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Ms. Broadbent 

Mrs. Hendrickson 

When I joined yearbook as a junior, the last 
part of the book I expected to work on was 
the parent and business ad section. 
Fortunately, it turned out well. In a way, 
these are the most creative pages in the 
book. We get to take a bit of text, a few 
pictures, and make them into something 
original and, hopefully, memorable. Now, 
as a senior, I get to see firsthand all of my 

classmates' embarrassing, I mean 
thoughtful, parent-composed well wishes. 

Mikalah Peterson 
I wanted to join yearbook 
because I thought I could 
give it a more colorful and 
different view that would be 
more exciting than the years 

before. My talent with 
Photoshop and experience 
with illustrating has been 
very helpful to the staff. I am 
looking forward to next year! 

Casey Reinhart 
Joining yearbook has been a 
wonderful opportunity to gain 
a better understanding of our 

school. It forces you to be 
confident and meet people tha 
you might not normally have a 
chance to speak to. Working of 
the sports pages was especially 
fun. Duxbury's student athlete;- 

are a large part of DHS, and I 
was proud to honor them in thr 
sports team pages. 

Emily Shane 
Yearbook has taught me 
valuable life skills like time 
management and meeting 
deadlines. Also, it is fun to be 
a part of a project that 
students will keep forever. 

This year on yearbook i worked on under- 
classmen, faculty, and clubs pages. I really 

enjoy working as a "team" to make our 
yearbook the best it can be. Over the years 
our books have gotten more and more 
impressive, due to learning from our past 
choices and becoming better decision- 
makers. Being on yearbook helped me to 
see different design perspectives in 
creating a successful book. 

My decision to join the yearbook staff as a 
sophomore was random, but I'm glad I did 
it. I'm the copy editor and my main job this 
year was compiling the index, which means 
I had to memorize the spellings of 
everyone's names in DHS. No big deal. 
(Sorry if I spelled your name wrong or 
wrote down the wrong page number. I 
tried.) Yearbook has definitely been a good 


Abby Ellis 
This year, I worked on some 
of the pages for different 
clubs in the high school. I 
worked on Student Council, 
Art Club, Key Club, and 
SADD. It was quite an 

As a freshman, the only task I was ever 
given was to manually crop pictures, but 
now as a senior, it's a lot different. I'm given 
much more responsibility and say in how 
the yearbook turns out. I've worked mainly 
on the senior pages this year, but I've also 
created layouts and worked on many of the 
other pages. Although it takes many hours 
after school and at home to turn 256 pages 
into a full color yearbook, I've had a lot of 
fun doing it. 

As a Duxbury cheerleader, I loved the job of 

being sports editor. This job gave me a 
chance to keep up with all the sports, not 

just the ones i get to cheer at. Also, 
Duxbury has some of the top sports teams 
in Massachusetts, so it's fun to be able to 
write about how successful we are. Being 
an editor is a lot of work, but it pays off in 
the end when you get the final creation. 
We have a great staff who are all hard 
workers and care about this school. 

This year, I was given the role of Senior 
Editor. I was in charge of the senior section, 
which included not only senior pages, but 

also the superlatives, senior breakfast, 

younger years, and prom. My favorite 
pages were the superlative pages, which I 
have designed since I was a sophomore. I 

wanted to make the yearbook into 
something that seniors will be able to look 

at in the future. I wanted to make our 
senior yearbook the best book ever! 




t7 .v fe«^'*>J 


We are the product of cumulative experience. Our actions and words throughout high school shape the 
people we become. In this short time that we spend together we have the unique perspective of observing 
one another come into ourselves, watching characters shape and grown adults begin to take form. The way 
that we conduct ourselves now and treat one another can affect the rest of our lives, though not in the context 
you might think. True, high school is fleeting, and next year we will all go our separate ways, but the 
reverberations of our every-day decisions have a much more profound impact. Next year is about pursuing a 
career and an eventual path for the rest of our lives, but moral vocation is just as, if not more, important. High 
school can be an uncomfortable time for many, and it can transcend into many daily interactions with peers. 
Sometimes insecurities or naivete can result in troubles for the average kid, and the way that we deal with 
these makes us who we are. We can use these relationships and situations to learn and grow as adults. This 

time we spend together is a sort of training ground for life. High school can deal with nearly every social 
dilemma or event, and these same interactions with other people will repeat themselves over again outside 

the insular hometown we've grown up in. Many of these relationships won't last forever. Some say they'll 
forget them all together. But what high school is really about is social instinct and moral evolution, or the way 

that we think we should treat people, however subconscious it may be. Through all of the hurdles and 
seemingly inconsequential events we may encounter, the way we handle them can shape every aspect of our 
character. I thank all of you for showing me so many sides of human nature in our time together, both the 
noble, and the malicious. We've seen happiness, and sorrow. We've felt the sweetness of success, and the 
stinging bitterness of failure. But none of it I regret. Next year we will see many different faces and new 
personalities, but nothing will be as consistent as the variables of human nature that I've observed here. 
Thanks to you, my classmates, I'll know what to do. I hope you've learned from me as much as I have from 
every one of you. We are each other's cumulative experience, and though the people I meet throughout the 
rest of my life may not look the same, I'll be seeing you all again. 

- Emmanuel Catanzariti 

"If s been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a 



X,T & LUC:: thanks <3 
TMT . . . what? LOVE YOU! 

It's been a good four years.. .Thanks Mom 
and Dad for everything. Liz - good luck... 
Soccer. Track. Crew. S. Babe. It's all been 
memorable. Everyone needs a pat on the 
back for the M. Times in slow motion on 
Dark Knights... Good Luck 2010! 

"Some people want it 

to happen, some wish 

it would happen, 

others make it 


- Michael Jordan 

"Be the change you want to see in the 



Mom, Dad, Jamie, Katie, Kyle - 1 love you. 
Beth, Book Club, thanks. Lots of people 
touched my life in the last 4 years, thank 
you. Peace, love, acceptance, 
understanding, ^^^^^^^^^ 
togetherness, ^r^^^iB 
compassion, tiM^S 

"I was taught a month ago to bide my time 
and take it slow, but then I learned just 
yesterday to rush and never waste the day. 
Now I'm convinced, the whole day long, that 
all I learn is always wrong." 
- Phish 




"We are the music makers, and we are the 
dreamers of dreams." 
-Willy Wonka 

Thank you to all of my family and friends for 
always being there for me. Congratulations 
2010, and good luck! 

^ <3 S. 

"You know what they say... you can lead a 
horse to water... but you can't teach it to 

- Nick Lyons 

Thanks everyone! Good luck in the future. 

Mom, Dad, Bruce, and Linda thanks for 
everything, Matt & Mike, you're the best! 
Love you all so much! Kalil, PL Porter, 
Ladron Lila, Elisss, maymay... guys & girls so 
many great times. Cali 06 & muddy- 
footsteps. Bandits4life, Ballin managers 

S-T-double O-P-l-D, ujjjjjjjIj—^^iljM 
hottub? Cancun?! B^^^^^i 
"Turns out not where , 
you are but who you're |Rr m 
with that matters." Br « 4h4 IK 


Once there was a crooked tree and a 
straight tree. Every day the straight tree 
would say to the crooked tree, "You're 
crooked. You've always been and always 
will be crooked. But look at me! I'm tall and 
I'm straight." Then one day the lumberjacks 
came into the forest and the manager said, 
"Cut all the straight ^^^V^^^^HS 
trees." That crooked ^^^f j H^DB 
tree is still there to this I 
day, growing strong ^^RJi^S^^^^ 
and growing strange, m \ 


"Do you remember when we used to dance 
and incidence arose from circumstance." 
- Heat of the moment, Asia. 

"So live like you mean it, love 'til you feel it, 
it's all that we need in our lives." 
- Goo Goo Dolls 

Class of 2010 we did it! Thanks so much 
Mom, Dad, and Tommy for everything. I 
love you!! Girls, you know who you are, love 
you all so much! Couldn't have gotten 
through without 

you!! i^Aj^ 

Good luck next year / ■ A 

everyone! :) ■,' /fl 

"Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying 
home to watch the rain. You are young and 
life is long, and there is time to kill today, 
and then one day you find ten years have 
got behind you. No one told you when to 
run, you missed the starting gun." 


"There are places I'll remember all my life 
though some have changed, some forever 
some for better, some have gone and some 
remain. All these places have their moments 
with lovers and friends I still can recall some 
are dead and some are living, in my life I've 
loved them all." 

- The Beatles _ 

To Mom, Dad, Steven, 

and Carolyn: Thank you ' * 

for all of the love and |fc l^^r 

support. Good luck ^■I 

Class of 201 0. ■Ml V 


■Hi co 

"Now I've been happy lately, thinking about 
the good things to come. And I believe it 
could be, something good has begun." 
- Cat Stevens 

Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Jeff... Thanks for all the 
love and support. Good luck Class of 201 0. 

"Rise up together and we'll go higher. Find a 
step to make it through the fire. Just dare to 
dream, I know we care." 
- John Legend 

Mom, Dad, & Grant - Thank you for always 

supporting me and being there through 

everything. ^■ea^Ma^^a^B 

To all my friends - 

you're the best! I could V 

not have made it 

through these four •'■{ 
years without you! yU 

Good luck 201 0! 9k J 

"And shepherds we shall be for thee, my 
Lord, for thee." 

"Every new beginning comes from some 

other beginning's end." 

It was fun while it lasted. Good luck 201 0!!! 


"Memory is a way of holding on to the 
things you love, the things you are, the 
things you never want to lose." 
- The Wonder Years 

To my friends - Thanks. You're all awesome. 

M&D - Thanks for everything, A - thanks for 

leading the way, E&M - Good luck. JC - 

thanks. Swim fast. , . 

Good luck 201 0! J 

"I love you all, class , ij > fl 


-Mr. Feeney f W^mr* 

"It was fun but thank goodness it's over 
courage here I come!! The journey is longer 
than I thought, my love. There's lots of 
things get in the way but every time I think 
of you you just steal my heart away." 
- Van Morrison 

"Cause these are the days worth living, 
these are the years we're given, these are 
the moments, these are the times, let's 
make the best out of our lives." 
DuxSoc#1 1, State Champs! Duxlax, good 
times. Love you girls. Friends & family - 
thanks for always being there. Mom, 
Dad, and Sean - 1 ^^^^^^^^^ 
couldn't have done it |^^^B| 
without you, love you. I . 
Good luck '1 0, it's been "V^£ ^ 

"Life's like a novel with the end ripped out. 
The edge of a canyon with only one way 
down. Take what you're given before it's 
gone. Start holding on, keep holding on." 
- Rascal Flatts 


"For I know the plans I have for you," 
declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and 
not to harm you, plans to give hope and a 

-Jeremiah 29:11 

God has big and exciting plans for me. 

Thank you friends and - 

family that helped I 

me get this far and will - aHlriMriL IjL 

continue to give me 

love and support. I JM 

love you all! |^ 

The usual is what's happening, but it's never 
quite the same, and even when we can't 
remember them, I'll still know from where I 
came, Chris he plays it classy, Clark he keeps 
it cool, same soldiers storm the classroom, I 
meet them on my way to school. 


Thanks 2010, it was nuts. Mom, Dad, 
Lindsay, Daria, Connor, thanks for being 
there. Marshall St. 2 in a row. 
Tweeter > Comcast. Thanks CJ for fun in 
Norton. DuxLax supplied good times. 
Vermont. Brutis killed Caesar. The Porch. 
Tuesdays. NH trips. Standish. Powder Point 
or Indian Pond? The ^^^^^^^^^^ 
Garden. Adventures. ^HtJIlW 
50. Center Hg CQ 

"I got my feet on the ^r~^^5** ~V 
ground and my head in 

the clouds." iL'dEjflH 

- Matisyahu ^b^IPl^ 

"Everybody leaves if they get the chance 
and this is my chance." - Thorn York 
"Happiness is only real when shared." 

- Chris McCandless 

"My life has no purpose, no direction, no 
aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't 
figure it out. What am I doing right?" 

- Snoopy ^^^^^^^ 
Mom, Dad, Bu, friends, ^fl 

Fergie, Darin, J^^^^^^B 
Fernandes, Aukerman, 
Weatherlow, Mr. Miller, j ^K J gg^ 
Papa G, thanks for ^ M 
helping me find myself, ^^L. f~\_j ^ r 
Break a leg 2010! 


1 1 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop 
and look around once in a while, you could 
miss it." 
- Ferris Bueller 

To my friends - Thanks for making high 

school the best years of my life. HB and AF - 

I couldn't have done it 

without you. Mom, 

Em, and Ray - 1 love 

you. Thanks for always I 

being there. 

"Too high to get over, too low to get under, 
you're stuck in the middle." 
- Akon 

Too many good times. Mom, Dad, thanks for 
everything. The four man circle. Wagner. 
Civil War dream team. The porch. Night 
Hawk forever. Thanks for the good times 
Dux Lax. Spyro. Down with the Gruntilda. 
Adventaje de Qdoba. Good luck everybody, 
sky is the limit. 

To the Gang, you're all amazing. Good Luck! 
everyone else! Mom, Dad, and Matt thank 
you so much! Nick, there is no one like you, 
you're always there for me. I LOVE YOU! A&F 
"Said goodbye to all the places I used to go, 
said goodbye to all the faces I used to know. 
Nothing lasts forever. I , - — "M^^"^ 
guess by now, I should >"« . 

- Ray LaMontagne 

GOOD LUCK 2010! WE ^gfi 

DID IT! i f\ BL-t 

It's been fun guys and girls. Tinkertown & 
Indian Pond, Halloween '08, snow mobiles 
in Maine, MGMT with Poseidon, Heaven at 
Samoset, late night COD. 
"Your words are my inspiration, your life, an 
image of perfection. For all you are, for all 
you've done, stands to be in a reflection" 
- Killswitch Engage 

Love you Mom, Dad, 
Wu & GMA. Micaela, 
you're the best, I love 
you. Never forget 


"One does not discover new lands without 
consenting to lose sight of the shore for a 
very long time." 

High school is a lucid dream you wish you 
could have again and again. 

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a 

- Milton Berle 


"Even if we are occupied with more 
important things and even if we attain 
honor or fall into misfortune, still let us 
remember how good it once was here." 
To all my good friends, it's been great. Love 
you girls! Max - Thank you for always being 
there for me, I love you. Mom - You're my 
inspiration. Dad - 

Thank you for all your I ^ 

Congratulations and 

Good Luck '10! ,> wZXL 


"For long you live and high you fly. And 
smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry. And 
all you touch and all you see is all your life 
will ever be." 
- Pink Floyd 

To all my amigos, I love you guys, Elwin, 
Emmit, Billy Bob, and 
been good, Starship in I 
the Jeep, gmttan, 

mbbg? Thanks Mom, WKf^tMM 

Dad, Kevin and Kelly, I I 

love you guys. Oh ya, 

and Morpheus, too. Rm^I 

To quote the legendary Beatles, "I get by 
with a little help from my friends." Without 
help from my family, the Pasquale family, 
and all my friends whom I love with all my 
heart, you would be seeing a much cheaper 
picture about 30 pages or so from here. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dale, James and William 
for all the love and support. Thanks to my 
friends for all the good times these past 
four years. It's been fun Duxbury. 

"We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, 

talented and fabulous? Actually, who are 

you not to be? And as ^^^^^^^^^^ 

we let our own light S^^^^B 

shine, we B\^^^^,^^E 

unconsciously give WL ' 

other people ^Lfi 

permission to do the 

same." ^W^r 

- Marianne Williamson »" *^»* " = v~ 


"There is something in the human voice 
that, coming from the soul, moves our own 
souls profoundly." 
- Janet Barker 

British mezzo-soprano on the voice of 
Kathleen Ferrier 

"There are places I remember, all my life 
though some have changed. Some forever 
not for better, some have gone and some 
remain. All these places have their 
moments, with lovers and friends I still can 
recall. Some are dead and some are living, in 
my life I've loved them all." 
- The Beatles 


Thanks Mom and Dad for never giving up on 
me and to my friends, you know who you 

Emm it, Andre, Ehwin, and of course the 
MAIN ENTRE. Can't forget the ant, you left 
us far too soon. Peace bras. Oh ya, Mick Carl, 
Frye = classic crew, keep in touch. Good luck 
to everyone. ^_ 

"Kids back then are 

I C± 

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows 
(here is the root of the root and the bud of 
the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree 
called life; which grows higher than the soul 
can hope or mind can hide) and this is the 
wonder that's keeping the starts apart. 
DHS I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart). 

"In three words I can sum up everything I've 
learned about life: it goes on." 
-Robert Frost 

Mom, Dad, Emily, Alex ... thanks for 
everything, I love you guys! Good luck at 
school, bud. 
LOVE YOU. wa a i t 
what?! I'm going to 
miss you so much... 
Good Luck 2010! 
psst. . . hey Mar 

"Listen to the mustn'ts child, listen to the 
don'ts, listen to the shouldn'ts, the 
impossibles, the won ts, listen to the never 
haves, then listen close to me - anything 
can happen, child, anything can be." 
- Shel Silverstein 

For all the plays, 
concerts, mixta pes, 
late nights into early 
mornings, giggles, 
profanities, love, and 
life in general, thanks 
guys. Congrats class of 
2010, and good luck! 

"And I stood there thinking as I said 
goodbye, today is the first day of the rest of 
my life; I'm gonna stop lookin' back and 
start movin' on, leam how to face my fears, 
love with all my heart, make my mark." 
- Rascal Flatts 

"The atom bombs are piling up in the 
factories, the police and prowling through 
the cities, the lies are streaming from the 
loudspeakers, but, the earth is still going 
round the sun." 
- George Orwell 


"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So 
when you're riding through the ruts, don't 
complicate your mind. Flee from hate, 
mischief, and jealousy. Don't bury your 
thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake 
Up and Live!" 
- Bob Marley 

Summer, Spirit of the HfV%V 
Red, Late night ^P^^^^l 

sessions, 1 09/1 1 /08, W ^ 

50 yard line. Friends, I y«S 

love ya. Thanks Mom, 

Stacy, and Dad. ^L^^BS^I 

"Go back to sleep and dream. Cling to the 
ones that you love. Hide them in your 
memories so you'll remember exactly what 

Thanks to everyone that was there for me. 
Mom, Dad, and Dave, love you guys. Good 
luck '10. 

It is better to burn out than to fade out. 
Cait Chase's '08. Mike, Nick, and Danny, it's 
been real. Good times at Paul's house. Class 
of 201 0, we're finally riding it out, and I'm 
going to miss it. 

First of all I'd like to thank my Mom, Dad, 
Brian, Kevin, and Matt. Time to take a trip 
down memory lane. Porch seshs at Corey's, 
Comcast Center, OAR... Not, Prom night, B's 
games, T-rides, Paul's house. Chars back 2 
back, happy place, Tinks, lax state champ 


"Understand that friends come and go, but 
for the precious few you should hold on. 
Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography 
in lifestyles because the older you get, the 
more you need the people who knew you 
when you were young." 
- Baz Luhrmann 

Congratulations and 
thank you to the class 
of 2010! I don't think I 
would have made it 
without you, my 
friends and my family. 
Go Dragons! And good 
luck 2010! 

"Fly on my sweet angel, fly on through the 
sky. Fly on my sweet angel, forever I'm 
gonna be by your side." 
Love you girls. Prom '07, ,-08, '09, '10." 4.28 
Bandits 4 life. Stoopid & OAR. 1 Cape Verde 
Terr. "See you all at the apartment." Mom - 
you're my twin. Dad - pffahh... still good" 
and "sandwiches ... 
sandwiches" Will - 
always got my back. 
Pup - hope I'm making 
you proud. 
"Dream of 

"Living is easy with eyes closed, 
misunderstanding all you see. It's getting 
hard to be someone, but it all works out; it 
doesn't matter much to me. No one I think is 
in my tree, I mean, it must be high or low. 
That is, you can't, you know, tune in, but if s 
alright. That is, I think it's not too bad." 



Good work '10!! 

Halloween. The Rocks. 4th of July. Li I' 
Beach. Dux soccer #1 8. 21 2° T.M . Thanks for 
the memories everyone. Dad, thank you for 
always pushing me for the best. Mom, #1 
supporter - always there, didn't miss a 
game. Christine, thanks for leading the way. 
Cath, one more year. 
Make it the best. 
"Life is only 10% of 
what happens to us 
and 90% of how we 
react to it." 

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Have 

fun Hanna and Haley. 

Blatin' off with Apollo, timman... 

soccer, baseball, pick-ur football 

Chief, MSull, Dame, Steve, Jeff, Antaya, 

Frye, Ethan, Greg, TG, Carter, Midge, Al, and 

Stevie K. 

Great four years. 

"I went from negative to positive and it's all 

- Biggie Smalls 



^ A - 


"These are the years we're given. These are 
the times. Let's make the best out of our 

-The Calling 

Thanks so much to my family and friends for 
always being amazing. To Mom, Dad, Abby, 
Mike, Sarah, and Ben: I love you so much, 
and I can't thank you ^^^^^^^^^^^ 
enough for all you've 

done for me. To my HbLbbSS 

awesome friends, I'll Er^H 

never forget you. iw» \|T]Wi 

Class of 2010 -you BflH 

guys will do great. 

Good luck! 

I w 

he foolish dog barks at the flying bird." 
iob Marley 

"You are young and life is long and there is 
time to kill today. And then one day you 
find ten years have got behind you. No one 
told you when to run, you missed the 
starting gun." 
- Pink Floyd 






"When I look back on my ordinary life, I see 
so much magic, though I missed it at the 

-Jamie Cullum 


"We must face tomorrow, whatever it may 
hold, with determination, joy, and 
bravery... your life is an occasion rise to it." 
- Mr. Magorium 

Odie - you're my sister for life, KCog - go to 
class, DJ RAH - let those hips swing, Jesse - 
thanks for all the , _ . . m , 
laughs, and to my j ^flttfk 

family -thanks for all A™ H 
the love and support, " ^ 
Props to my girl Ms. B 
and all my peeps. You I 
stay classy 2010. 


I walk around the school and look at the 
people, I look at the teachers and wonder 
why they're here, if they like their jobs or us, 
and I wonder how smart they were when 
they were 1 5, not in a mean way, in a 
curious way, if s like looking at the students 
and wondering who's had their heart 

broken and how they ^^^m^r^^^^m 
cope with having 3 

quizzes and a book MJJ# V 

report due, or 

wondering who did 

the heartbreaking and 

why. — - "^^^ 

'1 we did it! Thanks Pez, Nicole, Nikki, 
Jenica, JNK <3 , Christine, Geoff, Mom, Dad, 
Matt, Meg, Tom, love ya. Thanks to the 
teachers who helped make this possible. 
"Remember to remember me standing still 
in your past floating fast like a 


"Hope the days that lie ahead bring us back 
to where they've led, listen not to what's 
been said to you..." 
Thanks for the support Mom, Dad, and 
Alison. Love you guys. To the boys: Starship, 
mangoes, crew, bball, ant, Uncle Sam, 
Apollo, Emmitt, Elwin, Andre, Main 
Entree... oh ya, and 
Morpheus. Thanks for 
the good times. 
"...Guess I'll seta 
course and go..." 


"To infinity and beyond!" 
- Buzz Lightyear 

Quick doesn't describe my high school 
years, cherish it while you can, Lex. Thanks 
to Mum and Dad for never giving up on me. 
I will never forget all the memories that I've 
created over the years. Italy trip was bomb, I 
seen't it! Wowin' it up. 
Peace out, Duxbury, 
it's been real... peace 


Mom, Dad, and Gabrielle, thank you so 
much for all your love and support. You 
have always been there for me, and I can't 
thank you enough. To all my friends, thanks 
for making the last 4 years so much fun! I 
couldn't have done it without you. 
Congratulations 2010 and good luck! 

"You have brains in 

your head. You have jttA 

feet in your shoes. You 

can steer yourself any 3 > 

direction you choose." 

-Dr. Seuss ^^M^. 

"Although my heart may be weak, it's not 
alone. It's grown with each new experience, 
and it's found a home with all the friends 
I've made. I've become a part of their heats 
just as they've become a part of mine. And if 
they think of me now and then. . .if they 
don't forget me... then our hearts will be 
one. I don't need a 
weapon. My friends 

are my power!" ^P^^^^B 

- Sora, Kingdom B '^e^L 

Hearts W~ *m 


Memories last forever, never do they die, 
friends stay together, never say goodbye. 
All my friends, thanks for the memories - 
sailing - skip - HB - summer days at the lake 
- RM - Mom, Dad, Dust & Auts, thank you, 
love you. 

"No matter where we 
go we'll take a piece 
of each other 

"Memory is a way of holding on to the 
things you love, the things you are, the 
things you never want to lose." 

Thanks to my family, friends, teachers, and 
the Pink Tuxedos! I love you all! The last 
four years have been amazing! 

"Give the world the 
best that you have, 
and the best will come 
back to you." 

"Behind us are memories, beside us are 
friends, before us are dreams that will never 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Lauren, & Christine - 1 
wouldn't have been able to do it without 
you, love you! MG, CN, CI, TK, MV, GD - it's 
been amazing. ..lax, fock, track #7. WE-trips, 
clarinets best looking 

section. Kaa^!^ 

"In order to become 

good at anything, the 

only talent you need is V '^t 

motivation." . 

Congrats 2010 & Good Wj 

Thanks to all friends, family, and teachers 
that have helped me along the way. Now I'm 
prepared to start my new chapter. 

I will always look back on the things that I 
did while I was in school, like awesome 
times in Best Buddies, singing in talent 
shows, Faneuil Hall, friends with Anna - 
lunch, movies, and good times with friends 
and family. I want to thank all of my family, 
friends, teachers, and everyone else that 

Thank you for everything Mom, Dad, Katie, 
and Andrew. 

"Anything's possible!!!" 
- Kevin Garnett 

The real spring sport #4, Miller in slow 
motion with Marry ice and PMac, TIMMAN 
as approved by the HTC, Raves, The Office, 
& elaborate schemes and dreams. Mom, 
Dad, Jack, Joe, Erin, and Meg, thank you for 
everything, I couldn't have asked for a 
better supporting cast. 

"Be who you are and 
say what you feel 
because those who 
mind don't matter and 
those who matter 
don't mind." 
- Dr. Seuss 

Congrats '1 0, we made it! Thanks to all my 
friends and family, couldn't have done it 
without you. Dad, I'll always be your little 
girl; thanks for believing in me. Mom, 
thanks for all the help, you're great. Tucker 
and Teddy you rock, work hard, and have a 
blast! Love you! Field hockey, hockey, and 
Duxlax <3 '10 it's been ~ , 

great, keep in touch! W^S^^ 
"Life is simple, it's just ,] 
not easy." ■ [' <£M 

'The future is no place to place your better 


- Dave 

First off I'd like to thank Mom, Dad, Henry, 
and Meredith. The green monster, bumble, 
the bub, wagner, the cottage, Drew's loft, 
Buddha tree. Jeep 
cruising, the bush, the I 
Colleseum and sunset I 
skimming. It's been a B. 
quick four years. Keep I 
it real. 

"Turns out it's not where but who you're 
with that really matters." 
Mom and Dad - thanks for everything. Kane 
- you're beautiful. Gracy - keep it real. Guys 
and Girls - thanks for the laughs . . . Lily is 
life. Fockey. "Do the right thing," 
Ruebenzzz, Mayo, CEO's, Big Mabe, 
Bandits 4 life, Zumbai . - ^_ 
Zumbie Zumba, MK v 
obsession, Cabo?! . s - m 

Congrats 2010, Good cfel • fcS 

luck! JM 



"They say time changes things, but you 
have to change them yourself." 
-Andy Warhol 

It's been a long road to get here, but we 
made it! Congratulations 2010! Love you 
all! K.L.R. I S. M.S.H. 

"It's never too late or too early to be who 
you want to be." 
- Benjamin Button 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and all my friends. 

"The individual has always had to struggle 
to keep from being overwhelmed by the 
tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, 
and sometimes frightened. But no price is 
too high to pay for the privilege of owning 

- Friedrich Nietzsche 

"The creation of something new is not 
accomplished by the intellect but by the 
play instinct acting from inner necessity. 
The creative mind plays with the object it 


- Carl Gustav Jung 

I <3 Troupe 355 always 
and forever! 

"Few will have the greatness to bend history 
itself; but each of us can work to change a 
small portion of events, and in total; of all 
those acts will be written the history of this 

- Edward M. Kennedy June 8, 1 968 

"Those who stand for 
nothing fall for 

- Alexander Hamilton 

"Hey let's drink from the cup, share some 
luck, go ahead and laugh cause it don't cost 
- Dispatch 

Holla at my friends, it wouldn't have been 
the same without you. Incredibles, Camp 
Sis, Groovy Chicks, Minimini, Staterad, 
Disney '09, bonfires, . ^vm^ 
and themes. Good luck, ^ Mt J^^^^. 
I love you all! Mom and I 
Dad thanks for Jp 

"You just gotta keep j9 
livin' man L-l-V-l-N." 

It's been a great couple of years. Thanks to 
my family, teachers, and friends. I couldn't 
have done it without you! Europe '09, 
Groovy Chicks, Camp Sic, NZ '08, MU '09, 
Obu, Stuco! 

"In times like these, in times like those, what 
will be will be, and so 
it goes." HffWV 
-JackJohnson ^P^^^^B 

Best wishes '10! 



The last four years have been the greatest! 
Thank you to the people who made them so 
much fun. I never would have gotten here 
without you guys. From work nights to 
productions, beach parties to movie nights, 
you made high school interesting. 

"Do you know what the 

chain of command is 

here? It's the chain I go L *\ 

get and beat you with 

to show you who's in 

command!' ^^^^JH 

-Jayne Cobb S^fVH 

"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no 
age. And dreams are forever." - Walt Disney 
Thank you to my family, friends, and 
teachers. You each inspired me to be the 
person I am today. And to Zach: "You are 
every reason, every hope, and every dream 
I've ever had, and 

no matter what ■^^^^■B 
happens to us in the ^^^^D^ 

future, every day we l 
are together is the 

greatest day of my i^F^H u i\ 
- Nicholas Sparks I^JjlV 

"Wake up sleepy head I think the sun's a 
little brighter today. Smile and watch the 
icicles melt away and see the waters rising." 

- Dave Matthews Band 

"Every person is the creation of himself, the 
image of his own thinking and believing." 

- Unknown 
Thanks to all my 

friends and Coach tlt/j^^ 
Craft for the support. JBfc* J 

Mom, Dad, Laura - 1 K 9» 

love you guys. Do M 1 

what you love, love 

what you do. See ya HM^fe 

around '10! W a 

"Just think, we'll be the only ones who can 
say 'Class of oh-ten' until 3010" 
- Member of oh-ten (you know who you are) 
Faculty, I'm the last of the Holt siblings. 
Aren't you glad to be rid of us? No more 
rambunctious kids whose names you'll mix 
up (I think I can honorarily have Tom' 
declared as my name). 
No more 'Are you one 
of THE Holts?'. And W^^'^M 
best of all, no more 4Kl 
genius, Mr. Fernandes. ^tsK^ 



"Don't settle for style. Succeed in 

- Wynton Marsalis 

"Change is always happening. Thaf s one of 
the wonderful things about life." 

- Maynard Ferguson 

Big thanks to my friends and family for 

helping me along the ^^h^^^h 

way. Mom, Dad, 

Grant, love you all 

forever, thanks for 

everything. Good luck I 

201 0. Peace and love, WL 

God bless. J ^yJI 

"All our dreams can come true, if we have 
the courage to pursue them." 
- Walt Disney 

To all my friends, you guys are awesome. 
Disney trip, summer '09 . . . thanks for all the 
memories. Golf team, you rock! Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Robbie & _ 
Carolyn for everything. 
Good luck class of 

"Every new beginning I 
comes from some 
other beginning's 
end." flfl 

Wow, I can't believe we're already seniors! 
If s gone by so fast; so many good times . . . 
lef s go bang nails with Dickie; ding ding; 
lef s bring sexy back; Kristen Fly's; FH 
Worlds '07, '08, '09; Fierce Five; Thanks 
Mom + Dad I couldn't have done it without 
you! Good luck Class of 201 0! 

"Love the life you live. Live the life you 

Mom, Dad, Max, and Jack love you guys. 
Girls & guys, couldn't have done it without 
you. BANDITS, SNICKER. CEOs, new year's, 
"Where's Billy?" Buffchix - Super Freaky 
Friday. Cabo '10?! Muddy foot steps. Cape 
Verde, Slightly Stoopid, Prom Night, Cali, 
"Wee oh wee oh weee." 

To Mom and Dad, thanks for everything, 
GHOP 4 Life. RIP Charzard, Caesar, Brutis, 
the Porch, Happy-Place, Wagner, Adventhje 
de Qdboa night - hawk says don't forget to 
bring a towel. 


Mom and Dad - thanks for all the love and 
support. Nat and Sam - good luck! To all my 
friends - thanks for all the memories and 
laughter. January 1 7ths - you're the best! 
Congrats '10! 

"You gain strength, courage, and 
confidence by every experience in which 
you really stop to look 
fear in the face. Do the 
thing you think you 
cannot do." 
- Eleanor Roosevelt 
Good luck. Love you 

B.O.B., Saco '08, '09, '10? Lax, Puck, 
Superfan, beach, bro-chats, J-Bros. 

"In life there are going to be some things 

that make it hard to smile, but whatever you 

do, through all the rain and pain, you got to 

keep your sense of humor, you got to smile 

for me now and 

remember that." 

- Tupac Amaru Shakur I 

Camby's, Katie W. 

"I don't know how long I'm going to be on 
this planet, so while I'm here, I might as well 
make the most of it." 
- Eminem 

Mom, Dad, thanks for everything. Michelle - 
good luck. That went by fast. Soccer B - skill 
days, basketball, 
baseball. Jimmy Fund 
Tourney. Square in the 
face. Let's go have a 
good time. Timman. 
But Sir, you can't do 
that. Keep it real 2010. 

"Everything will eventually come to an end 
so try to savor the moment, cuz time flies, 
don't it? The beauty of life, you gotta make 
it last for the better, cuz nothing lasts 
- NAS 

"What a long strange trip it's been." 
From the crazy barn ^ 
nights with all the ^^^^^ 
mates aboard, gonna '^^flfcL 
miss everyone. Mike, 
Ersplerf, K Bones, Tim, \B 
and of course Martin. V 
One love. 

"We're captive on the carousel of time." 
San Fran to Greece to Disney - soo many 
activities! Much love to all my friends old 
and new, esp. my dysfunctional "other 
family" and my fatty '09. Real family, 
couldn't have done it without you. On 
dawgs, love to my softball ladies! Ad 
Caelum. Clarinet love. ^ ^^^^ 
Best of luck 2010, it's A a ' j 

been fun! Keep livin' Ifltthk 
on a prayer, turn up 

the cool air, and just l^mhM^v^ 
keep eating! 


'Twenty years from now you will be more 
disappointed by the things that you didn't 
do than by the ones you did do. So throw off 
the bowlines. Sail away from the safe 
harbor. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain 
To my friends - thank you for making these 
past years so - 
memorable. Mom & £ 
Dad - 1 love you so B^* 
much! Thank you for p| 
always being there for I 
me. Tayler- Good luck! I W T^^UmWW 
Love you! 

"Some people want it to happen. Some wish 
it would happen. Others make it happen." 

- Michael Jordan 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Chris, and Tessa. I 

couldn't have done it without you guys. To 

my friends, thanks for the good times, if s 

been great! 

"Friendship ... is not 

something you learn in I 

school. But if you 

haven't learned the 

meaning of friendship, I 

you haven't learned M ''^■W 

anything at all." V^^j 

- Muhammad Ali P^Pr^^^k 
Good luck 2010! 

"I am of in search of a great perhaps." 
- Rabelais 

Thanks to the InkBlot crowd for putting up 
with my poetry for so long, and my friends 
who have made my life so much richer with 
their presence (you know who you are). 
Thanks especially to my parents for their 
support and . 
understanding. - _ . , 

"Nothing is so strong 
as gentleness and 
nothing is as gentle as 
real strength." 
- Ralph W. Sockman 

"Dear Mr. Vernon . . . you see us as you want 
to see us. In the simplest terms, in the most 
convenient definitions. But what we found 
out is that each one of us is a brain . . . and 
an athlete . . . and a basket case ... a 
princess . . . and a criminal . . . Does that 
answer your question? Sincerely yours, the 
Breakfast Club." 

Mom, Dad, and Michael - Thank you for all 
of your love and support. To all my friends, 
thanks for making these four years 

"And as we let our own light shine, we 
unconsciously give other people permission 
to do the same." 

- Nelson Mandela ^b^. 


"Did you hear about the rose that grew from 
a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's law 
is wrong, it learned to walk without having 
feet. Funny it seems, but by keeping its 
dreams, it learned to breath fresh air. Long 
live the rose that grew from the concrete 
when no one else ever cared." 

Mom, Dad, Stacy, 
thank you. SPC, you're 
the best. 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us." - RWE 

M & D - thanks for always being there. 
Whitney & Nicole - thanks for lookin out for 
me. Anna - good luck in high school little 
NAA! I love you all so much! Grandpa, I love 
you. Thanks for 
watching over me. RIP. 
Grandma - you're my 
inspiration. Class of 
2010 -good luck and 

thanks for all the <2l 

These past 4 years have gone by so fast. But 
they have been the best years of my life. I 
couldn't have done it without you. Thanks 
Mom, Marc, and Nicole. And to my best 
friends Amanda, Kristen, Carolyn, and 
Meghan. Dux cheer - fierce 5 - Gillette 
superbowl - Full House and the 
cheerleading worlds - . t 
Patriot League champs Mfe f \ 

- B Spears concert - ^^^-^SSfef ' 
Best cheer car ever - Wf .fl 
getting Famous and I^^^E 
watching scary movies I ^B^^ 9 

- I'm gonna miss it! <3 

Thanks to my family for all your support 
over the years! To my friends, it's been a 
great four years. Keep it casual SACO '08 
'09, the "J" bros, Standish Cruise, The Loop - 
keep bossin' Powder Point Loop, WSC - the 
hut. Loon trip. Car's, Qdoba, WAGNER, Kylie 

"My heroes are and 
were my parents. I can't 
see having anyone else 
as my heroes." 
- Michael Jordan 
Katie W 



"Life is not measured by the breaths we take 
but the moments that take our breath 


Mom, Dad, Bethany, thank you for 
everything. I love you 
2.2.4 Muaherbye I love you . . . what? Gew 
you're the best! 

First and foremost I have to thank my family 
for always being there for me and keeping 
me in line, which I have always appreciated, 
even if it did not show. So thank you Mom, 
Dad, Andrew, Dan, and Elizabeth. Also to 
my friends and the class of 2010, 1 wish you 
all well in life and I hope only for the best. 
So thanks to all you 
wonderful people who 
have influenced my 
life. Good luck 2010! 

High school has flown by so fast, it's finally 
senior year, at last. The past four years have 
been insane but all the memories will 
remain! I want to thank everyone who has 
helped me through it all, you have made all 
the big obstacles seem so small! 



"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if 
you'll die today." 
- James Dean 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Christina for all 
your love and support through my high 
school years. Thanks to all my friends for 
the good times at Prom, DHS musicals, spirit 
week, and in Disney 
World. I will cherish 
these special 
memories forever. 
Congratulations class 
of 201 0! Good luck and 
much success in the 
future! :) 


Mom and Dad, you guys are great. Grant 
and Hunter, thanks for being there for me. 
Pop-Pop, you're a Iff esaver and I love you 
way too much. Bongo's basement, great 
times hanging with the boys. The 
brotherhood. Lax State Champs 07, 08, 09. 
Football Superbowl Champs. Thanks 
everyone, if s been an 
awesome four years. 

"Don't let what you 
cannot do interfere 
with what you can do.' 
-John Wooden 

Congrats '100 You guys are a w es ome. Prom, 
snowball, Halloween, concerts, spirit week. 
Dux Hockey - Love it! OTH, Dux Soccer, Love 
you girls. Thanks for always being therefor 
me.Fent- you're the man. Have fun! TD. 
Girls - Guys so many gts! 

"Maybe youTI get 
everything you wish 
for, or maybe, youTI 
get more than you ever 

"In these changes in latitudes, changes in 
attitudes, nothing remains quite the same. 
With all of our running and all of our 
cunning, if we couldn't laugh, we would all 
go insane." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Elwin, MP, and Mags. JmmmmlSi 
To my friends, I love StK'm 
you guys! Too many mm 
good times I'll never t^j 
forget. Thanks for K^^dt 
being there for me. It's AM ftHBk 
been great 201 0. Good fl 

"And it's a crazy mixed-up world full of 
contradictions and that's why it hurts so 
bad sometimes but that's also why it's fun." 

Family, thanks for everything, I'll be sure to 
"dominate". Good luck boys! To everyone 
else, thanks you so , 
much. It's been great, 
and I love you all. TMT, 
awwoo, and everyone 
else, good luck! WL fja 

Psst. . . sup Ginny Jmm~ 

Finally Seniors... DuxLax, Duxbury Soccer. 
Kid Cudi and Asher Roth. Audiophiles. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Benjamin, Kelly, and 
everyone else for helping me out. Won't 
forget these years, no way. 

"Stop the car, lay on the grass, the planets 
spin and we watch space pass. Walk a 
direction see where we get, I never knew 
nothin' so there's nothin' to forget." 

- Modest Mouse 

"Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail 

of a bridge and lean 

over to watch the river — ^^flfc^B 

slipping slowly away 

beneath you, you will 

suddenly know 

everything there is to Hfl 

be known." ^FflSi^fe 

- Winnie the Pooh m%W\^m\ H 



"For the ones who had a notion a notion 
deep inside that it ain't no sin to be glad 
you're alive." 

- Bruce Springsteen 

J Bros sacoriveroa 10? Meeting with Misti at 
the beach. Core 4. 1 want to thank my Mom 
and Dad for always being there for me. 
Anna, have fun at DHS^ ^^^^ 
"Just let the music ' ^ . 

take over you soul, 

body, and mind to kick ' ^—^^0mw 
back relax one time ^m9\ 
and you go in find." J—\ 

- Katie W. m^S 

Good luck Class of 2010! 


I really want to thank all my family, friends, 
and teachers, because I could never have 
made it without you guys. Good times at 
Windsor Hills, youth group, Zach's house, 
CYO, Disney, and especially at home with 
my family. 

/3L - 

Mom and Dad, thanks for pushing me in 
school. Kelly, thanks for being a cool sister. 
Friends: Greg, speed up dude. Tom, find a 
new movie. Carter, not every night is the 
best night ever. Antaya, have fun in your 
game room. Kaz, may you have lots of 
TIMMAN. Good luck 2010. 

Thank you to my friends and family for 
giving me these great (but crazy!) four 
years! Class of 201 0, 1 know we'll be the 
generation to change the world! 

"Memory is a way of 
holding onto the 
things you love, the 
things you are, and the 
things you never want 
to lose." 

"He waited, marshalling his thoughts and 

brooding over his still untested powers. For 

though he was master 

of the world, he was 

not quite sure what to ^fl 

do next. But he would - <fl Bfc 

think of something." 

- Zooh A Space ^^Je H^^tf 

Odyssey, (the book, fl 

not the movie.) fl 

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, 
instead, where there is no path and leave a 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 




"At one point in time, your life will flash 
before your eyes, make it worth watching." 
Thanks to my friends, family, and teachers. 
It's been a good four years. Some darn good 
times with ASP and rowing. I don't know 
what else to say, really, except for good luck 
in life and anything else of that matter. 


"A memory lasts forever, never does it die. 
True friends stay together & never say 

Love you girls & guys. So many good times. 
Sniffles<3, 101 see you in the old 
apartment, coral stone, merkyT, beach, 
laughing 'til it hurts & ^^^^^^^mam^m 
never a dull ^r^^^^^^S 

Congratulations 2010. ^^^^^v 
We made it! Love you 
all and of course... Wi 
good luck! :) 

"Most of the things worth doing in the 
world had been declared impossible before 
they were done." 

HNS, I love you, girl, best friends for life. To 
my mom and dad, I could not have done it 
without you. I love you. Thank you. 

Fun times g-hopping, state champs, the 
wagner, prom. New Jersey, Quedoba, 
Nantucket, Sunday River, Outback. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Haley, and Kristin for 
everything. Good luck '10, it's been fun. 

"No matter how far u nvr shake the sand 
from ur flip flops or the ocean from ur soul." 
MDJ, couldn't have without u. Thanks 4 
always being there + putting up with me. 
ILY girls so many memories stay close. Guys, 
never a dull moment. Uno's, NH, Saquish, 
BURKIE'S, DUXSOC, hockey, 

laxmar. SM + KG ILY 

AK<3 "In a thousand P^^MBBfc- 

years + a thousand BlH 

tears, I'll come back to I 

my original crew." 

'10 Congrats and 

thanks 4 the best 

years! GL 

"It takes a great deal of courage to stand up 
to our enemies, but just as much to stand up 
to our friends." 

- Albus Dumbledore 

"Promise me you'll always remember; you 
are braver than you believe, stronger than 
you seem, and smarter 
than you think." 

- Christopher Robin ' Jjij^d^' 

"Let the wild rumpus 

start." M M 

-Where the Wild - 

Things Are ^ , 


"I try to find a way to say what I'm chasing, 
define what I'm making, believe what I'm 
saying, to fill this space and feel like I 

- Try, Straylight Run 

"I figure the faster I pedal, the faster I can 
retire." ^ — - 

- Lance Armstrong 


"Law is born from despair of human 

- Jose Ortega y Gasset 

"History does not belong to us; but we 
belong to it." 

- Hans-Georg Gadamer 

"A lot of times people 
look at the negative 
side of what they feel 
they can't do. I always 
look at the positive 
side of what I can do." 

- Chuck Norris 

"Dream boldly and wait for the magic." 
To everyone who has made these past four 
years unforgettable: KG, MG, CJ, TK - way 
too many memories, love you guys! DuxLax, 
Dux Fockey, and Track* 's - it's been fun! 
Finally, thanks Mom and Dad for 
everything, love you. Jimmy, thanks for 
always making me 
laugh. Julia, thanks for I 
all the advice. Grace, HMfer V 
my Ml' sis and buddy, IpP' ™ 
keep being yourself- 

loveyouall! Ki^y>^B 
Class of '10- Congrats! &ltk BmHU | 


v £ 



201 0!!! Yea baby we did it!!!!! Mom, thanks 
for packing me a lunch everyday. Dad, 
thanks for going on all those walks with me. 
Diam, Nelly, and Bell, you rock! George, 
Christian, and rest of the crew, thanks for 
the entertainment and always being there 
for me. I <3 you! 

"Good, Better, Best, 
Never let it rest, until 
your good is better 
than your best." 
- Condor 





It's gone by fast, but it has been a great four 
years... chillin w/ Matty ice, Pmac, Miller and 
Guil... Bball #30, Senior Babe '09. 
(undefeated at heart). The Room, TIMMAN 
as approved by the HTC, GAME 7, "slow 
motion roller coaster", 86 years, '86 Mets, 
"86" The Curse!, Sonics v. Heat. All 
good times. 

Mom & Dad, thanks mm BL>« 1 
for always being there I l^ft 1 I 

for me. Good luck '10! U I ' 

Thanks family, real & imaginary, for loving 
me unconditionally. I still love you when 
you hide my yellow pants, mute radio at 
Livin' on a Prayer Keychange, and mock my 
GLORIOUS stories. You can always lean on 
me. Love ya DuxBand / flute parties / Gotta 

"Didn't make sense not 

to live for fun, your « 

brain gets smart but Wf fa^mmmm\ m 

your head gets dumb." 

Peeyaw 201 it's been ti3CSfc# 

wicked sick. Don't 

think ever!:) ^ 

"I laugh. I love. I hope. I try. I hurt. I need. I 
fear. I cry. And I know you do the same thing 
too. So we're really not that different. Me 
and you." 
- Colin Raye 

Great times in Best Buddies, working out in 

the weight room. Hoop ^ — 

Heroes, Junior Prom ^^^r ____ 

with Kathy, lunch ■ 

group. Thanks Dad, 

Mom, Rachel, 

Curtis, and Annie. I 

love you all so much! 

"Memory is a way of holding on to the 
things you never want to lose." 
- The Wonder Years 

Mom, Dad - thanks for everything - 1 love 

Teej - thanks for always making me smile, I 
love you. Andrew, Nick, 
Alex, Sam, best of ^r^^^^^B 
luck! Jen and Ri, you ^g, _ ^ ^^B 
girls are the I 1 

best, I love you! 

"Starship Trooper, go sailing on by." 

The bros (Elwin, Billy Bob, Emmit, and Andre 
the Giant), Dame's Jeep, the Ant, Uncle Sam, 
Squidward, my Bluefield Crew, No more 
fallen soldiers, Morpheus and MSull, you're 
my bulls, O ya Apollo has landed! 

Take the advice I always should have 
listened to. 

"We could worry about everything. I mean 
someday the sun will implode and kill us all, 
but for right now I'm just going to enjoy the 

I do believe that "friends are the family we 
choose for ourselves" ^^^^^^^^^^^ 
and I'm so glad mine ^^B^^^^S 
chose me. Laughing 

until it hurt and always ^J] 

remembering, "don't W /K 

think ever ..." L J AW I " 1 


Thanks Mom, Dad, and Matt for your love 
and support through the years. Good times 
working at WHC '09. Thanks to all my 
friends in youth group and camp. Jeremiah 
29; 11. Good luck 2010! 

"If s better to know where you're going 
than when you'll get there." 

- The Admiral 

"One more time!" 

- Daft Punk 

Thanks so much to my 
friends and family for 
supporting me with 
everything I did. I love 
you all and couldn't 
have done any of it 
without you. 
@La u renConrad get us 
on The Hills! 

"In the end, the love you take is equal to the 
love you make." 
- The Beatles 

Thank you Mom, Dad, all my friends, and my 
family for supporting me throughout my 
school years. 

"T ake your time, don't live too fast, troubles 
will come & they will pass. You'll find a 
woman & you'll find love, and don't forget 
there is Someone up above. Forget your lust 
for the rich man's gold, all that you need is 
in your soul. Don't you worry, you'll find 
yourself. Follow your heart & nothing else. 
Be something you love ^^^^^^^^^^ 
& understand, be a 
simple kind of man." ' 1 
- SimpleMan 

God Bless 2010! Bfe 

When you grab a hold of me, tell me that I'll 
never be set free. Goatface. Scarlet 
begonias with a touch of the blues. 
Mike, Shawn, Ross, Kevin, Tony, Alix, Kelly, 
Sam, Mommy and Daddy, thank you 
everyone. What a beautiful buzz and what a 
long trip if s been. Peace and love forever. 
Take a second look up 
at the sky. I walked W^^JS^^ 1 * 
with you once upon a ■T Xtfflfc 4 
dream. t^M |A V 


"There's no promise of safety with these 
second hand wings, but I'm willing to find 
out what impossible means. A leap of 
- Thrice 

Wow, these four years went by fast. Mom 
and Dad - thanks for 
pushing me in the 
right direction. Matt - 
thanks for dealing 
with me. For my friends 
and the rest of '10, 
these years have been 
great. Thanks for all the 


ii ii s 


To my shawtys, love y'all. I'll never forget 
my CEOs. Zod & Big MAB. Captain Kid & MD. 
SASS. Flabongo & Metro. The 4th. We're 
classy and creepy. Misipea. Goose - Mayo + 
scissor = love fo life. Besties S + S - love you 
two. MDA - thank you and love you always. 
Thank you everyone. Love you always . . . 

"Celebrate we will, 
cause life is short but 
sweet for certain." 
- DMB 

Character is doing what is right when no 
one else is watching. 


It's finally over! Happier times ahead. 
Good Luck 2010! 

"In every life we have some trouble, when 
you worry you make it double. Don't worry, 
- Bobby McFerrin 

Buddha tree, senior babe, VT, skimmin', 
DuxLax, the Cottage, JV soccer. 
Seniors 2010. 
Thanks Mom and Dad 
for everything. ^> 

"Don't chase the paper - chase the dream." 
- Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs 

DuxLax, Saco River 08, '09, '10?, J-Bros, 
Beach Cumbies. 

To everyone who has been there through it 
all - thanks for everything, I could not have 
done it without you. ft has been a long and 
though four years, I am shocked it is already 
over. I think we are all ready for the next 
step - good luck everyone. R.M.L. - you 
have changed my life for the better, I miss 

"Life is a succession of 
lessons, which must be 
lived to be 

Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Andrew - thanks for 
all you have done. 

Chrissy, Riley, and Kerry - 1 love you guys so 


Bottom line is, even if you see 'em coming, 
you're not ready for the big moments. No 
one asks for their life to change, not really. 
But it does. So what are we, helpless? 
Puppets? Wo. The BIG moments are gonna 
come. You can't help that. If s what you do 
afterwards that counts. That* s when you 
find out who you are. 
Love you Mom, Dad, 
and John! 

It's been too long to let 
me go, now, hear me 

\ v 

Thanks to the three people who have 
always been there! Mom, Dad, and Charlie, I 
couldn't have done it without your love and 
support. Thanks to everyone who has been 
with me along the way. 
Good luck dass off 2010. Remember the 
good times. 

"Are you reel in' in the 

years. Stowin away the 


- Steely Dan 



To all who have helped make this an 
unbelievable experience. You know who 
you are and are awesome because of it. 
Never forget to "just keep swimming." 

"Let the wind be upon your back and if 
there's sun let it shine on your face let the 
rains rip across your path providing a swell 
to last all of your day." 
Holla at my friends- couldn't have done 
these four years without you - camp sic 
kitchen's crazy parties? Love my groovy 
chicks. M&D love you- i——^— 
3 down 2 to go. J & S- 
thanks for everything. I Bf^^^JB 
N & A good luck- don't ■ 
be too sassy. To all of 9U 
2010 peace & love, it's ■B^W^T^ 
been real. ^^^^ /k. 

I9S. ° k 

"Remember those times when life was real? 
We was sitting in the sand, got the ocean 
feel. Take me back to those days of 
paradise. When we laugh all day and sleep 
all night" 

Good times in Con Orch and Disney. Good 

' luck next year Princess 

Mishka! Thanks Mom P^^^^ 
and Dad!! Efc J^B 

tou get up and get back in the 
re small piece of you starts to 

"Hercules turned down the nearest path. 
'You don't know what is down that road!' 
lolaus called. Hercules smiled. 'That's what 
I'm going to find out.'" 

- Hercules 

Mom, Dad, Katie, I love you. And to 
everyone who got me through High School, 
love you guys too. ^^^^^^^^^^H 

"Forsan et haec olim 
meminisse iuvabit" 

- Aeneas 

May the force be with 

y° u - ^fc^fl 

* i i 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to 
look around once in a while you could miss 
it." - Ferris Bueller 

Gurls/Guys it's been fun! Prom '09, Camp 
Sic, Minimini, managers. See you in 2021 
Nick! M and D - thanks for the support, K - 
good luck, G - have fun. 
"Do not go where the r ^^^^^^^^^^ 
path may lead; go 
instead where there is 
no path and leave a 

- Ralph Waldo Wr3 

Emerson fptf^^^fl 
Congrats 201 0! Peace 



"When the devil keeps bringing up your 
past, remind him of his future." 



"Love life and life will love you back. Dream 

big and you'll do amazing things." 

My girls and guys: I thank you for always 

being there. I wouldn't be where I am today 

without you. Lisa Murphy! You're my ride or 

die chick, H to C you'll always be my best 


DJM! Always, forever, I 

love you xo. Dad, v 

Mom, Tommy, and 

Rachael: You have ^ . 

been my biggest 

support system and no Mt0^L 

matter what, I love ^jfe^Ek 

you! Hi 

"Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue 
to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; but only so 
an hour. Then leaf supplies to leaf. So Eden 
sank to grief. So dawn goes down today. 
Nothing gold can stay." 
- Robert Frost 

Stay gold Class of 
2010. Stay pure and 
don't let the hardships 
in life change who you 
are. Have a great and 
golden life! 

One day, your life will flash before your 
eyes. Make sure it's worth watching. 


I have been privileged to be part of the Class 
of 2010! I wish success and happiness for 
you all. You have made my years so special. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Roy & Tim. I couldn't 
have done it without you! I love you! To all 
who helped me, especially the DHS staff, 
thank you for all your kindness. 
So here's to tomorrow, 
that we may look back I 
happily on these years, I 
and cherish the time 
we had together! B^. 

M, D, S, L, K, Jojo, & GA Love you guys! 
Thanks for always being there for me. EE, 
SS, LL, RR, PLP, Kiki, Al, KT, and the boys. 
Good times! CEO's, golf pros, bandits4life, 
"that's my..." "the apartment," Maine, Prom 
'07, '08, '09, Slightly/OAR/Dave, NCAAS, Sea 
Island, snowball, ACK, 4/28, Saquish, 
summer nights, cruise , 
'08, beach, FH<3, RAVE, 
CABO?! HL- always 

making me smile <3 |L|^^ 
Good luck '10! 



If s been great! Thank you to my family, 
friends, and teachers. Good luck to 

"If everything was everything, but 
everything is over. Everything could be 
everything if only we were older." 
To all my friends, you know who you are, 
thanks for making this a fun ride. Mom and 
Dad, you guys are the best, love you. Devin, 
I'd be a lot worse off if you hadn't been 
there for me. I love _ f 

you, bro. Can't believe JC 
it's finally the end. V^mft 
About time. I^^^B 
"Go, flourish, and f^M 
don't ever say no to 

"With all its sham, drudgery, and broken 
dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be 
cheerful. Strive to be happy." 
- Desiderata 

Steele fam, thanks for everything... I'm still 
the baby! Friends, thanks for being you... 
love you guys. Never 
forget my XC/Track 
girls. Thanks DHS... it's I 
been great. We're 

fools whether we 1 : -J M 

dance or not so we ■ dL 1 

might as well dance! ^ii^fl I^VlE 

LIVE IT UP 2010! Il I ^KW \ MM 


Woah! I can't believe I'm already writing my 
senior quote, these past four years have 
gone by so fast. But I couldn't have done it 
without my mom, dad, K-10 and bubby... 
Fierce 5 * Let's bring sexy back * Bang nails 
with Dickie * 1 3 years of cheering * PITS * 
Ding Ding * Patriot League Champs * Mel 
says I can * Twinsies * ^^^^_ mm ^^^^^ 
FHAS Worlds* Gillette 
PEACE! El 1 A 

Wow these past four years have gone by so 
fast. I couldn't have gotten this far without 
my family and friends. Love you Mommy, 
Daddy, Carolyn, and Bubzy... Fierce Five * 
And 9 * Mel says I can * Patriot League 
Champs * Banging Nails with Dickie * Best 
Car Ever * FHAS WORLDS * Dance parties * 
Congratulations class _ 
of 201 0, "We did it!" ^J^M^ 

"Trust everyone, but still cut the cards." 
- Howie Carr 




"A man who dares to waste one hour of his 
time has not discovered the value of life." 
- Charles Darwin 

I've learned that there is no time to waste as 
we get older. Life goes by so fast, that high 
school is over and as one door is closing, so 
many more are 
opening with a lot of 
new opportunities. 

MARGE - Besties 4 life! Woof. Guys & Girlies. 

- Thanks for the laughs & memories! Mom & 

Dad - Thanks for helping me along the way! 

Matt&Ki - Good luck with school & have fun! 

Quinn -Thanks for always making smile. 

I<3U! Giggly. 50ydline. Hot pockets. 24<3 

Good Luck '10! 

"I go back to watchin' 

summer fade to fall, 

growin' up too fast & I 

do recall wishin' time 

would stop right in its » I^Hv/ 

tracks. Every time I V^^W 

hear that song, I go ^R&P'S^^B 

back." B!L 'vVJ^fVy 

"Let's just have a good time." 

Mom, Dad, Brendan, Meghan, Jackie - 

Thanks for everything, it's been great. 

To all my friends - you know who you are. 

Timman, mbbg. Bridge. Bball #25, crew. ..Ha. 

Omar and Logan. Apollo. Morpheus. DMB. 


Good Luck '10. 

Thanks Mom and Dad, Chris, and Rich. To 
the guys, thanks for the good times $30 and 
a slice, the Porch, happy place, Qudoba, 
Boggie shoes, perids chem. Winter Bball 
games with Jonas and Night hawk. R.I.P. 
Intrepid, Watchtower, Charzard. 


"I can be the one you found if we're taking 
on the world today. I know we got to leave 
this town." - OAR 

To all my girls & guys, it's been fun, RAVE, 

Bandits 4 life, NCAAs, 4th, Kayaking, LAX, 

mgr, Zumbai, Zumbie, Zumba, SLIGHTLY 

ellis, CEOs, Kay Slay, That's my. .Sister, cats. 

Snowball, PROM, polar 

bear, Cruise '08 ^9BlH 

CABO?!, New/Years '09 

- Crying K. Mom, Dad, 

Ev, it's been a pleasure. ^ . 

Thanks for putting up L [. 

with me. Love you! 

"Cyaa in the 



Thanks to all my friends and family, I 
couldn't have done it without you. 2010, 
Congratulations, keep on trucking guys! 

"Always let your conscience be your guide.' 
- NUT + Jiminy Cricket 


I will always remember the good times I 
have had with my friends. I wish all of them 
good luck wherever they may end up. A 
special thanks to Nk and Amy, my two best 
friends who made high school the great 
time it was for me. To my Mom, Dad, Jim, 
and Michael, thank you for always being 
there for me, I love ■■■■■^^^■■k. 
you, and I always will . I 

Five years ago I would never think I was 
going to enjoy high school. Now I am 
terrified of leaving it behind. I would like to 
thank D H S Drama for making me feel 
welcome and developing me a love of 
theatre, my teachers who made learning 
quite enjoyable, and I MUST thank all my 
friends for the ^^^^ ^^^M 

unforgettable '• " r "vjB 

memories. V 
'It's getting harder to M WLfM 
be someone but it all ^ 
works out.' 

- The Beatles / - 1 


"Bad news never had good timing. Then, 
the circle of your friends will defend the 
silver lining. Pain throws your heart to the 
ground, love turns the whole thing around." 
- John Mayer. Managers, ballin' Katz dan, 
holla, Lowell Maine, GTK, thanks for always 
being there. Mom and Dad, thanks for your 

support and love. Em, 

thanks for keeping 

things fun, you are the .ii J B vl 

greatest. Chris, thanks ',^9 

for your love, keep on ] 

being you. Good luck V J 

2010! Girls and guys, |dfl 

it's been fun. MkA 

"I get by with a little help from my friends." 
-The Beatles 

To all my friends, thank you for some pretty 
amazing times. DuxSoc State Champs, 
Snowballs, proms. State Radio, Disney, 
summer '09, raves - all so many memories. 
Cheerladies: I love you! 
Mom, Dad, Sara, 
thanks for everything. 
I love you. '^^L 
Congrats 201 - we did P~ j 

"The fireworks begin today, each diploma is 
a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse." 

- Edward I. Koch 

To my family & Mocha, thanks for 
everything. W & M you've been tough acts 
to follow. Love you. 

"But changes come and we all know that we 
can't stop them but I 
hold these memories, 
and I will never drop 

- Brett Dennen 
Class of 2010, thanks 
for the memories. 

Thanks to all my girls who have made my 
high school experience a great one! I love 
you Nicole, Christie, Gill, Lexi, and Jen! A 
special thanks to my family for all their love 
and support! 

"Always together, never apart, maybe in 
distance, but never in ^^^^^^^^^^^ 


- Snyder 

"Our greatest glory is 

not in never falling but I 

risi ng every time we .^■M* 1 


- Confucius 


Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you've 
done for me. Pete, thanks for being there 
and believing in me. Rachael and Jenna, 
thanks for everything. Ben, good luck at 
school and keep in touch. DuxPuck. 
LaTorre's basement. Jammin'. Beach House. 
Rowing. Never forget. 

"We can't change the 

world unless we change 


- Notorious B.I.G. 

"Every moment of your life is a chance to 
get it right." 

Varonkos - thanks for everything, literally. 

Family of friends - you always keep me 

laughing, and I'm wicked lucky to have you 

guys. SE, Dugo, Camerata, Pit, Peeyaw, 

1 1 :30, sticky notes, Panera, chest/face/back. 

"You have to stop the 

Q-tip when there's Jk/^~~~^ 


Girls thanks for the memories. Guys thanks 
for the laughs. Snowball '08, Prom '09, 
Burke's basement . . turn the lights off! 
CEO's. Captain Kid. Falmouth. DUXLAX 
08/ 09. Cabo??!! Phil, always making me 
smile. Mom, Dad, Nick, Drew - thanks for 
the love and support, couldn't 
have done it without 
you. Love you guys. BF* , _ 
Good luck '10! It's been V^g^k 
a pleasure. WWk * 


Congrats '1 0. We did it! DUXLAX FH Hockey 

MGR. So many wonderful memories: Mug, 

U no's, Red Robin, summer, Burke's, prom. 

Carol - love you girl! Great memories w/ 

you! Marty = BFFL, Squish, MV, Pel vt ilts: so 

many GTs w/ you! MS & LH: GTs w/ you Sea 

Island, NYC, VT, ASP! Guys: fun memories 

over the years! M & D: I 

couldn't thank you a ^^jEIJ 

enough. I love you! ^^^k 

K & M: thanks for j^^*' *tP 

everything. Don't ever r 

change! "Don't cry |^ 

because it's over, smile 5 

because it happened!" 'fc^flEs^^^^, 

B. Landz, you da best. Mad propz go ta 
Nikki, yo. Clara, you Muh girl. Holla at the 
S trom twinz! C-Flizzle, turn it up a little . . . 

"Don't cry because it is over. Smile because 
it happened." 
- Dr. Suess 

"The joy of life comes from our encounters 
with new experiences, and hence there is no 
greater joy than to have an endlessly 
changing horizon, for each day to have a 
new and different sun." 
- Chris McCandless 

Thank you to 
everybody, especially 
to my parents and my 
dear friends. It has 
been a wonderful four 

Hahaha Ohh Alex . . . 
Doing what you love and being around 
people who love you is the true meaning of 
happiness. <3 



Finally. Manteam, Duxbury Men's 
Swimteam, the bogs. Cedar Point, all that 

"Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you 

don't mind, it doesn't matter." 



What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 

- In the words of someone who is fighting 

for his life every single day. 

Mom and Allie - words cannot be said to 

describe my love for you. This has been an 

incredible adventure, and I know this is only 

the start of a beautiful journey. 

Andria - thank you for 

being my best friend. I jffffi.- ^^fr 

know near and far we Bt j ■B^PIm* ' ■-3 

will be together. \ VL+mJk ~J* 

I really enjoyed the last two years in 
Duxbury. I'm going to miss finding random 
things on the side of the road with the XC 
(and Ultimate Frisbee team) and suave and 
1650 s with the men's swim team next year. 
I wish everyone the best! 

My Garage. Bricks. Gucci Mane. The Rave. 
Prom. My Professional table. Barn sesh. One 
Love seniors, and good luck. 

Good times with the entourage, Danny, 
Mike, and Wes in the Corolla. 


Good times hanging with the boys doing 
crazy things and having good laughs. 
Winning the ice hockey state championship 
freshmen year. Listening to Wiz in the car 
"Ink my whole body." 



"And if s over before you know it, it all goes 
by so fast, yeah the bad nights take forever, 
and the good nights don't ever seem to 

Mom, Dad, Alana, Caleb, thanks for always 
being there, love you. Friends, thanks for all 
the great memories, - ^ 
they'll never be V^^M 
forgotten. < tt 




Life has many twisting and turning roads 
that become forgotten when we take the 
straight and clear paths. Don't forget that 
those difficult trails are what make life so 
amazing once you reach your goals. 
Congratulations Class of 2010. 1 know we all 
have amazing lives ahead of us. 

Wagner Mouse yo JB, I got something to 

say. Das Mailmen. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, Molly, and 


CoNGDAIS 2o|o| 












pa^e Locke 


^» 63, > 

o \ 










Julia hannon 




5. M°STMuSlcAL: MARiA 

6. MR- & MRS. DuXBuRY: 

landqy cory Tucker. 





12. BEST LooKiNs : LiLA HAFFEY. JoHN QtCQARDf. maitsavaqd. 




Bridget Kristofer Annemarie James Devan David Anthony Bryan Paige 

Anderson Andren Arthurs Auer Bahr Balzotti Barbati Barry Berry 

Samantha Kevin Corey Charlotte Victoria Marcos Briana Christian Samantha 

Carney Casey Childs Cipolletti Clough Coli Connolly Connolly Copp 


Ian Ryan Anna Kane Matthew Patrick Sarah Brett 

Grant Griffin-Crane Grubb Haffey Hallisey Hamilton Hanlon Harasimowicz 

Kaitlyn Meghan Benjamin Margaret Carlie Alex Emily Sally William 

Harvey Haynes Healy-Levy Hickey Hill Holopainen Hutchinson Jernigan-Smith Jewell 

































Olivia Siobhan Kelly 
McCarthy McCarthy McElduff 

Alexander Madison Jonathan 
McKenzie McKenzie McKinley 
















































Lanman Lannon 












- David 




Jonathan Anna Andrew 

McDermott McGeady McGill 

Kristin Haley Colleen Shannon Emily Chase Zoe Davis Charles 

McHugh McKenna McKinney McLaughlin Meehan Mohrman Moriarty Muller Mullins 

William Chace Linsin . Rachael Gerry Arthur Hayden Katherine Samuel 

Siefert Smith Smith Smith Stillman Su Sumner Sweeney Sweet 


ill t 11A 5 » 




Anna Emma 
Terrizzi Therrien 






















% m 










A ? 

Lucas Hanna 
Schneiderhan Scholberg 

P J 4 , ; 


! t 











Mckenzie James George Casey Julianne William Ian Kevin 

Walker Walsh Ward Weckbacher Weiss Weld Wilson Winchester 



Brooke Emilia 
Withington Wojdechowski 


Rachel Sarah 
Wooley Yanulis 




On Friday March 19, 2010, three invisible Children roadies and two Ugandans 
came to DHS for an assembly where they had a showing of the original Invisible 
Children documentary "The Rough Cut." The Ugandans talked about what life was 
like for them growing up in the longest running war in Africa. Invisible Children is 
a non-profit organization that works to provide for the children of Uganda many 
of whom used to be "night commuters." The organization is helping to provide 
scholarships to children in Northern Uganda. 

Innocent, a former "night commuter" who hopes to one day become 
president of Uganda, came to Duxbury along with his mentor Christo. Innocent 
met the Invisible Children in 2005 and has since been provided a scholarship for 
school and no longer needs to commute from his home at night to feel safe. The 
Invisible Children set up a bracelet campaign for five students, including Innocent, 
and money was raised for his schooling through this campaign. The Invisible 
Children is now focusing on education because there is relative peace in the 
country. The only way to keep peace is to educate the next generation. Beyond the 
five bracelet campaigns, there is now the Legacy Tour to provide scholarships to 

The Invisible Children is part of the OHS group, The African Service Project. 
To help and learn more visit: 


rs. Sullivan would love to thank all of her 

students that help her year round in 
sising awareness and money for those in 







've seen over 650 rock concerts." 

-Ms. Papageorge. 




"I won the spelling bee in 6th grade." 
-Mrs. Koontz 

"I am actually a nice guy." 
-Mr, Craft 

"I own myDwn business. " 
-Mr. Meerbach 

"I have a twin brother." 
-Mrs. Goodenough 

" I was an 'au pair' in Paris for a 
French family with six kids. 
I also had a pet monkey named ChiChi." 
-Mrs. Hendrickson 

( Tell us something that 1 
I not many people would 1 
l know about you. 

"I was born in Mendoza, Argentina." 
-Mrs. Piccolo 

7"^ ©I 

"I have sky dived, bungee jumped, 
and have my scuba diving license." 
-Mrs. Delcore 

"I was in a sorority in college.: 
Tri Delta" 
-Mrs. Manley 

"I used to work in a mental 

"I competed'side-saddle 

in the Washington 
International Horse Show. 
My horse's name was 'Icy'." 
-Mrs. Woodworth 

"I traveled to ten different 
European countries by myself." 

- Mrs. O'Rahilly 

"I don't own a microwave." 


"My photo can be seen in the Marshfield 
High School lobby as the softball shortstop 

S.E. champion." 

-Mrs. Miller . \ , 

"I am one of nine." 

-Ms. Barret 

"I graduated from DHS 
and was voted best actress." 

-Mrs. Weatherlow 

'I grew up in Natick." 
-Mr. Nelson 

"I used to work in a Swiss bank." 
-Mrs. Botti 



What we asked our retiring teachers... 


^- v. 

-Mr. Doherty, Mr. Fernandes, 
Mrs. Mieczkowski, Mrs. 
Sullivan, Mr. Hilton, and Mr. 

— I'll miss the students and my 

-I have enjoyed the spirit 

weeks over the years. I have 
■ also enjoyed seeing when the 

kids from the collaborative 
. rooms would come to lunch, I 

have never seen anyone 

making fun of them. 

~The kids are very nice and 
all get along with each other. 

f.- ** 1 1 

-I had very good teachers in 
junior high school and high 
school that made a difference 
in my life. So, I decided at a 
young age that I wanted to 
do that too. 

-Mrs. Grote 

-I'll miss my coworkers, the 
students, and my friends. 
Duxbury has-been a great 
place to work 

-I have enjoyed getting to see 
the changes between students 
I've (Jadas freshman, and then 
'iif as seniors. 

-There are a lot of great, 
enthusiastic kids. During the 
pep rally they acted as great 

-I wanted to help students 
understand math because I 
love math. I also wanted to 
work with young people. 

-Who are some coworkers you really got to know and become friends with? 
-What will you miss most when you leave? 
-What is your favorite memory at DHS? 
-What do you like most about the class of 201 0? 
-Why did you become a teacher? 

-Mr. Fernandes, Mr. 
O'ConneH, Mrs. Perekslis, ' 
Mr. Aukerman, Dr. and Mrs. 
Sullivan, and the entire 
English department 

-I will miss all of my students 
and the terrific discussions we 
have had. 

-The whole Rachel's 
Challenge day is a great- '' 

-My students are very mature 
and take their learning 
outside the walls of the 
school. Also, I consider them 
global citizens. For example, 
their work with the Invisible 
Children, and the letters they 
wrote to our service people. 

-I love reading and I enjoy 
being with, and admire 
young people. 

-My golf buddies Mr. Dunn and 
Mr. Downing 

-The students. Working with 
them makes work enjoyable 

-Having the String students 
chosen for great honors like: 
playing at the concert hour for 
the All State and the All Eastern. 
Music Educators Conferences as 
well as playing at Symphony Hall 
and Carnegie Hall. 

-They have given me fond 
memories and because this is our 
last year together at DHS we 
have a common bond. 

-I became a teacher because I 
enjoyed playing music in school 
so much I wanted create that 
same experience with many of 
my own students. 




Superintendent: Susan Skieber 
Assistant Superintendent: Edwin 

Business Manager: Sue Nauman 
Suzanne Hughes, Ginny Whoriskey, 
Lynn Mclsaac, Diane Hale, Don 
Burgess, Mary Ellen Tobin, Lea Rose 
Missing: Bruce Cole 


Thorn Holdgate 

Transitional Counselor: Elizabeth 

School Psychologist and 
Adjustment Counselor: Wayne 

Student Assistance Counselor: 

Maura O'Rahilly 


Carolyn Malone, Gina Moylan, Kelly 
Trahon, Maureen Kelleher, Lisa 
Dembowski, Amy Rose, Bruce 

Missing: Erik Meerbach 


Principal: Andrew Stephens 

Assistant Principals: Kathleen Davis-McDonough, Diana 

Main Office: Judy Koontz, Ellen White-Davis 
Missing: Diana Murray 


L Friend Weiler 


Pat Weatherlow, Kathryn Bonneau, 
David Maimaron, Gretta Hickey, 
Maureen Connors, Mary Ellen 

Missing: Dana Hetherington 


Instructional Assistants: Deb Perpz, Deb Snow, Carol Canty, 

Glenna Cappold .' S "v^M^^^/CT&a^' o* ' 

Missing: Linda ftegley> Mary Beth McAdams, Janet Miller, Kris 

Okerfelt "a\V\- \ N^^V^vKS V^V\^ 

Elizabeth Field XVF 

Art: Mary Ann Leydon, Julie Papageorge 


Alyssa Gage, Mary Stadelmann, Erin 
Smith, Mary Lou Sullivan, Catherine 
Donahu^, Cathy Dennison, Karen 
Hendrickson, Kate Donovan, Heather 
DelCore, Tony Fisher, Mark Dunrt 


Marcy Curtis, Karen Benson, Karen 
Irvine, David Scott, Tim McLeod, 
Shaun Kelley, Keith O'Connell, 
Cheryl Lewis, Joan Kanya, Tiffany, 

Missing: Derrick Nelson, Chris 
Connors (Technology Education) 

Family and Consumer Science: 5:acey O'Brien Linda 
Coombs, Andrea Sterling (■ 

In-House Substitutes: jcK Kelley, D ana Afongi 

VT f ' ''J 


Jack Kennedy, John Sullivan, John 
Fer~ aides, Susan Sullivan, James 
Donerty, Chris ^ukerman, Stacy 
Bnadbent, Gretta MieczKoiAski, 
C - ' Gopher Hilton, Lev/is Albert) Jay 


Pamela Manley, Kendall McWitliam, 
Rebec ca Sargent, Amy Marino, Mary 
Ciccarelli, Corinne.VVoodworth, 
Jonatnon Symonds, Megan Lynch, 
Nancy Chadwick, Judi Heitzman, 
Karen Bavnes 


Physical Education and Health: Harold Taylor, Tim 

McPhillips, Colleen Jones, Robert Ferreira 

> i\. > ^ \ * \\- *»',> ■ ° \* * ,v i • 

A. • v. \\ • v , '"v.^ »*.'v*''"-i \ > 

Cafeteria Staff: Kim Smith, Sue Mackey, Heidi Coombs, 

Corinne MacCormick, Erin Cobb, Valerie Lindquist, Maria 

Papadopoulos, Cheryl Cummins, Louise Galli, Jenny Marshall 

Missing: Dari Murphy 

Dale Byrne, Margi Malone 

ViDEo PRoDuClib 


Joe Ferguson 

World language 

Sheila Goodenough, Graciela 
Piccolo, Ryan Downing, Jutta 
Rossano, Amy Jackson, Rachel 
Umbrianna, Lynn Perekslis, 
Catherine Hart, Donna Holt, Joyce 
Botti, Danielle Grafton, Richard 


Duxbury sports are the culmination of our 
achievements and pride. The town has 
eagerly embraced the concept of a "well- 
rounded" student, in an era when 
academics are no longer enough to satisfy 
expectant parents and competitive college 

admissions. Not only do we embrace 
sports, but we live and breathe them. Just 
look at 'Dux Lax', the quintessential 
Duxbury sport. From 2003 to 2008, the 
boys' varsity lacrosse team has won five 
straight Division I State Championship 
titles. In the past two years we have won 
numerous state titles, including those won 
by soccer, golf, and football. Yet another 
indicator of our achievement is the news 
that this year Duxbury High School was 
awarded the Dalton Award. This is an 
annual award given to the school with the 
highest winning percentage in their 
enrollment division. This is a pretty big 
honor in-and-of itself, but then consider 
that this is the tenth time that our school 

has received this award. Talk about 
dominating! We are at the height of our 
athletic prowess. We are winners. 
We are the Dragons! 

- Sports Editors - 
Brittney Landry & Casey Reinhart 



Senior captain Kristen Stenstrom 
is known for her front and back 
flips. She has no fear when it 
comes to tumbling. 

Carolyn Stenstrom is another one 
of the captains for the cheer team. 
This flyer can twist and flip in the 
air and still look good doing it. 

Although she suffered from a knee 
injury, Captain Meghan Johnson 
got right back into cheering 
towards the end of the season. 

The Dragon Cheerleading team had an 
outstanding season this year that included 
competitions and cheering at the boys' 
football and soccer games. Despite some 

injuries, the Dragons performed well 
against some of the top teams in the state 
at the League Competition hosted by 
Whitman Hanson. 

The Lady Dragon cheer team really showed school spirit this year cheering at the boys' 
football and soccer games. Pictured above is the cheer team warming up for the boys' 
soccer game against Marshfield. 


s year has been a great season for the Lady Dragons cheer 
► m.They demonstrated perfect half-time routines time and 
e again at the home and away football games. 

All the hard practices and extra 
effort paid off this year for the 
cheer team. This season they 
set record high scores for 
Duxbury. Their top scores 
included tumbling, jumping, 
and dancing. Great job, girls! 


League Competition: 10/27 
3rd place out of 9 teams in the 
league; 1 st place in division 2 

Spooktacular Competition: 10/31 
1st place 

Regional Competition: 1 1/15 
6th place out of 1 3 teams 

What's your favorite part of 

I love cheering at the night football 
games, because I feel like the whole 
school goes. I also love the pep rally 
and competitions. 

Brittney Landry 

Tumbling, because it gives me an 
adrenaline rush . 

Carolyn Stenstrom 

Competitions because it brings the 
team together and shows all of our 
hard work. 

Catherine Drummy 

Tumbling, because it's fun and I've 
always enjoyed doing it. 

Meghan Johnson 

Tumbling because it's fun knowing 
how to flip. 

Kristen Stenstrom 



Despite battling an ankle injury, 
captain Bobby Murphy helped his 
team to the playoffs, scoring both 
touchdowns against Scituate. 

Captain Pat McWilliams was a 
great leader this year. He played 
well on both the defensive and 
offensive ends of the field. 

Senior Aaron Kramer did a great 
job protecting our quarterback 
this season. He used his strength 
to hinder the opposing offenses. 

The Dragon football team won the Patriot 
League Keenan Division title again this 
year, clinching their position in the 
playoffs. Their successful season was 
capped off when Coach Maimaron was 
awarded Coach of the Year in appreciation 
of his leadership and good sportsmanship. 


The football team had eight straight wins, against all the teams in the Patriot League. In 
One of the most intense games in Dragon history, the team went into overtime versus 
Scituate, winning by only 2 points in overtime and securing the Patriot League title. 


ohomore running back Henry Buonagurio really stepped up 
i in underclassmen this season. This young starter helped 
' Dragon team gain key yardage needed to win the games. 

Junior star Kane Haffey proved 
to be an amazing quarterback. 
He had numerous touchdown 
passes, and in one of the most 
important games of the season 
against Scituate, he passed the 
ball off to Murphy, who went 
on to score both touchdowns. 

9/1 1 BR over Dux 28-7 
9/17 Plymouth N. over Dux 14-0 
9/25 Dux over Quincy 33-7 
1 0/2 Dux over Hanover 1 7-0 
1 0/9 Dux over Pembroke 28-0 
10/16 Dux over N. Quincy 21 -6 
1 0/24 Dux over Silver Lake 35-7 

10/30 Dux overWH 35-20 
11/13 Dux over Scituate 15-13 
1 0/26 Dux over Marshfield 1 7-7 
12/1 Marshfield over Dux 27-6 

Do you have any pre-game 

Before every game I get a brand- 
new game ball from Coach and I 
treat it like my first new-born child 
until kickoff. I also have to listen to 
the song "I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz 
with Colman Duggan. 

Kane Haffey 

I always park in my lucky parking 
spot. It's the same spot I was 
parked in for our first win against 
North Quincy. 

Matthew Savard 

Well there is lights out and music, 
the speeches by the coach, most 
put on eye black, and there is a 
team prayer. 

Greg Auda 


gplS Soccer 

This year's team had the determination 
and talent to go far. Their season record 

improved by one win from last year's, 
although they lost in the playoffs. With 

each season showing noticeable 
improvement, the girls have set a tough 

pace for competing teams to follow. 

Junior star Emily Gallagher had a 
powerful kick that always got 
down the field. Her determination 
made her a great team player. 

Junior Meg Woomer was a real team player. This soccer star fought a knee injury all 
season, but still managed to get into the game. She, along with a slew of juniors, will I 
returning next year for some more Dragon action. 

Senior Jackie Trevisani always 
showed energy on the field. She 
became a key player for this lady 
Dragon soccer team. 

ior striker Melissa Gavin is known for her corner kicks, 
ch always seem to make it into the net. Along with Caitlin 
<e, she was invited into the 2009 All-State soccer team. 

Although this lady Dragon team 
will miss the 5 graduating 
seniors, they have a lot of key 
young players returning next 
year. This season they had an 
outstanding record of 1 6-4-1 . 
They will look to make it even 
further next year. 


9/1 5 Silver Lake over Dux 2-0 
9/1 7 Dux over Scituate 4-1 

9/22 Dux ties W-H 1-1 
9/24 Dux over N. Quincy 4-0 
9/29 Dux over Hingham 2-0 
10/5 Dux over Rockland 4-0 
10/7 Dux ties Hanover 1-1 
1 0/9 Dux over Middleboro 8-0 

10/13 Dux over Quincy 7-1 
1 0/1 5 Dux over Pembroke 2-1 
10/1 9 Dux ties Silver Lake 1-1 
10/21 Dux over Scituate 3-0 

10/24 W-H over Dux 5-1 
1 0/27 Dux over N. Quincy 7-1 
1 0/29 Dux over Hingham 3-1 
10/31 Dux over Pembroke 1-0 
1 1/3 Dux over Cohasset 4-0 
11/8 Dux over Bishop C. 7-1 
11/11 Dux over Diman R. 3-1 
11/15 Canton over Dux 3-1 

Which team was your biggest 
competition this season? 


Probably Whitman Hanson. 

Taryn McCall 

Definitely Whitman Hanson...we 
played them at home and won, 
and then we played them a second 
time and lost . We took our first win 
for granted, and I felt that while we 
tried so hard, it got into our heads 
too much. 

Jackie Trevisani 

I would say Whitman Hanson. They 
are Division I and they have a girl 
Sam Mewis, who is on the National 
team, and who is pretty hard to 

Caitlin Burke 


oyS Soccer 

Captain Dan Sangster stepped up 
as a leader for DHS. Dan has been 
on the varsity for 4 years and has 
contributed numerous goals. 

Senior Jimmy Landry had many 
key goals this year that included 2 
goals in the 2nd playoff game, 
which contributed to their 3-0 win 

Two-year captain Tommy Drummy 
had a very successful year. He 
scored 9 goals this year through 
his speed and determination. 

Despite suffering many injuries in the beginning of the season, the boys' team still 
defeated some of the top competitors in the league. Congratulations boys, on an 
outstanding season! 



9/1 Dux over Marshfield 1 -0 
9/1 5 Dux over Silver Lake 1 -0 
9/1 7 Dux over Scituate 1 -0 

9/22 Dux ties W-H 1-1 
9/24 Dux over N. Quincy 4-0 
9/29 Dux over Hingham 2-0 
10/5 Dux over Rockland 4-0 
10/7 Dux ties Hanover 1-1 
10/9 Dux over Middleboro 2-0 

10/13 Dux over Quincy 7-1 
1 0/1 5 Dux over Pembroke 5-0 
1 0/1 9 Dux over Silver Lake 2-0 
10/21 Dux ties Scituate 2-2 

10/24 Dux ties W-H 1-1 
1 0/27 Dux over N.Quincy 3-2 
10/29 Hingham over Dux 1-0 
1 1/2 Dux over Plymouth N. 3-1 
11/4 Dux ties Marshfield 0-0 

1 0/8 Dux over Norton 1 -0 
11/10 Dux over Medway 3-0 
11/15 Sandwich over Dux 1-0 

team made it to the semis for the first time in more than 3 
s. The defense did a great job keeping the ball from the 
r team, while offense had the speed to go in and score. 

Senior goalie Max Cote came 
back to the Duxbury soccer 
team after being the goalie for 
Sacred Heart his junior year. 
Max had many saves that 
helped them get into the 
playoffs. He even had three 
shut-outs the first three games 
of the season. 

What's your favorite memory 
from this season? 


Our tournament game against 
Medway, second round. We 
remembered the loss we suffered 
to them 3 years ago, and we 
fought hard. We dominated the 
second half against a team that 
was a few seeds higher than us, I 
remembered thinking that we 
really could do anything, because 
our team wanted it more than 
anyone else. 

Ryan Hendrickson 

The game at Medway, because we 
worked well as a team, and I scored 
the game winning goal. 

Jimmy Landry 


ls cross comy 

Sophomore Haley Chatlin has 
proved herself this season. In 
every race she showed 
tremendous energy and spirit. 

Freshman Christine Doherty is 
following her older sister 
Elizabeth's footsteps in the team. 
So far, she has had a strong start. 

Sophomore Julia Averna remained 
a strong competitor throughout 
the season, keeping pace until the 
end of the course. 


The endurance and speed of this team was 
shown during this year's All-League meet, 
in which they placed fourth. The girls were 
consistent throughout their season, thanks 
in part to their long-time coach, Timothy 
"Mickey" McLeod. 

Sophomore Lauren Bittrich keeps senior captain Anne Steele on her toes. These two 
runners posed a double threat to opposing teams. Steele was the top Duxbury finisher i 
the MIAA EMASS Division III Cross-Country 5-K event. 

Returning junior, Elizabeth 
Doherty, pushes herself in the 
home stretch. Doherty was a 
wonderful team player this 


9/1 5 Dux over Hingham 23-38 
9/1 5 Scituate over Dux 25-30 
9 22 Dux over Hanover 23-36 
9/22 Rockland over Dux 28-28 
9/29 Dux over Silver Lake 22-36 

9/29 W-H over Dux 1 5-46 
10 6 Dux over Middleboro 25-31 

1 0/6 Dux over Quincy 26-30 
10/13 Pembroke over Dux 26-29 
1 0/20 Dux over Randolph 1 5-50 
1 0/27 All-League Meet 4th place 

What inspired your pep rally 


r Annie Gates makes a strong finish on Duxbury's home 
e. Gates, a returning team member, ran well the entire 

We chose the song "Hey Mickey" 
because Mickey is a nickname we 
have for Mr. McLeod. The dance 
was dedicated to him. 

Nicole Hanrahan 

The XC giris lovingly call Mr. 
McLeod Mickey. And, not so 
lovingly, we danced to "Hey 
Mickey" to get on his nerves. 

Julia Nee 

One day one of the girls started 
singing "Hey Mickey* and we 
thought it was perfect! The song 
was upbeat and fun. 

Madison McKenzie 


9oY8 CRoSS CoutflRY 

This year's team ran like the wind. Led by 

co-captains Ben Kimball and Jonathan 
McKinley, they had the endurance to place 
an impressive third in the All-League meet. 
Returning coach, Mark Dunn, has every 
reason to be proud of his strong runners. 

New to the team this season, 
freshman Evan Tarbox 
demonstrated great potential for 
the coming years. 

Junior Kevin Casey ran well this 
season, never giving up, even 
when faced with the toughest 

Sophomore Jason Angell has done 
more than earn himself a place on 
this year's team. He showed 
endurance in every race. 

Junior Billy Jewell shows he has what it takes to be a winner. Jewell was one of five thi: 
season to be named a 2009 Duxbury Patriot League Cross-Country All-Star. No matter 
what the course, or what the conditions, he gave it his all. 


9/1 5 Dux over Hingham 24-32 
9/1 5 Dux over Scituate 20-42 
9/1 9 Mclntyre Invitational 1 1 th 
9/22 Dux over Hanover 1 7-46 
9/22 Dux over Rockland 1 5-50 
9/29 Dux over Silver Lake 27-28 

9/29 W-H over Dux 25-32 
1 0/6 Dux over Middleboro 1 9-39 

1 0/6 Dux over Quincy 1 7-44 
1 0/1 3 Pembroke over Dux 20-37 
10/20 Dux over Randolph 22-39 
10/27 All-League Meet 3rd place 
11/18 EMASS Sectionals 1 2th place 

or Lucas Woyciechowski's fine form earned him the honor 
?ing named one of the 2009 Duxbury Patriot League 
s-Country All-Stars this season. 

Freshman, Peter Lanman, closes 
in on teammate Cameron 
Myette. The boys challenged 
each other to perform their best 
this season. The team's 
determination to stay ahead 
earned them third place in this 
season's All-League meet. 

ii.ntMir " 

What's your favorite route to 
run around town? 

My favorite run is to the Gurnet 
Lighthouse and back. It's long, 12 
miles, but the conversations about 
cranberry bread help us pull 
through and the spectacular view 
at the end makes it all worthwhile. 

Lucas Wojciechowski 

I don't really have a favorite route, 
but I like to run in the town woods. 

Jonathan McKinley 


iELD Hockey 

Captain Lila Haffey was another of 
the team's leading scorers. She 
scored one goal in the league 
champion game against Hanover. 

Whether it was the forward, midfield, defense, or goalie, this team worked great togeth 
and acted well under pressure. The defense was strong and the forward players had th< 
speed to keep the ball moving and score. Great job, ladies! 



9/1 1 Dux over Marshfield 3-0 
9/1 4 Dux over Silver Lake 4-1 
9/1 6 Dux over Notre Dame 4-0 
9/21 Dux over Pembroke 3-0 
9/23 Dux over Hingham 2-0 
9/26 B. Fenwick over Dux 3-2 
9/29 Dux over Middleboro 6-0 
10/1 Dux ties Hanover 0-0 
1 0/7 Dux over Silver Lake 4-1 
1 0/1 2 Dux over Scituate 4-0 
1 0/1 4 Dux over Pembroke 7-0 
1 0/1 6 Dux over Hingham 1 -0 
1 0/1 9 Dux over Middleboro 9-0 
10/21 Dux over Hanover 4-1 
1 0/23 Dux over Scituate 5-0 
1 0/26 Hopkinton over Dux 1 -0 
0/28 Dux ties Notre Dame 0-0 
1 0/30 Dux over Marshfield 6-2 
11/6 Dux over Milton 2-0 
1 1/8 Hopkinton over Dux 1-0 

What was it like winning the 
league championship game? 

more than two-thirds of the field hockey team returning, 
1 3 goalie with previous varsity experience, this Dragon 
' i expected a successful season from the start. 

Field hockey coach Pamela 
Manley really pushed her team 
hard this year. They had an 
outstanding 15-3-2 record. This 
was Mrs. Manley's first Patriot 
League Championship as head 
coach for the Dragons and she 
was extremely proud of them. 

They were our biggest competition this 
year so it was really exciting to finally 
beat them after already trying earlier in 
the season. 

Mimi Smith 

The stands were packed with people. It 
was our only night game of the season. 
The games are usually low scoring, so 
just the fact that we beat them 4-1 was 

Katie Griffin 

I was excited because last year's game 
against Hanover was devastating, so 
being able to beat them was thrilling. 

Julia Hannon 


9oY8 GoIF 

Junior James Magner came out 
with a solid performance at the 
state championships this year. He 
recorded a three over par 75. 

Junior Stephan Krall was another 
member of the team who finished 
well for the Dragons in states. Krall 
recorded an amazing score of 85. 

Junior captain Jon Stoddard was a 
great asset for his team all season. 
At states he recorded an even par 

Another great season for this young golf 
team at Duxbury. They not only won the 
Patriot League title, but the Division 2 
state title in the championship hosted at 
Blackstone National golf course in Sutton. 
For DHS, this team captured the third 
championship in the golf program history! 

A m Ik, *4H 

Although starting off win one loss, the Dragons came back with eleven straight wins th< 
won them the Patriot League title. One of those wins included the best team score in th 
school's illustrious history. Congratulations boys! 


9/9 Xaverian over Dux 240-248 
9/1 Dux over Silver Lake 246-252 
9/14 Dux over Sandwich 229-255 
9/15 Dux over Scituate 231-261 
9/1 6 Dux over W-H 217-241 
9/1 7 Dux over N.Quincy 236-240 
9/22 Dux over Hingham 233-264 
9/24 Dux over Rockland 240-261 
9/29 Dux over Hanover 241-254 
9/30 Dux over Middleboro 42-30 
10/1 Dux over Quincy 45-27 
1 0/6 Pembroke over Dux 235-246 
10/7 Dux over Silver Lake 249-262 
1 0/8 Dux over Scituate 234-255 
1 0/1 3 Dux over W-H 233-269 
10/14 Dux over N. Quincy 245-269 
1 0/1 5 Dux over Hingham 234-233 
1 0/1 9 Sandwich over Dux 243-244 
1 0/20 B.C. High over Dux 230-232 
10/21 Dux over Barnstable 248-265 
10/27 South Sectionals 2nd place 
1 1/3 State final Champions 

ning off their recent Patriot League win, the team had 
: ndence entering the State Championship. When the final 
; Its were announced, there was excitement all around! 

Only graduating one senior, the 
future is certainly looking bright 
on the golf course next year. 
The coach will also be 
returning, and with such a 
talented and determined team, 
next year is sure to be another 
amazing season. 

What do you look forward to 
most about playing with the 
same team next year? 

Over the last couple of years we have 
all played together a lot. We have a 
very experienced team with everyone 
returning, so we should be able to 
dominate again next year. 

Kevin Kuckuk 

We could probably win the state 
championship again next year. 
Everyone on the team is friends, so we 
will be able to stick together. 

Jonathan Stoddard 

Our team has a lot of experience 
working together, which will hopefully 
increase our chances of winning the 
state championship again next year. 

Stephan Krall 


LS basketball 

Although they were off to a rocky start at 

the beginning of the season, the team 
knew it would only get better. Coach Mark 
Dunn had one goal in mind and that was 
to make it into the playoffs, and that's 
exactly what they did. 
Congratulations girls! 

6. 8. 10 
7 24,25 
6. 15. 17 

Junior captain Devon Tsinzo keyed 
Duxbury's win with 16 points 
against North Quincy, which put 
them into the post season. 

Rising star Kate Norton was given 
a lot of court time this season 
because of her hard work. She 
proved her talent to everyone. 



As the only senior this year, Nikki 
Worthman really pushed her team 
this season. She played well and 
never gave up. 


The graduation of nine seniors left juniors Maggie Norton, Devon Tsinzo, and senior Nil 
Worthman in charge of guiding a host of newcomers who included three freshmen an< 
sophomore. It was hard work for the three of them, but they ended up being successfu 


' s year the team was honored to have two members 
' ?cted to play on the Patriot League All-Star team. Our 
: igratulations goes out to Maggie Norton and Michaela 
l rth! 

Although this year's team was 
very young, coach Mark Dunn 
said they were playing better 
and getting used to playing 
with each other. This will give 
the lady Dragons an advantage 
for next year. 

1 2/5 Silver Lake over Dux 39-32 
1 2/1 8 Scituate over Dux 45-42 
12/23WH over Dux 53-26 
1 2/28 New Bedford over Dux 72-59 
1 2/30 Dux over Sandwich 59-56 
1/2 Notre Dame over Dux 58-33 

1/5 Dux over N. Quincy 47-35 
1/6 New Bedford over Dux 59-28 
1/8 Dux over Hingham 52-40 
1/13 Dux over Rockland 52-49 
1/15 Hanover over Dux 66-50 
1/18 Notre Dame over Dux 53-28 
1/22 Dux over Middleboro 54-23 

1/25 Dux over Quincy 51-35 
1 /29 Dux over Pembroke 47-35 

1/30 Dux over M-V 48-31 
2/1 Dux over Silver Lake 47-34 
2/3 Scituate over Dux 38-34 

2/5 W-H over Dux 45-43 
2/9 Dux over N. Quincy 65-45 
2/1 1 Hingham over Dux 50-47 
2/25 Foxboro over Dux 65-51 

Why did you decide to start 
playing basketball? 

Since 4th grade, I started playing 
with my sister on her AAU team 
and then continued playing with 
her until today. 

Kate Norton 

I saw my Dad playing in the drive- 
way with my older sisters making 
every shot. That's why he told me I 

Maggie Dunn 

I loved being able to play on 
offense and defense and it's such a 
creative sport where every 
situation in the game is different. 

Coach Dunn 


oYS basketball 

Brian Grossman was one of the 
team's leading scorers this year. In 
the first round of playoffs he 
scored an astonishing 16 points. 

Senior Mike Sullivan had a lot of 
three pointers this year. His height 
as well as his natural talent for the 
sport really helped the team. 

Senior Jon Frye worked all year 
long to be ready for this season, 
and he contributed to many of the 

This years Dragon basketball team ended 
up with a strong record that out did past 
years. They made it into the playoffs and 
had the first round victory vs. Oliver Ames. 
They look like they will make it into the 
finals next year with the determination of 
the coach. Greg O'Neal dribbles in the 
picture below. 

The team will really miss all ten of the seniors leaving Duxbury this year, but they are 
prepared to train the underclassmen and get them ready for the next season. This team 
worked numerous hours in the gym, and it paid off as they beat many of their rivals. Billy 
Curley is on the run (above). 



i McWilliams outsmarts his opponent above. They beat 
: ie of the best teams in the state including Hingham, 
( uate, and Marshfield. 

Senior Aaron Kramer really 
helped his team out this year 
and his height was definitely an 
advantage. He had a great jump 
shot and was always blocking 
the other team from scoring. 
Aaron plans to continue on 
with his basketball talent at BC. 

1 2/1 5 Dux over Silver Lake 64-35 
1 2/1 8 Scituate over Dux 72-47 
12/23WH over Dux 77-72 

1 2/28 Dux over Dartmouth 64-50 

1 2/29 Dux over Marshfield 59-56 
1 12 Marshfield over Dux 71-69 
1/5 Dux over N. Quincy 62-40 
1/8 Dux over Hingham 69-57 
1/13 Dux over Rockland 50-30 
1/14 Dux over Hanover 57-42 

1/22 Dux over Middleboro 60-47 

1 /25 Dux over Quincy 66-54 
1/29 Dux over Pembroke 70-52 
2/1 Dux over Silver Lake 61-45 
2/3 Dux over Scituate 65-64 

2/5 W-H over Dux 64-61 
2/9 Dux over N. Quincy 68-65 
2/1 1 Dux over Hingham 62-61 

2/14 Dux over Oliver Ames 72-60 
2/27 Falmouth over Dux 68-54 

How do you respond to the 
pressure of the crowds? 

I try and imagine that no one is in 
the stands and picture the ball 
going through the hoop. If the ball 
doesn't go in you just have to 
shrug it off and keep playing. 

Justin Marino 

I do my best to block it out. 

CJ Cote 

I just try to stay focused on the 

Kyle Dame 

I do my best to "walk it out" and 
just pretend like I'm practicing. 

Greg O'Neal 



qlS Hockey 

Senior captain Taryn McCall was 
one of the strongest defense 
players they had this season. She 
led her team to a successful finish 

Junior hockey star Briana Connolly 
was the leading scorer on the team 
this year. She worked hard all year, 
and contributed to many wins. 

Senior captain Julia Hannon was 
one of the best goalies Ouxbury 
has ever had. She made numerous 
saves that helped them go far. 


This lady Dragon team was the group that 
went the farthest out of of all the winter 

sports. They made it to the semi-final 
round and almost won against their rivals. 
They ended up with an outstanding final 
record of 16-4-3. Amazing job ladies! 

Some say that this lady Dragon team was one of the best teams Duxbury has ever had. 
They practiced before school and after school and bonded as a team outside of the rink 
as well. They worked hard to pull it together and make it far in the playoffs. 


1 2/1 2 Dux over Marshfield 3-0 
1 2/16 Barnstable over Dux 2-1 

12/1 9 Dux over MV 6-0 
12/23 Dux over Canton 7-2 

12/30 Dux over L-S4-1 
1/2 Dux over Falmouth 5-3 

1/6 Dux over W-H 6-2 
1/9 Dux over Scituate 9-0 
1/13 Dux over Sandwich 4-1 
1/16 Dux ties Marshfield 3-3 
1/18 Dux over Wellesley 3-0 
1/23 Dux over Barnstable 3-2 
1/27 Hingham over Dux 4-2 

1/30 Dux over W-H 2-0 
1/31 Dux over Scituate 9-2 

2/6 Dux over M-V 10-1 
2/1 1 Falmouth over Dux 2-1 
2/13 Dux ties Sandwich 2-2 
3 6 Fontbonne over Dux 4-3 

ch Wieler was hoping his team would end up with a strong 
>rd. Captains Taryn and Julia were determined to be great 
ers, which they showed as they led their team to victory. 

The difference between this 
team and the rest is that they 
have close to 30 different team 
members and no JV team. This 
helps the underclassmen be 
ready for the next season and 
be prepared to lead in the up- 
coming seasons. 

Which team are you most 
nervous about playing? 

play Fontbonne again who we lost 
to in the semi-finals last year. We 
have enough depth and skill this 
year to beat them. It's a matter of 
unfinished business to attend to. 

Kerri Gould 

I would say Barnstable because 
they re our only loss so far. but the 
rematch should be good. 

KarrJin Sullivan 

Fontbonne because we have 
unfinished business from last year! 
We are going to beat them this 

Julia Hannon 


9oys Hockey 

This Boy's hockey team came back this 
season after a rough season last year. They 

beat some of their rivals like Pembroke, 
and Hanover. Next year they hope to make 

it into the playoffs and with only six 
graduating seniors its a definite possibility! 
Stephan Krall passes the puck below. 

Junior captain Bryan Barry was 
one of the hardest working team 
members. He contributed to many 
of the wins this year. 


Junior Chris Sowa was one of the 
team's leading scorers. He had the 
speed and determination to get 
past the other teams and score. 

Junior goalie Tim Matthews made 
a number of key saves in the 
games. He proved to his coach he 
will be a great goalie for next year 


The boys' Dragon hockey team worked really hard this year. They had the teamwork tl 
was needed to score and win many games. They trusted each other and bonded well ; 
team. Coach Blake also put his time and dedication into making the team successful. 
Tim Matthews and Tim Harrison get ready for the face off above. 


12/16 Dux ties St. John's 2-2 
1 2/1 9 Dux over Barnstable 8-3 
1 2/23 Dux over N. Quincy 5-0 
1 2/26 Weymouth over Dux 5-2 
1 2/28 Dux over Marshfield 5-3 
1 2/30 Dux over Hanover 3-2 
1/2 Norwood over Dux 3-2 
1/6 Pembroke over Dux 5-2 
1/9 Coyle-Cassidy over Dux 5-3 
1/11 Williams over Dux 5-1 
1/1 6 Dux over Medford 4-1 
1/18 Marshfield over Dux 4-1 
1/23 Hingham over Dux 5-2 

1/27 Dux ties B-R 5-5 
1/30 Braintree over Dux 4-3 
2/3 Scituate over Dux 3-1 
2/6 Dux ties Xaverian 1-1 
2/1 3 Austin Prep over Dux 4-1 

?y had a lot of shooting opportunities because of their 
■ ong and aggressive forward line. In the picture above, 
' >homore Connor Doyle had a clean shot that went in the 

The defense and forward lines 
worked well together. Our 
defense was always getting the 
puck away from our goalie with 
great teamwork they passed it 
up to the forward line. Who 
then had the speed to go in and 
score. Bryan Barry and Kenny 
Jacobson show great teamwork 
in the picture above. 

Who was the most challenging 
team you played? 

Hingham, because they are the 
best public school team in the 
state. They play hard every single 
game and are the most prepared 
team. We always play them hard. 
Also they have a great team 
chemistry and you can tell they 
practice hard from the way they 

Bryan Barry 

Hingham, because they always 
have a good team, and this year 
they had a lot of seniors. It was fun 
to play them. 

Mitch Barrington 


This year's team has earned their bragging 
rights. The girls didn't let the lack of a 
home turf interfere with their practice 
schedule. Their early mornings paid off 
when they placed second in the 
South/Central Sectionals, closely following 
reigning champs, Gardner High School. 

11 . 




f £ 


Kassie Sweeney powers through 
the water. Still only a sophomore, 
she has many more seasons to 
look forward to. 

The Duxbury Girls' Swim team seemed unstoppable this season. Following a predictabl i 
first-place finish at the Patriot League All-Team Meet, the girls raced their way to secon 
place at the South/Central Sectionals to complete their season. Aly Wolff (above) strive 
to the end of the race. 



12/15 Dux over Pembroke 62-36 
1 2/1 5 Dux over Middleboro 62-35 
1 2/1 7 Dux over Hanover 60-28 
1 2/1 7 Dux over Hingham 57-40 

1/5 Dux over Quincy 56-37 
1 IS Dux over Silver Lake 57-43 
1/12 Dux over Randolph 60-40 
1/12 Dux over Norwell 54-48 
1/23 Dux over Cohasset 53-36 
1/23 Dux over Scituate 57-32 
1/31 Dux over Nantucket 99-67 
2/2 Dux ties Barnstable 85-85 
2/6 All-League Meet 1 st 
2/7 Patriot League Swimming 1st 
2/13 South/Central Sectionals 2nd 

t Shay, Haley Chaitlin, and Avery Riddle cheer on their 
I </ teammates while resting after their own events. The 
» s spirit and enthusiasm was noticeable at every meet. 

Eleanor Johnson, plows 
through the water to lead the 
way. This year the girls' team 
had a strong showing in every 
event at every meet. Their 
teams' strength is clearly 
evident in the season's results. 
They worked hard for each and 
every win. 

How does your team main 
its close bond? 


We all cheer for one another and 
help everyone improve their 
strokes. We also spend a lot of time 
together, between morning 
practices, team dinners, and long 

Casey Walker 

We win and lose as a team, so we 
make sure to cheer each other on. 
Although we earn points 
individually, they are combined 
into the team score. 

Emily Hutchinson 

We all enjoy swimming so we are 
very supportive of one another. 

Sarah Goldberg 



The Dragons have become a menace on 
land and in the water. This year's team had 
unbelievable success. They suffered only 
one loss during their regular season, to 
swimming powerhouse B.C. High. They 
went on to win the Patriot League title and 
place 13th in South-Central Sectionals. 

Duncan Edgar makes waves while 
swimming the butterfly. The boys' 
team was an intimidating presence 
in the water this year. 

Cam Crowell slices through the 
waves to lead the event. This 
season the boys went on to win 
the All-League meet. 

Senior Brendan Davidson 
demonstrates fine form while 
performing the backstroke. His 
efforts shined through every meet 

Mike Connolly pushes himself to the finish in an event. This season Barry Su, Arthur Su, 
Mike Connolly, Drew Husted, and Cameron Crowell were all named Patriot and SEMGh 
League All-Stars, proving the power of the Duxbury Dragons. 


any Su comes up for breath while swimming the 
roke. This season, Su's off-season dedication to 
ng really contributed to the team 

5e- :- Z-e.\ -_s:e: 
:-e .' 
swimming the frees 
been a strong mem 
team for four years, his 
presence will be missed next 
year. H listed strived to perform 
his absolute best at every meet. 



Julia Nee, Caroline Van Ummerson, 
and Emily Doyle share strategies 
and a few laughs between events. 

Sophomore Anna Terrizzi surveys 
her competition as she rounds the 
turn. Terrizzi was a consistent 
competitor all season. 

Julia Nee defies gravity in her 
back-bending high jump. This 
season Nee showed she has talent 
on and off the track. 

This season, the team was determined to 
receive the credit they have long deserved. 

Marking their achievements, Duxbury 
qualified to send a team to the Elite Relays 
for the 4x400 event. Many of the athletes 
qualified for States, continuing Duxbury's 
reputation of strong student-athletes. 

Georgia Butcher, Laura Nee, Emily Doyle, and Julia Nee enjoy some down time on the 
mats of the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury. Don't get any of the wrong ideas, this year 
team worked hard and deserved a few moments of relaxation. 



The boys' team showed determination to 

be admired. Despite the competition, 
whether strong or weak, they always gave 
their best effort. Every member of this 
year's team contributed their talents on 
and off the track. 

Greg Bray, determined to hold his 
position in the race, really showed 
a commitment to the team and set 
a great example. 

Jonathan McKinley takes the 
competition in stride. He 
continually delivered amazing 
results this season. 

man Duggan, Jake Carleton, and Dave Donovan demonstrate the strength and 
: er of the Dragons. Coming from a range of athletic backgrounds, the boys team 
: ime a formidable foe at meets because of their variety of multi-sport talents. 

During the races, teammates 
challenged each other to push 
themselves even harder. 






Jamie Auer flattens the 
competition. As a senior for the 
upcoming season, Auer will have 
to be a team leader. 

Robert Kates struggles against his 
opponent. The team fought hard 
this season to maintain their 

Connor Clark fights to the finish. A 
senior on this year's team, he will 
be missed next year. Clark was a 
dedicated athlete. 

This season was a tough one for the 
Dragons' wrestling team, but they stayed 
strong. Senior captains John McGeady and 
Timothy Donoghue and freshman Jake 
Genereux were named Patriot and 
SEMGHL League All-Stars. Next year bodes 
well for these Dragons. 

Junior Pat Donovan warily approaches his opponent. An essential member of this year's 
team, Donovan is expected to be a force in next year's 140 lb weight class. He had an 
impressive performance in this year's Division II State wrestling competition. 

ixbury wrestler forces the competition to his knees. The 
i demonstrated a commendable effort at every meet this 

Grey Owen faces off versus his 
opponent. As a relatively small 
team, every wrestler has an 
important job. The newer 
members are especially 
important since they are the 
future of Duxbury wrestling. 


12/19 Patriot League Individual 3rd 
1/6 W-H over Dux 45-25 
1/12 Dux over Scituate 44-9 
1/16 North Andover over Dux 72-0 
1/16 Framingham over Dux 43-21 
1/16 Waltham over Dux 53-24 
1/23 Hingham over Dux 42-36 
1 /23 Hanover over Dux 39-34 
1/27 Dux over North Quincy 57-21 
1/30 Dux over Somerset 40-36 
1/30 Dux over Rockland 33-30 

1/30 BR over Dux 65-4 
2/6 South Sectionals-Team 4th 
2/13 South Sectionals-Individual 

Which team is your biggest 
competition this season? 

Whitman-Hanson. We competed 
against them a bunch of times this 
year. Our teams are pretty evenly 
matched, but we always had a 
good chance. 

John McGeady 

Plymouth North was pretty tough 
because we were very closely 
matched to them in sectionals. 

Robert Kates 

Whitman-Hanson was a close 
match for us. They were 
challenging to face in sectionals. 

Nick Kates 


You're likely to hear the names of these six 

DHS skaters in the newspapers. They 
practice numerous hours each week and 
consistently place in the top spots in the 
competitions. Other team members 
include Liam Beatson, Katherine Vitaro 
and Kelly Cronin pictured below. 

Junior skating sensation Tessa 
Ricco made it to the Regionals this 
year. She scored high after an 
impressive performance. 

Freshman Amanda Jones made it 
into the US Figure Skating 
Association this year. This year she 
hopes to compete in Nationals. 

Junior Alex Shaughnessy is a five 
time Regional competitor. Alex 
looks to place in the top spot in 
this year's national competition. 

The six DHS students who make up this skating team are some of the most talented 
skaters in New England. They not only compete locally, but nationally as well. This 
Dragon team is hard to stop and they hope to go far in the National Competition in 201C 



DHS' co-ed ski team had a very successful 

season this year. Their hard work at 
practices paid off at bi-weekly races. Four 
of the team members went on to represent 
Duxbury at the state competition held at 
Wachusett mountain. 

Colleen Brooks was one of the 
strongest skiers this year. She has 
been on the team three years and 
scores high in every race. 

Meaghan Reney always put 110% 
effort into the races. This was only 
her second year, yet she always 
held her own. 

! ors Brooke Kent, Ian Spencer, and Jenna Bahr led their team to a great season. They 
i ; some of the three hardest workers on the team and have represented the Duxbury 
: ?am for four years. Their presence on the team will be missed. 

Allie Martin pushed hard in all of 
her races looking to be out on top. 
Her teammates agree that she has 
shown the most improvement. 



Senior captain Kristen Stenstrom 
is always flipping around during 
timeouts at the games, keeping 
the crowds engaged. 

Senior captain Jackie Trevisani 
stepped up as a leader this year. 
She just started cheerleading, yet 
she shows a natural ability. 

This year's winter cheerleading team has 
been one of the strongest cheer teams 

Duxbury has ever had. Despite numerous 
newcomers, everyone contributed the 
skills and spirit to make it far in the season 
With only four graduating seniors, next 
year looks to be another amazing year. 

Two new assistant coaches, Jen Carley and Dena Dwyer, along with head coach Betty 
Stenstrom, pushed these girls far. They made up a challenging and creative routine that 
the girls then performed flawlessly at the competitions this season. 

Senior captain Carolyn Stenstrom 
has been a great leader this year. 
She always has a positive attitude 
and never gives up. 

junior is making and wearing 
a painter suit. They decorate 
their suits and then wear i 
the last day of spirit wee 

isney movies were a 
opular theme this year. Two 
decided to dress up as 
in and Jasmine from 

JB Marston had an interesting 

Mrs. O'Brien 

Michelle Segalla, because of her 
flowered 70's pants. No one else's 
pants even compared. 

Casey Reinhart 

Matt Hickey's Michael Dukakis 
costume, because it was so creative. 

MaryKate Blanchard 

Katie Finn, because she imitated the 
70's decade really well. 

Tori Lorusso 


Connor Inglis 
Tom Kazanowski 
Grace Kelso 
Therese Kozmiski 
Stephan Krall 
Paige Locke 
Ashley Magnuson 
JB Marston 
Olivia McCarthy 
Marley McDermott 
Kelly McElduff 
Laura McLaughlin 
Emily Merlin 
Chelsea Michaelson 
Nick Mulone 
Erin Nelson 
Greg O'Neal 
Elisabeth O'Toole 
Roman Perry 
Ben Potash 
Maheen Rana 
Andria Ronne 
Buzz Ryan 
Matt Savard 
Neave Schmitt 
Kayla Schwanke 
Michele Segalla 
John Slechta 
Jill Smith 
Anne Steele 
Christian Strand 
Kaitlin Sullivan 
Cory Tucker 
Jack Turner 
Anthony Umbrianna 
Casey Walker 
Nina West 
Meghan Woomer 
Nikki Worthman 

Mrs. Dembowski 
Mr. Donovan 

Julia Allen 
Paige Berry 
Mary Kate Blanchard 
Natalie Bowen 
Greg Bray 
Danny Brockwell 
Colleen Brooks 
Dan Buonagurio 
Charlotte Cipoletti 
Jenna Cusick 
Kyle Dame 
Stephen Day 
Margot DeDeyne 
Jonny Dixon 
Maggie Dobbins 
Kathleen Doherty 
Wes Dow 
Brady Doyle 
Colman Duggan 
Maggie Dunn 
Hannah Ellis 
is Kayla Errasti 
* Kara Falcone 
i0 Nate Files 
■ Alicia Fontana 
111 MikeGabrielli 
[e Emily Gallagher 
in Kristen Garvey 
in Melissa Gavin 
lv Lorin Gerraughty 
tt AbiGibbs 
ff Keri Gould 
' n Lauren Grady 
' n Anna Grubb 
in Tommy Guilfoile 
ie Sarah Hanlon 
in Brett Harasimowicz 
al AllieHill 

Link Crew is a club that strives to 
make the transition period from 
middle school to high school 
easier for freshman. The main 
Link Crew event occurs before 
school starts with Link Leaders 
spending a day with their group 
of 8 freshman. They groups tour 
the school to familiarize the 
incoming freshmen. Link Crew 
continues throughout the year 
with events like Coco & Cram to 
help freshman prepare for their 
first midyear exams. 

Paige Lode 


Lmtbi Fpcucy 

Stew Day 

Catti Jones 
Bnly Brook 
JSmi Sylvester 

Kara Falcone 

Don Mar 
Katie FmrawfHro 
Mary Dudley 
PrtscSa Alvarez 

Krishna Sorette 

Sarah Hanlon 




Best Buddies is a club that connects 

ents with students with inteilectu 
sabilities. Best Buddies strives to 
reate one-to-one friendships and 
vide fun environments to create 


is to 

Morgan Gould 

Grace Msg 
Bryan Barry 
Christian Spoor 

Meghan Reney 
Dale Day 

Jeff Soul 
Kyfe White 

Ohna McCarthy 




l lafcr wley 

Cam Draper 
Kern Casey 

IMtH— ■ 
Cassandra Ifssi 


S:c- 1 dspaid 
l«y Wei 

-r-r - 
Hannah Staphy 
Tucker Hannon 
Greg (Weal 
Madfe Conway 
Brittany Alyner 
to Cabs 

David Owen 
Chris Granger 
Tin Roorke 
CeSa Walsh 
Pat Mcleod 

Ptv Nguyen 

Greg Nestor 

Derek Roth 
Kathy Ganger 
Tyler Casavant 
Matt Casey 


A World of Difference is training that 
provides students with facilitation 
techniques that stress the importance of 
participation and interaction with their 
peers. Through identity, language, cultural 
awareness, and action planning activities, 

the students gain and increased 
understanding of the causes of prejudice, a 
fuller appreciation of racial, ethnic, and other 

Individual differences, and facilitation and 
conflict resolution skills to respond positively 
in the face of discrimination. 

Sara Varano 
Kayla Errasti 
Emily Brook 
Briana Connolly 
Sarah Hanlon 
Maggie Norton 
Charlotte QpoJIetti 
Karti Tobias 
Alicia Fontana 
Greer Cully 
Kelly McElduff 
Stephanie Lenhardt 
Jon Stoddard 
Mackenzie Dame 
Claire Brennan 
McKenzie Walker 
Maggie Hickey 
Charlie Cowen 
Hannah McLaughlin 
Kathryn Nutter 
Lorin Gerraughty 
Andrew Buron 
Michael dacherty 
Kelly Masgul 
Clark Demos 
Col man Duggan 
Max Randall 
Kenny Jacobson 
Hilary Dudley 
Andrew McGill 
Makai McClintock 
Julia Pasquale Monk 





Vice President: Zach Gino 
Financial Manager: Nate Files 

Andria Ronne 
Victoria Woleyko 
Cara Buonvicino 
Laura McLaughlin 
Sally Jernigan-Smith 
Peter Willauer 
Jacob Storgaard 
Haley Chatlin 
Maddy Hofmaier 
Nora Serres 
Hunter Brasington 
Caitlin Jones 
Meghan Johnson 
Kassie Sweeney 
Austin Thompson 
Chloe Stinebise 
Aidan Macleod 
Mikalah Peterson 
Liz Hofmaier- Studying 
Abroad in Italy 

t 4 


President- Ben Potash 
Vice President- Jill Smith 
Treasurer- Greg Auda 
Tutor Chair- Elisabeth O'Toole 
Secretaries- Matt Scorza 
& Toni Holland 

2* fc 




Natalie Aldrich 
Julia Allen 
Matthew Antaya 
Jenna Bahr 
Samuel Beattie 
Zachary Benoit 
Mary Blanchard 
Jeffrey Blout 
Steven Blout 
Natalie Bowen 
Mark Brady 
Daniel Brockwell 
Kaitlin Buckley 
Cara Buonvicino 
Caitlin Burke 
Christopher Calabro 
Jenica Casey 
Devin Cheney 
Collin Clark 
Conor Clark 
Katelyn Coghlan 
Sarah Colangelo 
Margaret Cornelius 
Marc Cote 
Julie Cronin 
Connor Croteau 
Cameron Crowell 
Kyle Dame 
Brendan Davidson 
Stephen Day 
Margot De Deyne 
Philip Delia Noce 
Virginia Desmery 
Krista DeVellis 
Monica Devereaux 
Laura Donovan 
Weston Dom 
Duncan Edgar 
Hannah Ellis 
Christine Fallon 
Jonathan Frye 
Abigail Gibbs 
Morgan Gould 
Christie Goyette 
Kathryn Griffin 
Brian Grossman 
Thomas Guilfoile 
Samuel Habgood 
David Hemingway 
John Hemingway 
Ryan Hendrickson 
Kellie Hennessy 
Matthew Hickey 
William Holt 
Drew Husted 
Connor Inglis 
Kendall Johnson 
Meghan Johnson 
Gabriella Katz 
Stephen Kearney 

Mr. Mcleod & 

Grace Kelso 
Brooke Kent 
Benjamin Kimball 
Christopher Kimball 
Alexander Kosharek 
Therese Kozmiski 
Brittney Landry 
Michael LaTone 
Julia Leonard 
Caroline Listemick 
Paige Locke 
Gregory Loreaux 
Nicholas Lynch 
Nicholas Lyons 
Kern MacLennan 
Ashley Magnuson 
Taryn McCall 
Justin McElduff 
Laura McLaughlin 
Lauren Mechak 
Emily Merlin 
Patrick Miller 
Rachel Mulrenin 
Mara Murphy-Kusins 
Erin Nelson 
Meghan Nelson 
Cassandra Nissi 
Gregory O'Neal 
Christina Padula 
Mark Passeri 
Catherine Pattinson 
Zachary Payne 
Nicole Phillips 
Andrew Pierce 
Ryan Piesco 
Andria Ronne 
David Ryan 
Matthew Savard 
Neave Schmitt 
Matthew Schneiderhan 
Alexis Schupp 
Kayla Schwanke 
Emma Segalla 
Michelle Simons 
John Slechia 
Heather Smith 
Sarah Soldi 
Anne Steele 
Kaitlin Sullivan 
Michael Sullivan 
Peter Tenaglia 
Preston Tripp 
Caroline Tucker 
Maria Varonko 
Ali Vrolandi 
Benjamin White 
Lucas Wojciechowski 
Victoria Woleyko 
Nicholas Woodgate 
Nikki Worthman 
Zachary Zahnzinger 

he National 

Honor Society 
establishes rules 
for membership 
that are based 
upon a student's 

performance in 
the areas of 
leadership, and 

Mr. Hilton 
Mr. Femandes 

John Coakley 
Kristofer Dowling 
Patrick Gearin 
Lexi Goyette 
William Holt 
Taylor Lovett 
Cayla Pattinson 
Emily Shane 
Linsin Smith 
Maheen Rana 
Austin Waltz 

e primary purpose of the United States Academic Decathlon 
to develop and provide academic competitions, curriculum, 
id assessment to promote learning and academic excellence 
trough teamwork among students of all achievement levels, 
iur Acadec Team involves students from all grades who find 
oy in learning and competing academically. Areas of study 
include Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Science, 
Math, Music and Social Science. The theme of this year was 
The French Revolution", and Duxbury made it to the State 
mpetition. Special recognition was given to Cayla Pattinson, 
o earned the Gold Medal in Literature and the Bronze in Art, 
well as to Maheen Rana, who won the Silver in Mathematics. 

The Inkblot is a student- 
run literary magazine. 
Students of all grades 
collaborate in writing 
poems, short stories, and 

in illustrating the 
magazine. The Inkblot is 
released on-line and in 
print. Any student is 
encouraged to contribute 
work to share with all of 

DHS! At meetings, 
members do"flash poetry" 
sessions and discuss 
magazine production. 

Ms. Baynes 

Sarah Soldi 

Dianna Carney 
Katie Finn 
Emilie Gabanelle 
Chris Kimball 
Dylan Kornberg 
Erin Nelson 
Meghan Nelson 
Alexandra Zahnzinger 





Mrs. Leydon 

Laura Walter 
Christina Walsh 
Kevin Chen 
Kerry Turok 
Nicole Desmarais 
Katie Allen 
Colby Homan 
Tori Lorusso 

The Art Club is run b 
Mrs. Leydon, one of the 
art teachers at the high 
school. The students 
meet after school on 
Tuesdays to express 
themselves in a range of 

unique ways such as 
painting, drawing, and 
. tracing. The students 
who join the Art Club are 
very creative and enjoy 
working on a variety of 
different projects! 

1 *-d 




Mrs. Myers-Pachla 

Zach Zahnzinger 
Allie Hill 
Gabriella Katz 
Jillian Smith 
Christian Strand 
Madison McKenzie 
Kelly McElduff 
Lorin Gerraughty 
Greer Cully 
Connor O'Keefe 
Bejamin Shroeder 
Nicolas Biagini 
Emily Hansman 
Matthew Griffin 
Erin Gallagher 
Malcolm Edgar 
Jillian Sylvestor 
Alex Tinkham 
Brigid Davis 
Casey Walker 

Student Council 

Zach Zahnzinger 

Allie Hill 
Anna Grubb 
Gabriella Katz 
Christian Strand 
Jillian Smith 

E-board stands for the 

executive board of 
student council that is 

run by the Student 
Council President. The 
officers who are apart of 
E-board were selected 
out of the student council 
to run meetings and 
prepare school wide 

Senior officers 

President: Gabriella Katz 
Vice President: Allie Hill 
Treasurer: Jill Smith 
Secretary: Christian Strand 

Throughout our senior year 
Student Council has organized 
many events. Our personal 
favorite was the Rachel's 
Challenge assembly. It was very 

important for us to bring this 
assembly to our school because 
we were so moved by the 
presentation and wanted to 
share the experience with our 
peers. We saw the presentation 
at a Student Council convention 
and immediately knew that we 
wanted Craig Scott to come to 
our school. Organizing Rachel's 

Challenge was the biggest 
project that we have completed 
during our senior year but we 
have also worked on other 
events. The senior officers 
organized the Pep Rally, which 
was enjoyable because of the 
change of pace. In addition to 
the sports teams the Drama club 
also joined the skit lineup with 
their take on Mulan. The Walk for 
Hunger is an event that we 
started attending in 2008 with 
only 2 students from Duxbury 
and since then numbers have 
grown exponentially to include 

students outside of student 
council too. These students give 
up their first Sunday in May to 

walk 20 miles in Boston in a 
fundraiser organized by Project 
Bread that works to stop hunger. 
Homecoming is organized by 
Student Council every year and 

this year it was once again a 
great event. We also were able to 
organize for every senior to 
receive a Class of 201 shirt at 
their senior breakfast. 
-Senior Officers 

Drama Officers: 
President: Devin Cheney 
Vice President: Roman Perry 
Secretary: Matt Scorza 
Treasurer: Tay McGarigal 

" A 


Drama Chairs: 

Stage Manager: NickCline 

Assistant Stage Manager: Bridget 


Lighting: Nate Files 
Assistant Lighting: Pat Flynn 
Programs: Matt Hickey 
Assistant Programs: Cameron Drape 
Makeup: Kerri MacLennan 
Assistant Makeup: Kara Greenwood 
Costumes: Krista DeVellis 
Assistant Costumes: Linsin Smith 
Fundraising: Jenna Pasquale 
Assistant Fundraising: Emily Merlin 
Publicity: Kelly Geiger 
Assistant Publicity: Tori Clough 
House & Lobby: Dani Jamieson 
Assistant House & Lobby: Ashleen 

Sound: Brandon Waltz 
Assistant Sound: Pat Dauwer 
Furniture: Will Holt 
Assistant Furniture: Sam Files 
Props: Lauren Mechak 
Assistant Props: Katelyn Widzins 
Archives: Ellie Clough 
Assistant Archives: Kathleen Dohert 






The freshman, sophomore, and junior 
classes each put on a play for the fall 
tournament. The freshmen performed "This 
is a Test", directed by Emily Merlin; the 
sophomores performed "Drive In", directed 
by Oevin Cheney; and the juniors performed 
"Everything I Need to Know I Learned in 
Kindergarten", directed by Missy Hibbard. 
(Right) Madi Farquharson, Ian McCourt, and 
Pat MacLennan taunt Tommy Blanchard in 
the dream scape reality of "This is a Test". 
(Below) Cassie Cushing, Alenni Davis, and 
Madi Tower as the narrators. 


Gillian Desmarais and Michelle 
Kazanowski sharing a laugh. 

The junior class shone in their spirited interpretation of "Everything I Need to 
Know I Learned in Kindergarten". 

Cameron Draper gets into his part 
a childhood puppeteer. 

Antonio Riley, Russell Hart, and Brandon Waltz take the stage as average Joes 
with relationship issues. 

Danielle Jamison, Michaela Lake, and Jenna Pasquale gossip as spunky 80's 
teen queens. 


: rson and Charlotte Cipolletti as 
> townspeople. 

Billy Jewell and Kerri MacLennan sing on a footbridge as Harold Hill and 
Marian Paroo. 

Lauren Feeney grins as a young 
schoolgirl and potential member of 
Harold Hill's new band. 







In February, the seniors, many of 
whom had never acted before, 
performed three very humorous plays. 
(Right) In "Sally Cotter and the 
Censored Stone," the students of 
Frogbull Academy of Sorcery lining up 
for the assigning ceremony and in 
class with Professor Shape, played by 
Kerry Turok. 
(Below) The Censor, Reubenon 
Ryebread, and Professor Albatross 
Underdrawers, played by Will Holt, 
Drew Husted, and Ian Spencer, 
respectively, discuss the "Magic Rock". 

Sami Siciliano in "1 3 Ways to 
Screw Up Your College 

Kimberly, played by Cory Tucker, shows up to her interview with the 
filming crew for her "documentary" of an obnoxious teen. 

Kellie Hennessy and Danny 
Brockwell as the interviewers 


The producer meets with his motley crew of 
actors played by Caitlin Jones, Peter Tenaglia, 
AllieHill, and Nick Cline. 


Kayla Schwanke as a diva celebrity. 

Matt Scorza, playing Terry, the writer, meets 
with Nick Lyons and Matt Savard, playing Jan i 
a producer, and Tori, a script doctor, to discu 
a few "minor" changes to his script. 

During the month of March, the 
Duxbury Drama Troupe performed 
their well-loved adaptation of Bert V. 
Royal's "Dog Sees God: Confessions of 
a Teenage Blockhead". An 
unauthorized parody, the play 
magines characters from the popular 
comic strip Peanuts as teenagers. It 
was somewhat controversial, in that it 
contained issues of sexuality, drugs, 
and suicide, but the actors did very 
well and made it to semifinals. Many 
awards were received, including an 
ensemble award for the full cast, 
acting awards for Missy Hibbard and 
Roman Perry, and a directing award 
for Tay McGarigal. 



' ! Files and Anna Terrizzi work 
01 to make the lighting perfect 
> he play. 

Van, played by James Gillis, pins Tricia York and Marci, played by 
Jenna Pasquale and Lauren Feeney, for what they truly are. 

CB, played by Devin Cheney, tries 
to remind Matt, played by Will 
Holt, of his childhood 
friendships. in 

"Dragon TV is a great way to learn how to 
film, edit, and express your creativity as you 
have fun. It is laid back, but requires a good 

amount of effort to produce good work." 



"My favorite part of the class is definitely 
oeing able to leave the class, go around the 
school and film. The most useful thing I 
learned is how to import and edit the 
footage, so that way the episode can be 
produced in the best way possible. I took 
this class out of sheer curiosity, and next 
year I will be going to college for film and 
television production." 
-Anthony Umbrianna 

£Jhe idea of Dragon TV is to lear 
to make films and television 
news stories in a fun-filled 
environment. The episodes start 

with a basic idea and then are 
built up to topics. Once a topic is 
reached, we film a simple intro 
and conclusion. Then, interviews 

are needed as footage of our 
topic. Once all that is taken care 
of, we import the footage, edit it 
and an episode is made." 

"Dragon TV is a year long 
' course of making different! 
video productions and usin i 
iMovie. A lot of times you ju i 
relax if you are done with i 
your work. It's fun and in a 
relaxed environment. I novc 
know how to work with h 
groups and produce a great 

"Dragon TV is a 
class where we 
produce videos, 
news stories, and 
commercials. We 
also learn camera 

different editing 
softwares and 
film history." 

is very fun. Filming 
with groups is exciting 

and thrilling. My 
favorite part of the class 
is filming. The most 
interesting thing I've 
learned is how to edit 
film. I took the class 
because I am interested 
in studying 
communications in 


"For those who know nothing about Video Production, Dragon 
TV is like heaven. Each episode starts off with either assignments 
or a brain storming session over what to film. My favorite part of 
the class is the creative liberty given to us to film some of our 
own ideas to put into the show. I took this class in hopes of 
expanding my knowledge of Final Cut (the editing software) and 
improving my camera and directing technique." 
-Devin Cheney 

)ragon TV is my favorite course. I am so glad I applied last 
ar for this class. I have learned so much about what it takes 
oroduce an episode. I have learned how to edit clips, attach 
sic, and use transitions. The most interesting part is editing 
clips I have a passion for that and I enjoy it a lot." 
-Carter Miller 


Waiting to 
start the day 
in the 


Buying breakfast 
to get the day off 
to a great start. 

Students standing in 
the cafeteria 
socializing before 

before classes start. 

in the gym^/I 



Students on the 
>irs passing to 
second class. 

Signing in tardy 
to school. 

During indoor gym 
soccer, students fight to 
get the ball for their 

M 1 ^ 


Senior lab partners 

collaborate in 
oceanography class. 

Students in gym class 
waiting for their team's \ 
chance to play. 


\ DAY iN IflE LiFE 

nors sitting in 
jym waiting for 
e bell to ring. 

Students leaving the 
cafeteria to go to class 
after the 8:15 bell rings. 

Seniors leaving 
the gym hoping 
to get to class on v& 

time. Many students bring coffi 

- t "«^)rtea to school in the 
morning to help get them 
through first block. 

And with the 8:20 
bell classes 
begin. v 


nna doing the morning 
nouncements "Hey, Hey 
i iury.... Stay Classy Duxbury 

Students doing the Pledge of Allegiance in 
their second period class 

Students in String 
Ensemble practice 
during orchestra class. 

Students filing 01 
of school to get t 
eir buses. 


Tom Reale shows off tl 

^ 'J^^QTe^dfooMd menu 

People eati 
lunch and catching 
Underclassmen eating in up on homework 
the cafeteria. during lunch, 

anxiously await their 
lunches as they wait in line. 

jnior brother's Luke and 
e heading to their car at 
the junior parking lot 
;hind the middle school. 

Students on the bus 
after school. 

Senior traffic filing out of 
the back parking lot. 

Seniors wait in traffic 
to leave school at the 
end of the d< 

Seniors say. t 

This year we asked the class of 20 1 to give us a few words of wisdom for 
the underclassmen. We got some genuinely insightful comments and . 
some that were. . .well, even we're not sure ^jhat to fnake of them* 

lexeme cfet^ tticf tt vrfU 511 }& jpe«fc* 

DO'W'T srlt -la-tires 


seniors in linep 

rri 1. 

"Hie m©xe 
^eTrnore respect 

"J\ 3 £ -h* seniors cjrpuC 
'-ii* p°°l -h* roof, 

cfiscouri- orit}ie jct^y. ' 

l5ftr > 

UCm c»-v-. 

N /Stucjy for 
muf^eWfrtial exams." 

"Tr^- sometime 


. new. Chances 

* it" 

5 u 

'Drsss up for spirlC vt^*>\$\ 

"if ^ou^^^^ "to roam 
r ^h.e halls and there's a 
teacher monitoring "the 
l°i>)jy, its pro^at^y not 
a goocf idea "to pass 

"tj^em "twice." 

always c©H 
so J^rlag a 

Trippixicj Lip'tne stairs is *£or 
coffiinoxi than 

v reel too ernparrassecT, it 
happens "to trje j^est of J us. M 



The ballots are counted ana the results-are in. Seniors, we wanted to know 
you thought had the coolest cartTn schooli-They're-nof the newest, they're 
the sntrriest, but they certairHy are*Fftemerable! ' 



Hey DHS, do you 
recognize any of 
these bumper 

Abi Grbbs owned the 

polls, definitively 
^flpiing out on top with ^ 
the coolest car In*. 
school. This is no * 
surprise seeing as she 

drives a genuine 
classic: a 1964 and-a 

half Ford Mustang 
(convertible of - course), 
which her dad restored 
by hand. 

Steve Kearney s 1994 
'--.Cadillac Fleetwood . 
Brougham, is definitely 
n ot a .c a r, yo u'd fail to 
~ "noEce in the parking , 
lot. Steve's had his 
eyes on this unique 
sedan since the day his 
dad bought the car a 
few years back and 
finally inherited it 
once he could drive. 

Now this is a s 
truck; TCyl?%idzins 
drives a 1995 Ford 
Bronco. Don't be 
deceived by her name, 
• Vera looks like she 

could eat nearly an> ' 
car in the lot for lunch. 


At first glance this 
ride seems typical of v 
DHS, after all, Jeep 
* — -isjhe Cadillac of 
Duxbury. Do a double 
take and you d see that 
Roman Perry has his 
1998, family hand-me- 
down, Jeep Wrangler 
fully outfitted tfc take 
I off-road. ^ 




When do you procrastinate? 
When cfont I procrastinate? 
What tune is stuck in your 
head? Never G°nna Give You Up 

lgr Rick A st % 

What is your idea of happiness? 

Being covered from head to toe 
in peanut gutter 
If you repeated high school, 
what would you do differently? 
I would start a kiathl°n team 

What is your idea of happiness? 
When I'm with, my famijy 
What is your most prized 

A bracelet from my test kudc£y, 

Evan OHms 

What is your favorite outfit? 
~Sfy leotarcf from '80s da^y 
Who is your real life hero? 

l^y older sister, Lauren 



Which talent would you most 
like to have? 

I wish I were good at curling 
What is your motto? 

Sometimes ^you ha v e to let go 

and see what happens when^ou 

hjttl)e water 

Who are your favorite writers? 
Johnathan Safran F°er and Bil^y 

If you could have one wish, what 
would it be? 
Hundreds of puppies 

What is your favorite movie? 

Rood Diamond 

What is your worst fear? 


If you could have one 
superpower, what would it be? 
%in 9 

Where is your favorite vacatior 

The Bahamas 
What was the best dollar you 

ever spent? 
An Arizona Iced Tea 



Where would you like to live? 
Coruscant from Star Wars 
On what occasion do you lie? 

When asked this question 

If you could change one thing 
about yourself, what would it 
be? I'd have wings 

What word do you overuse? 

What do you hope to have 
accomplished in 10 years? 
Getting off this planet 

What tune is stuck in your 
head? I Just Cant Wait to j, e 
King from the Lion King 
What do you do when you can't 
sleep? Dance 

Who is your favorite heroine 
from fiction? 

Zenon, gir\ of the 21st century 
What is your favorite snack? 


What do you appreciate most 
about your friends? 
Their humor 


Survey says. . . 

T)oyou prefer 
ting food made at 
tie breadboard or 
3ie school lunch 
food ? 

Breadboard" 76% 

!cM lunch. 24-% 

HaVeyou ever 
attended "the 
Dux^iory summer 

Yes 84% 

No 16% 

What's your 
favorite DHS 

porting everitto 

Football 63% 
Hockey 17% 
Basketball 16% 

Soccer 2% 
Lacrosse 2% 


We asked the girls, 
what "t^eir favorite 
clothing store is? 
American Eagle 

Charlotte Russe 


Mister 18% 

Hot Topic 1% 

Khples 1% 

Doyou like the new 
school start time? 

Yes 67% 

No 33% 

Wh^ch do you 

D'unkin D°riuts 

Gurither Tooties 


Wh>ch sut/pizza 
place do ^you like 
the test? 

Dux^ury Pizza 



We asked the guys, 
what's their 

favorite college 



Congratulations Max ! 

Yoif have made our lives so wonderful. As you embark on the next chapter in 
your life may you find love, laughter, and happiness along the way. We are 
proud of your accomplishments and we know that you will succeed in 

everything you do. 

Love, Always, 

Mom, Dad, Wu, Grandma, Memere, Linda, Scott, Karen, Jackson, Andy, 

Jeannine, Scott and of course Brownie! 


It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't 
matter where you go 
If it is a million miles away or a mile up 
the road 

Take it in, take it with you when you go, 
Who says you can't go home 
- Bon Jovi 

We love you and we are so proud of you! 
Live life to the fullest, it's a wonderful 

(Shoot lots of movies along the way) 

Love ya! Keep Tri'n! 
Mom, Dad, Jill, Kevin 











We are so proud of you and all that you 
have accomplished! Your compassion, 
talents, and ambition will bring you to new 
heights in the next chapter of your life. You 
are an amazing young woman and we love 
you so dearly!! 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Lauren and Christine 

To laugh often and much; to win the 
respect of intelligent people and the 
affection of children... to leave the world a 
better place... to know even one life has 
breathed easier because you have lived. 
This is to have succeeded." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 



W4£ 1 

Dear Cayla, 

Your intelligence, compassion, loyalty, and wit have 
made you an accomplished scholar and true friend. 

We are so proud of you! 
All our love. 
Hum, Dad, Tori and Wesley 

i lfloMAS 


We are so proud 

of you. 

We love you tons, 

Mom, Dad, 
Samantha, Teddy 
and Bear 


"It's not true that 
nice guys finish 
last. Nice guys are 
winners before 
the game even 

Addison Walker 

|*n\ proud to krvoiv you, or\d 
proud thai you or€ rcvirve. 
Alu/au/ t>€ uour-relf 
lov€ you forever, 


David John and John 3\ake\y 

"The most beautiful 
discovery true friends 
make is that they can 
grow separately without 
growing apart." 
-Elisabeth Foley 

We are so proud of both of 

We love you forever. 
Love Mom, Dad, and Katie 








Congratulations Michael! 
are so proud of you! i 

Mom, Dad, Jamie, 


We have truly enjoyed 
all the times of these past 
78 years. 

We are very proud of 
the young man you have 

Your various talents are 
many. The barisax, the 
stage, or the quick comment 
that can bring an entire 
room to laughter. 

We love you more than 
words could possibly tell. 
Always, Mom, Dad, and Miles 





"There is more to us than we know. Each of us has more courage, 'f** 
more strength, and more compassion than we would ever have fathomed. 
If we can he made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives, 
J we will he unwilling to settle for less." 

-Kurt Hahn, Tounder of Outward Bound 


On Your New Adventures, 
Welcome the Challenges 
Embrace the Risks 
Reach Beyond the Expected 
Learn through Experience 
Believe in Yourself 
Realize the Potential for 

Your Better World 
Just like you did in Alaska 

and the High Sierras... 


Love & Serenity, MOM 










If I could reach up and hold a star 
For every time you've made me smile 
The entire evening sky 
Would be in the palm of my hand- 
Hold onto your dreams 

We are so proud of you 
Love you with all our Hearts 

Congratulations Ben 
We re so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Becca 






Good Luck Lisa. We wish you every | 

success in your future. 

Mum, Dad, Sandra and Graham ■ 
I ' 

Never forget that life can only be nobly 
inspired and rightly lived if you take it 
bravely and gallantly as a splendid 
adventure in which you are setting out 
into an unknown country, to face many a 
danger, to meet many a joy, to find many a 
comrade, to win and lose many a battle." 
-Annie Besant 


Congratulations on all your 
accomplishments. You have 
always made us proud. 
Embrace what lies ahead, 
for there are no limits to 
what you can achieve. 

We love you! 
Dad, Mom, 
Matt and Kirby 


You are truly AMAZING! 
Your grace, intelligence, and 
kindness have always been 
beyond your years* Everyone 
you have touched has become a 

better person knowing you. 
You are a great role model and 
best friend to your brothers. 

Your parents could not 
have been more blessed or 
more proud. We love you 
and wish you health and 
happiness always. 
Pursue your dreams 
and keep reaching 
for the sky! 

Dad, Mom, 
Dale, James 
and William 

Dear Cassandra, 
C°ncjr a"tula"tions / 
Our hearts are full °F love, 
clierisliecf memories, ancf 

pricfe as we wa'tclwou 
s"teppincj into ^ our future 
armecf with our love ancf 

Gocf Bless You 

J\ll our lov e 

M°m, Dacf, 
Jim. Julia, ancf Grace 




Ricky, Wfc Ait 4,6, ^Wi+d- yo>i* yG,<+ <IL% 4>>iA% \i<)>\ i*tn/, ^4>,\,x^,f%i>. 

Nate and Sam, You have always been double the fun and joy to our lives. We are proud of you both and wish you 
futures so bright you will have to wear shades! "Whether you turn to the right or left, your ears will hear a voice 
behind you, saying, this is the way; walk in it." —Isaiah 30:21 Love, Mom, Dad, Matt, and Rachel 


"Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 


Congratulations on graduating and achieving so much in your first 18 years! 

/e are very proud of you and the honesty, effort intelligence, and presence you have shown so 
<iany times. These traits will serve you well as you move into college and beyond. The success 
on have achieved is all yours. We are blessed and thankful to be your parents and will always 

be here for you. 

^^mt Love Mom, Dad & Devan 


por€V€r Y 01 -"^ 
By Bob d«j Iq,n 

M°y (jod ble/v or\d keep you olu/oy/ 
/S^qij your u/Lrke/ oil corae true 
/v\o«j you olu/oy/ do for otker/ 
Ar\d lei otker/ do for you 
M°y you build o lodder to the Aars 
/\f\d clirtvb or\ every fur ^ 
M QU , you /toy forever your^ 

M QU , you ^you/ up to be rg|\teou/ 

/V\oy you qow up to be true 
Moy you olu/oys kr\ou/ tke trutk 
/\r\d zee tke Ijakir /urrourvdir^ you 
May you olu/oyj- be couro^fleou/ 
ytar\d upright ar\d be /tror^ 
fv\ay you /toy forever young 

May your kar\d/ alu/ay/ be bury 
M Q y your feet alu/oqx be .ru/ift 
M Q y you kove o /trorg four\dotiorv 
y/ker\ tke w\i\ds of ckor^ae/ /kift 
/V\oy your keort always be joyful 
far\d raoy your -rang olu/oy/ be -"Jf^ 
M ou , you /toy forever young 

We. * Ia*£$% 6yd- i&uJUfal fatwic. f\ faXwit 

failed. M/aXS- (^j<j<^hC44 yc^CA^l fiJ^XArXwitl. 

j^044^lf^l^X^t4> fiAt l*Af+A%&t44,- ■yCA*\ &C6si% fat+d- IcMJt 64*jL ^Caj, vf* 


^%wisk for^oi*^ 
Is t^t t^is life becomes all t^at jou want it to, 
r cfreams staj ancfjour worries sta^y small, 
You never neecf to carry more t^an^you can \o\d, 
j\ncf wljilejou're outt^ere cjettincj w^ere^you're cjettincj to, 
I hopejou blow somebody loves jou. 

Congratulations! We're so proucf ofjou. 
You are a beautiful jouncj woman 
ity a wonderful sense of humor ancf a strong, consent attitude. 
You will te successful in all t^at «ou tfo. 
^n<f remember., w^enjou cjet up on "fye Jjloc^s, 
cfont ever stop feeling sorry fort^e ot^er swimmersf 
We love jou, 
Mommy, Da<f<(y. A s Uey, Eli z atetli & Mary 




t m 

Our fondest family memories so 
often begin, "Remember when 
-Thank you for being our memory 
^^^^^ maker. 

You continue to fill our lives with 
love, laughter, happiness, and 

It's true that three of our favorite 
words are: "That's my son!" 

We LOVE you, 
Mom, Dad & Alison 



"If you're trying to achieve, there will 
be road blocks. I've had them: everyone 
has had them. But obstacles dont have 
to stop you. If you run into a wall, dont 
turn around and give up. Figure out a 
way to climb it. go through it 
or work around it" 

Michael Jordan 

Kyle, we've always admired your 
persistence, determination, and sense 
of humor. We know these qualities will 
take you far in life. We love you and are 
>o proud of what you've achieved. Good 
luck on your next adventure! 

Mom, Dad, Kevin, Kelly, and Millie 




We have watched you grow from 

a little girl in pig tails into a 
beautiful young woman. We are 
so proud of you. Your college 
years are just days away and 
you'll begin a new chapter in your 
life. We wish you much success 
and a lifetime of love and 
Love, Mom and Dad 





Brooke, ijou lit up our liver ~\Q yearr o^p or\d u/e've ervjoyed u/otchir^ you qow o.r\d mature. 
W^'e your ^oduotiorx from & ^ € erx< ^ °^ your kjffj\ school career, if Lr very rc\uck 

the be^jrvrvir^ of the re/t of your life. B roo ^ e ' S ou CQA Qcco^pli-^ arxytKir^ you ret your rwir\d to. 

Keep rmilirgi 

! W e ' ove ^jou. Qrx ^ ^'11 r^T-r yo\j\ 

fs/\om [)od rif "]~aylor 

We Are So Proud of You! 


Mom, Dad, Tasha, and Baby Bop 



Pete . . . 

You may be our last, but never the least! 
You bring joy to us everyday with your kind 
and thoughtful nature. 
Congrats and Good Luck! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Lu and Andrew 



Cor^ahjlatiorvr Moigprv! 



«€€p up your u/ir\r\ir^ attitude, arvd success w\\ 

J~q\\ tou/ard-r fulfillir^ you drearru-. 
Keep the u/irvd at your bock, 
Arxd poir\t the tiller toward/ arv excitir^ future. 
Alu/aq/ remember u/Ko love/ you. 


M,or&, D Q< ^» D^i'V Qrv ^ A u ^ u,Tvrv 



Follow your dreams. 
You will succeed in 
whatever you decide to 
do. May all your 
dreams stay big and 
your worries stay small! 
We Love You, 

Mom, Dad, 
Brendon, Meghan and Jackie 

• > • > 

V/3 nra =70 v3;t/ Trriwl nfynnU ?Jny 

yon nlwny.s TtaVava v,\ yirnrsalr, 
i77il 7mv3 *?72 cfmrntte fo fn??3 risks 

• > 

n77»1 FflfliTw ynti •* »l73n77i.s. 



MK.jyou sure^ stand? out from a crowd. 
On "the verge of mature 

A s t y ou 5 r at life's tia Wheel 

j^ncf'ta]ee { your own "tour 

To see w^at life s^all reveal. 

We stancf on our fee"t and" sljput it out loud: 

Tou've done all of us and: DHS proud"/" 

Love, Ifom, Dad", and" Tommy 




Having a December 23rd birthday, you are the best Christmas gift 
we could ever have been given! From the moment you were born, 
you have been a radiant sunbeam in our lives. You have brought 
joy, healing, laughter, love, and wonder as we watched you evolve 
into the fine young woman you are today. Life's voyage has not 
always been smooth sailing, but together we have weathered the 
storms with an eternal bond that is deeper than the ocean, with 
strength and love as our anchor. You have contributed much to life 

already and we know you will continue to do so, making an 
indelible mark with your work ethic, tenacity, kindness, and grace. 
May God watch over you, keep you safe, and bless you with health, 
love, happiness, and success. We are so proud of you! 

We love you forever and always, 
Mom, Emily, and Rachel (and Leah, from above) 






We are so proud of you. We know 
it wasn't an easy move for you. You 
overcame obstacles, stayed true to 
who you are, and turned into a fine 
oung man. We love you very much 
and wish you much success and 
happiness in the next chapter of 
your life. 

Mom, Dad, Connor, Mikey, 
and Tucker 



It has truly been a blessing to 
watch you grow into the amazing 
young woman that you are 
today. Always remember how 
much you are loved and how 
proud of you we are. 
Dad, Mom, 
Janelle, Sara, Noah & Ari 

"If you have Faith as small as a mustard seed... NOTHINC 
will be impossible for you." Matt 17:20 



May the road rise up to meet you. 

May the wind be always at your back. 

May the sun shine warm upon your face, 

And rains fall soft upon your fields. 

And until we meet again, 

May Cod hold you in the palm of His hand. 

Now it's time for you to take the wheel. 
Words cannot express how proud we are of 
you and we look forward to watching your 
future grow. Bloom where you are planted, but 
don't forget where you have been. 
We love you. 
Mami & Dad 
Kelly, & Benjamin 


Go and Find Your Star! 

(We have already found ours in YOU!) 

Congratulations on taking 
the first step toward your 

We Love You! 
Mom Dad, Devin, and Luna 



"tfyou can dream it, you can do it. remember 
this whole thing was started by a mouse." 
-Walt Disney 


Congratulations? We are so proud of you and 
your many acomplishments? Thank you for 
all that you are and will be as you travel on 
your journey. 

Keep playing that horn? 


Mom, Dad, and Charlie 



We had" no idea the gift 
^ou woulcf te "to us 18 
^yeQrs ago. "We are so 
proucf of whp^you have 
become. You liave so 
many strengths and" 
accomplishments. You 
have trough so mucli 

joy to our lives. Continue to fcc a to the 
world". We loot forward" to 
Whats ahead" for^you, and" feel 
Very tlessecf to } ) e c your 

With. Love, 

Dad", M°m, Ablgr. 
Mite, Sarah & Ben 

y«^Ve ivj. -J^< ^OAaJ- «| t& y>04*4*fi H/4>At*fi4». yOA*.Vl t&OCShl. 

ty>, \{M>*y* H)L kwMJ yC4*\ fatw\Jt It, fait fiJ*/*4dw\JL, 

LoAJJt, ttfrl4**4*£. 

b*U, Me**, Pitt* % Max 

|Sjo Korj-ir^ orourvd! M'-^S u/ '" ^ e ^ e 
Jtepherv ypielber^! 
|_ov€ qIu/ql)j-, ^|ora, Dod, arvd Julio 


You've grown from the youngest to the tallest, smallest to 
smartest. What your family loves most is that you've grown 

from a wonderful son and brother to a best f riend. You 
ftderstand and appreciate your unique gifts, and give back to 

those less fortunate. 
The experiences of your past, (the braves, procrastinating 
perfectionist A&B teams, ASP, fishing vs catching, diligent 
work ethic, loving family, Nana less) will guide your future. 
Congratulations with all our love, 
Dad, Mom, Katie, Meggie, Kelsey, and Bruschi 


"Ooh. . . growin' up" 

-Bruce Springsteen 

Good Luck Bro, 
Jack & Shane 

Dear Amber, 

Where have the years gone? Is seems that overnight you went frow 
caring for your baby dolls to trying to take care of everyone aroun 
you. You have the wonderful gifts of dedication and compassion 
that deeply touch the lives of others and can make such a 
difference to all those you meet on the road to your future. 
Incorporate these gifts in all you do and the happiness you bring t;i 
others will not only make important changes in their lives but 
bless your own. 

Too often the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening eav 

an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring are 
underestimated while in fact they are the most important things 
that can turn a life around. You, Amber, have this potential to i 
brighten many lives. You do not underestimate these things but a . 

on them. 

Your kindness will no doubt continue to inspire others and brinj 
deep fulfillment to your own future. As Robert Kennedy once sail 
All of us might wish we lived in a more tranquil world, but we 
don t. Yet if our times are difficult, so are they challenging and J 
filled with opportunity. Opportunities that await your dedicdtio i 
and compassion to make gentle the life of this world. If anyone ca 

accomplish this task it is you Amber. 
Too often people view talent as having a gift for music or art. New i 
forget there isn t any talent or anything else in the world that ca 
compare to the art of caring. The only time anyone should looktl 
down on someone else is if they re bending down to help them tli • 

way you always take the time to do. Remember always, in 
compassion lies the world s true strength. From what we get in li 
we can make a living but what we give can make a life and certain 
you have made mine Graduation isn't the end but only the 
beginning to hopefully the wonderful future you deserve. 
We all love you and are so very proud of you. 

Congratulations, Matthew 

We love you so much. From the 
moment you were born you have 
worked so hard to achieve your 
goals. Along the way, you have 

taught us all many things; 
most importantly, patience and 
compassion. Thank you for opening 
our eyes, what a wonderful young 
man you have turned into. Your 
entire family is so proud. 

We love you, Mattie moose! 
Mom, Dad, Kevin and Sean 



Will, Congratulations! 
We are so proud of you. Wishing you 
a lifetime of success and happiness, 
love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Nicole! 

We're so proud of you and all you've 
accomplished. Watching you grow into the 
amazing young woman you have become has 
been one of the greatest joys in our lives. We 
know you'll do well in whatever you choose and 
we'll alway be here for you. 

Love you... 
Mom, Dad and Jaime 



You've found something you love to do! 
Break a leg!! 
We're so proud of you and love you always, 
Mom, Dad & Lindsay 


0, had I but followed the a 


Coryj^otulotionr H €Q ^ €r " 
\A/e ore 10 proud of the u/or\derful your^ iforrvorx 
you've become. Y ou CQrv occorrvpliyK orxythir^ you 
put your rc\ir\d to. 
We love you... 
Mom, [)ad, Tbrw or\d RocKoel 
(do^ too!) 


Wow You did it!!!! We are all so proud of 

you. 110%, Got soccer, What did the coach say?, 
Is there food there?, Do you have any plans? You 
have provided us with years of entertainment 
and fun. Remember we love you with all our 
hearts! Now is your chance to conquer the world, 
go for it Buddy! 

With lots and lots of love, 
Mom, Dad, Christine, Catherine & Riley 




• LOVE, • 


I I I I I 


"Dear Little Hadley. 
May the Lord Bless you and keep 
you, and may his face shine upon 
you and be gracious to you. You 
are a blessing to us - we love you. 
Bates and Will" 


From the Atlantic to the Pacific, your family 
has gathered to wish you every success! 

"We'll keep your bed warm 
Woof, Keekaand Tallie" 

What a joy you brought to our family when you were 
born - we were delighted and your siblings were thrilled to have a baby 
sister. Wasn't that just yesterday? As the years have flown by, we have 
been so proud as we have watched you grow up into a beautiful, happy 
and healthy young lady. We have seen you rise to challenges, overcome 
adversity, and give of yourself to others. You have been a kind and 
generous friend. If there are words of advice that we can give you as 
you go forth to college and the world beyond they are, to be yourself, 
work as hard as you can, and pursue your dreams. 
Congratulations Hadley and remember, we love you! 
Mum and Dad 

"Cheeks, may you continue to b<! 
blessed in all your endeavors. I'm s< 
proud of my baby sister who's al 
grown up. Never forget where yoi 
came from 
Love, Bug 

"Goose, I'm so proud of you. May thi 
wind always be at your back and thi 
sun upon your face. I love you lots 
Love, Cammy 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Come home often so I can bite you 
Meow, Schooner 

David James 

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, 

there is no path an 

love you, 

MOITV, [)q6, 

^harlette, arvd K or€rv R QI J 




In life, some things are easy. Loving you is one 
of them. Being proud of you is also! You have 
grown into a smart, wonderful woman. Your 
dedication, persistence, and kindness are 
inspiring. As your future unfolds, pursue your 
passion, dream big, and be happy in your 
choices! We can t wait to see what the future 
holds for you! 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, 
Charlette, and Karen Ray 

"Be quick but don't 

hurry." -Coach John Wooden 

"Turn my swag on, 
it's my time to 
turn it up, I put 
my team on, did 
my theme song, 
now it's time to 
turn it up..." 

We could not be 
prouder of you. 
Mom & Dad 

When you come to the edge of all you know, believe in two things: There will be 

solid ground to stand on, or you will be given wings. 

Author Unknown 


It seems like yesterday that they were peeling 

your fingers off my neck each morning at 
Magic Dragon ...then we blinked and you were 
getting on the bus to kindergarten, .we 
blinked again and here you are, confident, 
independent, compassionate, and ready to 

spread your wings and begin the new 
adventure that is your future. We are so 
proud of the person you ve become, and we 
know that you will be successful in all that lies 
ahead for you. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Maddie 

What we are is God s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. 

Eleanor Powell 




Jeff and Steve, 
We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Carolyn 


Ever since you were small, you were curious about the world. Taking things apart and learning from experience were part of 
your repertoire. People became a fascination and you would never tire of asking even complete strangers a barrage of questions, 
making friends wherever you went with your engaging smile. Your first hero was your older brother. Even though he used you as 
a net for soccer practice, or as a step stool to climb up to those hard to reach cookie cabinets, you adored him. You became fast 
friends who journeyed through the fantasies of Lego Land and Planet Playmobile as you chanted the Power Ranger theme song. 

As we traveled to Africa, Barcelona, Ireland and Mexico you made friends easily, always listening to their stories. At school, you 
were the one who volunteered to show the new student around. You supported "challenged" friends who may have felt awkward 
at recess or in gym class, letting them know that you looked forward to seeing them. Your patience was your signature. 

Music became a high point of your life early on. Piano, saxophone, bass guitar and more provided the rhythm of your pulse. 
You devoured everything from Chopin to the Beatles, exploring all styles from jazz to acappella. Sports were equally important 
with soccer being your special passion. The internet gave you the fountain of information you craved, especially in the sciences. 
You discovered the thrill of film-making, which combined so much of what you loved, giving you a portal to express it in creative 

You will soon begin your most exciting journey, using high school as your springboard. 1 have watched you evolve over these 
fleeting years into a true Renaissance Man. You are someone I can talk to about anything. Your thoughts are introspective and 1 
admire your take on life. Though I will miss you terribly, 1 am happy for you and the truly incredible future you have begun to 
carve out for yourself. You have given your family so many wonderful memories and we will always be here for you whenever 
you need a safe harbor. Continue your path to a life well spent... 

We will always love you, 
Mom and Cory 


m Dear Nana and Tigger, 

We love you, and wish you all the happiness and success in 
1 your future endeavors] 

Poppy would be very proud! 

Love Mom, Dad, Matt & Michael 
(Lulu too) 



mmyT i 

Congratulations fomm] 

Thank you for always being by our 
side through the years. 


Jack* Joe, Erin and Neghan 



You've learned to leant, you've competed, you've been 
taught to teach, you've been disappointed to be appointed, 
you've traveled to places that have helped develop who you are, 
you're a friend without boundaries, you've help rebuild homes 
that have changes peoples lives forever, you've been a student 
that has been driven to succeed, you've been a great role model 
for your sister, and you've always been a daughter that we are 
so proud of. Use all your qualities as a team player out in the 
big world and you will go far in life. Our home will never be the 
same without you. We love you so much, Mom and Dad 

Chandler, I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. I 
love you so much and I know you'll go far in fife. XOXO Kelton 
Chandler, you're the best sister anyone could ask for, I will 
always love you. X always Madison 




\zy/e ore ro proud of you. Y ou rxove worked so Kord to accorrvplLrh oil of the IKir^y you Kov€ dorve irv your lifetime 
Your love, your kirvdrve/v, orvd your deterrwirvatiorv ore orwozir^ traits to Kove. /\lu/oyr follow/ your keart ar\d 

your drearru- or\d it u/ill lead you to -ruccejv. 
|_ov€ olu/ays 
/V\orcv, More, orvd fsjicole 



ON WINGS OF KNOWLEDGE There you are in your cap and tassel, Ready to make the world your castle. It seems just 
yesterday you were a kid, Watching everything we did. Now we 're watching you graduate The grown young women 
we helped create! On wings of knowledge you will fly; Following your vision and rising high. We couldn't he prouder 
of you; We wish you success in all you do. Remember one thing we want you to know: Our love is with you wherever you gc 


SALAMEH King Richard's F< 

Congratulations Janine! 

What I wanted most for my daughter was that she he able to soar confidently 

in her own sky. whatever that may be. 

Helen Claes 

We are so proud of you and the young adult you have become. 
Talented and socially aware you are a bright star 
and so precious to us. 

We love you 
Mom Dad, Basil, and Joey 
June 2010 

■-■ - v 

Daughter, Sister, Friend, 
Scholar, Musician, Teacher, 
Goiter, Individual, Dreamer 


Our hearts are full of love and 
respect for you and all you are. 
Your enduring smile and your 
beautiful music have brightened 

our lives. 
We wish the best for you always. 

Mom, Dad, Robbie and Carolvn 

pain, and you're still standing! 
You are our hero! 
We love you, 



Explore Learn 



Laugh Believe Hope 

Congratulations Ben 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad, 


From beach baby to beach babe! May yo 
always find your place in the sun! 

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather to becom 
a man of value." -Albert Einstein 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live t 
you imagined." -Henry David Thoreau 

Dream big, love with all your heart, keep your faith 'and 
call your mother! 

\God bless. With all our love and support, 
Dad, Mom, 
Lauren and Lucas 



Congratulations Steph! 

Live, love, laugh 
We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 
Ian, and Sarah 







y * Congratulations Sam\ 


We love you 
and are so very 
proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, 
and Nick 


Congratulations CARA 

m Berrybrook, to a senior at Duxbury Hig 
j worked hard every day with a big smile o 
your face. 

New knowledge is the most valuable 
commodity on earth, the more truth 
we have to work with, the richer we 

Kurt Vonngut 

Congratulation Ethan! 

Graduation is not the end, it's only 
the beginning. 
We love you, we're proud of you, but 
you're not done with us yet! 
Don't settle for anything less than 
your best. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations ! 

Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away! And will you succeed? Yes!! You 

will, indeed! (Dr.Seuss) 
We are so proud of everything that you are! 

All our Love! 
Mom, Dad, Matt, Kiley, Hershey and Stanley 








It's been an amazing 18 years 
of love, joy and laughter. 
Test drive your imagination 
and you will uncover the 
treasures this world has to offer. 
We are so proud of you! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, 
Keenan & Griffin 


You've grown into such a beautiful, 
confident woman. We know you're 
going to shine in whatever you do. 

Congratulations! We love you! 
Mom, Dad, 
and Lexi 


"There are three things in my 
life which J really love: God, 
my family, and baseball. The 
only problem - once baseball 
season starts, I change the 
order around a bit." 
~A1 Gallagher, 1971 


You have brought so much joy into our lives - even 
from the time you did "MAGIC" out on the deck. You 
have worked so hard from "little log Cabin" to DHS. 
We know that you are going places. Always keep your 
sense of humor, beautiful smile and grin, and love and 
compassion for others. PLEASE do not buy more 
baseball hats, or put "class clown" on your resume.... 
Congratulations, Tommy] We are so proud to call you 
our son. 
Love, xxxooo 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, "Big Brother." Good luck in college. I 
really will miss you. Do not be afraid to follow your 
dreams, and remember what Mom and Dad have 
always told us: "Reach for the stars and beyond. 
Opportunities will always be there, but it is up to us to 
pursue them and follow through." 
I love you, Tommy, 

Life is a journey and 
not a destination and 
you are off to a great 
start. To say we are 
proud of you and love 
you feels like an 
what you mean to 
your family words 
cannot express 
Mom and Dad 

we have been trying to catch up ever 
since!! We have loved watching you 
grow, form your very first steps to the 
playing fields of Duxbury. As you step 
onto this new path in your journey, 
continue to greet the world with that 
killer smile and never lose that joy and 

zest for life! 
Always know that you are deeply loved, 
big brother!! 

Mom, Dad, Hanna, Haley, and Molly, 


We are so proud of what you have accomplish in the classroom, on the playing field, and in life. Your 

determination and strong work ethic are an inspiration to all who know you. These same qualities 
will continue to serve you well as you pursue your collage career and life goals. Continue to reach for 
the stars; always take the high road; never compromise your values or integrity; and pursue 
something you are really passionate about as a career. 
Thank for being a great son and a caring brother. Love, Mom, Dad, Kristin and Haley 

You have brought us so much happiness 
through the years. Watching you grow 
up into a. wonderful young man. We are 
so proud of you. 
Love you 
Gram + Woo 

Congratulations Darci! 
-We are so proud of you- 
Love always and forever, 

Mom and Dad, Nicole, 
Whitney and Anna 


We can't begin to convey how much happiness and wonderful 
memories you have brought into all of our lives. As you embark 01 

11113 c^ven-iiig new li i<h|jll~i 11 1 yuui iiic we tungi uiuiuil yuu, awppuir 

you, and wish you the very best that life has to offer. We love you si 
much and want you to know that we will always be here for you; 
and no matter how far away you are or how old you get, 

you'll still be Our Little Max.' 
Linda & Scott 











Carter and Patrick 
Congratulations with all our 

Mom and Kayleigh 




"You will find your way, you can go the distance. 
Youll be there someday if you can be strong. 
You know every mile will be worth your while, 
You will go almost anywhere to feel like you belong. 
And you won't look back, you can go the distance. 
And youll stay on track, no you won t accept defeat. 

It's and uphill slope but you won't lose hope 
Till you go the distance and your journey is complete. 
But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part 
For a hero s strength is measured by his heart" 


Dad, Mom, and Katie 

you so much!!! 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, 
Michele, Mikey&Joey 

Congratulations Matt! 

Wishing you a lifetime of 
happiness and success. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, 
Liz & Lucy 



Rachel Kramer, Nicholas, 

We are so proud of you and all that you have We love you and are so proud of you! Reach for 

accomplished. Congratulations on your graduation! the stars! 
Love, Love, 
Mom, Dad, Stacey, Logan, and Lady Mom, Dad, and Sarah 


Our wish for you is that life becomes all that 
you want it to, your dreams stay big, worries 
stay small. 

Mom & Dad 


Your genuine desire to learn and your willful 
nature will open many doors. Your family loves 
you very much. 

Continue to believe in yourself. Dream big and 
work hard. Congratulations!! We love you and 
are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Brian, Kevin, Matt 

Crafts-Jamaica x1 0! 
Horseback riding-NYC 
White lights!-"Love 
you Santa wherever 

you are!"-Raviolis 

Congratulations Elise! 
We are so proud of you! 

We love you~ 
"up to the moon, stars, 
and way beyond 

Dad, Mom, and EV 


We are all so proud of you. Be honest, work 
hard, and you will always be successful. 
We love you, 

Mom, Jenna, Rachael, Peter, Duke 

We love you very much and wish you all the 
best in everything you do! 

Mom, Jim, Alexis, Kelsey, Kenin, Anna & G 


Your wit, individualism, and talent are a 
constant source of pride and amazement. 
Share your gifts with the world. 

Mom Dad, and Mark 

Our congratulations and best wishes to 
the class of 2010! 


5 ^ 


We are especially proud of our senior staff. 






to the Class of 2010 

Michael R. Halloran 


775 Pleasant Street, Suite #10 
E. Weymouth, MA 021 89-2355 
Tel: 781-331-5654 
Fax: 781-335-4818 

Your #1 supplier 
for sportswear and 
corporate gifts 

A member of PPAI • ASI • NEPPA • Duxbury Business Association 


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Duxbury High 


from your proud friends at 

the m- 



We Accept Local 
Competitor! Coupons 
For Dry Cleaning 

you believe in yourself and have dedication and 

pride - and never quit - you'll be a winner. The price 
of victory is high... but so are the rewards. 

-Paul Bear Brvant 


Thanks for letting me be a part of your memories. 

Deni Johnson Photography 


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Excellence in Small Animal Care 

Class of 2010 

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Fontaine (yfcademy of 

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Colleen Maimanon 

Certified Public Accountant 

Providing tax, accounting, and financial services to 
individuals, small businesses, and not-for-profits 


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-ialb Comer 

>t\bur> . Massachusetts 

Phooe: (781)934-0650 
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■from &fo£... 

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Shopping locally supports #ore 
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Natalie Aldrich will still be finding excuses to cross-dress 
as The Phantom of the Opera for Halloween. 
Julia Allen will still be taking naps with Ginny. 
Richard Armstrong will be takin' 'er easy for all us sinners 
Gregory Auda will still be driving a BMW. 
Jenna Bahr will still be full of random, useless informatior , 
Renata Barletto will be joining a convent and taking a 
celibacy vow. 

Bronwen Barrett will still be annoying Fieldy. 
Zach Benoitwill be tall. 

Michael Bernard will be on the set of the Revenge of the 
Clam Hammer. 

Mary Kate Blanchard will still be babysitting... 
Steven Blout will still be denying the claim that he blew 
the AAA Championship game. 
Natalie Bowen will still be M.I.A. 

Mark Brady will still be holding Channy down with Murph 
and Bill 585. 

Danny Brockwell will still be broing out. 
Sarah Brovitz will still be late for everything because of 
the line at Marylou's. 

Kaitlin Buckley will still refuse to visit Brazil. 
Dan Buonogario will be in his basement waiting for Elise 
to call. 

Cara Buonvincino will still be alive with no financial 

Caitlin Burke will still be eating peanut butter and fluff 

Hadley Burnham will still be sleeping with a mask. 
Christopher Calabro will still be working at Foodies. 
Jenica Casey will be eating more ice cream. 
Matthew Casey hopes to be reaching for the stars, but all 
the while saying grounded. 

Emmanuel Catanzariti will have changed his name to Dr. 

Pat Charland will still be loungin' on the porch. 

Devin Cheney will be sitting in his nowhere land making 

all his nowhere plans for nobody. 

Michael Clacherty will be settled down, have a family, and 
have a feeling of satisfaction for his accomplishments. 
Collin Clark will be playing professional Ultimate Frisbee. 
Conor Clark will be 38. 

Nickolas Cline will be on a date with Matt Scorza. 
Arielle Clough expects to be a stage manager on 



ations to the class of 2010! 

Awn* tykisk Uzu 

REALTOR* International Diamond Society 



atelyn Coghlan will be a part time pirate, jedi knight, and 
ond girl. 

arah Colangelo will still be eating Trix yogurt, 
at Costello will still have horrible handwriting, 
tax Cote will be working at the Marshfield Fair, 
harlie Cowen will have traveled the world, 
onnor Croteau will be around. 

ameron Crowell will still be waking up for morning swim 

ticaela Crowley will still be 30 minutes later than she says 
ie will be. 

yle Dame will be taking over the world with Demers. 
atrick Dauwer will be sitting in an English garden waiting 
>rthe sun. 

ephen Day will still be clueless. 

argot De Deyne will still be paranoid about getting 

/erything done on time. 

lilip Delia Noce will still be singing. 

nan Demers will be taking over the world with Dame. 

icole Desmarais will hopefully get her permit. 

irginia Desmery will still be taking naps with Julia Allen. 

•ista DeVellis will still love gingers. 

onica Devereaux will be a southern belle. 

mny Dixon will still be livin' the life and saving the world. 

ichael Doherty will still be driving his Ranger. 

lura Donovan will still be delivering chicken parm subs 

' Bree's dorm room. 

eston Dorn will still be broing out. 

chard Dowling will be curing aids while supporting a 

mily of 28. 

ady Doyle will still be blasting Metallica. 

ichael Doyle will hopefully be somewhere where he has 

> regrets about the way I spent twenty years! 

nber Driscoll will be married to Pat Miller, living in the 

iribbean with thirteen children. 

ra Driver will be working at Disney World as Pocahontas. 
!>mmy Drummy will still be working every day of the 

organ Dwinell still won't have his license. 
?orge Elias will be livin' the dream, 
innah Ellis will be doing something wicked awesome, 
iristine Fallon will be a dedicated shark biologist, 
ina Farrelly will still be telling you to have a lovely day 
.•cause you truly deserve it. 
jathan Files will be making a playlist with Roman, 
muel Files will still need a ride home. 


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Chinese Cuisine 

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Tree &. Construction 


Pruning & Trimming 
Hazardous Removals 
Vista & Land Clearing 
Stump Grinding & 
Aerial Work 


Repair & Installation 
Title V Cert. Septic 
New Design 
Backhoe & Perc Test 
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Christopher N. Phillips 781-934-7255 

Jennifer Triebel 

ASP Home Stager. Realtor s 

tun/ • //<•, 

Oliv ier Triebel 

consultation • design • installation • home staging services 

1 1 Washington Street 
Duxbury. MA 02332 

Store (781) 934-1334 
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M M 



MINGHAM, MA 02043 

HINQHAM: 781-749-2109 
ABINGTON: 781-871-3152 
MOBILE: 781-248-2107 

8esf W/sftes from 

Duxbury Market 

46 Depot St., Hall's Corner, Duxbury 
For Everyday and Gourmet 

Congratulations class 
of 2010! 

Dr. Douglas Worthman 
Dr. Patricia Van Tosh 

Kate Finch will be a graphic designer and will be living in 
Africa with her pet giraffe. 

Cara Forlizzi will be as far away from Duxbury as possible. 

Jonathan Frye will be on boat, perhaps. 

Nicolas Garofalo will still be hangin' out with Jeff Terrizzi. 

Abigail Gibbs will still be a bio nerd. 

James Gillis will have arthritis. 

Mark Goodless will be where he wants to be. 

Morgan Gould will still be hanging with her mom. 

Christie Goyette will be living with Kerry in New York as 

the most fashionable homeless person in the city! 

Katherine Granger "When life gives you lemons make 

lemonade." - Peter Griffiths 

Kathryn Griffin will have her own brand of hand sanitizer. 
Brian Grossman will have cured cancer. 
Thomas Guilfoile will still be watching Batman in his 
parents' basement. 

Sam Habgood will be lost somewhere in the world. 

Lila Haffey will be living alone with 24 cats. 

Rima Hecker will be as far away from this school as she car 


David Hemingway will be living in John's basement. 
John Hemingway will be kicking David out of his 

Ryan Hendrickson will be making a feature film. 
Kellie Hennessy will be living in Cinderella's castle in 
Disney World. 

Missy Hibbard will still be wearing her Thespian jacket 
and driving around in her car, Audrey. 
Matthew Hickey will be reenacting Civil War battles with 
the 20th Maine. 

Allie Hill will still be asked to have barn parties. 
William Holt will be seen on the news for all of his 
achievements, and everyone will think, "I knew him in 
high school..." 

Wells Hunter will be sitting at home watching Firefly 
over. ..and over. ..and over... 

Drew Husted will still be waking up at 5 in the morning for 
swim practice. 

Connor Inglis will still be playing trumpet all day and 
occasionally jammin' with Kenny G... 
Kendall Johnson will still be showing up two hours late in 
her Prius. 

Meghan Johnson will still be zoning out and then realizing 
that she's awkwardly staring at someone she doesn't 

Caitlin Jones will still be twisting her hair. 
Sam Kalil will be the first female president, along with 
contently eating her king-size Snickers. 
Robert Kates will be on the porch. 
Gabriella Katz will still be telling bad jokes that only Becky 
laughs at. 

Thomas Kazanowski will still be turning his swag on. 
Jake Kearney will be rich and happy with memories that 
are unforgettable, and will still be bargain huntin' with 

Stephen Kearney will be ghetto blastin' in the Caddy. 
Shawn Keefe will probably be livin' up in Vermont or New 
Hampshire with a fresh pad. 

Grace Kelso will be leaving the Delta Nu sorority house to 
go to Harvard Law School. 
Brooke Kent will still be falling. 

Benjamin Kimball will never see a track again. 
Christopher Kimball will be writing terribly tragic poetry 
and submitting it to the Inkblot. 
Alex Kosharek will be sipping a mango daiquiri at his 
retirement house in St. Kitts. 

Therese Kozmiski will still have her name mispronounced. 
Darci Lake will be married with 8 kids, living in a huge 
house on the beach. 

Brittney Landry will be living in South Carolina working 
with dolphins. 

James Landry will still be hitting on Misti down at the 

Eoin Laramee will be there for you. I'll be there for youuu! 
Julia Leonard will still be ordering off the kids menu. 
Caroline Listernick will still be obsessed with the Jonas 

Paige Locke will still be laughing quietly. 
Victoria Lorusso will still be trying to get a record deal! 
Kevin Lynch will be a math teacher at DHS, kicking kids 
like himself out of class. 

Nicholas Lyons will be a stand up comic, and Mr. Dunn will 
be his agent. 

Catie Macaluso will no longer have pancakes! 

Riley Mackin will be far away from Duxbury. 

Kerri MacLennan will still be significantly shorter than Phil 

Delia Noce. 

Ashley Magnuson will own Vineyard Vines Co. 
Patricia Maragioglio will hopefully be married and very 
successful in what she does, and living life to the fullest! 
JB Marston will be sitting in Bongo's basement with Big 

Taryn McCall will still be driving her BIG white car. 
Marley McDermott will still not be invited to nap time with 
Gin and Julia, and get kicked off the bed for trying... 
Justin McElduff will be living life wherever it takes him. 
Taylor McGarigal will be living the good life. 
John McGeady will still be chillin' at Jimbo's. 
Patrick McWilliams will be dating ivy league girls. 
Lauren Mechak will still be playing Pokemon and talking 
about biology. 

Emily Merlin will still be punching dolphins. 
Carter Miller will still be laughing. 

Patrick Miller will still be driven around by Cara, and will 

be married to Amber with 1 3 kids. 

Nick Mulone will still be living next to Ginny Desmery. 

Rachel Mulrenin will still be laughing at serious situations. 

Lisa Murphy will hopefully be a marine biologist. 

Mara Murphy-Kusins will still be called Mooooorraa. 

Erin Nelson will be off to great places, off and away! and 

will still be quoting childrens' books. 

Meghan Nelson will be doing who the heck knows? 

Something interesting. Check back then! 

Cody Nickerson will still like orange. 

Cassandra Nissi will still be saying, "wait. ..what?" 

Lance O'Donovan will find life on Uranus. 

Gregory O'Neal will still be moving in slow motion. 

Elizabeth O'Toole will still be telling a wicked bad story. 

David Owen will be living in his own home, working and 

have a dog. He will also be taking many vacations! 
\ Mark Passeri will still be called Chief. 
I Cayla Pattinson will still be responding to "Mom" and be 

incapable of speaking slowly... 

• Custom Window Treatment* 
Upholstery & Slipcovers 

• Shutters & Blinds Open Tue.-Fri. 10-3, Sat. 9-12 

Custom Bedding 6* Home Accessories 



104 Tremont Street 

5uite 4 
Duxbury, MA 02332 
(781) 934-5292 

Complete Nails Service 

Full Set with Tips 
Pink and White Acrylic and Gel 
■ Sculptured 

• Silk Wrap 

• Manicures 
Spa Pedicures 

Waxing Available 

Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 6:30pm Sun: Closed | 
[7B Standish St. Duxbury MA 02332 (781)934-2880 



Congratulations Jackie Trevisani 


The Class of 20I0 

Wool BasketYai 


' n! " " ^ oolBaskeO 

<Kd ntrtis 

19 Depot Street 
P.O. Box 1791 
Duxbury, MA 02331 

TEL: (781) 934-2700 
FAX: (781) 8341757 

Westwinds Bookshop 


Knowledgeable & friendly booksellers 
Recommendations for book clubs 
Local authors, local history, local images 
New games and toys arriving all the time 
Children's area - gifts for all occasions 
best selection of greeting cards 

Open Monday - Saturday, 1 0-5 Gift certificaes available 

45 Depot St., in Duxbury Marketplace at Hall's Corner 
781-934-2128 - 

Please "Shop Duxbury First" ~ Thank you for supporting local business! 

Alice M. Vogler, Attorney At Law 
DUXBURY, MA 02332 


Real Estate 
Wills and Trusts 
Probate of Estates 
Business Acquisitions 

(781) 9 3 4-6232 (TEL) 
(78 1 ) 934-0673 (FAX) 

Roman Perry will be DJing clubs that even Paris Hilton can't 
get into. 

Nicole Phillips will be actively involved in saving 
endangered species. 

Andrew Pierce will still be drumming all the time. 
Ryan Piesco will be spending his life-savings on Red Sox 
season tickets. 

Olyvia Pittore will still be dancing with the Grateful Dead 

Katie Porter will still be eating Mayo with Lila. 

Ben Potash will be designing racing shells for Vespoli. 

Tom Reale will be chillin' on the porch. 

Stephanie Reed will still be making coffee at Dunkin' 


Samuel Reinhart will still be rushing home to nap. 
John Ricciardi will still be bargain hunting with Jake. 
Kourtney Richard will still be cruising in the white Volvo 
and working at Hallmark. 

Rachel Roth will be thinking about what she wants to be 

when she grows up. 

David Ryan will still be Buzz Ryan. 

Janine Salameh will be living in the UK, and may end up 

being a neurologist, or maybe a hippie musician. 

Matt Savard will still be coming to visit good old Duxbury. 

Neave Schmitt will be traveling the world. 

Matthew Schneiderhan will probably still be a cripple. 

Ryan Schroeder will still be chillin' on the porch. 

Alexis Schupp will still be walking more on her hands than 

on her feet. 

Kayle Schwanke will still be at the Clam Box. 
Matthew Scorza will be sitting on the Jedi Council. 
Emma Segalla will be playing Mario Party on GameCube 
while Nikki sleeps on her floor. 

Allyson Shamma will have her doctorate in psychology. 

Samantha Siciliano will still be making reservations at the 

Tuck-er Inn and scouting out mountain men at Da Bush. 

Raquel Silvelra will be loving life and her wonderful career. 

Michelle Simons will still be sneezing. ACHOO! 

John Slechta will still be paying his parents back for his car. 

Jillian Smith will still be known as "Jill Smith Class 

Treasurer" or more affectionately "Jills"! 

Madeline Smith will still be on the workout bench not 

working out. 

Ian Spencer will still be bumming rides off people and 
eating his weight in food, without gaining a pound. 



Fise Cabiset fci' For Your K ttches & Bath 


Scott Kulda P.K.B.P 

Designer Owner 
Phone: 1 78 1 ) 954-953" 459 Washington St. 

Fax: (781)9>4-9538 P.O. Box 1 2 Duxbury. N1A 02331-1 2 
www .Tnneies s D s s : 2nslnc.c0m 

Good Luck 
George Elias! 


MA State Inspection 
Complete Auto Repair 

1 "SI ) 934-2935 Fax 


127 Tremont St.. Rt. 3 A 
Duxburv. MA 02332 

Carolyn Stenstrom will be teaching her husband a back- 

Kristen Stenstrom will still be yelling, "ding ding." 

Christian Strand will still miss the owl. 

Crystal Sullivan will be somewhere chillin' with Steph at 

their Mickey Mouse-shaped pool! 

Kaitlin Sullivan will still be the first one that touched 

the 50 yd line. 

Michael Sullivan will be fat. 

EliseTarbox will still think she's in the woods trying to turn 
the sun off, and will still be calling Bongo for advice. 
Peter Tenaglia will be a world renowned producer of the 
best movies in the whole world. 

Jeff Terrizzi will still be hanging out with Nic Garofalo. 
LukasTheodossiouwill have found what he really wants to 
do and hopefully have kept in touch with his friends. 
Becky Tibbetts will still be the only one laughing at 
Gabby's bad jokes. 

Jackie Trevisani will still have her backpack. 

Caroline Tucker will still be hearing Beth nag, "Watch out 

for those Mountain Men" at Da Bush. 

Kerry Turok will be living with Christie Goyette as the most 

fashionable homeless person in New York. 

Anthony Umbrianna will still be called Twan by his friends. 

Maria Varonko will be watching "Friends". 

Ali Violandi will still be ordering off the kids' menu... 

Chandler Vuilleumier will still be babysitting every 

Saturday night. 

Danielle Walsh willbewaitingforNikkitowakeupand 

Emma to stop playing Game Cube so we can finish our Lego 

replica of Harry Potter and Hedwig. 

Austin Waltz might have a taste for food. 

Alex Watts will still be an untamed hairontheheadofthe 


Kyle Widzins will be in the Air Force as an electrician or out 
of the Air Force as a mechanic or electrician. 
Lucas Wojciechowski will still be known as New Kid". 
Victoria Woleyko will be traveling the world with an open 
heart and an open mind, living every day like it is the last. 
Timothy Wood will be cruisin' on the AA. 
1 Nicholas Woodgate will still have a feeling. 
Michael Woomer will be "Still living the Dream". 
fNikki Worthman will be crashing on Emma's floor. 
Zachary Zahnzinger will still be singing A Ca pel la, except 
his venues will be in subway stations and on sidewalks, 
lakar Zaverucha will be living in the Community Mansion. 


2010 DHS Graduates! 

You've come a long way babies 



Cs:c- 3es g-s 


■V:-. ::-e 

Irk crossing 

jct rt 53 & 3a kingston ma c2364 



Abbott, Matthew 84, 87 
Abbott, Michaela 84 
Acha, Gordon 76, 78,177 
Aittaniemi, Chester 84 
Aldrich, Natalie 5, 50, 143, 152, 164 
Allen, Brendan 84 
Allen, Katherine 84, 156 
Allen, Julia 5,67,152,177 
Alvarez, Priscilla 84, 85 
Alzaim, Adam 5,51, 140 
Anderson, Bridget 68, 70,144,165 
Andren, Kristofer, 70 
Angell, Jason 76, 114 

Antaya, Matthew 6, 56, 60, 66, 152, 230, 239 

Aprea, Samuel 76, 142, 175 

Arana, Francesca 76,80,138,143 

Archambault, Kyle 84 

Armstrong, Abigail 76 

Armstrong, Richard 6,196,207 

Arthurs, Annemarie, 70 

Arthurs, Christopher 84, 89 

Auda, Gregory 6, 51, 56, 64, 69, 152, 209 

Auer, Christina 6,141,145 

Auer, James 70,75,134 

Averna, Julia 76, 112 

Aylmer, Brittany 84 

Bahr,Devan 70,140,148,176 

Bahr, Jenna 2, 3, 6, 56, 62, 64, 137, 152, 197 

Baker, Azhanay 76 

Ball, John 84 

Balzotti, Christina 84 

Balzotti, David 70 

Banville, Hunter 76, 83 

Barbati, Anthony 70 

Barker, Cayla 84 

Barletto, Renata 6, 49, 64, 69, 140, 216 

Barrett, Allison 84,138,146 

Barrett, Bronwen 1,7,55,157 

Barrington, Mitchell 76,110 

Barrington, Trevor 76, 78,162 

Barry, Bryan 70,103,126,127,141,142 

Bates, Sarah Anne 84 

Beatson, Liam 84, 136 

Beattie, Samuel 7,143,152,221,239 

Benoit, Zachary 7,51,58,66,67,103,152, 


Benson, Hunter 76, 79 
Bentsen-Bush, Alexandra 84,138 
Bernard, Michael 1, 7, 51, 55, 170, 173, 182, 

Bernard, Vanessa 76, 151 

Berry, Paige 70,173 

Bertoni, Christopher 84 

Bertoni, Jeffrey 76,78,177 

Bertoni, Lauren 84 

Betteridge, William 70,74,143,168 

Biagini, Nicholas 76 

Bicknell, Thomas 70 

Bishop, Blade 70 

Bishop, Brooke 76,79,165 

Bittrich, Caroline 84, 87, 92, 93 

Bittrich, Lauren 76,112,113 

Blanchard, Mary Kate 2, 3, 7, 68, 69, 152, 170, 

176, 204 

Blanchard, Thomas 84,168 

Blout, Jeffrey 7, 51, 56, 60, 65, 68, 69, 152, 


Blout, Steven 8, 51, 56, 60, 65, 66, 67, 110, 


Bone, Hilary 70,141 

Boothman,Callum 84,160 

Bosworth, Lindsay 84, 163 

Bouchie, Stephen 84 

Bowen, Natalie 8, 50, 52, 56, 67, 69, 141 , 


Boyle, Robert 76,148 
Brady, Alexandra 70,73,128 
Brady, Mark 8,51,53,69,152 
Brady, Patrick 84 
Brasington, Hunter 70, 145 
Bray, Gregory 70,115,133,162,163 
Brennan, Claire 84,142,149,179 
Brewer, Rose 84, 164 

Brockwell, Daniel 8, 52, 69, 143, 146, 152, 170, 

Brockwell, Kristen 84, 90 
Brook, Emily 70 

Brooks, Colleen 68, 70, 105, 137, 140, 144 

Brousseau, Zachary 70 

Brovitz, Sarah 8,154,175 

Brown, Elijah 84 

Buchanan, Kayla 1,8,145,163 

Buckley, Dylan 76, 78 

Buckley, Erin 76, 79 

Buckley, Kaitlin 1,9, 49, 51, 52, 64, 69, 103, 
Buckley, Rebecca 76 
Buell, Patrick 84,163 

Buonagurio, Daniel 9, 49, 59, 67, 142, 143, 

Buonagurio, Henry 76, 107, 144 

Buonvicino, Cara 9, 50, 56, 152, 221, 238 

Buonvicino, Nicholas 70 

Burke, Caitlin 9, 49, 50, 53, 59, 62, 103, 108, 


Burke, James 76 

Burke, Rachel 84,88,164 

Burnham, Hadley 1 , 9, 51 , 54, 60, 66, 69, 


Burns, Christopher 70 
Buron, Andrew 76 
Burr, Kasey 70 

Butcher, Georgia 84, 88, 91, 132, 162, 179 

Butler, Greyson 84 

Butler, Michael 76 

Bylo, Clint 76,81 

Cadorette, Sara 76 

Caffrey, Susannah 70,75 

Cahill, Charles 70,73 

Calabro, Christopher 9,152 

Calabro, Patrick 70 

Caliendo, Drew 85 

Cameron, Kate 70,138,163,164 

Campbell, Carlon 85 

Carleton, Jacob 70,133 

Carley, Samantha 85,105,138,163 

Carney, Dianna 76, 155 

Carney, Samantha 70, 145, 154 

Carpenter, Alyssa 85, 163 

Carpenter, Analee 85, 160 

Carr, Cody 76 

Casey, Alena 76, 78 

Casey, Jenica 10,152,238 

Casey, Kevin 68,70,114,154 

Casey, Matthew 10,210 

Cronin, Julie 13, 56, 64, 94, 141 , 152, 1 76 

Casey, Sean 85 

Cronin, Kelly 85,89,136 

Catanzariti, Emmanuel 10, 51, 54, 60, 64, 66, 

Croteau, Andrew 85 

144, 154, 163 

Croteau, Connor 13,51,68,92,152 

Catanzariti, Isabella 76 

Crowell, Cameron 13, 50, 51, 63, 65, 68, 103, 

Cazeault, Elizabeth 76, 144 

130, 152,238 

Chandler, James 85 

Crowley, Micaela 13, 50, 55, 140, 193 

Chappuis, Ashleen 76,79 

Cully, Greer 68,69,71,75,159 

Charland, Connor 76,178,182 

Curley, Cavin 85, 87 

/•l 1 J n_*. .1 1A /"A -ITT 

Charland, Patrick 10, 69, 173 

Curley, Christina 85, 86 

Chatlin, Haley 77, 112, 129, 144, 150, 177 

Curley, William 71, 122, 123 

Cheal, Michael 85, 163, 164 

Cumer, Lindsay 71, 75, 140 

Chen, Kevin 85, 156 

Currul, Amanda 77 

Cheney, Devin 10, 52, 64, 92, 142, 152, 166, 

Cushing, Ann 77, 141 

167, 171, 172, 173, 184, 239 

Cushing, Cassandra 84, 85, 163, 167, 168 

Childs, Corey 70 

Cushing, Melissa 71, 163 

Ciccone, Anthony 10,54,239 

Cusickjenna 69,71,140,148,149 

Cipolletti, Charlotte 70, 146, 163, 169 

Daley, Cameron 77 

Clacherty, Michael 11,208,239 

Daly, Caitlin 85, 145, 148 

Clang, Jessica 85 

Dame, Kyle 14, 51, 56, 64, 68, 69, 148, 152, 

Clark, Collin 11,51,60,69, 152 


Clark, Conor 11,67,134,152 

Dame, Kylie 85 

Clark, Madeline 77, 143, 144 

Dame, Mackenzie 71,74,149 

Cline, Nickolas 11, 51, 68, 152, 166, 167, 170, 

D'Amore, Michael 71 

173, 192, 

Dauwer, Patrick 14, 55, 66, 140, 144, 169 

Clinton, Savannah 77 

Davidson, Brendan 14, 50, 130, 131, 141, 

Clough, Anelle 1,11, 53, 152, 167, 239 


Clough, Victoria 70, 144, 163, 167, 168, 169 

Davidson, Kelsey 85, 91 

Coakley, John 77,79,153 

Davis, Alenni 85, 160, 168 

Coakley, Kevin 85, 146 

Davis, Brighid 71, 75, 158 

Cobb, Lindsey 84, 85, 140 

Day, Dale 77 

Coghlan, Katelyn 11, 56, 58, 62, 103, 152, 167, 

Day, Stephen 14, 56, 64, 65, 67, 147, 152, 

1 71 1 07 Tift 

173, 187, 239 

170, 195 

Colangelo, Sarah 12, 51, 58, 60, 62, 140, 152, 

De Deyne, Margot 14, 50, 141, 146, 152, 177 

160, 204 

DeGrenier, James 71, 142 

Coli, Marcos 70, 142 

Delagrange, Danielle 77 

Connelly, Seamus 77, 143 

Delagrange, Dean 85 

Connelly, Thomas 85 

Delia Noce, Philip 14, 152, 163, 165, 167, 

Connolly, Brendan 77 

169, 209 

Connolly, Briana 70, 124, 141, 147, 149, 178 

Demers, Ethan 15,55,67,69,143,222 

Connolly, Christian 70 

Demos, Clark 71,140,142 

Connolly, Colin 12, 67, 72, 143 

Denelle, Daryl 86, 145 

Connolly, Cory 77,78,177 

Dennison, Catherine 77, 143, 144 

Connolly, Katherine 77 

Desmarais, Gillian 71,145,157,168 

Connolly, Lillian 85 

Desmarais, Nicole 15, 143, 156, 163, 170, 238 

Connolly, Michael 85,130 

Desmery, Virginia 1,15,67,152,217 

Connolly, Timothy 77,79 

DeVellis, Krista 15, 152,164,167, 170 184, 

Conway, Madeline 85 


Conway, Shannon 85, 89 

Dever.Sean 77 

Cook, Max 85, 161 

Devereaux, Monica 1 , 1 5, 49, 51 , 68, 69, 1 52 

Coonan, Andrew 77,160 

DeWolf, Geoffrey 15,51 

Cooper,Sarah 85, 161 

DiMartinis, Peter 85, 86 

Copp, Samantha 70, 105, 138 

DiPrima, Aidan 71,73 

Corbett, Caroline 85, 90, 104, 105, 138 

DiTullio, Colton 77 

Cornelius, Margaret 12, 64, 65, 141, 152, 154 

Dixon, Jonathan 16,51, 143 

Costello, Patrick 12,66, 145 

Dixon, William 16,65,210 

Costello, Sarah 77 

Dobbins, Maggie 71, 146, 149, 164 

Cote, Carl 12,49, 154 

Dobbins, Myles 71 

Cote, Christopher 77,80 

Dobens, Abigail 71, 140, 145, 168 

Cote, Marc 1 2, 55, 57, 64, 1 1 1 , 1 43, 1 52, 1 86, 

Doherty, Christine 77, 79, 112, 145 

227, 228 

Doherty, Elizabeth 71, 113 

Cowen, Charles 13,56,57,66,149 

Doherty, Kathleen 71, 168, 176 

Coyne, Joseph 71 

Doherty, Mary 86, 88 

Craig, Stephen 85 

Doherty, Michael 16 

Craig, Zachary 77 

Dolin, David 86 

Crandon, Earl 85, 162 

Domijan, Kathryn 86 

Creed, Ryan 13,179 

Donoghue, Timothy 16,56,57,103 

* f 



Donovan.David 71,133,145 

Donovan, Laura 1, 16, 152, 238 

Donovan, Mary 77 

Donovan, Patrick 71,72,102,134, 

Dormady, Cody 86 

Dorn, Heather 86, 90 

Dorn, Weston 16,63,141,152,238 

Dow, Wesley 71,148 

Dowd, Michaela 71 

Dowling, Kristofer 77, 153 

Dowling, Patrick 77 

Dowling, Richard 17,57,69 

Doyle, Bradley 77 

Doyle, Brady 17,50,145,205 

Doyle, Emily 77,79,132 

Doyle, Michael 17,63,189 

Doyle, Connor 77, 127 

Drago, Nicholas 86 

Draper, Cameron 66, 71, 164, 168 

Driscoll, Amber 17,50,145,208,238 

Driscoll, Ryan 77,94 

Driver, Kira 17,49,50,52,58,239 

Drummy, Catherine 71, 75, 105, 138, 139, 


Drummy, Thomas 17, 51, 55, 57, 63, 66, 103, 


Dubuisson, Sophie 77 

Duddy, Madison 77 

Dudley, Amelia 77, 78 

Dudley, Hilary 71,105,138 

Duffy, Colleen 86,146 

Duffy, Erin 77 

Duffy, Laurel 78,82 

Duggan, Colman 71, 133, 146 

Dugre, Luke 86 

duMont, Stephen 86 

Dunn, Maggie 67,71,140,120,148 

Duty, Brandon 86 

Dwinell, Haley 86 

Dwinell, Hanna 70,71,141,149,226 
Dwinell, Morgan 18, 51 , 55, 57, 58, 60, 66, 69, 
110,184, 226 
Ederle, Samuel 84, 86 
Ederle, William 77 

Edgar, Duncan 18,52,130,152,161,163 

Edgar, Malcolm 86, 161 

Eisenstadt, Cassandra 71 

Eisenstadt, Katarina 77,145,163 

EI-Amine,Adam 18,178 

El-Amine, Tarek 71 

Elias, George 18,53,69,145,158 

Ellis, Abigail 3,71,157,177 

Ellis, Hannah 2,3,18,66,69,152,206 

Emmett, Jared 86 

Errasti, Kayla 71,149 

Estey, James 86 

Fahy, Patrick 71 

Falcone, Kara 71,140,147,162 

Fallon, Arthur 78 

Fallon, Christine 18,50,152,178 

Fallon, Kaitlin 86 

Farese, David 19,54,239 

Fariello, Stephanie 78 

Farina, Allison 78 

Farina, David 78, 165 

Farquharson, Emma 71, 163, 168 

Farquharson, Madeline 86, 163, 168 

Farrelly, Anna 19,54,58,60,62,177,187 
Federoff, Nicholas 19,50,51,154 
Federoff, Sarah 86 

Feeney, Lauren 71, 147, 164, 168, 169, 171 

Feeney, Lindsay 86, 88, 163 

Files, Nathan 1,19, 53, 62, 150, 166, 167, 


Files, Samuel 19,51,55,164,197 
Finch, Kate 19, 51 
Finch, Thomas 78 
Findley, Martha 78,140 
Finn, Katherine 72,155 
Finocchiaro, Katherine 72, 75, 108 
Finocchiaro, Robert 86 
Fiset, Daniel 72 
Fiskio, Emma 86,87 
FitzGerald, Adam 78 
Fitzgerald, Brendan 86, 146 
Fitzgerald, Luke 86 
Fitzmaurice, Kelsey 78 
Fitzpatrick, Leyla 72, 73 
Fitzpatrick, Sophia 78, 167 
Flynn, Patrick 72 
Foley, Caroline 77, 78, 82 
Fontaine, Ike 68,72,74,142,179 
Fontaine, Luke 72,142,179 
Fontana, Alden 86 
Fontana, Alicia 72, 149 
Forlizzi, Cara 20, 201 

Frye, Jonathan 20,51,55,60,66, 122, 152, 

Gabanelle, Emilie 86,155 

Gabrielli, Michael 72 

Gaita, Jeffrey 78,160 

Gallagher, Emily 72,108,141 

Gallagher, Erin 86,90,158,159 

Garofalo, Alexa 76,78,146 

Garofalo, Nicholas 20, 50, 52 

Garran, Alejandra 78 

Garrity, Aidan 78, 148 

Garvey, Kristen 72,92,141 

Gately, Sean 72 

Gates, Annie 72,112,113 

Gavin, Melissa 68,72,108,109 

Gavin, Timothy 78 

Gearin, Patrick 78,79,153,160 

Geary, John 86,88 

Geiger, John 86 

Geiger, Kelly 72,144,157,168 

Genereux, Jake 86 

Gerraughty, Jennifer 78, 144 

Gerraughty, Lorin 69, 72, 141, 149, 159, 163 

Gibbs, Abigail 2, 3, 20, 56, 62, 63, 66, 69, 146, 


Gibbs, Gabrielle 86,140 

Gillis, Brendan 78 

Gillis, James 20,62,65,161,171,191,239 

Gino, Tucker 78, 164 

Gino, Zachary 71,72, 150 

Gisholt Minard, Morgan 87 

Giumetti, Emily 87 

Glatthorn, Luke 78 

Gleason, Sean 87 

Goldberg, Jack 72,119 

Goldberg, Sarah 72,175 

Goldman, Leigh 78 

Gomer, Jonathon 78, 79 



Goodless, Mark 20,239 

Gooley, Rebecca 87 

Gordon, Alexander 78 

Gould, Keri 66, 72,102,141,145 

Gould, Morgan 2 1 , 49, 50, 65, 69, 1 52, 1 70, 


Goyette, Alexa 78 

Goyette, Christie 21, 65, 152, 170, 224, 238 
Grady, Lauren 67,72,140 
Graham, Molly 78, 79,151 
Granger, Christopher 87, 147 
Granger, Katherine 21,61,147,238 
Grant, Roger 72, 74 
Greenwood, Kara 78,79,81,161 
Gregg, Kimberly 21,50,58, 64 
Grey, Owen 87,135,146 
Griffin, Christine 87 

Griffin, Kathryn 2 1 , 50, 53, 67, 1 03, 1 1 6, 1 52, 
184, 188 

Griffin, Matthew 84, 87,158,159 

Griffin-Crane, Faith 87,163 

Griffin-Crane, Ryan 72, 74 

Grossman, Brian 21,53,103,122,152 

Grubb, Anna 72,158 

Grunwald, Peter 78, 142 

Guilfoile, John 78 

Guilfoile, Joseph 87,158,162,165 

Guilfoile, Thomas 22, 52, 65, 66, 145, 146, 


Habgood, Samuel 22,52,66,152 
Haffey, Kane 72,107 

Haffey, Lila 22, 49, 51, 55, 103, 116, 152, 209, 

Hagan, Matthew 79 

Hallisey, Matthew 72 

Hamilton, Patrick 72 

Hanlon, Rebecca 87 

Hanlon, Sarah 72,140,141,147 

Hannon, Alexandra 79, 140 

Hannon, Julia 22, 49, 54, 64, 67, 103, 124, 143, 

144, 190 

Hannon, Thomas 87 
Hanrahan, Nicole 79,164 
Hansman, Emily 79,158,159,177 
Harasimowicz, Brett 72 
Harrison, Timothy 78,79, 126 
Hart, Russell 79,168 
Hartford, Hannah 79 
Harvey, Caroline 87 
Harvey, Kaitlyn 72, 141 
Hayes, Benjamin 78,79,148 
Haynes, David 79 
Haynes, Meghan 72, 163 
Healy-Levy, Benjamin 72 
Hecker, Rima 22, 50 
Hellar, Dorothy 85, 87 
Hellar, Paul 79 

Hemingway, David 22, 62, 64, 141, 152, 190 
Hemingway, John 23, 60, 62, 115, 141, 152, 

hendrickson, Ryan 1, 23, 58, 59, 64, 66, 67, 

Hennessy, Kellie 1 , 23, 51, 55, 64, 68, 69, 93, 

Hibbard, Margaret 23, 51, 52, 58, 62, 141, 166, 

Hickey, Caroline 78, 79,145,151 

Hickey, Margaret 72, 141 

Hickey, Matthew 23, 51, 55, 56, 62, 92, 152 

Higgins, John 87, 146, 

Hill.Allie 1,23,49,51,52,69,92,93,105, 

138, 144, 150, 152, 154, 158, 159, 170, 172, 


Hill, Carlre 72 

Hinesjohn 87 

Hines, Rebecca 79 

Hofmaier, Elizabeth 24, 58, 64 

Hofmaier, Madeline 87,142,150 

Holland, Theodore 79 

Holland, Toni 1,24,152,201,239 

Holopainen, Alex 72 

Holt, William 24,51,143,152,153,165, 


Homan, Colby 79, 156, 
Hopkins, Mark 79 
Horton, Emily 79,81 
Hovey, Robert 87 
Howard, Kyle 87 

Hunter, Elizabeth 24,65,163,178 

Hunter, Sarah 79 

Hurvitz, Jonathan 87,91 

Husted, Drew 24, 50, 58, 103, 130, 131, 152, 


Husted, Laura 79 
Hutchinson, Emily 68, 72 
Hyland, Douglas 4,239 
Hyland, Matthew 87 
Hyland, Meaghan 79 
lkeda,lan 79,154 

Inglis, Connor 1, 25, 50, 54, 56, 69, 144, 146, 


Jackson, Evan 79 

Jacobson, Kenneth 79, 127 

Jacobson, Samuel 79 

Jamieson, Danielle 79, 168 

Jernigan-Smith, Sally 66, 72, 150, 162 

Jewell, William 66, 72, 114, 143, 161, 169, 


Johnson, Alicia 73, 144, 178 
Johnson, Christopher 87 
Johnson, Colin 87 
Johnson, Eleanor 87, 129 
Johnson, Kelly 73 

Johnson, Kendall 25,51,54,152,162,170, 

Johnson, Meghan 25, 50, 51, 103, 104, 105, 


Johnson, Robert 79,148,162 

Johnson, Ross 73 

Jones, Amanda 87, 136 

Jones, Caitlin 25,50,55,69,170 

Jones, Kyle 79 

Jones, Sarah 79 

Jordan, Lindsay 79,158 

Juliano, Gerard 79 

Juliano, Kelly 87,158 

Kalil, Samantha 25, 49, 50, 55, 64, 67, 144, 


Kangos, Nicholas 79 

Kates, Nicholas 85,87,91,144 

Kates, Robert 25, 51, 56, 67, 134, 143, 238 

Katz, Gabriella 1, 26, 49, 51, 62, 64, 69, 144, 




Katz, Natalie 79, 142 

Kazanowski, Michelle 73, 144, 154, 167, 168, 

Kazanowski, Thomas 26, 51, 52, 56, 57, 60, 61, 
Kearneyjake 26,49,51,52,178 
Kearney, Joseph 87 

Kearney, Stephen 26, 68, 69, 144, 148, 152, 

Keefe, Shawn 26,69,172 
Kellar, Edward 80 
Kelley, Brian 80, 161 
Kelley, Michelle 80 
Kelly, Aidan 73 
Kelly, Joseph 87 

Kelso, Grace 26, 51, 58, 59, 60, 62, 152, 164, 

Kennelly, Alexander 87 

Kent, Brooke 27,51,52,55,69,103,137, 


Keohan, Brendan 79, 80 

Kerle, Riley 67,73,140,143,160,179 

Kimball, Benjamin 1, 27, 50, 103, 114, 152 

Kimball, Christopher 1,27,50,152,239 

Kindregan, Conor 73 

Kingbury, William 87 

Kite-Powell, Johannes 87 

Klein, Michael 88 

Koplovsky, Aiden 88 

Kornberg, Dylan 73, 146, 155 

Kosharek, Alexander 1, 27, 51, 53, 56, 60, 64, 

67, 69,152,161,163,194,239 

Kosharek, Robert 88, 91 

Koulopoulos, Michael 80 

Kozmiski, Michael 80 

Kozmiski, Therese 27,50,53,67,152 

Kracov, Michael 73 

Krall, George 73,118,126,146 

Kramer, Aaron 27,56,66,106,123 

Kramer, Rachel 28 

Kravitz, Leyla 73,92,93,141 

Kravitz, Steven 88 

Krusell, Melissa 79,80,151 

Kuckuk, Kevin 73,118 

Lake, Anna 88 

Lake, Darci 28,49,51,227 

Lake, Michaela 80,168 

Lampert, Sarah 88,145 

Landry, Brittney 2, 3, 28, 51, 53, 104, 105, 141, 


Landry, James 28,54,56,57,110,229 
Lanman, Peter 80,115,139 
Lannon, Jamie 80 
Lannon, Micaela 88,90 
Laputz, Amy 73, 154 
Laramee,Eoin 28,53,145,238 
Larsen, Eric 73,169 

LaTorre, Michael 28, 59, 63, 65, 66, 152, 190 

Lawrence, Drew 88 

Lawson, Madison 80, 109 

Leaverton, Alexandra 88, 90 

Leddie, Brian 85,88 

Leddie, Colleen 80 

Leese, Parker 80 

Lenhardt, Stephanie 73,105,149,176 

Lenhardt, Zachary 88,146 

Leonard, Julia 1,29,51,58,65,140,152 

Levesgue, Victoria 80,140,151 

Lewine, Benjamin 80 

Librett, Krista 76, 80 

Lies, Madeline 88 

Linskey, Mikkel 80 
Lirosi, Joseph 73 

Listernick, Caroline 29, 55, 62, 67, 142, 152, 

154,170, 239 

Lloyd, Carson 88, 160 

Locke, Paige 29,52,56,67,147,152 

LoConte, Christopher 88, 91 

Longo, Tyler 69, 73,144 

Loreaux, Elizabeth 88 

Loreaux, Gregory 29,51,152 

Lorusso, Victoria 29, 55, 68, 142, 164, 170, 


Lougee, Marshall 80 

Lougee, Victoria 88 

Lovell, Emma 73 

Lovett, Taylor 80 

Lydon, Kellie 80 

Lynch, Brianna 88,148,162 

Lynch, John 29, 239 

Lynch, Kevin 30, 52, 239 

Lynch, Nicholas 30,67,141,148,152 

Lyons, Nicholas 1, 30, 50, 67, 142, 152, 161, 


Macaluso, Alexis 80 

Macaluso, Catherine 30, 49, 52, 140, 144 
Macaluso, Madeline 88 
MacDonald, Lauren 80, 105,138 
MacDonald.Liam 88,146 
Mackey, Shane 30,94,141,177,239 
Mackin, Kelley 88,105,138 
Mackin, Riley 30, 62 
MacKinnon, Megan 88 

MacLennan, Kerri 31, 51, 60, 64, 66, 142, 152, 

MacLennan, Patrick 88, 157, 161, 167, 168 

MacLeod, Aidan 88,89 

MacLeod, Kyle 88,175 

Madden, Matthew 80 

Magner, James 73, 118 

Magnuson, Ashley 31,58,62,152 

Maguire, Denis 73 

Mahony, Kevin 73, 176 

Malewicz, John 88 

Mann, John 88,148 

Mann, Nicholas 73 

Manning, Caroline 78, 80, 82, 164, 177 
Maragioglio, Patricia 31, 145 
Marcello, James 88 
Marcotte, Alexandra 73, 157 
Marino, Jason 80 
Marino, Justin 80 

Marston, Jonathan 31 , 49, 51 , 52, 59, 68, 

Martin, Adam 73 

Martin, Allison 73,137,176 

Martin, Robert 31,239 

Martin, Ross 73, 74 

Masgul, Kelly 69,73,74,149,177 

Mattes, James 88 

Matthews, Timothy 73, 126 

McAdams, Mathew 88 

McCabe, Sean 73 

McCall, Donald 78,80,177 

McCall.Taryn 31,49,55,60,66,103,124, 


McCarthy, David 80 
McCarthy, Hannah 32 
McCarthy, Joseph 88 
McCarthy, Marshall 88 
McCarthy, Olivia 73,145,148 
McCarthy, Siobhan 66, 73 
McCarthy, Veronica 87,88 

McClintock, Makai 80,149 
McClure, Emily 80, 145 
McCourt,lan 89,168 
McCutcheon, Matthew 89 
McDermott, Jonathan 80 
McDermott, Marley 1,32,67,145,152 
McElduff, Justin 32,57,111,143,152,176, 
205, 209 

McElduff, Kelly 68,73,159,169 

McGarigal, Taylor 32,50,166,171,238 

McGeady.Anna 80,146 

McGeady, John 32, 54, 57, 103, 143, 178, 182 

McGill, Andrew 80,149 

McHugh, Daniel 89,146 

McHugh, Kristin 81,164 

McKenna, Haley 81,142 

McKenzie, Alexander 73 

McKenzie, Madison 73,113,159 

McKinley, Jonathan 73, 102, 103, 114, 133 

McKinney, Colleen 81 

McLaughlin, Hannah 89,145,151 

McLaughlin, Laura 32,150,151,152 

McLaughlin, Laurie 74 

McLaughlin, Shannon 77,81 

McMahon, Kevin 89 

McPartlan, Brian 33,50,238 

McPartlan, Michael 89 

McSherry, Caroline 88, 89 

McWilliams, Patrick 1, 33, 51, 53, 56, 60, 103, 


Mechak, Lauren 33,51,56,152,238 
Meehan, Brendan 74, 115 
Meehan, Emily 81 

Merlin, Emily 1, 33, 52, 60, 62, 69, 145, 146, 

152,167, 171,199,238 

Michelson, Alexandria 89, 146 

Michelson, Chelsea 69,74, 141 

Miller, Carter 33, 52, 143, 145, 173, 229, 239 

Miller, Kayleigh 89,140,163 

Miller, Patrick 33,69,152,178,229,238 

Minahan, Christopher 74 

Mohrman, Chase 81 

Moniri, Joshua 87,89 

Montuori, LeRe 89 

Moore, Jennifer 74, 140, 149 

Morgan, Alfred 89 

Moriarty.Zoe 78,81,105,138 

Morreale, Stephanie 84,89,146 

Morrison, Ashley 74, 163 

Muller, Davis 81 

Mullins, Charles 81 

Mulone, Nicholas 34, 239 

Mulrenin, Rachel 34, 49, 52, 56, 69, 144, 152 

Mulrenin, Samantha 89 

Muncey, Peter 81 

Munson, Emilie 81 

Murdock, Hannah 74 

Murphy, Deirdre 81 

Murphy, Elizabeth 81,163 

Murphy, Haley 84,89,138 

Murphy, Hannah 89 

Murphy, John 81 

Murphy, Keelan 78,81,145 

Murphy, Lisa 34,194 

Murphy, Robert 34, 49, 53, 103, 106, 227 

Murphy, Ryan 89 

Murphy-Kusins, Mara 34, 49, 66, 140, 152 

Mutkoski, Emily 84,89, 160 

Myette, Cameron 89, 115 

Nachman, Joel 74 

Najarian, Alexandra 81 

Narlee, Henry 89 

Naton, Reilly 81 

Nauman, Cade 74 

Nee, Julia 74,113,132,154 

Nee, Laura 89,91,132 

Nelson, Erin 34, 69,152, 155,213,238 

Nelson, Meghan 35, 69,152,155,213 

Nichols, Seth 89 

Nickerson, Cody 35,138,141 

Nissi, Cassandra 35, 50, 64, 67, 1 17, 1 52, 170, 


Nissi, Grace 81,177 

Nolan, Kevin 74 

Norling, Barbara 74,178 

North, Brendan 81,148 

North, Michela 89,121 

Norton, Katelyn 89,120,121,179 

Norton, Maggie 66, 74, 103, 120, 140, 141, 


Nutter, Kathryn 84,89,149 
O'Brien, Connor 89 
O'Brien, Hunter 35, 53 
O'Brien, Robert 89 
O'Connor, Brendan 89 
O'Day, Emily 74,174 
Odier, Justine 81 

O'Donovan, Lance 35,50,57,69,143 
O'Keefe, Connor 81,148,158,159 
O'Keefe, Matthew 81,83,143 
O'Keefe, Shaylyn 35 
O'Leary, Kara 81 
O'Leary, Kevin 89 

O'Neal, Gregory 36, 56, 60, 62, 66, 67, 122, 

143,152, 207 

O'Neal, Meghan 87,88,89 

O'Regan, Catherine 76,81,165 

O'Sullivan, Molly 74 

O'Toole, Elisabeth 36, 51, 64, 152, 170, 176 

Owen, Curtis 78,81,118,177 

Owen, David 36,54,147,212,229,238 

Padula, Andrew 80, 81 

Padula, Christina 36,58,152 

Page, Victoria 81,164 

Palfrey, Alexander 89 

Palmer, Andrew 89 

Pasqualejenna 66,81,168,171 

Pasquale Monk, Julia 68,73,74,149 

Passed, Mark 36,60,68,152 

Pattinson, Catherine 36, 51, 53, 62, 68, 144, 

152, 153,175,188 

Pattison, Amelia 90 

Paulson, Nicholas 74 

Payne, Zachary 37, 50, 51, 62, 152, 162, 163, 

Pedulla, Grayson 81 
Perkins, Cody 90,164 
Perry, Joshua 74 

Perry, Roman 37, 52, 59, 141, 144, 163, 166, 


Peterson, Lily 81,109 

Peterson, Mikalah 2,3,74,141,145,174 

Phelan, Hana 90, 162 

Phillips, Chandler 74 

Phillips, Matthew 81 

Phillips, Nicole 37,50,62,152,210 

Phinney, Caroline 81,82 

Pierce, Andrew 37, 56, 60, 1 52, 154, 194, 239 

Pierdinock, Christian 90 

Pierdinock, Stephanie 74 

Piesco, Ryan 37, 50, 56, 62, 66, 69, 152, 162, 


Pimentel, Michael 90 

Pires, Diane 81,145,163 

I- 1 




Pittore, Olyvia 37, 55, 239 
Pollack, Shelby 86, 90 
Poore, Alexander 74 
Popoloski, Nathan 82 

Porter, Catherine 38, 49, 51, 54, 56, 206, 239 

Potash, Benjamin 38, 54, 55, 140, 152, 193 

Powell, Wilson 82 

Powers, Kelsey 82,144 

Powers, Molly 90 

Pritchard, Taylor 38 

Puopolo, Michelle 90 

Quilty, Bridget 90 

Rader, Shelby 90 

Rains, Margaret 74, 157 

Rana,Maheen 74,149,151,153 

Randall, Maxwell 80,82 

Reale, Mackenzie 82,138 

Reale, Thomas 38,143,179 

Reddy, Kealan 82 

Reed, Ian 82 

Reed, Stephanie 38, 50, 57, 69, 143, 144, 178, 
220, 239 

Reilly, Jacqueline 90 

Reinhart, Casey 2, 3, 74 

Reinhart, Samuel 38,69,142,158,170 

Reney, Meaghan 74, 137, 161 

Ricciardi, John 39,55,59 

Riccio, Tessa 74, 136 

Richard, Kourtney 39, 50 

Richardson, Jennifer 39,58 

Riddle, Avery 78,82,129,158 

Riley, Antonio 82,140,145,168 

Roberts, Joshua 74 

Robinson, Haley 74 

Rodriguez, Chandler 74,162,179 

Rogerson, Sarah 82, 145 

Rollock, Cassandra 74,165,176 

Rollock, Chelsae* 90 

Ronne, Andria 39,64,67,150,152 

Ronne, Deanna 90 

Rosenfeld, Olivia 82,164 

Roth, Rachel 39, 50 

Rourke, Timothy 78,82,147,163 

Roveto, Matthew 90 

Roy, Michael 90,144,146 

Ruggles, Kelsey 82 

Ruggles, Lauren 88, 90 

Runci, Elizabeth 74 

Ryan, David 39, 51, 58, 63, 66, 148, 152, 162, 

Sahlberg, Brett 74 

Sahlberg, Linnea 86, 89, 90 

Salameh, Janine 40,219 

Sanchez, Adam 74 

Sanchez, Victoria 90, 163 

Sangster, Daniel 40, 52, 57, 68, 69, 103, 110, 


Sarles, Thomas 90, 146 

Savard, Matthew 40, 51, 55, 103, 152, 162, 

165,170, 203,239 

Scandone, Dayna 82 

Scanlan,Ryan 79,82,92,93 

Scanlon, Sandra 82 

Scavongelli, Christopher 82 

Scherer,Courtney 90 

Schmitt, Neave 1, 2, 3, 40, 51, 64, 69, 92, 93, 


Schneider, Erik 82 

Schneiderhan, Lucas 90 

Schneiderhan, Matthew 40, 103, 145, 152, 


Schofield, Austin 74,143 

Scholberg, Hanna 90 
Schroeder, Benjamin 82 
Schroeder, Emma 90 

Schroeder, Ryan 40, 50, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 103, 

Schromm, Winston 90 
Schupp, Alexis 41,65,141,152 
Schupp, Sara 82 

Schwanke, Kayla 41, 54, 62, 64, 66, 67, 92, 93, 

Scorza, Matthew 1, 41, 51, 55, 56, 68, 144, 


Scott, Jessica 89,90 

Segalla, Emma 41, 50, 52, 56, 64, 152, 230 

Segalla, Michele 75,140 

Serres, Nora 82,144,148,150 

Shally, Alexandria 75 

Shally, Samantha 90,162 

Shamma, Allyson 41,54,220 

Shane, Allison 75 

Shane, Emily 2,3,90,145,153 

Sharpe, Mackenzie 82,160 

Shaughnessy, Alexandria 75, 102, 136 

Shay,Caela 82,129,158 

Shayne, John 75 

Sheehan, Samantha 82, 140 

Showstead, Steven 82,162 

Siciliano, Keenan 90 

Siciliano, Samantha 1, 41, 49, 51, 53, 56, 58, 

60,64, 69,170, 224 

Siefert, William 82 

Silveira, Raquel 42,140,145,239 

Simons, Michelle 42, 50, 58, 60, 68, 152, 239 

Slechta, John 42, 60, 64, 69, 143, 152, 1 72 

Smith, Chace 82 

Smith, Heather 42,152,211 

Smith, Jillian 42, 54, 64, 69, 145, 152, 158, 159 

Smith, Linsin 82, 163 

Smith, Madeline 42, 49, 59, 62, 103, 116, 139 

Smith, Rachael 82 

Soldi,Sarah 43,152,176,239 

Soldi, Thomas 89,90 

Sotir, Stephanie 90 

Sowa, Christopher 75, 126 

Spellman, Samantha 90 

Spencer, Ian 1, 43, 51, 69, 137, 166, 170, 173, 


Spoor, Michael 75,163,178 

Startzell, Benjamin 73,75,162,165 

Steele, Anne 43, 51, 60, 64, 103, 112, 152, 170 

Stenstrom, Carolyn 43, 51, 103, 104, 105, 138, 


Stenstrom, Kristen 43, 51, 55, 103, 104, 105, 


Stewart, Alexander 90 

Stillman, Gerry 82 

Stinebiser, Chloe 90, 92 

Stoddard, Jonathan 75,118 

Stoner, Rosemary 75 

Storgaard, Jacob 75,145,150 

Strand, Adam 90 

Strand, Christian 43, 53, 65, 68, 69, 158, 159 

Stratton, Brentyn 90 

Stratton, Caitlin 75 

StrattonJ oshua 44, 223 

Su, Arthur 79,82,130,179 

Su, Barry 75,130,131,160 

Sullivan, Catherine 91,138 

Sullivan, Christopher 75 

Sullivan, Cory 75 

Sullivan, Crystal 44,50,69,164,239 
Sullivan, Kaitlin 44,49,53,64,152,222 

Sullivan, Meghan 91, 146 

Walsh, Danielle 47,50,60,89,239 

Sullivan, Michael 44, 51, 54, 65, 69, 103, 122, 

Walsh, James 85,91 

148,152, 202 

Walsh, Kristina 75,156 

Sullivan, Thomas 44, 178 

Walter, Laura 47,143,156 

Sumner, Adam 91 

Waltz, Austin 47, 51, 92, 153, 161, 164, 231 

Sumner, Hayden 82 

Waltz, Brandon 83,93,168 

Sunderland, Tyler, 91 

Ward, George 91 

Surette, Kristina 75 

Watts, Alexandra 47,67,141,238 

Sutton, Tyronda 91 

Watts, Alissa 83,164 

Sweeney, Katherine 82, 128, 150, 165 

Webber, Donde 83 

Sweeney, Patrick 75 

Weckbacher, Casey 91 

Sweet, Samuel 82 

Weil, Charlotte 82, 83 

Swem, Madeleine 90, 91, 132, 146 

Weil, Lilly 83 

Sylvester, Jill ian 2,3,84,91,158,159 

Weiss, Julianne 91, 160 

Szulak, Kerri 83,177 

Weld, William 91 

Tarbox, Elise 44, 49, 51, 52, 58, 231, 239 

West, Nina 75 

Tarbox, Evan 91,114 

Whalen, Andrew 75 

Taylor, Anna 83,144,162 

Whalen, Kevin 83 

Tenaglia, Peter 45, 50, 54, 141, 147, 152, 170, 

Whalen, Patrick 47, 54, 239 

177, 202 

Wheeler, Maxwell 75 

Tepper, Alexandra 83 

White, Anne 67, 70, 75, 92, 93, 168, 176 

Terrizzi, Anna 82,83,132,140,150,171 

White, Benjamin 48, 50, 63, 152, 173, 220, 

Terrizzi, Jeffrey 45, 50 


Theodossiou, Lukas 45, 239 

White, Ian 83 

Therrien, Emma 83 

White, Kyli 83 

Thomas, Casey 45,51,172,189 

Whitman, Haley 75,144,168 

Thomas, Stephen 83 

Widzins, Katelyn 83,178 

Thompson, Austin 83 

Widzins, Kyle 48,183 

Thompson, McKenzie 91 

Willauer, Peter 75,145 

Tibbetts, Rebecca 45,65,67,69,170 

Williams, Christopher 83 

Tillotson, Carly 75,168 

Williams, Derek 83 

Tinkham, Alexandra 91,158 

Williams, Gregory 83 

Tinkham, Nicholas 68,75 

Williams, Jessica 75,163 

Tobias, Karli 75,140,149 

Williams, Samuel 83 

Tobin, Taylor 83,157,177 

Wilson, Ian 91 

Tokarski, Cameron 91 

Winchester, Kevin 91 

Tonaszuck, Stephen 86,91, 146 

Withington, Brooke 91 

Tonis, Matthew 91 

Wojciechowski, Emilia 91 

Tougas,Samantha 83, 128 

Wojciechowski, Lucas 48, 50, 1 1 5, 1 52 

Tower, Kelsea 83 

Woleyko, Victoria 48, 58, 64, 1 50, 1 52, 1 54 

Tower, Madison 91, 168 

Wolff, Alyson 86,91,128 

Towers, Acacia 91 

Wong, Jacob 67, 75 

Trevisani, Jaclyn 45, 69, 92, 93, 103, 108, 1 38, 

Wood, Tanner 76,83,145 


Wood, Timothy 48,57, 68,238 

Triebel, William 91 

Woodgate, Nicholas 48, 51, 58, 62, 63, 1 52 

Tripp, Preston 46,55,152,238 

Wooley, Rachel 89,91,163 

Trudeau, Mark 91 

Woomer, Madeleine 83, 151, 154 

Trumbo, Lucas 91 

Woomer, Meghan 75, 108, 145, 147, 164 

Tsinzo, Devon 75,102,103,120,175 

Woomer, Michael 49,51 

Tucker, Caroline 1, 46, 49, 51, 54, 62, 67, 69, 

Worthman, Nikki 49, 51, 58, 60, 103, 120, 152 

152,163, 170 

Yanulis, Sarah 91,160,176 

Turner, John 71, 75 

Zahnzinger, Alexandra 83,155 

Turner, Samuel 91 

Zahnzinger, Zachary 49, 92, 152, 158, 163, 

Turok, Kerry 46, 53, 62, 66, 94, 143, 169, 170, 

169, 238 


Zaverucha, Makar 49, 55, 63, 152, 229 

Umbrianna, Anthony 46,66, 147, 172,239 

Zaverucha, Molly 81,83 

Urann, Kelsey 83 

Zee, Elizabeth 83,177 

Vandewater, Benjamin 91 

Zelvis, Benjamin 83 

VanUmmersen, Caroline 83, 132, 154 

Zisko, Broderick 83 

Varano.Sara 67,75,140,149 

Varonko, Maria 46, 51, 54, 58, 59, 60, 152, 202 

Vicario, Kristina 91 

Violandi, Alexandra 46, 60, 142, 152, 239 

Vitaro, Katherine 75 

Vuilleumier, Chandler 47, 49, 53, 60, 61, 140, 


Vuilleumier, Kelton 83 

Walker, Casey 75, 158,164 

Walker, Emily 75 

Walker, Mckenzie 91,142,149 

Walker, Torrence 74,75,145 

Walsh, Courtney 83 


TKoivk you to oil our photc^ophcrx for oil of your Kord urorkil 

^€ couldrvt hove dorvc it uritkout you* 

Korcrv Wor^ Qcini Joki\/oi\ K Qr€rv GoWb^j M'k« H Q " or€rv * 
/s^ork Qordi\«r 9 orvd ^€off /v\c«ir\l€L) 

You Who I Grew With 

Devin Cheney 

The clean crisp air gets caught in my breast 
As I exhale a cry of sheer exaltation 
Those who I have grown with 
Breathe this air too 
A sea of green and white 
An ocean of potential 
As our lives swell around us 
We turn our eyes skyward 
We turn our eyes to the future 
While the plans beyond today came into focus 
The past four years begin to grow faint 
This mounting anticipation 
Sparks through each of us 
And even though we all depart from here 
We hold this breath forever 

Artwork by Ellie Clough 

Liberty Reopens 

On July 4th one of the nation's most 
recognizable symbols of freedom, the Statue 
of Liberty, reopened its crown to visitors. 
After the September 1 1 th attacks, the 
monument was closed to all visitors until 
2004 when the base and lower observation 
decks were reopened. Guests will be allowed 
to make the 1 68-stair climb to the top for 
the next two years, when the crown will close 
again for safety work. 

Balloon Hoax 

Millions watched as a large metallic 
balloon, said to be carrying a 6 year old 
boy, soared through the air in Colorado. 
When it landed and "balloon boy" Falcon 
Heene was not inside, the world was 
relieved to learn he had been hiding 
in the attic the entire time. Three days 
later, after o telling interview, the whole 
spectacle was deemed a hoax in the 
parents' pursuit of fame and fortune. The 
parents pled guilty to criminol charges 
and received jail time. 

Fort Hood Tragedy 

On November 5, 2009, Fort Hood, America's 
largest military base, transformed from a 
place where soldiers prepare for war to an 
actual battlefield. Major Nidol Malik Hasan, 
a licensed military psychiatrist, opened 
fire in the processing center where soldiers 
report before deployment. Twelve soldiers 
and one civilian lost their lives, while 30 
others were injured, including Hasan. In the 
past, Hasan had been openly critical about 
the war on terror. 

Clunkers Make Some Noise 

For nearly a month in the summer of 2009 America was 
consumed by CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System), commonly 
known as Cash for Clunkers. The government program was 
designed to encourage drivers to trade-in old gas-guzzlers in 
favor of new, fuel-efficient vehicles. With an incentive of up to 
$4,500, the program was wildly successful and nearly 700,000 
cars were traded in. 

A Music Icon Remembered 

Legendary performer Michael Jackson passed away suddenly at 
the age of 50. As news spread of his death, the internet suffered a 
significant slowdown as people worldwide conducted simultaneous 
searches. Jackson was also nominated for five American Music Awards 
in 2009, including Artist of the Year, after his music saw a tremendous 
surge in sales andciirplay As a final tribute, Sony Pictures released 
This Is It. The never-before-seen footage of Jackson rehearsing for his 
final 50 shows was a massive success, making millions. 

Nuclear Test 

North Korea conducted o series of rocket 
and missile tests, including an underground 
nuclear bomb test in an attempt to lure 
the U.S. into talks to loosen sanctions. The 
international community was outraged, 
stating that the test was in clear violation 
of international law. In 2008, North Korea 
agreed to suspend its nuclear testing in 
exchange for economic stimulus, but the deal 
fell through after it removed inspectors from 
the country. 

Catastrophic Quakes 

The island nation of Haiti was struck by 
a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake 
so strong it could be felt nearly 200 
miles away. The flattened capital city 
left millions seeking shelter and medical 
attention and Haitian government 
officials estimated over 1 1 1 ,000 
people lost their lives. Humanitarian 
organizations such as the Red Cross 
set up aid and relief efforts while 
streamlining donations by allowing 
individuals to text message pledges. 
Within days, over $355 million in 
donations hod been raised through the 
combined efforts of companies, charities 
and individuals. 

All a Buzz 

Kavya Shivashankar, a 13 year old from 
Kansas, won the Scripps National Spelling 
Bee. A four-lime competitor and aspiring 
neurosurgeon, Kavya won the trophy and 
more than $40,000 in cash and prizes with 
her correct spelling of "Laodicean" — meaning 
lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics. 

Oprah Moves On 

Popular syndicated talk show host and 
business tycoon, Oprah Winfrey, announced 
she would end The Oprah Winfrey Show 
in late summer 201 1 . The news came as a 
shock to fans that have elevated her status 
to nothing short of an icon since the show's 
inception in 1986. Early speculation indicated 
she may start a new show on her own Oprah 
Winfrey Network in 201 1. Her show currently 
draws about 7 million viewers a day. 




Iranian Election Protests 

Iron's presidential election drew international attention when disputes 
over the winner sparked two weeks of protests. Reformist activists 
claimed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's landslide win was a fraudulent 
mishandling of the ballots. The protests resulted in 20 fatalities, 
numerous arrests and trials for nearly 1 00 demonstrators focing 
charges such as attacking government property, violence toward 
security forces and creating panic in public. 

Sonia Supreme 

With a vote of 68-31 , Sonia Sotomoyor 
became the first Hispanic person to become 
a Supreme Court Justice and just the 
third woman of all time. Sotomoyor was 
appointed to the Supreme Court with 1 7 
years of federal experience, having tried 
over 3,600 cases. 

Toyota Troubles 

Automobile giant, Toyota, recalled eight of its 
models after learning of a problem with its 
acceleration mechanisms that caused some 
gas pedals to stick and vehicles to accelerate 
without warning. Though the company said 
the problem is "rare and infrequent" H 
decided to recall about 4.2 million vehicles 
worldwide and brought U.S. sales and 
production to a halt. The company tried to 
remedy the situation and ease the nerves 
of uncertain drivers by sending new parts to 
dealers to fix the faulty pedals. 

Ares Busts Off 

Forty years after putting the first men on the moon, NASA 
is once again elevating its space program with the new Ares 
1 -X Rocket. The streamline rocket's simpler design is cheaper 
and up to 10 times safer than its shuttle predecessors. 
Despite a successful first test in late October, officials say 
that the 1 -X may not carry astronauts until 201 7. 

What were your favorite 
headlines of the year? 

H1N1 Flu Outbreak 

In the spring of 2009, HI Nl emerged with the first 
reported coses in Mexico. The virus reached the 
United States in April and officials worried the flu 
would spread rapidly, causing a global pandemic 
and fear that the unpredictable flu virus could 
mutate into a more dangerous strain. In the fall, 
President Obama declared a national emergency, 
enabling the government to provide more aid to 
the states. In the U.S. alone, millions of people 
were infected and thousands lost their lives. 
When a vaccine became available in the fall, 
thousands flooded phone lines and clinics 
around the country, as the demand greatly 
outnumbered the first supply. 

Health Care Hurdles 

In groundbreaking sessions of Congress, both the House and 
Senate passed bills for health care reform after months of 
debate. The next step was to merge the nearly SI trillion 
proposed plans for a final vote. If passed, the bill would 
become the largest federal health care expansion in forty 
years since the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid. The 
goal of the bill is to bring extended insurance coverage to an 
additional 30 million Americans. 

Surprise Prize 

A surprise to many, the Norwegian Nobel Committee 
honored President Barack Obama with the 2009 Nobel 
Peace Prize, just eight months into his tenure. The committee 
explained it was Obama's "extraordinary efforts to 
strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between 
peoples" that brought his name to the top of the nominees 
list. Upon learning the news, the president remarked that he 
was humbled by the decision. 

Shifting Frontlines 

President Obama announced the deployment of 30,000 
additional American troops to Afghanistan starling in 
early 2010, bringing the total U.S. presence to about 
1 00,000 troops. The intended strategy was to combat the 
growing momentum of the Taliban in the region and to 
provide training for Afghan security forces. Plans to begin 
withdrawing troops were set for 201 1 . 

Dubai in the Sky 

Marking a stunning architectural achievement, the Bur j 
Khalifa in Dubai opened, becoming the tollest skyscraper 
in the world. The towering needle-shaped structure 
stretches nearly 2,700 feet into the air. The building has 
1 60 stories which include apartments, office space and a 
hotel designed by Giorgio Armani. The eye-catching main 
attraction of a new shopping district, the Bur j Khalifa 
reportedly cost SI .5 billion to build. 

Found 1 8 Years Later 

The discovery of Jaycee Dugard 1 8 years after her 
disappearance renewed hope for families of missing 
children. When Dugard was 1 1 years old she was 
abducted by Philip Garrido while walking to her school 
bus. Jaycee was held captive in Garrido's backyard. 
Both Garrido and his wife face multiple charges, 
including kidnapping and false imprisonment. Jaycee 
has since reunited with her family. 

leadline News 

Goodbye Good Morning America 

In a teary farewell, Diane Sawyer said "goodbye" to Good 
Morning America and "hello" to ABC's World News. After more 
than 1 years on the weekday morning show, Sawyer replaced 
the retiring Charles Gibson as the anchor of the nightly news 
program. Sawyer's replacement was George Stephanopoulos, 
former President Clinton staff member and moderator of This 
Week on ABC. 

Fall of the Wall Remembered 

Twenty years ago the Berlin Wall fell, marking the end of the 
Cold War and the divide between East and West Germany. 
To celebrate the anniversary, thousands of German citizens 
celebrated as 1,000 towers, all 8 feet tall, were toppled to 
symbolize the destruction of the dividing wall. The celebration 
was overseen by current German Chancellor Angela Merkel 
and former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who many hold 
responsible for reforming the former Soviet Union. 

Be Mine 

Sweethearts®, the popular Valentine's Day 
treat, added a new phrase to its line of 
endearing candy love messages. Teaming up 
with the social-network, Twitter, the candy 
company started stamping "Tweet Me" on its 
heart-shaped candies. Sweethearts also plans 
to introduce a new iPhone app that would 
allow users to send electronic versions of the 
candy with personalized messages to friends' 
Twitter pages. 

Palin Resigns 

Alaskan Governor and 2008 Republican 
Vice Presidential candidate Sarah 
Palin resigned from office, saying that 
Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell would 
"fight even harder" for Alaskans. Palin 
added that her decision was made to 
protect her family from further criticism 
and would also allow her to advocate for 
causes such as energy independence and 
national security. In January 2010, it was 
announced that Palin would join Fox News 
as a contributor. 

Electronic Text Books 

College students caught a break this 
year— with free text books. Flat World 
Knowledge allowed 40,000 students ot 
over 400 colleges and universities to 
access their course materials online, for 
free, saving students nearly S3 million in 
the fall semester alone. With other options 
like print-on-demand and integrated audio 
and video, the company hopes to expand 
its offerings to other schools throughout 
the country. 

Frightening Flight 

On Christmas Day 2009, a Nigerian man 
attempted to blow up a flight carrying nearly 
300 passengers from Amsterdam to Detroit, 
Michigan. Umar Forouk Abdulmutallob had 
a bomb sewn into his undergarments and 
tried unsuccessfully to detonate the devices 
as the plane mode its final descent. Stringent 
security precautions were put into effect and 
President Obama ordered a thorough review 
of safety regulations. Al Qaeda later claimed 
responsibility for the terrorist act. 

On Shaky Ground 

The South American country of Chile 
was the target of an 8.8-magnitude 
earthquake that destroyed many villages 
in its path. The next day the same south- 
central region of the country was struck 
again by a tsunami that created waves 
over 18 feet high. Approximately 800 
people lost their lives and the destruction 
between the two natural disasters 
brought widespread shortages in food. 

Linking Languages 

Historically, URLs hove been constructed with 
Latin based characters like 1, 2, 3 and A, B, 
C. Now, after approval by the International 
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 
(ICANN), domain names will appear with other 
characters from Arabic and Chinese languages. 
The chairman of ICANN, Peter Dengate Thrush 
said, "The coming introduction of non-Latin 
characters represents the biggest technical 
change to the internet since it was created 
four decades ago." 

NYC Flyover 

Workers in Manhattan, New York were 
panicked as a Boeing 747 and an F-l 6 
aircraft circled the Statue of Liberty, causing 
many to fear a repeat of the 9/1 1 attacks. 
It was later discovered that the planes were 
official government aircrafts conducting a 
photo shoot. The official who approved the 
fly-over later resigned. 

House Party Crashed 

Virginia couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi, crashed the first state dinner 
held by the Obama's. Passing two security check-points, the couple mingled 
with Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Rohm Emanuel before 
exiting two hours later. The breach of security caused a full investigation by 
the Secret Service. Months later, speculation turned to White House social 
secretary Desiree Rogers who was criticized for not keeping a checklist of 
attendees as they entered the event. Rogers later resigned. 

Google China 

After a sophisticated cyber attack rooted 
in China, Google announced it would no 
longer censor search results on, 
the Chinese version of the popular search 
engine. The Chinese government requires 
censorship of search results and websites to 
prevent security and state secrets from being 
jeopardized. China has the largest population 
of internet users in the world. 

FDA Takes on Tobacco 

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco 
Control Act gave the FDA more power to 
control the tobacco industry. Under the new 
legislation, tobacco companies were no longer 
allowed to use words like "mild" or "low-tar" 
and were also prohibited from selling candy 
or fruit flavored cigarettes. 

I M t I t M M I ( 


What were your favorite 
headlines of the year* 

Air France 

An Air France Airbus Flight AF 447 
flying from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to 
Paris, France crashed into the Atlantic 
Ocean. None of the 228 people on board 
survived. Despite initial reports, the 
plane hit the water vertically, instead of 
breaking apart in mid-air. The crash was 
the worst in Air France's 75-year history. 

© CHEN WEIHUA/Xinhua /Landov 

Dangers of Fast Food 

For two years, John Manley, a 50-year-old North Carolina 
man, complained of severe coughing, pneumonia, and 
vomiting. When doctors used a tiny camera to investigate 
his lungs they were shocked to find the cause— a piece 
of plastic. The plastic was removed and traced backed 
to a spoon from fast-food chain Wendy's after doctors 
recognized the eatery's logo. 

The Next American Idol Judge 

After eight seasons, American Idol judge Paula 
Abdul left the show. Emmy award-winning 
talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres 
filled the seat and began judging duties when 
the show returned for its ninth season. Shortly 
after the show's return another Idol judge, 
Simon Cowell announced his intended split at 
the end of the season. It was reported that 
Cowell planned to develop a new talent show 
series based on the popular U.K. series, 
The X Factor. 

Pirates Hold Captain Captive 

After five days of being held hostage on the dangerous 
seas off the coast of Somalia, Captain Richard Phillips was 
rescued from his pirate capturers. In a tired moment, the 
pirates let down their guards long enough for U.S. Navy 
SEAL marksmen to take their shots, ending the lives of all 
three pirates. Days earlier, Phillips offered himself as a 
captive to the pirates in order to prevent them from seizing 
his vessel, the Maersk Alabama, ultimately protecting his 
fellow crewmen. 

*J J j J J -O _ 

Aerodynamic Seeds 

"Helicopter seeds," the seeds from maple 
trees, have provided hours of fun for children 
but researchers were stumped as to what 
made the seeds hover. A team of Dutch and 
American scientists discovered the answer. 
When a maple seed swirls, a tornado-like 
vortex lowers the air pressure around the 
seed, sucking the wings upward to oppose 
gravity— insects, bats, and hummingbirds 
employ the same technique. 

In Hot Water 

Ocean temperatures around the world 
measured 1 degree higher than normal 
between June and August, averaging 
62 5 F according to the National Oceanic 
and Atmospheric Administration. August saw 
the warmest temps on record since 1 880, 
when record keeping began. Though climate 
change is listed as a factor, meteorologists 
say the warming is also due in part to 
a natural El Nino system. Ocean heat 
puts coral reefs in harm's way and also 
contributes to melting Arctic sea ice and 
hurricane strength. 

A Farmer's Friend 

Even plants have joined in the text-messaging craze. Through 
SmartCrop™ infrared thermometers planted in soil, plants can 
"tell" farmers when they are hot or thirsty. Most crops have an 
ideal temperature for growth and these thermometers allow 
farmers to be notified by text message if a plant has risen 
above the ideal temp. 

VvvK ' 



Growth Spurt 

The Bristlecone pine is the world's longest-lived tree, 
sustaining ages up to 4,800 years. Recently, researchers 
found that these ancient trees are growing at a much 
faster rate than ever before as evident by its widening 
rings. The growth is presumably due to the increase in 
temperature in their high-altitude climate over the past 
50 years. 

Solar Energy Makeover 

Developers have found two ways to 
make solar power panels more 
appealing to the average 
homeowner. First, underground 
panels use fiber optic cables 
to capture and distribute 
sun energy, instead of 
heavy panels. The second 
option is to incorporate 
shingle-like solar panels 
that have a thin copper 
film covering to absorb 
light energy into the roof. 
The Powerhouse™ Solar 
Shingle is expected to be less 
expensive and easier to install thon 
full-size panels. 

Poo Power Payoff 

In response to rising energy costs year-after-year, 
Shawn Saylor turned to an unlikely renewable 
source to power his family's dairy farm. Using the 
manure from 600 cows, Saylor used a process known 
as anaerobic digestion to generate energy. Saylor 
explained that this method produces a savings of about 
$200,000 per year with the ability to sell left over 
energy back to the power company. 


Let's Go Fly a Kite 

Scientists from the University of 
California and the Carnegie Institution 
have discovered a way to create 
sustainable energy— through kites. 
High-altitude winds contain a vast amount 
of energy. By releasing kite-like wind 
turbines miles above the planet and 
tethering them to the ground, researchers 
believe they could create enough energy 
to supply electricity worldwide. 

Tiny T-Rex 

History's fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex may have had 
miniature ancestors. A newly discovered ancient creature 
known as "Raptorex" closely resembles its massive 
relative, at only a fraction of the size. Experts report it 
may have weighed only 1 50 pounds compared to T-Rex's 
13,000 pounds. Raptorex would have existed 60 million 
years before T-Rex, and despite its size, would have 
touted an extremely powerful bite. 

Cooling Sun 

Scientists have discovered that the sun is at 
its dimmest in over 100 years. Typically, the 
sun undergoes 1 1 -year cycles, culminating in 
the expulsion of solar flares and planet-sized 
debris. After 2008 the sun was expected to 
become increasingly hotter, but instead it 
was at a 50-year low for solar pressure and 
a 100-year low for sunspot activity. Although 
dimming of the sun has resulted in decreased 
temperatures in the past, the onset of global 
warming has likely counteracted 
this phenomenon. 

Colossal Sea Monster 

The fossilized skull of an ancient sea 
monster called a pliosaur was discovered 
along the Jurassic Coast of England. The 
skull— dating back 150 million years— 
measured nearly eight feet. Scientists 
believe the creature's full size was up to 52 
feet long, making it the biggest pliosaur 
ever found. The dangerous sea predator 
could have eaten a T-Rex for breakfast! 

CHRIS IS0N/PA Ptiolos /Lontlov 

Carbon Capture 

Professor Klaus Lackner of Columbia 
University has created a "synthetic tree" 
able to capture destructive carbon dioxide 
1,000 times better than real trees. When 
the wind blows through the "leaves", 
carbon is trapped and converted to a liquid 
form. One unit could remove up to a ton 
of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere a 
day— the equivalent of 20 cars. 

Robots Can Swim! 

Mwhnninil engineers Kamol Youcef-Toumi 
and Pablo Yoldrvic Y Afvarodo of MIT 
designed robotic fish thai con swim and 
maneuver just Mce real fish. They hope 
to one day use the robots to help patrol 
bodies of water such as lakes and rivers, 
looking for pollutants and inspecting 
underwater structures. 

Now that's a Ring 

NASA's Sprtzer Space Telescope 
discovered the largest ring 
around the planet Saturn. The 
never-before-seen ring is so 
colossal that NASA's Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory estimates that il would 
take 1 billion earth-sized planets 
to fill it. Composed of dust and ke 
particles, the ring's temperature is 
approximately -31 6' F. 

Super Natural Glue 

The asporagus beetle attaches its eggs using 
what is said to be some of the strongest 
natural glue in the world. A study discovered 
the almost invisible eggs require a pull-off 
force of '8,650 limes higher than the egg 
weight." It's not unusual for an insect to 
produce egg glue and this research could 
leod to the discovery of other natural 
bonding ogents. 

HO on the Moon 

For the first time, water was discovered on the moon s surface. NASA announced its significant 

find after reviewing data from an intentional satellite crash it conducted in search of water. 
The data also revealed there were more than just droplets but rather "a dozen, two-gallon 
bucketfuk.' Experts said the discovery will open the door to other spoce exploration 
opportunities, including the potential for a sustainable lunor space station. 




Glow-in-the-dark Puppies? 

Scientists in South Korea cloned a 
gun holy engineered litter of pups, 
enabling them to glow red under ultraviolet 
light. The intention of the experiment was 
to prove that if fluorescent protein con be 
created though the modification of genetk 
code, there may be a woy to fix genetic 
flaws in humans by similar innovations in 
genetk coding. 

Mighty Mice 

In a scientific breakthrough two labs in China 
bred the first induced pluripoient stem cell 
(iPS) mice, meaning they were the first of 
their kind developed from oduft stem celts, 
instead of the more controversial embryonic 
cells. Scientists reprogrammed the cefts bock 
to an embryonic state where they could 
again develop into actual mice. This discovery 
is strong evidence that iPS cells have the 
potential to be used for treating disease. 


€ JO TOKWI/tMkn /IrndtT 

Autism Brain Discovery 

To team more about the causes of autism, 
researchers conducled a study of MRI 
brain scans of 50 toddlers. Preliminary 
findings showed that on average, an area 
in the brain colled the amygdala is 13S 
larger in young children with autism. It 
is believed that these children are bom 
wrrh normal-sized brains but later in the 
first year the area begins to grow larger. 
Autism is a developmental condition 
affecting as marry as 1 in 1 50 children. 



Darth Vader Arm 

The Darth Vader robotic arm, the 
latest ond greatest in Star Wars 
related toys and collectibles, is 
easy to assemble with 45 pieces 
that snap together. Though just 
a toy, this robotic limb hos the 
power to grip, turn, extend and 
hold objects. 

The Bladeless Fan 

It's been 127 years since the standard electric fan was introduced 
and people hove been pretty satisfied. Now, the Dyson company, 
well known for its innovative vacuum cleaners, introduced the 
first bladeless fan" The Air Multiplier pulls air through its base, 
which is then pushed through a hidden vent into the circular head 
of the fan to create an uninterrupted breeze. 


Twitter on the Mind 

Millions share their thoughts, opinions and 
updates every day (or hour) using Twitter. 
But University of Wisconsin doctoral student 
Adam Wilson's research revealed a new 
use— establishing a form of communication 
for those with extensive paralysis. Wearing 
an eleclrode-covered cap, Wilson focused 
his attention on flashing letters on a 
computer screen while his brain activity 
was monitored to figure out which letter he 
wonted. In the end he was able to tweet 23 
characters with his mind. 

Disposable Timing Chips 

After years of clunky timing devices and 
expensive lost chip fees, runners will benefit 
from disposable timing technology. Using 
radio frequency identification (RFID), race 
organizers can put an integrated tag on race 
bib numbers to accurately record time during 
competition. The cost effective design also 
allows runners to simply throw away the chip 
after racing. 

3-D TV 

Riding a wave of popularity since the release 
of hit movies like Up and Monsters vs. Aliens, 
3-D is coming to television. Manufacturers 
such as Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and JVC 
all reported working on 3-D televisions. In 
the future, viewers will have the option of 
watching programs in 3-D, utilizing special 
glasses to see the third dimension. 

Seeing Eyeborg 

Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence has 
lived with permanent damage to his right 
eye since the age of 1 1 . In his efforts 
to regain vision, Rob partnered with a 
camera provider in an attempt to replace 
his eye with a wireless, battery-powered 
video camera for what is being called the 
"Eyeborg" Project. 

Cyborg Beetles 

Ripped from the pages of science 
fiction comes the government- 
funded cyborg beetle. 
Development began on a project 
that has scientists implanting 
miniature electrodes into beetles 
to enable them to control the 
insects' every move vio remote 
control. Though still in testing, 
the high-tech critters could one 
day be used as military spies. 

Energy Saving Light 

Philips Electronics introduced a new 
energy-efficient LED light bulb that uses 
just 10 watts (compared to 60 warts 
of the standard bulb) and generates 
the same amount of energy but lasts 
25 times longer as its counterpart. The 
bulb may save as much electricity as is 
needed for 1 7.4 million households in a 
given year. Philips Electronics LED bulb 
was entered into the U.S. Department 
of Energy's L Prize competition and if it 
takes the prize, the company could be 
awarded $10 million in cash and federal 


Beatles Rock Again 

The Beatles rocked the music industry, 
re-releasing their famed anthology ond 
launching their first ever video game. 
Decades after their last album was recorded, 
all 1 2 of The Beatles' studio albums were 
re released in a new digitally re-mastered 
format. The Beatles: Rock Band, an 
experiential video game, features 45 of 
their hits and offers players an option to 
relive music history by playing through the 
tracks chronologically. 

Smart Thermostat 

EnergyHub™ Dashboard was introduced addressing both the 
environmental and recession-minded concerns of today. The 
device wirelessly tracks your appliances and informs you of how 
much energy you are using. It also tells you how much your 
usage costs so you can moke adjustments, conserve energy and 
pocket the savings. 

Tetris Turns 25 

With an undeniable place in video gome 
history, the popular puzzle game Tetris 
turned 25. A series of new features for a new 
generation were announced, such as Tetris 
Acorn Drop, a concept taken from the movie 
Ice Age. 

Smart Phones get Smarter 

The smartphone continued its rise in popularity as 
on-the-go technology evolved. From the popular 
Blackberry 5 series to the iPhone, smartphones offered 
everyone from business professionals and techies to 
senior citizens and even children hand-held access to 
the internet and continuous connectivity to the world. 
Additionally, 2009 was deemed "the year of the 
opp" by many, with available applications surpassing 
1 00,000 (and over 1 billion downloads) that can do 
just about anything imaginable— from efficient and 
practical to simple and fun. 

Reality Gaming 

Video games got a dose of reality by taking 
their inspiration from the news. Games 
like Hero on the Hudson, Swinelighter and 
Trillion Dollar Bailout allowed users to be 
a part of the headline-making stories. The 
two-dimensional games, mostly developed for 
internet or cell phones, were simple, allowing 
creators to release them quickly after the 
actual events took place. 

Walk this Way 

Before iPods became the "it" way to listen to music on the go, there 
was the Sony Walkman. Once the leader in music technology, the 
audio cassette player and radio turned 30 this year. The grandfather 
of personal music devices allowed users to toke their favorite tunes 
anywhere, ultimately paving the way for the Discman, the MP3 
player and the iPod. 




l FAYAZ KABU/Reulen /londov SUM landov I ROB KIU londo. SHUCAS IACK0N Reultn Undo. E MARK BLINCH Reulen /londov 

The New Face of Hollywood 

Legendary filmmaker James Cameron reshaped the movie industry by 
helping develop the advanced camera technology used in his blockbuster 
hit Avatar. Cameron helped pioneer a lightweight, two-lens camera that 
can shoot dynamic live action footage in 3-D and a head-rig camera that 
accurately records facial expressions. The result is a stunningly realistic, 
digitally created movie that captures even the most obscure details on an 
odor's face. The computer generated characters, like those on Avatar's 
fictional planet of Pandora, appear more realistic than ever before. 


Dirty Work 

A DustCart robot, reminiscent of Disney's WALL-E, 
recently took to the streets of Italy. The robot, which 
will be tested in cities around the world, responds to 
residents who place their trash and recyclables on 
the curb and call for pick up. It fills up its belly with 
unwanted waste, much the same as the traditional 
dump truck. Though not as efficient as a fleet of 
trucks, the DustCart monitors air pollutants and is 
much quieter, running on lithium ion batteries. 

E-Book It! 

The Amazon Kindle wireless e-book reader has been growing in 
popularity since its introduction nearly three years ago. During 
the holiday season, the mobile reading device boasted record 
performance becoming the most gifted item in Amazon's history 
selling more e-books than physical books for the first time ever. 
Proving a growing trend, Barnes and Noble, Inc. introduced its 
own electronic reader, nook™ which took the number two spot 
on TIME Magazine's Top Gadgets of 2009. 

J w 

W J w 

Pursuit of the Cup 

In a precursor to the World Cup next year, 
Brazil won the FIFA 2009 Confederations 
Cup held in South Africa. The Brazilians 
bounced bock from a two-goal deficit late 
in the game to dramatically beat the U.S. 
It was the third tournament championship 
for Brazil and the 1 4th win of 1 5 games 
against the U.S. 

Yankees Win 27th Title 

The New York Yankees defeated the 
defending champion Philadelphia Phillies in 
game six of the World Series. The win marks 
the 27th World Series title for the Yankees, 
the most titles in all of sports, and the 
first win in their SI. 5 billion new stadium. 
Hideki Matsui was named series MVP with 
a record-setting six RBIs in game six, while 
Andy Petlitte became the pitcher with the 
most wins in the post-season, claiming his 
1 8th victory. 

Champion Mom 

Kim Clijsters rejoined the world of tennis in grand fashion. 
Afler retiring from the sport in 2007 to start a family, Clijsters 
returned to win the US Open. By defeating Caroline Wozniacki 
in the finals, the Belgian tennis pro became the first unseeded 
woman ever to win the 2009 US Open; and the first mother 
to win o Grond Slam title since Evonne Goolagong Cawley at 
Wimbledon in 1980. 


1 \ 

^> Hm SUUIVAN/Riulns /bndov 


Eun-Hee Ji, from Korea, won the US Women's Open 
Going into the final round, Ji trailed American 
Crislie Kerr by two shots. With a double-bogey on 
the 10th hole, Ji's chance at victory looked slim. 
Kerr, however, had a disappointing final round, 
allowing Ji to come from behind, sinking a final 
20-foot putt for the win. 


Golf Goes Global 

From its birth in the Scottish 
countryside to the manicured 
greens of Augusta 
National Golf Club ^\ 
in Georgia, golf 
traditionally has been 
played by Europeans and 
Americans. In 2009, two 
players proved that golf has 
gone global. Angel Cabrera 
won The Masters Tournoment to 
become the first Argentinean 
to wear the prized green 
jacket. Y.E. Yang defeated 
Tiger Woods, winning the 
PGA Championship and 
becoming the first Asian 
man to win a major title. 

Buehrle Pitches Perfect 

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark 
Buehrle tossed a gem of a game on 
July 23rd to become only the 1 8th 
player in history to pitch a perfect 
game. The feat came two seasons after 
he threw a no-hitter, which makes him 
just the 26th player to throw multiple 
no-hitters in his career. 

Little League World Series 

In a suspenseful final game, California 
clinched the 5th straight Little League World 
Series title for the U.S. Fans, including Vice 
President Joe Biden, watched and cheered 
as the team fought their way back from a 
three-run deficit to defeat Taiwan 6-3. After 
the game, the teom celebrated its win with 
class, inviting the Taiwan team to join them 
in their victory lap. 

championship W 

Saints Go Marching 

For the first time in its 43-year franchise history 
and its first appearance at the big game, the New 
Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl beating out 
the Indianapolis Colts. With a stunning defensive 
performance and unstoppable offensive drive that 
dominated three quarters, the Saints claimed its 
31-17 victory. Later, team quarterback Drew Brees 
was honored as Most Valuable Player having tied the 
record for most completions in a Super Bowl, finishing 
with 32 completions out of 39 passes for 288 yards. 

Welcome, WPS 

This year marked the inaugural season for 
the Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) 
league. The league consisted of seven teams 
scattered across the U.S. with two more teams 
set to join the league in the future. With a 
score of 1 -0, the Sky Blue FC team from 
New York and New J 
Angeles Sol to claim t 
WPS Championship. 

Jersey defeated the Los 
the first ever 

Lakers Out Trick Magic 

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the 
Orlando Magic in game five of the 
NBA finals. Four-time NBA champion 
Kobe Bryant was the standout star 
of the series, leading his team to 
victory and claiming the title of Most 
Valuable Player. 

Mercury Rising 

The Phoenix Mercury defeated the Indiana Fever to win 
the WNBA championship. Fueled by stars Diana Taurasi and 
Coppie Pondexter, the Mercury prevailed in game five to 
take the title. Taurasi was honored with the series 
MVP award. 


Winter X Games 

Snowboarding star Shaun White proved his resilience and talent 
at the annual Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. After taking a 
spill face-first on the halfpipe while practicing his newest and most 
dangerous stunt, White returned to take first in the Snowboard 
SuperPipe competition for the third straight year. White wasn't 
the only repeat winner — Ophelie David took home her fourth 
consecutive Women's Skier X title. 


Fantastic Federer 

Roger Federer cemented his place in tennis history by breaking 
the record for mosl major thie wins. By winning the French 
Open, the Swiss tennis star tied Pete Sampras' historic record of 
14 titles, while also completing his career Grand Slam. Federer 
went on to win Wimbledon for the sixth time, giving him his 
1 5th major thie. Sampras praised Federer by saying he was the 
greatest player ever. 

Penguins Win Stanley Cup 

The Pittsburgh Penguins triumphed over defending 
champions, the Detroit Red Wings, in a nail-biting gome 
seven of the Stanley Cup. Thanks to Penguin team 
member Max Talbot's two goals in the second period, the 
Penguins became the first team since 1971 to win game 
seven on the opposing team's home ice. 


I 1 



<~ - — 

20 1 Winter Olympic Highlights 

Many historic and memorable moments were witnessed over the 1 7 days of the 201 Winter 
Olympics, held in Vancouver, Canada. 

• In a highly-anticipated showdown between the U.S. and Canadian hockey teams, the home team 
claimed the gold medol in overtime, becoming the first host nation in 30 years to win a men's gold 
medal in hockey. 

• Reigning women's figure skating world champion, Kim Yu-Na of South Koreo delivered stunning 
performances that brought her gold and put her 23 points ahead of silver medalist Mao Asada of 
Japan. Taking the bronze was Canada's Joannie Rochette whose mother unexpectedly passed away 
just two days before the competition began. 

• U.S. speed-skating star Apolo Ohno became the most decorated winter Olympian of all time with a 
career total of eight medals winning three in Vancouver— two silver and one bronze. 

Medal Count 




United States 













Jimmie Johnson became the first driver in 
NASCAR history to win four consecutive Sprint 
Cup series titles, breaking the tie he previously 
held with Carl Yarborough. By finishing fifth in 
the final race of the season, Johnson earned 
enough points to secure the title. With 6,652 
points on the yeor, Johnson beat out his next 
closest opponent by 141 points. 

Horse Play 

In front of a crowd of over 1 50,000 
onlookers, Mine That Bird won the 
Kentucky Derby. The 50-1 long shot 
defied the odds to take the title, 
returning SI 03.20 on a S2 bet. Mine 
That Bird appeared on the cover of Sports 
Illustrated the following week. 

Bolt Strikes Again 

Deemed the "fastest man alive' during 
the 2008 Olympics, Jamaica's Usain 
Bolt continued to amaze at the World 
Championships. Not only did Boh break 
his own world record in the 1 00-meter in 
a stunning 9.58 seconds, he went on to 
set a new record of 1 9.1 9 seconds for the 

Twilight Shines Bright 

Now in its 1 Oth year, the Teen Choice Awards 
recognized achievements in movies, television, 
music ond more. Among the winners of the coveted 
surfboard trophies was Twilight, winning 1 1 out of 1 2 
nominations, including Choice Movie Drama. The 
movie's stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 
also picked up top acting awards. In television, Chace 
Crawford and Leighton Meester won Choice Acting 
praise for their roles in the Choice TV Drama Gossip 
Girl. Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift both received 
Choice Music Artist awards. 


Swift Steals the Show 

The night belonged to Taylor Swift, 1 9, as she won all four Country 
Music Awards for which she was nominated. The singer won Album 
of the Year for karkss, Video of the Year and Female Vocalist 
of the Year, beating out favorite Carrie Underwood. In her most 
impressive victory, Swift took home the trophy for Entertainer of 
the Year, making her the first female to win since 1999. Other 
winners included Darius Rucker for New Artist of the Year and lady 
Antebellum for Vocal Group of the Year. 



Michael Makes History 

The American Music Awards were a night 
filled with emotion and history making. 
Adding four awards to his resume (accepted 
by brother Jermaine, pictured above), 
Michael Jackson became the most awarded 
artist in AMA history. Jackson won Favorite 
Male Artist in both the Pop-Rock and Soul- 
R&B genres, while his Number Ones album 
took home the top spot in both categories 
as well. Taylor Swift was also a big winner, 
taking home five awards in total, including 
the top honor, Artist of the Yeor. 

MTV Movie 

Teens ruled the big screen 
this year at the MTV Movie 
Awards. Kristen Stewart won 
Best Female Performance 
for her role in Twilight, while 
Zac Efron won Best Male 
Performance for his musical 
performance in High School 
Musical 3. The hit vampire 
love story Twilight won top 
honors as Best Movie. 

Oscar's Big Night 

Hollywood's biggest night belonged to a 
lesser-known movie titled The Hurt Locker 
which picked up six awards in all, including 
top nods for Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow 
and Best Picture. Bigelow was also the first 
woman to win the Best Directing award. In the 
acting categories, Sandra Bullock was honored 
as Best Actress for her role in 77ie Blind Side 
ond Jeff Bridges was named Best Actor for his 
part in Crazy Heart. 



Emmy Awards 

Despite repeat winners, the 61st Emmy 
Awards still had some surprises. 30 Rock 
took home the statue for Outstanding 
Comedy Series for the third straight year, 
while Mad Men repeated as winner of 
Outstanding Drama Series. The Amazing 
Race won for Best Reality Competition for 
the seventh consecutive year. Unexpected 
winners included Kristen Chenawelh for 
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy 
Series for the cancelled Pushing Daisies and 
Jon Cryer won Outstanding Supporting Actor 
in a Comedy Series for Two and a Half Men. 

Moonman Madness 

The stars turned out for the Video 
Music Awards and the night was full of 
memorable moments. Janet Jackson 
paid tribute to her brother Michael with 
a moving performance to open the show. 
Later, in a controversial move, Konye West 
stormed the stage, interrupting Taylor 
Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female 
Video. Despite the distractions, Moonmen 
were still awarded. Beyonce took home the 
prize for Video of the Year, Lady Gaga was 
named Best New Artist, and Green Day won 
Best Rock Video. 

Beyonce's Grammy Record 

There's no doubt the night belonged 
to Beyonce, who was nominated in 10 
categories and won a female artist record 
of six trophies including Song Of The Year, 
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best 
Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best 
Traditional R&B Vocal Performance, Best 
R&B Song, and Best Contemporary R&B 
Album. Taylor Swift was a close second with 
four wins including Best Female Country 
Vocal Performance, Best Country Song, 
Best Country Album and Album of the 
Year for Fearless. Among the nights most 
memorable moments was the appearance 
of Michael Jackson's kids, who accepted 
the Lifetime Achievement award on their 
father's behalf. 

Harry's Midnight Millions 

After two years, fans eagerly awaited the 
sixth installment in the Harry Potter series, 
which proved even more magical than 
the rest. The midnight showings of Harry 
Potter and the Half-Blood Prince roked in 
S22.2 million at the box office, beating the 
previous record of $1 8.5 million held by 
The Dark Knight. 

B.E.T Awards 

The lop stars of 2009 were out at the annual Black 
Entertainment Television Awards. Winners included Beyonce for 
Best Female R&B Artist and Best Music Video for Single Ladies, 
Ne-yo won for Besl Male R&B Artist; and MTV reality stars, Day 
26 took home Besl Group. Other wins included Best Actor, Will 
Smith; Best Actress, Toraji Henson; Best Male Athlete, LeBron 
James and Best Female Athlete, Serena Williams. 



People Have Chosen 

Fan favorites in film, television and music were awarded at 
the 36th annual People's Choice Awards. Twilight continued its 
triumphant award streak, picking up four awards including Favorite 
Movie, Favorite Franchise, Favorite On-Screen Team (awarded to 
Robert Pottinson and Kristen Stewart), as well as Favorite Breakout 
Movie Actor for Taylor Loutner. Johnny Depp was also honored 
with the Favorite Movie Actor for the Decade award for his film 
achievements over the past 1 years. Favorite TV Comedy Aclor/ 
Actress awords went to Steve Carell for The Office and Alyson 
Hannigan for How I Met Your Mother. Favorite Male/Female Artist 
went to Keith Urban and Taylor Swift respectively. 

ALMA Awards 

Held during National Hispanic Heritage Month in September, 
the ALMA Awords handed out accolades to Latinos in the 
entertainment industry. Winners included Selena Gomez for 
Comedy Actress and David Archuleta for New Artist. Eva 
Longoria Parker and George Lopez hosted this year's festivities. 


Avatar Strikes Gold 

The 67th annual Golden Globe awards' top honors for Best Motion 
Picture - Drama went to the blockbuster hit Avatar Me director 
James Cameron also won for Best Director. Top movie acting nods 
went to Sandra Bullock for her role in The Blind Side and Jeff 
Bridges for Crazy Heart. In the television categories it was Mad Men 
that took home the trophy for Best Television Series - Drama while 
Gfeewas presented with Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical. 

Latin Grammy Awards 

The 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards belonged to Colle 3. The 
hip-hop/alternative-reggae duo walked away with all five trophies 
they were nominated for including Record of the Year and Album of 
the Year, Best Urban Music Album, Best Alternative Song, and Best 
Short Form Music Video. Alternative rack also won big with Cafe 
Tacvba, Joguares and Caetano Veloso receiving two awords each. 


\ J - J W ^ J 

Cupcake for the Cure 

The world's largest cupcake record was 
crushed eight times over by a mammoth 
1,224-pound triple vanilla cupcake 
containing an estimated 2 million calories. 
The pastry took over 1 2 hours to bake and 
included 800 eggs and 200 pounds each of 
sugar and flour. The cupcake was served to 
raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the 
Cure breast cancer organization. 

Terrifying Toilet Tales 

Japanese author Koji Suzuki, famous 
for horror stories like the one that 
inspired Hollywood movie, The Ring, 
created a story to be printed on rolls 
of toilet paper. The nine-chapter 
story is set in a public restroom and 
can be read in just a few minutes. At 
approximately three feet long, each 
roll contains several copies, each 
can be read in one sitting. 

Fastest Texter 

Kate Moore, 1 5, amazed 
onlookers as she won the 
title of National Texting 
Champion, beating out 
more than 250,000 
participants to win 
the grand prize of 
$50,000. Moore, who 
averages 14,000 
texts a month, 
completed the winning 
phrase "Zippity Dooo 
Dohh Zippity Ayy 
...My oh MY, what a 
wonderful day! Plenty of 
sunshine Comin' my way 
. . . ZippittyDooDahZippityAay! 
Wonderful feeling, Wonderful day! 
with no errors in less than 60 seconds 

Skinny Scare 

Despite being a popular fashion trend for 
years, skinny jeans could be causing nerve 
damage. Doctors reported seeing an increase 
of young women complaining of tingling 
or numbness in the upper legs, supposedly 
caused by the trendy ponts. Diagnosed 
as a form of nerve damage, meralgia 
paresthetica is usually not permanent and 
the effects can be reversed by trading in the 
tight fitting jeans for a looser alternative. 

Daily Double 

Sean Sanders, an 
unemployed mortgage 
worker played the 
odds and won ... twice! 
After winning SI, 400 in the 
California Lottery, he checked 
his Mega Millions lottery ticket 
and realized he'd won an 
additional $141,519. Sanders 
reported that he plans to pay 
off his bills and invest what 


In a survey conducted by the Marist Institute 
for Public Opinion, "whatever" was found 
to be the most annoying word in America. 
With 47% of the vote, the popular word of 
disinterest beat out other phrases like "you 
know," "it is what it is," and "at the end of 
the day." "Whatever" gained popularity in 
the 1 990s after its use as valley-girl slang 
in movies like Clueless. 


Boy Hit by Meteorite 

A 14 year old from Germany lived to tell 
his story after being struck by a meteorite 
traveling 30,000 mph. Explained as a 
massive fireball, the meteorite struck the 
boy's hand before hitting the ground. Though 
not seriously injured, the impact sent the child 
flying and left a three-inch scar on the boy's 
hand and a foot-long crater in the ground. 


Snuggie Chic 

Perhaps not the most 
anticipated show of New 
York's exclusive Fashion 
Week but probably the 
most unique was for 
the Snuggie™. Shown 
to only 20 people 
in a hotel room, the 
popular blanket with 
arms unveiled its new 
collection in basic colors, 
as well as bold new 
animal prints and a 
Snuggie for dogs. 

Achieve the 

Willa Chen, 17, 
accomplished what all 
college-bound teens 
consider impossible— 
acing the PSAT, SAT, and 
ACT college admissions 
tests. According to Chen, 
who is a senior, she did 
not study much for the 
tests but enjoys learning 
and plans to attend 
Princeton University after 
high school. 

Cat Earns Diploma 

Oreo has always been a smart cat but did she 
really earn o diploma? Better Business Bureau 
Georgia president and CEO, Kelvin Collins, 
enrolled his cat Oreo into Jefferson High School 
Online as part of an investigation into online 
diploma mills. After a test and S200 fee, Oreo 
was the proud recipient of her high school 
diploma, though Collins admits he may have 
helped her answer the questions. 

Cover Your Ears! 

Competition reached a fever pitch 
at Thailand's Ripley's Believe It or 
Not Museum where contestants from 
around the world competed for the 
title of loudest screom. The winner, 
Russian Sergey Savefyev rang in at 
116.8 decibels, just falling short of the 
Guinness World Record. Though he says 
he was "only getting warmed up," his 
winning shriek was roughly as loud as 
an ambulance siren. 


Little Fashionista 

While most 1 3 year olds are consumed by algebra, 
Tavi Gevinson hod a different focus— high 
fashion. The teenager from the suburbs of Chicago 
shot to fame when her blog, Style Rookie, was 
discovered by two big nome designers. Soon she 
was sealed in the exclusive front row at several 
New York Fashion Week shows, impressing the 
industry with her poise and sharp eye. 

Looking Good! 

No ordinary doll, Barbie has held over 108 
jobs including three runs at the presidency. 
This year the iconic children's toy celebrated 
her 50th birthday ... and looks better than 
ever! Since her introduction in 1 959, over one 
billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide 
with no signs of stopping — 1 00 million dolls 
were sold in the past year alone. 


Yes Captain! 

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed 
by a consumer claiming to have been 
deceived by the cereal, Cap'N Crunch. 
After learning that Crunchberries were 
not real fruit and indeed sugar, the 
consumer sued, seeking damages for 
false nutritional messaging. 

Hot Dog Ace 

After eating an astonishing 68 hot dogs in 10 
minutes, Joey Chestnut retained his title in 
the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July 
International Hot Dog-Eating Contest, held 
at Coney Island in New York. Chestnut edged 
out long-time rival Takeru Kobayashi by 
three and a half fronks to take the title for 
the third straight year. 


Lost and Found 

Sixty-three years after losing his wallet 
at a high school basketball game, Bill 
Fulton received a surprising knock on 
the door. Remarkably, his wallet, which 
still included his social security card, 
was returned after being recovered 
during the gym's renovation. Having 
sent his children through the same 
school, it's likely Bill come within feet of 
the missing wallet several times since its 
1946 disappearance. 



4 Or f olie! 

Our Class 

Fill in the blank with your friends and classmates. 

Best smile 

Can you believe it?! Determine if these stories are real or fake. 

The average U.S. teenager sends 
and receives an estimated 500 text 
messages a month. 

Ashton Kutcher became the first person 
on Twitter to hove one million followers. 

In the wake of Paula Abdul's departure 
from American Idol, Miley Cyrus took 
over judging duties on the popular 
singing competition. 



Best laugh _ 
Most unique . 
Most athletic 

Most spirited 
Class clown _ 
Class flirt 

Class gossip 

Fastest texter 

Most dramatic 

Most likely to become President 

Most likely to get out of trouble by smiling _ 
Most likely to stay up late doing homework . 
Most likely to capture everything on camera 

?iiot9 Semite 

Do you know who these famous faces belong to? The answers are inside Zoom! 

Hint: This young star hit the Broadwoy stage at age 8 and now stars 
in a popular new musical-comedy TV series that won Best Television 
Series - Comedy or Musical at this year's Golden Globe Awards. 

Hint: This young country singer/songwriter swept the music award 
shows this year including the Video Music Awards, Country Music 
Awards and the American Music Awards. 

Hint: These stars of the night were honored at the Teen Choice 
Awards for sinking their teeth into their roles in the popular book- 
turned-movie Twilight. 

Who is she? 

Who is she? 

Who are they? 


uosumej jjsqoy pue hbmsjs U3jsij> 

.J W JO|A«l CZ 3|3.UpiW E3"l ( L :9|qLUEJ3S CaOlId I jS8J3U3g8Q U3||3 SJ! 

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Spring evens 



The Summa Awards give the faculty the 
opportunity to recognize students who improve 
the atmosphere of the school and to recognize 
students who realize their scholastic potential. 
The Summa Awards are based on a student's 
attitude, achievement, and academics. 



I 9 tl # f ft* t 



•3" ' 0I"IT Jt>> * 3b, 


Junior VARSiff SoflBALL 



Gif^LS 1 TEMMiS 

Senior Julia Allen reaches for the 
ball as it flies over the net. Julia 
was a driving force on this year's 
first doubles team. 

The Lady Dragons had a fantastic 
201 season. After ending their 

regular season with a 9-6 record, 
the girls advanced into tournament. 

They entered tournament ranked 
1 5th in the Patriot League and 
made it into the second round, 

beating Pembroke and eventually " 

succumbing to Scituate. With four 
of their seven varsity players 

graduating, the team will have an 
entirely new dynamic next year. 

Julia Allen and senior co-captain Erin Nelson formed this year's formidable first doubles |i 
pair. Although this was their first year as a pair, the girls showed no hesitation on the 

Sophomores Lily Weil and Caroline 
Phinney smile for the camera. On 
and off the court, the team 
displayed their enthusiasm. 

Senior Therese Kozmiscki holds 
her breath as she makes contact 
with the ball. She was a reliable 
presence on second doubles. 

ront Row: Pete Muncey, Alex Holopainen, Dan McHugh, Tom Blanchard, Kevin Coakley, 
latt Abbott, Will Triebel, Will Kingsbury, (missing: Andrew Pierce, Mike LaTorre, Dan Fiset, 
like D'Amore, & Dale Day). Back Row: Braydon Minehan, Connor O'Keefe, Peter Tenaglia, 
Christian Spoor, Steven Day, Pat Mahoney, Max Cote, Erik Schnieder & Coach Bunar. 

L to R: Brayden Minahan delivers a 
crushing forehand. Alex 
Holopainen was a force at first 
doubles. Max Cote ready to smash 
an overhead 


Making the varsity team for a second 
straight year, talented sophomore 
third baseman Madi Duddy sprints 
towards home plate. 

Being one of five freshman on this 
young team, Christina Curley delivers 
a hit for her team. 

Exceeding expectations, the Lady 
Dragons entered post season play 
with a 1 3-6 record under a rookie 
head coach, Rod Laniewski.They 
faced Norwell in the first round of the 
playoffs, but lost 3-1 . Even though a 
majority of the players were new to 
the team, the support and direction 
from their coach brought out their 
talents. The three captains Meghan . 
Nelson, Grace Kelso, and Laura 
Walters encouraged their team spirit. 
Though Meghan was out with an 
injury for most of the season, she 
cheered them on continuously and 
got an amazing hit for the last game. 

Front Row: Alex Leaverton, Madi Duddy, Erin Gallagher, Kristin McHugh, Michelle 
Kazanowski; Middle Row: Laura Walter, Grace Kelso, Elizabeth Zee, Annie Gates; 
Back Row: Assistant Coach Mike Duran, Lindsey Cobb, Christina Curley, Kerry Turok, Laura 
Donovan, Caroline McSherry, Meg Nelson, Head Coach Rod Laniewski 

Senior Captain Laura Walter was 
fantastic in the pitcher's role. She 
finished the season with 194 


The Dragons had their most 
successful season ever in 2010. Lead 
by Captains Matt Savard, Pat 
McWilliams, and Jeff Blout, the team 
finished the season with a 22-3 
record, making it all the way to their 
first-ever sectional title. When they 
beat Masconomet, 2-1 , they 
advanced to the Division 2 State final 
for the first time in program history. 
Coach Earle has attributed their great 
success to the incredible pitching 
staff, strong hitters and best 
offensive team he has ever coached. 
He felt that this team was the most 
diverse and solid in his 18 seasons. 


Senior Steve Blout delivers a pitch to 
home plate. Blout finished the 
season with a 7-0 record at the 

ront Row: Tom Guilfoile, Matt Savard, Patrick McWilliams, Jeff Blout, Greg O'Neal; 
Viddle Row: Jimmy Landry, Connor Inglis, Pat Sweeney, Sam Jacobson, Joe Coyne, Jake 
arleton; Back Row: Coach Barney Earle, Coach Guy Leedom, Jacob Wong, Tommy 
'rummy, Tommy .Kazanowski, Steven Blout, Asst. Coach Tim Bush, Team Asst. Brian 
ahill, Team Asst. Robbie Morris 

Senior Captain Jeff Blout covers the 
throw to first base. Blout was also 
stellar at the mound this year, 
finishing the season with an 8-3 
record, 121 strikeouts, and a 0.58 ERA. 


This dynamic girls track team won 
nearly all of their races. A lot of the 
team members qualified for 
invitational meets and set 
records.They had a strong coach with 
two great captains, Anne Steele and 

Julia Nee who inspired the girls. 
The six state qualifiers were Kristen 
Stenstrom for the high jump, Emily 
Gallagher for the hurdles, and Julie 

Nee, Maddie Lawson, Shannon 
McLaughlin and Anne Steele in the 
4X400 relay. Congratulations girls! 

Coach: Tim McLeod. Seniors: Kristen Stenstrom, Carolyn Stenstrom, Brooke Kent, Jackie 
Trevasani, Anne Steele. Juniors: Emily Gallagher, Julia Nee, Maddie McKenzie, Sarah 
Hanlon. Sophomores: Caroline Van Ummerson, Deidre Murphy, Julia Averna, Kara 
O'Leary, Katie Finn, Laurel Duffy, Lauren Bittrich, Madi Lawson, Natalie Katz, Sam Sheehan 
Sandi Scanlon, Sarah Rogerson, Shannon McLaughlin, Taylor Lovett, Vanessa Bernard. 
Freshman: Caroline Bittrich, Julie Weiss, Kelley Mackin, Kelsey Davidson, Michelle 
Puopolo, Aly Wolff, Alex Tinkham, Acacia Towers. 

This track trio of Anne Steele, 
Kristen Stenstrom,and Jackie 
Trevisani had some of the fastest 
times in the relay races this year. 

Junior Emily Gallagher was a 
strong contender on the varsity 
team. She had great distances this 
year in the long jump competition. 

Freshman Kelsey Davidson had a 
great advantage on the hurdles. 
Her long legs and speed put her 
past all of her opponents. 

The boys' track team finished the 
season with a 7-3 record. Captains Jon 
McKinley, Greg Bray, Matt Schneiderhan 

and Lucas Wojciechowski provided 
leadership and work ethic to push the 

team to new levels. With their best 
season in years, they had outstanding 
performances from our League All-Stars 

Greg Bray, Mike Sullivan and Shane 
Mackey, along with Honorable Mention 
All-Stars Jon McKinley and Bobby 
Murphy. The team's success was also 
largely due to the efforts of key runners 
such as Morgan Dwinell, Greg Auda, 
Adam Martin and Brett Sahlberg. 


4ead coaches: Mark Dunn & Harry Taylor. Seniors: Ryan Hendrickson, Adam Alzaim, Austin Waltz, Ben 
Cimball, Ben Potash, Bob Murphy, Christian Strand, Duncan Edgar, Greg Auda, John Hemingway, 
ucas Wojciechowski, Mark Passeri, Matt Schneiderhan, Mike Gacherty, Mike Sullivan, Morgan 
)winell,Nick Malone, Ryan Creed, Ryan Piesco, Shane Mackey, Steve Kearney, TJ Pritchard. Juniors: 
kdam Martin, Aidan Kelly, Billy Jewell, Brendan Meehan, Brett Sahlberg, Chns Sowa, Denis Maguire, 
ric Larsen, Greg Bray, Hunter Brasington, Jon McKinley, Nick Buonvicino, Zach Gino. Sophomores: 
;rian Kelley, Brody Zisko, Ian Reed, Jason Angell, Keelan Murphy, Makai Mclintock, Nate Popoloski, 
arker Doyle, PJ Lanman, Tim Gavin. Freshman: Brendan Allen, Brian Leddie, John Geary, Kevin Chen, 
lichael Connolly, Randy Crandon, Tyler Sunderland, Winston Schromm, Zack Lenhardt 

Senior Mark Passeri had the speed 
for Duxbury to come out on top in 
the races. Mark, along with 22 
other seniors will surely be missed. 

Junior Chris Sowa was a key team 
member for DHS. His hard work 
and determination helped him in 
all of his races this season. 

Whether it is the fall, winter, or 
spring, junior Jon McKinley is 
always running for DHS. He 
qualified all 3 times for states! 




Senior Captain Kendall Johnson 
was a formidable leader. 

At right: Kara Falcone lining up the 

Senior Kaitlin Sullivan with her 
award-winning form. 

At right: Lorin Gerraughty hoping for 
another win. 

Junior Briana Connolly, crouching 
on the edge of a green, takes a 
moment to consider her options. 

The Girls Golf team had an amazing 
season winning both the Mass Bay 

South Championship and the 
Sportsmanship League Award for 
the third year in a row! They also 
placed fifth in the State Finals with 
Briana Connolly, Kendall Johnson, 

Lorin Gerraughty and Kaitlin 
Sullivan receiving the lowest scores: 
Their captains, Maria Varonko and 
Kendall Johnson really motivated 
the younger players by organizing 
fun team dinners and winning them 
over with their infectious spirit! 

Head Coach: Jack Stoddard. Seniors: Kendall Johnson, Kaitlin Sullivan, Maria Varonko. 
Juniors: Susie Caffrey, Kayla Errasti, Briana Connolly, Kara Falcone, Lorin Gerraughty, Allie 
Martin, Devon Tsinzo. Sophomores: Savannah Clinton, Courtney Walsh. Freshman: Cayla 
Barker, Emma Fisko, Elizabeth Loreaux, Hannah McLaughlin, Kayleigh Miller, Lauren 


The Duxbury High School sailing 
team had a wonderful season 
winning their regatta, 6-0 and 
qualifying for the Mark Trophy, 
symbolic of the New England Team 

Racing Championship. Their 
winning team included seniors Julia 
Leonard & Morgan Gould, juniors Al 
Sahne & Ian Grant and sophomores 

Ian White and Brendan Keohan. 
The team competed at MIT to try to 
qualify for the Nationals in Seattle. 
Though they didn't make it , they 
will set their sites on such an honor 
next year. 

Back Row: Chandler Rodriguez, John Murphy, Aidan DiPrima, Austin Schofield, Matt 
Scorza, Ian Ikeda, Hanno Kite-Powell, Ashley Magnuson, Liz Runci, Ian Grant, Ian White, 
Brendan Koehan, Alex Palfrey, Issac Estey 

Front Row: Coach Rob Knecht, Kristofer Dowling, Megan MacKinnon, Meaghan Hyland, 
Ali Garran, Hadley Burnham, Julia Leonard, Allison Shane, Morgan Gould, Victoria Page, 
Will Holt, Coach Chris Lash 

Two Duxbury sailors hike out to 
keep their boat even-keel in spite 
of heavy winds. 

The Duxbury sailing team races in 
420s, each boat carrying two 
passengers: a skipper and a crew. 

A Duxbury skipper and crew duck 
the boom and prepare to change 
positions while tacking. 


Senior Captain Caitlin Burke and 
junior Olivia McCarthy attempt to 
overpower Weston player; both 
were strong competitors this year. 

Senior Captain Katie Griffin, the 
teams leading scorer, charges to 
net while warding off a defender. 

Junior Devan Bahr, a defender, 
patrols in front of the Duxbury net, 
prepared for an upcoming 
offensive possession for the 
opposing team. 

Though the roster of this girls 
lacrosse team was short in number, 
they in no way lacked in skill. Four 
seniors led the young team to 
its sixth straight league 
championship title. 

Back Row: Molly O'Sullivan, Keri Gould, KAtie Griffin, Siobhan McCarthy, Sophia 

Fitzpatrick, Caitlin Burke, Devan Bahr, Hannah Murphy, Jenna Cusick 

Front Row: Charlotte Cipolletti, Grace Nissi, Emmy Horton, Molly Zaverucha, Ali Violandi 


Once again the boy's varsity lacrosse 
team was a dominant force in the 
eastern mass, lacrosse. The Dragons 
reached the Division I State Final 
for the ninth year in a row after 
winning the Patriot League Title for 
the 1 1th straight time. The team 
entered the state title game at 
Harvard Stadium having won the 
top honor the previous six years in a 
a row. Being led by senior captains 
John Ricciardi. Mickey Zaverucha 
and JB Marston. the team lost a 
hard fought game in sudden death 
overtime, finishing the season with 
an overall record of 22 wins and 2 
losses. Well done boys!!! 

*a wan m 

— n man on mmi *25 - ^ 

Coaches: Chris Sweet, Tony Fisher, Rob Ferreria, and Chris Ajemian. Seniors: Dan 
Buonagurio, Micky Zaverucha, JB Marston, Dan Brockwell, Rick Armstrong, Jake Kearney, 
John Ricciardi, Sam Reinhart, Nick Woodgate. Juniors: Peter Willauer, Christian Connelly, 
Clark Demos, Alex Poore, Tim Matthews. Sophomores: Reilly Naton, Will Siefert, Mitch 
Barrington, Max Randall, Jon Gomer, Chris Williams, Sam Sweet, James Burke, Matt 
O'Keefe, Jay McDermott, Adam Fitzgerald, Tim Harrison, Cam Mullins, Paul Hellar. 

Junior Bryan Barry was one of the 
team's leading scorers this season. 
Bryan always put his heart into 
every game which greatly helped. 

Several Duxbury players celebrate 
after a goal during their victorious 
season opener against 
Apponequet at Harvard Stadium. 

Senior Sam Reinhart was a key 
player on the varsity team. He had 
great speed and stick skills to help 
the team go in and score.