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3 1633 00256 5480 

Duxbury Free Library 

Duxbury, Massachusetts 

For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 





In nature, the passage of time is symbolized 
by the tides. They are the rhythm of life, 
eternal life, ceaselessly flowing back and 
forth, from age to age. Tides can give hope 
for the future and remembrances of the past, 
for they have always existed and always will. 

On a smaller scale tides represent the highs 
and lows of every individual's life. One can 

feel gladness, only when one has known sad- 
ness; one can feel fullness only when one has 
known emptiness. 

Duxbury has a unique relationship with the 
sea. Our coastal town witnesses daily the ex- 
treme fluctuations of the tides. The tides will 
always be a major part of our memories 
growing up on the seashore. 

Our hope is that the meaning of tides will be 
remembered by everyone, so that no matter 
what the future may bring, people can keep 
their individual lives in perspective with time 
and eternity and enjoy each moment to the 


Dawning Tides 


Daily Tides 11 

Turning Tides 25 

Rising Tides 75 

Beating Tides 89 

High Tides Ill 

Twilight Tides 161 

To The Class of 1983: 

As graduation nears, most of you have prob- 
ably come to realize that you are approaching 
a major transition time in your life. When you 
turn eighteen, you become an adult in the 
eyes of society. Within a few brief months, a 
majority of you will leave Duxbury for col- 
lege. Others of you will begin employment 
and may reside in another town or city. Some 
of you will join the armed forces and may 
travel to other parts of the world. What is 
important in all of this is that your relation- 
ship with Duxbury, the town that has been 
virtually your total environment for many 
years, is changing and will not be the same 

Yes, you will return for the major holidays, 
and maybe even for a summer or two. But, 
you will have found many new horizons that 
will surpass those of this small and quiet sea- 
side community. 

But, as you go, remember that you carry with 
you the values, knowledge and special 
memories of your accomplishments and fail- 
ures established here in your formative years. 
The faculty and I hope that we have prepared 
you well to go forth into the world and to 
triumph. And all of us look forward to hear- 
ing about your own special life adventures in 
the years ahead. 

Know that a part of each of us goes with each 
of you! 

Seldon V. Whitaker, Jr. 
Superintendent of Schools 


The personality of a school is the result of 
the interaction of students and faculty with 
the traditions of the school. Because genera- 
tions of students turn over so quickly, each 
class materially changes fin one way or an- 
other) the traditions of a high school and 
thereby its basic personality. 

The class of 1983 should look back on 
their four years at Duxbury High School with 
a good deal of pride. You have left behind 
you a significant record of achievement and a 
sense of social maturity that has enhanced the 
traditions of this school. 

For this I thank you and wish you the best 
in all the years to follow. 

John W. Hill 


I would like to extend a personal word of 
congratulation and gratitude to the class of 
1983. Individually and collectively you have 
distinguished yourselves and been a source of 
genuine pride to everyone in the DHS com- 

By any definition it is clear that the class of 
1983 has achieved extraordinary excellence in 
scholarship, athletics, dramatics, music, ser- 
vice and leadership. Your maturity, sense of 
responsibility and self discipline have served 
you very well and are certain to provide much 
future success. 

My best wishes to each of you for health, 
happiness and lives that are rich in meaning 
and satisfaction. 

John Pierce 

Vice Principal 

John R. Pierce 



There is a tide 

in the affairs of men 
When taken at the flood 

leads onto fortune 

— Shakespeare 

When I compare 
What I have lost and what I have gained 
What I have missed with what attained 

Little room do I find for pride 

I am aware 
How many days have been idly spent; 
How like an arrow with good intent 

Has fallen short or been turned aside. 

But who shall dare 
To measure loss and gain in this wise? 
Defeat may be victory in disguise; 

The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide. 

— Longfellow 

Time and tide wait for no man. 
— Anonymous 

Sea Fever 

I must go down to the sea again, for the 

call of the running tide 
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not 

be denied. 

— John Masefield 







The class of 1985 would like to dedicate our 
yearbook to a faculty member whose enthusiasm 
for teaching and interest in students has added 
vitality to our studies at Duxbury High School. 
He has spent the last 17 years enriching students 
with his inspiring teaching, far reaching knowl- 
edge and penetrating wit. His friendly nature and 
his caring personality add to his charisma as a 
teacher. Whether he was discussing the Boxer 
Rebellion or telling us first hand tales about 
World War II. he has made every aspect of 
American History come alive with his unique 
sense of humor. Despite all of the long essay 
assignments, we appreciate everything he has 
taught us. Though we might not be able to give 
him five percent of our future earnings, it is with 
great pride and pleasure that we dedicate the 
1963 Partridge Yearbook to Mr. John Maguire. 

tanoducnoc <) 

. . . Just remember that its a grand illusion, 'cause deep inside we're all the same . . . 


. . . We are all in the gutter; some of us are looking at the stars . . . 
The Pretenders 

. . They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known . 
Billy Joel 

. . . The faster we run the further away the dreams that we chase become . . . 
Dan Fogelberg 

. . . People stay just a little bit longer — we want to play just a little bit longer . . . 
Jackson Browne 
It I fail, if I succeed, at least I've lived as I believe . . . 
George Benson 
. . . Don't stop believing . . . 


. . . If you hold vour ground it'll turn around, keep a hold somehow . . . 

Jackson Browne 
. . . When one door is closed many more will be opened 

Bob Marlev 
. . . Not all good things come to an end . . . 

Elvis Costello 

. . . This one's tor real . . . I'll make it this time. I'm readv to cross that tine line. . . . 

Steely Dan 
. . . I believe in the celebration . . . 


. . . This is the life, they say, that dreams are made of. Don't forget, please don't forget me . 
The Pretenders 



Deborah E. Brooks 
Coordinator — Athletics 
"Good Luck Kids." 

Ronald P. Gerhart 

Director of Business Services 
"There is no such thinp as a free lunch.' 

Walter T. Kennedy 

Director ot Guidance 
"So what is the problem'' 

James E. Lyng 
Director of Pupil 
Personnel Services 

Henry C. Zabierek 
Director of 

Curriculum/ Assessment 
The noblest question in the world is what good may I 
do in it.'" 

12/Faculty and Staff 

Mary C. Buckley James Buechler John Galvani 

Department Head — Business Education Department Head — English Department Head — Foreign Language 

Quiz" and Test' are four-letter words and so is "Yale. " Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. " 

Thomas D. Given 
Department Head — Science 
Don t fry the clamps. 

Mark Gosciminski 
Coordinator — Music 
From the top please! 

Edwin Greene 
Department Head — Industrial Arts 

Faculty and Staff/ 13 

Robert F. McDonough 
Department Head — Reading 

Carl W. Meier 
Department Head — Social Studies 
"Mind games help I'm a rock 
Cogito Ergo Sum Firesign Eno 

Peter A. Saggese 

Department Head — Mathematics 
The light at the end of the tunne! is the headlamp of an 
oncoming train. 



Alice J. Shire 
Coordinator — Art 
"Art Forever!" 

Lisa Smith 
Department Head — Home Economics 
"Oh my gosh!" 

George Teravainen 
Coordinator — Physical Education 

d Staff 

Alice Baker 
"Good Luck Class of 1983.' 


Isabel Ballard 

Foreign Language 
Horn Soit Qui Mai Y Pense ' 

Melissa Bristol 
Foreign Language 
"Carpe diem." 

T. Michael Burke 
Resource Room 
"Good Luck!" 

"The real 

William T. Bristol 
Social Studies 
price of everything is the toil and trouble of 


Iris Brough 

"It is as fatal as it is cowardly to blink at facts 
our taste." 

Foster Cass 

Gordy. If you teach during the day, you wouldn't have 
kids for extra help. 

Tony Chamberlain 

See you in the snake pit 

Faculty and Staff/15 

Ann Collins 
Guidance Counselor 
My favorites: Kakas Furs & Tiffany 

Marcia Connor 


\ ! 



Susan R. Cook 


"Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, admirable — think 
on such things." 

Linda H. Coombs 
Home Economics, AFS Advisor 
"All right, who put the salt in the sugar.' 

Jane Corliss 
Physical Education 
"No one is in the locker room. Last one in the gym does 
4,000 push-ups." 

R. Clark 

Have a beachv summer." 

Sarah Crandell 

Social Studies 
"Not to know what happened before one was born is to 
remain a child." 

Anna B. Davis 

Nora M. Delano 

"On with the dance. Let joy be unconfined. 

lfi/Faculty and Staff 

Donald Dellorco 

Physical Education 

Elizabeth DeOrsay 

Social Scudies 

Kathleen Dowling 


Your children are not your children. They are the sons 
and daughters of life's longing for itself. Gibran 

AnneMarie Driscoll 
Home Economics 
Rip It Out'" Sorry! 

Kathleen Dunn 

Social Studies 
Don't start vast projects with half vast ideas. 

Mark Dunn 


If you have the wrong answer — multiply by Larry Bird's 
scoring average. 

Gail P. Feldman 


If vou are not thinking when you're reading, then go out 
to play! 

John Fernandes 

Social Studies. Student Council Advisor 
Save the Alligator . . . 


Wasn't that a cute story — you miserable kids.' 

Faculty and Scaff/1 7 

Ralph Frazier 

Physical Education 

Dana Green 
Industrial Arts 
Go for it! 

Audrey M. Hihbett 
Physical Education 
It is absolutely necessary . . . yoga . . . Relax your toes . . . 
Everyone out of pool. 

Wayne S. Frieden Nancy Gordon 

School Ad|ustmant Counselor Choir 
"The Courage to be imperfect" R Dreikurs The true song must be sung in the heart or it cannot be 

sung at all. 

lH/Faculty and Staff 


David M. Kispert Peggy Kostreva 

Social Studies Spanish 
Something we were withholding made us weak until we Dignidad sabiduna vision Que todos busquen sus pro- 

Charles Lagerstedt 

found it was ourselves 

pias molinas. 

Marcia Lantz 
Foreign Language 
Adios Amigos 

/ m 

Robert \X'. Lauzier 
Don't take the easy way out. 

Meredith Lehman 

Foreign Languages 

Gordon Leighton 
Geewhizzicums. This is a gift. Good Guys! 

Harrv J. Levine 

Get Smart! 

Peter Lynch 
Industrial Arts 
If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. 

Faculty and Staff/19 

John Maguire 
Social Studies 
When you strike it rich remember the five percent. 

Richard Marshall 

Supervisor of Maintenance 
See me later. 

Thomas F. Merna 
Special Needs 

Richard C. Miller 

The world is too much with us 'Find a Summer Home* 
poor player 'Use your time. 

Joy Mills 

Fare thee well and if forever. Still forever, fare thee well. 

Ronald Mueller 

Distributive Education 
Thanks DE kids for the great job in class, store DECA 
and Warehouse! 

Pauline Mulcahy 

Special Needs 

David Murphy 
Who took my ruler' 

Margaret K. O'Brien 

The person who has lost the ability to be amazed is 
snuffed candle. 


20/Faculty and Staff 

Cynthia Stone 

Let me have your ear for a word or 2 or 3. Better to wear 
out than rust out 

John S. Sullivan 
Social Studies 
A wet bird never flies South at night in winter. 

Mary Sullivan 
Good luck Class of '83! 



Robert Sullivan 


Jennifer Sylvia 

No homework, it's Magnum night" Period 1 coffee and 
donut runs. 

Sondra Upham 

There is within us an invincible Summer. .Camus 

Charles Vautrain 
Media Director 
Look it up 

Jim Vinci 
Orchestra Director 
Music is rhythm, melody, and harmony but Musicians 
know it's much more. 

Robert Webster 

Mathematics — Science 
Isn't that kind of bizarre. 

22/Faculty and Staff 

B. Sullivan, P. Carlson, S. Andrew, E. Paul, P. MacCallum, M. Hillary 
Business Office and Superintendent's Office 

First Row: C. Otis, H. Galvin, A. Kusins Second Row: E. Worobel.J. Wolfgang, J. Bruno, C. Balboni, R. Green, E. Mahoney Miss- 
ing: J. Bean. J. Maclntyre. H. Burrill. J. Cianciola 

Food Service Staff 

24/Faculty and Staff 

Jeffrey Adams 

Memories: Weekend Beach Hit Saquish 4 Wheelin: Back 
River Ski Smittys. DL'B Always. Bossstone who. guitar 
and crank it. PWP Field Boys D. Foster — 7 -9 and 
summers.. Mar to forever. Times are rolling now for ever. 
Once D Always D Station History. Lets do it again. 
Yeah! Prom "83" rolls with A. T. 8gp. ALAAI. not past 
TWIGTBT; AMM P 7 till 4 FTM.. The T. Finally Out !!! 
I'.N.H. Bound. Turn it up J.M. Lives on. Chase Free 
Always Free, bot the C the next day. CD and slammed. 
Ramble On Its over!!! 

D. Scotl Allen Elky 
Memories: BBB Later off.s. 2-20-82 m-boxes Lob pots 
Whats up noodles GC&JM solar House JISM 2 7 swim- 
ming Ozzy You chowderheads Skating with BBB How is 
the red front lawn Rico At Lisas at three LJB 27= fun 
Gordon Tomato soup on Bill Pumpkin hunting Hunting 
Vermont Off.T.Brn.I owe you BZE Cruise H\X' = G 
Fishing Fish on Deux car by AS. tm.J. B.Z. skating F.H. 
and ad on the path. Whats up SHAKIN Basketball Van 
Halen We will partie much this year John Glen Phil 
Frank Later D.H.S. give me a screwdriver and another . . . 

Jan Marie A/lsop 

Memories: The forest echoed w/laughter PP Happy! 
— EE Love those wild eyed southern boys Florida 80. 1, 2 
Sebago Summers KD BGV a long way to Manchester 
Conn, homecoming '81 — B151 victims Nicekel 
I'RL &lMl But I can't help noticing how alike we are. 
Tie CP!! This will grow wings on your feet. 'Nils Joe 
Jackson — Fil A part of me will always be you that much 
is certain no matter what else happens LYMS. IF I dont 
see you in this world III see you on the next one Hendrix 

Keith J. Andrews Cousmo 
Activities: Football #67 Tortoise *50 Cusmo #60 Lear 
Buff #23 KISPY SUPERBOWL Memories: The 51 
Bomber forever Rough Ron is on. Toga. THE Boat 
nights #/l3 "F.Z." Moms monte. 73 Galaxie 500. W W. 
Kellroygood luck fish. CROW. Frog. Spanky. RETTSIE. 
Moe, wille. Thanks alot Mom Owe and Dad too. Tono 
Mika Lan a TOOT & BABY MAKE something of 
yourself for me. Torrington days. CONNIE. RICHELE 
forever. Thanks uncles Dave & RITCHIE for everything. 

Susan Antaya 

Memories: B-15, B-24. Barb with KDEGJ J.V.9/22/78 I 
FABA! JJ P&P with Kristin. Cathy — sis cgs and snacks 
one am to Five am M&B Tuesday "Suzea" We've got taf 
cape with Sara WS s Michele. F.J. Twenty-two Rah-Rah 
T and V in March The Eyes "sw & OH" co-kelchipa 
GNO L Prom 82J adventurous sista Liz up an with 
Gigidyno wah st with Kim and Gigi 2c going to BC with 
Kim cb laugh much Kim.' Clash foreigher outlaws drag- 
ing G to E Y Erins cape house. Vnos Moetee Reallyjoe.'' 
happiness "Amy's ' MDJJM Goodbye doesn't mean for- 
ever mm with J 

Kristine Armstrong Kris 
MEMORIES: Carpe Diem. ARROWS L a little CANDY 
PandP-D/JE-R/SOTM-A (my own desert places). But 
somebody said mirage, and it was gone . . . with what (I 
thought) I most enjoy contented least parce qu a wish is 
the negative reciprocal of reality. Therefore MFNH. 
"dix-huit". NHS. it HFCCD& et Succcess is counted 
sweetest by those who ne'er succeed. GBY 
M/D/k/t/a/n/ Mrs. B/mme.p/ Mr. L 
. chKoo +0 devoirs. 

Jan Marie Allsop 

Keith J. Andrews 

Susan Antaya 

Kristine Armstrong 


Gregory C. Barker Mathieu Beauchemin 

Phillip A Baker 

Activities: Choir; ACT Pipn PBS Pajm Game — Jcsupstr 
Guys and Dolls Memories: 7/3/81 Tango sorry DM & 
KM Mano beach party — SS TPHB Annie redtank. Dr 
H. "Prep Ms Sim B day LD LC CB RC BFA BELL LL 
Bean PB Mai Prost Thrs Gen Goals: Bst drsd MYC fash 
distRolls ovr Merc — Benz may your lives be fulfilled 
and stay happy for years to come — Thank you Mom & 
Dad love ya Later DHS — Smile.' 

Gregory C. Barker G re g 
memories: 3 muskas garden partv MDLG one more time 
#15 I dont remberJVP do you? BRB wheres the wrench' 
sht' The Blankets On Fire TF HI? your choking me' 
halloween 79 get me a glass of SPLAT. DONK BUN K 
CLINK! The crew is through thank you DR CC hey D&J 
go check out that car thats mv skull good luck s&w 
under pressure? not reallv DCP&PSB together someday 
we will be too. Hang in there mom you've been cool, 
school but now I'm gone. 

Paul 5 Barllett Bartlehy 
Memories: MR. "B" N.B. DAN "OPEE" Bob Cris Peu- 
geot Cycles R, #1 Many Miles With "BO S.S. K.D. 
BEATIN" IN THE BEAT BOX . . . Backy's Gym Pump- 
ing Iron With Bob To abe Days With Bill & Chuck 
What's up for the weekend??? (GDDMT) 3 
YLIYNCVRNIMLK VineYard days #1 Edgartown — 
South Beach — Hitting Deer Booma's Best Sir You 
Have A Tongue' H20 Skiing But I got Paid Yesterday.' 
AweSome D&J Pedhead Thanx 4 Everything FPC Go 
for it. Spinnaker 4 Sunfish ??? Mudfights THOSE 

Sicholas Bayer N.B. 
Memories: BEATIN IN THE BEAT BOX whitbread — 
around-the-world-race #1 FLYER Rules B.K. & McDs 
Hit and runs'sjack and Jill & Dillweeds FISHING At 
The Bug with Mr. "B" and OPEE south beach best nice 
Edgartown for fudge girl Home Made Spinnaker For 
Sunfish what Living life in the brakedown lane Ballybalar 
moves out at 9 knots Drilling Possum MO B. on 
SHADOW" Fishing and Lobstering With The Doc 
Slow Children Women Nice Bob Burning In The M.G. 
with Browny T.S. M. — Happy Days Cutting Wood!!! 
Thanks MOM & DAD — ILY!!! 

Mathieu Beauchemin 

Memories: Summer '82 Florida 2/82 C.R.F. Marriots 
M.M.G. Now the fun really begins. B.A.V.I.C. LA. T.S. 
D.L.S. 79-81 Those were the best years. Time to move on 
to bigger and better things. It was real, and it was fun. but 
it wasn't real fun. T.G.I.O. Thanks M. and D.. and other 
12. So long D.H.S. 

Seniors/2 7 

Christine V. Beeby 

Christopher Bell 

Christine V . Beeby Beehs 
Memories: "Frog" New York City & Bargain Shopping 
yum Garbi tell the truth c-Ihtwwabw, wcbbfa. Do you? 
ENOLAERF.H many thanks Ourania M Me & my hang 
up w/EDiso's POF Ellen TFABT Busy as a BB Chrissa, 
vous serez toujours mon amie. Homecoming '81! 
KSKSC — best of friends . . . My life has been a tapestry 
of rich and royal hue. An everlasting vision of the ever- 
changing view. 

Christopher Bell 

Goals: Copperfield, Blackstone. Henning. Chris Bell' 
Activities — Drama Troupe 355 "Schlep" A CT. P.J. 
GAME Guys & Dolls Trigger J.C. Super Star PIPIN — 
Rosa "Magic is a far better thing I do, than I ever did 
Before." Gong Show" 80- 3rd. Metamorphosis, Park Pla- 
za Hotel 81 — S.A.M. Split Nights, M.D.S. Hemi & 
Misty, ZIG ZAGS Once a techie always a techie Mano- 
met Parties.. STATES RISE AND SHINE Black Art 
"SPECTATORS" DRAMA JOCK Sr. Class Play 82 Its 
been real, bye! 

Edward M Bell 

William A. Bennett 

Edward M. Bell 

Memories: Us History II General Patton Field Marshall 
Erwin Rommel Mercedes- Benz653-EOS Mr. & Mrs. H. 
Dix chicken woodworking, "so forever In the future 
shall I battle as of xore, DYING TO BE BORN A 
"what will history say In passing its verdict on me; if I am 
successful here, then everybody will be after my blood" 
October 2 To the class of 83 "you have been born at sea, 
baptized in blood and have come out steel. GOOD 

William A. Bennett Skip 
Memories: I was made for weekends the CARS T party 
PTB HOCKEY #1 GARDEN BOUND brother chip Kp 
milk Jug out of gas russian sub' Blue Jeep wick Pitt 
watchout for the post Robbys Summer home Mlbxs Pit 
& Bennys reality trwdttyibwdlv Saquish na dippin F.I. 
Prom 82? GONE FISHIN LOBSTER THNS. Mr. who cares' shes rude Gr&sht Fb74 8gas&fb the 
boss street sign bagged Barks and Doc Hockey party on 
the wagon" Ps Tim po dtyd Joe's house 7 day weekend 
Dud skating m of m nice we're golden beach thnx md 
later — Benny 

Denise L. Berna 

Christopher M. Bird 

Denise L. Berna Dean 
Memories: 8/13 ILY Tom Lakeville — bumpy boat ride 
LIL? Buton — my hair.. PG'S pizza Foadsbons. Summer 
HI Bikes, beach. I watayan FBS .Lil's weak-give her can- 
dy! "NICOLE "..Scopin'. findin' Virginia — yellow bikini, 
Lisa. UNWANTED visitors. Seperated By Distance 
Only Big League sgt. Tom. LWKUT 11:15 — 1 owe you 
one ma RY"! "I only want to be with you" Texas is an 
expensive phone bill to Mrs. Orland. "You can do mag- 
ic" Lilpop How's C.T. Lisa.' — heebajeebs — we're outta 
4-ever LAURA 

Christopher M Bird Chris 
Memories: The beach the crew born to be wild at 
Maudes Lets go swimming Hey Wad Futbol u Bad Buffy 

Goooood skiing soco nite at the hockey game LP 

slow down totally lightning bolt Ocean Pacific Town + 
Country Stokin hang ten nothing is real and nothin' to 
get hung about Come together might like you better if 
Led Zep the Souths gonna do it again rebel The Forest 
echos with laughter American prayer zone busted 9- 17-82 
Winter St you are there what do you mean ositer.' We 
gotta get outa this place Joe Mama 


Mary K. Bradv Colleen M. Brock Susan D. Brown 

Graham S. Bouthillier 

Memories: Deer Hunting ma or NH.' thoughts Long- 
nights on the flats never paid off with my dream Lunker' 
Blender sports w/Mount Gayyy! Rrogramin Marbieh. 
1st day pleasant H. Dan-I think I heard a squirrel! "nan- 
pup" many fine days duck hunting with good buddvs 
Dave. Banial. CARLOS, and MRK' New Years laughing 
over a SKIPOLE. Awsome Times. Cuttyhunk is The way 
to go Danial' Borkwm Dippin skoal schoskraski Dovlie. 
dorc Turbo Summer 82 Jonny MacBmw Rules Clambak 
to survive a whitbredr. vukonterr. THANKS CAPT. 

Mary K. Brady 

Memories If Man Does Not Keep Pace With His Com- 
panions. Perhaps It Is Because He Hears A Different 
Drummer. Let Him Step To The Music He Hears. How- 
ever Measured Or Far Awav. — thoreau the good old 
summer time . . . Beach . . .June 81 The only one Its too 
late to turn back now. /ALTJ/." L/DIO/S Night I/IO/ 
G? Saterday w/trips Journey through time. Movie w/c 
see Ya Later AJ. Thanx Alot Mom Rock Rock away . . . 

David Brigham Briggs 
Activities: Football. 1234 *99 Superbow Bound Co ach 
Kandy Don Wrestling Hvy. L'ncle Ralphv Sachems & 
Clip.' Bloody Stumps Defensive Specialist. OB Mem; 
Good Luck Burkie! The Pit GS 9nth grade Sci Nice 
simps Orangewires Victim of the HEFS wp Rain snow 
thonder and lightning Meet ya at Aldens & Siamese cat.' 
want the hev schew' no. problem. Turkeydav Dennis 
uturn I thought thev were nice Take it out of alo That 
was then this is now. Whats the grinding noise.' The J. 
Giels Band Imusta ogt lost. MGA Julie GBean LS Nite- 
time 50 78 74 58 69 20 chasing rabbits' Springsteen! 

Colletn M. Brock 

Memories: summertime Dionne 7 9 I said what.' D P. 
Spanish Lobstering 10% 10B. wood end flipper Aurora 
Anywhere with water. Hurts so Good. Top 40 stocks 
merging. Hawaii Caroline alot of us have wild ideas 
Heres to those who get theirs off the ground. Bentlev 31 
chaminade 28 at least 10 more." Sea Boston 3: a.m. 
sternperson John "low man on the totum pole 28-30-18 
The gear — is gone! Kalina an officer and a Gentleman. 
Snowy days Souzas Football Childhoods End T.I.T.B M. 
Fighting Irish. Thanx MOM & DAD 

fill E. Brothers Jillyroll 
Memories: Deep inside I'll always be a child, it's some- 
thing that can't be lost. The past is precious & the future 
is exciting! Sweet 16 at Halloween 
rom 81 & 82 / Thanks Denise. Linda. Adam — for all the 
good times * 9/11/81 — 5/21/82 — Times I'll Never 
Forget chris Flash — ah.ah. / oj& pcinchem /dq& 
McDsinMrfd / HONG KONG PHOOEY. ' / cruising' 
/ Robin Hood? Thank You Beth.. Midnight walks / 
sexy/ dulany worn/ 616-ejz/ #355 / boss 80 Ahhhhhhhhh 
. . . Boom / * Hola Que pasa * friends forever waji — 
wuju * oogies — Japan bound.'.. Let the good times roll 

Susan D. Brown Sudii 
Memories: Field Hockey #11 Tennis — Doubles the Zoo 
FYB cket's party slush the clash #55 right here. somFJoe 
& Joes Momma FTCLambake DROWN'-ML'CH! Duck 
summer '82 Kel Steph Ilyg tmiwnftgtwh your right 4- 
musketeer's The Rover we re Gonna Die — Literally The 
L'niversal or united diga me que tengo ser rosebowl 
w/z&gb BFI ps & reebgnobs w/BF. MC.JQ. & PM — 
/R/E/A/D/ Kelisan & Roxanne — It's Blsy. Lush trio 
who's Bestv on. Isk Gd TRID ILTD — POTLL'CK Be 
home early IL Trouble BLOITOFF D-meats FIGHT 


Ernie Brummitl Ernie 
Memories: ANNETTE! Rob. Eric. Deb. Fish Pemb . . . 
don't pet mad. pet even . . . 

Joe J. Burke Burkie 
Activities: Wrestling 1234 Thanks coach Frazier UN? 
N'D Im starved how many over' Memories: Briggs every 
thing is under control Jeorge class of 8.' The orange wires 
what happened Learv SHUT UP negative clock Lousy 
SBF Cape trip Brighton R J Giels "I musta got lost 
HHH' #84 The Pit GS wd Push Dennis u turn I thought 
they were nice Goal: Do with your life what you want 
becuse If you dont you will never enjoy It Its been a long 
four years DHS Thanks mom and dad. 

Run W Buscemi 

Memories: 1951 dodge forever mom & dad thanks But 
How come keith cant drive my car. Mike jym class 82 get 
coudirt nice yolk get down "78" Dodge power wagon 
cant be beat' Bonnie weres keith Keith weres ronnie were 
did Tom ever go.' usmcherei come "Semperfidelis" uncle 
wavne need a job. andrews clan Keith 11 years and mabe 
more Mrs. Kelly always. After school work At 3:00 lady 
Di Vermont "82". Dad dont forget to get me on friday. 
Falmouth "The Boat" Ron were did you get that car. 
Beach driving. The thing I would like to say before I go is 
if your going to do anything in life do it with a friend- 
..Love ya mom & Dad 

Demse M. Cahill 

Memories: Prom '82 — where's Pam. Mark — Mildred — 
Sitm — Dan, LOVE ALWAYS 11/25/80 I get by with a 
little help from my friends — smitty. Pam, Phippy. Gary. 
Pattie Timbo. Miss ya Smitty. "Tweety" Bottom of the 
pile. The 3 musketeers Desie & Griz 4-ever. Thanx Pam 
& Mary for being there when I needed you most. Road 
runner .j.Giels Concert the last B.B. to go Inseparables 
— J.J, IWLYA & N.F.Y. Jerry. Turn the Page . . . 
H A H H M. Brother, thanx mom & Dad It's time to 
ramble on — southbound .... 

Robert M. Callahan Bob 
Memories: "STAGS" FB#88 TP' sbcinatree; Jvbases 
Biorr dsw Maddog #13; 1:29 in 600 Expo state champs, 
mockery Heinies Bill, yens; Mister; Peter B vs Hegab; c 
mobile JKet Rwtuincar; Po Bick w Pete. In nomine 
pater . " FR Good win; 3 wks cc Reg; "whose on First" 
skunk; 0.000 chem. hw for CK, WM. ect.; Imno TGC. 
Mikes was Arr. haha; tmags Deke; "just turning around 
off. "Whose driving?? "Frosh — seniors" — I did'em all, 
"now what.' college bound' Thanks m + D. 


Robert M. Callahan 


Ellen R. Carpenter Timothy John Ceglarski 

Anne L Canavan 

Memories: Hooter, MB. Boone. Bunky. H.a.g.t. Deb- #9 
wear-jb Just call out my name — DEDICATED, Ski — 
vt. F Of party van, NPGP I'm flexible knees CC 82 
BSJDA V & S 4f s, moonbeaming wrecked #5 on tape — 
moose/ B&B toads 'Vs. no social value JAS-BF-15 yrs. 
MB Fla. 82 Bobby, line a form Bog parties — dd prim. 3 
Glen.' QFB .... rides dexter summers. JT, matches Jr. 
crew year DQ valuable sand. Not me baby. Sparklie 
V + GFJ Budkus, vallees, Thanx Mom & Dad G. ILY 
see ya bye! 

Glen M. Cappucci 

Memories: what happened to vbV Otis, Clarke. Bru — 
Redman. Lets go skating. Where s Glen.' The Galaxy. 
All nighters. Pac Trbo Fairmount Goin' Swimmin Scott ' 
BVI s with Phil. Bic "Don't report this SUP? Lets gozon- 
mg Kristen — prom '82 J&D forever/ nice truck scorms. 
Led Zep — Been Dazed and Confused Solardanels. 
ROSY PALM 27. If I had known it would be like this I 
might have given it a 2nd thought — but real life sure isnt 
like school, theres some lessons that just cant be taught. 
Thanx Mom and Dad 

Elltn R. Carpenter 

Memories: KEKEMS CEJ 3's even Grad Party 82 tic -tic 
Pec — lake dont look now . . b- wall who are they ? I PSC 
smr England Expo NLGT btb — love it! Pj game Fdlr 
B&L Foghat — why.' Iaa 4 in her Cars i.a.u.c. Hows your 
leg.' Eu. b. H.J.J./H E.P. Homecom 81 nurse ctmw MC> 
go wild! Cat-combat- hit the deck mission of mercy 
TSCJ-Jo Mama sailing with Kim and Keli b-ling shoe 
box caper OHW King C 90 mi. no lights later Fla. boys! 
M-f.f. stop, singing in the rain — kidnapped K J & CQ. 
to rescue S.D.C. Miss Ya Lots T.M.D.T. Live life to the 

Rosa Castro 

Activities: M.H.S. Drama, Keyclub. Football. Speech 
and Debate. Memories: Keith, Retch, Mike. Jeff. Kelly. 
Kurt. Rich. Senior year at D.H.S. — Choir and REAL 
Theatre The Diary of Anne Frank'' — Monty, Thanks 
for everything. Take Me Back To Manhatten" Festival 
in Boston. The WATT — Why not.' Party at Harvard — 
Where is Cam now Davide and Sarah — Welcome. The 
Smell Of Leather — And A Few Other Things' Old 
Colony — John, Rick, Ike, Craig. & Greg' Outer Space or 
Inner Space' Linda, Liz. Darin. Dan, Peter. Goal: To 
make it through college!!! 

Richard Catttll Rico 
Memories: Chipmunk Chevy. Yellow Truck. Roll Mo- 
bile. Nights at the beach. Scott swimms w/BBB. noddles 
AFH. Work at McD's and PAW. Times and Riding XR s 
at Phil's and the Woods. Riding to the B with Phil one 
day. 2/20/82 GROLN BSMBFEM. Following Land 
Cruisers to Dead Ends. L time ACD'SWSR + Fook. 
Bzone with 800 + 2600. Doors. Cars. Van Halen. Foreign- 
er, Ozzy. RX-5200 .... Goals: TMI WAM GAI CFM 
ION ATS HWSD. KH + DG. To have a half decent car 
someday so I can blow away Roll Mobiles +200 SX'S. 
AFA next year & F-15 after that. Later DHS 

Timothy John Ceglarski Tim 
Memories: HOCKEY states at the Garden LYMB The 
U.S. O.T.C. in Colorado WPBWM Beach LYMP The 
Cars with BBPB DMSOTT Hockey Party with #4 Barks 
WWMFM FOX Benny's Russian Sub HITBAP Dalton 
Tear|erking talks be fore the big ones by Mr. K HOCK- 
EY FYIWNMK Doc s winter health spa Pitt M.ddle- 
bury LG4Wg Bennv The Great Gretzkv B.C. Mlbxs 
L MIX UPAY GLMK The Office ziggies #14 Garden 
Bound Roby "Set your sights high, be determined you 
will reach them, and if you fall a little short, get back up 
and go for it again '' Thx M + D 


Philip A. Chisolm Chiz 
Memories: The Roll Mobile The Duxbury Beach scene- 
..How about those Red SOX! The Cutlass chase; to close 
to the end for me. The Place, the Senior-Graduate bud- 
dies. Colley crash; sorry girls. Raceing Crocket was the 
best Part of Jazz Band. MX. Gang, fighting S.A., U.S.S. 
Nimitz in N.ks&pp N.ks' pool. The Who Carribean 
cruises, the Alk. boat, no D.A. there. Cape trips The canal 
trip with G. W. and M. Z. Doyle in sulls = the Asylum. 
Sr. Class bash with the Peanuts, something fermented. So 
much for the D.H.S. 

Denise 0. Cicierega 

Memories; "Black Satin" Midnight Walks "Detectives 
Away" "The LAKE" "The CAPE" and "The D.G." • 
Candy! a "Life Saver" * LogCabins, Barns & bogs 
/&Howdy! * See ya DHS T.C. #3 w/JJLJ & w/candy & 
soap • AMDSCL&J * V-Ball *USFSA • Skiing 'Jazzer- 
cise * Tap * Biking-Gym ? * OJ and PC in chem. * * "One 
touch of nature makes the whole world kin." ** Hojo's 
work much? * 3 & 4 yr olds * 2/18/81 klldchn dlrgm • 
Florida * New Hampshire * McD's — Mrfd * "Hong 
Kong Phooey" Ahhhhhhh . . . BOOM! • Good-Luck to 
all' * Friends Forever: Jill & Linda * Hi Sis * Keep Flying 
Laura * Thanks Mom & Dad * 

Phillip A, Chisolm 

Denise O. Cicierega 

Steven J. Cislo 

Activities: Football — Defense #22 Memories: MMFG 
.... Mighty Monte Hop p/c. MOOO LOOOOO.. Twit 
cranky Buff Benny H. Five-O Dano Margarret Chang 
Bookem Dano .... Wet Kimbi Prom — LLike Million 
bucks Buzzard Harry — unbelievable The kid-Do the 
right thing. Doughnut run . . . Sea Grull Low 180JR year 

Jonathan V. Clapp 

Memories: SD, Pick up again. Oct. on eighty Labor Day 
As One Florida, airport S. SKIING Mt. Sun. Many more 
trails to go. Hitting those Bs'. Bill W.M. Jamming Bob 
M. "No Expectations" The Rolling Stones. Finger print 
File, will play! JAV Soc. 9 & 10 MCSO; 12 DHT 
Listen to me on your satellite. J. and B. sing within the 
Latin family: Mr. G., Vale! Everyone is Human . . . 
IHFLLL, Ts Heather TUM. and D. Goodbye DHS, Re- 
member, ICL'AD "No Expectations 

Steven J. Cislo 

Jonathon W. Clapp 

Virginia Ann Coffin Ginny 
Activities: band. Literary Magazine, yearbook Memories: 
Clone twins . . . FREEZING football games. Nurse! Pau- 
la ask your mom. Always need a ride. P.G.= God Hey 
Joan what's up? "Sadie Hawkins" oops' Rose — always 
on the phone. Clams §§. LEFT . . . LEFT always babysit- 
ting tab? J. Geils Stray Cats; 50'sjazz forever. P.B..J.M., 
P.S., G.S., C.A . . . The good times are forever and the 
bad ones fade away Tomorrow is a dream that leads me 
onward. Thanks Mom Later DHS 

Lydia W. Colley Lyd 
Memories: will never be forgotten 7/4/81 Whos to 
blame Whos to gain? 7/15/85 Forever MMsCP 
LTDML'NCH Pplprmd monmt Wreaths' Thank you 
Al-key-club Two tickets Summer 81 WRs rainbows SC 
Gloucester Prom 82 SWAK stone eat n Adventurous 
Gumby gek taking a trip' dont forget us! Norfolk Tooth 
fairy puzzle caps let split 1/4 at Tammys Purple Licorice 
at the mall Im neutral fort Duster water? $100 bet 
9/17/82 Pies' Bndbs Twins unicorns friends are forever 
Tootooth onknoH 1/15/82 Tony turn the page 50f4." 
Itsasdho oH night Im Young Im Wild Im Free I LOVE 

Virginia Ann Coffin 

Lydia W. Colley 


Lynda M. Colley 

Memories: All paths lead you to a friend . . . Lyd dylb 
twins/ BORN TO BE WILD the forest beach bums 
EMLC — the 4B's of life GNO Drive In Al-Key Club 
Erin — was it the Cape/ — swimming . . . Amy Kristin — 
I warned you about V Monument SC Prom '82 — 
Drippy's the 3B's of life WR Many road trips Cath 
G +T's all the way Buze cruis a — I LUV U TJD 10/4/79 
pool hoppin' at Val's tkfahyw mc tbe greatest of zzzzz's 
Gabri-fort parties FE . . . . Memories are Forever 

Stephanie Ellen Condrick 

Memories: summer '82 — the best! 8/21/82 — The 
CLASH! Diga me que tengo set? #55 — Right here! joe 
& |oe's mama' 1 ' the 4 M s — kelisan, sudie duck, trace, 
roxanne — LL TD! LT RIO scary monsters — FYB — 
EMR, ISK!S — buddies' You're right' /R /E /A /D/ is 
it Universal or I'nited' Hello, my name is Betty' Kett's 
bash! FT Clam bake' RBND Tablets 2nd time round 
drown much, duck?! POT LUCK! Kel's ROVA — open 
door — BKruns E.T.P.H. Rose bowl sw/PGB & Z' KG 
Triples & NABRS! YLE's PTY MYPTY.' I only told 4! 
BF, PM.JQ. Edward — BLSY.' Why don't you tell me 
bout the mystery dance.' EC get away! CHEN ot 

Lynda M. Colley 

Stephanie Ellen Condrick 

Andrew William Connall 

Activities Sorry M&D wasn't born an athlete Memories: 
Miramar I filled up the salad bowl Colin Hows Sidaey/ 
FUJI Foreignor / Billy Squier Myer s Feild smoke show 
drive-in Heidi A MV ILYF Paul-Olsen. freindly game of 
fist to face Prom 82 — Heidi Van Halen — Pretty Wom- 
an Black Sabbath, THE WHO Brown Malibu — Sic 
Driver EL'GENE slow ride Jeff take it easy Were outta 
here Steve Frosties in a silver Continental anybody want 
to go to Columbia Shooting Star Bad Company Lata 
DHS Much later see you soon HA 

Kevin D. Connelly 

Memories: the tamer = BellHop Hellfleet COD 
FWanky happy hornball acorn gatherer controversial 
Bollack TGL cola can "hey Whoigan" Nova = zzzz, the 
sage BLW'.. the Hoss manipulation 3-D 8/82-Ye big 
ones biggest bash so., river In. E-tcwnc, ypG the list — # 
street wise sarcal DDB "IHY" throw it in the well J V. 
Parties mentor me Collins college.. You loser' window 
duty lost in the flood — Macs "LHWOOIL ' — B . . 

Kevin D. Connelly 

Christopher Sean Connors Chris 
Memories: Time, he's waiting in the wings/ memdy 
wkdn He speaks of senseless things/ DON YOUR 
ANTLERS — DM42 His script is you and me / No 
Linda, I am / FF(.') FDR (?) Take you time / Retch HSR 
XTC / G!MP — THEZ TREZ #355 / 3A D(J)B is g/ No 
Cows ( MOB-EW. AS + (WW)ITT tdy? / Tequcakes 
Music is a world within itself / Oedipus Hears / field 
With a Language we all understand / No rents — Rock 
+ bit Stevie Wonder / Peppermint + Yack, in the back' 
/ Chasin Is this anybody's golden age. / ACT SBCN40 / 
ST-Zoom! DS Or am I thinking of a golden cage.' / Loz 
/ HA! HA' HA' 

Joanne Marie Coogan 

Memories: It seems like it just began and now it has 
ended . . . For a new begining. Activities. Drama, Literary 
magazine Memories: Rainbows, A.C.T., Thez Quincy — 
GTE. Summer — 82. Cape Cod. Jordan Hospital Volun- 
teer, I LLJV New York. Goal: To be a successful Nurse 
and enjoy life. Thanks M&D 

Christopher Sean Connors 

Joanne Marie Coogan 


Lyz Cook Hester 
Memories: "All the world's a stage".. "Starmaker. Mouse 
Sunsets and Unicorns. "Etiquette and the Prom ..." by 
M B. R-R. TO C.L. and K.M, my rainweather friends. 
No, Luke, Homeroom T-parties. G.S.T.Q., Deirdre. And 
on the 8th day the lord made Thespians. "Celestial Dan- 
driff." G.N.W.F. John P. Buns forever! TISATAAFT. 
ILY Mom and Dad, and the three stooges! Charlie s 
Angles on Patrol. Go On, beat it! This scrubbing bubbles 
going down the drain. 

Brian Corcoran 

Memories ... #1HPJV OSTDAOF lP + y = 4wksH 
Blazer Freeze The Moose ILID 7-3-82 sparks out the 
back in Hum. Sat. Nites over GW ths Gp 12 point turn 
lP + y = 4wksh Curtis Run Prom 82 aJS Lost in the 
Forest ths SB Hockey #6 Cars 82 LRH No Party Here BS 
games in CK's Cr Record is aJV 118 Ll Yll HC DOC'S 
Pty's = -mir. Hl'YA The Beach was made for WKends 
Med + Bch bsch WOV Iweird ride BH TNJAPD ths 
clean up crew Mid. Rambler J28-A6LHIB T6ATBT 
LTGR HSITA If your dreams and goals are within reach, 
reach higher ths Mom + Dad 

Marybeth Margret Costello Costy 
Memories: Hooter, Bunky, Boone. +B. Hoot, are your 1 
4Fs FH #1. M's + d's. DQ. FN'S at D S. SKIING, SKI 
mobile, BMW. Bobby, sparklies. Toads. RPLD! BB.JT- 
DEDICATED, SBJ. Wrecked #24, Matches, 3/2C MIB- 
BOTW 24 HAD. Ddays. Kil. DFB. Florida '82, C.1'83! 
The Vega? KS in a V. It says Green! Sup.' Catch ya on 
the flip side' !4's. G + T's.Just another excuse' tiptingbri- 
bri. We have no social Value' NPGP How are your 
onions? REAR! FOF Not me baby.. TMHSLCSL Moon- 
beaming oh, WOW! if you see someone without a smile 
give em yours! Thanx P+J See ya, bye! 

James D. Cotter Spunky 
Activities: Football, Track. Weekends!!' Memories: July 
4, 1982 73 "Noseguard/ Mcisaac Monster Where's the 
Party/Live & Let die" "stairway" CS & S Lisa/Old 
Spunky trick/Pit Parties/Brian/Goodbye DHS Thanx 
Mom + Dad DLFi + HoM Good Luck Coach Kispert!' 
We gotta get out of this place! No one here gets out 
alive' Breakfast of Champions You gotta wanna" We 
beat Middleboro!!' All the Way!!! TsNK LFwtWoGod 
Reggie!! Javelin, Pole vault 190 12 what does Reggie 
want? Ketch U lata GLTTTY Now Get Ready 4 the C of 

Dean Crumlish 

Memories: "I'll be glad to get out of here'" My Goals are 
to go to college, get a good job, and become very ric h!!! 1 
would like to say hello to: Patti, Janice, Suessan, and 
Tracy! Hope to see you this summer. 

Deidre T. Dahlen Brit 
Memories: The Royal Wedding July 29 1981! I.L.P.C., 
P.A., P.E. Deer Isle — true simplicity — Getting back to 
Nature! Love you P., P., S.. K. LOVE YOU MOM, 
DAD, SC. CM. N.H. B.. L P. S.S. B.J. Goofy Paul 
Brandy's always there — Golden eyes. "WUM" Fish 
"Diets are forever" Water — At Last Mr. Bertones histo- 
ry class; A.F.S. ENGLAND — where dreams and fanta- 
sies begin and end. A. P. Calculus: "Abandon Hope all ye 
who enter Here." "hopingly" "Magnum p.i." "Raiders of 
the Lost Ark. "Remember Chicago — Coleen" "NY Con 
Maura — Ed" Adios 

Lyz Cook 

Brian Corcoran 

Marybeth Margret Costello 

James D. Cotter 

Deidre T. Dahlen 


Jon \X'. Deklerk Jusuf Dervovic 

Steven Joseph Daley Double 
Memories: CHRIS; May 17, 1962 — Crash. Steve — Trigl; 
SEPT. 30. 1982 — Crash — #2 Steve without Trig; Mello- 
Yellow Golf. N.H.C.C.; I.L.C.F.; Munk. VC'ilbur. Hi 
Munk a an Lisa; L'.H.R. — awesome; Prom '83' — 
psyched; J.C. and H.; Munk in the snowbank; Chris and 
Dub Forever, Dub The Hill Have an idea 
Nightmare "; Thanx mom and dad"; "Horrified"; Goals' 
Lawyer. A.T.M.C: See vou Later!" 

Robert E. David Munk 
Memories: Crash #1 5-17-82. Sorry Dub it's only a fender 
bender. RES = TRL'B. Prom 83; "Wilbah"; Summer '82; 
Hi Dub and Chris. NHCC. Monkey Man. Loverbov. 
what a nightmare. ryaLatgtwht. barely made it to the 
John Couger Concert '82; Crash §2 9-30-82 your turn 
Dub! Steamy windows at the Drive-In! Good Luck all! 
LDD. JR.M. Awesome, gofmunk. Remember vou al- 
ways Lisa. Homecoming '82 "It's been real guys"; The 
Boat; OTLORGTK. Golf Team; summers at the course; 
Thanks Mom and Dad! Cross Country; Bve cause its 
time for me to fly 

Jon W. Deklerk Deke 
Activities: 4 years Varsity Tennis. Statechamps 81. 82. 83.' 
Awsome. Loval fan. Memories: Vl'ildmans tripple pass at 
Seabury. plhmw. bbkhbof dlbyob. ko & jdldtts. the boys 
in 81. dp7tw Good Dubs DP. DH. BB. Jdacc. Gwhat.' 
Forgot ckhbhbp. jpclrcwmc. Horg star. Sowrdki. 8178 
Spelbax. The B Gip. Ck & BGW play football "The 
Cars ".. "Plus Tax" Homecoming BchCom. Steph & 
SuosdansF. avecJJ. JPatfh. "Thanx" Ragst pt MsaBch. 
FP&CS Do Lawns. BC. Give back Deks books JC 
TDptv LD. HC. ak "Don't Stop Believing '. 20000 tons 
TNT. Sk Champ. CH Goals Be Sucess Ten teach Gou- 
safa Au Revoir' DHS Thanx 

Sandy L. DeLella 

Memories . . . like the corners of my mind . . . ICPi My 
End less love (s) Summer 80 I luv NY! Grinch me' My 
dear Bill & Char FVX'M The Gang — Let the good times 
Roll! — Terooh baby ooh. said ooh Take a P'YN'LM San 
R summer, sgab! Dreams will come true A us . . . Bimbos 
Jules Bash — Life Then — the Bust! ... Its the laughter 
we will remember . . . skin-dip Case blind-dates. I miss 
you Cathy. .Lynn I Red | and Riz . . . Kingston Bound a la 
Badnes Fan Club! Toga! Lena, thank you FBT; SFA s: 
VC'e salute u' Papa G's Proms Partez 1 11 never forget the 
way we were . . . 

Jusuf Dervovic Yule 
A lot of people in Europe think drugs, criminals, rich 
men's parties, and things like that are the most important 
part of American life. The truth is that this country has 
more freedom than any other country in the world and 
most people don t spend all their time on "crazy" things. 
Most Americans work hard and they want to enjov their 
money in peace. 


Kristin Elizabeth Dodd 

Laura May DolIofT 

Kristin Elizaheth Dodd 

Memories: Skiing #1 Bimbos. The Creek. Prom 82 with 
David Skiing at Cannon & Bretton Woods Sundays at 
Ply. State Forest Green V.W. Nicholas (our pup I The 
House of The Rising Sun ozzy concert' spDiet' I gotta 
get a car! Kim & Sean — remember when we . . . . 
Imported is the best Ganri & David, my 2 favorite peo- 
ples. Killer Toads Chinese Food & Zombies "Its code 
out" radio blowout Burger Pit & Dunkm Donuts at 
Midnight Goals: College — Nursing — Good-bv doesnt 
mean forever!!!! Thanks M&D for everything' C F & the 
Fst. are Great! 

Laura May Dolloff 

Memories: Be Careful which dream you clutch . . . for 
dreams come true! EPF — Main / Thanx to my buddies 
... I finally made it! Daddy's Caddy. GA — Sum 82 Lisa, 
my southern buddie Evin: I'll always be here for V . Juju 
— Saquish.' Jus' kidd'n Sodium. M&D Thanx for every- 
thing! In mthymias / mhsdhs proms of 82. Blake, where 
are you? Kiss — 108 / Car.' Where' / Help, Im Lost! 
Purple-Power' Steak a choke' Bridget & Sugar / vaca- 
tion!' / Strawberry fields forever — Beatles / Pat-wat 
rainbows! / Diane, / Taryn — your so pretty / I Live In 
Jeans. Does That Make Me A Boy ' artgtwh' Now What 
Do I Do."^ 

Anne Marie Dowd 

Linda Duckett Dulany 

Anne Marie Dowd 

Memories: The Goon Squad — Tarn. Steph & Steph. 
Sharon. Ann & Squeeks. Kiss 108, svf, smu — B'52's. 
Sodium = N. A. WV '82 Gninthgil yollm. Tennis, Kelly 
— Florida, "PR." Prom '82 Be Naughty, Megga — W.P, 
Bed Buddy — sS B. "Give to the world the best you have 
and the best will come back to you 'Jamaica Highway, 
Summer 1982, Best Frnds — SDTF SBSD. Otterama. 
Ebony & Ivory, Bish sleepover, Snake'em Sssss!! 
McNuggets' Kinky. Get a Grip" Spaz' SI ip- it "Baby, we 
can do it take the time. Do It Right""' What Hangs Ann' 
Burke's' You Dill! Thanx Mom & Dad' 

Linda Duckett Dulany 

Memories: "All the world's a stage'' and I'm the director' 
Peach Out! Give me a bag! "Some are born to sing the 
blues'' — see much of the concert, Nance' Proms, stop 
staring' Freshman 1 '' A C T Jazz Choir. Pacesetters — bye 
Bruce' Page thirty-three (dirty old man (Three (that thurs- 
dayl! The Island' Babysit — they'te home' Football' Me.' 
Jenny come back' Penquins. Quackers 1 Thanks Nancy 
Dee. For everything. June 6, 1987' Ho-Jo's — E.F.E.L.? 
Skinny-dipping! Orange Juice John.' Worn si! Chili 
who' Thanks DHS — later' 

Laura A. Dyer 

Laura A. Dyer Lil 
Memories: ILY Joe — July 4th 86'. Texas Motocross 
Lakeville Buton PG s Pizza foadsbons! Summer '81 
Bikes, beach, L-about-P&C. Dean & her Caesar salad! 
"Nicole'' Smurf scopin' — findin". Mr. Meanie Dead 
flowers alive in my heart ov-ni Dean's private Hairdress- 
er Gumball Machine rings The Future Takes So Long'' 
Duxbury & Brockton are far apart, but Joe and I are 
close at heart. Laura. Laura. Deanbop 1 Shrink Deely Bop- 
pers Planet Claire "Silly Girl!" Are you sur.' Thanks Mom 
& Dad Best Friends 4-F.ver Denise. 

Darin P Eddy Damn 
Memories FINALLY! . . . It's who you look like not 
who you are. J.B. . . . Summer 82 . . joyrides ... 72 
Camero . . . 18th . . . just checkin' the place . . . Golf The 
Bomber hyperspace GGO awesome The Po- 
lice, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Jackson Brown . . 
Good clean fun! . . . GTHHASP . . . HC, DYWTB. 4, 17, 
18 TFT MHCIWALY . . . Roxanne . . . Ramblin' man 
. . . "straight to . ILYMDMJJD . . HYATTT- 
MIWMY . . . I can do it . . . Thanks Pete & Heidi . . . 
Thanks Mom and Dad . . . 


Julie Anne Edmunds 

Peter Evans 

Julie Anne Edmunds S(hultzie 
Memories: Look at the face! Worn fl&2i Drama — 
Hojo s HilDEgarD' Worms ACT — cast parties, I'm 
Comfort. AFS — M.V. antennae Pac-Woman Hot Stuff 
& HR with PTSAL BC'S d ing Lunch on the end again! 
LMCLSJA NPGP 82 (8}f ) — glasses, chickenwings com- 
ing to Consciousness Swimming Where's Bethlehem' 
Deutschland Anybody got any extra milk:" AAT- 
TFTPTLl-A 42' The world has no existance whatsoever 
outside the human imagination. 2en..NHS-L'&I Some- 
body killed the duck. Brute FIS #Uv & IWMY CLC ILY 
RDSR LOVE & Tks mom & dad 

Peter Evans 

KYIMHF M. YAML. YAMO. yaiwtbmhw. spswmf 
To my sister. RYHABTFM. ADES CFM. ILYS . . . 
Prom. 81. 82 . . . Danny's Song . . . Layla . . . Oct. 26. 
1979. one lost afternoon with Sine! . . . John, the Al to 
Miras will live! . . . Riding shot-gun with Daron . . . 
Thanks to T.C.S. JFBY' . . . Summer nights with Moira 
and Mr. Gordon . . . 1985 '. Cant wait! ... To mi Mother 

Bronwvn Mary Fairbrother 

Kellv Ann Fallon 

Bronuyn Mary Fairbrother 

Memories: Thanks Duxbury for a wonderful year! 8 
supper Moms and Dads. ILYall. Hee Hee — Jenn. 
Psych papper "no worries, mom''' Pink and green.' Alli- 
gators every where. Tennis f 1. AGYG enchanted ". BB- 
making mud pies. Cheeseburger TG. Anyone for Vege- 
mite' Kangaroos in my backyard' Give me a break ! 
Snow-ski NH. but give me FL-D.W. — 4/82 . . . Summer 
tour of my life McD's again'' CAL ILY. NYC!! "Brown- 
ie — the crazy CR. M&M HRS-FF'S. PreCalc-frisbee' 
Class "82 It's all a dream. Goodbve is not forever — I'll 
be back soon 

Kelly Ann Fallon Kelskins 
Memories: Why don't you tell me about the mystery 
dance" Prom 82 — DITY^DWLP!ES — rah! 
WEAKR3' Cars-iac! va-jomama DUCK & ROXANNE- 
ILY! 4-Musketeers' #55 — RIGHT HERE' BFI CLASH 
— Diga me que tengo ser' SL'MMER — ILTD' — 
jefPRY-JQ-PM! Blow it off-its blsy! PCC-LAKE'L- 
TRIO-THEROVA! FTCLAMBAKE' drowning ducks' 
Been Borg' Crk sbash.' Rose Bowl — wPGB&2! Take 
Dn 2pts! co-sue chipA' MD&ClanlLY! Is it universal or 
United.' My name' BUFFY' WYLIECYOTE' KEKEM' 
Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem 

Tamra Ann-Marie Fasolino 

Sara Hart Fargo 

Memories: #23 Field Hockey. Track DRAGONS =1 
NLAD Pg6 33 Sunlight Valley Cody. Wyoming! 
THACH. Tina. Dandy. Bronze babe. Tennesse Stud' . 
mud fights! ELK CREEK RANCH' Grand Tetons. Bear 
tooths. 7/82! D.W. 81 Va. 82 CARS 82 JAY and Metabel 
ILY Forever' Morgan and Flower Beach bound' 
what.. Pass that by me again.'! Cassiopia! TILDEN- 
BEAR. ATS. DL'FL'S Timmy. my big brother and pal for 
life. Thanx. I LUV U! Love ya lots PEPPER' Bye BEAN 
and CHADWICK' Steve. POGIE. TINY. Liam. Farmer. 

Tamra Ann- Marie Fasolino Tamm) 
Memories: The Goon Squad. Bish. Steph. Otterama. 
Craigs fl&2l. Skills, squeeks Sodium. Ssss!. Snake. Go- 
for-IT Prom 82- Mike. KISS — 108. Chase'.'. Beach- 
Bum, let s Dance Catchin-rays. Smu-faced — B52 s. 
GMNTHGIL YLLOM. 'Tern Strawberries. DO-IT- 
Right!. "I can sew it Benatar. SYF Take-a- "p ". Banana. 
Touch-down. Lifes-a- "B ". Spaz. kinky Grounded 
Steph''. Soccer J.V.. Midnight — Realestate. wv Thez. If 
you love something, set it free, if it comes to you. It's 
yours. If it doesn't. It never was. Take It easy, but take 


Bradford Hamilton Finlay Brad/ee 
Memories: Big WHOE!! "Should I stay or should I Go" 
CLASH 82 Guetoe Ziggy Tohmass John Cougar 82' 
Hydro Fidley Whatt a Good boy" YEAH' BENDIX 
BFD ELLISON'S Thanks Mr. & Mrs. 'A', What A Sum- 
mer ! Smitties NASTY HEART 82 TXGR It's on Fire 
Kibball L'nion FAT Bilbo "come to think of it, I'll have 
some Ghanga'" YAKIN 5-20-2-10-8-12-0-4 Thanx M&D 
Fulton St. Big Dance Track 82' 83' "Let us therefore do 
our best to live But one day at a time" Hi-Fi Guy I've Just 

Catherine Hope Fisher Cat 
Memories: flood of smiles and frowns 2 bstffe — LaLo. 
LaLa KJBJDDTG ..K.' Homcom 81-82 GLD&M M- 
kitch table-talks HS sec M&J grew up critical time SCB 
GHOL THE Haircut FIFI KSSKM nurse cat JW peep.n 
torn combat dunes E-lights! + Mission of Mercy IOLI 1- 
SB & CK! Grad party 82 Jette-home' JW's Fiat w/JJ's 
shoes BD's parties Khla/c of slidown CLASH j j jailbird 
KingC/90 mi — no lights! lata Fla. boys Frankee shoe 
box caper TRID w/BC's car on top! bag night Toga 
frosty JECanticli Mnt LHDY BE A CLOWN psych — 
psyched You made the diff — Franchic — the Best' I get 
there records D! Acts 2:28 

Erin Patrice Frederick 

Memories: Be careful which dreams you clutch ... for 
dreams come true! LMD-MAINE Richie, ILY — 
1/22/82 NHCC Sleding. Laura — Best friends forever 
never forget U Proms! Funny funny haha D&E — Smill- 
ing faces ice cream — Girls in Purple. EE DONT BITE 
YOL'R NAILS. SODIUM Diane & Mary Claire — we 
are lost'! What TREE??? Gymnastics — celebration 
Babv Sitting — PF — Springsteen! Bo-Bo & nite. Pat- 
Wat, rain bows! Julie. Whats them atta '.' Chandler 
School — ROR Good Luck — SKTB MOM. THANK- 
YOU for watching ME GROW AND BEING There 
when I was Down! Now I am on my way! 

Mary E. Free/and Mar 
Memories: /JMCSLEJ*FF*DUTE Best Bad Get At a 
Here No Time to Talk/sking..HaH*NOT ME BABE 
Im 2 Precious FO ADIDAS' BAGS "CAT" = Dont wor- 
ry Bout Me. MIWMH 'Summer on the run. LAI R — I 
Loved it!! No RENTS! SUMMER "82".. The Best!.. 
IALYJW/CAD.. Cissy "wish We Were There ' 
JY&IGU. Hey EYE My Hand Is Always There..> New 
Years Maybe Sue'.IWTBAV" WHY'.. THANKS- 
/KAH Jim C. Cusome DAY . . . Private Beaches. 
WFF. Watch over me/LET IT BE THNX DT..IPY 
Problems want go wrong. TTGOYBBL. BLACK Berry.' 
como.'. G in a Vette.! BARROW CYLG . YSMBT NO- 

Stephen J Gallaher Steve 
Activities: Suzuki do it in the dirt. THE FIELD LIVES 
ON. Light House Blues. STL'I wheres the tent.' THE 
KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. Memories: Dazed and confused. 
C.S. B P A.C. S.C. J.P. G.N. Luck & good times are with 
you. Hey JEFF P. YOUR Mothers Calling We Kept The 
Neighborhood Alive. Goals: Living in the lime light and 
cruising with the BAND. 

David John Garretson Garry 
Memories: Im^GsFri. Nite Hev Kev. Take A . . . Sun. 
Me My 1 Wood GOLF Thanx Purple Hayze STATES — 
Wciy Bnty Us ama TCC Slow Talking Says 52 gbs to BG 
" MCC SUMMER — 8/16 to One AM 9/26 <g> TM — 
Dygha Bite' 44 & 25 = Thanx Off. M DI & Majority 
Rules ... 1 Nite GAm LY WJD, L & the Thad Road 
house Blues Butg. Misa BHB— sgfy Had Sum Fun 
W/Coff — Fort Court 4g Ma — Good Luck. Tougs 
Another Story — Sum Fun W/ the 2nd M HJCIO/9. 14 
flag The Long & Winding Rd. by W = 376. Jump, How 
Hi? YOU MOPE — Kisppiffg — Thanx You Guys, 
You All Hot 7448 S and RIP . . . THANKS Mom and 
Dad. How does it feel, to Be On Your Own . . . 

Erin Patrice Frederick David John Garretson 


Keith E. GeiisJer 

Memories Boston Whaler all summer, even summer. 
Water ski much' Yea You Bet* Back Rjver glass, nothm 
bat the best Smkxees — get the roof wet ' Sure' Go for k! 
Carve those walls, watch k. many rumbles. Hypothermia 
or what Frank." Eileen get in the water now! Nice John 
many B-Cruises to darks! Bui and die Sew and Sew = 
best rimes. Lifeguard. 2/30/82. Bradly. BT Wooe. Hn 
Luke. Got to Barefoot" Jumpin by Bug Light = air-born 
for sure' TYM ic D4 "he BW wherever their is sun and a 
calm sea you will always be able to find me. Endless 

Pamla Marti Gibbmj 

Memories: A Friend is someone who stands by you when 
the rest of the world walks out .... coming-to-con- 
sciousness . . . pied beauty . . . Have a nice day! . . . The 
Red Wheelbarrow . . . hfccd&-dfl . . . sff . . . Marching 
Band (your out of step, again! I Lk mag . . . y-book ~8$ .. . 
Kathy & Michael in Miss . . . 'member Mrs B s AP Hist I 
last period . . . tractive pumpkin colored sheets ... Dr. Z 
R Easter Overture . . . "anyone lived in a pretty how 
town ee cummin gs . . . James G & his magic 

flltzhak P . . . See ya keckppast . . . thanx M&D B&T 

Mark Gibsm Gibby 
Memories: New Hampshire summer of "80" winter of 
"81" Best Times, will never forget. Fred where were you? 
~i.--.zt >*: :r.t rr.ore ::-.< .V_:h z&s. >_-- 
mer 182" not bad, mfrasrwy/stas. Kingsbury November 
"82" m&tfiwichb. Jack died 9/25/82 #12 forsure. Meet 

you down the school Frizzy hair. Who's Kris.' Fuji 

Three day fire at the bogs. Scarey. I hate Monday Aeros- 
mkh. Foreigner. Squire. Midnight munch}' raids. Re- 
member the good times for they are the best! 

MicbeU Marie Gnaiy Miub 
Memories: PCC — Lake Stonewall Ellen.' kekems! Jam 
Kebk JJ-Mgt-bff-saf kswB Cars — oc mfbt" mfdwean- 
lyas! sdc.' P-flijc vk-rTcozs rtws — cb! 2-82-tcosgmb 
H&yh&mmwndiwd fyh&m-saj wswjf Susan Jn&Sp 
Gigi-WM Baddies &twwgomfw nf-tp-fms? Learbaff- 
wawgtst' 9-27-80 kem- Atughtmare gtwpinh -syl! Rte 128 
brbt stst! akcatb" s-ff Those were the good ok dais" Kp- 
fmmK.' The m famous Night GollT-Chal OAM! nlf- 
faidspn! pr-dfrg" 6-I8-8ft gbdeb bffL kglsskeek|nk Flaky 
Puff-EU! Hey-Go Wud!-tfemd 

Trmttby 5 Gnuhy Qrwh 
Activities: Nice biz Baja Crazm in the Monza. Many wid 
bashes at Ryans. How many sips does k take to get to the 
bottom of a B — .' One" Hey! What are you doing out on 
a school night.' Whkey the Derelict* Hypo n the trg w»h 
amy oh my God he got a job! Drippy bsoc Memories: 
Croon I get my check this week end ha ha Disco Mike. 
Hans you vidio head! Have fun next year Liz; Kim and 
Gigi flared again! When the flow starts to slow vou know 
its rime to go! Goals: to become wealthy and try not go 
get ~jtz~:-tz z*::zt v 

i'iir:i_'o? Hj.-it: Vti-Wet 
Memories: of Amy — Absence makes the heart grow 
fonder! Luv ya Joe! h/4/82. Barb ski — You 11 look back 
at k and laugh. PGTW — Tam & Cath. Lanes End — 1 
Long laugh" — Kelly — Good Zoo" Plantation & Neigh- 
borhood gang — Mark. Tony. Tommy. Tim. Jeff. Gary 
Green Box. Pooia-la. Shisba. NY Eve 82. l/4s Ncdy. 
Deca. Wacny s Bday. Shas-no more fixups! 1/27. Out- 
laws- Happv Easter Mare" Patty — Turn the Page. 
Monument S kryows . DDRally. Crazes on Andr's bo at 
— 7/4/81! tnx Mie" I Luv L" Ma Dad Alison & Jeff. Ly 
Marky csmf Never goc-.e aac« to rr.-. o'.c schoo: — SD 
smell! ra! DHS 

Mark Gibson 

Valerie Jean Haigh: 


Jennifer Jordan Hall Jen 
Activities: S.A.C., N H S. Orchestta Jazz Band Chamber 
Orch. District Yearbook Memories: Juniper' European 
tour Thanks Gary! Mrs. B Some "mean" bass playing 
Mr. B — Coming to Consciousness The Red Wheelbar- 
row Pied Beauty Birding — David, S.C. Meetings w/ 
Dad Math phobia Pigs & Donkeys' Mrs. K Thanks 
Mom & Dad for everything! Goals: "To be what we are. 
& to become what we are capable of becoming, is the 
only end of life" — RLS "Nothing is at last sacred but 
the integrity of your own mind." — RVC'F. 

Catherine Annesley Hanlon Cath 
Memories: Johnny 5-23-80 forever Lynda — 3B's of life 
fort Parties FE Erin — C.C. Graveyard. 3-82, B-talls al- 
ways, limpy & gimpy, l60zw AP M&M's Lyd.' Outlaws 
Drive in Beach Maud — RRF. Sparkling!, home for the 
holidays H.A. Dorcy classic Our memories of yesterday 
will last a lifetime' 4B's Bv.sB Clash gno Prom '82 Al-Key 
Club Suze Susan — Sis, cigs & snaks VC'anny Many road 
trips with Lyn — G&T's all the way Vermont Houston 
Pool hoppin at Val's. Val — pgtw Take the long way 
home' Robos Party Even children get older, I'm getting 
older too! 

Jennifer Jordan Hall 

Catherine Annesley Hanlon 

Eileen A. Hannan 

Memories: Laurie BFA I MO bog much' Cafe, let's go! 
B/C awake' Road trip to the waters! Julie — you gotta 
fly when ya gettup! Judy — "Hockey Hazzards" Sue — 
Hawiian Hideout Mary — Don't lose your grip! Diet is a 
4-letter word Hey Bud let's party! 9th whol Chicago 
Thanks B's ski trip SLY Never let your feelings get you 
down, it s just an illusion. Don't look now, . . New 
Year's! Ply. times Laur.! Beach the "Bitter End" Prom 82' 
Cat sgs 

ambcat So Cold Double Vision A laugh on by! jelms it's 
been real Luv Ya Mom-n-Dad! 

Thomas Edward Harrington Harry 
Activities: Football 36 Skoal Hockey Game Boat Cruise 
with Mickey Mrya pit wbhn "Cowman 74" Josie "78" 
Turtle Ralphy Dave can Ive a Pinch Kispv Reg 
I.L. Vegas" Buddy' tnt dts the Hingham trio 169 "Happy 
Trails" Spot the Loonie. Night-tunes "bcfc" Charlie 
Cislo 22 "Well I got better" "Have a piece of fruit" "Get- 
out!" "Buck-Wheat" "Wipe-out" Thanks Mom & Dad 
sbtv Robbis u sicky. tlb. "How about a nice game of 75." 
DM 9/25/82 Shamus Lives! "mbh-gtb" "Have you seen 
Jrs grades" Out of here 

Eileen A. Hannan 

Thomas Edward Harrington 

Frank W Hatch Lupus 
Activities: Track 9 & 10; Waterskiing; Snowskung. 
Memories: I.C. Truck What's up Noodles' Lob. Pots 
Later off. Sh. How's the red front lawn Rico' Many 
Cracks' L.B.'s house at 3 A.M. P.S. Much! Back River's 
glass yeh! Smittie's roof the boys can't find the bear in the 
marsh' Van Halen Concert..! 2/20/82 M-Boxes Gordie C. 
Launching U.S.S. Midway in K.N s Pool! Foad! You 
Chowderheads Ski & Racquet Rico tried to do a burnout 
on dirt' 85 mp! Apr. Vac. at U.N.H. S.A. swims in any- 
thing' The Endless Summer Thank you M&D 

Luke J. Hauber 

Activities: Hockey (Freshman Year), Varsity Sports- 
Spectator Drama "Thes"' / Keith buddy / Memories: 
Espanol con Sra. Kostreva Pitt. Rags, Blibage, Squid, 
B.C., Rhino, Wengy. Kelly-Ann A.C.T. thanx John Wsup 
Jen s pot 2 Michelles We-G D C. E.B. D.H. D.M J.F. 
Techies Hmwork.' jskl . . . Gb ILY Lucy where are Mary 
& Karen ' Whats an Alcki.' Class of 83 Rules! Yovivo 
para beber. Party Time Barks B. (nice A) G. bye John & 
Beth Thnx M&D Glen — Norm —John — Bru JD's It's 
been real. Later DHS' 

Erank W. Hatch 

Luke J. Haube 


Richard A Haues Rich 
Memories; Many Parties at the Beach Kevbo. Moo-Moo 
Bupe Gopher 85 mph over the Hill, os No I can't I gotta 
go to work I didn't know it was due today! pstmm plastic 
Crank it up Rolling Stones. Hank. Dave you guvs did it 
again, ik & irdl jl. djg np! ps crash Thanks Mom & Dad 
It's been a great year. See you much later DHS' 

Friderick L Harden F'.j 
Memories: N.H.G.C Death Chase S.P Texas. Brock 
CA Hey Mark, ski with vour face much M Vt'heelin CM. 
2' of mud. you step out. FmosBNA D.M. T.M. ily nytb 
Paul Sessa. Cheryl Smakatsyal MaM. ride much DJ. 
M.G D P. "Burzo calm down ' CH. D.G Ferpe. crash 
May flower 120m.p.h. '69 Firebird Summer 81. Rene nlso 
totw T.C S.H iad Cr 125 slick ' J.C Yac! S.W. Hey 
Tim. Do em up" The Clash Racoons Dont Dance "J. M. 
iycac isy "k" Thank you J.B.R.D. Lynda? . . .J.L. Van 
Halen Mks M. Hatchet Thanks Mom & Dad Ps 23 

Brian 5. Hayts 

Activities: Hoop Saxaphonic Turbo Delight Rec BB 
Y\X B Memories: Mark II Bass Ezy Ryder td je & jh 
Milepost = HVC' — LP Goals: Later Scott. Gary and the 
Dave with God everything is possible much later DHS 

Sltphtn Pom! Hta!y 

Memories: Whats up. transmissions.'' Crash" 72 Chevelle. 
Smooth Led Zeppelin. Deca trips. 301. Bill. Dale. Mike. 
Paul. Busemi Rides. ■'0 Ford XL. Thanks M&B. XL250 
Chase Jimi Hendnx. Black Sabbath. Touras Parking lot- 
Bill: Mud Club. CR125. ge off fuel lines - The warehouse 
. . . Stretch. Humarock. Mr. Rat. Thanks Dad. Janice, 
were out of here. Later DHS. Its time for me to ramble 
on . . . 

Sheila Ann Heneghan Htna 
Memories: Soccer fl Whiz *1'2*3 Shaila. Julie. Lisa 
Sw •* B-i^es .Vwa-.s •T.-.e ba*-c> «: : b: ».,...> 
Imports Stembie-doo Flooth Evenings lost in the leaves 
Pong* Prom 82 w ; road trips Thanx M&DILY sss The 
Killer Curb. Twice in one day the boat and bagged. D.S. 
Goes to . . . Thanx Kenoosh Espo 420 Howie Waban 
which way.' Forward Sebago Summers: Attacking 
Fences Fred. 2 Lg.F. Buzz TRMF the Flying Irish & the 
last of the McHeneghans. Maybe we ain't that young 
anymore' Should I stav or Should I go- 

Frederick L. Hayden 

Pe:e: Havwarc 

Sheila Ann Heneghan 

Ser.:ors i 

Leo A. Hieblinger 

Memories: Fun at Five. RKO. Dufus. Jon the Large - 
..Broke Down on 128 HELP! No More. The Boss. The 
about a Raise ... 90 mph in "Old Bessy" THINK. Break- 
down at Six saved at seven on the Road at Eight. Late as 
L!sual! Quincy all night' Goals: Radio, Talkshow. Disk 
jockey, engineering, TV SWITCHING. 

Laurel B. Hirst 

Memories: Oh. .now I get it! NPGP — glasses' Who ate 
the last 10' Look at the Face! Speedy Gadzooka I'm 
always innocent Share the WEALTH Everything is possi- 
ble, only believe NHS Funxw/CC Ducky Brat 3 Edith LB 
The G s — my "other family" Mt Chocorua Cloud — 9 
WOLCBIC "WE" don't do cards Ma foi PARANOYA! 
PTL SG-Pals 4 ever A friend is one w/whom you dare to 
be yourself Nice scenery Observez — Regardez CS-JH 
Rainbow Camping — ALLSEA You're 17?! Oh yeah, life 
goes on. TM&D 

Brian M. Horgan 

Memories: J.V. Soccer #1 Ranger RIC DDB Ghetto Life 
Oh Yee large one "I wanna talk to you's two" College.' "I 
hate you" the Big W" ya that's real good! Macwrath 
"LD" Bolis Blib Los class party 82 BigtoesJV still has the 
best party's. Squirrel Sarcal Hall fleet Prove it! "You 
should lift weights, I'm serious" BA Big Dummy Slam 
Dancer The HH GS ILPPGTM sympathy for the Devil 
LWL WDB Weasel Ski Trip's RC YYGIBW CR lost 
behind Bollas. MMIH what ' CK midterms "she's gone" 
B. Daphouse partys TRY AS I MIGHT TRY AS I MAY 

Norman Huddlestort 

MPRITYB TMF/ICIl Hthdm 82 The Boss! MNRD 
#l/Bomber M&C CRTD gtpm rotBl J-Bnd 81 GiaFP' 
TtmB&Ol MBID/maneuvers thanks Reg so 
SBH&KWHI wiegtac.' Pamyh/thlsh/lftngagp The 
Caddy! MFSTWW&C/The W-house Cappunch/'TIl 
knock you out!" "HEY PAATTTCHY!" "How did it 
happen:"" Scorms BASO MK/fmaad IDDA' Massive 
Quantities "sup.'" May the wind under your wings bear 
you where the sun sails and the Moon walks. 

Linda L. Hutchinson 

Memories: Love you "forever" Barta! Kiss., FL is the 
only place to be. We will never forget the "Demon", but 
the Cuda will do. I get by with a little help from my 
friends: LESE; SAN; PAM; GRUNCH; LYN; If you love 
something, set it free; If it comes back to you, it's yours; 
If it doesn't, it never was. I miss you much "MOM". Dad; 
Ma vie C'est bonne; ILY. Miller and Seekonk — great 
times. CJ. — best buddy ever! "The Kiss" (a Miramar. 

Brian M. Horgan James Ilott 


Julit Ingalls Johnson Jule 
Memories: I wa LY anfy! Marc • 6/21/82 "Whenever I 
see your smilling face I have to smile myself because 
ILY-JT! Prom 82 D GK Summer 81/ MBG-Brigg- 
/Laura. E. Patty. Gabri New Years w/MEL' My Buddy 
Denise "A friend is someone you need "Summers at 
Saquish. Brother Porky and Co . . . Summer 82 f DI. CTR i 
"Ozzy ; ": Badness! L'SMC. Bobby'n'funny God Grant 
me the serenity to accept things I cannot change . . . 
Courage to change things I can . . . and the wisdom to 
know the difference. ILY * Scott & Mike* Good-Luck 

A. J. I couldn't of had a better Dad. I Love You 

Kristin Gract Johnson 

Memories: 'Kekems • LPwE * 1-2-5 Pop' • Weak-R' 
•Mbxs-Oops * Resigns *Dorm Warm 'PPwSue * 4 inher 

• FbSw 'Cars-IAC 'Scuiy 'Summer Nights !ESKJ! L"p all 
night — Cape Trip — Susan.' * JJsP-PD * Always Late • 
jambk , Bs-80 wdegsj • G&Ps 'Gyvisir * Hallow- 
een/432-4747 * NwYrs — 82 • ILY Mr P & Mr B • 
Waterski — 81 * Prom 81-82 * 9/27/80 — eskjmd • 
sdcbgdj 'HC-81 'EC — Ib&kdnpd • Grad-82/ Who ate 
the doritos' • 954-1436 *714-Scephen? * flj wJD31 * 
McAttack * Sneakn *GNO * phone calls * B Talk *skid 

* Lynda — Do you remember that day' IDt' -TFTalk 
*4664-74 * Bb(§,P * Erin — Its the laughter we'll remem- 
ber • ILYMDRKB * 

David F. Jordan J^g' 
Activities: Hockey #3 Garden Bound — Football p 
Super Bowl — SSL Champs Memories: Burkey — 70 
mph over bridge air born: The Chart House SBW Joe C- 
Dan Hold on Lights out: Parker Lets go fotb again: 
Burton SBF THE PIT'' Kim IWMY: Dan Lower Alden 
RTT The Rolling Stones "You cant always get what you 
want but if you try Sometime you just might find you get 
what you need": Good Luck Coach Kispert: I must be 
moving on to bigger and better things: Thanks Mom and 
Dad: good bye DHS 

Jeannttte Sarah Joseph JJ. 
Memories: PFKJ KSSCJT — Clash BMO-CTTR Grad. 
Pty. 82 Tictic Escape FifiLo SAAE — J'm felow Bumble 

B. NYE 82-5:00 AM HNEJT LK180 FFDP tip LMLIII — 
Hampden 81 TMC/TMA Midnt Riders L'Mass-msptj- 
htmhtyihwndbiwdfyhtm bd awgf hep Funny Frankee! 
cej jmfff GP9/28-ilgp trid! Potluck.' Flaky Puff MGFF 
Mission Of Mercy GHOL" Dresden Dolls-3 JW'SF/MS 
GTADB Reddy Freddy' Norwood F.I-J'E LTS- TREZ- 
/HERLS/L.A. Woman-BFF Luv Ya T! CFMW/Nurse 
. . . GM's Iyr atfyj tm&d Hijer nhic Thanx Dave 
Phruphry Rocky- 762-3791 DHW — Nice El Life is but a 
step to eternity. 

Robert J. Joseph Rooster 
Activities: Baseball Memories: 120 Routel . . . L.T. Speed 
. . . Falmouth AE.. ANTSW . . . N&SITB . . . 
NHswS. GLNC WWMEWB.. Erich & Mark FF! Call me 
the Breeze IKRDTR Faww Tuck & Paul.. Norwood 
/TDW Thanx Mrs. C / Mrs. W/G Sox Games/NC 
Celtics/PF Pigo Tram 4^ KB UTOM #1 bSimy JHN 
On/The/ Road/Again /Bamo' Mustangs Ski Yeah! 90 
Elliot St. Sept. 5 GP/UD/AJ M&NB/W The Poles L"p 
on a Roof Rocky Bad Co. Hill Street Blues Who's in 
The Death Seat Now.' — Au Revoir Mes Amies! Thanx 
for everything 143 Mom & Dad This is it!" 

Dau n Marie Kates 

Activities: Gymnastics. Track Memories: New York. 
New Hampshire. Kim DP much. I leave mv smile to GF 
Arold Hall. Good bye everybody and good luck. We are 
out of here. 83 forever. LC Chinese food 4 vour dress. 55. 
Who talks alot. GH. BB Stairway to Heaven. Farewell. 

David F. Jordon 

Dawn Mane Kates 


Colin L. Kennedy 

Shawn P. Kelly 

Activities: Football "81" "MKWAIAW" 'School 
Dances S?" "Virginia" "Kentucky Bells" "Police" 
Doors" "Concerts" Memories: Whitman nights "All 
night!" "How many days in a school year'" To Many 
"Plymouth" Matt and Dave "Good old Days" Goals: 
"Not Many" "Want to fly" "Have a good time and make 
"much" money" "Thats it" Later!! "DHS" and "Dux- 

Colin L. Kennedy 

Memories: Marthas Vineyard. Bike Paths. Islander 
Camp Caravan. Fitness Trail. James Morrison and the 
Doors. Light My Fire. Jeff, Kieth, Karen. Christopher 
Cross. New Stereo. Cardnal Cushing. Floor Hockey 
Krofft Super Star. Steam Ship Authority Ticket Office. 
Nobska Picture Record of MV. Bowling. Coke Cola. 
Down Town. Main Street Katama. Big Beach. The 
Flying Horses. The golden Ring. Debie C. Airport. Roll- 
er Skating. Lifting Weights. Big Bridge. Dobbie Broth- 
ers, Santana. Love her Madly Music Smith DHS Its been 
a long time coming! 

Jeffrey C. Kennedy 

Shaila Kennedy 

Jeffrey C. Kennedy B.F. 
Memories Call my mother. SS Whis' 3 Tanking BeVos. 
Prom Ha 1 Poudem. It doesnt get any better than this BB 
we own it, excuse me sir. Takes 2 too drive. Feeden + he 
Bears, last of the BTDs B Seccion A Dew 1 Ps 1st Zs 2nd 
Summer Anual. Chy, Sube, Yoda. Hoop Face Rockland. 
Track (■>">. Mr Whipv. Edwa.Jimbo, Kietha. Parents Pets. 
CS FWD HRS. Black List. Pit Hit the Beach. H Landing. 
B = T cakes. BK. BPSSRRPLLMKL The Head. Its His- 
tory. Buddy Bash. What Directions' Never say Smalls. 
Blow it off. We made it RockBos. BS 20. There is no 
lesson to learn 

Shaila Kennedy 

Memories: Whiz #1 #2 #3 Soccer #9 Julie B.F. A. Hena 
Lisa — Wee-Wee Switz PALS 4-ever Hena bashes sauna 
whirlpool lost like leaves 2 Roopies FLOOTH Death on 
9 hole KERMIES Stem Maclight 3 A.M. Togas Thump- 
ers '/4's Hearts 52/10 Roadtrips: Ct. N.Y. #373PF Penn. 
Coven: R.E.S. KENOOSH: PRTYS — Bizz-Buzz aibohp 
okcsul Needham tourn "FIELD GEK, G&J Who' 
Wood Patrol Beach' Guppies Lets eat ski: ville 
Dannon Death Pr .81 — LGTTB Pr. 82 — ROTP DMW 
— dont steal that sign! Howie-Waban OD K'-JJ PTS Tks 
MandD G L Gene Go Where Theres No Path & Leave 
A Trail 

Christine Elizabeth Kilduff 

Paul Kerrigan Paulikies 
Memories: Start flinging . . The Red Room Killions 
bash run away numbers the boat & the escape house 
Smelt Pond Beyind The Wall, The Other World Crack- 
ing up Slowest fall ever 9/26/81 Orange ball flys high the 
Loud Machine VAN HALEN the big brown box Kash- 
mir dwyamamvllsibfa' Stairway to Heaven Summer 82 
Wave jumping Orange Spray Paint Miramar, the last to 
leave going to get a pizza basically Glass Box II.YD, A & 
F mwibiwtttyl Free Bird Party Hardy My Young Love 
The Good Times Will Last Forever Logim Later Much 
DHS ... 

Chrtiltne Elnaheth Kilduff 

Memories Friends are forever . . . Susan Lauren L& Thks 
Laurel — funx w/CC! clam|drd Friends of '82 — |ckt||es 
Cathy — Norwich!! CYO — Ski Mt. Orford!! Stil lookin 
Scav Hunts. Petpanpery Batzo 1 CPa s S O S. w/H Tide! 
R&C PK Dumpster Boston Trips Gumballs and moodr- 
ings'! Always remember the smiles we left behind . . . 
Denise & Ten — many good laughs'! L-Chirp Chirp! 1 TJ 
Maxx Steve Don't stop Believin' DFI. Jordan FiHy#l 
Hall's Crnr. Bran. MB Weekends!" M&M JC "One be- 
ginning has ended but many more have just begun 
Thanks M&D ILY 


Charles Butt Killian. Jr. 

Lisa Ann Klein 

Sara Kopke 

David M. Kispert. Jr. 

Kimberlv Anne Knox 

Charles P. Kosak 

Charles Butt Killian. Jr. Charlie 
Memories: Soccer #1 #8 Track f? CHI' After Mid. Yr. 
Prom 82.' CRASH! Improv. face SHT HindBol ashs. 
Chas. JV HP "All night long! Games Reg' Tra. GEK 
Party Hellfleet No show "who me" THNKS B.G. 
Whose a MSH.' I don t care' Barks JR WA Brine Burgers 
Thank-you "fumbled the pretzels'' outlaws/80 
P B\X H-h.B.S. / 81 "Who did I dance with" Catch 
Z sN W.Y.D ostdaof Hosp. Hosp. lik it lik it AHP ltt 
W.D.H.T. Vt .S.BVi G B l' Org. BgHS. GngBH. JP. 
LK. KL. RO. SM. FP. ME. Ion 2 Club "73/82 s. tHie 
Hum. Chewen.' THNKS ALL \X ICK 

Dai id HL Kispert, Jr Chip 
Memories: Garden. .W.W. and K ... S. Bowl'.. Paigy . 
BP.. TS? Prom 82' . . . DMK . . . Brother Skip . . . GBB 
or BW . . . FI-TT-S. B. and who.' LNXXTP' Reallv on 
the wagon' SR.B.TA. Jinrwdwttwy wjdly! . . . Activities: 
Football 82 the best. #10 . . . HOCKEY 79 — 83' Return 

to the garden.' #10. Thanks to Coach S Baseball vdbf 

#10. Thanks Coach M MeV.P ? Goals: flourish and 

attain the highest . . . Memories Famous final Scenes . 
Z10 #1. CLW . . . A S. #1 . . . Sully-F. Got to rise to the 
occasion'. PAHAG. "9 & 83 "Gonna Fly Now" . . . 
.Thank You For Your Patience Mom And Dad . . . 

Lisa Ann Klein Lis 
Aaivities: X-Country Track SSL Champs! Basketball.'.' 
Sub 5:05 mile.'! ThAL 4 X 440 (Riz. SMadden. Les) 
STATES! Weekend TGIF* Memories: * Julie * Shaila • 
Sheila * Pam • Buddies! Wee-Wee * W.E.H.T — 
JELLSSS.'.' * Hena Prtys Floth 32/10 Biz-Buz '< toss 
Hearts x-cpasohpo' Kermies' Beach.. Pit. wsfgekp — 
whna.' woodp! P82 * Ripper Time! Police Cone L'CC C- 
Food pig-out Ltmik TFTBMW'! "make like leaves" 9- 
hole death Damls! Grad Party 82 \XJAS' thkp-onrt!! 
werb-crew 3SJL-HC81 Born To Run.' Luv & Thnx Mom 
& Dad The Good Times Are The Best Times * TKM- 
IRBl" Lata-DHS 

Kimberly Anne Knox 

Memories: gdmf gdmw nbta atgoir jwvmtm ilv David 
11/10 igc wil iye "Little E Cutie Poem 82 — Bin. Hal 

— W. 81-82 hmit ifil wy woyb ac Lake Prom "82" iw try 
fbaf Gige BF Behind T.B-EM-NO Chal — Nuns — Trip 

— M.V + ' RJLT?" "Waigtd tgion'" — Judys — "81. 
82" cp-soko at G+Tfee Top Skip "D ANT P-SP 
Songs Ellen — Sail Inf. Weekend Mich — N.M Sue 2c- 
BC P.G Hyst. Kel-Pants Michael — bbatfbh Sara — 
SP.D wdffil? ALLN.P — RAH-RAH Beach Ota. N 
Foreigner — ibwfaglv CH A M — sagf "Life goes on" 111 
miss you — Thanx — Mom + Dad — ILY — Linda + 
Chery l Lncle Dick Julie NKL 

Sara Kopke 

Memories: Goodbye doesn't mean forever Goodbye 
doesnt mean we'll never be together again AIWAIAR 
forest TYFBAF Kim Gigi Lori Dapper The M & Mr S 
vou are under A Tacv Dbtfa wkendatKims TL CLASH 
and FOREIGNER conserts Sp 81 dub WDFFILKIM 
GaTEM NKK igtQS Mitch and the COZS bies Bp Ope 
Susan WCadv florida Al — key Oub ITLW\X R KGL! 
under cover at CARS Lori the fogand BE pov Aug 2 
North & Gigi ChalOam SISOSIG - INGiGi All n-pizza 
Kim 1 am Julie hmftilv Beach bumbs Tom Phil Drive IN 
Paul sp-d Kim! ILY Mom and Dad Thanx See-ya 

Charles P. Kosak 

Memories: Football #82 Beach Bound" O.S.T.B 
G.I.O.F. JOES PI V Does Curtis have Camera's now.' 
Controversial Horgstars in the air Docs PTY PROVE rT' 
Level — C.S. Sugar Loaf — Chairlift — tell the guv to 

stop it' track C C_ DMC — 180 MAC S Many times 

at BG Who me.' Veno K.C.s ROOF Nova-zzz sarcasm 
FS — golf MNDPNH SO KPs PTY LOS W. skiing at 
HF FISH — COD' 3-D The Phantom Wi CKs — Every 
4th J.T.S 9/21 DALTON F wrestling mendacity CAL 
MAKEME arrogance. Hebron DEFENSE shotgun 
Double D.B. ghetto life ski trips Pin-fence bouncing . . . 


Ken R Kubicki 

Activities: Basketball, Swimming, Cruisin Unlimited 
Memories: Mustang Maddness FOMOCO Iron men 
dont wear bow ties Chevy Killer Radical mundo Rock n 
Roll never forgets Mr. B's homeroom Goals: To major 
in computers To be in the Super Nationals 

Charles Barry Lagerstedt Barry 
Activities: Band 1234 Comp WAHLUM 4 WHEEL JVC 
Memories: Three rings SUGARIVY-Headwall' I'm not 
going down there. ZEPPLIN-PLANT Who is the devil? 
Been dazed and confused. That is the force? Slalom. 
Downhill K.HJJ. B.D.N.H. NUNCHUCKS? But its 
fun! 8.6 million shorts. Warp 12 Some day . . . M.D. But 
do ya wanna? Fast times at D.B. Skimuch Goals: 
PORCHE, SCARAB S-TYPE, Live until I am satisfied — 
But with what? 

Call Elizabeth Lantz Cheaba 
Activities: PARTY'S Friday nights. Dancing, Work- 
/Homework. Goals: BE ALL I CAN BE A.R.M.Y C P A. 
money, walking into sunshine, apartment, BOSTON, on 
my own, family. Memories: Connie, Rozzie.Joe, Denise, 
fast times at D.H. FRiends ! ?, "KIZZY ", P S. & 45 s. 
slick Rick, Portuguse Amouri, Remember Always, mi 
Primojohn 4B at the "Island ', Boo-Boo, Ma-moo. Funk 
& Soul. J.P.&D. JIMMY, MBMP Oubrigado, Pour 
Todo Bu Favoura. Todo NHA Amour, Pour Vois. 

Sharon Christine Larson 

Memories: PAT BENETAR 8/15/81 SYF, skills — re- 
treats! Story-Tellin' Man, UCC Youth Event — 
SING1NHS — Vice Prez The Few, The Proud, The Level 
1A. Coming to Consciousness, Esharamos, Disco Juan y 
Juanita, la carga gorda (Jazz) Choir TOrchestra — again' 
Thez #355 Secretary GUYS & DOLLS — BENNY Gi- 
raffes, Roses, Skiing, Cape Cod Prom '82 — J. Allan 
W.Va. 81 N.H. '80 Get A Job. Sodium TAF, Stephs. 
AMD — the Squad. I wish I was short. Dave. Dan, Brent 

— one of the Guys. CAA — You've Got a Friend. Big 
Brothers are Best' Where words fail, music speaks 

Daniel F. Leary Danny 
Activities: Duxbury Football The King of Sting #58LB 
Memories: David wherest venture thou' ELVIS COS- 
TELLO BMFKWDTA Ramones Commandoes Harry 
Wipe Out 69 Dodge Waiting for the End of the World 
Miracle Man #50 #69 Don't Mess With Charlee Denise 
MAIT #36 #10 #78 #74 Goals: USMC Marine Air Group 

— Death from Above F4 Phantom Chart House Squid 
Thanks Ma & Dad Burkie: Others will follow where we 
lead JAHTTMUAD #20 Fusil SBB #26 #23 #77 Incoming 
Joey #20 #73 Spunky Thanks Mr. David Kispert/Oh 
Look Richards Running . . . 

Michael J. Leary Learhuff 
Memories: HiBhan' Defense Rules 2223602058. All niters 
at AJB Mother Brady PJS EtilhclM Hey Learbuff wait 
up Hey MacaDoo 626PM NM! Cousmo + Freddie * 
Remember * East St Bridge Legion BB Champs Thanx 
Mr W Frank Z Cislo and the Mighty Monte * Buster 
Remember 7/4/81 * Going Hoppin * My Little Sister * 
SM * LK * GEORGE * WW Mrs Kelly Rules Caddy 
Shack you Jinken * Boots * !Super Bowl 82' Fwhat 
MMME MoeTEE 1 Flirtin with Disaster! Salvuuci's HB' 
Quaters' Cowman * Turtle talk * Kim K Bio 81! 5-0 
Duxbury Ft BB #23 KKML-WABF Yes but he's cool . . . 

Gail Elizabeth Lantz Michael J. Leary 


Carol M. Lunt Christopher J. Macek 

Cynthia Marie Ltvint CynJ/ 
Memories: Once a hoppv toad, now a demigod tek a 
rwynnei SAVE THE CATERPILLARS Radiation Rag. 
coming to conchusnes tc Cyndi's locker — Long dis- 
tance callers make long distance calls CDB' INQL'ISI- 
TIVE. KM? WAAAHH- Pete Babe! CA s on Patrol 
W Va. SAVE WYOMING OLAF *355 One last deroga- 
tory swoon for all my "heroes" We are all of us in the 
gutter, someofus are looking at the stars, and so. like, she 
just turned into this like loiseau & like wow. flew up to 
the lune. man! 

Sett Philip LmJu ig 

Activities: "82" Football the best in years. "99" "~>y "58" 
"69" "6T "50" "BO Memories: 1967 Shelby Cobra GT 
500. Steak and Catata the "Pit" Lola. Planet Rock. Toga. 
Goals: To be rich and crazy! To be free' Its time for us to 
ramble on! 

Carol M Ltnt Memories: Embedded in my heart forever. 
Unde Steve. ILY Mike 8/31/82. Friends forever Cathy 

— How's your dog.' Sherry — E.T. phone home. Tern' — 
one of a kind. Michelle — always in love. Val — Acer. 
Class Linda — skinny Pac-Man fever! New Hampshire. 
Lincoln Park. Party much. The four "Cs" & M. Thanks 
Mom and Dad. I couldn't have done it without rou. I 
love you both- Goals: To be successful and happy in my 
future years to come. 

Michael H. Maass Mike 
Activities: Wrestling, moto — x. D.E.W.H. Manager 
work -y study. Memories: Dale. Paul. Bill Bimbos Mad- 
dog HiFis z Grlffa Ralph N20 crash. Room 12^ Demoli- 
tion Crew, street Walker IWARTLWSKLC Smooth 
Drive In Rock fights with DN Le Sabre pun Prom 80-83 
wildtimes Chris Pat Val & KelL" Store EMYHSC the 

Wall Itss Apergize in a flash M Sean RTLLTK 

creed Tull Stones mud fights Paul CRs BBee & Kawa- 
saki SBR&R par BHWPBHR zep Thanx Mom & Dad E 
Lifesbengood Love ya Good lucks is Goals 20 vrs L'nited 
R States Marine Corps 55 Chevy Love Peace & Rock-n- 
Roll 1 

Amie Amstin MacdtmaU 

Memories: Semsba — Sr. District T Orchestra Choir and 
Quartet 11/5/81 — Dunphys. SQUEEZE — In Quintes- 
sence. SYF. The secret of Life is Enjoving the Passage of 
Time -JT. Celebration — 8/8/82 — DAL — I want to go 
to Zurich — Now! Lobster Dance — On the ground! *~ z ACT NHS — Sec O.-er i.b.s.a — 
Gregor & Liz — You are the best. Hey — L.B.! Early 
mornings in the brown audi-flowers.' JKV — Thanks SO 
much older brother. Mv rents rule. I love my violin. 
Sarah — does WTFC live? The Back Row David Claud 
Chris Sharon ft JEN. Daniel Peace Love Dave Flowers 

Christopher J. Macek 

Memories: Vet-Psvwar Mazda-Duster. Bronco/Wengy! 
Prospero! checkers. No curls no girls. Camping. Loc- 
Nar.' Standish Shore. Golf Course Secrets i Reach out 
and take what YOU want!!! CONFORM "Are we the 
toughest guys in here?" Denny '5. Believe in yourself — 
abedefg — IL'dYB — Bogart Rick' Fx -68 Pencil buddy 
. . . .The AP staircase . . . Happy — hijklmno — Hey Slug 

— Can I have JW for Xmas' ARD&DF SnoStoScotr 
Toe d Zuma Hmhd "You 2. Fall in liner" — pqrstuvwx\ 

— CAC back row ATT" " I bet I know something you 
don't know — Z 


Robert Scott MacFarland Scooter 
Activities: Soccer #1, "HOOP", Rugby Memories: 
Wheelock College Nights. 62B63V Why doesn't my car 
"&. '%§ work Journey Concert, Prom 82, The Long and 
Winding Road Don't Stop Believin' "Open Arms" 
"Those crazy nights I do remember in my youth, I do 
recall, those were the besttimes most of all" Oo the 
memories never fade away Golden girl. 111 keep you 
forever. One love feeds the fire, one heart burns desire — 
Those crazy nights I do remember . . . JOURNEY Later 
DHS Goals: JUNE 6, 1987 I love you ND Jameson, 
Thanx M&G 1 cor 13:7 

Darin R. MacFar/ane D 
Memories: Kathy ILY Always and Forever / Sir Thomas 
of Hagney #1 Tech / Dhs Drama #1 / Thespian Troupe 
#355 / THEZ-PREZ / MANOMET / summer "80" / 
prom "82" / A.C.T. / Don Your Antlers — Chris / Once 
A Techie Always A Techie / Boonie Run/ C&D / BK / 
HOJO's DAN / Eve of 21 moons / simply amazin / State 
Fire Law Blues / STATE FESTIVAL 81 / #42 / P.B.T / 
W.W now that's not nice / GIMP you S.W.I.L / 
P. B M P. J.C. / Adam & Eve / Pippin / Cass / Now is not 
the time to Dream or Drift / Guys & Dolls / Fidller / 
Uncle Roger / S.B. Beatles forever / F13, 1, 13, 1. 18, 15. 

Darin R. MacFarlane 

Colin Maclntyr Monte Hall 

Memories; 67VWs 72 JEEP 67 Catalina turns Charger to 
Junk! Oaktree Do you really think we can get away with 
this.-' Always time to catch a ZZZ. Tie up a good one. As 
the war machine keeps turning. Evil minds that plot 
destruction. Goodbye blue skies goodbye. 

Ethel Maclntyre Pretzel? 
Memories: Finally Free 1 SummerSchool '82. Homework? 
What homework '' Break a leg Paul! Dont you dare Mike! 
Warehouse crew, youve got to be MHD' Sawuish Beach 
Is Paradise. WPAM turn it up' Toga Party '82 Smack Im 
Freezing! K.P. Friday the 13th I.L.Y. Thanx KJ & LiL K. 
Mom I love you. New Years Party '81. .Long you live — 
High you fly — Smiles you give — Tears you cry. All you 
Touch and All you see is all your life will ever be . . . 
Later DHS. Its my turn to fly. 

Ethel Maclntyre 

Sean D. MacLeod Mr. Flash 

Memories: A fun score or years it has been. Rock Lob- 
sters all Black Sabbath, but Mr. Floyd does it nicer. On 
looks to become obscured on the dark side of the moon 
kid Bourne Bride NATAS Room 127 Demo Squad 
Good garbage Carefull with that Flash Eugene Aeros- 
mith Rolling stones It's only Rock and Roll Angus 
Young Ks I am Iron Man Kd Master of Reality Kb war 
Leader Paranoid Evil Possessor' Sin City! Kings and 
Queens Led Zeppelin L'SB #1 outside the wall time 
money! By have fun life now begins yapogized B.O.C 
Love Ya 

James David MacTavish Savage 
Activities: Rugby ENC soccer Memories: The Mighty J. 
Geils at Orono. Thanks for the bhTW! Wheelock Col- 
lege nights! Ruth Janette Lonnes. your #1 ILY LS EN CA 
HM KB WB JL — You're all very dear to me my GMC 
FredH (Mario Andretti) Wilderness Venture The good 
times or the bad times, the bad times fade away, the good 
times are forever, but now baby, the last time is today, 
one last kiss — J Geils wicked! Decompress w rms after 
diving! Hey head! Prom 82 The Lee sisters — L'g Home 
Beast G.O.M.B'Y' Goals: To praise God in all things 
James 1:2-4 

James David MacTavish 


Matthew C. Mahoney 

Activities: Soccer 828097 Nice Frost '80 Westfield 2&3 
Bus Ride home & 250 COWHEW — Briggs, What was 
that grinding noise.' Orange wires' Hendrix. "Fly on" 
Nice Charles May 14 Sims 7/3 in the castle cowgirl in the 
sand 5BCrew NH Where Ted ' Rocky Racoon "Let your 
soul and spirit fly into the Mystic " — VM Time is 
irrelevant Z He and RB New Years EVE 82 PHS Hawaii' 
& now I got a reason Vita est vivere facilleme diutissime' 
terreo I gotta get away from this day to-day running 
around Everybody knows this is nowhere"' Lease on life 

Karen Marie Matellano Mouse 
Memories: 694FOO & 3$nOW Chandler Street Memories! 
Camelot! Prom 82. Ya kidding me. right'! Cyndi's Lock- 
er — Waaahhhh! Charlies Angels on Patrol. Double date 
much Lyz!! Radiation Rag, Driving with Kim — Re- 
venge:'' ETL.K Eugene — Penquins' G's & D s. Fiddler. 
Annie. CDB/DB SA BZB, Thanks Cyndi, Lyz and Hei- 
di'!! Mosepher — Dreams and Rainbows last forever: 
6/10/81 ... Oh Yeah!!!! All your dreams are on their 
way. See how they shine. Oh, if you need a friend, I'm 
sailing right behind.'' (S&G) Od ETo mwD . Thanx 

David L. Mann 

Activities: Chew'in, 2. 3, -4; Track. 1, 2, 3, 4; 60 ' Hey Reg 
where are we going fo lift.'. Football: I, 2, 3, 4 SB.' #74, 
#50. #69 #78, #55, Offensive Line, Mem: The Pit. Mid- 
night Hockey, Drive-in. Wheres Harry now' It will never 
work! Wheres my?*!-* truck. Skoal. Night tunes. ELRB 
Road trip. R.I. Turtle, Fish Sidewinder, Cowman. Harr\. 
Brig. I dont have High Blook Pressure. I'll buy. Marshue- 
gas BK Barb; I have to work at 5:30. 4-H Truck the crew, 
goosh. goosh. Hi Mr Bwistol, Thanks Mom and Dad 

Philip M. Markella Josit 
Activities: Chew'in; Football #78; Wrestling' Yeah, right 
Neverbew/oa "friend" The Hingham Trio f-1) "My 
cousins, they're crazy" CMM "Would B P. do that.'" The 
D-IBK Barb IDT IHOI / 15 It'll never work" Dave, can 
I have a pinch' Markella shutup' Grambies in the street 
The Adventures of Cowman! (#503677 747 85899) #1 The 
Pitkeys wheres my #' — f? truck!.' Night tunes. Off the 
track shed the crew Thanx M&D Noone here gets out 
alive. JDM Kimberly ILYF 8/17/82 — 6/17/86 U & me 
4-ever L'MO maybe The king is gone, but not forgotten. 
Skoal, Brother 

Albert L. Marshall 

Memories wicked Wanda, toy-off the wall. Rottotilling 
with a car. Turkey guts goal class 1 hie. 

Michael Malinzi 

Memories: 74 T-Bird. Long four years "Summer 82" out 
of hear or what ' We gotta get out of this place, one way 
or another right Scott.' B . . . Cruz Another one by The 

Rolling Stones Hey Mick Out of Controll ILl'JF 

Hey you get of my cloud Thanks Mom and Dad Later 
DHS . . . 

Karen Marie Maiellano 

Philip M. Markella 

Michael Matinzi 


Cindy McAuliffe Cin 
Memories: The Marsh Vegas Gang: Forever Friends — 
J&L- Mom & Dad ILY — House Parties! BrBeauties In 
The 21st Century. MBFAF: Lisa, Dawn, Mark, Sue 
1/23/82 — 9/7/82: Times 111 never forget. Somerville & 
Woburn with Amie & Sarah. JIMI ET Thanx Chris 
IWNFY. Sue: BB. Ah, Lise! Bonney Day! Mona? Last 
names only in HR. Mini-Bus People 1 Jack + Laverne 
ILY. Seger. WLBL: Boston! iwnfybps! Party Mike! We're 
going through the tunnel! Cutlasses & Chevelles! My 
Cutlass! Lets Graduate Mark! Radicals. BP, BS, RS, need 
some help from me & Lise with that engine.' LMw/my 
collar down 

James T. McCabe III Smith 
Memories. Fog Fuqouwee Grand Viziers Garden Party 
SM16 Ozzy Its Raining Barrells ummagumma Sabbath 
LD for 83 Flashing flippers Flow through Purple Pyra- 
mids In Sunshine Pink Floyd And The Rolling B(a ?es 
Hunt Bugs PYG eritoom Fraks — Helter Skelter The 
Doctor City's On Flames With R&R 
ismgpbbestkjlpdlcmgl Rich you have Feelings Toy In 
The Arric Areosmith — This is a song about our state of 
mind All That You Touch And All That You See Is All 
That Your Life Will Ever Be For You And Me Rock In 
A Hard Place Wont you Guess Me Name woo Its Been 
Real One & Only Synopsis 

Catherine Mary McCann 

Memories: Im through waiting Deb ski CYO 81-2-3? Do 
you have my records Sarah." Yawn! was that a tree out 
on the front lawn? 6/25/82 Put em away! NPGP BYOB 
crowded elevators, Boston trips Standing in Filenes for 
D' Beam me up . . . csldlmjrj . . . Lane 1 no 1? It doesnt 
take much! Who puts salt in their rice shakers' Your so 
silly Rosanne, but watch the post!! gfoj&ugtrc A little 
play on words Solavren, whend'd you get your permit? 
Chris Norwich 10/82 What loose screw? DMKRA thx 
ILY Where do we go from here' Crazy 

Henry S McCarthy Buster 
Activities: Football: OG "69" "50" "74" "78" "55" SSB 
Memories: Monte Hop MMFG 60 Ford: 5-0 Book him 
Dano!' Cantankerous Hank Weeper Debbie BedittoGull 
Batmite Turtle P/C Twit Benny "B" Chandler "P" Ever- 
green St Briggs Midnight Express Chandler St Turn!! 
180° in snow. Susan love always!!! Ski snow & water BB 
Long pond Monkey Jinking Buff prom 82 ES gone 
hunting Kisspy Ralph Donz KW KK 7/4/81 Dump road 
raceing Good bye!!! Harry Summer St fishing 

Patricia R McGralh Patty 
Memories: The Dell . . Friendly's . . . travelin' band . . . 
playing pool and finger painting . . . GLTKP in MS; . . . 
Hawaii, yes Utah, no ... no. I didn't drive. Chucklehead 
and PittyPat . . . sleeping through first period . . . oh, shut 
up' You've got to be kidding!, yes, brownies! Tipsy- 
.. maniac. .help".. vacations. .your'e out of step'.. IMYRA 
"We've only just begun " fudge sundaes, the two P's 
LAYM . . . Adios, amigos! 

Shawn J. McGralh 

Memories: Exile at BCHS spag level CS HELLFLEET 
tool many a Fun Fun Filled Night at Gweels Rosario — 
Take 5 corner Grn Subaru Stern: Plug Beachbound! S. 
River Ln East 3 D s Hit CK = 1 — yd Monster Big 
Dapper Weasel Bolla Crash Abraca squirrel G'G B.a.e. 
TIP' Fish? — Cod arrogance" Nova = ZZZ college — 
yes! Bosed Plant & Squire Flood — call Partys: Garysjoe 
7/81 & 12/81 CK midterm JT 9/82 Docs Hossh. Com- 
ings JB fiasco Prom 82 Limo Chase Machattan [? Mar- 
quis Can L' drive AM donuts Cinema tiX Goals: 2 luv life 
& get KNEE Thanx Dad S. Africa 81 Valhalla, I am 
coming . . . K 

Catherine Mary McCann Shawn J. McGrath 


Gregory Scott McMillan Gary P. Messier 

Patricia L Mcllugh Munthktn 
Memories: Tim 12/1 3/82 You are my sunshine Barb. 
Pam, Tammy, Lydia, I.aura, Denise. WeeWce, Krissy, 
John, Mike, ILY ATNA. Fall in Lydia Bad Co. Seagull 
Tammy ftitctaj Nicholas 1/29/82 VC BB BF Rainbows 
& Hearts Forever Jackson Browne . . Load out Turn the 
Page . . . WLS. is lck Smitty, Tony. Point Sebago . . . Live 
in BF. Poobear Suz there's bunnies in my room' Thanx 
for everything Penny . . . Suzanne, Jamie, Robin. Mom, 
Thank & ILY 

Michael James Mclsaac, Jr. 

Memories: ILY Brenda tfciml/#60 Football #1 "Buddy'' 
so — Shaunessy Hoowa Cousmo Buster M I.eary Stop 
& Shop — 4:30AM What.' "Get up Brian" Monster 
Man/ Evergreen crash/late night trips to Brenda's/Ga- 
mepoint — Backus Cutie Pie go or so? Put your shirt on/ 
Hanover sandman/Bennets Brawl/Shoulder break — 
Boat nights/Kingst blood — Tilton trips/St. Bernard, 
Grechy, Bets. Monk/ M&MsJuly 1 . . . FBR-NA Aug-8. 
198H/Brenda — GANG/ Soph, year of college — Aman- 
da visits Hockey games Pit — It went so fast — Thanks 
Mom & Dad Great times still to come BPSWM 

Gregory Scott McMillan Psyche 
Activities: Yearbook, Photog. Edit. Photog. Club, A.V. 
ICS. Memories: BK's Fri. & Sat RIT: The Grateful Dead 
Live at Syracuse. Thanks Pat & Hobey for all you've 
done. Remember that life is tough and the world is 
unforgiving. You never cease to learn and insanity in 
insane. Always keep a song in your heart and you'll never 
be lonely. Goals: To be the best at what I do and have 
tun doing it too. To take a PhD in Computer Science. To 
live free of worries and cares. Goodbye DHS . . . 

William J. Meier Willy 
Activities: Baseball #8 Basketball Memories: RSB trip 
Dux vs Rock .233= AL Siaoe & il — oothe dcoc . . . 
#lsdwfsspmhallawap — Turning around — A night to 
remember is a night you forget wk at Widsor Hut. 
WAYA HAYDS Doors — "Take it easy" "soul kitchen" 
s up going home tya Boston IC air ball ft aft & bef my 
Reggames .2CMist 8/8/78 Cal's ch HW basb 94LT 
G&G M&D Chtr mem final five that's life 10/2/78 

Dale James Melanson 

Memories: Paul's 4x4 Driving in the water. Paul Mike 
smooth DECA trips — party rm-127 crew. Mary Eliza- 
beth Vicki Janice. The drive in, the creek. Jethro Tull 
10/2/82. Zeppelin — good times the bad times you know 
i had my share. N.H. Live free or Die Maine. Honda Cr's 
Do it the best!. Do it in the dirt. My Olds — 88!!! 
Turkeys? Free Bound Forever Dave. Thankx Mom and 

Gary P Messier 

Activities: Football Memoties: The Island Vermont Trip 
"McD's Breakfast" Big 151 The Cottage 
scmapfwthdwtwd "icbhbta" "It's Only 3:00 We've Just 
Started " JDDW A Long Night at O'D, "July 3rd", En- 
forcing the Law New Years with SDBC "One Second To 
Soon", A Near Miss All the First Times, Seniot Football 
GEK DD joke!! "Bimb" Imports cause MTP. Playing 
Lacrosse, Prom Night Guilt The Cat and the Gun All the 
Good times in NJ No more eggs That Final Putt" "First 
Hole in One" Goals: Be a Sucess, Thanks for Everything 
Mom and Dad 


Joan Minelli 

Sarah R. Mills 

Memories — RRR Rons Polyester Holly? Where IZZZ 
everybody? JD, DB, MK — next' JB=JO Yes Hey 
Attitude! xc/Track = fun, injuries and horns. Listen 
Jane, its seven oclock. Sharon you tank — Disco Juan & 
Juanita la C.G Cathy, do you have my records? Yawn! 
Somerville & Woburn with Cindy & Amie.JT — SBJ & 
WTFC? Donna, I want . . . ah..! Thanx & ILY Rons, -ah- 
jkv, MX2&D sssw Amos Music #1 First seat cello 2. 3, 4 
13 pius years, Amie, vrite? Donna, my mother does that 
. . . ! Red Sox games (amgcsm|v — bullpen) Allenson 
maybe next year . . . 

Joan Minelli 

Activities: Yearbook Committee Memories: NY, NJ, FL, 
8/12/82, TGIF, OLTL Goals: graduate from D.H.S., 
college, travel 

Virginia Mitchell 

Virginia Mitchell 

Memories: Goodbry doesnt mean well never be together 
again ILYE Thanx Mom & Dad Goodbye 8/14/82 Grad 
P 81 82 Choc C at m WIND 6/19/81 One Day At The 
Beach TBANK Many Moon To Go Spalks E Monster 
Kim FDS Hal 81 Drvin ELN Eastern w Sara the BASH 
200? 7 Vi Mnths Lat GPPGM BARN 1 E Cha 10 am Ants 
P81 Florida w Cad Drging G to E 4 July 82 Crunchy 
KSSMLJKKN Spring 81 Chearing Sotv UMO GBT 
Kims Infamous WKND VO Nghts Paul Susan WAH 
mer 82 MECTSJ Later DHS 

William F. Moe 

Memories: eight years playing music. Good Times Bad 
times, THE ROLLING STONES. Jobless Summers, OH 
wel GB goin duckin tommorow' Im sick of bluefish. 
water skiing, thanks KEG. DHS Jazz Band, Struttin 
Truckin. The MOEBOWMOBILE and The GENNY- 
MOBILE. The SEW and SEW, nice boat. Pedulla. Well- 
fleet in the summer, boat trips to P town, head first into 
the back river! Kt we are caught in a rainstorm! Whoe! 
Basement Jam sessions. JC, Jagger. Hiltonhead. BT is 
coming soon, reggae TEN YEARS AFTER, Id Love To 
Change The World. 

Michael C. Moore 

Lauren Ann Molinari 

Memories: Friends Always Sue Chris JSJDC JAM So 
Many good times! Benchwarmer Kad Ketchup Swap 
Stub'n H'? U got 2 luv them.. Summrs Beach Bum'n 
Weekends CYO SKI Mt.O Fri/I3th renska Parsly Shad- 
ow Stilook'n. FLORIDA" Cpas M&M Bog * Partys * 
RC scav hunts Peach MOBILE ASli-J- TFTGT! Squeaks 
Another accident? S + C Gumballs & Mood rings Mac- 
aroni & chese Graphic "!" P "82" pty/JH's Pnuts & 
Pistachios "'WB40r'" "chirp" PK Dumpster! Cruis'n.. 
Surprize . . . Always Dreaming — Memories of the smiles 
we left behind — Thanks M & D ND 

Michael C. Moore Mick 
NIOD AIMSKI It's the cops, bury it Okay Tony. Cat- 
man. Thev, Keith. Bimbos The Crack Tull in the Garden- 
White Lightning/Flipper Flashed Faster than Flash could 
Flash 3 Pyramids in the ForestJVWWM Mick Jadestone 
and The Rolling Boulders St. Walker I am a man of 
wealth and taste — Sympathy BE FREE Finally released 
from DHS Alright Later, Much PEACE STAR IS A 
LAND See all you people IOWA Comes a Time N. 
Young Spleaf Master Split 


Roger D. Mouery 

Activities; Key Club Tues; A Mueller pass: Island creek 
Fridays. Memories; YES Concert; Have you ever been 
experienced. A; the '71GT +'78 Jeep seeing UNCLE 
Sidney; the beach Goals. To be prepared when opportu- 
nity arises. To work hard and play hard. To enjoy better 
than average benefits. 

David D Mullaney 

Memories: Sure There's a fire out there! 151 NO I 
DIDN'T the man with two knives Prom The Left One 
July 4th New Years Eve Graduation Party PLYMOUTH 
Activities: Football. Track walking the meter Hope Do 
You Have Some Gray Paint ' The Car Seat Flags Every- 
one Needs A Little Comfort Nice Kirtv "Urgent" Camp- 
ing Out In Back Welcome to the Neighborhood Good 
Luck Frank and Kris Super Bowl Bound Moped Thanks 
For The Good Times And Good Luck In Life All My 
Friends Sorry . The Night Passed Us By You Can Go In 
Now State Champ! Good Luck Sis and Bro s Mom and 
Dad. Thanks For All The Love and Help 

John Charles Mailer 

Memories: Glen. Dan. Scon. Obadeba . . . Halloween' 
Aug. Jl, DESILY . . . Sugarbush. Nice, night trips to 
nowhere!!! R.P . . . March 23. Shakin' . . . Ghostbeach 
Track . . . My Turbo Fairmont. 4 W D, Duxburv always 
f \ . . . Lowies. Dawn. Glen . . . the Pit.. S up.' BIC Bru- 
on Clark s Island. Keith r 1 Hey Dub Lets Party . Sleepin' in 
the street ' Halen . . Pretty Woman . . . Prom 82'. Thanx 
ma & Pa . . . Why can't I drive.' . . . Where s Glen.' Track 
Champs Forever . . . Thanx Reg!!.. Do It Up!' Gail. Jen. 
Andrea. See U Later! 

Daniel L. Murphy 

Activities: Baseball Basketball Golf. Life the first 
eight years has been great but these last four years could 
be better Goals: To enter Bentley. graduate, get a good 
job. make millions in stocks or in the job. and retire in 
Florida or Calif. Memories: Brockton was the best place 
to be while I was a kid but Duxbury is the best place to 
end high school. God is most important. Duxbury High 
taught me an awful lot about life and friends. Well DHS 
has been an OK school but I have to say that I am glad to 
leave. Later DHS 

Kelly Joveta Myers 

Memories: Tennis 80. 81, 82 + 83. Golf.'? A.M. Florida! 
"16" Braces — ugh! Paige get off the phone — PLEASE" 
Newks. Texas. D&D — Ughe Smurfs — Xmas 81. B.K 
French Fries. Prom 82 "CHRIS! Pilgrim —J.D. — Deke. 
D R.. S.P Doug R. Brook get out of my room. Pac-Man 
addiction — HELP! Chicago w/ Sanny. Beach Boys + 
Cheap Trick. Friends Forever: CM. — ILY. T.M. — 
toad. J.D. — Deke. Hearts all summer long. Prize Day — 
more Golf' Labor Day Weekend — Peter. S5 Lessons 
Sat. + Sun mornings. Thanx Mom + Dad. tennis. 
Tennis. TENnis, TENNIS 

Michelle R. Myers Saeeks 
Memories: When you see someone down, cheer them up 
with a smile! Tarn. Steph. Anne Marie. Bish. Sharon SYF 
Retreat' Sodium!! Banana ' A Sleepover.'! gninthgil vllom 
Go for it! No 108! Pat. Sharon.' What a burst! I have to 
make my curfew' Get a real job! Tarn many p.r. '! Take a 
p.! J.G. friends forever' Let the good times roll! Cath 
many screws loose.' Snake em! SSS! Beach Bum! M.S. 
nice tan! Proms '81. '82 whose gotta goT ' Blow smokies 
on vou! Kentucky Women' Looks like we made it' TYG' 
CYS Thanx M +D + M + M Luv ya' 


Kimherly Lynn Nass Kim 
Memories: Count your age by friends not by years. Count 
your life by smiles not tears. ILYJPF/Thespian Troop 
#355/ D.H.S. Drama is #1/ A C T — Revenge!. Drive in, 
Manomet, Ho Jo s, NH, VT, CAPE COD, boats . . . 
Daddy's Little Girl/5 ft. what'/ Chucklehead and Pitty 
Pat/ Fingerpainting/ Rainbows/Unicorns/ Garfield . . . 
Choir Espanol/D.E. — Cookie / CF Bike-A-Thon/ Or- 
chestra/ SYF/ DFL/ VF/ Sweden/ Bobsey Twins — ice 
cream runs/ 7-16-82/ teaching / Prom '82/12/ ... I care 
I Promise . . Thanx M&D . . . Friends Forever . . . 
Adios . . . 

Kelly Ann Nathan 

Memories: Looks like we made it — FINALLY! God it 
you're up there listen to my prayer VQAUB (EE I L what- 
oh. neVermind — Good Zoo. Jan Aug. 17, 81 serious 
Nightmare N.H. Val one long laugh JiPwuA&F THATS 
RIGHT whats up Chuck? DMMS Green Grass and 
High tiDes forever (M) HEY WOMAN' J A. TxMm 
Too bad low life is offshore the forests will echo with 
laughter-pp- T&TTooky ST we'll see. You Know I get 
so weary from the battles in this life It's definately been 
real but not real enough — thats for sure — Thank God 
we'er outa here — Smell' Ya' DHS' 

Jacqueline Elaine Nee Jacqui 
Memories: Music was my first love, and it will be my last 
music of the future music of the past to live without my 
music, its impossible to do for in this world of troubles 
my music pulls me through EM#1 (71 let's hit a movie, 
but?! 1/28/82 — LI don't worry smile goals: I will always 
believe in myself, for I know that other believe in me. I 
will try many things and all I expect to do is mv best. 
Thanks JPJ PKB! Bye Chris Thanks Mom and Dad; I 
Love You 

Amy Naelle Nelson Lou 
Memones:Just let me Dance; ShmsmessKRKTJM, Cazv 
Jan and the mission man. Bruce is the Boss! Superwoman 
yah ' If you're really got what it takes its gonna take all 
you've got! Hot Lunch Jam yah' GJ; NaP aTtack Wheres 
mv Mercedez.'; BK; LZ, Pup QL forever? New York, 
Sum; 81 L + P; Sum 82 Help, my legs hurt?!? dance 
much, bum out!' 1 Wyltbe a Pepper (preppie) Too????? 
me, NH. KC; The Who; Humsrock; Pnk Floyd; Wm; 
Cwj We got the beat! Kiss 108; I love New York!!!! 

Jennifer Lee Neubauer Jenni 
Activities: D.H.S. Band B P. Props Memories: Fef?! You 
have got to be kidding. Stay on the right side of the road 

Jacqui! Eggletta. Well, what can you do' Pool at P M.'s 
what a joke' Tee hee hee' I'm just peachy. Hey Patty can I 
have a ride? G.L. to K.P. in ms. Look out Jason's com- 
ing' The Newburv St. phantom strikes again! "one nngv 
dingy." Freak Me Out!, Brownies? Thanks Mr. L. "live 
for today." 

Vicky Lynn Nickerson Nick, Wicky 

Memories: DLICK! No matter where you go, there you 
are! OPUS! VICTORIA'! are you kidding? West Virgin- 
ia THE KNEE(S) herman LAMBCHOP, 
Serious Millsie 2iis YG rrr! AHH' I'm a Yankee' The 
closer we come to each other, the closer we come to 
God. You have a pet what? Bicycling RULES hielos 
pajaros, patos, perros y gerbillos. DUXBURY 1973 MO- 
TOBECANE — FREDDI 1 & Pan — Mass Challenge 
TRACK SSL CHAMPS MGR. what sunshine is to flow- 
ers, smiles are to humanity DR WAND!! Thanks, Peace 
and Love to all! PMSVMKFPTBPD TNX M + D 

Jacqueline Elaine Nee Vicky Lynn Nickerson 


Geoffrey W. Sudd 

Memories: Lets get out of here The End is just the 
beginning VW does it again, careful with that axe Dark 
side of the moon wish you were here another Brick in the 
wall part 2 Pink Floyd all along the watchtower Sidney- 
give me a hand what a long Strange Trip its bine Truckin 
war pigs paranoid I have seen this bridge a thousand 
times we gotta get out of the place 

Michael F. Oates 

Goals: Quintiliane. vagae moderator summe ivventae, 
gloria Romanae, Quintiliane, togae, vivere quod propero 
pauper nec inutilis annis, da veniam: properat vivere 
nemo satis Differat hoc patrious optat qui vincere cen- 
sus atriaque immodicis artat imaginibus. Me focus et 
nigros non indignantia fumos tecta iuvant et funs vivus et 
herba rudis. Sit mihi verna satur, sit non doctissima con- 
lunx. sit nox cum somno, sit sine lite dies. — Martial 

Claudia Margaret O'Brien 

Memories: Don't you know that only fools are satisfied.' 
Dream on. but don't you imagine they'll all come true, 
shadow and person eTERXally think about your life 
PIPPIN'/ PBT Manomet.. 4 am tea. sailing, the Hype' 
n&d/chez Henri /masp . . . coming to consciousness. the 
few. the proud, the level 1 A. ids, figs, twynnes . . . and 
like, she turned into a l'oiseau and flew to the lune. and it 
was like really weird, ya know? Lobster disco, R.' tgtaf. 
fat load' "Goodbye," said the fox, and now here is my 
secret, a very simple ..." 

Philip B. R Oliver 

Memories: It's finally over for me! Well either N'avy or 
College bound, I don't know yet. Whereever I wind up 
you know I'll be partying Many thanks to M + D! 5 yrs is 
too many! G.B.U.S.I.D. Good Times with Charlie. J R. 
B-210J.D.P.W . . . Much lata' Chart House . . . P.H. 

Lori A. Olsen 

Activities: AL Key Club. Memories: Goodbye doesn't 
mean forever. Goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be 
together again. GIWARY B.F.F.E SK GM KK. SARA. 
BE&TF BP'S and JPs. Summer 82 — Best ever!' NMKS. 
Mr. S You are under A — Monument. TACYDBTFA 
K.T.K.S. Gigi is that RA or not.' NTNAVG-GMWAD- 
IAS!! PWTFBAF S.L. WS-Almost A BlO 16 Homecom- 
ing meetings, for sure! New Years Eve ' 7 9 Pam never 
forget the good times they're forever Many moons to go 
Gigi! wUDREISER!! OY the D.I. Thanx MDSKD 

Krinine Carol Marie Pagel Bagel 
Memories: Wayne 7/30/81 Mike, Bill. Sandy. NwYrsEv 
Prm 82 Plantation The Police "Boston'' Gloucster Pro- 
vinceton Willy Puerto Rico Mustang 4 wheelin w/ 
Rodger Bulldog Mem's Purple pyramids Flash clear the 
room fast enough Lets take the car Pat ' Amy lost it at 
Lou's Blue Fish July 4th Shark' Hey the Vega. Donuts 
with the Dingv Danny's parties Hello its me Barbra 
rainbows smbrros Thev and Carman Sking with Pete 
Prnts wv for wkd Weedman Forest Sndy vd gms memo- 
ries last forever. The Clash thnx mom and dad WILY 

Claudia Margret O'Brien 

Kristine Carol Marie Pagel 


Scott H. Parker 

Activities: Baseball #9 Football? Memories: Summer 80. 
Jorge and SoCo. the bridge 82. Tinzi and the T-Bird. C- 
days. Yah Good. Jeffadoo and his goofiness. Jazz and the 
I.Dentification. DJ trying to make it over a 6 inch fence. 
The Boss. American Legion Baseball Champs 82, 83 
thanx Coach Walker. I wanna live with a Cinnomen girl. 
The Ramones. Rock Rock rock'n roll high school. The 
Lizzard King = J. D M. When the Musics Over turn out 
the lights. Goals: To be good at everything. Thanx M + 
D Later D.H.S. 

Francis Park 

Scott H. Parker 

Jonathan D Patch Patchy 
Activities: Fresh, Hoop, Reg, Soccer, Pty, "Gips" 
HROCK 4th "States 80" Got "Wicks" "Vino, Ply's" Sat 
Day Nt. Reagon Pard Blib Memories: "Behind Bola's" 
Its THE BOYS. Have a CLU #29 Squiliper / Double. D. 
Bus / G, H, Applesauce. "SCOOSER ' times AnL. DrP, 
sht "squirrels, driving", Shmorka. Don't, hurt me Barks, 
Vinos "POOL. GARY" Dazed.n.ConF. Gubba, Gubba. 
"Hub Cub" So, dam feo "Wk's, dks on fire" /SCREAM- 
ER / Cabbage Hd The. wind cries AS. "Do You wanna 
GO 4 WN" Hey, Norrrman. YSU. Chuk. Weasel "One 
Id monster" Pit. Sorrry Mr. Blib. "Lets PQ" LED ZEP — 
CALASTER — "YayWick" — Monument — "Try, Dis- 

Patricia Anne Pelletier Patti 
Memories: FeF & Eggletta B P. Props People Let's Go 
Get Gas! G.L.T.K.P. In Ms. Newbury Phantom Mus- 
tang Rise above the Ordinary. Pool at P.M.'s 
O.O.H.F.M. No Problem Best of Health ToJ.N. A.M.C. 
RT 16 North Geils Concert 82 P.D. Friends Forever! 
Martha's Vineyard! Band R T A.F.F.T.C. Wild Bill 
UGH! Be Happy, Be Free. N.M.P.F. I got it! I L. G. & G 
M. & G. Thanks Mom & Dad. 

Patricia Anne Pelletier 

Francis J. Peotrowski III Bo/la 
Memories: CK The leid Monster — Big Dapper / Big 
Gip — Me Wrath — Horgstar / Fireplug — Crash Cal — 
Squirrel — los Rocket 350 * Bmt — JJ — No Quarter — 
house Party — Big Gip s / The GANG The Boys / What 
red light Ociffer? — 139 2 X/2 accident Club — cinema- 
tix — Boros — Lost on 5th River Ln Ease — Wick Garys 
/ 1.75 L-B Shotguns — Beach — dub Talis — ShBDB — 
College!' — Homecoming 81 — T42 — Rosario 5 up- 
Level / CS — Bat out of Heck — Sunday dinners — Mike 
it ya/ Joe Boro.' — CK mid t's Breen Subrew — 
GREENDTALLS / Heck Fleet / smirnys — 2 Rackat- 
tack — Ski Trip — Patchy — FK — LED ZEP — TM&D 

Dan M. Perry 

Memories: I do the rock, I love R&R.J&D, Life goes on 
Long after the thrill of livin' is gone. Hold on to 16 as 
long as you can. Nothin' matters and what if it did. 
1 1860, all in all you're just another brick in the wall. Wsn', 
35. 13, FH, PB, NB, SM you can make it. JS. MM, TK, 
JM, TF learn how to drive. Blues Brother, Indestructable. 
March 6, 1982, Ed Monat, belush. She caught the Katy, 

Sweet home Chicago, Think, I don't know, If I 

knew what I was doin' I wouldn't be here. 

Francis J. Peotrowski III 


Dan M. Perry 


Rebecca Hope Pilkington Becky 
Memories: Teazle, Flying, Books, Television. Specifically 
"God Is My Co-Pilot" and "Hawaii Five-O" Thanks, 
Dad' I Love You. 

Susan Marie Pink 

Memories: Field Hockey #1 #18 RICK — gttml 1 CHRIS, 
LAUREN FF Weve had the Best times L&T Florida! PK 
Dumpster Bog Parties DD Cpas R + C Stilookin Scav 
Hunts FC82 CG SQUEAKS Pat Pan Perv, Batzo, SOS 
w/ H Tide DCMALJ TJ'SJudy Steve IMY Dont Stop 
Believing! CYO-SkiMtOf. Live For WEEKENDS. 
My Subu?! Only 3 acc. Sue. my BFalwy — TKS for being 
there. I Y! S +JF Wayne — Life Goes On CS 5/79 — 4/82 
OMNF TALA FrBd Remember yesterday, Live for To- 
day, Dream about Tomorrow. TKS M&DWTT ILY It 
went by too fast. 

Rebecca Hope Pilkington 

Susan Marie Pink 

Julia Ann Pisani //<//< 
Memories: of being a new kid. Cheryl K. — You really 
understand! QBY goodbyes. Time to begin again. ELSJ, 
what a welcome wagon' B-n-c, awaked Eileen — mea- 
troom babe, SGS. 4 a.m. flashlight running — where's 
NY? Grey hounding the NE. I Know I DLLID. It can 
only get better. Houseshopping. Who's the spaceshot, 
Sue?! Time flies . . . It's my turn Just a chamelon who's 
GTBG. I've got it all written down. But there never 
seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do 
Once you find them . . . M and D I am LYAM. 

Daniel R. Pittenger PITT 
Memories: h MASKAS Barky-Doo we made it thru O- 
Tay Chux Doc Chaz Gipp Pachy Dek LP.' Prom 82zz 
We're Golden Soccer #31 Hockey #9 Tennis D Hey, 
Wick Hospital Buddy Colorado USOTC Ceg/Barx- 
/Dave Nose job ll-Chewin Ohkee Dohkee Fork Yur 
The CREW is THRU PSBarx & DC Pitt are Together 
And Someday We Will Be Also Veno — Parties Thats 
Fuunny Check C's Halloween 79 BRB Wheres The 
Wrench Garden One More Time The FORT Brine- 
Burger Rack-attack Thanx KJ. & S.K. Love Ya Mom 
WANTED: One Female Thats my Skull To My Friends, 

Julia Ann Pisani 

Robert Poultn THE Kidd 

Memories: MEAN / MONTE Steak / and cotata Flap- 
per / Stew The/Hop Wet/KIMBIE. "Book/em/ 
DANO" Five'O Cranky/Hank Hammered 'Deebie/BA- 
DIT LO" I/think/ were/ Lost Buzzard Seagull P/C twit. 
BENNY/ HILL Chandler "P" Speedtrap DO the/ 
Right/ Thing AWSEOME dead/MEN/CARRY/ pens 
dump/road DONUT/run Looks/ Like/ A Million/ 

Larry Powers 

Memories: This B's for You' The BOYS in The Band 
Graveing Image Mud Club 81 E Kim & Tom, Neil 
Young Led Zeplin Neil Pert, CoCoaadds to Life Simps 
& Chu, Born to be Wild Standish Monument who me 
officer' Before It's Time Are You Experienc The Fort, 
Beach hound at 100 mph. Burn the Forest No one Mere 
gets out Alive Rockin Roll Will Never Die. Bear and 
Bird Hange ten 4th of July Sunrise Wild Women of 83 
Super Bowl Mornings At McDonalds My Generation, 
Keep Trucken Mrs. K. Rock on the Drums This is the 

Robert Poulin 


Sean Powers 

Memories: The Fort Football #1 #55 Life in the fast lane 
store #130 Had good scenery in the summer Captn Miles 
would be proud Dont stop the flow The beast died from 
drinking to much LP's drums make Migrains look funny 
1 Love New York Off to the racesjl982 The Yellow bug 
bites badly Bust Sachem St Dr Bud bloody ice Nff Gone 
fishing with CS WE BD Dont rock the boat Get me a 
cold one' Help me guide me BPNFL Benny Hill Party till 
you puke I'm History 

Lisa Ann Prendergast 

Memories: Cherish yesterday Dream tomorrow Live to- 
day 4 arm, CnJ: Sunrise' Pippin! 20 min — viv BRRoo 
Lillyn Guenevere Manomet PtfsGretch LuvUDidi TPR 
Snow Holls TYJFTGT SAILING Luv is a Rose at the 
Swings Thez! July 3? Ensley Beachn it Mezzed! But. .OK! 
D-i music smiles to be shared. .My Guitar and my music: 
my expression. It mav be raining but there's a rainbow 
above vou.Who me.' A H. Secrets! Always laughing. A 
Little Dreamin Time. Reachin for the stars and searching 
for My Dreams . I luv you Family.. Thanks 

Christine Proodian 

Memories: JLP III Never 4 get your smile Hugh LWC 
Clash City Rockers Led Zeppihn Swore that vou never 
would leave me baby What ever happened to you ** But 
Now Is Mell the rain and with it pain and its headed my 
wayJP When it comes down you're never around to help 
me deal with the hurt I feel the who hope idie before eige 
told Look to the future and pethaps it will be the best 
you could hope for * for me ** to be free ACP&JAP You 
helped me to Be What I Thought I could not see 
MNYSI velied MNYXIve listened MNYXIve won- 
dered How Much There Is To Know JLPILLVUSEVER 

Constance L. Pynn Connie 
Memories: BRIAN' 10-14-80 THE HILL" "EXPRESS- 
WAY" MOM 10-11-81 Love will Keep Lis Together' 
Goalie #1 RAINBOWS First True Love Forever BRIAN- 
Class Brian I Finally Graduated! Two years and Still 

James Francis Quine, Jr. Jtmho 
Memories: CALL MY MOTHER Chevy, Excuse Me Sir 

Football #35 S.B. 82? B.F. Annual — 24 ... 

GREEN D.. Tass.. Kens, Last of the B.T.'s IM' Pac Man 
Down On Mainstreet. Lisbo ymec . . . tyDA ynfyfg Sal 
Sum. 80' The World of U.B.E. Flappers Outlaws 81' . . , >/* 
Toss Wake Up Bf. Cwooza your a Nut boy Blow it off. 
H.B. Boston, YMH . . . Keithewa P-Meyer Jap. 82' B.L. 
Lives Melon Howland's Lndq. B = TX3 Winter Hoop 
The Head.. The rock boss , . . Bob Seger IL RN R . . 
Prom 82' L.C Heartbreak Hotel P.M . . . Boo Boo Out 
Go The Lights 

Brian Wiltiam Raftery 

Activities: BS '82, YRBK '83. FRED'S 80-83. MEMO- 

Christine Proodian 

Brian William Raftery 


i St 

Lisa Anne Rizzo David James Ronald 

David E. Ragnow Rags 
Memories: RAGS You cant always get what you want 
. . . But you get what you need!! /RAD2's TR at MKsP 
Ped Pwr TENNIS #1 82-82 SOCCER Mgr(Huey, Wengy 
Initiation) YA SA S auto., Dream On! Dek, LGLTB 
Cabbages & Squid for Spanish' AIXA, AIXA /Eng 
buddies Janine & Amy NH in 80 DP Howd you know it 
was me? Your the ugliest there' IWJAJJKSSKST 
Wall/K&C Pilgrim 1, mistake C TRIPS to B. Go to 
school much!!j382RUF SULLY, Spill much! NM ID- 
LYP" Goodbye Stranger, Its been nice. Thx mddd y 

Peter Reed 

Memories: Flash at Pats The mud club Burning on the 
thirteenth S.F. To the max Nice Alpie whats up? "For 
long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and 
tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all 
your life will ever be PINK FLOYD Forest Party Van 
Halen Mustang Halloween at Griffens Nice JT S MB 
Take a Trip on the Gold Dolphin Thanks Mom and Dad 
All in all were all |ust bricks in the Wall. Later D H S 
Good Luck'" 

Lisa Anne Rizzo Lest 
Memories: Red and Delia: We Made It Through Togeth- 
er Leena, Parr, Lori, Julie, Nancy, Beth, Lacy. Cathy. 
Terry, to S.F. of A! Pink Pearls! C.C.s and S.M.S. Hey 
Y'all! One C of W.<g; Lynnes!! Prom '82! C. and C. 
(a Sampson Park The Ardina' Sawtell's! Sombrs Sandy ' 
Lynne and Scott Laura and John, Lynda and David. ME 
and RS. KD. BD. CO. DM. Dan Mad. Crstms and NW 
yrs @ Julies! "GUYS and DOLLS" GURNET Pt. CUR- 
VEBOUND! A.D.F. Anne, Dayna, Matt, Alena, S.P.JG 
LJ. DL. AS. NYC Leslie Samjoel Dabin DANCIN" Beth 
Shell Fred Mom an Dad JUST REMEMBER MY 
NAME . . . FAME' 

Kevin Keon Roberts KEZMO 
zio Roberts "Chilli ON DE ROCK" with #21 MEMO- 

David W Robinson Robhy 
Memories: DOC! Beach (Iwtblptt) old blue's as good as 
new; Green machine KM fatwt) Hockey §4 House-party 
(twbm) glass shoulder (5x;nmp) THE ROOM! TCaltoth 
obscene calendar hpansbw/Barksn' Benny dog biscuits 7 
in Capri = 2 flats B1L DR Iwats (btsdns) TOGA! SN 
Hospital run; I know the way (TYBWMWWB i cuatt the 
Garden Dktludrop HKH New Years (TC yogtb) upside 
down LGS Lym Pitt Ghost Who me.' BCCKDRS Word 
Wick sparks Deke Gipper Wmski Goals: To attain suc- 
cess as I interpret it and to positively influence the lives of 
others. DHS #1 

David James Ronald Ghosty 
Memories: JJES 4 July = FW Geils — CCC Icy Roads 
V.N. Yes ocifor Mopedin — Puch E.H.P Tase's Bench 
warmer — KAL Mrs. D&D Mom Dad Ken Alan T.C. 
Car, Ken? SPRINGSTEEN Joe s Par tee Mailboxes' 
Not Us Blib! Soccer + 80 81 82 Keeper Tourney State 
Champs R S Hooters Born To Run TES Game Point 
Soccer Wollyball Reffin CYSL Fly Far. Fly Free . . . 


Linda M. Ross 

Janice Michelle Ruprecht 

Linda M. Ross Valda j Grace 

Memories: Hey Lynnie' R&C — 7/3/82 — Manomet 
Beach / meet Bob, Bob & Bob / Peach out to the Max 1 
9/3/82 — Mr. bsdfp — Rope Swing- Night swim' Those 
crazy nights I do remember in my youth / One red hen.' / 
Waah! ACT 81, 82 / #355 — Thez! 9/2/82 — Paul — WL 
/ Prom 82 / S2V2L3 / McD's — Mrfd / Ring-Dings / 
Val Twins / Tiggers / Angelo's / MBR's / Thanx Joe 
Beth Linda 2 Jill Eliz Ann / Smile' Crusin' / Chasing 
rainbows — unicorns / INELO — 10-1 1-81 / B52's — sin 
bin / If If you love something, set it free — If it comes 
back to you, it's yours — If it doesn't, it never was / 
Linda — worn' ILY Mom & Dad 

Janice Michelle Ruprecht 

Memories: Miramar Prom 81 Deca Trips' Dale Vicki Are 
you going up the farm N.R.F Everbodv has tough times, 
I think I've had my toughest 6/80 — 9/80 O.O.B. LA. bye 
B.G. E.G. D.G. P.L. Gina, Ernie. Dean. Marshfield fair 
81-82 "Run for the Roses'' Patti. Gaye. Gary my friends 
forever, thank you Mom & Dad Sacaccia. little BRO & 
SIS E.B. Brewins — hockey Sonny. Diane & Cheri Thank 
you for everything I W.L.Y.A The good times are for- 
ever, let bad times fade away Thank you everyone at 
D.H.S. The Party is over!! 

Marianne Carmel Ryan 

Anne M. Savastano 

Marianne Carmel Ryan 

Memories: IRELAND 82'! Fiddler G&DS MR.D 
ING 81 Thanks Joyce third Jlv Ellen FFSTOP' 
MINGDY AOBSESSION — History teaches man, that 
man learns nothing from history — Hegel — Psalm 31:- 

Anne M. Savastano Annie 
Memories: Thanks Mr. Burke Genni Griss Mill tishmg 
Quincy Market U.S. Constitution G.S. Colorado Horse- 
back. .Mr. Mueller . . . lUie . . . Mike. Matt. Bobby. Lori. 
EhzaBeth. Jennifer, Susan, Thanks Edith Thanks Mom I 
Love you Dad I will always remember you Scott ILY 
Goals: Graduate . . . Modle working with Ml'SIC. To 
help needie children to be Successful. I hope to stand up 
to all chal-anges in a life time. No matter, where vou go 
or what vou do. remember you are loved. 

John J. Schlueter 

Regina Elizabeth Shneider 

John J. Schlueter 

Activities: National Honor Society. Drama, Yearbook 
Tennis and Skiing Memories: Crucibles and Nitric Acid; 
What movie are we going to see tonight ''' MA SP. ping 
pong and pool; STAR TREK; SKI!! Techies rule' BYE 
M. C. B. and P. It's been lots of fun! Goals: To go to 
college, get a degree in chemistry, and be a millionaire 
before thirty. 

Regina Elizabeth Schneider Gina 
Memories: Jazz Band 79, 80 Keyboards Rule' — The 
Doors — Riders on the Storm 4 yrs. orch. ILY Rainy' 
II.JDJDP.' Debbie & Physics' get out a there' Im ruvloe 
repchs pp stmi npepna^ let's party' V-ball Prom night 81. 
82, 83? April 6. 1985' Colorado — Hi Dad! Angelo's 
WCOZ "Leave your hair alone!'' The Runaway Heidi 
& Gradel Kerrie 82 "I don't know" Foreigner 81 He\ 
Royboy! Mom's cooking College.' The Toyota — Get 
stuck in the sand much' Ski p's late night calls What 
now .'J Geils Nice I'm finally out of here' Later Duxbury! 
Nov. 6, 1981 ERIC 


Paul J. Sessa 

Walter E. Seamon Walls 
Memories: Viking I miss you! Scorpio & Gemini ET 
August 5, 1982 Chandler field and cops!!' 74 Charger The 
accident Jetti "ouch my feet" Batmite = M.M Sue I love 
you forever!! June 8, 1987 The awesome year. I got A.L. 
for you Buzzy. The route mega bucks Papa Ginos and 
the coffee . . . Thanks everyone who helped me through 
troublesome times. I Love U DAD. MOM. Sue, Buzzy 
and Frdckles. "The Perfect Match" I want Bentley. Darth 
Vader Brian The drive in VC' S M L T D R Green Car 
"Positive" Later DHS 

Paul J. Sessa CRASH 
Memories: Saltwater Driving on beach almost flipped it. 
The 720. OZZY, Zep. Sabbath, smooth. Transmission.' 
Hey Tina Swamp Riding w/Dale.JR Y A H. Jackie LYF. 
I Dont Dress like that. Crash not me. My home the Cape 
Cod Collesium. The Flying Formula. 5 minutes before I 
make sense Bill. Lock me up! Thanks M&D but now Ive 
got 2 years. Drive In Nights. Kellv you are not a snob. IM 
NO Angel. Insanity. California scenery. The Creek, 
TILL Concert. Where have all the goodtimes gone^ 
Party hardy everyone. Later DHS Im NOW Earthbound 

Brian Shaughnessy 

Mary Shaughnessy 

Brian Shaughnessy Vader 
Memories: Mdly bgutbc SMA Markella. Hold my glass- 
es Grits 4H Truck Rules "The Hingham Trio" 6/11/82 
Sid falsLYW NITE-TUNES 74 36 78 60 77 69 23 67 43 99 
RT THE OFFENSIVE LINE "Mclsaac Let me Drive" 
FIFTY B P. SKOAL Kingston Drive In' The Pit V.H./ 
Weldon S.U. JHL. J.B. T.Y. The JEEP/ The Honda 
NAM and COWMAN R.L. ELVIS Z SmtCMleK Micha- 
chi Crew Cuts Backys 187 lbs. Goals: MK IWWTS BTB 
YwtbDHSg IMysya 

Mary Shaughnessy Mare 
Memories: Look! Its a bubble! Tenn^ Softball Skiing 
Lake Tahoe ACT Theatre Costumes Cast Partys Lie. 
7/30/82 Moving Statue E.S.P. Dean and Lil Lakeville 
Debbie Prendo's Pty' Summer! Mick Hi Connie! Air- 
planes Star-Trek! Lucy remember the REFLECTION.-' 
You call Mrs. M! Karen likes MMKECD. Light Denise' 
Disney Land, fla. L'niversal Studios, Calf. Polynesian 
village, HAWAII! Silver nail Polish' Computers fans 
MJS Toga's! Back to being a freshman! COLLEGE' 
Woody Saquish! Skim milk and Chocolate chip cookies 

Susan E. Shea 

Erin Monica Shields 

Susan E. Shea 

Memories: Look around you now, you must go for what 
you wanted look at all my friends who did and got what 
they deserve. CS&N Oh. Cindy Im bored. I wouldnt be 
naughty for the sake of naught or be different just to 
differ. CS No way. One way. I live for Hermit Island and 
the Maine coast. JELCJMS Youre funny. Rick How do 
vou BEND a transmission.' What a nightmare. Im retired 
and on a lifetime sebatacle. If I saw you were drowning I 
would not lend a hand. Nice Volvo eh Chrissie.' 2Shea 
"Boof, Biff and Courtney YSMBT WAA!! 

Erin Monica Shields 

Memories: Cathy *CC graveyard* 3/82 — Btallalwavs' 
A.P. Gno! Limpy & Gimpy* 160zw WBLNBS-BIN-* 
CLASH* Hows Sally " 'Maud* VPB* BVSB* 12/6/80- 
YA-KJES-Cats* Eyes?! SKIING — ebwe wmht baht! 
Summer* nights* Beach* 9/27/80* KEM* 4B S EMLC 
Grad "82" Who ate the doritos.'* Dormwarn* ReSigns! 
Lynda* Lits* go* swimming' Carol* BFTCA RahRah'* 
Scuiya! 432-4747* cctrip Sue.' Tang-V? Prom "81-82" 
Phonecalls' Bag — byB's LPwk 123 POP! Macattack' 
RRR' — LOON — pudgie! skids — Kel! always* late up 
all night longjasb sneak Lvndsy TM'D Kristin Its The 
Laughter We'll remember 


Valerie Sbowstead Val 
Memories: Michael 1/11/80 IWALY, You mean so 
much to me! Cathy, how your dog ruff ruff? Carol, your 
so dirty. Connie (CCCCP), remember, math was so easy. 
Mom and Dad ILY. Bennetts Garage: 
DLMTPKLBCPNDBJ Little Red Express, She's so cute! 
Grandizzer Go. DI, so many Fridays. How about a roast 
beef sndwich Grandma can I have a Lollypop? Dodge 
Dart at Tassys on a rainy night! I'm such a good girl. 
Good Bye doesnt mean forever! Hey Lisa, Mary, Beth, 
Lauren, I finally made it! 

Lynn Anne Stlsby Red 
Memories: 2/27/82 I LOVE YOU SCOTT XO Sand I 
think U better leave 'fore u get sick. TB Fake a p. CT Ct 
Did he really do that or am I just W.S.D.? The winter 
scene at Scotts. Prom 82 C&C at Sampson's 69 Volksy 
Pete's Dirty Filthy basement. Would u eva v ILY GAGL. 
LB & JC Is that u Scott? Tiny Toyota Truck This isnt 
gonna work, Scott Hey its the riz! The first golfball — 
CH Er, San, Lese, Lena, Kel, Cat, La, Beth CPJR RLK 
URA BUDUR spirit is with me JSD Thanx MA SCOTT, 

Laurie A. Silvia 

Memories: Ju2MaSu — T.W.A.B. #1. F. 10/31/81 fersure 
Is water cold in Dec. Eye!? Glad to meet you Julie P. 
Sandy my zaa bud * Dandy * Jude another D.P. run 10 
pr/day. I60z wow must be the big L! I'm sure — must be 
one of those new fangled cars huh Sue? Mare I'm glad 
you're home! * I wonder if I'm with you or chasing after 
some finer thing * where are all the people I once knew, 
cuz they aren't where they used to be Life's a series of 
hellos & goodbyes & I'm afraid its time for goodbye 
again — Eileen = B.F./Thks M&D Ply 

John P Simpkins Simps 
Memories: TERRY 9/25/82 The Castle Jeff Pete Dave 
Joe Renee Johnny Rotton Nice Choo osnmna netas 
5/15/82 Blizards 9th grade science . . . .nice Briggs Who 
ops Thanks Choo Give me shelter HENDRIX THE 
CLASH SEX PITOLES jail guitar doors The Lizzard 
King The Leather The Black Max 250 dumps beach- 
= bat = HA!HA! "Jimi Hendrix was a messenger from 
another world. Venius guitarist, sent from another time 
and another place, to give us a message of love, peace 
and freedom." C. Knight Love ya M&D nmm LET 

Pamela Leigh Spendley 

Memories: Though I've lived so long in darkness, I smile, 
the sun is gonna seen so much brighter. B-52s at SMI'. 
Arizona- Someday. ILY, JM Bets, Louise and me. Tin- 
kers Dam, goodbye. Grunch "You're just a prisoner of 
your dreams" — B.S. B.C. — 10/2/82" 1 and only" 
Vermnt "what a burst" RN Nancy, I miss you. I do not 
talk funny . . . Lula (neva) NY Eve '79. MOM & DAD, 
Thanks, I know its been tough. MJ. fanatic Merry X-mas 
... in April? J. Geils "What is she doing'" So close to 
insanity. Sandra, Julie, Nancy, Lacy, Lori; where did ev- 
eryone go? 

Julie Ann Spinale 

Memories: Hooter H.b Bunky Boone 2,007.5 miles Just 
call my name TWA J.T — DEDICATED 4Fs bobby fof 
Sup? TGMHBSCLK rpld Suing matches c#2 Am I hoot 
yet' wrecked #2 no social value npgp SBJ Thanx M&D it 
takes a clear mind hypothetical destination Oh Wow 
R&C j&v KS in A V DQ DT Amel The Island — 
K.P/L.C The eyes have it Another Monday night B&B 
cc82 adbs YaS Ann EBF 15 yrs T&G rock climbing moon 
beamin 3/2c Late nite sd ame APPALACHIAN TRAIL 
6/82 — 10/82 all the answers can be found in the dreams 
you dream along the way See ya Bye 

Laurie A. Silvia 

Julie Ann Spinale 


Michatl J Sullivan Sully 
Memories: The Big Tank. Hit the beach' AI782 oh no, 
it's the boys/thanks Rob. Eugene/20,000 tons T.N.T. 
Nice sword kid. Bolla/TMAFS/Boros. JF Coops Goo- 
fiest Cal. Dek. go play tennis/Let s go. Datb #1 Budrack 
attack. Dalton hungry Duxbury, go for it! Fireball — 
punk. Let the good times roll cwdrddcm Scrumpy 
JDBCW M J. Geils/Tom Petty/Bob Seger And these are 
the memories that make me a wealthy soul . . . 
MMLHAP . . Let s go skiing . . . Look out world, here 
comes the class of 83 . . . See va at the reunion (yal thanx 

Daun Elizabeth Swettser 

Memories: Those crazy nights I do remember in my 
youth ILY JOHN 8/31/81 1:45 A.M. Hot Summer nights 
'81 Halloween '81 prom 82 Hey Gail. Where's Glen.' 

5 up.' Florida '82 M&M's Cruzin' on mopeds. Baby you 
know what I like" Miss ya Gail — The Gang — skiing 
Sugarbush '82 Tennis was fun kid' Good luck cat and 
Mary Friends Forever! N.A.John YXES Skating Night 
time swims! Allnighters.'.' Thanks for everything Mom 
and Dad High School life had to be but, on to Bigger 
and Better things for me ... " 

Pamela Gray Swilzer Switz 
Memories: 'soccer #1 — #18 — killer tango * Hena, 
Shaila, Julie, Lisa (Buddies Always) * Hena's bashes — 
stropmithaedneerg — Thumpers w/ noises — Bizz — 
Buzz — U's -p.o.m — whirlpool & sauna * prom 82 — 
Ripper Time! * stud * Gilford — D.S. goes to . . . • 
Thanx Kenoosh * SSSS — The killer curb — twice in one 
day — the boat & bagged * Hena your lights !! * 
SGSneieen * w : road trips * b-ball .' — ski! * Let's eat * 
KPD — triplets' * Coven 4-Sal: we re here 6 am * T.B.E. 
— wobill * Howie wabin * glr: never forget the good 
times * lilbro * Thanks Mom & Dad * Luv ya * Always 
and FOREVER . . . 

Ralph L. Thomas Sidewinder 
ILY CT Forever: The Vineyard 8/23/82: Prom "82" BF. 
Your going to be: PW The Crew: fooba #77 Defence #99 
#71 #69 #78 #50 #36 #74 or #57 #35 Edawa Calf. Kid 
Track: 45' what.'.' Reg Benny Hill Dennvjump Dildus 
Jess" — THE STICK — ouch My Knee CT in florida 
MMYW Beffs Annuals Noslom "Mik Chicken' 
George Pepsi' Dead "G" Roasting on An open Fire Bush 

6 A How much do you want.' what now Where do vou 
want to go.' Tippy is not going lets take Karl Babe 
Muppets Thanks Mom & Dad 

Julia Anne Todd Jules 
Memories — R-4-Ever! L.C. stud* SHAILA * #1 Buddie 
* Hena's many ngts — LISA * Alias-wee * wee * P-82 
RIPPER TIME * switz MISSY #1 SIS — John — Corky 
Thnx' Luv & Thnx M&D & GD * TYFEMW HTC • 
TODD SKI" * DAVID • WHIZ-1-2-3 * SOCCER #1 • 
WEE LES * S.P Tenneys & Turns CNOi Another Lost 
Weekend — K.P. SUMMER • 82 Activities — '4 toss • 
BIZ-BI Z • Hearts • MICH • KERMIES — Hi KW 
make like leaves — The Bog Walk • Kenoosh-Coven & 
RES — B.G DONNA fcSiS* Camp Out ' • LETS EAT • 
w'= TAGGED • LM&HW — Eggo T Grnded • HI 
CQ • 9-hole * CHEEKS • 141 • ILYUBXNJO" 
TODD'S 3 Down 1 To Go 

Pamela Gray Switzer 

Julia Anne Todd 


James Richard Tougas Tougie 
Memories: MOM & DAD & Thanx & Doods gary & 
ann phibion GOLF #1 poor dog 9/26 at peir "I cant be 20 
on sugar mountain" Seiz 4/8 Little red it dead 14 flagg 
about your car "purpl Hayes — thanx" 44 mph Mcc & 
Dye & Nhcc "The 4 Js" usa mat tec siob & tour = job 
"States" Neil young & Ccr NH with Doods DJ WK AJ 
DC ML UV YA Whity growup 8001b Tuna second 
Messiah Kristen you cat road house blues = 10 bucks 
ReeRee bought at hubbies hit a seagull Mga 7-6 you cant 
be a caddy all your life blundy said ]ump Michelle good 
luck Sue & Jim Ponge-Ponge Mom and Dad Now its my 

Michelle B. Tougas 

Activities: rollerskating, yearbook, candystriping, NHS. 
piano Memories: — ILY Cet & Og — my friends; Sherry 
terry Cathy carol lynn kim tracey; skate much.' "such a 
Cathy" Mr F? Sweet 16 Party Papa Gino's TL'NES all 
nighter Bs & Gs E&I Sandylane — I'm a Dirtball SM and 
CT "Est-ce que je parle Francais.'" sleep "the Rink" club 
TAS me & Jeannine (6 meets PG "of course I know how 
to drive!" cookouts, campingtrip, shows, carwashes — 
never forget JD — Thanx M&D "Don't Stop Believing" 
"so cute Tay!" Goals: love, happiness, success, respect. 
MD! Bye DHS 

Rosanne Marie Trinque 

Memories: August 17 '82 martha's Vineyard One Sunday 
in September . . . Band in the stands Lunch on the steps 
with no lunch ? put 'EM away!! You're so SILLY Cathy! 
'82 ski trip with CYO TSWE" CP KJ DS LC JA Kathy 
moved away, midnite no no later from bundlin' to ringin' 
Let s get lost! It's time to go home. It's too quiet over 
here. Got any good jokes! nsht yes, I saw the Early 
morning Post! Thanks Mom and Dad 

Linda L. Turner 

Memories: Hey Lynnie whats up' R&C 7/3/82 Southie 
Manomet Beach bf — you want what.'!!/ I Like crowds, 
meet Bob, Bob & Bob have you seen my keys? 1 Tell me 
about it scary' Peach out to the Max! Like totally Barf 
out Groty — 9/3/82 Mr. BSDFP. LPJMBL rope swing- 
night swinV those crazy nights I do remember in my 
youth/ vou better get readv to say good-bye / one red 
hen'/wah / zooed/ wheres my car/!!/ A whole tank' KD 
Bradlees circular/dont talk/weee McD's Marshfield 
Muspep/the Lounge gang, memories are dear keep them 
forever Thnx M&D ILY 

Keith G. Vadas 

Memories: SSPier But Dad "EDAWA" BF "Jimbo JA- 
PAN WHERE am I? Who are You.' Baka you K-Fu 
Sidea Dont do that Mrs Primm what am I doing in this 
class call my mother Not Curtis Edwin Demonina Nani 
At Teno! Not now room the Cellar Ralp Sled not there 
BF Look a fish Edcape Lets walk notguns STARSX 
JKDN Dont forget to write spring wins Cards Off the 
Island Rain Lets Go Home Sherwood 10 Logs Tent Trip 
Nell break the lamp Pissmire Logical who cares' China 
Town No More Quarters Lords House Lowtide Tokyo 
KitaKat A But Rotary To Madachi Question is Why 

Gahrielle Franciose Vautrain Gabes 
Memories: Poola!, Thi-thanx Geoff BCN & The Rolling 
Stones, Fort Parties — Lynda — aBaW John D.mbbf. 
Kristen y a cv ty WDI luv?, The Killer Toads, B-PuP, 
The Tation, Im on a (12) Diet, Susan — check the list, 
Beth.COILLL Nw Years Eve At Vals, snuffy!, Netti & 
The Vega Night Mare, tmmfbist, you Gotta Have It, 
Julie un-f-believable, CM, Europa, jamming! I'm Going 
to be a Star' Andrew, Boooz Crooozz, Hutchy & The 
Camp, Kris & Dave — Chinese food zombies mmm I 
Quit Manhattan. .Do we smoke it .' — rainbow weekends' 
flash! Goodbye doesnt mean forever 

Michelle B. Tougas 

Linda L. Turner 

Gabrielle Franciose Monique Vautrain 


Joseph R. Vienneau J M 
Memories: 3 ML'SKAS. S.A. 9/22/78 FABA! "I'm gonna 
sleep right here!" Midterms at Chuck's "me officer.'" The 
Stones. Crunchin' w/ the Doc. LM SC MJ M & DL YA 
Chu and Simps. Chuck. Brian, and the CREW. More 
Boro's Frankie.' Prom 82 cruising w/ Pitt and Barks 
Golden Boza's! Socer. Hoop. Baseball = N'.S. Mail 
boxes- Wsl fee Nantucket. Beach Bound Please prove it. 
Hey. M&D I made it.' SY WB IM TF Living for the 
weekend OG MO MB AMP Climb high. Climb far. 
your aim the sky, your goal the stars . . . Later. D H.S. 

Jacob Visstr 

Activities: AFS — club Memories: Mrs. Primmer: Ea- 
oule pauvee goals: Have a fun time learn something too. 

Joseph R. Vienneau 

Jacob Visser 

Gretchen Elizabeth Vokes Crunch 
Memories Beach Boys lets go Hawaiin . . . PAM Christ- 
mas in April.' RN . . . Hutchy' — Where did all the good 
times go' PFFs Lisa Wille 9/9/82 T.L.C. Go for it ILY 
Da. Greg. Dave. M&D good luck G&S" ILY Reccer s 
What mug ' FH Charlies s Angels go skiing! 45 All Night 
live Crutches Capers CD 1 left Ric. & Mike = GITCH 
LYM «5 Hockey willsawonk.' What a wonk.' Night- 
mares of the woodsy type whats a Murph'! ... Its Finally 
time to leave yes its finally time to leave take it calmly 

and serene its the FAMOUS FANAL SCENE later 


David R Walker Freddy 
Activities: LEGION CHAMPS 82 Baseball #19 •caddy* 
ALL THOSE NIGHTS Bottle Throwing contest volvo 
yaljta sna ahay son Paint Fight write back July 4 'Lear- 
buff* Drive-In 6:26 F. Zappa all nighters at Amanda s 
ID KH YP L'W MB IG YD Football #19 Super Bowl 
'82> FB81 GIWT DYCP M . . . . L . . . 'Julie Bniell* 
summer 82 Mike. John. & Fred Thanx sister ksc #22 
MM#60 ML#23 Ck #10 NC#6 BN FG AT NT THANX 

Gretchen Elizabeth Vokes 

David R. Walker 

Kenneth W Walker Walks 
Memories: track — :nsl Super Bowl.' #81 hockey ww&k 
fwm 19spmn Jinken'8 in 10 and still going* OH MY 
GOD Summer of 82 — mikes housed Almost! mo- 
ped = PB buses ski trip — Dave. Ken. Mark with 30 
Little friends POTLUCK SO LET IT WHIP LWhack. 
Bwhack Dbeach mammels Regg. 15' 65 mphotb just for 
you Kell & Dris Wagoner Surfing Warner remember the 
thorn bush.' Jellyfish Lips florida trip — KWPWSEMS 
P. PArties thanks Mom& Dad thanks guts Kid hoedydoe 
w&bfimfdu=OHNO!!! Sergi wdwlmsra Hello JT Syra- 
cuse.' KK Frat Parties (6, Northeastern 

William T Wall 

Memories: LP. '80. '81: "Donny. what're ya doin' In the 
me angato Killington, 12/18/82 — 12/21/82 Placid '81: 
SORRY Bout that officer' "Whats that pink thing.'" 
Hockey Santa's bag and the bennymobile Beaslv Reese 
"Hey Keith, the street's on fire!" "Beautiful Girls" 
"c'mon bill, we're goin' to the dance!., right.'" Dunnv. 
van' Halen: geez. I must a got lost" Hi guvs blow up 
many yards' T.C AT H. '82 IIRWATT' "I got some, did 
you?" It wasn't bad; MMC: TIME to go. okay:.' 

Kenneth W. Walker 

William T. Wall 


David Warner 

Memories: Football #43 Superbowl 82? WW&K Hock- 
ey #12, Gardenbound again in 83, U.S.O.T.C Colorado 
Springs 82, R.B. speech, "hey serge W.D.W.L.M.S.R.A 
Ski trip K.W., DW., M.S., 1/1/82, U.L.I.Q.S.. Thank u 
K.T., S.I.W.A.R.-U-, Kispy #1, Prom 82 at J.H. House 
Florida trip at S.C.(10, 34, 43, 81 ) I.w.m.u. A.T.T. Home- 
coming 83 a special day for someone Dartmouth P.t 
parties, beach, M.S.I.U. "go for it ". Thanks M&D 
L.W.B.S.tB.W. S.Q. never forget "I.W.B.B.S.D." M24ing 

Deborah Ellen Watson Deb 
Memories: CLARKS ISLAND B.D. Wanderer Boone 
FH#6 IK SKI TMRBBPC&M FH#1 4FS Matches #9 
LYM#5 Bobby NPGP cc'82 wrecked #28 KB&BD — 
just another excusejimmy — DEDICATEDJust call out 
my name — SLCLCDS Hooter — Bunky — B#l no 
social value T.J.'s SB = REAR! 9/28 Line a for m just for 
Justin MICKEY — hows the tree? DT#5 A hypothetical 
destination You may think I am gone but I will be back 

next weekend BYOB Friday 13 81 RIDES GMG 

SBJ SKI — mobile Amel Renska DQ. Sup? Oh Wow! 
GT's — RC — VG — PS 3/2c NPW — I'm CI. bound 
Thanks M&D's — See ya Bye! 

T. Michael Way 

Memories: Lane #6 T&M capt. 82-83? OWS = One Way 
Street be Radical TCe Clash '82, Heart/ J Cougar 82, 
Journey/Point Blank '81 Major F. Whoe T-Bonev 
Knuckle punch 10/10/80 $60' ST81-821 what happened 
neighborhoods and the fans at the channel wild! "ILY 
What are we gonna do now* THE FUTURE IS UN- 

George N. Welch Gipp 
Memories: Football #71 bial TINHOWF MILLING 
AROL'ND House calls — DR car gossip sympathy for 
the sparkplug the vat Fatlip Mcgath Bolla bat out of 
heck nova 3d patchy squirrel/controversy LIW? 1ID 
Acorns wick R5 good 108 ILP Mevodkey Green D. 
Wid' Screaming RB dunes your paranoid pimat skitrips 
squil sylbw|S BK Prom 82 phantom Hey jvpames wdux, 
ispm timcan LWLS . . . college you loser! shotgun men- 
tor ghetto life tcwncypg midterms pmilk 1.75L rcket 250 
got no time to spend enroute; the time has come to be 
gone . . . D 

Christopher C. Wenger 

Memories: Bermuda 80, Saco, Ski Trip "stranded", GC 
stars "The Great Excape" — N.H. River Kids, J.V. 
states?, wrong Number Dream Girl ELTSDIM 
SMLRAR IALYK, Stairway, "We are the boys", Martel 
the Mighty D&DF, Scooter Bikin "Datona!" Bronco 
Beach Ridin Forest Explorer 96, "Really'", Double Dag- 
ger, "Where's the wrapeer? ', CRETHRM TBABIT, "Let 
the good times roll, never forgotin ", Shades. W.V Coun- 
try Road as roll, IBB, Pearl Green Eyes. Tks M&D 
"Reach out and Take it, the future belongs to those who 
Dare" — Wangie 

Deborah Ellen Watson 

Christopher C. Wenger 

Judith Ann White 

Edward John Wolff 

Jovce Marie Whittemore 

Christopher Robert Zahnzinger 

Judith Ann Whitt Dute 
Memories: JELCCJMS FF 10/31/81 ah Mar: Best bud 
Thanx Chauffeur L' Mass Bound' * Cat: Dont forget 2 
Smell The Flowers Laur: Bout The Car Wash' DP Runs 
10 X/ day?! 'Ween: Freshwater Sharks' NOWAY! • 
Sue: APDO470.' White sweatshirt.' FarFar s YSMBTJEN 
JEFF Stoccer Syle Chandler Trail bearchase.' 3 times' 
Nice try! Jay: you've got a lot to learn! Congrats Gessy & 
Debis B&C 4/20/82 sup.' Iwalyjsc I do recall those were 
the best times most of all! Life goes on! So much time to 
make up everywhere we turn. Time we have wasted on 
out way . - Good Luck 

Joyce Marie Whittemore 

Memories: Obsession. Pippin. Fiddler. JCZX. Chalie 
Brown, owr Town 1 comes Love. Anybody for tea FR. 
S-Davs w/ JEN&VIV ED. VP — Thez act. Manomet! 
SS. SM. DS. LP. CD. JC. JB. BN. CO. RS. SS. EL. 108. 
25c. Fuzy Duck. Cardinal Puff. x-Ma. 7/30 Marry the 
man. the Phone. BK. Clingon. tank. 7 /32X Choir Alex- 
zandria. The Hub. Rest Area — Bird Land. Maria anne. 
I'm in a Catatonic state. Retch, you Keys. Me. WO 
L'NDED SEAL pool Party, surprize party, incognito 
Thank you M&D! To Understand Teachers One must 
ask many questions! 

Deborah L. Wiley 

Activities: Marching Band — Florida trip parades and 
competing Pit orchestra — first chair Memories: Hello to 
everyone in Manapan HS! DE LR DA SH NT TA MV 
DM JV EA GG I will be back to visit all of you! Choco- 
dile and twinkle — friends forever! Surprise — I" 7 Birth- 
day party Moving to Duxbury meeting new people feel- 
ing out of place GS Help me meet you know who! CHE 
watch out for L! Goals: 4 years of college computer 
programer.' Lets make it through HS first' 

Edward John Wolff 

Memories: To get to heaven you got to raise a little H-ll' 
xxx(EJW) the real TALL boys "Excuse Me Sir' PSILY 
kinks jsut dont sound the same Catch me if you can can 
DPD Be we almost blew it (prom 82) hopsbong (the an 
of tanking) PRIVATE STOCK Dont be messin! The 
LIST pacman S S skev G. POINT Hollands Landing U 
casegirl spidey front seat driver weekend kit brawlin. 
nice, cakes TS SURF CAPE COD 9/25/82 Heaven Can 
Wait'JIMBO nutboy the week I was 20JKJQKV YOL'R 

Christopher Robert Zahnzinger Tex 
Activities: Spanish. Gordon's Last Period Smoker s Club 
Memories: Hockey in Physics. Frankie "Snuff' Bie- 
trowski and friends, who suffered nicotine withdrawal 
after the first period Goals: To be rich, live fast, and share 
everything with K.F., the one I love. 


Seniors/6 7 

We saw the slow tides go and come 
The'curving surf-lifies lightly drawn 

The gray rocks touched with tender bloom 
Beneath the fresh-blown rose of dawn. 

But, one calm morning, as we lay 
And watched the mirage-lifted wall 

Of coast, across the dreamy bay 
And heard afar the curlew call. 

And nearer voices, wild or tame 
Of airy flock and childish throng 

Up from the water's edge there came 
Faint snatches of familiar song. 

A song .that mingled joy and pain 

And memories old and sadly sweet; 
While timing to its minor srrajn, 
'•'•-The waves i» lapsing cadence beat. 

The waves are glad in breeze and sun; 

The rocks are fringed with foam 
I walk once more a haunted shore 

A stranger, yet at home. 

A land of dreams 1 roam. 

— Whittier 

Best Dressed Best Actor/Actress Most Gullible 

Tammy Fasolino and Phil Baker Lyz Cook and Luke Hauber Ellen Carpenter and Jon Deklerk 

7 0/Seniors 


7 4/Scniors 

Class of 


Front: C. Angers, E. Butts; Middle D Briggeman. W. Cahill R. Blundell N. Cadigan D. 

Bean. K Balboni, V Angevine. K. Bayramshian; Back C. Broadwater, D Ayles. J. Brown. A Brady. L. 

Bouthiller. K. Borgeson. B. Bondlow. L Barrow, N. Bedder. K. Allen. J. Ali, S. Burr, E. Andrew. D. Adams. W. 
Benjes, E. Bartlett. W. Arnold; missing; A. Bell. T. Chantre. 

Front: P. Costello. L. Cheverie, K. Clakc, C. Coakley, B. Cosgrove, C. Connolly. M. Clifford. J. Comer. P. 

Conley; Back: M. Carbone. D. Christenson K. Coughlin, E. Carroll, R. Chantre, D. Collins, T. Carpenter, 

P. Calinedo, missing: A. Chandler, C. Cobb. R. Cooper 

'No, try it again Vicky. 

Close the door! 

Front: A Dewolf, J Doscher. C. Duffy, A. Doane, L. Delano, J. Cuneen. K. Doherty, J 

Donahue, M Dispersio. T. Davis; Back J. David. R Donovan. M. Cushing. _. C Cudmore. D. 

Dobecki. J Driscoll, P. Ducette, T Dowd. S. Devaux; missing: H. Cuneo, M Doonan, A. Ducharme 


Front L. Frisbee. L. Dunlap. C Francis. H. Garland. E. Gibbons. J. Foley. S. Eldridge. J. Foran. Back: B. Gilmore. 
Goulev. ML Elliot. S. Frederick. L. Franke. C. Over. R Gilgan. A. Gorman. J. Fusile. E. Giumetti. E. Fultz. C 
Fallows, E. Rankr. missing: C Durgin. R. Edmunds. S. Flanagan. T. Govani. 

Front: S. Hawkins. K. Hatch. T. Hopkins. H. Hanes.J. Hawkins. P. Haffey. T. Hoilo. B. Hvr 
Grissom. B. Hauber. Back: L Hurley. M Herriger. K. High. S. Harrington. A. HartwelL C He 
R. Hasenfus. G. Jackson; missing: S. Griffon. T. Hamon. S. Hayward. C H organ 

;h. D. 

A. Johnson. K Lawrence. M. Johnston. P. Leary. R. Jasmin. C Kallander. P. Lanman. J. Joyce. P. Kilgor. P. 
Lefe\Te; missing: A. Landry. 

What the heck is that'' 


I don't believe a word of it. 

Peter gets down to busmes 

Front: R. Manning, S. Madden, L. Macek, C. Meallo, 
C. McCarty, C. Murdough, P. Manning. C. Mooney, M. 
Mendoza. N. Merrifield. C. Morelli. E. Marks; back: J. 
McDonough. P. Moreau. H McDonough. T. Merry. P 

Front: S. Oates, P. Nylen, P. Nightingale. M. Raftery; back: S. Murgo. Ca. Murphy. Cu. Murphy, A. Norton. J Ott, 
T Paige, S. O'Donnell, M. Perry, missing: K. Murphy. R. Murphy, P. Myers, S. Nelson. M. Nudd. A. Nykiel. R. 
Odette. M. O'Hare, R. Olsson. P O Malley, M. O'Neil. S. Patenaude.J. Peterson 

Look out, she's armed! 

Front: E. Rizzotto, L. Salvatore, C. Samuelson, S. Ramsay; back: M. Redler, J. Ryan. D Riso, K. Schwaller, M. 
Rizzo, D. Scott, D. Powers, D. Sapp; missing; D. Phillips. E. Pouhot. K. Powers, J. Punn, S. Quay, M Raftery, D. 
Ragnow, H. Raymond, K. Richards, D. Riley, D Ring. J. Riser. J Roop. C. Santheson.J Schofield. M Schofield 



80/l ! nderclassmen 

Front: E. Albritton, A. Bayer, W. Barker, E Brennen, A. Bell. S. Beaudrv. T. Arsenault, T. Armstrong. D. Boschen. D. 
Allsop; Back: M. Boyden. M. Bartlett. M. Barrett. J. Borhek. J Burke. H Baker. S. Armstrong. J Brigham. B. Barclay. 
B. Anderson. R Bonner. D. Amado, T. Blakeman; missing: C. Allen. 

Class of 




What a face 

Front: L. Cicierega. C. Cattell, D. Coulsey. S. Burleigh. J. Ciccarelli, E. Corvelli. J. Cislo, , M. Coe. M. Burke. 
T. Collins. N. Collins. M. Case; Back: J. Carleton. P. Cataldo. C. Connelly. P. Callanan, S. Cadigan, VP. Callander. 

, S. Cass. J. Coughlin, . R. Cobb. M. Clisham. G. Capraro. , C. Crandell; missing: F. Costello, E. 

Front: K. Diozzi. N. Fallon. K. Eaton. E. Fallows. R. Doucette. J. Crumlish, P. Dowd. T. Frattasio. S. Ellison. E. 
Durgin; Back: L. Donoghue. J. Davis. K. Dipersio, S. Crockett, T. Ferrell, S. Dolloff, P. Dulany. R. Drake. M. 
Drake. E. Fekete. D. Deveney. M. Eldridge. D. Dougherty; missing: D. Crane. J. Cunningham. M. Delorenzo. C. 

Paul reads 


Tastes like a meadow muffi 

Front: C. Gillespie. S. Hundley, M. Hannan, C. Hurley, S. Hanlon, C. Hill, H. Hardy. E. Hacker. J. Hauber, G. 
Hopfe, R. Greene; back: M. Healey, J. Hughs, C. Histen. A. Guillemin, L Gilbert, T Jacques, S. Hasenfus, A. 
George, C. Grealy, H. Holbrook, K. Gifford, S. Hayward.J. Greene, A. Gates; missing: J. Hatfield 

Front: L. Keaney, K. Keith, C. Kubicki, A. James, J. Kerrigan, C. Krahmer, T. Kelly. T. Kilduff, C. Korites, V. 
Kelly. L Kennedy; Back: L. Knox, K. Kelleher. A. Koplovsky. D Lagerstedt. W. Kearney, B.Jewett, G. Kennedy. 
B. Kennedy. T Jones. P Janousek. , T. Kennedy. P. Kehoe. D. Kiklis, M. Kinney; missing: C. Knight 

Front; R Mclnerney, C. Leary, R. MacWalter, A. 
Lauzon, D. Lewis. J. Martin, . A. Mcintosh, D. 
Luce, K. Leydon.J. McCarthy; back: S Maass, 
R Martin, G. McFarland, . G. McLaughlin. 

Kirk puts himself on a pedastel. 

Front: T. Nathan, J. Norton, H. McLean, A. Morris, L. Medeiros, M. Mclaughlin, R. Mowbray. P. Nappelio, L 
Neuger, G. Merr; back: D. Merry, P. Needleman, C. Murphy, W. Murphy, J. Moe, P. O'Brien, M. Munsey, B. 
Melville, T. O'Brien, J. Mclean, J. O'Hare, C. Ochtera, P. Nathan; missing: M. Mercier, P. Oliver 


Front: L. Pittsle\ 

V. Punn. A. Ryan. E. Redler, T. Reed. T. Pink, A. Rand, C. Partridge. L. Richards, C. Perkins, S. 
Plett, C. Perry; Back: J. Pagel, S. Romine, C. Ricci, R. Paton, M. Salsman. S. Poliskey. K. Reagan, S. Satkus, P. 
Quilty, M. Phinney. P. Pelletier, M. Rankin; missing: D. Santos 

Mike uses Sure anti- 

C. Mclsaac, D. Mahoney, D. Mahaney. S. Luscko, B. 
Maddock.J. Maguire; missing: D. MacCormack, J. 
Maclntyre, N. Malmberg, A. Martin, W. McElroy, M. 

Front: D. Scibetta, G. Schwaler, L. Silvia, M. Thomas. T. Small, B. Shoulla, S. Saunders, T. Spear, E. Sexton. C. 
Sheehan, K. Schippers, C Themistokleous; back: A. Spalsbury. K. Tassell, C. Tangney, M. Seamon, E. Sjostedt, M. 
Schofield, M. Scott, Co. Sheehan, R. Thibodeau. R. Scarbrough; missing: T. Schindler, M. Smith 

Front: S. Wilson. D. \X 

A. Waterhouse, M, Wolff. K. Whittum. C. Tribuna. L. Watts, F. Watson, C. Tougas, 
K. Thrasher; back: M. Whittum, W. Thomas, R. White, N. Upham.J. Verell. T. Wilcox, J. Walsh, K Walsh, B. 
Zee, P. Thorn, P. Turner 

Carole lust met a hunk' of a locker 


Sophomore Sneak-Peeks 


front: W. Bondlow. L. Bovd. L. Beckman. K. Bowser. D. Archibald. E. Barnes. K Brooks. J. Anzivino. L. Bowen, 
middle: M. Beauchemin. C. Agnew; back: J. Arnold. L. Archibald. S. Barker. S Bowden. J. Bernier, M. Binnev.J. 
Benevides. K. Altieri. L. Bishop. C. Barlow. R. Ayles. T. Bartlett; missing: R. Austin. G. Baldwin. J. Barbetti. K. 
Barrows. J. Bice. 

Class of 




front: B. Cook. S. Cheverie. S. Clisham. E Buonagurio. C. Carroll. R. Clapp. M. Burrill; middle: J. Costello. J. 
Costa. R. Callanan, T. Costello. S. Condrick. D. Cataldo. E. Buonagurio. M. Collins. A. Corsi. C. Ciccarelli; back: C. 
Chubb. M. Brown. J. Crocker. P. Capraro. S. Cook. S. Courtiss. S. Connolly. R. Coughlin. G. Cheetham, T. 

So that's what weight-lifting can do, Jim. 

front: J. DeVX'olf.J. Ferrari. C. Dunlap. R. Drake. S. Deveney. D. Fisher, middle: P. DiPersio. M. Doble. K. 
Di.Mascio. S Dw-ver. L DeLorenzo. I. Dundas.J. Daley. E. Davis. J. Deloid. K. Doonam back: K Dunphy, E. 
Dixon. R. Fawcett.J. Delregno. D. Fallon. D. Dresser. D. Edmunds. G. Enzie.J. DeFreitas. P. Evans. J. E)oonan 


Did you have to ask me.' 

S Frazier; middle: K. Gormley. K. Gilman, K. Gearin, P. Hannan, A. Haight. S. Haffey, J. 
Harrison. K Foran, A. Gardner. J. Graham; back: M. Fogarty.J. Greene, E. Gallagher, D. Fultz, R. Gage, N. 
Harrington, T. Greely, G. George, J. Fortia, J. Gibbons, L. Foisy; missing: K. Frederick, K. Hall, T. Harrington 


Front: K. Kaplan. K. Judd. L.Johnson. M. Hitchins. N. Kosak. S. Landers. L. Holden. middle: C. Hoxie, K. 
Ingram, S.James, J. Kennedy. N K|ellerstedt, A. Korites, K. Kriegol. S. Kelleher, back [. Kilgour, S. Kane. J. 
Krafft, R. Kearney, M. Jones, T. Hovey, R. Hatch, C. Keefe. M. Kennedy, M. Hill. T. Hovey 

Little Otis gets tuned up. 

Front. H. MacDonald, M. Marconi, M. MacLaughlin, C. Lederer, middle: J. Leary.J. Lynn. J. Mann. C Manning. C. 
Lunt. K. Lutz, P. Lipfin. C. Maddock. K. Leary. L. Loring; back: K. MacFarlane, C. Lewis. C. MacNevin. B. Lheureux, 
D. Lawrence, M. Lucier, T Leighton, S. Looke. B. LeFevre, B. MacTavish, R Lipfin; missing: J. Leahey 

Front: J. McMahon, T. Millis. N. Marks, middle: M. 
Mulcahv. S. Murgo, C. Moreau, M. Myers, C. Martin, 
M. Mastrovita, K. McCarthy, G. Mercer, H Martin, D. 


Front: E. Ramsay. C Orwig, A. Rehfield. S. Poulior. middle: K. Poturnicki. C. Pelletier. J. Nykiel. M Quintal. P. 
Randall. C Pelletier. K. Newkirk. K. Olson, M. Reed; back: B. Oates. G Parkman. D Pisani. P. Noyes. C. Perkins, 
S. Reed. R. Newman. K O Brien. B Powers. A Price. J. Reardon; missing: T. Phi 

Front: T. Sarro. S. Roberts. B. Stone. G. Riemer. middle: E. Schultz. K. Shamma. J. Robinson. V Salvatore. M. 
Stahl. C. Salo. L. Schippers. J. Robinson. J. Shyloski. J. Stone. P. Simpson. VC'. Scott; back: T. Riser. T. Spear. M. 
Ryan. P. Sprosty. H. Schneider. B. Ross. M Simoes. P. Showstead. M. Schleuter. M. Scammell. ML Rosen. L. Scon; 
missing: S. Samuelson 

back: C. 

Martin. E. McLean. P. Martin. P. McEvoy 
S. Martin. D Meallo. M. McLaughlin. J. 
B. McEachern. ML Murphy. C. McGrath; 
M. Marzioni. M. McGovern 

Front: R. Thibodeau. T. Trigenowen. M. Zammito. R. Tougas. B. Such; middle: N. Zammito. J. Sugarman. 
P. Whelchel. C West. K. Walker. C Zicko. P. Willians. K. Whitaker. S. Wilbur. T. Tosselli; back: D. Wall. 
M. Wilson. M. Wozniak. H. Winberg. H. Woodmansee. D. >X'etherbee. C. Tvng. C. Zahnzinger. D. Vokes. G. 
Thevenin. N. Walsh; missing: D. Switzer. J. Welch 



Two Down, One To Go 

Duxbury High School won the Dalton Tro- 
phy in 1981-82 for the second straight year. 
The trophy is the "Ernest Dalton Memorial 
Trophy" in honor of the memory of Ernest 
Dalton, the former school sports editor of 
The Boston Globe. 

The trophy is awarded in three divisions, 
which are based on school populations. The 
overall performance of all school teams de- 
termines the divisional winners. This rating 
procedure makes every single game played 
during the year very important, because the 
better the record of each team, the more 
points are awarded. 

In 1981-82 the combined boys team record 
was 117-31-2, while the girls teams posted a 
95-17-2 record, giving an award winning total 
of 212-48-4. If Duxbury wins the Dalton for a 
third time in 1982-83, the current trophy will 
be "retired" permanently at Duxbury High 

Winning the Dalton is a tremendous achieve- 
ment of which the student body, faculty, ad- 
ministration, school committee and commu- 
nity are all very proud. It is truely a great 
honor for Duxbury High School. 

Dr. Hill and Miss Brooks receive the Dalton from Globe columnist. Larrv Ames. 

Mr. Ames talks about the Dalton. 


And They Win Again! 

Team Photo — First Row: M. Mahoney. D Pittenger. G. 
Barker; Second Row: J. Luscko, L Hurley. B. Weidner, S. 
Oates. H. McDonough, B. Horgan.J. Patch. P. Caliendo, 
Third Row: Coach Foster Cass, J. Hauber. C. Killian, S. 
Macfarland. D Bean, D. Ronald. M. Cushing.J. Vien- 
neau. S. Cass. Coach Bill Wilhelm; Fourth Row: J. Ryan. 
M. White. D. Walsh. D. Miller. T. Paige, E. Andrews. T. 
Harnan. S Wilson. 

The Duxbury High School boys won the 
1982 Eastern Massachusetts soccer tourna- 
ment for the third consecutive year, their 
sixth, in the past nine years. 

After completing a 14-0-0 season in the 
league, the Dragons were led into the tourna- 
ment by seniors Jon Patch, Matt Mahoney, 
Charlie Killian, Dan Pittenger, Greg Barker, 
and Dave Ronald. A four overtime victory 
over Franklin and a goal 18 seconds from the 
end of regulation play against Medfield high- 
lighted a very exciting tournament. A 5-0 vic- 
tory over Tewksbury concluded the season 
on a positive note. 

Stephen Cass, the highest scorer in Eastern 
Mass., Matt Cushing, Eric Andrew. Dan Mill- 
er, Jim Ryan, and Doug Bean combined with 
the seniors for one of the most exciting sea- 
sons in D.H.S. historv. 






E. Bridgewater 

















E. Bridgewater 





















S Heneghan gives her very best. 


L. Macek races up the field. 

One More Time 

The Duxbury Girl's Varsity Soccer Team en- 
joyed another outstanding season this year 
under the direction of Coach Pat Shea and 
assistant Coach Bill McNeil. The team won 
the South Shore League Championship and 
had an undefeated season for the third con- 
secutive year. 

An unprecedented 8 players made the South 
Shore League All-Star team this year: Julie 
Doscher, Kim Hatch, Lisa Macek, Sally 
O'Donnell, Donna Ring, and Pam Switzer. 
The girls also participated in the first ever 
South Shore League Ail-Star game. They beat 
the best the league had to offer 2-0. 

Pam Switzer and Sally O'Donnell were cho- 
sen as Brockton Enterprise Ail-Star. Switzer 
was also chosen as a Globe All-Scholastic 
and a member of the Eastern Mass. Team. 
O'Donnell was chosen for the second team 
of Eastern Mass. 

Team Photo — First Row: A. Sinclair, S. Madden, C. 
Francis, S. Heneghan. P. Switzer, S. Kennedy. J. Todd, K. 
Hatch, K. High, K. Wenger, C. Carrol!, Second Row: 
Coach Pat Shea, L. Macek, J. Doscher, D. Ring, S. 
O'Donnell. S. Washburn, B. Cosgrove, N. Salvatore, T. 
Hojlo, L. Treganowen, Coach Bill McNeil. 

- j*w\f 


Dragon Ladies 

Team Photo — First Row: C. Grealy, S. Pink, D. Watson, 
M. Costello, T. Small, S. Brown, K. Nathan. S. Fargo, D. 
Allsop, M. O'Neill; Second Row: L. Keaney.J. Cunneen, 
K. Doherty, C. Murdough, P. Haffey, W. Barker, H 
Cuneo, L. Barrow, A. Doane, S. Beaudry.J. Driscoll, K. 
Kennedy, C. Angers 

The 1982 Varsity Field Hockey team, 
coached by Peter Saggese and led by captains 
Marybeth Costello, Debbie Watson, Sudie 
Brown, and Kelly Nathan, finished with a 12- 
2-3 record to capture second place in the 
South Shore League. The team competed in 
the Eastern Massachusetts Tournament 
where the Dragons were defeated by Han- 
over in the quarter finals. 

Once again, Duxbury put several girls on the 
league All-Star Team. They were Kelly Na- 
than, Heidi Cuneo and Sudie Brown. Sudie 
was also selected for both the Ledger and the 
Enterprise All-Scholastic teams. These girls 
represent a fine Duxbury team. 



Nor well 


-■ I ... 




Hoi brook 





E. Bridgewater 














T ' 











E. Bridgewater 











K. Doherty gets off a quick shot while H. Cuneo, K. Nathan and W. Barker watch. 

T. Small kicks out a save. 


Miles, Miles 
and More Miles 

Girls' Team Photo: D. Allsop. L. Klein, T. Toselli. L. 
Delano. Missing: S. Miles. T. Toselli, M. Rizzo, J. 
Smith, L. Salvatore. C. Meallo. C. Duffy. S. Quay, B. 
Mowbray, D. Lagerstedt, K. Olsen, K. Leary.J. 

Boys Team Photo — First Row: P. Noyes. E. Franke, 
T. Wilcox, P. O Malley; Second Row: T. Dixon. S. 
Patenaude. R. David; Third Row: A. Gorman. M. 
Ryan. Clach Reginald Clark. S. Martin. 

In 1982 the Duxbury High School Cross 
Country teams once again had winning sea- 
sons. Under the leadership of Lisa Klein and 
Sarah Mills the girls team soundly thrashed 
every opponent, achieving an 8 and record. 
Additionally, they won the Dennis Yarmouth 
Invitational and the South Shore League 
meet. Other team members of note were 
Denine Allsop, Tonia Toselli, Mary Wolff, 
Kelly Leary, Kristy Olsen, Tammy Toselli, 
Elain Coughlan and Leslie Delano. The Boys' 
Team had a rather unique season also. Under 
Junior captain Eric Franke, the team went on 
to a 6 and 2 season. Freshman Mark Ryan 
placed first for the team in all but one race. 
He aslo placed third at the All State Freshman 
Division 2 Race. His teammates Phil Noyes 
and Ted Dixon also competed and finished 
sixth and ninth respectively at the meet. Both 
Girls Coach Al Hibler and Boys Coach Reg- 
gie Clark look forward to great seasons next 


22 37 



23 38 



30 27 



15 50 



15 41 

E. BW 


15 49 


15 47 



15 50 

E. Bridgewater 


39 17 



19 44 



15 50 



25 31 

Sacred Heart 


20 36 



18 45 



15 40 



22 35 


*Low Score Wins 

A. Gorman heads for the finish. 

L. Klein gives it her al 


Stop, Look 'n Listen 

Team Photo — First Row: N. Molmari, G. Mitchell. L. 
Medieros; Second Row S. Antaya. C. Hanlon, K. Knox, 
Third Row: K. Whitehouse. C. Horgan. K. Fallon, L. 
Pouliot, N. Shoulla 

The Green Dragons can once again thank the 
cheerleaders for outstanding support 
throughout the year. A great deal of Dux- 
bury's success is attributable to the encour- 
agement supplied by the squad. Under the 
supervision of Mrs. Reed and Captains Kelli 
Fallon and Susan Antaya, the team proved to 
be invaluable to Duxbury High School's ath- 
letic teams. 

If ya wanna Fight, you chose right 

Karen Whitehouse front and center 


Dragons Trample 

Team Photo - First Row: Captains T. Harrington, B. 

Shaughnessy, C. Kispert; Second Row: D. Jordan, D. 

Walker. J. Cotter, D. Brigham. K. Andrews, R. Thomas. 

P. Markella. D. Mann. L. Powers. D. Leary, G. Welch. K. 

Walker, B. McCarthy, D. Warner, M. Mclsaac, C. Kosak. 
S. Cislo, M. Leary; Third Row: B. Zee. B. Jasmin, T. 
McK,trick. A.Johnson, E. Carroll. P. Leary, J. Roop.J. 
Ali, M. Shaughnessy, J. Joyce. B. Benjes, J. Fusile, M. 
Herriger. N. Cad.gan, M. Sergi, B. Murphy, M. O'Hare, 
G. Giumetti, R. Hasenfus, W. Callander; Fourth Row: A. 
George, B. Carney, T. OBrien.J. Verell, P. Callanan, P. 
Quilty, T. Shields, W. Tirrell, S. Hasenfus, J. Brigham, C. 
Fallows, J. McLean, B. Murphy, J. Capraro, C. Martin. R. 
Coughlin, P. O'Brien, J. Cislo, S. Satkus, C. Knight. C. 

The football team completed its most suc- 
cessful season in 1982 compiling an 8-1-1 re- 
cord, which gave Duxbury second place in 
the South Shore League. The Green Dragons, 
who were led led by tri-captams Chip Kispert, 
Tom Harrington and Brian Shaughnessy, 
came within a single touchdown of the 
League Championship and a Superbowl 

Duxbury's strong defense and explosive of- 
fense spelled trouble for opponents all year 
long and kept the Dragons at the top of the 
league. This intense competition provided 
great excitement and suspense for the enthu- 
siastic football fans. 

Credit for this outstanding season must be 
placed squarely upon the shoulders of Coach 
Dave Kispert, who over the last few years has 
turned a lackluster program into a well disci- 
plined and exciting squad. As it was Coach 
Kispert's last year as head coach, it was only 
appropriate that the team performed so well. 



Snap, Slap, Score! 

Team Photo: First Row: S. Bennett, G. Barker, D. 
Kispert, D Warner, T, Ceglarski; Second Row: D 
Jordan, E. Fultz, D. Walsh, B. Corcoran; Third Row: 
A Johnson, B. Wall, J. Hauber, T.Jacques, D. 
Robinson; Fifth Row: T. Harnan, T. Kennedy, T. 
Paige, R Donovan. 

The DHS hockey team is off to its best start 
ever. Through the first half of the season 
Duxbury is 8-2-0, losing only to defending 
state champion, Falmouth, and archrival Co- 
hasset. The team is led by co-captains Dave 
Warner, Greg Barker, Tim Ceglarski, and 
Chip Kispert. 

If the team wins the league title or six more 
games, it will qualify for the state tournament 
for the third consecutive year. In the past two 
years, the team has been beaten in the tourna- 
ment only by the eventual champion. 

With the loss of goaltender Brian Peterson to 
graduation, the team is counting on senior 
Skip Bennett and junior Tom Harnan to take 
over the netminding duties. 

Other seniors helping to pave the way are 
Dan Pittenger, Brian Corcoran, Ken Walker, 
Dave Jordan, Dave Robinson, and Bill Wall. 

D Walsh and T. Paige celebrate. 

S. Bennett makes a save. 






















6 ^ 


Don Bosco 






> 41 



3 - 


































T. Ceglarski tries to knock the puck loose. 

D. Warner and D. Pittenger scramble out front. 


Looking on intently Coach Frazier and J Burke discuss strategy 

Pulling the Pin 

Team Photo — First Row: J. Foley. S. Patenaude.J. Cislo, 
K Lawrence, T. Harrington. B. Shaughnessy. J. Burke. I 
Hurley. K. Balboni. C. Cudmore. S. Hasenfus. Second 
Row: Coach Ralph Frazier, D. White. J. Roop.J. Luscko, 
M Johnson. P Leary. E. Carroll. B. Barkley.J. Burton, S. 
Luscko. S. Coortiss. Coach John Duffv. Third Row R 
Fawcet, D. Mahaney. P. Moreau, S. Cook, S. Dolloff. D. 
Kiklis, B. LeFeure. D. Fisher. D. Adams. 

Led by head Coach Ralph Frazier and captains 
Tom Harrington, Brian Shaugnessy. and Jay 
Burke, the Duxbury High School wrestling 
team has achieved an excellent overall record 
of eight wins and one loss. The team, which is 
atop the South Shore League thus far with a 
league record of 4 and 0, owes its success to 
the strenuous practices and great dedication 
of the team members, who work very hard to 
be in the best possible condition. 

































































Hasenfus takes 

a breather 


| Rvan setting up a play 

Picked to Roll 

The Duxburv High School Boys' Basketball 
team has seen a very successful season thus 
far. Under the direction of Coach Foster Cass 
and co-captains Jeff Kennedy and Jimmy 
Rvan. a junior, the team has compiled a re- 
cord of six wins and two losses in the South 
Shore League competition. The team had 
mixed success in the Christmas tournament. 
It was defeated bv Xauset. who had the home 
court advantage, but Duxburv later defeated 
Harwich. Senior team members are Kevin 
Roberts. Willy Meier, David Walker, and Da- 
vid Bergermesa. and they hope to lead the 
team to one of its best seasons ever. 

Team Photo — Front row: J. Kennedy. Coach Foster 
Cass. J. Ryan; Back row: M. Ryan. K. Roberts. P. Ca- 
liendo. D. Bergamesca. W. Meier. D. Walker. H. 
McDonough. D. Miller. M. Cushing. J. Fusile. 

J. Kennedy wins the jump ball. 




E . 



























































D. Miller drives to the basket. 

J Kennedy leaps for a rebound. 

100/ Sports 

r - . — 

• t-.iv L -Knenan. 3C riatrr. 5an< tiw 1 *rrijjrs. 
SL HlfcMwIII 7. HbSdc C. Banna. L. 3stnrw M 
Wasn. ~ ~Msaer. £ WWniKn. 1 jilesoe '-jbTt lot 
I^lr.rr : 

SB 9DSBK nfcis yeac Itr inr 
t : :r i ctrie ~ne Hti: ;r 

5:eLi rierrearar:. -3 



TE"n-iK ~e exrie. re ~t^~ ii:::c.;i.::re: i 

reer: inireHars:: ::r — ree sraiEtc -vsk3>. 
H.we-ier: f i s a auili sun £ icuci SnUE: 
":a.r:c'i'.r::.-ii- r mis iieras- ~e 
rr^tT? -acirec: r: r Cicaaaer 5 :c< 
■jr.ii. '-. irr" f'^r. — esanr .s r tc r: :tder:r 
:>.•:, r.i.r: r. -^crsierr: re jr re sac 

rjimirnerx ri^ r-firiur' 

mils n i -erciura- 

i. raam itjch tir sen. 

Shuts lit 

Splashing Success 

Team Photo: First Row: L. Holden, M. Collins. J. Deloid. 
T. Treganowan; Second Row: L. Neuger, J. Smith, J. 
Ciccarelli, A. Bell; Third Row: J. Edmunds. J Brown, A. 
Brady, C. McCann, M. Sergi; Fourth Row: W. Barker, R. 
Lowe, K. Geissler, E Andrew, M. Way; Fifth Row: S. 
Harrington, C. Ciccarelli, K. Tassel. 

The D.H.S. Co-ed Swim team under Coach 
Donna Nelson began its season with a sec- 
ond place finish in the All Conference Relay 
Carnival along with a 2-0 record. Under the 
lead of captains Julie Edmunds, Todd Spend- 
ley, and Mike Way, the team is looking for- 
ward to another successful year. Each mem- 
ber swims 140 laps, which averages out to be 
two miles a day. This strenuous conditioning 
has helped them become a perennial winning 


New Bed- 

B. C. High 

D. Lewis in perfect diving form 

And he's off! 

A. Price first at the finish 


T. Kilduff concentrates on the beam. 




K orwell 






Springing Up and Over 

The Girls' Gymnastics team under the lead of 
Coach Bill Thomas and captain Dawn Kates 
has had a mixed season thus far this year. 
They soundly defeated Hanover while losing 
a very close meet to Cohasset. The team is 
hopeful that the remainder of the season will 
be successful. 

Team Photo — First Row: S. Clishman. G. Zee, K. Wall. 
D. Kates. R. Austin, T. Kilduff; Second Row: H. Hardy. 
K. Harnan, D. Briggeman. K. Knegal. J. Hatfield. G. 
Merry. Coach William Thomas 


Prospects are 
"Curving" up 

Team Photo — Coach Dave Murphy, B. Joseph, M. 
Leary, M. O'Brien, B. Weidner. W. Meier. D. Walker, B. 
Callanan, C. Kispert, P. Peary. Mgr. M. Keefe. 

The baseball team completed a 10-9 season 
in '82. The team was led by captains Mike 
O'Brien and Chris Hines. The Dragons were 
frustrated by a slow start but they rebounded 
and won four out of their last five games to 
finish the season above .500. Having lost sev- 
en seniors, the Green Dragons will be a rela- 
tively young club in the 1983 season. Howev- 
er, Dave Walker. Chip Kispert. Mike Leary, 
Joe Vienneau, and League All-Star Willy- 
Meier should provide a powerful nucleus 
with which Coach Murphy can work. If these 
fine players continue their outstanding per- 
formances, the Green Dragons could find 
themselves on top of the league. 





















1 : 

' 3 











7 ' 


E. Bridgewater 



* 1 





























E. Bridgewater 







for the pitch. 

A conference at the mound 


Quite a Hit! 

Team Photo — Fast row: L Gondii S Heneghan. P 
Swmer. E Human. K_ Dohtrrv. D. Ring. B Gosficnt. 

rc-m Co»cr Srta 5 Tr--,t. G G* r:: P. 
Macomodme. A Doane. D. Maconodue. E Buns. L 
Robots; XGssiog: J. Todd 

The Duxbury High School softball team 
completed another successful season in 1982. 
Led by Coach Pat Shea, the Green Dragons 
posted a 14-4 record, which was good for 
second place in the South Shore League. 
Playing well for the Dragons throughout the 
seizor, -a e:t D_wr. .V_--r.o:.-..e _r._ Siri" 
Tenney, who were selected to play in the 
South Shore League All -Star Team. Dawn as 
first baseman and Sarah for her outstanding 
pitching. The Dragons finished the season 

: : 'ti: 

lately lost the hard fo__r.: 
>m of the last inning with a 
rhe team has lost six play- 
jut it will undoubted/, be 
- the S.S.L. crown and a 

Duxburv 2 


Duxbury 13 

Duxbury 1 

Duxbury 6 

Duxbury 1 

Duxbury 1 

Duxbury 5 

D__b_r •-• 


1 2 rwlbr ook 
5 Cjhasst* 

5 Hentcrsar. warding up in Ae cifieW 

A Smashing 

Team Photo — First Row: B. Corcoran, B Ben]cs. S 
Cass, T. Harnan; Second Row: D. Ragnow, D Hver, J 
Franke, D. Brothers, Coach James Wilde. 

The 1982 boys tennis team once again tri- 
umphed in the South Shore League as it 
swept its way to an undefeated season and the 

Eastern Massachusetts Championship. Al- 





though the team lost seniors Tom Walsh, 





Tim Doscher, David Brothers, and Captain 





David Hyer, this year's team will not lack 




experience, as lettermen Dan Pittenger, Jon 





Deklerk, Bill Benjes, and Steven Cass will 











In last year's post-seasonal tournament, the 




doubles team of Tim Doscher and Jon Dek- 





lerk represented the school with distinction, 
as did Bill Benjes who played singles. How- 







ever, Tom Walsh and Dan Pittenger ran into 




some bad luck when they were forced to 





default because Danny lay in a hospital bed 





after having his appendix removed. 

D. Ragnow 

returns a 

baseline shot. 


to Win 



Walpo'.e k 





Dux bur. 














Middle boro 

Dux burs- 


N : r*e„ 

Dux r>ur. 
















Dux bun. 




E Brceewicer 

T«wb Photo — Finr Row [ Doscher. B Welch. J 
Curtneen. A. Dowd. L ChyUk; Second Row Coach 
Futh Henejtrua. » 3d.-\;- M 5 5'.:»-. K 

Mverv. K. Johnson. T. Hojlo. 

The 1962 D.H.S. girls tennis team successful- 
ly capcured their tenth consecutive South 
Shore League Championship. Led bv co-cap- 
tains Tracy Renner and Diedre Evans, and bv 
Coach Faith Heneghan. who was selected as 
the Boston G[obe Coach of the Year for 
Division IL the team achieved a 15-1 league 
record. Outstanding for the Green Dragons 
spr..-g tv ere Sv: uth Shore League Ali-Stars 
Tracy Renner. Diedre Evans. Heidi Paige, Su- 
die Brown and Julie Cunneen. 

the team on to another winning season in 
1983- Having reached the finals of the Eastern 
Massachusetts Tournament last year, Coach 
Henaghan Looks to repeat that and hopefully 
win it all. 

cceccat« :<~. ru_ 

Scotts, 10T 

To Victory 

Team Photo — First row: Coach Reggie Clark. B Mel- 
ville. K. Conte. M. Binney. T. Smith, J. Ryan. D. Miller, 
K. Walker. M. Herriger, T. Paige; Second row: T. Har- 
rington. M. Shellene. F. Wolf. C. Killian, P. Blair. D. 
Armstrong, G. Miller. P. Caliendo, P Cotter, G. Franke. 
A. Gorman, Third row: D. Mann. J. Muller, M. Kelly. B. 
Hatch, B. Kehoe, J. Kennedy, J. Barrow, T. Miller. J. 

In 1982, the DHS boys' track team had its 
most successful season ever. Led by this 
year's seniors, the Dragons went undefeated 
in all-league, area, and state meets. 

Some of the more notable members of the 
team include Ken Walker, an individual high 
scorer in the pole vault event since his sopho- 
more year; Dave Mann, who dominated the 
weight events, scoring in every level meet that 
he qualified for. He, Graham Bouthillier, and 
Ralph Thomas secured a State Division C 
championship in the combined weight event 
relay. David Mullaney shattered the South 
Shore League record in the 440 and became 
the first person from the league to win that 
event's State Divisional Championship. Jeff 
Kennedy, Jim Cotter, and Tom Harrington 
also scored in every meet in their respective 





Dux bury 







E. Bridgewater 

























J. Cotter attempts the pole vault. 

P Caliendo soars in the long jump 


No Hurdle Too High 

The DHS girls track team dominated the 
South Shore League in 1982, finishing the 
season with a league mark of 14-0. The team 
did not stop there, however, but proceeded to 
win all four non-league meets, and compiled 
an overall record of 18-0. Throughout the 
year. Lisa Klein, a mile runner, proved to be 
outstanding. She was undefeated in every 
race and took third in the State Divisional 
meet. The mile relay team of Kim Hatch. 
Jesse Brown. Leslie Delano, and Lisa Klein, 
also competed in the State meet and finished 
fifth. The team lost a strong group of seniors, 
including tri-captains Tracy Delano. Maria 
Kelley. and Shelley Olsen. but many talented 

athletes have returned. 

Team Photo — First row: V. Nickerson. S. Madden. L. 
Delano. H. Watson. C. Winkle) . K. Quilty. S. Olsen. Co- 
capt.. M. Adamski. M. Kelly. T. Delano. Co-capt . M 
McDonough. K. Barnes. G. Merry, B. Mobray. L. Salva- 
tore; Second row: L. Knox. T. Armstrong. T. Frattasio. 
K. Hatch. L Klein. S. Ellison. D. Luce. K. Tavares. H. 
Cuneo. A. Chandler. S. ODonnell. L. Barrow. M. Scho- 
field. A. Canavan. D. Watson. T. Toselli. D. Allsop. D. 
Lagerstedt; Third row: E. Coughlan. T. Arsenault. H. 
Hardy. L. Keany. M. Wolff. T. Kilduff. T. Small. S. 
Saunders. C. Grealy. D. Kates. C. Meallo. S. Quay. A. 
Brady.J. Smith. C. Duffy. K. Fallon. L.Gilbert. M. Rizzo. 
D Powers. S. Washburn. S. Mills. A. Morris. D. Lewis. J. 
Driscoll. A. Hibler. P. Romano; Missing: J. Brothers. S. 
Fargo. L. Olson. C Murphy. P. Myers. P. Weyand. J. 

w ! 



Sacred Heart 




















Silver Lake 







: 1 ; 




E. Bridgewater 


8 _ 











L. Delano pumping hard. 

Sports/ 109 

Hole in 

Team Photo — T. Wilcox, W. Calander, R. David. R. 
Donovan, Coach Robert Hayes. D. Eddy. J. Tougas, D. 

The golf team continued its perennial win- 
ning ways as it captured the South Shore 
League Championship after going undefeat- 
ed for the season. Outstanding for the Green 
Dragons were Bill Archibald, who finished 
eigth in the Boys' State Tournament, and 
Siobhan Sheilds, who took second in the 
Girls' Division. The Green Dragons lost sev- 
en seniors, but the team will not lack talent or 
experience owing to Coach Hayes' policy of 
letting everyone who tries out practice with 
the team. Coach Hayes worked very hard to 
help his thirty golfers perfect their game. The 
dedication of the players as well as that of 
Coach Hayes is no doubt the reason for the 
team's success. 







^ * \ 

1 , 







9 k 





















W. Calander 

J. Tougas 

R David 


Is It Live or Is It Memorex? 

The 1982-83 D.H.S. Band enjoyed a very suc- 
cessful year. This year the group contained 77 
students on various horns and percussion in- 

Marching Band practice began the second 
week in August and with new hats and over- 
lays the band had an outstanding marching 
season. During football season the group 
played at home games and travelled to away 
games at Holbrook and Cohasset. The 
Marching Band also played at the soccer fi- 
nal. Homecoming Parade, pep rallies, and the 
Memorial Day Parade. This year's Drum Ma- 
jor was sophomore Gretchen Schwaller. 

During concert season the band gave two 
concerts and one assembly. 

Individual members of the group did very 
well at the auditions festivals. Five students 
were selected to perform with the Southeast- 
ern Mass. Senior District Band, and three of 
them were given All-State recommendations. 

Besides the Marching and Concert Band en- 
sembles, various students performed in small- 
er chamber groups such as Saxophone Quar- 
tet, Brass Choir, and Musical Pit Orchestra. 

First Row: Mr. Gosciminski. G. Schwaller; Second Row: D. Fisher. C. Gage. S. Armstrong. J David. D. Bean. C. Tyna, 
M Rosen, J. McDonough; Third Row: M. Hall, C McCarthy, J. Deloid, N. Kjellerstedt. C. Lederer, J. Anzivino, E 
Redler. C Bowen, C Moreau, L. Silvia, S. Burleigh, M Hannon, P. Nappellio, S. Hundley, K. Leyden. D. MacCor 
mack, L. Boyd, P. Gibbons, J. Neubauer. K Trinque. Fourth Row: K. Angers. C. Keefe, B. Scott, S. Devaux, T 
Bartlett. P Janousek. E. Rizzotto, N. Huddleston, P. Chisholm, P. Thorn, P. Adams, B. Smith, B. Shoulla, B 
Lagerstedt, J. Kennedy, B. Cook; Fifth Row: T. Greely. N. Harrington, M Drake, M. Perry. J. Foley, L. Barrow, G 
Coffin, S. Madden, J. Ciccarelli, C. Perkins, C. Martin, K. Leary, M. Munsey, D. Fultz, T. Paige. 

112/Student Life 

All That Jazz 

This vear's Jazz-Rock Ensemble is one of the 
best D.H.S. has ever had. It is a young group 
with one third of its members freshmen. The 
Jazz-Band performs at many concerts, parades, 
assemblies, and community functions. They are 
featured even - vear at the annual July 3rd out- 
door concert and Jul v 4th parade. They will also 
take pan in the annual Jazz Festival at Scituate 
High School. 

vt \ 



V] \ 


Front row. J. Capraro. T. Hovev. B. Moe. C. Keefe. T. Greek- Back row- E. Rizzoto. K VH 
McDonough. T. Paige. M. Munsey. S. Sackus. T. Hovev. L. Barrow. J. Hall. 

n play the saxophone 

DHS string Quartet: D. Lagerstedt, A. Bayer, A Macdonald, S. Mills. 


The 1982-83 Duxbury High School Full Or- 
chestra, under the direction of James Vinci, 
has 58 members on string, wind and percus- 
sion instruments. The Full Orchestra per- 
forms at graduation, Christmas and Spring 
Concerts, and assemblies for the school. The 
orchestra will also compete in the "Massa- 
chusetts Instrumental Conductors Associ- 
ation" competition for bands and orchestras. 

The following musicans are in the orchestra: 
First Violins: D. Lagerstedt. (principal player), 
A. Macdonald, A. Bayer, C. Coakley, D. Wi- 
ley, K. Kaplan, J. McCarthy, G. Mercer, R. 
Schneider; Second Violins: M. Whittum, 
(P.P), G. Vautrain, C. O'Brien, S. Larson, J. 
Doonan, T. Riser, L. Pittsley, N. Zammitto; 
Violas: K. Whittum, (P.P), K. Kriegel, S. 
Landers, S. Flanagan. L. Holden; Violoncel- 
los; S. Mills, (P.P), J. Spinale, R. Doucette, J. 
Moe; Contrabasso: J. Hall. (P.P). P. Show- 
stead, B. Oates, P. Lewis. Regina Schneider is 
this years student conductor and Sarah Mills 
is the Orchestral Librarian. 

An integral part of the high school orchestral 
program are the students who select orches- 
tra as a major and who play in the small 
orchestra. In the Christmas Concert, they pro- 
vided accompaniment for an alumnus soloist, 
Beth MaCloud. They also played in numer- 
ous performances at the elementary schools 
and throughout the community. 

The D.H.S Quartet gave memorable perfor- 
mances in the concerts and throughout the 
school system. 

K Whittum playing with some vibrato 

Duxbury orchestral students proved their su- 
perior musical talents by placing nine stu- 
dents in the Senior District Orchestra, a re- 
cord high for Duxbury. Two musicans, Amy 
Bayer, and Donna Lagerstedt, did exception- 
ally well and received All-State recommenda- 

In its fifth year, the orchestral program has 
experienced continual growth, not only in 
enrollment and quality of music, but also in 
the dedication towards the attainment of 
musical excellence. 

1 - ^^^^SdB 


J. Spinale concentrates on the music. 

llf>/Student Life 

The Orchestra performing at its Christmas Concert S. Mills playing cello, broken leg and all. 

Student Life/117 


1982-83 has been an exciting year for the 52 
voice Duxbury High School choir. The 
Christmas season was busy with concert ap- 
pearances at both elementary schools, the in- 
termediate school, high school assemblies as 
well as the evening concert where alumni, 
faculty and friends joined in for the "Hallelu- 
jah Chorus." 

The Chanticleers, in its second year, went 
coed and changed its style and format. This 
12 voice jazz-pop ensemble appears separate- 
ly from the choir and this year included Dux- 
bury House nursing home and the second 
floor of Lord & Taylor among its concert 

The choir displayed its talents this year when 
six members made district. Sharon Larson. 
Linda Dulanv. and Amy Thevenin did so we 
that they also received all-state recommenda- 

Other highlights of the year included the 
spring concert, fund-raising, the March Cho- 
ral Festival at the intermediate school, the 
awards banquet, and finally singing for 


First row: L. Pittsley. K. Nass, L.Johnson. J. Martin. D. Scibetta. J. Leahey. S. Mills. M. McGovern. M. Marzioni, 
Second Row: S. Plett. L. Beckman. P. Hawe.J. McMahon. T. Millis, M. Doonan. J. Coogan, A. Guillemin. S. Antava, 
T. Fasolino. Third Row: R. Castro. L. Cook, A. Trevenin. P. Williams. J. Foran. B. McEachern, D. Lagerstedt. A. 
Macdonald.J. Hughes. E. Albritton. L. Dulany. Fourth Row: A. Tripp. K. Foran; C. Conners. D. MacFarlane. P. 
Dulanv; P. Baker. P. Walsh. K. Histen. B. Fairbrother. L. Prendergast. P. Sjostedt. S. Larson. 

THE CHANTICLEERS — N. Gordon. K. YX'hitaker. C. Themistokleous. L. Dulanv. S. Larson. P. Simpson. P Dulanv 

C. Connots, T. Fasolino, L. Prendergast. 

118/Student Life 

Gees On! 

7*~c ZH5 ~^L~S ZL-Z A i t- t :rr-i.-.. 

ztC'ic -••..:* : ;ccirx?iZii \<~ i:~<?-rz fi - 
rs zcce rr rre rr.irrj.r'; trrj . ~rt ; . _ ? r^t- 
ier? :±r 5,~>: r *? r;_rrr_£ ~e s; ">:":>. tor 

. "c ••ic'-irr-trfi • *" tor ; -i . 

— e-r :c ?.-£-;•» -s-xr: — er rra«*-rtr»;r ;f 
-a. "Zns.i ?.r"ei.-;j- The :c"cr ru-i -sert 
A BiiiCi: ' r^ rre _-_.:rj ir.c ~e 

~"S. :t~ :u " KrSB. Xfe- — ~Z>\\_Z'<t 

" i_' < z ' ' ^ - ' ~ tz" r- nr'~ r*» ~»_" ;r 

if* r rri';t CiiaS rLir tCCXjc-r. ~ r rc 
"v- r > - > ~c - '.-ft 1 j~ -'j. - 

T-e Miri-.-z^csr." re.- Aorjrcci-/; 

~tr ire ">~,r ~e— :i e— r- liner "1- 

j£— er rc rr:.r_ct me i_-iO -_§ori_ 

rerer ~c .Mx?; 
Sort " :r"rii-_- 

re: res r~e i re— "i — ■- ~e ::_r 
i - :rc.:-: :cce i sees ::c -_-e 
purrcse rc ri — ~rx ire rearcx ;•:•»- nt-i; 
pcepiEmi j inc rorrr — e : _ 

-B'lra vi: r'.ei rx : i Tre . -n ^-amt. 

~e-. ore rre ' Teicrerj. r _ e- r;i.5 ; 

r~er xztz^'jtzrt ~e icccirriores i~- 


SeTTCC ~ S'_ ZCZ - ~ r r^- — r 

-Ocx ro-rr jcecr n ~^-r-;--,i t-t ~ i — - irrvs 
rr^nx irr rre — h—rc r-.i :cexi -fr tar- 
res ic nr-sirr Joecsoc ; 

rre -Jcxrri r — iff s i ». — :t 

irt -e-r :rr-r :c 7-efciii.- 7-:i_rt = :c - 
rce 3_xri_r7 jniiccer :c ~e ;-"' r i 

Tcescuic >;.;err s =c 

lt z z-dxrz :c i fi«C£c: :c t th a - ■ — ire 
Z'ZTf ~e; r"ri'_z" « i 1 "-. :c rre 'ir"-':i_i flics';, 
lis: -eir — £ mi I'" rcc :e-; ;i_r :c 
:ier mrri rumr-u-.p-rr . Tre icrccri 
•ert Z-irr Ma. : 7 irar-i recc Jtoroe 

" rxre-rT'itre • .;t rresarccn 5"ir:c Linoc 
SccrECin". :e r :nr. . reii;_rrr 

120/Student Life 

NHS Provides 
Free Tutoring 

The National Honor Society is made up of 
people who excel in the areas of scholarship, 
leadership, character, and service. Each year, 
students in the eleventh and twelfth grades 
whose marks meet the standards of the Hon- 
or Society are given the opportunity to apply 
for membership. They are reviewed by a fac- 
ulty panel, and those who meet the set re- 
quirements in the other three areas are accept- 

This year, the induction ceremony was held 
on the night of Dec. 3, and 40 juniors and 
seniors were inducted. The Honor Society 
was fortunate to have Mr. Walter Birge as 
guest speaker. Once a member of the Foreign 
Service, Mr. Birge speaks four languages flu- 
ently, has been almost everywhere, and 
knows a great deal about almost every possi- 
ble subject, from French to philosophy. An 
excellent speaker, he held the complete atten- 
tion of his audience as he spoke about the 
four qualities necessary for membership, 
sometimes serious, sometimes funny. The 
choir and jazz band entertained everyone at a 
reception afterwards. 

This year's officers are President, Claudia 
O'Brien; Vice-President. Sharon Larson; 
Treasurer, John Schlueter; Secretary of Pub- 
licity, Amie Macdonald; and Chapter Secre- 
tary, Catherine Fisher. The Honor Society 
hopes to raise enough money to provide 
scholarships for five of its members. 

The Honor Society is also sponsoring a tree 
tutoring program for a service project, which 
has met with tremendous response. Students 
from all grades have signed up, hoping to 
improve their grades. Tutoring is in all major 
subjects areas: math, sciences, languages, and 
English. It is a relief to the students who have 
been paying the going rate of fourteen dollars 
an hour. 

122/Student Life 

1982-8s National Honor Society First row: C. Fisher. P 
Switzer. C. Beebv. S. Larson, J. Schlueter, A. Macdonald 
J. Hall, C. O'Brien, J. Edmunds; Second row: A. Canavan 
M. Costello. D. Dahlen. S. Fargo. L. Hauber. C. Macek 
W. Meier. D. Melanson. K. Nass; Third row: M. Oates 
P. Pelletier.J. Pisani. B Raftery. D. Ragnow. D. Robin 
son. J. White. L. Barrow, B Ben|es. K Clack. C. Coaklev 
Fourth row: R, Edmunds. E. Gibbons. K. Hatch, J Haw 
kins, S Hawkins. K High, M Keefe. H. McDonough.J 
McDonough. S Oates, Fifth row E. Rizzotto. P. Sigrist 
P. Sjostedt.J. Smith, A. Spellacy, K Wall, M. Walsh, B 

President Claudia O'Brien welcomes everyone. 



This year, the Seniors were interested in rais- 
ing money for future reunions. Due to the 
success of a dance held in October, only one 
other is needed to reach their desired mark. 
Most of their attention is now focused on fast 
approaching graduation, which is hoped to 
be one of the best ever. 

OFFICERS: President , George Welch; Vice- 
president, David Kispert; Treasurer, Pam 
Switzer; Secretary, Sheila Heneghan. 


The annual junior class officers' meeting was 
held over the summer at the York Steak 
House. The result was a great dance and a 
turkey shoot. 

The Juniors have held many other fundraisers 
this year in hope of a successful Junior Prom, 
which is to be held May 13 at Christos II. 
Chairperson Polly Weyand is confident that 
Friday the 13 won't prove to be a jinx' 

OFFICERS: President. Bill Ben|es; Vice- 
president, Kim Hatch; Treasurer, Chris Coak- 
ley; Secretary, Patty Haffey 

B. Ben|es. C. Coaklcy, K. Hatch. P Haffey 

124/Student Life 



The Sophomores were mainly interested in 
raising money for the important events that 
will be raking place in their junior and senior 
vears. They held several dances which w-ere 
well attended and were equailv successful in 
ocher fundraisers. The Sophomores hope to 
have even more of their classmates helping 
them next year. 

OFFICERS: President, Lisa Richards; Vice- 
z:a.zz-'.. Mar. \X o.tte. Treai_:e:. Lb'?-. 
Harder. Secretar. Trac Small 


The freshmen had a very successful first fear 
in high school. After a few meetings over the 
summer the ciass came up with the idea of 
selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser. The 
than, met -ait", tremendous success, selling 
mere than sixty boxes and involving etghtv 
students. With their profits they generouslv 
do rated 5150 to the Distributive Education 
program for the continuation of the solar 
greenhouse project. They are planning to 
have very productive years at DHS. 

OFFICERS: President, Lauren Holdem Vice- 
president, Kristina Kaplan; Treasurer. Court- 
re L-re-;- Se;:etar. 5_>ar Harre- 

frl LiK 121 

We the People 

The 1982-83 Student Council had a very produc- 
tive year and succeeded in reaching many of its 
goals. The general purpose of the Student Coun- 
cil is to be conscious of student welfare at all 
times, to promote student involvement in stu- 
dent activities and government, to help organize 
and coordinate student activities, and to serve as 
the united voice of the student body. 

The Council consists of 5 members elected from 
each grade level. This year the officers chosen by 
the Council were Chris Beeby. President; Polly 
Weyand, Vice-President; Susan Antaya, Treasur- 
er; and Keli Fallon, Secretary. 

The Council held meetings every other week and 
followed parliamentary procedure as explained 
in Robert's Rules of Order. In fact, the Council 
worked on completing a formal constitution of 
Duxbury High School student government. 

Additionally, the Council successfully ran the 
community and school Blood Mobiles. The 
Council was in charge of the bulletin board in 
the school's front lobby and kept the student 
body well informed about school activities. The 
Council also improved their communication 
with the Student Advisory Council and now the 
two groups are working well together. 

The Council accomplished quite a lot and had a 
very rewarding year. 

Front row: K. Whitaker, J. Hatfield, D. Switzer. S. Clisham; Second row: S. Antaya. S. 
Murgo, C. Beeby, J. Fernandes; Third row: C. Hill, L. Schippers, T. Hojlo, P. Weyand, S. 
Stewart; Fourth row: H. Cuneo, J. Todd, K. Fallon, A. Bell, L. Neuger, J. Vienneau. 

126/Student Life 

SAC Sponsors 
Program of Assemblies 

The Student Advisory Council, representing 
the student body of Duxbury High School, 
communicates students' opinions, feelings, 
and needs to the Administration and to the 
School Committee. Additionally, the S.A.C. 
is responsible for informing the student body 
of administrative and School Committee de- 
cisions that pertain to the students. The Stu- 
dent Advisory Council consists of five mem- 
bers who are elected annually by the entire 
high school body. This year's members are 
President Jennifer Hall. Amie Macdonald. 
Secretary Amie Baver. Bobby McEachern. 
and Anne Gardner. It is their responsibility to 
attend School Committee meetings regularly, 
making a presentation every 4-8 weeks or 

when the need arises in order to inform the 
School Committee on specific issues that stu- 
dents are concerned with. 

This year the Student Advisory Council has 
been advising the administration with ideas 
on school building improvements. It has also 
sponsored a program of assemblies. Its first 
assembly took place on Oct. 25th and was in 
connection with the National Day of Dia- 
logue on the topic of nuclear war. The stu- 
dents saw a film called "War Without Win- 
ners" and got a chance to hear Dr. Muirhead. 
the school physician, talk about the medical 
effects of a nuclear explosion. There was also 
dialogue and discussion within the class- 

rooms about nuclear war. 

Another big event that the Student Advisory 
Council helped coordinate was a Southeast- 
ern Massachusetts Regional Conference for 
Student Advisory Councils and School Com- 
mittees that was held on February 9 and was 
hosted at Duxbury High School. This confer- 
ence covered many areas including how and 
why to read a school budget; the history and 
purpose of the Student Advisory Councils; 
how to communicate with adults; and how to 
represent the student body. This was the first 
time that students and adults on School 
Committees had the chance to meet as a re- 
gion and share ideas and concerns. 

Front: J. Hall. B. McEachern; Back: A. Gardner. A. Macdonald. A. Bayer 

Student Life/W 

Fourteen Excel 

Over one million students each year partici- 
pate in the National Merit Scholarship Pro- 
gram by taking the Preliminary Scholastic 
Aptitude Test. Fifty thousand of the highest 
scorers on the test receive some form of rec- 
ognition. Thirty five thousand of these high 
scorers will be named commended students 
and will be sent a letter of commendation. 
Such students score at or above the national 
qualifying selection index score set for com- 
mendation (usually above the 95th percen- 

The names of approximately 15,(XX) semitina- 
lists, the highest scorers in each state, are 
notified through nationwide public an- 
nouncement. Only semifinalists receive con- 
sideration for scholarships. 

The semifinalists represent less than 1 'i of one 
percent of the nation's senior class. Only se- 
mifinalists who qualify as finalists can ad- 
vance in the competition and compete for 
Merit Scholarships. Finalists are considered 
for more than 5000 Merit Scholarships. 

The class of 1983 in Duxbury had four merit 
semifinalists and ten commended students. 

B. Pilkington, S Fargo. C Macck. D. Ragnow, M. Oates. J. Hall, M. Tougas.J Pisani. Missing D. Robinson ai 
P. McGrath 

128/Student Life 

Five Future Statesmen 

Boys' and Girls' State is a program sponsored 
by the American Legion for high school ju- 
niors. It involves visiting a college campus for 
a week of rigorous training in American Ci- 
vics. Much more than an academic course. 
Boys' and Girls' Staters take an active part in 
forming and operating their own towns and 
cities. In addition, participants run for office 
on a "local" and "national" level, making 
speeches, alliances, and gaining valuable ex- 
periences in the field of politics. The staff at 

Boys' and Girls' State consists of counselors 
from previous "states" and knowledgeable 
professionals from politics and law who in- 
struct Boys and Girls Staters from practical 

Two exceptional Boys Staters are chosen by 
their peers to attend Boys National conven- 
tion of 100 young men from around the 

Although its basic purpose is to instruct 
young people in civics. Boys' and Girls' State 
also devotes ample time to athletics and re- 
creation. Boys' and Girls' Staters come away 
with a feeling of accomplishment and a new 
understanding of local politics. Boys' and 
Girls' State can open doors for a young per- 
son who successfully participates in addition 
to providing life time friends. 

J Deklerk, T. Ceglarski. B. Raftery. S. Condrick. G. Barker 

Student Life/129 

130/Student Life 

Foreign Friends 

AFS stands for American Field Service, a 
world-wide organization that seeks to foster 
peace among nations by increasing knowl- 
edge and awareness of each other s cultures. 
They do this by various exchange programs 
which provide opportunities for Americans 
to go abroad for a summer or a year and for 
foreign students to come to the United States 
for a year. This year. Duxbury is fortunate to 
be hosting two foreign exchange students: 
Jack Visser from the Netherlands and Jule 
Dervovic from Yugoslavia. 

The main responsibility of the high school 
club is to help the foreign students adjust to 
the American culture. AFS is also a social 
club. It has various activities: a Halloween 
party, a Christmas party and a Valentine's 
party, all with the Plymouth and Marshfield 

Various fundraising activities are undertaken 
including bake sales, a calendar sale, and the 
big money-maker, a fruit sale. The majoritv 
of the money is used to help fund the short 
term exchange, an exchange the club does for 
four or five days with another club in another 
area of the United States. The rest of the 
money will help finance a club trip to Mar- 
tha's Vineyard in the spring. 

and has been very successful with all its ac- 
tivities. The faculty advisors in 1982-83 were 
Miss Linda Coombs and Miss Ann Marie 
Driscoll. The officers were Julie Edmunds. 
President; Kim dark. Vice President; Nancy 
Merrifield. secretary- and Julie Hawkins, trea- 

Student Life/131 

Food, Glorious Food 

The Home Ec department offers a cross sec- 
tion of courses in the three areas of Home 
Economics: foods and nutrition, clothing 
construction, and human development. 

Students, whether broadening their interests, 
preparing for a professional career or seeking 
vocational education, elect courses from any 
of the three main disciplines. Each discipline 
has an entry level class with levels of advance- 
ment offered. 

The foods program offers a variety of choices 
starting with three basic courses. In these 
courses, basic cooking skills are stressed as 
they relate to the preparation of yeast breads, 
soups, salads, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs 
and cheese. 

Nutrition and menu planning are empha- 
sized. Students may then advance to foreign 
and regional cookery where thev learn ad- 
vanced food preparation techniques while ex- 
ploring foreign and regional foods and cus- 

If a student is interested in a career in food 
service, he may choose The Bread Boar J. This 
course offers hands-on training for students 
and involves them in all aspects of operating 
a small restaurant. This includes menu plan- 
ning, inventory control, preparing, and serv- 
ing food, and money management. 

The restaurant menu consists of hot and cold 
sandwiches, soups, salads, beverages, and 
desserts, along with a variety of weekly spe- 
cials. The restaurant is open to school staff 
and the community- 
Clothing students may choose from three lev- 
els of courses, starting with a basic clothing 
course in which simple construction tech- 
niques are stressed. A variety of projects are 
made including skirts, dresses, pants, and 
kilts. In the second year, the students are 
required to work with plaids and add a lining 
to at least one project. Clothing III requires a 
custom blazer or coat using wool fabric, and 

includes bound buttonholes, lining, and un- 
derlining. A designer pattern of the students 
choice completes this year. 

The D.H.S. Preschool provides a nursery 
school situation for twelve preschoolers who 
come three days a week. The program pro- 

A Dailv Event 

No Skin in the salad. Please. 

vides an opportunity for high school students 
to work with young children in a laboratory 
situation. Students are involved in teaching 
lessons, supervising activities, and observing 
children, as well as planning lessons for the 
following activities: music, art, crafts, yard 
play, and nutritious snacks. Child develop- 
ment theory as well as hands-on training is 
available for any student interested in a career 
working with small children. 

Brian and John ready to serve you. 

132/Student Life 

Scusienr Lite/ 1 

DECA members prepare for the book sale The Distributive Education Class 

134/Student Life 

In Business 

Deca is the Distributive Education Qub of 
America. It is made up of students from Dis- 
tributive Education classes I and II. These 
students, who join voluntarily, have a choice 
of working in the areas of retailing, food 
service, credit and financing, and advertising. 
The club gives students practical training, 
marketable job skills, and it is also a lot of 

The club runs the DECA Board, which is the 
school store. Everything from candy to 
school supplies and T-shirts are sold at the 
store, which is open during lunch and after 
school. The DECA Board gets a lot business 
from both students and faculty members and 
makes profit, which is used to help fund such 
things as field trips. Deca also held a book 
sale and a turkey raffle in November to help 
raise money. 

The DECA club also operates the warehouse 

supply area, which is located in the back of 
the student lounge. They are in charge of 
distributing supplies to all of the Duxburv 
Public Schools. Thev use their home office's 
computer to keep inventory of the merchan- 
dise in the warehouse and DECA Board. 

In February. Duxburv DECA students en- 
tered a competition, which was held in Hvan- 
nis. against DECA clubs from other districts. 
The students played the roles of employer 
and employee as well as worked on advertis- 
ing and retailing. Duxburv did very well in 
the competition. The top six students went to 
the finals in Worcester, and the top seven in 
this competition will go to the national finals 
in New Orleans. 

DECA continues to grow in size and quality 
every year, and we can look forward to some- 
day having a Duxburv DECA student in the 
national finals in Xew Orleans. 

DECA Members: A. Savastano. Mr. Mueller. K Andrews. D. Cahill. V. Haight, R Buscemi 

y.-ctr.z L::'e 



The library/AV service course provides the 
opportunity for students to develop skills in 
audio recording, video and TV, photography, 
equipment repair and print duplication. 

This past year 30 students were involved with 
the AV course. They learned a variety of skills 
to help in the daily operation of the media 
center. The majority of the skills are learned 
by "hands on" application of their newly ac- 
quired skills. The students became involved 
in many aspects of library/AV services in- 
cluding video program distribution, the oper- 
ation of AV equipment, videotaping of "live" 
events around the school, and the circulation 
and distribution of print materials. 


The Duxbury High School chapter of 
S.T.O.P., Student, Teacher Organization to 
Prevent Nuclear War, just began this year and 
is one of many nation-wide groups of high 
school students and teachers committed to 
informing their communities of the dangers 
of the nuclear arms race. This group is dis- 
tinctive in that it couples the energy of youth 
with the guidance of educators, and it has a 
specific goal: the reduction of the threat of 
nuclear war. The group shows that young 
people need not capitulate and remain inac- 
tive when the future of the world is at stake. 

The S.T.O.P. group hopes to reduce the apa- 
thy evident in society and to educate the 
public on this issue. They believe young peo- 
ple can contribute in a unique, essential way 
to regenerate realistic hopes for the future. 

Front: J. Green. K. Borrows, D. Coulsey, C.Hoxie, C. Foisy.J. Gibbons; Back: S. Polinskey, Mr Vautrain, 
B. Cook, H. Baker, M. Clisham 

A. Wilkins, T. Carpenter, J. Simkins, B. Gilmore, C. Connors, G. Vautrain, S. Eldridge, T. Dowd, Mr. Vautrain, G. 

First Row: A. Gates, M. Whittum; Second Row: K. Whittum, C. Morelli, A. Bayer, P. Kehroe 

136/Student Life 

Hallowed Halls 



Mr. J. Doherty — New S. S. Teacher 

Above and Beyond 

The Duxbury High School faculty is a group 
of professionals who obviously are very dedi- 
cated to teaching and who continually set 
high standards for their students. Being a 
teacher involves far more than trying to teach 
students various subject matter, though this 
is an important aspect of their job. Teachers 
also act as role models for students, and they 
help students develop their own values, char- 
acter and intellect. 

In addition to the patronage they show to 
individual students, DHS teachers display 
great interest and support in students' extra- 
curricular activities, pep rallies, dances, athle- 
tic events, concerts, and plays. DHS students 
are very appreciative of this support as it 
makes school life more enjoyable and bol- 
sters school spirit. 

Two teachers who have made large contribu- 
tions to the high school are leaving this year. 

Mrs. Genevieve Osborn (not pictured in the 
faculty section per her request) is retiring after 
9 years of dedicated service in the Business 
Department. Mrs. Osborn, a quiet and hum- 
ble woman, was genuinely interested in the 
success and performance of her hundreds of 

Mrs. Ballard teaches French the tun wa\ 

Mr. Kispert has left DHS after 7 years to enter 
the business world. He was an energetic and 
enthusiastic teacher and coach. 

We wish them both success, happiness and 
extend our sincerest thanks. 

Mr. \X'. Anthony — New Science Teacher 

1 W/Student Life 

Kim and Sabrina tackle a test. Jon. is that chemistty Of calculus' 

MO/Student Life 

Hard at work! 

School would be wonderful, except for the 
work. However, with six 55 minute periods a 
day, work takes up a large portion of stu- 
dent's time. Besides having to do homework 
every night in every class, students often are 
studying for tests and quizzes given on sched- 
uled test days. Midterms and finals, which 
each count as 10% of a student's final grade, 
are also cause for quite a bit of turmoil. Many 
of the lessons, however, are interesting and 
fun. Reading a good book or doing a special 
project is always worthwhile and rewarding. 
In the end, it is hoped that all their obliga- 
tions will help enrich student's lives now and 
in the future. 

Brian, what does that say; 

Petet. a future business executive. 

Student Life/141 

Educational Variation 

Are taking notes and tests the only way to 
learn? Not at Duxbury High School! In this 
great school, there are those who are dedi- 
cated to making learning fun and worthwhile. 
Without these people, school would indeed 
be dull. 

For the creative students, there are playwrit- 
ing courses and computer programming. The 
regular art courses provide painting, drawing, 
pottery, and more, and music encourages stu- 
dents to find hidden talents. 

At Duxbury High, there are teachers who put 
in many hours of their free time to supple- 
ment their classes or to be an advisor for a 
student activity. Mr. Frieden plays the guitar 
for students and Mr. Bristol hosts a political 
group. Mr. Buechler took the more adventur- 
ous members of his English class to New 
Hampshire at the end of November to hike 
4,500 foot mountains during sleet and rain 
storms in order to imitate the Greek warrior 

The Guidance Department and many student 
groups sponsor educational events also. This 
past year the AFS gave a presentation which 
gave students a look at the cultures of Yugos- 
lavia and the Netherlands, and the Student 

Advisory Council set up a debate on nuclear 
disarmament. Guidance again sponsored its WtL 
annual Career Night where students could 
find information on occupations of interest 
to them. 

All these events play an important role in 
student life; without them, most students 
would not want to attend school at all. It is 
hard to be enthusiastic about copying notes 
six hours a day. A teacher knows that there is 
no better way to hold a student's attention 
then to provide a break in the routine work of 
the class. These pages are dedicated to the 
many different, noteworthy methods of 

But I have to look.' 


Working towards perfection. 

'Julie, must you break everything'' 

Great White North 

142/Student Life 

Sew What.' 

Student Life/143 


Saws, Sanders, and Solder 

The Duxbury High School Industrial Arts 
Department offers students six major areas of 
studv. The use of hand and power tools is 
stressed in the wood department. Upon 
graduation, students have the ability to create 
almost anything out of wood; pulleys, tables 
and lamps are among a few of these projects. 

The metal shop provides students with the 
opportunity to weld and solder instead of 
gluing and nailing as is done in the wood 
shop. The metal workers are skilled indeed as 
they can do as much with their alloys as the 
woodworkers do with their pine. 

Duxbury High School also offers students 
electronics courses to enable them to get a 
head start in this rapidly expanding field. 
They study and use semi-conductors and oth- 
er facets of modern electronics, and in the 
process understand their uses and how to 
trouble shoot various systems. After success- 
fully completing these courses, students are 
well on their way with a sound basis in elec- 

Also offered by DHS is mechanical drawing. 
Skills which are very important in precisely 
representing projects of extensive detail are 
taught to the draftsmen. 

In Graphic arts, which also requires precise 
and accurate drawing, students learn to devel- 
op film and layout newspapers and similar 
publications. The graphic arts department 
provides programs for DHS plays and other 

activities. Computer typesetting has recently 
been added to update the program. 

The final field of study is power mechanics, 
which deals with theory, repair and practical 
operation of the internal combustion engine. 

All of these classes provide entertaining yet 
practical skills, which aid students immensely 
in seeking a career. 

Sanding newly made pulleys 

Creating a work of art. 

John uses the jig saw. 


144/Student Life 

It's Time 
To Relax 

DHS teachers have been successful in teach- 
ing students how to budget their time, when 
it comes to having fun. that is. Students take 
full advantage of the five minutes between 
classes and their 18 min. break. Lunch pro- 
vides the best opportunity for students to 
socialize. Students exchange the gossip of the 
day. relax, and finish chemistry problems dur- 
ing the all too short lunch period. Although 
there is only a short time during classes, so- 
cializing is accomplished. 

"Famous Final Scene" 

The Pilgrim Tennis Club never looked more 
romantic than it did the night of May 14, 
1982. Tennis courts were ingeniously trans- 
formed into beautiful dining areas and dance 
floors with elegant balloons and flowers. All 
this work was done by the dedicated Prom 
Committee: Pam Switzer, Sheila Heneghan, 
Chip Kispert, Stephanie Condrick, Keli Fal- 
lon, Julie Todd, Julie Corsi, Sandy DeLella, 
Eileen Hannon, Kristin Johnson, and chair- 
man Laurie Sylvia. They were aided tremen- 
dously by the Junior Class Advisor, Walter 

"Famous Final Scene", from the Bob Seger 
song, was the theme chosen for the prom by 
all juniors through a secret ballot vote. In 
order to preserve this historic night for pos- 
terity, couples were able to have their pictures 
taken in the upstairs area of the club. In fact, 
the pictures were so popular that dinner, ori- 
ginally scheduled for 7:00, was not served 
until 8:00. 

People, dancing to the music of "Full Tilt." 
filled the rooms with beautiful sights and 
sounds. The array of flowing gowns and dap- 
per tuxes made the chaperones' work of 
choosing the Prom Queen and her court very 
challenging. Their final decision was Erin 
Shields for queen. She looked lovely wearing 
a white dress and pearls. Her court was Kris- 
tin Johnson attired in a white tiered dress and 
a ribbon in her hair, along with Kim Knox 
wearing flowers in her blonde hair. Their 
dates were Buster McCarthy, Lee Kennedy, 
and David Hyer, respectively. 

As the music died down and the couples left 
the dance floor, the "Famous Final Scene" 
came to an end, a peaceful echo of an en- 
chanted evening. 

Prom Queens and their dates: Kim Knox, David Hyer, Erin Shields. Buster McCarthy. Kristin Johnson. Lee Kennedy 

148/Student Life 

Setting up for the pep rally. 

A Weekend To 

Homecoming 1982: were you there? Do you 
remember how the seniors were victorious, 
easily winning the Spirit Contest by wearing 
native Californian purple and plaid (often in 
their hair)? The Seniors also outperformed 
the underclassmen, winning the Tournament 
of Skits; the performance was masterminded 
by Keli Fallon and the skit was a speculation 
of what their 10th Class Reunion would be 

Senior Homecoming Queen were Kristen 
Johnson, Erin Shields and Kelly Nathan. Ac- 
companying them were the four Homecom- 
ing Kings — Mike Moore, Joe Vieneau, Ken 
Walker and Greg Barker. Underclassmen 
royalty were as follows: for the Juniors, Chris- 
sie Duffy, Queen, was escorted by Paul Leary; 
the Sophomore Queen, Kelly Gifford, was 
escorted by John Brigham; Allison Corsi, 
Freshmen Queen, was accompanied by Chris 

This year's Homecoming Dance, spon- 
sored by the renowned DHS Yearbook 
staff, was the highlight of the weekend, 
drawing an unprecedented crowd. In 
heightened spirits after the Football victo- 
ry earlier in the day, students danced to 
the music of East Coast until 11:30 p.m. 

Getting Psyched! 

ThcousfcdUht. tears 

for many ytan 

' SI I 

Good-bye poem for Mr. Kispert 

150/Student Life 

Dressed for the occasion. Football plavers getting a pep talk. 

Student Life/151 

152/Student Life 

Gipp and Brian are really cryin". "I really love school." These guys know who's number l! 

154/Student Life 

"Another job well done." "You mean I was wrong.'" 

Another great performance by Amie. B. Wall wonders at it all. 

Student Life/ 155 

156/Student Life 


First Parish Church, The Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall Photo by F. Nichols The Drew and Cable Houses 

158/Student Life 

Student Life/m 

The Duxbury Globe 


Redskins Defeat Dolphins in the Super Bowl 

Scientists pessimistic about 
the acid ruin 

Harvard Telescope To Search 
The Stars for Intelligent Life 


Throngs Fill Manhattan in Arms Protest 


OF $848.5 BILLION 

The EPA | 
and war to 
save water, 
air, land I 

U.S. Plans Big Spending Increase 
For Military Operations in Space 

Program Includes Better Satellites, Gathering ol 
Intelligence and a Cargo Role for the Shuttle 


Sp*dil to The Nrm Yort Tlma 

WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 — After a 
quarter-century ot mostly peaceful ex- 
ploration of space, the United States 
has begun a vast expansion of its mili- 
tary operations there 

In the next five years the Reagan Ad- 

Buildup in Space 

A New Military Focus 

First of three a 

ministration plans to increase spending 
on military operations in space even 
faster than the rest of the military 

Better satellites are planned for 
highly sophisticated communications, 

intelligence gathering, navigation, 
weather forecasting and mapping. The 
space shuttle, having carried its first 
military payload. will replace rockets 
as the primary vehicle for lofting mill* 
tary cargoes intoorbit. 

The Administration has undertaken 
elaborate new measures to defend 
satellites and has ordered a ground- 
based antisatellile system to be ready I 
by 1987. It has also stimulated research 
to develop a new generation of ad- 
vanced weapons such as lasers, though 
officials say they do not plan to station 
weapons in orbit. 

New Space Command Organized 

To put this into a framework, Presi- 
dent Reagan has enunciated a new 
space policy with emphasis on military I 




R. R. Berndge, VMD 
J. W. Ciccarelli, VMD 
Christopher E. Coakley, MD 
David T. Gill, MD 
J. G. Judge. MD 
Glenn D. Perry, DMD 
James I. Peters Jr.. MD 
Attorney James Taylor Pye 
Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Recupero 
Laurence Vienneau, DMD 
Welch & Welch, Attorneys At Law 
Peter Wiemeyer. DMD 

' i 


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Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Carpenter 

Mr. and Mrs. Len Ceglarski 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Chapdelaine 

Carolyn Coffin 

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Margaret S. Conners 

Paul and Joan Costello 

Charles and Janet DeLella 

Mary and Jack Dicenzo 

Eleanor's Beauty Shop 

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Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hall 

John and Faith Heneghan 

Wendy Keleher 

The Kelly Family 

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Paddock Package. Green Harbor. MA 

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Fried Sausage & Peppers 
Spaghetti or Ziti 
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Braciola w/ziti or spaghetti 
noodles w/sauce 
noodles w/sauce 
noodles w/meatballs 
noodles w/sausage 
noodles w/Braciola 
noodles w/veal parmigiana 
noodles w/eggplant 

Mamma Mia's Specialties 

baked lasagna 
baked ziti 
tortellini ( w/sauce) 

veal parmigiana w/small salad 
veal — w/dry salad 
veal cacciatore 

w/rice, spaghetti, or ziti 
cheese ravioli 

eggplant w/meatballs 
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Open Daily — 11:00 AM-11:45 PM 
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Closed Mondays except holidays 

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"No, we always dress like this." 

Late again?" 


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Master License No. 7812 

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Marshfield, Ma. 02050 



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Standish Village Plaza • Rt. 1 39 • Pembroke, MA 02359 »61 7-826-51 79 


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to the 
class of 



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Duxbury Beach 

Cocktail Lounge and Bar 

Gurnet Road 
Duxbury, Massachusetts 834-7141 


'We do it my way, got it?" 

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Congratulations to the 
Class of 

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Congratulations to the 
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To The Class of '83 

Snug Harbor, Dux. 

Congratulations to 
the class 
of '83 




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282 St. George Street 294 Court Street 

Duxbury, Mass. 934-0233 North Plymouth 




Snug Harbor 
Duxbury. MA 02332 

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Kingsbury Square 
Kingston, Mass. 

Route 53 

Congratulations to the 
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The Bridal Shop 
of Plymouth 

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Congratulates the 
Class of 1983 

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Beaver Brook Lane 
Duxburv-. Mass. 02332 


Compliments of: 

Bennett's General Store, Inc 

Rte. 3A Tremont Street 

Full Line of Groceries. Deli 
Liquor. Beer and Wines 

We wish you all the 
Best of luck 



Congratulations to the 
Class of 1983 

84 Court St. 272 St. George St. 

Plymouth, Ma. Duxbury, Ma. 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 1983 


481 Bedford St., 
Bridgewater, Ma. 02324 

The Producers 

The Editors — First row: John Schlueter, Activities Ed., Art Ed.; Brian Rafterty, Academic Ed.; Michelle Tougas, 
Jennifer Hall, Editor-in-Chief; Mary Kelly, Advisor; Pau- Underclassmen Ed.; Tom Ceglarski. Sports Ed.; Missing 
la Gibbons, Managing Editor; Back row: Chuck Kosak, Michael Oates, Photography Ed.; Christine Beeby, Sen- 

ior Ed.; and Cyndi Levine, Business Manager 

Editor's Note 

Producing the 1983 Partridge has taken a lot 
of hard work, but it has also been a lot of fun. 
Moreover, it has been a tremendous learning 
experience for everyone involved. In future 
years I hope this yearbook will bring back 
vivid memories of life at Duxbury High 
School in the year 1982-83- 

This book could not have been put together 
without the guidance and help of our advisor, 
Mary Kelly. I want to thank her for all the 
hours upon hours that she spent working 
with us. I would also like to thank my mother 
and father whose support made it possible for 
us to meet every deadline. 

Jennifer Hall 

f-m if i J '"" 

The Staff — First row: Kim High; Back row: Pam Switzer.Joe Vienneau, Julie Pisani, Michael Rattery; Missing: Tracey 
Reed, David Robinson. 

190/The Producers 

Hampton Beach 

Good-by to Pain and Care! I 

Mine ease to-day: 
Here where these su/ny waters 

And ripples this /een breeze, I 

All burdens ft/m the heart, all 
weary thoughts away 

I draw a Jree r breath. I seem 

Like alPl see — 
Waves /i the sun, the white 

winfed gleam 
of Sel-birds in the slanting 

The Tides 

I saw the long line of the vacant shore 

The sea-weed and the shells upon the sand 
And the brown rocks left bare on every hand 
As if the ebbing tide would flow no more. 

Then heard I. more distinctly than before 

The ocean breathe and its great breast expand 
And hurrying came on the defenseless land 
The insurgent waters with tumultuous roar. 

All thought and feeling and desire, I said, 
Love, laughter, and the exultant joy of song 
Have ebbed from me forever! Suddenly o'er me 

They swept again from their deep ocean bed, 
And in a tumult of delight, and strong 
As youth, and beautiful as youth, upbore me. 

— Longfellow