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633 00094 8621 

MAV 24 2006 

For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 

Duxbury Fr^e Library 

Duxbury Free Library 

Hey Jay! P D,, A,B , J S s Boat KNBDGx2, RC 
Squares, Plane to FLA , Alligator. N,H, Rock. Sink 
at Jay s condo. Jeep at N,H,. P,D. Goal!. 
MTRBKG, Dennisport. B.L s House. Nam. BLKR, 
Haro, UNH. Instant Winner of H.B.. Water 
country. T O.M.S.E . Pie. B L.. Jav, 9:18 

Clark D. Anderson 

Iris Asche 

Carpe Diem and Coffee! 

Ttianks Family, Fred + Charlie jumped off ttie 
bridge. Jacko we re here - Cheers, 10 Texan 
Beauties - B,W up to E s we go Volleyball • the 
Brother vs. Us; We ll get um Come 
doncin Maree Peree IVlontreal • bet you can't 
make that shot! Guaranteed Swaheely, It a 
blew - No Worries 

Christopher N. Andrew 

Goodbye DHS. S M,M,F,D,. Mrs K s geometry 
class don't forget the Footprints on the 
chalkboard. Chris the cordoba windshield 
blowing off. Dan's snowball in Mr Webster's 
window, Clark extra help from Mrs K, adios + 
good luck to everyone P G 

Peter J.Andrews 

I'm not going to quote any song lyrics because 
I con t spell or think of any I didn t like the smell 
of the boy's locker room, I liked scaring the 
traffic lady. Life is like warm milk, it must be 
preserved before it goes sour and sweetened 
with chocolate to go down easy! 

Jennifer Lee Baragwanath 

Jodi, "Those Public Places " Summers 90-91 
Rachel, Can I borrow some money? Ocean 
City "91, Jodi where are you! TODD,ALWAYS 
AND FOREVER Weekend trips to Berkeley I II 
always remember 1 / 1 3/90. .Thank you 
M&F,D,T.. " It was the best of times It was the 
worst of times. " And now life begins 

"Our memories of yesterday will lost a lifetime 
We ll take the best, forget the rest and 
someday we "II find that these are the Best of 
Times " NZ - 1st gr KB + CG = Bristol Ave - how d 
we get there"' MMA HC, Montreal Ken - GO!! 
TV - not in public! Let s moke a compfire-oops! 
Sleepovers, Kenly-thanks for always being 
there! Caves 5\4\91 Brian - this is only the 
beginning, I love you! Thanks for everything 
M+D - you"re the best! 

Adrienne B. Barnes 

You can blow out a candle, but you con" t blow 
out a fire. Once the flame begins to catch, the 
wind will blow it higher Corky, T A, K8, Def Jam. 
Pris+Jess-The best of friends, Jr. -and a picture 
of you forever, M+D the sibs-l LOVE YOU lt"s 
been real, it s been fun, but not really fun, I m 
outta here! 

4 Seniors 

"As many good friends port, I leave you with 
happy memories and a special place in my 
heart ■■ PACK, 747 , questions, possessed. Hard 
Rock, lovin' feeling, volleyball. Sting, T2 etc., I 
wasn't supposed to tell, but ,, fishbowl. Irk, 
Yaht2ee,Suecopter, Henry, green M&M s, Girls 
Night In I Thx and sorry JS M,D,C,C,B - thank you 
for everything XOXO 

Sarah Egan Benjes 

Catherine Bowes 

Good friends we have, or good friends we 
hove lost along the way, in this bright future, 
, 3u can t forget your post, so dry your tears I 
: Thanksto the pack I love you guys 4-E vol" 
.r 90-'91, the original Parrotheads, PB+J, 
• opys. Girls night in, dial me, I sahwee Grace, 
,. e be late, freaks. Green M&M s, Stowe, 
'edeschi s, twister wars, hummahummo - 
Thanks to Zippy + PWagon, RWF, WP, CP, 
M&D&AHDU, R&T , remember everyone, it s 
not o goodbye, it's a see yo later .. 

Love + friendship are the greatest things in life. 
Prom '91 thanx Martin, I LOVE YOU! "In Your 
Eyes" Reggae Sunsplash 7/4/91 Cora thanx 
much, CWJCDN 3AM, DMI Suzy - TISSUES + 
choccake Limo leaks Maya Sara = BFF LYLAS. 
143 RT= Pretty Woman Reduse Reuse Recycle, 
ILY class of '92 U2 REM I'll do it myself ILY 
MDMGL+G These shouldn't be forgotten 

Sarah Jean Bettuchy 



Laura J. Bracco 

All night study session - ya right, 3 stooges. You 
ever been in jail' Eating buddies, Nuhuh. what 
are you doing'' NO- we're not sisters' Hammer, 
T P ,B,C .K,A and of course R T - thanks for 
everything Kim, Jen, Elyse, Toby - I'll never 
forget you guys. Mom, Dad, Paul - 1 love you 

Is the sun out, has the wind died , or is this stillness 
here the calm between my ears? 
Lallapalooza-K,0,,J.C,.C,F. ■ thanx for the 
helpli Hatchshell. tubing, BEVIS, J C.'s. J.S.'s. 
K O 's pools. THE BEACH, C F /U.R. #1, 
Waterville. it snowed a foot in Colo , T.. Who's 
driving'' It 's my shirt J C . I Where' s Dave'' Thanks 
Momii, la la la la la la 

Aaron D. Boghosian 

Amy L. Brault 

The dreams ahead are what make each life 
Cheer(5), Thanks SKIDS for everything 
Graduation '90, misery, beliefs, guides, 9 25 
mailbox, Lauren NO MAN NO CRY/ crazy 
Sarah rides, DYD, Steve Miller Heath'' 
Yahoodaha slobes, slides 1/2, DIS Bathroom, 
Hoi, Red + white = pink jellybeans. Sting, Prom 
91 Thanks M+D, wind beneath my wings 
Becky, ME,WC.SP, HMCDELMG memories to 
come, love you ALWAYS, Scott Keep smilin' 

Good times bad times I know I've had my 
share-Led Zeppelin HFMFCWKC Best friends 
forever 5FL Plymouth Parties winter '91, 
Humarock summers Slides, double date from 
CW Jetskis '89. Marshfield fair '90 PLSDKCDRTP. 
June 2 Bthrm Bills Doug - thanx for being there 
I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Thanx for everything 143 

Renee Lynn Boisvert 

Melissa Bray 

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry witfi 
the saints, the sinners are much more fun, 
D,R,E,K,S,K,J.A,W.A.G.N.O's. Midnight Club, 
Twitching, Faeldered - patterns 151-281 HRNY 
Montreal, OMGSTAR CATS Power? HBAC the 
Ultimate MacGyver Thanx M&D for putting up 
w/ me. Good luck Jess & Amanda. LUV U ALL. 
See Yo Betty, 

Seniors 5 

The Boyz, JackCJoe Garvey, Flippa) 
Jeffmon(swahiili mon) Justin. I mean Rich 
(sleepa). The Wood Hood. Boys, don't 
runawoy boys Stop with me. The Ghost, too 
iate. Busted! Why do we hove biues? Careful 
tee'n up in the T-Garage, K-O-K-i-N-S! 
Tab+Sorah-give it to me! Have on Ice cold 
Budwizzaa on me. here's to good times yet to 
come! Cheers! 

Marc P. Brennan 

Michelle A. Burrlll 

"Aintit funny how the time slips away ,, " Jess:9 
years and counting! Flowers grow out of 
anthills!-! miss Ugly!- We only picl< on you 
because we iove you-Remember Oblivion'' D - 
I promised to try! Mom, Dad, Michael, Heather- 
Finally! " Is this the end or just the beginning? " 

I left once & it was hard, leaving again wii! be 
even harder My friends mode this year the 
best, as though i had never gone Thonx Guys, 
tal<e care you. I'll miss you Mom & Dod-You 
two are the best "Are we a tool?"-"YES!" "31" 
Thanx Dad. Mom. Casey'. Courtney, Graham, 
Nana. & RONV I Love you all! LATA! 

Heather Michelle Brinkert 

Craig W. Butters 

Let the Good Times Roll!' Soph, year until 
March, Cell Mates M & S. All Nighters. Hefts. 
Hale's. The Walk. Vineyard , H20 Skiing. Football 
16. 4th of July, New Years Eve, Prom '91. 
Waterville, Captains Flat. Arthur & Pats, Wake 
up. Scuba. Middlebury. S&L Parties . Crazy 
Love, Quakers, Olives. Cuddles. Feb, 24, 
Tracey I'll Love You 4-ever. Thanks Mom, Dod, 
Joy & Kyle, 

Thanks for everything. Whatever it was. Pete, 
remember the three week rule, Brenden, stop 
shaving your legs. Here's to the Tom & Matt 
show of D P D, and D F D, To the drama 
grubs S, MM, F.D HeyD.J a little fatter , a little 
uglier And Zen I'm going tu gut U lik a fissh. 
Beach patrol 92, 

Thomas M. Brown 

Garth Cavicchi 

starving clown, show off your charms, your 
smile wet with tears that none see. to beguile 
and cheer the sick spleen of the vulgar herd. 
Our desire lacks the music of the wind. Have 
faith in poison. For this is the Assassins' Hour. 

Hey! All. Courtney:Bristol Ave., how the hell did i 
we get there?! Listen to mine! Casey. Birthday , 
plows, maybe next year you'll get the tractor! 
Mon eau et ton eau! All. thanks for the ■ 
memories! Fieid Hockey #10, Love you Mom, 
Dad, Erinn. All, Casey, Courtney, Brooke, Joel, 
Chris A,, Chris, I love you all! 

Kenly Elizabeth Brozman 

Nicole A. Cesario 

RUN AWAY! "This is the time for a new 
generation of leadership, there is a new world 
to be won"(JFK) JH-i-AT, BFF, L+PJ, N+JB PARTY 
4EVER. "The world is GODS place but GODS 
place is not the world!" (SO,) 
JennyPage-^John Martin in my heart always. 

6 Seniors 

'Mi amigo el puma Vittorio 

Victor Amin Chamorro 

Jason Cincotti 

?u have to eat ttie wtiole apple, si ajle of 
i:3dy Von Halenism It snowed a foot in 
Colorado Sayisn tthaflt sallintherushi! ELAN 
; -jS' Montreal and S40 I m gonna Quit Ttiereis 
J God-D J. Ttiat's thie New s and I am outta 

519, Football *56, All natural weekend 168, , 
BBQ and OJ, "Ttiere was a cop back there' , 
Baja, No Alcohol, Bondage -1. Nicely Done, 
Red Jacket, "Dave, your mom's here' , Golfboll 
nite Rope Jumping, 'Show some prowess", 
Peanutbriftle, key Lie ^2, "Alex HELP. Come get 
me". Elan skis. Ego -2, -8 Lives, COLBY 

Alexander B. Chin 

Edward V. Coakley 

Mike. Scot, Rich, Tim, Rob, Timmy K, Chris- 
Family, Damn they're here! Thanx. Ally. Lindsay. 
Jen, Stacey, Tom, Deanno. Roberto. Vance. 
Frickeri BLUES. Mike what now? Gettha*l='' 
outa here! Calm down Rich! Scot he's had 
enough! BOYZ in tha Hood will never Die! L.U. 
Dad. Mum, Dan. Col, John!-PALS- 

519, Posse, Hoop»12 Montreal '91, STING '91, 
MQ-'No more fish' D,I,U , K,D ,K,J, J,B„A,M,. 
K-S, thanx for the great times! V,man-l,C O H N, 
3 for SIO All Natural weekend Rand 
Handy GONE' Whitely:'Game »?" FREDDY! 
M H =F L O S ,J W =advice, M+D thanx for 
everything Later gator, I'm outta here like a 
bold man! 

Matthew G. Chin 

Anne Marie Cobak 

You see us as you wont to see us, in the simplest 
terms and the most convenient definitions. 
Skids Nov 3=Miz Mon Great Woods '91 1 New 
Year's Eve Maz 9 41 What mailbox officer'' 
Lauren F J Terminal B Dan he/ 
Corruption+relaxation=Mission accomplished' 
Half day slides D Y D Thanx Skids' Beliefs 
Chrysler, Skye, 1/2, Thanx R,C, Silly, Love you 
M+D, Jeff, and Jay, Signal 

"SLICKA" Can I just tell you?! I'd rattier laugh 
with the sinners then cry with the saints, sinners 
are more fun! Fldhcky#14:281=HRNY 
MONTREALFroshes in the Bushes! 
B.F F =D R.M B,R S.S M.K Ji Gurtrude 
McGuyvers! P,P's:H R =summer 89W/twins! Air 
J! THE HOODIFull Effect: GENERIC K! 143 
Ma,Dad,Vic,Joe! LATER PURPLE HAYES„,but 

Erica Anne Chrusz 

Lori Ann Coggeshall 

Class of '92, Brian & Steve 4 eva, n- 
always . Bayberry Rd , Marshfield, Halloween 
night . Branden, Mr Clork s class. Let's go 
home. Polo, Drokkor, Where's the guys'' Oct 
12th 3 yrs, 1 more yr, till 18 Its all been pretty 
bumpy but we made it. Thanks everyone, , Love 
ya Mom,Dod, Best Friends 4-eva Chen!!! 

Seniors 7 

The faith has been kept and the 1 st chapter has 
been written. And so the time has come to turn 
our eyes to the heart of the rising sun. And as we 
do , we must oil kiss farewell and forever the 
tearful moon. (The Mission U K.) Thanks Mom 
and Dad, M K D thank you 

James C. Corbett 

Boyz n The HoodI Family Ed. Scot, Mike, Timmy, 

Chris, Flanagan Mcgoodstones Greenbox 

Scot kicken out! Ed. Mike no static 
tonight=Rich. Happens! Tom's Gigs. "1 shall 
finish the game." 'Heatlightning" Ya right 
Fricker! Sup Neil, Bobbie Carolyn. Ally, Danielle 
Thanx. EDP memories forever. LU Mom+ Dad 
PALS! Bye Stanley 

Richard Cordeiro 

Kimberly Anne Crawford 

Memories may fade with time, but close friends 
will never be forgotten, 

'91 ". Pretty Women. J K (Golden Arcs) F.F.. 
Stacey B F F . B P C . Bev C,W cc mmm. 3/17/ 
90 I'll never forget it Bill! I'll love you forever.thnx 
4 everything. 143 MJNG. 143 Dad you have 
always been there for me. I will make you 

Tracey A. Crowley 

Creepy. Prom 91 Butters''^. Sistas. Loon 91, 
slumber, summer at Lambert's. Far Ear's. H,C.= 
Red Light!. Tubin Tougs. (O M,G I T A R ) Boca 
with Laurie = B F F , M J,G, New Years, Hulk = 
Holy Moly (G M.J C Invito) Friends Forever/ 
Thanx ■ A,R,. H.C . L,G, S,F,. C H , K.T . A B . & 
Skids Craig. Crazy Love Forever. Olives. 
Cuddles. Feb, 24.arv, Thanx- Mom. Dad. Mark. 
& Craig. I Love You! XO 

Michael Corr 

Thank's everyone for always listening and 
being there for me. Hey Cortney. (3 30 a m.) 
white van. call cops! Tony, its been fun 
hanging around. T.A and /age. Thanks for 
everything. Kate! stop smoking yet? Chris. 
Chrisman. the Christer Cortney & Kate call me! 
Jeff what's up. P.E.#1 Def Jam Jimmy Slick. See 

James M. Coyle 

Helen Ann Cushing 

Nantucket. AR & BH (True Friends) GNO, 3/16/ 
91 at KC Trips to Boston Buz kill!! 
Double dates The sleep overs. Prom morning 
90 TC.Boco "Red Light! " July 4.1990 -Areyou 
on fire" Cape Maura, BFF! Thanx BH, AR. LW. TC. 
LG, SF, AB! I'llmiss you guys!! 11/25/89. Steve 
14371 Dad & Mom thanx for your support & 
patiencebut most of all your love! Mike, keep 
smiling! Good luck class of 1992!!! 

Susan Dean Dehart 

Oblivion is the parent to stupidity- Life is a 
vicious cycle- Don't be a TREE! Isn't 
lifedelicious? The Moo! Oh joy. oh rapture 
RUDE! Popsicles- Troupe 355- 
EdgemicotionCape drives- Prom '91 : A night to 
remember- Sleepovers- MBFITWWW- 
Sunglosses at night- Sunnapee- Best of luckto 
all my friends. Thanx Mom, Dad. David & Corrie 

8 Seniors 

Kevin Lane Dente 

Yep, W U VV CI. A.. Method still work''/ Russ, 
everybody knows.. / J.S.. Mmm, bear amop/ 
A.B.. This buds 4 U/ 2.S . Co. A , & H J . Flix rule, 
think of me otter I leave 4 college. & keep It 
going in my memory, I'll Be there in spirit./ H.J.. 
Keep warm./ ■|.M.Pullin' U.M.D.M.C." 

Peter A. DiPersio 

Always remember the good times. Jenn 
F C C S.A.Vl.D J .Promnight '91 ,Rollerskating, 
Band trip '91 the boardwalk right Jodes! N H. 
with Keith. Clear pond and Whitecliffs beach, 
J S. J B. K A. K J. K O, K.D, J.E. thanks for being 
there when I need you! I Love You Keith. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Alex for all your love and 
support. Love Ya! 

Rachel S. Dorfman 

Gillis; blue tile, Friday nights, marsh, travel in 
time , meet halfway Mike Shipyard, Final Cut. 
everything else The Cure ore God The Lyd, 'I 
can t hear " back here'Ott 'Ashes of fire ' 
Meredith; "I'll wait for you where I'll always 
wait . " I Love You Forever "I must fight this 
sickness Find a CURE ' Chow' 


Lauren C. Duffy 

^^^e end of the world as we know it and I feel 
Just a dream Secret 4 life-Beverly Hills, 
er skiing. Conn P B (Dan) red & white= 
- jellybeans Aim. noman no cry- crazy 
s- 9 21. Nov 3 Great Woods. A new 
ginning'' (corruption) Heath- who ote 
Beach Suzzy. Mizery. New Years. Ann. 
J smorf Terminal B M A S H thanks M/D/M. 

Melissa Jean Dupuis 

"All around us things ore changing, very few 
things last forever. But deep within our hearts 
we know we re all forever friends'- Summer '89 
Mark's Beach/ Florida Keys/Thonx to the pock 
for always being there Twister wars & Rico. 
Green M&M 's. Friday s.PB&J picnics. Zippy and 
P Wagon . Stowe .Girls Night In . and the original 
Grocein thanx M&D. Christine and Mike- 
Always hove a dream! 

Time does fly. USA... Wrestling 92, Soccer 91 
Friends we may never see again live full... hay 
man Diego Liz. Good luck to all Ufe to live. 
Love to Mom & Dad. M, K its too early in the 



Jonathan K. Dwyer 

519, #23 soccer, Vige. Josh, Gus. Tag Up! 
Cutlass R I P . Mr. W. I'll give you my house Field 
trip! I.C.O.H N , what's up Reggie'' Wodsworfh 
FoottDoll League Nice Tipi tree.Tee gome at 
Tree's. M L.. A W,. J.W., L.M., M L., S B., M.C . 
Bosox with Al. Thanks Mom.Dad. and Julie. 

Seniors 9 

"I think we d better get outta here! " 21xs=THE 
Limited "BringoutthecuflersMr Smart A ' Long 
Live ttie D-crew (M.CD & James) Moss Man, 
Every single day! , FISC . See yo Bar & KJF (Jamie 
& Jason thianl<s for the tall tales & the laughs) 
P.U.U Thanks M & D and Sue 

Jessica M. Ehrlich 

Deborah E.Farrell 

True friendship never leaves the heart Thanks 

Andrew, Mike, and Bee-my love always, B-52 s 
Montreal, rowboots, Adrienne,NK Party? Joe 
Bird, Road Trip, Sombrero? Cheerleading 
Maryland, "I like your Chevey Duster", 
Deadbeat Club, No Matter What Katie,,, 
Friends Forever Thanks Mom, Dad, A, P, ond T: 
l,L Y. We re on the edge of a waking dream 

Christopher Paul Eori 

Darci A. Fencer 

If you see someone without a smile, give them 
one of yours, #1 BAND SLAVE! BU in the rain! 
FOMOC - Esprit De Corps! Meehele! HS wanna 
buy a candy bar?' HAMMER FIGHTS - RAM - 
Thanx tor everything - Dad, Dwaawn, Mom - 1 
love the sky!', A - lesh - How s life''! See ya 

Each time I see the Upside-Down Man 

Standing in the water, 

I look at him and start to laugh. 

Although I shouldn't oughtter. 

For maybe in another world 

Another time 

Another town. 

Maybe HE is right side up 

And I am upside down. 

She! Silverstein 

Jill S. Erikson 

Toniann J. Ferretti 

"Where will we be when summer's gone? 

Morning found us calmly unaware. 

Noon burnt gold into our hair 

At night we swam the laughing sea 

When summer s gone where will we be'' " 

Age, Kate, Corky, Jim - 1 love you guys 

Mom , Dad, I couldn ' t have done it without you . 


#1. Captain Soccer. Pre. "Marge" we've had 
some good times. Prom 91' Thanks Rob. for 
everything Melissa are U ready yet? Jens 
coffee table. Softball. Go Grace. Basketball, 
ah what an experience. Boston 1st soccer 
practice 91' Pre. Matilda. McKeown's not 
Dupuis' pizza. Painting w/Police, Fridays, 
Golfing, Am I in trouble again? Girls Night In, 
Pasta Fests. Thanks for the memories. Thanks 
mom. dad ILY. Good luck Tracy & Court 

Heather Anne Finnerty 

United we stand. Divided we fall: BFF=Heidi 
Renee. Stocey + Lesley Ally R. Night froir 
Hello!! Slydes (Run Miss Shea - pass em ■ Is that 
my mother??) Boys in the hood, I'll miss you! 
Plymouth 91 "Just in Case'' - 143," V Prom 
Slicka 89 - Party • "Heather wait + 4" 

10 Seniors 

S M.K C.R B.C W.FIF.HumarockSummers-The 
R H, L+S. Nicky bars. The hood, Geo-Aims, HJ? 
89' w/Slicka. Pit Parties. Marsh parties w/ 
Medici, you think you're so skinny troll man - 
Tougos. Whit-sing. B K w/Michoeio. Mike S 
"THATS RIGHT- 4.3.6Heather-lttakes2.H,B. AS 
Tx, M & D. J.J Thanks 

Michelle Gabriel Finnerty 

Well the good times and bod times are over at 
Duxbury High Thanx to E C. P C. M M. S M. T.K. 
R M. N Z. B H. R H. and Lambert ■ I had a lot of 
goodtimesi Soph yr fun until Mayflower St.- All 
Nighters Green bean. 4/91 M s house. T.N 7/4/ 
91 -Lamberts Tonight-D.B Rager-"THE FAMILV, 
Thanks for Nothin Meg J.K. Thanks Mom. Dad. 
Kerry. Mike 

"Don't know what you've got till it's gone' 
Belinda - Accelerote' Kristen - How's APPLE 
JACK? What's wrong with your eyes' "Why 
would you wont to get married anyway''' 
Susan. Beth. Amy-Strange noises from the next 
room. Why ore there chains under the bed'' 
Good luck everyone! Thonx M.D.&A 

Kerry J. Floyd 

"You shot the invisible horseman " Woody 
Holroyds B-Day Party Dave I want my 25bucks 
Wej Gab. Scott. "Language of the Mad " Poker 
Games. "Which one of these words don't you 
understand'' Talking to you is like clapping witti 
one hand " • Anthrox Thanx M*D 

Timothy A. Floyd 

"Flowers grow out of anthills" 143 P.J.. 
fnends forever. C K . Age. Michelle. T.A.. Justin. 
Tony. Todd. Chris and Brad. "Keene Street 
Posse' C.P.V.M.R. I love you alM Mom and Dad. 
thanks for everything. "Spuds' Ugh and the 
Shadow, thanks Michelle for always listening. 
Will I ever be rid of IT? 


Dude!!! I remember - "Just swimming, sir' ALS. 
Vall's- the Bike roce. MF + GG+MM+ML=the 
freaks . Jerry s B-doy . Thanx Shay . Court-F-Loser 
It's the balls! True friends. Katie - they gave 
each other o smile with o future in it. I love you. 
Thanks Mh-D-i-BROS. the shoe. Charlie. "What a 
long strange trip it s been'. 

Field Hockey #3/ "sistas' L.W. T.C. L.G. CM./ 
"Cumbies Tuesday Shipment'/ Sleepovers/ 
McGyver-Gyrtrude (Studly)/ Prom "91' 
Butters?''/ Far Fars/ HoJo s is that you Laurie''''/ 
Summer at Lamberts/ "But Louries s really 
hurt"/ P C. who was It?'' B F.F L G & C H / Good 
luck to all my friends' I love you Mom + Dad 
Thanks Toryn & Con 

Michael F. Fricker 

W.P-J.R-T S-K V-A.S -U P-P.M-W T you guys are 
the best. Pit Parties. OK!. Beverly. W.P-J.R JJ 
Hotel Cal. Amy Shut UP. Whit I Luv Ya. "It's only 
heat lightning'. Fri I3th Rockland. R D I told ya 
so.M.M-J.R-C GPromNight"9r Do yowantto 
go to the deck. Thanx Mom and Dad. 

Seniors 1 1 

4 years went under the bridge like time 
standing still now it s tading tast, you always 
said we ll still be friends and we'll meet again 
somedayi 10 41, Nov 3=Miz Monday, Terminal 
B., Ttie Hood, Wtiot mailbox officer'' "A new 
beginning". New Years of Moz s, 43, YA YA ya. 
what fence'. Dear Ports, rollerworld, DYD, 
Cayman , Woooosh , Lauren= Just a Dream , S4L , 
Future-2, T s boot, Beverly Hills, Forfar's, Great 
Woods9 1 ' , Thanks C .J . , Skids=B, F, Foreverl Love 
yo S.LE A H H K A M., Mom, Dad + Sean 

Danielle L. Gair 

Suzanne Renee Gilbert 

Wind Beneath my Wings Nicki. BFF. love ya. 
Hasta Luego Sarah: TISSUES. Pretty Woman 
Dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake - 
Martin. Bongs and Maya it has been great 
Lota Ladies. Thank You Tom. love ya. Thonx 
Dad. Merri. Nicki. Niso, and Mom Dowd. for 
being there. Love yo 'Not My Fault". 

Soccer. Hockey. #10. Just swimming sir. It's the 
balls, LaLa sitting on the Rocks, Family, classic, 
what a great guy. Shipyard, Driving home 
Femmes, Bay State Games, The Vineyard Al's, 
The Seaway, M M M F G G M L The Freaks. 
J.C . True Friends. Be cool. Be happy. Dude. 
Thanks Mom. Dad. Brothers 

P. Gregory Gammons 


"We cannot cause the wind to blow the way 
we want it to But we can so adjust our sails that 
they will take us where we wont to go " Thanks 
to all my friends, both old and new. especially 
to A.P and S.B, 1 love you Mom. Dad. Amanda. 
Betsy, end Jennifer. 

Margaret A. Gates 

Erin C. Gillespie 

Red Chocolate Roses-J M . My little Man. Lost 
in the LIMITED-"Where the Hell have you 
been''" • Boston-"l can't Ride the 'T'"- 
B.R,,J-E..C.K,-The Mad hatter!" Always eat at , 
Uno's!! 'These are the times to remember' - Billy 

I.L.U. Dad. Jody. Mom. Vic + Adam. 

Christopher Shane Gillis 

if we con walk together, why con t we rock 
fogetherl-7 seconds. Travel In Time. Bluetile. 
Bob Barker, the marsh, the lawn, before and 
after. Lola-sitting on the rocks, we're just going 
swimming. Middlebury. Looking good guys. 
Looking guys. Long's Boat. Shipyard. L.M.B.! 
Driving home-V. Femes Thonx Mo. Dad! 

Picnics, ping-pong. Boo. Teddy Bear, dock 
runs. Darion, Dek, Knights-D, Moo and Tree's, 
fire extinguisher, 23 what? E words, speed 
everything. Brooms, super frosh, 3rd to know, 
Mugs-YJ! Russia, drama, palpitations, get a 
clue. Bear's life. Religion, Fate! Science is an 
Art- it takes faith, love and courage. - WUF! 

Eric L. Gauthier 

William F. Gould 

If you want the women you just take the 
women-EL Guopo-football #7, the Kick, HEY 
BUS-Barbodos-R M, 4ths, Blood!, mistakes. Golf 
Capt. Maydog "DiDo". coll Curtin. Loon. Bone. 
Mehos. Buckwheat + Kristen you've been 
Great. 1 Luv U M+D "D". R.A, Goodbye-Gmi 
J.H's-JtSR . K.M.-K.H.-J.M s-A.E. . S.D.-J.L.-C.H- 
CG's-S.E.-AH. RR . All's been said oil's Been 

12 Seniors 


John E. Gouzoules 

Laurie Gustin 

Field Hockey #4. 'The Sistos" S.F -C H -T,C,-L,W 
friends forever. Sleepovers. Loon 91. Butters 
Prom 91. "Is it Tuesday''" Cumbie s. "Which 

jWoy Left or Righf " Drivebyes MocGyvers 
Chris' PARTIES. P C, "Who was it?''" "Shay we 
are going to falP'S F.&C.H B F F C.H Imissya. 

iThanx I Love You Mom, Dad, Kate. Kris. 

" Reggae Sunsplash 1991" (Joel W . M H . K B ) 
All & Kenly-Bristol Ave , How the Hell did we get 
here''M F ,F-Loser'K B -UstenToMine' A S -trips 
toCT ,TS./V P -town forest Shipyard G D -Miss 
you! Swimming What a long strange trip it's 
been- "The Dead' "Coming down is the 
hardest part" -Tom Petty Thanx 4 the laughs! M 
& D, Brooke & Megan-LUV You Guys' 

Courtney Smith Groborel< 

Robert C. Hale 

"I Dunno'- R. Hale/ Wayne's Wackos "You're 
Heading for trouble"- Heffies/ 4th Hole D.Y.C, 
C Q . Collins's. Stacy's Portys/ The Vineyard 
Okemo-Blizzard-Middlebury/ Tequilla Rocks- 
Rob Brador. Blues Bar / The walk from Garths- 
1 Month Driving Home- femmes. lollapalooza / 
The Pit Graduation Party/ Thanks Mom, Dad. 
Stacy. Dana+ H G.P 

"I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one 
goes to the father except by me'Oohn 14:6) 
Kev , friends since we were borni UM ASS, Sauls, 
Cape, all the parties, whose bigger'' Bren! you 
know who I hate! John, Tom, Brian, Wrestling 
kick- A Thonx M&D I Love You' God Bless! 

Taylor H. Gregg 

John R. Hannon 

Yep, what's kicken, Waynes Wackos 4-5, Ner, 
Wrestling Rules, Ski Trips, Hydrosliding at BR, 2 at 
Shmidies-SV, Hale's Pit SRogers, Prom at 
Sautters, The Crash, Tram Tracks. Highway B , 
Rope Swing, The field, RM-Kelsey, Sauls, 
Saquish, Collin 's + the Walk home-CN the tree, 
the wolk from Garth s- R. , S Shore run , The Bums , 
"GO TO BED" , AR- Crack. Mom & Dad- You 11 Be 

"Ute moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and 
take a look oround you might miss if.'- 
FBDO What s up Buds » 1 23 you ' re all Goobers! 
BRUINS Football X-Country Captain, Thanxs 
everyone Friends and Family I Love U. I mode it 
How lucious 

William P. Gurry Jr. 

Jason Haritos 

A Long rood traveled and a even Longer one 
ahead. Will you find serenity? Only Time Will 
Tell Thonx Mom. Dod and my friend's for your 
support for four years. "This Monkeys gone to 

Seniors 13 

519. Henry P&V-Phedre lives! Jon boy- 
A+B+C=Unbelievable, Take ya punches Dill! Sol 
- G'day Mote. Marco '91 Dude The B-Mission. 
You Breezeri Jossha Smoen Whitemon How s 
Scout? Partner V-Boll Vigoro. C'MON! GIMME 
MORE! Kahuna/ Ann Rand Handy - Ring Ming 
Ding! N.H - M.L , J.S., M.N., S B Hoops #3 - 
pladdy. Let s D.T.S.O O.Him. Screendoors Me 
Up! True MacGyvers/ Hunt. Tog Up Ranchers - 
T'J'. Montreal ON 3. POSSE! Megan. Thanx for 
All the great times. I II never forget you! Mom, 
Dad & Kim - Thanks for everything 

Todd E. Harrington 

"I mode pimpin' a full time job so all U ladies 
wouldn't go out and rob " Hey VAJ "Where's 
Ritchie? " K&B - Ya Nasty! Weirs Beach 9 1 , BAM, 
519, Captiva Nasty Boyz, "Wham Scam Thank 
you m aam " SOL for Prez! Chin U R.A.F.L.O.S! 
Thanx 2 mom and pops & good luck to Jane & 
frenz and 2 all U other girls who screwed me 
over: Y'oll ain't nothin' but golddiggers 
anyway! Yo, I'm outto Here like a baldman - 
ABC ya! 

Matthew R. Harris 

D.H.S. No More. I am Outo Here Swim Team 
ruled. DFD + EMT + EOC = Beepers "So if that 
goes off you con leave?" 186 is Jeep Parking 
ONLY It s The Matt & Tom Show I crash better 
than anyone I know Brilliant absolutely Brilliant 
So basically what your saying is . Dux Beach 
Guard 91 " Ohhh well ""Off into the great wide 
open A rebel without a clue." Tom Petty 
Thanks to all who existed in my world. 

IVIatttiew D. Hempel 

Wayne's Wockos, CBBTT. GL&TF -all nighters- 
beat me up! EC- 1 think he said Hyannis. Blues 
Bar. EC + MM - 1 didn't see him did you? JH-so 
we're playing that gome! TN-Whot about Bob'' 
Hales-thanks for hospitality, TF- 2 more out 
back. Wanna moke a campfire? Coves. All, it 
was worth the wait!! I love you. Mom + Dad, 
thanks for everything, you'll be proud. Jul - 
good luck. SG - Best friends through good and 

Sean A. Hlousel< 

Bye DHS! keep always the memories The 
wrench, Talb, Tim Breaking the chair in Mrs 
Schwallers room, Henes Benes, Sully. Francis 
Jokes, The Chemistry class that NEVER seemed 
to end, 10th grade lunch and Abner's long- 
sub-bomb C.O.H., Penny Wars, Hoyden's 
Penny Head, Unforgettable Prom. To you All, 

RUN AWAY' "Lite is a series of hellos and 
goodbyes - I'm afraid it s time for goodbye 
again. " (B.Joel) Nicole+Ang BFF, "The next time 
you stop to think don t forget to start up again " 
MAINE : The way life should be! Mayo. Mayo the 

Stephen Uteris 

14 Seniors 

Peace seils But who s buying''' 

Scott A. Janousek 

'Existence, well what does it matter'' 
I exist on the best terms I can. 
The past is now part of my future 
The present is well out of hand . ' 

-Joy Division- 
There' a little man in a green jumpsuit pulling at 
my big toe 

"I'd rather laugh w/the sinners than cry w/the 
saints, the sinners are much more fun" 
D.M.R.E.S - BFF" Di. Paige. Nancy - thonx for 
everything guys - 143!' HMTO, Happy 18th 
Paige. KJ - "l swear I sow a butterfly!!' 143 
A.B.G.P & nana Good Luck Jeremy & LL & KM 
- See ya Betty I Mom. "I'm learning to live w/out 
you now but I miss you sometimes 

Kristen Anne Johnson 

Jeff - RAJ METALUCA METAL up your A*S 
so far, so good so what' ANTHRAX 
EFILNIKUFESIN NOT Kaplan "How do you like 
that ''" WORLD GYM "stealin' everything" 

Daniel J. Joyce 

Jamine J. Kane 

AI - best friends. Clair. Anet. Grover. Circus. 
Vacatiofis - Amy - Brainiff. special friends. Kim - 
fellow friend. Sisters - Ai. Stac. Tougs - rebels 
Ptymouth sleepover. SUMMER 91 - A BLAST- 
NOT! Camping-Melis-OMGTTAR-CATS-quinch 
& have a yap Scroppemello. scrapperkane & 
scrapperrabbe-MONTREALPl -besttimeofmy 
life - partys at Armpit. Bobby-Stallion-Mc.D's - 
home away from home. Medici - triple LUGHH! 
W-hit. butt ugly Homey rica! Sat night live 
classics - Deter & Rati Doug. Iluv U! Thanx guys 
- The Hood Family - J R. M.F. T.N. J.H. M P. M.H. 
Dare. Rach & Krista. Thanks - Mas. Dad & Chris 

"Believe in yourself right from the start. Believe 
m the magic that's inside your heart. Go 
ahead, believe in yourself, as I iselieve in you." 
- The Pack. 1+1. Mark's Beach. Underground 
Railroad. Physco, Hard Rock, The Comer. 
Dangerous. "Tonight" . Adopt a Grub. Freaks of 
Industry. Sting^. Green M&M's. Signs. Wanna 
Blow'' . G ■ Night Sweetheart. Girls Night . The Fog 
is Real . Tim-I'll always be right here waiting. 
Thanks everyone - love ya 

Catherine IV1. Keating 

"Take onesTeoou""r!eacor. i.oo< oroundfora 
whole lot more." -INXS. Thanks 
MDLAJKPEVCSESJ - I coukJn't hove done it 
without you. Good luck everyone Carpe 

Seniors 15 

" Education is that which remains when one has 
forgotten everything learned in school" - 
Einstein. Life moves pretty fast and if you don't 
stop and lool< around, you might miss it. Thonlts 
for everything Mom. Dad, and Andrew! 

Jeffrey R. Keay 

"Try and enjoy the here and now, the future vi/lll 
take care of itself somehow "FRIENDS Keelin, 
Danielle, Heather, Sarah, Ann, Lauren, Amy, 
Melissa, Heidi, Thanks for the memories... Big 
Crack, What fence'' What mailbox? 
f?emember original'' Good luck Slim! TIGS, 
WOOOOOOOOSH! Beliefs! Caveman, yeah, 
yeah . YEAH 1 43. Far-Pars scoopin ' , Brian-Thanks, 
I'll never forget yal Thanks Mom, Dad Jen! 

Patricia Kraft 

Brian and Steve 4-eva, n'eva,, Floridoo 
remember niner-Ha! I am NOT drunk, I'm no ■ 
J C + JJ - see ya in my next life. Good luck witi-' 
Brandon This year I'll be 18!! Cum here %.F" 
We're finally out of here-psyched' Luv ya Mom 
and Dad. 

Cheri LaGreca 

Master! wees the Dreams that I've been after - 
They're finally Here' "RAIDERS" MY MAN' To 
WHIT I Luvyoui Split sU S, GREENMAN John S M 
Watch your feet! world s sucks' PACHO, 
CHECHO - E C the Boyz are HERE! W.P we're 
getting through college! Seger Head yo feild, 
Scott don't worry about the left! LATER! 

Jeremy Lambert 

Sometimes the light s all shining on me, 

Other times I can barely see 

Lately, it occurs to me 

What a long strange trip it's been," 

1 thank my friends for all the great times we 

shared together, and for making these 4 years 

tolerable Mom and Dad, "Thank you for your 

support " 

Good luck everyone! 

Finally I get outta here, and don t even have to 
come back. It was a pretty good time, wish it 
could have been funner It'll be tough in the 
real world but I'll make it. hope everyone else 
will Thonx for putting up with me all these years 
Mum & Dad your great. 

IVIegan Claire Lawless 

" , , As we reached for the stars together, we li\ 
by a code, to stand side by side, and it ji. 
keeps on getting better," (Mystic Pizzi 
Cheerleading. 519-NOTi Girls Night IN. Gree 
M&M's, Lovin' Feelin , Dangerous. HENR 
Friendly's, Fall Cruisin', RANDOM, Satan Sist 
# 1 . Be Very Very Quiet . ITi . Prom '9 1 -TODD- " I '\ 
YOU!" Thanks for being there:M,D,MO&T! ' 
the Class of V2-\Ne have the power to make 
difference, use your power 

16 Seniors 

he future may lead our paths astray, but 
lemories of the post we will have to share' ' 
ell night '90, D D,D / G W Scam Fest/ M,M A,/ 
USTED/ Hard Rock Cafe/ secret 
omportment/ "side by side we ll always 
and, spirits flying high, as long as you are in my 
eart we'll never say goodbye " 143 Tigger' 
lorn. Dad, Feffer, Ninner ILU! 

Sarah B. Leahey 

Megan Terese Leydon 

oodbyes make the journey harder still "-C 
tvens Thanks Alex - 1 wish I had one of those 
jz I'm special and I qualify! H,H, - many good 
les - sunshine Todd & Craig - Porsche for your 
thday?!-(D,S ) Johnny-Thanks for so many 
;at memories - I'll never forget you! Thanks 
)m. Bob. Kerry & Mobee! love you! 

AODY BOOND Jacelyn - BEV - Night of Hell-o' 
N H Pitcrew, T F Hezton - should I pass em'' 
DEAR PORTS JIM - isn't that WILD?''' Steve 
Miller^ REAGS CThanx!) Jacelyn -BFF- DUDE! Lya' 
SLOBES CDBS) signal! Good Luck Slim! And T - 
Have U Seen KYBEN'' 

Heidi M. Leary 

Christopher G. Long 

Indecent exposure, Nissan breakdown Killer 
Girls "What are you doin " Happy New Year! 
Hammer Eotin' Buddies, Carver Crew ,, R.T. 
K,A, B C and of course 143 T pi Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Matt, Mike I Luv You Good luck Glenn, 
Never Say Goodbye Laura, Jen, Toby, Elyse, 
You guys ore the best' Just remember when all 
else fails "Hold on Old Friend s Hand' 

Kimberly Lehman 

Ryan M. Lynch 

We always had time on our sides, but now it's 
Fading Fast Thanks for all the great times and 
memories J S , A B , P D , C A , J R , M R., 
Sinking Boat on ttie Lake and times at Wiers 
Beach Thanks Mom & Dad for all your support 

Stacey J. Lentz 

Daren J. IVIacLaughlin 

"Up Your Butt, Jobu , Off to college Good Luck 
Guinea, Longwood '91 Rules with K., 
W.B A.B.R's, S D AQ Marco Island, 85-91. 
Eugene , T.G I F's "The Fall Guy", "D, Where's 
ft?" Would You Look At Those, T G I, N T S, The 
I's of Q. Good Luck Bn, Jay + David, I Love You 
Melis, M+D, "Your Motha", Tennis Champs '90. 
Gotz. See Yeah, "Yeah Baba". Y G N.B T, 

Via con dios, class of '92 It's been real Clark, 
Footprints on the chalkboard Pete, the 
Cordoba "My windshield wiper just flew off " 
Dan s snowball Que Pasa there, Pedro? Seven 
dollars? Mr, Dunn and his mailbox. How much 
wood would a wood chuck chuck'' K M F A 

Seniors 17 

R A F.N., 519 - Hoops #35; NL Steino? 32? 
■ Pladdy " Mia ■ s Sol? BoSox! Veicum . BL + Apples 
- Take 'em Gus. MONTREAL! Thanks Huna + 
Lenny for chow. Ran - Handy. ..Gone! DEBRA! 
LInbo. Thanks Iris. Rupunzel Geds? Dexter - 
Jane? Start car. close door, righf Ya beautiful! 
"I.L.Y. Son " Mom + Dad. Thanks 

Jon C. MacQuarrie 

Domonic P. Mariano 

"Signs of the Pride" Gothic Hippies rule 
Midnight Bridge jumping summer of 91, BHC, 
ECD. UPF, LH DSkins Ha Ha Ha MeatI 

519 of Course. Posse. 

Chinny Randhandy . Gone! Thanks for the 
Ming Runs. M.H.: Scout. I.G.Grondma. Sols. 
Gus. Jade: Tag Up Boys. Roche: L Y.L.A.B 
Stories w/Sr Mocker: Wait . S.T.S. Ref. H R. Bosox 
Clap. W H S. Fearsome 4some. Homemade 
Cooler 2 Key. Never stop fighting till the fight is 
done - Untouchables. Thanks Mom & Dad 

Timothy R. Malloy 

Robert (Bear) Marples 

Boyz in The Hood! Family Rich, Scot, Ed, Timmy, 
Tim. Rob. Mad Rats! Hey chong! ED start some 
shot! Rich Don't Worry! Scot 16 Years and 
Runnin! Green Box Prom 91 AS. Scraperaabe, 
Scraperkane The balls. Neil, Gillis, Fricker. 
Bobby, Vance, kv. Thanks Mom Dad. DHS 
Thanks for Nothing! PALS 

Mictiael P. Manganello 

Anthony A. Mastendino 

Driving Hurricane, Are U Ugly? Isn't that a 
personal question Officer'' Who wonts to live 
Forever, There can be only one. I only do it 
once a year. Shirt Rotation, T.G I F who's bra is 
that! Tattoo U.. Airborne Ugly Keep me away 
from Glass, I didn't do that I think, C R., T.L.. 
N,M.,J.S.,J + P. F.C.A . L.T..J H. 

Studying Yiddish and Swahili will finally lead 1 1 
greater wisdom, unless you already have thi 
mojo Before I forget. Organized Rhyme wc: 
worth the time even though I didn't make 
dime. See yaol 

Martin C. Marchewka 

Richard D. May 

"Just give me lOminutes " T.M .Swahili Jeffmar 
Pinebark, Butch. Jackson44 signs. Hockey. Go 
Capt. Billdog "DIDO," Billy Idol, Steve Mille 
Jackson and Richard St , Pongfesf 90'. Atillc 
You The Man!, " He just got paroled, " Why di 
we have blues?. Marc Tramp? Race yo Mot 
Thanx Mom & Dad. 

16 Seniors 

VHOOSH.Ifs a new beginning, 
3labbermouth-10:41 , eating turtles. Beverly 

iills(D,K<B) Bubble Butt-you are very 
^iioriginal Slobes-Flaghunt Slides-airport rides- 

•latty. Beliefs. Gwids. Sting. Nov 3, MISERY. 9:21. 
Moriarty slaps(slips). Amy-Steve 
Miller(what?*!!). Prom 91 .SW-DYD. B.I . Lauren- 
tunnelvision . I did eor ttie M&M s! New Year s, 
red+whiite=pink jelly beans' We re in junior 
high! Always ReNember the Skids' Sunshine 
Dreams do come true! Love you oil. Swiss miss. 
Thank M/D 

Heather Ann Mazanec 

Geddy! 519! What's up! Rupenzal. Want a 
stoggie^ Baseball »8: Rand Handy vacations: 
BOSOX: We re from Virginia. We re from New 
York: BRUNO: Kenny T. Danny K, foreskin'' 
You're the man: Flash, Whiteley, Huna, Gus, 
Vige. Roche, White, Da Boys': Pumpkin Hunt 
90': See yo later, DHS: Thanx M, D, C, K, M 
Pavlov's Dogs 

Sean A. McCarty 

Brian D. McGrath 

I am outta here! How about D,S.!!?? I am the 
king of yardwork! Tennis court, F.Y. sign, "Are 
you gonna die soon,- 3:30 a m in Norwood, 
T,O.C,, the choir, and J R., Poof!!, Holy Grail, 
Snow>' evening. The Prom, France '89, 

David A. McHugh 

I build myself a brave asylum 
And ask all the madmen to play host 
And when the colours all fade away 
It's time for us to give up the ghost. 
BEVIS FROND (Mission U.K.) 

IVIary Lou IVlcDonough 

Football #89 Mr. Lague C L Wease J.H, 
Kelsey! Oh awful! go to Bed! The 4th clownin 
around with R C The crash Nuuuuuu, Long 
talks with ED The Hype! The Family. Saquish. we 
walk from here Barbados Hey Bus with B.G. 
Tiimm Hawk Burt Cancun. Boathouse thanx 
MOM DAD WHIT It s been real 

Robert McGoodwin 

Jennifer L McKenna 

you re not here for a long time so why not make 
it a good time K.L.M.S.L.N.C.M.M. always 
remember the pack, girl's night-in. Psycho I. II. Ill, 
Boston, surprise parties, and pool hopping, 
make sure you always keep in touch. Brian. 
Thanks for always being there when I need you 
Prom 91'. Glory of love. 777. Virginia. J K we 
have plenty of good times together and more 
to come I love you Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Craig I love you guys 

Lynne Marie IVlcKeown 

'Think of what a betfer wona it would De i' 
everyone had cookies and milk about 3 
o'clock every afternoon and then laid down 
and took a nap,' The Pack, 747, 'You just don't 
understand!' Girls night in: Green M&M's. 
Henry, Montana, Sting. UNIT-Quarters??? 'my' 
UNO hat-never lose it' "I 'm not supposed to tell 
you but - ■ T2etc Remember, 'It was only high 
school." Thanks Mom and Dad. 


"Whatever is worth doing at oil is worth doing 
welt" War, J\K,S,M, ^l.V F. '91 , Hoop, beach 
tower, F,F,R.,B.L., Toaster, "here is your 
change", L Caesar s, "snow ". Palace, nutter- 
butters, no-gas, T-P, YC'91 , "on the shoulder" , 
skids , drive-in, playground. Thanks RP&TP-BFF. 
Love yo lots Mom & Dad! Keep smiling-happy 

Melanie McLean 

Boyz N The Hood, Let s Gank Em! Rob, Tim, 
Chris, Timmy K,, Ed, Mike, Rich=The Family. Rich 
RELAX we won t get caught! I Eddie-slow down 
ya gonna kill us! Mike Best Friends for Life We' 
walk from here! cellar siamas-The Flip- 1 00 Miles 
and Runnin- M.E.R.=Pals. Ma, Thanks!! 

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with 
the saints, the sinners are much more 
fun...E,D,R,M,K B.F.F Thanx 4 everything guys! 
M B. 4:00 am. D R. Hi Guys, 151 E C. 
W.T D B G. NOOK! R.S. -Jeremy's a sweetie, I'm 
proud of ya! Freddy 1/30/89 UR the best. I'll 
always love you. 

Shelley C. McNeil 

Thanks for the memories - J.K, K,C, A.R, W.P, H,F, 
M.F, R.S, KT, E C, T N, J.H and everyone!!! I'l 
never forget you guys. Sisters - Ally, Kane, Tougs, , 
GNO's. Ply "P" S.O-Rebels! Montreal, Melissa-i 
shut-off Lugh-3-Kane. Humrock W/Twins. Trips s 
to Norwell W-J.T.,K.B +L.K. Pit Parties. Mcy D'si 

Prom '91. "Queen of wishful " B.P.C, J,K■^K.C,, , 

Kim, BFA, Thanks Mom + Family. 

8/1/91 cut it, there it goes 100 miles and 
running. Jeff Road trip to NJ. Drive-by GB you re 
going down, (call) back my A—. S.N.M no 
good being clocked 24-7. Slick sow, give me 
the key. Take it out Ax. 5-0 on tail. Later 

Lorl Miller 

It has been a long road but the future is here at 
lost! Hell night '90, U Lost that lovin' feelin' , DDD, 
SNE, headlight , The Secret Compartment!, 
HRC!!, BMWPA-TY. Busted'' We don't Need No 
Education Feed the Hungry, KCUF the Horney 
J+N, P+L, Party 4-eva P.J. ILU Always! Good 
Luck everyone. Thanx Mom, Dad + Heather, I 
owe ya! 

" It s so hard to soy goodbye " / Never 4 get the 
Skids/ Oh Heath!/ Misery/ 9-90/ 1-1-91/ 
Beiiefs/ Cheerleading/ Prom '91/ M-i-D - Thanks 
for all your support You've been great / Thanks 
4 being there for me Jim You'll always be my 
best friend I love you./ Good Luck '92, 

Elizabeth A. Mullaney 

" I don't want the world, I just want your half," 
" The extreme always makes an impression,' 
When rotated I pulsate! 1 00 Rock Lobsters, Rico 
Suave, Rope rolls, J Henson 5-16-90, Ho-Jo's. 
Bagel, Thanx for everything- don't forget me. 
Femme Head Cure Head? I Thanks you all - Lots 
of Love! 

20 Seniors 

Ufe moves pretty fast, if you don t stop and 
ook around once in a while ■ you can miss iti ' 
=,B,D,0 Mizery, Silly. DUNGAL Nov 3 = Miz. 
AT.B D , Chrysler memories, seafood. Lauren ■ 
MASH. Sunday River 90, Ann: 1/2 hour wipe- 
outl Keel *44 (the real one), Flyday, Boomer 
*7. Sogarloaf '91 - R.R in the rain! Bri - always be 
Dfoud! Thanks M.D.M +B! See Ya DHS! 

Melissa Ann Mulligan 

Fellow classmates remember your dreams, 
reach for the stars and once you get there 
don t ever let go CUT THE BULL' JH & RM (the 
Rotz), Saquish, Hale's pit. Garth's field, my 
house. Wrestling. 10th hole DYC, Lookin' good 
fellas Thanks M&D&J&K 

Spicoli " Remember the trainin'. to say ya 
prayers, eat ya vitomins.' "Since it never 
happened we ll just pretend it didn't ' 

Thomas John Needhann 

"True friends never say goodbye, ftiey simply 
say I Love You' . The Pack-Thanks. Possessed. Be 
very.very quiet . Green M+M's. The Comer, 
Random, Supposibly, If, Fall Crusin', AT - 
Conservation Officers. Henry, Montana, Gossip 
Sessions, Is the car in drive''. Fishbowl, Purple, 
747. 519 - NOT! Lovin' Feelin', Hard Rock. 
Dangerous, Sting '91, Unit, Girls Night In '91. 
^hanks M+D+A 

o long D H S I enjoy it! You got no business 
OBU Homo Doma' "Hey Jay. ttiere goes your 
ilanket " CTR Pong Repertoire Cosh flow 
■AAAATH: It's a beaut Bn. Arab, Dove Kid 
Juota: H.S. Ball. Legion *19: Juan y Chico Un 
Satzl; Jeff. Greg. Mom and Dad. Thanks for 


Kristinio G. Nordohl 

Life IS what happens to you - while you are busy 
making other plans l hove to thank my Brothers 
and Sisters for helping me out along the way A 
person couldn't ask for better parents 


Kevin R. O'Donnell 

"Counting time s not as important as making 
time count " LaLa Palooza rules!! See ya soon 
Montreal J C +J S s pool, and Diving J.C , 
A B..P W +j L Reject savad. The T and Boston 
K A.- Brown eyes Chris snake lake here we 
come P D.- Frosty The Rope swing. I have no 
gas, Thanx Mom and Dad and M. ILU and 

Seniors 21 

' Singing of the good things, and the sun that 
lites the day Hear my song - Sing along. Any 
little song that you know, everything that's 
small has to grow," - L Z -To everyone, I'll never 
forget, but our growing isn't over yet' Sarah - 
always keep your "True Colors'. Charlie - 
"Thank you " Mom, Dad and Rob: I LOVE YOU 

Jillian F. O'Shea 

Whitney W. Parker 

K C La-La-La Bills 'Ith S M Queen of 
Wishful, Stowe "WAS" Amy-ILY S C - 
'BROOKS" CDB J K, -A, R, -A S, -"Special 
Friends" Pit Parties! Purity Parties! GNO-300D- 
Mike F-I'll never forget you-ILY, M.F -J.R -JJ's 
Hotel Cal J,K.A R Fri. 13th R,P.D, lyl.L,-Oct 6, 
1989- You II always be in my heart. ^/l■^D■^E 
Thanx-I love you. 

I d never want 2 belong 2 a club that had 
someone like me for a member - W Allen 
Deb +BEFETERS worse night o'my lif Nina Bowl 
Ninja moves Melange potpouri The ZIPPER 
Lebanon O C M Jello Big dude. Dance w/ 
me^^ I Love you Mom, RJ M, C M, S B, M JEJH, 
P R +B2B■^Stephen I hrt you 2 toe Dr Prrrrrrrrr. 
52 pick up'' V.V. 4-27, Run! Shine on You CRAZY 
diamond. Best Wishes. Uh/Oh,#9isoutof time! 

Kathryn Lucy Oates 

Amy T. Partridge 

Thanks to my friends. We've all had some good 
times together Hey Heather good luck next 
year I'm gonna miss ya, Joe love you 
always. Mom and Dad Thanks. 

HEY NOWi Kenly: Our friendship is strange. 
SHAKE ITi All Nap H Burgers. BWH Tigas' The 
boathouse " It s a place where I con be myself, 
where no one will judge me for my ideals or 
wealth" -The Socials n, AM, SK,WH,CH,SJ, MB. 
JT: You guys are the best Tyng-Thing: Thanks for 
always being there. "God only knows how 
much I Love you " SEALThanx D s. M&D, J,C,R J 
I love you. DHS: You can keep my things. 
They've come to take me home. 

Casey Ochitera 

Matttiew S. Ptiippard 

GONE! / 519-Posse/The family/4hrs late/cuffs/ 
D-Jing/MacGuyverness/Popcorn/Hole in 1/ 
E B /N B P /Scams/The Audi's Dead/The 
Lemon/Hoops/Oblo Di-Obia Da/Life is like a 
Red Sox Game, you win some, you lose some, 
some get rained out. and it seems that you'll 
never win the world series, but some day you 
will /Thonx M D A R L D G 

Good Friends, Good parties. Great parties/ NH 
runs/ Band Battle 91, The Tripp/ Wotzup G./ 
Prom91 H. F. / MM. MM. /The Pitt Posse/ PB the 
twins/ M.F., T.S., P.M,, J R.. K V. We Outa Here 

Vance L. Parker 

Rachel Amore Pllla 


22 Seniors 

jime B/F/F-St Thomas. Barbados, Utah. 
(ontreol.-.Grover. T C I C . Claire. Annet. Cats. 
tiGSTAR. Boomerang "Let s go auinch + 
5ve a yap' Sisters-(Rebels) PSOSM . 
y..K.T..(Hjv yo) Special Fnends J K .W.P.A.S. 
lediginci (Total party Not) Tracey H.M. Jim, 
C. Invito. G W F-Eddie. Rich carry me. 
:rapanello. Scrapakane. Scraparabbe. 
3ime. Stacey. Trocey. Knsten. Amy. W-hit. 
elen. Bfooke (my.). Ed. Rich. Scrappee. John- 
au're ttie best. M.D.A Thonx 

Alison S. Roabe 

Steven J.Rees 

KDple tell me home IS in the sky ' — e:*. .es 
spy. I wont to be more like t^e cceo" '.o 
Iking all action Vote Republican having an 
)SOlutely good time seorchmg for ttie chick in 
3 red jacket Going Baja Because Gordo 
ows bowling. 

I d rother laugh with the sinners than cry with 
the saints, the sinners are much more fun 
Meliss-where did you get that CB'' 281.151 
R.M.E.K.S B.F F P Parties GNO s Full effect 
midnight club Gertude MocGvyer CloBoy. 
Frosh in Bushes Hi Guys' Cousins Int. Flammin & 
Princess HMTO. Hi there officer! Ttianks Mom 
Danielle & Joe SEE VA BETTYi 

Darcy Lisa Raymond 

Jacelyn Jordan Rhoads 

Thanx skids, prt crew and Heidi , foe always 
being there. ILUFinnateeays! Slides-newH. 
Beverly, pit/pig parties, where awvwwe 
we'Steve Miller^''''' soccer lights! what fire? 
10;41. what mailbox? Thanx Ted! prom '91- 

You're young, life's long, there's time to kill 
today No 1 toldUwhentorun.lvemissedthe 
starting gun Hoyd FROSH IN D BUSHES' PAL Sj 
H.R.D.M J. TOUGS Rather laugh w/sinners than 
cryw/sts Slides U R so tarded! CANADAi Rd 
Hkv9r' B C SguysFEALDEREDIHoodtheP C. 
thanx M&D Bro. Sis LATA' 

Krista R. Reagan 

Susan E. Riser 

i d laugh with the sinners ttian cry with the 
saints, the sinners ore much more fun - Billy Joel 
- Eeyore - Open till 2am even if ttie shades ore 
down - Godmother 

Maryland - Beach at night - Thespians - Prom 
BM - Thanks Dad. Mom. Jim, Tom. Paul, - E- 
Thanks. Miss you - Red Eyes 

coop Cycling. Cycling, and more 
Cycling Rut. ..Elvis is 
DEAD G L .A.H ,D.P .S B..G.B What a Fred! 
Who cm I. Where am I. Why do I feel the 

way'' TDF I II get there somedav 

Brendan C. Recupero 

Belinda A. Ritter 

Lost in Limited -Boston. CK.EG K F _shakewell 
and Lift, never ending cabin saga, spouner. 
D.G + MR.B- Accelerate! J. M E - Qcemeup, 
MR. Smart A. N07 a beauty SokDn. Daisy X 3, 
mama E Yummy! Long Live D.Crew - M.C.D 
Mod-X J+RF-Thank For pool arxJ Free Lurx;h. 
G L-A.MMom + Dad + Jomie.Thonk yooForol 
your Love and support. 

Seniors 23 

friends a guy could hove. It s only heoi 
Lightning, OK, Rockland Remotch, HAY 
CHONG any body any body Prom 91 
MF.MM.CG Let go out back WP.MFJJ Hotel 
CAL, Beverly what a ride home JR. HL SLOW 
DOWN Mom + Dad Love YA 

James Roberto 

II want to give thanks to God for giving me the 
opportunity of living this experience which I om 
sure I will never forget. Also, I will not forget all 
the people that made this possible and 
especially my wonderful family, the Peters, 

Why?/ 519-Posse?/ Baseball #9/ I wish I had 
one of those!/ Football Capt, #29/ Alex, get 
over here now!/ You gotta beef?!/ BBQ and 
OJ/ Prom '91 - Thanks Beckie (23) and good 
luck/ all Natural weekend (168)/ Scout/ Dare - 
Get Up!!/ Ranhandy Gone!/ Wait ,,/ Sting 
'91 / Jen ■ I love you and thanks for everything. 

Alexander Rogozenski 

Daren. Jay. Dave friends forever! Remembers 
wiffleball, manhunt. Sunday football. See yaj 
Yeah baba! Good Luck Boys! Jen. Glory oU 
Love. 727. pool time. VA, Prom 91'. thanks forji 
the time of my life, I Love You, Mom. Dad. Markli 
thanks for all your support You're the greatest! i 
I Love you 

James M. Rutowski 

Rut '92 - football #26 - Track 220-440 Elvis is 
Dead! - TimeSup ■ Thank you family - Thank you 

Michael A. RutkowskI 

Yep, H,J,- Sick yet? There's something about 
teddy bears that Flabby Russel. what do 
you have to pick up for your mother, really'' 
C A Do you want these pine needles'' Mimi 
Tubing on the boat A B Florida. Waterville, 
bad movies, P,D, -I hold the powertoo ruin your 
life "MMMMM. Yep" 


Jeffrey M. Seger 

Efilnikufesin '92, Adrienne. I'll always Love You. 
John 8/1/91-Balloon, "Give Me The Key! " Dino 
- R A J, 8t C O T so SLABKIL, AB's Jr. midterms. 
"Kaplan. How do you like that , " Football #70 
Metallica ■ "Creeping Death" Sofar ,,So 
good, , So what! "See ya round Buddy Boy". 

24 Seniors 

"Remember the joys, successes and failures of 
the post but look to the future; there will be 
more of each ' Fridavs'. party wagon and 
RATI. GRACE, kim - how's your head'' Jen - 
bumped into any trees lately'' Girls night in/ 
Midnite Madness. PB&J picnic. SCREAM, I'll 
always remember you guys! I Thanks for 
everything Mom and Dad - 1 love you, 

Lori Leigh Shobert 

Some of the best and probably the easiest 
years of our life over It s on to the real world 
now Lata D H S It s been fun T G I.F - Football 
»77 - Colby - L M - Thonx for everything Mom & 
Dad D J C M D B Were out of Here Donei At 
last Let the Party Begin 

Jenn, "Those Public Places'" Summers 90 & 91 
Ocean City 91 CB I m right here! Maine. 
PMC, A FruitandLoop 8-19-91 x-on. J.J. E,S., 
oh whoever. OH YA Mikey. "Picture this " Paul 
- high beams Jenn. what should I do'' In deep 
like, Tom Rachel. Remember Carmens = Joey 
+ Kieth Red MustangG T convertable Thanks, 
M-t-D.K+D.C+T.H+J.M+P.M.J.R,J +T "we hove 
only just begun ' 

Jodi Lee Simoes 

"What d long strange trip it's been." My third 
high school. 2/21/90, Festival 90-92. Prom 91, 
YPST. Thanks to Mike. Mer, Kasey new Duxbury 
friends for making high school bearable Good 
luck in college + beyond "Life is a tale told by 
an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying 

519, POSSE, Montreal! Mias? TCBV. 
B.F.A._.A.J.E. Dot be me. F, position, BRUNO. 
Tag-up Ranchers, Henry, Potions'' Some Story X 
d (unbelievable), DUDE-Marco '91 , Phedre. 8- 
mission. I beg to diffa. Great Philisophicol 
Question!! Chirvk-Chink (yo righfi), car theory, 
patrrottc vandals. S B -Thonks for the great 
times. Carter's nose. LLLLLo, PURPLE!!. 
Montana. How yo doin Bud^. Jossha-Smoen. 
Mom, Dad, & Jess- Thanks for Everything!!! 

Amy Franklin Spring 

You guyi Rihe best! - KV,KB,LW BFF - CT SPECIAL 
FRIENDS- AR.JK.WP Braniff AR. JK Guys - 
MF.TS.KV.VP.JR.-Pit Parties. Fri. 13RPDProm '91 
-MM Purity Parties WC- 

KC.VJPARJK Highway Guys Ber- WP LoLoLa- 
KC Stowe, "Was' MF - Good Luck AL- 
Thanks for always being there - WP - Best friends 
- keep in touch LY ILY Brooks! Thanks for putting 
up viflth me. M -i- D +J -i- S. Good Luck SMS. 

" Dare to be different and follow your own star. 

Thanks Mom. Steven, and the rest of the 
family Tt>e lost 4 years have been great! Thanks 
Belinda and Kerry for making me feel so 
welcome in the 8th grade I'll never forget it ! 
Time rushes on and our time at DHS is finally up! 
Later DHS!!!!!!! 

Rachel T. Stadelmann 


Seniors 25 

"The way it is. the way it goes, it happens day 
after day " Tesla ■ Special thanks to Mom, Dad, 
famiiy, Courtney, ali teachers and coaches; 
always remember: Guitar, swimming, Barry, 
water skiing. Von Halen, Youth Group, having 
fun and not getting enough sleep 

John Angus Steele 

"Do not be disappointed if you have failed to 
change the world; be inspired if you have 
lightened even one person's burden for one 
moment..," DHLAKLA, Never could ve done it 
w/out you guysl D-Cayman. Amy-rides. Keel? 

! •. Beliefs. 9:25- What mailbox, officer? 

STOWE W.A S . Cheer, Whoosh, Charles, all the 
memories and more to come-THANX, I'LL 
ALWAYS LOVE YOU! ! I Thanx MDJ-I luv you guysl 
Best of luck to everyone. 

Aries is a flying bull. 23 What? 4 or 5 or many P's. 
Building 19, DOROK. J must f and d. D gets S. in 
the MO, "How many figures am I holding up?' 
North Hill Country Club Muggs, YJI We all hate 
a weasel The Warthog! 

Matthew W. Stewart 

So much to remember, too much to write / 
Guy/CJ/ TF/BL/ The Pits, ski-Tp "go,go" VP / 
Boston/KV, Bev/ Ship yard/ FB- all the cars. 
"Where are we "/ MF Basement P - out nights. 
To o grade that came all together. Thanks for 
the laughs, the parties that never die, and the 
best 4yrs, see YA Dux - police! 

Thomas R. Symington 

Heather Marie Szymczak 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not 
on your own understanding, in all your way 
acknowledge Him, and He will make your 
paths straight" Proverbs 3:5,6 South 
Carolina#l Band trips - ocean city C!) Mom, 
Dad, & Todd, Thanks for everything, I Love You, 

Jennifer Taylor 

AKA Tayl Thanks Jenny, Humptys, P, Crew, KP 
18yrs - Red? Gap and Hawk - memories SM. 
Some day Eddie RP4JM - that was the end of 
the innocence. This is absolute reality, "I close 
my eyes for a moment and the moment was 
gone." Love & Thanks Jay. M.D. and Will. 

"The futures uncertain and the end is always 
near " The Doors Hey Ladies. 281. Montreal. 
Coos Canyon . Aerosmith . Fun Spot. Hard Rock 
3/1 1/90, Boys "V" Soccer, T,L 
"UCan tTouchThis," Jen +Nic, B.D, S B, Thanks 
for the Memories. Good Luck RIc. A T. + Drew 
ILU MOM+DAD. Thanks, 

Jennifer A. Tougas 

Nissan breakdown. Carver killer girls. No I isn't. 
Miss Negative, Indecent Exposure, Are you 
guys sisters? Thanx for being there: R,T,, T,P, 
andBC ,111 never forget you Brian, Hold an old 
friends Hand: Kim, Laura, Elyse and Toby, 
Mom, Dad, Jim, Jeff, Joy and family. You ore 
the wind beneath my wings, I love you all, 

26 Seniors 

■you ttilnk your so skinny Trolllmon'' The Twins 
"We are family" Sisters. Rebels at Plymoutti 
Steepover Stace. Kane, Al K R your greeni 
3MGSTAR. CATS A hawk flew through my 
window! Tubin with Trocey L.L in the bushes 
3t HoJo ss Tridday woman Thanks for 
sverything Knsta, Trocey.. Jamie. Stacey. end 
MlyM loveyo Mom. Thanks' 

Kristen Tougas 

t was fun guys- T S. M.F. P.M. V P. B H. J.R The 
3itt-Beverly-Donut Chief - N H. B-runs - Mike, she 
"lasabeok -Thanks Mom. Dod.Tim. Dove = T J s 

"There's a hole in the bucket. 
DD.BBD.BC. Decoy, don't be o tree. Cope 
cod-hit the highway. Mamma Mia's. Apple 
picking, YMBFITWWW, How Green', Thespian 
Troupe, Pizza Dude, Misery, Hunter, Summer 
Dance, Sleep overs. Open till 2am evenifthe 
shades are down. Thanks Gramps, Love You 
Mor^ Dad Lisa Michael ' 

Jennifer A. Tzamos 


Thomas C. Vautin 

"Wanna take this out to the parking lot?'/ 
■Room Service!' Hey B stay in R/ Derek I'm 
surprised/ Tm Movies/ +42 What?/ Skiing in the 
fog/ "Give me back my shaving cream!'/ 
Deep Thoughts/Caught on the Cope/Stuck on 
the Gurnet/'Was that a Stop Sign?'/Bye 

"I went to the woods because I wanted to live 
deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck 
out oil the marrow of life, to front only the 
essential facts of life, and not . when I came to 
die. discover that I had not lived,' 


Slithv Toves , D P S Breadl Loaf 

Margaret W. Upham 

Hockey. Soccer #18 PJ. SP. JC, DB - 5 Musk. 
Poles (Bike Race) SM cellar slommers + the list. 
100 miles- Family - Soquish "o classic' summer 
'90 HW- the Egg - N,H, - PD the Journey's Ski 
Trips. B- Marsh. The Hood Memories last 
Forever Thonx M+D and Greg - Good Luck. 

Shawn J. Vallee 

They soy that we are the future, we nve n the 
present, but we will never forget the PAST! 
Sometimes you KICK sometime you get 
KICKED. Balled of babes/HRC/Hell Night/S.Ol/ 
MJP like CB/another Sot. Nite/Gossip/RESPECT/ 
DDD/Bimbo/I wont your S_X/U just don't 
understand/Mrs. Goodwrench/MMA/HC5/ 
GW scam fest/not in public/U lost that lovin' 
YOU /Ml!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Seniors 27 

Each Dream in your heart lies within reach just 
believe in yourself KCSBRBHMFCL & ti 
everyone who made me smile - Thanks Ber, KC 
CCmm . . Limo leak SBorjescn - my sis - 1 miss you 
BFF, Chris ■ Remember -6/17/88 - I will always 
love you ■ we were meant to be - 2285. I miss 
you Gmpy MDCJN - Thanks 143 

Cara N. Wait 

Montreal, Mori Pierre. Happy Birthday HO-HO 
Idol - Where's Drollet? Going to Johnny's 
tonight, anchors! 25 years old believe it. Chris. 
Erib's. "I think he car is on fire''" Flynn - Were 
busted! - Prom '91, Are you insane'' Holroyd - 
Bluw Bomber/ Norton/ Scituate kids - the BIRDS! 
(whoops) " where the heck is Andrew? " Thonx 
M&D. Later ya all! 

Brendan P. Walsh 

"If At First You Don't Succeed. Try, Try, Again" 
"Kim. Love Always" "D.H S. GetaClue" "There 
must be some way out of here, said the Joker to 
the Thief, JH' "Well I'm Off Like A Prom Dress 

Reggae 91. Billy Idol. Prom 91. Rockland 
Football Gome. New Years Eve, the lights went 
out, Chris's Parties, Loon '91, The Sistas, Sleep 
overs. S20 bills. Friends Forever-L.G.. S.F , 
C H ,,H ,C ,E .C , Florida with trocey-B F F (Mike & 
Jeremy. George) The FarFors Clan. Skids, 
Thanks Mom. Dad, and Cap 143. 

Jennifer L. Wheeler 

The time has come, but never say goodb/e 
unless you are ready to leave. Rugby queen, 
goodwrench, #3 Satan Sister, tomato face, 
M M, A H C.-BUSTED. HRC, New Mexico, Green 
M&M's, Sting', crystal light, emergency brake, 
moocher, movies, fluffanutter. LLLLLLA, 
bondage #2, Floppyruler. Nerd camp?-L.M, It- 
Never drop it! Respect, soccer gomes, 
questions, Shua. Fax me, Y. gossip group, 
advice anyone'' Bye Eyes, Alex-Memories are 
forever, thanks for being there. You guys are 
Great Thanks Mom, Dad, Chip + Sharon-I Love 
you all! 

I wish I had one of those! 519 all natural 
weekend 168, Dave White Charm Sting(What 
year was thof) Burger fest at Rogos house You 
gotta beef? U2 Rules Golf carts Ming runs. Get 
up-NOT! Stein "29 " Duxbury Soccer #1 Johnny 
"Relax "! Scout! Navy Seals! "Pinebark"" 14 Days 
Straiight. Thanx M+D. 

Andrew R. Whiteley 

519 POSSE. Montreal. SCOUT, Sting, Nick"s. 20 
minutes. BJKKKK. best summer of my life! Ann 
Rand+Tom got back together! MONOMAN. 
Nice guys finish last, UNIT! Mush. Mush, See 
You re Phedra die! Field Trip! Dapper. Navy 
seals me up! Sorry Henry, Hoops #?? 

26 Seniors 

1 As times went on I had thought I wouldn't make 
t. Now I see that I was wrong. HEY "KRIS" Thank 
Vou for helping me out And Meg thanx for 
outting up with me. Thanx Mom and Dad for 
sverything. Love you both. Kris Always 
i emember and never forget Dr. GoodfeeKFeel 
3ood) ' I'm out of Here!!!" 

Kerri Williams 

Nell J. Zoltowski 

B 1st grade. Wayn's Wackos, 4th hole DYC, 
leCrosh, Saquish-teh Walk(Good guys- bad 
uys). Bay State Games(MM s), Collins "Freeze 
-#!?'", The Vineyard, 100 miles. Green Box, 
le Family, "Chill Out" Amherst, Hale s Pit, Navy 
sals, Prom-Butters(?), Arnold Bertha Claudia , 
uke..., Thankx Ali+Shayna(ITYIW), Jessica-I 
DVE YOU Thanks M.D.S+J. 

"Ohm, Ahm-I'm gonna foil science."/ Cajun 
Food/ Liz +Toni Live/ Wibble/ dithery/ Mad At 
The World/ Monty Python/ "Change" concert/ 
black shades, paper clips, anti-social 
negativity/ Denny's/ Emily Brent-"What?!!"/ 
Orange Things, irrodescent jellyfish/ the cross. 
Pine Valley/ "Summer's Gone"/ Second Wind/ 
GOD RLJLES!/ "I left my life in San Diego" 

Toni Williamsen 

Carolyn Haley 

Friends-Prom '91-F.H, -Girls Night Out!-The 
Lady-i-50?'s-More rolls-The road-Size 5-Bumble 
Bee- " I just went to the bathroom " -The sock-Put 
Stanley away-"l'm Tired"-! Miss YOu- 
"Memories live on"-Behind the G.C. -Skinny- 
Sorry Mike-Laurie, Shayna, B.F.F. -Tanya-Mrs, C- 
L.L.-Bro-The Family-the Sistas-LUG. 

Football #78 Thanks coaches. Teammates, 
saul for your support Indecent Exposure, 
Papas Place, The Street Fight, Hey Everybody- 
I'm Hangin' Brains! HERPIGNUGEN' Kimber, 
Jen, Laura-Look! A Fist! Thanks Kimber, Jen, 
LAura, Turtle, Ricky, Brain, Tim, Mom, Dad, Todd, 
Troy for putting up with me. I Love You All 

G. Tobin Wilson 

Rebecca Hardy 

"Not I" Wally Wagon/'Scort (Gun!). Reject 
Squad=AB.DWJC,JL Hey Homie!(Have Tom 
gimme a cheeseburger) 'Berg"-The deed is 
done S>K> Walks at Bay Farm'' Pow, Bang, 
Boom, Nothing White Women Wejgab 
Thanx Mom and Dad 

Patrick T. Winn 

Chris Lambert 

"The Family" S M E C R CM M T F R M T K 
Hangin' m the Hood. Goin' to Parties -Gettin' 
Busted Remembering Scot +Tim/Hoc key. 
Rich/on L G ,Mike/5d Party, Rob+Tim/ 
Footballl,Ed/the blazer'P O.S. S.F. (almost but 
not quite) L.G "The Stump" Luvya2. S.M 
Bestofpals Thqnks 2thetown "F.T.P," Good 
Luck Guys. I made it. 

Seniors 29 

Ukrough tHe years m sometimes forget 
MovJ %oe aU. exactly met 
'We 've stucl<iit out through thicf<iand thin 
Sindnow zue 're cCoser than we 've ever been. 
g.L !)oe 's and 'Barbie CDoUs 
Soon made way for hasliethafCs 
Riding trif^ onddimBing trees 
Could never measure up those sacred car ^ys. 
from the semi formal to the Trom, 
The menwries created xviK forever live on. 
9{ffW we are going our own separate ways 
'But we '(( ^ always remember our younger year days 

9^egan Lawless 
Lynne Mc'Keotvn 
Catherine "Bowes 
(Melissa "Dupuis 

30 Seniors 

Con you guess zuho zuc are?? 

Clockwise:). Catherine, Lynne 2. John, Tom 3. Jill, 
Susan, Jen, Susan 4. Patti, Susan, Shayna, Ann, Amy 

5. Rich, Rob, John, Neil 6. Brownie Troop 353 7. Eddie 

6. Claris, Aaron, Marty, Ryan, Josh, Matt 9. Mrs. Duffy 's 
fourth grade class W. Jamie, Tanya; 1 I.Scot 12.Daren, 
Todd 13. Tracey, Kenly M.Darcy, Jen, Melissa. Kristen, 

Seniors 31 

, \ / / 1 ■ 

" rtil Ate" 

Sea of Love 

^Anticipation, (Preparation and ckdication. 
Led to a night fu([ of fun; 
There was much e-^^citemcnt in the air 
on ^prilZ? th nineteen hundred and ninety one 

"With clicking cameras at their sides, 
the coupks entered two By two: 
^rm and arm -with their date 
they stroked into the ocean blue. 

(Mermaids, fish and sunl^en ships 
made the gymnasium sparl^ and shine: 
Dancing, food and photcgraphs 
9(fpt everybody feedng fine. 

^ the "DJ played the finai song 
we realized it was time to depart; 
The Sea of Love rippled out lif^e the tide, 
But the memories stay close at heart. 

bii ■Elizabeth :\noll and 'Danuile ijair 
Jen McKenna and Brian Rountree 
enjoying dinner at the prom. 

All Barber and Kenly Brozman all 
dressed up witti no place to go. 

Aaron Boghoslan, Heattier 
Johnson, Emily Reed, and Jason 
Santelli; come on Mom, that's 
enough pictures. 

Bill Gould and Shayna Ford. Let's 
go back to the castle. 

Catherine Bowes. So many guys to 
choose from. 

Stacey Medici and Kim Crawford 

Mil<e Manganello, Shawn Vallee, Tom 

Symington, and Darcy Raymond take a 

Jen Wlieeler & Matt Phippard dance the night 

Josh Solomon, Sarah Benjes, Jon MacQuarrie & 
Lynne McKeown Jon your shoes are untied 

Sarah Steinice, Heather Mazanec, Elizabeth 
Knoll, Heidi Leary, Danielle Gair, Ann Cobak and 
Amy Brault Waiting patiently for their dates to 

34 Seniors 

Jill Erikson, Jen Baragwanath, Jody Simoes, & 
Rachel Dorfman All tuckered out 

Laurie Wenliamjracey Crowley, Jamie Kane, - 
"The Three Amigos!" 

Jason Norcross and John Gouzoules ■ "Smiley, 
happy people - why aren 't you holding hands? " 

Julian O'Shea & Steve Reese eating under the 

Todd Harrington and Megan Lawless - 
"Opposites do attract!" 

Laurie Gustin, Shayna Ford, Carolyn Haley - 
"Smile, you're on candid camera" 

Lori Miller, Sarah Leahey, Tanya 
Voloshen, Suzanne Gillbert 
Sarah Bettuchy & Jillian O Shea 
outside at lunch (above) 

Jason Cincotti, l^att Harris 
'Nasty Boys' (right) 

Best of friends - Elyse Gaynor, 

Kim Lehman & Jen Tougas 

Susan Riser, Susan DeHart & 

Jennifer Tzamos - all dolled up 
(below right) 

Jim Roberto & hAike Friclcer 
Ready for a hot night on the 
town (center) 

36 Seniors 

The Skids at the beach - Heidi 
Leary, Danielle Gair, Keelin 
Moriarfy, Lauren Duffy, Heather 
hAazanec, Ann Cobak, 
Elizabeth Knoll, Sarah Steinke. 
Amy Brault (left) 

Whitney Parker and Amy 

Spring - "Freeze-frame" (below 

mu ■■•■■■■■■■■■a. 'Hal 
SS ■■«■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ 

"■■■■"■nSflHM^^HBa ■■■■■■■■ 

^■■■■■lliil^'a aaaa^am 
'aaaa>>>ai iaaa aaaaaaauaa 
aaaaaamaaȣBa aaaaaaaB 
aaae;«B££t aaaa . aaaa aaaaa 
. '''-'a»aa aaa -a ■■ ■ ;■■ 
M "laaaa BMaa aaaaaaaaat. 

r l kI^sssssssss: 

fiaaa aa m 

mf *mSzz'Azzz 


Robert Hale. What a clown! 

Girls Swim Team Captains: 
Courtney Grabarek, Sarat) 
Leatiey and Lori Miller, (top 

Hey Pete, Don't leave me 
tiangin'. (above) 

Go wt)ite girls, GO wtiite 
girls, GO! (above rigtit) 

Wtiy didn't you guys dress 
up? (rigtit) 

42 Seniors 

Ally Raabe and Jamie Kane hitting 
tlie slopes. (Top left) 

Erica Chrusz and Darcy Raymond 
In the Sunshine State. (Top middle) 

Darcy Raymond, tvtelissa Bray, & 
Rachel Stadelmann in 
Montreal. (Top right) 

right; Where 
guys?(Kristen, Shayna, Laurie W. 
Laurie G., & Tracey.) 

Todd, h/legan. Matt, Sarah, & Josh 
Can you pick out the 5th wheel? 

48 Seniors 

/ . Robert Hale and Rachel Sfadeelmann 

2. Kim Crawford and Vance Parker 

3. Shawn Vallee and Amy Brault 

4. Sarah Benjes and Matt Stewart 

5. Tracey Crowley and Eddie Coakley 

6. Matt Harris and Rachel Pilla 

Superlatives 49 

50 Superlatives 

Superlatives 51 

52 Superlatives 

f mmiCAL 

Superlatives 53 

Clark Anderson 
Christopher Andrew 
Peter Andrews 
Jennifer Baragwanath 
Alison Barber 
Adrienne Barnes 
Sarah Benjes 

Sarah Bettuchy 
Aaron Boghosian 
Renee Boisvert 
Catherine Bowes 
Amy Brault 
Melissa Bray 
Marc Brennan 

Heather Brinkert 
Kenly Brozman 
Michelle Burrill 
Craig Butters 
Garth Cavicchi 
Nicole Cesario 
Matthew Chin 

Erica Chrusz 
Jason Cincotti 
Edward Coakley 
Ann Cobak 
Lori Coggeshall 
Janries Corbett 
Richard Cordeiro 

Kimberly Crawford 
Tracey Crowley 
Helen Ann Cushing 
Susan Dehart 
Peter DiPersio 
Rachael Dorfnnan 
Lauren Duffy 

Melissa Dupuis 
Brian Dwyer 
Jonathan Dwyer 
Jessica Eriich 
Jill Erikson 
Kimberly Fanning 
Deborah Farrell 

Darci Fencer 
Toni Ann Ferretti 
Kerry Floyd 
Timothy Floyd 
Jessica Foley 
Michael Foley 
Shayna Ford 

Michael Fricker 
Danielle Gair 
Gregory Gammons 

Margaret Gates 
Eric Gauthier 

Suzanne Gilbert 
Erin Gillespie 




54 Seniors 

Seniors 55 

Margaret Nesbitt 
Jason Norcross 
Paul Nylen 
Kevin O'Donnell 
Jillian O'Shea 
Kathryn Oates 
Vance Parker 

Casey Ochtera 
Whitney Parl<er 
Amy Partridge 
Matttiew Phlppard 
Rachael Pilla 
Alison Raabe 
Darcy Raymond 

Krista Reagan 
Brendan Recupero 
Jacelyn Rhoads 
Susan Riser 
Belinda Ritter 
Alexander Rogozenski 
Brian Roundtree 

James Rotkowski 
Mictiael Rotkowski 
Jason Santelli 
Jeffrey Seger 
Lori Stiobert 
Peter Shumway 
JodI Simoes 

Joshua Solomon 
Chanda St.Denis 
Rachel Stadelmann 
Sarah Steinke 
Matthew Stewart 
Heather Szymzak 
Jennifer Taylor 

Angela Tomasi 
Jennifer Tougas 
Kristen Tougas 
Jen Tzamos 
Margaret Upham 
Shawn Vallee 
Keith Vanderbilt 

Thomas Vautin 
Tanya Voioshen 
Cora Wait 
Laurie Walsh 
Laurie Wenham 
Jennifer Wheeler 
Andrew Whiteley 

Toni Williamsen 
Tobin Wilson 
Patrick Winn 
Neil Zoltowski 

56 Seniors 


''Turn a bobbly tike, 
swam 'Kalopal\iis by name, 
that btowed bubbty breaths, 
unto the 'Du(u?(eborough grains. 

"Study, you bastard! ", 
pucjnacious pop 's hoii preached, 
"^(eddU yer bottom ngetcher 
arse off the Beach!! " 

'Twos huskish, Twas broad, 
the first teach that til{e met, 
and to heck(e 'n heCf 
and to hell the tiks dfret. 

'Then on to the 'Junior, 
9{pu' off to the 'High, 
Tiid once squiggly youngsome 
now fret upon bye? 

"9(p, 9i(p... ", cried 'Kalop, 
as an eye gentty wept, 

"I sha[[ forever remember days 
good learnt and u'e[f spent, 
Jimongst the grains of 'Du[u\eborough High ' 

'By '^(icl<i!A.nzivino 

Robert Hale and his new friend 

Laurie and Kim, smiling and sewing 

Hey Amy! Say "cheese "! 

Marty and Rogo all set to graduate 

Catherine, Lynne and Kenly beginning 
sun worshiping at an early stage. 

Why didn t you guys dress up for 

Jamie, Jill andTanja. Hey Tanya, your hair 
is brown? 

Katie and Kenly, is that hat alive? 

Seniors 57 

Nick and the Girls Soccer 
players: Nick Achin, Kristen 
Lucier, Megan Driscoll, Katie 
Saunders, Priya Costa, Becky 
Dubray, Jess Tighie. 



Nicholas Achin 
Kristen Ahern 
Kerri Allen 
Colin J. Arpe 
Michele Atkinson 
Amy Boziey 

Trine Beck 
Susan Bennett 
Leslie Billingham 
Amy Birdsall 
Kathleen Blake 
Justin Bourne 

Alyson Boyea 
Peter Breen 
Rosemary Brocco 
Kristen Brogna 
Andrew Burchard 
Sarah Burchill 

Sarah Burleigh 
Margaret Callanan 
Brian Comoro 
Christopher Caplice 
Heather Ceccorelli 
Todd Centurino 

Scott Chase 
Casey Childs 
Christine Ciccone 
Cindy Cleory 
Colleen Coakley 
Tora Connell 

60 Underclass 

Duxbury Free Library 

Michael Connelly 
Glenn Costa 
Priya Costa 
Emory Cranston 
Mictioel Critcti 
Patrick Curley 

Josephi Deody 
Kattiryn DeMello 
Kelly Desmond 
Bryan Dotierty 
Ryan Dotierty 
Brian Dowd 

Sean Downey 
James Doyle 
Ctirist Drinkwater 
Megan Driscoll 
Rebecca Dubray 
Jane Duffy 

Matttiew Duffy 
Jason Duggan 
Mary Kate Dunn 
Francesca Durante 
Eryn Eori 
Kristoffer Eriksen 

Elizabetti Person 
Rebecca Floyd 
Amy Flynn 
Leslie Gigliotti 
David Goldberg 
James Gorman 

Underclass 61 

Jennifer Grady 
Michael Grandy 
James Gray 
Meghan Griffin 
Amy Gunnarson 
Amy Gurry 

Beth Gurry 
Hilary Hacker 
Amy Hahesy 
Andrea Hamel 
Ami Hanigan 
Jennifer Hanlon 

Peter Hannan 
Craig Healy 
Robert Hitchins 
Thomas Holland 
Laura Horton 
Nicholas Instasi 

Heather Johnson 
Julie Johnson 
Mark Jordan 
Matthew Kaufman 
Adam Kelly 
Abigail Kiley 

Erik Koplovsky 
Christopher LaGreca 
Todd LaPorte 
Deanna Lawrence 
Justin LeBart 
William LeClair 

Maria Lehman 
Andrew Leonard 
Matthew Long 
Jonathon Longley 
Edwin Loring 
Courtney Luce 

Kristin Lucier 
Glenn MacGarvey 
Cynthia Mackerwicz 
Brian MacKinnon 
David MacNeil 
Jarrod Maiorano 

62 Underclass 

Shane Malo 
Meredith Maluchnik 
David Martin 
Kristen Massaro 
John McCormick 
Todd McWilliam 

Sara McWilliams 
Kristen Meagher 
Maureen Metzler 
Williann Milewski 
Scott Mitchem 
Jordan Montminy 

Kathleen Moore 
Michelle Morreaie 
Donal Murphy 
Paul Murphy 
Thonnas Murphy 
Kerri Nangle 

Paul Neff 
Stocey Nichols 
Michael Nickerson 
Miochael O'Brien 
Clara O'Connell 
Jon O'Connell 

Mathew Olson 
Christopher Ott 
Joseph Ponnozzo 
Alexander Pevzner 
Gregory Piaseckyj 
Amy Pierce 

Pamela Post 
Kate Priest 
Mysteria Randall 
Mark Ravanese 
Emily Read 
Jesse Reed 

Tamara Reed 
Griffin Richardson 
Robert Rindone 
Heather Ritch 
Todd Roper 
Gregory Russell 

Underclass 63 

Heather Salsman 
Kathleen Saunders 
Brian Scott 
Patrick Shores 
Courtney Smith 
Justin Smith 

Erin Sochalski 
Christopher St. Pierre 
Jody Starr 
Sarah Stiles 
Andrew Stout 
Suzzane Szymialis 

Ryan Taft 
Sarah Tarbox 
Bronson Taylor 
Jessica Tighe 
Erik Tily 
Amy Tonaszuck 

Lindsay Zoccolante 

PPP ^ 

7. A. 

Leslie, Mysti, Becca and Casey 

How many shooting stars did 
you see? Or was thiat an 

Junior class officers: Kate 
Saunders, Pete Breen, Meg 
Driscoll and Sean Downey 

64 Underclass 

Christopher Tormey 
Jennifer Urquhart 
Joshua Vojcovec 
Amy Vangel 
Jennifer VanHaur 
tVlonique Vigneau 

Deborah Waldstein 
Brendan Wall 
Kristy Walsh 
Eric Weiler 
Jennifer Wellman 
Robert Wiley 

Amy Williamson 
Matthew Wirt 
Bonnie Wiseman 
Shelby Woodmansee 
Kerri Wright 
Christine Zieser 

Heather Salsman and Hillary 

Happy birthday to you! 
A Mack truck Friendly si 

65 Underclass 

66 Underclass 

Gage Albright 
Jeffrey Albro 
Marchel Alexarndrovich 
Mi-Haita Almeida 
Josie Andrews 
Elizabeth Barrett 

William Barrett 
Jenna Bartlett 
Rebecca Bartlett 
Richard Bassett 
Alyson Bernier 
Katherine Boo 

Stephen Braconi 
Jessica Bray 
Casey Brinkert 
Christopher Brokmeier 
Daniel Brown 
Kristen Bruno 

Kyle Butters 
Gregory Comoro 
Mothew Carver 
Joson Cose 
Timothy Casey 
John Cesorio 

Noelle Cochran 
Michael Condrick 
Meredith Cooper 
Christopher Coppens 
Katherine Cordeiro 
Shanie Coven 

70 Underclass 

Underclass 71 

Rachel Haddad 
Joseph Hannon 
Eric Harrington 
Kimberly Harrington 
Daniel Hoyden 
Abigail Hogan 

Lauren Hogan 
Holly Hokanson 
Stephen Holland 
Kirsten Hunt 
Jeffrey Imbrogna 
Erin Johnson 

Andrew Joyce 
Neil Joyce 
Chris Kane 
Andrew Kasimatis 
Rebecca Katz 
Carrine Keenan 

Brendan Killory 
Matt KIrby 
Daniel Klock 
Michelle LaGreca 
Thomas Lawless 
Matthew Lehman 

Steven LeLakes 
Brent Leiand 
Josh Leiyveld 
Austin Lipp 
Jason Levering 
Michael Lozano 

Christina Lyons 
Dana MacQuarrie 
Christopher Madden 
Alyson Marcell 
Matthew Marrone 
Kimberly Martin 

Carolyn Masiello 
Christina Mattson 
Jonathan Mazonec 
David McCarthy 
Katherine McCarthy 
Mark McGrath 

72 Underclass 

Matthew McMation 
Eben McNeil 
Taylor Merry 
Michelle Moore 
Matthew Murphy 
Catherine Nolan 

Kristin Nutting 
Michael O'Connell 
Michelle Patrone 
Robert Paul! 
Kurt Peary 
Kerry Phillips 

Jaime Quinn 
Jay Riordan 
Aleta Rogers 
Michael Rogers 
Vincent Rosalia 
Stephen Salvo 

Gretchen Sampson 
Melissa Scanlan 
Michael Scarbo 
Jennifer Schellenger 
Zachary See 
Drew Shoemaker 

Jonathan Show 
Kenneth Skelly 
Kathleen Slattery 
Aaron Smith 
Jessica Solomon 
Christopher Sossong 

Heather Stanford 
Christopher Steele 
Aimee Stretton 
Molly Sullivan 
Scott Svendsen 
Zachary Swan 

Paul Sylvia 
Andrew Taylor 
Laura Tenczar 
Frederic Tenney 
Heather Thibeault 
Abigail Thomas 

Underclass 73 

Weston Tighe 
Billie Joe Tippit, Jr. 
Jennifer Tormey 
Sean Tuffy 
Sarah Turner 
Tory Upham 

Gregory Vollee 
Jessica Vaughan 
Nicole Whitten 
Marl< Williams 
Eric Williamsen 
Kyrie ZIko 

V ■ 

■M '7 ^^^^^ 


76 Underclass 

Underclass 79 


Rachel Bartlett 
Sarah Bartlett 
Caroline Bear 
George Bezanson 
Adrianne Billlngham 
Devon Bingham 

Jason Bogan 
Danielle Bourgault 
Alexis Breiteneicher 
Ian Brudenell 
Matthew Bryer 
Nicholas Burchard 

Brendan Burchill 

Melanie Burgess 

Caitlin Bush 

Scott Campbell 

Cheryl Ciccone 

Molly Connelly 

Michael Cook 
Janelle Corn 
Amy Corr 
Patricia Cronin 
Matthew Crowley 
Benjamin Dahlgreen 

60 Underclassmen 

Matthew Downin 
Jennifer Dubray 
Mictiael Duffy 
IVIichael Dwyer 
Joy Edson 
Michael Eori 

John Scott Feder 
Timothy Fitzgerald 
Andrea Floyd 
Timothy Foley 
Nicholas Follett 
Matthew Frongillo 

Kristen Fuller 
Sean Gair 
Mark Gammons 
Jill Gianatassio 
Patrick Gillis 
James R. Gladden 

Erin Gorman 
Rebecca Grayl 
Rebecca Hammel 
Mary Beth Harnan 
James Harvey 
Michael Hearson 

Underclassmen 81 


Julie Heath 
Julie Herlihy 
Stephanie Herren 
Tayven Hike 
Alexandra Holmes 
Todd Horton 

Amanda Jehlicka 
David Johnson 
Laura Johnson 
Jeffrey Kelleher 
Patrick Kenney 

Marcella Knoepke 

Jade LaVoie 
Shelby Lawrence 
Jason Leary 
Keri LeClair 
Margaret Leonard 
Parker Littlehale 

Ryan Littlepage 
Leah MacDonald 
Kaurie MacElroy 
Eric MacFarlane 
Christian MacPhail 
Heather Magliano 

Brian Magner 
Sumar Maji 
Monique Mallery 
James Manganello 
Nicholas Marchewka 
Pamela Mariano 

John Marples 
Diane Masiello 
Mark Mattson 
Jill Maxwell 
Kristen Maxwell 
Kerri McCarthy 

Myles McLaughlin 
James McLellan 
Steven McLellan 
Margaret McSharry 
Joseph Mcternan 
Brian Meeker 

82 Underclass 

David Megathlin 
Keri Meyer 
Adam Michaels 
Jennifer Minoie 
Casey Moeller 
Suzanne Moffatt 

Melissa Monahan 
Christina Moore 
Sean Moron 
Siobhan Moriarty 
Owoin Moss 
Bryan Murphy 

Michelle Murphy 
David Murray 
Thomas Murray 
Samantha Myers 
Andrew Nesbitt 
Jeffrey Norcross 

Darren North 
Adam Ochs 
Danielle Ochs 
Marcus Papojohn 
Norris Peterson 
Ashley Phippard 

Sarah Piercy 
Erin Prescott 
Heather Pugmire 
John Pye 
Michael Rafferty 
Danielle Raymond 
Heather Reed 

Paige Rice 
Erica Rich 
Jennifer Rich 
Jaime Rindone 
Darcie Roberts 
Sarah Robson 

Alison Rogozenski 
Mark Rollins 
Meghan Roumacher 
Caitlin Russell 
David Rutkowski 
Teresa Sakash 

Underclass 83 

Jessica Salvo 
Michael Schiess 
Susan Schortmann 
Stepehn Sepeta 
Gregg Shepherd 
Meagan Shores 

Idalina Silva 
Charles Simons 
John Sjostedy 
Jamilyn Smith 
Jeremy B. Smith 
Jeremy C. Smith i 

Kathleen Smith 
Matthew Southard 
Susan Sperling 
Norma Spinale 
Andrea Spolidoro 
Sarah Spring 

Freshmen class officers : Steve 
Sepeta, Secretary; Heattier 
Magliano, Treasurer; Teresa 
Sal<ashi, Vice-President; Julie 
Herlitiy, President 

64 Underclass 

Jill Williamson 
Todd Wilson 
Trocey Wright 
Koroline Yetman 
Joseph Zablocki 

Fredric Tomasi 
Matthew Tosca 
Kara Tureski 
Jeftery Vangel 
Matthew Vigneou 
Rebecca Walters 

James Waugh 
Matthew Weatherbee 
Donald Wheeler 
Meredith Wilcox 
Colby Williams 
Michael Williams 

Me lanie, Sarah, Paige. Julie. 
Heather, Pam, Karoline and Sarah 
at break. 

Freshmen Homecoming King and 

Queen: Jim DeCoste and Julie 

Leaning Freshmen: 
Kristen Fuller. Jamie 
Rindone, Kaurie 
MacElroy and Keri 

Underclass 85 

86 Underclass 

Mark, Ben, Nick, 
Ryan and George do 

I Meredith, Cheryl, 
Kerri, Darcie, Suzi, 
Amy, Leah, and Molly 
show their school 

Best buds: Tracy and 
Brandi. Tracy, stop 
daydreaming about 

Danielle, Mary, Molly, 
Leah, Cheryl and 
Brandi go way back in 

Jill stretches out 
before the game. 

Casey makes her 
hair perfect for the 

■ ( 


Dr. Kennedy 

Dr. Hill 
Mrs. Dowling 
Mr. Hayes 


Mrs. Coogan 
Mrs. Gibson 
Mrs. Lagerstedt 
Mrs. Locke 
Mrs. Logie 


Mrs. Collins 
Mr. Freiden 
Mr. Hamilton 

Mr. O'Neil 

Mr. Walsh 


Mr. Buechler 
Mr. Cass 
Mr. Chamberlain 

Mrs. Delano 
Mrs. Heitzman 

Mr. Miller 
Mrs. Peterson 
Mrs. Stone 
Mrs. Sylvia 
Mrs. Thanas 






Miss Brooks 
Mr. Dellorco 
Ms. Shea 


Ms. Curren 
Mrs. Gouzoules 

Mr. Mueller 
Mr. Lagerstedt 


Mr. Burke 
Mrs. Mulcahy 
Mrs. Weatherlobe 
Mrs. Saunders 
Mrs. Gordon 


Mrs. Freyermuth 

Ms. Mcintosh 
Mrs. Ohanesian 
Mr. Madru 
Mr. Vinci 


Mr. Greene 
Mr. McAuliffe 
Mrs. Coombs 

Mrs. Smith 
Mrs. Vangel 

Faculty 93 

The 1991 season started out withi a bang, Ttie Dragons 
defeated Rockland 32-6! Thiis was just a beginning of great things 
to come. We went on to win 2 straight, then suffered a tough defeat 
against Randolph. We concluded the season with a tough battle 
for the Atlantic Coast League championship on Thanksgiving. 

96 Sports 

The boys team didn't have a banner year as usual. Even though the boys 
suffered 3 tough losses at the hands of Div. 1 foes Bridgewater-Rayhnam and Silver 
Lake and league opponent Hingham, they didn't rebound to win the Atlantic 
Coast League. The boys are on a roll in the league as they've won it 5 straight years. 
They defeated archrival Marshfield twice, but when tournament time came the 
boys weren't up to the task as they fell, the rebels of Walpole 3-2 in double 

98 Sports 

Sports 99 


This year's Girls Soccer Team, for tlie first time in hiistory went 
undefeated, 18-0. Captains Stielly McNeil and Kim Fanning led thie 
team to an incredible season. Ttiey had a lot of help along the way 
from Senior Teammates:Laura Braco, Melissa Mulligan, Tanya 
Voloshen, Lynne McKeown, Melissa Dupuis, Amy Spring, Jamie 
Kane; Juniors: Kristen Lucier, Kelly Desmond, Katie Saunders, Jess 
Tighe, Priya Costa, Megan Driscoll, Kerri Nangle and Mary Kate 
Dunn, Sophomore Jess Bray and Freshmen: Devon Bingham, Jill 
and Kristen Maxwell. 

The 1991 Girls Soccer Team - Eastern 
Mass Champs 

Ser)lor goal tender, Tanya Voloshen 
deep in thought. 

Junior mid-fielder, Katie Saunders 
gets ready to blast one toward the net. 

Captains Kim Fanning and Shelley 

Junior right wing Priya Costa outruns 
her opponent. 


100 Sports 

This year the Field Hockey Team had an interesting start with boys Eric 
Tiley and Justin Smith as part of the team. Due to the fact that several of the 
teams scheduled to play the Dragons declined because of the mixed 
gender, the boys left the team, allowing the girls to have a winning season 
(third place in the league) led by captains Shayna Ford and Laurie Gustin and 
Coach Sagesse. The team consisted of seniors Krista Reagan, Megan 
Leydon, Shayna Ford, Laurie Gustin, Kenly Brozman, Erica Chrusz, Helen 
Gushing, Ali Barber and Heather Mazenec. 


102 Sports 

Both the boys and the girls cross Country Teams had winning 
seasons. They also produced some superstars: Brian Dowd fin- 
ished his season placing third overall in the State Tournament; Matt 
Downin also finished the season with a great record. On the girl's 
side, Melissa Fallon ran well in the State Tournament. 

And they're off! 

Coach Ron Glennen with 
Captains Brian Dowd and Bill 

Hey Bill, fJlatt's only a freshman 

The 1991-92 Boys Cross Country 

Jason Lovering, Brendan 
Dowling, Chris Kane, Jed 
Hannon and Justin Bourne 

104 Sports 

The Girl's Cross Country team 
waits in anticipation. 

Kim Harrington. Siobhan 
Moriarty and Sarahi Bartlett wait 
to get to ttie finist) line. 

Captain Kim Letiman and 
coacti Terry Lister 

Mark Dunn 
contemplates the outcome of 
the race. 

Sports 105 

The four senior captains, Sarah, Lori, Adrienne and Courtney 
led the Duxbury girls swimming team to the Pilgrim Conference 
League Champs. The team went undefeated in their league. 

Holy Hokanson, Lori Miller, and 
Tory Fleming in the water and 
ready to swim. 

Swimming buddies, Amy and 

Holy Hokanson taking a break 

Stretching before a big meet. 

Manager Andrea Rodriguez 
and Captains Sarah Leahey, 
Lori Miller, Courtney Grayback, 
and Adrienne Barnes. 

Sports 107 

/ W Sports 

Captain Kim Fanning ready to 
recieve a pass. 

Heattier Magiiano, a frest)man, 
drives for a lay-up. 

Captain Kim Lehiman and Heattier 
Magiiano stay open for a pass. 

The Girl's hoop team: (top row) Ms. 
Laudermilk, Teresa Sakash, 
Kristen Maxwell, Erin Gorman, Jill 
Maxwell, Heather Magiiano, 
coach Pat Shea, (bottom row) 
Amy Flynn, Kelley Desmond, Capt. 
Kim Fanning, Capt. Kim Lehman, 
Jessica Tighe, Priya Costa. 

/ 16 Sports 

Oeniors Laurie, Jenny, Melissa and Ann. 

Captains Ann Cobal< and Melissa 

Colleen Coakley on the balance beam. 
Ann Coback does tier floor routine. 
Jenny Taylor on ttie balance beam. 
Ttte 1991-92 Duxbury Gymnastic Team. 

1 16 Sports 

Coach Tom Walsh with Captain 
Greg Gammons and Senior Shawn 

Seniors John Mercer, Greg 

Gammons, coach Walsh, Shawn 
Vallee and John Gonzulas. 

Jim Gorman faces off. 

The Vallee brothers team up with 
Jim Gorman and tJlatt Long 

Captain Greg Gammons plays 

Duxbury's potent offense. 

120 Sports 

Sports 121 

The 1992 Partridge "Stepping Stones " is ttie result of the hard work and 
leadership of senior editors: Ali Barber, Todd harrington, Brian Herlihy and 
Josh Solonnon. The yearbook is a year round production with meetings on 
Monday nights and several all day Saturday meetings. " Stepping Stones " was 
created with the help of advisors Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Salmela and Mrs. Santelli. 

Maria Lehman hard at work 

Meg and Jen look over the pictures 
Melissa and Ally deep in thought 
See Nick draw 
They even work together 

124 Activities 

AFS Americans Abroad: Craig Drollet and Casey Octera. 

' Andrea Hamell, Meg Lawless, Andrea Rodriguez, Heather Ceccarelli 
and Sarah Leahy enjoying the AFS Holiday Reception at the ARt 

Linda Coombs, the AFS advisor. 

126 Activities 

Andrea Rodriguez 
Sa Marta 238 Playa Ancha 

Amin Chamorro 
Tacuary 567 

Iris Asche 
3250 Hamelin 1 

Tinno Kalrl 
Huvilatle 7 
65210 Vaasa 

Timo, Iris, Andrea and Amin. 

Officers: Heaftier Ceccarelli, Jolin Dwyer, 
Josh Solomon and Todd Harrington. 

The AFS Bus Stop 

Andrea with her family, the Peters. 

Activities 127 

130 Activities 

Iris and Lexi play fheir bassons. 

Matt Stewart, Jeff Keay and Bryan 
Doherty play in the Brass Ensemble. 

Mary Kate Dunn trills on tier flute. 

Susan Riser smiles for thie camera 
as she plays ttie violin at tt)e Art 

Dave fvlartin plays the bass. 

Members of the chorus watch their 
Director attentively. 

Katie Oates, Dave Walden and 
Paul Stewart play their strings in the 
Chamber Orchestra. 

Nicole Kasimatis and Student 
Director hAr. Taft. 

738 Activities 

Activities 139 

Joe Deady: the computer whiz. 

Mike Nickerson delivers the 
tube to a class. 

Griffin Richardson monitors the 
visual equipment. 

Jason levering gets ready to 
take some videos. 

140 Activities 

Student Life 15 1 

A PAY m ™i OF 

152 Student Life 





m mm 


mm mM a uwmo 

MO&f OIF Ail mi 

mouom OF ornnM 


<-You BO mm-> 



Student Life 153 

Studints at 'Du^Serry 'Hi luv to 
proSe thee outermost Boumdries of 
tfiey're furrthest inteUectud reecfies 
(But only after fi?(ing tfieir hair). 

Sy U\(icl<iAnzivino 

Jen Dameron finds the floor 
quite comfortable 

Taylor Gregg gives Krista 
Reagan a tielping hand. 

Peter Andrews uses study hall 
for studying. 

Erik Tiley meditates. 

Brian Camera, Brendan Wall, 
Eric Koplosky, Tom l^urphy 
study the sports page. 

156 Student Life 

Tom Brown crams for an exam. 

Angela Tomasi even studies in 

Abby Kiley and Jenny VanHaur 
■ Happy students. 

David Goldberg waits for tlie 
bell to ring. 

Melissa DuPuis, f\Aatt Phippard 
and Nicole Kasamatis on the 
front lawn. 

Brendan Waist): a true student. 
Kim fanning can 't bear to iool(. 

Student Life 157 

Megan Lawless & Todd Harrington 

Chris St. Pierre & Cara Wait 

Matt Lagreca & Wtiitney Parker Helen Custiing & Steve Rogers 


Sponsors 163 

The only failure 
is to stop trying. 
Love Dad 

Take your memories 
with you- It's time for us 

to let go, You are a 
wonderful young lady, 
Everyttiing tias come 
togethier. You hiave wtiat 
it takes. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Jessica & Amanda. 

Bueno suerte, Andrea. 

Thank you for a 
wonderful year - it will 
be one we will always 
remember. Mi casa es 
su casa - come home 
again soon. 
Love your American 
Family - Dad, Mom, 
Nan, Kyle, Justin, 
Joshua, Jonah, Frank, 
Mark & Jasper. 

Soccer #14, D.H.S, "Oh, That's Cool", 
"dude", "Chill" 

Long hair, black, turned-around baseball 
cap, guitar, Metallica 

Caring, sensitive, kind, dependable 

Chicago, Wisconsin, Cape Cod, Captive, 
Space Mountain, Haunted House 

Family Times, The lanes, Easter egg hunts, 
Christmas, Chinese Food, peanuts 

A person as special as you are is rare. We 
are so proud of who you are and of the 
kind of person you have grown to be. The 
future is waiting, we know it will be bright. 
We love you and we will miss you. 


164 Sponsors 


We are very proud of you and thank you for 
the joy you have given us. You have always 
given the best of yourself in everything you did & 
your acconnplishments show it. Let your integrity 
& compassion for others be your guide & you will 
always have happiness. Our love and 
congratulations- Mom & Dad 

Who Is ... humorous, 
loving, musical, crazy, 
loyal, smarl, unique, 
caring, nature lover, 
avid reader, and 
sometimes lofally gross- 
and someone we are 
very proud of and will 
love and cherish forever. 
Who else- But Berl- love. 
Mom, Dad, Slace, Dana, 
Hoover, Georgia, 
Phoenix, & Ivy. 

Dearest "Whittles", You have 
given us continual joy and 
many reasons to be proud. 
May you always keep your 
positive, cheery outlook; 
sincere caring for animals and 
mankind and that twinkle in 
your eye! God bless you, With 
all our love, Mom, Dad & Ed 
Keep in your heart & mind: 
the value of time. The success 
of perseverance. The dignity 
of simplicity. The worth of 
character. The virtue of 
patience. The wisdom of 
economy. The power of 

We love you for 
who you are! 
Love, Mom, Dad, 

P, V, R, J, 
and of course P. 

"The only way on earth to 
multiply happiness is to 
Congratulations Tom! Thanks 
for the love and joy you have 

brought us. We wish you 
happiness, peace, and love in 
all that you do. The world is 
open to you- shore your gifts, 
don't worry too much, hove 
fun, drive carefully, and don't 
forget to call your mom! 
Love, Dad, Mom, & Jim 

Sponsors 165 

Dear Nicole, 

We cannot believe that you will be going off to 
college soon. We wishi you a life full of tiappiness, 

joy, and many personal accomplistiments. We 
know you will continue to nnake us proud of you. 

Love forever. Mom, Dad, & Jotin. xoxoxoxoxo 

You did it your way! 
Love, Mom, Dad, & Mary. 

... if I tiave faithi ttiat can move mountains, and tiave not 
love, I am nottiing. I Cor. 13:2 

Cattierine, Your faitti and love have carried you well and 
have been a joy to all of us. We are so proud of you, and 
we are behind ( and under) you every step of the way!! 
Always take that faith and love and your wonderful sense 
of humor with you as you "ride" into the future. 

WE LOVE YOU, Mom, Dad, Heather, Ralph & Tour 

166 Sponsors 

Congratulations, Greg! 
We're proud of you- 
you'll always be a #10 with us- 
Have a ball! 
All our love, Monn, Dad, Matt, Mark, & Meggie. 

Feelings-Smiling admiration for one whose heart speaks 
loudly its love for all good folk - Pride in a person who has 
always had the courage to take the high road - Excitement 
for the discovery and adventures that are about to fashion a 
life - Love for our daughter who fills our minds with serene 
confidence, our souls with the light of her dreams, and our 
hearts with the love only we can know, feel and share. 
We love you, Mom & Dad 

I I 


Brian, Ttianks for taking the road less traveled. 
Love, Mom, Dad, & Mark 

To Alex, 
May you always 
walk tali 
like a man. 
"It's better to have 
been in the arena 
and tried, than not 
to have been there 

at all." 
Love, Mum & Dad 

Sponsors 167 

Congratulations Ali! From your first day at 
school ttirough> your last, you tiave always 
made us so proud. You're a very special 
person. We will treasure ttie memories. 
Mucti love, Mom, Dad, & Drew. 

Jennie Page- Our 

joy- dancing 
throughi our lives, 
Mom, Dad, John, & 

We are so very 
proud of you! We 
love you!! 
Mom, Dad & 

Jason Santelli! 
You've given us joy, love, 
and laughiter. You are a 
very special person and 
we couldn't be any 

prouder of you. 
Love, Mom & Dad. 

168 Sponsors 

Through broken bones and 
special friends and years of 
toothless smiles, your humor, 
kindness, caring, and quiet 
determination have always 
made us proud. 
All our love. 
Mom, Dad, John, Julie, & 

Congratulations Jennifer! 
You have made us very proud to be your 
parents. We know the future will hold much joy 
and happiness for you. 
Love ya, Mom, Dad, & Craig. 

Amin Chamorro: on the occasion of his first grade 
graduation- You've come a long way baby! May 

the long time sun shine upon you. All love 
surround you. And the pure light within you guide 
your way on. We love you. Hasta la vista baby & 
come home soon and often! 
Mom, Dad, Win, Ian, & Tiffany Franke 

Sponsors 169 

You'll always be our "babe"! 
we are so proud of you! 
All our love, Mom & Dad 

From Dallas to San Diego to Duxbury, from 
Orange Car clubs, to Ded Rebuls, to iridescent 
jellyfish, h\gh school life with you has certainly 

been a "trip". 
"God Rules" your adventurous life, and Eph 3:20 
is our verse for you. We are so proud of you and 
send our love as you and "The Thing" leave for 
college. But always remember: "The world really 
is flat!" 

Love; Mom, Dad, Erik, Sunny, . 

J 70 Sponsors 

Thanks for being 
you! Love, 
Monn & Dad. 

Shawn Vallee - Congratulations! 

"Let today embrace thie past 
witti remembrance, and the future 
with longing" - Gibran 

"Live long and prosper"-Spock 
Love ya - Mom, Dad & Greg 

Goals are dreams and wishes 
that are not easily reached 
You have to work hard to obtain them, never 
knowing when or where you will reach your goal. 

But keep trying! Do not give up hope 
And most of all, never stop believing in yourself. 
Love, Love, 
Mom, Dad, Kyle & Joy Mom, Dad, & Becky 

Congratulations Tanya! We are proud to have you as 
our daughter. You posses all the qualities necessary to 
survive and excel in your most important years ahead 
of you. You hove high expectations, a unique 
personality and you take much pride in everything you 
set out to achieve. Your family loves you very much and 
wishes only the BEST for you. 

Love - Mom, Dad, & Paul. 

come a long 
way baby! 

Witti all 
our love., 
Mom & Dad 

Sponsors 171 

172 Sponsors 

174 Sponsors 

i I 

As you go through life 
And work so hard 
As we know you do, 
Stop to dream 
They do come true 

God gave us you, that's proof they do, 
Thank you Josh, we are so proud of you. 

Love, Dad & Mom 

Thanks for the memories, Iris! 
Love Mom & Dad 

Way to go, Chief. 
We enjoyed every minute of it! 
Keep on reochiing for the top. 
Love Mom, Dad & Whitney. 




Sponsors 175 

AARON BOGHOSIAN - Congratulations! continue 
being yourself - you hiave nnade us so very proud of 
you - Reach) for ttiat "snowy mountain"! Love Mom & 

MICHELLE BURRILL - Nellie - For all you've been - For 
all you are - And for all you're yet to be - We love 
you! Mom & Dad 

JASON CINCOTTI - Jason, This year tias been quite 
an "adventure"! Congratulations!! Love, Mom & Dad 
HELEN CUSHING - Helen, Ttianks for all ttie love and 
sunshine you have given us. The world is waiting for 
you. Lovingly, Mom, Dad, Mary & Mike 
PETER DIPERSIO - Congratulations Peter! Love Dad, 
Mom, Tricia, Paul, Michelle, Barry, & Sarah. 
SUSAN DEAN DEHART - Don't lose the spark! Look out 
world... here comes our SusanlWe are very proud of 
you. Love, Mom & Dad. 

JILL ERIKSON - The world stands aside to let anyone 

pass who knows where she is going. We are so 

proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad. 

DANIELLE GAIR - Our beautiful, loving daughter, you 

light up our lives. Congratulations! Love, Mom & 


SUZANNE GILBERT - Thank God for You, the wind 
beneath our wings. Love, Mom, Dad, Merri, & Nicki. 
ERIN GILLESPIE - Fantastic! We are proud of you! Love 
Dad & Jody 

MATT HEMPEL - Don't let the smoke get in your eyes- 
Mom & Dad 

KRISTEN ANNE JOHNSON - Best wishes in all that you 
do and the greatest wish is for your good health. Love, 

TIMO KAIRI - The fact is, "Mr. Grandgrind," that we love 
you. We are going to miss you terribly. Nakemiin, Mum 
and Dad. 

SARAH LEAHEY - "Yea, Doobie!" 

JEFFREY KEAY - Thank you Jeff for all you are and for all 
you've given to us. We love you. Mom, Dad, & An- 

RYAN LYNCH - Your smile lights up our lives!! Con- 
gratulations! Love, Mum, Dad, Sean & Chris. 
JON MACQUARRIE - Dear Jon, Thanks for the memo- 
ries! It's been great. We love you. Always, Mom, Dad & 

LYNNE MCKEOWN - May D.H.S. graduation day be the 
beginning of happy and prosperous years ahead. We 
love you, Lynnie! Dad and Mom. 
JOHN MERCER - John, We love you very much and we 
are very proud of all your accomplishments even your 
"Tail". Love, Mom, Dad, Chris, Shaunna, & Tara. 
LORI MILLER - Lori, may happiness be yours forever. We 
love you and we are very proud of you and all your 
accomplishments. Love, Mom, Dad & Heather. 
AMY T. PARTRIDGE - We are proud of you and love 
you- Mom & Dad 

NEIL ZOLTOWSKI - We love you- We're proud of you! 

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The Sweetland Northland Health Group 

Mnspilfll A Health ( arr (OnsuItanL^ 

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Phone: (617) 934-0551 
Fax: (617) 934-0877 


Holy Family Parish 

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Congratulations to Shelley 
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Implant and Family Dentistry 

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Sciences, PSAT and SAT prep 


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Mention Yearbook for $25 OFF Testing 


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A senior living community based on hospitality 

You are cordially Invited to explore an exciting, 
new lifestyle option on the South Shore. 

Experience what you'd expect in a full-service 

• Spacious one- and two-bedroom homes 

• Indoor pool, fitness center and walking trails 

• Atrium greenhouse and outdoor gardening 

• Guest suites for visitors 

• Restaurant-style dining 

• "Main Street" including convenience store, 
bank, beauty salon and barber shop, 
lounges, and library 

• Creative arts center and woodworking shop 

• Wellness, preventative healthcare programs 

Call to arrange a tour of our Model and 
Information Center. 


The Village at Duxbury 
286 Kings Town Way 
Duxbury. MA 02332 

1 -800-696-9744 or 6 1 7-934-9744 
Senior Living Never Looked Better 

Sponsored by Welchi Healthcare & Retiremeni 
Group. Inc. and the FIDUX Group. Inc.. a limited 
partner, and an affiliate of 


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