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The Partridge 2007 

Life Moves Too Fast 

Duxbury High School, 130 St. George Street, Duxbury, MA 02332 

Duxbury Free Library 


I adies and c lentlemen of the Class of '07: 

Whethei we can't wail to leave this place or we 

wish we didn't have U), we vs i 1 1 always remember the 
people we have met here and the times we have shared. 
Filled with exeitement. anxiety, or tear, we are all leav- 
ing the place thai has become so familiar to us and setting 
foot on unfamiliar ground. We will take with us w hat we 
have learned here and put it to good use during the jour- 
ney on which we are about to embark. 

Whether you read this the minute after you get 
your book or sears later, we hope that you will smile. 
Where\er you are. under whatever circumstances you 
read this, we hope thai you pause and reminisce about 
acti\ Hies such as play ing kickball with Mr. Malone and 
missing the International Food Festival, trekking knee 
deep in snow at Nature's Classroom and causing a ruckus 
at Loon on overnight ski trips, walking through metal de- 
tectors on the way to lirst period and finally running into 
the gym for our senior pep rally, because life moves too 


Your Senior Editors. 
Shelly and Brian 

3>/. 8*9 > 


Courtney Wells Abbott 

Mcnxcv hi U>kling onto the tilings \ou 

knc, the things >>*i arc. the things \ou ik-mt 

ss .ml !•> lose ... , v 

~l>ic Wiikli r trim 

Hunk \ou. Mom. IXnJ. Michacli. .ukI ( linv 
You've alwass been there lor me and I kivc 
all of sou rm»v than sou kinm Curls, it's him 
.1 4 scars .uxl I ln^v wc always sta\ in 
lixxh Mike. I kne sou so much. And as for 
mxi. Class ot IP. gixxl luck gu\s' 

Scott Michael Ahem 

It uotildnt have been tlw same with out \ihi! 
( iu\s thanks lor (Ik - laughs! All tin - nmnv 
ins I VM IXinpfiys/Ls ix'scr forget! 
hoin'tKv ( iunx't nHKvns- ani.i/ing Tennis 
(M- (17 Cdock Wobbie < 3- iMuma- my best 
Ineml il\ l>ad I'll ahia\s Ix 1 sour pnrxx-ss 
N.itli.ui tlianks lor showing me how its done' 
"in tins ga-at lulurc mxi can't force! sour past" 
SI MORS 'ir 

Clio Andrea Arana 

"I lxipe>inirilrc:uiisUike>ixilotlx'iiTixTsiityn 
smile to tlx' highest ol'your hopes aixl to tlx- nxi 
special places sour Ixxirt lias e\ er known." 

Cinxl Luck 07. STAY 1 IAWT. C iirts (I ABK )U 
Ikvk hellas quid anyme else) ki\c sou All tr 
hoys ki\e sou loo Oxvileaders! Supposed I 
s|X'll hkxxl spells hood Poker in Vinm's Km 
nxnt \Ik.Ixn Shut your lips. Sainstix 
Samim tlx- sea lion \1I.\N ( URLS I listiwy wi 
minonlies I k>\i gokL Blowing Kisses Mr O 
class nxwix' papi 4 of you kne yixi all. 

Angela Theresa Auda 

".After all. seasons change. So do cities. People 
come into your life and people go. hut it's com- 
forting to know the ones you love are always in 
your heart .And if you' re \rry lucky, a plane ride 

a * v > " -Sex A the City 

GIRLS - fellas. 1 5. jasla- couldn't have done it 
without u. GUYS - thanks for alwavs dmine. 
MOM. 1)\I). GRI ( , I lose u' I owe u the 
world Summer '05 '06. proms. I ndes. tony 
chestnut, shnowhall. LLs cuz, samstock. party 
haLs. sii hot nght now. Class of 2007 - amazing, 
thanks for the nest sears of my life. Good luck! 

"So matter how- far I mam. f II ahsays find my 

urn bock home'' „ 
' -Benson 

Anja Baerwolf 

Ian Robert Babson 

I first want to say thanks to all my family and 
friends. I could not have done this with out you. 
Ricci. Odav. Copp. Hallisey. vou my boys. 1, 
2. 3 BOYS NIGHT OLT! Great times. 'Gur- 
net birch street w hercver we go we have fun. 
Thanks guys. Also i want to shout out to Blue 
grass and Grizzly Hal la to the ladies who know 
who you arc. April Vaction 06 CRAZY! Last 
hut not least everyone have a great time next 
year, he safe and always remember the fun we 
have had. the fun we're having, and the fun we 
will have. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Long Live TJ7! 

Robert Royce Baird 

Horn it Show ... I haven't given birth yet. 
*low growl* 
There Are F<xir Lights! 
MM \l I I \|" 



Briana Rose Baker 

"Maybe we'll meet again further down the rher 
And share what we both discovered... 
Then re\ el in the \iew 

further down the river 


James Thomas Barrett 

All my friends, whats up? Hockey and 
lacrosse, good times boys. 106.7 jam 
rides to hockey with Brendan. Gym ratts 
at USA health and fitness. Jacuzzi ses- 
sions at Johns. Marthas Vineyard. Dart- 
mouth. Marshfield Country Club. Burke's 
basement. Thanks for being there for 
me. Mom. Dad. Kristen. Bry an. Julia, you 
guys are the best, love yah. 

Michelle Christine Berlinguet 

"This is not the end. It is not even the begin- 
ning of the end. But it is. perhaps, the end of 

the bednnina" m n. un 
^ e -W.Churchill 

So dude. I w as reading the dictionary last night., 
friends & family , thanks for alway s being there, 
y ou guy s are amazing. We've had some pretty 
insane times together, that's the way... 

"It's been a wild ride. I wouldn't change a min- 


Connor Patrick Bevans 

"If we weren't all crazy we would go in- 
sane" -Jimmy Buffett 

To all of the great times: Football #13 Su- 
per Bowl Champs, the Clipboard. Base- 
ball. Disney Trip. Sorrento. Man Hunt. 
ACADEC. Hey Kearney CVS. what was 
I thinking? Cowboys and Blue Jays, the 
best team out there. A personal thank y ou 
to the Jimmy Fund and Children's Hospi- 
tal for allowing me to come back for se- 
nior year. Thank you also to my family. 
Caitlin. Liam. Mom and Dad y ou are the 

Class of 2007 I w ish you the best of luck! 

Russell James Boggs 

Alexander Paul Boardman 

"My friends are here. A couple years I'v e spent. 
I found I have a second home. As I'm blazing 
down my trail to education, there's no bliss in 
ignorance for me. I stop and stare, a breath of 
air might slow me down some. But that's just 
fine w ith me." ~qajb 

Dux Soccer '04. '05. '06 - GREAT TLMES- 
cas pass. Papa G's. Keed. yo se. Halo sesh. Syt 
em link. Bumpus chillen. Madden, slay . Sum- 
mer '06 - beach. O.A.R.. Download. Thanks 
to everyone for a great four years. Have fun 
'07!!! Thanks for everything Mom and Dad 
- love ya. 

John Andrew Bostrom 


Matthew Ernest Botieri 

Win-linn ym think that y«xi can. or that you 
can't. ym arc uMially nght." - Hrnn- Fonl 

Wins, can't believe we're all .kIiliIK seniors, mi 
many gi»xl times witli so many g»«hl mends, 
u .ill kik'w «l»> u t Hunk Mil Minn. Ikhl. 
I li/afvth. and Mike. I couldn't he where 
I ,un tixlay witlhnit you... A & P. late night 
Wendy 'v Buiiipuv 1 .11 I .u s. 1 -».i|x- Iv.kli 
nights, hangin' out at Cameron's. 

'( 'ethnic we will, cause lite is slnwl hut sweet 
for certain" DMIi 

Andrew James Bridges 

Ever) once in a while. I"ll pretend that 
there is a ghost in the room and I'll say. 
"Hey ghost. I know you're there. Having 
fun w atching me?" That way. if there ever 
really is a ghost. I totally just blew his 
mind. ~ Romeo Jr. 

Steven Grant Bowen 

I Wv Beach Nights. Hamburger Helper. Sons nl Blues. Kivk Revival. 
IVopk-'s KqxiblK nl Ijiw Brass. You're Sell 
I Vstnicting. Just a nttle bit sandy. (Xithack 
.uxl Inendly's parking lot. l-oothall. Baseball. 
Thanks lor a great four years. 

"Boy. ikwi't you worry... you'll lind yourself. 
Follow you Ix-art and nothing else. And you can 
do this if you try . All I w ant for you my son. is to 
he satislied." , . c , . 

Benjamin Bray 

"They II speak our names in hushed tones, 
those guys are animals' they 'll say! We can 
lay it on tlx: lux;, bust a gut. show tlxin a clean 
pan nl heck We c;m sprint tlx' turn on a spring 
hrec/e aixl feel tlx 1 winter leave our feel! We 
can. by ("nxl. let our demons loose aixl just wail 
on!" ~Qucnhm ( Vmn/v 

Class ol '()" keep stnv ing foi the best. Hunks 
to ev ery one for tlx- memories. Its been a great 

Casey Elizabeth Brust 

"A lot of people enjoy being dead. But they're 
not dead, really . They 're just backing away from 
life. Reach out. Take a chance. Get hurt even! 
Play as well as you can. Go team! GO! Give me 
an L! Give me an I! Give me a V! Give me an 
E! L I. V. E LIVE! Otherwise, you got nothing 
to talk about in the locker room." 

~Han>ld and Maiide 

Thanks to all for the awesome times! XC and 
Track girls. "Run Fast, Turn Left." And to 
Mom. Dad. and Marks ! Love you all! 

Ashley Lynne Buckley 

'Take care of all vcxir memories. For you can- 
not relive them.' ' ScbDyfan 

XC Girls, keep running... To my friends, 
thanks for making high school all it was sup- 
posed to be. . . Ricky, thanks for always mak- 
ing me smile. . . Mommy & Daddy, thanks for 
everything. I love you... Kaitlin. Elizabeth. 
Mary Kate, y ou guys are the best! 

Good Luck '07 

Manda Marie Buckley 


Meghan Anne Buckley 

'Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything, 
t's the time we spent together that mat- 
ers, not how we left it." ~ Trey Parker 
md Matt Stone 

["hank you for the time you've spent with 

Sean Leighton Burke 

"So why would you care, to get out of this place. 
You and me and all our friends, such a happy 
human race" ~ Da\ e Matthews Band 

Good Times. Golf. Tennis. VT. Hey Milner. No 
explode, the basement. 

"The future belongs to those who belie\ e in the 

beauty of their dreams" ,-, D ,. 

~ Eleanor Roosevelt 

To my friends, these four years have been crazy 
fun! Orch: parties, stretches. Willie Wonker. 
Disney, NYC. San Fran, too much fun to men- 
tion. Emus Fly in Packs. Slimy with Bumps. 
Sloan, truly the funniest person I know. Who's 
the wife? Sailing-sort of. Making Fiends. Lab 
buddy/slave, chemistry is life. Thanks Mom. 
Dad. Kasey. Rex. Family means everything and 
1 love vou. Good Luck '07! Make it worth it! 

Sean Allen Burridge 

Rebecca Anne Cadorette 

'Life moves pretty fast and if you dont 
>top and look around, you could miss it." 
~Ferris Buler's Day Off 

The last few years have blown by and I 
:ouldn't have done it w ithout a few people know who you are! and I wanna say 
:hanks to the family., all of you *summer 
'06.. the BEACH... dancing on cars... 
McD's... prom '05... random dances., "the 
basement"... uno's... crazy nights.. * 

'It's hard to say It's time to say it Good- 
bye. Goodbye " -Nickelback 

Stephen Clark Cameron 

It's been a heck of a ride 07. you guy s have re- 
ally made it a lot of fun. To my boy s you guy s 
are the best wouldn't be fun without y ou. and to 
the ladies halia y ou girls are the best. So many 
good times with you guys in 07. Super Bow I 
at may ors. White Water Ratting in Maine. Kid- 
napping Liz on her runs, and all those others 
places on those Fridays and Saturday nights w e 
had. It's been a great time 2(107 and I'll never 
forcet vou aiys. 

Brendan Michael Carroll 

"You know what Coxy let me ask y ou a Ques- 
tion. Whv'd you wanna play college hockey" 
"Isn't it obvious? For the girls!" ~\tiracle 

Fleet/theGaahden. State Champs '05 GWG 
Super Eicht. BC hish showtime. Blakev! 
Baseball "Back2Back PL Champs (Settle 
down Dux Lax)- great times, the guys "goin 
to class just to pass the time -Kenny Chesnex 
... Keat's basement, hot tub. memories. Haggil- 
ing. Todd thievery X 25. Outfield chick talkV/ 
Terry. Dartmouth. Gym Ratts. 106./ jam sesh 
to practice everyday...You're the man Vernon!" 
Dimeathook's S.S.- alltime QB. mikey jokes. 
Mere- Tea man that's the good stiff -Kenny 
Chesnev Mom&Dad thanks for everything. 


Brendan Michael Carroll 

"It's him .ik h a I. in- tinx\ I think I should he 
gmn'. cus tmx- ikv>n'l wail lor me. il keeps on 
rollin Thcres .1 k»ig nvnJ. I've gotta stav 111 tinv 
»nh. I've gi< in keep <wi chasm' tliat dream, 
thmigh I iiu\ never IiikI it I'm always just he 
hind it." 

-h'orvpLi\l/>n\{ tune 


p s ( k*ta give the shout nut to my hoys Will 
.uxl and .ill my L-AN piirt> hn<her>. Mad 
kr\e for TI3 peace ixit. 

Colin Henry Clark 

Senior Quotes are really stupid. 

Benjamin Peter Cederberg 

"NVfc gi* ix<hm to do. and I k « 4. .U you 

I xv M»nething iKu I ki>'u .ml l<i\e 

•aid H ill) tlx - . 1 ". i k cf a m 111 k wv all stay a w Ink' 

we kum trmn hmne llx-rv ain't i»«hin • ahine." 


lo .ill m\ h >\s ,in>l ejrls, tlianks I'm tlx- memo 
nest > \ l< and l>.'i\c Matthews chillm at 
A&P / bumpus / disney / Soccer #0 kidd / La- 
crosse #25. Oh state champs / Mom. I>ad. and 
S.u.i I wouldn't he tlx- sanx- person I .un lodav 
without you... taive you guys / Best of luck 
- (F7... no gmxlbyes, it's see you later! 



Kaiitlin Maxine Clark 

First I'd like to thank the academy.Second. 
I'd like to thank my parents. Kelly, and to 
my charmed sisters. "The power of three 
will set us free" -charmed. I especially 
want to thank my fellow thespians. Freaks 
since the Greeks! WOOT! States 06 was 
amazing, and I ACTUALLY BROKE 
THE SAL'CER!! GO ME!! Drama in gen- 
eral has been the highlight of my life and I 
thank you all. MLCHO LOVE!! 

"Eagles are fluffy...." -anonymous 

Teryn Chin 

"So let me say Ix'lore we port 
So much ol nv 
Is made of what I lc;imcd from you 
You'll he with me 
Like a handprint on my heart" 
m ImtQnul 

No words luve ymi so Lulies. ama/ing 
mix's Bow kecpnx' laughiiu: \\im 'Oh. Gurnet 
cmxvns. thxqv 355. riilMvUVs. luvlihillsu mgr 
ohvi. mudslides, llxnx - |Xirtk-s. Oh |j//y. Tmiy 
.uxl everything 111 between. 1 can't lvlie\e it's time 
losis enxJbyv I Ji\e ymi Mom ;ukI liihu. 2(1)7- 
(kxxl luck, never torgcl 

"It's iiist lite, vi keep dancing thnxigh" 

Katherine Lauren Cipolletti 

07-Vver Forget: The Nicknames. Quad 
Bellas Locker Crew... lans & Dunphys... 
IXXLAXOh-apnl vaca?.' proms, gurnet, 
tony chestnut, fall tests, soccer studs. thenx*s. 
rollcrblading... so much more. Rememher to 
nm fast turn left. Girls+guys- ymi know w ho 
ymi are... tlianks lor vi much aixl more. "Sing 
iike no one's listening, love like you've never 
Ikvii hurt) dance like nobody's watching, 
and li\e like it's heaven on earth." I)' No 
Holding Kick in life, go all ixit. nu k (Hit. and 

Molly Elizabeth Clough 

"The finish line is almost here 
and someone softly whipsers in my ear. 
times like these are memories to hold 
deep down inside of you and me" 


Thanks to all my mends for the memories! 
Love you Mom. Dad. and Tracy. I wouldn't 
be here without vou. Goixl Luck '07! 

Alexandra Maria Cochrane 

"And the things that I renxmher best - those are 
the things I w asn't supposed to do and I did them 
anyway. The thing is. life is too damn short to he 
fdlowmg the* rule" 

Track family. Soccer. Gurnet <)6 Prom. Dunjihys / 
lans. Concerts. Summer. Quad- couldn't compare 
love you. Girls/Guyv keep on laughing. Family 
thanks for everything. My wish for you is that this 
life becomes all that you want it to. your dreams 
stay big. your worries stay small. Stay Strong '07 

And that's the way we get by.... 


Lauren Elizabeth Conley 

Timothy John Connolly 

Jessica Ann Coonan 

We always had time on our sides. Now it's 
ading fast. Every second every moment. 
Ve've gotta make it last" ~.\'ada Surf 

jirls- love u2death. never a dull mo- 
lent- fellas- 15 fingers- fabfour-every 1 
lse Guys- crazy times- prom "05/06- 
iamstock madness- gurnet parties- 
'onfires- the 4th- summer *05/*06- T 
ides- partybus- concerts- april vacation 
06- snowball- spirit week- tennis captain 
07/Sam. Pete thanks 4 everything love u 
4om, Dad. Justin. Andy- couldn't have 
one it without u. love u all 
]ood Luck '07 stay "hatt." 

Kerri Katherine Connolly 

"May the road rise w ith you. and may the w ind 

alwavs be at vour back" „, „. 

-St. Pius 

'07 so "hat" right now. Love my girls: Say 
Say. Al. Kels, Kt. Boys- Thanks for the good 
times. Bellas. Fellas. 15 fingers. Locker crew - 
keep laughing. Hockey and Golf- thanks. Lil 
CC- Best friends forever & I'm alway's here 
for you. Bri Lee and CJ- Good luck / love you 
both. Mom and Dad- Couldn't ask for any more 
I love you. Good Luck Everyone and keep in 

Kathryn Rae Cooper 

"What lies befind us cndwftM lies before us areti/K 
rumen ocnjxwed to vihct lies hv/wuis." -Emerson 

Love you '07! To all my guys and girls, thanks tor all 
tie niernories. you're the greatest friends I could ever 
ask tor. Summer '( 16. Prom '06, fire & ice, OAR. 
311AtowTitaad "5 wendy mitts." shagit squash \s. 
squat beach nights. Em's parts 2 & 3. whipped cream. 
s.txxilgirk kite cubed, snowball '05. DP dates, tech- 
no, laguna. jetto. Alana ~ you are my best friend. 1 love 
you! Thanks for always being there. Mom & Dad ~ 
Thanks for all your tave and support Drew ~ Have 
riin these last 2 years! Sarah ~ Pandas for He! I love 
you afl so much. It's been quite the ride '07. good luck 
and much tave! 

Nicholas Edward Copp 


"Explaining w hat I remember: 

House parties, green bottles and my 

friends" „ 

~ Pepper 

Abigail Watson Cook 

" ...Life moves pretty fast If y ou don't stop and 
look around once in a while, you could miss 

-Ferris Bueller's Day Off 
Good Luck '07 

Thanks to my family, friends, as well as river 
wind farm for the past four years. 

Matthew Louis Cornelius 


*t« aw 

Sarah Elizabeth Crimmins 

"Ij\t while \ihi can. don't you %er vour ilniun\ 
he n^lu in i hi rxtlm i if wmr haikl " 

~\'anc\*i Carlton 

( iirlvV< iti\s I Tic tunes Willi \ou' line 
sou all ' \$r ilo i*n remenil-ier iktx\, we ntnem- 
)<•■! in *m nh < evirc l^ivesc. ( irecce \ Italv 
( nwJ (Teaser Ne-.iL-h Sights & Bonfires. 4/14 
How .mi I 'Wmskm kkis Gurnet. Du\- 

ILs^lu M,im |>.nl K&M- thanks fir c\cr> 
tiling \ farewell l^ wirw/n Ivfore vtm can 
iiutI ityim \mt ineehni; aifain i\ tcruim lot 

An whp <nJHtnd\ " -Rk.Ii.ir1 Bach. Cnmi 
Luck "07! 

Ian Richard Davis 

Michael Thomas Cronin 

Its been a fun 4 years. 
I think I can finally tell. 
Keep n real '07 

"ll's not the cards you're dealt, it's him \ixi 
pin them" , , , 

' ~l Ilk/UIWII 

Steven James Dennett 

" Pic lest of success is not what sou do when 
Nou're on top Success is him high you bounce 
w Ik'ii mhi hd bottom." 

~GenaxA George S Patton. Jr 

'Hunks Mom. Dad. Sis for everything. 
( rood luck 1 1"' 

It was FUN! 
fta cee c lll 

Katelyn Rose Dennis 

In a thousand \ears and a thousand tears 
I'll come back to my original crew" -oar 

Good times '07 girls ur awesome. Allie. 
Kelsev. Kesri, Sarah - I don't know what 
I'd do w/out u - love ya! "its always better 
when were together", boys ur awesome. 
Prom . gumet / tony chesnut . snowball, 
toga, hahia raiz. locker crew, fellas, min- 
nie. 15 fingers, t. concerts, buffet, beach, 
bam. basement. Sunday river new yrs. 
summer, tennis/soccer girls '06! Love 
u Mom. Dad. Jess! Good luck '07 BEL- 
I \s- 

Lindsay Elise DeVellis 

So many thanks to my friends and family for 
being there, for supporting me. andfor laughing 
with me along the way. We've had so many 

"With our love- with our love we could save 
the work!, if they only knew. Try to realize it's 
all within yourself, no one else can make you 
change. And to see you're really only very 
small, and life flows within you and without 
vou." -The Beatles 

Thomas Joseph Devine 

THIS IS CALLED "the coming of age" 
Dad. Mom. Alison. Dan- I love you. My 
friends- you loo. And Dux Class '07 
hot right now. and forever will be. 

"and in the end the love you take is equal Alexandra Brittany DiMatteo 

to the love you make' \ TheBealles 

Best of luck to "07! 


Lydia Alexandra Donnelly 

Emily Ann Doyle 

am thankful for laughter, except when milk 
xnes out of my nose." 

~Woodx Allen 

A friend is one who know s us. but loves us 

~Fr. Jerome Ciunmings 

Know what's w eird' 1 Day by day. nothing 
wns to change, but pretty soon...e\ erything's 

~Calvin from Calvin andHobbes 

Michael Francis Dinneen 

"Well in the end. we can all call a friend, w ell 
that"s something that i know as true. In a thou- 
sand years, and a thousand tears. Til come find- 
ing my original crew . Cause to me throughout 
eternity there is somewhere w e are welcome 
to go. I said it's something free that means a 
lot to me. and then when I"m with mv friends 
I feel Home." OAR. The BG. BennyTheKid. 
Larose. GMurph. Scott} A. all my buds. Fellas 
and ladies and Family. Manhunt, Country FesL 
Larry J. J5. slounge any]? E)o what you lose, 
love w hat you do and keep smiling. 

Fletcher David Dostie 

Christine Lynn Drummy 

Samantha Jean Draper 

Timothy Michael Duffy 

"In life some people are nails some people are 
hammers, boys it's hamrnertime." ~BU1 Wdhebn. 
Bungalow wakala bookoo Melrose britarrys cas 
passcaschatchexvchastonytori edcBeg-moneyin 
the house pizza tues tirnmv fund soccer 06 06 track 
tte gd my shirt is off gh halo sesh at g-murphs just 
be jmo w arm vet tender OAR mornreal nel ? Ob\i 
dollar menu g-murph ? mom dad and family , thanx 
for putting up with me .All my friends you guys are 
awesome fl] never foraet vou suvs. 


Elizabeth Metcalf Dunbar 

I m- iixwv lullv motvilceplv. more ix'hlv. am 

( «kkI limes .il the beach, humpus. A\P park 
mg lot. knc >a yirls and guvs- good luck '07 

I use vou \1mii. Dad. ami Hunter 

Gaylord Ian Entrot 

Catherine Frances Dunphy 

We've all heard I he proverbs, heard the phi 
losonhcrs. heard our erandparents warning 
us alvMii wasted lime. Iiearcl the damn poets 
urging us id seize ihe das Snll sometimes we 
have If see loi ourselves We have to make 
oui own mistakes We have to learn our own 
lessons Knowing is heller than wondering, 
that waking is better than sleeping, and even 
the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the 
hell out of never lrying."~Grey's Anatomy. 
QUAD no words to explain - love you xoxo. 
Girls&Guys best times. GurnetOft. Track 
Famijy Tennis love. Connor gixxJ luck. 07 
We did it. obvi. 


Marissa Elizabeth Evans 

"People, even nxire than things, have to be 
restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and re- 
deemed; nev er throw anyone out." 

-Audrey Hepburn 

To all my mends, thank you for being there 
throughout the past 4 years. I*vc loved every 
minute and wouldn't change a thing. Best of 
luck! Mom. Dad. Nick and Spence ... Thank 
you for taking care of me. I couldn't have done 
it w ithout sou. I love vou! 

Colleen Marie Dwyer 

Colin Francis Edgar 

Thanks to mv loving lamilv: Mom. DadJ 
Duncan and Malcolm. I love you all. 

Addison Groove Project. Art Blakev. Belt . 
Heck. Charles Mingus. Charlie Hunts! 
Herbie Hancock. John Coltranc.Macco . 
Pat Metheny. Victor Woolen. 

"If you don't live it. it won't come ouM 
your horn." -Charlie "Bird" Parker, the* 


Alexandra Marie Findley 

"Dance like there's nobodv watching. Love like 
vou'll never gel hurt. Sing like there's nobodv 
listening. Live like it's heaven on earth And 
speak from tlie heart to he heard." 

-William W. Purity 

Wow what to say. Bellas- Kels. Kerri. Katie. 
Sarah. Fellas I5nngcrs lockcrcrcw boys '07- 
ILOVEU! FH. Hockey. Baseball. Mom. Dad. 
Danny. Martha- love you all so much. Good 
luck everyone and never forget where you came 
from. PB see you around senior class of '(f7. FH 
sec u around. 

Richard Ross Finn 

Congratulations '07. have fun! 


Christopher Phalen Flaherty 

SamanthaAnn Marie Flood 

Always and forever, jasla. fab four, bellas. good 
times. Between Spirit Week. Prom 05/06. Sam- 
stock. Snowball. Gurnet Theme parties. ParTy- 
BuS. Summer 05/06. I'll never forget Guys- it's 
been real. Cheerleading- best sport Duxbury 
has. Tennis co-capt / Jess. Gio the cladapus. 
Miche. my love. Tim- luv u. Goodluck 07. Best 
wishes. Mom. Tiff. Jen. Kelly. Wouldn't have 
been the same w/o vou. luv u all. 

Juliann Robyn Ford 

' 'We all take diflaent paths in He. but no matter where 
it's been crazy. Fab 4. Meg: you complete me. never a 
duD moment with you oh rats. Michel: camping was 
awsome. 1 love bang your neighbor. Cbo: moon tan- 
ning was a Hast, raptor. Niki: you are one crazy girl I 
love you. you always make me laugh. I love you mom 
and dad. we finally did it! I amid never have done this 
without you. You both inspire me to be better Samnu 
much love . ] couldn't ask for a bener big sister, thanks 
fix always being there. I love you alL "In this bright fu- 
ture you cant forget your past' ' Good Luck 07! ! 

Paul Schuergens Fortini 

la is the feeling when you're driving away from 
pie. and they recede on'the plain 'til you see their 
cks dispersing? -it's the too huge world vaulting us. 
I it's good-bye. But we lean forward to the next cra- 
enture beneath the skies.' ' -Jack Kervuac 

lien life hands you a lemon, say Oh veah. I like 
ions. What else you g£"'~HenryRi JSns 

i x. the moon Is rising. Here comes happiness ! And if 
] don't see it what dees it matter? Others will! ' -Art 
> Chekhn'sTheChernOwhaid 

nger on. your pale blue eyes" -The Yehrt I nder- 

Ryan Michael Gagnon 

Kylie Michael Garofalo 

"and the road to life, yes it goes up and 
down, doesn't really matter as long as the 
music goes on" 

-slightly stoopid 

they really weren't kidding when they said 
highschool flies by. the past 4 years have 
been crazy and i wouldnt change a minute, 
oar, ft. lauderdale '05. prom '06. 3rd of 
July at whb. delux girls and p. south ladies, 
love you always, timmy, i love you thanks 
for everything babe! mom. dad. nic, and 
lexi thanks for putting up with me. love 
you and i know i'll make you all proud, 
nic & lexi. if i did it you can. Congrats '07.. 
can i get a hoo-rah!?.. i'm free now i'm 

Kelsey Lauren Ford 

"We were just wasting time. 
Lei Ihe hours roll by 
Doing nothing for the fun. 
A lillle tasie of the good life.' 


'07 so hat right now. love the girls, al. ker. sar. 
kt. FLOCK boose farms AG. sam. 15 fingers, 
and the boys, good times these past 4 years, 
r.i.p.. GEO... and SBA. lax girls and soccah 
manag.'s '06. t-rides. the caddv. prom, sum- 
mer 06-DMB 3 1 1 Buffett. Farfars girls, locker 
crew!, barn rats, bahia. raiz. tony chesnut. gur- 
net. <3 mom dad thx. aood luck ker & areg. luv 
u '07. BELLAS 4 life 

Alana Julia Garvey 

"Think like a person of action. Act like a 
person of thought." -Henri Louis Bergson 

Thanks to my girls and guys, it's been an amazing 
ndc! Katie you're the best friend anyone could ever 
ask for love you so much. Al. Em. Keira. C Hea 
T always, so many amazing memones. hon fires. 
Rockland Trust DP dates, techno. Laguna nights, 
fire and ice. hooters, snowball '05 parts 1-3. whip 
cream, school girls, prom '06, oar. summer '06. 
jello. out on the rocks. Boston. Mont Dad, thank 
you so much for always being there. Khsten never 
let amthing get you down love you alw a\ s. 


Kayla Rose Gavoni 

I lecl failure, set ubiiw by cscntual 
reality ; success is attained in tlx- ahy ss 

I ifc is too shiwl so kiss slowly lose deeply, 
forgive quickly .nvl forget (he.. .hut im what it 
taught you" 

Tia Jeanne Gavoni 

tc past t scars have been a blast. Thanks 
to all nis bos s and mils, lis been real Till, 
lil \< , \l l) HI \( II M( ,11 I S HI MI'I S 
(ill and mans more memories, sse made 
everything fun. '07. keep it real. Mom. 
Dad and Emma, thank you all so much 
lor all of the support and encouragement. 
I love you. 

Brian Robert George 


Well it seems I'se linalls 
Thought of es milting 
I ss;tnt to lose 
I ss ;mt to feel 
find peace 
I ind iIk' real 


Miles Richard Gillis 

I want you to ask yourself. "What am I do- 
ing.*" I don't mean for you to go on some deep 
journey of spiritual and emotional exploration. 
1 |ust ssant you to realize. Realize the fact that 
eserythmg you do affects someone or some- 
thing, whether good or bad. Be proud of that 
if it's a good thing, or try to change if it's bad. 
In the infamous words of Abraham Lincoln. 
Be excellent to one another, and- PARTY ON 

ni nrs'" 

William John Anderson Goldman 

"We should not let our fears hold us hack from 
pursuing our hopes." 

~John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

Edwin Munroe Gilmore 

"You gotta live life like it's the last apple in the 
tree, the last tree in the orchard, the last orchard 
in the world." 

JacLynne Mia Gomez 

In tins -jita/itM' vm can't Jirxet vrwftrJ' -Be I 
Marks Ffikii Ileal fix Dercy. concerts, hiifirt 
snhng/Jo tnps. |inm trips. Kills, snuffs. spid 
uh jeggK. Bl^C'HE.S.Pats Qwjrleader.NanK 
Gassnxm WORK, standanl litguna. hnngi 
htt.1 lAmgtlv Mas rmse <n fire. afrrxrt dsmg 
Asaknr^mnuth Yacht flub. Jackx You're fit'i 
Mr Hruxfn. will s<xi ■ogn the nuig. prim and ma 
mere. M- sxxi always make mc smile Cat- my sw 
of reason. You girls ate like sistrs. Bosvtharks tar; 
lhegordt»TicjJ\lin-rm friend. Dad- IHrrd i 
wu noud JoJo- thanks for esuythng. Lin. \atf» 
andTrcit 143 "Srtnr(rlaerwellhekrimi;ba ' 
an evendirtj! and we'll laurfi afrni it like »r km ' 
tfhtm nus hamrmft •" ~MichaelTrjther(fl Nev ' 
tofbigcL . . Slav Hex.' 


atthew Drennan Goodless 

c hhhh 

t arroU:^" Soul Calibur 3 
i keep on ap faying 
A Spang: gogo guitar hero 
1 x. wtb more techno 
i ie P. the right 
•les: I really can't tefl_. 
t. ieen fun. later dux. I'll miss \a 

Catriona Naughton Grant 

"It was good as good goes..."Girls and guys 
- thanks for all the great memories! Mian and 
JacLynne - kindergarten. FH. .ASP. standard 
daguna. PYC. ride in the wake of another, dis- 
ne\ . hilion head, buddy g. prom, summer and so 
many more - luv ya girls. To my family - mom. 
thanks for everything. I love you. "Our lives be- 
fore us. our past behind us. but our memories 
forever with us. " Best of luck '07! 

Gillian Susan Green 

We were strangers 
Starting out on a journey 
Never creaming 
What we'd have to goThrough 
Now here we are 
And I'm suddenly standing 
At the beginning" with you 

Thanks to mv parens and mends for their constant 
support and love I never would have been able to 
come this far with out you. I love my Charmed sis- 
ters and you will always hold a very special place 
in my ten. .And to the ories who always care even 
when I dorat let them, all mv ihanks arii love. 

Richard James Greenwood 

' "Been movre through these streets forever 


This afternoon wih you was somethiK Ike a fettr 

The land that sornecne writs but never sends 

.And when vou look at me 

You remn3 me that someday is goma end 

And when you pass on 

God. I bet vbu rriss vour fends' " 

~ Ryan Adams 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all your lov e and 
support. Brian and Kara. I love you both. .Ash- 
ley, these past few y ears have been amazing. I 
love you more than words can express. Atfmy 
friends. I'll miss vou auvs. 

Braeden Michael Gregg 

Lauren Elizabeth Griffin 

My four y ears in High School have been great! 
Best Buddies was awesome. . . Talent Shows. 
Red Sox games, debut of Stuck on Vou. Brock- 
ton Rox. Battle of the Bands. Game Day. end- 
less parries! Juruor/Serrior Prom. Cheetah Girls. 
High School Musical. Suite Life of Zack and 
Cody. Finding Nemo. Raven! Singing and 
dancing. High School was great. I will miss 
ev ery one. Mrs. O. thanks for ev erything. Lots 
of memories of dances and hanging out Great 
rimes with the Varsity Basketball girls. Bas- 
ketball rules! I love my Mom and Dad. Kane. 
Christine and of course. Mikev! 

Sarah Olive Griffin 

Let's waste rime 
Chasing cars 
"Forget what we're told 
Before we get too old 
Show me a garden that's bursting into life" 

Girls w here w ould I be w/o u! Guys good times. 
So many memories and great rimes with every - 
one. XC- Keep on running. Girls hockey - nev er 
forget Mom and Dad- luv u thanx for all your 
support Ellen luv u! Vou are mv inspiration. 

Michael Edward Gunderson 

"The problem with you is the problem with me. 
I got two good ey es but I still can't see." 

-The Greatfid Dead 


Paul Vincent Hagan 

I hull \1t ( ). .UXl Ji>|o. I UlHlldll'l IlilM- 

ikWU- II .Mill. H II \<HI 


Brian William Hanafin 

Thanks to all of the friends who have made high 
school prctt> awesome, the teachers who have 
made high school pretty useful, and the family 
w ho has made high school prettv possible 

"All this will not be finished in the first 100 

days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1.000 

days, nor in the life of this Administration, nor 

even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But 

let us hegin." , . „ 

-John T Kenrwch 

Meredith Marie Hall 

"May the road rise to meet you. may the 
wind always be at your back, may the 
sun shine warm upon your face, and until 
we meet again may God hold you in the 
palm of his hand." -Irish proverb To my 
friends, you know who you are- thanks 
lor great times, you've always been there. 
XC. Track girls and boys- fun times with 
u. thnks for some great seasons! Mom. 
Dad. Rich. Steve love u. thank u. "I know 
I'll often stop and think about them, in my 
life I've loved them all." -The Beatles. 
Good Luck 07 

Zachary Winslow Hallowet 

"This is adrenaline attached to a license platcc 
isn't il lime you expenenccd it '" -< i\ i< \ 

Dux Soe '06, so much forgotten. Peace out 
'07. CyaatA&P! 

Drew Stephen Harasimowicz 

"Go big or go home" -Johnny- Tsunami 

Thanks to my boys. The Russian. Father Ty. 
The Miz. Don. Jack. Tommy J. Ali D-crying 
over a bug. Hoffy. Fred Doge. "O'C". Footer. 
B Gregg and the Savages. We keep it real. 
Beach Nights. Saving Heinstadt's life countless 
umes. Lunch with Ka and Lee. Polo with Rach. 
Sara, mv "cousin". Outback. Foot time, not fun. 
Thanks "Mom. Dad. and Brett, I owe you every- 
thing. It's been fun. 

Remember Gass of 2007-" 'Never bring a rolled 
up new spaper to a pipe fight" -CoacnTag 

Kyle Dziama Harasimowicz 

"If you rest you rust" - Helen Hayes 

Gass of '07. great four years. First to the fam- 
ily. Mom. Dad. and Brett, thank y ou so much. 
To the most important part of Duxbury. T-Mac. 
Miz, Tommy J. Don. Jack. Fred. O'Connor! st. 
& Riley. To the Ladies. Ali D. Rao. and 
Schwank. many more bad decisions without 
your adv ice. To gypsies. I thank you even more. 
To Drew, no high school without you. 17 great 
years. Viney ard, summers, beach, prom, poker. 
Tom's. Meatwagon. Hunan. Outback. Football, 
to Caf...dude. lets get the heck out of here! Red 
One to his Class. THANK YOU and Luck with 

Timothy John Hardman 

"We went to class just to pass the time" 

-Kenny Chesn 

Yo we out! livin' in the 4 rurmer/flashligh 
you be nice! / punching the 4 runners winder 
That's a huge exaggeration, beach nights, a 
cert memories. T- RIDES. ROor. jaguar. Tod 
2006 Hoop state champs, boys and girls 1 i 
many good times, sad to see them go. Dunph 
Jr. Year. Shanahan 's superbowl. Mom. Dad a * 
Mike thanks for all the support love vou gu ■ 



Keith Bradford Hartley 

Matthew Tyler Hebert 

Elissa Rose Heckendorf 

"Fortunatelv. I dont get stage fright... I just get 

-Adam Duritz of Counting Crows 

Girls, you know who you are. I love you all. 
Thanks for everything. Guvs, too many good 
times, thanks. Miich love. Mortal Combat straw 
fights in the Wendy "sparking lot \Vhere"d you 
go? Snuggle buddies for life. Good luck class of 
v i . Thanks family . Love you all. Couldn't have 
done it without you. 

"'Only those who dare truly live." 

-Ruth Freedman 


John Philip Heinstadt 

AMghhht it's finally over. I wanna aive a shout out 
to my bo\s. Bostrom NtKenzie Tommy J. Pooler 
Tconh and tte rest of the craz% gang thanx tor saving 
my life numerous amounts of times and always bang 
there and making me laugh To aD the ladies there are 
akt of you aE know - who you are. afflnggghL To the 
SScrew keep on keeping* on. Peter too many good 
times to recall like liking, WAld Stallions, arri just rjeing 
destructive. .And thankvou'N lorn and Dad for always 
befc\Tng and Tim and" Andrew for teachin me a few 
things along the way. 

"Had no excuses for the things that we'd done. Y\e 
were braxe. we were crazy, we were mostly Young' 


I itherine Therese Hemingway 

Lkes are falling all around 
It|ime I was on my way 
T nks to you 

I I much obliged for such a pleasant stay 
E now it's time for me to go 

T autumn moon lights my way 

~Led Zeppelin 

my friends and family: Thanks for the 
hs. Thanks for the memories. I love vou all. 
d luck '07 

Mark Ryan Hennessy 

4 years of good times Guys and girls its been 
fun Tod stealin. throwifi balls, weekends. 
Shanahan's dad's, casualing. all the concerts, 
games, "who u splitin with. .Dances, so mans 
good times. Mom and Dad thanx for every- 
thing. Good luck '07 check ya later 

' The mist infair liii/ig dbcU life is the way il ends. You 
sltJiikl die first, get it at (fine way. Then you Ihrin 
an old age home. You gel kicked out when you're too get a gold watch, you go to work. You work 
ferry years until \txi re young enough to etyoy retire- 
ment. You experhiiert. you party, ana mm get ready fir 
High School. You go to grade school, you become a 

-George Costarcu 

Elizabeth Anne Hetherington 

Girls and Guns never ending chaos, it's been 
real. Love you always. Jasla. Fellas represent. 
Samstock. Gurnet Snow ball. PromOo. Trides. 
Slimes Jeep. Lax 06. Hex Milner. PartyBus. 
Nicknames. Farmer, and many more. Roman, 
always making me smile. Mom. Dad. Man. 
Court. Chels. always a pleasure. 

Claire Veronica Hickey 


Jeremiah Cavan Hogan 

To the graduating class that has survived Bar- 
ney. The Teletubbies, The Spice Girls, Tama- 
gotchi. Grunge. Beanie Babies. Boy B;tnds. 
Political Correctness. OJ Simpson, Monica 
Lewinsky, Road Rules, Y2K, Pokemon. Giant 
Sunglasses, Popped Collars, and Emo. we have 
had a rough time in temis of pop culture and for 
this we will be stronger than the other genera- 
tions. In life always remember you "Gotta catch 
them all" (Pokemon). We have lived through a 
pop culture hell but for this I love each of you. 

Mariana Rose Johnson 

I love you. 

To everyone in the music dept.: thanks for 
all the opportunities you've given me with 
my music. It's thanks to you all that I want 
to become a music teacher. 

To my friends: you know who you are... 
thanks for everything! All the fun times 
we've had together. I will never forget 

And last but not definitely not least... to 
Tony: I love you! You have helped me 
through so much and you have always 
been there for me. Thank you! 

Margaret Olivia Horan 

"I don't know what to say about it. 
When all you ears have turned away. 
But now's the time to look and look again 
at what you see. 

Is that the way it ought to stay?" ~Zep- 

"It's time to move on, time to get going 
What lies ahead. I have no way of know- 
ing" ~Tom Petty 
Thanks and Good luck 2007!! 

Holly Elizabeth Jones 

"Okay, well, Charles. . . human behavior is rare- 
ly, if ever, elegant. The universe is full of these 
odd bumps and twists. You know, perhaps you 
need to make your equation less elegant, more 
complicated; less precise, more descriptive. It's 
not going to be as pretty, but it might work a 
little bit better." ~Dr Larry Fleinhardt. 

Huge thanks to Mom. Dad. Doctor, et al. for 
helping me survive high school, couldn't have 
done it without you. Represent San Jose. Hey 
there buddy guy! Orchestra>Band, always. 

Thomas Farrell Jordan 

Timothy Ogden Jernigan-Smitl 

Among my earliest memories, one that stands 
out in particular is of my dad telling me. "TT 
day is the first day of the rest of your life." .", 
the time. I thought it was just something funiii) 
he said. But when he said it to me recently, i 
was different. It's ironic consistency was mcj 
than just funny; it was inspiring. While we aim 
learn from our mistakes, we can't let them ddj 
courage us. We must move on. Today is the fi ; >1 
day of the rest of all our lives. Thank you, McIk 
and Dad, for everything. 

"Celebrate we will, for life is short, but sw 

for certain." „ ,. „, 

-Dave Matthews 

Good times '07 

I want to say thank you to all the people who 
helped me along the way, to my fam. I love you 
all very much... thanks to my G's, for keepin' 
it real with me.. .thanks to the buddies of DHS 
for lettin' a playa to throw a lil' game at you. es- 
pecially you Rach... F-ball/Wreslin' it's all been 
fun... Percussus Resurgo 

Nicholas Edward Jouberrl 


Samuel Richard Katz 

It's the same story the crow told me. it's the 
■nly one he knows. 

.ike the morning sun you come and like the 
.ind you go. 

vin't no time to hate, barely time to wait, 
Vo-oh. what I want to know, where does the 

1116 g0 ? -The Grateful Dead 


John Joseph Kearney 

o have a friend you must be a friend. FAB 
. Between dance parties. Laguna Nights, and 
lean Girls I dont know how I could have done 
igh school w ithout you girls! Juliann So many 
oodtimes and way too many stories to tell. 
iJever a dull moment with y ou. I'll see y ou and 
tichelle in the neighborhood. Michelle you 
ave been there right from the start. M&M al- 
ways! Clio A you have made it w ild. And 1 will 
Iways love GOLD! Nikki invisible Bikini. You 
iris are alway s a fun time. ""Rock On" Boys 
ou made the y ears even better, and thanks for 
II the laughs. Mom and Enn I love you guys so 
luch. Thanks for everything andfor always be- 
ig there for me. Carleigh and Cameron I love 
ju so much!!! Gass of 07' its been good and 
s only getting better! Good Luck! 

Caroline Evans Kinsella 

' 'You are the one that keeps your dream alive 
And y ou arc the one who feels the rh\ihm deep inside 
Do you ever w onder if you can make you fly? 
But you will never know, if you dixit really try" 
-Ashley Ballard 

To the class of '07: you guys are awesome! 
Thanks for the gt's and good luck in the future! 
To mi familia: w here would I be w ithout y ou'.' 
Mom and Dad. thanks for being there for me. 
Cathy, thanks for being someone that I can re- 
all} talk to. Rich, you've really added a lot to 
the family. Ash. thanks for continuing to be my 
inspiration. Love you guys! 

John Francis Keating 

"A good friend of mine used to say. 'This is a 
very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch 
the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win. 
sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.' Think 
about that for a while." -Bull Durham.Base- 
ball back2back PL champs (settle down lax I 
/ hockey state champs '05. Super8 '06, fleet, 
good times. Gym Ratts at USA Health and Fit- 
ness, jacuzzi sessions, basement, gamblin". da 
meat hooks, mayors for superbovvl. Memories. 
Mom- Dad- Em Thanks so much you're the 

Michael Manfred Kennedy 

Amanda Catherine Kostreva 

"Quotation is a servicable substitute for wit." 

-Oscar Wilde 

"Forever is composed of nows." 

-Emilr Dickinson 

Robyn Michelle Kuckuk 

"Every time I kr>k in the mirror 
All these lines on my face getting clearer 
The past is gone. It goes by, like dusk to dawn 
Isn't that the way? Everybody's got their dues 
in life to pay 

Dream on. Dream until your dreams come 
Stephen Tyler 

Thanks to everyone who made high school 
so great! I'm gonna miss you all! So much 
fun. . . music trips, prom. SnoBall. orch parties. 
\ ine\Td. #9. earthtest. SkvMail. y outh group, 
pants, go yanks ! Good luck 07 ! 

"If you're afraid to fail, you'll ne\er succeed." 


Mark Justin Kusek 

John Stephen Laputz 

"Lowliness is young ambition 's ladder, 
whereto the climber-upward turns his face; 
But when he once attains the upmost round. 
He then unto the ladder turns his back. 
Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees 
By which he did ascend. 

-William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar 

Whitney Gayle Lake 

Live as if you were to die tomoorow. Learn as if 
you were to live forever. Kelsey ~ so many AmAz- 
InG memories I will never forget yoa..Tia thanks 
for all of the tun times. I love you babe. CHEER- 
LEADING ~ Get down/you know HaHaHa i luv 
you girls ur the best! Lindsay your like my cousin, 
sister, and best friend..OH! and P.I.C hahaha I love 
you more than life *BEF£* Mom. Dad, Nicole. 
Darci, and Anna I couldnt have done it without 
you — words cant express how much I love you 
all!!!!! I always knew looking back on the tears 
would make me laugh, but I never knew looking 

back on the laughs would make me cry. Se- 

NiOrS '07 GET IT DONE! ! ! ! 

Robert Powers Larose 

Cameron Joseph Lamothe 

Well guys, here we are. The end of our HS ca- 
reer. I just want to give a shout out to all my 
friends and family. So many good times with all 
of you. Mike's basement, LANs, crazy nights 
in Plymouth, sandwiches, lost nights, "Am I 
creepy?", and so many other things. I finish this 
here with 2 quotes from 2 of my heroes, my dad 
and Mario Andretti. "Every day above ground 
is a good one." & " If everything seems under 
control, then you just aren't aoing fast enough." 

«eL „... ■ 

Kathryn Grace Leccese 

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world 
to explain. It's not something you learn in 
school. But if you haven't learned the mean- 
ing of friendship, you really haven't learned 
anything." „ Muhmmad All 

Thanks to all my friends, you know who you 
are. Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with 
me. Good luck Carson. 

Julie Irene Lannon 

"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is i 
before you can meet again. And meeting againm 
after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those-, 
who are friends." LWO- "There's just one' 
You're the best, thank you.The Lockers. Roao 
Trip. "Sis." Leigh's CDs. The T. Love you all I 
Congratulations '07! 

Timothy Michael Ledin 

"People Shouldn't Fear Their Government, 1 
The Government Should Fear Its People." : 
~V for Vendetta 


Samantha Lynne Lenhardt 

• hen our tone is up. 
■lien our Ihes are done. 

ill we say we've had our fun? 
■ 111 we nuke a mark this tone? 

itH we ahiavs sa\ we tried? , . 


• »K so dude. I was readme the dictionarv last 
Hi— great rimes DH5T thanks to all my 

ds. love to my gorilla &. benny A: track'- 
Fast Turn Leh.~softball =8 ITf miss you 
, watch out for plexiglass, "lose one friend. 
• all friends, lose voursep" -Eric Matthews. 
I hanks to m\ family - I love you. good luck 
Keep in touch '07. 

Parker Joseph Longo 

Today I consider my self the luckiest man on 

e face of this earth" , . 

-Lou Gehrig 

hanks and good luck to rhe class of 20O7. To 
iry friends Pat (top of the mornin" to ya) and 
>an the man- thanks for the great rimes. MoM 
*aD thanks for everything love you and Tyler 
leepon truckm' aood luck in hiah schooL 

Bethany Jane Leonard 

I am fev ered with the sunset. 

I am fretful with the bay. 

For the wander thirst is on me 

and my soul is in Cathay . 

There's a schooner in the offing. 

with her topsails shot with fire. 

and my heart has gone aboard her 

for the' islands of desire. 

I must forth again tow-morrow-! 

Wrrh rhe sunset I must be 

Hull down on the trail of rapture 

in the wonder of the sea. „• , ... 

-Richard Hovex 

Wesley Alan Locke 

"Wasting time, let the hours roll by doing 
nothing for the fun. little taste of the good life, 
whether right or w-rong makes us w anna stay, 
stay, stay for a while." -DMB 

Thanks to everyone who helped make these the 
best four years of my life. A&P. Bumpus. The 
Beach Boston, wherever... it was always fun- 
It's been awesome. PS miss all vou auvs. Good 
Luck Class of 20O7! 

Andrea Dolan Looney 

"Cause all you really need are a few good 
friends"-The Format. Mom and Dad- I 
love you guys so much, thanks for all of 
your support. Allie- you're my tw in and 
best friend. I lose you. Girls- you guy s 
are the best w here would I be without 
you. Boys- you guys are crazy and keep 
things very interesting. I'm going to miss 
all of you guys! Congrats class of "07... 

Daniel Scott Loreaux 

"I wil] celebrate, but I know new goals and 
objectives will come and I am ready to take 

* em -" -Ronaido 

I w ould like to thank ev ery one who has helped 
me get to the point of where I am today. To all 
my friends ii has been a great 4 years and I w on't 
forget any of iL To my family Dad. Mom. .An- 
drew. Grea. and F£lizabeth I Love You. 


Frederick Alexander Loguidice 

"God not only plays dice, he also sometimes 
throw-s the dice where they cannot be seen." 

~ Stephen Hawidng 

Joshua Derek Lovell 

CeCe you are the best friend I've ever had 
- thank you so much You help me more men 
you win ev er know ! 

"It takes an idiot to do something cooL that's 
why it's cooL" 


Cailigh Brookes MacDonald 



Kayla Marie Mackey 

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never 
know what you are gonna get.'" 

~From "Forrest Gump" the movie 


William Stevens Manly 

"I remember saying things, but I have no idea 
what was said. It was generally a friendly con- 
versa on. ~ / \ ssoc iated Press reporter Jack 
Sullivan, inadvertently describing the past four 
years of my life 

"Friendship is not something you learn in 
school. But if you haven't learned the mean- 
ing of friendship, you really haven't learned 
amihing. ~MuhammadAli 

Stoop Kid may be afraid to leave his stoop, but 
I know I sure ain't. 

Elena Sophia Manning 

"live with intention, walk to the edge, listen 
hard, laugh, practice wellness, play with aban- 
don, continue to learn, appreciate your friends, 
choose with no regret, do what you love, live as 
if this is all there is." 

Thanks to everyone. I love you all. 

Clarke David Madigan 

"Every day you may make progress. Every step 
may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before 
you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever- 
improving path. You know you will never get 
to the end of the journey. But this, so far from 
discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of 
the climb. ^ ^r lnston Qiurchill 

In fifth grade. 2007 seemed so far away. But 
we finally made it! On to the next stage of our 
lives. Good luck to all the people who I have 
shared the last twelve years with. 

Morgan Ann Markella 

"Somewhere off in the distance, on the 
other side of your resistance, lies a peace- 
ful existence, it waits, what a difference it 
makes, without boundaries, no limits, no 
maximum reach, no guidelines to follow, 
one promise to each his own individual, 
a self-destination, a wide-open journey, 
on a path to creation, your life, is happen- 
ing now" -Michael Tolcher. Thanks mom 
your the strongest person I know I love 
you so much! Good luck Kelley! '07good 
times! We made it! 

3 // 


David Lawrence Manco 

Its been a good four years. 

Thanks mom. Thanks Dad. 

Cole Jefferson Martin 

Chyea so my high school life has consist 
of too many crazy nights?... wait morning ' 

whatever same thing So it's been a gn i 

time 1 would deff re-do it. well at least jun; i 
and senior year because frosh and sophomc i 
years there were no parties and that's what gi 
me through the week. From bonfires to cas I 
als at Travis's and chillin' at the bronco spoi 
must say 1 have had the best times of my fife i 
the last two years. Sean Paul Dave Derek Ti i 
vis Nette Stevey g Connor Corey Mark, hop 
didn't forget anyone. 

Oh yeah before I forget I owe my life to I 
the principals, love you guys xoxoxox hug; i 



Jillian Appleton May 

"I look to the sea. reflections in the w aves spark 
my memorv Some happv. some sad I think of 
childhood friends and the dreams we had We 
live happily forever, so the story goes" To all 
my boys thanks for always making me laugh, 
to the sirls w e'v e had some goodnrnes.winslow 
rdJactie and Catriona what can I say I couldn't 
have survived without you. but "in the end my 
friends we will all be together again" Thanks 
and love to the fam Mom. Dad. and Taryn 
thanks for all the support "Where it all ends 
I can't fathom my friends If I knew I might 
toss out my anchor. So I cruise along alway s 
searchin for songs" '07 stay hot! 

Michael Kevin McCarthy 

Peter Casey McGrath 

Steven Thomas McGrath 

".Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road 
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go 
So make the best of this test, and don 't ask why 
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time'' 

Guxsldortknc^vwhattosaysolet'sjuststanwTihthLs. Hev- 
O!. Svea the track phone, the tarmonica. the box. the jet ski 
incidert''HAHA!''.ConsJantl\ surpnsed Steves' food raids. 
"Seve I don't thmk._BLAH!' : . plavmg Zombie Mod. "You 
need to hi the gym like crazv '. " Lets get back to real dux- 
bur.". ITALY 06!. B.U Tnps wttJi Spvder. Toby. Zbe. 
Mugsy Baih. Travis' car. Spvder 's week long ailment, and 
of course. Lowes at 1 1 at niihL Colin. Qms. Travis, aood 
times guvs, good rimes. GOOD LUCK BOYS! 

chael Joseph McKenzie 

Caroline Elizabeth McGuirk 

"This I admit, hard to believ e an end to it. How 
could this rhythm ev er quit. Bags packed on a 
plane, hopefully to heaven." -D.MB. Girls & 
boys- thanks for the memories. 4 planets. Kick 
start my heart summer '06. guster/dave '05 & 
'( )6. hangtn w, the buds, shipyard, bumpus. oh 
Snapple. starskvAihutch. red bull gives u wings. 
XC-so icing. Team Cool, the stroke, no strings 
attached. A&P. crouton, dux beach. Farfars 
crew. Mom dad bren kate cousins, thanks for 
ev erv thins, lov e u all! Best of luck '07... 

Stephen Alan McKinley 

Shout out to Steve Negus. Hev there. Buddy 
Guy! Wow. Matt Prario! SuperMario go 
there. "God lifts up those who lift up others" 1 '- 
Evan Novakowski. Varsity Chemistry "Of 
coursey ouall realize, this is a lie."-Tmac. Cra- 
zy Train + Dunn = XC '06 champs, can y ou 
dig it? Always remember track family tree, 
walderbeast shopping carts. GFI Blasters. The 
Life, and all other XC legends. Alw ays run the 
deuce. Keep the faith Gingles. Peace out 


Stephen Timothy McKinney 

"Never, Marge! I ean't live the button-down 
life like you. I w;uit it all: the terrifying lows, 
the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. Sure, 
I might offend a few of the bluenoses with my 
cocky stride and musky odors - oh, I'll never 
be the darling of the so-called city fathers, who 
cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and 
talk about what s to be done with this Homer 

Christopher Timothy McMahon 

"Has anyone figured out why I am called 
Spyder yet?" 



-Homer Simpson 

Justin Michael McKniff 

"Get busy livin'. or get busy dyin' " 

~The Sliawsliank Redemption 

Big thanks to my family and friends. It's been a 
crazy, yet very enjoyable four years. 

Claire Ann McPartlan 

To all who have supported and guided me on 
my way, I thank you. To my bests and my fam- 
ily - 1 hold that crazy unconditional love for all i 
of you. Thank you for everything. 

"Little story now concluded. But history of i 
world unfinished. Lovely ladies, kind gentle- 
men, go home to ponder. What was true at i 
beginning remains true. Pain made man think, 
thought made man wise, and wisdom made life 
endurable. So may August moon bring gentle 
sleep. Sayonara." - Teahouse j August Moon 


Tyler Joseph McPherson 

"You don't bring a rolled up newspaper to a 
pipefight!" ~ Coach Tag 

Thanks mom and dad, I owe you everything. 
Thanks to my friends. Deacon Tom, Mickey, 
Drew Drop, The Russian, J-Stat, Ali D, Jack, 
Fred Dogg, Hoffy and others. RAZZLE DAZ- 
ZLE! Thanks to my teammates, you're the best 
a guy could ask for. MEAT WAGON! Thank 
you to my coaches PIPEFIGHT! and teachers 
for teaching me and helping me become a bet- 
ter person. 

John Francis Mechak 

Adam Thomas Melvin 

Mitchell Blake Miller 

"we're wearing nothing, nothing but out shad- 
ows shadows falling down on the beach sand 
remembering once, out on the beaches we wore 
pineapple grass bracelets 

so why would you care to get out of this place 
you and me and all our friends such a happy hu- 
man race 'cause we're tripping Billies" 

~Da\e Matthews Band 


Stephanie Ann Millis 

, To all my friends, guys and girls thanks for an 
imazing four years, they've been unforgettable! 
jirls Soccer I love you ladies! So many good 
, imes! Jess, thanks for everything y ou are the 
lest and good luck next year! Dad. Mom. and 
Caylee. I love you guys so much thank y ou for 
ill y our support and everything you have done 
or me I couldn't have done it without you! Se- 
liors 2007. we did it! 

Colleen Margaret Moore 

To my homies... I'll miss those nights at A&P... 
wait, no I won't you guy s got me through the 
past 4 years. Tthanks for all the good times. 
Mom. Dad. Brothers. Max - love y ou the most. 
Keep it casual '07. We did it 

Sarah Christman Mortland 

"As long as you're alive, things continue to hap- 
pen. As long as you're alive, wishes continue to 
be bom so...please don't give up." ~Fntiis Basket 

"It is sad that we should meet oniy thus at the 
ending. For the world is changing: I feel it in the 
water. I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the 
air." ~The Rerun of the King 

"You are never completely on y our own. Every - 
one is tied, and shares connections with others. 
It is the reason that humans feel joy and sorrow. 
And also love." -xxxHolic 

Katelyn Elizabeth Moylan 

"We worked hard and we played liard we 
didn 't ha\e a care in the world. It was perfect. " 
Girls-so many memories, couldn't have done it 
without you. Guys- never a dull moment Love 
y ou all. 1 5fingers.Prom "06. Gurnet Dunphy's 
house, concerts, cheering. tBus#l . edoek. sum- 
memights. Mom. always ur wobbie. thank u 
daddy. B+k-love u lots, thanks for paving the 
way. sEnIorS'07- "Xo matter how far you go. 
you can never shake the sand from your flip 
flops or the ocean from your soul." Congrats. 
We did it.'.'.' 

Gregory John Murphy 

>occer. 17-0. Kickboards n Pull Buovs. .Amber. 
Ceed Chill Cool. Dollar Menu. Baked Goods. 
DAR + Dave 06. Guitar Hero. Halo Sess... YO 
>E! Thanks to all for making the last 4 years 
inforgettable. Kait and Deir. thanks for always 
Hitting up with me. Mom and Dad. thanks for 
Iways giving me that extra push. I would be 
lowhere without you. 

It is our choices that show what we truly are. 
ar more than our abilities." 

~JK Rowling 

Taylor Jean Murphy 

Keith Ward Nette 


Mary Katherine Neumann 

Tyler Charles O'Brien 

Aight so firs' oft I jus' wanna give a shout out 
to all man homies in da hood 'cause without 
dem I wouldn't be where 1 am today. Second 
I just wanna say thank you to L. Ron Hubbard 
for making such a great religion that is Scientol- 
ogy, it has really changed my life. I will always 
remember the good times we had such as Dux 
lax get up. and the curling national champion- 
ships, we're number one! Always rememba to 
keep it real west side, and to have respeck. You 
know you love man purple shirt. And be sure to 
set a course! This is Tyrel signing out, and keep 
on keepin' on class of 2007! 

Troy Steven Neville 

"Waitin for the time when I can finally say, this 
has all been wonderful, but now I'm on my 
way" ~ Phish 

Boys and girls- its been real. Four years flew 
by. Late nights, tossin' the ball, the flashlight 
(Rob, Tucker, TJ) concerts. Never Forget. Lax 
State Champs '05. '06, '07? Cruizin in the 
-Irunner, Jackstonians. That's a huge exaggera- 
tion, beachin' it. Dunphy's house. Super Bowl 
at mayor's, wadsworth(TJ. Tucker, Mark). Too 
many good times, sad to see them go. Mom, 
Dad. Tripp. Kelsey. Amy - Thanks for every- 
thing 1-4-3. 

Matthew Robert O'Connor 

Abigail Rose Nolan 

"Good friends we have, good friends we have 
lost along the way, in this great future you can't 
forget your past so dry your tears I say" 
-Bob Marley 

Girls and guys thanks for all the great memories- 
bumpus. beach nights, bonfires and so many 
more. Mom, Dad. Meg, Em, Kev love you all- 
Kev goodluck in high school! Congratulations 
'07. we did it! 

Evan Joseph Novakowski 

'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, anc 
I'd brown bag it. Because for want of a nai« 
the horse was lost without building Rome in i ; 
day. Prevent forest fires by not writing check) 
you can't cash. If you attempt to hold discus - 
sions with a monkey when the organ grinde 
is in the room remember time is money. Liv< I 
everyday like it's your last for the tallest blade o 
grass gets cut down by the lawn mower. Life i; 
a journey stop, drop, and roll. Also never judge 
an escalade by its rims. God lifts up those who 
lift up each other. Life is Love Rev Run." 


Michelle Jeanette O'Connor 

Lite may be starting with new fK3nes&DrcaiTis,but a 
small jitirt of nx? will never leaveJt's been tim living 
hi this small town; I wouldnt change a moment Love 
vour friends because they will shape your fiiurePabL 
Never a dull nxTnent Love you girLsiNever stop die 
dance parties. Dan's lxxise. wbball games. Laguna 
night Meme you're my shoulder to lean cnyouve 
been there since day 1 , Qio you're my other half, way to 
many memories to pick just one you ve made it a crazy 
ride and some of it is all a bkir! Julie you're always a 
blast also soo many memories. I'm happy to know that 
when I come home you're just across Die st Kl ur my 
HI eutie. Teenie best bday ever. You daipped die nugget! 
Nicki.jnvisible bikini! Colleen I will always love you 
You're always a blast! Cheerleaders I love you all it's 
been great! Poker in Anon's basement! Boys always 
a fun time...8di gradcNever a dull moment! You've 
made it al I worth while. It 's been a crazy timeindTissmall 
town but now I 'm on my way. Mom. Dad, & Matthew 
You got me tfTOUgh cverything..Thank vou & I love 
you. CxxTd luck Class of 2007, It's been a blast! 

Patrick Thomas O'Connor 

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." 

~Shawshank Redemption 

Dan. Kyle. Drew, P.J.. McKenzie, Tim, Fred 
Pooter, Braeden. Hoffy. Luke and Sean- grea 
times so far- the best is yet to come- thanks to 
everything. To my family at Marshfield Coun 
try Club- thanks you for the opportunities an< 
great times these past four years. Dad. M; 
Kristin. Kelly. Erin. Colleen, and Brendan 
thank you, I love you. 


Luke Werner O'Day 

lin Nick. Roman. Kyle- The Grizzlymen. The 
•ysiermeri. Gurnet, and the Garage. 123...?. 

|wirnming m a Hurricane. Keep on Living, 
lies. Hot w heels man and Mr. Green. Thanks 

1 1 friends and family Mom. Dad. Tori. Emily, 
-ran. love you guys. 250 

libu got to trust vour Insinct and let 20 of re- 

rhe Day that I Die. Is the day that I shut my 
louth. and put down my guitar" ~ Sublime 90 
ive Life to the fullest 2007 

Kara Marie Oloskey 

How lucky I canto have something then makes 
saying goodbye so hard. -Carol Sobieski 
To all my giris<3 Thanks for making high 
school w hat It should be and for all the memo- 
ries. Prom "06. OAR. beachm" it. mo\ie nights, 
roadtrips. NC Pawnee Pack. 4/14. hola! now 
am I!. Summer "06. wins / Emilv- North 
Carolina, where to start? / Soccer 04.05.06 ~ 
sleepover/#19/Lax 05.06.07 -Gumet/Chris- 
vou always make me smile. I love you. Mom- 
best friends. Dad- I"U alwa\-s be y our little Og. 
Michelle- goodluck! Thanks for'always bstn° 
there. I love you. Congrats class of '0/- we 
made it! 

Rachel Anne Owen 

"There are places TU remember 
All my life, though some have changed 
Some forever, not for better 
Some have gone and some remain 
All this places haw their moments 
With lowrs and friends I still can recall 
Some are dead and some are living 
In my life, f ve loved them aU" -The Beatles 

Thanks to all the girls and guys for all the awe- 
some memories'. Sara- my other half. 1 love 
you.' Wtitey- vou're hot. Crowd Pleaser. Polo 
with DH. DuxHoops #11. Tommy. . . Congratu- 
lations and good luck '07.' 

Heather Lynn Pakstis 

"Do all the good you can. by aU the means you can. in 
all the places you can. 10 all the people you can. as long 
as you ever can."* - John Wesley 

Thanks to everyone for making my high school 
experience the best! Great memories from Best 
Buddies. Student Council. Dance, and Band 
Mom & Dad. thanks for everything. Emily, 
keep on dancing! I love you all. Best wishes 
'07. Its been great! 

"Life- Don't let it pass you by. because you w ere cre- 
ated for something beautiful." -Saaalie Gram 

Matthew Jason Payne 

3 my family. I can't say enough to thank you 
t your love* and support, y ou are truly the' best, 
a my friends, you've heeh with me through it 
L arid because of you I am who I am todav. To 
|e dass of 2007. good luck, the greatest vears of 
Ij fives lie aheadbf us, make the best of them, 
(ever forget where you've come from and how 
ffyouve gone. 

i ou'D have your ups and downs. 
CTi't la them push you on. 
ause nme is all you've got now. 

make the best of e\ erytrnng y ou w ant to be. 

1 dh arribition pushing forw ard- 
our dreams upon your shoulders"' -Run Kid Run 

Kelly Elizabeth Pelham 

"It's a luscious mix of words and tricks, thai 
let us bet w hen you know w e should fold On 
rocks I dreamt of where we'd stepped and all 
the w hole mess of roads we're now on Hold 
your glass up. hold it in. Neva betray the way 
y ou've always known it is. One day I'll be won- 
dering how I got so old" shins 

Mom. Dad and Matt- Thank y ou. I love y ou. 
Friends, thank y ou for everything, y ou know 
who y ou are. Good luck in all of your endeav - 
ors. Here we 20 class of 2007. don "t holdback! 

Emily Noel Piesco 

A life without God is hardly a life a all. 

Jesus said "I am the wav. the truth. & the life." 

John 14:6 

I know the plans I have for you-plans to prosper 
you - to give you hope & a'future Jer 29:11 

"w here's your treasure, where "s your hope 
if you get the world & lose your soul? 
. . .don't close your eyes, this is your life: 
are y ou who you want to be?*' -swilchfoot 

Much love to all my family & friends. 
Best wishes class '07! 
Truly 2reat friends are hard to find 
difficult to leave, but impossible to forget 


Stephen Park Pinkham 

Sean Bernard Poelaert 

Babson, Scott, Copp. O'Day . . Good Times 
"I'm letting you have shotgun. But cuz it's cuz 
only cuz I'm going inside." Trips to Weymouth. 
Outback. Cruizin. -SUB STYLE "M one one. 
R one two." "The older you get, the more rules 
they are going to try and get you to follow. You 
just gotta keep on livin", man. LT-V-I-N." ~ 
Dazed and Confused. Class of '07 Good Luck 
Cya Later 

If you're reading this it probably means that 
you're trying to remember everyone's names' 
so the 10, 20, 25 yr reunion isn't more awkward 
than need be. I hope that you fulfill all your 
goals, break stereotypes, and all those other 
wonderful sayings on the inspirational posters 
in the main office. Adults say we should make 
the best of these 4 yrs, b/c high school is the best 
time of our lives, but that's also said about col- 
lege so make every new day of your life the best 
one you've ever had. 

Meredith Marie Poore 

Happiness is a destination that's hard to find, 
it may take some time. But in my mind there's 
somethin more & I'll open up a brand new 
door & find the strength to close the ones I left 
behind -Kenny Chesney. One fun thing- sum- 
mer concerts- soccer '06. using the "girls"- Lax 
'06. prom '06 Gurnet- Life ain't always beauti- 
ful but it's a beautiful ride -Gary Allan. Oh holy 
hotness. leigh- Mom. Dad. Alex, 
you always- Brendan. Yea man thats the good 
stuff' -Kenny Chesney. Girls&Guys so many 
good times. Good Luck '07 

Kimberly Ann Portais-Rolfsor 

"may a thousand stars to wish upon fall inn: 

your dreams" 

J -anonymous 


Roman Ricci 

Alexander Lawrence Proctor 

Nicole Richer 



Daniel Thomas Riley 

eaves are falling all around. 
I 's time I was on my way. 
Ihanks to you. I'm much obliged 
: or such a pleasant stay 

-Led Zeppelin 

Olivia Kai Rodriguez 

'-.earn from yesterday, live for today, hope for 

lapeCod. Carnegie Boston Trips. Disney. 
•uxCrew. Earthiest Forest St. Prom. Mexico, 
lovie Nights W/The Girls. Summers At The- 
each. Grey's Nights. DuxPizza. Dancin'. 

p all my girls & guys- you are the best friends 
at I could have asked for. thanks for always 
:ing there, thanks for the all the amazing 
jemories. Mom. Dad, & Chandler- I am the 
iTson I am because of you, I love you. 

Relieve me thai your standin on the edge of 

•mething good. And it's the hardest thing you 

'•er had to do." ~, .. „ 

~Ine Alternate Routes 

ood luck class of 2007. . .Dream On! 

Robin Nicole Rittenour 

"All the world's a stage 
And all the men and women mereh players: 
The\ have their exits and their entrances; 
And one man in his time plays many parls" 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my fam- 
ily (particularly my mother) all my friends and 
all my teachers for believing in me & nutting up 
with me. Special thanks to Sarah. Gill. Kaitlin, 
& Jonhison- you guys have always been there 
for me. And good Tuck class of '07, we did it. 

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies." 

-Alexander Pope 

Siobhan Michelle Roche 

Now we turn the last page of adolescence and 
begin anew. It is our turn to to write a novel of 
our own; a tale of success and failure, joy and 
sorrow. We are left to make our own choices 
and learn from our mistakes. Training wheels 
are off and if you fall get up and try again. Good 
luck class of 2007! Thank you to my best of 
friends and teachers. 

Peter Aldrich Rogerson 

Caitlyn Annie Rollock 

"1 would like to thank a world that never under- 
stood or accepted me, family and friends who 
never believed in me, lovers who never ceased 
to torment me. and a God that has one hell of a 
sense of humor. You have all made me what I 
am today. ~Qavid Drainum 

More importantly, though, are the ones who 
helped me through it all. To Nathan - these past 
two years have been amazing, and I love you 
so much. To Josh - you'll always be my best 
friend, and I miss you already. And to every- 
one else - Troupe #355. my grandparents. Dad. 
Mom, my siblings. Auntie, Lynn, the Mustang, 
and the Cannata house - thank you and rock 

Nicole Christine Santosuosso 

Wow this year has flown bye! To all my 
friends - you know who you are, love you 
and I will miss you lots. To Mom, Dad, 
Kevin, Bev and Brian - love you all. Kev- 
in good luck the next few years. Brian - I 
love you - don't grow up too fast. To my 
whole family - thank you for being there 
for me. To the teachers who have had me- 
thanks for everything. Panic! at the Disco 
concert. Prom '06. and Snowdays - good 
times. '07 SENIORS GET UP! 


Sara Beth Schwanke 

"Be who you are and say what you feel, be- 
cause those who mind don't matter and those 

who matter don't mind" ,-. c 

-Dr. Seuss 

TWINS, bonfires. 5- sood memories, em-how 
tall, awkward, mike- f43. newsies, beach talks. 
Rach- what would I do without you! duxhoops 
#24, dance parties- bball girls- love you all... 

Mom. Dad, Jan, Kayl, Noah, Ari- thanks for 
everything... I love you! 

Girls and Guvs- thanks for all the great times- 
good luck and congratulations! 

Mayra Nathalie Sepulveda 

"The Puertorican" heeeyyy!, Are you seri- 
ous-th!?. How many numbers can you get?. 
Really? Pink doesn't escape Me, Precious!. 
...hehheh..."Just how it is". Road Trips, Eek!, 
Did you just say Mexican!?. Hot tub parties, 
Yeh we're sisters. Terra Brazil. Mango Water, 
Gotcha!, Lo que paso, paso, "Y solo por un 
beso se puede enamorar"~.4v«;/wra 

Gracias a mi familia. los quiero mucho. 
Elba, Macho, Nicci, Sandra. Gretchen. Basil 
& My 3 beautiful nephews 

Ashley Martha Scola 

"There are two tragedies in life, one is to lose 
your heart's desire, the other is to gain it." 

-George Bernard Shaw 

Emily Marcella Seery 

And every time I think of you 

I'll remember all the good times that we've had 

And every time I sing this tune 

I will laugh, I will cry, I will close my eyes 

'Cause I Know that it won't be long 

Until we meet again 

And the good times will never end 

When we meet again 

-Stephen Speaks 

Congratulations Class of Oh Seven !Thanks to ev- 
eryone who has made these years unfonaettable... 
Disney. Greece&Ital v. CtowcfPleaser, thePiecious. 
Palm Beach, San Fran. DUXHOOPS #2()!Best of 
luck! Our lives are just beginning... 


7 ~ 

Kevin Patrick Shea 

Michael Gregory Seigfried: 

"And some man live his life 
For profits alone 
That very same man 
He lives his life all alone 
And the road to life 
Yes it goes up and down" 

-Slightly Stoopid 

So many menxries here at Duxbury. The Gang, yci 
know who vou are. sitting atA& P Dora, rest in peaoi. 
Nora and Debra, two show civics, vroom vroonr, 
saran wrap, bonfires, beach, DuxLax, ham Thanlt 
Connor, Shannon. Derek. Mom. Dad, and Jay fit 
always being there tor me. Good Luck Class of Cfl? 

Steven Andrew Shanahan 

"And I remember times like these, they are the 
times of my life, 

And I fall back on times like these, when life 
gets a little rough" ^ Trailers 

Patrick Desmond Shea 

Football #18 To all my Buds great times. 
Dunfys House.summer concerts and T rides, 
mud sliding. SuperBowl Night. Survivor 
style. Floods house, Squanto Freshmen year, 
Unforgetable memories 07. Thanks for the su- 
port family Mom. Dad. Alexa, Bob you guys 
are the best 


Keith Patrick Simons 

Michael George Slattery 

All the times, good and bad. life goes on 
and it's been fun. Sanwich Sunday in Ke- 
atings backyard. Harden Hill, best times. 
Thanks to all the people who made these 
last 4 years fun. Hockey, state champs 
05 super 8 "06 #17. baseball 06 #19 
great season. Mom. Dad. Sarah - thanks 
for always being there for me and giving 
me support. To the class of 2007. keep it 
real and aood luck. I'm out. 

Connor Lee Smith 

Quenby Macrae Solberg 

"We all know that [despite] whatever you 
achieve in life, you're still that kid in high 
schooL" ~Krisrin Chencnieth 

It's been real. 

Heidi Jul Soderberg 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet 
in your shoes. You can steer youself any direc- 
tion you choose. You're on y our ow-n. .And you 
know what you know. Arid you are the guy 
who'll decide where to 20.' 


Good Luck Class Of 2007! 

Catherine Harcourt Slechta 

What lies behind his 
and what lies before us 
are small matters 
compared to 
what lies 
within us 

-ralph waldo emerson 

Lindsey Elizabeth Sowa 

"You're on your own and y ou know wtai you 
know, and you are the one who'll decide where 
you'll go" 

-Dr. Seuss 

To all my girls and guys, it's been amazing. 
Bumpus. bonfires. A&P. mc's basement. . . we 
can have a good time anywhere. I couldn't ask 
for better friends. Italy kids- que figo! Mom. 
Dad and Chris- love you. thanks for every- 
thina! Congrats '07 


William Charles Spang 

"Time flics like an arrow, fruit flies like a ba- 
nana " -GrouchoMarx 

Well it's been fun. I wish the best of luck to all 
my classmates Thanks to my friends and family 
(you know who you are). 

Now you stay classy, class of '07. 

Sean Timothy Sullivan 

Theresa Jean Steele 

"Be brave enough to live life creatively. The 
creative is the place where no one else has ever 
been. You have to leave the city of your com- 
fort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. 
You can't get there by bus. only by hard work 
and risk and by not quite knowing what you are 
doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful. 
What you'll discover will be yourself." 


To my family and friends, you know who you 
are- Love you all. Thank you for making me the 
person I am today! 

Nicole Alyssa Striebel 

"Life is a series of experiences, each one of which 
makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to 
realize this. For the world was built to develop char- 
acter, and we must learn that the setbacks ana grieves 
which we endure help us in our inarching onward." 

-Henry Ford 

To mv friends, I will always remember each of 
you. We've shared so many memories and been 
through so much together. This isn't the end. 
Mom and Dad, thank you! You've been there 
every step of the way. I love you. 

"You hcne to take life as it happens, but you should try 
to make it happen the way you want to lake it " 

Christopher Ryan Sullivar 

Ivan Sunguroff 

Leigh Guerin Tedeschi 

"We all take different paths in life, but not mat- 
ter where we go, we take a little piece of each 
other everywhere..." 

~Tun McGraw 

Girls- 1 love you all, couldn't have done it with- 
out you. Mere-too many memories w/you. bffl. 
Guys- always kept me laughing, thanks for the 
good times. Prom '06 gurnet, road trip, summer 
06. concerts, one fun thing. FH. Lax. Enough 
said. Mom, Dad, Nina, Tbone and Maypo- 
thanks for everything you've done, I love you. 
'07- it's been great. Good Luck! 


Terrence Callahan Tedesi I 

"Celebrate we will. Because life is shon I 
sweet for certain" -Dave 

To all my friends out there, these last 4 ; : 
have been great, thanks for all the good 1 1 
and great memories. Golf -nasty, state ch; i 
'06? BBall- state champs-disney and play i 
the fleet. Baseball- outfield chats, back to i 
league champs (settle down dux lax) Crus i 
the one and only 4runner, tossin' the ball, w i 
boarding, summer concerts, and all the ■ : 
great times we've had. Mom, Dad, Nina. L i 
and Mark- Thanks for everything, couldn't 
done it without you- Best of luck '07- I'm' ■ 


Brooke Seale Teittinen 

an »aae ycur fces dcwne Ins. 

■res. k>e mtj bcfes. Suuu 05. 

nm heal. DN IB. Kai^. Sup- 

er T)6. pcms. Guns. Srfcn. 

^sr a jj irthh Bec-Garo 

1 fa-'aivkTO teame ire bring. Mrrr-D&> rav> 

James Bartholomew Thomas 

Jonathan William Netl Thompson 

Catherine Ann Threifall 

illations to the Class of 2007. We 
it! Thank you Mom. Dad. Danielle 
> for helping me through these four 
I love you! Heather, thank you so 
i for all that you have done. Class of 
j". "Follow Your Dream ... The Rest Is 

Lija Astride Treibergs 

"When you're fiyin" high, take my heart along 
TO be the harmony to every lonely song 
That y ou learn to play" Creek 

I know we're supposed to look to our futures, 
but I'd much rather look back and remember 
the w onderful rimes and people over these past 
vears. Emus, tub situations, the best section 
ev er, hillduff. snuggle buddies, klija (143H ev - 
erything. Thanks to all of you who made it that 
way. I love you. and remember. "You are the 
music while the music lasts." Elliot 

Padng Marshall Curtis Tuck 


William Denison Tucker 

"1 only got the sunny hours, the bright- 
est hours of day. I never got the gloomy 
hours, I let them slip away" 

Great times everyone it went bye too 
fast, drivin' around in the 4 runner, 
flashlight ( Rob.TJ.Troy) That's a Huge 
Exageration: No dude let's just go to 
Wadsworth. ehillin' at the beach super 
bowl at Shanahan's summer concerts TJ 
you still owe me for my windsheild late 
night mcchickens. skiing at the river 
(Sean) Thanks Mom. Dad. Mike and 
Cory for the support. Peace 

Gretchen Rose Upham 

They weren't lying when they said that 
high school flies by. So-Jay. Birdy. Soft- 
ball #6. Prom '06 'hand shake'. Jolt. 
Dunkys. 'You're Puerto Rican at heart'. 
Highway cones. Mango water. 'Your 
clearly jealous'. Hot tub party. Famous 
Kay- Wal drawing. "The same thing that 
makes you laugh, can make you cry". To 
all my friends I don't know where I'd 
be without you. Mom. Dad, Jimmy, and 
Emily thanks for always being there for 
me. I love you. 

Jonathan Brian Watts 

Nicholas Christopher Violandi 

"Success is never final and failure never total. 
It's courage that counts." 

Thanks to the gang, lots of unforgetable memo- 
ries. Wranglers and Civics. Thanks Mom. Dad. 
AM and Drew for everything. Love you guys! 
Just one closing chapter to our exciting lives 

Derek Joseph Weckbacher 

Conor William Webster 

Kenneth Eakin Watsor 

"It's been a wild ride 
I wouldn't change a minute 
I can't slow down inside 
Guess that's why I live it" 

~3 11 .Creatures i 

"guys I can't tell" lans, mike nelsons baseu-s 
and all the other stuff we've done, keep I \ 

Good times '07 
Peace out... 

Torey Franklin Weiss 

"J Ikic often dreamed of a far off place. \ 1 
a hero's welcome would be wailing fo 
Where the crowds will cheer, when they I 
face, and a voice keeps saying this is whei 
meant to be. ill he there some day I can 
distance. I will find my way. if I can be str 1 
know every mile will be worth my whille. 
I go the distance I'll be right where I be 
-Michael Bolton. 

Thanks to all my friends and family whe 
supported me and helped me "go the dist i 


Rebecca Beth Welch 

hanks Mom. Dad. Mike, and Chloe. Your 
ne means everything to me. All my guys and 
iris, vou know who you are. Good luck OH 

his has been the best years of our lives 

et's pray that we can say these words forever 

he days are running shorter by the hour 

feU look back and realize this was all w e had. 

~Daphne Lores Derby 

James Timothy West 

Try to make it through the daily pain 
That you feel - may tie tomorrow won't be so bad. 
I know it 

"cause I once felt that way 
Nothing I could say 
Made it go away 
I lived through this 
I still feel this 
I just live for my tomorrow 

Staind— Take It 

Jared Alan Wiese 

"1 have often dreamed of a far off place. 
Where a hero's w elcome would be waiting for 
me. Where the crowds w ill cheer, w hen they 
see my face, and a voice keeps saying this is 
where I'm meant to be. I'll be there some day. 
I can go the distance. I w ill find my way. if I 
can be strong. I know ev ery mile, w ill be w orth 
my while. When 1 go the distance I'll be right 
w here I belong." ~ Michael Bolton 

Thanks to all my friends and family that have 
supported me and helped me "go the distance." 

Taylor Francis Williams 

"I feel the fuel rushing through my veins 
In sunburn and flames 
You can take on the world 
It's all in y our brain 
How do y ou feel? 

'Cause I couldn't ask for a sinale thina more" 

Michael David Wittliff 

Alans worthy of overcoming, pros e them- 
ves valuable w ith time. Achieving what y ou 
mt in life sometimes takes grit 

Robert Montgomery Woodruff 

"Love the life y ou live. 
Lead the life you love' 

-hall pint 

"Twenty years from now you will be more 
disappointed by the things that you didn't do 
than by the ones y ou did do. So throw off the 
bow lines. Sail aw ay from the safe harbor. Catch 
the trade w inds in y our sails. Explore. Dream. 

""Everything that we are now is everything we 
can't let go or it's gone forever, far away, I hope 
tomorrow is like today" 


Girls and Guy s, thanx for everything. I love 
y ou all. Lax #7. Gurnet. Track-run fast turn left. 
Pawnee 12 pack, a & p. Gavin. BEP. Disney 
'05. palm beach 4/14. I love you Mom and 
Dad. Col. Ter. and Chris. Thanks for always be- 
ing there for me! Good Luck '07 - thanks for 
the memories! 

Briton Philip Rhys Woodworth 

"Our generation sees the w orld 
Not tHe same as before 
We might as well just throw it all 
And live like there's no tomorrow 
We are the ones 

Who are living under the gun every day 
You misfit be gone before you know 
So live like there's no tomorrow 
Believe it 

The official view of the w orld has changed 

In a whole new way 

Liv e fast "cause if you don't take it 

You'll never make' it 

So if y ou understand me 

And if v ou feel the same 

Then you will know w hat nitro means 

You'll live like there's no tomorrow" 

-The Offspring 


Brady Christen Wyrtzen 

"Only those who Aire to fail greatly can eve 
achieve greatly" ~RFK 

Thanks to all the guys and girls who kept i 
interesting... beach nights and bonfires. A&P, 
tennis court skating, random basements. Win- 
slow Kids!. Greece and Italy... Never forget the 
good times. To the Class of 2007- best of luck 
in the future. Mom. Dad. Jeff. Kate, Ryan, and 
Meg. . . thanks for always being there- love you 
guys always! 

Tiffany Poak Yoon 

To my friends, family members, peers, and 
teachers- Thank you for an amazing four years- 
High School will stay with me forever. Good 
Luck to the class of '07- the best senior class to 
ever pass through the halls of DHS. 

"Perfection. Let's go to work ." 

-Remember the Titans 

"Sometimes it is harder to deprive oneself of a 
pain than of a pleasure." 

~F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Well, Class of '07, 1 seem to be responsible for writing 
a chunk of text which those nice folks on the Yearbook staff 
can use to fill space. I suppose that I should make this be 
some sort of a final "goodbye" to my fellow seniors. Though 
I have to level with you guys, it's kind of hard to say good- 
bye. Part of it is the fact that as I'm writing this it is actually 
midnight on a Monday in November. At the moment most 
of us seniors still have a number of hoops to jump through 
to make sure we graduate, let alone make it through the year 
alive. Though I think that there is another reason that I'm 
reluctant to bid the DHS farewell. In our four-year stay here 
I think we have come to love the little flaws in our school 
just as much as we love the great things about it. 

Most of us enterprising youths will be heading off to 
bigger and better things, but why bother when nowhere else 
can hold a candle to our lovely High School. This building 
that we have spent out last four years in is made of brick, 
mortar, love, asbestos, and a whole mess of bees. From 
our two semi-functioning water fountains to our indescrib- 
ably creepy student lounge mural, it's hard to ignore how 
much charm and allure this place has. DHS has the amazing 
academics, athletics, and music and drama programs to boot. 
It goes to show that just because you have hundreds of sting- 
ing insects living in your auditorium doesn't mean you can't 
be awesome in other ways. 

For most students the transition to life beyond high school means a farewell to the type of brisk morning commute that we have 
here at Duxbury. Where else do you get to wake up when it's still dark out and make your way to school in traffic that moves at a 
lively three miles per hour. It really provides a sense of community to see the rest of your peers on the road to school, especially when 
you are all stuck behind the city-block sized SUVs that only have to drop off two students. 

Beyond ridiculous start times and a few other thorns in our sides (the regrettable loss of free fries comes to mind,) our class 
has faced many other obstacles. I'm sure you all remember being denied the International Food Festival back in seventh grade. Not 
to mention the numerous threats that our class has had to deal with. I'm sure nobody forgets how much fun it was to carry our books 
around for months and stand outside in the freezing cold while we waited our turn to waltz through a set of metal detectors. Despite 
all that, I honestly think that our class has turned out really well and is bound for great things. 

Alas, like it or not, all of us will have to leave this wonderful place very soon. As hard as it is to comprehend, we may wind 
up in places where phrases like "slow and low" or "trash is our enemy, homework is our friend" are virtually unknown. Wherever 
we go after High School, be it college or working in a screen door factory, we may never again experience the simple luxury of air 
conditioners that blast freezing air in the winter and heat classrooms in June. And dare I say it, we may not even retain the privilege 
of waking up at the crack of dawn to make it to class in time. I shudder to think about leaving the DHS, as I'm sure most of you guys 
do to. Though I suppose this is one of life's lessons, we can't spend our whole lives in this kind of paradise. Class of 2007, 1 have 
confidence that we are strong enough to let go of our comfortable lives here, and face what awaits us beyond High School. 




Sarah Crimmins & Connor Bevans 

Kate Cipolletti & Johnny Heinstadt 

Tiffany Yoon & Travis Roberts 


Sarah Crimmins & Luke O'Day 

Allie Findlev & Mark Hennessev 

Kerri Connolly & Sean Burke 

Braeden Gregg & Katie Dennis 



a_i ^ * 

Tim Duffy & Siobhan Roche 

Drew Harasimowicz & Heather Pakst 


Pirates of the 

Courtney Abbott 
Scott Ahern 
Clio Arana 
Angela Auda 
Ian Babson 
Robert Barry 
Michelle Berlineuet 

Connor Bevans 
Alexander Boardman 
John Bostron 
Matthew Botieri 
Steven Bowen 
Benjamin Bray 
Casey Brust 

Ashley Buckley 
Meghan Buckley 
Sean Burke 
Risa Bun- 
Stephen Cameron 
Brendan Carroll 
Benjamin Cederberg 

Colin Clark 
Kaitlin Clark 
Molly Clough 
Alexandra Cochrane 
Kerri Connolly 
Timothy Connolly 
Jessica Coonan 



Whitney Lake 
Cameron Lamothe 
Julie Lannon 
Robert Larose 
Kathryn Leccese 
Samantha Lenhardt 
Bethany Leonard 

Wesley Locke 
Frederick Loguidice 
Andrea Looney 
Daniel Loreaux 
Cailigh MacDonald 
Clarke Madigan 
William Manly 

Jillian May 
Michael McCarthy 
Steven McGrath 
Caroline McGuirk 
Stephen McKinney 
Justin McKniff 
Claire McPartlan 

Mitchell Miller 
Stephanie Millis 
Colleen Moore 
Sarah Mortland 
Katelyn Moylan 
Gregory Murphs 
Michael Nelson 


* f 




Fast Forward: 

Where will the class of 2007 be in 20 years?' 

Angela Auda will still be going to bed at 7:30. 

Rob Baird will be redefining the way we look at everyday objects... or something 

like that... 
Briana Baker will still be studying. 
Shelly Berlinguet will still be giggling. 
Connor Bevans will be the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. 
Alexander Boardman will be singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. 
Matt Botieri will still be sittin' at A and P. 
Ben Bray will be leading the ginger separatist movement. 
Andrew Bridges will be taking down P.E.T.A one person at a time. 
Casey Brust will still be known as "Mark Brust's Older Sister." 
Ashley Buckley will be head of the Aquatics Departent at the Kingsbury Club. 
Sean Burke will be playing golf and tennis at the yacht club. 
Risa Burr will still be getting lost. 
Rebecca Cadorette will be in JAIL ! 
Steve Cameron will be on patrol with Riggins. 

Brendan Carroll (the one with glasses) will be ruler of all things Hannaford. 
Brendan Carroll (of Boxwood Lane) will still be playing junior hockey and 

chasing that division one dream... 
Ben Cederberg will be sitting at A&P 

Teryn Chin will still be working at the Ming Dynasty.. .and making movies on the sidtH 
Kate Cipolletti will still be telling her life story to anyone who will listen... 
Colin Clark will be getting "politically re-educated." 
Kaitlin Clark will be a crazy soccer mom with a million kids, in her soccer-mom 

minivan of fury. All of her kids will be named after Disney princes and princesse; 1 
Molly Clough will still be trying to merge onto the highway. 
Kerri Connolly will still be driving everyone around. 
Abby Cook will still be riding horses. 

Katie Cooper will be trying to break her addiction to Red Bull, and still stating 
the obvious. 

Nick Copp will still be kickin' it in Babson's garage. 
Sarah Crimmins will still be on college visits. 

Mike Cronin will be traveling around Southeast Asia on a quest to find the best' 

Katie Dennis will still be offered a childrens' menu at restaurants. 
Lindsay DeVellis will still be using her royal blue (and monogrammed) 

L. L. Bean back pack. 
Tommy Devine will be at the mall with Will Manly. 

4 fgndiJ ysfH yiutixu( 

,li DiMatteo will be somewhere screaming at someone for stepping on a bug. 
•like Dinneen will be night putting... putting at night, with the daughter of the dean. 
Linily Doyle will have finally gotten her mind out of the gutter. 
1m Duffy will still be checking himself out. 

"atherine Dunphy will be hosting her own version of Laguna Beach while 

taking web shots and making CD's, 
'olin "Jazz" Edgar will be with a blonde in a black limousine, who's drinking 

Dom Perignon and using him for his money, 
larissa Evans will be fat. 

Jlie Findley will be a backup dancer for 50 Cent. 

^elsey Ford will still be looking for something better to do. 

aul Fortini will be writing a book about his generation under the pen name Paltini. 

Jana Garvey will be the next "Lara Croft tomb raider". 

Mie Garofalo will still be planning out her outfits. 

rian George will have taken over MySpace. 

liles Gillis will be performing on Broadway in the hit musical "World of 

Warcraft is a Feeling." 
ed Gilmore will own his own architecture firm. 

ackie Gomez will be pushing a Louis Vuitton carriage down Rodeo Drive, 
latt Goodless will be within the office of Barry Feinstein, attorney at law. 
icky Greenwood will be owning noobs as both a Broadway actor and a doctor. 

Take that, Zach Braff! 
arah Griffin will still be trying to get on a counter! 
leredith Hall will be in a small pub in Ireland getting into a bar fight, 
ach Hallowell will be drifting the streets of Tokyo, 
rian Hanafin will be debating H.R. 767 on the floor of the House, 
rew Harasimowicz will be "The Man" 

yle Harasimowicz will finally be stepping out of Drew's shadow. 

lissa Heckendorf will be in Ireland befriending the mountain goats with Marino 

Okola and Patty O'Mally. 
}hn Heinstadt will be tailgating at a nascar race with his southern buddies, 
lark Hennessy will be stealing Todds and sailing the Black Pearl, 
lolly Horan will still being getting "Janed" 

larlana Johnson will be the next Ms. Noerenberg, teaching at DHS. 
ick Joubert will be playing slow pitch softball. 
am Katz will be considering cutting his hair. 

)hn Keating will be playing in Single A waiting for the call up to the big club. 

leghan King will still be babysitting Carleigh and Cam. 

aroline Kinsella will be a soccer mom, and still be debating whether or 

not to take the highway, 
menda Kostreva will still be shoe shopping, 
obyn Kuckuk will be married to the heir of Ghirardelli chocolate, 
am Lamothe will still be making Joe delicious sandwiches, 
ohn Laputz will be the Pope! 


Duxbury Free Library 


Katie Leccese will be testing new lip gloss flavors for Bonne Bell. 

Tim Ledin will be living with his family in Boston, MA and will be one of the 
many season ticket holders to the Boston Red Sox. During the day he will 
be working for a computer software company where he will use his incred- 
ible knowledge of computer programming thanks to Mr. Robert Webster. 

Samantha Lendardt will still be cleaning up after the oompa loompas... twice! 

Wes Locke will be hangin' out with the guys at A&R 

Parker Longo will be sitting in his den watching the sox crank the yanks. 

Andrea Looney will still be in love with the color pink. 

Joshua Lovell will be promoting the "Ju-Ju in" movie and still messing with CeCe's lunch. 
Cailigh MacDonald will be finding new and creative ways to give herself 

mysterious injuries. 
Clarke Madigan will swimming around the world... for the second time. 
Will Manly will be at the mall with Tommy. 
Elena Manning will be in California hugging trees. 
Morgan Markella will be 38 in 20 years... duh 
Cole Martin will be countin' Benjamin's 
Caroline McGuirk will still be doing extra credit. 

Mike Mckenzie will be the writer of a weekly periodical in the Boston Globe 

titled "How to Set Your Woman Straight" 
Stephen McKinley will still be running on golf courses, and getting yelled at. 

'Stupid Yuppies.' 

Steve McKinney will be more nearsighted, scrawnier, and paler, but rich and 

powerful beyond your wildest dreams. 
Chris McMahon will be found at 55.46' N, 37.40' E - Back in the USSR. 
Tyler McPherson will be holding mass with the Deacon. 
Mitch Miller will still be sitting at A&P. 
Colleen Moore will be the store manager of Hannaford's. 
Sarah Mortland will be teaching music to children in Tokyo to help fund her 

manga fixation. 

Katie Moylan will still be making "the noise" after everything she says. 
Greg Murphy will still be the new kid. 

Abby Nolan will still be the only girl hanging out with the guys. 

Evan Novakowski will still be celebrating his birthdays at Hunan. 

Tyler O'Brien will be somewhere off the coast of California sailing on his 60 fo< 
yacht, while simultaneously finding a cure for cancer. 

Pat O'Connor will be pondering what he should do in the next twenty years. 

Kara Oloskey will still be straightening her hair. 

Heather Pakstis will be helping Tommy Devine, Will Manly, and Brady Wyrtzen orga- 
nize the twenty year class reunion, while occasionally tap dancicng on the side. 

Matt Payne will still be rockin' a silver minivan. 

Kelly Pelham will be in Paris married to a man named Gustave. 

Emily Piesco will be hacking computers for the FBI. 

Steve Pinkham will be in southern Cali. 


Meredith Poore will be chasing her kids around Marshalls. 
iebecca Potash will be slaving away in front of a 2300 degree glass furnace., and 
loving it. 

)an Rilev will be starting the second rock n roll revolution. 
*obin Rittenour will still be in a round room in communist China: buillding a 
city out of rice. 

•hobhan Roche will be racing in The head of the Charles. ..for the twentieth time. 
)livia Rodriquez will still be organizing. 

>Ce Rollock will still be with Nathan and painting hot muscle cars. 

ucole Santosuosso will be having the time of her life ! ! 

-ara Schwanke will still be Captain of the Mack Squad. 

tshlev Scola will be in the process of trying to get "Soul Train"' back on the air. 

Imily Seery will still be telling your mom jokes. 

lichael Seigfried will be meeting up with even one at A&P. 

layra Sepulveda will still be conjoined to the hip of Gretchen 

teven Shanahan will be running for mayor. 

levin Shea will still be in physical therapy. 

>uenby Solberg will still be coming in late. 

indsey Sowa will be 6 feet tall. bangs! 

V ill Spang will be breaking up a fight between Brendan and Ian. 

heresa Steele will be taking a nap. 

ikki Striebel will still be working at Hollister. 

'hris Sullivan will be a post master general or a hobo I if Hilly doesn't pull though), 
rooke Teittinen will be getting BIZ-y. 

ija Treibergs will be hang gliding in New Mexico during her days off from per- 
forming with the Boston Symphony. 

Villiam Tucker will be driving in the 4 Runner with Rob and TJ in the back and 
Troy in shotgun. 

rretchen L pham will still be conjoined to the hip of Mayra. 

lick Violandi will still be sitting at A&P parking lot. 

Ap Watson will be sailing away. 

orey Weiss will be doing the weather for the channel 5 news and chasing torna- 
does in his free time. 

ames West will be living in Southern California running his record business. 

aylor Williams will be parked in front of a State Trooper with his hands above 
his head. 

ecca Woods will still be wearing high heels. 

rit Woodworth will be in the hospital after skiing off a cliff. 

rady Wyrtzen will be travelin' all over the world. 

iffany Voon will still be at the end of the alphabet. 




Tyler Adams 
Peter Anderson 
Christopher Angeles 

Elizabeth Antaya 
Danielle Antonellis 
William Arana 

(Catherine Auer 
Scott Austin 
Krista Aveni 
Emily Averna 
Patricia Babson 
Alyssa Baracewicz 

Bret Bartlett 
Molly Beatson 
Nicholas Beattie 
Michelle Belanger 
Haley Bicknell 
Carolyn Blout 

Peter Bobseine 
Katelyn Bouchie 
Anna Brady 
Hannah Buckley 
Heather Bulu 
Hayley Bunnell 

Christopher Buron 
Brian Byrne 
Brittany Cabral 
Patrick Caffrey 
Erin Call 
Jami Caramello 


Class of 

Jill Caramello 
Michael Carney 
Kayla Chabot 

Cody Chi Ids 
Christopher Cole 
Carly Collari 

Mellissa Collin 
Samantha Collin 
Christopher Collins 
Melinda Collins 
Colleen Connolly 
Brian Connors 

Chadwick Conway 
Daniel Cooper 
Daniel Creed 
Jennifer Cummings 
Jessica Curran 
Stephanie Curran 

Daniel Currul 
Nicolas Cusick 
Andrew D'Alessandro 
Margot da Cunha 
Patrick Daly 
Sean Davidson 

Suzanne De Deyne 
Philip Demmert 
Emily Desmery 
Bradley Devereaux 
Daniella Dicarlo 
Kaitlin Dinius 


Amanda Doolin 
Michael Doolin 
Nicholas Dow 
Jillian Dubuisson 
Bridget Duffy 
Emma Duggan 

Matthew Duggan 
Ashley Dugre 
Kerin Eaton 
Jacquelyn Enniss 
Christopher Fagan 
Jeffrey Fagan 

Vincent Farese 
Jaclyn Farina 
John Fasciani 
Emily Fiorini 
Thomas Fiset 

Jennifer Flood 

Nicole Forlizzi 
Kara Friedman 
Matthew Gabriel I i 
Devin George 
Charlotte Glick 
Hillary Gluskin 

William Goodhue 
Jarad Gray 
Jonathan Grenadir 
Graham Groombridge 
Leah Grubb 
Meredith Habgood 

Aaron Haight 
Spencer Hale 
Kelsey Hallowell 
James Hart 
Paige Hecker 
Cory Hendrickson 


Tracy Hines 
Nancy Hoffman 
Sarah Horton 
Andrew Hovey 
Paige Jackson 
Sara Jannetty 

Ted Kahl 
Emily Kindregan 
David King 
Keith Kordis 
Liza Kostreva 
Jordvn Krall 

Molly Kupferberg 
Amy LaGumina 
Matthew Landry 
Steven M Laramee. Jr. 
James LaTorre 
Erin Levesque 

James Levesque 
Rachel Lewis 
Zida Li 

Sav annah Lloyd 
Alexander Lucas 
Am\ Luaas 

Thomas Lynch 
Daniel MacDonald 
Corey Mackin 
Bailey MacNab 
Ryan Madden 
Shaw n Madden 

Peter Malewicz 
Kelley Markella 
Alison Marlborough 
Grant Marston 
Cameron Martin 
Daniel May 


EIw in K. McCarthy, Jr. 
Jessica McKnitY 
Sarah McMahon 
Spencer Meine 
Julie Merry 
Jessica Millis 

George Molina 
Samuel Monk 
Jamie Morris 

JetTrey Murphy 
Kelly Murphy 
Mark Murphy 

Alexandra Nee 
Clay Nicolau 
Nicholas Norling 
Brendan O'Brien 
Neil O'Connor 
Nelson O'Donovan 

Kathryne O'Neal 
Kelsey O'Neal 
Katherine O'Toole 
Andrew Oberholzer 
Charlotte Odier 
Marina Okola 

Hannah Palfrey 
Daniel Pannell 
Sara Passed 
Martine Pelletier 
Thomas Perekslis 
Ryan Peterson 

Matthew Pierce 
Cameron Poole 

Alexander Porter 
Erin Powers 
Kaitlin Powers 

Gabrielle Purcell 


Augustus Quinzani 
Christina Reese 
Megan Reinhart 
William Ricciardi 
James Rich 
Gregory Robbins 

Matthew Robillard 
Alexander Rogan 
Bethany Ruggles 
Leah Santos 
Michael Savard 
Meaan Scanlan 

Caleb Schmitt 
Abigail Schnibbe 
Richard Sciretta 
Kevin Scott 
Stefan Seman 
Matthew Short 

Abigail Smith 
Thomas Smith 
Evan Spolidoro 
Scott Spolidoro 
Carly Spoor 
Seth Sprague 

Brett Stoddard 
Andrea Strand 
Meghan Stratton 
Brendon Sullivan 
Craig Sullivan 
Kathleen Sullivan 

Paul Sullivan 
Gabnelle Sumner 
Derek Sw eet 
Kimberly Taylor 
Emma Taylor-Salmon 
Rita Thompson 


I '08 Don't Hate... 

It Skips a Grade 



Connor Anderson 
Patrick Aprea 
Matthew Averna 

Brittany Banville 
Jennifer Baran 
Sarah Barges 

John Barrett 
Wesley Barrington 
Meghan Bernard 
Liam Bevans 
Jacqueline Bond 
Sarah Botieri 

Jaryd Boyns 
Stacia Boynton 
Kathleen Brasington 
Elizabeth Brewer 
Rachael Brovitz 
Colin Brumley 

Mark Brust 
Donald F Buckley III 
Virginia Buckley 
James Bums 
Christopher Cadigan 
David Cain 

Emily Cain 
Timothy Cameron 
Sophia Campanelli 
Alexander Carll 
Joseph Carroll 
Justin Carroll 


1 Michael Casal 
Chloe Casale 
Andrea Celino 

Class of 

Christopher Celino 
Monica Chandler 
Hunter Chiasson 

Tristen Chin 
Emily Cipolletti 
Robert Cline 
Tracy Clough 
Jacqueline Coakley 
Leo Connolly 

Haley Cook 
Justin Coonan 
Andrew Cooper 
Mike Cooper 
Tucker Craig 
Melissa Crimmins 

Jacqueline Cronrn 
Luke C renin 
Sean Cross 
Robert Cully 
Kathleen Curley 
Kelly Curley 

Taylor Currier 
Paul Dacey 
Thomas Dacey 
Kevin Dame 
Samuel Davidson 
Molly Davis 


Shannon Day 
Kimberly DeGrenier 
Marissa Demos 
Elizabeth Desmond 
Shane DiBona 
Daniel Diozzi 

Eric Doherty 
Carly Donovan 
Vivian Doughty 
Danielle Dowling 
Michelle Ducharme 
Casey Ducinski 

Connor Dunphy 
Michael Elias 
{Catherine Emmett 
Jesse Farrelly 
Julia Ferrier 
Ben Fichter 

Amanda Foley 
Kerrm Ford 
Harrison Frick 
John Garrity 
Lindsey Garrity 
Kyle Gavoni 

Kyle Gellatly 
Tyler Genereux 
Seth Gilbert 
Michael Gilbody 
Andrew Gilmore 
Annie Gluskin 

Katherine Gluskin 
Daniel Goldman 
Zachary Graham 
Justin Granger 
Brian Greenwood 
Michael Griffin 


Anastasia Grunwald 
Kyle Hadley 
Nicole Hagan 
Christopher Harrison 
James Harvey 
James Hetherington 

Julia Hoffman 
Meredith Hofmaier 
Stephanie Hoomis 
Da\ id Hopkins 
Elizabeth Horan 
Benjamin Hunter 

Melissa Hurcombe 
Corey Jensen 
Nicholas Johnson 
Emma (Cellar 
Shannon Kelly 
James Kerivan 

Daniel King 
Molli Kouble 
Timothy Krusell 
Caroline Ladd 
Kelsey Lanman 
Michael Larkin 

Da\ id Leach 
Carson Leccese 
Kathenne LeWine 
Jason Lijewski 
Meridith Lippard 
Mark E Lirosi. Jr. 

Jessica Lizza 
Manah MacFarlane 
William MacLennan 
Kayla MacLeod 
Mary Madigan 
Chelsea Maauire 

Jaime Maloney 
Emily Martecchini 
Bret Mastergeorge 
Melanie Mathieu 
Alexa Matthews 
Alexander McCaffrey 

Kayla McGillivray 
Colin McKenzie 
Patrick McLeod 
Brittney Melvin 
Devin Michelson 
Elizabeth Moore 

Ellyn Moore 
Michael Moore 
Jane Morgan 
Melanie Mulrenin 
Meghan Muncey 
Briana Murphy 

Christopher Murphy 
Kristin Murphy 
Laura Nelson 
Jonathan Ng 
Heidi Nichols 
Sara Nicolau 

Victoria Niles 
Christopher Norling 
Kristin Nutter 
Colleen O'Connor 
Diamond-Maria O'Donovan 
Emily O'Hara 

Brian O'Leary 
Tess Odier 
Michelle Oloskey 
Robert N Owen, Jr. 
Emily Pakstis 
Jonathan Parziale 


Anthony Pasquale 
Victoria Pattinson 
Alex Peterson 
Blair Peterson 
Jacob Pierce 
Kelsey Pierdinock 

Ashley Pimentel 
Jodi Pinkham 
Gabrielle Pipp 
Joanna Polcari 
Christopher Popoloski 
Christopher Pratt 

Rebecca Proctor 
Andy Puopolo 
Robin Rader 
Michael Reney 
Ryan Ricci 
Julia Riley 

Steven Ripley 
David Rollock 
Sarah Rooney 
Bradford Rose 
Derek Roth 
James Roumacher 

Alanna Rourke 
Zachary Runci 
Victoria Rutter 
Charles Sager 
Basil Salameh 
Zachary Sanchez 

Kevin Santosuosso 
Maxw ell Schermerhorn 
Katharine Schneider 
Lauren Schneiderhan 
TJ. Scholberg 
William Schromm 


Kyle Scola 
Andrew Sealund 
Alyssa Seifert 
Paula Sgroi 
Alexa Shanahan 
Catherine Shayne 

Jackson Siefert 
Samantha Sinclair 
Spencer Smith 
Andrew Sommer 
Nicholas Sorensen 
Francis Sullivan 

Julia Swem 
Kevin Szulak 
Mark Tedeschi 
Liza Thomas 
Alexander Turner 
Kyle Turner 

Benjamin Urann 
Christian Valiando 
Samuel Vandewater 
Joseph Ventre 
Patrick Walsh 
Lauren Walters 

Alex Wan 
Mitchell Watts 
Meaghan West 
Alexander Wheatley 
Adrienne White 
Nathan White 

Ian Whitney 
Lauren Wilson 
Erika Wirkala 
James Witten 
Daniel Wolfgang 
Michelle Wong 





Natalie Aldrich 
Julia Allen 
Kyle Allison 

Adam Alzaim 
Matthew Antaya 
Richard Armstrong 

Gregory Auda 
Christina Auer 
Jenna Bahr 
Renata Barletto 
Bronwen Barrett 
Samuel Beattie 

Zachary Benoit 
Michael Bernard 
Mary Kate Blanchard 
Jeffrey Blout 
Steven Blout 
Natalie Bowen 

Mark Brady 
Daniel Brockwell 
Sarah Brovitz 
Kaitlin Buckley 
Cara Buonvicino 
Caitlin Burke 

Hadley Burnham 
Christopher Calabro 
Jenica Casey 
Emmanuel Catanzariti 
Patrick Charland 
Devin Cheney 



Class of 

Anthony Ciccone 
Michael J Clacherty II 
Collin Clark 
Conor Clark 
Nickolas Cline 
Arielle Clouah 

Katelyn Coghlan 
Sarah Colangelo 
Colin Connolly 
Caelan Cook 
Margaret Cornelius 
Patrick Costello 

Carl Cote 
Marc Cote 
Charles Cow en 
Ryan Creed 
Julie Cronin 
Connor Croteau 

Cameron Crowell 
Micaela Crowley 
Nicholas Curran 
Patricia DaSilveira 
Kyle Dame 
Brendan Davidson 

Stephen Day 
Margot De Devne 
Krista DeVellis 
Geoffrey De Wolf 
Philip Delia Noce 
Ethan Demers 

Nicole Desmarais 
V irginia Desmery 
Monica Devereaux 
Jonathan Dixon 
William S Dixon III 
Michael Doherty 


Brittney Landry 
James Landry 
Eoin Laramee 
Julia Leonard 
Caroline Listerniek 
Paige Locke 

Mathew Loguidice 
Gregory Loreaux 
Victoria Lorusso 
John Lynch 
Kevin Lynch 
Nicholas Lynch 

Nicholas Lyons 
Catherine Macaluso 
Shane Mackey 
Riley Mackin 
Kerri MacLennan 
Ashley Magnuson 

Jonathan Marston 
Taryn McCall 
Hannah McCarthy 
Marley McDermott 
Justin McEldufT 
Taylor McGarigal 

John McGeady 
Brian McPartlan 
Patrick McWilliams 
Lauren Mechak 
Emily Merlin 
Carter Miller 

Patrick Miller 
Nicholas Mulone 
Rachel Mulrenin 
Kristen Murphy 
Lisa Murphy 
Robert Murphy 

Mara Murphy-Kusins 
Erin Nelson 
Meghan Nelson 
Daniel Neumann 
Cody Nickerson 
Cassandra Nissi 

Hunter O'Brien 
Lance O' Donovan 
Shaylyn O'Keefe 
Gregory O'Neal 
Elisabeth O'Toole 
David Owen 

Christina Padula 
Mark Passeri 
Catherine Pattinson 
Zachary Payne 
Nicole Phillips 
Andrew Pierce 

Ryan Piesco 
Olyvia Pittore 
Catharine Porter 
Benjamin Potash 
Taylor Pritchard 
Thomas Reale 

Stephanie Reed 
Samuel Reinhart 
John Ricciardi 
Kourtney Richard 
Jennifer Richardson 
Andria Ronne 

Rachel Roth 
David Ryan 
Janine Salameh 
Daniel Sangster 
Matthew Savard 
Julia Schmitt 


Matthew Schneiderhan 
Ryan Schroeder 
Alexis Schupp 
Kav la Schwanke 
Matthew Scorza 
Emma Seealla 

Allyson Shamnia 
Thomas Short 
Kevin Showstead 
Samantha Siciliano 
Raquel Silveira 
Michelle Simons 

John Slechta 
Heather Smith 
Jillian Smith 
Madeline Smith 
Dakota Snyder 
Sarah Soldi 

lan Spencer 
Anne Steele 
Carolyn Stenstrom 
Kristen Stenstrom 
Christian Strand 
Joshua Stratton 

Crystal Sullivan 
Michael Sullivan 
Thomas Sullivan 
Elise Tarbox 
Peter Tenaglia 
Jeffrey Terrizzi 

Lukas Theodossiou 
Casey Thomas 
Rebecca Tibbetts 
Jaclyn Trevisani 
Caroline Tucker 
Kerry Turok 







Diane Alongi 
Gail Callihan 
Thomas Holdgate 
Thomas Kelly 
Judy Koontz 
Kathleen McDonough 
Diane Myers-Pachla 

Ellen White-Davis 

Elizabeth Field 
Mary Anne Leydon 
Richard Miller 
Julie Papageorge 
Karen Baynes 

Nancy Chadwick 
Mary Ciccarelli 
Linda Gunderson 
Judi Heitzman 
Pam Manly 
Thomas O'Connell 
Jutta Rossano 
Diane Shayne 

Carole Sutherland 
Jonathan Symonds 
Corinne Woodvvorth 
Michael Corbin 
Lisa Dembowski 
Diane Dunlap 
Wayne Frieden 

Bruce Hamilton 
Gina Moylan 
Christopher Aukerman 
William Bristol 
John Craft 
James Doherty 
John Fernandes 

Margaret Gillespie 
Christopher Hilton 
John Kennedy 
Dr. John Sullivan 
Susan Sullivan 
Rick Swanson 
Danielle Grafton 

Catherine Hart 
Donna Holt 
Amy Jackson 
Amy Kirkcaldy 
Lynn Perekslis 
Graciela Piccolo 
Noah Roseman 

Heather Delcore 
Cathy Dennison 
Catherine Donahue 
Mark Dunn 
Tony Fisher 
Karen Hendrickson 
Glenn Pina 
Mary Stadelmann 



Hmdy & QnuivrSciuice 

Linda Coombs 
Wendy Pomeroy 
Andrea Sterling 

Guess Who? 

Favorite Teacher Quotes 

"Now hold the phone!" 

"Excelente classe!" 

"It's a beautiful thing." 

'Good golly jingles!" 


"If you play one more wrong note, I'll send you to Siberia." 

"That was a joke... you can laugh." 

"Swim fast."' 

What the heck?" 

'Alright, let's try again from where we started having trouble... the beginning." 

"One...two...six!" "I wanna be king!" "Back in the '70s when I had a huge blonde afro..." 1 
'Now class, I had a few wow boards, a couple B's, some C's, and a handful of stragglers." 

"Units! We've got units!" 

"Don't take my picture/ 

'What does AP stand for? Always Prepared and Answer Prompts." ^hat s wicked boss. 

"I can guarantee you'll fail your first term, but after that it gets better. Bueno Vierte!" 

7 think it's that time again to play or pass!" 

"Today's thought of the day comes from...' 

I am pleased and honored to be 
asked by the yearbook staff to congratulate 
Dr. Eileen Williams on her fourteen excep- 
tional years as Superintendent of the Dux- 
bury Public Schools. Being on the Duxbury 
School Committee for eleven of those years, 
I had the privilege of working closely with Dr. 
Williams and observed the scores of positive 
changes she initiated in our schools. 

Dr. Williams set very high standards 
for all of our school programs. Under her 
leadership, our school system has achieved 
state and national recognition. With our new 
facilities, expanded academic programs and 
extracurricular activities, our school system 
continues to thrive. Our small town of Dux- 
bury has experienced new heights of school 
pride. Dr.Williams' love for children and her 
desire to see every child succeed has per- 
meated our academic community. 

Dr. Williams, we thank you for your 
enthusiasm, your dedication and your lead- 
ership in moving our system so far forward. 
Best wishes for a long, happy and healthy 
retirement! Well done! 

Carol Love 
School Committee Member 1993-2004 

Good Luck 
Dr. Williams! 



i i_n n_i 1 1 

_i I U l\ I _l 




/ 4*' <i : -;,'l '!•>$» 

Captains: Ben Cederberg, Chris Flaherty, Dan Loreaux Seniors: Alec Boardman, Colin Clark, Tirr 
Duffy, Brian George, Zach Hallowell, Rob Larose, Pete McGrath, Greg Murphy, Will Tucker Juniors: 
Nick Dow, Matt Gabrielli, Devin George, Corey Hendrickson, Matt Landry, Dan Pannell, Jack Robichau 
Seth Sprague, John Wisbach Sophomore: Joe Carroll Freshmen: Pat Charland, Tom Drummy 
Daniel Sangster Head Coach: Graham Stafford Assistant Coaches: Shaun Kelly, Bill Wilhelm, Kevir 

Mpfl "111 


Captains: Stephanie Millis, Kara Oloskey, Meredith Poore Seniors: Kate Cipolletti, Alex Cochrane, Katie 
Dennis, Catherine Dunphy, Elena Manning, Brooke Teittinen Juniors: Trish Babson, Haley Bunnell, 
Jordyn Krall, Jessica Millis, Kelly Murphy, Katie Powers, Abbe Schnibbe Sophomores: Stacia Boynton, 
Tristen Chin, Liz Desmond, Carly Donovan, Jess Lizza, Sarah Wooley Freshman: Caitlin Burke Head 
Coach: Pat Shea Assistant Coaches: Kerstin Adama, Ken Driscoll, Jack Kennedy Managers: Teryn 
Chin, Kelsey Ford 

Duxbury over Dennis-Yarmouth 



Duxbury over Plymouth North 


Duxbury ties Hingham 



Duxbury ties Scituate 

Silver Lake over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Hanover 


Duxbury over Randolph 


Duxbury over Middleboro 


Duxbury over Pembroke 


Duxbury ties Rockland 

Duxbury over Hingham 


Duxbury over Scituate 


Silver Lake over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Dennis-Yarmouth 


Duxbury ties Rockland 



Duxbury over Plymouth North 


All-Star Game/Fisher Div 



Duxbury over Marshfield 



Duxbury ties Sandwich 



Ml A A Division II South Sectionals 

Duxbury over Apponequet 


L Spellman over Duxbury 2 \k 


Seniors: Sean Burke, Michael Gunderson, Patrick O'Connor, Terrence Tedeschi Juniors: Pete 
Anderson, Brad Devereaux, Rich Sciretta, Brett Stoddard Sophomores: Wes Barrington, Jake Harve; 
Patrick Murphy, Andy Puopolo, Brad Rose, Mark Tedeschi Freshmen: Zachary Benoit, Weston Dorr 

Duxbury ties Xaverian 



Duxbury over Hingham 



Duxbury over Scituate 



Duxbury over Hanover 



Sandwich over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Middleboro 



Duxbury over Pembroke 



Duxbury over Rockland 



Duxbury over Scituate 



Duxbury over Silver Lake 



Duxbury over Sandwich 



Xaverian over Duxbury 



B.C. High over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Marshfield 



Duxbury over Hingham 



Duxbury over Silver Lake 



South Sectionals 


Patriot League Championship 
Division II State Finals 
State Champs 



Captains: Holiy Jones, Leigh Tedeschi Seniors: Molly Clough, Allie Findley, Catriona Grant, Robyi 
Kuckuk, Katie Lecesse, Jill May, Abby Nolan Juniors: Danielle Antonellis, Jill Caramello, Colleei 
Connolly, Erin Levesque, Rachel Lewis, Heidi Nichols, Martine Pelletier, Meg Reinhardt, Abby Smith, Hill' 
Walrod Sophomores: Tracy Clough, Annie Grunwald Head Coach: Sue Paull Assistant Coaches 
Meg Doherty, Pam Manley Managers: Liz Hetherington, Katherine OToole 



Seniors: Ben Bray, Matt Cornelius, Ian Davis, Clarke Madigan, Stephen McKinley, Evan Novakow 
Tyler O'Brien, Chris Sullivan, Jonathan Watts Juniors: Matt Averna, Dan Creed, Tom Fiset, Aa 
Haight, Brendan O'Brien, Thomas Perekslis, Michael Savard, Stefan Seman, Derek Sweet Sophomor 
Connor Anderson, Mark Brust, Michael Casal, Paul Dacey, Sam Davidson, Jack Garrity, Rick Greenwc 
Chris Harrison, Carson Leccese, Derek Roth, Andrew Sealund Freshman: Colin Connolly, Rich 




Seniors: Casey Brust, Ashley Buckley, Sarah Griffin, Meredith Hall, Caroline McGuirk, Tiffany Yoon 
Juniors: Haley Bicknell, Brittany Cabral, Cam Poole Sophomores: Britt Banville, Sarah Botieri, Molly 
Davis, Danielle Dowling, Casey Ducinski, Elizabeth Horan, Melissa Hurcombe, Shannon Kelly, Victoria 
Niles, Sarah Rooney, Michelle Wong Freshmen: Renata Barletto, Rebecca Tibbetts 







Whit-Hanson over Dux 



Dux over Plym North 



Dux over Williams 



Dux over Hanover 


Dux over Pembroke 


Rockland over Dux 



Dux over Randolph 



Hingham over Dux 


Dux over Scituate 



Silver Lake over Dux 





CAPTAINS: Kyle Harasimowicz, Aaron McFadden, Mike McKenzie, Kyle Harasimowicz SENIORS: Scott Ahem, 
James Barrett, Connor Bevans, Jack Bostrom, Grant Bowen, Chris Buron, Tim Connolly, Kyle Hallisey, Drew 
Harasimowicz, Keith Hartley, John Heinstadt, Thomas Jordan, John Keamey.Chris McMahon, Tyler McPherson, 
Matt O'CDonnor, Sean Poelaert, Roman Ricci, Steve Shanahan, Kevin Shea, Jon Thompson, Jared Wiese, Brit 
Woodworth JUNIORS: Tyler Adams, Scott Austin, Pete Bobseine, Pat Caffrey, Cody Childs, Andrew D'Alessandro, 
Matt Duggan, Chris Fagan, Vincent Farese, John Grenadir, Jamie LaTorre, Ryan Madden, Shawn Madden, Granl 
. Marston , Cameron Martin, Elwin McCarthy, Clay Nicolau, Nick Norling, Alex Rogan, Brendan Sullivan, Craig Sullivan, 
Paul Sullivan, Ryan Turner, Vance Turner, Pete Umbrianna, Mike Vercollone SOHPOMORES: John Barrett, Liam 
Bevans, Chris Celino, Robert Cline, Justin Coonan, Sean Cross, Quinn Cully, Tom Dacey, Shane DiBona, Mike Elias, 
Harrison Frick, Kyle Gavoni, Tyler Genereux, Mike Gilbody, Mike Griffin, Nick Johnson, Mark Lirosi, Colin McKenzie, 
Brian O'Leary, John Parziale, Alex Peterson, Jake Pierce, Steven Ripley, Jake Roumacher, Zach Sanchez, Ber 
Urann, Sam Vandewater, Ian Whitney HEAD COACH: Dave Maimaron ASSISTANT COACHES: MikeArmandi 
Jeff Bolster, Bob Geary, Rob Ferreira, Matt Jeffrey, Chris Landolfi, John Taglieri 


Seniors: Clio Arana. Colleen Dwyer. Samantha Flood. Tia Gavoni. Elissa Heckendorf. Whitney Lake, 
Andrea Looney. Michelle O'Connor Juniors: Katelyn Bouchie. Melissa Collin. Samantha Collin. Kelsey 
Hallowell. Kelley Markella Sophomores: Rachel Brovitz, Ashley Pimentel Freshmen: Cara Forlizzi, 
Meghan Johnson. Brittney Landry. Carolyn Stenstrom. Kristen Stenstrom Coach: Betty Stenstrom 




Weymouth over Duxbury 
Duxbury over Barnstable 
Duxbury over Braintree 
Duxbury over Marshfield 
Weymouth over Duxbury 
Duxbury over Brockton 
Duxbury over Hanover 
Dux ties St John ^Shrewsbury 
Dux over Bridgewtr-Rayn 
Duxbury over Needham 
Arlington (Miotic over Duxbury 
Coyle-Cassidy over Dux bury 
Hingham over Duxbury 
Medford ties Medford 
Dux over Archbishop Williams 
Duxbury over Norwood 
Dux over St John's-Shrewsbury 
Dux ties Xaverian Brothers 
BC High over Duxbury 
Austin Prep over Duxbury 
Dux over Archbishop Williams 
Duxbury over Milton-DI 
Xaverian March 3 





sun snout aam ■ 




20OS-J0O6 17-6-2 


Captains: Bobby Barry, Brendan Carroll, Tim Connolly Seniors: Russ Boggs, Mike Cronin, Matt Hebert, 
John Keating, Mitch Miller, Matt O'Connor, Mike Slattery, Conor Smith Juniors: Brad Devereaux, Pete 
Malewicz, Dan May, Mark Murphy, Will Ricciardi, Rich Scirerta, Seth Sprague Sophomores: Mike Griffen, 
Matt Hetherington, Joseph Ventre, Colin Woods Freshmen: Brady Doyle, Jake Kearney, Mike Woomer 
Head Coach: John Blake Assistant Coaches: Don Christenson, Jim McMorrow, Peter Malewicz 




Duxbury over Nauset 11 : 

Canton over Duxbury 6 f 

Dux over Latin Academy 3 ] 

Duxbury ties Franklin 2 \ 

Duxbury over Marshfield 3 ] 

Barnstable over Duxbury 6 ( 

Dux over Quincy/N.Quincy7 ] 

Duxbury ties Sandwich 2 \ 

Dux over Martha's Vineyard 2 ] 

Duxbury over Westwood 4 \ 

Falmouth over Duxbury 4 ] 

Duxbury over Nauset 5 ] 

Hingham over Duxbury 4 ; 

Duxbury ties Hingham 2 \ 

Duxbury ties Barnstable 1 ] 

Falmouth over Duxbury 6 2 

Duxbury ties Sandwich 3 : 

DuxbuiyoverMarflis'sVineyard 3 \ 
Marblehead-DII Tourney TBA 







Z003-2OO4 19-6 

Captains: Kerri Connolly, Allie Findley Juniors: Colleen Connolly, Tracy Hines, Erin Levesque 
Sophomores: Jen Baran, Annie Grunwald, Meg Muncey, Erin Powers, Sam Sinclair Freshmen: Christine 
Fallon, Meghan Johnson, Julia Hannon, Taryn McCall, Marley McDermott, Mara Murphy-Kusins Head 
Coach: Friend Weiler Assistant Coach: Dave Maimaron 



Captains: Mike Dinneen, Brian George, Clarke Madigan Seniors:Scott Ahern, Grant Bowen, Brenda 
Carroll, Ian Davis, Thomas Devine, Mike Dinneen, Colin Edgar, Brian George, Miles Gillis, Edwin Gilmore 
William Goldman, Grant Inglis, John Kearney, Cameron Lamothe, Clarke Madigan, Will Manly, Gre 
Muruphy, Mike Nelson, Tyler O'Brien, Kip Watson Juniors: Devin George, Jamie Morris, Matt Robillar 
Sophomores: Hunter Chaisson, Luke Cronin, David Hopkins, Jason Lijewski, Doug Rollock, Derek Rotr 
Andrew Gilmore, Andrew Sommer, Pat Sullivan Freshmen: Cameron Crowell, Duncan Edgar, Jame 
Gillis, Drew Husted, Chris Kimball, Ben Potash, Ben White 

r 1 

Duxbury over N. Attleboro 



Duxbury over Hingham 



Weston over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Pembroke 



Duxbury over Middleboro 



B.C. High over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Norwell 



Duxbury over Silver Lake 



Dux over Hanover/Rockland 



Dux over Scituate/Cohasset 



Duxbury over Randolph 


Patriot Diving Championship 


Patriot Swim Championship First 
South Central DI I Championship MIT 




■ m 


North Attleboro over Dux 



Duxbury over Hingham 



Weston over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Pembroke 



Duxbury over Middleboro 



Duxbury over Norwell 



Duxbury over Silver Lake 



Duxbury over Hanover/Rockland 



Duxbury over Scituate/Cohasset 98 


Duxbury over Randolph 


Patriot Diving Championship 


Patriot Swim Championship 


South Central DII Championships MIT 



Captains: Liz Hetherington, Julie Lannon Senors: Kim Portais-Rolfson, Olivia Rodriguez, Juniors: 
Elizabeth Antaya, Carolyn Blout, Anna Brady, Margot da Cunha, Nicole Forlizzi, Hillary Gluskin, Paige 
Jackson, Amy LaGumina, Kelsey O'Neal, Carly Spoor, Andrea Strand, Sara Trevisani, Hilly Walrod 
Sophomores: Maddie Aglow, Kathleen Brasington, Andrea Celino, Molly Davis, Julia Hoffman, Mary 
Madigan, Melanie Mathieu, Brianna Murphy, Laura Nelson, Gabi Pipp, Sarah Rooney, Lauren Walters, 
Lauren Wilson, Michelle Wong Freshmen: Julia Allen, Kaitlin Buckley, Cara Buonvicino, Hadley Burnham, 
Katelyn Coghlan, Cara Forlizzi, E. Wells Hunter, Caroline Listernick, Kerry Turok 



duxbury over Marshfield 



Duxbury over Plymouth North 



Catholic Memorial over Duxbury 



Scituate over Duxbury 



O'Bryant over Duxbury 



Xaverian over Duxbury 



YVhitman-Hanson over Duxbury 


Silver Lake over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Hanover 



Duxbury over Marshfield 



Duxbury over Randolph 



Catholic Memorial over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Middleboro 



Pembroke over Duxbury 



Rockland over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Hingham 



Scituate over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Silver Lake 



Duxbury over Hingham 



Duxbury over Plymouth North 



Dartmouth over Duxbury 



Charleston n over Duxbury 



kSharon-Div II South Sectionals 


a § 

d"my\ f m7( 

Captains: Nick Copp, Dave Manco, Aaron McFadden Seniors: Tj Hardman, Tyler McPherson, Ste' 
Shanahan, Pat Shea, Terrence Tedeschi Junior: Chris Buron, Nick Dow, Chris Fagan, Jamie Latorr \_ 
Dan MacDonald, Brendon Sullivan, Ryan Turner Sophomores: Mark Brust, Michael Casal, Thorn; ! 
Dacey, Sam Davidson, John Garrity, Brad Rose, Andrew Sealund, Mark Tedeschi, Ian Whitney Hei | 
Coach: Gordon Cushing Assistant Coaches: Steve Studley, Bob Sullivan 



Captains: Sara Schwanke, Emily Seery Seniors: Sarah Crimmins, Rachel Owen Juniors: Ashk 
Dugre, Jessica Millis Sophomores: Sarah Botieri, Stacia Boynton, Katie Curley, Kelly Curley, Michel 
Oloskey, Julia Riley Head Coach: Mark Dunn Assistant Coaches: Rick Brown, Brian Keller 





Duxbury over Middleboro 

74.5 25.5 

Duxbury over Pembroke 

57.5 42.5 

Duxbury ties Scituate 

50 50 

Rockland over Duxbury 

58 42 

Duxbury over Silver Lake 

65 35 

Division III State Relays 


Duxbury over Randolph 

80 20 

Hingham over Duxbury 

71 29 

Mclntyre Elite Relays 


Coaches Invitational 

All-League Meet 



Division III State Champs 


All-State Meet 






Girls Indoor Track 

Captains: Casey Brust, Sam Lenhardt, Elena Manning Seniors: Ashley Buckley' 
Kate Cipolletti, Catherine Dunphy, Catriona Grant, Meredith Hall, Ashley Scola 
Brooke Teittinen, Becca Woods Juniors: Danielle Antonellis, Hayley Bunnell 
Brittany Cabral, Jess McNiff, Alexandra Nee, Cam Poole, Bethany Ruggles, Gab 
Sumner, Heather Tosca, Catherine Varonko Sophomores: Brittany Banville 
Tracy Clough, Kim DeGrenier, Danielle Dowling, Casey Ducinski, Kerrin Ford 
Liz Horan, Brittany Melvin, Melanie Mulrenin, Kristin Murphy, Victoria Niles, Emily 
Pakstis Freshmen: Renatta Barletto, Caitlin Burke, Maggie Cornelius, Morgar? 
Dwinell, Courtney Hetherington, Grace Kelso, Julia Leonard, Shane Mackey 
Riley Mackin, Stephanie Reed, Samantha Siciliano, Heather Smith, Anne Steele* 
Becca Tibbetts, Alexandra Violandi, Laura Walter, Victoria Woleyko 


Duxbury over Silver Lake 



Duxbury over Middleboro 



Duxbury over Scituate 



Duxbury over Randolph 



Duxbury over Pembroke 



Division III State Relays 


Hingham over Duxbury 



Mclntyre Elite Relays 


Coaches Invitational 

All-League Meet 


Division III State Champs 


All-State Meet 





Boys Indoor Track 

Captains: Ben Bray, Pete McGrath, Steve McKinley, Evan Novakowsl< 
Seniors: Ben Cederberg, Matt Cornelius, Tim Duffy, Ben Flaherty, Rob Larose 
Dan Loreaux, Adam Melvin, Mike McCarthy, Roman Ricci, Chris Sullivan, Joi 
Thompson, Jon Watts, Torey Weiss, Mike Witliff Juniors: Pete Anderson, Nic 
Beattie, Dan Creed, Tom Fiset, Graham Groombridge, Tom Lynch, Ryan Madder 
Clay Nicolau, Tom Perekslis, Mike Savard, Mike Vercollone, John Wisbacr 
Alexander Yang, NickZabilski Sophomores: Connor Anderson, Patrick Apree 
Matt Averna, Liam Bevans, Justin Coonan, Paul Dacey, Shane DiBona, Set 
Gilbert, Zach Graham, Brian Greenwood, James Kerivan, Carson Leccese, Jo 
Parziale, Alex Peterson, Steve Ripley, Charles Sager, Will Schramm, Alex Turne 
Ben Urann, Patrick Walsh, Mitch Watts Freshmen: MattAntaya, Rick Armstrong 
Greg Auda, Colin Connolly, Jon Dixon, Tom Drummy, Sam Habgood, Davi 
Hemingway, John Hemingway, Stephen Kearney, Ben Kimball, Greg Loreau) 
Nick Lynch, Nick Mulone, Bob Murphy, Lance O'Donovan, Mark Passeri, Sar 
Reinhart, John Ricciardi, Matt Schneiderhan, Pete Tenaglia, Makar Zaveruch 




Ski team action was slow 
to start this season due to 
the lack of snow this winter. 
Several races were finally 
scheduled at Ski Ward in 
Shrewsbury and Mt. Wa- 
chusett in Princeton with 
additional races to be held 
at Blue Hills. The team will 
participate in six more races 
within the next two weeks 
with hopes of qualifying for 
the State Championships at 
Berkshire East on February 

Captains: Brian Byrne, Brit Woodworth Seniors: Alex Boardman, Elizabeth Dunbar, Colleen Moore, 
Abby Nolan, Brit Woodworth Juniors: Bryan Byrne, Chad Conway, Amanda Doolin Sophomores: 
Michael Reney, Alexander Wheatley Freshmen: Jenna Bahr, Will Dixon, Ryan Hendrickson, Gabi Katz, 
Brooke Kent, Therese Kozmiski, Kevin Lynch, Patrick Miller, Dan Neumann, Matt Scorza, Ian Spencer, 
Austin Waltz Coaches: Kevin Nolan, Alex Petro, Steve Woodworth 




Captains: Ian Babson, Jack Bostrom, John Heinstadt, Mike McKenzie Seniors: James Barrett, Drev 
Harasimowicz, Kyle Harasimowicz, Jeremiah Hogan, Tom Jordan, Steve McGrath, Chris McMahon, Bol 
Woodruff Juniors: Aaron Haight, Andrew Oberholzer, Stefan Seman, Scott Spolidoro Sophomores 
John Barrett, Justin Carroll, Chris Celino, Kyle Gavoni, Kyle Gellatly, Tyler Genereux, Chris Harrison 
Colin McKenzie, C. Patrick Murphy, Zach Sanchez, Kyle Scola, Kevin Szulak Freshmen: Conor Clark 
Tim Donoghue, Michael Doherty, Will Holt, Robert Kates, John McGeady 


Timberlane (NH) over Dux 62 


St. John's Prep over Dux 



Duxbury over Merrimack 



Duxbury over Pembroke 



Duxbury over Carver 



Duxbury over Foxboro 



Franklin over Duxbury 



Winchester over Duxbury 



Marshfiekl Tournament 


Rockland over Duxbury 



Whitman-Hanson Tourn 


Duxbury over Scituate 



Cohasset Tournament 


Duxbury over Hingham 



Duxbury over Hanover 



Marshfiekl over Duxbury 



Duxbury over Stoughton 



Duxbury over Randolph 


Duxbury over Somerset 



New Bedford over Dux 



Dux over Bridgewater-Rayn33 


Duxbury over Silver Lake 



Duxbury over Barnstable 



Duxbury over Whitman-Hanson 55 


Catholic Memorial over Duxbury 35 


Duxbury over Middleboro 









TORS: Shelly Berlinguet. Brian Hanafin 


>ay DeYellis 
5 Gillis 





Emily Desmery 
Tom Lynch 
Leslie Vancheri 
Hilly Walrod 


Brittany Banville 

Man, Courtney Madigan 

Sam Wyllie 


Mary Kate Blanchard 
Ginny Desmery 
Abi Gibbs 
Caroline Listernick 
Neave Schmitt 



JTAINS: Connor Be\ ans. Fred Loguidice. Brady Wyrtzen 

LADE 12 

inor Bevans 

tm Harasimowicz 

le Harasimowicz 
^d Loguidice 
^dsey Sowa 

dy Wyrtzen 


Nicole Forlizzi 
Molly Kupferberg 
Sarah McMahon 
Jamie Morris 
Mike Savard 
Carly Spoor 

Dennis White 
Rebecca Winans 
Me2 Wyrtzen 


Liam Bevans 


Cara Forlizzi 

> > 

1 I* II n '< " 




— -~ 

Link Crew 

Student Council 



Best Buddies 

Ink Blot 


Duxbury High School is fortunate to have so many extracurricular activities 
available to its students. Lists of members, pictures, and information were 
requested from each group. To all groups who submitted materials, we thank 
you. Here is a complete list of the clubs and activities at DHS. 




Spencer Meine 

Vice President 

Molly Kupferberg 


Katie Brasington 

Katharine Schneider 

German AFS Student 

Anja Baerwolff 


Alyssa Baracewicz 

Emma Duggan 
Meredith Hofmaier 
Tim Jernigan-Smith 
Robin Radar 
Lindsey Robbins 
Sarah Rooney 
Charlie Sager 
Janine Salameh 
Pat Sullivan 

Advisor: Ms. Hendrickson 


Ink Blot 

Editors: Nancv Hoffman. Catherine Varonko 

Staff: Chris Anseles. Brittany Cabral. Brendan Davidson. Nicole Desmarais. Matt 
Gabrielli. Rvan Madden. Jessica McKniff. Krista Reese. Mike Savard. Alex Yang 

Advisor: Ms. Baynes 


Dragon Flyer 


Student Artwork: 

Cailigh McDonald 


Elissa Heckendorf 

Matt O'Connor 


Student Artwork 




Directed b) < hri»«»pbci VnWcrman 
and Klin r<ui.u» K.»l(\or 






"you can onCy Become truCy accompCished 
at something you Cove. Von't make money 
your goaC Instead, pursue the things you 
Cove doing, and then do them so wed that 
peopCe cant take their eyes off you." 

—Maya Jlngetbu 

you have 
accompCished so 
much! "Wherever 
your journey takes 
you, remember our 
Cove wiCCfoCCow 
you aCways. Dance 
and Civ e with joy! 
Love, Mom, Vad, 
Drew, & Sarah 

Greg, Grega, M c Gregor, 

You've journeyed from IL to NJ, back to III 
and now to MA. As you conntinue alon \ 
life's byways, keep your eyes on the read 
ahead while enjoying the scenery along thl: 

We are so very proud of you ! 

Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Deirdre & Brady 

Your heoAAAy, ipOrOt, energy, mwyOo, Or\^eilCg^erio&' J Onte&rCty, ye^vye/ of hAAvnor 

and/ affection/ wvUU he/ YvUM&d/ in our home/. We/ love/ yowl 
Your family' 

FrtsW Air 





Congratulations on all you have accom- 
plished. You have made us proud! May 
all your dreams come true. 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad 
and Michelle 



You are incredible... loving 
son, faithful brother, loyal 
friend, & caring Captain. 
Your determination, strength 
of conviction & consider- 
ation of others make us so 
proud of you. 

We have given you your 
roots, now spread those 

Mom, Kendra & Corey 


We are proud of your many accomplishments 
and your true desire to do your best in 
everything you do is commendable. 

Your laughter and your genuine beauty 
will be missed when you go off to college. 

BELIEVE in yourself and follow your dreams 
into the next journey of your life. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad and Jess 


Last "10th" - 10 lbs - red - piggy noise - spell- 
ing - Math mothership - sidekick milk - snap- 
ping - where's Snoopy Rock - dude ranch - 
the Lake - Kokomo - cousins - Johnny Quest 

- Trunk Bay - BNL - PTI - W.S. - 
game #2 - SB x 3 - crew - Buddha 

- V.P. - hammertime - Zoo - Rent 

- moose - M.V. - stupot - N.Y.C. 

- D.P. - FarFar's - cuppa joe - wa- 
zfadinna? - sisters - Abby - Pippie - Moo 

So many memories - Good Luck! 
Love - 

Mom, Dad, Sarah & Jordan 


Strong and determined 
from the day you were born, 
you have a fluorescent sparKie 
that win light up whatever path 
you choose. We are so proud of 
the splendid young woman you 
have become. Look out world u 

Love Mom, Dad, and Ellen 


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. 
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented 
and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? " 
-Nelson Mandela 

We are so proud of you 
and all that you've achieved. 
We love you, 
Mommy, Daddy, Kaitlin, 
Elizabeth & Mary 

Wf. « 


Q£a*6 4 2007 


Realty Corporation 

Contractors • Managers • Developers 

14 Howard Street, Rockland, MA 
Phone: (781)871-6900 

Troy the Boy, 

Chart your course. 

|^ Set your sails... 
U Enjoy the ride. 

And know your crew 
^ believes in you! 

Mom, Dad, Tripp, 

Congratulations, Lauren! 

You'll always be 

Love, Mom, Dad and Brian 

Continue to be yourself! 

Querida Olivia, 

You and your wonderful friends have already made the world a better place for each 
person and creature encountered. We have no doubt that you will bring the same passionate 
excellence to what lies ahead. Not a moment will go by that you are not in our hearts. We 
are so very proud! 

Mom, Pop, Chandler & Reina 


I should be content 

to look at a mountain 

for what it is 

and not as a comment 

on my life 

(David Ignatow) 

We are so proud of you Matt. 

Mom, Dad, Mike & Kona 

Life is full of adventure, 
go ahead and jump! 

Congratulations to our 
2007 graduates, 
Rachel Owen and 
Brianna O'Connor 


The James Gang 

Your Hosts Bud anc 
Patricia Johnsoi 



Route 3 A, Historic Duxbury, Massachusetts (781) 934-6801 

you have accomplished so 
muck, you have amazed us 
aW ~We Cove you compCeteCy. 
-Mom, Dad, 
Tracy & JuCie 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

~ Robert Frost ~ 

The Flying Kipper is ready to GO!!! 

Our Love goes with you always and everywhere 
Mama and Dad 

duxbury saih 


robin m. markella 


467 west street (rte. 14) 
duxbury, ma 02332 

office (781) 934-5060 
cell/voice (617) 967-63: 

email robin @dsails.corr 


gontmne otfcademy of [l^fiS 

27 Railroad Avenue 
Duxbury, MA 02332 
Website : fontaineacademyof dance . com 
(781) 934-7393 

S)enije Q/K. £7o/itawe, 2)('zec/m 

\/ ca f e 

Chinese Cuisine 

45 Depot Street 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

Where are you eoins and what do vou wish... ? 


Liam. Sam. 
Mom. Dad. 
Nana & Papa 


We are very proud of you! 

Mom. Dad. 
Brian. Kara 
& Charlie 

"ROCK ON !' 

To our Princess 

May all your dreams 
come true. 
Good Luck 

Mom. Dad. Chris 
& Michaela 


Emerson said. "What lies behind us 
and what lies before us are tinv mat- 


ters compared to what lies within us." 
What lies within you is precious. 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad. 
and Kasey 



Through the years our relationship has grown 
It will continue to grow, but never change. 
Thanks for being my best friend 

Love you lots, 
Lil CC 

Our big sister, who did so much for us. 

It is going to be hard to see you go, 

You worked so hard to achieve this goal!! 


Cory and Bri 

It has been a pleasure watching you grow from a very special baby, 

to a Beautiful, Loving young woman. 
You have a wonderful personality and an infectious laugh. 

Remember, never stop smiling. 
The sky is the limit for you 

Your accomplishments are amazing! 

Look forward to tomorrow, Have fun today, 

and don't forget your past. 
We are so proud to be your parents 

Love Mom and Dad 


Our Dearest Rebecca, 

May the love and happiness ^ff 
That you ve shared with so many, 

Always follow you. 

Thanks for the memories. 
We 11 miss your smiling face. 


All Our Love, 
Mom, Dad, Colin & Scooter 


The words may get bigger, 
And the print a little smaller, 
But never lose your love 
for learning. 


Mom, Dad and Chris 


Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, 
where there is no path and leave a trail. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 


You follow in your brothers' footsteps, 
benefiting from their experiences and travels. 
But you are your own person, Brady, and 
everyone you touch remembers your individual 
spirit and humor. 

We're so proud of everything you've.accomplished, 
and we look forward with anticipation to see what 
unfolds for you. 

Use your gifts wisely and explore the many 

Your talents and ambition can take you wherever 
you want to go. 


Mom, Dad, Jeff, Kate, Ryan, Megan, and Lucy 

Congratulations Sarah! 

We are so proud of the young lady you have 
become. Now it's time to spread your wings, 
but know our love will always follow you. 


Mom, Dad, Kevin & Melissa 


These are the days you'll remember. 
Never before and never since, I promise, will the whole 
world be warm as this. And as you feel it, you'll know it's 
true that you are blessed and lucky. It's true that you are 
touched by something that will grow and bloom in you. 

When May is rushing over you with desire to be part of the 
miracles you see in every hour. These are the days you might 
fill with laughter until you break. 

These days you might feel a shaft of light make its way 
across your face. And when you do you'll know how it 
was meant to be. See the signs and know their meaning. 
It's true; you'll know how is was meant to be. 
Hear the signs and know they're speaking to you. 

Follow your Dreams 

Love and Peace, Mom, Dad, Bobby, Alexa. 
AO, JE, JR, DO, MO. JJ, DD, & LM 

Lvrics: Natalie Merchant 

VI place where there isn't any trouble. 
Do you suppose there is such a place loto? 

y\ 'there roust &e. 
Its Dot a place you can get to hy a host or a train . 
i Its far, far away, ^ehiocf the wood, keyoDcf the rain." 


Wherever that place is, we know 
you can ftocf it Kaitlio. Just reroemfeer, > 
there's 00 t>lace like home. 

Love, Uoro, Dacf h Kelly i 


The "BG" 

It is hard to believe we are sending you off to college. 
It seems like only yesterday you came into our lives. 
Where did the time go? You have given us many memo- 
ries and you have so much potential. Have the strength 
to face your challenges and the wisdom to choose your 
battles. We love you and are very proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Timothy and Devin 

Dear Samantha, 


Through your own drive and determination, you have succeeded 
at everything you've set your mind to. Your accomplishments 
are many and we are very proud of you! Thanks for making it so 
easy to be your parents!! 

We love you and are here for you always, 
Mommy, Daddy, Steph, Zack and Bailey 

let yourself be great!!! 

Congratulations Torey!! 

You strive to do your best 
and have accomplished so much 

You are a shining star 
and a bright ray of sunshine 

Never lose your individuality 

Keep smiling! 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Tyler and Toby 

"Break the monotony. 
Do something strange 

and extravagant." 



Dear Casey, Thank you for 
making us proud. We love you 
very much and we'll miss you 
next year. Love, Dad, Mom, 
Mark & Scout 



You've brought so 
much joy, laughter, 
and love to our lives. 
We are so proud of 

the young woman 
you have become. 
May all your 
dreams come 

Love, Mom, 
Dad, Justin, and 


You've skied the steeps with grace. 
You've flown around the gates, 
You've ridden life's rails large and small 

always landing on your feet. 
We know you'll continue to attack 
the mountains with humor, 
perseverance and your own style. 


Mum, Dad, Steve, Tim, Brian, 
Kerrie, & Brian Jr. 

Tia & Kayla Gavoni 

From Babies to Beauties — 

3r »v j 

Go out into the world and 
do wonderful things. 

Make a difference. 


Tf you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm. -Vince Lombard 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 
You're on your now. 
And you know what you know. 
You are the guy who'll decide where to go. 
I -Dr. Seuss 

Dear Connor: 

We have grown to appreciate, 
even more, every day we spend 
with you. We have all been in 
awe at the man you have become. 
Now with great sadness but also 
with great pride we share you 
with the rest of the world, and be- 
cause of this the world will be a 
much better place to be in. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 

Caitlin and Liam 


You are a gift to us from God, and have given us so much joy and 
happiness. We've watched you grow from a quiet, shy little girl to a 
beautiful, caring and confident young woman. You have overcome ob- 
stacles and challenges with grace and determination and have made 
us so proud. 

Continue to believe in yourself have faith and confidence in the 
iourney ahead and always remember how much we love you. No fam- 
ily will be prouder than yours on graduation day! 

i Love, 

Mem, Dad, Danielle and Jessica 


Congratulations for all your 
accomplishments, Sarah! 

Good luck in your next big ad- 












You should be 
proud of your 
achievements. We 

sure are! 


Mom, Dad, 
Dave & Laura 


Congratulations on reaching a milestone in your life! You have persevered during these 
past four years and your faith, hard work and determination have carried you through. We are 
impressed by your accomplishment and proud of the woman you have become! 

We love you, Mom, Dad, Cathy & Rich 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance 
I hope you dance 


We are so proud of your accomplishments. 
The best is yet to come. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Johnny, Kelsey, 
& Alicia 


Got er done!!! 

Love, Mom, Papa John, 
Andrew, Tim, Maggie and Jake 

"Things won are done; joys soul lies in the doing." 

-Troilus and Cressida 


You put your heart and soul into the things 
that you do. We have no doubt that you will be 
successful in whatever you choose to do. 
You've mad us so proud! 

Mom, Dad, Molly and Greg 


~Mlu.cM happiness always - 
Appreciate your success, 
JKeallze your dreams, 
Imagli/ve all that Is possible, 
{Savor the memories, 
Stay true to tjourztlf, ai/vd 
Always rem.em.ber how much 
you are loved. 

"Our truest fife is token 
cv& are, in aWame atoaia 
rf.D. Tkortau. 

Congratulations on a job well donel 
OMbm * ^3ad * &Cichoks 

"This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, 
but you can't see how deep it is." 

Dermis Rodman 

Clarke, we are so proud of how you always dive in and give your best in all you do! 

Keep up the good work in college! 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Mary Courtney 



Vineyard * Skiing * Baseball * Crenny * Maxima * Football * North Hill * Swim Team 























You have become a young man 
to be proud of. The nicest 
person I know, respected by 
your friends, family, teachers, 
and other adults. You are a 
terrific son and brother, you 're 
smart and have a great future 
ahead of you! Now it's time to 
figure out what will make you 
happy and earn you a good 
living. We will always support 
you in everything that you do. 
Love, Your Mom 







— * 




— ^ 




Soccer * Stu * Unit * Allie & Lulu * Granny & Pop * Football * Sophie * Basketball * Band * 


You are the uftimate London Souvenir! 

You maf{e us -proud 

T(fep that sparse in your eye. 

It is your time to Tty. 

Cove from your Siggest Cheerleaders, 
Mom, (Dad, JLWu 


Hockey * Snowboarding * Camp Samoset * Skateboarding * Mountain Biking * Lacrosse, 







— * 















Through thick and thin, 
you've kept a grin, 
considering where you've 
been: from Mosquito 
Village to the other side of 
town, you've always been 
great to be around. I 
admire you and know you'll 
be great at whatever you 
do. I know you 'II find what 
you want to do and be 
successful and happy. 

Love, Dad 







— * 










Allie & Lulu * Gram Nan * Basketball * Crenny * Maine * Stu * Woods Car * Donut Stix 


Since the day you were born you have filled the world with 
your love of life, your adventurous spirit and your magnetic per- 
sonality. Let these wonderful qualities always shine from you, 
and your life will be filled with happiness. I truly believe with 
your strength and determination that you will reach whatever 
goals you strive for. 

Keep yearning. Keep learning, Keep trying, Keep smiling 
and keep remembering that we're so proud of you and we'll al- 
ways be there for you. 

We love you Bunny, 

Mom, Dad and Ryan XOXO 


You are a wonderful 
son and brother, who 
has made all of us so 
proud. We look forward 
to what the future will 


Mom. Dad. Danielle & Kate 


You are the one we hold 
onto so tightly. You are the 
culmination! Remember 
to sit there and look ador- 
able, smile like you mean 
it. and know that you are 
in our hearts, always. 


Mom & Dad 
Brian & Kellev 

Basil & Janine 

Congratulations on successfully 
completing another year at Dux- 
bury High School. We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Joey 

Congratulations JL LIE 
as you open another door! 

Explore. Dream. Discover. 

-o\ e. Mom. Dad. and Will 


Way to go, Mike! 
We're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Jacquie, and Kelly 


P. O. Box 336 
164-1 Summer St 
Kingston, MA 

866.658.8800 P 
866.705.3300 F 

Payroll Solutions 

Lindsey Leask 

Relationship Manager 
Providence • Springfield • Attleboro 

To Kevin. 

Congratulations and best wishes as you em- 
bark on your new journey. We are very proud 
of your accomplishments and we know that 
you will succeed in everything you do. 

Love Mom. Dad and Kim 


"We need men who can dream of things that never were. " 

Do you remember when you were two, and your Christmas 
wish for a "Big House" and a "Cookie Barn" came true? 
Keep dreaming for those things that only you can see. You 
have unlimited potential to be anyone you want to be. 

We are so proud of the young man that you've become, m 
know that you will have a successful future by continuing t < 
march to the beat of your own drum. 

"May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear h 
mine. " Frank Sinatra 

We love you ... Dad, Mom and Erin 

We love you Bobby. 
Always keep that smile. 
We're all vey proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, 

Bryan & Julia 


Near, far - wherever you are, 
May your music go on and on. 
Dance - play - and sing 
In your own special way. 

You've given infinite joy & meaning to our lives. 
Know that wherever you go & whatever you achieve, 
our love is with you - always, 

Mom and Dad 


Don't be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own 
Love wiU open every door, it's in your hands, the world is yours 
Don't hold back and always know, all the answers will unfold 
What are you waiting for. spread your wings and soar. 

~Christine Agitilera 

With all of our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Emma 


WOW look at you, our little girl has 

become a beautiful woman right before our eyes. 
You are everything we dreamed of and more. 
Ever since you were small you have been very 
determined, conscientious and loving, these 
characteristics will take you anywhere you want 
to go. Shoot for the stars, the sky's the hunt and 
don't let anything stand in your way. 

We love you with all our hearts 
Mom, Dad, Tommy and Catherine 

To Katie, 

Love and Happiness for you 

Here's a rabbit's foot 
Take it when you go 
So you' 11 always know 
You're safe from harm 

Wear your ruby shoes 
When you're far away 
So you' 11 always stay 
Home in your heart 

Here's a rosary 
Count on every bead 
With a prayer to keep 
The hope you hold 

If we could only have one wish 
Then it would be this 
Love and Happiness 
For you 

We love you 

Mom, Dad, David and John 



From the time you were little 
you were your own person. 

Through the years you discovered your passions 
and learned to follow your heart. 

The world is your stage. 

Pursue your dreams and enjoy those special moments. 

We are so proud of the young woman 

you have become and all you have accomplished. 

May all your dreams come true at NYU 
With much love, 

Mom, Dad, Brittany, Grampy and 
Paddington Bear Cat 

Good Luck Abby 
Love, Mom and Dad 

"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Continue to follow your own trail. 

Mom, Dad, Amanda, Kate, Paul & Daisy 



Always keep smiling! Follow your dreams 
and enjoy the ride. We are so proud of 


Mom, Dave, 
Jeff & Colleen 

Out of my deeper heart a bird rose and flew skyward. 
Higher and higher did it rise, yet larger and larger did it 

At first it was but like a swallow, then a lark, then an eagle, 
then a vast spring cloud and then it filled the starry heavens. 

Out of my heart a bird Mew skyward, And it waxed larger 
as it flew. Yet it left not my heart. 

~Kahil Gibran 
The Forerunner 

Meredith - You are the eagle that has risen from our hearts 
and yet will never leave our hearts. We are so proud of you and 
confident that you will continue to grow. 

Dad. Mom & Alex 

Rachel Anne 

'You know that place between asleep and awake, where you still remember 
dreaming? That's where I will always remember you." -Tinker Bell 

Reach for the stars! The sky is the limit! We are very proud of all your 
accomplishments. You are a very compassionate and beautiful young 
lady. May all your dreams come true. We love you!! 
Dad, Mom, David & Curtis 



Never change, Robby 
We love you just the 
way you are! 


Mom & Dad, 
Jeff, Willy, 
Scott & Maggie 

"Think left and think right and think low and think high.] 
Oh, the things you can think if only you try! 
...And will you succeed? 
Yes! You will, indeed! 
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)." 

-Dr. Seuss 

Our sweet Molly, 
How proud we are of you. 
You're on your way - congratulations. 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad & Tracy 


Congratulations Nate!!! 

You're ready to fly, 

you're courageous and bold 

... and you've found your 
passion in music 

Keep doing what you love, 
and happiness and success will surely follow! 


Josh, Heather, & 

Bob & Becky 

Jack, Mary, & 


Betty, John, & Nicole 

Jon, Audra, & 

Jack & 

,sabeHe& Andrew 


Brook - 

"You are the sunshine of our lives 
That's why we'll always be around 
You are the apple of our eyes 
Forever you'll stay in our lives." 

-Stevie Wonder 

Congratulations Baby Girl! 
Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Lindsay & Tucker 


Dear Angela. 

From the beautiful little girl you were 
To the beautiful woman you've become 

The memories are too few 
And the time too short 

We love you 

And our pride knows 

no bounds! 

WE LOVE YOU, SWEET BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Love, Mom, Dad & Greg 

Congratulations JYIikcy! 

Keep smiling, keep shining 
Knowing you can always count on us. for sure 
That's what family's for 

We'll be on your side forever more! 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Jim, Brian, and Mark 

3? 2uk.i 


Ufa. ii fi. AfrKl, 

W Ufa A+J. Will JUlfiyl U 

you &f+, 

you to ftlCt4 t $MVlt&Jl, 

M-O**, T)*J. Aid- 1*2*1 

"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. 
We shall get there some day." 

-Winnie the Pooh 

Dear Matthew, 

Thank you for teaching us not to 
hurry . . . We love you dearly . . . 

Mom, Dad, 

Mike, Elizabeth 

and Sarah 


Be the Difference. 

Congratulations Lauren! 

We are so PROUD of you. We have been amazed watching you 
grow into the lovely young lady that you have become. We have 
been down so many roads together, and have met so many wonder- 
ful friends that we may never have known, if it weren't for you. You 
have always exceeded our expectations and so many others around 
you. We know you will continue to excel as you begin this new 
chapter of your life. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their 
dreams. In the long run, we really do shape our own lives; and then 
together we shape the world around us. The process never ends until 
we die, and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Follow your dreams, Lauren. We believe in you and know you 
will succeed in whatever you decide to do. You have enriched all of 
our lives and we are all better because of you. 

All of our Love, 

Dad, Mom, Katie and Christine 


"To repeat what others have said, 
requires education, to challenge it, 
requires brains." 

-Mary Pettibone Poole 

Congratulations, Sammy! 
We are so proud of you. 

We love you tons, 

Mom, Dad, Casey, Teddy and Bear 


Congratulations Steve. 
We are extremely proud of you 
and your accomplishments! 

We love who you are, your sense of humor and your 

quick wit. Enjoy all that life has to offer you - 
adventure, excitement, challenges and fun. We love 
you and wish you all the best! Mom, Dad and Jodi. 


Congratulations ! 
We are all so proud 
of you. You've been 
the best daughter, 
sister and friend any 
of us could ask for. 

Love, Mom, Dad 
& Sammi 





1 " 

Cailigh-our artist. 

May nothing get in your way in achieving all your 
dreams! Art. music, swimming, you've excelled at it all 
through hard work. We love you and are so PROUD of 
who you've become. Spunky, fiesty. tenacious (energizer 
bunny). Dont let anyone tell you "you can't"! ! ! 


Mom. Dad, Taryn, Foxy & Jake 

Congratulations on all your achievements both in art and 
music. Play that bass! Best of luck in art school! 


Dear Heather, 

Congratulations on all of your outstanding accomplishments. 
Words cannot express the joy and pride you have brought to our 
lives. You have grown from our adorable preschooler into a 
beautiful, compassionate young woman. We know with your 
positive attitude, patience, kindness and determination, you will 
be successful as a teacher or whatever else the future has in 
store for you. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter 
and big sister. We will always be here for you and love you 
so much! May God bless you and always keep you in his care. 

All our love, 

.Mom, Dad and Emily 

My wish, for you. is that this life becomes all that you want it to. 

Your dreams stay big. your worries stay small. 

You never need to earn more than you can hold. 

And while you're out there getting where you're getting to. 

I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same 

things too. 

Yeah. this, is mv wish Rascal Flatts 

Best wishes Class of 2007!!! 



J Mian - 

Twenty Years from now you will be 
more disappointed in the things that 
you didn't do than by the ones you 
did do. 

So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover. 

- Mark Twain 


We are all so proud of you!! 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad, Taryn 

(Bur teamwork (Will GZasp Qfou QfonribqliW. 

Dr. Matthew T. Boynton DMD, PC 
and Staff 

family cwd/ Coymetio Vevxtt&try 

70 Court St. 
Plymouth, Ma 


CL P'ova te 3'itatvA SicvuexL Jtcun ing. Stadia 
Jo canuenientiu Vacated at oivt faciUtu. 



Congratulations Stephanie > 

We love you and are so proud of you! 


r r n 


"Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" 

Casey Kasem 

Love always , Mom, Dad, Jessica and Kay lee 

"May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam 
I Vnd may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home 
And may you grow to be proud, dignified, and true 
And do unto others as you'd have done to you 
Be courageous and be brave 
And in my heart you'll always stay 
Forever Young..." 

Congratulations Lindsay 

May you stay forever young. 
Wre so proud of you and love you always, 

Mom, Dad, & Krista 

First, your quiet, thoughtful ways make you 
so easy to be around... 
Then you top it off with your ever-ready smile, 
quick wit, and fabulous sense of humor. 
Thanks for keeping us laughing! 

Congratulations, Will. We love you, 

Mum, Dad. & Ellie 




Always hard working 
Always hcriest 
Always willing to help others 
Your accomplishments have been many 
We are very proud of the young man you have become 

We are certain that the future holds great thmgs for you 


Mom & Dad 


* . 

Dan & Leigh 

Congratulations, Kim! 

May all of your dreams come true 

Love Always, Mom + Dad 



It is not the sea that sinks and shelves, 

But ourselves 

That rock and rise 

With endless and uneasy motion, 

Now touching the very skies, 

Now sinking into the depths of ocean. 

Ah! if our souls but poise and swing 

like the compass in its brazen ring, 

Ever level and ever true 

To the toil and the task we have to do, 

We shall sail securely, and safely reach 

The Fortunate Isles, on whose shining beach 

The sights we see, and the sounds we hear, 

Will be those of joy and not of fear! 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

Brit — Always Sail a True Course 

Love from Honey, Daddy and Devin 

Alana, stylish, full of 

life, and independent! \^ 
We are so proud of you 
and know you will 
succeed at whatever 
you wish to achieve. 
Our angel will always 
be watching over you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kirsten, and 
Hana, Miya & Kuma 

.ft** 5 ® 

Paul Schuergens Fortini 

...Enthusiasm ...Brains ...good heart 
-already so accomplished! 

"You're on your own 

And you know what you know. 

And you are the one who'll 

decide where to go 
...And will you succeed? 
Yes! You will indeed!" 

(Dr. Seuss) 

We're so proud of you! 
We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Lisa, and Kristy 


"May good fortune precede you, 
love walk with you, and good 

friends follow you." 

Love Always — Dad, Mom and Michael 



It has been a true blessing watch- 
ing you grow into the amazing 
young woman that you are today. 
We are so proud of you. 

All our love, 

Dad, Mom, Janelle, 

Kayla, Noah, & Ari 

Always remember: 

...If you have faith as small as a 
mustard seed.. .NOTHING will 
be impossible for you. Matt 17:20 

Class of 2007 

from a friend 

Congratulations Conor! 
Keep reaching for the stars 

We love you, Mom, 
Amy, Emily & Murray 



We will always 
cherish the memories 
from your birth to the 
outstanding young 

woman you've 
become. We are so 

Love, Mom, Dad. 
Nicole. Darci & 

To Our Dearest Mikey 

Words can never describe the 
joy of watching you grow into the 
compassionate young man you have 

You are a wonderfully caring per- 
son, truly a "Gentle Soul." 

Whatever you decide to do, go for 
it. You have proven what you set 
your sights on, you achieve. 

Work hard, have fun and remem- 
ber... we love you "Buddy." 

Mom + Dad 


You did it. You have proved how 
strong you truly are. You exceeded 
everyone's expectations at a time 
when we would have understood 
if you gave up. I know these past 
three years have not been easy for 
you, but I am so proud of what you 
have become. During this time you 
have not only been the only one 
who understands me, but you have 
become my Best Friend. Good luck 
and enjoy the next step. You de- 
serve it. 

I Love You, 



Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached 
in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. 

All our love, 


My Wish 

-zee . z^ ^eec z" 
If it's cokS outside, show the work! the warmth of your smile, 

But more than anything, more than anything, 
My wish, for you, is that this ife becomes all thai you want it to, 
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay smaM, 
You never need to carry more than you can hold, 
And whie you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to 
pe you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, 
Yeah, this, is my wish 

I hope you never look back, but you never forget, 
AH the ones who love you, in the place you left, 
I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, 
And you help somebody every chance you get, 
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake 
~ro a:\3.s g .e ~C5 sar .z- ;a*e 

But more than anything, yeah, more than anything. 
My wish for you Is that this Sfe becomes all that you want it to, 
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small 
You never need to cany more than you can hold, 
And whie you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to, 
I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too, 
Yeah, this, is my wish. 

- = as:a ~a~i 


Congratulations! We are so very proud of you! 
Love always. 

Mom. Dad & Grandma 

To look into your eyes is to see 

the greatest miracle a mother could 

ever be given- 
Precious moments of the past, sweet 

moments of present, 

"In my Daughter's Eyes" 

I see a gift of the future. 

Wishing you all the happiness in your 

future that you bring to my life each 

and every day. 

So proud of who you are, 

Heaven is being searched near and far 
inside each cloud, and on every star 

Heaven's special angel was thought to 
have gone astray 

Until a twinkle was seen in your grandfather's 
eyes as he proudly smiled up to say 

I'm still here Lord, do not dismay, just had 
to come be with my sweetheart on her 
graduation day 

# You've always been like an angel to me 
Nicole - now I'm your angel 

You can't see me but I'll never leave your 
side or your heart no matter where you go in life. 

Love Pep-Pere 

Congratulations to the Class of 2007. 
You all should be very proud. 


All our love and 
best wishes. 

Mom, Dad and Kim 


Congratulations Grant! 

Good luck on your Journey of life, you are ready for all that you reach out to do. Enjoy 
all the talents and gifts that you have developed through hard work, these will carry you 
through thick and thin. Hit the road smiling and leave happiness where ever you go. 
We are your number one fan, we'll be cheering as you hit a homerun every day. 
We love you so much, 

Mom, Dad, Natalie, and Stripey! 


It's Up to You 

If you think you' re a winner you' 11 win, 
If you dare to step out you'll succeed. 
Believe in your heart, have a purpose to start. 
Aim to help fellow man in his need. 
Thoughts of faith must replace every doubt. 
Words of courage and you cannot fail. 
If you stumble and fall, rise and stand ten feet tall. 
You determine the course that you sail. 


Congratulations! With love. 
Mom. Dad. Jessie & Sam 

Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 2007 

from the 
Yearbook Staff 

Hey Tanderson... Tor... Tor Tor... Tortellini... Torbus... 
skibabe... Victoria... Victoria Regina Anderson... 


Congratulations! Follow your dreams. Keep believ- 
ing in yourself. Dance as if no one is watching. We 
love you very much and are very proud of all that 
you are... 

With our love always, Mom, Del and Nathan. Dad. 
Grammie and Grampie 


Congratulations to . . . 

Brendan Carroll — Congratulations! We are so proud of you. May all your dreams 
for the future come true! Love, Dad, Mom, Caitlin & Justin XOXO 

Timothy Connolly — Congratulations, Tim. We are so proud of you! Keep work- 
ing hard in everything you do and your dreams will come true. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Keryn & Christian 

Ian Entrot — Congratulations! May your creativity and compassion be your guide 
to success. Love, Mom & Hannah 

Samantha Flood — Good job Sam Flood! Love, Mom, Tiff, Jenn & Bella 

Drew and Kyle Harasimowicz — Congratulations Drew and Kyle - well done! We 
are so proud of both of you and we love you. Mom, Dad & Brett 

Sam Katz — You've revived rock in Duxbury and now it's time for you to rock the 
world. We're going to miss your music! Love, Mom and Dad 

P.J. Longo — Congratulations! We love you. Mom, Dad and Tyler 

Tyler McPherson — Congratulations Tyler! We are very proud of you. The world 
is waiting for you - embrace it! We love you angel. Mom & Dad 

Taylor Murphy — Confido vestri potestas facio iter itineris. Nos diligo vos. - Mom 
& Dad 

Kelly Pelham — K.P. You are the sunshine of our lives! All our love to you on 
your special day. Go get 'em, girl. Love, Mom & Dad 

Nicole Santosuosso — How fast you have grown. We can't believe that you are al- 
ready graduating from high school. We are so proud of you. You have shown us all 
what you can do. We are so very, very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin, Bev 
& Brian 

Quenby Solberg — I know you! I walked with you once upon a dream. I know 
you! The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. From Mumma & Dad 




L ! 




2. Austrian police confirmed the identity of 
katascha Kampusch, believed to have been held 
captive since her abduction as a 10-year-old. 

3. Through the prime cruise season, there were breakouts of 
the highly contagious norovirus on ships sailing the w orld's seas. 
Hundreds fell victim to the virus' flu-like symptoms. 

t. Congress extended Daylight 
avings Time for the sake of 
nergy efficiency. Clocks were 
hanged March 11 rather than 
te first Sunday in April. 

if 1 

t M, " 

Kv i mi, Gefty Imam. - 

5. Texan Andrea Yates was 
found not guilty by reason of 
insanity of murdering her five 
children by drow ning them in 
a bathtub five years ago. 

6. A newborn male white buffalo in a Wisconsin 
herd attracted the attention of Native Americans 
who consider the animal sacred for its potential 
to bring good fortune and peace. This is the 
third white buffalo born into the herd. 

. In January 2007 Northern Europe was hit by an unusually strong storm which killed an Englishman when a falling 
ranch crushed his car. Heavy rains and gale-force winds caused delays in air and sea travel. 8. Former State Department 
fficial Richard Arnntage admitted that he inadvertently revealed CIA employee Valerie Plame's identity to reporters. 

. CBS correspondent Kimberly Do/ier was the only member of her crew who survived a June car bombing in Baghdad. 

0. Students found a way to receive messages in class by downloading a ringtone with a pitch so high teachers couldn't 
ear it. 11. As much as 75 percent of California's citrus crop was damaged in ajanuary 200" 7 cold snap that lasted more 
tan a week. 12. Gerald Ford, the 38th president, died on Dec. 26, 2006, and was buried in Grand Rapids, MI. 

3. On Sept. 6. 2006. British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that the 2006 Labour Party conference would be his last. 

1. Apple Computer's new $499 iPhone was a major release at Macworld 2007. 15. The death of former Chilean dictator 
jgusto Pinochet prompted demonstrations of celebration. 16. The family of Milena Del Valle filed a wrongful death 
wsuit after she was crushed by 12 tons of concrete in a "Big Dig" accident at the Boston highway construction project. 

China successfully used a missile carrying a "kill 
vehicle" to blast an old Chinese weather satellite 
from its orbit 537 miles above Earth. U.S. government 
officials said that the test could undermine relations 
with the West and pose a threat to satellites 
important to the U.S. military. 

A team of French doctors removed a cyst from a 
man's arm in a 10-minute mid-air surgery used as 
a feasibility study for possible surgery in space. 
The five-doctor team operated in near zero-gravity 
conditions produced by an Airbus 300 looping to 
create interval dives simulating weightlessness. 

A Kansas teenager racked up perfect scores on the 
ACT and SAT. Jakub Voboril of Wichita got a 36 on 
the ACT on his third try. He received his SAT results 
shortly after the perfect ACT score: a perfect score 
of 2400. He did check out test prep books, but his 
advice: "Pay attention in class." 

The baiji, a rare, nearly blind white river dolphin, is 
effectively extinct. Researchers say pollution and 
overfishing in the Yangtze River caused the species' 
demise. Plus, ship traffic there confused the sonar 
the baiji used to find food. 

Americans won the Nobel prizes for physics (John 
Mather of NASA Goddard Flight Center and George 
Smoot from UC Berkeley with their satellite program 
that backed up the Big Bang theory), chemistry 
(Roger D. Kornburg from Stanford School of Medicine 
who studied how cells take information from genes 
to produce proteins), medicine (Andrew Z. Fire from 
MIT and Craig C. Mello from Harvard who discovered 
a way to turn off specific genes) and economics 
(Edmund S. Phelps from Columbia University for 
examining the trade-offs between inflation and its 
effects on unemployment). 

Houston truck driver Tyrone Williams was spared 
the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison for 
his role in the nation's deadliest smuggling attempt 
- a journey that ended in the deaths of 19 illegal 
immigrants crammed into a sweltering tractor-trailer, 
after Williams abandoned them and the rig. 


V«/:om.^Gil Call 

2. Congressman Bob Ney, R • OH, pleaded guii 
to federal criminal corruption charges and 
announced he would not seek re-election. 

7. January was warmer than usual in many pa:u 
of the country. Punxsutaw ney Phil predicted < I 
early spring on Groundhog Day. but bitter colt; 
days of ice and as much as 10 feet of snow (in n 
parts of upstate New York) typified February, 

13. Animal rights activists were up in amis wh 
more than 50,000 dogs were slaughtered in 
China in a government-ordered crackdown aft 
three people died of rabies. Only militarv dog: 
and police canine units were spared. 

20. Scientists documented more than 1,000 
biological species unique to the Eastern Arc 
Mountains of Tanzania and Kenya. The area, 
which is slightly smaller than the state of Rhoc 
Island, is mainly forested. 

17. President Bush signed legislation in October 

18. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck 

19- November releases of Playstation 3 and 


authorizing tough interrogation of terror suspects and 

Indonesia on May 27, 2006, killing more 

Wii were immediate sell-outs. Sony's 400,000 


trials before military commissions. While Bush claimed 

than 5,800 and injuring 36.299. Thousands 

Playstation 3s cost $600, but Nintendo priced 

that he knew the bill would save lives, the ACLU called it 

of aftershocks followed and hundreds of 

the Wii at $250 including one game and 

"one of the worst civil liberties measures ever enacted." 

thousands w ere left homeless in central Java. 

expected to sell 4 million units by year's end. 


\. For these youngsters in St. Louis, fire hydrants 4. Citing climate change as a cause, scientists studied a giant ice 5. Findings from the surgeon 6. Fighting in Lebanon lessened after the U.N. Security 

vere the only source of relief from July's heat 
fter storms knocked out electrical power. 

shelf- the size of Manhattan - which broke away from an island 
south of the North Pole and w r as adrift as an independent island. 

general declared secondhand 
smoke at anv level a hazard. 

Council passed Resolution 1701, but Hezbollah leaders 
insisted they w ould not drop their weapons. 

. Billionaire Warren Buffett 
mounced that he would be 
mating the bulk of his wealth 
charity, mainly the Bill and 
elinda Gates Foundation. 

9. Health issues caused Cuban 
leader Fidel Castro. 80. to 
relinquish power to his brother. 
Raul, in July. Officials would not 
disclose his condition. 

10. In August, a Lexington. Kentucky, crash 
killed 49 of 50 people aboard the Comair flight 
bound for Atlanta when the plane was assigned 
to a runway too short for safe take-off. New poli- 
cies for air traffic controllers resulted. 

11. Enron founder Kenneth 
Lay (who died in 2006) and 
former CEO Jeffrey Skilling 
were found guilty of fraud and 
conspiracy in Houston in Julv 

12. A frilled shark was captured on videotape south 
of Tokyo. These sharks are rarely seen because they 
live in water between 1,968 and 3,280 feet deep 
- which is deeper than humans can go. The shark 
died shortly after its appearance. 

ewsCom ZTMAPre-O^ 

. Warren Steed Jeffs, a polygamist sect leader on the FBI's Most Wanted List, was arrested near Las Vegas in August. He 
s wanted for arranging marriages between underage girls and older men. 15. Timers hidden in pencils were 
covered at several of the seven sites where bombs exploded on commuter trains in India's financial capital, killing 185. 

. Gas prices repeatedly hit record highs in July and August, averaging more than $3 for a gallon of self-serve regular 
en a technical fault and pipeline corrosion in BP s Prudhoe Bay oilfield in Alaska cut production. 

Polar bears are considered a "threatened" species as scientists predict that global warming may eliminate their 
)itat entirely by 20^0 The report said there is little doubt that global warming has been caused by human activities. 
A woman who disappeared in the jungles of Cambodia as a child was found 19 years later. The 27-year-old, who does 
speak, was identified by a scar on her arm. She disappeared in 1988 while herding buffalo. 

NcwsCum AFP Getty Images 

■ 1 



Blast injuries killed Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab 
al-Zarqawi in June when bombs were dropped on 
the Iraqi safehouse where he was meeting 
with associates. 

In October, searchers found bones believed to 
have been overlooked in searches following the 
2001 World Trade Center attacks. Search officials 
identified dozens of areas to be re-examined; the 
active search to identify the dead ended in 2002. 
More than 40 percent of the 2,749 victims have never 
been identified with DNA matches. 

The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 12,000 
for the first time ever on Oct. 19, 2006, and remained 
above that lofty benchmark through year's end. 

Concentration camp and incarceration records would 
be the first Nazi documents released under a plan to 
make millions of files stored in Germany accessible 
to Holocaust researchers. Holocaust survivors have 
waited decades to see records meticulously kept 
by the Nazis; transport documents and death lists, 
and notes on concentration camp inmates ranging 
from their hereditary diseases to the number of lice 
plucked from their heads are included. 

At 14, Michael Perham, from Potters Bar in 
Hertfordshire, England, became the youngest person 
to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean. He arrived in 
Antigua in January, seven weeks after setting off 
on the 3,500-mile journey from Gibraltar aboard the 
28-foot boat, Cheeky Monkey. 

Three climbers stranded after a fall on Oregon's Mt. 
Hood were rescued in February after spending the 
night amid ferocious winds and blowing snow. The 
two women and a man slipped off a ledge and fell 
about 100 feet in the process of descending from 
a winter climb and camping expedition interrupted 
by bad weather. In December, three members of a 
climbing party perished on the 11,239-foot mountain 
when the group became separated. After 10 days, 
searchers recovered one of the bodies in a snow 
cave and called off their work as another winter 
storm approached the area. The other climbers were 
presumed dead. 

1, Women made history in Kuwait's June Parliamentary elections as it was the first time females were allowed to run, 
office and the first time Kuwaiti women were allowed to vote. 2. The outbreak of illness linked to E. coli in spinac h i 
September hospitalized 60 and caused a ban on bagged California spinach. Before year's end. another E. coli outbre 
this one traced to lettuce and green onions served by the fast food chain Taco Bell and others, sickened more than " 
who had patronized East Coast restaurants. 

3. King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV. who reigned over Tonga's TO islands in the South Pacific for 41 years, was buried in 
September. 4. Microsoft's Windows Vista, the operating system that replaced Windows XP, was released too late for 
the holiday sales season after five years in devek ipment. 5. Japan's k wig-running debate over whether women shi mid I 
allowed to succeed to the throne ended in September when Princess Kiko gave birth to a son, Hisahito. The new prince 
is third in line for the throne behind his uncle and his father. 6. Airline passengers faced new travel restrii tions aftei 
British authorities uncovered a terrorist plot to use liquid explosives to blow up airplanes headed to the I Inked Stats 

7. After firing a number of test missiles during summer months. North Korea agreed to a deal to begin closing dowi 
nuclear arms program in exchange for $300 million in fuel and financial aid 8. Celebrations broke out in Baghdad i 
former dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging in December. 

10. Former Soviet spy Alexander Litvinenko died in November after exposure to a radioactive poison. 11. Sony mvl 
(my life online) was created to attract younger users with Web brow sing, messaging, phone and digital music capabili 

12. Entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari paitl a reported $20 million to become the fourth private spaceflight participant. 
More than 9.H million acres burned during the 2006 fire season, the worst in SO years. 14. With the population of wik 
panda bears below 1.600, the Chinese began breeding in captivity; 30 cubs were born in 2006. 15. Breaking the recoi 
for American cars sold at auction, a 1966 Shelby Cobra sold for $5.3 million. 16. The FDA approved a vaccine for cervi 
cancer in June and Merck and Co. began distribution. 17. The Libyan Supreme Court overturned death sentences of I 
nurses and a doctor accused of intentionally infecting more than 400 children w ith HIV. the virus that causes AIDS. 

1. In June. President Bush designated a group of remote Hawaiian islands that cover 84 million acres and are home to 7.000 species of 
birds, fish and marine animals as the nation's 7 5th national monument. At the White House ceremony. Bush described the Northwestern 
Hawaiian Islands as "America's Galapagos" and revealed that the 139.000 square miles of uninhabited islands, reefs and atolls is more than 
100 times the size of Vosemite National Park. 

14. For the first time in 12 years. Democrats 
won control of both the House and the Senate. 
Celebrating Democrats called the election a loud 
message from the American people. 

15. Joe Barbera. of the famed Hanna-Barbera 
animation team which created Yogi Bear, the 
Flintstones, the Jetsons. Scooby-Doo and Tom 
and Jerry, died in December at age 95. 

16. Montreal blogger Kyle MacDonald. 
26, proved the power of the Internet 
when he bartered his way from a red 
paper clip to a home in Saskatchewan. 

17. The disastrous cycle of drought and flooding caused 
death and damage worldwide. More than 500 died in the 
aftermath of Tropical Storm Bilis in China. Japan and the 
Koreas in July, and floods killed 1,000 in Africa in August. 

2. When Katherine Jefferts Schori was elected 
presiding bishop of the Episcopalian Church, she 
became the first woman to lead a province. 

3. Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck were found in the St. Louis-area 
apartment of a man who allegedly abducted them: Ben was held just 
four days, but Shawn had been captive nearly four years. 

4. Marines guard the U.S. Embassy in 
Damascus, Syria, after a September attack by 
armed Islamic militants. 

5. Ted Kennedy, D - MA, proposed 
a bill to increase minimum wage to 
$7.25 per hour over three years. 

6. In August, a group of 
nternational astronomers 
.tripped Pluto of its planetary 
.tatus. downsizing the solar 
.ystem to eight planets. 

7. Though John Mark Carr 
confessed to killingJonBenet 
Ramsey, Boulder County (CO) 
district attorneys said DNA 

8. Ford Motor Co. announced plans to close 
14 plants and cut more than 25.000 jobs (20-25 
percent of its North American work force) by 
2012. The second-largest U.S. automaker is 

9. Teenager Zachariah Blanton 
admitted to a series of highway 
shootings in Indiana which 
killed one person, wounded 

10. At 746 a.m. on Oct. 17. 2006, the U.S. 
population officially passed 300 million. The 
formula used in tracking population considered 
births, deaths and immigration. Only the countries 

evidence showed otherwise. restructuring to reverse a $1.6 billion loss last year. another and damaged vehicles. of China and India are more populous. 

11. Archeologists found a village of small houses that may have sheltered those who built Stonehenge or housed people 
Utending festivals there 12. Florida Representative Mark Foley resigned after it was revealed that he communicated 
nappropriately with one or more former White House pages. 

13. Plans were unveiled for the revised Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, which will be America's tallest building. The 
ower. a symbol of New York's revitalization after the Sept. 11, 2001. attacks, is scheduled for completion by 2011. 

'.8. An earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale hit Hawaii in mid-October, causing a landslide that blocked a 
najor highway. A state-wide disaster declaration was posted, but no fatalities were reported A number of aftershocks, 
ncluding one with a magnitude of 5.8, followed. 19. leading Internet search engine Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 
lillion in an October all-stock deal. YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen each received shares of Google stock 
Wth approximately $326 million, while an array of other employees and YouTube's venture capital backers shared the 
attainder. In other technology news, MySpace began distributing Amber alerts, which announce local child abductions. 

•My Name is Earl 

• The Office 

• American Idol 

• Dancing with the Stars 

• My Boys 

• Studio 60 

• 30 Rock 

• Prison Break 

• The Class 

* Two and a Half Men 

• Medium 

• The Closer 

* The Amazing Race 

• The New Adventures 

of Old Christine 

•DaVinci Code 

• Mission Impossible III 

• Ice Age: The Meltdown 

• Talledega Nights 

• You, Me b Oupree 

• Gridiron Gang 

• The Devil Wears Prada 

• Open Season 

• Grudge II 

• Man of the Year 

• Borat 

• Happy Feet 

• Casino Royale 

• Click 

• The Pursuit of 

• Charlotte's Web 

1. ABC's "Ugly Betty" won the 
Golden Globe for best comedy 
and star America Ferrera was 
named best comedv actress. 

4. Hugh Laurie, title character 
in "House" (originally "House 
M.D.") won his second Golden 
Globe award in three seasons 
of the medical drama. 

2. NBC's new epic drama "Heroes" chronicles the lives of 
ordinary people who learn they have extraordinary powers. The 
show's premiere attracted 14.3 million viewers and received the 
highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years. 

3. "Grey's Anati urn was in the spotlight as the 
winner of the Golden Globe for best drama, bi 
also because of internal issues regarding Isaiaf 
W ashington's less-than-sensitive remarks. 

m if 

5. MaryJ. Blige won Grammy 
Awards for Best R&B album. 
Best R&B Song and Best R&B 
Female Vocal Performance for 
"Be Without You." 

6. Former "American Idol" 
champion Carrie Underwood 
won Grammv Awards for Best 
New Artist and Best Female 
Country Vocal Performance. 

7. "X-Men: The Last Stand" broke the Memorial 
Day box office record, bringing in S234.360.104 
in ticket sales The thriller, which starred Hugh 
Jackman, Patrick Stewart. Halle Berry and Ian 
McKellen, opened on May 26, 2006. 

9. Jennifer Hudson won both the Oscar and a Golden Globe as best supporting actress in a motion picture as Effie White in the musical film "Dreamgirls.' 
In March, the former "American Idol" competitor became the first African-American singer to be featured on the cover of Vogue. 10. The Dixie Chicks 
collected five Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year. Record of the Year and Album of the Year. 11. The award-winning serial drama Lost'' entered 
its third season following the lives of a group of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. Filmed on Oahu with an ensemble cast, the showw; 
one of television's most expensive to produce. 12. In October. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe announced their plans to divorce after seven years i 
marriage. They had two children: Ava, 7, and Deacon, 3. 

13. Emmy-winning actor, Peter Boyle, best known as the cranky father on "Everybody Loves Raymond," died in December at age "1. 14. Brandon Routh 
donned the tights for the filming of "Superman Returns," which opened in June 2006. 15. Actress/rapper Queen Latifah earned her star on the famous 
Hollywood Walk of Fame in January 2007 Hers was the 2,298th star to be featured. 16. "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin met an untimely death in Septemb 
when a stingray barb fatally pierced his heart. His 8-year-old daughter, Bindi Sue, planned to follow in his footsteps with her own animal show on TV. 




1. When Justin Timberlake released his second solo album. "FutureSex/LoveSounds." in September, ii debuted at number one on the 
Billboard chart, selling 684,000 copies its first week. He won Grammy awards for "SexyBack" and "My Love" and the album was nominated 
in two other categories. In addition, he starred in his biggest film role to date when he teamed up with Bruce Willis. Sharon Stone, Ben 
Foster and Emile Hirsch in "Alpha Dog." ajanuary 200" release about a young drug dealer and his involvement in a murder kidnapping. 


NewsCom/2007 Getn [mas 

2. San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parke 
and actress Eva l.ongoria plan to wed in Fram 
in the summer of 2007. 

5. The CBS Evening News got a new look when 
Dan Rather retired after -h years with the 
network. In September. Katie Couric. who left 
NBC's "Today" show in May. became the first sol 
female anchor of a major evening news show. 


9. The once-hot teenage soap, "The O.C.," 
was cancelled as of Feb. 22, 2007. Creator Josh 
Schwartz said, "The finale will bring real closure 
to the story we began telling four years ago." 

12. Kelly Clarkson, winner of "American Idol" 
2002. announced her partnership with NASCAR 

13. Singer songwriter guitarist John Mayer 
released his third studio album, "Continuum." ir 
September. 14. Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" vet the 
record for most downloads sold in a single week 

3. Few's "24" and Kiefer Sutherland won 2006 
Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series and Best 
Actor in a Drama Series. 

4. Johnny Depp returned to the big screen as Captain Jack 
Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." which 
opened on July ~. 2006. with the top single-day gross ever. 

f I 

6. Rachael Ray. Food Network 
show host, bestselling cook- 
book author and editor in chief 
of her own magazine, added 
talk show host to her resume. 

7. Ben Stiller grew up just a tew 
blocks away from Manhattan's 
Museum of Natural History, 
the setting of his 2006 movie 
"Night at the Museum." 

8. Kenny Chesney. 200" People's Choice Male 
Vocalist of the Year and 2006 CMA Entertainer of 
the Year, sold 1.3 million tickets in 2006 making 
his "The Road & The Radio" the most attended 
tour of any genre in North America last year. 


10. President of Def Jam Records and rapper Jay-Z took on several new roles this year. In addition to "Kingdom Come," 
an album he describes as "mature and reflective,' he made a documentary about the global water shortage. The U N. 
hailed his efforts as humanitarian. 11. James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul." died of pneumonia on Christmas Day at 73. 

15. While wedding bell rumors persisted for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pitt told Esquire magazine that the couple had 
no plans to marry until "everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able." 16. Ed Bradley, veteran 
CBS newsman who broke racial barriers at the network, died in November of leukemia. 17. Taylor Hicks, a 29-year-old 
from Birmingham. Alabama, was named the fifth "American Idol." Hicks' fans, the "Soul Patrol." found his raw singing 
style, his crazy dance moves and his unlikely mop of grey hair irresistible. 18. "The Departed," a remake of the popular 
2002 Hong Kong crime thriller "Infernal .Affairs." won four Oscars: Best Picture. Best Director ( Martin Scorsese's first 
after seven previous nominations). Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing. 

MTV celebrated 25 years on the air in August, 
2006 and continued to expand coverage and affect 
programming with shows like "TRL," "Control Freak," 
"Road Rules," "My Sweet 16," "Real World" and 
"Underage and Engaged." 

A Sacramento radio station fired 10 employees when 
a listener died following an on-air water drinking 
contest. While 18 contestants were vying for a 
Nintendo Wii console, a nurse called in to warn about 
water intoxication and was ignored. 

Queen Elizabeth II bestowed honorary knighthood 
on U2's Bono, recognizing his humanitarian work, 
particularly his campaign against poverty in Africa. 

A New Jersey eighth grader took home top honors 
- and more than $42,000 in cash and prizes - as 
winner of the 2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee. 
Katharine Close, the first girl to win since 1999, 
spelled "urspache" to win the televised bee. 

Anna Nicole Smith's death was surrounded by 
questions and controversy from the start.The blonde 
39-year-old with a newborn, an ongoing estate battle 
and a tabloid lifestyle died in a Florida hotel on Feb. 8, 
2007. Within days, three men claimed paternity of her 
five-month-old heiress daughter. 

Weddings made news in the world of entertainment. 
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tied the knot in Italy 
in November 2006. In June, the former Mrs. Cruise, 
Nicole Kidman, married country star Keith Urban 
in her native Australia. Avril Lavigne and Sum 41 
f rontman Oeryck Whibley had a summer wedding 
in California. 

Hollywood divorces were in the news too. Britney 
Spears and Kevin Federline (2 yrs.), Heather Locklear 
and Richie Sambora (11 yrs.), Whitney Houston 
and Bobby Brown (14 yrs.), Pamela Anderson and 
Kid Rock (3 months) and Heather Mills and Paul 
McCartney (4 yrs.) all called it quits. 

After 35 years as host of "The Price is Right" and 50 
years in TV, Bob Barker, 83, will retire in June 2007. 


1. Colis quarterback Peyton Manning attempts a left-handed shovel pass in the first-ever rainy Super Bowl. Despite the inclement weather, which made 
it tough to control the ball. MVP Manning completed 25 of 38 passes for 2-T yards and one touchdow n in the Colts' 29-1" victory over the Chicago Bears. 
Super Bowl XI.I. played in Miami, was a game of firsts. It w as the first Super Bowl featuring a pair of black coaches, the Colts' Tony Dungy became the first 
black coach t< > win a Super Bowl and the v ictory w as the first ever NFL championship for the city of Indianapolis. 


I Carolina Humcines. dismissed by many hockey 6ms and experts as the 200^-0e •season started, won the Stanley 
ihasetenthgame 3-1 victory over the Edmonttjn Oilers. The Hurncano ar& back after losing Games 5 and b. 
C MMfcm der Cam Ward was named winner of the Ci inn Smvthe Trophv as the post-seas< in MVP. 

When Tiger Woods won his 11th major championship 
in July 2006 bv capturing the British Open, it was 
his first victory since his father. Earl, succumbed 
to cancer in May. While speculators wondered 
whether he d be able to focus after the death. Woods 
continued toward Jack Nicklaus' record 18 titles 
when he captured his 12th a month later with a five- 
shot victory at the 88th PGA Championships. 

The Tour de France victory went to an American 
rider for the eighth year straight as Calrfornian Floyd 
Landis rebounded to win his fifth race of the year. 

Kentucky Derby winner 
lartor i was euthanized m 
initir. irrr -i. r.r..- .f health win both Vim 
•Slacks. The thoroughbred U& Open bac 
■as irnured in the Preakness. years m. a row. 

4 Tennis ace Roger Federer 5- Maryland players celebrate after winning the 
became the first man ever to 200t> NCAA women's basketball charnpmnships. 

i and the The Terrapins beat Duke ~8-~ in overtime to 
ick three win the title. Sophomore Laura Harper, who 
scored 16 points, was the tournament MVP. 

i Francis:: > Gum- <tar Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruths record of~P home runs in May. In pursuit uf Hank Aon m - 
i of 755 he ended the 2006 season with ~>t homos. 7. fea&an team captam Fabio Cannaviro celebrates his team's 
r win over France m the w orld Cup Soccer finals. 

FT Woods' winnings surpassed the $00 million mark and he won seven consecutive tournament 9- 1 ac 
and the Florida Gators won the NCAA basketball tale and Noah was named the tournament > outstanding 
:. 10. Kevin Harvtck celebrates after winning his first Daytona 500-. he finished just .123 seconds ahead of Mark 
a, who led the NASCAR season opener for 26 bps. 

bird-seed Maria Sharapova won the I S Open, defeating No 2-seed Justine tfcrun-Hardenne <:-*. ft-i. 12. Norway's 
asTiig vastnc <ar r'i -rrrV,. ro * inning goidmedalsin both Best Snowboard Trick and Snowboard 
style. 13. Miami Heat coach Pat Rilev and his team < jvercame a rw(>game series deficit to beat the Dallas Mavericks 
games of the best of seven series. It Lorena Ochoa w as named the LPGAs Plaver of the Year. 

The Saudi first baseman in the Little League World 
Series attracted lots of attention during the August 
tournament in South Williamsport, PA. Aaron Durley, 
13, stood 6-feet, 8-inches tall, weighed 256 pounds 
and wore size 19 shoes. 

On Sept. 25, 2006, the Louisiana Superdome re- 
opened for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. The 
sold-out stadium went wild as U2 and Green Day sang 
The Saints Are Coming. " and the home-team Saints 
beat the Atlanta Falcons 23-3. 

On Jan. 1. 2007, Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight 
became the winningest Division I college basketball 
coach when victory *880 put him ahead of former 
UNC great Dean Smith. 

Retirement changed the landscape of American sports; 
Cowboys coach Bill Parcells called it quits after two 
Super Bowl titles and 19 years as an NFL coach, and 
77-year-oid Arnold Palmer played his last round of 
professional golf in October Other retirements of 
note: Patriots QB Doug Flutie, 15-season Philadelphia 
Steelers coach Bill Cowher, Houston Astros slugger 
Jeff Bagwell and long-time Temple basketball coach 
and Hall of Famer John Chaney. 

Fans mourned the loss of New York Yankees pitcher — 
Cory Lidle, whose small plane crashed into a NYC 
apartment building, and Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby 
Puckett, who died of a stroke at age 45. Longtime 
coaches Red Auerbach (Boston Celtics) and Bo 
Schembechler (Michigan football) also died. 



1. \Xbrld Series MVP David Eckstein and the St. Louis Cardinals topped the AL Champion Detroit Tigers in Game 5 of the 102nd 
Fall Classic. Eckstein, went 6-for-9 with four RBIs in Games 4 and 5, hit the fourth-inning RBI groundout that brought home the 
winning run. The title was the Cardinals' tenth - the most of any NL team - but their first since 1982. Tony LaRussa became just 
the second manager in the history of baseball to win a series title in both leagues. 

_ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ ^ _ 

2. As the new American diplomacy envoy, five- 
time World Champion Michelle Kwan will travel 
the world promoting American values. 

3. Tennis great Andre Agassi retired with an 
emotional farewell at the U.S. Open after a third- 
round loss. 4. Daytona 500 and Brickyard winner 1 
Jimmie Johnson eventually won the Nextel Cup 
title and was named Driver of the Year. 

5. The most recognized soccer player in the 
world went Hollywood. David Beckham signed a 
deal worth a reported $250 million in salary and 
commercial endorsements to play with the Los 
Angeles Galaxy. 

6. B< ml ( h.inipiunship Series MVP Chris Leak 
quarterbacked the Florida Gators to a 41-14 
thumping of Ohio State and the national title. 7. 
Serena Williams, ranked 81st, won the Australian 
Open, heating top-seeded Maria Sharapova