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Diubury Room 


In choosing ships as our theme, beauty was not the only consid- 
eration. A host of symbols are associated with ships. A ship, in fact, 
presents a different aspect to every person who looks at it. Method of 
transportation, work of art, financial venture, stage for adventure - 
a ship can be any or all of these. 

In many ways a ship is like a man. Both need self-imposed dis- 
cipline, and, above all, direction. Because men and ships are always 
moving, direction is of prime importance. Nothing remains the same; 
it must either improve or degenerate. Aimless wandering is not just 
useless; it is destructive. Thus a goal is necessary. 

Courses charted, the 1961 seniors are about to be launched on 
Shakespeare's "flood tide to fortune." Once the flood has carried 
them to the ocean they will separate, sailing each toward his own 
goal, carrying the godspeed of the long-suffering craftsmen who helped 
shape their destinies. 

One of Mr. Kennedy's outstanding characteristics is his sense 
of humor. All his classes have laughed over his jokes at many times. 
But humor for the sake of humor is not enough; the laugh always il- 
lustrates a point, making it unforgettable. 

Another characteristic of Mr. Kennedy's is his far-sighted 
imagination. He imagined and created the model congress and the 
mock election, giving us the chance to participate in the workings 
of government and making history lessons come alive. 

For these gifts, among many others, we dedicate our year- 
book to Mr. Walter Kennedy. 

Superintendent of Schools 

To the Class of 1961 

To be a member of a graduating class is an important accomplishment in any 
year. To be a member ot the last class to graduate from the old Duxbury High School, 
however, has a special significance that goes beyond the successful completion of 
course requirements. For one thing, it marks the close of a thirty-five year period 
during which this building served the many needs ot thousands of Duxbury young 
people. It indicates, also, that Duxbury, like other communities, musi change to 
meer the problems of population growtn and new educational programs. In another 
sense, it points out to us that what we learn is more endurina than bricks and mortar, 
for the knowledge we gain through education continues with us long after buildings 
have outlived their usefulness. Everett L. Handy 

Superintendent of Schools 

First Row, Left to Right: Mr. David Murphy, Science; Mr. Ralph 
Blakeman, Mathematics, Assistant Principal; Mr. Robert Backus, 
Mathematics. Second Row: Mr. Robert Sullivan, Science; Mr. 
Lawrence Dunn, Mathematics. 

First Row, Left to Right: Miss Anna Davis, Art; Miss Janice 
Pearson, Household Arts; Mrs. Li liane Peters, French. Second 
Row: Mr. Roger Jarvis, Music; Miss Beverly Briggs, Physical 
Education; Mr. Ronald Child, Biology and Chemistry; Mr. Edwin 
Greene, Industrial Arts. 


Library Service Club - 1 ,2, Secretary 3, Pres- 
ident A, Softball - 1; Tournament of Plays -3. 

Pete. . .Tassy's. . .Ponytail. . .P. J. parties... 
Quiet... Helpful. 

"Good friends are not always the loudest 
talkers. " 


Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Rocket Club - 1; 
Prom Committee - 3; Bowling Team - 2,3. 

Ed... Hot Ford. . .Bowling. . .Kanooky Bird... 
Barry's Convertible. . . Navy. 

"Wit makes its own welcome and levels all 


Parking Lot. .. "Don't worry about it"... "My 
hatl" . Chin Fuzz. 

"Where genius can't go, intelligence will 
find a way." 



Student Council - 2; Key typist - 3,4; Library 
Service Club - 2,3,4; Basketball - 4. 

Blonde. . .Rainbow. . .Plymouth. . .Shy — 

"Her ways are ways of pleasantness." 


Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Hockey - 1,2,3, Co- 
captain 4; Softball - 1,2; Tennis - 1; Sports 
men's Club - 3,4; Dance Committee - 2,3; 
Future Teachers-Secretary 3,4; Tournament of 
Plays - 2,3; Senior Play - 4; French Club - 
3,4; Calendar Committee - 4; Prom Commit- 
tee - 3; Student Council - 4. 

"Les-a-lee"... French II ... "Where's Lem?" 
... Blue Angel . . . "Come over here I "... Prom 
Queen. . .Room 21 . . .Pizza. 

"I love a broad margin to my life." 


Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Tennis - 2; Basketball 
2; Dance Committee - 2,4. 

"Beg your pardon, couldn't hear you. "... Friendly 
. . .Bonjo. . .Party at Tarkiln. 


"What 1 s mine is yours, and what is yours 
is mine." 


A.V. Club - 1; President - 2,3,4; Hi-Hats - 3,4. 

Handsome. . .Mechanic . . . Helpful ... "If you can't 
do it right, don't do itl". . .tall. 

"Good humor is the health of the soul." 


Russell Campanelli is one of the people who 
make the world go around. Quiet, uncom- 
plaining, they bear the weight of the world's 
work without comment, without fuss. We 
are glad that Russ came from Florida to join 
us during our senior year. 

Florida. . .Dark eyes. . .Red convertible. 

"A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and 
confident tomorrows." 


Library Service Club - 3,4. 

"Cut it out"... Long red hair. .. Sid. . . 
Puddles... P. J. parties. .."My little Marine . " 
. . . Horses. . .Plymouth. 

"A peace of all earthly dignities, a still and 
quiet conscience. " 

Duxbury Free Library 


Soccer party . . . Library . . . Locker room . . . 
Chemistry Lab. . .Tall . . . Lunchroom. . . Star 
soccer goalie. 

"Noise is not necessary for success." 


Dance Committees - 1,2,3; French Club - 3; 
Dramatic Club - 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff - 3,4; 
Literary Magazine - 2,3,4; Yearbook - 4; 
Tournament of Plays - 1 ,2,3; Senior Play - 4; 
Honor Usher - 3; Student Council - 4. 

Whompah 111. ..Black V blue bomb. .. "Floor 

itl "... Lilacs, fireflies, and a broken headlight .. . 

"Oonal"..."Hey, Cawo Wofl" 

"Her nature is sunny and bright like her hair." 


Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Softball - 1 ,2; Hockey - 
1,2; Band -1,2; Choir -1,2,3; Sportsmen's 
Club - 1,2,3; Secretary 4; Class Secretary - 
3,4; Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Dance Com- 
mittee - 1,2,3. 

"You're kidding I "... Saquish. . .Bus rides. . . 
" Wi 1 1 -yum I" . . . "Beach bums" . . . Jeep . . . 
"Floor it, Prisl"...Edaville. 

"She's never haughty, never proud, 
Popular in every crowd." 

Soccer -3,4; Basketball - 1 ,2,3,4; Baseball- 
1,2,3; Sportmen's Club - 2,3,4; Prom Commit- 
tee - 3; Tournament of Plays - 2. 




Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Softball - 1,2; Cheer- 
leading - 1; Tournament of Plays - 2. 

"Hi lover". . .Office. . .Warren. . .Marshfield. 
Basketball games. 

"Yes, my heart has a mind of its own." 



French Club - 3,4; Future Teachers - 4; Dance 
Committee - 3; Tennis -2; Tournament of Plays - 
2,3; Senior Play - 4. 

Mr. Long, Jr.... P. J. parties. .. Geometry c lass 
. . . Boston. . . Beach parties. 

"Modest, simple and sweet." 


Herb...'33 Dodge... D. F. D Math and Sc 

ence. . .Physics and Chemistry Experiments. 

"The quiet mind is richer than a crown." 


Band - 1,2,3,4; Dance Band - 1 ,2,3; A. V. - 1 . 

'51 Ford. . .Fire Station. . .Water-skiing. . .Standish 
Shore parties. . . "Sentimental Journey. " 

"I believe that in the end the truth will 
conquer. " 


Library Service Club - 1,2,3,4; Basketball Man- 
ager -1,2; Key Typist - 3,4; Dramatic Club - 1 , 
3; Tournament of Plays - 1,2,3; Senior Play - 4. 

"Let's skip second period, Pete! "...P. J. parties 
. . . Dana. . . Detention. . . Late slips. . . Bonnevi I le 
. . .Mr. Kennedy. 

'How long a time lies in one little word?" 


"I'll make it"... Hot Six. . .Plymouth. . .Air- 
force. . . O'Nei I 's Farm. . . Beards. 

"For time will teach thee soon the truth." 


Hockey - 1,2,3,4; Softball - 1; Choir -1,2,3, 
4; Honor Society - 3,4; Student Council - 4; 
Yearbook Staff - 4; Honor Usher - 3; Sportsmen's 
Club - 2,3,4. 

Perky... "Me, I couldn't do that I". . .Hockey 
wing. . .Silver Lake track star. . .Willing worker. 

"Learned and fair and good is she." 


Library Service Club - 1,2, Secretary 3,4; Sen- 
ior Play - 4; Tournament of Play - 2,3; Yearbook 
Staff Typist - 4; Newspaper Staff - 3, Head Typ- 
ist 4; Student Council - 4; Honor Usher - 3. 

Martha. . . Lively. . . Big brown eyes. . . "Work hard, 
like I did!".. .Jolly. 

"Boldness and firmness, these are virtues 
Each noble in action, excellent in speech." 


Choir Accompanist - 1,2,3,4; French Club - 
President 3,4; Literary Magazine - 3,4; Dance 
Band - 1,2,3; Tournament of Plays - 2; Senior 
Play - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4; Dance Commit- 
tee - 2; Prom Committee - 3; Calendar Com- 
mittee - 4; S.E.M.S.B.A. - 3,4. 

"Bonjour" . . .Blue bomb. . . "You know you 
aren't s'pose to use that phone, Brian. "... "How 
ah ya, fulla?" . . . "Oh, real ly . " . . .Music man. 

"Variety is the spice of life." 


Hockey - 1,2, Co -captain 3,4; Basketball - 
1,2,3,4; Softball - 1,2, Co-captain 3,4; 
Student Council -3, Vice-president 4; A.F.S. 
Exchange Student '60 - Netherlands; Literary 
Magazine -Secretary 2,3; Sportsmen's Club - 
1, Secretary 2,3,4; F.T. A.-Treasurer 3, Pres- 
ident 4; Band - 1,2,3,4; Dance Band - 2; Key - 
2,3,4; Dance Committee - 1,2,3,4; Co-chair- 
man Junior Prom - 3; Class Play - 1,2,3; Year- 
book 3, Editor-in-chief 4; Choir -1,2,3, Sec- 
retary 4; Tennis 1; S.E.M.S.B.A. -3. 

Riding buses to and from sports meets. . .Gym 
teacher. . ."Always have good sportsmanship" 
. . .Wooden Shoes and Dutch Families. 

'"Twas tor the good of my country that I should 

be abroad. " 


Tournament of Plays - 2; Senior Play - 4; Soc- 
cer - 3; Track Manager - 4; Sportsmen's Club - 
3,4; Yearbook - 4; Prom Committee - 3. 

'49 Ford Wagon. . .Frog Pond. . .The Parking Lot 
. . .Studyhall Club. . .Peoplesl . . .Key Dance '57 
. . . Good-looking. 

"The will to do, the soul to dare." 


Dramatic Club - 1,2,3,4; Yearbook - 4; Cross 
Country - 2, Manager 3; Tournament of Plays - 
1,2,3; Senior Play - 4; Dance Committee - 2,3; 
Sportsmen's Club - 3,4; Basketball -manager 3,4; 
Photography Club - President, 1. 

Photographer. . .On the set. . .Pontiac. . . "I've 
gotta work I " . . . Speed Graphic . . . Bunky . . . 
Hold it. . .Town pier. . .Brown's Bank. 

"Be sure you're right, then go ahead. " 



A. V. Club - 1 ,2,3,4; Baseball - 1; Tourna- 
ment of Plays - 3; Student Council - 4. 

No smo<ing area. . .Business training. . . "Let's 
ma<e it ! " . . . Mock election. . .Friendly grin. 

"Strongest minds are often those of whom the 
noisy world hears least." 



Honor Usher - 3; Prom Committee - 3; French 
Club - Secretary - 3; Literary Magazine - 4; 
Yearcook - 4; Senior Play - 4; Calendar - 4. 

"Bonj, peoples.". . ."Mercy". . .D. T 

Saquish . . .Surprise Parties. . . "The hearse" . . . 
Brockton. . . "Blanche" ... Giggles. 

'A merry heart maketh a cheery countenance." 


Library Service Club - 1,2,3, Vice-presicent 4; 
Honor Usher - 3; Tournament of Plays - 1,2,3. 

E . S. . . . Dorchester. . . Northeastern. 
...P.J. paries . 

'55 Fora 

"Good sense and good nature are never 
parted. " 


Hockey - 1,3; Tennis - 2,3,4; Basketball - 1; 
Dramatic Club - 1,2, Vice-President - 3; Stu- 
dent Council - 1,3; French Club -3,4; Science 
Club - 1,2; Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Senior 
Play - 4; Dance Committee - 1,2,3; Future 
Teachers - 3; Sportsmen's Club - 3,4; News- 
paper Staff - 3,4. 

Whompah 11.. .Summer in Mexico. . . Metrecal 
diets and bubble gum. . .Madras. . .Artist. . . "Go, 
Prissy 1" 

"I hate nobody; I am in charity with the 


Science Club - 1; A. V. Club - 2,3,4; Liter- 
ary Magazine - 2,3, treasurer, 4; French Club- 
3; Dance Committee - 2,3; Student Council - 

Cricket. . .Swingin'. . . VW. 
G.D.... Naval Reserves. 

.Duck Hunting. 

"I am the master of my fate, 

I am the captain of my soul." 


Cheerleader - 1,2,3,4 Co-Captain; Class Play 
2,3 props; Yearbook 4. 

"See Yahl". . .Yellow Convertible. . .Cheerlead- 
ing Captain. . .Mr. Jenness. 


"When gay laughter fills the air, each and all 
knows Judy's therel " 


Field Hockey - 2,3; Library Service Club - 4. 

"Little One". . .Hockey games. . . Ice cream cones 
. . . Science Fairs. . . "Real cool I " 

"Love truth, but pardon errors." 


A.V. Club - 1,2,3; Soccer - 1,2. 

C loudy . . . Kanooky Bi rd . . . Frog Pond ...Air 
Force . 

"Sir, your wit ambles well; it goes easily. " 


National Honor Society - 2,3,4; French Honor 
Society - 3,4; Student Council - 3; Newspaper 
Staff -1,2,3, Editor-in-chief - 4; Choir -1,2, 
3,4; Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Literary Maga- 
zine -2,3,4; Hockey - 1 ,2,3; Basketball - 2, 
3,4; Tennis - 1 ,2,3,4; Girls' State - 3; Year- 
book - 4; Sportsmen's Club - 2,3,4; Honor 
Usher - 3. 

Scholarly .. .Capable Key editor. .. "But, Mr. 
Sul livanl " . . .dependable. . . Late for Col lege 

"Loyal of heart, high of purpose, and jolly 
of spirit. " 


Class Treasurer - 1,2,3,4; Sportsmen's Club - 
2,3, Treasurer 3,4; Literary Magazine - 3; 
Student Council - 4; French Club - 3; Soc- 
cer - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1,2; Baseball - 
1,3,4; Junior Prom Dance Committee; Tour- 
nament of Plays - 3. 

"Relax". . .Mr. Dunn. . .Saquish. . .Soccer. . . 
"56" . . . "Hey, Willie did you do your review?" 

"Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast." 


A.V. Club - 3,4; Prom Committee - 3; Tourna- 
ment of Plays - 2. 

"There goes the bell - let's bug outl ". . .Cars 
. . .Friendly smile. 

"I don't believe half what I hear, nor 
a quarter of what I see. " 


Soccer - 3,4; Basketball - 3; A. V. Club - 
Tournament of Plays - 3; French Club - 3,4; 
National Honor Society - 3; President 4; 
Student Council - 4; Senior Play - 4; Boys' 
State - 3; Literary Magazine - 4; Newspape 
Staff - 4; Honor Usher - 3. 

Why not ? ... Boy s ' State ..." No sweat "... 
Lexington H. S. . . .French Class. . .Basketball 

"Let knowledge grow from more to more." 


Literary Magazine - 2,3,4; Tournament of Plays - 
1,2; Dance Committees - 1,2,3; Prom Committee, 
4; French Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Choir 1,2, 
3,4; Band 1,2; Sportsmen's Club -4. 

"K". . . Gold Circle Pins. . .College Board Morning 
. . .Cute. . .Where's Car? 

"Laugh and the world laughs with you." 


Literary Magazine - 2,3, Secretary - 4; Dramatic 
Club - 1,2, Treasurer - 3; Future Teachers' Club - 
3,4; French Club - 3; Yearbook - 4; Honor Usher 
-3; Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Senior P lay - 4; 
Model Congress Representative - 3; Science Club - 
1; Field Hockey - 1; Basketball - 3; Assembly 
Committee - 3; Prom Committee - 3; Softball - 3. 

"Charite" .. .Chemistry labs. . .Romeo. .. "Oh, darn 
it."... Dramatic Club Accounts. . . "Where are my 
glasses?".-- 4' II" I.S. 

"Though she be but little, she is mighty." 



Student Council - 1,2,3, President -4; Class 
President - 2,3; Dramatic Club - 1,2,3; Sport- 
men's Club - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1,2,3,4; 
Soccer - 3, Co-captain - 4; Baseball - 3,4; 
Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Dance Committee - 

Athletic. . . "Bruno" . . . Saquish parties. . .10-4 
. . . S.C . P . . . . Engineering . 

"A day for toil, an hour for sport; 
But for a friend is life too short. " 


Soccer -2,3; A. V. -1,2,3; Debating Club 
3; Literary Magazine - 2,3; Tournament of 
Plays - 3; Senior Play - 4; Dramatic Club - 
1,2,3; French Club - 3,4; Dance Committee 

Tassy's. . .Blue flame car. . .Cat and mouse — 
Latin. . ."Je vous deteste". . .Drive-in. 

"Mirth is like a flash of lightning that breaks 
through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for a 
moment. " 


Baseball - 1,2,3,4; Sportsmen's Club - 1,2,3,4; 
Tournament of Plays - 2. 

Murph. . . "It wasn't me" . . .Air Force. 
"Let the world slide." 


Soccer - 3, Co-captain - 4; Baseball - 2,3,4 
Sportsmen's Club - 2,3, Vice-President - 4; 
Class Vice-President - 3; Tournament of Plays 
2,3,4; Senior Play - 4. 

Tournament of Plays - '58. . ."See you 'round 
the campus. "... "Say, Manl "... "You guys do 
your laps?"... "Hey, Willie!" 

'Be favorable to bold beginnings." 



Dance Committee - 3. 

"Go, Joe"... Beach Buggy ... "Holy Smokes".. 
Florist. . .Hot Ford. . .Saquish party. 

"Good nature is more agreeable in conversa- 
tion than wit. " 


Dramatic Club -1,2; Dance Committee - 3. 

Good-looking. . .Messy Maroon Monster. . .French 
Class. . .Wonderful . . .Texaco Co. . . .Saquish. . . 

"A friend is a person wim whom I may ue 
sincere . " 



Field Hockey - 1,2,3; Basketball - 1,2,3, Co- 
captain - 4; Tennis-Manager - 1; Science Club - 
1,2; Newspaper Staff - 1,2; Literary Magazine- 
Secretary - 3,4; Dance Committee - 1,2,3; Tour- 
nament of Plays - 1,2,3; Senior Play - 4; Future 
Teachers - 3; Yearbook - 4; Student Council - 3, 
4; Sportsmen's Club - 1 ,2,3,4; Choir - 1 ,2,3,4; 
Photography Club - 1; Baseball scorer - 1,2,3, 

Whumpah 1 . . . "Let's play cat and mouse". . .Pil- 
grim. . .Speech contests. . .Tobacco. . .Mosby. . . 
Boston Patriots. 

"If you have built castles in the air, 
put the foundation under them." 



Baseball - 1; Yearbook Artist - 4. 

"Twang". .. "Good grief: it's a long time from 
8:00 to 2:00. "... Gertrude . . .Backstage work. . . 
"Take it slow and easy.". ..Plans: top sail schoon 
er, M.G. convertible, an Irish setter. 

"Fortune brings in some ships that are not 
steered. " 


A. V. Club - 4. 

Roller Skating. . .Collegiate. . .Curly. . . "I'm goin 1 
to Scituate. " 

"His voice was ever soft, gentle, and low; an 
excellent thing in man." 


Honor Usher - 3; Senior Play - 4; Year- 
book - 4. 

"I want to go home. " . . .Nova Scotia. . . 

First day at D. H. S Pontiac. . .P. J. 

parties. . .Pembroke. 

"Full of gentle kindness, her looks and language 


An exchange student is an ambassador. He rep- 
resents his country to an attentive but critical 
audience. In Lars Schou we have found friend- 
liness, dignity, and humor. But above all, we 
have discovered that nationality does not divide 
people into one sort and another. We all hope 
Lars has discovered the same of us. 

Soccer - 4; Class Vice-president - 4; Band -4. 

"Nothing great was ever achieved without 
enthusiasm . " 


Cross Country - 2,3, Captain 4; Track - 3,4; 
Yearbook - Cub 3, Photography Editor - 4; 
Science Club - President - 4; Honor Marshal 
3; Sportsmen's Club - 2,3,4. 

"You can't win them all . " . . .Cross Country. . . 
Reserved. . . Good-looking . . . Dry humor. . . 
Room 26. 

"His sparkling sallies bubbled up as from 
natural fountains. " 



Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Soccer - 2,3; Baseball - 
1,2; Sportmen's Club -3, President -4; News- 
paper - 1,2,3,4; Literary Magazine - Editor - 
3,4; Tournament of Plays - 1,2,3; Senior Play - 
4; French Club - 3,4; Junior Prom Co-chairman- 
3; Dance Committee - 1; Chairman - 2; Science 
Club - 1,2. 

6'5" . . . "The verb to be never takes an object . " 
..."I didn't do it. ~. ""Everyone O.K.?"... 
dumb blondes. . . "Boy, that's nice. "... Politics. 

"Of charming air and winning ways." 


Soccer - 1,3; Basketball - 3; Student Council 
- 1,3,4; Tournament of Plays - 2,3; Literary 
Magazine - Treasurer - 2,3; Sportmen's Club - 

4H . . . "The Owl" . . . Soccer games. . .Chemistry 
.. .Finances. .. "Eh, man." 

"He profits most who serves best. " 

A. V. Club - 1,2,3,4. 

Good-natured. . . Blond. . .Main Office. . .Yes- 

"The strength of twenty men." 


Library Service Club - 4; Choir - 4; Tour- 
nament of Plays - 3. 

Raymond. . .Engaged. . .P. J. parties. . .Green 

"Love conquers all." 


Tournament of Plays - 2; Senior Play - 4; A.V. - 
1,2; Basebal I -Manager - 3,4; French C lub - 3, 4; 
Dance Committee - 3; Calendar Committee - 4; 
Band - 1 . 

"You're wanted at the office.". . .What's doin' to- 
night?" . . . 10-4. . . Loud pipes and four wheels. . . 
"55 Merc" . . ■ Green and White Key Dance, '57. 

"As many men, so many minds; everyone in his 
own way . " 


Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Soccer - 1,3,4; Base- 
ball - 1 ,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays - 2,3; 
Senior Play - 4; French Club-Treasurer - 3; 
Sportsmen's Club - 1,2,3,4; Band - 1,2, Pres- 
ident - 3,4; Dance Band - 1,2,3,4; Choir - 
1,2,3,4; Class President - 1,4; Yearbook Lay- 
out Editor - 4; Boys' State - 3; Literary Maga- 
zine - 2,3, Editor - 4; Dance Committee - 3; 
Student Counci I - 1 . 

"I'll get it done if it's the last thing I dol ". . . 
The French Club skating party. . .Sports. . .One 
of the Wadsworth Clan. . .Popular. 


Soccer -1; Basketball - 1; Band - 1 , 2,3,4; 
Dance Band - 2,3,4; S.E.M.S.B.A. -3,4; 
Sportmen's Club 1,2; Student Council -4. 

Twin. .. Brown eyes. . .Mr. Jarvis' music room. 
"Oh, youl"... Musical. 

"So absolutely good is truth, truth never 
hurts the teller. " 


Student Council - 4; Soccer - 1,3,4; Sportsmen 
Club - 1,2,3,4; Baseball - 1; Tournament of 
Plays - 3; Senior Play - 4; Yearbook-Business 
manager - 4. 

"What d'ya mean?". . .Third period. . .Tall. . . 
"I didn't do it!"... Efficient. 

"Earnest endeavor hath its reward." 


Baseball - 2; Dramatic Club - 1,2,3; Tourna- 
ment of Plays - 1,2,3; Senior Play - 4; Liter- 
ary Magazine - 2; Prom Committee - 3; French 
Club - 3,4. 

Beach Buggy. . .Provincetown. . .Flat Tires. . . 
"Say, would you help clean up tonight?". . . 
Olds Convertible. 

"Ambition has no risk." 


Band - 1,2,3,4; Choir -1,2,3, President - 4; 
Soccer - 1 , 2, 4; Sportsmen's Club - 3, 4; Tour 
nament of Plays - 1 ,2,3; Senior Play - 4; Sci 
ence Club - 1,2; S.E.M.S.B.A. - 3. 

Chicken farmer Ger trude . . .baby -blue '53 

, Room 26 . 

convert. . .Choir Shows. 


"Nothing astounds men so much as common- 
sense and plain dealing." 


National Honor Society - 3,4; French Honor 
Society -3,4; Cross Country -2; Newspaper 
Staff -3,4; Literary Magazine 2, 3; Yearbook 
Literary Editor - 4; Tournament of Plays - 3; 
Senior Play - 4; National Merit Scholarship 
Semi -finalist. 

Scholar. . . Sai ling . 
Page editor of Key . 
Short stories. 

King size vocabulary. 
. Senior Write-ups. . . 

"A man. . .that hath a mint of phrases in 
his brain. " 


It would be unfair not to mention the people who worked behind the stage, 
for without them there would not have been a play. 

Steve LaFleur performed wonders to create the difficult set on our tiny stage. 
The sound effects were by Jilio Benevides. Denise Doyle provided the stage with 
furniture and props. The lights were manipulated by John Borgeson. Make-up in- 
volved three people outside the senior class: Mrs. Verne Sencabaugh, Mary How- 
land, and Carolyn LaFleur, along with Carol Loth and Judy Mack. Mary Lemieux, 
Judy McManus, and Lee Blanchard prompted the players. Finally, Beverly Sanford 
was in charge of programs. 


Brian Jones 

Beverly Sanford 

Jane Corcoran 

Karen Peterson 

Jayne McNeil 

Mary Lemieux 
^Patience Pye) 

$\ a rr 

Brian Kopke 

Priscilla Chapin 

Stephen LaFleur 

Margaret Marr 

Peter Welcker 
(Literary Editor) 

Lee Irwin 
(Head Typist) 

Fred Wadsworth 
(Layout Editor) 

Kenneth Ridlon 
(Art Editor) 

Seated in Boat, Left to Right: William McNeil, Student Council President; Frederick Wadsworth, 
Senior Class President; Belle Kent, Yearbook Editor. Standing, Left to Right: Linda Balboni, 
Library Service Club President; George Newlands, Soccer Co-Captain; Brian McCormick Na- 
tional Honor Society President; John Borgeson, Audio-Visual Club President; Bruce Shipley, 
Sportsmen's Club President; Margaret Marr, KEY Editor-in-Chief; Richard Seaver, Cross-Country 
feam Captain; Charles Walker, Choir President; Leslee Blanchard. Field Hockey Co-Captain. 

Left to Right: Douglas Locke, Vice-President; Pamela Fagley, 
Secretary; Donald Steele, Treasurer; W. Richmond Poole, 
President . 

First Row, Left to Right: Pamela Fagley, Terry Butler, Pamela Lawson, Jean Christie, Dorothy 
Metcalf, Pamela Stott, Sheila Marr, Jane Corcoran, Susan Rodham, Karen Peterson, Ruth 
Guilderson, Coral Prince. Second Row: Mary Ann Barboza, Diane Kendrew, Edith Savastano, 
Barbara Atwood, Joyce Moore, Judith Ahlquist, Linda Crocker, Janice Hall, Carolyn Coffin, 
Brenda Harding, Lois Barbosa. Third Row: Judith Thayer, William Thomas, Marvin Nickerson, 
Richard Moore, Howard Holloway, Maurice Schweighauser, Richmond Poole, Douglas Locke, 
Betsy Redlon, Frank Daley. Fourth Row: Daniel DeWolf, William Whitehead, Ralph Woodsum, 
Keith Randall, Francis Benevides, Robert King, Richard Deane, John Russell, Roger Cushing . 
Fifth Row: Richard Wadsworth, Bruce Wilken, Lawrence Govoni, Philip Nelson, Robert 
Wadsworth, Barton Heywood, Philip Cheney, Peter Richards, Edwards Wadsworth, Philip Mason 
(Missing from Picture: Barco Gibson, Donald Steele, Charlene Monks) 

10th Grade 

Left to Right: Brian Kopke, President; Brent Vinal, Secretary; 
Patience Pye, Vice-President; Jeffrey Howard, Treasurer. 

First Row, Left to Right: Leigh McCarthy, Doris Baker, Nancy Southard, Thomas Brennan, 
Kenneth Roberts, Jackson Kent, Stephen Jacobs, Alan Merry, Barbara Irwin, Martha Poinar, 
Marsha Hurd. Second Row: Stephen Dexter, Stanley Ellis, Donald Banzi, David Johnson, 
Robert Locke, Tucker Beuttei, Paul Johnson, Barry Blakeman, Eunice Hammond, Judith 
Johnston, Diane Timpany, Claire Hall. Third Row: Stephen Benson, Marilyn Sibilio, Bonnie 
Bottenus, Patience Pye, Brent Vinal, Linda Parker, Evelyn Walker, Michele McDevitt, 
Carolyn LaFleur, Jeffrey Howard, Robert Cooper, Merrill Welcker. Fourth Row: Kenneth 
Semple, David Lemieux, Alan Shane, William Jones, Eugene Glass, Clifford L'Heureux, 
Brian Kopke, Laurence Murdoch, Wendy Butler, Eileen Kehoe, Joan Adams, Linda DeLorenzo. 
Fifth Row: Nancy Starr, Ronald Chase, Nancy Sawyer, John Merry, Bradford Pettey, Judith 
Hampton, Joanne Howland, Elaine Corcoran, Richard Handy, Janice Peterson, Wendy Holmes. 

Left to Right: Kathleen Miles, Secretary; Carole French, Vice- 
President; Kent Kopke, Treasurer; Bradford Heywood. President. 

First Row, Left to Right: Donald Estes, Michael Metcalf, Angus Crowe, Robert Mark, James 
Sol lis, Arthur Hammond, Peter Quidley, Stephen Williams, Frank Davis, John Morton, Stephen 
Turner, Bradford Heywood. Second Row: Carolyn King, Sharon Blanchard, David Marshall, 
Richard MacKinnon, Andrea Ness, Susan Gallerani, Gail Sencabaugh, Cheryl Mulder, Katherine 
Jokinen, Kathleen Mills, Judith Jokinen, Judith Lemieux, Carol Govoni. Third Row: Alice 
Collins, Virginia Davis, Roger LaGreca, Peter Irwin, George Torrey, Arthur Cannon, Donna 
Prince, Susan Jones, William Reggio, Kent Kopke, Doreen Thomas, Carol Torrey, Ruta Benzins. 
Fourth Row: David Rotte, John Torrey, Edmund Kent, Richard Beytes, John Coffin, David Thomas, 
Linda Nudd, Lynne Phillips, Carole French, Delly Schweighauser, Emma Borghesani, Susan April, 
Leslie Buckley, Marcia Burpee. Fifth Row: Mary Edwards, William Richards, Robert French, 
Austin Stuart, Richard Butterworth, Diane Hubbard, Mary Lanyon, Cynthia Hoi I , Joanne Fox, 
Barbara Coffin, Marlene Ahlquist, Jeanne Woodsum, Robert Dangora. Sixth Row: Richard Cheney, 
Jean Baker, Fel icitas Tasche, Christine Murdoch, Dawson Johnson, William Wilbur, George 
Chapin, Catherine DeLorenzo, Josephine Borgeson, Bradford Cushing, Domonic LaGreca. 
(Missing from Picture: Bonnie Poole, Susanne Yeagley, Andrea Hogan, Fred Kemball, Steven 
Williams, Mary Dunne, Stephen Baker.) 

First Row, Left to Right: Marie Bongiorno, Cynthia LaGreca, Phyllis Cope, Margaret Coffin, 
Helen Blanchard, Romayne Proctor, Helen Merrick, Judith MacKinnon, Joyce Paulding, Christine 
Barboza, Diane Garnett, Nancy Breer, Leslie Tavares, Frances Guilderson, Dolores Fontes. 
Second Row: Linda Adams, Randi Stott, Victoria Lawson, Gail Cutler, Susan Sibilio, Leslie 
Butler, Janet Sawyer, Ann Lemieux, Hugh Grenquist, Bernard Schweighauser, John Reardon, 
Christopher Canty, Leo Prince, David Mills, Paula Chandler, Karla Stone, Nancy Barry, Cheryl 
Batson. Third Row: Gregory Plummer, Anthony LaGreca, Stephanie Morgan, Beverly Shane, 
Sylvia Fernandes, Kathleen Peterson, Anita Bailey, Diane LaFleur, Lorraine Reed, Ann Semple, 
Betty A. Wadsworth, Linda Ohlson, Marilyn Smithson, Deborah Campbell, Ann Clark, Georgia 
Taft. Fourth Row: Pamela Perry, Jill DeLew, Kenneth Gibbons, Bradford Howard, Donald 
Burgoyne, Robert Barnicoat, Paul Wales, Dennis Sullivan, Gary Starr, Lyndon Reggio, James 
Pye, Harry McCormick, Michael Woodward, Michael Drummey, Heidi Edwards, Jane Wildes, 
Eleanor Merry, Margaret Vinal. Fifth Row: Robert Gunnarson, Nicholas Eaton, Gerald Govoni, 
Richard Proctor, Peter Rondall, Robert Murphy, John Leary, Robert Jones, Peter Mosher, Jonathan 
Scherff, John DuPuy, John Loring, James Howard, Katherine King, Lenore McDevitt, Patricia 
Merlet, Donna Blanchard. Sixth Row: Edward Gibson, Thomas Jones, Stephen McDonald, Gerald 
Dexter, Paul L'Heureux, Edward Anderson, Michael McNeil, Joseph Johnson, Richard Randall, 
Lawrence Raymond, Peter Ohlson, Robert Wilber, Stephen Fernandes, Earle Ricker, Steven Barbosa. 
(Missing from Picture: Sally DeWolf, John Dunn, Reuben Fife, Christine Jokinen, Elaine Locke, 
Alfred Thomas, Donna Trout, James Wadsworth.) 

First Row, Left to Right: Daniel Gilman, Geoffrey Beane, Stephen Marshall, William Anacone, 
Michael Millette, Timothy Foote, Bruce Irwin, David O'Connell, Donald Williams, William 
Burpee, Peter Fagley, Phillips Crocker, Norman Rodham. Second Row: Robert Bottenus, Timothy 
Jacobs, Edward Howard, Raymond Chandler, Roger Pettey, James Goddard, James Chantre, 
Winthrop Bates, Gary Bernath, Katherine Reid, Carol Sheets, Elizabeth Hardy, Theodore Fernandes, 
Virginia Hall, Nancy Mosher. Third Row: Tammy Turner, Linda Millette, Cynthia Wilken, 
Maureen Boucher, Susan Ronan, Jennifer Morgan, Valerie Dangora, Kristen Nelson, Kathleen 
Whitley, Gary Hall, Eric Ericson, Richard Murphy, Barbara Delano, Catherine Alves, Gerald 
Randall. Fourth Row: Morton Raymond, Richard Schweizer, Christopher Brennan, Stephen Bennett, 
Ronald Rawson, Richard Ruprecht, Ronald Cobb, Lucille Nudd, Diane Holloway, Timothy Williams, 
Joseph Tavares, Peter Prip, Robert Savastano. Fifth Row: Karen Turner, Beverly Thomas, Theresa 
Grady, Carol McLaughlin, Kathleen Foisy, Nancy Mayo, Linda Walker, Beth McManus, Laura 
Emerson, Leah Gorham, Joseph Piper, John Govoni, George Seaver, Roger Goin. 
(Missing from Picture: Tracy Colburn, Diane Houston, Ronald Amado, Joan Barbosa, David 
Brodigan, Edith Garnett) 


At Left: Wi I liam McNei I (President) . First Row, Left to Right: Isabel le Kent (Vice-President), Pamela 
Fagley (Secretary), Richard Wadsworth (Treasurer). Second Row: Prise i Na Chapin (Literary Club), Jane 
Corcoran (Room 23), Lee Irwin (Room 16), Carole French (Room 20), Alice Hardy (National Honor Society), 
Claire Hall (Library Service Club), Brian McCormick (Key), Mr. Ralph Blakeman (Advisor), Third Row: 
Frederick LaGreca (A.V. Club), Donald Steele (Room 26), Jeffrey Howard (Room 22), Lawrence Wadsworth 
(Band), Arthur Smithson (Sportsmen's Club), Stephen Turner (Room 17), Bradford Heywood (Room 28). 
(Missing from Pictures : Benjamin Marshall (Room 21) Leslee Blanchard (Future Teachers of America), Susan 
Pye (Choir), Patience Kve (Room 24). 



First Row, Left to Right: Jayne McNeil, Susan Rodham, Leslee 
Blanchard, Judith Thayer, Diane Kendrew. Second Row: Charles 
Walker, Linda Crocker, Anne Corcoran, Mrs. Constance Pye, 
Advisor; Brian Jones, Isabel le Kent. (Missing from Picture: 
Janice Hal I .) 


Left to Right: Josephine Borgeson, Brian Kopke, Donna Prince, Mr. 
Ronald Child, Faculty Advisor; Dawson Johnson, William Richards, 
Bradford Heywood, Richard Seaver, President; Stephen Jacobs, 
Laurence Murdoch. (Missing from Picture: Marcia Burpee, Donna 
Prince, Bonnie Poole, Carole French, Susanne Yeagley, Secretary- 
Treasurer; Robert Cooper, Austin Stuart, Donald Estes, Mr. Robert 
Sullivan, Faculty Advisor.) 


The first issue of Witerature (wit and literature) was published in 1958 
by the class of 1961 . It was a modest affair with construction paper covers and 
pasted designs. The pages were multi-colored, since we were not able to find 
enough paper of one color to do the whole job. Still, Witerature sold well, and 
gave us a warm glow of pride. 

Our second issue was a step forward. Its pages were all on white pa- 
per. Since the treasury was now reassuringly plump, we splurged and had our 
third issue printed. This promptly drained the treasury. We bounced back by 
putting on dances and selling candy. Thus the fourth issue was also printed. 

But now we must give our child over to adoption by underclassmen. 
We will be sad to see him go. Be sure to treat him kindly and feed him regulary. 

First Row, Left to Right: Scott Wales; Margaret Marr; Bruce Shipley; Jayne McNeil, 
'Secretary; Frederick Wadsworth, Editor-in-Chief; Prise i I la Chapin, Literary Editor; 
Craig Loth, Treasurer; Diane Hubbard. Second Row: Pamela Stott; Pamela Fagley; 
Caroline LaFleur; Judith Hampton; Donna Prince; Carole French; Linda Parker; 
Marilyn Sibilio; Brent Vinal; Sharon Blanchard; Marcia Burpee. Third Row: Coral 
Prince; Stephen Jacobs; Brian McCormick; Andrea Ness; Susan Yeagley; Bonnie 
Bottenus; Brian Jones; Virginia Davis; Linda Crocker; Diane Kendrew. (Missing 
from Picture: Alan Shane; Patience Pye; Benjamin Marshall; Mary Lemieux; Susan 

The KEY, Duxbury High School's newspaper, has tried for the past seven 
years to improve its standards and its appeal to the student body, mainly through 
the efforts of its faculty advisor and originator, Mrs. Irene Sherwood. Following 
tradition, Editor-in-Chief Margaret Marr calls the meeting to order. 

Secretary Barbara Atwood, 

and Treasurer Douglas Locke, 

read their 

respective reports. After Student Council Representative Brian McCormick 

gives his report, Business Manager Karen Peterson 

discusses with the staff the number of 

advertisements needed for the next issue — Then senior page editors Peter Welcker, 

Bruce Shipley, 

Belle Kent, C~ f 

and Sheila Marr, 

Edith Savastano, 

assignments. These assignments go to regular reporters Susan Rodham, 

and Brian McCormick, and juniors Barbara Atwood, 

present their layouts ar| d give 

Bonnie Bottenus, 

Marilyn Sibil io, \oT Stephen Jacobs, ^, -: and Patience Pye . Cub reporters Nancy Barry, A ^ 

Evelyn Walker, 

rs Susan Rodham, \t J Brent Vinal, \ " 
Linda Parker, ^L^f Br\an Kopke, ^ 

'and Christine Barbosa 

also receive assignments. After the dummies 

are made up by the page editors, they go to KEY typists Carol Loth, 

Beverly Blanchard, 


rwin, 1 

Prisci f la Chapin, 

and Denise Doyle. »~ v W The final step is last minute art work by 

and Carolyn LaFleur. 

Jane Corcoran, WmT\ • 


First Row, Left to Right: Linda Balboni, President; Mrs. Elesebeth Bencordo, Faculty Advisor. 
Second Row: Lee Irwin, Secretary; Jean MacLeod, Susan Torrey, Denise Doyle, Treasurer; 
Doris Baker, Nancy Southard, Claire Hall, Student Council Representative. Third Row: 
Alexandra Carlson, Janice Peterson, Nancy Starr, Leigh McCarthy, Linda Levy, Vice-President. 

Left to Right: Craig Loth, David Reed, Barry Suk, William Thomas 
Mr. David Murphy, Faculty Advisor; Frederick LaGreca,^_Johri>^ 
Borgeson, Daniel DeWolf. 

First Row, Left to Right: Bradford Pettey, Bonnie Poole, Virginia Davis, Mr. Roger Jarvis, Director; Carol 
Govoni, Katherine Jokinen, Susan Gallerani, Barbara Atwood. Second Row: Leigh McCarthy, Josephine 
Borgeson, Evelyn Walker, Karen Peterson, Marilyn Sibilio, Isabelle Kent, Alan Merry, Alice Collins. 
Third Row, Thomas Brennan, George Chapin, Laurence Murdoch, Lawrence Wadsworth, Merrill Welcker, 
Charles Walker, Robert Cooper, Stanley Ellis. Fourth Row: Richard Handy, Robert Locke, Clifford L'Heureux, 
Lars Schou, John DeWolf, Fred Wadsworth. 

(Missing from Picture: Jackson Kent, Alan Shane, Dennis Sullivan, Joseph Correia, Donald Estes.) 


F m 


First Row, Left to Right: Susan Rodham, Marilyn Sibilio, Carolyn LaFleur, Alice Collins, Robert 
Cooper, Fred Wadsworth, Mr. Roger Jarvis, Director; Richard Handy, Richard Dean, Isabel le 
Kent, Secretary; Sheila Marr, Barbara Atwood, Bonnie Poole. Second Row: Jean Baker, Patricia 
Cope, Cynthia Hoi I, Robert Locke, Brian Jones, Bradford Pettey, Brian McCormick, Charles 
Walker, President; Virginia Davis, Nancy Sawyer, Patience Pye. Third Row: Alice Hardy, 
Judith Thayer, Betsy Redlon, Vice-President; Margaret Marr, Andrea Ness, Donald Steele, Treas- 
urer; Richard Beytes, Alan Merry, Bonnie Bottenus, Judith Hampton, Marsha Hurd, Brent Vinal. 
Fourth Row: Susan Torrey, Michele McDevitt, Evelyn Walker, Joanne Fox, Pamela Fagley, 
Pamela Lawson, Pamela Stott. (Missing from Picture: Susan Pye, Lois Barbosa, Brenda Harding, 
Alan Shane, Joan Adams.) 


My Ffl yontc Thioq*, 

"No Other Love Have I" was the theme of this year's Spring 
Choir Show. Under the inspiring tutelage of Mr. Roger Jarvis, D.H.S. 
musical director, the show achieved its purpose of being a moving trib- 
ute to Oscar Hammerstein II. The success of the show was certainly 
due to the hard work of the following committees:* dialog - Brian Mc- 
Cormick, Charles Walker, Richard Handy; properties - Brent Vinal; 
costumes - Susan Pye; programs and ushers - Belle Kent and Bonnie 
Poole; staging - Richard Deane, Marilyn Sibilio, Alan Merry, Brian 
McCormick, Charles Walker, Fred Wadsworth, Carolyn LaFleur; pub- 
licity - Barbara Atwood; tickets - Donald Steele; make-up - Mrs. 
Verne Sencabaugh. 


The National Honor Society has been most active this year, 
especially in performing a new service to the school by starting to 
raise a scholarship fund. Under the leadership of President Brian 
McCormick and Faculty Advisor Mr. Raymond Jenness, the members 
of the club sold cold drinks at home basketball games and partici- 
pated in many other fund-raising activities. In addition, the Soci- 
ety's membership has doubled in size and grown in prestige. 

Left to Right: Mr. Raymond Jenness, Faculty Advisor; Edith Savastano, 
Secretary; Peter Welcker; Margaret M^rr, Vice-President; Brian Mc- 
Cormick, President; Karen Peterson; Alice Hardy; Barbara Atwood, 

First Row, Left to Right: Carol Loth, Felicitas Tasche, Carolyn LaFleur, Alice Collins, Marcia Burpee, 
Richard Handy, Brian McCormick, Brian Jones, Mary Lemieux, Mary Lanyon, Donald Steele, Carol King, 
Miss Mary E. Murrill, Advisor. Second Row: Susan Jones, Donna Prince, Sharon Blanchard, Ruta Berzins, 
Mary Ann Barboza, Judith Thayer, Josephine Borgeson, Joanne Fox, Michelle McDevitt, Pamela Stott, 
Anne Corcoran, Suzanne Yeagley, Carole French. Third Row: Philip Cheney, Barton Heywood, Coral 
Prince, Robert Trout, Judith McManus, Terry Butler, Jean Christie, Marilyn Sibilio, Brent Vinal, Linda 
Parker, Prise i I la Chapin, Betsy Redlon. Fourth Row: Thomas Brennan, Robert King, Robert Cooper, Philip 
Nelson, Pamela Lawson, Bruce Shipley, Bonnie Poole, Katherine DeLorenzo, Patience Pye, Susan Rodham, 
Barbara Atwood. Fifth Row: Stephen Jacobs, Robert French, William Richards, Andrew Crowe, George 
Chapin, Francis Benevides, Laurence Murdoch, Susan Coster, Leslee Blanchard, Sheila Man - . 

First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Walter Kennedy, Advisor; Ann Collins, Secretary; George Newlands, 
Vice-President; Bruce Shipley, President. Second Row: Dorothy Metcalf, William McNeil, Judith 
McManus, Pamela Lawson, Susan Rodham. Third Row: Carol Loth, Leslee Blanchard, Pamela Fag- 
ley, Nancy Sawyer, Marilyn Sibilio. Fourth Row: Belle Kent, Margaret Marr, Karen Peterson, 
Diane Kendrew, Sheila Marr, Jane Corcoran. Fifth Row: Barbara Atwood, Alice Hardy, Jeffrey 
Howard, Donald Steele, Cris Kopke, Robert Wadworth, William Jones, Frederick Wadsworth. 
Last Row: Brian Kopke, Stephen Jacobs, Stephen LaFleur, Robert Chase, Robert Trout, Peter 
Richards, Richard Wadsworth, William Whitehead, Arthur Smithson, Clifford L'Heureux, Douglas 
Locke, Charles Walker, Richard Seaver. (Missing from Picture: Benjamin Marshall, Treasurer; 
Charles Montgomery, Susan Pye, Patience Pye, Lois Barbosa, Brenda Harding, Marvin Nickerson, 
Janice Hall .) 

The picture above is especially significant. Mr. Herrick's sweater bears a 
Duxbury 'D. ' It was presented to him at Christmas, 1959, by the students of 
Duxbury High School - truly a fitting gift for a man who devoted so much time 
and effort to Duxbury High as did Mr. Herrick. 

Mr. Herrick drove school busses for some thirty years, but we remember him 
most vividly as a laughing Santa Claus giving out lollipops at Christmas. He en- 
joyed taking pictures, and enlivened many assemblies and basketball games by 
popping to his feet, glancing into his camera's viewfinder, and snapping a pic- 
ture. Thus he saved his memories from fading with the years. And now, to save 
his memory from fading, we dedicate this picture and these few words to the mem- 
ory of Mr. T. Waldo Herrick. 

Left to Right: Richard Seaver, Stephen Jacobs, Brian Kopke, Alan Merry, Lars Schou. 

Kneeling, Left to Right: Bob King, Roger Cushing, Danny DeWolf, Chuck Walker, George 
Newlands (co-captain), Bill McNeil (co-captain), Fred Wadsworth, Bob Chase, Lars Schou, 
Larry Govoni. Standing: Bob Jones, Kenny Roberts, Jeff Howard, John Russell, Stanley 
Ellis, Cliff L'Heureux, David Thomas, Jack Kent, Bob French, Rick Handy, John Coffin, 
David Lemieux, Philip Mason, Tom Brennan, Howie Holloway, Coach Teravainen. (Missing 
from Picture: Don Steele, Brian McCormick) 


The D.H.S. soccer team made a very respectable showing in the newly-formed South 
Shore Soccer Association, finishing second in the league. The over-all season record stood 
as follows: 

Don Steele 21 
Lars Schou 5 
Fred Wadsworth 4 
Bill McNeil 2 
George Newlands 2 
Bill Jones 2 
Cliff L'Heureux 
Dave Johnson 
Howie Holloway 
Chuck Walker 


Goals scored: 4 
Goals scored against 
goalie Bob Chase: 6 

(Norwell scored 
one goal for 









Norwel 1 






- 1 


No. Quincy 






- 1 




- 1 



- 1 


No. Quincy 

- 1 


Norwel 1 


- 1 


Won 7, Lost 2, Tied 1 

First Row, Left to Right: Patey Pye, Brent Vinal, Nancy Sawyer, Pam Fagley, Coral Prince, 
Judy McManus, Lee Blanchard, Co-captain; Belle Kent, Co-captain; Sheila Marr, Marilyn 
Sibilio, Barbara Atwood. Second Row: Linda Parker, Donna Prince, Felicitas Tasche, Brenda 
Harding, Bonnie Bottenus, Bonnie Poole, Alice Hardy. Third Row: Nancy Starr, Caroi King, 
Evelyn Walker, Alice Collins, Pam Stott, Cathy DeLorenzo, Marcia Burpee, Suzanne Yeagley, 
Phina Borgeson, Miss Beverly Briggs, Coach. 

With eight victories and one tie, the D.H.S. girls' varsity field hockey team finished 
on top of the league - champs again! 




- W 



- W 

Norwel 1 


- 1 W 

West Bridgewater 


- W 



- 1 T 



- 1 W 



- W 

East Bridgewater 


- w 



- 1 w 

Won 8; Tied 1 . 

Junior Varsity 



- W 



- W 

Norwel 1 

-0 T 


- 1 L 



- 2 T 



- W 



- 3 L 

Won 3; Tied 


Lost 2 


Pam Fagley 6 
Sheila Marr 8 
Patey Pye 8 
Marilyn Sibilio 1 
Belle Kent 1 

Points Scored: 24 
Points Scored Ajainst: 4 

Junior Varsity 

Evelyn Walker 1 
Suzanne Yeagley 1 
Marcia Burpee 2 
Alice Col lins 1 
Felicitas Tasche 3 

Points Scored: 8 
Points Scored Against: 


First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Sawyer, Ann Collins, Lee Blanchard, Marilyn Sibilio, Patey Pye. 
Second Row: Belle Kent, Karen Peterson, Miss Beverly Briggs, Coach; Margaret Marr, Susie Coster. 

Carolyn Coffin 

An impressive record was made by the 
girls' jayvee team: 


Bonnie Bottenus 
Janice Hall 
Kathy Mills 
Gail Sencabaugh 
Judy Johnston 
Judy Jokinen 
Barbara Irwin 

Jane Corcoran 

UUIUUIU 1 1 Will L 

Nancy Southard 9.. 

Donna Prince 
Lynne Phillips 
Felicitas Tasche 
Marcia Burpee 
Pat Cope 
Alice Collins 
Eunice Hammond 

Terry Butler 


First Row, Left to Right: Eddie Wadsworth, Phil Cheney, Bill McNeil, Fred Wadsworth. Second 
Row: Bob Chase, Marv Nickerson, Putt Richards, Ror. Chase. (Missing from Picture: Don Steele, 
Bob King, Coach George Teravainen, R1d Cheney, Doug Locke.) 

The boys' junior varsity showed great 
promise this yean 

Phil Nelson 
Tom Brennan 
Jeff Howard 
Cliff L'Heureux 
Rick Handy 
Rip Cheney 

Dotti Metcalf 

Bob French 
Brad Heywood 
Dave Thomas 
Fizz Richards 
Bob Wilbur 
Kent Kopke 

Judy Hampton 

Karthy Jokinen 

Wendy Butler 

First Row, Left to Right: William Murphy, William McNeil, George Newlands, Benjamin 
Marshall, Roger Cushing, Douglas Locke, Mr. David Murphy, Coach. Second Row: Fred 
Wadsworth, Marvin Nickerson, Jeffrey Howard, Clifford L'Heureux, Robert Chase, Donald 
Steele. Third Row: William Whitehead, William Jones, Thomas Brennan, Robert Trout, 
Eugene Glass. 

First Row, Left to Right: Susan Rodham, Carol King, Katherine 
DeLorenzo, Virginia Davis. Second Row: Sheila Marr, Felicitas 
Tasche, Carol Loth, Bonnie Bottenus, Margaret Marr, Karen Peterson. 


First Row, Left to Right: Joanne Fox, Susan Jones, Donna Prince, Lynne Phillips, 
Bonnie Poole, Marcia Burpee, Sharon Blanchard. Second Row: Pam Stott, Suzanne 
Yeagley, Michelle McDevitt, Phena Borgeson, Mary Ann Barboza, Barbie Atwood, 
Janice Hall. Third Row: Cynthia Holl, Pam Fagley, Marilyn Sibilio, Nancy 
Sawyer, Patey Pye, Carole French, Belle Kent. (Missing from Picture: Miss Beverly 
Briggs, Coach.)