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Full text of "Partial list of revolutionary soldiers in Essex County, Massachusetts .."

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Brocklebank, Job, Rowley. Served as a year's 
man all 1776 in Capt. Pettingill's company 
Col. Baldwin's regiment, Mass. line. 
Barker, Thoma;*, A.ndover. Served 1 year 
from Jan. 1, '76 in Capt Reed's company, 
Col. Varnum's regiment, Mass. line. 
Burrows, Giles, Salem. Served as a year's 
man, all '76 in Capt. Barnes's company, Col. 
Nixon's regiment, Mass. line. 
Bancroft, Robert, Middleton. Served as a 
years' man all '76 in Capt. FrothingVam's 
company. Col. Sargent's regiment, also as a 
3 year's man and till end of the war iu Mass. 
Butler, John. Enlisted in March, '77 in 
Capt. John Burnham's company, in Col. 
Michael Jackson's regiment, in Mass. line, 
on Cout'l establishment for 3 years and 
served a whole term and was discharged in 
June, 1780. Enlisted in same company and 
was transferred to a French regiment under 
La Fayette for 6 mooihs and was discharged. 
Bradbury, James, Newburyport. Served on 
Contl. establishment as stated in decln., 
April, 1818. 
Berry, Benjamin, 2d., Andover. Served 3, 
year.x, from the spring of '77, in Capt. Far- 
num's company, Col. Tapper's regiment, 
Mass. line. A short time before the expira- 
tion of said 3 years enlisted for during the 
war in Capt. Abbott's company, same regi- 
ment and served during the war. 
Bay ley, Thomas, Newburyport. Served in U. 
S. Navy on Cout'l establishment, as stated 
iu decln., April, 1818. 
Brett, John, >ewburyport. Served in U. S. 
army, Cont'l establishment, Mass. line as 
Slated in declu, April, 1818. 
Bruce, Lewis. Served as a private 2 or 3 
years, a part of the time in Capt. Palmer's 
company. Col. Wesson's regiment. 
Bradbury, Daniel. Served in the summer of 
1781, for during the war. Entered the com- 
pany of Capt. McGreiiore, 2d regiment of 
N. H. troops under Col. Reed, and con- 
tinued iu serpioe under said McGregore and 
afterwards under Capt. Cherry till the peace 
in the summer of 1783 and was discharged 
near West Point. 
Badger, Obadiah, Refers to decln. of April, 

Burubam, Thomas. In March, '77 enlisted in 
Capt. John Burnham's com., Michael Jack- 
son's regiment, Mass. line, Cont'l establish- 
ment for threeyears and served the same time, 
then enlisted during the war in same com- 
pany, and regimeutand served until the 
peace and was discharged. 
Burnham, Jonathan. Enlisted in Capt. Park- 
er's company, Col. Little's regimeut, Mass. 
line. Cont'l establishment in March '76 for 
1 year and volunteered 6 weeks after his 
time was out. Served at Newport 5 months 
in nailitia. Served 6 months in miltia at 
West Point, at time of Arnold's escape. 
Served in the militia 6 months at capture 
of Burgoyne. In battles of Lono Island, 
Harlem Heights and Elizabethtown. 
Buruliam, Joseph. Enlisted in March, '77 
during the war, in Capt. John Burnham's 
company, Jackson's regiment, Mass. line, 
Cont'l establishment, served until peace and 

was discliarged in '83. Also served in Capt. 
Giddiug'a company in 'W about 9 mootha 
at Gloucester, was at the takin ^ of Bur- 
goyne and at Stony Point. 

Batten, Ebeoezer, Gloucester. Served in 
Warner's company, Little's regiment, in 
Mass. line all '76. 

Blauchard, Amos, Lynn. Served as a 
musician in Emerson's company. 10th Mass. 
regiment, Coi. Tnpper, was transfered to 
5th and theu to 1st regimenr, served from 
March, '81 to Dec. '83. 

Bartlett, Scipis, Salem. Served 3 years, from 
'77. in Page's company, regiment command- 
ed by Francis, afterwards by Tupper Mass. 

Bibcock, Joseph, Manchester. Served as a 
year's man all '76 in Hutchinson's regi- 
ment, in Mass. line and 3 years thereafter. 

Caldwell, Moses, Ipswich. Enlisted 1, June, 
'79 in Munroe's company, Bigelow's regi- 
ment and served 10 months and was dis- 
charged, this was on Cont'l establishment, 
Mass. line. In '80 enlisted in Greenleaf's 
company, Benj. Tupper's regiment, M. line, 
Cont'l establishment, served 6 months. In 
'75 served in Mighill's company, Gerrish's 
reaiment. la battle of Bunker bill and 
several skirmishes. 

Cash, Geome, Marblebead. Entered in Mer- 
riti's company. Glover's regiu.enr, in May, 
'76; was at Cambridge 8 months, went from 
Cambridge lo Beverly in Glover's company, 
remained about 6 mouths, went on board 
C"')t'l Soil). Warren and served 2 mouths. 

C.ird, Nithamei, Salem, late of Marblehead. 
Served in '98 in U. S. sloop of war Balti- 
more, Ctpt. Philips and in the late war un- 
der Com. Barney in the flotilla at Baltimore, 
Pig Point, VVashington city aud at Brad- 
eusburg. Served as a year's man all '76 in 
S\mi>iid's company, Glover's regiment, 
Mass. line. 

Coleinau, Solomon, Ipswich. Enlisted Jan. 
1, '76 for 12 months, A. Dodge's company. 
Little's regiment, Cont'l establishment, 
Miiss. line, served the whole of that year 
aud was discharged. In '80 enlisted in 
Francis's company, Tupper's regiment, 
Cont'l service, served 6 months and was dis- 
charged. In April, '75 served in aid. 
Dodge's company. Little's regiment 8 mos. 
Served about 4 mouths at the taking of Bur- 
goyne. Also at Newport and Rhode Island, 
5 months at one time and 3 at another time, 
these last iu the militia. 

Chadwick, John, Hamilton. Enlisted for 1 
year on the 1st October, '76 in Boston har- 
bor, in Cont'l frigate, Boston, Mackeil and 
served until Oct. 1st, '77, when he was dis- 

Chandler, John, Salem. Served in Drury's 
company, Crane's regiment, in Mass. line 
all '76 and part of '77. 

Carter, Gideon, Gloucester. Served in Barna- 
bas Dodge's company, L. Baldwin's regi- 
ment, Mass. line from Dec. 2, '75 to Sept. 
16, '76 when he was taken prisoner near 
N. Y. 

Cobnrn, Titus, Andover. Served from June 
20, '78 to Mar. 20, '79, 9 months in Peirce's 
company, Jackson's regiment, Mass. line. 

Caldwell, Thomas, Jr., Ipswich. In '75 
served in Abm. Dodge's company, M. Lit- 
tle s regiment 5 1-2 months. In Jan '76 
enlisted in sd. Dodge's company, same'reei- 
inent, Mass. II „e for 1 year and served a 
wholeyear and was discharged on Cont'l 
establishment. In '77 eiriisted in J Hods- 
f-onfi '""'fr"?', r. Bigelow's regiment, 
t.onti tjstablisbmenr, Mass. line, served 8 
months. In -78 served 6 weeks in militia at 
Khode Island. 
Crawley James. Essex. Enlisted in M 
J.liambers company, 6th regiment, Mass. 
line for 3 years and served in sd. company 
SPtf^'^'- 2«. Jl. .till April, '83 and waj 
transferred to Mear's company in 2d regi- 
ment commanded by Lt. Col. 'e. Sprout till 
he was discharged in Dec. '83. 
Clark, Samuel, Gloucester. Served whole of 
tb in Fay s company, Ward's regiment. 
nZu., 1^''^''' immediately after '76 in 

''"■/'^.^riSl^^"^''"^^- ^^^^'« '° '^-"'•' 

""o^Ma^ct'S ^''"''"'" ^'^''^ ^« ''''"■' 
Carletou, Moses. Served 9 mouths at 0am- 
biidge and was at the battle of Bunker hill. 
n Whi^'.?/"'""""^ '77 enlisted in Uont'larmy 
ID Whipple s company 5lh Mass. regiment, 
K. i'utnam and served in that regiment 

s'orivate" if'-''''''""' '" ^upper's reSSenf) 
to%7oseS -:'="'L-utenant and Q., masted 

Cleveland, Ebenezer, Gloucester. Served as 
captain Entered in '75 and wir dis 
in Masr ?i"*- '^\ ^''^'^ '" 3 rlgfmeut , 
Jackson "'"^^^ ^"^^^' ^^^*i a°<^ 

"^oflptiHlri's.^^"^"^^- K^f-^ to deem. 

Carrico, Alexander. Beverly. Served 4 vear« 
8 months. .3 years of which was at the last 
of he war ,n B.lly Porter's company Fran 
CIS s regiment. Mass line. ^' 

3 y"; YnTeo ^ewport. Served 4 yrs. 8 mos. 

mr'alf '7fi' 9^T'''^'- ^^''^^ ■'^^ a year's 
Conn.'linJ.' '" '^'"^'"''^ ^"-"P" ^ebb's'regt 

cioss'^foir'^^"'"?- N° statement. 

t^ross, Joshua. Served all '76 partly in Fn 
sign Goud's com narn? ri.H^> -^ ^°' 
nartlv in t>j ^ j •^'^^"'t'^ ^ regiment and 

^KSsr'egim^nroT'artSr/r^^"^'^ — "^' 

Sif'S ^'^^^^'^^^P-'t- R«f-s ro decln. of 

^ Poor's r'egf." n" H^Mn?"'"^^ ^°"^P--'' 

Ja" '76'?n"wHki"„t':'^;- ' «^^^^V "'-' ^-- 
imoiit SarJoJ .K company, Battle's rpg- 
n S^n;,' "'^'^ tl-'-ee years, from March '77 

Caswell, William, Marblehead. Entered in 
June '75 in Baun's company, Glover's regi- 
ment, for 8 months, and at expiration of 
term reentered in Baun's company, Polland's 
regiment. Went to N. Y., served 2 yrs. and 
was employed as a blacksmith, except when 
called out for service, and was discharaed at 
Pigs Kills (Peekskill?) 
Clark. Peter, Beverly. Enlisted about 1 April, 
'76 ill Wm. Toogood's company, Nixon's 
regiment. M. line, served 3 years and was 
discharged at West Point in "79. 
Courrill, Nichola.*!. Enlisted about 1 January, 
'70, in C. estabt. and served till Jan. 1, '77, 
in John Low's company, 27th regiment, Col. 
Israel Hutchinson. 
Tavis, James, Andoyer. Served 9 mos. from 
Jan. 1, '78 to Mar. 1, 79, in Carr's Company, 
Wesson's regt., M. line. 
Driver, Stephen, Salem. Served the year '76 

in Glover's regt., M. line. 
Danforth, Joshua, Saueus. Served as a year's 
man all '76 in Newhall's company, Hutchin- 
son's regiment., Mass. line 
Davis, Henry, Gloucester. Served in Porter's 
company, Hutchinson's regiment., M. line 
all '76. 
Dubtlin, Nathaniel, Andover. Served 9 mos. 
from June '78 in Wiley's cumpany. M. Jnck- 
sou's regiment, Maso. line, and prior to ex- 
Diration of said 9 mos. enlisted again, and 
served for during the war in Burbank's com- 
pany. Crane's regiment Mass. line, and was 
i:: '83 discharged. 
Day, Joshua, Gloucester. Served in Nathaniel 
Warner's company, M. Littles Regiment, M. 
line, all '76. Also as an able seaman, on 
board U. S. ship Alfred, Capt. Henman, 
from Jan. '77, to 9th March '78, when he 
was captured. 
Down, John, Snlem. Served as a year's man, 
all '76 in Bond's company. Glover's regi- 
nient, M. line. 
Dennison, Isaac, Gloucester. Served in Child's 
company, James Wesson's regiment, M. line 
from Jan. '77 to June '79. 
Dodge, William, Newbury. Served in C. 
estabt. from the commencement to the end 
of the war, as in df cln. of April, 1818 
Davis, Amos. Enlisted in '76, in John Burn- 
/^^" »r <iO™P»".V, 8th regt. of M. line. 
Col. M. Jackson, served from '76 to close of 
Davis, William. About Dec. '75 enlisted as a 
private for 1 year, then entered the service 
in Samuel Carr's company, 26th regiment' 
Col. L. Baldwin, and served in said company 
during the year. Enlisted for 3 years in 
s. me company, then in 9th regiment M 
Ime, Col. Weston, continued in service said 
dyrs. and was discharged 
Dole, Enoch, Newbury. Refers to decln. of 

April, 1818. 
Dodge. Abraham, Newburyport. Refers to 

decln. of April, 1818. 
Dale, Archelaus, Danvers. Served as a year's 
man all 76 in Low's company, Hutchinson's 
regiment, Mass. line. 
Davis, Samuel, Gloucester. Served as a year's 
man all 76 in Beat's companv, Greaton's 
regiment, M. line. 
Davi.o, Benjamin, Gloucester. Served in 

Wiley's company, Jackson's 8th Mass. C. 
regimeut, 4 yrs. 3 iu Jackson's, 1 in Pres- 
cott's M. line. 
Dennis, Benjamin. Served in Symoud's com- 
pany, Johu Glover's regiment, aud after, 
wards on board with Com. Mauly. 
Downing, Moses. About the last of Dec. '75 
enlisted for 1 year and entered about 1 Jan. 
'76 in Moses McFarland's company, Nixon's 
regiment, Mass. troops, and served term of 
enlistment. About 1 April '77 enlisted for 
3 years and entered immediately in Amos 
Coggswell's company, Weston's regiment- 
Mass, troops, and after serving his term was 
discharged. Very soon enlisted for another 
term of ihree years, aud entered in Ballard's 
company. Sprout's regimeut, Mass. troops, 
and served to the cluse of the war when he 
was discharged by Washington. 
Dolliver, William, Gloucester. Served all '76 
in Keith's company, Paul D. Sargent's regt. 
Mass line. 
DoUiber. Thomas. Served in Merrill's com- 
pany, John Glover's regiment, iu M. line. 
Downing, Palfry, Andoyer. Enlisted Feb. 26, 
'77, and served to the end of the war, in the 
companies of Faruum, Abbott and Mills, 
under Uolonels Francis, Tupper aud Vose, 
iu Mass line, was made a Sergeant and hon- 
orably discharged. 

Dobbin, John, Beverly. First of bis seivice 
at Bunker hill iu McGioflins company, 
Col. Stark's regiment, after that was iu 
Dearborn's company, and inarched to Cana- 
da and was made prisoner at the seige of 
Quebec, on the 1st Jan. '76 at 8 A. M. On 
the 18th escaped with 2 others, and pro- 
ceeded to headquarters where Col. Arnold 
was laid by with his wounds. Repaired to 
Cambridge and enlisted in Richard's com- 
pauy, Stark's regiment, N. H. line, and 
served whole of '76. Enlisted again for 3 
years iu same company. 

Eveletii, Aaron, Essex. Enlisted at Lexing- 
ton battle in '75 for 8 mos. and served that 
term and 1 of Jan. '76, enlisted in Daniel 
Giddings company, which was selected to 
build and guard the fort at Gloucester, and 
served 9 mos. iu March '77, enlisted iu Johu 
Buruham's company, M. Jackson's regimeut, 
M. line ou the Cont'l establishment, for 
three years and served the whole of that 
time and was discharged; was in the batttle 
of Bunker Hill, etc. 

Elliugwood, Johu, Beverly. Enlisted in John 
Low's company, Hutchinson's regimeut, 27th 
Mass. line, and served during the whole of the 
term of enlistment, except when he was a 
prisoner at the taking of Fort VVashinaton. 

Elwell, Robert, Gloucester. Enlisted in Oct. 
'75 and was discharged in Jan. '77 in War- 
ner's company. 12th regiment, Mass. line. 
Colonel Moses Little. 

Emery, Ephraim, Newburyport. Served with 
the rank of Lieut, during the whole war, 
commencing with the battle of Lexington 
aud continued in service until peace. 

Edwards, Ebenezer, Newburyport. Served iu 
U. S. navy ou Cont'l establishment. While on 
duty on board frigate Alliance, he lost one 
finger and was otherwise injured. 

Emerson, Benjamin, Buxford. Served as a 

Frve, Beujamin, Salem. Served from Jan. 1, 
i77(i to end of 7G in Maj. Barou's corps of 
artificers in M. line, and from Jan. '7< to the 
end of tbe year under Eaton in Baldwin s 
regt. of artificers in same line. 
Felt Joseph, Salem. Served as a years man 
all '7(5 in Newhall's company, Hutchmson's 
regt., Mass. line. 
Florence, Thomas, Sauaus. Served as a year s 
man all '7(J in Newball's company, Hutchin- 
son's Regt.. Mass. line. ,,-r i,..l. 
Francis. Aaron, Beverly. In April, i7i5, 19th 
day. went to Lexington fight -enlisted in 
company commanded bv my brother Ebeu. 
Francis, Col. Mansfield's regt., for 8 mos. 
Jan. 7, 177(i enlisted in Billy Portei's comp , 
in Hutchinson's legt., for one year. Was in 
the retreat through the Jerseys and was at 
the capture of the Hessians at Trenton in Jan. 
1777, was anpoiuled a Quarter Master in 
Francis's Kegt., went to Ticonderoga, was 
in the retreat to Saratoga, and in all the bat- 
tles till Burgoyne was taken. Marched to 
Valley forge for winter quarters— was in the 
battle of Monmouth. My brother, Col. Fran- 
cis was billed in the retreat from Ticonder- 
oaa. and Col. Benj. Tapper had the com- 
mand when I was aptd. a Lieut, in April, '82, 
— served 7 yrs. 

Francis, Ihomas, Salem. Served 7h years 
from '76 in commission. At first in his 
brother Col. Francis's Regt., after Col. Francis 
wa& killed, in Col. Tupper's regt., till his 
comp. was transferred to Col. Brooks's regt., 
in Mass. line. 

Fuller, John, Middleton. Served as a year's 
man all '76 in Enoch Putnam's company, 
Hutchinson's regt.. Mass. line. 

Fo.'ter, David. Served all '76 in Eaton's comp., 
Baldwin's corps of artificers at the North. 

Gould, Benjamin, Newport. Served with the 
rank of Ensign as stated in decn. before 
lion. S. Minot. 

Gray, Thomas, Andover. Served from the lat- 
ter part of March '76 to the 1st of Jan. '77, 
in Lee's comp.. Glover's regt., Mass. line. 

Gray, Dnuiel, Andover. Served 9 mos. from 
Jiily 10, 79 in Clark's comp., Tupper's regt., 
Mass. line, was discharged April 10, 1780. 

Grush, Thomas, Marblehead. Entered March 
16, '77 in Silly's regt., Amos Emerson's com- 
pany for 3 yrs., was in the battles of Still- 
water and Monmouth, and in '79 went w th 
Genl. Sullivan to scout the Indians— was 
discharged March 20, '80, at Newtown, Conn. 

Grittin, Benjamin, Salisbury. Served in M. 
line as stated in decn., April 4, 1818. 

Goodhue, Phiueas, Andover. Served 1 yr. 
from Jan. 1, 76 in Hale's comp., Stark's 
regt., N. H. line. 

Greenleaf, William. Jnn. 1, '76 enlisted for 1 
yr. in Moses McGarland's comp., Nixon's 
regt., M. troops, erved that year as a fifer. 
Early in '77 enlisted in Fairfield's comp., 
13tb Mass, regt.. Col. Wigglesworth for 3 
yrs., soon after was appointed an Ensign and 
was afterwards commissioned a Lieut, in 
said regt. from the 13th of Feb., '78, and con- 
tinued in service till the close of the war in 
1783. Was in tlie engagements of Govern- 
or's Island, Harlem Heights, at the taking of 
Bourgoyne. carried the standard of his regt. 

iu the battle of Moumoutb, was iu the re- 
treat from Rhode Islaud, etc. 

Griffiu, James. Jr., Gloucester. Served in 
Barnabas Dodge's comp., L. Baldwin's regt., 
iu M. line ail '76. 

Oilman, Autliony. Latter part of Dec, '75, en- 
listed as fifer for 1 yr. in Oilman's comp., 
Nixon's regt., M. liue, served 1 yr., tlien en- 
listed for during the war and entered Hutcli- 
ius comp , Joseph Cilley's regt.. N. H. line, 
and served till Genl. Hull was sent to Moris- 
ena, N. Y., to drive out the cowboys —was 
taken there and carried to N. Y. — kept for 
weeks and sold for a slave, and kept as a 
slave more than a year, and then sent to St. 
John's and to Auapolis Royal, from whence 

Goodwin, Benjamin^ Manchester. No state- 

Goldsmith, ZHCcheus, Andover. Served from 
Jan. 1, '76, 1 yr. iu Keith's comp., Sargent's 
regt., M. line as Sergeant. Also 1 yr. from 
Jan. '77, as an artificer uuder Oakes' 

Goodale, Samuel, Salem, Served iu Winship's 
comp., Nixon's regt., M. liue, as a year's 
man all '7G. 

Glover, P'^ter, Beverly. Served in Glover's 
comp.. Glover's reet., M. liue iu '76. 

Goldthwait, James, Salem. Served from Feb. 
to end of '76 iu Brown's comp., (clover's 
coiitl. regt., Mass. line. 

Gale, Edmund, Salem. Enlisted in tlie spring 
of '77 to serve during the war in Stone's 
comp., Brewer's regt., M. liue, aud served in 
that regt. under Brewer aud Sprout till the 
eud of the war. Henry Sewall was Capt. iu 
Sprout's regt. 

Gott, Joshua, Gloucester. Served all '76 in 
Barnabas Dodge's comp., Baldwin's regt., M. 

Greenough, John, Bradford. Served as a 
year's man all '76 iu Bond's comp. Glover's 
regt., M. liue, coutl. army. 

Gates, Edward, Salem. No statement. 

Hooker, Philip. Served iu Broden's comp., 
Glover's regt., M. line, andin Symonds' 
comp., Hiichcock's regt., R. I. liue. 

Homao, Joseph, Salem. Served as a year's 
man all '76 iu comp. of John Glover, Jr., 
Glover's regt., Mass. line, and in Continen- 
tal vessel. 

Homau, Thomas. Served iu Putnam's comp., 
Hutchinson's regt., 1 year, iu Mass. line. 

Homan, John. Served in John Glover Jr.'s 
comp., John Glover's regt., iu Mass. line. 

Hunt, Isaiah, Newbury. Refers to decu. of 

Huse, Samuel, N'port Served as Lieut, as 
staled iu decu. Miir., 1818. 

Hodgkins, Joseph, Ipswich. April, '75, en- 
listed and appointed Lieut, iu Nath'l Wade's 
comp., Moses Little's regt., for 8 mos. In 
Jan.. '76, commissioned as Lieut, in same 
comp. and regt. for 1 year, aud served 3, 
mos. Engaged first of '77 as capt. in Timly 
Bigelow's regt. Served till June, '79. 

Harris, Jonathan, Newbury, Refers lo decu., 
April, 1818. 

Huntington, William. Refers to decn.. April, 

Hoyt, Moses, Jr., Amesbury. Served as ar- 
tificer as stated iu decn., April, 1818. 

Holt, Isnac. Enlisted Jan. 1. 76, for 1 year, in 
bljortridse rt comp., Poor's regt., N H Hue 
ami served till Oct. or Nov. foUowini; ' 
Holt Abie). Andover. Served 9 mos ,' from 
July, 10, 79 to April, '80, iu Frauds' coiun.. 
liipper s regt., M. line. 
tlo_dgkins. Timothy, Gloucester. Served all 
((), 111 Barnabas Dodge's cornp., L Bald- 
win's regt.. M. line. In '77 enlisted for dur- 
ing the war, aud .served 3 years 
Holt, George, Andover. Served i year, from 
Jan. 76, ni Shortrid^e's comp , Poor's rest 
M. hue. ^ ' 

Hoff^ius, Adam, Gloucester. Served in Abra- 
n^am Dodge s comp., Moses Little's regt all 
lb. ALSO as a bombardier iu Thomas Wells' 
comp. John Crane's regt. of artillery, all '77 
(ii aud '79, M. line. 
Hj'l- ^^""""'l^E. Served in the militia in 
tr>, (0, and (7, and in the latter pirt of '77 
enlisted for 3 years as a carpenter in John 
Wood s comp., Hay's rnyt. Served till sum- 
merof '/9, thei) enlisted for dnr.'ua the war 
in Andrew Moody's comp., in 2d N Y rest' 
of artillery, Col. John Lamb, aud served as 
a matross till June 9th, 1783 
Hallowell. Henry. Served iu Ezra Newhall's 
comp., Hutchinson's regt., all '76 a1«o 
served in William's romp., Putnam's regt 
during '77, '78 and '79. ' 

Hiltou, Hale, Beverly. Served tirst 8 mos. in 
to and whole of '76 in Low's comp. Hutch- 
inson's regt. 
Hovey, Ivory, Boxford. Served as a year's 
man all /b, in Robinson's comp., Durkee's 
regt.. Conn. line. 
Hobb.s Benjamin, Topsfield. Served as a 
year s man all '76, iu Baker's comp., Little's 
regt., M. liue. 
Ham.son, John, Gloucester. Served all '76 in 

Bett s comp., Greaton's regt., M. Hue 
Hernck Asa, Beverly. Served 3 years at the 
last of the war m Holbrook's comp.. Shep- 
herd's regt.. M. line. ^ 
Hart Jacob, Wenham. Served all the war 
Enlisted lu '75 in Eben Wiuship's comp., 
Nixon s regt., M. line. Served afterward in 

H?K"?'«rT,?'- '^""^ '" '^"f"^ Putnam's re t. 
Hilbert, William, Danvers. Served all '76 iu 

Brown ^ Putnam's comp., Hutchinson's 

regt., M. line. 
Harwood Juuathau, Danvers. Served 3 years 

froraMay9, '77, inj. Whipple's comp., R 

u"r'^ Vm^'-' ^^- ''■"^' an<l «« a year's man 
al (bin \yhiting'scomp.. Greaton's regt. 
Hebbard, Jacob, Gloucester. Served as a 
.year s man all '76, Putnam's comp., Hutch- 
inson's regt. M. line. 
^,'?2'Ds Timothy, Wenham. Served during 
(bin Jno. Baker's comp., Little's regt., and 
enlisted in the 3 years .service in John Burn- 
bam s comp., M. Jackson's regt. 
Hitchings, Nathaniel. Salem. Seryed firsts 
"vr" o"^!' ^J^^ '^ Glover's regt., and all 
7b in Pollard's comp., brewer's regt. of ar- 

Herrick Joshua, Wenham. Served first 12 

months of war in B irne's con, p., Hutchin- 

.son s regt. and3 .veirs from begiuniu" of 

n. first Ml Emerson's comp., Tupper's regt 

and was then drafted into Abbot's comp ' 

same regt., aud afterward under Col. Jackson, 
M. line. 

Hitchings, Natlian 2d, Sau2us. Served 3 years 
from beginning of '77, in Daniel's comp., Nix- 
on's regt., M. line. 

Hobart, Noah, Silem. Served ail '76 iu Cush- 
iug's comp., Greatou's regt., M. line. 

Han, Ebeuezer, L.vnnfield. Served from be- 
ginning of '77 till end of war in Winship's 
comp., Putnam's regt., M. line. 

Hood, Jolin, Topsfield. Served as a year's 
man all 1776 in Bond's comp., Glover's regt., 
aud from June 20, 1778 to March 20, 1779 in 
Uodgkin's comp., Bigelow's regt., M. line. 

Herrick, Richard, Gloucester. Served all 1776 
iu Da\ id Allen's comp, of artillery, Knox's 
regt., M. line. 

Jewett, Epes., Ipsv?ich. Enlisted in Jam es 
Tresdale's comp., Greatou's regt., M. line, 
1780, for 3 years. 

Ingertioli, Andrew, Gloucester, Served from 
Dec, 1775 to Jan., 1777, iu N. Warner's 
comp , M. Little's regt. 

lisley, Isaiah. Refers to decn. of April, 1818. 

JacJsmau, Beuj., Newbury. Refers to decn. of 
April, 1818. 

Johnson, Ebeuezer, Audover, Served 1 year from 
Jan. 1, 1776. iu Lee's comp.. Glover'.s regt., 
aud 3 years from March, 1778, in Abbot's 
comp., Tupper's regt., and enlisted for the 
war in same comp. 

Johnson, Nathaniel. Rowley. Refers to decn. 
of April, 1818. 

Kelham, VVilliam, Manchester. Served as a 
year's man all 1776 iu Dodge's comp., Bald- 
win's regt., M. line. 

Kimball, Benjamin. In April, 1773, enlisted 
iu Enoch Putnam's comp., Hutchinson's regt. 
Served till Jan., 1776. Jan. 1, 1776, enlisted 
iu Abraham Dodge's comp., Little's regt., for 
1 year. April, 1777. enlisted iu Robert 
Dodge's comp. in the militia, aud served 2 
months. Sept., 1777, enlisted in same comp. 
and served 3 months. Jan., 1778, enlisted in 
Thayer's comp., and served |1 year. May, 
1780 enlisted in Emerson's comp. iu milit a, 
Tupper's regt., served 6 months. 

Knowltou, Jonathau. Served as Sergeant 51 
year, 8 mouths— la^t 8 months of 1775, and 
all 1776, John Low's comp., Hutchinson's 
regt., M. line. 

Lakeman, Samuel, Ipswich. Enlisted April, 
1775, for 8 months. In Jan., 1776, enlisted 
for 1 year, Abraham Dodge's comp., M. Lit- 
tle's regt., M. line. 

Laskey, Andrew, Marblehead. Served in 
Blackler's comp.. Glover's regt., in 1775, 8 
months, aud entered into Francis Symoud's 
comp., Daniel Hitchcock's regt.. for 12 

Lakeman, John, Ipswich. Enlisted April. 
1775, for 8 months, Abraham Dodge's comp., 
M. Little's regt. In Jan., 1776, enlisted in 
same comp. for 1 year. 

Lakemau, James F. EDlisted a.t Lexing- 
ton battle and served 8 months in mili- 
tia. In Jan., 1776, enlisted in Abraham 
Dodge's comp., M. Little's regt., and 
served IS months. About Feb. 1777, 
enlisted in Jacob Low's comp. Bald- 
win's regt. for 1 year. 

Lovejoy, Isaac, Andover. Served 1 year 
from Jan. 1, 1776, in Joshua Reed's 
comp., J. M. Varnum's regt., R. I. line. 

Lindsey, Daniel, Andover. Served from 
April 19, 1775 to the last of Dec, fol 
lowing in Poor's comp., Frye's regt 
Jan., 1776, enlisted for 1 year in Reed's 
comp. Stark's regt., N. H. line. Served 
3 years, from March, 1777, in Varn- 
ham's comp., Francis, afterwards Tap 
per's regt., and enlisted again for 
during the war in Abbot's comp., Tup- 
per's regt. 

Loring, Richard, Newburyport. Refers to 
decn. of March, 1818. 

Lovering, Richard, Newburyport. Refers 

to decn. of Sept., 1818. 
Latham, John, Newbury. Refers to 

decn. of April, 1818. 

Lunt, Thomas, Newbury. Refers to 

decn. of April, 1818. 
' Libbey, John, Newburyport. Refers to 
decn. of April, 1818. 

Lovett, Ebenezer, Beverly. Served in 
Baker's comp. Hutchinson's regt., dur- 
ing 1776, until taken at Fort Washing- 

Lee, Solomon, Manchester. Served 3 
years from 1777 to 1780 in White's 
comp., R. Putnam's regt. 

Lee, Joseph, Manchester. Served in 
White's comp., Putnam's Regt., from 
last of 1777 to near end of 1778. 

Lee, Josiah, Manchester. Served in 
White's comp., Putnam's regt., from 
beginning of 1777 to 1780. 

Lee, Isaac, Manchester. Served as a 
year's man all 1776 in Farrington's 
comp., P. D. Sargent's regt. 

Lufkin, Moses, Gloucester. Served as a 
year's man all 1776 in Dodge's comp., 
Baldwin's regt. 

Learock, John, Salem. Served fiom be- 
ginning to end of 1776 in Winship's 
comp., Nixon"s reet. 

Long, Stephen, Andover. Served as a 
year's man all 1776 in Reed's comp., 
Varnum's regt., R. I. line. 

Martin, Edward. Jan., 1776, enlisted in 
Titcomb's comp.. Poor's regt. for 1 
year, N. H. line. First of 1777 enlisted 
in Titcomb's comp., Hale's regt., N. 
II. line during the war. 

Manning, Wm. T., Beverly. Served the 
whole of the war., in Hutchinson's 
regt , till expiration of 1776, then till 
end of war in 1884 in 7th comp., foot, 
Hutchinson's regt. 

Morse, Joseph, Methuen. Served S 
months, from April 19, 1775, in John 
Davis's comp., James Frye's regt., M. 
line, and 1 year from Jan. 1, 1776, in 
James Norris's comp., Enoch Poor's 
regt., N. H. line, and nine months from 
July, 1778, in Carr's comp., James Wes- 
son's regt., M. line, and from July, 
1782, 3 months in John Abbot's comp., 
Wade's regt. 

Morse, Benjamin, Methuen. Entered in 
Jan., 1776, in Carr's, afterwards Bad- 
lam's comp., Baldwin's regt. for 1 

Morse, Amos, Methuen. Served from 
April 23, 1781 to the 17th Dec, 1783 in 
Wade's comp. 8th Mass., regt., M. 
Jackson, and in Wood bridge's comp., 
3d Mass. regt., M, Jackson. 

Morse, Ebenezer, B^^verly. Served in 
John Low's comp., 27Lh regt. all 1776. 

Morse, Mark, Beverly. Served 8 months 
in 1775, and all 1776 in John Low's 
comp., Hutchinson's regt., 27th M. line. 

Mansfield, John, Salisbury. Refers to 
decn. of April, 1818. 

Mnxfield, Dudley, Salisbury. 

INIarchant, Jabez, Gloucester. Served in 
Barnabas Dodge's comp., Baldwin's 
regt., all 1776. 

Mathews, William, Marblehead. Served 
in Wm. Blackler's comp., John Glov- 
er's regt., for 1 year, and in John Glov- 
er jr's. comp., same regt., for 1 year. 

Melsard, George, Marblehead. Entered 
in Scott's comp., Sargent's regt , in 
Dec, 1776, and served 13 months, 2 

Melsard, John, Marblehead. Entered in 
Nov., 1775, in Hitchcock's regt., served 
till Feb. 1, 1777. 

Millet, Zebulor, Marblehead. Entered in 
Baker's comp., Little's regt., in April, 
1176, for 12 months. Tlien enlisted in 
Potter's comp., Andrew's regt., 3 years, 
discharged Jan. 8, 1780. 

Martin, Jonathan, Newbury. Piefers to 
April, 1818 decn. 

Mugford, Wm., Salem. Served about a 
year in Boston frigate McNeil from 
Oct., 1776 to Oct., 1777. 

Morrison, Abraham, Salisbury. llefers 
lo April, ISIS. 

Mears, Daniel, Danvers. Served 3 years 
in U. S. navy in frigate Ohesapeake, 
under Hull, and in Gun boats. Served 
1 year in Boston frigate, Tucker comdr. 
from Jan., 177!» to Jan., 1780. 

Murphy, Milan, Daovers. Served 3 
years, 2 months, 8 days. 

Millett, Nathaniel, Gloucester. Served 
in Giles' comp., Bond's regt., M. line 
all 1776. 

Melcoy, John. Served 9 months in Far- 
num's comp., afterwards Abbott, Tap- 
per's regt., Patterson's brigade. Also 
from Jan. 1, 1776, 1 year in Keith's 
comp., Sargent's regt. 

Mason, Kobert, Andover. Served from 
Jan. 1, 1776, 1 year in Kimball's comp., 
Hutchinson's regt. Served from Feb., 
1777 to Jan., 1781., in Keith's comp., M. 
Jackson's regt. 

Martin, Oliver, Haverhill. In June, 
1779, enlisted in Stoddard's comp., for 
9 months, Vose's regt. In June, 1780, 
enlisted for 3 years in Smith's comp.. 
Smith's 6th regt, transferred to Al- 
der's comp.. Sprout's regt., served till 
March, 1783. 

Noyes, Joseph. Served fii-st part of 1776, 
in Carr's comp.. Wesson's regt., served 
1 year, then took a Lieut's coms'n 
in 1777 in same comp., served till 1783. 

Noyes, Eliphalet, Andover. Served 1 
year, from Jan. 1, 1776 in Badlam's 
comp., Wesson's regt. Served 3 years, 
from Jan., 1777, in Carr's comp., Wes- 
son's regt., then enlisted for during the 
war, in Carr's comp., M. Jackson's 

Norwell, Henry, Salisbury. Refers to 
April, 1818. 

Norwood, Nathan, Gloucester. Served 
in Abraham Child's comp., James Wes- 
son's regt., from 1777 to June, 17S3. 

Nichols, Thomas, Haverhill. Entered 
last part of 1775 in Thomas Cogswell's 
comp., Baldwin's regt., and served 1 

Nourse, James, Lynn. Served 6 years, 
part of the time in Cushing's comp.. 
Vose's regt., part in invalid regt. of 

Nicholson, Thomas, Salem. Served all 
1776 in Glover's regt. 

Noyes, Silas, Bradford. Refers to April, 

Noyes, Simeon, Salem. Served as a years 
man all 1776 in Perkins's comp., Little's 

Osgood, Samuel, Amesbury. Refers to 
May, 1818. 

Obear, Richard, Beverly. Served as Ser- 
geant in Moses Brown's comp., Glover's 
regt., all 1776. 

Oliver, William. Served all 1776 in Nixon's 
regt., and from beginning 1777 to end 
uf war in Putnam's regt., Winship's 
comp., 7 years, 7 months, 10 davs, in all. 

Oakman, Samuel. Enlisted in 1775 under 

Lieul. Abbby. Served iu Southern cam- 
paign under General Green, and be- 
longed to army during whole war. Dis- 
charged from Olney's regt. 

Orgin, Isaac. In Jos, Williams's comp., 
Greaton's regt. Served G| years. 

Pearce, Robert, Marblehead. Entered iu 
1775 in Glover's regr., S uioiilhs, and all 

1776, part of ilie time in ihe navy with 
Capt. Tucker and Capt. Lee, in all 1 
year. 3 months. 

Petti ugill, Benjamin, Newbury. Served 
under Capt. William Rogers from April 
to Dec, 1775. Gerrish's regt., from 
Jan., 1776, to Dec, 1776, in Lieut. Saml. 
Carr's comp., afterwards Capt. Bad- 
losv's, under Col. Baldwin. Served after- 
wards at Trenton, 6 weeks, in same 
comp,, and again from Aug. to Nov., 

1777, in Johnson's rest. 

Parker, Daniel, Salem. Served from 1777 
to 1780 in Willey's comp., Jackson's 
regt., M. line. 

Perkins, Abraham, Ipswich. April, 1775, 
enlisted in Aorahaui Dodge's comp., M. 
Little's regt. Jan. 1, 1776, enlisted in 
Lunl'scomp., Little's reg'., for 1 year. 

Prince, Cato, Marblehead. Served in 
Smith's comp., Jackson's regt. 

Peabody, Ebeuezer, Boxford. 

Patch, James, Beverly. Served in Moses 
Br.>wn's comp., GloVer's regt., 14th, M. 
line, all 1776. 

Perkins, Nathaniel, Ipswich. Enlisted in 
Ezra Lunt's comp., M. Little's regt., 1 
year. In Jan., 1777, enlisted in Jacob 
Low's comp., Jeduihaii Baldwin's regt., 
1 year. Served in militia 8 mouths in 

Putnam, Jacob, Marblehead. No state- 

Parker, William, Boxford. In 1775 en- 
listed in Thos. Poor's comp., James Fry's 
regt., and served till Jan., 1776. Feb. 5. 

1776, euli-ted iu James Keith's comp., 
Paul D. Sargent's regt., and served till 

1777. Feb., 1777, enlisted in Benj. Var- 
num's comp., Francis's regt., served 3 
years. May, 1780, enlisted for An- 
dover, and served 9 months. 

Pearson, Benjamin, Newburyport. Refers 
to April, 1818. 

Peters, John, Newburyport. Refersto for- 

Perry, Wm. W., Newburyport. Refers to 
former decn. 

Pickett, John, Beverly. Served 8 months 
iu 1775, in BrovFu's comp. In 1776 en- 
listed as corporal in John Low's comp., 
Hutobinson's regt., served all that year. 

Pecker, William, Amesbury. Refers to 
April, 1818. 

Pope, John, Salem. No statement. 

Peabody, Samuel, Salem. Served as a 
year's man all 1776, in Newball's comp., 
Hutchinson's regt., M. line. 

Perkins, John, Topsfield. Served first 
8 monLbs of war. All 1776 iii Baker's 
comp.. Little's regt., and .'rom 1777, 3 
years in Hodgkins comp., Bigelow's 

Porter, Moses, Gloucester. Served as non- 
commissioned officer in Moses McFar- 
land's comp., Thomas Nixon's regt., all 

1776, and as ei sign in Jabez Lane's 
comp., Nixon's regt., from 1777 to 1780, 
when he was discharged by act ot Con- 
gresb, and borne on roll of supers, to 
close of war. 

Parsons, Nehemiah, Gloucester. Enlisted 
in March, 1777, and served 3 years in 
Samuel Page's comp., Tupper's regt., 
Uth Mass. 

Perley, Henry, Boxford. Was a year's 
man all 1776, in Bent's comp., Greaton's 

Porter, Aaron, Salem. Served from June, 

1777, 3 years in Burbeck's comp., 
Crane's regt. of artillery. 

Pillsbury, Amos, Rowley. Served from 
Dec. 1775, all 1776, in Gale's comp., Jon- 
athan Brewer's regt. 

Perkins, Isaac, Salem. Served as a year's 
man in 1776 in Robinson's comp., Dur- 
kee's regt., Conn. line. 

Poland, Abner, Essex. Enlisted in Abra- 
liam Dodge's comp., M. Little's regt., all 

1776, and volunteered 1 mouth. Was in 
militia at Newport 5 months, and at the 
taking of Burgoyne 5 months. 

Peabody, Francis, Middleton. Served all 
1776 in Newhall's comp., Hutchinson's 

Purbeck, Aaron, Salem. Enlisted in Mar., 

1777, for 3 years as drummer in Crane's 
regt. of artillery, at first under Drury 
till battle of Br.iudywine, then under 
Cook till he was wounded at battle of 
Monmouth, and the residue of the time 
under the Lieut. 

Pike, Ebenezer, Danvers. Served as a 
year's man in 1776, Pettingill's comp., 
Baldwin's regt. 

Pettiugill, Joseph, Salem. Served 3 years 
from beginning of 1777 to end of 1779, 
Hodgkin's comp., Bigelow's regt. 

Parsons Ebenezer, Lynnfleld. Served 
from beginning of Feb. 1783, in Dix's 
comp., Jackson's regt., and in Han 
cock's comp., Vose's regt., from July, 
1780 to Jan. 12, 1781. 

Quarles, William, Salem. Served as a 
year's man in 1776, in Flagg's comp., 
Varnum s regt., R. I. line. And from 
April, 1777, for 3 years in Hodgkin's 
comp., Bigelow's regt., and from May, 

17S0, iu Emerson's comp., Tupper's 

Roff, Samuel, Marblebead. Served from 
Feb , 1776, till Jau , 1777, first at Cam- 
bridge, in John Glovet's comp , Glover's 
regt., 8 months. 

Roundey, Joseph, Marblebead. Entered 
as artificer or gun stocker in Jan., 1776, 
for 12 months, in Wm. Bawn's comp. In 
March was drawn to go to N. Y. in Sul- 
livan's division, remained in N. Y. till 
Sept. 3d, and was discharged at Pig's 
Kill, Jan. 1, 1777. 

Robinson, Daniel, Newburyport. Refers 
to April. 1818. 

Ross, William, Newburyport. Refers to 
April, 1818. (.Served 7 years.) 

Ross, Thomas, Ipswich. Enlisted March 
1, 1776, in Abraham Dodge's comp., M. 
Little's regt, for 1 year, and in conse- 
quence of sickness detained 3 months 

Russell, James, Boxford. Served 3 years 
from last of 1776 in King's and Park's 
comp., Marshall's regt. 

Ross, Timothy, Ipswich. Entered as one 
of the militia at LexingtoH battle and 
served 8 months. In Jan., 1776, enlisted 
in Gideon Parker's comp., M. Little's 
regt., and was discharged. Afterwards 
enlisted in Capt. Porter's comp., Tup- 
per's regt. 

Richardson, Seth, Danvers. Served 3 yrs. 
in Page's comp., first under Francis, 
then under Tupper. 

Raymond, Abner, Salem. Served 7 yrs. 
and 6 mos. to wit, all 1776 in 
Porter's comp. Francis regiment, after- 
wards Tupper's, then in 1777 for three 
years in White's com., Jackson's regt. 

Read, Jacob, Salem. Served as a year's 
man all 1776 in Bell's company. Poor's 
regt., N. H. line. 

Ropes, William, Salem. Served as a sea- 
man in the Continental frigate, Boston, 
28 guns, Hector McNeil, 1 yr. 

Ross, Adam, Ipswich. Served all 1776 in 
Parker's comp.. Little's regt., and 3 
yrs. from 1777 in Whipple's comp., Put- 
nam's regt., all in M. line. 

Richardson, Ebenezer. Served 1 yr, 8 
mos. in Addison Richardson's 

company, Mansfield's regt. in 1775, 1 yr. 
in said comp., Hutchinson's regt., 1776. 

Richardson, James, Salem. Served as a 
year's man all 1776 in Billy Porter's 
comp., in Hutchinson's regt. 

Rowe, Solomon, Gloucester. Served as a 
mariner 1 yr. in Hancock Frigate, John 
Manly, commander. 

Rogers, William, Gloucester. Served as a 
year's man all 1776, in Putnam's 
comp,, in Hutchinson's regt, and enlisted 
in 1777 to serve during the war in 
Gate's comp., Putnam's regt. Served 
till April, 1780, was discharged as an 

Stickney, Josiah, Rowley. Refers to Apl. 

Smith, Samuel, Newburyport. Served as 
Surgeon's mate in U, S. frigate Raleigh, 
as stated in former decn. 

Sylvester, Adam, Newburyport. Served in 
N. H. line as stated in April, 1718, 

Stolker or Stocker, Robert, Ipswich. En- 
listed at Lexington battle, April, 1775, 
and served 8 mos. in militia and was 
discharged, and about Jan. 1, 1776, en- 
listed in Abraham Dodge's company. 
Little's regt., served 1 yr. In 1777, 
served in Baldwin's regt., Jacob Lowis 
comp.. about 1 yr. Served also about 10 
mos. in the militia. 

Soley, Nathaniel, Haverhill. In July, 
1778. enlisted for 9 mos. in Amos Cugas- 
well's company, Weston's regt. In 
April, 1779, was discharged at West 

Stevens, David, Andover. Served 9 mos. 
from July 10, 1779, in Greenleaf's comp., 
Tupper's regt., and was discharged 
April 10, 1780, 

Stone, Abner C, Beverly. Served in 
Moses Brown's comp.. Glover's regt., all 

Smith, James, Ipswich. lu April, 1777, 
enlisted in Collon's comp., Greaton s 
rest, and served 3 j^rs. 
Symonds, Dauiel, Beverly. Served 7 yrs., 
firsl in Theodore Bliss's comp., Patter- 
son's regt., afterwards in 15th regt., 5th 
re"t., and as stated in former decn. 
Smith, Jesse, Salem. Served first 8 mos. 
of war, and during all 1776, at first in 
Wheeler's comp., Nixon's regt., and part 
of that year w-is drafted into Gibb s 
company of guards. At beginning of 
1777, enlisted and served 3 yrs. m l^apt. 
G W. Lewis's comp. of horse in regt. 
commanded first by Baylor and then by 
Wm. Washington in Virginia line 
tacy, Nathaniel, Marblehead. Served 
from Jan '77, to end of war in Coggs- 
well'scomp.. Wesson's regt., M. line. 
Skidmore, Richard. D-invers. Was a 
soldier in 1754, in 1755 served at Halifax, 
under General Monkion, in 1756 at Lake 
George. Served as a ye r's man in 1776, 
in Kimball's company, Hutchinson s 
Symonds, John. Served in Welle' s comp.. 
Crane's artillery regt. 3 yrs. frona 1777, 
He served the 8 mos. in 1775, and was a 
year's man all 1776 in Francis Symonds 
(his brother's) company, Glover's regt. 
Snelling, Asa, Boxford. No statement. 
Stevens, John, Rowley. Served as a year s 
man all 1776 in Nixon's regt., and 3 yrs. 
thereafter in Day's company, Alden s 
reot. at first, and then under Brooks. 
Stone, Samuel, Danvers. Served in Put- 
nam's comp., Hutchinson's regt. as a 
year's man all 1776. 
Stanwood, Ebenezer, Ipswich. In Ja, 
1776, enlisted in Nath'I Wade's comp., M. 
Little's regt. 
Story, Joseph, Essex. Enlisted in Abra 
ham Dodge's comp. M. Little's regt., in 
May 1775, for 8 mos. Jan. 1, 1776, en- 
listed in same comp. and regiment for 
1 year. April 1777, enlisted in John 
Burnham's comp. M. Jackson's regt. 
for 3 yrs. and was discharged April 1, 
Shipman, James, Andover. Served 6 yrs. 
from Jan. 1, 1777, in John Mill's comp., 
Charles Webb's regt., Conn. line. 
Story, James, Gloucester. Enlisted in 
Feb. or March 1781 for 3 yrs. Served 
to Dec. 23, 1783, in Jeremiah Miller's 
comp., Joseph Vose's regt. 
Stickney, Jeremiah. Enlisted last of Dec. 
1775, and first of Jan. 1776, entered 
Moses McFarland's company, regiment 
of Col. Nixon. Served 1 yr. and con- 
tinued 2 mos. longer in service, and was 
discharged in Feb. ]11. Also served 3 
times in Mass. militia. 

Thissel, Jeffry. Beverly. Served m John 
Low's comp., Hutchinson's regt., dur- 
ing 1776. After 1776 servea in M. mili- 

Tucker, George, Gloucester. Refers to 

former decn. 
Tuttle, Richard. Served about 2 years lu 
Richard Dodge's comp., Baldv?in s 

Titcomb, Michael, Newburyport. Refers to 

Tifcker,^ Nathaniel, Gloucester. Servecl 
in Enoch Putnam's company, Israel 
Hutchinson's regt., early in Dec. l»1o, 

served all 1776. wnliaipd 

Treadwell, Nathaniel, Ipswich Enlislefi 
Jan. 1, 1776, in Abraham Dodge's com- 
pany, Moses Little's regt., served lyn 
In 1777 enlisted in Wm. Treadwell s 
Jomp., Col. Crane', artillery regt. served 
3 yrs. After that served 3 mos. in tbe 
militia at West Point. 
Tarbox, Wm. No statement. 
Tucker David, Ipswich. Jan. 10, 187b, 
"^SiYt'ed in NatLniel Haskell's comp., 
Henry Jackson's regt., served 1 yi-. 
afterwards served 2 years m same comp. 

Tucke'Tht-Gloucester. About May 
on ^'^'^^ unlisted as sergeant in Enocn 
?utnam''s comp. Mansfi'eld's, afterwards 
Hutchinson's, regt., served to e°« «* 
1775, when he received «« e^s'^*^!/^", 
mission, dated Jan. L ™vf 7/etived 
the close of that year, when »^e f ceivea 
a Lieutenant's commission and servea 
in comps. of Whipple ana Gates Rufus 

and commanded several vessels 
Teshew, John, Marblehead Entered in 
'7^ for 8 mos. in Grant's comp., Glover s 
reVt In July '76 entered the navy m 
Sch;. FrankUn, then in Schr. Hancock 
Snder SamueliTucker, and was dis- 
charged in July, '77. , ^ ^ ^A 


S'etos TZ,"o! a,ti.e,y John Loj.^ » 
Begt. for during the war. DiscUargM 

Richardson's comp. <.,«. oi. nutv. 
regt. all '76. 

Tucker, Joseph, Gloucester. Served as a 
year's man air76 iu Dodge's comp., Lt. 
Col, Wesson's regt., Baldwin Col. and 
then 3 years in Dix's comp., M. Jack- 
son's regt. 
Tarr, David, Dan vers. Served from March 
'81 to end of war. At first in Fisdale's 
comp., Greaton's regt., then in Pike's 
comp., Scamruers regt., in all 3 yrs. 9 
Tuitle, William, Saugus. Served in 
Grant's comp., Glover's regt., all '76, 
and then 3 years in Whipple's comp., 
Putnam's regt., ihen enlisted during the 
war, and served in several companies. 
At the end of war was in Benson's 
company. Rufus Putnam's legt. 
Tappan, Edwaid Refers to former decn. 
Twiss, Robert, Beverly. Served 3 yrs. in 

Billy Porter's comp., Francis Regt. 
Very, William, Salem. Served all '76 in 
Whiting's company, Greaton's regt., and 
the three years after in Whipple's 
comp., Putnam's regt. 
Very, George, Danvers. Served as a 
year's man all '76 in Baker's comp., 
Hutchinson's regt., after that 3 years in 
Gregg's company., Gansvoort's regt,. 
N. Y. line. 
Wells, David. Served Dec. 8, '75, enlisted 
for 1 yr. in Barne's company, Nixon's 
4th regt. About 3 weeks before the yr. 
expired was put into McFarland's com- 
pany, as a guard over the regtl. bag- 
gage. Served till term was within 4 
days out, and was dismissed at Hart- 
Walker, James. Dec, 1, '75, engaged with 
Thos, Coggswell to serve 1 yr, in Bald- 
win's regt. as Ensign, and soon after 
received the commission, Dec. 1, '76, 
by request of Washington, remained in 
service 2 mos. longer, till reinforcements 
arrived, when he left the service at 
Williams, Abraham, Gloucester. Served 
in John Baker's company, 12 regt., Col. 
Moses Little, enlisted in Dec. '75, and 
served till Jan. 77. 
Webber, Benjamin, Gloucester. Served 
in Joseph Swasey's company, John 
Glover's regiment, from Feb. '76, to 
summer, when he was drafted as an able 
seaman, and served in U. S. Sch. Han- 
cock, Sam : el Tucker, commander, till 
Feb. '77. 
Woolridge, John, Marblehead. Served in 
Symond's company, Hitchcock's regt., 
R. I. line, 13 mos. 
White, John, Marblehead. Entered in '75 
in John Merritt's company, John Glov- 
ers regiment, for 8 mos,, and before 
his time was out, enlisted in Enoch Put- 

nam's company, Hutchinson's regt. for 
12 mos., and was discharged at New- 

Whippins, George, Marblehead. Entered 
in May '75 in Francis Symond's comp., 
Glover's regt., went to Cambridge, and 
when Washington came was drawn as a 
grenadier and ordered under Curtis in 
same regt.. rem•^iu^'d in service till Jan. 
'76 and before leaving said company, 
enlisted into naval service under com- 
mander Manley, and went on board 
Schr. Hancock and served 5 mos., in 
all 13 mos. 

White, Henry, Gloucesttr. Served from 
beeinning of '77 in Wesson's rettiment, 
till that was reduced. Then in M. Jack- 
son's regt. until all the regts. were re- 
duced. First in Child's company then 
Haskells, then Dix's, then Watson's 
and till end of war in Smith's comp. 

West, John, Manchester. Served in '81 
to '83 in Thorp's company, Brook's 
regt., M. line. 

Waitt, John, Danvers. Served from Feb. 
'81, 2 yrs. 1 mos. under Story & Pike, 
first in M. Jackson's regiment, then in 

Wyatt, Simon, Wenham. Served first in 
Jackson's then in Welle's comp., Col. 
Crane's arillery. 

Wharf. JohntGloucester. Served in Wm. 
Bent's company John Greaton's regt., 
all '76. 

Wheeler, Richard, Marblehead. Served 
as a year's man all '76 in Perry's comp., 
Sargeant's regt., and 6 yrs. 5 mos. in 
Graham's company., Cortland's regi- 
ment, N. H. line. 

Woodman, Jonathan, Newburyport. Re- 
fers to April 1818. 

Wheeler, Reuben, Beverly. Served 3 yrs. 
from Jan. '77 in Wait's company, Cil- 
ley's regt. N. H. line. 

Wigings, Joseph, Salem. Served all '76 
in Major Bacon's corps of artificers, 
under Col. Baldwin. 

Wells, Moses, Ipswich. Jan. '76 enlisted 
in Abraham Dodge's company, M. 
Little's regiment, and served 1 year. 

Waite, Jacob, Salem. Was a year's man 
all '76 in Putnam's company, Hutchin- 
son's regt. 

Wheeler, Thomas, Salem. Served from 
Jan. '76 to end of war. All '76 in 
Gouge's company, Varnum's regt., R. 
I. line. After '76 in Lane's company. 

Nixon's regt., M. line. 

Wildes, Ezra, Topsfield. Served from 
Mar. '81 to end of war in Sargent's com- 
pany, Crane's regt. of artillery. 

Waite, Aaron, Ipswich. In Jan. '76 en- 
listed for 1 year in Nath'l Wade's comp.. 

M Little's regt. Served 4 mos. in mil- 
itia iu '75 and was also o mos. at iho 
cipture of Burgoyne and 2 mos. at 
Wardwell, Simon, Andover. Served 1 yr. 
from Jan. 1, '76 in Jo-hua Heed's com- 
pany, J. M. Varnum'siegt., R. F. hue 
2 mos. after enli-'tment was transferred 
to Washington's life guard. 
Woodberrv, Daniel, Beveily. Enlisted in 
the 8 mns. service in '75 in John Baker's 
company. Little's regt. About Jan. 1, 
'76 enlisted and served 1 yr. in John 
Baker's company, Little's regiment. 
Afterwards served 5 mos. iu guatding 
the Hessians in Proctor's company, Ger- 
rish's regt. 
Woodbury, William, Andover. Served 6 
yrs. from Jan. 1, '76, in Porter's comp., 
Francis's regt. 
Woodberry, Robert, Beverly. Enlisted 
in May '75 for 8 mos. in Moses Brown's 
companv. Glover's regiment. About 
Jan. 1, '76, enlisted and served 1 yr. in 
John Low's company, Israel Hutchin- 
son's regt. , ^ , 
Wardwell, Ezekiel, Andover. Served 
from April 19, '75. to Dec. 31, in Ames 
Company, Frye's regt. Jan. 1 , '76, en- 
listed for lyr. in Shortridge's company, 
Poor's regt., N. H. line, and was dis- 
charged last of Oct. following, on ac- 
count of sickness. 
Webster, Samuel, Salisbury. Refers to 
April, 1818. ,. . J » ., 
Wilson, John, Haverhill. Enlisted April 
31, 75, and served 8 mos. in John Lane's 
comp. Reenlisted for 1 year in Nathan- 
iel Wade's comp., M. Little's regt. 
In Feb. '77 enlisted for during the war, 
in Winship's company, Rufus Putnam's 
regt., and served in that company, and 
in John Williams Ezra Newhall a id Jos. 
Kiiham's companies, in same regt. till 
June of '83, and was discharged al West 

Woodbridge, Dudley, Andover. Enlisted 
Jan. 9, '80, for 3 years under Stephen 
Abbott, a recruiting oflacer. Then 
joined Goodale's comp., R. Putnam s 
regt., and served 22 mos. and was taken 
sick, and before the expiration of said 
term, said regt. was discharged. 

Wigglesworth, Edward, Newburyport. 
Was a Col. Refers to April, 1818. 

Woodwell, Gideon, Newbury. Was a 
carpenter's mate in frigate Boston. Re- 
fers to April, 1818. 


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