
liiR iiniiriiied he at onrc put spurs to 
Ills home, and rode at a llrcly gnit 
fur n mile or two, when thinking he 
liMil itnl nut of rench of danger, he 
ii::nln dropped Into a walk. Agnin he 
lienrd the report of n rifle nnd ngnin 
lell the wind from tho liiillet pnRH 
close to his head ; nutl not heing will- 
ing In run the rink of n third slinl, pro- 
leeiled linme as fast ns poaslhlo. t>n 
reni'hing the house he took his gun 
nnd went off on n hunt, nnd .Tnhnny 
IJreeii wns never seen ngnln In thnt 
purl of Ihe eoiinlry. It was never 
knowii for a eertnlnty who hnil |iut 
hliii out of the wn.v. but puhllc opinion 
nlwnya gave Mr. I.llzey eredlt of the 
net, llioiii!h he would never acknowl- 
edge II, always staling thnt tho Inat 
time lie saw- the Indian he observed 
lilm silting nn a flnt rock. In Stignr 
I reek. Just below Ihe Narrows, fish- 
ing; siiddeiily he Jumped np as If 
ernxy, nnd diveit Into the water, from 
whlrh he never arose.*' 

There are Iwo pnlpiible mlastnte- 
meiits In Ihe latter version o( tho kill- 
ing nf Johnny lirern. liral. llenrda 
mill was not at the luotitli of flngar 
I'rer^t, hilt wns aliout where the old 
Minr Mills wero nflerwnrds loented 
hear Ihe Weal I'nlnn hrhlgo: aernnd, 
no rioiir was grniiml there In the enrly 
dii.vs. The mill wns n log slruetnre 
nnd i^nalsled of n pair of niggerhead 
hiiris «-nllid a "i-orn cracker." When 
I lie selllera wanted flour they had to 
gii In llnaevllle. (he nenreat mill, un- 
III Halninn l.iiak creeled his mill nt 
the Xnrrows. -Tolinny Oreen wns n 
vrry old man, hnrmleas nnd Inoffens- 
ive Mcept when drunk. It would have 
liron liiijiosslhlo for siieli an Indian to 
intraiio a man on foot, flro onee, re- 
iodl and nrcrlake ■ man on Iiorse- 

hnek who hnd "put apurs to Ills horno indlali Iri-nl 
and ridden at n lively gull for a mllu 
or two." I never heard the last slory 
mil II It was printed In 1S'«1. allhough 
the version aa given by .Mr. I'liptt was 
u iiiiniMon Riory about ll"ckvlllo when 
I was a hoy. It la prnhable tlint n 
number of pioneers. Including Mr. 
I.ll7.ey. were Induced lo rvhile differ- 
ent Blorlea of the killing to prevent 
anybody from being pnisecuted, since 

I for III 

I III lul't'O promised 
l,IIIIUL- of liidlann 

oft of 

^■nerally aiippeaed Hint 

wna shot while flahlng 

Hiiik. belw.en Turkey 

<arripna. but the pre- 

ponderanec of evideuie Is lo Ihe effect 

that he wns flahlng from the abelf of 

rock about l.'ril yards below Turkey 

ud I III 

OIant;i flirrttmjs 

"The droves wore (Jod's first Tcin- 


etllenicnlB of thla 

In tlif 

die Weal, there were very lew chiiiiii 
buildings. I luring the period succeed-, 
lug tiie eouiluB of selllera to I'arke 
(.■oiinly, n mlulater, railed "circuit rld- 




and pienclied In a aettlcr's cni'lii or i. 
sehnul boliae iiiilll log alliictiirea could 
be ereiteil nnd a rbllrch organization 
iffeilcd. A larger ratbi of tho people 
allemlid ihiileh aervkea In tlioao ilaya 
Ihiin now, I'ecllng a need for enlarg- 
ing Ibc eidiere lor renehing more pco- 
|dr, hecaiise of tlic lliiiiled number of 
preacbera, and for bringing Iho wor- 
shipers Iroiit rciiiolo toeallllea, camp 
meetings were organized. A aiillable 
lecntlon was seteeled In a woodn, and 
the sninller trees and underbrush 
cleared away and bcnenlii niaaslve 
trees, rude atruetiirea were erected for 
doniieilea. of rough liimbor, uauaily 
alnbs from aaw mills. They wore 
built In a hollow ai|iinre and within 
wns ereiled a platform for tiio prcnch- 
era. Seats were iiiado by culling trees, 
plating Iheni ao that boarda could be 
laid neross. However, some were not 
BO clahorato, 

Tbeao meetings were fragrant with 
Nature's moal exalted cnvlronmenla, 
nnd were a potent fnetor In moulding 
niornl nnd religious thnugiits In the 
minds of our pioneers. The ono near- 
cat lo itnckvllte wns located about 
three milea aoiilhwrat of town, east of 
While's ariinul bouse, nnd Ulliler the 
Biiapleea of the M. Iv ehurcb. In IN.Vi 
II was dlsconllniied and n nioro cx- 
letialvc one ralitbllaiied In tho wooda 
oil the neat aide of Iho llrldgeton 
road, soiilb of llaira I'ord nt Little 
llaccoon. Among thoae living In Ilock- 
vlllc and vicinity who wero connected 
with It were: N«;nnuicl N. linker, Sr.. 
John l.lnkawller. -lauiea P. I'lcknnr, 
Mark Menebam. .lohn .T. Meneham. 
Samuel Noel, Seotl Noel. .Tohnaon S. 
While, r.nbrlel Iloiiglmian. Joaeph 
Lambert, nnd ineinbers of tliclr fam- 
ilies and others, nnd also Itev.. Jacob 
Stryker and Wllllnm Terry Cum- 
iiilngn, who prenebed tliero. There 
were aevornl nble prencbers of the 
Methodlat church, who nleo preached, 
amonit them HIehnrd Ilargrnves. 

The vvorablpers nt Iheso mertlnga 
were filled with the spirit of devo- 
tion, very carncat In their endeavora 
to enlarge the apliero of fellowahlp 
anil aalvnllon of aoula. Services con- 
alaled of prenehing, singing nnd 
prayer on week dnya. hiil Siimlnya bo. 
gan with n cliiaa meeling nnd Invo 
feaat. preaching morning, afternoon 
and night. There were very few 
hymn hooka. Tho inlnlaler would rend 
two llnea of n song nnd nil would sing. 
nnd It would bo reprnled nnlll llie 
song would be flniaiied. One of the 
fnlllifiil who nllendrd wna nn old eol- 
oreil women, enlled Aunt Amy, a ineiii- 
her of the clinrch nnd under Its rnre 
nnd protcetlon. She very often un- 
Itottleil her Joy In loud "Ainon'a" nnd 

illacipie of .liibu Weal.'y. frowning up- 
on Je.velR ami ni.|.:irel. The 
flrat Sunday Hint .Mlas Hose .Mcaebam 




ihlireh. Aunt Amy wna almost bean- 
broken, ^"^he nroac from her scat In 
Hie Amen corner and said. "Tiiey have 
broiiglit the llevil in tile cliurcb." nnd 



■giiiuent and |i( 
akeplbal men 
ilireb. but all 

• aa ever alter- 
wiirdH ailaplelniiB of llie propriety of n 
miiulcnl lualriimenl In chiireb. rhere 
was nuotber old i-olored woiiinn !n 
town enlled Aunt Siikey, wiio wns 
bioiigiil lo Uoikvllle by (.'barlton Ilrll- 
toll. and w.irkeil In n tavern iiere. Siie 
wna n wnril of the rreabytcrlan 
ehurcb. She died In lMi;7 at llic age 
of 11" years. Siie had seen (ienerni 
IJenrge Washlngt'Ui nnd her grcnt de- 
lltiil w,i8 lo tell It to people. Ilclng 
an nnieiil ralvlnlal. we ran Biirmlao 
that ahe fell ll.,e disowning Annt Amy 
for abonllng In meeting. 

NolvvllliBlauilIng the fart thnt these 
ennui merliuga bad In them a dom- 
inant splril nnd zeal manifested for 
llie dissemination of gospel trulba, 
the prcsiiiii|ilion Is that Ihey would be 
Immiine from Hie cnpera of "roiigb- 
neiKB" nnd dlRliiriiers of llie peaee nnd 
ililleliide of llioae galbered I" woralilp. 
However, tliey were Ibere nnd took 
delight In disturbing the worshliiera. 
Their conduit caused ndverae erllle- 
Ism nf eaiiip iieelilipa fioiii n few peo- 
ple wiio wauled sninelbllig lo erlllclze. 
Tiie dlslilrbeiB of the peace were us- 
ually iirrealed and pinilsbed. 





of the fulled llreHl 

1.H.VJ lo 1S 



napolis, north of liie eroas ronda V. 
II. rliilreh, nn the Ilnwllngn fnriii lo- 
cated on n hill near a Bulpbiir spring 
at the foot of Ihe bill. There were 
twelve or fifteen biilldlncs In wbleh 
fnmllies lived during Ihe iiieetlnga. 
Seala weie iiinile of pimeiieon, and n 
Blnnd for the prenehera. The eervlees 
were of n almllar nnliire of the Melb- 
erilst nieetlnga before mentioned, 
i'lieae nieetlnga were a fnelor In prn- 
uuilgatlng niiirnl nnd religious senti- 
iiicnls In the north pnri of Ihe rounty. 
t'npnble, enrnest iirenehers diaaemln- 
nnted old faahloned. goapel triitbs to 
the people tiirre nsaeiiibled. 

A flourishing denomlnntlon, which 
posaeaaed n coiialderable memberahlp 
In I'nrke Connlv fifty yenra ago, of 
fnllbfiil men and women who ardently 
lielleved In Hie dnclrlne Ibal "(led lina 
from nil eternity deireed that whnt- 

ii.l dealh of mail." 

TbI.-i ileiiiimliuillnn bad a ennabirr- 
ble liilbiMlng III lilla I'liiinly. II bad 

siilislniillal ImllilliiK wiiere ibey wiir. 

iilpi'i'd abmll Hire lies mirliienal- 

laidl.v from llMikillle. near Hie rend 
o .Maralmil. In frnnl of n gioie of nn- 
illhd limber on Hie faim of Jnlin Oi- 
niiaii. aeiilor. rreacbing servbia 
lere held ipilte regularly In Ihe 
biireb. I'or severni years In Hie 
rove waa held what waa termed an 
aao.lallon. Aiilierenls of thla sect 
iiiilid come from reliiole paria of lliis 
ml adjoining roiiulles. where fur aev- 
inl days al a lime Ibere would be 
ervieea conducted. Such a large iiiiiii- 
>er would nttriid thnt It was nei es- 

y ll'il tl 
illd Inke 

ill In 

of Iheae ulin lliei 
too for away lo go to their hnmei 
Thla riialom wna a pronoiinied fenliir 
of these nsanelnllona. I'or n week i> 
more preparnllnna were iiinde by lb 
hiiBis, nnd It wna ipiile 1011111100 fa 
one family to feed aeveinl bniiilred ei 
Ihe Siilibalb. wiieu Hie big day rnliK 
around. On am li ,><undnya, Ihousaml 


Hide In the 


lilnirnrm nnd aenis were arranged. 
Tiiiae nieellnga were nllended by n 
Inrge lliimiier of ndherenia of tile fallll 
and aian those of other, or nu eapec- 
bil ihunb affliinllona. Tiie niemher- 
aiilp waa i-omiioaid of men and women 
of sterling wnrlli nnd high morals, 
whose dnilv lives were potent fnelcrs 
In dlRseliili'inllug honealy, iiiorallly and 
religious thought. 

This organization dislnlegraled 
ninny years ago. The ndbeienis be- 
gnn to wiine, iiiilll wiiat wna mice a 
rlniirlahlng ehurcb orgnni/.nllnn In 
I'nrke I'onnly, liea prnclbnlly dlaap- 
peared. many of tne nieiiibers and 
H.eir descendnnts Inxliig eapoilaed oili- 
er doclrlnea of religion. 

The Imnvllie. Illlnola. Aaambillnn 
of fridrstlnarbin iinpliala sniiielliiiea 
held Ihelr iiiertinga in Hie noilhweat 
part of Hie rount.v, eaat of l.odl. In Hie 
Siilrk sellbiiient. There wna Hie 
linme of Havld Shirk. Hie pioneer 
l.riarher. It wna flunlly Irnnaferred 




nt. mid all 1 

peilnlnlng Hienio 




nt I'ie 

nt II 

nnrlhenal nf Uoikvllle. 

SIme the early ilnys of Hie «'.■ 
Ibere lina hem n I'redealinnrlnn 
Hal orgnnlr.ntlou In Hie vielnlly n 
iliurch nl .Ml. Morlnh. nlioiil one 
oue-bnlf nillea north of llolbnd. 
In llreene loivnahlii. This orgni 
Hon of llaiilials is allll in eniali 
nnd la Hie enly one reniniuing 
I'nike I'liiinly of IhnI fnilli. 
meniiierahlp of Mt. Morlnh ehiirib 
nlwnys been of high alnnding 
Inlegrlty, nnd Ibe aeeda wiiieh werr 
sown In Hint part of Hie I'niinly bnvf 
been fruitful In dlasendnnllng. naldr 
from the tencblnga of Hie fnllh. moral 
llv and civic rlgbteoiianeaa. Tiie aa 
soeinllons which hnve been held werr 
along Hie same llnea na M enlerHMv 
nient. nnd olherwiae, na tbeae nl Tie is- 
nut r.rove. norlbeaat of lloekvllle. 

There Is n cemelerv. one of Ihe Inrff- 
eal in the i-oiinlry dialrbia of I'nrkr 
roiinlv, which Is railed Mt. Moriah. 



iHi?mnraltlc §^tl^i^r0* idiMtninu 

On Hio mil 

"Hi nf Hepleluher, The 


of Wenlern Indllmn nnd I'nstern llll- to the nffnl 
nols wns held nt llockvllle, nn event 
whbh was hlaloricnl, not only In Ihr 
point of nttendanee, am* the presence 

of Ihe I'eil 
iif nriiia. tl 

■e thnt ileuerni Siirnunn 

allriiiled wide nltenllnn 

Tiie War I lei.nrlnienl 

il.governimnt by In 

shoiita of praiies. She was > true ot notable mon, but In all Ita detalla. Ing 

ndo poaslbln Hil 
■ciieiiie of feeding, siiellrr 
pilpplnii Iho aoldlors wlio 



., 11 r.|...iiM' III |....|il.' <•< lo 1,111.- ■■.Hi.' h.T.' (" r.r..:;nl/.. 

I'liiki' I iniiily hir iliMNLliiHin In I in h o r In iIiIh ki'iimiI I'l'inilnii. 

»,iy III lull. Ii'iik. IIIMIM1I. mill piiiil' I Mill Inir III iln » lull .Mill wIhIi hio 

II y" »,i» nil (^.iniiil lliiil I 111! iH I, In il.i. I yniir );m»(. your ii-r- 

l.niniiln or KIM h | hum 1.11 in- unit." 

11 MMMMiil iii'il KiKn llHll.^ lo iir.' |-,.|„, (i,.,„.rn|, roBlInc hlii lianil on 

II Kiiiilllni;. ,1,,. „|,|, inlti't'i'il Imllli' riiiL-H, roll- 

■III- l.iuin "llli II liiii-l -r'.l 

'"'"'• ' ""■ ' """ ■ ■'"'> "''■• -11 I. L-..o,l to «.-o HO OM l.„n. 

n.MK iimiln. In ri'innn r wh™ hc 

hull Hiiih llilnun lii'lntv im In ilni'k 
illl.vh. iihi'll wi' hull mill' in rut mill 

li'M< In ihliill. It IB ui'll In r I'ln. 

1..T 111- l-B«..h.i Of the wnr. iinil to 
I'lTiinnI III- hlslnry Hint In willl-n 
111 lilnnil.i rliirui'liTB, llllil iiinrkiil 
liy L-niiii. 111! nv, I 111- liiiiil. I'.iit 
I mil h-i'i' to Blny n <lny ur Itvo iit 
iiiiml In ranip RKiiln, nntl 1 linpn to 
iii—t ynii iind ninny more liitlivM- 

l.nill'in 111 l-ii-ll « unii- »-kI nl Iln. I,- 
illl-, Allir riil.iiii-l II. U'. ■niiiiii|.»iin 

liiiil 11 IM.I-.I lilB nrmlnii. riii.liln 

.l.ilin I'. M-ml Illl It. il nil Hnl.ll-rH 

In II.- miilliliin In iiuii- to Mil' h|i.iiI<- 
.'i'„ nimiil III tiilk ni-l' III- iiii-Hlliili III 
lolilliiK II l-iililnli In III- 11-iir liiliir-. 

Sii 1 IIS iil-il In llilH r.»in-st 

II, III |.|„lliir,i, fin- W.I.I. .\ n-iv 

K nslrnni-nls. JiiMl iiiirrliii»-.l In 

U lill.'h I., mil, «i.r- 1 -r «lnn..', 

Ih;,nk >nii I'lir thin rP-oRnlllon." 

J ; Inn II IMis in.l.slHll IIH Ikll 

|,,n.ilk... II inlHlnili Mlil.'ll Hiiln. V 

iiiH.'.l 111.' run-., 1. 11,- iir 111- liiiliil l.ny« ■I'liiil iilKliI ii Kinnil "-aniii fir-" wnii 

liir M-lllin: unlir Iln- i-iir li-lm- nl l.-lil In Hi.' »n.Hl« ivlirrp 111- Inil.) iind 

ihr iiiilK ,1 tliih.^. Ill- of r.-iil i.Tiip fliw iiind- u 

■III., ri'iinlnii Blml-.I oil Willi n b..|IIiil' ii-irr I., lie forcolun. It wiis 

«l,...i|i mill M- I ilviiliB- llH-ir. 111. 11 Hull .\nna l.niii: llniil.l Kniiii 

nlll..iiiL-li liniiilr.'.lK nf liiri;- iiiwliin -.vl,..! iniiirH lo Hi- S-n" nnil ri- 

Mil,. |,rliil-il iiir lillllni: III- -nllri- r-h-il ii kiilKlilly kln» lioiii lipii-nil 

WiihiiBli V.ill-y. II Miis h-lil In iMl'n sli-iniiin. An nn -iicr- ' all- mi\k, i,nilliw-m of limn, ivli.T- ov. ■Mnlin llroiiirii llnily.- ll-n-inl Sll-r- 

,r .-di in w |,ll('li-il fnr 111- a." innn mi'l Hi- nlml- Ihroir.' .Inliilin: In 

niiniM.iilnilini nf Hi- h.i1i1I-ih wlin 111- rlinrii.s. .Minn Hi rllin Knnpnian of 

in ■I'liiii.. ii-r- flll-il Willi 111- •| llnilln, muil- Hi- "lliil, Wlill- 

"linyn" nf 'i',i, » lin w-i'- y-l yoiinu null Itlnn," ivllli .Miss (lilnvlii llnr- 

11.1 II, mill hor- III- nrniii Ikhii-iI liy Hi- ii-H, nrfiinlal. 

will- il-|iiirlii,-ni fill- 111- iinnnlon im Tli- n-vl iliy. wli-n lliil .1. stcwort, 

lltlilly IIH Hi-y dill K.-unrly Ion .v-ill» » nh .Mrs. A. I'. Willi- HI Hi- oririili, 

l.-lni-. uniiK -Iniii.ii. Tniniii. ■rrniii|i tlin 

IJ-iiiTiil Sli-rnuin iinlyid nn n bp-c- iinys ni- Miin liliii;- il-n-rnl Mi-rninn 

liil Iriilll flniii -l-n-.- llniil- nliiinl ."i Bi,.|,|,i.d In 111- Ir.nil iiii.l Jnlmd In lli- 

P. 111. A I'lihllnn of »olill-rs, ,-.<«i nf rhnnis iililili wii« Ink-n lip liy th- 

wliiini w.-i- iinii-d iillli 111- SinlnKfl-liI iiiniiBiinilB wlio irowl-d tli- t-royo. 

Hll.'B Innii-il ill- mm !.■.■. t liliii rh,. r-iinlon -los.-d lylHi n dross im- 

lind nniih-il iili-ml nf Hi- rmrliii:- lo ,;„|,. „,„| rrvlivv liy Hin-ral Sliorinnn 

III- i;i.,nnil». I'niir Biiniv « lili- liiirs-s. of nil Hi- boIiM-i-b In rnnks. 

l.-il-i k.'d Willi pliniips ilr-w ,Insl nfl.-r Hi- dr-ss parndc .Tnck 

1,1- np.ii inrrinK- In wlil-li H.n-r,il Inifiinr. who linil -hnrs- of Hio nrtjl- 

Mi-nnmi mid IJov-rnor .Mnrloii snl. |,.ry. r-pnind thnl n imrt ..f the lliii- 

■111- K.ii.TllI »ni- rlll/.-i.'« ilolhis nn- i,,.,- of Hi- IJponiid .\.ipol-on Hold 

d. r n Innu Iln. n dnsl-r. ■Tin" bin- pp ro wns Injnn d. Tlio coininltt-c In 

inonill-.l l,y a l.nll-r-d Blniw lint. ThlB rlmri:,. fi.ll aiini,. iin-naln-aa nliniit thi- 

lynii n iriinl dlKn|ipiilnliii-iil lo Hi.' ii,|.,|,„p anil r-porl-d It to Hrncial 

wrllii- nf Hub- Iln. 's, « Iln had iililni'- .ilii'i-inmi, who ipilrkly tiirn-d lo his 

Id In hlB ImylBh mind .i u-nir-ons mil- „id, an nrri.-r of tho r-unlnr army, 

fiirni, Bunril nml all Hi- IrappliiL'B lliiil „|,ii HiIb .iirl ..rd-r: ".Majnr bo out 

h.. H.nimlil niK-ln In un Willi a »nldl-i ;,„d iniid. Inn llial «nn :" ami m U «ns 

sn fniiioiiB. lliuM'v.r. 111.. n.'\l ilny r.'lni n-d -"Cniid-iiinid liy ordor nf W. 

<i-niral Sh-riiimi ilnnii-d IiIb full , . shirmnn. <!onr ral I'. S. A." 

driBB nnlfnrm in honor of III- occnalnn. siv hnisB linmls iniiio wlHi d-l-Kn- 

rpmi hiB arrlial al ih- larK- slan.l ,|„„„ ri,in, val- « town.s. Kv-liny-i- 

finni will, h 111.. -\-i','lBiB liink plai-, „„,. .Mniinn, -vlloy-rnoi- ll-iiry S, 

( Sli-ninii, Inli-ndii— il liy H-n- |.,in,'. ipn-ial l.-wls Wailair, (lon-r- 

iTDl Chilli. H rnifl, nf 'I'-rr- llnni-, „) Moiinn r. Iliinl.r. li-n-inl Chnrl-B 

""111: rrnfl ami many oHi-r proinin-ni snl- 

"IVllow Knldl-rB. l.mll.'B and Hen- ill-lfi iind cIvHIiiib w-ro pr-B-nl. ■|li- 

ll-in-n- I ri'pnrl for duly, lili-nsi nowd was yarloiiBly .-Btlmat-.l nl frnm 

In ol.-dli'iir- 111 ynnr rail, I an. l,-|,rill lo .•■.n.n.ii. Il Is not linprnlialilr. 

li-r-. do ynn ivanr/ Vnn that '.ii.iH'il w-ro iirosmt on tho ar-onil 

llublir iHxn-utunts 

Two on-i'iillons luiyi' Ink-n plm .• In rltlzms of I'nrk- roinily who ollrnd- 

I'arko Iniinly. Imlh In Ini: lliiiBO of <il. The i ah- waB irlod al III- AllEliBl 

111-11 ll'li'il inilril-r In olli-r rmin- l-rin nf rniirt, Isl'.'. and sonl-li.- ni 

II-H nn ilimi;:- nf yinii-. Til- flrHl il-aHi linpos-d liy Hi- Jury. Ilonornl 

wiiH lliat lit Niiali ll-nii-hnnip. who llownrri did -yirylhliiK within Ills 

l.lll-d H-nn:- .Ml. k-ll.-rry In VIl-o pnw-r, Imlh al Hin Irlnl and nfl-r- 

roiinly on Hi- l7Hl of .Inly. ISM, Ab to say- Hi- llf- of ll-nmhamp 

an llliiHlrnllnn nf hinv offlnTB of 11..' whoB- i'ilini< nllhoiiKh pi-n.-dllali'd 

law dill Hi-lr iliily In ilia riy p-l- was linl nlloi'.'llii-r lin||irnynU-il, A 

loil. 111- iiiii'Biill nf 11,'iiniliniiip lo Hi- pi rBiimil app-nl to Hie Hoy-rnor wa« 

ll-|ililillr of T-xiiB ai Ihal limp ,i nail- by H-iii',al Howard, hill lo no 

Innil l\» ii'iiinli' an I'hlmi Is Imlay ninll. and llpainhniiip wall liancod on 

may lip rll-d. 11- was nrriBl-rt and Hi- ""Hi day of llp.rnilipr, LSI'.'. 

Iniinulil hai'k In Vliin i onnly, wliPli H lirp I ran p lo wrllhix of this p.vp- 

mi a ihniitp of y-nn- Hip trial ii ,||i ililliiii II ypara lalpr, not onp old cll- 

ni'lil In Hip I'nrk- nr-iill pniiil, lyiiMif nil hil-ryh-wpd itavo the ncliinl 

ll-m.-hnniii wns ilpfpiiili'd hy lipniriil ilnln (if Hip hniiKlni:. ..lost of thpiii 

llnwnril and iirns-i nlpil l.y Kdwnrd w. r- pnslllvp ihiil II wn» In I'Vlirnniy. 

Mi'dnlluli-y In n lilal Ihal was lone isl.'l, nml all w-r- —rtnln Hint It wns 

rcincinbProd hy Hio laigi) nninlicr of on a very cold day. 'i'lio Inllcr 'net 

iill.'.piil. d mill nil<|il-HHulli.'d, lull 
\ of tlin loiirt roiorda 
il Hi- dulu lo lip Iho ono nhovc 


JiBso II. VoninniiH wns Hip flii-ri. 
who offlilnl-d nl this pxcciitlnn. lll« 
dppnly nnB l.iyl 11. I.aiiiy, fallicr of 
(i.iiriiP I.. I.iin-y of llnckvlllp. .Mr. 

I.I y In -01 ntlln: on Hip plrciiin- 

Blan.'i' nf Sliiilff VnnninnB falllliR lo 
lilt 111- rope thnl lii'ld til- ilrnii nl Hip 
lliBl Rlrok- of Ih- lint.'lii'l, snld li- 
dld iiol know wh-ih-r It wna due lo 
aipld-lil nr doslKli. but lipllov-d Ihat 

Bliirlir hail ntr— d to inakp ^i 

Bllok- l.i'for- Hi- faliil on- lo kIip Hio 
doniiii'd mini warnliiL-. 

|l-aiirlin'i,p li-nvil hlB own fiinprni 
B-.iiioii il.'lliprid In thp Miiirt Iioiibp 
mid rndp nn his coffin from Hip lourt 

l..r,.„ in III- pPiPP of PVP.'.illnli Hi- 

hillsldp JiiBt pnst of Ihp ipinctpry. 
Siiidi was the cnsloiii of the tliiip. A 
liUKP Piiiwd of ciirlniiH lipoplc from all 
ov-r 111- I onnly caiiip to Ihp pxprii- 
Hon In spllP of Ihp cxtrciiioly cold 

Till' BPi'Olid i'\criitlon wob Ihat of 
lln.k Sinnt. .ViiK. '.1. I.vs:!. lip had 
Mlhd 'I'aylor lumbar ii-nr linrllnKlon 
nn the inornlnB of .Novpinn-r -J I. iss'j, 
II 1b not my pnrpoBp lo Rh'c tlic rPc- 

nid lb U'HB Hic d.'Inlls, of crime 

In Hila work, bo thp slory of the klll- 
ini; will not be im'llHoiud, Stout was 
hi'iiiiKliI on I'liniiKP of ycniip lo Tnrkc 
roiinty for trim, lie wns iinnL-ncd 
1,-foio .Indi:- .Iniii-B K. Ileller of Hip 
.Mnrlon roiinty rrliiilnal foiirt nl Hie 
.Inniinry t-rin of Hip Tarke <lr-iill 
court. The Jury whl-h pnHSPd Bcntence 
was comiiosed of the following citi- 
zens nf rnrkp < ■onnly: Zn-hnrlnh 
llyiTB. forcnmn, John \V. Michaels. 
Lewis lloyd. .los-ph \V. WIlBon, Sniii- 
iipl II, llealp, Will, P, llluwooil. .loBcpli 
lllncB. I'rank llrown. \V. II. II, Scy- 
bold, .Tohn Penrc. .lohn T. Co.v and 
AbPl Hall, .■'loiit wn« dcfpndpil by 
.l.ihn I., loiirtnpy, of rrnwfordBvllle. 
and S. II. rii-lt, of tho llorkylllc bar; 
lip was pros-ciilpd by Krank .M. How- 
ard, John II. Iliirford, John K. Iliiinph' 
ipys mid Miihnpl II. WhItP, nil Init 
llowiinl nf Ihp MonlKoiiicry ('oiinty 

Prior to Hie day of tho execution 
Itey. W. 1". I'liiiiinlnk'B and Ilev. «i. K. 
ritson ylBlled Sloiit In Jail, lie re- 
.|iiiBii'il Hip Inlipr lo nltpnil nnd offpr 
n praypr nt Ih- pxpi'iillnii, n reiinest 
Hint was -nrrlPd out. Jnhn 11. MiiBBor, 
Bh-ilff nt Hint lime hiiil cliarBO of the 
I'M cm Ion. It was not piiblh', lint Iho 
law iirriiilltPd Hip BllPrirr to IsBilo 
ib'k-ts to ncwH|ia|ier men and to a 
llmllpd nmiili-r nf PlIlzcnB. A kbIIowb 
was erpcled lualdc of an enploanro nt 
the past Bide of the Imller hoiiac. One 
hnndrpd and fifteen perEona were 
rrcsent InclndlnB one trnmnn — .Mrs. 
IMinbnr, widow of Hip imirdrrpd iiinn. 
.\l VI :."i p. 111. the procpsalnn fllpil In. 
Kloiil nsccndPd the Binffold ivllh n 
ririu Bipp, Ilev. Fiison offered prnyer; 

Sbirlir MiiBH-r rend Hio death 

and III! 




B|p|i|i-d forward and rend the follow- 

"I linvc lold iny elory. It was not 
lipllpypil, 1 BUfier itrcnter piinlBh- 
liniit than I il-B-rvc. 1 nin sorry for 
wbiil I linvo dnnc. .My frw frlendB 
nnd my nltorn-y liayp dnne nil thnl 
innld 111' don.' for nip. The proB-rii- 
Hon nKahiKt nip liiiB b—n awful, I rnr- 
Rh<- iM'iyl.oily as I liopp lo ho for- 
Klvpn, I am r-ady to fulfil tlip ilp- 
manda of Hie law and may the l/ird 
have m-rcy on iny BOiil." 

Itiv. I'nson whispered. ".Mr. Sloiit, 
i,(. yon Bilil iipl pripnr-d lo ille^;' II- 
nliBweieil. "I do,^ 

lllH laal wnrdB were ipoken In re- 
ply to n iin-Hllon about the rope- 


oil— Ho 

Hie exri'iillon nf 

lliick smut nre all I'onnectPd nIHi 
work lUBldP nf ■/ /n' TiMitim- cffbp, I 
w-nl in work Ihat inoinliiK uniiHnally 
-nriy nnd w..b bo I'OiiiplpUly ubsorh-d 
In.KittlnK out our •■Siip-lnl" thnl I 
Inrunt all nbollt a ticket to the expcu- 
llon nl home In my veat pocket wlibh 
I mUlit have sold for fiftppil dolliira. 
as Hint Slim was pnid for one. .Nobody 
In ■//"' TnliiiiK- office went to dinner 





was from noon until 2 p. in. Ilnilnu' 
Hint time wp put In t.\|ip Mr. Il-ndlp^« 
full nrionnt of Hip hnm;lnK nml prlnl- 
rd II, a rpiiinrknlde achievement for 
nn nfflic e<|illpp-d as olira wnt llicn, 
.No iirwBpappr man other than Mr. 
Ibndle wrote lila I'opy al tho iinffohl. 
nnd very, very fpw men could have 
dnne II, Some yeara before hc lind 
wrillpn Hip dptalla of the execution 
of .lolin 11. who wns hnnced lii 
rtah for parili'l|iatlon in Hio .Moiin- 
lain .Meadow .Massacre. .Mr. Ileadio 
prepared his itipy nt that llinc while 
SI al-d on tho i-offln whleh waa to re- 
celvp the remains of Leo. At the 
Stout execiitloii ho paaacd his popy out 
throiiL'li a 'crnpk In tho enclosure lo 
iiipsapni:pra who hurrlpd to the orflce 
with II, where four rompoallnrs set It 
up. I'lvery eoinina waa In Ms proper 
plai'c ; the mmiiiaiTlpt was as perfci't 
In every rrapect ns If bo Iind siicnt 
linurB In Its preparation. 

The oHipr papers printed pxtras. hill 
Rnvp no ditnllB whatpvor of the nctiinl 
pvpnifl of thp esei'Utlnn. Tliclr nc- 
loiinifl wore all In typo hcforo Hie 
trnx-dy beuan. with Iho exreptinn of 
n pnraKraph of about one liii'li In 
lenu'lh iPlllnK wliPn tho drop fpll. 
I|pall/.ln« that tho people would want 
full d-lnlla we had prppnrrd a siiinll 
pxtrn of four pqrpb, |pavlni{ tho Inal 
pace blank fnr the final scenes. This 
we i-oiild work on the Job press at Hie 
rnlo of ;;.-. prr minute. Wo thniifiht 
we miKht aell l.Oiin copies at n cents 
rneh. nil of which would ho "velvet," 
ns Hip coat of paper In n sheet sn 
aiinit was Inslgnlflennt. 'I'ho l.niin 
copies were soon exhBualed, and wp 
felt like kliklnu encti other for not 
prlntlnn 2,000. 

Hafl? lall 

llaae hnll was first playpil In Tarkp 
roiinly In l.xilT. i;arly thnl spason 
John o'lmipr, who bad plnypd the 
L'linip In the Army of the I'oliniinP, and 
siihanpipnlly nt Unnvlllp. ormnlzrd a 
club, lie hnd no dlfflciilty In Indnc- 
liit' the reipilrpil nmnlipr of ynunit to Join Hio -liili, whlih wns -ali- 
en the •■llnnsler SInle." Tho h-at 
players were -lioarn for thn "first 
nine." which hnd n caplnln: the next 
croup wna cnlleil IhP "Hnd nliip^' also 
with a caplnln. Hrcnt rivalry prpvnll- 
id between tho two nines, and tho 

pracllep nffordPd soon devplnpeil llio 
first nine Inio n nood leniii. ,\s I re- 
call ihe flisl nine It was; Wlllbiin 
Maxwell, pllclipr; John Iiarrocli, 
laii'her; John Ohnver, first bnse; 
.Martin Hrrjiif, aeconil bnan; Joo 
lluni. third ImBp; Henry Iliim|i. abort 
slop: liavid HImiisp, left Meld: Krnnk 
Howard, -enter field; Frank Whipple, 
rlKbl firld. 

The rnillnienls of Iho Knmo wero 
11 iicli the Biiiio ns now, Tho iiinsl 
rndlral -ImnRes have been In thn work 
of pKctacr and eatelior, lo base ball 


,„ |.l;i>.-,l hi lsi;s 11"' pll'lH-r 


l.,l,l„,l 11"! CliiovMi. .l.-Uv.'H(l liiMii 

,1,,. 11 iMUMl lit 111!- ll'iKllt "' 11'" 

I, , Mil' illslniiri' IriMii Iho |iHchiT'» 

l.,v oiiii' iiliili', li.'lliK l."i fi'cl. The 

..iiiliiT Hloiiil liny <llKtiiiirr thill null' 
,,| MINI h.-hiiKl till' l.ntlcr. iiH the ball 

M I.I iiiiiKln. wlii-n rllhrr ii foul or 

ll.i.i' hlrlkm cm ■■flint Ikmimiv^' mill 
ll„. 1.1,11, r VMIH (lilt. A l.iill.T nil cnlns 

1„ |,liili. loiihl inll for clthi-r of tho 

(..llimlhi; viirlitlPH. -jihouldpr," 

•wiilsl." •■hl|>" or "knrc" hull, nnil 
111, riinlil "iill ""111 til" lillchor d.'llv- 
.1. il his |.;iill.iiliir l.rniid hrforo slrlk- 
lli.-. It Miiliiinlly fnlhi«iil lh.-ll soliii; 
iiiv hiiii; hlls «niil.l l.f- iiiiidc In the 
old iliiiH. mid I hat mores would riiii 

. . I,,.., II. o ,.|.-lili<-» or Illlirllrs. i;n..d 
i.i.llli'Id.'IK ui'ic- Ol liliiH' linlHillniliu 

I hull CTi.d liifleldnrii. for loiiL- tiles 

>,,.i,. Miy ir lent. The hall.H mnl 

liilH «eie iil.nm Ine sn as used 10- 

.lii, : ihe halls I.elMu' ordered rnnii 
I'lii. Iiiiiall I'l ^'l.''! ea.'h, and Ihe linis 
liilMi'il iMil nf wiilnill. aah or wlllo>v »l 
Ih., .iiMiMl shn|.« 111 l""ti. Soliiellliies 

II tklllliil hiiv eouhl iiuike n very Kond 
l,„l lii.iii a nnlniil fi nee rail with hU 
l.i.chel knife mill n |i|ere iif broken 

The lllsl ••litalrh tame." as» 
«ele then ealhil. |illl.veo l.y the lloim- 
l.r Siiitis wan al Ihinvllle, the old 
Imiiie of .lohli Ohaver and -IPulch" 
lintt:. The hova left before daylk-ht 
l.f a hnin nnium.r day, drUlliK over In 
Ih., hand wiiK"". They wmi Ihe i;aiiic 
l.v a H.ore of iiriy.Kiiiiiilhlni: to forl.v- 
im.i.llihiK. 11 was iimplreil l.y ■■Caf 
.M, Vev n |irofes.<l,.iial hall player 
ulms,' lioiiie was In liainllle. That 
iih.iil Ihe luinvllle hoys L-ave a reeep- 
Ihm 111 honiir of their K"e»ls, which 
«a.H iiliindid l.y ull of the pretty lilrls 

III lown. 

The llnnsier Slal.B malntiilned their 
i.i^iinl-,..iill"n for a year or two. all.l 

II lliiekvllle had no hall team. It 

"a.s In early .lime, IsTJ. that a elial- 
l.ii.-e iiiiiie from ll...oniln--dale 
.ii.y III llii.kvllle. M thai lime no 
lemilar team was In e\ l.^ilen.'.., bill Ihe 
hiKS liiKl heard Ihni .la.k inifote and 
III.,' or iwo of Ih.. miners at .Nyesillh. 
w.r.' iirof. HsIimalB. bo Ihe challeiii;e 
»iiB ae, epi,,,l. (he dale Bel, and nies-|;,'r dlspalrhed lo .VjeBVlll... The 
-•ami. was l„ li.-Kin at 2:.:'>. IToii.;.|ly 
al 1 |,. ,11. .la.k Ihifore and Iwo other 
iiilnerB ..(li.iw.'il ii|i In the eimrt lioiiso 
>iird when' the l.'iini was helliR made 
lip. Ceo^.. Ilaki-r Mild I were "liaiiK' 
in;; around." .Ml "as srrauKe.l hut 
Ihe Important station of left field. .Vt 
tills erlslB. wll'a niy heart In my 
nioiilh, 1 approached my oldest broth- 
rr who was wrlllliR the IIkI, and wlils- 
laii'.l. "Take S.-onp — he^s the hesi left- 
fielder In tnvin." "Who-K s.nop-;" 
•■Wy lleor^e; we lall lillii .■^eoop." 
lieorun WHS then fifteen ynills old. and 
all Hie other players were men. .-ieoop 
was ■•signed," and I went to the ball 
Kioniid wllh Mior.. ennfldeiiee In that 
l..fl field, r than I have ever fell In 
any of any nature slneo that 
nirmoiahle day. 

II was mrinorahlo for two tlilnt's : 
Ihe .aleliliiii of .loc AilnniB, and tho 
flehlinL- of Scoop linker. When tho 
lUooinlnudalo Imye went to the field 
treat was Ibo aslonlshment n« .loe Ad- 
ams, Inslead of koIhk away harU he- 
hind Iho halter, slepi.e.i lo a place lual 
behind lioiMO base and stood wnlllnK 
for Hie ball. Illoomlnk-dale's pltcber 
was an nlhlellr younc fellow darned 
llalley. lie hadn't the aiieed of .lack 
Miifore, bill ho rould pilch n very 
bard ball. Tbeae were "laken olt-tbc- 
bal" by Joe Adams, wbo, wlthoill mnsV 
or Klove, eauKbt tho cnliro nlno In- 
nlngi. Tha trouble with tho IlockTlUo 

hoys wan tbnl they had nobody who 
could "hold' Jaik llnfore. and tliey 
wi-re badly'n. Thu only tlory 
aehleieil l..\ llo.kMllc was In lell Held 
where every fly, no mailer how IiIkIi 
or how far. was iiintht. Hefore Ihe 
nine Innln.-a were ovr a llloomlim- 
dale player who balled a fly to 1ell 
field walki'd 01 er lo where Ills teaiii- 
mates w.'re and sal down, know Inf; It 
wiiB to run lo first base. I'or 
ten yeais no retnlar hall tciiiii In 
Ilo.kvllle was lu-anlzed wltbont 
liiorte llaker In lefi field. Ills fleld- 
Inu- has been wllne.s.sed by hun.lreils of 
p.'ople who will rend this. -Vsk any 

..lie lit II I If h,' ever saw "Stoop" 

llaker muff a fly In loft field— be nev. 
cr did 

While the llonsliT States were still 
pIn.iiliK ball a elnb , ailed I no luei- 
loiils'^ was orpiini/.e.l by the scln'ol 
boys, wbo were not blc enoiiKh lo play 
with the men. It was In the "Tleet- 
fools" that (;eorte Maker first played 
bos.' ball. This rliili about IST.l be- 
eaiiie the n-ciilar liuekvlllc team for 
i..lile»lliiK wllh oalBlde lowns. W. N. 
r.irll.sle was pitcher for BCverol years. 
Tlie "ll.-eUoolB" den lolied. besides 
liiorte linker. Will SIdwell, a reiiiarU- 
ahlv cood first haneman. and I'rank 
Wlille, who was for a lone time llock- 
vllle^B star plleher. 

11 was In IMT7 Ihiit the llo.'kvllle 
Itrowns wire orcanlzed. Ily that time 
Ihe rules li.iil been ihanseil, permll- 
lllit what was lalled an ■■underhand 
Ihrow" Instead of pllchlnu-; also It 
had he.ome the euslom to ent.-h ■■oil 
Ih,' hal.^^ The dlftlenlty was In fiml- 
liiK Boiiiehody wllh nerve <noii:.-h to 
iln Ibis, for he It reniemhered, no 
Eiiih lliln;:s as mask or cloves were In 
use. I'rank llarnes knew a hoy In 
Terre llaiile- Harry Au'ar— who would 
loiiie to Uockvllle and eatch If Ihe 
hoys would pay his hoard, lie was 
Bitned for Iho aenson, and caiiKht 
Iniiik White, alb klnR Bniiiely lo the 
,n,l In Bi.lle of many painful nccl- 
ib'iilB. The lirown's were one ot the 
best leatiiB the I'ounty has had, and 
won iiinsl of the L-iinies played with 
siirroiiiidlnK towns: i'rank White, 
plleher: Hurry Acar. .at, her; Will 
SIdwell, 1st hiiBe: I'rank llarnes. 'J.l 
base: Hilly Cuminlnes, .'Id base: I'ranU 
Ihi'K.r. slinrl slop; Henrce llaker. left 
field: liavld stioiise, .enter field: 
Henry SlniiiBC, rlcht field. 

II was In a Knme between this team 
and Ihe Terre Haute llrowns that the 
first curve hall was pilehcd In I'arkc 
I oiinty. The Terre llanto team bad 
hired Terry Wright, an Indlanaiiolla 
plleher. who had mastercil the curve, 
to make a tour of Hie Burpumdlns 
lowns. A Inrfc crowd was iircscnt to 
wllniBs the wonderful feat. The name 
went Ihronch five or six Innlnu's lie- 
fore Ihe ball was touehed by a lloek' 
vllle halter, but the Terro llanto fel- 
lows were not Kcltlnu- very many runs 
off of the Uockvllle hoys, either. 
Wrlchl hail a wide out-shoot, which 
when the Uockvllle batter would step 
hni k to avoid would so over the plate 
and he called a strike. Finally In 
about the alxth InnlUB I'avo Stronto 
"landed on one." It went over the 
bend of the eenterflelder. and throiiKh 
Hie rail fence hack of him— a homo 
run. I.ouil and prolnnued ehecrlne 
followed, and for a lime It looked as 
If Hie lionio leniii inlElit win In ipllo 
of the iirofessloiial plleher, but tbo 
Kaine went to Terre Haute by a very 
eredllable s.^oro for Hoekvlllo. 

After tlio llrowns we bad no regular 
leam for oeveral years. In 1R.'<2 Alex 
Mcl'une. who was a student at I'rlnco- 
lou when Woodrow- Wilson BTaduated, 
rcliinicd houio from that college. Ho 

was laplaln of the I'rlnecton hall 
leaiii w hi-n It won rolletlato honors 
III l'v-<l. .dr. .McCiine piil In tho sum- 
iiier of ',s.' naliilnc a nnnihcr of I'lys 
who afl.rwiirds he.amc food players, 
amiiiiL' Ih.iu Sam Smllh, a flue cateh' 
er, mid Wallace llrown, who learned 
i.lKiiil all the curves then known. 
IhcB,' l.ovs beeiime Ihe battery for the 
■Kul. kerl»..kerB.^' Ihe eliih represent- 
Inu llo.kvllle In IS'vl. the other play- 
ers I.elnB, I.. It. ■I'liknor, Ist: A. 1". 
(iveruian, id; J. M. r.lletl. .'Id; Till 
llrynnt. s. s ; W. A. Manoii. lefl Held : 
Cenrire Thompson, enter; I. It. 
Slroiis,-, riL-ht. Ity ix'^.l. cati'hera 
wore lunsks anil cloves, hut nil the 
oilier iKislllons were filled by bare- 
handed players. The idleh was still 
the underhand Hirovv, fruiu pllelier's 

TliouKh linse ball was not played 
n-c'iilarly In lloi kvllle from l.-o<7 to 
]S'Xl, teams wei e orKanl/.ed for spec- 
ial oeiaslous. HiirliiK lliat time a bat- 
tery was developed which hecniiio well 
known In I'arke and siirroundlnL' 
I ..mules -I'riink White, plleher. and 
I'harb'y Stevenson, catcher. Slevensou 
was one of the best batters ever de- 
veloped by amaleur bane hall, whieli 
made lilm a slrouK nllaroiind idayer. 
A .s.oiil for the si. Louis llrowns onee 
allempteil lo bIku hliii for that ICiiiu, 
hut be ileellned to play professional 

I'^roni IKlll lo ls:Hi Inelnslve, Hock- 
vllle had a semi-professional team 
whi.h was al one lime the Blroncest 
In the Stale. II was malnlalned by 
mb.'^crlpllons from illlzens Inlereste.l 
In Ihe N;itlonal panic and by pate re- 
.e||.iB. 'Ihe hall park was located west 
of .\oitli Jefferson street where a 
"prand stand" and bleachers were 
I re. ted. This team played Iw.i paines 
with the professional teaiii of Ander- 
Kou. losinc the first and wlnnlnu tho 
Bieond. I'rlnr lo Hie orpanlTiallon of 
this paid leam Hie best players of Iho 
I'onnly were Induced lo >iln the best 
Uockvllle idayers when a "stiff" pnmo 
was In slphl with towns of otber foiin- 
lies. Amonc theso players were IM- 
war.l and William llawllnps, who were 
a pood bnllery and eould play any po- 
sition creditably: William Herson. of 
Marshall, a firat baseman, who played 
wllh llie liavllnpa boys at Marshall 
and Turkey llun : John and William 
lliickley of llosevllle. Imth pood men 
behind the bat, were sometimes "sipn- 
rd" for spei'lal oeeaslons, also V.A and 

T O'l.oiirke, who afterwnrda playe.l 

wllh the remarkably slronf team 
maintained at noflevllle, or Coivllle, 
under direction of John nuckley. This 
was probably the best amateur ball 
tram In the Stale. Mark riayton. its 
pitcher, was thoupht a', the time to bo 
better than Mordoeal llrown. who was 
the team'B extra plleher: hut In pnv- 
fesalounl hall, ai the world knows, 
llrown went lo a place atlalne.l by 
very few pitchers. When Roekvlllo 
bad no lenin fifteen years aKO tbo 
town "adopted" Ilnckley's star npurfs 
pallon and won nearly all Bnliics 
played with oulsldo tennis. 

.N'yesvlUe beeamo a nursery for pood 
ball players a few years ago whero 
such boys as Karl and Allen llennis. 
Pearl Sneatli. I'.dward Klcnlch and 
l.eimiol Usi.orn cot their trnlnlnp. 
They orpanl/.ed ii team called Ihe 
"I'arkn County Independents." linvlnB 
phiyers from dlferenl parts of tho 
('oiinty, ninontr I hem Oscar Norman, a 
very pood aniatcnr pitcher, and Rob- 
ert Itoberts a fine third baseman. 
I'larl llennis developed Into n promls- 
Injc plleher. Ho was Indin-cd lo play 
with the Tene llnulo Central I.enpuo 
team, and wlillo there waa "boiiKht" 
by tho HU Louia Cardlnali; but Mr. 


llennis did not like pnifesslonal base 
Inill, and pave U|i a p,>SBllilo career In 
the hip leiipiie, rather than leave lili 
I'nrke County home, 

II would he a lamenlahle overslpht 

I., omit fr a reeoril of base ball In 

I'arke County Ibo loapdniwn out 
ciinlest lielwcn Ihe "Court House 
Knol Heads" ami ".North Side llimips." 
It In I."*;!!!, and eontlnued for 
an Indeflntc period. Ihe first panio 
was played al the old pronnds near 
.Voith JeflerBon street. For two or 
three weeks la'fore Hie pniiie Ihe llo,1i- 
vllle papers HUnounied all kinds of 
stmils that would be pulled off. On 
Hie ilay of the p,imc a procession was 
lorined conslslliiK of the plnvera on 
f. ot. the uiiiplreB on horse hack and 

Court House or .North sble. I'lie niii- 
plre for the North Side appeared on a 
l.ranclnp Bleed with a revolver and n 
belt of cartrldpea; llic umpire for the 
Court llouBc was mounted on a sllt- 
eared Mil., lihaliis and enrrled n 
breech'h.adliip shol pun. Tbo eolors 
of Ihe North Side were red; those of 
the Coiiil House, preen, and were 
worn ai'ionllnp lo the sympatblea "f 
the speitalors. U Is not within the of this hlslory lo keep Iraek 

of tlie p es. First victory would 

perih on North Side flap, and then on 
I oiirt House hanner. And so 11 went 
lor many years. In lim? the blppisl 
panic of all was played at lleeihwood 
l.aik. i;iiollnp from the reiiorl al tlin 
Ihiie: ■The sireel parade was alniosl 
cpinl lo that of three y.'ars apo, wli, u 
Ihe town loiinell. biislness men, coun- 
ty officers and everybody and his dop 
participated. An Improvised brass 
bind, mostly tuba, played by Frank 
Itryant. lieadeil the iirocesslon. The 
hand's repertoire ,'onslsted of ono 
tune, 'A Mot Time In the Old Town 
Tonlphl'— played In various keys, 
ll..ndnlpli lilllum, wllh the bass drum, 
was the only man who did not tako 
liberties wllii the ilironialle scale, but 
be pot In all kinds of extra Ihks to 
make uii for the mmpiiss of his In- 
strument. A delepnllon from .Mar- 
shall, with two teams In big ha.ks, 
citizens in carrlapes and biipplcs wlHi 
Ihelr vehhles dei'oriiled In the rival 
colors, ladles In hrlplit attire, ami Art 
Ilohm ilrlvlnp a billy ponl. made up 
the parade, which after pnlnp around 
the s.|iiare lo the park. At 
the entrance lliife IHioley and Clint 
^lurphy saw that nolsidy pot In with- 
out contrlbutlns lo tho park fund," 

ooi.r ly rxnuc cou;itv. 

The first Kolf club In the Connty 
waa orpanlT.ed In the Sprlnp of liiin 
by J, .M. -lohna and ». F. Max I'uctt. 
These Kenlleni'cn had bcconio ilevotees 
lo polf while Biiendlng Ihp winter of 
llil.''elil In Fbirlda. where they played 
It I'onstontl.v. They manaped lo Im- 
part some of their enthusiasm to thoir 
friends In Hoi4(vlllo who In April or- 
pnnl7.ed a club and wltbln a (ew 
weeks had opened a woll-appolnlcd 
links and tennis court nt the ph>t of 
paniiiro Innd on tho .Mecca nmd near 
lleeihwood imrk. Tho meiiibershlp In- 
cludes IH ladles ami in penlleinrn. 

livery afternoon nt tho Kolf links 
may be seen a nuinber of enllunlasls 
playlnp Ibis interesllnp and healthful 
panic. Some idayeri have been re- 
porleil at the links as early as B a. m.. 
hut this Is not a common occurronca. 
The links have already assumed a 
eosmopolllan appearanco and In tima 
will no doubt bccoiuo a credit to Roek- 
Tills In tho »f<a o! golt pl»y«r». 



illauiift-(!i)liJ anil Nnu 

i>. I'l 


•I Allc.-, 

iild band pl.iy. 

A l.r 

111 hf 



II. .union I.OKiin.IliiBB Drum, lyuilmls 

.loliu l>. Strnln Snnro Drum 

No one lu Ihc linnd Vnciv how to 
j.lay an hislrumonl with tho pxroptlon 
of .lorfcph llui'.I. who rniuo In lotcr, 
who plnyod a llarllonc In the nruiy. 

Thpy ouiploycd W. .T. MrNnninra, of 
IhivvlluK (ircon, liid,, who ciinio and 
sliiycil nhoul u week, nnd then ou.. 
ploycil nil n lonihi-r Mr. fox. who w«« 
b uu'Uihcr of ihc crlohratcd Wnrrcn 
hnnil, of r.vnnsvUlo, Ind. A BCt oC In- 

,.oii".iin"« If Il.iikvlMo nnd I'nrko 
Cnuniy. .M'lro ihsn ol.My-ilv.. y.'nib 
nun nm fiiHuTi nnd urnndfnlhorj! 
hcnid Ihi- •■old play" when Ihf 
i..un wn« .1 mil'' Inlimd yillatic nnd 
aliiinxt Irinci.'KSlhli' hy reason of (h.^ 
iiMi.l rc.ndB found In nunihcm which 
iiMi.-iAi'cl III.' I'diuilv. 'rhi- Mi.'iiiliors 
,.r ih.. firm i."urt oitnnl/vd In llnck- 

llllr HC, 1 10 lake Ih.'lMSnlvrs BPr- 

IniiBlv. anil lonHi'd .in orL-nnlznth.n 
iillh n rofular nnd foriniil rhnrler 
iron, ill.' I..'i!l»lnlur.\ In I'Viu-iiary. 
ism. III.' I.o-lBlnluro of Iho Slnlo 
pmiK.d n uprdal nrl In whi.h It au- 
Ihori/cd 11. Iintctt. .7. r. Noi-l, J. 
Willi.'. I). Iiiiri-o.h. .T. Ilrown. 0. I'ai- 
I.TRon, \V. II. M.-Murlry. K. H. rrfc- 
Mian l>. K. MnrBhall. J. H. CorncUna. 
.«. Nnrl. .T. C. Alh-n. II. M. MrNult. It. 
.VBliury. v.. ItoccPtt. (hf inrmhers naiii- 
.•.I. to form a .oriiorntion undfr the 
nnii.e nnd Klylo of Hii- 'Tllnnlon 
Ihind." whI.h Ihi-y did. nnd tV..' cor- 
pornllon did not S" out of oNlntonce 
for n lone ilnio. If It cvrr did In a 
Irxal nnd formal iii.-innor. It nuiiiliiTort 
»oiiio rxrrllTOl iiiiiBlrliinii nnd Bav.' 
iiiimiToiiB i-niirrrlB from tim.' to llmf' 
In dlffi'ivnt partB of th.' County. 'IMip 
■•old hnnd" did not pobbobb nny prnfos- 
► In.inl "luUBlrlnnMB." nB Illli-y would 
Kay. hut UliP Iho one liindo fnmnua hy 
lilB llii.'B. thpy playpd thp ohl-llmo nirs 
niirt i...-lnillP8 lo p.'rfodlon. ami dnuht- 
I.SB ihor.' nr,' Ihoiin yot Ilvlni; who 
were di-llflilcd llalonnrB nnd ovon now 
would "111,0 1.1 hoar tho old hnnd play." 
VVhIlo Iho old "nionlon" may not yol 
h|. locally diBsolvrd. nil Iib .uomhrrb 
hnio lone iilnro Jolnrd tho "rholr In- 
vislhl..." riul i! i:nvo Iho town n muB- 
hnl Bond off whirh may i.orount In 
►OHIO di'-.-ioo for llir UBunlly fine 
hnudR whhh h.ivo fldornoil tho history 
nf llookvlll.'. 

In is.'ri. na hna l.eon ro.-ordod oiao- 
whoro. Ilnckvlllr hnrt a hnnd. but thia 
orcnnlzntlon did not Inat lone. About 
Iho liiiio of lis dorllno n rrry piod 
hand wna orcnnl7,od at Ilf 
Irndor. .TnnioB Havln. hopniuo nno nf tho 
hoBi rornot pInyorB In tho Slat.', and 
.Tobn Niiylor. nnolhor moiubor wna 
romi.oloni to tonrh hnndfl. nnd .lid 
toa.h Iho hnnd at Ilnokvlllo for nwlillo. 
S..UIO nf tho iiionihora nf tho old Mon- 
to7.iuiin hand woro. .TniuoB r>aTlB. TTon- 
rv .lanioB. S. W. ITIIl. Arthur Hondor- 
Bon. Will. Arn. Ilnryoy Nipliola. .Tohn 
Vnynr. Alox Nnylor, Znoli Oooreo. .Tna. 
KtrvonBon. Win. Watklna. .Tnmoa 
Khnno. Alox Wndo. Marlon ITndlcv, 
Wm. IT. rain. 

lu INiHl tho following younK turn or- 
miul/od a linnil In Kockylllo: 

Hand StrnuBO lat Kh Pornct 

Sam Molord 2nd Kb romot 

.In.oh StrouBO lit Till Coract 

Will IlurkB . 2nd Ttb rornot 

William .1. Sllllinan lat Alto 

John r>nrroch 2nd Alto 

r,ucl(-n Egborl lit Tonor 

-Tanioi IC. Mraoham 2nd Tonor 

D. M. Oarllila B Ban 


\\ - 

: 1 ,1 

Li \.' .... 

/..iii/.T 111 Ihi: l-aihc llanil. 

BiniiiionlK which had been liiiporled 
iroiii (iorlnnny, and roal over .<.".i«) 
wore purihiiBi'd. Tho money wna rnla- 
Id hy Bi'luK enlertnlumenta and by 
prlvalo suhBrrlpllouB. the liti/.cna do- 
iinlliiL- llhorally lownrda aecurlni tho 
iiihlriiiiienta nnil payhiK Iho teacher. 

About a year after tho orKanb.nllon 
I'roie-anr I'.. II. Mill one of the fluent 
leiirherB In Amerlin, was Olil|iloycii to 
luBlrii.l Oio band. Some of tho nrlK- 
liiiil l.ovB dropp.'d out and new onca 
look Iheir plarea. aiilonB tlieiil W. .T. 
Uhlle. Henry Slroiise. Thoiuna IlnBuo 
null .lolin (ihuver. .Mr. Ilncuo was 
both n ylidlnlal and cornet plnycr. 

•I'lic moat notnl.le aehlcyoment of 
Ihla lialiil waa at tho Ilrldceton fair. 
In IWi'.i. when II onlered n eontrat for 
»liiii aealnBt Iho Ilrazll hand. Althouu-h 
the Intter had employed IVofeaaor V. 
i;net7. to lend and direct ilurlnK tho 
ii.nteat. Ilmkvlllo won the prl7,e. In 
this eonteat Jacob Strouae waa leader 
.-.f the Ilockville hnnd, nnd W. J. 
While iBl II flat cornet. The prb.o Bc- 
leillon on Iho prOKrnm wna n diffleirit 
arrnnceiiicnt of l.iirin <ir r,ammrrmoiir, 
coiilnlnluK n 11 flnt cornet Bolo. the 
flrnt one Mr. White over played In 
jMil.Hi'. AcoordluK to his own Blory ho 
wna Beared half to death, but ho ploy- 
ed Iho aolo heautlfirtly. 

Tho "old hnnd." which lind held lo- 
Bcther durluK tho cnmpalKn of IS72, 
when It did iiinalderabltf playluE mere- 
ly for the money thnt wna In It. dla- 
bnnded nt tho elose of the campnlen. 
Ilurlnc tho winter of lR"2-n n elub of 
young men and Lovb known na tho "M. 
11. r.'a"- waa orcanlzi'd. It niet In an 
iipBlnlra room In Iho new hrlck livery 
Btahle once a week, when a delinto. a 
lunek trial iir Bomo other form of 
nmuBOmont occupied the time. It waa 
ono pnrt of tho mlea of the cliih thnt 
every member hnd to attend Snndny 
BChooI nnd contrlhiilo five centa. The 
elaaa waa known at tho Mcthodlat 
Hunday BchooI aa tho M. n. <"■ <•'»»»■ 
A. F. Whlto waa lla teacher nnd every 
Simdajr aftomoon, when the unoont 

.ontrlbutcd l.y each claaa was rend hy 
Iho B.Tr.-lary, Iho aui.i of ".'..". centa" 
was the Invnilnble renpouflo of Iho M. 
II. C.'a" It o.curred lo W. J. Wlillo 
that there waa k'ooil ninterlal (or a 
hrauB hand In IIiIb cIiibb. bo one nlcht 
he went to their lo.lce room and 
broached the aiibje.-l. Tho boya foil In- 
to the Idea with cnlhiislnam, but it 
turnrd out that a few of them hnd but 
mile enr for music nnd no "lip" what- 
ever for brata band niualc. Tho old 
lufctrumenlB bouitht In IRun worn ec- 
eiirid. that 'n all that waa Icfi nf 
them, nnd placed In tho hands of tho 
boya na follows: 
W. J. While, F, flat-.-Ix.nder and 

II flnt Cornet Frank WTilto 

,jl Alto BnmucI Davla 

2nd Alto ...John Itlcwood 

iBi lenor utuihu in.....' 

:;nd Tenor - William TllRwnod 

Tnha f-d Oood 

IIOBB Pnim *=! f">™ 

Snare nnim Ie»ii<: ftrouae 

The Inller, helnK n "kid" waa not 
ellBlblo to iiieiuherBhlp In tho M. P, r. 
iliih. hut wna taken In Iho band, much 
to hia pride nnd ImpplncBB. 

.V few clmnRefl were itindo Boon after 
the ori:nnl7.ntlon. Pain PnvlB dropped 
nut and Bl Oood wna put on flret nllo. 
Pave Webb tnkInK hnaa drnui. Pavn 
Slpiuse wna then tnken In to play harl- 
tone nnd Ilcnrv Strouse, who had been 
nwny from Hockvllle. returned, no 
wna Blven firflt cornet and Frank 
White took an F, flat. The old Instru- 
iiienta had by tbla llmo completely 
worn out. The band wna ankcd to 
play for the eelcbrntlnn of tho Fourth 
of July 1«7I. and offered oxclualvo 
rlBht to BcIl rcfreBhmenta. The cct<^ 
Iirnllon wna held In tho ruolt Erove, 
nftcrwnrdB the fnlr cround. It waa a 
hot dny. nnd the two "atandn" were 
piirrouniled by cuBlomera diirlnp the 
lime the crowd ainid on the picnie 
ground. The Bupply of lee cream wna 
evhaiiBled long before the rending of 
Ihi. Peclnrntlon of Independence In the 
morning, nnd the hoya were kept huay 
iiinklng lemonade. Soon nfler noon the 
supply of Ico water In Iho harrcla. for 
Boiiio unnecouniablo f?l renaon gave 
out There wna no well on the ground : 
the nenrcBt water to he hnd waa at tho 
home of Alexander ruett, alx hundred 
yards away. Wallace rinker roao to the 
oc.MBlnn. (irnhhlng an empty lemonade 
tub he naked one of the lioya to go 
with liliii after water, and told Ed 
Cood and rienry nigwnod lo bring tho 
other tub. "We'll Bell this water for 
a nirkcl a glnaa" aald Wnllnec. na tlio 
boya Btnrtcd hneli; .ind euro enough 
wo did. The thlraty crowd wouldn't 
wait (or Icniona to ho cut and snneez- 
cd Into the water, hut bought It as 
fast na It could ho dipped. When we 
counted out our money, on tho haBf 
drum, at the close of the dny. Henry 
Ttlgwnod alone ahelled out »12n from 
hlB vnrlona pockets I AU the hoya bad 
from five to Sr/I (o band In As we 
remember It. tho hand rlcuf'd over 
Itjnn after all expenses were paid. 
The now InatrumentB were then In 
alchl. ?'rom that time until six 
years later, the hnnd kept "P Ita or- Ion. It wob known na "Wlillo'a 
Cornet Hnnd." Tn 1S7R a handaome 
unlfnrm of ronfedernto gray cloth, 
coaling .'hi for each ault. wna pur- 
.liaacd. Frank White had. In tho moan- 
lliue, l.eromo solo cornet playor. I. It. 
strouao wna given D flat cornet and 
Wnllaeo Tinker, baas drnin. 

At thla timo tbo band waa known 
all over Indiana nnd eastern Illinois 
as hnvlng In Ita solo cornet plnyor, an 
artlat who ranked with Walter Kmer- 
son and III (lonry, tbon the beat 
known cornotlats In the country. 
After eight yean of contlnooaa ex- 

lalenco. Wbllo'a Cornet hand ceased 
lla nrBanl7.nllon. Tho hist tlmo II np- 
pciireri wna on llcrorntinn day, l*v-*<l, 
when II closed lla career. pUyhig (he 
beniitlful funiTnl dirgo "Flee as a 
Iiird t.i Voiir .Mountain." 

A year or two after tho orgnnl7.n- 
(lou of Whllea Cornel llniid, llireo 
new hnnda were organlTied In the 
Counly, the flrai ono nt JuiIboii In 
1N7-(. Thla i.rgnul7.n|lon employed W. 
J. MrXnuinra of Howling (Ireen ns 
Icniher. Its iiieuibers were; 
W. 'I". Hedles, I.endor.-lBt i;b Cnruel 

W. II. Ihirnoi '.'d Coriut 

W. A. I.ano ..Tat lib Cornet 

S. n. Mellon 2d llli Cornet 

W. V. Iluchannn iBt Allu 

J; K. Strong .'Jd Alio 

I,. II. Martin Tenor 

11. ca.v.K' --. - Il.irllnn.i 

J. W. Connerlcy Tiij.a 

P. C. T.nnc Snnro Pniiii 

Tnm Iltirli Iliisi Priiiii 

Annapolla In the winter of IN7I niiil 
■7,-.. orgnnl7.ed a hnnd. Inuglil hy I'rnf, 
mil, which with siihseiiiient re-nr- 
ganlratloiia held Ingelher for abmit 
ten yonra, Ita original memhera were! 

N. J. Fvans -1st I'.h Cornet 

llormo Wheeler 'Jd F.b Cornel 

W. 1). Kvnna lat lib Curnct 

Homer Cany - '.'d lib Cornet 

Chns. Connelly ..Solo Alto 

Job. I.ea .-_ lat Alto 

Allen .McClure -.2d Alto 

Leonard Wheeler .lat Tenor 

(leo. Hunt 2d Tenor 

Chna. McClure Ilnrltono 

lleorgo Colo lib Unas 

V.i Southcrlnnd .Tuba 

I.on T/-n nnao r>riiiu 

Imlph Hunt Snaro Pruiu 

The Annnpolla hnnd developed aomo 
iinUBiinlly fine mualclnna. The three 
KvnuB l«ya. Ned. Wnllnc, and Ilnb- 
eri. were excellent eornetlBla. nnd tho 
Intler alao plnyeil harllono oven hel- 
ler than oornei. Omar nnd Warren 
iloldahcrry, who hecniue very profli- 
leut on varloua Inatruuienta, woro 
members of the Annnpolla hnnd, 
whhh before Its final dlabnndinenl 
could piny the moat illffleiilt nrrnnge. 
uienlB from grnnd operna. and aiirh 
overtures as Pnrt niirf I'rntanl. It Is 
probable thnt no town so sninll ai An- 
nniKilla ever had n better hand. 

Iho menihora of Iho second hand 
were : 

Wallnio J. Kvnna Kb Cornel 

X. J. Kvnna- Solo lib Cornel 

Oilier ColdaI.erry ""lo Alto 

Kd llnwllngs l»l Alto 

V. s. livers l«t T'-nof 

Ilobt. F.vans Uarltono 

John Woody - Tuba 

John Coffin "aaa Pruiii 

Warren (inldsberry Snaro Priiiii 

The firnngo band coni|i"scd of 
young men of the Flalier nelghlior- 
hood was organised about Ibis time. 
It iiinslstcd of 12 members. It waa 
taught by Jnnies pavis of MonlMumn 
anil Ilnrvcy Ilovcy of Toiilo's Torre 
Haute band. The hoys of this band 
were : 

Wllllniu Cornthwalte, I^dwnrd 
Cornlhwnlte, Fdmund Klaher, John 
FlBher, l.lnioln Fisher. Fmiuelt ..inr 
shnll, Arthur Marshall, T.evI Marshall, 
willlnui Cray, Oeorgo (Irny. Wllllnm 
Ciile, Jnmes Orison. 

I'ntll the hiilldl'ig of tho opera 
houao In 1SR.I, llorkvlllo had no hnnd. 
Then Will and Frank Whlto organis- 
ed tho Oporn IIouBO band. Us mem- 
berahlp was'. 

Frank Whlto Solo Cornet 

Orion It. Fnrrar First Cornel 

A. P. Overman -B Clarinet 

P. M. Carlisle FItit Alto 

Oeor»» Baker — Fl"* Tenor 



U. A. M.iKOU llnrKoiic 

W. .1, Ulillo lllll-H 

n.iirl.'i. ■Iivl.' -- - -IliiBh IhiMu 
I. II. SM.iiw.- -.Miaro DniiM 

■j'l„. iii'M n IniihI n mb .pr«rti,l/..<l 
l„ .Inhii |i. S(nilii .mil .1. \V. l.)»"n, 
ki..i»ii ii» 111.' ••I'liri... llMiwI." II Im.l ., 

AllOB— 1), .M. Curllnlo, Km OUmcr, 
lliuM. llruuti. 
■lioi ms-C. C. Council), I'uul 

or In 


l,<,|ull.'l.|'|"'.l lOI' rUII'lM. ll<i\M'\l'J' Ihi- 

ini>h iiiiinn;:i(l In hiiy .i lino uiin'nriii 
ol liiiinn rliilli nii.l lo iMir.liliH.' Ilio 
h, 1 or limlriliMi'iilM, Aflcr iilmnt ono 
i,-.u-i. nisu-nrr ii dlKiiiiuili'd. IravlDK 

:, I I' IliHlruinrnlH In llir IiiiikI.-i of 

l..,v,. nil..'nll>- oix;illlzril a 
•■1.1,1 oniKl." -Ih-roh .Mcrniupl.rll. 
It, 11 V|,|U,'Kn,'.v niKl "Itaii" M,'l''liil(lill 
Mi'io llir liiOKl I rlrlirntr,! nrtlElK of 
M- n,-:,,r/ntlnn, 

AIOMK llliolll ISM, f. M. IIPIIKIMI 
1. 1, 111' lo llncUvini-, pliiyilm larilnni'. 

„il ,. AulirK WiillMi'C \lllu Irniipn, 

II,' I I'riiiiii Whllr iiiol iirloii rurrur 

101,1 ihi'.i -unzi' lo I'loli oihi-r" i»l ,'nci' 
l.jilir on Mr. Il.'iii;,'il mnip lioii- iinil 
,oi,l, , liiirKP or Iho Oiifi-n lloiiBo 1,11,1,1. 
(liloi, l-orrnrwoiillnlhf-liiiiia .Mu»|.-nl 
liiHilliil,', ii'lnrnln); In Isso for Hip 

>iiii iiii'i-. rnr llM'i'o HiMomprB li,' rn 

l.irl, lo iln.kvlllp, onili tliiip sliowlnu' 
III,' »iiii,l,'ifiil nilvniKTriii'nt lin ivii» 
MiiikhiK n« n I'orii,'! pliiyr nlid innsl,- 
Inn. Whi'ii 111- nn,l I'lnf. Ilini:™ li'TI 
li,«n for ntliPi' flnliln: wiiPn Trnnk 
Vihlln \>rnl lo InillnniipoIlB, nnd 
Hurry 111.,- "nil lo VIrKlnIn -tlip Inl- 
lir liiil liv llilB lliiip lioioiMO n toort 
inrnillfl -tlm l"«n «n« lofl wUli no- 
l„„ly lo ink,' llii'lr |iiiirr« nn,l «o "C 
hull on linnil for Bpvriiil vrnrB, oxirpl 
BOM,,' BimBiiinillc i-rrnrlB Ihnt fnllp,! to 
|.ro,ln,p liny ori.-niil/.nllon. 

rho riil/piifl' llnnil wns orKnnlzpil 
In I'.nr.'. iillpr n IhoroiiEli rnnvnsB n( 
111,- Blliinlli.n. Morp than twrnlv 
iio'iolMTB wpro ,'onnPClPd with llii, 
Imiid ilinlni: Iib pvIbIpiicp. Il8 firsl 
hii'iiil-TBlilp follnvvs: 

rlnrlonilB llnbort S. While. I/iiila 
llrlnlpy. clnrpniP lliirsrnvr, Andy 
rpknrd. riiPBlPr llnzlrll. 

Iliircrnvp. II. M. Hire, I'prlry Ton- 
l,ro,ik. VV. .1. White. I. 11. Stroiisc. 

rrcolloct when tlic pavciuont In front 
of tlin Btorra wan rilk'il »Uh ihnlra 
nnil pIno lioxpii whltllrd full ol holca. 
Ili'i'c Ihp ni,'i'(-liniit 11, ( Ilia puatoiiicra 
1111,1 BiH'iil iii.iny phaiMnl. hoiira la niu- 

I. V. 11 


'Ih,' rill/.,nB' lliihd wnn ilinn.'.l li> 
I'liif. (• .M. lli'iiK.'n, ivlin ri'liiriiiU lo 
lliii'killli' allir ,111 uhB,'ni'o of nhoilC 
It'll yi'iira, iiml hna bIiou Ikpii ii i'<'ki. 
dPlit ol' oni- loiMi. To hla prpinlu-o IB 
iliic llic lui't Ihul oiicnitlc i'oni|,nnlu, 
are enal-lnl to iin\p orcliPBtra ateoiii- 
l„ilniii,'iil r,nd drannitlc pprlorninniPB 
lire provided mIIIi na Kood one iniiBle 
1,8 In tlio liiri4e ,ltip«; for Prof, llei, 
Ki'li hOB no uiiperlor iis what might bo 
tproiPd iin "all nrmlnd" musician. U 

111 11 iwo Blorv tirl, k liulMlili: on Iho 
,',iBl !.ld,' ol ion Bipinre, .lake WInUol 
hail n hiirneKB ohop, wliero I epont 
„,i,iiy li'OlBli dnya. Her,', in ,lanuary, 
l.s.-,l. 1 ruw hiilli an allli:iiior, soiiio i.'i 
or Jii feet loiiK, whlih, lo my hoylBli 
I yes, wiia a nioiiBter never to ho lor- 
KOllen. I'or dnya all hiislncea was 
Klven lip lo the modeling and huilil- 
Inc of Ihnt replllP, will, lla tirciit 
yawnliiK nionlli ami vieloni revia of 
woodpu teeth. 'I'hc bhow had been 
falUnK for weeka, and the slclnlng 
pnillea had been for Bonic days com- 



piipll, Orion II. l''ar 
ipienil.x liP'-nmc famous as a writer of 
inllllnry iminheB, euteieU Ibo War- 
ren, llhln, roliBiTViilary of .MUBle froll, 
u hli-li he Kraduaii'd. 

Ililhert Snow White, whose iininc Is 
ktiiHMi Dir and wide as a miiBlclan, la 
now diri-clor of n hand of twcnt.v-fonr 
pl,','es anil an orelipstru of nine pieces 
at Cnrieyvllle, Kannas. Ills yonntcr 
liioihi'r, l|ol„Tt Whllo, la also a pro- 
iPBBlonal miish'lnn. 

Ilniids have from lime lo lime l„'en 
miilnlalned at llloomlni:,lale, Sylvaliln. 

.MiirBlinll, 11,-11 re, .Mansfield, llrhlce- 

Ion, llospilalp and .ile.-ca. llcsldes the 
i;,,oil tniislelnna already nipntloned, 
lira llarrlBon, wUo for a tlim- dlrerted 
I he .Marshall hand: I'rof. Alex Ihom- 
as, who iK-lonEod to the first llelliiiore 
hand, and clarenec r,cwls, of IIobp- 
dale, were lilfli class iierforincre ami 
thoroiiu'h miisli-lnns. 

11. .M. Carlisle ranks as the veteran 
hand man In I'arke County, with a 
lecoril of fifty years of continuous 
service, lie was a mpinbpr of the Did 
llo, kvllle hand, orcanlzed In iwir,. and 
has played In every one of the bauds 
„rcalil7.ed In the town since. He pliiva 
one of Ihe horns In the Melhodlst 
Sundiiy school onheslra. nnd Is ready 
for BPrvhe If the propoBcd band Is or- 
L-anl'/.pil for Ihe Parke County Cen- 
tennial lelehratlon. 


©he (!5vcat ^tleiolt ©itnutait 

II IniH 1,1','u sIMy-flvc years slliec the 
H'l-al 1,1, iKl, iiiravnn lonleBts between 
llo, k\ nil' and Mouti'Ziima. 'lo most of 
lh..»e now llvliiB the scenea of that 
Mluli-r siKirl are nuUnown. tinly thoi=o 
who were boys nnd girls at that llnio 
lire now living, and ono of thera, Mr. 
.\. IC. Stark, has kindly consented to 
Che Ills reeolhillouB of Ihe final 
I'vinl In n series of rival dem.inatra- 
llollB hy Hie IWO towns. II happened 
Ihal a parly iioni llo,-kvllle went lo 
Moiil,-/.ii,i,a. on,' nichi. In a very fancy 
fnur-hors,' shlch. Ihey were enler- 
lalued l.y siiiiie of llieir frlemls, niid 
In a linnlerlui: way dared Monte/.uin i 
l„ show up SB fine a turn oiil. Monli- 
/iimii Biilil nothlne. but one fine niRlit 
a loni: leaiu of horses dashed Into 
llnrktllle, pnllliiL- n birt-e slelch filled 
with merry makers. Alliuhed lo the 
birt-e slelL-h were seven smaller jnea 
In low The parly was liospllaMy en- 
lerlalned. and leff for .MonleT.niui 
rcellnx Hint llockvlllo had been belli- 

lu at her own game. 

Mr. Slark'fl recollections ot the eiil. 
nilnallilB cveut In Iho fiood 
contest follows: 

Sl\ly-flvc years ago \vc did not llvo 
the slrenuons lives now demnndcl of 
us. Then no railroad trains tUundcr- 
eii throiiKh our town, no automobiles 
lo fliare our horses : no luotorcyeles or 
hnyiliB to i:ct ua there quick. No 
lelephones, no electrli- llghls, no grav- 
el roails. no sidewalks. Hut the crack 
of Ihe long ox whip was heard aa tho 
alow, patient ox teams wero urged to 
pull their heavy loads through tho 
n lid. I lien Monletumn, with the ca- 
nal nnd river l„inlB was tho port of en- 
try for all this part of tho country, 
nnd Armleshurg was the great pork- 
parking center, from whence large 
flat lioalB were loailed to take our pro- 
dme down to tho .Mississippi ami on 
to New OrlennB. 

In those days there was plonly of 
(lino for fun and pleasure. Woll I 

.Monlezimia, each town trying to out 
do the, and Itockvlllc and tlio 
Biirronndlng country began making 
preparailouB for a great display, Uo 
oil a .lanunry luorning In l.'v'I, there 
iiBsemhled on the north side ot the 
piihll,' Bipiare, a Btring ,,f alelshs ot cv. 
ery kln,l and di-acrlpllon. from tho 
large sleigh wllh lit gorgeous or 
grolefupie fllllnga, to tho little bam) 
sh'd, nil faBleni'd togelher, one behind 
Hie niner, liy a largo rope. To this 
siring of sleighs las my boyish 
niemiiry records Itl exieiuling from 
Ihe center of Ihe north aide lo past 
the old lloiighman hotel (where the 
I'arke hotel now sliindsl there was 
hllcheil Boiiie HO or I'pO horses wllh a 
rliler lo every horse nnd a mule, rid- 
den by a neu-ro. In the lend. 

>iany uf the sleighs were floats rep- 
reBcntlng different trades. The giraffe 
anil alligator were there, ami In the 
moiilh of the iilllgator wns a small boy, 
struggling lo keep from being swal- 
lowed or frozen. I have since seen the 
alligator In ul» native heath, a Inrge. 
loathaoiue, creeping thing, but never 
one that looted so formidable as this 
one, and I am sure that no alligator 
ever took bo cold a trip and lived, nnd 
no hoy half swalloweil by nn alligator 
ever felt bo chilled, for when we lind 
done .Montezuma to our satisfaction, 1 
wiis nearly frozen. 

Wllh the ringing of the bells, the 
tooting of horns and tho shouting of 
men. we were off for Montezuma, 
whero we were royally received and 
entertained. On our return trip tho 
snow began lo inelt and tho slclghn 
lo drag heavily, causing the ropes to 
brcnk. hilt our >rontezunia friends fur- 
nlBlied iiB a long canal boat cnhle, 
strong enough to bold, and after many 
delays and trials we again pulled Into 
nockvlllc, glad of our triumph. 

Whether >rontC7.unia eould or would 
have tried lo out-do us I do not know, 
hilt the melting snow put an end to 
the fun. Time has nearly effaced from 
my memory the many details connect- 
r-d wllh tbia episode, but tho nlllgalor 
ride was frozen Into my memory nev- 
er to be thawed ont. 

Twenty-five years ago .Tudge Whlto 
gave Ills liiipresBlons of tho winter pa- 
geant as It moved along tho old plank 
roiid anil passed his home, two miles 
west of nockvlllo. Wo quote from his 
• rtlelo: 

"The Itaptlst ebiireh bell — solemn- 
toned as tt was — wna taken down. 

inoiinieJ, and uiado to rloK, as happy 
bells du, 'across tho huow,' • • • 
• • • • ".Nothing connected 
with IhoBO fun laden days so liiiprca. 
■ed my l,o>l8h niliid as did Iho fbiu 
and the louu of that soleiiin ,hur,h 
hell. The uiie. sliimllnu out hroad and 
Blralght In Iho wlntiy wind, llluiiil- 
niili'd hy the rays of a sun then fur 
down thii Buiilh, liclghlenliiK Us al- 
ready vivid BlrlpcB nnd bronzed Blurs 
and dark field of blue, made II lo mo 
n thing of woiulroiiB life and glory as 
It moved along the aoniUro luld-wlnlor 
lanilscaiie of white fields and bare, 
gray wnods. Tho tones of tho other, 
,18 the irnin croHsed for a moment tlin 
,'rcst of a diBlnnt bill, cniuo across tlio 
slopi's and sweeps of whitened coun- 
Iryclile, singularly clear, resonant, 
llirinin- nnd yd welrrt and solemn, as 
If Instead of gracing tho rlilo of those 
merry revellerB It was tolling In the 
service of the Iiurhil of tho Year. 

"Hut who cures for these vagaries 
of a boy; A mile out a cavalcade of 
ladles nnd gentlemen met and cBcorleil 
Ihe l|i„'kvllllnns Into Ihe village. The 
hi lis of Ihe town rang out a welcoino. 
lloBpllallly wns again unbounded. Tbo 
BtrceiB were Ihrniigcd by an eager and 
excited miillltiule from town and tho 
Biirronndlng country, whllo upon ovory 
hand, mingled wllh words of nood 
I'lieer, was Ihe nsaiiranic of Ihn iin- 
ilaiinled .Monlezumlans that prepnr- 
alloua were already on fool for still 
another return visit at which timo 
they proposed to 'snow under' the 
iiMinty seal onco tor all. Hut alas! 
Already the dnya were creeping slow- 
ly lownrdB Ihe vernal eipllnox. Al- 
ready that very afternoon tliero were 
hints of the old fnBbloned 'January 

'Ilockvlllc started home early on Be- 
count of Its premonlllons. Tho snoiv 
was fast Boflcnlng. Tho trip back was 
slow and tedious. The gillllea were 
running wllh water. The nlr was soft 
wllh south winds. Nightfall found the 
Uoekvllllans only half way home. Tho 
horses Hred ami ]ndcd, tugged hard at 
Ihe now sluggish load. Tho occupants 
of sleds nnd sleighs wero silent and 
anxious lest the stalely caravan of tho 
morning should be stranded alone n 
road of slush and Its belated trnvelera 
begging a night's loilging at the farm 
liouBCB along the road. Hut at Inst, 
fnr Into the night, Ihey saw the wall- 
ing lights shining In the windows of 
lioiue. Tired ami belated and some- 
how very thankful for that 'January 
Ihaw' Iloekvllle went to bed. It wn« 
too late for Montezmua now-. It wna 
as If Aquarius had Interposed tbo 
statutes of limitations In nockvllle's 
favor, and Montezuma could prosecute 
tho ease no further, flladly wns the 
statute of 'repose' Invoked. Had thn 
snow laated len days longer. It was 
staled nnd believed at thn time, that 
a rino new ennal boat, lying st winter 
Muarlers In tho 'upper basin' of tho en- 
nal at Montezuma would have been 
taken out of the Ico by a thousand en- 
Ibnslastle men and put on monster 
sleils and riockvllle given such an «i- 
blblilon of Bhlp railroading as hart 
never been dreamed of In her phllna- 
opliy. In that varying eonlost for tIc- 
lory In tbo field of winter sport, that 
.Tanuary thaw wns lo nockvllle what 
night and Hlneher wero to Wellington 
on tho field of Watarloo." 


Any dmcrliilliiM nf Tiirkry H"" 
vvoiilcl l.n uniK-conBur.v for I'nrko Couii- 
(y ppoplr, (MMi If II wi-rc imssllilc for 
nil' III iliwrlho this I'nrrnnird phiio. 
.IMHI Hhcii 'I'lirkry Hull wiiB rirnl visit- 
ed l.y oiM- |i.'o|.li' on i.U'iiBUrc lil|iR Is 
iKil known, lint llinl It wns nioic Hum 
lirty .\cnrB ii^n la proved by iin event 

eldenlH iind (rnilltloufl rnnnected with 
Inikey linn. II wnB In the Bnnnncr 
nt iw-l Hint n party ot yiinnR people 
troni lllnoiiilnKihile enrontc to Turkey 
lluu lind n narrow esiape froiu drown- 
ing when the lenni nnd wiiRon broke 
llironcli llie old olien In IdBO over 
KoirliiB CreiU BorKe and preilpltnli d 
llie wliiiln oiilfit Into the ereek. At 

thill lime a mill d held the water 

nt llip iieek at the hrlili:n to Che deplh 
or «K nr Beven feel. The horses were 
drownid, hul all ol Ihe yimni; people 

ihiiipMl. However. It la prohiihle ■ 

eoidlni; In Ihe slory lold at Inu lliuo. 
Hull Ihe yoiini; ladlea were saved, or 
at least Ihi-lr resnie hy the yoiiiiK men 

was ma iskr, iiwinf I" Iheir hno|i 

akiria wlilili kipl Ihein iiHual. 

Turkey Hun la aahl lo have reeelved 
lis iiaiiie rrimi an early settler, who 
lollowcd a drove of wild lurkeys Into 
the forire while hnntluK- II was ever 
after known hy Ihe niiiiie Klven II hy 

reason of I his rire slanee. I riiiiem- 

her nItendlllR an old Belller'.s liicellnK 
when a hi.y ami hearhiB .loslah laiiili- 
liill lell a slory nlinni Hie priwalemo 
of wolves wla-u he first eame to I'arkc 
Couiily. He aahl that he was once In 
eaiiip with a parly of Betllers on the 
present Turkey Itnn Rronnds. The 
parly had hiillt a IiIk fire and sone to 
Bliep. or were tryluB to Bleep around 
Ihe fire, but were Rreatly dlalnrhed 
hy wnlves. The velpInK jiaek Burrouml- 
ed the camp and i:iit bo elose that flonio 
of the parly heeauic alarmed. .Mr. 
faniphell aahl. "Ihey made ine so mad. 
that I t-raiihed a hurnint; limb from 

Ihe lire and J ped lulir the pack Ir.v- 

luK lo hit Ihem wllh the fiery eluh, 
lull Ihey only ran a abort ci'stam-e." 
The eniiilierB didn't want to waste 
amiiiunlllnn on Ihe nolvea. as It was 
hefnre Ihe f'oiinly olTered a bonnly on 
Ihi'lr sealps. .Inalah I'ampholl was an 
nmle of I'aiu. .lohn T. Campbell, and 
al the old seiner's meetlni-'B was al- 
ways railed on lo alve the Indian War 
Whoop aB he bad heard It when It 
"nirant bnalness." 

The first bridge acrosa Turkey Knn 
was a rude open strncttirc baaed on 
hewn tinihera lone enonub to rcaeli 
ucroaa the narrow jiart of the gorge, 
when, the |iriBent bridge now stands. 
S rickety railing ot I x 1 Brantling on 
POBis Of the same size was all the (iro- 
tectlon against skittish horses and on- 
ly the most daring of a wagon or 
luiggy load of pleasure seekers uonld 
remain In the vehicle as It nna bclnu 
driven o\er tlio dangcrona place. 

Turkey linn remained ,is ll was be- 
fore white men enme to I'arko rounty, 
with the exception of Hie hrldKO almvc 
mentioned, until IWil or ',^2, when the 
Indiana, I>eraliir and Springfield rail- 
road eouipany erei-ted an catInK house 
and furnished tlio placo with a large 
number of tents, In ndvertl«lng the 
pleasure reBort the railroad rompany 
called II "Iiloomlngdnic nicna," a name 
l.y whhh It became known onlsldo of 
I'arke County; hut hero It has never 
been colled by any other than Iti or- 
dinal and lilstorlcnl nniiic. 

When Hio railroad eontpany ceased 
to operalo thp placo Its owner, John 
I/Uik, Icaiod It to William Hoogh- 

Ulrk, one of the few men In whom Mr. 
l.iiKk had eoufldrnce. owing to laiak's 
liecullnr exeenlrlcllles. one of which 
was n great distrust of Tree Maaona. 
.lohn l.nsk was a son of .Salmon l.usk. 
who In INJil entered all the land up 
nnd down Sugar Creek for two or 
three miles from the Narrows. At the 
riealh of ,'<aliiion taisk Turkey Uiin and 
all of Ihe land of the original Iraet, 
ninie Into the posseaalun of .Tolin 
l.nsk. He lived the life of a hermit 
In the old home after the death of The latter at 

fought by the old aoldlors and Mc- 
Cnnc Cadets at nlglit. 

After the doalh of .lohn I.usU. when 
Turkey jinn was lo bo sold, a inovo- 
luent was started for Us prcaorvatlon. 
Covcrnor llalsmn appolnled a Turkey 
Hun comnilaalon— William Watson 
Woolen. Miss Ida Ncwsomo and .Mrs. 
.lullet V, Strauaa last winter, and suli- 
seiiuently added to tho eonimlsslon two 
nieinliers— Albert Cannon, of Marshall, 
and Itlebard l/olbcr. of Indianapolis. 

began an onthna- 

park eontrlbiitnra. IIo waa atitborixed 
lo hid f''I by tlio rnnimlsslon. Tho 
traet was appraised at .TI.M.nocl. Mr. 
I.ellier offered .$:i(i,ll«); llio lloosler 
Veneer Co. of Indianapolis hid I:!".- 
■H*\. when Mr. I,elber. reallr.lng that 
It would bo UBCIcii to offor more, 
ceaBCd bidding. 

I'arko County people eontrllmted 
nearly J-J.niHl for tho purehaao of 
Turkey Ilnn. To s.iy that they are 
disai.polnlod only auggeala tholr feel- 
ing at tho onti-omo of the sale. Hut 
we have not abandoned hope that our 
beanllful Turkey Itun will yet bo sav- 
ed for the people of Indiana and I'arko 
















v ■ . ■'•.' • ■ ''{^ 

■ ^ ( . • ., . .• ... V "' -w- "^ 

his fatlu 

and mother, and died last 
ondiK'ted Turkey 

.Mr. Ilooghkcrk 
Itnn from IWI or 'M until 1910. 
when it waa leased by lis present pro- 
prietor It. I', l.uke. whose lease holds 
nulll April. I'.llT. Many large assem- 
blies have gnthored at Turkey Ituu. 
particularly on the I'ourth ot July. 
One of the most memorable cclebra- 

lastle movement towards tho purchase 
of three State parka as a Centennial 
.Mrmorial. The first ot these parka 
was to be Turkey Itun. Mr. Lclber 
himself contributed ll.lion to tho 
fund, nnd devoted three inontbs of In- 
cessant labor lo tho work of purchas- 
ing 'I'nrkey Itun. 

Howard Maxwell, admlulatrator ot 
the estate had cauaed the Turkey Itun 




,^.^^fr^r: ■ 








< ' 

. :>^^^.<U^ 


eA:i|MN0 TURKF.Y Rtm. 

tlnns of Independence day held In 
I'nrke Cniinty was that ot 1S.*1, when 
.Illdge While acted as tonat master, 
nnd respousea were ninile hy 'Thomas 
X. nice, .lames 'T. .Inhnslnn, .lohn II. 
Iiradle. Klwood Hunt, nnd Howard 
.Maxwell. Tho Dcelarallnn of Inde- 
pendenre was read by Henry Ilnnlels. 
a concert was given by While's hand 
nnd nillllnry drills by tho llnckvllln 
Light Arllllory and MeCnno Cadets. A 
Iwo-daya' snldlor'a reunion was hold 
there In 1880, when a sham battle waa 

tract to be act apart so aa to preserve 
Its scenic beauty. The tract begun 
at the .Narrows and took In the creek 
from I hat point to the ledge ot rock 
below Turkey llun. including Iloeky 
Hollow. Tho inle was set for the IRth 
of Ma.v, inid. Al Hint time almut l.oiio 
lienple, many of them from Indian- 
apolis and other cllloa ot tho State, 
nsaenibled at the Lusk homeitead, 
where Col. J. II. Ilurka cried tho sale. 
,Mr. I,elbor, throimh hia attorney, 
Leo Rapiwport, bid for the 8Uta 

Naming of (Turkrii Euii 

winter set In early along the Wn- 
liasb In ISJ.-,. llcforo tlie Ifilh ot Ue- 
ccmber the river was frozen over aa 
far south as \'lncennes. Kor six 
weeks all but the swIft-runnIng rif- 
fles of Sugar Creek had boon "slick 
as glass," ariording to tho settlers' 
ileacrlpHon of "the erick." when they 
talkrd over the strategy of tho nolvea 
which, had for tho tlino cleared all 
thai part of tho eonnlry ot every 
speclea of four-rooted game that could 
not elliiib a tree. 

Kvcry night tho howling packs rould 
bo heard on either sido ot the atreain, 
I'linsing the deer toward tho Ice by a 
wedge-shaped "drive," the fatal point 
of which converged where the deer 
would he coinpelled lo cross tho creek. 
The stoniest burk could not stand on 
Ihe smooth lee against tne assanlls of 
bis claw-footed enemies. With fiend- 
ish cunning, they would time the ar- 
rival of the bowling, yelping wedge 
so that when the deer leaped upon the 
Ice the wolvca were upon their bolp- 
IcBs prey. 

It was alniosl Chrlatiuaa nnd no 
snow had fallen to muffle tho hunt- 
er's footBtepB or to roughen the fatal 
einoothnesB ot tho leo. The deer were 
gone. The aportsmnn'a Intuition hart 
jiroinpted Captain Oarlnnd to locate 
Ills land claim far from tho County 
sent and almost among the "breaks" 
of the ereek. He had conio to Iho 
Wabash eniinlry on a proapoctlng tour 
In Iho summer of 1HI1, and waa at 
VIneSnnes when the expedition agnlnat 
the Prophet «a« planned. IIo prompt- 
ly offered the services of himaolt and 
horse and M-as nsatgnod to Major 
Havloaa' Mounted llanRori. While on 
• aeout up Rock RIvor, m eilled by 


llio French voynKcre, lio wns ImiircBS- 
rU with the -iind trnnclciir ot Its lotky 
Mnrra nnd ono «ori;c In pnrtlcnlar, re- 
nilnilcd hliii oi' his home In the iiioiin- 
loins of VIrRlnln. Tlic rottawntonilcs 
hnil nanicd llic stream I'intr/o/icrnnc— 
Ihc-watcr-of-mnriy-snciir trees— nnd so 
the settlers, ncceplinK the Indian 
name, railed It Sngar Creek. 

fiiiitnln <:nrlnna on his \v4.rn out 
fnnu In the llluc Hideo had waited 
imxlonsly Tor tlio rounlry to bo open- 
id for sett lenient lieyond the "ton 
nVlock line" which hod left a'l north 
of It to tho Indhins. He was the first 
Keillor 10 Inilld a .nl.ln In thn' part 
i.f Indiana, after the Indians snrrend- 
.■rid their elaiin nnd m.'vrd west of 
Iho Wobnali. Me entered a ferllle 
body of land, and had worked hard I" 
elciir few fields ot ihe HiaRnllleent 
forest trie which eovere.l most ot the 
i-ountry from I'l. Ilarrlsou to the Tip- 

It »iis cnmlni; Chrlstnias eve when 
inplnln llarlond nnd his s»n Ned. 
gave »!• their iinest o turkey din- 
uoi- next day. They hod trumped far 
to Ihe w<Rt of their home, had 
irossetf Ihe •Toek on the ICO iind hunt- 
ed faithfully In Ihe "breaks" ot Mill 
Cnek, at leiisl three udles from homo; 
had given up nil hope ot gettlni! a 
turkey, and were returntnir. When 
Ibey reached tho ireek snow hod be- 
u-nn In fall. .Ved. who was a bo.mI shot 
nt a mark wilb a "rest" but prone to 
tet "huek afino" wli.ii shootlu.- at 
fame, had not lieen permuted to carry 
the loni: rilnilork rifle on this par- 
tieular hum. iln olher neeasions 
when Ills father w.mld allow liliii to 
shoot at RMulrrels. be would uilss them, 
whereupon he wns seriously admonish- 
ed by his fainer: "Sliiht the sun, boy! 
«!et down In the rear slKhl. Yon 
shoot too i|Uli k. Yon know how to 
shoot nt n mork ond yon must quit 
gelling OMiled at llvo rouio." 

»Ylipn Ihey reached the creek, the 
nhsenred sun was nearly down, so 
I'aptnin norland deelded to return In 
order In do Iho evenlUR "chores" be- 
fore dnrk. .Ned bcRRed to ho penult- 
led lo take Ihe Run nnd walk up Ibo 
creek mile and then ilu southward 
lo his homo, nirecting tho boy to bo 
no farther than the Narrows nnd not 
to loiter on the wny, the Captain 
handed hliu the snn nnd proeceded on 
his woy hom^. 

neforn Ned liad Ri^ne .i .luarter of o 
mile up Ihe rreek llie snow had fallen 
In o deplh of two Inelics on Ihe Ice. 
Ills footsteps were silent, and tho 
wiilUinB was iimeli easier. It wns 
nearly twlllcht when he beard Iho 
nnlso of a fl'ick ot turkeys toklns wing 
In Ihe woods north of the creek. IIo 
slopped nnil stood like a sl.itue wateb- 
Ing for them. .V hundred yards abend 
be saw o turkey fly over the creek: 
then two. four, o dozen or more flying 
low nnd snlllnB no It appeared against 
the high rneky ellff nn the south 
bank. When Ned was sure that oil the 
turkeys hod erossed Ihe creek be bo- 
can silently nnd stenlthlly to opproneb 
the place where the turkeys had dls- 
nppeared. Soiiiewli.Tt to bis surprise 
ho found It lo be o narmw gorge. 

High cliffs of solid sand slone were 
nn eneb aide of bini as Ned entered 
Ibo gnlrh. The green of the hemlock 
trees ond tho long ferns In sheltered 
pliices where the frost had not pcne- 
Irnlpd, were In strange enntrnst to the 
long ond evcr-lenglhenlng Icicles bang- 
ing from projecting cliffs In single 
stolaetllcg or In .lagged sheets of solid 
Ice. Th) hemlocks grew In f.inlostlc 
shapes, some of them leaning far out 
from tho rock. In tho crovlees of 
which they hosl token root. Ned had 
Bten nothing like It since leavlog hli 

, ond for a moment 
sickness swept over 

It was easy to follow the troeka In 
tiie anow, t'ronching low and advaocin; 

to atteuipt to clQinber i 
«llv turkeys should sc 

ver It lest the 
' or hear him. 
ir. IIo hoped 
that ot least one turkey might fly In- 
to a hemlock tree not forty yards from 

© jxt o »^t o I M c V o 

The portraits of Captain George Harvey and Captain 
Tilghman A. Howard were not found in lime to appear in the 
chapter on the Civil War. They are, therefore, printed on ihia 


page. That of Captain Harvey is from a photograph taken in 
1861; that of Captain Howard from a tin-type taken before the 

with cautious steps, peering ahead of 
blm and woteblng Intently for the 
turkeys, Ned cituie to a largo log. It 
reached from ono side of the narrow 
canyon to the other. He was afraid 

bliii, as It was neiiring their roosting 
lliiic. IIo was watching the treo and 
had picked out a cerlaln limb which 
would offer a good shot, when, O, Joy 1 
Not uO feel troui tils iHisltlon behind 


the log big turkey took wing and 
flew to the very llndi he had noticed. 
Its dark l>od.\' against the green of tho 
tree and tho white snow on Its foliage 
offered II splendid mark. 

.Ned's heart was thumping like a 
tenor drum. .Volselessiy Ite rested tho 
rifle on the loix and quickly cast bis 
eye along the long barrel, lie was 
about to touch the trigger when bis 
fntber's ndnionlllon~"gel down In the 
icnr Right"— flashed through his 
brain. Corcfiilly be tried to draw tho 
hiad. It seemed iin age before Iho 
fnmt sight could be ndjiieled througii 
the renr ond on the turkey. Would It 
fly away before lie i-ould do so/ Had 
the snow dampened the po«der In the 
ponV Would the gun fnil lo firoV All 
ti.cRc tilings wlih lightning nipldlty 
entered bis bend. 

.M Inst— It was only a few scconiis, 
but It Bcciiied nn age to .Ned— tlie from 
sight eiime sipiarely ngniiiBt the turk- 
ey, lie louchid tiie liair trigger. 'nMi 
report of the gun In the gulch nnd tin- 
Kiar of Ihe big flock of frightened 
turkeys as Ihev look wing, scared tho 
hoy; the powder Rmuko hung over his 
iuad, and he did nut see the result of 
ids shot, lie Ihmight he hid lelsRcd, 
hut wliin he wrnt to the lieiuloek, 
there on the snow,