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T^e Partridge 2005 

Read? for tl?e Stars 

Duxbury High School, 130 St. George Street, Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332 

Duxbury Free Library 

To the Class of 2005, 

If we could give one piece of advice, it would be to 
"Reach for the Stars." No matter what obstacles stand in 
the way, don't let your voice be silenced. 

In a time where words like "sketch," "decent," and 
"w icked" are used in a different context, we picked upon 
then meanings and adjusted to change. You are sent out 
with these lessons and your knowledge from Duxbury 
1 [igh to succeed and brine food to the dinner table. 

Our class is a community of diverse individuals, who 
have established a legacy that will be forever remembered 
in Duxbury High's history. 

When you leave Duxbury never forget the past, but let 
your future lead you to the stars. 

Good Luck Class of 2005! 

Sincerely yours. 

The Senior Staff 

Duxbury High School Yearbook 2005 

Meghan Caldwell John Lynch 

Jessica Dennis Felipe Moitinho 

Alex Hallowell Abby Saulnier 

Greiz Herrmann Caitlan Sheehan 

Stephanie Keohane Miranda Zappala 
Meggie Linde 



Let's Not Wait by Ron Atchison 

Wc will meet again my friend, 
A hundred years from today 
Far away from where we lived 
And where we used to play. 

We will know each others' eyes 
And wonder where we met 
Vour laugh will sound familiar 
Vour heart, I won't forget. 

We will meet, I'm sure of this, 
But let's not wait till then... 
Let's take a walk beneath the stars 
And share this world again. 


4. ^ V 

Christopher Longford Abbott 

I udaens is tool, so is streel racing" 
l Retse for lift TENT "If you don't 
gimmic my cell phone charger I'm gonna 
scream!" goin' 2 aveni's oflroading and 
messing in the harbor "I've never been so 
thirsty in my entire lite!" 2 words: Sum- 
mer "()4 awesome times "remember in 
scooh} doo " \bha /abba, you my only 
friend!" |a> I luv >a mike scan pal nick rip 
lorn krob so main good times, so little 
space k n st. i in my bestest friend I love v ou 
mom. dad. court, mea. thanx - I love you 
guys - PEACE. 

Ste\ en Johnson Ahem 

Ma\ vim be poor in misfortune. 

Rich in blessings. 

Slow to make enemies. 

Quick to make friends. 

Bill rich or poor, quick or slow, 

Slav you know nothing but happiness 

From this day forw ard. 

D/iekuje. Matteuc/. Pete. Graham. Ben 
KAz. everyone. 

"The test of success is not what you do 
when you're on top Success is how high 
you bounce w hen you hit bottom." Pattern 
It's been a quick 4 years and to all mv 
friends, u no who u r Duxbury Lax4 Slate 
Champs #9... Sweet ' Golf with the bear 
and bill boxspring with dees barnyrubble 

at kyles 17 wake at eagles the grail 
tenin ball game parrot Saquish...ehh 
family: Mom. Dad. Ross. Steve. & Erin - 
Thanks for everything Good luck '05 / 
"May the w ind always be at your back and 
the sun upon your face." 

Holly King Andrcscn 

"The thing about life is that you mu< > 
survive. Life is going to be difficult, and l 
dreadful things w ill happen. What you do ( 
is to move along, get on w ith it and be i 
lough. Not in the sense to be mean to i 
others, but being tough with yourself anfl 
making a deadly effort to not be defeated" 
- Kathrinc 1 Icpbum . 

(iood luck everyone! Thank you. 

■ s 

Constantino Arthur Armeies 


Whitney Keller Annicelli 

A monk traveling through a remote area encountered a hungry tiger The 
tiger chased him to a precipice where the monk cfabed'dbwn a vine 
hanging down the side of the cliff. Halfway down be noticed that below 
htm were two more hungry tigers, licking their chops m anticipation 
Then the monk looked up io see two mice chewing at the vine upon 
which his destiny bung. Turning his attention to the cliff beside him the 
monk saw a smwberrv plant win one luscious, perfectly ripe strawberry 
hanging out of a crag. He picked the berry . popped it into his mouth, and 
said "Ah. delicious 1 " Thanks fam. Friends, nothing but support What- 
ev a. do vhjt I wjm. Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow, 
if I can. . "We are spoon-fed life one second at a time, remember and trv 
tot^eowbiteaiirjii)e.eD)o%n.chc« itupeoodbecauseeachbnewri 
be different horn the last and'the bites that follow will nev er be like the 
one you just took. . "-vou have no idea. Truckm' 

I just want to start out by thanking my family for helping me 
through all the tough, but fun times here ai school. I still can't 
believe that it is already my last year in high school and I'm 
gonna miss these fun years of my life. I'm not gonna say that 
I won't enjoy college as much or more than high school, but 
I definitely won't find the kind of fnends I have here in this 
small town south of Boston. The 'cud.' we have had some 
good times even though I have only been here for like two 
years. Always being together ov er w eekends, half the time 
not doing much, maybe w atching Super troopers, and other 
fun shenanigans. The Bam was also an amazing place that 
some of the guys created to make it into a fraternity after my 
boy blue and frank. The person who owns this palace 
reminds me of a person that I want to be when I'm older and 
his name being Frank-the-tank. The amazingly attractive 
women in our cuddy have been an important part in having 
such a good time whenever we are together. Meow, to end 
this as fast as possible before I say something dumb. I just 
want to say thanks again for such an amazing time and time 
to come. I love you guys.peace.. 

Alexander Xavier Arana 

rybo mello polcan dahlen cip lucrh bl 
meg jen amanda it's been an amazing! 
years RUF10 #4 BANGARAN| 

"Dripping in this strange design, none is 
yours and far less mine." - PHISH - enjoy 
that 20 ,h Anniversary show. Melymuka 
McMahon Byrne . . . lets play baseball 
andjam. Various spots with Forbin. Hajji. 
and Duke Ellington. Lax = rippin' bigs. 
You're crazy Hollywood. Grossman. 
Guzmon. Goosemon. Goose. Where are 

we goin"? shells? "Set the gearshift for 

the high gear of your soul. . . you've got to 
run like an antelope.. . Out Of Control!" 

Christopher Roy Baker 

Phillip Joseph Baracewicz 

Congratulations to the class of 2005. After 
4 short years at Duxbury High School, 1 
have learned one thing, this is the best class 
Duxbury has ever had. I wish everyone 
good luck in college next year. And as Jim 
Carrey so often said. "Don't worry, I' m a 
limo driver." 

James Paul Baron 

"For God so loved the world that he gave 
his one and only Son, that whoever be- 
lieves in him shall not perish but have 
eternal life." 

(John 3:161 

Caitlin Elizabeth Bevans 

"There's a little bit of fruitcake left in 
I everyone of us" 

-Jimmy Buffett 

I Kate how many hours did we spend looking for 
sunglasses Kate. GKat... The Hook, enough 
i said Hey Catie Moore What block are we going 
j to Shelby VA Beach was awesome and now 
, Disney To the gang thanks for all the great 
memories Prom '04. Softball, the trombone 
boys. VA Beach, the limo Thanks Mom. Dad. 
Connor, and L lam. I made it thanks to you guys! 

It's not what you know, it's what you do 
with what you know -Unknown 

Best of luck Class of 2005 

Peter Charles Bizinkauskas 

H00MIS SHIELDS - U guys are the best stay chill. And the ladies 
• U girls R beautiful I love U all. Caitlan. L'R the best babe. "Eat. 
dnnk and be merry for tomorrow we die "~DMB. Nothing to do 1 
"Awww SHELLLS dude " HIGH thanx 4 keepin me hydrated. 
I'll miss I) spig. Shuttm' it up. comin' in smellin like gaahlic and 
lookin like a green peppa. FOOT BASEBALL. And after all this 
time I ha\e only l regret. MOM DAD thanks Good Luck JEFF 
Dude we gotta booounce. hit up the dollar menu 

Amanda Paige Boc 

Eventually all the pieces fall into place, until then 
laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and 
know that ev ery thing happens for a reason. & #82 1 7; 

05 early & often. Jenn - my other half, inseperables! 
Barbie twins! late nights, dance parties. DD° Cheer 
Captain & #8217; 04 - luv you girls! Shoe-Stones! 
Mandy - since 4th AHH SHELLS DUDE (thanks to 
y ou hughl Cips - nut Squish To my boys - the best 
of times spent with you! LURCH' Billy' Xavi/ 
Timmy D - Good luck next year! Timmy CI Cip - 
love u kid! Steve - unforgettable. Your only as strong 
as the tables y ou dance on and the friends u hold onto 
- luv u& #8216; 05 ladies. This has 

all been wonderful but now 1 & #82 1 7; m on my way. 
Good luck class '05 - thanks forthe memories! Mom 

6 Dad I love you - thanks! DoN't StOp TilL yOu 

Marissa Emma Bondi 

"Things change & people change but it doesn't mean you forget the 
past. It simply means that you move on and treasure all the 

People who need special thanks: SB. AS, KN. AC. DM. AH. AC. To 
my tnends w e have had some aw esome memones: Pable. "Workin the 
corner" (7 3 04) Watching "Barbara" with Troy. Little bump. The 
guys al "Friday s". 90 down Temple. Canada 02. D-nights at the beach. 
Good luck Class of 2005! Thanks Mom. Dad k Jay for p utting^ 
up with me. 1 love you guys! -^T^ 

Seniors Jy^ 

Slav (he wind always he .il your hack .iiul ilk- 
sun upon your face And may the winds of 
destiny earn sou aloft in dance with the M.irs 
To my one and only Cuddy. .Love you guys. 
Summer '(>4 ah Ms been cra/y dude, in the 
office n ham. stogies at humpus. endless nights 
at shipyard, nh. he. fh the fh. rip ahe. brosive. 
grandpas, the tank, holy grail, ra/. the ham- 
burger. h2h's. COOKIE DOUGH, ghettos, the 
clubhouse. |s stee/. tb. ml. gym scshes. the field, 
backwoods, beach nights, backriver. baby 
games Mom. Dad. t:nc n Nicole., thanks guys, 
it's been great. 

I- 1 i/abcth Michelle Botieri 

"Work like miu dun't need the money, dance like 
no one is Witching, love like \ou hlVC never been 
hurt." Hasketball=Life Duxbury Girls Many Memo- 
ries Slecpovcrs L'nforgcttable-Magic Girls-Best 
Time Of My Life-Love You Always-Enn-Carolinc- 
Thanx For Everything-Cape Cod Good Times-Sun- 
day Nights-Gamty You're a True Fnend-Deca 
SCREENDOOR-Cuz Alex-We Will Never Be 
Apart- You Mean The World To Me-Dad-I Will 
Always Be Your Little Girl-Mom- You Have Made 
Me The Person I Am Today-Mike-Always There To 
Watch Over Mc-Matt-You Alw ays Make Me Smile- 
Sarah-My First Fnend And Best Fnend-Love You 
Guys With All My Heart... 

Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out 
our arms farther and then 
one fine morning - 

So we beat on. boats against the current, 
borne back ceaselessly into the past 

The \\ iiul will ne\ er blow hard enough for 
sailing, but Hen w ill alw ays be the messiah 
for cross country. 

Elizabeth Catherine Braconi 

"Whatever tomorrow brings. I'll be there 
with open arms and open eyes." Thank 
you to all of my friends. I love all youl 
guys! Awesome times! JAKE! "Evcryl 
new beginning comes from some other 
beginning's end." A special thanks to my! 

Molly Elizabeth Bray 

Yeah I called her up. she gave me a bunch 
of crap about me not listening to her. or 
something. I don't know. I wasn't really 
paying attention. - Dumb and Dumber. 
Jenn-to many good times and I think this 
quote fits us perfectly, luv ya! Blue you're 
my boy! "Old School Cory". Gymnasty 
Crew, Track Girls. Thank to Mom. Dad. 
Ben and Greg for supporting me through 
high school I love you all. 


Shelby Elizabeth Briggs 

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with w hat you 
can do." -Jotm woodm. Class of 2005: Thanks for the 
memories' GOOD TIMES! Missions. Beach Boys 
Nights. Villagio. U.N.H.. & Eh Guy FANTASTIC! 
Swabby Woo "Ho to my Lodge gals"; From council 
fire to night swims (ha), sisters & eaglets for life' Dad. 
Mom. Ash. & Hailey: My support system. Booger 
loves you! "Sometimes the best w ay to figure out w ho 
you are is to get to that place where you don't have to 
be anything else." -imknw™ 

Francis Joseph Buckley 

My basement strobe light. HUMAROCK 
Strip black jack Whalen's house. Ofl 
reading behind the mall P. Diamond... Nol 
responsible... the Pigeon Bob ur my boy 
The grav ity while it lasted. Lax is my life 
Life's a big joke, the only way to ge 
through it is to find the right punchline. 

Stephanie Loyd Buker 

'People's whole lives do pass in front of 
heir eyes before thy die. The process is 
balled living." "05 we did it. The HOOD 
• manhunt, campouts. my pook. cookouts. 
tnd Alex the best thing to ever happen to 
js. You guys are my family and I'd be lost 
,\ ithout you. remember "the road to a 
riends house is never long" and Marissa. 
no other halt. Canada. Plymouth. Temple 
St., beach nights, Troy, little bump, 
iarbra. Bettie and Debbie. Bill and those 
iurkeys. And many more. I love you Mom 
ind Dad. thanks for putting up with me. 

Meghan Herrick Caldwell 

Every new beginning comes from some 
ther beginnings end" -Semisomc Much 
)ve to my revo tata train sisters the gang 
nd everyone else you know who you are 
K/e've had some good times Gurnet Hal- 
aween '03 Meggies Prom'04 exorcist 
ight wendy's kiddo mamma earth blizzim 
utch jr lyle lovett's turndown airband 
:strun Rudy 2 kings orange claw squirrel 
4ario joggers talebib 1 8 day parade door 
louse The Littles cosby sweater it's a tw in 
ling star Shoutout to Farfars I love you 
uys Thanx Mom.Dad.Cristi.Josh - 20 
f ears: still chillin'. 

David Busch 

^ P*. 

L * .'..1 

Nathan Andrew Cannata 

1 hate school. I know I'll miss it though... mavbe. 
DUNKIN" DONUTS. I love my job! So. What are 
you doing later. Sudha' 1 Who w ants ice cream'.' 
Urn. Is this 500 characters yet'.' The HALO Minis- 
try needs to regroup. Fernando Torres vs. 
Temando Forres: an epic battle betw een good and 
evil. Bartlett's are the coolest people I know. Sean 
Meehan. Kris Winquist. and Samuel Doughty 
"Dooly" don't forget about me. HALO rules. 
HALE 2 more so. Honda «256 is my race car! 
United States Marine Corps: Here I come! 

Brendan Robert Byrne 

High school is a time of laughter and tears. 
The timesl laughed I'll remember, and the 
times I cried like a baby. I'll try to forget. 
To my friends who were with me through 
it all. . .keep sketchin'. Let the legends live 
on: The Spig, The Shells. B&B trips, jv 
Lax. Dave & Phish. Compliments to me 
for learning everything I know. Thanks 
Mom & Dad for supporting me and put- 
ting a roof over my head. "Life moves 
pretty fast, if you don't stop and look 
around once and a while, you could miss 

Meghan Elizabeth Caffrey 

"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams" 

To all my friends, you have been truly 
fantastic; there will always be a place for 
you in my heart. So many memories; 
touchdown cry ing buddies Jess, we'll get 
our roses soon surfer guys good, yes? 
torn/ mess!/ golf lessons bowling 
jimmy's picture driving time why? 
Thanks everyone! ! Patrick. Susannah, and 
Emma; you are the lights of my life, and 
I'll always be there for you. I love you 
guys. Mom and Dad. thank you for always 
believing in me. I'll make you proud. I 
love vou. Good luck everyone!! 

Jaime-Lee Capen 

"There is no secret to success. It is the result of 
preparation, hard w ork, and learning from fail- 
ure." -General Colin Powell. Mom. Dad. Ash. and 
Collin I love you guys so much. Coach, thanks 
for everything you have done for me. Swim 
Captain - Barbara Maria Rincon Nieto! King- 
fish - Torpedo! I love you all... "As our lues 
change come whatever we will still be friends 
forever" - So many great memories girls... 
Congratulations class of 2005 - Let the good 
times roll! 

Stephen John Caramello 

"Waiting for the time when 1 can finally say. this has all been 
wonderful and now I'm on my way." 4 years of torture 
finally over. "Let's just hit up the shells" Thanks for the good 
times. Thanks Hugh for all the necessities. DuxLax State 
champs 04 and many more to follow. Timmy- good luck, 
were praying for you. To anyone gettin' after it these past 4- 
enjoy yourselves. Thanks Mom. Dad. Jami and Jill. It's Been 
Real. Until next time... PEACE I'M OUTTA HERE ^ 



Caitlm Coleman Carroll 

I you to all m> friends throughout the 
scars lor all the limes and many fun 
experiences. I've learned the most from 
you guvs' Ivler sia> strong babe. I'm so 
proud of you' ( iurnel. Summer '01 .Coun- 
try, the magnet, movie nights. Rock on! 
The couch A( iA I N ' You ha\ e popcorn on 
you. countless memories! Thunk you 
Mom. Dad and hro's CLASS OF 2005! 

William Francis Carroll 

Tristan Lee Cary 

I have reached (he end of your book and there 
are so many questions that I need to ask you 
Sometime-. I .1111 afraid ol what y 011 might tell 
me Sometimes I am afraid this is not a w ork of 
fiction I can only hope that the answer will 
come to me in mj sleep, I hope thai when the 
world comes to an end. I can breathe a sigh of 
relief, because there will be so much to look 
forw ard to. 

Thank you for being there, to everyone in my 
life. You all have made a difference. 

Brian Patrick Cclino 

W hopper head "mista C clino yaw fawty 

minutes late, and ya go no ear pad. and 1 

smell like gahlic." 

" -Donny D 

"I feel like I'm taking gra/y pills" 


Thanks Dianne and benches armers 
["hanks resource stewb and blobe foreve 

Madclm Dee Cerullo 

"In a thousand years and a thousand tears 
I'll come finding my original crew." 
Alanna. Al. Allie. Christina. Emma. Mel- 
issa. Meg. Pam. Sam. I couldn't have done 
it w ithout you girls- thanks for the memo- 
ries. NS- my true blue friend. To my 
cuddy - 1 love you boys, keep me laughing. 
Mom&Dad thank you for your love and 
support. Jess and Ali. I love you "These are 
the days, these are the moments that pass 
us by" Here's to us. Good luck '05. 


Kyle Petska Christianson 

"If you follow all the rules, you'll miss all 
the fun." THE CUDDY. Summer '04. 
beach. C dock, dayruit. red stripe plight, 
backwoods, skib. the barn, the field, 
brosivc. baby games, steez. cookie dough, 
bumpus. unicorns. NH. the office, he. 
cape, holy grail, flatbed, skylounge. I love 
you Mom and Dad.'s been a good nde. 

"I was bom to try I've learned to love/Be 
understanding And believe in life'But 
you've got to make choices Be wrong or 
right Sometimes you've got to sacrifice 
the things you like." 

This certainly has been a crazy 4 years! 
Unforgettable memories, from music trips 
to Flesh Eating Mothers to Salem. 
Friends: You're fabulous, love you ALL! 
Parents and little women: Thanks for mak- 
ing me turn out OK. Love you. /Good luck 
to the Class of 2005 ! "Start getting excited 
about your life." Dr Phil 


Andrea Phillips Ciccone 

"Experience is simply the name we give 01 I 
mistakes" -Oscar Wiidc. After all ] 
finally over and the best piece of information I 
haveacquired from itall is "toilets don't leadt 
the ocean." It isn't really a cardboard box or | 
trash can: it's the toboggan and a nine-foi | 
spaceship Yoshimi needed Tweak's help 1 | 
battling the evil robots at Fujiyama. Don't evi ', 
forget that no matter where you go in life, Be I 
the pizza man will be waiting. 


Daniel Glenn Cipolletti 

'Trapped in time, and I don't know what to do 
Iliese friends of mine. 1 can see right through 
tou don't gotta tell me. I don't gotta move 
Cuz I'm sittm' back here shann' in the groove" 

-Mike Gordon 

md it's still all good... lets get after it Cruisin' 
Cenrucky awww dude shells bentons sailing 
>iggity biggity July 4th big bills late night? lax 
essions phish20th coYenfry Camp Frog only 
he river takm' it to the house enjoy yourself 
''oumtje-boumtje spig it up casual RIP-the guy. 
haman shakedown yoge me B^B crew 
rubenized everybody-it's been great Thanks Mom 
Dad fuzz stay chill 

Lately it occurs to me; what a long, strange trip it's 

' een" -Grateful Dead 

Amy Elizabeth Cook 

For some life lasts a short while, but the 
lemones it holds last forever. " To all my 
"iends (u no who u r) I love U guys! So 
lany memories: Shazbot. ssstop. Sue 
ohanson. Unleash The Dragon. 
>UPLET. Mrs Dudley (best teacher e\ er ). 
umet. school dances hehe. water front- 
ge, WHAT?!, dillz. REEET. DDR. 
/ENDYS!!!, Exxon. Kharma Ghia, 
yore, old man rivers, humarock! And of 
jurse 2 my family: Mom + Mike-thanks 
putting up with me Luv u!Dad-love you 
>rever - 1 know you're looking down on 


Peter William Collins 

Wow.I look pretty hot it my Photo. First 
things first, to my family, if there were a 
stronger word than love I would use it, I 
love you all. To the fatties. High School 
may be over.but w e're fatties for go 
take the world (one buffet at a time). I've 
been tellin' stories my entire life and I 
don't plan on stopping. Wherever I go, I'll 
take this town, and my time here, with me. 
Thanks for the memories. And remember 
what Abe Lincoln once said - "Be excel- 
lent to each other, and party on dudes! " 

Emily Anne Coville 

"Dare to dream, take it to the extreme, let your 
heart and soul lead the way. Live, love, seize 
the day and dare to dream." To all my friends, 
these years together have been amazing. The 
best times were camping, the Virginia Beach 
trip, and the Disney trip. To my family, thanks 
for all your love and support. I love you so 
much! "Live well, laugh often, love much." 

you fellas. SHUT IT - To BOC JENN INASHOE love you 
girls stay hot. Heuh' 1 Big thanks to Hugh for always coming 
up big when needed. Cuddles. I'll miss you next year buddy. 
Football Captain =21. Patriot League Champs 01. 02. 03 
soon to be 04. Baseball Captain. I'll ao to the shells dude. 
"BOOSE'." Thanks to my family Mom Dad Chns Kelly 
Bnan. "May the good Lord be with you down ev ery road you 
roam and may sunshine and happiness surround you w hen 
you're far from home. And may you grow to be proud, 
dignified, and true, and do unto others as you'd have done 
to you. Be courageous and brave, and in my heart'll 
alwavs stay." 

Keryn Bridget Connolly 

"Celebrate we will "cause life is short but 

Sweeet for certain." -Dave Matthews Band 

Girls Guys- it's been fun Dispatch Con- 
certs. Squish. OAR. July 4th. New Year's. 
Bedford, Pats Parades, Elvis. Prom '04. 
Warped Tour, Guster, Road Trips. Sox 
Games. Field Hockey. Crew. Toga. Tim & 
Christian- enjoy. I'll miss you. "The future 
belongs to those who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams." 

Thanks John. Rebecca. Amanda. Jamie. 
Nick. Kelsey, Emily. Danica. Lindsey, 
Julianne. Best Buddies Forever! Talent 
Show, Float. Plays. "Stuck On You" Matt 
Damon-Cherish the photo! Movie Night. 
Hall's Corner. Duxbury Pizza, so many 
shampoos, what's a girl to do? Vacation in 
FL. Good times in VT with Rebecca. 
Coco. Kiss a pig! Kisses, PepeLeMoo. 
"It's just the fire alarm. Sorry Penny, I 
won't do it again! Mrs. Cappola. the Prom. 
Christina Aguiliera. Celine, When in 
doubt go shopping. Grils! 
I.M.meanytime. Love You, Chas. Rob. 
Mom. Dad! 

Amanda Christine Coyne 



4 > rs flew by ' Than* 2 ev eryone w ho kept mc 
grounded TlxKigh high school wasn't the 
most experience, it's one I will never 
forget Remember I R beautiful no matter 
what the) say.wordscan'tbnng I down. I R 
beautiful in ocr> single way. words can't 
bring U down. SO DON'T LET THEM 
BRING YA DOWN TODAY! Increase the 
peace • ( n slUless' • Hope y all tunc in 2 erne 
walk down the red carpet • PEACE • 

Andrew William Daly 

Our time in High School has come to an 
end. As a result we have all overcome 
obstacles, persevered through difficulty, 
and stnved for greatness. In this ending w e 
will be saying goodbye to most of the 
friends w ho have supported us through this 
and starting our lives anew; lives to be 
shaped almost entirely by ourselves. In 
what little time we have left together I 
would like to say goodby e to all the people 
who have hcl°pcd me become who I am 
and able to make it through this stage of 

Shaw) Patrick Croscup 

( iood times, who else should I shout out to 
but my man /turn, casual bigs at the boggs. 
chillin at the spig before classes. I'm 
gonna have to take a shout at my boys on 
the football team and their fine efforts in 
the hunt for another league championship, 
biz, going over to Herrmanns house, play- 
ing yard darts w johnny K. and casual 
tennison the weekends. I can"! believe our 
year is already here so we have to make 
this a good one! HEUUHHI 

Christopher Anthony DeCollibus 

"None but ourselves can free our minds!" 
-Marley. DHS Sailing 02- 05. Nationals 
"04 Thanks to family and mends for always 
being there. Hide and Go Seek. Beep. PING. 
Team Stealth Bomber! Beach trips before 
school. D&DFridays! Big Timerz Fishing -you 
bring the donuts. you bring the tunes, and I'll 
bring the boat. RIP Chubs. Friday presents! 
Dance parties in Gerry , "looking back on all the 
crap I learned in high school it's a wonder I can 
think at all" 

"The work! is round and the place winch 
may seem like the end mas also be only the 
beginning." Erin. Alhe. Elizabeth- where 
would I be w ith out you girls. THE MINT, 
we build snowman. Kenney. the fort, voo- 
doo wall, pearl girls, the ode. speed 
bumps, pondering, workout princesses. 
Sunapee. Mom & Dad- no one could love 
me more than you do. Thanks for every- 
thing. I love you. Adrienne & Margot- 
thanks lor all your support. Love you. To 
the class of 2005- "the world is what you 
make of it" (iood Luck 

Amy Marie Dennett 

"We all take different paths in life, but no 
matter w here we go. we take a little of each 
other everywhere." Thanks to all my guys 
and all my girls... JAKE! I'm always 
laughing and smilinu m hen I'm w ith you. 
Never a dull moment' Kristen - Here's to 
our adv entures, good times, and putting up 
with me for 8 years... wow. Good luck 
everyone - it's only just beginning. 

Caroline Susannc Daigle 

"You gotta make it your own way. But you'll he alnght now. 

SUgar' Guns V Rose 

To all of my fnends. thanks for alw ay s sticking w ith me. Ii'jIi ^ 
been a long four years, but I wouldn't give up a single minuter!" 
of our time spent together - w e ha\ c acquired quite a collection kP 
of remarkable expenences. Don't let anythine get you down i m 
I want you all to be happy and to know that I love you. m 

To Alex, there isn't a better brother or 3 better fnend than rl 
vou. You're a major pan of my hfeandlknow thatyouwilUI 
be happy and successful in anything that you do - don't let i'l 
anyone tell you differently I love you. Bub! 

To Mom and Dad. the best and smartest people I'll ever know No «l 
one has been there for me. or taught me to never take any crap. 1 1 
bener than you have. I'm so lucky that 1 have you for parents. I | 
wouldn't have wanted anyone else. I love you both so much! 

It's been real, ciao! 

Jessica Lee Dennis 

"Life has no limitations except the ones you 
make." - Les Brown... Meg - w hen we're older... 
Sander - Game 3... Brian - I'm not high mainte- 
nance kayaking... Ryan - smores!... Alex... Tom 
... Kelsey. Abbie. Keegan... I'll miss you. Leila 
- your bird pooped on me!... Michelle - I'll miss 
working with you. . . "w e' re going to the beach"... 
Prom 2004... Pillow & Blanket... I love you 
Mom Dad & Katie - good luck next year! 

Courtney Elaine Doherty 

'estiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of 
oice. It is not a thing to be w aited for. it is a thing 
be achieved." To Mand Kate and Cait. 1 adore you. 
ank you for everything you have done for me. To the 
ss of 2005. good luck and remember: "If you limit 
ur choices only to what seems possible or reason- 
le, you disconnect yourself from what you truly 
nt. and all that is left is a compromise." To the 
1: 1 love you Mom and Dad - Pat, you're the person 
ost admire- And to my Kathleen and Mary , you will 
, ays be my best friends. Too many people to men- 
i and stones to write down, y ou know who you are. 
ist. Words to live by : "Say but little and say it 
11." Thank you to ev ery one w ho has helped me get 
vhere I now am. 

Matthew James Donoghue 

It's been fun class of '05. Many good times 
- WHECKI - it's not ur fault u r dislexic 
but watch out for the snapping turtles and 
dogs. HILL - Percy Walker pool, stealin" 
Dub's car. grafitiing his car. at hills DUB- 
how was the dance boy. The Wendy's 
lady. Sean - cruisin' b4 the rally. STEF - 
So many good times I can't list them all. 
SKIPPED. BUT '06 WILL BE!!! I would 
also like to say hi to my Mom. Dad, 
Timmy. Kevin, Brian, logz. 


Samuel James Doughty 

"There is no greater good than Justice: and only if 
law serves Justice is it good law. It is said correctly 
that law exists not for the Just but for the unjust, for 
the Just carry the law in their hearts..." 

-Boba Fen 

"Show no partiality in your decisions; judge every- 
one on the same basis, no matter who they are." 

-Deuteronom\ 1:17 

"The essence of all religions is one. Only their 
approaches are different." 

-Mohandas Gandhi 

"Fear has its use but cowardice has none." 

-Mohandas Gandhi 

Wava Leigh Doyle 

n 't ever let anyone make you feel like 
t don V deserve what you want ~ high 
ool has been an experience to say the 
1 Ist ~ life moves pretty fast... if you don V 
> and look around every once in a while 
) ' might miss it... I'm incredibly lucky 
f those who hav e been a part of my life 
all who have let me be a part of theirs... 
yi know who you are xoxo 

Gregory Anthony Doyon 

Defenders 5 great years of indoor' Ping-Pona FIFA tourna- 
ments. Beach Soccer.that sign says E-AT Ski Tops Water 
Country . To my amigos: You know w ho you are hopefully 
many great times, hopefully more to come. To the Fam: 
thanks for everything, 1 would not be where 1 am today 
without you. I love you Mom. Dad, Laura and Pooch. 
You and 1 w ill meet again 
When we're least expecting it 
Somew here in some far off place 

I will recognize your face 
I won't say goodbye my friend 
For you and I w ill meet again. 

-Tom PeBs 

Weston Michael Dravenstadt 

Where did the time go? It's almost time to 
move on now, but I feel like we just got 
here. School is like a roll of toilet paper on 
a camping trip, you don't miss it till it's 
gone. But seriously, thanks to the teachers 
and coaches who made school worth the 
effort. To my friends: If you're a friend of 
mine, you know who you are. (not enough 
room for shoutouts). When we go our 
separate ways. God bless you. live long 
and prosper, and may the Force be with 
you all... 

James Thomas Duggan 

Atop A Daunting Clifftop. AStorm In Da Background: w Wind 
Blowing Through iM) Ripped Shin. Fending Off A Hord Of Skeleton 
Warriors. 1 Finallv Attain The 1 I'd Been Searching 4; My Damsel In 
Distress -Me In 20 vears. 1m Proud 2 Be A DUGGAN. I Would Name 
All Of U But There's 2 Many. 1 Love UW All I've Got. Fnends The 
Is Who Joined Me In Stupid Acts. But Who Have Saved Me From 
Makin' Jail Bound Decisions. I LOVE U|: Enc T Boz Shotgun Niggs 
Flen Ban J S Louman J JShiner Sades Enka Cougs Lei Guirks » 
Needs. Skate Park. Boarding. Soccer. Friz. SOX. Zep _ s — / \— 7 
"All We 

Have 2 Decide Is What To Do With The Seniors 
Time That Is Given To Us." 

When U«c is gone, there's always fun. 
And when fun is gone, there's always family 
And when family 's gone, there's always friends 
Thanks friends and family. 

Amanda Duncan 

I dedicate this quote to my family because 
without them I wouldn't have had such a 
great four years. I will miss all of my 
teachers. Best Muddies and my friends and 
lhope they w ill miss Me! 

\\ ilhain 

On September 5. 2003. Hunter Dunbar 
stepped through the doors of Duxbury 
High School .. .This is his 
story... Greenglass Christianson 
( iooseman Cuddy Girls 1 had a really good 
time. Tri Delta Barn Holy Grail Sky 
Lounge Ennis' House Menches Jonabee 
Cdock Vineyard Brasky Backwoods 
Tuesday Harvard Class of 2009 - it's 
gonna be great. Camouflage Man 
Duuuude I'm Golden! Red Stripe Plight 
Skib Singing Soda Slammer . Here I go 
again on my own... 

Kristen Megan Dunn 

"Here's to the nights we felt alive. Here's to thc< 
tears you knew you'd cry. Here's to goodbye.. 
Tomorrow 's gonna come too soon." 

Amy you arc my better half - 1 don't know w hat j 
1 w ould do without you. Love you! My girls - 
you know who you are. JAKE, never will 
forget the good times, love you so much! Myf 
guys - alw ays there to make me laugh - luv ya!i 
Mom. Dad. Kay. Mags - 1 love you - thanks for 
supporting me thus far-Class of '05 - wemadei 
it! Good luck to you all! 

Meaghan Grace Eaton 

"Nobody said it was easy. It's such a 
shame for us to part. Nobody said it was 
easy. No one ever said it would be this 
hard. Oh. take me back to the start ." To my 
girls. Al. Alanna. Allie. Christina. Emma. 
Madelin. Melissa. Pam. Sam - You're 
amazing. I 'd do it all over again if I had the 
chance! I love you The Cuddy, always a 
good time. I love you boys, y ou're the best! 
Good luck with everything. Mom. Dad 
and Kenn. thanks for everything. I love 
you. '05 it's been fun. keep it real. 


Leila El-Amine 

Mom D r My Idol I Love U So Much Get That Doc. Babal 
HopeUFindL'rShatire Againl Miss Bern Lr Lfl' Girl. 
Grammv Look Out 4 me Not A Dav Goes By I Dont Think of 
U I Love L Elamine Kids ROCK!! Sara L r Beautiful Bowl 
Sistas 4 eva. Adam My Radical T»m. King Tut Conquer da 
worid Bro. Smarmalade We Don't Need No Edu. Fnends 
Thara 4 Bern' There I Love U Guys 2 Much Katie AWE- 
SOME' Becca Best Fnends. Cbels NYPad w Dogs U r My 
Sis Babe RY - San DieGO' Jimi - Harb Master Hmk "Kill 
mv Cat Kill Mv Dog Every I Will Dnnk Eggnog" JOhnny 
Coolest Kxil Know. Bren Don't Tell KT bout us; I Sam 
Amazin. Tone Mv 1st Love I'll Nev Forget U. K3U 

Keegan Robert Enniss 

Alexa Joy Fiorini 

Ttat s it all about'' It 's about life, it 's about 

. " -Lillix 

many good times, so many memories, 
nping-tollbooth singing warden some- 
lg touched me! Math last block. Movie 
tits home videos Exotic Princess Canard 
dg FruFru Mia! "I don't know about you 
s but we're the weirdest herd I've ever 
i." I love you all. You are a good person, 
ember that. Em-Good luck in HS. 

st do rour best, do everything you can/And 
I 't you worry what the hitter hearts are 
I na say. " -Jimmv Eat World 

Benjamin John Flaherty 

Mairead Lorna Flanagan 

"Pray for tomorrow but live for today, you 
never know what tomorrow can bring or 
what it can take away." Dippin on some 
sissors. Bread? Mandy-Babygrl thanks 4 
everything. New Years '04 best friends 
hold your hair back. Love you. Christie- 
you put the lime in the coconut. Zox twist 
& Spencer H,0 fights ur nocturnal! Thanx 
Nana love you both. Caitlan-Bay Rd! Thx 
4 everything. Margot-OBX. Chris-pool 
shed. Derek & Cliff love you boys. Mom & 
Dad thx. Delia-good luck. 


Kenneth Mark Flynn 

i sine periculo. 

e we go again... 

t Year of Boy's Cross Country. 
D makes the best kind of track people, 
have to run faster. 

le woods are lovely dark and deep. 
Ml have promises to keep, 
u miles to go before I sleep, 
it, miles to go before I sleep." 

-H en Frost 

vjoby Doo and the Gang! Reklats! 
JJ.ed Geeks! We had some great times 

11 always be running, 
'boy for Life. 

Elizabeth Catherine Fountain 

"We make a living by w hat \\ e get, « e make a life by 
w hat we give. -Winston Churchill 
To m\ gu\s-thanks for making it possible. 
Bnt~Rach~Jackie-vou kept me going and kept me 
sane. To my fast girls-keep doing it longer, harder 
and faster. To my boys-thanks tor making u c raz) . 
There's no element without you. To my famih- 
thanks for making it worth it. Bobby-thanks for just 
being there to look up to. 1 admire you more than \ ou 
know. Mom & Dad-thanks for keeping me on track. 
ILL* and w ill irulv miss you. 

Alanna Lillian Francis 

"Before we finally get to leaving there is 
one thing I'd like to do. I'd like to get to 
know me and I'd like to know you." 

Al. Maddi. Meg. Sam. Emma, Allie, Pam 
- 1 love you forever, you made it unforget- 
table. Jacki. Avra. Katie. Sara-Those were 
the best days of my life. Kev, you're a 
dreamer. Here's to the summer and so 
much more. To the girls ofCross-Country, 
you make it the best sport around. Great 
Things Betsy! 

"I cannot forget where it is that I come 
from. I cannot forget the people who love 

Ember Rose Fleming 


ENJOY your age. Not all who WONDER are 
lost. RESPECT yourself. Why NOT? I don't 
put UP with put-DOW'NS. PEACE: back by 
popular demand. My mother is a GODDESS. 
CELEBRATE diversity. There is no alterna- 
tive to BEING YOURSELF. TEACH peace. 
WHO are YOU to judge? Attitudes are the real 
disability. BEAUTY comes in all sizes. Life: 
LIVE it. FUN is my spiritual path. You are a 
good person, just remember that. Viv, ama. 
ride. In case I don't see ya. Good Afternoon. 
Good Evening, and Goodniaht. 

Elyse Grace Frongillo 


"Helore sou criticize someone, walk .1 mile 
in their shoes That way. you'll be a mile 
from them, and vou'll have their shoes" 
i*k Hindrs Good Times. Moore, Moore, 
McGuirk. knapp. Weston. Peck. Tort. 
Jenn. Gkat. LBo. Keith. Chns D. Jackie. 
Kachacl. Betsy, whoever I missed, track 
SKYNYRD' poker crew, beach, word, 
drow , OHHI!, I can feel my range of motion 
expanding exponentially, prom '04. dental 
plan' mice I'M CRYING. Mom. Dad. 
knstcn. Lauren - Thanks for everything 

Kathleen Ryan Garriry 

"Just do the steps that you've been shown by 
everyone you've ever known, until the dance 
becomes your very own" -jackson brownc. 
Boticn, thanks for everything, Mike - you're 
amazing. Katie -sooo many good times Fullah 
- 1 haier you, word. Bevans • the hook. Court - 
nanunanu. Jenn - creator of Gkat. Linzy - ha. 
CMo. Brcn. Steve. Keith. Kypta. Peck. Olinc. 
JBillz. G-rant. & schwank. GOOD TIMES. 
Jack. Aidan - stay you. don't change for any- 
one. Mom & Dad. I love you and thank you for 
always pointing me in the right direction. 

Jeffrey Steven Gomer 

"In this gTeat future you can't forget your 
past"- Bob staricv. 05' keep that funk alive. All 
my boys, and all my girls, it's been fun. Hallow - 
een 03'. Boat trips. Shark rock. Dayruit. 
Heymo. Dollar on a string trick ! A JN AG R I P. 
Holy Grail. Soccer ~2 "Rufceoooo." Hockey 
Super 8. Lax 17 State Champs!! "Tight Box." 
SAMMY times infinity I win. Mom. Dad. Riss. 
Greg, and Jon thanks for everything.-Cakes- 

William Michael ( iarritv 

We drove along aimlessly in ihe piteh 
blaek- she. tracing her finger along the 
cracks of the plastic door handle; and I. 
staring blankly forward, incuriously con- 
centrating on the blemishes of dirty water 
left from the wipers on the w indshield. 
The road bent; I turned the wheel slighth . 
Roused b\ the shift in the ear. she glanced 
up. glassy-eyed and bewildered. She 
looked at me: "I don't know my way 
home. I turned her words over in my head 
as I maneuvered the serpentine road. 
"Don*t worry." I said. "Neither do I." 


Emma Eaton Geldmacher 

It's been a short four years and I made the best 
friends I could ha\e asked for: Al. Alannat 
A Hie. Madelin. Meg. Pam. Sam. Shoe. Greg: 
and the infamous cuddv . I will always ha\ e the 
unforgettable memories! 

To me throughout eternitv there's some-i 
where where you're welcome to go I said It'< 
something free that means a lot to me when 
I'm with m\ friends I feel Home." 

Mom. Dad. and Teddy, thank you for e\ery ;. 
thing With all my love and confidence Here': 

to us. xoxo 

Can't believe its over. . .it's been a heck of 
a ride '05. hockcy#30 "Super 8" billy 
kelly let's win it this year lax #14 state 
champs '04-'05? max sief no one can stop 
us let's do it again... golf smith Gunderson 
Bear Chris friends for a long time tennis 
ball game. Christina I love you forever bf 
don't change... Willy Ben should have 
been here... girls ur great. Nina Lexie 
Dane Callie New Year"s Amanda stories 
continue. Jen keep watchin". Mom. Dad. 
Kara. Keri thanks. I love u... "Life is a 
game, and I'm not use to losing." 

Brittany Susan Green 

Thanx Mom & Dad for always being there u stuc 
by me & pushed me to be the best I could bi 
Through good times & bad I'll always lo\c yot 
Gill my #1 sis my best friend thanx for everj 
thing. Betsy, lickin flour off the tables at pn 
school to VA Beach & Togas uve always bee 
there. Rach. ur aw csome best 2 years of gym eve 
Jackie, my best looking friend. Mel. 7 years bat 
u helped my through so much. To all thank u> 
much for an anazing 4 years I luv u & to those 
mentioned I would be nothing w ithout u 


onathan Edward Greenglass 

ippv. Mom. Robbie. I love you guys, 
ou are the best 

~> the people who made it happen - Dunbar 
omesta Christenson Ajemian Grossman 
.ddy boys and girls it's been real. 

fecial thanks: TriDelta Jonabee 
cylounge Ennis Estate Benches 
DLYGRAIL Slammer Summerlist 
ravHunt killorbekilled Cdock 
'TIBBIES BillBrasky. 30. Latenitea . 

IlingS got a little Crazy -Frank Ricard 

Henry Ellion Habgood 

come from the land of the ice and snow, 
n the midnight sun where the hot springs blow 
hammner of the gods 
drive our ships to new lands, 
fight the horde, singing and crying: 

1 am coming' 
» e sw eep with threshing oar. 
only goal will be the western shore. 

from the land of the ice and snow . 
the midnight sun where the hot springs blow . 
I soft your fields so green 
w hisper tales of gore. 

we calmed the odes of war. 
are your overlords. , ._ . 

Timothy Edward Griswold 

Congratulations to the class of 2005. 
We finally made it. I"d like to say 
thank you to my friends and family 
for helping me along the way. "Have 
you ever seen a child, on his way to 
school, have a car drive past and 
splash him. and then he just stands 
there and thinks ifhe should just go to 
school or go home and change and be 
late... And then I drove past and 
splashed him again!" -Jack Handey 

Andrew Michael Grossman 

"History will be kind to me. for I intend to 
write it" 

-Sir Winston Churchill 

These past four years have been better than 
anyone could ask for. Here's to the 
Jonabee. Montreal, the Spig. some incred- 
ible teachers, the Colonel, the shells. 
Duxbury. some great shows, the barn, the 
trail and plenty of good times with good 
friends. Mom and Dad. Katie and Brian- 

Friends, family and everyone else I've 
bumped into along the way - IT1 be seeing 
all of vou asain soon. 

■ > 

Dennis Gunner Gunderson 

"The future ain"t what it used to be" 


I had a ball in this small town... 
thanks Alanna. Allie. Al. Emma. Meg. 
Madelin. Alex. Mike, the cuddy and ev- 
eryone else. Good luck *05... just keep on 

Alexandra Snow Hallowell 

By the time I recognize this moment. 

this moment will be gone. 

but I will bend the light pretending 

that it somehow lingered on. 

And I will wait to find if this will last forever. 

And I will wait to find that it won't 

and it won't because it can't 

It just can't. It's not supposed to. 

- John Mayer 

You have brains in your head You have feet in your 
shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. 
You're on vour own. And you know what you know. And 
YOL' are die one »ho"Il decide »iere togo'_ -DtStm 
Thanks class of 2005 vou've made it fun." 


iam Hamilton 

"Sometimes it's hard trvms io be the best, it takes hard work 
and skill to beat life's tests.*" Eric Dave. Hue. Wacky Sean. 
Good Times. Sophia. Steph. Li-Dub's Angels. Double You 
Kay Dee, Kingston detour barrels, where** my car dude?, 
lucky charms wizard hat "yukons m the shop, broke a 
spiDna'ducatLsnpe soaker, period 5 ware. Saqu^mrties, 
me tworious ted modem, knowledge is power! Katie, 
you'll always have my heart Dad Mom. Ry and Woodv 
thanks for supporting me the entire wav. love vou alL A 
Peace. DUB. ' " ^ 


Rebecca Brow 11 I larris 

Gregory Edward Herrmann 

"Stay or leave. I want you not to go.but you 
should. It was good as good goes. Stay or leave. 
I w ant you not to go but you did." Tron is in our 
prayers. Jay Buhner & Gary Lennon have 
taught us well. The bogs & shells have pro- 
v ided shelter Aww duuuude. let us remember 
those Friday At Herrmann's. Don't forget the 
names of our brothers Shane. Jim. Will. Nick. 
Kyle. Matt. Andy. Tim. Mello (Parsons). 
Bymey. and the many others. Tyrone Trizzles 
Trogs. To mi familia Enca - Matt - Mom - Dad. 
thanks for being there Peace '05! 

Michael Christopher Hebert 

Julie Anne I laskell 

Wise men say • only fools rush in. 
Lauren. Steve H. Abby. Kels. Amy. 
Knsten.Elysc. Shannon and Becca 
I love you guys!! 
Amy - Look I've got Jigglys!. 
Krislcn Amy - M&M. 
Lauren - what time do you want to bounce'.' 
Prom '04. 
Nana Square and Family - 1 love you! 
Thanks for everything!! 
Jennifer and Tookstcr • you're my 
favorite sisters! Love ya. 
Good Luck class of 2005!! 
And to all those who I didn't mention, 
don't think that I forgot about you!! Peace out!! 

Christian Fulton Heckendorf 


David Andrew Hill 

"Opportunity is miwvd by most people 
hit nine it is dressedin overalls and looks 
like work. " Thanx to the parents, 
the bro and the friends, there have been 
plenty of good times and it's only the 
beginning. Also, a special shout out to the 
Percy Walker Pool Weekend Crew. 
Lastly, keep in mind that "a well balanced 
person has a drink in each hand." 

To all my fellow classmates out there, 
never take no for an answer, unless it's the 
right answer, which in that case give in to 
the no answer, but just don't give in! 

"Keep your mind on the things you want 
and off of the ones you don ' t. Don ' t worry, 
we're not lost, we're right here." 

To all who have helped me during these 
past 18 years THANK YOU. Wherever 
you go remember, no regrets in life, we 
only get one shot at this! 

Alexandra Kimball Hogan 

"Remember that anything is possible when you see the 
world through the eyes of your heart and dance to the 
music of your dreams " To my girls. Alanna. A I he. G allic, 
Chnstina. Dana. Elizabeth. Emma. Madelm. Meg. Pam, 
Sam All the love m the world. You're amazing and our 
memones are forever Cheers "Here's to the nights 
we've felt alive. "Boys never a dull moment thanks! 
"Over the rainbow where skies are blue dreams that yon 
dare really do come true it's not where but who vou'lt 
with that really matters." '05's been real Good Luck! 
Mom my here, mv inspiration, my best fnend I love yoo! 
Tvler arid Jere stav strong... XOXO 

John Davenport Hopkins 

Swing in this tree.. ..I am a humble mon- 
ey, sitting up in here again, but then came 
le day. I climbed out of these safe limbs, 
entured away, walking tall, head high up 
nd singing. I went to the city, car horns. 
Dmers and the gritty" My boys, and girls. 
>ve you all. Always have the hamburger. 
)metimes the ketchup. H.C. '05 Hockey. 
>K no cream, dayruit. Barn. Harden, N. 
onway. Beach. Pink is chill Tonner. 
UDDY "05. 

Andrew William Hunter 

n you, my soul has found its truest 
end." Thanks to Nicole for all of the 
awberries. Thanks to cherries, caramel, 
s mountains, troy, cowboy hat. beach, 
nch seats. Mike's, oaks, other house, 
dungeon, boats, the shower, the Benz. 
; Jeep, the 83 Nighthawk. and Michelle 
Ninja. Thanks to my mother, you are 
strongest person I know, I love you. To 
/ Babe Nicole, you are my one true love, 
/ everything, my soul belongs to you, 
u complete me. I will love you forever. 

Thomas Clifford Horan 

"Do not be too timid and squeamish about 
your actions. All life is an experiment." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"When the going get weird, the weird turn 

pro." -Hunter S- Thompson 

"1 have opinions of my own - strong opin- 
ions - but I don't always agree with them" 

-George Bush 

Thanks to all the friends who helped make 
high school such a good time, and all the 
good teachers who kept me working. 


Matthew Ryan Johnston 

I would just like to say thank you to my family 
and friends for everything these past four 
years. To the Fatties, thanks for the best fours 
years of my life and I hope we will have plenty 
more good times together. I wish my team- 
mates and coaches good luck next year and for 
the years to come. This senior year has been 
awesome and I will never forget it. Thank you 
for everything and god bless. 

Gregory William Howard 

There are only two things you need in life 
common sense and a sense of humor, anc 
with that you will succeed. Const. Bry, 
Jeff. Eric. Brendan. Keegan this year will 
be the best yet. Jerm I'll never forget you. 
Thanks to everyone who has helped me 
through school and through life. 

Jessica Jean Hughes 

It's hard to believe that graduation is fi- 
nally here! Thanks to all my friends for all 
the great times, you know who you are. 
The summer of 2004 was the best ever! 
Thanks Guys! And to all my classmates, 
as we part and go our separate ways, 
remember. "The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their 
dreams." E. Roosevelt. Thanks Dad (my 
hero) and Mom (my best friend) and 
Jimmy for always being there for me. I 
couldn't have done it without you. 

To the [UG] crew, we owned. Vash. Kloyd. Tybo. Heroine 
Bob. that Guy with a Chair. Rebzi. Dan e, and BOO. To my 
best friend, you were always there, and 1 will never forget 
you. 1 hope w e can be close forever. You know who you are. 
Webster. 1 definately always took the heat for everything in 
that class, even when I didn't even take the class. Just for that. 
1 w ill go on to always play games behind your back and mess 
around with the printer. Space Cadet Connell, you are the 
man. "Pennies Lab" on the progress repons almost turned 
deadly. Tnstan. nobody likes Hot Topic, get over it. Same 
deal w ith emo, and if you have not figured it out by now, 1 was 
the one stealing all your pins. <Genenc Compliment to my 
family here> Callie. you are the definately the most artistic 
in the school, so stop denying it. And 1 always found y ou to 
be a pretty great person. By the way. thanks for waking me 
up m art when I fell asleep. You're a real life saver. To 
everyone eke, it was a pretty good nde. Go on. do w hat you 
have to. etc. etc. And I'm out. 

Kelsey Anne Jordan 

We 're glad for what we 've got. done w ith w hat we 've lost, 
Our whole lives laid out right in front of us... 
Thanks Mom Dad JE-voure the best 
Tas-mv best friend Alfv-love vou 
Prom 04 Best Buddies 'JANE!' Call. NY Warped Tours 
An family BEAST Nemo! Ski trip walkie-talkies! 
Kidnapping Shan Apples Dux Pizza Simon and 
Milo and many more... 
What we once enjoyed and deepk loved we can never 
Lose, for all that we love deeplv lecomes part of us 
To mv friends-thank vou for the memories- 
Hove you all Seniors 
Good Luck 05' 


Nicholas Maximilian Kale 

W c'll lake the best, forget ihc rest And 
someday we'll find these are the best of 
times" siyv . Class of 05. went by quick 
St.urw.iy crew thanks lot making lunch 
not boring Spanish, cube, photo class. T- 
station fun. chemistry class, winter and 
spring track, manwell. truck surfing, find 
the halfling. homcstar. and the box on 
wheels To all m> friends, thanks for the 
gmxl times Mom Dad thanks for every- 
thing It's been epic (iood l uck. Later. 


Terrence Cameron Kennedy 

Thank you. All of you. those of you I w as 
fortunate enough to get to know . and those 
I did not. Observing not only the people I 
knew, but those I didn't, has had a part in 
turning into the person I have become. But 
above all. thank you Cori. For everything. 
I love you. Always. 

"So close, no matteT how far. Couldn't be 
much more from the heart. Forever trust in 
w ho we are. and nothing else matters." 


r 4 

KaitK n Hli/abeth Keefe 

i/ahcth Kellv 

"There are places I'll remember 
Ml m\ life though some have changed 
Some forever not for better 
Some lia\e gone and some remain 
All these places have their moments 
With lovers and friends 1 still can recall 
Some are dead and some are li\ mg 
In my life I've loved them all " 

Let us nev er forget. Thanks Mom and Dad 
for everything and all you've taught me 
"A real friend is one who walks in w hen 
the rest of the world walks out." Thanks to 
all who stood by me and helped to make 
me who I am today. 


Stephanie Ann Keohane 

"Good friends we hav e. good friends we hav e lost 
along the way. In this great future, you can't forget 
your past" Bruce Petty Ouster. Long nights (a 
Saquish. Late Nights. Daves&Sketchy 
Sleepovers. Red Sox. Locked out?. New Years'03. 
Christies. BOB thanks. Moke me. Bluestuff. Pap. 
WILLIS ha. Crazy Memories I'll never forget. 
Mom & Dad Thanks for everything, lov e you. Jess 
thanks for being there love you "Time to mov e on. 
time to get going. What lies ahead. I hav e no way 
ofknowine" Class of '05 It's been fun Good Luck! 

Michael Thomas Whelan Knapp 

"Put me on a highway, and show me a sign, 
and take it. to the limit, one more time" 
Brendan. Weston - Best Friends (Skynyrd. 
Beach nites) K - the best. Peck - bball 
memories - South Shore Sharks, Hey ho 
Stephano! Super Bowl fa Reefs. Fuller 
Face. Cmo. Katie Mc. Bev. 07 girls - 2 to 
go. Bill and Coach Cronin - thanks for 
showing me the game I love; Habs - row on 
dude! Lau-have fun. Drew - you are the 
best bro ever. Mom and Dad - thanks for 
your leadership and guidance in my life, 
love you. Let's go Exploring! 

k * 

Michael Lawrence Kelly 

"I want to run, I want to hide. I want to tear 
dow n the w alls that hold me inside" -U2, 
backyard Badminton undefeated champs- 
Lax State Champs-Super S! (iood times, 
after State Championship not really. After 
Prom my house? NH condo. Chilling w ith 
friends on weekends made me all the 
wiser, it was all fun while it lasted. Thanks 
to every one for the great memories! See 
this moment for all it is. and live it fully for | 
all you can be. 


Jennifer Mary Kovalski 

Mom Dad Jill (last touch) thanks 4 the support I 
LOVE U! My best friends- Bren thanks 4 lookin' out 
4 me. Katie best friend. Car keep smiling- love u 
guys. Catie inseparable Kev in drow nice pants Gkat- 
meow Mike Keis & ev ery 1 best of luck. Prom. '04. 
FARFARS Kara ur the best, bball girls good times. 
"Life is a journey it can take you anywhere you 
choose 2 go. As long as you're learning. Sing 4 the 
laughter sing 4 the tears. Sing with me it's just 4 
todav. dream on BEST OF LUCK '05. 

Matthew James Kypta 

Comrades, this is generally w here we remi- 
nisce, share a few Marxist cliches, or perhaps 
barter that bejeweled musket down to only 2 
• patoos of spice. Instead I will look ahead, 
and until then. I have only this to say; Here's 
hoping we don't all end up as housewives 
and businessmen. Final salute to Soviet hats. 
Panzerwagonlied. Ho Chi Minh. Wench, the 
Eye Roll. ahh. ahh muffa wuffa...Aviva. 
Charlie don't Surf!, chauvinist reforms. 
Arab Market Babble, and Glorious New 
Tractor Factories. Izzat Lives! 

Melissa Jean Levesque 

"Nothing I can say to bring us back to where we were 
then life was not this hard Looking back it all just seems 
so far. so far away... " ■Vellmcad 

lom & Nana-thanks for everything love you Brittany-8 
ears, your the best 1 Nick muffin=l Amv+'the Gang-love 
ou guys!DDR-Shazbot-JUMP-Mikes-prom04-slambox- 


4 new life to start. I may be leaving but you re always in 
y heart..." ■Yellmmird 


Nicole Janine Landry 

Alexander Fredric Lewis 

Two coinciding pieces of advice: 1 ) Always choose 
the path in which you will miss out the least. 2) 
Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than for 
permission. Heh. I'm pretty sure that the little things 
make up the big things. Nothing is insignificant. 
We've all grown together and influences each other 
into becoming who we are now. Distance will not 
divide us. 1 hope you will take a part of me with you. 
for you w ill always be a part of me. 

You have brains in your head. You have feet in 
your shoes. You can steer yourself any direc- 
tion you choose. You're on your ow n. and you 
know what y ou know . And you w ill be the guy 
who'll decide where you'll go. - Dr. Seuss 

"Year I called her up. she gave me a bunch of 
crap about me not listening to her. or some- 
thing. I don't know. I wasn't really paying 
attention." Love you! 1990-always 

Mum. Dad. Jess. Kiki-Thanks for everything. 
I love you guys, couldn't have asked for a 
better family. 

Margaret Irene Linde 

"Live everyday like its gonna be your last" 
Meghan Miranda and Nora you three are my girls 
forever Halloween 03 when it all began After prom 04 
crazy nights in the "lil goose" Nights in Megs room 
ch i 11 in with Sid Vicious Word up to the Littles Juniors 
hungry Senior NASAL MAN Late night Wendys 
never tasted so good - They always say the four years 
in high school are the best but w e w ore that term out 
Thanks to all the people who helped me pull through 
the hard times Mom Dad. Kim. Tom - 1 Love You - 
thanks for everything you'\e done for me Meghan 
Miranda Nora and Amy you are aw esome - 1 will never 
forget you guys Katie Tommy Matt Jess and Dylan I 
love you guys Sarah - 1 - dunno what I can say You 
were alw ays there for me when I needed a shoulder - 
Thanks I Love you Frodo 

Ryan Douglas Annese Leach 

If I learned one thing from the greatest 
band to ever grace this planet, it would be 
"It doesn't matter if it is good, it only 

matters if it rocks" -Tenacious D 

I'd like to thank everyone who stayed 
hardcore. And extreme. 

Anne "NanoiT Lohezic 

"Homme libre, toujours tu cheriras la 

mer..." -Charles Baudelaire 



Allison Anderson l.ooncy 

I nendship is the hardest thing in the world 
to explain, it's not something you learn in 
school, but it' >ou ha\en't learned the 
meaning of friendship you really haven't 
learned anything- Mom and Dad I love 
you so much Andi- going to miss you so 
much next year. I love you. To all my girls- 
\l Manna ( arolme I mma I nn Madehn 
Meg Sam- great times, here's to the nights 
and to I'SM heart my cuddy, you boys arc 
the best The fori. Jas forev er. speed bump 
Props to '05 WE DID IT! 

Michael Andrew MacDonald 

"May the w ind always be at your back and 
the sun upon your face and may the winds 
of destiny carry you aloft to dance w ith the 
stars." -blow- SHELLS, thanx HUE, 
boxspnng - AJ. My boys Timmy C + 
Bizzo. Florida, eggin. cards - 2 many good 
times, gettin crazy. Beach Sites. Black- 
out. DA V E. Golf W bear. BBALL - best 
time of my life. Neens - ur alw ays there, ur 
the best. I love u. Thanx 4 everything- 
Mom. Dad. Dan. Lauren - 1 love u guys. 

\ndrew Michael I.oreaux 

"I imsh each day and be done with it. Vouhave 
done w hat you could; some blunders and absur- 
dities have crept in; forget them as soon as you 
can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it 
geiGDely and w ith too high a spirit to be encum- 
bered w ith your old nonsense " 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I'd like to thank my family and friends for all 
the support you have given me through my 4 
years I do not know where I would be w ithout 
you. I love you Dad. Mom. Dan. Greg and 

Kayleigh Elaine MacFarlane 

"live well., laugh often... love much." -Linda Gray** 
"From there to here, from here to there, funny things 
are ev erywhere." -r> Seu» 
"The only thing that makes life possible is not know- 
ing what comes next." -inula LcGum 
"take only pictures, leave only footprints." - amc mono 
* Troupe 355 ' * Offichtcks * "You are a good person, 
just remember that" 'Still Good Tour * Mt Goat *I 
love you Mom. Dad. ind Manah.* "ma-nah. ma- 
nah" • JANE!" * "Are there anv questions' 1 "* 

Robert Brian I ,o\ e 

"Yesterdays are over my shoulder, so I 
can't look back for too long There's just 
too much to see w ailing in front of me and 
I know that it just can't go wrong." -Jimmy 
Huiku Mom. Dad. Courtney and Allison. 
I hank you so much for all your help along 
the way. I love you! Class of 2005: it's 
been a great four years. Thanks for all the 
memories. It's been a great ride. Good 
luck in the future! "Our lives change like 
the weather, but our legend never dies." 

-Jimmy Buffet! 

James Michael MacKay 

"You'll have bad times, but that'll always 
wake up you up to the good stuff you 
weren't paying attention to." 

-Good W'tll Hunting 

To all my buddies we've had some great 
times these past years. Chillen at shells. 
Huey makin' the runs, biddies after 
school, getting after it. thanks to spacey 
for getting me around, mcyellin' at the red 
stop sign BYRNE, yo tuma buma!. bogs, 
big up to the boonies. golf team 19-2 
NASTY, thanks Mom and Dad for putting 
up with me luv u Sarah PEACE. 

Jonathan Thomas Lynch 

"I'll never fall in line. Become another victim 
of your conformity. And back down." 
I love you Mom and Dad. and all of my 
siblings. You guys really have helped me 
throughout my high school career. And for the 
shout outs- Spoil and Sam: The credits to 
Beneath Planets of The Apes, the character of 
Piggy, and the "special bow ling ball". W alter 
and Flaherty: Clean Up Crew and once-a- 
month mov ics. Kale: Ida-homies and highway 
driving. Abby: car rides. If I left ya out. it's 
because I had no space. 

Anne Elizabeth Maher 

Well, she was an American girl raised on 
promises. She couldn 7 help thinking that 
there was a little more to life somewhere 
else. After all. it was a great big world with 
lots of places to run to. A nd if she had to die 
try ing, she had one little promise she was 
gonna keep... 

Alexie Nicole Marrocco 

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us 
matters much less than what lies within us" 

Seen Dane Cal Em Ali - so many great times - 
cips 9-13 coheed dave concerts dance par- 
ties surfing pizza (a 9 -memories that won "t be 
forgotten."in my heart is the 5 of us" LAX=1 
Mandy- ur the best, love ya. Teseschi's - my 
second family, thanks for everything. I love 
you. Tim B -Thanks for making me the happiest 
girl in the world. I love you Mom Dad Erica 
Nick - Thanks for everything, couldn't have 
made it through high school w out you. I love 
v ou! GoodLuck '05. Thanks for the good times. 

Bryan Robert Mastergeorge 

A few things I feel need to be said: Bill 
Clinton is the man. Nirvana is horribly 
overrated. The WB is racist. The Wobra is 
thedeadiiest animal on the planet. Steve's 
mom is a fox. Tom O'Connell is my favor- 
ite grumpy old man on the planet. Bill 
Clinton IS the man. I like to knit fool! 

Scott Thomas May 

To all the boomches bings and stoobs 
R1BITS my trips to the shells of bermuda. the 
roofities PHISH 8 1 1 thanks hughy "h e been 
dazed and confused for all these years" thanks 
Mom and Dad for putting up with me. GET 
AFTER IT love the weiser. gannon style SU- 
YEAR jibba jabba RIP PLUTO GUY SHA- 
MAN SAMPSON PIPOLETTI pos and princi- 
pals-keep try in Awwwwww duuuuuuuuu 

Richard Patrick McCormick 

Congratulations class of 2005. and good 
luck to everyone. Doyon. Baker, and 
Winterbottom-great times. DEFEND- 
ERS!! Fifa. ping-pong, water country, 
beach soccer. Disney. Applebees. Tom 
Petty. Linzy. it has been an amazing four 
years. Martha's Vineyard. Myrtle Beach. 
Subway, ping pong, soccer, bogs, and 
much more. The best four hears of my life. 
I will always lov e you. 

Peter John McGarigal 

say never be complete. I say stop being 
>erfect. I say let's ev olve. Let the chips fall 
vhere they may. This is your life, and it's 
nding one minute at a time. Every 
vening I died, and every evening I was 
>om again, resurrected. Our Generation 
>as had no Great War. no Great Depres- 
ion. Our war is spiritual. Out depression 
s our lives , , 


hope that when the world comes to an 
nd. I can breathe a sigh of relief, because 
tere will be so much to look forward to. 


* i - 

Brendan McGuirk 

"Make new mends, but keep the old: some are silver 
and the others are gold "-Berrybrook. The best of 
times: Beach. B-ball. FarFar's. Skynard. Dave. Dis- 
patch. ASP. Prom 04. Chubs. Knappy your my bro. 
Tony best Tenyaki. Big Timerz. tocadores. Peck. AL. 
HAG's w the Don( RIP I. Duggan = the man. KatieG - 
CatieM heart to hearts. Leila = the best. All my friends 
you guys are awesome. Mom. Dad. Katie. Caroline, the 
cousins I love you guys thanks for everything. Class of 
05 lots of love. Keep on Rocking in the Free World! 

Katherine McGuirk 

"There are places I'll remember all my 
life, though some have changed. .All these 
places had their moments with people and 
things I still can recall. .In my life I've 
loved them all." FH #18, Golf. Musical, 
ASP04. Chambers - Disney '05! Friends- 
you are the absolute best. I'm so lucky! 
Katie G + Catie M - the memories. Leila = 
FUN. Knapps - keep calling! Tony - the 
grill. Love you guys! Mom. Dad. Bren. 
Car, cousins - thanks for all your love and 
support over the years. I love you. Class 
'05. thanks for growing up w me. it's been 
fun! Best of luck! 

Michael Geoffrey McKinley 

"The best way to predict the future is to 
invent it." 

~Alan Kay 


K> le James McMahon 

"Take care of all >our memories For you 
cannot relive them " Hob DvUn. To my bros. 

times. kl STI CKY Bakeboardin' 
ikimmin' jammin' - all a man needs Pearl 
Jam? COVENTRY / CAMP - FROG "a phine 
time" C ANADA. B-B crew - all the girls I 
lo\e my babes thanks for every thing. SKOAL 
Ml ■ CS - bb, stay chill babe. LAX sessions Z 
- turn cippo RIP C Forbin thcGL'Y' 
THANKS HUGH! avw* SHELLS?! M - D - K. 
thanks for everything" I can't complain but 
sometimes I still do. life has been good to me 
so far. Good luck cudd'" 

Zachary James McMahon 

For my last message to you. my fellow 
classmates. I s.i\ the following \lu.i\s 
look back at this school for the happy 
memories we all remember: like our 
friends, teachers, the spirit weeks, our 
graduation day. and the e\ er uplifting feel- 
ing and security of death threats. Another 
thing, why do people use instant 
messenger? Make a phone call! 

C arl Jerome Mehrmann 

Matthew W illiam Melymuka 

"I intend to live forever. So far. so good." Thanks 
to everyone who made me laugh along the way 
"Life is too important to take seriously ." To all my 
friends: good luck, you've been a good crew . Time 
has down by cruisin' around Duxbury casually 
wastin' time If I could do it all again. I wouldn't 
change a thing. Casual ruiu the shells. Coventry, 
so many good times. "Don 't let schooling interfere 
with your education." Mom. DadAlison. thanks 
for everything; I love you guys. Peace. 

Christopher Scan McNally 

And we're off. good luck at college guvs' 
Hunks for every thing, the beach parties, 
the lans. the concerts, the hang outs, all the 
other good times. Thanks for putting up 
with the Turkish Prison, hope everyone 
has some good times in college and be- 
yond And make me some bacon 

Jamie Lee Michel son 

"Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit." 
-Vergil. Alex. Mim. Dad. Dev. C'heech. 
Luxie. Pickles, and Gabe. I love you. Just 
wait, dinner won't be as good w ithout me. 
"It's not how fast you run. it's how fast you 
run when you're tired." Track guys and 
girls, good times! Especially the 4x1 00m 
Fatty Relay - Brooke. Linzy, and Molly. 
"So keep on predending. that our 
Heaven's worth the waiting, keep on pre- 
tending, its all right." -Him THE LAWS 

Sean Douglas Meehan 

Names in my ears- Of all the lost adv entur- 
ers. my peers- How such a one was strong, 
and such was bold. And such was fortu- 
nate, yet each of old Lost, lost! One mo- 
ment knelled the w oe of years. There they 
stood, ranged along the hillsides, met to 
view the last of me. a liv ing frame. In a 
sheet of flame I saw them and I know them 
all. -Robert Browning "Childc Roland to the 
Dark Tower Came." To comrades made 
and comrades lost. 216 and all the rest. 

Kregan Miller 

Felipe Veira Moitinho 

■rasilian bombshell; ninja eyes: beach 
>um; stroke stroke stroke and listen to the 
■ oxswain: "Two roads diverged in a 
,.ood.andI-I tooktheonelesstraveledby. 
vnd that has made all the difference." 
ilways have gas. abc gum. no worries, it's 
npossible: "Understand that friends 
ome and go. but for the precious few you 
hould hold on." Thanks for always being 
tere all the guys and of course Ashleigh: 
love you Ashleigh; class of 2005. got 

Martin Monsch 

friends - smile - home - family - hugging 
- dancing - singing - laughter - music - 
kissing - honesty - sincerity - happiness - 
security - help - trust - freedom - chal- 
lenges - openness - peace - warmth - 
memories - consciousness - love 

Life is like coins lying on the ground. If 
you know how to pick them up you own a 

o the class of 2005. We are at the last year 
f high school. I'm so proud of us making 
. Now we can go on to the real world with 
le good memories of high school and 
rends. To all my friends. I'll always re- 
lember u guys and love u guys always. 
.D., I hope to do the talent show with u 
uis year. N.C.. I hope to keep in touch this 
;ar and after. I send all my love to all my 

Ryan Francis Mull in 

"In the days of my youth 1 w as told what it means to be a man. 
Now I've reached that age I've Died to do all those things the 
best I can. No matter how I try. I find my way into the same 
old jam. Good Times. Bad Times, you know 1 had my 
share..."? Every one in this place has helped me find out w ho 
1 am. Let the good times roll, good luck in the future. There 
is a group of people known to each other as the fatties. I have 
never seen so much food consumed by such a small group of 
people, and for that I salute you. You guys rock. Mom. Dad. 
Sean - thank vou. "What we do in life echoes in eternity." 
Make it count. ROCK ON CLASS OF 2005! 

Catherine Caverly Moore 

Thanks to my family for supporting me the whole way- Mom. Dad. 
NatEUie. Nat- I'm so glad that we've finally clicked. Elite- please 
keep being a goofball I'm going to call my friends so much! Thanks 
for always being there! Jenn- inseparables, beach bums, you are like 
a black tank top. ilu. never ever will we lose touch Katie McGuirk- 
Katie big wave, belting out old songs in the car with your dad. you are 
one of my oldest friends, always stay sweet Mike- sporty, chest 
bumps, drooping in gym Brendan- wTestling rematch anytime Tony- 
good times, bow ling, napoleon dynamite Kevin- prom was very good 
cold pizza is very bad Garrity- strip poker Keith- guitar man. sick cds 
Jill- parties Caroline- dancing on the beach Owen- only big or small 
Schwankee- getting lost Grant- snapping All the people I didn't 
mention. 1 wont forget \ ou! Duxbury Crew. Basketball and Lacrosse 
2001-2005. "Leaves are falling all around It's time 1 was on my way 
Thanks to you I'm much obliged For such a pleasant stay But now it's 
time for me to go The autumn moon lights my way For now 1 smell A e 
ram And with it pain .And it's headed my way." -Led Ztppsta "Ramble 
On" The class of 2005 remember. "Choose, don't be chosen" 

Stephen Daniel Moore 

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these, strange 
days indeed. Most peculiar Momma." -John Lemon 

I can't leave this place. Things just got interesting. 
Thanks go out to my parents, friends, and everyone else 
1 forgot to mention. It's hard to write down all the 
memones of four years in 500 characters. Let me just 
say this. Even though we may pretned we don't some- 
times, we all reallv do love each other, let's show it 
folks! MEMORIES- poker. Ben Folds. Skynard. prom. 
Duxbury beach, piping plovers, and all the crazy teach- 
ers we've all had. Never settle, never give in. never 
surrender, and never say never! Now let's all go out 
there and bake some fine pasteries! 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around 
once in a while, vou could mikss it. -Fems Budier 

Caitlin Jean Murphy 

"So throw off the bowlines. Sail away 
from the safe harbor. Catch the trade 
winds in y our sails. Explore. Dream. 
Discover." Good luck 05. Love that dirty 
water. Mom, you are my best friend. 
Thanks for all of your guidance and sup- 
port. Dad. thank you for my love of the sea. 
Mark, best of luck in all that you do, you 
impress me daily. You are much more 
than a brother, a friend. "Go confidently 
in the direction of your dreams. Live the 
life you have imagined." 

Margot Lauren Najarian 

"Every nev beginning comes from some other beginning 's end. " 
Mommy-wemadeit! Thank uLOYE U.Mikey-uve taught 
me so much. LADIES Dee-u r beautiful, . u smell! 'love u 
both* Alex-my other half. brit. dance. FL. Anne-my lala 
ring dada ding it back! Gramps. Grams 2. Boomps. Joanne. 
Ana. Nikki. Enn. Man. Jen. Christie. Mandy. Mairead. Mr. 
Craft-luv u Davev 'thanx 4 everything* never ends* Class 
'05-STA YOU..' That's all u can ever be:0)... A 
I'M GONE... maruZzZzZzZzZzZz ^ ^ 


I )a\ ul W ilham Nelson 

1 1) 

Ivm Dun-du-du-duni Kenny, your quads 
forever be bigger than mine, but >ou just can't 
compete with the pects Tyson. I thinV >ou Mill owe 
me three dollars Yoonic. 'explosion* and 'explod- 
ing phoenix ' Tothcrcst of the Crew. I love you 
guys in a totally heterosexual way I hope we stick 
together forever Teachers of Duxbury High School, 
thank you for the education I s cry one else, sorry if I 
ss as mean or any thing and thanks for the good times' 

I ran I ran until my muscles burned and my veins 
pumped battery acid Then I ran some more "(I swam 


And. I'm done 

Hrin Ann O'Connor 

"Do not follow where the path may lead, 
do instead where there is no path, and 
leave a trail." Caroline. Liz. Allie lov e you 
guys- Kenny . stupid name; pearl girls: we 
build snow man; the cape; Rey nolds w rap- 
per I HI KORT: workout princesses, hit 
by a porsehe; SWAK; the mint; Sunapee; 
"deal with it"; "what am I going to do?"; 
"w hat canal?... the panama?"; orch dorks- 
great times. Mom. Dad. Kns. Kel. Pat. 
Col. Bren- thanks for all you've done. I 
love you so much. Good luck '05. 

"Genuine, day w ill come, when the wind 
decides to run and shakes the stairs that 
stab the w all and turns a page in the future 
age. Some trees will bend and some will 
fall, but then again so w ill us all. let's rum 
our prayers to outrageous dares and mark 
our page in a future age." 

Thanks to the unforgettable hood. Steph. 
Caitlan. Liz. EJ and all who made DHS 
memorable, my Chris, this is wonderful as 
loving goes<3l 1:1 1.. Thank you Mom. 
Dad. Doug. Todd for all you've taught me. 
love you! Dream Big '05. 

Abigail Eliza Partain 

"The challenge is to be yourself in a world 
that is trying to make you like everyone else" 

Thank you to my family and friends for 
your love and support. A special thank you 
to my teachers for always believ ing in me 
and pushing me to accomplish all you 
knew I could. I w ould be lost without you! 

Grady Lau rence O'Connor 

"The most beautiful thing in Tokyo is McDonald's 
The most beautiful thing in Stockholm is McDonald's 
The most beautiful thing in Florence is McDonald's 
Peking and Moscow don't have anything beautiful yet" 

-Andy Waifcol 

Yoshimi. keep fighting those evil natured robots. 
Mom and Dad. thank you for everything. 
Peepo. you'll always be my little cupcake. 
Tommy Z old times. 

Class of '05. 1 just want you to remember one thing. 

"If you're going to reach for a star. 

reach for the lowest one you can"-Jem Blank 

Christie Anne O'Reilly 

The mcmoncs may lade bui the journey s ne\ cr dom- 
I'd sing you stormy weather but it's already beer- 
sung so let's have some fun-31 1 To all my friend;: 
you know who you are love you all' Mandy be&s 
friends always love you-two halv es of a w hole idiot • 
31 1 flonda nationals OhiO. hOuSe RuLeS. Parade* 
dippen on some sissors. ZOX. Loon mountain' 
bestfnends . hawaian cowboys prom night '02 X 26> 
what a trip, summer '04 I will never forget you Tot > 
many good times to say. Mom your sacrafices mean 
the world to me. Dad M&M thanks for the support' 
"Time don't let it slip aw ay raise your dnnking glass 
here's to yesterday" Good luck class of '05. 1'n I 
finallv outta here! 

Brian Travers Peckrill 

"Do you fight for w hat you believe in? 
Do you find the strength to do what's 
Bball 1 0. 42. 25, 35 - capt. Knappy. since 
6th grade... animals, mothballs, fluids, 
mczwazwa. hes hutt. Beach Bonfires, 
carmcl Sundays, bowlin". tailgaiting 
(Rockland...). Pete's party, holocaust 
video. Far Far's. thanks guys for all the 
memories and for all the ones that have yet 
to come.l love you Mom. Dad and Dave. 
I owe you guys one. 

Matthew William Pelham 

If I had to look back. I would say that I'm glad I ma 
ev ery one of you. even the strange ones; it's been a 
good fourteen or so years. I'll miss you. Ben. Alex 
Terry. Pete. Manssa. Shannon. Adam. Bethany. 
Sean. Bianca. Matty . Ember. Paul, and Liz To my 
family, thanks, you've meant a lot to me and you've 
been more than a sister to me. Kelly : you've been a 
close friend. Thank you. those of you w ho ha\ c been 
there to make me laugh and keep me going. I w ish all 
of vou love. luck, and life. 

Erick Todd Phillips 

Lauren Michelle Powe 

Julie, Miranda, Meghan. Amy. Meggie. 
vshley. Abby. Kristen, Amy the 2 nd - you guys 
Are the best! ! I love you! ! Julie - what time 
Do you want to bounce?. I can, eat when 
I can, breathe!!. Gurnet. Prom , '04, 
Band camp and the Flute section! ! 
Amy - rabbit'.' 
Dance Dance Revolution - good times!! 
Taco night at Tuscan Taco!!, Remember me 
For who I am. Good luck class of '05! 
I will never forget you!! 

Nicole Marie Poelaert 

To the family thanks for always being sup- 
ports e and making my high school years 
interesting. To Jaime thanks for being you 
we will always have our sweet & sour 
noodles. Thanks to all who have come into 
my life - 1 am blessed to have been given the 
opportunity to meet you all. To my Babe 
you have been such an important person in 
my life - thanks for being you and for loving 
me for me - thanks for showing me that I am 
a wonderful person. Thanks to the moun- 
tains the Captain Mike the waterbed to the 
bike You are my wind beneath my wings. 

Matthew Russell Prario 

Gregory James Polcari 

Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers 
that told me I'd never amount to nothin' 

- Biggy Smalls 

BOYS> From the concerts to the parlies to the 
shells everything has been great. 

Jacquelyn Riccio 

"You only live once, but if you work it 
right, once is enough." Well one time 
through high school was enough for me. 
Iwouldn't have changed a thing though. 
Thank you to all of you who have been 
there through all of it. Rach, Betsy, Britt I 
would have never made it without you. 
girls you're the best! So many good times 
I can't remember them all. Rach you've 
been there every step of the way and I'll 
never forget that. Thanks to my family. 
Class of 2005 let's make this one time 
through the best! 

Matthew Poplawski 

My first football game... POLAND 
ROCKS and so does Canada. Celine Dion 
stinks. I would have said something else 
about her. but I'm not allowed to. Those 
memorable 3 nights in October when my 
mom wasn't home. I love ping pong! GO 
SOX!! Shanada is cool so are cinnamon 
buns and Range Rovers. SENIORS '05 
ROCK ON! I would have said something 
else, but I'm allowed to again. 

Keith Paul Richard 

Copilot. Rolling Stone. 2Legit2quit, yokes, D 
Matthews Band. Dispatch. Folds n' Guster. Benito. 
Jamando. aviators. The Ice Is Thin. FarFar's, PATS. 
BigGuy, Phillies, SOX. Kerry/Edwards '04, 
Emaline, RIP Yamamoto / Viti, I <3 U All 
"If 1 get old. 1 will not give in. and if 1 do. remind me 
of this: remind me that, once I was free, once I was 
cool, once I was me" -Radiohead j\ 
Keep on rockin' in the free world '05 if 

Rebecca 1 ouisc Richards 

/ n/f/i ,intl be in\f>iral because in every- 
thing vou see. hear ami ili>. there is a gill " 

Pihhu VcUnic AFS France '03. I'hcspian 
troupe »355, State Finals '04. Offa" 
( hicks '04-'05. Missions. Lodge To my 
friends Vou guys arc the best! I'm lucky 
to have you rhanks lor always being 
there lor me to lean on and for all the great 
memories' Je\ous adore' Mom & Dad 
Thanks for the constant lov e and support. 
Good luck '05. Follow your dreams! ",VV> 
nihi l road. No other way. No Jay but 
today " Rem 

\lc\ander Stewart Rose 

"Well I won't back down, no I won't back 
down. Vou can stand me up at the gates of 
Hell, but I won't back down." THE 
FOODS - It's been fun. Peace. 


Brian ( ieorge Riplej 

Amanda Joanne Russo 

•Say goodbye to the tangenne sky. say hello lo 
tomorrow VChnstie vou're my best friend we had best 
times e\er ohio flonda allman sick and tired of sheets.2 
halfs of a w hole idiot 3 1 1 after school nationals my kind 
buddy Mairead thanks for it all much love the dead and 
cheenn our boys wendv's.Toni and Sheehan-brockton 
Aleue- friends forever £nca-no regrets never my island 
babi.san diego.mark and boys good times my 
sister.chns turtle derek freebes ry an Mom&Dad thanks 
for not giving up on me Alissa-don't change luv alw ays 
mandv 'it's something one won't understand unless 
there in w ith me* ain't no shame ladies do va thang 

Ryan Phillip Roberts 

Smait-J pants smaartee- (plural smart-y 
pants), an annoying person who is always 
trying to be clever. Thai pretty much covers 
me. It's my 12th year, and it's finally clear, 
what I did in middle school will bile my rear. 
Hut college is near so have no fear The things 
we've done were mostly fun. when the party 's 
broken up and it's time to run. I'm sell ap- 
pointed number one So follow me and we'll 
gel free, they won't find us in a tree. My 
friends, my foes, what's next'' who knows 
Remember the past with a looking glass, and 
hope the memories w ill last. 

Abigail Hlise Saulnier 

"life is like animal crackers you reach your 
hand in and you never know what surprise 
you "II get!" congrats to everyone. KTJBBY, 
MARISSA, EMILY. NICK! thank you 
always picking me up and putting me back 
on my feet!!! thanks to everyone that 
helped me along the way! i love you MOM 
DAD and ERIC. 

Kyle Richard Robinson 

"Vou can't ow n the water man "Pills art 
good. Sleepovers at my house. Disappear- 
ing behind poles. Ennis Estate. I)-bai 
Barn. Junior morning rides. "I'm cominj 
in!" Team Skib. Ripley has hands. "This it 
what happens when you skate everyday.' 
Freestyle walking. Trundle. Historically 
accurate history videos. "But I'm Ros*< 
Parks, and I don't want to!" Dane Cook' 
Bourne. Fireworks. Forrest. Amplitude. 
Blalo. In loving memory of Breadboard 
Thanks to friends and family for all the 
support. The End. 

Molly Rose Sayce 

To everyone who has made my high 
school experience as wonderful as it ha.' 
been, thank you. 

Jenna Lee Scandone 

"But I don '( want to go among mad people, " Alice remarked. 
Oh. you can't help thai," said the Cat. "We're all mad here. I'm 
mad. You're mad." 
"How do you know I'm mad 7 " said Alice. 
You must be. " said the Cat. "or you wouldn t have come here. " 
-Alice in Wonderland 

an't believe I made it! Triends and family, 
ou know who you are. couldn't have done 

without you. Troupe 355. always practive 
• ife sets! ! Good timew with great people. 
I Because I knew you. 1 have been changed for good. " 

"It's all good" - Me 

— J ~* I n / 

Brian Jonathan Sealund 

"Do not take life too seriously. 
You will never get out of it alive. 
If a man does his best, what else is 
there? Just keep on truckin...." 

Amanda Blair Segar 

"Being grown up isn*t half as fun as growing 
up. These are the best days of our lives. The 
only thing that matters is just following your 
heart"-The Ataris.Here'sToTheMemories! 
CANARD Girk! Fat Camp! Orchestra 
Dorks! SPIDGE! BeepBeep! TheFace! 
Starland! Cake Masters! Fourth of July! 
Time Capsule! LOUCHE! Ruggle And 
Weak! Good Times ! I Love You All ! "These 
are the moments I thank God that I'm alive 
and these are the moments I'll remember all 
my life" - Edwin McCain, Pheik. thanx for 
being there! Good Luck 2005! 

Bryan Michael Seifert 

"Live for today, tomorrow will take care 
of itself." "Celebrate life - Live. Love. 
Laugh." Here's to all the good times and 
good friends. You know who you are. I am 
the person I am because of you. Thank 
you Mom. Dad. Greg and Liss. Good luck 
Class of 2005. 

Alana Marie Shea 

Caitlan Fiona Sheehan 

Girls thanx for the memories & the boys it w ouldn't 
have been the same without ya random sleepovers 
Bruce Petty Guster SOX Bay Rdhawaiian cow boys 
WILLIS' 1 soph year lockouts, breakins new year's 
late nites early mornings campouts tattoos 
Brockton summers (a squish july 4s! the "fi-ya" Pete 
thanx for e\erything. no regrets Mom. Dad. Sam 
thanx for bein' there love ya THANX BOB! "I go 
back to watching summer fade into fall, growing up 
to fast and I do recall w ishing time would stop right 
in it's tracks" KC. 

Eric William Sheridan 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop 
and look around once in a while, you 
might miss it." „ „ , 

- Ferns Bueler 

K-12 seems like a long time till you look 
back. Thanks to my teachers and my 
coaches for making me who I am. To my 
freinds and eveybody else, good times. 
Good luck to the class of 2005. Peace. 

Christina Elizabeth Shoemaker 

"Don'tliveinthe future don'tbveinthe past just hveevery moment 
as if it's your last" Soccer girls thanks Suburban girls lawn mower 
pepsi lady Steph blue stuff paptarts Mel 5rules .Amanda stones Al 
amazing times never change Linzy vineyard Sheehan Lex Nina 
Jenn Maddi Emma Meg I love you girls Kyle skoalme babeTyler 
lax hockey ndes Kara lake thai step I loveyou Keun best mends 
thanks fbrmaking me laugh 1 loveyou Mom.Dad.Drew.Brad. Kan 
couldn't have made it without you. I L0\T: VOL' / \ 
thanks for memones. GoodLuck05 2 q 1/ 

Seniors ^"^V 

Nicholas James Shuipis 

Tyler Andrew Smith 

"Boy don't you worry , you'll find your- 
self, follow your heart, and nothing else" 
i srurd sk>wd Gould Sief Kelly good luck 
fellas thanks for the times great times at 
gould's backyard football bball. Gould 
golf bear league champs pep rally dances 
keep it top left. Sief backyard sports golf 
undefeated backyard hoops bear. Kelly 
bubbin movies at your house new year's 
you're the man keep lifting. Shoemaker 
great times reggie jean always friends, 
good luck. '05 "Always let your con- 
science be your guide." 


Alec Kc\ m Sieferl 

"Let the good times roll." "In this great 
future you can't forget your past." Fella's, 
thanks for the good times and all the great 
memories. 48-1 1 ! Lax K States '04 Great 
Times. Super 8 H 1 5. golf was chill, gettin' 
after it. cra/y nights. Hey Armstrong let's 
rip a few bigs. "Bamy Ruble" Standish 
shore, sketchy beach nights. "Tennis Ball 
Game." minion, it has been great, let's 
keep it goin" in '05. Mom. Dad. Jack, and 
Will, you guys arc the best, thanks for all 
the support, thanks for everything. Peace. 

David Joseph Spolidoro 

"We can move towards a goal, and never entirely 
reach it" Him. Thanks to all of my friends who have 
been there for me: Nickhi. Sam. Jon. Matt. Tnsquet. 
& the others. Like Kal-el we all have the potential to 
be a Superman w e all just have to put forth the effort, 
and not lose our honor It is time for me to adv ance 
into the horizon. Good times. Good luck, and Good- 
Bye "There's been a few times that we've thought it 
felt tight to take the w est bound signs, and Just Leave 
Town Tonight"- u» Tkn J*t 

Allison 1 ,ee Sinclair 

"Our memories of yesterday will last a 
lifetime We'll take the best, forget the rest 
and somedav we'll find these are the best 
of tunes It is the end of something simple 
and the beginning of everything else 
Dream as if you w ill live forev er and live 
as if you will die today " Thank you to 
everyone vv ho inspired me to get to vv here 
I am today. To all my friends, you know 
who you are. To Mom. Dad. Sam. I love 
you all. To Nick I'll always love you xo. 
Class of 2005, we did it!!! 

Rachael Marie Sprague 

SENIORS '05! Jackie-Jack and Jill. 8th 
grade science-wherc it all began. Betsy- 
BRICKS. JavaJans groupie. Brittany- 
why's that funny'.' Thanks guys. I love you 
so much. VA Beach. Rootsrock. Jackics 
Bdays. Soph gym. Mom Dad Thanks for 
all the support. I couldn't have done it 
without you. Matt-I couldn't ask for a 
better older bro thanks for always keeping 
an eye out for me. Jess-Thanks for giving 
me the best sister to lookup to-you're my 
idol. Good luck to everyone else. "I'll see 
you on the dark side of the moon.. ." PF 

C arl James Starr Sjoberg 

"Friends are worth having especially 

w hen their uood" 

° -Calvin 

Thanks to all my friends w ho made high 
school an aw some time 

Linzy Zetterberg Startzell 

"It's the time you hav e w asted on your rose that makes 
your rose so special." Wav a- 1 years & counting, best 
friends always! Shoe-vineyard, soccer, hilanous 
times with you! Track babes-we live for the bagels! 
fatty 4x100 team' Katie-HA' Ben-will always be 
there for you. best brother a girl can have! Richie-4 
years & many more' Martha's Vmevard. Myrtle 
Beach, ping pong, subway, soccer, sledding, bogs, so 
much more' I'm hav ing the time of my life with you 
& I will always love you!! Congrats 2005. 

Sean Michael Stephenson 

3 the crew - Tom. Chris. Pat. Mike, 
"ian. Nick. Kyle. What can I say. so many 
>od times. Summer '04 Goin' to Aveni's. 
e notorious tent incident. "I'm gonna 
ream" bon fires at the beach. JV lax - 
hat are you Desmond? TReese for 
! er!!!!! "Hey guys, big gulps huh. Well, 
e ya later!" Mom, Dad. and Chris. 
' anks for all your support: 1 couldn ' t have 
•ne it with out you. "Let the good times 
ill" PEACE!!! 

Matthew James Sullivan 

1 SMELL HAPPINESS. Yes I do. It's in 
the air. See... I know you can smell that! 
It's a smell of glory and pretty pink flowers 
accompanied by gracious ocean scented 
candles, hot oils, and Teddy Pendergrass. 
I would like to thank people. PEOPLE 
ARE THE ROCK. 'Food is cool too' - 
Billy Shakes "Today I offer all myself to 
this I'm living for my dying wish. I give it 
all now there's a reason, there's a reason, 
to give it all...' - Rise Against Signing out. 

4eaghan Elizabeth Thompson 

' I could tell the world just one thing it 
mid be we're all ok and not to worry cuz 
>rry is wasteful and useless in times like 
;se." A&P. Exxon. Beach, eggs, 
inkys. in trouble outa trouble. SUM- 
ER '01 . We've been through it all. Steph 
ni Kefo Cashman Magnet popcorn. Kel 
ca PI and every 1 else it's been a wild 
e. we've finally made it. luv you all. 
inx. Steve take my breath away, thanx 
ilways bein' there. Mom. Dad. thanx 4 
• stars, luv u Barry Rita Tsushi. 


Erin Kennedy Thorp 

Nina Donovan Tedeschi 

These are the days between our hopes and 
fears, these are the moments that are still 
locked here '05 Lex Dane Em Cal Ali- 
ove you. In my heart is the five of us / 
dpatch. surfing, dance parties, gimme 
some moe. dave. 9 13. cips. so many great 
memories boys-thanks for the good times 
Mike-you are the best, high school 
wouldn't have been the same vv out you / 
Marrocco's-Thanks for all you'v e done. I 
love you guys. Mom. Dad. Tbone. Leigh. 
Mark - Thanks for everything! I love you 
guys. Until then... 

Christopher Nathaniel Thrasher 

Mom Dad Thanx for always backin" me on 
whatever I've Done-You mean the world 
to me-I LOVE YOU. My two brothers- 
w hat would I do without you. My CREW- 
I 'd do anything for you. All the good times. 
Decoy-my dam dog Derek big-DDerek's 
out of bed! Cliff Animal Hospital. ..Shawn 
Turtle the Fiddle I sublime Jonny Coventry 
Shane good and bad times - JJ always had 
my back - Mairead-pool shed - Mandy the 
podium getting pushed down the line on a 
skateboard-Chester awesome times, tones 
River -a trip at the beach - Marklar Zoltan 
THE GAUNTLETT Thanx Mr. Fisher I 
wouldn't be here if u hadn't helped me. 

Edwin Jackson Thomas 

Breathe, breathe in the air don't be afraid to care 
leave but don't leave me look around andchoose 
your ow n ground for long you live and high you 
fly and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry 
and all you touch and all you see is all your life 
will ever be run. run rabbit run dig that hole 
forget the sun and when at last the work is done 
don't sit down it's time to dig another one for 
long you liv e and high you fly ~ pam and bigal 
thanks a lot you're my best friends - you guys 
we had some pretty good adv entures ~ a 1 you're 
my fav orite 1 lov e you times infinity plusforev er 
- thanks for everything mom dad and aba 

Benjamin Jacob Tileston 

Hey what's up '05. 1 can't believe that were finally seniors! We 
may hav e been "skipped" but we all know the truth. I love you 
all. especially Matt Pehlara. Matt Popski. McGuirks. Johnny 
Guirkleston. Tnstin. Steve Ahem. Will Hirst, and all those I 
missed. I love you all: D. time is long to the y oung and short to 
those who had' lived it. So don't wind up one of those people 
who just live life, love it. "There he goes. One of God's own 
prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never » 

even considered for mass production. Too weird ^ I \ ^ 

to live, and too rare to die."-Fofand 
LoaihmginLasVtgis Seniors 


"You have brains in your head You have 
feet in your shoes Vou can steer yourself 
any direction you choose You're on your 
own And sou know what you know. And 
YOl' are the one who'll decide where lo 
go" Dt Sow. Will-thanks -4 always being 
there, too many good memories. Best 
(■Mends'. Shoe- 5 Rules, still. Love ya, 
Meg-Meet the parents, good times. Love 
>a. Madchn-goldfish? Good memories. 
Love ya. Bball girls-thanks tor great sea- 
sons' Mom. Dad. Jenn. and Morgan-love 
you and thanks for everything! 

Richard C arlisle Tonncr 

Well, it's the end of four years and there 
have been so many great memories along 
the way with so many great people. 
Thanks to all w ho have been there to share 
in these memories. Without such great 
friends, high school just wouldn't be the 
same. Amanda thanks for always being 
there for me. you're the best. Mom. Dad. 
Mark, and Amy. thank you for being such 
a supportive family, you've made me the 
person I am today . To my fellow class- 
mates. I wish you all the best in w hatever 
path you choose. 

Kira Alcksandra Trcibcrgs 

My friends say I'm crazy and I agree but that's 
okay cause that's the way I like to be OAR I 
Kibby * Treicells * Milla * Enrique * Spidge • 
Quartet * Camping * Cellos * Sailing * Pirates 
• Remember you are a good person * None but i 
ourselves can free our minds * Lija I will I 
ALWAYS love you. You are my best friend • 
Sail on silver girl. Sail on by. Your time has 
come to shine. All your dreams are on their 
way. See how they shine. If you need a friend 
I'm sailing right behind, like a bridge over i 
troubled w ater -Simon and Garfunkcl . 

Zachary Boyd Turner 

"Open your eyes-and look within: are you satisfied 
with the life vour living?" 

To all my buddies keep it casual. Sessions before JV 
Lax. Widomakers. rounds with Tyson, casual 1 4's. 
the Gurth. B-Tum. B-B crew good times, chilling at 
shells, milkshakes, bogs, crusin' Kentucky * 
Daytona - anywhere. Football -55. wrestling (no 
respect), tennis. Skim to Live. Mom - Dad * 
Amanda - Garrett - Vance than* for the support, luv 
u all. I do it all for the BIDDIES 

Emily Adriennc Upham 

There are no perfect men only perfect 
intentions. Yo tambien get some ice wore 
you out them things are diesel no more 
holding what color your eyes that was 
intense. I love you family w ith my whole 
heart. When I'm good I'm good but when 
I'm bad I'm better. Katy always in my 
heart. We'll all float on. Look Ma the sun 
is shining on me impatient in love and 
aching to be could you believe in heaven 
if heaven was all you had? I don't need to 
fight to prove I'm right I don't need to be 

Matthew Ste\ en W alter 

Emily Marie Webster 

.vor the moment because the memory's fieet- 
g - take a photograph as the last train's 

me Cal Lex Neen / in my heart is the 5 of us, 
ve you / 1 Oth tee/fresh year / pirates / ear- 
jffs / rockcity / gimme moe /' coheed / cip's / 
w years / proms / napoleon / dmb / late nites 
lispatches / kings / crazy / dance parties / 
ys-thanks for the good times / Cape-love 
u. Mom Amy Conor-love you. Thanks for 
; infinite things you've done, you made it 
arable. 05 thanks for the ride good luck, and 
n gone! 

Robert Patrick Whalen 

49* .... M li, <afe^> 

Off roadin' behind the mall. ..P. Dia 
mond... strip Blackjack Pigeon... FJ sum 
mer good times... Life's a garden, dig it.. 
Humarock oh snap your dad... 

Brendan Morris Weckbacher 

Carolyn Virginia Whipple 

"It's not the load that breaks you down it's the 
way you carry it" 

Thank you to everyone who has been there 
through the years, making it easier for me to 
carry my load - you all know who you are. To 
my cross-country girls and band buddies, I love 
you all and best of luck in the coming years. If 
I had a single flower for every time I think about 
you, I could walk forever in my garden! Always 
remember: chocolate and happiness are two 
things you should never be forced to give up! 

Kristopher James Winquist 

\nd I thought: My God... the genius of 
at. The genius. The will to do that. 
;rfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, 
ire. And then I realized they were stron- 
:rthan we. Because they could stand that 
ese were not monsters. These were 
en... trained cadres. These men who 
ught with their hearts, who had families, 
ho had children, who were filled with 
ve... but they had the strength... the 
rength... to do that." 

- Col. Walter E. Kurtz 

Andrew Allen Winterbottom 

Stacey. you'll always be the best friend I've ever had, 
and 1 can't wait to finally be with you. You've always 
been there when 1 needed you, and you've never done 
anything but help me with anything I was having 
trouble with, and for that I thank you. Richie, Greg and 
Chris, thanks for making high school fun. Mom and 
Dad 1 know sometimes 1 was a jerk, and I'm sorry, but 
the only reason 1 acted that way is because I knew you 
would still be there after 1 was done. Thanks for caring. 

Anthony Michael Wry 


Ronald Broun Wuennemann 

Badminton - truly felt a pari of it. Best Buddies - 
4 years Thanks to John, kclscy. and Tom Best 
limes at parties. Scniorl'cntcr. Nutcracker, talent 
shows, and Red Sox Having the will to do 
homework Reading with Mrs Rossano was 
great' Jimmic and Ryan made me feel special. 
Ms dream is to have responsibilities and hobbies: 
to work at a grocery store, to be a good problem 
solver To follow my dreams wherever they lead 
me Thanks to Mrs. Dunn. A special thanks to 
Mom for not w anting any other son but me - she 
thinks I'm perfect. 

Miranda Jessalyn Zappala 

"Better to make life as complete and enjoy- 
able an experience as possible, in case death 
stinks, which I suspect it will." Shoutz 2 my 
revo tata & train sisters. 8th grade crew & 
gymnasty crew . Gr8 times. Gumet Hallow - 
een, prom, ziggy. w tr fmt. talcbib. Fat camp, 
twin. star. mdey. littles. Flcm kiska. 
marylou. lyle w endies 44 eddie gary louche, 
push it. dillz REET mario Put it away, no 
daddy' Jon<3. Thanks to the family + the 
Mitchells! Much love! '05 remember, life 
isn't burger king, u can't have it ur way! 

Paul Poil Yoon 

Hey. Dutbury High Well, we've had a gnat four years I wouldn't 
trade those years for any less than five million dollars Let's start off 
with some apologies There »ere times when I probably got on your 
nerves and I'm sorry Sometimes I wis absolutely intolerable but 
thanks for sticking with me Let's threw out some thanks now I want 
to thank everybody in the school, the administration, the teachers, 
and the staff faculty We'v e all had our share of problems and disagree- 
ments, but y ou'v e tolerated us and we're glad you did. But most of all. 
I want to say thanks to the senior class of 2005 Most of us have grown 
up together and nobody could have asked for better Tomyfhendsd'm 
not sure I can list all of them I. y ou guys and gnis are the best All the 
times we've spent together, poker games, dances. L AN parties, chilling 
on the beach or where ever else, won't be easily forgotten. I have no 
song hues or famous quotes from dead celebrities. Just this, you won't 
be easily forgotten. Thanks to all my ftiends for being just that, my 
friends Best of luck to everybody in all your future endeavors 

Thomas Gregory Zieser 

It's been quite the nde. guys. I can't be- 
lieve it's finally over. Thanks to every- 
body w ho helped me get this far. including 
my parents (as much as I hate to admit it). 
Horan. VVhalen. Kale. O'Connor. O'Day 
thanks for being great buds. Duxbury. it's 
been fun. Hopefully I will come back at 
some point after college. 

"That we might fly sometimes, we will 
find our ow n way. thai we might fly sonic- 
times, we will find our own." - DIS- 
PATCH. Ciirls - 1 lov e y ou all. Boys - you 
guys are the best, so many great times... 
DISPATCH. Maroon5. suburban girls, 
pirates, moc. Humarock. screen door, 
deca. surf. dart. + much more... Mom. 
Dad. Dana. Nick - 1 love you!!! 

I l\ll SI KYI I) 

Dana Larson Zabilski 

"The days are long, but the years are short"' 
'05 Thanks for the countless memories 
Girls- 1 LOVE YOU! Maroon 5. Dispatch' 
I0' h tee. earmufls. rock city, willis, cips> 
suburban girls, pirates, dance parties, mo 
Humarock. screen door. surf, mission 435 
"in my heart is the 5 of us" Boys-You guy* 
are the best! Thanks. Mom. Dad. Cah 
Nick-Thanks for everything. I love youi 
Time Served. "Send me on my way..." 

Jennifer Tangusso 

Trips to Science Museum. Boston Globe. Fenway Park. Canobe Lake, 
bow ling, and Plimoth Plantation Best Buddies parties. Hanging w ith Kelly. 
Kclsey. Shannon. Jacqui & Katie. Playing Softball & basketball. To grow up 
to be a chef. Thanks Mom for every thing! Thanks to DHS staff for helping me 
out. Thanks to my friends for being there for me! 

/ \ 

"Reach for the stars, you've nothing to lose 

Leave fears behind 
For hopes you may choose 
With dawn you might find 
That some bright stars painfully fade 
But they're always above you 
After twilight's last shade" 

I! I 


Jimim Dueuan A: Katie McCluirk 

Scott Mas & Li/ Boticn 

Kevin Gould & Whitney Annicelli 

Mike Kelly & Callie Zabilski 

Pete Collins & Mandy Russo 

Matt K\pta& Leila LI- Amine 

Matt Pclham & Callie ZabiKki 

Andy Grossman & Caitlin Murph) 

Gre2 Polcari & Kristen Dunn 

Jon Greenglass & Caitlan Sheehan Brian Peckrill & Margot Najarian 

Ben Flahertv & Alexa Fiorini 

Jimmv Duggan & Rachaei Sprague Pete Collins & Zach Turner ■ Amanda Boc & Jenn Enael Alex Siefert & Meghan Caffrev 



Mike Hebert & Elvse Fronsillo 

Best -Leoldiig 

Dan Cipolletti & Christie O'Reilly Carl Sjoberg & Kira Treibergs 

Xavi Arana & Emilv Webster 

Kyle Robinson & Jackie Riccio 

Alex Lewis & Rebecca Richards 

Hunter Dunbar & Anne Maher 

Brendan & Katie McGuirk 

Matt Johnston & Jessica Hughesyv 

Seniors ^^^^ 

Du^ry High ScKool f FabulouP * * 1 



Jaime I ce l upon 

Stephen ( taramello 
c feitlin ( .moll 

\\ illiam Carroll 
Madclm Ccrullo 
K\ l\ ( hnstianson 

\manda ( iccone 
Daniel Cipollctti 

Peter Collins 
Tinioth\ ( outer 
Ker\n Connolly 

Amy Cook 
I mil} ( o\ ille 
Amanda Coyne 

Ashley Croseup 
Shaun Croseup 
Caroline daCunha 
Caroline Daigle 
Andrew Daly 

Amy Dennett 
Jessica Dennis 
Courtney Doherty 


Gregory Doyon 
Weston Dravenstadt 
James Duggan 
Amanda Duncan 
Kristen Dunn 

Meaghan Eaton 
Leila El-Amine 
Keegan Enniss 

Alexa Fiorini 
Mairead Flanagan 
Ember Fleming 
Kenneth Flynn 
Elyse Frongillo 

Kevin Fuller 
Kathleen Garrity 

HW William Garrity 
l\V \ Emma Geldmacher 

Toni Gervasi 
Jeffrey Gomer 
Kevin Gould 
Brittany Green 
Betsy Fountain 



Michael Kelly 
Michael Knapp 
Jennifer Kovalski 

Matthew Hypta 
Nicole Landry 
Jenna Laniewski 
Melissa Levesque 
Alexander Lewis 

Margaret Linde 
Nanou Lohezic 
Allison Looney 

Andrew Lohezic 
Brian Love 
Jonathan Lvnch 

Mike MacDonald 
Kayleigh MacFarlane 
James MacKay 
Anne Maher 
Alexie Marrocco 

Bryan Mastergeorge 
Scott May 

Richard McCormick 

Seniors ^ J^ j^ 

Brendan Me( miik 
Katie Mel muk 

k\le MeMahon 
( hristopher MeNalh 

Matthew Melymuka 
Jamie Michelson 
F elipe Moitmho 
Catherine Moore 
Stephen Moore 

Laura Morris 
Ryan Mullm 
Caitlin Murphy 

Margot Najarian 
Erin O'Connor 
Grady O'Connor 

Christie O'Reilly 
Pamela Olson 
Abigail Partain 
Brian Peckrill 
Erick Phillips 


\\\son Sinclair 
( .11 1 Sjobcrjj 
I \ lor Smith 

I ).i\ id Spolidoro 
Kachacl Spraguc 
1 m/\ Start/ell 

Scan Stephenson 
Matthew Sullivan 
Nina Tedeschi 
I .1 I homas 
Meatman Thompson 

Erin Thorp 
Benjamin Tilcston 
Melissa TotToloni 

Richard Tonncr 
John Tortorella 

Kira Treibergs 
Anna Turlcy 

Emily Upham 

Emily Webster 
Brendan VVeckbacher 
Robert Whalen 

: 5tT-_ JL 

?<> r Seniors 


Where will you and your classmates be in the year 2025 ™f 


• • • 

Christopher Abbott will be winking at McDonald's. 

Steve Ahem will be painting oil the latest World Scries banner in Fenway Park. 


^ \a\ i Arana \\ ill be playing counter strike. 

Shane Armstrong w ill be homeless. 
^ ^ Caitlin Bevans will be a doctor in Disney World. 

Steven Borsjc will be with one of my friend's sisters. 
V^f lyson Bottenus w ill be lost in bat country. 

^/W Brendan Byrne will be Playing Quidditch for Hogwarts International. 
Nathan Cannata will be working like three different jobs. 
Jamie-Fee Capen will be swimming the English Channel. 
Steve Caramello will be packin' it up. 
Tristan Cary w ill be living w ith his parents. 
Kyle Christianson will be skiing. 


Amanda Ciccone will be taking over for Joan Rivers on the red carpet. 

OAmy Cook will still be wearing pink. 
Emily Coville will be a music industry executive. 

Caroline Daigle will be Czarina of Russia, after the monarchy is reinstated. 
T A f Ke\ in Fuller will be on the World Poker Tour. 

Jessica Dennis will be a Spanish teacher. 
\*j Matt Donoghue will be making anti Yankees t-shirts. 

Greg Doyon will be the weather man for a local Boston news station. 
Weston Dravenstadt will be toppling Kypta's regime. 
Hunter Dunbar w ill be working for the grossman administration. 
Alexa Fiorini w ill be making the world a better place. 


Ember Fleming will be walking barefoot and giving hugs to strangers 
Kenneth Flynn will be an infamous bounty hunter. 
\ ^ Elizabeth Fountain will be hanging out at java. 

^ Garrity w ill be coming back from living in Europe. 

Kevin Gould will be on the PGA tour, in the NHL. or in the MLL. 
Tim Griswold will still be saying his favorite word. 

Gres Herrmann will be District Manager of CVS store number 834 in Kingston. 

o c 

David Hill will still be rockin" on the pipes. 
John Hopkins will be fat. 

Jess Hughes will still be shopping. 

Andrew Hunter will be married to Nicole, still riding the motorcycle. >v 
Matt Johnston will be restoring classic cars. \ f 

Paul Jones will be bounty hunting with Flynn. Bax and Seary can come too. 
Mike Kelly will be playing hockey somewhere. 
Michael Knapp will be shooting hoops. 

Matt Kypta will be claiming Outer Space for the Soviet People. 
Meggie Linde will still be soarin' with a little help from ziggy. 
Anne Lohezic will be somewhere between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. 
Brian Love will be practicing medicine as Dr. Love, what else??? 
Joncthan Lynch will still be wearing those shirts with sayings on them. 

Kayleigh MacFarlane will still be eating peanut butter out of the jar. 

James MacKay will be campaign manager for Andy Grossman. >v 

Bryan Mastergeorge will be a guitarist/screamer of XsckullgoblinX, the official \J 

band of Matty Sullivan's cult. 
Scott May will be lurchin* around f A f 
Richie McCormick will still be a member of the Defenders. 

Peter McGarigal will be with Rachel. i^J 
Kyle McMahon will be a guitar god. 

Zach McMahon hopes to be in a cabin deep in the woods where he can finally find 
some peace from the complexity and hustle that is our civilization. He'd also 
like to have a dog. 

Christopher McNally will be telecommuting from an underground bunker. 

Sean Meehan has no idea what heTl be doing twenty years from now. 
Matt Melymuka will be in a cafe in Amsterdam. \J 
Grady O'Connor will be photographing Mattie's cult. 

Duxbury Free Library 

Seniors "^^l 

Greg Polcari will still be taking the SAT's. 

Nicole Poclacrt will still be babysitting all the little ones, and happily married 

\bb\ Partain w ill be li\ ing in England, married to a I [OT British man! 

Matthew Poplawski will be a chill person - that's all he can say. y( 

>v Keith Richard will be rocking out at local bars as a member of a Rolling Stones a 

V^f Tribute Band. yjf 

Ryan Roberts will be sending troops to North Korea (call him Mr. President). >W 

y^jf Kyle Robinson w ill be relaxing on a beach. Taj 

Mand) Russo will be a co-owner of Wendy's!!! 

iaj \manda Segar w ill be rocking out. Taj 

Caitlan Sheehan w ill still be chilling. 

Alec Sieferl will be playing professional badminton. 

Allison Sinclair will be designing the new fall line of pocket books for Louis 
>w Vuitton. 

^ ^ Carl Sjoberg w ill be Principal Bass of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. y f 
>v David Spolidoro w ill be the next great influential Philosopher. 

Matt Sullivan w ill be the leader of a sw eet-rocking, well provided Cult. ^aj 

Melissa Toffoloni will be married with 7 kids. 

Taj Kira Triebergs w ill be sailing around the world in an orange 420 with her cello. Iaj 

( arolyn Whipple w ill be working for Hershey's or tree-sitting (living in a tree 

W to protest (deforestation). Taj 

Chris Winquist will be sleeping at work. 

Andy Winterbottom will be the newest Sports Center anchor. 

Paul Yoon Ha ha. In twenty years he'll be in his Manhattan loft that 
overlooks Central Park w ith a cushy job that pays six figures. One dog ( 

y ^ Golden Retriever, please) and one cat will be his companions. As for y y 

women'.' For sure there'll be one. 

j^j Miranda Zappala w ill be a cat farmer. ^aj 

>V Tom Zieser w ill ow n a chain of Caesar Salad restaurants cleverly named VW 

Taj "Zieser Salad." Taj 


Caitlin Bevans leaves her locker to incoming freshman... Liam Bevans. 

Tyson Bottenus bequeaths to freshman Dan Creed 501 scene points. 

Tim Griswold leaves his parking space to Christian Howieson. 

Dennis Gunderson leaves his parking spot to his brother. 

Andrew Hunter leaves his parking spot to his baby sister Amanda. 

Nick Kale leaves to Rob Connors his parking space, #189. 

Zach McMahon leaves his parking spot, #204, to Ben Alexander and his shanty car. 
He leaves his locker to no one because it is far away from everything. Finally, 
he leaves his spring track captainship to Shim Murphy, the greatest athlete in 
Duxbury Track history. 

Stephen Moore leaves every single thing he owns in this school, (which is 
quite a lot), to Eric Bray. (Stephen says "Treasure these things Eric, they 
got me through this alive. At least that's what I'd like to think.") 

John Tortorella bequests to a member of the class of 2009 his locker, number 
600. It has always stood ready for him, although he has never opened it. 

Emily Upham leaves her book of Essential Tibetan Buddhism to Mister John 
Fernandes who has always been a calm, peaceful, and yet monumental 
influence on her. 

Jamie Michelson leaves her starting blocks to her best little runner 
buddy, Brookie T. 




it it it it it it 

10 worst reasons to be an UNDERCLASSMAN... 

10. We're always going to be ranked on 
9. Seniors hit on our siblings 
8. We're in school till the end of June 
7. We have to park across the street 
6. We get cut in the lunch line. 
5. We can't order Bread Board 
4. We're not seniors 

3. Most of us have to take the Loser-Cruiser 
2. We get stared down when we walk into the 
Student Lounge 

1. It STINKS!!! 



Jacob \glow 
Benjamin \le\ander 

Kaitlin Allen 

K\ Ic Anderson 

( Ihristine Antonellis 
Ida Aronson 
Mark Arrigo 
Michael \\cni 
William Barges 

Jessica Bartlctt 
Lindsey Bates 
Adam Beers 
Matthew Binsfield 
JefTre\ Bi/mkauskas 

Melissa Bloodgood 
Matthew Bond 
I ric Bosworth 
Sara Boyle 
Margaret Brady 

Eric Bray 
Kelsey Bunnell 
Max Butler 
Bruce Cadorette 
Kathryn Callahan 

Sara Cameron 
Ralph Campanelli 
Emily Cannata 
Meghan Carney 
William Carroll 

H \ I ndert 

I A J 4 ^ 

Lauren Casal 
Christopher Casey 
Thomas Cashavelly 
Katelyn Cashman 
Alicia Chandler 

William Cleveland 
Juliette Clinton 
Mark Collins 
Jamie Connolly 
Robert Connors 

Tyler Cooper 
Christopher Corcoran 
Jessica Creed 
Meghan Cully 
Jordan D'Angona 

Cristin Dacey 
Michael Dahlen 
Timothy Dahlen 
Ashley Dailey 
Brooke DeLuca 

Taylor Demmert 
Patrick Desmond 

Alexander Devnew 
Christopher DiBona 

Nicholas DiCarlo 
Charles DiPrima 
Shannan Doherty 
Alissa Donahue 
Dennis Donovan 



I ogan Doughert> 
Jackie Diaper 
Danielle Duchaimc 
Jamie DuCUttki 
\m\ Duggan 

Paul Dugre 
\lisnn Dwyer 
llahib F lias 
I [annab Entrot 
James I auan 

Shawn Fagan 
s Brad I ekiman 
Andrew Fenton 
Rian Ferguson 
Fmdsc\ Ferrier 

Adna Fichter 
Rachel Files 

Alyssa Fletcher 
Sarah Frazar 

Michael Friedman 
Alison Frye 
Matthew Fuchs 
Pamela Garrity 

Stephanie Gilbody 

Angeline Goldman 
Mike Goodless 
Autumn Gould 
Kara Gould 
Sara Graham 

Devin Gram 
Sara Grant 

Martin Green 
Katrina Griffin 

Tristan Hale 
Meredith Harrington 
Elizabeth Harrison 
John Heneghan 
Caitlin Hennessy 

Annelise Herchen 
Mark Herman 
Sam Herrick 
Gary Hines 
Julianna Hopkins 

Ashleigh Howieson 
Christian Howieson 
Kathryn Hume 
Amanda Hunter 
Alicia Imbrogna 

John Jannetty 
Molly Jewell 
Abby Johnson 
Allison Jones 
Jeffrey Jones 

Gregory Joubert 
Laura Joyce 
Samuel Kahl 
Amanda Kaufman 
Rian Kearney 

Underclassmen^^ 7 ' \ 


(ircg Keller 
I hi islin.i kell\ 

Kristyn Kenyan 

I homSfl King 

\iuiicu Knapp 

Nicholas Kouble 
Jillian Kovulski 

Sarah Kneel 
I nulsa\ I add 

Knstcn LaGuniina 
Nicole Lake 
Caitlin Laridn 
Rachel Lenrovv 
Chelsea Levesquc 

Matthew Levesque 
Elizabeth Lewis 
Travis Lincoln 
Marissa Lizza 
Joshua Lovell 

Brian Lovett 
Brian Lynch 
Kristyn Lynch 
Taylor Mackenzie 
Bethanv Maddock 

Patrick Magnarelli 
Sairah Mahmud 
Jarrod Maki 
Paige Malonc 
Daniel Maloof 


Marissa Marlborough 
Erica Marrocco 
Jason Martel 
John McCarthy 
Tyler McClellan 

Molly McClure 
Bridget McDonough 
Sean McDonough 
Christopher McLeod 
Kellv McWilliams 

Craig Mehrmann 
Chris Miller 
Natalie Moore 
Robert Moore 
Kyle Morrison 

Nicole Moses 
David Motroni 
Kimberly Naton 
Jamie Neal 
Julia Nissi 

Christopher Nixon 
Geoffrey Noble 
Jennifer O'Brien 
Nicole O'Donnell 
Conor Parsons 

Rebecca Paulson 
Katherine Peacock 

Michael Pedulla 
Erica Peluso 

Underclassmen 73 r 


Holly Sgroi 
Michael Shea 
Megan Sheridan 
Devon Sherman 
Elise Sherman 

Tyler Smith 
Elizabeth Spang 
Garrett Sprague 
Julie Stamper 
Christopher Stephenson 

Patrick Stratton 
Ben Strong 

Timothy Sullivan 
Larra Sumner 


Dainya Sylvester 
Pomthep Tantipanichkul 
Lauren Tenaglia 
Alexander Theodossiou 
Daniel Therrien 

Brian Tribuna 
Gregory Tsinzo 
Eric Turner 
Sarah Turner 
Alexandra Tvler 

Corinne Van Slyck 
W illiam \bgler 
Katherine Wallace 
Bianca Walters 
Benjamin Wells 



"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's no 
something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned tht 
meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." 

-Mohammad Ali 



Sean Burke 
Risa Burr 
Sean Burridge 
Kristen Byrne 
Rebecca Cadorette 

Steve Cameron 
Collin Capen 
Brendan Carroll 
Brendan Carroll 
Benjamin Cederbem 

Teryn Chin 
{Catherine Cipolletti 
Colin Clark 
Kaitlin Clark 
Molly Clough 

Alexandra Cochrane 
Lauren Conley 
Kerri Connolly 
Timothy Connolly 
Abigail Cook 

Jessica Coonan 
Kathryn Cooper 

Nick Copp 
Matthew Cornelius 

Sarah Crimmins 
Michael Cronin 
Justin Croscup 
Ian Davis 
Steven Dennett 

Underclassmen^^ 83 \ 


katclyn Dennis 
I mdsa\ DcVellis 
Thomas Dc\ me 
Mexandn Dimatteo 

Adnana I )inms 

Michael I )mncen 

Lydifl Donnelly 
Fletcher Dosne 

I mi K I )o\ Ic 
Samantha Draper 

( hristme Drumim 
Timothy Dut!\ 

Catherine Dunph) 
Colleen Dwyer 
Colin Idijui 

( ia\ lord I ntrol 
Marissa I vans 

Alexandra Findlcv 
Richard Finn 

Christopher Flaherty 
Samantha Flood 
Juliann Ford 
Kelsey Ford 
Paul Fortmi 

Kylie Ciarofalo 
Alana Garvey 
Kayla Gavoni 
Tia Gavoni 
Theodore Geldmacher 


Brian George 
Miles Gillis 

Edwin Gilmore 
Michael Goldbaum 

William Goldman 
Jaclynne Gomez 
Mart Goodless 
Catriona Grant 
Gillian Green 

Richard Greenwood 
Braeden Gregg 
Lauren Griffin 
Sarah Griffin 
Michael Gunderson 

Paul Hagan 
Meredith Hall 
Robert Hallisey 
Zachary Hallowel 
Brian Hanafin 

Drew Harasimowicz 
Kyle Harasimowicz 
Timothy Hardman 
Keith Hartley 
Matthew Hebert 

Elissa Heckendorf 
John Heinstadt 
Katherine Hemingway 
Mark Hennessy 
Elizabeth Hetherington 



i lain Hicke) 
Jeremiah I logan 
Margaret I loran 
C Irani highs 

I. in. i Johnson 

Holly Jones 
I homas Jordan 

Nicolas Jouben 
Samuel Km/ 

John Kearney 
John Keating 

Michael Kennedy 
Meghan King 

( arohne Kinsella 

Amanda Kostreva 
Robyn Kuckuk 
Mark Kusek 
Whitney Lake 
Cameron Lamothe 

Julie Lannon 
John Laputz 
Robert Larose 
Kathryn Lcccese 
Timothv Ledin 

Samantha Lcnhardt 
Bethany Leonard 
Wesley Locke 
Frederick Loguidice 
Parker Lonuo 

^ r i nderc 

Andrea Looney 
Daniel Loreaux 
Cailigh MacDonald 
Clarke Madigan 
David Manco 

William Manly 
Elena Manning 
Morgan Markella 
Cole Martin 
Jillian May 

Lindsay McDonough 
Aaron McFadden 
Peter McGrath 
Steven McGrath 
Caroline McGuirk 

Michael McKenzie 
Stephen McKinley 
Stephen McKinney 
Justin McKniff 
Christopher McMahon 

Claire McPartlan 
Tyler McPherson 
John Mechak 
Donald Meyer 
Mitchell Miller 

Stephanie Millis 
Colleen Moore 

Sarah Mortland 
Katie Moylan 



( ireuon Murpln 
la\ lor Muqtln 
Michael Nelson 
Mary Neumann 
I ro\ Ne\ i lie 

Abigail Nolan 
I \an Novakowski 

[yier O'Brien 
Matthew ( )'C'onnor 
Michelle ( )'( onnor 

Patrick O'C onnor 
I uke O'Day 
Kara Oloskey 
Rachel Owen 

I leather Pakstis 

Matthew Payne 
Kelly Pelham 
Emily Pieseo 
Stephen Pmkham 
Sean Poelaert 

Meredith Poore 
Kimberly Portais-Rolfson 
Rebecca Potash 
Roman Rieci 
Nicole Richer 

Daniel Riley 
Robin Rittenom 

Lindscy Robbms 

Tra\ is Roberts -^^f^ 

Siobhan Roche 
Olivia Rodriguez 
Caitlyn Rollock 
Nicole Santosuosso 
Luke Savage 

Sean Savage 
Sara Schwanke 
Emily Seery 
Michael Seigfried 
Mayra Sepulveda 

Steven Shanahan 
Kevin Shea 

Patrick Shea 
Corey Sheppard 

Tim Shuipis 
Christina Simonelli 
Keith Simons 
Michael Slattery 
Catherine Slechta 

Connor Smith 
Heidi Soderberg 
Quenby Solberg 
Lindsey Sowa 
William Spang 

Theresa Steele 
Nicole Striebel 
Christopher Sullivan 
Ivan Sunguroff 
Leigh Tedeschi 



rerrence redeschi 
Brooke rciltincn 
James rhomas 
Samanlha riioinas 
Jonathan I hompson 

( stherine I brelfall 
l.ija I reibergs 
Nathan line 
\\ illiam rucker 

( iretchen I phaiii 

Nicholas Violaiuli 
Kenneth Watson 
Jonathan Watts 
Conor Webster 
Torey Weiss 

Rebecca Welch 
Danielle White 
Jarcd W icse 
I aj lor w illiams 
Michael WittlitT 

Robert W'oodrutY 
Rebecca Woods 
Briton W'oodworth 
Brail\ W \ it/en 
TitTanv Yoon 

"^^^^ i nden 


lylci \dams 

Petei Anderson 

Christopher Angeles H| 

Hi/abcth \ntava F 

Danielle Antonellis 

William Arana 
(Catherine Aucr 
Scott Austin 
[Crista Aveni 

Emily Averna 
Patricia Babson 
Uyssa Baracewicz 
Bret Bartlett 
\ loM\ Beatson 

Nicholas Bcattic 
Michelle Belanger 
Haley Bickncll 
Carolyn Blout 
Peter Bobseme 

Elizabeth Bosworth 
Katelyn Bouchie 
Anna Brady 
Victoria Bry ant 
Hannah Buckley 

Heather Bulu 
Hayicy Bunnell 
C hristopher Buron 
Brian Byrne 
Brittanv Cabral 


Patrick Caflrey 
Erin Call 
Jami Caramello 
Jill Caramello 
Michael Carney 

Michael Cashman 
Cody Childs 
Christopher Cole 
Carly Collari 

Christopher Collins 
Melinda Collins 
Colleen Connolly 
Brian Connors 
Chadwick Conway 

Daniel Cooper 
Daniel Creed 
Jennifer Cuminings 
Jessica Curran 
Stephanie Curran 

Daniel Currul 
Nicolas Cusick 

Margot da Cunha 
Patrick Daly 

Sean Da\ idson 
Suzanne De Deyne 
Philip Demmert 
Emily Desmery 
Bradley De\ereaux 

Underclassmen "^^^^ 


Daniella DiCarlo 

Kutlin Diniua 

Amanda Doolin 

Michael Doolio 

I mil\ Doolittle 

Nicholas Dow I 
Bridget Duffy 
I inma Duggan 
Matthew Duggan 
Ashle\ Dutire 

Kerin Baton 
Jacquclyn Enniss 
Christopher Fagan 
Jeffrey Fagan 
Vincent Farese 

Jackie Farina 
John Fasciani 

Jaleesa Ferreira 
Emily Fionni 

Thomas Fiset 
Jennifer Flood 
Nicole Forlizzi 
Kara Friedman 
Matthew Gabrielli 

Douglas Gallagher 
De\ in George 
Charlotte Glick 
Hillary Gluskin 
William Goodhue 

Jarad Gray 
Jonathan Grenadir 

Graham Groombridge 
Leah Grubb 

Meredith Habgood 
Aaron Haight 
Spencer Hale 
Kelsey Hallowell 
James Hart 

Paige Hecker 
Cory Hendrickson 
Tracy Hines 
Nancy Hoffman 
Sarah Horton 

Andrew Hovey 
Paige Jackson 
Sara Jannetty 
Edward Kahl 
Erin Keefe 

Emily Kindregan 
David King 
Keith Kordis 
Liza Kostreva 
Jordvn Krall 

Nicholas Kruger 
Zachary Kruger 
Molly Kupferberg 
Amy LaGumina 
Matthew Landry 

Underclassmen ^^^^^ 


Ste\ en 1 aramec 
James I a lorrc 
Inn 1 e\esquc 

James I cvesquc 

Rachel l cu is 

Savannah I loyd 
\lc\ander Lucas 

Samantha Lud\s ig 
Amy Lugas 

I homas I j neb 
Chnstophcr Lyons 
Daniel MacDonald 

Corey Mack in 
Baile\ MacNab 

Ryan Madden 
Shawn Madden 
Peter Malcu icz 
Kelley Markella 
Alison Marlborough 

Grant Marston 
Cameron Martin 
Daniel May 
EKvin McCarthy 
Matt McDonough 

Jessica McKnitT 
Sarah McMahon 
Spencer Meine 
Julie Merry 
Jessica Millis 

l ndcrclassmcn 

George Molina 
Samuel Monk 
Gina Monterio 
Jamie Morris 
Leslie Mortland 

Jeffrey Murphy 
Kelly Murphy 
Mark Murphy 
Grant Newcomb 
Clav Nicolau 

Christopher Noble 
Nicholas Norling 
Brendan O'Brien 
Nelson O'Donovan 
Kathrvne 0"Neal 

Katherine OToole 
Andrew Oberholzer 
Charlotte Odier 
Marina Okola 
Hannah Palfrey 

Daniel Pannell 
Sara Passeri 
Martine Pelletier 
Thomas Perekslis 
Rvan Peterson 

Matthew Pierce 
Cameron Poole 

Alex Porter 
Enn Powers 



k.iitlm Powers 
i iabrielle Purcell 
Augustus Qum/ani 
( hristma Reese 
Megan Keinhart 

\\ illiam Ricciardi 
James Rich 
( foegoty Robbins 
John Robichau 
\lc\ander Kouan 

I II sc Rossignol 
lictham Ruggles 
I eafa Santos 
Megan Seanlan 
Caleb Schmitt 

Abigail Schnibbe 
Richard Seiretta 
Kevin Scott 
Stefan Senian 
Matthew Short 

Abigail Smith 
Thomas Smith 
Amanda Southall 
Evan Spolidoro 
Scott Spolidoro 

Carly Spoor 
Seth Sprague 

Brett Stoddard 
Andrea Strand 

^^^^ ^ i nderc 

Meghan Stratton 
Brendon Sullivan 
Kathleen Sullivan 
Paul Sullivan 
Gabrielle Sumner 

Derek Sweet 
Kimberly Taylor 
Emma Taylor-Salmon 
Rita Thompson 
Christian Titus 

Heather Tosca 
Sara Trevisani 

Susan Truelove 
Michael Turley 

Ryan Turner 
Vance Turner 
Peter Umbrianna 
Leslie Vancheri 
Catherine Varonko 

Michael Vercollone 
Margaret Walrod 
Joseph Whalen 
Dennis White 
Rebecca Winans 

Krysta Wirkala 
Amanda Woodgate 
Megan Wyrtzen 
Alexander Yang 
Nicholas Zabilski 

Underclassmen '^^J^^' 


ft ft ft ft ft ft 

"You have extraordinary power to do good, to change the world for the better. 
You have an extraordinary gift in your ability to impart knowledge and love 
to our students.** 

-Dr. Williams, Convocation 2004 

"Education is a wonderful thing. If you couldn't sign your name you'd have 
to pay cash.'* 

-Rita Mac Brow n 

"Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best." 

-Bob Talbert 

"Minds are like parachutes: they only function when open." 

- Thomas R. Dewar 

"Self-doubt seems very much a part of the job of teaching: one can never be 
sure how well it is going. 

-Joseph Epstein 

"The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you 
learned this afternoon." 


"Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more." 

-Boh Talbert 

"When a teacher calls a boy by his entire name it means trouble." 

-Mark Tw ain 

108 < Faculty 


IViei \\s 
Diane A lon e i 

( Ihristopher Aukennan 

k.ticn Ba\ nos 

Deb Hears 
Karen Benson 

K.i\ mond Bergiel 
Bill Bristol 
Marv Ciccarelli 

Chris Connors 
Ditty Coogan 
Linda Coombs 
Amy Coitrighl 
Jay Craft 

Heather Deleore 
Don Delloreo 
Lisa Dembowski 
Cathy Dennison 
Jamie Dohern 

Cathy Donahue 
Jim Donovan 
Catherine Dudley 
Kathy Dunn 
Mark Dunn 

John Fernandes 
Liz Field 
Danielle Fournier 
Way ne Frieden 
Jim Gadbois 

51 nn ° 




( im.i Moy Ian 
Diana Myers Pachla 
Derrick Nelson 

Jill Norenberjj 
Keith OConnell 

Tom ( )'( "onncll 
Lynn I'erekslis 

(.uucla IVcolo 

( ilenn Pm.i ^* 

I'at Roberts 
Jutta Rossano 
Diane Shayne 
Pal Shea 
\shk-> Shepaidson 

Mary Stadelmunn 
Andrea Sterling 

John Sullivan 
Mar\ Lou Sullh an 

Leah Sumner 
Carole Sutherland 
Ric Swanson 
Jen Sylvia 
Kerri Szafran 

Bill Tuohig 
Charlie Yautrain 
Jim Vinci 
Bob Webster 
Eileen Williams 



ft ft ft ft ft 

Ideals are like stars; you will not 
succeed in touching them with your 
hands. But like the seafaring man on 
the desert of waters , you choose them 
as your guides, and following them 
you will reach your destiny. 

Carl Schurz 

Address, Faneuil Hall, Boston 
April 18, 1859 

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in 
your soul. Dream deep, for every 
dream precedes the goal. 

Ralph Van 1 1 Starr 
Sports: Inspiration Quotes 



Going into the AIM Season then: were i k>t ol questions if the mostly incxpc nenced Dragons could compete 
fa j 4th consecutive Patriot Laguc Crown The) roared out of the gate with 4 consecutive wins achieved with a 
punishing running game lead by Senior Captains Tim Confer. Ryan Mullin. and standout Junior Chns Nixon Junior 
(JB Chns DiBona directed an extremely efficient passing attack » ith injured Senior Captain Carl Mehrmann providing 
mNpiratkwio the lircoi Senior anc^Kedbv Bn an l.ov e .Matt Johnston . Pete Collins. Zack Tunwr . arni Shaun Crovrup. 

The trade mart of this yjuad was u\ tenacious DeftMt The Dragons recorded 6 shutouts and only y iclded 
4ii [vints all year Losses only to Patnoi League newcomer Silver Lake by 2 points and ultimate League Champion 
Hingham by 7 in the Championship game were the only blemishes on (he season. 

TV Dragons uliinutevicu>r\wasa2.'^Thanksgi\ingDav win overahcavily favored Marshfield team. This 
tremendous w m would prove to be a fitting and sweet way for Head Coach Don Delloreo to end his 22 year career as 
leader of the Dragons 

Captains: Tim Confer. Carl Mehrmann. Ryan Mullin Seniors: Peter Bizinkauskas. Peter Collins. Shaun Croscup. Tim 
Gnswold. Andrew Hunter. Matt Johnston. Brian Love. Ryan Roberts. Zach Turner Juniors: Ky le Anderson. Mike Avem. 
Adam Beers. Jeff Bizinkauskas. Bruce Cadorette.ChrisCasey. Pat Desmond. Chris DiBona. Nick DiCarlo. Shaun Fagan. Ryan I 
Ferguson. Matt Fuchs. Devin Gram. Drew Harasimowicz. Mark Herman. Christian Howicson. Andrew Knapp. Matt! 
Levesque. Travis Lincoln. Dan Maloof .Craig Mehrmann. Chris Nixon. Greg Peterson. Chns Protasewich. Bob Schnibbe. Ben | 
Strong. Brian Tnbuna. Greg Tsinzo.Tom White. Richard Wood. Sophomores: Scott Ahem. Ian Babson. Jim Barrett. Conn 
zxor Bevans. Russ Boggs. Jack Bostrom. Matt Botieri. Grant Bowen. Jay Boyns. Tim Connolly . Kyle Harasimowicz. TJ. 
Hardman. Keith Hartley. John Heinstadt. Mark Hennessy. Tom Jordan. Nick Joubert. John Kearney. PJ. Longo. Aaron 
McFadden.Mike McKenzie. Chris McMahon. Tyler McPherson.Troy Neville. Luke O'Day. Steve Pinkham. Scan Poelaert. 
Steve Shanahan. Kevin Shea. Keith Simons. Jon Thompson. Nick Violandi. Jared Wiese. Rob Woodruff. Britt Woodworth j 
Head Coach: Don Dellorco Assi stant Coaches: Bob Clears .John Taglierei . Mark Crow ley . Dave Maimaron . Peter Afanasiw | 




at Old Rochester 



* at Middlcboro 


* at Rockland 


* Randolph 


* Silver Lake 



* Hanover 


* at Scituate 


* East Bridgewater 

* Hingham 


* Patnoi League Game 

Captains: Whitney Annicelli. Alexie Marrocco. Nina Tedeschi Seniors: Keryn Connolly. Caitlin 
Hennessey. Katie McGuirk. Jackie Riccio.Callie Zabilski. DanaZibilski Juniors: Sara Boyle. Meghan 
Cully. Adria Fichter. Manssa Lizza. Molly McClure. Courtney Scott. Meg Shendan.Ellie Spang. Sarah 
Turner. I.i/ Whittemore Sophomore: Holly Jones Head Coach: Peter Saggese Assistant ( loaches: Meg 
Doherty. Sue Paull Managers: Erica Marrocco. Julia Nissi 






at Marshfield 

at Weston 





* Scituate 


* Hingham 

* at Scituate 


* at Hanover 



* East Bndgewatcr 


* Middleboro 





* Silver Lake 


* at Silver Lake 


* at East Bndgcwater 



* at Sandwich 


* at Hingham 




* Hanover 




* at Middleboro 





* at Pembroke 




Martha's Vineyard 

* Patriot League Contest 

Patriot League C hampions 

Girls Soccer 

Captains: Wave Doyle. Kim Nation. Jamie Neal Seniors: Christina Shoemaker. Linzy Startzell 
Juniors: Kelscy Bunnell. Alicia Chandler. Brooke DcLuca. Annie Pisco. Betsey Saucr. Devon 
Sherman. Elise Sherman. Lauren Tenaglia Sophomores: Stephanie Millis, Kara Oloskey. Meredith 
Poore Freshmen: Jordyn Krall, Jessica Millis, Kell) Murphv Head Coach: Pat Shea Assistant 
Coaches: Kate Warlos/. Kerstin Adami. Ken Driscoll 


at Plymouth North 

* Hingham 

* at Silver Lake 

* Pembroke 
at Dennis-Yarmouth 

* at East Bndgcwater 

* Rockland 

* Randolph 

* at Scituate 

* at Hanover 





* Patriot League Conte 

* Middlcboro 

* at Hingham 

* Scituate 

* Silver Lake 

* at Pembroke 
at Rockland 
Plymouth North 
King Philip 




4 " *m\ 

Boys Soccer 

12 * 


!&«%T # IMS?! 

Captains: Chris Baker. Andrew Loreaux Seniors: Xavi Arana. Steve Borsje.Greg Doyon. James Duggan. 
Jeff Gomer. Richie McCormick. Brian Ripley . Chris Rooney Juniors: Alex Devnew . Logan Dougherty. 
Jamie Fagan. Mark Polvere. Tyler Sangster. Garrett Sprague. Tim Sullivan. Andy Wintcrbottom 
Sophomores: Mike Baran. Tim Duffy. Matt Landry. Dan Loreaux. Pete McGrath. Will Tucker Head 
Coach: Graham Stafford Assistant Coaches: Guy Reynolds. John Fagan. Bill Wilhelm. John Blake 






at Plymouth North 



* Hingham 



at Hingham 



* at Scituate 




* Scituate 

2 * 

at Silver Lake 


* Silver Lake 


J 9 

at Pembroke 



* Pembroke 


at Marshfield 





5 * 

East Bndgewater 




2 • 

at Rockland 



at Canton 


8 » 

at Randolph 




1 * 





3 * 

at Middlcboro 


• Patriot League Contest 

Girls X-Country 

Seniors: Betsy Fountain. Alanna Francis. Caroline Whipple Sophomores: Casey Brust. Ashley 
Buckley. Anby C<x)k. Meredith Hall. Katherine Hemingway. Caroline McGuirk. Tiffany Yoon 
Freshmen: Cameron Poole. Heather Tosca Head Coach: Heather Delcore 







at Scituate 









at Pembroke 



East Bndgewater 



at Hingham 



at Silver Lake 


Boys X-Country 

mr 10 Rl VSONS |'() JOIN BOYS cross country 

I ice Ice from Scoops 
Cict Hair l ips from Hon Alexander 

The I. lie. and More linportanll\ . The Death of Malt Cornelius 
How to "Bornm " a eat . as taught b\ Ben and Greg 
Slack Pack making sure e\cr>onc gets back safel\ 

He) look' it s M.m Pnriol 

lin I'HI Kl . BIDDY' 
Breaking the 17 \ ear curse 
( i\n I NDI I I \ I I I) \ \RSI n SPORT 

Seniors: Tyson Boltcnus. Weston Dravenstadt. Ken Flynn. Jonathan Lynch, Mike McKinley. Steve 
Moore. Dave Nelson. Matt Prario Juniors: Ben Alexander. Matt Bond. Eric Bray . Greg Seery . Henry 
Whitney Sophomores: Matt Cornelius. Ian Davis. Wesley Locky .Steve McKinley. Tyler O'Brien. Dan 
Riley . Sean Savage. Chris Sullivan Freshmen: Dan Creed. Aaron Haight Head Coach: Mark Dunn 



6th Place 


( <>\(,K VI 1 L VI IONS : 

The Boys Cross Country W on the League Title 
for the First Time Since 19S7! 




at Scituate 








at Pembroke 


East Bridgewater 

CM Invite 

at Hingham 


at Silver Lake 


Boys Golf 

Seniors: Chris Ajcmian. Phil Baracewicz. Kevin Gould. Dennis Gundcrson. Mike Mac Donald. Jim 
MacKay. Alec Sicfcn. Sander Rose. Tyler Smiih. Rick Tonner Juniors: Ned De\ new. Brad Feldman 
Sophomores: Sean Burke. Mike Gunderson. Terrance Tedcschi Freshman: Brett Stoddard Head 

Coach: Jack Stoddard 




* at East Bndgewater 205 


* at Hingham 

* Silver Lake 

* at Scituate 
at B.C High 

* Middleboro 
3112 at Marshficld 

246 Marshfield 
206 * East Bndgewater 
215 * at Hanover 

41 12 



* at Silver Lake 

* Rockland 

* Randolph 

* Scituate 

* Hingham 

* at Middleboro 

* at Rockland 

* at Pembroke 

* at Randolph 

* Pembroke 

Palnol League Contest 



Patriot League Title 

& Diving 

Seniors: Jamie Lec Capen. Amanda Coyne. Caroline da Cunha. Caroline Daigle. Rebecca Hams. Kale Kelly . Erin O'Connor. Allison 
Sinclair Juniors: Christine Antonellis. Alison Frye. Molly Jewell. Kristcn LaGumina. Kellv McWilliams. Knstyn Rolh. Dainya 
Sylvester. Catherine Wallace. Alana Worthman Sophomores: Angela Auda. Ali Di.Matteo. Liz Hctheringlon. Julie Lannon. Caleigh 
MacDonald. Emily Seen Freshmen: Liz Anlaya. Emily Avema.Alyssa Baraccwicz. Carolyn Blout. Anna Brady. Brittany Cabral.Carly 
Collan. Margaret DaCunha. Jalcesa Ferreira. Kara Friedman. Hillary Gluskin. Paige Hccker. Paige Jackson. Amy LaGumina. Samantha 
Lloyd. Bailey MacNab. Kelsey O'Neal. Carly Spoor. Andrea Strand Head Coach: Jay Craft Diving Coach: Bill Thomas I 

Dnxbo rj 



' Randolph 






at Acton-FJoxboro 



* at Quincy North 



* Sandwich 







2nd Place 

Pilgrim Meet 


at Notre Dame 



Boston Latin 


• Pilgnm league Mccl 

Overall Record 5 

-4 Pilgrim League Record 


f t' 






■ . .,,.2.* 5 9 

Captains: Mike Knapp. Brian Peckrill Seniors: Brian Love. Brendan McGuirk. 
Tyler Smith Juniors: Sam Hcrrick. Mike Mac Donald. Pat Magnarelli.Jarrod Maki. 
Carter Sattcrficld. Mike Shea Sophomores: Nick Copp. Aaron McFadden Head 
Coach: Gordon Cushing Assistant Coaches: Steve Studley. Bob Sullivan 



47 Plymouth North 

60 * Htngham 
55 Brockton 

61 * Scituatc 

73 Catholic Memorial 

73 * Silver Lake 

66 * Pembroke 

62 Marshficld 

73 * East Brideewater 
62 Marshficld 

52 * Rockland 

67 * Middlcboro 

74 * Randolph 

68 * Hingham 
59 * Scituate 

83 Plymouth North 

66 * Silver Lake 

• Pathol League Game 





C aptains: I.i/ Botien. Katie Ciarritv Seniors: C ade Moore. Melissa Toffoloni Juniors: Kelse> Bunnell. 
Lauren Casal. Sarah Grant. Jamie Neal Sophomores: Rachel Owen. Sara Schwankc. Emily Seery 
Freshman: Jessica Millie Head Coach: Pal Shea Assistant Coaches: Brian Keller. Jim Richard'- 










* Scituatc - OT 



* Arlington Catholic 






Silver Lake 





* Pembroke 



* Marshfield 



East Bndecwater 
* Marshficlcl 








* Middlcboro 



* Hingham 



* Scituatc 



* Silver Lake 
^Patriot League Game 


Girls Hockey 

C aptains: Whitney Annicclli. Nicole Landry . Emily Webster Senior: Christie O'Reilly Juniors: 
Meghan Cully. Elizabeth Harrison. Christina Kelly. Kristyn Kcrivan. Erica Marrocco Sophomores: 
Kristcn B>rne. Kerri Connolly. Alii Findlay. Sarah Griffin. Julie Lannon. Lindsay Sowa Freshmen: 
Colleen Connolly. Tracy Hines. Katherine Keough. Erin Levesque Head Coach: Friend Weiler 
\ssistant Coaches: Pctei \fanasiw, John l-indlas 




Cambridge Rindgc & Latin 


* Barnstable 



* at Canton 



* Quincy North Quincy 



at Falmouth 



* at Hingham 

* at W'estwood 




at Arlington 






* at Martha's Vineyard 


* Quincy North Quincy 



* at Barnstable 



* Westwood 



* Canton 




1 South Cape League Game 


Boys Hockey 

Captains: Bill) Carroll. Kc\ in Gould. Mike Kcl l\ Seniors: Brian Celino. John Hopkins. Scott May. Alec Siefert. Brendan Weckbacker 
Juniors: Jamie Fagan. Gar> Mines. Ryan Kearney. Sean McDonough. Mark Polvere. Max Quin/ani. Chris Rooney. Terry Woods. 
Sophomores: Mike Baran. Bobby Barry . Brendan Carroll. Tim Connolly. Jeff Gomer. Matt Hcbert. John Keating. Mike Slattery 
Freshmen: Dan Ma) . Mark Murph> Head Coach: John Blake Assistant Coaches: Gordie MacFarlane. Peter Malewicz 
























Arlington Catholic 


























League - Independent 




Senior Captains: Courtney Dohert) . Meghan Caffrej 

Front Row (L to R): Kelsej Hallowell. Ali Imbrogna. Courtnex Dohert) . Jenni OBrien. Meghan 
Caffrey. Caitlin Henncssy. Abby Smith 

Middle Row (LtoR): Meghan Carney, Nicole Lake. Kristen LaGumina 

Back Row (L to R): Angela Auda. Kelley Markella. Taylor Demmert. Morgan Markella.TiaGavoni 

Captains: Rvan Mulhn. Enc Shendan. Rvan Roberts Seniors: Man Donoghue. Weston Dravemtadl. David Hill. Dave Spolidoro Juniors: Kvle Andcrson.M 
Campanelh. Chns DiBona. Greg loubert. Andre» Knapp. Greg Tsiwo Sophomores: lan Babson. James Barren. Brendan Carroll. Kvle Hallisev . Dre» HarasiflM 
John Heinsiadt. Jeremiah Hoean.Thomas Jordan.Sleven McGrath.Mike NkKenzie.Chns McMahon. Dan Riles .Travis Roberts Freshmen Alvssa* 
Caffrev. Aaron Haight. Rvan Madden. Sam Monk. Andre* Oberholzer. Alei Rogan. Stefan Seman. Thomas Smith. Mike Vercollone Head Coach: Bob WaB I 





















Plymouth South 






B.C. High 





* 54 






* 43 

Shepard Hill 










* 42 




Marshfield Tourney 










3rd Place 

Whitman-Hanson Toumey 










2nd Place 

Cohasset Toumey 


Silver Lake 



Plymouth South 


'Patriot League Meet 


Seniors: Chris IXvollihus. Andrew Hunter. Dasid Nelson Juniors: Max. Butler. Bills Carroll. Nick Williams Sophomores: Colin 
Capen. Ian Davis. Tom Devine. Mike Dinneen. Colin Edgar. Brian George. Miles Gillis. Edwin Gilmore. William Goldman. Rick) 
Greenwood. Grant Inglis. John Kearney. Cam Lamothe. Clarke Madigan. Will Manly. Greg Murphy. Mike Nelson. Tyler O'Brien. Kip 
\\ Bison Kri'shmen: Dc\ in ( ieorge, Jamie Morris Head Coach: J.i> Craft I)i\inj> Coach: Craig Doloff 
















Boston Latin 






Catholic Memorial 



B.C. High 



Bishop Stang 





School Record* Broken 7 hi* Season 

Mai Butler - 200 Yard Freestyle 

Mm Butler - 100 Yard Freestyle 

Max Butler - 200 Yard Individual Medley 

Max Butler - 500 Yard Freestyle 


A ft A 


II I 1.1 J 

Seniors: Molly Bray . lilysc f rongilh > Juniors: Amy Duggan.Katrina Griffin. Julianna Hopkins. Sarah 
Kugcl. Kelly McWilliams Sophomore: Emily Piesco Freshmen: Emma Duggan. Ashley Dugrc. 
Krw.i Wirkala Head Coach: Jussica Farrell 





* Pembroke 



Notre Dame 



* Hingham Scituatc 

1 13.4 





* Hanover Rockland 

1 19.5 





* Silver Lake 






* Pembroke 

1 19.8 


* Hingham'Scituate 



* Hanover Rockland 



* Silver Lake 



* Notre Dame Randolph 





* Patriot League Meet 

Student Life 

it it it it it it 

Guard well your spare moments. 
They are like uncut diamonds. 
Discard them and their value will 
never be known. Improve them 
and they will become the brightest 

gems in a useful life. 

Ralph Walso Emerson 

N ' fern Life 


Well, I'm sitting here in Mrs.Cicc's classroom, trying to 
think of what to type, and looking at all the other 
yearbooks she has accumulated, hoping for inspiration, 
rhe essential, it seems, is to thank the advisors, who are 
the most excellent Mrs. Cieearelli and the superb Mrs. 
Dunleavy. \Ko. I extend a very hearty thanks to the 
wonderful Mrs. Varanelli for contributing her time to 
teach the newcomers what to do to make a yearbook 
interesting. Other than that. I seem to need to thank the 
faithful "yearbook-ies' w ho contributed their Tuesday 
and rhursda) nights to making this book for you. Actually, 
what am I writing this for? I doubt you will read this, 
because you are probably in such awe of our awesome 
) earbook thai \ ou don't have time to look away from the 
layouts. 1 lopefully you enjoyed looking at the yearbook 
as much as we have enjoyed making it. 

Jonathan Lynch and company 

Student Government 

Student I onodl Exccuttrc Hoard 

Advisor: Ms. Myers Pachla 
President: Andrew Grossman 
Vice President: Michael Kn.ipp 
Treasurer. Katclyn kclly 
Secretary: Kalhenne McGuirk 
Secretary of Publishing: Caithn Murphy 
Parliamentarian: ( aitlin Hcsans 

St-ninr ( lass Student Council Officers: Caitlin Murphy (Secretary). Pam Olson (Vice President). Brendan Byrne (Treasurer). Shelby Briggs (President) 

I reshmen Student Council 

President: Abbe Schnibbe 
Vict President: Colleen Connolly 
Secretary: Brendan Sullivan 
Treasurer: SueTruelove 

Representatives: Nick Dow. Leah Grubb. Sarah Jannetty. Zack Kruger. 
Spencer Meine. Katie Powers. Becca Winans. Meg Wyrtzen 

Juniors Student Council 

President: Sairah Mahmud 
Vice President: Cristin Dacey 
Secretary: Julia Nissi 
Treasurer: Andrew Knapp 

Representatives: Jess Creed. Autumn Gould. Mark Herman. C 
Larkm. Jen - Brien. Chris Protasewich. Carter Satterfield. Betsy S 
Prom Chairs: Jess Creed. Autumn Gould. Chris Miller 

Sophomore Student Council 

President: Alec Boardman 
Vice President: Ky le Harasimowicz 
Secretary: Drew Harasimowicz 
Treasurer: Heather Pakstis 

Representatives: Tim Duffy. Samantha Lenhardt. Will Manly. Colleen 
Moore. Mike Nelson. Ty ler O'Brien. Samantha Thomas. Brady Wyrtzen 

Senior Student Council 

President: Shelby Briggs 
Vice President: Pam Olson 
Treasurer: Brendan By rne 
Secretary: Caitlin Murphy 

Representatives: Courtney Doherty. Meg Eaton. Alana Francis 
Garrity . Alexandra Hogan. Jon Greenglass. Sam Hallowell . Brendan Mc 

Student Life 

Dragon Flyer 

The Dragon Flyer is a student publication that is written, edited, and 
distributed by Duxbury High School students. The editorial staff 
welcomes submissions of well- written news. Student writers may 
submit articles for consideration by the staff. 


Kayleigh MacFarlane 

National Honor Society 


Brum 1 ovc President 
Keith Richard I /c < President 
Caitlin Bcvans Recording Secretary 
Matthew Kypta - Publicity Secretary 
I i k Shei idan Treasure) 
I mber I lemmg Tutoring Chairperson 

Mnnbrrs: Su\cn Ahem. Christopher Baker. Peter Bizinkauskas. Steven Borsje. 
Twin Bottenus. Shelby Briggs. Brendan By rue. Meghan Caldwell. Amanda Ciccone. 
Daniel Cipolletti. Ann Cook. Fmily Co\ ille. Caroline DaCunha. Caroline Daigle. 
Andrew |)al> . Jessica Dennis. Courtney Doherty . Wave Doyle. W eston Dravenstadt. 
W illiam Dunbar. Meaghan Faton. Jennifer Engel. Alexa Fiorini. Benjamin Flaherty . 
Mairead Flanagan. Kenneth Flynn. Fli/abcth Fountain. Alanna Francis. Kathleen 
Garrity . W illiam Garrity. Andrew Grossman. Samantha Hallowell. Rebecca Harris. 
David Hill. Thomas Horan. Kclscy Jordan. Katelyn Kelly. Michael Kelly. Michael 
Kn.ipp. Melissa I cvesquc. Andrew Loreaux. Jonathan Lynch. Kay leigh MacFarlane. 
Brendan McGuirk. Kathenne McGuirk. Michel McKinley. Christopher McNally . 
/.k har\ NK Mahon. Matthew Melymuka. Jamie Michelson. Catherine Moore. Felipe 
Moitmho. Caitlin Murphy . Pamela Olson. Matthew Pelham. David Nelson. Rebecca 
Kk hards. Brian Ripley .Kyle Robinson. Brian Sealund. Alec Sielert.Rachael Sprague. 
LinZ] Start/ell. John Torlorel la. KiraTreibergs. Anne Turley. Matthew Walter. Fmily 
Webster. Carolyn W hipple. Knstopher Winquist. Paul Yoon.Callie Zabilski 


( 'o-Presidents 
Jessica Dennis 

Rebecca "Becca" Richards 

Laura Joyce 

Meghan Caffrey 


Photo Club 

\<l> isoi : 

Liz Field 


\\ hitnej \n nice Hi 
Rob Baird 
Michelle Belanger 
Shelly Borlinguct 
K( >h ( !onn< >rs 
Miles < lillis 
Paige Jackson 
Nick Kale 
Will Manl) 
Sean Meehan 
Becca Potash 
Hilh Walrod 

Student Life 

Media Services 

If something is going on with TVs. 
VCRs, microphones, or other audio- 
visual equipment. Media Services is 
probabl) there under the direction of 
Charlie "Soultrain" Vautrain, with the 
assistance of Christie Miller! 


I )arin Mael'arlane, 
Pal .V Richard Weatherlou 

ka\ leigh MacFarlane 

Vice Preside ni 
Moll) Sayce 

Rebecca "Becca" Richards 

Jessica Bartlett 

I You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown I 

I DHS Musical I 

• Performing Arts Center * 

• February, 2005 

! 5 L e.5H5t4 ft J 


• „| Lift 


Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together. 

~Anais Nin 

lt*s eas) to pla\ an\ musical instrument: all you have to do 
is touch the right kej at the right time and the instrument will 
pla\ itself. 

~J.S. Bach 

Without music, life is a journey through a desert 

-Pat Conroy 

I looked out this morning and the sun was gone 

Turned on some music to start my day 

1 lost m\ self in a familiar son£ 

I closed my eyes and I slipped away 

-Boston, More Than a Feeling 

Ski Club 

Ski Team keeps Going Uphill in Mass Bay East Action 

[n its first year at DHS, the solid showings of this new team 
have been drawing attention from competitors. By placing 
second in the Mass Baj Ski League-East (small school 
dividion) during the regular season, their outstanding 
performances have secured their place in the M I AA Alpine 
Ski Championship to be held in March. Qualifying for the 
State Championships is a remarkable achievement for the 
team in its first year of league action. 

Senior: Ker\ n Connolk 

Juniors: ( IhristineAntonellis, Kristin Lynch, Greg 

Sophomores: Alee Boardman , Grant Bowen,Ted 
Geldmaeher. Colleen Moore. Abby Nolan, Luke 
O'Dav. But Woodworth, Dan Riley 

Freshmen: Bryan Byrne. Chad Conway 

Head Coach: Alec PetTO 



Super Mario savs... 


★ ★★★★ 


.it it it it i 

The continued financial support of the 
community, through the generous 
contributions of the many families and 
businesses in and around Duxbury, makes 
possible the productions of the PARTRIDGE. 
We thank you for your support as we give you 
the memories captured on these pages featuring 
your own special stars! 


Class of 2005 
Ride the Wave! 

The Ron Jon Surf Shop 


/)/: Maria Montessori 


Let your senses guide you - 
There is no limit to where 
They can take you. We are 
Proud of you and we Love 
You always. Mom and Dad 


Breathe, breathe in the air 

Don't be afraid to care 

Leave but don't leave me 

Look around and chose your own ground 

For long you live and high you fly 

And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry 

And all you touch and all you see 

Is all your life will ever be 


Caroline - 

Happy Graduation! 

Here you are at 
the beginning; 
Enjoy the rest of 
your journey. 

We love you! 
Pad Mom 8r Alex 


Beneath your fun seeking, quiet, and giving 
personality is a loving, kind, and loyal heart. 
We have been lucky to have shared all these 
years with you. 

You have made us believers with your quiet, 
unassuming, and unrelenting determination. 

When you share your life with others they will be 
pleasantly surprised by your success and accomplishments. 
We know you will never give up your ideals. 
With love and pride 
Mom, Dad, Jason, Susie, Cindi and Annie 

. ' ; P : v : : 

V 1 1 

^Congratulations for all of four 
3rd wort achievements. You 
can do whatever you want - 
6*o for it! 

we. Mom, Scott; Caroline-6r Sophit 

• • 


We're so proud of who 
you've become and what 
you've accomplished. Your 
talent, kindness, and 
integrity will take you far. 

As you begin your new life, know that we are always here for you 

Follow your dreams; follow your heart; but 
take with you your memories: BooBoo; 
Beezo, "I mlF\ Paprika; Peepo; Psycho 
Chip; The Rat's Nest; "7 o'clock, right on 
time"; Irish AC; "Thank goodness for 


C Congratulations Ra! 

The sky is the limit! 
Go for it! 


Mom, Chris, Chandler & Matt 


A style all your own. 

Always had it: always will 

Congrats and love, 

Mom. Dad. Alison, Jess 



We're so proud of you! 
Mom & Dad 


Tree & Construction 

Pruning & Trimming 
Hazardous Removals 
Vista & Land Clearing 
Stump Grinding & 
Aerial Work 

Christopher Phillips 

Repair & Installation 
Title V Cert. Septic 
New Design 
Backhoe & Perc Test 
Demolition & Grading 



Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 
God bless. 

All our love, 
Mom. Dad, 
Stephen. Danielle 
and Michael 
(Rascal too) 



Few 7/ never know how much we 
admire your generous spirit - your 
capacity for fellowship and 
optimism is contagious, and 
brings us great comfort. We've 
had a second chance to share 
your life, and for this we are so 
grateful. Now it's time to wish you 
all the best as you embark on your 
first solo journey into adulthood. 
Even when we're apart, you know 
we'll always be with you. 

Mom, Dad, Matt and Erica 

But rushing around seems what 's wrong with the world. Don 't lose the dreams 
inside your head. They 11 only be there till you 're dead. Dream. 
There 's not a moment to lose in the game. Don 't let the troubles in your head 
steal too much time you '11 soon be dead. So play. 

- Dave Matthews 

Carolyn, our little Uomie. 
We are so very proud of you. Thank 
you for all the beautiful music. 
Cove Mom. Dad and Justine 

Cike music and art. love 
of nature is a common 
that can 
and social 

Jimmy Carter 

Advertisements "^^^ 

(781 ) 826-0882 794 Washington St 

(781 ) 826-0883 Fax Pembroke. MA 02359 

Congratulations to our summer 

employees, Brian Sealund, Brian Ripley 
and Kenny Flynn, Class of 2005! 


Two thumbs up for a job well done! Congratulations! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Mike & Laura 
P.S. Keep reading! 


We are so very proud of you! Don't ever change your loving 
approach to life, friends and new opportunities. 

Love, Dad, Mom & Stephanie 

Advertisements ^^^^ 

"William Michael Garrift IV" 
"WiB the Thrill" 
"The Will Meister" 


Mom. Dad. Sheila. Melissa &. Robbie. C'aitlin. Nana. 
Mima. Karen, Amy & Bobby. Avery, Alex. Debbie, 
EJ, Payton. Jill. FurbalL.and last, but not least. 

roud of you, our precious daughter, for being the 
thoughtful and caring individual that you are... 


Iways know that your true gifts lie within. Your inner 
strength and beauty are your treasures to share... 


emories of family and friends, in Duxbury and places 
traveled, are your cherished past.. .reminders of 
just how much you are loved... 

'.very time you dream . .dream big'. You never know who 
is listening! 

Mugh often... know that the joy you bring to others is in 
a kind gesture, a simple glance, a quick smile or 
a friendly word... 


one door closes, another door opens.. . With joy and 

anticipation, we watch you as you take your next steps., 
always aware that the path back home is a short one... 
the bread crumbs will lead the way"! 

With Love and Congratulations, 

Dad, Mom, Doug, and Todd 
Chelsea and Oliver, too! 



Whether it was Tea Time, Cheer time, or Sister time, you always made the occasion 
special. We cherished you as a child, and now that you move on to adulthood, we treasure 
you as a friend. Let's give a cheer for all that you are and all that the future holds. 

Congratulations! We love you. Mom, Dad and Andrea 

I ),irxc 

as though no one is watching you. 

as though you'll never be hurt. 

as though no one can hear you. 

as though heaven is on earth 

William Durkev 

Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Mike and Matt 

Dear Jamie, 

We are so very proud of the young woman that you have 
become. You have a tremendous amount of integrity and 
intelligence that will serve you well in your future adventures. 
When you came into this world, it was literally with your eyes 
wide open, as if you were ready to see what lies ahead for you. 
If we can tell you one thing to prepare you for life after high 
school, it would be to always remember to trust yourself and 
you will never have a problem doing what is right. 

Mom & Dad 

^j^X^Aih ertiscment-s 


Although you may 
encounter rough waters 
in your future, be 
confident and stay 
focused. Remember, I 
will always be by your 

Good Luck! 
Your brother Scott 

(girl: Whatever -wittl do 
■without you? 

Love Lady 


My baby! CongratuCations and 
good luck next year. Mways believe, you 
can do what you put your mind to and 
aCways have fun! Love Jecca 


Congratulations and good 
fuck I know you wift r succeed in your 
new adventure. 'Work hard and 
don't Cose your sense of humor. 
Smooches andCwks. 

Lave Xeeks 


"Many people wilt -walk in and 
out oj your Qfe, but only true 
I i tends will leave 
I (iot prints in your heart." 

'Best y/ishes andCjood Luck! 
Love the 'Moms and 'Dads, 
Kiki, Jessica, 'Ben, (jreg 

Sweel ( laroli 

You arc an 

jijids jnoX pojiiupt? sAba\|e oaeu, o^w 


( longratulations! You did it! Wc are so proud 
of you! You have the ability, you know the 
rules, dare to be different ... go for it! 
There is a whole world out there waiting for 
you to explore' 

We love you, 
Mom. Dad and Aba 

^^^^ wnentt 

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y $ 

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Hours: Tue-Sat 9:30-5:00 

I « 

B9U({RJ • sdain[ • ainiiujnj . jo|od uiojsnn . s3uu3ao3 ||eM 


Ride into the future with confidence. If you fall off, 
let a cast slow you down! 
Keep your eyes on the target. 
Suture with steady hands. Let 
the pipes fill the air. Jump the 
highest wave. Dive the 
deepest ocean. Keep the foil 
up. Feet fast. Give back. And 

have fun. 

Mom and Dad 


Zoom Zoom Zoom 

Kyle: You've always been on the move. 
We love you. We're proud of you. 
Mom & Dad 


I* is for Perfect 

I In ever) waj 

N is lor Nc\ cr gi\ nig up 

K is to Keep us laughing 

^ is fof we love ^ on 

\\ iih all our love, 
Mom. Dad & Teddy 


Congratulations! No family will be 
prouder than yours on graduation day! 
You have worked so hard to achieve 
this goal, and we are all extremely 
happy for you! You are a gift to us 
from God, and we are so pleased with 
the line son you have become. May 
you have a long and blessed life. 

With all our love, 

Mom. Dad, Nan, and Angela 


We love you and we 
are very proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Sarah, 
David and Mark 


Believe in yourself 
Find the best that is you 
Let your spirit prevail 
Steer a eourse that is true ! 

You are a champion! 
Your patience, hard work & 
determination has paid off. 
The best is yet to come - and 
We can't wait!! 

We Love You 

Mom. Dad. Anthony & Joanna 

\y Vv. u » «*«ny S * 



You have overcome many obstacles and 
conquered many challenges. Words cannot 
express how proud I am of you graduating 
from high school with a degree. I will always 
be here to guide and support you through life. 
I love you very, very much! 



You are the most special 
young man we have ever 
known. Keep searching 
for your own answers. 


Mom, Dad & Kelly 

Congratulations. Matthew! We are so proud 
of you and you have a great future ahead of you. 
If only you could realize how many special 
memories you"vemadeforus... poker in the pool 
house, horsing around with Ashley. Taylor, and 
Ryan, climbing the ladder, car in the basement, 
youreyeroll. Matthew, is your homework done?, 
andjust being you. We're so proud to say "that's 
our son." Keep up the good work and you can 
accomplish anything you set your sight on. 

All our love. 

Mom. Jim. Ashley, Tavlor. and Rvan (B.J. too) 

Way to Go, 


Mom & Steve 

Class of 2005 

Stay Safe 
Be Kind 
Stay Curious 
Come Back! 


"W hen you're smilin'....keep on smilin 1 
The whole world smiles with you" 

l <>m\ Armstrong 


You approach each day with a smile; it is a wonderful quality that you possess 

You hold the world at your fingertips with your contagious smile. 

Keep smiling and all your dreams will be possible. 

\\ e love you a million zillion. Mom &. Dad. Laura & Matt 

v 4 * 

'Success is a journey - not a destination. " 

-author unknown 


You've worked hard and accomplished so much, and we are so very proud of you. Over 
the years, we watched as your kind and loyal character filled our home with so much fun 
and joy. Enjoy your exciting journey, we'll never forget... match box cars, sandcastles. 
your smiling eyes and first bike rides, roller blades 
and then cool shades, magic nights and snowball 
fights... remember how 
much you're loved as you 
follow your dreams. Trust 
in yourself - there is a 
world of opportunity in 
front of you. 



Mom and Dad 

Ad\ ertisements ^T"'' \ 

Watching you grow has been the most wonderful gift parents could ever 
receive. As you begin a new phase of your life we just want you to know... 

Your joys have been our joys 
You have given us dreams we never imagined 
You make us proud every day 
Your accomplishments are many 
But it is the young man you have become 
That gives us such pride 
You life as a son, brother, grandson, and friend 
Has been well lived 
Your life in Duxbury has given you a great start in life 
Take these years with you into the future with all our love.... 

Mom, Dad, Kara,& Keri 

Dear Emily, 

We are so proud of the person you have 
become. You have worked very hard and it 
shows. We wish you happiness and success 
in all that lies ahead. 


Love, Mom, Amy, Conor & Murray 

Dear Richie, 

From day one. you've always brought us laughter and 
happiness! As a son and brother, we couldn't be prouder of you. 

We've admired and enjoyed your composure and compassion, 
and marveled at your continual quest to challenge yourself. 
Whether as a 2-year-old on the golf course, flying over ski 
jumps just a few years later, or climbing up the highest tree, 
you've always strived 
to go further and 

You've never looked 
back and always 
looked forward. Now, 
as you move forward 
to the next stage of 
your life, we wish 
you the best. 


Mom. Dad. 
and Marleen 


You have inspired us with your strength 
of character and the high standards you have 
set for yourself. Your positive attitude, work 
ethic, and commitment to helping others 
have made us very proud. We love you and 
we will always be there for you. 

Love, Mom. Dad, and Allison 

m\ i i 


Always take the road less 
traveled and it will make all 
the difference - keep smiling 
and believe in yourself. 

We are so proud of you! 

Love. Dad. Mom. Betsv. Brad 

Peter: funny, comical, loyal, 
honest, personable, boisterous, 
original, emotional, ethical, 
protective, strong, procrastinator. 
wonderful son. brother, and 
friend. To sum it up: You've 
become a "man among men." 
Always trust in God and yourself, 
the rest will fall into place. 

Love always: M. D. K. M. C. E. 
M. G. AA, UT. D. 

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"Dad I don't \mmiI to grow up" 

lixteen springs aiul sixteen summers gone now 
Cartwheels turn to ear wheels thru the tow n 
And the\ tell her. 

I ike your tune, it won't be long now 

Till you drag vour feel to slow the envies down 

And the seasons they go round and round 
\nd the painted ponies go up and down 
\\ e'le Captive OB the carousel of time 
W e can't return we can onh look behind 
I loin u here we came 
And go round and round and round 
In the circle game. 
Jonl Mitchell ["he Circle Game 

"She is beautiful, she is fabulous, she is all 
we ever dreamed" 

I dig it when you're fancy dressed up in lace 
I dig it w hen you have a smile on your face 
This inspiration's got to be on the How 
This invitation's got to sec it and know 

It's iiist w arm lo\ e 

It's just warm love 

And it's everprcscnt everywhere 

And it's everprcscnt everywhere 

I hat warm love 

\ an Morrison - \\ arm Love 

"Life is wonderful, you are wonderful, w hat a couple you two will make" 

...touch your world up with some color 
Dream your swinging from a star 
I astc it first and add some flavor 
Now you know just who you are 
That was a wonderful remark 
I had my eyes closed in the dark 
I sighed a million sighs 
I told a million lies 

ro myself, to myself "Keep it simple darling" 

To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks. 
A. A. Milne 

\ an Morrison - Wonderful Remark 


\hh. to be the youngest, others relish, some are jealous. You are just who you are." ...I don't want to 
grovi up Dad...*'. Too late. You were wonderful as a baby, you were wonderful as a child, you are 
wonderful right now and you will be wonderful tomorrow. Life holds great joys and successes. Don't 
shuffle ) our feel as you take the journey, dance your way down the path, as only you can. Don't be afraid 
of life, it's all good. 
Lo\ e. 

Dad. Mom. Mi, Jess 


Congratulations Mike! You have always made us so proud of you. 
You continue to amaze us with your shining attitude and contagious 
smile. Have a wonderful time in college and enjoy all the success your 
hard work has earned you. We love you and are always here for y ou. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Dan & Lauren 

Congratulations Mandy! 

The road ahead holds 
success, happiness and fulfillment 
when using the gifts and skills §od gave you. 
May you always have love that covnpletes you. 
health that sustains you 
and comforting relationships to fill your life. 

Always remember where you 
came from and how much 

you are loved. 
We are so proud of you. 
Love Mom, Dad and Alissa 


In this great future, 
you can't forget your past.., 

Love - Mom, Barry, Jami, Jill and Max 


You have always kicked your way through 
barriers, raced to the prize, kept your head I 
above the water, prepared yourself for the 
challenges of 
school and stood 
tall and strong for 
every competition 
in life. We hope that 
you find success in 
your future as you 
keep your eye on 
the prize. 


Mom and Dad 



Congratulations -we are very proud 
of you - just remember - some 
people never find it, some only 
pretend, just always try to live 
happily ever after, now and then. 


Mom & Dad 

Dear Ryan. 

"I hope you never lose your sense of wonder 
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger 
May you never take one single breath for granted 
God forbid love ever leave you empty-handed 
I hope you still feel small w hen you stand beside the ocean 
Whenever one door closes 1 hope one more opens 
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting change 
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance... I hope you dance..." 

-Mark Sanders & Tia Sillers 

We know you'll continue to dance, 
you've been on the move since you 
were born. May you continue to use 
your faith, hope, and boundless love 
to guide you on life's journey. We are 
so very proud of you!!!! 

We Love You. 
Mom. Dad. and Sean 




D U X B U R 


S E R V\J C E S, 

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One Bay Road • Duxbury, MA 02331 • 781.934.0708 • • mb# 2773 



There is onl\ one "Jcl lvCak.cs"'! 
You make us so proud. 

The accomplishments you have achieved are a 
result of your dreams, goals, and determination. 

Keep dreaming. ne\ er change, and your future will 
he \ ciA hrighl 

Lo\ e. 

Mom. Dad. 

Marissa. (ireu cV; Jonathon 





Mom, Dad, Timothy, 
and Christian 


Congratulations to you and the entire 
O aS5 of ?OOs! You are tne best. 

oil |_ove y,ou so much and we are very 
proud of d, e person you nave grown up to be 
l_ove. Mum. DfJ. Pat, Danny ana 1 Duncan 

f\d\ crtisemcnts 

Your compassion inspires your dreams. 

I l 

We love you Alec and are so proud, 
Mom, Dad, Jackson and Will 

Your spirited determination 
always makes the dream come true. 

Wherever you go, no matter 
what the weather, always 
bring your own sunshine. 


Dear Caitlin, 

We have watched with great pride to 
see the young lady you have become. 
We would like to think that we have 
had a great influence upon you, but we 
all know that the great influence has 
been you upon us. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Connor and Liam 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 
You 're on your own. 
And you know what you know. 
You are the guy who '11 decide where to go. 

-Dr. Seuss 

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Congratulations Brian' 
We're very proud of you. 

We love you, 
Mom. Dad &. Dave 



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P. O. Box 336 


164-1 Summer St. 
Kingston, MA 

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Relationship Manager 

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866.705.3300 F 

• • • 


Your smile, your spirit, your positive 
outlook.....uour intelligence, your talent, your 
passions and hard work will bring you 
happiness and success. Our home will 
be missing you 

Mama, TE, Rampal &r Gingie ^ISJ* 3 * 



Migla & Uts 

have looked up to you for the 
past 15 years. You are a perfect 
sister, friend, and role model. I will 
miss you so much. 1432222222 
(322)' 4! 

~ Lija ~ 



H/e wist) you happiness and success in the years to come. 

1/Ve are proud of you. 

TVe fov 

JAom and Uad 
Gjrey and Afyssa 

Dear Kyle. 

You're a wonderful son 
we want you to know 

We've enjoyed you so much 
watching you grow. 

Now go out in the world 
and give it a taste. 

Just always remember 
to wash your handsome face! ! 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad. and Keith 


I'm proud to be your brother 
Thank you for your guidance, support, and friendship. 
Til treasure this past year forever! 
Good luck in college! 



From the time you were little. 

You had that special something about you. 

You had a way of finding the fun in everything 

and enjoying every moment. 
Don't ever lose that magic. 

Life is a journey of discovery. 

As you spread your wings to take flight 

Dare to dream - soar high. 

Keep your eye on your goals. 

Believe in yourself 

Anything is possible. 

You will be amazed at what you will accomplish. 

We are so proud of you. 

Love w ith hugs and kisses. 

Mom. Dad, 

Gillian. Grampy 

and Paddinaton Bear Cat 



\\ hat .1 bright, confident, caring, and beautiful young 

woman you have become. You have made us 
incredibly proud and we are so exeiled for you! W e 
cannot wan to watch you hla/e your path and fulfill 
your ow u dreams. 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in 
\ out ship's You can steer yourself any direction you 
choose You're on \ ou ow n. and \ ou know what you 
know And you will be the (one) who'll decide 
where you'll eo. Oh the places voifll 110." - Dr. 

We lo\c \ou \cr\ much. 

Mom, Dad. 
Jack and Aldan 

There is a voice inside of you 

That w hispers all day long. 

"I feel that this is right for me. 

I know that this is wrong." 

No teacher, preacher, parent friend 

( )r w isc man can decide 

W hat's right for you just listen to 

The voice that speaks inside. 

~.S7u7 Silverman 



You always did and we hope you always will. 
Congratulations and love, 

Mom & Dad 

Amanda. Kate. Holly and Daisy (Lily, too) 







We are so very proud of all your hard w ork and 
determination over the past 12 

We wish you health, happiness 
and a brisht future. 

We know that you will be 
successful in all of vow endeavors. 

Love always, 



"For you, the road less traveled has made all the difference." 

You are a leader. 

an inspiration. 

a champion! 

Always believe in yourself, enjoy the simple things, and row hard. 

We'll be waiting for you 
at the finish line! 

We're so proud of you 
and all of your 

We love you. 
Mom and Dad 



You have filled our hearts with love and joy. 
We arc so proud of the man and gentleman you 
have become. 

Follow your dreams. We know that w hatever 
path you choose, you will do it well: and 
remember how much we love and will miss you. 



Mom. Dad. Courtne\. Allison... and Socks' 


May the good Lord be with you 
Down every road you roam 
And may sunshine and happiness 
Surround you when you're far from home 
May good fortune be with you 
May your guiding light be strong 
But whatever roads you choose 
We're right behind you. win or lose 
Forever young 

-Rod Stewart 

Follow your dreams by following your heart 
and your roads will be easy to choose. 


Mom. Dad. Kaitlin 
& Maggie 


The Family Hloset 
Costume Shop 

394 Court Street, Rte. 3A 

Plymouth, MA 02360 


Hour 8: Monday - Saturday 

10:00 am - 6:00 pm 


Dear Alex. 
You've always taken 
the road less traveled. 
You are a wonderful 

person, a young man who wears many hats. Stay 
unique, our man in black, your talents will take you far. 

Follow your dreams and no matter where those roads may lead you. we will always 
be there for you. with love, pride & encouragement. 
May all your dreams come true. Life is your stage. Go get 'em. Call home. 
Congratulations ! We love you. 
Mom. Dad. & Liz 

There are only two lasting 
bequests we can hope to 
give our children. 
One of these is roots: 
the other, wings. 

-Cecilia Lasbury- 


Congratulations ! 
Love, Mom & Dad 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you 11 land among the stars. " 

-Les Brown 


Follow your dreams. 

Never forget how much 

you're loved. Wishing you 

success and happiness in 

all that you do. 

Love always, 


((I'll feed the doggie.) 

r i M i 




SM&m and C$ad 

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• congratulations on your personal and academic successes. 
From the 3rd grade "soapbox" - to MC'ing the senior pep 
rally - it has been quite a journey. A "King" at school - but 
not at home Token male teen advisor to your sisters - 
moving target to your brothers. Ecclectic musical tastes, 
erudite vocabulary, ebullient nature. Good "sportsmanship"- 
despite no mandatory anger management classes. We are 
all very proud of you and are certain you will enjoy continued 
success in both your scholastic and lifetime choices. 
Love - Mom and Dad 

T*jf \ \d\ertiscmcnls 

<P&nna <3$f 

our jamily ccu/cfnot 
Bejyrou(£er oj^you. 

'ou turned cut Just as 
we ftatf&tpetff 

We A 



Dear John. 

Congratulations on 
your graduation! We 
are all so proud of you and wish you 
much happiness and success in all that 
lies ahead. 


Love always, 
-Mom. Dad. 
Mark & Amy 

We are so. so. so. so proud of you. 
Love. Dad. Mom. Meg-peg and Maverick 

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!'* > '\"t9 

Callie and Dana, 

To our beloved two little peas in a pod 
Not so much alike, but always together. 
It's time to venture forth on your own 
You're ready! 
Enjoy every minute of the 
adventures that lie before you. 

With Love, 
Mom, Dad, Nick 

> « ur smiles warm mv dciys. 
Yi in eauerness ti <i< yc ur i>« si i>r imts yi u mh < ess. 
your talents amaze me. 

Yi in fibilit> t< share y« ur km vdedue hriahtens 
die lives < f vrunuer students . 

you Hill he missed. 
Hi s. H. 

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This picture of you sums up your character - confident, capable and cool! 
With every door you have opened in life, you have been not only eager to face the challenges that lie beyond the door, 

but eager to get the picture over with too! 
When faced with these challenges, you have made 
choices that demonstrate integrity 
and strong character. 
We have enjoyed you every step of the way! 
We couldn't be more proud of you 
and the young man you have become! 
You have made sacrifices and put in the hard work 

and now it's time for you to see the rewards. 
You have experienced a great deal of success with 
your academics and sports as a result you have 
opened the door to many possibilities 
for vour future. 

You deserve the very best! 

Congratulations Michael! 
Love, Mom, Dad. Christina and Shannon 


We are very proud of all of your accomplishments. 

Your independence and courage, your easy going 
manner, your loving and caring qualities, intelligent 
choices and hard 
work will all 
contribute to a 
successful future 
that holds great 
things for you. 

Thank you for 
bringing us so 
much joy and 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad 
and Katie 

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Congratulations' Not nisi tor graduating from high school, but congratulations for becoming the person thai you are as you 
lease your high school years, and childhood, behind Graduating from high school is a special time in your life, a time that 
will provide \ on with main fond memories, but you've accomplished much more in your life than simply graduating from 
high school Main people graduate from high school, but lew turn out to be the type of person you have become. You arc 
such a source of pride for us. Lex. You are e\ cry thing we e\ er hoped for in a daughter and hav e made our lives so much happier 
In win presence I here arc so main things you have done in your short life, so main successes you have enjoyed You've 
excelled as a student, an athlete, a friend, a sister, and a daughter W e are most proud that you have accomplished every thing 
you have through an incredible work ethic, not just through luck or purely natural gifts Nothing has come very easily for 
v on You really hav e worked hard for ev cry thing you've accomplished thus far in your hfc and nothing has ever been handed 
to you. You've set goals for yourself and hav e done ev ery thing necessary to achieve those goals, whether it was in the 
classroom or on the fields of play. And ev en more than your accomplishments, we take pride in the kindness, generosity, and 

compassion you show every day to those around you. We feel so lucky, 
because you hav e truly made it so easy to be \ our parents W e'v c alw ay s been 
able to hav e so much confidence in you doing the right thing because y ou've 
always been your own person and made decisions that you believed were 
right for you. regardless of what others around you did or thought. Those 
qualities you exhibit every day - integrity, ambition, independence, 
compassion - will no doubt make you very successful in your future, first in 
college, then in the "real" world. But now. as you move onto the next stage 
of y our lite, a chapter closes behind you. We hope you take the many lessons you'v e learned in this chapter of your 
life forward w ith you. The next chapter will be an exciting one. one in which you will enjoy some of the best years 
ofy our life, and one in which you will also fulfill your dream ol playing big time college lacrosse. Enjoy it all. I know 
you will thrive over these next tour years and continue to grow into a great young woman. You are already a great 
daughter, and no matter how far away you are or how old you are. you'll still always be our little girl. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 




May the Lord give you the desire 
of your heart and make all 
your plans sueeeed. 
Psalm 20:4 

You have always made us so proud. We 
love you lots. 
Dad. Mom. and Erin 


Youll always be our "Hole In One. 1 

Always keep that 
wonderful wit 
and your kind 

Much love and 


Mom. Dad. 
and Sarah 


Z • Turn 

W hen we look back to what you've done 
you make us proud, we thank you son. 
When we look now to who you are 
We know we have a shining star! 
As you continue through the years 
Remember how you've helped your peers. 
You know what's right and you know what's wrong 
You inner feelings make you strong. 
Your future's bright, you will go far. 
Just never change who you are. 
Keep trying until your good is better and 
your better is BEST! 
Congratulations & love always. 
Dad. Mom. Amanda. Barren. & Vance 


No matter where you go or what you do, you will always be my HONEY BUNNY! 


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Kcy in 

Wc congratulate you on 
your high school 

nicocss. You continue 

to make us so proud. 

w ith your work ethic, 
your future will be all 
that \ou want. 

I o\e y ou. 
Mom. Dad. ktistcn A: Lauren 


You hi* c balance, grace and sty lc' W iih humor and /est y ou cruise through the » as cs. enjoying ever) 
drop of spray Always, you hive been the captain, setting a course where you can feel comfortable. 
Cautious, you keep a weather eye about and adjust accordingly Seeking the glow that gives you life, 
y our ocean ads cnturcs arc the essence of the 
man emerging from our boy In the years 
ahead you will encounter strong winds and 
challenging waters Keep faith, for you have 

:.Tdlhcvnlltoo\en:omcalU)b%Ui.'lcN' l^*^ 10z \ 

We beliesc in you! 

Enjoy all that life offers! 


Mom. Dad. Vanessa, and Cory 


"People will forget what you 
said, people will forget what 
you did. but people will never 
forget how you made them 
feel." Honnw .Ivan \\'a\muiul 

YVe are very proud of you! 
Congratulations! The best is 
yet to come! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Julie, Jessie 
Muffy & Huffy 

To the brother formerly known as "Ziggy", 

There hav e been tea parlies, wigwams, and baby eagles. 
\s e have shared toys, bathrooms, and friends. 
We base played gnomes, marco polo and HAGS. 
Wc have told stones, secrets, and that one unmentionable secret story about 
Jason Zaki 

Wc have gone to "Cape Cod." 
regattas, and Dunkin' Donuts 

How wonderful it is to have someone you 
can always count on to be your friend. 

Congratulations to the coolest kid I know ! 
You've made it' Best of luck on the road 
that lies ahead. I'm pulling forvou always. 
Love love. Ness 

~ Tyler ~ 

I can honestly say that ( have 
smiled at least once every day of 
your life thinking of you. 

Y our enthusiasm is a gift to you 
and others - never let life dampen 
your spirit. 

I love you and I couldn't be 
more proud of you. Dad 

It's pretty crazy to think you'll be 
starting college in the fall. It wasn't 
that long ago that we played basketball 
in the driveway and kicked the ba'l 
into the woods after a bad shot. 

Even when we've had our differences, 
I've always been glad you're my 
brother, and anytime you want to play- 
golf or a game of HORSE, I'll be up for it. 

You've filled m> life with laughter, 
joy and pride. Y'ou have a twinkle in your 
eye and a smile that never quits. 

Never stop believing in yourself. There 
isn't anything you can't achieve. 

Thanks for the magic. "I love you Pippi" 

^^y^^ ---mcnls 


one ship sails east, another west 
with the self same winds that blow 
tis the set of the sails, and not the gales, 
that tells us the way she goes 

like the winds of the sea, are the ways of fate 
as we journey on through life 
tis the set of the soul that decides the goal 
and not the calm nor the strife 

we are very proud of you 


mom, dad, bill, kristen, 
sophie, jack, fin and archie 

A LEX A — 

From the start you 
worked hard to get 
to the next step! 

And once you 

were there.... 


( >ff to the next 

adventure! ! 

May it ever be so. 

But, never underestimate 
the value of a power nap!! 

We are so proud of you! 
We love you! ! 
Dad and Mom 

Brendan, Katie 6? Jennifer 

Family and friends forever... 


Love The McGuirk 6? Kovalski Families 







^ou are a delightful daughter 
and sj.slcr. who is sweet, kind and 
a true joy. follow your intuition 
and your dreams will come true, 
are so proud of you! 

c JVe love you, 
^om, ^Dad and Jessica 

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You are such 
a beautiful 
young lady 


eyes and 
for life bring 
us such joy! 

You will 
always be 
our "Little 
May all you 
dreams come 

Mom, Dad 
and Jim 
(Bailey and 
Roxy too) 


I )ear I lizabcth, 
"Walk m the rain, 

sine 1 1 How crs. 

Stop along the \\ ay, 

bui It-i sand castles, 

go on field trips, 

find OUl how things work, 

tell stories, 

sa> the magic \\ ords, 

trust the universe." 

Bruce Williamson 

We lo\C NOLI SOOOOO llHIcll... 

\\ c arc sooooo proud of you 
\\ c arc alw ays here for you.. 

I ove. Mom, Dad, Mike, Matthew and Sarah XXXXXOOOOO 


You've always been our shining star 
You ha\c exceeded our dreams. 
Everyone whose life you have touched 

has loved you 
You live your life so simply, never wanting 

for material things. 
You never cease to amaze us; you 

understand the things in life that are 

most important. 

Family, who will always be there for you. and you for them. 
Treat every person the way you would want to be treated by them. 
Find goodness in everyone. 

\\ car your heart on your sleeve. Just take a chance. don"t always play it safe. 

Believe that tomorrow will be a better day. 

That you will make a difference in every life you touch along the way. 

Life is a journey: experience all that it has to offer. You will make mistakes 
along the way. but leam from them. Each person that has touched your life 
since you were bom has taught you something. Pay attention to the lessons 
thev are trvine to teach. Learn, love, be happy, sing a little, and JUST 

And almost forgot Enc and your little pooches too! 

Jen n a 

To our girl with a curl! 
We have alw ays loved your imagination, your style, 
your perspective and your persistence. 
We are proud of all your effort and accomplishments. 
Keep your dreams and your future will be beautiful. 
Please keep singing in the shower! 

Mom. Dad and Davna 


Brendan, You are the best big brother anyone could ask for. 

"If you never did.. .you should. These things are fun. ..and fun is good. Today was good.. .Today was fun... Tomorrow is another one." -Dr. Suess 

Have fun in college. 
We'll miss you! We love you! 

Kristen, Brian, Catherine and Lily 

Dear Jonathan, 

May the wind always be at your back. 
May the stars light your way at night. 
May you never forget the lessons you've been taught. 
And how much pride and love we have for you. 



Dad, Mom, Matty, Thomas, Nicholas, and Brianna 

a*.. - 

Advertisements 241 S 

You have given us so much joy and happiness over the years. We are so proud of you 
for your accomplishments and the person you've become. You have worked so hard 
and you are on your way toward such a bright future. Your kindness, courage, 
independence and determination amaze us. Keep that sense of humor and love and 
kindness in your heart. ..You will always be an inspiration to all of us. 

The years flew by but our memories will last forever. Thanks for all the fun and laughter 
you have brought to our family. We will miss you when you are off to college. ..even 
though we may not always be together, you will always be in our hearts and souls. You 
have given us the time of our lives. you must have the time of your life! 

Believe in yourself.. .believe in yourdreams...and always remember.. .we believe in you 
too 1 Continue to stay strong, stand tall, be proud, reach high and enjoy life. The view 
from the top is worth the climb up. Follow your dreams. ..follow your heart.. .enjoy life's 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Life the life you have imagined. "..."And 
when you get the choice to sit it our or dance... I hope you dance." 

"Congratulations! Today is your day... 

You're off to great places' 

You're off and away! 

You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes 

You can steer yourself any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. And you know what you know. 

And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go... 

You're on you way up! 

You'll be seeing great sights 1 

You'll join the high fliers 

who soar to high heights. 

Wherever you fly. you'll be best of the best. 

Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. 

You're off to great places! 
You're off and away! 
So... get on your way 1 " 

-Dr Seuss- 

You're on a voyage into time.. .A trip to somewhere new. 

You may not always see us there ... But we'll be there with you. 

Always remember how much we love you. We are going to miss you. We just wish we 
had more time... I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my 

baby you'll be." 


Mom and Dad 

^J^^ Vheniscmcnts 

Jour spirit, your energy, your enthusiasm for fife... 

so often [eft us at a loss for words to describe 

what a -perfect gift from heaven you have been. 
And as you grew to a teenager, your Cight grew to briCCiance with the passing years. 

!As we have watched you live your dreams, 
you have challenged us, thrilled us, and made us so very proud 

of the cherished little girl you were, 
and of the wonderful person you have grown up to be. 

'We love you, Little 'Peanut, and we wish you all the joy and happiness that life can bring. 

<We Love Jou Sennit I 

'Mom, 'Dad, Joey, and all your four (egged friends 

Congratulations to 

• mm 

Christopher Abbott - Go ahead as your new adventure begins. And 
discover the wondrous things... Love, Mom, Dad, Courtney & Miehaela 

Peter Charles BIZ.... We are proud of you and look forward to your 
promising future. Thanks for being a wonderful son and great brother! 

Steven Borsje - To "the Boys of Summer"... Congratulations! May your 
futures be happy and successful! Steve, you make us proud. Love, Mom, 
Dad. Eric, Nicole and Casey 

Matthew Donoghue ~ Congratulations! You can do whatever you put your 
mind to - Love, Mom, Dad, Tim, Brian, Kevin & Logan 

Brendan Byrne ~ Keep reaching for the stars - Nothing is out of your 
reach! Love, Mom & Dad 

Alanna Francis ~ I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as 
I'm living, My baby you'll be. Love, Mom and Dad 

Dennis (iunderson ~ We're all so proud of you Dennis. Good luck and go 
for it! Love, Mom, Dad, Mike and Emily 

Nicole Landry ~ Congratulations Nicole. We are so proud of you!! 
Watching you play hockey was so awesome! Keep working hard in 
everything you do and your dreams will come true. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Marc, & Brittney 

Stephen Moore ~ Steve: Keep reaching for the stars. Wherever you go and 
whatever you do, you'll always be our star. Love, Mom, Dad, Colleen, Tim, 
Brian. & Kerne 

Laura Morris ~ Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off. Now, 
best of luck in college. Love, Mom, Jim, Lady and Daisy 

Erin O'Connor ~ We love you! Congrats! Reach for the stars! Love, Mom, 
Dad, Kristin, Kelly, Pat, Colleen, & Brendan 

David Spolidoro ~ May your future be full of success and happiness. We 
love you! Mom, Dad, Andrea, Julie, Alicia, Lana, Socrates, Jasmine & Moby 

Linzy Startzell ~ "...Follow your dreams and you'll always be a star..." 
"...Stand beside me and I will be your friend..." Love you so much, Mom, 
Dad, & Ben 

Meaghan Thompson ~ Congratulations, Meaghan. You accomplished 
something special. It's only just the start. You've shown you have 
persistence, lots of spirit, lots of heart. So now it's time to pause, reflect and 
celebrate because you're about to graduate! Much love, Dad, Mom, Barry, 
Rita and Sushi 

Kira Treibergs ~ Dear Kira, I'm just learning how to share. You've shared 
with me your music, your time, your love (and playmobils too!). You've 
learned well. Have fun at grown-up school! I'll miss you, Love, Ryan 

Thomas Zieser ~ The future is yours - make the best of it. We love you! 
Mom & Dad 


Slithy Toves 

Literary Magazine 

Editor in Chief: 
Rachel Lenrow 

[ssociate Editor: 
Vngie ( foldman 

1/7 Editor: 

Erin Thorp 


Sarah Frazar 
katln I [ume 
l ew lie Mortland 
Devon Sherman 
Elisc Sherman 
Katie Sullivan 
Christian Titus 

Art Club 

I he \n ( lllb is composed of Students who love the arts. No art experience is required Members gain 
inspiration from field trips to museums. Art C lub has created several murals w hich can be seen in the 
school as well as around the Duxbury community. In addition, the Art C lub participates in lundraising 
events to raise mone\ lor leJmolouy and the arts. 




I ice President: 
Matt Johnson 

Robin Kittcnour 

Katie Auer 
Rebecca I [arris 
Kclsey Jordan 
Terry Kennedy 
Jen Kovalski 
Mar) Kate Neumann 

Bethany Maddock 
Marissa Marlborough 
Cailigh MacDonald 
I [annah Palfrey 

Anne Pisco 
I [eidi Soderberg 


Tech Club 

Marissa Pearson 

the party house at 10 BBC. the lex 
baby 01-03. sp. movies 5 a.m. hit it one 
more time. I'll be the mixer, end soph yr 
party. S500 MN!, homecoming '03. 
paintersuits. cy, cow, 1 14606, 1 single 
sent, vgfajb. say the R's. baosmcr fuz/y. 
luv u davc. mia. cvan. I'll always be your 
hi pubby. mom. can't explain how much I 
love you. thank you. daddy. I'll miss u 
always and will 4cvcr love you. fam.... 
your lil star will shine. .."all right, had fun. 
the party's over. I'm outa here" 

^S^^ crtiscmcnt.s 

Farewell Poem 

by Nina Tedeschi 

Farewell to the old, the young, and the new 
Farewell to Caitlin, Kevin, and Shoe 
Farewell to this classroom, a little piece of heaven 
Farewell to Miranda and her sidekick Meghan 
Farewell to my best friend Lex, and Liz her lovely neighbor 
Farewell to all the laughs I know Til savor 
Farewell to Martin and his Spanish guitar 
Farewell to Margot, our future star 
Farewell to all the jokes, may they never get stale 
Farewell to Meg and Caitlin, may their friendship prevail 
Farewell to the speeches, they were all so loving 
Farewell to Jaime, may her comments keep coming 
Farewell to the game mash, with its style of houses 
Farewell to Mr. Shuipis, and his selection of spouses 
Farewell to Matty and his crazy dance 
Farewell to Jenna with her intelligent stance 
Farewell to Kyle and his talent on the slopes 
Farewell to Brittany and her Olympic hopes 
Farewell to the track, the field, and bleachers 
Farewell to Mr. Greenglass and his love of sea creatures 
Farewell to Scotty, Carl, Christy, and Keegs 
Farewell to BS, crazy 8s, and the poker leagues 
Farewell to Chris, an OC fan at heart 
Farewell to Jimmy and Pete, a team like that should never part 
Farewell to saluting the flag with a 1...2...6 
Farewell to these memories, and thank you Ms. Cic 

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Please use these final pages to share your stellar memories with your friends! 


A magnitude 9.0 earthquake in the Indian Ocean sends a 500 mph tsunami crashing onto the 
shores of 12 nations, killing more than 225,000 people and causing vast destruction. 

25 mg ^ 


Jnotaco ib Tablets) 

' 6?5^!hie< contains 25 mg rates* 

^ 30 Tablets 


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II announces the 
engagement of her son Prince Charles to 
his long-time love Camilla Parker Bowles. 

NASA's Messenger 
begins a 5-billion-mile 
journey to Mercury. 

Vioxx. one of several arthritis drugs 
linked to an increased risk of heart 
attack and stroke, is recalled. 

Billions of 17-year cicadas 
emerge in the Midwest and 
Eastern United States. 

More than 700 people are wounded and 323 
hostages killed when Chechen rebels seize a 
Russian school. The standoff lasted two days. 

The world mourns the death of 93-year-old 
Ronald Reagan, the 40th U.S. president, 
credited with ending the Cold War. 

Filipino conjoined twins Carl and Clarence Aquirre, 2, are 
successfully separated following 10 months of surgical 
procedures and a final 20-hour operation. 

A jury convicts Scott Peterson 
on two counts of murder and 
sentences him to death. 

Hamid Karzai is the first 
democratically elected 
leader of Afghanistan. 

A 1,200-square-mile iceberg blocks 
12.000 brooding Adelie penguins 
from their Antarctic feeding grounds. 

Despite threats of violence, 
millions of Iraqis cast ballots 
in a historic free election. 

Kmart Holding Corp. and Sears. Roebuck 
and Co. agree to an $11 billion merger that 
will create the nation's third largest retailer. 

As US Airways. United Airlines and ATA Martha Stewart serves Fire sweeps through a crowded. Federal Communications 

enter bankruptcy. Delta Air Lines cuts fares five months in prison multilevel Paraguay supermarket. Commission Chairman 
by up to 50 percent to entice travelers and is fined $30,000. killing more than 300 shoppers. Michael K. Powell resigns 

As the death toll surpasses 1,400, Operation Enduring Freedom continues for the 140,000 
U.S. troops stationed in Iraq. Though the first elections for the new Iraqi government were 
held in January, no timetable was established for the withdrawal of American forces. 

Last erupting in 1980, Mount St. Helens 
again releases steam, spews ash and 
develops a 1,300 degree lava dome. 

Despite a fraudulent election and dioxin 
poisoning, Viktor Yushchenko perseveres 
and becomes the new Ukrainian president. 

Following a seven-year, 2. 2-billion-mile journey, the Cassini 
spacecraft reaches Saturn's orbit. One of Cassini's discoveries 
was a new radiation belt surrounding the ringed planet. 

Condoleezza Rice becomes 
the first black woman to be 
named secretary of state. 

Contaminated batches 
of flu vaccine cut the 
U.S. supply in half. 

The Supreme Court rejects a Florida 
state law that would keep severely 
brain-damaged Terri Schiavo alive. 

The sun, Venus and Earth 
align during the first transit 
of Venus since 1882. 

China's coal miners endure a six-month 
series of deadly explosions and accidents 
that kill more than 550. 

a b 

France's 1.6-mile-long Millau bridge extends Following Yasser Arafat's death, new Palestinian 
1.122 feet above the Tarn Valley, making it Authority President Mahmoud Abbas agrees 
the world's tallest roadway span. to a cease-fire with Israeli leader Ariel Sharon. 


Metabolite International Inc. and us 
founder Michael J Ellis were chanjcil 
with lying to the Food and Drug 
Administration about the dangers ol 

• An accounting scandal led Fannie Mae. 
the nation's second largest financial 
institution, to dismiss two executives 

• Scientists in China unearthed a perfectly 
preserved avian like sleeping dinosaur . 

• A l&pound meteorite hit Cambodia. * 

• Sprint Corp 6 Nextel Communications 
inc. agreed to a S35 billion merger. 

iweau ^Hawaii's rare po'ouh 
one of three iming birds died 

kH(urdi, the top lieutenant 

to Abu Musah aUaroawi. wahanesjti 

in Baghdad. 

A 182 carat diamond, lour nmeithel 
s\ie ol theHopt Umr found 
by a Guinea miner. >fe 

Nate Oiive and Sarah Janes beram> 
the first peop ' 'ike the cm 
1.800-mile West Cost Trail 

A deer hu 

:ute m Wisconsi 

..uvery of a nt /. : bit si?ed 
t skeleton brought the I story of 

human evolution into question 

A stampede during a Hindu ceremony in 
India lulled as many as 258 worshippers. 

For the first tune in 30 yeats, scientists 
spotted endangered blue whales in the 
waters off Alaska, i 

Excessive rains cause a deadly Hurricanes Charley. Frances. Ivan and Jeanne batter the 
and destructive mudslide in Caribbean islands. Gulf Coast and Florida. During the same 
La Conchita. California. season. Tropical Storm Gaston drenched the East Coast. 

Weighing 86 ounces. Rumaisa Rahman is Illinois Sen. Barack Obama 
the world's smallest baby. In contrast. Brazil's delivers the keynote address 
Ademilton dos Santos weighed 16.8 pounds at the Democratic Convention. 

In the same year that a new. colorful 
$50 bill is put into circulation, the 
U.S. dollar hits a low against the euro. 

Lebanon's former 
prime minister Rafik 
Hariri is assassinated 

SpaceShipOne completes two suborbital space flights, reaching a record-breaking altitude of 367,442 
feet, to win the $10 million Ansari X Prize for the first privately funded spaceflight. 

ft - . • 

he Pledge's "one nation, 
inder God," is preserved by 
he Supreme Court. 

Trials proceed for seven U.S. soldiers 
accused of abusing detainees within 
Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. 

Cosmetics mogul and 
merchandising pioneer 
Estee Lauder dies at 97. 

Ivory Coast loyalists initiate a violent, 
anti-foreigner uprising, forcing thousands of 
French citizens and visitors to evacuate. 

The animated motion picture "Shrek 2" is the year's No. 1 box office hit. The movie earned more than 
$436 million, an Academy Award nomination and two People's Choice Awards. 


ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' 
is voted Favorite Reality Show/Makeover at 
the People's Choice Awards. 

To celebrate her 19th 
season Oprah gives 
away 276 new cars. 

Millions of viewers are swept away 
on Wednesday night by ABC's new 
hit drama series "Lost." 

Jude Law stars in "I Heart 
Huckabees," one of the 
actor's six films this year. 

• °hylicia Rashad. star of "A Raisin ir the 
Sun." became the first black woman to- 
nkin 3 Tony Best Actress Award. 

* Comediei and talk show host Ellen 
DeGeneies was "People's Choice" for 
Favorite Funny Female Star. 

More than 30 million viewers tuned 
in to watch Fantasia Barrino defeat 
Diana DeGarmo and become the third 
"American Idol." 

Following 24 years with CBS. anchor 
Dan Rather announced his resignation. 
Four CBS executives were fired for 
running an unverified story regarding 
President Bush's National Guard service 
on 60 Minutes Wednesday" 

A quadriplegic for nine years, "Superman, 
Christopher Reeve died at 52. 

Both Tom Brokaw of "The NBC Nightly 
News" and Barbara Walters of "20/20" 
resigned their anchor positions after 
more than 20 years on the air. 

Hollywood couple Jennifer Aniston and 
Brad Pitt announced their separation. 

Media moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley 
Olsen took control of S300 million in net 
assets on their 18th birthday. 

The world-bid farewell to former Tonight 

Jamie Foxx receives the Actor in a Leading 
Role Academy Award for his portrayal of blind 
R&B legend Ray Charles in "Ray." 

Hilary Swank wins an Academy Award for 
her lead performance in the Oscar winning 
picture "Million Dollar Baby." 

Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio receives an Oscar 
nomination for his starring role in "The Aviator." The film, 
directed by Martin Scorsese, claimed five Academy Awards. 

"Spider-Man 2" starring Tobey 
Maguire earns more than 
$373 million at the box office. 

Dave Chappelle signs 
a $50 million contract 
with Comedy Central. 

Julia Roberts joins a long list of 
new Hollywood moms with the 
birth of twins Phinnaeus and Hazel. 

"Jeopardy!" wiz Ken Jennings 
wins more than $2.5 million 
in a 74-game run. 

Sunday night soap "Desperate Housewives 
is named Best Television Series at the 
Golden Globe Awards. 

J 9* 

W X 

Ashlee Simpson is criticized for tip-syncing 
on "Saturday Night Live" and is booed by 
fans during her Orange Bowl performance 

S M: 

"Redneck Woman" Gretchen 
Wilson is the American Music 
Awards Favorite New Artist 

Maroon 5 is named Best New Artist at the MTV Video 
Music Awards and the Grammy Awards. They also won 
three Billboard Music Awards and launched a world tour. 

Green Day tours North America. Japan. 
Europe and Australia to promote its Grammy 
winning album "American Idiot." 

Kanye West wins three Alejandro Sanz receives four Latin 

Grammys including Best Rap Grammys including Song of the 
Album for "College Dropout." Year and Album of the Year. 

Phish calls it quits 
after more than 20 
years of touring. 

Usher wins 1 1 Billboard Music Awards including Artist of the Year. His album "Confessions" and hit 
single Yeah! won three Grammys and four American Music Awards . 

Hilary Duff promotes her 
self-titled album and a new 
clothing/cosmetics line "Stuff." 

R. Kelly sues rapper Jay-Z for $75 
million following a dispute that 
prematurely ended their tour. 

Lindsay Lohan debuts 
her album "Speak" 
and film "Mean Girls." 

The Grammy-winning hip-hop group Black 
Eyed Peas "get it started" with their hit 
album "Elephunk." 

The cast of "One Tree Hill" models the year's latest fashion trends including the "layered look," distressec 
denim, vintage blazers and jean jackets. Ponchos, tweed jackets, and pearls were also hot items. 


Sony releases PSP (PlayStation Portable) a 
10-ounce. multiplayer video game system 
with a four-inch color screen 

Pastel hues such as 
pink are popular for 
men and women. 

NASA's "scramjet" breaks a world 
record by flying nearly 10 times 
the speed of sound. 

Oval decals featuring popular 
locations and symbols appear 
on vehicles worldwide. 

Snack food brands such as Reeses. Edy's. Lays and Coke 
cope with the Atkins craze by developing and marketing 
low-carb candies, ice cream, chips and sodas. 

"The O.C.'s" Mischa Barton 
wears one of the year's most 
popular hairstyles. 

"Livestrong" bracelets 
raise awareness of the 
fight against cancer. 

The desktop CPU of the new iMac 
is contained within a monitor just 
2.875 inches thick. 

Popular television series like 
"Seinfeld." "CSI" and "24" are 
released on DVD. 

Bluetooth and advanced laser technology 
make wireless internet, known as WiFi, 
easy-to-use and affordable to the public. 

Golfer Phil Mickelson enjoys 
winning his first career major 
at The Masters. 

Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart leads the University 
of Southern California to a 55-19 win over the University of 
Oklahoma, making the Trojans the NCAA National Champions. 

In a defensive battle, the Detroit Pistons 
defeat the Los Angeles Lakers to win the 
NBA National Championship. 

Labor disputes cause the NHL 
to cancel the entire hockey 
season for the first time. 

Kurt Busch wins NASCAR's Nextel 
Cup championship by an 8-point 
margin over Jimmy Johnson. 

Birdstone denies Smarty 
Jones the Triple Crown 
at the Belmont Stakes 

The Boston Red Sox overcome the New York Yankees' three-game lead to win the ALCS. Boston moved 
on, defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, and ended "the curse" with their first World Series win in 86 years. 

Peyton Manning breaks Dan Despite a back injury. Serena 
Marino's single-season record Williams claims her seventh Grand 
with 49 TD passes. Slam victory at the Australian Open. 

Lance Armstrong wins The University of Connecticut wins both 
his sixth consecutive the Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball 
Tour de France. National Championships. 

Gymnasts Carly Patterson and Paul Hamm claim gold in the all-around competitions. Despite a 
controversy caused by a judging error, the Court of Arbitrations for Sport upheld Hamm's victory. 

Swimmer Michael Phelps contributes Mariel Zagunis. 19. Misty May and Kerri Walsh captivate U.S. cyclists Tyler Hamilton 
to the U S. Swim Team's 12 golds by wins gold for the U.S. viewers as they spike their way to a and Bobby Julich pedal to 
earning a record-breaking eight medals. Fencing Team. women's beach volleyball gold. gold and bronze medals.