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For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 

Duxbury Free Library 

Duxbury , Massachusetts 

Forever Young 
Duxbury High School 
Duxbury Massachusetts 
Volume 62 

Duxbury Free Library 


Table of Contents 
Faculty 8 

Candids 16 

Seniors 24 

Underclassmen . . . . 78 

Activities 98 

Sports 124 

Community 150 

Young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy. She 
wants him so badly, knows what she wants to be. Also 
knows what she wants to get on that next test. Its time 
to play kiss-up to the teacher. "Oh oh, Mr. Smith 
(hypothetical situation, of course) Can I stay after 
school today so you can help me with my physics? I just 
don't get it al all! I need so much help." Famous pout 
and then "I just can't do it." So at 1 :55, she wanders 
into Tal's room, after a quick trip to check her hair and 
makeup in a mirror. They sit together for the better part 
of an hour, she batting her eyelashes, he trying to get 
the finer points of rolling friction through her thick skull. 
Study session over, she flicks her long blond hair over 
her shoulder and thanks him profusely. He wishes her 
luck on the next day's test. Two days later she looks at 
her graded paper. The red inked F stares back at her. 
Well, I guess its true, sometimes its not so easy to be the 
teacher's pet. 

Faculty I ^ ^ 

Ann Collins 
Frank Lord 
Edwin Walsh 

Judi Heitzman 
Carol Peterson 
Sandra Upham 
Bruce Hamilton 
Ann Samuels 

Richard Miller 
Carolyn Schindler 
Charles Vautrain 
Flora Logie 
Margaret Gibson 
Ditty Coogan 

Mary Pawlikowski 
Cynthia Stone 
Alice Reidy 

Susan Cook 
Jennifer Sylvia 
Foster Cass 

Secretarial Staff 


Business Office 
Secretarial Staff 
Dr. Richard 
Dr. Donald 

Dr. Claryce Evans 

10 Faculty 

Social Studies- Math-Nurse 
Secretarial Staff 

Faculty 1 1 

When our astronauts took that famous "one 
small step" on the moon, they were indeed 
making a giant leap for mankind. But without 
science, no astronaut could walk anywhere. 
This is a grim yet joyful thought. It's grim to 
think that even an astronaut must wear special 
shoes but joyfull to think that science can pro- 
vide these shoes, long-wearing shoes, shoes that 
fit well, shoes that have a long useful life, shoes 
that can do the job! In many ways science is like 
a pair of shoes. They trudge through history and 
time, marking new and wonderful territory with 
each step. Though these shoes have been filled 
by many different types of men and women, the 
journey has been uninterrupted. And it looks like 
that hike that we call science will continue for 
years to come. — The Official Dr. Science Big 
Book of Science, by Dr. Science with Rodney. 
— Mr. Talbot Smith. 

Richard Madru 
Nancy Gordon 
James Vinci 

Lisa Smith 
Ellen Vangel 

Linda Coombs 
Donna Wiedmann 

Cafeteria Staff 

Home Economics 



12 Faculty 

Edwin Greene 
Robert Lauzier 
Russell McAuliffe 

Virginia Freyermuth 
Cynthia Dufor 
Barbara Hillier 

Wayne Frieden 
Jane Corliss 

Don Dellorco 
Audrey Hibbett 
Pat Shea 

Industrial Arts 

Physical Education 

Before coming to Duxbury High School, I taught in Lex- 
ington and was a guidance counselor in Stoneham and 
Wellesley. It is from this backgroundof familiarity with sever- 
al other school communities that I would like to share a few 
brief observations with you of our community at Duxbury 
High School. My first impression of Duxbury was how friend- 
ly and relaxed the students and staff were. As I came to 
know people better, I began to appreciate the magnitude of 
problems some individual students and staff were coping 
with daily. Sometimes its not easy to put on a brave front. 
When we feel that our world is falling apart around us, 
honest, loyal and caring friends are our best resources. As 
we mature we face an increasingly complex series of deci- 
sions we must make everday. As we, both students and 
staff, grapple with these problems, we need the support of 
peers and adults who are willing to listen to our questions and 
be understanding of our indecisions and fears. If in our haste 
to move ahead on our own personal journey we can be more 
aware and concerned for those who are traveling beside, 
before and behind us, we can each in our own small but 
significant way make the roadway smoother for each one of 
us. This is my own personal goal for my time in the Duxbury 
High School community. — Frank Lord 

Faculty 13 

Foreign Language 
Business Education 
Special Needs 

14 Faculty 

Iris Brough 
Robert Hayes 
David Murphy 

Paul Francis 
Robert Hutchinson 
Margret O'Brien 

Michael Reed 
Robert Webster 
Thomas Given 
Russell Killough-Miller 
Talbot Smith 

One night in early December my husband, who has worked in various parts of the 
business world for about fifteen years now, asked across the dinner table, "Judi, what is it 
that you find so rewarding about teaching?" Marriage is much like teaching. You learn 
that sometimes you shouldn't speak off the cuff unless you want to live for a long time 
with the comsequences of what you say. And frankly, the rewards change not only with 
the changing climate of the workplace but also with my changing as a human being. I'm 
not the same person I was when I was twenty-two. It was two days before I had my answer 
for Dan. I was sitting in a classroom trying to teach writing when the realization came to 
me, much the way a shadow passes over a field of wheat, that it has little to do with 
myself as teacher or the kids as students but more with what happens when we sit down 
together to share a good piece of writing. At moments like these the real authority on the 
classroom is what is on the page. Robert Frost argued in a speech he once gave to the 
Amherst College Alumni Council that poems and stories are written not by cunning but 
by belief. "The beauty, the something, the little charm of the thing to be, is more felt than 
known. There is a common jest, one that always annoys me, on the writers, that they 
write the last end first , and then work up to it; that they lay a train toward one sentence 
that they think is pretty nice and have all fixed up to set like a trap to close with. No, it 
should not be that way at all. No one who has ever come close to the arts has failed to see 
the difference between things written that way, with cunning and device, and the kind 
that are believed into existence, that begin in something more felt than known." — 
Robert Frost The papers we talked about in our classroom that day — George Horesta's 
expose of his life as a turkey killer, Darryl Coyne's muted symphony on guitar and family, 
Andy Ritch's confession of what it's like to wait in the Angelo's parking lot while his 
mother finishes her grocery shopping — had, I think, been believed into existence. Watch- 
ing students write papers like these makes teaching worthwhile. Sharing them makes it 
magic. — Judi Heitzman 


Gerda Edmunds 

Faculty 15 

Hail, Hail the gang's all here! 

No, no -please don't Mike... 

16 Candids 

Condids 17 

Candids 19 

20 Candids 

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da is ali I can say after so 
many years here. Nothing else would fit. Nothing can 
sum up all I feel, all I want to say. I have such a feeling of 
newfound freedom. I'm excited to be legal, to be run- 
ning my own life. I'll be out in the "real world" soon, to 
experience all that life has to offer. But at the same 
time, I'm scared to death. What happens next? Where 
will I go? What will I do? And most important, will 
people like me? Will I make new friends? Will they 
measure up to the ones I have now, the ones I may 
never see again? Will I ever have as much fun as I've 
had here? Only time will tell. I have to be optimistic, I 
have to make my future happen, and happen right. 
They say high school is the best time of our lives. Let's 
prove them wrong, let's make the future even better 
than the past four years. Best of luck, Class of 1989. 
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, they're meaningless and all 

that's true. Sarah Armour 



Wait let me fix my hair." (Sarah Armour) 

All dressed up and nowhere to 

28 Senior Candids 

Amy Hambleton and Becky Pierce are all smiles. 

Senior Candids 29 

Sarah A. Borhek Mark Brown 

Paul Beckman 

Senior Pictures 3 J 

Sarah Brown Ian Bull 

Erinn Kristine Brozman 

Erica Bruce 



Michael Bruno 

Cynthia Peter J. 
Caliendo Capraro 

Paul Canty 

32 Senior Pictures 

Bradford A. Carver Christopher 



David G. Cass 

Pamela A 

Matthew Chin 


Joseph M. Chrusz 

~ t— 

Matt Cincotti 


Stephanie L Clack 

Senior Pictures 33 



ChllsitlfS A. Cleary Kathleen Ann Connell 


Linda M. Clisham 

Melissa Coburn 

Andrew 5. 

Michael Coogan 




Sarah Jane Collins 


Kerri Costa 

34 Senior Pictures 

Darryl J. Coyne 

John R. Crawford 

Carolyn G. 

Laura Diann David 


Tiffany Cyr 

Marie E. Delprete 

Caryn E. Demello 

Robert N. Dente 




Keri Margaret 

Kimberly Ann Dowd 

Michael R. Deshaies 

36 Senior Pictures 

Jeffrey /?. Downin Michael J. Edwards Richard C. Ferson 

Stephanie Karrie Ann Ferrell 

Moore Drollett 

Julie Dianne Amanda P. Ferry Tracy Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 


Senior Pictures 37 

Thomas Carl Gallagher 

Matthew /?. Gammons Susan Giumetti 

38 Senior Pictures 

Andrew T. 


James F. Gregg 

William R. Christopher R. Grant 
Graham Jr. 





Karen Ann Greene 

Senior Pictures 39 


Leslie Ann Gurry 

Stacy £ Hale 

Amy Hambleton 

Justin B. 

CB. Hill 

Michael Patrick Haley Jennifer A. Harrington Kelly Ann 


40 Senior Pictures 

Paul R. Hodgdon 

Elodie Sophie Hofmann 

Gregory Jackson 

Heidi Ann James 

Paige W. 


Kristen Ann James 

George C. 

David Mathew 

Senior Pictures 4 1 


Janell M. 


Paul Jordan 

Judy A Jeanmonod 

John Paul Joyce 

Jennifer E. Johnson 

42 Senior Pictures 

Jeffrey A. 

Theresa L 


Erin C. Kennedy 

Laura A. Kilroy 

Timothy Kinney 

Alayna M. Kirchick 

Alyssa C. La hey 

Jennifer D. 

Michelle J. Laporte 


Jennifer L. Laramee 

Cindy Z. Koplovsky 

Senior Pictures 43 


Peter M. Lindquist 

44 Senior Pictures 

^ Sherrill A. McAloney 

Christopher J, 

P. Robin Mastrovita Heather A. McCarthy 

Megan L McCarthy 

Senior Pictures 45 


Michael M. McDonough Kirstin Joy 


Richard L McHugh 

Jeff R. 

Laraine McKinnon McNeil 

Nancy £ McLean 

46 Senior Pictures 

Steven L 

Eileen M. 

Robert J. Medeiros 

John A. Moccaldi Mark A Nappellio 

Meridith C. Moore Kendra Alexandra Leann Nathan 


Senior Pictures 47 


wL 1 

Ronald A Needleman George Carl Olson 

David K. Nelson 


Aon /Anne 

Kerrie Jeanne O'Toole 

C. Maria 

Cheryl Ann Newton 

Kate O'Hare 

48 Senior Pictures 


Nathan B. Patenaude Nicole R. Pevzner Thomas A. Pierce 

Jennifer D. Petersen Jeannine M. Phillips 

Jonathan J. PetrucelH Rebecca W. Pierce Michael J. Powers 

Senior Pictures 49 


Amy K. Raabe 

Glenn Robert Rand 



50 Senior Pictures 

Scott Ritch 

Lyle Gary 

Juliann Roper 

Benjamin B. Riordon 

John V. Santos 

Audrey Dawn 

Meghan E. 

Caroline T. Scullin 

Peter C. Savage Jr. Karl G. See 

Mary K. Sekerak 

Deirdre G. Sheehan 

Senior Pictures 5 1 

Tract Ann Sheridan 

Michelle M. Shimp Denise Standford 

52 Senior Pictures 

i : -| — A 

Heather Lea Tenney 

Patrick A Alexandra L Swan 

Erik C. Svendsen 

Senior Pictures 53 

Ryan C. Tillson 

Robert J. Tripp 

Matthew John 



54 Senior Pictures 

Paul W. 

Rosemary J. Tufankjian David B. Vanderbilt Jessica 5. 


Scott Robert Wenham 

Kate A. Winn 

Sharon L Wheeler 

Jessica A 

Brian T. Wycall 

Shelby Lynne Young 
Peter F. Wilken Gary N. Williamson 

Senior Pictures 55 

Eric Zee 

AH son Zimon 

Jennifer M. 

56 Senior Pictures 

Shauna M. 

Nancy Ann 

Saysha L 

Erin Griffin 


Chris Grant 

Senior Pictures 57 

58 Senior Candids 

Just cheek out our senior quotes! 

Senior Condids 59 

Duxbury Free Libra*/ 

Senior Candids 6 1 

64 Senior Candids 

■H "HP 

Liza Alteri 
Sarah Armour 
Lisa Atkinson 
Alison Austin 
Kelley Berglund 

Sarah Brown 
Erinn Brozman 
Erika Bruce 
Cindy Caliendo 
Chris Chamberlain 

Joe Chrusz 
Matt Cincotti 
Christine Cleary 
Linda Clisham 
Kathleen Connell 

Michael Coogan 
Darryl Coyne 
Carolyn Cummings 
Laurie David 
Kara Davis 

Caryn Demello 
Mike Deshaies 
Keri Dowd 
Kim Dowd 
Stephanie Drollett 

Julie Dwyer 
Amanda Ferry 
Ben Furmaniak 
Susan Giumetti 
Bill Graham 

Stacy Hale 
Amy Hambleton 
Jon Hanlon 
Jennifer Harrington 
Jeff Hojlo 

Paige Holden 
Heidi & Kristen James 
Jen Johnson 
Alayna Kirchick 
Jennifer Knoll 

Baby Pictures 65 

Alyssa Lahey 
Jennifer Laramee 
Mike Lehman 
Joyce Under 
Sandy Luce 

Poppyann Mastrovita 
Sherri McAloney 
Heather McCarthy 
Rick McHugh 
Laraine McKinnon 

Kirstin McLellan 
Jill Mercier 
Meridith Moore 
Kim Nangle 
Cheryl Newton 

Kerrie O'Toole 
Lori Overhiser 
C. Maria Pannozzo 
Beckey Pierce 
Amy Raabe 

Paige Reed 
Peter Savage 
Mary Kate Sekerak 
Deidre Sheehan 
Traci Sheridan 

Michelle Shimp 
Shari Silvers 
Denise Stanford 
Heather Tenney 
Rosemary Tufankjian 

Scott Wenham 
Jessica Whiteley 
Saysha Wiggins 
Kate Winn 
Alison Zimon 

T.C. Keefe & Mike 

Andy Ritch & Nancy 

66 Baby Pictures 

Senior Quotes 

Robert Adamski — Yo! Maft, Mike, Ant, Rob, Lyle, 
Brian, Dave...Whats up. ..3 Bee. ..Matt pull over. ..No 
don't leave! Say the alphabet... You fail... Ant, Trig- 
ger... #67 thanks M + D 

Elizabeth Alongi — Fun times, good memories 
rhanks you guys. When you put your mind to it, you 
zon get anything you want. Let's cruz-Boink. thanks 
V\om and Dad 

Liza Altieri — So many faces in and out of my life. 
Some will last and some will fade. Life is a series of 
nello and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's time to say good- 
Dye again. Thank you Mom, Dad, Bill, and Alex. Best 
Friends forever Gina. I love you. 
Jodi Andrews — S.S.L. Champs Soccer 86# "Goal- 
e" Sara, Yogi, Adele, Scott. Let the good times roll! 
Thoroughbred Racing 1 # Mom + Dad thanks for 
everything I love you both Good-bye DHS 
Sarah Armour — Keep out the gloom, let in the sun, 
mat's my advice to everyone. It's only once we pass 
this way so day by day... Spread a little happiness as 
you go by. Sting! !!Chickeybabes vs. Pecks. Swim- 
Raine-flipturn! Pourcey Walka. Lata much DHS 
Lisa Atkinson — Each time I see the upside-down 
man standing in the water, I look at him and laugh, 
although I shouldn't oughter. For maybe in another 
world another time another town maybe HE is right 
side up and I am upside down. "Reflections"-Shel 

Alison Austin — "Its the end of the world as we 
know it, and I feel fine!" Cindy and Sara let's go to 
Hilton Head. Eileen thank you for everything, and 
always remember; Loon-our rock, New Year's Eve, 

Great Woods, and Marco Island! Good Luck! 
Rick Barrett — There are no small parts, only small 

Paul Beckman — Tripp climb that ladder. Party after 
work Chris. Osborn's Drop off at 2:00. Dave you 
won't die. Party Parents went to dinner. Time to get 

Steven Bergamesca — I'm really gonna miss the es- 
capades throughout the state-The kids, the van, the 
fun-and telling Tim where to go! 
Kelley Berglund — You can never be too rich or too 

Sara Borhek — Cindy, Ali, Eileen, Cally, TC, Les, Cin- 
dy, Mike, Lyle, Ant, Dave, Brian, Rob, Matt, Dickie 
& Eric — Good Times 89'. Hilton Head-Ah it's the 
Huffy Brothers, circles, "let's play suites", INX- 
S"ouch my toe", Mike's house, Mr. Dingus, Com- 
mons, "Beach in it" let the good times roll, Lata 
much DHS. Thanx Mom, Dad & Jeff. 
Mark Brown — Yes, there are two paths you can go 
by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the 
road you're on. ..Led Zepplin "Stairway to Heaven" 
Sarah Brown — Friendship is a binding contract you 
sign with laughter and break with tears. Nancy, 
Brewsk, and Keri, Ber. Florida "87". Boat trips Field 
Hockey 3 halfbacks. I'll never forget the good times. 
Lata DHS 

Erinn Brozman — The bad times will fade away be- 
cause the good times are forever. Many memories 
85-88 Paige, Paige, Nancy, Dickie, Eric, Mike, Amy, 
Sarah, Keri. I Iv. Derek. Dweeb Club, Baldy Club, 
#25, cookies, Buulinda, 3 man INXS. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Kenly Later DHS. 

Erika Bruce — The past is gone, it went by like dusk 
to dawn. 

Family Ties? — Bill Graham and Alyssa Lahey 

Some peoples idea of what WE have is really 
kind of funny. They think "Well, when are you 
getting married, how many kids?" The truth is we 
don't know how the future will go. We just enjoy 
what we have now and we'll let the future take 
care of itself. People say they really admire us stay- 
ing together this long. They say it like it is some- 
thing hard to do but for me it is not. Lys is part of 
my life, a large part. And I wouldn't have gone 
through the past three years any other way. -Bill 

Senior Quotes 67 

Mike Bruno — Take it slow, but take it. Scuba Dub- 
bin anyone? anyone? anyone? Hawaii bound. 
Ian Bull— "Get Motivated" 

Cindy Caliendo — Take one step out the door, look 
around for a whole lot more-INXS. 
Pete Capraro — Think of what a better world would 
be if everyone had cookies and milk at about 3 
o'clock every afternoon and then layed down with a 
blanket for a nap. 

David Cass — #4 Soccer Captain. Hey Brian, Mike, 
Lyle, Ant, Eric, Dick, Rob, Matt... WHAT'S UP. 
We're Finally out of here, Eggbert! 
Pamela Ceccarelli — Well this is the end of a perfect 
day, near the end of a journey too; but it leaves a 
thought that is big and strong, with a wish that is kind 
and true. 

Christopher Chamberlain — "Open your eyes and 
look within-are you satisfied with the life your livin? 
We know where we're goin', we know where we're 
from -we're leavin' Babylon, we're goin"' Bob Marley 
and the Wailers 

Chris Chin — Parents just don't understand. Some- 
times you kick, Sometimes you get kicked! Perma- 
nent Vacation. You be illin'! Hot Summer Nights, 
you're my time of year. No retreat, No surrender. 
Only Time Will Tell. #8. Live and Let Live! 
Joseph Chrusz — Football #80, Golf, State Champs 
III. Early in the morning Triples 3 years. Hey Twitch. 
Welcome to the Jungle. INXS. JC; Jon. Northeastern 
Bound. Thanxs Mom, Dad, Vic and Erica. 
Matt Cincotti — This is Matt, "Harry, Cinco" Cin- 
cotti saying " He said: Deck'em". "Don't worry, be 
happy ". Soccer and skiing #1. Mom and Dad, 

thanks for your love and guidance, Later DHS. 
Christine Cleary — The good times and the memo- 
ries will last forever. Thanxs Mom and Dad, Cindy. I 
love you Ted! I'll never forget you guys! It's been 

Michael Clifford — "What you see is what you get" 
Linda Clisham — Some day we'll look back on this 
and it will all seem funny. 

Sarah Collins — Don't walk in front of me; I may not 

follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just 
walk beside me; and be my friend! Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Martha. Stacy, Paige, Pops and Pete-I love you 
all-See ya later. 

Melissa Coburn — Best Friends Forever(RENEE) 
LATER GUYS. The "T", Boston. Beach Boy Con- 
cert "Roy". Prom "88", Mike. What's that thump- 
ing noise? Paul. Love + Thankx Mom, SIS, and 

Kathleen Connell — "one thing worth having is a 
friend who stands the test. And one who has a friend 
like this knows friendship at its Best" (Pebbles) 
Michael Coogan — If you have to ask you'll never 


Andrew Corbett — All human beings are born free 
and equal in dignity and rights, "We will not rest until 
all people are free, everywhere, and all forms of dis- 
crimination have been erased completely. Free Nel- 
son Mandela! Ellos dancing con solos. Thanks Mom 
+ Dad, Jamie, Lorna, Jeremy and Friends. Biko! Re- 
member Biko. 
Jason Corn — I have enjoyed my 4 year stay in Dux- 
bury High. I would like to thank the Music Depart 
ment for making my stay fun. 

Lenny & Squiggy — Mike George and Lyle Roberts 
Lyle and myself have been friends for many 
years,(since the sixth grade to be exact). We have 
been teammates in both football and basketball 
for four years. Through the years we have been 
together pretty much every weekend. We enjoy 
partying together and going to other social events. 
We have had fun in our school years, and we hope 
to stayin touch with each other and remain friends 
as we grow up and enter the real world. -Mike 

68 Senior Quotes 

Keri Costa — I would live all my life in nonchalance 
and insouciance were it not for making a living, which 
is rather a nuciance...Ogden Nash. The best of 
times; Nantucket summers, the "days after", not 
hanging around at DHS, and leaving, kinda early. 
Thanks to my parents and Kathy Riley for all their 
love and support, I couldn't have done it without 
you. A special thanks to Mrs. Greene for not forget- 
ting who I was during my absence in '88-'89. 
Nancy Coyle — Good friends and great memories are 
the ones that last. Look ahead to better days and 
better ways. Thanx Mom, Dad, Shauna, Dawn + ev- 
eryone. Miss ya Keri! 

Darryl Coyne — The best 12 years of our lives are 
finally over. But fear not children. It's never too late 

Heather, Julie, Carla, Steph, Bonnie and Kathy. "In 
the Name of Love" U2 rules. Love you Mom + Dad, 
Rob + Jim. Lata DHS 

Kara Davis — "Jen, what am I gonna do?" Thanks 
for everything Mom, Mike, Dad, and Grandma. See 
you at UMASS Jen! All my love to Jim,Jen, Steph, 
Holly, and Marianne. 

Shauna Deleconio — I'll miss Duxbury High. Well 
maybe not that much! 

James Delorenzo — Hey man, is that Freedom 
Rock? Brutha. Arrowroot. My Bacon, Nellykins. Sox 
& Celts #1, Dude-Walkin' the dog-Aerosmith-3 
times so far... Thanks everyone-'specially Sees! 
Chicken Ciao Mein Rob, Ron, etc. & Lata DHS 

to change. Pardon me, but now I must fly. I'm outta 
here and me too. 

John Crawford — So baby dry your eyes, save all the 
tears you've cried, that's what dreams are made of - 
Van Halen 

Beth Crothers — Do with what you can, when you 
can, wherever you can -but don't get caught. 
Thanks for everything -everyone! 
Carolyn Cummings — The girl by the whirlpool's 
looking for a new fool, Don't follow leaders or watch 
your parking meters, walk on your tiptoes don't tie 
no bows, better stay away from those that hang 
around the fire hose. Don't want to be a bum you'd 
better chew gum. -Subterranean Homesick Blues- 
Bob Dylan 

Laurie David — "Finish what you started" Its been a 
great 4 years. Best of friends Meg, Heather, 

Marie Delprete — Hey you guys and kitties! It's our 
last year, and we're outa here! Yes, Softball was a 
blast and riding in the Baby Fire engine was a thrill 
(yuh)! I'll always remember the good times, Lata 

Caryn Demello — You can see that I am not trying to 
please you by sweet talk and flattery: no, I am trying 
to please God. If I were still trying to please men I 
could not be Christ's servant. I have been crusified 
with Christ: and I myself no longer live, but Christ lives 
in me. And the real life I now have within this body is a 
result of my trusting in the son of God, who loved me 
and gave himself to me. Galatians 1 ; 10-Galatians 

Mike Deshaies — DHS:My search to acquire a brain 

like Spock's and a body like Kirk's. 

Christine Devaux — Hey chicky babes! Tarik's 

Senior Quotes 69 

there. I'm not. Do you miss HIM Sandy? Wait 'till 
your next B-Day Lys.Lets get a horror movie next 
time Sarah, let's go to New York... or Morocco. Au 

Mike Dinsmore — "Who am I to blow agasinst the 

Keri M.Dowd — I am part of all the people I have 
known... we would not survive were it not for our 
friends! MSarah & Nancy ( Florida 87':hold on to the 
memories but get psyched for the future! thanks 
everyone lata D.H.S. 

Kimberly A. Dowd — Basketball and Softball captin. 
the Baby Fire Engine, How long have I liked Him? 
Friends made now are friends forever. Goodluck Kell 
and Bri. Thanks-love you mom and dad. "Miles to go 
before I sleep." 

Jeffery Downin — To Jeff, Ben, and Dave:High 
school's more than Soccer, X-C, Track, Ice and Field 
hockey, homework, newspaper and yearbook. It's 
Genesis, Clapton,... 

Stephanie Drollett — J.B, thanx for having sen- 
tences for me to finish. I don't know but "the lion 
sleeps tonight". If you can't find it Jean, grind it. It's 
in our blood! Don't be cruel, baby! Thanx Planet 

Julie Dwyer — Each dream in your heart lies within 
reach of you just belive in yourself. Gymnsastics! S.S 
League Champs! Now it's our turn Heath. Best Bud- 
dies, Heather, Laurie, Megan, Heather. Thanks 
Mom, Dad and Jade I love you. #6 Kevin, your the 
best! I love you. 

Michael Edwards — You cant always get what you 
want, No you cant always get what you want. But if 
you try sometime you'll get what you need!-Rolling 

Laverne & Shirley: Stephanie Drollett & Jeannine 

As we ponder our years at DHS a question 
comes to mind: Why the heck have we been such 
good friends for so long? We don't have enough 
space here to record three years of our lives. But 
we do feel that our friendship means alot more to 
us than others. What we do together is no different 
from what you and you friends do. In our opinion 
friendship is always being there for each other. is. It 
is very hard to find a good friend and once you find 
one you should hold on to them.-Steffadoodle & 
Jeanie Beanie 


Karrie Ferrell — Beat friends Phil & Karen, Summer of 
'88'-The All Nighter, 4th of July, Canada-Munich, 
Clamdigging with Tima, Tish, Weena, Rego, Too 
Funny the Hyundai motion. 

Amanda Ferry — What you give, you keep; What 
you keep, you lose. Good Luck! Prom 88'-Chilly 
Leann?, Benchbuddies, Wash-n-Go, Marshfield 
Fair? Out of gas? Gotta Go? Fridays! Thanks Guys! 
Rich Ferson — You don't have to know you station 
in life, people will tell you when to get off. Good Luck 
everyone. I'm out of here. 

Tracy Fitzpatrick — Long you live, high you fly. 
Smiles you give, tears you cry. All you touch, all you 
see, is all your life will ever be. Love is a friendship that 
has caught on fire. 

Candace Forsman — "nothing will ever mean tomor- 
row what it meant today", too many coincidences, 
Are you sisters?, Skor bars, Okemo-watch the tree, 
this is goofy. 

Benjamin Furmaniak — ...Proms, Pool Party, Python 
Skiing, Spaceballs, Bob-mobile, Shrine, Blah, Ayooo, 
Honk, Squeeze, Spyder, Ninjun Lugar, M.A.S- 

Thomas Gallagher — ...Spain, Beach, Girls and Job- 
s(or lack of). Hang in there Andy + Tim. Later, DHS. 
The Rearrangers live! Elwood Blues:"lts 1 15 miles..." 
Matthew Gammons — "You can check out any 
time you like, but you can never leave." Good Luck 
Everyone. Thanks Mom, Dad, Greg, and Mark. 
Michael George — "..And I said to my reflection, 
let's get out of this place." 

Ryan Gillis — Sunshine all the way for the rest of our 
lives, I'd hate to see you walking out there out in the 

70 Senior Quotes 

rain. And now that we're outa here Welcome to the 

Leslie Gilmore — Bahamas 88, Great Woods, the 
4th, "All good things last" "Preserve the memories 
they're all thats left you" "The future is but a ques- 
tion mark." 

Asbjorn Gislason — "I'm Icelandic, what's you ex- 
cuse?" Soccer 9. ..Help me with my locker! Are you 
sure? OF COURSE! 

Susan Giumetti — "Are you two sisters? Too many 
memories! Blue Bomber rules! 'Life's been good to 
me so far!' Route 3A: McD's! You GOOF! 'I'm as 
free as a bird now!' Love ya M + D-Eric, Don 

sure was fun while it lasted. Life was made for week- 


Erin Griffin — "Rams/ Jason/Burkes/Rappin' 
Nikki/Waldo/Gram/Eddie/Kristen and Jon; Thanx 
for everything Mom/ Good luck guido & pretzel 
Leslie Gurry— "It's Friday! Nerp. BE HAPPY! LIKE 
THE LOOK! To the most unforgettable us! Simply 
perfect! JEEP. To the best parents & family ILU." 
Stacy Hale — "We neither get better or worse as we 
grow older, but more like ourselves and that is what 
we will cherish most. Thanks Mom, Dad, Robert, 
Dana, and all my friends." 

Michael Haley — "Bob's peanuts on the checkered 
floor and the nuclear war. The Pastafest and the 
Pimp mobile. #s 26,67,84,47,and #2. Erin-"l'd hate 
to look in to those eyes and see an ounce of pain." 
Love you much. Einstein and Henry and Bob sore 

Promising Picassos: Greg Jackson and Cindy Ko- Future Olymplians: Jen Harrington and Mike 
plovsky George 

ends, the rest was made for sleep! Class of '89 will 
Bill Graham — "Remember the joys, successes, and 
failures of the past but look to the future; there will 
be more of each." 

Chris Grant — '"Rents going to CVS tonight? ;'Slap 
me some Dave!';'Hey Cheify, what's up?' Julie, Sta- 
cey 'Hey Ugly'; Aerosmith '88; THANX MOM- 
+ DAD; 'Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop 
and look around once in a while you might miss it.'" 
Robert Green — "There's a rat in the classroom! Nice 
Gargantuan muffles Tim, it's a 42 month battery!!! 
Good 4 years. June '89 Celebration Day... Ramble 

Karen Greene — "Shut up-already. . .Dam! Les, 
Bambi, Marie, Cindy 'The Italian Stallion' Ice cream 
forever. THE LOOK. Violent Femmes. I love you 

cat. WOW!" 

Amy Hambleton — "G-bury-Labor Day Weekend, 
Quebec, Summer '88, free country-Bri & Guess 
what? Daytona! Skiing, Bri's cottage, prom, beach, 
Thanx Mom, Gee Bee + Sissy. Never say Good- 

Jonathan Hanlon — "Don't take life too seriously, 
always have fun. I love Baseball and Hoop and my 
blue bug. I love you Mom and Dad." 
Jennifer Harrington — "The only real friends are the 
people who like you for how you are inside. #14 
capt. soccer and track. Hoop INXS 8/9/88 Erin Hoy 
Sure Hubei. Kennedy & Kimbo best friends what's 
the moral? Thanks Mom and Dad, Pal Good Luck 
Ric I love you." 

Justin Healey — "Pot Luck, Bay Farm, Pete's Pit, 
were all fun, and I hope to have a better senior 

Senior Quotes 71 

Kelly Hillary — "CRASH! When the world is running 
down, you make the best of what's still around./ 
summer of '87/ scoopin' at Farfar's/Thanx K, Mrs. 
C, Mom + Dad. See ya! 

Paul Hodgdon— "To my friends of '89, THANX! 
DHS Hockey wil always rule.(# 1 5) Winning isn't ev- 
erything, it's the only thing! The cocktail hour is over 
& now the party begins. DHS has ben real & fun but 
not real fun." 

Elodie Hoffman — "Qu'est-ce qui pourrait sauver I'a- 
mour; Qu'est-ce qui pourrait sauver I'amour; Et com- 
ment retrouver le gout de la vie; Qui pourra rem- 
placer le besoin par I'envie; Ou est le souiveux? 
Jeffrey F. Hojlo — "#9; 4 yrs. vars. baseball-Bosox- 
summertime-the Battlewagon: Does this thing run? 
'88 Junior Prom-How do you spell that?-Gameting- 
HOOP-crank it up! Pine Knoll-NH-A Little Links?- 
The T?PAY?-To all the good times-Adios DHS and 
now, on to bigger and better things-Thanks M + D." 
Paige Holden — "Some people come into our lives, 
make footprints on our hearts and we are never the 
same. Thanks to my family + close special friends 
especially Sarah, Rose, Alison + Donald. I love you 
all! Consider me gone. I'm on the road to find out." 
David Hutton — "100 wrestling: This team's got 
class/ Ultima Celtics Mets 1 Teach concepts not 
technique Bluefish Learn Apply Dissolve Enter the 
Dragon-Hello Mr. Braithwait U.S.A.#1" 
Heidi Ann James — "I swear to God I'm twenty-one! 
The wrenchman. Who has a dirty mind? Good Vibra- 
tions-George Michael. Get the mace! Hey Sarah, 
let's go see the foliage in Fairfield this summer. Two 

lifeguards held prisoner at Friendly's. Overeaticated. 
Come on you guys let's not do this anymore." 
Kristen James — "Oops! Just call me. ..Plymouth. 
But I am 21 ! Party Cruise Jeb, Bob, Brian. Virginia. I 
think it's skunked! Top of the World. This has to be 
Bud. I'm goin to visit Terri. You're making me ner- 
vous. I think we're lost. Thanks Mom. Bye DHS." 
Judy Jeanmonod — "To search for perfection is all 
very well, but to look for Heaven is to live here in 

Jennifer Johnson — "I used to do a little but a little 

wouldn't do it, so a little got more and more. I just 

keep trying to get a little better, a little better than 

before." Big Wen & Big Jen-Blurp-Timmy-Thanx Joel 

I love U-Thanx Bud & Trish-I think. 

Paul Jordan — High School has had a lot to offer-X- 

mas Eve Candier, exploding cars, Rambos, candy, 

February 4th, Joanne-I love you. 

Jeff Kauffman — I served my sentence, now I'm 

free, I'll lock the door and lose the key. Thanks Mom 

and Dad. 

Theresa Keefe — Cindy, Lez, Meg, Cindy, Sara, Ei- 
leen, Ali, Cally, Brian, Dave, Lyle, Ant, Rob, Matt & 
Mike! Bahamas '88-Cind, Lez, Meg-How old are 
you? Mike's house or mine? Good luck-later guys! 
Ricky Keith — The Cape's the way THANKS to 
Gramps, Heather & Wayneo, and the Nangle's 
Erin Kennedy — Erin and Mick-Thanks for 3 awe- 
some years! Love you-Jen-INXS-have some more 
Jen, its good! Kim-how do you feel? sick? Soccer- 1 
Absoslute rules! Thanks Mom, Dad, Bri, Mark... 
Have some fun Kev. 
Laura Kilroy — Kilroy was here 

Bright Lights: Judy Jeanmonod and Jon Hanlon 
What is a senior? Someone who doesn't have 
enough time for life. A word to the wise, from the 
wise — RELAX. We're always told by adults that 
these are the best days of our lives. They won't be 
if we don't make them. -Judy Jeanmonod 

In 200 years Duxbury Historians will look back 
and say,"Wow that Class of 1989 was the great- 
est. They won the Dalton Trophy, performed the 
best plays, and they were incredibly intelligent. I 
really believe this will be said and I hope that every- 
one from the Class of 1 989 has a good career and 
a wonderful time. -Jon Hanlon 

72 Senior Quotes 

Alayna Kirchick — Its casual. Hiking Karen, Jen. Vio- 
ent Femmes and Ben. Prom "87" awesome. Always 
fodd, the B's. Cross Country!! Lazy Nada. The 
iweatshirt Candy. Here we go loop de loop. Finally a 
unch Beach Boys 6/17. Def Leppard 9/29. Lata 

lennifer Knoll — The view from the top is worth the 
:limb.Farfar's scooper! St. Thomas! Good luck to 
everyone! Thanx Mom & Dad & Eliz & Lori! See ya 

Cindy Koplovsky — "Now I see the secret of making 
he best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to 
2at and sleep with the earth. "-Walt Whitman 
Myssa C. Lahey — Don't Despair over the past for it 
s gone, but fear the future neither; It is yours for the 

Lyle, Brian, Dave, Rob, Matt, and Ant; Good Times 
'89! So who's house is available tonight? Hilton Head 
'88 -Huffy Brothers! Thanks Mom & Dad! 
Chris MacNevin — "For what is your life? It is even a 
vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then 
vanisheth away." 

Anthony Markella — Yo, Mike, Lyle, Dave, Brian, 
Matt, Rob, Bob, What's up? Rock the boat don't tip 
the boat over! Who's bringing me home? Mike, nice 
boots! These boots are made for walking! Boys, How 
are ya? Bob, sack? Thanks Mom & Dad. 
Poppyann Mastrovita — I always knew someday 
looking back on my tears would make me laugh. But 
I never knew looking back on my laughter would 
make me cry. Thanks Mom, Dad, Mandy, and all of 

The Secret of my Success...: Jon Hanlon and Ali- 
son Zimon 

Through my 4 years at DHS, I have learned that 
in order to be successful one needs motivation. 
Whatever job I have or however much money I 
make, I will feel successful if I am happy with a 
great family. -Jon Hanlon 

Like Jon, I feel that I have worked hard through- 
out high school and have always tried to do my 
best. Becoming a doctor is one of my greatest 
dreams. I plan to continue to work hard, and may- 
be if I work hard enough I'll reach my goals. -Alison 


Michelle LaPorte — Jen, do I look like I care? Smoke 
^ings-By Laurie Anderson-"... Well I had a dream and 
n it I went to a little town and all the girls in town were 
named Betty..." 

Jennifer L. Laramee — Good memories last forever;' 
3 rom '88, Bayberry lane? Wash'n'go like a fish! 
3otta Go? Friday 's-sit much? Green Machine-my 
iair!' NEVER Forget, but don't live in the past, live for 
•he future. Good Luck! 

lohn Leclair — Its only the beginning, or is it the end. 
We're finally outta here. Later! College Bound, I 

Michael Lehman — Play for more than you can af- 
ord to lose and you will learn the game. DHS Base- 
ball. Gator. 

Cindy Lunt — Sara, Ali, Eileen, T.C., Cats, Les, Mike, 

my buddies. 

Tim Mazanec — Outlined against a blue grey sky, 
the four horsemen rode again, their names: Death, 
Pestilence, File, Famine; in reality they are called 
homework, teachers, tests, and finals. In May, 
school stopped and the Czech left a grind. 
Sherrill Anne McAloney — "One thing worth having 
is a friend who stands the test. And one who has a 
friend like this knows friendship at its best" (Bam- 

Kristen McCann — Our time is up! Heather, summer 
of '88: "I lost count" Live for the memories! 
M.M.A., Plymouth, White Horse Beach! DHS-Lata 
much! The best is yet to come... 
Heather Ann McCarthy — "We need new dreams 
tonight! U2 rules May 7, 1987. Megan, Heather, 
Laurie, Julie, Bonnie, Kathy, you guys are awesome! 

Senior Quotes 73 

Class Acts: Nicole Pevzner and Karl See 

I guess my most challanging part was the Artful 
Dodger in last years musical production of Oliver. I 
can't sing. -Karl See 

A voice is heard, unrecognizable as one's own, 
but reciting the familiar name with forced assur- 
ance. As the eyes turn to the script and that same 
voice begins to read from the page, the body re- 
members to move. The butterflies disappear, the 
voice finds feeling and volume. As the line andthe 
directors are forgotton, nothing but the character 
being created seems to exist. All to soon, the audi- 
tion is over. -Nicole Pevzner 

Thanks for everything. I Love you Tom Oct. 20, 
1987. Good luck Katie & Flynn!! I luv you! Thanks 
Mom bye bye DHS." 

Megan L. McCarthy — "I want the best of both 
worlds. Friends forever Heather, Heather, Laurie, Ju- 
lie, Kristen, Bonnie, Kathy, and Carla, 'but I still 
haven't found what I'm looking for' U2 rules! May 7, 
1 987. Too funny! Love you Mom, Dad, + Billy. Lata 

Mike McDonough — "Believe you and I sing tiny and 
wise and could if we had to eat stone and go on. - 
Richard Hugo. 'Glen Vig'. The wild man's summer at 
MASP as a raving maniac, hoping for a poetical 

Richard McHugh — "The best has yet to come." 
Laraine McKinnon — "Oh, but how can I speak of 
the world rushing by, with a lump in my throat and 
tears in my eyes. Sting!, INXS, '89! Sar-spreaad hap- 
piness! Everyone-I love you! I love you Mom and Dad- 
thank you. Lata much DHS." 
Nancy E. McLean — "Friendships that have stood 
the test of time, and change are definitely the best. 
Sarah + Keri-Florida '87. I'll never forget you two. 
I've had the time of my life, but the best is yet to 
come! Lata DHS." 

Kirstin McLellan — "All my life revolves around 
laughter and crying as my life turns round and 

Rob Medeiros — "Hey guys, what's up? Where's 
Mr. Dingas? Life is like hockey, you're always trying 
to shoot and score. No offense, but have another 
rule. I served my sentence, now I'm free! What's 
next? See ya #12." 

Eileen Melvin— New Years Eve 1988 "You've lost 
that loving feeling." Sarah and Cind the Huffy Broth- 
ers. Me Dingus, thank you very much. Ali thanks for 
always being there "You've got a friend." Good 
Luck to everyone We'll always remember the laugh- 
ter & the smiles. 

Jill Mercier — Just call me Bubbles! Hey Guys, let's 
cruise. I was taught to work for what you want and 
to never give up. Thanks Eddie, I love you. Thanks 
Mom and Dad. 

Meridith Moore — "A good FRIEND walks in when 
the rest of the world walks out".. like a fish, NO GAS! 
Man, your house or mine? Night swims, the Hunts', 
Fridays... Thanks guys, see ya. 
Rob Moriarty — Quiet and Pensive my thoughts ap- 
prehensive, the hours drift away leaving my home 
and playing the lonehand, my life begins today. — 
Rush. Thanks Mom and Dad. CLASS OF 89' LAT- 

Kendra Mumford — Wherever you go there you are 
to believe your own thought to believe that what is 
true for you in your private heart is true for all man 
the is genius. She tried to make her story fleat cause 
she was riding on a boat. 

Kim Nangle — Whats the use of worrying and feeling 
blue when days are long keep on smiling through 
Spread a little happiness til dreams come true. 
Mark Nappellio — "Celebrate Yooth" 
Leann Nathan — It was fun while it lasted. TENNI 
S. "Isn't that a red light?" THE GREEN MA- 
CHINE. 1989-How sweet it is. THanks everyone-l 
love you all. We've learned the rules, now let th 
games begin. 

74 Senior Quotes 

David Nelson — Hey chief y where are you? Con- 
grats Class of 89'. I love you Mom and Dad. What's 
shakin Jimmy Dean? Later, Ron, Rob & George. 
Good luck Trippy. Thanks Paul. 
Cheryl Newton — You don't understand us So don't 
repermand us — Sting. 

George Olson — Life is an open road with no where 
to go but forward. 87'-Bojan, 88'-Pirmin, 89'-the 
white stuff! As if DHS helped any.Burhe forever, ev- 
erywhere else never. 

Kerrie O'Toole — Whatever road you choose; I'm 
right behind you, win or lose, Forever Young. 
Thanks, I love you guys. 

Lori Overhiser — Time is flying never to return. Look 
with favor upon a bold new beginning. A friend is, as 

Most likely to appear on the cover of Vogue and 
GQ: Rosemary Tufankjian and Andy Ritch 

it were, a second self. 

C. Maria Pannozzo — "Some people say I'm a 
dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday 
you will join us, & the world will live as one." Italy 88, 
Denise discovered Patrick, Beware the E-word Jules! 
Hebrew? Thanks^M&D, Ant & Joe, After today, 
Consider Me gone. 

Heather Paquette — "Don't be too 'Bad'-U2. I love 
my friends Kristen, Meg, Heather, Laurie, Julie, Kath- 
erine, Carla, and Kristen, forever. Summer of '88 
best ever. Wait twist my arm. Heather made a fun- 
ny. 'Blue eyed boy miss brown eyed girl.' Thanks 
mom & dad. Good luck John. Lata DHS." 
Edward Parker — "Teenagers are too old to do the 
things kids do, too young to do the things adults do. 
So they do the things nobody else does. I want thank 
my teachers, friends and especially my parents for all 
they've done to help me down the rocky road of 

DHS and Proctor." 

Jennifer Peterson — "Sooner than you think; 
memories of yesterday will last a lifetime-the best of 
times; General Public UhUh; Meat is Murder; from 
the wound a lovely flower grew from somewhere 
deep inside; All is well." 

Nicole Pevzner — "Wanted: One small reality in 
which to plant my dreams... for I have hopes enough 
to make them grow." 

Jeannine Phillips — "S.,thanx for finishing my sen- 
tences. Does a bear schuss in the woods? Uh-Ch, the 
blue house! Cool, Wild, and insane, yeah! I will always 
be a rebel. Thanx to Planet Twilo, I survived!" 
Becky Pierce — "This is the time to remember for it 
will not last forever! Dream on until your dreams 

Beauty & Brian: Erinn Brozman and Brian Wycall 

come true 'cause if you give up your dreams you die! 
I love Mark, Far-Far's, DAYTONA, TOMATO, 
Prom '88, I've had the time of my life, keep in touch 

Thomas A. Pierce — Blond haired, Blue eyed Pink 
Kawasakis in a red pickup truck, "Now that's outta 
hand!" Thanx to all those that got me through 
school especially Mom & Dad. Lastly I wish my friends 
all the love in the world but I wish it mostly for me." 
Mike Powers — "Jim, Eric, Gary, Gillis. The good 
times, the bad times, we made it. Finally." 
Amy Raabe — "Life is a full-contact sport, just make 
sure you have padding in the right places! Paige: 
Bahiahondas!! Sarah, Keri, Nancy, We've had some 
great times. Thanx Mom and Dad." 
Glenn Rand — "My quote? ***Well, that's classi- 
fied.*** You know -classified-. I could tell you but 
then I'd have to kill you. ////Thumbs up." 

Senior Quotes 75 

Paige Reed — "Amy, Nancy, Christine, Keri and Sar- 
ah:Thank you for yoursupport. Remember: You've 
got a friend, always. Field Hockey, Cheerleading, 
Prom '88, Summer with Ted. I love you Mom, Dad, 
Grandma-pa, Munch & Ten. Had fun DHS but 'Ob- 
ladi, Oblada, life goes on.'" 

Ben Riordon — "You don't need a weatherman to 
know which way the wind blows" -Dylan. X-C 
League Champs. 

Andy Ritch — "Life can only be understood back- 
ward, but it must be lived forward. Thanks Mom & 


Lyle Roberts— "Hey Bif, Clif, Matt, Rob, Brian, 
Dave, What's up? Oh ya, I forgot about three bee 
Bob. What's the mane of the game?. .Thumper. 
How do you play?. .Matt. Don't leave me hanging. 
Later much DHS #21." 

Juliann Roper — "A day isn't wasted if a memory is 
made." I Iv Steve, Good Times with friends/Kids in 
America' f Prom '88, Summer '86, Block Island, INXS- 
, 'Forever Young', Thanx EV, m & d, Todd, Cape/Ju- 
les'/Let's go to the beach',U2. 
John Santos — "Could you open my locker, please? 
This is supposed to be secret, but.. is Distributive Edu- 
cation on the second floor? Bad luck it's a freshman- know that girl.. Oh! I forget the name.. It's not 
my fault there were so many." 
Meghan Saunders — "Time goes you say? Ah no! 
Alas, Time stays, we go! To live in the hearts of those 
I leave behind is to live forever! Bahamas '87 Club 
Med! Much later DHS! Thanx M&D." 
Peter Savage, Jr. — "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" 
Audrey Schindler — "And I wish you all the love in 
the world-but most of all-l wish it from myself. Nice 
hands! The shmoo! Thanks mom, dad, and my 
friends (you know who you are) Best of luck-Wherev- 
er you may go." 

Cally Scullin — "Cindy, Sara, Ali, Eileen, Beth, Jen, 
Karen, Lyle, Mike, Anthony, Brian, Dave-New Years 
Eve 1 988 'Dad you're not supposed to be home until 
tomorrow' Na,Na,Na,Na,Hey,Hey,Hey, Goodbye. 
Thanx Mom, Dad, and Cindy." 
Karl See — "Emancipate yourself from mental slav- 
ery; none but ourselves can free our minds. -Bob Mar- 
ley; We could fly 'cause we all have wings but some 
of us don't know why.-INXS." 
Mary Sekerak — "Lucky I'm sane after all I've been 
through. I can't complain but sometimes I still do, 
Life's been good to me so far! We missed you this 

year Keri! I love you Mom, Dad, Matt, and John!" 
Deirdre Sheehan— "Good Luck Class of '89. Best 
of wishes-Hold on to your dreams!! I love you Mom, 
Dad, and all my friends-Thanks Mrs. H-Later much 

Shawn Sheehan — "Don't ever give up on your 
dreams, because one day your dreams will come 
true. Excursions in red Toyota Van, -R, Rick, Tim 
Maz,Berger. Thanx everyone." 
Renee Shepherd — "Thanks Mom and Bill for all your 
support and help in everything I've ever done. I love 
you both! Melissa, I appreciate you always being 
there for me! Thanks for the good times Earl, I love 

Traci Sheridan — "As we leave DHS to og our sepa- 
rate ways, remembenthe good times start here but 
the best is yet to come-Good Luck to the Class 

Michelle Shimp — "Denise, Susan, Candy, Fun 
Times! ! Swim team :LeagueChamps,' Forever 
Young', Watch out for the Mercedes. Luv ya Mom 
+ Dad, 'Let the good times roll.'" 
Jeff Shumway — "Why linger on yesterday-Tomor- 
row comes so much sooner; Live for today." 
Shari Silvers — "If you keep your face in the sun- 
shine you cannot see the shadows. H.K. thanks to 
my friends and family." 

Dave Sjostedt — "Here we are, born to be kings, 
we're the princes of the universe. Duxbury X-C '85- 
'88. 'Gimme the Prize.' 'It's a kind of magic'. 'Who 
wants to live forever?' 'I hurdle; therefore, I am.'" 
Jay Slattery — "I can't afford not to waste my time 
making money. Thanks Mom and Dad." 
Denise Stanford — "Sneeze, would you like some 
whipped cream? 'The Ramrod' Spike how's Mr. B? 
Need any gas Maria? Michelle wanna bet? I luv you 
Mom Dad + Heather. Relax!" 
Matt Stone — "Each time we changed our environ- 
ment, our environment changes our behavior, and 
our new behavior demanded a new environment. 
The sun, the moon, & the stars would have disap- 
peared long ago had they been in reach of predatory 
human hands. Keep an open mind." 
Pat Striebel — "Big Cind's keg route 53, Nate,Pat- 
, Jerry, Marco lots of tap at Pat's especially when wet, 
thanx to Jack, Sam, Captain, and our best buddy 

Elisa Sugerman — "And it's still true, no matter how 
old we are, when you go out into the world it's best to 

76 Senior Quotes 

hold hands and stick together." 
David Sullivan — "...To Chicago, we've got a full 
tank of gas; half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and 
we're wearing sunglasses. Let's do it. To parents (and 
girls), Thanks." 

Eric Svendsen — "After serving for 12 years in the 
Mass. Education system, I have one question:Why? 
For underclassmen, some advice: HA, HA, HA. 
We're outta here. Have fun in May and June." 
Alexandra Lily Swan — "The Earth is a world; the 
world is a ball, a ball in a game, with no rules at all. Cal 
and Ken-catch the wave, summer '87." 
Heather Lea Tenney — "League Champs Gymnas- 
tics! Prom! Disneyworld! Football games #11,1 love 
you Tom, May 1 993! Love you Mom, Dad, Nance, 
and little guys, Thanx! 'The game is over. ..but the 
party is just beginning.'" 

Ryan C. Tillson — "Windsurf forever; Swim team, 
my jobs, the journeys we took, Thanks everyone." 
Robert Tripp — "Duxbury Fire Department is num- 
ber 1 . Nice Camaro Paul. Congratulations to us. I 
love ya Mom and Dad. And if it is to be — then it is up 
to me." 

Rosemary J. Tufankjian — "How fragile we are..- 

Matt Twomey — "Hey Rob, Bob, Mike, Lyle,Ant- 
, Brian, Dave, and Scott; What's up? Let's play the 
game Thumper. I finally made parole, A.R.C. Let's 
go to Mike's house. Cool it Dr. Pepper's here. Later 

David Vanderbilt — "Duxbury Cross Country 1986, 
'87 and soon to be '88 South Shore League unde- 
feated Champs. 'Give us an inch and we'll run three 
miles. "It's been cool Reggie!' Thanks M,D, + T." 
Jeff Van Tatenhove — "Someday we'll look back at 
this and laugh, but for now, the torture is finally 

Paul Voloshen— "Football # 1 #64. PASTA FEAST 
Jessica Walsh— "Beach Nights/Days July 3,4. JEB. 
The inevitable oops. The Dirthole 7 game point guys. 

Pit party. Don't I look 21 ? Red Sox vs. Bruins. Kip. 
Who me? When? I think we are lost Broct, Marsh, P- 
ly. Lata DHS we're outta here. We're the top of the 

Scott Wenham — "Hockey Cap. #23, I came, I 
shot, I scored. Thanks DHS and the class of '89 for 
giving me the time of my life. Dream to your Dreams 
come true, Maureen. Don't worry, Be happy. 
Thanks for always being there Mom and Dad." 
Sharon Wheeler — "I've got a fast car, I've got a 
ticket to anywhere." 

Jessica Whiteley — "You could wait for your dreams 
to come true but time has no mercy time won't 
stand still for you. Thanks Mom, Dad and friends." 
Saysha Wiggins — "Steve, only in a Tuesday, never 
on a Thursday. Karen thanx for the great realty 
signs! Thank you Mom & Candy for everything!" 
Peter Wilken — "After 12 years I'm still the same! 
Hey Jed let's go fish'n. Pink Pony Pete. Who luvs ya 
babe! I'm GREEN, sit on what? Hey you bozo, Sha- 
dester, luv ya Kemo,Moe, Jim, Jen, Jeff & the gang. 
Thanks MOM & DAD." 

Gary Williamson — "Summer 1988! Times were 
great till Richard says 'My parents will be home at 8.' 
Dick, Mike, Jim, Eric, Ryan, 'We are the champions' 
# 1 2 Thanks Mom & Dad, #6 'If it is to be it is up to 

/ / / 


Kate Winn — "Don't let school get in the way of 

your education. Thank you to all of my friends. 
Thank you Mom + Dad." 

Brian Wycall — "Hey Dave,Lyle, Mike, Matt, An- 
t, Rob, Eric + Virgil. Thanks alot. 'What's the name 
of the game. .How do you play. ..Matt?? Where's 
Dingas? #7 Soccer, Basketball. Love ya Mom + 

Shelby Young — "There is the real, and the unreal, 
and in between is the door. Jim Morrison will live 

Alison Zimon — "Do what you can, with what you 
have, where you are." 

Senior Quotes 77 


Welcome to the Jungle. Come right in and make your- 
self at home. DHS is alive with so many different peo- 
ple, like the different creatures of the jungle. There are 
the superpreps, the snobs, the jocks, the thespians, the 
druggies, the musicians, the brains, and everything in 
between. We are living in a maze of hallways, lockers, 
playing fields, and classrooms. It can be a pretty scary 
place, especially for underclassmen. Through the years 
every incoming freshman must have expirienced the 
"night-before nightmares" about getting lost amid the 
endless corridors, getting trampled by endless upper- 
classmen feet, and then awakening to a scream of, 
"Help! Where am I? How do I get out of here?" Well, 
you can't get out, you are stuck for four years of your 
life. As to the first question, you know where you are, 
you're in the Jungle, baby! 

What a smile, Chris!!! 

The Class of 1 990 has always 
been a class of individuals. This 
year we really proved that we are 
different. What other class didn't 
cheer at the Pep Rally? Although 
as Juniors we are beginning to re- 
cieve more privileges, there is still 
only one thing on our minds-next 
year we will be Seniors! (then we 
will all have our licenses!) Howev- 
er, we first have to "survive" the 
pressures of having to do well 
academically. Then, we can look 
forward to filling out all those ap- 
plications. Junior year is full of 
many different activities. We be- 
gin college searching and SAT 
testing. We also host the "main 
event of the year": The Prom. 
Our lives are filled with school, 
sports, and activities. Then junior 
year will pass quickley by and the 

next thing yOU knOW, we'll be the Jenn and Mo:"Are you kidding?" What are you doing, Nicole? 

"high and mighty" SENIORS!!— 
Maureen Lawless 

80 Underclassmen 

Joanne Achin 
Wendy Adams 
Kim Adler 
Jessica Alabiso 
Matt Allaire 
Micaela Alonzo 

Gina Alteri 
Tony Andrews 
Mike Armour 
Amy Armstrong 
Kristen Atkinson 
Jennifer Barbetti 

John Bartlett 
Cary Bazley 
Connie Bell 
Shea Bernard 
Sheryl Binney 
Chris Bird 

Jeffrey Bishop 
Mike Bonner 
Scott Bowser 
Shannon Boyd 
Kathy Bradley 
Mike Brennan 

Abigail Brothers 
Tom Burke 
Keith Campbell 
Tom Cavers 
Dan Coakley 
Cheryl Cenedella 

Jon Centurino 
Kristen Chase 
Heather Clancy 
Andy Clapp 
Aimee Casale 
John Cobak 

Pete Collins 
Brian Connolly 
Ted Corrigan 
Kim Cotter 
Richard Cousley 
Stacey Coyne 

Jonathan Cressman 
John Crowley 
William Curley 
Amy Davis 
Scott Denicola 
Dan Dewolf 

Todd Dexter 
Jason Dimascio 
Tracy Dimascio 
Ryan Cavicchi 
Chris Doherty 
Michael Dormady 

Underclassmen 8 1 

Susan Dowd 
Kerry Dowling 
Cindy Dunlap 
Bill Durgin 
Keith Dwyer 
Maureen Edmunds 

Mike Egan 
Susan Fairfield 
Jonathan Fasullo 
Amy Ferson 
Dan Floyd 
Cori Ford 

Derek Gage 
David Gallagher 
Dana Gaughan 
Tiffany Goldberg 
John Grandy 
Andre Guillemin 

Paul Hahesy 
Brian Hammel 
Jennifer Hardy 
Mary Harmon 
Missy Harrington 
Jeff Harrison 

Torsten Hasselman 
Daniel Hauber 
Mark Hausherr 
Jamie Hedberg 
Nicole Hendrick 
Bob Higgins 

Katherine Hill 
Liz Hogan 
Cheryl Horton 
Gwin Jacques 
Wendy Jamieson 
Kristel Jensen 

Keegan Johnson 
Mark Johnson 
Jennifer Kassatly 
Steve Kearney 
Mike Kelleher 
Chris Keller 

Karen Kiley 
Julie Kilgour 
Rob Knecht 
Dov Koplousky 
Jeremy Kurek 
Brion L'Heureux 

John Lagace 
Maureen Lawless 
Kim Lelakes 
Ronald Lelakes 
Allison MacAulay 
Carla MacFarlane 

82 Underclassmen 





4 1 




Brian MacKenzie 
Rory MacLeod 
Scott MacQuarrie 
Christine Mannning 

Chris Mannis 
Keith Mason 
Joe Mattivello 
Karen McCann 

Paul McCarthy 
Kathryn McGirr 
John Mclsaac 
David Metzler 
Kim Meyer 
Sue Milewski 

Michael Moccaldi 
Kevin Moore 
Chris Morin 
Danielle Moules 
Jennifer Mulcahy 
Matt Mulligan 

Beth Murphy 
Keith Murry 
Jen Needham 
Leigh Newman 
Jonathan Nichols 
Mike Nichols 

Karl Ohmstede 
Troy Piedade 
Carolyn Pizura 
Kristen Prebola 
Hal Pugmire 
Andy Putnam 

Bonnie Ramsay 
Bruce Reed 
Chris Remick 
Tom Richards 
Becca Riordan 
Danielle Rosalia 

Dawn Rose 
Jim Sampson 
Nicole Sarro 
Doug Scammell 
Ted Schlueter 
Wendy Schofield 

Melissa Shortman 
Chip Shamma 
Robert Sieminski 
Jen Grant 
Derek Simpson 
Robert Southard 

Underclassmen 83 


Lunch is great! 

"School is over — FINALLY!" 

We like being Sophomores for many obvi- 
ous reasons. We sophomores may not be 
able to spell as you all learned at the Pep 
Rally, but we definitely have the most spirit. 
We also like being sophomores because we 
are not FROSH anymorelYou may think we 
are quite obnoxious, but, hey, we try. Don't 
get us wrong, Freshman year isn't that bad 
but then again it's not that good. We might 
be here for two more years but we sopho- 
mores will make the best of it, as always. — 
by D, S, and M. 

Did you hear? 


Underclassmen 85 


1 I 

Jeff Amidon 
Julie Arscnault 
Brian Austin 
Doug Baker 
Jon Baker 
Todd Barker 

Gary Barr 
Emily Barrett 
Larissa Barry 
Stacey Bartlett 
Ryan Bartlett 
Derek Berglund 

Tom Berglund 
Christine Boulanger 
Richard Bordan 
Charles Bornheimer 
Leanne Bradley 
David Braud 

Kelly Canney 
Alyssa Caplice 
Laura Casagrande 
Brian Casey 
Jessica Cassara 
Jenny Chandler 

Laura Christo 
Matthew Cristo 
Sean Colclough 
Cristin Connelly 
Dan Cosgrove 
David Cosgrove 

Brian Crumlish 
Amy Curtin 
Andrea Daley 
Bill Delorenzo 
Peter Delprete 
Greg Dorn 

Kelly Dowd 
Andy Downin 
Melissa Doyle 
Joanne Drinkwater 
Steve Dudash 
Emily Duff 

Nicole Dupuy 
Laura Dwyer 
Robert Ebert 
Scott Erikson 

Ryan Felts 
Bobby Fitzgerald 
Lori Flockton 
Joe Foley 

I' j 


- y 



86 Underclassmen 

Katie Dixon 
Brenton Forrest 
Heather Foster 
Glenn Frazier 
Tim Furmaniak 
Adriatic Gainer 

Ariel Gainer 
Brian Gale 
Stephen Garrett 
Eric Gaynor 
Catherine Ghiorse 
Charles Gilbert 

Dean Goldstein 
Jen Gray 
Andy Grim 
Shannon Hall 
Melissa Heath 
Janine Healy 

Melissa Herren 
Colin Heward 
Doug Hick 
Matt Hitchins 
Chris Hojlo 
Pat Hojlo 

Adrienne Hyneck 
David Irving 
Jason Isherwood 
Courtney Johnson 
Maura Griffin 
Tara Joy 

Amy Joyce 
David Kane 
Jenny Katz 
Brian Kelleher 
Tabitha Kent 
Kristen Kiklis 

Vinnie Kraft 
Kristen Lagerstell 
Roger LaGreca 
Jason Laramee 
Colleen Lawrence 
Jarrett Lee 

Geoff Lister 
Chad Luce 

Michaela MacDonald 
Diane MacNeil 
Paige Magner 
Brad Mahoney 

Nancy Mclssac 
Dennis Malo 
Mark Manganello 
Jessica McClusky 
Sarah McLellan 
Ryan McMenamy 

Underclassmen 87 

Chris Mercer 
Scott Minioc 
Robert Moffatt 
Sean Murphy 
Robert Murray 
Kristin Nanglc 

Karen Nelson 
Jarcd Noonan 
Jon Ochtera 
Kerri O'Connell 
Whitney Orwig 
Julie Osborne 

Garret Overhiser 
Christine Papajohn 
John Paquette 
Sarah Parrino 
P.J. Pescarino 
Amy Petrillo 

Nick Petronelli 
Lucinda Phillips 
Tom Pierce 
Adam Penni 
Roxanne Post 
David Provenzano 

Jeff Pugmire 
Meagan Pussilano 
Colleen Rafferty 
Sarah Reed 
Mike Reiman 
Jeremy Rich 

Sarah Ritch 
Kyle Roberts 
Steve Rogers 
Margot Salmela 
Aimee Scanlon 
Tracy Shea 

Kerri Sheridan 
Justin Smith 
Eric Spinney 
Jessica Stadleman 
Elizabeth Stalker 
Scott Stearns 

Laurel Stewart 
Kathryn Stratton 
Todd Szmczak 
Kathryn Talanian 
Nicole Tangney 
Chad Tassell 

Sheryl Thomas 
Scot Tillson 
Theresa Tosi 
Dan Turner 
Britt Upham 
Jenna Vajcovec 


A Sk & 


"jl* (hi jfi 

p\ 0% ^ 

88 Underclassmen 

Underclassmen 89 

Intent on metal working 

"What did you say?' 

The gang at lunch 

Being a Freshman isn't that easy but it does 
have some advantages. One major disadvan- 
tage is in Gym, for two reasons. First, you have 
last pick of all the activities, so you get stuck 
with the leftovers. Then, when it's raining out 
you play sports and the teams are usually Ju- 
niors and Seniors vs. Sophomores and Fresh- 
man. These are a few examples of things that 
are not fun. The advantages are allowed to 
walk down the hall without someone asking 
you if you have a pass. Also you can hang 
around older people, and you get a lot of free 
time. We also get a lot of other freedoms by 
being in the High School! — Tanya Valoshen 

Tackle Footba 

90 Underclassmen 

Clark Anderson 
Louis Ackerman 
Chris Andrew 
Peter Andrews 
Nick Anzivino 
Allison Barber 

Adrienne Barnes 
Sarah Benjis 
Sarah Bettuchy 
Greg Bickel 
Aaron Boghosian 
Renee Boisvert 

Catherine Bowes 
Jason Boyd 
Laura Bracco 
Amy Brault 
Melissa Bray 
Marc Brennan 

Craig Butters 
Garth Cavicchi 
Nicole Cesarie 
Alex Chin 
Matt Chin 
Erica Chrusz 

Jason Cincotti 
Ann Cobak 
Lori Coggershall 
James Corbett 
James Coyle 
Kim Crawford 

Susan DeHart 
Catherine Dinan 
Rachel Dortman 
Craig Drollett 
Lauren Duffy 
Melissa Dupuis 

Brian Dwyer 
Johnathan Dwyer 
Jessica Ehrlich 
Jake Ellison 
Jill Eickson 
Kim Fanning 

Debby Farrell 
Darcy Fencer 
Toni Ann Ferretti 
Heather Finnerty 
Michelle Finnerty 
Tim Flannigan 

Kerry Floyd 
Tim Floyd 
Ted Flynn 
Jessica Foley 
Mike Foley 
Shayna Ford 

Underclassmen 91 

Derek Foster 
Mike Fricker 
Danielle Gair 
Greg Gammons 
Kathcrinc Gardner 
Kcnley Broiman 

Eric Gauthier 
Elise Gaynor 
Suzanne Gilbert 
Erin Gillespie 
Chris Gillis 
Billy Gould 

John Gouzoules 
Taylor Gregg 
William Gurry 
Laurie Gustin 
Corey Haddad 
Robert Hale 

Carolyn Haley 
John Hannon 
Becky Hardy 
Jason Haritos 
Todd Harrington 
Matt Harris 

Andrew Hedberg 
Matthew Hempel 
Brian Herlihy 
Chris Hoboyd 
Jennifer Hutton 
Scott Janowski 

Thomas Brown 
Donald Jeanmonod 
Chris Johnson 
Kristen Johnson 
Libby Johnson 
Dan Joyce 

Jamie Kane 
Nicole Kasimats 
Cassie Keating 
Jeff Keay 
Megan Lawless 
Elizabeth Knoll 

Patty Kraft 
Cheri LaGrecca 
Sarah Leahy 
Kim Lehman 
Benjamin Leland 
Stacy Lentz 

Megan Leydon 
Chris Long 
Darren MacLaughlin 
Jon MacQuarrie 
Nonnc Madar 
Laura Mahoney 


92 Underclassmen 


Tim Malloy 
Mike Mangenello 
Marty Marchewkia 
Dom Mariano 

Anthony Mastendino 
Richard May 
Heather Mazarec 
Sean McCarthy 

Robby McGoodwin 
Brian McGrath 
Jen McKenna 
Lynne McKeown 
Melanie McLean 
Brian McHugh 

Scott McLellan 
Shelly McNeil 
Stacy Medici 
John Mercer 
Lori Miller 
Morgan Miller 

Keelin Moriarty 
Melissa Mulligan 
Tom Needham 
Meg Nesbit 
Jason Norcross 
Paul Nylen 

Kathryn Oates 
Casey Ochtera 
Kevin O'Donnell 
Kevin O'Hare 
Todd Ollinger 
Jillian O'Shea 

Whitney Parker 
Amy Partridge 
Matt Phippard 
Rachel Pilla 
Teresa Pugmire 
Ally Raabe 

Darcy Raymonnd 
Krista Reagan 
Brenden Recupero 
Jon Redmond 
Steve Rees 
Jacelyn Rhoads 

Susan Riser 
Belinda Ritter 
Jim Roberto 
Alex Rogozenski 
Brian Roundtree 
Jamie Rutkowski 

Underclassmen 93 

Michael Rutkowski 
Jason Santelli 
Derek Schwaller 
Jeff Seger 
Lori Shobert 
Peter Shumway 

Jodi Simoes 
Joshua Solomon 
Cait Southwood 
Rachel Stadelmann 
Chanda St. Denis 
John Steele 

Sarah Steinke 
Matthew Stewart 
Thomas Symington 
Heather Szymczak 
Jen Taylor 
Angela Tomasi 

Jennifer Tougas 
Jennifer Tiamos 
Kristen Tougas 
Shawn Vallee 
Tania Voloshen 
Keith Vanderbilt 

Thomas Vautin 
Jason Verkaart 
Cara Wait 
David Walden 
Brenden Walsh 
Laurie Wenham 

Jen Wheeler 
Andrew Whiteley 
Kerri Williams 
Toby Wilson 
Pat Winn 
Neil Zoltowski 

Tracy Crawly 
Michelle Burrill 
Ryan Lynch 
Beth Mullany 
Heidi Leary 

94 Underclassmen 

Picture Shy 

Elizabeth Atwood 
William Baragwanath 
Fred Barrett 
Paul Braco 
Jen Cadogan 
Joseph Dellapi 
Susan Deloid 
Amanda Eagan 
Robert Evans 
Andrea George 
Mike Hanlon 
Jenn Hannon 
Jen Jackson 
Erika Johnson 
Betsy Kennedy 
Danielle Longley 
Jennifer Lott 
Lynn Madden 
Matt Mazanec 
Kim McCafferty 
Joe McCarthy 
Tim McDonough 
Chris McLaughlin 
Craig McPherson 
Natalie Merry 
Dennis Malony 
Andy Mowbray 
David Muha 
Tim Ochtera 
Matt Pelletier 
Tara Pepin 
Ben Priest 
Brian Robinson 
Kim Sorrento 
Jane Symington 
Karen Tillson 
Paul Tougas 
Gary Wagner 

Underclassmen 95 

Camera Shy Sophomores 

Chris Alongi 
Melissa Bertoni 
Chad Bickel 
John Bondlow 
Kenny Brunet 
Jessica Cadogan 
Suzanne Caglarcan 
Johanna Ciccarelli 
Nick Cochran 
Lauren Conway 
Julia Eldridge 
Brian Frederick 
Barry Gould 
Joseph Gray 
Martin Hillary 
Kenneth Hughes 
Robin Johnsten 
Larissa Johnsten 
Marie Kearney 
John Kelly 
Kristian Lague 
Jason Levine 
Robin McDonald 
Cathrine Mahoney 
Douglas McAloney 
Ellen McAloney 
Secundino Morales 
Christian Powers 
Erica Putnam 
Matthew Russell 
Andrew Shea 
Andrew Thorn 
Harris Upham 
Amy Wellman 

96 Underclassmen 

/>• \ Shy Freshmen 

Underclassmen 97 

Activ ities 

If I could I'd slow the whole world down, I'd bring it to 
its knees, I'd stop it spinning 'round. But as it is I'm 
climbing up an endless wall, no time at all, no time this 
time. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do 
everything I have to do. These activities are just taking 
up too much of my time. It seems like I spend my whole 
life in this school, rushing from one meeting to another, 
from one room to another, from one job to another. On 
the one hand I'm trying to find service hours for NHS, 
on the other I'm trying to finish all these lay-outs for 
yearbook. Then there are practices, sectionals, audi- 
tions, rehearsals.... The list is endless. The highlight of 
my day is collapsing on my bed at 10:00 when I finally 
make it home. The highlight of my week is finally turn- 
ing my brain off on Friday night. Thinking about noth- 
ing and just relaxing feels so good after a hectic week. 
Then it all starts over again on Monday. But thinking 
about it, I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't 
slow the whole world down, I'd keep it going at its 
furious pace, maybe even speed it up a bit. 

Color Guard 

"The 1988 Color Guard has been truly 
successful this year. They have overcome 
such obstacles as Chris Remick, used tux- 
edo shirts and the entire drum line. This 
year's Guard consists of one eigth-grader, 
six freshmen, and two juniors. The seven 
senior members are Captain Lisa Atkinson, 
representatives Jennifer Petersen and Lar- 
aine McKinnon, Jessica Whiteley, Nancy 
Coyle, Lori Overhiser, and Linda Clisham- 
. Highlights of the season include new uni- 
forms, tinsel on the flags and four (out of 
5!) stars that they received at the MICA 
finals. (Happy Birthday Jen-Jen(AGAIN), 
Did the DRUMMERS write that they liked 
our uniforms? Tuck your ruffles! Straiten 
your bowtie! Should we hit them during the 
dance? French Braid! NO hairspray on the 
bus. The radio for the 20 minute bus ride. 
Lisa IS the condor.) The Color Guard 
thanks their advisor Jacqui Nee-Anderson 
for a great season. — Laraine McKinnon 

Taking it slow and trying to 
keep warm 

Lisa Atkinson dances alone 

Color Guard out among the Band 

The bottle dance -minus the bottles 


In the Band Stands 

THE Drummers 

Marching Band 

"In four years the band has gone from a some- 
what unruly herd to a group of people willing to work 
hard for the recognition they deserve. Under the 
direction of Richard Madru, the band attended their 
first out-of-state competition in 1985, receiving a 
bronze medal, and in 1 988 received a four-star (silver 
award) rating at the competition in Dudley, MA, at 
the MICA Semifinals. They performed their best ever 
at the MICA finals in Framingham as well. Now the 
band is anticipating their second out-of-state compe- 
tition in Montreal. We can expect much from them 
in the years to come." 

"WHAT are you looking at Jeff?! 
Darci toots on her flute 


Concert Band 

The DHS marching 
oncert band had an exellent '88 '89 school 
year. With much conserted effort from 
each band-member the marching band 
season was a huge success. At the Dudley 
Mass. competition the band fared well re- 
ceiving 5 stars in 2 catagories and an overall 
rating of a silver medal under the direction 
of band majors Mike Coogan and Gabe 
Southard. When time came for the band to 
turn in their marching uniforms for seats in 
concert band, the band had yet a Holiday 
concert, Pops concert and trip to Montreal 

to compete As well as the marching 
oncert band, the DHS jazz band had a suc- 
cessful season also. 

Lynne McKeown fluting away The Most Musical of the group 

Laura Whitton, what are you looking David Hutton and Stacey Bartlett 


102 Activities 


"The 1 988-89 DHS Orchestra, under the direc- 
tion of James Vinci, performs along with the band at 
Christmastime as well as an annual spring concert. 
They also perform at graduation and school assem- 
blies. This year's co-librarians are Susan Riser and 
Pam Ceccarelli. Orchestral officers are: President 
Chris MacNevin, VP Chris Chamberlain, Secretary 
Kerry Dowling, and Treasurer Stephanie Clack. This 
year's senior members include Stephanie Clack, Chris 
Chamberlain, Jake Joyce, Ben Riordon, Julie Roper, 
Pam Ceccarelli, Carolyn Cummings, and Kate Winn. 
Other members include Kerry Dowling, Amanda Ea- 
gan, Jennifer Mulcahy, Cheryl Cenedella, Chris Do- 
herty, Laura Christo, Adrienne Hynek, Anna Wald- 
stein, Kathy Stratton, Erica Putnam, Lucinda Phillips, 
and Susan Riser. 

'I can't believe I played the wrong note AGAIN!" 

"I love Orchestra!" 
Darryl Jams 

The Orchestra Orchestrates. 

Julie & Stephanie get help from Mr. Vinci. 

Activities 103 


Choir is a large part of the DHS music de- 
partment. Led by Nancy Gordon, it is big- 
ger than ever this year, with 44 members 
make up the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass 
sections. This year's seniors are Rick Bar- 
rett, Kelley Berglund, Jason Corn, Candy 
Forsman, Bill Graham, Laura Kilroy, Kerrie 
O'Toole, Nicole Pevzner, Audrey 
Schindler, Deirdre Sheehan, and Saysha 
Wiggins. Officers are: President Kerrie 
O'Toole, VP Gwin Jacques, Treasurer Kim 
Thayer, and Secretary Deirdre Sheehan; 
soprano section leader Audrey Schindler, 
alto section leader Candy Forsman, and 
mens' section leader Rick Barrett. This year 
the Choir takes a trip to Washington DC to 
participate in a 250-choir festival at the 
Washington Monument to benefit the 
homeless. — Nicole Pevzner 


Show Choir 

The Duxbury Show Choir, Charisma, is having an- 
other exciting year. Along with the usual Pops and 
spring concerts, Charisma performed at the Bay 
State Show Choir Festival and will be performed in 
Washington D.C. this April. This auditioned group 
meets twice a week. Members are: (Sopranos) Kelley 
Berglund, Susan DeHart, Jill Erikson, Audrey 
Schindler, Missy Schortmann, (Altos) Candy Fors- 
man, Nicole Kasimatis, Kim Meyer, Meg Nesbitt, 
Kerrie O'Toole, (Baritones) Rick Barrett, Jason Corn, 
and Roger LaGreca. The manager is Julie Kilgour and 
the director is Mrs. Gordon. 

The Show Choir at their best 

Seniors Audrey, Rick, Candy, Kel- 
ly, Kerri, and Jason. 

Mrs. Gordon, a little out of focus. 

mm i i 

Missy Schortman — all smiles! 
Jillian, pay attention! 

Activities 105 

String _ 
Quartet and 
Jazz Band 

The String Quartet is a group hired to 
play at school functions and events around 
the town. This year, advised by Mr. Vinci, 
members are Chris MacNevin and Kerry 
Dowling, violins, Pam Ceccarelli, viola, and 
Darryl Coyne, cello. 

The '88-'89 DHS Jazz Band has alot of 
new faces. Freshmen include Donald Jean- 
monod and Sarah Benjes on alto sax, Rob- 
ert Hale on trombone and Dave Walden on 
bass. Sophomores are Pat Hojlo on bari 
sax, Todd Szymsck on trumpet, Ryan 
McMenamy on piano and Chris Hojlo on 
drums. The Juniors are Andre Guillemin and 
Mike Armour on tenor sax, Brian Hammel 
and Jeremy Kurek on trombone, Pete Col- 
lins, Jamie Hedberg, and Dave Gallagher on 
trumpet and Matt Mulligan on drums. And 
the Seniors are Kathy Connell on trom- 
bone, Mike Coogan on trumpet, Jen Knoll 
on piano, Darryl Coyne on guitar, and Ben 
Riordon on bass. 

Donald, won't you blow your 

Sarah — Andre 

106 Activities 

Dragon Flyer 

The 1988-1989 Dragonflyer, the DHS 
newspaper, distributes an edition each 
month. Under the advice of Mr. Webster 
and editor-in-chief Alison Zimon, the Dra- 
gonflyer provides an outlet for student cre- 
ativity in writing, interviewing, photogra- 
phy, drawing, and reporting. It also acts as 
a forum for students to express their con- 
cern with the things going on in their com- 
munity, and provides as opportunity for 
students to voice their own opinion. Senior 
members include Paige Holden, Sports Edi- 
tor, Laraine McKinnon, Arts Editor, David 
Sullivan, News Editor, Karen Greene and 
Leslie Gurry, Ads Editors, and Ian Bull and 
Erica Bruce, Photo Editors. Other seniors 
are Ben Furmaniak, Kirstin McLellan, Eileen 
Melvin, Cheryl Newton, Amy Raabe, and 
Jeff Shumway. The rest of the staff con- 
sists of Shannon Boyd, Connie Bell, Jennifer 
Cadogan, Leigh Newman, Jennifer Han- 
non, Cheryl Horton, Abby Brothers, 
Heather Clancy, Jessica Alabiso, and Kyle 


Photo Club 

Photo Club is for those rare overachievers 
who love the art of photography, (and 
need one last thing on their college applica- 
tion.) And now some brief highlights of 
Photo Club. (for all you people who thought 
it was boring)Jeannine "Mad Dog" Phillips 
sprained her ankle on a rough landing while 
on the Photo Club skydiving expedition. 
Her main shoot failed, she used her back up 
and she got the whole thing on film. Bravo 
Jeannine!! Vince Kraft climbed Mt. Killima- 
jaro and fell off a 2000 foot cliff while tak- 
ing pictures of native Yak Herders. His 
body was never found but his camara was. 
You got some terrific shots on the way 
down Vince, wherever you are! Liz 
???????? took some time off from Photo 
Club when she found the Meaning of Life. 
Now she spends most of her time in an- 
other dimension, always forgetting her ca- 
mera. Come on Liz, try harder!! Mrs. 
"Conan" Dufore, the Photo Club advisor, 
waits for tenure approval after rumours of 
B.U. Jello wrestling finals where she won the 
title bout against a 400 lb. Soviet exchange 
student. What action shots!! Tres bien, tres 
bien. — Ian Bull 

Smile big and open your eyes! Good Liz! 

What's up, Ian and Liz? 

The happy family of photogra- 

What is so funny, Jeannine? 


/ 10 Activities 

Art Club 

This year DHS was lucky enough to have among 
its many after school activities a great Art Club. 
After the success of the large paintings for the 
teacher's room which was done last year, the Art 
Club has just about doubled its total membership. 
Under the able leadership of Ryan McMenamy: Presi- 
dent, Laura Christo:Vice President, Jen Gray:Secre- 
tary, and Kyle Roberts:Treasurer, they have many 
projects to do this year. In their ongoing attempts to 
beautify DHS they are repainting the curved hall up- 
stairs by the Foreign Language office with a great 
painting, which is their first project. Under the leader- 
ship of Mrs. Fryermouth, the Art Club is definitely 
one of the most active and productive clubs at 
DHS.— Kyle Roberts 

The epitome of Cindy Koplovsky 

Ribbons of Art 

Art Club Officers 

Abstract Art 
Artists Anonymous 

Activities 1 J J 


"The DHS Drama Club is a very active 
organization which concentrates on 
achieving excellence in the Dramatic Arts. 
The Drama Club started the year off with 
the Fall Tournament of Plays. In December 
the seniors held their production of "Krazy 
Camp". Additionally, the Music and Dra- 
ma Departments join together to produce 
the all-school Musical, which is performed 
in February. The last four productions of 
the year are the Mass. State Competition 
of Plays and the Spring Festival. Within the 
Drama Club there is another group who are 
members of Thespian Troupe 355, the 
Duxbury chapter of the International Thes- 
pian Society. Membership is based on a sys- 
tem of points earned by working both on 
and behind stage. The officers are: Presi- 
dent Nicole Pevzner, VP Jeff MacFarlane, 
Secretary Sandy Luce, and Treasurer Chris- 
tine DeVaux. 

Performing Arts Committee 

DHS Drama Club 

The Frosh Show 

/ 12 Activities 


Activities / 13 


Elodie, John, and Asi: The Exchange Students for 88-89. 

The AFS Club had a Sucessful year once again at DHS. This year brought three new AFS 
students to our school; John Santos from Portugal, Elodie Hoffmann from Luxenburg, and Asi 
Gisliason from Iceland. Together, with the exchange students, the AFS members participated in 
many activities throughout the year. There was a hiking trip, a ski trip, a Christmas party, and the 
Short Term Exchange to California. The AFS officers this year were President Erika Bruce, Vice 
President Stephanie Clack, Secretary Cindy Caliendo, and Treasurer Meghan Saunders. The 
advisor of the club was Ms. Cynthia Locke. 

/ 14 Activities 

Top 10 Hits of 1988 

1 . Faith — George Michael 

2. Need You Tonight— INXS 

3. Got My Mind Set On You — 
George Harrison 

4. Never Gonna Give You Up — 
Rick Astley 

5. Sweet Child O' Mine — Guns-n- 

6. So Emotional — Whitney Hous- 

7. Heaven Is A Place On Earth — 
Belinda Carlisle 

8. Could've Been — Tiffany 

9. Hands To Heaven — Breathe 

10. Roll With It— Steve Winwood 

Activities / 15 

Teen Leaders 

This year a new program called Teen Leaders has 
been established. It involves students interested in 
leading and helping to assist other students. Their 
activities include academic tutorting, homeroom re- 
source aids, new student orientation, project adven- 
ture student leaders, community or school service 
projects, assistance for students with physical disabil- 
ities, September co-curricular activities fair, and small 
group discussions. Some students are involved in 
more than one activity and have attended leadership 
training programs throughout the year. 

They need Leaders!! 

Are they family, or what? 

Help us Teen Leaders! 

Some Teen Leaders 
Other Teen Leaders 

Activities / 17 

1 19 



The Student Advisory Council acts as an in- 
between between the student body and the 
school committee. The main job of the SAC is 
to represent and relate the opinion of the stu- 
dents at the school committee meetings. The 
SAC helps the school committee stay in touch 
with the concerns of the students. This year the 

120 Activities 

council is headed by senior Pam Cecarelli. Other 
members include senior Ben Furmaniac, juniors 
Dan Coakley and Susi Dowd, and freshman 
Alex Chin. The advisor for the council is Dr. 
Donald Kennedy. 

Student Council 

The Student Council is a group of students that 
represent the student body on administrative and 
faculty committies such as student handbook 
committee and parking lot committee. The council 
discusses schoolwide issues such as senior prive- 
leges, the athletic policy, college fairs and dances. 
They provide services to the school and communi- 
ty like helping with food baskets at Thanksgiving. 
The projects of the council are the annual blood 
drive, dances, and maintaining the school bulletin 
board in the main lobby and letter board in front of 
the school. The officers are: President-Allison Zi- 
mon, Vice President Jennifer Laramee, Treasurer- 
Sarah Collins, Recording Secretary-Deidre Shee- 
han, and Publicity Secretary-Sean Wenham. Oth- 
er members are: Chris Chamberlin, Connie Bell, 
Shannon Boyd, Cheryl Horton, Jennifer Stiles, Col- 
leen Rafferty, Jessica Stadelman, Nicole Tangney, 
Kenly Brozman, Tracey Crowley, Ed Coakley, Bri- 
an Herlihy, and Ally Raabe. — Cheryl Horton 

Activities 121 

National Honor 

The National Honor Society is probably the most 
prestigous organization for high school students be- 
cause all of the members must exhibit excellence in 
scholarship, leadership, service, and character. This 
year's officers are: Jon Hanlon as president, Steph- 
anie Clack as vice president, Cindy Caliendo as trea- 
surer, Ben Furmaniak as publicity secretary, Kendra 
Mumford as recording secretary, and Laraine 
McKinnon as service hour chairperson. 

Each member of the NHS must do 15 hours of 
service work during the year to help our community. 
We do such things as tutoring other students, help- 
ing the elderly, assisting in projects to help the poor, 
and doing various jobs to improve our town. 

Jon Hanlon, President 

* fife A: 


NHS in action. 

Junior Members of NHS 
Senior Members of NHS 

Activities 123 


Seeing my reflection, I'm looking slightly rough ... I 
see the one thing you need to win a football game, a 
game face. Which means, basically, to become com- 
pletely focused on the game, to think it, to smell it, to 
look it. If game time rolls around and you don't have it, 
you are going to lose the game. It's that important. 
You can always tell who has their game face on, who's 
really ready to play, it's the person that is quiet, not 
joking around, the person with this look in his eye that 
says — If you aren't wearing the same color shirt as me, 
you aren't going to make it off this field in one piece. 
That's the kind of attitude you have to have in a sport 
if you are going to survive. Sports are battles and the 
"vi team best prepared is going to win. 



Boy's Soccer 

The 1 988 Boys Soccer Team had another great sea- 
son. The Dragons finished their regular season with an 
impressive 16-0-2 record. The team went undefeated 
and won every game within the South Shore League for 
large schools. The Dragon Boys had two non-league 
games against very strong teams who lead in their 
leagues. They came away from those hard fought 
games with respectable ties. And so the Dragons head 
to the State Tournament with a strong regular season 
and building momentum. Last year's team went all the 
way to the Eastern Massachusetts Final where they lost 
to an impressive Sachem team from Winchester. Hope- 
fully the team this year can recapture the South Sec- 
tional Title and go for it all as they aim for the State 
Final. Will the 1988 Duxbury boys soccer team be 
State Champions this year? Only time will tell. But with 
such an abundance of skill and talent spread through- 
out the squad some feel it is well within their reach. — 
Paul Jordan 

Smile pretty Boys! 


When they kick that thing, it 
sure can be painful!! 

The Statue of Liberty!, or is it 
Jeff Downin? to leap tall buildings in a single 


Girl's Soccer 

This year the Girls Soccer Team finished with a 1 3- 
3-3 record. Led by Coach Pat Shea and tri-captains 
Erinn Brozman, Jen Harrington and Megan Saunders 
the girls made it to the second round of tournament 
by beating Dedham 4-2. This is the first time since 
the state champion team that the girls have made it 
that far. In the second round the girls fought a tough 
battle against the South Shore Champions Rockland 
losing 2-1 after 4 overtimes. Making the All-Star 
Team were Erinn Brozman, Jen Harrington, Danielle 
Rosalia, and Carla McFarland. The team will be losing 
seven seniors but look forward to a successful season 
with captains Danielle Rosalia, Carla McFarland, and 
Sheryl Binney. 



For Senior Tri-Captains Ben Riordon, Glenn Rand, 
& Dave Sjostedt and Senior Lettermen Dave Vander- 
bilt, Brad Carver, and Dave Sullivan the season was 
another very successful one. Often the seniors would 
record shutouts as Ben & Glenn would finish 1 -2 and 
close behind them would be "Dave & Dave" 3-4 
before any alien team member got to the finish line. 
When their 4 year running career is considered as a 
unit they probably have had more team success than 
any 4 year period in the history of the sport at DHS:-4 
losses in 4 years, 3 League Championships, 2 South 
Shore Principal's Championships, 1 Division III run- 
nerup spot and 2 State Meet qualifying teams. No 
one else in their league comes close to that accom- 
plishment. Nice work boys. Good Luck to the tough 
U.C. who supported us. 

"We have HANDS too!" 
"Shoes on their hands" 
Ben strikes a casual pose 

Sports 129 

And ..they're off!! 

w! Girl's 


The Green Team 

This year's Girl's Cross Country team 
had a great season. Under coach Mark 
Dunn and co-captains Ali Austin and Ken- 
dra Mumford, the team-Stephanie Clack, 
Carolyn Cummings, Marie Delprete, Leslie 
Gilmore, Alexandra Swan, Lynn William- 
son, Kelly Canney, Jessica Cadogan, 
Adrien Hynek, Jessica Staddleman, Toni- 
Anne Ferretti, and Kim Lehman-completed 
the year with a great record. They all faced 
tough competition this year especially from 
a new member of the League, Dennis- Yar- 
mouth. Against them, though, Duxbury 
ran their best race ever. The team was very 
sucessful and made it to the Divisional 

Only one more lap.. 

Ready for the kiclcline? 

Did anybody hear what he said? 

Senior Captain Kendra and Lynn run 
the courts 

Sports 131 

Sittin' on the sidelines. 

"Uh Oh-gotta get that 

Our opponent's faces turn ugly when they 
see DHS coming! 

"Its OK Meridith, its just a pic- 

'My foot is stuck!!" 

DHS Field Hockey Team — On the 

Field Hockey 

The Girl's Varsity Field Hockey Team had a great 
season this year finishing second in the South Shore 
League with a record of 10-3-2, and an overall record 
of 1 3-3-2. The team suffered one very hard defeat 
against Sandwich in that they were not able to clinch 
the S.S.L. title, losing to the Blue Knights in the last 30 
seconds of the game. However, the Dragons did prove 
to be the better and stronger team against last year's 
defending State Champions, Dennis-Yarmouth, by 
beating them 1-0. The team was lead by it's captains, 
Christine Cleary and Sarah Brown, who provided the 
team with a lot of encouragement. Sarah Brown was 
nominated for the Globe All-Scholastic Team. Coach 
Saggese had a great year. He clinched his 100th field 
hockey victory and his Green Dragons qualified for their 
15th straight Eastern Mass Tournament. The seniors 
on this year's team were: Sarah Brown, Christine 
Cleary, Keri Dowd, Stacy Hale, Paige Holden, Jennifer 
Laramee, Joyce Under, Poppyann Mastrovita, Nancy 
McLean, Meridith Moore, Amy Raabe, Paige Reed, 
Cally Scullin and Alison Zimon. — Meridith Moore 

orts J 33 

Girl's Swim 

1 988 was the second year for 
the Girl's Swim Team at DHS 
and it was their second unde- 
feated swim season. Under the 
coaching of Paul Miles and the 
leadership of tri-captains Mi- 
chelle Shimp, Rosemary Tu- 
fankjian, and Amanda Ferry. 
The team went 1 1-0-0 and 
won their league. Qualifying 
for States were Tracy Shea, 
Lauren Conway, Rini Edmunds 
and Susan Deloid. The team 
looks promising in future years 
with 2 1 of the 24 members re- 
turning. The Diving Team con- 
sisted of four sophomores. 
They were led by Jessica 
McCluskey, the first female 
diver from DHS to ever qualify 
for the State meet. Kelly Dowd 
also qualified for the South Sec- 


Pull, Catherine, Pull!! 

134 Sports 

Sports 135 


In 1988, the Duxbury High School Football team 
captured it's second ever South Shore League 
Championship. The team was led by Captains Mike 
George, Lyle Roberts and Jake Joyce. Coach Don 
Dellorco felt the high point of the season was when 
Duxbury played the Scituate Sailors for the South 
Shore League Championship. The running back trio 
of Mike Haley, Mike George, and Lyle Roberts all 
rushed for over 500 yards. Quarterback Gary Wil- 
liamson and flanker Anthony Markella kept the op- 
posing defense on it's toes with their air assault. The 
Thanksgiving Day game against Marshfield will be 
very exciting. The Dragons will try to raise their re- 
cord to 8-2. If the Dragons win, it will be the third time 
in the history of Duxbury Football that the football 
team has won 8 games. This year's football team 
brought us an exciting season and a League Title. 
Thanks to all the Football team for making this possi- 

"Which way do we go?" 

"Gimme, Gimme" 

Well equiped football team 

Ballet in cleats? 

^BUBY ^/ ^ 

53^ 21 

What ever happened to smiling 
for a picture? 

"Wait— WHERE'S the party t< 


136 Sports 

Sports 137 



This year, with spirit and smiles, the Fall Cheer- 
leaders cheered for the Varsity Football and Boy's 
Varsity Soccer Team. Not only did they cheer, they 
also decorated the stands and locker rooms before 
the big games, and delivered surprises to the senior 
football and soccer players the day before these 
games. The squad was coached by Ruthanne Henri- 
ques and Bette Greene and consisted of seniors: 
Shari Silvers (Captain), Deirdre Sheehan (Co-Cap- 
tain), Kelley Berglund, Julie Dwyer and Laurie David; 
juniors: Cheryl Cenedella, Amanda Eagan, Katherine 
Hill and Danielle Dobecki; sophomores: Kerri O'Con- 
nell, Michaela Macdonald and Sheryl Thomas; and 
freshman: Megan Lawless. 

"Somewhere over the rainbow" 

"Let's get a little bit Rowdy R O W D Y!!" 

"Don't we look purty?!" 
It's raining cheerleaders 

138 Sports 


Several returning members, along with first 
year people, helped to make the Winter Cheer- 
leading squad something to cheer about. Cheer- 
leading, under the coaching of Mrs. Ruthanne 
Henriques, assisted by Mrs. Bette Green, has 
become a varsity level sport, providing fellow 
students with spirit and enthusiasm. The cheer- 
leaders, who can be seen on the sidelines of the 
league leading basketball and hockey teams, 
actually work as hard as the teams do. They 
practice on weekends, days without games, 
and even long before the season begins. There 
are physical and emotional demands on the 
squad as they travel to games and cheerleading 
competitions. Co-captains were senior Amy 
Raabe and junior Danielle Dobecki. 



Warning: Do not attempt this at home. 

The Cheering Squad 

Supporting the team. 

The captains — Amy and Danielle! 

Sports 139 

Boys' Swim Team 

This year the boys' swim team was led by coach Paul 
Miles and senior captains Jim Gregg and Ryan Tillson 
who led the team to a season of "winning the battle but 
losing the war." The boys had many strong swimmers 
but they didn't have enough depth to win. This year 
they had many new kids who improved greatly with a 
lot of hard work. Swimming for the Dragons were sen- 
iors Jim Gregg, Ryan Tillson, and Adam Lefavre, juniors 
Brian Hammel, John Grandy, Andy Putnam, Brian 
MacKenzie, and diver Matt Allaire. New to the team as 
freshman were Chris Andrews, Abner Harris, Andrew 
Hedberg, and Jeff Seagar. 

With the boys' hard work and enthusiasm they are 
looking forward to South Sectionals and States. Al- 
ready qualifying are Jim Gregg, Ryan Tillson, and John 

Who drained all the water? 
Don't swallow all that water 
Diving for pennies 

Wonderboy Jim Gregg! 

j r 

Andy, John, Ryan, and Brian discuss the race. 

40 Sports 


Boys Basketball 

Last year the Boys' Basketball Team was 
3 points away from playing in the Boston 
Garden, but they were beaten in overtime 
by Milton for the South Sectional Finals. 
This year the Boston Globe has chosen the 
Dragons as number one in the state in Divi- 
sion 2 and thus they have fared the best of 
games from opposing teams. The 6'9" Ju- 
nior Bill Curley has led the team with his 
incredible offense, defense, and rebound- 
ing; and he has performed to his peak abili- 
ty despite all of the publicity and college 
recruiting. Although Curley is the top man 
in Massachusetts, the success of the team 
would not be if it weren't for the contribu- 
tions of the other players. Senior captains 
Brian Wycall and Jon Hanlon and junior 
captain Bill Curley led the Dragons with 
their spirit and agressiveness, while the of- 
fense and defense was nearly perfected by 
the other seniors — Lyle Roberts, Gary Wil- 
liamson, Mike George, Dick Bayramshian, 
Ryan Gillis, and Glenn Rand, juniors — Chris 
Keller, Scott MacQuarrie, Nate Thorn, and 
freshman — Brian Roundtree all did great 
jobs in every aspect of the game to help the 
Dragons win. Hopefully the team will make 

144 Sports 

Sports 1 45 

Girls' Basketball 

The Duxbury High School Girls' Basketball Team 
had something to prove this year. Last year the team 
finished the season with a disappointing record of 6- 
1 2 and were looking to turn things around. This year 
the Lady Dragons, captained by Kim Dowd and Brit- 
tiany Leary, had much more playing experience and 
enough talent that they were competitive through- 
out the league. 

There were seven returning players: guards Tara 
Pepin and Kim Dowd, forwards Brittiany Leary, Jen 
Harrington, Alison Zimon and Jen Needham, and 
center Kim Lelakes. There were also some new 
faces: Joyce Linder, Shannon Boyd, Carla MacFar- 
lane, Sue Milewski, and Jackie Wait. 

The team did lack height but they made up for it 
by being more of a running and pressing type team. It 
was a tough league with many strong teams but 
overall, the Duxbury Dragons had a pretty successful 

Here, you take it! 
Walking on air 

1 46 Sports 


The DHS wrestling team has had a great season. 
The captains of the team were seniors Nathan Pa- 
tenaude, George Horesta, and Peter Capraro. The 
members of the varsity team were Mark Brown, Tim 
Caglarcan, Dan Dewolf, Dave Hutton, Greg Jack- 
son, Jeff McNeil, Mark Napellio, Andy Govoni, Joe 
Dilapi, Antonio Andrews, John Nicols, Derek Gage, 
Geoff Lister, and John Hannon. At the Holiday Tour- 
nament the team finished second out of 20 teams. 
George Horesta, Pete Capraro, and Mark Brown 
were 4th place finishers, Mark Napellio was a 3rd 
place finisher, John Nicols was a 2nd place finisher, 
and the champions were Antonio Andrews and Na- 
than Patenaude. 

Don't fall asleep, George. 
Meet the Team. 
Coach Bell encourages the team. 
Is it my leg or your leg? 

Sports 1 47 

n Cressmon controls the puck. 


Make my day 

atch me get out of this one. 

As everybody knows Hockey is easily the most excit- 
ing sport going. Hockey has it all. What other sport has 
the speed, hard hitting, blistering slapshots, and the 
finesse that hockey does. The 1989 hockey team has 
all that and the winning touch. They got off to a great 
start, by January 2 1 , they were 1 1-1-2 and had quali- 
fied for the tournament and hoped to achieve the state 
championship title in which they came so close to in 
1988, losing to Matignon 9-5. The defensive is very 
strong with captain Scott Wenham and brother Sean. 
Another defensive pair is senior Paul Hodgdon and ju- 
nior Friend Weiler. Up front the offense is led by assis- 
tant captain Rob Medeiros, junior Jon Cressman, senior 
Matt Twomey, and junior Dave Tower with support 
from many underclassmen. With strong goal tending 
from Jeremy Starr and Collin Heward the team looks 
forward to continued success. If everybody stays 
healthy the sky is the limit for this young team. 


Next time, stay out of my way. 


I don't know where you go. Do you climb into space? 
To the world where you live, the world where you live. 
What is the world where you live, anyway? Is it just the 
streets, the houses, the trees? Or is it more than that. 
The World where I live is filled with images, images of 
friendly faces on the beach and the tree at Hall's Cor- 
ner lit up at Christmastime. When I think of my world I 
think of the School complex: the high school, the mid- 
dle school, Alden, the library, and the pool. I think of the 
basement of the library and the tables where bunches 
of friends would talk instead of doing homework. I think 
of North Hill where we used to take the innertubes and 
go sledding. Duxbury is not only beach and colonial 
houses. Duxbury is a feeling, a feeling of home and 
warmth and kindness. The world where I live is not 
always flawless. I remember the dread that came over 
every one of us each time Dr. Hill came on over the 
loudspeaker. "Whose dead this time?" I would think, 
and pray that it wasn't one of my friends. All this is the 
world where we live, the good and the bad will be re- 
membered forever as us, as our lives, as our world. 


■ ' • f -A ■» • '■ ■ 





The air was cold, but the sun made my skin 
warm. As the morning moved on, it proved to be a 
perfect winter's day to go to the beach. As I 
walked over the bridge I noticed the current flow- 
ing swifly thru the piles. The seagulls were crying 
which meant fish must be running. The parking lot 
was packed with cars, but two kids managed to be 
skateboarding around doing tricks with their 
boards. As I looked down the long stretch of beach 
I noticed a jeep off in the distance moving like a 
snail it appears to be stuck. I can see people get 
out of the car and push on the tailgate, but noth- 
ing happens. Suddenly, after several tries the car 
moves -it's free and continues on it's way. Now 
out of sight, I look toward the other end of the 
beach a woman who is bundled up in many layers 
throws a stick into the ocean which her dog does 
not go to retrieve. A startling roar draws my atten- 
tion to the shoreline where the waves are now 
beginning to crash. In the spray of the waves rain- 
bows appear, through them I can see a tanker 
which is moving in the utmost slowness. My hands 
are frigid and my nose is starting to run, I resentless- 
ly turn away from the beach and start my tedious 
walk home. 

— Juliann Roper 




Stop No Vehicles 


Sunny Days. ..Chasing the clouds away.... 


J 52 Community 

Life out 


About 50% of DHS students have part-time 
jobs. Among the places where students work are 
Far-Fars, McDonalds, Angelos, A & P, and the 
Yacht Club. It seems like not too many students 
like the town. When asked where their favorite 
place around town was, the most popular answer 
was-The Beach. The second most popular answer 
was "anywhere out of this town". Other places 
included Hall's Corner, the graveyard, and the exit 
ramp to Boston. Some students are involved in 
out-of-school activities such as CYO, karate, and 
horseback riding. Other students enjoy sleeping, 
being a punk, and boy watching. One student 
even replied, "I have no friends, no interests, and 
I'm running out of money." 

Duxbury's new edition 


154 Community 

St. George Street 

Around Town 

Lori Overhiser and Jen Knoll have been teaching 
Sunday School at Pilgrim Church for about 4 
years. The director of Christian Education at their 
church got them interested in teaching their own 
class. Lori and Jen teach the class for an hour and 
a half every Sunday. In the class, they mostly read 
Bible Stories and play games. Jen and Lori are in- 
volved in other activities also. Jen is in the Jazz 
Band and Lori does Flag Squad. Both of them like 
out-of-school activities as well as in-school activi- 
ties and both of them have part time jobs. Lori 
hopes to go to Bryant College and to major in 
business. Jen wants to go to Darmouth and to be a 

Snug Harbor 

Can I help you? 

156 Community 

The For-Fors Family 

Sweetser's Bakery 

Community 157 

All washed up 
John Alden House 

King Caesar House 

J 58 Community 

Around Town 

Duxbury Turkey Run 





Duxbury says: '0$ 


pier Project 

In Jeopardy 
Deficit Forces Funding Freeze 


Number one ^oTUNE 


Will evacuation plan work? % 

in,— ■ , i <r 

E/ectfon Pay November 8, 1988 




Community 159 



A Special Bank 

Route 123 

Routes 53 & 3A 

Routes 58 & 106 

Routes 18 & 123 

Member FDIC and DIFM. An Equal Housing Lender. 



Braiding - Hooking - Seving - Yarns - 
Art Needlework - Slipcover - Upholstery 
Drapery Fabrics - Spinning - V/eaving - 
and Basketry. 

Materials - Instructions & Classes 

1^66 Washington St. 
Pembroke, MA 02359 





Native Turkeys & Turkey Products 

John & Marie PIERCE 

Route 53 
DUXHURY, Mass. 02332 

First Baptist Church of Duxbury 

2 Tremont Street 
Duxbury, MA 02331 

Dr. Robert C. White 
Senior Pastor 

Richard C Keaton 
Associate Pastor 

(617) 934-6095 
(617) 585-844 1 

Duxbury Travel 

Snug Harbor 
Duxbury, MA 02331 
Tel 934-5633 


Rockland Trust Co. 

Bay Road 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

CLASS OF 1989 

Sales & Service 
Phone 697-2004 


Rts. 18 & 28 
333 Bedford St. 
Bridgewater, Mass. 02324 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 1989 
from Charles and Cheryl Tufankjian 

Best Wishes To The 
Class of 1989 

Family Parish 

Msgr. William F. Glynn 
Father Thomas Kopp 



Tremont St.. Duibury 934-2933 


Front End Alignment Specializing in Computer balancing 
Mobil Charge Exhaust syrtemi * • " Brake Wort MiJtef & VISA 

29 Bedford Street 


E. Bridgewater, MA 




1 15 Center Street 

Pembroke, MA 



from the 

Duxbury High School 
Community Council 




vie me 




We invest our money in you. 

Rockland • Marshtield • Hanover • Wevmouth . . 

878-0232 837-6573 585-6571 773-4711 ""^i 

Maybe Mayflower 
can help. 


Middleboro, 947-4343 • Plymouth, 746-8515 • Wareham, 295-2110 • Member FDIC/SIF 


Manomet Middleboro/ Bridgewater 

Loan Offices: 1 -800-942-F1VE 
In Florida: 1 -800-634-5 149/Fort Myers 
1 -800-458-5 1 1 /Englewood 
Member FDIC and DIFM 

Keefe Realty Group 

Specializing in Real Estate Development 

Art & Mary Keefe 
We love you, T.C. 

Dad and Mom 
1 1 Tremont Street, Kingston, Mass. 02364 






Caitiin w Cat ering 

275 St. George Street 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

CLASS of 1989 



Dear Duxbury Educators, 

When we first climbed up the high steps of the huge yellow bus she was 
naturally apprehensive. She reached the top step and quickly looked back at 
the secure and familiar surroundings she was leaving. Wide eyed she looked 
down the seemingly mile long isle of the bus and an understandable look of 
concern spread across her face. Upon arriving at school she forgot the new 
clothes she was so proud of and took a long wondering look at a world that 
would influence her for the rest of her life. Your job as educators had begun. 
You have done your job well. She came to you as a flower in the spring and you 
have given her much of the sunshine and nourishment that has helped her 
grow. During her stormy times you have been a lighthouse and safe harbor, 
and have given her much of the strength and wisdom she will need to compete 
in our global community. She can stand along with the best, and will never be 
cold in anyone's shadow 

Your skills have taught her to believe in things she can not see, guaranteed 
her a slice of the moon, and taught her that change can be as beautiful as the 
four seasons. Your care, understanding, and dedication has left a splash of 
sunlight on her hair. Because of your help she is as strong as a mountain in the 
wind and as gentle as a fawn in the field. She is quick to smile and not 
ashamed of her tears. Like her sister before her you have taught her that 
compassion and understanding can bring peace of mind. You have led by 
example and shown her that the structure and system so important to our 
society can work for us all. You have truly left her far better than you found 
her. You should be proud of your part in a joint effort. Who is she? One of 
hundreds of Duxbury students whom will someday look back and say "I am 
glad they did", instead of "I wish they had". 

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for the magnificent 
effort you have made. It is truly a remarkable person who can endure the 
turbulence of a developing person and survive on the smile that comes from 
knowing you have done a fine job. 


College tuition 
has never cost more! 


Plymouth Savings now offers you two Tuition Loan Programs — for students and 
parents — to help meet the increasing costs of higher education. 

Parent loans to undergraduate students (plus) 

No financial needs test! The PLUS program allows parents of undergraduate 
students to borrow from SI, 000 to $3,000 per year per child. Low 
monthly payments. 

Higher education loan program (help) 

Borrow up to $2,500 per year for undergraduates and up to $5,000 per year for 
graduate students. No repayment until after graduation. Use Plymouth Savings' 
Loan Phone to apply for a tuition loan. Call 1-800-4 ANSWER, today. 
We like to say Yes! 

We have the answers. 


Savings w 
Bank 9 


Member K,* ,«FM. 


1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 

Wareham: 295-3800. Cotult: 428-1300. Duxbury: 934-0101. 
Falmouth:548-3000. Marlon: 748-2919. Mattapolsett: 758-4936. 
Middleboro: 946-1777 North Plymouth: 747-1600 
Plymouth: 746-3300. Sandwich: 888-M44. Teatlcket: 540-5002. 


The Magic Dragon 
Children's Center 

(in Duxbury High School) 
130 St George Street, Duxbury 
934 - 0291 

Congratulations to the Class of '89 

Carlene Dexter Jennifer Laramee Liza 

Alteiri Amy Hambleton 

Nancy McLean Sherri McAloney- 

Sarah Brown Janell Jasmin 

Michelle Shimp Jen Santos- 

Cindy Caliendo Brandy Johnson 

Sara Borhek Sandy Luce Ju- 

lie Dwyer Jennifer Knoll 

Linda Clisham Cindy Lunt- 

Leslie Gurry Lisa Sugerman 

The CLASS of 1989 


Subs -Calzone 

Bread -Pastries 

Deli & 


Rte. 27 Kingston 585-2799 


We Pay Less 

Roger LaGreca 


Flooring - Carpet - Appliances - T.V. - Video 
150 Summer Street (Rt. 3) 
Kingston, MA 02364 



You Pay Less 



To The 

CLASS of 1989 
from the 


P.O. Box 2167 
Duxbury, MA 02331 






1474 Tremont St. Jet. & Rt. 3A & 139 
P. O. Box X 
Duxbury, Mass. 02331 
Tel. (617) 934-6551 





CLASS OF 19*9- 

Grand Wagoneer 



P.O. BOX 23 

(617) 934-6008 

to the class of 


Cindy, you've done a 
super job! We love 

Mom, Dad, Glenna, 

Good Luck 
Class of f S9 f 

Precise color tinting 
Stencil supplies 

(617) 934-0334 

40 Depot Street 
Duxbury, Plaza 
Duxbury, MA 02331 

^ cti-ru- ™^ ^ 

Plymouth Kingston Marshficlcl So. Yarmouth 

746-0868 585-6800 837-6344 398-8341 


. . . Serving Duxbury and the 
surrounding area for over 
eighteen years. . . 
to the Class of 1989 
and especially our 
graduating workers: 
Chris Chamberlain 
Leann Nathan 
George Olsen 

The Sports Store for all Seasons 


Insurance Claims Handled 



installed at: Shiretown Glass & Aluminum Inc. 

106 Siandish Avenue 
Plymouth, Mass. 02360 
Telephone: 746-1955 



to the 
Class of 


Phone No. (508) 747-4505 

J.E. Collins, Jr. M.D. 

Orthopaedic Surgery 
Sports Medicine 

139 Sandwich Street 
Pylmouth, MA 02360 




Quinlan Publishing Company 

131 Beverly Street • Boston, MA 02114 

Since 1953 

Search and Seizure Bulletin 

Arrest Law Bulletin 

Narcotics Law Bulletin 

Workers ' Compensation Law Bulletin 

Municipal Worker Law Bulletin 

Labor Contract Law Bulletin 

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Municipal Immunity Law Bulletin 

Firehouse Lawyer Monthly Newsletter 


Personnel Messages 

CHRIS MACNEVIN -Congratulations, Chris -With love and pride from Mom & Dad 
SHERRI MCALONEY -Congratulations from your proud family. Mom, Dad, Doug & P. P. P. 
LARAINE MCKINNON -Love and Congratulations, Laraine. Mom & Dad 
NANCY MCLEAN -Congratulation! Be happy! Love Mom, Dad & Jeff 
KIRSTIN J. MCLELLAN -We wish you the best always! Love Mom & Dad 
STEVEN MEALLO -Congratulations, Steve. We love you. Mom & Dad 
JILL MERCIER -Congratulations, Jill. We love you. Mom & Dad 

MEREDITH MOORE -A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses. 
ROB MORIARTY -Congratulations, Rob. Love Mom, Dad & Keelin 
RONALD B. NEEDLEMAN, JR. -The family is pleased and proud of you. 
CHERYL A. NEWTON -Congratulations, cheryl! We are proud of you. Love Mom & Dad 
LORI OVERHISER -Congratulations, Lori -You're special. Love Mom & Dad 
TOM PIERCE -We're sure proud of you, Tom. Love Mom, Dad & Amy 
JOAD (JOHN) SANTOS -It's been a wonderful year. Good Luck! Love Mom & Dad 
MEGHAN SAUNDERS -You have been a joy, Meg. Love Mom & Dad 
PETER C. SAVAGE -We're proud of you, Peter. Love Mom, dad & Jenn 
KATE SEKERAK -Congratulations, Kate. We're proud of you. Love Mom & Dad 
RENEE SHEPHERD -We love you and are so proud! Mom, Bill and Gregg 
SHARI SILVERS -Share, I'm so proud of you. Love Mom 
JAY SLATTERY -Congratulations "Superkawaki" -We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Greg £ 

PAUL VOLOSHEN -Polar Bear -Tackle the world with the same ZEST and LOVE you have for football. Lov< 
Mom, Dad, Tanya, Barbi & Gigi 

SCOTT WENHAM -Scott, thanks for the memories and making us so proud. Love Mom & Dad 
GARY WILLIAMSON -Congratulations, Gary. We are proud of you! Mom & Dad 

TYSON J. ANDERSON -Love Ya Tys. -Mom & Dad 

JODI ANDREWS -Congratulations, Jodi. I'm so proud of you. I love you. -Mom 

LISA ATKINSON -Congratulations, Lisa. We're all so proud. Love Mom, Dad, Michelle, Debbie, & Andrea 
ALISON AUSTIN -We are proud of you, Ali. -Love Mom & Dad 


RICHARD J. BAYROMSHIAN, JR. -Thanks, Dick, for bringing so much joy to our lives. Love Mom & Dad 
SARA BORHEK -Congratulations, Sara! We love you. Mom & Dad 
MIKE BRUNO -Success and Happiness. Love Mom & Dad 

CYNTHIA ANN CALIENDO -Congratulations, Cindy! Love ya! Dad, Mom, Glenna & Phillip 

PAUL CANTY -Much happiness & success in your future endeavors. We're proud of you, P.J. Love Mom & 


PAM CECCARELLI -Wishing you a happy, fulfilling future. Mom & Dad 
JOE CHRUSZ -Way to Go Joe. Be proud of yourself. Love, Mom and Dad. 
MATT CINCOTTI -We are proud of you, Matt. -Love Mom, Dad & Jay 

CHRISTINE CLEARY -We're very proud of you and love you a whole bunch! Love Mom & Dad 

SARAH COLLINS -We are proud of you, Sarah. Love Mom & Dad 

JASON CORN -Success in the future, Jason. Love, Mom & Dad 

BETH CROTHERS -Congratulations, Beth. Love Mom and Dad 

KARA DAVIS -Congratulations , Kara! We love you. Mom & Mike 

MIKE DESHAIES -Congratulations, Mike. Love Mom, Dad and Patty 

KERI DOWD -Good job Keri; we love you. Mom & Dad 

KIMBERLY DOWD -To Kim & her friends -we are proud. Love Mom & Dad 

CANDACE FORSMAN -Congratulations, Candy. Love you. Mom & Dad 

THOMAS C. GALLAGHER -Well done, Tom! Dad & Joaquina 

LESLIE GILMORE -Congratulations Class of 89 -Barbara Gilmore 

SUSAN GIUMETTI -Congratulations, Susan. Love -Mom, Dad, Don & Eric 

WILLIAM R. GRAHAM, JR. -Shoot for the stars, Bill. -Love Mum, Dad & Jeanie 

JAMES GREGG -Our love and congratulations, Jimmy. -Mom & Dad 

LESLIE GURRY -The best of everything to Leslie. Much love, Mom, Dad, Amy, Beth, & Bill 

STACY HALE -Pride for the past -love forever -the best for the future. Mom, Dad, Robert, Dana & Hoover 

AMY HAMBLETON -Congratulations Class of '89 -The Hambletons 

JENNIFER HARRINGTON -Jen, we are proud of you. Love Mom, Dad and Eric 

MEG HILL -We are proud of you, meg. Love Mom & Charlie 

JEFFREY HOJLO -congratulations Class of '89 -The Hojlo Family 

GEORGE HORESTA -We're proud of you, George! Love Mom, Dad & Jen 

DAVID HUTTON -Congratulations, Dave. Great job. Love Mom and Dad 

HEIDI & KRISTEN JAMES -I'm so proud of you Heidi and Kris. I love you. Mom 

ALYSSA LAHEY -Congratulations, Lys. Thanks for Being You! Love, Mom & Dad 

MICHELLE J. LAPORTE -Congratulations, Michelle. We're proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Donnie, Shawn 

& Todd 

JENNIFER LARAMEE -Our own super-star. We love you and we're proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, Jason & 

JEFFREY MACFARLANE -We are proud of you, Jeffrey. Love Mom & Dad 

Duxbury High School, it's students, faculty, and administration are 
proud to dedicate this yearbook to the memory of William P. Ellison 
(1905-1988). We were all deeply saddened by his untimely death and 
give our sincere condolences to his wife, Marianne, and his family. Much 
has been written about Mr. Ellison since his death. Such writings have 
properly catalouged his many accomplishments as a successful business- 
man, Harvard athlete and most importantly as a humanitarian and 
philanthropist of unusual proportions. He and his family gave much to 
the Town of Duxbury and its inhabitants-in fact, our high school is 
located on land donated to the town by the Ellison family. He extended 
a helping hand to many people in need without expecting or wanting 
any recognition of his generosity. Mr. Ellison often spoke of how impor- 
tant friendship was to him and his friends put a high value on his friend- 
ship. He seemed to live life on a level not often found, yet it was simple 
and sincere. He was loved by many. We hope that this dedication will in 
some small way preserve the memory of a man who was a legend during 
his life. — Jon Hanlon 

Jeff Zoltowski was special to many of us. Al- 
ways a smile on his face, he represented much 
more than just a disabled person. Jeff had a 
sparkling personality. He always made the best 
out of any situation-even through his frustra- 
tions. His dedication to the school was evident 
to us all. He was an unforgettable student, peer 
and friend. He died in the spring of '87 due to 
muscular distrophy. We will miss him with all our 
hearts. — Laraine McKinnon 

Jeff was a very remarkable person and we 
continue to miss him greatly. Jeff loved Duxbury 
and had a great respect for school. He loved 
sports and especially his beloved football team. 
He had incredible character and strength and 
was truly an inspiration. His great sense of hu- 
mor got us over a lot of humps. — Mrs. Emily 


Forever Young 1989 

Spring Supplement 


This years' Gymnastics team is having a hard 
time trying to live up to the expectations set by last 
years' team. After winning the League Champion- 
ship last year everyone expected Duxbury to do it 
again. However, this is not the same team as last 
year. Mot only did the three seniors graduate but we 
also gained several new talented freshmen. This 
years' team is fighting back from a disappointing 
beginning of the season. The team lost two valued 
members early on, senior captain Julie Dwyer had a 
knee injury and senior Jennifer Laramee got mono. 
Senior Heather Tenney is leading the team back 
after these setbacks. The team consists of fresh- 
men: Shayna Ford, Ann Cobak, Lori Coggeshall, 
Amy Brault, Debbie Farrell, Jen Taylor, and Melissa 
Mulligan, sophomores: Kelly Dowd, Laura Whitten, 
Kathryn Talanian, Jenny Katz, and Anna Waldstein, 
juniors: Amy Ferson and Jenn Hannon, and seniors: 
Jessica Walsh, Jennifer Laramee, Lisa Atkinson, 
and Captains Julie Dwyer and Heather Tenney. 




'Look I'm a bird!' 

This year the Boys Golf team included Steve Bergamesca, 
Dave Cass, Joe Crusz, Matt Gammons, Chris Grant, Ricky 
Keith, John Leclair, Steve Meallo, Ron Meedleman. The Boys 
team tied for League Champs and were led by captains Steve 
Bergamesca, Matt Gammons, and Steve Meallo. The Girls 
Golf team included captains Stacy Hale and Poppyann Mas- 
trovita, and other team members: Sheryl Thomas, Amy Cur- 
tin, Andrea Daley, Emily Duff, Nicole Dupuy, Shannon Hall, 
Tara Joy, and Kristen Nangle. Both teams were coached by 
Mr. Robert Hayes who is retiring this year after many years of 
teaching and coaching. 

Golfers from the back 

DHS Boys Golf Team 


Girls Tennis 

The Girls Varsity Tennis Team had an outstanding season, 
being South Shore League Champs for the third year in a row, 
with a 20 record, and also being finalists in the South Sec- 
tionals. The team was coached by Mrs. Faith Heneghan, 
coach of the year, and was led by captains Leann Nathan and 
Keri Dowd. Tara Pepin played first singles for the third year, 
followed by Danielle Dobecki at second singles and Sarah 
Parrino at third singles. Leann Nathan and Tabitha Kent were 
the number one doubles team and Sarah Brown and Margot 
Salmela played at second doubles. Other members of the 
team were Meghan Saunders, Cathy Cooper, Erica Putnam, 
Sarah Benjes, Sarah Leahey, Stacey Medecci, and Kenly 


Lean on me. 


Boys Tennis 

The Boys Tennis Team has had another great season this 
year, winning the South Shore League Large School Title 
with a record of 14-0. The seven "starters" include singles 
players Dan Coakley, Mike Brennan, both juniors, and Marc 
Brennan, a freshman, and doubles players Jon Cressman and 
Chris Bird, juniors, and Peter Savage and John Crawford, 
seniors. All seven starters were undefeated in the South 
Shore League and all were named to the South Shore League 
All-Star Team. Other members of theteam include Ron Le- 
lakes, Jeff Harrison, Keith Murray, Bob Murray, Jason Isher- 
wood, Andy Whiteley, and Todd Harrington. The team cap- 
tains are Dan Coakley, Mike Brennan, and John Crawford. 

W ' k . iiiiii 

Grace a la Coakster 

Mercy! What a tough game! 



This year the Baseball team was made up of 15 members: 
Jon Hanlon, Jeff Hojlo, Jake Joyce, Mike Lehman, Anthony 
Markella, Rick McHugh, Gary Williamson, Eric Zee, Paul 
Bracco, Bob Higgins, Joe Mattivello, Craig McPherson, Karl 
Ohmstede, Rob Siemenski, and Kevin Williams. The 3 cap- 
tains were Jon Hanlon, Jake Joyce, Gary Williamson and 
they were coached by Mr. Murphy. The highlight of the 
season came at the end in the last game when Duxbury beat 
Whitman-Hanson, who were the league champs. 

Gary's got it!! 

The Hanlon Lunge 


Slip-slidin' away. 


Duxbury's Baseball 



The DHS softball team "batted" their way to the South 
Shore League tournament. The girls finished up the season 
earning third place in the league, with an impressive overall 
record of 13-3. Experience was the key to their success with 
7 returning seniors. ..Marie Delprete, Susan Guimetti, Joyce 
Linder, Meridith Moore, and tri-captains Kim Dowd, Amanda 
Ferry, and Alison Zimon. The most unforgettable game of the 
season was against the '89 S.S.L. Champs-Randolph. Dux- 
bury fought a hard game to come up on top, 3-2, handing the 
Devils their only loss of the season. The team had two All- 
Stars: Kim Dowd and Susan Guimetti. 

Right to ya, Sue! 


Duxbury's Softball 



The Girls Track Team consists of Kara Davis, Jen Harring- 
ton, Jessica Walsh, Amy Armstrong, Shea Bernard, Shannon 
Boyd, Abby Brothers, Katherine Hill, Cheryl Horton, Jen 
Needham, Jen Stiles, Lynn Williamson, Emily Barrett, Chris- 
tine Boulanger, Leanne Bradley, Missy Doyle, Katie Ghiorse, 
Adrienne Hynek, Amy Joyce, Michaela MacDonald, Diane 
MacMeil, Jessica McCluskey, Megan Pussilano, Julie Os- 
borne, Colleen Rafferty, Sarah Ritch, Micole Tagney, Laura 
Bracco, Ali Barber, Micole Cesario, Ann Cobak, Tracy Craw- 
ley, Carolyn Haley, Keelin Moriarty, Melissa Mulligan, Casey 
Ochtera, Teresa Pugmire, Ally Raabe, and Jen Tougas. 

Jen Needham hurdles 


DHS Track Team 


Boys Track: Mike Bruno, Chris Chin, Brad Carver, Matt Cin- 
cotti, Tim Caglarcan, Jeff Downin, Rich Ferson, Ben Furman- 
iak, Bill Graham, Glenn Rand, John Santos, Shawn Sheehan, 
Jeff Shumway, Dave Sjostedt, Matt Stone, Scott Wenham, 
Matt Allaire, Fred Barrett, Keith Campbell, Ted Corrigan, 
John Crowley, Joe Dellapi, Mike Egan, Jon Fasullo, Torsten 
Hasslemann, Mark Johnson, Matt Mazanec, Dave Metzler, 
Andy Mowbray, Jon Nichols, Hal Pugmire, Jim Sampson, 
John Baker, Ryan Bartlett, Tom Berglund, Chad Bickel, John 
Bondlow, Chad Borden, Charlie Bornheimer, Andy Downin, 
Scott Erickson, Robert Fitzgerald, Glenn Frazier, Tim Fur- 
maniak, Chris Hojlo, Dennis Malo, Chris Mercer, Dave Pro- 
benzano, Steve Rogers, Eric Spinney, Scott Stearns, Dan 
Turner, Mike Walsh, Clark Anderson, Nick Anzivino, Greg 
Bickel, Aaron Boghosian, Alex Chin, Kevin Dente, Peter Di- 
persio, John Dwyer, John Gouzoules, Jake Ellison, Taylor 
Gregg, Jeremy Lambert, John Mercer, Kevin O'Donnell, 
John Redmond, Jamie and Mike Rutkowski, Jeff Seger, and 
Pat Winn. 

What a landing!! 





The Junior Class continued the tradition of having the prom in 
the gym. The theme this year was "Fantasy Island" and the 
theme song was "Walk Forever by My Side" by the Alarm. The 
Prom King and Queen were Sean Wenham and Jen Cadogan and 
their court included Friend Weiler, Shannon Boyd, Jon Cress- 
man, Karen Tillson, Mike Bonner, and Jen Hardy. The leaders of 
the Prom Committee were Sean Wenham, Jen Grant and Jenn 
Hannon. The advisors were Mrs. Coombs and Mrs. Vangel. Spe- 
cial Thanks to all the parents that contributed to the success of 
the Prom especially Mrs. O'Donnell. 

Sue and Carolyn 

Happily ever after 

The Court: (l-r) Jon Cressman, Shannon Boyd. Mike Bonner, Karen Tillson, Sean Wenham, Jen 
Cadogan, Jen Hardy, and Friend Weiler. 

High Fashion 

Small and Tall 

Livin' it up at the Prom! 


I Guys and Dolls 

This year, "Guys and Dolls" was performed as 
DHS's All-School Musical. It was directed by Patricia 
Weatherlowe, Nancy Gordon, and James Vinci with 
Christine DeVaux and Kim Meyer as student directors. 
Students with lead roles were Audrey Schindler (Sarah 
Brown), Laraine McKinnon (Miss Adelaide), Bill Gra- 
ham (Skye Masterson), and Jeff Shumway (Nathan 

Music Dept. 

This past spring a very daring music de- 
partment brought 100 DHS students 
across the border to a Festival Competi- 
tion in Montreal, Canada. Attending and 
competing were Mr. Madru's Concert 
Band and Jazz Band, Mr. Vinci's Orches- 
tra and String Quartet and Mrs. Ander- 
son's Color Guard. Each group received 
honors of either an excellent or superior 
rating. The Choir also took a trip this 
spring to Washington D.C. for "Sharing 
a New Song". 


A large crowd of graduating seniors, parents and 
friends gathered at the First Parish Church for Bacca- 
laureate on June 8th. Baccalaureate, a DHS tradition, is 
a compilation of speeches, poems and songs created or 
performed by seniors. Some of the students who par- 
ticipated this year were Scott Wenham, Alyssa Lahey, 
Andy Ritch, Cally Scullin, Nicole Pevzner, Candy Fors- 
man, Rick Barrett, Mike McDonough, Cindy Caliendo, 
Leann Nathan, and Nancy McLean. The 1989 guest 
speaker was teacher Mr. Robert McDonough. 



Slithy Toves 

Slithy Toves is a literary magazine put out by a few 
students at Duxbury High School. The magazine in- 
cludes various pieces of literature written by the mem- 
bers of this club. The members include Mike McDon- 
ough, Kendra Mumford, Derek Simpson, and Bill Gra- 
ham. The work in the magazine is made up of poems, 
stories, essays, and other samples of student writing. 
The advisor for Slithy Toves is Mr. Buechler. 


The DECA club had an extremely suc- 
cessful year. Students organized and ran 
the "school store", which was renamed 
"The Checkerboard". The interior was 
repainted accordingly with diagonal 
stripes of black and white boxes and a 
large green dragon. The Checkerboard 
sold various supplies and candy to stu- 
dents during lunch throughout the 
school year. 

D E 


C E K 

H C E 


Prison Issues 

Last year, English teacher Jean Trounstine decided 
to educate those interested in issues concerning worn- 
ens' prisons. It began with a small group of students 
who met and discussed the issues facing America's 
prison systems. The group corresponded with prison- 
ers at Framingham Womens' Prison in the form of 
letters. The year progressed with two visits to the pre- 
release center in Lancaster, MA. This year, Mrs. Peter- 
son has taken over. Included in the group are Kendra 
Mumford, Alyssa Lahey, Carolyn Cummings, Christine 
Devaux, Kerry Dowling, Audrey Schindler, Karen 
McCann, Chris Remick, Steve Kearney, Judy Jean- 
monod, and Sarah McClellan. 



Duxbury High School graduated 240 seniors on June 10, 
1989. Commencement exercises were held outside, in front 
of the school (as they are traditionally) even though the sky 
looked stormy. Class Treasurer, Keri Dowd, announced the 
senior gift: 400 dollars to be put into a "new scoreboard" 
fund. Graduation speeches were made by Alexandra Swan, 
Michael Coogan, Alison Zimon, and valedictorian Judy Jean- 
monod. Almost miraculously, as the tassles were switched 
from the right side of the hat to the left, the sun came out. 
DHS congratulates the Class of 1989 and wishes them the 
best of luck. 



Duxbury Clipper, Wednesday, June 14, IW 

1989 DHS Graduates 
Make Final Decisions 

The Class of 1989 has graduated. It is time to move 
on and pursue their dreams. What will they do? 

Peter Lindquist - Work 
Sandra Luce - Wheelock 
Cynthia Lunt - Work 
Jeffrey McFarlane - Work 
Christopher MacNevin - Trinity 

Keri Dowd - Providence College 
Kimberly Dowd - St. Anselm 

» iy»v uhs uraauates £^^ Ca S MeUon 
Make Final Decisions ^S^SJSTCio. a„« *«* 

Kara Davis - Keene State Anthony Markella - Wilhston 

Michael Edwards - UMass-Amherst Northampton 

wUTwUlThey go?" HercTa list'of graduates and £ a /* * F a ™ e , ^tchbVrg suie^Poppyann Mastrovita - Colby 

Amanda Ferry - Holy Cross Timothy Mazanec - Northeastern Univ. 
Richard Ferson - Boston College Shcrrill McAloney - Wheelock 

Cape Cod Community Knsten McCann - Northeastern Univ. 

Heather McCarthy - Dean Jr. 
Megan McCarthy - Massasoit 

their final college or work decisions: 

Robert Adamski - Johnson and Wales 
Elizabeth Alongi - Bay State Jr. 
Liza Altieri - Salve Regina 
Tyson Anderson - Northeastern 
Jodi Andrews - Mt. Ida 
Sarah Armour - Tulane 
Lisa Atkinson - Ursinus (PA) 
Alison Austin - Cornell 
Richard Barrett - Stonehill 
Richard Bayramshian - Framingham 
Paul Beckman - Work 
Steven Bergamesca - Old Dominion Univ. 
Kelley Berglund - Univ. of So. California 
Sarah Borhek - Dean Jr. 
Mark Brown - Keene State 
Sarah Brown - Hartwick 
Erin Brozmann - Hartwick 
Erika Bruce - McGill 
Michael Bruno - Northeastern 
Ian Bull - Emerson College 
Tim Caglarcan - Roger Williams 
Cynthia Caliendo - Providence College 
Paul Canty - UMass-Amherst 
Peter Capraro - UMass-Amherst 
Bradford Carver - Merrimack 
David Cass - Ohio State 
Pamela Ceccarelli - Simmons 
Christopher Chamberlain - Colby 
Christopher Chin - Colby 
Joseph Chrusz - Northeastern 
Matthew Cincotti - Syracuse 
Stephanie Clack - V/Vermont 
Christine Cleary - Keene State 
Michael Clifford - Massasoit 
Linda Clisham - Westfield State 

Tracy Fitzpatrick 

Can dace Forsman - UMass-Amherst 
Benjamin Furmaniak - American Univ. 
Thomas Gallagher - Boston College 
Matthew Gammons - U/Vermont 
Michael George - UMass-Amherst 
Ryan Gillis - Salem State 
Leslie Gilmore - UMass-Amherst 
Susan Giumetti - UMass-Amherst 
Andrew Govoni - Air Force 
William Graham - Bates 
Christopher Grant - Bentley 
Robert Green - Northeastern 
Karen Greene - Bentley College 
James Gregg - UMass-Amherst 
Leslie Gurry - Wheelock College 
Stacy Hale - Middlebury 
Michael Haley - Univ. Utah 
Amy Hambleton - Wheelock 
Jonathan Hanlon - Middlebury 
Jesse Hardy - Air Force 
Jennifer Harrington - Merrimack 
Justin Healey - Northeastern 
Margaret Hill - Bay State Jr. College 
Kelly Hillary - Dean Jr. 
Paul Hodgdon - Northwood School 
Jeffrey Hojlo - UMass-Amherst 
Paige Holden - Syracuse 
Terrance Holmes - Work 
George Horesta - Work 
David Hutton - UMass-Amherst 
Gregory Jackson - Work 
Heidi James - Southeastern Mass. Univ. 
Kristen James - Northeastern 

Melissa Coburn - Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale 

Sarah Collins - College of Charleston 
Kathleen Connell - Northeastern 
Michael Coogan - UMass-Amherst 
Andrew Corbett - Washington and Lee L 
Jason Corn - Work 

Kerri Costa - Edison Community College 

Nancy Coyle - Work 

Darryl Coyne - Berklee 

John Crawford - Temple Univ. 

Elizabeth Crothers - Northeastern 

Carolyn Cummings - Skidmore 

Eric Cressman - Union College 

Laura David - Colby Sawyer 

James Delorenzo - Northeastern 

Marie Delprete - Bridgewater 

Caryn Demello - Work 

Robert Dente - Military Service 

Michael Deshais - Work 

Christine DeVaux - New York Univ. 

Carlene Dexter - National College of Edu 

Michael Dinsmore - Curry 

Heather Dow - Mansfield Beauty School 

Janell Jasmin - Massasoit 

Judy Jeanmonod - M.I.T. 

Brandy Johnson - Work 

Jennifer Johnson - Johnson State 

Paul Jordan - New Hampshire College 

John Joyce - Middlebury 

Jeffrey Kauffman - St. Lawrence 

Theresa Keefe - UMass-Amherst 

Richard Keith - UMass-Boston 

Erin Kennedy - Hartwick 

Laura Kilroy - Univ. of Rochester 

Timothy Kinney - Work 

Alayna Kirchick - UMass-Amherst 

Jennifer Knoll - Miami Univ. (Ohio) 

Alyssa Lahey - Smith 

Michelle Laporte - Work 

Jennifer Laramee - Providence College 

Brittiany Leary - U/Tampa 

John LeClair - Univ. Rhode Island 

Adam LeFevre - Eckerd College 

Michael Lehman - Syracuse Univ. 

Joyce Linder - Elmira College 

Michael McDonough - Bard 
Richard McHugh - Boston Univ. 
Laraine McKinnon - Wellesley 
Nancy McLean - Hartwick 
Kristen McLellan - Portland School of Art 
Jeffrey McNeil - Johnson and Wales 
Steven Meallo - Amherst 
Robert Medeiros - Daniel Webster College 
Eileen Melvin - Quinnipiac College 
Jill Mercier - Bay State Jr. 
John Moccaldi - Marines 
Meridith Moore - Providence College 
Robert Moriarty - UMass-Amherst 
Kendra Mumford - Wellesley 
Kimberly Nangle - Bryant College 
Mark Nappellio - St. Lawrence 
Leann Nathan - Fairfield Univ. 
Ronald Needleman - Work 
David Nelson - Norwich Univ. 
Cheryl Newton - Plymouth State 
Kerrie O' Toole - Villanova Univ. 
Jennifer O'Connell - Aquinas Jr. College 
Kate O'Hare - UMass-Amherst 
George Olson - Lyndon State 
Lori Overhiser - Bryant College 
Maria Pannozzo - UMass-Amherst 
Heather Pacquette - Northeastern 
Edward Parker - Dynamy (Prep 
Nathan Patenaude - Coast Guard 
Jennifer Petersen - Penn State 
Jonathan Petrucelli - West Point Prep 
Nicole Pevzner - UMass-Amherst 
Jeannie Phillips - Keene State 
Rebecca Pierce - Bay Path Jr. 
Thomas Pierce - Univ. Tampa 
Michael Powers - Colby 
Amy Raabe - Marquette Univ. (Wise.) 
Glenn Rand - Babson College 
Paige Reed - Keene State 
Benjamin Riordon - U/Maryland 
Andrew Ritch - Colby 
Lyle Roberts - Boston College 
Julianne Roper - College of Charleston 

Meghan Saunders - St. Lawrence 
Peter Savage - The Lawrenceville School 
Audrey Schindler - Simmons 
Caroline Scullin - Lynchburg College 
Karl See - College of Wooster (Ohio) 
Mary Kate Sekerak - Endicott College 
Deirdre Sheehan - St. Anselm 
Shawn Sheehan - Northeastern 
Renee Shepherd - Work 
Traci Sheridan - St. Elizabeth's School 
Michelle Shimp - West Chester Univ. (PA 
Jeffrey Shumway - Univ. New Hampshire 


David Sjostedt - UMass-Amherst 

John Slattery - Merrimack 

Denisc Stanford - St. Michael's 

Matthew Stone - UMass-Amherst 

Patrick Striebel - Dean Jr. 

Lisa Sugarman - UMass-Amherst 

David Sullivan - George Washington Univ. 

£rik Svendsen - Georgia Tech 

Alexandra Swan - George Washington Univ. 

Heather Tenney - Univ. Conn. 

Ryan Tillson - Salem State 

Robert Tripp - EMT - Fire Academy 

Rosemary Tufankjian - Babson 

Matthew Twomey - Work 

David Vanderbilt - Taylor Univ. (IN) 

Jeffrey Vantatenhove - Lynchburg College 

Paul Voloshen - Mass. Maritime Academy 

Jessica Walsh - Curry College 

Scott Wenham - U/Lowell 

Sha. on Wheeler - West Virginia Wesleyan 

Jessica Whiteley - Bates 

Saysha Wiggins - Wilfred Beauty School 

Peter Wilken - Franklin Institute 

Gary Williamson - Springfield College 

Kate Winn - Univ. New Hampshire 

Brian Wycall - Colgate 

Shelby Young - Work 

Pascal Zaklama - Northeastern 

Eric Zee - Westfield State 

Alison Zimon - Harvard 


Looking back over the past year, I am truly 
amazed. Starting literally from scratch (none 
of the 87-88 Yearbook Staff returned to the 88- 
89 committee) we managed to create a truly 
beautiful Yearbook. A huge THANK YOU goes 
to the entire staff who worked long and hard to 
meet deadlines and to make the book the best 
it could be. Fighting frustrations such as Sen- 
ior picture sizes, layout confusions, photo 
problems and short deadlines, the staff really 
pulled through. 

Thanks also goes to the parents and teach- 
ers of the staff for their patience and under- 
standing of our time committment and respon- 
sibilities. Special thanks to Cheryl Horton 
(next year's Editor-in-Chief) who put in count- 
less hours as copy editor; to Susan Giumetti 
and Candy Forsman who came up with the 
"Forever Young" title (thankfully rescuing us 
from "Better than Average"); to non-staffers 
Heidi James, the artist responsible for the 
front cover, and Traci Sheridan who filled out 
hundreds of envelopes; to the Dragon Flyer for 
stories; to the Language Department for the 
Apple Computer; to Glenn Holden , our Year- 
book Representative; to Ms. Pauline Mulcahy, 
our business manager; and last, but never 
least, Mr. Russell Kilough-Miller, our advisor, 
who was always there helping with layouts, 
cropping, proofing, and so much more! 
Enjoy the Yearbook! 
Laraine McKinnon 
Forever Young '89 

The 1989 Yearbook Staff 

Hard at work! 

The Editors 


Forever Young '89 


Copy Editor 
Photo Editor 
Layout Editor 


Divisional Pages 
Sports Section 

Senior Section 
Activities Section 

Community Section 

Academic Section 


Laraine McKinnon 
Cheryl Horton 
Susan Giumetti 
Candy Forsman 


Sarah Armour 
Amy Hambleton 
Michelle Shimp 
Denise Stanford 
Lisa Atkinson 
Katie Oates 
Jenn Hannon 
Maria Panozzo 
Julie Roper 
Jillian O'Shea 
Melanie McLean 
Sandy Luce 
Alyssa Lahey 
Kendra Mumford 
Danielle Gair 


SUITE 404 

1221 main street 

south weymouth. ma 02 1 90 

Telephone (617) 335-5791 

To the 
Class of 



Best Wishes and warm 

Congratulations to the Class of 1989. 

Stay "Forever Young" through the language of 



Best of Luck to the Class of 1989. You've made it 
through 12 years of hard work, dedication and 
study. Make the next 12 years as bright!! 

JAMES J. DELOREMZO — You've made us so proud of 
you, Jim. Love from Mama and Dad. 

CHRIS CHIN — Our love and best wishes for the future. 
Mum and Dad. 

It has been a wonderful, funny, sometimes nerve-racking 
year of advising the 1989 Yearbook Staff. All in all this 
Group of Hard Working students has done an outstanding 
job. They have worked under pressure with grace and have 
produced one of the best Yearbooks to ever come out of 
Duxbury High School. A few individuals must be mentioned 
— LARAINE MCKIMNON, the editor whose creativity and 
hard work made this book come together. CHERYL 
HORTON, copy editor whose untiring effort made this book 
speak so eloquently. And of course the YEARBOOK 
STAFF OF 1989. Thanks!!!! Russell Killough-Miller. 

FOREVER YOUNG was written, laid out, created and 
produced by Duxbury High School 1989 Yearbook Staff. 
Photography was done by students and McGrath Studios, 
Brockton. This book was printed by Herff Jones Yearbooks, 
Gettysburg, PA. All work for this book was done during 
non-class time by a staff of over 62 students, with a core 
staff of 21. All ideas, concepts and themes were created by 
Yearbook Staff.