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Han't Sitdge 
a look bg 

its flintier 





Duxbury High School 
130 Saint George Street 
Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332 

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Page 54 

Faculty & Staff 
Page 82 

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Page 136 

Student Life 
Page 176 


Dear Class of 2009, 

As you receive your senior yearbook, I hope you peruse the pages with a smile 
on your face. Take a glance at the past as we prepare for the future. Our time 
at Duxbury High School has come to an end, but we will always remember the 

important lessons we have learned, the good times we have had, and the bonds 

we have formed with one another. 

Just to review a few of the important lessons: 

Always use the l-Care rules when solving a problem! As we learned on the 
middle school beach trip, the 7th grade translation of "Do not get wet" is 
"Completely submerge yourself in the ocean." It is always important to 
remember to turn right at Millbrook and left at the end of Railroad Street to beat 
the maximum amount of juniors and seniors parking at the school. Maneuvering 
through the pool parking lot and cutting off the rest of the line also cuts time. 

Putting this book together has been a labor of love with hours of excruciating 
work to create a lasting tribute to our many years in Duxbury. We hope you enjoy 
reminiscing. Best of luck and congratulations Class of 2009!! 


Mary Courtney Madigan and Sam Vandewater 

We would like to send a special thanks to our fabulous 
yearbook advisors, 
Mrs. Kendrickson and Ms. Broadbent!! ^Bf^y^ 

We entered those (now familiar) faded red doors unsure of ourselves and 
what we may become. We progressed through freshman year, finding the 
pains of adolescence crystallized in our every action. Slowly, we shed our 
middle school skins and became the rudimentary versions of who we are 
now. Then sophomore year came and we delved deeper into what we were 
becoming. We removed the layer of apathy that permeated us freshman year 
and became wholeheartedly involved in our interests, whether it be sports, 
academics, or the performing arts. We took a step into seemingly 
unfamiliar territory, but we felt confident enough to pursue our interests. 
Junior year came and we were swept up in a riptide that no one could 
escape from. Various acronyms slowly became the focal point of our stress 
and anxiety. SAT. AP. GPA. Pressure made us crumble. The absurdity of 
the college search hit us with full force. Thankfully, prom season and 
summer got our minds off of the increasingly maniacal college search. We 
came back as seniors, having made it out of the storm alive and able to see 
the shores that would await our arrival. We had a sense of accomplishment 
and confidence, a bravado that would be justified by the state 
championships to come. As we embark on the next step in our journeys, let 
us not forget who we were, who we are, and who we will become. We will 
fragment into two-hundred-some-odd parts, but our memories will link us 
together. The Class of 2009 has seen towers crumble and a city become 
engulfed by the sea. But we have seen the election of the first African 
American president and the (once) perennially futile Red Sox win not only 
one, but two championships. Our dreams will take us to places higher than 
we ever could imagine. But we will never forget each other, our idyllic 
hometown, or the wonderful memories that bind us together. 
Luke Cronin, Vice President v^mmf^ 



You realize that 
you're going to be 
freshman again next 


The office staff 
members know you 
by name. 


ff V I I 'I l ff 

\ou don t bother 
waking up for school 
until 7:00 am. 


You have more 
electives than 
required classes. 



If If 


"If you'd told me ten years ago I'd be 
solving the world's oil problems, I 
would have said you're crazy . . . Now 
lets throw this giant ball of oil out the 

rhanks to all my friends and family for 
naking high school great. Guys, it's 
>een fun, good luck in college next year. 
Worn, Dad, Em and Ju, you guys are the 
>est, love you all. 

To my family, friends, and anyone who 
has ever cared for me: Thank yon for 
everything, I love yon. Mary, Jaimie, 
Erika, Jen, and Amanda: I will never 
forget you, thank you for all the good 
times and the support. "I've never tried 
to make the best of my time when I 
thought that I had ^-^^^u 
plenty of it." - The 
Academy Is . . . "In 

three words I can • . V 

sum up everything 
I've learned about 
life: it goes on," 
- Robert Frost 

09 We're So I 
Fine!!! | 


"The only place where success comes 
before work, is in the dictionary." 

- Vi nee Lombardi 

Way to work for it Class of '09. I hope 
you had as much fun as I did. Always 
remember, "Now and then we had a 
hope that if we lived and were good, 
God would permit us 
to be pirates." 

- Mark Twain 
Mom, Dad, Caitlin 
and Connor thanks 

for all the support, I J^^^-a^ 
could not have done 
it without you. 

09 We're So 

"In the end it won't matter how many 
breaths you took but how many 
moments took your breath away." 
Dux Hoops 21. Friends & Family - 
Thanks for everything. Carly, you're 
such a great friend. Alexa, so many 
funny memories. Mom 81 Dad, I 
wouldn't be who I am toda y without 
you. Elizabeth, 
I always look up to f*lf% 
you. Mike 81 Matt, 
thanks for always 
being there. Love you W . 
all, and I couldn't 1\% 
have done it without ' V- ;jj 
you! '-"^ 

Thanks to everyone who has made 
these last four years special. Friends - 
Thanks for always being there. 
DuxHoops #30. Soccer Girls State 
Champs! - Love you. Mom, Dad and 
Miranda, I couldn't have done it without 
you. Congrats and Good Luck '09! 
"The past can't be rewritten, you get the 
life you're given, ^fra^ 
some pages turned, v^BB^- 

some bridges «^ 

burned, but there 

were lessons 

learned." r 

- Carrie Underwood ' 

"It's not about what happened in the 
past, or what you think might happen in 
the future. It's about the ride." - Along 
Came Polly. Mom and Dad - Thank you 
for everything, you have helped me 
become who I am today. Hunter - DO 
WORK! Love ya heaps little bro. 
It's been a wild ride ■■■■^""""^^■B 
2009, and I have 

enjoyed every second flfeHft I 

of it. Good luck in 
the future! 

1 I* 

09 We re So 

09 We're So 

"Teenage angst has paid off well, now 
I'm bored and old." 
- Nirvana 

Friends, Family, Future <3. 
Later DHS! 

Four years just wasn't long enough for 
me to compose a great senior quote. I 
don't have much else to say, but good 
luck everyone. 

"Life's tough, get a helmet." 
- Boy Meets World 

JC with great friends and good times. 

Hockey '08 - '09. 

Great times '09. Stay Fine. 

Mom, Dad, Neil, ^_ 

MDC, CTC, CAC, ftf . 

thanks for 


love you guys. 

09 We re So 

09 We re So 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Sara for all 
your love and support. To all my 
friends, it's been a good time. ACK 
07/08, L2, Dux ETL, 2.0, friz, summer, 
all the great times. Good Luck '09! 

09 We re So 

"Yeah, it's overwhelming, but what else 
can we do. Get jobs in offices, and 
wake up for the morning commute." 

Mom, Dad, Brendan, Caitlin and Tyler, 

I love you guys so much. '09 it's been 

fun. Wrestling, I'll miss you. To all my 

friends, you my dawgs. Yo 

son, Harvard ... - * 

Naht, jolt, the zone, f^^^^ 

Greg, the Source, 

pre-practice soccer, ^9 ■ i 

"Cross it here!" my 

bad, Hannaford, da v^l Li 

stink mobile. I'll miss HflH' 

you and hope the 

best for you 09. ^^^^m^^^ 

"Never let the odds keep you from doing 
what you know in your heart you were 
meant to do." Dux bball. Mark 7-4-08 
bbal hard / fluff. Pat Murph? Our 
chats' 5 / wow. Jack - 7-12-08 big / 
good times. Mom & Dad thanks for 
everything, I couldn't have done it 
without you. 

Ryan, thanks for /, ^^^^T^^j^ 

helping me / looking 
after me. Lauren, ( VQjVi » 

my sis, our running "* ~ J 

route / lifting. f f 

Thanks for helping ^^^^^t^k 
me. I love you guys. m, J yV 

Good Luck '09! H VjL 

"Dream as if you have forever." - James 
Dean. Mom, Dad, Paulie, Aimee, Sue, 
and Becca - Thanks for everything and 
most importantly being my friends. 
Boom boom boom, love in the rain, love 
tent - Thanks for always being there. I 
love you girls. You know it all and I 

know you'll never 

forget. Melissa Beth f 
- Always in my 

heart, I take you * 

everywhere I go. 

Here's to the nights, 

'09. I know it's just 

the beginning. -^^^^^ 

"May you grow up to be righteous, may 
you grow up to be true, may you always 
know the truth, and see the lights 
surrounding you, may you always be 
courageous, stand upright and be 
strong, may you stay forever young." 
- Bob Dylan 

Mom & Baba - Love you, thanks for 

everything. Tao, Ha 

Tien, Taj & Teryn - I WJSf > V 

thanks for paving theB^^f * « 

way. Girls. Guys. > A 9 

DuxSoc. Juntos. 

Thanks for making 

me laugh. Congrats BC ^- '• 

'09, Good Luck! B w « -^flf « 

"Today was good. Today was fun. 
Tomorrow is another one." 
- Dr. Seuss 

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Molly 
and my friends. It's been fun. I love 
you all! 

Congrats 09 and 

Good Luck! t % „^l n 

"Life comes only once, don't screw it 
up. If something feels right, then run 
with it. If something looks good, it 
probably is." Sunday River Martha's 
Vineyard Earthfest Rome and Vegas, 
it's been some fun. Girls and boys: keep 
on keepin on. Mom and Dad thanks for 
every opportunity, 
Kevin Ryan Micaela 
thanks for breaking 
in our parents and 
for everything you've 
taught me so far. I 

love you. .^8^J^53P^W 

Enjoy it 09! 

"Celebrate we will, cause life is short 
but sweet for certain. " - Dave 
'09, So fine. Gts the past 4 years. Girls, 
first mates forever. Summer '08, bll, 
beach babes, Nantucket, July 3rd, DMB, 
slightly/31 1, "the apartment." Dux Soc 
frosh/soph year - "ya girts." Dux Track 
'07, gym class '08. Mom, Dad & Abby, 
love you and thanks. ■ ^^R^. 
RWF thanks so much ^ 
for everything you've ^M^^h . ^ 
done for me. Luv youVflV ' jAl 

"What lies behind us and what lies 
before us are tiny matters to what lies 
within us." - Walt Emerson. Wow 
seniors, its been a blast. Ellas, TL 
Smooth, Biz, Kyle, Sanchez, Harrison, 
Lirosi, Topher and Adam thanks guys. 
Luke and Bevans - semasc / pony. 
From TL's basement ■ 
to Bennett's Gas, if s P 
been an adventure - 
thanks for hanging in 
there with me. Mom, 
Dad, Jess 81 Lil Andy 
- love you, always 
will. Peace '09. 

Wow I can't believe if s over, so many 
good times these last four years. 
Driving to the movies in Sommer s 
spaceship, the Duxbury MENS Swim 
Team and our amazing band, epic 
CoD4 chats with ZG, Nate, and Luke, 
Wesley Snipes and eclipses, V- necks, 
sedatives and duct tape, soccer balls, 
Sam's Club and 
other adventures on I 
Luke's dock. Katie, 
Sarah, Mom and 
Dad thanks for all 

the help. I love you ^W^B M 
guys. Good Luck '09! 
Keep it real. 


"If your really want to know, you gotta 
go. Test that theory and travel far." 

Good luck out there '09. 


"And then a thousand years and a 
thousand tears, I'll come finding my 
original crew." 

RiRi & Di am - love you! . . . take it "one 
step at a time!" - dinch, concerts, trips 
to "Hull." All my friends - too many 
memories, love you all! Winslow Kids, 
Scoops, Lax #2 . . . 
Mom, Dad, K&S, 
thanks for 
everything! Good 
Luck '09! 
"In the end my 
friend, we'll all be 
together again." 



"This is how it works. You're young 
until you're not. You love until you don't. 
You try until you can't. You laugh until 
you cry. You cry until you laugh. And 
everyone must breathe until their dying 
breath." - Regina Spektor 

My friends and 
family- thanks for 
helping me become 
the person I am 
today and for all the 
laughs along the 

"What is that feeling when you're 
driving away from people and they 
recede on the plain till you see their 
specks dispersing? It's the too-huge 
world vaulting us, and it's good-bye. 
But we lean forward to the next crazy 
venture beneath the skies." 

- Jack Kerouac 
"Ambition makes you 
look pretty ugly." 

- Thorn Yorke, 
Thank you so much 

Class of '09. I love JpMp * 
you Mom, Dad, Ben r . _ 

& Bill. R.I.P. Paul. 7*^^11 

The Room, COD, Zombie Bowl, 
STATE CHAMPS!, outback, Ey SM, 
Mr. EC, wiff. 

And to Mom, Dad and Jamie: 

"Did the life-jacket sink?" - Dibona 
Go team. Back River Classic. Tube - 
wars. Tents. Loon. Bad Decisions. 
Copper Tops. Prom. Radio and 
Chuckles - priceless. Philly '06. 
Comcast. De De is a cover up. I love 
you Dad (radio) and Mom - You pushed 
beyond belief but looking back I couldn't 
be happier. Broghan ^T^Mi 
(paint can) - Thanks ^tfflfe ^ 
for introducing me to ' a 
the weight room, and jJB 
Greer (sir lank-O- B| J 

09 We re So 


"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as 
if you'll die today." 
- James Dean 

Friends ... so many gt's - nighttime 
nature walks, cool cakes, "I smell a 
skunk," glow in the dark tennis, star 
gazing, climbing on * ~^J^^HBP'"*i 
roofs - Dux Hoops I t 
it's been real - 
thanks Mom, Dad, ^Bfl 
brothers 81 CO. 

'09 It's been real! Dux Lax '08 . . . '09, 6 
Peat!? Haha! Good times with all guys 
and girlies. We really always knew how 
to have fun. To my Mom and Dad - 
thanks for bringing me into this world. I 
couldn't have done it without you and of 
course thanks Linds and Tim you 
always got my back. Love all of you! 

"I grew up thinkin' 

that I had it made, *t^^JP 

Gonna make it on 

myown." ■ R 

- Allman Brothers IB 

Peace Out 09! ^^LvF^fl^ 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Tom, Joey, and 
Jack. Couldn't have done it without 

Joey and Jack - good luck and work 
hard. To all my friends, it's been 
awesome. ACK 07/08, L2, Dux ETL, 
bootz, Texas, all the good times. 

XC/Track. WKM^ ^QO 

Good Luck '09! N. 

1 love that!" ACK 08, TDAC, 

blue, gunner, f arva mobile, 

God bless America. Good Luck '09! 

09 We're So 

Thank you to all my friends and family 
for seeing me through. Michelle - I love 
you, thanks for always being there. I 
want to say good luck to everybody in 
the class of '09. Nickels and Shopping 

"Hope is a waking - 


- Aristotle 

"Around here, however, we don't look 
backwards for very long. We keep 
moving forward, opening up new doors 
and doing new things, because we are 
curious . . . and curiosity keeps leading 
us down new paths." 
- Walt Disney 

"The hard part is what to leave behind 
. . . It's time to let go!" 
- Winnie the Pooh 

■ -I 

» " . Ifi 

2,000+ miles logged in the hallway, 
$3,500 worth of lunch food, and 
uncontested superiority through all four 

I came, I saw, I conquered. 

"Every new beginning comes from some 
other beginning's end." 

Dux Soc #16, thanks girls for all the 
fun times! Dux Hoops #10. Mom, Dad 
and Dennis - Thanks for all your 
support, love you. Friends, thanks for 
the great times! You A i _ 
guys are the best. t * -^,A A 
Sarah, thanks for f 'NBA ■ V 
everything, love you! B> 3 

Good luck class of 
'09, if s been great. 

"Today you are you, that is truer than 
true. There is no one alive who is youer 
than you." 
- Dr. Seuss 

If there's one thing I can say to all of 
you, if s to never waste your time doing 
something that isn't in your heart. 
Mom and Dad - good job keeping up 

with me! Sam - .^^^^^7***^-- 

thanks. Music and 
drama - without you, I 
I'd be so pathetically WMg 

And keep in mind: 
Never Bb Never B# 
Always B Natural. urn 

Mommy, Daddy 81 Jamie - Thank you 
so much for all die love and support. 
Friends - So many great memories to 
remember forever. I love my XC ladies 
- the fun just never stops: muffin talks, 
Richard Simmons, fibble, etc Winter 
Track - RLC cough, DD. Softball - 
Ello! Mike (need I JK^Pt 
say more?), finding 
ways to make fun of ^^^^^K^ 
me hah a, RIP Mr. 
Depalo. Best of Luck V ■ 
Class of 2009! k 



To Mom, Dad and Catherine, thanks for 
your unconditional love and support. To 
my friends, thanks for all the memories. 
Andy's. The Eulogy. Poker. Cake. 
Calzones. Sketchouts. Nickels. 
Tennis. Wiff. Back 2 Tha Hood. The 
Marsh Bet. Two Click, Not Three, etc. 

"Try not to become a 
man of success, but 
rather, try to become 
a man of value." 
- Einstein 

Thanks to everyone who has made 
these past four years unforgettable and 
always kept me laughing. Thanks Mom 
81 Jon for always believing in me. Girls 
& Guys thanks for the memories love 
you all. Marcus - My best friends keep 
in touch. 

"I'm not the me that I started with my 
friends say my eyes 

are brighter, I'm not ^^^^^^^^^^^B 

the me that I started |^^^r V**' J 

with; I'm freer, and jfe^^k*. 

I'm wiser, and I'm 

stronger." *1 

- Caitlyn Smith m tefc- 

Good Luck 09! A ■ 

Pies test - Always we've had some great 

times class of '09! 

Interesting car rides, OAR, Hull, 

starting the car without keys, 

Thanksgiving. Gonna miss you all. 

Everyone - Love you and thanks for 

a great 4 years. Mom and Dad - 

Thanks! £T*^ 

Greg - Good luck. 

Don't ever change 

09! M9- 

5 • SI 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Melissa, you are 
all an inspiration to me and it's because 
of you guys that I'm where I'm at today 
- THANKS! I love you so much Briana, 
you mean the world to me, I wouldn't be 
the same person without you! To all 
who ever helped me or guided me 
throughout life, I thank you all so much. 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Steph for 
helping me along the way. Gunner, Big 
Blue and Black Hog. ACK '08, can I get 
yo numba? Good luck '09 . . . Life's a 
garden, dig it. 

09 We re So 

"History is a guide to 1 
navigation in perilous 
times. History is who 
we are why we are 
the way we are." 

"We can laugh all day, we can dance all 
night, it's hard to fit a hundred years in 
a Friday night cuz there always seems 
to be something left to say." 
- Roman Candle 


DumpsterKatie ... I 

Best night of my life 

just let me do my lltftftarirlV 

thaaaang. ^■H 

I'm feeling 


"I am ready to face any challenges that 

might be foolish enough to face me." 

- Dwight K. Schrute 

Mom, Dad, Hill, Annie, Pru - thanks for 

everything! Tommy, TYger, 

Pocketwatch, aww it's so cute, catdog, 

ARdumpster, all the rest of my 

grandchildren - you .^^^^B 

guys? Made it fun? - 

Cellos, take it back, ^^fl 

adventures in big 

blue. GOOD GIRL . . WfW 

andRitsy. Sailing IS "\C ^ 

a sport. 

"Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I 
am good-fortune. Henceforth I whimper 
no more, postpone no more, need 
nothing, strong and content, I travel the 
open road." 

- Walt Whitman 

"But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow 
the sun." 

- The Beatles *. ~~ 
"There is no such Ih^^t < 
thing as a moral or 

immoral book. 

Books are well «L wfl 

written, or badly 
written. That is all." 
-Oscar Wilde 

Whoever appeals to the law against his 
fellow man is either a fool or a coward. 
Whoever cannot take care of themself 
without that law is both. For a wounded 
man shall say to his assailant, "If I Live, 
I will kill you, If I Die, You are 
Forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor. 

09 We're So 

"Be who you are and say what you feel 
because those who mind don't matter 
and those who matter don't mind." 

- Dr. Seuss. 

Thanks to all my friends for making 
high school the best years of my life. 
Mom, Dad, Ricky and Kara, I love you 
guys and thanks for everything. 
Good Luck 09! ^MBw 
"And when you look jfl Wk 
at me you remind me ^JAmH 
that someday it's • j^^^^J* 

gonna end and when 
you pass on I bet you j > 
miss your friends." jj^ \ f\ 

- Ryan Adams \*? *1 

Hockey / Lax State Champs! 
Mom, Dad & Matthew - Thanks for 
helping me along the way, love you guys 
Caitlin - Thanks for always being there 
for me, I love you. 

Boys - It's been fun, never forget you 
guys, good luck next year. 

"Don't Stop 
- Journey 


"We all take different paths in life, but 
no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere." 

- Tim McGraw 

Bestest - Always. Girls 81 Guys - You 
are the best. Love you. FH and hockey 
#5 capt. Mom and Dad, thank you for 
everything, love you. 
Peter, good luck! ... — « » 

Keep in touch 09! !"! Br ^SHk2L 

"These are the days 
of your life, and don't £ I 
let them pass you * ■ 

- Dave Matthews ^tiR 

09 We're So 

To human race I say let the games 
begin, under way say in conditions that 
we play in, maybe thing s are better this 
way, may the games begin today, the 
whole world is your toy." 
- Jason Mraz 

Thanks so much Mom, Dad, Nancy and 

Paige, I love you. Tori - Greece - 

Crepes & Havana * T 4 *" 

Nights - The Cape - *V 

888 - We've been * 

together through it 

all. Love you much! 

Good Luck 09! V '^W^^ 

"Sometimes you cannot believe what 
you see, you have to believe what you 
feel. And if you are ever going to have 
other people trust you, you must feel 
that you can trust them, too - even 
when you're in the dark. Even when 
you're falling." 

- Tuesdays with SF~"^^1 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything 
and helping me with my work when I 
needed it. Thanks to my girlfriend 
Courtney, I love you. Thanks to my 
friends, we had some good times, 
Lincoln Fields, Burger King, The Media 
Room, Cruises, CoD and WoW. I can't 
wait for more. ^ fl 


Thanks to all of my teachers, goodbye 
to all of my classmates, and to all of my 
friends we will always be. 
Congratulations Class of 2009. It has 
been one heck of a ride! 



"Somewhere over the : 
high, there's a land th< 
in a lullaby. 
Somewhere over the r 
blue, and the dreams t 
dream really do come 
Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake 

w way up 
I heard of once 

nbow skies are 
it you dare to 

up where the clouds < 
Where troubles melt 
like lemon drops 
away above the 
chimney tops that's 
where you'll find me. 
Somewhere over the 
rainbow." : ) 

far behind me. 


These four year have brought me both 
ups and downs. Through many 
obstacles, I learned how imperfect I can 
be. When I say. "Lord, your will be 
done," is when the obstacles are 
removed. My future is in your hands, 

"Your word is a lamp ■ 

to my feet and a light , ^ 

to my path." ^■frS^'siB 

- Psalm 119:105 r JM 

09 We re So 

"What other people may find in poetry 
or art museums, I find in the flight of a 
good drive." 
- Arnold Palmer 

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, 
Edward, and Ross. I love you guys. 
To my friends, many jb^^^^^ 
thanks for the A 
memories. Rest in 
peace, Grandfather! 
Godspeed Class of C 
09! A. ^^a. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Michael, 

Cristina {& Buster) for all your love and 

support, love you guys. My XC ladies, 

fun runs and muffin talks, keep running. 

My girls, always a good time, thanks 

for making me laugh, never would've 

made it through without you guys. 

"Today you are, that 

is truer than true. , ^fl fc^^^—. 

There is no one alive J 

who is youer than 

you." H 

- Dr. Seuss fc 

Good Luck '09! It's 

been fun. Peace. 

09 We re So 

09 We're So 

09 We re So 

"Do what you like, 81 like what you do." 
Rowing, Indoor Track, and Tennis . . . 
good times at all of these. Concert 
Band and Symphonic Band all the way. 
Hanging on the weekends with my 
friends, we had some good times with 
each other. Thanks to all my teachers, 
classmates, friends, 
and especially my 
family for all the help 
and support . 1 & 

throughout the years. \M 
Good Luck 09! [ 

09 We re So 


Congrats '09 - Thanks to all family and 
friends. Mom, Dad, PJ, Josh, Nana and 
everyone else, you have all supported 
me and mean so much to me. I love you. 
NH AF KB so many good times and I 
know many more to come . . . censored 
lights summer NJ chorhor driving 
around aimlessly cv trips, it goes on 
forever. Love you ■■ ^ i 

guys we will always I' 
be close. ^^^^^k 
"Don't cry because / Jk^ 

it's over. Smile m \ m 

because it \\ 
happened." L^^MU*E^£ 
- Dr. Seuss E^^^HU 

"It is not death that a man should fear, 
but he should fear never beginning to 
Marcus Aurolius 

09 We re So 

Nantucket, OAR, Monster Jam, 81 
State Radio. 

Friends - Sooo many funny, awkward, 
pointless memories. Paula - You're my 
life! I don't know what I would have 
done without you . . . Love you. 

"Life is like an bhht g^^^m 

onion: You peel it off^ V^J^^k^B 

one layer at a time, . t i 
and sometimes you Ittifl 

09 We re So 

"Do not go where the path may lead; go 
instead where there is no path and 
leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Mom, Dad and Clarke - I love you! 
Thank you for everything you have done 
for me, I wouldn't be where I am today 
without your love and support. 
Friends - Luv Ya! Su ch go od tim es and 
so many memories!! flfl^^^^^^cTlfl 
Wii. LaserTag. Movie "^="^^5S«3^j 
Nights. ManHunt. ^M^^pC 
Best of luck next year^^l JpvIP *j 
and I will miss you f 111 * 
all! DuxSwim <3 £ kA\\> WW- J" 

Congrats Class of f I If 

2009! *> *. mm 

"Look into your heart, and you'll find 
love. Listen to the music of the moment 
people dance 81 sing. We're just one big 
family." - Jason Mraz 
Allie, Alyssa, Akid, Momo, Lj, Wong, 
Mack & everyone else <3 Threes? 
Dave Matthews, DBMS, OAR. 
8/8/08, frosties. * * ^ * 

"You're pathetic" - 
"But the bigger • jk/* 

question is." Mom 81 
Dad can't thank you 
enough; Denis - 
enjoy the truck . . . 
Stay Fineee 09! 

"When you wake up every day, please 

don't throw your dreams away, hold 

them close to your heart, 'cause we're 

all a part, of the ordinary miracle." 

- Sarah McLachlan 

Class of '09, we've done it! WAHOO!! 

So many wonderful memories, 

especially in String mbj^h 

Ensemble: Carnegie 

Hall, Symphony 

Hall, San Fran, 

we've done it all! 

To all my friends, I 

love you, and I will 

miss you. 


"You never really knew the things you 
learned would matter; the things you 
did and didn't do would someday find 
you; the things you hate the most: the 
lessons on piano, the books you read in 
Sunday school - And all these things 
are lessons in living." 

Congrats '09 we made it! Summer '08 
Gts! Thank you KD for always being 
there, our awesome stories. Everyone 
else you know who you are. =) We had 
some great times together, hope they 
will continue. I'm going to miss 
everyone, I feel like I've been in Dux all 
my life all thanks 2W& 
to everyone. ^ ~* 

Peace Out. See 
you in the near 

"Even if we are occupied with important 
things and even if we attain honor or 
fall into misfortune, still let us 
remember how good it once was here." 
To my good friends, it's been great. 
New Hampshire, Sunday River, Rome, 
Ricky's food, beach, New York, NCAA, 
I have to go peepee, prom, Red Sox 

game, Celtics parade. 
:) ...What, 
Joanna's kitchen, 
Duxbury Cleaners! 
lax . . . Congrats '09! 
Enjoy what the future 

"This film isn't about a lifestyle, it's 
about life, where style's just an option." 

- Dana Brown 

"You know, you're thinking I'm gonna 
die . . . most times you don't, I mean 
guys have died here . . . but it's so scary 
at that ment that . . . pr — _____ 
I dunno, maybe you _fl_^_^V 
die a little." 

- Gerry Lopez 

Good Luck 09! Keep 
livin' your dream. 

"Now is the time for us to shine, the 
time when our dreams are within reach 
and possibilities vast. Now is the time 
for us to become the people we've 
always dreamed of being, this is your 
world, you're here. You matter. And 
the world is waiting." 
Girls - You're the >jmo — « — mmmtm^ 
best, I love you, 
we've had so many 
good times! Mom, 
Dad and Colin - 
Thanks for 

everything, I love you ^^^^J^ 
guys. Good Luck 09! — •-■^^^^B 

"The world is my backyard." 
- Walt Disney 

DHS, it's been fun. I'll never forget 
World's End, "Life makes me hungry." 
James's basement, DiMitri's, all the 
good times hanging with the group. 

Fun times w/ Best Buddies: Red Sox, 
Bruins, Faneuil Hall, Talent Shows, 
parties 81 games. Being in Beauty 81 the 
Beast, Guys 81 Dolls, Our Town. 
Making Eagle Scout! Thanks Mr. 
Sullivan. Boy Scouts: ski trips, hiking, 
camping, CI arks Is. Thanks Mom, Dad 
81 Chris for all you have done for me. 

"It doesn't matter if ft |fe . 

we we're down ... ^ J 

You've got to keep . %J| 

the faith. The game ^k 

is not over until the ^^Bf\ I 

last out." WL-^M 

- David Ortiz IMA^^. 

"Impossible is just a big word thrown 
around by small men who find it easier 
to live in the world they've been given 
than to explore the power they have to 
change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's 
an opinion. Impossible is not a 
declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is 
potential. Impossible £^^^p — 
is temporary. kj^^^ 
Impossible is | ^j^tfKfc § 

nothing." V M 


To my family, friends, and everyone 
who has helped me along the way, I 
thank you forever and love you always. 
You only have one life to live. 
Discovering who you really are can be 
the one of the hardest things, but having 
the courage to actually be that person 
• can be harder. To a special 
someone; I know it's 
more than luck that's ^^r^^Attk 
been keeping me 
safe. Love forever, 

never forget. IBM^^^HI 
I'll see you on the 

dark side of the ^^^^^g 

moon. Long live the 
Mothers hip. 

"Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust 
them." - Obi- Wan Kenobi 

Ughsssss ..." - Nameless Zombie 
from "Dawn of the Dead" 

Cor Diabolica, I promise to keep the 
Gods alive and well. mmmm^*—~^mm^ 

Thanks to Dad, Mim, 
J, Chels, Alex, 
Pickles, Gibsy and 

"These are the times that we'll 
remember. Breaking the city sight 
together. Finally it's our time now." 
Friends- you're the best, love you all. 
#17 Lax '07 state champs, hockey, 

Kimbabee - you're pretty much my 
sister, thanks for that 
Mom, Dad, Pete - 
don't know what I 

would do without W*V 
you, love you I 
Congrats ^i^^^Mfc 

09 - It's been LEGIT. Mom, Dad & 
Boo - Thank you for everything, I love 
you. Firstmate - Couldn't have done it 
without you, love you lots. Everyone 
else, good luck next year! Live it up. 

"Come and relax now. Put your troubles 
down. No need to ^_____gj___| 

bear the weight of /^^Kbbbl. 

your worries, you let v4M9MH^\ 

them all fall away." Jt '1 

- DMB 

"A long December and there's reason to 
believe. Maybe this year will be better 
than the last. I can't remember all the 
times I tried to tell myself. To hold on 
to these moments as they pass." 
- Counting Crows 

Mom, Dad, Hay and 

Sam thanks for all 

the love and support, / 

couldn't have done it I 

without you. Girls, c ' 

thanks for all the ■•P * 

memories. T 

Good Luck 09! 

It's been a great 4 years! I can't believe 
it's over already. Thanks Mom, Dad and 
Keelan for everything, I love you guys. 
Keelan swim fast! To all my friends 
thanks so much, you guys have kept me 
laughing the past four years. "Mad 
Martha, they're hungry." Seth thanks for 
always being there , 
for me, I love you. 
Good Luck Class of ^ — 
'09! I'll see you in I J i Jk 

the future! 

. . and when you \^a^FJ 
can't do anything 
else, just live." 

09 We re So 




"Don't blink. Just like that you're six 
years old, and you take a nap, and you 
wake up, and you're twenty-five. Trust 
me, friend, a hundred years goes faster 
than you think, so don't blink." 
- Kenny Chesney 

Run Fast, Turn Left. 


Marty's Party, Harry's House, Whitney's 
Hood, The Orangatang, Sophomore 
pep-rally, Senior State Champs, Big 
Cat Shields. 

"You know what your problem is . . . I'm 
too good looking." 

Mom, thanks for always supporting me, 
so much of who I am is because of you. 
Dad, thanks for letting me be myself. 
I'll never forget all the things you have 
both done for me - love you both. 
Bustanut, always keep things exciting, 
my best friend 'til the end - love you! 

And to anyone who 
has ever laughed 
with me, cried with 
me, been there for 
me; you have all 
made a difference. 

"I never needed any reason for me to 
say through all them troubled times yes, 
me love you anyway, and the roughest 
path you know, the rocky rocky road 
you know that life and love is a heavy 
heavy load." 

My girls 81 guys - You're amazing. 
Cip's basement, . — ^^^^^E^S 
beach, Chloe's 
house. Mom, Dad, 
Kris, Kel, er Pat ~*|fB 
Boon Noah, love you. 
Gonna miss the Dux. 

09 Peace. Love. 

09 We're So 

"Had no excuses for the things that 
we'd done. We were brave, we were 
crazy, we were mostly young." 
- Kenny Chesney 

Friends, it's been fun, xo! crim riri one 

step at a time . . . Dux Cleaners, car 

rides with Kerr, concerts, fockey . . . 

Mom, Dad, Nel, N, 

Lancey - Thanks for 

everything, love you 

guys! Good Luck 09! JH 

"This is your time, 

now go out there A| ] 

and take it!" 

09 We re So 

09 We So 

09 We re So 

"Go confidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you have 
imagined." - Henry David Thoreau 
The past 4 years have been amazing, 
stuco, music, XC & dance. Thanks to 
my friends, Mom, Dad Si Heather for 
always being there to love & support 
me. Good Luck 2009! ^HM^^^^^H 
"Dance like nobody's 
watching; love like 
you've never been 
hurt. Sing like 
nobody's listening; 

live like it's heaven '^^B^ft 
on earth." M Vl^^l 

- Mark Twain 

Thanks to all of my friends and family, I 
couldn't have done it without you. Dux 
Track, Dux Hoops. Sam - Thanks for 
always making me smile, I love you. 
Mom - You're my inspiration. Dad - 
You'll always be my Superman, and I'll 
always be your Doo. 
Kara - I'm glad that r 
you're my big sis - I 
love you all so much. 

Congratulations and 
Good Luck 09! 

09 We re So 

JS Cm 


I want to thank all my friends for being 
there for me, I have made a lot of close 
friends over the years. A lot of good 
times will be remembered, all the jokes, 
the random sleepovers at 1 1PM, and 
the HOURS of playing Super Smash 
Bros. I'm glad I've gotten to know you 
all and good luck in s^^^^t 
the future. ^ 
Class of 09! 

09 We re So 

To all my guys and girls, thanks for 
making these last 4 years absolutely 
amazing. Mom, Dad & Mikey, thanks 
for always being there and believing in 
me. Dad, I'll still always be your little 
girl no matter what. To all my cheer 
ladies, keep up the good work. 
Nanas<3 Class of ^^^^m 
2009, good luck and & 
stay fine. 

"You better know in 

the end it's better to ^^^g 

say too much than to I 

never say what you 

need to say." ■ 1 1 HI I 

Too much of the same stories in our 

lives, I think it's time for change, don't 

you? Too much of the same stories in 

our lives, I think it's time for us to walk 

away from here." - Trapt 

Casey, Jacquie, Emily & MC - You guys 

are amazing, you're such great friends 

and we've made 

these past years 

such a blast. Thanks 

for being so 

supportive, I love 

you!! Good Luck 

Class of 2009! m 

"Limitations live only in our minds. But 
if we use our imagination, our 
possibilities become endless." 
- Jamie Paolinetti 

Thanks to everyone who made these 

four years great: My friends, core four, 

so many great times. Flute section, 

best section of the week. Swim team. 

Sam, Tess, Mom, 81 I 

Dad. I don't know 

what I would have 

done without you. 

Class of '09, have a I 

great time! ILi^l 


Congrats '09. To all the guys and girls, 
thanks for making HS the best time of 
our lives. Amazing memories . . . 
Martha's Vineyard, the cleaners, nature 
nights, Celtics parade. "We'll meet at 
my kitchen then go." NCAA, prom '08, 
DMB. Love you Mom and Dad, thanks 

' for everything you've 1 

done for me. Greg 
and Anthony, thanks 
for being there and 
breaking in the 

parents. I love you. ^^i^fi 

This isn't goodbye, *£01MS* 

I'll see you all soon, f 

meet at my house?? ^M^^^^^^M 



To all the bros and ladies, it's been a 
good run, Tony made the weekends, 
Sherms, Cape Verde St., Lizza's 
weekend, thought it was a trashbag, 
sorry Liz, VT, 50 yard line, bees games, 
New Year's at Harvey's, lieutenant Dan 
at Char's, Petty, Dave, Philly, Beach, 
hangin' with the MMMinH 
Germans, Harry ^LW A 

Tricks. Thanks m\\V^^m\ 
MoMs and PoPs. * jjj 

Bro, you led me in mm * 
the right direction. H^^^^^ ^ 
Good Luck 09! I'M Wk mfmm] 

out Mr mm 

"Happiness isn't getting what you want, 
it's wanting what you've got." 
- Garth Brooks 

09 We're So 

\ 1 

"Feet on the ground, head in the sky, it's 
ok, I know nothing's wrong." - Talking 
Heads. Bros and the ladies, it's been 
real. Bush. Sherm s driveway. 
Tweeter. Feelin it. Roman, couldn't 
have asked for a better brother. Can't 
forget all the older bros wawawa, 
thanks for showin' mmm "mm 
me the ropes. Rollin' ^—W .... 
on Allston Street? 
Waat. Randy. Love I 
you Dad and Roman, I 
don't know where I 
would be without 
you. One love. 

Class of 2009 - Always remember that 
"the future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams" so keep 
dreaming and dream big! 
*Dan - My best best buddy thanks for 
leading the way. 

'Mom & Dad - Thanks for everything. 
ILMFVM! £P mr ^\- 
'Friends - Thanks \ 
for all the laughs 

and memories! WM^fl. ' 

Love you all! ^EtT'^ 
*DUX HOOPS* Jtmmm, 

With so much drama in Duxbury 

it's kinda hard bein' rip d-o-double-g. 

But I, somehow, some way keep comin' 

up with funky lovin' stuff like every 

single day. May I, kick a little 

something for the g's. And, make a few 

ends as I breeze through, haaa just 

kidding. Thanks to 

all the guys and girls Emmm^mV 

who've made it good. ^ 

Thanks to my family. Hr • 

Best luck to M^HI I *. 

if >\ 


i f 

"You can pay for school but you can't 
buy class." 



Dude, it's been great. 

Cod, curb . . . cake. Bennetts wiffle, 
Andy's, nickels, nonsense. Thanks to 
my family and friends who have always 
been there. Much Love. Haha . . . yeah 
. . . alright . . . peace. 

"All I can do is be | . 

me, whoever that 

- Bob Dylan 

Fun at Track, XC Si Swimming. Best 
Buddies with Pat S. Bowling with Kyle 
SI Dan. Hoop Heroes with David. 
Junior Prom with Celia. Field trips to 
Newport, mall SI Imax. Math class 
with Mr. Fisher 81 Mrs. Cappola. 
Family fun: Italy, Mexico, water skiing, 
beach, video games. Thanks Mom, Dad 
Si Hristyn for " 
everything. I love ^^^M 

"Let it be, let it be. \M 
There will be an 

answer, let it be." wtKBt0 

- The Beatles Ifcfl Wt 

09 We're So 

"Summertime, time, time, Child, the 
living's easy. Fish are jumping out 
and the cotton, Lord Cotton's high, 
Lord so high." - J an is Joplin 

"When logic and proportion have fallen 
sloppy dead and the White Knight is 
talking backwards ^puB*VH| 
and the Red Queen's , % 

off with her head!' ^Fl^^^^ 
Remember what the .JAh 
doormouse said, BKaW ^vlB 
Feed your head. ^^^^^ ^ 

- Jefferson Airplane H| wk0 lr " 

"The answer, my friend, is bio win' in 
the wind." 
- Bob Dylan 

"What is the feeling when you're driving 
away from people, and they recede on 
the plain 'til you see their specks 
dispersing? It's the too huge world 
vaulting us, and it's goodbye. But we 
lean forward to the next crazy venture 
beneath the skies." 

- Jack Kerouac 

"Dust turns to dust ^^J' A 

and surf to surf ^^r5*3p^5fc3 
trying to slip my life HHPl 1 
into slow motion me 
to Earth." KM J 

- Echo and the 

Bunny men Bl^EH 

"In the end it does not matter how 
many breaths you took, but how many 
moments that took your breath away." 




"Be who you are and say what you feel 
because those who mind don't matter 
and those who matter don't mind." 
Girls/Guys - Wouldn't have been the 
same without you. #8 FH/ LAX Mom, 
Dad, Matt & Luke - Thank you for 
putting up with me! I love you. 
Congrats '09, keep in touch. 
"You & I will meet 
again when we're 
least expecting it, 
one day in some far 
off place I will 
recognize your face, 
I won't say goodbye 
my friend for you and 
I will meet again." 


To all the bras 81 ladies, it's been fun. 
The occasioned Duxbury Party, Cape 
Verde St. was crazy, Shipyard nights, 
Sugarbush, Sherm's crib, Concerts, The 
Real Groove, Lax was fun, Prom night 
81 walking to Sherm's the next 
day. "Who puts a dress in a garbage 
bag, honestly." Thanks to all my friends 
and my family. It's 
been a great journey. ■ 
I'm out. UK ' BM )]j> 

"What a long strange P 
trip it's been." 
- Grateful Dead 

"Here is the deepest secret nobody 
knows, here is the root of the root and 
the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky 
of a tree called life; which grows higher 
than soul can hope or mind can hide, 
this is the wonder that's keeping the 
stars apart ... I carry your heart, I 
carry it in my heart." 
- £.£. Cummings 

Favorite Memories: Hanging with the 
boys under the lights soccer games - Go 
Team, will never forget you boys. Prom 
08, summer '06, '07, '08. New Seabury. 
Duxbury Soccer #21 /#4 Patriot League 
Champs '07 - '08 bleep test & 2 mile 
will remember forever to all my 
- teammates 81 coaches. Thanks. O.A.R. 
I'll leave it at that. ^^^H 
Going to BC hockey m^^^ 
games those Friday 
nights. To Mom, . ■ If 

Dad, Tyler 81 Rudy \ J 

Rip Riley, thanks for H^^ 1 ! 
everything. Good 
luck. Peace Out 

"Take today, and go walk for a while. 
Well just sit back Jack and relax and 
enjoy a smile. Well let your mind go for 
a minute or two. Let your mind levitate 
for a delicate few." - O.A.R. 
Class of '09, it's been a great four 
years. My spaceship. Men's swim. 
Thanks Mom and ~ 
Dad for your love, Vfl^fl 
support, and 
guidance, and all my 
friends for the laughs ^BB 
and jokes. Never ^"^^ 
forget you guys. ^^^k^^N 

"It is the end of something simple and 
the beginning of everything else. Dream 
as if you will live forever and live as if 
you will die today." 


"I say and I quote, we need a miracle, 
and I say a miracle cause this is ish 
hysterical, by my nephews and nieces I 
will email Jesus tell 'em forward to 
Moses and c.c. Allah." - Young Jeezy 

Crazy times. Shout out to my brothers, 
Pat Whalen, Dave — 
Farese, and Jon 4aA^^N 
Parzi . . . Doc 

Sully's class 08, ML 
and Wadsworth f^'k J 
power plant ... ^ Tfcal . 
Oh nine, I'm doin' iiPSt^*^ hIRi 



09 We're So 

"So why would you care to, get out of 
this place. You and me and all our 
friends, such a happy human race." 
- Dave 

These last four years have been great. 
To all my friends out there, thanks for 
all the memories. Golf - State Champs 
06, 08? Bball - 
Sunday practices. 
Wakeboarding. MmM* 
Philly. Concerts. Lj 
Mom, Dad, Nina, 
Terrence and Leigh: J^m 
You guys are the 

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as 
if you'll die today." '09 So Fine. Girls 81 
Guys 81 Annie, it's been a ride. 
Cleaners, Dave, Tom Petty, OAR, 
Slightly, Earthfest, Chinatown/ Vegas/ 
Tents . . . 99/ Prom '08 - Ricky P, 
Vineyard, nature nights, New 
Hampshire 81 more . . . Mom, Dad, love 
you 81 thanks! James , W F ^TV| 
thanks for WtKt^^^^ 
breaking the rents in? 
And Tracy don't J F 

forget our rule! So, I I 
guess I'll just see you 
guys at Joanna's . . . Eg£ 
round 7? 

"I could make a million or wind up 
broke free and easy down the road I go 
can't take it with you when you go so 
free and easy down the road I go 
someday I know it's gonna take me 
home so free and easy down the road I 
go." - Dierks Bentlcy 

"Clear eyes, full • - . 

hearts can't lose!" — 
- Friday Night Lights 

Mom, Dad, Lindsey 
81 Olivia, thank you ' 
so much, you mean 
the world to me. I ^ j 
love you guys!! 

09 We're So 

"Well this is my paradise, this is all I 
really need, and I can't live without this 

- Barefoot Truth 

The Dream Team. Nationals. Hey look 

guys a spork! Hull Keft! But the bigger 

question is. I'm not an animal you guys! 

Oscar, Spills, Katie, ^ 

Allie, Pellediva, 

Andrew, Runci and 

all you guys. Thanks 1 

to my family, friends, ■ 

and coaches, you'll 

always be in my 

heart. * 

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You 
never know what you're gonna get." 
- Forest Gump 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Meghan that 
I got to have a great year with lots of 
new experiences! It was awesome! 
Thanks for being my family! Love you! 

Also thanks to all 

the people who "^PpBAfck 

helped me through 

my year and made it 

so special! I will 

never forget you! 

Congrats Class of 

2009, you did it!!! 

Mom and Dad, I owe everything to you. 
"Pay no attention to that man behind 
the curtain." 

- The Wizard of Oz 
DiMiTris, Lindsey's, my house, 
shipyard, concerts, and all that ish. 
"In the dark cave of ignorance, only the 
light of knowledge will guide your way." 

- A wise man named 

"It's like killing a 
unicorn, with like, a 

- James Franco 

Great times in Best Buddies: Faneuil 
Hall, Talent Shows, Red Sox, Bruins, 
Battle of Bands. Friends with Kyle - 
car shows, movies, football games. Dirt 
biking 81 landscaping with Joe. Thanks 
Dad, Grandma 81 Joe 4 your help, love 
81 care. 

"When solving ^ """ 

problems, dig at 

the roots instead of 

just hacking at the | 9V 


- Anthony J. 



T * «. m . & . a. i.t «*<!•» B. m\ m 





K ■ . 


The class of 2010 is a great class. We are always trying to be the best that 
we can be, and with the help of the supportive staff at Duxbury High 
School, we just might turn out all right. We are looking forward to next 
year and being seniors and all that comes with being a senior. We cannot 
wait to lead Duxbury High School! 

-Sam Reinhart, President 

\ ou start sitting in 
the student lounge. 

Kxww " 

You wish you 


were a senior. 

You hear "college" 
all the time. 



You have to walk a 
mile from your 
parking spot. 




* to n 


ft,/ • ft 

You get to 
wear painter 
suits!! P*: 


David Anna Nicholas Nathan Samuel Kate 

Farese Farrelly Federoff Files Files Finch 

Kelly Cara Jonathan 

Flood Forlizzi Frye 

Thomas Samuel 
Guilfoile Habgood Haffey 



David John Ryan Kellie 

Hemingway Hemingway Hendrickson Hennessy 



k i 4 — I 

Caitlin Samantha Robert Gabriella Thomas Jake Stephen Shawn Grace 

Jones Kalil Kates Katz Kazanowski Kearney Kearney Keefe Kelso 



Julia Caroline 
Leonard Listemick 


j r 60C "~ . 




Hannah Marley 
McCarthy McDermott 



Beginning this summer, we are halfway done with high school. It seems like 
just yesterday that we stared out the bus windows, yearning for the day 
when we too could join the crowds walking though those hallways. Before 
we know it, we will be walking through those hallways for the last time. 
Through the good (Nature's Classroom, next year's promise of more sleep) 
and the bad (Mr. Knight's reign of terror, awkward middle school socials), 
we have stuck by one another as a class. Although it is said that out 
hardest high school years are yet to come, I have complete faith in our 
grade and what we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. 

-Casey Reinhart, President 

n Y , .„ ... ft 

You re still sitting in 
the cafeteria 
for lunch. 


^ ^ You have gym with ^ ^ 

ff v „ H 

Your mom still 
drives you around and you 
start driver's ed. 


You aren't playing 
freshman sports. 



You boss around 
freshman but 
upperclassmen still 
boss you around. 






Christian Samantha Joseph 
Connolly Copp Coyne 



Col man 






-z za 



Kara Emma 
Falcone Farquharson 


z zzzav :- 

-a:- :- 



Michael Emily 
Gabrielli Gallagher 

Kirsten Annie Melissa Kelly 

Garvey Gates Gavin Geiger 






Sarah Brett Kaitlyn 

Hanlon Harasimowicz Harvey 





Holopainen Hutchinson Jernigan-Smith Jewell 


Ross Michelle 
Johnson Kazanowski 




Meghan Benjamin Margaret Carlie 
Haynes Healy-Levy Hickey Hill 

Dylan Michael 
Kornberg Kracov 








Kelly Timothy 
Masgul Matthews 















Molly Julia Pasquale Nicholas 
O'Sullivan Monk Paulson 


h> /I) 

ikalah Zachary 
terson Peterson 



Chandler Stephanie Alexander Margaret Maheen Casey 
Phillips Pierdinock Poore Rains Rana Reinhart 







Michele Alexandria Allison Alexandria John 
Segalla Shally Shane Shaughnessy Shayne 

Brett Adam Austin 

Sahlberg Sanchez Schofield 





3enjamin Jessica 
Startzell Stayton 

Stoddard Stratton 

er Cory 
Sullivan Sullivan 




The Class of 2012 enjoyed a wonderful freshman year at DHS. The 
transition from middle school to high school has gone very smoothly thanks 
in part to the work of the DHS link crew leaders. The students, faculty, and 
administration were very welcoming toward the newest high school class. 
The class of 2012 has learned about and embraced many of the high school 
traditions including the pep rally and Snowball. The freshman have 
watched and in some cases taken part in athletic, musical, and theatrical 
success. The class hopes to continue DHS's tradition of success. Freshman 
students enjoyed the extensive selection of classes to select. The broad 
array of course offerings have provided each and every student with an 
enjoyable and interesting educational experience. From the alphabet parade 
at Chandler to the wax museum at Alden to Nature's Classroom at the 
middle school, the Class of 2012 has grown up together and will continue 
to embark on their high school journey. The Class of 2012 thanks the 
upperclassmen for making the first year of high school a memorable one 
and will always welcome new classes into the high school in the same 
manner they were welcomed. The freshmen of DHS look forward to 
contributing more to the success and leadership of DHS. 

- Connor O'Keefe, President 


The lunch line 
magically gets 20 
seniors longer. 

You learn what the 
inside of a locker 
looks like. 



You can't find 
the 3rd floor. 

^ ^ You walk around the ^ ^ 
school with a map. 


?! t! 

You have to 

look up to 

see everyone. 


"Every year, at Valentine's Day, I give a carnation to three sophomore 
boys. It embarrasses them." 
-Mr. Craft 

"My first year as a teacher, I reluctantly showed up in a cowboy outfit for 
Halloween after being convinced by a few colleagues that 'all teachers' 
engaged in the costume tradition, only to discover I was basically alone. In 
retrospect, I was gently "hazed"! I've never costumed myself since." 
-Mr. Fernandes 

"Ok, Molly can your read the next paragraph?" 

"Ms. Broadbent, there is no Molly in this class." 
-Ms. Broadbent 

"Teaching is great for me because when a student suddenly gets it and 
appreciates what it's all about. It can happen in a rehearsal or a 
performance, when the focus is high and they feel the beauty of music at a 
whole new level. You can see it on their face." 
-Mr. Vinci 


ft ft 

Love your job! 
-Mr. O'Connell 

Know " 

That's wicked boss 
-Mr. Dunn 


Good Golly Jingles! 
-Mr. Kennedy 


Walk and talk. X 
-Mrs. Chadwick 4|j| I> £t t* M 

^ That's awkward.^ 

Mr. Craft 




Ellen White-Davis, Judy Koorvtz 
Missing: Diana Murray 

Asst. Principal Principal 

Kathy Davis-McDonough Andrew Stephens 

Asst. Principal 
Diana Myers-Pachla 


School Psychologist 

Wayne Frieden 

Student Assistance Counselor 
Maura O'Rahilly 
Transitional Counselor 

Elizabeth Melcher 

Special Education 
Gretta Hickey, Kathryn Bonneau, David Maimaron, 
Aonique Spivey, Dana Heatherington, Pat Weatherlow, Mary Ellen Shaloub 

Chuck Kelly, Diane Alongi 


Margi Malone, Dale Byrne 

Kris Okerfelt, Janet Miller, Glenna Cappola, Deb Perez, Deb Snow, Carol Canty, 

Matthew Sprague 

Missing: Linda Begley, Bethel Mackiewicz, Beth McAdams, Diane Tyraks 




Family and Consumer Science 
Stacey O'Brien, Linda Coombs, 
Andrea Sterling 

Science Department 
Shaun Kelly, David Scott, Timothy McLeod, Karen Benson, Chris Connors, 
Derek Nelson, Cheryl Lewis, Karen Irvine, Tiffany Hurlbut, Keith O'Connell 

History Department 
Christopher Hilton, John Sullivan, James Doherty, Jack Kennedy, 
Christopher Aukerman, John Fernendes, Gretta Mieczkowski, Susan Sullivan, 

Jay Craft, Stacy Broadbent 

Christy Miller, Rachael Barrett 



Colleen Jotv 

English Department 
Jonathan Symonds, Judy Heitzman, Diane Shayne, Amy Marino, 
Mary Ciccarelli, Corinne Woodworth, Pam Manley, Karen Baynes, 
Scott McWilliam, Kendall McWilliam 

Music Department 
Jim Donovan, Joe Pondaco, Jim Vinci, Ric Madru, Jill Norenberg, 
Darin MacFarlane 

Technology Education 

Joe Ferguson 

Art Department 
Mary Ann Ley don, Elizabeth Field, 
Julie Papageorge 

World Language Department 
Jutta Rossano, Donna Holt, Amy Jackson, Graciela Piccolo, Daniel 
Catherine Hart, Lynn Perekslis, Ryan Downing, Mari Susami, Sheila Goodenough 


Cafeteria Staff 

Deb Mara, Sue Mackey, Dari Murphy, Erin Cubb, Diane Kukstis, Pam 

Woods, Cheryl Cummings, Valerie Lindquist, Lauren Levesque 
Missing: Debbie Beary, Theresa Bongiovanni, Randy Barry, Lou Galli 

"Men squared!" 

-Ms. Irvine 

"Who hangs out with 
musicians?. . . Drummers" 
-Mr. Madru i 


Ann Dunleavy, Lynne McWilliams, Margaret Schnibbe, Ed Scarpino, 
Dave Hagan, Gail Callahan, John Sousa 

Left: Fred Kahler & Dave Cusick 
Right: Franco Hernandez, Mike Coombs, Tim Taylor, & Doug Poulin 

Missing: Peter Renaud 


I heard you say, 'That's so gay.' 
What I think you meant to say 
was: that's so unfair, ridiculous, 
displeasing, ludicrous, or absurd." 

-Social Studies Teachers 

- Mr. Downing 

"Do you need a tissue?" 

-Ms. Curtis 

"Here's our thought for today." 

-Mrs. Myers-Pachla 






"You're confusing me with 
someone who cares." 

-Mrs. Weatherlow 



peaks and 


"That's inappropriate." 

-Ms. Benson 

"Who wants a brain break? " 

-Mrs. Hendrickson 

"Shtuff happens for a 

-Mr. Aukerman 

"Repetition is the mother of 
all knowledge." 

- Mr. Hilton 

"Abracadabra, math magic!" 

-Mrs. Stadelmann 


Gentlemen!!! " 
-Mrs. McDonough 

"Passe Compose has 
two parts." 

-Mrs. Perekslis 

"Everything I am 
telling you right now 
is wrong." 

-Mr. McLeod 

Hey dude that's the bell!" 

-Mr. Stephens 


Here, at Duxbury High School, the moment the bell rings at two o'clock, 
everything comes alive All the athletes put aside their studious states of mind and 
put on their game faces. Those who were scolded for continuously looking at the 
clock can'finally get pumped up for their games. Those who were yelled at for day 
dreaming, probably about winning their state championship, can now make it happen. 
The school becomes a circus, and outside, it is a full out amusement park. Each sport 
may vary from the others in such drastic ways, but none of them ever fail to keep such 
individuals coming back for more. ^ 

From the stressful tryouts, to the tedious practices, to the nerve-wrecking games, 
athletes here love the sports they participate in. They thrive on the pressure, the 
adrenaline rush, and the excitement each one provides. As much as they may love and 
enjoy taking exams, tests, quizzes, quests, pop quizzes, etc., let's face it, a sport is 
not one to lose their interest. However, a sport extends much further beyond winning 
games and matches on the field, the court, the track, whatever it may be. 
Friendships are built and memories are cherished. Team dinners are had and inside 
jokes are made. What once seemed to be just about having a good record becomes an 
experience they never forget. And as the seasons change from fall to winter to 
spring, they wish their sports seasons could be prolonged. Because sports include 
endless laughs, smiles and fun that make all the diligence and hard work well worth it 
in the end. Ultimately, pride is the greatest reward an athlete can receive. 

Sports Editor: 
Casey Ducinski 

Sports Photographer: 
Melanie Mathieu 



ff can't focus in 
school on game days. 

»» have helped 
earn at least one 
banner in the gym. 




...your life is taken over by 
practices and games, once 
the season begins. 

*™ -I 


ff love pain. 

M ...people f 
complain of 
your stenchfj 
after games. 


The Dragons' football team 
entered the tournament as a 
respectful 6th seed, but left it 
number one, as they beat 
Gloucester 46 - 26 in the 
Division 2A Super Bowl at 
Gillette Stadium. 




The addition of senior 
Hakeem Lecky to this 
year's football team 
proved to be a major 
bonus. His four catches, 
which totaled 88 yards, 
and his touchdown in the 
Super Bowl, aided in the 
team's win. This excellent 
receiver ended his high 
school football career on 
the best note possible. 

Though the Thanksgiving 
game between Duxbury 
and Marshfield has been 
a close one in the past, 
the Rams were no 
challenge for the Dragons 
this year. The opening 
play resulted in a 70 yard 
touchdown by senior 
Quinn Cully (tight 
end/defensive end), and 
the game ended in a 28 - 
shut out. 

Senior Captain and 
three-year starting 
quarterback Sean 
Cross could not have 
performed any better 
this season. With his 
impeccable timing, 
Cross left his high 
school football career 
as the leading 
Division 2A 
touchdown passer 
(25 this season). 

Senior Captain Kyle 
Gavoni excelled 
throughout the entire 
season. He even 
made his first career 
touchdown in the 
Super Bowl. 
Gavoni's hard work, 
love of the game, and 
great blocking 
abilities helped him 
earn the recognition 
he deserves. 


Shane DiBona (left), Kyle Gavoni (middle), and Sean Cross (right) 
relay a play to their teammates during a home game this season. 
Between their performances on the field and their attitude off the 
field, these three Captains represent Duxbury football well. Under 
their leadership, the team as a whole played well together. Even 
during tough situations, everything clicked and the plays were made. 

Senior Captain Shane DiBona 
was a target for all his 
opponents this season, but that 
did not stop him. His 
spectacular performances helped 
to carry the team to its second 
state title. With his speed and 
quick reflexes, DiBona was 
unbeatable; his stats are proof. 

The team walks off the field 
after halftime during action this 
season. These exceptional 
players averaged 37 points a 
game, while surrendering less 
than 10. This was topped off by 
their perfect record of 13 - 0. By 
the end of the season, some 
began to believe that this squad 
is the best football team in 
Massachusetts. 93 

Fall Cheerteacfing 

After finishing as the runner- 
ups in the Patriot League 
Championships at Whitman- 
Hanson Regional High 
school, the Varsity 
Cheerleading squad qualified 
for the regional 
Championships held at 
Taunton High School. 

DiNG! DiNG! 


From the back flips to the 
stunts to the standing 
back tucks, the Lady 
Dragons' cheerleading 
squad sure is a talented 
bunch. Always 
representing Duxbury's 
spirit well, these girls 
obviously practice just as 
hard as any other team. 
Clean-cut half time 
routines were performed 
time and time again. 


enior Captain 
Rachael Brovitz set a 
great example for her 
fellow teammates. 
Brovitz continued to 
smile and to stay 
poised, even when 
challenging stunts. 
Even then, the squad 
made their routines 
look easy. 

Confidence is key 
when it comes to 
performing in front of 
an audience. Senior 
Captain Ashley 
Pimentel did exactly 
that. Her attitude 
guided the rest and 
helped to maintain a 
constant flow for 
every cheer. 

The cheerleading team made huge improvements this year, as they 
qualified for regionals this year. There, they competed against 
fourteen other teams. In addition, the girls performed even better 
during their league competitions. Bravo, ladies! 

Prior to the season's start, the 
girls cheerleading team went to 
the Universal Cheerleading 
Association (UCA) camp in 
August in preparation for their 
season. By the end, they were 
proudly and deservingly titled 
the camp champs. 


Boys Soccer 

The boys' soccer team 
finished the season proud, 
as they made it into the 
quarterfinals of the 
tournament and lost by only 
one point in overtime (1-2). 
They ended with a winning 
record that surpassed 
several of the team's Patriot 
League foes. 

3 - 7 RECORD 



Senior midfielder Pat 
Walsh got the job done 
this season. Even though 
he had to cover the entire 
field, he never panicked. 
He kept the ball away 
from his opponents and 
made clean passes to his 
teammates, in order to 
assure wins. 

Senior goalie Dan 
McManus took a lot of 
pressure off of his 
teammates several times 
during the season, making 
catches left and right. He 
kept his team on top and 
was a huge component to 
the team's thirteen wins. 
By the season's end, 
McManus collected an 
impressive six shutouts. 

As a defenseman, 
junior David 
Hemingway received 
a lot of action this 
season. He assisted 
in preventing a 
number of goals and 
forced his opponents 
to rush, putting them 


Below, midfielder Ryan Hendrickson (#10) deflects the ball away 
from two Middleboro opponents, while defenseman David 
Hemingway winds up for a boot and Pat Charland (#8) prepares 
himself for any necessary defense. In the end, the Dragons finished 
on top with a 4-0 shutout over the Middleboro Sachems. In later 
action, the team also shut out Rockland, Randolph, Plymouth North, 
Marshfield, and King Philip. 

Junior Captain Dan Sangster 
was the team's leading weapon. 
His smooth, tricky footwork kept 
his teammates confident and his 
opponents nervous when he was 
in possesion of the ball. 
Sangster s power always 
ensured goals this season. 

Above, the boys' soccer team 
prepares for a regular season 
home game, with their routinely 
warm-up run. 


Girls Soccer 

These girls will remember this 
season forever. They put it all on 
the table. They gave it their all. 
They went as far as they could 
have gone. In the end, the team 
finished with a winning record of 
17 - 6 - 1 and was titled the 2008 
Massachusetts Division II State 



Senior midfielder Stacia 
Boynton certainly had her 
moment of glory this 
season. With only ten 
seconds remaining in 
regulation during the DII 
state semifinal game 
versus Belmont, Boynton 
scored the winning goal, 
giving the team the edge 
to move onto the state 


All season long, junior 
Caitlin Burke's opponents 
had their eyes on her. 
This midfielder was 
specifically watched 
during the DII South 
semifinal game versus 
Wellesley. Fortunately, 
she came out on top by 
scoring the lone goal of 
the game forty-nine 
seconds into overtime. 

sophomore Emily 
Brook never cracked 
under pressure. She 
only allowed five 
goals in six post- 
season games, and 
largely contributed to 
the team's ultimate 


Senior Captain 
Sarah Wooley was 
fearless this season. 
She put in 150% all 
the time, setting a 
great example for her 
fellow teammates. In 
the end, her constant 
hard work and 
positive attitude paid 
off. Without her, the 
team could not have 
won a state title. 

Top 10 reason to be on the girls' DuxSoc team 

WATD, Ledger, Globe, Herald, 
Clipper, Reporter 
9. Bum-bum-bee- dum-bum-bum 

8. Trunkies, "one-two -three-four" 
7. "Rush of blood... little bit of pain" 

Groups of three 
Chase drill 
Post- gaming 
Coach of the year 
No Regrets 
State Champs! 

Senior Captain and defenseman 
Tristen Chin used her talent 
wisely to provide a secure wall 
against opponents, alongside 
Wooley. Specifically during the 
DII state semifinal game, she 
headed a ball away from the net 
that was about to go in, 
preventing Belmont from taking 
the lead and allowing the game- 
winning goal by Boynton. 

Sophomore Emily Gallagher 
(13), was invincible this season. 
She scored the only goal of the 
DII South finals game with 
13:21 left to play in the first 
half. She was one of the team's 
top scorers, along with talented 
teammates sophomore Melissa 
Gavin and junior Caitlin Burke. 


Boys Cross Country 

Forget running, let's have 
ice cream. Farfar's! 

Jonathan McRinley (left) and 
Paul Dacey (right) were two 
of Duxbury s top runners. 
They worked together to 
finish ahead of their 
opponents, as McKinley 
always was the team leader, 
with Dacey consistently close 
behind. Without them, the 
boys' cross country team 
could not have excelled the 
way they did. 



Coach Dunn should be 
satisfied with the results 
of the season. Returning 
senior Captains Paul 
Dacey and Mark Brust 
kept their duo strong. 
Four of the other top six 
runners, McKinley, Jewel, 
Bray and Angell, are 
underclassman, so there 
is plenty of room for 

Merely a freshman, Jason 
Angell proved himself an 
asset on the boys' cross 
country team. He 
reserved himself a varsity 
spot and never gave it up. 
Angell did not hold back, 
but rather used his young 
talent as a weapon in the 



ophomore Greg 
Bray showed no sign 
of falling behind this 
season. He worked 
hard to stay ahead of 
s opponents and to 
maintain a respectful 
5th spot on the team. 

Mark Brust always 
proved himself to be 
one with speed and 
endurance. He 
consistently ran well 
this season, never 
falling back, but only 
moving up. Brust 
was dominant in big 
meets and even more 
so during the regular 


Pictured below, the Duxbury boys' cross country team started out on 
top, as their Silver Lake opponents had to merely follow their 
footsteps. Duxbury ended up finishing with a solid 19-46 victory. 
Other crushing feats were against Hanover (15-44) and Rockland 

Sophomore Billy Jewell worked 
rigorously during the off season 
to solidify his #2 spot. He 
maintained a steady, fast pace 
throughout each race, earning 
himself plenty of well -deserved 

Left to right: Ben Bray, Mark 
Brust, Jonathan McKinley, John 
Hemingway, Jason Angell, Billy 
Jewell, and Paul Dacey. These 
top seven runners were the 
driving force behind all the wins 
for the boys' cross country team. 


iris Cross Country 

Which one is your muffin? 

The Lady Dragons' cross 
country team certainly has 
flair, and this picture shows 
it. From the team dinners to 
the meets, the fun just never 
stopped. Cross country 
develops a family bond, and 
these girls enojoyed every 
minute of it. They got along 
great and their performances 
showed it. 

5 - 5 RECOR 


Senior Captain Sarah 
Rooney started out as her 
usual strong self, but 
unfortunately could not 
continue this way 
throughout the season, 
due to a knee injury. Yet 
her encouragement stayed 
strong as she supported 
her teammates at 
successive meets. 


Junior Anne Steele (a.k.a. 
Anne of Steele) does her 
knee circles before every 
race, in order to ensure 
that she will run hard. 
Maybe if we all try this 
we will become as 
successful at running as 
she has. And just think, 
she has one more year to 

ior Captain 
Shannon Kelley 
(a.k.a. Shanaynay) 
made her teammates 
proud this season. 
Her positive attitute 
and great work ethic 
helped motivate her 
team to perform to 
the best of their 
abilities, just as she 
did every race. 

Senior Casey "Duce" 
Ducinski aided in 
keeping the XC spirit 
alive this season. 
She supported her 
teammates and ran 
to her highest 
potential, in order to 
give her team as 
much of a gain as she 
could over her 

Robin Rader, Lauren Bittrich, and Anne Steele (left to right) start 
off strong in a regular season race against Rockland. These three 
top Duxbury runners continued this way throughout the race and led 
their team to a victory, crushing their opponent 19-40. Rader 
finished first place with a time of 18:51, while Steele (19:50) and 
Bittrich (20:00) were not far behind. 

Senior Robin Rader was a new 
addition to the Lady Dragons' 
cross country team. She proved 
to be a huge asset, as she was 
Duxbury s top runner in every 
race. And this is after having 
begun running less than a year 
ago. Where has she been all our 

These top runners represented 
the girls' cross country team in 
the Patriot League All League 
Meet at Silver Lake: Lauren 
Bittrich, Liz Doherty, Lexi 
Goyette, Julia Averna, Maddie 
McKenzie. Anne Steele, 
Shannon Kelley, Casey 
Ducinski, Robin Rader, Emily 
Pakstis, and Coach McLeod 
(above, right). 103 

Boys Golf 




The boys' golf team had 
another successful end to 
their season, with a 5th- 
place finish in the state golf 
Championship, and with an 
impressive, near perfect 



Sophomore Phil Sciretta 
sure did prove himself a 
huge bonus for the team, 
and a young one at that. 
His consistently low 
scores set his opponents' 
standards high. Sciretta 
has two years remaining, 
whence he will improve 
his already meticulous 


Senior Brad Rose is one 
of the many gifted golfers 
on this Dragons team. 
His efforts added to the 
nine-game and seven- 
game winning streaks. 
Collectively, the team 
outdid their opponents by 
237 points (3886 - 4123). 
What an outstanding 

Puopolo had some 
notable performances 
this season, one of 
which was when he 
shot a low 39 in a 
match against Silver 
Lake, along with 
sophomore Kevin 
Kuckuk's low 37. In 
the end, the Dragons 
won 197-219. 

Only a sophomore, Jon Stoddard (below, left) carried his team to 
success this year. He shot a 76 at the Division 2 South Sectional 
tourney. This, along with Tedeschi's performance, helped to give 
the boys a state championship brith. There, Stoddard shot a team- 
best of 80. And this young star still has two more years to show off 
his expertise. 

Senior Captain Mark Tedeschi 
(left) was a major force behind 
the team's qualification for the 
Division 2 State Championship. 
He shot a team-best of 74 at the 
Division 2 South Sectionals, 
and ended up finishing 4th 
overall. Earlier in the season, in 
a match against BC High, he hit 
a 20-foot putt for birdie in the 
final hole, to secure a one point 

Prior to the team's impressive 
tournament performance, the 
team won the Patriot League 
Keenan title with a league 
record of 14-1. The only loss 
was to Hingham, and by a mere 
one point (209-208). 


Field Hockey 

With a young team this year, 
there were concerns for 
Coach Pam Manley. Speed 
was a huge benefit though. 
Immediately, the goals and 
the blocks were made. 
Everything fell into place, 
well enough to allow these 
girls tournament action. 

3 - 7 RECORD 


Junior Julia Hannon had 
a lot of weight on her 
shoulders this season, 
being goalie, but proved 
herself tough with her 
many saves. No sign of 
fear could be seen when 
her oppoents came 
running down the field 
toward her, only an 
adrenaline rush that 
resulted in her excellent 


Junior Mimi Smith led 
her team with her 15 
goals, proving herself to 
be a key component to the 
Lady Dragons' success. 
Four of these were made 
in a game against 
Middleboro, which ended 
in a smashing 9-0 feat. 
Smith not only dominated 
against the Sachems, but 
did so overall, throughout 
the entire season. 

Senior Captain Heidi 
Nichols carries the 
ball up the field for a 
potential goal. 
Nichols played a 
huge role in the many 
wins of this Lady 
Dragons team. She 
had much ground to 
cover, as a starting 
midfielder, but did 
the job exceptionally 

Top Ten Memories 

1. Rip Shorts 6. JV Steading Our Balls 

2. "Don t be Wasted" 7. Big Sister/Little Sister 

3. Teammates' Brothers 8. Grace and Pink Ball 

4. S-Buddies 9. Null Set 

5. Pixie Sticks 10. Lucky #10 

Senior Tracy Clough made huge 
contributions this field hockey 
season, as a returning starting 
foward. With her aggressiveness 
and speed, she helped lead her 
team to the playoffs and, in the 
end, a winning season. 

Anie Grunwald (#5), Julia 
Hannon (goalie), Paige Locke, 
and Siobhan McCarthy (#25) 
were solid on defense during 
post season action against 
Sandwich. As a whole, the 
Lady Dragons certainly kept the 
pressure high. The game went 
into overtime twice, but 
unfortunately ended in a 
heartbreaking 2-1 defeat. 107 


oys Indoor Track & Field 

Click clack, Dux track! 

The boys' team had plenty 
of talent throughout the 
season. Alex McCaffrey, 
Greg Bray and Billy Jewel 
all received medals at the 
Patriot All League Meet 
for finishing in the top six 
in the high jump, the 1000 
meter run and the 2 mile 
run, respectively. 



Sophomore Jon McRinley 
(far right) not only was a 
star during the cross 
country season, but on 
the track, too. Meet after 
meet, he succeeded the 
entire league in the one 
mile and made stellar 
appearances in the two 
mile, the 1000 meter, the 
600 meter, and the 4 x 
400 meter relay as well, 
earning himself state 
qualifying times. 

Senior Captain Paul 
Dacey certainly is an 
extremely well-rounded 
"trackie," as he ran 
different events from meet 
to meet. Sometimes it 
was the 600 meter, then 
the one mile, the two 
mile, the 4 x 400 meter 
relay, and even the high 
jump. Yet, he excelled in 

ienior Captain Ben 
Urann showed his 
team he is a highly 
valuable asset. 
Urann ran the 55 
meter dash, the 4 x 
200 meter relay and 
the long jump, and 
threw the shot put, 
too. His farthest 
throw was 39' 4" 
against Hingham and 

Only having begun 
high jumping last 
season, senior 
Captain Alex 
McCaffrey became 
one of the team's best 
jumpers. His best 
performance was 
against Hanover 
when he jumped a 
personal best of 5' 9". 


Girls Indoor Track & Field 

Senior Captain Victoria 
Niles was determined to 
become one of the top 
Patriot League competitors 
in the 55 meter hurdles, and 
she accomplished just that. 
In the Patriot All League 
Meet she placed 5th, 
earning herself a medal. 
Niles also succeeded in the 
4 x 200 meter relay. 

Run fast, turn left! 


Senior Captain 
Casey "Duce" 
Ducinski ran a 
variety of events, and 
threw the shot put in 
the meantime. Her 
versatility worked in 
her favor and earned 
herself a respectable 
spot on the team. In 
the 55 meter dash, 
her personal best 
was 8.21 seconds. 

Young track star Julia 
Nee proved herself a 
weapon for the girls' track 
and field team. This 
sophomore's blazing 
speed qualified her for 
states once again in the 
highly competitive and 
popular 300 meter dash 
with a personal record of 
42.9 seconds, one of the 
best in the Patriot 

This team definitely had 
variety, having girls in all 
four grades and 
competitors in all 12 of 
the Patriot League's 
events. One thing they 
did have in common, 
however, was the talent 
to score points and to win 
meets. At the Patriot All 
League Meet, Emily Doyle 
and Robin Rader also 
earned medals by both 
placing 6th for the 300 
meter run and 1 mile run, 


Senior Captain 
Tracy Clough used 
her long legs to her 
advantage. She led 
her team in the 4 x 
200 meter relay, and 
totaled a team 
second high of 67 
points by the 
season's end. Clough 
also competed in the 
high jump, long jump, 
and 55 meter dash. 

The boys' basketball team 
was on fire this year. Having 
finished with an exceptional 
winning record, the boys 
have a lot to be proud of. 
Collectively, the team ended 
up surpassing its opponents 
in scoring by hundreds of 

10 - 3 RECOR 


Junior forward Brian 
Grossman was a nice 
surprise to the boys' 
basketball team. He was 
one of team's leading 
scorers. During away 
games against 
Middleboro and Hingham, 
Grossman scored 1 8 and 
15 points, respectively. 
These strong 
performances assisted in 
the team's two wins. 

Senior Captain Sam 
Davidson started off the 
season with no signs of 
hesitation. He made 
three three-pointers and a 
key defensive stop during 
the season opener against 
Hingham. This guard 
continued playing just the 
same throughout the 

doming out on 
during critical 
moments are key in 
this game. 
Contributions such 
as these were made 
by senior Captain 
and guard Ian 
Whitney with ease, 
as seen by his 
multiple free throws 
and hoops that 
worked in his favor. 

Casal e^H^Ris high 


"The guV h«ul 
Fe than one 
|ame, but one th 
stood out was his 
15 -point finish 
against Hano 
were three -ogplters 
that helped to secure 
the 63 - 46 win. 
L. — a^PF 


Pictured below, the team is assembled in their pump up huddle. 
Whatever it is that they did, it worked. The boys earned themselves 
a name as alumni members came back several times to see the star 
team strut their stuff. Again and again, they did not let their fans 
down, sometimes even bringing it down to the wire, but always 
showing who is boss. 

A fifteen- game winning streak is 
certainly something to brag 
about, but senior Captain Mark 
Brust had more to say. The 
gifted superstar had an 
incredible high school basketball 
career that not many can come 
close to copying. Averaging 
more than 20 points a game, 
and making it into the 1000- 
point club, Brust made the 
impossible possible. 

Left to right: C.J. Cote, Mark 
Tedeschi, Andy Sealund, Jeff 
Blout, Steve Blout, and Greg 
O'Neal. During a break, the 
team listens to Coach Gordon 
Cushing as he gives the players 
some quick tidbits during an 
away game against Silver Lake. 
Apparently they proved helpful, 
as the team won 78-68. Ill 

One of the most popular 
events students attend here 
at DHS are basketball 
games, and the girls' 
basketball team gave them all 
the more reason to. Fans 
came to see success and they 
were not let down. 

3 - 6 RECORD 


The girls started of the 
season positively with 
three wins over Patriot 
League foes Scituate (54 
- 44), Hingham (80-71), 
and Silver Lake (52 - 34). 
Also, the girls shined 
bright during their second 
face-off against the 
mighty Division 1 New 
Bedford team. The home 
game ended in an 
avenged win over 
Whalers 55-49. 

Senior Sara Botieri had 
some great moments this 
past basketball season. 
During the home game 
against Silver Lake, 
Botieri hit four three- 
pointers, and during the 
away game against 
Whitman-Hanson, she 
totaled a team-high of 24 
points. By the latter 
game's end, the Lady 
Dragons won 78 - 70. 

Senior Captain Katie 
Curley was all over 
the court this year. 
Between her swish 
shots, lay-ups, and 
three-pointers, her 
opponents never 
knew what to expect. 
This versatile 
athletic ability of 
hers kept her 
averaging several 
toints each game. 

toward jtfJJBS to 
take charge in the 
game of basketball, 

and™at is exctly 

enior Captain 
urley did. She 
asket^at the 



The girls had the opportunity to enjoy a couple blowouts during the 
season against Patriot League foes Pembroke (70 - 31) and 
Randolph (65 - 32). Devon Tsinzo. a sophomore guard, stood out 
and by leading the Lady Dragons with 12 points against Randolph. 
Additionally, Rockland put up a fight that lasted throughout each 
quarter. However, it was the Lady Dragons who performed better 
overall and walked away with the 67 - 54 win. 

Despite suffering an ankle injury 
during the first half of the 
season, senior Captain Michelle 
Oloskey was a sport and did her 
best to get back into gear. Her 
energy was enough to challenge 
her opponents, and her speed 
kept them on their feet at all 

By the middle of the season, the 
girls basketball team had won 
eight out of ten games. Each of 
those wins were won by at least 
eight points, and a majority of 
the games gave these Lady 
Dragons plenty of breathing 
room, as they beat their 
opponents by a long shot more 
times than not. 1 13 

Boys Hockey 

Pictured right, the boys' 
hockey team celebrates a 
victory over one of their 
opponents early in the 
season. In fact, the team 
opened the season with a 
5-2 win over the competent 
Barnstable team. 

7-13-2 RECORD 




Senior Wes Barrington 
had three great games at 
the Cape Cod Classic. 
The goalie stopped 30 
shots in the opening game 
against Archbishop 
Williams, and prevented 
28 in another win over 
Medford. Despite a loss 
against Xaverian, he had 
a whopping 34 -save 
performance, leaving the 
score a mere 0-2. 
According to Coach John 
Blake, it was the team's 
best game. 

As a part of the first line, 
one of senior Captain 
Matt Hetherington's jobs 
was to take charge. He 
displayed these 
commanding efforts well, 
as he became a reliable 
player for the team. After 
just six games, 
Hetherington was second 
with three goals and two 
assists, and kept making 
noise throughout the 

.aptain Andy 
Poupolo's agressive 
style made things 
that much easier for 
his team. By the end 
of the season, at the 
Cape Cod Classic, 
Poupolo played just 
as strong as when 
the season kicked off, 
by scoring a goal 
against Archbishop 
Williams, one of 
three in the 3 - 2 win. 

One known to do 
well under pressur 
■ senior Captain an< 
■■forward Mike GrifJ n 
~had~seveTal bi g plays? 
Griffin broke a 4 - 
tie against jwio\ 
with a mere^5:54 ,, 
on the clock. Tl 
game-winning goal 
gav^me Dragons 
their second straight 



The boys' hockey team was by no means intimidated by their 
opponents this season, no matter how good they were known to be. 
The Division I Norwell team left its fans hanging, as the Dragons 
took advantage of every Clipper's mishap. Immediately, they pulled 
ahead with three goals in the first fifteen minutes, and eventually 
beat the Clippers 3 - 1 . So much for Duxbury being the underdog. 


Senior Captain Colin Woods 
used his power to his advantage, 
making shots when they were 
well needed. Woods had a big 
night against Hanover at The 
Bog in his two-goal effort. The 
game ended in a 5 - 4 win to end 
the night on a good note. 

Sometimes the games were 
close, but not always. At times, 
the boys' made playing hockey 
seem like a breeze. Toward the 
beginning of the season, they 
took charge against Brockton, 
seen by their smashing 9-1 


Girls Hockey 

The girls may have been 
young but they sure were on 
fire this season. The team 
was ranked in The Globe Top 
20, - something not many 
teams can brag about - and 
went deep into the playoffs. 

-4-1 RECOR 


Junior goalie Julia 
Hannon was a crucial 
part of this Lady Dragons 
team. The three-year 
starter led the defense 
with her applaudable 
performances. She had 
27 saves against Canton 
and 15 against Boston 
Latin. As if that was not 
enough, the back-to-back 
games ended in shutouts, 
1-0 and 3-0, 


Third time's a charm. 
The girls' hockey team 
defined that phrase this 
year. They beat the 
Marshfield Rams for the 
third time in the first 
round of the tournament. 
They further played and 
beat Dedham 2-1 before 
suffering a - 3 loss 
against Fontbonne 
Academy in the semi- 
finals, despite playing 
exceptionally well. 

Barnstable Red 
Raiders 4-0, 
compared to the pas 
when the Raiders 
had been a challenge. 
The following game, 
the girls capitalized 
by beating Sandwich 

and h 
a goa 

took comma 
against Martft 
Vineyard, as sh 


Vinevard, as she 
made a goal less 
^^•—■"Tnan Mvo minutes 

into the game (8 - 1). 


During the quarterfinals in the state tournament against Dedham, 
these Lady dragons had their work cut out for them. Grunwald 
scored in the first period, assisted by Molly O'Sullivan. The game- 
winner occurred in the fourth quarter as a 3-on-l rush made by 
Brianna Connolly, Muncey and Raitlin Sullivan. Connolly made the 
shot with only 54 seconds left in the game. 

For senior Captain Meg Muncey, 
finding the net seemed to be a 
rather simple task. Muncey had 
a great game against Falmouth, 
as she had a hat-trick before the 
end of the first half. During a 
close game against Franklin, she 
also made a beautiful assist by 
cleanly passing the puck to 
Brianna Connolly, who then 
made the winning goal (2 - 1). 

The girls' hockey team made a 
point to show their Patriot 
League foes that they were a top 
contender. This already could 
be seen by their strong efforts in 
the beginning of the season. In 
the first seven games alone, they 
recorded four shutouts and 
allowed a mere four goals, while 
scoring twenty-four points. 117 


Shaft! Shaft! Shaft! 

The boys' swim team opened 
the season with two solid 
wins, as they beat Hanover 
and Rockland 92-55, while 
posting four State and three 
Sectional qualifying times in 

10 - 1 RECOR 


The addition of senior 
Bernardo Neves proved to 
be highly beneficial to the 
team's success. At the 
season opener, Neves 
won the 50-yard freestyle 
(23.44), which earned him 
a state qualifying time. 
At the next meet, he won 
the 100-yard freestyle, 
which gave him another 
state time, and helped in 
the team's 99 - 77 feat. 
In fact, Neves later made 
a new school record for 
the 100-yard free. 

These Dragons put up a 
solid fight against the 
powerhouse BC High 
swim team. Several 
swimmers erased 
previous best times in the 
meet. Lucas 

Wojciechowski took third 
with a State cut in the 
200-yard individual 
medley (2:14.47). Arthur 
Su also qualified for 
States in the 200-yard 
free (1:58.81). 

Jon Ng, a senior, 
was no laid back 
swimmer either. He 
qualified for states by 
the first meet in the 
100-yard butterfly 
with a time of 59.95. 
Also, Ng contributed 
to the blazing 
finishes by the 200- 
yard freestyle and the 
200-yard medley 
relay teams. 

Senior Captain 
Andrew Sommer 
made huge 
contributions to the 
team. In the final 
dual meet, Sommer 
placed first in the 
100 backstroke. At 
the Patriot League 
Championship Meet, 
he came in 2nd and 
7th in two individual 

The boys' swim team won races and qualified for states and 
sectionals left and right. The 400-yard freestyle relay team of 
Hunter Chiasson, Cam Crowell, Drew Husted, and Bernardo Neves 
was a powerhouse. Just barely having begun the season, the relay 
team placed first in the event against Hingham and qualified for 
states with a time seven seconds under the cut (3:38.84) and three 
seconds faster than last year's best time. 

Senior Captain Hunter Chiasson 
makes swimming look so easy. 
Just in the second meet alone he 
qualified for states in the 100- 
yard backstroke. In the third 
meet he again made the cut in 
the 200-yard individual medley. 
By the sixth and seventh dual 
meets, Chiasson earned himself 
his third and fourth in the 200- 
yard freestyle and 100 -yard 
breaststroke, respectively. 

The boys showed their coaches, 
families and fans how talented 
they really were. At the Patriot 
League Championship Meet, the 
team not only took the title but 
finished with 358 points, more 
than a hundred points ahead of 
the runner-up. Chiasson, Neves, 
A. Su and White ran the show. 


Girls Swimming 

Off the blocks and 
into the pool! 

The girls' swim team was no 
different than that of the 
boys. The girls also won the 
Patriot League 

Championship Meet by a long 
shot, racking up 411 points, 
beating the runner-up by 
almost 200 points. They 
made swimming seem like a 
piece of cake. 



Young talent was evident 
for the girls' swim team. 
Sophomores Sarah 
Goldberg and Emily 
Hutchinson, and freshmen 
Laura Husted and Avery 
Riddle (above) won the 
last event of the first 
meet, the 400-yard 
freestyle, by more than a 
pool length, as well as six 
seconds faster than the 
State time. 

During a double header 
against Randolph and 
Scituate, senior Molly 
Davis (above) had a great 
day. She led a sweep of 
the 200-yard free 
(2:16.18) and her 200- 
yard and 400-yard 
freestyle relay teams 
came in first. 

Junior Kaitlin 
Buckley shined like a 
fish in water, 
literally. Her 
versatility was easily 
proven by the variety 
of events she 
dominated in. 
Buckley made a total 
of six state cuts by 
the season's end, in 
both relays and 
individual races. 

Senior Captain 
Lauren Wilson was a 
solid relay swimmer 
this year. She and 
her relay team took 
the top spot in the 
200-yard medley 
relay with a time of 
2:17.22 against 
Randolph, and took 
second against 

The seasons opening meet against Hanover and Rockland began 
with success as freshman Krista Librett (belowl, senior Molly Davis, 
freshman Avery Riddle, and Gaby Pipp not only came in first, but 
also finished with a state cut time of 2:05.75. Also, the 200-yard 
freestyle relay team consisting of sophomore Alex Brady. Librett, 
Hutchinson, and senior Briana Murphy won with ease (1:54.56). 
Even with a secured win by the meets end, Goldberg. Hutchinson, 
Riddle, and Pipp took home a win in the 400-yard freestyle ( 3:58.9 > . 


Despite State qualifying times 
made by Haitian Buckley and 
Katelyn Coghlan, the Lady 
Dragons suffered a loss to the 
challenging Barnstable red 
Raiders, but then crushed 
Pembroke the next day by 
winning 11 out of 12 events. 
All three relay teams won their 
races and there were multiple 
individual top three finishers. 

Senior Captain Gaby Pipp 
(above) literally swam her way 
to victory. Pipp continually was 
a driving force behind the Lady 
Dragons overall success, 
winning individual races and 
relays repeatedly. Just to prove 
her talent, at the Patriot League 
Championship Meet, she won 
the 100 free 121 


Wrestling, a rigorous sport 
and ultimately an individual 
sport, requires a lot of 
strength and will power. 
Each of these athletes 
represented Duxbury 
wrestling well, as they each 
portrayed both of these 
necessary qualities with fire 



Despite several coaches 
having their players avoid 
matching-up against 
junior Tim Donoghue, one 
of the South Shore's best 
wrestlers, Tim did have a 
chance to enjoy some 
stardom. He took 3rd 
place in 103 -lbs. weight 
class at the Marshfield 
Tourney and 1st place in 
the 112-lbs. weight class 
in the Whitman-Hanson 

Senior Captain Justin 
Carroll was the icing to 
the cake for the boys' 
wrestling team. His 
efforts were victorious in 
the end more times than 
not in both the regular 
season matches and in 
the tournaments. At the 
Whitman- Hanson 
tournament, Carroll came 
in 2nd place in his weight 
class (130 lbs.). 

Endurance is 
something senior 
Captain John Barrett 
definitely has. 
During a match 
against a Whitman- 
Hanson opponent, he 
battled back and 
forth until he finally 
won with an 8 - 5 

Senior Captain Tyler 
Genereux did not 
waste any time on 
the mat. In a meet 
against Silver Lake, 
he took his foe down 
using his signature 
double-leg takedown 
that ended the 
match-up in an 
impressive 11-2 
major decision. 


The boys' wrestling team was a powerhouse this season, as a team 
and individually. In the first of the two Whitman-Hanson Tourneys, 
the boys finished second overall and crowned four champions: Tim 
Donoghue (112 lbs.), junior John McGeady (160 lbs.), Colin 
McKenzie (145 lbs.), and Tyler Genereux (171 lbs.). Also, in the 
Marshfield Holiday Tourney, the team finished 7th overall out of a 
total of 27 teams from across the state. 

Senior Captain Colin McKenzie, 
ranked as one of the top 
wrestlers in the state, 
dominated the mat this year. He 
beat five opponents, including 
the # 1 -seed 6 - 4 in the semi- 
finals of the Marshfield Tourney. 
He won the finals 4-0, which 
earned himself a championship 
medal. Also, in a crucial match- 
up in Quincy against the 4th 
state ranked wrestler, McKenzie 
pulled out on top with a thrilling 
7-6 win. 

One of the team's major 
highlights was freshman 
Brendan Gillis's (112 lbs.) last- 
second escape that earned 
himself a 10 - 9 victory and a 
secured win for Duxbury over 
the tough Whitman- Hanson 
wrestlers in the season opener. 
The final score was 36 - 33. 



As the veteran, senior 
Jacquie Cronin (right) 
represented her team well. 
At the 2009 Bay State Winter 
Games, she placed 2nd in her 
event out of 1 1 competitors, 
earning herself a silver medal 
and a trip to the 2009 State 
Games of America held in 
Colorado Springs, where she 
will be competing against top 
skaters from other states. 




At the 2008 Colonial 
Open Competition, these 
ladies performed well in 
not just one area but two. 
They placed 3rd out of ten 
teams for team spins and 
4th out of nine teams for 
team maneuvers. 
Specifically, sophomore 
Alexandria Shaughnessy 
(above) came in 3rd for 
her event: novice/senior 


The girls certainly 
are graceful ones, as 
they were titled the 
2008 Champions for 
team manuevers at 
the North Shore 
Open Competition. 
Held every spring, 
the competition is the 
largest US Figure 
Skating open 
competition on 
Boston's North 

The amount of time 
and the meticulous 
work these girls put 
into perfecting their 
skills is enormous. 
They sometimes 
compete in the same 
competitions, but not 
always. In the end, 
they each are 
rewarded with 
medals and feelings 
of pride. 


Some may think of skiing 
merely as a recreational 
sport, but this coed group 
takes it much more seriously. 
They practice together at 
Blue Hills in Milton, where 
they prefect their skills in 
order to prepare for their 

I I 



Junior Captain 
Brooke Kent held her 
own out on the 
slopes this past 
season. At the 
team's first race of 
the season, Kent 
performed a 24.94 
second run and came 
in an impressive 15th 
place out of 66 
female competitors. 


Senior Captain Mike 
Reney set his 
apponents' standards 
high as well, as he 
too had an excellent 
run at the season 
opener. Mike 
completed his run in 
24.08 seconds and 
placed 21st out of 78 
other male skiers. 

The boys' and girls' teams 
raced to success. At an 
individual level, Kevin 
Nolan experienced his 
own personal success, 
too. Nolan surpassed 
nearly all his competitors 
and teammates by placing 
second out of a total of 
144 skiers, female and 
male, at the MBSLE 
Giant Slalom Run, with a 
time of 2 1 .67 seconds. 


Winter Gheedeading 

Pictured left, Mary Sullivan 
performs a half stunt with 
teammates Alii Hill, Sam 
Copp and Dana Scandone 
holding her up. Clearly these 
girls and the cheer squad as 
a whole pulled their end this 
season, as they cheered a 
second team to an extremely 
successful season. 

0! FiGHT! WiN! 

iNSTANT f^jR V /, 
REPLAY jmmj 

As one of the team's 
flyers, junior Captain 
Caroline Stenstrom's job 
was one of the most 
challenging. Having to 
maintain balance while 
performing is not an easy 
task, but Caroline made it 
look like she could do so 
in her sleep. 

>r Captain 
Kristen Stenstrom, a 
base and a tumbler, 
was a key component 
to the flow of each of 
the team's cheers. 
As a tumbler, she is 
the one who adds the 
pizzazz by doing 
backhand springs 
and backhand tucks, 
which certainly are 
not simple. 

Senior Captain 
Ashley Pimentel, one 
of the squad's 
backspots, helped to 
keep the team in sync 
with her readiness 
for any fall that may 
occur and her 
leadership, in that 
she always showed 
commitment to the 




On November 26, 2008 the 
students of Duxbury High School 

gathered in the gym for the 
annual Pep Rally. The Pep Rally 
brought spirit to the students to 
cheer the Duxbury Dragons to 
victory in the Thanksgiving Day 
football game against 
Marshfield. Traditionally the 
seniors wear togas, the juniors 

wear painter suits and the 
underclassmen wear green and 
white to show school pride. 





Yum!!! After watching seniors eat that "delicious" 
smelling food each year, we finally had our chance 
to chow! There, we filled our tummies and received 

the prized superlative awards. The senior 
breakfast was just the first of many fun events fo 

the class of 09! 

Emily Cipolletti and Topher Cadigan 

a Maguire, Quinn Cully and 
Brittany Banville 


Brightest Smile*^ 

Most TheaJflbal 

Harrison Frick, Tristcn Chin, Mike Larkin 
and Michelle Oloskey 

Devin Michelson and Mariah MacFarlane 

ff Key Club is a ff 

great way to 
make a 
difference in the 
school and in the 


A World of Difference 

American Field Service 
Art Club 
Best Buddies 
Dragon Flyer 
Ink Blot 
Key Club 
Link Crew 
National Honor Society 
Photo Club 
Students Against Destructive Decisions 
Student Council 
Technology Club 


In Photo Club, I 
have learned to 

appreciate the 
beauty of black 
and white 




Yearbook has given me 
the confidence when 
communicating with 
different kinds of people. 


f f As a member of the AFS f f 
Club, I have been given 
the opportunity to meet 
young adults from all over 
the world. 

f ? Link Crew is a great f ? 
experience and results 
in friendships that last 
all through high school. 


Ink Blot allows a person to f f 
explore a style of writing and 
become more comfortable in 
his or her abilities. 

Uly (ttlub Experience. 


As a future 
journalist major, 
Dragon Flyer has 
given me a taste 
of what it means 
to be a 

journalist . 




Mary Courtney Madigan 

Sam Vandewater 

Advisors: Karen Hendrickson 
Stacy Broad bent 

Sports Photographer: 
Melanie Matheiu 

Jenna Bahr 
Mary Kate Blancha 

Casey Ducinsk 
Hannah Ellis 
Abi Gibbs 
Brittney Landry 
Cassandra Nissi 
Neave Schmitt 
Vanessa Wirzberge 

Victoria Woleyko 

Activities Photographer: 
Emily O'Day 


Kyle Jones 
Ed Kellar 
Nick Keohane 
Tim Krussel 
Keelan Murphy 
Nick Tinkam 
Brandon Waltz 

Charlie Cahill 

John Coakley 

Dan Diozzi 

Stephanie Fariello 

Seth Gilbert 

Zack Graham 

Nick Johnson 


Advisor: Christopher Connors 

■ a a 
\° a a 


Advisors: Susan Sullivan 
Kate Bonneau 


Mauricio Alvarez 
Paige Berry 
Bobby Boyle 
Emily Brook 
Zachary Brousseau 
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• ••• 



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Devan Bahr 
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Ricky Amstrong 
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Emily .Cipolletti 
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Jenny f.'oo r e 
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Kayla Schwanke 
Elise Tarbox 
Nick Woodgate 
Makar Zaverucha 


a world of Difference 

Advisor: Wayne Frieden 


Advisor: Corinne Woodworth 



f ^ 

Adam Alzaim 

Katie Brasington 

Kaitlin Buckley 

Haley Cook 

Maggie Cornelius 

Julia Ferrier ^ 

Will MacLennan & s . . 

Laurie McLaughlir 
Heidi Nichols 
Casey Reinhart 
Julia Swem 
Casey Thomas ' 
Jackie Trevasani 
Victoria Woleyko 



Sarah Barges 
Bronwen Barrett 
Mikey Buchan 
Jenica Casey 
Laura Donovan 
Katie Emmet 
Seth Gilbert 

T ~ MikeyB 


Rima Hecker 

Melanie Mathieu 

Briana Murphy 

&rmy O'Day 

Chandler Phillips 

Danielle Walsh 

Addy White 



i if 

y^Ufr L( Advisor: Elizabeth 






Advisor: Susan Sullivan 

Mary Kate Blanchard 
Katie Brasington 
Kristen Garvey 
Zach Gino 
Christie Goyette 
Liz Hofmaier 
Sally Jernigan-Smith 
Meghan Johnson 
Leyla Kravitz 
Kayla McGillivray 

Laura McLaughli 
Bernardo Neves 
Robin Radar 
Katherine Schnei i 
Catrine Sigstadst i 
Pat Sullivan 
Annie White 
Vanessa Wirzber i 
Victoria Woleyko . 


Matt Averna 
Vanessa Bernard 
Paige Berry 
Erin Buckley 
Connor Croteau 
Maggie Dobbins 
Lauren Feeny 
Tom Guilfoile 
Liz Hofmaier 
Shannon Kelly 
Grace Kelso 

Melissa Krusell 
Tori Levesque 
Laura McLaughlin 
David Owen 
Maheen Rana 
Andria Ronne 
Lindsay Seewald 
Anne Steele 
Kristina Surette 
Victoria Woleyko 
Maddie Woomer 


{ - Advisor: Scott McWilliam 

Freshman Class 
President: Connor O'Keefe 

Vice President: Ben Schroeder 

^ffeasurer^ icT^iaqirii^ 
Secretary: Lauren Bittncn 
Parliamentarian : Emily Hansman, 
Sam Tougas and Lindsay Jordan 


President: Emily Pakstis 


Vice President: Luke Cronin j 
Treasurer: Liam Bevans 
Secretary: Sarah Wooley ; 
Parliamentarian: Zach Zahnzinger 



President - Mariah McFarlane Vice President - Cassie Shayne 

Secretary - Matt Scorza (Sam Dooiittie) Treasurer - Devin Cheney 



Costumes - Michael Buchan 

Stage Manager - Bob Cline 

Assistant Stage Manager - Bridget Anderson 

Set Furnishings - William Holt 
Assistant Set Design - Brendan Waltz 

Props - Lauren Mechak 
Assistant Props - Kaitlyn Widzins 

Sound - Brandon Whitman 
Assistant Sound - Roman Perry 

Lighting - Nathan Files 

Program - Matthew Hickey 
Assistant Program - Michelle Kazanowski 

Make-Up - Katie Emmett 
Assistant Make-Up - Kerri MacLennan 

House and Lobby - Tay McGarigal 

Fundraising - Krista DeVallis 

Archives - Ellie Clough 

Publicity - Hailey Whitman 
Assistant Publicity - Kelly Geiger 


Raft of the Madusa - Juniors 
Cage Birds - Sophomores 
Removing the Glove - Freshmen 




Paper or Plastic - Cassie Shayne 

Law ® Order: Fairy Tale Unit - Brian Greenwood 
Making Nice - Mariah MacFarlane 

f A » t 


The Wizard 




The Sacrificial King 

cve PEACE A r 

' me. 



Brass players "toot" their horns. 

Wind Ensemble Clarinets 
play in the holiday 

Concert Choir performs 
while Mr. Donovan 

Jazz Ensemble Saxophones 
play some jazzy tunes. 

String Ensemble Cellists 
perform below. 


The Concert Orchestra basses perform in 
the holiday concert. 

Above Concert Orchestra 
violinists perform with the 
Symphonic Band and 
Concert Band in the 
holiday concert finale. 


Chamber Singers perform with the girls looking lovel 
in purple and the boys looking dapper in their tuxes. 

Jazz Band Saxophone 
players perform in the 
holiday concert. 

Concert Orchestra Cellists 
perform at the holiday 

1 & , ;• 

Jazz Band saxophone, 
Brian Kelley, plays a solo, 
in their performance, with 
Steve Kearney seated next 
to him. 

The Jazz Band performing at 
the Epcot Future World Stage. 

Tom Sullivan performs with 
the Jazz Band, above. 
Below, the Concert Choir 
performs at Downtown 
Disney with Mr. Donovan 

Concert Orchestra, on the 
Future World Stage at 
Epcot, waiting to perform. 

The Jazz Ensemble gets 
ready to perform at their 
Epcot concert. 


Duxbury High School's trip to Disney 
^orld brought nearly 400 DHS music 
udents to sunny Orlando, Florida. The 
cen performing groups performed in a 
toncert at Epcot or Downtown Disney 
nd also attended a workshop to work 
on techniques and perform traditional 

songs from the Disney movies. The 
tudents traveled to Orlando on March 
Ih, 2009 and stayed there until the 9th. 

They stayed at the All-Star Music 
resort which has easy access to all of 
the Disney Parks. 

Some String Ensemble 
alayers before their big 

Alex Carll singing his solo 
with the Concert Choir. 


Quinn Colly, Grade 12 


Dragon TV is Duxbury 
High School's student 
made TV show. It is a 
class taken by juniors 
and seniors who have 
an interest in TV and 
video production. 

On December 12, 2008 Duxbury h J 

High School's Winter Semi- 
Formal dance took place in the j 
PAC Cafeteria. All four grades; 
came together for a fun night 
filled with music and dancing. 



Growing up in Duxbury is an entirely unique and somewhat paradoxical 
experience. We began our journey with a wonderfully yellow bus which 
carried us to kindergarten, pre-school's college. We played t-ball, soccer, 
and enjoyed the wonderful Chandler playground. The sun drenched recesses 
of our youth were spent trading Pokemon cards and playing James Bond on 
the jungle gym. Then the Pokemon cards were banned by the affectionately 
named "SuperNintendo Williams" and James Bond became painfully uncool. 
We moved to Alden. Gone were the days of library cubbies and birthday 
pencils. Instead, we received the harsh biting realities of third and fourth 
grade. Our innocence was deflowered as we learned that certain things, 
such as science and math could explain natural phenomena better than fairy 
tale characters could. We spent the summers of our youth frolicking in the 
sunshine of Duxbury Beach, watching airplanes fly over the sea while 
playing wiffle ball with people who hardly recognize you now. Fifth grade 
came and along with the collapse of two towers came a sense of national 
unity. We chose our instruments. We dropped them. We chose our 
languages. We (mostly) chose Spanish. Seventh grade came rolling in like 
thunder and so did the era of middle school dances. These events made the 
middle school calendar come alive with excitement and angst. All of that 
pent up energy would become painfully awkward slow dances and 
uncoordinated "fast dancing". We all abided by the "three feet apart" rule. 
Eighth grade came and we were on top! YEAH! But then high school 
stripped us of our faux-seniority. We were freshman, but it wasn't so bad. 
Over the next four years, we blossomed into the people we are now, leaving 
our memories and our old skins in the not-so-distant past. We unabashedly 
became the wonderful people we are today. As we leave the shores of this 
languid summertown, we cannot forget the wonderful memories it has 
graced us with. Let us only hope that our children can grow up in a world 
as idyllic and breathtaking as we did. 
- Luke Cronin 


low fm 


Spirit week is the 
highlight of your 


Everything in town 
closes at six. 

?! Y , ?f 

\ ou \ e never 

experienced a snow day. 

^ ^ You can't decide ... ^ 
FarFar's or Scoops? 


lux ^titiunt 


Game is 




I 2207 , FEET 

W _ 

U. Q 

The Duxbury police logs 
are well known around 
town. We have included our 
favorites from the Duxbury 
Clipper in these next few 

Police Log 

1 1 :37 a.m. Owner of home on Bay Road gave codes for officer 
to open lock box to let animal out of home. Animal control 
officer removed squirrel. 

6:20 p.m. Caller on Bow Street reports suspicious individual 
soliciting gutter cleaning. 






Summer in Duxbury is nothing without jumping off the 
tiefish bridge into the cool river waters at least once! 


TOP 3: 
1. French toast 
2. Plain 

3. N^ver beenl v 

\ tj ^j-ji * *, i 

1. Asiago 

2. Pumpkin 

3. Spinocoli 



What is your 
llf avorite 

you thin! 

or whether you tfcink 
canjt, you're 

Henry Foi 


you can 




Christie Goyette is looking gorgeous in a classic white 
blouse, jeans, shrug, and boots. 

Max Schermahorn is wearing a bright T with jeans and 
Nike sneakers. 

Kerry Turok looks beautiful in a cute plaid dress with red 
flats, hair bow, and stylish long necklaces. 

When we are not seen wearing a North Face backpack, it is 
very common to see us with our Vera Bradley totes and 
wallets. (Below) 

lie North Face backpacks and jackets arc always popular in 
Jjtbury! (Above) 

I gs are the most common footwear for the girls of Duxbury 
1 £h! You will find them in all colors and styles. (Left) 

Do you 
own real 

ugg s ?*i 

American Eagle! 

Hot Topic! 




To be 






yourself in a wo rid that is 
make you 

in a 
ly trying to 

else is the 
< :complishmej\t 

Em srson 




> 111 

08 P 

X 5 

Millbrook Market is a great place 
to grab a snack after a long day of 
(Below, left) 

Tin water bottles are commonly 
seen tucked in the side pocket of 
North Face backpacks throughout 
Duxbury High. 
(Below, right) 

Longchamp bags and iPods are 
two other Duxbury Favorites! 

Police Log 

6:19 p.m. Report of suspicious party walking on Lincoln 
Street. Party was resident walking to a friend's house. 

1 1:09 a.m. Suspicious acts reported on St. George 






he coveted green wrist bands given out to winning 
ams in gym are a major Duxbury favorite. 

^Are you 
right or left 

A fin 



4. Lambor 

5. Mustang 

What is your 
Dream Car? 

MENU M! YCS I " - 

\& you ojyn 

an Ipod? ~f^l~ 

►II I HnlLlit^Ar! 

1. 94.5 
2. 107.9 

The journey is the 

What radio 

Ch nese Pirn r erb 




Boys Varsity Soccer 


ranap, w iSl ltf KiBoxr 

-1KJT A. g 

mm "W* Mixsnr mm' 


Boys Freshmen Soccer 

Boys Cross Country 

Hi lit'i 


Acha. Gordon 74. 81 

Aglow. Madeleine 

Aldrich, Natalie 56. 58. 63. 147. 162 

Allen. Julia 56.141.160,171 

Alzaim. Adam 146 

Anderson. Bridget 66.155.179 

Anderson. Connor 6,160 

Andren. Kristofer 66,180 

Andrews, Evan 66 

Angell, Jason 74.171 

Antava, Matthew 56. 180 

Aprea. Patrick 

Aprea. Samuel 74. 81 

Arana. Francesca 72, 74 

Armstrong. Abigail 74 

Armstrong, Richard 56, 145 

Arthurs, Annemarie 66 

Auda, Gregory 54.56.129 

Auer, Christina 56. 63, 145 

Auer, James 66 

Averna, Julia 74.81,151 

Averna, Matthew 6.47. 132. 141. 142. 



Bahr. Devan 66.144 


Baker. Azhanav 74 

Balzotti, David 66 

Banville, Brittany 6. 132. 133. 235. 250 
Banville. Hunter 74 

Baran. Jennifer 5. 6. 132. 135. 142. 179. 
225. 260 

Barbati, Anthonv 66 

Barges. Sarah "7. 149. 199.250 

Barletto. Renata 56 

Barrett, Bronwen 56, 149 

Barrett. John 7.181 

Barrington, Mitchell 74. 141 

Barrington, Trevor 74 

Barrington. Wesley 7, 1 35, 1 78, 232 

Barry, Bryan 66 

Beattie. Samuel 56.180 

Benoit. Zachary 56.144 

Benson, Hunter 73. 74 

Bernard, Meghan 7 

Bernard, Michael 54,56.168 

Bernard. Vanessa 74.151 

Berry. Paige 

Bertoni, Jeffrey 74, 81 

Betteridge, William 66 

Bevans. Liam 7, 136. 141. 142. 143. 152. 

153, 157.214.250 

Biagini. Nicholas 74. 152, 153 

Bicknell, Thomas 66.181 

Bishop. Blade 66 

Bishop. Brooke 74. 81 

Bittrich. Lauren 74. 153 

Blanchard. Mary Kate 55. 56. 63. 138, 

141, 150. 171, 180 

Blout, Jeffrev 54.56,144 

Blout. Steven 54. 56. 63. 129. 144, 180 

Bond, Jacqueline 7,47, 131, 142. 171 

Bond, Kimberly 66 

Bone, Hilary "66,71 

Botieri, Sarah 8.134,142,168,169. 


Bowen. Natalie 

Boyle. Robert 74.140.144 

Bovnton. Stacia 4. 8. 135. 144. 169. 180. 


Brady, Alexandra 66 

Brady, Mark 56 

Brasington, Hunter 66 

Brasington, Kathleen 8. 47, 146. 150 

Bray, Gregory 65, 66 

Brockwell. Daniel 56,141,144,181 

Brook, Emily 66,128.140,144,153 

Brooks, Colleen 66,181 

Brousseau, Zachary 66.140 

Brovitz. Rachael 

Brovitz. Sarah 56. 58 

Brumlev. Colin 8, 161. 162.203.250 

Brust. Mark 8, 47. 134, 135. 142, 223 


Buchan. Michael 9,47. 131, 149, 154, 
155, 157, 179 

Buckley, Donald 9,142,232 
Buckley. Dylan 74 
Buckley. Erin 74. 151 
Buckley, Kaitlin 56, 146 
Bucklev. Rebecca 72, 74 
Buckley. Virginia 9,142.250 
Buonagurio. Daniel 56. 141 
Buonagurio. Henry 74 
Buonvicino, Cara 56 
Buonvicino. Nicholas 66, 140 
Burger, Michael 74 
Burke, Caitlin 56,128,141 
Burke, James 74 
Burnham, Hadley 56,140.181 
Burns, Christopher 171 
Burns, James 9 
Buron. Andrew 74. 140 
Burr, Kasey 65.66.162 
Butler. Michael 74 
Bvlo. Clint 73.74 


Cadigan. Christopher 9. 133. 216. 250 

Cadorette, Sara 74 

Caffrev, Susannah 65,66.145,180 

Cahill, Charles 66,125,139 

Cain, David 9 

Cain. Emily 5, 10 

Calabro, Christopher 56, 58 

Calabro. Patrick 66 

Cameron, Kate 66, 71. 162 

Cameron, Timothy 10,132.141,142. 

229 250 

Campanelli. Sophia 

Carleton. Jacob 65, 66 

Carll, Alexander 10.135.161 

Carney, Samantha 66,181 

Carr. Codv 74 

Carroll, Joseph 10.132,250 

Carroll. Justin 10,250 

Casal, Michael 11. 132. 135. 137. 140, 

142.217, 250 

Casale. Chloe 11,131,135.142.145, 

157, 181.205, 250 

Casey, Alena 74,181 

Casey, Jenica 56. 62. 149 

Casey. Kevin 66. 140 

Cashman. Kevin 74 

Catanzariti, Emmanuel 56, 63, 162 

Catanzariti, Isabella 74. 81 

Cazeault. Elizabeth 74.81.181 

Celino. Andrea 11.136.141 

Celino, Christopher 11.133.250 

Chandler, Monica 1 1 . 128. 141 , 145, 15 

181.210, 250 

Chappuis, Ashleen 74 

Charland, Connor 74, 75 

Charland, Patrick 56, 144 

Chatlin. Halev 74 

Cheney, Devin 56. 154. 169 

Chiasson. Hunter 1 1 

Childs. Corev 66 

Chin.Tristen 12. 132. 133. 142. 151. 

157, 181,250 

Ciccone, Anthony 56 

Cipolletti. Charlotte 66, 71. 155. 156. 16 

Cipolletti. Emily 12. 133, 145. 181.250 


i herty. Michael -56 
j d. William 74 
I -i. Collin 54. 56 

■ Conor 56 

I ...Madeline 
e. Robert 

;ton. Savannah 72. 74. 81 

jgh. Arielle 56. 155 

ligh. Tracy 

igh. Victoria 66. 1 62 

,-dev. -Jacqueline 12. 129. 151. 152. 

166. 169. 180. 202.224 
dev. -John 74.159 
dan. Katelyn 56. 62 
ngelo. Sarah 56. 58. 163 

Marcos 66 

lelh.Seamus 72.75.79 
lolly. Brendan 75 
lolly. Briana 64. 66 
lolly. Christian 66 
lolly. Colin 56 
tafly. Cory 75 
ioIIv. Katherine 75 
. lolly. Leo 12 

■ ioIIv. Timothv 75 

...Halev 13. 128. 155. 156. 145. 146. 
; 180.220.250 
i ian. .Andrew 75 

uan. -Justin 15. 129. 151. 134. 136. 
' 142. 145. 152. 157. 168. 178.200. 

i er. .Andrew 

i. er. Michael 13.132.251 

I . Samantha 66 

i alius, Margaret 56.146 

( dlo. Patrick 57 

[ dlo. Sarah 75 

i Carl 57 

i n. Charles 57 

i e. -Joseph 66 
i.Tucker 13.142.251 
r . Zacharv 72. 75. 78 
I. Ryan 57.144.147 

r mins. Melissa 

- 152. 170.208.251 

r m. -Jacqueline 

; 25i 

r in. -Julie 57 


3 153. 157. 160. 171.251 


r au. Connor 54. 55. 57. 151 

r ell. Cameron 57 

r lev. Micaela 57.58.128 

u . Greer 66.140.162 

I Robert 

I v. Kathleen 

ii v. Kelly 14.206.251 
uy. William 64.65.67 
I er. Lindsay 67 

u er. Taylor 15.21-5.251 

u d. Amanda 75. 171 

iing. Ann 75.129 

u ng. Melissa 67. 171 


a . Paul 
a. Thomas 
a . Cameron 75 

a . Kevin 


a. Mackenzie 67.180 

aier. Patrick 57. 59 

a son. Brendan 

Davidson. Samuel 5. 15. 47. 142. 227. 

Davis. Brighid 67. 155 

Davis. Luke 15.143.161 

Davis. Molly 4. 16.47. 131. 132. 142 

Dav. Dale 75 

Day. Shannon 16.152.251 

Day. Stephen 55. 57. 141 

De Deyne. Margot 56. 57. 141 

DeGrenier. -James 67 

DeGrenier. Kimberly 16. 151. 178 

Delagrange. Danielle 75 

Delia Noce. Philip 56. 57. 156. 160. 162. 


Demers. Ethan 56. 57. 144 
Demos. Clark 67 

Demos. Marissa 16. 129. 141. 142. 157. 
224. 251 

Dennison. Catherine /5. 143. 171 

Desmarais. Gillian 67. 71. 156 

Desmarais. Nicole 57. 147. 180 

Desmery. .Alexander 75 

Desmerv. Virginia 57.144 

Desmond. Elizabeth 4. 16. 128. 152. 157. 

168. 178. 202.251 

DeYellis. Krista 57. 59. 63. 155. 156 

Dever. Sean 75 

Devereaux. Monica 57.161 

DeWolf. Geoffrev 57 

DiBona. Shane ' 16. 128. 151. 135. 179. 


Diozzi. Daniel 57.159.154 

DiPrima. Aidan 67 

DiTullio. Colton 75 

Dixon. -Jonathan 57. 144 

Dixon. William 57 

Dobbins. Maggie 

Dobbins. Mvles 67 

Dobens. Abigail 67.156.162 

Doherty. "Eric ""Zorro"" 17. 135. 178 

Doherty. Christine 75 

Doherty. Elizabeth 67 

Doherty . Kathleen 67. 145. 156 

Doherty. Michael 57 

Donoghue. Timothv 57,144 

Donovan. Carly 

Donovan. David 67. 69 

Donovan. Laura 54. 57. 149 

Donovan. Man 75 

Donovan. Patrick 67 

Dom. Weston 57.1 57. 144. 180 

Doughtv. Vivian 35. 141. 

142. 157. 163. 179. 199.252 

Dow. Wesley 67.140 

Dowd. Michaela 67 

Dowling. Danielle 

Dowling. Kristofer 75.81.171 

Dowling. Patrick 75. 181 

Dowling. Richard 57 

Doyle. Brady 57 

Doyle. Emily 75 

Doyle. Michael 57 

Dovle. Parker 75 

Draper. Cameron 67. 140. 160. 162 
Driscoll. .Amber 57 
Driscoll. Ryan 75 
Driver. Kira 56, 57 
Drummy. Catherine 64. 67. 180 
Drumrm . Thomas 57. 1 40 
Dubuisson. Sophie 72. 75 
Ducharme. Michelle 17.162.178 
Ducinski. Casev 
213. 252 

Duddy. Madison 75 
Dudlev. .Amelia 75 
Dudlev. Hilarv 67 
Duffy . Enn 72.75 
Duffy . Laurel 75 
Duggan. Colman 67. 140 
Duncan. -Jackson 67 
Dunn. Maggie 67.137.144 

Girls Varsity Soccer 

Girls JV Soccer 


Varsity Field Hockey 

Dunphv. Connor 18.178.2,52 
Dwinell, Hanna 67. 128, 144 
Dwinell, Morgan 57 

Ederle. William 75,76 
Edgar. Duncan 
Eisenstadt. Cassandra 67.161 
Eisenstadt. Katarina 75. 80, 161.1 70 
El-Amine. Tarek 67 
Elias, George 57. 170 
Elias, Michael 18.178.240 
Ellis. Abigail 67 

Ellis. Hannah 57.63, 138. 141. 152. 171 
Emmett. Katherine 5. 18. 71. 131. 149. 
154. 155. 157, 180 
Errasti. Kavla 66.67.181 

Fahv, Patrick 67 

Falcone. Kara 67, 140, 144 

Fallon. Arthur 75 

Fallon. Christine 57,"l80 

Farese. David 58 

Fariello. Stephanie 72,75.78,139 

Farina. Allison 72, 75 

Farina, David 75 

Farquharson, Emma 67, 156 

Farrellv. Anna 54.58, 140, 155. 171 

Farrellv. Jesse 18,252 

Federoff. Nicholas 58.161 

Feenev. Lauren 67. 140. 145. 151. 155. 

156. 170 

Ferrier. Julia 18,129.132,146.229 

Fichter, Benjamin 18.142.229 

Files. Nathan 54,58.155.169 

Files. Samuel 58. 59 

Finch. Kate 58 

Finch, Thomas 75 

Findley, Martha 75 

Finn. Katherine 64. 67. 145. 147 

Finocchiaro. Katherine 67. 70. 125. 128 

Fiset, Daniel 67 

Fitzgerald, Adam 75 

Fitzmaurice, Kelsey 75 

Fitzpatrick. Leyla 67 

Fitzpatrick, Sophia 73. 76. 81 

Flood, Kellv 58 

Flynn. Patrick 65,67 

Foley. Amanda 19. 131 . 133, 226. 252 

Foley, Caroline 76, 1 40 

Fontaine. Ike 68 

Fontaine, Luke 68 

Fontana, Alicia 66,68.144 

Ford.Kerrin 19.47. 128. 171. 180.239. 


Fredericks-Osborne. Brielle 19, 157 
Frick. Harrison 19.47,132,133,178 
Frve. Jonathan 58, 59. 63. 129. 144. 145 


Gabrielli, Michael 68 
Gaita, Jeffrey 73.76 
Gallagher, Emily 68 
Garofalo, Alexa 76 
Garofalo, Nicolas 58 
Garran, Alejandra 76,181 
Garritv. Aidan 76 


Garrity. Lindsey 19, 140 

Garvey. Kirsten 68. 150 

Gately, Sean 65 

Gates. Annie 68 

Gavin. Melissa 68. 71 

Gavin. Timothy 76 

Gavoni. Kyle 20, 


Gearin, Patrick 76,143 
Geiger. Kellv 65,68,155 
Gellatlv. Kyle 20. 228 
Genereux, Tyler 20. 134, 181 , 239. 252 
Gerraughty. Jennifer 72. 76. 81 
Gerraughty. Lorin 68, 140. 144 
Gibbs. Abigail 58.63, 138. 141. 152 1 
Gilbert. Seth 20. 139. 149. 170. 171 
206. 252 

Gilbody. Michael 20. 209. 252 

Gillis. Brendan 76 

Gillis. James 58.155.156 

Gilmore. Andrew 20.142.181 

Gino. Tucker 73.76.78,163 

Gino, Zachary 68. 150 

Glatthorn. Luke 76 

Gluskin, Annie 21,155,157,252 

Gluskin. Katherine 21. 155, 157.252 ! 

Goldberg. Jack 68 

Goldberg. Sarah 

Goldman. Daniel 21 , 47. 142, 230. 252 

Goldman, Leigh 76,81 

Gomer, Jonathon 73,76,81 

Goodless, Mark 58 

Gould. Keri 

Gould. Morgan 58 

Goyette. Alexa 73.76,81,147.171 

Govette. Christie 58. 143. 150. 169. 17 

Grady. Lauren 

Graham, Mollv 76 

Graham, Zacharv 5, 21 , 139. 142. 170 
Granger, Justin 21.132,140.162 
Granger. Katherine 58. 63. 140 
Grant. Ian 68 

Greenwood. Brian 21. 141. 142, 160,2 

Greenwood, Kara 76, 156 

Griffin, Kathryn 55,56.58,140.161 

Griffin, Michael 22. 131 , 141 . 142. 252 

Griffin-Crane, Rvan 68 

Grubb.Anna 64.68,141.152.153 

Grunwald, Anastasia 22, 236 

Grunwald, Peter 76 

Guilfoile. John 75, 76 

Guilfoile, Thomas 


140, 153 

Habgood. Samuel 54.56,58.144 
Hadlev. Kyle 22. 142 
Haffev. Kane 68, 181 
Haffey. Lila 58. 144 
Hagan. Matthew 76 
Hagan. Nicole,252 
Hallisev, Matthew 68.140 
Hanlon. Sarah 68.140 
Hannon. Alexandra 76 
Hannon. Julia 58,140 
Hanrahan. Nicole 76 
Hansman. Emily 75. 76. 155. 180 
Harasimowicz. Brett 6! 
Harrison, Christopher ! 
Harrison. Timothv 76 
Hart. Russell 76 
Hartford, Hannah 76 
Harvey, James 5,22.132.141 
Harvey, Kaitlyn 68 
Hawkins. Benjamin 76 
Hayes, Benjamin 73. 76 
Haynes. David 76 
Haynes. Meghan 68 
Healv-Lew, Benjamin 65. 68 
Hecker, Rima 58. 149 
Hellar. Paul 74. 76 
Hemingway. David 58,151,180 
Hemingway. John 58,151 
Hendrickson. Ryan 55.58.59. 161 
Hennessy. Kellie 58,140^145,181 
Hetherington. James 5, 23 
Hibbard. Margaret 58.168.169 
Hickev, Caroline 76 


key. Margaret 68. 140 
key, Matthew 58. 155, 179 

. Allie 
. Carlie 68 

•s, Rebecca 76. 81 
Cking, Brian 76 
ffman. Julia 
'Ifmaier. Elizabeth 58. 141 . 150. 151 . 

Hand. Theodore 76 
'■Hand. Toni 55. 58. 63 
lopainen. Alex 68 

It. William 56.58.59. 143. 155. 179 
man. Colby 76 

jmis, Stephanie 4, 23. 47, 135. 142, 

7. 166. 178. 179. 180 
fckins. David 23.215 

ion. Emilv 76 

ey. Charlotte 76_.81_ 

iter. Benjamin 25, 154. 163 

iter, Elizabeth 58, 170 
■iter. Sarah 76.80.156,161 

combe, Melissa 25,129.166 

.ted. Drew 54. 58 

.ted, Laura 76 

chinson, Emily 68 

\nd. Douglas 58 

ind, Meaghan 76 

!a. Ian 73. 77 

is. Connor 

I. (son. Evan 77 

1 >bson. Kenneth 73. 77 

I >bson. Samuel 77 

I ieson. Danielle 77. 155. 156 

hem-. Sophia 77.160 

I -en. Corev 24 

I .igan-Smith. Sally 68.71,150 

ill, William 68.179 

I ison. Alicia 68. 70 

I won. Kelly 68.71 

hson. Kendall 58.143 

hson. Meghan 54. 58. 63, 65, 150 

hson, Nicholas 24,159 

I ison. Robert 72. 77 

I ison, Ross 68 

hs.Caitlin 59,62.140 

IL's, Kyle 77.139 

hs, Sarah 73,77.81.163 

Man. Lindsav 77,152.153 

I mo. Gerard 72. 77 

Yl.Samantha 59.62 

Igos. Nicholas 

^ s, Robert 59 

HGabriella 59.140.145,152 
U Natalie 77,81 

Vinowski. Michelle 65.68.71. 155. 


\ mowski. Thomas 59. 141 . 144, 163. 

Imey.Jake 59.145 

i-ney. Stephen 56.59.144 

\ e, Shawn 59 

A: ir. Edward 77,139 

lar. Emma 24,140,142,214 

ley. Brian 77,162 

ley. Michelle 77 

K/.Aidan 68 

A,. Shannon 
■ 252 

^io, Grace,161 
\, Brooke 

Keohan. Brendan 77 
Keohan. Nicholas 159 
Kenyan. -James 24 
Kerle. Rilev 68 

Kimball. Benjamin 59, 140. 160 

Kimball. Christopher 59,141.147 

King. Daniel,169 

Romberg. Dylan 68. 147 

Kosharek, Alexander 56.59.161 

Kouble. Molli 25.151 

Koulopoulos, Michael 77 

Kozmiski. Michael 75. 77. 80 

Kozmiski, Therese 59.141 

Kracov, Michael 68 

Krall. Stephan 67,69,180 

l\ramer. Aaron 59 

Kravitz. Levla 69. 150 

Krusell. Melissa 77. 151 

Krusell. Timothy 25, 139, 140, 142. 208 

Kuckuk, Kevin 69 

Lake. Darci 59,140 
Lake. Michaela 77.147,162.170 
Landry . Brittney 59, 138. 171 
Landrv. James 59 

Unman. Kelsev 25. 131 . 142. 178. 226. 

Lanman. Peter 72. 77 
Lannon. Jamie 77 
Laputz. .Amy 65, 69, 71 
Laramee. Eoin 59 

Larkin. Michael 25. 133. 140. 141. 142. 

179. 181,228.252 

Ursen. Eric 69, 140 

UTorre, Michael 

Lawson, Madison 72. 77 

Leach, David 25 

Leccese. Carson 25, 157. 160. 162. 163, 

Leckv. Hakeem 5, 26 
Ledd'ie. Colleen 72,77 
Leese. Parker 77 

Lenhardt, Stephanie 69. 144, 170. 181 
Leonard. Julia 
Levesque. Victoria 77. 81. 151 
Lewine. Benjamin 73. 77 
Lewine. Kathenne 26. 142, 178. 181. 
207. 253 

Librett. Krista 72.77.181 

Lijewski. Jason 26. 240 

Linskev. Mikkel 77 

Lippard, Meridith 26. 131, 142, 162 

Lirosi, Joseph 69 

Lirosi.Mark 26.132 

Listernick. Caroline 59. 65, 147. 161 

Lizza, Jessica 26. 142. 255 

Locke. Paige 59.140,141 

Longo. Tyler 71 

Loreaux. Gregory 59 

Lorusso. Victoria 59, 65, 136. 147. 162 

Lougee, Marshall 77 

Lovell, Emma 69 

Lovett. Taylor 77 

Lydon, Kellie 77 

Lynch. John 59 

Lynch. Kevin 59 

Lvnch. Nicholas 59 

Lyons. Nicholas 56. 59. 144 


Macaluso, Alexis 77 

Macaluso. Catherine 59 

MacDonald, Lauren 77. 80 

MacFarlanc. Mariah 27. 47. 133. 142. 

154. 156. 162 

Mackev, Shane 59 

Mackm. Riley 59, 157. 144. 145 


Boys Varsity Basketball 


Boys JV Basketball 

Boys Freshmen Basketball 

MacLennan. Kcrri 59,71.155.171 

MacLcnnan. William 27,146 

MacLeod, Kayla 27,253 

Madden. Matthew 77 

Madigan, Maty Courtney 27, 129, 136. 

138. 142. 179. 198. 253 

Magnuson. Ashley 59.141.171 

Maguire. Chelsea 27. 132. 133. 157, 233. 


Maguire, Denis 64, 69 

Mahony, Kevin 69 

Maloney, Jaime 27. 132 

Mann, Nicholas 69, 180 

Manning, Caroline 77 

Maragioglio, Patricia 58, 59, 63 

Maragioglio. William 69 

Marcotte, Alexandra 69 

Marino, Jason 77 

Marino, Justin 77 

Marston, Jonathan 59.62.141,144 

Martecchini, Emily 28,131.135.142, 


Martin. Adam 69 

Martin, Allison 64.65.69,125,161 

Martin, Ross 69 

Masgul, Kelly 67.69 

Mastergeorge, Bret 28, 253 

Mathieu, Melanie 28, 138, 141. 149. 168, 

239, 253 

Matthews. Alexa 28,132,133,253 
Matthews, Timothy 69 
McCabe, Sean 69 

McCaffrey, Alexander 28, 140, 142, 200, 

McCall, Fenton 78 

McCall.Taryn 59.128 

McCarthy, David 78 

McCarthy. Hannah 59 

McCarthy. Olivia 69,140.144 

McCarthy, Siobhan 69 

McClure. Emily 78, 140 

McDermott. Jonathan 78 

McDermott, Marley 55, 59. 141, 144. 181 

McElduff, Justin 60.63 

McElduff. Kelly 

McGarigal. Taylor 60,155 

McGeady.Anna 78,81,181 

McGeady, John 60 

McGill. Andrew 73,78 

McGillivray. Kayla 28,47,150,181 

McHugh, Kristin 78 

McKenna. Haley 78.81 

McKenzie. Alexander 69 

McKenzie. Colin 29.142 

McKenzie, Madison 69, 71 

McKinley. Jonathan 69 

McKinnev. Colleen 78 

McLaughlin. Laura 56. 60. 141. 150. 151 

McLaughlin. Laurie 69,146,161 

McLaughlin, Shannon 78, 81 

McLeod, Patrick 29, 128, 131, 140, 157, 


McManus, Daniel 29.253 
McPartlan. Brian 59,60 
McWilliams. Patrick 60,144 
Mechak, Lauren 56. 60, 155 
Meehan. Brendan 65,69.140 
Meehan, Emily 78 
Meine, Spencer 29 

Merlin, Emily 55,60. 141. 155, 156, 161 

Michelson, Chelsea 69, 71 

Michelson. Devin 29,133.224 

Minahan, Christopher 64, 65, 69 

Mohrman, Chase 78 

Moore, Elizabeth 29, 142 

Moore, Jennifer 69. 144. 145, 170. 180 

Moore, Michael 

Morgan, Jane 30. 47, 129, 142, 157. 180, 


Moriarty, Zoe 72, 78 
Morrison, Ashley 69,162 

Muller, Davis 78 
Mullins, Charles 78,79 
Mulone, Nicholas 
Mulrenin, Melanie 30 
Mulrenin. Rachel 60,128.144 
Muncey. Meghan 
171. 179.253 
Muncey, Peter 78, 160 
Murdock, Hannah 69 
Murphy. Briana 30.149,171 
Murphy, Christopher 30 
Murphy, Deirdre 78,140.181 
Murphy. Elizabeth 78 
Murphv, John 78 
Murphy. Keelan 72, 78, 139 
Murphy. Kristin 31,142,179.241 
Murphy. Lisa 60 
Murphy, Robert 60, 140 
Murphy-Kusins. Mara 60. 62, 128, 137 
140, 144. 145 


Nachmann, Joel 69 
Najarian, Alexandra 73, 78 
Naton, Reilly 78 
Nauman, Cade 69 
Nee, Julia 69.71 

Nelson, Erin,65.141 
Nelson. Laura 31,132,134,136,142, 
166, 223 

Nelson. Meghan 60, 147 

Neves, Bernardo 31, 61, 150 

Ng, Jonathan 31,241 

Nichols, Heidi 31,47.129.136,145 

146, 180. 253 

Nickerson, Cody 60,157 

Nicolau.Sara 31 . 132. 133, 157. 18( 


Niles, Victoria 
Nissi, Cassandra 60, 63, 138 
Nissi, Grace 78 
Nolan. Kevin 69,125 
Norling, Barbara 69 
Norling, Christopher 32. 132 
North. Brendan 78 
Norton. Maggie 64,69,140,161 
Nutter, Kristin 32.163,180,227 


O'Brien, Hunter 60,180 

O'Connor, Colleen 32.129,131.141, 

157, 179. 253 

O'Day. Emily 69,138.149,153 
Odier, Justine 78, 81 
Odier.Tess 32,160,231 
O'Donovan, Diamond-Maria 32. 128, 1 

O'Donovan, Lance 60, 1 70 
O'Hara, Emily 33,132,134 
O'Keefe, Connor 72. 78, 144. 152, 15c' 
O'Keefe. Matthew 72, 73. 78 
O'Keefe. Shaylyn 60 
O'Leary. Brian 33 
O'Leary. Kara 78 

Oloskey. Michelle 33, 133, 142. 210. 
O'Neal, Gregory 54, 60, 141, 144, 180 
O'Neal, Morgan 33,47.137 
O'Regan, Catherine 78 
O'Sullivan. Molly 70 
O'Toole. Elisabeth 60. 141 
Owen. Curtis 78, 81 
Owen. David 60.137.151 

Padu la. Andrew 72.75,78 
Padula. Christina 55,58.60.145 
Page. Victoria 78 


Hstis. Emily 33. 129. 141. 142. 152, 
I 171. 178.203.253 
I iale. Jonathan 33, 142. 163 
-'Me. .Anthony 34. 132, 154. 241. 

: ;quale. Jenna 72, 162 

: quale Monk, Julia 70 

^eri.Mark 60,144.180 

: . inson. Catherine 60. 143, 166 

j inson, Victoria 54, 142, 179 

; lson, Nicholas 70, 71 

j ne. Zachary 60. 161 

: ulla. Grayson 78 

- y, Joshua 70 

: y. Roman 60.62,155,156.162 
|reon,Alex 34,142.212.254 
Inson. Blair 34.129,132,142.157, 
I , 180, 200. 254 
; rson. Lilv 72. 78 
I rson, Mikalah 64,70 
; rson. Zachary 70 

lips, Chandler 64,70,140,149 

lips, Matthew 78 

lips, Nicole 60,140.180 

inev, Caroline 72, 78 

ce. Andrew 59,60,160 

ce. Jacob 34 

dinock, Kelsey 34 

dinock. Stephanie 70, 71 

co, Ryan 60,162 

artel. Ashley 35,211 

ham.Jodi 35,128,142.165.171. 

. Gabrielle 35,142,180.254 
i. Diane 72.77,78 
-re.Olwia 60,63 

ari. Joanna 

•e, Alexander 70 

jloski. Christopher 35 

jloski, Nathan 78 

er, Catharine 60,63,144 

sh. Benjamin 55.60,61,129.141 

ell, Wilson 78.80 

ers. Kelsey 79.129 

hard, Taylor 60. 63 

tor. Rebecca 35 

wlo.Andy 36,134 

lit. Robin 36,131,142,150,178. 

1 is. Margaret 70 

ii.Maheen 70,143,145,151,153 
idall, Maxwell 74,79,81 
le, Mackenzie 79,81 
i e. Thomas 60 
(Jy, Kealan 79 
Mian 74.79 
U.Stephanie 60,63,171 
: .hart, Casey 64,70,71, 146. 152, 153 
i dwt. Samuel, 
. 181 

ley.Meaghan 70.162 

ley. Michael 36,125.140,179 

URvan 36,132.134 

i iardi, John 60,144 

I io. Tessa 70.124 

i .ard, Kourtnev 61 

ilardson, Jennifer 58.61,144,145, 

lie, Avery 79 

I \: Antonio 72. 79 

Ik Julia 36,47,132.142,144,181, 

l ey, Steven 36.131.142,254 

Ijinson. Haley 70 

i riguez. Chandler 70 

lock, Cassandra 70.71,145.170.179 

Rollock. David 57 

Ronne.Andria 61.141,151 

Rooney. Sarah 37. 47. 131. 142, 179. 


Rose, Bradford 37, 141, 142, 145. 213, 

Rosenfeld, Olivia 79 

Roth. Derek 

Roth. Rachel 61 

Roumacher. James 37 

Rourke. Alanna 37,168.219 

Rourke. Timothy 79,140,161 

Ruggles. Kelsev 79 

Runci. Elizabeth 70.71 

Runci, Zachary 38,141,169,254 

Rutter, Liam 38 

Rvan, David 59,61.141,144,180 

Sager. Charles 38, 133, 142, 157. 179, 

Sahlberg. Brett 70 
Salameh. Basil 
Salameh. Janine 61,143 
Sanchez, Adam 70 

Sanchez, Zachary 38. 1 40. 1 78. 237, 241 

Sangster, Daniel 61 

Santosuosso, Kevin 38, 254 

Savard. Matthew 6 1 , 1 4 1 , 1 44. 1 52, 1 63 

Scandone, Davna 79 

Scanlan. Ryan 79,181 

Scanlon. Sandra 79,151,181 

Scavongelli, Christopher 79 

Schermerhorn, Haley 79 

Schermerhorn, Maxwell 38. 1 33. 1 80. 206 

Schmitt. Julia 57.61.63. 138. 141, 163 

Schneider. Erik 73. 79. 80, 81 

Schneider. Katharine 39. 47, 150. 254 

Schneiderhan, Lauren 39. 47. 128. 141 . 

181.202, 254 

Schneiderhan. Matthew 55, 61 , 160 
Schofield, Austin 70 
Scholberg. Thomas 39, 47. 142, 162, 
199. 254 

Schroeder. Benjamin 72. 79, 152, 153 
Schroeder, Ryan 61, 144 
Schramm. William 39 
Schupp, Alexis 61 
Schupp. Sara 79 

Schwanke. Kavla 57, 61 , 140. 141 . 145, 

Sciretta. Phillip 70, 163 

Scola, Kyle 39 

Scorza. Matthew 61.62,154 

Sealund, Andrew 40 

Seewald, Lindsay 79, 151 

Segalla. Emma 55, 61, 181 

Segalla. Michele 70 

Seifert. Alyssa 40.199.254 

Serres. Nora 79 

Sgroi. Paula 40.132.181,254 

Shally, Alexandria 66. 70 

Shamma. Allvson 129 

Shanahan, Aiexa 40, 132, 181 , 208. 254 

Shane. Allison 70 

Sharpe, Mackenzie 79 

Shaughnessy, Alexandria 70,124 

Shav. Caela 79 

Shavne. Catherine 40, 47. 128, 142. 143, 

154. 156. 157. 179. 240 

Shayne, John 70. 71 

Sheehan, Samantha 79. 81 

Shields, William 40 

Showstead. Steven 79.162 

Siciliano. Samantha 61,161 

Siefert. Jackson 41,132.231 

Siefert. William 79 

Sigstadsto. Catrine 41 . 47, 150, 255 

Silveira. Raquel 61 , 63 


Boys JV Hockey 

Simons. Michelle 61.63.140 

Sinclair. Samantha 41. 131. 141. 142, 

157. 230. 254 

Sirois, Victoria 70 

Slechta. John 61.141.144 

Smith. Chace 79 

Smith. Heather 61.140 

Smith, Jillian 61,129,141.152 

Smith, Linsin 79. 145, 156 

Smith, Madeline 61 

Smith, Rachael 79. 140 

Smith, Spencer 5.41,224.255 

Soldi, Sarah 

Sommer, Andrew 41. 132. 141. 179. 217. 


Sorensen, Nicholas 41 

Sowa, Christopher 70 

Spencer. Ian 61 , 125 

Spoor. Michael 65.70.140 

Startzeil. Benjamin 70. 162 

Stavton. Jessica 70 

Steele. .Anne 55,61,141.151 

Stenstrom. Carolyn 54. 61. 62, 171 

Stenstrom. Kristen 54.61,63 

Sterbenz, Colin 42 

Stillman. Gerry 79.129 

Stoddard, Jonathan 70 

Strand. Christian 61,147,170 

Stratton. Caitlin 70, 71 

Stratton, Joshua 61 

Su, Arthur 79 

Su, Barry 70 

Sullivan. Christopher 70, 140 

Sullivan. Cory 70 

Sullivan. Crystal 61,161.171 

Sullivan. Francis 42. 47. 140. 150, 255 

Sullivan, Kaitlin 56,61.128 

Sullivan. Marv 55, 61 

Sullivan. Michael 61.63,144,180 

Sullivan, Thomas 61.163 

Sumner. Havden 79 

Surette. Kristina 70, 151 

Sweeney, Katherine 79, 180 

Sweeney. Patrick 70 

Sweet. Samuel 79 

Swem. Julia 42. 136. 141, 146.255 

Szulak, Kerri 79 

Szulak. Kevin 42, 141, 142. 143. 181 

Tarbox. Elise 61. 62. 144, 145 
Tavlor. Anna 73, 79 

Tedeschi. Mark 5. 42. 131. 135. 141. 142 
Tenaglia, Peter 54.55,61.140,179 
Terrizzi. Anna 79.155,156,161 
Terrizzi. Jeffrey 61.180 
Theodossiou, Lukas 61 
Therrien. Emma 79 
Thomas, Casev 61,146,151 
Thomas. Liza 42,131,133.157,180. 

Thomas. Stephen 79 
Thompson. Austin 80,181 
Tibbetts. Rebecca 62. 143 
Tillotson. Carly 66.71.180 
Tinkham. Nicholas 71. 139 
Tobias. Karli 71 
Tobin, Taylor 80 
Tougas, Samantha 80, 153 
Tower, Kelsea 80 

Trevisani. Jaclvn 55. 62. 136, 144. 146. 

Tripp. Preston 62 

Tsinzo, Devon 68. 71 

Tucker, Caroline 62. 161 

Turner, Alexander 43,142 

Turner, John 69,71.140,153.181 

Turner. Kyle 43. 134. 140, 142. 179. 255 

Turok. Kerry 62.155.162,171,178 


Llmbrianna. Anthonv 62, 140, 141. 168 
1 80 

LJrann. Benjamin' 

IVann. Kelsev 80 


Valiando, Christian 43 

Vandewater, Samuel 43. 128. 136. 138 il 

234. 255 

Vanummerson, Caroline 80 
Varano.Sara 66.68,71.144,180 
Varonko. Maria 62,171 
\ iolandi. Alexandra 62 
Vitaro. Katherine 71.124 
Vuilleumier, Chandler 62,128 
Vuilleumier. Kelton 61,80.81 


Walker. Casev 71.141 

Walker. Emily 64.71.153 

Walker. Torrence 153.171 

Walsh. Courtney 80,129 

Walsh, Danielle 62.149,160 

Walsh. Kristina 71.156.147 

Walsh. Patrick 43. 137, 141.220.255 

Walter. Laura 62, 147 

Walters. Lauren 44. 135, 142. 157. 178. 


Waltz. Austin 62 

Waltz. Brandon 73,80.139.155 

Wan. Alex 

Watts. Alexandra 62.160 

Watts, Mitchell 44 

Webber. Don 80 

Weil, Charlotte 80 

Weil, Lilly 80 

West.Meaghan 44,136.141,255 

West, Nina 71 

Whalen. Andrew 71 

Whalen. Kevin 80 

Whalen, Patrick 62 

Wheatlev. Alexander 44, 255 

White. Adrienne 44,149,166,255 

White, Anne 71.150 

White, Benjamin 62 

White, Ian 80 

White, Kyii 80 

White. Nathan 45,179,255 

Whitman. Brandon 45, 142, 155, 179, 


Whitman, Halev 71,155 

Whitnev, Ian 45.131.135,178 

Whitt.AIexa 45.132,201 

Widzins. Katelyn 77, 80. 147. 155. 156 

Widzins, Kyle 62. 147 

Willauer. Peter 66. 71 

Williams, Christopher 80 

Williams, Derek 80 

Williams, Gregorv 74. 75. 80 

Williams. Jessica 71,140 

Williams. Samuel 80,181 

Wilson. Lauren 45. 128 

Wirkala. Erika 45. 131 

Wirzberger. Vanessa 46. 138. 150, 170, 


Witten, James 46,142,157.168.169 
Wojciechowski, Lucas 58. 62. 168 
Woleyko. Victoria 62. 136. 138. 146. 
150. 151 

Wolfgang. Daniel 46, 151. 136. 140 
Wong. Jacob 71 

Wong. Michelle 46. 132, 136, 142, 157, 
161, 179.234. 255 


)d. Tanner 80 

•d. Timothy 62 

idgate. Nicholas 62. 65. 157. 



\anulis. Eric 

47. 142. 179. 255 

Js. Colin 

oley. Sarah 

142. 144. 152. 155. 168. 169. 170. 

257. 255 
omer. Madeleine 80.180 
omer. Meghan 
rthman. Nikki 62.141 
lie. Samantha 47. 142 

Zahnzinger. Alexandra 80.147 
Zahruinger. Zachary 62. 152. 155. 162 
Zaverucha. Makar 55, 62. 145 
Zaverucha. Mollv 80 
Zee. Elizabeth 80. 129 
Zelvis. Benjamin 80 
Zisko. Broderick 80 





cauMn t Acute, done it 

w^Uoui you! 

The real voyage of discovery 
consists of not in seeking 
new landscapes but 
in having new eyes. 

- Marcel Proust 

Mary Courtney, you have 
always showed us the world 
through your eyes! We can't 

wait to see where your 
vision takes us next! We are 
so proud of you! 
Congratulations ! 

Mom, Dad, and Clarke 


It seems like only yesterday that you were on that bus to kindergarten... 
and now you have graduated from high school, and you're headed off to 

college to begin the next phase in your wonderful life... your bright 
smile and loving heart have brought joy to everyone ... we are so proud 
of the young woman you have become... keep on sailing... may all your 

dreams and wishes come true. . . 
congratulations on all your accomplishments. 


Mom... Dad... Greg... Bryan 


You have a beautiful smile, 

A beautiful voice, 

and most important, a 

beautiful heart. 

Whereever you go, 

We will always be here for 


We love you so much. 

-Mom, Dad and Sammuel 

Congratulations TJ 


We are so proud 
of you. 


Mom, Dad and Hanna 




"If you don't do it this year, you'll 
be one year older when you do." 

-Warren Miller- 
May your life be filled with sun, 
twelve inch powder days, blue 
sky, and skree fields. May you 

always have a Piston Bully 
around you. we are very proud 
of you and of all your 

Colorado here we come. 

All our Love, 
Dad, Mom, Jackie, Mosley & Boca 


You've filled our 
family with 
much love and 

We are so proud of 
the young man 
you have become 
and know that you 
have a bright 
future ahead of 

Mom, Dad, Jess, 
and Andy 



Dear Alex a, 

You have tremendous spirit; you entered this world with an 
electrifying smile and an infectious giggle. Its been a sheer delight 
watching you grow from our tiny, little "Lou" with such a ffinloving 

nature, to a compassionate, kind hearted, patient, thoughtful and 
stunning young lady. 

We've lived from sea to shining sea, and everywhere in between. And 
have witnessed you flourish, in cultures outside of the United States. 
You've proved to be an adaptable, adventurous, determined, and open- 
minded individual. We are immensely proud of you 1 . 

You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, Alexa. Never, 
never give up 1 . We are always here for you, Honey. We love you more 
than words can express. 

Vidi, Mum, 
Amanda, and Zach 


You u/ere the be/t £krLrtrc\ar prerervt tKlr farftilij ever 
^ot! Y ou V€ olwoy beer\ ro raucK fur\ to be u/rth. K €€ P 
/ur\r\(j dLrporitiorx or\d that iz/itKj verve of humor! 

/v\orw, Qod, |<evir\ Ru,or\ or\d Micaela 


Gotta hold on easy as I let you go 
Gonna tell you how much I love you, though you think you 
already know 

I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in 
pink, so soft and warm 
You've had me wrapped around your finger since the day you 

were born 
Beautiful baby from the outside in 
Chase your dreams but always know the road that leads you 

home again | 
Go on take on this whole world but to me you know you will 
always be 
My little girl. 
Tim McGraw 

We are so proud of you! Here's to an amazing future! 

With all our love and support 
Dad, Mom, Matt, and Lucas 

Dear Emily, 

You have brought so much pride and joy into our lives. We want 
to congratulate you on all of your outstanding accomplishments 
during high school. You have grown from our adorable preschooler 
into a talented, beautiful young woman. We know your 
determination, hard work and positive attitude will bring you 
success in the future. Thank you for being such a kind and loving 
daughter and sister. We will always be here for you and love you 
very much. May God bless you and keep you in his care. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Heather 

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder, 
You get your fill to eat, but always keep that hunger, 
May you never take one single breath for granted, 
God forbid love ever leaves you empty-handed. 
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. 
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens, 
Promise me that you'll give fate a fighting chance, 
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 

I HOPE YOU DANCE Lee Ann Womack 

Best wishes Class of 2009! 

Congratulations, Colin!! 

Thanks for making us so proud! 


Mom, Dad, Annie, Henri, and Slinki 


"You win not by 
chance,but by 
-Roger Maris 

Thanks for all 
the memories! 
We're so very proud! 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Becca 


"You've got brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself 
in any direction you choose. 
You're on your own. 
And you know what you know. 
You are the guy who'll decide where to go." 
-Dr. Suess 

We know you're going places, Kevin 1 . 
We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Kyle, Kelly, and Millie 


It seems like yesterday when we put you on 
the bus and today we are sending you of to 
follow your dreams. Reach for the stars 
and never stop. We are so very proud of 
the young man you have become. You have 
brought us so much joy. 
We love you Bert. 


Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Benjamin 











you are the best daughter anyone could ask for. 
The moment you were born you have given us such 
joy and happiness. The life we have shared from 
that very first day, 1/1/91, has been so wonderful 
because of you. Katie, you have taught all of us so 
much and we want to say Thank You. 
We have had a terrific journey over the past 18 
years with you. you have grown into a wonderful 
young women, a great sister, daughter, and friend. 
Congratulations, we are so proud of all of your ac- 
complishments. Remember we are always here for 

Now go and Follow your dreams and because of who 
you are they will all come true. Katie, reach for 
your stars they are there for you. 
We love you so much. 
Mom, Dad, and Ben 

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) 
By: Sun Tan 

Dance... even if you have nowhere to do it but in 
your living room. 

Do one thing everyday that scares you. 

Donf worry about the future; or work, but know 
that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an 
algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. 

"My, how you ve grown." I remember that 

phrase from my childhood days too. 

"Just wait and see." I remember those words 
and how they chided me, when patient was the 
hardest thing to be. 

Because we can't make up for the time that we've lost, 
I must let these memories provide. 
I should have known. At your age, in a string of 
days the year is gone. 

But in that space of time, it takes so long. 
Every time you say goodbye you're frozen in my 
mind as the chUd that you never will be, you 
never will be again. 

No little girl can stop her ivorld to wait for me. 

10,000 Maniacs 

Ladybug, you are an angel from heaven. 
We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad, Bob, Steven, Adam, Lisa, Meggie, 


" 5 


Never lose your 
enthusiasm for 
life. Follow your 
dreams. We are 

so proud of 
the wonderful 
young woman 
you have 

We love you very much and 
remember we will always 
be there for you! 


Mom, Dad, Kevin, and Sarah 



We are so proud 
of you! 

Mom, Dad, 
Ricky, Kara & Charlie 

Congratulations Timmy! 

We're so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, and Lissy 

Dear Michael, 

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday you were running out 
the door going to pre-school. Within a blink of an eye you are heading off to 
your senior year, leaving a cloud of dust behind. 

Words can not describe how proud we are of you not only as a Son but as 
the wonderful young man that you have become. The accomplishments that 
you have made in this short period of time are remarkable. Your work ethic 
and dedication are to be commended. You are truly on the road to success. 

As you may be well aware, life is full of many challenges and is sometimes 
unfair. There is no doubt in our minds that you are prepared for the many 
ups and downs that you will face. Stay true to yourself and continue to be 
the person that you have become and the world will be yours to enjoy. 

Michael, the joy that you have brought us will be forever cherished. 
Celebrate your graduation. It has only just begun. 

With Love, 

Mom and Dad 

"A milestone passed, new things begun, dreams as shining as the sun, a 
goal achieved, a victory won! Thats Graduation'." 



We saved the best for last. Mom and I remember how excited and proud 
we and your brothers and sisters were when you were born. Ever since 

that day you have been our little Blanche, this little light of mine. It has 
been very rewarding to see you grow, as our little actress, singer, and 
dancer. From the twinkle in your eye to your warming smile, you have 
developed from a baby girl and a little sister to a wonderful friend and 
leader. From now on, every day will be a new beginning, prepare for the 

suprises around each comer and enjoy the ride on your winding journey. 

Continue to dream and know all that your dreams can be within reach if 
you put your heart and soul Into it. Congratulations to you and the class 
of 2009. Wishing you luck and success in all you do. 

Love and God Bless, 
Mom, Dad, James, Parker, and Alicia 

"\a/Kq+ lies behind us orvd 
what lie/ before us are small 
matters compared to u/hat lies 
u/ithirv Kir." 

e// ( 

\A/e are so proud of you ar\d u/hat you have 
accomplished. Y ou have a br|aht future. M QU , y ou 
firvd joy, success, arvd happirve/s or\ life's journey. 
Our love u/ill alu/ays follou/ you. 

£or^yatu latiorvs! 
[_ove, M or ^ D 00 *' K Q t' 6 & /arch 

We are so proud of you 
and all that you have achieved. 
Continue to believe and follow your dreams! 


We love you 
Mom, Dad, and 

[)eore/+ /\.rhley, 
Your rt\otker or\d | fhor\k (jod everyday for you. prorw 

+ke rt\orr\6r\+ you u/ere borrv u/e loved you. Y OUV€ 
broi^f llt Koppirxe//, o Koppirxe// orxluj o "QoddyV (jiH" I 

could brir^flj Y ou r€ Q bradx!, beautiful, corir^ perrorv 
(jreo+er thirty ore yef to corc\e for you, er\joy your life 
becou/e i+V ^pir^Oj fo be incredible. W e kr\ou/ you'll 
yucceed ir\ oil +Ko+ you do or\d 
u/e Kope oil your drearcv come true. 
Well \ove you forever 
[)od, fv\orc\ or\d /v\ike 


You always give above and beyond 
expectations. You help someone every 

chance you get. You are a rare and 
beautiful Spirit. You were put on this 
earth to do great things. 
It's your time to shine! 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad, Tia, and Kayla 


You've given us so much happiness 
over the years. 
We are so proud of who you've become. 
We wish you all the best 
in your future endeavors. 


Mom, Dad, Bri, Shel, Greg, and Kiley 

Hooray - you did it and with 
such style! Thank you for being 
you, big kid - you have inspired 
us with your strength of 
character and brought us such 
joy and laughter over the years. 
Pursue what makes you happy, 
believe in yourself and never 
forget the way home! 


Dad, Mom, Bets, & Sander. 


We love you Dave 
and we are so 
proud of youf 

Love, Your Family 


You have brought love and laughter into 

our lives. You have accomplished so 
much and have done this with kindness 

and beauty. Your determination will 
always help you succeed. Thank you for 
bringing us such joy; you have been a 
delight these past 18 years. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Jamie 

Dear B €€rv3 ~ 

\-\ow auickly you have qoww.. 

are so proud of you... 
]/\je love you rwore fkarv you could kr\ou/. 
/\r\d you'll olu/ou/ be our B eervQ - 

With love, 

Morft, [)ad, /V\ike, Elizabefk, & 

'\-\ow did if get io lafe jo sootO \\'s r\gj\f before iir ofterrvoorv D €C€r ^ Der u ^ er€ before 
\\f Jurve. My goodrveo- how fke fir^e kar fleu/r\! how did if gef so lofe io .roorv?" 

-Dr. feuff 

Dear Liam. 

Our little fiery red hair, you have brought us so much joy! With each day we watch 
you grow from a little boy determined to keep up with your siblings, to an independent 
and confident man. The time has passed so quickly! We are in awe of the individual you 
have become. It is with great pride we say reach for your dreams; share your kindness, 
your enthusiasm and the love you have given us. Influence the world and you can make 
it a better place because you are in it! 


Mom, Dad, Caitlin. 
and Connor 

Perfection is not attainable. 
- but if we chase perfection 
we can catch excellence. 
- Vince Lombardi 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself in any 
direction you choose. 
You're on your own. 
And you know what you 

You are the guy who'll decide 
where to go. 
-Dr. Seuss 

11* M 

When you were born all we asked 
Was that you would grow to be proud, 

Dignified and true. 
And that when it came time for you to 

finally fly away, 
We hope we will have served you well. 

You are flying away now and, 
We could not be prouder of who you are 
And what is yet to be. 

We love you Matt! 

Mom, Dad, 
Emily and Julia 

Dear Emma, 
We are so very proud of you! 
Much love, 
Dad, Mom, 
Edward, Ross, Bethany, 
Big and Little 

For I know the plans I have for you', declares the LORD, 'plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope and a 
future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me. 
and 1 will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you 
seek me with all your heart I will be found by you. ' declares 
the LORD. 

-Jeremiah 29 

We are so proud of you 
and all that you have 

Grandfather and Gran D 


We are so proud of you. You arc a very bright 
and special person and you have made all our 

lives better by being a part of them. Enjoy 
college and remember that we are always here 
for you. You have so much to look forward to 
and so much more to accomplish. Remember 
to follow your dreams, because the world is full 
of endless possibilities. We love you bigger 
than the sky. Congratulations!! 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Lindsay, and Tim 


If you aren't going all the way, why go at all? -Joe Namath 

The best dreams happen when you are awake! -Cherie Gilderbloom 

We are so proud of you! Keep dreaming! 
Love Mom, Dad, Broghan, Greer, Grandma, and Puck 







ffW*- ^fe 

We are very proud 
of you. 

is a happy man. 

Baba and Mama 


Since the day you were born 
you have brightened our world! 
You have brought so much joy to us. 
Your smile and your sweetness have enriched our lives. 
We have watched you grow from a precious baby girl 
into a beautiful confident, young woman. 
We are so proud of you! 

Follow your dreams, but never forget your way home... 

We love you sweetie. 
Mom, Dad, Paul, and Matt 

J W 


Always remember - the road to success is filled with 
hard work, dedication, determination, persistence, 
and respect. Be true to yourself and others. Never 
forget the love and support to your family. You have 
proven to be a leader and a champion among men. 

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what 
you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. " 

-David Frost 
"It is not how big you are, it's how big you play. " 

-Author unknown 


Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Lauren 

1 1 


terete... ____ 

yon are an Inspiration to everyone who fexvows you. your determination, perseverai-vce, and strength 
Is a tribute to your Inner belief In your abilities, when you were doubted, you proved them wrong. 
When seemingly Impossible tastes were presented, you. did them effortlessly. 

we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished, you are a joy to everyone you meet and 
your warmth and sincerity shines through to all whom you touch. 

May Life reward you with all thejoy and happiness that you deserve. We love you with all our 
heart, with all our strength and with all our ^as.s.lon for life... a passion that you show us each 

and every day. 

Congratulations on your graduation... and remember that your family and friends are 

your foundation for life. 

Mom, t>ad and Krlstyn 

Congratulations Jodi. 
We are extremely proud of you 
and your accomplishmentsf 

We love everything about you - your warmth, thoughtfulness, 
beautiful smile, and love of adventure. Follow your dreams. 
Live, love, and laugh. Family, Friends, and fun are the secrets to 
a joyous life. We love you and wish you the very best! 

Mom, Dad, and Steve 




Joorirvo ^ 

Perftember u/ker\ you ^ttp irvto tke u/orld, to keep your eye/ or\d 
ears u/ide operx. /\r\d be kir\d. |_ove or\e ar\otker. "fake core of 
eock otker. "fell tke trutk, or\d olu/au/ do your be/t. |_Lrter\ to tke 
bjs^ people or\d tke little people. E x p' or€ rv€U/ poikr orvd kove fur\! 
(jive tkorxkr for oil of your bler-rir^y. |<(r\ou/ tkot you ore loved 
like crozy! Above Q " € '- f6 ' ' OV6 y ou w ^ do u/orvderful tkir^r. 
Vs/e ore so excited for you Joor\r\o... 
£r\joy tke ride! 
/\ll our love, Morcv, [)od, /\r\tkor\y orvd G r ^j 

Congratulations Pat! 

You've always stayed true to yourself... If you 
can make it here, you can make it anywhere 
and we have no doubt you will. Good luck! 
-Mom, Dad, & Halle 


]fyou can keep your head when all about you 
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, 
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you. 
But make allowance for their doubting too; 
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting 
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, 
Or being hated, don't give way to hating 
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise: 

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master 
If you can think • and not make thoughts your aim; 
\fyou can meet with Triumph and Disaster 
And treat those two impostors just the same; 

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken 
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, 
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken. 
And stoop and build 'em up with worn out tools; 

if you can make one heap of all your winnings 
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, 
And lose, and start again at your beginnings 
And never breath a word about your loss; 
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew 
To serve your turn long after they are gone. 
And so hold on when there is nothing in you 
Except the Will which says to them; "Hold on!" 
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, 
Or walk with kings - nor loose the common touch. 
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you. 
If all men count with you, but none too much; 
if you can fill the unforgiven minute 
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run- 
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, 
And - which is more - you'll be a Man my son! 

Rudyard Kipling 


^Uete ii mote, to uA than we k+votu-. Caen uA. UcA mote cowiaae, mote ii^enatU 
and mote comfuxMio*t titan we would euei. Uaoe jjotltomed. 
9 we can be made to 4ee it, fxesdtapA. J&i the leU off out Uuei, 
we will le usuiHllina. to 6ettle fat tea. " 
-KwU JtaUn, QoutdeA. oj Outwatei Hound 

'In Ifou* New Adoentute*,, 
jblea+n Sia 
GlimJj- cMiait 
2)ia 2)eefz 
Paddle Shona 
*7oucn *7<4e S/zu 
Play, JIoaA 
£ea%n £oti 

Believe On IjouteeHj 
£lue cMapjUf, 
flwit like you did in Alaska and 

And "He KnwilUn* <7o Settle Qo* 
£eU n 

£ooe & getenuy, MOM 


You are blessed 
with many gifts. 
Share your talents. 
Dream big. 
Do good. 
The world is waiting . 

We love you dearly, 
Mom, Dad # 
Dave, and Mike 

"Do not let what you cannot do 
interfere with what you can do." 

-John Wooden 

Dear Mark, 
Thank you for making us so 
proud. We love you so much. 
XOXO Mom, Dad and Casey 


"18 years have come and gone 
For momma they flew by 
But for me they drug on and on... 
Before you hit the highway 

You better stop for gas 
There's a 50 in the ashtray 
In case you run short on cash.... 
Just one more thing before you leave 
Don't forget to remember me! 
-Carrie Underwood 

"There's two things I know for sure, 
She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl!" 
- Butterfly Kisses 

"But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things 
you never knew, you never knew" 

_* \«7: I 

r t j I 1 i j 



WOW . . . LOOK AT YOU . . . 






Congratulations! You're a 
wonderful daughter and 
sister. We re very proud of 
you. Look out world! 

Mom, Dad, Mike, and Kelly 

We are so proud of the person 
you have become. Enjoy the 
journey ahead of you. May all 
your dreams come true! 

Love always, 
Dad, Mom, Tyler, and Rudy 


You are a devoted son, a thoughtful brother, and a 
marvelous gift to this world! Congratulations! 
We are so proud of you! 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Hayley 

Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. 
For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1 : 9 

Cor^yatulotiorvr Jerv 

"jT\oof for the rwoorv 
ev€r\ if you rw-r, you'll 
lorvd Qfworg the /for/." 
-|_er B rou/rv 

We are so proud of 
who you are orvd very 
excited to ree what lie/- 
ahead. Follow your 
dreorcw they will lead 
you to £f €Q t place/. 

|_OV€ alu/QLJ-T, 


Dear Kelsey, 
We are so proud of the wonderful 
person you have become! 
Your future is here! Learn to love the 
journey, not the destination as life is not 

a dress rehearsal. 
Congratulations and we wish you all the 
best that life has to offer. 

Love Always, 
Mom and Dad 

"What lies behind us and what lies 
before us are small matters compared 
to what lies within us." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Although things have changed over the years, some 
things have remained the same. You are still and will 
always be our pride and joy. 

We wish you a life full of adventure and love. We know 
that you will achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. 

We can t wait to see the good you bring to the world. 

Love, Mom and Jon XOXO 


You hit the ground running... 
And never looked back. 
We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, and Liz 

Your determination and spirit will always help 
you to succeed. Keep following your dreams 
and have the time of your life! 
We love you and are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad 

"bear Emly Oiare, 

brcoMyonr dreaMS, nuikcysnr wvic, be tkc bcaxtijul, ks^cfnl, Im'iKZjersoH 
tkatyvK arc. We are so j>rtnd of yon and will always leveyoK. 
May Gj-od bias axd^idcyoH always. 

MerveMoM and bad 

" made every tki^beaHtifnl iK^His tim.e..." -Eccl. 3:11 

bo KBtJear to koye tko' tkc wicked ra^e and rise, 
our Cjvdsees net as wesec, success is Mt tkejrize. 
bo Kstfear to kvje for tko ' tkc Kgkt be log, 
tkc race skall not be to tkc swift, tkefifktHOt to tkc strong. -'Jiery Clsoney 

"We aretkc wuic-Makers, and 'we are tkc dreamers of dreams..." -Sl.O'SkaH^kKesjy 

We wish that you will always be happy, forever 
healthy and that your life will be filled with all the 
things that bring you laughter and love. 

Our greatest wish for you Michael, is that you will 
always remember how much you are loved-for you 
are a kind and strong person. We are proud to have 
you as a son, brother, and a friend. 

All our love, 

Mom, Meaghan, Caitlin, Snickers and a special 
hug from heaven. 

P.S. Michael, a special star will always shine in your sky. 

Dear Jake, 

You have been special to us since the moment you 

It has been a wonderful experience watching you mature 
and become a fine young man. We are amazed by your 
intellect and natural ability to excel at any sport you try. 
You can accomplish great things if you set your mind to 
them. We are so proud of you! 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Heather, Harold, & Kyle 

Gotta love the hats!! 

Always bear in mind that your own 
resolution to succeed is more 
important than any one thing. 

-Abraham Lincoln 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you and wish you 
the very best with all your 
future endeavors! 
Don't stop believing and 
pursuing your dreams. 
Reach for the Stars! 


Grandma and Auntie K 

Ben, We are Proud of You! 



Your Wide- Eyed Wonder 
will serve you Well! 

We are so proud of you. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad & Lindsey 

You have become a kind, funny, and 
wonderful young man. What joy you 
have brought to us! We know that you 

will find continued success in your 
journey through life. Know that we are 
with you always. 

Mom, Dad, and Sara 
(and Casey too) 



Ey\thuM^Mtc/, hind/, arid/With 
creative/ CritetLect, your 
accomplt^imenty haA/e/ 
b&evi/ wiaryy. We/ are/ 
proud/ of th& yourxty 
wiarvyow have; become/. 
We/ are/ 
certain that 
the/ future/ 
hoLdb- great things 
for yow. 


Monv, Vad/ 
WlU/6t Leigh/ 


What a wonderful, smart, funny, 
talented, and beautiful person you 
have become. We love you so much 
and we are so incredibly proud of 
you! We are so excited for you as 
you continue to blaze your own trail 
and fulfil your dreams. 

Enjoy every minute of the 
adventures that lie before you... the 
best is yet to come! 

With Love, 
Mom, Dad, 
Allison, Rocky, and Annie 


^ Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life 
* " you've always imagined .. . Thoreau 

Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better 
than silver and gold . . . Marley 

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world 
will know peace . . . Hendrix 

Saw my own reflection off the rising tide, then I caught a beam 
of moonlight and took it for a ride ... The Real Groove 


We are so proud of you for always following your 
own path. You have so much to give. Cherish 
every moment of your life!! 
We love you so much... 
Mom, Dad, Alec, and Will 




1 %i ^| 


Congratulations Donnie 

You did it - and you did it well! 

To our first born who made his own way. Choosing the right over the wrong. 
Wanting the good over the bad. Seeing the truth over the deception. Helping 
others over taking for himself. 

T he choices you have made over these years have seasoned you into a wonderful 
Christian man. Your honesty, candidness, caring, and good will for others is why 
you're loved so much. Your family and friends appreciate you and love being with 
you. You make us proud, Donnie. 

We know you're about to embark on a new journey and can't wait to see you 
shine. As you said, nothing can stand in your way and you will make a difference in 
this ever-changing world. 

"/ can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 

Thank you for being a wonderful son and brother. 


Mom & Dad 

Erin, Joshua, Jacob & Zachary 

Tm gonna watch you shine 
Gonna watch you grow 

Gonna paint a sign 
So you'll always know 
As long as one and one is two 
There could never be a father 
Who loved his daughter more than I love you 

- Paul Simon 

The secret of love is in the opening up your heart 
It's okay to feel afraid 
But don't let that stand in your way 
'cause anyone knows that love is the only wad 
And since we're only here for a while 
Might as well show some style 
Give us a smile :) 
deep greens and blues are the colors I choose. 

James Taylor 


We love you! We are so proud of you! 
Sail on! 

Dad, Mum, and Denis 

You have always been 
ready for new adventures, 

with style, grace, and 
unwavering composure! 

Congrats Shannon! 
Keep doing what you do and 
being who you are. Don't 
change. I couldn't be more 
proud to have you as my 
sister. Love, 


Shannon Elizabeth Kelly 

Gandhi once said, " You must be the change 
you want to see in the world". Shannon you 
have an impact on others from here to 

You can live by what you believe is right 
with what can only be described as an 
incorruptible dedication and determination. 
You truly embody the change you would like to 
see in the world! 

Your love and compassion for aU living 
things as well as the effort and commitment 
you have put into all you do really has made a 
difference!! We could not be any prouder of 
you and all of your 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

For seventeen years I have 
watched you grow from my 
annoying little sister, who drove 
me crazy, to a mature woman 
and my best friend. You 
overcome every challenge that 
comes your way with grace and 
true success. I admire the 
passion that you have for 
everything you do, from going 
green to building houses. I am 
so proud of you! 
Good Luck! 
Love always, 

Michelle Sun Wong 

High School was great, now grab your next adventure! 
Love , Mom, Dad, Jake, and Liz 








"Life isn't measured by 
the breaths we take, but by the 
moments that take our breath.' 

We are so x 
happiness' "" 
Mom, Dad, Michael 
and Hunter 


What a pleasure it has been watching 
you grow up. Your hard work and 

determination will take you far. May 

the joy that you have given us follow 
you on your journey. Wherever you 

go, you will always be in our hearts. 
We are so proud of you! 

All of our Love, 
Mom, Dad, 
Shelby, Jiggs, Buttons, and Colby 



Congratulations on your accomplishments! 

We are all so proud of you! 

You have always been the one to push the limits. 

We would expect nothing less of our little girl. 

As you go forward remember that 
"if opportunity doesn't knock build a door." 


Mom, Dad, Peter & Lily 


Congratulations on all of 
your accomplishments. 
We are proud of your effort 
and perseverance, as well as 
the respect you have for 
yourself and kindness you 
show to others. 
We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad, and Rachel 

There are two ways to live your life. 
One is as though nothing is a miracle. 
The other is as though everything is a miracle. 

- Albert Einstein 

Open your heart and mind to all possibilities 
You can make a difference] 
We believe in you. Congratulations! 
Love You! 

Mommy, Dad, Adam, Victoria and 3en 


We have great faith in you and are so 
proud! Be true to yourself; live your life 
with compassion and gratitude and good 
things will happen. 

Slan leate & Muid ta gra agam tu, 

With all our love, Grandpa & Maima, Your 

Guardian Angel 

\lways remember that whatever you do, " 
ilways have our endless LOVE AND 
\DMIRATION! We are so very proud o 
Yom exuberant personality and boundles 
vill take you far in life. Always be the kin 
compassionate, funny, friendly, generous, 
lelpful person you are. Work hard and re 
ve love you will all our hearts - 

Mom and 



Congratulations, Mr. Graduate! 
Thanks for being an awesome big brother. We 
will certainly miss all the fun you bring to our 
home and all the candy. 
Best of luck next year. We love you always, 
Elizabeth, Tim, and Catherine 




When you stepped on the school bus and turned 
to me with a smile, 
I snapped a picture and felt sad for a while, 
I knew that your educational journey had begun, 
But I wasn't sure about letting go of my first-born 

It's true what they say about how time flies... 
First it was Chandler, then Alden, DMS, and four years 
at Duxbury High. 
You excelled in football, wrestling, and baseball 


And we certainly will cherish the memories of 

watching you. 
But it's hard work in school that brought you 

to where you are today... 
Going off to college and making us proud each 
and every day! 

Mom & Da 


"Our wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it 
to... and always know somebody loves you..." 
We're so proud of you! 
Love Kelsey, Greg, Mom, John, and Rex 

Your .rrwile u/ill \'^\\ up tke u/orld 
Your vmorv irvpirer or 

Your de+errwirvafiorv u/ill rwake qour drearwr a 

proiw MaderwoLrelle V°'I Q to forw [)elor^(€ 
Parlr, ([hiccup, Montreal, go/forv, ar\d beuorxd 
\/s/e are xo proud of qou, 
Morw, [)od, Jerome, Marc, [sjorm or\d EyelLjrv 

Dear Cassie, 

You are the best! We are so very proud of all your accomplishments and look forward to 
many more as we wish you a bright, happy, and successful future! 

We love you more than you know. 

Mum, Dad, Johm, Cait, Sue, Steve, Grammy, Grandma, and Grampa, Mimi and Bobby, Doug, Liz, 
David and Sue, George and Eileen, John and Carla, Rob and Sue, Jeff and Anna, Chris, Barry, 
Johnathan, E3en, Amelia, Matt, Amanda, Jennifer, Ashley, Dylan and Hessie, Elle and Ginger! 



You made it, we are so proud of 
you. We love you. 

Mom & Dad, 
Habib, George, and Tony 


We have enjoyed your transformation from little boy to 
young man. We remember your first day in Kindergarten like 
it was yesterday. You felt there were too much "work" and 
not enough play! We love the intelligent, articulate, playful, 
independent young man you've become. From California to 
Colorado to Massachusetts, we've loved you ALL the Way! 
You have enriched our lives, and we are so proud of you. WE 

Congratulations to our Kyuppie! Have fun and enjoy the next 
chapter of your life's adventure! 

Mom & Dad 

"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to 
pursue them" - Walt Disney 

Messages of 


We may not be ivalking with you all the way, or even much of the 
ivay, as we walk with you now on your new journey. 

With much love, Mom, Dad, Joshua and Jeffrey- 

Always stay the wonderful person you are, and you will go far. 
We are so proud of who you have become. 

Love, Mom & Dad 


We are extremely proud of you and who you have become! Keep up 
the great work and follow your heart! 

All our love, Mom, Dad, Bobby & Haley- 

Congratulations! It's been a wonderful year. Wishing you a lifetime 
of happiness and much success. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Meghan, & Evan 


You are here for a purpose. Always travel the high road and aim 
high in following your dreams. Your Grandparents are proud of you! 

Love, Xana Cilia and Papa Ed 


Mass Bay Area Team / Southeast District 

Programs USA 

AFS Students: 

-Catrlne Sigstadstoe/Norway 

-Vanessa Wirzberger/Germany 
-Bernardo Neves/Brazil 

Mission Statement-. 

AFS-USA works toward a more just and 
peaceful world by providing international and 
intercultural learning experiences to Individuals, 
families, schools, and communities through a 
global volunteer partnership. 

Duxbury Market 

"For Gourmet and Everyday" 

Best Wishes for the Class of 20091 

Dunkin 1 Donuts 
5 Chestnut St, Hall's Corner, Duxbury 




Best Wishes 

To the Class 
of 2009! 

French Memories 





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Call 781-749-2109 
for information about our program 

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Workshops/Classes & Specialty) 
,3 CI Treatments 

\^<sh Healing Jewelry 

Duxbury, MA. J8\.J 1 )A2.0 f yO 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! 

Cool Gear International Inc. • 10 Cordage Park Circle • Plymouth, MA 02360 • 1-800-386-3374 • 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! 

Senior Portraits by 

Karen Wong Photography 



We are especially proud of our senior staff. 



Ben and Tim 
and the Class of 2009 

not sim 


Class Schedules 
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Levitate Surf and Skate 
Marshfield, MA 781-834-2755 

A Bead & Jewelry 
at the Village 
Landing Marketplace 
107 Water Street, 
Suite 10 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

info £ 

[•Ill* ■*] ■! kVl LI 


MA State Inspection 
Complete Auto Repair 


(781) 934-2933 

127Tremont St., Rt. 3A 


Duxbury, MA 02332 

(781) 934-9795 Fax 

Congratulations Class of 2009 


-Finest Collection of Authentic Handmade Iranian Rugs- 

5,000 Iranian Rugs 

All Sizes • Designs 

Room Size • Area • Runners • Staircases 



Refringing • Reweaving • Overcasting 

45 Depot Street 
Duxbury, MA 







to the Class of 2009 

Michael R. Halloran 


775 Pleasant Street, Suite #10 
E. Weymouth, MA 02189-2355 
Tel: 781-331-5654 
Fax: 781-335-4818 

Your #1 supplier 
for sportswear and 
corporate gifts 

A member of PPAI • ASI • NEPPA • Duxbury Business Association 


Pilgrim Church 
404 Washington Street 
Duxbury, MA 02332 



Phone: (617)417-3799 
Fax: (617) 934-6821 

/Y/'J /////?(/ '^i/SO/'/O/tO^ 

State of the Art Equipment 
Highest Qvsttty Lotions. . Low* SI Prfcott 

Staff SMART TAN Certified 
Convenient Hours 

Tanning the South Shore onr 20 Years! 
64 Summer St, Kingston MA 02364 


Maddie Aglow will still be trying to find the Bob Dylan bootleg of "Rock Me Mama". 
Pat Aprea will be 37. 

Brittany Banville will still be Brittany Whitney. 

Jen Baran will still be asking questions. 

Sarah Barges will still be quoting the Joker. 

Liam Bevans will still be one play away from starting. 

Colin Brumley will still be playing bass... on Rock Band. 

Mark Brust will be cruising around Duxbury with Mr. Dunn, (not Kimball) 

Ginny Buckley will be as far away from Deluxbury as possible. 

Topher Cadigan will be rollin' in my 6'4. 

TJ Cameron will still be talking about you know who. 

Joe Carroll will still be tippin'. 

Justin Carroll will legally change his name to JC. 

Michael Casal will be coaching his son's 4th grade AAU basketball team and they will 
be notorious for making three pointers all day. 

Chloe Casale will still have an embarrassing and uncontrollable laugh. 

Chris Celino will be Mr. Gluskin. 

Monica Chandler will still be texting. 

Tristen Chin will be married to Matt Hetherington. 

Emily Cipolletti will still be unable to form sentences and snorting uncontrollably. 





Your Source Of Complete 
Small Animal Veterinary Care 
For That Very Special Family Member 
103 Depot Street 


- Medicine 

- Surgery 

- Dentistry 

- Pet Supplies And 
Specialty Diets 

R. Bruce Berridge, D. V. M. 
Elizabeth A. Buchholz, D.V. M. 

Excellence in Small Animal Care 



Sue Turley, Owner/Manager 
35 Depot Street., Duxbury, MA 02332 
Phone: 781-934-2863 • Fax: 866-388-1655 
Cell: 781-254-0581 • 


Jackie Coakley will still be driving her car through garage doors. 

Haley Cook will still be 30 minutes later than she says she will be. 

Justin Coonan will be voted People magazine's sexiest man for the 5th year running 

and will still be eating Outback Steakhouse weekly. 

Drew Cooper will still be working and not able to go out. 

Michael Cooper will be workin\ 

Tucker Craig will be hangin' on the beach, swimming in the waves, and playing 
ultimate frisbee. 

Melissa Crimmins ,vill still have braces. 
| Jacquie Cronin will still be eating Cheeze-lts and laughing. 
Luke Cronin will still be getting into pointless political debates. 
Sean Cross will still be sketching out. 

Quinn Cully will still be singing the same two lines of some random song. 
I Kelly Cuiiey will be growing pineapples in Hawaii. 

Taylor Currier will be remembering the day he saw Coonan on the news for stealing 75 
i bagged lunches from middle school children. 

Paul Dacey will still be driving Big Blue. 

Tom Dacey will still be UVIN' THE DREAM. 

Sam Davidson will be reading a book in the forest. 

Shannon Day will still be mistaken for a 12-year-old. 

Marissa Demos will be running through the woods to safety with Blair and Sara... and 
pumped she's getting in a late night workout. 

Congratulations class of 2009!!! 


25 Depot Street, P.O. Box 1684 
Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332 
781-934-2121 * Fax (781) 934-9452 

Marcy and John Stanton 

Vivie Doughty will still be working at McDonald's. 

Casey Ducinski will still be wicked busy with softball, and will continue to ask herself 

why she runs, besides the fact that she has a sick nickname, Duce. 

Connor Dunphy will still be playing COD. 

Jesse Farrelly will be at Ciccone's. 

Amanda Foley will still be eating off the kids' menu. 

Kerrin Ford will still be known as Kelsey's little sister. 

Jack Garrity will still be pumping ched. 

Tyler Genereux will be at the top of the charts with his band Skylar & The Dark Knights. 
Seth Gilbert will still be in Duxbury growing his goatee & trying to catch the perfect fish. 
Mike Gilbody will be on top with Farva and D-Rocks... ahead of Skyler. 
Annie Gluskin will be Mrs. Celino. 

Katie Gluskin will still be laughing loudly at really inappropriate times. 
Daniel Goldman will be sketching on street corners while backpacking through Europe ) 
in red shoes. 

Mike Griffin will be coaching Duxbury Youth Hockey. 
Nicole Hagan will still be putting on lipgloss. 
Julia Hoffman will still have no idea what's going on. 

Shannon Kelly will still be picking plastic bottles out of the trash and recycling them. 
Kelsey Lanman will still be living at the Hagan's. 

Mike Larkin will be going out to Colorado to visit Amac at his brand new ski resort. 
Carson Leccese will be traveling with an entourage. 


DUXBURY MA, 02232 



781 934 0951 


Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 6:30pm Sun: Closed 

7B Standish St. • Duxbury, MA 02332 • (781) 934-288C 


^/ Packaging Plus 

-==^ of Back River 

^^^B 285 St. G«org« St. 

Your -Pock and \w Daxbary, Mfi 02332 

Dawn Doyte. Owner 

Fhont (781)934-4600 fkjthorized Shipping Outlet 

Pa (78 1 ) 9 3 k- 6 06 6 UPS and FedEx 

Katie LeWine will still be hanging out with Paula. 

Jessica Lizza will be happily married with lots of children. 

Kayla MacLeod will still be matching my Nikes to my outfit perfectly. 

Mary Courtney Madigan will still be getting questions from DHS about yearbook. 

Chelsea Maguire will still be hungry. 

Emily Martecchini will be the absent-minded neuroscientist! 

Bret Mastergeorge will have finally made jazz band. 

Melanie Mathieu will still be driving her "purple" minivan. 

Alexa Matthews will still be grounded for not cleaning her room. 

Alex McCaffrey will be off the grid. 

Dan McManus will have a family and will be successful. 

Jane Morgan will still be taking it one comment too far. 

Meghan Muncey will still be losing the game. 

Heidi Nichols will be Marissa Cooper. 

Sara Nicolau will still be giving amazing directions from the shotgun of Marissa's yellow 
submarine, but still won't have the heart to break it to Blair that there is no "other" 

Victoria Niles will still be running at 3 am. 

Colleen O'Connor will be popping her collar on the golf course and working at 

Michelle Oloskey will still be diesel. 

Emily Pakstis will still be dancing in her kitchen. 




Duxbury Thrift 81 Consignment Shop 

Our volunteers are proud to be able to support 

deserving D.H.S. graduates every year! 
The total of our 2008 Scholarship Fund was 

Come visit us in our new location between 
Rite Aid Pharmacy and The Cleaner Spot 
at Foodie's Plaza in South Duxbury 

Randy Goldman 


38 Depot St. 782-934-SPOT (7768) 

Duxbury MA 02332 rgoldman(a; 

Canal Side 
Family Dental 

Gary R. Peterson, DMD, MPH 

258 Main Street C-l 
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 



Tree & Construction 


Pruning & Trimming 
Hazardous Removals 
Vista & Land Clearing 
Stump Grinding & 
Aerial Work 

Christopher N. Phillips 


Repair & Installation 
Title V Cert. Septic 
New Design 
Backhoe & Perc Test 
Demolition & Grading 


Tony Pasquale will be programming computers. 
Alex Peterson will still be playing World of Warcraft. . 

Blair Peterson will still be rollin' to Marylou's in her black Infiniti with Marissa and Sara 
sitting shotgun, recapping and kicking a few back casually. 
Jodi Pinkham will still be at the doctor's. 
Gaby Pipp will still smeil like chlorine. 

Joanna Polcari will be running through the town forest wearing nothing but a loincloth, 

singing "Colors of the Wind" with her pet squirrel. 

Julia Riley will still be babysitting. 

Steve Ripley will be not just knee deep. 

Sarah Rooney will still be walking to school. 

Brad Rose will be in Andy's basement. 

Zach Runci will still be sailing. 

Charlie Sager will be on a family vacation at Walt Disney World. 

Kevin Santosuosso will be in the Air Force, or on the radio, or on the news telling what 

is going on in sports. 

Katharine Schneider will be living in New York City working in the fashion industry. 

Lauren Schneiderhan will still be wearing her brace. 

TJ Scholberg will still be singing... on Rock Band. 

Alyssa Seifert will still be eating four Chewy bars a day. 

Paula Sgroi will still be living in Duxbury. 

Alexa Shanahan will still think Q comes after V in the alphabet. 

Sam Sinclair will still be a band qeek. 

Gunthcr Tooties 

From Hall's Comer 
To the open road! 


"Your Neighborhood Sporting Goods Store 

Duxbury Yard Care 

Spring clean ups. Lawn Care, 
Mulching, and power washing. 

Professional service at reasonable 
prices. an( j... 

Architectural Design and Planning 

Residential. Commercial. 
Hospitality, and Restaurant 

Professional Design Serv ices 

without the attitude. 

Call William Stenstrom at 781- 


gluxhuryjpr (Slippy 

Class of 2009! 

1 1 South Station Street 
P.O. Box 1656 
Duxbury. Mass. 02331 

Voice: 781-934-2811 
Cell: 617-650-0871 
Fax: 781-650-0871 

Catrine Sigstadsto will still be on her couch, watching Sex and the City while eating 
chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. 
Spencer Smith will be starring in Billy Madison 2. 
Andrew Sommer will still be singing Wonderwall. 
Pat Sullivan will still be known as G-Money. 

Julia Swem will still be wearing her Abercrombie jean skirt from 7th grade. 
Liza Thomas will be "...wait, what am I writing again?" 

Kyle Turner will be a starving artist forced to eat oil pastels and acrylic paint, but he wil 
still love art despite the tummy aches. 

Sam Vandewater will be designing roller coasters in Nebraska. 

Pat Walsh will still be ding-dong ditching with his shirt off. 

Lauren Walters will still be with Peter Malewicz. 

Meaghan West will still be called lounge chair. 

Alex Wheatley will be making the next greatest video game. 

Adrienne White will still be shoving her camera in everybody's face and talking about 

Nathan White will be watching the Mars landing on TV. 

Vanessa Wirzberger will be traveling the world and still thinking of her year at DHS! 
Michelle Wong will still be asking for chocolate. 
Colin Woods will be hosting Sportscenter. 

Sarah Wooley will still be calling everyone after she does something for the first time. 
Eric Yanulis will still be trying to play rock music with plastic instruments. 

Westwinds Booksh 



)cal images 

Knowledgeable & friendly booksellers 
Recommendations for book clubs 
Local authors, local history, local images 
New games and toys arriving all the time 
Children's area - gifts for all oc 


Open Monday • Saturday, 10-5 • Gift certificates available 

45 Depot St., in Duxbury Marketplace at Hall's Corner 
781-934-2128 - 
^ease "Sho^)uxbun^irst^T^^ 

Congratulations to the 
class of 2009! 

REALTOR* International Diamond 



Four years have flown swiftly by 
In the blinking of an eye '^&p*' 
Four years of waking at the crack oft dawn 
Unsteady minds and steady yajfrns 
Of taking tests and being pests 
Of football games and whispered names 
Of gossip, grades, and growijtt^ up j& 
Knowledge, drink, a flowing cup 
For some of us, it was time well spent 
For some of us, it was heaven-sent^ 
For some of us, it was torturous 

For some of us, superfluous 
Yet all of us had a part to play 
In this ever-changing ensemble 
The giants of the sporting teams 
The geniuses and drama quee 
The uppers, downers, in-betweens 
All so alike that it now seems 
Four years of life were waking dreams 
And those of us we thought we knew 

Will ever change their colors 
And those of whom we had no clue 
t Could well become our brothers 
Like dust upon a window-sill, 
we gathered in this town 
The breath of life will give a sigh, 

and scatter us around 
H I see you all as floating proud, 
and each and every one 
The dust that dances in the air 
when sparkled by the sun 

By Sam Davidson 

Artwork by Stephanie Hoomis