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Duxbury Free Library 

For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 

Dux bury, Massachusetts 

Partridge 1972 
Duxbury High School 
Duxbury, Massachussetts 

Duxbury Free Library 

Celebration For A Gray Day 

Be quiet now and still. Be unafraid. 
That hiss and garden tinkle is the rain, 
That face you saw breathe on the windowpane 
Was just a startled cat with eyes of jade- 
Cats worry in the rain, you know, and are afraid. 
The nervous laugh that creeps into our room 
Is throated in a voice beyond the door. 
We hear it once and then no more, 
A distant echo tumbling from its loom. 
Our time is measured in another room. 

We know days pass away because we're told. 
We lie alone and sense the reeling earth. 
You whisper in my ear it has some worth 
And I lean near to keep you from the cold. 
There are so many things that must be told. 
I speak of lost regimes and distant times, 
And moon-eyed children swirling in the womb, 
And legless beggars prophesying doom, 
And afternoons of rain spun into rhyme. 
The patter of the rainfall marks our time . 

As does the waning moon. Or muted sun. 
As do the nodding gods who ride the sea, 
For even now, alone, and still with me, 
You sense the bonds that cannot be undone: 
Our pulse is in the rain and moon and sun, 
We take our breaths together and are one. 



It is the function of the school to prepare us for society, in 
order that we might be good brothers. Our role when we leave 
this mother, is to be an asset to society. 

Duxbury Service Station and its owner are such an intricate 
part of our town that without them we would be lost. "Barney's" 
is an institution; our parents buy newspapers, we buy cigarettes, 
and everybody buys gasoline. From sunup to sundown, 
"Barney's" shelters refuge-seekers blessed by open campus. 
From the first-period free- blue-streaked-social-seeker to the 
after school-sports "Can I use your phone?" stay late practice 
player and the "I can't stand home, Homer, " smoker thumber 
bummer all the species flock together at "Barney's". 

The attraction is the man with so much goodness in his heart 
that you wince when you think back to the first time you went 
there and you stole a pack of cigarettes and a chocolate bar. 
You did not fear. "Can he see?" "No!" Barney was outside. 
"Over there!" It was easy. Ask an honest senior, he will tell 
you. And then you got to know the man and what he stood for. 
Barney believes in society, and like our teachers, is dedicated 
to the human race. At school we were taught to respect and 
practice the doctrine of humanism. At "Barney's" we learned 
it. Barney is a beautiful person. We all wish to be like him. 

To celebrate the effect he has had on our lives, the Class 
of 1972 dedicates this yearbook to Elwin A. Barnard. 



The Partridge is a historical medium produced with 
the purpose of preserving the high school experience for 
the departing graduating class. For this reason, a large 
portion of this yearbook is devoted exclusively to the 

In introducing our diverse class, one searches for char- 
acteristics which are common to all of us, those which 
distinguish the class of '72 from the rest. In truth, there is 
no stereotype for members of this class . Though we may 
share common experiences, our only common trait is that 
we differ from one another. 

To compensate for the lack of any unified pattern in 
our personalities, the following pages deal entirely with 
the senior class as individuals. These pages afford us the 
opportunity to learn even more about our fellow class 
members from their own creative expression. 

CHIP BOLSTER "If you can't live 
the life you want what's the life 
in living. " FB 1, 2; Track 1-4; 
Hockey 1-3; Mgr. 4; Cr. Ctry. 2, 
3-cpt. ; Prom Com. ; Homecom. 
Com. "Ben, " 86, " ya got to 
bring FRED, Jim. . Cape Cod. . . 
I.O.O.F. . .Club 58. . .Volun- 
teers. . . Sky Pilot. . .Euchies. . . 
Strawverry Fields. . . Mike. . . B . 
G. . . Concerts. . . Sweet Leaf. . . 
Went hunting with Bob. . . Prom 
parties. . . Rebecca Vineyard. . . 
Drunkin Doughnuts. 
DONNA CREED "My heart is my 
guide, my love and my God. " 
West Morris High Color Guard 2; 
Key 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Prom 
Com. ; Homecom. Com. Honor 
usherette 3 . Sisters. . . Agnus. . . 

" Preppies" . . . G . N .O May 

15, 1970. . . Miss Moose. . . G & S. . 
. "The Tree" . . . New Jersev. . . 

bring sunshine to the lives of 
others cannot keep it from them- 
selves. " A .F. S . 4; Class play 1, 2. 
Stang. . .meatball sub. . . 13. . . 
"Really? You've got to be kid- 
ding!" . . . skiing. . . U . M .O . . . dogs 
. . . big books. . . "Hey Nance ! " 
GINETTECARON "L' essential est 
invisible pour les yeux On ne voit 
biem qu'avec le coeur." St. Ex... 
Class play 3,4. "What? What did 
you say?" 

mentos de hoy seran los reeuer 
dos del Manana." A.F.S.; Wit- 
erature. Bogata. . . Dahlens. . . 
listening to music. . .The Night 
They Drove Old Dixie Down. . . 
cheese. . . apples. . . Mis Amigas 
que siempre tienen mucha ha 

DAVID CHRENKO "There's no 
success like failure, and failure 
is no success at all. " Art Club 2-4; 
Key 3,4. Guitar. . . Flick Lives. . . 
E90456. ..Cartoons. . .N.J.. .The 
Who. . .jam sessions. . . W.M.H.S. 
. . '50' s. . . Nobody But Me. . . the 
blues. . . Peanuts. . . "Two streets 
up" . . . Boston Common. 

FRANCIS ARMEY "Yesterday is a 
canceled check. . . Tomorrow is a 
promisory note. " Health CC 2-4; 

Lib. SC 1-4. "How ya doing". . . 
Sue. . .U Mass. . . . Rockland. . .How 
about Patties. . . "No way". . . 

you and I am I and if by chance 
we meet it's BEAUTIFUL." Mil- 
ton High 1,2. Milton. . . home. . . 
Terri & Harold. . . shoes. . . dump. . . 
Chapdelainey remember. . . Hey 
Sis. . . Lawnmower gas. . . munchies 
. . . Dunkin Donuts. . .O .T.H. . . 
Coffeehouse. . .Ellen & Danni. 
flrc lonely because they build 
walls instead of bridges. " F.T.A. 
1; Choir 1,2; Dramatics 4; All 
School Play 2,3; State Tourna- 
ment Play 2,3; "I was absent 
that day. . . blue streak. . .red 
sunshine bus. . . " I'm in love ! " . . . 
Mikes. . . Angelo's. . . donuts. . . 
How do you spell Albuquerque ? 
. . Hair. mSSStM 
JIM BALLARD "I am the stem you 
are the leaves, he that abideth in 
me is he that bears the fruit. " 
Upper St. Clair H . S . - FB 1, 2; 
Wrestling 1,2; Track 1; D.H.S. 
FB 3,4; Wrestling 3,4-cpt. ; Ben 
3,4; Club 58 3,4. Uh Ben. . . 
Bolster's. . , Vineyard. . . Euchies. . . 
suitcases Heather?. . . Fred. . . J . R . 
Bridge. . . Rebecca. . . Skypilot. 
banana. , . filler up! . . . Safari . . . 
spatula. . . Fiddler Juice. . . Mike. . . 
Hey window roll up your Matt. . . 
get my shape in stomach. . . ley- 
gimp. . . the bump. . . Drunkin 
doughnuts. . ."C.K.C.". . .P.P. . . 
Y.C.P. . .Abade. . .#. . . Yahtzee 
. . . Mich 

man's joy is joy to me. . . Each 
man's grief is my own. " North 
Quincy. . .Huh. . . Shoes. . .Hey 
Ferg. . . sorta kinda. . . Louise. . . 
Lumber Jack. . . can I have a 
ride home?. . .winter. . .keep 
smiling. . . Armadillo. . . Bit 
Brouther. . .Te! 

orange mustang. . . "Hey Lin, going 
out Friday night?". . ."Let's get?" 
. . . "Bob, going to Driver Ed to- 
day?". . . "Is Carol going to pick 
us up today?" Steve, I don't care. 
MARK ANDERSON "Live one day 

at a time." FB 1-4; B. Ball 1-4; 
Hockey 2-mgr; Prom Com. 3; 
AV 1-3; Club 58 2-4. L.M.A. 
. . . Fearsome Foursome . . . D . Y . C . 
. . . But, Officer. . . Anheuser 
Busch Inc. . .Bay of Love. . . 
twisted. . . Did you get any on ya? 
. . . munchies. . . the beach, 
monument, ship vard. 
look back we' re going to say, 
those were the day, my friend. " 
FH 1,2; Key Staff 3,4-business 
mgr; S. Council 2; FT A 2; Play 

JANICE BUTLER "To be or not 
to be." Majorettes 1-4; FTA4. 
Susan, slowdown. .. meet me in 
the bandroom ! 

PAT BARLOW "The journey of a 
thousand miles, begins with a sin- 
gel step." C.B.E.H.S.-Art 
Festival 1; Patriot players 2,3; 
Pep Club 2; Prom Com. 3; 
D.H.S. -Yearbook 4. I can't see 
. . .libraries in Pa?. . . weekend 
hunger. . .who me, 86'd?. 
euchies. . . Ben who?. . . jump 
frog jump. . .9-12. . .munchies. 
EVELYN FERRELL "I'd like to 
understand myself better someday. 
Bskt. Ball 1-4; Softball 2,3-co- 
cpt, 4; Archery Club 2; Art Club 
2-4; Lib. SC 1-sec. 2,3-pres., 
4-pres. "I can't, I've got practice 
...Teri, it's snowing! .. .Where's 
Lynn ?. . . N . H . . . . Going to 
Barney's?. . . M.C." 
JEFF COTTON "All wish to be 
learned, but no one is willing to 
pay the price. " Wrestling 1, 2; 
Soccer 2-4; Key Club 2-4; Band 
1-4; "Nothin doing in the boonies" 
. . . "Why don't you just shutup. " 
Drummy - you've got a big 
mouth!". . . "So hows it going?" 
DANA BRACKETT "He who does 
not consider himself fortunate, is 
unfortunate. " Bskt. Ball 1; 
Wrestling 4; Track 3,4; Choir 1,2; 
Yearbook 4; Class officer 4, Vice 
pres. ; Class play 2; All School 
Play 2. J.C. Superstar. . .you 
fool ! . . . the group. . . I hate. . . I 
burned the Bloody sweater. . . 
smile !. . . so many damn mugs. . . 
B-3's & Leslies. . .That piano 
sounds nice. . . maybe if I say it 
one more time. . . go' night. 

COLLEEN DAHLEN "I am the cap- 
tain of my fate, and the master of 
my soul." FH 2-4; Tennis 1-4; 
A.F.S. 3,4; Lib SC 1; French Club 
1; Girl's State; Witerature 4; Na- 
tional Merit Com. Student; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3,4. AFS. . . 
y'a know. . .Quirk. . . "Life's what 
you make it. . . 'secuse me. . . 

this man is complete, when there 
is nothing left in him of child- 
hood, or adolescence, when he is 
really a man, he is fit for nothing 
but to die." Track 1; Cr. Ctry. 2; 
Wrestling 2. 555. . .1 don't even 
know her name. . . J & B. . . "Thou 
art filled to the brim" ... 36. .. I 
give up. . . ENB up 2 . . . 
jm Ballenture*^B^k " ^ ^jHL 
I PATRICIA COIN "And we know 
that all things work together for 
good to them that love God, to 
them who are the called according 
|i to his purpose. " Class Plays 1-4; 
Senior Play 4; Drama festival 2-4; 
All School Play 1-4; Choir 1-3 
(vice Pres. ) 4; Witerature 3,4; 
Choir show 1-4; French Club 1,4; 
F.T.A. 1; Thespians 4-sec. ; 
Drama Club 2,3; A.F.S. 4; 
S.E.M.S.B.A. 2,3; District 3 ; 4; 
Actress. . . long hair. . ."Do you?" 
. . ."All the world's a stage, and 
all the men and women merely 
players. " . . . "YouVe Got a 
Friend!" . . . Nature, . . Sunsets, 
flowers. , .music and Mr. J. 
HUGH FELLOWS "Ontogeny re- 
capitulates cosmogeny - What is 
it but to say that proctoscopy re- 
peats hagiography 7 " Band 1-4; 
Choir 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Track 3; 
kt. Ball - mgr. ; S.E.M.S.B.A 
-4; A.F.S. 3,4; Tennis 1,2; 
lass Plays 2,3; All School Play 
1,2; Thespians; National Honor 
Society (Vice Pres. ) 3,4; Yearbook 
4. 90 Day Notice. . .917. .. Along 
about now. . .027-42-3858. . . 
SEAN DRUMMEY "All things must 
pass." Soccer 104; §. C. 1; Track 
* 2-4; A. F. S. 3. Fiddlers. . 
you goin?. . . cyo ski trips. 
. . .basically this is true. . 
never comes because when to- 
morrow comes it's today." Class 
Play 2. Deke. . . Esso Gas. . . King 
C.J. Falcon. . . Automotive Tape 
Decks. . . 35. . . Freddy My Man. . , 
Norwood Arena. . .Beetha Curtis 
. . . Ploop. . . Friday Night. . . Beer 


. what 
. . soccer 


LINDA GODDARD "As you walk . 
through life, groove those dunes. " 
Peace Peace. . . Chane. . . J.B. S. . . 
J. C. . . darb. . . Colleen. . . only 55 
MPH. . . M & M's. . . Mister Donut 
. . . Droole. . . Poor Sick Mark. . . 
"Peace Miss Lantz". . ."Bloat". . . 
He's Frozen Still" . . . ESP. . . Mark, 
John & Debbie. . . Endresenitis. . . 
Animal Crackers. . .Insane tape. . . 
"The Great One" . . . "Are we in 
New York?". . . 

is warm with the friends I make. 
And better friends I'll not be 
knowing." Ohio. .." caps" ... The 
crick. . . Mum' s the word. . . ? Hip 
. . . ? Hip Hooray ! . . . Let's walk 
home. . . Look and see if you can 
see him. . .what do you feel like, 
Terry?. . . cut it out! . . . McGann' s 
rent-a-horse ! ... I'm only kidding. 
MARK ENDRESEN "The captain 
cried, we sailors wept, our tears 
were tears of joy." Class Plays 1, 
2; Homecoming 2,3. Am I in New- 
York. . . Is he good. . . Multiple 
sads. . . JG-Superstar. . . Miles Davis 
. . .Rock. . .I'll try it just once. . . 
Not even you knows who the Salty 
Dog is. . .John Williams. . . Am I 
pleased. . . Classical. . . See you in 
4 years in Europe. 
JIM FALLON "He packed his 
troubles in a trunk, sat on it 
laughed." FB. 104; Bskt. Ba 

1- 3, (All Stars) 4; B. Ball 1; 

2- 4; A. V. 2,3; Class Pres. 2. 
Nanny Louise. . .Baltimore Colts 
. . . Fearsome Foursome. . . "Que 
Pasa?". . .May 7, 1971. .. Florida 

.#31... '62* Bug. ..Hairey... 
Racing Stripes. , . wind- 
. . "I'm on the wagon" . . . 
. GARRITY "One who does 
not love wine, women and song 
remains a fool his whole life 
long." FB. 1-3, (co-cpt. ) 4; Bskt. 
Ball 1, (co-cpt. ) 2-4; B> Ball 1-3, 
(co-cpt. ) 4; Key Club 2,3 (treas. ) 
4. A.V. 2,3. Bootsie. . . Fearsome 
Foursome. . .what happens if that 
does not work. . . try plan B. . .#32 
Bud. . .Duke, quite cheating. . . 
Drunkin Doughnuts. . .New 
Rochelle. . . mums the word. 
DOUG DUNMORE "Losing can ' 
sometimes mean more than win- 
Ung." Class Play 2. Hey Deke, 
wanna work on my car?. . . Freddy 
my man. . .snowmobiles. . ."Any- 
body wanna go to Amherst" . . . 
Wanna run it. . .who, me HarCo 
. . .Water skiing. . . Fords make it 
. . . Back River. . . Boston Whaler. . . 
NHCC. . . Mayflower Street. 


BRAD FLEMING "Cogito, ergo 
sum." Cr. Ctry. 3. Winsor's. .. 
wall. . . 86. . .Ben. . . We're in Eng- 
land now. . .Hats. . .Hey Boy. 
"Je garderai un precieux souvenir 
de cette petite ville ou regne la 
tranquillite. " A.F.S. 4. Quebec 
. . .babysitting O'Connell. . .spa- 
ghetti and pizza. . . Love Spanish 
class. . . Listening to Music. . . 
painting. .. "j'aime Duxbury 
mes amis. " 

ROBYN FOGARTY "i accept all 
things i give my heart. " Cheer- 
leading 1,2; Tennis 1-4; F.H. 1; 
Prom Com. 3; Yearbook 3,4 (ed- 
itor); Class Treas. 2; Choir 3,4; 
Thespians 3, 4 . My lady. . . one 
continuous rush. . . Plymouth Play- 
ers. . .hey love. . . fireworks. . . 
hey Linda we finally made it to 
N.Y. .. ■ ' M 

GREG CHANDLER "As we advance 
in life we find the limits of our 
abilities." Soccer 1-4 (cpt. ); 
Bskt. Ball 1-4; B. Ball 1,2,4; 
Track 3; Key Club 2-4 (vice 
pres. ); Class Plays 2,3. Jesus 
Chan ! . . . What you doin ? ... Hi 
Beth. . . Gut to. . . Razor mobile. . . 
get' em. . . Freeza Sweepa. . .Hey 
Gak. . .I'm going to herrick's. . . 
DEBBIE HERRI CK "Life is but a 
song we sing." Cheerleading 1,2 
(cpt. ) 3,4; Class sec. 1-4; Prom 
Com. 3; Class Play 1. "Peace 
Peace" . . . G. C. . . soccer team. 
#5. . . are we in New York?. . . Pur- 
ple Haze. . . "He's so cute" ... #7 
. . . J.B.S. . . Colleen. . .#4. . .mar- 
velous. . . Endresenitis. . . "Wierd" 
. . .#10. . . I just don't get it. . . 
silky. . ."ESP". .. cookie. . . Lu & 
John Z Mark. . ."Guz". 
MARK HAGEN "Life is nothing but 
a game of checkers." Hang it up! 
. . .OK. . . Let's go. Watcha wanna 
do?. . .T.G.I. F. 

BRUCE DOANE "Quiet is Peace; 
peace and quiet." Class Plays 1,3. 
over Mountain. . . Big Bird. . . 
Buckwee. . . camping. . . laughs. . . 
okine. . . Ranger Rick. 
bring sunshine to the lives of others 
cannot keep it from themselves. " 
Class Play 1,2; French Club 1. 
#20. . .Where's Diane?. . . excuse 
me miss ?. . . saquish. . . green jee ! 
. . .4th of July. . . Sibley's party. . . 
rabbits. . . soccer. . . in fact. . . #6 
. . . Charles River apartments, #14 
. . . Black scarf. . . cows. . . 6P. C. 



going now, my love. Where will 
you be tomorrow. Will you bring 
me happiness. Will you bring me 
sorrow?" Choir 1,3,4; S.C. 3,4; 
Class Play 1; Club 58 2; Good 
Morning, Mr. Sabol ! . . . marvelous 
. . . tea. . . duh-football. . . Marco 
Polo. . .schechie. . .raccoon coat 
. . ."Peace Baby". . . "djah". . . 
Gerald, smile ! . . . Black Velver 
and silver. . . slater. 
ROY BOWMAN "You give but 
little when you give of your pos- 
sessions. It is when you give of 
yourself that you truly give. " 
Wrestling 1, 2. Macy. .. California 
. . . Marshfield. . .Nantasket. . .Hey 
Bill, What do you got next? 
JILL JONES "For that which is 
boundless in you abides in the man- 
sion of the sky, whose door is the 
morning mist, and whose windows 
are the song and the silences of 
night. " Kahlil Gibran 
MATT ENNISS "There are many 
paths to the pinnacle of being. " 
DePaul - FB 1; Bskt. Ball 1; B. 
Ball 1; D.H.S. - FB 2-4; Bskt. 
Ball 2; B. Ball 2; Club 58 2-4; 
Ben 1-4; Prom Com. 3; uh Ben. . . 
Bolster's. . . Vineyard. . . euchies. . . 
"suitcases Heather?". . . Fred. . . 
J .R.B. . . Rebecca. . . skypilot. . . 
banana. . . filler up?. . . safari. • • 
spatula. . . Fiddler Juice. . 
RICHARD HOEL "Take my hand 
if you don't know where your 
going, I've lost the way myself. " 
FB 1; Track 1-3; Wrestling 1-4; 
Cr. Ctry, 3; National Honor 
Society 3. 86. ., fidle. .. Where's 
the Party?. . .Fred. . .White. . . 
owls. . . euchie. . . June 28th. . . 
SAFARI Wagon. . .Jim, let's 
skip! . . . ___-»«Ji 
LINDA HIRD "What a piece of 
work is Man! how noble in reason! 
how infinite in faculties! in form 
and moving how express and ad- 
mirable ! in action how like an 
angel ! in apprehension how like a 
God." A.F.S. 4; Class Play 1-4; 
All School Play 1-4; Drama Club 
2,3; District 3,4; Thespians 4; 
Drama Festival 2-4; Choir Show 
2-4; Choir 2-4; Witerature 4; 
S.E.M.S.B.A. 2-4. 
NANCY HALL "Seek ye first the 
Kingdon of Heaven, and all these 
things shall be added unto you." 
Choir 1-4; S.C. 1,2; Key 3,4- 
ed ; tor; Yearbook 4 (layout); 
District 2,4; S.E.M.S.B.A. 1; 
Prom Com. 3 (chairman); Witera- 
ture 3,4;(art editor); A.F.S. 3,4; 
Bskt. Ball 1; F.T.A. 3. Hey Lin, 

We goota do something this week 

end. . . ^^^^^ 

JIM CONATHAN " friend is a 

friend is a friend " Soccer 

l-4(co-cpt. ); Yearbook 3; S.C. 
Carter, stand on the roof. . . so 
things burning. . . rat patrol, 
eyes are blue, not red. . .The Cot- 
tage. . . Epod 1-4;... Mine. 
glass to the hard working people. 
Let's drink to the salt of the 
earth." FB 1; Fred 4; F.U. 1-4. 
Veterans of District 4. . . Coke. . . 
Hey Ben. . . D.L.G. Co. Inc.. 
Sleep with the Sun & Rise with 
the moon. . . Fred G Jack. 
LESLIE LEWIS "Each of us has our 
own song to sing. " F.H . 1-4; 
Tennis 2; Class Play 1,2; Key 3,4; 
Witerature 3; Prom Com. 3; S.C. 
3; Home Coming Chairman. 
What's the story, eh?. . . hockey 
ock. . . "the sisters" . . . hurtin' for 
certain. . . parties plus. . . V. W's. « 
Club 58. . . beach'n it. . . liquid 
sunshine. . . 

know, to love, '|b be loved, is 
live." F.H. 3;&kt. Ball 1-4; I 
Soft B. 1-4; Key 3; Prom Com. 3; 
Witerature 3,4; Honor Usherette 3; 
F.T.A. 1, 2; Homecoming Com. 
3; Band 1. James Patrick. . . May 
7th, 1971. . .#31. . .sink incident 
freakels. . .Colt. . .O-Kee-Doke. . . 
Que Pasa?. . .Are you mimicking 
me?. . . "Bulu" . . .bananas. . .Hey 
Murph, where's Beth? The Cape. 
WAYNE JESSOP "You have to 
make the good times yourself. " 
Wrestling 2. What's happening?. . . 
Sounds Good ! . . . I don't get it i]H 1 
Be serious ! . . . Hummer. . . I don't 
understand ! . . . Honda . 
ISA LEYLAND "I know no safe 
depository of the ultimate power of 
society but the people themselves 
..." Tennis 3, 4. Cahlee woman 
. . . squaw. . . songbird. . . 277. . .the 
chase. . .you're all insane. 
BOB JONES "There has never been 
a good war or a bad peace. " FB 
1-4; Hockey 1-4; Track 2-4; B. 
Ball 1; Key Club 2-4; A.V. 1-3; 
Class Rep. 1; Ben 3,4. T.L.C. .. 
Fearsome Foursome, February. . . 
Route 95 to Florida. . . Oh, O. K. 
. . . Freddy. . . Heavy Duty. . . Goose 
.. .Club 58. . .4.30 AM Ft. Laud- 
erdale. . .No. 58. 
...No. 16. . .162-54V. 
BOB KING "When the frost is on 
the pumpkin. . . don't look a nic- 
kel on its eye side." Soccer 1-4; 
Bskt. Ball 1,2; Track 1,2; B. Ball 
3; Key Club 2, 3; Tennis 4; Plays 


1,2. Sheep-boop-bah. . .#8. . .#1 
. . .#3. . . Freezer Razor. . .Buzz. . . 
86it. . . Pauncho Tool and Hasea 
LaBooch. . .Hummin. . . Rabbit 
. . . Dumb or what? 
SHERRY LAFLEUR "Really fan- 
tastic people are few and far 
between, when you have a few of 
them as friends hold on to 'em!" 
Bskt. Ball 1-4; Soft B. 1,2. 
Speedy. . . you mad?. . . B.B. . . . 
you busy?. . . Espo and Braves. . . 
I'm impressed. . . Swamp. . . get 7 
and you can leave. . .Yes, you. 
should so that. . . C.T. . .catch 
ya later. 

TONY LAGRECA "I'll take it all 
now, and try to get it on, cause 
at least I know in the summer I'll 
be gone." Soccer 3,4; FB 1; 
Wrestling 1,2; A.V. 2. Big Ben 
. . . Fred. . . Fred's brother Jack. . . 
Saquish for all ! . . . Cono' s cottage 
. . . now you've got a point there ! 
. . .Hey Bri. . . D. L.G. Co. Inc. 
CHIP LEBLANC "I love you today 
more than yesterday, but less than 
tomorrow." Soccer 4; F.T.A. 4; 
Gymnastics 2,3; Choir 2,3; Dis- 
trict Choir 4; S.E.M.B.S.A. 3,4; 
Class Play 2. Leigh. . . death . . 
Whipped Charley horse. . .Cove St. 
. . . My house. . . Flute. . . Machines 
. . .down and sinking. . .Waiter, 
there's a roach in the ashtray. . . 
Why do I say these things? 
NANCY LUCKEY "Imperfect 
friends are better than perfect 
strangers." F.H. 1, 3; Cheerlead- 
ing 2,4; class plays 1,2; "Man 
Cheer" . . . coffee house. . . Big 
brother Rick. . . McDonalds. . . 
Little Lucky. . .2nd period Spanish 
. . . Salem. . . "Help" . . . "Hey Kim ! 
. . ."What's the matter Nance?". 
. . Riding. . . Treasure ?"...■ 
Munchies . 

DAVID LAURIER "... and i shall 
not be bound by your rules and 
regulations for i am a man born 
free." FB 1-3; Prom Com. 3; 
Homecoming Com. 1-3; Club 58 
1-4; Ben 3,4. Ben B D. . . Fred. . . 
The Cape. . .86. . .Club 58. . . 
Vineyard. . .White owls. . .July 
4th. . . Finish it ! . . . Accidents. . . 
Craigville. . . Rangeley Ski bum. . . 
Euchies. . . Chateau a la Ben. . . 
Just Easin' it. . . 

GARY LILLIE Bskt. Ball 1-4; FB 
1,2,4; Key Club 2-4. BensO.D. .. 
Saturday night. . . 86 . . . Buick 
Special. . . Club 58. . . oh all right 
. . . then I will. 

candace lee marshall 

richard h. marshall ji 

richard emery merry 

susan marie mccarthy 


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ * ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ 


▼ T ▼ ▼ '■▼ 


♦ ♦ 4 ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 
M ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ A 

rath! a lou morse 

eugene p. merlet jr. 

lisa jo moeller 

harrison muller jr. 


time that one is good is while he's 
sleeping." F.H. 1-4; Bskt. Ball 1, 
2,4; SoftB. 1-3; Tennis 4; 
French Club 1; Class Officer - 1 
(treas. ), 2(vice Pres. ). sisters. . . 
Trouble Treesome. . . Sylvia. . . 
Fearless Foursome. . . girls night 
out. . . W. S. . . tennis. . . ease it 
. . . April 26, 1969. . . 
RON MERRY "Smile. . .it does 
not hurt." Golf 1,2,4; Soccer 1,2. 
fish. . . oh, yea . . . fussa . . . How ya 
doin?. . . I dunno. . . Honda Power? 
. . . crazy driver. . .snow mobiles 
. . .think snow. . ."Bikes. . .How 
Fast?. . . Goin to the races. . . 
JIM LEO "When I was a child, I 
•thought as a child, I spoke as a 
£ child, I understood as a child. But 
when I became a Man, I put away 
* '.-/^childish things. (Corinthians, 
Xjl:3). October 3B, 1965. 

SHEILA MAGUIRE "For what is 
your friend that you should seek 
him with hours to kill? Seek him 
always with hours to live. For it 
is his to fill your needs, but not 
your emptiness. " S.H.H.S. - 
Class Treas. 1,2; Bskt. Ball 1; 
Prom Com. 1; D.H.S. - Home- 
coming Com. 3; Prom Com. ; 
S.C. 4; Yearbook 4. Long. . . 
Buffalo. . . Panthers. . .Bill. . . 
KARLA MANNER "What do we 
live for, if it is not to make life 
less difficult to others?" Tennis 2, 
4; F.T.A. 1,2; Key 2, 3; | 
Y.R.S.D.Y... .Europe. . . D-Day 
. . .What's going on this weekend. 
. . . george Washington bridge. . . 
Bud, . . . long talks with Wendy. . . 
Nantucket. . . the V.W . bus. 
NORMAN MANSEAU "A stitch in 
time saves nine. A penny saved is 
a penny earned. Use your brain 
instead of your muscles. " education 
tion is your money maker. . . 
Green Dragons fight fine. . . an eye 
for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. . . 
DAVID LARSON "You who are on 
the road must have a code that you 
can live by..." C.S.N.Y. Tennis 
1,4; Golf 2,3; Class Plays 1-3; All 
School play 1,2; Key Club 2,3,4 
(sec. ); Thespians; Drama Club 2. 
oh I suppose ! . . . smilin Jack. . . 
Dec. 29, 1969. 

the sons and daughters of Life's 
longing for itself. . . " The Prophet 
S.C. 1,3,4; ecology Club 2; Class 
Pres. 1,3; F.H. 2,4; Prom Com; 

Yearbook 4; A.F.S. 3; Cheer- 
leading 1; Tennis 3,4. smudo. . . 
wfs punkin. . . snick & snails( cooked ) 
. . . b. f . . . . "71" scapes and ad- 
ventures. . . bullfrogs, Matt?. . . 
heads ski. . .Who, Me 86?. . . 
fiddler's. . .Linda, don't drop it! 
RICK MERRY "In this world, you 
take all you can get, and sell it. " 

Golf 1,3,4. N.H.C.C Castle 

. . . N.H. . . Tempest. . . Cat. . . 634 
. . . Fat Albert. . .You spilled some 
again? ! . . . Not in my car ! . . . Who 

are is God's Gift to you.. What you 
become is your gift to God. " 
Cheerleading 1-4; Class play 1,2; 
F.N. A. 1,2; F.T .A. 3; Prom 
Com. 3; Ways & Means2,3; F.H. 
1. Best Friend. . .he ain't heavy. . 
. . .Go by. . . SYF. . . ski trip. . .JCS 
Betsy. . . You've Got a Friend. . . 
Vineyard. . . Killer. . . hah. . . 1 
munchies. . . 

CANDI MARSHALL "We can't all 
do everything. Do what you have 
the knowledge of doing and enjoy 
doing it." F.H. l,2(co-cpt. ); 
Yearbook 4. Sweetie. . , skating 
(MFS). . . RWMF. . . baby blue 
bug. . . Mr. C. . . Duxbury 5 & 10 
. . . Duxbury Yacht Club. . . P. J. P's 
. . . Maine. . . Moondoggie. . . 
Danielle. . .water skiing. . . 
live to his utmost capabilities. To 
find at one's utmost capabilities, 
live." Soccer 1-4; Bskt. Ball 1; 
Track 1-3; Key Club 2-4(pres. ) 
Yearbook 4; A.V. 3; Boys' State; 
Class Plays 2, 3. #2. . . Who '63. . . 
M. M. . . D. B. P. . . wash it. . . 
Tootsie Roll. . . Main. . .Bermuda 
. . . Anaheim. . . Parkwe. . . Disney- 
land. . . Convention Center. . . 
"Hey Chan, where' s the Razor- 
mobile?"... "Take a break! ?.. . 
"Nice!". . ."Thanks!" 
PAUL McGARIGAL "Your life is 
what you make of it, so put your 
whole heart into everything you do, 
and you'll be happy you knew you 
did your best. Even if you fail." 
Soccer 1-4; Bskt. Ball. 1-4; 
Tennis 1-4; Band 1-4; Choir 1-4; 
DASA Rep. 2,3; D.H.S. Dance 
Band 1-4; D.H.S. Evaluation Com. 
4. #31. . .Scotty. . .Greg & Me no 
publicty. . .Tennis balls forever! ! 
. . . Harry - you idiot. . . . Bobby T . , 
How' s your fire truck? D . F . . . 
D.C S.H G.H Moushe- 

Mouse. . . . What's Happening. . . 
SAVO'S Forever. 
LINDA METCALF "Stand still 
and look until you really see. " 
French Club 1; F.N. A. 1; Class 
Play 1; Homecoming 1-3; Prom 
Com. 3; Key 3; V. P. 3; Fuzzie. . . 
5/30/ 69. . . sneakers. . . Heather, 
don't rush me. . . Remember what 
the door mouse said. . .Who me 
86ed?. . ."Only The Beginning". . . 
Temple of the snow Goddess. . . 
yeh Rob, but now how do we get 
home?. . . 

is a light unto himself, not even 
the sun." Choir 1,2; F.H. 1,2; 
F.T.A. 1-3; Cheerleading 1,4; 
Prom Com. 3; Key 3,4; S.C. 1, 
2; Homecoming Com. 3. Jon. . . 
January 1, 1970. . .black girl. . . 
fruit. . . Florida. . . puddin-head. . . 
turtlenecks. . . Linder. . . blue V.W , 
. . . peace. . . can't find the rime. . . 
sisters. • 

BOB MARCONI "Genius is one 
percent inspriation and ninety -one 
percent perspiration." FB 1-4; 
Bskt. Ball 1-4; B. Ball 1,2; Track 
4; Class Play 1; A.V. 2,3; Class 
President 4. Ben, you wanna Ben it 
tonight?. . . 86 it, Sandy. . . Who's 
a football jock?. . . Clapp Lab. . . 
You're Out ! . . . Euchies. . . 
CINDY MORSE "All work and no 
play makes Jack a dull boy. " Nel- 
son Street. . .V.W.. , .Mongal. . . 
J ,B. . . . Seaclam Scout. . . Avon. . . 
The Plaza. . .I'll be there". . .Hi 

Life may not be good enough but a 
good Life is long enough. " Bskt. 
Ball 1,2; Wrestling 3; B. Ball 1,2; 
Tennis 3,4; Band 1-4; Dance Band 
3,4; I don't get it. . .Hey, Magee 
. . . Can' t make it artie . . . Yeah ! 
a Tuba. . .George, you idiot. . . 
Bobby T. . . Please, Mr. Dunn. 
LISA MOELLER "If a man does 
not keep pace with his companions, 
ions, perhaps it is because he 
hears a different drummer. Let 
him step to the music which he 
hears, however measured or far 
away." David H. Thoreau 
F.T.A. 1; Class Plays 1-3; Key 
2-4; A.F.S. 3,4; Prom Com. 
3; Yearbook 4; Witerature 3,4 
(Literary Editor). Marthas Vine- 
yard. . .N.Y.C 


DAVID PYNN "If you smile at me 
I will understand, cause that is 
something ev^^body , everywhere 
does inj foe same language." 
D.H.S. - FB 1; Choir 2,3; Class 
Plavs 3; Yearbook 3; Bushes 1-4. 
HYDE SCHOOL - Disiplinary Board 
2; Wrestling 2; FB 2; Bskt. Ball 2; 
Watch Captain 2; Body beautiful 
2. Bennie. . . little Artie. . . Maine 
... Miami. .. "Djah!". . . You're 
right Linda, it's a ming 10. . . 
"Peace babyl". . .Don't bogart. . . 
live free or die. . .D.H.S. H. . . 
Munchies. . . "With a teacher?!" 
. . .slater. . .FFO. 
JON PIERCE "Une pomme mange 
chaque jour empeche le medecirt 
d'arriver. " Boys State 3; Honor 
Marshall 3; Yearbook 4; Thespians 
4; Key Club 2-4; S. C. 1; State 
Tournament of Plays 2,3; All- 
school play 1,2,4; Class Plays 2, 
3; Tennis 1-4; A. F.S. 3,4; Na- 
tional Honor Soc. 4. Bull. . . 8760 
hrs. for 3 dollars. . .Theatre?. . .1 
do it for the cast parties ! . . . 
Catholicism. . .Watermelons. . . 
Lump. . . Thou art filled to die 
brim'. . . Sunday at Curtis Cro^pact 
K. . 2 point increase in G. » 
Morning notices. 

SARAH MORGAN "Where is the * ' 
yesterday that worried us so?" 
F.H. VSdft B. 1; F.T. A. 2; 
Ecology Cfub 2; French Club 1; 
Prom Com. ; A . F . S . ; Yearbook. 
Lower Merion. . . in the woods' 
doing what' with the Ski Patrol? 
delicatessens. . . 'had any buzz 
in lately?. . . Martha LOVES fondue 
parties. . . 'my glasses are some- 
where on Peachy' s Peril. . .Elli- 
son's duck bling. . . Sure, Heather 
.. . Pecquot Inn. . . Fidlers. 
SANDY MILLS "The un-examined 
life isn't worth living." Health 
C.C. 1,2-4 (Treas. ); Class Of- 
ficer 3,4 (Treas. ); S.C. 3,4 
areas. ) ; F. H. 3,4; Tennis 2-4; 
Cfteerleading 1^2 (co-cpt. ); Prom 
Com. 3; A. F.S. 3\4; Honor usher- 
ette, cyo ski trip. . .moody blues 
through the night. . . temple of the 
snow Goddess. . ."How high can 
you fly?" .U. Mass. weekend. . . 
English gardeners (spinal Bif ). . . 
the brownie. . .bob: who's a hockey 
jock?. . .trouble treesome #1. . . 
who me, 86?. . . hurtin' for certain 
. . . yellow karman ghia . . . prom 
committee meetings. . .speak 

MARY MURPHY " Something we 
were withholding Madeus weak 
Until we found out it was our- 
selves. " Quincy H. S. - lib Staff 
1; Q-Club 2. D.H.S. - Key 3 
(sec. ); Homecoming 3; Prom 
Com. 3; Honor Usherette 3; 
Cheerleading 4; Bskt. Ball Stat. 3. 
Quincy. . .Nov. 14th. . .G.N. O. . . 
Club 58. . .Bulu?. . . Sisters. . . 
Bertha. . . "Are you the oldest?". . . 
The tree. .."Lou".. ."W.S.".. . 
Gulp. . .#1. . .red. 
DALE SLACK "If you push some- 
thing hard enough, it WILL fall 
over. " (Fudds first law of oppo- 
sition) Cr. Ctry. 3; Choir 2-4. 
Hey. . .What can I say? 
CARTER YOUNG "Old Man take a 
look at my Life, I'm alot like 
you. Neil Young. Hey boy. . . 
whats up. . . your crazy Merlet. . . I 
forgot. . .midnight Rambler. . . 
accident. . . Saquish. . . EPOD. 
what I was, when I wished I was 
what I am now." Bskt. Ball 3,4; 
Soft B. 2,3; Key 3,4; Witerature 
3,4; Prom Com. P. B. T. . . Let' s 
see if Miss Toolin's home. . .Espo 
. . . Papa Gino's. . . not again 
Nancy ! . . . my advisor. . . # 1 . . . 
Boston Braves. . .Ball hockey. . . 
SYF. . . I'm kind of embarrassed. . . 
I'm not a cookie Debbie ! . . . 
prunes. . .#16. . . I've got to talk to 
someone. . .Jimmy & Leon. . . SO 
good ! ..." So Far Away" . 
JULIA STEPHEN "Emotions are as 
hard to subdue as the wind. " 
CAROL PETERSON "Everything is 
beautiful." F.N. A.: F.T. A.: Lib. 
S.C. D. Q k . .Nursing. .. are you 
ready. . . Let's go. . . Monga I. . . 
Monga II. . .Watch the road Monga 
. . . Good-bye. 

thy business to know thyself, which 
is the most difficult lesson in the 
world." Choir 1; Witerature 1 
(Sec. y, Key 3,4. B.C.C. . .Ver- 
mont. . . baby food and yogurt. .. 
braces. . . Kathy's song. . .Barb, 
can I have a ride?. . . SYF. . . guitar 
GARY THOMSON "If peace is 
only a dream then, let me sleep 
forever." Lib. S.C. 1-4; Teacher 
aid for impaired hearing classes 
3,4. Joey. . ."Got Something Go- 
ing" ... 71 Toyota. . ."Did you do 
the homework". . .McCall's. . . 
Tffe Shrimp. . . traveling. . . Mon- 

treal, Canada. 

DEBBIE PATON "I wish that for 
just one minute you could stand 
inside my shoes, you'd see what a 
drag it is to see you. " -Dylan - 
ArtC. 1. Oh!... Wow!... that's 
really flipped out!. . .Hobbit 
people and Magis Mushrooms. . . 
When I get our of here. . . Stone 
Cold. . . syhernetic Control. . . 
Freakout ! 

NANCY SMITH "Catch me a fish 
and I'll eat for a day. Teach me 

to fish and I'll eat for a lifetime." 

Glass Plays; Only kidding Nance, 
bums out the carbon. . .Ohio. . . 
Hey Pat, where' s the fire. . .Oh 
God. . . slow down. . .Blue suede 
shoes ...B.C. B.C... Come on be 
one of the guys. . . Rice Crispies 
. . . Here Comes the Sun. . . E. F. 
. . .short Hair. . .munchies. 
PAT RICE "Only you and I can 
help the sun to rise each morning 
if we don't it may drown itself out 
in sorrow." F.N. A. 1; Tournament 
of Plays 2; Nanc, they moved the 
house back six inches. . .Hawians 
will rise again. . . ?!?!... Patuchio 
. . . going crusing tonight. . . Satur- 
day nights. . . 115 I don't believe 
it. . .munchies. . .California. . . 
Hey Lynnie ! 

been here all my life!" Bskt. Ball 
1; Art Club 1,2. George. . .June 4, 
1971. . .Nelson Street. . .D.Q. . . 
Monga II. . .62 Ford. . . 398-12K. . . 
Creedence, July 16. . .Happiest 
day May 1st, 1967. . .The Project 
... 13. 

hard enough for something, you're 
bound to get it sometime. " FB 2; 
B. Ball 1-4; A.V. 3; Hockey 4; 
Bskt. Ball 2. Carol... June 11, 
1971. . . Double play. . . Monday 
practices with G.L. . .What are 
you doing, buddie?. . . I don't 
know how to bunt. . . want to play 
hockey. .. brew, C.M.L.S. #7. 
PAT SHERIDAN "Our ideals are 
our better selves. " Seton HS- 
Theater 1,2; Choral 1,2; French 
Club 1,2. D.H.S. -A. F. S. 4; 
Choral 4; F.T. A. 4; Key 3,4. 
PAULA MORGAN "Deeds are better 
better than words, actions mightier 
than boastings. " F.H. 1,2; Bskt. 
Ball 1,2. Dinky jokes. . . Plymouth 
. . . U. S. C. G. . . Portland, Maine 
. . . 124-87F. . . Oct. 22, 1970. . . 
Castle Rock. 


LINDA WADELL "Come - rest for awhile 
- and watch the brown grasses gently 
nodding - listen - and let your troubled 
heart sing with the wind. " Class Play 1; 
Choir 1-4 (Pres. ); Key 2-4; Field Hock- 
ey 3; W::erature 4; Southeast District 
Chorus 2,4: Partridge 4; A.F.S. 4; S.E. 
M.S.B.A. 2-4; Prom Com. 6th g. . .do 
you ?. . . stubborn swede ... go now ! . . . 
music. . . Mr. J. . . .Concordia '71. . .na- 
ture. . .the loft. . .the Va. Letter. . . "rire 
aux eclats". . .ningo. . .one Sunday 

TOM TIERNEY "Love's too Precious to 
be lost. " "Gayle". . .Bunny. . .9/25/70. . 
."I think I love you". . .7/13/71. . .Jeep 
...G.J.C 1973... The Island... 

Green Eyed Lady. "(Z 

HOLLY WILLARD ' Society is now one 
polish'd horde, Formed of two mighty 
tribes the Bores & Bored . " Don Juan 
Canto III, Stanza 95. French C. 1; LSC 
2-4; Nat'l Honor Society 4; Yearbook 4; 
Witerature 4. Albert. . .riding. . .Lag. . . 
skinny pig. . .the cape. . .the loft. . .un- 
corordination . . . uh- huh. . . uh-huh . . . uh- 
huh. . .well NOW! ... I think I flunked 
this test. 

always come, but make the best of every 
everything until it comes. " Witerature 
3. J.E.R. . .March 24, 1971... QEU 
(4064). . .The Big Three. . .37 min. 9 
sec. . .April 16, 1971. . .swimming and 
diving. . .John Alden. . . Dorus . . .26 . . . 
Banana. . .Wanna go to Julies?. . .The 
marsh. . .Hi Dave. . .South Pacifier^ 

BOB TREZISE "What's left in life if we 
cannot live all of it. " "What's the story 
here". .."Nice". . ."Thanks". . ."What's 
his Police?" . . . "Thatsa no nice" . . . 
Flower Shop. . . ' The :n:r. : esn't stop" 
. .I'm working 1 ' . . . 42. . . Chris, "I hate 
him". . . "What ya doin. " 

BILL REID "Our country stands before 
the world as an example of how Free 
men, under God can build a community 
of neighbors, working together for the 
Good of aU. " Bskt. BaU 1-3; Track 1-2. 
"Debby". . . Norwell. . . "lump". . . 64 
chevy. . .Savo lets go to Barnies. . . "Hey 
Roy, youre late. " 

ROXANNE M. SMITH "Always strive to 
make yourself be better than what you 
already are." Band 1-4; S. Ball (Varsity) 
1; Choir 4; S.E. M.S.B.A. 2-3; District 
4. The Imperials are No. 1. . .Hey Cindy 
what's happening in Pembroke?. . .Hey 
Mr. Johnson, let me in ! ... Mr and my 
licorice stick. . .NUTEMAN! . . .Dallas, 

Here we come! The BEST High school 



CAROL SAMPSON "What the world 
needs now is LOVE." "Puppy Dog Tails" 
. . . Mary Ann, are you still mad at 
Gabe?. . .Bob, do you have to stop at 
Barnie's today?. . .Bob, you better hurry 
because Leslie, Steve, & Mary Ann are 
waiting in the car for us. 

DAVID SAVASTANO "He ain't heavy, 
he's my brother." F.B. 1,2; B. Ball 1- 
4; Key C. 2; A.V. 3. B. . .39. . .Lump. 
. .Big Brother. . . 14. . .Johnny Bench. . . 
Enterprises. . .Trina. 

SHARON WALKER "Sunrise doesn't last 
all morning A cloudburst doesn't last 
all day. " LSC. 1; Class Play 1,2; Field 
Hockey 1; Key 2-4; Yearbook 4; Witer- 
ature 2-4: (3- Business Manager, 4- Edi- 
tor); National Honor Soc. 3,4; A.F.S. 
4. Skippy. . .Chicago. . . "no entiendo". 
. . Coast Guard. . . salamanders. . . library. 
. . peanut- butter . . .that boy. . . "uh-huh" 
. . .the loft. 

JANE WHITTIER "He who pities woman 
depreciates her. He who attributes to her 
the evils of society oppresses her. He 
who thinks her goodness is of his good- 
ness and her evil is of his evil is 
shameless in his pretensions. But he who 
accepts her as God made her does her 

justice." Kahlil Gibran. Art C. 1; 

Choir 2; Witerature 2; Tourn. of Plays 
2,3; All School Play 2,3; F.T.A. 3. 
Lavender. . .the loft. . .Joan Baez. . . 
Plimouth Plantation. . .sea monsters and 
hoptoads. . .someday. . .a barn in Maine. 

SHERRY QUIRK "I think I understand. 
Fear is like a wilderland. Stepping 
stones on sinking sand. " Janice". . .the 
loft . . . 's out. . . sea monsters . . .Joan, 
Baez. . . "So what's happnin". . .or what? 
... "I said ! . . . djah ! . . . Plimouth 

ERIK KUSLNS "Do what you want, if you 
want, and no one can stop you!" Duke, 
yup,yup, yup, yup. . .M.C. . .Paint it. . . 
Bring it over. . .N.H. . .Maine. . .Moto 
X. . .Falcom. . .ESSO. . .Volvo. . .hat. . . 
Spin them tires. . .Bondo. 

SUZANNE WALSH "Where did you go?" 
"Out." "What did you do?" "Nothing." 

Duxbury's Columbian Bombshell 

Because I am an AFS student I am frequently asked 
these questions: What is the AFS? Why are you here? 
How do you like Duxbury? 

Now I am glad to have the opportunity to answer 
these questions. 

The AFS is developing greater human understanding 
and friendship across national and cultural frontiers. It 
is created for an interchange of people, ideas, customs, 
and to extend knowledge about our world and the 
people by which we are surrounded. 

When I left home I was expecting to find a new 
and different way of life, but I never expected to find 
a paradise in such an old and historic town like Dux- 
bury, situated on a nice bay and surrounded by 
lovely beaches and views. It is inhabited by friendly 
and nice people. 

I have the opportunity to attend Duxbury High 
School in which I am very very happy. 

One of the great experiences that I have had here 
is to have seen snow for the first time. I think that it 
is beautiful. It looks unreal. I tried to learn how to ski, 
but I was not very successful. 

And. . .if all that isn't enough, I had the luck to 
find a wonderful family to live with--the Rogersons. 
They are a lovely family. 

That's why I will always remember this year here 
in Duxbury, and I will keep you in my mind and my 

4 3 

susan serenade 


independo joe 

king underground 

fred friendly 

mark melodie 



In Retrospect 

on down country roads 
sunshine superstars jog 
but as the trains roll in, you know 
we're gonna go somewhere 
better then the green green 
grass of home and jet planes 
are leaving nostalgia up the tree 
where you ate raisins in little boxes 
and i split oreos made by nabisco. 
dreams were washed 
in the koolade we made ourselves 
and it was sweet and sticky 
and stained the counter 
then we'd wander around 
in the high wet grass 
picking wild flowers, to sell, 
by the side of the road, although 
no one ever bought them 
which really didn't matter, 
i guess. . . 



The Campus Scene 



From the Senior point of view, underclassmen repre- 
sent the chief cause of congestion in the halls. They are 
also the main reason we have to wait in the lunch line so 
long. Underclassmen are people who believe that the 
Senior Center is the Student Activity Room. 

Although we hate to admit it, all of us were once 
underclassmen. In truth, underclassmen have an important 
niche in the school. They participate in our clubs and 
make possible the success of our athletic teams. So, de- 
spite the staff's chronic affliction with "Senioritis, " we 
dedicate the following pages to those who in years to 
come will inhabit the Senior Center. 






Underclassmen Officers 



Varsity athletic competition is definitely a major fac- 
et in our school's environment. Certainly involvement in 
athletics is a praise-worthy pursuit since it provides the 
important physical activity necessary for good health and 
instills discipline, integrity and teamwork, traits helpful 
in later life. 

We suggest, though, that there is more to Duxbury 
High School sports than physical fitness and competition. 
An entire culture surrounds the school's athletic activities. 
Some student, affectionately referred to as "jocks, " never 
stray from the bounds of this culture, attending classes for 
the sole purpose of obtaining grades good enough to per- 
mit them to go out for sports. These people, though, 
represent a very small segment of those involved in the 
athletic establishment. There is much more to the sports 

The game, though representing only a small portion 
of the work which a varsity sport entails, is the most 
eventful aspect of sports. Varsity sports events are shown 
as well as contests. The playing field is a stage on which 
every player must perform to his utmost ability. Audi- 
ences for varsity games are not limited to students alone. 
The school athletic program has a large following of 
enthusiastic adults. Various athletic teams in a given sea- 
son actually compete for these audiences, since spectators 
provide added stimulation for victory. 

Other activities in which athletes and spectators of the 
cult participate are: 

Yelling at the referee. 

Showing up one day in school wearing a letter jacket 
and pretending to have had it all along. 
Attending Booster banquets. 
Throwing the coach in the shower. 

Telling horrible jokes in the locker room or on the bus 
to an away game. 

Making fun of Cheerleaders. 
Shouting obscenities at the other team. 
Watching the coach's reactions to a lousy play. 
Hoping that practice will be called off when the 
slightest bit of rain appears. 

Claiming that one sport is tougher than another and 
stating that the team of one sport could kill the team of 
another in a fight. 

Having good parties. 

The following section of this yearbook is devoted to 
varsity sports and is dedicated to those who are involved 
to any extent in the athletic cult of Duxbury High School. 


Cheerleading is a sport that requires not 
only unfailing spirit, but agility, coordina- 
tion and originality. These aspects must be 
combined and carried with dedication 
through the long football, soccer, and bas- 
ketball seasons. 

Strongly led by Captain Donna Creed, 
this year's cheerleading squad has managed 
to excell in all these qualities. The neces- 
sary experience was provided by Debbie 
Herri ck who was so well known for her 
smile and agility, while Mary Murphy was 
always the clown who gave the team such a 
happy attitude. The example of dedication 
and desire was Bootsie MacDonald who 
kept the team working towards higher goals. 
Underclassmen were definitely a strong as- 
pect of the team. The vigorous pep of 
Junior Jeanne Murphy and the ability of 
sophomores Denise Chapdelaine and Joyce 
Burdick will provide in the future for a 
strong squad. 

ROW 1: G. Lillie, J. Ballard, B. Marconi, J. Garrity, M. Anderson, M. Enniss, B. Jones, J. Fallon. ROW 2: M. 
Vienneau, B. Foster, G. Sonntag, D. Wilbur, M. Battista, W. Greely, R. Brown. ROW 3: D. McArther, J. Mc- 
Carthy, B. Ballard, M. Blackford, D. Anacone, R. Schaffer, C. Roberts. ROW 4: J. Bolster, P. Dickow, B. 
Wilson, G. Francke, M. Adado, D. MacCallum. ROW 5: R. Johnson, J. Chase, P. Ehrenzeller. 


Spectators who viewed the final game of the 1971 
football season against Duxbury's traditional rival, 
Apponequet, witnessed a milestone in D.H.S football 
history. The 34-20 victory over Apponequet marked 
Duxbury's first winning football season. 

Under the leadership of head coach William Pag- 
nano, the Dragons provided Duxbury with a brand of 
football to which Duxbury fans were unaccustomed. 
The offense, headed by Quarterback Mark Battista, 
used greatly varied strategy and provided a lot of 

excitement, scoring a season total of 150 points. 
Duxbury's strong defense allowed only 111 points dur- 
ing the whole course of the season. 

Seniors Bob Jones, John Garrity, Jim Ballard, Bob 
Marconi, Mark Anderson, Matt Ennis, Gary Lillie 
and Jim Fallon will be missed next year, but with the 
return of many established stars including Dave Ana- 
cone, Chuck Roberts, Jack McCarthy, Dave Wilbur, 
Dave McCallum and Mark Battista, the prospects for 
next year's team are very bright. 


ROW 1: J. Jones, T. Crocker, C. Dahlen, ROW 2: D. Canty, L. Lewis, T. Oneil, ROW 3: V. Carlson, ~M7 
Otsuki, K. Desmarais, ROW 4: M. Prince, B. Willingham, T. McEvoy, S. Mills, ROW 5: D. McNab, E. 
Greely, L. Storrs, J. Garrity, H. Hammond. 

For the third consecutive year, the Field Hockey team has won the South Shore League Championship. 
During the 1971 season, the team lengthened its unbeaten streak to a total of 45 games. 

Perhaps the best game of the season was played against Marshfield. Although the outcome of the game 
was a 0-0 tie, Duxbury completely dominated the game holding possession of the ball for 35 of the 40 minutes 

played . 

Team spirit among the Field Hockey players was evident to anyone within a mile radius of any game. 

The outstanding defensive unit which allowed one goal during the entire season was lead by Tricia Mc- 
Evoy and Diane MacNab who played consistantly well throughout the season. Leading scorer for the team was 
Moira Otsuki with 13 goals and 5 assists. 

Prospects for the future look great with 12 varsity players returning and several fine young players moving 
up from the talented J.V. team. 




The wrestling team, under the coaching of experienced wrestler Mr. Bill Barges, showed great 
promise this year. An unprecedented number of spectators witnessed this exciting sport for the first 
time . 

Senior captains Jim Ballard and Rick Hoel contributed their experience to the team. Jim, an 
especially masterful wrestler went undefeated in the regular season for the second consecutive year 
and again placed high in state standings. 

With many underclassmen on the varsity squad, the Duxbury wrestling team should be a prime 
contender in years to come. 

FRONT ROW: R. Marshall, S. Drummey, P. McGarigal, G. Chandler, B. King, J. Cotton. SECOND ROW:Mr. M. Reed 
(coach), P. Ayers, R. Kendrew, M. Pittenger, M. Drummey, G. Washburn, L. Johnson, J. Otsuki, J. Barrows. THIRD 
ROW: T. Fargo, E. Vickers, B. Gilman, G. Southard, J. Tonrey, J. Reed, Mr. F. Cass (coach) (missing from picture: 
J. Conathan, H. Fellows, G. LeBlanc, T. LaGreca). 

Despite the fact that 1971 was sup- 
posed to be a building year, Duxbury's 
famous Soccer team secured the South 
Shore League Championship this season. 
Although the team was composed of 
many underclassmen, the Soccer tradi- 
tion of D .H . S . was upheld. 

The team, which was guided again 
by veteran soccer coach J. Foster Cass, 
had a very exciting season. The champ- 
tionship was not decided until the last 
game of the season with Norwell which 
Duxbury won. Duxbury then went into 
the State Soccer Tournament, first 
beating Rockport 3-2, then losing to 
Newton 1-2. 

Standouts of the season were Jim 
Tonrey, who scored 19 goals in 12 
games and became the League's lead- 
ing scorer, and Paul McGarigal, who 
allowed only 6 goals in 12 regular 
season games. 

Prospects for next year's season are, 
again, very good with many varsity 
players returning. 



The D.H.S Track team, under the 
guidance of Mr. Daniel Kostreva and 
Mr. Franics Sabol had its first winning 
season last spring. With an increase of 
people out for the sport, the team had 
sufficient depth to be a strong 

The best performer on the team was 
Bill Fitzgerald who often won three 
events in a single meet. In state compe- 
tition, he was Class O champion in the 
100 yd. dash. Another outstanding per- 
former, Ron Marshall, broke the school 
record for the broadjump with a 21' 6" 

The loss of last year's seniors will 
hurt, but the outlook for Track this 
spring is good, particularly in distance 
events, discus, shot-put and the 440 
yard run. 

P. McGarigal, G. Lillie, C. Sontag, J. Fallon, B. Marconi, M. Kennedy, M. Lagakis, J. T 

Duxbury's basketball team, under the guidance of verteran coach Cass is Tech-Tourney 
bound for the fourth consecutive year at the time of this writing. With a record of 17-3, Dux- 
bury clinched the Western Division title of the South Shore League, demonstrating Duxbury's 
traditional production of strong basketball squads. 

In his fourth varsity year, Senior Jon Garrity continued to amass an astronomical amount of 
points, totaling well over 1500. 

Other Seniors who will be missed from the team next year are: Jim Fallon, noted for his re- 
bounding ability; Bob Marconi, also a good rebounder, who plays best right under the net; Gary 
Lillie, an excellent shooter who plays well under pressure; and Paul McGarigal who can be 
counted on when called upon. 

Outstanding Juniors on the team were: Jim Tonrey, an excellent play-maker; Chip Sontag, 
a fine rebounder; and Mike Kennedy, a player with great moves. 

Next year's team should have a great deal of depth with veterans returning and a new crop of 
talented players from the junior varsity. 


T. McEvoy, J. Garrity, E. Ferrell, J. Fallon, D. Canty, L. Hyer, N. Kendrew, M. Galassi, S. LaFleur, M. Otsuki, E. 

Greely, L. Jessop. Missing from picture: Miss Toolin, coach. 

Girls' Basketball 

The Girls' Basketball team ended their season with a winning record of 7 wins and 4 losses. Being a young team and new 
to each other on the court they had a slow start. As the girls gained in experience their defense and offense jelled into a 
great team effort. 

Much has to be attributed to the experience of Co-Captains Sherry LaFleur and Nancy Kendrew. Jane Garrity's tricky 
tongue and eye fakes along with Tricia McEvoy's head fakes foiled many an enemy play. Meanwhile the team never went 
thirsty thanks to "Espo's" water bottle. 

All in all, next year, Duxbury, with it's great resevoir of returning talent, will definitely be THE team to beat in the 
South Shore League. 


Ice Hockey 

BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach D. Murphy, G. Conroy, P. Hodgkins, B. Desman, M. Pittenger, P. Ayers, J. Mc- 
Carthy, J. Bolster, T. Amendolare, S. Tenney, J. Taylor, J. Otsuki, P. Shepart, T. Tabke. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO 
RIGHT: P. Morgan, M. Battista, J. Haskell, R. Cushing, M. Dwyer, B. Jones, C. Bolster, C. Royal, S. Hallowell, P. 

Kokins, J. Shepard, S. Savastano. 

Ice Hockey, coached by Mr. David Murphy, is a relatively new sport at Duxbury High School, and continues on the 
building stages. Although the team's record this year was 2-6-2, several of the games were very close and extremely excit- 
ing contests. 

Senior Bob Jones, captain of the team made a successful transition from his former position to defense and developed 
into one of the best defensemen in the league. Juniors Mark Battista and Steve Hallowell head the team in scoring. Both were 
among the top ten in the league scoring. Steve Savastano made the switch to goalie and gave a creditable performance as 
back-up goalie to Paul Morgan. 

The team expects to be more successful in years to come as more experienced boys arrive at the high school. 

FRONT ROW: S. Bundy, B. LaGreca, M. Anderson, P. Chandler, S. Savastano. SECOND ROW: 
G. Francke, M. Battista, M. Kennedy, J. Tonrey, D. Savastano, C. Baston, Mr. D. Mur- 
phy (coach) 


The 1971 Baseball team under the coa- 
ching of Mr. David Murphy had an excel- 
lent season, winning the South Shore Lea- 
gue Western Division title. During the 
regular season, the team won 11 games and 
lost 5. In State Class C playoffs, the team 
beat Nauset Regional 6-3, then lost to 
Marshfield in the quarter- finals 3-6. 

Picther Mark Battista, who won 5 games 
and lost only 2, averaged 1. 5 strikeouts per 
inning. Mark also led the team in hitting 
with a .375 average. Jon Garrity's hitting 

and defensive play at first base sparked the 
team during the playoff. Dave Savastano's 
excellent work behind the plate added con- 
siderably to the team's success. All Star 
Mark Anderson's defensive work proved that 
he was the best third baseman in the League. 
Steve Savastano was the leading homerun 
hitter and supplied some timely hitting in 
the playoff win against Nauset. 

The team was the best defensive unit 
in recent years and should have a great 
season this spring with many stars return- 

FRONT ROW: P. McEvoy, D. Palumbo, D. Marshall, C. Murphy, P. Shir- 
ley, L. Jessop. SECOND ROW: N. Kendrew, D. Canty, J. Garrity, D. Mc- 
Nab, H. Pierce, N. Merrick, M. Gallassi. STANDING: D. Brooks (coach) 


The 1971 season was probably the 
best that the Girls' Softball team has 
ever had. Coached by Miss Deborah 
Brooks, the squad clinched the South 
Shore League championship with a 9- 
1 season. 

There were many notable high- 
lights during the season. Against 
Marshfield, the team overcame a 
six-run deficit and beat the strong 
Marshfield team in the last inning 
with clutch hitting from Tricia Mc- 

Evoy, Jane Garrity, Diane MacNab, 
and Donna Marshall. In another thril- 
ler, Duxbury beat the defending 
champion East Bridgewater in a tense 
pitching contest. 

Outstanding players were Donna 
Marshall who batted . 659 and stole 
19 bases; Cindy Murphy who batted 
.455 and stole 24 bases; Lorrie Jes- 
sop who pitched for 7 victories in- 
cluding 2 shutouts; and Nancy Mer- 
rick, the relief pticher, who per- 

formed very well in many clutch 

The spring should be a building 
season after the loss of many strong 
players. The coach is very optimistic, 

girls tennis 

The 1971 Girl's Tennis team, coached by 
Mrs. Sondra Fogarty won about half of the sea- 
son's matches. 1971 was a building season and 
the players obtained a great deal of valuable 

The spirit on the team was terrific through- 
out the season despite the ordeal of the stolen 
tennis balls early in the year. Linda Hallowell 
and Robyn Fogarty were among the outstanding 
players of the team. Heather McCarthy created 
the most team spirit and enthusiasm, and Pam 
Myettc exhibited the most improvement over 
the course of the season. 

The outlook for this spring is very promising. 

FRONT ROW: H. McCarthy, D. Flanagan, L. Hallowell, C. 
Dahlen, S. Mills, M. Otsuki (manager). SECOND ROW: D. 
Aigler, J. Jones, R. Fogarty, L. Leyland, P. Myette. (missi 
from picture: J. Handy). 

boy's tennis 

Under the leadership of Robert 
Hayes, the 1971 Boy's Tennis team 
had another successful winning sea- 
son. Losing only to League champion 
Cohasset, the team turned in a 8-2 
record and captured second place. 

The first doubles team of John 
Pittenger and Mike Love joy went un- 
defeated and won the League Double 

championship at the end of the 

The outlook for this spring's team 
is excellent with many young player 
returning to compete for positions on 
the varsity squad. The Cohasset team 
will provide the major challenge 
after having won the League cham- 
pionship for 5 consecutive years. 

FRONT ROW: B. Emerson, M. Fogarty, J. Metheaney, R. Burkay, P. 
Balbosa, M. Mueller, J. Reed. SECOND ROW: Mr. R. Haves (coach), 
P. McGarigal, M. Lovejoy, B. Wyman, L. Hallowell, M. Lovejoy, J. 
Pittenger, G. Southard, J. Pierce. 

R. Hoel, R. Ferguson, J. Palfrey, J. Taylor, D. Mugford, Coach Mr. Clark. 

Cross Country 

The 1971 season was primarily a building year for the Cross Country team. The season provided a lot of experience 
for the young team. The experience gained was evident toward the end of the season with runners greatly improving 
their performances. 

One of the best races was against Sacred Heart. Each runner turned in his best performance; some improved their time 

by more than a minute. 

Under the coaching of Mr. Reginald Clark, who trained along with the team, Cross Country should show marked im- 
provements next year. The team knows how to train and will be ready at the start of next season. 



Extra-curricular activities serve to provide a more all- 
encompassing educational experience in high school. To 
represent this import aspect of D.H.S., the following 
section is devoted to the various school organizations. 

There are students whose extra- academic involve- 
ment stems from a desire to obtain a list of credits and 
more photographic exposure in the yearbook. Some are 
motivated by a need to embellish college applications 
with columns of diverse accomplishments. Such people, 
though, are easily distinguished from the rest, since few 
maintain any involvement through the first half of the 
school year. The motives of those who remain to work are 
less self- centered . 

The following pages describe the school's various or- 
ganizations for the benefit of those who may know little 
about them. So that credit is given to whom it is due, the 
photographs were taken during the latter part of the year, 
insuring that only those who have had true interest and 
are still active are shown. 


American Field Service 

The AFS club seeks to involve people of different lands with each other, in an effort to promote greater understanding 
and tolerance among diverse nationalities and races. This year's AFS Club, while suffering from eternal problems, did 
much to attain this goal. In August, SoniaLuz Aristizabol of Columbia, and Melimet Cayish of Turkey, were welcomed 
by the club, and introduced into the Duxbury community. Both Sonia, who went to DHS, and Melimet, who also attend- 
ed public school, were warmly embraced and aided by club members. 

Seven AFS Students from surrounding towns plus other club members participated in an AFS day, where they visited 
historic and educational Plimoth Plantation. They had a dinner afterwards, followed by a party. Other functions include 
a New Year's Eve overnight party, and a going away party for Americans Abroad student Heidi Francke, who left for 
Brazil February second. 

AFS Club officers include President Colleen Dahlen, and Vice Presidents Kim Blanchard and Linda Hird. 


Student Council 

The Student Council, with its officers, President Jim Conathan, Vice President Barbara Willingham, Secretary 
Debby Canty and Treasurer Sandy Mills, passed through a period of transition and change this year. Under the direc- 
tion of Assistant Principal John Pierce, the Student Council sought to transform itself from a social committee, 
organizing dances, to a true governing body serving as a link between student, and teachers and administration. In 
keeping with this goal the Student Council this year passed out evaluation sheets to seniors and some juniors, which 
asked them to rate each department and facet of DHS. Student Council members compiled the results of these student 
evaluations, and wrote a report, reflecting the varying predominant view points of the students on each facet. This 
report will be presented to the committee which will come to evaluate DHS in March. 

Also, the Student Council revised and amended a list of the "Student's 13 Rights £ Responsibilities, " as supplied 
by the State Board of Education. This revised list will serve as a preamble for a Students' Handbook, which will be 
issued to all incoming students. 

The Council also participated in raising funds for needy school organizations (such as the yearbook). 

Next year, the Student council hopes to come closer to achieving its status of a governing body. 


Future Teachers Association 

fh< had a rewarding year. Members have been observing classes, aiding teachers, and tutoring in all the 

schools in the Duxbury system. In December, the FTA listened to a speaker, an Englishman who had taught in Sierra 

Leone, Africa. 

The goal of the FTA is twofold. First, participation in the club will hopefully help members to be more aware of 
.ill aspects of education, through tutoring, observing classes, and visiting colleges. The members also will become 
aware til the different career possibilities in the teaching field. Secondly, the club benefits the community in various 

ways through its activities. 

Advisor of this year's club is Miss Melissa Salisbury. President is Cathy Tellin, Vice President Kathy Hilliard, 
Secretary Donna Purin, and Treasurer is Vicki Carlson. 

The Key 

Under the advisorship of Mrs. Irene Sherwood, THE KEY is dedicated to familiarizing interested Duxbury students 
with both the literary and technical aspects of publishing a newspaper. The newspaper which they produce provides 
an outlet for school and community news, commentary, and added features such as an annual drug poll, free classi- 
fied advertising, and cartoons. 

This year's KEY staff, under the leadership of Nancy Hall, worked against more difficult problems than any of 
previous years: open campus made distribution difficult, and the high cost of printing, a lack of funds, space, and 
equipment hindered the workers on the newspaper. 

But working with these handicaps, this year's KEY yet managed to win honorable mention at the B.U. Press. 



Mil IflJII. 



Key Club 

The DHS Chapter of Key Club International with Rick Marshall as President, Greg Chandler Vice-Presi- 
dent, Dave Larson Secretary, and John Garrity Treasurer, was responsible for many school and town services 
which are taken for granted. They delivered Town Reports, door-by-door, to the entire town. They cleaned 
up the football field after games. And, at Christmas time, they sponsored a Can Contest between the 4 High 
School classes, and donated the cans to chruches to distribute to needy families. 

Mr. Francis Sabol, as advisor to the Club, worked with the boys, helping them to develop the qualities of 
initiative, leadership, and good citizenship. 


Health Careers Club 

Under the direction of Mrs. Anne P. Welcker, R.N., the Health Careers Club has had a busy and pro- 
ductive year. In September, the club elected Eva Caron as President, Judith Salt as Vice-President, Nancy 
Merrick as Secretary, and Sandra Mills as Treasurer. 

In October, Miss Clara Tubby of the Massachusetts Epilepsy Society came to DHS to speak to club mem- 
bers, students, and teachers on epilepsy. Also during October members of the club volunteered to help with 
the Rubella Clinic. 

In November, members of the club visited a Health Careers Fair, Horizons Unlimited, in Fitchburg, Mass. 
Members also helped in administering the Heaf Tests in this month. 

In December, the HCC sponsored a Christmas party for the Deaf classes in Duxbury Elem. School. Mem- 
bers of the club have been helping with this group since the beginning of the year. 

The Health Careers Club, under the sponsorship of the Jordan Hospital Club, hopes to acquaint Duxbury 
students who participate in it with the career opportunities in the Health fields. 

Latin Club 

The Latin Club, (or Romani nobles) resurfaced this year under the direction of Mrs. Jill O'Hagen. In 
seeking to learn more about Greek and Latin Culture this year's club members went on a field trip to the 
Fogg museum. Afterwards, they partook of a different sort of Greek culture at the Athenian Tavernia, a 
restaurant . 

The Latin Club also keeps up a bulletin board on Astrology in the library, and sponsors a subscription to 
RES GERTAL, a Latin newspaper. Some of the club's officers hold the same titles as officials in the Roman 
Empire . 

Cathy Boulerice and Sheri-Lyn are consuls, Robert Randall is Scribe, Dana Sawyer is Treasurer, and 
Ann Irwin, Virginia Kretchmar, and Susan Shirley are Criers. 


Prizes ranged from a pair of ski warm-up pants and a radio to a set of doll clothes. WITERATURE 
is under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sherwood. Editor this year is Sharon Walker; Literary Editor is 

Lisa Moellar; Lay-out Editor is Linda Wadell, and head of publicity is Steven Shraccia. | 


The Library Service Club this year, under the direction of Miss Jody Frame, has been working under the added strain of 
open campus. Library procedure has been greatly complicated by the new system. 

Members of the Library Service Club, in their free time, help in the organization and upkeep of the library, mean- 
while learning library procedures. Outside of school, the club has social activities in which all the members participate. 

This year's officers include President Evelyn Ferrell, Vice-President Holly Willard, Secretary Donna Purin, and Trea- 
surer Barbara Brehn. 

Library Service Club 


"Music is the vehicle through which 
I hope young people will learn more 
about themselves and the world around 
them." With these words, Mr. Jarvis 
sums up the goal of the DHS Choir. With 
Mr. Jarvis as director, this year's choir 
lias amassed many honors. 

At the S.E. Mass. District Chorus 
Try-outs on Oct. 20, 10 of the 12 Dux- 
bun entrants were accepted: Sopranos 
Pat Coin, Linda Hird, and Linda Wadell; 
Altos Wendy Keith, Ann Peters, and 
Nancy Hall; Basses Chip le Blanc, Judson 
Mitsock, and John Haskell, and Tenor 
Dale Slack. W. Keith went on to be 
accepted in the all state choir. 

At the District Concert, in Stough- 
ton, Duxbury's qualifying choir members 
sang with students from 65 other S.E. 
Mass. High School, under the direction 
of Dr. Richard DeBois of U. Mass at 

On Dec. 16 the Choir gave their 
annual Cliristmas concert in the Middle 
School Auditorium. The Choir also per- 
formed during school hours, twice for 
M.S. students, and once for H. S. stu- 
dents. They also performed on Dec. 20 
at the First Parish Church. 

Many members of the DHS Choir 
participated, along with members of the 
Dedham Choral Society and the Need- 
ham Congregational Church Choir in a 
performance of Handel's "Messiah" at 
the 1st Parish Church. The concert was 
directed by Brian Jones, of Duxbury. 

At SEMSBA try-outs, held at Hanover 
High School, 17 of the 20 DHS students 
who tried out were accepted. 

A tape of the selections chosen by 
Mr. Jarvis, and Tom Hanse, the choir's 
accompanist, was submitted to the All- 
State Committee. Duxbury's Choir was 



one of the two choirs in the state to be 
chosen to perform at the All- State Festi 
val on Mar. 24 in Brockton. 

Leading the Choir this year are 
President Linda Wadell, Vice-President 
Chip leBlanc, and Sec-Treas. Patricia 
Weatherlow. Representatives from the 
different HS classes include Freshman 
Judith Osborn, Sophomore Irene Cale- 
skie, Junior Nancy Merrick and Senior 
Nancy Hall. 


The Duxbury High School Band, 
under the direction of Mr. Johnson, 
recorded several significant firsts in 
their activities this year. For the first 
time, the Band attempted to perform 
marching maneuvers during the half- 
time break in football games. Dux- 
bury 's Band was the only one in our 
football league to do this. 

Also, for the first time, the Band 
conducted a fund-raising campaign. 
The Band wishes to thank all who 
contributed to the success of the 
campaign . 

Besides a regular Christmas con- 
cert, members of the DHS Brass Choir 
also traveled to various locations in 
the Duxbury community, and played 
Christmas carols for special people. 
This gesture brought much apprecia- 
tion and pleasant surprise to those 
persons who suddenly heard Christmas 
music coming from outside. 

The majorettes, directed by Mrs. 
Sally Campbell, deserve special 
thanks this year for their hard work, 
and for their contribution to all per- 
formances in which they participated. 

Band officers are Roxanne Smith, 
President; Deborah Canty, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Meredith Galassi, Secretary, 
and Donna Sansone, Librarian. 




Twelfth Night 

The 1972 all school production of Shakepeare's 
TWELFTH NIGHT was one of Duxbury's best. Directed by 
Mr. Richard C. Miller and | produced by the Thespian 
Society, this comedy provided much entertainment for all 
who attended. 

Anne Peters, Jon Pierce, Pam Myette and Bob Wilson 
were major characters involved in the main plot of this 
comedy of errors which concerns the confusion caused by 
a twin brother and sister who presume each other to be 
dead. Those who had major roles in the comical sub-plot 

of the play were Jim Bradford, 
Steve Sbraccia, David Jenness, 
and Pat Weatherlow. 

This outstanding production 
of classical drama was yet an- 
other example of Duxbury High 
School's tradition of fine ama- 
teur theatrical productions. 

Tournament of Plays 

The Fall Tournament of Plays, produced by the Thes- 
pian Society was a memorable event in Duxbury High 
School's Theatrical history. This traditional dramatic 
competition among the Freshman, sophomore, and Junior 
classes was notable tense this year. 

The Freshman entry, THE MARVELOUS PLAYBILL, 
directed by Miss Crystal Gips, exhibited talent uncommon 
to Freshman actors and actresses. Outstanding performers 
were: Don Pierce, who played Chanfalla the wily gypsy; 
Jean Marie Morelli, who played his nagging wife; Mike 
Sawyer, who performed most enjoyably as the Mayor; Kip 
Keith who played the misinformed theatre critic. 

The Junior production, MY WIFE THE MIDNIGHT 
TRUMPET PLAYER, directed by Mr. Randy Look, was a 
very amusing comedy. The story revolved around a 
woman's peculiar habit of playing a trumpet every mid- 
night and the disturbance thus created. Anne Peters, in an 
excellent performance, played the woman with the un- 
usual idiosyncrasy, while John Greer played her unfortu- 
nate husband, also with admirable skill. 

Mrs. Sondra Upham, winning director of last year's 
tournament, again directed the winning play, MEDEA, 
the famous Greek Tragedy. Barbara Weatherlow por- 
trayed the vengeful Medea while David Urann played 
Jason, her husband and the object of her hatred. A 
variety of special effects, combined with superior act- 
ing made this production the choice of the judges. 

The Marvelous Playbill 

Thespian Society 

Duxbury's newly- formed chapter of the International Thespian Society has had a very busy and productive first year. 
This organization, advised by Director of Dramatics Richard Miller, organizes the school's extremely active Drama 

Under the leadership of President Jon Pierce, Thespian Troupe 355 has produced several dramatic events. The troupe 
has already co-ordinated all aspects of the traditional Fall Tournament of Plays, has made several improvements and re- 
pairs on the stage area of the auditorium, has conducted with Stoughton High School's troupe a ceremonial induction of tt: 
new Thespian charter, has produced Shakespeare's masterpiece, "Twelfth Night" and has entered a play into the Mass. 
State Tournament of Plays. 

Other activities of the society whose membership is determined by experience in dramatics are: John Adlrich, Vice 
President; Pat Goin, Secretary; and David Jenness, Treasurer. 


The Partridge Staff 

The 1972 Partridge is a free expression of student 
thought resulting from a new atomsphere in our school. 
It is a new-born yearbook, a celebration dedicated to a 
freedom newly acquired - a true representation of 
ourselves . 

Layout Editor - Nancy Hall 

Editor in chief - Robyn Fogarty 

Photographer - Gerald Fitzgerald 

Typist - Candy Marshall 
Advisor - Miss Gips 

Business manager - Plicky Marshall 

Literary Editor - Jon Pierce 

What Do You 

Look For in a Course? 

) Unlimited Cuts 
) Smoking in Class 
) Free Parking 
) Optional Dress 
Modern Visual Aids 

Congenial Instructors ( ) No Spot Quizzes 

Plush Chairs () Frequent Outdoor Classes 

( ) Glare-Free Blackboards 

( ) Dustless Chalk 

() Courtesy Pencils 

Ample Closet Space 
Indirect Lighting 
No Term Papers 



Few people will have as much influence on our lives 
as our teachers. The school's faculty is constantly subject 
to our discussion. We praise and critize our teachers, but 
rarely are we indifferent to them. It is difficult to have 
neutral feelings toward someone who stands before us half 
the days of the year. 

In the eyes of the student, a teacher is a person en- 
dowed with awesome powers: 

He has the authority to condemn a student to a long, 
cold walk down the tiled corridor for an office visit. 

He has the ability to inspire a student to undertake a 
particular occupation or to continue in a field of study. 

He has the totalitarian power in class to decide who 
will speak. 

He has the interest to coach a team or to advise a 

He carries the red pen, an instrument capable of pro- 
ducing both sorrow and relief. 

He has the capacity to listen, and the eloquence to 
stimulate his students, or to help them to sleep. 

He harbors opinions but strives to remain impartial. 
He has the audacity to assign unthinkable quantities 
of homework and the concern to stay after school and give 
individuals extra help. 

The following pages are devoted to these omnipotent 
beings we refer to as teachers. But to remove the myths 
that accompany their unapproachable image, we have 
chosen to photograph the faculty candidly in natural situ- 
ations -- a reminder that even teachers are real human 


mr. hayes - science 

Someday we'll be big 

Dynamic Potentialities 


McCalls Flowers 

22 2 ELM STREET 934 2141 



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OPEN 7am -6pm 



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congrafu/af/ons from 




Fuller Marshall 
Real Estate 


THE SK7 . 



jp 3 ^ CompLma.n.ts o/^^^" 

mr. Leonard's 
beauty salon 



TELEPHONE: 934-5798 

South Duxbury 



C corsages, | 
| weddings 1 

1 floral J 






Successors to Percy L. IValker 

Duxbury. Mass. 


TEL: BUS. 934-2500 
RES: 934-2445 

JfiHuw fanner 

(Antiques, etc. 


TELEPHONE 934-6613 

fhnfyfl Gift * 


He ivho toward all living things 
is kind 

Ah! He indeed will true religion 

The Sacred Book of the Sikhs 







Freeman Variety Store 
newspapers - candy 

tobacco" magazines 
Freeman Snack Bar 

pizza Q subs 
HoWs Corner 


"Modern Stores for Men, Women, and Hoys" 





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