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■899 CALENDAR 1899 



S M 

1 2 

R 9 



W T F S 

4 5 6 7 
11 12 13 14 











Ca.y^ /SH-S.C 

l^arbart €aUtst iiftrarg 



(Class of 18«8). 

^ Received '^ 








20 21 






27 ' 28 



• 1 





THE . . 

Parliamentary Guide 


Work of Qenei^l Reference 
1898-9 ' 


Containing Election Returns, I^ists and Sketches of Members, Cabinets of the 
U. K., U. S , and Cdnada, Customs and Excise Tariffs, Constitution of 
Canada and Governments and I^egislatures of all the Provinces, 
Electoral Population and Census Returns, New Fran- 
chise Act, Plebiscite Returns, Proceedings of 
Colonial Conferences, Militia Staff, Etc. 








7 -^ 


JIM -a»7 1P01 

" 'V. 

AJ-^TZ -irC v-^t^,-v<p6l 

Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, 
by Arnott James Magurn, in the office of the 
Minister of Agriculture, in the year 1898. 



The Parlianient:ary Guide, and Work of General Reference, is the 
first book of the kind ever published in Canada, and depends for one 
of its chief recommendations on its accuracy and reliability. The 
material has been collected at first hand from official and personal 
sources. The Customs Tariff is absolutely reliable, as it stood October 
Ist, 1898. The summary of the public legislation of the Federal Par- 
liament will be continued from year to year, and form a tolerably com- 
plete index to all the statutes of general interest, and will be found of 
no small value to public men, newspaper editors, lawyers and others. 
In the preparation of some of the biographical sketches reference has 
been made to Morgan's Canadian Men and Women of the Time, 
Rose's Cyclopedia of Canadian Biography, G. Mercer Adam's " Prom- 
inent Men of Canada," Pierre Roy's Sketches of the Quebec Legisla- 
ture, and Cochrane's '* Men of Canada." 

The community of interest between Canada and Newfoundland, and 
the fact that it is the only British possession in North America outside 
of Canada, are sufficient reasons for devoting a chapter to Newfound- 
land and its legislature. In this connection acknowledgment of the 
services of Mr. P.J. McGrath, of St. John's Nfd., is made. 

Bmpire events find a congenial place in such a work, and those 
desiring a record of such happenings as the Colonial Conferences of 
London, and the Australian Federation Movement, will approve of 
their publication here, in view of the fact that they are to be found in 
a permanent form nowhere else. 

It will be the aim of the compiler to make this a book of dates as 
well as of facts and figures. There is no enquiry so often made as the 
question of dates, for once that is answered it is easy to know where 
to look for particulars of a certain event. 

The resolutions of the Dominion Liberal Convention of 1893 are 
published here, for the reason that the official report of the convention 
is out of print and cannot be had, though often required. 

The B. N. A. Acts are accessible to very lew, and their incorpora- 
tion here will be found of great value. The Franchise Act, which is 
printed in full, is a copy of the statute, and to all those having to do 
with the preparation of voters' lists and elections, it will prove a valu- 
able reference. 

Especial care has been taken in the preparation of the several 
hundred biographical sketches contained in this volume, and the 
editor alone is responsible for the statements in theM, and for the 
political leanings assigned to each subject, authority having been ob- 
tained, however, in the majority of cases. 

137 Kennedy Street, Winnipeg, Man., 
November ist, 1898 


In the biographical sketches certain well-known abbreviations 
have been used, such as b. (born;, m. (married), s. (son), d. (daugh- 
ter), el. (elected), v. p. (vice-president), and a few others that are 
generally understood, like C. for Conservative and L. for Liberal. 
As all the sketches are arranged alphabetically no index is required. 
The post office addresses of legislators will be found, alphabetically 
arranged, immediately preceding the sketches of the members of 
each Legislature. 

On page 366, for ** Colonial Conference, 1898," read 1897, and in 
first line for '* August 25, 1898," read August 26, 1897. 


BritishTRoyarPamily 1. i 

Cabinetlof UnitedlKingrdom 2 

TbeiOovemor-Oeneral * a 

Qovemors-Oeneral Since Confederation 3 

Cabinetfof Canada 3 

List of [Privy Councillors 4 

U. S. [Qovemment 5 

Britfsii7 Ambassador at Wasfiing^ton 5 

U. S. Consul-General in Canada 5 

High Commissioner in London 5 

Judicial Committee, Privy Council 5 

Ottawa Deputy Ministers 6 

Canadian illnistries Since Confederation 7 

Parliament of Canada ^ 15 

Parliaments Since 1867 ^ . . 16 

List of Senators 17 

Biographical Sketches .* 18 

House of Commons 36 

Sketches of Members 41 

Commons Election Returns 84 

Bye Elections 119 

Party Divisions lao 

Province of Ontario 121 

Sketches of Members 128 

Election Returns 142 

Strength of parties 146 

Province of Quebec 147 

Legislative Council 155 

Sketches of Councillors 156 

Legislative Assembly 161 

Sketches of Members 165 

Election Returns ; 176 

Quebec Bye Elections i8o 

Province of Nova Scotia 181 

Legislative Council 184 

Sketches of Members 184 

House of Assembly 187 

Sketches of Members 189 

Election Returns 194 

Province of New Brunswick * 196 

List of Members 200 

Sketches of Members 203 

Election Returns 210 

Province of Prince Edward Island 212 

List of Members 215 

Sketches of Members 216 

Election Returns 220 

Province of Manitoba 222 

List of Members 227 

Sketches ol Members 229 

Election Returns 234 

Votes Cast at General Election 236 

CONTENTS— Continued. 

Province of British Columbia 237 

List of Members 24.1 

Sketches of Members •. 242 

Election Returns 247 - 

Legislatures Since Confederation '. 249 

B. C. and Conlederation 2*53 

Nortliwest Territoriea 255 

Sketches of Members 256 

Election Returns 260 

Dept. of Militia and Defence 261 

Commander of Forces B. N. A , 261 

Admiral of North Atlantic 26 1 

Governor General's Staff 261 

Newfoundland 262 

The Cabinet 263* 

Leg. Council 263 

House of Assembly 264 

Customs Tariff 266 

B.N. A. Act, 1867 268 

B.N. A. Act, 1871 ^ 288 

Parliament of Canada Act, 1878 289 

B. N. A. Act, 1886 290 

The Preferential Tariff 291 

Canadian Customs Tariff 293 

Customs Regulations— Preferential Tariff 318 

Pieiding Tariff takes Effect 319 

Dingley ** ** *' 319 

Franchise Act, 1898 320 

Yukon Act, 1898 327 

♦• Officials.... 329 

*' Temperature 331 

Plebiscite Act * 332 

** Vote 334 

Scott Act 335 

Legislation, Summary of Public 336 

Excise Tariff of Canada 341 

Bank Holidays 341 

Civil Service Examiners 341 

Finances of Canada 342 

Debt of Canada 343 

Foreign Trade of Canada 344 

Census by Provinces 344 

by Electoral Districts 345 

Inland Fisheries of Canada 

Judgment by Privy Council ^ 350 

Legal Weights and Measures 351 

Supreme Court 35i 

Exchequer Court 35^ 

Table of Precedence 352 

Liberal Convention Resolutions 353 

Alaskan Boundary 357 

Empire Events 

Congress of Chambers of Commerce, 1896 364 

Colonial Conference 1897 367 

Mr. Chamberlain's Speech 368 

Resolutions 382 

Australian Federation 384 

The Quebec Conference 388 

Spanish-American War 390 



VICTORIA, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and Bmiiress of India, born 
May 24, 1819, the daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George 
m., and of Princeea Victoria of Saxe-Saaifeld-Coburg, widow of Prince Emich 
Karl of Leining^n. Ascended the throne at the death of her uncle. King Wil- 
liam IV., June 20, 1837 ; crowned at Westminster Abbey, June 28, 1838. Married 
Feb. 10, 1840, to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ; widow, Dec. 14, 1861. 


I. Princess Victoria (Empress Frederick), bom Nov. 21, 1840 ; married, Jan. 
25, 1858, to Prince Friederich Wilhelm (Friederich I. of Germany), eldest son of 
Wilhelm I., (Jerman Emperor and King of Prussia ; widow, June 15, 1888. 

II. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, born Nov. 9, 1841 ; married, March 10, 
1863, to Princess Alexandra, eldest daughter of King Christian IX. of Denmark. 
Offspring* :— (1) George, Duke of York, bom June 3, 1865, married July 6, 1893, 
to Victoria Mary, daughter of the Duke of Teck,~oftspring, Edward Albert, 
bom June 23, 1894 ; Albert EYederick Arthur George, born December 14, 1895 ; 
(2) Louise, bom Feb, 20, 1867, married to the Duke of Fife, July 27, 1889,— 
offspring, Alexandra Victoria, bom May 17, 1891 ; Maud Alexandra, bom April 3, 
1893 ; (3) Victoria, bom July 6, 1868 ; (4) Mlaud, born Nov. 26, 1869, married July 
22, 1896, to Prince Karl of Denmark. 

III. Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Aug. 
22. 1893), born Aug. 6, 1844 ; married, Jan. 23, 1874, to Grand Duchess Marie of 
Russia, only daughter of Emperor Alexander II. Offspring :— (1) Alfred, born 
Oct. 15, 1874 ; (2) Marie, bom Oct. 29, 1875 ; married Jan. 10, 1893, to Prince 
Ferdinand of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Crown Prfnce of Roumania,— offspring, 
Carol, bom Oct. 15, 1S93 ; Elizabeth, born October 11, 1894 ; (3) Victoria, born 
Not. 25, 1876 ; married April 19, 1894, to Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse,— 
offspring, Elizabeth, bom March 11, 1895 ; (4) Alexandra, born Sept. 1, 1878 ; 
married, April 20, 1896, to Prince Emst, Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Lan- 
genburg ; (5) Beatrice, born April 20, 1884. . 

rv. Princess Helena, bom May 25, 1846 ; married, July 6, 1866, to Prince 
Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. Offspring :— (1) ChrisUan, born April 14, 1867 ; 
(2) Albert John, born Feb. 26, 1869 ; Victoria, born May 3, 1870 ; Louise, born 
Aug. 12, 1872. 

V. Princess Louise, bom March 18, 1848 ; married March 21, 1871, to John, 
Marquis of Lome, eldest son of the Duke of Argyll. 

VI. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, bom May 1, 1850 ; married, March 
13, 1879, to Princess Louise of Prussia, born July 25, 1860. Three children :— 
Margaret Victoria, bom January 15, 1882 ; Arthur, born Jan. 13, 1883 ; Victoria, 
bom March 17, 1886. 

VII. PriDcess Beatrice, bera April 14, 1857 ; married, July 29, 1885, to Prince 
Henry, third son of Prince Alexander of Battenberg, uncle of Ludwig IV., 
Grand Duke of Hesse. Four children :— Alexander Albert, bom Nov. 23, 1886 ; 
Victoria Eugenie, born Oct. 24, 1887 ; Leopold Arthur Louis, born May 21, 1889 ; 
Maurice Victor Donald, born Oct. 3, 1891. 

* Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of the Prince of Wales, born Jan. 8, 1864, 
died Jan. 14, 1892. 



Marquess of Salisliiry— Prtme Minister. 

Lord Halsbury— Lord: ^igb Chancellor. 

Duke of Devonshire— I^ord President of Council. 

Viscount Cress— Lcrd Prliry Seal. 

Sir Michael E. Hicks-Beach, Bt— Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt.— Secretary of State Home Dept. 

Marquess of Salisbury— Secretary of State Foreign Dept. 

Joseph Chamberlain— Secretary of State Colonial Dept. 

Marquess of Lansdowne— Secretary of State War Dept. 

Lord George Francis Hamilton— Secretary of SUte Indian Dept. 

Lcrd Falfcur of Burleigh— Secretary for Scotland. 

George Jcachim Gcschen- First Lord of the Admiralty. 

Arthur James Balfour- First Lord of the Treasury. » 

Earl Cadogan— Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 

Lord Ashbourne— Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 

Charles Thomson Ritchie— President Board of Trade. 

Lord James of Hereford— Chnncellcr, Duchy of Lancaster. 

Henry Chaplin— President Local Government Board. 

Walter Hume Long— Pret ident Board of Agriculture. 

Aretas Akers-Douglas— Works and Public Buildings. 

(The above form the Cabinet.) 


(Appointed July 25, 1898.) 
IT'S BxcUhnoy The Right Honoreble Gilbert John Elllott-Murray-Kynynmond, 
Earl of Mlnto and yisccunt Melgund (United Kingdom, 1813), Baron 
Minto (Great BriUin, 1797), a baronet of Scotland (1797), is the son of 
the third Eail of Minto and his wife, Emma E., daughter of Gen. Sir 
Thomas H'slop, bo:n 'n Lond.n, July 9, 1845. Ed. at Eton and Trinity 
C<ill., Cambridge (B. A.) Entered Scots Guards, 1867. Has been Cap- 
tain of the Roxtuigh Rifles, Captain in the Army Reserve, and Colonel 
with the lank of Biigadier-Geneial commanding the South of Scotland 
Volunteer Brigade. Was for a short time in Paris during the Communist 
iising in 1871, ard three y.ars later acted as correspondent of the Lon- 
don Morning Post during the Carlist rising in Spain in 1874. During the 
EuESO- Turkish war. Lord Megund, (as he was then known), was assist- 
ant Mi:i aiy Secretary with the Turkish army on the Danube, when he 
wts pres nt at the bombardnrent of Nikopo is and the crossings of the 
Danube. In 18 9 he served as a volunteer on the staff of Field Marshal 
Lcrd Roberts, during the Afghan campaign. In 1881, he acompanied 
Lord Roberts to South Africa as his Private Secretary. When the Egyp- 
tian war broke cut In 1882, Lord Melgund was appointed a Captain in 
the Mounted Infantry, was wounded at the action of Magfar, and after- 
wards commanded the Mounted In'antry In Cairo, for which he was 
Kentlcned In despatch's and thanked In (Jeneral Orders. Was Military 
Sfcie'ary to Lord Lanidowne (Governor-General of Canada) 1883-1886, 
ard Chef cf Staff to the late Major-General Middle ton during the Kiel 
Rebellion cf 1885. Unsuccessfury contested the Hexham Division of 
Nerthumterlacd as a Libcral-Un!onlst. Succeeded his father as Earl of 
Minto, If 91. Wears the Afg^an medal, the Egjrptlan medal, the Med- 
jidie, the Khedive s'ar, ard the N rthwest medal and clasp. Married, 



July 28, 1883, Mary Caroline, daughter of Gen. Hon. Charles Grey, and 
has two sons and three daughters, Lady Eileen Nina Evelyn Sibell, 
to:n 1834 ; Lady Ruby Florence Mary, born 1886 ; Lady Violet Mary, 
tor^ 18 9; Victor Gilbert Ls^rlston Garnet, Viscount Melgund (heir), 
bom 1881 ; ard Gavin William Esmond, born 1895. The family seats are 
Mil to House, Hawick, Rcxburghe, and Melgund, Forfar, the liondon 
residence being 6 Audley Square, W. The family name is Elliott, the 
two other surnames being conventionally dropped. Appointed Governor- 
General of Canada, July 25, 1898. Sworn of office, Nov., 1898. 



The Right Hon. Viscount Monck, K.C.M.G 

The Eltht Hen. L rd Lisgar, G. C. M. G. (Sir Johr 


The Right Hon. the Earl of Dufferin, K.P., K.C.B., 


The Right Hon. the Marquis of 'Lome, K.T., G.C. 

M.G., P.C, etc 

The Most HoEOurable the Marquess of Lansdowne, 

G.C.M.G., etc 

The Right Hon. Lord Stanley of Preston, G.C.B 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen. K.T.,G.C.M.G. 
The Right Hen. the Earl of Minto 

Date of 






1. 186T 
29, 1868 
22, 1872 

Date of 
tion of 


5, 1878 Nov. 


18, 1883 Oct. 

1, 1888 'June 

22. 1893 Sep. 

25, 1898' Nov. 

1, 1867 

2, 1869 

25, 1872 

25, 1878 

23, 1883 
11, 18S8 
18, 1893 
12, 1898 


October, 1898. 

(According to Precedence,) 

The Right Honourable Sir Wilfrid Laurler, P.C, G.C.M.G., Q.C., D.C.L. (Oxon.), 

PreEident of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, First Minister. 
The Honourable Sir Richard John Cartwright, G.C.M.G., Minister of Trade and 

The Honourable Richard William Scott, Q.C., LL.D., Secretary of State. 
Tte Honourable David Mills, Q.C., Minister of Justice. 
The Honourable Sir Louis Henry Davies, K.C.M.G., Q.C., Minister of Marine 

and Fisheries. 
The Honourable Frederick William Borden, B.A., M.D., Minister of Militia and 

The Honourable William Mulock, Q.C., M.A., LL.D., Postmaster-General. 
The Honourable Sydney Arthur Fisher, B.A., Minister of Agriculture. 
The Honourable Joseph Israel Tarte, Minister of Public Works, 
The Honourable Richard Reid Dobell, (without portfolio.) 
The Honourable William Stevens BHelding, Minister of Finance. ' 
The Honourable Andrew Creorge Blair, Minister of Railways and Canals. 
The Honcurable Christophe Alphonse Geoffrion, Q.C., D.C.L. (without portfolio.) 
The Honourable Clifford Sifton, Q.C., Minister of the Interior. 
The Honourable William Paterson, Minister of Customs. 
The Honourable Sir Henri Gustavo Joly de Lotbiniere, K. C. M. G., Minister of 

Inland Revenue. 

(The above form the Cabinet.) 
The Honourable Charles Fitzpatrick, Q. C, Solicitor-General. 



Sir Oliver Mowat, K.C.M.G. 

Sir Hector L. Langevin, K. C. M. G., C. B. 

William McDougall, C. B. 

Sir Willla-ai Pearce Howland, K. C. M. G., C. B. 

Peter Mitchell. 

J. C. Aiklns. 

Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., G. C. M. G., C. B. 

Theodore Robitaille. 

Hugh McDonald. 

Edward Blake. 

David Laird. 

William Ross. 

William B. Vail. 

Sir Alphonse Pelletler, K. C. M. G. 

Alfred G. Jones. 

James McDonald. 

Louis F. R. Masson. 

Louis P. G. Baby. 

Charles C. Colby. 

Sir George A. Kirkpatrick. 

William Miller. 

George W. Allan. 

Sir Alexander Lacoste, Kt. 

Edgar Devrdney. 

J. C. Patterson. 

A. R. Angers. 

Sir John Carling. K. C. M. G. 

Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K. C. M. O 

Sir Mackenzie Bowoll, K. C. M. G. 

Sir Adolphe Caron, K. C. M. G. 

Sir Frank Smith. 

John Costigan. 

George E. Foster. 

A. R. Dickey. 

John Haggart. 

J. A. Oulmet. 

T. Mayne Daly. 

W. H. Montague. 

W. B. Ives. 

A. Desjardins. 

D. Ferguson. 
John F. Wood. 

E. G. Prior. 
Hugh J. Macdonald. 
L. O. Talllon. . 

J. J. Ross. 

David TIsdale. 

Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal. 

Sir James Edgar, K. C. M. G. 

Peter White. 

Clerk of the Privy Council— John Joseph McOee, Esq. 



President— William McKinley, of Ohio. 
Vice-President— Garrett A. Hobart, of New Jersey. 
Secretary of State— Col. John Hay. 
Secretary of the Treasury— Lyman J. Gage. 
Secretary of War— Russell A. Alger. , 
Secretary of the Navy— John D. Long. 
Secretary of the Interior-Cornelius N. Bliss. 
Postmaster-General— Emory. Smith. 
Attomoy-General- John W. Griggs. 
Secretary of Agriculture— James Wilson. 


Rt. Hon. Sir Julian Pauncefote, G. 0. M. G., G. C. B. Appointed 1889. 


Col. C. T, Turner, Ottawa. 


(Appointed 24th April, 1896.) 
Bnron Strathcona and Mount Royal, the Right Hon. Donald Alexander, 1st L. 
(cr. 1897). B. 1820. President of the Bank of Montreal and Director of 
the Canadian Pacific and Great Northern of Minnesota Railways ; is 
Gov. of the Hudson's Bay Co., and Hon. LL. D. Cambridge and Yale 
Universities ; has been High Commissioner for Canada in London since 
1896. G.C.M.G. Sir Donald Smith, as he became by knigbthoo'd in 1896, sat 
in Canadian Commons for Selkirk, 1871-8, and for Montreal W., 1887-96. 
Is Chancellor McGill University. 


The Committee is composed of Members of the Privy Council. The members 
usually attending are the Lord Chancellor, the Lords of Appeal in Ordin- 
ary (Watson, Macnaughton, Morris, Davey) ; Lord Herscholl, G. C. B. ; 
Lord Hobhouse, K. C. S. I. ; Lord Ashbourne ; Lord Shand ; Lord James 
of Hereford ; Sir Richard Couch ; and (under 58 & 59 Vict. c. 44) Sir 
Samuel Strong ; Sir John H. de Villiers ; Samuel James Way. 

Registrar— Thomas Raleigh. 


Deputy of the Minister of Militia and Defence— Colonel Charles Eugene Panet. 
Deputy of the Minister of Finance— John Mortimer Courtney, C. M. G. 
Commissioner of Inland Revenue— Edward Mlall. 
Deputy of the Minister of Public Works— Antoine Gobeil. 

Queen's Printer and Controller of Stationery— Samuel Edward Dawson, Lit. D., 
P. R. S. C. 


Deputy of tbe Minister of Railways and Canals— Colllngwood Schrieber, C.M.G., 

C. E. 
Deputy of the Minister of Trade and Commerce— William Grannis Parmelee. 
Deputy of the Minister of Justice— Edmund Leslie Newcombe, Q. C. 
Comptrollar of the North-west Mounted Police Force— Frederick White. 
Director of the Geological Survey— George Mercer Dawson, C. M. G., LL. D. 

F. R. S. 
Deputy of the Minister of Agriculture and Statistics— William Bain Scarth. 
Under-Secretary of State — Joseph Pope. 

Deputy Minister of Marine and Fisheries— Francois Frederic Gourdeau. 
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior and of tbe Superintendent-General of 

Indian Affairs— James A. Smart. 
Deputy Postmaster-General— Robert Miller Coulter, M. D. 


Clerk of the Privy Council— John Joseph McGee. 
Clerk of the Senate— Edouard Joseph LAUgevin. 
Clerk of the House of Commons— Sir John Bourinot. 
Auditor-General— John Lorn McDougall. 


Chief Clerk— Charles Jerome Jones. 


(July 1, 1867— November 6. 1873. 
Tho following are the names of members from time to time composing the 
Ministries, with the dates of their appointments :— 


Premier and Minister of 

Minister of Finance 

Rt. Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, K.C.B. 

Hon. Sir A. T. Gait 

Hon. Sir John Rose 

Hon. Sir Francis Hincks 
Hon. Sir S. L. Tllley .... 

Minister of Public Works. 

Minister of Militia and De- 

Minister of Customs 

Minister of Agriculture ... 


Minister of Marine and 

Minister of Inland Revenue. 

Minister of the Interior .... 
President of the Council.... 

Receiver-General . 

Secretary of State 

Secretary of State for the 


Hon. Wm. McDougall 

Hon. Sir Hector L. Langevin 

Hon. Sir Geo. E. Cartier 
Hon. Hugh McDonald — 

Hon. Sir S. L. Tilley .... 
Hon. Sir Charles Tuppor 

Hon. J. C. Chapais 
Hon. C. Dunkin .... 
Hon. J. H. Pope .. 

Hon. Sir A. Campbell 
Hon. John O'Connor .. 

Hon. Peter Mitchell 

Hon. W. P. Howland ... 

Hon. A. Morris 

Hon. Sir Charles Tupper 

Hon. John O'Connor 

Hon. T. M. Gibbs 

Hon. Sir A. Campbell 

Hon. A. J. F. Blair 

Hon. Joseph Howe 

Hen. Ed. Kenny 

Hon. Sir Charles Tupper 

Hon. John O'Connor 

Hon. Hugh McDonald ... 

Hon. Ed. Kenny 

Hon. J. C. Chapais 

Hon. Theodore Robitaille 

Hon. Sir Hector L. Langevin 
Hon. J. C. Alkins 

Hon. A. G. Archibald 
Hon. Joseph Howe ... 
Hon. T. M. Gibbs .... 

July 1, 1867 
Nov. 16, 1869 
June 14, 1873 

Without office Hon. J. C. Alkins Nov. 16,1869 

Date o* 

July 1, 1867 

July 1, 1867 

Nov. 30, 1867 

Oct. 9, 1869 

Feb. 22, 1873 



1. 1867 
9, 1869 

1, 1867 
1, 1873 

July 1. 1867 

Feb. 22, 1873 

July 1, 1867 

Nov. 16, 1869 

Oct. 25, 1871 


1, 1867 
1, 1873 

July 1, 1867 


1, 1867 
16. 1869 

2, 1872 
4, 1873 
1. 1873 

July 1, 1873 


1, 1867 

30. 1869 

16. 1S€9 

June 21. 1870 

July 2, 1872 

June 14, 1873 

July 1, 1867 

Nov. 16. 1869 

Jan. 30, 1873 


1. 1867 
9, 1869 

The Ministry resigned on 6th November, 1873. 


(November 7, 1873— October 16, 1878.) 

Offlce. • 


Date of 

Premier and Minister of 
Public Works 

Hon. Alexander Mackenzie 
















7, 1873 

Minister of Justice .-. 

Hon. A. Aime Dorion 

7, 1873 

Hon. Telesphore Foumier 

8, 1874 

Hon. Edward Blake 

19, 1875 

Minister of Finance 

Hon. Rodolphe Laflamme 

Hon. Sir Richard Cartwright 

8, 1827 
7, 1873 

Minister of Militia and De- 

Hon. Wm. Ross 

7, 1873 

Hon. Wm. B. Vail 

30, 1874 

Hon. A. Q. Jones 

21, 1878 

Minister of Customs 

Hon. Isaac Burpee 

7, 1873 

Minister of Agriculture .... 

Hon. L. Letellier de St. Just 

7, 1873 

Hon. C. A. P. Pelletier 

26, 1877 


IToD. Donald A. Macdonald 

7, 1873 

TTon. Telesphore Fournier 

19, 1875 

Hon. Lucius S. Huntington 

9, 1875 

Minister of Marine and 

Hon. Albert J. Smith 

7, 1873 

Minister of Inland Revenue. 

Hon. Telesphore Fournier 

7, 1873 

Hon. Felix Geoffrlon ... 

Hon. Rodolphe Laflamme 

8, 1874 

9, 1876 

Hon. Joseph Cauchon 

8, 1877 

Hon. Wilfrid Laurier 

8, 1877 

Minister of the Interior .... 

Hon. David Laird 1 

7, 1878 

Hon. David Mills 

24, 1876 

President of the Council .... 

Hon L. S. Huntington 

20, 1874 

Hon. Joseph Cauchon 

Hon. Edward Blake 

7, 1875 

8, 1877 


Hon. Thomas Coffin 

7, 1873 

Secretary of State 

Hon. David Christie 

7, 1873 

"Without offlce ................ 

Hon. R. W. Scott 

Hon. Edward Blake 

Hon. R. W. Scott 

9, 1874 
7, 1873 

7, 1873 

The Ministry resigned on the 16th October, 1878. 


(October 17, 1878-June 6, 1891.) 


Minister of Justice 

Minister of Finance 

Minister of Public Works. 

Minister of Railways and 

Minister of Militia and De- 

Minister of Customs 

Minister of Agriculture .... 


Minister of Marine and 

Minister of Inland Revenue. 
Minister of the Interior .... 

Piesldent of the Council.... 

Receiver-General . . 
Secretary of State, 

Without office 

Rt. Hon. Sir John Macdonald 

Hon. James McDonald 

Hon. Sir Alexander Campbell 

Hon< Sir John Thompson - 

Hon. Sir S. L. Tilley 

Oct. 17, 1878 

Oct. 17, 1878 

May 20, 1881 

Sept. 26. 1885 

Oct. 17, 1878 

Hon. A. W. McLelan Dec. 10.1886 

Jan. 27, 1887 

May 29, 1888 

Oct. 17, 1878 

May 20, 1879 

Hon. Sir Charles Tupper 

Hon. George E. Foster 

Hon. Sir Charles Tupper 

Hon. Sir Hector L. Langevin 

Hon. Sir Charles Tupper ...... 

Hon. J. H. Pope 

Rt. Hon. Sir John Macdonald 

Hon. L. F. R. Masson 

Hon. Sir Alexander Campbell 

Hon. Sir Adolphe Caron 

Hon. Mackenzie Bowell 

Hon. J. H. Pope 

Hon. John Carllng 

Hon. Sir Hector L. Langevin . 

Hon. Sir A. Campbell 

Hon. John O'Connor 

Hon. Sir A. Campbell 

Hon. John O'Connor 

Hon. John Carling 

Hon. Sir A. Campbell 

Hon. A. W. McLelan ... 

Hon. John Haggart 

May 20, 1879 
Sept. 26, 1886 
Nov. 28, 1889 
















19, 1878 

16. 18S0 
8, 1880 

19. 1878 

17, 1878 
26. 1886 

19, 1878 
20, 1879 

16. 3S80 
8, 1880 

20, 1881 
23. 1882 

< 25. 1885 

17. 1887. 
3, 1888 

Hon. J. C. Pope Oct. !•, 1878 

Hon. A. W. McLelan July 10,1882 

- - - ■ jy^Q 10, 1885 

May 31. 1888 

Oct. 26, 1878 

Not. 8, 18S0 

May 23, 1882 

Oct. 17, 1878 

17, 1883 

5, 1885 

3. 1888 

17, 1878 

Jan. 16. 1880 

Nov. 8, 1880 

May 20. 18S1 

Oct. 17, 18S3 

Nov. 28, 1889. 

8, 1878 

19, 1«78 

8, 1880 

Hon. G. E. Foster 

Hon. C. H. Tupper 

Hon. L. F. G. Baby 

Hen. J. C. Aikins 

Hon. John Costlgan 

Right Hon. Sir John Macdonald 

Hon. Sir D. L. Macpherson 

Hon. Thomas White 

Hon. Edgar Dewdney 

Hon. John O'Connor 

Hon. L. F. R. Masson 

Hon. Joseph A. Mousseau 

Hon. A. W. McLelan 

Right Hon. Sir John Macdonald 

Hon. C. C. Colby 

Hon. Sir A. Campbell 

Hon. J. C. Aikins 



The above Ministry was 
Macdonald, June 6, 1891. 

Hon. John O'Connor Nov 

Hen. Joseph A. Mousseau' May ?0i 1881 

' ' '"■ • July 29, 1882 

Nov. 8, 1878 

Feb. 11. 1880 

July 29. 188? 

May 13, 1887 

Hon. J. A. Chapleau 

Hon. R. D. Wilmot 

Hon. Sir David Macpherson 

Hon. Frank Smith 

Hon. J. J. C. Abbott 

dissolved by the death of the Premier, Sir John 



(June 16, 1891— December 5, 1892.) 



Date of 

Premier and President of 
the Council 

Minister of Public Works. 

Minister of Customs 

Minister of Militia 

Minister of Agriculture .... 
Minister of Inland Revenue. 
Secretary of State 

Minister of Justice 

Minister of Finance 

Minister of Marine and 

Minister of the Interior and 
Superintendent (General of 
Indian ACTairs 


Minister of Railways and 

Without office 

Hon. Sir J. J. C. Abbott 

Hon. Sir Hector Langevln 
Hon. Joseph A. Ouimet . 

Hon. Mackenzie Bowell .. 
Hen. Joseph A. Chapleau 

Hon. Sir Adolphe Caron . 
Hon. Mackenzie Bowell .. 

Hon. John Carllng 

Hon. John Costigan 

Hon. J. A. Chapleau 

Hon. James C. Patterson 

Hon. Sir John Thompson 

Hon. Geo. IB. Foster 

Hon. C. H. Tupper 

lion. Edgar Dewdney .... 
Hon. T. M. Daly 

Hon. J. Q. Haggart 

Hen. Sir Adolphe Caron .. 

Hon. J. G. Haggart 

Hon. Frank Smith 

June 16, 1891 








































When the above Ministry was formed the former Ministers retained their 
portfolios and were not re-appointed ; consequently the dates of their original 
appointments are repeated. 

Sir John Abbott resigned on the 5th December, 1892. 



(December 5, 1892— December 12, 1894.) 


Premier and Minister of 
Justice Hon. 

Minister of Trade and Com- 
merce Hon. 

Postmaster- Oeneral Hon. 

Secretary of State Hon. 

Minister of Finance Hen. 

Minister of Marine and 

Fisheries Hon. 

Minister of Railways and 

Canals Hon. 

Minister of Public Works. Hon. 

Minister of Militia Hon. 

Minister of the Interior and 
Superintendent General of 
Indian Affairs Hon. 

Minister of Agriculture .... Hon. 

President of the Council Hon. 

Without portfolio Hon. 

Without portfolio Hon. 

Not in the Cabinet. 

Solicitor-Oeneral Hon. 

Controller of Inland Rev- 
enue Hon. 

Controller of Customs ..... Hon. 


Sir John Thompson 

Mackenzie Bowell .. 
Sir Adolphe Caron . 

John Costigan 

G. B. Foster 

C. H. Tupper 

John G. Haggart . . . 

J. A. Ouimet ^.. 

J. C. Patterson , 

Thos. M. Daly 

A. R. Angers 

W. B. Ives 

Sir John Carling 

Sir Frank Smith ... 

John J. Curran 

John F. Wood 

N. Clarke Wallace . 

Date of 

Dec. 5, 1'59 

















































Some of the Ministers being continued In their then present positions, the 
dates of their original appointments are given. 

Rt. Hon. Sir John Thompson died suddenly on 12th December, 1894, in Wind- 
sor Castle, and the Ministry was thereby dissolved. 



December 21, 1894— April 27, 1896. 



Date of 



Premier and President of 
the Council Hon. 

Minister of Justice Hon. 

Minister of Trade and Com- 
merce ...• Hon. 

Pcstmaster-General He n. 

Secretary of State Hon. 



Sir Mackenzie Bowell 'Dec. 

C. H. Tupper Dec. 

W. B. Ives 

Sir A. P. Caron 

A. R. Dickey .... 
W. H. Montague 

Minister of Finance Hon. 

Minister of Marine and 

Fisheries Hon. 

Minister of Railways and: 

Canals Hon. 

G. B. Foster .. 

John Costlgan . 

J. G. Haggart 

Minister of Public Works. Hon. J. A. Ouimet 


Minister of Mllltla .*. Hon. J. C. Patterson 

,.. . Hon. A. R. Dickey .. 

Minister of the Interior and i 
Superintendent General of 

Indian Aftalrs Hon. 

Minister of Agriculture* ...Hon. 

Without portfolio Hon. 

Without portfolio Hon. 

Without portfolio Hon. 

Not In the Cabinet. 

Solicitor-General Hon. Jno. J. Curran 

Controller of Inland Rev- 
enue Hon. Jno. P. Wood . 

Hon. E. G. Prior ... 









Thos. M. Daly 

A. R. Angers 

Sir Frank Smith 

W. H. Montague i Dec. 

D. Ferguson Dec. 


21, 1894 

21, 1894 

21, 1S94 

26, 1892 

21, 1894 
26, 1895 

29, 1888 

21, 1994 

11, 1892 

11, 1892 

5, 1S92 
26, 1895 

17, 1892 
5, 1892 
29, 1882 
21, 1894 
21, 1S94 

Controller of Customs* 


Dec. 5, : 


N. Clarke Wallace jDec. 

Jno. F. Wood I Dec. 

5, 1892 
19, 1895 

5, 1892 
19, 1895 

•In July, 1895, Mr. Angers resigned, owing to a difCerence with his col- 
leagues with reference to the Manitoba School Question (Hansard, p. 4087). His 
place was not filled until January 15, 1896. Later in the same year (1895), Mr. 
Wallace resigned on the same question. Mr. Wood was transferred to the Cus- 
toms department, Hon. E. G. Prior being appointed Controller of Inland Rev- 
enue, December 19, 1895. 


(January 15, 1896.) 

On the 4th of January, 1896, seven members of the Cabinet resigned, and 
on the 15th January the Cabinet was filled up, Hon. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper 
remaining out and the following being sworn In : Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, 
Bart. ; Hon. Geo. E. Foster, Hon. J. G. Haggart, Hon. W. B. lyes, Hon. A. R. 
Dickey, Hon. W. H. .Montague, Hon. A. 1}finJnri1fiT Hon. J. F. Wood. Mr. 
Dickey took Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper's place as Minister of Justice, Mr. 
Montague became Minister of Agriculture, and Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., Sec- 
retary of State, and leader of the House of Commons. The Hon. A. Desjardins 
was sworn of the Privy Council and appointed Minister of Militia. Hon. 
Messrs. Foster, Haggart, Ives and Wood were re-appointed to the portfolios 
they held prior to January 4th. 

The Hon. John F. Wood, as Controller of Customs, and the Hon. E. G. 
Prior, as Controller of Inland Revenue, were sworn of the Privy Council and 
called to the Cabinet, December, 1895. 


(May 1, 1896-July 8, 1896.) 

The Hon. Sir Mackenzie Bowell resigned his position as Premier on the 
^7th of April, 1896, and the Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., G. C. M. G., C. B., 
was sent for by His Excellency and formed his Cabinet, May Ist, as follows :— 

Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., Premier and Secretary of State. \^ 

Hon. John Costigan, Minister of Marine and Fisheries, n 

Hon. G. E. Foster, Minister of Finance. "- 

Hon. J. G. Haggart, Minister of Railways and Canals. \- 

Hon. W. B. Ives, Minister of Trade and Commerce. 

Hon. A. R. Dickey, Minister of Justice. ^ 

Hon. W. H. Montague, Minister of Agriculture, v 

Hon. A. R. Angers, President of the Council. 

Hon. A. Desjardins, Minister of Public Works. 

Hon. H. J. Macdonald, Minister of the Interior, v 

Hon. L. O. TaiUon, Postmaster-General. 

Hon. D. Tisdale, Minister of Militia and Defence. 

Hon. J. F. Wood, Controller of Customs. 

Hon. E. G. Prior, Controller of Inland Revenue. 

Sir Frank Smith, without portfolio. 

Hon. D. Ferguson, without portfolio. 

Hon. J. J. Ross, without portfolio. 

Sir C. H. Tupper, Solicitor-(}eneral, not in Cabinet. - 

J he Gkneral Elections were held June 23, 1896, and the Premier, the Hon. 
81.' Charles Tupper, Bart., resigned, July 8, 1896. 



(July 13, 1896.) 


Premier and President of 
the Council 

Minister of Trade and Com- 

Minister of Justice 

Secretary of State 

Minister of Marine and 
Fisheries • 

Minister of Militia and De- 


Minister of Agriculture .... 

Minister of Finance 

Minister of Public Works. 

Minister of Railways and 


Minister of the Interior .... 

Without portfolio 

Without portfolio 

Not In the Cabinet. 

Controller of Customs 

Controller of Inland Rev- 



Date of 

Hon. Wilfrid Laurier 
















11, 1896 

Sir Richard Cartwriisht 

13, 1896 

Sir Oliver Mowat 

]3, 1896 

Hon. David Mills 

18, 1897 

Hon. R. W. Scott 

13, 1896 

Hon Louis H Davies 

18, 1896 

Hon. F. W. Borden 

13, 1896 

Hon. William Mulock 

13, 1896 

Hon S A Fisher 

13, 1896 

Hon. W. S. Fielding 

20. 1896 

Hon J I Tarte 

13, 1800 

Hon A. G- Blair 

20. 1896 

Hon ClifTord Sif ton 

17. 1896 

Hon. C. A. Gteoffrion 

21, 1896 

Hon R R Dobell 

21, 1896 

Hon. William Paterson 

13, 1896 

Sir Henri Jolv de Lotblnlere 

13, 1896 

Hon. Chas. FItzpatrick 

13. 1896 

The office of Controller having been abolished, Mr. Paterson and Sir Henri 
Joly de Lotblnlere were sworn of the Privy Council and called to the Cabinet 
June 30, 1S97. 


The Parliament of Canada consists of the Sovereign, the Senate, and the 
Hcuse of Commons. 


Her Majesty Victcrla, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India (in India, Kaisar- 
i-Hind), born at Kensington Palace, 24th May, 1819 ; succeeded to the Throne 
20th June, 1837, on the death of her imcle. King William IV. ; crowned 28th 
June, 1838. 


The Senate, as at present constituted, consists of 81 members, 24 each from 
Ontario and Quebec, ten each from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, four each 
from Prince Edward Island and Manitoba, three from British Columbia and 
two from the North-west Territories. 


The House of Commons, which is elected by the people for a maximum 
term of five years, consists of 213 members. 

The number is fixed under the provisions of the Act of Confederation and 
the representation is arranged after each decennial census, by Act of Parlia- 
ment, the basis being that the Province of Quebec is always to have 65 Repre- 
sentatives and each of the other provinces such a number as will give the 
same proportion of representatives to its population as the number 65 bears to 
the population of Quebec as ascertained by the census. British Columbia, by 
the terms of the agreement made between the Dominion and province prior to 
the union, is to have six members. 

The number of representatives and the population to each member are :— 

Number of Population to each 
Representatives. Member. 

Ontario 92 22,982 

Quebec 65 22,900 

Nova Scotia 20 22,520 

New Brunswick 14 22,947 

Prince Edward Island 5 21,815 

Manitoba 7 21,786 

British Columbia 6 16.269 

North-west Territories 4 16,700 

213 22,688 




l8t Parliament 

2nd Parliament 

8rd Parliament 


















2nd .. 















Date of 

Date of 

Nov. 6, 1807 May 22, 1868 

Apr. 16, 1869 June 22, 1869 

Feb. 15, 1870 May 12, 1870 

Feb. 15, 1871 Apr. 14, 1871 

Apr. U, 1872 June 14, 1872 

Mar. 5. 1873 
Oct. 23, 1873 

Mar. 26, 1874 
Feb. 4, 1875 
Feb. 10, 1876 
8, 1877 
7, 1878 



13, 1879 

12, 1880 

9, 1880 

9, 1882 

Feb. 8, 1888 

Jan. 17, 1884 

Jan. 29, 1885 

Feb. 25, 1886 

Aug. 13, 1873 

Nov. 7, 1873 

May 26, 1874 

Apr. 8, 1876 

Apr. 12, 1876 

Apr. 28, 1877 

May 10, 1878 

May 15, 1879 

May 7, 1880 

Mar. 21, 1881 

May 17, 1882 

May r», 1S83 

Apr. 19. 1884 

July 20, 1885 

June 2, 18^6 

Apr. 13, 1887 Juno 23, 1887 

Feb. 23, 1888 May 22. 1»>S3 

Jan. 31, 1S89 May 2. 1889 

Jan. 16, 1890 May 10, 1890 




















































1898 ' 




Date of 

July 8, 1872 

Jan. 2, 1874 

Aug. 17, 1878 

!• May 18, 


\ Jan. 15, 



Feb. 3, i^91 

Apr. 24. 1896 

•Adjourned from 21st December, 1867, to 12th March, 1868, to allow the Liocal 
Legislature to meet. 

••Adjourned 23rd May till 18th August. 


Tbe Senate of Canada is the creation of the B. N. A. Act, and consists of 
W members, divided as follows :— Ontario 24, Quebec 24, Nova Scotia 10, New 
Brunswick 10, Prince Edward Island 4, Manitoba 4, Northwest 2, British Col- 
umbia 3. The qualiflcations for appointment by the Crown are, a minimum age 
of 80, property qualification of |4,000 over and above all liabilities. 

Speaker— The Hon. Sir Alphonse Pelletier, K. C. M. G., P. C. 

Clerk— B. J. Langevin. 




P. O. Address. 

Adams, M 

Aikens, J. C 

Allan, G. W 

Alnoon, W. J 

Annand, J. F 

Baird, G. T 

Baker, G. B 

Bellerose, J. H. .. 

Bemler, T. A 

Bolduc, Jos 

Boulton, C. A I 

DeBoucherville, C. E. B, 
Bowell, Sir Mackenzie 
Carling, Sir John .... 

Casgrain, C. E 

Cl*»mow, P 

Cochrane, M. H 

Cox, G. A 

Dandurand, Raoul .... 

Dever, James 

Dickey. R. B 

Dobson, John 

Drummond, G. A 

Ferguson, Donald .... 

Piset, J. B. R 

Forget, L. J 

Gowan, J. R 

Hfngston, Sir William 

King, G. G 

Kirchhoffer, J. N 

Landry, A. C. P. R. . 

Lewin, J. D 

Lougheed, J. A 

Lovitt, John 

Macdonald. W. J 

Hacdonald, A. A 

Macfarlane. A 

Maclnnes, D 

MacKeen, David 

McCallum, L 

McDonald. William ... 

McKay. Thomas 

McKindsey, G. C 

McLaren, Peter 

McMillan. D 

Masson, L. F. R 

Memer, Samuel 

Miller, WillUm 

Northumberland . 



Jr. M., Halifax .. 
Repentigny ....... 



D6 Lanaudiere ... 

St. Boniface 










Bt Lorimier 

Sr. M., St John 




Que^i's, P. E. I... 








St. John 



Victoria, B. C. .. 
Charlottetown ... 



Cape Breton 


Cape Breton 





Mille Isles 



Newcastle, N. B. 

Toronto, O. 

Toronto, O. 

Halifax, N. S. 

Riviere des Prairies, Que. 

Perth Centre, N. B. 

Swectsburg, Que. 

St. Vincent de Paul, Que. 

St. Boniface, Man. 

St. Victor de Tring, Que. 


Boucherville, Que. 

Belleville, O. 

London, O. 

Windsor, O. 

Ottawa, O. 

Hillhurst, Que. 

Toronto, O. 

Montreal, Que. 

St. John, N. B. 

Amherst, N. S. 

Lindsay, O. 

Montreal, Que. 

Charlottetown, P.B.I. 

Rimouski, Que. 

Montreal, Que. 

Barrie, Ont. 

Montreal, Que. 

Chipman, N. B. 

Brandon, Man. 

Mastal. Que. 

SI. John, N. B. 

Calgary, N. W. T. 

Yarmouth, N. S. 

Victoria, B. C. 

Charlottetown, P. B. I. 

Wallace, N. S. 

Hamilton, O. 

Halifax, N. S. 

Stromnees, O. 

Little Glace Bay, N. S. 

Truro, N. S. 

Milton, O. 

Perth, O. 

Alexandria, O. 


New Hamburg, O. 

AHchat. N. S. 




Mills, D 

Montplasir, H 

O'Brien, James 

O'Donoghue, John 

Ogilvie, A. W 

Owens, William 

Paquet, J. A 

Pelletier, Sir Alphonse 

Perley, W. D 

Polrier, Pascal 

Power, L. G 

Price, B. J 

Primrose, C 

Prowse, Samuel 

Heesor, D 

Reid, James 

Ross, J. J 

Sanford, W. B 

Scott, R. W 

Smith, Sir Frank 

Snowball, J. B 

Sullivan, M 

Sutherland, John 

Temple, Thomas 

Templeman, William . . 

Thibaudeau, J. R 

Thibaudeau, A. A 

Vidal, A 

Villeneuve, J. O 

Wark, D 

Woodj J 








La Salle 




Sr. M., Halifax ... 



Kings, P. E. I 

Kings, O 


De la Durantaye . 

Hamilton .-. 


Toronto ., 



Kildonan .-. 

York, N. B 

New Westminster 

Regaud , 

De la Valliere 


De Salaberry 



P. O. Address 

Ottawa, O. 

Cap de la Madeleine, Que. 

Montreal, Que. 

Toronto, O. 

Montreal, Que. 

Montreal, Que. 



Wolseley, N. W. T. 

Shediac, N. B. 



Pictou, N. S. 

Murray Harbor, P. E. I. 

Toronto, O. 

Quesnelle, B. C. 

Ste. Anne de la Perade, Que 

Hamilton, O. 

OtUwa, O. 

Toronto, O. 

Chatham, N. B. 

Kingston, O. 

Winnipeg, Man. 

Predericton, N. B. 

Victoria, B. C. 

Montreal, Que. 

Montreal, Que. 

Sarnia, O. 

Montreal, Que. 

Predericton, N. B. 

Sackville, N. B. 


ADAMS, HON. MICHAEL, Q.C. (Northumberland, N.B.) Irish descent. E. 
in Newcastle, N.B.. Aug. 13, 1845. Ed. in Dcuglastown. M. (1st) in 1869, CaUier- 
ine L. Patterson, and (2nd) Nov. 29, 1882, Miss Nealis. Called to the Bar of N. 
B., Oct. 14, 1868, and appointed Q. C. Feb. 1891. Was Surveyor-General of N. B. 
and also a member of the Ex. Council from July, 1878, until February, 1882. 
Held a seat in Leg. Assembly of N. B. 1870-1874, also 1878-1887, when resigned 
to run for Ho. of Commons, but was defeated. El. to Ho. of Commons for 
Northumberland, N. B., 1891, and continued to sit until January, 1896, when 
called to the Senate. A CouEervative. 

AIKBNS, HON. JAMES COX (Home). Irish descent. B. in Peel, Ont., Mar. 
30, 1823. Ed. at Univ. of Victoria Coll., Cobourg. M., 1845, Miss M. E. J. Som- 
erset. Represented Peel in the Ho. of Assembly 1854-1861. Was member for the 
Home Division in Leg. Council from 1862 till the Union. Was Sec. of State 
from December, 1869, until November, 1873, the date that the Macdonald Gtov- 
emment resigned. Was reappointed Sec. of State, 1878, and Mln. of Inland 
Revenue, 1882. Called to Senate, May, 1867, and sat until May, 1882. Was 
Lieut. -Governor of Manitoba and Kecwatin, 1882-1888. Was reappointed to Sen- 
ate, January, 1896. A Liberal Conservative. 

ALLAN, HON. GEORGE WILLIAM, D.C.L.. P.C. (York), S. of late Hon. 
Win. Allan, and Leah Tyrer, his wife, d. of Dr. John Gamble. B. in Toronto, 


Jan. 9. 1822. Ed. at U. C, Coll. Called to the Bar, 1846. Served with the Bank 
Rifle Corps, Rebellion of 1837. Mayor of Toronto, 1865. Represented York in 
JaQSi. Council, 1858-1867. when called to Senate of Canada. Appointed Speaker of 
Senate, March 17, 1888, and held that office until 1891. Mem. Queen's Privy 
Council for Canada, May, 1891. Chancellor Trinity Univ., Toronto, 1877, and 
8till holds that office. D. C. L. Trinity Univ., 1877. Fellow Royal Geo. Soc., 
and of Zoological Soc, Eng. Has held many public positions, including Pres; 
Dom. Ass'n. for Better Observance of Lord's Day, Pres. U. C. Bible Soc,, aud 
Pre8. Ontario Soc. of Artists. M. (lEt) 1846, Louisa Maud, d. of Sir J. B. Rob- 
inson, B.. (she d.), and (2nd) Adelaide Harriett, third d. of the Rev. T. 
Scbrlcber. Ch. of Eng. A Conservative. 

ALMON, Wn^LIAM JOHNSON. S. of late Hon. W. Almon, M.D., and grand- 
son of Wm. James Almon, assistant surgeon of the Royal Artillery in New 
York in 1776. B. Jan. 27, 1816. Ed. at King's College, Windsor (B. A. 1834). 
Studied medicine in the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and graduated 
an M.D. at the latter in 1838. Is trustee of the N. S. Building Society, also 
Governor of King's College, Windsor, and Consulting Physician to the Halifax 
Hospital £nd Dispensary. M., 1840, Elizabeth Lichtenstein, d. of the late Judge 
Ritchie, of Annapolis, N. S. Has held the offices of President of Halifax Club 
and Surgeon of the Halifax Field Battery of Artillery. Was elected to the Ho. 
of Commons for Halifax County, 1872. Appointed to the Senate, April 15, 1879. 
A Conservative. 

ARMAND, LT.-COL. T. E. (Repentigny). Is of French dercent, his grand- 
father bein ga Royalist. B. at Rivieres des Prairies, Dec. 14, 1820. S. of Lt.-Col. 
Francois Armand and Marie Louise Vincent, his wife. Ed. at St. Hyacinthe 
Cell. M., 1555, Alphonsine, d. of the late Amable Simard, M. D. Is Lieut. -Col. 
of the 16th Batt. Montreal Militia. Sat for Alma division in the Leg. Council of 
Canada from 1859 until the time of the Union. Called to the Senate by Royal 
Proclamation, May, lS67. A Conservative. 

BAIRD, HON. GEORGE THOMAS (Victoria). S. of Qeo. Baird. Of Scotch 
descent. B. Nov. 3, 1847. Ed. at Carleton Co. Grammar School. M., Nov. 12, 
1879, Ida T., d. of Capt. D. W. Sadler, of St. John, N. B. Taught a Superior 
School and was also Postmaster, 1878-1882. El. to N. B. Leg., 1884 ; appointed 
to Leg. Council, April 11, 1891, and continued to sit in the Houde until its abo- 
lition. At g. e., 1892, was el. to Local House, where he sat until he was called 
to the Senate, June 19, 1895. A Conservative. 

BAKER, HON. GEORGE BARNARD, M.A., Q.C. Of U.E. Loyalist descent. 
B. at Dunham, P.Q., Jan. 26, 1824. Ed. at Bishop's CdU., Lennoxville. Was 
Solicitor-General for Quebec, 1876-1878. Sat in Ho. of Commons, 1870-1874, 1878- 
1887, and 1891-1896, when called to Senate. A Conservative. 

at Three Rivers, July 12,1820. S. of Michel H. Bellerose and of Genevieve Sophie 
Lemaitre de Lottinvllle. Ed. at Eng. and French sch. in Three Rivers, entering 
Nicolet Coll, 1834, and St. Hyacinthe Coll., 1837, graduating in 1842, and de- 
voting himself to the study of law. M., 1847, Henrietta, d. of Lt.-CoL Armand, 
sister of Senator Armand. Went Into business at St. Vincent do Paul. An un- 
successful candidate for Liaval, 1861. Connected with the volunteers since 1856, 
j&nd was promoted to the command of the 12th Batt., and in 1869 raised to the 
command of the 8th Military District. Held a captaincy in the 100th Royal 
Canadian regiment. Brigade Major 8th Military District, 1861. El. to Parlia- 
ment, g. e., 1868, for Laval. From that date to Confederation he was el. by 


accl. at each election, and after Confederation he was unanimously el. for both 
the Federal Parliament and the Quebec Assembly until 1875, when dual repre- 
sentation was abolished. Called to the Senate, Oct., 1873. Has been for several 
years V. P. of the Sovereign Fire Insurance Co., and was for some years Pres. 
of the Union Navigation Co. Was Mayor of his municipality, and J. P., and in 
many other wajrs prominently identified with the general interests of the coun- 
try. For many years Chairman of the Private Bills Committee of the Senate. 
A Conservative. 

BERNIER, HON. THOS. ALFRED (St. Boniface). S. of late Thos. Bemier, 
of Henryville, Que., and Julie Letoumeau. his wife. B. at Henryville, Aug. 16, 
1844. Ed. at the village school and at St. Hyaclnthe Coll. Studied law at St. 
Ilvacinthe. Called to the Bar, 1869. While a student contributed to the Cour- 
ricr de St. Hyacinthe. Went to St. John's, of Iberville, Que., where he prac- 
tised his profession and was District Crown Attorney. Removed to Manitoba in 
th<> spring of 1880. Apptd., 1881, a mem. of Commission to investigate working 
of law re Half-Breeds' lands. Apptd. Supt. of Education (Catholic section) 
18S1-189C, when office was abolished. During these years was Asst. Clerk of 
Leg. Assembly, mem. Ex. Committee Provl. Bd. of Agric, Chairman of East- 
ern Judicial District Bd. Registrar University of Manitoba, 1882-1898. First 
Mayor of St. Boniface ; re-elected five times. Author of a book on the climate 
and agricultural resources of Manitoba. Called to the Senate in the fall of 1892 
in place of the late Hon. Mr. Girard. M., Aug-^IB, 1871, Julie Malvina, d. of 
the late A. J. Demers, of Henryville, Que., merchant. A Conservative^ 

EOLDUC, HON. JOSEPH (Lauzon). S. of Capt. A. Bolduc, a descendant of 
Louis Dolduc, who came to Canada in 166S as the Procureur du Roi. B. at St. 
Francois de la Beauce, June 22, 1847. Ed. at Ste. Marie Coll. and at Laval Uni. 
M.. Oct.. 1873, M. G. 'A. Mathleu, at St. Francois. A lumber merchant and a 
notary by profession. Has been Warden of the Co. of Beauce ; also Pres. of the 
School Trustees, Dlr. of the Co. Agric. Assoc, and of the Levis and Kennebec 
Ky. Has been successful in the promoting of the Tring & Megantic Ry. Re- 
presented Beauce in the Ho. of Commons, 1876-1884, when called to the Senate. 
A Conservative. 

BOULTON, LT.-COL. HON. CHARLES ARKEL (Marquette). S. of Col. 
D'Arcy Boulton, of 4th Reg. P. of W. Can. Dragoons, and his wife, Ehnily Heath, 
d. of Brig. -Gen. Heath, of East India Co.'s service. B. at Cobourg, nt., Apr. 17, 
1811. Ed. U. C. Coll., Toronto. A farmer. Was an offlceer of H. M. 100th 
Regiment, 1S58-1868, ai^ Major of the 46th Batt. East Durham, 1868-1881. Held 
the offices of Reeve of Lakefleld, Ont., Warden of the County of Russell, Man., 
and Registrar of United Counties of Shoal Lake and Russell. Was candidate in 
Marquette, Man., in 1887, but was defeated. Accompanied the surveying party 
under Surveyor-General Dennis to the Northwest in 1869. Was present in Sel- 
kirk settlement during troubles of 1869-1870, and was imprisoned with the party 
In Fort Garry. Feb. 19, 1870. Was imprisoned and sentenced to be shot, but re- 
prieved at the solicitation of Sir Donald A. Smith and Archdeacon McLean, and 
was released March 20 with the rest of the prisoners after the arrival of Arch- 
bishop Tache. Commanded Boulton's Scouts during the Rebellion of 1885, in the 
Northwest Field Force, under General Sir Fred. Middleton. Was one of the 
Military Contingent which represented Canada at the Diamond Jubilee of Queen 
Victoria. Called to Senate Dec. 10, 1889. A Liberal Conservative and Free 


(MontarvlUe). Dee. from Lt.Gen. Pierre Boucher, Sieur de Grosbois, who be- 
came Gov. of Three Rivere, 1653. S. of late Hon. P. V. De Boucherville, M.L.C., 
and Amelie de Bleury. B. at Boucherville, e Que., May 4, 1822. Ed. at St Sulpice 
Col)., Montreal, and grad. M. D. at Paris, 1843. El. to Canadian Assembly for 
Chambly, 1S6J, and sat in Assembly until Confederation, when called to Iteg, 
Council, an dcntercd Chauveau Admn. as Speaker of Council. Retired 
with M. Chauveau, 1S73, Became Premier of Quebec, Sept., 1874. Dismissed, 
with his colleagues, by the Lt.-Gov., March, LS7S. Called to Senate of Canada^ 
187&. Was made a C. M. G. May, 1894. Called on by Lieut.-Gov. Angers, he 
formed a Ministry after the dismissal of Premier Mercier, Dec. 21, 1891. Re- 
signed Dec. 16, 1892. Continues to sit in Leg. Council as well as in Senate. 
M. (1st) Susanne, d. of the late R. M. Morrough, Montreal. (She d.) and (2nd), 
d. of the late Felix Luseier, Seigneur of Varennes, (she d. Jan., 1892.) A Con- 

BOWBLL, LT.-COL., HON. SIR MACKENZIE, K.C.M.G. (Hastings). S. of 
the late John Bowell, carpenter and builder. B. at Ricklnghall, Suffolk, Eng., 
Dee. 27, 1828. Came to Canada with his parents when ten years of age. En-^ 
tered a printing office as apprentice, in 1834, and in 1896 resumed his connection 
with the newspaper press as editor of the Belleville " Intelligencer." Assisted 
in 1857 in raising a rifle company. Served on the frontier during the Fenian 
troubles of 1866. Was captain of No. 1 Co., 15th Batt., and subsequently Major 
in the 49th., finally obtaining the rank of Lt.-Col. Has been Chairman Bd. of 
School Trustees, Belleville ; Grand Master Orange Grand Lodge of Ontario East, 
and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British America. An unsuccessful 
candidate In N. Hastings for Can. Assembly, g. e., 1863. El. to Ho. of Com- 
mons for N. Hastings, g. e., 1867, and sat continuously until called to Senate 
of Canada. Dec. 5, 1892. Entered the Macdonald Admn. as Minister of Customs, 
Oct. 19, 1878. Was Minister of Militia in the Abbott Admn., Jan. 25, 1892, and 
Minister of Trade and Commerce in the Thompson Admn., Dec. 5, 1892, until 
the death of Sir John Thompson, Dec. 12, 1894, when called on by Gov.-Gen. to 
form a Ministry which he succeeded in doing Dec. 21, 1894. Reconstructed 
Ministry Jan. 15, 1896. Resigned, April 27, 1896. Was leader of Senate from 
1893 till 18f6. As Minister cf Trade tnd Commerce, went to Australia, 1S93, for 
purpose of devf loping trade between the two countries. Submitted a report on 
his return. Was Chairman of the Ottawa Colonial Conference, June, 1894. 
Created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, Jan. 
1, 1895. Was one of the delegates to England to attend meeting on behalf of 
Canada called to consider the Pacific cable project. Is Pres. of the Hastings 
Loan and Investraett Co. M., Dec, 1857, Harriet Louisa, d. of the late Jacob 
G. Moore, of Belleville (she d. 1884.) A Conrervative. 

CARLING, HON. SIR JOHN, K.C.M.O., P.C. (London). S. of late Thos. 
Carling, a native of Yorkshire, Eng., who came to Canada in 1818, and settled 
in Middlesex. Ont. B. in Tp. of London, Middlesex, Ont.. Jan. 23, 1828. Ed. 
there. Sat in the old Can. Leg. from 1867 to 1867. Was Receiver-CJeneral In the 
(3artier-Macdonald Government, 1862. At Confederation was el. for London to 
Ho. of Commons, and also to Ontario Leg. Was Commissioner of Agriculture 
and Pub'tc Works In Sandfield Macdonald Government from July, 1867, until 
Dec, 1871. Again el. at g. e., 1872. but defeated at g. e., 1874. Again el. for 
London at g. e., 1S78. Entered Sir John Macdonald's Admn. as Postmaster- 
General, May 28, 1882. Again returned for London at g. e., June 20, 1882. Be- 
came Minister of Agriculture in the Macdonald Admn., Sept. 25, 1885. An un- 


fiuccessful candidate for London at g. e., 1891. Appointed to the Senate, April 
27, 1891. Resigned in Feb., 1892, to contest bye-election in London for Ho. of 
Commons, and was declared elected. Ceased to be Minister of Agriculture on 
the dissolution of the Abbott Ministry, Dec. 5, 1892. Became member of Sir 
John Thompson's Cabinet, without portfolio, Dec. 5, 1892. Again called to the 
Senate, April 23, 1896. Created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael 
and St. George, June 3, 1893. Was Hon. Commissioner for Canada at the 
World's Pair, Chicago, 1893. In March, 1893, the Standing Committee on Agri- 
culture of the Ho. of Commons adopted a resolution recording Its appreciation 
of the services rendered by him to the agricultural interests of the Dominion. 
M. Anna, d. of the late Henry Dalton, London, Ont. A Methodist. A Conser- 

CASGRAIN, HON. CHARLES EUSEBE, CM., M.D. (Windsor). Des. from 
old and distinguished French ancestry. S. of late Hon. Chas. E. Casgrain and 
his wi:e, Anne Elizabeth, d. of late Hon. Jas. Baby. Ed. at Coll. of Ste. Anne's, 
Quebec, afterwards taking medical course at McGill Univ., Montreal, where 
grad. in 1851 as Master of Surgery and Doctor of Medicine. Practised in De- 
troit until 1856, when he removed to Windsor. Shortly afterwards was appoint- 
ed Coroner and Jail Surgeon for Co. of Essex. Capt. of the Sandwich Co. of 
Ess3x Batt.. and subsequently surgeon to troops at Windsor during Fenian raids 
of 1861- 1S64. Was three years mem. of the Mun Council, and eighteen years 
mem. of the Bd. of Ed. Called to the Ssnate, 1887. In 1883 was created a 
Knight of the Order of th3 Holy Sepulchre. M. (lat) In 1851, Charlotte Mary 
Chase, d. of Thomas Chase, of Detroit, Mich., formerly of Quebec (she d.) (2nd) 
Mary Ann Dougall, d. of R. P. Street, formerly of Hamilton, Ont. A Conser- 

CLEMOW, HON. FRANCIS (Rideau). S. of Capt. John Clemow, of H.M. 41st 
Regiment. B. May, 1821. Ed. at U. C. Coll., Toronto, and In 1840 settled in Ot- 
tawa. M., 1847, Margaret, d. of late Col. Powell, of H.M. 101st Reg. A DIr. of 
the Ottawa Electric Co. and Ottawa Gas Co. Was a member of the Ottawa City 
Council two years. For 25 years has been Chairman of Ottawa Colleg. Institute. 
Was Grand Master of Orangemen of Carleton Co. eight years, and in 1892 was 
Chairman of Committee of the Whole in Senate on Bill to codify Criminal Laws 
of Canada. Called to the Senate, Feb. 3, 1885. A Conservative. 

COCHRANE, MATTHEW HENRY (Wellington). Irish des., the family hav- 
ing come from the North of Irel., and is s. of James Cochrane, a Quebec mer- 
chant. B. at Compton, Nov. 11, 1823. Is extensively engaged as a cattle Im- 
portei and breeder. Was formerly member of the firm of Cochrane, Cassils & 
Co., of Montreal. Is trustee of the Lennoxvllle Univ., Dir. of the Eastern 
Townships Bank, and of the Waterloo and Magog Ry. Co., Pres. of the Coch- 
rane Ranch Co., the Brit. Amer. Ranch Co., and the BIgelow Heel Co. Apptd. 
to the Senate, October, 1872. A Conservative. 

COX, HON. GEORGE ALBBRTUS (Saugeen). Bng. parentage. S. of Edward 
W. Cox and his second wife, Jane Tanner. B. in Colborne, Northumberland 
Co., Ont., May 7, 1840. Ed. at public and grammar schools there. In 1856 was 
appointed operator for the Montreal Telegraph Co. at Colborne, and in 1858 re- 
moved to Peterborough to take a similar position with that Co. M., May, 1862, 
second d. of late Daniel Hopkins, of Peterborough. From 1858 until 1871 he was 
ctlvely engaged In life and fire Insurance and real estate business In Peter- 
-*ough, and In the latter year was appointed Pres. and (General Man. of Mid- 
' Ry, which position he retained until the road became part of the O. T. R. 


in lSSt4. Is at present time Pres. of the following institutions : Can. Bank of 
Commerce, Central Can. Loan & Savings Co., Western Ass. Co., British Amer. 
Ase. Co., and is also a Dir. of the Can. Life Ass. Co., Toronto Gen. Trusts Co., 
Can. General Elec. Co. Is also Vice-Pres. of Qnt. Prohib. Alliance and bursar 
of Toronto Univ. Was Mayor of Peterborough several years. In 1871 was el. 
tdT West Peterborough in Ho. of Commons, but el. being declared void, a new 
one was held and he was defeated by a majority of one. Ran unsuccessfully 
for same riding, g. e., 1S87. Called to Senate Nov., 1896. A Methodist. A 

DANDURAND, HON. RAOUL, B.C.L. (De Lorimer). S. of late Edipe Dan- 
durand, merchant. Montreal. B. in Montreal, Nov. 4, 1861. Ed. at Montreal 
Coll. and Laval Univ. Received legal training in ofl^e of his cousin, late Jos. 
Doutre, Q.C. Is head of teh law firm of Dandurand, Bradeur & Boyer. At last 
four g. e.'s was chief organizer of Lib. party in district of Montreal. Has been 
Pres. of the Club National, and in 1891, for services rendered France, was 
created a Knight of the Legion of Honor. In conjunction with Charles Lanctot, 
is author cf a " Treatise on Criminal Law," and a " Manual for Justices of 
the Peace. M., 1886, Josephine Marchand, d. of present Premier of Quebec. 
Called to the Senate, Jan. 21, 1898. Madame Dandurand is an authoress of some 
repute, a laureate of the Royal Society and Vice-Pres. of the National Council 
of Women. She was appointed, in May, 1898, by the French Govt., for her lit- 
erary attainments, " Offlcier d'Academie," being the first Canadian woman 
thus honored. The De Lorimer division was called after one of the leaders of 
the rebellion of 1837-1838, who was executed at the same time as Duquette, who 
came from that division, and Mr. Dandurand's family is closely allied to both. 
A Liberal. 

DEVER, HON. JAMES (St. John, N.B.) B. at Ballyshannoh, Irel., May 2, 
lS2o. Came to Canada with parents and settled at St John, N.B. Ed. and en- 
gaged in business there, and became possessed of property. Appointed to the 
Senate of Canada, March 14, 1868. M. Margaret, d. of Daniel Morris, of Lan- 
caster, N. B., Nov. 25, 1S53. There was Issue of this marriage nine children. 
This name, Dover, first appeared In Great Britain with William the Conqueror. 
The great-grandfather of the present subject was Paul Eugene Dever, a retired 
army officer, mixed up in the Irish troubles of his time. He was drowned in 
the river Erne, near Ballyshannon, leaving an only child, Paul, who was ed- 
ucated for the church, but married a niece of Sir Anthony Cohen, of Higgins- 
town. There was only one child, James, by this marriage, who married a d. of 
Daniel Gallagher and Margaret O'Donnell, of Tjrrconnell, Ireland. They were 
the parents of the present Senator. A Liberal. 

DICKEY. HON. ROBERT BARRY. Q.C. (Amherst). S. of late Robert Mc- 
Gowan Dickey, and his wife, Eleanor Chapman. B. at Amherst, N. S., Nov. 10, 
1811. Ed. at Truro Grammar School and Windsor Acad., N. S. Called to the 
Bar, 1834. Judge of Probate for Cumberland Co. and Q. C, 1863. Mem. Leg. 
Council, N. S., 1858-1867, when called to Senate of Canada. Was delegate from 
Govt, of N. S. to Colonial Office, London, respecting I. C. R., 1858,^ and also 
1865. Delegate to Charlottetown and Quebec Confederation Conferences. De- 
clined to subscribe to Quebec resolutions on financial grounds, but afterwards 
voted in Log. for Confederation. M., Oct.. 1844, Mary Blair, d. of the late Hon. 
Alexander Stewart, C. B.. Halifax. (She d. April, 1895). Church of England. 
A Conservative. 

DOBSON, HON. JOHN (Lindsay). S. of John Dobson and Mary Henry, his 
wife. B. in Co. Fermanagh, Irel., Sept. 8, 1824. Ed. at public schools. Aft^ 
residing In Toronto for a few years removed to Lindsay. El. Mayor of Lind- 


say by accl., 1873, and also Pres. of the Board of Trade. Has been Pres. of tlie 
S. Victoria Agric. Soc, and "Chairman of the School Bd seyeral years. Was 
also Pres. of the S. Victoria Conservatire Assoc, for oyer 26 years. Called to 
Senate, Feb. 23, 1S92. A Consenrative. 

DRUMMOND, HON. GEO. A. (Kennebec). B. at Bdinburgh, Scot., 1829. Ed. 
at famous High Sch. and equally famous Univ. of that city. Came to Montreal^ 
1854. M. (Ist) d. of late John Redpath. (She died.) (2nd) Grace Julia Hamilton, 
d. of late A. Davidson Parker. Is not at present in business, but Is extensively 
interested in a large number of important financial and commercial institutions 
&nd manufacturing and mining companies. Is Vice-Pres. Bank of Montreal, 
Pres. of Art Association of Montreal. Is also an ex-Pres. of the Bd. of Trade. 
Called to Senate, Dec. 1, 1888.. A Conservative. 

FERGUSON, HON. DONALD, P.C. (Queen's). Scotch descent. B. at East 
River, P. E. I., 1839. Mainly self ed. Takes a lively interest in agricultural 
pursuits. M., 1S73, Elizabeth, d. of John Scott, of Charlottetown. A J. P. since 
1871. Was Collector of Inland Rev. for Charlottetown, 1878. El. to Leg., P.E.I., 
187S, and again in 1879., when he became Commr. of Public Works. Became 
Commr. of Public Lands and Prov. Secy, in 1880, and held these offices till 
1S90. Resigned from Prov. Leg. and Govt., and was unsuccessful candidate for 
Ho. of Commons. 1891. Called to the Senate, 1898. Accepted seat without port- 
folio in Bowell Govt., Dec, 1894 ; also in the Tupper Ministry, May 1, 189€. 
Resigned with the Ministry, July 8, 189€. A Conservative. 

FISET, HON. JEAN BAPTISTB ROMUALD, M.D. (Rimouski). S. of late 
Henri Flset, of St. Cuthbert. B. at St. Cuthbert, Feb. 7, 1843. Ed. at Montreal 
Coll. and Laval Univ., Quebec (.M.D. 1868). M. Almee, d. of late Honore Plamon- 
don, of Quebec. Is a Governor of the Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons of Que- 
bec, and has been Councillor and subsequently Mayor of Rimouski. Was ap- 
pointed Surgeon of 89th Batt., Rimouski, in 1871, and in September, 1895, was 
elevated to rank of Surgeon-Major. In 1872 el. to Ho. of Commons for Ri- 
mouski, and sat until 1882, when defeated. Defeated in g. e. 1891, but re-elected 
g. e. 1896. Called to Senate, Oct. 20, 1897. A Liberal. 

FORGET, HON. LOUIS J. (Sorel). Ances. originally came to Canada from 
Normand, France, about 1600. B. at Terbonne, Mar. 11, 1853. Ed. at Masson 
Coll. M., May 2, 1S70, Marie Raymond, Montreal. Is in business as banker and 
stock broker. Is also Pres. of the Street Ry. Co., the Richelieu & Ontario Nav. 
Co., and Montreal Stock Exchange, and holds office of Vice-Pres. of the Board 
of Governors of Laval Univ. Called to Senate, June, 1896. A Conservative. 

GOWAN, HON. JAMES ROBERT, LL.D., Q.C., C.M.G. (Barrie). S. of late 
Henry Hatton Oowan, and Elizabeth Burkitt, his wife. B. at Cahore, Wexford 
Co., Irel., Dec. 22, 1815. Came to Canada, 1832, and served as a volunteer in the 
rel>ellion of 1837. Apptd. Lieut. 4th North York Regiment of Militia, 1838. Called 
to the Bar. 1839. County Judge of Simcoe, 1843. Retired Nov., 1883. C!alled to 
the Senate, Jan., 1885. Has acted as referee and investigating commissioner in 
many important matters, and has been several times Conmir. for the Consoli- 
dation of the Statutes. Was Chairman of the Bd. of Judges in Ontario, 1869- 
1S88. In 1865 he founded th? first Law Periodical In U. C. Called to the Irish 
Bar, 1893, and made C. M. G. same year. Is an LL. D. of Queen's Univ., a Fel- 
low of the Imp. Institute and a dir. of several companies. One of the oldest 
Free Masons In Canada. M., 1853, Anna, d. of Rev. S. B. Ardagh, formerly 
"ictor of Barrie. A Conservative. . 


of late Lieut. -Col. HinCBton, formerly of H. M. 100th. Regiment, who afterwards 
commanded the militia of the Diet, of Beauhamois. B. in Huntingdon Co:» 
June 29, 1S29. Bd. at Montreal Ck>ll., and studied medicine at McOill Univ., 
graduating at latter in 1851 ; then studied in Edinburgh, where he took his sur- 
geon's diploma as L. R. C. S. E. He subsequently received diplomas from the 
highest stflentlflc bodies in Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, France, England and the 
United States. Is D. C. L. of Lennoxville Univ., and LL. D. of Victoria Univ, 
Began practice in Montreal in 3853, devoting his time chiefly to surgery. Has 
held of&ces of Pres. of the Can. Med. Assoc, the Coll. of Physicians and Sur- 
geons of Quebec, several times of Medico-Ohirurgical Soc. of Montreal, and has 
been Vice-Pres. of the British Assoc, for the Advancement of Science. Was 
Mayor of Montreal during 1876 and 1877. During his Mayoralty organized Local 
and Provinicial Boards of Health. Has long been Director, now Pres., of Mont- 
real City and District Savings Bank. M., in 1876, Margaret Josephine, d. of 
late Hon. D. A. Macdonald, then Lieut. -Gov. of Ontario. Was knighted by H. 
M., May, 1895, for distinguished services to Medical Science. An unsuccessful 
candidate in bye-election, 1895, Montreal Centre. Defeated by Hon. James Mc- 
Shane. Called to Senate, January 2, 1896. A Liberal- Conservative. 

KINO, HON. GBORQE GERALD (Queen's). S. of Malcolm King, of Fintry, 
Scotland, and Elizabeth Hickson, of Miltown. Irel., his wife. Ed. at Springfield. 
M., Oct. 23, IS 60, Esther, d. of Ebenezer Briggs, a lumber merchant. Was 
Warden of Queen's Co. in 1877. Sat in Ho. of Commons, 1878-1886. At last el. 
mentioned he received a majority of the votes, but lost his seat through the 
action of the Returning Officer. Re-elected at g. e., 1891 and 18%. Resigned in 
same year and was called to Senate, Dec, 1896. A Liberal. 

KIRCHHOFFER, HON. JOHN NESBITT (Selkirk). S. of Rev. Richard B. 
Kirchhofter, Rector of Ballyromney Parish, Co. Cork, Irel. B. at Ballyromney, 
Irel., May 5, 1S48. Ed. at Marlborough Coll., and came to Can., 1854. Took part 
In Fenian Raid troubles, 1866, being Ensign and subsequently Capt. in Port 
Hope (46th) Batt. Called to the Bar, Oct., 1871, and practised law in Port 
Hope. M., (1st) Ada, d. of late Dr. Wm. Smith, of Port Hope, and (2nd) Clara, 
d. of late Rev. J. B. Howard. Moved to Manitoba, 1883, and was called to the 
Bar there, 1884. Founded and successfully completed the Plum Creek settlement. 
Was succesEively Reeve and Mayor of Souris, and a member of the Western 
Judicial Beard, of which he subsequently became Chairman. Sat in Leg. As- 
sembly of Man, 1886-1888. Called to Senate, Dec. 16, 1892. Was Chairman of the 
Senate Divorce Committee, 1895 and 1896, and of the Senate Contingent Com- 
mittee in 1897. A Conservative 

cora\ S. of Itte Dr. J. E. Landry, of Quebec, and Caroline Lelievre, his wife. 
Ed. at Sem. of Quebec and St. Anne's Agile. Coll. A B.A. at the Sem. of 
Quebec. M., Oct. 6, 1S68, Wilhelmlna, d. of late Etienne Couture, of St. Ger- 
vais. A gentleman farmer. Is Lieut. -Col. of the 6l8t Batt. of Montmagny and 
L'Iclet, and A. D. C. to His Excellency the Governor-General. Is Mayor of 
Limoilou ; Pres. of the Council of Agric. of Quebec ; Knight Commander of the 
Order of St. Gregory the Great, and Knight Commander of the Military Order 
of the Holy Sepulchre ; a member of the Bibliographical So. of Paris. Was 
one of the Commissioners of the Province of Quebec to the Chicago Exhibition. 
First el. to Quebec Leg. Assembly for Montmagny at g. e., 1875. El. H6. of 
Commons, g. e., 1878 and 1882. Called to Senate, Feb. 23, 1892. A Conservative. 


LEWIN, HON. JAMES D. (St. John). Of Bng. parentage. B. April 1, 1812, 
at Womaston, Radnor Co., Wales. Ed. at Kingston Grammar School. A Jus- 
tice of the Peace for St. John City and Co. Has been Pres. of the Bank of New 
Brunswick for 41 years. Called to Senate, Nov. 10, 1876. A Liberal. 

LOUGHEED, HON. JAMES A., Q.C. (Calgary). B. in Brampton. Ont., Sept. 
1, 1854, but resided In Toronto until 1882. M.. Sept., 1884, eld. d. of late WilUam 
Hardisty, Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay Co. Practised law first in To- 
ronto and later in Calgary, N. W. T. Called to Senate, 1889. A Liberal-Con- 

LOVITT, HON. JOSEPH (Yarmouth). Parents both b. Yarmouth. Eld. s. of 
late John W. Ix>vitt. B. Yarmouth, Oct. », 1832. Ed. at Yarmouth. M., Jan. 
26, 1860, Elizabeth, second d. of late Robert Guest. Is a director of the Bank of 
Yarmouth. Sat in N. S. Ho. of Assembly for Yarmouth from g. e., 1874-1878, 
when was not a candidate. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e. 1887. Unseated 
Nov., 1887, but re-elected same year and sat until g. e., 1891, when was not a 
candidate. Called to Senate December, 1896. A Liberal. 

MACDONALD, HON. WILLIAM JOHN (Victoria,B.C.) B. In Invemessshire, 
Scot., Nov. 29, 1832, and ed. there. M. Catherine Balfour, d. of Capt. Jas. Murray 
Reid, of London, Bng. Bl. Mayor of Victoria, B. C, on two occasions. El. to 
Leg. Assembly of Vancouver Island. Called to the Leg. Council on the union of 
British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Called to Senate on British Columbia 
entering the federation of the North American provinces. Has helped organize 
and inaugurate the non-sectarian public school system. A Liberal-Conservative. 

MACDONALD, ANDREW ARCHIBALD (Charlottctown). Eld. s. Hugh and 
Cathv^rine Macdonald, who came from Arisalg, Scot., in 1806, to P.E.I. B. at 
Three Rivers, P.E.I. , Feb. 14, 1829. Ed. at the Co. High Sch. and by private 
tutor. M., 1863, Elizabeth, d. of Thos. Owen. In early life carried on a general 
business at Georgetown, P. E. I., and later was engaged in shipbuilding. Sat 
in Local Ho. of Assembly, 1853-18C0. On the Leg. Council becoming elective, he 
was chosen for King's South, which he represented 1863-1873, when chosen pro- 
vincial Postmaster-General. Was a member of the Ex. Council from 1867 till 
a change of govt, in 1871, and again, when the party returned to power, from 
1872 till the following year, when the Island Joined the Dominion. For several 
years leader of his party in the Leg. Council. A delegate to the Charlottetown 
Conference which first discussed the question of Confederation. Later he was a 
delegate to the Quebec Conference which formulated the scheme of Confedera- 
tion. Was a delegate to the International Conference at Portland, U. S., 1868 ; 
member of the Prov. Bd. of Ed., 1867-1870, and of the City School Bd for sev- 
eral years subsequently. Public Trustee under the Prov. Land Purchase Act. 
Was Postmaster at Charlottetown and acting P. O. Inspector for the Province 
from 1873 to 1884, when he was appointed Lt.-Gov. of P. E. I., which oflBce he 
held till Sept. 2, 1889. Called to the Senate May 11, 1891. A Liberal -Conser- 

MACFARLANE, HON. ALEXANDER (Wallace). Scottish des., being s. of 
Hon. Donald Macfarlane. B. at Wallace, N. S., June 17, 1818. Called to the 
Bar of N. S., Dec., 1844, and appointed Q. C. June, 1867. M. Anne, d. of Amos 
Seaman, of Minudie, N. S. Represented Cumberland in the N. S. Assembly 
from 1856 until the time of the Union. Is Pres. of the Spring Hill Mining Co., 
and is a Surrogate of Vice-Admiralty. Was one of the delegates from N. S. to 
the Colonial Conference in London to complete the terms of the Union in 1868 
and 1867. Was a member of the Ex. Council of N. S. from 1865 until the Union, 


and holds rank and precedence as euch by patent from the Queen. Appointed to 
Senate Oct. 10, 1870. A Conservative. 

MACINNES, HON. DONALD (Burlington). S. of late Duncan Maclnnes, who 
came from the Highlands to Canada in 1840. B. at Oban» Argyleshire, Scot., 
May 26, 1824. M.. April 30, 1863, Mary Amelia, fourth d. of late Hon. Sir J. B. 
Robinson, Bart. Was for several years one of the leading merchants in Canada. 
Has been Pres. of the Bank of Hamilton and of the Canada Cotton Co. of 
Oomwall, and also of the South Saskatchewan Valley Ry. Co., and also a Dir. 
of the Canada Life Ass. Co. Was Chairman of the Royal Commission appointed 
June 16, 1800, to enquire into the organization of the Civil Service of Canada. 
The recommendations for the reform of the service contained in the report of 
the Commissioners were embodied in an Act of Parliament, and is the Act un- 
der which the service is now administered. Called to the Senate, Dec. 24, 1881. 
A Liberal -Conservative. 

MACKEEN, PION. DAVID (Cape Breton). Ances. emigrated to Canada from 
Irel. and Scot. S. of late Hon. Wm. MucKean, M.L.C., N.S. B. at Makon, 
N. S., Sept. 20, 1339. Was Treas and Agent of the Caledonia Coal and Ry. Co., 
also Resident Man. of Dominion Coal Co. during the first years of its opera- 
tions in Cape Breton. M. (1st) Isabel, d. of late Henry Poole, of Derby, Bng., 
(she died), r2nd) in 1877, Frances M., d. of late Wm. Lawson, of Halifax ; (she 
died) (3rd) in 1888, Janie K., d. of late John Crerar, of Halifax. Has held sev- 
eral public offices, such as U. S. Consular Agent, Sub-Collector of Customs, 
Municipal Councillor and Warden of Cape Breton. El. to Ho. of Commons, 1887, 
and 1891, and held his seat until his resignation in Jan., 1896. Called to Sen- 
ate, Feb. 21, 1896. A Conservative. 

M'CALLUM, HON. LACHLAN (Monck). B. in the Island of Tiree, Argyle- 
Bhire. Scot, Mar. 15, 1823, and came to Can. 1842. M., 1854, Priscilla Dawson 
Thewlis. A contractor shipbuilder, and shipowner. Was Reeve of the United 
Townships of Sherbrooke and Moulton ; Capt. of Dunville Naval Co., which 
force he commanded at Fort Erie at the time of the Fenian Raid, in June, 1866. 
Sat in Ho. of Commons from g. e. 1867 until g. e. 1872, when defeated. Sat 
1871-1872 in Leg. Assembly of Ontario. Was re-elected to Ho. of Commons, g.e. 
1874. and unseated May 12. 1875 ; re-elected June 22, 1875, and sat until 1887. 
Called to Senate, Feb. 4, 1887. A Liberal-Conservative. 

M'DONALD, HON. WILLIAM (Cape Breton). ScotUsh descent. S. of Allan 
McDonald, ^bo emigrated from South Uist, Inverness-shire, Scot., in the early 
part of the century, and his wife, Mary, d. of William McDonald, of Stollegarry, 
Barra. Scot., and still living in 92nd year. Bd. at St. Francois Xavier Coll., 
Antigonish, N. S. Has held several Municipal, Provincial and Federal offices. 
First el. to Ho. of Commons, 1872. Was for several years Chairman of the dom- 
mittee on Immigration and Colonization. Called to Senate, 1884. M., 1866, Cath- 
erine, d. of late Donald McDonald. Sydney Forks. A Conservative. 

M'KAY, HON. THOMAS (Truro). Scotch descent. S. of late Wm. McKay, 
who emigrated from Sutherlandshlre to Pictou Co., N. S. B. Jan. 8, 1839. Ed. 
in Pictou. M., 1868, Jessie, fourth d. of late John Blair, of Truro. A merchant. 
El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1874. Unseated in division, but re-elected, and 
sat from Dec, 1874, to May, 1881. Called to Senate, Dec, 1881. A Liberal- 

McKINDSBT, GBOROE C. (Milton). Of IHsh des. Parents came to Can. 
and settled in Co. of Halton, 1819. B, In Halton Co., March 29, 1829. Ed a* 


tilt} Common School and also by private tuition. M., Oct., 1869, Teresa Craw- 
ford. Has held several public offlees, such as Dep. Sheriff, 1865-1858, and Sher- 
iff, Oct., 18.5S, to June, 1882 ; also Pres. of the Agric. Assoc, of Halton Co. He 
has been Capt. in Militia and a J. P. Called to Senate, Jan., 1884. A Conser- 

McLaren, HON. peter (Perth). Of Brit, stock. S. of Jas. McLaren, who 
came from Perthshire, Scot., in 1820, and settled in Lanark, Ont. Was Lieut, 
in Militia when trouble arose in 1837 between U. S. and Canada. Retains large 
lumbering interests in the Northwest ; is also interested ih large timber areas 
and iron lands in Virginia. M. Sophia, d. of Wm. Lees, and granddaughter of 
late Col. Playfair. A member of the old Parliament of Canada. A Conservative. 

McMillan, HON. DONALD, M.D. (Alexandria.) B. in Glengarry, Ont., 
Mar. 5, 1835. Ed. there and also by private tuition. In 1895 received degree of 
M. D. at Victoria Univ., Toronto. M., Nov. 17. 1857, Amy Ann, d. of Amasa 
Lewis, J. P., of Aylmer, Ont. Has held various public offices, such as Vice- 
President of the Med. Assoc, of Ontario, and for several years was a member 
of the Co. Council. Is now a J. P. and an Associate Coroner for Glengarry, 
and is also an hon. member of the Celtic Society of Montreal. Appointed to 
Senate, January 11, 18S4. A Conservative. 

J. Masson. B. Nov. 7, 1833. Ed. at Georgetown and Worcester, Mass., and at St. 
Hyacinthe Coll., Quebfc. M. (l^t) 1S56, Louise Rachel, eldest d. of late Lieut.- 
Col. A. Mackenzie ; (she died) (2nd) 1883, Cecile, d.' of J. H. Burroughs, Pro- 
thonctary, of Quebec. Called to the Bar of Lower Canada, 1859. 1863-1868 was 
Brigade Major of 8th Military District of Lower Canada and served during the 
Fenian Raids, and was promoted Lieut.-Col. 1867. Sworn of the Privy Council 
as Min. of Militia and Defence, Oct., 1878, and reeigned in Jan., 1880, and ac- 
cepted the portfolio of Pres. of the Council, but resigned in Nov., 1880, on ac- 
count of ill health. Sat in Ho. of Commons for Terrebonne, 1867-1882, when 
was appcinted to Senate. Was Licut.-Gov. of Quebec, 1884-1887, when resigned. 
In Feb., 1890, was again appointed to Senate. A Conservative. 

MBRNER, HON. SAMUEL (Hamburg). Of Swiss parentage. B. at Relchen- 
toch, Switzcr'and, Jan. 18, 1823. Ed. there and removed to Can., 1837. M. (1st) 
Mary A. Graseer ; (she died). (2nd) Ellen Sararus. Has been Warden of Wat- 
erloo Co. Was 18 years Reeve of New Hamburg. Represented South Waterloo 
in Ho. of Commons, 1877-1882. Called to Senate, Jan., 1887. A Conservative. 

MILLER, HON. WILLIAM, Q.C., P.C. (Richmond). Of Irish descent. S. of 
Charles Miller and Eliza, his wife. B. at Antigonish, Feb. n, 1834. Ed. at St. 
Andrew's Grammar School and Antigonish Acad. Was a school teacher. 
Called to the Bar 1860, Q. C. 1872. Practised his profession In Halifax. El. to 
N. S. Assembly for Richmond, June, 1863, and remained a member until Con- 
federation, when he was called to the Senate of Canada, where he has been 
Chairman of a number of Standing and Select Committees, and was made 
Speaker, Oct. 17, 1883. Held that office until 1887. Sworn of the Queen's Prtvy 
Council for Canada, May 30, 1891. M., 1871, Annie, d. of the late Hon. James 
Cochrane, Halifax. A Conservative. 

MILLS, HON. DAVID, LL.D., Q.C., P.C. (Bothwell.) Des. from Puritan and 
U. E. Loyalist ancestors. S. of the late Nathaniel Mills, who came to Ontario 
from N. S., 1817. B. in the Tp. of Oxford, Kent Co., March 18, 1831. Ed. there 
and at the Univ. of Michigan (LL. D. 1857). Taught school and was subsequent- 


ly Suparintendent of Schools for Co. Kent up to 1865; Represented Both well in 
Ho. of Commons, 1867-18S2. At g. e., 1882, was again el., but improperly de- 
prived of his seat for a session, but was seated by the Supreme Court, and 
continued to represent Bothwell in the Ho. of Commons up to g. e., 1896, when 
he was defeated by 69 votes. Was called to Senate of Canada, Nov. 13, 1896. 
Sworn of the Privy Council and appointed Minister of the Interior in the Mac- 
kenzie Admn., Oct 24, 1876, going out of office with that Admn., Oct., 1878. 
Called to the Bar in 18S3 ; Q. C, 1890. Retained by the Ont. Govt, to defend 
the N. W. boundary of Ontario, 1S72. Argued this subject before the Judicial 
Committee of the Imp. Privy Council, 1884. Also represented the Ont. Govt, 
before the Courts on the qucstioi\ of Indian Titles, and also with reference to ^ 
Queen's Counsel. El. a member of the Council of Public Instruction of Ont., 
1875. On establishment of Faculty of Law by Univ. of Toronto he was chosen 
to fill the chair of Constitutional and International Law, 1888. An examr. in 
Constitutional L«aw, Univ. Toronto, 1897. Entered the Laurier Admn. as Min- 
ister of Justice and Attorney- General of Canada, Nov. 12, 1897, and became 
Govt, leader in the Senate. The author of several brochures on political sub- 
jects, and was for five years, 1883-1887. chief editor of the London Advertiser. 
Is the author of several published poems. An acknowledged authority on Con- 
stitutional I^w and the Practice of Parliament. M., Dec, 1860, Miss M. J. 
Brown. A Baptist. A Liberal. 

MONTPLAISIR. HON. HYPOLITE (Shawinegan). French-Can. parentage. S. 
of Paschal Montplalslr and Victoria Crevier, his wife. B. at Cap de Madeleine, 
May 7, 1840. Ed. at the Three Rivers Academy. M. to E. M. Aylr. Has been 
Mayor of his native parish 25 years consecutively and Warden of Champlaln Co. 
six years. Has been 38 years Sec.-Treas. of the School Commissioners. A 
farmer. Appointed to the Senate, Feb. 9, 1891. A Liberal-Conservative.. 

O'BRIEN, HON. JAMES (Victoria). B. at Aughnagar, Co.Tyrone, Irel., Aug. 
3, 1836. Ed. there. Removed to Canada. 1850, and in 1858 started business in 
the wholesale clothing and dry goods trade in Montreal, retiring from business 
1893. Is a director of the City and District Savings Bank, The Royal Victoria 
Life Insurance Co.. also a member of the Bd. of Trade. Is a Life Gov. of the 
Montreal Gen. Hospital, of the Western and Notre Dame Hospitals ; a Trustee 
of St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum, and a Gov. of Laval Univ. Was onie of the 
founders of the Dominion Comm'l Trav. Assoc. Called to Senate, Jan. 2, 1896. 
A Roman Catholic. A Liberal-Conservative. 

O'DONOHUE, HON. JOHN, Q.C. (Erie). B. at Tuam. Galway, April 18, 1824. 
^d. at St. Jarlath's Coll., of same place. In 1839 he emigrated to Toronto, 
where he now resides. M., 1848, Charlotte Josephine, d. of Dr. Bradley, of 
Toronto. Called to the Bar of Ontario, 1869, and appointed Q. C. 1880. Was 
Sec. of St. Patrick's Benevolent Soc, and Pres. several years. Is a Captain in 
Militia. In April, 1871, was Pres. of the "Ontario Catholic League." At g. e. 
1871 and 1872 was defeated for ^ast Peterboro in the Ont. Assembly, and for 
Toronto East in the Ho. of Commons. First el. to Ho. of Commons for To- 
ronto East, 1874, but unseated on petition, Nov., 1874, and again defeated. He 
was appointed to Senate in May, 1882. A Liberal. 

Ogilvle, who came to Canada with his father. Arch. Ogllvie, 1800. B. at St. 
Michel. Que., May 7, 1829. Ed. In Montreal. Founded the flour, milling .and 
grain firm of A. W. Ogilvle & Co. In 1854, retlrfng in 1874. A younger bro., 
William Watson Ogilvle, is now the owner of the businless. Sat In Que. As- 


sembly for Montreal W. from Qoafederation till 1871» and from 1875 until 1878. 
Called to Senate of Canada, Deo. M» 1881. Is a retired field ot&cer of the 
Montreal Cav. Has been Pres. of St. Andrav'a Soc., and held other offices. Is 
Pres. of the Western Loan & Trust Co., Vice-PrM. of the Montreal Lioan & 
Mortgage Co., of the Sun Life of Canada, and of the Dom. Burglary & Guar- 
antee Co. A Dir. of the Federal Telephone Co. M., 1854, Sank. d. of the late 
Wm. Leney, of Longue Pointe, Que. A Presbyterian. A Consenrattve. 

OWENS, HON. WILLIAM, J.P. (Inkerman). S. of Owen Owens, of Denbetgh, 
Wales, and Charlotte Llndley, Brantford, Eng., his wife. D. in Argenteuil Co., 
^ May 15, ISIO. Lieut, in Active Militia, and has been Mayor, Councillor and 
Postmaster of Chatham. M., Sept., 1890, Margaret, second d. of J. Martin, of 
Chicago. Held a seat in Leg.* Assembly of Quebec from g. e., 1881-1891, when 
resigned. Called to Senate, Jan. 2, 1896. A Consorvative. 

PAQUBT, JOSEPH ARTHUR (La Salle). A merchant, residing in City of 
Quebec. Called to the Senate, July 1, 1898, on the death of the Hon. P. A. 
De Blois. A Liberal. 

Q.C., B.CX., P.C. (Grandville). S. of late J. M. Pelletler. of Riviere Ouelle, and 
his wife, Julie, d. of Jos. Painohaud. B. at Riviere Ouelle, Que., Jan. 22, 1837. 
Ed. at Coll. Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere, and at Laval Univ. (B. C. L., 1853.) 
Called to the Bar, 1860 ; Q. C, 1879. Has been City Attorney of Quebec, and 
Syndic and Batonnier of the Que. Bar. Passed through the Military School, 
Que., was on service at the time of the Trent affair, and commanded the Sth 
Batt. during the Fenian raid, 1866. Retired, retaining rank. Represented 
Kamouraska in Ho. of Commons, 1869-1877. Was also mem. of Que. Leg. from 
Feb., 187a> to Jan., 1874. Called to Senate of Canada, Feb. 2, 1877. Entered 
the Mackenzie Admn. as Minister of Agriculture, Jan. 26, 1877, and retired with 
the Govt., Oct., 1878. Was Pres. of the Can. Comn. at the Paris Universal Ex- 
posttloD, 1878, when he was made C.M.G. by Her Majesty. Appointed Speaker 
of Senate, July. 1896. Created K.C.M.G., May 24, 1898. Is a Dir. of the 
Quebec Fire Assur. Co. Has been twice married (Ist) 1861, to Susanne, d. of 
the late C. E. Caegrain, M.L.C. ; (she died 1862). (2nd) to Vlrginie, d. of the 
late Hon. M. P. de Sales la Terriere, M.D., M.L.C. Thier son, Oscar C. C. 
Pelletier. (B. May 3, 1862). is Lt.-Col., commanding Military Dist, No. 7. A 

PERLBY, HON. WILLIAM DELL (Wol8eley).A native of N. B. Resides 
in Wolseley, N. W. T. A farmer. Represented Assinlboia in Ho. of Com- 
mons during the Sixth Parliament. Called to the Senate in 1888. 

PORIER, HON. PASCAL (Acadie). B. at Shedlac, N.B., Feb. 15, 1852. Ed. at 
St. Joseph Coll., Mcmramcook, N. B. M., 1879, Anna Lusignan. Was Post- 
master of Ho. of Commons, 1S72-1S85. Was Pres. of a section of the French 
Canadian Institute, Ottawa, 1882 and 1883, and also Pres. of the Mineralogical 
Soc. of Ottawa Univ. Is a barrister of both N. B. and the Prov. of Quebec, 
and author of " L'Origine des Acadiens," and ot various contributions in news- 
papers and reviews. Is now Pres. of " La Soclete de TAssomptlon " for the 
Maritime Provinces. Called to Senate, March 9, 1885. A Liberal-Conservative. 

POWER, HON. LAWRENCE GEOFFREY, LL.B. (Halifax.) B. Halifax.N.S., 
August 9, 1841. Ed. at St. Mary's Coll., Halifax, Carlow Coll., the Catholic 
Univ., Ireland, and Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass. (LL. B., 1866.) M. 
June 23, 1880, Susan, d. of IkL O'Leary, of West Quoddy. Admitted to the Bar 
0.366. Was an alderman of Halifax for six years, and was a membei? of the 


Bd. of School Commrs. for thirteen years. Is a member of the Senate of the 
Univ. of Plalifax. The author of a pamphlet, " The Manitoba School Question, 
from the Point ot View of a Catholic Member," also author of " Richard John 
Uniacke : a Sketch," " The Irish Discovery of America," Called to Senate, 
Feb. 2, 1877. A Liberal. 

PRICE, HON. EVAN JOHN, D.C.L. (Laurentides). S. of late Wm. Price, of 
Wolfesfleld, Que., and his wife, Jane, third d. of late Charles G. Stewart, Comp- 
troller of H. M. Imp. Customs, Quebec. Ed. in England. (D. C. L. of Lennoz- 
viUe Coll.) Unmarried. Is Vice-Pres. of the Union Bank of Canada, Pros, of 
the A. Gravel Lumber Co., Dlr. of the Montmorency Elec. Power Co., and of 
the Quebec Steamship Co. Called to the Senate, Dec, 1888. A Conservative. 

PRIMROSE, HON. CLARENCE (Pictou). S. of late Jas. Primrose, a native 
of Banffshire, Scot. A commission merchant, and for many years agent of the 
Bank of Nova Scotia at Pictou, N. S. B. at Pictou, N. S., Oct. 5, 1830. Ed. at 
Pictou Acad., and at the High School and Univ. of Edinburgh, Scot. M. at 
Pictou, June 29, 1858, Raohel, d. of the late Henry Carre, Esq., merchant, a 
native of Guernsey, Channel Islands. Commenced business in 1849, being en- 
gaged in shipping, milling and manufactures. Became eventually head of the 
firm of Primrose Brothers, commission merchants, lumber and Insurance 
agents, and agents to Lloyds, London, Eng. He was for some time Pres. of 
Pictou Acad. Alumni Assoc. Was for many years Pres. of the Pictou Y. M. 

C. A., and has several times been elected to the Presidency of the annual 
conventions of the Y. M. C. A. for the Maritime Provinces. Was Pres. of the 
Pictou Publishing Co., of the Pictou Marine Ry. Co., of the Maritime Marine 
Insurance Aseoc, and of the Liberal-Conservative Central Ex. Committee, 
Pictou. Held a captain's commission in the militia. A member of the Presby- 
teiian church. Called to Senate Nov. 28, 1892. A Liberal-Conservative. 

PROWSE, HON. SAMUEL (King's, P.E.I.) S. of late Wm. Prowse, who re- 
moved from Devonshire, Eng., to Prince Edward Island in 1823. B. at Char- 
lottotown. Aug. 28, 1836. Ed. there. Was a member of the Ex. Coimcil, 1876- 
1878, and was re-appointed in 1879. El. to Ho. of Assembly at g. e., 1867, for 
King's, 4th District. In 1876 he was re-elected for the same seat, and accepted 
a seat in the Coalition Govt, on the School Question. Resigned his seat in the 
Go\t., 1878, was re-elected, 1879, and accepted a seat in the Liberal-Conserva- 
tive Govt. Re-elected, 1882 and 1886. Sat in the Ho. of Assembly until 1889. 
Called to Senate, Sept., 18S9. A Liberal-Conservative. 

REESOR, HON. DAVID (King's). Of (Jerman des. B. at Markham, Ont., 
Jan. 18, 1823« Ed. at Markham. Was the founder of the Markham Economist, 
and was for several years editor of that paper. M. Emily, eldest d. of the late 

D. McDougall, of St. Mary's, Ont., and sister of Hon. W. McDougall, C.B. El. 
to the Leg. Coimcil for King's from I860, which seat he held until the time of 
the Union, when he was appointed to the Senate. Has also been Warden cf the 
Counties of York and Peel. Was appointed to the Senate by Royal Proclama- 
tion in May, 1867. A Liberal. 

REID, HON. JAMES (CaHboo). S. of Jas. Reid, of Belfast, Irel., and Ann 
Maxwell, of Co. Down, Irel., his wife. B. at the Cascades, Tp. of Hull, Ottawa 
Co., Que., Aug. 2, 1839. Ed. at Common School, Tp. of Hull. Was clerk in James 
McLaren & Co.'s store at the Peche. Went to B. O. in 1862 and followed min- 
ing for seven years, finally settling down to mercantile pursuits. El. to Ho. of 
Commons, March 81, 1881, at a bye-election. Re-elected at g. e. 1882 and g. e. 
1887. Called to the Senate, Oct.y 1888. M. Charlotte, youngest d. of Nicholas 
Clarke, of Long Island, Manotlck, Ont. A Liberal-Conservative. 


ROSS, HON. JOHN JONES, M.D. (De la Durantaye). S. of O. McIntOBh 
Ross» of St. Anne's. B. at Que., Aug. 16, 1833. M., 1866, Marie Arline, d. of LL- 
Gol. Lanouette, of Champlain. Is Pres. of the Prov. Coll. of Physicians and 
Surgeons, and Hon. Pres. of Champlain Agric. Soc. From July, 1881, to March, 
1882, was Commr. of Agric. and Pub. Works, when he resigned from the Cab-> 
inet. In Jan., 1884. upon the resignation of the Mousseau Ministry, he formed 
an Administration, and became Premier and Comr. of Agric. and Public Works, 
but resigned with his colleagues, 1887. Sat for Champlain in Canadian As- 
sembly from g. e., 1861, until Union, when returned to Commons and Leg. As- 
sembly. Resigned his seat in the latter on his appointment to Leg. Council, 
. Quebec, 1367. Was appointed to Senate, April, 1887, and Speaker of that House, 
Sept., 1891, to April, 1896. Was sworn of Privy Council and a member of Sir 
Charles Tupper's Ministry from May until July, 1896, when resigned with his 
colleagues. A Conservative. 

SANFORD, HON. WILLIAM BLI (Hamilton). B. in N. Y., 1838. M.(lst) Erne- 
line, d. of late Edward Jackson ; (she d. 1860) ; (2nd) in 1866, Harriet SophU, 
d. of late Thomas Vaux, of Ottawa. Is Pros, and Man, Dir. of The W. B. 
Sanford Manufacturing Co. ; Pres. of Hamilton Ladies' Coll., and a member of 
Bd. of Regents of Victoria Univ. In the past has been Pr?s. of Hamilton Bd. 
of Trade, Vice-Pres. of the Hamilton Provident and Lioan Soe.» and Commodore 
of Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. Was identified with the early history of Man- 
itoba, and is one of largest land owners in that Province. Was a Dir. of the 
Portage an<l Westbourne Ry. Called to Senate, Feb. 8, 1887. A Conservative. 

SCOTT, HON. RICHARD WILLIAM, Q.C., LL.D., P.O. (Ottawa). S. of late 
W. J. Scott, M.D., who served under Wellington In th6 army in the med. dept., 
who came to Canada and was appointed Registrar of the Co. of Grenville, Ont., 
and his wife, d. of the late Capt. Allen McDonnell, formerly an officer in the 
" King's Roiral Yorkers." B. at Prescott, Ont., Feb. 24, 1826. Bd. there under 
a private tutor. Studied law in the office of Crooks & Smith, Toronto, and 
was called to the Bar, 384S. Appointed Q. C, 1867. Practised in Ottawa, where 
he was elected Mayor in 1852. Returned to Leg. for Ottawa at g. e., 1867. An 
unsucessful candidate in 1863. Returned to first Ontario Leg. for Ottawa, 1867. 
In 1871 el. Speaker of the Assembly and subsequently became Comr. of Crown 
Lands in the Blake Admn., and continued in that office under the Premiership 
of Oliver Mowat. Became a member of the Mackenzie Admn., Nov., 1878, and 
in Jan., 1874, appointed Sec. of State and Registrar-Cteneral of Canada. Called 
to the Senate March 13, 1874, for Ottawa. Retired from Govt, on defeat of Mr. 
Mackenzi3, Oct. 16, 1878. Again appointed Sec. of State In the Admn. of Sir 
Wilfrid Laurier, July, 1895. Author of the Canada Temperance Act, 1875. 
commonly known as " The Scott Act," which is still in force. Prepared and 
carried through Parliament in 1863 the Separate School Law of Ontario. Is a 
Senator of Ottawa Univ. and a member of its law faculty. Appointed a mem- 
ber of the sub-committee of the Privy Council of Canada to deal with the 
Manitoba School Question. M. Mary, d. of the late John Heron, Ottawa. Their 
eldest son, W. L. Scott, LL. D., is Master In Chancery at Ottawa, and D'Arcy 
Scott, another son, is a practising barrister of the same city. A Liberal. 

SMITH, HON. SIR PRANK, Knt., P.O. (Toronto). B. at RIchill, Armagh, 
Irel.» 1822. Came to Can. when ten years of age, and was employed on farm and 
afterwards in a general store. Began business on his own account in London, 
Ont., as a grocer, 1849. Removed to Toronto, 1867. Retired from active mer- 
cantile life, 1891. Served as a volunteer in rebellion of 1837. Was afterwards 'a 
captain in the militia. Mayor' of London, 1866. One of the promoters of the 


Ontario Catholic League, and was one of three who signed a public address 
to the Irish Catholic electors of Ont., g. e., 1882. Called to the Senate of Can- 
ada, 1871. Sworn of the Privy Council, July 29, 1882, i^d called to the Cabinet 
of Sir John Macdonald, without portfolio. Continued a member of the various 
Con. Admns., without portfolio, until that party went out of power in July, 
1896, except that he took charge of department. Public Works, from Aug., 1891, 
to Jan., 1892, pending the appointment of a minister. Was made a Knight 
Bachelor, May 24, 1894. Was consulted by Lord Aberdeen as to a successor in 
the Premiership, December, 1894, and recommended His Bx. to oall on Sir 
Mackenzie Bowell. A mem. of the Advisory Bd., Lib.-Con. Union of Ont. Is 
Pres. of Niagara Navigation Co., of the Dominion Bank, of the Home Loan 
Co., of the London- 4k Ontario Investment Co., Vice-Pres. of the Dom. Telegraph 
Co., a Dir. of the Toronto General Trusts Co., of the Toronto Industrial Bxbn. 
Co., of the Consumers* Oas Co., and Pros. Ontario Jockey Club. Was Pres. of 
the Northern Ry. Co., and of the Toronto Street Ry. Co. M., early in life, the 
d. of John O'Higgins, Stratford, Ont., (she -J. March, 18?6.) A Roman Catholic. 
A Conservative. 

SNOWBALL, JABB2 B. (Chatham). S. of Rev. John Snowball, a native of 
Yorkshire, Eng. B. at Lunenburg, N. S., Sept. 24, 1827. Lived a few years in 
Newfoundland. Ed. at Mt. Allifeon Wesleyan Coll., Sackville, N. B. M. (1st) 
Margaret, d. of John McDougall, of Chatham, N. B. (she died) ; (2nd) at Aird« 
rie, Scot., Feb. 18, 1878, Maggie Ellen, d. of Rev. Robert Archibald, of New 
Monkland, Scot. Has been largely identified with railway enterprises in N. B., 
and prominently connected with all important public enterprises in Northum- 
berland Co., where he resides. Is extensively engaged in the dxport lumber 
trade, and is owner of several steam saw mills and a fleet of tug boats. Was 
a voluntef^r officer in the force. Offered unsuccessfully in the Lib. interest as 
a candidate for the Ho. of Commons against Hon. Peter Mitchell, 1874. Ran 
again in same interest, 1878, and defeated Mr. Mitchell at g. e. of that year. 
Sat in the Commons for Northumberland, N. B., until g. e., 1882, but did not 
offer for re-election. Called to the Senate, Mky, 1891. A Liberal. 

SULLIVAN, HON. MICHAEL, M,D. (Kingston). S. of late Daniel O'SuUi- 
van, formerly of Killarney, Co. Kerry, Irel. B. in Killarney, Feb., 13, 1888. 
Emigrated with his father to Canada, 1842. Fantiily took up their residence in 
Kingston, 1845, where Michael was ed. in Regiopolis Coll. and Queen's Univ. 
Grad. M. Di 1858. Appointed Prof, of Surgery and Anatomy, Royal Coll. of 
Physicians and Surgeons, Kingston, 1870. Pres. Dom. Med. Assoc, 1888. Has 
wideflpread reputation as a surgeon. Was Purveyor-Gtoneral during N. W. 
reb., 1888. Mayor of Kingston, 1874. An unsuccessful candidate tat the Ho. of 
Commons in Ktngsttfn, g. e. 1882. Called to the Senate of Canada, Jan. 29, 
18S4. A Roman Catholic. M., June, 1867, Mary Brown, Kingston. A Conser- 

SUTHERLAND, HON. JOHN( Kildonatt). B. in Man., 1821. Called to Senate 
1871. Resides ki Kildonan, and owing to enfeebled health has not of late years 
been able to attend parliament. A Conservative. 

TEMPLE, HON. THOMAS (York). Of Eng. parentage. S. of Chas. Temple, 
of Hampton, Oxfordshire, Eng. B. Nov. 4, 1818. Ed. in Public Schools. M. 
(1st) in 1840, Susanna, d. of Solomon Howe, of Maine, (she d. March, 1894) ; 
(2nd) in 1897. Alice Mary, d. of Rev. J. Chtfrchm Cox, of Windsor, N. S. Was 
High Sheriff of same county 19 years. Has been a dir. of the People's Bank of 
Fredericton 30 y^rs. Was at one time efXtensively engaged in the lumber busi- 
noss, and for a number of years was Pres. of the Fredericton Ry. Co. El. to 


Ho. of Commons, 18S4, for York Co., and sat till April, 1896, when called to 
the Senate. A Consenratiye. 

TEMPLBMAN, HON. WILLIAM (Victoria City, B.C.) Scotch parents. B. 
In Packenham Village, Ont., Sept. 28, 1844. Ed. at the Public School there, and 
has since been engaged In newspaper work. M. Eva Bond at Almonte, Ont., 
1869. Established the Almonte Gazette in 1867, and moving out to Victoria, B.C., 
in 1884, established the Victoria Times, which he has since published. An un- 
successful candidate at g. e., 1891, at bye-election in 1896, and g. e., 1896, 
Called to the Senate, Nov., 1897. A Liberal. 

THIBAUDJ3AU, HON. JOSEPH ROSAIRE (Rigand). Des. from a Fr. fam. 
lly which existed in the reign of Louis XV, and upon the breaking out of the 
French Revolution in 1789, removed to Acadia, and subsequentiy to Lower Can- 
ada. M., Dec. 9, 1873, Marguerite, eldest d. of GuUlaume LaMothe, formerly 
Postmaster of Montreal. Holds the offices of President of the Royal Electric 
Co., Pres. of the Atlantic and Lake Superior Ry. Co., Chairman of the Alliance 
Assur. Co. of London, Eng., Vice-Pres. of the Montreal Park and Island Ry. 
Co., DIr. of Notre Dame Hospital, etc. Was appointed Sheriff of Montreal, 
May 9, 1890. Called to the Senate, Jan., 1878. A Liberal. 

THIBAUDEAU, HON. ALFRED A. (De Id Valllere). French-Can. parent- 
age. S. of Hon. Isodore Thibaudeau, M. P. for Quebec, 1873-1878. B. Dec. 1, 
1860. Ed. at Quebec High School. M. Eva, d. of late Senator Rodier, of Mont- 
real. A wholesale dry goods merchant. Has been Pres. of Wholesale Dry 
Goods Assoc. Is Dir. of Notre Dame Hospital, Gov. of Laval Univ., a dir. of 
the Park and Island Ry Co., of Montreal, and of the Great- West Life Assur. 
Co. Appointed to the Senate, Aug., 1896. A Liberal. 

VIDAL, HON. ALEXANDER (Sarnia). S. of Capt. R. E. Vidal, R.N., who 
came to Canada in 1881. B. Aug. 4, 1819. Ed. in Royal Math. School, Christ's 
Hospital, London, Eng. M., Dec. 8, 1847, Catherine L., d. of Capt. W. B. 
Wright, R. N. (She died April 19, 1882.) Was 38 years Treas. of Lambton Co. 
Is nominally Lt.-Col. of Lambton Reserve Militia, having risen from the ranks 
in which he served in the rebellion of 1837. Practised for many years as a 
land surveyor. El. to represent St. Clair Dlv. in the Leg. Council of Canada 
in 1863. Sat till 1867. Called to Senate, Jan. 1873. A Conservative. 

VILLENEUVE, HON. JOSEPH OCTAVE (De Salaberry. B. at Ste. Anne des 
Plaines, Mar. 4, 1836. Ed. at the Commercial School, Montreal. Formerly en- 
gaged in business as a wholesale grocer, but retired in 1897. Is a Dir. of 
Dom. Cotton Mills. M., 1861, Susan Annie Walker, of Sorel. Was Mayor of 
St. Jean Baptiste twenty years, and of Montreal, 1894-1896. Was Pres. of the 
Ccmunlssioners of Mt. Royal Park ; a Harbor Commissioner and Prefect of the 
Co. of Hochelaga ten years. First el. to Leg. Assembly, 1886, but election was 
declared void and a new election was held, April 28, 1888, when he was re- 
elected, and was also re-elected in 1890 and 1892, when be resigned. Called to 
Senate, Jan. 2, 1896. A Conservative. 

WARK, HON. DAVID (Fredericton). Scotch descent B. in Londonderry, 
Irel., Feb. 19, 1804. Came to N. B. in 1825. M. Annie Elizabeth, d. of Isaac 
Burpee, of Sunbury, N. S. Is said to be the oldest member of any of the 
Legislatures in the Empire and to have served longer in legislative bodies 
than any other man. From 1858-1862 was a member of the Ex. Council of N.B., 
alfo Receivier-General. Sat in all eight shears in the Leg. Assembly of N. B., 
and sixteen years in the Legislative Council. Was called to the Senate in 


1867 at Confederation, and has sat 31 years in that body. In 1847 introduced 
legislation in N. B. Legislature which authorized the Lt.-GoY. by proclama- 
tion to admit the products of any other col9ny duty free on such colony recip- 
rocating. All the provinces agreeing to this, the natural products were ex- 
changed among the provinces up to the time of Confederation as freely as they 
have been since. Is strongly in favor of extending this free trader policy to 
the whole Empire. 

WOOD, HON. JOSIAH, M.A. (Westmoreland). S. of Mariner Wood, mer- 
chant, of Sackville, N.B. B. Apr. 18, 1843, in Sackville, N.B. Ed. at Mt. Allison 
Wesleyan Coll., Sackville, where he graduated, 1863, (M.A., 1866.) M., Jan. 14, 
1874, Laura S., d. of Thompson Trueman, of Sackville. Called to the Bar of 
N. B. 1866. Is largely interested in farming and stock raising, and isi also a 
shipowner. Is Treas. of the Bd. of Regents of Mt. Allison Coll. Unsuccessfully 
contested Westmoreland for the Leg. Assembly of N. B. at the g. e., 1878. El. 
to Parlt., 1882, 1887 and 1891. Resigned and was called to Senate on Aug: 6, 
1895. A Conservative. 


(Eighth Parliament.) 

Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Angers, Charles H. 

Bain, Thomas 

Bazinet, Charles 

Beattie, Thomas 

Beausoleil, Cleophas 

Beith, Robert 

Belcourt, Napoleon A. .., 

Bell, Adam Carr 

Bell, John W 

Bennett, Wm. H 

Bergeron, Joseph O. H. . 

Bernier, Michel E 

Bertram, George Hope . . 

Bethune, John L , 

Blair, Hon. Andrew George 

Districts Electoraux. 


Blapehard, Theotlme 

Borden, Hon. Frederick W.. 

Borden, Robert L 

Bostock, Hewitt 

Bourassa, J. Henri N 

Bourbonnais, Augustin .... 

Britt.on, Bryon Moffat 

Broder, Andrew 

Brodeur, Louis Philippe 

Brown, James Pollock 

Bruneau, Arthur Aime ... 
Burnett, Leonard 

Calvert, William Samuel 

Campbell. Archibald 

Cargill, Henry 

Caron. Hon. Sir Adolphe, 


Carroll. Henry George 

Carscallen, Alexander W. 
CRrtwright, Hon. Sir 

Richard, G.C.M.G 

Casey, George Elliott 

Casgrain, Thomas Chase .. 

Champagne, Louis N 

Charlton, John .* 

Chauvin, Leon Adolphe 

Christie, Thomas 

Clancy, James 

Clarke, Edward Frederick. 
Cochrane, Edward 

Copp, Albert J. S 

Corby, Henry 

Costigan, Hon. John.. 

Cowan, Mahlon K 

Craig. Thomas Dixon. 

Wentworth, S. Riding .. 




Durham. W. Riding — 




Simcoe, E. Riding 


St. Hyacinthe 

Toronto Centre 

Victoria (N. S.) 

Sunbury and Queen's 

(N. B.) 


King's (N. S.) 


Yale and Cariboo 







Ontario, S. Riding 

Middlesex, W. Riding.... 

Huron, W. Riding 

Kent (O.) 

Bruce, E. Riding 

Three Rivers and St. 



Hastings, N. Riding 

oxford, S. Riding 

Elgin, W. Riding 



Norfolk, N. Riding 





Toronto, West 

Northumberland, (O.) 

E. R 

Digby , 

Hastings, W. Riding... 

Victoria (N. B.) 

Essex, S. Riding 

Durham, E. Riding.... 

Post Oflee Addresses. 

Murray Bay, Q. 

Dundas, O. 

St. Jean de Matha, Q 

London. O. 

Montreal, Q. 

Bowmanville, O. 

Ottawa, O. 

New Glasgow, N. S. 

Desmond, O. 

Midland, O. 

Montreal, Q. 

St. Hyacinthe, Q. 

Toronto, O. 

Baddeck, N. S. 

Ottawa, O. 

Caraquet, N. B. 
Ottawa, O. 
Halifax, N. S. 
Monte Creek Ranch, 

Ducks, B. C. 
Papineauville, Q. 
Coteau Landing, Q. 
Kingston, O. 
Morrisburg, O. 
Montreal, Q. 
St. Chrysostome, Q. 
Pcrel, Q. 
Greenbank, O. 

Napier, O. 

Toronto Junction, O. 
Cargill, O. 

Ottawa, O. 
Quebec, Q. 
Marmora, O. 

Ottawa, O. 
Fin gal, O. 
Montreal, Q. 
Hull, Q. 
I^ynedoch, O. 
Montreal, Q. 

lischute, Q. 
Wallaceburg, O. 
Toronto. O. 

Bdville, O. 
Dibgy, N. S. 
Belleville, O. 
Grand Falls, N. B. 
Windsor, O. 
Port Hope, O. 


Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Danes, Hon Sir Louis 

Henry, K.C.M.Q 

Davin, Nicholas Flood 

Dayis, Thomas Osborne — 
Dechene. Arthur Miville. .. 

Pesmarais, Odilon 

Dobell, Hon. Richard Reid. 

Domville, James 

Douglas, James Moffat 

Dugas. Louis E.. 

Dupre, Hercule 

Dyment, Albert Edward.... 

Barle, Thomas 

Edgar, Hon. Sir James, 


Edwards, William Cameron 

Ellis, John Valentine 

Erb, Dllman Kinsey 

Ethier, Joseph Arthur C... 

Featherston, Joseph 

Ferguson, John 

Fielding, Hon.Wm. Stevens. 

Fisher, Hon. Sidney A 

Fitzpatrick, Hon. Charles.. 

Flint, Thomas Barnard 

Fortin, Thomas 

Foster, Hon. Geo. Eulas 

Fraser, Duncan C 

Fraser, John 

Frost, Francis Theodore — 

Osnong, Gilbert W 

Gauthier, Joseph 

Gauvreau, Charles Auguste 
Geoffrion. Hon. Christophe A. 

Gibson, William 

Gillies, Joseph A 

Gilmour, James 

Godbout, Joseph 

Graham. Duncan 

Gnay, Pierre Malcolm 

Gulllet, George 

Guite, Jean Francois 

Haggart, Hon. John 


Hale, Frederick Harding.. 

Haley, Allen 

Har^ood, Henry S 

Henderson, David 

Heyd, Charles Bernhard... 

Hodgins. William T 

Hughes, Samuel 

Hurley. Jeremiah M 

Hutchison, William 

Districts Electoraux. 

Queen's, West (P.B.I.) . 

AESinlbola, West 



Montreal, St. James... 

Quebec, West 

King's (N. B.) 

Assiniboia, East 



Montreal, St. Mary's. 

Victoria, (B. C). 

Ontarto, W. Riding... 

Russell •• 

St. John City (N. B.). 

Perth, S. Riding 

Two Mountains 


Renfrew, S. Riding.. 
Shelbume & Queen's, 

(N. S.) 


Quebec (County) 



York (N. B.) 


Lambton, B. Riding.. 
Leeds and Grenville.. 


L' Assomption 


Clumblv and Vercberes 

liincoln and Niagara 

Richmond (N. S.) 

Middlesex, B. Riding 

Beauce ••.•• 

Ontarto, N. Riding 


Northumberland (O.) W.R 

Lanark, S. Riding 

Carleton (N. B.) 




Brant, S. Riding 

Carleton, (O.) 

Victoria (O.). N. Riding... 

Hastings, B. Riding 


Post Office Addresses. 

Ottawa, O. 
Regina. N. W. T. 
Prtnce Albert, N. W. T. 
Village des Aulnaies. Q 
Montreal, Q. 
Quebec, Q. 
Rothsay, N. B. 
Dongola, Moosomln, 

N. W. T. 
Montcalm, Q. 

Thessalon, O. 
Montreal, Q. 

Victoria, B. C. 

Toronto, O. 
Rockland, O. 
St John, N. B. 
Seabringville, O. 
St. Scholastique, Q. 

Streetsville, O. 
Admaston, O. 

Ottawa. O. 
Ottawa, O. 
Ottawa, O. 
Yarmouth, N. S. 
Montreal. Q. 
Ottawa, O. 
New Glasgow, N. S. 
Petrolea, O. 
Smith's Falls, O. 

St. Stephen, N. B. 
T.aurentides, Q. 
Stanfold. O. 
Montreal. Q. 
Beamsville, O. 
Sydney. N. S. 
Nilestown, O. 
St. Francois, Beauce. Q. 
Gamebrldge. O. 
Rtrhemin, Q. 
Ccbourjr. O. 
Marta, Q. 

Perth, O. 
Woodstock. N. B. 
Windsor, N. S. 
Vaudreuil, Q. 
Acton, O. 
Brantford, O. 
Hazeldcan. O. 
Lindsay, O. 
Belleville. O. 
Ottawa, O. 



Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Districts Electoraux. 

Post OfBce Addresses. 

Ingram, Andrew B 

Elgin, E. Riding 

St. Thomas, 0. 

Ives, Hon. Wm. Bullock. . . . 


Sherbrooke, Q. 

Jameson, 'R.irha-rd "WiUls .. 


Winnipeg, M. ■ - ■ - 

Joly de Lotbiniere, Hon. 
Sir Henri, K.C.M.G 


Ottawa, 0. 

Kaulbach, Charles Edwin... 


Lunenburg, N. S. 

Kendry, James 

Peterborough, W. Riding. 

Peterborough, 0. 

Klock, James B 

Klock's Mills, 0. 

Kloepf er, Christian 

Wellington, S* Riding 

Grey, S. Riding 

Guolph, 0. 

Landerkln, George 

Hanover, 0. 

T^ang, John 

Peterborough, B. Riding. 

Jermyn, 0. 

LaRlvlere, Alphonse A. C. 
Laurier, Rt. Ilcn. Sir 
Wilfrid, G.C.M.G 

St. Boniface, M. 

Quebec, East 

Ottawa, 0. 

Lavergne, Louis 

Drummond and Artha- 

Arthabaskaville, Q. 

St. Leonard d'Aston, Q. 

Louiserille, Q. 

I«educ, Joseph Hector 

Legris, Joseph Hormisdas 
Lemipux Rodolohe 




Montreal, Q. 

liowis, William J 


Hillsborough, N. B. 

Larabton, W. Riding 

Waterloo. S. Riding 


Idvingston, James 

Baden, 0. 

Iiosran Hance J 

Amherst, N. S. 

Macdonald, Aug. Colin 

Macdonald Peter 

King's (P. B. L) 

Huron, B. Riding 

Montague Bridge, P.E.I 
Wlngham, O. 


Winnipeg, M. 

Mackie Thomas 

Renfrew, N. Riding 

Perth, N. Riding 

Pembroke, 0. 

MacLaren, Alexander 

Stratford, 0. 

Maclean, William Pinlay.... 
MacPherson Thos. Henrv... 

York (0.), E. Riding 


Toronto, 0. 
Hamilton, 0. 

McAlister, John 


Campbellton, N. B. 

Siracoc, N. Riding 

McCleary, William 


Thorold, 0. 

McClure, Firman.. 


Truro, N. S. 

McCormick, George.... 

Muskoka and Parry 

Orillia, 0. 

McDougall, Hector F 

McGreffor William 

Cape Breton 

Christmas Island, N. S. 

Essex, N. Riding 

Windsor. 0. 

McGusran. Malcolm 

Middlesex. S. Riding 

Victoria (0.), S. Riding.. 
Kent (N. B.) 

Mount Brydges, 0» 

McHugh, George 

Mclnemey, George V 

Molnnes, William W. B 

Lindsay, O. 
Richlbucto. N. B. 


Nanaimo. B. C. 

Mclsaac, Colin F 


Antlgonlsh, N. S. 

McLellan, Bernard D 

McLennan, Roderick R 

McLennan. Ancrus 

Prince W. (P. E. L) 



St. Louis, P. B. L 
Cornwall, 0. 
Margaree, N. S. 

McMillan, John 

McMullen, James 

McNeill, Alexander 

Huron, S. Riding 

Wellington, N. Riding.... 
Bruce, N. Riding 

Constance, 0. 
Mount Forest, 0. 
Wiarton, 0. 

Madore, J. Alex. C 


Montreal, Q. 

Malouin, Albert 

Quebec Centre 

Quebec, Q. 

Marcotte Francois A 


Ste. Anne de la Perade 

Martin, Alexander 

Maxwell, George Ritchie... 

Queen's East (P.EL) 


Valleyfleld, P. H; I. 
Vancouver, B. 0. 

Meigs, Daniel Bishop 


Famham, Q. 


Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Districts Electoraux. 

Post Office Addresses. 

MlsTiault Roch M 9 

St. Michel d'Yamaska. 
Annapolis, N. S. 

Mills, John B 


Laprairie and Napler- 
viiie.. .* 

Monet, Domintque... 

St Remi, Q. 
Montreal, Q. 

Monk, Frederick D 

JacQues Cartier 

Montaeue. Hon. W H 



Moore. Alvin Head 


Magog, Q. 

Morin, Jean Baptiste 

Morrison. Aulav 


Ste. Henedine, Dorches 

ter, Q. 
New Westminster, B.C. 
Ottawa, 0. 

Edmonton, N.W.T 

Now Westminister 

Mulock, Hon. William 

Oliver, Prank 

York (0.), N. Riding.... 

Osier, Edmund Boyd..!..!."! 

Parmalee, Chas. Henry 

Paterson. Hon. William. . . . 

Toronto, West 

Toronto, 0. 


Waterloo, Q. 

Grey. N. Riding 

Ottawa, 0. 

Penny, Edward GofT 

Montreal, St.Lawrence. .... 
Prince Edward 

Montreal, Q. 

Pettet, Williara Vamey... . 

W^.-pt Lakfl, 0. 

Pope, Rufus Henry 


CookPhJrt?, Q. 

Poupore, William Joseph*.'.*.* 
Powell. Henry A.. 


Morrlsbiirif, 0. 


Sa.-kvi|]p^ N. B. 

Prefontaine, Rajrmond .*.'.*.'.*.* 


MoTitr^-at, Q. 

Prior, Hon. Edward G 

Proulx, Isidore 

Victoria, B. C 


Vi./Ti:irl;t. n. C. 
Pl?jntagr3nst, 0. 

Quinn, Michael Joseph 

Montreal, St. Ann's 

Middlesex, N. Riding 

Grenvllle, S. Riding 


Montreal, Q. 

Ratz. Valentine 

Khiva, 0. 

Reid, John Dowsley 

Cardinal, 0. 

Richardson. Robt. Lorn a 

Winnipeg, M. 

Rinfret, Come Isaie 


Ste. Croix, Q. 

Robertson, John Ross 

Toronto, East 

Toronto, 0. 

Robinson. James 

Northumberland (N.B.)... 


Montreal, St. Antoine 


Lanark, N. Riding 


Minerton, N. B. 

Roche, William James 

Roddick, Thomas G 

Minnedosa, Man. 
Montreal, Q. 

Rogers, David Dickson 

Rosamond, Bennett 

Kingston, 0. 
Almonte, 0. 

Ross, Jean Auguste 

Russell. Benjamin 

Ste. Plavie Station, Q. 
Dartmouth, N. S 


Rutherford, John G. 


Portage la Prairie, M 

Savard, Paul Vllmond 

Scriver, Julius... 

Chicoutlmi & Saguenay. .. 

Chicoutlmi, Q. 
Hemmingford, Q 

Seagram, Joseph is......... 

Waterloo, N. Riding 

Wellington, C. Riding.... 

Waterloo. 0. 

Semple, Andrew 

Fergus, 0. 

Sifton. Hon. Cllffo'-d 

Ottawa, 0. 

Snetsinger, John Goodall... 
Somerville. James 

Cornwall & Stormont 

Wentworth. N., & Brant. 
Grey, E. Riding 

Moulinette, 0. 
Dundas, 0. 

Sproule, Thomas S. . 

Markdale, 0. 

Stenson, Michael Thos...... 

f^tubbs, William 

Richmond & Wolfe 


Wotton, Q. 
Caledon, 0. • 

Sutherland. James 

Oxford, N. Riding 

Woodstock, 0. 

Talbot, Oneslphore Ernest. . 


St. Michel de Belle- 

Tarte, Hon. Joseph Israel.. 
Taylor, George 

St. John & Iberville 

Leeds, S. Riding 

chasse, Q. 
Ottawa, 0. 
Gananoque, 0. 



Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Tisdale. Hon. David.. 

Tolmie, John 

Tucker, Joseph John. 

^ Tupper, Hon. Sir Charles, 

Tupper, Hon. Sir Charles 
Hlbbert, K.C.M.G 

Turcot, George i 

Tyrwhltt, Richard 

Wallace, N. Clarke 

Wilson, Uriah 

Wood, Hon. John Fisher.. 
Wood, Andrew Trew 

Yeo, John. 

Districts BUectoraux. 

Norfolk, S. Riding 

Bruce, W. Riding 

St. John .(N. B.) City 
and Co k 

Cape Breton 



Simcoe, S. Riding 

York (O).. W. Riding.... 




Prince, Bast (P.B.I.) 

Post Office Addresses. 

Simcoe, O. 
Kincardine, O. 

St. John, N. B. 

Ottowa, O. 

Victoria, B. C. 

Ste. Julie, Somerset, Q. 

Bradford, O. 

Woodbridge, O. 
Napanee, O. 
BrockYille, O. 
Hamilton, O. 

Port Hill, P. B. I. 

Huron W., Montmagny, Bagot, Lambton W., Simcoe N. 



District Electoraux. 








Assiniboia, East... 

Assiniboia, West. 





Names of Memb§rs. 
Noms des Membres. 

John W. Bell 

William J. Lewis 

Frank Oliver 

Albert Edward Dyment.. 

John B. Mills 

Colin F. Mclsaac 

Thomas Christie 

James Moffat Douglas — 

Nicholas Flood Davin 





Brant, S. Riding.. 



Bruce, E. Riding.. 
Bruce, N. Riding.. 
Bruce, W. Riding. 


Cape Breton 


Carleton (N.B.) 

Carleton (O.) 

Chambly and Vercheres. 




Chicoutimi and Saguenay. 



Cornwall and Stormont 




. Drummond and Arthabaska, 


Durham, E. Riding 

Durham, W. Riding 

Elgin, E. Riding 

Elgin, W. Riding 

Essex, N. Riding 

Essex, S. Riding 





Grenville, S. Riding 

Grey, E. Riding 

Grey, N. Riding 

Joseph Godbout 

Joseph G. H. Bergeron... 
Onesiphore Ernest Talbot 

Cleophas Beausoleil 

Jean Francis Quite 

James Clancy 

Hon. Clifford Sifton 

Charles Bernhard Heyd.. 
Hon. John Fisher Wood. 
Hon. Sidney Arthur Fisher 

Henry Cargill 

Alexander McNeill 

John Tolmie 

George Ritchie Maxwell... 

Hector P. McDougall 

Hon. Sir C. Tupper, Bart. 

William Stubbs 

Frederic Harding Hale — 

William T. Hodgins 

Hon. C. A. Geoffrion 

Francois Arthur Marcotte. 

Louis Charles A. Angers. 

Gilbert W. Ganong 

James Pollock Brown 

Paul V. Savard 

Firman McClure 

Rufus Henry Pope 

John Goodall Snetsinger. . 

Hance J. Logan 

Albert J. S. Oopp 

Jean Baptiste Morin 

Louis Lavergne 

Andrew Broder 

Thomas Dixon Craig 

Robert Beith , 

Andrew B. Ingram 

George Elliott Casey 

WIl Ham McGregor 

Mahlon K. Cowan 

David Dickson Rogers... 

Rodolphe Lemieux 

Roderick R. McLennan. 

Theotime Blanchard 

John Dowsley Reid 

Thomas S. Sproule 

Hon. Wm. Paterson .... 

Post Office Address. 

Desmond, O. 
Edmonton, N.W.T. 
T^essalon, O. 
Annapolis, N.S. 
Antigonish, N.S. 
Lachute, Q. 
Dongola, Moosomin, 

Regina, N.W.T. 

St. Francois, Beauce, Q. 

Montreal, Q. 

St. Michel de Belle- 
cbasse, Q. 

Montreal, Q. 

Maria, Q. 

Wallaceburgb, O. 

Ottawa, O. 

Brantford, O. 

Brockville, O, 

Ottawa, O. 

CargUl. O. 

Wiarton, O. 

Kincardine, O. 

Vancouver, B. C. 

Christmas Island, N.S. 

Ottawa, O 

Caledon, O. 

Woodstock, N.B. 

Hazeldean, O. 

Montreal, Q. 

Ste. Anne de la Pe- 
rade, Q. 

Murray Bay. Q. 

St. Stephen, N.B. 

St. Chrysostome, Q. 

Chicoutimi, Q. 

Truro, N;S. 

Cookshire, Q. 

Moulinette, O. 

Amherst, N.S. 

Dlgby, N.S. 

Ste. Henedine, Dor- 
chester, Q. 

Arthabaskaville, Q. 


Port Hope, O. 

Bowmanville. O. 

St. Thomas, O. 

Fingal, O. 

Windsor, O. 

Windsor, O. 


Montreal, Q. 

Cornwall, O. 

Caraquet, N. B. 

Cardinal, O. 

Markdalo. O. 

Ottawa, O. 



District Blectoraux. 

Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Post Office Address. 

Grey, S. Riding 


Haldimand and Monck. 



' Hastings, E. Riding.. 
Hastings, N. Riding.. 
Hastings, W. Riding. 



Huron, E. Riding 

Huron. S. Riding 

Huron, W. Riding. . . . 





Kent (N. B.) 

Kent (O.) 

King's (N. B.) 

King's (N. S.) 

King's (P. B. L) 



Lambton, E. Riding 

Lambton, W. Riding 

Lanark. N. Riding 

Lanark, S. Riding 

Laprairie and Napierville. 



Leeds and Grenvllle. 

N. Riding 

Leeds, S. Riding 



Lincoln and Niagara 











Middlesex, E. Riding 

Middlesex, N. Riding 

Middlesex, S. Riding 

Middlesex, W. Riding 





George Landerkin 

Duncan C. Eraser 

Hon. Walter H. Montague 

Robert L. Borden 

Benjamin Russell 

David Henderson 

Thomas H. MacPherson. 

Andrew Trew Wood 

Allen Haley 

Jeremiah M. Hurley 

Alex. W. Carscallen 

Henry Corby 

J. A. C. Madore 

Julius Scriver 

Peter Macdonald 

John McMillan 

Angus McLennan 

Frederick D. Monk 

Charles Bazlnet 

Henry George Carroll 

George V. Mclnerney 

Archibald Campbell 

James Domville 

Hon. Fred. W. Borden... 
Augustine C. Macdonald. 

Byron Moffat Britton..... 
J. Henrie N. Bourassa... 
John Eraser 

Bennett Rosamond 

Hon. John G. Haggart... 

Dominique Monet 

Joseph Gauthier 


Francis Theodore Frost.. 

George Taylor 

TTriab Wilson 

Pierre Mpi^olra Guay 

William Gibson 

Robert Lome Richardson. 
Arthur Milville Dechene. 

Thomas Beattle 

Come Isaie Rinfret 

Charles E. Kaulbach 

John G. Rutherford 

Raymond Pref ontaine . . 
William James Roche — 

Joseph H. Legris 

George Turcot 

James Gllmour 

Valentine Ratz 

Malcolm McGugan 

William S. Calvert 

Daniel B. Meigs 

Louis E. Dugas 

Thomas C. Casgrain. 

Hanover, O. 
New Glasgow, N.S. 
Dunnville, O. 
Halifax, N.S. 
Dartmouth, N.S. 
Acton, O. 
Hamilton, O. 
Hamilton, O. 
Windsor, N.S. 
Belleville, O. 
Marmora, O. 
Belleville, O. 
Montreal, Q. 
Hemmingford, Q. 
Wlngham, O. 
Constance, O. 

Margaroe, N.S. 
Montreal, Q. 
St. Jean de Matha.Q. 
Quebec, Q. 
Richibucto, N.B. 
Toronto Junction, O. 
Rothfiay, N.B. 
Ottawa, O. 
Montague Bridge, 
..P..E. L 
Kingston, O. 
Papineauville, Q. 
Petrolea, O. 

Almonte, O. 
Perth, O. 
St. Roml, Q. 
Laurentldes, Q. 
Montreal, Q. 

Smith's Falls, O. 
GananoQUe, O. 
Napanee, O. 
Etchemin, Q. 
Beamsvllle, O. 
Winnipeg, M. 
Village dos Aulnales.Q. 
London, O. 
Ste. Croix, Q. 
Lunenburg. N.S. 
Portage la Prairie, M. 
Montreal, Q. 
Minnedosa. M. 
Louiseville, Q. 
Ste. Julie. Somerset, Q. 
Nllestown, O. 
Mount Carmel, O. 
Mount Brydges, O. 
Napier, O. 
Farnham, Q. 
Montcalm, Q. 

Montreal, Q. 


District Electbraux. 

Names of Members. 
Noms des Membres. 

Post Office Address. 

Montreal. St. Anne :.. 

Montreal, Ste. Antoine 

Montreal, St. James 

Michael J. F- Ouinn 

Thomas G. Roddick...... 

Odllon Desmarais 

Edward Goff Penny. ...... 

Hercule Duore 

Montreal, q. 
Montreal. "Q. 
Montreal, Q. 

Montreal, St. Lawrence 

Montreal, St. Mary 

Montreal, Q. 
Montreal, Q. 

Muskoka ^ 

George McCormick .... 

Aulay Morrison 

Orillia, 0. 

New Westminster 

New Westminster, B.C. 


Joseph Hector Leduc 

James B. Klock ;... 

St. Leonard d'Aston, Q. 


Klock's Mills. 0. 

Norfolk, N. Riding 

John Charlton 

Lynerfoch, 0. 

Norfolk, S. Riding 

Hon. David Tisdale 

James Robinson 

Slmcoe, 0. 

Northumberland (N.B.)..... 

Millertoh. N.B. 

Northumberland (0.) E.R... 

Edward Cochrane 1 

Edville, 0. 

Northumberland (0.) W.R... 

George Guillet 

Cobourg, 0. 

Ontario, N. Riding 

Duncan Graham 

Gamebridge, 0. 

Ontario, S. Riding 

Leonard Burnett 

Hon. James D. Edgar 

Napoleon A. Belcourt 

William Hutchison 

James Sutherland 

Hon. Sir Richard Cart- 
wright. G.C.M.G 

John Featherston 

Alex. F. MacLaren 

Dilman Kinsey Erb 

John Lang 

Greenbank, O. 

Ontario, W. Riding 

Toronto, 0. 

Ottawa (City) 

Ottawa, 0. 

Oxford, N. Riding 

Oxford, S. Riding 

Ottawa. 0. 
Woodstock, 0. 


Ottawa, 0. 
Streetsville, 0. 

Perth, N. Riding 

Stratford, 0. 

Perth, S. Riding 

Peterborough, E. Riding 

Peterborough. W. Riding 

Seabringvllle, 0. 
Jermyn, 0. 

James Kendry : , . , 

Peterborough, 0. 

PIctou * 

Hon. Sir Charles H. Tup- 

per, K.C.M.ft 

Adam Carr Bell 

Victoria, B.C. 
New Glasgow. N.S. 


William J. Poupore 

Hon. Sir Henrt Joly de 

Lotblnlere, K.C.M.G..... 
Isidore Proulx 

Morrisburg, 0. 



Ottawa, 0. 
Plantagenet, O. 

Prince, East (P.E.L) 

Prince, West (P.E.L) 

John Yeo 

Port Hill, P.E.L 

B. D. McLellan 

St. Louis. 

Prince Edward 

William V. Pettet 

West Lake, 0. 


Quebec, Centre 

A. A. C. LaRiviere 

Albert Malouin 

St. Boniface, M. 
Quebec, Q. 

Quebec, East 

Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid 

Laurier. G.C.M.G 

Hon. R. R. Dobell 

Hon. Charles Fitzpatrlck; 
Alexander Martin .'..". 

Qud[>ec, West 

Ottawa, 0. 
Quebec, Q. 

Quebec (County) '. 

Ottawa. 0. 

Queen's, East (P.E.L) 

Queen's, West (P.E.L) 

Renfrew, N. Riding .. 

Valleyfleld, P.E.L 

Hon. Sir Lonis H. Davlfes, 


Thomas Mackie 

Ottawa. 0. 
Pembroke, 0. 

Renfrew, S. Riding 

John Ferguson 

Admaston, O. 


John McAHster 

Campbellton, N.B. 


Arthur A. Bruneau 

Joseph A. Gillies 

Sorel, Q. 

Richnabnd (N.S.) 

Richmond & Wolfe (Q.) 


Sydney, N.S. 

Michael T. Stenson 

Jean A. Ross 

Wbtton, Q. 

Ste. Flavie Station, Q. 

Rouville . 

Louis P. Brodeur 

Montreal, Q. 


William C. Edwards 

Michel E. Bemier 

Rockland, 0. 

St. Hyacinthe 

St. Hyacinthe, Q. 

St. John (N.B.) City 

St. John (N.B.) City & Co. .. 
St John & Iberville 

John V. Ellis 

St. John, N.B. 

Joseoh J Tucker 

St. John, N.B. 

Hon.^J. I. Tarte 

Ottawa. O. 

Thomas O. Davis 

Prince Albert, N.W.T. 


District Electorauz. 

Names of Members. 
Noms dcs Membres. 

Post Office Address. 


Shefford — 

Shelbume & Queen's 


Simcoe, E. Riding 

Simcoe, N. Riding 

Slmqoe, S. Riding 

Soulanges , 


Sunbury & Queen's (N.B.). 



Three Rivers and St. 

John A. Macdonell .. 
Charles H. Parmalee. . 
Hon. W. S. Fielding. . 
Hon. William B. Ives. 
William H. Bennett,.. 

Winnipeg, M. 
Waterloo, Q. 
Ottawa. O. 
Sherbrooke, Q. 

Richard Tyrwhitt Bradford, O. 

Toronto, Centre. 
Toronto, East — 
Toronto, West... 

Two Mountains. 



Victoria (B.C.).. 

Victorta (N.B.) 

Victoria (N.S.) 

Victoria (O.) N. R 

Victoria (O.) S. R 

Waterloo, N. Riding 

Waterloo, S. Riding 


Wellington, C. Riding. 
Wellington, N. Riding.. 
Wellington, S. Riding... 
Wentworth and Brant, 

N. Riding 

Wentworth, S. Riding... 

Westmoreland , 



Yale and Cariboo 



York (N.B.) 

York (O.) E. Riding. . 
York (O.) N. Riding. . 
York (O.) W. Riding. 

Augustin Bourbonnais 'Ooteau Lauding, Q 

Alvin H. Moore. 

Hon. A. G. Blair 

Charles A. Gauvreau. 
Leon A. Chauvin , 

Hon. Sir Adolphe Caron, 


George H. Bertr/im 

John R. Robertson 

Edward F. Clarke 

Edmund B. Osier 

Joseph A. C. Ethier 

W. W. B. Mclnnes 

Henry S. Harwood... .... 

Thomas Earle 

Hon. B. O. ?rior 

Hon. John Costigan , 

John L. Bethune , 

Samuel Hughes... 

George McHugh 

Joseph ^. Seagram 

James Livingstone 

William McCleary 

Andrew Semple 

James McMullen 

Christian Kloepf er 

James SomerviUe 

Thomas Bain 

Henry A. Powell 

Richard W. Jameson. 
Louis N. Champagne., 
Hewitt Bostock 

Roch M. S. Mignault.. 

Thomas B. Flint 

Hon. Geo. E. Foster. 
William F. Maclean. . . 
Hon. William Mulock. 
N. Clarke Wallace 

Magog, Q. 
Ottawa. O. 
Stanfold, Q. 
Montreal, Q. 

Ottawa. O. 
Toronto, O. 
Toronto, O. 
Toronto, O. 
Toronto, O. 
St. Scholastique, Q. 
Nanaimo, B.C. 
Vaudreuil, Q. 
Victoria, B.C. 
Victoria, B.C. 
Grand Falls, N.B. 
Baddack, N.S. 
Lindsay, O. 
Lindsay, O. 
Waterloo, O. 
Baden. O. 
Thorold. O. 
Fergus, O. 
Mount Forest, O. 
Guelph, O. 

Dundas, O. 
Dundas, O. 
Sackville, N.B. 
Winnipeg, M. 
Hull, Q. 
Monte Creek Ranch. 

Ducks, B.C. 
St. Michel d'Yamaska,Q. 
Yarmouth, N.S. 
Ottawa. O. 
Toronto, O. 
Ottawa. O. 
Woodbridge, O. 


ANGBRS, CHARLES (Charlevoix). S. of Elle Angers and Marie Perron, 
his wife. B. at Malbaie, Quebec. Ed. at Laval Normal Seh. An advocate. M., 
Sept., 18S4, Dame Marie Julie Dumas, sinea deceased. Bl. to Ho. of Commons 
at bre-eleotion caused by the death of H. Simard, Jan., 1896 ; ^e-el. g. e., 
Juue 23, 1S96. A Libei«l, 

BAIN, THOMAS (South Wentworth). S. of late Walter Bain, who came to 
Canada in 1837 from Stirlingshire, Scotland, settling on farm in West Flamboro. 
P. in Denny, Stirlingshire, Dec. 14, 1834. Ed. in Wentworth. M., June 25, 1874, 
Helen, second d. of late John Weir. Is retired farmer. W^aa Reeve West 
Flamboro seyeral years. Warden Wentworth 1870. First returned to Parlt. at 
R. e., 1872, for N, Wentworth* Sat continuously for that riding till 1896, when 
It was dissolved under the Act of 1892. El. for S. Wentworth g. e. 1896. A 

DAZI!^ET, CHARLES (JoUette). S. of Joseph Basinet and Marie Louise 
Trudeau, his wife. B. at Joliette, July 26, 1645. Ed. at Joliette Coll. Has been 
Mayor of St. Jean de Matha. Was a- raUway conductor for some years. Is a 
wood and lumber merchant and saw mill proprietor. M., Marie Philomene 
Courtois, Oct. 21, 1867. A Liberal. 

BEATTIE, MAJOR THOMAS (London). Of Irish descent. B. at Belfast, 
Irel., Aug. 12, 1844. Ed. at Niagara Grammar Sch. A retired merchant. Was 
an Alderman for the City of London for ten years. Holds a first-class certi- 
ficate from the Royal Sch. of Infantry, and is Senior Major in the 7th Batt. 
Fusiliers. Was on active service in the N. W. rebellion of 1885. El. to Ho. 
of Commons, g. e. 1896. A Conservative. 

BEAUSOLEIL, CLEOPHAS (Berthier). S. of Joseph Beausoleil and his 
wife. Rose Ducharme. B. at St. Felix de Valois, Que., June 19, 1845. Ed. at 
Berthlar Acad, and Joliette Coll. Engaged in Journalism for some years. Ap- 
jolnted OfflcUl Assignee for Montreal under the Insolvent Act, 1875. Called to 
the Bar 1880, and is head of the firm of Beausoleil, Choquet & Girard. Has 
been an Alderman in Montreal for about 15 years. Was a mem. of the R. C. 
Sch. Bd., 1894-1895. El. to Ho. of Commons for present seat at g. e. 1887, and 
re-el 1891 and 1896. Is Chairman of the House Committee on Expiring Laws. 
A Liberal. 

BEITH, ROBERT (Durham W.) B. in the Tp. of Darlington, Ont. Parents 
both natives of Camp^elltown, Argyleshire, Scot. Ed. In Public Schs. of Darl- 
ington, and also in private sch. at Bowman ville, and at a Commercial Coll. in 
Toronto. Unmarried. A farmer and Importer of thoroughbred horses. El. to 
Ho. of Commons at g. e. 1891 and 1896. A Liberal 

BBLCOURT, NAPOLEON ANTOINB, LL.D. (Ottawa City). B. in Toronto. 
Ont., Sept. 15, 1858. Eldest s. of Ferdinand Napoleon Belcourt and Marie Anne 
Clair, both French-Canadians descended from early French settlers at Three 
Rivers, P. Q. Ed. at Three Rivers' Coll. in Arts and Laval Univ. in Law. 
Grad. at Laval ^in Law, taking special degree of Master of Laws, 1882. Admit- 
ted to Quebec Bar, July, 1882 ; Ontario Bar, Sept., 1884. Mem. of Law Faculty 
Ottawa Univ. since 1891. An LL. D. of Ottawa Univ. since 1895. Crown At- 
torney for Carleton Co., June, 1894, to May, 1896. Resigned to become can- 
didate for Commons. Founder and first president of the Club National d'Ottawa, 
retaining that office for ten years consecutively. Vlce-Pres. of Ontario Liberal 
Association. M., Jan. 29, 1889, to Hectorine, eldest d. of Hon. Jos. Shehyn, 


Quebec. Was an unsuccessful candidate for Ho; of Commons, 1891, in Ottawa 
ipity. El. foi: Ottawa City at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

BELL, HON. ADAM CARR (Picton). B. at Pictou. N. S., Nov. 11, 1847, his 
father being a nfitive of Scotland and his mother of Nova Scotia. Ed. in the 
schs. of New Glasgow, Sackville Acad and Univ. of Olasgow. . M., Sept. 4, 1873, 
Annie» d. of John Henderson, of Albion Mines. A druggist. Has been Warden 
of New Glasgow, and a Sch. Commr. Sat in the Ho. of Assembly, N.S., 1878-87, 
when he resigned his seat. An unsuccessful candidate for Ho. of Commons. A 
mem. of the Ex. Council, and Prov. Secy, in the Thompson Adum in N. S. until 
that Govt, resigned In July, 1882, after which he was leader of Opposition ^ntil 
1887. EI. to Ho. of CcmmoDS at g. e. 1896. A Liberal-Conservative. 

BELL, JOHN W. (Addington). S. of Daniel Eraser Bell. J.P., of Scot. B. 
in Tp. of Camden, Co. Lennox and Addington, Ont., March 18, 1838. Ed. at 
High Sch. of Newburgh, obtaining first-class certificate, afterwards teaching 
Bch. several years. M. Julia, only d. of Francis Russell Purcell, -M.D. Was 
Reeve of Camden Tp., 1874-1880 ; Wardeil Co. Lennox and Addington, 1879 ; 
also Chairman Finance Committee and mem. Bd. of Audit. Grand Master 
Orange Grand Lodge, Ont. Bast, 1896 and 1897 ; delegate to Triennial Council 
Orange Soc, Glasgow, June 14, 1897, and el. 1st Vice Pres. Council. El. to Ho. 
cf Oommcns for Addington, g. e. 1882 and 1887 ; defeated 1891, but again el. at 
g. e. 1896. A farmer. A Conservative. 

BENNETT, WILLIAM HUMPHREY (Ea£t Slmcce). S. of Humphrey Ben- 
nett, of Barrie, and his wife, Annie Eraser. B. at Barrie, Dec. 23, 1859. Ed. 
Public and High Schs. Called to Bar 1881. Was Reeeve of Midland from 1886 for 
several years. Unmarried. Unsuccessfully contested East Slmcoe for Ho. of 
Commons, g. e. 1891, but returned 1892, after unseating of sitting mem. Re- 
turned again at g. e. 1896. He was unseated on petition in Dec. of that year, and 
again returned Feb., 1897. A mem. of Ex. Committee of Lib. -Con. Union of 
Ontario. A Conservative. 

BERGERON, JOSEPH GIDEON HORACE, B.C.L. (Beauhamois). S. 6f late 
T. R. Bergeron, N.P., Rlgaud, and his wife, Lacadie C. Delphine, d. of Gideon 
Coursol, N.P., of St. Andrew's, Que. B. at Rigaud, Oct. 13, 1854. Bd. at St. 
Mary's Coll., Montreal, and McGill Univ. (B.C.L., 1877). Called to the Bar, 
1877, and is head of the law firm of Bergeron & Cousineau, Montreal. EL to 
Ho. of Commons for Beaubarnois at bye-election caused by death of Michael 
Cay ley, 1879, and re-el. at each subsequent election. Was apptd. Deputy 
Speaker, Ho. of Commons, and Chairman of Committees for Parliament which 
expired April, 1896. M., July, 1890, Ada Josephine, d. of late Robert Wall, of 
Montreal. A Conservative. 

BERNIER, MICHEL ESDRAS (St. Hyaclnthe). B. at St. Hyacinthe, Sept. 
27, 1841. Youngest s. of late Etienne Bernier of the same place. Ed. at the 
St. Hyaclnthe Seminary. In June, 1867, admitted to practice as a notary, and 
is a mem. of the Not. Bd., Prov. of Quebec. Engaged In farming, and for 
some years has been Pres. of the St. Hyacinthe Agric. Soc. M., Nov., 1865, 
Allda, d. of the late Simeon Marchesseault, who In 1837 was a chief in the Re- 
bellion, and was subsequently exiled to the Bermudas. El. to Ho. of Com- 
mons, g. e., 1882, 1887, 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

BERTRAM, GEORGE HOPE (Centre Toronto). B. at Fenton Bams, Had- 
dingtonshire, Scot., March 12, 1847, and received his early education at the 
"»ari£h Sch. of Dirletcn. Is Pres. of the Bertram Engine Works Co., Ltd. For 


two years a mem. of the Council, Toronto Bd. ot Trade. Returned to Pairlt. 
in Liberal interest, but prefers the interests of the country to those of party, if 
ever the two Ehould come into conflict. El. to Ho. of Commons, Nov. 80, 1897 ; 
yacanry caused by resignation of Mr. Lount. 

BETHUNB, JOHN LEMUEL, M.D. (Victoria, N.S.) B. at Loch Lomond. 
Co. Richmond, N.S., March 9, 1850. Eld. s. of the late Roderick Bethune. Tnr. 
xnerly of Scot., who emigrated to Cape Breton. Ed. at Normal Sch., Truro, and 
Univ. of Dalhousie, where he grad. M.D. in 1875. Warden 'of Victoria for three 
years, CenEUs Commr., 1881, and a mem. of the Co. Council for seven years. In 
January, 1885, he married Mary C, d. of late R. A. Jones, Esq. Is Lleut.-Col. 
of the 94th *' Victoria " Batt., Ccmmr. of Schs., Coroner and a J.P. Sat in the 
N. S. Ho. of Assembly from 18S6, to June, 1896. EI, to Ho. of Commons at 
«. e., 1S96. A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

BLAIR, HON. ANDREW GEORGE, Q. C. (Queen's-Sunbury, N. B.) Of 
Scotch descent. B. in Frederlcton, N.B., March 7, 1844. Ed. at Collegiate 
Soh., Frederlcton. Called to the Bar, 1866 ; Q.O., 1891. Entered N.B. Assembly 
at g. e.. 1878, for York Co. Chosen leader of the Opposition Feb., 1879, and re- 
mained in Legislature until 1896. In March, 1883, defeated Hannington Ministry 
and formed the new admn. His Govt, was sustained In four g. e.'s, 1886, 1890, 
1892 and 1895. Was himself defeated for York in g.e. 1892. Mr. Hetherington re- 
signed, and Mr. Blair was el. for Queen's. Was mem. of Interprovincial Con- 
feasraoe held at' (^lekec, .1887, And one of the vice-chairmen of Dom. Lib. Con- 
vention, Ottawa, 1893. Invited to join new Laurier Admn., at Ottawa, he re- 
signed as Premier of N.B., and accepted portfolio of Railways and Canals at 
Ottawa, 1S96, being returned to Ho. of Commons for Queen's-Sunbury, Aug. 25, 
1896, As Minister of Railways, secured the extension of the Intercolonial Ry. 
from Levis to Montreal, March, 1898. Let contracts for improvements on St. 
Lawrence canals In the beginning of 1897, so as to complete 14 feet waterway 
from the great lakes to the sea. Pres. of Royal Victoria Hospital, Frederlcton ; 
a Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute. M., Oct. 18, 1866, Annie E., d. of the 
late Geo. Thompscn, Dpty. Sup. cf Ed., Frederlcton. A Methodist. A Liberal. 

BLANCHARD, THEOTIMB (Gloucester). Of Acadian descent. B. at Cara- 
quet, Gloucester Co., N.B., May, 1846. Ed. there. M., Marie Gauvin, March, 
1S67. A farmer and merchant. Taught sch. for nine years. A municipal coun- 
cillor for six years. Inspector of weights and measures, 1876-1881 ; preventive 
officer in the customs, 18E9-1892. Represented Gloucester in Leg. of N.B., 1870- 
1876, and again from 1882 to 1894, in which latter year he was el. to Ho. of 
Commons to fill the vacancy caused by the appmnt. of the late Kennedy F. 
Bums to the Senate. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

P.C. (King's, N.S.) S. of the late Jonathan Borden. B. at Cornwallis, N.S., 
May 14, 1847. Ed. at King's Coll., Windsor, (B.A.. 1867), and at Harvard Med. 
Sch., Boston. Grad. 1868, and practised medicine at Canning, N.S., where he 
was also agent for the Halifax Banking Co. A mem. of the Prov. Bd. of Health, 
1893. Apptd. Asst. Surg. 68th Batt., 1869, and, by promotion, Hon. Surg. Lt.- 
Col., Oct. 22, 1S98. First returned to Parlt. for King's Co., N.S., at g. e., 1874. 
Re-el. at g. e., 1878, but defeated at g. e., 1882. Again el. for same Co. at g. e. 
1887, and g. e., 1891. On petition election declared void. Re-el. Again returned 
g. e., 1896. Has been twice married, Oct., 1873, to Julia M., d. of J. H. Clark, 
Canning, N.S., (she d.), and, June, 1884, to Miss Bessie B. Clarke, of Canning. 
A Liberal. 


BORDEN, ROBERT LAIRD, Q.C. (Halifax). Eld. 8. of Andrew Borden and 
Bwnloe Laird, his wife. B. at Grand Pre, June 26, 1854. Ed, at Acadia Villa 
Acad., Horton. Was Prof. In Glenwood Inat., N. J. Returning to N. S., he 
studied law and was called to the Bar. 1878. Is head of the law firm of Borden, 
Ritchie, Parker & Chisholm, Halifax, and Pres. of the N. S. Barristers' Soc. ; 
Q.C, 1890. Bl. to Ho. of Commons, g. e., 1896. M., Sept. 1888, Laura, d. of the 
late T. H. Bond, Halifax. A Conservative. 

BOSTOCK, HEWITT, M.A. (Camb.) (Yale-Cariboo). Eld. s. of Samuel Boa- 
toek, of Walton Heath. Surrey, Eng., and Marian Bostock, his wife. B.. May 
31, 1864, at the Hermitage, Walton Heath. Ed. by tutor at Sutton, Brighton 
and Guildford, and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; grad,, 1886. Called to the Bar 
at Lincoln's Inn, 1888. Came to B. C, 1893. A rancher and fruit grower at 
Duck's, British Columbia. Has Investments in various parts of British 
Columbia, and is deeply interested in the welfare of that Province. Is the 
principal owner of several newspapers, but takes no active part in their man- 
agement. Resides most of the time at Duck's, but has a house in Victoria. 
Ell. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. M., June 12, 1881, Elizabeth Jean Mc- 
Combic, youngest d. of Hugh Cowie, Esq., Q.C, of Ithandale. Wimbledon, Eng.» 
and Chancellor of Durham. Church of England. A Liberal. 

BOURASSA, J. HENRI N. (Labelle). S. of Napoleon Bourassa, author and 
painter, and Azelie, d. of the late Hon. Louis Joseph Papineau. Montreal* 
Sept. 1, 3868. Ed. by private tuition at Montreal. Removed to Montebello in 
18S6. Was Mayor of Montebello, 1890-1894, and Mayor of Paplneauville in 1897. 
Has written for and edited one or two newspapers. First el. to Ho. of Com- 
mons, g. e., 1896. Unmarried. A Liberal. 

BOURBONNAIS, AUGUSTIN, M.D. (Soulanges). Descended from a family 
which emigrated from France with La Salle in 1644. B. at St. Cletj Soulanges 
Co., Quebec, March 19, 1850. Ed. at the Seminary of Ste. Therese. (B.A. 1872.) 
Grad. in med. at Laval Univ., 1875. Practised at Syracuse, N. Y.; removed to 
Coteau Landing, where he resides. An unsuccessful candidate against Mr. Bain 
for the Ho. of Commons at bye-election, Dec, 1892. Bl. to Ho. of Commons at 
g. e., 1896. A LlberaL 

BRITTON, BYRON MOFFAT, Q.C (Kingston). S. of late Daniel F. Brit- 
ton, for many years postmaster at Gananoque. B. there Sept. 3, 1833. Ed. at 
Gananoque and at Victoria Univ. (B.A. 1856, M.A. 1868). Called to Bar, 1859 ; 
Q.C, (Ont.) 1876, and (Dom.) 1881. Crown Atty. and Clerk of Peace, Frontenac 
Co., 1832-1891. El. Bencher, Law Soc, 1886. Apptd. Official Referee under Ont. 
Drainage Act, 1891 (resigned, 1896). A Commr. with others re Univ. Toronto, 
1895. A Commr. for revision of Ont. Statutes, 1895. Mem. Bd. of Regents of 
Victoria Univ. Is Lecturer on Criminal Law in Queen's Univ. Was Mayor 
of Kingston, 1876-1877, and Chairman Sch. Bd. First returned to Ho. of Com- 
mons g. e., 1S96. A Liberal. M., Dec, 1863, Mary F., eld. d. late Hon. L. H. 
Holton, M.P. 

BRODBR, ANDREW (Dundas). S. of William Broder, of Kllfree, Co. Sligo, 
Irel., his mother being a native of Belfast. B. in Franklin, Huntingdon CkK, 
Quebec, 1845. Ed. there and at Malone, N. Y., Acad. A farmer and merchant 
until 1892, when he became coll. of customs at Morrisburg, Ont., a position he 
resigned to run for the Ho. of Commons, g. e., 1896. Represented Dundas in 
Ont. Leg., 1875-1886. A Conservative. 


BRODEUR. LOUIS PHILIPPE, LL.B. (RouviUe). S. of Tottssalnt Brodeur, a 
** patriot " of 1837, and Justine Iiambert, his wife. B. at Beloeil, Que., Aug. 21, 
1862. Ed. at the Coll. of St. Hyacinthe ; grad. LL.B. at Laval Univ. Called to 
the Bar 1884. Has written largely for the press. El. to Ho. of Commons for 
Bouville, g. e., 1891, and re-el. 1896. Apptd. Deputy Speaker Ho. of Commons 
and Chairman of Committees, Aug., 1896. M., June, 1887, Emma, d. of J. R. 
Britton, of Beloeil. A Liberal. 

BROWN, JAMES POLLOCK (Ghatoauguay). S. of David Brown and Jean 
Pollock, his wife, both of Renfrewshire, Scot. B. at Beau River, April 4, 1841. 
Sd. at Elementary Soh., and at Business Coll. at New Haven, Conn. M., Feb.ld, 
1869, Miss Margaret Stewart. A. farmer, geiKral storekeeper and miller. El. to 
Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

BRUNEAU. ARTHUR AIME (Richelieu). 6. at St. Athanase, Quebec. Mar. 
4, 1864. Ed. at Coll. of the Sacred Heart, Sorel and Jesuit Coll., Montreal. M., 
Oct. 11, 1887, Arzelie, d. of J. B. Cloutier, Prof, at Laval Univ. An advocate. 
El. to Ho. of Commons for Richelieu at a -bye-eleotion, Jan. 18, 1892, and re-el. 
at g. e., 1896, defeating Hon. A. Desjardins, Minister of Public Works in the 
Tupper Admn. A Liberal. 

BURNETT, LEONARD (Ontario S.) S. of Thomas Burnett and Hannah 
Dickenson, his wife. B. April 5; 1846, in Yorkshire, Eng. Ed. at Greenwood 
Pub. Sch. and Whitby, Ont., High Sch. Taught sch. for three years. A farmer. 
Has been sch. trustee for 25 years and Sec.-Treas. of the Bd. ; Go. Councillor, 
Deputy Reeve and Reeve of the Tp. of Reach ; Auditor of the Co. for three 
years. A J.P. M., Jan, 6, 1870, Sarah Jane, d. of the late James Dryd^n. 
(Deceased, March 11, 1896.) Is an extensive dealer in live stock. Bl. to. Ho. of 
Commons, g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

CALVERT, WILLIAM SAMUEL (W. Middlesex). Irish and Scotch descent. 
B. March 3, 1857, in the Tp. of Warwick, Lambton Co., Ont. Ed. at Pub.* Sch. 
there and at the Waterford Seminary. A merchant. Has been Reeve of Met- 
calfe and Warden of Middlesex. M., Dec. 17, 1879, Cora, d. of James D. Suther- 
land, Napier, Ont. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD (Kent). B. In Tp. of Howard, Co. Kent, Ont., 
April £7, 1845. S. of late Neil Campbell and Flora Johnson, his wife, who came 
from Argyleshire, Scot. Ed. at Pub. and High Schs. of Kent. M., Feb. 8, 1871, 
Mirrette Burke of Coloma, Gal., at Winchester, Ky. Was for several years 
mem. of Council of Chatham; and represented Chatham In Co. Council. Chair- 
man of Finance Com. in town and county. Is engaged in milling at Toronto 
Jc, where he resides. First el. to Dom. Parlt. Feb. 22, 1887. Unseated, but re- 
elected.' May, 1888. Re-el. g. e., 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

CAROILL, HENRY (Bast Bruce). Of Irish descent. S. of David and Ann 
Cargill, both of Co. Antrim. Ed. Queen's Univ. M., March, 1864, Margaret 
Davidson. Was mem. Mun. Council Greenock Tp.* for number of years. Is 
lumber manfr., farmer and stock raiser. El. to Ho. of Commons. 1887, defeated 
at g. e., 1891, but el. at bye-election in 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1896. Is Dir. Dom. 
Life Ins. Co.; Vtce-Pres. Can. Mutual Mining and Develop. Co.; Vice-Pres. Ont. 
Trotting and Pacing Horse Breeders* Assoc. ; Pres. Saugeen Valley Ry. Co. 
A Conservative. 

B.C.L., Q.C., P.O. (Three Rivers and St. Maurice). S. of the late Hon. 
R. E. Caron, a Judge and subsequent Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, and 
his wife, Josephine, daughter of Germain DeBlois, of Quebec. B. In Quebec 


City, December 24, 1843. Ed. at Seminary there and grad. B.C.L. at McGlII 
Univ., 1865. Admitted to Bar same year. Created Q.C. 1879. Unsuccessfully 
contested Bellechasse for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1872. El. for Quebec Co. to 
Ho. of Commons at bye-election Mar., 1873, and represented that Co. continu- 
ously until 1891. At g. e., 1891, offered for Rlmouski and was returned. At g.e., 
1896, elected for Three Rivers and St. Maurice. Entered Sir John Macdonald's 
Govt, as Min. Militia and Defence, 1880. Accepted same portfolio in the Abbott 
Admn., June, 1891. Became Postmaster-General, June 25, 1892, and continued 
to hold that portfolio in Thompson and Bowell Adms. Retired from office when 
Premier Bowell resigned, April 27, 1896. In recognition of his services while at 
the head of the Dept. of Militia and Defence during the Northwest Rebellion 
of 1885, he was created Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. 
George. Is Pres. ^orth Star Mining and Develop. Co. M., June, 1867, Alice, 
only d. of late Francois Baby. 

CARROLL, HENRY GEORGE, LL.B. (Kamouraska). S. of Michael Burke 
Carroll and his wife, Marguerite Campbell. B. at Kamouraska, Que., Jan. 31, 
1866. Ed. at Ste. Anne's College and Laval Univ., where he grad. LL.B. 1889. 
Called to the Bar, July 3, 1889. He practised his profession at Fraserville. M., 
June 1, 1891, Amazelie, d. of L. Boulanger, merchant of Ste. Agathe de Lotbin- 
iere. EJ. to Ho. of Commons, g. e., 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

Riggs Carscallen, who was at the front during the rebellion of 1837. B. in Tp. 
of North Fredericksburg, Lennox Co., Ont., Oct. 14, 1844. Ei. at Napanee Acad, 
and Univ. of Nashville, Tenn., U.S. A banker. Has been Reeve of Tp. in 
which he lives, and Chairman of Scfa. Bd. A J.P. M., Nov. 16, 1874, Marcia 
Pringle. El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election Dec. 30, 1892, upon the appmnt. 
of Sir Mackenzie Bowell to the Senate. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

S. of the late R. D. Cartwrlght, Chaplain to the Forces, Kingston, Ont., and 
his wife, Harriet, d. of Conway Edward Dobbs, of Dublin, Irel., and is the 
grandson of the Hon. Richard Cartwrlght, formerly a Judge of Common Pleas 
in U. C, and afterwards a member of the Leg. Council of that Province. B. at 
Kingston, Ont., Dec. 14, 1835. Ed. at Trinity Coll., Dublin. Became Pres. of 
the Commercial Bank of Canada. Is Pres., Dir. or Trustee of several commer- 
cial and financial corporations. During its existence was Pres. of the Reform 
Club, Toronto. Is Presv of the Eastern Ontario Liberal Assn., formed in 1897. 
El. to Parlt. of Old Canada for Lsnnox and Addington, 1868, and continued to 
Bit for that constituency until 1867. From Confederation down to 1878, repre- 
sented Lennox in Ho. of Commons. Defeated in Lennox at g. e., 1878. Was re- 
turned for Centre Huron at bye-election on resignation of H. Horton. An un- 
successful candidate for Centre Wellington at g. e., 1882. Again el. at bye- 
election, Dec, 1883, for S. Jluron on resignation of sitting member, J. McMil- 
lan. El. at g. e., 1887, for S. Oxford ; re-el. 1891 and 1896. Waa Finance Min- 
ister in the Mackenzie Admn. from Nov. 7, 1873, until Oct. 16, 1878, when min- 
istry resigned. Created K.C.M.G. 1879. Was chief financial critic, and one of 
the leaders of the Opposition in Parlt. from 1879 imtil g. e., 1896, when his 
party waa returned to power and he became Minister of Trade and Com- 
merce in the Admn. of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, July 13, 1896. Was the recipient of 
one of the honors of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, June 20, 1897, when he 
received the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. During 
the summer of 1897, when Sir Wilfrid Laurier represented Canada at the cele- 
bration of the Queen's Jubilee, was acting-Premier and Leader in the Ho. of 


Commoas. Went to WaBhlngton in 1807 to promote better relations between 
Canada and the U. S. Proposed a joint commission and represented Canada on 
that commission when it sat at Quebec in the summer of 1898. A Liberal. M., 
1869, Frances, d. ot Col. Alex. Lawe, of Cork, Irel. Their eldest son, Major 
Robt. Cartwright, is AsBt. Adjt.-Qeneral of the Militia Force of Canada. 

CASEY, GEORGE ELLIOTT, B.A. (Elgin W.) S. of William Casey, of the 
Co. of Westmeath, Irel., and Sarah Elliott, of Omagh, Irel. B. in the Tp. of 
Southwold, Elgin Co., Ont, March 24, 1850. Ed. at St. Thomas Gram. Sch. and 
Toronto UniT. (B.A. 18T1). M., 1877, Sarah Isabella, d. of the late J. L. BiggAr, 
of Northumberland CJo., Ont. El. to Ho. of Commons for West Elgin at g. e., 
1872, and re-el. at each election up to g. e., 1896, inclusive. In 1875, and fol- 
lowing years, agitated for Civil Service Reform on basis of British system. Pro- 
posed legislation at different sessions of Parliament for the benefit of railway 
employees. Was Chairman of Special Com. of House on Bill designed to fur- 
ther the interests of railway employees, 1897, and a similar Bill was passed by 
the House in 1898, but failed to pass the Senate. Introduced, and carried 
through the House, during the second session of 1896, Bill for the carriage of 
bicycles as baggage by the railways, in response to the request of the Canadian 
Wheelman's Assoc., but the Bill failed to pass the Senate. Railway companies, 
however, taking warning, made substantial concessions on the carriage of bi- 
cycles. Was a Captain in the Militia, 25th Elgin Batt. ; Adjt. of Wimbledon 
team, 1877. Author of a pamphlet on Currency and Banking, 1881. A Metho- 
dist. A Liberal. 

CASGRAIN, THOMAS CHASE, Q.C., LL.D. (Montmorency). S. of Sena- 
tor Charjes E. Casgrain, M. D., and of Charlotte M. Chase, of Windsor, Ont. ; 
his paternal ancestor, Jean Baptiste Casgrain, an officer in the French army, 
came to Canada in 1750 from Ervault, in Poitou, France. B. in Detroit, Mich., 
July 28, 1S52. Ed. at the Sem. of Quebec and at Laval Univ., where he gradu- 
ated in 1877 as Master in Laws summa cum laude, and took the Dutferln medal. 
M., in Quebec, May 15, 1878, Marie Louise, d. of late Alexandre Lemoine. Ap- 
pointed Prof, of Criminal Law at Laval Univ., 1882 ; Doctor of Laws in 1883 ; 
apptd. Q.C. in April, 1887 ; rep. Crown at Court Queen's Bench, Quebec ; and 
was junior counsel for Crown at trial of Louis Riel and other rebels at Regina, 
N.W.T., July. 1885. El. to Leg. Assembly for Co. of Quebec, Oct., 1886. Sat 
in Assembly untU June, 1890. Associated with Hon. John Hall, Q.C., in con- 
ducting iHTosecutlon of late Honors Mercier and others before Royal Commis- 
sion appointed to investigate Bale des Chaleurs Railway matter, 1891. In Dec, 
1891, on formation of the DeBoucherville Ctovt., appointed Attorney- General. 
El. in March, 1892, for Montmorency, defeating Hon. Charles Langlier. Was 
also Attorney-General in Taillon Admn. and acted as such until May, 1896. 
While Attorney-General introduced several important reforms, amongst others, 
increased the qualification of grand and petit jurors ; decreased number of grand 
jurors to twelve ; passed new election law, founded on English Act, limiting 
expenses in each riding to a certain sum and increasing punishment for bribery. 
In 1893, appointed Royal Commission, composed of Judges Larue and Davidson 
and himself, as Chairman, to revise and re-draft Code of Civil Procedure, 
which came into force Sept., 1897 ; abolished fee system for Registrars of Deeds 
and other officers, etc., etc. In June 1896, resigned from Leg. and was el. for 
Montmorency to Ho. of Commons, again defeating Hon. Charles Langelier. In 
1893, el. Batonnier of Bar for District of Quebec, and Batonnier- General for the 
Province ; re-el. in 1894. Member of law firm of McGibbon, Casgrain, Ryan & 
Mitchell, Montreal. A Conservative. 


CHAMPAGNE, LOUIS N. (Wright). S. of Hon. Charles L. Champagne, 
Judge, of Montreal. B. in St. Eustache, Co. of Two Mountains, Nov. 21, 1860. 
Ed. at St. Hyacinthe Coll. and Laval Univ. Called to the Bar, July, 1882. A 
practising Barrister at Hull. Was Mayor of Hull, 1893 and 1896. Is Batonnler 
of the Bar of the District of Ottawa. M., Sept. 7, 1885, AMee Ohevrter, d. of 
Alexandre Chevrier, of Hull. El. to Ho. of Commons upon the acceptance of 
office by Mr. C. R. Devlin, March 23, 1897. A Liberal. 

CHARLTON, JOHN (N. Norfolk). S. of late Michael Charlton, who emi- 
grated from Northumberland, Eng., in 1825, and his wife, Maria M. Bowerman. 
B. near Caledonia, N.Y., Feb. 3, 1829. Ed. there, and removing to Canada with 
his parents, 1849, was engaged on his father's farm near Ayr. In 1853 he moved 
to Lynedcch, Norfolk Co. Shortly afterwards engaged in the lumber business, 
and is now a lumber manufacturer. One of the founders of the Dom. Lord's 
Day Alliance and the author of Dom. legislation for the better observance qf 
the Lord'ft Day. Was Chairman of the Ont. Royal Mining Conm., 1888. El. to 
Ho. of Commons for N. Norfolk at g. e., 1872, and has held the seat ever since. 
Has taken an independent stand in the Ho. of Commons on several occasions, 
notably on the Riel and Jesuit Estates' questions. Has always been an advo- 
cate of reciprocity in trade with the U. S. Is well known as a lecturer on poli- 
tical, literary and historical subjects. Apptd. by the British Govt, a mem. of 
the Joint High Comn., which met at Quebec in the summer of 1898, to arrange 
disputes between Canada and the U. S., and to remove obstacles to enlarged 
trade between the two countries. A Presbyterian, and a delegate to the Pan- 
Presbyterian Conf. at Glasgow, 1896. M., Nov., 1854, Ella, d. of the late George 
Gray, Charlotteville, Ont. A Liberal. 

CHAUVIN, LEON ADOLPHE (Terrebonne). B. at Terrebone, July 20, 1861. 
Ed. at Montreal Coll. A mem. of the law firm of Archambault & Chauvin. 
Montreal. M., 1889, Miss Berthe Gagnon, of Quebec. El. to Ho. of Commons at 
g. e., 1896. A Liberal-Conservative. 

CHRISTIE, THOMAS, M.D. (Argenteuil). Third s. of late John Christie 
and Elizabeth Nicol, both of Stirlingshire, Scot. B. in Glasgow, Scot., Mar. 8, 
1S24. Came to Canada with parents, 1827. Ed. at McGill Coll., obtaining degree 
M.D. in 1848. M., Oct., 1849, Catherine, d. of late P. McMartin, St. Andrew's, 
P.Q. Chairman Bd. Sch. Commissioners, St. Jerusalem d' Argenteuil. Pres. of 
Lachute Coll. for many years. Waa Warden of Co., and Mayor of Town of 
Lachute for some time. Was Asst Surg., Point 'St. Charles, Miuitreal, during 
ship fever scourge, 1847. First returned to Parlt. for present seat (accl.), Dec. 
31, 1S75. Re-el. 1878. Sat one session. Was unseated for act of agent. Re-el. 
1S91 and 1896. A Liberal. Favors Prohibition, Sabbath Observance and Free 
Trade, and opposed to all class legislation. 

CLANCY, JAMES (Bothwell). Second s. of late Patrick Clancy, of Co. 
Roscommon, Irel. B. in Tp. of Mosa, Co. Middlesex, Ont., July 21, 1844. M., 
July 2S, 186S, Emily, d. of late Alexander Mcintosh, P.L.S. Is a farmer. Was 
member of Town Council, Dresden, and Reeve of Chatham Tp. El. to Ont, 
Leg. g. e., 18S3, 1S86 and 1890. An unsuccessful candidate, g. e., 1894. El, to 
Ho. of Commons, g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

CLARKE, EDWIN FREDERICK (West Toronto). B. at BiOlieboro, Co. 
Cavan, Irel., April 24, 1850. Parents both Irish. Ed. at Model Sch.. in native 
town. M., Charlotte Elizabeth Scott, ,d. of late Dan. Scott. Toronto, Dec. 30, 
1884. Mayor of City of Toronto during the years 1888, 1889, 1890 and 1891. 
Came to Canada in July, 1864, and went to Michigan, where. he resided for a 


few months. Returned to Toronto in Nov., 1864, and served apprenticeship In 
The Globe office, afterwards going into business for himself. Is Pres. of T^e 
Excelsior Life Insurance Company. Represented Toronto for two terms in the 
Oht. l«g., 1887-1894. El. one of the representatives for West Toronto in the Ho. 
of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

COCHRANE, EDWARD (E. Northumberland, O.) S. of James Cochrane, of 
Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng., and Mary Davis, of Wexford Co., Irel. They set- 
tled in the Tp. of Cramahe, Northumberland Co., Ont., 1826. B. in the Tp. of 
Cramahe, Jan. 1, 1834. Ed. in the Village of Colbome. A farmer, living In 
Cramahe Tp. For many years a sch. trustee and Warden of Northumberland and 
Durham, 1880. P., (1st) Miss Mary Hicks, 1856, (she died July 3, 1873) ; (2nd) 
Ellen Louisa, d. of Steven Thorne, Esq. El. to Ho. of Commons, g. e., 1882. 
Defeated at g. e., 1887, by eight votes, and on the election being declared void 
was el. Dec. 22, 1887. This election also voided. Again el. Nov. 21, 1888. Re-el. 
at g. e., 1891, and g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

COPP, ALBERT JAMES SMITH (Digby). S. of Thomas Copp, a Loyalist. 

B. at Amherst, N.S. Ed. at Amherst Acad, and Dorchester and Sackville, N.B. 

Called to the Bar, 1879. Crown Prosecutor of Digby Co. since 1887. M., 1881, 

Eliza, d. of James A. Dennison, of Digby. EI. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 

' 1S96. A Liberal. 

CORBY, HENRY (Hastings W.) S. of the late Henry Corby, M.P.P. 
tive cf Middlesex, Eng. B. at Belleville, Ont., May 2, 1851. Ed. at Pub. Sch. 
and at Rockwood Acad, and at Commercial Coll., of Toronto. On the death of 
his father succeeded to business of miller and distiller at Corbyville, near Belle- 
ville. M., Sept., 1872, Maria, d. of late John Courtney. El. to Ho. of Commons at 
bye-election in 1888, caused by the death of Mr. Robertson, the sitting member. 
Re -el. at g. e., 1891. Resigned his seat during session of 1894 because he was 
inadvertently and technically guilty of a breach of the Independence of Parlia- 
ment Act. Re-el. by accl. and resumed his seat In the House a few weeks later. 
Re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

COSTIGAN, HON. JOHN, P.C. (Victoria, N.B.) B. of Irish parents at St. 
Nicholas, Que., Feb. 1, 1835. Ed. at Ste. Anne's Coll. Was Registrar of Deeds 
fcr Co. Victoria, N.B., and a Judge. Returned to the Leg. for Victoria, N.B., 
in 1861, where he sat up to 1866. El. to the Ho. of Commons for Victoria, N.B., 
1867, and re-el. at each election since. Became a member of Sir John Macdon- 
ald's Govt., May 23, 1882, accepting the portfolio of Inland Revenue, which he 
held iihtil Dec, 1892, when he entered the Admn. of Sir John Thompson as Sec- 
retary of State. On the death of Sir John Thompson he became Minister of Ma- 
rine and Fisheries in the Bowell Admn, and continued to hold the same posi- 
tion In the Tupper Admn., retiring with the other members of the Govt, in 
July, 1S96, as a consequence of the accession of the Liberals to power. Mr. 
Costigan has always been a strong advocate in parliament of the rights of 
Roman Catholics in reference to Separate Schools, and took a prominent part 
in opposing the New Brunswick School Act. Supported remedial legislation for 
the restoration of Separate Schools in Manitoba. A strong believer in Home 
Rule for Ireland, and moved resolutions on the subject in the Ho. of (Commons 
for the purpose of strengthening that cause. Was a delegate to the Irish 
National Convention held in Dublin, 1896. In religion a Roman Catholic. M., 
Harriet, d. of J. R. Ryan, of Grand Falls, N.B. John R. Costigan, Q.C., of 
Calgary, is a son, and H. Costigan, of the Inland Revenue Dept., is another son. 


COWAN, MAHLON K. (Essex S.) Of Irtsh parentage. B. at Bl3rtheswood, 
Tp. of Mersea, Essex Co., Ont., May 10, 1868. Brantford, and Colllngrw^ood 
CoHeg. Inst. A mem. of the law firm of Clarke, Cowan, Bartlet A Bartlet, of 
Windsor, Ont. M., Jan. 5, 1892; Clara lioulse Pllkey, of Brantford. Ont. Bl. ta 
Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1S96. A Liberal. 

CRAIG, THOMAS DIXON, B.A. (East Durham). S. of William Craigr and 
his wife, Hannah Dixon. B. at London, Eng., in 1842. Ed. at Port Hope Hish 
Sch. and Univ. Coll., Toronto, graduating B.A. in 1863. Took two scholarships 
and gold medal in Metaphysics, Logic, Ethics, History, and Ethnology. M., 
1865, Annie Girvin, at Niagara Falls. A leather manufacturer. El. to Ont. Lteg.,. 
1S8G. Brought forward question of French Schs. in Eastern Ontario, which led 
to appointment of a commission of investigation, and later to bi-lingual text 
books and compulsory teaching of English in these schools. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1891. Supported the late D'Alton McCarthy in motion to 
give the Assembly of N. W. T. complete control of education there. Opposed 
Remedial Bill, March, 1896. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. An Independent Conservative. 

DAVIES. HON. SIR LOUIS HENRY, K.C.M.G., Q.C., P.C. (Queen's West, 
P.E.I.) S. of the Hon. Benjamin Davies, formerly Colonial Sec. of P.E.I., and 
his wife, Kezia Attwood Watts. B. in Charlottetown, P.E.I. , May 4, 1845. Ed. 
there. Completed his professional ed. at the Inner Temple, London, Eng. 
Called to the Bar 1866 ; Q.C. 1880. Was the leading counsel for tenantry,. 
P.E J., before Land Comm'n, 1875-1876, presided over by the late Rt. Hon. H. C. 
E. Childers, which successfully settled the land question of the Province. Was 
retained as one of the Brit. Counsel before the International Fisheries Com- 
mission appointed under the Treaty of Washington, which met at Halifax, 18T7. 
Appointed Solicitor-General for P.E.I. , 1869. El. to Ho. of Assembly, Nov., 1872, 
re-el. 1874, and remained a mem. until 1879, when defeated. Was leader of Op- 
position until Sept., 1876, when he became Premier and Attomey-CJeneral. While 
in office passed the Free Schools Act and the Ballot Act. Resigned 1879. £31. 
for Queen's Co., P.E.I., to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1882. Re-el. at each g. e. 
for Queen's Co. till 1891, and for Queen's West since. Returned by accl. on 
acceptance of office, July, 1896. Became a mem. of the Laurier Admn. as Min- 
ister of Marine and Fisheries, July 13, 1896. El. Liberal leader in the Maritime 
Provinces at the Liberal Convention, Ottawa, 1893. Also el. Pres. of the Mari- 
time Province Liberal Assn. same year, and made political tour of the Pro- 
vinces, Nov. and Dec, 1894. Was Pres. of the Merchants' Bank of P.E.I., until 
he Joined the Laurier Admn., and is Pres. of the Patriot Printing and Pub- 
lishing Co. Went to Washington, Feb. and Nov., 1897, and May, 1898, taking 
part in negotiations for settlement of outstanding disputes between Canada and 
the U. S., and for better trade relations. On the latter mission signed with* 
Brit. Ambassador the Protocols of the preliminary negotiations for the appoint- 
ment of Joint High Commission, and made announcement in Ho. of Commons, 
June 1, 1S93, that a Joint High Commission would meet at Quebec during the 
summer, as the outcome of these negotiations. Went to London, July, 1897, and 
argued question of Carman and Belgian Treaties before Law Officers of the 
Crown on behalf of Canada. Receive* the honor of Knighthood from Her 
Majesty, being created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael i*nd 
St. Gkorge, June 20, 1897. M., July, 1872, Susan, fourth d. of the late Dr. A. 
G. V. Wiggins. Church of England. A Liberal. 

DAVIN. NICHOLAS FLOOD, Q.C. (Assinibola West). S. of the late N. F. 
Davin, M.D., and his wife, Eliza, youngest d. of Richard Lane, of Bally- 
seanlan, Irel. B. at Kilflnane, Co. Limerick, Jan. 13, 1843. Ed. by private 


tuition at Queen's Coll., Cork, and at a Coll. affiliated to the London Univ. 
Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, London, Eng., 1868. Was reporter In 
Press Gallery, Ho. of Commons, London ; war correspondent for Irish Times 
and London Standard, Franco-German war. Came to Canada, July, 1872, and 
joined staff of Toronto Globe. Afterwards lectured, and joined staff of Toronto 
Mail. Called to the Ontario Bar, 1874, and subsequently to the Northwest par: 
Q.C. .1890. First went to the Northwest, 1882, on a visit, and settled there the 
following year, establishing the Leader newspaper at Regina. Was unsuccess- 
ful Candida ts in Haldimand, Ont., at g. e., 1878. Same year was sent to Wash- 
ington to report on system of Indian Schs. In 1880 Secy. Royal Comm. respect- 
ing C. P. Ry., and, 1884, Secy. Royal Comm. on Chinese Immigration. First 
returned to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1887, for present seat, and re-el. 1891 and 
1896. Chosen Pres. Lib. -Con. Assn. for N.W.T., 1897. Author of several literary 
works and essays. M., July, 1895, Eliza Jane, second d. of James Reid, Ottawa. 
Church of England. A Conservative. 

DAVIS, THOMAS OSBORNE (Saskatchewan). Of Irish des. S. of Samuel 
and Ann Davis. B. in Sherrington, Que., Aug. 16, 1856. Ed. at home by his 
father, a Trinity Coll. (Dublin) man. Councillor and Mayor of Prince Albert. 
Pres. Bd. of Trade and Chairman of Public Sch. Bd. A general storekeeper. 
El. to Ho. of Commons for Saskatchewan, Dec. 19, 1896, in place of Sir Wilfrid 
Laur:er, who was returned at the general election, but vacated the seat by ac- 
ceptance of office and was re-el. for Quebec East. M., Sept., 1885, Rebecca 
Jennings, of P.E.I. A Liberal. 

M. Dechene, merchant, and Luce Talbot, his wife, both of the Co. of L'Islet. 
B. in 1848. Ed. at Ste. Anus's Coll. Resided for some years at St. Pamphile. 
where he was Mayor of the village. Lives at the Seigniorial Manor of St. Roch 
des Aulnaies and carries on business as a lumber merchant. He also owns the 
Seignory of St. Roche des Aulnaies, L'Islet Co. ; Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere, 
Kamouraska Co., and of D'Argentenay, St. Francois, Island of Orleans, Mont- 
morency Co. Is Pres. of the Agric. Soc, L'Islet M., 1871, Miss Aurore 
Ouellet, of Ste. Louise. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

DESMARAIS, ODILON (St. James, Montreal). B. in Joiiette, Feb. 28, 1854. 
Family emigrated from Normandy, France, one of whom was a son-in-law to 
Champlain. Ed. at Joiiette Coll. and McGiU Univ. B.C.L. March, 1876. M., 
May, 1877, Miss Gelinas. Councillor of St. Hyacinthe for two years. An advo- 
cat3 and journalist. Crown Prosecutor, Montreal Dist. Represented St. Hya- 
cinthe in the Leg. of Quebec, 1890-1892. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. 
A Liberal. 

DOBBLL, HON. RICHARD REID, P.C. (Quebec West). S. of late George 
Dobell, Liverpool, Eng., where b. 1837. Ed. at Liverpool Coll. Came to Can- 
ada, 1867, and founded lumber and mercantile Arm of R. R. Dobell & Co., 
Quebec. Was Pres. Bo. of Trade and one of the Harbor Commrs. for that city. 
Is Pres. Cold Storage Co., Quebec, and a Dir. of Quebec Ry. Bridge Co. ; Vice- 
Pres. of the Quebec Bible Soc, and Trustee of Bishop's Coll., Lennoxville. 
Del. to the Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the Empire, London, Eng., 
1892, and also 1896. In 1894 el. Pres. Deep Waterways Con. meeting in Toronto. 
Was Bome yearft ago interested in proposed new Short Atlantic cable. Identi- 
fied with Imperial Federation movement, and in 1896 assisted Lord Rosebery 
in founding Brit. Empire League and el. to Council. El. to Ho. of Commons 
for Quebec W. as an Ind. candidate while absent in England, June, 1895, but 


lost the election on a recount. EI. for same seat at g. e., 1896. Entered Laurier 
Admn., July 13, 1896, being sworn of the Privy Council and called to the 
Cabinet, without portfolio. M., Elizabeth Frances, eld. d. of the late Sir David 
Macpheison, K.C.M.G., Toronto. Their soh, Charles Macpherson Dobell, a 
grad. of R. M. Coll., was appointed a Lieut, in Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Church 
of England. A Liberal. 

DOMVILLE, LT.-COL. JAMBS (King's, N.B.). S. Of the late Lt.-Col.* Jas. 
W. Domville, R.A., and his. wife, Frances, d. of the late Hon. William Ussher, 
a descendant of the celebrated Archbishop Ussher. B. in England, Nov. 29, 
1842. Ed. there. Went to Barbadoes, where he entered the service of a mer- 
cantile firm. Came to St. John, N.B., 1866, and went into business as a West 
India merchant. Pres., during its existeoce, of the Maritime Bank of Canada. 
Was Pres. of the North Shore and Salisbury Junction Ry., and of the King's 
Co. Dd. of Trade. Appointed Lt.-Col. commanding the 8th Princess Louise, 
N. B., Hussars, July 2, 1881, and volunteered his regiment for service in the 
Soudan, 1884 and ^896. Was one of the officers who accompanied Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier to England, Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration, 1897. El. to Ho. of 
Commons for present scat, 1872-1882. Defeated at g. e., 1882, by Geo. E. Foster. 
Election declared void. An unsuccessful candidate at bye-election. At bye-elec- 
tion caused by Mr. Foster accepting office, Dec, 1885, again an unsuccessful 
candidate. Defeated at g. e., 1887 and 1891. El. at g. e., 1896. A Conservative 
up to 1882. Returned in 1896 as a supporter of Mr. Laurier. In 1897 and 1898 
was interested in companies formed for the development of the Yukon territory. 
M., 1867, Isabel, d. of the late William Hy. Scovil, St. John, N.B. A Liberal. 

DOUGLAS. JAMES MOFFAT (Assiniboia East). B. at Linton, Bankhead, 
Roxburgh, Scot., May 26, 1839. Ed. there, at Toronto Univ., Queen's Univ., 
Kingston, Knox Coll., Toronto, and Princeton Semin. Ordained to the minis- 
try, 1865. Was pastor at Uxbridge and Cobourg Presbyterian Churches. A 
Missionary to India and Chaplain to the British troops at Mhow, 1876-1882. Re- 
turing to Canada, he was minister at Brandon, Man., and at Moosomin, N.WT. 
Retired from the ministry, 1896, and devoted himself to farming. Has been a 
mem. of the Ont. Bd. of Pub. Instruction, Insp. of Com. Schs, Chairman of 
High Sch. Bd. and Pres. of Evangel. Alliance. M., 1861, Jane, d. of George 
Smith, of Darlington, Ont. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

DUGAS, JOSEPH LOUIS EUCLIDE (Montcalm). S. of the late Firmin 
Dugas, who represented Montcalm in the Ho. of Commons, 1871-1887 consecu- 
tively, and was also a mem. of the Quebec Assembly for six years. He was of 
Acadian and his wife of English des. B. in Montcalm, Aug. 30, '1861. Ed. at 
jQliette Coll. and Ottawa Coll. A farmer. A Sch. Commr. for several years. 
M., Jan. 30, 1883, Lizzie E., d. of the late Thomas Rowan, J.P. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1891. Election declared void. Re-el. at bye-election. Mar. 3, 
1892. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

DUPRE, HERCULB (Montreal, St. Mary's). S. of the late Capt. Pierre 
Dupre. B. at Vercheres, 1842. Ed. at Parish Sch. and remained on his father's 
farm until 2S years of age. Is now a lumber merchant in Montreal. Mem. of 
the City Council, Montreal. M., 1862. Vitaline Giard, of Contrecoeur, Quebec. 
El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

DYMBNT. ALBERT EDWARD (Algoma). S. of Nathaniel Dyment. of 
Devonshire, Eng., and his wife, Annie McRae. of Inverness-shire, Scot. B. at 
Lynden, Ont., Feb. 23, 1869. Ed. at Barrle Coll. Institute and U. C. Coll. M. 
Frances Edith, second d. of late A. T. Chapman, of London, Ont. A lumber 


manfr. EI. to Town Council, Barrie, 1891. Same year moved to Thessalon. 
El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

BARLE, THOMAS (Victoria, B.C.) B. of Irish parents in Leeds Co.. Ont., 
Sept. 27, 1837. Is a wholesale grocer in Victoria. Has been Pres. of Victoria 
Bd. of Trade and a mem. of City Council. El. to Ho. of Commons at bye- 
election of 1889. Re-el. at g. e., 1891 and 1896. M., 1875, Miss Elizabeth Mason. 
A Conservative. 

Ontario). S. of the late James Edgar, of Lennoxville, Que., by Grace, his wife, 
d. of the Rev. David Fleming, M.A., minister of Carriden, Linlithgowshire, 
■ Scot. B. at Hatley, QUe., Aug. 10, 1841. Ed. at Lennoxville and the City of 
Quebec. Moving to Toronto, he studied law under the late Hon. John Hillyard 
Cameron, Q.C., and was called to the Bar 1864. (Q.C. 1890.) He practised in 
Toronto in partnership with the present Chief Justice of Canada, Sir Henry 
Strong, and is at present the head of the .law firm of Edgar & Malone. Hon. 
degree of D.p.L. conferred by Bishop's Coll., Lennoxville, June 30, 1898. First 
presented himself for parliamentary honors in Monck as the Liberal candidate 
for the Leg. at the g. e., 1871, but was defeated by four votes. The following 
year, 1872, was returned for Monck to Ho. of Commonis. At g.e., 1874, contested 
Monck again, but was defeated by Mr. McCallum, who was unseated, and at 
the bye-election he again defeated Mr. Edgar by five votes. Again unsuccess- 
fully contes£ed Monck at g. e., 1878, and Centre Toronto at g. e., 1882. EI. by 
accl. to Commons at bye-election in August, 1884, for West Ontario, and has 
been re-el. for same seat at g. e., 1887, 1891 and 1896. El. Speaker of the Ho. of 
Commons by unanimous vote on meeting of the new Parliament, Aug., 1896. 
Sworn of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Mar. 24, 1897. Entrusted with 
important diplomatic mission to British Columbia in connection with questions 
affecting the entry of that Province into Confederation, 1875. For many years 
one of the leading members and confidential advisers of the Liberal party in 
the Ho. of Commons, and took an active part in the prosecution of charges 
against certain members of the House investigated by Select Committees, and 
had also charge of the impeachment of Sir Adolphe Caron, Postmaster-General, 
which was finally referred to a Royal Commission for enquiry. Was most active 
in pressing for a foreign Copyright Act, which was introduced by the Govt, and 
pasFcd in 1889. In 1894 introduced and carried resolution for International Ar- 
bitration between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 
Took a prominent part in parliamentry agitation for reform of tariff. Has pub- 
lished a book of poems, also the volume, " Canada and Its Capital " (1S98), and 
is the author of several law works and numerous essays on political and other 
subjects. Received the honor of Knighthood from Her Majesty, May, 1898, be- 
ing created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. 
M., Sept., 1866, Matilda, second d. of the late Thomas G. Ridout. Issue, five 
sons and three daughters. Speaker's Chambers, Ho. of Commons, Ottawa ; 
113 Bloor Street W., Toronto ; *' The Pines," Lake Simcoe, Ont. 

EDWARDS, WILLIAM CAMERON (Russell). S. of the late Wm. Edwards, 
a native of Portsmouth, Eng., who came to Canada about 1820, settling in Tp. 
of Clarence, Co. Russell, Ont., and his wife, Martha Ann Cameron, a native of 
Fort William, Scot. B. in Clarence, May 7, 1844. Bd. at Ottewa Gram. Sch. 
An extensive lumber manufacturer. Has taken a practical interest in agricul-i 
turfe and is a successful stock raiser. Has been for many years Pres. Russell 
Agric. Soc. Is a Dir. of the Trusts Corporation. Toronto, and other companies. 
Established lumber firm of W. C. Edwards & Co., 1868. An unsuccessful can- 


didate for Ho. of Ccmmons in Russell at g. e., 1882. Bl. at g. e., 1887. Seat 
declared void on petition, but was re-el., and again at g. e., 1891 an4 1896. Is 
a member of the Council, Eastern Ont. Lib. Assn. M., Jan., 1885, Catharine M., 
eldest d. of the l&te Wm. Wilson, Cumberland, Ont. A Liberal. 

ELLIS, JOHN VALENTINE, LL.D. (St. John City, N.B.) S. of Michael 
and Margaret Ellis, both natives of Ireland. B. in Halifax, N.S., 1835. Ed. at 
Pub. Schs. and entered the newspaper business. Has been proprietor and editor 
of the St. John Globe since 1862. El. to the N.B. Assembly for St. John, 1882, 
and re-el. in 1886. El. to the Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1887, for St. John City. 
Defeated at g. e., 1891. Again el. at g. e., 1896. At the time of the political 
excitement over Queen's, N.B., election case, where an effort was made to de- 
prive the successful candidate of his rights, Mr. Ellis, in the Globe, criticized 
a certain decision of the Supreme Court of N.B., for which he was held to be 
in contempt and sentenced to pay a fine and be imprisoned for one month. An 
appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada failed on technical grounds, and after 
several years' delay, Mr. Ellis served the term of imprisonment and paid the 
fine of $£00. On his release he was accorded an enthusiastic public reception, 
and the fine and all his legal expenses reimbursed by public subscription. Is 
an officer of several chaiitable and benevolent aEsns., a prominent Free Mason, 
and has held various offices of public trust in the City of St. John. Received 
the Hon. Degree of LL.D. from New Brunswick Univ., 1897. M., 1864, to Mary 
Caro ire, d. of the late Samuel Babbitt. Church of England. A LiberaL 

ERB, DILMAN KINSBY (South Perth). S. of Isaac Erb and Hannah Kin- 
sey, his wife, both of Waterloo Co. B. in Waterloo Co., Ont., July 16, 1857. Ed. 
In Pub. Srh. M., Phoebe, youngest d. of John S. Huber, late of Blenheim Tp., 
Oxford Co. Was five years a mem. of Tp. Council, Downie. Pres. for four- 
years of the Sebringville Flax Co. Returned to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. 
A farmer. A Liberal. 

ETHIER, JOSEPH ARTHUR CALIXTE (Two Mountains). B. May 26, 1868, 
at St. Benoit, Two Mountains, Que. S. of J. B. Ethier and his wife, Julie 
Boyle. Ed. at Montreal College. M., a daughter of Dr. L. A. Fortler. Dpty. 
Prothonotary of District of Terrebonne, 1888-1895. Is Secy.-Treas. of Sch., rural 
municipalities of St. Scholastique and St. Columbin. An advocate. First el. at 
g. e., June 23, 1896. A Liberal. 

FEATHERSTON, JOSEPH (Peel). S. of Thomas Featherston and Margaret 
Ford, his wife. B. in Halton Co., July 22, 1843. Ed. Com. Sch. M. Isabella, 
d. of John Mallory, of Vaughan Springs, York ; (she died). Was Councillor, 
Dpty. Reeve and Reeve, Toronto Tp., for 8 years ending Dec, 1889. Pres. Dom. 
Live Stock Assn., 1887 ; 1st Vice-Pres. Dom. Live Stock Insurance Co., 1887-1888 ; 
Pres. Can. Swine Breeders' Assn., 1890-1891. El. to Parlt. at g. e., 1891, and in 
bye-election, 1892, and again at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

FERGUSON, JOHN (Renfrew S.) S. of the late Archibald Ferguson and 
Margaret Barr, his wife, both natives of Argyleshire, Scot. B. at Granart, 
Argyle shire, Scot., April 17, 1840. Engaged in lumbering and farming. El. to 
Ho. of Commons at bye-election, Aug., 1887. Re-el. at g. e., 1891 and 1896. A 

FIELDING, HON. WILLIAM STEVENS, P.C. (Shelbourne-Queen's, N.S.) 
Of English des. B. at Halifax, N.S., Nov. 24, 1848. Ed. there. Became dbn- 
nected with the Morning Chronicle, Halifax, and remained on its staff, 1872- 
1884. Was also Nova Scot'a correspondent for Toronto Globe. Contested Hall- 


tax Co. for N. S. Assembly at g. e., 1882, and was elected. Decliaed Premier- 
ship on resignation of HoUnes^Tbompson Goyt., July of same year. Afterwards 
entered tbe Pipes Adm., witbout portfolio. Became Premier and Provincial 
Secretary, July 28, 1884, whieb position be held up to July, 1896, having been 
elected for Halifax at the successive g. e.'s of 1884, 1886, 1890 and 1894. Re- 
signed, and entered tbe Laurier Admn. at Ottawa, July, 1896, as Minister of 
Finance. BI. to Ho. of Commons for Shelboume and Queen's (Mr. F. Forbes 
making way), Aug. 5, 1896, by accl. Introduced new preferential tariff in t^o. 
of Commons, session of 1897, and moved resolutions during session of 1898, 
amending it so as to make it an Imperial British preference. Visited England 
in 1897 to flcat a new Canadian loan, which was obtained on terms better than 
any ever before secured by Canada. A Baptist. A Liberal. 

FISHER, HON. SYDNEY ARTHUR, P.O. (Brome). S. of Arthur Fisher, 
M.D., L. R.C.S., Edin., of Montreal, and his wife, Susanna Corse. B. in Mont- 
real, June 12, 1850. Ed. in High Sch. and McGUl Univ., Mcmtreal, and Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge. (B.A. 1571). Devoted much of his time to agriculture and the 
study of the scientific principles applicable to farming, dairying and stock 
raising. Was one of the founders of the Provincial Fruit Growers' Assn., and 
Vice-Pres. of that body ; Pres. of the Ensilage and Stock Feeding Assn., Mont- 
real ; Vice-Pree. of the Provincial Dairy Assn., and a Dir of the Brome Agrtc. 
Soc. An unsuccessful candidate for the Ho. of Commons in Brome, 1880. El. 
to Ho. of Commons for Brome at g. e., 1882. Took an active share in the pro- 
ceedings of the Ho. of Commons up to 1891, when he presented himself for re- 
election and was defeated by a majority of one. Took an active part in the 
political campaign throughout Canada which led to the Liberal victory at the 
Tolls, 1896, and on the formation of the Liberal Ministry, July 13, 1896, was en- 
trusted by Sir Wilfrid Laurier with the portfolio of Agriculture and sworn of 
the Privy Council. Mr. Fisher has for many years been considered a leader in 
tbe temperance movement, and was Vice-Pres. of the Quebec branch of the 
Dominion Alliance. Introduced the Govt, measure providing for a popular 
vote on the question of total prohibition, in the Ho. of Commons, session of 
1898, and carried the measure through. Introduced a Bill in the Ho. of Coin- 
mons, 1855. which became law, for the protection of the fruit growers of Can- 
ada from the pest known as the San Jose Scale. Since assuming office has 
pursued a vigorous policy providing for the marketing abroad of Canada's 
perishable products in good condition by means of cold storage and other trans- 
portation facilities. An Anglican. Unmarried. A Liberal. 

FITZPATRIOK, HON. CHARLES, B.A., Q.C., B.C.L. (Quebec County). S. 
of late John Fitzpatrick, Quebec, lumber merchant. B. at Quebec, Dec. 19, 
1853. Ed. at Stc. Anne's Coll., Quebec Sem. and Laval Univ. (B.A. 1873). 
Called to the Bar, 1876 ; Q.C. 1893. Called to the Ont. Bar. 1896. Was Crown 
Prosecutor in Quebec District at different periods, but was best known as 
.counsel for the defence in many celebrated trials. Was chief counsel for Louis 
Riol, tried at Regina for high treason, 1885. Defended the late Hon. Honore 
Mercler in the prosecutions by Govt, following the fall of the Mercier Admn. 
Was counsel for Hon. Thomas McGreevy before the Standing Committee on 
Privileges and Elections of the Ho. of Commons, 1891. Represented the Dom. 
before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Eng., in case involving the 
Jurisdiction of Federal and Provincial authorities over- ownership of beds of 
rivers, lakes and harbors, and the fisheries. Visited England, June, 1898, as re- 
pretenting Canada in the proposed arbitration between the Govts, of the United 
Kingdom and Russia with reference to compensation for seissure of Canadian 


sealing schooners. Was Pres. of the Quebec branch of the Irish National 
League, and has held other positioiis in connection with Irish Associations. A 
del. to the Irish National Convention at Dublin, 1S96. Sat for Quebec Co. in 
the Leg. Assembly, 1890-1896, when he resigned and was el. to. Ho. of Com- 
mons for present seat. Appointed Solicitor-General in the Laurier Admn., July 
13, 1896. Re-el br accl., July 30, 1896. M., May, 1879, Corinne, d. of the late 
Hon. R. E. Caron, Q.C., who was Lt.-Gov. of Quebec ProYince, 1873-1876. A 

FLINT, THOMAS BARNARD, M.A., LL.B. (Yarmouth). S. of John F. 
Flint, of Nova Scotia. B. in Yarmouth, N.S., ApHl 28, 1847. Ed. at Mount 
Allison Coll., Sackville, N.B. (B.A. 1867 ; M.A. 1872), and Harvard Univ., Bos- 
ton, LL. B., 1871. A barrister since 1872. Sheriff, Yarmouth Co., N.S., 1883- 
1887. Assistant Clerk, Ho. of Assembly, N.S., 1887-1891. M., Mary E. Dane, of 
Yarmouth, d. of the late Thomas B. Dane. Has always been an active Liberal. 
Unsuccessfully contested Yarmouth for Ho. of Commons, 18^8. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1891, and re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

FORTIN, THOMAS (Laval). B. at St. Francis, Beauce Co., Quebec. Ed. 
in the elementary sch. and by private tuition. Called to the Bar, 1882. Is Pro- 
fessor of Civil and Municipal Law, McGill Univ. An unsuocessful candidate for 
the Quebec Leg., 1888 and 1890. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

S. of the late John Foster, of Apohaqui, N. B., of United Empire descent. B. in 
Carleton Co., N.B., Sept. 3, 1847. The family having removed to King's Co., 

was educated there and entered Univ. of N.B. in 1866, where he won various 
honors and medals, and took his degree of B.A. in 1868. Taught in various 
high schools and seminaries of learning, and in 1870 was appointed Professor of 
Classics and Physics in the Univ. of New Brunswick. Shortly afterwards 
studied in Edinburgh, Scot., and Heidelberg, Germany, resuming his duties at 
N.B. Univ. in 1873. Resigned in 1879. Holds the hon. degrees of D.C.L. from 
Acadia Coll. (1885), and LL.D. from Univ. of N. B. (1894). El. to Ho. of Com- 
mons for King's Co. as Ind. Con. at g. e., 1882. Election declared void on peti- 
tion. Mr. Foster again elected, and by a larger majprity. Became a member 
of Sir John Macdonald's Govt., Dec. 10, 1885, as Minister of Marine and Fisher- 
ies. At bye-election, caused by acceptance of office, again opposed by Col. 
Domvllle, and el. by a majority of 368. Re-el. at g. e., 1891. Returned for 

prsser.t seat at g. c, 1896. Succeeded Sir Chas. Tupper, Bart., in the office of 
kinister of Finance, May 29, 1888, and remained in that office in the Abbott 
Adnm., the Tbon^pson Admn., the Bowell Admn., and the Tupper Admn. Re- 
signed July 8, 1896, with the Govt. Was leader in the Ho. of Commons during 
the session of 1895 and in session of Jan., 1896, up to the re-entry of Sir Chas. 
Tupper, Bart. Resigned from the Govt., Jan. 4. 1896, and was re-appointed to 
office on the 15th of the same month. In 1892 visited the West Indies to see If 
reciprocal arrangements for extension of trade* could be efFected. Visited Eng. 
twice as Min. of Finance for the purpose of efTecting loans. Introduced resolu- 
ition in Ho. of Com., in 18S8, affirming principle of prohibition, and one in 1891, 
which was carried, appointing a Royal Commission on the Liquor Traffic. A 
member of the Advisory Bd. of the Lib. -Con. Assn. of Canada. Pres. of several 
mining and development companies, and Pres. of the Merchants* Fire Insurance 
Co. of Ontario. A Free Christian Baptist and a Lib. -Conservative. M., July 2, 
1889, Addie, eldest d. of the late Milton Davies. Has held important positions 
in various temperance organizations of the Dominion. 


FRASBR, HON. DUNCAN CAMERON (QuyBborough). S. of Alex. Eraser 
and his wife, Ann Chisholm. B. in New Glasgow, N.S., Oct. 1, 1845. Ed. in 
Pub. and Normal Scbs., Truro, and taugbt sch. for several years. Qrad. at 
Dalhousie Univ., 1872. Called to the bar, 1873. El. Mayor of Glasgow on two 
occasions. Called -to Leg. Council, N.S., Feb., 1878, and entered N.S. Govt., but 
resigned in Sept. same year to run for the Assembly. Again called to Leg. 
Council and also to Ex. Council, Feb., 1888, becoming Govt, leader in Leg. 
Council. Resigned to contest Guysborough for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891, 
and was elected. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. Was Grand Master of the Free Masons 
of N.S., 1892. Has been president of the Alumni Assn., Dalhousie Univ., and 
Commr. of Schs., Co. Pictou. M., Oct., 1878, Bessie G., daughter of Wm. 
Graham, New Glasgow. A Presbyterian, a Liberal and a Free Trader. 

FRASER, JOHN (Lambton E.) S. of Donald Fraser, of Inverness-shire, 
Scot., and of Jane Noble, of Ross-shire, Scot., his wife. B. in Inverness-shire; 
Scot., March 3, 1849. Came to Canada with parents and was ed. in pub. sch., 
by private tuition, and in Middlesex Semin. A petroleum producer, and Man- 
ager of the Crown Savings & Loan Co. Is a Dir. of the Petrolea Crude Oil and 
Tanking Co. Was four years Mayor of Petrolea, and for several years a mem. 
of the Pub. and High Sch. Bds., Petrolea. El. to Ho. of Commons, g.e., 1896. 
M. Ellen Harlow MoQiU, of Petrolea, Out., 1879. A Liberal. 

FROST, FRANCIS THEODORE (Leeds and Grenville). Parents came from 
Vermont, settling in Canada, 1834, first at Hawkesbury, moving in 1838 to 
Smith's Falls. B. at Smith's Falls, Out., Dec. 21, 1843. Ed. there and at Cov- 
entry, Vt., Acad, and St. Lawrence Acad., Potsdam, N.Y. M., June 3, 1868, 
Maria E. Powell, Madrid, N.Y. Was seven years Reeve of Smith's Falls, 1876- 
18S3, and first Mayor of that town, 1883. Warden of Co. Lanark, 1879-1880. An 
unsuccessful candidate for Ho. of Commons in South Lanark, 1878. Redistribu- 
tion Act, 1882, added- Smith's Falls to North Leeds and Greenville. Contested 
N. Leeds and Grenville at g. e., 1882, unsuccessfully. A candidate for Ont. Leg. 
in S. Lan&rk, 1886, but unsuccessful. A candidate for Ho. of Commons in N. 
Lcf»ds and Grenville at g. e., 1891, but again defeated. First returned to Ho. 
of Commons at g. e., 1896. Is head of the manufacturing firm of Frost & 
Wood, agricultural Implements, established 1846. His brother Geo. H. Frost, 
C.E., is proprietor and manager of " Engineering News," New York. A mem. 
of Council of Eastern Ont. Lib. Assn. A Presb3^erian. A Liberal. 

GANONG, GILBERT WHITE (Charlotte). A des. of Jean Guenon, a Hugue- 
not of France, and of Thomas Ganong, a U. E. Loyalist. B. at Springfield, 
King's Co., N.B., and ed. there. Is a manufacturer of confectionery. A mem. 
of the Senate, Univ. of N.B. A mem. of Bd. of Sch. Trustees at St. Stephen 
for ten years. M., Oct., 1876, Maria F., d. of J. B. Robinson. El. to Ho. of 
Commons, g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

GAUTHIBR, JOSEPH (L'Assomptlon). B, at St. Lin, Que., 1842. A farmer 
and merchant. El. to Ho. of Commons, g. e., 1887 ; unseated and re-el., April, 
1888. EI. at g. e., 1891, but unseated. El. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

GAUVRBAU, CHARLES AUGUSTS (Temlscouata). S. of Louis W. Gauv- 
reau, N. P. and G. C. C, Seigneur of ViHeray, and his wife Gracieuse Gauvreau. 
B. at Isle Verte, Co. Temlscouata, Sept. . 29, 1860. Is nephew, on father's side, of 
Sir N. F. Belleau, First Lleut-Oov. P.Q. Ed. at Coll. of Rimouskl, where he 
took Degree of B.A., and at Laval Univ. M., Sept. 7, 1887, Gertrude, d. of Dr. 
Gauthior, of Montreal. ' Is Sec.-Treas. of L' Alliance Natlonale, Commr. Superior 
Court, Commr. for Petty Cases. An agent. A Liberal. 


bly and Vorcherea), B. at Varennes, Co. of Vercheres, 23rd Nov., 1843. S. of 
Felix Geoffrion, and Catherine Brodeur, his wife. He is a younger brother of 
the late Hon. P. Geoffrion, a member of the Mackenzie Admn. Bd. at the Coll. 
cf St. Hyacinthe and McGill Univ. (B.C.L., 1866). Admitted to the Bar, June, 
1866. Was Eatonnier of the Ear, Montreal, in 1884-1885.. A Q.C., Feb. 18, 1887. 
Doctor of Civil Law, McGill Univ., 1893. M., 1870, Bulalie, eld. d. of the late 
Chief Justice Sir A. A. Dorion. First el. to Ho. of Commons for Vercheres at 
bye-election necessitated through the death of his brother, April, 1895. El. at 
g. e., 1£96, for Chambly and Vercheres. Sworn of the Privy Council, August, 
1896, and called to the Cabinet, without portfolio. A Liberal. 

GIBSON, WILLIAM (Lincoln and Niagara). Eld. s. of the late William 
Gibson, Peterhead, Scot. B. at Peterhead, Aug. 7, 1849, and ed. at Peterhead 
Acad. Came to Canada in 1870, and was engaged in the engineering dept.. Groat 
Wf stern Ry. Became a contractor. Built Section J of the new Welland Canal, 
the masonry of the St. Clair Tunnel, and of the new Victoria Jubilee Bridge at 
Montreal. El. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada, Masonic Order, 
July 16, 1S96, which position he held unUl July 22, 1898. Was Chairman of 
Transportation Com. for Dom. Liberal Convention, which met at Ottawa, 1893. 
Is a Dir. of the Bank, of Hamilton, of the Hamilton Provident and Loan Soc, 
the Keewatin Lumber Manfg. and 'Power Co., the Hamilton Gas Light Co.^ and 
the Hamilton Street Ry. Co. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891. El. de- 
clared void on petition. Re-el. at bye-election, and again at g. e., 1896. Is one 
of the Lib. whips. Chairman of the Printing Com., Ho. of Commons. M., Dec. 
27, 1876, Jane Hill, eld. d. of the late John F. Davidson, Esq., Hamilton. A 
Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

GILLIES, JOSEPH ALEXANDER, M.A., Q.C. (Richmond, N.S.) Third s. 
of the late John Gillies, of Inverness-shirc, Scot., and M^y McLean, of Coll, 
Argyleshire, Scot., his wife. B. at Irish Covee, Cape Breton, Sept. 17, 1849. Ed. 
at St. Francois Xavier's Coll., Antigonish, N. S. (M.A., 1870.) Called to the 
Bar, 1875. Was Clerk of the Peace for Cape Breton and Registrar of Probate 
for the County. Is Solicitor for the Municipal Corporation. M., July, 1883, 
Josephine Eulalie, d. of Seraphin Bertrand, Prescott, Ont. An unsuccessful 
'candidate in Cape Breton for the Ho. of Commons, 1887. El. at g. e., 1891 ; 
unseated, and re-el., Jan., 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Q.C. A Roman Catholic. 
A Conservative. 

GILMOUR, JAMES (Middlesex E.) Fourth s. of Andrew Gilmour and Jean 
Faulds, his wife. B. at South Hillhead, parish of Mearns, Renfrewshire, Scot, 
Jan. 20, 1842. Ed. at parish sch. Came to Canada in 1861. A farmer. Was 
warden of Middlesex Co., 1879 ; Reeve of North Dorchester for fifteen years. A 
J.P. Has been a Trustee, for the County, of the London Gen. Hospital. M.,Jan. 
10, 1871, Sarah Elizabeth, d. of the late Peter McClary, J. P., of Westminster 
Tp., and Coll. of Inland Revenue, London. Bl. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 
1896. A Liberal-Conservative. 

GODBOUT, JOSEPH, M.D. (Beauce). B. at St. Vital de Lambton, Co. of 
Beauce. Ed. at Laval Univ. and the Quebec Semln. Gmd. at IiATal Univ, 
March, 1877, in medicine, and subsequently removed to St. Pran/cois, where he 
has followed his profession for 21 years., Has been married twice ; first, Oct 8, 
1878, at Quebec, to Rachel Audet, (she died Jan. 21, 1881) ; second, to Mrs. (h 
N. Fauteux, nee Hermine St. Pierre. Bl. Gov. of the Bureau of Physicians for 
Prov. of Quebec, July, 1695. Mayor of St. Francois, Beauce, Jan., 1898. First 
^1. to Parliament at g. e.» 1887, and re-el., 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 


GRAHAM, DUNCAN (Ontario N.) S. of Archibald Graham and Ann Mc- 
Quaig, both natives of Scot. B. In tho Tp. of Mara, Ontario Co., Ont., Oct. 6, 
1845. Ed. in pub. sch. A farmer. Has been Councillor, Deputy- Reeve and 
Reeve of Mara Tp., and Warden of the Co. of Ontario for 1896. Unmarried.- 
El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election, Feb. 4, 1897. A Liberal-Independent. 

GUAY, PIERRE MALCOLM (Levis.) S. of late P. X. Guay,*and his wife, 
Marie Adelaide Cote. B., March 26, 1848, at St. Romuald d'Etchemin, P.Q. Ed. 
Que. Semin. and Laval Univ. (B.A., 1868). Orad. in Medicine. Has been Gov- 
ernor of Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, P.Q. M., 1874, late Marie Louise An- 
toinette Roy, d. of late Thomas Etienne Roy, formerly Sergt-at-Arms in Leg. 
Council, P.Q. Councillor St. Romuald, 1886, and Mayor, 1885-1887. BJ. to Ho. of 
Commons, April 14, 1885, and has sat continuously since. Is chief Liberal whip 
tor P. Q. 

GUILLET, GEORGE (Northumberland and W. Ontario). B. in Cobourg, 
Ont., 1840, his father being a native of the Island of Jersey and his mother of 
England. Ed. at pub. sch., Cobourg, and Victoria Coll. A general merchant. 
Was Councillor and Mayor of Cobourg. An unsuccessful candidate for Ontario 
Leg., 1879. El, to Ho. of Commons, Dec. 19, 1881 ; re-el. at j;. e., 1882, and un- 
seated March 17, 1885 ; re-el. April 7, 1885, and Acain at g. e., 1887. Defeated at 
g. e., 1891, but Mr. Harsraft, Mim opponent, was unseated. El. at bye-election, 
March 15, 0892. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

GUITE, JEAN FRANCOIS (Bonaventure). S. of Francois Guite, farmer, and 
Rachel Ahier, his wife. Father a nephew of the late Vital Tetu, M.P.P., and 
first cousin to Sir Alphonse Pelletier, Speaker of the Senate. B. at Maria, Que., 
March 30, 1852. Ed. at the Laval Normal Sch., where he gained a diploma. Is 
a general merchant. Sec.-Treas Bd. of Sch. Commrs. of Maria since 1877. M., 
Miss Madeline Caron, of Perce, Gaspe, Que. El. to Ho. of Commons for Bona- 
venture (en death of W. L. Fauvel) March 17, 1897. A Liberal. 

HAGKJART, HON. JOHN GRAHAM, P.C. (S. Lanark). S. of the late John 
Haggait, a hative of Breadalbane, Scot., who came to Canada and established 
himself in Perth, Ont., and his wife, Isabella Graham, of the Isle of Skye. B. 
in Perth, Ont., Nov. 14, 1836. Ed. there. Was Mayor of Perth in 1867, 1869 and 
1871. An unsuccessful candidate for the Ont. Leg. El. for present seat at g. e., 
1S72, and re-el. at each subsequent election. Entered Sir John A. Macdonald's 
Cabinet as Postmaster-Gteneral, Aug. 3, 1888, and re-appolnted to same office in 
the Abbott Admn., until Jan. 11, 1892, when he became Minister of Railways and 
Canals. He!d same portfolio in the Thompson Admn., the Bowell Admn., and 
the Tupper Admn., retiring with the lattjr July 8, 1896. Resigned from the 
Bowell Ministry, Jan. 4, 1896, and was re-appointed to same office Jan. 15, 1896, 
acting in concert with six of his colleagues. Was el. Chairman of the Ex. of 
the Lib. -Con. Union of Ont., Oct., 1896. M. Caroline, d. of Robert Douglas, of 
Perth, Ont. A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

HALE, FREDERICK HARDING (Carleton, N.B.) Fourth s. of Martin Hale, 
a native of Irel., and Hilda Dickinson, his wife. B, at Northampton, Carleton 
Co., N.B., Dec. 8, 1844. A lumber merchant. Was Sch. Trustee, Grafton S. D. 
for 25 years. M., 1st, Rhoda, d. of George McGee, (she died), 2nd, Emma E., 
d. of Moses Boyer (she died), 3rd, Lina N., d. of J. Faulkner, Esq., of King's 
Co., N.B. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e. 1887. Was not a candidate at g. e., 
1891. El. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal-Conservative. 

HALEY, ALLEN (Hants). Of Irish and Scotch des. B. Jan. 31, 1844, in 
Yarmouth. N.S. Ed. at Yarmouth Acad, and at private schs., afterwards study- 


ing medicine. Grad. in 18G6 from the Dental Coll., Philadelphia, Pa. Engaged 
as' an insurance agent and broker. Is Sec. of the Ship Owners' Marine, Wind- 
sor, N. S. ; a Dir. of the N. S. Telephone Co., and of the Halifax Electric Tram 
Co. Manager and owner of Merchant Shipping. A mem. of the N.S. Assembly, 
1882-1891. An unsuccessful candidate for Ho. of Commons in Hants, g. e., 1891. 
El. to Ho. of. Commons, g. e., 1896. M., May 26, 1869, Annie M., d. of Bennett 
Smith, Esq., of Windsor, N.S. (She died 1880.) A Liberal. 

HARWOOD, HENRY STANISLAS, P.L.S. (Vaudrueil). Fifth s. of the late 
Hon. Robert Unwin Harwood, a native of Shef&eld, Eng., who represented the 
Rigaud division in the Leg. Council of Canada until his death in 1863, by a dau. 
of the late Hon. Alain Chartier de Lotbiniere, second Speaker of the Parlt. of 
Canada, Seigneur of Vaudreuil, de Lotbiniere, and Rigaud. B. in Vaudreuil, 
Aug. 8, 1840. Ed. at St. Mary's Coll., Montreal. M., May 17, 1864, Josephine 
Sydney, d. of teh late J. C. Branneis, Esq. Has been Mayor and Warden of the 
Co. of Vaudreuil for twenty years. Is a Prov. and Dom. Land Surveyor. First 
•returned to Parlt. at g. e., 1891 ; unseated and re-el., 1893. Re-el. at g. e.» 
1896. A Liberal. 

HENDERSON. DAVID (Halton). S. of John Henderson, a native of Scot. 
B. in the Tp. of Nelson, Feb. 18, 1841. Ed. at Gram. Sch., Milton, Ont., and 
Normal Sch., Toronto. M. Allison, d. of Charles Christie, Esq. A merchant. 
Reeve and Councillor of Acton. Deputy Registrar of Halton Co., 1866-1873. An 
unsuccessfiyl candidate for H. of Conmions in Halton at g. e., 1887. El. at bye- 
election, Feb., 1888. Election declared void ; re-el. Aug. 1888. El. at g. e., 
1891, at bye-election, 1892, and at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

HBYD, CHARLES B. (South Brant). B. at Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1842. 
S. of the latt Bernard Heyd, a native of Switzerland, and his wife, Magdelena 
Maurer, of Prussia. Ed. at pub. sch., Rochester, N.Y., and Brantford, Ont., 
parents being residents of latter place for 45 years. M. Janet Davey, a native 
of Scotland. Was Alderman for five years and Mayor three and a half years. 
El. Water Commr. ten times, resigning when el. to Parlt. A grocer. El. to 
Ho. of Commons at bye-election caused by unseating of Mr. Henry, Feb. 4, 1897. 
A Liberal. 

HODGINS, WILLIAM THOMAS (Carleton, Ont.) S. of the late John 
Hodgins. B. in the Tp. of Goulbum, Feb. 27, 1857. Ed. at pub. sch. A farmer. 
A. mem. of the Tp. Council, 1888. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891, and 
g. e., 1S96. A Conservative. 

HUGHES, SAMUEL, LT.-COL. (N. Victoria). S. of John Hughes, a native 
of Tyrone, Irel., and his wife, Caroline Laughlin, of Huguenot des. B. in Darl- 
ington, Durham Co., Ont., Jan. 18, 1853. Ed. at pub. schs., Toronto, Model and 
Normal schs., and Toronto Univ. Taught school in various places up to 1885^ 
when he purchased the Lindsay Warder, of which he is proprietor and editor. 
In earlier life was prominently identified with amateur athletics and with the 
volunteer service. Declined position of Adjt.-Gen. for Canada, 1895. Apptd. 
Lt.-Col. commanding the 45th Batt., June 9, 1897. Took part in the celebration 
in London, Eng., of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, June 20, 1897. Vlce-Pres. of 
Dom. Rifle Assn., of Ont. Rifle Assn., of Can. Rifle League, and of United 
Service Club. A Dir. of the Lindsay, Pontypool & Bobcaygeon Ry. Co.. a mem. 
of the Lindsay Bd. of Trade, Pres. of the Hughes Car Ventilating Co., Pres. of 
the Lindsay, Haliburton & Mattawan Ry. Co., and Vice-Pres. of the Canadian 
Mutual Insurance Co. A mem. of the Ex. Com., Lib. -Con. Union of Ont. An 
^ccessful candidate for the Ho, of Commons for N. Victoria at g. e., 1891. 


£1. to Ho. Of Commons at bye-election, Feb., 1892, and re-el. at g. e., 1896. A 
mem. of the Orange and Masonic Orders. Has been twice m. (first) 1872, to 
Caroline J., d. of the late Major Preston, Vancouver, B. C, (she d.), and (2nd) 
1875, to Mary B., d. of H. W. Burk, ex-M. P. West Durham. A |ifethodist. 
A Liberal-Conservative. 

HURLEY, JEREMIAH M. (East Hastings). Of Irish parentage. B. near 
Plcton, Ont., Sept. 1, 1840. Moved to Hastings in 1842. Ed. at, pub. sch. M., 
Feb. 11, 1891, EUen Donovan, of Finlay City, Mich. Moved near Belleville, 
March, 1876. Mem. Hastings Co. Council for twelve years. Chairman Roads 
and Bridges Com. Apptd. J.P. 1876. Pros. Thurlow Cheese and Butter factory. 
Ex-Pres. Cheese Bd., Belleville. A farmer and stock raiser. Has acted as 
expert judge on horses and swine at Toronto Industrial, Montreal and Guelph 
Fairs, and Fat Stock Show, KingBton. Is tnem. of Breeders' Assoc.; Dir. Farm- 
ers' Inst, and Mgr. and Secy. Bay of Quinte Exhibition for several years. A 
Roman Catholic. A Liberal. 

HUTCHISON, WILLIAM (Ottawa). S. of the late Robert Hutchison, a na- 
tive of Ayrshire, Scot., who came to Canada in 1830. B. in Ottawa, Ont., 1843. 
Ed. there. Is Managing Dir. of the McKay Milling Co., and a mem. of the Bd. 
of the Ottawa Electric Ry. Co. Pres. of the Ceneral Canada Exhibition Assn. 
Was a member of Ottawa City Council for several years. El. to Ho. of Com- 
mons for the City of Ottawa at g. e., 1896. M. Electa Blanche, d. of S. C. 
Wilett, Chambly, Que. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

INGRAM, ANDREW B. (Elgin E.) Second s. of the late Thomas Ingram, a 
native of Quebec. Of Irish des. B. April 23, 1851, at Strabane, Wentworth Co. 
Ed. at Morriston and Aberfoyle, Ont. An estate agent. M., at St. Thomas, 
June 1, 1882, Elizabeth, d. of Allen Mclntyre, of Aberfoyle. Represented W. 
Elgin in Ont. Leg., 1886-1890. El. to Ho. of Conunons at g. e., 1891. Election 
declared void. Re-el. at bye-electton, February 12, 1892. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. 
A Liberal-Conservative. 

IVES, HON. WILLIAM BULLOCK, Q.C., P.C., D.C.L. (Sherbrooke). S. of 
Eli Ives and his wife, Artemlssa Bullock, who came to Stanstead from Con- 
necticut. B. Tp. of Compton, Que., Nov. 17, 1841. Ed. at Compton Acad. 
Galled to the Bar, 1867 ; Q.C., 1880. Also engaged in mercantile pursuits. Is 
Pres. of the Hereford Ry. Co., of the Royal Pulp and Paper Co., of the Salmon 
River Pulp Co., and of the Scotstown Lumber Co. Is one of the chief pro- 
prietors of the Cookshlre Mill Co., and Viee-Pres. of the Dom. Cattle Co. Has 
been Mayor of Sherbrooke. El. to Ho. of Commons for Richmond and Wolfe 
at g. e., 1878, and sat for that seat until 1891, when he was returned for Sher- 
.brooke, and again in 1896. Sworn of the Privy Coimcil, Dec. 5, 1892, and ap- 
pointed Pres. of the Council in the Thompson Admn., and Minister of Trade 
and Commerce in the Bowell Admn., Dec 21, 1894. Resigned this office Jan. 4, 
1896, acting in concert with six of his colleagues. Re-appointed to same office 
Jan. 15, 1896. Continued to ^old same office in the Tupper Admn. (May 1, 1896), 
until July 8, 1896, when Govt, resigned in consequence of defeat in g. e. Has 
been Pres. of the Eastern Tp. Con. Assn. Hon. Degree D.C.L. conferred by 
Bishop's Coll., June 30, 1898. M., Nov., 1869, Elizabeth E., d. of the late Hon. 
J. H. Pope. Church of England. A Conservative. 

JAMESON, RICHARD WILLIS (Winnipeg). B. at Cape Town, in the Cape 
of Good Hope, July 12, 1851, and is a son of the late Lleut.-(3en. Sir George 
Jameson, K. C.S.I. On the return of his parents to England in 1857, they became 
resident at Blackheath, near London, and at the Proprietary school there Mr. 


J. received his early education. Afterwards attended King's Coll., London, and 
Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. Called to the Bar of Bng. 
in 1876. The eame year he camq to Canada, where he senred articles with the 
firm of Rose, Macdonald & Merritt, of Toronto. Admitted to the Ontario Bar» 
and practised in Toronto in 1881. In that year went to Winnipeg. In 1888 ad- 
mitted to Manitoba Bar. License Commr., 1890 ; Alderman, 1892 ; Mayor, 1895. 
El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election, April 27, 1897. A Liberal. 

D.C.L., LL.D., P.C. (Portneuf). S. of the late Gaspard Pierre Gustavo Joly, a 
Huguenot native of France, and Julie Christine Chartler de Lotbiniere, grand 
dau. of the last Marquis de Lotbiniere. B. in France Dec. 5, 1829, and ed. 
vhere. Coming to Canada, was called to the Quebec Bar. 1855; Q.C.. 1878. El. to 
Cankdian Assembly at g. e., 1861, tot Lotbiniere. Took prominent part in de- 
bates on Confederation, acting with Dorion, Holton, Huntington and other 
Liberal leaders. In the first election to Ho. of Commons, 1867, returned by 
accl. for Lotbiniere and also to Quebec Assembly. Remained a member of 
both theee bodies until 1874, when, dual representation abolished, he remained 
in the Local Leg. Led the Opposition until March, 1878, when Lt.-Gov. Letellier 
dismissed his Ministers and called on Mr. Joly to form a Govt., which he did. 
Resigned Premiership, 1879, and acted again as leader of Opposition until 1883. 
Remained In Assembly until Nov., 1885, when he resigned his seat in conse- 
quence of the Riel agitation, of which he disapproved. Re-appeared in political 
life at the Dom. Lib. Convention, Ottawa, 1893, of which he was Vice-Chairman. 
Stoo% for present seat at g. e., 1896, and was elected. Entered the new Laurier 
Admn. at Ottawa, July 13, 1896, as Controller of Inland Revenue. Sworn of the 
Queen's Privy Council for Canada, June 30, 1897, and called to the Cabinet as 
Minister of Inland Revenue. Declined a seat in the Senate in 1874 and again 
In 1877. Was offered a portfolio in the latter year by the Premier of Canada, 
but declined. Was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and 
St.George, May, 1895. Is an Hon.D.C.L. of Lennoxville Unlv.,1887, and an LL.D. 
of Queen's Univ., Kingston, 1894. Has always taken an active interest in 
Forestry, and in 1885 was el. V. P. of the American Forestry Congress at 
Boston. Is the author of much valuable literature on the subject. Has been a 
mem. of the Council of Agriculture, Prov. Que., and of various other agricul- 
tural and fruit growing associations. Has been V. P. of the Imperial Feder- 
ation League in Canada. In 1888 was authorized by Leg. to add his mother's 
name, de Lobtlniere, to that of Joly. In September, 1896, was entrusted with 
diplomatic mission of conducting Li Hung Chang, Viceroy of China, through . 
Canada. Made a mem. of the Imperial Order of the Double Dragon in recog- 
nition of this service.M., 1856, Margaretta Josepha, d. of the late Hammond 
Gowan, Que. Church of England. A Liberal. 

KAULBACH, LT.-COL. CHARLES EDWIN (Lunenburg). S. of Lt.-Col. 
J. H. Kaulbach, High Sheriff of Lunenburg, N.S. B. at Lunenburg, July 13, 
■ 1834, and ed. there. A ship owner. A Dir. of the Lunenburg Marine Insurance 
Co. and of the Lunenburg Marine Ship Co. Is Lt.-Col. of the 75th Batt. of 
Infantry. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1878. An unsuccessful candidate at 
g. e., 1882, but election being declared void, a; new election was held Oct., 1883, 
when he was elected. An unsuccessful candidate at g. e., 1887. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1891, and g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

KBNDRY, JAMBS (Peterboro W.) Of English and Scotch des. B. at 
Oshawa, Ont., March 29, 1845. A woolen manufacturer. Pres. and Managing 
Dir. of the Auburn Woolen Co. of Peterboro. Was Mayor of Peterboro for four 


years and a mem. of the Bd. of Education. El. to Ho. of Ck>mmon6, 1896. A 

KLOCK, JAMES BELL (Nlpissing). S. of the late Robert H. Klock. B. at 
Aylmer, Que., Oct. 5, 1856. Ed. at the Aylmer Acad, and at Berthier. A lumber 
merchant. Has been Reeve of the Tp. of Cameron, and held other offices In 
Nlplsslng. M., in 1883, Alice, d. of the late Judge McDougall. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

KLOBPFBR, CHRISTIAN (Wellinffton S.) Parents emigrated to Canada 
from Baden, Germany, about 1842. B. in New Germany, Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Dec. 22, 1847. Bd. at the Parochial sch. in New Germany. A wholesale car- 
riage hardware merchant. Is a Dir. of several commercial companies, and has 
been a mem. of the Guelph City Council. M., June, 1880, Elizabeth Murphy, of 
Guelph. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

LANDERKXN, GEORGE, M.D. (South Grey). S. of late James Landerkin, 
native of N. S. Of Irish des. B. July 20, 1839, in Simcoe, Ont. Ed. at local 
sch., and worked 17 years on farm. Obtained degree of M.D. Victoria Coll., 
Cobourg. in 1863. M., 1870, Mary, d. of Joseph Kirkendall, Elora, Ont. El. to 
Ho. of Commons for South Grey at g. e., 1872. Defeated at g. e., 1878. E. at 
g.e., 18S2, 18S7, 1891 and 1896. Was Pres. Can. Mutual Mining and Development 
Co., 1897. A Liberal. 

LANG, JOHN (Peterboro E.) S. of James Lang and Agnes Stewart, his 
wife, both of Renfrewshire, Scot. B. in the village of Keene, Peterboro Co., 
Ont., April 10, 1839. Ed. at the common sch. there. J. P. in 1870 ; mem. of Tp. 
Council, 1872-1888, and was Reeve by accl. for many years. M., Nov., 1866, 
Elizabeth Shearer. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1887. Did not offer at g. e., 
>1891, and was again el. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

the late Abraham C. LaRiviere, Montreal, and his wife, Adelaide Marcil, 
Longueuil. B. in Montreal, July 24, 1842. Ed. at Jacques Cartier Normal sch. 
and St. Mary's Coll., Montreal. Was Pres. of the Bd. of Arts and Manufac- 
tures, Prov. of Quebec, and of the Inst, des Artisans. Went to Winnipeg, 1871, 
and has since been identified with Prov. of Manitoba, where he became Supt. of 
Catholic Schools and Sec. of the Bd. of Ed. An unsuccessful candidate in Ste. 
Anne's for the Leg. at the g. e., 1874. El. for St. Boniface, g. e., 1878, and sat 
in Leg. up to Jan., ^889, during which time he was a member of the Manitoba 
. Govt., holding successively the portfolios of Provincial Secretary, Min. of Ag- 
riculture, and Prov. Treasurer. El. to Ho. of Commons for present seat at bye- 
election, Jan., 1889 ; re-el., 1891 and 1896. First Pres. in Manitoba of the St. 
Jean Baptlste Soc, and was a mem. of the Council of the Univ. of Manitoba. 
A Journalist, and was editor of Le Manitoba newspaper. Edited Le Canada, of 
Ottawa for some months in 1897. Was Chairman of the Debates Committee, 
Ho. of Commons, seventh Parlt. M., Feb., 1867, Mile. Marie Melvina Bour- 
deau (she died June, 1886). A Conservative. 

East). Only son of the late Carolus Liaurier, P.L.S., and his wife, Marcelle 
Martineau. B. at St. Lin, Que., Nov. 20, 1841. Ed. at mixed schools in his na- 
tive parish and at L'Assomption Coll. Entered office of late Hon. R. Laflamme, 
Q.C., as a student at law, 1800,. and McGill Univ. (B.C.L. 1864). Called to the 
Bar 1864 ; Q.C. 1880. Was head of the law firm of Laurier & Lav«rgne. In the 
earlier years of his professional career edited and contributed to several news- 


papers. El. to Leg. Assembly for Drumraond and Arthabaska, 1871. Resigned 
to contest same riding for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1874, and was elected. 
Sworn of the Privy Council and apptd. Minister of Inland Revenue in the 
Mackenzie Admn, Oct. 8, 1877. On going back for re-election was defeated by 
O. D. Eourbeau, who obtained a majority of 40. I. Thibaudcau, mem. for Quebec 
East, resigned, and Mr. Laurier. was elected in his place. Re-el. for Quebec 
East at g. e., 1878, 1882, 1887. 1891 and 1896. Resigned with Mr. Mackenzie and 
the Govt., Oct, 1878. Also el. for Saskatchewan, N.W.T., at g. e., 1896. Bl. 
leader of the Opposition, Ho. of Commons, 1887. Issued the call for Dom. Lib. 
Convention, which met at Ottawa, 1893. On the defeat of the Tupper Ministry 
at g. e., June 23, 1896, was called on by Lord Aberdeen, Governor-General, to 
form a ministry, July 8, 1896, on which date Sir Chas. Tupper' resigned. Sworn 
^8 Pres. of the Privy Council, July 11, 1896, and formed his ministry July 13, 
1^96. Was one of the Sub. Com. of the Privy Council appointed immediately 
afterwards to arrange for a settlement of the Manitoba School Question, an 
agreement being reached in November. Represented Canada' on the occasion of 
the celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee at London, June, 1897, and 
received the honor of knighthood, being created a Knight Grand Cross of the 
Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. Was received in 
audience by the Sovereign and accorded the leading place in the great Jubilee 
state procession of all the Colonial dignitaries, the Prime Minister of Canada 
being singled out for special honor. Oxford Univ. conferred upon him the de- 
gree of D.C.L. (hon.), and Cambridge University as well. Sworn of the Imper- 
ial Privy Council, July 6, 1897. Made an hon. njem. of the Cobden Club and re- 
ceived from it gold medal in recognition of services In the cause of international 
free exchange. Presented by the Pres. of France with the star of a Grand Offi- 
cer of the Legion of Honor at Havre, July 29, 1897, the highest rank but one of 
the National Order. Received in audience by His Holiness the Pope, Aug. 12, 
1897. While In England the Premier succeeded in securing from Her Majesty's 
Govt, notice to Germany and Belgium of denunciation of the commercial treat- 
ies with those countries which stood in the way of Canada's new tariff, extend- 
ing a preference to the United Kingdom. The Premier's public announcement, 
that Canada would give a preference in her markets to British goods without 
stipulating for any new concessions in return from the Mother Country, but as 
a mark of loyalty, love and gratitude, was received throughout the United 
Kingdom with the greatest popular enthusiasm and paved the way for the de- 
nunciation of the treaties, which step was described at the time as the most 
Important yet taken towards the unity of the Empire. On* his return to Can- 
ada was accorded public receptions at Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. * 
Received from Toronto Univ. and from Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont., hon. 
degree of LL.D. Went to Washington Nov. 1897, in the interest of better rela- 
tions between the two countries. M., May 13, 1868, Miss Zoe Lafontaine. 

LAVERGNE, LOUIS (Drummond and Arthabaska). B. Dec. 1, 1845. at St. 
Pierre, Montmagny. S. of late David Lavergne, whose ancestors came from 
Limoges, France, in 1650, and Marie Geneviere Delagrave, his wife, whose an- 
cestors came from Berri, France, in 1750. Ed. at Ste. Anne's Coll., Kamour- 
aska. M., first, 1878, Eugenie, d. of L. E. Landry, of Becancour, (she died, 1887), 
2nd, Allde Pacaud, widow of the late Wm. Duval. Is Secy-Treas. Agric. Soc. 
of Arthabaska ; Secy.-Treas. and Clerk of same Co. ; Secy.-Treas. Bd. Sch. 
Commrs, Arthabaskaville and St. Christophe. Has been nine years Mayor of 
Princeville and several years Secy.-Treas. of the Tp. of Stanford. A notary 
nd editor I/Unlon des Cantons de I'Bst, a weekly Liberal paper. Is mem. 


Bd. of Notaries of Quebec. El. to Partt. Nov. 13, 1897, at bye-election neces- 
sitated by the elevation of his brother to the Bench. A Liberal. 

LBDUC, JOSEPH HECTOR (Nicolet),. B. In 1865 and ed. at the Coll. (of 
Nioolet. A general merchant. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891. Defeated 
at g. e., 1896. El. at bye-election, Dec. 21, 1897. A Liberal. 

LEGRIS, JOSEPH HORMIDAS (Masklnonge). B. at Riviere du Loup (en 
haut) May 7, 1850. Ed. by private tuition and at the Model sch., Parish of 
Loulseville. A farmer. M., June, 1879, Emma, d. of Qeorge Champagne, of 
fierthier. Has been a Capt. in the 86th Batt. Volunteer MiUtla. Occupied a 
seat in the Leg. Assembly of Quebec, April, 1888-1890. Is Secy-Treas of the 
parish. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

LEMIBUX, RODOLPHB, LL.D. (Gaspe). S. of H. A. Lemieux, a mem. of 
tjie Cacaclan Civil Service. B. in Montreal, Nov. 1, 1866. Ed. at Nicolet Coll. 
and Laval Univ. (B.C.L. 1891 ; LL.D. 1896). Called to the Bar 1891. Was the 
law partner of the late Hon. Honore Mercier, and continues to practise In 
Montreal. Has done journalistic and literary work. Became a mem. of the 
law faculty of Laval Univ., 1896. EI. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. Sec- 
onded the address In reply to the Speech from the Throne, session^f Aug., 
1896. M., May, 1894, Bertha, d. of the Hon. L. A. Jette, now Lt.-Gov. of Que- 
bec. A Liberal. 

LEWIS, WILUAM JAMES, M.D. (Albert). S. of the late Hon. John Lewis, 
M.L.C., N.B. B. in Hillsborough, Sept 25, 1830. Ed. at Hillsborough and at 
Sackville Acad. M.D. of Univ. of Glasgow. M., first, 1877, Melissa, d. of Rich- 
ard E. Steeves, Esq., of HlUsborougli, and second, 1885, Catharine, d. of John 
DufTy, Esq. A mem. of the Executive Council of N. B., July 5, 1882, until Feb., 
18S8. A mem. of the Ho. of Assembly, N.6., 1878-1896. El. to Ho. of Commons 
at g. e., Ii96, where he has given a general support to the Laurier Admn. 

LIVINGSTON, JAMES (Waterloo S.) B. in Bast Kilbride, Scot., Nov. 29, 
1838. A merchant. Has been Reeve of Tp. of Wllmot and a mem. of Ont. Leg. 
for South Waterloo, 1879-1882. M., June, 1861,^ Mies Louise Llersch, of Baden, 
Ont. Bl. to Ho. of Commons at g^ e., 1882, and re-el., 1887-1891 and 1896. A 

LOGAN, HANCB JAMES, B.C.L. (Cumberland). S. of James A. Logan and 
Hance B. Hunter, his wife. B. at Amherst Point, N.S., April 26, 1869. Ed. at 
the Model sch., Truro; Pictou Acad., and Dalhousle Univ. (B.C.L., 1891.) A 
barrister. M., 1891, BUanor L. Kinder. Bl. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896, 
defeating Hen. A. Dickey, then Minister of Justice. A Liberal. 

MACDONALD, AUGUSTINE COLIN (King's, P.E.I.) S. of Hugh Macdonald 
and Catharine, his wife. B. at Pamure, P.E.I., June 30, 1887. Parents emi- 
grated from Inverness-shire, Scot., settling at Three Rivers, P.E.I., in 1806. 
Ed. at Grammar sch., Georgetown, and Centiral Acad., Charlottetown. M., at 
Charlottetown, June 27, 1866, Mary Elizabeth, sixth d. of the late Hon. John 
Small Macdonald. A merchant. Sat for Knowlton in Ho. of Assembly, P.E.I. , 
for Third District of King's, 1870-1873, when Province entered Confederation. 
First returned to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1872 ; defeated at g. e., 1874. Bl. 
at g. e., 1878, and g. e., 1882. Defeated at g. e., 1887, but el. at g. e., 1891 and 
VM. A Liberal-Conservative. 

MACDONALD, PETER, M.D., M.L.C.P.S. (B. Huron). Parents came from 
Inverness, Soot., in 1880, and settled in Co. Pictou, N.S. They moved to Huron 


Co., Ont., 1846. B. In Pictoiji Co., N.S., Aug. 14, 1885. Grad. In Medicine at 
Trinity Coll., Toronto, 1872, and was one o^ the medaUiats of bis year. Bl. to 
Ho. of Commons for E. Huron, 1887. Re-el. 1891 9iid 1896. Hsus been Chf.irman 
Sch. Bd., Wingham, and Councillor, Reeve, and Mayor o^ Wipgliam. Ip a 
practising pfayeician in Wingbam, wbere be began in 1872. Ip coroner for tbe 
Co. of Huron. Has always taken an active part in educational and municipal 
questions. M., F§b. 21, 1865, Marc»ret Ross. A Liberal. 

MACDONBLL, JOHN ALEXANDER (Selkirk). Scotch 4es. U. E. Lgsflilist 
stock, his parents settling in Glengarry. B. at Djiin^^, Cp. Wenjtwortb, Out., 
Nov. 22, 1854. Rec'd early cd. at Hamilton, later at Mccle^ sch. an^ School of 
Technology and Practical Science, Toronto. A mem. Can. Soc. Civil En^iueters, 
and contractor. Was Cbf. Clk. Dept. Pub. Works, Man., and later Chf. En- 
gineer of that Province. Was a mem. of Mun. Council o^ Dulferin. Sat in Leg. 
AEsembly, Man., for Lome,' 1S86-18S8, w^i^n defeated. Returu^ to Dominion 
Pant, at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

MACKIB, THOMAS (N. Renfrew). B. in the City of Ottawa. A lumber 
merchant. $31. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

MACLAREN, ALEXANDER FERGUSON (Nor^th Perth). S. of late John 
MacLaren, a native of Perthghire, Scot. B. in Lanark, Ont., Feb. 3, 1854. M., 
April, 1885, Janet, fourth d. of James McLeod, Woodstock, Ont. Ed. pub. sch. 
Is a cheese mfgr. and exporter. Was one of Judges at World's Fair, Chicago, 
1S93, aiid is sole Judge dairy products at Toronto and Ottawa fairs. Is Pres- 
Western Ont. Dairymen's Assoc. Returned to Ho. of Commons for North 
Perth at g. e., 1896. A Censer vative. 

MACLEAN, WILLIAM FINL^Y, MA. (^. York). Eld. s. of the late John 
Maclean, who, it is claimed, was the first tp propoije s^n^ propound * systeija of 
protection for native Industries In Capada, and his wife, Isabella Finlay, of 
Rothfs, Scot. B. in Anca&ter, Wentworth Co., Ont., Aug. 10, 1854. Ed. at 
Hamilton pub. sch. and Toronto Univ. A Journalist! Established the Toronto 
World In 1880, and is still connected with that paper. An unsuccessful candi- 
date in N. Wentworth for the Ont. Leg., g. e., 1890, and in E. York for Ho. of 
Commons, g. e., 1891. B. York, naade vacant by death of Hon. Alexander 
Mackenzie. El. for York in bye-election. May, 1892. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. 
M., 18€5, Cathafflne G., d. of Richard Lewis, Toropto. A Presbyterian. A 

MACPHERSON, THOMAS HENRY (Hamilton). B. in Perth, Scot., June, 
1842. Ed. there and in London. Came to Canada in 1871, and went Into the 
■ grocery business. Has been Pres. of the Hamilton Bd. of Trade. Ei. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

MCALLISTER, JOHN, Q.C. (Restlgouche). S. of the late John McAllister 
and Catharine Murchie, his wife, who emigrated from Scot, to N.B. in 1836. 
B. in Durham. Restigouche Co., N.B., July 27, 1842. Ed. at com. schs. there, 
and at the Presbyterian Acad., Chatham, N.B. Unmarried. Taught sch. for 
several years in Restigcuche and the City of St. John. Called to the Bar. N.B., 
1879. Q.C, 1895. Was first Mayor of the Town of Campbellton. N.B. Was 
Swedish and Norwegian Consul, 1880-88 ; United States Consular Agent at 
Campbellton, 1888-91. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891, and g. e., 189«. 
A LIbaral-CoDservative. 

McCLBARY, WILLIAM (Welland). S. of Beatty McCleary and his wife, 
Matilda McCabe, both natives of Monaghan, Irel. B. at Thorold, Ont., Nov. 5, 


1854. Ed. at put), and high ncha., Thorold, with business course at Commercial 
Coll., Toronto. M. Jennie B., d. of late James Bwart, merchant, Thorold. Mem. 
Mun. Council. Mayor of Wel.'and for nine years. Served as Warden of Co., and 
w£8 12 years a member of High Sch. Bd, A lumber merchant Bl. to Prov. 
Leg., 1890 ; unEUccessful candidate, 1894. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. 
A Conflcrrative. 

McCLURB, FIRMAN (Colchefctcr). S. of John MoClure and his wife, Susan 
Kent, both of Truro, N.S., and of Scotch des. B. Not. 19, 1861, at Truro, N.S. 
Ed. at pub. sch., Truro, Prov. Normal sch., and by private study. Taucht 
school, Nov., 1877, to May, 1878. M., Oct. 28, 1896, Dora M. Inglis, Lunenburg, 
N.S. Studied law with Hon. P. A. Laurence, May, 1878, to Nov., 1882. Admitted 
to Bar 1S82. BdHor Truro Guardian, 3889-1892. Editor Temperance Index for 
two years. Grand Worthy Patriarch, S.O.T., 1891. Unsuccessful candidate at 
g. e.. U96, for Ho. of Commons. Bl. N.S. Assembly, Aug., 1896, and there in- 
troduced Bill to prohibit retail traffic in intoxicating liquors within Province ; 
also Bill eztcndtog term of Leg. from 4 to 6 years, which latter was carried. 
Bl. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election, April 20, 1897. A barrister. A Liberal. 

Mccormick, GEORGE (Muskoka and Parry Sound). B. in Ottawa Co., 
Quebec, Oct. 7, 1856. A lumber merchant, residing at Orillia, Ont. An unsuc- 
cecsful candidate for the Oct. Leg. at g. e., 1890. El. to Ho. of Commons at 
g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

McDOUGALL, HECTOR FRANCIS (Cape Breton). S. of Malcolm Mc- 
Dcugall and Mary McNeill, his wife. B. at Christmas Island, Cape Breton, 
N.S., June 6, 1848, A merchant and farmer. El. for Cape Breton to the N.S. 
]Leg. at g. e., 1878, and from Oct. of the same year until 1882 was a mem. of 
the Holmrs-Thompson Govt. An unsuccessful candidate in Cape Breton for the 
Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1882. El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election in 1884 ; 
re*el. 18S7, 1891 and 1896. A Conservative. 

MCGREGOR, WILLIAM (N. Essex). Parents came from Scot, in 1831. B. 
in Sarnia, Ont., June 24, 1836. Bd. at Amherstburg, Ont. Warden of Essex for 
five years. Reeve of Windsor for six years. M., May, 1866, Jeseie L., d. of the 
Rev. Robt. Peden, of Hamilton. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1874 ; un- 
seated and re-el. An unsuccessful candidate in Essex at g. a, 1878, and in 
Essex S. at g. e., 1882. Bl. for Essex N. at g. e.. 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

McQUGAN, MALCOLM (S. Middlecex). Parents both Scotch. B. July 13, 
1846,, in Tp. Caradcc, Middlesex Co., Ont. Ed. at pub. sch. Mem. Tp. Council, 
Caradcc, 1877-1886 Inclufive. Reeve for eight years. Warden of Middlesex Co., 
1885. Clerk of Caradoc, June, 1887, to Dec, 1S96. Is Inspector of Middlesex Ho. 
cf lEdustry. A J.P. M., March 18, 1885, Mary Ann Smith, d. of Malcolm 
Smith, Tp. of Adelaide. A Liberal. 

McHUGH, GEORGE (Victoria S.) S. of the late Patrick McHugh and Anne 
Walker, his wife, both natives of Irel. A farmer. B. in the Tp. of Ops, Vic- 
toria Co., Ont, July 7, 1845. M., Feb. 26, 1873, Margaret, only d. of the late 
James O'Neill, cf Peterboro. El. to Ho. pf Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

McINBRNBY, GEORGE VALENTINE, Q.C., LL.B. (Kent, N.B.) S. of the 
lato Hon. Owen Mclnerney. M.L.C., a native of Longford, Irel., and his wife, 
Mary, d. of Daniel McAuley. B. at Kingston, N.B., Feb. 14, 1857. Ed. at St. 
Joseph's Coll., Laval and Harvard Univ. (M.A. 1876 ; LL.B. 1878.) Called to 
the Bar, 1879 ; Q.C., 1894. Practises law in Bichibucto, N.B. Has l^en Clerk 
of the Mun. of Kont since 1880. An unsuccessful candidate for the Ho. of Com- 


mens in Kent at g. e., 1878 ; g. e., 1882, and g. e., 1887, and at bye-election, 
Aug.^ 1883. El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election in 1892, and re-el. at g. e., 
1896. Is a mem. of the Advisory Bd., Lib. -Con. Assn. of the Dom. M., 1882, 
Tena, d. of Henry O'Leary, Richibucto. A Roman Catholic. A Conservative. 

McINNES, WILLIAM WALLACE BURNS (Vancouver). B. in Dresden, Co. 
of Kent, Ont., April, 1871. S. of Hon. T. R. Mclnnes, Lt.-Gov. of B. C. Ed. at 
Toronto Univ. and Osgoode Hall. Grad. B.A. in 18S9. M., 1894, Dorothea, 
youngest d. of Henry Young, of Victoria, B.C. Admitted to Bar of B.C. In 
1893. Practises law at Nanaimo, B.C. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. 
A Liberal. 

McISAAC, HON. COLIN FRANCIS (Antigonish). B. at South River, Anti- 
gonish, N.S., 1856. Ed. at St. Francois Xavier Coll. Called to the Bar, 1880. 
Is a practising barrister. Bl. to N. S. Assembly for Antigonish at g. e., 1886. 
Resigned to contest Antigonish for Ho. of Commons en the death of the sitting 
men., Rt. Hon. Sir John Thompson. Bl. April 17, 1896 ; re-el. at g. e., 1896. Was 
a mem. of the Executive of N.S., without portfolio. Is a Gov. of St. Francois 
Xavier Coll. M., June, 1892, Miss Mary Ellen Houlett, Halifax, N.S. A Roman 
Catholic. A Liberal. 

McLBLLAN, BERNARD DONALD (Prince West, P.E.I.) S. of Angus J. 
McLellan, of Indian River, P.E.I. bT at Indian River, P. E. I., Nov. 3, 1859. 
Ed. at St. Dunstsn's Coll., Charlottetown. Taught sch. for several years. EI. 
to Leg. Assembly at bye-election in 1888 ; re-el. in 1890. Was Speaker of the 
Ho. of Assembly, 1891-1893. An unsucceesful candidate for Assembly at g. e., 
18^, for Prince, First District. El. to Ho. of Commons (upon death of sitting 
mem., Mr. Perry,) April 13, 1898, by a majority of 316. M., 1881, Emily Costin, 
of Palmer Road. A Liberal. 

MCLENNAN, LT.-COL. RODERICK R. (Glengarry). S. of the late Robert 
McLennan, of Charlottenburg, Glengarry, Ont., a veteran of 1837. B. at Glen 
Donald, Charlottenburg, Jan. 1, 1842. Ed. there. Became celebrated as an 
amateur champion athlete. Was a railway contractor, and is now a capitalist 
and banker. Is a Dir. of the Atlantic & Lake Superior Ry. Co.,. the Manufac- 
turers' Life Ins. Co., of the Alexandria Mfg. Co., of the Cornwall Electric 
Light & Gas Co., and is Pres. of the Eastern District Loan Co. An unsuccess- 
ful candidate for Ont. Leg. at g. e., 1886. Returned to Ho. of Commons at 
g. e., 1891. Was unseated, and re-el., Jan., 1892. Re-el. at g. e., 1896. Author 
of an Act, 1896, for the protection of Canadian labor in public contracts. Is 
Lt.-Col. commanding 59th Batt. Unmarried. A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

Mclennan, ANGUS, M.D. (Inverness). B. at Broad Cove, Inverness Co., 
N.S., 1844. Ed. at the Gram, sch., St. Francois Xavier Coll., Antigonish, Har- 
vard Univ., and the Univ of Penn., Pa., where he grad. M.D. 1872. El. to Ho. 
of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

MCMILLAN, JOHN (South Huron). B., 1823, at Kirkconnell, Dumfriesshire, 
Scot. Ed. at parish sch., Kirkconnell^ M., 1849, Janet MoMIchael. Second 
marriage, Nov. 3, 1868, Mrs. Jamieson. Is a farmer. Apptd. mem. Agrlc. Com- 
mission of Ont.. April 3, 1880. Was ten years Reeve of Hullett Tp. and J.P. 
twenty years. First el. to Ho. of Commons, 1882 ; resigned, 1883. Was el. 1887, 
1891 and 1896. Believes laws regulating Senate should be amended to make 
Senators directly responsible to electors. A Liberal. 

McMULLEN, JAMES (North Wellington). B. in Co. Monaghan, Irel., Nov. 
29, 1833. Came to Canada with his father, 1843, settling on farm near Fergus. 


Ed. at com. sch., Fergus. Served as apprentice In general store in Dundas. 
Started general store in Mt. Forest, 1856, retiring 1882. Was Councillor three 
years and Reeve of Mt. Forest six years. Dir. and Vice-Pres. Georgian Bay 
& Wellington Ry. Dir. Grand Trunk, Georgian Bay & hake Erie Ry. for many 
years. M. Mary Ann, youngest d. of Robert Dunbar, of Guelph, Sept. 28, 1858. 
El. to Ho of Commons at g. e., 1882, 1887, 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

McNSiLL, ALEXANDER (North Bruce). S. of the late Malcolm McNeill., 
Co. Antrim, Irel., and his wife, Louisa, d. of the late John McNeill, of Colon- 
say, Argyleshire, Scot. B. in Irel., May 10, 1842. Ed. at Wimbledon, Eng., and 
Trinity Coll., Dublin. Called to the Bar of the Middle Temple, London, Eng., 
June 6, 1888. Practised on the western circuit. Came to Canada and settled as 
a farmer in the Co. of Bruce, Ont. Held office in the Imp. Fed. League, and is 
now one of the V. P.'s in Canada of the British Empire League. Has moved 
resolutions in Parlt. containing proposals for closer union with the Empire. 
, El. to Ho. of Commons for N. Bruce at g. e., 1882 ; re-el., 1887, 1891, and 1896. 
Was one of the thirteen members of the House who voted for Col. O'Brien's 
motion on the Jesuit Estates' Act. M., 1872, Hester Law Howard, d. of the late 
Forbes McNeill, Winkfleld, Berks, Eng., (she died 189Q.) Church of England. 
A Oon?ervative. 

MADORE, J. ALEXANDER CAMILLE, B.C.L. (Hochelaga). B. at Blue 
Bonnet's, Que., Aug. 3, 1858. Ed. at Montreal Coll., St. Mary's Coll., and Mc- 
Gfll Univ. (B.C.L. 1880.) Called to the Bar, 1881. Follows his profession in 
Montreal. An unsuccessful candidate for the Ho. of Commons in Jacques 
Cartier at g. e., 1891. EI. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896, for Hochelaga. 
A Liberal. 

MALOUIN, ALBERT (Quebec Centre). B. in Quebec City, March 13, 1857, 
and is the son of Jacques Malouin, advocate and ex-mem. for Quebec Centre. 
Bd. at Universities of Quebec and Laval, and is an advocate by profession, be- 
ing admitted to the Bar In January, 1882. A mem. of the Council of the Que- 
bec Bar, and Crown Prosecutor for the District of Quebec. El. to Ho. of Com- 
mons, January 4, 1898, by accl., to fill vacancy caused by the appt. of Hon. 
Francois Langelier to the bench. A Liberal. 

MARCOTTE, FRANCOIS ARTHUR, M.D. (Champlain). S. of Francois 
Marcotte, general merchant, and Cecil Hardy, his wife. B. at Ste. Anne de la 
Perade, Que., Sept. 25, 1866. Bd. at Quebec Semin. and Laval Univ., where he 
rec'd the deg. of Dr. of Med. A practising physician. Has been Mayor of Ste. 
Anne de la Perade and a Dir. of the Agric. Soc. El. to Ho. of Commons at 
g. e., 1896. Election annulled. El. at bye-election, April 7, 1897. Election again 
protested and counter petition entered. Dr. Marcotte maintained hi^ seat. 
A Conservative. 

MARTIN, ALEXANDER (Queen's E., P.E.I.) S. of the late Alexander 
Martin, of Springton, and Isabella, d. of Alexander Martin, of Bell River, P.E.I. , 
his wife. Parentage Scotch and Canadian. B. at Springton, P.E.I., March 14, 
1842. Ed. in the com. sch. of P.E.I., and Normal sch., Charlottetown. M. 
Anne, d. of the late Roderick McLeod, Esq., of Migg, P.E.I. A farmer and 
merchant. Started life as a teacher, and continued in that profession for nine 
years. Was for four years a mem. of the P.E.I. Leg. Was afterwards el. to 
Leg. Council. Resigned and contested the Belfast district for the Ho. of .A.s- 
sembly, but was defeated. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. In Leg. of 
P.B.I., 1838, advocated preferential trade with the Motherland as best policy for 
Canada, and moved resolution to that effect. A Conservative. 


MAXWELL, GEORGE RITCHIE' (Burrard). B. at Stoneliause, South Lan- 
arkshire, Scot., Jan. 11, 1857, of Scotch parents. Ed. at village sch. and by 
privats tuition and at Glasgow Univ., where he took honors in Latin, Greek, 
Literature and Philosophy. Took full Theological ccJurse and became a min- 
ister cf the Presbyterian church. Game to Canada, 1885, and was pastor of the 
church at St. Sylvester's and Lower Leeds, Que., and afterwards at Three 
Rvers, Que., and in 1S90 became pastor of a Presbyterian church at Van- 
couver, B. C. When a candidate was wanted to oppose the Tupper Ministry in 
Vancouver, a large and influential conv^ition offered him the notahiatioA, 
which h3 accepted. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. Accompanied the 
Govt. Yukon expedition as far as the White P»S8, Oct., 1897. M., Mary For- 
rest, eld. d. of R. FoiT€8', merohaat, Blanefleld, Scot A Liberal. 

MEIGS. DANIEL BISHOP (Mlssisqtrai). Parents both natives of Swanton, 
Vt., who moved to Canada in 1832. B. In Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, 
June 1, 1835. Ed. at Bedford. A farmer. M., first. 1866, Margaret L. Allsop 
(she died; second, 1872, Margaret R Faulkner. Mayor of Farnham for several 
years. El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election, Match 27, 1888. An unsuccess- 
ful candidate at g. e., 1891. El. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

MIGNAULT, ROCH MOISE SAMUEL, M.D. (Yamaska). B. in Montreal, 
Feb. 5, 1837. Ed. at L'Assomption Coll. Is a practising physician at St. Michel 
d'Yamasba. Has been Mayor and Councillor of his municipality. Unmarried. 
El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891, and re-el. at g. e., 18^6. A Liberal. 

MILLS, JOHN BURPEE, M.A., Q.C. (Annapolis). B. at Granville Ferry, 
Co. of Annapolis, N.S., July 24, 1850. Youngest s. of the late John Mills, Bsa., 
merchant and shipowner, and Jane McCormick, his wife. This Mills (Mllnes) 
family cama from Yorkshire, near Scarborough, Eng., about 1770 ; the Mc- 
Cormlcks from the north of Irel., descending from Samuel McCoi'mick and his 
wife, nee Mary Blair. Ed. at Horton Acad, and Acadia Univ., grad. B. A. 
with four first-class honors, 1871. Attended the Law Sch. at Harvard Univ., 
Cambridie, Mass., 1874-1875. Cilled to the Bar of N.S., 1875. Q.C, June 25, 
1890. M., first, 0^-t. IZ, 1878, Bessie Brittain Corbett, (she died AprH 4, 1891) ; 
S3Cond, July 1, 1895, Agnes Katherine Rose, of Ottawa, eld. d. of Lewis Rose, 
and grand-daughter of the Rev. Lewis Rose, of Tain, Scot. A mem. Municipal 
Council, AuDapclis, 1882 to 1887. A Dir. and officeholder in several local cor- 
porations. El. to Ho. of Commons at g.e., 1887, 1891, 1896. A Lib. -Conservative. 

MONET, DOMINIQUE, LL. D. (Laprairie and Napierville). B. at St. 
Mi:hel de Napierville, Jan. 2, 1865. Ed. at L'Assomption Coll. and Laval Univ., 
graduating LL.D. Called to the Bar, 1889. M., June, 1887, Marie Louise 
LaHaye. An unsuccessful candidate at a bye-election in Napierville, Dec. 9, 
1890, the vacancy being caused by the rasignation of Mr. Lewis Ste. Maris. El. 
to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891, for Napierville, and at g. e., 1896, for La- 
prairie and Napierville. A Liberal. 

MONK, FREDERICK DEBARTZCH, Q.C. (Jacques Cartier). B. in Mont- 
real, April 6, 1856. Fourth s. of. the late Hon. Samuel Cornwallis Monk, a Judge 
of the Court Queen's Bench for the Prov. of Quebec, and Rosalie Caroliile 
Debartych, his wife. Father was of Eng. des., the family having come orlfeln- 
Debartzch, his wife. Father was of Eng. des., the family having come briglB- 
settled in New France under the French regime. Ed. at the Montreal Coll. 
Grad. in law at McGill Univ. Called to the Bar, 1878. Created at Q.C. 1893. 
Is professor of Constitutional Law in the Montreal Branch of LaVal Univ., 
which has conferred upon him the degi-ee of D.C.L. M., 1880, Marte Lottlsie, 


only d. of late D. H. Senecal, adTOcate. HHs been twelve years a ach. commr- 
f or the City of Montreal. An advosatB, practising in the City of Montreal. A 
Boman Catholl?. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1899. A Conservative. 

of the late Joseph Montague, farmer, and his wife, and of John Humphries. 
B. !A Adelaide, Middles3i Co., Ont., Nov. 21, 1858. Ed. at pub. sch. and after- 
wAfdB taught school. Attended Toronto Sch. of Med. ,and Victoria Univ., 
C<StoWrt*g. (M.D., 1882). A mem. of the Royal Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Ont. 
and Btfinbtirg. Prsfctfsed med. at Dunville, Ont. An unsuccessful candidate in 
Monnk for the Leg. of Ont., Feb., 1883. El. to Ho. of Comm'ons at g. e., 1887. 
Unseated and re-el. Election declared void, and at bye-election, Jan. 30, 1889, 
was defeated, the vote standing, 1,803 for Colter and 1,757 for Montatgue. Colter 
being unseated, el. at bye-election, Feb., 1890, and re-el. at g. e., 1891 and 189)8. 
Entered the Bowell Admn., without portfolio, Dec. 21, 18$4. Became Secretary 
of State, March 26, 1895, and Min. of Agrte., Jan. 16, 1896. Resigned with six 
of his colleagues, Jan. 4, 1896, and went into the Dept. of Agric. on the re- 
construction of the Ministry, Jan. 15, 1896. Was Min. of Agric. in the Tupper 
Ministry from May 1, 1896, until July 8, 1896, when he resigned with the 
Premier. A m?m. of the Advisory Bd. of the Lib.-Con. Union of Ontario. M., 
March, 1^9, Angle, d. of Eliad Furry, Esq., of S^uth Cayuga. A Conservative. 

MOORE, ALVIN^EAD (Stanstead). Of U. E. Loyalist des. B. at HaUey, 
SfAii3tead Co., Quebec, April 20, 1838. Is a Dlr. of the Stanstead, Sheppard & 
Chambly Ay. Co. Was Mayor of Magog, Chairman of the Sch. Commrs., and 
Warden of the Co. of Stanstead, and Pres. of the Stanstead Co. Agric. Soc. 
M., Julia A., d. of the late Ralph Merry, Esq., of Magog. El. to the Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

MORIN, JEAN BAPTISTB, J.P. (Dorchester). Des. ttom a French family 
of St. Etienne, France, who came to Canada in 1836 and settled at St. Thomas, 
Montmagny. B. at St. Henedine, Co. of Dorchester, Que., Sept. 22, 1840. M., 
Aug. 18, 1869, Marie Oosselin. Left the paternal roof April 7, 1856, to try his 
fortunes in the United States, where he entered into the lumber and coal busi- 
ness, and after a sojourn of 32 years returned to Canada to his natal parish, 
where he has occupied the position of Warden of Co. of Dorchester and Pres. 
of the Sch. Commrs. for the parish of St. Henedine. Is at present Mayor of St. 
Hen: dine and J.P. EI. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

MORRISON, AULAY, LL.B. (New Westminster, B.C.) B. at Baddeck, N.S., 
JuBB 15. 1863. Ed. at Sydney and Pi'cton Acadamies and Dalhouslo Univ., Hali- 
fax, where he took tha degree of LL.B. Was admitted to the Bar at Halifax, 
1888. Admitted to Bar of B.C., 1890. First el. to Ho. of Commons at g. e'.» 
1896. Uniharrled. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

MULOCK, HON. WILLIAM, Q.C., LL.D., P.C. (Noi-th York). S. of the late 
T. Homan Mnlock, a mem. of the Royal Coll. of Surgeons, a native of King's 
Co., Irel., and his wife, Mary, d. of the late John (Jawthra, a Yorkshireman. 
B. at Bond Head, Ont., Jan. 19, 1843. Ed. at Newmarket Gram. sch. and at 
Toronto Univ. (B.A. and gold medal in Modern Languages, 1863 ; M.A., 1871 ; 
LL.D. Hon., 1894). Called to the bar, 1868, and apptd. Q.C., 1890. Head of the 
law flnn of Mulock, Miller, Crowtliei' & Montgomery. For four years examiner 
in and lecturer on Equity for Law Soc. of Ontario. First el. a Senator of To- 
rontb Univ., 1878, and Vice-Ohancellor, 1881, which office he continues to held. 
Also a meni. of thi Bd. of Trustees of the Univ. Founded the William Mulock 
scholarahip in Mathematics. El. to Ho. of Commons for North York at g. e.. 


1832, and has represented that constituency ever since. Took prominent part in 
and out of Parlt. towards securing the success of the Lib. party at the polls, 
and on the formation of the Laurler Admn., July 13, 1S96, entered the Cabinet 
as Postmaster-General. Introduced measure in Parlt., 1898, empowering Gov.- 
in-Councll to reduce domestic postage from 3c. to 2c. an oz., and restoring post^ 
age on newspapers. Represented Canada at the Imperial Postal Convention 
held in London, Eng., July, 1898, for purpose of securing a reduced and uniform 
rate on letters within the British Empire, and was successful. Is an Anglican. 
M., May, 1870, Sarah, eld. d. of the late Jas. Crowther, Toronto. A Liberal. 

OLIVER, FRANK (Alberta). B. in Peel Co.,Ont., 1863. Went to the North- 
west at an early period in his career and became a mem. of the Northwest 
Council in 1883, and was el. to the Leg. Assembly, which succeeded the CounciU 
with wider powers, 1888-1896. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896, as an In- 
dependent, and took his seat on the Liberal side of the House", and acts gener- 
ally with that party. Publisher of The Bulletin, Edmonton, N.W'.T., where he 
resides. M., 1881, Harriet, d. of Thomas Dunlop, Prairie Grove, Man. 

OSLBR, EDMUND BOYD (W. Toronto). S. of the late Rev. F. L. Osier, 
and his wife, Ellen Tree Pickton. B. in the Tp. of Tecumseh, Simcoe Co., Ont., 
1845. Ed. at Dundas Gram. sch. Head of the firm of Osier & Hammond, To- 
ronto, financiers and stock brockers. Was Pres. of the Ont. & Que. Ry. Co., 
and is a Dir. of the C.P.R., a Trustee of Toronto Univ., a Dir. of the Trusts 
Corporation of Ont., of the N.W. Land Co., and of the B.C. Southern Ry. Co. 
Is VIce-Pres. of the Dom. Bank, and Pres. of the Toronto Ferry Co. Was 
Pres. Toronto Bd. of Trade, 1896, and was one of the representatives of Canada 
at the Congress of the Chambers of Commerce, London, Eng., 1896. An un- 
successful candidate for Toronto Mayoralty, 1892. Is Treas. of the Ex. Com. 
of the Lib. -Con. Union of Ont. El. to Ho. of Commons for W. Toronto at 
g. e., 1896. M. Mies Cochran, of Aberdeen, Scot. Church of England. A Con- 

PARMALEE, CHARLES HENRY (Shelf ord). Of Puritan. des. Eld. s. of 
Rufus E. Parmalee, and his wife, Eliza Mc Vicar. B. at Waterloo, Que., June 1. 
1865. Ed. there. Was editor Waterloo Advertiser, 1875-1880 ; financial and com- 
mercial editor, Montreal Herald, 1880-1883, since when he has again managed 
the Advertiser. Was a mem. of the Prov. Council of Agrlc, a Town CouncU- 
lor of Waterloo, Secy, of the Bd. of Sch. Commrs., and Pres. Eastern Tp. Press 
Assn. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. M., Dec, 1887, Christina McLean, 
d. of Henry Rose. Church of England. A Liberal. 

PATERSON, HON. WILLIAM. P.C. (North Grey). S. of the late James and 
Martha Paterson, who came to Canada from Aberdeen, Scot. B. in Hamilton, 
Ont., Sept. 19, 1839. Ed. there and at Caledonia, Haldimand Co., Ont. Removed 
to Brantford, Ont. Is a manfr. of biscuits and confectioner. Mayor of Brant- 
ford. 1872. Defeated Sir Francis Hincks, Min. of Finance, In South Brant at 
g e 1872 for Ho. of Commons, and continued to represent S. Brant until g. e., 
1896, 'when he was defeated by 91 votes, being absent from the constituency 
speaking for others during the greater part of the campaign. Entered the 
Laurl-r Admn., July 18, 1896, as Controller of Customs, and as such had much 
to do with the new customs tariff of 1897. Bl. for N. Grey at bye-election 
caused by the death of sitting member, by a majority of 424, Aug. 25. 1896. 
Sworn of the Privy Council and apptd. Min. of Customs, June 30, 1897. The 
office of Controller was abolished by Parlt. M., Sept.. 1868, Lucy Cllve d. of 
\ C. Davids, Brantford. A mem. of the Farringdon Ind. Ch. A Liberal. 


PENNY, EDWARD GOPP (Montreal. St. Lawrence). S. of the late Hon. 
E. G. Penny, and his wife, Eleanor Elizabeth, d. of Oliver Smith, Montreal. . B. 
in Montreal, 1858. Ed. there. A Dfr. of the Intercotonial C5oal Co., a* Gov. of 
the Robt. Jones Convalescent Hospital, and Vlce-Pres. of St, George's Soc, 
Montreal. Since 1894 a mem. of City Council. Returned to Ho. of Commons 
at g. e., 1896. M. d. of J. Y. Gilmour, Montreal. Ch. of England. A Liberal. 

PETTET, WILLIAM VARNEY (Prince Edward). Of U. E. Loyalist des.' 
B. May 7, 1858, at West Lake, Ont. S. of Daniel Pettet, whose father came 
from Long Island, and his wife, Dorcas Young, des. from Col. Henry Young, 
flrat settler in Prince Edward Co., who came from Jamaica Plains, Long Island, 
in 1737, and served with distinction in Britteh army. Ed. at Picton High sch.. 
Commercial Coll., and at Albert Coll., Belleville. M., Sept. 21, 1884, Minnie F., 
d. of late Geo. W. Morrison, of Aurora, Ont. Has been a member of Hallowell 
Tp. Council. A farmer. A Liberal. Elected as a Patron. 

POPE, RUPDS HENRY (Compton). S. of the late Hon. J. H. Pope, once 
Min. of Railways and Canals. B. at Cookshlre, Que., Sept. 13. 1857. Ed. at 
Cookshire Acad, and Sherbrooke High Sch. On his father's death. May, 1889, 
was el. to Ho. of Commons for Compton by accl. Re-el. at g. e., 1891 and 1896. 
Was Pres. of the Eastern Tp. Con. Assn., 1896. Is a mem. of the Advisory Bd. 
British Empire Financial Corporation, and a Dir. of several other mining and 
oommeroial . companies. Is engaged in farming and stock raising. M., Lucy, 
d. of Major C. Noble, Compton. A Conservative. 

POUPORE, WILLIAM JOSEPH (Pontiac). B. April 29, 1846, at Alumette 
Island, P.Q. Father is half French and half Scotch ; mother Irish. Ed. com. 
men sch. and Ottawa Commercial Coll., taking degree of accountant. Studied 
law two years. M., 1870, Barbara Eleonore, second d. of the late John Poupore, 
ex-M.P. and ex-M.P.P. for Pontiac. Sat in Leg. Assem.,Que., 1882-92. Warden of 
Pontiac, 1881-1S82. Pres. Agric. Soc, No. 2, Pontiac, 1877-1890. A lumber mer- 
chant. Owns saw, grist and carding mills at Cheehishe, and saw and shingle 
mills at Waltbam. Is Pres. Grand Calumet Mining Co. Was contractor for 
public works, 1882-1S96. Has dredging contract from Canadian Construction Co. 
at Farran'B Point, St. Lawrence Canal system. El. to Ho. of Commons at g.e., 
1896. An Independent Liberal-Conservative, and a strong advocate of the 
construction of ths Montreal, Ottawa & Georgian Bay ship canal. 

POWELL, HENRY A., M.A. (Westmoreland). Of Welsh des. B. at Richi- 
bucto, N.B., April 6, 1855. Ed. at Kent gram, sch., and at Mount Allison Univ. 
(B. A. 1876 ; M.A. 1890.) Called to the Bar 1880. Practises law at Sackville. 
Represented Westmoreland in the N.B. Assembly, 1890-1895. El. to Ho. of 
Commons, 1895, at bye-election ; re-el. at g. e., 1896. Was a mem. of the special 
committee apptd. by the Ho. of Commons, session 1898, to investigate the aftairs 
of the Drummond Co. Ry. Moved the address in Ho. of Commons in reply to 
Speech from the Throne, first session of 1896. Is a mem. of the Senate of Mt. 
Allison Univ. M., June, 1878, A1U3, d. of Rev. Q. B. Payson. A Methodist. 
A ConsBrvative. 

nenve). B. at Longueuil, Que., Sept. 16, 1850. Ed. by private tuition and at St. 
Mary's Coll., Montreal, and McGill Univ. (B.C.L.) Called to the Bar 
1878. Q.C. 3893. Is the head of the law firm of Prefontaine, St. Jean, Archer ft 
D«carey. Has been in the City Council of Montreal since 1879. EI. Mayor by 
acel., 1898. Is an officer or dlr. of several trading and commercial companies. 
Represented Chambly in Quebec Leg., 1875-1881. El. to Ho. of Commons for 


CbAmMr at s. e., 1887 ; re-eL at g. e., 1891, and re-el. for new oofistftuency of 
MaUonneuTe at s.e., 1693. M., June, 1876, Hennantlne, d. of the late Hon. J. B. 
Rolland, Seoator. A Liberal. 

PRIOR, LT.-COL. HON. EDWARD GAWLER, P.O. (Victoria City). B. 
Mar 21, 1863. at DallowgiJ, near Ripon, Yorkshire, Eng. Second s. of the late 
Rev. Haory Prior,' trho was rector of that parish, and afterwards Vicar of Bas- 
ton, Linoo:n3hire. Ed. at Leeds Oram, seh., And served his articles as a min- 
ing engine ar with the late J. Tolson White, M.S., at Wakefield. Came to Van- 
couver Island in Dec, 1873, as mining engineer and surveyor tat the Vancouver 
Coa4 Mining and Land Co. Was Oort. Insp. of MIiks from Aug., 1878. to May, 
1980, when he resigned to commence business as an iron and hardware mer- 
chant. M., Jan. 80, 1878, Susette, youngest d. of the late Hon. John WorK, of 
" Hillside," Victoria. She died Dec. 9, 1W7. El. a life mem. of the North of 
England Institute of Mining and Mechanical SttglBeers in 1876. Is. Lt.-Col. 
commanding the 6th Reg. Can. Artil. Apptd. an Hon. A.DXL to th» Q&v.- 
Gen. of Canada in Jan., 1889. Commanded the Canadian Rifle team m Bisley, 
Eng., July, U9). Was twice el. Pres. of the Dom. Artil. Assn., and is now a 
V.-P. of sam3 and also of the Dom. Rifle Assn. Was one of the Canadian con- 
tingent pr.s nt at the Queen's Jubllae in London in 1897. El. to the Legisla- 
ture, B.C.. July 6, 1886, and Eat till Jan. 23. 1883, when he resigned at the re- 
quest of bis constituents, and was el. by accl. the Eame day to the seat in the 
Dom. Ho. of Commons vacated by Mr. Noah Shakespeare. Was re-el. at g. e., 
1?01. and again Jan. 6, 1896, on his being sworn a mem. of the Privy Councyfl 
and Controller of In'and Revenue, in the Admn. of Sir Mackenzie Bowell. fteld 
same portfolio In Sir Charles Tupper's Adnm. and was again re-el. at g. e., 
1896. Realgnsd his seat in the Cabinet. July 8, 1896, when Hon.Wilfrid Laurier*s 
Admn. came into power. A Conservative. 

PROULX. ISIDORE (Prescott). S. of Thomas Proulx, of Two Mountains. 
Que. B. in St. Hermas, Co. of Two Mountains, Que., March 13, 1840. Ed. at 
Plants genet Model sch. M. Philomene Lalonde, Feb., 1861. Secy, of the Tp- 
Council, of the Sch. Bd.. and of the Bd. of Church Trustees for 20 years ; 
Re.^ve of Plantngenet, 1883, and for several years afterwards. A farmer and 
general merchant. Removed from St. Hermas to North Plantagenet, Prescott 
Co., Ont., April, 1881, and has resided there ever since. El. to Ho. of Commons 
at g. e., 1891. Unseated and re-el. in 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

QUTNN, MICHAEL JOSEPH FRANCIS. Q.C. (Montreal, St. Ann's). S. of 
Michael Quinn, engr,. a native of Tyrone. Irel. B. in Kingston, Ont.. Nov. 19, 
1S51. Ed. at Christian Brothers school and RegiopoHs Coll.. Kingston. Called 
to the Par. 1878 ; Q.C. 1890. Is at the head of the law firm of Quinn & Morri- 
■OD, Montreal. Represented the Crown in Court of Queen's Bench. Montreal, 
1894-1S97. An unsuccessful candidate in Chateauguay at g. e.. 1887. El. to Ho. 
of Commons at g. e.. 1896. for present seat. M.. first, 1871. Mary E.. d. of the 
late John Harty, Peterborough. Ont, (she died 1885) ; second, 1889, Ellen Mary, 
d. of M. C. Mullarky. Montreal. A Roman Catholic. A Conservative. 

RATZ. VALENTINE (North Middlesex). A gj-andfcofa of Valentine RrfK,>tho 
•mlgrat?d from Germany in 1827. and settled on the site of ttse pfesent town of 
Waterloo. Ont. S. of Jacob RaU. of New Hambiu'g, formerly an dxtensive 
lumberman in the Tp. of Wilmot, Co. of Waterioo. Ont. B. at St Jacob's. 06. 
of Waterloo. Ont., Nov. 18, 1848. Bd. at the Pine Hill pub. sch.. Ca. Watertee. 
M„ Feb, 18. 1878. Mary Yager, of New Hamburg. A lumberman and fanftCfr. ind 
is Prw. of the South River Lumber Co.. of South River. Parry StStuiA Bk^xkt, 


Ont. Entered municipal lift in 1879, aad has lieldOie positibn of Reeve of Tp. 
of Stepben by accl., 1880-1886. Fin* ratumed to Parlt. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

REID. JOHN DOWSLBY, M.D. (South GrenTilte), B. Jan. 1. 1859, at Pres- 
cott, Ont. Of Irish parentatge. Ed. Queen's Coll., Ktoertan. la an M.D. of 
Queen's sud Ttlnlty Univ., Toronto. Has been municipal councillor and dir. 
BdwaflpdBburg Starch Co., Cardinal. Unmarried. El. to Ho. of Commons at 
g. e., 1891 and 1896. A Conservative. 

RICHARDSON. ROBERT L.ORNB (Llsgar, Man.) S. of Joseph Richardson 
and Harriet Thompson, hla wife. B. at Balderson, Lanark Co., Ont., June 28, 
1860. Ed. at Balderson pub. sch. Went into newspaper work, Montreal and 
Toronto, removing to Winnipeg In 1882. Is one of the proprietors and editor of 
the Winnipeg Dally Tribune. El. for Lisgar at g. e., 1896, as a Liberal. M., 
March, 1885, Clara J., d. of the late Ira Mallory. of Mallorytown, Ont. 

RINFRET, COME ISAIE, M.D. (Lotblniere). S. of F. J. Rlnfret, merchant, 
and Celine Thlbaudeau, elster of the Hon. Senator Rosalre Thlbaudeau. Grand- 
father from St. Malo, France ; mother of Acadian des. B. at Cap Sante, 
Portneuf Co., Que., Sept. 6, 1847. Ed. at Seminary of Quebec. A Jwactis- 
Ing physicin. Was for years chairman of tha Sch. Comrnn. M. to Nathalie 
Lalibertl. Pirct el. to Ho. of Commons, Sept. 17, 1878^ and re-ei. at each suc- 
ceeding election ; by acccl. in 1891. A Liberal. 

ROBERTSON, JOHN ROSS (E. Toronto). S. of John Robertson, Nairn, 
Scot., who became a wholesale dry goods merchant In Toronto, and his wife, 
Margaret, d. of Hector Sinclair, of Stornaway, Island of Lewis, Scot. B. at 
Toronto* Dze. 28. 1841. Bd. at U. C. Coll. While there learned to be a printer 
and issued Coll. periodicals. In 1861 established a newspaper devoted to athletic 
sports, and subsequeaty carried on a weeWy satirical paper. Was a reporter on 
several of tha Toronto dailies and correspondent in London, Eng., for the Globe, 
1872-1875. Established Evening Telegram, 1876, which he still owns and con- 
ducts. El. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada, A. F. & A. M., 1890. 
Succeaded Sir John Macdonald as Grand Rep. of the Grand Lodge of Eng. In 
Canada. Is the author of several works on Masonry, some of them the resirit 
of patient historical research. Was Pres. of the Can. Copyright Assn. for sev- 
eral years, and is one of the chief advocates of the right of Canada to legis- 
late in regard to foreign copyrights. Was largely responsible for the Act intro- 
duced by Sir John Thompson in Parlt., 1886, and carried, but which never went 
into eftect by proclamation because the British Govt, was averse to it. Chair- 
man of th3 Ed. of Trustees, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Founded the 
Lakeside Home for Little Children on Toronto Island, towards the support of 
whl3h he has made mimtficent donations. Bl. to Ho. of Commons at g. e. 
1896, «8 an Ind. Conservative. M., first, Maria L., d. of Edward E. M. Gillbee, 
of Barby, Northamptonshire, Eng., (she died 1886), and second 1888, Jessie Eliz- 
aboth, d. of George D. Holland, Toronto. 

ROBINSON, JAMES (Northumberland, N.B.) B'. at Derby, N.B., and ed. 
there. Is a mirchant and lumberman and manager of the Southwest Mirimichi 
Boom and Lumber Co., and of the Newcastle Mirimichi Sch. BMrn. Factory. Was 
Warden of the Co. for three years. M., 1877, Miss Grace McDonald. Represented 
Northumbarland in the N.B. Assembly from Jan., 1890, until Jan., 1896. El. to 
!H#. of Commons at bye-election, Feb., 1896, to fill vacancy caused by the ap- 
polntmdnt of Mr. Adams to the Senate; A Conservative. 

R06HB, WILLIAM JAMBS, M.D. (Mattftiette). Of Msh paa^ntage. S. of 
W. B. Roche, merchant, a native of Wexford, Irel. B. at Clandeboye, Ont., 


uSaef -TZi/Mor Cor^Trn-J-t't' ""' ^'"'°"- °°'- ^^^ -• At- 
W^trrn Cnlv, London Ont hM^^« ? ^ ''*™ "" ^^^^ fl"»J >-««' at 

do«a, Man., where he 1. l^»~^. 1""* °' ""* "«*' ""»»^«« to Minne- 
M«.,toba MerCouLu m^Z o™n.'':l"'r- ''*""°''»' "Preventative for 
Manitoba for one year aTd oL^T ""'f °' ""« ^O-O-^- P^'^ce of 
Chattanooga. Tenn., ani AVe^^Cit^"^^ .^'"Z'T °""'' ^«« •"«'«** 
late Willlain Cook Toronto An Tl™ i ."" ^*^' *°°*" ®' *'«■ ^- »' ^e 

«. e.. ... .. toHo"<^"^'oU?naTrer'^rrcr^atfr^^^^ "'^- »' 

.ohnTv^n^^'o/afcrfn^vrof^^er "T- ^^ ^*-'"«>- «• °' *•>« '- 
Martin. B. at mr^uvoZeN^f^^^Xf''"''"'''^""^*^-'^''^'"'^ 
Govt, sch.), Jtal "a M^6 Ed ih^r! /Tv*"./'' '*"""■ '" P'*""""' <" «>« 
GUI Umy.. Montreal. Is one of tte,'e!^,„*' ''°™" '"''•' "^""O- "S.. and Mc- 

•urg. of the lat Prince of wJlea R?i». ^ r. . ^"J*"'' '* "'=°'" ^°"- I» 
Rebellion. 1885. wL Pres of ttf o! «? ^*''- S^^K-Oen. ot MiliUa, N.W. 

Farmers' Inst and oi th« r^ a f ' f"'^**"'- * farmer. Pres. of Frontenac 
the Patrons of Indnstrv^n^ *l '^"- ^*"°** **•* organl«»Uon known as 

MCab. tMr^^-.:;r;arcrn^:"ab!'of^rj'lnd^e-nde^- ^'"^"^^ 

Carleton Place May 10, 1833. Ed. at Gram. sch. In 1857 moved to Almonte ' U 
of AWnr'"''. ^ '*^ ^*' ^'''' ^^"^^ ^^°'"- ^^^'^^ was Reeve and Mayor 
ai fnTcon Tn 18«4?T^ i'* ''J'' ^'^^^'^^^ ^^^^'^ ^^-^^ unsuccessfX 
?or Lme seat a t TZ\ '''''; 7"'- ^^^^«^*"- ^as unsuccessful candidate 
cLmZ.?* K *; ' ^^^' ^''^ '^^ ^°*- ^^^'' 1871. First returned to Ho. of 
Com., Lib.-Con. Union of Ont, 1896. A Conservative. 

Can^d^lfn' ^1^ ty'^'^'If ' i'''- ^^^"«^«- ^^her Scotch ; mother French- 

and Laval n.^t ^'T"""^!' ^'^*- '' '^^' ^^' *^* ^'^' ^'^"^'^ C«"' Kimouskl. 
and Laval Univ.. where he took his degree In Medicine. Is a physician and 

^T . w *'*'''''°^'* ''*'' ^^ ^*^*^*^* °' Rimouski, quarantine officer fbr the 
port, and Mayor of the Village of Mont Joli. El. to Ho. of Commons, Nov. 6 
1897, by accl., upon the appmt. of Mr. Fiset to the Senate. M., Oct. 26, 1885 
Mary Talbot. A Liberal. 

RUSSELL, BENJAMIN, Q.C., D.C.L. (Halifax). S. of the late Nathaniel 
Russell and Agnes Russell, his wife. Of U. E. L. extraction on the pater- 
nal and of Huguenot French on the maternal side. B. at Dartmouth, N.S., Jan.* 
10, 1?49. Ed. at Halifax Gram. sch. and Mt. Allison Univ. fB.A. 1868 -MA 
1871 ; D.C.L. 1883). Called to the Bar 1872 ; Q.C. 1890. Has been one of the law 
reporters. Supreme Court of N.S., since 1875. Prof, and lecturer in Dalhousie 


Univ. law society. Was for many years offlciar reporter to the N.S. Legislature. 
Is Recorder of Dartmouth and has been Town Conncillor of the same place. 
M., Szpt , 1872, Licuise B., d. of the late Capt. Coleman, of Dartmouth. E!. to 
Ho. of Commcns for Halifax at g. e., 1896. A Metiiodist. A Liberal. 

RUTHERFORD, JOHN GUNION (Macdonald). S. of the Rev. Robert Ruth- 
erford, M.A. B. at Mountain Cross, Parish of Newlands, Publesshire, Scot., 
D£C. 25, 1857. Ed. at high sch., Glasgow ; Qnt. Agric. Coll., Guelph, and Ont. 
Veteiinary Coll., Toronto. A veterinary surgeon, and also Pres. of the Mani- 
toba Liberal Ptg. and Pub. Co., Portage la Prairie, Man. Has been'Pres. of the 
Portage and Lakeside Agric. Soc, of the Island Park Assn.. of the St. And- 
rew's Soc, Portage la Prairie ; of the Veterinary Assn., Man., and of the Horse 
Breeders' Assn. of Man. M., 1887, Edith, d. of the late Washington Boultbee, 
Esq., of Ancaster, Ont. Represented Lakeside in Man. Leg., 1892-1896. Resigned 
his seat to contest Macdonald for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. Mr. N. Boyd 
was declared elected, but election held by the court to be void. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at bye-election, April 27, 1897. A Liberal. 

SAVARD, PAUL VILMOND (Chloutimi and Saguenay). B. at Bboulements, 
Charlevoix Co., Que., July 28, 1864. Ed. at Semin. of Chicoutimi and Laval^ 
Univ., where he grad. in law, 1886. M., July 23, 1888, Marie Louise, d. of C. 
Dufresne, Esq., Principal of Montmagny Coll. An unsuccessful candidate for 
Leg. Assembly at g. e., 1890. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1891, but was 
unseated and defeated in bye-election. El. £t g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

SCRIVBR, JULIUS (Huntingdon). Des. from U. E. Loyalists, who came to 
Canada at close of Am. revolutionary war. B. at Hemmlngford, P.Q., Feb. 5, 
1826. S. of John Scriver and his Wife, Lucretla Manning. Ed. at Univ. of 
Vermont. (M. A.) M. Frances M. Stevens, of Paterson, N. J. Was formerly 
mill and tanneiy owner ; now retired from active business. Represented 
Huntingdon Co. in Leg. Assembly, P.Q., from Confederation to 1869, when el. to 
Ho. of* Commons, and has been re-el. at each succeeding election, five times by 
accl. Chairman of Parity. Liberal caucus since 1886. A Liberal. 

SEAGRAM, JOSEPH BMM (Waterloo N.) S. of Octavius A. Seagram and 
AmeLa Styles, his wife, both natives of Wiltshire, England. B. in the Co. of 
Waterloo, Ont, 1841. Bd. at Gait Gram. sch. M., 1869, to Stephanie Erb, of 
Oalt, Ont. A distiller. Widely known as a breeder of race horses, and his 
horses have won the Queen's Plate at Toronto for several years. Has been a 
Town Councillor of Waterloo, where he resides. El. to Ho. of Commons at g.e., 
1896. A Conservative. 

SBMPLB, ANDRBIW (Wellington Centre). S. of Hugh Semple and Janet 
Mackie, his wife, both natives of Scotland. B. In the City of Glasgow, June 10, 
1837. Came to Canada with his parents in 1841, and resided in the Tp. of Te- 
cumseh, Simcoo Co., Ont., for 22 years, where he received a com. sch. education. 
Removed to E. Garafiaxa. Shortly after settling there, 1863, el. to Council ; 
was Dpty. Reeve. For 15 years Was engaged in milling and buying grain. A 
farmer. M., Oct. 19, 1865, Margaret Potter, of Tecumseh Tp. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1887 ; re-el., 1891 and 1896. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

SIFTON, HON. CLIFFORD, Q.C. (Brandon, Man.) Of Irish des. S. of John 
W. Sifton, formerly Speaker of the Man. Assembly, and his wife, Catharine 
Watkins. B. in Tp. cf London, Middlesex, Out., March 10, 1861. Ed. at high 
sch., London,. Ont., Boys' Coll., Dundas, and Victoria Univ., Cobourg. (B.A. and 
Prince of Wales' medal, 1B80). Called to the Man. Bar, 1882. Practised ir 


Brandon. Cretted Q.C. t|y Domtoioo, IttS. Bl. to Man. Leg. for N. Brandon, 
1888, and continued mem. of th« Leg. untU Nov., 188«. Entered the Greenway 
Adnin. a? Alty. -General imd Min. of Bdvcation, May 14. 1891. Was one of the 
V.-P.'s of the Dcm. Lib. Ck>ny€ntion. OtUwa. 1898. Ckmducted negotiaUons on 
behalf of Manitoba with Dominion authofiti|t9 i;> reference to t^ Manitoba 
School Queitlon. Retired from Man. Govt and entered Sijr Wilfrid Laurier's 
Admn., Nov. 17, 1896, as Minister of the Interior and Superintendent-General of 
Indian Affairs. As such he became largely re^pomible for adm^istratioo of 
affairs in yukon territory, which, in July, 1897, was Jpvaded ^y gold jiggers 
and traders. In the discharge of these duties he personally inspected the "^^ri- 
ouB inlets to the Yukon country, such as the White Pass, the Chilkoot Pass, 
the Taku Inlet and the Stiklne River route. On his return visited Washington 
and made Arrangements with U. S. Govt, to afford better facilities for Canadiftn 
tra^e going into the Yukon over Etrips of territory at present under jurisdic- 
tion of the U. S. Was first elected to Ho. of Commons, Nov. 27, 1S^6, for 
Brandcn, Man., by accl. Is a V.-P. of the Dom. Educa. Assn. A Methodist. 
A Liberal. M., Aug., 1884, Elizabeth Arma, d. of H. T. Burrows, Ottawa. 216 
Metcalfe Street, Ottawa ; Manitoba Clufe, Winning ; Rideau Club, OtUwa. 

SNETSINGER, JOHN GOODALL (Cornwall and S^rmont). Papents were 
U. E. Loyalists of German des. B. In Cornwall Tp., Oct. 13, 1833. Ed. at pub. 
sch. Has been twice M., first, to Margaret Irving, d. of John Irving of Moulin- 
ette, (she died 1879), and second, 1882, (Jertrude, d. of James Raymond, of 
Sheiks Island. Has been Reeve of his Tp. for several years, and Warden of 
Cornwall and Stcrmoot. Succeeded U^e late ^pQ. Jol^n Sandfield Macdonald as 
mem. fcr Cornwall ai^d Stormont In Ont. l>g, J871-1879. An unsuccessful can- 
didate for Ho. of Commons for Cornwall and Storipont at g. e.^ 1891. El. to Ho. 
cf Commons at g. e., 1896. A Liberal, 

SOMBRVILLB, JAMBS (Wentworth N. and Brant). Parents came from 
Fifeshire, Sect., in 1883, and settled in Dundas. Ont. B. June 7, 1834, at Dundas. 
Ed. at com. and gram. schs. at Dundas and Simcoe. Served apprenticeship in 
Dundas Warder printing office. Established Ayr Observer in Village of Asrr, Co. 
Waterloo, in 1854, which he dispoeed of in 1858, and in January of that year 
Ltartcd the Dundas True Banner, which be eonducted until 1886. Has filled 
every municipal oflQce in t^ gift of the electors of Wentworth— Councillor, 
Deputy Reeve, Reeve, Warden of the Co., and Iflayor of the Town o< Dundas. 
M., 1858, Jenette, d. of Alex, Rogers, farmer, of South Dumfries, Co. of Brant. 
First el. to Ho. of Commons in 1882, and re-eL^ 1887, 1891 and 1896. A Liberal. 

SPROULE, THOMAS SIMPSON. M.D. (E. Grey). Parents both Irish, from 
Tyrone, Irel. B. Oct. 25, 1848, in Tp. of King, York Co., Out. Bd. in com. 
sets., Co. of Grey, Univ. of Michigan, and Victoria Univ., Toronto, where he 
grad. in medicine, May, 1868. Was engaged in eommeroial life for four years 
befcre studying mcdicire. Carried on farming for last 20 years. Was also en- 
gaged in drug and stationery business for 12 years and was also engaged as a 
miller. El. to Council, 1884. Held oflSce in several agric. socys. Is a practising 
physician at Markdale, Ont. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1878, and re-el. at 
each succeeding election. Was for some years chairman of the Standing Com. 
en Colonization and Agriculture of Ho. of Commons. Is a mem. of the Ad- 
visory Bd. of the Lib.-Ccn. Union of Ont. M., Sept., 1881, Mary Alice, d. of 
W. K. Flesher. A Conservative. 

STBNSON, UJCHAWH* THOMAS (Richn^ond and Wolfe). B. in liongfcord. 
Co. Mcath, ^ MB8. S. of John Stenson, and hie wife, Anne Dunne, 


yihQ 9p4v^*tc4 to Canft^, 1840, imd leltted ia Montreal. Took daseical course, 
St. Mary's Coll., Montreal, aad course In agriculture, 8te. Anne's, Quebec. 
Tcok cerUfica'.e Xrcm MUljtary Sch,, Montreal, May. M64. M., Aug., i860, B. G. 
O'Reilly, 9t Quebec, vbo died, I>m,» 1880. In 1881, married MaHe Rosalie 
Dc«eve, of SheibroQke. Haa rec'd patent for 100 acres land granted by Prov. 
Qjiebcc to fath^ia of 12 Uvlijg children. School inspector. Diet, of St. Francois, 
1864-18^6. Resigned. A mem. Coun. Pub. Instruction, Prov. Quebec. Is Supt. 
of Agencies, Provifle»t Life Aas. Soc. of New York for the Eastern Tps. Was 
Mayor. Wattcn Tp., and Warden Wolfe CJo. several terms. El. to Ho. of Com- 
njons at g. e., 1896. A ^ipan CaUiolic. A Liberal. 

STUBBS, WILLIAM (Cardwell). B. of IrlsJi parenU, July U, 1847, in the 
Tp. of Caledon. Ed. 1» the pub. sch. and at the Veterinary Coll., Toronto, 
where he grad., March, 1868. Is a veterinary surgeon and farmer. Has been 
Govt. V. S. for district of Peel and Cardwell, Reeve of the Tp. of Caledon. M., 
1888, Annie, d. of the late William Gillespie, of Orangevllle, Ont. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at bye-election, Dec. 24, 1895, and re-el. at g. e., 1S96. A Conservative, 
who opposed the Con. policy In 1895, and was regarded as a follower of t|ie late 
O'Altcn McCarthy. Sits on the Liberal sjde of the Ho. of Com;nons and ^ves 
tte Laurier Admn. an independent Eupport. 

SUTHERLAND, MAJOR JAMBS (N. Oxford). S. of the late Alexander 
Sutherland, a native of Calthnesa-ahlre, Scot., who came to Canada In 1841, and 
his wife, Allison, d. of the late John Rentop. B. ip. the Tp. of Ancaster, Went- 
wcrth Co., Ont., July 17, 1849. Ed. at gram. sch. of Woodstock, Ont., where he 
entered en mercantile pursuits. Was for severi^l ye^rs a mem. of the Town 
Council ; Reeve from 1877 to 1879 ; Mayor, 1880. First el. to Ho. of Commons 
en death of sitting mem. for S. Oxford, Thomas Oliver, Pec, 1880, and has 
continued to represent that riding in the House ever sii^ce. Has been chief 
Lib. wh'p since 1891. Since 1893 has directed the organization of the Lib. party 
• in Ont. in Federal affairs, and arranged the political tours of the Lib. leader in 
Ont. and the west. Was el. Chairman of the Standjpg Committee on Railways, 
Canals and Telegraph Lines, Ho. of Commons, Aug., 1896. Is MaJor of the 22nd 
Batt. Oxford Rifles. Connected with several commercial companies. Was one of 
the thiit:en who voted in the J3p. of Commons lo favor of Col. O'Briep's reso- 
lution respectiog the Jesuits Estates' Act, 1889. Unmarried. A Presbyterian. 
A Liberal. 

TALBOT, 0NE8IPH0RB ERNEST (Bellechasse). S. of Mr. J. F. Talbot 
and Marguerite, his wife, d. of B. R. Frechette. B. at St. Arsene, Temiscouata 
Co., Cue. Ed. at St. Michel and Quebec Semln. Engaged in farming at St. 
Michel. A mem. of the Agric. Council of Prov. of Quebec. M., 1887, to Mary 
Gullsmartin, of Savannah, Georgia, U. S. El. tq Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. 
A Liberal. 

TARTE, HON. JOSEPH ISRAEL, P.C. (St. John and Iberville). S. of the 
lete Joseph Tarte, farmer. B. at Lanoraie, Que., Jan. 11, 1848. Ed. at L'As- 
eomptlon Coll., and admitted to the profession of law. May 8, 1871. Was prac- 
tising as a notary tt St. Lin and editing a weekly paper, Les Lauren tides, when 
a syn4icate of Con. Folitici^ins purchased La Canadlen oewppaper, of Quebec, 
and engaged Mr. Tarte as editor. Was nominated to oppose Hon. Mr. Cauchon, 
but withdrew. El fcr Bpna venture to Quebec Aaeembly, Feb., 3877. Re-el. at 
g. e., 1878. El. to H9. of Commona for Montmorency at g. e. 1891. Up to this 
pcltt Mr. Taite had been a prominent Conservative, but entered Parlt. for the 
purpose cf nraking charges against eome of the Con. managers of Que. Dist , 


Sir Hector Langeyin and Hon. Thcmafl McGieevy. Made charges against tbem 
in the House, which were referred to a committee and inyestigated. Langevin, 
Min. of Public Works, resigned from the Ministry, and McGreevy was expelled 
from ths House. His election for Montmorency declared void, 1892. El. for 
L'Islet at bye-election, Jan. 5, 1893. Candidate for the Ho. of Commons in 
Beauhamois at g. e., 1S96, when he was defeated by 48 votes. Sworn of the 
Pi ivy Ccuncll, July 13, 18£6, was apptd. Mln. of Public Works In the L.aurler 
Admn. Mr. Be chard, mem. for St. John and Iberville, having been apptd. to 
Ssnate, Mr, Tarte was el. to represent that constituency, Aug. 3, 1896. Is a 
mem. of the Treasury Bd. and of the Internal Economy Committee of the Ho. 
of Commons. Was ed. of Le Canadien, and Le Cultlvateur from 1873 to 1893. 
Has been 'V.-P. Imp. Fed. League in Canada. A Journalist. Is the author of 
several political essays and brochures. M. Miss Georglana Syfvestre, of L'As- 
scmption. A Liberal. 

TAYLOR, GEORGE (South Leeds). Second s. of WUliam Taylor and his 
wife, Ann Graham, both of North of Irel. B. March 31, 1840, at Lansdowne, 
Leeds Co., Ont. Ed. at com. sch., Lansdowne. M. Margaret Ann Latimer, Apr. 
10, 1868. Has been Reeve of Gananoque 7 years and Warden of united counties 
of Leeds and Grenvllle and Co. Auditor. A manfr. and grain merchant. Began 
life in mercantile business as clerk when 11 years of age, and continued with 
eame Arm afterwards as partner over 25 years. First returned to Ho. of Com- - 
mons at g. e., 1852, 1887, 1S91, 1896. Chief Whip of Conservative party. 

TISDALE, LT.-COL. HON. DAVID, Q.C., P.O. (S. Norfolk). S. of Bphrlam 
Tisdale, who, as a Canadian Militiaman, took part in the battles of Queenston 
Heights and Lundy's Lane. B. In the Tp. of Charlotteville, Norfolk Co., Ont., 
Sept. 8, 1835. Ed. at Simcoe gram. Ech. Called to the Bar 1858 ; Q.C. 1872. 
Has been Reeve of Simcoe and a mem. of the Co. Council. Joined the volun- 
teer force at the time of the Trent affair, 1861, was promoted Captain, 1862, and 
served at Niagara, 1865, and during the Fenian raid, 1866. Was apptd. Lt.-Col. 
of the 39th Norfolk Rifles, Sept. 28, 1S66. Retired, retaining rank, 1876. Is V.-P. 
of the U. E. Loyalists Assn., and Pros, of the Diamond Jubilee Development 
Co. An unsuccessful candidate for the Ho. of Commons in N. Norfolk at g. e., 
1874. El. to Ho. of Commons for S. Norfolk at g. e., 1887, and re-el. 1891 and 
1896. Swoin cf the Privy Council and apptd. Minister of Militia in the Tupper 
A.dmn., May 1, 1896. Retired from office with the Govt., July 8, 1896. Was 
largely instrumental in buildng the Grand Trunk, Georgian Bay & Lake Erie 
Ry., and has been interested in railways and railway legislation for many 
years. Was Chairman of the Standing Committee on Railways and Canals of 
the He use of Commons, 1891-1896. M., Nov., 1858, Miss Sarah Aramlnta Walker. 
Church of England. A Conservative. 

TOLMIB, JOHN (West Bruce). S. of Alexander Tolmie and Mary Fraser, 
Ms wife. B. Aug. 30, 1845, at Balgoun, in Laggan Parish, Scot. Ed. in com. 
schs. of Scotland. M., in 1883, Maggie H. Patterson, of Lucknow, Bruce Co. 
Was two years Councillor and four years Reeve, Bruce Tp.; one year Deputy 
Reeve and two years Mayor cf Kincardine. A salt manufacturer. A Liberal, 
elected as a Patron. 

TUCKER, LT.-COL. JOSEPH JOHN (St. John, N.B., City and Co.) S. of 
the late Jchn Tucker. B. at Chatham, Kent, Eng., where he was educated. 
Was for 20 years chief surveyor for Lloyds in the Bast, residing at Shanghai. 
Is one cf the chief proprietors of the St. John Morning Telegraph. Is Lt.-Col. 
in cmmand of the 62nd Batt., St. John. El. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896. 
A Literal. 


TUPPER, HON. SIR CHARl-ES, BT., aC.N[.0.,,C.B.. D.C.I^., I.L.P., M.D., 
P.O. <GaFe Breton). S. t)i the late Rev. Charles Tupper, D.p., ot Ayleefcird;, 
N.S., and hfs wife, Miilam Lockhart Low, of Parrsboto', N.S. B. at Amherst, 
N.S., 'July 2, 1B21. Bd. at Horton Acad, and Acadia Coll. (M.A., O.QO*.) 
Studied at Bdinbut^h Uhlv. (M.D. 1842). Returning to Nova Scotia, practised 
his profossfon as a physician. El. to the N.S.. Assembly, 1855. Provincial Seoy. 
in the Johni^tone Admh., 1866. Went to Eng;. on a mission connected with the 
I.C.R., 1S58. Premier of N.S., 1864. Took a leading part in the ConfederaUcm 
lEOTement, ^tten^ing the conferences at Chatlottetown and Qu^bec^ .^ind; afterr 
■wards gofng to B!ng. arid participating in the final iettlement of the terms of 
Confederation. Created C.B., i86t. El. to Ho. pf Commons at g. e.> 1867, for 
Cumberland, N.S., which he continued to represent until .1884. Swpm of the 
PriTy Council, June, 1870, beconiing Pres. of, the Council, and has since held 
the portfolios of Customs, Inland Re\renue, Railways and Canals, Public Works» 
Finence, and Secretary cf State. Resigned with the Macdonald Adm^,,. 187a. 
and on return of* Sir John Macdonald to power, became Minister of Public 
Works, Oct. 17, 1878. Created K.C.M.G., May 24, 1879 ; G.C.M.Q., Feb., 1886 ; 
and created Baronet of the United Kingdom, Sept., 1888. Wap the .first Min- 
ister of Railways and Canals, May 20, 1879, to May 23, 1884, and as such was 
clo.ely Idtntlllcd with the construction of the C.P.R^ ylpptd. High Commr. for 
Carada at London, Eng., 1884. Minister of Finance for Canada^ Jan. 27, 1887x 
Resigned May 29, i888. When fie returned to London as High Commr. Repre- 
sented Carada at .the Intet-natiohaf' Exhibition, Antwerp, 1886, and was Ex. 
Ccmmr. for Oaiiada at Colonial Exhibition, London, 1886. Was one of H. M.'s 
Plcnifoten^i&ries to the Fisheries Conference at Washington, 1887-1888, and a 
treaty was icigncd for the settlement of disputes connected with the Atlantic 
Fisheries., but it was not approved by the U. S. Senate, though unanimously 
approved by the Canadian Parlt. Came to Canada Feb.,- 1891, and- took active 
part in the g. e., and again Tetiiraed to London. As oner of H. M.'s Plenipoten- 
tiaries assisted in negotiating treaty with. France on behalf of Canada' (1898). 
Web a successful, candidate in Cumberland, N.S., at g. e., 1887 ; unseated and 
re-el. Resigned from House of Commons, in summer of 1888. Came to Can- 
ada in coonecticn with the project of a Fast Atlantic Steamship Service in the 
fall of 1895. Entered Bowell Administration as Secretary of Staie, January 15^ ^ 
1896. Mr. (now Sonatdr) McKeen resigned his seat in the Commons for Cape 
Breton, and Sir Charles Tupper was elected in his place, and became leader 
in Ho. of Commons. Moved second reading Remedial Bjill (^ifaoitoba), March 3, 
1896, which failed to carry. On resignation of Sir Mackenzie Bo well, April 2t, 
18£6, was called on to form new Ministry, which he did, May 1, 1896, and ap- 
pealed to the country. As a result of the election resigned office July 8, 1896. 
Is. hon. LL.D. of Cambridge Univ., Eng., and of Edinburgh Univ., Scot, and 
l&cB. Fellov Royal Soottish Ctoog. Sooiet}^. Wds Surg. -Major 1st Brig. Halifax 
Artillery, and Pres< Can. Med. Assn. Formeriy a mem. of Ex. Coun., Imp, 
Fed. Xiiftgue, end is mem. of Council, British -Empire League. In 1888 apptd. 
M mem. of Royal Comn. in connection with colonization in Canada of Sc6tch 
Crofiars. Royal /Commr. for organization of Imperial Institute. Represented 
CaDa4a at Intern!. Conf., Paris, 1883, for protection of submarine cables ;. at 
Inteml. Gnatoms- Oonf;, BruStael^ ; at Ihteml. Postal Union meeting, Vienna, 
1991. Is Chairman- tyr Dir. of d^veral financial corporations and development 
companies. JSl. leader cf Opposition, House of Commons, Canada, Aug., 1896, 
which position he still holds. M., Oct. 8, 1846, Frances Amelia, d. of Silas 
Hibbert Morse, Amherst, N.S. Celebrated golden wedding at Ottawa, Oct. 8, 
1^?,. Church of England. A Ckinservative. 

82 PAwm^mmsxhxx Gxmm 

(PletMi). Second r. ot Hon. Sir Cbarles Tupper, Bt. B, at AmlMrst, N.&., JSti^ 
3. 1865. Bd. at Windso^ Acad., N.S., and McGlll Univ., Montreal, where Jie 
won the €k)T.- Gem's scholarship. Grad. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1876. Called to 
the Bar of N.5. 187S ; Q.C. 1890. Called to Ont. Bar 1896, and eU menw B3c 
Council, Clui. Bar; Assn., 1S96. Practised at Halifax. Bl. to Ho. of Commons 
for Pictott at g. e.. 1882 ; re-el. at g. e.. 1887, 1891 and 1896.— Entered the Mac- 
donald Admn. as Minister of Mar^e and Fisheries, May 31. 1888^ and bel4 same 
once in Abbott Admn. and Thompson Admn. Became Minister of Justiee in 
Bowell Admn., Dec. 21, 1894. Resigned Jan. 4, 1896, acting in conc^ wijth six 
of his colleagues. They again accepted office, but V remained out. ApvtA. 
Solicitor^ General In his father's Admn., May 1, 1896, and went out of office with 
the Govt., July 8, 1896. As Minister of Marine and Fisheries waa ooncemed 
with the nsgot^ations respecting the Behring Sea fisheries, and in, June,. 1892» 
mt» apttd. agent fcr H. M.'s Govt, at the Behring. Sea arbitration which met 
at Paris, Feb., IS 93. In acknowledgment of these services created, .by H. K^ 
Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. As Minister of 
Justice isas responsible for the Remedial Order on the Manitoba Govt, lespect- 
ing Separate Schools. Was. one of the Can. /Minjisters who attended confecence 
WUh delegates from the Govt, of Nfld., Halifax, 189i Removed to Victoria, 
B.C., Nov., 1897, to practise his profession. M., Sept., 1879, Janet, d. of Hoik 
Jlittes Macdonald, Chief Justice, N.S. Church of Bngland^ A Conservative. 

TURCOT, GEORGB (Megantic). S. of Augnstin Turcot ai&4 Marie Mhr- 
guerlte Tardif, bi3 wife. Ancestors came frem Fratnce to ChAteau Richer, 1662. 
£d. at €te. Marie Commercial Coll. and by the Christian Brothers. A mo^rchant. 
Pres. of the Sch. Commrs;, 1877-1898. Sec. ot the Man. Oouneil fitMn 1879 to 
1^89 ; Mayor, 1892. M., flrat. May 18, 1878, Florida, d. of F. X. Rousseau, of 
S(e. Julie (she died April, 1875) ; seoond, May 11, 1886, Sfarie B. Rousseau; 
sister of his lint wife. El. to Ho. of Commons at & e., 1887, 1891 and 1896. A 
Prohibit'OBist. A Liberal. 

TYRWHITT, LT.-COL. RICHARD (Simcoe S.) S. of WilHam Tyrwhltt B. 
in the Co. of Simcoe, Ont., Nov. 29/ 1844. Efl. at Barrie, Ont., and by private 
-tuition. Is engaged In farming. Lt.-Col. commanding; ' 36th Batt. Peel In- 
fantry. M., April, 1870, Bmma. d. of the late Ven. Arch. Whitaker. Provost of 
Trinity Coll., Toronto. Served during the Fenian troubles, on the Nifigara 
frontier, and in the N.W. rebellion. Was Commandant of. the Wimbledon 
team, 1886. Attached to the Canadian contingent at celebration Queen's. Jubilee. 
1897, in London., El. to Ho. of Commcns, Feb., 1^2, ^nd re-el. at each suc- 
ceaoing ekct'on. A Conservative. ; . . 

WALLACE. NATHANIEL CLARKE (West Ydrl0. Third s. Of Ospt^ Nath- 
aniel Wallace and his wife* Attn, both natives of Co. Sligo, -freL.iB. May:21, 
1844, in Woodbrldge, Ont. Ed. at pub. sch. and Western, grattw sch. M4 June 
7, 1877, Belinda, Eoventh d.'of the late James Gillmoryiof OttewH, Ont. Was 
first'Bpty. Reeve of Tp. VaughUn, 1874-1878 ; Warden of York, 181».r Bl. at g.e.. 
1878, to Park, for West York, which he has represented contianously shice. 
Sworn in Controller of customs, Dec. 7, 1892; In the Govt, of Sir John Thomp- 
son, hblding same position in Govt, of Sir Madtensie Bowell: till »Dec., 1885, 
When, on account of the QoTt:*s attempt to force Sefwtrttte Schools :<>nMtoltoba, 
h6 resigned hie position, and in the ifoHowlng aessien. of Pari** was. one of 
tbose who vig:r:«8'.y oppcsed Remedial Legislation, whish. was defeated. Has 
been Grand Master of the Loyal Orange Association of British, Americfc 8in<?B 
837, and was tix years Pres. of the Tri'nnial Council of Orangemen of the 


world. Was ar inrt>:ic uAodl teaobtir f cv ISyb yean. A m«rchaat and flour 
iriller. Waa in 1«87 Chairman of Special Committee of Ho. of Commons to in- 
vestigate Qombinations in restraint of trade. Report unanimously adopted by 
the Committes and ih» House. InAreduoed- and canned thnmsb in tbe follow- 
iag session an Act to prevent combinations. XMradttced Bill to incorporate 
KO.L. Aesa., wbich became law. Has somewhat of a ropntation as a mal&e^ 
matlcian. A Conservative. 

WILSON, tmiAH (Lennox). S. of James Wilson, whd came from Yorkshire, 
Fn«., to Canada, 1834, and his wife, a native of the Co. Tyrone, Irel. B. In the 
Tp. of N. Frederioksboreli, about two miles from Napanee, Lenwoc Co., Ont., 
March 17, U4^4 Sd» at pub. sch., Napanee. Entered meroanttte pursuits in 
1S67. A mercbavt. Town Councillor of Napanee ; Dpty. Reeve, 1879-1882 ; 
Warden of the Coontlss oC Lennox and Addington, 1888 ; Reeve of Napanee, 
1834-1885 ; Mayor of Napanee by accL, 18?6. Bl. to Ho. of Commons at g. e., 
1S07^ Beltatsd at g. e.« 189a» but on the ims«iating of his opponent, was re- 
t«ra:d at bye-s]ae«ioB, 1898 ; re-sL at gi e., 189C. M., Mary Moyle,. of Napanee. 
A Methcd'st. A Conservative. 

WODD, HON. JOHN FISHER, Q.C., P.C. (Brockville). S. of the late John 
Wocd, of BanlEabire, Sect., who came to Canada In early life. B. in EUzabeth- 
tGwn, Ont., Oct, 12, 1852. Called to the Bar 1876 ; Q.C. 1890. El. to Ho. of 
Commons at g. e., 1882, , for Brockyille, and continuously since. Was Dpty. 
Spaaker, Ho. of Commonf>, and Chairman of Committees, 1893. Entered the 
Thcmpcon Admn. as Controller of Inland Revenue, Dec. 6, 1892, and remained 
ix^ Govt, until it was defeated fit g. e., 1896, when he resigned with the Admn. 
^6a3 transferred to the Customs Dept. as Controller in 1896^ Acting in con- 
cert with six of his colleagues, resigned from the Ministry, Jan. 4, 1896, and, 
like them, was re-appointed to oflEioe Jan. 15, 1896. Sworn of the Privy Coun- 
cil, Dee. 24, 1895. A mem. of the Advieory Bd., Lib. -Con. Union of Ont. Un- 
nrarried. A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

WOOD, ANDREW TRBW (Hamilton). S. of the late David Wood, of Mount 
Norris, Armagh, Irel., and his wife, Frances Bigham Trew, of Scotch imd 
Bnts. descent. B. at Mount Norris, Aug. 26, 1826. Bd. there. Comfhg to Can- 
ada, he began a mercantile career in Toronto, but removed to Hamilton three 
3Fears later, where he still resides, and is the head of the large iron mongers' 
firm of Wood, Vallance & Co., which has a branch house in Winnipeg. Was 
en? of the founders of the Dom. Bd. of Trade, Pros, of the Hamilton Bd. of 
Trade, and. a. Dir. of the old Wellington, .Grey &• Bruce Ry. Is V.-P. of the 
Hamilton Provident & Loan Co., and of the Mutual Life Asai; of Canada, a Dir. 
of the Ont. Cotton €o., a Senator of Toronto Univ., a Dir. of the Bank of 
Hamilton, and Prest of- the Hamilton Art School. A ptx>moter of the iron smelt- 
ing works at Hamilton. A member of the Canada Nickel Steel Cdi, 1896. 
FUrst el. to Ho. of Commons at g.e., 1874 ; unseated and re-el. Defeated at g.e., 
1878. El. at g. e., 1896, while absent in Eng. M., first, 18U, Mary E., d. of 
the late William Freeman, Saltfleet, Ont., (she died), and second, 1863, Jennie, 
d. of QecTf^ H. White, of Toronto. A Pt'^byterian. A Liberal. 

TBO, JOHN (Pricca B., P.B.I.) Parents frcm Co... of Devon, Eng. B. at 
Port Hill, P.B.I., Juna 29, 1837. Ed. at Ux)l)rldge». Big. A ship owner and 
farmer. Sat in Ho. cf Assembly, P.E.I. , for the Second District of Prince from 
1858 to 1891, when he reslgnM to run for the Ho. of Commons. Apptd. to the 
l&c. Council in 1870 ; was el.; Speaker in 1871 ; re-apptd. to the Executive. 1873, 
acd again In .1876. Biesigned, in 1818. El. to Ho. of Commons for Prince Co. at 
g. e.« IStli and fcr Pflnce B. at g. «(.. 1896. Was el. Grand Master of the Free 
Mf 83ns in P.B.I., 1875, and annually until 1889. Unmarried. A Liberal. 


JUNE 23, 1896. 

Proclamation of Dissolution, dated April 24 ;- nomination, June' 16 ; polling, 
Jnr.e 2S ; writs made returnable, July 18, except Algoma, Nipissing, Gaspe, and 
Chicoutimi and Saguetiajr. 

General electicns for the House of Commons have been beld on the follow- 
ing dates :— 

l«J7--Aug. 7-Sept. 20. 188^-June 10. - 

1872~July 20. 1887— February 22. • 

1874—January 22. 1881— March 6. 

1878— September 17. 1886-June 23. 

The votes cast for each candidate at the general election of 1886 are- recorded 
bolow, together with a record of the result of each generai election sinoe 
Confederation. .... 


John W. Bell 2587 

Geo. W. Dawson 2500 

Record— s . » 

1867— Lapum (C.) 129 1872— Shibley <L.) ...: 658* 

1874— Shibley (L.) .; 293 1878-McRory (C.) :. 412 

1882-Bell (C.) 502 1887— Bell (C) 890 

1891-Dawson (L.) 61 1896— Bell (C.) 87 

i > 


Lewis (I) 1170 

Weldon (C) 928 


1867— Wallace (L.) 64 1872— Wallace (L) 99 

1874— Wallace (L.) 50 1878— Rogers (L.) 88 

1882— Wallace (Ind. C.) 61 1887— Weldon (C;) 124 

1891— Weldon (C.) 76 1896-Lewi8 (Ind.) 26 


Prank Oliver (L L.) 3647 

Thomas B. H. Cochrane (C.) ., 286S 

Simon L Clark (I.) 71 


1887— Davis (C.) 254 1891-Davis (C.) ,.1807 

1896-Oliver (Ind. L,) 784 


A. B. Dyment (L.) ; 8176 

G. H. Macdonell (C.) 1319 

Rcccrd— *> : 

1867— Simpson (L.) 9 1872— Robinson (C.) 81 

1874— Barron (L.) 178 1878— Dawson (I.) .-..4051 

1882— Dawson (L) 595 1887— Dawson (L) ; 18 

1891— Macdonell (C.) 438 1896--^Dyment. (L.) . .'......•.,......1827? 



John B. Mills (C.) 2612 

J. W. Longley (L.) 1815 


1867— Ray (L.) 155 1872-Ray (L.) 110 

1874— Ray (L.) 658 1878-Longley (L.) 3 

188^-Ray (L.) 62 1887— Mills (C.) 28 

1891— Mills (C.) ..173 1896-Mills (C.) .197 


Colin F. Mclsaac (L.) 1341 

J. A. Chlsholm (C.) 1224 


1867— McDonald (L.) 848 1872-McDonald (L.) Accl. 

1874— A, Mclsaac (L.) .., Accl. 1878-McIsaac (L.) 131 

1882— Mclsaac (L.) ;. 833 1887— Sir John Thompson (C.).. 40 

1891— Thompson (C.) 227 1896— Mclsaac (L.) 117 


Thomas Christie (L.) 1152 

Harry Abbott (C.) 1079 


1867— Sir J. J. C. Abbott (C.)... 498 1872— Abbott (C.) Accl. 

1874— Abbott (C. ..) 4 1878— Christie (L.) 89 

1882— Abbott (C.) Accl. 1887— Wilson (C.) 210 

1891— Christie (L.) m 1896-Christie (L.) 73 


J. M. Douglas (L.) 3566 

W. W. McDonald (C.) 2502 


1887— Perley (C.) 728 1891-Dewdney (C.) 756 

1896— Douglas (L.) 1054 


N. P. Davln (C.) 1502 

John K. Mclnnis (P.) ; 1502 

Davln elected by casting vote of returning officer. 

1887— Davln (C.) 803 1891— Davin (C.) 327 

1896— Davln (C.) 1 


P. Dupont (C.) Accl. 

Seat vacated in March, 1898, through death of Mr. Dupont. 

1867— Gendron (C.) 267 1872— Gendron (C.) ...1180 

1874— Mousseau (C.) 43 1878— Mousseau (C.) 161 

X882— Mousseau (C.) Accl. 1887— Dupont (C.) Accl. 

1891— Dupont (C.) 53 1896— Dupont (C.) Accl. 

86 FA^&UAAoovtAJcv Gmnm 

Joseph Qcdb:ut (L.) ...m...,. 3063 

G. Cloutier (C) .,.,...... 2576 


1867-Pozer (L.) 551 1872-Pdzer (L.) ^1H5 

1874— Pozer (L.) Aocl. 1878— Bolduc (C.) ,».-1122 

1882— Bolduc (C.) 1264 1887— Godbout (L.) &2 

1891— Godbout (L.) 481 1896— Godbout (L.) ....» 427 


J. G. H. Bergeron (C.) 1582 

J. I. Tarte (L.) 1634 


1867— Cayley (C.) 33 1872— Roblllard (Ind. C.) W 

1874-Roblllard (L.) 365 1878— Cayley (C.) 772 

1882-Bergeron (C.) Accl. 1887— Bergeron (C.) 222 

1891— Bergeron (C.) 803 1896— Bergeron (C.) 48 


O. E. Talbot (L.) 1537 

J. B. Roy (C.) 1227 


1867-Casault (C.) 312 1872-Fournier (L.) 581 

1874— Pournier (L.) Accl. 1878— Larue (L.) 52 

1882— Amyot (C.) 142 1887— Amyot (N.) 637 

1891— Amyot (N.) ..106 1896— Talbot (L.) 310 


C. Beausolell (L.) Accl. 


1867— Paquet (L.) 36 1872— Paquet (L.) 742 

1874— Paquet (L.) Accl. 1878— Cuthbert 219 

1882— Cuthbert 18 1887— Beausoleil (L.) .231 

1891— Beausolell (L.) 157 1896— Beausoleil (L.) ....Aod. 


W. C. B. Fauvel (U) 1644 

George P. Roy (C.) 1331 

Bye-election, March 17, 1897, caused by death of Mr, Fauvel. 

J. F. Quite (L.) 1908 

Charles Cyr (C.) 1U« 


1867— Robltaille (C.) 574 1872-RobitaIlle (C.) 767 

1874— RobitalUe (C.) 321 1878— Robltaille (C.) 189 

1882— Riopel (C.) Accl. 1887— Riopel (C.) 858 

1891— Fauvel (L.) 704 1896— Fauvel (L.) 313 


James Ciancy (C.) 263> 

Hon. D. Mills (L) 2452 


1867— Mills (L.) 109 1872— Mills (L.) »J 

1874-Mill8 (L.) 463 1878-M1118 (L.) ......281 

1882-Hawkin8 (C.) 16 1887-Mills (L.) M 

1891-Mills (L.) 550 1896-Clancy (C.) 87 


Established 1892. 

D'AJton McCarthy (I.f 8073 

W. A. McDonald (C.) 1738 

W. Poa'«thwaite (P.)* -.„... UOT 

Mr. McCarthy returned for two seats. Elected to alt for Sixacoe North. 
New ekctlcn held, November 26, UQ6. 

Hon. Clifford Sllton (L.) Accl. 


Bo!>ert H^ry (C.) 2588 

WiiHam PaterEon (L.) ...2447 

Mr. Henry unseated. New election held February 4, 1897. 

Charles B. Heyd (L.) 2787 

Rcbert Honry (C.) 2496 


1867— Hon. E. B. Wood (C.) .... 167 1872— Paterson (L.) 26^ 

1874— Paterson (L.) 444 l«7*-Pater8on (L.) 198 

1882— Paterson (L.) 174 1887— Paterson (L.) 574 

1891— Paterson (L.) 542 1896— Henry (C.) ..., 91 


Hon. John P. Wood (C.) 1781 

Wttliam J. duff (I.) 148 

James Cummiosr (L.) 1549 


1867— Crawford (C.) 169 1872-Buell (L.) 11 

1«T4— Buell (L.) !.... 42 1878— Pitzslmmons (C.) 127 

1882— Wood (C.) 4 1887— Wood (C.) 289 

MW— Wood (C.) 178 1896-Wood (C.) 232 

bruce; north. 

Alex. McNeill (C.) ^ 1702 

Hector A. Bonfaar (L.) 1671 

Henry T. Potts (I.) 991 


1867— Sproat (C.) 10 1872-Oillie8 (L.) 43 

1874— Gillies (L.) Accl. 1878— Gillies (L.) 156 

188^-McNeill (C.) 88 1887— McNeill (C.) 113 

IMl— McNeill (C.) 80 1886-McNelll (C.) 81 


Henry CarglU (C.) 2048 

James Tolton (P.) 1881 


1882-Well8 (L.) 61 1887— Cargill (C.) 370 

1891— Truax (L.) 114 1896-Cargill (C.) 167 


John Tohnie (P.) 2U0 

P. H. McKenzie (L.) 1622 


1882-Somenrille (L.) 892 1887— Blake (L.) 1085 

1891-Rowand (L.) 980 1896-Tolmle (L.) 488 



New constituency constituted in 1892. ^ 

George -R. Maxwell (I.) . ., 

G. H. Cowan (C.) 

W. J. Bowser (C.) 


(Two members since 1872.) ^ 

A. S. Kendall (L.) 2813 

H. P. McDougall (C.) 3430 

Joseph McPherson (L.) ,........' .2828- 

Sir Charles Tupper (C.) ....i....... ^630 


1867— McKeagney (L.) 1872-McKay (L.) 

1874— McDonald (C.) —McDonald (CO 

—McKay (L.) 1878-McLeod (C.) 

1882— McDonald (C.) —McDonald (C.) 

— Dodd (C.) 1887— McDougall (C.) 

1891— McDougall (C,) — McKeen (C.) 

— McKeen (C.) 1896-Sir Charles Tupper (C.) 

—McDougall CC.) 


W. L. Walsh (C.) 1441 

Wm. Stubbs (I.) 1825 


1867— Ferguson (C.) 77 1872— Cameron (C.) 216 

1874— Cameron (C.) 64 1878— Hon. T. White (C.) 257 

1882— Hon. T. White (C.) 341 1887— Hon. T. White (C.) 403 

1891-R. S. White (C.) 248 1896-Stubbs (I.) 884 


F. H. Hale (C.) 2667 

N. R. Colter (L.) 2261 


1867— Council (L.) Accl. 1872— Connell (L.) Accl. 

1874— Appleby (L.) Accl. 1878— Connell (L.) ....319 

1882— Irving (L.) 159 1887— Hale (C.) 1119 

1891— Colter (L.) 108 1896— Hale (C.) 406, 


William T. Hodgins (C) 1337 

John McKellar (L.) 1128 

J. S. Hendricks (I.) 299 

Thomas Butler (I.) ' 50 


1867-Holmes (C.) 81 

1874— Rochester (C.) 239 

1882— Sir John A. Macdonald (C.) 556 

1891— Hodgins (C.) 43 

1872— Rochester (C.) , 
1878— Rochester (C.) , 
1887— Macdonald (C.) 
1896-Hodgins (C.) .., 

. 216 
. 86 

Electoral Division established, 1802. 

C. A. Geoffrion (L.) 2511 

L. O. TalUon (C.) 2U7 



F. A. Marcotte (C.) ; 2411 

P. Tnidel (L.) ...2035 


1867— ROBB (0.) 1144 1872— Ross (C.) 162 

1874— Montplalsip (C.) 11 1878— Montplaisir (C.) 1146 

1882— Montplairtr (C.) 2159 1887— Montplaisir (C.) 115 

1891— Cartgnan (G.) 77 1896— Marcotte (C.) 876 


L. C. A. Angert (L.) 1403 

Simon Cimon (C.) 1313 


1867— Clmon (C.) 88 1872— Tremblay (L.) 706 

1874— Tremblay <L.) 273 1878— Tremblay (L.) 116 

1882— Clmon (C.) 358 1887— Cimon (C.) 84 

1891— Simard (L.) 307 1896-Angen (L.) 90 


G. W. Ganolig (C.) 2453 

A. H. Gillmor (L.) 1981 


1867— Bolton (CO 296 1872-McAdam (C.) 222 

1874— Gillmor (L.) ..,.. 296 187^-GIllmor (L.) 238 

1882— Gillmor (L.) 314 1887— GiUmor (L.) 81 

1891— Gillmor (L.) , 248 1896-Ganong (C.) 472 

J. P. Brown (L.) 1594 

C. Lecavalier (C.) 894 

Record - 

1867-Holton (L.) .....427 1872-Holton (L.) 238 

1874— Holton (L.) 392 1878-Holton (L.) 179 

1882-Holton (L.) 61 1887— Holton (L.) 353 

„ 1891— Brown (L.) 98 1896-Brown (L.) 700 


L. G. Belley (C.) ....; 1973 

P. V. Savard (L.) 8059 


1867— Tremblay (L.) Accl. 1872— Price (C.) 68 

1874-Clmon (C.) .402 1878-Clmon (C.) 295 

1882-Gagne (L.) 116 1887— Couture (I.) 87 

1891— Savard (L.) 123 1896— Savard (L.) 1086 


W. D. Dimoek (C.) 2488 

P. McCluro (L.) 2306 

Unseating of Mn Dimoek by eourts resulted at bye-electfon, April 20, 1897, 
as foIlowB :— 

Firman McCluro (L.) ...2350 

D. H. Mulr (C.) 2344 


1867-McLelan (L.) 860 1872— Pearson (L.) 425 

1874-McKay (C.) 116 1878— McKay (C.) ..876 

1883-McLelan (C.) 43S 1887— McLelan (C.) ....627 

' 1891— Patterson (C.) 803 1896— Dlmock (C.) 177 



R. H. Pope (C.) ^.....,^..^1941 

F. P. Wellard (L.) ^..1486 


1867-J. H. Pope (C.) Accl. X«72— Pope (C.) ^...^cd. 

X874-Pope (C.) 852 W78-Pope (C.) ...668 

1882-Pope (C), 789 ISST^-Pope (C.) *...,..,.. ...884 

1891— Rufus Pope (C.) 1066 1896— Pope (C.) * 463 


Dwby Berlin (C.) 1838 

J. G. Adams (I.) mz 

J. G. Snetsinger (L.) 1456 


1882-Bergiii (C.) 449 lS87-Berglii (C.) m 

1891-Berglii (C.) ^8 189e-Bergin (C.) IK 


Hon. A. R. Dickey (C.) 8307 

H. J. Logan (L.) 346» 


1867-Tupper (C.) 87 1872-Tupper (C.) .M61 

1874— Tupper (C.) 379 1878— Tupper (C.) 562 

1882-Tupper -(C.) Accl. 1887-Tupper <C.) 668 

1891— Dickey <C.) 840 1896-Logan (L.) 155 


A. J. S. Copp (L.) 1636 

J. P. Jones CC.) J591 


1867— Savary (L.) 295 1872— Savary (L.) Accl. 

1874-Oakes (L.) 537 1878-Wade (C.) 18 

1882— Vail (L.) 252 1887— Campbell (C.) ., 95 

1891— Bowers (L.) 73 1896— Copp (L.) 45 


J. B. Morin (C.) 1480 

a B. Valllancourt (L.) ,.... 115ft 


1867— Langevin (C.) Accl. 1872-Langevln (C.) 320 

1874-Rouleau (C.) 21 1878— Rouleau (C.) ,,.*...U86 

1882— Lesage (C.) Accl. 1887— Duchesnay (L,) , 476 

1891-Vaillancourt (I. L.) Accl. 1896-Morin (C.) 330 

J. Lay.ergne (LO 8511 

B. Desy (G.) 585S 

By«-election. Nov. 13, aivae4 by aftpotntment of Mr. Lavecgtie t» iMAoh. 

Louis Layergne <L.) 3022 

A. Noel (C.) a»W 


1867-Senecal (L.) 24 1873-Dorion (C.) i* 

1874— Laurler (L.) 78 ISIS— Bourbeau (C.) 1k«t 

1882-Bourbeau (C.) 610 1887— Lavergne (L.) ...........Aod; 

1891— Lavergue (L.) 962 1896-Lavergne (L.) 4J88 


Andrew Broder (C.) 1932 

James P. Fox (I.) 494 

Adun Johnston (L.) 1870 


1867~Ross (C.) Accl. 1872— Gibson (L.) 88 

1874— CUbson (L.) 73 1878— Ross (C.) 179 

1882— Hlckey (C.) 89 1887— Hlckey (C.) 119 

1891— Ross (C.) 60 1896— Broder (C.) 62 


T. D. Cr*lR (C.) 1767 

M. UcLean (L.) 1598 


1867— Burton (b.) ., 683 1872-Ros8 (L.) 240 

1874-Ross (L.) 651 1878-Willlams (C.) 400 

1882— Williams (C.) 381 1887— Ward (C.) 392 

1891— Craig (C.) 61 1896-Cralg (C.) 169 


Robert Beith (L.) 1458 

D. P. WaUh <C-) ...., 1406 

C. J. ThowiUm (PO 428 


1867— Blake (L.) ..^ ,.- *W 187^-Blake (L.) ..,.Acci. 

1874— Blake (L.) 545 1878-Burk (L.) 42 

1882-Blake (L.) m aa87-Blake (L.) 116 

1891— Beith (L.) 198 1896-Beith (L.) 52 


A. B. Ingram (C.) 2862 

J. P. HartlxL a.) '- "-m 

J. H. WUaon (L.) 2684 

Record — 

18a7-Dobble (C.) , 110 1872-Harvey (L.) , 168 

1874— Harvey (L.) 182 1878— Arkell (C.) 40 

1882-Wllson (L.) >, 124 IS8T— Wilson (L.) 54 

1891— Ingram (C.) 46 1896— Ingram (C.) 178 


Geo. E. CJasey (L.) 768^ 

Alex. McKillop (C.) 1859 


18167— Mittiro (C.) • 204 1872-Ca8ey (L.) 92 

1874-Ca8ey (L.) «.».... 825 1878— Casey (L.) 112 

1888-Casey (L.) ..806 1887-Casey (L.) 832 

1891-Casey (L.) 682 1896— Casey (L.) 726 


wmnim McOr^PT lU) 25U 

Atosander McNeiU «.) 79 

D. W. Mason (P.) 605 

D. B. CHtette (CO »38 


1882— Patterson (O #92 1887— Patterson (C.) 136 

1881— McGregor (L.) 840 1806— McGregor (L.) 473 


ESSti^, SOtJ^H. 

M. K. Cowan (L.) ; 2426 

S. A. King (C.) ,,...2244 


1882-L. Wlgle (C.) 60 1887— Brien (L.) 33 

1891— Allan (L.) a 189e-Cowan (L.) .'..182 


David Rogers (P.) Accl. 


1867— Klrkpatrick (C.) 549 1872-Kirkpatrick (C.) Accl. 

1874-Klrkpatrick (C.) 476 1878-Klrkpatrick (C.) 813 

1882— Klrkpatrick (C.) Accl. 1887— Klrkpatrick (C.) 416 

1891— Klrkpatrick (C.) 205 1896-Roger8 (P.) Accl. 


R. Lemleux (L.) 1668 

T. Ennis (C.) 1616 


1867— Fortln (C.) Accl. 1872— Fortin (C.) Accl. 

1874-Harper (C.) 45 1878-Fortin <C.) 797 

1882— Fortln (C.) Accl. 1887— Joncas (C.) 74 

1891-Jonca« (C.) » AccL 1896— Lemleux (L.) 42 


R. R. McLennan (C.) 2486 

J. L. Wilson (P.) 1752 


1867- Macdonald (L.) Accl. 1872— Macdonald (L.) 1096 

1874— Macdonald (L.) 676 1878— Mclennan (C.) 61 

1882— McMaster (C.) 223 1887— Purcell (L.) ..; .206 

1891— McLennan (C.) 321 1896— McLennan (C.) T34 


T. Blanchard (C.) 1947 

O. Turgeon (L.) 1140 

Robert Toung (L) 786 


1867— Anglln (L.) 390 1872— Anglln (L.) 1097 

1874— Anglln (L.) Accl. 1878— Anglln (L.) Accl. 

1882— Bums (C.) 641 1887— Bums (C.) 416 

1891— Bums (C.) 372 1896— Blanchard (C .....807 


John D. Reid (C.) .1397 

J. Carruthers (L.) 12W 


1867— Shanley (C.) ; 169 1872— Brouse (L.) 85 

1874-Brouse (L.) Ill 1878-Wlser (L.) 26 

1882— Bensoti <C.) 148 1887— Shanley (C.) 220 

1891-Reld (C.) HI 1896-Reld (C.) 107 



T. S, Sproule (C.) 2660 

James Bowes (P.) 2039 


1872-Ple8her (C.) 545 

1874-FleBher (C.) 445 1878-Sproule (C.) 531 

1882— Sproule (C.) 414 1887— Sproule (C.) 556 

1891— Sproule (C.) 19 1896-Sproule (C.) 521 


John Clark (L.) 2659 

James MoLaudUin .(C.) 2627 

]3ye-eIecUon» Aug. ^, 1896, caused by deatb of Mr. Clark. 

Hon. William Pateraon (L.) 2840 

James MeLauolUin (C.) 2416 


1867— Snider (L.) 256 1872— Snider (L.) 141 

1874— Snider (L.) '. 79 1878-Lane (C.) 43 

1882— Allen (L.) 72 1887-Mas8on (C.) 57 

1891— Masson (C.) 247 1896-Clark (W 32 


George Landerkin (L.) 1819 

David Jameson (C.) 1753 

William Allan (P.) 1196 


1867— Jackson (C.) 13 1872— Landerkin (L.) 173 

1874— Landerkin (L.) 385 1878— Jackson (C.) 81 

1882— Landerkin (L.) 76 1887— Landerkin (L.) 97 

1891— Landerkin <L.) 46 1896— Landerkin (L.) 66 


D, C. Frascr (I*.) 1533 

E. Gregory (C.) 1455 


1867— Campbell (C.) Accl. 1872— Campbell (C.) Accl. 

1874— Kirk (L.) 215 1878— Ogden (C.) 164 

1882— Kirk (L.) 190 1887-Kiili (L.) 352 

1891— Fraser <L.) 86 1896-rFra»er (L.) 78 

Returns two members. 

R. L. Borden (C.) 6170 

Benjamin Russell (L.) 5997 

T. E. Kenny (C.) 5616 

M. H. Keefe (L.) 6482 


1867— Jones (L.) , 1872— Almon <C.) 

—Power (L.) ,.. -Tobln (C.) 

1874— Power (L.) 1878— RicjUey (C.) 

—Jones (L.) —Daly (C.) 

1882-Daly (C.) : 1887-Jones (L.) 

— Richey (C.) —Kenny (C.) ; 

1891-Stairs (C.) 189e-Borden (C.) 

-Kenny (C.) -Russell (L.) 


(Bfitablifihed 1892.) 

W. H. Montague (C.) .i 2197 

S. A. Beck (P.) 728 

A. A. Davla (L.) 1484 


David Henderson (C.) 2460 

John Waldie (L.) 2376 


1867— White (L.) .133 1872— Wiite (I^.) 136 

1874-Chi8holm (C.) 23 l878^Hoh. Wm. McDoogall (T.). 18 

1882— McCraniey (L.) 88 188T— Waldie (L.) 9 

1891— Henderson (C.) v. 104 1896— »end««off (C.) 84 

Two members since 1872. 

A. T. Wood (L.) 3837 

T. H. Mcpherson (L.) 3797 

R. G. Boville (C.) 3773 

W. W. Buchanan (I) SKt8 

F. W. Watkins (I.) 806 

Samuel Barker (C.) 3646 


1867-Magill (L) ....Accl. 1872-Chi8holm (C) . 

— Witton (C.) . 

1874— Wood (L.) 1878-Kilvert (C.) .. 

—Irving (L.) —Robertson (a) 

1882— Kilvert (C.) 1887— Brown (C.) 

—Robertson (C.) —McKay (C.) 

1891-McKay (C.) 1896— Wood (L.) 

— Ryckman (C.) — McPherson (L.) 


Allen Hal€(y (L.) 1888 

Alfred Ptitnam (C.) .1803 


1867— Howe (L.) 574 1872— Howe (L.) Accl. 

1874— Goudge (L.) 92 1878— Allison (C.) 281 

1882— Allison (C.) 45 1887— Putnam (C.) • 122 

1891— Putnam (C.) 101 1896— Haley (L.) 36 


J. M. Hurley (L.) 1508 

W. B. Northrop (O.) ., 1285 

James Balcas^uel (P.) > 908 


1867— Read <C.) .643 1872— White (C.) 44 

• 1874— White (C.) 71 1878— White (C.) 20 

1882— White (G.) 53 1887— Burdett (L.) 64 

1891-BurdeU (L.) 54 1896— Hurley (L.) 223 



Al€x. W. Cancallen (C.) 2478 

B. Hanyett (I. L.) ; 1786 

Record — 

18«7— B<Jirei!l (C.) 2»^ 1872-Bowen (C.) 207 

1874— BowpM (C.) 97 1878— Bowell (C.) 241 

1882— Bowell (C.) 851 1887— Bowell (C.) 1041 

1891— Bowell <C.> 2W 1896-Carscallen (O.) 743 


H. Corby (C.) : 1886 

Thomas Ritchie (I.) 1691 


1867— Brown (C.) 460 1872— Brown (C.) 465 

1874— Brown (C.) 365 1878-Brown (L.) 261 

1882-RobertBon (C.) 236 1887— Robertson (C.) 178 

1891-Corby (C.) 360 1896-Corby (C.) 246 


J. A, C. Madora (L.) 8685 

S. LachapeUe (a) 81» 


1867--Dorion (U) 23 1872-Beaubion (C.) 518 

1874— Deajardlns (C.) Ace. 1878-DeaJardins (C.) 1 

188^--Desjardin8 (C.) ., Aec. 1887-Desjardln8 (0.) 218 

1891— Deajardlns (CO 1461 1896-Madore (L.) ....506 


Jvlius Scriver (L.) .,..^ 1546* 

William J. White (C.) 827 


M67— Rose (C.) ,...*.......- 812 1872-Scrlver (L.) Aocl. 

1874— Scrtver (U) 838 1878— Scriver (L.) ..Accl. 

1882-Scriver (L.) 615 1887— Scriver (L.) Accl. 

1891— Scriver (L.) 283 1896— Scriver (L.) 719 


P. Macdonald (L.) 2079 

B. L. Pickinaon (C.) , 1930 


1882- Farrow (C.) 60 1887— Macdonald (L.) 61 

1891-Macdonald (U) 308 1896-Macdonald (L.) 159 


J. McMmatt (L.) 1881 

T. E. Hays (C.) 1626 


1867— Canieron (L.) 171 1872— Cameron (L.) 85 

1S74— Cameron (L.) 86 • 1878— Cameron (L.) 165 

1882r:fMQMiIlan (L.) 597 1887-^Mt;Millan (L.) 768 

1891— Ml^illan (L.) 855 1896-McMiiran (L.) 305 



M. C. Cameron (L.) ,...., X837 

R. McLean (C.) *. ,....,.. 1520 

G. M. Kilty (I.) ; 725 

Mr. Cameron appointed, June, 1898, Lt.-Gov. Northwest Territories. 

1882— Cameron (L) 29 1887— Porter (C.) ,.,.... 27 

1891— Cameron (L.) 379 1896— Cameron (L.) ^. 317 


Angus McLennan (L.) 1676 ' 

Hugh Cameron (C.) 1532 

John McKew (I.) 737 


1867— Cameron (L.) 585 1872— McDonnell (L.) 61 

1874— McDonnell (L.) 121 1878— McDonnell (L.) 109 

1882— Cameron (C.) 850 1887— Cameron (C.) 451 

1891— Cameron (C.) 310 1896— McLennan (L.) 144 


F. D. Monck (C.) .....2329 

A. Boyer (L.) 2216 


1867— Q. Q. Gaucher (C.> U7 1872— Laflanmie (L.) Accl. 

1874-Laflamme (L.) Accl. 1878— Girouard (a) 2 

1882-Girouard (C.) 263 1887— Girouard (C.) ^.196 

1891— Girouard (C.) 276 1896— Monck (C.) 113 


Charles Bazinet (L) 1769 

V. P. Lavallee (C.) 1453 


1867— Godin (L.) 56 1872— Baby (C.) Accl. , 

1874— Baby (C.) 45 1878— Baby (C.) 359 

1882-Guilbault (I. C.) 803 1887— Gullbault <C.) 1 

1891— Lippe (C.) 60 1896— Bazinet (L.) 316 


H. G. Carroll (L.) 1414 

L. Taschereau (C.) j. 1403 


1867— Chapais (C.) ............Riots. 1872— Pelletier (L.) ..: 98 

1874— Pelletier (L.) Accl. 1878— Dumont (L.) 9 

1882— Blondeau (C.) 18 1887— Dessaint (L) 257 

1891— Carroll (L.) 95 1896— Carroll (L.) 11 

KENT. N. B. 

G. V. Mclnemey (C.) • 2041 

O. J. Leblanc (L.) 1614 

Record— ■ . r 

1867— Renaud (C.) 119 1872— Cutler (L.), , ...125' 

1874— McLeod (L.) 498 1878— Girouard (C.) 84 

1882-Girouard (C.) 639 1887— LaAdry (C.) ,..361 

1891— Leger (C.) ! 711 1896— Mclnemey (C) ,...527 




Arch. Campbell (L.) S315 

W. Ban (C.) 3158 


1867— Stephenson (C.) 97 

1874— Stephenson (C.) 72 

1882— Smyth (C.) 157 

1891— Campbell (L.) 476 

1872— Stephenson (C.) 144 

1878— Stephenson (C.) 533 

1887— Campbell (L.) 112 

1896— Campbell (L.) 157 


James Domville (L.) 2389 

F. B. Morton <C.) 1874 


1867— Ryan (L.) 220 

1874— Domville (C 262 

1882— Foster (I. C.) 71 

1891— Foster (C.) 73 

1872— Domville (C.) 463 

1878— Domville (C.) 334 

1887— Foster (C.) 475 

1896— Domville (L.) 515 


Hon. F. W. Borden (L.) 2252 

W. C. Bill (C.) 1781 

Bye-election, July 30, 1896, on Mr. Borden's call to the ministry. Mr. Borden 
re-elected by acclamation. 

1867— Chipman (L.) Accl. 1872— Chlpman (L.) 813 

1874— Borden (L.) 48 1878-Borden (L.) 265 

1882— Woodward (C.) 350 1887— Borden (L.) 448 

. 1891— Borden (L.) 161 1896— Borden (L.) 471 

KINGS, P. B. I. 

A. C. McDonald (C.) 1939 

P. A. Mclntyre (L.) 1924 


1874— Dr. Mclntyre (L.) 

—Hon. D. Davies (L.) 

1882— Mclntyre (L.) 

—Robertson (L.) 

1891— McLean (C.) 1896-McDonald (C) 15 

—McDonald (C.) 


B. M. Britton (L.) 1671 

D, M. Mclntyre (C.) 1519 


1867— Sir John A. Macdonald (C.) 593 1872-Macdonald (C.) 131 

1874— Macdonald (C) 38 1878— Gunn (L.) 144 

1882— Gunn (L.) 92 1887— Macdonald (C.) 17 

1891— Macdonald (C.) 473 1896-Britton (L.) 152 

New Electoral Division created in.lS92 ; g. e., 1896. 

J. H. N. Bourassa (L.) 2176 

S. R. Poulln (C.) ^...1706 

1878— Muttart (C.) ... 

—Macdonald (C.) 
1887— Robertson (L.) 

—Mclntyre (L.) 
1896-McDonald (C) . 



John Eraser (L.) 2065 

George Moncrieff (C.) 2051 

J. E. Armstrong (I.) 1382 


1882-Fairbank (L.) 167 1887-Moncrieff (C.) 142 

1891— Moncrieff (C.) 566 1896— Eraser (L.) 14 

J. F. Lister (L.) 2366 

A. C. Dewar (I.) 878 

W. J. Hanna (C.) 1208 

Seat vacated, June, 1898, by Lister's elevation to the bencb. 
Record — 

1882— Lister (L.) 341 1887— Lister (L.) 568 

1891— Lister (L.) 598 1896— Lister (L.) 1158 


B. Rosamond (C.) 1757 

James Miller (P.) 280 

David McElroy, (L) 1481 


1867— Hon. Wm. Macdougall (C). Accl. 1872— Gal braith (L.) 141 

1874— Galbraith (L.) Accl. 1878— Galbraith (L.) 43 

1882— Jamieson (C.) 68 1887— Jamieson (C.) 105 

1891— Jamieson (C.) 301 1896— Rosamond (C.) 276 


J. G. Haggart (C.) 1939 

John Ferguson (L.) 1560 


1867— Morris (C.) Accl. 1872— Haggart (C.) 914 

1874— Haggart (C.) 42J 1878— Haggart (C.) 324 

1882— Haggart (C.) Acci 1887— Haggart (C.) , ^ 

1891— Haggart (C.) ...630 1896— Haggart (C.) 379 

Electoral Division established 1892 ; g. e., 1896. 

D. Monet (L.) 1734 

L. C. Pelletier (C.) 1458 


Jos. Gauthier (L.) 1335 

H. Jeannotte (C.) 1216 


1867— Hon. L. Archambault (C.) 233 1872— Archambault (C.) 148 

1874— Hurteau (C.) 61 " 1878— Hurteau (C.) 169 

1882— Hurteau ( C) 167 1887— Gauthier (L.) 21 

1891— Gauthier (L.) 78 1896-Gauthier (L.) 119 



ThonuuB Portin (L.) 1641 

F. J. Bisaillon (C.) 1449 


X867— Bellerose (C.) Accl. 1872— Bellerose (C.) Accl. 

1874— Ouimet (C.) Accl. 1878— Guimet (C.) Accl. 

1182— Ouimet (C.) Accl. 1887— Ouimet (C.) 320 

1891— Ouimet (C.) 534 189^-Fortin (L.) 92 


F. T. Frost (L.) 1432 

John N. Lavell (C.) 1423 


1867— Jones (L) 66 1872— Jones (L) 192 

1874— Ferguson (C.) 133 1878— Ferguson (C.) 36 

1882— Ferguson (C.) 286 1887— Ferguson (C.) 393 

1891— Ferguson (C.) 146 1896— Frost (L.) 9 


George Taylor (C.) 2501 

W. H. Predenburg (L.) 2013 

J. H. Horton (P.) 263 


1867— Crawford (C.) .../. 29 1872— Richards (L.) 12 

1874— Jones (C.) 3 1878-Jones (C.) 121 

1882— Taylor (C.) 2T7 1887— Taylor (C.) 416 

1891— Taylor (C.) 106 1896— Taylor (C.) 488 


Uriah Wilson (C.) 1192 

E. B. Switzer (P.) 1043 

Charles Stevens (L) 690 


1867— Cartwright (C.) 146 1872-Cartwright (LC.) 711 

1874— Cartwright (L.) Accl. 1878— Hooper (C.) 59 

1882— Sir John Macdonald (O.) . . 205 1887— Wilson (C. ) 23 

1891— Allison (L.) 57 1896— Wilson (C.) 149 


P. M. Ouay (L.) 2271 

J. B. Oelley (C.) 1968 


1867— Blanchet (O.) Accl. 1872— Blanchet (C.) 89 

1874— Frechette (L.) 98 1878— Blanchet (C.) 118 

1882— Blanchet (C.) 407 1887— Guay (L.) 394 

1891— Guay (L.) 281 1896-Guay (L.) 308 


William Gibson <L.) 2945 

John C. Rykert (C) 2523 


1882— Rykert (C.) 95 1887-Rykert (C.) 487 

1891— Gibson (L.) 48 1896— Gibson (L.) 422 



R. L. Richardson (L.) J657 

R. Rogers (C.) 2603 


1871— Schultz (C.) 250 1872-^Schultz (C.) 145 

1874— Schultz (C.) 69 1878— Schultz (C.) Accl. 

1882— Ross (L.) 40 1887— Ross (C.) Accl. 

1891— Ross (C.) 190 1896— Richardson (L.) 54 


A. M. Dechene (L.) 1038 

A. Dionne (C.) 1032 


1867— Pouliot (L.) 424 1872— Casgraln (L.) 47 

1874— Casgrain (L.) ..Accl. 1878— Casgraln (L.) 59 

1882— Casgraln (L.) 05 1887— Casgraln (L.) 40 

1891-Desjardin8 (C.) 6 1896— Dechene (L.) 6 


Thomas Beattie (C.) 2825 

C. S. Ilyman (L.) ,...2284 

Record — 

1867— Carllng (C.) 848 1872— Carllng (C.) 304 

1874— Walker (L.) 88 1878— Carllng (C.) 64 

1882— Carllng (C.) 247 1887— Carllng (C.) 39 

1891-Hyman (L.) 183 1896-Beattle (C.) 41 


C. I. Rinfret (L.) 1620 

I. A. P. Lord (C.) 1214 


1867— Joly (L.) Accl. 1872— Joly (L.) Accl. 

1874— Bernler (L.) 488 1878— Rinfret (L.) ...-. Ill- 

1882— Rinfret (L.) 213 1887— Rinfret (L.) 509 

1891— Rinfret (L.) Accl. 189fr— Rinfret (L.) 406 


C. B. Kaulbach (C.) 2403 

John D. Sperry (L.) 2318 


1867— McDonald (.L) .652 1872— Church (L.) : 133 

1874— Church (L.) Accl. 1878— Kaulbach (C.) 726 

1882— Kaulbach (C.) 137 1887— Eisenhaur (L.) 122 

1891— Kaulbach (C.) 190 1896-Kaulbach (C.) 85' 


New Electoral Division created In 1892 ; g. e., 1896. 

N. Boyd (C.) 2436 

C. Bralthwaite (P.) •... 1259 

John G. Rutherford (L.) ' 2038 

Boyd unseated and bye-election held April 27, 1897. 

John G. Rutherford (L.) 2619 

K. McKenzle (C.) .2083 


Electoral Division created 1892 ; g. e., 1896. 

R. Prefontaine (L.) 3912 

G. B. Baril (C.) 2842 


W. J. Roche (C.) 1533 

J. H. Ashdown (L.) 1466 

G. A. I. A. Marshall (P.) 472 


J. H. Legrl3 (L.) 1384 

C. J. Co(\ilombe (C.) 1094 

Record — 

1867— Caron (C.) 138 1872— Boyer (L.) 229 

1874— Boyer (L.) 157 1878— Houde (C.) 442 

1882— Houde (C.) 319 1887— Coulombe (C.) 6 

1891— Legrls (L.) 108 1896— Legrls (L.) 290 


George Turcot (L.) 2073 

L. J. Frechette (C.) 1410 


1867— Irvine (C.) 267 1872— Richard (L.) U8 

1874-Rlchard (L.) 382 1878-Olivier (L.) 310 

1882— Frechette (C.) 119 1887— Turcot (L.) 135 

1891— Frechette (C.) Ill 1896— Turcot (L.) 663 


James Gilmour (C.) 2651 

John GiUson (L.) 2227 

Record— ^ 

1867— Wilson (C.) 140 1872— Glass (C.) 95 

1874— WljLson (C.) 44 1878— McMillan (C.) 96 

1882— McMillan (C.) 95 1887— Marshall (C.) 759 

1891— Marshall (C.) 155 1896— Gilmour (C.) 424 


W. S. Calvert (L.) 2274 

W. T. Roome (C) 1933 


1867— McDonald (C.) 19 1872— Ross (L.) 56 

1874— Ross (L.) Accl. 1878— Ross (L.) 48 

1882— Ross (L.) 54 1887— Roome (C.) 105 

' 1891— Roome (C.) 460 1896— Calvert (L.) 341 


Valentine Ratz (L.) 2184 

W. H. Hutchins (C) 2122 


1867— Scatcherd (L.) 731 1872— Scatcherd (L.) Accl. 

1874— Scatcherd (L.) Accl. 1878— Coughlin (C.) 8 

1882-CoughlIn (C.) 109 1887— Coughlin (C.) 269 

1891-Hutchins (C.) 6 1896— Ratz (L.) 62 



M. McGugan (L.) 2035 

H. B. Elliott (C.) 1295 


1882— Armstrong (L.) 866 1887— Armstrong (L.) 414 

1891— Armstrong (L.) 624 1896— McGugan (L.) 740 


D. B. Meigs (L.) 1687 

G. F. S:ack (C.) 1471 


1867— Chamberlain (C.) 126 1872— Baker (C.) 413 

1874— Donohue (L.) Accl. 1878— Baker (C.) ...; 146 

1882— Baker (C.) 150 1^7— Clayes (L.) 180 

1891-Baker (C.) 159 1896-Meigs (L.) 216 


L. E. Dugas (C.) 1202 

L. V. Labelle (I. L,) 907 


1867— Dufresne (C.) Accl. 1872— Diigas (C.) Accl. 

1874— Dugas (C.) Accl. 1878— Dugas (C.) 324 

1882-Dugas (C.) 16 ' 1887— Therien (L.) U8 

1891— Dugas (C.) 41 1896— Dugas (C.) 295 

P. A. Choquette (L.) 1143 

E. P. Bender (C.) 901 


U867— Beaubien (C.) Accl. 1872-Taschereau (L.) 81 

1874— Taschereau (L.) Accl. 1878— Landry (C 138 

1882— Landry (C.) 120 1887— Choquette (L.) 193 

1891— Choquette (.L) 433 1896— Choquette (L.) 242 


T. Chase Casgrain (C.) 1096 

C. Langeller (L.) 1046 


1867— Cauchon (C.) Accl. 1872— Langlois (C.) 442 

1874— Langlois (C.) Accl. 1878— Valln (C.) 226 

1882— Valin (C.) 93 1887— C. Langelier (L.) 1 

1891— Tarte (L) 107 1896— Casgrain (C.) 50 

Established 1892 ; g. e., 1896. 

M. J. F. Quinn (C.) 3104 

James McShane (L.) 2919 

Established 1892 ; g. e., 1S96. 

T. G. Roddick (C.) 3077 

Robeit McKay (L.) 2904 


Established 1S92 ; g. e., 1896. 

O. Desmarais (L.) 8423 

L. A. Lavallee (G.) 2054 

Established 1892 ; g. e., 1896. 

B. G. Penny (L.) 3632 

R. W. Smith (0.) 2915 

Established 1892 ; g. e.. 1896. 

H. Dupre (L.) .*. . 3341 

A. T. Lepine (C.) 1978 


Q3crge McCormick (C.) 2227 

W. E. O'Brien (I.) 1092 

W. H. Pratt (L.) .; 1956 

Record — 

1872— Cockburn (L.) 121 

1874— Cockbiirn (L.) 309 1878— Cockburn (L.) 63 

1882— O'Brien (C.) 4 1887— O'Brien (C.) 39 

1891— O'Brien (C.) 141 1896— McCormick (C.) 135 


Aulay Morrison (L.) 1758 

R. McBride (C.) 1460 

Record — 

1887— D. Chisholm (C.) .295 

1891— Corbould (C.) 1162 1896— Morrison (L.) 298 


F. Boisvert (C) 2377 

J. H. Leduc (L.) 2239 

Boisvert died. Bye-election, Dec. 21, 1897. 

J. H. Leduc (L.) 2265. 

J. U. Beauetene C.) 2018 


1867— Gaudet (C.) 571 1872— Gaudet (C.) 1303 

1874— Gaudet (C.) 339 1878— Methot (C.) 741 

1882— Methot (C.) Accl. 1887— Gaudet (L C.) 1178 

1891— Leduc (L.) 1 1896— Boisvert (C.) 138 

(Created 1892.) 

J. B. Kl03k (C.) 2477 

,J. Conmee (L.) 1513 


John Charlton (L.) 2142 

William McGuIre (P.) 1598 

Record— , 

1867— Walsh (C.) 36 1872— Charlton (L.) 50 

1874— Charlton (L.) 170 1878— Charlton (L.) 144 

1882— Charlton (L.) 378 1887— Charlton (L.) 278 

1891— Charlton (L.) 468 1896— Charlton (L.) 544 



D. Tisdale (C.) 2383 

O. Walker (P.) 2110 


1867-Walker (L., 81 1872-Wallace (C.) 110 

1874-Stuart (L.) 93 1878-Wallace (C.) 17 

1882-Jackson (L.) 26 1887-Tl8dale (C.) 61 

1891-Tisdale (C.) 412 1896-Tisdale (C.) 273 


B. Cochrane (C.) 2410 

C. A. Mallory (P.) 2013 


1867-Keeler (C.) 780 1872-Keeler (C.) 85 

1874-Biggar (L.) 165 1878-Keeler (C.) 63 

1882-Cochrane (C.) 273 1887-Mallory (L.) 13 

1891— Cochrane (C.) 236 189$— Cochrane (C.) 397 


George Quillet (C.) 1200 

John B. McCall (L.) 1130 

J. C. Rosevear (I.) 621 


1867— Cockbum (C.) Accl, 1872-Cockburn (C.) Accl. 

1874— Kerr (L.) 231 1878-Cockburn (C.) 88 

1882-Gulllet (C.) 39 1887— Gulllet (C.) 37 

1891-Hargraft (L.) 37 1896-Gulllet (C.) 70 


J. Robinson (C.) 2225 

P. Mitchell (L.) 1718 

J. Morrissy (I.) 660 


1867— Johnson (L.) 469 1872— Hon. P. Mitchell (C.) ....Accl. 

1874— Mitchell (C.) 492 1878— Snowball (L.) 201 

1882— Mitchell (L) Accl. 1887— Mitchell (L) 746 

1891— Adams (C.) 473 1896— Robinson (C.) 507 


D. Graham (L.) 2327 

J. A. McGillivrlty (C.) 2328- 

McGillivray unseated on protest, and bye-election, Feb. 4, 1897. 

D. Graham (L.) 2414 

A. McLeod (C.) 2397 


1867— Thompson (L.) 266 1872— Gibbs (C.) 215 

1874— Gordon (L.) 92 1878— Wheeler (L.) 52 

1882— Cockbum (L.) 59 1887— Madill (C.) 158 

1891— Madill (C.) 254 1896-McGillivray (C.) 1 



L. Burnett (L.) 2165 

Wm. Smith (C.) ...., 2021 


1867--Glbb8 (C.) 69 1872J— Gibba (C.) 93 

1874— Cameron (L.) 151 1878— Glen (L.) 206 

188a-Glen (L.) 50 1887— Smith (C 187. 

1891— Davidson (L.) 33 1896— Burnett (L.) 144 


J. D. Edgar (L.) 1832 

W. A. McCormack (C.) 1093 


1882— Wheler (L.) 758 1887— Edgar (L.) 599 

1891— Edgar (L.) 999 1896— Edgar (L.) 739 

(Two Members.) 

William Hutchison (L.) 3227 

N. A. Beloourt (L.) 2942 

N. Champagne (C.) 2657 

H. Robinson (C.) 2751 

T. McVeity (I.) 2100 


1867— Currier (C.) 949 1872— Currier (C.) Accl. 

—Lewis (C.) Accl. 

1874-Currier (C.) :. 1878— Currier (C.) .. 

—St. Jean (L.) .; — Tasse (C.) ... 

1882— Mackintosh (C.) 1887— Perley (C.) ... 

—Tasse (C.) — Robillard (C.) 

1891— Mackintosh (C.) 1S96— Hutchison (L.) 

—Robillard * (C.) — Belcourt (L.) . 


J. Sutherland (L.) 2811 

D. W. Kam (C.) 1010 


1867— Oliver (L.) Accl. 1872— Oliver (L.) Accl. 

1874— Oliver (L.) 1211 1878-Oliver (L.) 903 

1882— Sutherland (L.) 429 1887-Sutherland (L.) 1236 

1891— Sutherland (L.) 1584 1896— Sutherland (L.) 1801 


Sir Richard Cartwright (L.) 2347 

Thos. R. Mayberry (I.) 1597 


1867— Bodwell (L.) Accl. 1872— Bodwell (L.) Accl. 

1874— Bodwell (L.) 758 1878-Skinner (I. L.) 361 

1882— Harley (L.) 777 1887-Cartwright (L.) 1122 

1891— Cartwright (L.) 734 1896— Cartwright (L.) 750 



Joseph Featherston (L.) 1891 

A. F. Campbell (C.) 1425 


1867— Cameron (C.) 62 1872— Smith (L.) 16 

1874— Smith (L.) 14 1878— Elliott (C.) 89 

1882— Fleming (L.) 43 1887— McCulla (C.) 43 

1891— Featherston (L.) 54 1896— Featherston (L.) 466 


A. P. McLaren (C.) 2916 

J. N. Grieve (L.) 2870 


1867— Redford (L.) 208 1872— Daly (C.)* 56 

1874— Montelth (C.) 163 1878— Hessoh (C.) 83 

1882— Hesson (C.) 252 1887— Hesson (C.) 200 

1891-Grieve (L.) 71 1896-McLaren (C.) 46 


D. K. Erb (L.) 2069 

J. A. Donald (I.) BW 

W. Pridham (C.) 1861 


1867-McFarlane (L.) .* 97 1872-Trow (L.) 427 

1874— Trow (L.) Accl. 1878— Trow (L.) 77 

1882— Trow (L.) 179 1887— Trow (L.) 93 

1891— Trow (L.) 177 1896— Erb (L.) 218 


John Lang (L.) 2353 

John Bumham (C.) 1788 


1867— Grover (C.) 312 1872— Grover (C.) 52 

1874— Hall (L.) ; 114 1878— Bumham (C.) .*. 26 

1882— Bumham (C.) 57 1887— Lang (L.) 109 

1891-Burnham (C.) 20 1896— Lang (L.) 615 


James Kendry (C.) 1485 

R. Hall (L) 1166 

R. C. Newman (I.) 622 


1867— Perry (C.) 29 1872— Bertram (L.) ,. 40 

1874— Bertram (L.) 91 1878-Hilliard (C.) 197 

1882— Hilliard (C.) 160 1887— Stevenson (C.) 16 

1891-Stevenson (C.) 232 1896-Kendry (C.) 819 

(Two Members.) 

Sir C. H. Tupper (C.) 3677 

A. C. Bell (C.) 3503 

J. W. Carmichael (L.) 3337 

E. M. McDonald (L.) • 3349 




1867— Carmichael 



1874— Carmichael (L.) 
— Dawson (L.) ... 

1882— McDougald (C.) 
— Tupper (C.) . . . . 

1891— McDougald (C.) 
—Tupper (C.) .... 

1872— McDonald (C.) 

— Doull (C.) 

1878— McDonald (C.) 

—Doull (C.) 

1887-Mcpougald (C.) 

—Tupper (C.) ... 
1896— Bell (C.) 

—Tupper (C.) ... 


W. J. Poupore (C.) 1980 

T. C. Gaboury (L.) ..., 1341 


1867— Heath (C.) Accl. 

1874— Wright (C.) Accl. 

1882— Bryson (C.) 116 

1891— Murray (L.) 305 

1872— Wright (C.) 281 

1878— J. Poupore (C.) 207 

1887— Bryson (C.) 715 

1896— W. J. Poupore (C.) 639 


Sir H. Joly de Lctbiniere (L.) 2086 

L. Stafford (C.) 2050 

Sir Henry Joly de Lotbiniere being called to the Cabinet as Controller of 
Inland Revenue, was returned by acclanwition at bye-election, July 30, 1896. 

1867— Brousaeau (C.) 

1874— de St. George's (L.) . 
1882— de St. George's (L.) .. 
1891— Arthur Delisle (L.) . 

I. Proulx (L.) 

J. H. Cloran (I. L.) .... 

D. Sabourin (C.) 

Record — 

1867— Hagar (L.) 1075 

1874— Hagar (L.) 6 

1882Labrosse (C.) 301 

1891— Proulx (L.) 661 

. . 309 1872— de St. George's (L.) 

, 335 1878— Vallee (C.) 

.. 32 1887— de St. George's (L.) . 

,. 150 1896-Lotbiniere (L.) 







1872— Hagar (L.) Accl. 

1878— Routhier (C.) 5 

1887— Labrosse (C.) 191 

1896— Proulx (L.) 


Estabished. 1892. 

John Yeo (L.) 

R. A. Hunt (C.) 

, 1916 


Estabished. 1892. 

E. Hackett (C.) 1593 

S. F. Perry (L.) .1548 

John Yeo (L.) 321 

Hackett unseated on protest and new election held April 27, 1897. 

S. F. Perry (L.) 1614 

E. Hackett (C.) 1527 

Perry died, and new election held April 13, 1898. 

Bernard Donald McLellan (L.) 1828 

Edward Hackett (C) 1512 



W. V. Pettet (P.) 

W. Boulter (C.) 


1867— Rosa (L.) 837 

1874— Rosa (L.) 126 

1882— Piatt (L.) 19 

1891-Miller (C.) 39 

. 2188 

1872— Ross (L.) 134 

1878— McCuaig (C.) 290 

1887— Piatt (L.) 71 

1896— Pettet (P.) 221 


A. A. C. Larivlere (C.) ....^ 

George Walton (I.) 

1872— Sir Geo. E. Cartier (C.)..Accl. 

1878— Dubuc (C.) Accel. 

1887— Royal (C.) 303 

1896— Larivlere (C.) 666 


1874— Louis Rlel 126 

1882— Royal (C) Accl. 

1891— Larivlere (C.) Accl. 


Fra. Langelier (L.) 1468 

A. R. Angers (C.) 1160 

Langelier appointed to bench, and new election held Jan. 4, 1898. 

A. Malouin (L.) Accl. 


1867— Simard (C.) 1286 1872— Cauchon (L.) 270 

1874— Cauchon (L.) Accl. 1878— Malouin (L.) 219 

1882— Bosse (C.) Ill 1887— Langelier (L.) 705 

1891— Langelier (L.) 78 1896-Langelier (L.) 319 


Sir W. Laurler (L.) 8202 

C. Leclerc (C.) ioil 

Laurler called to Premiership ; bye-election held July 30, 1896. 
Laurler returned by acclamation. 

1867-Huot (C.) Accl. 

1874— Thibaudeau (L.) Accl. 

1882— Laurler (L.) 467 

1891— Laurler (L.) ".Accl. 

1872— Tourangeau (L.) Accl. 

1878— Laurier (L.) 778 

1887— Laurler (L.) 1927 

1896-Laurier (L.) |2191 


R. R. Dobell (L) 

Thomas McQreevy (C.) 

1867— McQreevy (C.) Accl. 

1874— McGreevy (C.) 184 

1882-McGreevy (C 168 

1891— McGreevy (C.) 53 

. 826 

1872— McGreevy (C.) ...307 

1878— McGreevy (C.) ..Accl. 

1887-McGreevy (C.) 46 

189G— Dobell (I.) 231 




Charles PiUpatrick (L.) , 1982 

J. J. T. Fremont (C.) 1058 

Fitzratrlck made Solicitor-General ; returned July 30, 1896, by acclamation. 

1867— Chauveau (C.) Accl. 1872— Chauveau (C.) 1099 

1874— Caron (C.) Accl. 1878— Caron (C) 629 

1882— Caron (C.) Accl. 1887— Caron (C.) 259 

1891— Fremont (L.) 340 1896-Fitzpatrick (L.) 924 

Estabished, 1892. 

M. Martin (C.) 2175 

W. WelBh (L.) , 1821 


EEtabllshed, 1892. 

Sir L. H. Davies (L.) ..^ , 

J. J. Jenkins (C.) 

Davies called to be Minister of Marine and Fisheries ; 


.... 1985 
.... 1651 
re-elected by accl. 

T. Mackle (L.) 1900 

P. White (C.) 1837 


1867— Rankin (C.) 86 1872— Pindlay (L.) 102 

1874— White (C.) 102 1878— White (C.) 353 

1882— White (C.) 14:J 1887— White (C.) 248 

1891— White (C.) 79 1896— Mackie (L.) 63 


John Ferguson (C.) 1846 

R. A. Jamieson (P.) 1424 


1867— McLachlin Accl. 1872 O'Reilly (C.) 271 

1874— Macdougall (L.) 70 1878— Bannerman (C.) 224 

1882— Campbell (L.) 154 1887— Campbell (L.) 66 

1891— Ferguson (C.) 444 1896— Ferguson (C.) 422 


John McAliBter (C.) 794 

G. Haddow (L.) 750 


1867— McMillan (Ci Ill 1872— Moffatt (C.) 449 

1874— Moffatt (C.) Accl. 1878— Haddow (L.) Accl. 

1882— Moffatt (C.) 271 1887— Moffatt (C.) 127 

1891— McAlister (C.) 216 1896-McAlister (C.) 44 


A. A. Bruneau (L.) , j 1609 

A. Desjardins (C.) 1475 


1867— McCarthy (C.) !. 152 1872— Mathieu (C.) 141 

1874— Barthe (C.) 201 1878— Massue (C.) 110 

1882— Massue <C.) 278 1887— Labelle (C.) 58 

1891— Langevin (C.) 308 1896— Bruneau (L.) 134 



J. A. Gillies (C.) 1078 

E. V. Flynn (L.) 1056 


1867— Croke (L.) 266 1872— LeVesconte (C.) 271 

1874— Flynn (C.) 78 1878— Flynn (C.) 114 

1882,Paint (C.) 64 1887— Flynn (C.) 301 

1891— Gillies (C.) 102 1896— Gillies (C.) 22 


M. T. Stenson (L.) 2782 

C. C. Cl3veland (C.) 2544 


1867— Webb (C.) 234 18721— Graham (C.) 73 

1874— Aylmer (L.) 162 1878— Ives (C.) 625 

1882— Ives (C.) Accl. 1887— Ives (C.) 137 

1891— Cleveland (C.) ....: 281 1896— Stenson (L.) 238 


J. B. R. FIset (L.) 2443 

Louis Tache (C.) 2177 

Fleet called to Senate ; bye-election, Nov. 6, 1897. 

J. A. Roas (L.) Elected by Accl. 


1867— Sylvain (C.) 455 1872— Fiset (L.) 231 

1874— Flset (L.) 1374 1878— Fiset (L.) 449 

1882-Billy (C.) 108 1887-Fiset (L.) 568 

1891— Caron (C.) 262 189&-Fiset (L.) 266 


L. P. Brodeur (L.) 1840 

J. A, Fournier (G.) 870 

Record — 

1867— Cheral dit St. Jacques (L.).. 412 187a-Mercier (L.) 56 

1874— Cheval (L.) 739 1878— Gigault (C.) 35 

1882— Gigault (C.) 154 1887— Gigault (C.) Accl. 

1891— Brodeur (L.) 69 1896— Brodeur (L.) 970 


W. C. Edwards (L.) 2983 

E. N. Hurtublse (C.) 1380 

O. J. Wilson (I.) 1093 

Record— * 

1867— Grant (C.) 598 1872— Grant (C.) 265 

1874— Blackburn (L.) 64 1878— O'Connor (C.) 515 

1882— Dickinson (C.) 309 1887— Edwards (L.) 155 

1891~Edwards (L.) 413 1896— Edwards (L.) 1603 


M. E. Bernier (L.) Accl. 


1867— Kierzkowski (L.) 178 1872— Delorme (L.) 197 

1874— Delorme (L.) Accl. 1878— Tellier (C.) 6 

1882— Bernier (L.) 134 1887— Bernier (L.) U75 

1891-Bemier (L.) 496 189&-Bernier (L.) Accl. 



J. V. Ellis (L.) 3249 

John A. Chesley (C.) 2527 

William PugBlex (I.) 142T 


1867— Tilley (C.) 792 1872— Tilley (C.) 540 

1874— DeVeber (L.) ? 1181 1878— Tilley (C.) 9 

1882— TUley (C.) 137 1887— BlliB (L.) 218 

1891— McLeod (C.) 586 1886— Ellis (L.) 722 


J. J. Tucker (L.) 3924 

J. D. Hazen (C.) 3733 

D. J. McLaughlin (I.) 1495 


1867— Gray (C.) Accl. 1872— Burpee (L.) 

—Palmer (C.) 

1874— Burpee (L.) 1878— Burpee (L.) 

—Palmer (C.) — Weldon (L.) 

1882— Burpee (L.) 1887— Skinner (L.) 

—Weldon (L.) —Weldon (L.) 

1891— Hazen (C.) 1896-Tccker (L.) 191 

-Skinner (C.) 


Established. 1892. 

Frs. Bechard (L.) 1849 

P. H. Roy (C.) 1842 

Bechard elevated to the Seliate. and new election held Aug. 3, 1896. 
Hon. J. I. Tarte (L.) Accl. 


Wilfrid Lautier (L.) 988 

James McKay (C.) 944 

Wm. Craig (I.) 213 

Scat vacated by acceptance of office by Mr. Laurier. New election held Dec. 
19. VM. 

T. O. Davis (L.) 1060 

J. R. McPhall (C.) 876 


1887— Macdowall (C.) 166 1896-Laurier (L.) 44 

1891— Macdowall (C.) 283 


John A. Macdonell (L.) 1713 

Hugh Aimstrong (C.) 1712 


1871-SmIth (C.) 136 1872— Smith (C.) 196 

1874— Smith (C.) 102 1878— Morris (C.) .158 

1882-Sutherland (L.) 423 1887-Daly (C.) 179 

1891— Daly (C.) 435 1896— Macdonell (L.) 1 



C. H. Parmelee (L.) 2191 

J. P. I. Pelletier (C.) 1726 

Record— , 

18e7— Huntingdon (L.) 326 1872— liuntingdon (L.) 366 

1874— Huntingdon (L.) 446 1878— Nlchol (C.) 402 

1882— Auger (T. L.) 135 1887— Audet (C.) 31 

1891— Sanborn (L.) 177 1896-Parmelee (L.) 465 


(Established 1892.) 

J. G. ForbeB (L.) 2130 

C. H. Cahan (C.) 1932 

Seat vacated by acceptance of office. New election held Aug. 5, 1896. 
Hon. W. S. Fielding (L.) Accl. 


Hon. W. B. Ives (C.) 1478 

Hon. Henry Aylmer (L.) 1221 


1867— Gait (C.) Accl. 1872— Brooks (C.) Accl. 

1874— Brooks (.C) Accl. 1878— Brooks (C.) Accl. 

1882— Hall (C.) Accl. 1887— Hall (C.) 577 

1891— Ives (C.) 315 1896— Ives (C.) 257 


W. H. Bennett (C.) 2775 

H. H. Cook (L.) 2529 

D. C. Anderson (P.) 1197 

Bennett unseated, and new election held Feb. 4, 1897. 

Wm. H. Bennett (C.) 3236 

H. H. Cook (L.) 3111 


1882— Cook (L.) 138 1887— Cook (L.) 74 

1891— Spohn (L.) 207 1896— Bennett (C.) 246 


D'Alton McCarthy (I.) 2517 

El. Stewart (L.) 1410 

H. Lennox (C.) 875 

Seat vacated by death of Mr. McCarthy in May, 189S. 

1867— McConkey (L.) Accl. 1872— Cook (L.) 56 

1874-Cook (L.) 74 1878— McCarthy (C.) 50 

1882— McCarthy (C.) 250 1887— McCarthy (C.) 329 

1891— McCarthy (C.) 296 1896— McCarthy (I.) 1107 


R. Tyrwhitt (C.) 2146 

T. W. Lennox (I.) 1620 

1867— Little (C.) 356 1872— Little (C.) Accl. 

1874— Little (C.) Accl. 1878— Little (C.) 443 

1882— Tyrwhitt (C.) 6 1887— Tyrwhitt (C.) 1060 

1891— Tyrwhitt (C.) Accl. 1896— Tyrwhitt (C.) 626 



A. Bourbonnais (L.) 1064 

B. Lander (C.) 861 


1867— Maeson (C.) 259 1872— Lanthier (C.) .259 

1874— Lanthier (C.) Accl. 1878— Lanthier (C.) 325 

1882— Lanthier (C.) 86 1887— Bain (C.) 171 

1891— Mousseau (C.) 39 1896— Bourbonnais (L.) 193 


A. H. Moore (C.) 2018 

T. B. Rider (L.) ,1583 


1867— Colby (C.) 198 1872-Colby (C.) Accl. 

1874— Colby (C.) Accl. 1878— Colby (C.) 754 

1882-Colby (C.) ' 295 1887-Colby (C.) 434 

1891— Rider (L.) 102 1896— Moore (C.) 435 

Established 1892. 

G. H. King (L.) 1778 

R. D. Wilmot (C.) 1599 

Seat vacated by Mr. King's appointment to office. New election held 
August 25, 1896. 

Hon. A. G. Blair (L.) ,. 2310 

R. D. Wilmot (C.) 1686 


C. E. Poullot (L.) 2171 

P. E. Grandbois (C.) 1604 

Seat vacated by death of Mr. Pouliot. New election held Nov. 6, 1897. 

C. A. Gauyreau (L.) Accl. 


1867— Bertrand Accl. 1872— Mailloux (C.) 1108 

1874— Pouliot (L.) : Accl. 1878— Grandbois (C.) 127 

1882~Grandbois (C.) Accl. 1887— Grandbois (C.) 66 

1891— Grandbois (C.) ..." 198 1896— Pouliot (L.) 567 


L. A. ChauviB (C.) 1862 

P. F. C. Petit (L.) 1734 


1867— Masson (C.) Accl. 1872-r-Mas8on (C.) Accl. 

1874— Masson (C.) Accl 1878— Masson (C.) 802 

1882— Nantel (C.) 757 1887--Chapleau (C.) 785 

1891— Chapleau (C.) 704 1896— Chauvin (C.) 128 

Established 1892. 

Sir A. P. Caron (C.) 1691 

Fiset (L.) 1422 



William Lount (L.) 2394 

G. R. R. Cockburn (C.) 2154 

Seat vacated by resignation of Mr. Lount. New election held Nov. 30, 1897. 

G. H. Bertram, (L.) 2212 

O. A. Rowland (C.) .1962 


1872— Wilkes (L.) 28 

1874— Wilkes (L.) 284 1878— Hay (C.) 490 

1882— Hay (C.) 198 1887— Cockburn (C.) 454 

1891— Cockburn (C.) 502 1896— Lount (L.) 240 


J, Ross Robertson (L) 4631 

E. Coatsworth (C.) 3018 


1867-Beaty (C.) 133 1872-Beaty (C.) 97 

1874— O'Donohue (L.) 137 1878— Piatt (C.) 691 

1882-Small (C.) 496 1887— Small (C.) 1255 

1891— Coatsworth (C.) 1464 1896— Robertson (I.) 1619 

Given two members by Act of 1892. 

E. P. Clarke (C.) 5147 

E. B. Osier (C.) 5870 

N. T. Hunter (I.) 4226 

w: T. R. Preston (L.) 4734 


1867— Harrison (C.) 429 1872— Crawford (C.) 469 

1874— Moss (C.) 221 1878— Robinson (C.) 637 

1882— Beaty (C.) 431 1887— Denison (C.) 467 

1891— Denison (C.) 1757 1896— Clarke (C.) 922 

—Osier (C.) 636 


J. A. C. Ethier (L.) 1231 

Joseph Girouard (C.) 1217 


1867— Daoust (C.) Accl. 1872— Prevost (L.) Accl. 

1874— Prevost (L.) 55 1878— Daoust (C.) 786 

1882— Daoust (C.) Accl. 188T— Daoust (C.) 72 

1891— Daoust (C.) 287 1896-Ethler (L.) 14 


Wm. W. B. Mclnnis (L.) 1020 

James Haggart (L) 647 

Andrew Haslam (C.) 823 


1871— Wallace (C.) 35 1872-Hlncks (C.) Accl. 

1874— Bunster (C.) 125 1878— Punster (C.) 69 

188a— Gordon (C.) 155 1887- Gordon (C.) 248 

1891— Gordon (C.) Accl. 1896— Mclnnis (L.) 197 




H. S. Harwood 

A. Seguln (C.) 8( 

Record — 

1867— McMillan (C.) Accl. 1872— R. Harwood (C.) 

1874— Harwood (C.) Accl. 1878— Mongenais (C.) 



1682— McMillan (G.) 


1887— McMillan (C.) 213 

1891— H. S. Harwood (L.) 98 1896— Harwood (L.) 



Returns two members. 

T. Earle (C.) 

E. G. Prior (C.) 

W. Templeman (L.) . 
George L. Milne (L.) 

1871— Nathan (C.) 

-De Cosmos (C.) 

1874— De Cosmos (C.) 

— Roscoe (C.) ...., 

188^-Baker (C.) 

—Shakespeare (C.) 

1891— Earle (C.) 

—Prior (C.) : 


1872— Nathan (C.) 

— De Cosmos 
1878— Sir John A. 

— De Cosmos 
1887— Baker (C.) 

1896-Earle (C.) 

-Prior (C.) . 


Macdonald (C). 



Hon. John Costigan (C.) 

F. Laforest (L.) 


1867— Costigan (C.) 229 

1874— Costigan (C.) 439 

1882— Costigan (C.) Accl. 

1891— Costigan (C.) 695 


1872— Costigan (C.) 862 

1878-Costigan (C.) 463 

1887-Costigan (C.) 308 

1896— Costigan (C.) 546 


John L. Bethune (C.) 1049 

S. C. Campbell (L.) 877 


1867— Ross (L.) Accl. 

1874— Ross (L.) Accl. 

1882— Campbell (C.) 313 

1891— McDonald (C.) 52 

1872— Ross (L.) Accl. 

1878— McDonald (L.) 103 

1887— McDonald (C.) 53 

1896— Bethune (C.) 172 


S. Hughes (C.) 1715 

J. H. Delemere (I.) 338 

R. J. McLaughlin (L.) 1464 


1867— Morrison (L.) 284 1872— Staples (C.) 

1874— McLennan (L.) 4 1878— Cameron (C.) 

1882— Cameron (C.) 290 1887— Barron (L.) 

1891— Barron (L.) 202 1896— Hughes (C.) 

. 88 



George McHugh (L.) 2051 

A. B. Vrooman (C.) 1989 

Record— • 

1867-Kempt (L.) 210 1872— Dormer (C.) 168 

1874— McQuade (C.) 69 1878— McQuade (C.) 424 

1882— Dundas (C.) 60 1887— Hudspeth (C.) 47 

1891-Fairbairn (C.) 25 189C-McHugli (L.) 62 

J. E. Seagram (C.) 2706 

E. W. R. Snider (L.) 2397 


1867— Bowman (L.) Accl. 1872— Bowman (L.) Accl. 

1874— Bowman (L.) Acclc. 1878— Kranz (C.) 133 

1882— Kranz (C.) 57 1887— Bowman (L.) 239 

1891— Bowman (L.) 185 1896-Seagram (C.) 309 


James Livingstone (L.) 2543 

George A. Clare (C.) 2454 


1867— Young (L.) 366 1872— Young (L.) Accl. 

1874— Young (L.) Accl. 1878— Memer (C.) 44 

1882— Livingstone (L.) 208 1887-Livlngstone (L.) 368 

1891— Livingstone (L.) 312 1896— Livingstone (L.) 89 


William McCleary (C.) 2705 

James Lowell (L.) 2536 


1867-Street (C.) Accl. 1872-Street (C.) 530 

1874— Thompson (L.) 189 1878— Bunting (C.) 116 

1882— Ferguson (C.) 132 1882— Ferguson (C.) 212 

1891— German (L.) 447 1896— McCleary (C.) 169 


Andrew Semple (L.) 1916 

W. L. Gordon (P.) 599 

A. Groves (L) 752 

F. W. Lewis (L.) 1295 


1867— Parker (L.) Accl. 1872— Ross (L.) 46 

1874— Orton (C.) 49 1878— Orton (C.) 6 

1882— Orton (C.) 152 1887— Semple (L.) 50 

1891— Semple (L.) 156 1896— Semple (L.) 620 


James McMullen (L.) 2712 

L. H Clarke (C.) 2550 


' 1867— Drew (C.) 221 1872— Higglnbotham (L.) 60 

1874— Higginbotham (L.) 6 1878— Drew (C.) 108 

1882— McMullen (L.) 20 1887— McMullen (L.) 368 

1891— McMullen (L.) 186 1896— McMullen (L.) 162 



C. Kloepfer (C.) 2578 

James Innes (L.) 2440 

Record — 

1867— Stirton (L.) 311 1872— Stirton (L.) Accl. 

1874— Stlrton (L.) 1199 1878— Guthrie (L.) 303 

1882— Innes (L.) 118 1887— Innes (L.) 126 

1891— Innes (L.) 376 1896— Kloepfer (C.) 138 

Established, 1892 ; g. e., 1896. 

James Somerville (L.) 1824 

Charles A. Muma (C.) 703 


Thomas Bain (L.) 2673 

A. H. Pettit (C.) 2486 


1867— Rymal (L.) 27 1872-«Rymal (L.) 208 

1874— Rymal (L.) 309 1878— Rymal (L.) 74 

1882— Springer (L.) 48 1887— Carpenter (C.) 176 

1891— Carpenter (C.) 1 1896— Bain (L.) 187 


H. A-. Powell (C.) 3442 

C. N. Robinson (C.) 3427 

Record— • 

1867— Smith (L.) 1753 1872— Smith (L.) Accl. 

1874— Smith (L.) Accl. 1878— Smith (L.) 644 

1882— Wood (C.) 432 1887-Wood (C.) 542 

1891— Wood (C.) 2148 1896-Powell (C .) 15 


Hon. Hugh John Macdonald (C.) 2961 

Joseph Martin (L.) 2835 

Mr. Macdonald unseated, and new election held April 27, 1897. 

R. W. Jameson (L.) 2326 

E. L. Taylor (C.) 1209 


1882— Scott (C.) 106 1887— Scarth (C.) 12 

1891— Macdonald (C.) 509 1896— Macdonald (C.) 126 

Established 1S92. 

C. R. Devlin (L.) 2975 

J. M. McDougall (C.) 2593 

Established 1892. 

H. Bostock (L.) 1824 

J. A. Mara (C.) 1479 




R. M, S. Mignault (L.) 1342 

F. Vanasse (C.) 1324 


1867— Fortier (L.) 37 

1874-Gill (C.) Accl. 

1882— Vanasse (C.) 71 

1891— Mignault (L.) 170 

1872— Duguay (C.) 404 

1878— Gill (C.) 823 

1887— Vanasse (C.) 31 

1896— Mignault (L.) M 


T. B. Flint (L.) 
J. Bingay (C.) . 

1867— Killam (L.) 

1874— Killam (L.) 

1882— Kinney (C.) 

1891— Flint (L.) 


559 1872— Killam (L.) 736 

430 1878— Killam (L.) 541 

301 1887— Lovitt (L.) 692 

575 1896-Flint (L.) 444 

YORK (N. B.) 

Hon. Q. E. Foster (C.) . 

B. N. Allen (L.) 


1867— Fisher (L.) Accl. 

1874— Pickard (L.) Accl. 

1882— Pickard (L.) 917 


1872— Pickard (L.) Accl. 

1878— Pickard (L.) 656 

1887— Temple (C.) 404 

1891-Temple (C.) 

227 1896— Foster (C.) 1542 


W. F. Matlean (C.) 3907 

H. F. Frankland (L.) 3904 


1867— Metcalfe (L.) 237 

1874— Metcalfe (L.) Accl. 

1882— Alex. Mackenzie (L.) 108 

1891— Mackenzie (L.) 26 

1872— Metcalfe (L.) Accl. 

1878— Boultbee (C.) 66 

1887— Mackenzie (L.) 160 

1896-Maclean (C.) 3 


N. Clarke Wallace (C.) 5018 



John Brown (C.) 

James Piatt (P.) 


1867— Rowland (I.) 513 

1874— Blain (L.) 527 

1882- Wallace (C.) 237 

1891-Wallace (C.) 806 

1872— Blain (L.) 213 

1878— Wallace (C.) 202 

1887— Wallace (C.) 528 

1896— Wallace (C.) 4068 


William Mulock (L.) 

P. W. Strange (C.) 


1867— Wells (L.) Accl. 

1874— Dymond (L.) 329 

1882— Mulock (L.) 109 

1891— Mulock (L.) 363 

1872— Dodge (I.) .. 
1878— Strange (C.) 
1887— Mulock (L.) 
1896— Mulock (L.) 






List of Bye-Elections held since the General Election of June 23, 1896. 


Quebec East 

Oxford, S. R 

York, N. R 



Quebec County 

Queen's West 


Shelburne and 


St. John's and 


Grey, N. R 

Sunbury & Queen's. 


Saskatchewan ..... 

Cornwall and Stor- 

Brant, S. R 

Ontario, N. R. 

Slmcoe, E. R. . 


Colchester . 

Bonaventure . . . 



Prince West ... 


Drummond and 

Arthabaska . . . 
Temiscouata . . . 


Toronto Centre 


Quebec Centre 
West Prince 

Date of 


30, 1896 

30, 1896 

30, 1896 

30, 1896 

30, 1896 

30, 1896 

30, 1896 

30, 1896 

Aug. 5, 1896 


3, 1896 
25, 1896 

Aug. 25, 1896 














27, 1896 
19, 1896 

19, 1896 
4, 1897 
4, 1897 
4, 1897 
7, 3897 

20, 1897 
17, 1897 
23, 1897 
27, 1897 
27, 1897 
27, 1S97 

13, 1897 

6, 1897 

6, 1«97 

30, 1897 

Dec. 21, 1897 


1. I?n8 
13, 1898 

Names of Candidates. 

Hon. Wilfrid Laurier 

Hon. Sir Rich. Cartwright.. 

Hon. William Mulock 

Hon. Fred'k Borden 

Hon. Sidney A. Fisher 

Hon. Chas. Fitzpatrick .... 

Hon. Louis H. Davies 

Hon. Sir H. J. de Lotbiniere 

Hon. W. S. Fielding 

Hon. Jos. Israel Tarte .. 

Hon. W. Paterson 

James McLauchlan 

Hon. Andrew Blair 

Robert Duncan Wilmot . 

Hon. Clifford Sifton 

Thomas Osborne Davis . 
John R. McPhail 

John Q. Snetsinger 

James Leitch, Q.C 

Charles B. Heyd , 

Robert Henry 

Duncan Graham 

Angus McLeod 

William H. Bennett 

H. H. Cook 

Frajicois A. Marcotte .. 

P. Trudel 

Firman McClure 

D. H. Muir 

Jean F. Guite 

Charles Cyr 

Louis N. Champagne — 

J. M. McDougall 

Richard W. Jameson 

E. L. Taylor 

Stanislaus F. Perry 

Edward Hackett 

John G. Rutherford 

Kenneth McKenzie 

Louis Lavergne 

Auguste Noel , 

Charles A. Gauvreau 

Jean Auguste Ross 

George H. Bertram 

Oliver A. Howland , 

Joseph H. Leduc 

J. XJlric Beauchene 

Albert Malouin 

Bernard D. McLelan 

Edward Hackett 










































































The first party division in the Ho. of Commons took place Sept. 8, 1896. on 
Mr. Foster's motion in amendment to supply, declaring that the issue of Gov.- 
General's warrants for the payment of departmental salaries and contingencies 
was in contravention of well understood principles of parliamentary control. 
Yeas, 69, Nays 103. A Government majority of 34. 

Vote on Mr. Foster's amendment to supply, Sept. 23, 1896, declaring that 
" no revision of the Canadian tariff will be wise or satisfactory which does not 
proceed upon the ba.sis of an adequate and sufBcient protection for the producing 
interests of the country." Yeas 76, Nays 113. A Government majority of 37. 

In the session of 1897, June 17, the House divided on Mr. Blair's motion, 
"that the House resolve itself into committee on the Drummond County Rail- 
way and O. T. R. extension of the Intercolonial Railway into Montreal." Yeas 
91. Nays 47, a Government majority of 44. 

In the session of 1898 tho House divided on the amendment of Sir Charles 
Tupper, May 17, to the Franchise Bill. Yeas 48, Nays 88, a Government major- 
ity of 40, this being what is called " a straight party division." 

The strength of the two parties in the House, apportioning the " Independ- 
ent " members to the side they took in the first division in the new parliament 
(Sept. 8, 1S96), was, by provinces, as follows :— 

Government. Opposition. 

Ontario 48 43 

Quebec 49 16 

Nova Scotia 10 10 

New Brunswick 5 9 

Prince Edward Island 2 3 

Manitoba 2 4 

British Columbia 4 2 

The Territories 2 1 

Total 122 88 

Government majority, 34. 

An analysis of the House, as disclosed by the vote, gave the following as 
the standing of the parties : —Liberals, 117 ; Conservatives, 89 ; Patrons, 3 ; In- 
dependents, 2 ; vacant seats. 2. Total, 213. This included the Speaker and 
counted Mr. Robertson, East Toronto, with the Conservatives. If the five Inde- 
pendents had all voted with the Opposition, the Government majority over all 
would have been 22. 

Mr. Speaker, Sir Richard Cartwrlght, Sir Louis Davies, Hon. J. I. Tarte, 
lion. W. S. Fielding. 

Hon. W. S. Fielding, Chairman ; Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Sir Richard 
Cartwright. Sir Louis Davies, Hon. J. I. Tarte, Hon. A. G. Blair. 

Retiring President, Thomas Cote, Ottawa ; President-elect, Horace Wallls, 
Ottawa ; Secretary, Gerald Brown, Ottawa. 

New Year's Day. Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter Monday. 
Ascension Day, The Sovereign's Birthday, Dominion Day, Labor Day, All Saints 
Day, Immaculate Conception, Christmas Day. 




Hon. T. B. Pardee, Provincial Secretary- 
Commissioner of Crown Lands. 

Hon. S. C. Wood, Provincial Secretary. 

Hon. A. S. Hardy, Provincial Secretary. 

Commissioner of Crown Lands. 

Hon. James Young, Treasurer. 

Hon. A. M. Ross, Treasurer. 

Hon. Richard Harcourt, Treasurer. 

Hon. G. "W. Ross, Minister of Education. 

Hon. J. M. Gibson, Provincial Secretary. 

Hon. Charles Drury, Minister of Agriculture. 

Hon. John Dryden, Minister of Agriculture. 

Hon. W. D. Balfour, Provincial Secretary. 

Hon. B. J. Davis, Provincial Secretary. 

Hon. E. H. Bronson, without portfolio. 

(July 25, 1896.) 
Hon. Arthur Sturgls Hardy, Q.C., Attorney-General. 
Hon. John M. Gibson, LL.D., Commissioner of Crown Lands. 
Hon. William Harty, Commissioner of Public Works. 
Hon. Elihu J. Davis, Secretary and Registrar. 
Hon. Richard Harcourt, Q.C., Treasurer. 
Hon. G. W. Ross, LL.D., Minister of Education. 
Hon. John Dryden, Minister of Agriculture. 
Hon. E. H. Bronson, without portfolio. 


No. of Legis. 

1st Legls. 

2nd Legis. 

3rd Legis. 

4th Legis. 
5th Legis. 













27, 1867 
3. 1868 
3, 1869 
7, 1870 

7, 1871 

.S, 1873 

7, 187' 

12, 1874 

24, 1875 

3. 587? 

9, 1878 

9, 1879 

7, 1880 

13, 1881 
1.2, 1882 
33, 1332 

23, 1884 

28, 1885 
28, 1886 


March 4, 1868 
Jan. 23, 1869 
Dec. 24, 1909 
Foln 15, 1871 

March 2. 1872 
March 29, 1873 
March 24, 1874 
Dec. 21, 1874 

Feb. 10, 1876 
March 2, 1877 
March 7, 1878 
March 11, 1879 

March 5. 1880 
March 4. 1881 
March 10, 1882 
Feb. 1, 1883 

March 25, 1884 
March 30, 188r 
March 25. 188<^ 


Feb. 25, 1871 

. Doc. 23. 1874 

. Apr. 25, 1879 


1, 1883 

" Nov. 15, 1886 




No. of Leg^is. 

6th Legis. 

7th Legis.. 

8th Legis.. 

9th Legis.. 




1st , 
4th . 

1st . 


Feb. 10, 1887 

Jan. ^,1" 

Jan. 24. 1889 

Jan. 30, 1890 

•Feb. 11, 1891 

Feb. U, 1892 

April 4, 1893 

Feb. 14, 1894 

Feb. 21. 189: 

Feb. 11, 1896 

Feb. 10, 18!)7 

Sov. 30. 3o97 


April 23. 1887 
March 23, 1888 
March 23, 1889 
April 7, 1890 

May 4, 1891 

April 14, 1892 

May 27, 1893 

May 5, 1894 

April 15, 1895 

April 7, 1896 

April 13, 1897 

Jan. 17, 1898 

Aug. 3, 1898 Aug. 24, 1898 


April 26, 1890 

May 30, 1894 

Jany. 29, 1898 

•Adjourned from Feb. 12 to March 10. 


Speaker— Hon. Francis Eugene Alfred Evanturel. 
Clerk of Assembly— Charles Clarke. 
Clerk Assistant— Arthur H. Sydere. 
Sergeant-at-Arms— F. J. Glackmeyer. 

Names of Members. 

Allen, W. J 

Auld, J. A. .. 

Ayslworth, B. E. ... 

Barber, J. R 

Barr, John 

Beatty, Walter 

Beatty. W. R 

Blezard, Thos 

Bowman, Charles M. 

Boyd. G. M 

Bridgland, Samuel . 

Brower, C. A 

Brown, John 

Burt, Daniel 

Calder, Charles 

Caldwell, W. C 

Campbell, R. A 

Carnegie, J. H 

Carpenter, E. C 

Carscallen, Henry .. 
Charlton, W. A 


Hastings, N. 

Essex, S 





Parry Sound 
Peterboro, B. 
Bruce, N. ... 

Grey, N 


Elgin, E 

Perth, N. ... 
Brant, N. .. 
Ontario, S. .. 
Lanark, N. .. 
Renfrew, S. 
Victoria, E. 
Norfolk, N. 
Hamilton, E. 
Norfolk, S. . 

Post Ofllce Address. 







Parry Sound. 



Owen Sound. 


New Sarum. 


St. George. 











Names of Members. 

Clarke, Samuel 

Colquhoim, B. A 

Conmee, James 

Crawford, Thomas 

Davis, Hon. E. J — 

Dempsey, W. R 

Dickenson, John 

Douglas, J. H 

Duff, J. S 

Bilber, Henry 

Evanturel, Hon. F. E. A... 

PalUs, W. A 

Farwell, Charles F. .' 

Ferguson, Robert 

Fox, S. J 

Foy, J. J 

Gallagher, John S. .. 

Garrow, James T 

Germani, W. M 

Graham, George P 

Guibord, Onesime 

Harcourt, Hon. R 

Hardy, Hon. A. S 

Harty, Hon. W 

Hill, W. J 

Hislop, Archibald 

Hodgins, T. D 

Holmes, J. W 

Hoyle, Wm. H 

Jamieson, David 

Jessop, B 

Jojrnt, R. L 

Kldd, (Jeorge N 

Kribs, W. A 

Lackner, H, G 

Leys, F. B 

Little, Ed. A 

Loughrin, John 

Lucas, Isaac B 

Lumsden, Alex 

Macdiarimid, P. G 

McDonald, D. R 

McLaughlin, John 

McKay, Angus 

McKee, W. J 

Malcolm, Andrew 

Marter, G. F 


Northumberland, W. 

Hamilton, W 

Algoma, W 

Toronto, W 

York, N 

Prince Edward 

Wentworth, S 

Northumberland, E. . 

Simcoe, W 

Huron, S 


Durham, E 

Algoma, E. . 

Kent, E 

Victoria, W 

Toronto, S 


Huron, W. 





Brant, S 


York, W 

Huron, E 

Middlesex, B 


Ontario, N 

Grey, S 




Waterloo, S 

Waterloo, N 




Grey, Centre 

Ottawa City 

Elgin. W 



Oxford, S 

Essex, N 

Bruce, Centre 

Toronto, N 

Post Office Address. 



Port Arthur. 




North Glanford. 






Sault Ste. Marie. 








Clarence Creek. 










St. Catharines. 

North Augusta. 


















Names of Members. 


Post Office Address. 

Matheson, A. J 

Lanark, S. . - 


Miscampbell, A 

Morrison, M. B 

Simcoe, B. 


Hastings, W 


Moscrip, W. C 

Perth, S 

St. Mary's. 

Mutrie, John 

Wellington, S 

Lambton, W 

Pardee, P 


Pardo, T. L 

Kent W * 

Cedar Springs. 

Patullo, Andrew 

Oxford, N. ...» 

Pettyplece, H. J 

Powell, C. B 

Lambton, E 

Ottawa City 


Pyne, R. A 

Toronto, E 


Reid, James 



Reld, W. H 

Durham, W 


Richardson, John 

York, B 


Ross, Hon. Q. W 

Middlesex, W 


Russell, Samuel 

Hastings, E 


Smith, John 



Stratton, J. R 

Peterboro, W 

Taylor, W. H 

Middlesex, N 


Thompson, A. B 

Simcoe, Centre t ........... r 


Tniax, R. E 

Bruce, S 

Tucker, James 

Wellington, W 


Warden, T. A 

Wentworth N 


•White, A. T 

Renfrew, N 


Whitney, J. P 





Addington . . . 
Algoma, E. .. 
Algoma, W. . 
Brant, N. ... 

Brant, S 

Brockville — 

* Bruce, N 

Bruce, S 

Bruce, Centre 
Cardwell, . . . . 




Durham, E. . 
Durham, W. . 

Names of Members. 

Reid, James. 

Parwell, Charles F. 
Conmee,. James . . . . 

Burt, Daniel 

Hardy, Hon. A. S. 
Graham, George P. 
Bowman, Charles M 

Truax, R. E , 

Malcolm, Andrew . 

Little, Ed. A , 

Kldd, George N. .., 

Barr, John 

Whitney, J. P 

Fallis, W. A , 

Reid, W. H 

Po3t Oflflce Address. 


Sault Ste. Marie.^ 

Port Arthur. 

St. George. 












126 / 



Elgin, E 

Elgin, W 

Essex, N 

Essex, S 




Grey, N 

Grey, Centre 

Grey, S 



Hamilton, W 

Hamilton, E 

Hastings, W 

Hastings, B 

Hastings, N 

Huron, E 

Huron, S 

Huron, W 

Kent, E 

Kent, W 

• Kingston 

Lambton, E 

Lambton, W 

Lanark, N 

Lanark, S 





Middlesex. E 

Middlesex, N 

Middlesex, W 




Norfolk, N 

Norfolk, S 

Northumberland, E, 
Northumberland, W. 

Ontario, N 

Ontario, S 

Ottawa City 

Ottawa City 

Oxford, N 

Oxford, S 

Names of Members. 

Brower, C. A 

Macdlarimid, F. a 

McKee, W. J 

Auld, J. A , 

Gallagher, John S. 
McDonald, D. R. 

JojTit, R. L 

Boyd, G. M 

Lucas, Isaac B. ... 
Jamieson, David .. 
Holmes, J. W. .. 

Barber, J. R 

Colquhoun, E. A. 
Carscallen, Henry 
Morrison, M; B. . 
Russell, Samuel .. 

Allen, W. J 

HIslop, Archibald 
Eilber, Henry . . . 
Garrow, James T. 
Ferguson, Robert . 

Pardo, T. L 

Harty, Hon. W. 
Pettypiece, H. J. . 

Pardee, F 

Caldwell. W. C. .. 
Matheson, A. J. .. 
Beatty, Walter ... 
Ayslworth, B. E. . 

Jessop, E 

Leys, P. B 

Hodgins, T. D. .. 

Taylor, W. H 

Ross, Hon. G. W. 
Harcourt, Hon. R. 
Bridgland. Samuel 
Loughrln, John . . 
Carpenter, E. C. .. 
Charlton, W. A. . 
Douglas, J. n. ... 
Clarke, Samuel ... 
Hoyle, Wm. H. .. 
Calder, Charles ... 
Lumsden, Alex. . . 
Powell, C. B. .... 
PatuUo, Andrew .. 
McKay, Angus . . 

Post Office Address. 

New Sarum. 

A Tdborough. 





North Augusta. 

Owen Sound. 














Cedar Springs. 



Sam la. 





St. Catharines. 





















Names of Members. 

Post Office Address. 

Parry Sound .. 


Perth, N 

Perth, S 

Peterboro, E. . 
Peterboro, W. 


Prince Edward 
Renfrew, S. .. 
Renfrew, N. .. 


Simcoe, E. ... 
Slmcoe, W .... 
Simcoe, Centre 


Toronto, W. .. 
Toronto, B. . . 
Toronto, N. ... 
Toronto, S. ... 
Victoria, E. .. 
Victoria, W. .. 
Waterloo, N. .. 
Waterloo, S. .. 


Wellington, S. 
Wellington, E.. 
Wellington, W. 
Wentworth, N. 
Wentworth, S. 

York, E 

York, W 

York, N 

Beatty, W. R 

Smith, John 

Brown, John 

MoBcrip, W. C 

Blezard, Thos 

StrattoB, J. R 

Evanturol, Hon. F. E. A, 

Dempsey, W. R 

Campbell, R. A. 

White, A. T 

Guibord, Onesime 

Miscampbell, A 

Duff, J. S 

Thompson, A. B 

MbLaughlin, John ..; 

Crawford, Thomas 

Pyne, R. A 

Marter, G. F 

Foy, J. J 

Carnegie, J. H 

Fox, S. J 

Lackner, H. G. 

Kribs, W. A 

German, W. M 

Mutrie, John 


Tucker, James 

Warden, T. A 

Dickenson, John 

Richardson, John 

HIH, W. J 

Davis, Hon.. B. J 

Parry Sound. 



St. Mary's. 







Clarence Creek. 

















North Glanford. 





ALLEN, WILLIAM JOHN (Hastings N.) Parents from Co. Antrtm, Irel. 
B. in Tp. of Maacc, Hastings Co., Ont, Feb. 23, 1836. Eel. at pub. sch. A 
farmer.' Served in the Tp. Council several years, and is Tp. Treasurer. M. to 
M. A. Caskey. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

AULD, JOHN ALLAN (Essex S.) B. at Warwick, Co. Lambton, Ont., June 
22, 1858. S. of John Auld and Euphemia W. liay, his wife, natives of Scot. Ed. 
at pub. sch. and old Strathroy gram. sch. M., 1877» Anna. Hamilton, youngest 
d. of late James Hamilton, of H. M. (;;ustom8, Amherstburg, Ont. A printer 
and publisher "Amherstburg Echo." A Trustee of Amherstburg Pub. Schs. for 
eight years ; Town Councillor, 1884 ; Reeve from 1885 to 1896 inclusive ; Warden 
of Essex Co., 1890. El. to Legis. at bye-election caused by death of Hem. W. D. . 
Balfour, Oct. 20, 1896. Re-el. at g.»e.. 1898. A Liberal. 

AYLSWORTH, BOWEN EBBNEZER (Lennox). S. of David and Nancy 
Aylsworth. B. at Emestown, Lennox Co., Ont., Jan. 12, 1837. M., Nov. 
28, 1865, Elizabeth Ann Miller, d. of Peter Miller, Esq., of Emestown. Reeve of 
Tp. of Emestown, two years ; Reeve of Bath, two years ; Warden of Lennox 
and Addington, 1897. Unsuccssfully contested Lennox for Legis. at g. e., 1890. 
El. at g. e., 1S98. A Liberal. 

BARBER, MAJOR JOHN ROAF (Halton). S. of James Barber, of Antrim, 
and Hannah Patrick, his wife, of Berwick-on-Tweed, English side. B. at 
Georgetown, Ont., July 5, 1841. A paper manufacturer. Is a mem. of the High 
Sch. Bd. I3 a Major In the militia and pasnnaster of the 20th Rifles. Is Pres. 
of The Deer Park Mining Co., and has also other mining Interests in B.C., Ont., 
and Colorado. M., Jan., 1868, Mary, d. of Francis Barclay, late Registrar of 
Halton. Was in active service during the Fenian raid, and entitled to medal. 
El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. "A National Policy Grit." 

BARR, JOHN, M.D.(Dulferin). B. in Tp. of Blizabethtown, Leeds Co., Ont., 
March 4, 1843. Parents shortly afterwards removed to Middlesex Co. Ed. In 
pub. sch., London, and Victoria Univ., where he took his degree in medicine, 
1866. locating at Homing's Mills. Removed to Shelbourne, Ont., 1888, where he 
Etill resides. M., May 26. 18S0, Ermla E., second d. of John Palmer, of Shel- 
bourne. Was first mem. In Legis. for Co. of Dufferin, Jan., 1875. Again el. at 
g. e., 1879, but being unseated did not offer at ensuing bye-election. El. at g. e., 
1890. An unsuccessful candidate at g.e., 1894. El. at g.e., 1898. A Conservative. 

BEATTY, WALTER (Leeds). S. of William Beatty and Ellen Armstrong, 
hi3 wife. Of Scotch des. B. in the Tp. of Yonge, Jan. 3, 1836. Ed. at com. 
sch. and Brockville gram. sch. A Dom. and Prov. Land Surveyor. Is Clerk of 
the Tp. ; Reeve of Bastard Tp. for several years ; Warden of united Counties of 
Leeds and Grenvllle, 1891. Was Lt. of Intelligence Corps with Gen. Middleton, 
N.W. rebellion, 1885. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Con- 

BEATTY, WILLIAM R. (Parry Sound). El. to Legis. at g. e., 1894 and 1898. 
Voted with the Govt, in the first division in the new Legis., Aug., 1898. 

BLEZARD, THOMAS (E. Peterboro). S. of John and Letitia Blezard, who, 
coming to Canada in 1819 from Lancashire, Eng., were among the pioneer set- 
tlers in the Tp. of Otonabee. B. In Tp. of Otonabee, Peterboro Co., Nov. 24, 
183S. Resides on the farm on which his grandfather first located. Ed. in the 
h. sch. Was nine years in Tp. Council and five years in Co. Council. Has 


cut continuouEly in Legis. since 1879, and is called " the father Of the House." 
A fanner. M. Mary Meikle, Sept. 9, 1865. A Liberal. 

BOWMAN, CHARLES M. (Bruce N.) Eld. s. of the late Isaac Bowman, 
who represented N. Waterloo in Ho. of Commons for 25 years, and Lydia 
Bowman, bis wife. B. at St. Jacob's, Waterloo Co., May 7, 1863. Ed. at pub. 
sch., St. Jacob's, and high sch., Berlin, Ont. M., 1886, Lulu Hesser, of Howell, 
Mich. A manufacturer interested in tannery in Southampton and in lumbet 
business in Bruce Peninsula. Was Pres. Bd. of Trade, Southampton, and Reeve. 
El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

BOYD, GEORGE MILWARD (Grey N.) Father came from Oxford, Eng., to 
Quebec, 1830, and fought in the rebellion of 1837 ; afterwards moved to Owen 
Sound, Ont. Mother, a daughter of Capt. David McDougall, of Scot.,who served 
in the British navy for 15 years. B. Dec. 12, 1851, in the Tp. of St. Vincent, Co. 
Grey. An importer and exporter of live stock.' M. Miss Katherine Vance, ot 
Kincardine, Ont., Dec. 24, 1874. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

BRIDGLAND, SAMUEL, M.D. (Muskoka). Parents both English. B. in 
Toronto, July 31, J847. Ed. at Newmarket gram. sch. Studied medicine at Jef- 
ferson Med. Coll., Phila., Pa., and Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. Grad. at 
Queen's, 1S70. Settled in Bracebrtdge, Muskoka, 1870, and has resided there 
continuously ever since. A practising physician. Was Pres. of Muskoka Lib. 
Assn. for several years. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. M., 1873, Emma Fraser, of 
Barrie, Ont., d. of Henry Fraser. A Liberal. 

BROWER, CHARLES ANDREW (Elgin B.) S. of the late William Brower, 
of Yarmouth, and Elizabeth Mills, d. of Gteorge Mills, a veteran of 1837. B. in 
the Tp. of Yarmouth, Co. of Elgin, June 13, 1857. Ed. in the pub. sch. at Yar- 
mouth, and high sch.. City of St. Thomas, and at Commercial Coll., London, 
Ont. A farnaer. Has been Councillor, Reeve and Warden. El. to Legis. at g.e., 
1894, and re-el. at g. e., 1898. M. Ellen Penhal, d. of John Penhal, Tp. of Yar- 
mouth (she died Nov. 7, If 96.) A Conservative. 

BROWN, JOHN (Perth N.) Of Scotch and Canadian parentage. B. in the 
Tp. of Downey, Perth Co., Ont., Oct. 19, 1849. Ed. at pub. sch. A general 
agent. Mayor of Stratford, 1890-1891. M. Isabella Gunn, of Woodstock, Onti 
El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

BURT, DANIEL (Brant, N.) S. of Robert Burt, a native of Glasgow, Scot., 
who came to Canada and settled in Dumfries S., Brant Co. B. in the Tp. of S. 
Dumfries, Brant Co., Ont., Sept. 14, 1847. A farmer. Councillor and Reeve, S. 
Dumfries, eight years, and Warden of Brant Co., 1886. Dir. and Pres. of the 
N. Erant Agric. Socy.; Dlr. and Pres. of the N. Brant Farmers' Inst.; Chair- 
man of the St. George's Sch. Bd. El. to Legis., by accl., at a bye-election, 
May 20, 1S95 ; re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

CALDER, CHARLES (Ontario S.) S. of John Calder and Janet Ironside, his 
wife, bcth natives of AberdeeuEhlre, Scot., who came to America in 1833, and 
settled in Brocklln, 1839. B. in Brooklin, Ont., Dec. 29, 1852. Ed. at pub. sch. 
and Whitby Coll. Inst. A farmer. Was ten years in Tp. Council and four 
years in Co. Council. Is now a Co. Councillor. Unmarried. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

CALDWELL, WILLIAM C, B.A. (Lanark N.) Of Scotch dea. B., May 14, 
1843. Ed. at Lanark gram. sch. and Queen's Univ., Kingston, where he grad. 
186B. M., 1868, first, Ida O. Cauldwell, of New York City, (she died) ; second, 


1871, Kate Smith Falconer. A flour miller and cloth manufacturer. El. to 
Legis.. 1872 ; utisuccessful candidate in 1876. El. at g. e., 1879 and 1883. . El. 
at bye-election, 1888, vacancy caused by death of sitting mem. El. at g. e., 
1890, and g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

CAMPBELL, ROBERT A. (Renfrew S.) B., of Scotch parents, in the Tp. 
of Lochiel, Glengarry Co., Ont., Mar. 10, 18S3. A son of late Robt. Campbell, 
M.P. for South Renfrew. Ed. at Vankleek Hill high sch. A lumber merchant. 
M. Christena, eld. d. of Sheriff McNab, of Cornwall. An unsuccessful candidate 
for tho Legis. at g. e., 1890. EI. at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

CARNEGIE, JOHN HILLIARD (Victoria E.) B. at Peterboro, May 24, 1865. 
Only s. of John Carnegie, who sat for Peterboro W., 1867-1871, and 1883. Mother 
a d. of Lt. Hilliard, of H.M. 5th Regt. Ed. at the high sch., Peterboro^ Gueplh 
Agric. Coll., and Edinburgh, Scot. M., April 14, 1897, E. J. Laurie, d. of Alex. 
Laurie, of Toronto. A stock farmer. Has beeii Pres. Somerville Agric. Soc, 
auditor of Bexley, and a mem. of Bexley Council for several years. El. for East 
Victoria at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

CARPENTER, EDWIN CLARENDON (North Norfolk). Eld. s. of the late 
John B. Carpenter, whose ancestors were U. E. Loyalists, who came from the 
State of New Jersey and settled in the Tp. of Saltfleet, Co. of Wentworth, in 
1800, and his wife, Rachel P., d. of the late Harry Sterling, who came from' the 
State of New York shortly after the war of 1812. B. in the Tp. of Townsend', 
iCo. of Norfolk, Ont., Dec. 15, 1845. Ed. at the gram. sch. in Simcoe, and at 
Victoria Univ., Cobourg. Supt. of the Riflo River Booming and Rafting Co., 
1869-1873. Has been Dpty. Reeve of the Tp. of Townsend, and Pres. of the Tp. 
Agric. Soc.,' as well as Pres of the North Hiding Agric. Soc., and the union 
societies of North and South Norfolk. Unmarried. First returned to Leg. 
Assem., Jan. 23, 1891, to All vacancy caused by death of the late mem., J. B. 
Freeman, and re-el. at g. e., 1894 and 1898. A Liberal. 

CARSCALLEN. HENRY, Q.C. (Hamilton). Ancestors, U. E. Loyalists, who 
located near Napanee, Ont., about 1773. S. of John T. Carscallen and Elizabeth 
B. Jones, his wife. B. in the Tp. of Saltfleet, Wentworth Co., Ont., Aug. 14, 
1845. A barrister-at-law ; apptd. Q. C, Jan. 3, 1890. An alderman of the City 
of Hamilton for twelve years ; Chairman of Finance for three years. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

CHARLTON. W. A. (Norfolk). El. to the Legis. at g. e., 1890, 1894 and 1898. 
Resides in Toronto. A Liberal. 

CLARKE, SAMUEL (Northumberland W.) S. of Thomas and Maria Clarke. 
B. at Hampton, Ont., July 29, 1853. A merchant. Was Town Councillor nine 
years ; Mayor of Cobourg four years ; mem. Bd. of Comm., Town Trust., five 
years. El. to Legis. for the first time at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

COLQUHOUN, E. A., M.A. (Hamilton W.) S. of Jas. Colquhoun, barrister, 
Inner Temple, London. Family a branch of the Colquhouns of Luss, Loch 
Lomond, Scot., and on the maternal side of the Alexanders of Powis, near 
Sterling. B. at Ayr, Waterloo Co., Ont., Sept. 14, 1844. Ed. at pub. and gram. 
Bch., Berlin. Entered service in Bank of Montreal at Ottawa, 1864, and of the 
Bank of Hamilton at Hamilton, 1872, becoming Gen. Manager, and retiring in 
1887. Alderman for No. 2 Ward, Hamilton, 1894-1897 ; Mayor, 1897-1898. M., 


1S81, Evelyn, d. of Col. Gourlay, Barton Lodge, Hamilton. El. to Leg. at g. e., 
1898. A ConservatlYe. 

CONMEB, JAMBS (Algoma W.) S. of the late Matthew Conmee and his 
wife, Rosanna O'ShaughneBSy. B. at Sydenham/ Ont., Oct. X3, 1848. Ed. at 
Owen Sound gram. sch. Served In the 8th New York Cavalry under Gen. Custer 
during the Am. ciyll war. Is a contractor and largely interested in mining 
and lumber trade. Was the first Pres. of the Ont. Mining Inst., 1894 ; Pres. of 
the Ont. Mines Develop. Co., 1896. Has been Mayor of Port Arthur, where he 
resides. Was a delegate to the Deep Waterways Convention, Sept., 1894. El. to 
Legis., June, 1885, and re-el. at g. e., 1886 and 1890, and 1894. Resigned to con- 
test Nipissing for the Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896, but resignation not having 
become technically effective, he, on being defeated for Ho. of Commons, re- 
claimed his seat in the Legis., and was re-el. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. M., 1876, 
Emily Florence, d. of Joseph Cox, St. Vincent, Ont A Roman Catholic. A 

CRAWFORD, THOMAS (Toronto W.) S. of the late Jamee Crawford and 
Jane, his wife. B. in Co. Fermanagh, Irel., Aug. 14, 1847. A cattle merchant, 
residing at 107 Qiven St., Toronto. Was for tiiree years a mem. of Toronto City 
Council. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

DAVIS, HON. ELIHU J. (York N.) Of U. E. Loyalist origin. Grandfather, 
Ashcl Davis, came from Carolina in 1790, and settled in Co. of Halton, Ont. S. 
of A. Davis, who carried on business as a tanner in York Co. B. in Tp. of 
King, 1851, Ed. at pub. sch., Waterdown gram, sch., and Hamilton Commercial 
Coll. A tanner, carrying on business under the name of A. Davis & Son. Coun- 
cillor Tp. of King, 1887-88-89-90 ; Dpty-Reeve, 1881-82 ; Reeve, 1883-84-85-86 ; 
Warden York Co., 1884. El. to Legis. at bye-election. May 23, 1888. Re-el. at 
g. e., 1890, 1894 and 1898, always for N. York. Became a mem. of the Hardy 
Admn., without portfolio, July 21, 1896, and Prov. Sec, Aug. 28, 1896, when he 
was re-el. by accl. M., Oct. 29, 1874, Maggie, d. of David Johnson, J. P., Aurora. 
A Liberal. 

DEMPSEY, WILLIAM RYERSON (Prince Edward). S. of WiUiam Dempsey 
and Sarah Mikel, his wife. Grandfather was a U. E. Loyalist. Is of Irish and 
German des. Ed. at Normal sch., Toronto. Taught sch. for a time. A farmer, 
fruit grower and fruit dealer. Has been Reeve of tp. for six years. Was War- 
den of the Co. of Prince Edward. Is a mem. of Co. Council. A J. P. Was Cap- 
tain in 16th Batt. eight years. Was on service In militia in Fenian raid, 1866. 
M. Emily Boulter, of Prince Edward Co, El. to Leg. at g. e., 1898. A Conser- 

DICKENSON, JOHN (Wentworth S.) S. of Edward Dickenson and Mary 
Urwin, his wife. B. at Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, Eng., Aug. 3, 1847. A 
contractor. Warden of Wentworth Co., 189L El. to South Wentworth at bye- 
election, Jan. 24, 1896 ; re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

DOUGLAS, JOHN HENRY (Northumberland B.) S. of Donald Douglas and 
Elizabeth Waters, his wife, natives of Caithness, Scot. B. at Warkworth, June 
22. 1851. A farmer. M. Clara Jane Boyce, Oct. 21, 1880. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. 
A Liberal. 

DUFF, JAMES S. (Slmcoe W.) Parents both from North of Irel. His 
father, John Duff, who is still aJlve, came to Cookstown, Ont., 1825, with hf* 
parents. S. of John Duff and Eliza Jane Stodders, his wife, d. of the late Jas. 


Stoddcrs, one of the pioneer settlers in Tp. of W. Gwillimbury. B. on the farm 
_iear Cooketowu, where he now resides, June 20, 1856. Ed. at pub. sch. and Col- 
lingwood Coll. Inst. A farmer. A mem. of the Council of the Tp. of Bsaa since 
1888, and is now first Dpty. Reeve. M. Jane Bell Stoddart, d. of the late John 
E. Stoddart, of W. Gwillimbury. E. to Legis. at g.e., 1898. A ConserratiYe. 

EILBER, HENRY (South Huron). B. at Crediton, Ont.. Nov. 15, 1867.- S. of 
Jacob Ellbcr, born in Wurttenberg, Germany, and Sarah Finkbeiner, his wife, 
oom in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Ed. at pub. sch. M. Elizabeth Krattiger, a na- 
tive of Ont. Reeve and Dpty. Reeve of the Tp. of Stephen, Co. Huron, fort 18 
successive years, and still Reeve. A general merchant, and manager of local 
Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co. A Conservative. 

s. of the Hon. F. Evanturel, who was Min. of Agriculture in the Macdoeald- 
Sicotte Admn. of Canada in 1S62. B. in Quebec, Aug. 31, 1849. M., 1873, Louisa, 
grand- daughter of the late Judge Vanfelson, Quebec. Ed. at Quebec Semin. Is 
a French-Canadian. Studied law at Laval Univ., and grad. LL.B. Called to the 
Bar of L. C. in 1871. Was a mem. of the Civil Service at Ottavra for two years, 
and resigned to contest Prescott Co., which he has represented since 1S86 in the 
Ont. Legis. Was twice elected by accl. Was one of the two elected by accl. at 
g,e., 1898. Was editor of " I'lnterprete " newspaper for several years. Accom- 
panied the Ont. Cabinet to the Interprovincial Conference at Quebec in 1887, and 
was lion. Secretary. Speaker of the Ont. Legis., 8th Parlt., by the unanimous 
voice of the House. Both leaders congratulated him at the end of the term. 
Re-el. Speaker of the 9th Parlt. Aug. 3, 1898. A Liberal. 

FALLIS, WILLIAM A. (Durham E.) Parents from Co. Fermanagh, IreL, 
came to Canada 1S19 and settled in Tp. of Cavan, where Mr. Fallis now lives. 
B. in Tp. Cavan, Feb. 22, 1833. Ed. at pub. sch. Was a mem. of the Tp. Coun- 
cil for five years. A farmer. M. July, 1872, Mary Ann Kinsman. El. to Legis. 
at g. e., 1894, and re-el. 1898. A Conservative. 

FARWELL, CHARLES FRANKLIN (Algoma E.) S. of Charles Farwell and 
Mary McGill, his wife. B. at Oshawa, Dec. 24, 1860. A barrister-at-law. El. to 
Legis. for E. Algoma at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. 1898. A member of the Sch. Bd. of' 
the Town of Sault Ste. Marie, where he resides. Unmarried. A Liberal. 

FERGUSON, ROBERT (Kent E.) Of Scotch des. B. at Kilsyth, Sterling- 
shire. Scot., 1S34, and ed. there at parish sch. Has been Reeve of Camden Tp., 
of Thamesvllle, and Warden of Kent. Co. Unmarried. El. to Legis. at bye- 
election in 1885, and re-el. at each general election since. A Liberal. 

FOX, SAMUEL J. (Victoria W.) Father was bom in London, Eng., and 
came tp Canada in 1831. Mother bom in Toronto of Scotch parents. B. in 
Bowmanville, Durham Co., Ont., Sept. 28, 1854. Ed. at the Bowmanville pub. 
and gram. sch. Worked for about two and a half years at printing, but in, 
June, 1871, went to work with his father at brickmaking. Is engaged in farm- 
ing and brick and tile making, on lot 14, con. 5, Tp. of Ops., two miles south 
of Lindsay. Deputy Reeve of Ops Tp., 1895-1896. El. to Co. Council, 1897. M., 
Jan., 1877, Miss Rosanna Free, of Seymour Tp., Ont. El. at g. e., 1898, for W. 
Victoria to Legis. A Conservative. 

FOY, JAMES J., Q.C. (Toronto South). B. at Toronto, Feb. 22, 1847. S. of 
Patrick Foy, merchant. Parents Irish. Ed. at St. Michael's Coll., Toronto, and 


Ushaw Coll., Bng. M., in 1879. Marie Cuvilller, d. of Maurice Cuvillier, of 
Montreal. Barrister-at-law, 1871; Q.C., 1883. Bencher of Law Soc. of Ont., 1882, 
Vlce-Pres. of Albany Club. Is Dir. of Toronto Gen. Trusts Co. and other com- 
panies. Was Pres. of Co. of York Law Assn. El. for South Toronto to Le^is. 
at g. e., March 1, 1898. A Conservative. 

GALLAGHER, JOHN S. (Frontenac). Of Irish des. B. in the Tp. of Port- 
land, Leeds Co.. Ont., April 24. 1889. Ed. in pub. sch. in the Tp. of Bastard. 
Treas. of Tp. of Portland, Frontenac Go. ; Chairman of High Sch. Bd. for the 
Co. A general merchant, hay and grain dealer at Harrowsmith. An unsuccess- 
ful candldata for Frontenac for the Legis. at g. e., 1894. El. for Frontenac at 
g. e., 1898. M., May 17, 1881, Miss Mills, of Emestown Tp., Lennox County. 
A Conservative. 

GARROW, JAMES THOMPSON, Q.C. (Huron W.) S. of Edward and Re- 
bepca Garrow, both natives of Scotland. B. at Chippewa, Ont., March U, 1843. 
Ed. at Goderich high sch. Called to the Bar, 1869 ; Q.C, 1885. Has been Reeve 
of Goderich and Warden of Huron Co. M., July, 1872, Mary Balfour, d. of Rev. 
Charles Fletcher. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1890, 1894 and 1898. A Liberal. 

GERMAN, WILLIAM MANLEY (Welland). S. of George German and Susan 
Garrett, his wife. B. in the Tp. of Hilller, Prince Edward Co., Ont., May 26. 
1S51. A barrister. M., July 22, 1885, Henrietta Aylmer, d. of A. D. Macdonnell, 
Esq. Was Dpty. Reeve of Town of Welland, where he resides, one year by accl. 
El. to Ho. of Commons for Welland at g. e., 1891, but was unseated. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1894, and re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

GRAHAM, GEORGE P. (Brockville). Of Irish des. B. at Eganville, Ren- 
frew Co., Ont., March 31, 1859. Ed. at high sch. in Iroquois and Morrisburg. 
A Journalist, now managing dir. of the " Recorder," Brockville. Managed the 
Morrisburg " Herald " for eleven years, and was associate editor on the Ottawa 
" Free Press *' for a short time. Is Grand Master of the A.O.U.W. of Ont. 
Contested Dundas for the Ont. Legis. with Mr. J. P. Whitney, and was de- 
feated by 156 votes. El. to Legis. for Brockville at g. e., 1898. When residing 
in Morrisburg was Reeve and mem." of Co. Council. Married. A Liberal. 

GUIBORD, ONESIME (Russell). S. of the late Narclse Gulbord and Henri- 
ette Flsciault, dit Laramee, his wife. B. at Ste. Remi, Que., April 22, 1858. Ed. 
in the Christian Bros. sch. and at Jacques Normal sch., Montreal, where he 
obtained a first-class model sch. diploma. Was a sch. teacher, but since 1886 
has been a general merchant at Clarence Creek, Ont. License Comnr. for Rus- 
sell Co. since 1892. M. Symodocee Payment of St. Herman, Que. El. to, Legis. 
at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

HARCOURT, HON. RICHARD, M.A., Q.C. (Monck). S. of the late Michael 
Ilarconrt, who represented Haldimand in the old Canadian Legis., and Helen 
Weir, his wife. B. in Seneca, Haldimand Co., Ont., March 17, 1849. Ed. by pri- 
vate tuition and at the Cayuga gram. sch. and at Toronto Univ. (M.A. 1871). 
Was a medallist in metaphysics. Was Principal of Cayuga high sch. Inspector 
pub. schs., Haldimand Co., 1871-1876. Called to the Bar, 1876 ; Q.C, 1890. Is a 
mem. of the Senate, Toronto Univ. Was Inspector of schs. for Town of Wel- 
land. Bl. to Legis. for Monck, 1878, and re-el. at each succeeding election. Be- 
came a mem. of the Mowat Admn., Sept. 30, 1890, as Prov. Treas. A Dir. of the 
Toronto Gen. Trusts Co., Pres. of the North Am. Mininjr Co., and of the Home 
Life Assur. Co. M., May, 1876, Augusta H., d. of the late Jacob Young, Haldi- 
mand. Ch. of England. A Liberal. 


HA.aDY, HON, ARTHUR STURGIS, Q.C., LL.D. (S. Brant). S. of the late 
Riissell Hardy, and his wKe, Juliette Sturgis. U. E. Loyalist des. B. at Mount 
Pleasant, Ont., Dec. 14, 1837. Ed. at Hount Plwiut grsLm. sch. and Rockwood 
Acad. Studied law with his uncle, H. * A. Hardy, and with ^tke .^ftna of CtUef 
Justice Harrison, Toronto. Called to the bar, 1865 ; Q.C., 1876. A Bencher of 
the Law Soc. of Ont. Was City Solicitor of Brantford, Ont. El. to Legis., Apr., 
1^73. and has represented S. Brant continuously ever since. Entered the Mowat 
Admn., March, 1877, as Prov. Sec., which protfolio he held until Jan., 1889, when 
apptd. Commr. of Crown Lands. On the appmt. of Sir Oliver Mowat to be Mln. 
of Justice for Canada, July 13, 1896, became Premier of Ont. and Atty. -General. 
Is responsible for a large amount of progressive ahd useful legislation. Was el. 
a V.-P. of the British Assn. for the Advancement of Science at its meeting in 
Toronto, 1897. Received the hon. degree of LL.D. from Toronto Univ., 1897. M., 
jran., 1870, Mary, d. of the late Mr. Justice Morrison. Church of Engand. A 

HARTY, HON. WILLIAM (Kingston). B. of Irish parents in the Tp. of Bid- 
dulph, Middlesex Co., Ont., March 8, 1847. Ed. at the Christian Brothers sch. 
and Regiopolis Coll., Kingston. Pres. of the Bd. of Trade, 1873. A delegate to 
the Dom. Bd. of Trade at St. John, N.B.. 1874. Was a Dir. of the K. & P. Ry., 
and Managing Dir. of the Can. Locomotive and Engine Works. Was Gen. Mgr. 
in Canada of the Equitable Life Assur Co. of N.Y. Is one of the trustees of 
that Co. in Canada A Dir. of the Imperial Life Assur. Co. Waa Chairman of 
the Finance Com., Kingston City Council. A mem. of the Council, Easterlii 
Ont. Lib. Assn. El. to Legis. for Kingston, Feb. 3, 1892. Election declared void, 
and at ensuing bye-election was defeated by Dr. Smythe, Q.C. On protest, seat 
again declared vacant, and at subsequent bye-election Mr. Harty was returned. 
Apptd. Comnr. of Public Works in the Mowat Adnm., May 30» 1894, and re-el. 
for Kingston. Again el. at g. e., 1898. Apptd. Senator, Toronto Univ., 1892. M., 
1870, to Catharine Mary, d. of the late James Birmingham, Ottawa (she died 
1889). A Roman Catholic. A Liberal. 

HILL, WILLIAM JAMES (York W.) Parents English and Irish. B. in To- 
ronto, Dec. 21, 1854. Ed. at Toronto pub. schs. M. Hannah B. Bloor. A ccm-i 
tractor and builder. A mem. of Toronto Pub. Sch. Bd. for four years ; of the 
City Council for six years, and was Reeve of York Tp. for four years. Ai^ un- 
successful candidate for the Legis. at g. e., 1894. El. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

HISLOP, ARCHIBALD (Huron E.) Third s. of John and Catharine Hislop, 
both of whom were born in Scot. B. in the Tp. of Grey, Huron Co., Dec. 25, 
1861. Ed. at the com. ech. and at Goderich high sch. A farmer. Tp. Council- 
lor, 1888 ; Dpty. Reeve, 1895. El. a Co. Councillor under the new Act, 1897. 
Sec.-Treas. of the E. Huron Farmers' Inst., 1889-1897. Unmarried. El. to Legis. 
at g. e.,.189S. A Liberal. 

HODGINS, THOMAS D. (Middlesex E.) B. of Irish parents, at Stradbally, 
Queen's Co., Irel., Nov. 8, 1837. A stock breeder and farmer. Mayor of London, 
Ont., where he resides, 1886. A candidate for the first time, was el. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

HOLMES, JOSEPH WILLIAM (Haldlmand). S. of the late William Holmes, 
of the Tp. of Rainham, and Mary Hoover, his wife. B. at Selkirk, Ont., July 4, 
1842. A farmer. Reeve of Rainham Tp. for 9 years. Moved to Walpole Tp. and 
held the Reeveship for 10 years. A mem. of the Co. Council of Haldlmand. 
^Irst el. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 


HOYLC, WILLIAM H. (Ontario N.) S. of Qeorge and Mary Ann Hoyle*. 
Parents both Ehigllsh ; father the customs officer of the Town of Barnstaple, 
Eng. B. in Barnstaple, Eng., Aug. 28, 1842. Ed. at St. Peter's and St. Paul'i 
Inst, in native town.^ Resides at Cannington, where he carries on business as a 
cabinet maker and furniture dealer. Has been chairman of the Canningtitm 
Pub. Sch. Bd., Reeve of Cannington, Oo. Co^cillor for' Ontario Co., and Grand 
Master of the I.O.O.F. for the Prov. of Ontario. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. M. 
to C. P. Javell, of Clovelly, Devonshire, Eng. A Conservative. 

JAMIESON, DAVID (Grey S.) S. of William Jamieson. Parents both from 
Aberdeen, Scot. They emigrated to Canada in 1850. B. in Tp. of Puslinch, Wei- 
ington Co., Feb. 3, 1856. Grad. in Med. at Toronto Univ., 1878, and settled in 
Durham, Ont., where he has remained ever since. Reeve of Durham, 1885-1886, 
by acclamation. Contested S. Grey for Ho. of Commons, 1887 and 1896, but was 
defeated both times by small majorities. El. to Legis. at g.e., 1898. M., 1883, 
Isabella Bradshaw, eld. d. of the late John Bradshaw, of Toronto. A Conser- 

JESSOP, ELISHA, M.D. (Lincoln). Both parents natives of Norfolk Co., 
Eng., who emigrated to Canada in 1849, settling in N. Ontario. B. in the Co. of 
Norfolk, Eng., Jan. 23, 1843. Ed. at the gram, sch.. Port Perry; Toronlo Normal 
Sch., and Univ. of Toronto, where he graduated M.D. and M.C.P.S., Ont. Prac- 
tices medicine at St. Catharines. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

JOYNT, ROBERT L. (GrenviUe). Of Irish des. B. at New Boyne, Co. 
Leeds, Ont., May 22, 1846. Ed. at the pub. sch. A merchant and speculator. 
Reeve Tp. Augusta, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894 and 1895. Warden United Counties of 
Leeds and Grenville, 1895. Co. Councillor, Jan., 1897-1898. El. tx> Legis. at R.e., 
1S98. M., July 8, 1874, Margaret, .eld. d. of James Donovan, Portland, Ontario. 
A Conservative. 

KIDD, GEORGE NELSON (Carleton). Youngest s. of Richard and Mary 
Ann Kidd. Of Irish parents. B. at CJarp, Carleton Co., Ont., Oct. 1, 1864. Ed. 
at Carp pub. sch. and Kingston Coll. Inst. A farmer and V.-P. of the Central 
Canada Fair at OtUwa, Pres. Huntley Agric. Fair and Hon. Pres. of Carleton 
Co. Fair and of North Lanark and Fitzroy Fairs ; a Dir. of the Farmers' Inst.; 
Pres. of the Carleton Co. Rifle Assn. Entered Mun. Council 1885, and wWb 
Reeve in 1?94, when he resigned to contest Carleton for Legis. Was elected. 
Re-el. at last g. e. M., June, 1886, Esther Alvlra, youngest d. of William Young, 
of Hazeldean. A Conservative. 

KRIBS, WILLIAM A. (Waterloo S.) S. of Lewis and Elizabeth Kribs. B. 
at Hespeler, Ont., Feb. 27, 1859. A contractor. A Co. Councillor. M., Feb. 14, 
1883. First el. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

LACKNBR, HENRY GEORGE, M.D., L.C.P.S. (Waterloo N.) S . of William 
and Juliana Laokner, who were bom in Baden, Germany, and who came to 
Canada when children. B. at the village of HawksviUe, Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Dec. 25, 1851. Ed. at Hawksville pub. sch., Berlin gram sch., and Toronto 
Univ. (M.D. 1876). Was Starr gold and first universal silver medallist, 1876. A 
practising physician. Apptd. physician to Ho. of Industry for Waterloo Co., 
June, 1881, and Med. Health Officer for Town of Berlin, 1884. Is a mem. Berlin 
Pub. Sch. Bd. Was Mayor of Berlin, 1886-1887-1893. M., June, 1880, Helen A. 
MacKay, d. of Rev. John MacKay, of Berlin, Ont. El. g. e., 1898, to Legis. 
A Conservative. 

LEYS, LIEUT.-COL. F. B. (Lrtndon). Of Scottish des., a son of Francis 
Leys, a native of Aberdeenshire, Scot. B. in Pickering, Co. of Ontario, March 


24tli, 1S39. Ed. at a private sch. and subsequently at Toronto Acad. Paymaster 
of the Western District for several years. In early life spent four years Im 
British Guiana, and on his return to Canada was appointed Paymaster of the 
Western District, and in 1872 apptd. Mgr. of the Dominion Savings and Invest- 
ment Soc, which office he held for about 20 years. M., Sept. 5, 1866, Carrie T.» 
niece and adopted daughter of the late Hon. David Thompson, of Detroit, Mich. 
Has resided in London for 38 years. Returned to Legis. at the g. e., 1898. I^ 
one of the new members. This was his first contest, and is the first time he 
has occupied a representative position, except that for eight years -he was a sch. 
trustee in London South. Is Pres. of the Masonic Temple Co., London, Vice- 
Pres. of the People's Telephone Co., and a Dir. of the Northern Life Assur. Co. 
of Canada. A Liberal. 

LITTLE, EDWARD ALFRED (Cardwell). S. of the late W. C. Little, who 
represented S. Simcoe in the Ho. of Commons at the time of his death, 1881. 
He was a native of Gloucestershire, Eng., and his wife of Tyrone, Irel. B. in 
Tp. Innisfil, Simcoe Co., April 9, 1859. Ed. at the Holly pub. sch. and Barrie 
Coll. Inst. A farmer, residing on the old homestead. Is Reeve of Innisfil Tp., 
^ Sch. Trustee, Pres. of the Central Simcoe Agric. Soc, and. a Dir. of the In- 
nisfil Plowman's Assn. El. to the Legis. at g. e., 1894, for Cardwell ; re-el. 
at g. c., 1^98. Church of England. A Liberal -Conservative. 

LOUGHRIN, JOHN (Nipissing). Of Irish des. B. in Bromley Tp., Renfrew 
Co., Ont., Nov. 26, 1853. Ed. at Pembroke Separate sch. M., Nov. 19, 1894, Miss 
B. A. O'Gorman, of Renfrew, Ont. A hardware merchant. Reeve of Mattawa 
for three years. Chairman of Roman Catholic 3ch. Bd. for 13 years. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1890 ; g. e., 1894, and g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

LUCAS, ISAAC B. (Grey, Centre). S. of John Lucas, a farmer and one of 
the pioneer settlers in Lambton Co., and Elizabeth* Cowan, his wife. Parents 
came from the north of Irel. B. in Warwick Tp., Lambton Co., Ont., Sept. 19, 
1865. Ed. at Strathroy Coll. Inst., and matriculated from there to Toronto Univ. 
A barrister, practising at Markdale. M. Lizzie E. Richardson, of Flesherton, 
Ont. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

LUMSDEN, ALEXANDER (Ottawa). S. of John and Elizabeth Lumsden. 
B. in Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 4, 1843. A lumberman. M. Margaret Duncan. First 
el. to Legis. as one of the two members for Ottawa City at g. e., 1898. A 

MACDIARIMID, FINLAY GEORGE (Elgin W.) S. of Finlay Macdiarimid 
and Margaret Munro, his wife, both Scotch. B. at New Glasgow, Aldborough 
Tp., Elgin Co., Ont., Oct. 11th, 1869. Ed. at pub. sch. and Richtown Coll. Inst' 
A farmer. Mem. of Tp. Council of Aldborough for four years. M., Dec. 25, 1895, 
Minnie McGugan. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. First declared defeated by re- 
turning officer by 11 votes, but was given the seat by the Court of Appeal six 
weeks later by a majority of one. A Conservative, 

MCDONALD, D. R. (Glengarry). Of Scotch des. B. in Madison Co., Wis., 
Dec. 11, 1856. Ed. at Williamstown high sch. After a year's experience in the 
Tp. Municipality, was for two years a mem. of the Co. Council of Glengarry. 
Is a contractor and farmer. M. Catharine McDonell. El. to Legis. at g.e., 1898, 
A Conservative. 

McKAY, ANGUS, M.D. (Oxford S.) B. of Scotch parents in the Tp. of N. 
Oxford. Ontario., October 2, 1852. A physician, residing in Ingersoll. M., 
Jean Leys Barker. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1886, 1890, 1894 and 1898. A Liberal. 


McKBS, WILLIAM J. (Bssex N.) S. of Thomas McKee, Clerk of Essex Co., 
and great-grandson of Col. Thomas McKee, who represented Bssex in the sec. 
Parlt. of Iv C, 1796*1802. B, at Sandwich, Ont, Dec. 8, 1860. Has been a mem. 
of Co. Council ; of Windsor City Council eleren yaars, and Chairman Bd. of 
Water Commrs. for six years. Grand Treas. for Canada of the C.M.B.A. since 
1S82. A lumber merchant M. Mary, eld. d. of the late Charles Baby, of Sand- 
wich, and grand d. of the Hon. Jacques Baby, mem. of the first Parlt. of U.C. 
and at one time Speaker of the Leg. Council. El. to Legis. for N. Essex at g. e., 
1S94, and re-el. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

McLAtJGHLIN, JOHN (Stormont). S. of Felix McLaughlin, of Brushine, Co. 
Antrim, Irel., and of Mary Prince, of the Co. Down, Irel., his wife. B. Jan. 8, 
1849, within two miles of Avonmore, Tp. of Roxborough, Stormont Co., Ont. 
Ed. at pub. sch. A farmer, also engaged in lumbering. Deputy Reeve of Rox- 
borough, 1885-1886. El., Jan., 1897, under the new Act to Counties Council. Has 
been Pres. of Lib.-Con. Assn., of Stormont Agric. Soc, and a Dir. and Sec. of 
Roxborough Tp. Agric. Soc. M., June 28, 1870, to Jennett Runions, of Roxbor- 
ough Tp. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

MALCOLM, ANDREW (Bruce, Centre). B. at Killearn, Scot., Nov. 23. 1840. 
Ed. at Killearn parish sch. M. Annie Robertson. A furniture manufacturer. 
Has filled various municipal offices during the last 20 years. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 

MARTER, GEORGE FREDERICK (Toronto N.) Eld. s. of the late Dr. 
Peter Marter, a native of England, and Augusta, d. of the Hon. Harris Hatch, 
St. Andrew's, N.B., his wife. B. in Brantford, Ont., June 6, 1840. Ed. in pub. 
and gram, schs., Brantford. Entered on a mercantile career. Is now chief 
agent of the London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co., Toronto. Was for some 
years Clerk of the Tp. of Windham and Coimcillor of the Village of Waterford. 
Removing to Muskoka, he became the Reeve of Gravenhurst, and in 1886 was 
el. to Logis. for Muskoka, and re-el. at g. e., 1890. El. for N. Toronto at g. e., 
1S94, and re-el. at g. e., 1898. On the appnmt. of Mr. Meredith to be a judge, 
the Opposition in the Ont. Legis. elected Mr. Marter leader, which position, 
after holding it for two years, he resigned, April, 1896. M., June, 1862, Mary A. 
Green, Windham. A Conservative. 

MATHESON, LIEUT.-COL. ARTHUR JAMBS (Lanark S.) S. of the late 
Senator Matheson, and Anna, d. of Rev. James Russell, of Gairloch, Scot., his 
second wife. B. at Perth, Ont., Dec. 8, 1845. Ed. at U. C. Coll. and Trinity 
Univ., Toronto. (B. A., 1865). Called to the Bar, 1870, and practises law in Perth. 
Was Lt.-Col. commanding the 42nd Batt, 1886-1898. Mem. of Ihe Town Council 
of Perth, and Mayor, 1883 and 1884. Mem. of Diocesan, Prov. and Gen. Synods 
of Church of Eng. A mem. of the Council of Trinity Coll., Toronto. Served 
during Fenian laid ahd volunteered for service in the Northwest rebellion. Is 
now on the reserve of oflicers. EL to Leg. at g. e., 1894, and re-el. at g. e., 
1898. A Conservative. 

MISCAMPBELL, ANDREW (East Simcoe). S. of Andrew Miscampbell and 
Mary Sloan, his wife, both Irish. B. June 28, 1848, in Simcoe Co., Ont. Ed. at 
Barrie high sch. M., March, 1874. A lumberman. El. to the Legis. at g. e., 
1S90, 1894 and 1898. A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

MOHRISON, M. B. (Hastings W.) S. of John Wesley Morrison,whose father 
was aU^ B. Loyalist, and Sarah Ann Lampson Morrison, his wife, both Cana- 
dians. Father sprang from Ohio Dutch and Scotch stock. B. in Consecon, 
Prince Bdw^ard Co., Ont., Dec. 81, 1848. Ed. at Consecon pub. sch. M. Eleanor 


Kinney, only d. of William Kinney, of Frankford. Ont. An undertaker. Has 
resided in Trenton 33 years. Mem. of Town Council ten years. Mayor of Tren- 
ton, 1888-89-95-9C-97-»8. In 1866 went to the front as a mem. of Co.tNo. 4, leth 
Batt. El. to Legls. at g. e., 1898. A Conservative. 

MOSCRIP, MAJOR WILLIAM CAVBN (Perth S.) B. in the Town of St. 
Mary's, Ont., Aug. 8, 1852. Parents bom in Scot. Ed. at St. Mary's high sch., 
and then entered the law office of Messrs. Jones & McDougall, of St. Mary's. 
Passed as Solicitor in the Easter term of 1876. Called to the Bar in Hilary 
term, 1878. M. Margaret Hamilton, of St. Mary's. Mem. of Town Council for 
four years and Mayor for two years. A barrlster-at-law. Is senior Major of 
the 28th Batt. Connected with the force for last 20 years. A Liberal. 

MUTRIE, MAJOR JOHN (Wellington S.) S. of William Mutrie and Jane 
Beattie, his wife, both Scotch. B. JDec. 26, 1860, in Eramosa Tp., Wellington Co., 
Ont. Ed. in pub. sch. A farmer. Has been Councillor, Deputy Reeve and 
Reeve. Warden of County for two years. Connected with volunteer force since 
1866. and is senior Major of 30th Batt. M., Maggie Allan. EI. to Legls. at g.e., 
1894 and g. e., 1808. A Liberal. 

PARDEE, FRED. F. (Lambton W.) S. of the l«te Hon. T. a Pardee, who 
was Commr. of Crown Lands for the Prov. of Ont., and Emma K. Forsjrth, his 
wife. B. Dec. 29, 1866, in Sarnia, Ont. Ed. at pUb. sch. and U. C. Coll. Ma- 
triculated at Osgoode Hall, 1885 ; called to the Bar, 1891. Is of the legal firm of 
Pardee & Shaunessy, of Sarnia. A mem. of Sarnia Town Council, 1897. M., 
1892, Mary Elealnor, youngest d. of the late Hugh Johnston, of (Joderich. El. 
to Legls. at g. e., 1S98. A Liberal. 

PARDO, THOMAS LETSON (Kent W.) S. of Thomas Pardo, a native of 
Canada, of Bng. parents, and Rachael Hughson, his wife, whose parents were 
U. E. Lo3ralists. B. in the Tp. of Raleigh, Nov. 21, 1840. A farmer and lumber- 
man. Mem. of the Tp. Council and Co. Council since 1873. M., Dec. 2S, 1865, 
Ellen Jane Price, of Kent Co. El. to Legls. at g. e., 1894, defeating James 
Clancy by 615 ; re-cl. at g. e., 1898. A Methodist. A Liberal. 

PATTULLO, Andrew (Oxford N.) Father came from Perthshire, Scot. B. 
in the Tp. of Caledon, Co. Peel, Ont., in 1850. Ed. at the Dundas and St. 
Catharines gram. schs. Is proprietor of the Woodstock Sentinel -Review. Has 
been Pres. of the local Bd. of Trade, of the Can. Press Assn., of the Western 
Dairymen's Assn^ and of the Ont. Oood Roads Assn. El. to the Legls., Sept., 
1896, for N. Oxford on the retirement of Sir Oliver Mowat. Re-el. at g.e., 1898. 
M., 1889, Isabel, d. of R. Balmer, of Oakville, Ont. (she died July, 1895.) A 
Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

PETTYPIECE, HENRY JOHN (Lambton E.) S. of Anthony and Ann Petty- 
piece. Father a native of Sligo, Irel. ; mother a d. of Henry Wright, of U. E. 
Loyalist stock, of Amherstburg, Ont. B. in Anderdon Tp., Essex Co., Ont., 
Nov. 11, 1855. Ed. in Ont. Protestant separate and pub. schs. Was raised on 
the farm, and in April, 1879, went into the employ of the late Hon. W. D. Bal- 
four, editor of the Amherstburg Echo, and four years later removed to Forest, 
Ont., and purchased the Forest Free Press, which he has since owned and 
edited. Was Town Councillor in Forest, 1888. A Dir. of the Irfunbton Farmers* 
Inst. Was for two years a member of the East Lambton Bd. of License Com- 
missioners. M., Nov. 17, 1879, Mary M. Meloche, of Amherstburg, Ont. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Liberal. 


POWELL, CHARLES BERKELEY (Ottawa). S. of t50l. Walker Powell, Who 
was until httely AdJt.*Oen. of the Militia of Oaoada. Both parents natives of 
Ont. B. at Port Dover, Ont., Auc 19. TOm. Ed. at Gait Coll. and McOill Univ., 
Montreal. A mechaBioftl en^neer. Served an apprenticeship in the shops of 
:tte G.T. Ry., Montreal, as machinist. Was a mem. of the Ottawa City Coun- 
cil, and a partner in the lumber firm of Perley ^ Pattee. Is Pres. or Dir. of 
several local manufacturing companies. M., Helen Louise, d. of Gordon B. 
Pattee, of Ot^etwa. El. to Legis. at g.e., ISdS, as one of the members for Ottawa 
City. A Conservative. 

PYNE, ROBERT ALLAN, M.D. (Toronto E.) S. of Thomas Pyne, M.D., 
and his wife Hester, both Irish. B. at Newmarket, Ont.i Oct. 29, 1866. A 
physician. Has been Chairman of Toronto Pub. sch. Bd. and Toronto Free 
Library Bd. and has held other offices. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A Conser- 

REID, JAMES (Addlngton). B. of Irish parents, in Tp. of Camden, Ad- 
dington Co., Ont., Sept. 14, 1848. Ed. at pub. sch. there. A farmer. Councillor, 
Jan., 1881-1882 ; Dpty. Reeve for two years ; Reeve for the next six years ; 
Warden of the United Counties of Lennox and Addlngton, 1887. M., 1877, Miss 
Elizabeth Harkness. EI. to Legis. at g. e., 1890, 1894 and 1898. A Conservative. 

REID, WILLIAM HENRY (Durham W.) Sec. s. of the late William Reld, of 
Durham Co., a farmer, formerly of Co. Sllgo, Irel., and Eliza Boate, of Victoria 
Co.. his wife, whose family came from the north of Irel. B. !n the Tp. of 
Clarke, Durham Co., Ont. (where he still resides), July 14, 1842. Ed. at pub. 
sch. in the Tp. and at Newcastle gram. sch. M., Feb. 14, 1877, Margaret J., eld. 
d. of the late Thomas Mulligan, of Clarke. Has been Pres. of the Tp. Agric 
Soc. and a Dir. for over 20 years: a mem. of the Tp. CJouncil for several years; 
alio of the OoiumU of tbe IJUtad Counties of MoraiuniberlaBd and Durham. 
Has been Pres. of the Con. Assn. for Weet Durtiam. A farmer. El. to Legis. 
at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 189S. A Conservative. 

RICHARD.SON, JOHN (York B.) Third s. of the late Ezekiel Richardson, 
who emigrated, 182i, from north of Irel., and Mary Hunter, of Bng., his wife. 
B. on lot 14, con. "D.," Tp. of Scarboro, York Co., Ont., 1844. Two elder 
brothers are ministers in the Methodist Church of Canada, and two younger 
.•irc practising physicians, one in Chicago and the other in Detroit. A farmer, 
residing on the old homestead. Ed. in pub. sch., Scarboro village, and by pri- 
vate tutor, and at Victoria Coll., Cobourg. Unmarried. For 19 years a mem. 
of the Council of the Tp. Warden in 1885. From 1887 to 1894 Chairman of the 
Standing Committee on Legislation. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1894, and re-el. at 
g. e., 1898. A Methodist. A 'Liberal. 

ROSS, HON. GEORGE WILLIAM, LL.D. (W. Middlesex). S. of the late 
James Ross and his wife Ellen McKinnon, both natives of Ross-shire, Scot., 
who came eo Canada in 1832. B. near Nairn, Middlesex Co., Ont., Sept. 18, 
184L Ed. in pub. sch., and attended Normal sch., Toronto, 1869. Taught sch. 
Ispector of Pub. Schs. for Co. Lambton, 1371, and subsequently for Petrolea and 
Strathroy. Took prominent part in creation of Model sch. system, and was In- 
spector of Model schs. Mem. of Central Com. of Examiners, 18T«-1880. Matric- 
culated in law at Albert Univ, 1879, and grad. LL.B. in 1883. Received degree of 
LL.D. from St. Andrew's Univ., Scot., 1896. El. to Ho. of Commons for West 
Middlesex, and represented that constituency until apptd. Min. of Education for 
Ont., Nov.. 1883. El. to Ont. Iicgis. for W. Middlesex, Dec. 15, 1888. Re-el. at 
each election since, and eontinues to hold the office of Min. of Education. 


Prominently identified with the cause of temperance. Was Pres. tor some 
years of Dom. Educational Assn. El. a Fellow Royal Soc. of Canada, 1896. Is 
a mem. of the Council of Toronto Astron. and Phys. Soc. Was hon. comnr. to 
Indian and Colonial Exbn., London, 1886. Is regarded by many as the beat 
platform speaker in Canada. Is author of the life of the late Hon. Alex. Mac- 
kenzie, of several educational works and others. Has delivered various lectures 
on the literary and national life of Canada. A delegate from the Gen. Assembly 
of Chnada to the Pan-Presbyterian Conf., Glasgow, 1896. Has be%n twice mar- 
ried, first, 1862, to Christina, d. of Duncan Campbell (she d. 1872), and second, 
1875, to Catharine, d. of William Boston, ex-M. P. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

RUSSELL, SAMUEL, B.A. (Hastings E.) S. of James and Anne Russell, 
both naUves of Irel. B. at New Castle, N.B., Jan. 29, 1848. Ed. at New CasUe 
gram. sch. and Univ. of New Brunswick, winning Douglas gold medal for Eng- 
lish essay and graduating, with honors, B.A. Subsequently studied theology at 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, and Glasgow Univ.. Scot. Holds ad eundem degree 
of B.A. from Queen's Is editor of the Tribune, Deseronto,. and Sec.-Tpeas. of 
the Deseronto News Co. Was gram. sch. trustee of Northumberland, N.B., for 
several years. An elder in the Presbyterian church. Manifests an interest in 
educational affairs and moral reforms. M. Evelyn M., d. of James A. Davis, of 
Deseronto. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1S98. A Liberal. 

SMITH, JOHN (Peel). B. in Inverness-shire, Scot., Oct. 24, 1831. Emigrated 
with his parents to Rochester, N.Y., 1832. Family came to Canada in 1833, set- 
tling in what is now the Co. of Peel, where he has resided ever since. Ed. in 
the district sch. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892 ; g. e., 1894, and g. e., 1898. A 

STRATTON, JAMES R. (West Peterborough). B. May 3, 1859. Ed. at 
Peterborough. M., Aug. 17, 1881, to R. J., eld. d. of J. R. Ormond. Began the 
publication of the Weekly Examiner in 1S78 and the Daily Examiner in 1885. Is 
Pres. of the Dora. Perman. Loan Co., Toronto ; Pres. of the Trusts & Guar. Cb., 
Toronto, and Pres. of the Peterborough Lock Manufac. Co. Was a mem. of the 
Bd. of Ed., Peterborough, for a number of years. First returned to represent 
West Peterborough at g. e., 1886. His majority then was 38. Re-el., 1890, 1894 
and 1S9S. Acts in the capacity of Chairman of the Legis. in committee of the 
whole, and has been Chairman of the Printing Committee of the Legis. for a 
number of years. A Liberal. 

TAYLOR, WILLIAM H. (Middlesex N.) B. in the Tp. of Cartwright, Co. of 
Durham, Ont, Aug. 4, 1847. Removed, March, 1872, to Tp. of McGiUivray, Co. 
of Middlesex. A farmer. El. to Mun. Council ; Warden of Co., 1890. El. to 
I-iegis. for N. Middlesex at g. e., June, 1894 : re-el. at g. e., March 1, 1898, as a 
supporter of the Hardy Govt. A Liberal. 

THOMPSON, A. B., B.A. (Simcoe Centre). Of Canadian and Irish descent. 
B. at PentangulBhene. Ont., July 18, 1862. Ed. at U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A.) A barrister-at-law. M. Kate May (She died.) El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. 
A Conservative. 

TRUAX. REX7BEN ELRIDQE (Bruce S.) S. of Rodney and Martha Truax. 
B. at Montreal, Oct. 11, 1847. A proprietor of saw and planing mills at Walker- 
ton, Ont. CJownciUor of Walkerton since 1878. Mayor for two years. Reeve for 
four years. El. to Ho. of Commons for E. Bruce at g. e., 1891 ; unseated ; an 
Tinsuccessful candidate at ensuing bye-election^ Mr. OargiU being el. by 14 votes. 
m. to Legis. at g.e., 1894, and again at g.e., 1898. A Liberal. 


TUCKER, JAMBS (Wellington W.) B. In Peel Tp.. Ont., Mar. 12, 1859. S. 
of William and Susannah Tucker. A fanner. Bl. 18a5» at a bye-election ; re-el. 
at g. e., 1S98. An Independent Conservatiye. 

WARDBLL, THOMAS A. (Wentworth N.) Of Bng. des. B. at Dundas, 
Jime 28, 1865. Ed. at St. Mldtael's Ck>ll. and Toronto Unir. Has been a mem. 
Of Dnndas Bd. of Bd., Town Councillor, Mayor of Dundas, Pres. of Wentworth 
Co. Fair, and is Grand Master of the C.O.O.F. A barrister. Has a provincial 
reputation as a curl^*. El. to Legls. at g. e., 1898. A Conaenrative. 

WHITE, ANDREW T. (Renfrew N.) 8. of Peter White, a native of Edin- 
burgh, Scot, and Cecelia Thomson, a native of Glasgow, his wife. B. in Pem- 
broke, Renfrew Co., Ont., Dec. 4, 1834. Ed. at the country sch. there. A 
lumber merchant and farmer, and in partnership in lumber with his brother, 
the Hon. Peter White, P.C. Reeve of the Tp. of Pembroke and formerly War- 
den of the Co. of Renfrew. M. Miss Mary Ranson. El. to Legis. at g.e., 1898. 
A Conservative. 

WHITNEY, LT.-COL. JAMBS PLINY, Q.C. (Dundas). S. of Richard L. 
Whitney and Clarissa J. Whitney. B. at Williamsburg, Ont., Oct. 2, 1843. Ed. 
at the Cornwall gram. sch. Called to the Bar, 1876 ; Q.C, 1890. As a mem. of 
the volunteers was on duty for live months during the Fenian troubles in 1866. 
Is Lt.-Col. of the reserve militia. Contested Dundas for Legis. at g. e., 1886, 
but was defeated by Dr. Chamberlain by 25 votes, but on Chamberlain being 
unseated, Mr. Whitney was returned at bye-election, 1888. Re-el. at g. e., 1890, 
1894 and 189S. Was chosen leader of the Opposition to succeed Mr. Marter, 
April, 1896. Church of England, and a delegate to the Synod of the Diocese of 
Ottawa. M., April 30, 1877, Alice, third d. of William M. Park, of Cornwall. 
A Conservative. 


Votes cast for each candidate at the general election held March 1, 1898. 


John Barr (C.) 2660 

William Dynes (L.) 2091 

MaJ., .668. 


J. P. Whitney (C.) ; 2354 

W. B. LaWBon (L.) 2228 

Maj., 126. 


James Reid (C.) 


F. S. Wartman (L.) 


MaJ., 301. 


C P. Farwell (Li.) 

, 2838 

J. H. Fell (C.) 


MaJ., 275. 


James Conmee (L.) 1723 

C. W. Chadwick (C.) 1432 

Maj., 291. 


Daniel Burt (L.) 1167 

J. H. Fisher (C.) 1065 

Maj., 102. 


A. S. Hardy (L.) 3038 

George Elliott (C.) ....2511 

Maj., 527. 


G. P. Graham (L.) 2232 

John Culbert (C.) 2044 

Maj., 188. 


C. M. Bowman (L.) 2464 

D. M. Jermyn (C.) 2199 

Maj., 265. 

R. E. Truax" (L.) 



Andrew Malcolm (L.) 1850 

J. S. McDonald (P.) 1616 

Maj., 234. 


E. A. Little (C.) 2267 

William Wright (L.) 1808 

Maj., 459. 


Q. N. Kidd (C.) 1740 

George Buckham (L.) 994 

Maj., 74«. 


W. A. Fallis <C.) 19« 

S. Grandy (L.) 1643 

Maj., 306^ 


W. H. Reid (C.) 


J. C. Mitchell (L.) 


Maj., 119. 


C. A. Brown (C.) 


D. Mclntyre (L.) 


Maj., 29. 


F. G. Macdiarimid (C.) 3101 

Donald MacNlsh (L.) 3100 

Maj., 1. 

W. F. McKee (L.) 2683 

G. A. WIntermute (C.) 2588 

Joseph Martin (L.) 79 

McKee's maj. over WIntermute, 95. 


J, A. Auld (L.) ^3138 

W. D. Killackey (C.) 2461 

Maj., 667. 


J. S. Gallagher (C.) 1936 

J. L. Haycock (P.) ..1667 

Maj., 269. 


D. R. McDonald (C.) 1906 

D. M. Macpherson 'P./ 1439 

D. C. McRae (L.) 679 

PluraUty, 466. 




R. L. Jojmt (C.) 2361 

Angus Buchanan (L.) .^ 1750 

M&i.s 611. 


G. M. Boyd (C.) 2707 

James Cleland (L.) 2570 

MaJ.. 137. 


I. B. Lucas (C.) 2813 

John Boland (L.) 1722 

J. W. Davis (I.) 267 

Plurality, 1091. 


David Jamieson (C.) 2248 

J. D. Morgan (L.) 1716 

D. McNicol (P.) 792 

Plurality, 456. 


J. W. Holmes (L.) 1957 

P. R. Lalor-(C.) .1856 

MaJ., 102. 


J. R. Barber (L.) 2531 

William Kerns (C.) 2408 

MaJ., 123. 


B. A. Colquhoun (C.) 2752 

J. M. Gibson (L.) 2474 

MaJ., 278. 


Henry CJarscallen (C.) 3247 

J. T. MIddleton (L.) 2367 

MaJ., 880. 


M. B. Morrison (C.) 1985 

H. G. Bleecker (L.) 1784 

MaJ., 201. 


Samuel Russell (L.) '. 2011 

John Stokes <C.) ..1883 

MaJ., 128. 


W. J. Allen (C.) 2874 

B. O. Lott (L.) 212? 

MaJ., 262. 


Archibald Hislop (C.) 2417 

Henry- Mooney (L.) ..1919 

MaJ., 498. 


Henry Ellber (C.) , 2775 

M. Y. McLean (L.) 2616 

MaJ., 159. 


J. T. Garrow (L.) 2465 

Joseph Beck (C.) 2464 

MaJ., 1. 

Robert Ferguson (L.) 2869 

A. M. Mason (C.) 2317 

MaJ., 562. 


T. L. Pardo (L.) 3689 

W. R. Hall (0.) 3406 

MaJ., 283. 

William Harty (L.) 2125 

B. H. Smythe (C.) 1835 

MaJ., 290. 


H. J. Pettyplece (L.) 2361 

P. D. McCallum (I.) 2321 

J. A. McLeay (C.) 116 

Plurality, 40. 


P. P. Pardee (L.) 3600 

A. P. Gurd (C.) 3100 

MaJ., 500. 


W. C. Caldwell (L.) 1969 

R. J. Preston (C.) 1808 

MaJ., 161. 


A. J. Matheson (C.) 2195 

J. M. Clarke (L.) .....1398 

MaJ., 797. 


Walter Beatty (C.) 2200 

W. J. Webster (L.) 1742 

MaJ., 458. 




B. E. Aylesworth (L.) 1677 

W. W. Meecham (C.) .'...1634 

Maj., 43. 


Elisha Jessop (C.) 2974 

Jamea Doran (L.) 2031 

MaJ., 353. 


P. B. Leys (L.) 3994 

Adam Beck (C.) S693 

H. B. Ashplant (I.) 126 

C. H. Gould (I.) 57 

Plurality, 301. 


T. D. Hodgins (C.) 2463 

J. McWllliama (L.) 2368 

MaJ.. 95. 


W. H. Taylor (L.) 2195 

. C. C. Hodgins (C.) 2103 

MaJ., 92. 


Geo. W. R^ss (L.) 2262 

G. B. Campbell (C.) 2111 

MaJ., 151. 


Richard Harcourt (L.) 1985 

T. J. Galbralth (C.) 1657 

MaJ.. 328. 


Samuel Bridgeland (L.) 1938 

George Langford (C.) 1864 

MaJ.,, 74. 


John Loughrln (L.) 1590 

C. Lamarche (C.) 1529 

MaJ., 61. 


E. C. Carpenter (L.) 1885 

Oliver Robertson (C.) 1635 

MaJ., 250. 


W. A. Charlton (L.) 1728 

J. L. Buck (C.) 1689 

MaJ., 34. 


J. H. Douglas (L.) 2814 

W. A. Willoughby (C.) SN8 

MaJ., 421. 


Samuel Clarke (L.) 1654 

J. S. Mulholland (C.) 1520 

Maj., 134. 


W. H. Hoyle (C.) 2326 

T. W. Chaupple (L.) - 1895 

MaJ., 431. 


Charles Calder (C.) 2781 

John Dryden (L.) 2686 

MaJ., 96. 

Calder unseated, Sept. 13, 1898. 

(Two members.) 

Alexander Lumsden (L.) 4798 

C. B. Powell (C.) 4548 

George O'Keefe (L.) 4539 

Bernard Slattery (C.) 3964 


Andrew Pattullo (L.) 2838 

Louis Kauflmann (I.) 1815 

A. Montague (C.) 604 

MaJ.. 419. 


Angus McKay (L.) 2348 

E. N. Chambers (C.) 1669 

MaJ., 674. 


W. R. Beatty (I.) 2382 

Joseph Edgar (C.) 1227 

MaJ., 1106. 


John Smitti (L.) 2843 

J. W. Beynon (C.) 2061 

MaJ., 292. 


John Brown (L.) ..3896 

Thomas Magwood (C.) 8266 

MaJ., 160. 




W. C. Moscrip (L.) 2857 

Nelson Montelth (C.) 2363 

George Frame (P.) 88 

Plurality. 4. 


Thos. Blezara (L.) 1771 

Samuel Ford (C.) \ 1555 

Maj., 216. 


J. R. Stratton (L.) 2742 

J. W. Garvin (C.) 1743 

Maj., 999. 

Alfred Evanturel (L.) Accl. 


W. R. Dempsey (C.) 2887 

John Caven (P.) 2030 

Nostrand Sprague (L.) 7 

MaJ., 350. 


R. A. Campbell (L.) 2455 

John Bonfleld (I.) 1014 

S. J. Dempsey (C.) 978 

MaJ., 463. 


A. T. White (C.) 2321 

Henry Barr (L.) 2168 

MaJ., 153. 


Onesime Guibord (L.) 2738 

Peter Marier (C.) 1962 

MaJ., 776. 


Andrew Mlscampbell (C.) 2693 

W. M. Harvey (L.) 2524 

MaJ., 69. 


J. S. Duff (C.) 2015 

Archibald Currie (I.) 1580 

MaJ., 435. 


A. B. Thompson (C.) 1761 

D. Davidson (L..) 1704 

Amos Train (P.) 669 

Plurality, 67. 

John McLaughlin (C.) 2122 

A. J. Mulhern (L.) 1943 

John Bennett (I.) 355 

Plurality, 179. 


Thomas Crawford (C.) 3698 

James Spence (L.) 2938 

MaJ., 760. 


R. A. Pyne (C.) 3103 

C. Caldwell (L.) 1475 

MaJ., 1628. 

G. F. Marter (C.) 3513 

B. H. Dewart (L.) 3479 

MaJ., 34. 


J. J. Foy (C.) 4464 

W. B. Rogers (L.) 4059 

,MaJ., 405. 


J. H. Carnegie (C.) 2289 

John Austin (L.) 1851 

Maj., 438. 


S. J. Fox (C.) 2164 

John McKay (L.) 2092 

MaJ., 72. 


H. G. Lackner (C.) 2701 

Dr. Clemens (L.) .2636 

MaJ., 65. 


W. A. Kribs (C.) 2532 

J. A. Phin (L.) 2423 

MaJ., 109. 


W. M. German (L.) 3125 

J. H. Pew (C.) 2444 

MaJ., 681. 


John Mutrie (L.) 2341 

Henry Hortop (C.) ...1942 

James Anderson (P.) 407 

Plurality, 899. 




John Craig (L.) 1476 

James Park (I.) 1288 

Dr. Coughlin (C.) 1241 

Plurality, 188. 


James Tucker (P.) 1912 

R. Scott (L.) 1683 

Maj., 229. 


T. A. Warden (C.) 1700 

A. F. Pirie (L.) 1367 

MaJ., 333. 


John Dickenson (L.) 1649 

W. S. BJvans (C.) 1475 

Maj., 174. 


John Richardson (L.) .-. 2091 

J. W. Moyes (C.) 1668 

Maj., 423. . 


W. J. Hill (L.) 2465 

J. W. St. John (C.) 2430 

Maj., 35. 


E. J. Davis (L.) :.2543 

Lt.-Col. Wayllng (C.) 2074 

Maj., 469. 


Since Confederation. 

1867 Sept.— 1886 December 28 

1871 March 14 1890 June 11 

1875 .*. January 11 1894 June 19 

1879 * June 5 1898 March 1 

1883 February 27 


The first test of the respective strength of the two parties In the new House 
took place on Aug. 12, resulting in a majority for Premier Hardy's Government 
of 6, on the following division :— 

Yeas— Allen, Barr, Beatty (Leeds), Boyd, Brower, Calder, Carnegie, Carscal- 
len, Colquhoun, Crawford, Dempsey, Duff, Eilber, Fallis, Foy, Fox, Gallagher, 
Hodgins, Hoyle, Jaraieson, Jessop, Joynt, Kidd, Kribs, Lackner, Little, Lucas, 
Marter, Matheson, Miscampbell, Morrison, Macdiarimid, McDonald, McLaughlin, 
Powell, Pyne, Reid (Addington), Reid (Durham), Thompson, Tucker, Wardell, 
White, Whitney.— 43. 

Nays— Auld, Aylsworth, Barber, Beatty (Parry Sound), Blesard, Bowman, 
Bridgland, Brown, Burt, Caldwell, Campbell, Carpenter, Charlton, Clarke, Con- 
mec, Davis, Dickenson, Douglas, Farwell, Ferguson, Garrow, German, Graham, 
Guibord, Harcourt, Hardy, Harty, Hill, Hislop, Holmes, Lejrs, Loughrin, Lums- 
den, Malcolm, Moscrip, Mutrie, McKay, McKee, Pardee, Pardo, Pattullo, Petty- 
piece, Richardson, Ross, Russell, Smith, Stratton, Taylor, Truax.— 48. 

There was one absentee, the late Mr. Craig, Liberal member for East Well- 
ington, who was ill, and died a few weeks afterwards. 




Jette, The Hon. Louis Amable, Q.C., LL.D. S. of Amable Jette, tormerly a 
merchant at L'Assomption, Que., and Caroline Oauffran, grand-dau. of 
a St. Dominique planter, his wife. B. at L'Assomption, Jan. 15, 1836. 
Ed. at L'Assomption Coll. Called to the Bar, 1862. Ehigaged in Journal- 
ism. El. to Ho. of Commons, in the Liberal interest, for Montreal East, 
g. e., 1872, defeating Sir George E. Cartier. Apptd. Judge, Superior 
Court, P.Q., Sept. 2, 1878. Prof, of Civil Law, Laval Univ. LL.D. 1878. 
Subsequently Dean of the Faculty. A mom. of a Royal Comn. to en- 
quire into the Bale des Chaleurs Ry. matter. M., April, 1862, Berthe, d. 
of Toussaint Laflamme, and a sister of the late Hon. R. Laflamme, at 
one time Minister of Justice. Apptd. Lieut. -Governor, Jan. 20, 1898. 
Sworn of office, Feb. 2, 1898. 

Alde-de-Camp— Major H. C. Sheppard. 

Extra Aide-de-Camp— Lt. H.-A. Panet, R.C.A. 

Private Secretary— Ed. Delpit. 


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau, K.C.M.G July 1, 1867 

Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau, K.C.M.G Jan. 31, 1868 

Hon. Rene Edouard Caron Feb. 11, 1873 

Hon. Luc Letelller de St. Just, P.C. Dec. 15, 1876 

Hon. Theodore Robitaille, P.C July 26, 1879 ' 

Hon. L. F. R. Masson, P.C Nov. 7, 1884 

Hon. A. R. Angers Oct. 24, 1887 

Hon. J. A. Chapleau, P.C Dec. 6, 1892 


The Hoiiorablo Joseph Cauc*hon, at first charged to form a Cabinet, having 
failed in his task, the Honorable P. J. O. Chauveau was called by His Honor, 
the Lieutenant-Governor, and succeeded in forming the following Ministry :— 


Hon P.. 

J. Chauveau, 










0. Beaubien 






0. Irvine 


B. DeBoucherville. 



G. Robertson .... 


Provincial Secretary .... 


Provincial Treasurer — 

Crown Lands 

Agriculture and Pub. Works 


Speaker of the Legislative 
Council , 

Provincial Treasurer 


FYom 15 July, 1867, to 

21 Feb., 1873. 
From 15 July, 1867, to 

Feb., 1873. 
Prom 15 July. 1S67, to 

to 26 Oct., 1869. 
From 15 July, 1807, to 

Feb., 1873. 
From 15 July, 1867, to 

Feb !•:?. 
From 15 July, 1867, to 

11'? 1.. 1873. 
From 15 July, 1867, to 

Feb., 1873. 
From 26 Oct., 1869, to 

Feb., 1873. 



On being appointed Speaker of the Senate, the Honorable Mr. Chauveau re- 
signed, and the Honorable Mr. Ouimet, Attorney-Gmeral in the previous ad- 
ministration, was called upon to reorganize the Cabinet, which he did as fol- 
lows : — 


Hon. G. Ouimet, Premier , 

Hon. Geo, Irvine 

Hon. J. G. Robertson 

Hon. P. Fortin 

Hon. L. Archambault 

Hon. J. J. Ross 

Hon. J. A. Chapleau 


Provincial Secretary 
Attorney- General .... 
Provincial Treasurer 
Crown Lands 

Agriculture and Pub. Works 
Speaker of the Legislative 



From 26 Feb., 1873, to 

8 Sept., 1871. 
From ?6 Feb., 1873, to 

30 July, 1874. 
From 26 Feb., 1873, to 

7 Sept., 1874. 

From 26 Feb., 1873, to 

8 Sept., 1874. 

From 26 Feb., 1873, to 

8 Sept., 1871. 
From 26 Feb., 1873, to 

Aug., 1874. 
From 26 Feb., 1873, to 

8 Sept.. ll>74. 

On account of the crisis, consequent on the transaction known as the 
" Tanneries Land Swap," the Attorney-General, Hon. Mr. Irvine, having with- 
drawn from the Government, the Hon. Mr. Ouimet tendered his resignation, and 
that of his colleagues, on the 8th of September, 1874. It was accepted, and the 
Honorable Mr. DeBoucherville being called, reorganized the Cabinet as follows : 




Hon. C. 

B. DeBoucherville, 

Provincial Secretary 



Minister of Instruction . . . 

From 22 Sept., 1874, 
to 27 Jan., 3876. 


Hon. J. 

G. Robertson 

Agriculture and Pub. 


From 27 Jan., 1876, 
5 March, 1878. 


Provincial Treasurer. 

From 22 Sept., 1874. 


Hon. F. 

H. Lemairo 

Speaker of the Legislative 

14 Jan., 1876. 


From 22 Sept., 1874, 
27 Jan., 1876. 


Hon. H. 

G. Mailhoit 

Crown Lands 

From 22 Sept., 1S74, 
1 Feb., 1876. 


Hon. L. 

R. Church 

Attorney-General ... 

From 22 Sept., 1874, 
27 Jan., 1876. 


Provincial Treasurer 

From 27 Jan., 1876. 
2 March, 1883. 


Hon P 


Agriculture and Pub. 


From 22 Sept., 1874, 


27 Jan., 1876. 

Crown Lands 

From 7 Jan., 1876, 


2 March. 1878. 

Hon A 

R. Angers 

J Ross 


From 22 Sept., 1874, 


Hon J 

Sneaker of the Lesrislative i 

27 Jan., 1876. 


From 27 Jan.. 1S76. 
2 March, 1878. 


Hon G 

W Baker 

Solicitor-General .... 

From 27 Jan., 1876, 
2 March. 1878. 


Hon. J. 

A. Chapleau 

Provincial Secretary 

From 27 Jan.. 1876, 
2 March. 1878. 




On the 2nd day of March, 1878, Hon. Mr. DeBoucherrille was dismissed from 
of&ce by Ills Honor Lieutenant-Governor Luc Letellier de St. Just, and Mr. H. 
O. Joly was called to form a new Cabinet. 






G. Joly, Premier. .. 

Agriculture and Pub. Works 

From 8 March, 1878, to 
30 Oct., 1879. 



A. Ross 


From 8 March, US78, to 

30 Oct., 1879. 




ProTincial Treasurer 

Fr<Hn 8 March, 1878, to 

3 Nov., 1878. 



C. Langeller 

Crown Lands 

From 12 March, 1879, 

30 Oct., 1879. 

Provincial Treasurer 

From 8 March, 1878, to 
12 March, 1879. 





Provincial Secretary 

From 8 March, 1878, to 

19 March, 1879. 
From 19 March, 1879, 

to 12 Oct., 1879. 



G. Marchand 

Provincial Secretary 

Prom 8 March, 1878, to 
19 March, 1879. 

Henry Starnes 

Crown I^nds 

From 19 March, 1879, 


Speaker of the Legislative 

30 Oct., 1879. 


Prom 8 M&T^h, 1878, to 
30 Oct., 1879. 





From 1 May, 1879, to 

30 Oct., 1879. 

Hon. Mr. Joly having met with an adverse vote in the House, tendered his 
resignation, and Hon. J. A. Chapleau was called upon to form a new Cabinet, 
which he organized as follows :— 





J. A. Chapleau, 



Agriculture and Pub. Works 

From 30 Oct., 1879, 


5 July, 1880. 

Commissioner of Railways. 

From 5 July, 1880, 
29 July, 1882. 



L. 0. Loranger 


From 30 Oct., 1879, 
29 July. 1882. 



W. W. Lynch 


"Prom 30 Oct., 1879, 
29 July, 1882. 



J. G. Robertson 

Provincial Treasurer 

From 30 Oct., 1879, 
Jan., 1882. 



E. J. Flynn 

Crown Lands 

From 30 Oct., 1879, 
29 July, 1882. 



E. T. Paquet 

Provincial Secretary 

Speaker of the Legislative 

Prom 30 Oct., 1879, 



J. J. Ross 

29 July, 1882. 


From 30 Oct., 1879. 



P. B. de la Bruere .. 

Speaker of the Legislative 

4 March, 1882. 


From 4 March, 1882, 
29 July, 1882. 



J. S. C. Wurtele 

Provincial Treasurer 

From 28 Jan., 1882, 
29 July, 1882. 



E. Dionne 

Agriculture and Pub. Works 

From 4 March, 1882, 


OO T«W 1CC9 



On being appointed a member of the Dominion Cabinet, in 1882, Hon. Mr. 
Chapleau resigned, and was succeeded by Honorable J. A. Mousseau, who re- 
organized the Ministry as follows : — 

Hon. J. A. Mousseau, 

Hon. W. W. Lynch . . . 
Hon. J. S. C. Wurtele 

Hon. E. Dionne 

Hon. Jean Blanchet ... 
Hon. H. Starnes 



Crown Lands 

Provincial Treasurer 

Agriculture and Pub. Works 

Provincial Secretary 

Commissioner of Railways. 


From 31 July, 1882, to 

Jan., 1884. 
Prom 31 July, 1882, to 

Jan., 1884. 
From 31 July. 1882, to 

Jan., 1884. 
From 31 July, 1882, to 

Jan., 1884. 
From 31 July, 1882, to 

Jan., 1884. 
From 1 Aug., 1882, to 

Jan., 1884. 

In 1884 Honorable Mr. Mousseau was appointed to the Bench, and Honor- 
able Mr. Roes was called upon to reorganize the Cabinet. 


Hon. J. J. Ross, Premier... 

Hon. J. O. Robertson 

Hon. L. O. Taillon 

Hon. W. W. Ljmch 

Hon. Jean Blanchet 

Hon. E. J. Flynn 


Agriculture and Pub. Works 

Provincial Treasurer 


Crown Lands 

Provincial Secretary 

Commissioner of Railways. 


From 23 Jan., 1884, to 

Jan., 1887. 
From 23 Jan., 1884, to 

Jan., 1887. 
From 23 Jan., 1884, to 

Jan., 1887. 
From 28 Jan., 1884, to 

Jan., 1887. 
From 23 Jan., 1884, to 

Jan., 1887. 
From 9 Feb., 1884, to 

12 May, 1885. 
From 12 May, 1885, to 

20 Jan., 1887. 

The result of the Provincial elections of 1886 being doubtful, Hon. Mr. Ross 
resigned, and Hon. Mr. Taillon was selected to reorganize the Cabinet, which 
he succeeded in doing as follows :— 




Hon. L. 0. Taillon 

Attorney- General 

From 25 Jan., 1887, 



Hon. Henry Starnes 

Commissioner of Public 

27 Jan., 1887. 


From 25 Jan., 1887, 
27 Jan., 1887. 


Hon. H. G. Robertson 

Provincial Treasurer 

From- 25 Jan.. 1887, 


Commissioner of Crown 

27 Jan., 1887. 

Hon. W. W. Lynch 


Prom 25 Jan., 1887, 
27. Jan.. 1887. 


Hon. Jean Blanchet 

Provincial Secretary 

From 25 Jan., 1887, 
27 Jan., 1887. 




However, on the 27th day of January, 18S7, the Ministry having been de- 
feated on the motion for the nomination of the Speaker, Hon. Mr. Taillon ten- 
dered his resignation, which was accepted. The Honorable Honore Mercier, 
leader of the Opposition, was called to form a new Cabinet, and selected the fol- 
lowing gentlemen for his colleagues :— 





Honore Mercier, 


Attorney-General and Pres- 
ident of Council 

From 27 Jan., 1887, 
July, 1890. 


Commissioner of Agricul- 


From 27 July. 1890, 
16 Dec, 1891. 



Joseph Shehyn 

Provincial Treasurer 

From 27 Jan., 1887, 
^6 Dec, 1891. 



James McShane 

Commissioner of Public 


From 27 Jan., 1887, 
March, 1888. 



Pierre €kirneau 

Commissioner of Crown 


From 27 Jan.. 1887, 
May, 1888. 


Commissioner of Public 


From May, 1888, 
16 Dec, 1891. 



Geo. Duhamel 


Commissioner of Cro\rn 

From 27 Jan., 1887, 
May, 1888. 


From May, 1888, 
16 Dec, 1891. 



D. A. Gagnon 

Provincial Secretary 

From 27 Jan., 1887, 
8 May, 1890. 



D. A. Ross 

Without portfolio 

From 27 Jan., 1887. 

President of Council 

From 22 Aug., 1890, 
16 Dec. 1891. 



R. A. Turcotte 

Member of Ex. Council — 

From 27 Jan., 1887. 

Attorney- General 

From May, 1888, 
July, 1890. 



Wm. Rhodes 

Commissioner of Agricul- 

From 4 Dec, 1888. 


July, 1890. 


J. B. Robidoux 

Provincial Secretary 

From 8 May, 1890, 
Aug., 1890. 


Attorney- General 

From 22 Aug., 1890, 
16 Dec, 1891. 



Arthur Boyer 

Member, of Ex. Council.. 

From 20 May, 1890, 
16 Dec, 1891. 



Charles Langelier .... 

President of Council 

From 30 June, 1890, 
22 Aug., 1890. 


Provincial Secretary 

From 22 Aug., 1890, 
16 Dec, 1891. 




On the 16th day of December, 1891, as a result of certain charges against 
the Cabinet, and after an investigation by a Royal Commission, His Honor, 
Lieutenant-Oovernor A. R. Angers, dismissed the Cabinet, and called upon Hon. 
Mr. DeBoucherville to form a new one, which he did as follows :— 







L. Be 


aublen . . 
























John Mcintosh 



President of Council 

Commissioner of Agricul- 


Provincial Treasurer ... 
Comraissioner of Crown 

Lands ; 

Commissioner of Public 


Provincial Secretary 
Without portfolio .... 
Without portfolio 

From 21 

16 Dec. 
From 21 

16 Dec. 
From 21 

16 Dec. 
From 21 

16 Dec. 
From 21 

16 Dec. 
Prom 21 

16 Dec, 
From 21 

16 Deo. 
From 21 

16 Dec. 
From 21 

16 Dec. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
,. 1892. 

Dec. 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Dec, 1891, to 
, 1892. 

Shortly after the appointment of His Honor Lieutenant-Governor J. 'A4; 
Cbaple«,u, Hon. Mr. DeBoucherville tendered his resignation as Prime Minister, 
which was accepted, and Hon. Mr. Taillon was charged with the reorganization 
of the Cabinet, a task which he accomplished as follows :— 


Hon. L. O. Taillon. 

Hon. L. Beaubicn .. 
Hon. E. J. Flynn .. 
Hon. G. A. Nantel 

Hon. L. P. PoUetier . 
Hon. T. C. Casgrain 

Hon. J. S. Hall 

Hon. John Mcintosh . 
Hon. M. P. Hackett .. 

Hon. A. W. Morris 


President of Council 


Commissioner of Agricul- 

Commissioner of Crown 

Commissioner of Public 

Provincial Secretary 


Provincial Treasurer — 

Without portfolio 

President of the Council. 
Without portfolio 


From 16 Dec, 

28 Feb., 1895. 
From 28 Feb., 

12 May, 1896. 
From 16 Dec. 

12 May, 1896. 
From 16 Dec, 

12 May, 1896. 
From 16 Dec, 

12 May. 1896. 
From 16 Dec. 

12 May. 1896, 
From 16 Dec. 

12 May. 1896, 
Prom 16 Dec, 

Feb.. 1895. 
Prom 16 Dec, 

26 July, 1894. 
From 28 Feb.. 

12 May. 1896. 
Prom 28 Feb.. 

12 May. 1896. 

1892, to 
1895, to 
1892, to 
1892, to 
1892, to 
1892. to 
1892, to 
1892, to 
1892, to 
1895, to 
1895, to 



On May 1st, 1896, Hon. Mr. Taillon, having accepted a portfolio in the Do- 
minion Cabinet of Sir Charles Tupper, tendered his resignation, which was ac- 
cepted Hon. E. J. Fl3mn was called to reorganize the Ministry, and did so as 
follows :— 






J. Fl3mn, Premier 

Commissioner of Public 


From 12 May. 1896, 
26 May, 1897. 





Commissioner of \gricul- 

From 12 May, 1896, 


26 May, 1897. 



A. Nantel 

Commissioner of Crown 


From 12 May, 1896, 
26 May, 1897. 




P. Pelletier 


From 12 May, 1896, 
26 May, 1897. 




C. Chapais 

President of Council 

From 12 May, 1896, 
26 May, 1897. 




F. Hackett 

Provincial Secretary 

From 12 May, 1896, 
26 May, 1897. 




W. Atwater 

Provincial Treasurer 

From 12 May, 1896, 
26 May, 1897. 


His administration having been defeated at the polls, at the general elec- 
tions of the nth of May, 1897, Hon. Mr. Flynn resigned, and Hon. Mr. Mar- 
chand, leader of the Opposition, was charged with the duty of forming a new 
Cabinet, which he did as follows :— • 




F. G. Marchand 

Joseph Shehyn 

J. E. Robidoux 

H. Archambault 

G. W. Stephens 

F. G. M. Dechene .... 

S. N. Parent 


A* Turgeon 


H. T. Duffy ,. 


J. J. E. Guerin 


Provincial Treasurer 

Without portfolio 

Provincial Secretary 


Without portfolio 

Commissioner of Agricul- 

Commissioner of Lands, 
Forests and Fisheries .. 

Commr. of Colonization 
and Mines 

Commissioner of Public 
Works , 

Without portfolio 







26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 

26, 1897. 
26, 1897. 

Up to Oct. 1st, 
It was formed. 

8, no changes had taken place In the above Cabinet since 


The Legislature of the ProYince of Quebec consists of the SoYereign, the 
LiegislatiYe Council, 24 members, and the LegislatiTe Assembly, 74 members, or 
98 members in all. The LegislatiYe Councillors are appointed by the Crown 
(th0 GawftmwatiDt of the day), and the members of the A sse mb ly are elected by 
popular Tote. An additional seat in the Assembly was proYided for the flrst 
time at the g e., 1897, called Dee lies de la Medeleine. 


No. of Legis. 





1st Legis. 

2nd Legis. 

8rd Legis. 
4th Legis. 

6th Legis. 

6th Legis. 

7th Legis. 
8th Legis. 

9th Legis. 

Ist . 

1st . 

1st . 



1st . 

1st . 









Dec. 27, 186? 

Jan. 20. 1869 

NOY. 23. 1869 

NOY. 23, 1870 

NoY. 7, 1871 

NoY. 7, 1872 

Dec. 4, 1873 

Dec. 3, 1874 

NoY. 4, 1876 

Nov. 10, 1876 

Dec. 19, 1877 

Feb. 24. 11 

April ,5 1869 

Feb. 1. 1870 

Dec. 24, 1870 

Dec. 23, 1871 

Dec. 24. 1872 

Jan. 28, 1874 

Feb. 23, 1875 

Dec. 24, 1876 

Dec. 28, 1876 

March 9, 1878 


June 19. 1879 

May 28, 1880 

April 28, 1881 

1878 July 

March 8. 1882 
Jan. 18, 1883 
March 27, 1884 
March 5, 1886 
ApHl 8, 1886 


27, 1887 

15, 1888 

9. 1889 

7, 1890 

NoY. 4, 1890 







26, 1892 
12, 1893 
9, 1893 
20, 1894 
30, 1895 
17, 1896 

Nov. 23, 1897 

22, 1878 
31, 1879 
July 24, 1880 
June 30. 1881 

May 27, 1882 
March 30, 1883 
June 10, 1884 
May 9, 1885 
June 21, 1886 

May 27, 1871 

-June 7, 1875 

Mar. 22, 1878 

Nov. 7, 1881 


May 18, 1887 1 
July 12, 1888 
March 21, 1889 
April 2, 1890 

Dec. 30, 1890 


24, 1892 
27, 1893 

9, 1894 
12, 1895 
21, 1896 

9, 1897 

Jan. 16, 1898 

May 10, 1890 

Dec. 22, 1891 

Mar. 6, 1897 



Orateur— I'Honorable Horace Archambeault— Speaker. 


Archambeault, Horace 

Audet. Nicodeme 

Berthiaume, Treffle .. 
Boucherville, Chas. B. 

BrysoD, Geo., Jr 

Chapais, Thomas 

Cormier, Nap. Chas. . 

Gameau, Pierre 

Girouard, Jean 

Gilman, Francis K. ... 

Lanctot, Joseph 

Larue, .V Wencelas .. 

Marcil, David 

Methot, Frs. Xav. O. 

Oulmet, Gedeon 

Pelletier, Thomas Ph. 
Perodeau, Narcisse ... 

Rolland, Damien 

Ross, John Jones 

Sharpies, John 

Sylvestre, Louis 

Turner, Richard 

Ward, James K 

Wood, Thomas 







Les Laurentides . 


Dc la Durantaye. 

De Lorimier 




Milles Isles 

De la Valliere .. 




De Salaberry 



De Lanaudiere ... 




Addresse par la Malle. 
Post Office Address. 

Saint Anselme. 
Fort Coulonge. 
Saint Henri. 
5»t. Eustache. 
St. Pierre les Becquets. 
Saint Hilaire. 
Trois Pistoles. 

Ste.Anue de la Parade. 
Isle du Pads. 

Cote St.Antoine, Mont. 

Louis Frechette — Clerk and Accountant. 
Samuel Staunton -Hatt— Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. 
Robert Campbell— Clerk of Private Bills, of English Journal ; English Trans- 
lator and Assistant Clerk. 

Nap. Legendre— Clerk of French Journals, Translator and Clerk of Petitions. 
J. E. Baribeau— Sergeaht-at-Arms and Clerk of Committees. 






De la Durantaye 
Be Lanaudiere ., 
De la Valliere .. 

De Lorlmier 

De Salaberry ... 


Granville , 

Inkerman , 


La Salle 


Les Laurentides 

Mille Isles 










P. O. Address. 


Hon. T. Berthiaume (C.)... 

Hon. T. Wood (L.) 

Hon. P. Gameau (L.) 

Hon. L. Sylvestre (L.) 

Hon. F. X. Methot (C.) 

Hon. Jean Glrouard (C.) ... 
Hon. J. D. Rolland (C.) .... 

Hon. R. Turner (L.) 

Hon. T. P. Pelletier (C.)... 

Hon. G. Bryson (L.) 

Hon. N. C. Cormier (L.) .. 
Hon. V. W. Larue (C.) .... 

Hon. N. Audet (C.) 

Hon. T. Chapais (C.) 

Hon. D. Marcil (L.) 

Hon. C. B. DeBoucherville 


Hon. H. Archambeault (L.) 
Hon. Joseph Lanctot (L.).. 

Hon. G. Ouimet (C.) 

Hon. J. J Ross (C.) 

Hon. N. Perodeau (L.) — 

Hon. J. Sharpies (C.) 

Hon. J. K. Ward (L.) 

Hon. F. B. Oilman (L.) ... 


Dunham Flats. 


Isle du Pads. 

St. Pierre les Becquets. 




Trois Pistoles. 

Fort Coulonge. 



St. Anselme. ' 


St. Eustache. 



St Henri de Montreal. 

St. HUaire. 

Ste.Anne de la Perade. 



Cote St. Antoine, 



ARCHAMBEAULT, HON. HORACE, Q.C. (Repentigny). S. of Hon. Louis 
Archambeault, Legislative Councillor, whose ancestors emigrated from France 
in 1618. B. at L'Assomption, March 6, 1857. Ed. at L'Assomption Coll., at the 
Quebec Seminary, and Laval Univ. An advocate. Mem. of the firm of Rain- 
ville, Archambeault & Gervais. In 1881 was apptd. Prof, of Commercial and 
Maritime Law at Laval Univ. Apptd. Q.C, 1888. Is one of the examiners of 
candidates for admission to the Bar, and a mem. of the Council of the Bar of 
Montreal. M., 1882, Lizzie Lelievre, niece of Simon Lelievre, of the Quebec Bar. 
Succeeded his father as Legis. Councillor, June 6, 1888. Is Pres. of the Legis. 
Council and Atty. -General in the Marchand Admn. A Liberal. 

AUDET, NICODEME (Lauzon). Ancestors emigrated to Canada in 1670 from 
Poitler, France. S. of Augustin Audet and Marie Dallaire, his wife. B. at 
Bellechasse, Sept. 14, 1822. Ed. at St. Anselme schs. A merchant at St. Ans- 
elme. Census Comr. for Co of Dorchester, 1871. M., Oct. 28, 1856, Marie Celina 
^urgeon, who died in 1890. El. for Dorchester to Legis. at g. e., 1878, and re-el. 
U. Apptd. to Legis. Council., April 21, 1892. A Conservative. 


BBRTHTAUMB, TRBFFLE (Alma). S. 6t Gedeon Berthiaame and Elenore 
Normandin, bis wife. B., Aug. 4, 1848. Ed. at the Semin. of St. Hyacinthe. A 
journalist. Was employed consecutlYely on the Oazette de JoHette, Courier de 
St. Hyacinthe, and the Minerve. Is proprietor of La Presse, Montreal, and joint 
proprietor of Le Monde Illustre. M., Aug. 21, 1871, Helmlna Oadbois. Apptd. to 
Legis. Council, Nov. 16, 1896. A ConservatiYe. 

BRYSON, GEORGE, JR. (Inkerman). S. of George Bryson, of Paisley, 
Scot., and Robina Robb, of Glasgow, his wife, both of whom emigrated to Lan- 
ark Co., Ont., 1821. B. at Fort Coulonge, Co. Pontiac, July 20, 1852. Ed. at 
local schs. and Brit. Am. Com. Coll., Toronto. Mil. Sch. Cert., Montreal, 1869. 
A lumberman. Mayor of Mansfield and Pontefract. A Dir. of the Bank of Ot- 
tawa. M., Aug. 11, 1875, Helen, d. of James Craig, formerly M.P.P. Apptd. to 
Legis. Council, Aug. 24, 1887. A Liberal. 

CHAPAIS, THOMAS, LL.D. (Les Laurentides). S. of late Hon. J. C. Chap- 
ais, Min. of Pub. Works and Agriculture in the Govts, of Tache and Macdonald, 
and of Henriette Georgina Dionne, his wife. B. at St. Denis de Kamouraska, 
March 23, 1858. Ed. at the Coll. of Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere, and is LL.D. of 
Laval Univ. Called to the Bar, July, 1879. A journalist. For several years 
past has been manager of Le Courrier du Canada at Quebec. M., Jan. 10, 1884, 
Hectorine, eld. d. of Sir Hector Langevin. Was defeated in the Co. of Kamour- 
aska at the Dominion g. e., 1891. Apptd. to Legis. Council, March 18, 1892. In 
Jan., 1898 was Minister, without portfolio, in the Taillon Govt., and leader of 
the Govt, in the Legis. Council. Pres. of the Legis. Council, April, 1895. Pres. 
of the Council, May 11, 1896. Min. of Colonization and Mines in the Flynn Govt., 
Jan. 10— May 22, 1897. A Conservative. 

CHAURET, JOSEPH ADOLPHE, LL.D. (Jacques Cartier) S. of Frederic 
Chauret, a farmer, and Adelaide Legault, his wife. B. at Ste. Genevieve, Aug. 
5, 1834. Ed. at Montreal Coll. Studied law at McGill Coll., and is LL:D. of 
Laval Univ. A notary. Is Sec.-Treas of the following '.—Jacques Cartier Coun- 
cil, Agric. Soc. of the Co. ; Parish Council of Ste. Genevieve ; School Munici- 
pality, and the Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of Ste. Genevieve, fouhded by him. Is 
Pres. of the Cercle Agricole of the parish, and of the Artisans' Canadiens Fran- 
cais. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

CORMIER, NAPOLEON CPIARLES (Kennebec). S. of Hon. Charles Cor- 
mier, late Legis. Councillor and Senator. B. at Montreal, April 26, 1844. Ed. at 
the Jesuit Coll., Montreal, and Regiopolis Coll., Kingston. A merchant. Was 
for several years a Mun. Councillor and Mayor of Plessisvllle. Warden of Co. 
o fMegantic. M., June 22, 1870, Aglae, d. of V. E. Larochelle, of Riviere du 
Loup. Apptd. to Legis. Council, Nov. 25, 1889. A Liberal. 

(Montarville). S. of Hon. P. Boucher de Boucherville, Legis. Councillor, a de- 
scendant of Pierre Boucher, Governor of Three Rivers and founder of Boucher- 
ville. B. there. May 4, 1822. Ed. with the Sulpicians at Montreal, and studied 
medicine at Paris, where he received his medical degree. M., first, Suzanne, d. 
of R. L. Morrough, advocate of Montreal ; second, C. Lussier, of Varenhes. 
Mem. for Chambly in Legis. Assem. from 1861 to Confederation. Apptd. to 
Legis. Council, Nov. 2, 1867, nad was Si>eaker until Feb., 1873. Became Premier, 
Sec. Registrar, and Minister of Public Instruction, Sept. 22, 1874, and trans- 
ferred to Department of Agriculture and Public Works, Jan. 27, 1876. Dis- 
missed from office by Lieut. -Oovertior Letellier de St. Just, March, 1878. * Called 
to the Senate, Feb. 12, 1879. Premier a second time, Dec. 17, 1891, and resigned 
Dec., 1892. A Conservative. 


QARNEAU, PIERRE (De la Durantaye). Des. from one of the oldest FreDch 
families in Canada, his ancestors haying come here in 1636. B. at Cap Sante, 
May 2, 1823, and was ed. there. A merchant ; head of the dry goods firm of 
P. Gameau, Sons & Co. Mayor of Quebec, 1S70-74. Decorated by the King of 
Belgium with the Cross of Leopold II. M., Sept 16, 1857, Cecile, d. of the late 
Edouard Borroughs, Prothonotary of Quebec. El. by accl. to Logis. Assembly 
for Co. of Que., March 11, 1873. Mem. of the Ex. Council, and Mln. of Public 
Works and Agriculture, Sept. 22, 1874. Subsequently became Mln. of Crown 
Lands. Resigned with his colleagues, March 2, 1878. In 1881 was re-el. by accl. 
Was beaten in g. e., 1886. Apptd. to Legis. Council., Jan. 31, 1887, and was 
sworn in Min. of Crown Lands. Became Min. of Public Works, May 8, 1888, and 
held this portfolio till Dc. 16. 1890. A Liberal. 

OILMAN, FRANCIS EDWARD (Wellington). His ancestors came from 
Hlngham, Eng., and settled flrst at Hingham, Mass., U.S.A., in 1638, and after 
the American revolutionary war settled in the Eastern Townships. B. at Dan- 
ville, Co. Richmond, April 11, 1842. Ed. at St. Francois Coll., Richmond, and 
McGill Univ. Called to the Bar, 1865. For several years a mem. of the Mont- 
real City Council. M.; May, 1866, Amelia, d. of the late George W. Weaver. 
Was defeated in Argenteuil Co. in g. e., 1882. Apptd. to Legis. Council, March 
12, 1887. A Liberal. 

GIROUARD, JEAN.M.D. (Lortmjer). S. of Jean Joseph Girouard, notary, 
and Marie Emmelie Berthelot. B. at St. Benoit, March 7, 1856. Ed. at Coll. of 
the Sulpicians, Montreal A physician. M., May 15, 1883, Lydia, d. of Hon. M. 
Laviolette, former Legis. Councillor, whom he succeeded, being apptd. March 
27, 1897. A Conservative. 

LANCTOT, JOSEPH, M.D. (Rigaud). S. of the late CamiUe Lanctot, farmer, 
and Zoe Tremblay, of St. Constant, his wife. B. at St. Constant, Que., Aug. 
21, 1847. Ed. at Montreal Coll. and Ottawa Coll. Studied medicine at the Vic- 
toria Sch. of Med. at Montreal, and took his degree at Cobourg, Ont. Practised 
for some years at Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S. ; Ste. Philippe, Laprairie. and 
finally at St. Henri de Montreal, of which plaoe he is also health oflElcer. Mayor 
since 1886. A sch. commr, 1885-97. Governor of the Coll of Phys. and Surg., ' 
18S1-87. M., 1881, Clara, d. of the late Hubert Bourassa, farmer, of Laprairi^. 
Was defeated at the Dom. g. e. of 1887 and 1891 in Hochelaga. El. for Hoche- 
laga to the Legis. Assembly., g. e., 1892. Apptd. to Legis. Council, 1898. A 

Larue, notary public, and Euphemie Bosse, his wife. B. at St. Pierre, Riviere 
du Sud, Oct. 3, 1851. Ed. at Coll. of Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere and Laval Univ. 
A notary public. Admitted 1873. Was Lieut, in 61st Batt, 1868-1874. Mem. Bd. 
of Notaries of Province of Quebec since 1879, and Pres. 1891-94. DIr. Quebec 
Building Soc., and Vlce-Pres. since 1888. DIr. of La Calsse d' Economic de Notre 
Dame de Quebec. M., Jan. 8, 1876, Marie Adelaide Josephine Richard, of Que- 
bec. Apptd. to Legis. Council, June 30, 1896, and was Speaker from Jan. 11 to 
June 29, 1897. A Conservative. 

MARCIL, DAVID, MD. (Mille Isles). S. of David Marcil and Josephine 
Bergevin. B. at St. Tlmothee, Co. Beauharnois, Feb. 14, 1835. Ed. at Seminar- 
aries of Ste. Therese and St. Hyacinthe. A physician. Formerly Mun. Coun- 
cillor and Mayor of St. Eustache. M.. Nov. 12, 1863, Philomene Paquin, de St. 
Eustache. Was unsuccessful at Dom. g. e., 1878, in Co. of Two Mountains, and 
was again defeated in 1887 for the Legis. Assembly. Apptd. to Legis. Council, 
August 10, 1888 A Liberal. 


MBTHOT, FRANCOIS XAVIBR OVIDE (De la ValUere). S. of the late F. 
X. Methot, M.P. for Quebec, 1S47-51. B. at Quebec, Sept. 19, 1848. Ed. at Sem* 
inary of Quebec. A farmer. For many years Mayor of St. Pierre les Becquets. 
Formerly a Captain in the militia. Mem. of the Council of Agriculture. M., 
first, in May, 1863. Marie Clara, d. of the late A. S. Methot. mem. for Nicolet, 
and second. May 2. 1885, Marie Louise Paradis, of Yamaska. Mem. for Nicolet, 
1871-77, in Legis. Assembly, and in Dom. Parlt., 1877-84. Apptd. to Legts. 
Council, March 27, 1884. A Conservative. 

OUIMBT, HON. GEDEON. Q.C., LL.D. (Rougomont). S. of Jean Ouimet, a 
farmer, and Marie Louise Marguerite Bontron, dit Major. B. at Ste. Rose, Co. 
Laval. June 3, 1823. Ed. at St. Hyacinthe Coll., Montreal Coll., and private tui- 
tion. Called to the Bar. Aug.. 1844; Q.C., 1867. Ah advocate. For two ytears Mayor 
of the Village of Vaudreuil. Supt. of Pub. Instruction, 1867-95. Pres. of Bar- 
risters' Assn. of Montreal, 1896 ; Pres. of St. Jean Baptlste Soc ; an officer of 
Public Instruction ef France, 1878 ; Commander of the Order of St. Gregory 
the Great, 1886. D.C.L. of Bishops' Coll., Lennoxville, and UL.D. of Laval 
Univ M.. Aug. 13, 1850, Marie J. Genevieve, d. of Alexis Pellant. Mem. for 
Beauhamois in Legis. Assembly, 1857-61. and for Two Mountains, 1867, and was 
Atty.-General until 1873. when he became Premier of the Province. Apptd. to 
Legis. Council. April, 1895. A Conservative. 

PELLBTIER, THOMAS PIULIPPE (Grandville). S. of German! PelleUer. a 
farmer. B. at Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere. Dec. 20, 1828, and ed. at the Coll. 
there. A merchant. M.. Sept., 1854, Caroline, sister of Sir L. N. Cassault, 
Chief Justice of the Superior Court, and of the late Abbe Cassault, chief founder 
of Laval Univ. Apptd. to Legis. Council, 1892. A Conservative. 

PBRODEAU. NARCISSB, B.C.L. (Sorel). B. at St. Ours, Co. Richelieu, 
March 26, 1851. Ed. at Coll. of St. Hyacinthe. Took the law course at McOill 
Univ. B.C.L., 1876. Admitted a notary. May, 1876. Sec. of Prov. Board of 
Notaries at Montreal since 1880. Apptd. Prof, of Law Faculty of Laval Univ., 
1S97. M., April 23, 1883, Mary L., d. of late Dr. Chas. Buckley, of St. Hya- 
cinthe. Apptd. to Legis. Council,- Dec. 23, 1897. A Liberal. 

ROLLAND, JACQUES DAMIEN (De Salaberry). S. of late Senator Rolland 
and Esther Dufresne, his wife. B. at Mcmtreal, Feb. 23, 1841. Ed. at the 
Christian Brothers' School and Jesuit Coll., Montreal. A member of the firm 
of J. B. Rolland & Sons, paper manufacturers. From 1872-1876 a member of the 
Hochelaga Town Council, and Mayor from 1876-1879, and on the annexation of 
Hochelaga to Montreal, 1882, became a mem. of the Montreal City Council. Was 
the founder and is the Pres. of the " Societe de Colonisation et de Rapatrie- 
ment," of Montreal. One of the founders and first Vice-Pres., and is now Pres., 
of the Commercial Travellers Assn. Apptd. to Legis. Council, Nov. 14, 1896. 
A Conservative. 

ROSS, HON. JOHN JONES, M.D, (Shawinegan). S. of G. Mcintosh Ross, 
merchant, and Marie Louise Gouin. B. at Quebec, Aug. 16, 1833. Mem. of 
Council of Agriculture of Quebec, 1862-90. M., 1856, Marie Arline, d. of Lt- 
Col. Lanouette. of Champlain. Mem. for Champlain in Legis. Assem., 1861-67, 
and in Ho. of Commons, 1867-74. Apptd. to Legis. Council, Nov. 2, 1867. Apptd. 
to the Senate, April 12, 1887. Pres. of the Legis. Council, Feb. 27, 1873, toA-Ug. 
7, 1874, from Jan. 27, 1876, to March 2, 1878, and from Oct. 31, 1879, to March 4, 
1882. Min. of Agriculture and Public Works, July, 1881, to March, 1882. Be- 
came Premier and Min. of Agriculture and Pub. Works, Jan. 23. 1884. Resigned 
Jan.. 1887. Speaker of Senate from Sept. 14, 1891, to April 23, 1896. Min. with- 
out portfolio in Tupper Admn. from May 1 to July 8, 1896. A Conservative. 


SHARPLBS, JOHN (Stadcona). S. of Hon. John Sharpies, Legls. Council- 
lor, whose ancestors came from Lancashire, Eng. B. at Quebec, Jan., 1848. Ed. 
at Ste. Marie Coll., Montreal. A merchant, timber exporter, a Dlr. of the 
Union Bank, the Great Northern Ry. Co., and the Quebec and Montmorency 
Electric and Power Co. Formerly a Harbor Commr. of Quebec. Is a mem. of 
the Quebec City Council since May, 1894. M., Oct., 1871, Margaret, eld. d. of 
the late Sheriff Allejrn. Apptd. to Legis. Council, April, 1894 A Conservative. 

SYLVESTRE, LOUIS (De Lanaudiere). S. of Pierre Sylvestre and Josephte 
Lairgne, his wife. B. at Berthier en haut, Feb. 12, 1832. Ed. at L'Assomption 
Coll. A farmer. M., 1852, Marie Louise Plante. Mem. for Berthier in Legis. 
Assembly, 1871-78. Was defeated in 1878 and 1880, and also at Doni. election ip. 
1883. Was el. to Legis. Assembly in 1886. Apptd. to Legis. Council, Jan. 10, 
1890. A Liberal. 

TURNER, RICHARD (Golfe). S. of James Turner, of Rochester, Eng., and 
Susan Frizelle, of Kilflnnan, Irel., his wife. B. at Quebec, Aug. 15, 1843. Ed. 
there at private schools. A wholesale merchant, lumberer and shipowner. A 
J. P. Three times Alderman of Quebec. A Dir. of La Banque Nationale. Pres. 
of St. George's Soc, Pres. of Board of Trade. M., March 27, 1867, Emily Maria 
Ellis. Apptd. to Legis. Council, July, 1897. A Liberal. 

WARD, JAMES KEWLEY (Victoria). His father was a native of Durham, 
Eng., Who settled In the Isle of Man. B. at Peel, Isle of Man, Sept.* 9, 1819. 
Emigrated to New York, and after ten years' residence there came to Canada. 
Is engaged in the lumber business. Was a mem. of the Mun. Council of St. 
Antoine for 18 years and Mayor for 9 years. A Governor of Montreal General 
Hospital and of the House of Refuge and Industry. Is Pres. of the Protestant 
Hospital for the Insane, and Pres. of the Sch. Commrs. of Cote St. Antoine. 
Defeated in the Dom. g. e., 1882 and 1887. Apptd. to Legis. Council, June 14, 
1888. A Liberal. 

WOOD, THOMAS (Bedford). S. of Thomas Wood and Mary Skeele, his wife, 
whose ancestors emigrated from England to the U. S., whence his parents came 
to Canada. B. at Dunham, Mar. 7, 1815. A merchant. Formerly Mayor of Dun- 
ham. Pres. of the Missisquoi Junction Ry. Co., of the Soc. of Agric, and of 
the Rifle Assn. of Bedford district. Was defeated in Co. of Missisquoi at g. e., 
1861. Apptd. to Legis. Council, Nov. 2, 1867. A Liberal. 


(Elected 1897.) 
Orateur— The Hon. Jules Teasler— Speaker. 




Allard, Jules 

Atwater, Hon. A. W 

Ball, George 

Bedard, Joseph 

Beland, Seyerin 

Bickerdike, Robert 

Bisson, Elle-Hercule 

Bissonnette, P. J. Leonidas. 

Blanchard, Etienne 

Bouffard, Bdouari 

Bourbonnais, Avila G 

Carbray, Felix 

Cardin, L. P. P 

Caron, Hector 

Champagne, Hector 

Chauret, Joseph Adolphe .. 
Chenevert, C. Alphonse — 

Cherrier, Seraphin 

Ohlco3me, Jerome A 

Clapperton, W. H 

D'Auteuil, Pierre 

Decarie, D. J 

Dechene, Hon. P. G. M. ... 
DeGrosbois, Dr. Tancrede B 
Delaney, Patrick Peter ... . 

Dessaulles, George C 

Boris, Cyprien 

Duffy, H. T. I'hon 

Defresne, A. N 

Duplessis, L. T. N. L. .... 
Plynn, I'hon. Edmund J — 

Gameau, Nemeze 

Gillies. David 

Girard, Joseph 

Girouard, Joseph E 

Gouin, Lomer 

Gosselin, Frs. (flls.) 

Grenler, Pierre 

College Electoraux. 


Montreal, No. 4 




Montreal, No. 5 



















Isles de la Magdeleine 

St. Hyacinthe 




St. Maurice 




Lac St. Jean 


Montreal No. 2 




St. Prs.-du-Lac 




St. Joseph. 



St. Esprit. 

St. Marc. 





St. -Leon. 

St Eustache. 

Ste. Genevieve. 





Bale St. Paul. 

N.-D. de Grace. 


Roxton's Palls. 


St. Hyacinthe. 

St. Michel-Archange. 


St. Cesalre. 



Ste. Foye. 

Braside, Ont. 

St. Gedeon. 

Arthabaska ville. 


St. Alexandre. 

St. Maurice. 




Guerln. I'hon. J. J. Ed 

Hftckett, I'hon. M. F 

Hunt, James 

Lacombe, George A 

Laliberte, Edouard H 

Lalonde, Emery 

LeBlanc, I'hon. P. Ev. ... 

Lislois, Joseph C 

McCorklll, J. C. Jam?s S.. 

McDonald, Milton 

Marchand, Hon. F. Q 

Major, Charles B 

Marion, Joseph 

Nantel, Hon. Q. A 

Normand, Telesphore 

Panneton, L. Edmond — 

Parent, Hon. S. N 

Pelletier, Hon. L. P 

Petit, Honore 

Pinault, Louis F 

Rainville, H. Benjamin .. 
Robidoux, Hon. Jos. E... 

Robitaille, Amedee 

Rocheleau, Antolne 

Roy, L.-Rodolphe 

Shehyn, Hon. Joseph 

Smith, George R ... 

Stephens, Hon. G. W. ... 
Talbot. Felix A 

Tellier, Joseph-Math ias 

Tessier, Auguste 

Tessier, Hon. Jules 

Turgeon, Hon. Adelard , 

Watt, William John 

Weir, William Alex 

College Electoraux. 

Montreal No. 6 



Montreal No. 1 






Bagot '. 

St. Jean 




Trois-Rivieres ^. ... 


St. Sauveur 


Chicoutimi et Saguenay 


Montreal No. 3 









Joliette .... 
Rimouski .. 
Portneuf ... 
Bellechase . 
Argenteuil . 

' Residences. 










St. Andre d'Acton. 

St. -Jean. 


St. -Paul I'Ermite. 











St. -Hubert. 



Thetford Mines. 


St. Georges de Ca- 








College Blectoraux. 














Chicoutimi et Saguenay 









Isles de la Madeleine 




Lac St. Jean 


L' Assomption \ 












Montreal No. 1 

Montreal No. 2 

Montreal No. 3 , 

Montreal, No. 4 





W. A. Weir (L.) 


Joseph E. Girouard (L.) ... 


Milton MacDonald (C.) .... 

St. Andre d' Acton. 

H S Beland (L > 

St. Joseph. 

E H. Bisson (L.) 


L'Hon. A. Turgeon (L.) ... 


C. A. Chenevert (L.) 


W.«H. Clapperton (L.) 


L'Hon. H. T. Duffy (L.) .. 


Antoine Rocheleau (L.) ... 

St. -Hubert. 

Pierre Grenier (C.) 

St. Maurice. 

Piorr«» D'Auteuil (C.) 

Bale St. Paul. 

L'Hon. J. E. Robidoux (L.) 


Honore Petit (C.) 


James Hunt (L.) 


H. Champagne (L.) 

St. Eustache. 

L'Hon. L. P. Pelletier (C). 


W J Watts (L.) 


L'Hon. E. J. Flynn (C.) ... 


D. J. Decarie (L.) 

N.-D. de Grace. 

L'Hon. G. W. Stephens (L.) 


P. Gosselin (fils.) (L.) .... 

St. Alexandre. 

Patrick Delaney (L.) 


J. A. ChJtUTo (L.) . 

Ste. Genevieve. 

J. M. Tellier (C.) 


L R Rov (L,) 


Josenh Girard (C.) 

St. (Jedeon. 

Sf.raphim Cherrier (L.) — 

Laprairie. • 

Joseph Marlon (C.) 

St.-Paul I'Ermite. 

L'Hon. P. E. LeBlanc (C). 


(Seat vacant.) 

L'Hon.F.G.M.Dechene (L.). 


B. H. Laliberte (L.) 


H. Caron (L.) 

St. -Leon. 

L. P. Pinault (L.) 


G. R. Smith (L.) 

Thetford Mines. 

J. C. J. S. McCorkill (L.).. 


P. J. L. Bissonette (L.) .... 

St. Esprit. 

Edouard Bouffard (C.) .... 


J. C. Lislois (L.) 


G. A. Lacombe (L.) 


Lomer Gouln (L.) 


H. B. Ralnvllle (L.) 


L'Hon. A. W. Atwater (C.) 




College Electoraux. 


Montreal, No. 5 

Montreal No. 6 






Quebec- Centre 








St. Hyacinthe 

St. Jean 

St. .Maurice 

St. Sauveur 





Temiscouata • 





Wolfe •. 



Robert Bickerdike (L.) .... 
L'Hon. J. J. E. Guerin (L^ 

Cyprien Doris (L.) 

George Ball (C.) 

C. B. Major (L.) 

David Gillies (L.) 

L'Hon. J. Tessier (L.) .... 

Amedee Robitaille (L.) 

Nemeze Garneau (L.) 

Felix Carbray (L.) 

L'Hon. J. Shehyn (L.) .... 

L. P. P. Cardin (L.) 

Joseph Bedard (C.) 

Auguste Tessier (L.) 

A. N. Dufresne (C.) 

G. C. Dessaulles (L.) 

L'Hon. P. G. Marchand (L.). 
L. T. L. N. Duplessis (C.).. 
L'Hon. S. N. Parent (L.).. 
T. Boucher DeGrosbols (L.). 

L. B. Panneton (C.) 

A. G. Bourbonnais (L.) 

L'Hon. M. P. Hackett (C). 
P. A. Talbot (L.) 

L'Hon. G. A. Nantel (C.).. 
T. E. Normand (C.) 

Emery Lalonde (L.) 

Etienne Blanchard (L.) 

J. A. Chico3me (C.) 

Jules Allard (L.) 





St. Michel-Archange. 



Braside, Ont. 



Ste. Poyo. 






St. Cesaire. 

St. Hyacinthe. 

St. -Jean. 



Rozton's Falls. 




St. Georges de Ca • 

St. Marc. 
St. Prs.-du-Lac. 


L. G. Desjardins, Clerk. 
A. C. Gullbault, Assistant Clerk. 
Gedeon LaRoque, Sergeant-at-Arras. 
liOuis Fortier, Clerk of French Journals. 
Bdm. R. Alleyer, Clerk of English Journals. 
Laurent Simoneau, Accountant. 

P. L. Desaulniers and Chas. Delagrave, Clerks of the Private Bills Com- 

P. A. Mercier, Clerk of Votes and Proceedings. 

Crawford Lindsay, English Translator. 

Leon Lodien, French Translator. 

Zenophile Benoit, Postmaster. 

N. E. Dionne, Librarian. 

L. J. Cannon, Law Clerk. 

H. Oliver and C. Lanctot, Special Offlcers-at-Law 


ALLARD, JULES (Yamaska). S. of Louis AUard, a farmer, and Marie 
Anne Chapdelaine, his wife. B. Vt St. Francois-du-Lac, Jan. 21, 1859. Ed. at 
Nicolet Coll. An advoeate. Is Pres. of the School Commrs. of the Village of 
St. Francois-du-Lac since 1882, and Mayor of the same place since 1895. Regis- 
trar of the Co. of Yamaska, 1890-97. M., June 3, 1886, Berthe Toupin. El. to 
Legls. at bye-elecUon Dec. 22, 1897. A Liberal. 

ATWATER, HON. ALBERT WILLIAM, B.A., LL.B., Q.C. (Montreal, Div. 
No. 4, St. Lawrence). S. of late Albert W. Atwater, merchant. Family emi- 
grated to present New England States about 1650, and thence to Montreal. B. 
there May 19, 1856. Ed. at Montreal high sch. and McOill Uniy. Grad. in Arts, 
1877 ; grad. in Law, 1830, at head of honor list, winning Elizabeth Torrance 
gold medal. Called to the Bar, Jan., 1881. Is senior partner of the firm of 
Atwater, Duclos & Mackie. Apptd. Q.C, May 19, 1896. El. alderman (accl.) for 
St. Antoine Ward, City of Montreal, 1896. Apptd. (1897) a Commr. to prepare 
new charter for City of Montreal. Joint consulting attorney for City, Jan., 
1S98. Unmarried. Sworn in a member of the Executive Council, fCnd as Prov. 
Treas. in Ministry of Hon. B. J. Fljmn, May 12, 1896. First el. to Legis. As- 
sembly, June 4, 1896, by accl., for St. Lawrence Div. Re-el. at g. e., 1897. A 

BALL, GEORGE (Nicolet). Of Scotch des. by his father, and French-Can- 
adian by his mother. B. at Champlain, P.Q., Sept. 11, 1838. Ed. at Nicolet 
Commercial sch. Lumber merchant. Mayor of Town of Nicolet. M., Elizabeth 
Thurber. El. to Legls. Assembly at g. e., 1897. A Conservative. 

BEDARD, JOSEPH (Richmond). Family emigrated from Franco to Quebec 
about 1646. B. at Quebec, Oct., 1835. A merchant and mill owner. Mayor of 
Richmond, 1888-90. Pres. of St. Jean Baptiste Soc. Dir. of the CounUes of 
Stanstead and Sherbrooke Assur. Co. M., July 24, 1S60, Mary, eld. d. of the 
late Petet Mc(Jovern. El. to Legls. at g. e., 1892. Re-el, at g. e., 1897. A 

BBLAND, HENRI SEVERIN, B.A., M.D. (Beauce). S. of Henri Beland and 
Sophie Lesage, his wife. B. at Louiseville, P.Q., Oct. 11, 1869. B.A. of Three 
Rivers Coll. M.D. of Laval. A physician. Mayor of St. Joseph. M., Flore 
Gerin Lajoie. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e, 1897. A Liberal. 

BICKBRDIKE, ROBERT (Montreal, Div. No. 5, St. Antoine). S. of late 
Thos. Bickerdike,- a native of York, Eng. B. at Kingston, Ont., Aug. 17, 1843. 
Ed. at Beauharnois, P.Q. In 1864 went into the live stock trade, and is now 
one of the largest exporters. He organized the Dom. Abbatoirs and Stock 
Yards Co., of which he was managing dir. Was one of the founders of the Dom. 
Live Stock Assn. Was the founder and is now Pres. of the Live Stock Ins. Co., 
Pres. of the Standard Light and Power Co., Vice-Pres. of Hochelaga Bank, 
ex-Pres. of Montreal Board of Trade. Founder, and at present Mayor of. Town 
of Summerlea on Lake St. Louis. A member of the Montreal Harbor Commn. 
A life (rovemor of Montreal Gen. Hospital. Pres. of Lachine Boating Club. M., 
3866, Helen Thompson Reid. El. to Legls. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

Bissonette and Esther Gelinoau, his wife. B. at Laprairie, P.Q., Feb. 25, 1861. 
Ed. at Montreal. A graduate of Victoria Sch. of Med., Montreal. Governor of 
the Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons of Prov. of Quebec. Asst. Examiner of 
Laval Univ. Made a J.P., 1890. Pres. of Cercle Agricole de St. Esprit. Treas. 


of Club National, Montreal. M., Juliette, d. of Denis LaMarche, notary, of St. 
Roch de I'Achlgan. El. to. Legis. at g. e, 1897 A Liberal 

BISSON, ELIE HERCULE (Beauliarnois)T S. of Alexis Bisson and Esther 
Longtin, his wife. B. at St. Remi July 8, 1883 Ed. at Montreal Coll. A notary. 
Sec.-Treas. of County. Mayor of Beauhamois. Pres. of Agrle. Soc. of County. 
Was Deputy Regis. Co. of Chateauguay in 1857. Deputy Prothonotary of Beau- 
hamois, 1859. Admitted as a notary. 1860. M., 1861, Virginie Rapin. El. to 
Legis. Assembly, July 14, 1873 ; re-el. at g. e., 1875 ; defeated at g. e., 1878 ; 
re-el. at g. e., 1886 and 1890 ; defeated at g. e., 1892 ; re-el. at bye-election, June 
7, 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

BLANCHARD, ETIENNE (Vercheres). S. of Isidore Blanchard and Emelie 
Gatoury, his wife, of St. Jean Baptiste de Rouville. B. there, April 1, 1843. A 
farmer. Mayor of St. Marc for many years. M., Virginie Blanchard. El. to 
Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

BOUFFARD, EDOUARD, B.A., B.Sc. (Montmorency). S. of David Bouffard, 
pilot, and Prancoise Chabot, his wife. B. at St. Laurente, Island of Orleans, 
August 30, 1858. Ed. at the Semin. of Quebec, graduating B.A. and B.Sc. Ad- 
mitted as an advocate, Jan., 1884. El. to I^egis. at bye-election held June 23, 
3 890 ; ro-el. at g. e., 1897. A Conservative 

BOURBONNAIS, AVILA GONZALVE, B.A. (Soulanges). S. of Michel Bour- 
bonnais, J. P., and Angele Houle, his wife. B. at St. Clet, Co. Soulanges, Oct. 
18, 1859. Ed. at Petit Seminarie Ste. Therese. A graduate of Laval Univ. An 
official stenographer. M., Oct. 26, 1884, Marie Rose Delia Lefebvre, who died 
1896. EL to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1886, and still represents the constituency. 
A Liberal. 

CARBRAY, FELIX (Quebec West). S. of Niall Carbray, of Tyrone, Irel., 
and Catharine Connolly, his wife. B. at St. Foye, P.Q., Dec. 23, 1835. Ed. at 
local schs. Is senior partner of Carbray, Routh & Co., general commission 
merchants, Quebec and Montreal. Portuguese consul at Quebec. Until recently 
a mem. of the Bd. of Harbor Commrs. In 1896 was apptd. a delegate to the 
Irish National Convention at Dublin. M., May, 1854, Margaret, d. of William 
Carbery, formerly of Carrick-on-Suir, Irel., (she died May, 1895.) Sat for Que- 
bec West in Legis., 1881-1886. when defeated on the Riel question. Re-el. by 
accl. at g. e., 1892, and again at g. e., 1897. A Conservative. 

CARDIN, LOUIS PIERRE PAUL (Richelieu). S. of a well-to-do yeoman of 
Isle Madame, opp. Sorel. B. May 21, 1841. Ed. at the Coll. of L'Assomption. 
A notary; admitted to practice 1868. Was in partnership with Mr. Precourst 
til! 1872. At difCerent periods was Sec. of the Council for Sorel, Dissentient 
School Board, Agricultural Society of Co. of Richelieu, Municipality of Ste. 
Anne de Sorel and Ste. Victoire. Pres. of Agricultural Society of Co. of Riche- 
lieu. Organized first militia company in Sorel. First-class mil. sch. certificate. 
M., Marie Eugenie Lamare. In 1885 joined the National party, and the follow- 
ing year, at the g. e., was elected member for Richelieu. Still represents that 
county. A Liberal. 

CARON, HECTOR (Maskinonge). S. of Geo. Caron, ex-M.P., and Philomene 
Fleury, his wife. B. August 30, 1862. Bd. at Seminary of St. Joseph, Three 
Rivers, the Ottawa Seminary, and the Univ. of Poughkeepsle, N.Y. A merchant. 
M., February 9, 1885, Florella, d. of A. S. Desaulniers, ex.M.P. El. to Legis. 
at g. e., 1S92 Re-el. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 


CHAMPAQNS, HECTOR (Deux MootagneB). Graad parents took an actiTe 
part in rebellion of 1837. S. of CyriUe Champagne, notary, of St. Bustache, and 
the late Dame Marie Josephine Lefebvre, his wife. B. at St. Bustache, Que., 
February 18, 1862. Ed. at the Seminary of Ste. Therese de BlainviUe alid 
Bourget Coll. at Rigaud, and pursued his legal studies at Laval Uniy; and the 
Univ. of Paris. Called to the Bar, July 15, 1886. Unmarried. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1S97. A Liberal. 

CHENEVERT, CUTHBERT ALPHONSR (Berthier). S. of Theophile Chene- 
vort and Mathilde Filteau, his wife. B. at St. Cuthbert May 21, 1859. Ed. at 
L'Assomption Coll. and the Jesuit Coll., Montreal. Called to the Bar, January, 
1883. Has been a partner of Hon. J. E. Robidoux since 1895. Is proprietor and 
editor fo the " Gazette de Berthier." M., August 24, 1884, Marie Berthe Valerie 
Rocher. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1890 ; defeated at g. e., 1892 ; again el. at g. e., 
1S97. A Liberal. 

CHERRIER, COME SERAPHIN (Laprairie). S. of George Edouard Cherrier 
and Sophie Robineault, his wife. B. at St, Philomene, Co. of Chateauguay, 
April 4, 1848. Ed. at the Coll. of Ste. Therese de Blainville. A farmer. M., 
Sept. 1, 1873, Elenore GiasBon. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

CHICOYNE, JEROME ADOLPHE (Wolfe). S. of Jerome Chicoyne and 
Marie Dorothee Deslaudes, his wife. B. at Saint Pie, Co. Bagot, August 22, 
1854. Ed. at Seminary of St. Hyaclnthe. A Journalist. Municipal Councillor 
for Sherbrooke, 1889-95. Mayor, 1890-92. M., January, 1868, Caroline Perreault. 
El. to Legis. at g. ., 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. A Conservative. 

CLAPPERTON, WILLIAM H. (Bonaventure). Father was John Clapperton, 
of Fochabers, Morayshire, and his mother a dau. of Captain Hilarion Dugas, of 
Maria, P.Q. B. at Carleton, P.Q., January 27, 1839. Ed. at pub. sch., Fochabers. 
A merchant. Was Crown Lands Agent for Bonaventure, West Div., from 1891- 
1895. M., Jlanuary 23, 1866, Mary Ann^ d. of J. G. Lebel, notary and registrar of 
Co. Ah unsuccessful candidate for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1878. El. to Legis. 
at bye-election, Dec. 22, 1897. A Liberal. 

D'AUTBUIL, PIERRE, B.A., LL.B. (Charlevoix). S. of Louis D'Auteuil, a 
farmer, and Justine Garon, his wife. B. at Riviere Ouelle, Co. Kamouraska, 
Feb. 2, 1857. Ed. at Seminary of Quebec and Laval Univ., graduating with the 
degree of B.A., and subsequently took that of LL.B. Called to the Bar, July, 
1381, and practised at Malbaie, Dis. of Saugenay, until April, 1892, when he was 
apptd. a magistrate of the Dis. of Chicoutimi, which he resigned in 1897, and 
resumed practice ; now at Bale St. Paul. M., Oct. 4, 1893, Adele, d. of the late 
Alexis Dumas, merchant, of Hebertville, Lac St. Jean. Defeated at g. e., 1892 ; 
he was successful in 1897. A Conservative. 

DECARIE, D. J. (Hochelaga). S. of Jeremie Decarie, farmer, and his wife, 
Appoliue Gougeon, des. of Jean Decarie, dit de Houx, who came over with 
Maisonneuve. B. March 20, 1836. Ed. at Ste. Therese Coll. A farmer. Was 
Pres. of Commissioners Sch. Board, of Municipality of Notre Dame de Grace, 
1876-1880. First Mayor of same, 1876, and has since continued. Prefet of Hoche- 
laga Co. since 1888. Pres. Hochelaga Agric. Soc. ; mem. of Council of Agric. of 
Province of Quebec, 1888 ; J.P., 1879. Apptd. in 1857 Lieut, in 11th Batt. Award- 
ed ** Tres Grand Merlte " medal in the competition for the ** Merite Agricole." 
M.. Spt., 1809, Philomene, d. of Louis Leduc. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 
1897. A Liberal. 

Alfred M. Dechene, merchant, of St. Roch des Aulnaies, and Luce Talbot, his 


wife. B. at St. Roch des Aulnaies, August 18, 1859. Ed. at Coll. of Ste. Anno 
dc La Pocatiere, and studied law at Laval Uniy. Called to the Bar, July, 1883. 
I8 a mem. of the legal firm of Bedard & Dechene. Represented the province on 
the board of directors of the Imperial Inst., London, Bng. Unmarried. EI. to 
Legis. at g. e., 188C ; re-el., 1890, 1892 and 1897. Apptd. Min. of Agriculture in 
Marchand Govt. Re-el. by accl., June 12, 1897. A Liberal. 

DeGROSBOIS, TANCREDE BOUCHER, M. D. (Shefford). S. of Dr. C. 
Boucher de Grosbois and Emelie Boucher de Boucherville, sister of Hon. C. E. 
de Boucherville, his wife. B. at Chambly in 1847. Ed. at McGlll Univ. Ad- 
mitted to practice medicine, 1868. Was defeated in Co. Chambly at Dom. g. e., 
1872, and also at Prov g. e., 1881. Was el. for Shefford at a bye-election, May 
18, 3888 ; re-el. at g. e., 1890 ; defeated, 1892 ; re-el., 1897. A Liberal. 

DBLANEY, PATRICK PETER, M.D. (Magdalen Islands). Eld. s. of the 
late John Delaney and Eudoxie Theriault, his wife. B. Jan. 23, 1853. Ed. at 
St. Dunstan Coll., Charlottetown, P.E.I. Was for three years master at a gram- 
mar sch. at Tignish, P.E.I. Admitted to practice medicine in June, 1877, after 
taking a course at Laval Univ. Is also engaged in business with his brother. 
Ho has been Councillor and Mayor of Havre and Maisons several times, and 
also Warden. M., in 1882, Maria, d. of Timothy O'Brien, of Liverpool, Eng. 
El. to Legis., July 10. 1897. A Liberal. 

DESSAULLES, GEORGE C. (St. Hyacinthe). S. of Hon. Jean Dessaulles,. 
member of Legis. Council of L. C, and Rosalie Papineau, his wife, sister of the 
Hon. L. J. Papineau. B. at St. Hyacinthe, Sept. 29, 1827. Ed. at Seminary of 
St. Hyacinthe. Member City Council of St. Hyacinthe, 1858-1868. Mayor. 1868- 
1880 and 1886-1898. Pres. La Banque de St. Hyacinthe. M., first, 1857, Emilie, 
d. of Hon. D. Maidelet, Judge Sup. Court of Three Rivers, (she died) ; second, 
1869, Louise Frances, d. of D. S. Leman, M.D. El. to Legis. Assembly, g.e^.,. 
1897. A Liberal. 

DORIS, CYPRIEN (Napierville). S. of Narcisse Doris and Marie Pinseu- 
nault, his wife. A farmer. Mayor of St. Michel Archange for six years, and 
Warden of the Co. since 1895. M., July 7, 1890, Judiana Marcil. El. to Legis. 
at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

DUFFY, HON. HENRY THOMAS (Brome). Of Irish origin. Was b. in Tp. 
of Durham, Co. of Drummond, May 29, 1852. Ed. at pub. schs. and St. Francois 
Coll. at Richmond. Admitted to practice law in 1879. Is Mayor of Sweetsburg. 
Unmarried. Defeated at a bye-election for Legis., Nov. 28, 1889. El. at g. e., 
1897. Apptd. Min. of Public Works in Marchand Govt.; re-el., June 19. 1897. A 

DUFRESNE, A. N. (Rouville). S. of Alexander Dufresne and Adeline Goyette, 
his wife. B. at St. Cesaire, Oct. 19, 1856. Ed. at Holy Cross Commercial Coll., 
St. Cesaire. Produce merchant. M., June 6, 1882, Agnes M. Lamoureux. El. 
to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1897. A Conservative. 

of Joseph Le Noblet Duplessis and Marie Louise Lefebvre Descoteaux, his Wife. 
B., March 5, 1855, at Yamachiche. Ed. at the Seminaries of Three Rivers and 
Nlcolet. Admitted to practice law, Jan. 12, 1880. M., July 14, 1886, Berthe, d. of 
L. V. A. Genest, Three Rivers. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1886, and re-el., 1890. 1892 
and 1897. A Conservative. 

FLYNN, HON. EDMUND JAMES (Gaspe). S. of James Flynn and BUza- 
^eth Tostevln, his wife. B. at Perce, Nov. 16, 1847. Ed. at Seminary of Que- 


bee, and studied law at Laval Univ. Called to the Bar, Rept. 15, 1873, and wa0 
made Prof, of Roman Law at Laval Univ. the following year, M., May 11, 
1875, Mathilda Augustine, d. of Augustin Cote, printer. In 1875 and 1877 was an 
unsuccessful candidate for the Legis. El. by accl. April 29, 1378. Min. of 
Crown Lands in the Chapleau Govt., Oct. 31, 1879, to Aug. 1, 1882. Min. of 
RaUways in the Ross Govt., Feb. 9, 1884. Sol. -Gen., May 12, 1884. Resigned 
Jan. 22, 1887. Was defeated at g. e., 1890. In 1891 contested Quebec Co. for Ho. 
of Commons, but was defeated. Apptd. Min. of Crown Lands in the de Bouch- 
erville Govt., Dec. 21, 1891, and held the same portfolio in the Taillon Govt. 
El. in Gaspe and Matane at g. e. ,1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. Premier and Min. 
of Public Works from May 11, 1896, to May 22, 1897. Is now leader of the Op- 
Ifosition. A Conservative. 

GARNEAU, NEMEZE (Quebec County). S. of Dr. J. B. Garneau and Marie 
Nathalie Rinfret, his wife. B. at Ste. Anne de la Perade, Nov. 15, 1847. Ed. at 
St. Anne de la Perade at the Academy of Prof. D. N. St. Cyr. A merchant. 
Laureat of Agricultural Merit. Pres. of Committee of Agriculture. Vice-Pres. 
Canadian Breeders' Assn. Dir. Chicoutimi Pulp Co. M. Marie E. Plamandon, 
d. of late I. P. Plamandon. An advocate. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 
1897. A Liberal. 

GILLIES, DAVID (Pontiac). Of Scotch parentage. B. in Lanark Co., Ont., 
June 27, 1849 .Ed. there and in Carleton Place. M., Feb. 20, 1879, Martha, d. 
of late M. Poole, of Carleton Place. Is engaged in lumbering and manufac- 
turing. Returned to Legis. at g. e., 1892, and by accl. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

GIRARD, JOSEPH (Lake St. John). S. of Patrick Girard, a farmer, and 
Marie Tremblay, his wife. B. at St. Urbain, Co. Charlevoix, Aug. 2, 1854. Ed. 
at the Seminary of Quebec. A farmer and cheese manufacturer. Secretary of 
the Mun. Council for last ten years, and is Pres. of the Sch. Commrs. M., 
April 5, 1873, Emma Cote. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1892 ; re-el., 1897. 
A Conservative. 

GIROUARD, JOSEPH E. (Arthabaska). B. June 17, 1855, at Stanfold, P.Q. 
Ed. at Nicolet Coll. Pl-actised as a notary from 1881 to 1897, and since then as 
an advocate. Mayor of Drummondvllle, 1888-1897. Sec.-Treas of Grantham 
Mun. and Sch. for 15 years. Manager Jacques Cartier Bank, 1887-1897. M., 
1882, Emma Watkins. El. to'Legis. Assembly, March 24, 1886, and re-el. since. 
A Liberal. 

(JOSSBLIN, FRANCOIS (Iberville). S. of Thomas Gosselin and Onesime 
Nadeau, his wife. B. at St. Athanase, Nov. 12, 1837, where he was also ed. 
A farmer and merchant. Has been Sch. Commr. Mayor of St. 'Alexandre for 
14 years. A Dir. of the Bank of St. John's. M., Feb. 11, 1860, Melanie 
Mahnie, of the Parish of St. Sebastien. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1890 ; re-el. 
1892 and 1897. A Liberal. 

(K)UIN, LOMER (Montreal. Div. No. 2, St. James). S. of N. Gouin, M.D., 
and S. Frigere, his wife. B. at Grondines, P.Q., March 19, 1861. Ed. at Sorel 
and Levis. Called to the Bar, 1884. A former partner of Judge Pagnuelo, and 
later of Hon. H. Mercier, whose d., Eliza, he married, 1888. In g. e., 1891, un- 
successfully contested Richelieu for Ho. of Commons. El. to Legis. at g. e., 
1897. A Liberal. 

GRENIER. PIERRE, M.D. (Champlain). S. of Francois Remi Grenier, 
farmer, and Rosalie Moreau, his wife. B. at Three Rivers, June 11, 1888. Ed. 
at Nicolet Seminary, and the Sch. of Med. and Surgery, Montreal. M.D., 1862. 
M., first, Sept. 6, 1866, Luce Proulx, who died Oct. 10, 1874 ; and second, Feb. 


17, 1876» Comelie Proulx, slater of his first wife. £1. to Legls. at g. e., 1890, 
and re-ol. 1S92 and 1897. A Conseryatlve. 

GUBRIN, HON. JAMES JOHN EDMUND, M.D. (Montreal, Dlv. No. 6). S. 
of Thomas Guerin, a native of Ireland, an engineer in the Public Works Dept. 
of Canada, and Mary Magulre, his wife. B. at Montreal, July 4, 1856. Ed. at 
Montreal Coll. and McGill Univ. Admitted to practice medicine in 1878. Was 
apptd by the Dom. Govt, a Commr. to fix the claims arising from the N.W. 
rebellion in 1885. Is Clinical Prof, in Laval Univ. Has been Pres. of Sham- 
rock Lacrosse Club, and is Pres. of L'Association Nationale St. IPatrice. El. 
to Legis. at a bye-election, Oct. 23, 1895 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. A mem. without 
portfolio of the Marchand Ministry. A Liberal. 

HACKETT, HON. MICHAEL FELIX, Q.C. (Stanstead). S. of Patrick 
Hackett and Mary GrifEln, his wife. B. at Granby. Que., August 23, 1854. Ed. 
there, at St. Hyacinthe Coll. and at McGill Univ. Admitted to practice law 
in 1875. Q.C, 1890. Has been Battonnier of the St Francois Bar. Mayor of 
the Village of Stanstead Plain, and Warden of the Co. Pres. Lib. -Con. Assn, 
Eastern Tps. Pres. Cath. Mutual Benefit Assn. M., Sept. 3, 1883, Florence 
Alberta, youngest d. of the late Albert Knight, former member for Stanstead. 
El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892. Was apptd. Pres. of the Ex. Council in the Taillon 
Govt., Feb. 28, 1895, and Prov. Sec. in the Flynn (Jovt., May 12, 1896. Re-el. 
at g. e., 1897. A Roman Catholic. A Conservative. 

HUNT, JAMES (Compton). S. of G. Hunt and Elizabeth Moor, his wife, 
who emigrated to Compton Co. in 1836. B. in England, June 22, 1835. A mer- 
chant. For six years Chairman of Sch. Commrs., and since 1891 Mayor of 
Bury. M., Dec. 20, 1859, Jane Stokes. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1897. 
A Liberal. 

LACOMBE, GEORGE ALBINI, M.D. (Montreal, Div. No. 1). S. of Nar- 
cisse Lacombe and Caroline Pelletier, hts wife. B. at Lavoltrie, Jan. 13, 1864. 
Ed. at L'Assomption Coll. Admitted to practice medicine in 1886. M., Oct. 11. 
1885, Henrietta Ululler. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

LALIBBRTE, EDOUARD HYPPOLITB (Lotblniere). A des. of a French 
family which settled at Lotbiniere over 150 years ago. B. there Oct. 13, 1845. 
Admitted as a notary in 1873. Represented the* Dist. of Arthabaska in the 
Chamber of Notaries. M., Jan. 14, 1873, Julia Durand, now deceased. EL to 
Legis. at a bye-election, Jan. 30, 1886 ; re-el. at g. e.. 1886, 1890, 1892 and'l897. 
A Liberal. 

LALONDE, EMERY, M.D. (Vaudreuil). S. of Emery Lalonde, merchant, 
for 12 years M.P. for the county, and Louise Prevost, his wife. B. at Ste. 
Marthe, June 24, 1851. Ed. at Montreal at the Sulpician Coll., and at the Sch. 
of Medicine and Surgery. Admitted to practice of medicine in 1873. Is valuer 
of lands for the Dom. Govt, on the Soulanges canal. M., Oct. 22, 1873, Rosalie 
Gariepy, niece of Hon. Pierre Fortin. Was defeated at a bye-elecUon, Oct. 30, 
1882, and again at g. e., 1886 El. to Legis. at g. e., June 17, 1890 ; re-el. Dec. 1, 
3890. Defeated at g. e., 1892 ,and el. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

LEBLANC, PIERRE EVARISTE (Laval). S. of Joseph Leblanc and Adele 
Bolanger, his wife. His family were driven from Acadia and settled at L'Isle 
Jesus, Co. Laval. B. at St Martin, August 10, 1863. Ed. at the Academy of 
St Martin and the Jacques CarUer Normal Sch., Montreal. Was for several 
years a teacher. Was called to the Bar, July 11, 1879. M., Jan. 12, 1886, Her- 
ine, d. of Theodore Bcaudry and Catherine Vallee, his wife. El. to Legis. at 


a bye-election, Oct. 30, 1^, but was unseated. Was defeated at the new el., 
June 13, 1888, but re-el. July 14, 1884, and also at g. e.. 1886. Being again un- 
seated, he was re-el. May 12, 1888, and again at the g. e., 1890, 1892 and 1897. 
Was Speaker of the Assembly under the de Boucherville, Taillon and Pljmn 
Govts. A Conservative. 

LISLOIS, JOSEPH C. (Montmagny). S .of Chas. C. Lislols and Genevieve 
Nicola, his wife. Ed. at the Academy of Montmagny. A merchant. El. Mayor 
1S90-1895, 1898. M., Oct. 20, 1886, Alphonsine Palmyre Joncas. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

McCORKILL, MAJOR J. C. J. S., B.C.L. (Missisquoi). S. of Robert and 
Margaret McCorkill, who were of Scotch and Irish des. respectively. B. at 
Famkam, P.Q., August 31, 1854. Ed. at the Academies of Farnham and St. 
John's, McGill Model and Normal Schs. and McGill Univ., where he took the 
degree of B.C.L. An advocate and barrister. Councillor of Cowansville, 1890- 
1892, and Mayor, 1892-1895. Held a commission in 5th Batt. Royal Scots, from 
1879 to 1887, retiring with rank of Major. Pres. of Liberal Assn. of Co. since 
January, 1890. M., May 21, 1884, Apphia Mary, youngest d. of late Senator 
?31ijah Leonard, of London, Ont. In g. e., 1886, he unsuccessfully contested 
Missisquoi, and was again defeated at a bye-election in April, 1888. In g. e., 
1897, was el. over his previous opponent. A liiberal. 

Mcdonald, major MILTON (Bagot). S. of Frank McDonald, civil en- 
gineer, and Kate Mercure, his wife. B. at Acton, Nov. 21, 1848. Ed. at the 
Roxton Academy. A farmer. Is Mayor of Acton. Warden of Co. for six 
years. A 'Major in the 84th Batt. Vice-Pres. of the Council of Agriculture of 
the Province of Quebec. M., January 8, 1877> Atala Leclerc. El. to Legis. at 
g. e.. 1890, and ro-el., 1892 and 1897. A Conservative. 

MAJOR, CHARLES BAUTROM (Ottawa). S. of Joseph Bautrom Major, 
one of the leaders of the rebellion of 1837-38, and Elmire Biroleau, his wife. 
Ed. at elementary parish schs. Called to the Bar in- 1878. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

Gabriel Marchand and Mary McNider. B. at St. Jean, January 9, 1832. Ed. 
at St. Hyacinthe Seminary. Admitted as a notary, Feb., 1855. Founded and 
published for many years the " Franco- Canadien." Is a director of " Le 
Temps." Author of several dramas, both in prose and verse. Was. Lt.-Col. of 
the 21st Batt. Richelieu Light Infantry, for several years. Served during the 
Fenian raids of 1866 and 1870, and commanded a brigade in the latter year. 
M., Sept. 12, 1854, Marie Horzelie Turgeon. Created an officer of the Legion of 
Honor by the President of France, Sept. 22, 1898. Apptd. Prov. Sec. and Re- 
gistrar, March 8, 1878 ; Min. of Crown Lands, March 19, 1879, and Speaker of 
liCgis. Assembly, Jan. "29, 1887. Was leader of the Opposition, 1891-97. Became 
Premier and Prov. Treas., May 26, 1897. Has represented Co. of St. Jean in 
the Legis. Assembly since Confederation. A Liberal. 

MARION, JOSEPH (L'Assomption). S. of Joseph Marion, a farmer, and 
Marie Louise Brousseau, his wife. B. at St. Paul I'Ermite, Dec. 3, 1837. Ed. 
at L'Assomption Coll. Admitted a a notary, Oct. 15, 1863. Mayor of St. Paul 
TBrmite for eight years, Sec. -Treas. for 30 years, and Postmaster for 30 years. 
Sec. -Treas. of the Sch. Commrtf. for 34 years. Is Warden of the Co. M., Aug. 
1, 1864, Luce Archambault. First el. to Legis. Assembly, Juhe 4, 1880 ; re-el. 
by accl. at g. e., 1881. Defeated at g. e., 1886. but at a bye-election in Oct., 
1888, was el., and re-el. at g. e., 1890, 1892 and 1897. A Conservative. 


NANTBL, HON. QUILLAUMB ALPHONSB (Terrebonne). S. of Gulllaums 
Nantel, of St. Jerome, and Adelaide Desjardlns, of Ste. Therese de Blainyille. 
Is des. from an old family of navigators of Dieppe. B. at St. Jerome, Nov. 4, 
1862. Ed. at Seminary of Sto. Therese de Blainville. Called to the Bar, 1875. 
A journalist. Has been editor of " Le Nord," of St. Jerome ; editor of " La 
Presse " and " Le Monde Canadien." Selected as director of the new " La 
Minerve," Spt., 1898. Is a director of the Montreal Colonization Ry. Co. and 
the Great Northern Ry. Co. El. to Ho. of Commons for Terrebonne at g. e., 
18S2" but resigned to give a seat to Hon. J. A. Chapleau, Secy, of State, whom 
he replaced in the Legis., August 19, 1882. Re-el. at g. e., 1886, 1890, 1892 and 
1897. Apptd. Min. of Public Works in the de Bouchenrille Govt., Dec. 21, 1891, 
and held the same portfolio in the Taillon Govt. Min. of Crowh Lands in the 
Flynn Govt., May 12, 1896. A Conservative. » 

NORMAND, TBLBSPHORB BUSEBB (Three Rivers). Of French parent- 
age. B. August 18, 1833, at Quebec. Ed. at Nicolet Coll. M., Mary Ann Re- 
vard Dufresne. Was Mun. Councillor at Three Rivers, 1860-1865, and Mayor, 
1872-1876, and 1889-1893. A notary and contractor. El. to Legis., 1890, and has 
sat continuously since. A Conservative. 

PANNETON, LOUIS BDMOND, Q.C. (Sherbrooke). S. of Andre Panneton 
and Marie Blondin, his wife. B. near Three Rivers, July 6, 1848. Ed. at the 
seminary there. Admitted as an advocate in June, 1870. Was Battonnier of 
the Bar of the district of St. Francois, 1887-89. Apptd. Q.C. in 1887. Has been 
Mayor of Sherbrooke. M., July 6, 1886, Corinne, d. of L. T. Dorais, form^ 
member. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892 ; re-el., 1897. A Conservative. ^ 

PARENT, HON. SIMON NAPOLEON (St.. Sauveur). S. of Simon Polycarpe 
Parent, merchant, and Luce Belanger, his wife. B. at Beauport, Sept. 12, 
1855. Studied law at Laval Univ. Admitted to practice law July 13, 1881. A 
member of the Quebec City Council, 1890-94 ; Mayor since 1894. M., Oct. 17, 
1877, Marie Louise Clara, d. of Ambroise Gendron, timber inspector, of Beau- 
port. EI. to Legis. at ^. e., 1890 ; re-el. 1892 and 1897. Apptd. Min. of Crown 
Lands in the Marchand Govt., May 26, 1897 ; re-el. June 12, 1897, by accl. A 

PELLBTIER, HON. LOUIS PHILIPPE (Dorchester). S. of Hon. Thomas 
P. Pelletier, Legis. Councillor, and Caroline Cassault, his wife. Is of Breton 
ancestry. B. at Trois Pistoles, Feb. 2, 1858. Ed. at the Coll. of Ste. Anne de 
la Pocatiere. Admitted to practice law, July 1, 1880. M., January 11, 1883, 
Adolc, d. of Simeon Lelievre, . advocate, of Quebec. Was defeated in Temis- 
couata at g. e., 18S6, and again defeated in Three Rivers in 1887. Apptd. Legis. 
Councillor, May 11, 1888, but resigned, and was el. in Dorchester, Dec. 20, 1888, 
by accl. Was re-el. at g. e., 1890, 1892 and 1897. Was Prov. Sec. in the de 
Boucherville and Taillon Ministries, and Attorney-General in the Flynn Govt. 
A Conservative. 

PETIT, IIONORE (Chicoutimi and Saguenay). S. of J. B. Petit and Mar- 
guerite Dore, his wife. B. at Cap Sante, Co. of Portneuf, Jan. 12, 1848. Ed. at 
Levis Coll. A farmer. Has been Mayor of Chicoutimi, the Parish of Ste. Anne, 
and Warden of Co. Was defeated at g. e., 1890. El. to Legis., March 8, 1892 ; 
rc-el., 1897. A Conservative. 

PINAULT, MAJOR LOUIS FELIX, LL.B. (Matane). S. of Nicholaa Pin- 
ault, farmer, and Christine Lepage, his wife. B. at Rimouski, Nov. 9, 1852. 
Ed. at Seminary of Rimouski, winning Prince of Wales prize. LL.B. of Laval 
Univ. Called to the Bar, 1879. Is a Major in 9th Batt. Voltigeurs de Quebec. 


Served in the N. W. campaign, 1885. Vlee-Pres. Matane Ry. Co. Unmarried. 
Firat el. to Legis. at g. e., 1890. Defeated at g. e., 1892. EI. at bye-election, 
Nov. 3, 1892, and re-el. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal and a Free Trader. 

RAINVILLB, HENRI BENJAMIN (Montreal, No. 3). Ancestors came from 
Touques, in Normandy, Paul de Rainville having settled at Beauport, near 
Quebec, about 1630. S. of Felix Rainville, farmer, and Marie Daignault, his 
«rife. B. at Ste. Angele de Monnoir, April 5, 1852. Ed. at St. Hyacinthe and 
Ste. Marie de Monnoir colleges. Grad. B.C.L. of McGill University In 1873. 
Admitted to Bar, Jan. 14, 1874. Is head of the law Arm of Rainville, Archam- 
heault & Gervais. M., July 18, 1876, Eugenie, d. of late Alexandre Archam- 
be^ult, who repreeentel L'Asomption Co. under the Uniob. An alderman of 
the City of Montreal since 1882. First returned to Legis. for Montreal (St. 
Louis Div.) at g. e., 1890. Defeated at g. e., 1892. Again elected at g. e., 1897. 
A Liberal. 

ROBIDOUX, HON. JOSEPH EMERY, Q.C., D.C.L. (Chateauguay). B. at 
St. Philippe, Co. of Laprairie, March 10, 1844. Ed. at the Sulpician Coll. and 
Jesuit Coll., Montreal. Grad. at McGill Univ. B.C.L., 1866 ; D.C.L. , 1887. 
Called to the Bar, 1866. Prof, of Civil Law at McGill Univ., 1884 to 1894. Pres. 
of the Univ. Graduates' Soc. in 1884. Battonnier of the Montreal Bar, 1895-96. 
Battonier-Greneral, 1896. Pres. of Can. Bar Assn., 1896. M., first, in 1869, Sophie 
Sancerre, and second, in 1879, Clara Sancerre. In 1881 defeated in Laprairie, 
but on March 25, 1884, at a bye-election, was el. in Chateauguay. Re-el. at 
g. e., 1886 ; at a bye-election. May, 1890 ; abd at g. e., 1890. At the g. e., 1892, 
he was defeated, but was el. at g. e., 1897, and again on June 12, 1897, after his 
appointment in the Marchand Ministry. Was Prov. Sec. and Registrar from 
May 9 to August 22, 1890, and Attorney-General till Dec. 16, 1891, in the Mercier 
Govt. Apptd. Prov. Sec. in the Marchand Govt., May 26, 1897. A Liberal. 

ROBITAILLE, AMEDEE (Quebec Centre). Third s. of Dr. Oliver Robi- 
taille, Chevalier of the Order of St. Sylvestre, and Zoe Louise Denechaud, his 
wife. B. at Quebec, Jan., 1853. Ed. at Quebec Seminary, and took his lajfr 
course at Laval Unive. (L.L.M.) Called to the Bar in July, 1877, and is a 
partner of M. Louis R. Roy, member for Kamouraska. In 1888 was chosen 
Pres. of the St. Jean Baptiste Soc. of Quebec. A member of the Quebec City 
Council for four years. M., in 1878, Josephine, d. of J. F. Peachy, architect, 
Quebec. Bl. to Legis. at g. c, 1897. A Liberal. 

ROCIIELEAU, ANTOINE (Chambly). B. at St. Bdsile-le-Grand in 1837. Ed. 
at Chambly Coll, A farmer. Valuer for the Franco-Canadian Loan Co. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1886. Re-el., 1890. Defeated at g. e., 1892. El. at g. e., 1897. 
A Liberal. 

ROY, LOUIS RODOLPHE (Kamouraska). Youngest s. of Nazaire Roy, 
merchant, and Marie Letelller, cousin of Hon. L. Letellier de St. Just, his wife. 
Sd .at Quebec Seminary and took his law course at Laval Univ. Called to the 
Bar, 1883. A member of the firm of Robitaille & Roy. Unmarried. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

SHEHYN, HON. JOSEPH (Quebec Bast). B. at Quebec in 1829. Ed. at 
Quebec Seminary. A member of the firm McColl, Shehyn & Co., wholesale dry 
goods merchants. Has been for several years Pres. of the Quebec Board of 
Trade and of the Harbor Commission. M., August 16, 1858, Marie Zoe Vlrglnie, 
eld. d. of Ambroise Verret, of Quebec, now deceased. Was Prov. Treas. in the 
Mercier Govt, from January, 1887, to Dec, 1891. Apptd, May 26, 1897, Minister 
without portfolio In the Marchand Admn. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1875, and has 
been re-el. at each election since. A Liberal. 


SMITH OEORG& R. (Megantic). Of American parentage. B. at Newark, 
N. J., Feb. 17, 1860. Ed. at pub. schs. and Commercial Coll. there. Came to 
Canada in 1S76. M., 18S6, Isabella Francois Parker, d. of George L. Parker, of 
Buckingham. Is engaged in mining business. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1897. A 

STEPHENS, HON. GEORGE WASHINGTON (Huntingdon). S. of the late 
Harrison Stephens, merchant, and Sally Jackson, his wife, who emigrated from 
the State of Vermont to Montreal in 1828. B. at Montreal in 1832. Ed. at the 
high sch. and McGill UniY. Practised as an advocate for some years, and then 
gave up his practice to manage his father's estates. Has been a member of 
the Montreal City Council for a quarter of a century. M., in 1865, Elizabeth, d. 
of John Mcintosh, of Edinburgh. El. to Legis. for Montreal Centre at g. e.> 
1881. Defeated in Montreal West at g. e., 1886. El. in Huntingdon at g. e., 
1892 ; re-el, 1897. Apptd., May 26, 1897, member without portfolio of the Mar- 
chand Admn. A Liberal. 

TALBOT, FELIX ALONZO (Temiscouata). S. of the late Simon Talbot, 
farmer and merchant, and Eliza D. Ely, his wife. B. at Cacouna, Jan. 7, 1860. 
Ed. at Laval Normal sch., Quebec. Taught sch. for three years. A farmer. In 
1885 he obtained a first-class military certificate at St. Jean d'Iberville. Is 
Sec. of the Cacouna Sch. Municipality ; Sec.-Treas. of the Temiscouata Co. 
council, of the Agricultural Soc. of the Co., and of the Ca-'Uid Mui;irir«l 
council. M., May 10, 1892, Marie I ouise. d. of Alfred Qu ly. of Oaooumi. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

TELLIER, JOSEPH MATHIAS, LL.B. (Joliette). .S. of Zephirin Tellier. 
farmer, and Luce Ferland, his wife. B. at Ste. Melanie, P.Q., Jan. 15, 1861. 
Ed. at Joliette Coll. and Laval Univ. (LL.B.) An advocate. M., Sept. 1, 1885, 
Maria Desilets. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. A 

TESSIER, AUGUSTB, LL.B. (Rimouski). B. at Quebec, Nov. 20, 1853. Third 
s. of Hon. Justice U. J. Tessier, Judge of the Queen's Bench Court, and Mar- 
guerite Adele Kelly, his wife. Ancestors came from France, near La Rochelle, 
in Saintonge. Ed. at Quebec Seminary and at Saint Mary's College, Montreal. 
Studied law at Laval Univ., Quebec, where he obtained degree of LL.B. M., 
August, 1878, to Corinne, d. of P. L. Gauvreau, N.P. Has been Warden of the 
Co. of Rimouski, Pres. of the Soc. of Agric. of the «ame Co., and is Mayor ot 
the Town of Rimouski. Called to the Bar, 1876. First el. to the Legia for 
Rimouski at a bye-election, Dec. 4, 1889. Returned at g. e., 1890 ; g. e., 1892, 
and g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

TESSIER, JULES (Portneuf). S. of the late Hon. V. T. Tessier, Judge of 
the Court of Queen's Bench. B. at Quebec, April 16, 1852. Ed. at Quebec 
Seminary and the Jesuit Coll., Montreal, and studied law at Laval Univ. Called 
to the Bar, 1874. For several years editor of the Quebec Law Reports. Sec. of 
the National Convention, 1880, of the St. Jean Baptlste Soc. of Quebec. A. dir. 
of the Lake St. John Co. A mem. of the Quebec City Council. M., in 1882, 
Francoise Mathilde Barnard. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1886. Re-el. in 1890, 1892 
and 1897. A Liberal. 

TURGEON, HON. ADELARD (Bellechasse). S. of Damasse Turgeon, farm* 
er and merchant, and Christine Turgeon, his wife. Ed. at Levis Coll. and 
studied law at Laval Univ. Called to the Bar, July 12, 1887. One of the found- 
ers of the " Union Liberale." M., July 19, 1887, Eugenie, d. of the late Btienne 
Samson, shipbuilder. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1890, and re-el. 1892 and 1897. Ap* 


pointed Min. of Colonization and Mines in the Marchand Govt. Re-el. by accl. 
June 15, 1897. A Liberal. 

WATTS, WILLIAM JOHN (Dnimmond). S. of Robert Nugent Watts and 
Charlotte Sheppard, his wife. Ed. at the high sch. and MeGill Univ., Montreal. 
Called to the Bar, 1869. M., in 188^ Mary Louisa Millar. El. to Legis. at a 
bye-election, Feb. 20, 1874. Re-el. at g. e., 1875 ; at a bye-election, May 1, 1878; 
at g. e., 1881 and 1890. Was defeated at g. e., 1892, and re-el. at g. e., 1897. A 

WEIR, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, B.C.L. (Argenteuil). S. of William Park 
Weir and Helen Craig Smith, his wife, who emigrated from Scotland in 1852 
and settled in Montreal. B. there Oct. 15, 1S58. Ed. at high sch. and McOill 
Univ., taking degree of B.C.L.. Called to the Bar, July, 1881. Was Secretary 
of the Commission, in 1887, to revise the civil code. M., 1885, Adelaide Sayers 
Stewart, of Hamilton. Ont. An unsuccessful candidate for Argenteuil at g. e., 
1890. El. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 



Date of Polling, May U. 1897. 
Names of the Candidates who contested the last General Elections and Num- 
ber of Votes they received. 


W. A. Weir (L.) 1117 

W. J. Simpson (C.) 1004 

MaJ. for Mr. Weir, 113. 


J. B. Girouard (L.) 2184 

G. Gendreau (C.) 1391 

Maj. for Mr. Girouard, 793. 


Milton Macdonald (C.) 1748 

J. B. Blanchet (L.) 1701 

MaJ. for Mr. McDonald, 47. 


H. S. Beland (L.) 3371 

Cyprlen Fortin (C.) 2616 

Maj. for Mr. Beland, 755. 


E. H. Bisson (L.) 1729 

Hon. L. Beaubien (C.) 1457 

MaJ. for Bisson, 272. 

Hon. A. Turgeon (I^.) 1726 

F. Castonguay (C.) 1292 

MaJ. for Mr. Turgeon, 344. 


C. A. Chenevert (L.) 1457 

Victor Allard (C.) 1400 

MaJ. for Mr. Chenevert, 57. 


F. X. Lemieux (L.) 1839 

J. B. Belanger (C.) 1176 

MaJ. for Mr. Lcmeiux, 663. 


Hon. H. T. Duffy (L.) 1617 

B. J. Esty (C.) 1262 

MaJ. for Mr. Duffy, 856. 


A. Rocheleau (L.) 1280 

L. E. Morln (Ind.) 1049 

MaJ. for Mr. Rocheleau, 231. 


P. Grenier (C.) 2392 

T. Trepanier (L.) .2177 

MaJ. for Mr. Grenier, 215. 


P. D'Auteuil (C.) 1404 

Jos .Morin (L.) 1389 

MaJ. for Mr. D'Auteuil, 15. 


Hon. J. E. Robidoux (L.) 1451 

William Greig (C.) '. 766 

MaJ. for Mr. Robidoux, 685. 


Honore Petit (Ind.) 1661 

J. D. Guay (C.) 866 

MaJ. for Mr. Petit, 795. 


J. Hunt (L.) 1894 

C. W. B. French (C.) 1591 

Maj. for Mr. Hunt, 303. 


H. Champagne (L.) 1345 

B .Beauchamp (C.) 1344 

MaJ. for Mr. Champagne, 1. 


Hon. L. P. PelleUer (C.) l?f.7 

G. Dumont (L.) 1442 

MaJ. for Mr. Pelletlor, 125. 


W. J. Watts (L.) 1269 

J. U. Richard (C.) 978 

MaJ, for Mr. Watts, 291. 


Hon. B. J. Plynn (0.) 

Chas. A. Marcil (L.) 

Maj. for Mr. Flynn, 11. 


Decarle (L.) 8103 

Laporte (C.) -5255 

MaJ. for Mr. Decarie. 1848. 


Hon. G. W. S-tophens (L.) 7218 

A. Camfiron (L.) ....1058 

Maj. for Mr. Sterhens, 260. 





Prs. Qofiselln (L.) 1044 

B. Poulin (C.) ?57 

MaJ. for Mr. Oosselin, 692. 


P. P. Delaneir (L.) 469 

Chaa. A. MarcU (L.) 409 

MaJ. for Mr. Delaney, 60. 

J. A. Chauret (L.) 1C41 

B. Gohler (C.) 1531 

Maj. for Chauret ,10. 


J. M. Tellier (C.) 1747 

P. O. Bugas IL.) 1733 

Maj. for Tellier. 14. 


L. R. Roy (L.) 14:9 

N. Ennis (C.) 1390 

MaJ. for Mr. Roy, 49. 


J. Glrard (C.) 1555 

L. C. P. C. Dupuls (L.) 1212 

MaJ. for Mr. Girard, 343. 


C. S. Cherrier (L.) 900 

C. Doyon (C.) 794 

MaJ. for Cherrl?r, 106 


T. Marion (C.) . 1333 

J. E. DMbaTLel (L.) 1118 

MaJ. for Marion. 215. 


Hon. P. B. LebUac (0.) 1023 

P. Demers (L.) 8:8 

MaJ. for Mr. Leblanc. 185. 


P. X. Lemieux (L.) 2546 

I. A. Baker (C.) 1472 

MaJ. for Mr. Lemieux. 1074. 


Hon. P. 0. M. Dechene (L.) 1186 

J. A. Dlonne (0.) 985 

MaJ. for Mr. Dechene. 201. 


E. H. Lallberte (L.) ... 1692 

L. A. P. Lord (C.) 1123 

MaJ. for Mr. Lallberte. 569. 


H. Caron (L.) 1422 

J. R. B. Desy (C.) 959 

MaJ. for Caron, 463. 


L. P. PInault (L.) 1427 

H. Chasse (C.) 1228 

MaJ. for Mr. Pinault, 20-1. 


J .W. Mooney (C.) 1811 

G. R. Smith (L.) 2078 

MaJ. for Mr. Smith, 267. 


J. C. J. S. McCorkill (L.) 1910 

B. E. Spenser (C.) 1505 

MaJ. for Mr. McCorkill, 405. 


P. J. L. Bissonnette (L.) 1056 

Octave Magnan (C.) 970 

MaJ. for Mr. Blssonette, 86. 


J. C. Lislois (L.) 952 

N. Bernatchey (L.) 947 

MaJ. for Mr. Lislois, 5. 


E. Bouffard (C.) 1053 

J. Duasault j(L.) 999 

MaJ. for Mr. Bouffard, 54. 


Lacombe (L.) 2947 

Martineau (C.) 2033 

MaJ. for Mr. Lacombe, 914. 


L. Gouin (L.) 2962 

O. M. Auger (C.) 2193 

MaJ. for Mr. Gouin. 769. 


H. B. Rainvllle (L.) 1952 

D. Parizeau (C.) mo 

MaJ. for Mr. Rainvllle. 622. 




Hon. A. .W Atwater (C.) 1624 

P. J .Cook (L.) 1350 

Maj. for Mr. Atwater, 274. 


B. Bickerdike (L.) 2289 

Hon. J. S .Hall (C.) 2273 

MaJ. for Mr. Bickerdike, 16. 

Hon. J. J. B. Guerin (L.) ..2534 

B. Connaughton (C.) 245L 

MaJ. for Mr. Guerin, 82. 


C. Doris (L.) 877 

L. Ste. Marie (Ind.) 673 

MaJ. for Mr. Doris, 204. 


O. Ball (C.) 2S31 

G. A. Turcotte (L.) 2222 

MaJ. for Mr. Ball, 359. 


C. B. Major (L.) 3616 

J. A. Oulmet (C.) 2990 

MaJ. for Mr. Major, 626. 

David Gillies (L.) Accl. 


Hon. Jules Tessier (L.) 2302 

L .tafEord (C.) 2080 

MaJ. for Mr .Tessier, 222. 


A. RobiUille (L.) 1721 

V .Cliateauvert (G.) ..1374 

MaJ. for Mr. Robitaille, 847. 

N. Gameau (L.) . ..1693 

B. O'Brien (C.) 598 

MaJ. for Mr. Gameau, 1100. 


Hon. J. Shehyn (L.) 1729 

J. B. Thibaudeau (C.) 803 

MaJ. for Mr. Shehyn, '.'26. 


F. Carbray (C.) s.. 726 

Griffin (L.) 503 

Barden (L.) 410 

Plur. for Mr. Carbray, 224. 


L. P .P. Cardin TL.) 1610 

E. A. D. Morgan (C.) 1478 

MaJ. for Mr. Cardin, 132. 


J. Bedard (C.) 1748 

C. A. Miller (L.) ..1562 

MaJ. for Mr. Bedard, 196. 


A .Tessier (L.) : 1202 

R. A. Drapeau (C.) 961 

MaJ. for Tessier, 241. 


A. N. Dufresne (C.) 1328 

A. Girard (L.) ...1327 

MaJ. for Mr. Dufresne, 1. 


T. B. DeGrosbois (L.) 2878 

A. F. Savaria (C.) ,..£006 

MaJ. for Mr. DeGrosbois. 567. 


L. E. Panneton (C.) 1283 

L .C. Belanger (L.) 784 

MaJ. for Mr. Panneton, 499. . 


A. G. Bourbonnais (L.) 1056 

Pierre Doucet (C.) 813 

MaJ. for Mr. Bourbonnais, 243. 


Hon. M. P. Hackett (C.) ., ....1797 

M. B. LoweU (L.) 1721 

MaJ. for Mr. Hackett, 76. 


G. C. Dessaules (L.) 2828 

A. P. Cartier (C.) 1592 

MaJ. for Mr. Dessaules, 737. 


Hon. F. G. Marchand (L.) 1164 

J. E. MoUeur (C.) TJB 

MaJ. for Mr. Marchand, 886. 



L. T. .K L. Dupleesis (0.) Accl. 


Hon. S. N. Parent (L.) 1773 

D. J. Marsan (C.) 3S8 

Maj. for Mr. Parent, 1385. 


F. A. Talbot (L.) 2217 

Nap. Rioux (C.) 1409 

Eug. Therriault (L.) 19 

MaJ. for Mr. Talbot, 808. 


Hon. G. A. Nantel (C.) 2143 

A. F. Carrier (L.) 1853 

Maj. for Mr. Nantel, 290. 


T. E. Normand (0.) 737 

J. Ryan (L.) 513 

Maj. for Mr. Normand, 224. 


Lalonde (L.) 1091 

Cholette (C.) 746 

MaJ. for Mr. Lalonde, 845. 


E. Blanchard (L.) 1089 

A. M. Atchambault (C.) 912 

A. A. E. B. Luisler (L.) 48 

Maj. for Mr. Blanchard, 177. 


J. A. Chlcoyne (C.) 1522 

Octave Gaudet (L.) 821 

Maj. for Mr. Chlcoyne, 701. 


A. A. Mondou (C.) ..1742 

Victor Gladu (L.) 1739 

Maj. for Mr. Mondou, 8. 


1867 Sept. — 

1871 July- 

1875 .....^ June 80 

1876 April 24 

1881 November 25 

1886 October 14 

1890 June 17 

1892 March 8 

1897 MayU 



LlBt of Bye-Elections from May 11, 1897. to October 1, 1898. Names of Candi- 
dates and Number of Votes Polled for each. 

• / 

St. Jean— Hon. F. G. Marchand, re-elected by acclamation on June 12, 1897. 

Chateauguay— Hon. J. B. Rob^doux, re-elected by acclamation on June 12, 1897. 

L* Islet— Hon. P. G. M. Dechene, re-elected by acclamation on June 12, 1897. 

Bellechase— Hon. A. Turgeon, re-elected by acclamation on June 12, 1897. 

St. Sauveur— Hon. S. N. Parent, re-elected by acclamation on June 12, 1897. 


Hon. H. T. Duffy (L.) 1647 

F. England (C.) 1096 

MaJ. for Hon. H. T. Duffy, 551. 
This election took place on the 19th of June, 1897. 


Victor Gladu (L.) , 1838 

A. A. Mondou (C.) 1619 

Maj. for Mr. Gladu, 219. 
This election took place on tho 22nd of December, 1897. 


W. H. Clapperton (L.) 1516 

Hon. Chas. Langelier (L.) 1082 

Maj. for Mr. Clapperton, 434. 
This election took place on the 22nd of December, 1897. 


N. N. OUivier (L.) 2076 

C. G. Beaulieu (L.) 1606 

Maj. for Mr. OUivier, 469. 
This election took place on the 22nd of December, 1897. 


Jules Allard (L.) 1790 

A. A. Mondou (C.) 1719 

Maj. for Mr. Allard, 71. 
This election took place on the 22nd of December, 1897. 

Nova Scotia 



His Honor, the Honorable Malachy Bowes Daly,. S. of the late Sir Dominick 
Daly and Caroline M. Gore, his wife. B, at Quebec, Feb. 6, 1836. Ed. 
at St. Mary's Coll., Ascot, Eng. Called to he Bar, N.S., 1864. Was 
Private Secretary to Sir R. G. Macdonnell and Sir Hastings Doyle, Lt.- 
Govemors of N.S., and Provincial A.D.C. to Gen. Sir P. W. Williams, 
also a Lt.-Gov. of N.S. Sat in Ho. of Commons for Halifax in the Con- 
servative interest, 1878-87. Was Deputy Speaker of the House. Served 
in the Halifax Artillery. M., July, 1859, a dau. of the late Sir Edward 
Kenny. Apptd. Lt. -Governor, July 15, 1890, and re-apptd. July 29, 1895. 


Lieut -General Sir W. F. Williams July 1, 1867 

MaJ.-General Sir C. Hastings Doyle,K.C.M.G Oct.18, 1867 

Lt.-Gen: Sir C. Hastings Doyle, K.C.M.G Jan. 31,1868 

Sir E. Kenny, Kt. (acting) May 13, 1870 

Hon. Joseph Howe, P. C May 1, 1873 

Hon. A. G. Archibald, C.M.G., Q.C., P.C July 4, 1873 

Hon. Matthew Henry Richey July 4,1883 

Hon. A. W. McLelan, P.C July 9, 188S 

Hon. Malachy Bowes Daly July 11, 1890 


July 4, 1867. 
Hon. Hiram Blanchard, Premier and Attorney-General. 
Hon. P. C. Hill, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. James McNab, Provincial Treasurer. 
Hon. Cls. Allison, Mines and Public Works. 
Hon. John McKinnon, without portfolio. 
Hon. S. Creelman, without portfolio. 

November 7, 1867. 
Hon. William Annand, Premier and Treasurer. 
Hon. Martin I. Wilkins, Attorney- General. 
Hon. H. W. Smith, Attorney-General. 
Hon. W. B. Vail, Provincial Secretary. 

Hon. Robert Robertson, Commissioner of Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. William Garvie, Commissioner of Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. D. McDonald, Commissioner of Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. Richard A. McHefCey, without portfolio. 
Hon. Ed. P. Flynn, without portfolio. 
Hon. Jarad C. Troop, without portfolio. 
Hon. John Ferguson, without portfolio. 
Hon. James Cochrane, without portfolio. 
Hon. Ed. P. Flynn, Commissioner of Crown Lands. 
Hon. Alonzo J. White, Commissioner of Crown Lands. 



May, 1875. 
Hon. P. C. Hill, Premier and Provincial. Secretary. 
Hon. Stayley Brown, Treasurer. 
Hon. D. McDonald, Attorney-General. 
Hon. O. S. Weeks, Attorney-General. 
Hon. Alonzo J. White, Commissioner of .Crown Iiands. 
Hon. Robert Robertson, Commissioner of Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. John Ferguson, without portfolio. 
Hon. James Cochrane, without portfolio. 
Hon. Colin Campbell, without portfolio. 
Hon. John McKinnon, withont portfolio. 
Hon. D. McDonald, without portfolio. 
Hon. D. C. Fraser, without portfolio. 

Hon. Simon H. Holmes, Premier and Provincial Secretiiry. 
Hon. J. S. D. Thompson, Attorney-Greneral. 
Hon. Samuel Creelman, Commissioner of Mines and Worka. 
Hon. C. J. McDonald, without portfolio. 
Hon. W. B. Troop, without portfolio. 
Hon. J. S. McDonald, without portfolio. 
Hon. N. W. White, without portfolio. 
Hon. .C. J. Townsend, without portfolio. 
Hon. H. F. McDougal, without portfolio. 

Hon. J. S. D. Thompson, Premier and Attorney- General. 
Hon. A. C. Bell, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. S. Creelman, Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. C. J. Townsend, without portfolio. 
Hon. W. B. Troop, without portfolio. 

Hon. W. T. Pipes, Premier and President of Council. 
Hon. C. E. Church, Provincial Secretary 
Hon. A. J. White, Attorney-General. 
Hon. A. Gayton, Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. Thos. Johnson, without portfolio. 
Hon. W. S. Fielding, without portfolio. 
Hon. D. F. Campbell, without portfolio. 
Hon. J. F. Morrison, without portfolio. 
Hon. Isidore LeBlanc, without portfolio. 

Hon. W. S. Fielding, Premier and Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. J. W. Longley, Attorney-General. 
Hon. C. E. Church, Public Works and Mines. 
Hon. A. McGillivray, without portfolio. 
Hon. D. McNlcol, without portfolio. 
Hon. J. D. McLeod, without portfolio. 
Hon. D. C. Fraser, without portfolio. 
Hon. G. H. Murray, without portfolio, 
"^on. C. F. Mclsaac, without portfolio. 



Formed July 20, 1896. 
Hon. George H. Murray, Premier and Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. J. W. Longley, Attorney-General and Com. of Crown Lands. 
Hon. Charles E. Church, Commissioner of Works and Mines. 
Hon. Thomas Johnson, without portfolio. t 

Hon. A. H. Comeau, without portfolio, 
Hon. A. McGillivray, without portfolio. 
Hon. T. R. Black, without portfolio. 
Hon. W. T. Pipes, without portfolio. 
Hon. David McPherson, without portfolio. 



No. of Legis.. 

1st Legis 

2nd Legis. 

8rd Legis. 

4th Legis. 

6th Legis. 

6tb Legis 

7th Legis. 

8th Legis. 



3rd . 
4th . 

1st . 
3rd . 

1st . 
8rd . 
4th . 

1st . 
3rd . 
4th . 

1st . 
8rd . 
4th . 

1st . 
3rd . 
4th . 

1st . 
8rd . 
4th . 

1st . 



9th Legis 1st 


Jan. 30, 1868 

April 29, 1869 

Feb. 17, 1870 

Feb. 2, 1S71 

Feb. 22, 1372 

Feb. 27, 1873 

Mar. 32, 1874 

Mar. 11, 1875 

Feb. 10, 1876 

Feb. 15, 1877 

Feb. 21, 1878 

Mar. 6, 1879 

Feb. 26, 1880 

Mar. 3. 1881 

Jan. 19, 1882 

Feb. 8, 1883 

Feb. 14, 1884 

Feb. 19, 1885 

Feb. 25, 1886 

Mar. 10, 1887 

Feb. 23, 1888 

Feb. 21, 1889 

Feb. 20, 1890 

April 2, 1891 

Mar. 3, 1892 

Jan. 19, 1893 

Jan. 4, 1894 

Jan. 31, 1895 

Jan. 9, 1896 

Jan. 21, 1897 


Sept. 21, 1868 

June 14, 1869 

April 18. 1870 

April 4, 1871 

April 18, 1872 

April 30, 1873 

May 7, 1874 

May 6, 1875 

April 4, 1876 

April 12, 1877 

April 4, 1878 

April 17, 1879 

April 10, 1880 

April 14, 1881 

Mar. 10, 1882 

April 19, 1883 

April 19, 1884 

April 24, 1885 

May U, 1886 

May 3, 1887 

April 16, 1888 

April 17, 1889 

April 15, 1890 

May 19. 1891 

April ?0, 1892 

April 28, 1893 

Feb. 12, i894 

Mar. 20, 1S95 

Feb. 15, )896 

Mar. 1, 1897 

Jan. 27. 1898 Mar. 11, 1898 


. April 17, 1871 

Nov. 23, 1874 

Aug. 21, 1878 

May 23, 1882 

May 20, 1886 

April 21, 1890 

. Feb. 15, J894 

. Mar. 20, 1897 


President— Hon. Robert Boak. 
Clerk— A. G. Troop. 


Baker, Hon. L. E 

Boak, Hon. Robert 

Corbett, Hon. John E... 
Gumming, Hon. C. N.... 
Drummond, Hon. Robert 
Francheville, Hon. C. B, 

Puller, Hon. H. H 

Goudge, Hon. M. H 

LeBlanc, Hon. Isidore .-.. 
McCurdy, Hon. David ... 

McNeil, Hon. John 

Mack, Hno. Jason M. ... 
Owen, Hon. William H. 

Parker, D. McNeil! 

Pipes, Hon. W. T 

Ray, Hon. W. H 

Robicheau, Henri M 

Smith, Hon. William B.. 

Walton, Hon. A. P 

Whitman, Hon. George . 

P. O. Address. 



Harbour au Bouche. 















Cape Sable Island. 


Round Hill. 


BAKER, L. E. (Yarmouth). B. May 13, 1831. Parents Nova Scotians. Ed. 
at Yarmouth Academy. M., first, Mary E. Bond, d. of J. B. Bond (she died) ; 
second, Francis J. Farish, d. of Dr. H. G. Farish (she died) ; third, Mary J. 
Crcighton, d .of George B. Creighton, of Dartmouth, N.S. A merchant. Pres. 
of the Bank of Yarmouth, of the Yarmouth S. S. Co., of the Yarmouth Marine 
Ry. Co., of the Yarmouth Agric. Soc, and of the Yarmouth Mountain Ceme- 
tery Co. Was made a mem. of the Legis. Coun. in 1878. A Liberal. 

BOAK, HON. ROBERT (Halifax). S. of Robert Boak, of Shields, Durham, 
Bng., an officer In H. M. Customs, Halifax. B. in Leith, Scot., Sept. 1^, 1822. 
Came to Halifax In 1831, and engaged as a wholesale grocer and in the West 
India trade until 1875, when he retired from business. Was Pres. of the N. S. 
Repeal League in 1869. Pres. of the Acadia Fire Ins. Co. ; a dir. of the Union 
Bank, of the Nova Scotia Sugar Refinery and other commercial companies. 
Became a mem. of the Legis. Coun. in 1872 and Pres. of that body In 1878 an<[ 
a mem. of the Government, being Treasurer of the Province from Dec, 1877, 
to October, 1878. A Liberal. 

CORBETT, JOHN EDWARD (Antigonish). S. of Edward Corbett, who was 
42 years postmaster and customs officer at Harbor Bouche, N.S. B. in Anti- 
gonish, Sept. S, 1850. Ed. at common sch. M., Annie Crispo, d. of Michael 
Crispo, merchant and ship owner. Was 15 years mem. of Municipal Council of 
Antigonish Co. Resigned Wardenship of Co. in 1896 to take seat in Legia, 
Council. A Liberal. 


CUMMING, C. N. Resides at Londonderry, and is a mem. of the Legis. 
Council of Nova Scotia. 

DRUMMOND, ROBERT (Steliarton). B. Oct. 29, 1840. S. of Robert and 
Elizabeth Drummond, both Scotch. Ed. at Greenock, Scot., Town Academies. 
M., May Alexander, d. of Capt. Alexander. An editor and publisher. Was for 
19 years Secretary of the Provincial Workmen's Assn. Apptd. to Legis. Coun- 
cil, 1891. A Liberal. 

PRANCHEVILLE, CHARLES M. Formerly represented Guysborough ' In 
the House of Assembly. Resides in Guysboro. Is a mem. of the Legis. Council 
of Nova Scotia. 

FULLER, H. H. (Halifax). S. of John Fuller, High Sheriff of Richmond 
Co. 6 .at Arichat, Richmond Co., July 16, 1828. Ed. at Arichat gram. sch. 
and at St. Mary's Coll., Halifax. M.', first, in 1857, Mary, only d. of the late 
Henry Peters (she died) ; second, in 1891, Sophie Antoinette, only d, of the 
late A. Niquet, of London, Eng. Called to Legis. Council in 1890. An unsuc- 
cessful candidate for Ho. of Commons in 1882, and again in 1888. Is a dir. of 
the Merchants' Bank of Halifax ; V.-P. of Bd. of Dir. of Halifax Dispensary ; 
A dir. of School for the Blind. A hardware merchant. A Liberal. 

GOUDGE, M. H. Represented Hants in the Ho. of Commons, 1874-78, and 
supported the Mackenzie Admn. Resides at Windsor. A Liberal. 

LBBLANC, HON. ISIDORE. B. of French parenUge, Nov. 30, 1837, at 
Arichat, C.B. Ed. at Arichat and Montreal. M., Seraphine Babin. A J.P. A 
ship owner, and a captain for 26 years. Piloted several French war vessels off 
the coast of N. S. and in the River St. Lawrence. Is a general commission 
merchant and ship broker. El. for Richmond to House of Assembly at g. e., 
1878. Sworn of the Executive Council, Feb., 1883. Apptd. to Legis Coun., 1885. 
A Roman Catholic. A Liberal. 

MACK, JASON M. A mem. of the Legis. Council of Nova Scotia. Resides 
at Liverpool, in Queen's Co. A Liberal. 

McCURDY, HON. DAVID. S. of James McCurdy and Nancy Archibald, his 
wife, both natives of Nova Scotia. B., July 20, 1810, at Onslow, N.S. A mer- 
chant. M., Feb. 20, 1832, Mary Archibald. Successful candidate for Ho. of As- 
sembly in Victoria, 1873. Apptd. a mem. of the Legis. Council, 1878. A Pres- 
byterian. A Liberal. 

McNEIL, JOHN. A mem. of the Legis. Council of N.S. Resides at Mabou, 
tn the Co. of Inverness. A Liberal. 

OWEN, WILLIAM H,* Q.C. S. of Daniel and Elizabeth H. M. Owen. B. at 
Lunenburg, August 5, 1842. Ed. at Windsor, N.S. A barrister-At-law. M., 
Sept. 8, 1880, Laura E. Tobin. Apptd. Q.C. by the Local Govt., 1877, 1880. Sur- 
rogate of the Vice-Admiralty Court, 1878. Master of the Supreme Court, 1880. 
Apptd. a mem. of the Legis. Council, 1881. Consular rep. of the U. S. for the 
past 20 years. Church of England. A Conservative. 

PARKER, HON. DANIEL McNEILL, M.D. B. at Windsor, Hants, N. S., 
April 28, 1822. Called to the Legis. Council, 1867. A Conservative. 

PIPES, HON. WILLIAM THOMAS. S. of Jonathan ahd Caroline Pipes. 
Paternal ancestors came from England and his maternal ancestors were U. B. 
Loyalists. B. at Amherst, N.S., April 15, 1860. Ed. in Amherst Acad, and 
Acadia Coll. Called to the Bar, 1878. An unsuccessful opponent of Sir Charlef 


Tuppcr in Cumberland for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1878. fil. to Legls. As- 
sembly at g. e., 1882. Premier of N. S. and Pres. of the Executive Council, 
August 3, 1882. Resigned July 16, 1884. Apptd. to Legis. Council, Apptd. a 
mem. of the Murray Admn.. without portfolio, Jan. 26, 189S. M., Nov. 23, 1876, 
Ruth Eliza, d. of David McBlmon. A Liberal. 

RAY, LIEUT.-COL. WILLIAM H. Of Loyalist des. B. at Clements. An- 
napolis Co., N.S., May 26, 1826. Ed. at Annapolis gram. sch. M., HennrietU, 
d. of Isaac Ditmars. Was Lieut. -Col. Annapolis Co. militia. Apptd. Custos of 
the Co., 1876. Sat in the N.S. Legis., 1864-67. El. to Ho. of Commons, 1867. 
1872 and 1874. Defeated in 1878 by three votes. Re-el. in 1882 ; defeated at g.e., 
1887, by 28 votes. Apptd. to Legis. Council, 1887. A Liberal. 

ROBICHBAU, HENRI M. A mem. of the Legis. Council of Nova Scotia, 
and formerly a mem. of the Ho. of Assembly. Resides at Metaghan, Digjjj* 
Co. A Liberal. 

SMITH, WILLIAM B. (Shelbume). Great-grand-parents came from Massa- 
chusetts. B. June 22, 1823. M., June 24, 1849, to Irene Neckerson, of Cape 
Island. Was engaged at seafaring work when 14 years of age, and was. master 
nlariner at ago of 21 years. Became captain in local militia. A J. P. Ten 
years Mun. Councillor in Shelbume Co. Called to Legis. Council, 1893. 

WELTON, ALFRED PARKER. ■ Of Scotch des. B. at Kingston, N.S., July 
5, 1834. Ed. at district sch. M., first, Jan. 3, 1863, May Pierson (she died) ; 
second, June 15, 1878, Bessie Young. Has been a Mun. Councillor. A farmer. 
Represented King's Co. in Ho. of Assembly, 1891-94. Apptd. to Legis Coun., 
1894. A Liberal. 

WHITMAN, GEORGE. S. of Elanthan Whitman, who represented Annapo- 
lis in Legis. Assembly. N.S., 1836-1840. B. at Rosette, Annapolis Co., April 8, 
18i3. Ed. at Annapolis. M., June 3, 1852, Mary Arabella, d. of Capt. P. Boice, 
of Clements. Sat for Annapolis In Ho. of Assembly, 1863-1867, when defeated. 
Called to Legis. Council, 1881. Official assignee for Annapolis. 1869-1875. Has 
been mem. of Central Bd. of Agric, and of Municipal Council of Annapolis, 
and for many years Pres. of Annopolis Agric. Soc. A Liberal- Conservative. 


Speaker— Hon. F. A. I*aurence. 
Clerk— John W. Ouseley. 


Bancroft, J. A Annapolis. 

Black, Hon. T. R Cumberland. 

Church, Hon. C. B Lunenburg. 

Chlsholm, C. P , .Antigonish. 

Comeau, Hon. A. H Digby. 

Dodge, B. H Kings. 

Doucet, M. J Inverness. 

Drysdale. Arthur . Hants. 

Farrell, E. M Queens. 

Ferguson, W. A r%uysboro. 

Pinlayson, Duncan Richmond. 

Pitzpatrlck, M. H Pictou. 

Praser, A. E Cumberland. 

Gidney, A. .M Digby. 

Johnson, Thomas Shelbume. 

Johnstone, Alexander Cape Breton. • 

Joyce, Simon Richmond. • 

Keillor, Thomas ...*. Queens. 

Kendall, Dr. A. S Cape Breton. 

Law, William Yarmouth. 

Laurence, Hon. F. A Colchester. 

LeBlanc, H. S Yarmouth. 

Longley, Hon. J. W.... Annapolis. 

MacDonald, B. M Pictou. 

Macgillivray,' Hon. A Antigonish. 

McDonald, iames Inverness. 

McGregor, J. D Pictou. 

McMullen, T. G Colchester. 

McPherson, David Halifax. 

Mitchell, George Halifax. 

Morrison, J. G Victoria. 

Murray, G. H Victoria. , 

Robertson, Thomas Shelbume. 

Sinclair, J. H Guysborc. 

Sperry, J. D Lunenburg. 

Wallace, W. B Halifax. 

Wickwire, H. H Kings. 

Wilcox, C. S Hants. 



Annapolis J. A.Bancroft. 

Annapolis ....J. W. Longley. 

Antigonish Hon. A. Macgillivray. 

Antigonish C. P. Chisholm. 

Cape Breton — Alexander Johnstone. 

Cape Breton Dr. A. S. KendalL 

Colchester ,.,',. Hon. F. A. Laurence. 

Colchester .T. G. McMullen. 

Cumberland Hon. T. R. Black. 

Cuniberland .A. E. Fraser. 

Digby Hon. A. 11. Comeau. 

Digby A. M. Gidney. 

Guysborough — W. A. Ferguson., 

Guysborough J. H. Sinclair. 

Halifax Hon. D. M. McPherson. 

Halifax George Mitchell. 

Halifax W. B. Wallace. 

Hants Arthur Drysdale. 

Hants C. S. Wilcox. 

Inverness M. J. Doucet. 

Inverness James McDonald. 

Kings B. H. Dodge. 

Kings H. H. Wickwire. 

Lunenburg Hon. C. E. Church. 

Lunenburg W. D. Sperry. 

Pictou M. H. FItzpatrick. 

Pictou J. D. McGregor. 

Queen's E. M. Farrell 

Queen's Thomas Keillor. 

Richmond Duncan Finlaycon. 

Richmond , Simon Joyce. 

Shelbume > Thomas Johnston. 

Shelbume Thomas Robertson. 

Victoria T. G. Morrison. 

Victoria G. H. Murray. 

Yarmouth William Law. 

Yarmouth H. S. LeBlanc. 


BANCROFT, J. A. (Annapolis). El. to Assembly at g. e., 1894 and 1897, 
being returned along with Hon. J. W. Longley, April 20, 1897, by a majority 
of 198. A Liberal. 

BLACK, HON. THOMAS R. (Cumberland). B. at Amherst, N.S., Oct. 16, 
1832. Ed. in the gram. sch. at Amherst. El. to Legls. Assembly to fill vacancy 
caused hy the retirement of C. J. Townsend, at bye-election July 2, 1884, and 
re-el. at g. e., 1886. An unsuccssful candidate at g. e., 1890. El. at g. e., 1894, 
and g. c., 1897. "Was engaged in building town property and is interested in 
f angling and stock raising. A strong advocate of temperance. M., March 20, 
1860, Eunice, d. of the late W. W. Bent, who was a mem. of the Legislature. 
Apptd. a mem .of the Murray Admn., without portfolio, July 18, 1896. A Liberal. 

CHURCH, HON. CHARLES EDWARD (Lunenburg). Of English and Ger- 
man origin. B. at Tancook Island, N.S., Jan. 3, 1865. Ed. at Chester a;nd at 
Truro Normal sch. Was a sch. teacher and afterwards a merchant. Held im- 
portant offices in the various temperance organizations. M., Jime, 1884, Miss 
Henrietta Pugsley, of Halifax. Bl. to Ho. of Commons for Lunenburg at g.e., 
1872 ; defeated at g. e., 1878. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1882, for Lunenburg, |aid 
re-el. at each succeeding election. Was Prov. Sec. in the Pipes Adnm: Com- 
missioner of Works and Mines in the Fielding Adnm., July 28, 1884 ; re-apptd. 
to same position in the Murray Adnm., July, 1896. A Liberal. 

CHISHOLM, CHRISTOPHER P. (Antigonish). Of ScotUsh extraction. B. 
at Clydesdale, Antigonish Co., April, 1854. Ed. at St. Francois Xavier College, 
Antigonish. M., June 20, 1890, Sarah Campbell, of Antigonish. Called to t]^e 
Bar of N.S., July 3, 1883. Apptd. notary, 1884. El. to. N.S. Assembly, 1891, and 
has represented Antigonish continuously since. A Liberal. 

COMEAU, HON. A. H. (Digby). B. at Meteghan River, Digby Co., Sept. 
27, 1860. Of French parents. Ed. at common sch., Digby, and at Weymouth 
Bridge. M. to Louise D'Entremont, of Pubnico, N.S., in 1891. A merchant. 
El. a mem. of Mun. Coun. for Municipality of Clare, 1884. Was Warden, 1889 
and 1890. El. for Digby to Legis. in 1890. A mem. of the Executive Council. 
A Liberal. 

DODGE, BRENTON H. (Kings). B. March 4, 1847. S. of F. L. Dodge, 
M.P.P., and Sarah W. Dodge. British. Ed. at Kentville. M. to Annie M. 
Lydiant. A merchant Municipal Treas. for Kings. Co. A Liberal. 

DOUCBT, M. J. (Inverness). S. of Magloire Doucet and his wife, Sophie 
Broussard. Of French-Acadian stock. B. Feb. 19, 1862. Ed. at common sch. 
M., first, June 29, 1885, Eliza J. Coody, of Margaree Forks, Inverness Co. (she 
died) ; second, August 10, 1891, Harriet Ann Leblanc, d. of A. Leblanc, ex- 
M.P.P. of West Arlchat, C.B. A mem. of Co. Council, 1889-1896, when resigned 
to contest Co. for Legis., and was el. at g. e., 1897. A merchant. A Liberal. 

DRYSDALE, ARTHUR, Q.C. (Hants). S. of (Jeorge Drysdale, a native of 
Scotland. B. at Tatamagouche, Colchester Co., N.S., Sept. 5, 1857. Ed. at pub. 
sch. A barrister, of Halifax. M., Carrie Mitchell, d. of the late G. P. Mitchell, 
of Halifax. A Q.C. El. to Legis. at a bye-election In 1891 ; re-el. at g.e., 1894, 
and g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

FARRELL, EDWARD MATTHEW (Queens). S. of Patrick Farrell, a pa- 
tive of Irel., and Mary Ann Shea, his wife, borii in Liverpool, N.S. B. at 
Newcastle, N.B., March 31, 1854. Ed. at Liverpool In common schs. A printer 


and publisher. Unmarried. Returned to House of Assembly by accl., Aug. 20, 
1896. to fllll vacancy caused by the death of sitting member, and re-el. at g.e., 
1S97. Chief Dpty. Sheriff tor Co. of Queens, 1888-1896, when he resigned to run 
for the Legis. A Roman Catholic. A Liberal. 

FERGUSON, WILLIAM A. (Guysboro). S. of James A. Ferguson, of Perth- 
shire, Scot. 6. Sept. 17, 1850. Ed. at common sch. and at Academy in Guys- 
boro. M., Charlotte M. Aikins, of Guysboro, Intervale. Was seven year^ 
municipal councillor of Guysboro. EI. to N.S. Legis, 1897, by largest majority 
ever obtained in county. An Independent Liberal. 

FINLAYSON, DUNCAN (Richmond). S. of Donald Finlayson and Anna- 
bella Murchison, his wife. Comes of Scotch stock. B. at Grand River, Rich- 
mond Co., Sept. 10, 1867. Ed. at Sydney Academy and Dalhousie Coll. (B. A., 
1893, and LL.B, 1895). Called to the Bar of N.S. Oct. 22, 1895. El. to Ho. of 
Assembly at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

FITZPATRICK, MATTHEW HENRY (Pictou). S. of James Fitzpatrick 
and his wife, Margaret Henry, both natives of Co. Pictou. B. at Fitzpatrick's 
Mountain, Pictou Co., Feb. 15, 1845. M., Margaret Steele, of Duluth, Minnesota. 
Is largely interested in farming and manufacturing. Has had several large 
railway contracts in United States and Canada, and is mem. of firm now con- 
structing Midland Ry. betweeh Windsor and Truro. Has been Pres. Y.M.C.A. 
for Maritime Provinces, Grand Worthy Patriarch, S.O.T. of N.S. Is strong 
advocate of prohibition. El. to N.S. Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Presbyterian. A 

ERASER, ALEXANDER £. (Cumberland). B. of Scotch parents In Pictou 
Co., N.S., Jan. 3, 1843. Ed. at Co. sch. M., Agnes Cochrane, of Windsor, N.S. 
A merchant. Mem. of Mun. Council two years and Mayor of Springhill two 
years. El. to Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1894 and 1897. A Liberal. 

GIDNEY, ANGUS MORRISON (Digby). B. at Mink Cove, Nov. 7, 1849. 
M., Dec. 11, 1886, Annie L. Crosby. A farmer. El. at bye-election, Sept. 28, 
1895, and again at g. e., 1897. Represented Ward 4 in the Mun. Coun. of 
Digby, from 1884 to 1892. An Episcopalian. A Liberal. 

JOHNSON, HON. THOMAS (Shelbume). S. of Thomas and Agnes John- 
son. Of Scotch des. B. at Shelbume, N.S., Oct. 30, 1821. Ed. at common sch., 
Sholbume. Is engaged in general mercantile business. M., April 6, 1866, to 
Jerusha Todd, widow of the late Capt. Robert Todd, of Lockport. Sheriff for 
the Co. of Shelbume, 1857-64. El. to Legis. by accl., Sept., 1867 ; re -el., 1871, 
and again by accl., 1874. Did not offer at g. e., 1878. El. at g. e., 1882, 1886, 
1890, 1894, 1897, in the latter year by accl. Apptd. a mem. of the Executive 
Council, without portfolio, Aug. 2, 1882. A Liberal. 

JOHNSTONE, ALEXANDER (Cape Breton). S. of Donald Johnstone, and 
Mary, his wife, both of Scotch des. B. in Red Islands parish, Richmond Co., 
April 24, 1867. Ed. at common sch. and St. Francois Xavier Coll., Antigonish. 
M., Margaret, d. of Joseph McPherson, ex-M.P.P., of North Sydney. Is man- 
ager of Bridgeport Co-Operative Store Co. A Liberal. 

JOYCE, SIMON (Richmond). S. of Simon Joyce and his wife, Margaret 
Langlois, both French-Canadians. B. at Descouse, Sept. 13, 1848. Ed. at Descouse 
gram. sch. Engaged in seafaring early in life, rising to posiclon of captain. 
M., Harriett Boudret, of Descouse. El. in 1894 to N.S. Assembly for Richmond, 
and has sat continuously for that Co. since. A ship owner and a farmer. A 


KEILLOR, THOMAS (Queens). S. of Robert Keillor, of English des., and 
bis wife, Elethusia Dobson, of American and Dutch des. B. at Amherst, N.S., 
July 1, 182S. Ed. in common sch. and took partial course in Wolfville, Kings 
Co. M., Emmaline Freeman, Feb. 3, 1865. Was a Baptist minister for seven 
years. Dissented from Calvinist doctrine and built up Christian Church, of 
which he held the pastorship for 25 years. A farmer. El. to Legis. Assembly, 
1S97. A Liberal. 

KENDALL, ARTHUR S., M.D. (Cape Breton). S. of Samuel Kendall and 
his wife, Emily. B. at Sydney, C.B., March 25, 1864. Ed. at Mount /Oiison 
Coll., N.B., and took a course at Bellevue Hospital, N.Y. M., Mary Crawley, 
of Sydney, C.B. A practising physician. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

LAW, WILLIAM (Yarmouth). Only s. of Robert and Sarah Law, both 
natives of Ireland. B. Jn Belfast, Irel., Aug. 5, 1833. M., 1854, Mary A., d. of 
Enoch and Abigal Brown, of Douglas, Mass. (she died Feb., 1892). Has resided 
In Yarmouth since 1855. Is senior member of the firm of William Law &,Co., 
shipping and commercial merchants. El. to represent Yarmouth in the Ho. of 
Assembly, N.S., 1886 ; re-el. in 1890, 1894 and 1897. A Liberal. 

LAURENCE, HON. F. A., Q.C. (Colchester). S. of Geo. C. Laurence for 
many years Sheriff of Inverness. B. at Port Hood, C.B., April 23, 1843. Par- 
ents both Scotch, coming from Melrose. Ed. at Normal sch., Truro, and Dal- 
housie Coll. M., Isabella Flemming, of Truro. Has been for some years Re- 
corder of Truro, N.S. A barrister. El. to Legis. of N.S. for Colchester fCo. 
June, 1886. Has sat continuouly since. El. Speaker of Assembly, 1894, and 
again 1898. A Liberal. 

LEBLANC, HENRY S. (Yarmouth). B. of French-Acadian parents, Sept. 
4, 1865, at East Pubinco, Co. of Yarmouth, N.S. Is engaged in mercantile 
business at West Pubinco. Was Councillor for the Mun. of Argyle. M., Jan. 
21, 189l', Mile. Agnes d'Entremont. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

Israel Longley and his wife, Frances Manning. B. at Paradise, N.S., .Tan. 4, 
1849. Ed. at Acadia Coll., Wolfville. (B.A., 1871 ; M.A., 1875). Called to the 
Bar, 1875 ; Q.C, 1890. A Commr. for consolidating the statutes of N.S., 1883. 
Chief editorial writer for the Acadian Recorder for 14 years, and subsequently 
was editor of the Halifax Chronicle. A frequent contributor to reviews and 
magazines. V.-P. of the Nova Scotia Historical Soc. A dir. of the British 
Empire Financial Corporation. El. to N. S. Assembly at g. e., 1882. Became a 
mem. of the Fielding Admn., July, 1884, without portfolio. Apptd. Attorney- 
General, May 25, 1886, an office he still holds. Resigned his seat and contested 
Annapolis for the Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1896, but was unsuccessful. Re-el. 
to Legis. M., Sept., 1877, Miss Annie Brown, of Paradise. A Liberal. 

MACDONALD, EDWARD MORTIMER, LL.B. (Pictou). S. of John D. Mac- 
Donald, late Co. Treas., Pictou Co., and his wife, Mary Isabel. B. Aug. 16, 
1865. Comes of Highland Scotch stock. Family have through three generations 
been prominent in N.S. politics. Ed. Pictou Academy and Dalhousle Univ. 
(LL.B., 1878). Called to the Bar, 1887. M., July 10, 1889, Edith Lillian, young- 
est d. of late Lieut.-Col. James Eves, a prominent merchant of Pictou. Mem. 
Mun. Council, Pictou Co., 1892-1897. First contested Pictou for Local Legis., 
1894 ; also unsuccessful candidate for Ho. of Assembly at g. e., 1896. El. to 
Ho. of Assembly, 1897. A barrister. A Liberal. 


Mcdonald, JAMES (Inverness). S. of Donald and Annie McDonald, of 
Inverness-shire, Scot. E., Nov. 29, 1849, at Whycocomah, C.B. Ed. at village 
sch. and Baddeck Acad. A general merchant. M., Margaret Walsh. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

MACGILLIVRAY, HON. ANGUS, M.A. (Aatigonish). Of Scottish parentage. 
B. at Bailey's Brook, Pictou Co., Jan. 22, 1842. Ed. at com. sch. and St. Fran- 
cois Xavler College, Antigonish, from which he holds degree of M.A. M., first, 
Feb. 5, 1878, Maggie, d. of Alex. Mcintosh, of Antigonish (she died Sept. 3, 
1879) ; second, July 15, 1884., M. E., d. of John Doherty, of New York. A bar- 
rister-at-law. Crown prosecutor for Antigonish and Co. Solicitor, 1894-1897. 
Apptd. by Govt., in 1878, one of the Commrs. to investigate and adjust claims 
against insolvent and absconding contractors on eastern extension railway. 
First returned to Ho. of Assembly by accl. at g. e., 1878. El. again at g. e., 
1882.' Speaker of the Ho. from 1883 till dissolution, , 1886. Again returned at 
g. e., 1886, and apptd. mem. of the Ex. Council. Resigned his seat in 1887 
and 1891, and was an unsuccessful candidate for the Ho. of Commons at each 
of the g. e. in these years, running against the late Sir John Thompson. El. 
by accl. at bye-election in March, 1887, and re-apptd. to the Ex. Council. After 
g. e. (Dom.) 1891, he was apptd. mem. of the Legis. Council. Resigned, and 
was el. at bye-election, June, 1895. On the formation of the Murray Govt, in 
1896, he became one of the members of his Cabinet. Re-el. at g. e., 1897. A 

McGregor, JAMES D. (Plctou). B. at New Glasgow, September 1, 1838. 
Of Scotch des. Ed. at New Glasgow gram. sch. M., Roberta Ridley. A mer- 
chant. Mayor of New Glasgow two years. A Liberal. 

Mcmullen, THOMAS G. (Colchester). E1. to Ho. of Assembly for Col- 
chester at g. e., 1897, by a maj. of 77. A Conservative. 

Mcpherson, DAVID (Halifax). B. at Jordan River, Shelburne Co., N.S., 
Aug. 1, 1832. S. of John and Elizabeth McPherson. Scotch parentage. Ed. at 
gram, sch., Shelburne Co., N.S. M. to Susan McDaniel, of Halifax. An alder- 
ma^ for the City of Halifax for 14 years. Commr. of Pub. Charities for three 
years. Mayor of the City of Halifax for five years. A shipbuilder. A Pres- 
byterian. A Liberal. 

MITCHELL, LT.-COL. GEORGE (Halifax). S. of Geo. P. Mitchell and his 
wife, Anna Mitchell, of Halifax. B. June 13, 1846. Ed. at Halifax bram. sch. 
M., first. Christian McGregor, of New Glasgow, (she died) ; second, Ida May, 
d. of John Bowes, Halifax. Is Pres. Halifax Bd. of Trade ; Dir. of Union Bank 
of Halifax ; DIr. Acadian Fire Ins. Co. of Halifax ; Dir. Confederation Life 
Assur. Co. of Toronto. Served as Pres. North British Soc. of Halifax, being 25 
years Hon. Treas. Commenced mercantile career with firm of G. A. Mitchell 
& Co., West India and general commission merchants, now carried on under 
toame of G. P. Mitchell & Sons. Joined Scottish Rifle Co. at early age, attaining 
rank of Capt. and Adjt. Joined Garrison Artillery and rose to rank «»f Lt.-Col., 
retiring 3880, after commanding brigade eight years. A Presbjrterian ; for 25 
years elder in St. Matthew's church. Returned first to Legis. at g. e., 1897. 
A Liberal. 

MORRISON, JOHN QILLIS (Victoria). B. of Scotch parentage, Nov. 17, 
1863. By occupation a trader. Has been a mun. councillor. M., Mary E. Mc- 
Donald. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

MURRAY, HON. GEORGE HENRY, Q.C. (Victoria). S. of the late William 
Murray, of Grand Narrows, N.S. B. at Grand Narrows, June 7, 1861. Ed. there 



and at Boston Univ. Called to the Bar, 1883; Q.C., 1895. Appointed to pie 
Legis. Council of N.S., March 1, 1889. An unsuccessful candidate for the Ho. of 
Commons in Cape Breton at g. e., 1887 and 1891, and at bye-election, Peb.,^ 
1896. Apptd. a mem. of the Fielding Admn., without portfolio, April 11, 1891. 
Called on by Lt.-Gov. Daly to form Admn. upon the resignation of Mr. Field- 
ing, July 17, 1896, which he succeeded in doing, taking the portfolio of Prov. 
Sec. Was re-el. by accl. Appealed to the people April 20, 1887, and was sus- 
tained by a large majority. M., Sept, 1889, Grace E., d. of John B. Moore, 
North Sydney. A Liberal. 

ROBERTSON, THOMAS (Shelburne). S. of Hon. Robert Roberteon, Commr. 
of Mines and Public Works, N.S., and mem. of Legis., and Sarah, d. of the 
late William Richan, of Yarmouth, his wife, both Scotch. B. at Barrington, 
N.S., Sept. 13, 1852. Ed. at pub. sch., Barrington. M., Josephine Hume, d. of 
James G. Allan, Esq., of Lockport, N.S. Is Pres of the Coast Ry. Co. of N.8. 
Represented Shelburne in Ho. of Commons, 1878-1887. Unseated and defeated at 
bye-election, 1887. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. A Liberal. 

SINCLAIR, J. H. (Guysboro). Of Scotch parentage. B. May, 1848. Ed. at 
Guysboro Academy and Dalhousie Coll. Holds degree of . LL.B. from Halifax 
Univ. M., Jessie M. Carmichael, d. of J. W. Carmichael, ex-M.P., of New 
Glasgow. Was Mayor of New Glasgow, 1890-1891. El. to Legis. for Guysboro 
in 1894, and agajn at g. e., 1897. A barriater. A Liberal. 

SPERRY, JOHN D. (Lunenburg). S. of John C. Sperry and his wife. May 
A. Drew. B. at Petite Riviere, Lunenburg, Feb. 10, 1851. Ed. in com. tch. M.. 
Maria L. Dauphinee, of Lunenburg. Has been seven years Mun. Coun. A 
merchant. A Liberal. 

WALLACE, WILLIAM BERNARD, LL.B. (Halifax). B., 1861, of Irish par- 
ents. Ed. at St. Mary's (pub.) sch., Halifax, and St. Mary's Coll., where he won 
the Gov. -Gen. 's medal, and subsequently attended law sch. of Dalhousie Univ., 
obtaining degree of LL.B. Called to the Bar, 1884. Served three years as 
alderman of the City of Halifax, being el. by accl. Was Sec. of the Liberal 
Assn. of Halifax for ten years. At the bye-election in Halifax Co., In 1896, to 
fill the seat In Ho. of Assembly vacated by Hon. W. S. Fielding, on bis ac- 
cepting office of Minister of Finance, was el. by accl. Re-el. at g. e., 1897. Is ^ 
Pres. of the Charitable Irish Soc. of Kalifax, and of the Young Men's Literary 
Assn., and a mom. of the Executive of Dalhousie Univ. Alumni Assn. A Liberal. 

WICKWIRB, HENRY H., B.A., LL.B. (Kings County). B. at Canning, 
K<ngs Co., June 21, 1868. Parents English (Loyalists). B.A. (Acadia) 1888. 
LL.B. (Dalhousie) 1891. M., 1894, d. of James Lovitt, of Yarmouth. N.S. A 
barrister, practising in Kentville. County Crown Attorney, Kings Co. El. 
first in 1894, and again in 1897. A Liberal. 

WILCOX, CHARLES SMITH (Hants). B., of English paronta. Dec. 21, 
1852, at Windsor, N.S. A hardware merchant. Was for two terms Mayor of 
Windpor. M., Sept. 21, 1881, Emma Gertrude Thom, of Quebec City. El. to 
Legis. Assembly at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. at g. e., 1897. Church of England. A 


Names of candidates at the general election, held April 20, 1897, and the 
number of votes polled for each. 


J. A. Bancroft (L.) 1878 

J. W. Longley (L.) 1871 

C. S. Harrington 1664 

T. R. Jones 1680 


A McGillivray (L.) 1263 

C. P .Chisholm (L.) 1176 

Hugh Macdougald 986 

C. B. Whidden 1123 


Dr. A. S. Kendall (L.) 3705 

Alex. Johnstone (L.) 8559 

^ohn McCormick 2691 

William McKay 2669 


T. G. McMullen (C) 2363 

P. A. Laurence (L.) 2358 

W. D. Dimock i28u 

Alfred Dickie 2240 


T. R. Black (L.) 3487 

A. B. Eraser (L.) ..5251 

J. C. McDougall 2511 

A. A. McKinnon 1:689 


A. H. Comeau (L.) 1512 

Angus M. Gidney (L.) 1498 

F. E. Comeau 940 

R. Timpany 860 


W. A. Ferguson (L.) 1525 

John H. Sinclair (L.) 1523 

C. S. Elliott 987 

C. B. Gregory 1065 


George Mitchell (L.) 5312 

David McPherson (L.) 5307 

W. B. Wallace (L.) 5101 

M. T. Poster 4754 

John F. Stairs 4563 

1^. T. W. Walsh 4350 


Arthur Drysdale (L.) 1839 

Charles S. Wilcox (C.) T746 

W. McD. Douglas 1707 

James A. Thompson 1717 


James McDonald (L.) 2646 

M. J. Doucet (L.) 2601 

J. M. Jamieson 1687 

Alex. Campbell 1350 


B. H. Dodge (L.) 2854 

H. H. Wickwlne (L.) 2195 

Peter Innes 1460 

Leander Rand 1107 

J. D. Sperry (L.) 2581 

C. E. Church (L.) 2514 

Emanuel Hebb 2507 

A. J. Wolff 2512 


James D. McGregor (L.) 8546 

E. M. McDonald (L.) 8422 

M. H. Pitzpatrick (C.) 8314 

William Cameron 3262 

John Mcintosh 8299 

C. B. Tanner 8289 


E. M. Farrell (L.) 876 

Thomas Keillor (L.) 712 

John Hutt 666 

John Millard 704 

R. R. McLeod 184 

T. H. Siddell 17» 


Duncan Finlayson (L.) 1034 

Simon Joyce (L.) 958 

Remi Benoit 802 

John Morrison »10 


Thomas Johnson (L.) Accl. 

Thomas Robertson (L.) Accl. 




G. H. Murray (L.) 1273 

John G. Morrison (L.) 1093 

Jobn A* McDonald 651 

A. G. McLeod 462 


William Law (L.) 1J501 

H. S. LeBlanc (L.) ...^ 1473 

A. A. Porthier 614 

E. C. Simonson 606 

J. R. Wyman 058 


1867 September U 

1871 May — 

1874 December — 

1878 September 10 

1882 June 13 

1886 June 15 

1890 Apriia 

1894 March 15 

1897 April 20 



His Honor, the Honorable Abner Jleid McClelan. B. at Hopewell, N. B., Jan. 4, 
1831. Ekl. at Hopewell and at Mount Allison Acad. Subsequently became 
one of tbe Governors of this Academy. Entered conmiercial life at Hope- 
well. Sat in New Brunswick Assembly for Albert from 1854 to 1867. 
Was a mem. of the Tilley Admn., 1866-67, and aided In carrying out 
Confederation. Called to the Senate of Canada, May, 1867. Appointed 
to present office, Dec. 9, 1896, and sworn in Dec. 11, 1896. Government 
House, Fredericton, N. B. 


Major-General ■ C. H. Doyle July 1, 1867 

Col. F. P. Harding October 18, 1867 

Hon. L. A. Wilmot, D.C.L July 14, 1868 

Hon. S. L. Tilley, C.B Novcm'ier K, 1873 

Hon. Ed- Baron Chandler, Q.C ' July 16, 3878 

Hon. Robert Duncan Wilmot, P.C February 11, 1880 

Hon. Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, K.C.M.G October 31, 1885 

Hon. John Boyd September 21, 1893 

Hon. John A. Fraser December 20, 1893 

Hon. A. R. McClelan December 9, 1896 


(Formed December, 1897.) 
Hon. H. R. Emerson, Premier and Chief Commissioner Board of Works. 
Hon. L. J. Tweedie, Q.C, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. A. S. White, Attorney-General. 
Hon. A. T. Dunn, Commissioner of Crown Lands. 
Hon. C. H. LaBillois, Commissioner of Agriculture. 
Hon. L P. Farris, without portfolio. 
Hon. A. D. Richard, without portfolio. 



Hon. A. R. Wetmore, Premier and Attorney- General. 

Hon. J. A. Beckwith, Provincial Secretary. 

Hon. John McAdam, Chief Commissioner of Works. 

Hon. W. Kelly, Chief Commissioner of Works. 

Hon. R. Sutton, Surveyor-General. 

Hon. W. P. Flewelling, Surveyor-General. 

Hon. John McAdam, President of Council. 

Hon. B. Beveridge, without portfolio. 

Hon. A. C. Desbrisay, without portfolio. 

Hon. W. P. Flewelling, without portfolio. 

Hon. Q. E. King, without portfolio. 

Hon. W. Taylor, without portfolio. 

Hon. W. Lindsay, without portfolio. 



Hon. G. E. King, Premier and Attorney-General. 

Hon. J. J. Praser, Provincial Secretary and Receiver-General. 

Hon. B. R. Stevenson, Surveyor-General. 

Hon. Wm. M. Kelly, Chief Commissioner of Public Works. 

Hon. John Crawford, Solicitor-General. 

Hon. Robert Young, President of the Council. 

Hon. Angus McQueen, without portfolio. 

Hon. W. B. Perley, without portfolio. 

Hon. E. Willis, without portfolio. 

Hon. J. J. Eraser, Premier and Attorney-General. 
Hon. Wm. Wedderbom, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. M. Adams, Surveyor-General. 
Hon. P. A. Landry, Chief Commissioner. 
Hon. Robert Young, President of the Council. 
Hon. John Crawford, Solicitor-General. 
Hon. R. R. Stevenson, without portfolio. 
Hon. D. L. Hannington, without portfolio. 
Hen. Dr. Lewis, without portfolio. 
Hon. W. E. Perley, without portfolio. 
Hon. J. H. Crawford, without portfolio. 


Mr. Eraser resigned in 1882, and Mr. Hannington became Premier, without 
Hon. D. L. Hannington, Premier and President of the Council. 
Hon. P. A. Landry, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. B. McLeod, Attorney-General. 
Hon. M. Adams, Surveyor-General. 
Hon. G. B. Colter, Commissioner of Works. 
Hon. F. B. Morton, Solicitor-General. 
Hon. W .E. Perley, without portfolio. 
Hon. Robert Young, without portfolio. 
Hon. W. J. Lewis, without portfolio. 


The Government being defeated In 1883, Mr. Blair became Premier, with tha 
following Ministry :— 

Hon. A. G. Blair, Premier and Attorney-General. 
Hon. Wm. Elder, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. James Mitchell, Surveyor-General. 
Hon. R. J. Ritchie, Solicitor-General. 
Hon. P. G. Ryan, Chief Commissioner of Public Works. 
Hon. Thos. F. Gillespie, President of the Council. 
Hon. A. Harrison, without portfolio. 
Hon. G. S. Turner, without portfolio. 
Hon. Dr. Vail, without portfolio. 

Mr. Bider died In 1884. D. McLellan took his place, and retired in 1880. 
James Mitchell taking ofDce. Mr. Tweedle became Surveyor^General in 1890. 


Mr. Ritchie, Solicitor-General, retired in 1889. Wm. Pugsley was appointed, 
and resigned in 1892. A. D. Ricbard was appointed, but lost his election the 
same year, 1892, and A. S. White was appointed in his place. Mr. Ryan, Chief 
Commissioner, retired in 1892, and was succeeded by H. R. Emmeron, who had 
been appointed a member of the Executive Council in 1891 in place of A. Har- 
rison. Mr. Gillespie retired in 1890, and D. McLellan was appointed. Mr. 
Turner resigned in 1891, C. H. LaBillois appointed, and O. J. LeBlanc. Dr. Vail 
die4. in 1885. H. A. Connell apointed in 1892, without portfolio ; resigned, 1894. 


Hon. A. G. Blair, Premier and Attorney-General. 
Hdn. James Mitchell, Provincial Secretary. ■ 
Hon. A. S. White, Solicitor-General. 
Hon. L. J. Tweedie, Surveyor-General. 
Hon. H. R. Emmerson, Chief Commissioiier. 
Hon. A. T. Dunn, without portfolio. 
Hon. C. H. LaBillois, without portfolio. 


When Mr. Blair resigned to enter the Dominion Cabinet in July, 18^6, the 
Government was reconstructed as follows :— 
Hon. James Mitchell, Premier and Attorney-General. 
Hon. L. J. Tweedie, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. H. R. Emmerson, Chief Commissioner. 
' Hon. A. T. Dunn, Surveyor-General. • 

Hon. A. S. White, Solicitor-General. 
Hon. L. P. Parris, without portfolio. 
Hon. C. H. LaBillois, without portfolio. 

In June, 1897, Hon. C. H. LaBillois was appointed Commissioner of Agri- 


On the death of Hon. James Mitchell, in December, 1337, the Government 
was again reconstructed,, as follows :~ 
Hon. H. R. Emmerson, Premier and Chief Commfsisioner. 
Hon. L. J. Tweedie, Provincial Secretary. 
Hon. A. S. White, Attorney-General. 
Hon. A. T. Dimn, Surveyor-General. 
Hon. C. H. LaBillois, Conmiissioner of Agriculture. 
Hon. L. P. Farris, without portfolio. 
Hon. A. D. Richard, without portfolio. 

In this reconstruction the office of Solicitor-Gteneral was not filled, and the 
Government stood as above October 1st, 1898. 



No. of Legis. 

l8t Legis. 

2nd Legis. 

8rd Legis. 

4th Legis. 

5th Legis. 

6th Legis. 

7th Legis. 

8th Legis. 

9th Legis. 

• I 












Feb. 13, 1868 
Mar. 4, 1869 
Feb. 10, 1870 




16, 1871 
5, 1871 

29, 1872 

27, 1873 
12, 3874 

18, 1S75 

17, 1876 
S, 1877 

28, 1877 
26, 1878 

Feb. 27, 1879 

Mar. 9, 1880 

Feb. 8, 1881 

Feb. 16, 1882 

28, 1883 

12. IS&J 

28, 1884 

26, 1885 

25, 2886 

Mar. 3, 1887 

Mar. 1, 18S8 

Mar. 7, 1889 

Mar. 13, 1890 

Mar. 11, ISOl 

Mar. 3, 1802 

Mar. 9, 1893 

Mar. 15. 1894, 

Jan. 31, 1895 

Feb. 13, 1896 

Feb. 4, 1897 

Feb. 10, 1898 


Mar. 23, 1808 

April 21, 1869 

April 7, 1870 

Feb. £2, 1871 

May 17, 1871 

April 11, 187i 

April 14, 1873 

April 8, 1874 


10, 1875 

13, 1876 

16, 1877 

5, 1877 

April, 18, 1878 

April 15, 1879 

April 13, 1880 

Mar. 25, 1881 

April 6, 1882 

Mar. 3, 1883 

May 3, 1883 

April 1, 1884 

April 6, 1885 

April 2, 1886 

April 5, 1887 

April 6, 1888 

April 17, 1889 

April 23, 1890 

April 16, 1891 

April 7, 1892 

April 15, 1893 

April 21, 1894 

Mar. 5, 1895 

Mar. 20, 1896 

Mar. 13, 1897 

Mar. 18, 1898 


' June 3, 1870 

. May 15, 1874 

May 14, 1878 


. April 2, 1886 

. Dec. 30, 1889 

Sept. 28, 1892 

. Sept. 26, 1895 


Elected October 16, 1895. , 
Speaker— lion. John P. Burchill. 
Clerk— Henry B. Rainsford. 
Chaplain— Rev. Willard Macdonald. 
Clerk Assistant— George Y. Dibblee. 
Sergeant-at-Anns— Henry C. Rutter. 


Albert .... 
Albert .... 
Carleton . 
Carleton . 
Carleton . 
Charlotte . 

Charlotte . 
Charlotte . 
Charlotte . 




Kings .... 
Kings .... 


Madawaska , 

Madawaska , 

Northumberland , 
Northumberland , 
Northumberland . 
Northumberland . 





St. John City ... 
St. John City ... 
St. John City ... 
St John City ... 
St. John County 
St. John County 





Westmoreland . . . 
Westmoreland . . . 
Westmoreland . . . 
Westmoreland . . . 






Hon. Henry R. Emmerson, 

Charles J. Osman 

J. T. Allan Dibblee 

Hugh Henry McCain 

Chas. L. Smith .., 

James Russell 

George F. Hill 

James O'Brien 

John D. Chipman ... 

P. J. Veniot 

Prosper E. Paulin ... 

Jos. Poirrier 

Urbain Johnson ...... 

James Barnes 

Peter H. Leger 

Hon. A. S. White .... 
George G. G. Scovil 

George W. Fowler 

Cyprien Martin 

Alphonse Bertrand 

Hon. L. J. Tweedie 

Hon. J. P. Burchill 

John O'Brien 

Allan A. Davidson '.... 

Hon. L. P. Farris 

Isaac W. Carpenter 

Hon. Chas. H. LaBillois .. 

W. Albert Mott 

Wm. Shaw 

Dr. Stockton 

C. Berton Lockhart 

Dr. Alward 

Hon. Albert T. Dunn 

John McLeod 

Chas. B. Harrison 

David Morrow 

James E. Porter 

Adam J. Beveridge 

Hon. Ambrose D. Richard 

Frederick W. Sumner 

W. Woodbury Wells 

Cliflford W. Robinson 

John Black 

Wm. T. Howe 

James K. PInder 

Herman H. Pitts 

Post Office Address. 






Bay Side, via St. And- 

St. Stephen. 
St. George. 
St. Stephen. 
Grand Ause. 
St. Louis. 

WelliDgton, Buctouche 
Grand Digue. 
Bellisle Creek, Sprlng- 

St. Basil. 
White's Cove. 
St. John. 
St. John. 
St John West. 
St. John. 
Black River. 
Port Elgin. 

Temperance Vale. 



Alward, Dr. Silas St. John. 

Barnes, James Wellington, Buctoncbe. 

Bertrand, Alphonse Edmundston . 

Burchlll, Hon. J. P Nelson. 

Beveridge, A. J Andover. 

Black. John Frederlcton. 

Chipman, J. D St. Stephen. 

Carpenter, Isaac W Carpenter. 

Dibblce, J. T. Allan Woodstock. 

Davidson. A. A Newcastle. 

Dunn, Hon. A. T Musquash. 

Emmerson, Hon. .H R Dorchester. 

Farris, Hon. L. P White's Cove. 

Fowler, G. W Sussex. 

Howe, W. T Stanley. 

Harrison, C. B Maugerville. 

Hill, G. F St. Stephen. 

Johnston, Urbain St. Louis. 

Leger, P. H Grand Digue. 

LaBIllois, Hon. C. H Dalhousie. 

Lockhart, C. B St. John West. 

McCain, H. H Florenceville. 

McLeod, John Black River. 

Martin, Cyprien St. Basil. 

Mott, W. A — Carapbellton. 

Morrow, David Oromocto. 

Osman, C. J Hillsboro. 

O'Brien, James St. George. 

O'Brien John Nelson. 

Paulin, P. E Caraqu«t. 

Poirier, Joseph Grand Ause. 

Porter, J. E Andover. 

Plnder, J. K Temperance Vale. 

Pitts, H. H Frederlcton. 

Robinson, C. W Moncton. 

Richard, Hon. A. D Dorchester. , 

Russell, James Bay Side, via St. Andrews. 

Smith, C. L Woodstock. 

Scovil, O. G. G Bellisle Creek, Springfield. 

Shaw, Wm St. John. 

Stockton, Dr. A. A St. John. ' 

Sumner, F. W Moncton. 

Tweedie, Hon. L. J Chatham. 

Venoit, P. J Bathurst. 

White, Hon. A. S Sussex. 

Well53, W. W Port Elgin. 


ALWARD, SILAS, Q.C., M.A., D.C.L. (St. John City). S. of John and Mary 
Alward. B. at Brunswick, Queens Co., 1842. Ed. at Acadia Coll., Wolfville. 
Received the degree of M.A. from Brown University, Rhode Island, and that of 
D.C.L. from Acadia. Called to the Bar, 1865, and has since been practising. 
Was made a Q.C. in 1891. Is at present one of the Bd^ of Governors of Acadia 
Coll., and has been a mem. of the St. John Sch B.d. M., first, Emily Wickwire, 
of Canning, N.S., in 1860 <she died) ; secand, S. Edith Tumbull, d. of W. W. 
TurxLbull, of St. John. First el. to Legis., 1887, by accl., as a supporter of 
Premier Blair. In 1889 he went into opposition. Has been returned as an op- 
ponent of the Govt, at the succeeding elections. An Episcopalian. Opposi- 

BARNES, JAMES (Kent). B. 1842, and came to Shediac for his health. He 
started a leather business there, but now resides at Buctouche and is engaged 
in lumbering, farming and railroad contracting. S. of William Barnes, a 
farmer, and his wife, Margaret Delland. He received a local sch. ed. M., Miss 
Jube Smith, of Buctouche. Was defeated in the election of 1892, but el. at g. c, 
189&. A Liberal, a Govt, supporter and an Episcopalian. Ministerialist. 

BERTRAND, ALPHONSB (Madawaska). Of French- Canadian and Irish 
parentage. S. of Isaac Bertrand, of Quebec, and Elizabeth Kennedy, of Irel., 
his wife. B. in the City of Quebec, Aug. 23, 1846. Ed. at Quebec Seminary. 
Came to N.B. in 1860. Collector of Customs at Edmundston, N.B., 1865 : pre- 
ventive ofllcer for same port, 1869. Is now general storekeeper. M., 1880, Miss 
Kate Hart, niece of Hon. John Costigan. f]l. to Legis. for Madawaska at g. e., 
1895, as a supporter of the Blair Govt. A Conservative in Federal politicau 
A Ministerialist. 

BURCHILL, HON. JOHN PERCIVAL (Northumberland). B. at Beaubear'a 
Island, Miramichi, Feb. 6, 1855. Ed. at Chatham gram, sch., and then entered 
the lumber business with his ^ther, and is now a mem. of the firm of George 
Burchlll & Sons, of Nelson. Was for six years a mem. of the Northumber- 
land Mun. Council from Nelson and one year held the office of Warden. M., 
1882, Eliza, eld. d. of Judge Wilkinson. In 1882 was el. to the Legis. and was 
one of those who voted to turn out the Hanington Govt. At g. e., 1886, de- 
feated on the stumpage question, but the following year el. to the seat made 
vacant by the resignation of Hon. M. Adams, who ran for the Commons. In 
'1890 el. In opposition to the Govt, on the stumpage question, but, that matter 
being satisfactorily adjusted, he gave them his support. Re-el. 1892 and 1895. 
A Liberal and an Episcopalian. El. Speaker of Legis. in 1893 ; again in 1896. 
A Ministerialist. 

BEVERIDCSE, ADAM J. (Victoria). B., of Scotch parents, at Foesoway, 
Klnrosshire, Scot., Dec. 28, 1826. Ed. at Dollar Inst., Clackmannanshire. Came 
to N.B., May 18, 1841. A general merchant and lumberman. Has been mem. of 
Mun. Council, Victoria Co., and Warden. M., first, Amanda E. Murphy (she 
died Aug. 9, 1873) ; second, Hannah Britt, in 1876. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1895. 
A Liberal. Ministerialist. 

BLACK, JOHN (York). S. of the Rev. John Black, rector of King's Clear, 
York Co., N.B., a native of Scot., and Sarah Wetmore, his wife, sister of the 
late Judge Wetmore. B. at King's Clear, Nov. 23, 1853. Ed. at Collegiate sch., 
Fredericton. A barrister and senior mem. of the firm of Black, Bliss & Nealis, 
of Fredericton. Has been Sec.-Treas. of Mun. of York since 1891. M., Cathar- 


ine B., d. of the late Dr. James Robb, Prof, of Natural Science at the Univ. 
of N.B. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1895. A Conservative. Opposition. 

CHIPMAN, JOHN D. (Charlotte). S. of Zachariah Chipman and Mary E. 
DeWolf, his wife, both natives of Nova Scotia. B. April 10, 1856. Ed. at com- 
mon sch., Sheffield Acad., and partial course at Univ. of N.B. M., Jessie 
Tilley, d. of Sir Leonard TiUey. Was Mayor of St. Stephen for two terms. 
Is V.-P. St. Stephen's Bank, V.-P. Imperial Trust Co. of Canada, Dir. Frontier 
S. B. Co., Dir. Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., Chairman Bd. of Sch. Trustees, 
Trustee of Methodist Church, St. Stephen. A Ministerialist Bl. for Char- 
lotte to Legis. by accl., Jan. 15, 1898, in place of Hon. James Mitchell, who 

CARPENTER, ISAAC W. (Queens). S. of Rev. Thomas W. Carpenter, 
Baptist clergyman, and Elizabeth Slipp, his wife, both of U. B. Loyalist stock. 
B. at Wickham, Queen's Co., N.B., June 22, 1849. Ed. at common sch. and at 
baptist Semin., Fredericton, N.B. A farmer. Was Mun. Councillor of Queen's 
for five years and Warden of the Co. for one year. M., first, Feb. 28, 1883, Miss 
Ida Woden (she died April 2, 1887) ; second, June 10, 1888, Miss Gertrude A. 
Carpenter. El. to Legis., Sept. 21, 1896, by accl., in place of Hon. A. G. Blair, 
resigned. A Ministerialist. 

DAVIDSON, ALLAN A., Q.C. (Northumberland). S. of the late Allan A. 
Davidson and Mary Travis, his wife. Father of Scotch, and mother of Irish, 
descent. Ed. at Harkins' Academy, Newcastle, and Univ. of N.B. A barrister- 
at-law, practising at Newcastle. Unmarried. El. for Northumberland at bye- 
election, July 30, 1896, by accl., the vacancy being caused by the resignation of 
James Robinson, who ran for the Ho. of Commons. A Ministerialist. 

DIBBLEE, J. T. ALLAN (Carleton). B. at Woodstock in 1857, and Is s. 
of W. F. Dibblee, of that town. Ed. there, and then moved to St. John. In 
1877 he returned to Woodstock and has since carried on a successful hardware 
business. Was a councillor for four years and Mayor in 1890 and 1891. El. to 
Legis., 1892. M., Miss Ellegood, of York Co. A|^ Episcopalian. A supporter of 
the Govt. A Ministerialist. 

DUNN, HON. ALBERT T. (St. John County). B. in St. John City in 1842. 
When about 12 the family moved to Musquash, where has since resided. Was 
eighteen years Collector of Customs at Musquash, but resigned 1892 when enter- 
ing provincial politics. Was several years member of the Municipal Council. 
He has been long engaged in the business of pork packing and ia also a suc- 
cessful farmer. A bachelor, a Liberal and a Presbs^rian. He became a mem- 
ber of the executive without office in succession to Hon. H. A. Connell, of Car- 
leton county. Ministerialist. 

BMMERSON, HON. HENRY ROBERT, LL.B. (Albert). S. of the Rev. R. H. 
Emmerson, Baptist clerg3rman, and Augusta Read, his wife, of English pater- 
nal descent, and on mother's side from Loyalists from the American colonies. 
B. at Maugerville, Sunbury Co., N.B., Sept. 25. 1853. Ed. at Amherst Acad., 
Mount Allison Acad., St. Joseph's Coll. and Acadia Coll., Wolfville, N.S. Holds 
degree of L.L.B. from Boston Univ. M. 1878 Emily C. Record, d. of the late 
O. B. Record, iron founder, Moncton, N.B. A barrister. Mem. of Senate of 
Acadia Univ., Wolfville, N.S. Ran for the Commons for Westmoreland in 1887, 
but was -defeated. In 1888 he was elected to the Legislature for Albert, but 
was defeated in 1890 In 1891 appointed to the Legislative Council, and therer 
voted for the abolition measure. Just previous to the election of 1892 sworn In 
a member of the cabinet with the office of minister of public works. On the 


death of Mr. Mitchell, became Premier of New Brunswick, Dec. 1897, retaining 
the portfolio of Public Works. Elected for Albert to Hs. of Assembly at g.e. 
1892, and re-el. g.e. 1895. A Liberal. 

KARRIS, HON. LAUGHLIN P. (Queens). S. of John Farris and Sarah Mc- 
Lean, his wife, of English and Scotch descent. B. at White's Cove, N.B., Dec. 
28, 1843. Ed. at pub. sch. and Baptist Seminary, Fredericton, N.B. A farmer. 
Was Municipal Councillor for two years. M. Miss Louise Hay, d. of Hugh Hay, 
Woodstock, N.B. El. to Legislature, g.e., Oct. 22, 1892. Re-el. at g.e., 1895, by 
accl. Entered the Executive Council Aug. 26, 1896, without portfolio. A Bap- 
tist. A Liberal. Ministerialist. 

FOWLER, GEORGE W. (Kings). B. at Hammond Vale, Kings county. In 
1859. Hia father was W. Fowler, stipendiary magistrate of the district, and his 
mother Harriet Fownes, d. of John Fownes, shipbuilder at St. Martins. At- 
tended school in St. Johns and in Kings and then took his degree at Dalhousie 
Univ. Entered as a law student in the office of Hon. A. S. White, took a de- 
gree from the Boston University Law School, and began practising at Sussex. 
Was for four years in the Kings Municipal Council and warden of the county. 
Ran for the Legislature in 1892 as an opponent of the government and was de- 
feated, but in 1895 was elected as a supporter. Unm. A Baptist. A prominent 
Orangeman, is a past grand master of the order and one of the counsel in the 
Bathurst school matter. A Conservative. Ministerialist. 

HARRISON, CHARLES B. (Sunbury). B. at Canning, N.B., in 1824. S. of 
the late Hon. Charles Harrison and brother of Hon. A. Harrison. Has a large 
farm at Maugerville and has been a member of the Sunbury Municipal Council. 
M. Miss Miles, d. of the late Col. Miles. A^ Liberal. First elected to Legis- 
lature in 1886 and has been successful at each subsequent election. He sup- 
ports the government. A Congregationalist. Ministerialist. 

HOWE, WILLIAM S. (York). B. at Fredericton in 1841. S. of Thomas 
Howe, adjutant of the 34th regiment. Ed. in York and has since carried on 
farming In Stanley. M. Miss Donald, of Pennaick, York county. Was in the 
Municipal Council for three years and a warden one term. Is a captain in the 
71st Battalion. A Conservative, an opponent of the local government and an 

HILL, GEORGE FREDERICK (Charlotte). S. of the late Hon. George S. 
Hill, of Me., U.S., who came to N.B. in his infancy and served An N.B. As- 
sembly and Leg. Council for 32 years and in the Government of N.B. His mo- 
ther descended from English Puritans. B. at St. Stephen, N.B., 1832. Ed. at 
home and in the United States. Admitted as an attorney, 1854, and the same 
year went into mercantile pursuits, retiring in 1882. Was official assignee for 
Charlotte, 1869-1878. Has been a mem. of Legislature 22 years— 12 inthe As- 
sembly and 10 in the Council. El. to Assembly in 1865, defeated in 1866 and el. 
in 1878, remaining in Legis. until apptd. to Legis. Council. 1882. Pres. of 
Legis. Council from 1887 until dissolution of that branch in 1892. Again re- 
turned to Legis. Assembly in 1892, and by accl. in 1895. Unmarried. A Lib- 
eral. Ministerialist. 

JOHNSON, LT.-COL. URBAIN (Kent). S. of Simon Johnson, a farmer, 
and Jennie Vatour, of Minudle, his wife. B. at St. Louis, Kent Co., N.B., Jan. 
27, 1824. Scotch des. Ed. at pub. sch., St. Louis. Apptd. magistrate. 1855 ; 
Captain of reserve militia. 1865 ; Major, 1869 ; Lt.-Col., 1872. A Mun. Council- 


lor of Kent Co., 12 years ; Warden, two years. M., 1854, Miss Nathalie Le- 
blano. Independent In politics. El. to Ho. of Assembly, 1869 ; re-el., 1874, 1878 
and 1896. Ministerialist. 

LEGER, PIERRE (Kent). B. at Grwid Digue In 1858. Hyppolite Leger, 
farmer, was his father, and Sophia Poirler his mother. Rd. at St. Joseph's 
College, Momramcook. Has been a storekeeper and school teacher, but is now 
engaged in farming and trading at Grand Digue. Was three years in the 
Mun. Council and first entered Legls. at g. e., 1S95. A Catholic. Ministerialist. 

LaBILLOIS, HON. CHARLES H. (Restigouche). Has been in the House 
since 1883, when he helped turn out the Hannington Govt. Was made a mem- 
ber of the Executive in 1891. His grandfather, a surgeon under Napoleon, came 
to America in 1816 and was In charge of the Tracadie lazaretto for a time. On 
his mother's side he is of Irish des. B. at Dalhousie, and ed. at Dalhousie 
gram. sch. Carries on a general business at his native town. M. a d. of the 
late John McNaughton, a Quebec lumber merchant. A mem. of the Executive 
Council, without portfolio. A Conservative. A Roman Catholic. Ministerialist. 

LOCKHART, CHARLES BARTON (St. John City). Scotch des., and b. 
at Moncton, Feb., 1855. S .of Charles D. Lockhart, now living at Hartford, 
Carleton Co., and his wife, Hannah Reed, of Minudie, Cumberland Co., N.S.' 
Received a good education. Took up his permanent residence in St. John when 
24 years of age, and in 1884 went to Carleton as a clerk with A. C. Smith, pro- 
duce merchant, with whom he is now in partnership and whom he succeeds in 
the representation of St. John City. M., February 14, 1884, Theodosia A. Hartt, 
d. of Thomas Hartt, of Fredericton Junction. Has represented both Brooks and 
Guys wards in the City Council and is a mem. of the Sch. Bd. A Cortservattvc 
and in religion a Free Christian Baptist. Oppositionist. 

MCCAIN, HUGH HENRY (Carleton). Of Irish parentage and b. at Flor- 
enceville in 1854. His father, Andrew McCain, was a farmer, who came to N.B. 
with his wife, Mary Ferguson. After an ed. in the dist. schs., Mr. McCain en- 
gaged in his life work, farming and produce dealing. M. Frances J. Kilpatrick, 
of Florenceville. EL to Legls. at g. e., 1895. A Baptist. Ministerialist. 

McLEOD, JOHN (St. John's County). B. at Greenock, Scot., in 1825, and 
came to Canada with his parents in 1826. The family settled at the Miramichi, 
and later removed to St. John City, and then to Black River. For a time fol- 
lowed the sea, and from 1852 to 1867 was in Australia at the gold mines. Since 
1862 he has carried on a business of shipbuilding at Black River, and has built 
in all about thirty vessels. M. a Miss Alward, of Havelock, K.C., a cousin of 
Dr. Silas Alward. Was a mem. of the Mun. Council of St. John for nearly 
twenty years. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1895. A Liberal. 

MARTIN, CYPRIEN (Madawaska). The youngest mem. of the House, is 
now on his secdnd term, having been el. at the bye-election in 1894. S. of 
Remy Martin, farmer, and his wife, Mary Daigle. Ed. at Ste. Anne La 
Pocatiere Coll, Quebec, and is postmaster at St. Basil. Also carries on farming. 
M., Mary Luce Daigle. A Roman Catholic. A Conservative. Ministerialist. 

MOTT, W. ALBERT (Restigouche). B. at Campbellton in 1864, ajid is s. of 
late William Mott, Magistrate and Court Commr. Ed. at Dalhousie gram. sch. 
and studied law in St. John. Returning to Campbellton he went into law part- 
nership with John McAllister, M.P. Swedish Consul at Campbellton. Was 


Mayor in 1892. M. d. of John Henderson, of Campbellton. In religion he is a 
Presbyterian. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892, and again at g. e., 1895. A Conser- 
vative. Ministerialist. 

MORROW, DAVID (Sunbury). B. at Burton in 1834. S. of George >Iorrow, 
farmer, and his wife, Elizabeth Wood. Was for many years engaged in lum- 
bering and farming, was one year in the Mun. Council, and twice contested the 
Co. imsuccessfuUy for the Legis., but was el. at g. e., 1895. A Consei*vative. 

OSMAN, CHARLES JOSEPH (Albert). Of English parents. B. April 15, 
1851. Ed. at Collegiate and Commercial schs, Cheshurst, Hertfordshire, Bng. 
M., Laura E. Tomkins, of Hillslborough, N.B. A mem. of Albert Co. Council 
for several years. Is manager of plaster mills and quarries, Hillsborough. 
El. -to Legis., Jan. 23, 1897, to fill vacancy caused by resignation of Dr. Lewis, 
who was el. to Ho. of Commons. A Liberal-Conservative. Ministerialist. 

O'BRIEN, JAMES (Charlotte). Is a native of Windsor, N.S. B. 1834. Came 
to St. John with his father and later moved to St. George, where he has fol- 
lowed his father's business, blacksmithing. Was never in politics until the g.e. 
of 1892, when he entered the House. For several years has been Scott Act In- 
spector for Charlotte. Mp, Miss Nutter, of St. George. A Liberal. A Presby- 
terian. Ministerialist. 

O'BRIEN, JOITN (Northumberland). Of Irish des. B. at Nelson, 1850. Ed. 
in common schs. Served a short apprenticeship at the lumber business, and 
when only twenty started on his own account. Runs a general supply store 
and docs considerable lumbering. Has been a Co. Councillor and Warden of 
the Municipality. M. a d. of the late Postmaster McPeake; of Fredericton. El. 
to Legis. at g. e., 1890, as an opponent of the Govt., but has supported it since 
the reduction of the stumpage. A Conservative and a Catholic. Ministerialist. 

PAULIN, PROSPER E. (Gloucester). S. of Francis D. Paulin and Theotiste 
Poirier, his wife. B. at Caraquet, Oct. 8, 1844. Ed. at parish sch. Co. Coun- 
cillor of Caraquet eight years ; Warden of Co. two terms ; Parish Court 
Commr. and Justice of the Peace. An ensign in the reserve militia. A public 
auctioneer. M., Nov. 23, 1869, Vitaline Gauvin, of Caraquet. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1895. A Liberal. Ministerialist. 

PORTER, JAMES E. (Victoria). S. of John Porter and Ann Hornbrook, of 
Kings Co., of Irish extraction. B. at Victoria, N.B., 1847. Ed. in common sch. 
and Acad, of Presque Isle, Me., and Normal sch., St. John, N.B. Spent three 
years teaching sch. and then engaged in farming, lumbering and milling, which 
he still follows at Andover, N.B. Represented Andover in Mun. Council for 20 
years, occupying the Warden's chair for five years. M., Alma J. Watson, of 
Carleton, N.B. An unsuccessful candidate for Victoria in the Legis. at g. e., 
1886. E.l for Victoria at bye-election, 1889. Retired for a time, and agai#i 
el. at g. e., 1895. A Liberal. Ministerialist. 

PINDER, JAMES K. (York). A native of Yorkshire, Eng. B. in 1841. His 
father settled in Queensbury, York Co., in 1849. For a time he worked as a 
carpenter in Fredericton, and then moved to Temperance Vale, Southampton, 
where for years he has carried on a farming, lumbering and milling business. 
Was in the council one year while living in Fredericton and for nearly twenty 
years from Southampton, and was once Warden. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892 
M., Mary Ann Annett, of Fredericton. A Conservative. An Episcopalian. 


PITTS, HERMAN H. (York). S. of the late George Pitts, of St. John. B. 
at Oromooto, Sunbury Co., N.B., July 16, 1859. Ed. at Frtdericton Collegiate 
sch. A newspaper publisher, publishing tj^e Fredericton " Reporter." A prom- 
inent Orangeman. M., Miss MacLeod, d. of the late C. L. MacLeod, of King's 
Co., .NB. El. to Legis., 1892 ; re-el. at g. e., 1895. A Conservative. A Presby- 
terian. Oppositionist. 

POIRIER^ JOSEPH (Gloucester). S. of Hubert Poirier, of Caraquet, N.B. 
B. at Grand Ause, Gloucester Co., N.B., in 1840. Ed. at a private sch. Engaged 
in the lobster packing industry, and also in the salmon fishery. Was for sev- 
eral years overseer of fisheries. A mem. of the Co. Council of Gloucester: for 
seven years. Has been Warden. M., 1860, Emelia, d. of Dominick Theriault, 
of Grand Ause, N.B. First el. to the Legis. at g. e., 1890, by accl. An unsuc- 
cessful candidate at g. e., 1895. A vacancy was created by the death of one of 
the sitting members, John Sivewright, and Mr. Poirier was el. in his place at 
a bye-election, Feb. 28, 1898. A Conservative. Ministerialist. 

ROBINSON, CLIFFORD WILLIAM, B.A. (Westmoreland). B. at Moncton, 
September 1, 1866. S. of William J. Robinson, and Margaret, d. rf William 
Trenholni, his wife. Father Canadian, of Eng. extraction ; mother Canadian, 
of Danish extraction. Ed. in the common schs. of St. John, Pointe de Bute, 
Coverdale and' Moncton, at the Mt Allison Acad., Sackville, and Univ. of Mt. 
Allison Coll., Sackville, N.B. (B.*A., 1886). Studied law at Moncton and St. 
John, and was admitted an attorney for N.B., Oct. 13, 1892. Admitted a bar- 
rister, Oct., 1893. M., Annie M. Hinson, of Boringdon, Eng, Oct. 2, 1890. Aid. 
of Moncton, 1895-1896; Mayor by accl., 1897. Contested the Po. of Westmore- 
land against H. A. Powell, M.P., June 23, 1896 ; defeated by 15 votes. El. to 
Legis. at bye-election, June 5, 1897, by accl. A Liberal in Dominion politics, 
and in local a supporter of the Govt, of Hon. H. R. Emmerson. 

RICHARD, HON. AMBROISE D. LL.B. (Westmoreland). B. at Memram- 
cook, Feb., 1830. Of French-Acadian des. S. of David Richard and his wife, 
Julie Oulette. Ed. at St. Joseph's Coll. and St. Dunstan's Coll., Charlottetown. 
In June, 1879, grad. from Boston Univ., and obtained degree of LL.B. M.„ 
Lizzie V. Holt, of St. John. In 1879 el. to Mun. Council of Westmoreland. Was 
the first French-Acadian appointed to Legis. Council, receiving that honor in 
May, 1882. Was apptd. Sol.-Gteneral, but was an unsuccessful candidate in the 
election of 1892. Was. el. to Assembly for the first time at g. e., 1895. A Con- 
servative. A Catholic. Ministerialist. 

RUSSELL, JAMES (Charlotte). B. at St. Andrews in 1824 and ed. there. 
His grandfather, a Scotchman, came to Halifax with the Royal Engineers, and 
afterwards went to the States. Was a soldier during the American revolution- 
ary war and then moved to St. Andrews. Is a farmer, and has been for nearly 
twenty years a mem. of the Mun. Council. Was twice Warden and at one time 
was Parish Court Commr. M., Agnes McDonall, of Galloway, Scot. Was a 
captain in the militia, and is now retired retaining rank. Entered the Legis. 
in 1886, and has been returned at all subsequent elections. A Liberal. A Pres- 
' byterian. Ministerialist. 

SCOVIL, GEORGE G. G. (Kings). B. at Springfield, Kings Co., 1842. -Ed. 
at Kingston. M., Leah Spragg. Runs a general store at Springfield, and also 
carries on large lumbering and farming operations. Was in the Kings Mun. 
Council for many years, but resigned in 1892, when he first entered the Liegis. 
A Liberal in Dominion politics and supports the Local Govt. A Presbyterian. 


SHAW, WILLIAM (St. John City), B. at Simonds, 1838! Received a com- 
mon sch. ed., and was for a time a roller In the Coldbrook mill. F<St the past 
25 years he has carried on a large bakery business. Is also engaged in farm- 
ing and devotes cobslderable attention to raising Jersey cattle. Was a mem. 
of the St. John City Council nine years. M., Isabel Wooton, of Simonds. Ei. 
to Legis. at g. e., 1890 and 1895. An opponent of the Government, an Indepen- 
dent Conservative, and a Methodist. Opppeltionist. 

City). A dcs. of an old Loyalist family, his grandfather being one of the orig- 
inal grantees of St. John. S, of the late W. A. Stockton, Sussex. B. at Stud- 
holm, 1842. Ed. at Mt. Allison. Prom Victoria Univ., Cobourg, Ont., he got 
the degree of LL.D., and that of Ph. D. at the Illinois Wesleyan Coll. Called 
to the Bar, 18p8. Is Sec. of the Bd. of Governors and one of the examiners In 
Mt. Allison Coll ; an examiner In law at Victoria Univ. Edited, with copious 
notes. Burton's Reports of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick, and has also 
published a volume of Admiralty reports. Is lecturer on Constitutional Law 
In the Law Sch., St. John, In connection with the Kings Coll., Windsor. M., 
Amelia, d. of Rev. IT. Plckard, D.D., of Sackvllle. El. to Legls. In 1883 on the 
death of Hon. William Elder, then Prov. Sec, as a supporter of the Blair; 
■Govt. In 1889, with Dr. Alward, he resigned and went into opposition. A Meth- 
odist. Leader of the Opposition. 

SMITH, CHARLES L. (Carleton). Of Loyalist des. S. of W. D. Smith, of 
Woodstock, and his wife, Jane Sharp. B. 1853. Ed. In the local schs. and when 
a young man engaged in farming. Was pioneer of the Woodstock milk busi- 
ness and for a time ran a nursery. Is one of the two Patrons of Industry In 
the Legls. M., Leuella McClary, of Houlton. Was six years a mem. of the Co. 
Council, and has been Warden. A Liberal. A Methodist. Ministerialist. 

SUMNER, FREDERICK W. (Westmoreland). S. of William H. T. Sumner, 
shipbuilder and contractor, an American, and Elizabeth Thompson, Scotch, of 
Sunbury, his wife. B. at Moncton, N.B., April 12, 1855. Ed. at private sch. at 
Moncton, and at Truro, N.S., Model sch. A shipping and general merchant 
and mlllman. Was Mayor of Moncton for five years. M., Margaret McEwen, 
of Moncton .El. to Legls. at g. e., 1895. A Baptist. A Conservative. Oppo- 

TWEEDIE, HON. LEMUEL J. (Northumberland). B. at Chatham, of Irish 
parents, In 1849. Ed. at a Presbyterian Coll., and In 1871 was admitted a law • 
yer. Three years later was el. to the Legls. ; defeated In ..878, but got back In 
1882 and has since been In the House. Until after the g. c, 1890, he opposed 
the Govt. Then he was party to an arrangement by which tne etumpage was 
reduced, and accepted In 1890 the office of Surveyor-Gene rnl. The Co. endorsed 
his action. Became Prov. Sec. In the Mitchell Admn., and holds same office in 
the Emmerson Admn. M. d. of the late Alex. Loudoun, of Chatham. A Con- 
servative and a Methodist. Ministerialist. 

VENOIT, PETER J. (Gloucester). B. at Rlchlbucto In 1863. S. of Stephen 
Venolt, a sea captain, and his wife, Mary Morrell, of Pomquet, Antlgonlsh, N.S. 
Ed. at Plotou Acad., and then engaged In newspaper work on the Plctou Stan- 
dard. In 1882, on the establishment of the Moncton Transcript, he entered its 
employ, and Ave years later went to Bathurst as manager of the Courier, and a 
few years later became the owner of the paper. Was defeated at the g. e., 
1892, but el. In 1894 at a bye-elctlon, and at g. e., 1895. M., Catherine Melanson, 
of Shedlac. A Liberal. A Roman Catholic. Ministerialist. 


WELLS. WILLIAM WOODBURY, LL.B. (Westmoreland). S. of Charles 
Chappoll Wells, whose parents were from Yorkshire, Rng., and settled at Point 
c>e Bute in 1780, and Sarah Jane Siddall, his wi£e, also of English des. B. at 
de Bute in 1760, and Sarah Jane Siddall, his wife, also of English des. B. at 
Prov. Normal sch., and Dalhousie Coll., Halifax, N.S., where he received the 
degree of LL.B. Was a sch. teacher for several years, last at the Superior :>cb.. 
Port Elgin. Called to the Bar., Oct., 1S86, and is now a barrister pracilal^g 
law at Port Elgin. M., Oct. 2, 1889, Ella J., d. of Hiram Turner, lumber mer- 
chant, of Port Elgin. First el. to Legis. Assembly, Oct., 1892 ; re-el. ai 5, e.< 
1895, by accl. A Wesleyan Methodist. Ministerialist. 

WHITE, HON. ALBERT S. (Kings). Of Loyalist des. S. of J. E, \¥hitii* 
a retired merchant, of St. John. B. at Sussex in 1855. Ed. at Sackville. FTom 
Harvard he received the law degree of LL.B. in 1877. Is one of theGovomora 
of Mt. Allison Coll. and a successful lawyer at Sussex. M., Ida M. Vau^han, 
of St. Martins. Entered Legis. in 1886, and In 1890 was unanimously elected 
Speaker. In 1892, after the defeat of Sol.-General Richard, he was sworn in a 
mem. of the Executive and re-el. without opposition. Was Sol.-General in thEj 
Mitchell Admn., and is Atty.-General in the Bmmerson Admn. A MetluidiijL 




The following is the ofQcial record of the names of the candidates at the 
general election, October 16, J895, and the number of votes cast for each :— 


Dr. Lewis 1208 

H. R. Bmmerson 1203 

Dr. Melvln 836 

Mr. Steeves 805 


J. T. A. Dlbblee 2358 

Henry McCain 2190 

Charles L. Smith 1995 

J. K. Flemming 1635 

A. W. Hay 1535 

G. White 1241 


James Mitchell Accl. 

James O'Brien Accl. 

James Russell Accl. 

George F. Hill Accl. 


P. J. Venolt 2077 

John Seivwright 1795 

Prospere Paulin 1787 

Joseph Poirier 1646 

J. H. Stewart 1421 


James Barnes 1549 

Peter H. Legere 1449 

Urbain Johnston 1664 

J. D. Phinney 1252 

J. B. Gogaln 1131 

Mr. Barrlan 1040 


George G. G. Scovil 2170 

k. S. White 2095 

George W. Fowler 1874 

G. Flewelling 15-3:? 

J. A. Freeze ; 1437 

J. L. Flewelling 1434 


Cyprien Martin 916 

Alphonse Bertrand 827 

M. Nadeau 487 

B. Foumier 323 


J. P. Burchill 1978 

James Robinson '. 1964 

L. J. Tweedle »...1934 

John O'Brien 1872 

John Morrlsey 1225 

Donald Morrison 1208 


A. G. Blair Accl. 

L. P. Farris Accl. 


C. H. LaBillois 852 

W. Albert Mott 805 

William Murray 776 

John Culligan 793 


Dr. Stockton Accl. 

William Shaw Accl. 

Dr. Alward Accl. 

C. B. Lockhart Accl. 


A. T. Dunn Accl. 

John McLeod Accl. 


C. B. Harrison 634 

David Morrow 594 

Parker Glasier 553 

W. E. Perley 534 


James E. Porter 611 

A. J. Beverldge 589 

J. F. McCluskey 519 

Fletcher Tweedale 426 


W. W. Wells Accl. 

A. D. Richard Accl. 

F. W. Sumner Accl. 

A. B. Killam Accl. 


John Black 3S68 

Wm. S. Howe 3295 

J. K. Pinder 3288 

H. H. Pitts 8248 

F. P. Thompson 2334 

W. T. Whitehead 23)2 

John Anderson 2280 

Dr. BenJ. Cobum 2227 


Since Confederation 

1870 June— 1886 April 26 

1874 Juno— 1890 January 21 

1878 June— 1892 October 22 

1882 June 15 1895 October 16 


16, 1895, WITH RESULTS. 
Albert County- 
Polling, January 23rd. 1897. 

Dr. Lewis Resigned 

C. J. Osman i, 1818 

Joseph L. Peck 969 

Charlotte County- 
Polling, January 22nd, 189S. 

Hon. James Hltchell Deceased 

John D. Chipman Accl. 

Oloucester County- 
Polling, February 28th. 1898. 

John Seivwright , Deceased 

Joseph Polrler 1806 

A. J. H. Stewart 1744 

Northumberland County- 
Nomination. July 30th, 1896. 

James Robinson Resigned 

A. A. Davidson Accl. 

Queens County- 
Nomination, September 14th, 1896. 

A. G. Blair /. Resigned 

Isaac W. Carpenter Accl. 

Restigouche County- 
Polling, June 30th, 1897. 

Hon. C. H. LaBillois resigned, on accepting office of Com- 
missioner of Agriculture. 
R^-elected by acclamation. 

St, John County- 
Nomination, July 28th, 1896. 

A. T. Dunn resigned on being appointed Surveyor-General. 
Re-elected by acclamation. 

Westmoreland County- 
Polling, June 5th, 1897. 

Amasa E. Killam Resigned 

Clifford W. Robinson Accl. 



Hi8 HoBor George William Howlan. B. at Waterford, Ireland, May 19, 1835. 
Ed. at Central Academy, Charlottetown. Entered mercantile life. A 
member, of the Assembly from 1862 to June, 1873, when he yras appointed 
Collector of Customs at Charlojtetown. Resigned to contest Prince for 
the House of Commons. Defeated. Called to the Senate of Canada, 
Oct., 1873. Was a member of the P.E.I. Government, 1566-1873. A dele- 
gate to Washington on trade affairs, 1869. A delegate to Ottawa, May, 
187S, to negotiate terms of union. WcCs a Conservative in politics, and is 
a Ronaan Catholic in religion. M., first, Oct., 1866, Miss Olson, of St. 
John, N.B. (she died) ; second, 1881, Miss Doran, of Kingston, Ont. 
Appointed Lieut. -Governor, Feb. 21, 1894. 


Hon. W. C. F. Robinson June 10, 1873 

Hon. Sir Robert Hodgson, Kt November 22, 1873 

Hon. Thomas H. Haviland July 14, 1879 

Hon. Andrew Archibald Macdonald Avgust 1, 1884 

Hon. Jedediah S. Carvell Septe:iiber 2, 1889 ' 

Hon. Geo. Wm. Howlan February 21, 1894 



Hon. Robt. P. Haythorne (President) ; Hon. Edward Palmer, Hon. Peter Sin- 
clair, Hon. James R. McLean, Hon. James Muirhead, Hon. Henry Beer, 
Hon. James Teo, Hon. James Hogan. 


Hon. Lemuel C. Owen, Premier and President of the Council; Hon. F. Brecken, 
Hon. John Yeo, Hon. A. J. McDonald, Hon. T. H. Haviland, Hon. J. O. 
Arsenault, Hon. John Lefurgy, Hon. W. G. Strong. 


Hon. Louis H. Davies, Premier and Attorney- General. 
Hon. W. D. Stewart, Minister of Public Works. 
Hon. Geo. W. DeBlois, Secretary and Treasurer. 
Hon. John Yeo, without portfolio. 
Hon. Alex. Laird, without portfolio. 
Hon, Daniel Gordon, without portfolio. 
Hon. John Lefurgy, without portfolio. 
Hon. John F. Robertson, without/ portfolio. 
Hon. Samuel Prowse, without portfolio. 



Hon. W. W. Sullivan, Premier and Attorney- General. 

Hon. Donald Ferguson, Minister of Public Works. 

Hon. Wm. Campbell, Minister of Public Works. , 

Hon. Nell McLeod, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Hon. Donald Ferguson, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Hon. Samual Prowse, without portfolio. 

Hon. John Lefurgy, without portfolio. '"^ 

Hon. Jos. Wightman, without portfolio. 
Hon. William Campbell, without portfolio. 
Hon. J. O. Arsenault, without portfolio. 
Hon. Peter Gavin, without portfolio. 

The fourth ministry, formed 1889, was known as the McLeod Ministry. 

FIFTH MINISTRY, 1891-1897. 

Hon. Fred Peters, Premier and Attorney- General. 

Hon. J. R. McLean, Commissioner of Pjublic Works. 

Hon. Angus McMillan, Commissioner of Crown and Public Lands. 

Hon. Peter Sinclair, without portfolio. 

Hon. Donald Farquharson, without portfolio. 

Hon. Benjamin Rogers, without portfolio. 

Hon. James W. Richards, without portfolio. 

Hon, George Forbes, without portfolio. 

Hon. Anthony McLaughlin, without portfolio. 


Hon. A. B. Warburton, on the resignation of Mr. Peters, Oct., 1897, became 
Premier, without portfolio. 
Hon. A. B. Waburton, Premier. 

Hon. James R. McLean, Commissioner of Public Works. 
Hon. H. C. Macdonald, Attorney-General. 
Hon. Angus McMillan, Commissioner of Crown Lands. 

Hon. Messrs. B. Rogers, A. McLaughlin, J. W. Richards and Peter McNutt, 
members without portfolio. 

(Formed August 1, 1898.) 
Hon. Donald Farquharson, Premier and President of the Council. 
Hon. Hector C. McDonald, Attorney-General. 

Hon. Angus McMillan, Prov. Secretary, Treas., and Commr. of Pub Lands. 
Hon. James R. McLean, Commissioner of Public Works. 
Hon. Peter Sinclair, without portfolio. 
Hon. James W. Richards, without portfolio. 
Hon. Peter McNutt, without portfolio. 
Hon. Anthony McLaughlin, without portfolio. 
Hon. Benjamin Rogers, without portfolio. 



No. of LeglB. 

1st I.egi8. 

Ind Legls. 

ird Legis. 

Ith LeglB. 

itb Legls. 

Ith Legls. 

rth Legls. 












Mar. 5, 1874 April 28, 1874 

Mar. 18, 1875 April 27. 1875 

•Mar. 16, 1876 April 2», 1876 

Mar. 15, 1877 April 18, 1877 

Mar. 14, 1873 April 18, 1878 

Feb. 27, 1873 Mar. 11, 1879 

April 24, 1879 June 7, 1879 

Mar. 4, 1880 April 26. 1880 

Mar. 1, 1881 April 5, 1881 

Mar. 8, 1882 April 8, 1882 

Mar. 20, 1883 April 27, 1883 

Mar. 6, 1884 April 17, 1884 

Mar. 11. 1885 April H. 1885 

April S; 1886 May 14, 1886 

Mar. 29, 1887 May 7, 1887 

Mar. 22, 1888 April 28, 1888 

Mar. 14, 1889 April 17, 1889 

Mar. 27, 1890 May 7, 1890 

•April 23, 18.)1 July 15, 1891 

Mar. 23, 1892 May 5, 1892 

Mar. 8, 1893 April 20, 1893 

Mar. 28, 1894 May 9, 1894 

Mar. 21, 1895 April 19, 1893 

Mar. 24, 1896 AprU 80, 1896 

Mar. 30, 1897 May 1, 1897 

. tlon. 

July 1, 1876 

|>liiar. 12, 1879 

•April 15, 1882 

June 5,. 1886 

Jan. 7. 1890 

Nov. 18, 1893 

June 26, 1897 

•Adjourned to the 16th June. 


Speaker— James H. Cummiskey. 
Clerk— A. B. McKenzie. 

C. (Councillor) ; A. (Assemblyman). 




^ P. 0. Address. 

Arsenault, Joseph F. (A.).. 

3rd Dis., 

Prince Co 

Barlow Mills, 

Lot 16. 

Bell, John H. (A.) 

4th Dis., 

Prince Co 


Birch, James £}. (C.) 

1st Dist., 

Prince Co 


Campbell, Willliam (A.) .. 

1st Dist., 

Queens Co 


Cummiskey, James H. (C). 

3rd Dist. 

Queens Co 

Webster's Corner, P.O. 

Parquharson, Donald (C). 

2nd Dis., 

Queens Co 


Forbes, George (C.) 

Ith Dis., 

Queens Co 

Vernon River 


Gallant, Meddle (A.) 

1st Dis.. 

Prince Co. 


Gordon, Daniel (C.) 

5th Dis., 

Kings Co 



Kickham, John (C.) 

Lefurgey, A. A. (A.) 

1st Dis , 

Kings Co 

Souris Eiast. 

5th Dis., 

Prince Co 


Macd<mald, Arch. J. (A.).. 

5th Dis. 

Kings Co 


Macdonald, Jas. E. (C.).... 

3rd Dis., 

Kings Co 


McDonald, H. C. (A.) 

4th Dist 

, Queens Co 


McDonald, John A. (C.) ... 

8rd Dis. 

, Prince Co 

Indian River. 

McLaughlin, Anthony (C). 

2nd Dis. 

, Kings Co 

Peake's Station. 

McKinnon, Murdock (C.) .. 

4th Dis., 

Kings Co 

Brooklyn, Lot 


McKinhon, Daniel A. (A.).. 

4th Dis., 

Kings Co 


McMillan, Angus (C.) 

5th Dis. 

Prince Co 



McNutt, Peter (C.) 

4th Dis. 

Prince Co 


McWilliams, Alfred (C.) ... 

2nd Dis. 

Prince Co 

West Cape. 

MacLean, Jas. R. (A.) 

Ist Dis.. 

Kings Co 




Souris East. 

Peters, Arthur (A.) 

2nd Dis. 

Kings Co 


Peters, Fred. (A.) 

3rd Dis., 
2nd Dis. 

Queens Co 


Victoria. B. C 

Prowse, Lemuel E. (A.) 

Richards. J. W. (A.) 

, Prince Co 

Rogers, BenJ. (C.) 

3rd Dis., 


New Perth. 

Shaw, Cyrus (A.) 

Kings Co 

Sinclair, Peter (C.) ........ 

1st Dis., 

Queens Co 


Wise, Joseph A. (A.) 

2nd Dist 

.. Queens Co 



ARSENAULT, JOSEPH FELIX ^Prince, 3rd District). S. of late Senator 
Arsenault and his wife, Gertrude Gaudet. B. October 16, 1865, at Abram vill^e 
P.E.I. Ed. at common sch. ; later at Memramcook, N.B., Coll., and Commer- 
cial Coll., Charlottetown. M.; Gertrude Cormier, of Sackvllle, N.B. A general 
merchant. El. to Legls. Assembly at g. e., 1897. A Liberal-Conservatiye. 

BELL, J. H., M.A. (Prince, 4^ District). S. of Walter Bell, of Scotch dee., 
and his wife, Elizabeth, a Prince Edward Islander. B. Dec. 13, 1845, at Cape 
Traverse, P.E.I. Ed. at Albert College, Belleville, Ont. M., Helen, d. of Cor- 
nelius Rowat, ex-Speaker P.E.I. Assembly. El., 1887, to Ho. of Assembly for 
4th District of Prince, and has since represented that division. A barrister-at- 
law. A Liberal. 

BIRCH, JAMES E. (Prince, 1st District). B. July 29. 1S49, at Port Hill, 
P.E.I. Ed. at Port Hill. A merchant. Has been 29 years a Son of Temper- 
ance, 27 years a mem. of the Masonic order, and 12 years a Forester. El. to 
Assembly, July 21, 1897. A Liberal. 

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM (Queens, 1st District). A vacancy having occur, ed 
by the appointment of the Hon. A. B. Warburton to the bench, a new election 
was held August 31, 1898, when Mr. Campbell was el. by a majority of 75. A 

CUMMISKEY, JAMES H (Queen, 3rd District). El. at g. e., 1897, by a maj. 
of 128 for the 3rd District of Queens Co., on the Councillor list. Is Speaker of 
the House of Assembly. A Liberal. 

FARQUH ARSON, HON. DONALD (Queens, 2nd District). B. at Mermaid, 
Lot 48, Queens Go., P.B.I., July 27, 1834. Scotch. Ed. at Prince of Wales Coll. 
M., first, March 15, 1860, D. M. E. Smith (she died) ; second, Oct. 20, 1870, 
Sarah Moore, d. of George Moore, of Charlottetown. A merchant and banker. 
El. to Legis., 1876, and continuously since. For 15 years a mem. of the City 
Sch. Bd, and 17 years a dir. of the Merchants' Bank of P.E.I. On the appoint- 
ment of the Hon. A. B. WaVburton to be a Judge, was called on to form an 
Admn., which he succeeded in doing August 1, 1898, and is now Premier. A- 
Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

FORBES, GEORGE (Queens, 4th District). S. of the late Malcolm Forbes 
and Christina Scott Forbes, his wife, both natives of Perthshire, Scot. B., on 
the Hillsboro River, at Marshfield, Nov. 25, 1840. Ed. at common sch. at Ver- 
non River. M., March 22, 1876, Jessie Isabella Stewart, of Hillsboro River/ 
P.E.I. A merchant at Vernon River Bridge since 1864. El. for present seat at 
g. e., 1886, 1890, 1893 and 1897. Apptd. mem. of the Executive Council In the 
Peters (Jovt., 1891. A J.P. A Liberal. 

GALLANT, MBDDIB (Prince, 1st District). El. at a bye-election July 20. 
1898, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. E. Hackett, who re- 
signed to contest the seat for the Commons. His opponent was Mr. F. J. 
Boute, of Tignish. Mr. Gallant was el. by a maJ. of 242. A Liberal, residing; 
at Bloomfleld. 

GORDON, DANIEL (Kings, 5th District). Of Scotch des. B. June t, 1821. 
Bd. at gram, sch., Georgetown. M., Matilda McGougan, of Prince Town, 
P.B.I. ' A merchant. Apptd. Pres. of the Lib. -Con. Assn. of Kings Co., and 
also of the Exhibition Assn. First el. to Legis., 1867. Resigned, 1873. Bl. to 
Ho. of Assembly, 1876. Held a seat In the Ex. Council, 1876-1878, when resigned. 


Re-el. in 1879, 1882, 1886, 1890, 1893 and 1897. Is leader of the Opposition in 
Legis. Assembly. A Liberal-Conservative. 

KICKHAM, JOHN (Kings, 1st District). El. at g. e., 1897, by a maj. of 44. 
A Conservative. 

LEFURGEY, ALFRED A., B.A. LL.B. (Prince, 5th District). Des. from 
Loyalist stock. S. of the late Hon. John Lefurgey and Dorothea Read, his 
wife, d. of the late Ephriam Read. B. at Summerside, Aprill 22, 1871. £M. at 
public sch., St. Dunstan's Coll., CharlottetowH, and Mt. Allison Univ. (B.A., 
1891 ;LL.B., 1894). El. to Assem. in 5th Dist of Prince, 1897. A Conservative. 

MACDONALD, ARCHIBALD J. (Kings. 5th District). A mem. of the Ho. 
of Assembly from an early period, and of the Executive Coun. At the g. e. of 
July, 1897, defeated the Hon. F. Peters by a maJ. of 216. A Roman Catholic in 
religion, and a Liberal-Conservative in politics. 

MACDONALD, .TAMES EMMANUEL (Kings, 3rd District). B. at George- 
town, P. E. I., Jan. 5, 1842. So. of Angus Macdonald and Mary, his wife, both 
Scotch. M., July 4, 1877, (Jeorglna Stephens. A merchant. A mem. of the 
Ho. of Assem. from 1873 to September, 1882, when he did not again offer. Re-el. 
at bye-election, Nov., 1890, and at g. e., 1893, and g. e., 1897. Has been Com- 
missioner of Public Works. A Roman Catholic. A Liberal-Conservative. 

Mcdonald, HON. hector C, B.C.L, Q.C. (Queens, 4th District). Grand- 
parents came to P.E.I, from Inverness, Scot., 1803. Parents natives of P.E.I. 
E. May 3, 1857. Ed. at Belfast gram, sch., P.E.I. ; Prince of Wales Coll., P.E.I., 
and McGill Univ., Montreal. (B.A., 1881 ; B.C.L.. 1883). A barrister-at-law. 
Q.C, June, 1898. First el. to Legis. at g. e., 1890 ; re-el. at g. e., 1893 and 1897. 
Entered the Warburton Ministry, Oct., 1897, as Attorney-Geaeral, and agfein ap- 
pointed to same ofQce in the Farquharson Ministry, August, 1S9S. A Liberal. 

MACDONALD, JOHN ALEXANDER, J.P. (Prince, 3rd District). Of High- 
land Scotch des. S. of late Angus Macdonald, of North Bedeque, and nephew 
of late Bishop Macdonald, of Charlottetown. B. at North Bedeque, Oct. 21» 
1838.. Ed. there. M., June, 1874, Annie C, d. of late Robt. McKelvie, of Indian 
P.iver. Is a farmer. Was Chairman of Bd. of Railway Appraisers, 1873-1876. 
Was Governor and Trustee of Prince of Wales Coll. Was Speaker P.E.I. Leg. 
A.ssembly. 1879-1887. First el. to Legis., 1876 ; sat till 1890, and was again el. 
1893 and 1897. A Liberal-Conservative. 

MCLAUGHLIN, HON. AljITHONY (Kings, 2nd District). S. of James Mc- 
Laughlin, and Mary Phillips, his wife. Irish des. B. at Mill Cove, P.E.I., Mar. 
10, 1844. Ed. in pub. schs., Peake's Station, P.E.I. M., Clementine Carmichael. 
A farmer. First el. to Legis. Assembly, Dec. 13, 1893 ; re-el., 1897. A mem. of 
the Ex. Council, without portfolio. A Liberal. 

McKINNON, MURDOCK (Kings, 4th District). S. of the late Lauchlin Mc- 
Kinnon, a pioneer, who emigrated from Inverness-shire, Scot. B. at Brooklyn, 
P.E.I. , March 15, 1865. Ed. at the pub. schs. A farmer. Unmarried. Entered 
politics as a Liberal ; Conservative in 1897. An opponent of the Warburton 

MACKINNON, DANIEL A. (Kings, 4th District). S. of Wm. Mackinnon 
and Katherine Nicholson, his wife, both of Scottish des. B. Feb. 21, 1863. Ed. 
at High sch.. Prince of Wales Coll., Dalhousie Univ. Law Sch., Halifax. M., 
Adelaide Beatrice Louise Owen, of Georgetown, P.E.I. Was Chairman of 
Georgetown Sch. Trustees. Is a barrister. Admitted to law, 1887. El. 1893 to 


lipgiff. Assembly for Murray Harbour District, Kings Co., and re-el., 1897. En- 
tered into partnership with ex-Premier Warburton, 18U7. A Liberal. 

MCMILLAN, HON. ANGUS (Prince, 5th District). S. of Hugh McMillan and 
Catherine McPherson, his wife. B. in Argyleshlre, Scot., Oct. 29, 1817. Ed. at 
pub. sch.,' Argyleshire, Scot. Came to P.B.I, in 1835. A shipbuilder, trader and 
merchant. El. to Ho. of Assembly for Town of Summerside in 1869, and still 
represents this district. Apptd. Commr. Crown and Public Lands. Prov. Treas. 
and Sec, April, 1891. Holds same office in the Farquharson Adnm. A Dir. anl 
Pres. of the Summerside bank. A Liberal. . 

McNUTT, HON. PETER (Prince, 4th District). S. of the late Hon. Peter 
S. McNutt, of Darnloy, P.E.I., whose father, James McNutt, a native of Lon- 
donderry, Irel., came to P.E.I, as Private Secretary to Gov. Patterson in 1770. 
B. at Darnley, April 5, 1834. Ed. at Darnley and Prince of Wales' Coll.,^ Char- 
lottetown. M., Jan. 30, 1861, Anna Stewart McNutt, of Malpeque, P.E.I. Was 
Commr. of Small Debts until the Co. Courts were established. A coroner for 
Prince Co. since 1863 ; High Sheriff of Co., 1875-77. First returned at a bye- 
olection in June, 1882, to Legis. Council ; re-el. at the g. e., Nov. 15, 1882, and 
again at next .g e., in 1890. El. at the g. e., 1897, for 4th District of Prince 
Co. to the Legis Assembly, and is now a member of the Executive Council of 
P.E.I. A merchant and farmer. A Liberal in both Dominion and local politics. 

McWILLIAMS, ALFRED (Prtnce, 2nd District). El. on the Council vote 
'or the 2nd District of Prince at g. e., 1S97, by accl. A Liberal. 

trict). B. at " Glensyloali Farm," East Point, Kings Co., April 9, 1842. S. of 
Alexander MacLean and Mary MacDonald, his wife. M., first, Oct. 12, 1870^ 
Mary A. Wightman (she died) ; second, Feb. 6, 1894, Mary Marcella McDonald. 
Formerly merchant and farmer. El. Aug. 3, 1869, to represent 1st District of 
Kings Co., and continuously since, except two years. A mem. of the Executive 
Council, 1872-73, Bd. of Works, Bd. of Education, Trustee P.W. Coll. Apptd. 
Lt.-Col. Reserve MiliUa and Capt. of Active Militia, Feb. 1, 1877. Is Comr. of 
Public Works in the Farquharson Admn. A Roman Catholic. A Liberal. 

PETERS, ARTHUR, Q.C. (Kings, 2nd District). B. August 29, 1854. S. of 
the late Hon. James Horsfield Peters, late Master of the Rolls, P.E.I. , and 
Mary Cunard, d. of the late Sir Samuel Cunard (Bart.) his wife. Ed. at 
Windsor Coll., N.S. M., Amelia Jane Stewart, d. of the late Charles Stewart, 
of Rosebank, a mem. of the Prov. Legis. for the 2nd District, of Kiags Co. A 
barrister. Called to the bar in England in 1879, and to the bar in P.E.I., 1878. 
Q.C, 1898. El. to Ho. of Assembly in 1890. 1893 and 1897. A Liberal. 

PETERS, HON. FREDERICK, Q.C. (Queens, 3rd District). S. of the late 
Judge Peters, and Mary, his wife, eld. d. of the late Sir Samuel Cunard (Bart.) 
B. at Charlottetown, April 8, 1852. Ed. at Univ. of King's Coll., Windsor, N.S. 
(BA., 1871). Called to the English Bar, 1876. and to the Bar of P.B.I, the same 
year. Q.C, 1894. Apptd. a V.-P. of the Canadian Bar Assn., 1896. The same 
year was apptd. senior counsel for the Canadian €k)vt. before the Behring Sea 
Claims Comn., the successful result of which was the payment of nearly half 
a million dollars Indemnity to Canadian sealers by the Govt, of the United 
States. Is Pres. of the Prince of Wales Coll., P.B.I. An unsuccessful candidate 
for the Legis. of P.E.I, at g. e., 1882. El. Jan., 1S90, and re-el. at each suc- 
ceeding election. Became Premier and Attorney-General on the resignation of 
the McLeod Admn., April, 1891. Resigned In Oct., 1897, and moved to Victoria, 


B.C., becoming a mem. of the law Ann of Tupper, Peters & Co. M., 1888, a d. 
of the late Hon. Col. Gray, Charlottetown. Church of England. A Liberal. 

PROWSE, LEMUEL E. (Charlottetown). B. at Charlottetown Royalty, 
Feb. 2, 1858. Father English and mother Scotch. M., July 22, 1S73, Fmncis 
Josephine Stanley. A merchant. El. at g. e., 1893; re-el. at g. c, 1S37. A 
Methodist. A Liberal. 

RICHARDS, HON. JAMBS WILLIAM (Prince, 2nd District). B. at Swan* 
sea, Wales, May 31, 1850. Ed. at Prince of Wales' Coll. and St. Dunautt's Coll., 
Charlottetown. Unmarried. A merchant and shipowner. El. to Uo. of Asaem. 
in 1873, and re-el., at each succeeding election. Became a mem. of tht* Execu- 
tive Council in 1891, and is still a member of the €royt. A Liberal. 

ROGERS, HON. BENJAMIN (Charlottetown). El. on the CouacLUor vota 
for Charlottetown and Royalty at g. e., 1893, and re-el. at g. e., 1!^7. Was a 
mem. of the Peters Adm., without portfolio, and is a mem. of the Farqubar&on 
Admn., without portfolio. A Libieral. 

SHAW, CYRUS (Kings, 3rd District). B. at New Perth, P.E.I. , January 25, 
1850. S. of Robert Shaw and Jane Williams, his wife, the former a Dative of 
Colonsay, Scot, the latter of P.E.L Ed. at Prince of Wales' Coll.. Charlotte* 
town. A farmer. M., Penelope Partridge, Dec. 27, 1883. Entered jmbUc life In 
1886 as a representative of the 3rd District of Kings Co. in the Legla. of P.E.I, 
which district he has represented continuously till the present time. A Pres- 
byterian. A Liberal-Conservative. 

SINCLAIR, HON. PETER (Queens, 1st District). S. of Peter Sinclair and 
Mary Crawford, his wife. B. at Cowal, Argyleshire, Scot. Ed. at thi? Farts]] 
sch. there. Emigrated to P.E.I., 1840. A farmer. M., Feb., 1879, Murg^iret, d* 
of A. MacMurdo. A. mem. for the 1st District of Queens, 1867. A mum, of th@ 
Ex. Council and Bd. of Ed., 1868-1871. Govt, resigned in 1871. Ajpiln apptd. to 
Ex. Council in 1872, when el. Govt, leader in the Ho. of Assembly, ami mem, 
of the Bd. of Works. A successful candidate for Queens for Domlnlou Ho. of 
Commons, 1873. Re-el. in 1874 by accl. Defeated at g. e., 1878. £!K to Legls. 
Assembly at g. e., 1882, and at each g. e. since. " Was a mem. without port* 
folio of the Peters Admn. A Liberal. 

WISE, JOSEPH A. (Queens, 2nd District). Of English parentage tTi^m 
Devon. B. at North Milton, Oct. 14, 1835. Ed. in common district school, A 
farmer. A Liberal. 


Followliig are the names of the candidates at the general election, July 28, 
1S97, with the number of votes cast for each :-~ 

Liberals. Conservatives. 


BenJ. Rogers <C 467 James Paton C.) 268 

L. E. Prowse (A.) 1263 Patrick Blake (A.) 805 


A. B. Waburton A.) 913 S. Beaton A.) 566 

Peter Sinclair (C.) 573 D. B. McLeod (C.) 561 


D. Farquharson (C.) 639 R. McMillan C.) 476 

J. Wise (A.) 886 Alex. Home (A.) ....; 737 


F. Peters (A.) 892 T. A. McLean (A.) , 690 

J. H. Cummiskey (C.) 614 Peter McCourt C.) 486 


H. C. McDonald (A.) 751 AUgus McLean (A.) '<15 

Qeorge Forbes C.) 581 B. Wood (C.) 500 


A. Gaudet (A.) 979 •E. Hackett (A.) 1112 

B. Rogers (C.) 64d J. B. Birch (C.) 652 


A. Mc Williams (C.) Accl. 

J. W. Richards A.) 675 Dennis (A.) 289 


R .L. Crozier (C.) 439 John McDonald (C.) 450 

S. B. Gallant (A.) :... 624 J. E. Arsenault (A.) 709 


Peter McNutt (C.) 480 Wm. Campbell (C.) 427 

J. H. Bell (A.) 780 Malcolm Ross (A.) 629 


Angus McMUlan (C.) 254 H. DesRoches (C.) 252 

George Godkin (A.) 437 A A Lefurgey (A.) 510 


J. R. MacLean (A.) 657 Jcrtm McLean (A.) 648 

Alex. Robertson (C.) 425 John Kickham (C.) 469 


A. McLaughlin (C.) 421 James Mclsaac (C.) 281 

^rthur Peters (A.) 546 W. A. O. Morson (A.) 421 






Malcolm McDonald (A.) 525 Cyrus Shaw (A.) 523 

Joseph Haley (C.) S23 James E. McDonald (C.) 898 


George B. Aitken (C.) S28 M. McKlnron (C.) 831 

D. A. McKinnon (A.) 512 A. P. Prowse (A.) 442 


John Jamieson (C.) 184 D. Gordon (C.) 368 

P. Peters (A.) 293 A. J. McDonald (A.) 509 

Note.— A, Assembly ; C, Councillor. 


Since Confederation. 

1873 Aprtl - 1S86 June 80 

1876 August 10 1890 January 80 

1879 April 2 1893 December 13 

1883 May 1 1897 July 28 



Hia Honor, the Honorable James Colebrooke Patterson, P.O. S. of the late 
Rev. James Patterson, of Kingston, near Dublin. B. at Armagh, Irel., 
1839. Ed. at Dublin. Came to Canada, 1857. Entered civil service at 
Ottawa, but resigned. Called to the Bar, 1876. Practised law at Wind- 
sor, Ont. Reeve of Windsor, 10 years ; Warden of Essex Co. ; Inspector 
of Schools. Represented N. Essex in Ontario Legis., 1874-78 ; Co. of 
Essex in House of Commons, 1878-82 ; North Essex in House of Com- 
mons, 1882-91. Defeated at g. e., 1891. Was Pres. of Ont. Conservative 
Union. Became Secretary of State in the Abbott Adran., Jan. 25, 1892. 
Apptd. Lieult. -Governor, Sept. 2, 1895. One of the founders, and first 
■Returned to House of Commons for West Huron, Feb., 1892. Was Min- 
ister of Militia in the Thompson Admn., and also in the Bowell Ministry. 

Hon. Francis Goodschall Johnston April 9, 1872 

President, "Canadian Magazine" Co. M., Oct., 1865, Katharine Dorothea, 
d. of the late Major Elliott. Church of England.. 


Hon. A. G. Archibald, P.C M^y 20,1870 

Hon. Francis G. Johnston April 9, 1872 

Hon. Alexander Morris, P.C December 2, 1872 

Hon. Joseph Ed. Cauchon, P.C November 7, 1876 

Hon. James C. Aiklns, P.C September 22, 1882 

Hon. J. C. Schultz July 1, 1888 

Hon. J. C. Patterson September 2, 1895 

(Entered Confederation, 15th July, 1870. 

Hon. Thos. Greenway, Premier, President of Council, Minister of Agriculture 

and Immigration and Railway Commissioner. 
Hon. J. D. Cameron, Attorney-General and Provincial Lands Commissioner. 
Hon. Robert Watson, Minister of Public Works. 

Hon. Charles J. Mickle, Provincial Secretary and Municipal Commissioner. 
Hon. Daniel H. McMillian, Provincial Treasurer. 


Since Confederation 

Boyd, Hon. Alfred ... 
Girard, Hon. M. A. . 
Clarke, Hon. H. J. H. 
Girard, Hon. M. A. . 
Davis, Hon. R. A. ... 
Norquay, Hon. John . 
Harrison, Hon. D. H. 
Greenway, Hon. Thos. 


















































Girard, Hon. M. A 

Howard, Hon. Thos 

Davis, Hon. R. A 

Davis, Hon. R. A 

Norquay, Hon. John .... 
LaRiviere, Hon. A. A. C. 
Harrison, Hon. D. H. ... 

Jones, Hon. L. M 

McMillan, Hon. D. H. .. 




10, 1870 





14, 1872 





8, 1874 





2, 1874 





16, 1878 





27, 1886 





26, 1887 





19, 1888 





9, 1889 


Clarke, Hon. H. J. H. 

Dubuc, Hon. Jos 

Royal, Hon. Joseph . . . 
Walker, Hon. D. M. .. 
Sutherland, Hon. A. M, 
Miller, Hon. James A. 
Hamilton, Hon. C. E. 
Hamilton, Hon. C. E.. 
Martin, Hon. Joseph . 
Sifton, Hon. Clifford . . 
Cameron, Hon. J. D. . 



































































Howard, Hon. Thomas 

Boyd, Hon. Alfred 

Norquay, Hon. John ... 
Hay, Hon. B. H. G. G. 
Inkster, Hon. Colin .... 
McKay, Hon. James .. 
Delorme, Hon. Pierre . 
Taylor, Hon. John .... 
Goulet, Hon. Mazime . 

Girard, Hon. M. A 

LaRiviere, Hon. A. A. < 
Harrison, Hon. D. H. . 
Harrison, Hon. D. H. . 
Greenway, Hon. Thos. 




13, 1871 









14, 1871 





8, 1874 





2, 1875 





16, 1875 





14, 1879 





4, 1879 





7, 1880 





16, 1881 




6, 1883 





27, 188t: 





26, 1887 





19. 1888 




Howard, Hon. Thomas 

Boyd, Hon. Alfred 

Norquay, Hon. John ... 
Hay, Hon. E. H. G. G. 
Royal, H^n. Joseph .... 
Norquay, Hon. John ... 
Royal, Hon. Joseph .... 

Biggs, Hon. S. C 

Brown, Hon. C. P 

Wilson, Hon. D. H 

Wilson, Hon. D. H 

Smart, Hon. James A. 
Watson, Hon. Robert . 













































































McKay, Hon. James .. 
Inkster, Hon. Colin ... 
Delorme, Hon. Pierre.. 
Norquay, Hon. John .. 
Harrison, Hon. D. H. 
Greenway, Hon. Thos. 




13, 1871 





3, 1874 





14, 1879 





4 1879 





26, 1887 





IS, 1888 


Boyd, Hon. Alfred 

Howard, Hon. Thomas 

Royal, Hon. Joseph 

Girard, Hon. M. A 

Royal, Hon. Joseph 

Norquay, Hon. John 

Royal, Hon. Joseph 

Brown, Hon. C. P 

Girard, Hon. M. A 

LaRiviere, Hon. A. A. C. . 
Sutherland, Hon. A. M. ... 

Wilson, Hon. D. H 

Brown, Hon. C. P 

Norquay, Hon. John 

Burke, Hon. Joseph 

Prendergast, Hon. J. E. P. 

McLean, Hon. Daniel 

Smart, Hon. James A 

Cameron, Hon. J. D 

Mickle, Hon. C. J 




16, 1870 






14, 1872 


14, 1872 


8, 1874 


8, 1874 




3, 1874 


2, 1875 


2, 1875 


11, 1876 


11, 1876 


16, 1878 


16, 1878 


18, 187'J 


19, 1879 


16, 1881 


16, 1881 


6, 1883 


6, 1883 


6, 1884 


30. 1884 


27, 1875 


27, 1875 


14. 1887 


14, 1887 


24, 1887 


26, 1887 


19, 1888 


19. 1888 


31, 1883 


5. 1889 


26, 1892 


26, 18II2 


7, 189.< 


10, 1893 


27, 1896 


27. 1896 



LaRiviere, Hon. A. A. C. 
Harrison. Hon. D. H. ... 
Martin, Hon. Joseph .... 
Sifton, Hon. Clifford .... 
McMillan, HoU. D. H. .. 

June 30, 1887 

Dec. 27, 1887 

Jan. 20, 1888 

May 15, 1891 

Oct. 7, 18% 

Dec. 24, 1887 

Jan. 19, 1888 

May 1>, 1891 

Oct. 7, 1896 


Murray, Hon. Alex. , 
Smart, Hon. Jas. A. 
Cameron, Hon. J. D. 



July 7. 1887 I April 30, 18S8 
April 30, 1888 Jan. 7, 1S93 
.Tan. 13, 1893 


Nbrquay, Hon. John 

Wilson, Hon. D. H 

Martin, Hon. Joseph ... 
Greenway, Hon. Thomas 

Sept 10, 1886 

Dec. 26, 1SS7 

Jan. 20, 1888 

May 15, 1891 


Dec. 24, 1887 
Jar. 19, 1888 
May 15, 1891 


Ogletree, Hon. Francis. 
Nolin, Hon. Charles .. 





Avondale 'Thomas Dickie 

Beautiful Plains jwillitm P. Sirett 

Blrtle , 'Hon. diaries J. Mickle ... 

Brandon City Charles Adams 

Carillon , JRoger Marion 

Cjrpress .. 
Dbuphio . . . 
Dennis ... 
Emerson . 
Kildonan . 

Alfred Dolg , 

Theodore A. Burrows . 

Charles A. Young 

William J. Kennedy .. 

D. H. McPaddon 

Hector S-utherland 

.jHou. P. M. Young ... 

Lakeside James McKenzie 

' Lansdowne jT. C. NorrU 

La Verandrye Theo. Pare 

Lome James Riddle 

Manitou 'john D. Mcintosh 

Minnedosa Robert H. Myers 

Morden Thomas Duncan 

Morris Stewart Mulvoy . 

Mountain Hon. Thos. Greenway 

Norfolk 'George Rogers 

North Brandon 'a. C. Praser 

Portage la Prairie Hon. Robt. Watson ... 

Rbineland Valentine Winkler 

Rockwood Hon. S. J. Jackson ... 

Rcsenf eldt ' Enoch Winkler 

Russell I James Flsber 

St. Andrew's 'Sig. Jonasson 

St. Boniface .*. I J. B. Lauzon 

Saskatchewan I David McNaught 

Souris Ia. McI. Campbell 

South Brandon P. O. Powler 

Springfield 'Thos. H. Smith 

Turtle Mountain | James Johnson 

Westbourne 'Thos. L. Morton 

Winnipeg Centre Hon. D. H. McMillan . 

Winnipeg N Peter C. Mclntyre 

Winnipeg S Hon. J. D. Cam.^ron .. 

Woodlands ' R. P. Roblln 

P. O. Addross. 





St. Boniface. 










Ste. Anne. 






Crystal City. 



Portage la Prairie. 







Rapid City. 











ADAMS, CHARLES (Brandon City). S. of Henry John Adams and Jane, 
his wife, both of English dee. B. at Norwich, Ont., Feb. 28, 1857. Ed. in com- 
mon sch. and Dundas Coll. Institute. M., Clara Filey, d. of Abraham Filey,* 
contractor, of Stratford, Ont. Came to Manitoba In 1881, and was one of first 
settlers in Brandon. Has been Mayor and Aid. of Brandon City. A wholesale 
harness manufacturer ; also connected with firm of Adams Bros., Toronto, 
wholesale harness manufacturers. Bl. to Legis. for Brandon City, Sept. 8, 
1894, and again at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

BURROWS, THEODORE ARTHUR (Dauphin). S. of Henry Joel Burrows, 
of Ottawa. Grandfather, a captain in the Royal Engineers, came from England 
and had charge of the staff of the Rideau Canal, under Col. Bye, about 1825. 
B. Aug. 15, 1857, at St. (Catharines, Ont. Ed. at Ottawa oub. and high schs., 
and Manitoba College. Unmarried. A lumber merchant, having a bu&iness in 
Dauphin, and Land Coramr. for the Lake Manitoba Ry. & Canal Co. A Metho- 
dist. El. to Legis. for Dauphin at g. e., 1892 and 1896. A Liberal. 

CAMERON, HON. JOHN DONALD (Winnipeg S.) S. of John Cameron, of 
Woodstock, Ont. B. in East Nissouri, Co. Oxford, Ont., Sept. 18, 1858. EJd. at 
Woodstock Coll. and Univ. of Toronto. (B.A., Gold Medal in Classics and 
Math., and Prince of Wales' prize, 1879). Called to the Ont. Bar, 1882, and to 
Manitoba Bar same year. A Bencher Man. Law Soc. First el. to IiOgis. in 
Jan., 1802, and re-el. at each succeeding alection. .Entered the Greenway Admn., 
Jan., 1893, as Prov. Secy. Was one of the Commrs. for Man. apptd. to confer 
with' delegates from Ottawa on the Man. school question ; and went to Ottawa 
in 1S96 to assist in the negotiation of the settlement of that question. Apptd. 
Attorney-General, Nov. 17, 1896. Unmari*ied. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD McINTYRE (Souris). S. of Walter Wellington 
Campbell, Scotch. B. near Lancaster, Glengairy Co., Ont., July 30, 1851. Ed. 
at pub. sch. there. Engaged in business in Western Ontario, and visited Mani- 
toba in search of health, 1878, and again in 1880, and came in 1882 with ^i^ 
family. A farmer. M. Oct. 15, 1873, d. of ' Alonzo Foster, of Scotland, Oxford 
Co., Ont. Bl. to Legis. at g. e., 1888 ; re-el. at g. e., 1892, and at g. e., 1896, 
by accl. A Liberal. 

DICKIE, THOMAS (Avondale). S. of James Dickie, who came from Ayr- 
shire, Scot., and Elizabeth Stewart, his wife, d. of Thomas Stewart, Glemoins, 
South Dumfries, Brant Co., Ont. B. at Puslinch Lake, Wellington Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1860. Ed. there, at Guelph high sch., and St. Catharines Collegiate In- 
stitute. Is at present a student at law. Was foimerly a publisher and editor, 
A J.P. Bl. to liegls. at g. e., 1896. M. Aug., 1S92, Sarah J. Griffiths, widow of 
John Orifflths, Tiverton, Ont. A Liberal. 

DOIG, ALFRED (C^ypress). S. of Andrew and Ann Doig, both Scotch. B. at 
Toronto, Ont., March 18, 1855. A hardware merchant. Was Reeve for two 
years of Bolton Village, Ont. M. Feb. 28, 1877, Phoebe Adelaide Wilcox, ^f 
Meaford,* Ont. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892 ; re-el. at g. e.. 1896. A Presbyterian. 
A Liberal. 

DUNCAN, THOMAS (Morden). El. to Legis. at g. e., 1896, by a majority 
of 36. A Liberal. 

FISHER, JAMBS, M.A., Q.C. (Russell). S. of the late John Fisher, of 
Breadalbane, Soot. B. at Glenquaich, Perthshire, Scot., Nov. 6, 1840, Ed. 


Stratford, Ont., gram, sch., and Toronto Uniir. (B.A., 1862 ; M.A., 1872). Be- 
came a mem. of Senate, Toronto Univ. , is new a mem. of the Council, Univ. 
of Man. Called to the Bar, 1867 ; Q.C., 1893. Practises law in Winnipeg. Un- 
successfully contested N. Perth for Ho. of Commons in Liberal interest, 1875 
and 1878. Has represented Russell in Man. Liegis. since 1888. V.-P. of Inter- 
national Deep- Waterways Assn., 18S3, and V.-P. for Canada of the Waterway's 
Convention, Cleveland, Sept., 1895. In 1897 accompanied Hudson's Bay Expedi- 
tion despatched by Federal authorities, as rep. of Manitoba Govt. Author of 
letters on Man. Sch. Question. A Presbyteriah. M., first, July, 1871, Frances 
Gordon, d. of the late Rev. T. Macpherson, Stratford, Ont. (she died) ; second, 
1894, Miss Gertrude F. Adams, of New Haven, Conn. A Liberal. 

FOWLER, FRANK OLIVER (South Brandon). S. of Wm. O. Fowler, Can- 
adian, and Helen OUver, his wife, Scotch. B. at Seaforth, Ont., Dec. 14, 1861. 
Ed. at Wingham, Ont., A farmer. M. Jan. 26, 1897, Elizabeth Nichol. Has 
been Reeve of Mun. of Oakland. A Presbyterian. El. by accl. to Legis. at byj- 
election caused by the resignation of H. C. Graham, Nov. 20, 1897. A Liberal. 

ERASER, ALEXANDER GUMMING (North Brandon). A merchant, doing 
business at Brandon. El. to Legis., Dec. 19, 1896, for N. Brandon, in place of 
Hon. Clifford Sifton, who resigned to enter the Laurier Admn. at Ottawa. A 

GREENWAY, HON. THOMAS (Mountain). S. of the late Thomas Greenway 
and Elizabeth Heard, his wife. B. March 25, 1838, in Cornwall, Eng. Came* to 
Canada with his parents, who settled in the Tp. of Stephen, Huron Co., Ont., 
where he was ed. in pub. schs. Reeve of the Tp. 10 years. An unsuccessful 
candidate for the representation for South Huron in the Ho. of Commors. Bl. 
for South Huron at bye-election caused by unseating of sitting mem. Was el. 
by accl., and sat in House, 1875-1878, when he declined re-nomination. Came to 
Manitoba, 1878, and began farming. El. at g. e., 1879, to Legis. for Mountain, 
and has been rc-el. at each succeeding election. Became leader of Opposition 
in the Assem., 1887 ; Premier, Jan., 1888, and is still leader of the Govt. He 
has been twice married ; first, Jan., 1860, to Miss Annie Hicks (she died, 1875); 
second, 1877, to Miss Emma Essery. A Methodist. A Liberal. 

JACKSON, SAMUEL JACOB (Rockwood). El. to Legis. at g. e., 1896, by a 
maj. of 50. A liiberal. 

JOHNSON, JAMES (Turtle Mountain). S. of John and Martha Johnson. B. 
Nov. 18, 1855, at Mitchell, Ont. Ed. there. M., Dec. 10, 1879, Susannah Olver. 
A grain dealer. Has been Reeve and Councillor. Church of England. El. to 
Legis. at a bye-election caused by the death of John Hettle, Nov. 27, 1897. An 
Independent Conservative. 

JONASSON, SIGTRVGGUR (St. Andrews). El. to L<gis. at g. e.. 1896, by 
a maJ. of 79. A Liberal. 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM JAMES (Dennis). S. of George and Charlotte Ken- 
nedy, of Ridgetown, Ont., both Irish. B. at Selton, Elgin Co., Ont., June 9, 1857. 
Ed. It pub. sch. there. M., Jennie, d. of Thos. Brady, of Clifford, Ont. Has 
been Aid. and Mayor of Virdeh. Is a farmer and merchant, having removed to 
Manitoba in 1882. An unsuccessful candidate for Dennis at g. e., 1896. On the 
death of sitting member, was returned at byc-e!ectlon held July 15, 1897. A 


LAUZON, JEAN BAPTISTK (St. Boniface). S. of Severe Lauzon. of Ste. 
Geneviere and Marcel Larlgne, his %vife, of Ste. Anne du Bout de I'lsle, Qtie. 
B. at Ste, Geneviere, Que., March 15, ]858. Ed. at Ste. Geneviere Coll. M., Oct. 
27, 1879, Miss Delina Henri, of Sherbrooke, Que. Came to Manitoba, 1872. A 
mem. of St. Boniface Coun. for 13 years. A cattle dealer and butcher, doing a 
wholesale and retail trade In Winnipeg. Bl. to Legis. for St. Boniface, at bye- 
election caused by resignation of Mr. Prendergast, held Feb. 20, 1897. A Con- 

McPADDEN, DAVID HBNRT (Emerson). B., of IrlA parentage. In Peter- 
boro Co., Ont., Feb. 17, 1866. Received a pub. sch. ed. Is a Vet. Surgeon. Has 
been Sch. Trustee, Alderman and Mayor of the Town of Emerson. M. Emma 
Storey. El. to Legis., 1898, and at g. e., 1896. A Conservative. 

Mckenzie, JAMES (Lakeside). S. of Kenneth McKenzle and Jane Condy, 
his vife, bolh Scotch. B. April 23, 1854, at Abcrfoyle, Wellington Co., Ont. A 
farmer. M. June 29, 1805, Mary S. Hill. El. to Legis, for ^akeside, Nov. 19, 
1896, at a bye-election caused by resignation of Dr. Rutherford. A Presbyterian. 
A Liberal. 

MCINTOSH, JOHN D. (Manitou). S. of Jchn Mcintosh, a native Cenadlan, 
and his wife, Janet Armstrong, also Canadian. B. at Mcintosh's Mill, Tp. ^f 
Young, Co. of Leeds, Ont., July 19, 1850. Ed. at pub. schs. A farmer and 
miller. M., Elizabeth Westbrook, Dec. 26, 1876. Came to Manitoba in 1880. Bl. 
to Legis. at g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

McINTYRE, PETER CAMPBELL (Winnipeg N.) S. of Hugh Mclntyre, of 
Perthshire, Scot., and Janet Campbell, his wife, of Lanark Co., Ont. B. Feb. 
5, 1854, in Lanark Co., Ont. Ed. at Balderson pub. sch. and Perth high sch., 
Lanark Co. Proir to 1880 taught sch. for some years. A printer and publisher, 
doing business in Winnipfg. Pub. Sch. Trustee for 10 years and Chairman 
Sch. Bd. for 5 years, Winnipeg. Ha« always taken great inteiest in educational 
matters. M., 1892, Emily Kerr, of Winnipeg. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892 ; re-el. 
at g. e., 1S96. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

S. of James and Eleanor McMillan. B. at Whitby, Ont., Jan., 1846. Ed. there 
rnd at Colllngwood. On active service, Niagara frontier, 1864, and also in 
Fenian raid, 1866. Joined Red River expedition, 1870. Was Major in 95th Batt. 
and promoted to the command, June 17, 1887. Is a retired field officer, whose 
name Is retained on the militia list. Settled in Winnipeg, and ran for Legis., 
unsuccessfully, 1879. Bl. at bye-election, 1880, and has since represented Win- 
nipeg. Became a mem. of the Green way Admn., as Provincial Treasurer, May 
7, 1889. Still holds that office. M. March, 1877, Mary, d. of James Lindsay, of 
Owen Sound, Ont. A Liberal. 

McNAUGHT, DAVID (Saskatchewan). S. of John McNaught, of Dum- 
frieshire, Scot, and his wife, Sarah Kilpatrick, of Closebum, Dumfrleshlre, 
Soot.B. May, 1840, In Village of Peupont, Dumfrleshlre, Scot. i^d. in high sch , 
Brantford, Ont., and at Vet. Coll., Toronto, from which he graduated m 1872. 
M. Feb. 26, 1864, Rebecca Ross, of Fergus, Ont. Has been Councillor and! 
Mayor of Rapid City. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1<92 and 189f. A Liberal. 

MARION, ROGER (Carillon). El. to Legis. at the general election of 3896, 
by a maj. of 27. Resides at St. Boniface. A Conservative. 


MICKLE, HON. CHARLES JULIUS (Birtle). S. of Alexanter l\ Mickle, 
English, and Elizabeth A., d. of the late J. J. E. Lialon, his wife, Scotch. B. 
at Stratford, Ont., July 22, 1848. Ed. at Stratford gram. sch. Admitted, to the 
practice of law, 1872. Removed to Manitoba, 1882. M., 1889, Mary A. Ross, of 
Stratford, Ont. EI. to Legis., 1888, anl re-el. at g. e., 1892 and 1896. Entered 
the Green way Govt, as Prov. Secy., Nov., 1896. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

MORTON, THOMAS LEWIS (Westbourne). S. of Thomas and Elizabeth 
Morton, both English. B. June 10, 1846, in Hull, Eng. Ed. at Gloster ColUege, 
Eng. M., Nov. 22, 1876, Mary Honora Corry. A grain dealer. El. for West- 
bourne in 1888, and re-el. at g. e., 1892 and 1896. Church of England. A Liberal. 

MULVEY, MAJOR STEWART (Morrts). Of Irish parentage. S. of Henry 
Mulvey and his wife, Barbara McGee, of Co. Sligo, Irel. B. in Sllgo, Irel., 
May, 1834. Ed. in Irish national schs. Invited by late Dr. Ryerson, came to 
Canada and taught in Haldimand Co., Ont., for 14 years. In J 870 joined Red 
River expedition as Ensign, under command of Col. (now Lord) Wolsely. Re- 
mained in Winnii^eg, founding " The Liberal " in 1871. Apptd. Collector of In- 
land Revenue, 1873. School Trustee in Wirnipeg for 15 years ; Alderman for 10 
years. Mem. Prov. Bd. of Ed. and drafted first School Act governing cities 
and towns in Manitoba. Is Sec.-Treas. Winnipeg Sch. Bd. Went to the front 
in 1S85 as Major cf 95th Manitoba Grenadiers. Is mem. of A. F. & A. M. ; 
Grand Master of L. O. A. for Manitoba and N. W. T. M., 1S56, Rebecca Ai. 
Gilmore, d. of Humphrey Gilmore, of Sligo, Irel. (she died, 1892). Unsuccessful 
candidate in Selkirk for Ho. of Commons at g. e., 1882. El. to Man. Legis. at 
g. e., 1896. Formerly a Conservative in politics, but since the Jesuits' Estate 
Bill before Parlt. has been independent in Federal politics. A supporter of the 
Greenway Admn. 

MYERS, ROBERT HILL (Minnedosa). S. of Robert Myers, of English 
des., and his wife, Margaret Hill, of Scotch extraction. P., March 30, 18u6, in 
Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ont. Bd. in Stratford, Ont., schs. Admitted as J.ttorney 
and called to the Bar, Nov., 1880, at Toronto. Moved to Minnedosa, Men., 
Jan., 1882. Called to Manitoba Bar, May, 1883. Practises law at Minnedosa. 
M., Annie McLeod, of Woodstock, Ont., Nov., 1S85. El. to Legis., July, 1892 ; 
re-el., 1896. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

NORRIS, TOBIAS CRAWFORD (Lansdowne). S. of of Arthur and Phoebe 
Norris, both Irish. B. at Brampton, Ont., Sept. 5, 1801. A farmer. Was a 
mem. of Sifton Council, in 1895. Unmarried. 31. to Legis. at g. e., 1896. A 
Methodist. A Liberal. 

PARE, THEOPHIIiE (La Varandrye^. Of French -Canadian parentige. B., 
Dec, 1850, in Lachine, P.Q. Took partial course in .'lassies at *he Petit Semln- 
aire de St. Therese de Blainville. M., Angelique Nolin. Was. oec.-Treas., Sie. 
Anne Mun, 1880-1888 ; also Sec.-Treas. LaBroquerie Mun. since 1891. Was Rd- 
gistrar of Lorette Co. and of La Verandrye, 1882-1890. El. to Legis. at g. e., 
1892 and 18.%. A Conservative. 

RIDDELL, JAMES (Lome). Of Scottish parentage. B. in Jedburgh, Scot., 
July 4, 1853. Ed. at Jedburgh and Madras Coll. and Univ. of St. Andrew's. M. 
Louise Sharpe, of Gait, Ont. A farmer. Came to Man. direct from Scotland 
and was one of the f^rst settlers in northern part of province. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1896. A Liberal. 

ROBLIN, RODMOND PALEN (Woodlands). S. of James Piatt Roblin and 
Devorah, his wife, both of Dutch des. B., Feb. 15, 1853, at Sophiasburgh, 


Prince Edward Co., Ont. Ed. at Albert Coll., Belleville, Ont. Is a grain mer- 
chant residing at Winnipeg. Was Reeve five years and Warden two years of 
Dufferin, and Sch. Trustee. M., Sept. 18, 1875, Xdelaide Demill. Contested 
Dufferin for Legis. unsuccessfully twice, and was an unsuccessful candidat-* 
for Morden. El. to Legis. for Dufferin, 1888, and now represents Woodlands. 
Leader of the Opposition in Assembly. A Methodist. A Conservative. 

ROGERS, GEORGE (Norfolk). S. of Stephen Rogers, a U. E. Loyalist, and 
Margaret, his wife, a native of Irel. B. at Tottenham, Simcoe Co., Ont., Jan. 
29, 1856. Ed. at pub. schs. and took commercial course at Pickering Coll. A 
miller and grain merchant. A mem. of Sch. Bd., Carberry. M., March 6, 1884, 
Miss Maggie Bride. El. to Legis. at g. e., 18£6. A mem. of the Society of 
Friends. A Liberal. 

SIRETT, WILLIAM FLOWERS (Beautiful Plains). S. of Eben.*z>r and 
Mary Sirctt, natives of England. B., April 29, 1848, at Croughton, Northamp- 
tonshire, Eng. Ed. in England. A farmer. Has been a mem. of Mun. Coun- 
cils and Sch. Bds. for many years, both in Ont. and Man. M., Aug. 12, 1873, 
Margaret, eld. d. of William Ssrmington, of Huron Co., Ont. El. to Legis. at 
g. e., 1896. A Methodist. An Independent. 

SMITH, THOMAS HENRY (Springfield). El. to Legis. at g. e., 1896, by 
accl. A Liberal. 

SUTHERLAND, HECTOR (Kildonan). S. of the Hon. John Sutherland, 
Senator, and Janet, his wife. B., Jan. 8, 1852, at Point Douglas, Winni>>3g. 
Ed. at Kildonan, and Manitoba Coll. A farmer. A mem. of Kildonan Council 
for two years. M., June 12, 1889, Hattie Gunn, d. of the late William Gunn, of 
Kildonan. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1896, for Kildonan. A Presbyterian. A Con- 

WATSON, HON. ROBERT (Portage la Prairie). S. of the late (Jearge 
Watson, of Edinburgh, Scot, who came to Canada in 1847, and his wife, Eliza- 
beth McDonald. B. at Elora, Ont., April 29, 1853. Ed. there. A millwright. 
Moved to Manitoba in 1876, and built mills at Portage la Prairie and Stonewall. 
Was Mun. Councillor. El. to Ho. of Commons for Marquette at g. e., 1882 and 
1887, and was the only Liberal member frDm west of Lake Superior in those 
Parlts. Re-cl. at g. e., 1891, but resigned to accept portfolio of Minister of 
Public Works in the Greenway Admn., May 26, 1892, an '>fflce he still holds. 
El. to Logis. for PorUge la Prairie at g. e., 1892, and g. e., 1896. M., July, 1880, 
Isabel, d. of Duncan Brown, of Lobo, Ont. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

WINKLER, VALENTINE (Rhineland). S. of David Winkler and Barbara 
J. Lang, his wife, both natives of Germany. B., March 18, 1864, at Neustadt, 
Ont. Ed. at pub. sch. A lumber merchant. Is first Reeve of Stanley. M., 
March 31, 1886, Josephine Rombough. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1892, for Rhine- 
land, and re-el. at g. e., 1896. A Methodist. A Liberal. 

WINKLEI^ ENOCH (Rosenfeldt). El. to Legis. at g. e., 1896, by a maj. of 
64. A Liberal. 

YOtTNG, HON. PINLAY McNAUGHTON (Klllamey). S. of Duncan Young, of 
St. Chrysostome, Co. Chateauguay,- Que. B. in that county in 1856. Ed. at St. 
Chrysostome and McGIU Coll., Montreal. Came to Manitoba in 1880. A 
farmer. First el. to Legis. in 1883, and re-el. at each subsequent election. El. 
Speaker, 3S96. A Liberal. 

YOUNG, CHARLES ALEXANDER (Deloraine). El. to Legis. at g. e., 
If96, by a maJ. of 209. A Liberal. 

'^ *-6«r,. 


FoUoiEiair «re the official returns of votes cast at the general election, Jan. 
U, JBM. and at each bye-election held since :— 


Dickie (L.) 

Hartney (C.) 

Hughes (I.) 



, 169 


Sirett (I.) 

Davidson (C.) 


Mickle (L.) Accl. 


Adams (L.) 

Kelly (C.) 


Marion (C.) 
Jerdme (L.) 


Doig (L.) ... 
Andrews (C.) 
Davidson (I.) 


Burrows (L.) , 

Campbell (C.) 


Toung (L.) 
Drew (C.) . 







Crosby (I.) 393 

Kennedy (L.) 354 

Frame (C.) 278 

Crosby died, and new election held 
July 15, 1897. 

Kennedy (L.) 541 

Elder (L) 383 


McFadden (C.) 

Ross (I.) 

Christie (L.) 


Sutherland (C.) 

Bird (L.) 




F. M. Young (L.) 583 

Clark (C.) 332 


Norris (L.) 591 

Todd (C.) 352 


Rutherford (L.) Accl. 

On resignation of Mr. Rutherford, 
new election held, Nov. 19, 1896. 

McKenzie (L.) 299 

McCuaig (1 248 


Pare (C.) 292 

Lagimodiere (L.) 251 


Ridden (L.) 466 

O'Malley (C.) 452 


Mcintosh (L.) 339 

Cruthers (C.) 261 

Swanson (I.) 217 

Myers (L.) Accl... 


Duncan (L.) 360 

Borthwick (I.) 324 


Mulvey (L.) 556 

Martin (C.) 431 

Hon. T. Greenway (L.) Accl. 


Rogers (L.) 
Lyons (C.) 



Hon. C. Sifton (L.) 434 

Sargent (C.) 190 

Mr. Sifton resigned, and new elec- 
tion held Dec. 19, 1896. 

Fraser (L.) 359 

Postlethwaite (L) 221 




Hon. R. Watson (L.) 425 

Cooper (C.) 414 


Winkler (L.) 229 

Bowman (C.) 82 


Jackson (L.) 499 

Toombs (C.) 449 


E. Winkler (L.) T70 

Pleper (C.) 106 


Fisher (L) 337 

Almack (L.) 315 


Jonasson (L.) 447 

Baldwinson (C.) 368 


Prendergast (L.) 357 

Lauzon (C) 278 

Mr. Prendergast resigned ; new el- 
ection held Feb. 10, 1897. 

Bertrand (L.) 208 

Lauzon (C.) 388 


McNaught (L.) 369 

Ferguson (C.) ; — 315 

Shanks (I.) ' 107 


Graham (L.) 482 

Nichol (C.) ....138 

Mr. Graham resigned ; new election 
held Nov. 20, 1897. 
Fowler (L.) Acel. 

Campbell (L.) AccL 

Smith (L.) .»-.- Accl. 


Hettle (L.) 464 

Miller (C.) 441 

Mr. Hettle died ; new election held 
Nov. 27. 1897. 

Johnson (C.) 516 

Nicol (L.) 366 

Morton (L.) Accl. 


Mclntyre (L.) 906 

Taylor (C.) 668 

Hon. D. H. McMillan (L.) .... Accl. 

Hon. J. D. Cameron (L.) Accl. 


Roblin (C.) 560 

Main (L.) 221 


Since Confederation 
December 27 1886 


1874 December 23 

1878 December 18 

1879 December 16 

1883 January 23 

1886 December 9 

1888 JulyU 

1892 July 23 

1896 January 15 


Electoral Division. 

Avondale 377 

B^utlful Plains 591 

BlrUe (Accl.) 1119 

Brandon City 501 

Carillon 213 

Cypress 498 

Dauphin 589 

Deloraine 482 

Dennis 354 

Emerson 198 

Klldonan ?77 

Killamey 583 

Lakeside (Accl.) 746 

Lansdowne 591 

La Verandrye 

Lome 466 

Manitou 339 

Minnedosa (Accl.) 1207 

Morden 360 

Morris 555 

Mountain (Accl.) 1361 

Norfolk 671 

North Brandon 4M 

Portage la Prairie 425 

Whineland 229 

Rock'wood 499 

Rosenfeldt 170 

Russell 315 

St. Andrew's 447 

St. Boniface 

Sattkatchewan 869 

Souris (Accl.) 836 

South Brandon 482 

Springfield (Accl.) ,... 862 

Turtle Mountain 464 

Westboume (Accl.) 1030 

Winnipeg Centre (Accl.) 2848 

Winnipeg North 906 

Winnipeg South (Accl. ) 2461 

Woodlands 221* 

Votes Cast. 
Govt. 0pp. 












Ind. Votes Pll'd. 

169 829 


















Totals 12706 

Acclamations 12460 




The total number of votes on the list was 49,304. 


His Honor, Thomas Robert Mclnnes, M.D. S. of the late John Mclnnes, of In- 
verness, Scot., and his wife, Mary, d. of Capt. Edward Hamilton, Paisley, 
Scot. B. at Ainslie, N.S., Nov. 5, 1840. Ed. at Truro Normal sch.. Har- 
vard Univ. and Rush Med. Coll., Chicago. M.D., 1869. Practised medi- 
cine at bresden, Ont.., and at New Westminster, B.C., whither he re- 
moved, 1874. Mayor, 1876-78. El. for New Westminster to Ho. of Com- 
mons, 1878. Called to Senate of Canada, Dec. 24, 1881. A Presbyterian. 
M., Oct., 1865, the relict of the late George M. Webster, Dresden, Ont. 
Their son, W. W. B. Mclnnes, sits for Vancouver in the Ho. of Com- 
mons. Apptd. Lt.-Gov., Nov., 1897. Government House, Victoria. 


Hon, J. W. Trutch July 5, 1871 

Hon. Albert Norton Richards June 27, 1876 

Hon. Clement F. Cornwall Juno 21, 1881 

Hon. Hugh Nelson February 8, 1887 

Hon. Edgar Dewdney November 1, 1892 

Hon. Thomas Robert Mclnnes November, 1897 

Formed Aug.. 12, 1898. 
Hon. C. A. Semlin, Premier, Minister of Public Works and Agriculture. 
Hon. Joseph ^Martin, Attorney- General and Acting Minister of Education. 
Hon. F. C. Carter-Cotton, Finance Minister. 

Hon. J. Fred. Hume, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines. 
Hon. R. McKechnie, President of the Executive Council, without portfolio. 


J. P. McCreight, Q.C., Premier and Attorney-General from December, 1871, to 

December 23, 1872. 
A. R. Robertson, Q.C., Provincial Secretary from January, 1872, to Dec, 1872. 
Henry Holbrook, Lands and Works, from November, 1871, to January 15, 1872, 

and President of Council, January 15 to December 20, 1872. 
George A. Walker, Q.C., Lands and Works, from January 12 to Dec. 20, 1872. 
This Ministry resigned" on December 23, 1872. 


Amor DeCosmos, Premier and President of Council, December 23, 1872, to Feb- 
ruary 11, 1874. (Resigned). 

G. A. Walkem, Q.C., Attorney- General from December 23, 1872, to February 11, 
1874, and Premier from February 11, 1874, to January 27, 1876. 

Robert Beaven, Lands and Works, from December 23, 1872, to January 27, 1876. 

Dr. John Ashe, Provincial Secretary, from December 23, 1872, to Jan. 27, 1876. 

W. J. Armstrong, Member of the Cabinet, without portfolio, from December 23, 
1872, to February 23, 1873, and Finance and Agriculture, from February 
28, 1873, to January 27, 1876. 

Ministry resigned January 27, 1876. 


* • 

A. C. Elliot, Premier, Attorney-General and Provincial Secretary, trqm Febru- 
ary 1, 1876, to June 25, 1878. 
Forbes G. Vernon, Lands and Works, from February 1, .1876, to June 25, 1878. 
T. B. Humphreys, Finance and Agriculture from February 1, 1876, to September 

11, 1876. (Resigned). 
William Smlthe, Finance and Agriculture, from August 10, 1876, to June, 1878. 
A. E. B. Davie, Provincial Secretary, from May, 1877, to August, 1877. 
Ministry resigned, June, 1878. 

J. Walkem, Premier, Attorney-General, Lands and Works and President of the 

Council, from June 26. 1878, to June 12, 1882. (Appointed Judge). 
T. B. Humphreys, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines, from June 

26, 1876, to June 13, 1882. (Resigned). 
Robert Beaven, Finance, from June 26, 1876, to June 13, 1882. 

The Ministry in power from the dissolution of the Third Parliament to 
January, 1883, was as follows :— 
Robert Beaven, Premier, Lands and Works, Finance, Agriculture and President 

of Council, from June 13, 1882, to January 30, 1888. 
T. B. Humphreys, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines, from June 

13, 1882, to August 23, 1882. (Resigned). 
J. R. Hett. Attorney-General, from June 13. 1882. to January 30, 1883. 
W. J. Armstrong, Provincial Secretary, from August 23, 1882, to Jan. 30, 1883. 

William Smlthe, Premier, Lands and Works, from January 29, 1883, to March 

29, 1887. 
.A B. Davie, Attorney-General, from January 29, 1883. 

John Robson, Provincial Secretary, Finance and Agriculture, from Jan. 29, 1883. 
M. W. T. Drake, Q.C., President of Council, from January 29, 1883, to Decem- 
ber 8, 1884. (Resigned). 
Simeon Duck, Finance and Agriculture, from March 21, 1885. 

A. E. B. Davie, Premier and Attorney- General, from April, 1887, to August, 

1889. (Died, August. 1889). 
John Rebson, Provincial Secretary, Finance and Minister of Agriculture, to 

July, 1887. 
F. Q. Vernon, Lands and Works, from April 1, 1887. 
Robert Dunsmuir, President of Council to Aug. 8, 1887. (Deceased). 
J. H. Turner, Finance and Agriculture, from August, 1887. 

John Robson. Premier, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines, August 3, 

1889, to June, 1892. (Deceased). 
P. G. Vernon, Lands and Works, August 3, 1889, to June, 1892. 
J. H. Turner, Finance and Agriculture, August 3, 1889, to June. 1892. 
Theodore Davie, Q.C., Attorney-General, August 3, 1889, to June, 1892. 
C. E. Pooley, Q.C., President of Council, August 3, 1889, to June, 1892. 
Ministry dissolved, June 1892. 


Theodore Davie, Premier, Attorney-General and Provincial Secretary, July 2, 

1892, to March, 1895. 
F. G. Vernon, Mines and Agriculture, July 2, 1892, to March 4, 1895. 
Lt.-Col. James Baker, Education and Immigration, May 28 ; Provincial Secre- 
tary, September 8. 1892, to March 4, 1895. 
C. E. Pooley, Q.O., President of Council, July 2, 1892, to March 4, 1895. 
Ministry resigned, 1895. 

March 4, 1895-Aug. 8, 1898. 
J. H. Turner, Premier, Finance and Agriculture. 

C. E. Pooley, Q.C., President of Council. 

Colonel Baker, Provincial Secretary, Minister of Mines, Minister of Education 

and Immigration. 
O. B. Martin, Lands and Works. 

D. M. Eberts, Q.C., Attorney-General. 
Ministry dismissed, August 8, 1898. 

C. A. Semlin, Premier and Minister of Public Works and Agriculture. 
Joseph Martin, Attorney-General and Acting Minister of Education. 
F. C. Carter Cotton, Finance Minister. 
J. Fred Hume, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines. 
R. McKechnie, President of the Executive Council, without portfolio. 




No. of LegiB. 





1st Legis 













16, 1872 

17, 1872 

18, 1873 
1, 1875 

10, 187G 
21, 1877 

7, 1878 

29, 1878 

29, 1879 

5. 1880 

24, 1881 

23, 1882 

25, 1883 
3, 1883 

12, 1885 

25, 1886 

24, 1887 

27, 1888 
31, 1889 
23, 1890 

15, 1831 

28, 1892 

26, 1893 
18, 1894 

12, 1894 
23, 1896 

8, 1897 
10, 1898 

April 11, 1872 
Feb. 21, 1873 
Mar. 2, 1874 
April 22, 1875 

May 19, 1876 
April 18, 1877 
April 10, 187S 

Sept. 2, 1878 
April 29, 1879 
May 8, 1880 
Mar. 25, 1881 
April 21, 1882 

May 12, 1883 
Feb. 18, 1884 
Mar. 9, 1885 
April 6, 1886 

April 7, 1887 
April 28, 1888 
April 6, 1889 
April 2C, 181^0 

April 20, 1891 
April 23, 189,i 
April 12, 1893 
April 11, 18yi 

Feb. 21, 1S95 
April 17, 189-i 
May 8, 1897 
May 20, 1898 







30, 1875 


2nd llesia 



12, 1878 


Srd Legis 




13, 1882 



4th Ijegis 




3, 1886 


5th Legis 



10, 1890 



firh L.effifl 



5. 1894 



7*h Legis 





7. 1898 


Hon. James Trimble 1872 to 1877 

Hon. F. W. Williams 1878 to 1882 

Hon. J. A. Mara 1883 to 1886 

Hon. C. E. Pooley, Q. C 1887 to 1889 

Hon. D. W. Higgins 1890 to 1898 




Biker, James 

Booth, J. P 

Bryden, John 

Bullen, W. P 

Clifford, C. W. D 

Cotton, P. C 

Deane, P. J 

Dunsmuir, J 

Eberts, D. M 

Ellison, Price 

Porster, Thomas 

Green, R. P 

Hall, R 

Hegleson, H 

Helmcken, H. D 

Henderson, A. .., 

Hume, J. F. 

Irving, John 

Kellie, J. M 

Kidd, Thomas . 

Klnchant, Major-Goneral 

Macpherson R 

McBride, Richard 

McKechnle, Robt. B. . . . 

McPhilllps, A. E 

Martin, James M 

Martin, Joseph , 

Munro, Charles W 

Neilson, W. O 

Neill, A. W 

Prentice, J. D 

Pooley. C. E 

Robertson, W. R 

Semlin, Charles A ,. 

Smith, A. W 

Smith, Ralph 

Tisdall, C. E 

Turner, J. H. 


East Kootenay, S.R 

North Victoria 

North Nanaimo 



Vancouver City 

North Yale 


South Victoria 

Yale, East R 

Westminster, Delta 

West Kootenay, 31ocan R.. 

Victoria City 


Victoria City 

New Westminster Ciiy . . . 
West Kootenay, Nelson R.. 


West Kootenay, Revelstckc. 
Westminster, Richmond ft.. 


Vancouver City 

Westminster, Dewdney R.. 

Nanaimo City 

Victoria City 

West Kootenay, Rossland R 

Vancouver City 

Westminster, Chilliwack .. 

East Kootenay, N. R 


East Lillooet 



Yale, W. R 

West Lillooet 

Vancouver City ,.. 

South Nanaimo 

Victoria City 

P. O. Address. 


North Salt Spring. 














New Wcstminfiter. 




Lulu Island. 



New Westminster. 










Cowichan Statlos 







BAKER, LT.-COLl HOX. JAMBS (East Kootenay). S. oC the late Samuel 
Baker, Glowgterahfre. Ens. B. in London. Ens-. J*n. C 1S30. Ed. at tbe Coll. 
Scb., Gloucester, and at Cambridge Unir. iBJL. 1881; M.A., 18S1>. Entered the 
Indian NaTy and was First Uent. Schr. Matris. Snbeeqnentlx entered the 
mrmj said served in the Crimea, was connected with the Volunteer force cf 
England, retiring with the rank of LJent.-CoL 1975. Took np raiMdim^ and 
farming in B.C. in 1884. EL to at g.e., 1886, for Kootenay; re-eL at each 
succeeding electicm. Became Minister of Edn c athm and Immigration May 28, 
102, and was Prorincial Secretary Sept. 8, U92, to March 4. 196. Entered the 
Turner Ministry March 4, 1885, in charge of Mines, Education and Immigra^ 
tion, retiring from office with liis colleagues, Aug. 8, 1898. M., Dec, 1855, Sarali 
Louisa, d. of Capt. P. White. 

BOOTH, JOHN PATTON (Victoria, X.). Represented Cowichan during the 
first prorincial parliament of B.C., 1871-75. Sat for the Islands in the Sixth 
parliament, g.e., 1890, and for Victoria Dist. in the seventh paiiiament, 18&4-98. 
£1. for Victoria North as a suppcHter of the Turner Govt, by a majority of 15. 
A Conservatire. 

BBYDON, JOHN (Nanaimo, N.). Rrst elec to leg. at g.e., 1S75. Resigned 
Dec., 1876. El. for Nanaimo North g.e., 1891, and re-el. g.e., 1898. A Conserya- 

BULLEN, WILLIAM PITZHERBERT (Esquimalt). EL to Legislature at 
the general election, July 9, 1898, for Elsquimalt, as a colleague of the Hon. C. 
E. Pooley. Ran as a supporter of the Turner Govt. 

CLIFFORD, CHARLES WILLIAM DIGBY (Cassiar). S. of Rer. R. S. Clif- 
ford, M.A., Vicar of Teynham, Sittingboume. Kent, Eng., and Harriett Toon^ 
Clifford, bis wife. B. at Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Irel., Oct. 14, 1842. 
Ed. at City of London pub. sch. M., May 24, 1888, to Lucy Margaret McNeill. 
A miner and trader. Church of England. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. An Inde- 

COTTON, HON. FRANCIS CARTER (Vancouver City). B. in Yorkshire in 
1847. Founded the Daily News-Advertiser in Vancouver in 1886, of which he is 
the editor. El. to leg. at g.e., 1890; re-el. at g.e., 1894 and 1898. filtered the 
SemHn Adm. as Minister of Finance, Aug. 17, 1898, re-el. by accl. In federal 
r»olitics a Conservative. 

DBANE. FRANCIS JOHN (Kamloops). B. at Madras. India, Aug. 8, 1867 
Only s. of the late Francis J. Deane, C.E. Ed. in Bruges, Belgium. Unmar- 
ried. Editor and mng. dir. of "The Inland Sentinel." Kamloops. Has resided 
in B.C. since 1888. EH. to leg. at g.e., 1898. A Liberal and a supporter of the 
Semlin Adm. 

DUNSMUIR, JAMES tComox). Elected as a candidate of the Turner Govt, 
at the general election, July 9, 1898. Resides in Victoria. 

EBERTS, HON. DAVID McEWBN. Q.C. (Victoria South). S. of the late 
W. D. Eberts, of Chatham. Ont. B. at Chatham, April 22, 1850. Ed. at Chat- 
ham gram sch. and Hellmuth Coll., London. Admitted a solicitor. 1880 ; called 
to the Bar, 1882; bencher Law Soc.. 1884; Q.C. 1892. A practising barrister M 
June, 1884, Mabel Hope, eldest d. of William Charies. late inspecting chief 
factor H.B. Co. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1890, 1894 and 1898. Was Atty. Genl. in the 
Turner Adm., March, 1895— Aug., 1898. A Liberal-Conservative. 



ELLISON, PRICE (Yale, E.R.). Elected to the Legislature at the general 
election of 189S for the East Riding of Yale, by a majority of 75. Ran as a sup- 
porter of the Turner Adm. Resides at Vernon. 

PORSTER, THOMAS (Westminster, Delta). Represented Nanaimo in the 
sixth parliament, 1890-94, and was elected at the general election of 1S94 for the 
Delta Dlst .of New Westminster; re-el. at the general election of 1898 by a ma- 
jority of 100 over the candidate of the Turner Govt. Residesi at Clayton. 

GREEN, ROBERT FRANCIS (West Kootenay. S.R.). B. at Peterboro, Ont., 
Nov. 14, 1861. Ed. at Peterboro piib. sch. and Coll. Institute. Resided in Peter- 
boro until 1880, and at Erie, Pa., from 1880 to 1882, went to Winnipeg in 1882. 
Lived in Manitoba and the Territories until 1885, and in Kootenay since. M. 
Miss Cecilia E. McDonnell, of Brie, Pa. A Merchant. El. first Mayor of Kaslo, 
August, 1893. El. Mayor of Kaslo, 1896. Re-el. Mayor, 1897. El. to Leg. for 
Slocan Riding July 9tb, 1898. A Conservative. 

HALL, RICHARD (Victoria). B. In Grass Valley, Cal., U.S., April 3, 1853. 
Parents English. Ed. at R.C. Coll. and Ch. of Eng. Collegiate Sch, Victoria, 
B.C. M., 1887, Louisa, d. of John Kinsman, Esq., of Victoria. Insurance and 
Real Estate Agent. Is owner in three sealing schooners. A Liberal. 

IIELGBSON, HANS (Cariboo). S. of Lars Helgeson and Surena Gunersen, 
his wife. B. in Berom Co., Agerhus Stift, Norway, Aug. 31, 1831. M. to Lillian 
Calhoune, of Co. Donegal, Irel. El. for Esquimalt Dist. and sat in local house 
during third and fourth parliaments. Re-el. for Cariboo Dist. at g.e., 1898. 
A Farmer and Miner. A supporter of the Semlin Govt. 

HELMCKEN, HENRY DALLAS (Victoria City). S. of Hon. J. S. Helmcken, 
at one time Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island. A Bar- 
rister and a Queens Counsel. Elected to Legislature at the generar election of 
1894; re-el. at g.e., 1898. Elected as a supporter of the Turner Adm. 

HENDERSON, ALEXANDER, B.A. (New Westminster City). S. of Alex- 
ander Henderson, Caithness, Scot., and Grace Kilpatrick, of Paisley, Scot., his 
wife. B. at Oshawa, Ont., March 13, 1859. Moved to B.C. in May, 1891. Ed. at 
Oshawa high sch. and Univ. of Toronto. Grad. B.A., 1884. M. to Susan Craw- 
ford, d. of Wm. McCraney, ex-M.P. for Halton Co., Sept. 14, 1895. Barrister- 
at-Law. Representative of Min. of Justice for Mainland, B.C. El. to Leg. at 
g.e., 1898. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. Elected as a supporter of the Turner 

HUME, HON. JOHN FRED. (West Kootenay, Nelson). B. at Jacksonville 
Co. of Carleton, N.B., Aug. 8, 1860. Parents Scotch and Irish. Ed. at pub. 
sch., Frederlcton, N.B. M., 1891, Lydia J. Irvine. Went to B.C. from Manitooa 
In 1884. Engaged in trading. Presdt. of the first steamboat company on Colum- 
bia River. Afterwards engaged in Mining. Presdt. of the N.E.L. Co. El. to 
Leg., 1894; re-el. July 9, 1898. Appointed Provl. Secy, and Minister of Mines in 
the Semlin Adm., Aug. 17, 1898. Re-el. by accl. A Liberal. 

IRVING, JOHN (Cassiar). S. of William Irving, of Scotch des., and Eliza- 
beth Jane Dixon, of the United States, his wife. B., Nov. 24, 1854, at Portland, 
Oregon. Ed. in California. M., June 12, 1883, Jane Munro. A mariner. El. to 
Legis. at g. e., 1894, and 1898. A Presbyterian. An Independent. 

KELLIE, J. M. (West Kootenay, Revelstoke). Elected to Legislature at 
g.e., 1890, for Kootenay West. Re-el. at g.e., 1894, and again returned at g.e., 
1S08, for the Revelstoke Dlv. of West Kootenay. A Liberal and ran as an op- 
ponent of the Turner Govt. Lives at Revelstoke. 


KIDD, THOMAS (Westminster, Richmond R.). S. of Wm. and Margaret 
Kidd, both Irish. B. at Magheraknock, near Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Irel.^ 
Feb. 23, 1846. Ed. common sch., Irel. M. L. S. Smith, Sept. 26, 1883. A farmer. 
El. to Leg. in 1894, re-el. at g.e., 1898. A Presbyterian Has Liberal leanings,, 
but no strong attachment to either party in Domn. politics. 

KINCIIANT, MAJOR-GENL., JOHN CHARLTON (Cariboo). Elected to the 
Legislature for Cariboo at the general election of 1898 as an opponent of the 
Turner Govt., and in the representation of that riding is a colleague of Mr. 
Hans Helgesen. Resides in the City of Vancouver. 

MACPHERSON. ROBERT (Vancouver City). B. at Bogside, Inverklp, Ren- 
frewshire, Scotland, Dec. 11, 1853. S. of Ritchie Macpherson and Mary Marquis, 
his wife. Ed. at the Inverkip Free Ch. Sch. M., 1894, Jane Elizabeth Sinclair. 
A Carpenter. Emigrated to Manitoba in 1882, moving to Vancouver in 1888. 
El. to Leg. at g.e., 1894; re-el. at g.e., 1898. A LiberaL 

McBRIDE, RICHARD, LL.B. (Westminster, Dewdney R.). S. of Arthur H. 
McBride, formerly Warden B.C. Penitentiary, and Mary Darcy, hia wife. B. at 
City of New Westminster, B.C., Dec. 15, 1870. Ed. at pub. and high sch., New 
Westminster. Graduated LL.B., Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, N.S., April, 1890. 
M. Margaret, youngest d. of Neil McGillivray, of New Westminster, Sept. 23, 

1896. Member of city licensing comn. for past four years. Barrister-at-Law. 
Contested New Westminster Dist. unsuccessfully at Dominion g.e., 1896. Kl. 
to Leg. at g.e., 1898. A Liberal-Conservative and supporter of Hon. J. H. 

Brockville, Ont., April 25, 1861. S. of Major Wm. McKechnie, Supt. P.B.I. Ry., 
1874-79, and Mary Bell, his wife. Of Scotch -Canadian extraction. Ed. at Brock- 
ville Pubt. Sch., Port Hope High Sch., Charlottetown, P.E.I., Prince Of Wale» 
Coll., and McGill Univ. (M.D.C.M., 1890). M. Helen 'A. Russell. Municipal 
Health Officer, Nanaimo. Prov. Health Officer South Nanaimo Dist. Vice-Pres. 
B.C. Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons. Presdt. and Treas. B.C. Liberal Assn.» 

1897. Sworn of the Executive Council and apptd. President of the Council, 
without portfolio, in the Semlin Admn., Aug. 17, 1898. 

McPHILLIPS, CAPT. ALBERT EDWARD (Victoria). B. at Richmond Hill, 
Co. of York. Ont., Mar. 21, 1861. S. of the late George McPhillips, D.L.S., C.E. 
Parents both Irish. Ed. at Manitoba Coll., at Winnipeg, Man. M. Sophia 
Emily Davie, d. of the late Hon. A. E. B. Davie, Q.C. A Barrister-at-Law. 
Called to the Bar in Manitoba, in Trinity Term, 1882, and to the Bar of B.C., 
1891. Presldt. of the Victoria Bar Assn., 1898-1899. Vice-Pres. of the Union 
Club, 1896, 1897, 1898 and 1899. Was a Lieut, in the 90th Batt. of Winnipeg In 
1885, and served throughout the Northwest Rebellion (medal and clasps). Re- 
tired in 1890 with the rank of Captain. The author of a pamphlet on the school 
question. A Roman Catholic. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. A Conservative. 

MARTIN, JAMES MORRIS (West Kootenay, Rossland R.). Ed. at Ren- 
frew, Ont. Unm. Mayor of Vernon, B.C., two terms. Hardware merchant. 
El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. A Liberal. 

MARTIN, HON. JOSEPH (Vancouver City). B. at Milton, Sept. 24, 1852. 
Bd. by private tuition at Michigan State Normal Sch. and at Ontario Normal 
Sch., Toronto, and at Toronto Univ. Taught sch. in the City of Ottawa. M., 
Sept., 1881, the relict of the late G. W. Eaton, of Ottawa. Called to the Bar of 
Manitoba, 1882, and practised at Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg. In 3897 ap- 


pointed special counsel for the C.P.R. Co. and removing to B.C., was admitted 
to the Bar of that Province and practised in Vancouver. El. to the Manit6ba 
I^eg., 1883-92. Entered the Greenway Admn. as Atty Genl., Jany. 19, 1888, retir- 
ing in 1891. The author of the measure abolishing separate schools in Mani- 
toba. An unsuccessful candidate for Selkirk, Man., at g.e., 1891, for Ho. of 
Commons. El. to Ho. of Commons for Winnipeg, Nov., 1893; defeated at g.e., 
1896. El. to B.C. Leg. at g.e., July, 1898. Entered the Semlin Admn. as Atty. 
Genl., Aug. 17, 1898. Re-el. by accl. A Liberal. 

MUNRO, CHARLES WILLIAM (Westminster, Chilliwack R.). B. in Dun- 
das Co., Mar. 15, 1864. Parents Scotch and German. Ed. at Pub. and High 
Schs., Dundas, Ont. M. Sarah Marcellus. A farmer. A mem. of the Montreal 
conference for two years, but compelled by ill-health to throw up his minister- 
ial studies and work. Came to B.C. in 1888. El. to Legis. at g. e., 1898. A 

NEILSON, WILLIAM GEORGE (East Kootenay, N.R.). S. of Scotch par- 
ents. B. in Lanark Co., Ont., Feb. 16, 1862. Ed. at pub. sch. of Lanark Co., 
Ont., and Almonte high sch. A lumberman. M. Jennie Anderson. El. to Leg. 
at g.e., 1898. Liberal in Federal politics. A supporter of the late Turner Govt. 

NEILL, ALAN WEBSTER (Alberni). B. at Barrowfleld, near Montrose, 
Forfarshire, Scot., Oct. 6, 1868. Father Scotch, mother English. Ed. at Fife Acad- 
emy and in Edinburgh. Unmarried. A farmer. El. Presdt. of Farmers' In- 
stitute. Past Chief Ranger of I.O. Foresters. In Provincial politics was op- 
posed to the Turner Admn. In Dominion politics a Liberal. 

POOLEY, HON. CHARLES EDWARD, Q.C., C.B. (Esquimau). S. of 
Thomas Pooley, of Huntingdonshire, Eng., and his wife Sarah, d. of Thomas 
Brighty. B. at Upwood, Eng., Feb. 9, 1845. Ed. at the Huntingdon and Bed- 
ford gram. sch. Entered the public service of B.C. Called to the Bar 1877; a 
bencher of the Law Soc, 1884; Q.C., 1887. Has held a seat in the Leg. since 
1882; Speaker, 1887-89. President of the Council In the Robson Cabiret and 
held same office in the Davie. Ministry and in the Turner Ministry, retiring with 
Premier Turner Aug. 8, 1898. A Conservative. M., Nov., 1869, Elizabeth, only 
d. of William Fisher, formerly M.L.A. for Esquimau. Their d; was married 
Nov. 25, 1896, to Hon. Victor A. Stanley, R.N., second son of the Earl of Derby. 

PRENTICE, JAMES DOUGLAS (East Lillooet). S. of Scotch parents. B. 
at "The Grange," Lanarkshire, Scotl., Feb. 3, 1861. Ed. at Fettes Coll., Edin- 
burgh. M., Mabel Clare Galpin, d. of Thomas Dixon Galpin, of Bristol House, 
Roehampton. Surrey, Eng. Justice of the Peace for Dist. of Lillooet, B.C. 
Man. Dlr. Western Canadian Ranching Co., Ltd. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. A 

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM RUSSELL (Cowlchan). S. of Scotch Canadian 
parents. B. at Morrisburg, Ont., June, 17, 1853. Ed. at Morrisburg grammar 
sch. M. to Delia Lowery. ,A farmer. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. A Liberal. 

SEMLIN. HON. CHARLES AUGUSTUS (Yale, W.R.). Of Loyalist descent. 
B. in Ont., 1836. Ed. at pub. sch. Became a school teacher. Came to B.C. In 
1862, at the time of the Cariboo gold fever and finally settled in Cache Creek, 
where he has since resided. Engaged in agriculture and stock raising. Unm. 
El. for Yale g.e., 1871, but defeated at g.e., 1876. Re-el. for Yale at g.e., 1882. 
and at each successive election since. El. Leader of Oppn. in 1894. Called on 
by Lieut. -Gov. Mclnnes to form a govt., Aug. 12, 1898, which he succeeded in 
doing. Is Premier and Minister of Public Works and Agriculture. Re-el. by 
accl. on taking office. A Conservative. 


SMITH, ALFRED WELLINGTON (Lillooet, West). B. at Kempstone, 
Bedfordshire, Eng., Mar. 28, 1840. Ed. at Bedford Sch. and Epworth Coll., 
Eng. M. Margaret Ann Glllem. A merchant, but retired In 1886. Gov, Agent 
for Lillooet, 1873-1877. El. to Jiegis., 1889 ; re-elected at g. e., 1890, 1894 and 1898. 
A Conservative In Federal politics, and elected as a supporter of the Tumw* 

SMITH, RALPH (Nanaimo, South). B. at Holywell, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
Northumberland, Eng., Aug. 8, 1858. Ed. at Newcastle-on-Tyne. Studied for 
Methodist ministry. Came to Canada, 1892. M. Mary Ellen Speer. A coal 
miner. Agent at Nanaimo of the Vancouver Island Coal Miners' Union, since 
1895. Elected President of Dominion Trades and Labor Congress at Winnipeg, 
' Sept., 1898. ,B1. to Leg. at g.e., 1898, as an opponent of Mr. Turner. A Minis- 

TISDALL, CHARLES EDWARD (Vancouver City).' B. of English parent*., 
in Birmingham, Eng., April 9, 1866. Ed. at grammar sch., Sutton, Coldfleld, 
Warwickshire. Unm. Vice-Pres. of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Church- 
warden of Christ Church. Importer of arms and sporting goods. Came to 
Canada in May, 1886, and started business in Fredericton, N.B. Came to Van- 
couver in April, 1888. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1898. Opposed to late Turner Govt. 
A Conservative in Domn. politics. 

TURNER, HON. JOHN HERBERT (Victoria City). S. of John and Martha 
Turner, both English. B. May 7, 1834, at Clayden, New Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng. 
Ed. at Whitstable, New Canterbury. M. to Elizabeth Eilbeck, of Cumberland, 
Eng., March 29, 1858. El. to Leg. for Victoria City in 1886, 1890, 1894. Re-el. 
at g. e., 1898. Minister of Finance and Agriculture in the Ministry of A. E. B. 
Davie. 1887-89. Held same portfolios in Robson Ministry, 1889-92. Premier and 
Minister of Finance and Agriculture from March 4, 1895, until Aug. 8, 1898. 
wh^n his Ministry was dismissed. Mayor, Victoria City, three years. Lt.-Col. 
Canadian Militia Reserve. A Conservative. 


Names of candidates and number of votes received by each In the general 
election of July 9, 1898. 


Victoria City 

Victoria, S. 
Victoria, N 
Esquimau . 

Westminster City .. 

Westminster, Chilli - 
wack Riding 

Westminster, Delta 

Westminster. Dewd- 
ney Riding 

Westminster, Rich- 
mond Riding 

Yale, W 

Tale, N 

Yale, K 





Beaven, Robert 

Bulyea, A. L 

Gregory, Francis B.. 

Hall, Richard 

Helmcken, H. Dallas 
McPhillips, A. E. ... 

Stewart, Alexander .... 1065 

Turner, John H 1252 

Eberts, David M 236 

Yates, James Stuart ... 210 

Booth, J. P 144 

Patterson, T. W 129 

Bullen, William P 208 

Harris, Denis R 58 

Hayward, William H... 1S7 

Higgins, David W 206 

Pooley, Charles E 213 

Brown I 534 

Henderson I 555 

Munro, Chas. Wm | 301 

Turner, .1. H I 246 

Benson, Henry D | 221 

Forster, Thomas | 331 

McBride. R [ 239 

Whetham | 216 

Kidd, Thomas j 357 

McQueen j 173 

McKay, John James ...| 88 

Semlin, C. A j 203 

Deane, F. J | 427 

Martin, O. B j 423 

Ellison, Price | 

Graham, | 

Dunsmuir, James j 297 

McAllan, M. J | 162 

Herd, William | 

Robertson, Wm. R 



J. H. Turner 

H. D. Helmcken.. 

Richard Hall 

A.* E. McPhillips . . 

David M. Eberts 
J. P. Booth 

Chas. E. Pooley 

Wm. F. Bullen 

A. Henderson 

Chas. W. Munro... 

Thos. Forster 

Richard McBride . 497 





Thomas Kidd . . . 
Chos. A. Semlin . . 

F. J. Deane 

Price, IBlllf^^n 

James Dunsmuir .. 
Wm. R. Robertson. 












Huff, George A 

Neill, A. W 

McGregor, A 

McKechnie, Dr. R. S.. 
Smith Ralnh 












' 735 




J 72 









A. W. Neill 

Robt. McKechnie . . 

Ralph Smith 

John Bryden 

F. L. C. Cotton ... 
Joseph Martin .... 
Robt. McPherson .. 
Chas. E. Tisdall .. 

Hans Helgesen .... 
John C. Klnchart . 

Wm. G. Neilson .. 
James Baker 

John F. Hume — 

J. M. Kellie 

James M. Martin.. 
Robt. F. Green.... 
J. D. Prentice — 
Alfred W. Smith... 





Nanaimo City 

Nanaimo, S 

Nanaimo, N 

Vancouver City .... 




Walkem, W. W 

Bryden, John 


Hillier, Walter J. G.... 
Bowser, Wm. John — 

Carroll, John T 

Cotton, Carter F. L.. 
Garden, James Ford... 

Martin, Joseph 

McDonald, William S. 
McPherson, Robert ... 

TIsdall, Chas. E 

Kinchant, John 

Rogers, S. A 

Helgesen, Hans 

Hunter, Joseph 


Irving, John 



Kootenay, East 
—North Riding ... 


Neilson. Wm. G 

Wells, W. C 


Kootenay, East 
South Riding .... 


Baker, James 


Kootenay, West, 

Farewell, A. S 

Hume, J. Fred 

Kellie, J. M 

WTiite, Wm 

Martin, Jas. M 

McKane, John 

Green, Robt. F 

Retallack, J. L 

Prentice, J. D 

Stcddart, D. A 

Smith, Alfred W 

Peters. E. S 








Lillooet, B 


Lillooet, W 



1871 October — 1886 

1875 Septoraber — 1890 

1878 May — 1894 

i5S2 July— 1898 

July 7 
June 13 
July — 
Jul> ^ 


February 16th, 1871, to August 30th, 1875. 
(Twenty-five Members. 

VICTORIA CITY— J. F. McCrelght, Simeon Duck, Robert Beaven, Dr. Jas. 

VICTORIA DISTRICT— Hon. Amor. DeCosmos (resigned, Feb., 1874), W. F. 
Tolmle (vice DeCosmos), Hon. Alexander Bunster (resigned, Feb., 1874), William 
A. Robertson (vice Bimster). 

NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT— J. C. Hughes, W. J. Armstrong. 


NANAIMO— John Robson. 

YALE— Robert Smlthe, James Robertson, Charles A. Semlln. 

CARIBOO— George A. Walkem, Joseph Hunter, Conelius Booth (appointed 
Clerk of the Records of Kootenay, April, 1872), J. G. Bamston (vice Booth). 

LILLOOET — A. T. Jameison (died, November, 1872), William Saul (vice 
Jameison), William B. Brown (vice Saul), John Andrew Mara, Charles Todd. 

PJSQUIMALT— A. Roche Robertson, Harry Cogan. 

COWICHAN— William Smithe, John P. Booth. 

COMOX— Dr. John Ashe. 


From January 10th, 1876, to April 12th, 1878. 

(Twenty-five Members. 

VICTORIA CITY— Robert Beaven, Dr. James Trimble, A. C. Elliott, J. W. 

VICTORIA DISTRICT— Hon. T. B. Humphreys, W. F. Tolmie. 

NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT— Ebenezer Brown, W. J. Armstrong. 

NEW WESTMINSTER CITY— Robert Dickinson. 

NANAIMO— John Bryden (resigned, December, 1876), D. W. Gh>rdon (vice 

YALE— John Andrew Ward, Forbes G. Vernon, Robert Smith. 

CARIBOO— Greorge A. Walkem, Alexander E. A. Davie, John Evans. 

LILLOOET— William M. Brown, William Morrison. 

KOOTENAY— A. W. Vowell (apointed Gold Commissioner to Cassiar, May, 
1879), Charles Gallagher. 

BSQUIMALT— William Fisher, Frederick Williams. 

COWICHAN— William Smithe, Edwin Pimbury. 

COMOX— Dr. John Ashe. 

From July 29th, 1878, to June 12th, 1882. 
(Twenty-five Members. 
VICTORIA CITY— Robert Beaven, William Wilson, J. S. Drummond, J. W. 

VICTORIA DISTRICT— Hon. T. S. Humphreys, J. T. Mcllmoyle. 
NFW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT— D. McGillivray, W. J. Harris. 
NEW WESTMINSTER CITY— Ebenezer Brown (resigned), W. J. Armstrong 
<vlce Brown. 

NANAIMO— James A. Abrams. 

YALE— J. A. Mara, Forbes G. Vernon, Preston Bernett. 
CARIBOO— George Cowan, John Evans (died, Sept., 1879), George Ferguson 
(vice Evans), G. A. Walkem. 


LILLOOET- William M. Brown, William Saul. . 
KOOTBNAY— George Gallagher, R. L. T. Galbraith. 
ESQUIMALT— Frederick Williams, Hans Helgesen. 
COWICHAN— William Smithe, Edwin Pimbury. 
COMOX— Dr. John Ashe. 

From January 25th, 1883, to July 3rd, 188C. 

Twenty-five members ; redistributed, giving but one seat instead of two, as 
heretofore, to Kootenay and Cowichan, and giving Nanaimo two seats, instead 
of one, and giving a seat to Cassiar. 

VICTORIA CITY— Robert Beaven, Theodore Davie, Simeon Duck, M. W. T. 

VICTORIA DISTRICT— George A. McTavish, R. F. John. 



NANAIMO— Robert Dunsmuir, William Raybould. 

YALE— C. A. Semlin, J. A. Mara, Preston Bennett (died, August, 1882), 
George Bohun Martin (vice Bennett). 

CARIBOO— George Cowan. Robert McLeese, Charles Wilson. 

LILLOOET— Alexander E. B. Davie, Edward Allen. 

KOOTENAY— R. L. T. Galbraith. 

ESQUIMALT- Hans Helgesen, C. B. Pooley. 

COWICHAN— William Smithe. 

COMOX— William D. Dingwall. 

CASSIAR— John Grant. 

From January 24th, 1887, to May 10th, 1890. 

Twenty-seven members, another member being given to Westminster and 
to Cassiar. 

VICTORIA CITY— Robert Beaven, Lt.-Col. E. G. Prior (resigned to take a 
seat in the House of Commons), John Herbert Turner, Theodore Davie. 

VICTORIA DISTRICT— R. F. John, George Anderson. 

NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT— Hon. John Robson, William H. Ladner, 
James H. Orr. 

NEW WESTMINSTER CITY— William N. Bole (appointed Judge, 1891), T. 
Cunningham (vice Bole). 

NANAIMO— Hon. Robert Dunsmuir, A. Haslam (irice Dunsmuir), William 
Raybould (died, 1886), George Thompson (vice Raybould). 

YALE— C. A. Semlin, F. G. Vernon, G. B. Martin. 

CARIBOO— James Mason, Robert McLeese, George Cowan. 

LILLOOET— Hon. A. E. B. Davie (died, August, 1888), Arthur W. Smith 
(vice Davie), E. Allen. 

KOOTENAY— Lt.-Col. James Baker. 

ESQUIMALT— Charles Edward P^ley, David W. Higgins. 

COWICHAN-Hon. W. Smithe (died, 1887), Henry Frye (vice Smithe). 

COMOX— A. M. Stenhouse, Hon. T. B. Humphreys. 

CASSIAR— John Grant. 

From January 15th, 1891, to June 5th, 1894. 
Thirty-three members, new seats being as follows : Another to Kootenay, 
one to Nanaimo City, two to Vancouver City, one to Albemi, and one to Salt 
Spring Island. 


VICTORIA CITY— John Grant, Robt. Beaven, Dr. G. L. Milne, J. H. Turner, 

VICTORIA DISTRICT— D. M,. Bberts, G. W. Anderson. 

NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT— Hon. John Robson (died, Januar3^ XS&l), 
Colin B. Sword (vice Robson), James Punch, T. B. Kitchen. 


NANAIMO— Thomas Forster, C. C. McKenzie. 

NANAIMO CITY— Thomas Kieth. 

YALE— Hon. F. G. Vernon, G. B. Martin, C. A. Semlin. 

CARIBOO— Joseph Mason (died, January, 1891), I. B. Nason (vice Muson) 
died, August, 1893), William Adams (vice Nason), Hon. J. Robson (died, June, 
1892), Dr. Watt (vice Robson), S. A. Rogers. 

LILX.OOET— D. A. Stoddart, A. W. Smith. 

KOOTENAY, EAST— Lt.-Col. James H. Baker. 

KOOTENAY, WEST— J. M. Kellle. 

BSQUIMAI.T— Hon. C. E. PoDley, Hon. D. W. HIggins. 

COWICHAN— Hon. Theodore Davie, Henry Croft. . ' 

COMOX— Joseph Hunter. 

CASSIAR— R. M. Hall. 

VANCOUVER CITY— Francis Carter-Cotton, J. W. Home. 

ALBERNI— Thomas Fletcher. 

THE ISLANDS— J. P. Booth. 

Elected 1894. 

Thirty-three members, one member less being given to Cariboo rtnd one 
more to both Kootenay and New Westminster. 

VICTORIA CITY— R. P. Rithet, J. H. Turner, Henry Dallas Heimcken. 
John Braden. 

VICTORIA DISTRICT-D. M. Eberts, J. B. Booth. 

VANCOUVER CITY— A. W. Williams, F. C. Cotton, Robt. MacphersoD. 

NEW W^ESTMINSTER DISTRICT— (Dewdney) C. B. Sword, (Delta) Thos. 
Forster, (Richmond) T. Kidd (Chilliwack) T. E. Kitchen (died, 18&7). A. E. 
Vedder (vice Kitchen). 


NANAIMO, NORTH— John Bryden. 

NANAIMO, SOUTH— Dr. Walkem. 

NANAIMO CITY— James McGregor. 

YALE, NORTH— Hon. G. B. Martin. 

YALE, EAST— Donald Graham. 

YALE, WEST— C. A. Semlin. 

CARIBOO— S. A. Rogers, William Adams. 

LILLOOET, EAST— J. D. Prentice (resigned on election protest ana was de- 
feated), D. A. Stoddart (vice Prentice). 


KOOTENAY, EAST— Hon. Col. James Baker. 

KOOTENAY, WEST— J. M. Kellie. 

KOOTENAY, SOUTH— J. Fred. Hume. 

ESQUIMALT— Hon. C. E. Pooley, Hon. D. W. Higgins. 

COWICHAN- ALBERNI — Hon. Theodore Davie (resigned, appolnt^-a Clilef 
Justice, March 4, 1895), G. A. Huft (vice Davie), Major J. M. Mutter. 

COMOX— Joseph Hunter. 

CASSIAR— Captain John Irving. 


Elected. 1^98. 

G, Suppwters of New Government ; O, Opposition. 

VICTORIA CITY— J. H. Turner (O.) ; H. D. Helmcken (O.) ; A. E. Mc- 
PhilUps (O.) ; Richard Hail (O.) 

VICTORIA, NORTH— John Patton Booth (O.) 

VICTORIA, SOUTH— D. M. Eberts (O.) 

VANCOUVER— Francis Carter Cotton (G.) ; Charles Edward Tisdall (a.) ; 
Joseph Martin (G.) ; Robert McPherson (G.) 

NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT— (Dewdney) Richard McBride (.O); (Rich- 
mond) Thomas Kldd (G.) ; (Delta) Thos. Forster (G.) ; (Chilliwack) Munro (G.) 

NEW WESTMINSTER CITY-Alex. Henderson (O.) 

NANAIMO, NORTH— John Bryden (O.) 

NANAIMO, SOUTH— Ralph Smith (G.) 

NANAIMO CITY— Dr. McKechnle (G.) 
• YALE, WEST-C. A. Semlin (G.) 

YALE, NORTH— Francis Joseph Deane (G.) 

YALE, EAST— Price Ellison (O.) 

CARIBOO— Hans Helgesen (G.) ; Major-General Kinchant (G.) 

LILLOOET, EAST-J. D. Prentice (G.) 

LILLOOET, WEST— Arthur W. Smith (O.) 

KOOTENAY, WEST— (Revelstoke) J. M. Kellie (G.) ; (Nelson Riding) John 
Fred. Hume (G.) ; (Slocan Riding) Robert Greene (G.) ; (Rossland Riding) Jas. 

KOOTENAY, EAST— Wm. G. Nlelson (O.) 

KOOTENAY, SOUTH— Lt. -Col. James Baker (O.) 

ESQUIMALT— Charles Edward Pooley, C.E. (O.) ; Wm. Bullen (O.) 

COWICHAN— Wm. Russell Robertson (O.) 

ALBERNI-Alan Webster Nelll (G.) 

COMOX— James Dunsmuir (O.) 

CASSIAR-Capt John Irving, W. D. Clifford. 



Confederation came about in British Columbia entirely different to that in 
the other provinces in the Dominion. The fathers of Confederation, as the early 
pioneers who engineered the confederation of the province are called, had many 
difllculties to contend with, for many of the colonists were ever to the front 
with claims of advantage in remaining apart. There were local irritations, pro- 
vincial prejudices and weighty obligations to make good. Then again the 
Crown Colony of British Columbia was far removed geographically from the 
seat of Canadian Government, but there were amalgamation movements going 
forward on the American side of the line, and if British Columbia was going 
to remain British it seemed that confederation was the only counter force to 
resist the growing feeling for annexation with the United States. The popula- 
tion of the colony was largely British born, with not a few Americans Inter- 
spersed. The country, in its physical configurations, its resources, its require- 
ments, was in every sense foreign to Canada. Communication and trade was 
almost wholly with the Pacific Coast and Great Britain, and sympathies fol- 
lowed to a considerable extent in the line of trade and travel. As can then be 
plainly seen, confederation was not brought about by sentimentalism. British 
Columbia was at that time heavily in debt, the liabilities being $1,500,000 for 
about 10,000 white people. The after effects of the Cariboo gold excitement 
were being experienced. Prosperity had vanished, times were depressed, money 
was scarce and no prospects were ahead. The true feeling at the time of con- 
federation was love of Canada; not for what she was, but for what she could 
do for them. The people soon saw the advantages to be gained. With a rail- 
way from Halifax to the Pacific they would be in a most important position, 
both geographically and commercially, a position which, should they annex 
themselves to the United States, would always be second to California, but In 
confederation second to none. Therefore the prime movement in confederation 
was a railway, and direct comunication with the East. 

This was given to them by the Canadian Government. When the agreement signed, the Canadian Government agreed to begin the building of a 3.000 
mile railway within two years, $100,000 a year in lieu of lands to be given for 
the railway in question, 80 cents per head on a population computed at 60,000 ; 
deliverance from a debt of $1,500,000 ; $600,000 for a dry dock at Esquimau ; 
superannuation of ofllcials ; $35,000 a year in support of the Qovemment ; 5 per 
cent, per annum on the difference between the debt and that of Nova Scotia 
and New Brunswick, pro rata of the population; Indians to be cared for by the 
Dominion, and nine representatives at Ottawa, three Senators and six members 
in the House of Commons. In lieu of this the Province gave up the land inclu- 
ded in the railway belt and customs and excise revenues. These terms were 
subsequently modified, to some extent, favorably to the Province, but none in 
any essential repect. 

The memorable debate in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia on 
the subject of confederation with Canada began on March 9th, 1870, when the 
then Attorney-General (now Sir Henry P. P. Crease) rose and moved, "That this 
Council do now resolve itself into a committee of the whole to take into con- 
sideration the terms proposed for the confederation of the Colony of British 
Columbia with the Dominion of Canada in His Excellency's message to this 
Council." The debate lasted three days, and nine days were spent discussing 
the details in committee. Among the speakers who took part were. Attorney 
General Crease. Dr. J. S. Helmcken, Amor de Cosmos, Thomas Humphreys. 
M. W. T. Drake, John Robson, Joseph Trutch, Henry Holbrook, T. L. Wood, 
F. J. Barnard, R. W. W. Carrall, E. Dewdney, and G. A. Walkem. At the 


Close of the debate the following committee: Messrs. Helmsken, Carrall and 
Trutcb, were chosen to go to Ottawa to confer with the Dominion GoYemmenr. 
Thej left on May 10th, 1870, by way of San Francisco. The agreement, the 
terms of which are stated above, was made on July 7th, 1870. 

An election was held in November, confederation being the main issue. 
The new Council met on January 5th, 1871. Dr. Helmcken was nominated us 
Speaker, but declined. The terms of confederation as agreed upon were passed 
unanimouly, and an address was presented to His Excellency the Goyemor, 
praying that Her Majesty would be graciously pleased to admit British Co- 
lombia, under the proYisions of the North American Act, into the Dominion of 

Responsible goYemment was of course a natural consequence of confeder- 
ation, and the Bill was introduced in the Council on the 31st of January, 1871, 
to give power to alter the constitution of British Columbia. The Bill was adop- 
ted on February 6th. The first election under the new constitution took place 
in October, 1871. Hon. Joseph Trutch was then Lieut. -Governor. Hon. J. F. 
(now Judge) MeCrcight being called upon to form the first administration 
tmder its rulings. He was Premier and Attorney General. In the winter of 1872 
a vote of want of confidence in the Government was passed. Mr. McCreight 
and his colleagues resigned, and Hon. Amor de Cosmos was called upon to form 
a ministry. Thus it will be seen that the form of government In British Co- 
lumbia is, saving that there is no upper house, similar to that of Canada and 
Great Britain. 



(Added to Dominion, 15th July, 1870.) 


His Honor, the Hon. Amedee Emmanuel Forget, s. of the late Jeremle Forg i^t, 
and his wife, Marie Guenette. B. at Marievllle, Que., Nov. 12, L817. 
Ed. at the Coll. of Marieville. Called to the Bar, 1871, and £4?rsrvd tor 
some years ae secretary to the Council of the Bar of Quebec. On the 
organization of a separate government for the N.W.T., Oct., 187&, he vr&a 
appointed clerk of the council and private secretary to the Lip utco ant- 
Governor, and accompanied Mr. Laird to the seat of government at 
Battleford. Later, he became Clerk of the Assembly,, at Regliia, and 
was appointed Assistant Commissioner of Indian affairs for Manitoba 
and the N.W.T., Aug. 3, 1888. Appointed a member of the Council of 
public instruction for the N.W.T., 1893, and Indian Commission t?r, Supt., 
1895. M. Miss Henriette Drolet. President of the Regina branch of the 
Canada Mutual Loan and Investment Company. Appointed Llcu^-Qo- 
vemor, October 4, 1898. Government House, Regina. 


Hon. A. G. Archibald, P.C May 10,1870 

Hon. P. G. Johnston April 9, 1872 

Hon. Alexander Morris December 2, 1872 

Hon. David Laird, P.C October 7, 1876 

Hon. Edgar Dewdney December 3, 1881 

Hon. Joseph Royal July 1, 1888 

Hon. C. H. Mackintosh October 31, 1893 

Hon. M. C. Cameron May 30, 1S98 

Hon. A. B. Porget October 4, 1898 

(Resident Members.) 
F. W. G. Haultain, Attorney-General and Treasurer. 
J. H. Ross, Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner of Public Wurlo and 

Territorial Secretary. 
Hillyard Mitchell, C. A. Magrath, G. H. V. Bulyea, non-resident members. 

Speaker— John P. Betts. 

Clerk of Legis. Assembly, R. B. Gordon. 

Deputy Treasurer— John A. Reid. 

Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture— C. W. Peterson. 

Deputy Attorney-General- Hugh Robson. 

Accountant— Charles W. Pe'"»TS. 

Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, John P. Dennis. 

Auditor- J. C. Pope. 

Chief License Inspector— V. Dodd. 

Queen's P>rlnter— John A. Reid. 

Council of Public Instruction— Right Rev. Bishop Pinkham, A. U. SmM% 
Rev. Father Gillies. 

Superintendent of Education— D. J. Goggin. ^ 

Secretary to Department and Council— E. J. Wright. •• 



The dates of opening and of prorogation of tlie N.W.T. Assembly since 
was changed from the old Legislative Council. (The dates are inclusive). 



31st Oct. to 11th Dec. 



16th Oct. to 22nd Dec. 

^ Dissolved 


29th Oct. to 29th Nov. 

1891-92 f 

10th Dec. to 25th Jan. 
2nd Aug. to 1st Sept. 



7th Dec. to 31st Dec. 

Oct. 1, 1894. 


17th Aug. to 16th Sept. 


2nd Aug. to 7th Sept. 


29th Aug. to 30th. Sept. 


29th Sept. to 30th Oct. 
28th Oct. to 15th Deo. 

■ Oct. 13, 1898 



16th Aug. to 19th Sep. 



AGNEW, THOMAS JAMES (Prince Albert West). S. of Norman French 
Agnew and Elizabeth Le Page, his wife. B. at Guernsey, Channel Islands, June 
25, 1855. Ed. at Elizabeth Coll., Guernsey. M. to Ida Mary Hysop, Aug. 22, 
1881. Hardware merchant. Chairman Prince Albert School Board. Church of 
England. Independent. 

BANNERMAN, JOSEPH (Calgary, East). S. of Thomas Bannerman and 
Barbara McKay, his wife. B. at Helmsdale, Scotl., March 12, 1843. Ed. at pub. 
sch., Helmsdale. M. to Christina Sutherland, of Winnipeg, Sept. 15, 1885. A 
rancher. Alderman of Calgary; A Protestant. A Conservative, 

BETTS, JOHN FELTON (Prince Albert East). S. of Rev. L. A. Betts and 
C. M. Betts, his wife, both Canadian. B. at Stirling, Ont., Oct. 9, 1854. Bd. 
at Albert Coll., Belleville, Ont. M., June 3, 1882, to M. E. Boyle, of Pict<m, 
Ont. Merchant. Has represented Prince Albert Dist. since first election, 1888. 
A Methodist. A Conservative in Federal politics. 

BOUCHER, CHARLES EUGENE (Batoche). S. of J. B. Boucher and Caro- 
line Boucher, his wife, both French. B., Dec. 1, 1864, at St. Francois Xavier» 
Man. Ed. at St. Boniface, Man. M., Aug. 18, 1886, to Ellen Letendre, of Ba- 
toche. A farmer. El. for Batoche in 1891. Re-el., 1894. A J.P. A Roman 
Catholic. A Conservative. 

BRETT, ROBERT GEORGE, M.D. (Banff). S. of James Brett and Cather- 
ine Mallon, his wife, both Irish. B. Nov. 15, 1851, at Strathroy, Co. Middlesex, 
Ont. Ed. at Strathroy gram. sch. and Toronto Univ. M., June 16, 1878, to 
Louise Theodora Hungerford. A Doctor of Medicine. El. to N.W.L.A. in 1888 
and at two subsequent elections. Reeve of Village of Arkona, Ont.; one of the 
incorporators and Professors Manitoba Medical Coll.; President Coll. Phsrsiclans 
and Surgeons, N.W.T. ; Chairman of the Executive of N.W.T., 1889, 1890, 1891; 
Medical Supt. Banff Sanitarium and Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium. Church 
of England. A Conservative, 

BROWN, GEORGE WILLIAM (Regina, North). S. of Thomas Brown, of 
Co. Fermanagh, Irel. B. May 30, 1860, at Holstein, Grey Co., Ont. Ed. at 


Mount Forest High Sch.; Brantford Collegiate Inst.; and Toronto Univ. M., 
Oct. 10, 1895, to AnniQ G. Barr. A Barrister. Was an unsuccessful candidate 
for the Northwest Council in 1888. A Methodist. A Conservative. 

BULYEA, GEORGE HEt)LEY VICARS (Qu'Appelle, South). S. of .lames 
■ Albert Bulyea and Jane Blizzard, his wife, both des. of U. E. Loyalists. B., 
Feb. 17, 1859, at Gagetown, Queens Co., N.B. Ed. at gram, sch., Gagetown, 
and grad. at Univ. of N.B., 1878. M., Jan. 29, 1885, Annie Blanche, second d. 
of R. T. Babbit, Registrar of Queens Co., N.B. A merchant. An unsuccessful 
candidate at general Territorial election, 189^. El. at g. e., 1894 ; re-el. by 
accl. on accepting office in October, 1897, as a non-resident member of the 
Haul tain -Ross Executive Council, formed October 1, 1897. Yukon Commr. for 
Territorial Govt., January, 1898. A Methodist. A Liberal in federal politics. 

. CLINKSKILL, JAMES (Battleford). S. of James Clinkskill, of Scottish 
descent, and Josephine Marie Katrine Michel, his wife, of French descent. B. 
May 9, 1854, at Glasgow, Scotl. Ed. at St. Andrew's, Scotl. M., April 3, 1884, 
to Dora Bahington Taylor. A merchant. Member of L.A. of N.W.T. for three 
terms. Established Church of Scotland. A Conservative. 

CRITCHLBY, OSWALD ASHETON (Calgary West). S. of Walter Richard 
Critchley, and Elizabeth Dawson, his wife, both English. B., March 27, 1864, 
at Manchester, Eng. Ed. Heolesham, Westmoreland, Eng, and Old Traftord 
Sch., Manchester. M., Feb. 16, 1892, Mary Winifred Holt, of Liverpool, Eng. 
A rancher. Church of England. A Conservative. 

DILL, JAMES PEERS (Wolseley). S. of Robert and M. A. Dill, U.E. Loy- 
alists. B., May 22, at Londonderry, N.S. Ed. at Normal Sch., Truro. M., 
Jan. 31, 1894, L. M. Davidson. A farmer. El. to Municipal Council in 1887-88- 
89; defeated for N.W. Assembly in 1888, but elected in 1891 and 1894. A Pres- 
byterian. An Independent. 

EAKIN, WILLIAM (Saltcoats). Father of Irish, mother of Danish extrac- 
tion. B., June 14, 1828, at Caahel, Township of Markham, Ont. Ed. at com. 
sch. and by private tuition. A farmer. Was Warden of the Co. of York and 
Reeve of the Township of Markham, Ont. El. to N.W. Assembly in 1894. A 
Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

FEARON, EDWARD (Medicine Hat). Went to the Yukon Dist. in 1896 
with a herd of cattle, the first to take cattle into that region. Returned again 
to Yukon in 1898, in consequence of which he has not attended the last two 
sessions of the Assembly. 

GILLIS, ARCHIBALD BEATON (Whitewood). S. of Scotch parents. B. 
Jan. 28, 1864, at Whycocomagh, N.S. Ed. at pub. sch., Whycocomagh. Unm. 
Postmaster Whitewood. A Presbyterian. 

Lieut.-Col. F. W, Haultaln (Royal Artillery). English descent. B., Nov. 25, 
1857, at Woolwich, Eng. Ed. at Montreal high sch.; Peterboro Coll. Inst, and 
Toronto Univ. (B.A. with first class honors in classics). Called to the Ontario 
Bar, 1882. El. member for Macleod in 1888, by accl., and at each succeeding 
election since. Elected to N.W, Council, 1887; member of Advisory Council, 
1888; member of first Executive Committee, 1891. Under the new Act he be- 
came Territorial Premier, Oct., 1897, and was re-elected. Chairman of Council 
of Public Instruction; Atty. Genl. A Conservative. Is V.P. of Lib. -Con. Assn. 
of N.W.T. Church of England. Unm. 


KNOWLING, GEORGE HENRY (Souris). Father of English, mother of 
Irish descent. B. March 23, 1856, at Brooklin, Ont. Ed. at high sch., Whitby, 
Ont. A lumber merchant. El. for Souris by accl. Church of England. A Con- 

LINEHAM, JOHN (High River). Father of English, mother of Scotch des- 
cent. B.. March 25, 1858, at Mitchell, Co| of Perth, Ont. Ed. at county sch. 
M., March 23, 1892, to Miss Martin. Rancher and mill owner. Member of 
N.W.T. Legislature for three terms. A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

McCAULEY, MATTHEW (Edmonton). S. of Alexander and Eleanor Mc- 
Cauley. B., June 11, 1850, at Owen Sound. Ed. at pub. sch., Owen Sound. 
M., Aug. 25, 1875, to Matilda Benson, of Winnipeg. Proprietor of cartage ajkd 
livery stables at Edmonton. Mayor of Edmonton three years. A Presbyterian. 

An Independent. 


Mcdonald. DONALD HOGARTH (Qu'Appelle North). S. of Archibald 
McDonald (C.F. Hudson's Bay Co.). Of Scotch descent. B., Jan. 11, 1867, at 
Fort Qu'Appelle, N.W.T. Ed. at St. John's Coll. Sch., Winnipeg, Man. A pri- 
vate banker (firm name, D. H. McDonald & Co.). El. for North Qu'Appelle 
by 225 majority Dec. 7, 1896. Up to the present time is the only Northwester 
(born) who has represented his native constituency in the local legislature. 
.Church of England. A Liberal, but opposed to introducing party politics Into 
N.W. Assembly affairs. 

MAGRATH, CHARLES ALEXANDER (Lethbridge). S. of Bolton Magrath, 
of Irish descent, and Laurinda McPhee, of Scotch descent, his wife. B., April 
22, 1860, at North Augusta, Ont. Ed. at com. sch. and by private tuition. M., 
June 27, 1887, Margaret H. W. Mair, who died June 12, 1892. Land Comr. Al- 
berta Ry. and Coal Co. Domn. Topographical Surveyor. El. by accl. in 1891 
and 1894. Church of England. A Conservative. 

MALONEY, DANT1SL (St. Albert). S. of John Maloney and Hannah Ryan, 
his wife, both of Irel. B., March 7, 1848, at Picton, Prince Edward Co., Ont. 
Ed. at Heath Cote and Collingwood. M., May 20, 1873, Hannah Ridsdale. A 
farmer and stock raiser. Notary Public. Ran for St. Albert Dist. 1891, and 
was defeated by 13 votes. El. g.e., 1894, A Roman Catholic. A Conservative. 

MEYERS, WILLIAM FREDERICK (Kinistino). B. of Canadian parents, 
Sept. 3, 1848, at Trenton, Ont. Ed. in Trenton, Barrie and Gait. A farmer and 
rancher. El. for Kinistino Dist. in 1891 and 1894. Church of England. A Con- 
servative, but opposed to Domn. politics in the Assembly. 

MITCHELL, HILL YARD (Mitchell). B. of English parents, Sept. 29, 1853, 
at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, Eng. Ed. privately. M., March 11, 1891, Adeline 
Mary Byas. A trader and rancher. El. to Assembly in 1888-1891-1894. A J. P. 
and coroner. Church of England. A Conservative. 

MOW AT, DANIEL (Regina South). S. of Alexbander Mowat, of Canadiaji 
birth. B., May 9, 1848, at Ottawa. Ed. at Coll. Inst., Ottawa. M., Oct. 4^ 
1871, Amelia M. Hay. A merchant. El. to the second and third Assemblies. 
A Presbyterian. A Conservative. 

NEFF, JOHN RYERSON (Moosomin). B. of Canadian parents, Dec. 14, 
1S43, at Troy, Co. Wentworth. Ed. at com. sch. M., Aug. 30, 1866. A farmer. 
Represented Moosomin three terms, el. twice by accl. and once by 151 maj. 
Member of Ex. Com. for four years. A Methodist. 


FAGE, SAMUEL SPENCER (Cannington). S. of Alexander Shaw Page, of 
English descent. B., April 21, 1857, at Lancaster, Eng. Ed. at RoBsall Sch. 
M., Nov. 8, 1885, Frances Michell Pierce. El. for CanningtoQ 1S9I-1894. Cliurch 
of England. A Liberal. 

PATRICK. THOMAS ALFRED (Yorkton). S. of Geor^fs Blackull Patrick, 
and Alicia Hobbes, his wife, both Canadian. B., Dec. 23, 1364, at Ilderton, 
London Township, Middlesex Co., Ont. Ed. at pub. sch.; Stratbrcy Hficb Ech. 
and Western Univ., London, Ont. M., March 8, 1890, Marinn, eldt-et d. of Jus. 
E. Griff eth, of Byron, Middlesex, Ont. Physician. Student^ at-Law. Contested 
Dist. of Wallace, at g.e., 1891, was defeated by the late Hon, Joe I Reaniau by 
42 maj. El. at g.e., 1894. A Methodist. An Independent ConsEirv stive, 

ROSS, JAMES HAMILTON (Moose Jaw). S. of John E^gnr Rose, and 
Christina Graham Hawthorne, his wife, both Scotch. B., May L2, 1S50, at Lou- 
don, Ont. Ed. at London pub. sch. M., Nov. 23, 1886, Burbtira E. McKiy. A 
rancher. El. to Northwest Council 1883, re-el. 1885; to AaBwinbly in ISW; ro-oL 
in 18P1 and 1894 ; unsuccessfully contested Western Assin^bnki. for Hu. of Cooj- 
mons in 1887. Speaker of Assembly 1891-1894; member of Ek. Comtt. April, 
1895, to Oct., 1897; sworn in member of Govt. Oct., 1897, ae Coiiimr. Public 
Works and Territorial Secretary. Re-elected. A Presbyterian. A Liberal Ln 
Domn. politics. 

SIMPSON, JOHN A. (Red Deer). S. of William and Miry Simpstm. Aber- 
deenshire, Scotl. B., Aug. 20, 1854, at Chinichangsay, Co, Pe.^!, Out. ^^. at 
Oulross, Co. Bruce, Ont. M., Jan. 1, 1878, Anna ProudfooL A merchant fi^Qd 
rancher. El. at g.e., 1894. A Presbyterian. A Liberal. 

TIMS, FRANK FRASBR (Victoria). S. of Frank Dillon TlmB, Irish des- 
<^ent, and Caroline Dudley Eraser, Scotch descent, his wife. li.. Fyb. 8. ISSfl, 
at Berlin, Ont. Ed. at gram, sch., Ottawa and Prof. ThoiD's Cointucrcial Acad- 
emy, Quebec. Uum. A commission broker. El. for Victorlfl, Albt-rta, by accL, 
g.e., 1894. A J.P. Chairman of School Board at Fort Sapkatcbewan, Church 
of England. A Conservative. 



Dr. R. G. Brett 238 

T. H. English 133 


C. E» Boucher 101 

D. Venn 76 


Jas. Cllnkskill 173 

B. Prince 155 


Joseph Bannerman 209 

S. G. Clarke liJO 

N. J. Lindsay 117 

P. J. Nolan 57 

Jtmea Reilly 50 


Oswald A. Critchley 234 

A. C. Lucas 225 

A. L. Slften 2l5 


8 .S. Page 237 

N. McConachle 158 


M. McCauley 564 

A. C. Rutherford 388 


John Llneham 328 

J. F. Boswell 109 


Capt. W. P. Meyers 60 

James Tennant 57 

0. A. Magrath Accl. 


F. W. O. Haultein Accl. 


Ed. Fearon 398 

Thomas Tweed 309 


Hillyard Mitchell Accl. 


J. H. Ross 413 

J. E, Annable 330 


J. R. Neff 534 

R. G. McCullum <:05 


T. J. Agnew 16S 

T. McKay 146 

W. Miller 12$ 


J. Lestock Reid 23S 

A. Campbell 186 


J. F. Betts 282 

J. Taylor 210 


Donald H. McDonald SS2 

W. R. Motherwell 157 


G. H. V. Bulyea 353 

G. S. Davidson a29 


John A. Simpson 232 

Leonard Gates 257 

F. E. Wilkes 212 


George W. Brown 454 

D. F. Jelly 255 


D. Mowat 315 

J. W. Smith 246 


Wm. Eakln 291 

T. Carlton 185 


G. H. Knowllng Accl. 


D. Maloney 391 

A. Prince 29H 


F. F. Tims Accl. 


A. B. CIllIs 300 

Walter Thorburn 281 


J. P. Dill 511 

Thos. Fleming 248 


F. R. Inslnger 205 

J. S. Crerar 109 

Dr. T. A. Patrick Accl. 


1894 October 

1898 November 4 



Minister of Militia and Defence— Surgeon-Lieut. -Colonel the Hon. F. W. 
Borden, M.D., M.P., Ottawa. 

Private Secretary— H. W. Brown, Esq. 

Deputy Minister of Militia and Defence— Col. Charles Eugene Panet. 

Secretary of the Department— Capt. Alphonse Benoit. 
Accountant— John William Borden. 

Chief Superintendent of Stores— Lt. -Col. Donald A. Macdonald. 
Chief Engineer— Lieut. Paul Weatherbe. 
Assistant Engineer— Capt. George S. Maunsell. 


Major-General Conimanding the Militia— Major-General Hutton. 

Adjutant- General— Hon. Colonel Matthew Aylmer (late Lt. 7th Royal Fusil- 
iers (H.) 1st January, 1806. 

Assistant Adjt. -General for Artillery at Headquarters — Lt.-Col. William 
Henry Cotton, (Royal Canadian Artillery), July 15, 1897. 

Deputy Adjutant-General— Major Cartwrlght. 

Quartermaeter-Oeneral— Col. Percy H. N. Lake, p.s.c. (MaJ. B. Lan. Reg.) 
September 11, 1893. 

Inspector of Cavalry— Major Francois Louis Lessard, May 16, 1896. 

Inspectors of Artillery— Lt. -Col. Charles E. Montizambert, Nov. 18, 1895 ; 
James F. Wilson, July 15, 1897. 

Inspector of Engineers— The Professor of Fortifications, R.M.C.. Aug. 5, 1881. 

Staff Officer to Engineer Force— Col. Sir Casimir S. Gzowski, K. C. M. G., 
April 10, 1874. 

Inspectors of Infantry— Lt. -Col. William D. Otter, May 16, 1896 ; Lt.-Col. 
George J. Maunsell, May 16, 1896. 


Major-General Lord William Frederick Ernest Seytnour, bom in 1838, is a, 
brother of the predtent Marquis of Hertford, and was formerly in %he 
Royal navy, having served in the Baltic in 1854. Later he was in the 
Coldstream Guards, served in the Crimea, and became Major-CJeneral 
commanding the southeastern district in England, until he received his 
present appointment as commander-in-chief of the British troops in 
North America, July, 1898. M., Hon, Eva Ann Caroline Douglas-Pen- 
eant, d. of 1st Baron Penrhyn. 


Vice-Admiral Sir John A. Fisher, K.C.B., arrtved at Halifax, Sept;^ 1, 1897, and 
took command of the North Atlantic fleet, British navy. 


Major Lawrence Dnimmond, Scots Guards, Just returned from the Soudan, 
Military Secretary ; Lieuts. W. F. Lascelles, of the Scots Guards, and 
T. H. C. Graham, of the (Coldstream (guards, Aides-de-Camp. Mr^ 
Arthur Guise, Private Secretary. ./> 


Population (witb Labrador), 202,040. Capital, St. John's ; population, 29,000. 

McCallum, Lieut. -Colonel Sir Henry l^dward, R.E., K.C.M.G. Appointed Gov- 
ernor, Commander-in-Chief and Vice-Admiral of Newfoundland, October, 
1898, in succession to Sir Herbert Harley Murray, K.C.B. S. of Major 
H. A. McCallum, R'.M.L.I. B. in 1825. M., in 1874, Lily, only d. of 
Vice-Admiral Johnson (she died, 1895). Pormci'ly Colonial Engineer 
and Surveyor-General of the Straits Settlements, and a member of the 
Executive and Legislative Councils, 1884-1890. Governor of Lagos, West 
Africa, at the time of his appointment to the Governorship of New- 
This island, the twelfth largest island in the world, is situated between 
46 deg. 37 m.— 51 deg. 39 m. N. lat. and 52 deg. 35m.— 59 deg. 25m. W. long., on 
the northeast side of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is about 317 miles long and 
316 miles broad, and contains about 42,200 square miles, and at the end of 1891 
It had a population of 197,934, not Including those resident in the portion of 
Labrador (4,106) within the jurisdiction of Newfoundland. Of these 72,342 are 
Roman Catholics, 68,075 Church of England, 52,672 Methodists, 1,447 Presbyter- 
ians, and 3,398 various. This is the oldest English Colony. It was discovered 
by Sebastlayn Cabot in 1497 ; the first land seen was hailed as Prima Vista— the 
present Cape Bona Vista. The inhabitants are chiefly located on the coast-line 
of the shore and bays, and the greater part are engaged in fishing ; for cod in 
summer, and seal fishing in winter and spring ; these are the two main indus- 
tries of the island. Lakes and rivers abound ; it is estimated that about one- 
third of the surface is covered with water. The Interior was practically In a 
state of nature until a few years ago, but a railway has been built through the 
Interior, crossing the country from east to west, and which will open up large 
tracts of rich agricultural, mineral, and timber lands, but hitherto of small 
value. There arc about 620 miles of railway at present. This railway Is con- 
nected with the Intercolonial system of Canada by a fast steamer, the "Bruce,*' 
running between Sydney, the I. C. R. terminus, and Port-aux-Basques, the 
N. F. R. terminus, each day, covering the 90 miles in six hours, and giving 
dall:^ communication with the American continent. The climate is salubrious, 
and the people are a strong, healthy, Lardy, industrious race. The thermom- 
eter seldom falls below zero In winter, and ranges In the shade In summer 
from 70 deg. to 80 deg. 

Labrador, a dependency of Newfoundland, forms the most easterly part of 
America, and extends from Blanc Sable n in the Straits of Bellelsle on the 
south to Cape Chudleigh at the entrance of Hudson's Straits on the north. It 
possesses valuable cod, herring, trout, and salmon fisheries. There are a few 
Moravian missionary settlements on the coast, and also some posts of the 
Hudson B&y Company. The principal exports of the Colony are codfish, value 
$6,322,980 ; cod and seal oil, $653,228 ; sealskins. $364,854 : tinned lobsters, $429,- 
681 ; herrings, salmon, and other products of the fisheries, $426,000 ; copper, 
copper ore, and Iron pyrites, $624,750. 

The Government Is a responsible one, administered by a Governor, appointed 
by the Crown ; a responsible Executive of seven, a Legislative Council of not 
over fifteen, appointed for life, and a House of Assembly of thirty-six, elected 
by the people every four years. The flret general election, under the *' balT^t 
system " and ** Manhood Suffrage Acts," passed In the 1889 session of the Legls- 
■'ature, and In 1890 the franchise was given to all males of 21 or over. 



Hon. Sir James S. Winter, Q.C., K.C.M.G., Premier and Min. of Justice. .|2,<M)fl 

Hon. J. Alexander Robinson, Colooial Secretary 2,000 

Hon. Alfred B. Morine, Q.C., Minister of Finance and Customs .....'. 2,000 

Hon. Michael H. Carty, Q.C., without portfolio. 
Hon. George Shea, without portfolio. 
Hon, Charles Dawe, without portfolio. 
Hon. Abraham Kean, without portfolio. 

(The above form the Executive Council). 

Thomas C. Duder, Minister of Agriculture and Mines .,..«. ...^fS. (TOO 

William Woodford, Minister of Public Works 2,000 

Hon. Abraham Kean, Minister of Marine and Fisheries (acting) 2^000 

Hon. J. Alexander Robinson, Clerk of Executive Council. 



Hon. E. D. Shea, President ........? 340 

Hon. Thomas Talbot. Hon. George Knowling. 

Hon. .Tames McLaughlan. Hon. D. J. Greene, Q.C. 

Hon. George T. Rendell. Hon. Edgar R. Bowrlng. 

Hon. James Angel. Hon. James Baird. 

Hon. John Harris. Hon. John Bray Ayre. 

Hon. Dr. George Skelton. Hon. James S. Pitts. 

Hon. Capt. Samuel Blandford. Vacant. 

(The members of this House receive a sessional allowance of |l£0 (?aoh,) 



Clerk, Hugh H. Carter % mi 

Law Clerk (for both Houses), John N. Cleary .,......, 750 

Usher of the Black Rod, W. F. Rennie „. mO 



Elected October 28th, 1897, Number of Districts, 18 ; number of members, 36. 


Speaker, H. Y. Mott | 760 

Chairman of Committees, John Cowan 400 

Clerk, B. J. Shea 750 

Assistant Clerk, P. T. McGrath WO 

Sergoant-at-Arms, William Predeaux ^ 400 


St. Barbe (1 member) Albert Bradshaw (Con.) 

Twilllngate (3 members) Robert Bond (Lib.) 

Alan C. Goodridge (Con.) 
Donald M. Browning (Lib.) 

Fogo (1 member) Thos. C. Duder (Con.) 

Bonavlsta (3 members) Darius Blandford (Con.) 

John Cowan (Con.) 

Hon. A. B. Morine (Con.) 

Trinity (3 members) Robt. S. Bremner (Con.) 

Robert Watson (Con.) 
Hon. J. A. Robinson (Con.) 

Bay-de-Verd (2 members) Hon. Abraham Kean (Con,) 

Wm. P. Rogerson (Con.) 

CJkrboneau (1 member) William Duff (Ind.) 

Harbor Grace (3 members) Wm. H. Horwood (Lib.) 

Eli Dawe (Lib.) 
Willie m A. Oke (Lib.) 

Port-de-Grave (1 member) Hon. Chas. Dawe (Con.) 

Harbor Main (2 members) ..Wm, Woodford (Con.) 

John P. St. John (Con.) 

St. John's East (3 members) James P. Fox (Ind.) 

Thos. J. Murphy (Lib.) 
L. O. B. Furlong (Lib.i 

St. John's West (3 members) E. P. Morris, Q.C. (Ind.) 

James C. Tessier (Ind.) 
James J. Callanan. (Lib.) 

Ferryland (2 members) Michael P. Caahin (Ind.) 

Hon. Geo. Shea (Con.) 

Placentra and St. Mary's (3 members) Wm. J. S. Donnelly (Con.) 

Roger Callahan (Con.) 
Hon. M. H. Carty, Q.C, (Con.) 

Burm (2 members) Hon. Sir J. S. Winter, Q.C. K.C.M.G. 

John E. Lake (Con.) 

Fortune Bay (1 member) Harrison R. Hayward (Con.) 

Surges and LaPorte (1 member) H. Y. Mott (Con.) 

. St. George's (1 member) M. P. Gibbs (Con.) 

Members of the Assembly residing in St. John's receive $200 each as sess- 
ional allowance; for those residing In other parts of the colony it Is Increased 
to $800 each. The strength of the parties In the Assembly now Is : 23 Consenra- 


tives, or Govemmeiit members ; 8 Liberals, or Oppositionists, and 5 Independ- 
ents, the latter having broken from the regular Opposition on the matter of the 
railway arrangement with Mr. R. G. Held, ratified in 1898. 

A Representative Assembly was first granted to this Colony in 1832, under 
the (Governorship of Sir Thomas Cochrane. By the Constitution nine Districts 
were established, returning 15 members, who. were to hold their seats during 
Her Majesty's pleasure. In 1836 the members of the Assembly were elected for 
four yoars, and this term has been adhered to since that date. 

In 1854, upon the granting of responsible government, the number of mem- 
bers was increased, at the instance of the Imperial Government, to 30. In 1874 
the membership was further increased to 31, by the addition of one member to 
the number of those representing the District of Twillingate and Fogo. 

In 1882 the number of members was increased to 33, by the erection of St. 
George and St. Barbe into Districts, with one member each. In 1885, after the 
publication of the census of 1884, a partial re-distribution took place. The Dis- 
trict of Twillingate and Fogo was divided, Twillingate retaining three members, 
Fogo was given one. Bay-de-Verd, which was made to include a part of Trin- 
ity District, was allowed an additional member, as was also Harbor Grace. 
These alterations Increased the number of members to 36. 



Chief Justice, Hon. Joseph I. Little $5,000 

Assistant Justice, Hon. George H. Emerson 4,000 

Assistant Justice, Hon. Donald Morrison 4,000 




A new customs tariff was passed by the Legislature of Newfoundland^ 
March 28, 1898, and entitled " The Revenue Act, 1898." The following are 
some of the principal duties :— 

Animals— Calves, pigs and sheep, each $ 1 (M> 

Apples, per barrel 5(V 

Bacon, hams, tongues and beef (smoke cured) 10 per cent ad valorem 

and per pound OS 

Bacon (dry salted or pickled) per lb ,03 

Beef, when salted In barrels, per barrel 1 00 

Ships biscuits, per cwt 10 

Ships soda, pilot and unsweetened biscuits, per lb 05 

Biscuits and bread, n.e.s., 40 p.c. additional. 

Buckwheat, meal or flour, per lb 01 

Butter, per pound 03 

Canned meats 30 per cent. 

Cheese, per pound 03 

Flour, wheaten, including duty on barrel, per bbl 25 

Canned fruit 30 per cent. 

Groceries, n.e.s 30 per cent. 

Sjrrups and molasses 35 per cent. 

Molasses, produced In making cane sugar, per gallon 07 

Fresh meats, per pound 2 

Ontmeal, per cwt 20 

Pork, per barrel 150 

Poultry, per pound 03 

Rice, cleaned, per pound J 

Salt 10 per cent. 

Sugar, per pound 02 

Tea 30 per cent. 

Eggs, per dozen 05 

Hay, per 2,000 pounds 3 00 

Horses 20 per cent. 

Oats, per bushel of 34 pounds 05 

Potatoes, per bushel 10 

Honey 20 per cent. 

Whiskey, per gallon 2 80 

Blankets 30 per cent. 

Vehicles 30 per cent, and 10 00 

Vehicles, when costing over $50 and under $100 30 per cent, and 20 00 

Vehicles, over $100 30 per cent, and 30 00 

China and earthenware 35 per cent. 

Common window glass 30 per cent. 

Axes and tools 25 per cent. 

Agricultural implements 25 per cent. 

Wire for fencing > 30 percent.. 

Hnts, etc 35 per cent. 

Paibber clothing and boots 35 per cent. 

Lumber, 1 inch thick per M 3 50 

Cut and wire nails 35 per cent. 

Pianos ^ P«J^ c«^*- 

Ready-made wool clothing ^0 P^r ceatf 


Cotton clothing aS p^r cent. 

Woollen underclothing ^and shirts 30 por cent. 

Cotton underclothing and skirts 40 per cent. 

5oap '. 36 pt»r cent. 

Starch 30 per cent. 

T^ooks 10 per cent. 

Inks for writing 30 per cent 

Pails, tubs, and so forth .^ 35 p^r (^ent. 

Coffins 3S per t-eut^ 

Manufactures of wood, n.e.s. " 35 ]}('T r:ent. 

Cotton fabrics 30 per cent- 
Iron and steel bridges 30 per cent. 

Harness leather 25 per ceaL 

Sole leather 20 per cent. 

Leather for uppers, when bark tan ...30 per []eDt. 

Yams ..' 30 per cptjt. 

Machinery 20 and 30 prr o&&t. 

Agricultural implements 10 ptT cent- 
Coal oil, per gallon 06 

Locomotives and cars 30 per cent. 

Sardines and preserved fish S5 per cent. 

Herring, salmon, halibut and mackerel, per barrel 160 

Codfish, haddock and ling, per quintal **,,.. IW 

Oysters 36 per cent, 

rish oils 35 per cent. 

Unenumerated goods 35 per cent. 

Printing paper and printing presses, uncleaned rice, Indian corn, jilg iron 
for manufacture of nails, unmanufactured wood, • untanned hides and ilah of 
British catch and cure and oil the produce of such fish are free. 


An Act for the Union of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswiclc, and the 
Government thereof, and for Purposes connected therewith. (March 29, 1867.) 

WHEREAS the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have 
expressed their Desire to be federally united into One Dominion under the 
Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a Constitution 
similar in Principle to that of the Uliited Kingdom : 

And whereas such a Union would conduce to the Welfare of the Provinces 
and promote the Interests of the British Empire ': 

And whereas on the Establishment of the Union by Authority of Parliament 
!t is expedient, not only that the Constitution of the Legislative Authority in 
the Dominion be provided for, but also that the Nature of the Executive Gov- 
ernment therein be declared : 

And whereas it is expedient that Provision be made for the eventual Admis- 
sion into the Union of other Parts of British North America : 

Be it therefore enacted and declared by the Queen's Moet Excellent Majesty, 
by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and 
Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the 
same, as follows : 


1. This Act may be cited as the British North America Act, 1867. 

2. The Provisions of this Act referring to Her Majesty the Queen extend 
also to the Heirs and Successors of Her Majesty, Kings and Queens of the 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 


3. It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice of Her Majes- 
ty's Most Honorable Privy Council, to declare by Proclamation that, on and 
after a Day therein appointed, not being more than Six Months after the pass- 
ing of this Act, the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shall 
form and be One Dominion under the name of Canada ; and on and after that 
Day those Three Provinces shall form and be One Dominion under that Name 

4. The subsequent Provisions of this Act shall, unless it is otherwise ex- 
pressed or implied, commence and have eftect on and after the Union, that .is 
to say, on and after the Day appointed for the Union taking effect in the 
Queen's Proclamation ; and in the same Provisions, unless it Is otherwise ex- 
pressed or implied, the Name Canada shall be taken to mean Canada as con- 
stituted under this Act. 

5. Canada shall be divided into Four Provinces, named Ontario, Quebec, 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

6. The Parts of the Province of Canada (as it exists at the passing of this 
Act) which formerly constituted respectively the Provihces of Upper Canada 
and Lower Canada, shall be deemed to be severed, and shall form Two Separ- 
ate Provinces. The Part which formerly constituted the Province of Upper 
Canada shall constitute the Province of Ontario ; and the Part which formerly 
constituted the Province of Lower (Canada shall constitute the Province of 

7. The Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shall have the same 
Limits as at the passing of this Act. 

8. In the general Census of the Population of Canada which Is hereby re- 
quired to be taken in the Year One thousand eight hundred and seventy-one. 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 269 

and in every Tenth Year thereafter, the respective Populations of the Four 
Provinces shall be distinguished. 


9. The Executive Government and Authority of and over Canada is hereby 
declared to continue and be vested in the Queen. 

1,0. The Provisions of this Act referring to the Governor-General extend and 
apply to the Governor-General for the Time being of Canada, or other th,n 
Chief Executive Officer or Administrator for the Time being carrying on the 
Ooverbment of Canada on behalf and in the Name of the Queen, by whatever 
Title he is designated. 

11. There shall be a Council to aid and advise the Government of Canada, 
to be styled the Queen's Privy Council for Canada ; and the Persons who are 
to be Members of that Council shall be from Time to Time chosen and sum- 
moned by the Govemor-GJeneral and sworn, in as Privy Councillors, and Mem- 
bers thereof may be from Time to Time removed by the Governor-General. 

12. All Powers, Authorities and Functions which under any Act of the Par- 
liament of Great Britain, or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland, or of the Legislature of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, Can- 
ada,' Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, are at the Union vested in or exerciseable 
by the respective Governors of Lieutenant-Governors of those Provinces, with 
the Advice, or with the Advice and Consent, of the respective Executive Councils 
thereof, or in conjunction with those Councils, or with any Number of Mem- 
bers thereof, or by those Governors or Lieutenant-Governors individually, shall, 
as far as the same continue in existence and capable of being exercised after 
the Union in relation to the Government of Canada, be vested in and exercise- 
able by the Governor-General, with the Advice or with the Advice and Consent 
of or in conjunction with the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, or any mem- 
bers thereof, or by the Governor-General individually, as the case requires, sub- 
ject nevertheless (except with respect to such as exist under Acts of the Parli- 
ament of Great Britain or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland) to be abolished or altered by the Parliament of Cani^da. 

13. The Provisions of this Act referring to the Governor-General in Council 
shall be construed as referring to the Governor-General acting by and with the 
Advice of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada. 

14. It shall be lawful for the Queen, If Her Majesty thinks fit, to authorize 
the Governor-General from Time to Time to appoint any Person or any Per- 
sons Jointly or severally to be his Deputy or Deputies within any Part or Parts 
of Canada, and In that Capacity to exercise during the* Pleasure of the Gover- 
nor-General such of the Powers, Authorities and Functions of the Governor- 
General as the Governor-General deems it necessary or expedient to assign to 
him or them, subject to any Limitations or Directions expressed or given by 
the Queen ; but the Appointment of such a Deputy or Deputies shall not affect 
the Exercise by the Governor-General himself of any Power, Authority or 

15. The Command- In -Chief of the Land and Naval Militia, and of al'J 
Naval and Military Forces, of and in Canada, is hereby declared to continue 
and be vested in the Queen. 

16. Until the Queen otherwise directs, the Seat of Government of Canada 
shall be Ottawa. 


17. There shall be One Parliament for Canada, consisting of the Queen, an 
Upper House styled the Senate, and the House of Commons. 

270 THE B. N. A. ACT; I867 

18. The Privileges, Immunities, and Powers to be held, enjoyed and exer- 
cised by the Senate and by the House of Commons and by the Members thereof 
respectively, shall be such as are from Time to Time defined by Act of the 
Parliament of Canada, put so that the same shall never exceed those at the 
passing of this Act held, enjoyed, and exercised by the Commons House of 
Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and by the 
Members thereof. 

19. The Parliament of Canada shall be called together not later than ^ix 
Months after the Union. 

20. There shall be a Session of the Parliament of Canada once at least in 
every Year,, so that Twelve Months shall not intervene between the last sitting 
of the Parliament in one Session and its first Sitting in the Uext Session. 

31. ,The Senate shall, subject to the Provisions of this Act, consist of Sev- 
enty-two Membjjrs, who shall be styled Senators. 

22. In relation to the Constitution of the Senate, Canada shall be deemed 
to consist of Three Divisions— 

1. Ontario ; 

2. Quebec : 

3. The Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ; which Three 
Divisions shall (subject to the Provisions of this Act) be equally represented In 
the Senate as follows : Ontario by Twenty-four Senators ; Quebec by Twenty- 
foui; Senators ; and the Maritime Provinces by Twenty-four Senators, Twelve 
thereof representing Nova Scotia, and twelve thereof representing New Bruns- 

In the Case of Quebec each of the Twenty-four Senators representing that 
Province shall be appointed for one of the Twenty-four Electoral Divisions of 
Lower Canada specified in Schedule A, to Chapter One of Consolidated Statutes 
of Canada. 

23. The Qualifications of a Senator shall be as follows :— 
(1.) He shall be of the full Age of Thirty Years. 

(2.) He shall be either a Natural-born Subject of the Queen, or a Subject 
of the Queen naturalized by an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain, 
or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- 
land, or of the Legislature of One of the Provinces of Upper Calnada, 
Lower Canada, Canada, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick before the 
Union, or of the Parliament of Canada after the Union. 

(3.) He shall be legally or equitably seized as of Freehold for his own Use 
and Benefit of Lands or Tenements held in free and Common Socage, 
or seized or possessed for his own use and Benefit of Lands or Tene- 
ments held in Franc-alleu or in Roture, within the Province for which 
he is appointed, of the value of Pour Thousand Dollars, over and 
above all Rents, Dues, Debts, Charges, Mortgages, and Incumbrances 
due or payable out of, or charged on or affecting the same : 

(4.) His Real and Personal Property shall be together worth four Thousand 
Dollars over and above his Debts and Liabilities ; 

(5.) He shall be resident in the Province for which he is appointed ; 

(6.) In the case of Quebec, he shall have his Real Property Qualification In 
the Electoral Division for which he is appointed, or shall be resident in 
that Division. 

24. The Governor-General shall from Time to Time, in the Queen's name^ 
by Instrument under the Great Seal of Canada, summon qualified persons to the 
Senate, and, subject to the Provisions of this Act, every person so summoned 
shall become and be a Member of the Senate and a Senator. 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 271 

25. Such persons shall be first summoned to the Senate as the Queen by- 
Warrant under Her Majesty's Ro3ral Sign Manual thinks fit to approve, and 
their Names shall be inserted in the Queen's Proclamation of Union. ' 

26. If at any Time, on the Recommendation of the Governor-General, the 
Queen thinks fit to direct that Three or Six Members be added to the Senate, 
the Govemor<General may, by Summons to Three or Six Qualified Persons (as 
the Case may be), representing equally the Three Divisions of Canada, add to 
the Senate accordingly. , 

27. In case of such Addition being at any Time made, the Governor-General 
shall not summon any Person to the Senate, except on a further like Direction 
by the Queen on the like Recommendation, until each of the Three Divisions of 
Canada is represented by Twenty-Four Senators, and no more. 

28. The dumber of Senators shall not at any Time exceed Seventy-Bight. 

29. A Senator shall, subject toi the Provisions of this Act, hold his Place 
in the Senate for Life. 

- 30. A Senator may, by writing under his hand, addresed to the Governor- 
General, resign his place in the Senate, and thereupon the same shall be vacant. 

31. The Place of a Senator shall become vacant in any of the following 
cases :— 

(1.) If for Two Consecutive Sessions of Parliament he fails to give )il» 
Attendance in the Senate : 

(2.) If he takes an Oath or makes a Declaration or acknowledgement of Al- 
legiance, Obedience or Adherence to a Foreign Power, or does an Act 
whereby he becomes a Subject or Citizen, or entitled to the Rights ot 
Privileges of a Subject or Citizen of a Foreign Power : 

(3). If he is adjudged Bankrupt or Insolvent, or applies for the benefit of 
any Law relating to Insolvent Debtors, or becomes a public defaulter : 

(4.) If he is attainted of Treason, or convicted of Felony or of any infa- 
mous Crime : 

(5.) If he ceases to be qualified in respect of Property or of Residence : 
provided that a Senator shall not b% deemed to have ceased to be quali- 
fied in respect of Residence by reason only of his residing at the Seat 
of the Government of Canada while holding an Office under the Gov- 
ernment requiring his Presence there. 

32. When a Vacancy happens in the Senate, by Resignation, Death or other- 
wise, the Governor-General shall, by Summons to a fit and qualified Person, fill 
the Vacancy. 

33. If any Question arises respecting the Qualification of a Senator or a 
Vacancy in the Senate, the same shall be heard and determined by the Senate. 

34. The Governor-General may from Time to Time, by Instrument under 
the Great Seal of Canada, appoint a Senator to be Speaker of the Senate, and 
may remove him and appoint another in his Stead. 

35. Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, the Presence of at 
least Fifteen Senators, including the Speaker, shall be necessary to constitute a 
Meeting of the Senate for the exercise of its Powers. 

36. Questions arising in the Senate shall be decided by a majority of Voices, 
and the Speaker shall in all cases have a Vote, and when the voices are equal 
the Decision shalll be deemed in the Negative. 


37. The House of Commons shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, 
consist of One Hundred and eighty-one Members, of whom Eighty-two shall 
be elected for Ontario, Sixty-five for Quebec, Nineteen for Nova Scotia, and 
Fifteen for New Brunswick. 

272 THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 

38. The Goveroor-General shall, from Time to Time, in the Queen's Name, 
by Instrument under the Qreat Seal of Canada» sunmion and call together the 
House of Commons. 

39. A Senator shall not be capable of being elected or of sitting or Yotins 
as a Member of the House of Commons. 

40. Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, Ontario, Quebec, 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shall, for the Purposes of the Election of 
Members to serve in the House of Commons, be divided into Electoral Dis- 
tricts as follows :— 


Ontario shall be divided into the Counties, Ridings of Counties, Cities, Parts 
of Cities, and Towns enumerated in the First Schedule to this Act, each 
whereof shall be an Electoral District, each such District as numbered in that 
Schedule being entitled to return One Member. 

2.— QUEBEC. 
Quebec shall be divided into Sixty-five Electoral Districts, composed of the 
Sixty-five Electoral Divisions into which Lower Canada is at the passing of 
this Act divided under Chapter Two of the Consolidated Statutes of 
Canada, chapter seventy-five of the Consolidated Statutes for Lower Canada 
and the Act of the Province of Canada of the Twenty-third year of the Queen, 
Chapter one, or any other Act amending the same in force at the Union, so that 
each such Electoral Division shall be for the Purposes of this Act an Electoral 
District entitled to return One Member. 

Each of the Eighteen Counties of Nova Scotia shall be an Electoral Dis- 
trict. The County of Halifax shall be entitled to return Two Members, and each 
of the other Counties One Member. 

Each of the Fourteen Counties into which New Brunswick is divided, inclu- 
ding the City and County of St. John, shall be an Electoral District. The City 
of St. John shall also be a separate Electoral District. Each of those Fifteen 
Electoral Districts shall be entitled to return One Member. 

41. Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, all Laws in force 
in the several Provinces at the Union, relative to the followtog Matters or any 
of them, namely :— the Qualifications and Disqualifications of Persons to be 
elected or to sit or vote as Members of the House of Assembly or Legislative 
Assembly in the several Provinces, the Voters at Elections of such Members, 
the Oaths to be taken by Voters, the Returning Officers, their Powers and 
Duties, the Proceedings at Elections, the Periods during which Elections may 
be continued, the Trial of Controverted Elections, and Proceedings incident 
thereto, the Vacating of Seats of Members, and the Execution of new Writs in 
case of Seats vacated otherwise than by Dissolution,— shall respectively apply 
to Elections of Members to serve in the House of Commons for the same sev- 
eral Provinces. 

Provided that, until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, at any 
Election for a Member of the House of Commons for the District of Algoma, in 
addition to Persons qualified by the Law of the Province of Canada to vote, 
every male British Subject, aged Twenty-One Years or upwards, being a 
Householder, shall have a vote. 

42. For the First Election of Members to serve in the House of Comtnons 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 273 

the Governor-General shall cause Writs to be issued by such Person, in such 
Form and addressed to such Returning Officers as he thinks fit. 

The Person issuing Writs under this Section shall have the like Powers as 
are possessed at the Union by the Officers charged with the issuing of Writs 
for the Election of Members to serve in the respective House of Assembly or 
Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia or New Bruns- 
wick ; and the Returning Officers to whom Writs are directed under this Sec- 
tion shall have the like Powers as are possessed at the Union by the Officers 
charged with the returning of Writs for the Election of Members to serve in 
the same respective House of Assembly or Legislative Assembly. 

48. In case a Vacancy in the Representation in the House of Commons of 
any Electoral District happens before the Meeting of the Parliament, or after 
the Meeting of the Parliament before Provision is made by the Parliament in 
this Behalf, the Provisions of the last foregoing Section of this Act shall ex- 
tend and apply to the issuing and returning of a Writ in respect of such vacant 

44. The House of Commons, on its first assembling after a General Elec- 
tion, shall proceed with all practicable Speed to elect One of its Members to be 

4P. In case of a Vacancy happening in the Office of Speaker, by Death, Re- 
signation or otherwise, the House of Commons shall with all practicable Speed, 
proceed to elect another of its Members to be Speaker. 

46. The Speaker shall preside at all Meetings of the House of Commons. 

47. Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, in case of the Ab- 
sence, for any Reason, of the Speaker from the Chair of the House of Commons 
for a period of Forty-Eight Consecutive Hours, the House may elect another 
of its Members to act as Speaker, and the Member so elected shall, during the 
Continuance of such Absence of the Speaker, have and execute all the Powers, , 
Privileges and Duties of Speaker. x 

48. The Presence of at least Twenty Members of the House of Commons 
shall be necessary to constitute a Meeting of the House for the Exercise of 
its Powers ; and for that Purpose the Speaker shall be reckoned as a Member. 

49. Questions arising in the House of Commons shall be decided by a 
Majority of Voices other than that of the Speaker, and when the Voices are 
equal* but not otherwise, the Speaker shall have a Vote. 

50. EVery House of Commons shall continue for Five Years from the day 
of the Return of the Writs for choosing the House (subject to be sooner dis- 
solved by the Governor-General), and no longer. 

51. On the completion of the Census in the Year one thousand eight hun- 
dred and seventy-one, and of each subsequent decennial Census, the Representa- 
tion of the Four Provinces shall be readjusted by such Authority, in such a 
manner, and from such Time as the Parliament of Canada from Time to Tim« 
provides, subject and according to the following Rules :— 

(1.) Quebec shall have the fixed number of Sixty-five Members : 
(2.) There shall be assigned to each of the other Provinces such a number 
of Members as will bear the same Proportion to the Number of its 
Population (ascertained at such Census) as the Number Sixty-five 
% bears to the Number of the Population of Quebec (so ascertained): 

1 (8.) In the Computation of the Number of Members for a I^rovince a frac- 
I tional Part not exceeding One half of the whole number requisite for 

entitling the Province to a Member shall be disregarded ; but a frac- 
tional Part exceeding One half of that number shall be equivalent to 
the whole number : 

274 THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 

(4.) On any such Re-adjustment the Number of Members for a Province 
shall not be reduced unless the Proportion which the number of the 
Population of the Province bore to the Number of the aggregate popu- 
lation of Canada at the then last preceding Readjustment of the Num- 
ber of Members for the Province Is ascertained at the then latest Cen- 
sus to be diminished by One Twentieth Part or upwards : 
(5.) Such Readjustment shall not take effect until the Termination of the 

then existing Parliament. 
62. The Number of Members of the House of Commons may be from Time to 
Time increased by the Parliament of Canada, provided the proportionate Re- 
presentation of the Province prescribed by this Act is not thereby disturbed. 


53. Bills for appropriating any part of the Public Revenue, or for Imposins 
any Tax or Impost, shall originate in the House of Commons. 

54. It shall not be lawful for the House of Commons to adopt or pass any 
Vote, Resolution, Address, or Bill for the Appropriation of any Part of the Pub- 
lic Revenue, or of any Tax or Impost, to any Purpose that has not been first 
recommended to that House by Message of the Governor-General in the Ses- 
sion in which such Vote, Resolution, Address, or Bill is proposed. V 

56. Where a Bill passed by the Houses of the Parliament is presetted to 
the Governor -General for the Queen's Assent, he shall declare, according to his 
discretion, but subject to the Provisions of this Act and to Her Majesty's In- 
structions, either that he assents thereto in the Queen's Name, of that he with- 
holds the Queen's Assent, or that he reserves the Bill for the Slgniftcation of 
the Queen's Pleasure. 

56. Where the Governor-General assents to a Bill in the Queen's Name, he 
shall by the first convenient OpportunKy send an Authentic Copy of the Act 
to One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and if the Queen In 
Council within Two Years after receipt thereof by the Secretary of State thinks 
fit to disallow the Act, such Disallowance (with a Certificate of the Secretary 
of State of the Day on which the Act was received by him) being signified by the 
Governor-General, by speech or Message to each of the Houses of the Parlia- 
ment or by Proclamation, shall annul the Act from and after the Day of such 

57. A Bill reserved for the Signification of the Queen's Pleasure shall not 
have any Force unless and until within Two Years from the day on which it 
was presented to the Governor-General for the Queen's Assent, the Governor- 
General signifies, by Speech or Message to each of the Houses of the Parliament 
or by Proclamation, that it has received the assent of the Queen in Council. 

An Entry of every such Speech, Message, or Proclamation shall be made in 
the Journal of each House, and a Duplicate thereof duly attested shall be de- 
livered to the proper officer to be kept among the Records of Canada. 


58. For each Province there shall be an Officer, styled the Lieutenant- 
Governor, app(^inted by the Governor-General in Council by Instrument under 
the Great Seal of Canada. 

59. A Lieutenant-Governor shall hold Office during the pleasure of the 
Governor-General ; but any Lieutenant-Governor appointed after the Commence- „ 
ment of the First Session of the Parliament of Canada shall not be removeable 
within Five Years, from his Appointment, except for cause assigned which 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 275 

^ shall be communicatod to him in Writing within One Month after the Order for 
his Removal is made, and shall be Communicated by Message to the Senate 
and to the House of Commons within One Week thereafter if the Parliament 
is then sitting, and if not then within One Week after the Commencement of 
the next Session of the Parliament. 

60. The Salaries of the Lieutenant-Governors shall be fixed and provided by 
the Parliament of Canada. 

61. Every Lieutenant-Governor shall, before assuming the duties of his 
office, make and subscribe before the Governor-General or some Person autho- 
rized by him. Oaths of Allegiance and Office similar to those taken by the 

62. The Provisions of this Act referring to the Lieutenant-Governor ex- 
tend and apply to the Lieutenant-Governor for the Time being of each Province 
or other the Chief Executive Officer or Administrator for the Time being carry- 
ing on the Government of the Province, by whatsoever Title he Is designated. 

63. The Executive Council of Ontario and Quebec shall be composed of such 
Persons as the Lieutenant-Governor from Time to Time thinks fit, and in the 
first instance of the following Officers, namely: the Attorney-General, the Sec- 
retary and Registrar of the Province, the Treasurer of the Province, the Com- 
missioner of Crown Lands, and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Public 
Works, with, in Quebec, the Speaker of the Legislative Council and the Soli- 

64. The Constitution of the Executive Authority in each of the Provinces 
of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shall, subject to the Provisions of this Act, 
continue as it exists at the Union until altered under the Authority of this 

65. All Powers, Authorities, and Functions which under any Act of the 
Parliament of Great Britain, or of the United Parliament of Great Britain and 
Ireland, or of the Legislature of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, or Canada, 
were or are before or at the Union vested in or exercisable by the respective 
Governors or Lieutenant-Governors of those Provinces, with the Advice, or with 
the Advice and Consent, of the respective Executive Councils thereof, or m 
conjunction with those Councils or with any Number of Members thereof, or 
by those Governors or Lieutenant-Governors individually shall, as far as the 
same are capable of being exercised after the Union in relation to the Govern- 
ment of Ontario and Quebec respectively, be vested in and shall or may be exer- 
cised by the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario and Quebec respectively with the 
Advice or with the Advice and Consent of or in conjunction with the respective 
Executive Councils or any Members thereof, or by the Lieutenant-Governor in- 
dividually, as the Case requires, subject nevertheless (except with respect to 
Buch as exist under Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain or of the Parlia- 
ment of the United Kingdom Great Britain and Ireland), to be abolished 'or, 
altered by the respective Legislatures of Ontario and Quebec. 

66. The Provisions of this Act referring to the Lieutenant-Governor In 
Council shall be construed as referring to the Lieutenant-Governor of the Pro- 
vince acting by and with the Advice of the Executive Council thereof. 

67. The Governor-General in Coimcil may from Time to Time appoint an 
Administrator to Execute the Office and Functions of •Lieutenant-overnor dur- 
ing his Absence) Illness, or other Inability. 

68. Unless and until the Executive Government of any Province otherwesi 
directs with respect to that Province, the Seats of Government of the Provinces 
shall be as follows :— of Ontario, the City of Toronto ; of Quebec, the City of 
Quebec ; of Nova Scotia, the City of Halifax ; and of New Brunswick, the City 
of Fredericton. 

276 tHR B. ]Sr. A. ACT, 1867 


69. There shall be a Legislature for Ontario, consisting of Lieutenant-Go- 
vernor and of One House, styled the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. 


70. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario shall be composed of Eighty-two 
Members, to be elected to represent the Eighty-two Electoral Districts set forth, 
in the First Schedule to this Act. 

2.— QUEBEC. 

71. There shall be a Legislature for Quebec consisting of the Lieutenant- 
Governor and Two Houses, styled the Legislative Council of Quebec and the 
Legislative Assembly of Quebec. 

72. The Legislative Council of Quebec shall be composed of Twenty-four 
Members, to be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in the Queen's Name by 
Instrument under the Great Seal of Quebec, one being appointed to represent 
each of the Twenty-four Electoral Divisions of Lower Canada in this Act refer- 
red to, and each holding Office for the Term of his Life, unless the Legislature 
of Quebec otherwise provides under the Provisions of this Act. 

73. The Qualifications of the Legislative Councillors of Quebec shall be the 
same as those of the Senators for Quebec. 

74. The Place of a Legislative Councillor of Quebec shall become vacant In 
the Cases, mutatis mutandis, in which the Place of Senator becomes vacant. 

75. When a vacancy happens in the Legislative Council of Quebec by Resig- 
nation, Death, or otherwise, the Lieutenant-Governor, in the Queen's Name, 
by Instrument under the Great Seal of Quebec, shall appoint a fit and qualified 
Person to fill t^e Vacancy. 

76. If any Question arises respecting the Qualification of a Legislative 
Councillor of Quebec, or a vacancy in the Legislative Council of Quebec, the 
same shall be heard and determined by the Legislative Council. 

77. The Lieutenant- (Jovemor may, from Time to Time, by Instrument 
under the Great Seal of Quebec, appoint a Member of the Legislative Council 
of Quebec to be Speaker thereof, and. may remove him and appoint another in 
his stead. 

78. Until the Legislature of Quebec otherwise provides, the Presence of at 
least Ten Members of the Legislative Council, including the Speaker, shall be 
necessary to contitute a Meeting for the Exercise of its Powers. 

79. Questions arising in the Legislative Council of Quebec shall be decided 
by a Majority of Voices, and the Speaker shall in all cases have a Voje, and 
when the Voices are equal the Decision shall be deemed to be in the negative. 

80. The Legislative Assembly of Quebec shall be composed of Sixty-five 
Members, to be elected to represent the Sixty-five Electoral Divisions or Dis- 
tricts of Lower Canada in this Act referred to, subject to Alteration thereof by 
the Legislature of Quebec : Provided that it shall not be lawful to present to 
the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec for Assent any Bill for altering the Limits 
of any of the Electoral • Divisions or Districts mentioned in the Second Sche- 
dule to this Act, unless the Second and Third Readings of such Bill have been 
passed in the Legislative Assembly with the Concurrence of the Majority of 
the Members representing all those Electoral Divisions or Districts, and the 
Assent shall not be given to such Bill unless an Address has been presented 
by the Legislative Assembly to the Lieutenant-Governor stating that it has been 

■o passed. 

^HK B. N. A. ACT, 1867 277 


81. The Legislatures of Ontario and Quebec respectively shall be called to- 
gether not later than Six Months after the Union. 

82. The Lieutenant-Governors of Ontario and of Quebec shall, from Time 
to Time, in the Queen's Name, by Instrument under the Great Seal of the 
Province, summon and call together the Legislative Assembly of the Province. 

83. Until the Legislature of Ontario or of Quebec otherwise provides, a Per- 
son accepting or holding in Ontario or in Quebec, any OfBce, Commission or 
Employment, permanent or temporary, at the nomination of the Lieutenant- 
Governor, to which an annual Salajy, or any Fee, Allowance, Emolument or 
profit of any kind or Amount whatever from the Province is attached,, shall 
not be eligible as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of the respective Pro- 
vince, nor shall he sit or vote as such ; but nothing in this Section shall make 
ineligible any Person being a Member of the Executive Council of the respec- 
tive Province, or holding any of the followihg offices, that is to say : The offices 
of Attorney-General, Secretary and Registrar of the Province, Treasurer of the 
Province, Commissioner of Crown Lands, and Commissioner of Agriculture and 
Public Works, and in Quebec Solicitor-General, or shall disqualify him to sit 
or vote in the House for which he is elected, provided he is elected while hold« 
ing such office. 

84. Until the Legislatures of Ontario and Quebec respectively otherwise pro- 
Tide, all Laws which at the Union are in force in those Provinces respectively, 
relative to he following matters or any of them, namely :~the Qualifications 
and Disqualifications of Persons to be elected to sit or vote as Members 
of the Assembly of Canada, the Qualifications or Disqualifications of 
Voters, the Oaths to be taken by Voters, the Returning Officers, their 
Powers and Duties, the Proceedings at Elections, the Periods during 
which such Elections may be continued, and the Trial of Contro- 
verted Elections and the Proceedings incident thereto, the vacating of the Seats 
of Members, and the issuing and execution of new Writs in case of Seats va- 
cated otherwise than by Dissolution, shall respectively apply to Elections of 
Members to serve in the respective Legislative Assemblies of Ontario and Que- 

Provided that until the Legislature of Ontario otherwise provides, at any 
Election for a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario for the District 
of Algoma, in addition to persons qualified by the Law of the Province of Can- 
ada to vote, every male British Subject aged Twenty-one Years or upwards, be- 
ing a Householder, shall have a Vote. 

85. Every Legislative Assembly of Ontario and every Legislative Assembly 
of Quebec shall continue for Pour Years from the Day of the Return of the 
Writs for choosing the same (subject, nevertheless, to either the Legislative As- 
sembly of Ontario or the Legislative Assembly of Quebec being sooner dissolved 
by the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province), and no longer. 

86. There shall be a Session of the Legislature of Ontario and of that of 
•Quebec onc^ at least in every Year, so that Twelve Months shall not intervene 
between the last Sitting of the Legislature in each Province in one Session and 
its first Sitting in the next Session. 

87. The following Provisions of this Act respecting the House of Commons 
of Canada, shall extend and apply to the Legislative Assemblies of Ontario and 
<luebec, that is to say, the Provisions relating to the Election of a Speaker 
originally and on Vacancies, the Duties of the Speaker, the Absence of the 
Speaker, the Quorum, and the Mode of Voting, as If those Provisions were 
tiere re-enacted and made applicable in terms to each such Legislative As- 

278 THE. B, N. A. ACT, 1867 


88. The Constitution of the Legislature of each of the Provinces of Nova 
Scotia and New Brunswick shall, subject to the Provisions of this Act, continue 
as It exists at the Union until altered under the Authority of this Act ; and the 
House of Assembly of New Brunswick existing at the passing of this Act shalU 
unless sooner dissolved, continue for the Period for which it was elected. 


89. Each of the Lieutenant-Governors of Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia^ 
shall cause Writs to be issued for the first Election of Members of the Legisla- 
tive Assembly thereof in such Form and by such Person as he thinks fit, and 
at such Time and addressed to such Returning Officer as the Governor-General 
directs, and so that the first Election of Member of Assembly for any Electoral 
District or any Subdivision thereof shall be held at the same Time and at the 
same Places as the Election for a Member to serve in the House of Conomon* 
of Canada for that Electoral District. 


90. The following Provisions of this Act respecting the Parliament of Can- 
ada, namely,— the Provisions relating to Appropriation and Tax Bills, the Re- 

• commendation of Money Votes, the Assent to Bills, the Dissallowance of Acts 
and the Signification of Pleasure on Bills reserved,— shall extend and apply to 
tiie Legislatures of the several Provinces as if those Provisions were here re- 
enacted and made applicable in Terms to the respective Provinces and the Leg- 
islatures thereof, with the Substitution of the Lieutenant-Governor of the Pro- 
vince for the Governor- General, of the Governor-General for the Queen, and for 
a Secretary of State, of One Year for Two Years, and of the Province of Canada. 

Powers of Parliament. 

91. It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice and Consent 
of the Senate and House of Commons, to make Laws for the Peace, Order and 
Good Government of Canada, in relation to all Matters not coming within the 
Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the 
Provinces ; and for greater certainty, but not so as to restrict the Generality of 
the foregoing Terms of this Section, it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding 
anything in this Act) the exclusive Legislative Authority of the Parliament of 
Canaila extends to all Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next here- 
inafter enumerated, that is to say : 

1. The Public Debt and Property. 

2. The Regulation of Tfrade and Commerce. 

3. The Raising of Money by any Mode or System of Taxation. 

4. The Borrowing of Money on the Public Credit. 

5. Postal Service. 

6. The Census and Statistics. 

7. Militia, Military and Naval Service and Defence. 

8. The fixing of and providing for the Salaries and Allowances of Civil 

and other Officers of the Government of Canada. 

9. Beacons, Buoys. Lighthouses and Sable Island. 

10. Navigation and Shipping. 

11. Quarantine and the Ehstablishment and Maintenance of Marine Hospitals* 

12. Sea Coast and Inland Fisheries. 

THK B. N. A. ACT, 1867 279 

13. Ferries between a Province and any British or Foreign Country, or be- 

tween two Provinces. 

14. Currency and Coinage. 

15. Banking, Incorporation of Banks and the Issue of Paper Money. 

16. Savings Banks. 

17. Weights and Measures. 

18. Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes. 

19. Interest. 

20. Legal Tender. 

21. Bankruptcy and Insolvency. 

22. Patents of Invention and Discovery. 

23. Copyrights. 

24. Indians and Lands reserved for the Indians. 
- 25. Naturalization and Aliehs. 

26. Marriage and Divorce. 

27. The Criminal Law, except the Constitution of the Cojirts of Criminal 

Jurisdiction, but including the Procedure in Criminal Matters. 

28. The Establishment, Maintenance, and Management of Penitentiaries. 

29. Such Classes of Subjects as are expressly excepted in the Enumeration 

of the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the 

Legislatures of the Provinces. 
And any Matter coming within any of the Classes of Subjects enumerated in 
this Section shall not be deemed to come within the Class of Matters of a local 
or private Nature comprised in the Enumeration of the Classes of Subjects by 
this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the Provinces. 

Exclusive Powers of Provincial Legislatures. 

92. In each Province the ^Legislature may exclusively make Laws in rela- 
tion to matters coming within the classes of subjects next hereinafter enumer- 
ated ; that is to say : 

1. The Amendment from time to time, notwithstanding anything in this 

Act, of the Constitution of the Province, except as regards the Office 
of Lieutenant-Governor. 

2. Direct Taxation within the Province in order to the raising of a Rev- 

enue for Provincial Purposes. 

3. The borrowing of Money on the sole Credit of the Province. 

4. The Establishment and Tenure of Provincial Office, and the Appoint- 

ment and Payment of Provincial Officers. 
6. The Management and Sale of the Public Lands belonging to the Pro- 
vince, and of the Timber and Wood thereon. 

6. The Establishment, Maintenance, and Management of Public and Re- 

fortnatory Prisons in and for the Province. 

7. The Establishment, Maintenance, and Management of Hospitals, Asyl- 

ums, Charities, and Eleemosynary Institutions in and for the Pro- 
vince, other than Marine Hospitals. 

8. Municipal Instituitons in the Province. 

9. Shop, Saloon, Tavern, and Auctioneer, and other Licenses, in order to 

the raising of a Revenue for Provincial, Local or Municipal Purposes. 
10. Local Works and Undertakings, other thah such as are of the follow- 
ing Classes :— 
a. Lines of Steam or other Ships, Railways, Canals, Telegraphs, and 
' other Works an^ Undertakings connecting the Province with any 

other or others of the Provinces, or extending beyond the Limits of > 
the Province : 

280 THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 

b. Lines of Steamships between the Province and any British or Foreign 

Country : 

c. Such Works as, although wholly situate within the Province, are be- 

fore or after their Execution declared by the Parliament of Canada to 
be for the general advantage of Canada or for the advantage of two 
or more of the Provinces. ' 

11. The Incorporation of the Companies with Provincial Objects. 

12. Solemnization of Marriage in the Province. 

13. Property and Civil Rights In the Province. 

14. The Administration of Justice in the Province, including the Constitu- 

tion, Maintenance, and Organization of Provincial Courts, both of 
Civil and of Criminal Jurisdiction, and including Procedure in Civil 
Matters in those Courts. 

15. The Imposition of Punishment by Pine, Penalty, or Imprisonment for 

enforcing any Law of the Province made In relation to any matter 
coming within any of the Classes of subjects enumerated In this 
16. Generally all matters of a merely local or private nature In the Pro- 


93. In and for each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws 
In relation to Education, subject and according to the following Provisions :— 

k Nothing in any such Law shall prejudicially affect any Right or Privil- 
ege with respect to Denominational Schools which any Class of Persons 
have by Law In the Province at the Union ; 

2. All the Powers, Privileges, and Duties at the Union by Law conferred 
and imposed In Upper Canada on the Separate Schools and School Trus- 
tees of the Queen's Roman Catholic Subjects, shall be and the same are 
hereby extended to the Dissentient Schools of the Queen's Protestant and 
Roman Catholic Subjects in Quebec ; 

8. Where In any Province a system of Separate or Dissentient Schools ex- 
ists by Law at the Union or is thereafter established by the Legislature 
of the Province, an appeal shall lie to the Qovemor-6eneral-ln-Councll 
from any Act or Decision of any Provincial Authority aftecting any 
Right or Privilege of the Protestant or Roman Catholic Minority of the 
Queen's Subjects in relation to Education ; 

4. In case any such Provincial Law as from Time to Time seems to the 
Govemor-General-ln-Councll requisite for the due Execution of the 
Provisions of this Section is not made, or in case any Decision of the 
Govemor-General-in-Councll on any Appeal under this Section is not 
duly executed by the proper Provincial Authority in that behalf, then 
and in every such case, and as far only as the circumstances of each 
\ case require, the Parliament of Canada may make remedial Laws for the 

due Execution of the Provisions of this Section, and of any Decision of 
the Governor-General-ln-Council under this Section. 

Uniformity of Laws in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

94. Notwithstanding anjrthlng in this Act, the Parliament of Canada may 
make Provision for the Uniformity of *11 or any of the Laws relative to Pro- 
perty and Civil Rights in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and of the 
Procedure of all or any of the Courts in those three Provinces, and from and 
after the passing of any Act in that behalf, the Power of the Parliament of 
Canada to make Laws in relation to any matter comprised in any such Act 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 28l 

shall» notwithstanding anything in this Act, be unrestricted ; but any Act of 
the Parliament of Canada making Provision for such uniformity shall not have 
effect in any Province unless and until It is adopted and enacted as Law b" 
the Legislature thereof. 

Agriculture and Immigration. 

95. In each Province the Legislature may make Laws in relation to Agri- 
culture in the Province, and to Immigration Into the Province ; and it is here- 
by declared that the Parliament of Canada may from Time to Time make Laws 
In relation to Agriculture in all or any of the Provinces, and to Immigration 
into all or any of the Provinces ; and any Law of the Legislature of a Province 
relative to Agriculture and Immigration, shall have effect in and for the Pro- 
vince, as long and as far only as it is not repugnant to any Act of the Parlia- 
ment of Canada. 


96. The Governor-General shall appoint the Judges of the Superior, District 
and County Courts in each Province, except those of the Courts of Probate in 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

97. Until the laws relative to Property and Civil Rights in Ontario, Nova 
Scotia and New Brunswick, and the Procedure of the Courts in those Provinces, 
are made uniform, the Judges of the Courts of those Provinces appointed by the 
Governor-General shall be selected from the respective Bars of those Provinces. 

98. The Judges of the Courts of Quebec shall be selected from the Bar of 
that Province. 

99. The Judges of the Superior Courts shall hold office during good be- 
haviour, but shall be removable by the Governor- General on Address of the 
Senate and House of Commons. 

100. The Salaries, Allowances and Pensions of the Judges of the Superior, 
District and Coimty Courts (except the Courts of Probate in Nova Scotia and 
New Brunswick), and of the Admiralty Courts in cases where the Judges there- 
of are for the time being paid by salary, ^hall be fixed and provided by the 
Parliament of Canada. 

101. The Parliament of Canada may, notwithstanding anything in this Act, 
from Time to Time, provide for the Constitution, Maintenance and Organiza- 
tion of a General Court of Appeal for Canada, and for the establishment of any 
additional Courts for the better Administration of the Laws of Canada. 


102. All Duties and Revenues over which the respective Legislatures of 
Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick before and at the Union had and 
have power of Appropriation, except such portions thereof as are by this Act 
reserved to the respective Legislatures of the Provinces, or are raised by them 
In accordance with the special Powers conferred on them by this Act, shall 
form one Consolidated Revenue Fund, to be appropriated for the Public Service 
of Canada in the manner and subject to the charges in this Act provided. 

103. The Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada shall be permanently 
charged with the Costs, Charges and Expenses incident to the Collection, Man- 
agement, and Receipt thereof, and the same shall form the First Charge there- 
on, subject to be reviewed and audited in such manner as shall be ordered by 
the Govemor-General-ln-Council until the Parliament otherwise provides. 

104. The annual Interest of the Public Debts of the several Provinces of 
Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at the Union shall form the Second 
Charge on the Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada. 

106. Unless altered by the Parliament of Canada, the salary of the; Cover- 

282 THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 

Sor*<3m€9ml shall be Ten Thousand Pounds Sterling Money of the United King- 
dom of Ore<it Britain and Sreland, payable out of the Consolidated Revenue 
Fund of Canada, and the same shall form the ?%b4 Ohacge thereon. 

106. Subject to the several payments by this Act charged on ^e Consoli- 
dated Revenue Fund of Canada, the same shall be appropriated by the Parlia- 
ment of Canada for the Public Service. 

107. All Stocks, Cash, Bankers' Balances and Securities for Money belong- 
ing to each Province at the Time of the Union, except as in this Act men- 
tioned, shall be the Property of Canada, and shall be taken in Reduction of the 
amount of the resi>ective Debts of the Provinces at the Union. 

108. The Public Works and Property of each Province enumerated in the 
Third Schedule to this Act shall be the Property of Canada. 

109. All Lands, Mines, Minerals, and Royalties belonging to the several 
Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at the Union, and all 
sums then due or payable for such Lands, Mines, Minerals, or Royalties, shall 
belong to the several Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia aaid New 
Brunswick in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any Trusts exist- 
ing in respect thereof, and to any Interest other than that of the Province in 
the same. 

110. .All Assets connected with such portions of the Public Debt of each 
Province as are assumed by that Province shall belong to that Province. 

111. Canada shall be liable for the Debts and LiabiliUes of each Province 
existing at the Union. 

112. Ontario and Quebec conjointly shall be liable to Canada for the amount 
(if any) by which the Debt of the Province of Canada exceeds at the Union 
Sixty-two Million Five Plundred Thousand Dollars, and shall be charged with 
Interest at the Rate of Five per Centum per Annum thereon. 

113. The Assets enumerated in the Fourth Schedule to this Act, belonging 
at the Union to the Province of Canada, shall be the Property of Ontario and 
Quebec conjointly. 

114. Nova Scotia shall be liable to Canada for the Amount (if any) by 
which its Public Debt exceeds at the Union Eight Million Dollars, and shall be 
charged with the Interest at the rate of Five per Centum per Annum thereon. 

115. New Brunswick shall be liable to Canada for the Amount (if any) by 
which its Public Debt exceeds at the Union Seven Million Dollars, and shall be 
charged with Interest at the rate of Five per Centum per Annum thereon. 

116. In case the Public Debts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick do not at 
the Union amount to Eight Million and Seven Million Dollars respectively, they 
shall respectively receive, by half-yearly Payments in advance from the (Gov- 
ernment of Canada, Interest at Five per Centum per Annum on the DifCerence 
between the actual amounts of their respective Debts and such stipulated 

117. The several Provinces shall retain all their respective Public Property 
not otherwise disposed of In this Act, subject to the Right of Canada to assume 
any Lands or Public Property required for Fortifications or for the Defence of 
the Country. 

118. The following sums shall be paid yearly by Canada to the several 
Provinces for the support of their Governments and Legislatures : 


Ontario Eighty thousand. , 

Quebec Seventy thousand. 

Nova Scotia Sixty thousand. 

New Brunswick Fifty thousand. 

Two hundred and sixty thousand ; 

THE B. N. A. .ACT, 1867 283 

and an annual Grant in aid of each Province shall be made, equal to Eighty 
Cents per Head of the Population, as ascertained by the Census, of One Thous- 
and Eight Hundred and Sixty-one, and in the case of Nova Scotia and New 
Brunswick, by each subsequent Decennial Census until the Population of each 
of those two Provinces amounts to Four Hundred Thousand Souls, at which 
Rate such Qrant shall thereafter remain. Such grants shall be in full Settle- 
ment of all future Demands on Canada, and shall be paid half-yearly in advance 
to each Province ; but the Government of Canada shall deduct from such 
Grants, as against any Province, all sums chargeable as Interest on the Public 
Debt of that Province in excess of the several amounts stipulated in this Act. 

119. New Brunswick shall receive by half-yearly Payments in advance from 
Canada, for a Period of Ten Years from the Union, an additional Allowance of 
Sixty-three Thousand Dollars per Annum ; but as long as the Public Debt of 
that Province remains under Seven Millions Dollars, a deduction equal to the 
Interest at Five per Centum per Annum on such Deficiency shall be made from 
that Allowance of Sixty-three Thousand Dollars. 

120. All Payments to be made tmder this Act, or in discharge of Liabilities 
created under any Act of the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotif and New 
Brunswick, respectively, and assumed by Canada shall, until the Parliament of 
Canada \Othrewise directs, be made in such Form and Manner as may from Time 
to Time be ordered by the Govemor-General-in-Council. 

121. All Articles of the Growth, Produce or Manufacture of any on© of the 
Provinces shall, from and after the Union, be admitted free into each of the 
other Provinces. 

122. The Customs and Excise Laws of each Province shall, subject to the 
Provisions of this Act, continue in force until altered by the Parliament of 

128. Where Customs Duties are at she Union leviable on any Goods, Waret 
123.* Where Custom Duties are at the Union leviable on any Goods, Wares 
or Merchandises in any Two Provinces, those Goods, Wares and Merchandises 
may, from and after the Union, be imported from one of those Provinces into 
th other of them on Proof of Payment of the Customs Duty leviable thereon fn 
the Province of Exportation, and on payment of such further amount (if any) 
of Customs Duty as is leviable thereon in the Province of Importation. 

124. Nothing in this Act shall afCect the Right of New Brunswick to levy 
the Lumber Dues provided in Chapter Fifteen of Title Three of the Revised 
Statutes of New Brunswick, or in any Act amending that Act before or after 
the Union, and not Increasing the amount of such Dues ; but the Lumber of 
any of the Provinces other than New Bruijiswick shall not be subject to such 

125. No Lands or Property belonging to Canada or any Province shall be 
liable to Taxation. 

126. Such Portions of the Duties and Revenues over which the respective 
Legislatures of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had before the Union 
Power of Appropriation as are by this Act reserved to the respective Govern- 
ments or Legislatures of the Provinces, and all Duties and Revenues raised by 
them in accordance with the Special Powers conferred upon them by this Act, 
shall in each Province form One Consolidated Revenue Fund to be appropriated 
for the Public Service of the Province. 


127. If any Person, being, at the passing of this Act, a Member of the Leg- 
islative Council of Canada, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, to whom a Place 5 

284 TlIE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 

tUe Senate is offered, does not within Thirty Days thereafter/by Writing under 
his Hand, addressed to the Governor-General of the Province of Canada or to 
the Lieutfenant-Govemor of Nova Scotia or New Brunswick (as the case may 
be), accept the same, he shall be deemed to have declined the same ; and any 
Person who, being, at ^he passing of this Act, a Member of the Legislative 
Council of Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, accepts a Place in the Senate, shall 
thereby vacate his seat in such Legislative Council. 

128. Every Member of the Senate or House of Commons of Canada shall, 
before taking his seat therein, take and subscribe before the Governor-General 
or some Person authorized by him, and every Member of a Legislative Council 
or Legislative Assembly of feny Province shall, before taking his seat therein, 
take and subscribe before the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province, or some 
Person authorized by him, the Oath of Allegiance contained in the Fifth 
Schedule of this Act ; and every Member of the Senate of Canada and every 
Member of the Legislative Council of Quebec shall also, before taking his seat 
therein, take and subscribe before the Governor-General, or some Person auth- 
ized by him, the Declaration of Qualification contained in the same Schedule. 

129. Except as otherwise provided by this Act, all Laws in force in Canada, 
Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick at the Union, and all Courts of Civil and Crim- 
inal Jurisdiction, and all Legal Commissions, Potirers and Authorities, and all 
Officers, Judicial, Administrative and Ministerial, existing therein at the Union, 
shall continue, in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, respec- 
tively, as if the Union had not been made ; subject nevertheless (except with 
respect to such as are enacted by or exist under Acts of the Parliament of 
Great Britain or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland), to b6 repealed, abolished or altered by the Parliament of Canada or 
by the Legislature of the respective Province, according to the Authority of the 
Parliament or of that Legislature under this Act. 

130. Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, all Officers' of the 
several Provinces having duties to discharge in relation to matters other than 
those coming within the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively 
to the Legislatures of the Provinces, shall be Officers of Canada, and shall con- 
tinue to discharge the duties of their respective Offices under the same Liabili- 
ties, Responsibilities a&d Penaltis, as if the Union had not been made. 

131. Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, the Qovernor- 
General-in-Council may from Time to Time appoint such Officers as the Gov- 
ernor-General-in-Council deems necessary or proper for the effectual Execution 
of this Act. 

132. The Parliament and Government of Canada shall have all Powers 
necessary or proper for performing the Obligations of Canada or of any Pro- 
vince thereof, as Part of the British Empire, towards Foreign Countries, aris- 
ing under Treaties between the Empire and such Foreign Countries. 

133. Either the English or the French Language may be used by any Per- 
son in the Debates of the Houses of the Parliament of Canada and of the 
Houses of the Legislature of Quebec ; and both those languages shall be used 
in the respective Records and Journals of those Houses ; and either of those 
Languages may be used by any Person ' or in any Pleading or Process in or 
issuing from any Court of Canada established under this Act, and in or from 
all or any of the Courts of Quebec. 

The Acts of the Parliament of Canada and of the Legislature of Quebec 
shall be printed and published in both those Languages. 

Ontario and Quebec. 
184. Until the Legislature of Ontario or of Quebec otherwise provides, the 
Lieutenant-Governors of Ontario and Quebec may each appoint under the Oroat 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 285 

Seal of the Province, the following Officers, to hold office during pleasure, that 
is to say,— the Attorney-General, the Secretary and Registrar of the Province, 
the Treasurer of the Province, the Commissioner of Crown Lands and the Com- 
missioner of Agriculture and Public Works, a^d, in the case of Quebec, the 
Solicitor-General, and may, by Order of the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council, 
from Time to Time prescribe the Duties of those Officers and of the several 
Departments over which they shall preside or to which they shall belong, and 
of the Officers and Clerks thereof, and may also appoint other and additional 
Officers to hold Office during Pleasure, and may from Time to Time prescribe 
the Duties of those Officers, and of the several Departments over which they 
shall preside or to which they shall belong, and of the Officers and Clerks 

135. Until the Legislature of Ontario or Quebec otherwise provides, all 
Rights* Powers, Duties, Functions, Responsibilities or Authorities at the pass- 
ing of this Act vested in or imposed on the Attorney-General, Solicitor-General, 
Secretary and Registrar of the Province of Canada, Minister of Finance, 
Commissioner of Crown Lands, Commissioner of Public Works, and Minister of 
Agriculture and Receiver-General, by any Law, Statute or Ordinance of Upper 
Canada, Lower Canada, and not repugnant to this Act, shall be vested in or 
imposed on any Officer to be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor for the Dis- 
charge of the same or any of them ; and the Commissioner of Agriculture and 
Public Works shall perform the Duties and Functions of the Office of Minister 
of Agriculture at the passing of this Act imposed by the Law of the Province 
of Canada as well as those of the Commissioner of Public Works. 

136. Until altered by the Lieutenant-Govemor-in-.Council, the Great Seals 
of Ontario and Quebec respectively shall be the same, or of the same Design, 
as those used in the Provinces of Upper Canada and Lower Canada respective- 
ly before their Union as the Province of Canada. 

1S7. The words " and from thence to the End of the then next ensuing Ses- 
" sion of the Legislature," or words to the same effect, used in any temporary 
Act of the Province of Canada not expired before the Union, shall be con- 
strued to extend and apply to the next Session of the Parliament of Canada, if 
the subject matter of the Act is within the powers of the same as defined by 
this Act, or to the next Sessions of the Legislatures of Ontario and Quebec, re- 
spectively, if the subject matter of the Act is within the powers of the same as 
defined by this Act. 

138. From and after the Union, the use of the words " Upper Canada " in- 
stead of " Ontario " or " Lower Canada " instead of " Quebec," in any Deed, 
Writ, Process, Pleading, Document, Matter or Thing, shall not invalidate the 

139. Any Proclamation under the Great Seal of the Province of Canada, 
issued before the Union, to take effect at a time which is subsequent to the 
Union, whether relating to that Province or to Upper Canada, or to Lower 
Canada, and the several matters and things therein proclaimed, shall be and 
continue of like force and effect as if the Union had not been made. 

140. Any Proclamation which is authorized by any Act of* the Legislature of 
the Province of Canada to be issued under the Great Seal of the Province of 
Canada, whether relating to that Province or to Upper Canada or to Lower 
Canada, and which is not issued before the Union, may be issued by the Lieu- 
tenant-Governor of Ontario or of Quebec, as its subject matter requires, under 
the Great Seal thereof ; and from and after the issue of such Proclamation the 
same and the several matters and things therein proclaimed shall be and con- 
tinue of like force and effect in Ontario and Quebec as if the Union had not 
been made. 


THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 

141. The Penitentiary of the Province of Canada shall, until the Parliament 
of Canada otherwise provides, be and continue the Penitentiary o£ Ontario and 
of Quebec. 

142. The Division and Adjustment of the Debts, Credits. Liabilities, Pro- 
perties and Assets of Upper Canada and Lower Canada shall be referred to the 
arbitrament of Three Arbitrators, One chosen by the Government of Ontario, 
,One by the Government of Quebec and One by the Government of Canada ; and 
the Selection of the Arbitrators shall not be made until the Parliament of Can- 
ada and the Legislatures of Ontario and Quebec have met ; and the Arbitrator 
chosen by the Government of Canada shall not be a resident either in Ontario 
or Quebec. 

143. The Governor-General-in-Council may from Time to Time order that 
such and so many of the Records, Books and Documents of the Province of 
Canada as h^ thinks fit shall be appropriated and delivered either to Ontario or 
to Quebec, and the same shall thenceforth be the property of that Province ; 
and any copy thereof or extract therefrom, duly certified by the OflBcer having 
charge of the original thereof, shall be admitted as Evidence. 

144. The Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec may from Time to Time, by Pro- 
clamation under the Great Seal of the Province, to take effect from a day to be 
appointed therein, constitute Townships ill those Parts of the Province of Que- 
bec In which Townships are not then already constituted, and fix the Metes 
and Bounds thereof. 


145. Inasmuch as the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 
have joined in a Declaration that the Construction of the Intercolonial Dail- 
way is essential to the Consolidation of the Union of British North America, 
and to the Assent thereto of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and have con- 
sequently agreed that Provision should be made for its Immedialte construction 
by the Government of Canada : Therefore, in order to give effect to that Agree- 
ment, it shall be the Duty of the Government and Parliament of Canada to pro- 
vide for the Commencement, within Six Months after the Union, of a Railway 
connecting the River St. Lawrence with the City of Halifax in Nova Scotia, 
and for the Construction thereof without intermission, and the Completion 
thereof with all practical Speed. 


146. It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice of Her Majes- 
ty's Most Honorable Privy Council, on Addresses from the Houses of the Par- 
liament of Canada, and from the Houses of the respective Legislatures of the 
Colonies or Provinces of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and British Col- 
umbia, to admit those Colonies or Provinces, or any of them, into the Union, 
and on Address from the Houses of the Parliament of Canada to admit Rupert's 
Land and the Northwest Territory, or either of them, Into the Union, on such 
Terms and Conditions In each Case as are in the Addresses expressed and as 
the Queen thinks fit to approve, subject to the Provisions of this Act ; and the 
Provisions of any Order In Council In that behalf shall have effect as If they 
had been enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Ireland. 

147. In case of the Admission of Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, 
or either of them, each shall be entitled to a Representation, In the Senate of 
Canada, of Four Members, and (notwithstanding anything in this Act) in case 
of the Admission of Newfoundland, the Normal number of Senators shall be 
Seventy-six and their maximum Number shall be Eighty-two ; but Prince Bd- 

THE B. N. A. ACT, 1867 


-ward Island, when admitted, sball be deemed to be comprised in the third of 
the Three Divisions into which Canada is, in relation to the Constitution of' the 
Senate, divided by this Act, and accordingly, after the Admission of Prince 
Sdward Island, whether Newfoundland is admitted or not, the Representation 
of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the Senate shall, as Vacancies occur, be 
reduced from Twelve to Ten members respectively, and the Representation of 
each of those Provtboes shall not be Increased at any Ttme beyond Ten, excei^t 
under the Provisions of this Act, for the Appointment of Three or Six addi- 
tional Senators under the Direction of the Queen. 


An Act Respecting the EBtablishment of Provinces in tbe Dominion of Canada. 

June 29tli, 1871. 

WHEREAS doubts have been entertfilned respecting the powers of the Parli- 
ment of Canada to establish Provinces in Territories admitted, or which may 
hereafter be admitted into the Dominion of Canada, and to provide for the re- 
presentation of such Provinces in the said Parliament, and it is expedient to 
remove such doubts, and to vest such powers in the said Parliament : 

Be it enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the ad- 
vice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this 
present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows :— 

1. This Act may be cited for all purposes as " The British North America 
Act, 1871.'* 

2. The Parliament of Canada may from time to time establish new Pro- 
vinces in any territories forming for the time being part of the Dominion of 
Canada, but not included in any Province thereof, and may, at the time of 
such establishment, make provision for the constitution and administration of 
any such Province, and for the passing of laws for the peace, order, and good 
government of such Province, and for its representation in the said Parliament. 

3. The Parliament of Canada may from time to time, with the consent of 
the Legislature of any Province of the said Dominion, increase, diminish or 
otherwise alter the limits of such Province, upon such terms and conditions 
as may be agreed to by the said Legislature, and may, with the like consent, 
make provision respecting the effect and operation of any such iiicrease or 
diminution or alteration of territory in relation to any Province affected thereby. 

4. The Parliament of Canada may from time to tlmel make provision for 
the administration, peace, order and good government of any territory not for 
the time being included in any Province. 

5. The following Acts passed by the said Parliament of Canada, and In- 
tituled respectively : "An Act for the temporary government of Rupert's Land 
•' and the North-Westem Territory when united with Canada," and "An Act to 
" amend and continue the Act thirty-two and thirty-three Victoria, chapter 
" three, and to establish and provide for the government of the Province of 
" Manitoba," shall be and be deemed to have been valid and effectual for all 
purposes whatsoever from the date at which they respectively received the as- 
sent, in the Queen's name, of the Governor-General of the said Domlnioto of 

6. Except as provided hj the third section of this Act, it shall not be com- 
petent for the Parliament of Canada to alter the provisions of the last men- 
tioned Act of the said Parliament, in so far as It relates to the Province of 
Manitoba, or of any other Act hereafter establishing new Provinces in the said 
Dominion, subject always to the right of the Legislature of the Province of 
Manitoba to alter from time to time the provisions of any law respecting the 
qualification of electors and members of the Legisative Assembly, and to make 
laws respecting elections in the said Province. 


An Act to Remove Certain Doubts with Respect to the Powers of the Parlia- 
ment of Canada under Section Eighteen of the British North America 
Act, 1867, 19th July, 1875. 

WHEREAS by Section Eighteen of the British North America Act, 1867, 
it is provided as follows : 

" The privileges, immunities and powers to be held, enjoyed and exercised 
" by the Senate and by the House of Commons, and by the members thereof 
" respectively, shall b€^ such as are from time to time defined by Act of the 
" Parliament of Canada, but so that the same shall never exceed those at the 
•* passing of this Act, held, enjoyed and exercised by the Commons House of 
" Parliament of the United, Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and by the 
" members thereof." 

. And whereas doubts have arisen with regard to the power of defining by an 
Act of the Parliament of Canada, in pursuance of the said section, the said* 
privileges, powers, or immunities ; and it is expedient to remove such doubts : 

Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with 
the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in 
this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as fol- 
lows :— 

1. Section Eighteen of the British North America Act, 1867, is hereby re- 
pealed without prejudice to anything done under that section, and the follow- 
ing section shall be substituted for the section so repealed : 

The privileges, immunities and powers to be held, enjoyed and exercised by 
the Senate and by the House of Commons, and by the Members thereof re- 
spectively, shall be such as are from time to time defined by Act of the Par- 
liament of Canada, but so that any Act of the Parliament of Canada defining 
such privilege^ immunities and powers shall not confer any privileges, immuni- 
ties or powers exceeding those at the passing of such Act, held, enjoyed and 
exercised by the Commons House of Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland and by the Members thereof. 

2. The Act of the Parliament of Canada passed in the thirty-first year of 
the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter twenty-four, intituled "An Act to 
provide for oaths to witnesses being administered in certain cases for the pur- 
poses of either House of Parliament " shall be deemed to be valid, and to have 
been valid as from the date at which the Royal assent was given thereto by the 
Governor- General of the Dominion of Canada. 

3. This Act may be cited as " The Parliament of Canada Act, 1875." 


An Act respecting the Representation in the Parliament of Canada of Territor- 
ies which for the time being form part of the Dominion of Canada, but 
are not included In any ProTince. 25th June, 1886. 
WHEREAS it is expedient to empower the Parliament of Canada ,to pro- 
yido for the representation in the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, or 
cither of them, of any Territory which for the time being forms part of the 
Dominion af Canada, but is not included in any province : 

•Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and With 
the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in 
this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as fol- 
lows :— 

1. The Parliament of Canada may, from time to time, make provisions for 
the representation in the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, or in either 
of them, of any Territories which for the time being form part of the Domin- 
ion of Canada, but are not included in any Province thereof. 

2. Any Act passed by the Parliament of Canada before the passing of this 
Act for the purpose mentioned in this Act shall, if not dissallowed by the 
Queen, be, and shall be deemed to have been, valid and effectual from the date 
at which it received the assent, in Her Majesty's name, of the Governor-Gen- 
eral of Canada. 

It is hereby declared that any Act passed by the Parliament of Canada, 
whether before or after the passing of this Act, for the purpose mentioned In 
this Act or in the British North America Act, 1871, has effect, notwithstanding 
anything in the British North America Act, 1867, and the number of Senators 
or the number of members of the House of Commons specified in the last- 
mentioned Act is increased by the number of Senators or of members, as the 
case may be, provided by any such Act of the Parliament of Canada for the 
representation of any provinces or territories of Canada. 

8. This Act may be cited as the British North America Act, 1886. 

This Act and the British North America Act, 1867, and the British North 
America Act, 1871, shall be construed together, and may be cited together as 
the British North America Acts, 1867 to 1886. 


An Act to amend the Customs Tariff of 1897 was passed Juiie 13, ISUS, and 
provided : — 

1. Section 6 of The Customs Tariff, 1897, is hereby repealed and the fol- 
lowing is substituted therefor :— 

"The importation into Canada of any goods enumerated, described or refer- 
red to in schedule C to this Act is prohibited; and any such goods imported 
shall thereby become forfeited to the Crown and. shall be destroyed or other- 
wipe dealt with as the Minister of Customs directs ; and any person importing 
any such prohibited goods, or causing or permitting them to be imported, shall 
lor each offence incur a penalty not exceeding two hundred dollars." 

2. On and after the first day of August, one thousand eig^t hundred and 
ninety-eight, acction 17 of the said Act shall be repealed and the following shall 
be substituted therefor :— 

"Articles which are the growth, produce or manufacture of any of the fol- 
lowing countries may, when imported direct into Canada from any of suob 
countries, be entered for duty or taken out of warehouse for consumption in 
Canada at the reduced rate of duty provided in the British preferential tariff 
set forth in schedule D to this Act :— 
(a.) The United Kingdom ; 
(b.) The British colony of Bermuda ; 

(c.) The British colonies commonly called the British West Indies, includ- 
ing the following :— 
The Bahamas ; 
Jamaica : 

Turks and Caicos Islands ; 
The I<eeward Islands TAntigua, St. Christopher-Nevis, Dominica^ Mont- 

serrat, and the Virgin Islands); 
The Windward Islands (Grenada, St. Vincent and St. Lucia); 
Barbados : 

Trinidad and Tobago ; 
(d.) British Guiana ; 

(e.) Any other British colony or possession the customs tariff of which is, 
on the whole, as favourable to Canada as the British preferential tariff 
herein referred to is to such colony or possession. 
Note.— Sections 3 and 4 will be found as items 221, 435, and 436 of the tariff. 
Sec. 5 repeals items 445 and 446 of the tariff. 

Provided, however, that manufactured articles to be admitted under such pre- 
ferential tariff shall be bona fide the manufactures of a country or countries en- 
titled to the benefits of such tariff, and that such benefits shall not extend to the 
Importation of articles Into the production of which there has not entered a sub- 
stantial portion of the labour of such countries. Any question arising as to any 
article being entitled to such benefits shall be decided by the Minister of Cus- 
toms, whose decision shall be final. 

"2. Raw sugar, including all sugar described in Hem 436 of schedule A, 
may, when imported direct from any British colony or possession, be entered 
tor duty or taken out of warehouse for consumption in Canada at the reduced 
rate of duty provided in the British preferential tariff. 

**3. The Minister of Customs, with the approval of the Governor in Coun- 
<?il, shall determine what British colonies or possessions shall be entitled to the 
benefits of the preferential tariff under paragraph (e) of subsection 1 of this 

"4. The Minister of Customs may, with the approval of the Governor In 


Council, make sucli regulations as are deemed necessary for carrying out the 
iBtentios of this section." 

6. On and after the said first day of July, the following Item shall be tfi- 
•erted In schedule B (free list) to the said Act Instead of Item 616:— 

"616. Tobacco, unmanufactured, for excise purposes under conditions of the 
Inland Revenue Act." 

7. On and after the first day of August, one thousand eight hundred and 
ninety-eight, schedule D to the said Act shall be repealed and the following sub- 
stituted therefor :— 

"British Preferential Tariff. 

"On articles entitled to the benefits of this preferential tariff under section 
Beventecn, the duties mentioned in schedule A shall be reduced as follows: 
The reduction shall be one-fourth of the duty mentioned in schedule A, and 
the duty to be levied, collected and paid shall be three- fourths of the duty 
mentioned in schedule A. 

Provided, however, that this reduction shall not apply to any of the fol- 
lowing articles and that such articles shall in all cases be subject to the dutie» 
mentioned in schedule A, viz.: wines, malt liquors, spirits, spirituous liquors* 
liquid medicines and articles containing alcohol ; tobacco, cigars and cigarettes. 

Provided, further, that the reduction shall only apply to refined sugar, when 
evidence satisfactory to the Minister of Customs is furnished that such refined 
sugar has been manufactured wholly from raw sugar produced in the British 
colonies or possessions." 

8. Except as herein otherwise provided, this Act shall be held to have come 
into force on the sixth day of April, In the present year, one thousand eight 
hundred and ninety-eight. 


Corrected to August 1, 1898. , "' 5 

(Dutiable List). •; 


1 Ale, beer and porter, when Imported In casks or otherwise than 

In bottle, sixteen cents per gallon 16c. p. gal. 

2 Ale, beer and porter, when Imported in bottles (six quart or 

twelve pint bottles to be held to contain one gallon) twenty- 
four c^nts per gallon 24c. p. gal. 

4 Cider, clarified or refined, five cents per gallon 5c. p. gal, 

4 Cider, clarified or refined, ten cents per galon 10c. p. gal. 

6 Lime juice and fruit Juices, fortified with or containing not 

more than twenty-five per cent, of proof spirits, sixty cents 
per gallon ; and when containing more than twenty-five 

per cent, of proof spirits, two dollars per gallon $2 p. gal. 

€ Lime juice and other fruit syrups and fruit juices, n.o.p., 

twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

7 Spirituous or alcoholic liquors, distilled from any material, or 

containing or compounded from or with distilled spirits of any 
kind, and any mixture thereof with water, for every gallon 
thereof of the strength of proof, and when of a greater 
strength than that of proof, at the same rate on the in- 
creased quantity that there would be if he liquors were re- 
duced to the strength of proof. When the liquors are of a 
less strength than that of proof, the rate shall be at a rate 
herein provided, but computed on a reduced quantity of the » 

liquors in proportion to the lesser degree of strength; provided, 
however, that no reduction in quantity shall be computed or 
made on any liquors below the strength of fifteen per cent, 
under proof, but all such liquors shall be computed as of the 
strength of fifteen per cent, under proof, as follows:— 

(a.) Ethyl alcohol, or the substance commonly known as 
alcohol, hydrated oxide of ethyl or spirits of wine ; gin 
of all kinds, n.e.s.; rum, whisky and all spirituous 
or alcoholic liquors, n.o.p.; amyl alcohol or fusel oil, or 
any substance known as potato spirit or potato oil; 
methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha, pyroxylic 
spirit or any substance known as wood spirit or methy- 
lated spirits, absinthe, arrack or palm spirit, brandy, 
including artificial brandy and imitations of brandy; cor- 
dials and liqueurs of all kinds, n.e.s.; mescal, pulque, 
rum ?hrub, schiedam and other schnapps; tafia, an- 
gostura and similar alcoholic bitters or beverages, two 

dollars and forty cents per gallon $2.40 p. gal. 

<b.) Spirits and strong waters of any kind, mixed with 
any ingredient or ingredients, as being or known or de- 
signated as anodynes, elixirs, essences, extracts, lo- 


tions, tinctures and medicines, or medicinal wines (so cal- 
led), or ethereal and spirituous fruit essences, n.e.s., 
two dollars and forty cents per gallon and thirty per $2.40 p. gal. 

cent, ad valorem & 30 p. c. 

^ (c.) Alcoholic perfumes and perfumed spirits, bay rum, 
cologne and lavender waters, hair, tooth and skin* 
washes, and other toilet preparations, containing 
spirits of any kind, when in bottles or flasks containing 
not more than four ounces each, fifty per cent, ad va- 
lorem 60 p. c. 

When in bottles, flasks or other packages, containing 
more than four ounces each, two dollars and forty cents 

per gallon and forty per cent ad valorem $2.40 p. gal. and 40 p. c. 

(d.) Nitrous ether, sweet spirits of nitre and aromatic 
spirits of ammonia, two dollars and forty cents per gal- |2.40 p. gtti. 

' Ion and thirty per cent, ad valorem & 80 p. c. 

(e.) Vermouth containing not more than thirty-six per 
cent., and ginger wine containing not more than twenty- 
six per cent, of proof spirits, ninety cents per gallon 90c. per gal. 

If containing more than these percentages, respectively 

of proof spirits, two dollars and forty cents per gallon ^.40 p. gal. 

(f .) Medicinal or medicated wines containing not more than 
forty per cent, of proof spirits, one dollar and fifty cents 

per gallon 91.50 p. gal. 

8 Wines of all kinds, except sparkling wines, including orange, 
lemon, strawberry, raspberry, elder and currant wines, con- 
taining twenty-six per cent, or less of spirits of the strength 
of proof, whether imported in wood or in bottles (six quart 
or twelve pint bottles to be held to contain a gallon), twenty- 
five cents per gallon ; and for each degree or fraction of a 
degree of strength in excess of the twenty-six per cent, 
of spirits as aforesaid, an additional duty of three cents 
until the strength reaches forty per cent, of proof spirits; and 

in addition thereto, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

• Champagne and all other sparkling wines in bottles contain- 
ing each not more than a quart but more than a pint, 
three dollars and thirty cents per dozen bottles; containing 
not more than a pint each, but more than one-half pint, 
one dollar and sixty-five cents per dozen bottles; containing 
one-half pint each or less, eighty-two cents per dozen bot- 
tles; bottles containing more than one quart each shall pay, 
in addition to three dollars and thirty cents per dozen bot- 
tles at the rate of one dollar and sixty-five cents per gal- 
lon on the quantity in excess of one quart per bottle, the 
Quarts and pints In each case being old wine measure; 
In addition to the above specific duty there shall be an ad 

valorem duty of thirty per cent 80 p. c. 

10 But any liquors imported under the name of wine, and con- 
taining more than forty per cent, of spirits of the strength 
of proof shall be rated for duty as unenumerated spirits. 


11. Animals, living, n.e.s, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

38 Live hogs, one an one-half cent per pound Ijc per lb* 


IS Meats, n.e.s. (when In barrel, the barrel to be free), two 

cents per pound , 2c. per lb. 

14 Meats, fresh, n.e.s., three cents per pound 3c. per lb. 

15 Canned meats, and canned poultry and game, extracts of 

meats and fluid beef not medicated, and soups, twenty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

H Mutton and Iamb/ fresh, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 85 p. c. 

17 Poultry and game, n.o.p., twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

IS Lard, lard compound and similar substances, cottolene and 

animal stearine of all kinds, n.e.s., two cents per pound.. 2c. per lb. 

19 Tallow and stearic acid, twenty per cent, ad valorem 201 p. c. 

20 Beeswax, ten per cent ad valorem 10 p. c. 

21 Candles, n.e.s., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem .• 25 p. c. 

22 Parafiine wax candles, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p c, 

28 Soap, common or laundry, one cent per pound Ic. per lb. 

24 Castile soap, mottled or white, two cents per pound 2c p. lb. 

25 Soap, n.e.s., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

2<( Pcarline and other soap powders, thirty per cent ad valorem 30 p. c. 

27 Glue, liquid, powdered or sheet, and mucilage, gelatine, 

and isinglass, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

2R Feathers, undressed, twenty percent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

29 Feathers, n.e.s., thirty per cent ad valorem 30 p. c. 

30 Eggs, three cents per dozen 3c. p. doi. 

31 Butter four cents per pound ....4c. p. ib. 

32 Cheese, three cents per pound 3c p. lb. 

38 Condensed milk (weight of the package to be included in the 

weight for duty), three and one-quarter cents per pound 3Jc. 

84 Condensed coffee, with milk, milk foods and all similar prepa- 

rations, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

85 Apples, including the duty on the barrel, forty cents per 

barrel 40c. p. brl. 

86 Bean;?, fifteen cents per bushel » 15c. p. bus. 

37 Buckwheat, ten cents per bushel 10c. p. bus. 

38 Pease, n.e.s., ten cents per bushel JOc. p. bus. 

8f Potatoes, n.e.s., fifteen cents per bushel ^...16c. p. bus. 

40 Rye, ten cents per bushel lOo. P- h^*- 

41 Rye fiour, including the duty on the barrel, fifty cents per 

barrel 60c. p. bbl. 

42 Hay, two dollars per ton $2 p. ton. 

43 Vegetables, n.o.p., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

44 Barley, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

45 Dutiable breadstuff s, grain and fiour and meal of all kinds, 

when damaged by water in transit, twenty per cent, ad 
valorem on the appraised value, such appraised value to be 
ascertained as provided by sections 58, 70, 71, 72, 78, 74, 75 

and 76 of the Customs Act 20 p. c. 

4t Buckwheat meal or flour, one fourth of one cent per pound ^c. p. lb. 

47 Commeal, including the duty on the barrel, twenty-five 

cents per barrel 25c. p. brl. 

48 Indian com, for purposes of distillation, subject to regula- 

tions to be approved by the Governor in Council, seven 

and one-half cents per bushel 7Jc. p. bus. 

49 Oats, ten cents per bushel 10c. p. bus. 

60 Oatmeal, twenty per cent, ad valorem. 20 p. c. 


61 iUoe. unclean«d, unhullad or paddy, one-half cent per pound Ic. p. lb. 

52 Rice, cleaned, one and one-quarter cent per pound ••Ifo. p. lb. 

68 Rice and sago flour and salgo, and tapioca, twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem X p. c. 

64 Rice, when imported by makers of rice-starch for use In 
their factories in making starch, three-fourths of one cent 
per pound ...4o. p. lb. 

66 Wheat, twelve cents per bushel 12c. p. bus. 

66 Wheat flour, including the duty on the barrel, sixty cents 

per barrel 60c p. brl. 

67 Biscuits, not sweetened, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem K p. c. 

68 Biscuits, sweetened, twenty-seven and one-half per cent, ad 

valorem .^ 271 p. c. 

68 Macaroni and vermicelli, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

60 Starch, including farini, corn starch, or flour and all pre- 

parations having the qualities of starch, the weight of the 
package to be In all cases included in the weight for duty 
one and one-half cent per pound IJc. p. lb. 

61 Seeds, viz. :— garden, field and other seeds for agricultural and 

other purposes, n.o.p., sunflower, canary, hemp and millet 

seed, when in bulk or in large parcels, ten per cent, ad valorem 10. p. c. 

When put up in small papers or parcels, twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 26 p. c. 

62 Mustard, ground, twenty- five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

68 Mustard cake, fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. o. 

64 Sweet potatoes and yams, ten cents per bushel ...: .lOc p. bUB. 

65 Tomatoes, fresh, twenty cents per bushel and ten per cent. 20c. p. hum, 

ad valorem and 10 p. c. 

60 Tomatoes and other vegetables, including com and baked 
beans, in cans or other packages, n.e.s., the weight of 
the cans or other packages to be included in the weight 
for duty, one and one-half cent per pound IJ P. lb. 

67 Pickles, sauces and catsups, including soy, thirty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 86 p. c. 

68 Malt, upon entry for warehouse subject to excise regulations, 

fifteen cents per bushel .16c. p. bus. 

68 Bxtract of malt (non-alcoholic), for medicinal and baking 

purposes, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem JJB P. c. 

70 Hops, six cents per pound 6o. p. lb. 

71 Compressed yeast, in bulk or mass of not less than fifty 

pounds, three cents per pound; in packages weighing less 

than fifty pounds, six cents per pound; the weight of the 

package in the latter case to be included in the weight 

for duty 6c. p. lb. 

72 Yeast cakes and baking powder, the weight of the packages 

to be included in the weight for duty, six cents per 

pound 6c. p. lb. 

73 Trees, viz.:— apple, cherry, peach, pear, plum and quince, 

of all kinds, and small peach trees known as June buds, 

three cents each »c. each. 

74 Orape vines, gooseberry, raspberry, currant and rose bushes; 

fruit plants, n.e.s., and shade, lawn and ornamental trees, 

shrubs and plants, n.o.s., twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

75 Blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries 


and currants, n.e.8, the weight of the package to be in- 
cluded in the weight for duty, two cents per pound >c. p. lb. 

16 Cranberries^ plums and quinces/ twenty-five per cent, ad 

Talorem 26 p. e. 

77 Prunes, including raisins, dried currants, and California or 

silver prunes, one cent per pound Ic. p. lb. 

78 Apples, dried, desiccated or evaporated; dates, figs and other 

dried, desiccated or evaporated fruits, n.e.s., twenty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 26 p. e* 

79 Grapes, two cents per pound 2c. p. lb. 

SO Oranges, lemons and limes, in boxes of capacity not exceed- 
ing two and one-half cubic feet, twenty-five cents per box 26c. p. box. 

In one-half-boxes, cai>aclty not exceeding one and one- 
fourth cubic foot, thirteen cents per half-box 13c. p. ^box. 

In cases and all other packages, per cubic foot holding capa- 
city, ten cents 10c. p. cub. ft. 

In bulk, one thousand oranges, lemons or limes, one dollar 

and fifty cents P..60 p. M. 

In barrels, not exceeding in capacity that of the one hun- 
dred and ninety-six pounds fiour barrel, fifty-five cents per 
barrel 55c. p. brl 

81 Peaches, n.o.p., the weight of the package to be included 

in the weight for duty, one cent per pound Ic. p. lb. 

88 Fruits in air-tight cans or other packages, the weight of the 
cans or other packages to be included in the weight for 
duty, two and one-quarter cents per pound .* 2Jc. p. lb. 

83 Fruits preserved in brandy, or preserved in other spirits, 

two dollars per gallon |2 p. gal. 

84 Preserved ginger, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

85 Jellies, jams and preserves, n.e.s., three and one-quarter 

kjents per pound .^ SJc. p. lb.' 

86 Honey in the comb or otherwise, and imitations thereof, 

three cents per pound 8c. p. lib. 

87 Tea and green coffee, n.e.s, ten per cent ad valorem 10 p. oL 

88 Coffee, roasted or ground, when not imported direct from the 

country of growth and production, two cents per pound and 

ten per cent ad valorem 2c. p. lb. 

and 10 p. c. 

89 CofPee, roasted or ground, and all imitations thereof and sub- 

stitutes therefor, including acorn nuts, n.o.p., two cents 

per pound 2c. p. lb.. 

80 Extract of coffee, n.e.s., or substitutes therefor of all kinds 

three cents per pound 3c. p. lb. 

81 Chicory, raw or green, three cents per pound 8c. p. lb. 

82 Chicory, kiln-dried, roasted or ground, four cents per pound 4c. p. lb. 

88 Cocoa shells and nibs, chocolate and other preparations of 

cocoa, n.e.s., twenty per cent ad valorem 20 p. c. 

84 Cocoa paste, chocolate paste, cocoas and cocoa butter, n.o.p., 

four cents per pound 4c p. lb. 

96 Nut«, shelled, n.e.s., five cents per poimd 5c. p. lb. 

96 Almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans and shelled peanuts, 

n.e.s., three cents per pound 3c. p. lb. 

And nuts of all kinds, n.o.p., two cents per pound 3c. p. lb. 

"87 Cocoanuts, n.e.s., one dollar per hundred |1 p. 100. 

86 Ooeoanuts, when imported from the place of growth, by ves- 


Bel, direct to a Canadian port, fifty cents per hundred 50c. p. 100. 

ft. Cocoanut, desiccated, sweetened or not, five cents per pound 6c. p. lb. 

100 Nutmegs and mace, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 26 p. c. 

101 Spices, vi2.:— ginger and spices of all kinds, unground, 

n.e.a., twelve and one-half per cent ad valorem 12 J. p. c. 

Ground, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

102 Fine salt in bulk, and coarse salt, n.e.s., five cents per one 

hundred pounds 5c. p. 100 lbs. 

108 Salt, n.e.s.,- in bags, barrels and other packages,— the bags, 
barrels or other packages, being the first coverings or in- 
side packages, to bear the same duty as if such packages 
or first coverings were imported empty,— seven and one- 
half cents per hundred pounds 7Jc. p. 100 lbs. 


104 Mackerel, one cent per pound Ic. p. lb. 

105 Herrings, pickled or salted, one-half cent per pound Jc. p. lb. 

106 Salmon, fresh, one-half cent per pound ic. p. lb. 

107 Salmon, pickled or salted, one cent per pound Ic. p. lb. 

108 All other fish, pickled or salted, in barrels, one cent per 

pound Ic. p. lb. 

109 Foreign-caught fii^, imported otherwise than in barrels or 

half-barrels, whether fresh, dried, salted or pickled, not 
specially enumerated or provided for by this Act, fifty 
cents per hundred pounds ...50c. p. 100 lbs. 

110 Fish, smoked and boneless, one cent per pound Ic. p. lb. 

111 Anchovies and sardines, packed in oil or otherwise, in tin 

boxes measuring not more than five inches long, four inches 
wide and three and a half inches deep, per whole box five 

cents 5c. p. box. 

(b.) In half -boxes, measuring not more than five inches 
long, four- inches wide and one and five-eighths deep, 

per half -box, two and one-half cents 2ji.c. p. i box. 

(c.) In quarter boxes, measuring not more than four 
inches and three-quarters long, three and a half inches 
wide and one and a quarter deep, per quarter box, two 
cents 2c. p. J box. 

112 Anchovies and sardines when imported in any other form, 

thirty per cent, ad valor/em 30 p. c, 

118 Fish preserved in oil, except anchovies and sardines, thirty 

per cent, ad valorem SO p. c. 

114 Fresh or dried fish, n.e.s., imported in barrels, or half-bar- 

rels, one cent per pound Ic p. lb. 

115 Salmon and all other fish prepared or preserved, including 

oysters, not specially enumerated or provided for in this 

Act, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 26 p. c 

116 Oysters, shelled, in bulk, ten cents per gallon 10c. p. gal, 

117 OyBteTB, shelled, in cahs not over one pint, three cents per 

can» including the cans .3c. p. can. 

118 Oysters, shelled, in cans over one pint and not over one 

quart, five cents per can, including the cans 5c. p. can. 

119 Osrsters, shelled, in caUs exceeding one quart in capacity, an 

additional duty of five cents for each quart or fraction of 

a quart of capacity over a quart> including the cans 5c. p. quarts 

120 Oysters in the shell, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 2(l|.c^ 


121 Packages containing oysters or other fish, n.o.p., twenty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

122 Oils, spermaceti, whale and other fish oils, and all other 

articles the produce of the fisheries not specially provided 

for, twenty l)er cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 


123 Albumenized and other papers and films chemically pre- 

pared for photographers' use, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

124 Books, viz.:— Novels or works of fiction, or literature of a , 

similar character, unbound or paper-bound or in sheets, 
including freight rates for railways and telegraph rates, 
bound in book or pamphlet form, but not to include Christ- 
mas annuals or publications commonly known as juvenile 
and toy books, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

125 Books, printed, periodicals and pamphlets, or parts thereof, 

n.e.s., — not to include blank account books, copy books, 

or books to be written or drawn upon, ten per cent, ad valorem.... 10 p. c. 

126 Advertising and printed matter, viz. :— Advertising pamphlets, 

advertising pictorial show cards, illustrated advertising peri- 
odicals; illustrated price books, catalogues and price lists, 
advertising almanacs and calendars; patent medicine or other 
advertising circulars, fly sheets or pamphlets; advertising 
chromos, chromotypes, oleographs or like work produced by 
any process other than hand painting or drawing, and hav- 
ing any advertisement or advertising matter printed, litho- 
graphed or stamped thereon, or attached thereto, including 
advertising bills, folders and posters, or other similar artis- 
tic work, lithographed, printed or stamped on paper or 
cardboard for business or advertisement purposes, n.o.p., 
fifteen cents per pound loci. p.\iD. 

127 Labels for cigar boxes, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, con- 

fectionery, or other goods or wares; shipping, price or other 
tags, tickets or labels, and railroad or other tickets, whether 
lithographed or printed,, or partly printed, n.e.s., thirty-five 
per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

128 Bank notes, bonds, bills of exchange, cheques, promissory 

notes, drafts and all similar work, unsigned, and cards or 
other commercial blank forms printed or lithographed, or 
printed from steel or copper or other plates, and other 
• printed matter, n.e.s., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

129 Printed music, bound or in sheets, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

130 Photographs, chromos, chromotypes, artotypes, oleographs, 

paintings, drawings, pictures, engravings or prints, or 
proofs therefrom, and similar works of art, n.o.p.; blue 
prints, building plans, maps and charts, n.e.s., twenty per 
cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

131 Newspapers or supplemental editions or parts thereof, partly 

printed and Intended to be completed and published in 

Canada, twenty- five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

332 Union collar cloth paper in rolls or sheets, not glossed or 

finished, fifteen per cent, ad valorem .15 p. c. 

188 Union collar cloth paper in rolls or sheets, glossed or fin- 
ished, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c 


134 Mill-board, not straw board, ten per, cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

186 Straw board, In sheets or rolls; tarre^ paper, felt or straw 
board; sandpaper, glass or flint paper, and emery paper 
or emery cloth, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. o. 

186 Paper sacks or bags of all kinds, printed or not, twenty-five 

per cent, ad valorem :. 25 p. c. 

137 Playing cards, six cents per pack 6c. p. pack. 

138 Paper hangings or wall papers, borders or bordering, and 

window blinds of paper of all kinds, thirty-five per cent. 

ad valorem 85 p. c. 

13$ Printing paper and paper of all kinds, n.e.s., twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

140 Ruled and border and coated papers, papeteries, boxed 

papers, pads not printed, papier-mache ware, n.o.p. ; enve- 
lopes, and all manufactures of paper, n.e.s., thirty-five per 
cent, ad valorem ; 36 p. c 


141 Acid, acetic acid and pyroligneous, n.e.s., and vinegar, a 

specific duty of fifteen cents for each gallon of any strength 
not exceeding the strength of proof, and for each degree 
of strength in excess of the -strength of proof an additional 

duty of two cents 2c. p. deg. 

The strength of proof shall be held to be equal to six 
per cent, of absolute acid, and in all cases the strength 
shall be determined In such manner as is established by 
the Governor in Council. 

142 Acid, ascetic arid crude, and pyroligneous crude, of any 

strength not exceeding thirty per cent., twenty-five per cent. 

ad valorem 26 p. o. 

148 Acid, muriatic and nitric, and all mixed or other acids, n.e.s., 

twenty per cent, ad valorem .• 20 p. c. 

144 Acid, sulphuric, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

145 Acid phosphate, n.o.p., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

146 Sulphuric ether, chloroform, and solutions of peroxides of 

hydrogen, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. e. 

147 All medicinal, chemical and pharmaceutical preparations, 

when compounded of more than one substance, including 
patent and proprietary preparations, tinctures, pills, pow- 
ders, troches, lozenges, ssrrups, cordials, bitters, anodynes, • 
tonics, plasters, liniments, salves, ointments, pastes, drops, . 
waters, essences and oils, n.o.p.; provided that drugs, pill- 
mass and preparations, not including pills or medicinal 
plasters, recognized by the British or United States pharma- 
copoeia or the French Codex as oflacinal, shall not be held 
to be covered by this item; all liquids containing alcohol, 
fifty per cent, ad valorem ; and all Others, liquid or not, 
twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 26 p. c. 

148 Pomades, French or flower odours preserved In fat or oil for 

the purpose of conserving the odours of flowers which do 
not bear the heat of distillation, when imported In tins 
of liot less than ten pounds each, fifteen per cent, ad va- 
lorem 16 p. 0, 


140 Perfumery, Including toilet preparations (nbn-alcohollc), viz: — 
Hair oils, tooth and other powders and washes, pomatums, 
pastes and all other perfumed preparations, n.o.p., used for 
the hair, mouth or skin, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

150 Liquorice paste and liquorice in rolls and sticks, twenty 

per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

151 Paraffine wax, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

152 Antiseptic surgical dressing, such as absorbent cotton, cotton 

wool, lint, lamb's wool, tow, jute, gauzes, and oakum, 
prepared for use as surgical dressings, plain or medicated; 
surgical belts and trusses, electric belts, pessaries and 
suspensory bandages of all kinds, twenty per cent, ad va- 
lorem 20 p. c. 

IBS Surgical and dental instruments (not being furniture), and 
surgical needles, ten per cent, ad valorem until 1st January, 
1S98 ; thereafter free lO'p. c 

154 Cod liver oil, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

156 Opium, crude, the outward ball or covering to be free of 

duty, one dollar per pound $1 p. lb. 

156 Opium, powdered, one dollar and thirty-flve cents per pound |1.35 p. lb. 

157 Opium, prepared for smoking, Ave dollars per pound |5 p. lb. 


158 Dry white and red lead, orange mineral and zinc white, 

five per cent, ad valorem 5 p. c. 

159 Ochres, ochrey earths, raw siennas, and colours, dry, n.e.s., 

twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

160 Oxides, umbers, burnt siennas, and fire proofs, n.-e.s,; laun- 

dry blueing of all kinds, rough stuff and dry and liquid fil- 
lers, anti-corrosive and anti-fouling paints commonly used 
for ships' hulls, and ground and liquid paints, n.e.s., twenty- 
five per cent ad valorem .' 25 p. c. 

161 Paints and colours, ground in spirits, and all spirit varnishes 

and lacquers, one dollar and twelve and one-half cents per 

gallon $1.12 J p. gal. 

1€2 Paris green, dry, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

1G3 Ink for writing, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

164 Blacking, shoe, and shoemakers' ink; shoe, harness and 

leather dressing, harness soap, and knife or other .polish 

or composition, n.o.p., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

165 Putty of all kinds, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

166 Turpentine, spirits of, five per cent ad valorem 5 p. c. 

167 British gum, dextrine, sizing cream and enamel sizing, ten 

per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

168 Vamishos, lacquers, japans, japan driers, liquid driers, and 

oil finish, n.e.s., twenty cents per gallon and twenty per 

cent, ad valorem 20 c. p. gal. and 20 p. c. 

169 Linseed or flaxseed oil, raw or boiled, lard oil, neat's-foot 

oil, and sesame seed oil, twenty-five per cent, ad va- 
lorem 25 p. c. 

170 Illuminating oils composed wholly or in part of the pro- 

ducts of petroleum, coal, shale or lignite, costing more 


than thirty cei^t» per ^nllon, twenty-five per cent, ad va- 
lorem. 25 p. c. 

17t liUbrfcatlng oils, composed wholly or in part of petroleuDl, 
costing less than twenty-five cents per gallon, five cents 
per gallon 5c. p. gal. 

172 Crude petroleum, fuel and gas oils (other than naphtha, ben- 
zine or gasoline) when imported by maunfacturers (other 
than oil refiners) for use in their own factories for fuel 
purposes 6r for the manufacture of gas, two and one-half 
cents per gallon 2^c. p. gal. 

178 Oils, coal and kerosene distilled, purified or refined, naphtha 
and petroleum and products of petroleum, n.e.s., five cents 
per gallon 5c. p. gal. 

174 Barrels, containing petroleum or its products, or any mix- 

ture of wtjlch petroleum forms a part, when such contents 

are chargeable with a specific duty, twenty cents each 20c. each. 

175 Lubricating oils, n.e.s., and axle grease, twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

17l? Olive oil, n.e.s., twenty per cent ad valorem 20 p. c. 

177 Essential oils, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

178 Vaseline, and all similar preparations of petroleum for toilet, 

medicinal or other purposes, thirty-five p^r cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 


179 Bituminous slack coal, such as will pass through a half-inch 

screen, subject to regulations to be made by the Controller 
of Cu3toms, twenty per cent, ad valorem, but not to exceed 
thirteen cents per ton of 2000 pounds (being the equivalent 
of fifteen cents per ton of 2,240 pounds) : Provided that if the 
United States Con^resa fixes the duty on such slack coal at 
a rate not exceeding fifteen cents per ton of 2,240 pounds, 
then the duty on such coal imported into Canada, as pro- 
vided in this item, shall be the minimum duty on such coaJ 
from ^11 countries, notwithstanding section seventeen of this Act. .20 p. c. 

180 Coal, bituminous, round and run of mine, and coal, n.e.s., 

fifty- three cents per ton of 2,000 pounds (being the equi- 
valent of sixty cents per ton of 2,240 pounds): Provided that 
if the United States Congi*ess fixes the duty on such coal at 
a rate not exceeding forty cents per ton of 2,240 pounds, the 
Governor in Council may by proclamation reduce the duty 
mentioned in tl\is item to forty cents per ton of 2,240 pounds, 
or the equivalent thereof per ton of 2,000 pounds, and the 
duty declared by such proclamation shall then be the mini- 
mum duty on such coal from all countries, notwithstanding 
section seventeen of this Act 53c. p. ton of 2.000 lb«. 


181 Building brick, paving brick, stove linings, and fire brick, 

n.e.s., and manufactures of clay or cement, n.o.p., twenty 

per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

182 Earthenware and stoneware, viz. : demijohns,chums or crocks, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

183 Drain tiles, not glared, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c 


184 Drain pipes, se-wer pipes, chimney linings or vents, chim- 
ney tops and inverted blocks, glazed or unglazed, and earth- 
enware tiles, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 85 p, c. 

186 China and porcelain ware, also earthenware and stoneware, 

brown or coloured and Rockingham ware, white granite 
or iron stoneware, "c. c," or cream-coloured ware, decor- 
ated, printed or sponged, and all earthenware, n.e.s., thirty 

per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

1S6 Baths, tubs and wash-stands of earthenware, stone, cement 
or clay, or of other material, n.o.p., thirty per cent. ad. 
valorem 30 p. c. 

187 Cement, Portland and hydraulic or water lime, in bags, bar- 

rels or casks, the weight of the package to be included 
in the weight for duty, twelve and one-half cents per one 
hundred pounds 12J.C. p. 100 lbs. 

158 Plaster of Paris, or gypsum, ground, not calcined, fifteen 

per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

159 Plaster of Paris, or gypsum, calcined or manufactured, the * 

weight of the package to be included in the weight for 
duty, twelve and one-half cents per one hundred pounds.... 12^c. p. 100 lbs. 
190 Lithographic stones, not engraved, twenty per cent, ad valorem . .20 p. c. 

181 Grindstones, not mounted, and not less than thirty-six inches 

in diameter, fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

182 Grindstones, n.e.s., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p, c. 

19S Flagstone, sandstone and all building stone, not hammered 

or chiselled; and marble and granite, rough, not hammered 

or chissclled, fifteen per cent ad valorem , 15 p. c. 

184 Marble and granite, sawn only; fiagstone and all other building 

stone, dressed; and paving blocks of stone, twenty per cent. 

ad valorem 20 p. c. 

185 Marble and granite, n.e.s., and all manufactures of marble or 

granite, n.o.p., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

186 Manufactures of stone, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

187 Roofing slate, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem ; provided 

that the ^ duty shall not exceed seventy- five cents per 

square 25 p. c. 

t9S Slnte mantels and other manufactures of slate, n.e.s., thirty 

per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

188 Slate pencils and school writing slates, twenty-five per cent. 

ad valorem .25 p. c. 

100 Mosaic flooring of any material, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 


201 Common and colourless window glass, and plain coloured, 

opaque, stnlned or tinted, or muffled glass, in sheets, twenty ' 

per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

202 Ornamental, figured, and enamelled coloured glass, vitrified 

or painted, chipped, figured, enamelled and obscured white 
glass; stained glass windows, and memorial or ornamental 
window glass, n.o.p., and rough rolled plate glass, thirty 

per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

908 Plate glass, not bevelled, in sheets or panes, not exceed- 
ing twenty-five square feet each, n.o.p., twenty-five per 
cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 


204 Plate glass, not bevelled, In , sheets or panes, n.e.s., thirty- 
five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

206 Plate glass, bevelled. In sheets or panes, n.o.p., thirty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

206 Silvered glass, bevelled or not and framed or not, thirty- 

five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

207 German looking-gjass plate (thin plate), unsilvered or for 

silvering, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

208 Glass demijohns or carboys, empty or filled, bottles, decant- 

ers, flasks, phials, glass jars and glass balls, lamp chimneys, 
glass shades or globes, cut» pressed or moulded crystal or 
glass tableware, decorated or not, and blown glass table- 
ware, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

209 Bent plate or other sheet glass, and all other glass, and man- 

ufactures of glass, n.o.p., twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

210 Spectacles and eyeglasses, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

211 Spectacle and eyeglass frames,and metal parts thereof, twenty 

per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 


212 Dongola, cordovan, calf, sheep, lamb, kid or goat, kan- 

garoo, alligator, or other upper leather, and all leather, 
dressed, waxed, glazed or further finished than tanned, 
n.e.s.; harness leather, and chamois skin, seventeen and 

one-half per cent, ad valorem , 17J p. c. 

238 Skins for morocco leather, tanned but not further manu- 
factured; sole leather, and belting leather, of all kinds; 
tanners' scrap leather; and leather and skins, n.o.p., fifteen 
per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

214 Glove leathers, tanned or dressed, coloured or uncoloured, 

when imported by glove manufacturers for use in their own 

factories in the manufacture of gloves, ten per cent, ad valorem ....10 p. c. 

215 Japanned, patent or enamelled leather, and morocco leather, 

twenty-five per cent, ad valorem » 25 p. a. 

216 Leather-board, leatheroid, and manufactures thereof, n.o.p., 

twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

217 Whips of all kinds, including thongs and lashes, thirty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 85 p. c. 

218 Belting, of leather or other material, n.e.s., twenty per cent. 

ad valorem 20 p. e. 

219 Boots and shoes, and slippers, of any material, n.e.s, twenty- 

five per cent ad valorem 25 p. c. 

220 Manufactures of raw hide, and all manufactures of leather, 

n.o.p., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

221 India-rubber boots and shoes ; rubber belting and rubber 

cement ; and all manufactures of india-rubber and gutta 

percha, n.o.p., twenty-five per cent ad valorem 26 p. c. 

222 India-rubber clothing and clothing made waterproof with 

india-rubber, rubber or gutta percha hose, and cotton or 
linen hose lined with rubber, rubber mats, or matting, 
and rubber packing, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 36 p. c. 



223 Iron or steel scrap, wrought, being waste or reftise, inclu- 

ding punchings, cuttings or clippings of iron or steel plates 
or steel plates haying been in actual use; crop ends of tin 
plate bars, or of blooms, or of rails, the same not having 

been in actual use, one dollar per ton $1 p. ton. 

Nothing shall be deemed scrap iron or scrap steel except 
waste or refuse iron or steel fit only to be re-manufactured 
in rolling mills. 

224 Iron in pigs, iron kentledge, and cast scrap iron, two dollars 

and fifty cents per ton ?2. 50 p. ton. 

225 Ferro-silicon, ferro-manganese, and speigeleisen, five per 

cent, ad valorem .5 p. c. 

226 Iron or steel ingots, cogged ingots, blooms, slabs, billets, 

puddled bars and loops or other forms, n.o.p., less finished 
than iron or steel bars but more advanced than pig iron, 
except castings, two dollars per ton $2 p. tdn. 

227 Rolled iron or steel ahgles, tees, beams, channels, girders 

and other rolled shapes or sections, weighing less than 
thirty-five pounds per lineal yard, not punched, drilled or 
further manufactured than rolled, n.o.p., seven dollars per ton . .|7 p. ton. 

228 Rolled iron or steel angles, tees, beams, channels, joists, 

girders, zees, stars or other rolled shapes, or trough, bridge, 
building or structural rolled sections or shapes, not punched, 
drilled or further manufactured than rolled, n.e.s., and 
flat eye-bar blanks not punched or drilled, ten per cent, ad 
valorem , 10 p. c. 

229 Bar iron or steel rolled, whether in coils, rods, bars, or bun- 

dles comprising rounds, ovals and squares, and flats; and 
• rolled shapes, n.o.p.; and rolled iron or steel hoop, band, 
scroll or strip, eight inches or less in width, number eigh- 
teen gauge and thicker, n.e.s., seven dollars per ton .$7 p. ton. 

230 Universal mill or rolled edge bridge plates of steel when 

imported by manufacturers of bridges, ten per cent, ad valorem. .10 .p. c. 

231 Rolled iron or steel plates not less than thirty inches in 

width, and not less than one quarter of an inch in thickness. 

n.o.p., ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

232 Rolled iron or steel sheets or plates, sheared or unsheared, 

and skelp iron or steel, sheared or rolled in grooves, 

ii.e.s., seven dollars per ton $7 p. ton. 

233 Skelp iron or steel, sheared or rolled in grooves, when im- 

ported by manufacturers of wrought iron or steel pipe for 
use only in the manufacture of wrought iron or steel pipe 
in their own factories, flve per cent, ad valorem 5 p. c. 

234 Rolled iron or steel sheets number seventeen gauge, and 

thinner, n.o.p.; Canada plates; Russia iron; flat galvanized 
iron or steel sheets, teme plate, and rolled sheets of iron 
or steel coated with zinc, spelter or other metal, of all widths 
or thickness, n.o.p., and rolled iron or steel hoop, band, 
scroll or strip, thinner than number eighteen gauge, n.e.s., 
flve per cent, ad valorem 5 p. c. 

285 Chrome steel, fifteen percent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

236 Steel, in bars, bands, hoops, scroll or strips, sheets or plates, 
of any size, thickness or width, when of greater value than 


two and oae-balf cents per pound, n.o.p.. fire per cent ad 

Talorem .,.. .... 5 p. c. 

237 Swedish rolled iron and Swedish, rolled steel nail rods nnder 
half an inch in diameter for the mainifactore ot horse-shoe 
nails, fittest per cent, ad ralmem 15 p. c. 

23S Iron and steel railway bars or rails of any form, punched 
or not, n.e.s^ for railways, which term for the purposes of 
this item shall include aU hinds of railways, street railways 
aad tramways. eTen although they are used for prirate 
puf poet s only, and eren aitfaonsh they are not used or 
intended to he used in connection with the business oC 
common carrying of goods or passengers, thirty per cent, 
ad Talorem .30 p. c. 

23f Railway lUh plates and tie plates, eight dollars per ton |S p. toil. 

Si) Switches, frogs, crossings and intersections for railways, 

thirty per cent, ad ralorem M p. c 

%tl Loccmocives for railways, n.e.a., thirty-llTe per cent, ad 

Talcvem 3S p. c 

U2 Iron or steel bridges, <»■ parts thereof; iron or steel slrurlnr- 
al work, columns, itftsp*^ or sections, drilled, punched or 
in any further stage of manufacture than as rolled or cast. 
n.e.s., thiity-fiTe per cent ad ralorem 35 p. c. 

f 43 Forgings of iron or steel of whaterer shape or sixe or in 
whaterer stage of manufacture, n.e.s.; and steel shafting, 
turned, compressed, or polished; and hammered iroa or steel 
bars or shapes, n.o.p.. thirty per cent, ad ralorem. .30 p. c 

244 IrcB or steel castings, in the rou^h. n.e.s. twenty-ftre per 

cent, ad ralorem S p. c. 

245 Store plates, stores of all kinds, for oil. gas, coal or wood. 

or parts therof, and sad or smoothing, hatters* and taikws' ^ 

irsos, piated wholly or in part, or not, twenty>ftre per 

cent, ad ralorem .25 p. c. 

24€ Springs, axles, axle bars, n.e.s., and axle blanks, and parts 
thereof, of iron or steel, for railway or tramway, or other 
rehidss, ikirty-fire per c^t. ad ralorem .35 p. c. 

MI Cart or wagon skeins or boxes, thirty per cent, ad ralorem .30 p. c. 

>e Cast ircn pipe of erery description, eight dollars per ton 9S p. ton. 

SO Wrouglit iron or steel boiler tubes, n.e.&. including Sues and 
corrugated tabes tor marine boilers, ftre per cent, ad 
ralorem 5 p. c 

25t Tuba of rolled steel, seamless not joined or welded, not 
more than o«e and one-half inch in diamter; and wamlm 
steel tubes for bicycles, ten pa- cent, ad rakM^m 10 p. c. 

351 Wrought iron cr steel tubing, plain or galranized. threaded 
and coupled or noC orer two inches in diameter. n.e.s., 
fifteen per cent, ad ralorem 15 p. c. 

S2 Wrcught iron or steel tubing, piaia or galranized. threaded 
and coQ?l«d or noc orer two inches in diameter, n-e. s. . 
thirty-£re per cent, ad ralorem 35 p. c. 

253 Other iron or steel pipe or cubing, plain cnr galranized, 

riretcd. ctvrugated cr otherwise specially manufactured. 

■.O.P.. thirty p«- cent ad Talorem 3» p. c, 

254 Inm cr steel fittings fcr inm or steel pipe, of erery des- 

olpti o n . and chilled iron or steel roUs, thirty per cent. 


ad yalorem .' .30 p. c. 

265 Iron or st^el cut nails and spikes (ordinary builders'); and 

railroad spikes, one-half of one cent per pound Jc. p. lb. 

256 Wrought and pressed nails and spikes, trunk, clout, coopers', 

cigar box, Hungarian, horse-shoe, and other nails, n.e.s.; 

horse, mule and ox shoes, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

267 Wire nails of all kinds, n.o.p., three-fifths of one cent per lb..3-5c. p. lb. 

258 Composition nails and spikes. and sheathfng nails, fifteen 

per Cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

259 Iron or steel shoe tacks and ordinary cut tacks, leathered 

or not, brads, sprigs and shoe nails, double-pointed tacks 
and other tacks of iron and steel, n.o.p., thirty-five per cent. 

ad valorem ., 35 p. c. 

360 Screws, commonly called "wood screws,** of iron or steel, 
brass or other metal, including lag or coach screws, plated 
or not, and machine or other screws, n.o.p., thirty-five 
per c^nt. ad valorem 35 p. c. 

261 Coil chai^, coil chain links, and chain shackles, of iron 

or steel, five-sixteenths of an inch in diameter and over, five 

pep cent, ad valorem 5 p. e. 

262 Barbed wire; and galvanized wire for fencing, numbers 

nine, twelve and thirteen gauge, fifteen per cent, ad va- 
lorem, until 1st January, 1898 ; thereafter free 15 p. c. 

263 Buckthorn strip fencing, woven wire fencing, and wire fenc- 

, iDg of iron or steel, n.e.s., fifteen per cent ad valorem 15 p. c. 

264 Wire, single or several, covered with cotton, linen, silk, 

rubber or other material, including cable so covered, n.e.s., 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

265 Brass wire, plain, ten per cent, ad valorem ....lOp. c. 

266 Copper wire, plain, tinned or plated, fifteen per cent, ad valorem. .15 p. c. 

267 Wire cloth, or woven wire of brass or copper, twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

268 Wire of all metals and kinds, n.o.p., twenty per cent, ad 

valorm 20 ^. c. 

269 Wire rope, stranded or twisted wire, clothes Iin6, picture 

or other twisted wire and wire cable, n.e.s., twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

270 Wire cloth or wove wire, and wire netting, of iron or steel, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

271 Needles of any material or kind, and pins manufactured 

from wire of any metal, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

272 Lead, old, scrap, pig and block, fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

273 Lead, in bars, and in sheets, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

274 Lead pipe, lead shot and lead bullets, thirty-five per cent, ad 

yalorem 35 p. c. 

275 Lead, manufactures of, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

276 Brass and copper nails, tacks, rivets and burrs or washers; 

bells and gongs, n.e.s., and all manufactures of brass or 

copper, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

277 Zinc manufactures of, .n.o.p., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

278 Nickel anodes, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

279 Iron or steel nuts, washers, rivets, and bolts, with or with- 

out threads, and nut, bolt and hinge blanks, and T and strap 
hinges of all kinds, n.e.s., three-quarters of one cent per 


pound and twenty-five per cent, ad valorem < Jc. p. lb. and 25 p. c. 

280 Builders', cabinet-makers', upholsterers', harness-makers', 
saddlers', and carriage hardware, including butt-hinges, 
locks, curry-combs or curry cards, ' horse boots, harness 
and saddlery, n.e.s., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

2S1 Skates of all kinds, roller or other, and parts thereof, 

thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 36 p, c. 

282 Gas meters, thirty-five per cent., ad valorem ..35 p. c. 

283 Safes, doors for safes and vaults; scales, balances, weigh- 

ing beams, and strength-testing machines of all kinds, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

284 Carvers, knives and forks of steel, butcher and table steels, 

oyster, bread, kitchen, cooks', butcher, shoe, farrier, putty, 
hacking and glaziers' knives, cigar knive^s, spatulas or palette 
knives, razors, erasers or office knives, pen, pocket, pruning, . 
sportsmen's or hunters' knives, manicure files, scissors, trim- 
mers; barbers', tailors' and lamp shears, horse itnd toilet 
clippers, and all like cutlery, plated or not, n.o.p.,— when 
any of the above articles are imported in cases or cabinets, 
the cases or cabinets shall be dutiable at the same rate as 
their contents,— thirty per cent ad valorem 30 p. c. 

285 Knife blades or blanks, and table forks of iron or steel in the 

rough, not handled, filed, ground or otherwise manufac- 
tured, ten per cent, ad valorem *. 10 p. c. 

286 Celluloid, moulded into sizes for handles of knives and forks, 

not bored or otherwise manufactured; also, moulded cellu- 
loid balls and cylinders, coated with tin-foil or not, but not 
finished or further manufactured, and celluloid lamp shade 
blanks, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

287 Bird, parrot, squirrel and rat cages, of wire, and metal parts 

thereof, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

288 Files and rasps, n.e.s., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

289 Adzes, cleavers, hatchets, saws, wedges, sledges, hammers, 

crow-bars, cant-dogs and track-tools; picks, mattocks and 
eyes or poles for the same; anvils, vices; and tools otf all 
kinds, for hand or machine use, including shoemakers' 
and tinsmiths' tools or bench machines, n.o.p., thirty per 
cent, ad valorem 30. p. c. 

290 Axes, scythes, sickles or reaping hooks, hay or straw knives, 

edging knives, hoes, rakes, pronged forks, snaths, farm, 
road or field rollers, post hole diggers, and other agricul- 
tural implements, ne.s., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c» 

291 Shovels and spades, iron or steel, n.e.s.; shovel and spade 
blanks, and iron or steel cut to shape for the same ; and 

lawn mowers, thiity-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

292 Britannia metal, nickel silver, Nevada and German silver, 

manufactures of, not plated, and manufactures of aluminum, 

n.a.p, twenty-five per cent, ad valorm 25 p. c. 

293 Sterling or other silverware, nickel -plated ware, gilt, or 

electro-plated ware, wholly or in part, of all kinds, n.e.s., 

thirty per cent, ad valorem ^ . .30 p. c. 

294 Telephone and telegraph instruments, electric and galvanic 

batteries, electric motors, dynamos, generators, sockets, 



insulators of all kinds; and electric apparatus, n.e.s., 

twenty-five per cent, ad 'valorem ; 25 p. c. 

295 Electric light carbons, and carbon points, of all kinds, n.e.s., 

thirty- five per cent, ad valorem ; 35 p. c. 

28G Carbons over six inches in circumference, fifteen per cent, ad 

valorem 15 p. c. 

297 Lights, side-lights and head-lights, lanterns, chandeliers, 

gas, coal or other oil fixtures and electric light fixtures, or 
metal parts thereof, including lava or other tips, burners, 
collars, galleries, shades and shade holders, thirty per cent, 
ad valorem 30 p. c. 

298 Lamp springs, and glass bulbs for electric lights, ten per 

cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

299 Babbit metal, type metal, phosphor tin and phosphor bronze 

in blocks, bars, plates, sheets and wire, ten per cent, ad 

valorem , 10 p. c. 

300 Type for printing, including chases, quoins and slugs, 

all kinds, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

301 Plates engraved on wood, steel or other metal, and trans- 

fers taken from the same, including engravers' plates 
of steel, polished, engraved or for engraving thereupon, 
twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

302 Stereotypes, electrotypes, and celluloids for almanacs, cal- 

endars, illustrated' pamphlets, newspaper advertisements or 
engravings, and all other like work for commercial, trade 
or other purposes, n.e.s., and matrices or copper shells for 
the same, one and one-half cents per square inch IJc p. aq. in. 

303 Stereotypes, electrotypes and celluloids of newspaper co- 

luma and bases for the same, composed wholly or partially 
of metal or celluloid, one-fourth of one cent per square 

Inch , Jc. p. sq. in. 

And matrices or copper shells for the same, one and one- 
half cent per square inch l^c p. sq. in. 

304 Clothes wringers for domestic use, and parts thereof, 

thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

305 Buckles of iron, steel, brass or copper, of all kinds, n.o.p., 

(not being jewellery), thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

306 Guns, rifies, including air guns and air rifles not being toys, 

muskets, cannons, pistols, revolvers, or other firearms; 
cartridge cases, cartridges, primers, percussion caps, wads, 
or other ammunition, n.o.p. ; bayonets, swords, fencing 
foils and masks; gun or pistol covers or cases, game bags, 
loading tools and cartridge belts of any material, thirty 
per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

307 Agate, granite or enamelled iron or steel hollow-ware, thirty 

five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

308 Enamelled iron or steel ware,n.e.s. ; iron or steel hollow-ware, 

plain black, tinned or coated; and nickel and aluminum 
kitchen or household hollow-ware, n.e.s., thirty per cent. 

ad valorem ' 30 p. c. 

809 Tinware, plain, japanned or lithographed, and all manufac- 
tures of tin, n.e.s., and manufactures of galvanized sheet 
iron or of galvanized sheet steel, n.o.p., twenty-five per 
cent, ad valorem ..'. ...25 p. c 


810 Signs, of any material, framed or not; and letters of any 
material , for signs or similar use, thirty per cent, ad 
valorem 30 p. c. 

311 Fire engines and fire extinguishing machines, including 

sprinklers for fire protection, thirty-flve per cent, ad va- 
lorem 35 p. c. 

312 Brass pumps of all kinds, and garden or lawn sprinklers, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem .« 30 p. c. 

313 Printing presses, printing machines, TltlM^iEtftpliic presses, 

and type-making accessories therefor; folding machines, 
book-binders' book-binding, ruling, embossing and paper 
cutting machines, and parts thereof, ten per cent, ad 
valorem 10 p. c. 

314 Sewing machines and parts thereof, thirty per cent, ad 

valorem 80 p. c. 

' 315 Steam engines, boilers, ore crushers and rock crushers, stamp 
mills, Cornish and belted rolls, rock drills, air compressors, 
cranes, derricks, percussion coal cutters, pumps, n.e.s., 
windmills, horse-powers, portable engines, threshers, 
separators, fodder or feed cutters, potato diggers, grain 
crushers, fanning mills, hay tedders, farm wagons, slot 
machines and type-writers, and all machinery composed 
wholly or in part of iron or steel, n.o.p., twenty-five per 
cent, ad valorem , 25 p. c. 

816 Machine card clothing, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

,317 Mould boards or shares, or plough plates, land sides, and 
other plates for agricultural implements, when cut to 
shape from rolled plates of steel but not moulded, punched, 
polished or otheriwse manufactured, five pet cent, ad valorem 5 p. c. 

118 Mowing machines, harvesters self -binding or without binders, 
binding attachments, reapers, cultivators, ploughs, harrows, 
horse-rakes, seed-drills, manure spreaders, weeders, and 
malleable sprocket or link belting chain for binders, 
twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

319 Trawls, trawling spoons, fly hooks, sinkers, swivels, and 

sportsmen's fishing bait, and fish hooks, n. e. s., thirty 

per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

320 Patterns of brass, iron, steel or other metal (not being mo- 

dels) thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

321 Manufactures, articles or wares not specially enumerated 

or provided for, composed wholly or in part of iron or steel, 
and whether wholly or partly manufactured, thirty per 
cent, ad valorem • 30 p. c. 


322 Freight wagons, drays, sleighs, and similar vehicles, 

twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

323 Buggies, carriages, pleasure carts and similar vehicles, n.e.s., 

including cutters, thildren's carriages and sleds, and finish- 
ed parts thereof, n.o.p., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

824 Railway cars, (or other cars), wheelbarrows, trucks, road 

or railway scrapers and hand carts*, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

825 Bicycles and tricycles, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p, c* 


826 Cane, reed or rattan, split or otherwise manufactured, n.o.p., 

fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

327 Corks, and other manufactures of cork wood or cork bark, 

n.o.p., twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

328 Sawed boards, planks and deals planed or dressed on one 

or both sides, when the edges thereof are jointed or ton- 

gued and grooved, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

329 Lumber and timber, manufactured, n.e.s., twenty per cent. 

ad valorem 20 p. c. 

380 Pails and tubs of wood, chums, brooms and whisks, wash- 

boards, pounders and rolling pins, twenty per cent, ad valorem. .20 p. c. 

381 Veneers of wood, not over three thirty- seconds of an inch 

in thickness, seven and one-half per cent, ad valorem 7^ p. c. 

332 Mouldings of wood, plain, gilded or otherwise further manu- 

factured, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

333 Wood pulp, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

334 Manufactures of wood, n.o.p., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

335 Fishing rods, walking sticks and walking canes, of all 

kinds, n.e.s., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

836. Picture frames and photograph frames, of any material. 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

837 Umbrella, parasol and sunshade sticks or handles, n.e.s., 

twenty per cent, ad valorem * 2C p. o. 

338 Coflans and caskets, and metal parts thereof, twenty- live 

per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

839 Show-cases of all kinds, and metal parts thereof, thirty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

340 Billiard tables, with or without pockets, and bagatelle tables 

or boards, cues, balls, cue-racks, and cue-tips, thirty-five 

I)er cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

341 Vulcanized fibre, kartavert, indurated fibre, and like materi- 

al, and manufactures of, n.e.s., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem ..25 p. c. 

312 Blinds of wood, metal or other material, not textile or paper, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

543 House, office, cabinet or store furniture of wood, iron, or 
other material, in parts or finished; wire screens, wire doors 
and I wire windows; cash registers; window cornices and 
cornice poles of all kinds; hair, spring and other mattresses, 
bolsters and pillows, including furniture springs and carpet 
sweepers ; thirty per cent ad valorem 30 p. c. 

344 Window shade or blind rollers, thirty-five per cent, ad va- 

lorem 35 p. c. 


345 Watch cases, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

346 Clocks, watches, watch glasses, clock and watch keys, and 

clock movements, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

847 Watch actions and movements, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

348 Precious stones, n.e.s., polished, but not set, pierced, or 

otherwise manufactured, and imitations thereof, ten per 

cent, ad valorem i 10 p. c. 

349 Composition metal for the manufacture of jewellery and 

filled gold watch cases, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 


850 Jewellery, for the adornment of ths person, including hat 
pin^i, hair pins, belt or other buckles, and similar personal, 
ornamental articles commercially known as Jewellery, n.o.p., 
and all manufactures of gold and silver, n.e.s., thirty per 
cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

351 Fancy writing desks, fancy cases for jewellfery, watches, sil- 
verware, plated ware and cutlery; glove, handkerchief and 
collar boxes or cases, brush o^ toilet cases, and all fancy 
cases for similar fancy articles, of any material ; fans, 
dolls and toys of all kinds; ornaments of alabaster, spar, 
amber, terra cotta or composition; statuettes and bead orna- 
ments, n.e.s., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

852 Gold, silver and aluminum leaf, Dutch or schlag metal leaf; 
brocade and bronze powders and gold liquid paint, twenty- 
five per cent, ad valorem .^ 25 p. c. 


S53 Asbestos In any other form than crude, and all manufac- 
tures thereof, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

3d5 Plumbago, not ground or otherwise manufactured, ten 

pep cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

355 Plumbago, ground and manufactures of, n.e.s., and foundry 

facings of all kinds, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 


356 Pianofortes, organs and musical instruments of all kinds, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

857 Brass band instruments, parts of pianofortes and parts of 

organs, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

Provided that musical instrument cases shall be dutiable 
at the same rate as their contents when imported, con- 
taining the instruments. 


358 Cotton batts, batting and sheet wadding, cotton warps and 

cotton yarns, dyed or not, n.e.s., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem. .25 p. c. 

359 Cotton fabrics, white or gray, bleached or unbleached, n.o.p., 

twenty-five percent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

360 Cotton fabrics, printed, dyed or coloured, n.o.p., thirty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 36 p. e. 

361 Damask of linen, stair linen, diaper, napkins, doylies, table 

and tray cloths, sheets, quilts, towels and like articles of 
linen or cotton, or of linen and cotton combined, made 

up or not, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. 6. 

*362 Embroideries, n.e.s., laces, braids, fringes, cords, elastic, 
round or fiat; garter elastic, tassels and bracelets, n.o.p., 
braids, chains, cords, or other manufactures of hair, n.e.s.; 
handkerchiefs of all kinds; lace collars and all similar lace 
goods; lace nets and nettings of cotton, linen, silk or other 
material; shams, curtains, when made up, trimmed or un- i 

trimmed; regalia, badges and belts of all kinds, n.o.p.; 
linen, silk and cotton clothing, and all other articles made 
up by the seamstress from linen or cotton fabrics, n.o.p., 
corsets of all kinds, corset clasps, busks, blanks and steels. 


and covered corset wires, cut to lengths, tipped or untipped, 

tbirty-ftve per cent, ad valorem , ^5 p. c. 

363 White cotton embroideries, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem. .i... 25 p; c. 

364 Jeans, sateens and coutils, when imported by corset and 

dress stay makers for use in the manufacture of such articles 

in their own factories, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

365 Collars and cufCs, of cotton, linen, xylonite, xyolite or cellu- 

loid, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

366 Shirts of any material, and ladies' or misses' blouses and 

shirt waists, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

367 Crapes, black, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

368 Velvets, velveteens, silk velvets, plush and silk fabrics, thirty 

per cent, ad valorem •• 30 p. c. 

369 Ribbons of all kinds and materials and manufactures of 

silk or of which silk is the component part of chief value, 

n.e.s., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 36 p. c. 

870 Cotton sewing thread in hanks, three and six cord, fifteen 

per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

371 Cotton sewing thread and crochet cotton, on spools or tubes 

or in balls, and all other cotton thread, n.e.s., twenty-five 

per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

372 Silk in the gum, or spun, not more advanced than singles, 

tram and thrown organzine, not coloured, fifteen per cent, ad 

valorem 15 p. c. 

373 Sewing and embroidery silk, and silk twist, twenty-five 

percent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

374 Jute cloth, uncoloured, not otherwise finished than bleached 

or calendered, ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

375 Horse clothing of jute, shaped or otherwise manufactured, 

thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

376 All manufacturer of hemp, flax or jute, n.e.s., or of flax, 

hemp and jute combined, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

377 Bags or sacks of hemp, linen or ^ute, and cotton seamless 

bags, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

378 Felt, pressed, of all kinds, not filled or covered by* or with 

any woven fabric, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

379 Hair cloth of all kinds, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

380 Sails for boats and ships, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

381 Cloths, not rubbered or made water-proof, whether of wool, 

cotton, unions, silk or ramie, sixty inches or over in width 
and weighing not more than seven ounces to the square 
yard, when imported exclusively for the manufacture of 
mackintosh clothing, under regulations to be adopted by 

the Governor in Council, fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

3$2 Featherbone, plain or covered, in coils, twenty per cent. 

ad valorem 20 p. c. 

383 Stockinettes for the manufacture of rubber boots and shoes, 

when imported by manufacturers of rubber boots and shoes, 
for use exclusively in the manufacture thereof in their own 
factories, fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c. 

384 Cotton duck, gray or white, n.e.s., twenty- two and one- 

half per cent, ad valorem 22J. p. c. 

385 Oiled silk and oiled cloth, and tape or other textile india- 

mbbered, flocked or coated, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad /alovem — 30 p. c. 


SSo Women's and children's dress goods, coat linings, italian 
cloths, alpacas, Orleans, cashmeres, henriettas, serges, 
buntings, nun's cloth, bengalines, whip cords, twills, plains- 
or jacquards of similar fabrics, composed wholly or in part 
of wool, worsted, the hair of the camel, alpaca, goat, or like 
animal, not exceeding in weight six ounces to the square 
yard, when imported in the gray or unfinished state for the 
purpose of being dyed or finished in Canada, under such re- 
gulations as are established by the Governor in Council, 
twenty— five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

387 Socks and stockings of all kinds, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem... 35 p. c. 

388 Knitted goods, n.e.s., undershirts and drawers, and hosiery 

of all kinds, n.e.s., thirty-five pei» cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

389 Shawls of all kinds; railway or travelling rugs and lap dus- 

ters of all kinds, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

390 Wool, viz. :— Leicester, Cotswold, Lincolnshire, Southdown 

combing wools, or wools known as lustre wools and other 
like combing wools, such as are grown in Canada, three 
cents per pound 3c. p. lb. 

391 Worsted tops made from such wools as are mentioned in 

the noxt preceding item, fifteen per cent, ad valorem 15 p. c 

392 Yarns, woollen and worsted, n.e.s., thirty per cent, ad valorem 80 p. c. 

393 Yarns, composed wholly or in part of wool, worsted, the 

hair of the alpaca, goat or like animal, costing thirty 
cents per pound and over, when imported on the cop or 
tube or in the hank by manufacturers of woollen goods 

for use in their products, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

894 Fabrics, manufactures, wearing apparel and ready-made 
clothing, composed wholly or in part of wool, worsted, 
the hair of the alpaca, goat or other like animal, n.e.s.; 
blankets, bed comforters, or counterpanes, flannels, cloths, 
doe-skins, cassimeres, tweeds, coatings, overcoatings and 
felt cloths, n.e.s., thirty-five per ctent. ad valorem 35 p. c. 

395 Mats, door or carriage, n.e.s., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

396 Carpeting, rugs, mats, and matting of cocoa, straw, hemp 

or jute; carpet linings and stair pads, twenty-five per cent. 

ad valorem 25 p. o. 

397 Turkish or imitation Turkish or other rugs or carpets; and 

carpets, n.e.s.; thirty-five per cent, ad valorem ..35 p. c. 

398 Enamelled carriage, floor, shelf, and table oil-cloth, lino- 

leum, and cork matting or carpets, thirty per cent, ad valorem.... ?0 p. c. 
899 Window shades in the piece or cut and hemmed or mounted 

on rollers, n.e.s., thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

400 Webbing, elastic and non-elastic, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

401 Umbrellas, parasols, and sunshades of all kinds and ma- 

terials, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

402 Gloves and mitts, of all kinds, thirty-five per cent, ad valorem ...35 p. c. 

403 Hats, caps and bonnets, n.e.s., and hat, cap and bonnet 

shapes, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

404 Braces or suspenders, and metal parts thereof, thirty-five - 

per cent, ad valorem .35 p. c. 

405 Boot, shoe and stay laces of any material, thirty per cent. 

ad valorem SO p. c. 


406 Fur skins, wholly or partially dressed, fifteen per cent, ad 

valorem 15 p. c. 

407 Caps, hats, muffs, tippets, capes, coats, cloaks and other 

manufactures of fur, n.o.p., thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

40S Church vestments of any material, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 


409 Ships and other vessels, built in any foreign country, whe- 

ther steam or sailing vessels, on application for Canadian 
register, on the fair market value of the hull, rigging, 
machinery and all appurtenances; on the hull, rigging, 
and all appurtenances, except machinery, ten per cent, 
ad valorem; on the boilers, steam engines and other ma- 
chinery, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

410 Canoes, skiffs, or open pleasure sail-boats, of any material, 

twenty- five percent, ad valorem 25 p. \« 

411 Canvas, and sail twine of hemp and flax, ^^eh to be used 

for boats' and ships' sails, five per cent, ad valorem 5 p. c. 

412 Blasting and mining powder, two cents per pound 2c. p. lb. 

413 Cannon, musket, rifle, gun and sporting powder and canister 

powder, three cents per pound 3c. p. lb. 

414 Nitro-glycerine, giant powder, nitro and other explosives, 

three cents per pound 3c. p. lb. 

415 Glycerine, when imported by manufacturers of explosives, 

for use in the manufacture thereof in their own factories, 

ten per cent, ad valorem 10 p. c. 

416 Torpedoes, firecrackers, and fireworks of all kinds, twenty- 

five per cent ad valorem , 25 p. c. 

417 Fertilizers, compounded or manufactured, ten per cent, ad valorem. .10 p. c. 

418 Lamp wicks, twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

419 Photographic dry plates, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

420 Emery wheels, and manufactures of emery, twenty-five per 

cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

421 Lead pencils, pens, penholders, and rulers of all kinds, 

twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

422 Magic lanterns and slides therefor, philosophical, photogra- 

phic, mathematical and optical instruments, n.e.s., cyclo- 
meters and pedometers, and tape lines of any material, 
twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

423 Tobacco pipes of all kinds, . pipe mounts, . cigar and cigar- 

ette cases, cigar and cigarette holders, and cases for the 
same, smokers' sets and cases therefor, and tobacco pouches, 
thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

424 Trunks, valises, hat boxes, carpet bags, tool bags or baskets, 

satchels, reticules, musical instrument cases, purses, port- 
manteaux, pocket-books, fiy-books, and parts thereof, n.o.p., 
and baskets of all kinds, thirty per cent, ad valorem 30 p. c. 

425 Frames, clasps and fasteners, for purses and chatelaine bags 

or reticules not more than seven inches in width, when im- 
ported by manufacturers of purses and chatelaine bags 
or reticules, for use in the manufacture thereof, In ihcir 
own factories, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

426 Buttons, viz.: Pantaloon buttons wholly of metal, and shoe 

buttons, n.e.s., twenty-five per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 


Buttons of all kinds, covered or not, n.o,p., including recog- 
nition buttons and cuS or collar buttons (not being 
Jewellery), thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 35 p. c. 

427 Combs for dress and toilet, including mane combs, of all 

kinds, tbirty-five per cent, ad valorem '• ,.35 p. c. 

428 Brushes of all kinds, twenty-flve per cent, ad valorem 25 p. c. 

429 Hair, curled or dyed, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

130 Artificial fiowers, twenty-five per valorem 25 p. c. 

431 Twine and cordage of all kinds, n.e.s., twenty-five per cent. 

ad valorem 25 p. c. 

432 Rove, when imported for the manufacture of twine for har- 

vest binders, five per cent, ad valorem 5 p. c. 

438 Binders' twine or twine for harvest binders of hemp, jute, 

raanilla or sisal, and of manilla and sisal mixed, ten per 
cent, ad valorem until 1st January, 1S98; thereafter to be 

free 10 p. c. 

434 Hammocks, lawn tennis nets, sportsmen's fish nets, and 
other articles manufactured of twine, n.o.p., thirty per cent. 
ad valorem 30 p. c. 

135 All sugar above number sixteen Dutch standard in colour, 
and all refined sugars of whatever kinds, grades or stand- 
ards, testing not more than eighty-eight degrees by the 
polariscope, one dollar and eight cents per one hundred 
pounds, and for each additional degree one and one-half 
cent per one hundred pounds. Fractions of five-tenths of a 
degree or less not to be subject to duty and fractions of 
more than five-tenths to be dutiable as a degree, as amen- 
ded June, 1898. 

436 Sugar, n.e.s., not above number sixteen Dutch standard in 

colour, sugar drainings or pumpings drained in transit, me- 
lado or concentrated melado, tank bottoms and sugar con- 
crete, testing not more than seventy-five degrees by the 
polariscope, forty cents per one hundred pounds,and for each 
additional degree one and one-half cent per one hundred 
pounds. Fractions of five-tenths of a degree or less not to 
be subject to duty, and fractions of more than five-tenths 
to be dutiable as a degree. The usual packages in which 
imported to be free, as amended June, 1898. 

437 Glucose or grape sugar, glucose syrup, and com syrup, or 

any syrups containing any admixture thereof, three- CourtUs 

of one cent per pound Jo. p. lb. 

4.38 Sugar candy, brown or white, and confectionery, includ- 
ing sweetened gums, candied peel and pop-corn, one-half 
of one cent per pound and thirty-five per cent, ad valorem 

Jc. p. lb. and 85 p. c. 

439 Maple sugar and maple syrup, twenty per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 

440 Syrups and molasses of all kinds, n o.p., the product of tbe 

sugar cane or beet, n.e.s,, and all imitations thereof or 

substitutes therefor, three-fourths of one cent per pound |c. p. lb. 

441 Molasses produced in the process of the manufacture of cane 

sugar from the Juice of the cane without any admixture 
with any other ingredient, when imported in the original 


package in whipli "it was placed at the point of* production 
and »ot afterwards subjected to any process of treating 
or mixing, the package in which imported, when of wood, 
to be free:— 
(a.) Testing by polariscope forty degrees or over, one 

and three-fourths cent per gallon IJc. p. gal. 

(b.) When testing by polariscope less than forty degrees 
and not less than thirty-five degrees, one and three- . 
fourths cent per gallon, and in addition thereto one 
cent per gallon for each degree or fraction of a degree 
less than forty degrees l|c p. gal. and Ic. additional p. deg. 


442 Cigars and cigarettes, the weight of the cigarettes to in- 
clude the weight of the paper covering, three dollars per 
pound and twenty-five per cent, ad valorem $3 p. lb. and 25 p.'c. 

HZ Cut tobacco, fifty-five cents per pound 55c. p. lly. 

414 Manufactured tobacco, n. e. s., and snuff, fifty cents per 

pound 50c. p. lb. 

445 All goods not enumerated in this Act as subject to any other 
rate of duty, nor declared free of duty by this Act, and not 
being goods the importation whereof is by this Act or any 
other Act prohibited, shall be subject to a duty of twenty 
per cent, ad valorem 20 p. c. 


The Minister of Customs has, under the power vested ini him by the Act of 
1898, and with the. approval of the Governor-General -in-Council, determined 
that the following British Colonies and possessions are entitled to the benefits 
of the Preferential Tariff, viz. —British India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements^ New 
South Wales. 

Under the power vested in him by the said Act, the said Minister of Cus- 
toms has also, with the approval of the Governor-in-Council, made certain 
regulations for carrying out the Intention of such Act, the full text of which 
regulations is set forth in the Orders-in-Council of 14th July, 1898, as per copy 
annexed hereto. 

. Unless the regulations be complied with in every respect the articles will be 
subject to payment of the general tariff rates of dut^ upon importations into 

It is deemed advisable to draw the attention of exporters to the fact that 
the Customs laws of Canada provide severe penalties for the making of false 
invoices and certificates whereby the Customs Revenue shall or may be de- 
frauded. In such cases, the goods are liable to forfeiture, and the exporter 
making such fraudulent invoice or certificate, as well as the Importer using 
them, is subject to heavy pecuniary penalties in addition to the forfeiture of 
the goods. Exporters are, therefore, advised and cautioned to use every care in 
furnishing true and correct invoices and certificates for goods shipped to 

Attention is directed to the following requirements of the Canadian Cus- 
toms Laws :— 

1. Every Invoice of goods imported into Canada shall be certified in w^rlt- 
ing as correct by the person, firm or corporation selling or consigning the goods, 
and shall truly show the whole and actual value of the goods In the currency 
of the country whence tfie goods have been exported directly to Canada, and 
the quantity and description of such goods, and the marks and numbers on the 
packages, in such a manner as to indicate truly the quantites and values of 
the articles comprised in each exportation package, all of which packages shall 
be legibly marked and number^ on the outside when of such a character as to 
enable such marks and numbers to be placed thereon. 

2. If invoices are made out at lower prices for goods exported directly to 
Canada than the fair market value at the same time) and place for such goods 
when sold for home consumption in the country whence so exported, in all such 
cases the Invoices are also to show clearly, in a special column, or by an addi- 
tion thereto, such fair market value, as aforesaid, for the goods described 

Exporters will note particularly that a separate invoice must be furnished 
for goods entitled to entry under the Preferential Tariff and that the certificates 
required must be written, printed or stamped on the invoice, and also that the 
Preferential Tariff does not apply to any of the following articles, viz. : Wines, 
malt liquors, spirits, spirituous liquors, liquid medicines and articles containing 
alcohol ; tobacco, cigars and cigarettes. 

Exporters are required to mark distinctly in writing on all invoices of sugars 
exported to Canada that the sugars described therein are either raw or refined 
in every case, whether for entry under the Preferential Tariff or under the 

General Tariff. 


Commissioner of Custonas. 
Customs Department, Canada^ 

Ottawa, 14th July, 1898. 


Approved by Order-in-Council, l4th July, 1898. 

1. A separate invoice of articles entitled to entry under the British Prefer- 
ential Tariff of Canada, upon the face or back of which there shall be written, 
printed or stamped a certificate of growth, produce or manufacture, in such of 
the forms marked A, B, C, D, E, und F, set forth and prescribed in the sched- 
ule of forms attached hereto, as may be applicable, shall be produced and de- 
livered to the Collector of Customs at the Port of Entry in Canada, before 
entry of such articles under the said Preferential TarifC shall be allowed ; such 
certificate shall be made and signed in manner following, that is to say :— 

(a.) If the exporter be an individual, either he or his manager, chief clerk 
• or other principal official, having knowledge of the facts to be certified to, shall 
make and sign the certificate. 

(b.) If the exporter be a firm or corporation the certificate shall be made 
and signed by a partner, manager, director, chief clerk or other principal offi- 
cial of such firm or corporation, having knowledge of the facts certified to. 

2. In the case of entry of refined sugars under the said Preferential Tariff, 
In addition to tha certificate of growth, produce or manufacture, to be written, 
printed or stamped on the Invoice referred to In the first paragraph above^ 
there shall be attached to the invoice a certificate of the refiner of the sugar 
as to the growth and refining of the same. In the form marked " G " set forth 
and prescribed In the Schedule of Forms hereto attached, before entry under 
the said tariff shall be allowed. 

3. The certificate of growth, produce or manufacture hefelnbefore prescribed 
will be waived In the case of postal packages not exceeding |25 In value when 
for entry under the British Preferential TarlfC, if the contents of such packages 
arc not merchandise for sale ; provided, however, that such packages shall 
have endorsed on them a certificate In the form marked " H," set forth and 
prescribed In the Schedule of Forms attached hereto, which certificate shall be 
signed In the presence of a postal officer of the country whence the package 
was shipped direct to Canada. 


The new Canadian customs tariff Introduced In Parliament by Hon. W. S. 
Fielding, Minister of Finance In the Laurler Administration, came Into forca 
April 23, 1897, and certain amendments, including the all-British preferential, 
on April 6, 1898. 


The United States customs tariff, known as the Dingley Bill, came into 
force July 24, 1897. 


1. This Act may be cited as The Franchise Act, 1898. 

2. This Act shall not apply to the North-West Territories. 

3. The Electoral Franchise Act, being chapter five of the Revised Statutes, 
and all Acts amending it, are hereby repealed. 

4. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,— 

(a.) The expression "electoral district" means any place or territorial area 
in Canada entitled to return a member to serve in the House of Commons. 

(b.) The expression "Dominion election" or "election" means an election 
of a member to serve in the House of Commons. 

(c.) The expression "provincial election" means an election of a'memb^ to 
servo in the Legislative Assembly, or House of Assembly or General Assembly* 
of a Province of Canada, and in the Province of Prince Edward Island means 
an election of an assemblyman: 

(d.) The expression "voters' list," or "list of voters," includes, when pro- 
vincial lists are referred to, any offtcial list of persons, entitled to vote at/ a 
provincial election; 

(e.) The expression "polling division" includes, when used in reference to 
provincial elections, any polling subdivision, polling district or subdistrict or 
other territorial area for which there is a separate voters' list, or in which a 
poll may be held . 

5. For the purposes of any Dominion election held within the limits of a 
province, except as hereinafter otherwise provided,— 

(a.) The qualifications necessary to entitle any person to vote thereat shall 
be those stablished by the laws of that province as necessary to entitle such 
person to vote in the same part of the province at a provincial election. 

(b.) The polling divisions shall be those established by or under the laws 
of that province for the purposes of provincial elections within the territory 
comprised in the electoral district for which such election is held; 

(c.) The voters' lists shall be those prepared for the several polling divi- 
sions so established and which on the sixtieth day next preceding the day fixed 
for the nomination of candidates for such Dominion election were in force or 
were last in force under the laws of that province for the purposes of provincial 

(d.) Where, for any part of the province, polling divisions are not estab- 
lished by or under the laws of the province, but by or under such laws places 
are fixed where polls shall be opened and held at provincial elections and lists 
of the voters entitled to vote at such places at such elections have been pre- 
pared and are or have been in force, polls shall be opened and held in that 
part of the province at the same places, and the voters' lists so prepared and 
which are or were last in force shall be the voters' lists for the purposes of 
such Dominion election; 

(e.) It shall be the duty and shall be within the power of the resuming 
oflicer appointed by the Governor in Council to constitute polling divisions, and 
to appoint and fix polling places and polling stations in all cases where, under 
the laws of the province, it is respectively the duty or within the power of the 
returning officer or any other officer or person at provincial elections to do so; 
and the returning officer shall, in all cases, indicate such polling places and 
polling stations in the election proclamation; 

(f.) The provisions of the law of the province as to the places where non- 
resident electors shall vote shall apply mutatis mutandis to such Dominion elec- 
tion, and the returning officer at such election shall have the powers and be 


charged with the duties of the sheriff or returning afflcer under those provi- 
sions; but nothing herein shall enable any person to vote by schedule or other- 
wise than by appearing personally. 

6. No person possessed of the qualifications generally required by the/ pro- 
vincial law to entitle him to vote at a provincial election, shall be disqualified 
from voting at a Dominion election merely by reason of any provision of the 
provincial law disqualifying from having his name on the list or for voting— 

(a.) the holder of any office, or 

(b.) any person employed in any cajwicity in the public service of Canada 
or of the province, or 

(c.) apy person belonging to or engaged in any profession, calling, employ- 
ment or occupation, or 

(d.) any one belonging to any other class of persons who, although pos- 
sesed of the qualifications generally required bf the provincial law, are by such 
law declared to be disqualified by reason of their belonging to that class 

(2). Any person possessed of the qualifications so generally required, ex- 
cept that his name has been omitted from the list of voters by reason or on 
account of some such disqualifying provision, may, nevertheless, if not other- 
wise disqualified, vote at a Dominion election at the place where, but for such 
omission, he would have been entitled to vote under subsection 1 of this ise6tion 
on his taking or offering to take before the returning ofllcer or other officer or 
person in charge of the polling place, the following oath, in addition to the oath 
which he might have been required to take if his name had been on the list, 
so far as such last mentioned oath is applicable, viz. :— 

I (AB) do swear that I am legally qualified to vote at this election, and that 
1 verily believe that my name was omitted from the list of voters by reason of 
my being 
at the time such list was prepared and for no other reason. 

(3). Nothing in this Act shall be deemed to repeal, or to affect otherwise 
th»n is provided by section 18 of this Act, the provisions of section 42 of the 
Dominion Elections Act, as that section has been heretofore amended, or to re- 
peal or affect the provisions of sections 96, 98 or 99 of the said Act, or of section 
15 of chapter 14 of the statutes of 1894, intituled An Act to disfranchise voters 
who have taken bribes. 

(4). Any person who, at the time of an election, is a prisoner in a jail or 
prison undergoing punishment for a criminal offence, or is a patient in a luna- 
tic asylum, or ts maintained in whole or in part as an inmate receiving charit- 
able support or care in a municipal poor house or house of industry, or is an 
inmate receiving charitable support in an institution receiving aid from the go- 
vernment of the province under any statute in that behalf, shall be disquali- 
fied and incompetent to vote at an election. 

7. Where a polling division has more than three hundred qualified voters 
according to the voters' list, the returning officer shall provide separate and 
additional polling stations or rooms according to the total number of qualified 
voters on the voters' list, near to one another, for the polling of the votes in 
such polling division, and so that not -more than three hundred, and, when 
practicable, not less than two hundred qualified voters' names shall be on the 
list for each polling station or room. 

(2). The returning officer in such cases shall prepare, or cause to be prepar- 
ed, from the voters' list for the polling division, a separate list for each polling 
station or room, made up in alphabetical order according to the initial letter 
of the surname of each voter. Each separate polling station or room shall be 
designated by the initial letters of the voters on the list who are to vote in 


such station or room, in the following manner, that is to say : From A 
to K, and from L to R, and from S to Z, or as the case may be. 

{?.). Every voter, the initial letter of whose name is included within thg 
letters of the alphabet designating a polling station or room and contained in 
such list, shall vote in the station or room so designated. 

(4). The returning officer shall appoint a deputy returning officer for each 
station or room, and shall deliver to such deputy in due time a list certified by 
him to be a correct list of all voters on the voters' list whose surnames com- 
mence with the letters of the alphabet included within the letters by which 
such polling station or room is designated 

8. Where any provincial polling division, as constituted at the time of the 
receipt by the returning officer of the writ f ^r an election, lies only partly with- 
in the electoral district for which such election is to be held, the part thereof 
within such electoral district shall, for the purpose of that election, form a 
separate polling division, or it may be attached by the returning officer to an 
adjoining polling division; and the returning officer shall as soon as possible 
after the receipt of the writ prepare from the existing voters' list a separate 
voters' list containing the names of the persons entitled to have their names 
placed on the list for such part of such polling division. 

9. Where under the laws of a province the voters' lists for any provincial 
electoral district or division or any of them are prepared not at regular inter- 
vals, but at such times as are fixed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council or 
some other provincial or local authority or only from time to time for the pur- 
pose of a general or other election In Immediate contemplation; the last preced- 
ing voters' list so prepared shall be used for the purpose of any Dominion 
election in the territory comprised in such provincial electoral district or di- 
vision or the parts thereof for use in which they were prepared if such lists 
have been prepared not more than one year before the date of the writ for 
such Dominion election; otherwise, new voters' lists shall be prepared, and for 
the purpose of preparing and giving effect to such voters' lists the Governor in 
Council may appoint all necessary officers and confer upon them all necessary 
powers, and In the preparation and revision and bringing Into foYce of such 
new voters' lists the provisions of the laws of the province regulating the 
preparation and revision and bringing into force of the provincial voters' lists 
in such case« shall, as far as possible, be observed and followed. 

10. Within ten days after the final revision of every list of voters for the 
purposes of provincial elections. It shall be the duty of the custodian thereof to 
transmit to the Clerk of the Crown In Chancery, by registered mall, a Qopy of 
such list, certified under the hand of such custodian, and having every alter- 
ation, addition or erasure therein Identified by his initials. The fees to be paid 
for such certified copy shall be those fixed by the provincial law for furnish- 
ing such copies to applicants therefor, and if- there Is no fee fixed by the pro- 
vincial law, shall be twenty-five cents for each one hundred names including 
additions and descriptions and fifty cents for the certificate. 

(2). For the purposes of Dominion elections, such certified copy shall be 
deemed to be the original and legal list of voters for the polling division for 
which the list of which it is a copy was prepared, so long as that list remains in 
force, subject, however, to such changes and additions as are, subsequent to 
revision, made in such list under the provisions of the provincial law. 

(3). It shall be the duty of the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, immediately 
upon receipt by him of any such certified copy of a list of voters, to cause it to 
be printed by the Queen's Printer, and he shall thererafter retain such certi- 
flod copy of record in his office. 


(4). Immediately after printing such list, the Queen's Printer shall send, by 
registered mail, twenty copies thereof to the sitting member for the electoral 
district to which the list belongs, and twenty copies to the defeated candidate 
at the last Dominion electiwi therein; and the Governor in Council may, by 
regulation, provide for the issue to member and candidates of such additional 
copies as are thought proper. 

V (5). The Clerk of the Crown in Chancery and the Queen's Printer shall sup- 
ply copies of any lists so printed to any person applying therefor and paying 
for them a price proportionately sufficient to cover the cost of printing them, 
but such price shall not exceed ten cents for each copy of the list for a polling 

(6). All voters' lists so printod by the Queen's Printer shall be authenticated 
by his imprint in the same manner as oth^er parliamentary documents, ana 
every copy of a voters' list bearing such imprint shall be deemed to be for all pur- 
poses an authentic copy of the original list of record in the of&ce of the Clerk* 
of the Crown in Chancery. 

(7.) If, under the provincial law, any changes in or additions to a list of 
voters have been made since the final revision, it shall be the duty of the official 
having a record of such changes and additions, upon the request of any per- 
son presenting for the purpose any such printed copy of the list, and paying or 
tendering the sum of fifty cents, to make corresponding changes in and addi- 
tions to such printed copy, and to certify under his hand as to the correctness 
of such changes and additions; and such printed copy, with such changes and 
additions and so certified, shall be deemed to be, for all purposes, an authentic 
copy of the list of voters as it exists and is in force at the time of such certi- 

(8). The Queen's Printer shall keep standing, in type, every list of voters so 
printed by him until he is furnished by the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery 
with a duly certified copy of a later list for the same polling division, or of a 
later list or later lists showing some change in the polling division, whereupon 
he shall correct such list so that it shall correspond with such later list, or 
shall make such other changes as are necessary, and he shall then keep such 
list so corrected, or any new resulting list or lists, standing in type until he 
has been furnished with a certified copy of a later list or lists affecting the 
same, and so on, so that there shall always, so far as practicable, be kept 
stjinding in type a correct copy of every finally revised provincial list of 

(y). Bvf!ry officer or person who, under the provincial law, is the custodian 
of any list of voters, or has the official record of any change In or additions to 
any such list since the last final revision thereof, and who refuses or omits 
to perform any duty imposed upon him by this section, is guilty of an indict- 
able offence, and for each such refusal or omission shall incur a penalty of not 
more than one thousand dollars and not less than one hundred dollars. 

(10^ So long at ard whenever, for any reason, a certified copy of any iist 
of voters as finally revised has not been transmitted to or received by the Clerk 
of the Crown in Chancery pursuant to the provisions of this section, the orig- 
inal and legal list for Dominion elections shall b-^ the same as that for pro- 
vincial elections. 

11. The expression "polling district" in The Dominion ElecUoni Act, chap- 
ter 8 of the Revised Statutes, shall have the same meaning, as the expression 
'•polling division" has in this Act. 

12. In the said Act the expressions "list of voters," "voters' list," "elec- 
tor," and "voter," shal have the same meaning as the same expressions have 
in this Act. 


12. Paragraph (e) of section 7 of the said Act is hereby amended by strik- 
ing out the words "or revising officers." 

14. Section 13 of the said Act, as amended by section 1 of chapter 19 of 
the statutes of 1891, is hereby repealed and the following is substituted there- 

"13. Forthwith after the receipt of the writ for a Dominion election the 
returning officer shall obtain from the officers who are the legal custodians 
thereof, or of duly certified duplicates, or copies thereof, such provincial voters' 
lists or such certified copies thereof or extracts therefrom, and such certified 
copies of by-laws, orders, proclamations or other documents or proceedings 
defining the several provincial polling divisions situate either wholly or partially 
within the territory comprised in the electoral district for which such election is to 
be held as are necessary, or as he deems necessary, to the performance of his 
duties as returning officer; and every such officer who omits or refuses to fur- 
nish within a reasonable time any such voters' list or copy thereof, or extract 
therefrom, or any such copy of a by-law, or order, or proclamation or other 
document or proceeding demanded by the returning officer shall be guilty of an 
indictable offence and incur a penalty not exceeding two thousand dollars and 
not less than two hundred dollars." 

15. Subsection 2 of section 20 of the said Act is hereby repealed. 

16. Paragraph (b) of section 30 of the said Act is hereby repealed and the 
following substituted therefor:— 

"(b.) furnish each deputy returning officer with a certified copy of the list 
of voters in the polling district for which he is appointed, if there is any such 

17. Section 41 of the said Act is hereby repealed. 

18. Section 42 of the said Act is hereby amended by striking out the words 
"revising officers" in paragraph (a) of subsection 2. 

19. Section 43 of the said Act shall not apply to Prince Edward Island. 

20. Subsection 1 of section 45 of the said Act is hereby repealed and in 
lieu thereof it is hereby enacted that not more than one elector for each com- 
partment shall, at any one time, enter the room where the poll is held, and 
euth elector upon so entering shall declare his name and addition, and in the 
Province of Prince Edward Island his qualification also, which shall be entered 
or recorded by the poll clerk in the poll book provided for that purpose, which 
frhall be kept in the form R in the first schedule to The Dominion Elections 
Act: and if the name is found an the list of voters for the polling district of 
such polling station, or if in any polling division where by the provincial la-w 
no list of voters is required or provided such elector is found entitled to vote, 
or if his name is not on the list of voters but he claims the right to vote 
under subsection 2 of section 6 of this Act and takes the oath prescribed by 
that subsection, he shall receive from the deputy returning officer a ballot 
paper, on the back of which such deputy returning officer has previously put 
his initials, so placed that when the ballot is folded they can be seen without 
opening it, and on the counterfoil to which he has placed a number correspond- 
ing to that placed opposite the voter's name in the poll book. 

21. Subsection 2 of the said section 45 of the said Act, as amended by sec- 
tion 7 of chapter 11 of the statutes of 1888, is hereby repealed and in lieu 
thereof it is hereby enacted that an elector, if required by the deputy return- 
ing officer, the poll clerk, one of the candidates, or an agent of a candidate, 
or by any elector present shall, before receiving his ballot paper, take such 
oath of qualification as by the law of the province he may in the like case .it a 
provincial election be required to take, such changes being made in the form 
of oath as are necessary to make it applicable to the election being held. 

THE FRANCHISE ACT, 1 898 '325 

-which oath the deputy returning officer and poll clerk are each of them hereby- 
authorized to administer. 

22. In the Province of Prince Edward Island an elector, if required by the 
deputy returning officer, the" poll clerk, one of the candidates, or an agent of a 
candidate, or by any elector present, shall, before receiving his ballot paper, 
answer such questions and produce such certificate or receipt (or in case such 
certificate or receipt cannot be produced, take the oath in such cases prescrib- 
ed), and take such other oath of qualification as by the law of the province he 
may in the like case at a provincial election be required to answer, produce, or 
take, such changes being made in the form of oaths as are necessary to make 
them applicable to the election being held, which oath the deputy returning 
officer and poll clerk are each of them hereby authorized to administer. 

23. In the Province of Prince Edward Island, if any person desires to vote 
T.'hose right to vote is objected to on the ground of want of qualification, and 
if a candidate, or any agent of a candidate, or (in the absence of such agent) 
any elector acting in the interest of a candidate, so objects in the presence of 
the elector, the deputy returning officer shall number and place his Initials 
upon the ballot paper before delivering it to such person, and shall place oppo- 
hite to the name of such person in the poll book a corresponding number, and 
thereupon such person shall be entitled to receive such ballot paper and to 

24 Section 50 of the said Act is hereby repealed. 

25. Section 51 of the said Act is hereby repealed, and in lieu thereof it is 
hereby enacted that the poll clerk shall enter in the poll book, opposite the 
name of each voter voting, the word "Voted," as soon as his ballot paper has 
been deposited in the ballot box, and he shall enter in the same book the word 
'•Sworn" or "Affirmed" opposite the name of each elector to whom the oath 
of qualification has been administered, and the words "Refused to be sworn," 
or "Refused to affirm," or "Refused to answer questions put to him," or "Re- 
fused to produce evidence of qualification," opposite the name of each elector 
who has refused to take the oath or to affirm, or has refused to answer ques- 
tions or produce evidence of qualification which he has been lawfully required 
to answer or produce, and in the Province of Prince Edward Island the words 
'Objected to" opposite the name of such person voting whose right to vote 
has been objected to under section 23 of this Act. 

(2.) The poll clerk shall also enter In the poll book the words " Provincial 
disqualifications oaths taken" opposite the name of each elector to whom the 
oath prescribed by subsection 2 of section 6 of this Act has been administered, 
and the words " Refused to take provincial disqualifications oath " opposite the 
name of each elector who has refused to take that oath. 

26. Section 52 of the said Act Is hereby repealed, and In lieu thereof It is 
hereby enacted that no voter who has refused to take the oath or affirmation, 
or to answer questions or produce evidence as to qualification as aforesaid, 
when required to do so, shall receive a ballot paper or be permitted to vote. 

27. Section 54 of the said .Act shall be applicable also to electors entitled to 
vote otherwise than by being named on the list of voters. 

28. Subsection 3 of section 56 of the said Act is hereby repealed. 

29. In the Province of Prince Edward Island the deputy returning officer 
shall also, in counting the ballots, place in a separate envelope or parcel all bal- 
lot papers numbered and initialed under section 23 of this Act. 

30. Section 57 of the said Act shall not apply, In the Province of Prince 
Edward Island, to. the determination of the qualification or non-quallficatlon 
of any voter whose ballot paper has been numbered and Initialled under section 
23 of this Act. 


31. Section 58 of the said Act, as enacted by section 8 of chapter 11 of the 
statutes of 1888, is hereby further amended by striking out all the words from 
"candidate" in line four to "of" in line nine, and by inserting after the word 

"papers" in line ten the words "and of the ballot papers numbered and ini- 
tialled by him under section 23 of this Act." 

32. Subsection 1 of section 64 of the said Act is hereby amended by strik- 
ing out all the words from "or" in line fourteen to "be" in line twenty-eight, 
and by substituting therefor: "(3.) In the Province of Prince Edward Is- 
land that any person not duly qualified to vote in such electoral district has so 

2. Subsection 2 of said section 64 is hereby repealed. 

3. Subsection 4 of the said section 64 is hereby- amended by striking out all 
the words from 'including" in line eight to "appeals" in line thirteen. 

4. Subsection 6 of the said section 64 is hereby amended by striking out 
all the words from "and" In line three to "thereat" in line twenty-four. 

33. Form S in the first schedule to the said Act, as amended by section 11 
of chapter 11 of the statutes of 1888, by section 16 of chapter 19 of the statutes 
of 1891, and by section 22 of chapter 14 of the statutes of 1891, is hereby re- 

34. Form X in the said schedule is hereby repealed. 

35. The second schedule to the said Act is hereby amenc^ed by inserting 
after the item numbered 7 the following item:— 

"7a. For necessary disbursements under section 13, :ne fees lo be paM for 
copies of documents furnished to the returning officer iherouuder to be those 
provided for similar services under the provincial law, and wh.^re no provision 
is made by the provincial law, ten cents per folio of one hundred words, and 
for the certificate of the custodian, fifty cents." 

36. It shall be lawful for the Governor in Council to prepare, as schedules 
to this Act, the oaths in the form required to be taken by voters at an elec- 
tion held under the authority of this Act. 


An Act to provide for the Government of the Yukon District. 

(Assented to 13th June, 1898.) 
HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and 
House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows : — 

1. This Act may be cited as The Yukon Twritory Act. 

2. The Yukon Judicial District, as constituted by the proclamation of the 
Govemor-in-Council bearing date the sixteenth day of August, one thousand 
eigkt hundred and ninety-seven, and contained in the schedule to this Act, is 
hereby constituted and declared to be a separate territory under the- name of 
the Yukon Territory, and the same shall no longer form part of the North- 
West Territories. 

3. The Goveraor-in-Council may, by instrument under. the great seal, ap- 
point for the Yukon Territory a chief executive officer to be styled and known 
as the Commissioner of the Yukon Territory. 

4. The Commissioner shall administer the government of the territory im- 
der instructions from time to time given him by the Governor-in-Council or the 
Minister of the Interior. 

5. The Governor-in-Council by warrant under his privy seal may constitute 
and appoint such and so many persons from time to time not exceeding in the 
whole six persons, as may be deemed desirable to be a Council to aid the 
Commissioner in the administration of the territory, and such persons so ap- 
pointed to the Council shall before entering upon the duties of their offices 
take and subscribe before the Commissioner such oaths of allegiance and office 
as the Goveruor-fn-Council may prescribe. 

(2.) The majority of the Council including the Commissioner shall form a 

(3.) Each judge of the court shall be ex officio a member of the Council, but 
the total number of members of the Council, including the judges, shall not 
exceed six. 

6. The Commlsioner-in-Council shall have the same powers to make ordin- 
ances for the government of the territory as are ^t the date of this Act pos- 
sessed by the Lieutenant-Governor of the North- West Territories, acting by and 
with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly thereof to make ordin- 
ances for the government of the North-West Territories, except as such powers 
may be limited by order of the Governor-in-Council. 

7. A copy of every such ordinance made by the Commissioner-in-Council 
shall be dispatched by mail to the Govemor-in-Council within ten days after 
the passing thereof, and shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament as soon 
as conveniently may be thereafter, and any such ordinance may be disallowed 
by the Governor-in-Council at any time within two years after its passage. 

8. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Governor-in-Council may make 
ordinances for the peace, order and good government of the territory and of 
Her Majesty's subjects and others therein, but no ordinance made by the Gov- 
emor-in-Councll or the Commissioner-in-Council shall, 

(a.) impose any tax or any duty of customs or any excise or any penalty 
exceeding one hundred dollars, or 

(b.) Alter or repeal the punishment provided in any Act of the Parliament 
of Canada In force In the territory for any offence, or 

(c.) appropriate any public money, lands or property of Canada without 
authority of Parliament : 


Provided that this section shall not apply to any law extending or applying 
or declared applicable to the territory by any Act of the Parliament of Canada. 
9. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the laws relating to civil and crim- 
inal matters and the ordinances ajB the same exist in the North-West Territories 
at the time of the passing of this Act, shall be and remain in force in the said 
Yukon Territory in so far as the same are applicable thereto until amended or 
repealed by the Parliament of Canada or by any ordinance of the Govemor-in- 
Council or the Commissioner-in-Council made under the provisions of this Act- 
io. There is hereby constituted and appointed a Superior Court of Record 
in and for the said territory, which shall be called The Territorial Court. 

The said court shall consist of one or more Judges, who shall be appointed 
by the Governor-in-Council by letters patent under the Great Seal. 

(2.) Any person may be appointed judge of the court who is or has been a 
/udge of a superior or a County Court of any province of Canada or of tli3 
North-West Territories, or a barrister or advocate of at least ten years' stand- 
ing at the bar of any such province or of the North- West Territories. 

(3.) A judge of the court shall not hold any other office or emolument under 
the Government of Canada, or of any province of Canada or of the said terri- 
tory, but this provision shall not prevent a judge from being eligible for ap- 
pointment as a member of the Council of the said territory. 

11. The law governing the residence, tenure of office, oath of office, rights 
and privileges of the judge or judges of the court, and the power, authority 
and jurisdiction of the court shall be the same, mutatis mutandis, as the law 
governing the residence, tenure of office, oath of office, rights and privileges 
of the judges, and the power, authority and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court 
of the North-Wost Territories, except as the same are expressly varied in this 

12. Sittings of the court presided over 'by a judge or judges shall be held 
at such times and places as the Governor-in-Council or the Commissioner-in- 
Council shall appoint. 

13. The Governor- In-Council may appoint such officers of the court as may 
be deemed necessary, and may define and specify the duties and emoluments 
of the officers so appointed. 

14. The judge of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories assigned 
to the Yukon Judicial District at the time this Act comes into force, and the 
officers of that court for the said district, shall be the judge and officers of the 
Territorial Court until otherwise provided, but the said judge may at his option, 
at any time, within twelve months after this Act comes into forcb, resume his 
office as one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories, 
his transfer to that court being in such case made by Order of the (Jovemor- 

15. The procedure in criminal cases in the Territorial Court shall, subject 
to the provisions of any Act of the Parliament of Canada, conform as nearly 
as possible to the procedure existing in like cases in the North-West Territor- 
ies at the time of the passing of this Act. 

16. While in the said Yukon Territory the Commissioner of the territory, 
each member of the Council thereof, every judge of the court, and every com- 
missioned officer of the North-West Mounted Police, shall ex officio havof, 
po55sess and exercise all the powers of a justice of the peace, or of two justices 
of the peace, under any laws or ordinances, civil or criminal, in force in the 
said territory, and the Govcrnor-ln-Council may, by commission, appoint sudi 
other persons justices of the peace or police commissioners, having: eadh tlie 

THE YUKON ACT OF 1898 329 

authority of two justices of the peace 'within the said territory, as m&y b^ 
deemed desirable. 

J 17. .No person shall be summoned or sworn as a juryman on iny trial in 
the Territorial Court unless he is a British subject. 

18. Every lock-up, guard-room, guard-house or place of conflnctiionL pro- 
vided by or for or under the direction of the North- West Mounted Police Force, 
or the regular military force, or a municipal body, or by the Commli^jiloDfr cr 
Commissioner-in- Council of the territory, shall be a penitentiary, ja4i, and place 
cf confinement for all persons sentenced to imprisonment In the territory, and 
the Commissioner of the territory shall direct in which such pcnitenilary, jail 
or place of confinement any person sentenced to imprisonment Ehal! he Im- 

(2.) The Governor-in-Council shall have power to make rules and rt^giilatloiw 
respecting the management, discipline and policy of every penitentiBr5% jail of 
place of confinement used as such in the territory. 

19. All persons possessing the powers of two justices of the pf^Ht^e la the 
territory shall also be coroners in and for the said territorj'. 

20. The Govemor-in^Council may appoint such officers as arie necessary for 
the due administration of justice in the territory, may fix the fees or eraolu^ 
ments of such officers and may fix the fees or emoluments of coroaers, jnatices 
of the peace, jurors, witnesses and other persons attending or performing 
duties in relation to the administration of criminal justice, and proTldi> the' 
manner in which such fees and emoluments shall be paid. 

21. In case of the death of the Commissioner the senior membt^r of the 
Council shall act as Commissioner until a successor is appointed. 


Under the above Act the following Council was appointed :— 
Commissioner of Yukon— William Ogllvie. 
Members of Council- 
Judge of the District— Hon. Calixte Aime Dugas (appointed Sept. 12, 1S*B.) 
Registrar of Lands— Jos. E. Glrouard, M.P.P. for Arthabaska. 
Legal Adviser to the Council, Crown Attorney and Clerk of the Oourt- 
W. H. P. Clement. 

Commissioner of Yukon Police— Lieut. -Col. Steele. 
Sheriff— Lieut. -Col. Steele. 
Controller of Currency— John T. Llthgow. 
Accountant, Interior Department— H. A. Bliss. 


Gold Commissioner— B. C. Senkler. (Appointed Oct. 17, 1898.) 
Surveyors— James Gibbons, R. W. Cantley, J. A. Cadenhead, E. D. BOH011. 
Surveyors' Assistant— A. F. Hurdman. 
Clerk— F. D. Pattullo. 

Clerk, Oswald Fillie, $900 ; clerk, Mr. Conklln, $900 ; stenograplier, joeeph 
Clark, $900. 

Mining Inspector— J. D. McGregor, $1,500. 
Mining Inspector— H. H. Norwood, $1,500. 
Mining Inspector— William Madden, $1,500. 

?./ ' y 



Chief Clerk— George Lajrfleld, $1,200. , 
Clerk— H. Landerkln, $900. 
Clerk— Wallace Montgomery (Kingston), $900. 
Inspector-J. W. Wlllison, $1,500. • , 

Inspector— D. A. McRae, $1,200. 
Inspector— F. D. McFarlane, $1,200. 
Legal Adviser— W. H. P. Clement. 
Registrar- J. E. Girouard, $2,000. 
Stenographer and Clerk— John N. E. Brown, $900. 

The appointment of the Commissioner, Mr. Ogilvie, dates from July 7, 1898?. 
Major Walsh was the first Commissioner, and went in Oct. 27, 1897, and or- 
ganized the territory, coming out Sept., 1898. 

Mr. Fawcett was appointed Gold Commissioner in April, 1897. 


The precise temperature of the Yukon territory has hitherto been unknown, 
and a record for a full year both in summer and winter will be of considerable 
interest as well as of great value to those who are going there. The record 
was taken by Mr. William Ogilvie, and the following figures were furnished 
by him to the editor of this book. 

January, 1896— Lowest temperature, 68 J degrees below zero; highest at one 
p.m., 3 degrees below. Mean temperature for the month, 40.71 degrees below 
zero; at one p.m., 32.09 below. The greatest cold at one p.m. during this month 
was 60 degrees below. 

February.— Lowest temperature, 64 J degrees below zero; highest (on Feb. 
20), 32 degrees above zero. Mean temperature for the month, 35.42 degree, 
below, and at ode p.m., 28.74 degrees below. 

March.— Lowest temperature, 38 degrees below; highest (on March 15), 40 
degrees above. 

April.— Lowest temperature, 26 degrees below; highest, 51 J degrees above. 
The record in this month showed a difference between April 7 and April 16 of 
seventy-seven degrees in the nine days, April 7 being the coldest and April 
16 the mildest days of the month. 

May.— Lowest temperature, 5 degrees above zero; highest, 63.2 degrees. 

June.— The lowest temperature in this month was 28.8 degrees, or three be- 
low freezing. It sank three times below the freezing point in this im,o(nth,. 
The highest temperature was 81 degrees, which occurred on June 30. It pJBe 
seven times above 70 degrees, and twenty-two times above 60 degrees during 
this month. 

July.— The lowest temperature was 33 degrees above zero, and the highest 
81 degrees. It went below forty eight times during the month and above seventy 
thirteen times. The greatest heat, 81 degrees, occurred on July 1 and 2. 

August.— The lowest temperature was 27 degrees, and the highest 76 de- 
grees. It went below forty thirteen times, and above seventy seven times. 

September.— The lowest in this month was 4.08 degrees above zero and the 
highest 63 degrees above. It went below forty on twenty-two different days, 
and rose above 60 on six different days. 

October,— The lowest temperature was 1 degree below zero (on October 5). 
The highest temperature recorded was 51 degrees. During this month it only 
went once above forty. 

November.— The lowest temperature occurred on November 20, when it fell 
to 36 degrees below zero. It was below zero twenty-three days out of the 
thirtj'. The highest temperature recorded was 22J degrees above zero. 

December.— The lowest temperature recorded was 44^ degrees below zero, 
and the highest 10 degrees above. 

In January, 1897, the lowest recorded temperature was 55.07 degrees below 
zero, and It went under 50 degrees below zero six times, and 40 degrees below 
zero and under nine times. The highest recorded temperature in this month 
was 10 degrees above zero. 

The longest continued cold spell experienced by Mr. Ogilvie during the two 
winters he was in that territory was for eight days during which it did norti 
rise above 68 degrees below zero. 


the Oanada Gazette in which any such notice is given, publish a summary of all 
, the returns then received, classifying the totals in each particular according to 
provinces, and in the North-West Territories by provisional districts. 

This summary shall be so arranged, and contain such' further particu- 
lars based upon the returns, as the Governor in Council sees fit to order. 

The vote on the plebiscite took place Sept. 29, 1S98^, simultaneously through - 
out the Dominion. 

Ofilcial returns of the plebiscite from all constituencies in Ontario, save 
Algoma and Muskoka, show the following results : For prohibition, 149,628 ; 
against, 112.784. Total majorities in favor, 52,710 ; against, 15,866. Net major- 
ty in Ontario for prohibition, 36,844. 

In Quebec the majority against prohibiton was estimated (Oct. 15) at from 
70,000, to 90,000. 

Nova Scotia gave a majority for prohibition of about 28,000. 
• The ofllcial returns of the New Brunswick vote are given. In the table 
below the City of St. John is omitted on the ground that to include it would 
be to count the votes twice, all the city voters being also voters in the county : 

» Total of 

For. Against. Registered 

St. .John 3.686 1,749 14,376 

Kings 2,088 370 6,030 

Albert 1,147 285 2,892 

Westmoreland 8,330 1,517 9,694 

Northumberland 1,619 827 6,258 

Restigouche 919 128 1,990 

York 3,154 1-72 6,627 

Charlotte 2,160 193 6,251 

Carleton 2,590 160 6,177 

Queens and Sunbury 1,645 247 4,922 

Kent 524 1,094 5,273 

Victoria and Madawaska 467 560 4,536 

Gloucester 380 477 5,373 

Total vote 24,709 7,979 80,399 

Majority for prohibition, 16,730. 

The total vote polled was 40 per cent, of the total number of voters on the 
lists ; while those who voted for prohibition were 30 per cent, of the entire 

A complete table of the returns In Manitoba is as follows :— 

For. Against. On List. 

Winnipeg 1,451 

Brandon 3,696 

Llsgar 2.289 

Macdonald 2,289 

Marquette 1,320 

Provencher 349 

Selkirk 926 

Total 12,270 













Majority for prohibition, 9,2»1. 
Total vote polled, 15,249. 
Votes on list, 49,304. 

Prince Edward Island— Majority for prohibition, 6,200. 
Northwest Territories— Majority for, 2,500. 
British Columbia— Majority for, 1,600. 

On October 15, Mr. F. S. Spenee, Secretary for the Dominion Alliance, esti- 
mated the net Dominion majority for prohibition at 8,717. 


Two elections under the Canada Temperance Act took place during the year 
1897. In the City of Charlottetown, P.E.I., where the Act had been In force for 
three years, a vote was taken upon a petition to revoke the Order-in-Council 
by which it had been brought into force, with the result that the petition was 
adopted, the votes being 786 in favor of the petition and 673 against its adop- 
tion, giving a majority of 113 votes against the Act. The other election took 
place m tne County of Portneuf, Quebec, upon a petition to bring the Act into 
forpe. The result In this case also was adverse to the Act, the number off 
votes in favor of the petition being 331, whilst those opposed to it numberefl 
876, a majority of 545 against the Act. 

The Act. commonly called the " Scott " Act, Is in force In one city, Fred- 
ericton, N. B., and 28 counties. It is nowhere in force in Ontario, and in only 
two counties of Quebec. 



Since the election of the Eighth I'arliament, elected June 23, 1896. 

CHAPTER 5. An Act to amend the North- West Territories Representation Act 
by dispensing with the preparation of new voters' lists in certain cases. 

CHAPTER 3 authorizes the raising of a loan not to exceed fifteen million dol- 
lars for the purpose of paying the floating indebtedness of Canada, and 
for carrying on public works 

CHAPTER 4 authorizes the granting of subsidies in aid of the construction of 
the lines of railway therein mentioned. 

CHAPTER 5 authorizes the payment of a subsidy to the Canadian Pacific Rail- 
way Company towards the construction of a railway from Lethbridge 
through the Crpw's Nest Pass to Nelson, in the Province of British Co- 
lumbia, not to exceed three million six hundred and thirty thousand 
dollars, payable under an agreement with the Company. 

CHAPTER 6 authorizes the payment by the Governor in Council of bounties 
for the production in Canada of— (1) steel ingots; (2) puddled iron bars; 
(3) pig iron, during five years, under such regulations as may be made 
by the Governor in Council to carry out the intention of the Act. 

CHAPTER 7 ratifies certain agreements made for cold storage on steamships 
from Canada to the United Kingdom; also authorizes the Governor in 
Council to enter into contracts for providing cold storage accommoda- 
tion at Toronto, Quebec, Halifax, St. John and Charlottetown for a 
term not exceeding three years. 

CHAPTER 8 provides that whenever interest is by the terms of any contract 
made payable at a rate or percentage per day, week, month, or at any 
rate or percentage or any period less than a year, no interest exceed- 
ing the rate or percentage of six per cent, per annum shall be charge- 
able, payable or recoverable on any part of the principal money unless 
the contract contains an express statement of the yearly rate or per- 
centage of interest to which such other rate or percentage is equivalent; 
and any sum paid on account of interest not chargeable, payable or 
recoverable as stated, may be recovered back. The Act is not to apply 
to mortgages on real estate. 

CHAPTER 9. This Act is to regulate the investment of 4eposits by certain 
savings banks in the Province of Quebec. 

CHAPTER 10 gives the right of recovery to a person paying in good faith and 
in the ordinary course of business a bill bearing a forged or unauthorized 
endorsement, provided that notices of such endorsement or unauthorized 
endorsement is given to each subsequent endorser within a reasonable 

CHAPTER U aims at preventing the immigration of foreigners under contract 
to perform labour in Canada. Penalties are provided for violations oS 
the Act, and machinery for enforcing it. 

CHAPTER H establishes a limit as to the age on first appointments to the in- 
side Civil service. 

CHAPTER 15 provides that upon a dismissal of a public servant from oflice his 
contributions to the Civil Service Superannuation Fund may be return- 
ed to him in whole or in part as the Governor in Council may deem it 
expedient, with interest not to exceed five per cent, per annum. 

CHAPTER 17 provides for the Imposition from time to time, and also for the 


removal and reimposition of export duty on logs, pulp-wood, and cer^ 
tain ores and metals. 

CHAPTER 18 revives the offices of Minister of Customs and Minister of In- 
land Revenue, and makes the persons now holding the offices of Con- 
trollers become Ministers without vacating their seats. 

CHAPTER 19. This Act amends the Inland Revenue Act in several important 
particulars. (1) It authorizes a Collector of Inland Revenue, or any • 
superior officer of Inland Revenue, to delegate his powers under any 
writ of assistance which he may hold; (2) it provides a penalty for not. 
disposing of goods in accordance with warehouse entry; (3) other pro- 
visions provide amended penalties for distilling without license, for the 
sale of spirits unlawfully manufactured; and again other provisions re- 
late to the sale of tobacco, cigars and cigarettes. The Act is further 
amended in relation to licenses for the manufacture of acetic acid. 

CHAPTER 20 provides for the regulation of the importation of petroleum |Li 
tank-cars and car-ships. 

CHAPTER 21 provides for the registration of cheese factories and creameries, 
and branding of dairy products; and provides penalties for persons miS' 
representing the dates of manufacture of such articles. 

CHAPTER 22 further amends the Steamboat Inspection Act in relation to ihe 
qualifications of third class and fourth class engineers, and of the grant- 
ing of permits to engineers. 

CHAPTER 23 authorizes the Minister of Marine and Fisheries to have any ob- 
struction in navigable waters removed, and provides for the disposal by 
gale of such obstruction and the application of proceeds of such sale. 

CHAPTER 24 provides that the section of the Fisheries Act which prohibits 
the fouling of waters by sawdust or mill rubbish shall not apply to the 
owners of or employees of any saw mill now in operation, with respect 
to putting or permitting to pass any such saw dust or mill rubbish be- 
fore the first of May, 1898, into any waters which on the 30th of June,. 
1897, were excepted from the operations of the said section. 

CHAPTER 25 revives the fifth section of the Patent Act, which provided that 
the Deputy Minister of Agriculture should be Deputy Commissioner of 
Patents, and that the Governor In Council might, from time to time, 
appoint such officers and clerks under the Deputy Commissioner as might 
be required for the purposes of the Act. 

CHAPTER 26, This Act amends the Post Office Act In the following particu- 
lars: It provides for regulations being made for a security being given 
to Her Majesty for the due performance of the duties by any offlce^r, 
employee, clerk or servant employed by or under the Postmaster-Gene- 
ral. . It exempts railway mail clerks from the promotion examination re- 
quired by the Civil Service Act. It provides for the establishment of a 
railway mail service branch in the Post Office Department, .and it pre- 
scribes the qualification of the Controller of the Railway Mall Service 
and the employees under him. 

CHAPTER 27 amends the Companies' Act by making more clear the meaning 
of the words "Commercial paper discounted by the company" in the 
clause which restricts the borrowing powers of a company incorporated 
under the Act. 

CHAPTER 29 amends the Dominion Lands Act with reference to the conditions 
upon which a patent may be obtained for a homestead by a settler; au- 
thorizes the sale of certain school lands in the North -West Territories to 
the Honorable Peter McLaren, and also the sale of school lauds to former 
lessees of grazing ranches; authorizes the grant of a homestead to 


Edward W. Johnston, and makes other special provisians relative to 
applicatioQs for homesteads by women as heads of families; the issue 
of patents after the death of the applicant, in cases of mental incapacity, 

CHAPTER 30 amends the Land Titles Act. 1894, especially with regard to the 
form of powers of attorney, registration, etc. 
' CHAPTER 31 provides that any loan corporation may pass a by-law prohibit- 
ing the loaning to shareholders upon the security of their stock, or lim- 
iting the aggregate amount which may be so loaned, and that any such 
by-law shall be repealed until the liabilities of the corporation are 

* CHAPTER 32 is enacted to remove doubts as to the power of the Legislative 

Assembly of the North-West Territories to enact a certain law as to the 

trial by jury of actions for slander, libel, false imprisonment, malicious 

\ prosecution, seduction, breach of promise of marriage, or tort generally. 

J CHAPTER 33 makes provision for the salary of an additional Judge in Manitoba, 
and also provides for the saljary of the Lord Judge in Admiralty at 

CHAPTER 34 takes away the right of appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada 
from the Court of Appeal for Ontario, except in the cases therein speci- 
fied. It also provides that the judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature 
for Ontario shall reside at the City of Toronto,or within five miles there- 
of, but leave to reside elsewhere in the Province for any specified time 
may be granted by order of the Governor in Council. 

CHAPTER 14 repeals Electoral Franchise Act of 1885 and amends Dominlo'n 
Elections Act. Adopts Provincial Voters' Lists for elections to House of 
Commons, if Provincial lists more than one year old, new lists to be 
prepared for Dominion election. Certified copy of Provincial lists to be 
printed by Queen's Printer, who shall send 20 copies to each member 
and 20 to the defeated candidate at the last Dominion Election. 

CHAPTER 17 abolishes Civil Service Superannuation Act and provides re- 
tirement fund. Enforced 1st July, 1898. 

CHAPTER 51. The Plebiscite Act, providing for a ballot with the following 
questions:— "Are you In favor of the passing of an Act prohibiting the 
importation, manufacture or sale of spirits, wine, ale, beer, cider and 
all other alcoholic liquors for use as beverages ?" 

CHAPTER 2. To amend the Alien Labour Act of 1897 by providing how evi- 
dence may be given as to countries to which the Act applies. 

CHAPTER 3. Defining the North-Westem, Northern, and North-Bastem 
boundaries of the Province of Quebec, in acordance with Chapter 6, 
Quebec Statutes, 1898. 

CITAPTER 4. Crediting the Manitoba debt account with certain sums. 

CHAPTER 6 provides for the Government of the Yukon District. 

CITAPTER 7 authorizes contracts with steamship companies for cold storage 

CHAPTER 8 confirms an award of Judge Burbidge and authorizes payment to 
Dominion Atlantic Railway Company of $100,276. 

CHAPTER 9 extends time for repayment of advances to the St. John Bridge 
and Railway Extension Company. 

CHAPTER 10 authorizes Winnipeg Great Northern Railway Company to change 
location of line. 

CHAPTER 11 declares Act to provide for bounties on Iron and steel to have 
come into force April 23, 1897. 


niAPTER 12 provides mode of payment of grants in aid of public works. 

CHAPTER 13 extends time respecting grants of land to members of militia in 
rebellion of 1885. 

CHAPTER 16 deals with securities of public officers for performance of office. 

CHAPTER 18 authorizes employment of temporary assistants in Geological 
Survey Department. 

CHAPTER 19 provides special allowance of |2,000 a year for general officer 
commanding militia. 

CHAPTER 20 amends Post Office Act, reduces domestic postage from three to 
two cents per ounce, prepayment obligatory; to take effect upon pro- 
clamation. On January 1, 1899, newspapers and periodicals made sub- 
ject to one-quarter of one cent until June 30, 1899, and thereafter one- 
half of one cent per pound. Except that weeklies will be carried with- 
in 20 miles from the place of publication, or within a circular of a dia- 
meter not exceeding 40 miles, free. 

CHAPTER 21 amends Post Office Act by providing special delivery service. 

CHAPTER 22 amends Railway Act in respect to tolls on goods carried partly by 
land and partly by water. 

CHAPTER 23. To protect Canada against the San Jose scale insect post. 

CHAPTER 24 further amends Adulteration Act. 

CHAPTER 25 amends General Inspection Act by requiring packag«>s to be 

CHAPTER 26 amends the Gas Inspection Act. 

CHAPTBito 27 and 2«i amend the Inland Revenue Act. 

CHAPTER 29 amends Petroleum Inspection Act. 

CHAPTER 30 provides the weight in pounds of bushels of various articles. 

CHAPTER 31 amends the Dominion Lands Act in a variety of ways. 

CHAPTER 32 amends the Land Titles Act of 1894. 

CHAPTER 33 amends Mounted Police Pension Act. 

CHAPTER 34 amends the Indian Act. 

CHAPTER 35 amends and consolidates the North-West Irrigation Acts of 1894 
and 1895. 

CHAPTER 36 amends the Customs Act as to warehoused goods taken as ships* 

CHAPTER 37 amends the Customs Tariff, 1897. 

CHAPTER 38 provides for resistance to seizure of smuggler vessels. 

CHAPTER 39 amends Fishery Act, allowing fish free passage on Sunday. 

CHAPTER 40 amends Fishery Act by extending time when prohibition cf dump- 
ing of sawdust in certain rivers shall go into effect until January 1, 

CHAPTER 41 prohibits rubbish to be thrown into navigable tidal waters. 

CHAPTER 42 amends the Act respecting Government harbours, piers and break- 

CHAPTER 44. To better secure the safety of fishermen by providing that 
boats arc not tc set out from vessels without compass, water and food. 

CHAPTER 45 amends the Act respecting certificates to masters and mates of 

CHAPTER 46. New Steamboat Inspection Act. 

CHAPTER 47 authorizes loan of $2,000,000 to Montreal Harbour Commissioners, 

$750,000 of this sum to be applied toward the building or improvement 

of wharves and other accommodations, including a dry dock in that part 

of the harbour before Ste. Mary's current. 

CHAPTER 48 authorizes the Quebec Harbour Commissioners to borrow moner 



CHAPTER 49 authorizes British and foreign mining corporations to obtain li- 
cense to mine in the North-West, including the Yukon. 

CHAPTER 50 amends the Companies Act by providing that the paid-up stock 
shall be deposited to the credit of the Receiver-General in a bank when 
application made for letters patent. 

CHAPTER 52 amends the Act respecting the judges of Provincial Courts. 

CHAPTER 53 amends the Evidence Act, 1893, respecting incriminating answers. 

CHAPTER 54 adopts the Bertillon system of identification of criminals. 





When made from raw grain, per proof gallon |1 90 

When made from malted barley 192 

When made from molasses or other sweetened matter, per proof gallon 1 93 

Malt, per pound 1^ 

Malt liquor, when made in whole or part from any other substance than 

malt, per gallon 10 

Vinegar, per gallon 04 

Acetic acid, per gallon 04 

Tobacco, per pound 25 

Cigarettes, from domestic leaf, weighing not more than 3 lbs. per M., 

per thousand .• 1 50 

Cigarettes, from foreign leaf, weighing not more than 3 lbs. per M., 

per thousand 3 00 

Cigarettes, from any leaf, weighing more than 3 lbs. per M., per thousand 8 00 

Foreign raw leaf tobacco, unstemmed, per lb 10 

Foreign raw leaf tobacco, stemmed, per lb 14 

Applicable to tobacco, imported and warehoused prior to July 1st, 1897. 

Tobacco, made from Canadian leaf, per pound * 05 

Canada twist tobacco, per pound 05 

SnufiE, when containing not more than 40 per cent, of moisture, or when 
containing over 40 per cent, of moisture and put up in packages of less 

than 5 pounds each, per pound 25 

Snuff, moist when containing over 40 per cent, of moisture and when in 

packages of 5 pounds and over, per pound 18 

Cigars, from foreign leaf, per M 6 00 

Cigars, from Canadian leaf^ per M • 3 00 

Cigars, from any leaf, when put up in pkgs. of less than 10 each, per M. 7 00 


Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia— Every Sunday, Christmas Day, 
New Year's Day, Good Friday, Baster Monday, Queen's Birthday, Dominion 
Day and Labor Day. 

Quebec— New Year's Day, Epiphany, Annunciation, Oood Friday, Easter 
Monday, Ascension, Corpus Chrlstl, Queen's Birthday, Dominion Day, St. Peter 
and St. Paul, All Saints', Conception, Christmas Day and Labor Day. 

Also, throughout the Dominion, any day appointed by proclamation for a 
general Fast or Thanksgiving Day. 


J. Thorburn, LL.D., Chairman ; A. D. DeCELLBS, P.R.S.C. ; J. C. Glashaa. 
Wm. Poran, Secretary to tho Board. Address, Department of the Secretary 
of State, Ottawa. 


(Consolidated Fund.) 



IffHi— 76 


iBfiH— S4 


Igpfl -91 
1S91— fl2 

isa2— ft? 
I8&4— 9& 

ISJ^R— 96 


























































































$41,448,773 $23,069,589 





Ket Debt 



1867 , *....,, ...... ..... ...... ..... 




4,501, seS 






1870 , 

■ 7B.a09.742 

5,l^47,054! 4,U2 

1871 * 

5,16,1.304 1 2M 



r,.2J>7.^0f 3,89 

isra .,.,. ,. . 


J, 209,205 3,70 


,7.724,43*5 3.€l 

1S7B ...,., 


K^M^Km 3.78 

Ig7$ , 


6.400,902 8.47 

1S77 ...., 

fi.7U7,:27 3.47 


7,04g.SS3 ;J.68 

lS7fl ,.... 


7 194J34 3.67 

,... P. ' P .......... F. ... K. .............. F . F P .. h . 

1S80 ..,. 

7.773,Hfisi 3.BS 

ISSl ....^ , .,. 

7.;:,ii!.l44l 3.42 


153,e0l,t?6(j! TJ40.SO4I 3.32 


15S.46G,714^S.5a2l 3.29 



7.700.1801 2.76 









1S87 , 


*j, 15 s:;. .4:3 











237.533 Jll 




















10.5(12.4291 2.86 


261,533,596] I^j. 64^.6831 2,7« 





1 Total 

Entered for 








$ 8.819,431 





























































































































Nova Scotia 

New Brunswick 


British Columbia 

Prince Edward Island 
The Territories 












•65,934 originally ; 3.694 were taken off and added to Ontario when 
lundary was clianged. 


Federal Electoral Districts, According to Census, 1881 and 1891. 

Electoral Districts. 


A ddlngton 



Brant, North 

Brant, South 


Bruce, East 

Bruce, North , 

Bruce, West 



Cornwall and Stormont 


Durham, East 

Durham, West 

Elgin, East 

Elgin, West .* 

Essex, North 

Essex, South 



Grenville, South 

Grey, East 

Grey, North 

Grey, South 




Hastings, East , 

Hastings, North 

Hastings, West 

Huron. East 

Huron. South 

Huron, West 



Lambton, East 

Lambton, West 

Lanark, North 

Lanark, South 

Leeds atad Grenville, North 

Leeds, South 


Lincoln and Niagara 





Electoral Districts. 



ONTARIO— Continued 


Middlesex, East 

Middlesex, North 

Middlesex, South 

Middlesex, West 


Muskoka and Parry Sound 


Norfolk, North 

Norfolk, South 

Northumberland, East 

Northumberland, West 

Ontario, North 

Ontario, South 

Ontario, West 

Ottawa (City) , 

Oxford, North 

Oxford, South 


Perth, North 

Perth, South 

Peterborough, East 

Peterborough, West 


Prince Edward 

Renfrew, North 

Renfrew South 

* Russell 

Simcoe, East 

Simcoe, North 

Simcoe, South 

Toronto, Centre 

Toronto, Bast 

Toronto, West 

Victoria, North 

Victoria, South 

Waterloo, North 

Waterloo, South 


Wellington, Centre 

Wellington, North 

Wellington, South 

Wentworth, North 

Wentworth, South 

York, Bast 

York, Noyth 

York, West 

































































































Electoral Districts. 















Chlcoutimi and Saguenay .. 



Drummond and Arthabaska 





Jacques Cartier 




L' Assomption 











Montreal, Centre 

Montreal, East 

Montreal, West 



Ottawa (County) 



Quebec, Centre 

Quebec, East 

Quebec, West 

Quebec (County) 




























































































QUEBEC— Continued 


ElchiQoiid and Wolfe 
P.lmousKi .............. 


SL Hyarlnthc 

St. Jolin'a 

at. MaurScti ..,.„ 

f^he!f(»rd , 

Sh(?rbronke , 

SflUluU^I'B ,,H , 



T^rrpbonne , 

Tliree Pavers ..... 

Two Mountains 

Vftudreull , 


Yamuflka .,.*... 



AutEsoDlab .. 

Cape Dri?toii .,.. 
Coiclaestsr ..,,,,. 


ni|:by ., 

Guygborough .... 
Halifax {Cityj ... 
Ha.ll lax (County) 


In vornefiH ........ 




Quecn'n .......... 

Rifbmond ....... 



T^nnoisth ■ 









Albt-rt .... 
Carloton . . 
Charlotte . 

^^*3 . . . . 





Electoral Districts. 



Northumberland . . . 



St. John (City) .... 
St. John (County) 











Marquette . 
Selkirk .... 
Winnipeg . 




New Westminster 





King's . 
Prince . 











^ f 


Assiniboia, East 

I 25,515 J 


Assiniboia, West 







♦ Manitoba having been redistributed under Chapter II, Acts of 1892, the 
nopulation of the new electoral districts as given in the census of 1891 is here 
given :— 

Brandon 25,575 

Lisgar 28.5S5 

Macdonald 22,776 

Marquette 13,123 

Provencher 15,469 

Selkirk 21,339 

Winnipeg 25,639 

A census of Manitoba was taken May 25, 1896 ; population, 193,425. 
♦♦Under the Redistribution Act of 1892 the population of New Westminster, 
rard has a population of 24,360. 
♦♦♦Wholly estimated . 



A fisheries conference between representatives of Canada and the Provinces 
of Ontario and Quebec was held at Ottawa, June 22, 1898. Canada was repre- 
sented by the Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Sir Louis Davles, and the Min- 
ister of Justice, Mr. Mills ; Ontario, by the Premier and Attorney-General, the 
Hon. A. S. Hardy and Mr. Aemllius Irving, Q.C. ; Quebec, by the Hon. P. G. 
Marchand, Premier ; the Hon. S. N. Parent, Commissioner of Lands, Forosta 
and Fisheries, and the Hon. F. G. M. Dechene, Commissioner of Agriculture. 
The latter were assisted by Messrs. Machin, Assistant Treasurer ; Cannon, As- 
sistant Attorney-General, and Joncas, a fisheries official. 

The question of the ownership of the lakes, rivers and foreshores of the 
country, and of the fish therein, and of the right to lease, license and regulate 
fiehing privileges and fish, was submitted to the Supreme Court a few years 
ago, and the case taken to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which 
announced its findings May 26, 1898. (Reported in the Times, May 27.) 

The results of the conference may be summarized : The sole and exclusive 
power of making regulations with reference to fishing, the times, seasons, and 
manner, belong to the Dominion, and any regulations on the subject affecting 
the time for fishing or the manner, made by the provinces are void. 

The right heretofore exercised by the Dominion of 'leasing defined areas to 
fishermen for pound-net licenses, or salmon stands, or for other fishing pur- 
poses. Is ultra vires of the Dominion because it interferes with the jurisdiction 
of the provinces, and hereafter these rights will be exercised by the govern- 
ments of the respective provinces of Canada. The question as to whether 
Ontario and Quebec have any claim against the Dominion for refund of money 
already received by the Dominion for these licenses in the way of fees was. 
discussed, but no agreement come to. The matter was allowed to stand over 
for further consideration, but the department at Ottawa does not admit that 
there is any ground whatever for such claim. 

Both authorities have the right, for the purposes of revenue, to levy a tax 
by waflT of a license fee, the provinces in order to raise a revenue and tha 
Dominion under its general taxing power. It was, therefore, agreed that the 
Dominion would not grant any further licenses for the year 1898. This refers 
chiefly to pound-net licenses and salmon stands. The provincial governments 
will confirm and ratify the leases already granted by the Dominion this year. 
•Applications which have been already made to the department at Ottawa will 
be forwarded to the provincial governments and dealt with by them. 

Officers to be appointed for the enforcement of the regulations hereafter to 
be made by the Dominion will probably be appointed by the provinces. While 
the Dominion will continue to frame regulations for the control of the fisheries, 
it will, in all probability, leave the enforcement of these regulations to the pro- 
vincial governments, with the exception of Inland waters and lakes of a com- 
mercial or international character. 

The control of public oyster beds remains in the Dominion, because of the 
power to determine the close seasons, but the leasing of private oyster beds for 
the propagation of the oyster passes to the provincial governments exclusively. 


The legal weights and measures of Canada are the Imperial yard, Imperial 
pound avoirdupois. Imperial gallon (of 277.27384 cubic inches), and the Imperial 
bushel. The Imperial gallon is equal to 4.54174 .litres, while the wine gallon, 
used in the United States, is equal to 3.7S5 litres. 

By Act 42nd Vic. (1879), Chap. 16 (amended by Cap. 30, Acts of 1898) it is 
provided : That in contracts for sale and delivery of any of the under- 
mentioned articles the bushel should be determined by weighing, unless a 
bushel measure be specially agreed upon, the weight equivalent to a bushel 
being as follows :— 

Wheat 60 lbs. Castor Beans 40 lbs. 

Indian Cottl ! 56 " Potatoes 60 '* 

Rye 56 " Turnips / 60 " 

Pease 60 " Carrots 60 *' 

Barley ^ 48 " Parsnips 60 " 

Malt 36 " Beats 60 " 

Oats •..34 " Onions •♦ 60 " 

Beans ; 60 " Bituminous Coal 70 " 

Flax Seed* 56 - Clover Seed 60 " 

Hemp 44 " Timothy 48 '* 

Blue Grass Seed 14 " Buckwheat 48 " 

Lime** 80 " Bitumnious Coal*** 70 " 

♦Changed from 50 to 56 lbs. by Act of Parliament, 1898. **Changed from 60 
to 50 lbs. by Act of Parliament, 1898. ♦•♦Added by Act of 1898. 

By the same Act the British hundredweight of 112 pounds and the ton of 
2,240 pounds were abolished, and the hundredweight was declared to be 100 
pounds and the ton 2,000 pounds avoirdupois, thus assimilating the weights of 
Canada and the United States. 


The Right Hon. Sir S. H. Strong, Kt., Chief Justice, P.C. ; Hon. Henri 
Elezear Taschereau ; Hon. John Wellington Gwjrnn ; Hon. Robt. Sedgewick ; 
Hon. George Edwin King ; Hon. Desire Girouard. 

E. R. Cameron, Registrar. 

The . Supreme Court, for the purpose of hearing and determining Appeals, 
holds annually, at the City of Ottawa, three Sessions, commencing Third Tues- 
day in February, first Tuesday in May, and first Tuesday in October. 


Hon. G. W. Burbidge, Judge. 
L. H. Audette, Registrar. 

The Exchequer Court sits every Monday at noon, except during vacation. 


1. Thef Governor-General or Officer Administering the Grovernment. 

2. The Senior Officer Commanding Her Majesty's Troops within the Domin- 

ion, if of the rank of a General, and the Officer Commanding Her Majes- 
ty's Naval Forces on the B.N.A. Station, if of the rank of an Admiral. 
Their own relative rank to be determined by the Queen's Regulatioms 
on the subject. 

3. The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. 

4. The Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec. 

5. The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. 

6. The Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. 

7. The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. 

8. The Lieuentant Governor of British Columbia. 

9. The Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island. 

10. The Lieutenant Governor of the North West Territories. 

11. Archbishops and Bishops according to seniority. 

12. Members of the Cabinet according to senioritjP. 

13. The Speaker of the Senate. 

14. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. 

15. The Chief Judges of the Courts of Law and Equity, according to seniority. 
IC. Members of the Privy Council, not of the Cabinet. 

17. The Solicitor General of Canada. 

18. The Controller of Customs. 

10. The Controller of Inland Revenue. 

20. General Officers of Her Majesty's Army serving in the Dominion, and Offi- 

cers of the rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy, serving on the B.N.A. 
Station, not being in the chief command. The relative rank of such Offi- 
cers to be determined by the Queen's Regulations. 

21. The Officer Commanding Her Majesty's Troops in the Dominion, if of the 

rank of Colonel or inferior rank, and the Officer Commanding Her Ma- 
jesty's Naval Forces on the B.N.A. Station, if of equivalent rank ; their 
relative rank to be ascertained by the Queen's Regulations. 

22. Members of the Senate. 

?3. Speaker of the House of Commons. 

24. Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada, according to seniority. 

25. .^udge of the Exchequer Court of Canada. 

26. Puisne Judges of the Courts of Law and Equity, according to seniority. 

27. Members of the House of Commons. 

28. Members of the Executive Council (Provincial), within their Province. 

29. Speaker of the Legislative Council, v/^ithin his Province. 

30. Members of the Legislative Council, within his Province. 

31. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, within his Province. 

32. Members of the Legislative Assembly, within his Province. 

33. Retired Judges of whatever Courts to take precedence next after the pre- 

sent Judges of their respective Courts. 



The official report of the Liberal Convention, which met in Ottawa, June 20, 
1893, being out of print, the resolutions adopted by the Convention are repro- 
duced here as follows :—. 

Wc the Liberal Party of Canada, in convention assembled, declare : 

1. That the customs tariff of the Dominion should be based, not as it is 
now, upon the protective principle, but upon the requirements of the public ser- 
vice ; That the existing tariff, founded ui>on an unsound principle, and used, as 
it has been by the Government, as a corrupting agency wherewith to keep them- 
selves in office, has developed monopolies, trusts and combinations ; It has de- 
creased the value of farm and other landed property ; It has oppressed the mass- 
es to the enrichment of a few ; It has checked .immigration ; It has caused 
gre«t loss of population; It has impeded commerce; It has discriminated against 
Great Britain. In these and in many other ways it has occasioned great public 
and private injury, all of which evils must continue to grow in intensity as long 
as the present tariff system remains in force. That the highest interests of Can- 
ada demand a removal of this obstacle to our country's progress, by the adop- 
tion of a sound fiscal policy, which, while not doing injustice to any class, wiU 
promote domestic and foreign trade, and hasten the return of prosperity to our 
people ; That to that end, the tariff should be reduced to the needs of honest, 
economical and efficient government ; That it should be so adjusted as to make 
free, or to bear as lightly as possible upon, the necessaries of life, and should 
be so arranged as to promote freer trade with the whole world, more particu- 
larly with Great Britain and the United States. We believe that the ' results of 
the protective system have greviously disappointed thousands of persons who 
honestly supported it, and that the country, in the light of experience, is now 
prepared to declare for a sound fiscal policy. The issue between the two politi- 
cal parties on this question is now clearly defined. The Government themselves 
admit the failure of their fiscal policy, and now profess their willingness to 
make some changes ; but they say that such changes must be based only on 
the principle of protection. We denounce the principle of protection as radical- 
ly unsound, and unjust to the masses of the people, and we declare our con- 
viction that any tariff changes based on that principle must fail to afford any 
substantial relief from the burdens under which the country labors. This issue 
we unhesitatingly accept, and upon it we await with the fullest confidence the 
verdict of the electors of Canada. 

2. That, having regard to the prosperity of Canada and the United States 
as adjoining countries, with many mutual interests, it is desirable that there 
should be the most friendly relations and broad and liberal trade intercourse 
between them ; That the interests alike of the Dominion and of the Empire 
would be materially advanced by the establishing of such relations ; That the 
period of the old reciprocity treaty was one of marked prosperity to the British 
North American colonies ; That the pretext under which the Government ap- 
pealed to the country in 1891 respecting negotiation for a treaty with the United 
States was misleading and dishonest and intended to deceive the electorate ; 
That no sincere effort has been made by them to obtain a treaty, but that, on 
the contrary, it is manifest that the present Government controlled as they 
are by monopolies and combines, are not desirous of securing such a treaty ; 
That the first step towards obtaining the end in view, is to place a party in 
power who are sincerely desirous of promoting a treaty on terms honorable to 
both countries ; That a fair and liberal reciprocity treaty would develop the 
great natural resources of Canada, would enormously increase the trade and 
commerce between the two countries, would tend to encourage friendly rela- 


tions between the two peoples, would remove many pauses which have in the 
past provoked irritation and trouble to the Governments of both countries, and 
would promote those kindly relations between the Empire and the Republic 
which afford the best guarantee for peace and prosperity ; That the Liberal 
party is prepared to enter into negotiations with a view to obtaining such a 
treaty, includirig a well considered list of manufactured articles, and we are 
satisfied that any treaty so arranged will receive the assent of Her Majesty's 
Government, without whose approval no treaty can be made. 

2. That the Convention deplores the gross corruption in the management 
and expenditure of public moneys which for years past has existed under the 
rule of the Conservative party, and the revelations of which by the different 
parliaraentary committees of inquiry have brought disgrace upon the fair name 
of Canada. The Government, .which profited politically by these expenditures of 
public moneys of which the people have been defrauded, and which, neverthe- 
less, have never punished the guilty parties, must be held responsible for the 
wrongdoing. We arraign the Gov'ernment for retaining in office a Minister of 
the Crown proved to have accepted -very large contributions of money for •lec- 
tion purposes from the funds of a railway company, which, while paying the 
political contributions to him, a member of the Government, with one hand, was 
receiving Government subsidies with the other. The conduct of the Minister 
and the approval of his colleagues after the proof became known to them are 
calculated to degrade Canada in the estimation of the world and deserve the 
severe condemnation of the people. 

4. We cannot but view with alarm the large increase of the public debt and 
of the controllable annual expenditure of the Dominion and the conaeauent un- 
due taxation of the people under the (Governments that have been continue isly 
in power since 1878, and we demand the strictest economy in the adniinistration 
of the government of the country. 

5. That the Convention regrets that by the action of Ministers and their 
supporters in Parliament, in one case in which serious charged were made 
against a Minister of the Crown, investigation was altogether refused, while in 
another case the charges preferred were altered and then referred to a commis- 
sion appointed upon the advice of the Ministry, contrary to the well settled 
practice of Parliament; and this Convention affirms : That it is the ancient and 
undoubted right of the House of Commons to inquire into all matters of public 
expenditure, and into all charges of misconduct in office against Ministers of the 
Crown, and the reference of such matters to royal commissions created upon 
the advice of the accused is at variance with the due responsibility of Ministers 
to the House of Commons, and tends to weaken the authority of the House over 
the Executive Government, and this Convention affirms that the powers of the 
people's representatives in this regard should on all fitting occasions be upheld. 

6. That in the opinion of this Convention the sales of public lands of the 
Dominion should be to actual settlers only, and not to speculators, upon rea- 
sonable terms of settlement, and in such areas as can be reasonably occulted 
and cultivated by the settler. 

7. That the Franchise Act since its introduction has cost the Dominion 
Treasury over a million of dollars, besides entailing a heavy expenditure ,to 
both political parties ; That each revision involves an additional expenditure oh 
a further quarter of a million ; That this expenditure has prevented an annual 
revision, as originally intended, in the absence of which young voters entitled 
to the franchise have, in numerous instances, been prevented from exercising 
their natural rights ; That it has failed to secure uniformity, which was the 
principal reason assigned for its introduction ; That it has produced gross 
abuses by partisan revising barristers appointed by the Government of the day ; 



That its provisions are less liberal than those already existing tn many Pro- 
vinces of the Dominion, and that in the opinion of this Convention the Act- 
should be repealed, and we should revert to the Provincial Franchise. 

8. That by the Gerrymander Acts, the electoral divisions for the return of 
members to the House of Commons have been so made as to prevent a fair 
expression of the opinion of the country at the general elections, and to secure 
to the party now in power a strength out of all proportion greater than the-' 
number of electors supporting them would warrant. To put an end to this 
abuse, to make the House of Commons a fair exponent of public, opinion, and 
to preserve the historic continuity of counties, it is desirable that in the forma- 
tion of electoral divisions, county boundaries should be preserved, and that in 
no case parts of different counties should be put in one electoral division. 

9. The present constitution of the Senate is inconsistent with the Federal 
principle in our system of government, and is in other respects defective, as it 
makes the Senate independent of the people and uncontrolled by the public 
opinion of the country, and should be so amended as to bring it into harmony 
with the principles of popular government. 

10. That whereas public attention is at present much directed to the con-' 
sideration of the admittedly great evils of intemperance, it is desirable that the 
mind of the people should be clearly ascertained on the question of Prohibition 
by means of a Dominion plebiscite. 


statement of the Poeitiqii of AfTairs re the Boundary Between Canada and 
Alaska. October 1. 1898. 

In the year 1867 the Russian possessions in North America passed, by pur- 
chase, into the hands of the United States. 

The eastern boundary of the purchased territory now known as Alaska had 
been defined by a treaty between Great Britain and Russia, entered into at St. 
Petersburg in 1825. To this treaty, therefore, we must look for a description of 
the boundary between Alaska and the adjoining: territory which comprises the 
Province of British Columbia as to the southern portion of the line, and the 
Northwest Territories as to the northern. 

The Articles of the Treaty at St. Petersburg, which especially deal with the 
line of demarcation are Nos. Ill and IV, which read as follows :— 

III. The line of demarcation between the possessions of the high contract- 
ing parties upon the coast of the continent and the islands of America to the 
northwest, shall be drawn in the manner following :— 

Commencing from the southernmost point of the island called Prince cf 
Wales Island, which point lies in the parallel of 54 degrees, 40 minutes, north 
latitude, and between the ISlst and the 133rd degree of west longitude (meri- 
dian of Greenwich), the said line shall ascend to the north along the channel 
called Portland Channel, as far as the point of the continent, where it strikes 
the 56th degree of north latitude ; from this last-mentioned point, the line of 
demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the 
coast, as far as the point of intersection of the 141st degree of west longitude 
(of the same meridian) ; and, finally, from the said point of intersection, the 
said meridian line of the 141st degi*ee, in its prolongation as far as the frozen 
ocean, shall form the limit between the Russian and British possessions on the 
continent of America to the northwest. 

IV. With reference to the line of demarcation laid down in the preceding 
article, it is understood :— 

• 1st. That the island called Prince of Wales Island shall belong wholly to 

2nd. That wherever the summit of the mountains which extend in a direc- 
tion parallel to the coast, from the 56th degree of north latitude to the point 
of intersection of the 141st degree of west longitude, shall prove to be at the 
distance of more than ten marine leagues from the ocean, the limit between 
the British possessions and the line of coast which Is to belong to Russia, as 
above mehtloned, shall be formed by a line parallel to the windings of the 
coast, and which shall never exceed the distance of ten marine leagues there- 

The line thus described has not yet been traced out or marked on the 
ground. This was not necessary so long as the business of the coast was of a 
local character, such as the fur trade, the fisheries, etc., and communication 
with the interior was had only by Indians engaged In hunting or Inter-trlbal 
trade. In respect of such traffic the high and rugged mountainous region ad- 
jacent to the coast was a sulficlent mark without a close definition of summits. 
• The development of mining In the Interior has altered the case by directing a 
considerable traffic from the sea ports to the Interior water stretches, whence 
arises danger of complications in the enforcement of (ustoms regulations, and 
in respect of criminal and civil jurisdiction generally. 



As an instance of this may be cited a case which occurred so long ago as 
1876, on the Stiklne River, which, In the lower part of its course, flows through 
United States territory, when a prisoner in charge of a Canadian constable 
assaulted him and made his escape. Being afterwards recaptured and tried In 
Victoria for the assault, he pleaded that the assault was committed in United 
States territory. This directed attention to the boundary question, and, in 1877, 
Mr. Joseph Hunter, on behalf of the Canadian Government, made a survey of 
the lower Stikine and made a provisional determination, pending the final set- 
tlement by an international commission, of the point where the boundary line, 
under the treaty, should cross the river. 

Later on, the discovery of rich placers near the point where the 141st meri- 
dian crossed the Yukon River, at Forty-Mile and Sixty-Mile Creeks, rendered 
necessary Mr. Ogilvie's provisional survey in that region, and at the present 
time much attention is being directed to the question of the undetermlnteH 
boundary at Lynn Canal, with reference to the routes thence to the Yukon— 
Ohilkoot and White Passes and the Dalton Trail from Chilkat Inlet. 

For an understanding of the questions involved in the determination of the 
boundary line at these places, as well as along the whole extent of the con- 
tiguous territory of Canada and the United States in the north, it may be well 
to point out that the boundary line defined by the treaty is naturally divided 
into two parts, to be determined according to different principles. The firstj 
part extends from the southernmost point of Prince of Wales Island to a cer- 
tain point of the continent, thence along the summit of the mountains to the 
141st meridian, subject to the proviso of Article IV of the Treaty of St. Peters- 
burg. This is a boundary which is to be laid down according to natural fea- 
tures and without dependence upon latitude or longitude, except as to its ter- 
minal point, 141 deg. west longitude. The second part is a meridian of longi- 
tude, not depending in any way upon natural features, but to ba laid down by 
scientific processes of astronomy and land surveying. 

To begin with the second part, there is, with regard to it, no possibility of 
dispute as to the meaning of the treaty. It should be the meridian of 141 deg. 
longitude west from Greenwich. The only difficulty is the practical one of lay- 
ing down this longitude line with the precision necessary. The usual method 
of laying down such a line is to fix one point of it by astronomical observa- 
tions for longitude, and thence to produce the meridian line north and south 
with the transit theodolite. Observations for longitude are needed at but one 
point, except in the event of the interruption of the line surveying by moun- 
tains or other insuperable obstacles. Astronomical observations of another 
kind are, however, taken at frequent Intervals along the survey to check its 
direction and hold It to its accurate north and south course, and points can thus 
be laid down in the same longitude as the initial astronomical station with 
greater precision than the absolute longitude of the latter can be determined. 

The determination of the longitude of a point consists In the determination 
of the difference of local time between it and Greenwich or some other point 
whose difference of time from Greenwich Is already known. The process con- 
sists In determining the local time at the place by sfctronomical observation, 
and then comparing this time with the local time at Greenwich or other stan- 
dard station. The readiest mode of comparing the times of two stations Is the 
exchange of signals by the electric telegraph where this is available, and this 
method is the most accurate known. But where) the telegraph Is not available, 
other means must be resorted to, such as the carrying of chronometers or the 
noting at each station of the Instant of some visible occurrence, such as a flash 
of gunpowder (only avatlable, of course, at short distances), an eclipse of thf 


sun or moon or of a satellite of Jupiter, or the occultation of a star by the 
passage over it of the moon's disk. The chronometric method is probal)ly the 
next In accuracy to that by telegraph, but it is not available inland where the 
chronometers are liable to rough usage in carriage. The readiest method in 
such a case as that under consideration, far inland and away from the tele- 
graphs, is the method by transits of the moon. This method is, in principle, 
the same as the direct method of exchange of time by signals, but that the 
moon serves at the same time as the pignjil 0Dser«7»,«d and as a record of the 
Greenwich time. The observer determines his local lime, and at th« »ame time 
determines the position of the moon in the heavtns vith reference to ihe stars. 
The fixed stars have an apparent motion in the sky from east to west, due to 
the diurnal revolution of the earth, but retain their apparent positions rela- 
tive to each other. The moon, while partaking with the stars in the apparent 
diurnal motion, has at the same time a monthly rotation of its own about the 
earth, by which it travels from west to east, continually changing its plao^ 
with regard to the stars, making a complete circuit of the sidereal heavens in 
rather more than twenty-seven days. Now the movement of the moon in its 
orbit depends upon the known attractions of the sun, earth and planets, and its 
path among the stars can be computed beforehand, and is so computed for ^ 
number of years ahead and its position for each hour of every day is tabulated 
in the various nautical almanacs. Hence the observer who finds that the moon 
was in a certain place at a certain instant of his own local time, has but to 
refer to his almanac to find the Greenwich time at which the moon should be 
in that place. A direct comparison of the local time with the Greenwich lime 
is thus obtained. The difference is his longitude. The accuracy of the lunar 
method is less than that of the direct method by signals, for while an error of, 
say, a quarter of a second in estimating the time of the electric tap, or the 
flash of the artificial signal, makes an error of one-quarter of a second in the 
difference of time, and therefore in the longitude ; an error of one-quarter of a 
second in determining the moon's position, i.e., if the moon's time of transit 
over the observer's meridian is noted one-quarter of a second too soon or too. 
late, the error in the longitude will be twenty-seven times as great, i.e., nearly 
seven seconds, for the moon, making the circuit of the stars in 27 days, has a 
motion relative to the stars one-twenty-seventh of their apparent diurnal mo- 
tion, by which the astronomer determines his time. 

By lunar observations, Mr. Ogilvie, on behalf of the Canadian Government, 
in the winter of 1887-88, determined a point on the Yukon River in longitude 
141 deg. The place was visited in 1889 by Mr. McGrath, of the U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey, who also, during two winters, took a number of lunar obser- 
vations. His result is reported to agree with Mr. Ogilvie 's within about 610 
feet, which is equivalent to rather more than nine-tenths of a second of 

In view of the fact stated above, that an error in the moon's place Is multi- 
plied by 27 in the longitude, the accordance is very close. Of course, the result 
given by each observer does not depend upon a single observation, but upon 
many, and the accidental errors of individual observations by a well-known 
law tends to correct one another in the mean of the individual results. 

In the same years, 1889 to 1891, Mr. Turner, of the U. S. Coast and Geo- 
detic Survey, determined the point where the 141st meridian crosses the Porcu- 
pine River. No Canadian observer has yet visited this point. 

The mining population of the Yukon District increasing as the news of the 
rich deposits spread, Inspector Constantino, of the North- West Mounted Police, 
accompanied by Sergeant Brown, was sent in 1894 to ascertain the facts in the 


case, and the best means of making efficient provision for the enforcement of 
law in the district and the protection of the revenue. The necessity of ac- 
tion in this regard becoming apparent, a force of Mounted Police was sent to 
the district in the following year (1895). The greater part of the mining being 
at the time on the tributaries of Forty-Mile and Sixty-Mile Creeks, close to the 
141st meridian, it became necessary for the purpose of administration that a 
definition of the line in this neighborhood should be had. This work was en- 
trusted to Mr. Ogilvie, who returned to the Yukon in the summer of 1895, un- 
der instructions to perform also such surveying as might be necessary in con- 
nection with mining and land claims. In the following winter Mr. Ogilvie sur- 
veyed and marked out the meridian for about five miles north from his astro- 
nomical station of 1887-88 on the Yukon River and fifty-five miles south from it 
to a point near Sixty-Mile Creek, an extent of line sufficient for existing re- 
quirements. At the time Mr. Ogilvie was sent out, the United States Govern- 
ment had been asked to co-operate in the survey, so as to make the resulting 
determination final for international purposes, as Mr. Ogilvie' s work, withotit 
such international agreement, would, of course be merely provisional, as was 
Mr. Hunter's work on the Stikine. The United States Government, however, 
declined to co-operate at the time, expressing a preference for a joint survey of 
the whole of the 141st meridian. A convention accordingly, providing for a joint 
siirvey of the line from the mountains overlooking the Pacific to the Arctic 
Ocean^ was agreed to in January, 1897, by Her Majesty's Ambassador at Wash- 
ington and the Secretary of State of th.e United States, and was submitted to 
the United States Senate for ratification. The Senate, however, has not yet 
ratified the convention, and the matter is at a standstill. No portion, of the line 
has been surveyed other than that surveyed by Mr. Ogllvfe, as above stated, in 
the winter of 1895-1896. 

The other portion of the Alaska boundary, that between the southernmost 
point of Prince of Wales Island and the 141st meridian, remains to be dis- 
cussed. We have not now to deal with a line depending upon latitude or longi- 
tude which can be laid down by scientific processes, with a degree of pre- 
cision only limited by the care taken and the time expended upon the work.. 
The location of this boundary depends upon natural features as described in a 
written instrument, and cannot be established so long as any difPerences of in- 
terpretation of the treaty remain unsettled. Very wide differences do in fa^t 
exist, and while it is not possible, at the present stage of the negotiations be- 
tween the Governments, to present fully here various arguments which have 
been set up on behalf of divergent views, it is proposed to state briefly the main 
points upon which controversy may turn when the claims which may be formu- 
lated by the Governments come before a tribunal for adjudication. 

It may be premised that the question is somewhat complicated by the fact 
that the United States are in actual occupation of the coast ; settlements have 
been formed by their citizens on debatable territory, and their ofilcials have, in 
some instances, pushed their jurisdiction to the farthest limit which the United 
States could claim under an extreme interpretation of the treaty. 

The point of commencement of the boundary by treaty is the southernmost 
point of Prince of Wales Island. There seems no difficulty in identifying this 
island from the recorded latitude and longitude of its southernmost point with 
the assistance of the charts in existence at the time of the treaty negotiations. 
An exploration of the coast and the adjacent archipelago had been made by 
Captain Vancouver, 1793 and 1794, and his charts have been proved by recent 
surveys to be remarkably accurate as to the principal natural features. The 
wide range of longitude, 131 deg. to 133 deg., is given to include the two south- 


em promonotorles called by Vancouver Capes Muzon and Chacon, both of -whicli 
lie nearly in latitude 54 deg., 40 min.' but until recently it waa pot known that 
Muzon extends a little further south than Chacon. Vancouver did not explore 
the archipelago sufficiently to ascertain all the channels among the islands, and 
on his chart he shows a mass of land terminating in the two capes above 
named, and calls it Prince of Wales " archipelago." Later surveys slio^v that 
this conjecture is in accordance with the facts, and that there are several 
islands, including two principal ones, the smaller and more westerly of which. 
now known as Dall Island, terminates in Cape Muzon, while the large Island 
retains the name Prince of Wales. This island is to be distinguished from 
"Wales" Island, situated aFthe entrance to Portland Inlet. 

From the point of commencement the line " shall ascend to the north 
along the channel called Portland Channel, as far as the point of the continent 
where it strikes the 56th degree of north latitude." The question here arises as 
to whether Portland " Channel " is to be identified with Vancouver's Portland 
" Canal." The difficulties are that the entranc