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Victorious Sonny Liston stood over Floyd 
Patterson after the shortest heavyweight 
championship bout in history. 

Former Gen. Edwin A. Walker escorted off 
University of Mississippi campus by U.S. 
Marshals as federal action upheld enroll- 
ment of James Meredith. 

George Romney, elected governor of Michigan, 
(and family) were among the smiling new faces in 
politics after off-year elections. 

Postmaster Gen. Edward Day inspected this 
map outlining the $1.5 million mail robbery at 
Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

New York Yankees won the Series from 
San Francisco in spite of Chuck Hiller's 
fourth-game grand slammer. 

Duxbury Room 

Philharmonic Hall, first unit of New York's 
projected Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, 
opened in a blaze of light. 

Steeple at Oregon State College of Edu- 
cation , Monmouth, Oregon, fell before hur- 
ricane-force winds which raked the West 
Coast in October causing major damage 
and communication breakdown. 

U.S. and French officials gathered to wel- 
come crated 'Mono Lisa" as the priceless 
painting arrived in New York en route to a 
showing in Washington, D.C.'s National 

National Events in Review 

For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 


The Space Needle and Monorail train were 
hallmarks of the successful World's Fair in 
Seottle, Washington. 

Sabin oral vaccine was made available nationally and offered promise of 
complete immunity from all types of polio. 

Left: Solid-fueled Minuteman, successor to more complex liquid-fueled 
ICBM'S, begins 4,000 mile journey from Canaveral. Others went into readi- 
ness in Montana. 

Nuclear submarines USS Skate and USS Seadragon rendezvoused at the 
North Pole, hundreds of miles from open sea. 


Duxbury Free Library 



Duxbanj High School 
Duybury, Massachusetts 



We, the Class of 1963, have chosen as our 
yearbook theme Our Town, as emblematic of one 
of the most important factors in the development 
of our lives. We look with pride on Our Town's 
heritage of noble history, tradition and distinc- 
tion; and we have based on these our hopes for 
a progressive but dignified future, that we may 
leave to our sons and daughters as noble a herit- 
age as was left to us by Our Town - Duxbury. 


To all organizations which have spon- 

sored scholarships to further our education; 
to the Boosters' Ciub members for their en- 
thusiastic support of all athletic events; to 
Post 223 for generously extending to us the 
use of the American Legion Hall, and to all 
the townspeople who have given us the op- 
portunity of working in a new and improved 
school, we dedicate the 1963 Partridge. 




The class of 1963 has a very special interest for me because we 
both started an important task at the same time. In September, 1950, 
you began your school careers as members of the kindergarten, while I, 
with my family, moved to Duxbury to begin my work as Superintendent 
of Schools. Superintendents do not often have the opportunity to ob- 
serve and guide the progress of a class from the beginning of school until 
graduation; and to work with a class as outstanding as this one, has 
been a great privilege. 

The following observations will interest you now and may serve 
to refresh your mind in future years, when memories are not too clear 
or accurate. In the kindergarten your class numbered sixty-seven. To- 
day it numbers fifty-four. Of the original class twenty-one continued 
as members until graduation. 

After making excellent progress through the elementary grades 
you distinguished yourselves in high school in many ways. Three of 
your members received recognition in the National Merit Scholarship 
tests: one received honorable mention, and two were semi -finalists. 
One student won national honors in public speaking. Several students 
won places in district and state choral groups. Ten person in your 
class were elected to the National Honor Society. Many students in 
your class participated in writing and publishing the first Duxbury 
High School handbook. More than half of the students in your class 
won varsity letters in sports. Others distinguished themselves in dra- 
matics, band, school publications, and student government. Such 
achievement is worthy of high commendation. 

But more significant than these accomplishments, important as 
they are, are the qualities of tolerance, self discipline, leadership, 
faith, enthusiasm and friendliness which have characterized your class. 
It is said that a school is known not only by the character and quality of 
its teachers, but also by the image its students present to the commu- 
nity. Your town is proud of you and your achievements. Congratu- 
lations and best wishes for the years ahead. 

Superintendent of Schools 


Mr. Harry B. McCormick 

Left to Right: Mr. Herbert R. Nelson, Mr. Walter B. Collins, Mr. Edward L. 
Butler (Chairman), Dr. Everett L. Handy, Mr. John F. Spence, Jr. Seated: 
Mrs. George Palfrey (Secretary). 


Mrs. George S. Ferrell 
Secretary to the Principal 

Mr. Robert B. Mendenhall 
Guidance Director 

Mr. Ralph N. Blakeman 
Assistant Principal 

Mrs. Thomas Stott 
Assistant Guidance Director 

Mrs. Rita Blanchard 
Secretary to Guidance Department 


Seated, Left to Right: Miss Nancy Altpeter, Mrs. Elesebeth 
Bencordo, Mrs. Irene Sherwood, Miss Jeannine Bernier. Standing: 
Mr. Robert Anderson, Mr. Karl Stahl, Mr. Raymond Jenness. 



Left to Right: Mrs. Jane Murphy, Mrs. Julia Brock, Mr. Robert 



Left to Right: Mr. David Murphy, Mr. Robert 
Sullivan, Mr. Robert Martin, Mrs. Jane Murphy. 



Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Donald Kraemer, Mrs. Agnes Reed, Mrs 
Constance Cram. Standing: Mr. Edwin Greene, Mr. Roger Jarvis. 
(Missing from picture: Miss Ann Davis, Miss Mary Smith). 


Left to Right: Miss Deborah Brooks, Mr. George Teravainen, Mi 
Audrey Hibbett. 


Left to Right: Mr. George Watson, Mr. Carlton 
Torrey, Mr. Michael Sheehan 





n Duxbury Free Library 


"The fountain of beauty is the heart, and every generous 
thought illustrates the walls of your chamber." 

Yearbook 4 (Head Typist); Prom Committee 3; Senior 
Play 4; Choir 1,2; Hockey 1. 

"Thanksa lot J " . . . Olds. . . P .C . . . . "Hey, EM"... 
Boston. . .Transcripts. . . Secretary. . .Parties. 


"Happiness seems made to be shared. " 

Library Service Club 2; Cheerleading 4. 

"How should I know" . . .P. J. Parties. . .Plymouth. . . 
Red-Right-Return . . . Sunoco. 


"Without labor, nothing prospers. " 
Cross Country 1 

Sports Fan. . .World Almanac. . .History Whiz. 


"Persistent people begin their success where others 
end in fai lure . " 

Soccer 1,3,4; Track I; Baseball 3; Science C lub 3, 4. 

Beach. . . V. W. . . .Carton. . .Freckles. .. Quiet. . . "Don't 
ask me. " 


"Her secret of success is constancy of purpose. " 

Basketball 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Choir 1,2,3, 
4; Key 2,3 (Secretary) ,4; Witerature 2, 3, 4; Student 
Council 3,4; Yearbook 4 (Editor-in-Chief); Tourna- 
ment of Plays 1,2; Senior Play 4; National Honor 
Society 2,3,4; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Prom 
Committee 3. 

Coffee Shop, 
a problem . " . 

Buttner's. . . Latin 
Monkey bag . 

. "That presents 



"In the time of your life, live! " 

Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Soccer 1,2, 
3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3, 4; French Club 
2,3; Sportsman's Club 2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 1; 
Senior Play; Yearbook 4. 

Mr. Jenness's English class. . . "T". . . Legion. .'.'Rowl, 
did you hear the one about — " . . . "Funny? No! " . . . 


"Look forward; what's to come?" 

Baseball 4; Sportsman's Club 3,4; Senior Play 4. 

"Billy B" . .Coffee Shop. . .Saquish. . .Brockton. . .Drive 
In. . . "What are we going to do?" 


"Toujours gai " 

Student Counci I 1; Hockey 1; Cheerleading 2; Prom 
Committee 3; Yearbook 4. 

'Bottles' . . . D.C . S. . . . Saquish. . . "I could almost care! 
. . . Yel low Jacket ... "Do you think you can handle it ? 



"Where judgment has wit to express it, there is the 
best orator. " 

A.F.S. 3; Student Counci I 3, 4 (Treasurer); Choir 
1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; 
French Club 1,2; Prom Committee 3; Tournament 
of Plays 1,2; Senior Play 4; National Honor Society 
2,3,4; S.E.M.S.B.A. 2,3,4; District Choir 3; 
Dance Committee 1 , 2; Class Treasurer 1 . 

"Bouc". . .Music Room. . ."Hey, Ponch! ". . . Good- 
Looking. . .Tease. . . Guitar. 


"Full of fun and friendship for all . " 

Field Hockey 3; Prom Committee 3; Tournament of 
Plays 1,2; Senior Play 4; F.T.A. 4; Yearbook 4. 

"You 're kidding me ! " . . . Mr. Jenness's English class 
. . . Quiet . . . Hot pipes. 


"Men's thoughts are much according to their in- 
clination. " 

Soccer 1,2,3; A. V. Club 1 , 2,3, 4. 

"Boone". .."Gunning". . ."I'll be in the A.V. room" 
. . .Fire Dep't "Debear". 


"Nothing is impossible to any man who can will, 
and then do; this is the only law of success." 

Joined our town in '60. 

Baseball 2; Soccer 3; Senior Play. 

Ford Beach Wagon. . . English with Mr. Jenness. . 
Mr. Dunn. . .D.P. 


"SMI I waters run deep." 

Basketball Manager 3, 4; Baseball Manager 2,3; Soc- 
cer2,3,4; Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); Sportsman's Club 
3,4; Choir 4; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 4. 

Blakeman's. . . "Man ley" . . . Percussionist ... "Go, Stan! " 
. . .Motor-bike. . . "Son of a gun! " 


"He alone has lost the art to live who cannot make new 

Joined our town in '62 
Soccer 4. 

New-comer. . .Tall. . .Friendly. . .Hunting. . . "Charlie's 
late again ! " 



"My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near to the 
ocean's edge as I can go." 

Choir 2,3,4 (Secretary); A.F.S. 2,3,4; Student Coun- 
cil 3,4; Witerature 2; Yearbook 4; Sportsman's Club 
4; Dance Committee 1,2; Cheerleading 2,3 (Co-Cap- 
tain) , 4 (Captain) . 

Neighbors. . .Cats. . .C.S "Alice, W. A.T.G?". . . 

Boston Gardens. . . Renault . . . Smi le. . . "Cheery." 



"The idle brain is the devil 's playground! " 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basebal I 2,3, 4; Basketbal 11 , 2, 
3,4; Sportsman's Club 3, 4; French C lub 1 , 2 (Treas- 
urer); A. F . S. 3, 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1 ,2,3,4; 
Class Vice-President 3; National Honor Society 2, 
3,4; Student Council 3,4 (President); Boys' State 
(Attorney General) 3; Prom Committee 3; Dance 
Committee 1,2; S. E .M. S. B. A. Choir 2, 4; Dis- 
trict Choir3; Tournament of Plays 1 , 2; Honor Mar- 
shal 3; Yearbook 4. 

Neighbors. . .Birds. . .French with Mad. . . "Mr. Dunn! " 
. . . "Will this assembly-uh?". . ."Poncho. " 


"A man is a worker. If he is not that he is nothing. " 

Band 1,2; Soccer 3,4; Sportsman's Club 3, 4; French 
Club 2; Basketball 1,2; Tournament of Plays 2,3; 
Senior Play. 

"Mother Bart". . .Snipper. . .B.S.A "Timber". . . 

Crushed fenders. . . "Nice, huh" . . . J. B. . . .Martha's 

"We live in our desires rather than in our achievements. " 
Yearbook 4 

"Gee whiz "... Dreamer. . .Ernie's. . . Long fingernai Is 
. . . Brook line. . . Records. . .The Twist . . . "Midnight in 
Moscow. 11 


f _ 


"Life is what you make it. " 

Cross Country 1; Tournament of Plays 1; Sportsman's 
Club 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Bas 
ketball 1,2; French Club 1,2; Student Council 2, 4; 
Class Treasurer 2. 

Martha's Vineyard. . .Fishing. . .Bayside Marine Co. . . 
Mr. Jenness's English Class. . . Locker Room. . . Vespa. 


"Every wish is like a prayer with God. " 

Joined our town in '60. 
Basketball 2. 

"Oh, no ! " . . . Dorchester. . .Hall's Corner. . .Tassy 's 
..."Hey, Les!" 



"If a man could have half his wishes, he would double 
his trouble. " 

Basketball 2,3,4; Hockey 3. 

Tassy's. . ."Where's Jan?". . .Plymouth. . ."Isn't it, 
though?" . . .Cafeteria. 


"Good humor is the health of the soul . " 

Baseball 1,3,4; Soccer 1 , 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Bas- 
ketballs,- Sportsman's Club 1 ,2,3,4; Senior Play; 
Tournament of Plays 2. 

Motor Scooter. . .Martha's Vineyard. . .Coffee Shop 
. . . Saquish. . . Good-looking. 


"The happier the time the more quickly it passes. " 

Prom Committee 3; Hockey 1; Basketball 1; Year- 
book 4; Senior Play 4. 

"Oh, forget it". . .Canoes. . .Fights. . .Boston. . . 
Riding around. 





"Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one 
can wear in society . " 

Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3, 4 (President); Soccer 1,2,3, 

4; Class Play 1; S. E . M. S. B. A. 2, 4; Prom Committee 3. 

Sense of humor. . . "What do ya say?". . .Choir Shows. . . 
"The Thing". . ."What's for slop?". . .Gunning. . . Bay- 
side. . . "Lester Lightfoot". . . "Nice, huh!' 


"I stand on the springboard of life." 

Track 1,3; Cross Country 1 , 2, 3 (Co-Captain) , 4; 
Class President 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,3,4 
(Vice-President); A.F.S. 3(Treasurer); Key 1,2, 
3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief); Science Club 1,2,3; Rock- 
et Club 1; Boys' State 3; U . N . Pi Igrimage 3; Year- 
book 2 (Cub), 4 (Photography Editor); French Club 1, 
2; Sportsman's Club 2,3,4. 

Class Pres... "Great"... Science... "I'll ask the 
janitors'.' . . .Track . . . Cheerful . . . U. N. . . . Urglu . 


"Infinite riches in a little room." 

National Honor Society 2, 3, (Treasurer) 4; Witera- 
ture-Art Editor 2,3,4; Key -Artist 2; Choir 1,2, 
3,4; Band 2,3; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Class Play 
1,2; Senior Play 4; Dance Committee 1 , 2; Prom 
Committee 3; S . E. M. S. B. A. 3, 4; A.F.S. 2,4. 

Miss Marmein. . . B. U. . . . New York. 
R. J. . . .Choir Shows. . .Artist. 



"As we are now living in an eternity, the time to 
be happy is today . " 

Joined our town in '62 

Basketball 4; Tennis 4; A.F.S. 4. 

Water Skiing. . .Tennis. . .Brown hair. . .Brown eyes 
. . . New . . . "Are you serious?" 


"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, 
for that is the stuff life is made of." 

Soccer 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 
3,4; Sportsman's Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; 
Senior Play 4; Class Vice-President 4. 

Chem Lab. . .Yellow Jeep. . .Water Skiing. . . Standish 
Shore . . . Easy going. . . Prom workshop. . . B. R. 


"Every time a man smiles, and much more when he 
laughs, it adds something to his fragment of life." 

Band 1,2; Choir 1,2; Class Play 1 . 

Snip. . .Triumph. . .Cycle. . .Martha's Vineyard. . . 
Burns. . . Skier. 


"The object of art is to crystallize emotion into thought." 
Joined our town in '61 . 

Key 3, 4 (Art Editor); Choir 4; Student Council 4; Prom 
Committee (Decorations Chairman); Yearbook 4 (Art and 
Layout Editor); A.F.S. 4; Witerature 4. 

A.H.S "Granny". . .Dogs. . ."Workshop at my house. " 

. . .C.S Parties. . ."Alice, W.A.T.G. ?".. .Sewing? 


"The mirror of all courtesy. " 

F.T. A. 3,4 (President); Choir 2,3,4; A.F.S. 2,3, 
4; Softball 2,3,4; French Club 2; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Senior Play 4; Basketball 4. 

Choir Shows. . . Softbal I games. .. quiet .. . Gym C lass 
. . .Latin III. 


"It's not the size of the man in the fight that counts, 
it's the size of the fight in the man." 

Track 1,4; Cross-Country 2,3; Choir 2,3,4; 
S.E.M.S.B. A. Choir 2,3,4; District Choir 3; State 
Choir 3; Yearbook 3 (Cub), 4 (Business Manager); 
Band 1,2; Tournament of Plays 2; Senior Play 4; 
Sportsman's Club 2,3,4. 

"Amen! ". . . "How about that! ". . .Bass voice. . . "Am 
I impressed! ".. .The Parson twist. 

(Dee Dee) 

"I 've taken my fun where I 've found it. " 

Cheerleading 2,3 (Co-Captain); Tournament of Plays 
3; French Club 1; Sportsman's Club 3,4; Prom Com- 
mittee 3. 

"Barrel " . . .Parties. . .Coffee Shop. . .Little blue car 
..."Hey, Folios]' 



'"Tis the dreamer whose dreams come true. " 

O'Neil Farm... "I'll think about it. "...'54 Ford. 
Navy... Laugh... "Oh, no!" 


"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." 

Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 1,3; Key 1,2; French Club 
1 , 2; Science Club 1 . 

Lockers. . .Candy. . . Serviette. . .Plymouth. . .French C . B. 


"If you wish to please people, you must begin by 
understanding them." 

Joined our town in '62. 

A.F.S. Foreign exchange student from Denmark '62- 
'63; Choir 4; Band 4; A.F.S. 4; Key 4; Student 
Council 4; Basketball 4. 

Guitar. . . Folk -singing . . .Dimples. . . Denmark. . . 
The Barrys'. . . "I'm a Rover-" 


"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." 

Hockey 1,2; Basketball 1 , 2 (Manager); Softball 1; 
Dramatic Club 1 ,3; Sportsman's Club 3,4; A.F.S. 
Club 2,3,4; Key 1,2,3,4; Witerature 2,3,4; French 
Club 1,2; Tournament of Plays 1 ,2; Senior Play 4; 
Dance Committee 1,2; Prom Committee 3. 

C.S "Hey Rais! "... Laugh ... Diets. .. "Hey ! you 

ole". . ."Alice, W.A.T.G. ?".. .Limey. 


"Love and life are all a dream. " 

Library Service Club 1,2; Basketball 3,4. 

"You're kidding". . .Cafeteria. . . "Guess what?' 
Plymouth. . . Ernie's. .. Giggle. 


"They that have power to hurt, and will do none." 

Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1 , 2,3, 4; Dance Band 1 , 2,3, 4; 
S.E.M.S.B.A. 3; S.E. District Band 2; Senior Play 
4; French Club 4 (President) . 

R.J Blakeman's. . .Sea Explorers. . .Clarinet. . . 

Sax. . .Boating. . . "Take it from the edge. " . . . "Bow 
ahout that! " 



"O World, I cannot hold thee close enough." 

Hockey 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2 
(Co -captain), 3,4; Choir 1 ,2,3,4; F.T.A. 3 (Sec- 
retary-Treasurer), 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Key 
2,3 (Business Manager), 4; Class Vice-President 1,2; 
Yearbook 2 (Cub), 4; Class Play 1; Sportsman's Club 
1,2,3,4; Girls' State 3; National Honor Society 3, 
4; A.F.S. 3,4; U.N. Pilgrimage '61; Senior Play. 

Choir Shows. .. Sports. .. Vivacious. .. "Ooo, I love 

itl". . ."Love those Odd Fellows!". . .C.S U.N. . . 

Miss Parks. 


"Individuality is the salt of life. " 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball Manager 2,3; Tournament 
of Plays 1,2; Senior Play 4; Sportsman's Club 3, 4; 
Class Treasurer 4. 

Mr. Jenness's English class. . . "Hi there" . . . Bob New- 
hart... "How about that!". . ."G-Man." 


"Her nature is sunny and bright like her hair." 

Hockey 1 , 2,3, 4 (Co-Captain); Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2,3 (Co-Captain), 4; A.F.S. 3,4; Stu- 
dent Council 3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Sportsman's Club 2, 
3,4; Prom Committee 3; Key 4. 

"Spaz". . .Prom Queen. . .Rocky. . .Sports. . . "Hey, 

Brenty!". . .Sprained ankles. ..C.S "Alice, W.A.T. 

G. ?". . .Hornpipers. . .E.W. 


"The more the merrier." 

Mr. Jenness's English class. . . Navy. . .Sailing. 
Cadi I lac . . . Sea Scout . . . Boatswain. 


"The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize." 

Joined our town in '62. 

Soccer 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4. 

Tall. . . New. . .Westerner. . .quiet. . .blue eyes. . .grin. 



"You are tried alone; alone you pass into the desert; 
alone you are sifted by the world. " 

Hockey 1 , 2,3, 4 (Co-Captain); Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
Tennis 3,4 (Captain); Softball 1,2; Sportsman's Club 
1,2,3,4; French Club 2; A.F.S. 2,3,4; Student Coun- 
cil 4 (Secretary); Key 2,3; Class Secretary 3,4; Tour- 
nament of Plays 1,2; Senior Play; Yearbook 3 (Cub), 
4 (Literary Editor); Witerature-Editor-in-Chief 2,3,4; 
National Honor Society 2,3 (Vice-President) , 4; Band 
1,2,3,4; Choir 1 ,2,3,4; Dance Committee 1 , 2; Prom 
Committee Chairman 3. 

"Alice, W.A.T.G.?", 
The Borg. . .Briarwood. 

.OS "Party at Zip's". . 

Physics. . .Accident-prone. 




"Society is wonderful ly delightful . " 

Hockey 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Softball I; Sports- 
man's Club 3,4; French Club 2; Class Secretary 1 , 2; 
Key 2,3,4 (Secretary); Witerature 2,3, 4; Choir 1,2, 
3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4 (President); French 
Honor Society 2,3,4; Tournament of P lays 1 , 2; Stu- 
dent Council 1; A.F.S. 3 (Secretary), 4 (President); 
A.F.S. Exchange Student '62-England. 

C.S. . . . "Alice, W.A.T.G?". . . "Come on, Sawyer! 11 
. . . Grin . . . Russian-French accent ... "Vina I , you party- 
pooper! " . . .Fish Ponds, Bristol . . . Brendaf loor. 


"The only way to have a friend is to be one. " 

CrossCountry 1 ,2,3,4 (Captain); Sportsman's Club 
2,3,4; Track 2,3. 

Cross Country and Track Meets. . .Motor-bike. . .Air 
Force ... Mi lepost . 


"Well-timed silence has more eloquence than speech." 

Key 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Honor Society 
3,4; Hockey 1,2; A.F.S. 3, 4 (Secretary) . 

Quiet. . .Accompanist. . . Rocky. . . Long Hair. . . 
'Promeneur. " 



Left to Right: Alan Merry (Business Manager), Marilyn Sibilio (Literary 
Editor), Bonnie Bottenus (Editor-in-Chief), Brian Kopke (Photography Editor), 
Joan Adams (Head Typist), Janice Martin (Layout and Art Editor). 



Partridge Staff 


( Seated, Left to Right: Linda DeLorenzo, Eileen Kehoe, Bonnie Poole (Cub). 

Standing: Thomas Brennan, Donna Prince (Cub), Wendy Holmes, Patience Pye, 
, I Nancy Starr, Judith Hampton, Richard Handy, Wendy Butler, Robert Cooper. 


1 Sponsored by Herrick Auto Sales 





Senior Superlatives 

Sponsored by Bayside Marine Co. 

Freshmen Win 
Play Tournament 

The freshmen won the Touma 
ment of Plays on Friday before ai 
enthusiastic capacity audience. Th 
winning play, "The Hanging a 
Sinimin City," eo-authored by DH£ 
teacher, Robert Anderson, was a 
hilarious take off on the ever pop- 
ular TV westerns. Directed by M 
Anderson and assisted by student, 
Bonnie Bottenus, the cast seemec 
to enjoy themselves as much as fchc 
audience. Brent Vinal was force- 
ful as Ma Lightfoot, lovely Linda 
Parker was alluring as Girty Deal 
Two proper ladies were Marilyn 
Sibilio and Patience Pye as Ma- 
tilda and Jasmine. The men of the 
cast were as convincing as old 
time Western characters as they 
went through their paces in the 
fast moving melodrama. They 
were Robert Cooper as Mart Bav- 
erick, Jack Kent as Lester Lig-ht- 
foot, Joe Colburo as Big Tom 
Pooley, Jeff Howard, Bullet Ben- 
son, Dave Tura, Pistol Pete, Rich- 
ard Handy, Casper, Brian Kopi*, 
Sugar Boot and Steve Jacobs, th« 
stagecoach driver. The typicai 
of the saloon added to the 
iveness of the play. 


By R. A. Anderson and R. L. Sweeney 
Presented by the 
Director: Mr. R. Anderson 
Student Director: Bonnie Bottenus 


Mart Baverick 
Lester Lightfoot 
Big Tom Pooley 
Bullet Benson 
Pistol Pete 
Girty Deal 
"Ma" Lightfoot 
Sugar Boot 
Stagecoach Driver 

Robert Cooper 
Jackson Kent 
Joe Colburn 
Jeffrey Howard 
David Tura 
Linda Parker 
Brent Vinal 
Richard Handy 
Marilyn Sibilio 
Patience Pye 
Brian Kopke 
Stephen Jacobs 

What's going on here? 


adapted from 
"You Can't Take it With You" 
by Kauffman and Hart 

Presented by the 


Director: Mr. Lawrence Dunn 

Student Director: Judith Hampton 







Mr. DePinna 



Grand Duchess 
Mr. Kirby 
Stage Manager 

Bonnie Bottenus 
Carolyn LaFleur 
Marilyn Sibilio 
David Lemieux 
Alan Merry 
Kenneth Roberts 
Linda Parker 
Robert Cooper 
Brian Kopke 
Brent Vinal 
Stephen Jacobs 
Richard Handy 

HUH,, t 

f 1 

Stick-em up 


I AM rehearsing. r- „ , , 

3 I rive to show 

Sponsored by Milepost Restaurant 




by Lewis Beach 

Director: Mr. Lawrence Dunn 
Student Director: Linda DeLorenzo 


Bernard Ingals 
Eunice Ingals 
Noel Derby 
Leo Day 

Julia Murdoch 
Mrs. Bradley 
Hugh Ingals 
Ronald Murdoch 
Lois Ingals 
Bradley Ingals 
Dagmar Carrol 
Elliott Kimberly 

Brad Pettey 
Bonnie Bottenus 
Brian Kopke 
Jeff Howard 
Linda DeLorenzo 
Patey Pye 
Linda Parker 
Cliff L'Heureux 
Steve Dexter 
Carolyn LaFleur 
Kenneth Roberts 
Marilyn Sibilio 
Stan Ellis 

Aw, come on, Mr. Dunn! 

Backstage: Bill Jones, Bob Locke, Ned Vickers, 
Judy Johston, Eileen Kehoe, Carolyn LaFleur, Ned 
Vickers. Special thanks to Alan S. Merry who re- 
placed Ken Roberts, who could not be with us due 
to illness. 

Cc-sponsored by zben N. Briggs and Furtado's Barber Shop 





Left to Right: William Wilbur (Vice-Pres- 
ident), Clifford L'Heureux (Treasurer), 
Brent Vinal (Secretary), Thomas Brennan 
(President) . 




First Row, Left to Right: Kenneth Roberts, Richard Handy, Thomas Brennan, Clifford L'Heureux, Ronald 
Chase (Co-Captain), William Jones (Co-Captain), Jeffrey Howard, David Drollett, Charles Fernandes. 
Second Row: William Richards (Manager), Steven Wi I liams, Austin Stuart, Angus Crowe, George Chapin, 
Barry Blakeman, Lawrence Sheeley, Jackson Kent, Robert French, Stanley Ellis, Robert Barnicoat, Michael 
McNeil, Donald Estes, Alan Merry. (Missing from picture: Mr. George Teravainen, Coach.) 

Sponsored by Barnes Market 


First Row, Left to Right: Alice Collins, Donna Prince, Sharon Blanchard, Marilyn Sibilio (Co-Captain), 
Nancy Sawyer (Co-Captain), Bonnie Poole, Brent Vinal, Bonnie Bottenus. Second Row: Joanna Conathan, 
Marcia Burpee, Constance Feeley, Miss Deborah Brooks (Coach), Gail Garland, Marilyn Smithson, Patience 

Sponsored by Suttner's 


loot tall 

First Row, Leff to Right: Donald Burgoyne, William Marshall. Second Row: Edward Arnold, Robert Bottenus, 
William Anacone, Robert Gunnarson, James Pye, Anthony LaGreca, Peter Prip, Paul L'Heureux. Third Row: 
Michael Woodward (Manager), Roland de Aguiar, Col. James Truden (Assistant Coach), Raymond Chandler, 
Joel Deacon, Kenneth Gibbons, Harry McCormick, Paul Wales, Francis Fernandes, William Benson, Edward 
Gibson, Peter Fagley, Jon Peterson, Mr. James Kelley (Coach). 

Sponsored by Boosters" 1 Club of Duxbury 




First Row: Ronald Chase (Captain). Second Row, Left to Right: William Wilbur, Kent Kopke, Richard Handy, 
Clifford L'Heureux, Stanley Ellis (Manager), Lawrence Sheeley, Thomas Brennan, Paul L'Heureux, Harry 
McCormick, Edmund Kent. (Missing from picture: Mr. George Teravainen, Coach.) 

Sponsored by Millbrook Market 

-c~\ . 




A At 

First Row, Left to Right: Marilyn Sibilio (Co-Captain), Miss Audrey Hibbett (Coach), Nancy Sawyer (Co- 
Captain). Second Row: Kathleen Mills, Patricia DeLowery, Marilyn Smithson, Judith Jokinen, Bonnie Bot- 
tenus, Felicitas Tasche, Donna Prince, Leslie Butler, Victoria Lawson. (Missing from picture: Marcia Burpee, 
Patience Pye.) 

Sponsored by Plymouth County Electric Company 

_ n 




First Row, Left to. Right: Roger LaGreca, Thomas Brennan, Eugene Glass, Jeffrey Howard, Richard Handy, 
Donald Burgoyne. Second Row: William Jones, Clifford L'Heureux, Mr. David Murphy (Coach), Barry 
Blakeman, Steven Wi 1 1 iams. 

Sponsored by The Homestead 


Soft tall 

First Row, Left to Right; Andrea Ness, Gayle Gardner, Susan Jones, Sharon Blanchard, Miss Deborah Brooks 
(Coach), Judith Jokinen, Janet Sawyer, Susan Briggs, Michele McDevitt. Second Row: Karla Stone, Carol 
Sheets, Donna Prince, Kristen Nelson, Georgia Taft, Sally DeWoif, Nancy Sawyer, Patricia DeLowery, Andrea 
Lewis. Third Row: Andrea Galiano, Paula Chandler, Jill DeLew, Elizabeth Hardy, Leah Gorham, Beverly 
Thomas, Leslie Butler. 


First Row, Left to Right: Richard Baldwin, John Loring, Janis Berzins, Peter Drummey, Eric Pape, Jeffrey 
Vickers, Brian Kopke, Robert Mark (Manager). Second Row: Mr. Robert Backus (Coach), Peter Fagley, Robert 
Wilbur, Richard Butterworth, David Marshall, Geoffrey Beane. Third Row: Gerald Govoni, Peter Irwin, 
Bradford Howard, Arthur Hammond, William Wilbur, Frederick Kemball. Fourth Row: Gary Starr, Kenneth 
Gibbons, Edmund Kent, Hiroki Fukamachi . (Missing from picture: Alan Merry) 

Sponsored by B. F. Goodrich 

. Cx— _ 

3>.X — 1 

Left to Right: Joanne Fox, Felicitas Tasche, Marcia Burpee, Marilyn Sibilio (Captain), Lenore 
McDevitt, Abigail Cutler. (Missing from picture: Miss Audrey Hibbett, Coach; Deborah Sweet, 
Constance Feeley, Carol MacLaughlin) 

Left to Right: Deborah Sweet, Marilyn Sibilio (Captain), Felicitas Tasche, Carol MacLaughlin. 
(Missing from picture: Miss Audrey Hibbett, Coach; Marcia Burpee, Constance Feeley.) 

Spor sored by Corner Coffee Shop 

First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Sawyer, Brent Vinal (Secretary), Marilyn Sibilio, Nancy Starr, Patience 
Pye. Second Row: Thomas Brennan (President), William Jones, Clifford L'Heureux (Treasurer), Brian Kopke, 
Alan Merry, Kenneth Roberts, Richard Handy, Ronald Chase, Robert Mark, Edmund Kent, Mr. Walter Kennedy 
(Advisor). Third Row: Marcia Burpee, Lynne Phillips, Dorothy Metcalf, Susan Jones, Josephine Borgeson, 
Bonnie Poole, Sharon Blanchard, Nancy Southard, Kent Kopke, Stanley Ellis. Fourth Row: Judith Hampton, 
Linda Parker, Constance Feeley, Cynthia Hoi I , Felicitas Tasche, Donna Prince, Andrea Ness, William Wilbur, 
(Vice-President), Robert French, Alice Collins, Richard Butterworth, Steven Dexter, Eugene Glass. 

The Sportsman's Club, under the help- 
ful guidance of Mr. Walter Kennedy, as- 
sists the athletic program at Duxbury and, 
in general, promotes athletics in the high 
school. The club members assist at athlet- 
ic functions by selling tickets and direct- 
ing the intramural basketball program. 
The club helps athletic groups financially, 
whenever possible, and recognizes athlet- 
ic achievement. It also assists the Boost- 
ers' Club, a local organization which gives 
athletic awards at an annual banquet. 


Judith Hampton (Captain) Sponsored by M&M Sporting Goods Nancy Southard (Co-Captain) 

Margaret Coffin Doris Baker Margaret Vinal 

Co-sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. W. Hampton and Mr. and Mrs. C. Southard 

Sponsored by Isabel C. Sibilio 




Student Council 

Seated, Left to Right: Bodil Nielsen, Marilyn Sibilio (Secretary), Richard Handy (President), Brian Kopke 
(Vice-President), Robert Cooper (Treasurer) , Patience Pye. Second Row: Karen Turner, Leslie Butler, 
Catherine DeLorenzo, Judith Hampton, Alice Collins, Joanna Conathan, Bonnie Poole, Donna Prince, 
Geoffrey Beane, Nancy Sawyer, Janice Martin, Roger Goin. Third Row: Margaret Vinal, Georgia Taft, 
Kenneth Gibbons, James Pye, Bonnie Bottenus, Hamilton Kent. (Missing from picture: Linda Ohlson). 


Seated, Left to Right: Robert Cooper (Treasurer), Alice 
Collins (Purchasing Agent), Judith Hampton (Personnel 
Manager), Brian Kopke (Vice-President). Standing: 
Marilyn Sibilio (Secretary), Mr. Blakeman (Advisor), 
Richard Handy (President). 

The purpose of the Student Council is 
as follows: to develop attitudes of, and 
practice in, good citizenship; promote 
harmonious relations throughout the entire 
school; improve school morale; assist in 
the management of the school; provide a 
forum for student expression; provide or- 
derly direction of school activities, and 
promote the general welfare of the school. 
Under the guidance of Mr. Ralph Blakeman, 
the council has successfully achieved these 
goals, and this year, through the efforts of 
the Student Council, the first Duxbury High 
School Student Handbook was successfully 
published and distributed. 

Sponsored by Puritan Clothing Co. 



Honor Societies 


First Row: Mr. Jenness (Advisor), Donna Prince, Brent Vinal (President), Carolyn LaFleur (Treas- 
surer), Andrea Ness (Vice-President), Ruta Berzins (Secretary), Alice Collins, Patience Pye. Second 
Row: Bonnie Bottenus, Marilyn Sibilio, Jean Baker, Evelyn Walker, Michele McDevitt, Gail Garland. 
Third Row: Steven Williams, David Marshall, Josephine Borgeson, Robert Cooper, Richard Handy. 

The National Honor Society, a selective group of students chosen by the faculty, tries to recognize 
and encourage superior scholarship as well as qualities of character, leadership and service to school 
and community. 

Left to Right: Brent Vinal, Jean Baker, Mrs. Lynch (Advisor), Ruta Berzins, Andrea Ness, 
Bonnie Bottenus. 

A student qualifies for membership in the French Honor Society by achieving superior scholarship i 
all subjects,but especially in French. 

Co-sponsored by Sue Butler's and Evelyn's Beauty Shop 




First Row, Left to Right: Patricia Merlet, Beverly Shane, Josephine Borgeson, Mr. Jarvis (Advisor), Kristen 
Nelson, A I ice Col I ins, Bonnie Poole, Susan Gallerani, Marilyn Sibilio. Second Row: Ann Clark, Evelyn 
Walker, Katherine Jokinen, Jane Wildes, Constance Feeley, Thomas Brennan, Harry McCormick, Eric Pape, 
Kathy Foisy, Christopher Canty. Third Row: Diane LaFleur, Bodil Nielsen, Donald Estes, Richard Handy, 
Jackson Kent, Bradford PetteyjPresidenf) , Merrill Welcker, Edward Howard, Linda Walker, Ronald Amado, 
Roger Goin. Fourth Row: Clifford L'Heureux, Stephen MacDonald, Robert Cooper, Stanley Ellis (Treasurer), 
James Pye, Roger Pettey. 

DflLHee Band 

Seated, Left to Right: Ronald Amado, Donald Estes, Bradford Pettey, Thomas Brennan, 
Mr. Roger Jarvis. Standing: Harry McCormick, Robert Cooper, Stanley Ellis, Jackson Kent . 

Sponsored by Millbrook Motors 




Standing, Left to Right: Jean Baker, Alice Collins, Andrea Ness, Donald Burgoyne, Robert Cooper, Robert 
Barnicoat, Christopher Canty, Marsha Hurd, Patience Pye, Evelyn Walker. Second Row: Mary Lanyon, 
Carolyn LaFleur, Bodil Nielsen, Richard Handy, Alan Merry, David Mills, Marilyn Sibilio, Judith Hampton, 
Brent Vinal. Third Row: Eleanor Merry, Kathleen Mills, Susan Jones, Cynthia Hoi I, George Chapin, Stanley 
Ellis, Thomas Jones, Christine Barbosa, Michele McDevitt, Bonnie Poole, Kristen Nelson. Fourth Row: Janice 
Martin, Joanna Conathan, Nancy Barry, Felicitas Tasche, Kathleen Foisy, Ann Clark, Jackson Kent (President), 
Bradford Pettey, Bonnie Bottenus, Marcia Burpee, Nancy Sawyer, Mr. Jarvis (Advisor), Lenore McDevitt. 

Seated, Left to Right: Sally Scherff (Head Typist), Brent Vinal (Secretary), Brian Kopke (Editor-in- 
chief), Patience Pye (Business Manager), Janice Martin (Art Editor). Standing: Bodil Nielsen, Linda 
Parker, Evelyn Walker, Marilyn Smithson, Helen Merrick, Nancy Sawyer, Bonnie Bottenus, Thomas 
Jones, Christopher Canty, Angus Crowe, Daniel Gilman, Timothy Jacobs, David Marshall. 

Sponsored by Woolworth's 


Seated, Left to Right: Brent Vinal (Literary Editor), Donna Prince (Treasurer), 
Marilyn Sibilio (Editor-in -Chief), Carolyn LaFleur (Art Editor), Marcia Burpee 
(Secretary), Linda Parker (Publicity Manager) . Standing: Janice Martin, Karol 
King, Catherine DeLorenzo, Ruta Berzins, Susan Jones, Carole French, Sharon 
Blanchard, Bonnie Bottenus. ■ , T , -. 

"Witerature", now in its fifth year of publication, is composed of poetry and prose 
selections entered by students from all grades. The staff, under the direction of 
faculty advisor Mrs. Irene Sherwood, selects and edits the entries before submitting 
them to a committee of faculty members who serve as judges. The best selections 
of each category - Poetry and Prose - are awarded prizes. To earn money and to 
promote school spirit, the staff runs victory dances after the Friday night home bas- 
ketbal I games. 

Sponsored by Bay Motors 




First Row, Left to Right: Marcia Burpee, Ruta Berzins, Donna Prince, Margaret Vinal (Treasurer), Carole 
French, Catherine DeLorenzo, Brent Vinal (President), Susan Jones, Bodil Nielsen, Steven Williams (Vice- 
President), Evelyn Walker (Secretary), Michele McDevitt, Nancy Sawyer, Bonnie Poole, Carolyn LaFleur, 
Leslie Butler, Judith Hampton, Janet Sawyer. Second Row: Sally Scherff, Karol King, Cynthia Holl, Bonnie 
Bottenus, Constance Feeley, Linda Parker, Marilyn Sibilio, William Richards, Patience Pye, Alice Collins, 
Richard Handy . 


The main purposes of the A.F.S. Club 
are to help the foreign exchange students 
in school and to help raise 
funds for the parent chapter. Among 
the club projects are the sale of A.F.S. 
cookbooks, the participation in 
and promotion of an A.F.S. benefit 
night, and an A.F.S. Tag day. Bodil 
Nielsen, from Copenhagen, Denmark, 
is our fourth foreign exchange student. 
Last summer, this year's president, Brent 
Vinal, was sent to Bristol, Eng- 
land, as part of the exchange program. 

Bodil Nielsen 

Exchange student from Denmark 

Elizabeth Vinal 

Exchange student to England 

Sponsored by Wirt Bros. Co. 


Seated, Left to Right: Cynthia Holl (Secretary -Treasurer) , Michele McDevitt (President), 
Mrs. Pye (Advisor). Standing: Marcia Burpee, Patience Pye, Christine Murdoch, Mary 
Lanyon, Bonnie Poole, Linda DeLorenzo, Diane Hubbard, Joanna Conathan, Gail Sencabaugh. 

Science Clut) 

First Row, Left to Right: Timothy Jacobs, Josephine Borgeson, Eleanor Merry, Helen Merrick, Peter Drummey, 
Margaret Vinal, Donna Prince, Dawson Johnson, Stephen MacDonald, Mr. Robert Sullivan (Advisor). Second 
Row: Constance Feeley, Georgia Taft, William Benson, Linda Walker, Marilyn Smithson, William Richards, 
Richard MacKinnon, Richard Butterworth, Bruce Rohr, Mr. David Murphy (Advisor). Third Row: Barry Blake- 
man, Richard Packard, Marcia Walker, Paul Wales, Angus Crowe, Mr. Robert Martin (Advisor), Austin Stuart, 
Richard Baldwin. (Missing from picture: Brian Kopke, Judith MacKinnon, Eric Pape, Ira Crowe, Andrea 
Galiano, Michael Woodward.) 

Sponsored by Loren C. Nass 


Li bta,ry Service 

Seated, Left to Right: Linda Ohlson (Secretary), Susan April (President), Mrs. Bencordo 
(Librarian and Faculty Advisor), Cathleen Whitley (Vice-President). Standing: Ann DeVaca, 
Maureen Boucher, Cynthia Wi Iken, Merrill Welcker, Edwin Sampson, Leah Gorham, Beverly 
Thomas, Kathleen Boyd, Betty Ann Wadsworth. Missing from picture: Robert Murphy (Treasurer) 

The purpose of the Library Service Club, as evinced by its name, is to serve the librar- 
ian, the faculty and the students in the use of the library. During the school year members 
help with the desk work and prepare the books for circulation. The Library Service Cluo 
also sponsors the Book Week Program at Duxbury and presents an assembly in conjunction 
with the Student Council and English Department. In addition the annual Book Fair is held 
under the direction of the members. 

Co-sponsored by Osborn's Store and Captain's Walk 



TJti cL er classmen 


Class of 1361 

First Row, Left to Right: Sharon Blanchard, Mary Lynn Edwards, Carole French, Lynne Phillips, Catherine 
DeLorenzo, Ruta Berzins, Marsha Hurd, Marcia Burpee, Alice Collins, Diane Hubbard, Gail Gardner, 
Katherine Jokinen, Jeanne Woodsum, Angus Crowe. Second Row: Susan April, Susan Jones, Jean Baker, 
Sally Scherff, Judith Lemieux, Donna Prince, Josephine Borgeson, Constance Feeley, Cheryl Mulder, Susan 
Whitney, Cynthia Holl, Richard Mullowney. Third Row: Lesley Buckley, Marlene Ahlquist, Delly 
Schweighauser, Bonnie Pooie, Joanna Conathan, Karol King, Carol Baldwin, Gail Garland, Mary Lanyon, 
Gail Sencabaugh, Doreen Thomas, Carol Torrey, Richard Butterworth. Fourth Row: Christine Murdoch, 
Felicitas Tasche, Andrea Ness, Elaine Corcoran, Kathleen Mills, Austin Stuart, Charles Bourget, Robert Mark, 
Frederick Kemball, Kent Kopke, William Richards, Dawson Johnson, Richard MacKinnon . Fifth Row: Robert 
French, Edmund Kent, William Wilbur, Eugene Glass, David Lemieux, Steven Williams, Robert Dangora, 
David Marshal I , Donald Estes, George Torrey, Bradford Heywood, George Chapin. (Missing from picture: 
Diane Timpany, Judith Jokinen, John Coffin, John Torrey, James Sollis, Arthur Cannon, Richard Baldwin 
Arthur Hammond, Dominic LaGreca.) 

Sponsored by Duxbury Service Station 


Class of 1965 

First Row, Left to Right: Lynn Daub, Linda Adams, Sally DeWolf, Paula Chandler, Cynthia LaGreca, Diane 
Garnett, Christine Jokinen, Susan Gallerani, Frances Guilderson, Barbara deZengotita, Richard Proctor. 
Second Row: Kathy King, Andrea Hogan, Heidi Edwards, Diane LaFleur, Helen Blanchard, Jill DeLew, 
Marie Bongiorno, Anita Bailey, Leslie Butler, Victoria Lawson, David Mills. Third Row: Francis Fernandes, 
Anthony LaGreca, Robert Gunnarson, Arthur Hammond, Michael Drummey, Helen Merrick, Marilyn Smithson, 
Randi Stott, Gregory Plummer. Fourth Row: Kenneth Gibbons, Robert Barnicoot, James Howard, Gerald 
Govoni, Lenore McDevitt, Ann Semple, Janice Ostlund, Patricia Merlet, Stephanie Morgan, Judith 
MacKinnon, Ann Clark. (Missing from picture: Christine Barboza, Nancy Breer, Patricia Cope, Sylvia 
Fernandes, Edward Gibson, Bradford Howard, Roger LaGreca.) 

Co-sponsored by Louis' and Duxbury 5&I0 

. Q 


Left to Right: Robert Barnicoat (Vice-President), Georgia 
Taft (Secretary), Harry McCormick (President), Margaret 
Vina I (Treasurer) . 

First Row, Left to Right: Paul Wales, Christopher Canty, Peter Ohlson, Eleanor Merry, Elaine Locke, Jane 
Wildes, Georgia Taft, Margaret Vinal, Romayne Proctor. Second Row: Thomas Jones, Janet Sawyer, Donna 
Trout, Nancy Barry, Susan Rich, Pamela Perry, Lorraine Reed, Betty Ann Wadsworth, Linda Ohlson. Third 
Row: Jonathan Scherff, Michael Metcalf, John Leary, Harry McCormick, Gerald Dexter, Paul L'Heureux, 
Lyndon Reggio, Michael McNeil, Donald Burgoyne. Fourth Row: Reuben Fife, John Loring, Peter Randall, 
Lawrence Raymond, Alfred Thomas, James Sollis, John Torrey, John Morton, Richard Randall, Michael 
Woodward, James Pye. (Missing from picture: Ann Lemieux, Stephen MacDonald, Joyce Paulding, Kathleen 
Peterson, Peter Quidley, Richard Randall, John Reardon, Beverly Shane, Karla Stone, Merrill Welcker, 
Susan Whitney.) 

Sponsored by The Village Pharmacy 

Class of 1966 

Left to Right: Geoffrey Beane (President), Nancy Mosher 
(Secretary), Carol McLaughlin (Treasurer), Robert Bottenus 
(Vice-President) . 

First Row, Left to Right: Heidi Pape, Karen Turner, Susan Sibilio, Valerie Dangora, Susan Briggs, Carol 
MacLaughlin, Jennifer Morgan, Kristen Nelson, Tracy Colburn, Nancy Bourget, Laurie Power, Lucille Nudd, 
Elizabeth Hardy, Kathleen Reid. Second Row: Gerald Randall, Daniel Gilman, Virginia Hall, Leah Gorham, 
Kathleen Foisy, Beverly Thomas, Linda Walker, Barbara Delano, Cynthia Wilken, Cathleen Boyd, Ann DeVaca, 
Maureen Boucher, Kathleen Whitley. Third Row: James Goddard, Carol Sheets, Gareth Bernath, Willard 
Burpee, Stephen Marshall, William Anacone, Robert Bottenus, David Brodigan, Roland deAguiar, Michael 
Valine, Roger Pettey, David O'Connell, Christopher Brennan. Fourth Row: Robert Wilbur, Timothy Jacobs, 
Raymond Chandler, Peter Fagley, Edward Anderson, Timothy Foote, George Seaver, John Baldwin, Steven 
Bennett, Peter Conathan, Gary Hall, Geoffrey Beane, Robert Savastano. Fifth Row: Leo Prince, Wayne 
Ruprecht, Laura Emerson, Deborah Sweet, Nancy Mosher, Elizabeth McManus, Carol Vickers, Donald Wi I liams, 
Peter Prip, Richard Packard, Norman Rodham, John Govoni . Sixth Row: Morton Raymond, Ralph Whitehouse, 
Joseph Piper, Roger Goin, Ronald Rawson, Earle Ricker, Edward Howard, Judith Reardon, Andrea Galiano, 
Ronald Cobb, Phillips Crocker. (Missing from picture: Theodora Fernandes, Edith Garnett, Ronald Amado, 
Joan Barbosa, Bernard Schweighauser, Margaret Coffin.) 

Sponsored by Bongi's Turkey Roost 

.-.n . 




Firsr Row, Left to Right: David Witton, William Soule, Jane Merrick, Nancy Grenquist, Gail McDevitt, 
Kathrine O'Neil, Anne Post, Jeanne Sencabaugh, Terry Ostlund, Judith Wilbur, Jane Bradley, Jill VanWeel. 
Second Row: James Riley, Gary Raymond, John Linke, William King, Douglas Govoni, Gary MacDonald, 
Michael Garrity, William Marshall, Robert Gibbons, Louis Lemieux, Robert LaGreca, Philip Swanson. Third 
Row: Robert Tuttle, Gary Lovell, Allen Eaton, Patricia Corcoran, Janet Chandler, Cynthia Cushing, Carolyn 
Doyle, Deborah Driver, Donald Sullivan, Blair Taylor, Lloyd Salt, Bruce Parkinson . Fourth Row: Jon 
Peterson, John Wildes, Michael Williams, Christine Tasche, Penelope Vose, Clair Smith, Susan Wi I lingham, 
Karen Thrasher, Maxine Nickerson, Marcia Oliver, Dean Whitney. Fifth Row: Jeffrey Vickers, Richard 
Murphy, David DuPuy , Peter Drummey, Peter Macaulay, Bradford Sampson, Steven Wadsworth, Edward 
Wickham. (Missing from picture: John Jessop, Eric Pape) 

Sponsored by Sweetser's 


First Row, Left to Right: Edward Butler, Paul Batson, Edward Arnold, Robert Barbosa, Winthrop Bates, Warren 
Bush, Richard deAguiar, Edward Conathan, Thomas Denny, Joel Deacon, Wesley Daub. Second Row: Janis 
Berzins, William Benson, Nicholas Brown, Donna Baker, Priscilla Mason, Jennifer Howard, Carol Butterworth, 
Rita Kehoe, Marilyn Hall, John Collins. Third Row: Helen Fowler, Faith Beane, Susan Gallagher, Judith 
Bradford, Arnette Alander, Diane L'Heureux, Mary Howard, Margaret Dickow, Valerie Fernandes, Arlene 
Fernandes, Carol Egan. Fourth Row: Ronald DeLorenzo, James Chantre, Sandra Davis, Patricia Connel I , 
Kathrine deZengotita, Kathleen Cooper, Michel le Caliri , Brenda Jokinen, Diane King, Brenda Frazer. 
(Missing from picture: Lucinda Cushing, Leslie Friend) 

Sponsored by Cushing Bros. Garage 



Cl €LSS of 

First Row, Left to Right: Louise Dedikian, Sarah Dawes, Pamela Kent, Laurie Chisholm, Kathleen Keenan, 
Joan Hutchinson, John Lyon, Laurie Gorham, Susan Dangora, Sandra Burdick, Joyce Hail, Deborah Jones. 
Second Row: Ronald Garnett, Fredrick Bailey, David Collins, Robert Frye, Richard Howard, Ira Crowe, 
Michael Fallon, Edward King, Leonard Jokinen, Mark Lanyon, Robert Loring, Donald Barry. Third Row: 
Anne Boling, Marcia Delano, Clyde Chetwynde, Carolyn Chandler, Andrea Garland, Mary Coffin, Margo 
Bates, Elizabeth Boyd, Lorraine Holloway, Susan Gardiner, Nancy Clark. Fourth Row: Abigail Barber, 
David DeLew, William LaFleur, Dianne Fernandes, Joyce Blakeman, Charles Lemieux, Robin Lench, Joan 
Butler, Glenda Lovell, Marcia Walker. (Missing from picture: Karen Barbosa, Robert Garrity, Steven 
Gi Iman.) 

Sponsored by DeLorenzo's Turkey Roost 



First Row, Left to Right: Jane Semple, Judith Ohlson, Karen Taylor, Holly Reid, Beth Shirley, Susan Rohr, 
Stephanie Monks, Lynnelle Norris, Laurie Plank, Marilyn Turner, Wendy Sfott, David Torrey. Second Row: 
William Penthany, Wesley Riley, Bonnie Mafhewson, Virginia Marshal I , Louise Pape, Elizabeth Trezise, 
Marjorie Taft, Janet Prip, Christine Wood, Sarah Pierce, Richard Gunnarson. Third Row: Douglas Sollis, 
Bary Wirt, Allan Piper, Bruce Rohr, Robert Sawyer, Marcus Urann, Harold Mosher, Reed Plummer, Thomas 
Parkman, Theodore Devenew, Ronald McGann. Fourth Row; David Trovers, Michael Woodsum, Mark Putnam, 
Ronald Marshall, Richard Williams, Lee Morrison, George McEvoy, Russell Sheets, James Page, Henry 
Marshall, Kenneth Thompson, Tracy Morrison. (Missing from picture: Michael Phi I lips, Charlotte Queeny, 
David Simpson, Karen Whitley.) 

Co-sponsored by Jan Sales and Toabe Hardware Stores 


Class of 1963 


94 Court Street 
Plymouth, Massachusetts 



Duxbury Room 

Indian army mules packed supplies toward the 
Himalayan front in a futile attempt to halt Chinese 

Flanked by Vatican Guards, Pope John 
XXIII knelt in prayer in Saint Peter's Ba- 
silica opening first Roman Catholic Ecu- 
menical Council since l 869. 

U.S. Military advisers trained Lao soldiers with the latest American equipment in their 
fight against Communist infiltration. 

West Berliners lined Spree River and waved toward East Berlin as part of demonstrations 
marking the first anniversary of the Berlin Wall. 

Doctor's strike in Saskatchewan, Canada, against a 
ment medical care plan, left hospitals all but deser 
without means of caring for patients. 

gov = 
ted : 


1633 00091 5695 

jr tests and test-ban talks continued. This 290-foot 
(foreground) rose from Nevada s desert floor three 
Is after blast which left a 1 200-foot crater. Buildings 
f mound were about 10 feet high. 

Live transoceanic TV began as American Telephone and 
Telegroph's Telstar relayed this image from U.S. to Europe 
over first privately-owned satellite. 

Algerian women cast ballots in referendum 
which resulted in independence and an end 
to nearly 8 years of war. 

International Events in Review 


One of the worst earthquakes in modern 
times reduced dozens of Iranian towns to 
rubble and left 10,000 dead. 

Left: Cuban invasion prisoners made it home just in time for Christmas after being ransomed from 
Cuban prisons. Right: USS Barry makes visual inspection of missiles on deck of Russian freighter Ano- 
sov as Navy patrol plane flies overhead after U.S. demanded removal of offensive weapons from Cuba. 

1 crossed the finish line decisively beating 
s Gretel in the deciding race for the Amer- 

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I* Ik It 'if":! 1 if u V I rf 

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5 IPS? P V / i Sfti l * 11 V4 1 ?' PES 

alRjricjr S^VHfWiH lift lAh^Vs^S^Ki \.K lt t 

$ I i # W wrote 

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yv r J l .AK •IvilJtiutjC uut] Jfjr k-ii if 1 •Vr I' 

ii J' ii ) U. V / M 

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jl I ii ii Ji i» i. J.i!1t. t,( Hit »» )t H '( If jr V K (f 1 1 V r i' ii i , ' • g ^,fvV " IT l i! 

^ JUvha «, i«, : i i, ., «.JQ J <)',;': r.OJ y Uut f.iu i„ ». .(.' f -•• .. ?., 

t^M'j.'i- i»*y u / ' X-^J !< ,-> f'Jv 1 ', ^<, ! i. i>, i«. i». .«». i- .'• ; . (,n 

S'fth 1iW yV^'v/^^M- v'r''; W^SW ;5d« K ^ i 

'■M i' t.A.u n ii ir i/tr ir i i I i ', h iii ii i u ii it i li ir n li ii .'.s. !ii 1 '. ii.