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This Volume is for 















Togfiliti uuh Much Other Information 
Embodying a Complete 




American Educational Company 

PRICE, $5.00 



Entered according to the act of Congress, in 

the year 1010 by Homei I* PcUtemon, 

In the office of the Librarian of 

Congress at Washington 




The aim of this work is to give a complete and accurate index to 
the public and private educational system of the United States. The 
information has been thoroughly revised and brought down to date, 
and before final printing of the book proofs submitted to the various 
school officials for final revision and correction. 

In the main geographical classification, in addition to the public 
school officials, will be found a complete list of all schools and colleges, 
together with information as to the kind of school, class of students 
admitted, religious denomination, year established, and the name of the 
head of the institution. A second complete list of all schools is given 
in which they are classified and arranged according to the kind of 
school, giving a ready reference or complete list of any particular class 
of school. A complete Alphabetical Index of schools will be found at 
the back of the book from which any institution may be instantly lo- 
cated. The Public School system is fully covered by lists of the State 
Educational Officials and County Superintendents of schools, the 
Boards of Education, City Superintendents, Special Supervisors and 
Principals, A list of the more prominent libraries, with the name of 
the librarian and number of bound volumes, is also given. It is 
believed the work will be found of value to every one in any way asso- 
ciated with educational institutions, or engaged in educational work. 

Acknowledgment is made to the various State and City Superin- 
tendents of Public Instruction, private school officials, librarians and 



NEW YORK . . . 

. 281 

. 293 



. 311 






Educational systems of the states, including the schools and colleges, arranged 
alphabetically as to towns and cities. 

ALABAMA .. . . . 7 

ARIZONA . . . . 17 


CALIFORNIA . . ... 27 

COLORADO . ... 43 

CONNECTICUT . . . . 51 








IOWA ... .... .123 




MAINE 183 















TEXAS . . 471 

UTAH 487 









Schools and Colleges Arranged According to Kind of School 


Giving Name of Librarian and Number of Bound Volumes 




. 809 

. 815 


A. B Bachelor of Arts 

agrri agriculture 

A. M Master of Aits 

arch architecture 

B. A. Bachelor of Arts 

B. C. L Bachelor of Civil Law 

B. D. Bachelor of Divinity 

B L S . Bachelor of Library Science 

B Mus Bachelor of Music 

Breth Brethren 

B S Bachelor of Science 

B Pd Bachelor of Pedagogy 

B S A Bachelor of Scientific Agriculture 

bus business 

B V M Blessed Virgin Mary 

C. E Civil Engineer 

chem chemistry 

co-ed co-educational 

coll ... . collegiate 

Cumb Presb . .Cumberland Presbyterian 

dent dental 

dom sci domestic science 

elec, electrical 

elo elocution 

engin . .engineering 

eat established 

Epls Episcopal 

Evang. Evangelical 

F. B. H S. 

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society 
P K. 8 . Fellow of the Royal Society 

Ger Evang. German Evangelical 

hoxneop homeopathic 

hort. . . horticulture 

indust industrial 

L D S Latter Day Saints (Mormon) 

Litt. B Bachelor of Literature 

Litt D Doctor of Literature 

LL B Bachelor of Laws 

LL D Doctor of Laws 

LL M: Master of Laws 

M. A Master of Arts 

M. D Doctor of Medicine 

ME Methodist Episcopal 

mech mechanical 

med . * medicine 

M. E So Methodist Episcopal South 

metal metallurgy 

metaph metaphysics 

Meth Methodist 

mil military 

min mines* mineralogy 

Morav Moravian 

M N. A S Mem- 
ber of the National Academy of Sciences 

M R. A. S 

Member of the Royal Academy of Science 


nou- sectarian 


Nativity of the Virgin Mary 


, . Order of Saint Benedict 


, Protestant Episcopal 
Bachelor of Philosophy 
. . . Doctor of Philosophy 




physical science 



. . 




N V. M . 


O S B 


P E . .. 

Ph B . 

Ph D . . 




phys sci . 


pop. . . 


prep . _ _ 

prin principal 

Prot Protestant 

psychol .'. .psychology 

R C Roman Catholic 

Rtf * Reformed 

reg. regular 

R S S . . . Fellow of the Royal Society 

Rt. Rev. Right Reverend 

Sc. B Bachelor of Science 

sculp .. . ...sculpture 

7th D Adv Seventh Day Adventlst* 

7th D Bapt Seventh Day BaptUts 

S. J . Society of Jesus 

S M. E Holy Mother Church 

S M. M Holy Mother Mary 

a R. S Follow of the Royal Society 

S T. D Doctor of Divinity 

sten * stenography 

S. T. P ... Professor of Theology 

surg. surgery 

surv surveying 

S V. ,, Holy Virgin 

Swed Swedish 

tech technical 

teles, telegraphy 

ter. * * territory 

theol. * ** th oology 

U. J D. . . .Doctor of Canon and Civil Law 

TJn. Breth United Brethren 

Unit , . . . Unitarian 

univ. . , .*.., .university 

U. a N United Btatea Navy 

V. D. M Minister of the Word of God 

vet .....veterinary 

V. 8 .... .Veterinary Surgeon 

Y. M. C. A 

Young Men's Christian Atsoeiatlon 

Y. W. C. A 

. .Young Women's Christian Association 


Population, 2,138,093. School census, 687,374. School age, 7-21. 

Alabama is the eighteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,138,093 inhabitants, of whom 57.5 per cent, are white. Of this number, 
.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, 
ten years of age and over, is 22.9 per cent., the state ranking forty-seventh in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


WILLIAM F. FEAGIN, State Superintendent of Education ............ Montgomery 

SPEIGHT DOWJCLL, Chief Cleik . ............... Montgomery 

J. B HOBDY, State Supervisor of Rural Schools .... . . .Montgomery 

J. S THOMAS, State High School Inspector. . . ..... University 

W. 0- BLASINGAME, State High School Inspector. . ... Auburn 

JAMES L. SIBLEY, State Supervisor of Eural Schools for Negroes ...... Montgomery 


WILLIAM F. FEAGIN, President ................................ Montgomery 

P. W. HODGES, Secretary .......................................... Montgomery 

Miss CLARA PITTS ........ ..... ...... Montgomery 


GOVERNOR CHARLES HENDERSON, Gliawman ............... Montgomery 

WILLIAM F. FEAGIN, State Superintendent, Secretary .............. Montgomery 


GOVERNOR CHARLES HENDERSON, C^aerman ............ Montgomery 

SUPT. WILLIAM F. FEAGIN, Secretary ............................. Montgomery 

STATE AUDITOR M C ALLGOOD ........................ Montgomery 

J.W.WATSON ... . ........ Jackson J. J. DOSTER ............. University 

E M SHAOKLEFORD ............. Troy H.T.WALLACE ......... Ft. Payne 

JB. S. PUGH ......... Union Springs W. K. HARRISON .......... Florence 

T. W. PALMER ........... Montevallo A. M. SPESSARD ........... Uniontown 

J. M. PEARSON .......... Alexander City 





JAMES J DOSTER, Pi cudrnt 

W. C. GRIGGS, Secretary Gadsden 


PAUL V. BOMAR, Ptesident 
JAMES J. DOSTER, Secretary. 

Uni\ ' 


MRS R L FAUCETT, President . 
CLARA PITTS, Secictary-Tteaswei 

. .Montgomery 


County Name and Address 

Autaupra L E Byrum, Tones 

Baldwin.... J. S. Lambert, Bay Minette 

Barbour J T Searcy, Clayton 

Bibb . ..AW Haves, Centerville 
Blunt . . L J Weston, On eon to 

Bullock George R Hall, James 

Butler C H. Lewis, Greenville 

Calhoun H. T Persons, Anniston 

Chambers. . . G. M Barnett, LaFayette 

Cherokee John H Blair, Center 

Ohilton W T Bean, Clanton 

Choctaw . W J Dansby, Butler 

Clarke. ...T. L Head. Jr., Grove Hill 

Clay W T Harwell, Ashland 

Cleburne G B Boman, Heflin 

Coffee C H Bvrd, Enterprise 

Colbert Jos Walker, Tuscumbia 

Connecuh . .R E L Key, Evergreen 
Coosa. . . Jef Sox, Rockford, R. F. D. 2 
Covmgton .. H J Brog-den, Andalusia 

Crenshaw T A Capps, Luverne 

Cullman D V Smith, Cullman 

Dale.... ..R I* Marchmann, Pinckard 

Dallas D. M Callaway, Selma 

Escambia W S Neal Brewton 

DeKalb. ..J. Valdor Curtis, Ft Payne 

Elmore G. H. Howard, Wetumpka 

Etowah S C. McD an i el, Gadsden 

Fayette J. Alex Smith, Fayette 

Franklin .T H. Roberson, Russellville 

Geneva J. W Steely, Hartford 

Greene W P Archibald, Knoxville 

Hale G N Williams, Greensboro 

Henry B. C. Glover, Abbeville 

County Name and Addrc* 

Houston .... . J. M Odom, Dothan 
Jackson. .. C. S. Brewton. Scottsboro 
Jefferson ...P M McNeil, Blrming-ham 

Tjamar 35 R Harris, Vornon 

T^auderdale ..DO Warn>n, Florence 
Lawrence . . ,.W. S Dill. Moulton 

Lee J A. Albright, Opelika 

Limeslone . . M K" Clements, Athens 
L,owndes H. R. Williamson, Hayneville 

Macon W B Rlloy, Tuskeffee 

Madison S. R. Butler, Huntavllle 

Marengo B. F. Gilder. Linden 

Marlon H W. McKenzle, Hamilton 

Marshall . R L Barnes, Guntersvllla 

Mobile S.S. Murphy, Mobile 

Monroe .... .... J A. Barnes, Roy 


G. W. Covinfcton, Montgomery 

M organ.... J. C Tidwell, New Decatur 

Perry Chas. C. Johnson, Marion 

Piokens J. W. Oowdle, Carrollton 

Pike . J. M Sanders, Troy 

Randolph J. K Word, Wedowae 

Russell F M k deGraffenried, Seale 

Shelby. . S P Williamson, Stwett 
St Glair... . P McClendon, Ashvtlle 
Sumter ...,R. B Callaway, Livlnffflton 

Talladega M. T. Llnder, Talladegra 

Tallapoosa.. , G L Belle, Dadoville 
Tuscaloosa...P. B. Hughes* Tuscalooaa 
Walker,... *. . A. S. Scott Jasper 

Washington W. S Fearce, Komitcm 

Wlloox Will M. Cook. Camdan 

Winston. . . , J. M Burnn, Double Spring* 


Abbeville, Henry Co., pop. 1,050* 

Preg Bd Bduc J H Galloway 
Pec Bd Educ H W Owens 
Principal High School J E Searcy 

Abbeville continued 
Third District Agricultural School; 

ntato, co-oa ; *st 188$; It O, 'Dyke*, 






Alabama City, Etowah Co., pop. 4,313. 

Pres Bd Educ C S Wilkinson 
Sec Bd Educ H J Burn a p 
City Superintendent J. D. Bradley. 

Albertvllle, Marshall Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ J B Robets. 
Sec Bd Educ J O Barnett 
City Superintendent L E Creel 

Seventh District Agricultural School, agri ; 
co-ed , state, est 1892, S L Gipaon, Pres 

Alexander City, Tallapoosa Co., pop. 1,500. 
City Superintendent J. M. Pearson. 

Andalusia, Covington Co., pop. 2,400. 

Pres Bd Educ -A. L Rankln. 
Sec Bd Educ J W Shreve 
City Superintendent L E Brown 
Principal High School W M Faust 

Annlston. CaUuran Co., pop. 12,794. 

Pres Bd Educ Alfred L Tylei 

Sec Bd Educ C D. Woodruff. 

City Superintendent David R Murphy 

Principal High School J W Vann 

Supv. Music Willie Privett 

Barker Memorial Seminary (colored) , 
women; prep and indust , Presb ; est 
1896, R L, Alter, PhD, President 

Boys' Training: School; prep ; boys; non- 
sect , Principal 

Noble Institute for Girls; girls' boarding; 
P E ; est. 1886; Rev Joseph H Spear- 
ing, President. 

Ashland, Clay Co., pop. 050. 

Prin County H S W L Davis 

Athens, Umestone Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ Jack Grisham 
Sec Bd Educ Henry Masscnburg 
City Superintendent Frank Barnaid 

Athens College, girls' boarding. M E So ; 

est 1843, Benjamin B Glasgow, AB, 

Eighth District Agricultural School; agrl ; 

state; co-ed.; est. 1889, J. M. Atkinson, 

B. So., Pres. 
Green University School; prep, school for 

boys, W. K. Green, Principal. 

Atmore, Escambla Co., pop. 500. 
Prin. County H. S. -a A. Peavy 

Attalla, Etowah Co.* pop. 2,513. 

City Supt and Frin Co H, 8 Alice Oole- 

Auburn, JLee Co., pop. 1,560, 

City Superintendent May Harvie 
Prin. County H. S. J. A. Parrish. 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute; comprises 
College of Engineering and Mines, College 
of Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Pharmacy and Academic Depart- 
ment, state; co-ed.; est 1872; Charles 
C. Thach, LL. D., President. 

Auburn continued 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, College of 
Engineering: and Mines, courses In Civil, 
Electrical, Mechanical and Mining En- 
gineering and Architecture; John J. Wll- 
more, M E , Dean. 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, College of 
Agricultural Sciences; courses in Agricul- 
ture, Horticulture and Animal Industry; 
Bennett B Ross, M. S., Dean. 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Department 
of Architecture, Joseph Hudnut, Director. 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Department 
of Pharmacy, phar., co-ed., est. 1895; 
L S Blake, Dean 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute. School of 
Veterinary Medicine, est. 1908; men; C. 
A. Gary, V. S, Dean. 

Bessemer, Jefferson Co., pop. 10,884. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. R P. McTyelre. 

Sec Bd Educ I A Lewis 

City Superintendent A A Persons. 

Principal High School Robt. A. Mickle. 

Supv Music F G Blough 

Manual Training Chas. R Kuchinskl. 

Domestic Science Bessie L. Porker. 

Drawing Miss Margaret McAdory 

Coml. and Stenogy J. O Chaneey. 

Birmingham, Jefferson Co., pop. 132,685. 

Pies Bd Educ B M Jacobs 
Sec Bd Educ B F Gladney 
City Superintendent John H Phillips. 
Assistant Supt Charles B Glenn 
Supv Music Leta Kltts. 
Manual Training H. B. Graves. 
Domestic Science May Hanais. 
Physical Culture F. J. Courleaux 
Drawing Mrs Lenore A. Eldred. 
Penmanship M D Anthony 
Commercial Laura C. Spaldlngr. 
KindergartenAgnes Wilson. 
Primary Loula Bradford 
Gardening G G Weathersbee 

Central High School, 7th Ave. and 24th 8t; 

Charles A Brown, Principal. 
Ensley High School, Avenue J and 23d St.; 

I> F Banks, Principal 
Negro Industrial High, 8th Av. and llth; 

A. H. Parker, Principal. 

Birmingham College; coll and prep.; men; 

M E So , est 1898, Thornwell Haynes, 

A.M, President 
Birmingham College Training School; prep. 

dept. Birmingham College; C. O'Rear, 

M A., Principal. 
Birmingham Conservatory of Music; music; 

est. 1896; William Gussen, Director, 1816 

2nd Ave. 
Birmingham Dental College; dent.; men; 

est. 1893; Charles A. Merrill, D. D. B., 

Birmingham Medical College, med.; re* ; 

men, fst 1894, Lewis C. Morris, M D.. 






Birmingham continued 

Birmingham Medical College. Department 
of Pharmacy, A R Bhss, Ji Dean, 20th 

St and Ave F 

Howard College, coll and piep , men; 
Bapt , est 1841, James M Shelburne, 
D D , Pres. 

Howard College High School; prep, depart- 
ment of Howard College, B I* Noojin, 
B S, Principal. 

Loulie Compton Seminary, girls' boarding 
and day, ages 7 to 20, non-sect , est 1897, 
Miss Hattie Morton, A M, Principal, 1722 
Fifth Ave 

Margaret Allen School, prep ; Miss W. M 
Allen, Principal 

Massey Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1887, William N. Smith, Prin. 

South Highlands School foi Giils, gnls* 
boat ding, ost 1*114, Rev T Peyton Wal- 
ton, Piesident, 1721 12th Ave South 

Spencer Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1895, Robert Campbell, A. B, Pun 

University High School, prep , boys; J, J, 
White, Principal 

Wheeler Business College, bus, sten and 
teleg , est. 1888; Willard J Wheeler, 
Pres , 1909 First Ave. 

Blountgville, Blount Co., pop. 500. 

Prefr Bd Bduc M D Clemmons 
fcec Bd Educ J It Copeland 
Town Supeiintenclent H A Fowlei 

Ninth District Agricultural School, agri , 
co-ed , state, est 1005, W B Fanai, 

Boaz, Marshall Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent J C McAulcy 

fenmtf Pemmaiy, prep , co-ed , L. F. Corley, 

Brewton, Escambia Co., pop , 1,600. 

Pies Bd Educ & M Lovelace 
Sec Bd Bduc A C Smith 
City Supenntendent W L Poiter 

Collegiate Institute; prep ; co-ed.; G. A. 
Harris, Principal. 

Bridgeport, Jackson Co., pop. 1,500. 

Px*>s Bd. Educ. J. L* Troxell Moyor. 
Sec Bd Bduc. B. C Jones. 
City Superintendent B C. Jones. 
Principal High School Miss Clara Young. 

Brundldffe, Pike Co., pom 850. 

Town Superintendent W H Black 
Prin County H S S B Gibson 

Butler, Choctaw Co., pop* 200. 

Prin County H S Zack Rogeis 

Calhoun, JLowndes Co, pop. 90. 

Calhoun Colored School (colored) ; agrl ; 
co-ed.; non-sect , est 1892; Miss Char- 
lotte R Thorn, Prin. 

Camden, IVilcox Co , pop. 1,500. 

Pi os Bd Educ W M Cook 
Sec Bd Educ Himon Pittoison 
City Superintendent 11 II Mtthew* 
Prin County H S Claud Hardy 

Camp Hill, Tallapooaa Co , pop. 1,000. 
Principal High School C C. Mosely. 

Southern Industrial Institute; prep, and In- 
dus t , co-ed , Lyman Ward, Principal. 

Carbon Hill, Walker Co , pop. 1,100. 

City bupoiintemlvnt I N Morris 

Centerville, Bibb Co., pop. 750. 

Ii os BU Educ John T Ellison 
beo Bd Educ W A Hujes 
Tovui Supexintendent J K Alexander 
Pi in County H S J \V Watson 

Clanton, Chilton Co, pop. 1,050. 
City Superintendent J J. Plckens. 

University School, prep ; co-ed , non-sect , 
R Y. McMornes, Ph D., Prin. 

Clayton, Harbour Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Super mten<lont- G (3 Cllovei 

Columbia, Houston Co., pop. 1,250. 

Pi (is Bd Kduc J W Wood 
Sec Bd Bduc W L. Armstrong. 
Prin County H S C. W Johnson 
'Supv Music Miss Minnie Breland. 

Columblana, Shelby Co., pop. 1,200 

Prin, County H S Lycurgua Lcftwlch 

Cullman, Cullman Co., pop. 5,000, 

City Superintendent It K Lodbettor, 
Pi in County H, S J F Knight 

Cullman BusInt'SH ('oUcga, bus. and ten : 
L N Buoll, Irineipu2. 

Polytechnic Collogo and Ladies* Initltuto; 
prep , co-ed , non-sect , S A Felter, A. 
M., Pres 

Dadevllle, Tallapoosa Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pies Bd Educ L itellu. 

Sec lid Bduc J II. Ashurgt 

Pi in County II H H II Holme*, 

Daphne, Baldwin Co, pop. 540. 

Daphne State Normal College, nor.; co-dU; 
state, H H Holmes, Principal 

Pecatur, Morgan Co., pop. 8,400. 

Pius Bd Bduc J D WykOfc 
Hc Bd Ktiuc.J A. ThoHiason. 
City Superintendent J. M. Collier. 

Decatur BuBinofts Collegre, bua and tn.: 
L, N. Buell, irlncipal 





Demopolis, Marengo Co., pop. 2,417. 
City Superintendent K. G. Hoover. 

Marengo Militaiy Institute, military, non- 
sect , W. A McLeod, Prin 

Dora, Walker Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent William K Norton 

Dothan, Houston Go, pop. 7,016. 

Pres Bd Bduc Geoige Cotton 

Sec Bd Educ J V Biown 

City Rupei intendent P W Hodges 

Principal High School J M Reeves 

Supv Mus and Primaiy Linda Nowlin 

Penmanship Annie I Gaiber 

Double Springs, Winston Co , pop. 225. 

Prin County H S L J Howell 

Eclectic, Elmore Co., pop. 500. 

Pres Bd Bduc J M Collins 
Sec Bd Kduc J B Spivey 
Prin County H S W J Mines 

Edwardsvllle, Clebnme Co., pop. 600. 

Town Superintendent Fred Wycoflt 

Edwardsvllle Seminary, nor prep and 
coml , boarding, Meth , est 1907, Wil- 
liam D Stevenson, Prin. 

Elba, Coffee Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ W W Sanders 
Sec Bd Educ "W J Steele 
Town, Superintendent W T Stcele 
Principal JElltfh School O P Roberts 

Elkmont, Umetone Co., pop. SOO. 

Pi os Bd Educ W B Vaughan. 
Sec Bd Educ W A Todd 
Prin County H S. B B Baxter 

Enterprise, Coffee Co , pop. 2,150. 

Sec Bd Educ A M Owen. 

City Superintendent KS J Muiphey 

Principal County H R W I Pittman 

Eufaula, Harbour Co*, pop. 4,259. 
City Superintendent Herman L. ITpshaw 

Alabama Brenau College-Conservatory, 
girls' boarding; non-sect., eat. 1854, 
Thomas G. Wilkinson, Pres 

Eutaw, Greene Co., pop. 1,000 

City Superintendent Albert P Jackson. 

Evergreen, Conectjh Co., pop. 1.800. 

Pres Bd Etlue T J Williams 
Town Superintendent Ifithel King. 
Manual Training L. T Lewis 
Domestic Science Ixmise Dickie 

Second District Agricultural School, agrl 
and domestic science, co-ed,, state, W. 
C Blaalngamc, Principal 

Falkville, Morgan Co., pop. 500. 

Prea Bd Educ R. A Summerf ord. 
Sec Bd Bduc H L. Hunter 
Principal School George T. Woodruff 

Falkville Normal College; nor , co-ed , est 
1896, James L Gibson, A B, Prea. 

Fayetle, Fajette Co, pop. 950. 

Pres Bd Bduc C. B Blackburn, 
Sec Bd Educ W A Graham. 
City Superintendent R L. Reaves 
Principal High School H Willie May. 

Fayette Academy, prep ; co-ed ; non-iect, 
John B Ziegler, Prin 

Florala, Covlngton Co., pop 1,500 

Pres Bd Educ G F Petrey 
Sec. Bd Educ R. G. Hoover 
City Superintendent J. P. Doster 
Pun County H S H A Pettus, Jr 
Supv Music Luda E Hutchinson 

Florence, Lauderdale Co., pop. 6,689. 

Pies Bd Educ M W Camper 

Sec Bd Educ H. B. Norton. 

City Superintendent W R Harrison 

Man Tr and Dom. Sci Miss Sarah Martin. 

State Normal School, co-ed., est. 1873; 
Henry J. Willingham, LL D, President. 

Forney, Cherokee Co., pop. 100. 
Cherokee Institute, prep ; co-ed ; non-Beet , 
eat 1894, J. H. Scroggin, Prin 

Fort Deposit, Lowndes Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ A P Brooks. 
Sec Bd Educ. J. D. Lamar. 

City Superintendent Mis W G Forehand. 
Pi in County H S E H Turner 
Supv. Music Misa Nina Dobba 

Fort Payne, Dekalb Co., pop. 1,100. 

Prin County H S N J Callan 

Gadsden, Etowah Co , pop. 10,567. 

Pies Bd Educ J H Disque 
Sec Bd Bduc W C Giiggs 
City Superintendent W C Griggs 
Piincipal High School M W O Vance 
Supv. Music Inez Nixon. 

Geneva, Geneva Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ H S Funck 
Sec Bd Educ S G Hendrlx 
Town Superintendent R W Little 
Principal High School Mrs T J Lamb. 

Georgtana, Bailer Co*, pop. 050. 

City Superintendent W P Lunsford 

Glrard, Russell Co., pop. 4,214. 

Pres Bd Educ TS. Ifl. Brlttingham. 
Sec Bd. Educ. B L. King 
City iSuporintendent Roy K Hood 
Principal High School TJ E Snyder 
Supv Music Mrs. G. C. Porter. 
Physical Culture Carrie Splgener 





Good Water, Coosa Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent James N Bragg 

Greensboro, Hale Co.* pop. 2,416 

City Superintendent J A Baxley. 

Southern University, coll. and prep, dept ; 
men, M E So , est 1856, Rev Chailes A 
Rush, D D , President 

Greenville, Butler Co., pop 4,000. 
City Superintendent C. Baker Gamble. 

Grove Hill, Clarke Co., pop. 325 

Prin County H S M L Orr 

Guln, Marlon Co., pop. 550 
Prin County H S. J. B Clark. 

Guntersvllle, Marshall Co, pop. 1,100 
Pres Bd Educ Jay Mabney. 
Sec Bd Educ J Ollie Johnson 
Town Superintendent J B Vann 
Prin County H. 8 Oscar Horton. 

Garter, Madison Co., pop* 900. 

Prin County H S W T Stevens 

Haleyrllle, Winston Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent L L James 

Hamilton, Marlon Co., pop. 500. 

Pres Bd Educ H V Bostick 
Sec Bd Educ R N Terrell 
Town Superintendent J O Avery 

Sixth District Agricultural School; agri ; 
co-ed., state, H. O Sargent, M S, Pres 

Hartford, Geneva Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ. P. M. Metcalf. 
Sec Bd Educ J. L. Chancy 
City Superintendent M. G. Block. 
Prin County H S B H Boyd 
Supv. Music- Miss Jlxnxnle Speller. 

Hartsetts, Morgan Co., pop. 1,600. 
Pres Bd. Educ M Pattillo. 
Sec Bd. Educ A. P. Howell. 
City Supet inlendent W F Jones. 
Prin County H S J. H Riddle. 
Supv. Music Mlsa L. Barclift. 

Headland, Henry Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ L R Burdeshaw 
Sec Bd. Educ W. O Ayres 
Town Superintendent W E Glover. 
Prin County H S D W. McLean. 

Healing Springs, Washington Co., pop. 50. 

Healing Springs Industrial Academy, prep., 
co-ed.; Bapt; eat. 1888; Walter B. 
Speer, Prin. 

Heflin, Cleburne Co., pop. 700. 

Prin County H S James K Hunt 

Huntsvllle, Madison Co., pop., 7,611. 

Pies Bd Educ W T Huchens 
Sec Bd Educ J D Humphrey 
City Superintendent R. C Johnston. 
Supv Music Felicia Metcalfe 
Home Economics Pannie Gluckstein 

Butler School; prep ; co-ed.; S. R Butler, 

Chafin's Business College, bus, and sten , 

est. 1899, W. T Chafln, Pres 

Jackson, Clark Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent Frank Abbott, 

First District Agricultural School; agri ; 
state co-ed , est 188b, J J Moore, Pres 

Jacksonville, Calhoun Co., pop. 2,231* 

City Supeimtemlent G T Komeis 

Ptate Noimal School, professional teachers', co-ed , est 1883, Charles W, 
Daugotte, M, So , Pres 

Jasper, Walker Co., pop. 2,509. 

Pres Bd. Educ. J H. Bankhead, Jr. 
Sec Brt Bdue J L K(mll 
City Superintendent J. W. Letson. 
Prin County H. S. J. Alexander Moore. 

Joppa, Cullman Co., pop. 325. 

Normal, Industrial and Collegiate Institute; 
prep.; co-ed ; Cong.; eat. 1892; Rev. H. 
Herbert, A. B., B. D, Prin. 

Lafayette, Chambers Co., pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ G E, Collins 
Sec. Bd Kduc J A William* 
Town Superintendent F. T Appleby 
Manual Training Wllhelmina Fant. 

Lafayette College; prep ; co-cd ; non- 
sect ; Flavius T. Appleby. Pres. 

Lanett, Chambers Co., pop. 3,820. 

City Superintendent W S. Lcatherwood. 

Leighton, Colbert Co., pop. 570. 

Pres Bd Educ R. C Bibb 
Sec Bd Eclue J T Ferguson 
Town Superintendent E Christian. 
Prin County H 8 P M Munro. 
Agrl & Man. Tr I* A Ktlmonson. 

Uneville, Clay Co., pop. 1,250. 

City Superintendent- Brandt La Boon. 

Northeast Alabama Agricultural and Indu- 
trial Institute; state, co-cd.; Brandt L, 
Boon fiupt 

Livingston, Snmter Co., pop. 1,050. 

City Superintendent R. K. Hood, 

State Normal School; teachers' course* and 
school of arts, women; etate; out 1882; 
George W* Brock, Pres. 





Luverne, Crenshaw Co., pop. 1,550. 

City Superintendent W G Cameron 

Marion, Perry Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ William Fowlkes 
Sec Bd Educ W H Mason 
City Superintendent Charles C Johnson 
Prin County H S J A York 

Judson College , coll , prep , music, expres- 
sion, women, Bapt, est. 1839, Paul V. 
Bomar, President. 

Lincoln Normal School (colored), nor.; 
co-ed , M L Phillips, Principal. 

Marion Baptist Academy (colored); prep.; 
co-ed , J. M. Brown, Principal. 

Marion Female Seminary; girls' boarding, 
Preb ; est 1836, W R Carothers, Pres. 

Marlon Institute, prep., boy's; non-sect , 
est. 1887, H. O Murfee, Supt. 

Milltown, Chambers Co., pop. 100. 

Prin County H S G M Veazey 

Mobile, Mobile Co., pop. 51,521. 

Pres Bd Educ H. T Hartwell. 
Sec Bd Educ Richard Hines. 
City Superintendent Samuel S. Murphy. 
Assistant Superintendent C. F. Vigor. 
Principal High School Lee Byrne. 
Manual Tiaining R H Condie. 
Domestic Science Ruth Oliver 
Drawing R H Condie 
Piimary Miss Klmball 
Elementary Miss Dodge 

Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding, 
R C , est. 1833; Sister Mary de Chantal, 

Baker Graded School, girls' day, non-sect.; 
est 1888, Miss Nannie Baker, Principal, 
155 N. Clalborne at 

Crane School; prep , girls; non-sect.; Miss 
Crane, Prin 

Emerson Normal and Industrial Institute; 
colored), co-ed; Cong; est. 1866; Wil- 
liam Barnard Smith, A. M., Principal, 
266 S Scott. 

Hunter's Select School for Girls; girls' 
boarding, non-sect; Miss Sallle E. Hun- 
ter, Prin. 

Knott's School; girls* boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss L. Knott, Prin. 

McGill Institute; prep, and bus.; boys, R. 
C ; est. 1897, Rev William A. Kerrigan, 
Pres , 252 Government at. 

Mobile Business College, bus. and sten., 
Mrs C. O. Meuat, Principal. 

Mobile Kindergarten Training School; nor- 
mal kindergarten, A. Elizabeth Johnson, 

St Mary's Select School; girls' boarding; 
R. C.; Sister Aloysia, Prin. 

St. Vincent's Select School, girl*' board- 
Ing; R. C.; Mother Superior. 

University of Alabama School of Medicine; 
mod.; reg.; co-ed.; est 1859; Eugene D. 
Bondurant, M. D., Dean. 

Mobile con tinued 

University of Alabama School of Medicine, 
Department of Pharmacy; co-ed.; est 
1859, Tucker H. Frazer, M D, Dean 

Wright's Military Academy, boys' board- 
ing, mil.; Julius T Wright, Supt. 

Monroeville, Monroe Co., pop. 480. 

Pres Bd Educ I B. Slaughter. 
Sec Bd Educ E P. Yeldell 
Town Supeiintendent-*-E P Yeldell 
Prin County H S George A Harris 

Montevallo, Shelby Co., pop. 1,350. 

City Superintendent H G Dowling. 

Alabama Girls' Technical Institute; prep 
and indust, women, state; est 1896; 
Thomas Waverly Palmer, A. M., LL. D, 

Montgomery, Montgomery Co., pop. 38,136. 

Pres Bd Educ Benjamin J Baldwin. 
Sec Bd Educ Bmil J Meyer * 
City Superintendent Charles L Floyd 
Prin Lanier High School A. K. McKemte 
Supv Music Alice Sachs 
Penmanship Bessie A Meade 
Manual Training Harold L Weatherby. 
Domestic Science Marjorie P Camper 

Barnes School, prep.; boys, E R. Barnes, 


Draughon's Practical Business College; 

bus , sten , civil service, teleg. ; Oliver B. 

Harris, Manager. , 
Edgar School, boys, prep.; non-sect; R. B. 

Edgar, Principal. 
Loretta Academy, girls' boarding; R. C ; 

Sister M. Xavier, Superior. 
Margaret Booth School, girls' prep,; Mav- 

gaiet Booth, Principal 
Massey Business College, bus. and it en.; 

est 1884; Ralph D. Qulsenberry, B. A., 

Starke University School; boys* boarding; 

non-sect; J. M. and S. C. Starke, Prins. 
State Normal School for Colored Student* 

(colored), nor , state, co-ed, J W Be- 

verly, Principal 
Woman'* College of Alabama; coll.; 

women, M E3 So ; est. 1910, M. W. 

Swaitz, Th D., President. 

Moulton, Lawrence Co., pop. 800. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. -Clark Bragg. 

Sec Bd Bduc O L. Judy. 

Prin. County H S John M. CroweU. 

Moundvllle, Hale Co., pop. 475. 

State Normal School, nor ; state; co-ed.; 
G A, Young, Pres. 





Nat, Jackson Co., pop. 10. 

Green Academy, prep ; co-ed ; Cong ; eat 
1891, Miss Anna Swanson, Principal. 

New Deoatur, Morgan Co., pop. 6,118. 

Pres Bd Educ. W. A. Bibb. 
Clerk Bd Educ B E Graves 
City Superintendent R W Cowait 

Newton, Bale Co.* pop. 700. 

Town Superintendent W J Dominey 
Baptist Collegiate Institute, prep , co-ed., 
Bapt ; A. W. Tate, Prin 

Normal, Madison Co., pop. 88. 

Agricultural and Mechanical College (col- 
ored), Academic, Normal, Domestic 
Science, Mechanic Arts, Music and Com- 
mercial; state; co-ed., non-sect ; eat. 
1875, Walter S Buchanan, Pres. 

Notasulga, Macon Co., pop. 675. 

Prin County H S C C Slaton 

Odenvllle, St. Clair Co., pop. 350. 

Pres Bd Educ B S Hodges 
Sec Bd Educ W C Watson 
Town Superintendent C Purkett 
Prin County H. S J O. Sturdivant 

Oneonta, Blount Co , pop. 850. 

Prin County H S T. C. Moore 

Opelika, "Lee Co., pop. 4,500. 

City Superintendent Ploy Hall 
Prin County H S IT Qulnn 

Opp, Covtagton Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent J F Sco field, 

Oxford, Calhonn Co., pop. 1,450. 

Fres Bd Educ Charles A Armentraut 
Sec Bd Educ D. C Cooper 
City Supeiintendent Russell S King. 
Prin County H S Russell S King. 

Ozark, Dale Co., pop. 2,000. 

Prin County H S L K Benson 

Phoenix, Lee Co., pop. 4,250. 

Pres Bd Educ A H Ktttrell 
Sec Bd Educ Moss Hai risen 
City Superintendent Alice Coulter 

Piedmont, Calhonn Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Superintendent Gordon Worley 

Pine Apple, Wllcox Co., pop. 700. 

Town Superintendent N W Henson. 

Moore Academy; prep ; co-ed.; BS. I*. Wil- 
liamson, Principal. 

Plsgah, Jackson Co., pop. 140. 
John J Beeson Academy, prep , co-ed.; 
Bapt ; J Justice Beeson, Prin. 

Plantersville, Dallas Co., pop. 225. 

Prin County H S. J k Moulder 

Prattville, Autauga Co., pop. 2,050. 

Prin County H S II T Wallace 

Reform, Pickens Co., pop. 760. 

Town JSupei intern! ent D W Bony 
Prin County II S J E Hemlley 

Roanoke, Randolph Co., pop. 2,000. 

City Superintendent L L Vann 
Prin Handley H S. H. B Norton. 

Roanoke Normal School, private, prep , co- 
ed , non-sect , W H McDaniel, B S , 

Rockford, Coosa Co , pop. 450. 

Pres Bel Educ Julius Jones 
Sec Bd Educ K L, Bayctt 
Prin County H R A U Jones 

Rogersvllle, Lauderdale Co., pop. 900. 

Pres Bd Educ J D Longshore 
Soc Bd Educ Iia H T5edinfffl>ltl 
Prin Countv H S K M Hodson 

Russellville, Franklin Co., pop. 2,150. 

City Rupeiintonclent I- S McRight 
Prin rounty II S E T Holding 

St. Bernard, Cullman Co., pop. 25. 

St Bernard College, coll , men, R C ; est 
1892; Rev. Bernard Menges, O. S. B. 

Samson, Geneva Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Supei intendent W T. Tiller. 

Scottsboro, Jackson Co., pop. 1,200. 

Prin County II S R P Wills 

Selma, Dallas Co., pop. 13,640. 

Pres Bd Educ. Col. W. K. Nelson. 
Sec Bd. Educ. Mr, C. M. Howard. 
City Superintendent Arthur F. Harmon. 
Principal H S. Edward G. McGehee, Jr. 
Supv MusicMiss Thomasine Cobb, 
Man. Tr , Draw and Pen'shipHarry BeML 
Domestic Science Miss Mabel Mllhan. 
Dallas Academy; prap.; co~ed.; A. F. Her- 
man, Principal. 

Payne University (colored), coll., co-ed ; 
M E , est 188 j, Hiram B, Archer, t,L.D,, 

Selma University (colored); coll.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; ets. 1878; Rev. Matthew William 
Gilbert, A. *., D. D., President. 

Sheffield, CoZoert Co., pop. 4,000. 
Pres, Bd, Educ. Judge J. H. Nathan. 
Sec. Bd Educ. Sid. B. Jones. 
City Superintendent William P. Johnson, 
Principal High School Lena. Roberts. 





Snow Hill, Wilcox Co, pop. 600. 

Snow Hill Normal and Industrial Institute, 
nor, co-ed, non-sect, est 1894, W J 
Edwards, Prin 

Spring: Hill, Mobile Co , pop. 182. 
Spring Hill College, coll and prep dept ; 
men, B C , est. 1830; Rev Edward Cum- 
mings, S J., President 

Springville, St Clair Co., pop. 550. 

Town Superintendent G W Floyd 

Spring Lake College, prep ; co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1897, W A McCreless, Prln 

Stevenson, Jackson Co , pop 575. 

Town Supeiintendent N H Price 

Austin Training School, prop ; co-ed , non- 
sect , W P Mawry, Prln 

Sylaoaugra, Talladega Co., pop 1,300. 

City Supeiintendent J B Murphy 

Fourth District Agricultural School, agri , 
coed , state, est 1895, G H Thigpen, 

Talladega, Talladeya Co., pop. 5,854 
Pres Bd EducJ. K. Bison. 
Sec Bd Bduc John C Williams 
City Superintendent Daniel A McNeill 
Principal High School Henry M Wooda 
Supv Mus and Draw. June Crawford. 

Alabama Synodicnl College for Women 
girls' boarding, Prcsb , est 1903, Rev J 
K Thompson, President. 

Institute for Deaf, Dumb and Blind, state, 
F, H Manning, M. A , Supt 

Talladega College (colored) ; courses in Nor- 
mal, Collegiate, Theology and Music; co- 
ed ; Cong , est 1687; John M. P. Met- 
calf. President. 

Thontaftton, Marengo Co., pop. 450. 

Prin County H S J. L Gibson 

Thomasville, Clark Co,, pop. 750. 

Supt of Schools H M. Morrow. 

Thorsby, Chllton Co., pop. 400. 

Town Superintendent Mrs Zelma Manlng 

Thorsby Institute; prop , co-ed ; non-sect,; 
eat. 1906; S. H Herbert, Principal. 

Trinity. Morgan Co., pop. 200. 

Superintendent of Schools J B Lockhart 

North Alabama Collegiate Institute; prep*; 
co-ed.; Rev Joseph us Shackelford, Prin 

Troy, Pike Co., pop. 4,961. 

Pren Bd KclucL M Bashinsky 
City Superintendent John R. Mcl*ure. 

State Normal School; teachers' training 
courses; state; co-ed.; est. 1887; Edward 
M. Shackelford, LI/. D., President 

Tnscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, pop. 8,407. 

Pres Bd Educ E B Nuzum 
City Superintendent James H. Foster. 
Principal High School Frank I* Grove. 
Supv Music Miss Lucile DeVere. 
Com'l and S ten og. Miss Claude Burton 
Domestic Science Madalme Burns 

Central Female College, girls boarding 
Bapt , est 1858, B F Giles, A M, Pres 

Stillman Institute (colored), prep , men. 
Presb , James G Snedecor, LL D , Pres- 

Tnficumbia, Colbert Co., pop. 2,500. 

City Superintendent J F Collins. 

Deshler Female Institute, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , Miss Annabel Home, Principal. 

Tnskegree, Macon Co., pop 2,500. 

City Superintendent R B Thompson 

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute 
(colored), academic, agricultural, me- 
chanical and industrial courses; co-ed.: 

non-soct , est 1881, Robeit R Moton, LLi 
D , Pi me i pal 

Union Springs, Bullock Co., pop. 3,000. 
City Supt and Prin. H. S E S. Pugh. 

Uniontown, Perry Co , pop 1,836 

City Supeiintendent W P Champion 

University P O , Tuscaloosa County. 

University of Alabama; comprises College 
of Arts and Sciences, School of Educa- 
tion, College of Engineering, School of 
Law, School of Medicine (at Mobile), De- 
partment of Pharmacy (at Mobile), Sum- 
mer School for Teachers; state univ.; co- 
ed ; est 1831; George H. Denny, LL. D., 

University of Alabama, School of Education; 
professional teachers' training courses; 
est 1909, James J Doster, A. H., Dean. 

University of Alabama, College of Engi- 
neering; courses in Chemical, Civil, Elec- 
trical, Highway, Mechanical, and Mining 
Engineering; est. 1881; George Jacob 
Davis, Jr., C, E , Dean. 

University of Alabama, School of ILaw, 
course covers two years; est. 1845; Al- 
bert J Faxrah, LI* B , Dean. 

University Training School; prep for boys; 
Stonewall J Pulliam, Principal. 

Vetnon, T.amar Co, pop. 750. 

Proa Bd Educ E. R Harris 
Roe Bd Educ J E Armstrong 
Prin County H. S E L "Williamson 

Walnut Grove, Btowah Co, pop. 275. 
Walnut Grove College, coll and prep.; co- 
ed. ; non-sect ; W. J Nash, Pres. 

Warrior, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,1200. 

Pres Bd Educ A N Mintner * 
flee. Bd Educ V S Culwell, 
Principal High School J C Gmmmer 





Wedowee, Randolph Co., pop 500. 

Pres Bd Bduc Joseph R Hood 

Sec Bd Educ 3 M Yates 

Pun County H S H D Weatheis 

West Blocton, Bibb Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ W F Pyre 
Sec Bd Educ W R Young 
Principal High School W B Love joy 

Wetnmpka, Elmore Co, pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ E A Howie 
Sec Bd Educ W E Lacy 
City Supciintcndent C V Thompson 
Supv Music Adelaide Hewett 
Art Mamie Bovkin 

Fifth District Agricultural School, agrl , 
oo-ed , state, C V Thompson, Pres 

Whistler, Mobile Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent Tabby Blake. 

Wilsonville, Shelby Co., pop. 1,095. 

Pres Bd Educ J C Mooney. 
Sec Bd Educ W S McEwon 
City Superintendent J C Mooney 
Principal High School Jeff D. Harrla. 

York, Sumter Co., pop. 800. 

Town Supt ES H Longshore 
Prin County H S W F Osborn 


Population, 204,354. School census, 38,791. School age, 6-21. 

Arizona is the forty-sixth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 204,354 inhabitants, of whom 83.9 per cent, are white. Of this number, 22.9 
per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, ten 
years of age and over, is 20.9 per cent , the state ranking forty-fifth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


C. O. CASE, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Phoenix 

FRANK JUYNES, Assistant Superintendent . . , . . . Phoenix 


Gov. THOMAS E. CAMPEDL, President ... ... Phoenix 

C. O. CASE, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary Phoenix 

A. J. MATTHEWS, Principal Arizona Normal School .Tempe 

B. H. H. BLOME, Principal Northern Arizona Normal School Flagstaff 

B. B. VON KLEIN SMID, President University of Arizona ... Tucson 

A. K. STABLER, Principal Phoenix High School Phoenix 

CUKIIS W. MILLER, County Superintendent of Schools Preacott 


C. O. CASE, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chairman Phoenix 

JT. 3D. LOPEE, Member Phoenix 

A. H. FULTON, Member Phoenix 


GL II. MADDEN, President ... . , .... Nogalea 

BAEAH M. WHITOTELD, Secretary Phoenix 






County Name and Address 

Apache George Brown, St Johns 

Cochise Elsie Tales, Tombstone 

Coconmo. Lenore Frances, Flag-staff 

Gila Babry Crozier, Globe 

Graham S C Heywood, Thatcher 

Greenlee. J TV Aker, Clifton 

Maricopa R H Fulton, Phoenix 

Mohave Mrs L J Lasell, Kingman 

County Name and Address 

Navaio Joseph Peterson, Holbrook 
Pima Veia 55 Schurtz, Tucson 

Pmal L/ola LeBaion, Florence 

Santa Cruz . 

Mrs Josephine Saxon, Nogales 

Yavapai W Curtis Miller, Prescott 
Yurna Nora Id Mariow, Yuma 


Benson, Cochise Go, pop. 1,000. 

Pros Bd Educ H Wotz 
Sec Bd Educ H P Meirill 
City Supt and Prin Union H R F A 

Blsbee, Cochise Co., pop. 9,019. 

Pres Bd. Educ A. G Watldns 

Sec Bd Educ C A McDonald 

City Superintendent Charles F Phllbrook 

Piincipal High School Z Q Snyder 

Rupv Music Sallio J McCall 

Manual Training E G Limprecht 

Domestic Science Adeline Ulrich 

Drawing Lydia M Sloane. 

Commeicial S S Saltord 

Clifton, Greenlee Co., pop. 4,874. 

Pres Bd Educ John Grixnos 
Sec Bd Educ Mat Danenhauer. 
City Superintendent J A Davis 
Principal High School A A Clement 
Supv Music Annette W Joy 
Manual Training S K Caldwell. 
Drawing Frances Bain. 
Com'l and Stenog'y P. M. George. 

Douglas, Cochise Co., pop. 6,437. 

Pres Bd. Educ J. H. Westover. 
Sec Bd Educ. Fred Ingle 
City Superintendent R E Sowew 
Principal High School M. H Blome. 

Duncan, Greenlee Co., pop 1,200. 

Cleric Sch Bd B H L,aneau 
Principal High School L, N George. 

Flagstaff, Coronlno Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ E M Brown 
City Superintendent <X H. Richardson. 
Music & Dom. Sci.~ Elizabeth Watkins 
Manual Training Miss Nevada Moore 
Drawing Esther A Bullard. 

con tinned 

Northern Arizona Noimal School, normal, 
state; co-ed , est 1899; Budolph H. H 
Blome, Ph D , Principal 

Florence, Pinal Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Supei Intomlent F J Sullivan 
Manual Tmininff A JO Rtimunda 
Domestic Scieme Eva Moore 
Oommt'iciul Willie Sullivan 

Fort Defiance, Apache Co., pop. 150. 

Navaio Training School, Govt. industrial 
school for Indians; co-ed., est. 1873 ( 
Peter Paqucth, Supt. 

Glendale, Maricopa County. 

CJity Superintendent Homer Davis 
Pi in Union H S J (% Kenwcll. 
Manual Tinlnlnir- -(3 CJ Morgan 
Domestic S<Ience Flossie I> Wills 
ul C A Mc-Kee. 

Globe, Gila Co., pop. 7,083. 

Pres Bd. Educ. B F. Baker. 
Sec Bd Educ. J. I*. Alexander. 
City Superintendent Walter P Bland, 
Pitncipal High School W P Bland 
Domestic Science Nelle K Lindsay. 
Commercial Marian Siberts. 

Jerome, Yavapai Co., pop. 8,000. 
Pres Bd. Educ. M. J. Bradley. 
Sec Bd Bduc. A. L Ruse 
City Superintendent R. G. Stevenson, 
T'rlncipol High School Prank A Robinson 
Supv. Music Mrs. R G. Stevenson. 





Ream's Canon, Navajo Co, pop. 29. 

Moqul Indian Training School, Govt indus- 
trial school for Indians, co-ed , Theo G 
Lemmon, Supt. 

Kingman, Mohave Co., pop 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ A E Wai e 

See Bd Bduc I M George 

City Supt & Pun H S W L, L-inville 

Manual Tiaming D D Whitney 

Mesa, Maricopa Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent G Sherwood 
Pimcipal High School L. E GOBS 
Man Ti and Agile F C Johnson 
Domestic Feience Mrs M \rtle W Peiguson 
Commeicial A M Hinds 

Evans School lor Bovs, prep ranch school, 
eat 1902, II David Evans, Puncipal 

Met calf, Greenlee Co, pop 2,500. 

Principal ot Schools J C Campbell 

Miami, Oila Co , pop. 700 

Flint ipal ol bchools J D Elliott 

Mohave City, Mohave Co., pop 175. 

Fort Mohave Indian School, Govt indus- 
trial school for Indians, co-ed , est 1890, 
Duncan D McArthur, B S , B Pd , Supt. 

Morenrl, Greenlee Co., pop. 5,010. 

Prcs Bd Educ D M Cansler 
Sec Bd Educ M H McLean 
City Supt & Pi in H S W E Lutz 
Music & Diaw Clara Pease 
Manual Tiaining Earl P Sharpe 
Domestic Science Gladys Mosher, 

Santa Cruse Co., pop. 2,000 

City Supt & Prin H RG H Madden 
Domestic Hcicnoe Gladys Soarlo 
Cdmmcicial Robot t TJ Martin 

Fearer, Coohige Co , pop. 700. 

Principal of Schools L E McFadden 

Phoenix, Maricopa Co., pop. 11,184. 

Prea Bd Educ Sims Ely 
Sec. Bd Educ L. D. Dameron. 
City Superintendent John D Loper. 
Principal High School A. K. Stabler. 
Supv Music Edith Sutherland. 
Manual Training Lester R Finch 
Domestic Science Florence J. Graham. 
Drawing Cordelia McLain. 

Lamson Business College, bus* and sten , 
E, M* Lamaon, Prea 

United States Indian Industrial School, 
Govt industrial school for Indians; co- 
ed , est. 1890; Charles W. Goodman, Supt 

Prescott, Yavapai Co., pop. 5,002. 
Prefi. Bd Bduc M, B. Hazeltine 
Sec. Bd Educ Dr J H. Blaln. 
Oity Supeiintenaent W D Baker 
Principal High School Frank H. Hart 
Supv Music Mabel Barnard 
Manual Tiaining Alvard BOBS. 
Domestlo Science Grace Murray 
Physical Culture -Fleta Smith. 
Penmanship Lena Hartsfield. 
Commercial Ellen Clemens. 

Preseott continued 

St Joseph Academy, prep , co-ed , R C , 
Sisters of St Joseph 

Raj, Pinol Co., pop 1,000. 

Cits Principal Geitrude Huff 

St Johns, Apache Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent F A. Hinckley. 

Safford, Graham Co, pop. 1,200 

City Supei mtendent D M Hibner 

Solomon ville, Graham Co , pop. 629. 

Principal ot Schools Came E Simpson 

Tempe, Maricopa Co, pop. 1,300 

Pies Bd Educ J H Henness 

Sec Bd Bduc G R Finch 

City Supt & Pun H S Oscai Mullen 

Supv Music Myrtle E Rice 

Commercial W B Christy 

Manual Training* S J. Jennings. 

Tempe Normal School of Arizona, normal; 
state, co-ed., est 1886, A. J Matthews, 

Thatcher, Graham County. 

Principal of Schools, D B Jones 
Manual Ti .lining Reg Davis 
Domestic Ait Edna Jones 

Gila Academy , prep , co-ed ' non-sect , R. 
C Peterson, Principal 

Tombstone* Cochlse Co., pop. 1,582. 

Pres. Bd. Educ Joseph McPhereon. 
Sec Bd Educ Mis. W S Gillmoie 
City Supt & Pi in H S C E Tilford 
Manual Tiaming- E G Limpiecht 
Domestic Science Adeline Ulrich. 
Commeicial Carrie Worley. 

Tucson, Pima Co., pop. 13,193. 

City Superintendent Harold Steele 
Principal High School Edward Vander 


Manual Training 1 David J Wolfe 
Domestic Science Maude McMulIen 
Supv Music Elsa Jennings. 
Di awing Amelia P. Rcmmele 

St Joseph Academy; girls' boarding:, R. C.; 
est 1871; Sister M. Alexandrine, Supe- 

State School for the Deaf; state institu- 
tion, est 1912, Howard Griffin, Supt. 

Tucson Business College, bus, sten, teleg.; 
est. 1912, F I< Harroun, President. 

University of Arizona, comprises College of 
Liberal Arts, of Engineering, and Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station; co-ed.; 
state, est 1891, Rufus B von Klein 
Smid, A M, President 

University of Arizona, Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station; courses in agriculture; 
Robert H Forbes, B. S., Director. 

University of Arirona, College of Engineer- 
ing; courses in civil, electrical, mechan- 
ical and mining engineering, William 
Wheeler Henley, A B, Director 



T, Cochise Co., pop. 650. 

City Supt & Prm II S A J Baker 

Williams, Coconino Co., pop. 1,500. 

Clerk Bd Educ B M Twitty 

City Superintendent A W Youngblood 

Supt Music & Art Beitha J Peet 

Man Ti & Dom Science Maiy L Watson 

Win slow, Kara jo Co , pop. 1,500. 

Pies Bd Educ Mrs A E Gillard 
Sec Bd Educ Theo Nicthammer 
City Superintendent G B Cornelius. 
Principal High School Guy W Biubackci 


Yuma, Yuma Co., pop. 2,200. 

Cits Supeuntendent C W MoGiaw 
Prin Union H S Grant Van Hoose 
Supt Mu&ic & Di awing Daisy McKee 
Domestic Science Mis Maij Van Hoose 

Fort Yuma Indian School, Govt indus- 
trial school for Indians, co-ed ; non-sect ; 
est 1883, Locon L Odle, Superintendent 


Population, 1,574,449. School census, 573,772. School age, 6-21. 

Arkansas is the twenty-fifth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 1,574,449 inhabitants, of whom 71.8 per cent, are white. Of this number, 
1.1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, 
ten years of age and over, is 12.6 per cent., the state ranking thirty-eighth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


GBO. B. OuOK, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Little Bock 

O. P. FINDLET, Deputy Superintendent. . . . . . . Little Bock 

B. W. TOKREYSON, Professor of Secondary Education Little Bock 

J. L. BOND, Supervisor of Rural Schools Little Bock 

Miss EVA BEICHABDT, State Organizer School Improvement Little Bock 


GEO. B. COOK, Ex-offdo Chairman Little Bock 

J. W. KUYKENDALL, Secretary . . . . . . ... Fort Smith 

L. P. ANDERSON Marvell 

D. A. BEADHAM Warren 

J. BBRNHART Arkansas City 

J. 0. FUTRALL Fayetteville 



B. C. HALL, President Little Bock 

W. E. LASETER, Secretary England 


County Name and Address 

Arkansas.. J M Henderson, Jr. DeWitt 

Ashley W. B. Massey, Hamburg 

Baxter,.. . B A Spradlin Mt Home 
Ben ton. W. It Edwards, Bontonvllle 

Boono ,J, W Nicholson, Copps 

Bradley B. L. Herring, "Warren 

Calhoun I* A Talbot. Harrell 

Carroll. M. L> McCall, Eureka Springs 

Carroll * J, C Bunch, Berry ville 

Chieftt U C. Barnett, Dermott 

Clark B M Mace, Arkadelphia 

County Name and Address 

Clay . . . "W. H Winston, Greenway 

Clay N. E Hicks, Datto 

Cleburne . . . .Fred Moore, Heber Springrs 
Cleveland J C Snipes, New Edinbburg: 

Columbia W. A Jackson, McNeU 

Con way .James L Lucas, Center Rid?e 

Craigrhead B3 B. Barrett, Jonesboro 

Crawford . . H W Shaffer, Van Buren 

Crittenden T. P. Johnson, Earle 

Cross HA. "Woodward, "Wynne 

Dallas . .. .J J Harrison, Fordyce 






County Name and Address 

Desha J W A Reynolds, Arkansas City 

Drew WC. Cruce, Monticello 

Faulkner ..J M. C. Vaughter, Conway 
Franklin . . J J Partam, Altus 

Franklin G L Amos, Chaileston 

Fulton J G Albright Salem 

Garland. D A Crockett, Hot Springs 
Grant T Nathan Nail, Sheridan 

Greene W K Kelley, Paragould 

Hempstead J W Ramsey, Washington 

Hot Spring. 
Howard . 
Jefferson . 
Johnson , 

.W D Leiper, Malvern 
. . R H Kolb, Nashville 
Sid Pickens, Batesville 
W B Schultz, Melbourne 
JB3 H Bowman, Remmel 
A. W. Lowe, Pine Bluff 
.B M Riddell, Clarksville 
.J F. Bright, Lewisville 
R C Waldron, Black Rock 

Lee.. (Supt ) T A. Futrall, Marianna 
Lincoln ..,W A Fish, Star City 

Little River B H Coughran, Foreman 
Logan Reedy Buzbee, Blame 

Logan . G A Scott, Booneville 

Lonoke... -E R. Robinson, Lonoke 
Madison W A Easterling, Huntsville 
Marion . . Fred Williams, Flippin 
Miller. . (Supt ) J Winham, Texarkana 
Mississippi J D Swift, Blytheville 
Monroe . (Supt ) D. Bo wen, Brinkley 

County Name and Address 

Montgomery W G. Miller. Mt Ida, 

Nevada C M Hirst, Emmet 

Newton A B Arbaugh, Jasper 

Ouachita G W Preddv, Camden 

Perry . W B Loudermilk, Adona 

Phillips E M Pipkin, Jr , Helena 

Pike J H. Webb, Delight 

Poinsett.. . H B. Thorn, Harrisbursr 
Polk W IT Pigg, Mena 

Pope H A Rushing, Atkin 

Prairie . .T. C Griffin, Hickory Plains 
Pulaski R. H Parham, Little Rock 
Randolph R A Mock, Reyne 

Saline . r> M McCorvey, Haakell 

Scott. . .C Henderson, Waldron 

Seaicy J G Ferguson, Marshall 

Sebastian L M Rodwme, Greenwood 
Sevier George W Lewis, Horatio 

Sharp J W Taylor, Cave City 

Sharp M A K<llett, Williford 

St. Francis . . J. M Wilson, Coldwell 
Stone Tolly T Hall, Mountain View 
Union Perry Nelson, Kldorado 

A J Powell, Bee Branch 
W F Buck, Fayettcville 
(Supt ) J F Hoggs, Scarcy 

Van Buren 

.Thomas W Woodbeiry, McCrory 
WoodiuflT C C Iftinnioutt, Cotton Plant 
Yell M Sullivant, Havana 
Yell T A Wright, Ola 


Amity, Clark Co., pop. 813. 

Pres Bd Educ W O Hays 
Sec Bd Educ H B Griffls 
City Superintendent G C Harrison 
Principal High School J A Norris 

Argenta, Pulaskl Co, pop. 11,138. 

Pres Bd Educ J P Fancette. 
Sec Bd. Educ A B. Gerlach. 
City Superintendent D. L Paisley. 
Principal High School B. H White 
Supv Music Louis K. MelHnger. 
Manual Training* Clarence Jones 
Domestic Science Jessie Stone 
Physical Culture Paralee Crossland. 
Penmanship B H White. 

Arkadelphla, Clark Co, pop 2,745. 

City Superintendent H A Woodward 

Henderson-Brown College; comprises Col- 
lege, High School, and School of Fine 
Arts, co-ed , M B,, est 1890 , James M 
Workman, LL D , President 

Henderson -Brown High School, prep dept 
of Henderson-Brown College, Woolford 
Baker, A B , Headmaster 

Ouachita College, collegiate, preparatory, 
music and business departments, co-ed.; 
Bapt , eat 1886, Kev Charles B Dicken, 
D D , President 

Arkansas City, Deehft Co., pop. 1,485. 

City Superintendent H. L Wade. 

Ashdown, Little River Co., pop. 1.247. 

Pilncipal High School living Ball 

Augusta, Woodruff Co., pop. 1,520. 

Piineipal High School V O Horton 

BatesvIIle, Independence Co., pop. 8,390. 

Pi os Bd Educ Jttims p roffln 
S'C Bd Educ ,T I- Gogffs 
City Superintendent Sidney Plekens. 
Principal High School Sidney lIck?ns. 
Rupt Music duinovote Rutherford. 

Arkansas College, coll, prep, and muilc 
depts , eo-e.a , Prel> , et 1872, William 
S LAC y, A B , President. 

Belleville, Tell Co., pop. 574. 

Pres Bd Educ -John Grace 
Sec Bd Kduc P C' Jones 
City Superintendent D F. Montgomery 

Belleville Academy; prep ; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J B. Smythe, Prln. 

Ben ton, Saline Co., pop. 1,70ft. 

City Superintendent T H Berry* 





Bentonvllle, Benton Co., pop. 1,956. 

Pres Bd Educ W A DIckson 
Sec Bd Educ T O Tucker 
City Superintendent G A Sullards 
Principal High School -F. H Duff 

Black Bock, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,078. 
Pres Bd Educ Charles H Martin. 
Sec Bd. Educ G. W Warren. 

Principal High School T W Felix 

Blytheville, Mississippi Co., pop. 3,849. 

City Supt & PrJn H S Harvey Haley 

Bodcaw, Nevada Co., pop. 225. 

Union Baptist High School, prep , co-ed , 
Bapt ; A. N Hollis, Prin 

Booneville, Logan Co., pop. 1,631. 

Pres Bd Educ C S Gr eenway 
Sec Bd Educ O M Bevans 
City Supeiintcndent W S Williams 
Principal High School C Pearson 

Brinkley, Monroe Co., pop. 1,740. 

Pies Bd Educ Elmo Chaney 

Sec Bd Educ E T McCi eight 

City Superintendent John Baumgartner 

Camden, Ouaehlta Co., pop. 3,995. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles D Gee 
Sec Bd Educ L Baucrleln 
City Superintendent T C Abbott 
Principal High School V. E Sammon 

Clarksvillc, Johnson Co., pop 1,456. 

Principal High School W E Johnston 

Arkansas Cumberland Colege; coll . prep , 
music, com'l depts ; co-ad ; Presb , est. 

1891, Rev L J Spence, Piesident 

Coal Hill, Johnson Co., pop. 1,229. 

City Superintendent B. M Grambllng. 

Conway, Faulkner Co., pop. 2,794. 

Pres B<1 Educ t) O Hat ton 
See. Bd Educ W B Ilubboll 
City Superintendent J. P. Womack. 

Arkansas State Normal School, normal, 
state, co-ed. , cst. 1908; J J Doyne, Pres 

Central College, girls' boarding, music, 
household economics, Bapt , est. 1892, 
John W. Conger, LI*. D , Presiden t 

Hendrix College, coll ; men; M E So , 
est 1884, J. H. Reynolds, LL D., Presi- 

Hendrix College Academy; prep, dept 
Hendrix College, co-ed ; M. J. Russell, 

Corning, Clay Co., pop 1,439. 

Pres Bd. Bduc.* W. W. Henry. 
Sec Bd Educ.- Dr. McKinney. 
City Superintendent Harvey Haley. 
Principal High School Harvey Haley. 
Supv. Music Harvoy Jtiaiey. 

Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., pop. 1,081. 

Pres. Bd. Bduc. R. D. Campbell 
Bee. Bd, Bduc. D H. Bchols. 

Cotton Plant continued 
City Superintendent C C Hunnicut 
Principal High School C C Hunnicut. 
Supv Music Miss Mamie Nell Matthews 
Draw. & Pen'ship Miss Audrey Goode 

Crossett, Ashley Co., pop. 2,038. 

Pies Bd Educ M P Dooley 
Sec Bd Educ Prank Cannon 
City Superintendent D C Hastings 
Principal High School W P Davidson. 

Dardanelle, Yell Co, pop. 1,757. 

Pres Bd Educ J K Barry. 

Sec Bd Educ J M. Nolen 

City Superintendent H. C. Scott. 

Principal High School Tom Bullock. 

Supv Music Mrs F. M. Tollison. 

De Queen, Sevier Co., pop. 2,018. 

City Superintendent G A Sullards 

Dermott, Chicot Co., pop 1,662. 

Pres Bd Educ. E E Barlow. 
Sec Bd Educ C Helmstetter. 
City Superintendent N. C Barnett. 

Earl, Crittenden Co., pop, 1,542. 

City Supeiintcndent H Blan 

XII Dorado, Union Co , pop. 4,202 

Pres Bd Educ B W Roe\es. 
Soc Bd Educ W J Pinson. 
City Superintendent H Hodnett 
Principal High School J W Rogers 

England, Lonoke Co., pop. 1,407. 

Pics Bd Educ G W Mori is. 
Sec Bd Educ James B Gray 
City Supenntendent W B Laseter 
Piincipal High School E A Henry 
Supv Music Miss Fay East 
Penmanship C E Alexander. 

Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., pop. 3,228. 

Pres Bd Educ E M Bare 
Soc Bd Educ Wade H James 
City Superintendent C. S. Barnett. 
Principal High School M L McCall 

Crescent College and Conservatory! girls' 
boarding, non-sect , est 1898, R. R.. 
Thompson, A. M , Dean. 

Fayetteville, Washington Co., pop. 4,471. 

Pres Bd Bduc J H Mcllroy. 
Sec. Bd Educ. K. J. Wilson 
City Superintendent Frank S. Root, 
Principal High Scbool E. A. Byers. 

University of Arkansas, comprises College 
of Arts and Sciences, of Engineering, of 
Agxiculture, and Conscivatoiy of Music 
and Art, Colleges of Law, Medicine, 
Pharmacy, at Little Rock, Branch Nor- 
mal College at Pino Bluff, state, co-ed , 
est 1872; John C. Futrall, A M, Presi- 

University of Arkansas, College of Agricul- 
ture, agile, ; animal husbandry, horticul- 
ture; Martin Nelson, Dean. 

University of Arkansas, College of Engi- 
neering, courses in civil, chemical, elec- 
trical, mechanical, and mining engineer- 
ing; Julius J Knoch, C E3., Dean. 





Fordyce, Dallas Co., pop. 2,794. 

Pres Bd Educ C B Hickey 
Sec Bd Educ Jno W Greshatn 
City Supt & Prm H S J J Hanison 

Clary Training School, prep , co-ed , Meth. , 
eet 1889, J H Thach, Pres 

Forrest City, St. Francis Co., pop. 2,484. 

Principal High School J M Weatheily 

Fort Smith, Sebastian Co.* pop 23,975. 

Pres Bd Educ T W B Bo one. 
Sec Bd Educ John "W. Morton. 
City Superintendent G W Reid 
Principal High School H. C. Morrison 
Supv Music I E Schneider. 
Manual Training A. M Cornwell. 
Domestic Science Beatrice Benson 
Physical Culture W M Weaver. 
Commercial Mr McDaniel 
Drawing Edith Hall 

Draughon's Piactlcal Business College, 
bus and sten , est 1905, D C. Smith, 

Port Smith Commercial College; bus. and 
sten , est 1888, George M Neale, Presi- 
dent, 302 N Sixth 

St Ann's -Academy, girls' boarding, R. C , 
Sister Mary Aloysius, Superior 

Friendship, Hot Spring- Co., pop. 163 

Friendship High School, prep , co-ed , 
non-sect ; est 1890, Robert H Freeland, 

Gentry, Benton Co., pop. 668. 

Pres Bd Educ T M Cail 
Sec Bd Educ J N Covev 
Principal High School J W Webb. 

Hendrlx Academy; prep , co-cd ; M 18 
So. est 1898; Rev L H Bakes, A B. 

Glenwood, Pike Co., pop. G75. 
City Superintendent John L.. McConnell 

Gravette, Benton Co. 

Pres Bd Edu G A, Hughes 
Sec Bd Educ A E Kindley 
City Superintendent Wilson Hunt 
Piinclpal High School Miss Vena Taylor 

Gravette Business College; bus., sten ; W. 
H. Gregg, Manager. 

Greenwood, Sebastian Co., pop. 1,124. 

Principal High School W S Morgan. 

Gurdon, Clark Co., pop. 1,284. 

Principal High School- L. I Anderson 

Hamburg, Ashley Co., pop. 1,787. 

Pres Bd Educ W L Blanks 

Sec Bd Educ C, Lu Baker, 

City Superintendent D F Montgomery 

Harrison, Boone Co., pop. 1,602. 

Pres Bd Educ A C Brooks 
Sec Bd Educ. R. M Fellows, 
City Superintendent W D, Jeter 
Principal High School R C. Blackler 

Heber Springs, Clebnrne Co., pop, 1,050. 

Principal High School J G Splker. 

Helena, Phillips Co., pop 8,772. 

City Supeimtendent JE B Tucker 
Puncipal High Shcool Claience J Sawyer 

Sacred Heart Academy, girls' boarding-; 
R C , est 1879, Sister Superior. 

Hope, Hempatead Co.. pop. 3,639. 

Pres Bd Educ John H Arnold 
Sec Bd Educ S R Oglesby, Si 
rity Superintendent G E Fooshee 
Piincipal High School D L Puikins 

Hot Springs, Garland Co., pop. 14,434. 

Pres Bd Educ W S Sorrells 
Sec Bd Educ C E. Marsh. 
City Superintendent O L Dunaway 
Principal High School C. F. Allen. 
Supv Music Miss Olive Faulker. 
Draw and Pen'ship Miss Marx. 
Supv Pumaiy Edith Holland 

Hot Springs Business College; bus and 

ston , M Sayre, Pi in 
Sellers School The Misses: prep : co-ed.; 

non-sect ; Miss Sellers, Prin., 231 Cedar 
St Mary's Academy, prep ; co-ed.; R. C.; 

Sisters of Mercy 
Wj-att School, prep , co-ed : Miss A. Wy- 

att, Prin 

Huntingdon, Sebastian Co., pop. 1,700. 

Principal High School M, O A loom 

Hut t Ir. Union Co., pop. 1,240, 

City Superintendent A J I>orvis 

Imboden, "Lawrence Co., pop. 600. 

Sloan -Ilendrix Academy; prep.; co-ed ; est* 
1900, M E So j J. C. Eaton, Prin. 

Jonesboro, Crafjrhead Co., pop. 7,123. 

City Superintendent Charles Baldwin 

State Agricultural School (First District); 
courses In agric., <dom. science and In- 
dustry; co-cd , est. 1910; V. C. Kays, 
M S A., Principal. 

Junction City, Union Co., pop. 1,065, 

Principal High School A L,. H Miller 

Tillage, Chlcot Co., pop. 1,074, 

Piinolpal High School Frod It McOhcsnoy 

Leslie, Searcy Co., pop. 1,898. 

City 8upcilntend<nt~ Irene Jones, 

Little Rock, PulaskI Co., pop. 4ff,041, 

Pres Bd. Educ. I/, B. Leigh 

Sec, Bd. Educ J H. Bllhetxner. 

City Superintendent Robert C. Hall. 

Principal High School A, B. Hill. 

Supv. MusicI). J. Bvans* 

Manual Training TO W Hosaek, 

Domestic Science Mario Junjrkind 

Physical Culture M J Kilbury 

Draw, and Pen* ship Mabel Barry. 

Commercial R. W. Manley. 

Arkansas Baptist College (colored); prep.; 

co-ed.; Bapt.; Joseph A Booker, Prea. 
Arkansas Deaf-Muta Institute; state, Isaac 

B Gardner, Supt. 
Arkansas Negro School for the Blind; state; 

Mrs T-i N Jackson. Supt 
Arkansas School for the Blind, state; John 

B. Hlnomon, Supt. 





Little Rock continued 

Draughon's Practical Business College, 
bus and sten , est 1888, William A 
Zeigler, Manager, Main and 7th St. 

Ford Business College, bus. and sten ; est. 
1909, Gaston Hill, Pun, 5th and Main 

Hill's Keys Business College, bus and sten , 
R H Hill, Pres , J F. Snider, Prin . 
Third and Main St 

Little Rock College, academic; co-ed , 
H A Heagnoy, Piesident 

Mount St Mary's Academy, girls' board- 
ing, R C , est 1851, Sisters of Mercy 

Philander Smith College (colored); coll.; 
co-ed , M E , est 1877; J M Cox, Pres 

St John's Diocesan Seminaiy, theol, men , 
R C , Winand H Aretz, A M , Pres 

Shorter College (colored) ; prep ; co-ed ; 
A M B , est 18S7, Rev J N Campbell, 
B D , President, Argenta 

University of Arkansas, Law Department, 
law, co-ed , est 1889, J. H Carmichael, 

University of Arkansas, Medical Depart- 
ment, med ; reg : co-ed; est. 1879, 
Morgan Smith, M D., Dean. 

University of Arkansas, Pharmacy Depart- 
ment, co-ed ; state, Morgan Smith, M 
D , Dean 

Williams Industrial College (colored) . In- 
dustrial, co-ed ; non-sect ; est. 1893, 
Rufus S Stout, LL D , Pres 

Lonoke, Lonofce Co., pop. 1,547. 

Principal High School J R Anders 

Magazine, Logan Co., pop. 968. 

Pres Bd Educ J D Harris 

Sec Bd Eduo V E Oliver 

Pity Superintendent Charles E Scott 

Principal High School Prof Howard, 

Magazine Ouchlta Academy; prep , co-ed ; 
Bapt.; est. 1900; James L. Smith, A. B., 

Magnolia, Columbia Co., pop. 2,045. 

City Superintendent W F Burns 

State Agricultural School (Third District); 
agrlc , domestic science, normal, music, 
state; co-ed ; est. 1910; W. S. Johnson. 
Ph D, President. 

Malvern, Hot Spring Co , pop. 2,778. 

Principal High School G W Newton 

Martanna, X*e Co., pop. 4,810. 

City Superintendent-^". F Mitchell. 

Marked Tree, Polnsett Co., pop. 2,020. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. M. W. Hazel. 
Seo. Bd. Bduc. J. C. McCroy. 
City Superintendent J. P. Fogg, 

Maynard, Randolph Co., pop. 585. 

Ouehita-Maynard Academy, prep , co-ed , 
Bapt , O B Downs, Principal 

Mena, Polk Co,, pop. 3,953. 

Principal High School V F. Jobe, 

Monticello, Drew Co., pop. 

State Agricultural School (Fourth District); 
state, co-ed , Frank Horsfall, Pres 

Mor rill ton, Conn ay Co, pop. '2,424. 

Pies Bd Educ J W Johnson 
Sec Bd Educ R N Vail 
City Superintendent W J Peterson 
Principal High School T L. Haynes 

Mountain Home, Baxter Co., pop. 446 

Mountain Home Baptist College; prep ; co- 
ed , boarding, Bapt , est. 1893; R. E. 
Crump, President 

Nashville. Howard Co., pop 2,374. 

Puncipal High School J H Atkinson 

Newport, Jackson Co., pop. 3,557. 

Pres Bd Educ E L Boyce 

Sec Bd Educ T P Umsted. 

City Superintendent Edgar Williams 

Principal High School Mrs. E. Williams 

Okolona, Clark Co , pop. 412. 

Pnncipal High School Charles O Moore 

Okolona High School, prep , co-ed , non- 
sect , T B Greene, Prin. 

Osceola, Mississippi Go, pop. 1,769. 

Principal High School L W Ragsdale 

Orark, Franklin Co., pop. 1,146. 

Pres Bd Educ John B Biyon 
Sec Bd Educ Harley Russell 
City Supt & Pi in H S D. L Ford 

Paragould, Greene Co., pop. 5,248. 

Pres Bd Educ E S Baker 
Sec Bd Educ J V Landrum 
City Superintendent J W. Ramsey 

Parrish College, prep, and bus; co-ed.; 
non-sec ; est ; 1899, B H. Parrish, B S., 

Thompson's Classical Institute; prep.; co- 
ed. , non-sect ; R. S. Thompson, Prin. 

Paris, Logan Co., pop. 1,497. 

City Superintendent G. S. MImmler 

New Subiaco College, coll.; men; R. C,; 
est. 1887; Rev. Ignatius Conrad, O S. B . 

Pea Ridge, Benton Co., pop. 302. 

Pres Bd Educ R A Pickens 
Sec Bd Educ T W. Patterson 

Pea Ridge Masonic College; coll.; co-ed.; 
masonic, est 1880; S. C. Parrish, A* M., 

Plggott, Clay Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd. Bduc. W. B. Spence. 
Soc. Bd Educ R H Dudley 
City Superintendent J. F. Ellis. 
Principal High School Miss Leah William* 
Supv Music Eva Hall 

Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., pop, 15,102. 

Proa Bd Bduc B A. Ho well 

Sec Bd Educ Harry Hanf 

City Superintendent Junius Jordon, 





Pine Bluff continued 
Annunciation Academy; girls' boarding, H 

C . est. 1880, Sisters of Charity, 422 W 

Branch Normal College (colored), normal, 

state; co-ed ; est 1875, Frederick Thomas 

Vinegar, Principal 
Pine Bluff Commercial College, bus and 

sten ; est. 1913, B. H. Sanders, Proprietor 

Prairie Grove, Washington Co., pop. 774. 

Pres Bd Educ J S Dill 
Sec Bd Educ W W Carl 
City Supt & Prin H S l B L Conro* 

Frescott, Nevada Co., pop. 2,705. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. M. W. Greeson. 
Sec Bd. Educ Alex Vaugham 
City Superintendent C M Hirst 
Supv. Music Miss Virginia Watson. 
Domestic Science Marcella Arthur. 
Manual Training Miss Supe. 
Agriculture Minor Gordon 

Rector, Clay Co., pop. 1,859. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. J. M Trammel! 

Sec Bd. Educ. Luther King 

City Superintendent W L Skaggs. 

Monea College, prep , co-ed , J 6 Gard- 
ner, Principal 

Rogers, Benton Co., ] 

City Supt & Prin 


O Alcorn 

Bussellville, Pope Co., pop. 2,936. 
Pres. Bd Educ. L B. McClure. 
Sec Bd Educ. James A Clifton. 
City Superintendent W F Hall 
Principal High School R A Grier 

State Agricultural School (Second District) , 
state, co-ed , George A Cole, President 

Searcy, White Co., pop. 2,331. 

City Supt & Prin H S E B Tucker 

Galloway Female College, girls* boarding, 

Meth ; est 1888; J M Willfams, A. B., 

Searcy Female Institute, girls' boarding, 

non-sect.; est 1891; Mary Jasper Willis, 

City Superintendent J L Shearer. 

Principal High School J. B. Bunn. 

Siloam Springs, Benton Co , pop. 2,405. 

Pres Bd Educ J F Collyer 
Sec Bd. Educ George W. Heed. 

M. E.; est 1899, Rev. Thomas Mason, 

A. M, D. D., Pres. 

Southland, Phillips Co., pop. 100. 

Southland College and Normal Institute, 
coll , co-ed ; Society of Frlende, est. 
1863. H. C Wolford, Pres. 

Springdale, Washington Co., pop. 1,755. 

Pres Bd Educ E. B Cummings. 
Sec Bd Educ E S Thompson 
City Supt & Pi in H S T G Robb 

Stamps, Lafayette Co , pop. 2,316 

Principal High School A H Abbott 

Colored Industnal Institute, prep , man 
tr and mdust , co-ed , A M Salone, 

Stuttgart, Arkansas Co., pop 2,740. 

Pres Bd Educ A. R Bohon 
Sec Bd Educ F E Wheeler. 
City Superintendent John G Rossman. 
Principal High School Hazel Roberts 
Physical Culture Pearl G. Smith 
Supv Primary Julia Shannon 
Penmanship Ella Shirkey 

Snbiaco, Logan Co., pop. 400. 
Subiaco College, boys' boarding, R. C ; est. 
1888, Principal. 

Texarkana, Miller Co., pop. 5,655 

Pres Bd Educ Allen Winham 

Sec Bd Educ A. B Little 

City Superintendent Ury McKonzie 

Principal High School Carl McGannon 

Music & Draw Beatrice Van Horn 

Manual Training E C. Condit 

Dom Sci & Phy Cult Miss M. Burrle. 

Van Buren, Crawford Co., pop. 3,878. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Izaid 
Sec Bd Educ W G Funy 
Principal High School D M Riggm 

Vilonia, Faulkner Co., pop. 165. 

Arkansas Holiness College, coll ; co-ed,; 
non-sect., est 1900, C. Lu Hawkins, 

Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,798. 

Pres Bd Educ J G Richardson 
Sec Bd Educ H R McCarroll 
City Superintendent N H Bright 
Principal High School R D Caudle. 

Warren, Bradley Co,, pop. 2,057. 

Pres Bd Educ. W S Hobbs. 

Sec Bd Educ Mr Harrison 

City Superintendent E W McGough 

Presbytenal Training School, prep , co-ed ; 
Presb , S D Lucas, Principal 

Wild Cherry, Fulton Co., pop. 150. 

Holiness College, prep , co-d President 

Wynne, Cross Co., pop. 2,353. 

City Superintendent H A Wnodward. 


Population, 2,377,549 School age, 6-21. 

California is the twelfth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,377,549 inhabitants, of whom 95 per cent, are white. Of this number 
21.8 per eent. are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, 
ten years of age and over, is 3.7 per cent., the state ranking seventeenth in this re- 
spect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


EDWARD HYATT, Superintendent of Public Instruction Sacramento 

WILL 0. WOOD, Commissioner of Secondary Schools. ... . . Sacramento 

MARGARET S. McNATJGHT, Commissioner or Elementary Schools . . Sacramento 

EDWIN B SNYDER, Commissioner Vocational and Industrial Education Sacramento 


W. H. LANGDON, President. .... . .Modesto 

EDWARD HYATT, Ex-officio Secretary. Sacramento 

MRS. O SHEPARD BARNTTM. . Alhambra MRS AGNES BAY.. . .Oakland 


E P CLARKE Riverside GEORGE W. STONE.. . . .Santa Cruz 


E. MORRIS Cox, President Oakland 

A. H. CHAMBERLAIN, Secretary San Francisco 



MINNIE COULTER, Pres Oakland B W. CAMPER, Pres. .. . .Williams 

A. J CLOTJD, Sec'y San Francisco H. G BAWLINS, Sec'y .Willows 


J E. BUCKMAN, Pres . . . Visalia C H. COVELL, Pres .Bedlands 

MRS M. E. BERNSTEIN, Sec'y. .Hanford J O CROSS, Sec'y Pasadena 


HERBERT O WILLIAMS, Pres Sacramento E. E. WASHBTJRN, Sec'y. . . Oakland 


EMMA J BRECK, Pres Oakland EMMA V. SCHNEIDER, Sec'y Oakland 





County Name and Address 

Alameda .. ..Geo W Frick, Oakland 
Alpine Josephine Vail em Sheridan, Nev 
Amador . W H. Greenhal&h, Jackson 
Butte, .Mrs Pearl Rutherford, Oroville 
Calaveras Teresa Rivari, San Andreas 
Colusa Perle Sanderson Colusa 

Contra Costa .W. H. Hanlon, Martinez 

Del Norte 

Jos M. Hamilton, Crescent City 
El Dorado . S B Wilson, Placerville 


B. "W. Lindsay, Fresno 
S M Chaney, Willows 

Humboldt. George Underwood, Eureka 
Imperial A P Shibley, El Centre 

Inyo Mrs M. A. Clarke, Bishop 

Kern . L E Chenoweth, Bakersfield 
Kings . J E Meadows, Hanford 

Lake . Minerva Ferguson, Lakeport 
Lassen F Brunhouse, Susanville 

Los Angeles .M. Keppel, Los Angeles 
Madera . Craig Cunningham, Madera 
Marin . .Jas B Davidson, San Rafael 
Manposa J L Dexter, Mariposa 

Mendocino.Mrs Anna Porterfield, Ukiah 

Merced Margaret Sheehy, Merced 

Modoc. Mrs Nettie B Harris, Alturas 
Mono Mrs A M Hays, Bridgeport 

Monterey George Schultzberg, Salinas 
Napa . . Lena A Jackson, Napa 

Nevada.. R. J. Fitzgerald, Nevada City 

Orange R P. Mitchell, Santa Ana 

Placer Irene Burns, Auburn 

County Name and Address 

Plumas Mrs Kate L Donnelley, Qumcy 
Riverside . .Raymond Cree, Riverside 

Carolyne M Webb, Sacramento 
San Benito . .W. J. Cagney, Hollister 
San Bernardino 

Mrs Grace C Stanley, San Beinardino 
San Diego John F West, San Diego 

San Francisco 

Alfred Roncovierl, San Francisco 
San Joaquin.J W. Anderson, Stockton 

San Luis Obispo 

.W. S Wight, San Luis Obispo 
San Mateo. R W. Cloud, Redwood City 
Santa Barbara 

. . . Mamie V Lehner, Santa Barbara 
Santa Clara. . .D. T Bateman, San Jos 
Santa Cruz . .C S. Price, Santa Cruz 
Shasta . . . 

Mrs Charlotte Cunningham, Redding 
Sierra Belle Alexander, Downieville 
Siskiyou . . . .Willis H. Parker, Yreka 

Solano D H White, Falrfleld 

Sonoma Florence M Barnes, Santa Rosa 
Stanislaus Frank Bacon, Modesto 

Sutter .Lizzie Vagedes, Yuba City 

Tehama Mamie B Lang, Red Bluff 

Trinity Maude I Schroter, Weaverville 

Tulare J E Buckman, Visalia 

Tuolumne . . .G. P Morgan, Columbia 
Ventura .. Jas. E Reynolds, Ventura 
Tolo Harriet S Lee, Woodland 

Yuba Jennie Malaley, Marysville 


Alameda, Alameda Co., pop. 33,383. 

Pres Bd Educ James M Shanly 
Sec. Bd Educ C J DuFour 
City Superintendent C J DuFour 
Prin H S Geo C Thompson 
Supv. Music Mary F. McDermott 
Manual Training Richard F Phelps 
Domestic Science Louise Bartlett. 
Drawing Hazel Watrous. 
Commercial Paul L Evans 

Alameda Technical School , prep , coml , 
xnech and arch, drawing; co-ed; non- 
sect , est 1909, Charles G Swafford, 
M S, Principal. 

Notre Dame Academy, girls* boarding, 
R. C , est 1881 , Sister Mary of St 
Aloysius, Superior 

Alhambra, !Los Angeles Co , pop. 5,021. 

Pres Bd Educ Elmer E Bailey 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Myrtle C Northrup. 
City Superintendent Charles E Barber 
Principal High School Forrest V Routt 
Drawing Helen R Bainbridge 
Physical Culture Clara M Berryman 
Manual Training I W Barnett 

Alma, Santa Clara Co., pop. 300. 

Cathedral Oaks School of Art, Charles F. 
Ingerson, Director 

Alta, Placer Co., pop. 50. 

Agassiz Hall; boys' boarding, non-sect ; 
*st. 1900, William W Price, M. A. 

Alturas, Modoc Co, pop. 1,013. 

Pres Bd Educ Paul D Henderson. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Nettle B Harris, 
City Superintendent T F Wilbur 
Principal High School Anthony Rose. 
Pen* ship, Com'l & Stenog'y A. C. Boudreau 

Anaheim, Orange Co., pop. 2,028. 

Pres Bd Educ C A Boege. 

Sec Bd. Educ William H Chambers 

City Superintendent J. L Van Derveer. 

Prln Union H S E W Hauck 

Supv Music Ada L Brown. 

Domestic Science Bertha F. Kimball. 

Drawing Bess M. Edwards 

Angels Camp, Calaveras Co., pop. 3,000. 

Principal High School W. P Wilton 





Antioch, Gantra Costa Co., pop. 1,076. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph Ross 
Sec Bd Educ A H Jongeneel 
Principal High School F E Howard 

Arcata, Humboldt Co., pop. 1,121. 

Sec High School Trustees J G. Dolson 
Sec Bd of Trustees J R Brown. 
City Principal Hugh B Stewart 
Principal High School O A Cooperider 

Humboldt State Normal School, co-ed , 
state, non-sect , N B Van Matre, Prin- 

Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo Co., pop. 

Pies Bd Educ Mrs Clara Pauldmg 
Sec Bd Educ William H Dowell 
Principal High School Robert L Bird 

Auburn, Placer Co , pop. 2,376. 

Pres Bd Educ Miss Irene Burns. 

Sec Bd Educ P. W. Smith. 

Prin County H. S John F Engle 

Supv. Music F. D. Tandy. 

Manual Training P. R Bullock 

Domestic Science Miss Amy Poorman. 

Physical Culture Miss Katherine Turner. 

Drawing Miss Georgiana Willits, 

Coml. and Stenogy Miss Mary E Baird. 

Sierra School, boys' hoarding; non-sect ; 
est 1900, William W. Price, M A., 

Bakersfleld, Kern Co., pop. 12,727. 

Pres Bd Educ H. A Blodget. 
Sec Bd Educ Celsus Brower. 
City Superintendent D. W. Nelson 
Principal High School B A Gowen 
Supv Music Mrs E Sylvaudt. 
Manual Training B F. SImcoe. 
Domestic Science Miss L. J Teale. 
Drawing Miss Virginia Jameson. 
Penmanship and Coml O W. Ulster 

Belmont, San Mateo Co., pop. 363. 

Belmont School; boys' boarding-, non-sect.; 
est. 1885, W T. Reid, A. M, Head Mas- 

Benicla, Solano Co , pop. 2,360. 

Pres Bd Educ J S Stevens 

Sec Bd Educ A Dalton 

City Supt & Prin H S A. W Miller 

Supv Music Irene Kelly 

Sewing Sophie Hansen 

Drawing Juniata Judy 

Berkeley, Alameda Co., pop 40,434. 

Pres Bd Educ W B Herms 
Sec. Bd Educ Miss Nellie L. Crowl. 
City Superintendent Morris C. James. 
Prin H S Charles L Biedenbach 
Supv MusicMiss V. Hartley. 
Manual Training 1 C. S. Evans 
Domestic Science Bertha C Prentiss 
Drawing Miss Z. Kidder 
Commercial E N. Barnhart 
A i to Zed School ; prep ; co-ed , non-sect. ; 
Miss Cora L Williams* Frln. 

Berkeley continued 

Barnard Kmdeigaiten Training School, 
noimal, non-sect , Grace Everett Bar- 
nard, Puncipal 

Berkeley Bible Seminary, theol.; co-ed f 
Disciples of Christ, est 1896, Dennison 
A Russell, D D , Dean 

Berkeley Business College, bus and sten ; 
Z P Smith, President 

Berkeley Kindergarten Training School, 
nor kind , Mrs Minnie A. Darst, Prin. 

Berkeley Preparatory School, boys' prep., 
non-sect ; J. H. White, Prin 

Boone's University School; boys' boarding; 
non-sect , est 1881, Benjamin Weed, 
Prin., 2029 Durant Avenue 

California Institution for the Deaf and 
Blind, state; co-ed ; L. E Milligan, Prin, 
Parker and Warring. 

California School of Arts and Crafts, Fred- 
erick H Meyer, Director, 2119 Allston 

Head's School; girls' boarding, non-sect.; 
est 1887; Mary Elizabeth Wilson, M. L., 
Principal, 2538 Chanmng Way. 

Pacific Coast Baptist Theological Seminary; 
theol , men's, missionary, co-ed ; Bapt.; 
est. 1905; Claiborne M Hill, D. D, Presi- 
dent, 2606 Dwight Way. 

Pacific Theological Seminary; theol.; Cong.; 
co-ed; est. 1860, Rev. Charles Sumner 
Nash. D. D, President 

Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry; 

theol.; Unitarian; co-ed.; est 1906, Rev. 

Earl Morse Wilbur, A M , S. T B , Dean. 
Randolph School; prep , co-ed.; non-sect,; 

Miss Flora A. Randolph. Prin. 
St Joseph's Academy, boys' boarding; H 

C , est 1870, Brother Vellesian, Peralta 

Snell Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect ; 

est. 1874, Mrs. Edna Snell Poulson, Prin- 
cipal, 2731 Charming Way. 

University of California; comprises the 
College of Letters, of Social Sciences, 
of Natural Sciences, of Commerce, 
of Agriculture, of Mechanics, Mining, 
Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine 
(first and second years), Education, and 
Jurisprudence, at Berkeley; Hastings Col- 
lege of Law, College of Medicine, of Den- 
tistry, California College of Pharmacy, 
Institute of Art, at San Francisco, Col- 
lege of Medicine at Los Angeles; Gradu- 
ate School of Tropical Agriculture at Riv- 
erside, state; co-ed ; est 1868; Benja- 
min Ide Wheeler, LL. D , President. 

University of California, College of Agri- 
culture; agrl ; state, co-ed.; Thomas 
Forsythe Hunt, Dean 

University of California, College of Civil 
Engineering; civil and irrigation engi- 
neering 1 ; Charles Derleth, Jr, C E., Dean. 





Berkeley continued 

University of California, CoLege of Com- 
merce, commerce, state, co-ed , H R. 
Hatneld, Sec'y 

University of California, College of Me- 
chanics, courses in Mechanical, Electrical 
and Irrigation Engineering, Clarence L. 
Cory, M M E, Dean. 

University of California, College of Chexn. 
istry, co-ed , Edmond O'Neill, Ph. B , 

University of California, College of Mining, 
mining and metallurgy, co-ed ; Samuel 
B Christy, Sc D , Dean 

Univens ty of California, Medical Dept.; 
Freshman and Sophomore years only. 
Junior and Senior years in San Francisco 

Watson School, girls' boarding; Chr Sci , 
est 1909, Mrs Carrie L Watson, Princi- 
pal, 2635 Hillegass Avenue 

Bishop, Jfayo Co., pop. 1,190. 
Pres Bd Educ H. C Hampton 
Sec. Bd Educ Mrs. M. A Clarke. 
Prm Union H S T C Knoles 
Manual Training J H Dysinger. 
Domestic Science Ada Morgan. 
Com'l & Stenog'y Miss Anne Nelligan. 

Burlingame, San Mateo Co., pop 1,565. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry Pmkham 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs George B Miller 

St Mathew's School, boys' boarding, mili- 
tary, P. E , est 1866; Rev. William A 
Brewer, A. B , Rector. 

rarpinteiia, Santa Barbara Co., pop. 206. 

Santa Barbara School; boys' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1910 , Curtis Wolsey Gate, A M , 

Chlco, Butte Co., pop. 3,750 

Pres. Bd Educ. George E Vadney. 
Sec. Bd Educ Charles H. Camper. 
City Superintendent Chas H. Camper 
Prin. H. S W. M. Mackay 
Supv. Music Edna Johnston. 
Manual Training L A. Thomas. 
Domestic Science Clara Mundy. 
H S. Drawing A. Stansbury. 
Drawing Cora Fuller. 
Penmanship Lillian Merryman. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Olive Vadney. 

California State Normal School, professional 
teachers' courses, co-ed., Allison Ware, 
B. L., Pres 

Heald's Business College, bus and sten.; 
Edward P. Heald, President. 

Chino, San Bernardino Co., pop. I t 444. 

Pres Bd Educ -W T Butterfield. 

ec Bd Educ John W Bandy 

City Supt. & Prin H S Edgar H Price. 

Claremont, JLoa Angeles Co., pop. 1,114. 

Pres Bd Educ George S Sumner 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs L A Maynard 
Principal High School Frank Palmer. 

Pomona College, comprises college, music, 
and art depts ; co-ed ; Cong.; est. 1888; 
James A. Blaisdell, LL,. D, President. 

Coalinga, Fresno Co. pop. 4,199. 

Pres Bd Educ E N Ayers 
Sec Bd Educ H F Crozier 
City Superintendent Anna M Steele. 
Prin Union H S Osmer Abbott. 
Domestio Science Grace Rowe 

Cotton, San Bernardino Co., pop. 3,980. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs Seth Hartley 

Sec Bd Educ F H Pritchard 

City Supt & Prin H S G I John stone. 

Supv Music Mrs Gertrude Butler 

Drawing Estella Ross 

Domestic Science Zayda B Fish 

Manual Training E B Brauer 

Colnsa, Colusa Co., pop. 1,582. 

Pres Bd. Educ. G W. Moore. 
Sec. Bd Educ Mrs F M. Rhodes 
Principal High School J R Grinstead 
Supv Music Mrs C H Crane. 
Manual Training 1 C. L Searcy. 
Drawing Miss Jennie Holland. 

Corcoran, Kings Co., pop. 500. 

Principal Union H S A. C. Smith. 

Corona, Riverside Co., pop 3,540. 

Pres Bd Educ. L. A Fink 
Sec Bd Educ R W. Stanfield. 
City Superintendent M Victor Staley. 
Principal High School Olive E Clark 
Supv Music Mary Eugenia Oliver 
Manual Training Peter M Krogstadt 
Domestic Science Astnd Borchgrevink 
Drawing Helen Harsch 
Commercial Carl C. Barry 

Coronado Beach, San Diego Co., pop. 1,477. 

Pres Bd Educ Clark B Rude 
Sec Bd Educ Herbert R Fitch 
Principal of Schools Ivan J Deach 

Covina, Los Angeles Co., pop. 1,652. 

City Superintendent J J Morgan. 
Principal Union H S 1 Effie M. Lancards 

Crescent City, Del Norte Co., pop. 1,114. 

Pres Bd Educ Miss M M Akelan 
Sec. Bd Educ Joseph M Hamilton. 
Principal High School P H Benson 
Drawing and Penmanship E. A Moore 

Crockett, Contra Costa Co., pop. 1,400. 

Prin H S W. H Weslar. 

Dinuba, lulare Co., pop. 970. 
Prm Union H S Alexander M Simons 

Oakland, Alameda Co . Suburb. 
Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes, girls 
boarding, R C ; Sister Mary Fidelis, 

feast San Jose, Santa Clara Co., pop. 1,66J. 

Prin. H. S Rockwell D. Hunt. 

El Centre, Imperial Co., pop. 1,610. 

Pres Bd Educ. C. A. Perry. 
Sec Bd Educ J Stewart Boss. 
City Superintendent H. C. Coe. 
Principal High School M. R. Kerr. 
Supv. Mus. & Draw -Miss F E. Cairns 
Manual Training B F. Markey. 
Domestic Science Jessie P. Pope. 
Pen' ship, Com'l & Stenog'y A L. Lackey 





El Monte, Ix>s Angeles Co., pop. 450. 

Pres Bd Educ C F Raab 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Andrew 

City Supt. & Pi in H S E A Farrmgton 

Escondido, San Diego Co, pop. 1,334. 

Pres Bd Educ Mr Conway 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Matson 

City Supt & Pun H S C J Roberts 

Eureka, Humboldt Co., pop. 11,845. 

Pres Bd Educ W E Cook 
Sec Bd Educ George B Albee 
City Superintendent Geoige B Albee 
Principal High School Jacob L Neighbor 
Supv Music Ola Putnam 
Manual Training Fred Canham 
Domestic Science Carrie Wetzel 
Commercial E D Misner 

Business University, bus and sten ; music; 

est. 1911, Frank R Burden, Principal, 

309 E. St. 
Eureka Business College, bus. and eten.; 

C. J Craddock, Pres. 
L. A E Business College; bus and sten ; 

Barnes Cleaver, Prln. 
Kildale's Preparatory School; prep, and 

tutoring, co-ed , non-sect.; est. 1896; A. 

Walter Kildale, Headmaster. 

Exeter, Tnlare Co., pop. 820. 

Prin Union H S Hugh A. Owen 

Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co., pop. 318. 

Principal High School O H Close 

Four Gables, boys' boarding, non-sect.; 
Elznore Chase, Principal. 

Fort Bragg, Mendocino Co., pop. 2,408. 

Pres Bd Educ Samuel Shofsky. 
Sec Bd Educ C "W Mathews 
City Superintendent P. W Smith 
Principal High School J S Cotton 

Fresno, Fresno Co., pop. 24,892. 

Pres Bd. Educ A, E. Sundertand. 
Sec Bd Educ Jules B. Fontaine 
City Superintendent C. C. Starr. 
Prin. H. S. -Frederick Liddeke. 
Supervisor Music J H Lyons 
Manual Training W L Potts 
Domestic Science Lilhe H. Dahlgren 
Physical Culture Jennie M. Whitney. 
Drawing Hannah Bynon 
Penmanship ]?. M. Fulston 
Commercial Lucy E Crosby 

Fresno State Normal, state; co-ed ; C L 
McLane. Pres 

Heald's Business College; bus and short- 
hand, co-ed , F O Gardiner, Mgr , cor 
I and Merced St 

Fnllerton, Orange Co., pop. 1,725. 

Pres Bd Educ A Sitton 
Sec. Bd. Educ. S. N. Fuller. 
City Superintendent J. R. Parker. 
Principal Union H S Delbert Brunton 

Gllroy, Santa Clara Co., pop. 2,437. 

Pres. Bd Educ L Ellis 
Sec. Bd Educ E. E Brownell 
Principal High School E. E Brownell 
Manual Training O Lyman 
Domestic Science Jennie C Watt 

Gilioy continued 

Mount St Joseph Academy; prep., R C., 
Sisters of St Joseph. 

Glendale, Los Angeles Co., pop. 2,748. 

Pres Bd Educ Dan Campbell. 

Sec Bd Educ A L Bryant. 

City Supeimtendent Richardson D White 

Grass Valley, Nevada Co., pop. 4,520. 

Pies Bd Educ Richard Curtis 

Sec Bd Educ A B. Champion. 

City Supt and Prin H. S J. S. Hennessy 

Man Tr and Dom. Sci Anna Hong. 

Com'l and Stenog*y A. T. O'Connor. 

Grass Valley Business College, bus and 
sten.; E H. Armstrong, Pres. 

Mount St. Mary's Academy, prep , co-ed., 
R C., Sister M. Aloysius 

Greenville, Plumas Co., pop. 531. 

Greenville Indian Industrial School; Govt 
industrial school for Indians; co-ed., est 
1887; Geo W WImberly, Supt. 

Hanford, Kings Co., pop. 4,829. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs M E Bernstein 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs N E Davidson. 
City Superintendent Osmer Abbott 
Principal High School Harry Shafer. 

Hayward, Alamida Co., pop. 2,746. 

City Supt & Prin H S E N. Mabrey 

Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., pop. 2,011. 

Pres. Bd. Educ Mrs Presswood 
Sec Bd Educ Florence Barnes 
City Supt & Prin H S H R. Bull 

Hermosa Beach, los Angeles Co., pop 679. 

Pres Bd Educ G. A Selby 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Florence G. Bolton. 

City Superintendent W. R Andrews. 

Principal Schools Marguerite Cljne 

Supv Music Grace Sprague. 

Art Kathleen Cogswell. 

Domestic Science Mrs A A McDonald. 

Holllster, San Benlto Co., pop. 2,308. 

Pres Bd. Educ I W Snowden 
Sec. Bd Educ. W. J Cogney 
City Superintendent W. J Cogney. 
Prin H. S J. P. Davis. 
Supv Music M. L Lawrence 
Manual Training Charles McDonald 
Drawing Catherine Gray. 
Com'l and Stenog*y Roscoe Tilford 

Sacred Heart Academy, girls' boarding, R 
C ; Mother Superior. 

Huntingdon Beach, Orange Co , pop. 

Pres Bd. Educ Mrs W. T Newland 
Sec. Bd Educ. W. L. McKenney. 
City Superintendent Arthur E Paine. 
Principal Union H S Arthur E. Paine. 
Domestic Science Neva Spangler. 
Drawing Margaret Metcalf. 





Imperial, Imperial Co., pop. 1,257 

Pres Bd Educ F C Fair 
Sec Bd Educ E A Nance 
Principal High School M B Hockenbeny 
Supv Music and Ait Ida Lee Marks 
Manual Training R R Dickerson 
Domestic Science Ida H Neilsen 
Ingrlewood, Los Angeles Co., pop. 1,536 
Pres Bd Educ A B Bennett 
Sec Bd Educ Miss E A Sprague 
City Principal High School G W Crozier 
Principal High School Mr Green 
Supv Music Miss Helen E Kurtz 

lone, Amador Co , pop. 806 

Principal High School W M Scott 
.Preston School of Industry, In dust ; state; 
boys from Juvenile Courts, est 1894, Cal- 
vm Derrick, Superintendent 

Irvingrton, Alameda Co , pop. 800. 

Anderson Academy, boys' boarding, semi- 
military, non-sect , est 1894, William W. 
Anderson, M A, Principal. 

La Jolla, San Diego Co., pop. 850. 

Bishop School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
Epis , est 1009, Mis A D Maclean, 

Lemoore, Kings Co, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ John E Kurtz 
Sec Bd Educ R E Shoie 
Principal Union H S W D Bannister 
Lincoln, Placer Co., pop 1,402 

Pres Bd Educ R P Tofft 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Carrie A Gladding 
City Superintendent H A Buich 
Principal High School L H Buchannan 

Livermore, Alameda Co , pop. 2,030 

Pres Bd Educ J O McKowy 
Sec Bd Educ W H Taylor 
City Superintendent D F Martin 
Principal High School Bruce Painter 
Domestic Science Hilda Morgan 
Drawing Juanita Nicholson 

Lodl, San Joaquin Co , pop. 2,697. 
Pres Bd Educ G* L Meissner 
Sec Bd Educ H P Ellis 
Supervising Principal R. J Custer 

Principal High School William Inch. 

Loma Linda, San Bernardino Co 

College of Medical Evangelists, med , reg , 
Alfred Q Shiyock, A B , Dean 

Lompoc, Santa Barbara Co., pop. 1,482. 

Prin Union H S Edgar L Mitchell 

Long Beach, Los Angeles Co , pop. 17,809. 

Pres Bd Educ C A Buffum 
Sec Bd Educ Edward F Acres 
City Superintendent W L Stephens. 
Prin H S David Burcham 
Supv Music Alice Rogers 
Manual Training C. M Lyon 
Domestic Science Alice Thomas 
Physical CultureVinnle Gee 
Drawing Margaret Waite 
Penmanship Leta Severance 
Com'l and Stenog*y G. E, Hadley 
Heald's Business College, bus. and stenog ; 
co-ed , est. 1902; V E NIelson, Manager 

Lordsburg, Los Angeles Co., pop. 954. 

Puncipal High School W L. Johns 

Lordsburg College, coll , co-ed f Brethren, 
est 1895, Elder W F England, Pres. 

Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, pop. 319,198, 

Pres, Bd Educ William A Sheldon 
Sec Bd Educ William A Sheldon. 
City Superintendent Albert Shiels 
Deputy Superintendent J B Monlux 
First Asst Supt M C Bettinger. 
Second Asst Supt Mrs Susan M Doisej 
Supv Agticulture Clayton F. Palmer 
Supv Drawing May G earn art 
Supv Home Economics Etta P Flagg 
Manual Training Charles A Kunou. 
Supv (Music Kathiyn E Stone 
Director Phy Educ Everett C Beach, M.X> 

Franklin High School, living-ton PI & 

Avenue 51. Charles B Moore, Pilncipal 
Gardena High School, Centinella & Glad- 
stone J B Lillard, Principal 
Hollywood High School, Highland Av. A 

Sunset BlvU , W H Snyder, Principal 
Lincoln High School, 3625 N Broadway , 

Ethel P Andrus, Acting Principal 
Jefferson High School, SSth Kt & Hooper 

Ave , Theodore Fulton, Principal 
Lomita High School, Lomita, M JEQliza-beth 

Field, Principal 
Los Angeles High School, Hill St & Ft. 

Monroe PI , W H Housh, Principal 
Manual Arts High School, 42nd St. & Ver- 
mont Ave , Albert E Wilson, Principal. 
Owensmouth High School,, G 

Walter Monroe, Principal 
Polytechnic High School, Washington & 

Hope Sts, W. A Dunn, Principal 
San Fernando High School, San Pernaado, 

Mrs E r Ingham, Principal 
San Pedro High School, San Pedro. Ralph C, 

Daniels, Principal. 
Tonance High School, Torrance, Thomas 

H Elson, Principal 
Van Nuys High School, Van Nuys, Nathan 

F Smith Piincipal 

Hogan, Director, Wunsot Blvd and Hay 

est 1890, Daniel M Hammock, Doan. 
Wilmington High School, Wilmington, W 

I. Travis, Principal 

Angeles Vista School, girls' boarding; non- 

- A> Pri "> 

Boynton Normal School, normal; prlvato; 

co-ed , est 1889, C C. Boynton, Prin., 

525 Stlmson Block. 
Brownsberger Home School of Bookkeeping 

and Graham Shorthand, bus and sten.; 

P Brownsberger, Prin 
California Commercial College: bus. and 

Bten ; William H. H Carver, Pres, lit & 

California Eclectic Medical College; med.; 

eclectic, co-ed.; est 1878; J, A, Mtmk, 

Dean, Lyon and Macy 





Los Angeles continued 

California Military Academy, boys' board- 
ing, military, non-sect , est. 1906, N 
William Brick, M A, Prin.,^1948 Lovelace. 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medi- 
cal Dept, University of Southern Cali- 
fornia, reg , co-ed ; est 1885, Charles W 
Bryson, M D, Dean. Delta Bldg. 

Convent of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
girls' boaiding, K C , est 1906, Sister 
Redempta, Superior, Hollywood 

Cumnock School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
est 1S94, Mrs Merrill Moore Grigg, Di- 
rector, 1500 S. Figueroa 

Girls' Collegiate Lower School, for younger 
girls; Miss Maude Thomas, Prin, 636 W 

Girls' Collegiate School, girls' boarding, 
Presb , est 1892, Alice K Parsons, B. A., 
and Jeanne W. Dennen, Frins, Adams 
and Hoover 

Harvard School, boys' boarding, military, 
P B , est 1900, Rev Robeit Burton 
Gooden, A. M , Headmaster, 16th and 

Heal d' a Southern California Business Col- 
lege, bus and sten , W. H. H Garver, 

Hollman Business College, bus and sten , 
D L Hollman, Pros, 1017 S Figueioa 

Hollywood School for Girls, girls' boarding; 

non-sect , est. 1910 , Sophie Shepard 

Hogan, Director, Sunset Blvd and Hay 

Isaacs- Woodbury Business College, bus and 

sten , est 1884, Edwaid K Isaacs, Piesi- 

dent, Hamburger Bldg 
KennaroVs Polytechnic Business College, 

bus and sten , 1929 S Giand 
Los An pel os Academy, prep , co-ed , board- 
ing dept for boys, non-sect ; est 1909; 

Frank G Cressey, Ph D , Principal, 9th 

and Beacon 
Los Angeles Business College, bus and 

sten ; est. 1890; E R Shrader, A. M , Ph 

D, Pres, 8th and Hill 

Los Angeles College of Law, law; co-ed.; 
est* 1899, Daniel M Hammock, Dean, 
722 Trust Bldg 

Los Angeles College of Osteopathy, co-ed , 
est 1905, Harry W Forbes, D O, Presi- 
dent, 321 S Hill 

Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and 
Arts; music and elocution; boarding, co- 
ed ; cat. 1884; Jaroslaw de Zlelinski, Di- 
rector, 730 S. Grand. 

Loa Angeles Military Academy; military, 
non-aeot , Walter J Bailey, A, M , Prin , 
Huntingdon Drive. 

LOB Angeles Musical College, Harry Girard, 

Director, 706 Majestic Bldg 
Los Angelas School of Art and Design, L 
Garden Maclood, Director, 602 S Al- 

Los Angeles continued 

*Mackay Business College, bus and sten , 
906 S Mam 

Marlboro Preparatory School; girls' board- 
ing, non-sect , Ida B Lmdley, Prin. 

Marlborough School for Girls, girls' board- 
ing, non-sect , est 1889; Mrs G A. Cas- 
well, Principal, 861 W 23rd. 

National Business College, bus and sten ; 
est 1910, J. W McCormac, President, 
Chamber of Commerce Building. 

Occidental College, coll ; co-ed., Presb , 
est 1887, John Willis Baer, LL D, Pres., 
Pasadena Ave and Avenue 50 

Pacific College of Osteopathy; osteop , co- 
ed ; est 1896, Clement A. Whiting, Sc 
D , D O , Dean, Mission Rd. and Daly 

Page Military Academy; boys' boarding, 
for young boys only, non-sec ; est 1908, 
Robert A Gibbs, Headmaster, 137 W 

Page School for Girls; girls' boarding, non- 
sect , Miss Emma E. Page, Principal, 4511 
Pasadena Ave. 

St Mary's Academy; girls' boarding, R. 
C , Sister Catharine, Prin f Slauson and 

St. Vincent's College, coll ; men; K C, est 

1865, Very Rev Joseph S. Glass, C. M, 

D D , Pres , Grand, near 18th 
Saciod Heart Academy, gills' boarding and 

day, R O , Dominican Sisteis, 308 S 


Southwestern University, School of Law, 
co-ed , Aithur J Abbott, Dean 

State Normal School, normal, state, co-ed; 
est 1881, Jesse F. Mlllspaugh, M. A, 

Success Shoxthand Institute, E Lois 

Bouchei, Pres , H W Hellman Bldg. 
University of California, College of Medi- 
cine (Los Angeles Department) ; med ; 
icg , co-ed , est 1885, George H. Kress, 
M D , Dean, Security Bldg 
University of Southern California, comprises 
College of Liberal Arts, of Law, of Medi- 
cine (College of Physicians nad Surgeons), 
of Dentistry, of Theology, of Pharmacy, of 
Oratory, of Music, of Fine Arts, and Pre- 
paratory School, co-ed., M. E., est 188; 
George Finley Bovard, LL. D., President. 
University of Southern California, College 
of Dentistry, dent, co-ed, est. 1897; 
Lewis E Ford, Dean, 304 E 5th. 
University of Southern California, College 
of Fine Arts, art, co-ed , est. 1901, Win. 
L Judson, Dean, 216 Thorne St 
University of Southern California, College 
of Law, law, co-ed.; Frank M Porter, 
LL D , Dean, First and Broadway. 
University of Southern California, College 
of Music; music, co-od , non-sect, W. F 
Skeele, Dean, 283 S Broadway* 
University of Southern California, College 
of Oratory; co-ed ; non-sect, Beulai 
Wright, Dean, 344 St Andrews Placo. 




JLo9 Angeles continued 
University of Southern California, College 

of Pharmacy, phar ; co-ed , non-sect ; 

Laird J Stabler, M S, Dean, 35th ana 

University of Southein California, College 

of Theology, theo ; co-ed ; non-sect., B. 

A Healy, A M , D D , Dean 
Von Stem Academy of Music, est 1905, 

Hemneh Von Stein, Director, 958 S Hill 
Westlake School for Girls, girls' boarding, 

non-sect , Misses Fredertca de Laguna 

and Jessica S Vance, Pnns , 616 S Al- 

Yale School, boys' boarding, non-sect , est 

1901, T G Adams, A B,, Headmaster, 

205 N Union 

Cos Gates, Santa Clara Co., pop. 8,239. 

Prin H. S. Frank W. Watson 

Montezuma Mountain Ranch School; boys' 
boarding, non-sect , est. 1911; E. A. 
Rogers, A B, President. 

Afadera, Madera Co., pop. 2,404. 

Principal High School F O Mower 

Martinez, Contra Costa Co, pop. 2,115. 

Pnn H S. E W. Stoddard 

De La Salle Institute, boys' prep , R C , 
est 1879, Brother V Loo, Prin 

Marysville, Tuba Co., pop 5,430. 

Pres Bd Educ D Rideout 
Sec Bd Edue Jennie Malaley 
City Superintendent Jennie Malaley 
Principal High School J C Ray 
Supv Music and Drawing Miss Koons 
Manual Training James Garrison 
Domestic Science Mrs Bement 
Commercial Elsie Rueter 

College of Notre Dame, girls' boarding, 

R C , Sister B Joseph, Superior. 
Marysville Business and Normal College, 

bus , sten and nor , co-ed , non-sect , est 

1908, H, D Eich, Manager 
United Business College, bus and sten., 

Frank Harroun, Prin. 

Bfenlo Park, San Hateo Co., pop. 820. 

St. Patrick's Seminary; novitiate, men, R 
C , est 1898, Very Rev, H. Ayrinhae, 
D. D, Dean 

Merced, Merced Co., pop. 3,102. 

Pres Bd. Educ R. S French 
Sec Bd Educ Margaret Sheeny. 
Principal High School -C S Claik 
Manual Training M F. Hughes. 
Drawing Caroline Kennedy. 

Mills College, Alameda Co., pop. 280. 

Mills College, coll , women, non-sect , cat 
1871, AureliaH Reinhardt, Ph D, Presi- 

Modesto, Stanislaus Co , pop. 4,034. 

Sec Bd. Educ Scott Snowden, 
City Supt and Prin H S J C Templeton 
Manual Training Sidney Bovingdon 
Domestic Science Mary Powell 
Stenography O. W Walcott. 

Monrovia, JLos Angeles Co., pop. 3,570. 

Pres Bd Educ Rev Clark Marsh. 
Sec Bd Educ Dr. L, D Remington. 
City Sup&imtenclont T B Thompson 
Principal High School A R Clifton. 
Manual Training G Knight Hester. 
Domestic Training Doris Daniels. 
Drawing Edina Newby. 

Monterey, Monterey Co , pop. 4,023. 

Sec Bd Educ Ney Ohs 

Principal High School James Mclntosh 

St. Joseph's Academy, girls' boarding. R. 
C , Mother Superior. 

Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., pop. 1,101. 

Pi os Bd Educ Mrs M Farrell 
Sec Bd Educ Wilbur L Camp. 
Pimclpal High School E L Zahn 
Supv Music Prof F F. Jeffers. 
Drawing Miss M. Wolfenberger. 
Pen'ship, Com'l and Stenog'y M W. Fisher 

Napa, Napa Co., pop. 5,791. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles E Trowcr 
Sec Bd Educ H E Roper 
City Supeiintendent J L Shearer 
Pnncipal High School J S Dcnton 
Supv Music Nellie Payne 
Manual Training O L Searcy 
Domestic* Science Elizabeth Smith. 
Drawing Emma McCall 
Penmanship & Com,'! A H Thompson 

Napa Business College, bus and tten ; ot 
1894; J. H Janson, Prin. 

National City, San Diego Co , pop. 1,733. 
Pres Bd Educ Theodore F. Johnson 
Sec Bd Educ F F Martin 
City Superintendent F F Martin 
Piincipal High School Charles Soymour, 
Supv Music Grace M Jones 
Manual Training C M. Sebelius. 
Domestic Science Katherine B. Merrltt. 
Physical Culture Frances Southwick. 
Drawing Lillian Worden, 
Commercial Gcotgo V Sawyer 

Needles, San Bernardino Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ Mis Martha Ciayne 

Sec Bd Educ A S Parker 

City Superintendent C B. Collins 

Principal High School C B. Collina 

Manual Training Frank L Waterman. 

Di awing Alico H Voters 

Domestic Science Alice M Truosdcll 

Nevada City, Nevada Co., pop. 2,080. 

Sec Bd Educ G J Rector 

City Supt & Prin. H S F. JB Tuck 

Nordhoff, Ventura Co., pop. 400. 

OJai School for Girls; girl*' boarding- an* 
day; Miss B. S Smith, Prin. 

Thacher School, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1889, Sherman D, Thacher, A, 
B , LL D , Head Master. 

Oakdale, Stanislaus Co., pop. 1,095. 

Proa. Bd. Educ B Clark. 
Sec Bd Educ B E. Caseholt 
Prin. H S P. B. Weitcrman, 




Oakland, Alameda Co., pop. 150,174. 

Pies Bd Educ Annie F Brown 
Sec Bd Educ D W Pratt 
City Superintendent A C Barker 
Assistant Superintendent E Morris Cox 
Asst Superintendent Lewis B Avery 
Director Music Glenn H. Woods 
Manual Training F R Cauch 
Domestic Science Mrs L W Robbing 
Physical Culture (boys) G H Pfund 
Phy Cult (girls) Miss Signe Hagelthorne 
Drawing P H Meyer 

Fremont High School, 46th and Foothill 

Bd , E Morris Cox, Principal 
Oakland High School, 12th and Grove St , 

C E Keyos, Puncipal. 
Technical High School, 43rd and Broadway, 

P M Fisher, Principal 
University High School, 48th and Webster 

Sts , Heibert Lee, Piincipal 
Vocational High School, 12th and Market 

Sts , W A Tenney, Principal 

College of the Holy Name, girls' boarding, 
R. C , est 1868, Mother Mary Geraldine, 

Heald's Business College; bus and sten , est. 
1863, T B Bridges, Manager, 628 16th 

Horton School, day prep , co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1884; Miss Sarah W. Horton, 
Principal, Palm and Perkins 

Oakland College of Law, law, co-ed ; W J. 
Connell, Dean. 

Oakland College of Medicine and Surgery; 
xned ; reg ; co-ed, eat 1902, Haytrard 
G Thomas, M D, President, Grove and 
Slat Street. 

Oakland Conservatory of Music, music; co- 
ed , est 1899, Adolf Gregory, Director, 
Madison and 13th 

Oakland Shorthand Institute; sten ; est. 
1900, Frederick G Ilsen, Principal, 629 
Twelfth St 

Pacific Technical College; tech , co-ed , 
est. 1904; Chaa. C Swafford, Prea 

Polytechnic College of Engineering, short 
courses in Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, 
and Civil Engineering, Architecture and 
Architectural Drawing, est 1904, W E 
Gibson, President, 13th and Madison Sts 

St Mary's College, literal y, civil engineer- 
ing and Com'l courses, men, R C ; eat 
1863, Brother Vcllesian, F. S C , Presi- 

Vander Naillcn School of Practical Engl- 
noeiing, civil, mining, electrical, struc- 
tural, hydraulic, and mechanical engi- 
neering, surveying, architecture, assay- 
ing, metallurgy; est 1864, A, Vander 
Naillcn, M. EJ , Pros , Telegraph Ave. and 
Slat St. 

Ontario, San Bernardino Co., pop. 4,274. 

Pres Bd EducJ C Wright 
Sec Bd Bduc C. H. Whitney 
City Superintendent John W Groves. 
Prin. High School Merton B. Hill. 
Supv Muiic -Evelyn A, Stone. 

Ontario continued 
Manual Training Caryl Sheldon 
Domestic Science Cardla Umstead 
Drawing Charlotte Reed 
Commercial F. M. Natenpaugh. 
Stenography Miss Campbell. 

Orange, Orange Co., pop. 2,920. 

Pres Bd Educ R W Jones 
Sec Bd Educ George C Woods 
City Superintendent Charles E Teach 
Principal Union H S W. M Fishback 

Oroville, Butte Co , pop. 3,859. 

City Superintendent H B Short. 
Principal High School J B Hughes 

Oxnard, Ventura Co., pop. 2,555. 

Pres Bd Bduc George E Hume 

Sec Bd Educ II W Witman 

Prin. City Schools Richard B. Hay dock 

Principal High School Herbert Lee 

Supv Music Fluvia Hunstocti 

Manual Training W E Coman 

Domestic Science Helen C Andrews 

Commeiclal J Schuck 

Physical Culture Margaret Edmunds 

Penmanship Estelle Nichols. 

Pacific Beach, San Diego Co., pop. 60. 

San Diego Army and Navy Academy, boys' 
boarding-, military, non-sect , est 1910, 
Captain Thomas A Davis, Superintendent 

Pacific Grove, Monterey Co., pop. 2,384. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Hurlbert 
Sec Bd Educ C K Tuttle 
Principal High School Bert M Garner 
Supv Music Mrs E Sybrandt 
Manual Training G E Thomas 

Palo Alto, Santa Clara Co., pop. 4,486. 

Pres Bd Educ Walter Hays 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs. C S Place 
City Supt & Prin H S Walter H Nich- 

Supervisor Music Fred F Jeffera 
Castilleja School, girls' boarding:, non- 
sect., est 1907, Mary! Lockey, A. 
B , Principal 

Harker's School for Girls, girls' boarding; 
non-sec , est 1892, Miss C Harker, A. 
B, Prin, Center Ave. and Katherlne 

Manzanita Hall Preparatory School for 
Boys, boys' boarding; non-sect., eat. 
1893, William A Shedd, M S, Head 
Master, Stanford Ave. and Wilson St. 

Pasadena, os Angeles Co., pop. 42,00*. 

Pres Bd Educ W S Gx assie 
Clerk Bd Educ Norval G Felker 
City Superintendent Jeremiah M Rhodes, 
Principal High School Jerome O Cross 
Director of Ait Ralph H Johonnot 
Supv Music Junia M. Wolff 
Manual Training G B. Hoag 
Domestic Science Grace Fisher 
Physical Culture A Claude Broden 
Drawing Faanlo M Kerns 
Commercial Charles L Lewis 





Pasadena continued 

Academy of the Holy Name, grirls' board- 
ing:, K C , Sister M Lambert, Superior 

Broadoaks Kindergarten Training School, 
normal kindergarten training, non-sect , 
Ada Mae Brooks, Principal 

Los Robles School for Girls, girls' board- 
ing, non-sect , Principal 

Nazareue University, coll and prep , co-ed , 
Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene, est 
1901, H Orton Wiley, President 

Orton School for Girls, girls' boarding, non- 
sect f est 1890, Anna B Orton, Principal 

Pott's Busmess College, bus. and sten.; 
est 1908, Mifflin G Potts, Principal, 37 
E Union St 

Sayer's Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1904, Principal 

Throop College of Technology, courses In 
Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Chemi- 
cal Engineering and Economics, non- 
sect , est 1891, James A B Scherer, 
LL D, President 

Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo Co., pop. 1,441. 

Pres Bd Educ M Shlmmm 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs M Lewis 
Principal High School H S Willett 
Domestic Science Virginia Bartlett 

Petaluma, Sonoma Co, pop. 5,880. 

City Superintendent Eldredge B Dykes 
Principal High School W O Smith 

St Vincent's Academy, prep , co-ed ; R. 
C , est 1888, Sister Superior 

Piedmont, Alameda Co., pop. 1,719 
Placerville, Eldorado Co., pop. 1,914. 

Pres Bd Educ William F Bray 
Sec Bd Educ S B Wilson 
Principal High School John A Daly 
Supv Music Anita M Wilson 
Drawing Belle G Wilton 
Pen'ship, Com'l and Stenog'y J E O'Brien 

Point Lonia, San Diego Co , pop. 100. 

Ra1a Yoga College, coll and prep , co-ed , 
Katherme Tingley, Directress 

Pomona, tog Angeles Co, pop. 10,307. 

Pres Bd Educ J F Evans 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs C F Schwan 
City Superintendent G V Bennett 
PrJn H S Henry P. Reynolds 
Supv Music Minerva Fleming 
Manual Training A J Pirdy 
Domestic Science G Byington 
Drawing Hazel Mason 
Commercial R A Covordale 

Academy of the Holy Names; prep ; co- 
ed , R C , Sister Benedicts, Superior 

Pomona Business College; bus and sten.; 
est 3895, D Brehaut, Prln. 

Porter&ville, Tnlare Co , pop 2 696. 

City Supt & Prin H S Charles E Bis- 


Ransom and Bridges School, girls' board- 
ing, est 1906, Miss Marian Ransom, Prin 

Red Bluff, Tehama Co., pop. 3,530. 

Pies Bd Educ Fred C Davies 
Sec Bd Educ Mamie B Lang 
City Superintendent J D S\veeney 
Pimcipal High School Paul G Ward 

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, 
boaidmg, R C , Sister Mary Joseph 

Bedding, Shasta Co., pop. 3,572. 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs C Cunningham 

City Supt & Pi in II S F A Fordei hasc 

Redlands, San Bernardino Co., pop. 10,449. 

Prea Bd Educ F H. Clock. 
Sec Bd Educ W T Putnam 
City Superintendent C H Covell 
Prin H S H C Clement 
Supv Music Miss Rosemary Conway. 
Manual Tiaining Lewis Neuenschwander 
Domestic Science Mabel H Williams 
Physical Culture Miss Rosemary Stolz. 
Pen'ship and Com'l T. H. Lodge. 
Stenography Miss U. L. Ashby. 

Potts Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1908, Mifflin G Potts, President 

University of Redlands, liberal arts, fine 
arts, mus and art courses, co-ed , Bapt , 
est 1909, Victor L Duke, AM, Dean 

Redondo Beach, JL.OB Angeles Co., pop. 2,933. 

Pies Bd Educ J P Luxford 

Sec Bd Educ R E. Matteson 

Prin Union H S C A Langwoithy. 

Supv Music Ethel Ardis 

Domestic Science May Mohn 

Drawing Jennie S Hughes 

Pen'ship, Com'l and Stenog'y Fred M Lee 

Redwood City, San Mateo Co., pop. 2,422. 

Pres Bd Educ L P Behrens 
Sec Bd Educ H. StembergeT 
Principal High School S P McCrea. 
Supv Mus and Diaw O M Cartington 
Manual Training H L A bell 
Domestic Science Mitts Edna Truman 
Commercial B E Meyer 

Academy of Notre Damp, girls' boarding, 
R C , Sister Mary Cecilia, Prin 

Reedley, Fresno Co, pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ, Roy C 1 Traber 

Sec Bd Educ F W Davis 

City Superintendent Horace N Caldwoll. 

Principal High School George A. Harkle- 


Supv Music O T Rtorli 
Manual Training Silver Ronzon** 
Domestic Science Margaictta Hlokrmorf. 

Richmond, Contra Costa Co., pop. 6,802. 
City Superintendent W T Helms 
Principal High School B X. Tucker. 

Rio Vista, Solano Co., pop. $84. 

Principal High School F B Smith 

St. Gertrude's Academy; prep , co-ed ; R. 
C , Sister Mary CamiUuft, Prin. 




Riverside, Riverside Co , pop. 

Pres Bd Educ John R Strang 
Sec Bd Educ A N Wheelock 
City Supeimtcndent A N Wheelock 
Pun Girls' H S James Winne 
Prin Boys' Poly H S Hugh Law 
Supv Music Mrs Cora Merry. 
Manual Training W B Violette 
Domestic Science Stella Johnson 
Drawing Nrllio Elf era 
Commercial Geoige Scott 

He aid's Business College, bus and sten. , 
co-ed , L W. Zlnn, Pres, 748 Main St 

Pope School, prep ; co-ed , Dr H. Pope, 

Sherman Institute, Govt industrial school 
for Indians, co-ed , est 1901, Frank M 
Conser, Supt 

St. Helena, Napa Co., pop 1,603. 

Piincipal High School C H Meeker 
Elmhurst Academy, girls' boarding, R. C ; 

est 1813, Sister Agatha, Superioress 
Pacific Union -College, coll , co-ed , Charles 

W Irwin, A M , President 

Sacramento, Sacramento Co.. pop. 44,696. 

Pies Bd Educ Thomas Coultei 
Sec Bd Educ Charles C Hugnos 
City Superintendent Charles C Hughes 
Principal High School H O Williams 
Assistant Supt Mrs M R O'Neil 
Pi in Evening II S Frank Tade 
Supv Music Mary E Ireland 
Manual Training H M Snell 
Domestic Science Amy L Grecnla*v 
Physical Culture Lavmia Kaull 
Drawing Mrs I M Jackson 
Nairn o Study & Agric Evoi ott P Cornell 
fiupt Kindergarten Rose M Sheehan 
Atkinson's Sacramento Business College, 
bus and sten ; W. B. Cogswell, Prin. 

Christian Brothers' College, boys' boarding 

and clay, R C , est 1876, Brother Floii- 

nus, Director, 11 6 K Street 
Heald's Business College, bus and sten ; 

Edward P Heald, President 
Howe's Academy and Business College: 

prop , nor and com'l, est. 1873, Edward 

Howo, President, 1028 J Street 
St Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding, R 

C ; est, 1857, Mother Mary Gertrude 

King, Pres, 8th and F St 

Salinas, Monterey Co., pop. 3,736. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles L, Ploda 
City Superintendent L. B Kilkenny. 
Prin H S L B Kilkenny 
Supv Music Mrs "E Rybrandt 
Manual Training R. "Wheeler 
Domestic Science Miss I Lewis 
Drawing I-ouIso Holbiook 

Notre Dame Academy, girls' boarding; R 
C , Mother Superior. 

San Andreas, Calaveras Co., pop. 760. 

Principal County H S.* -James Keith 

San Anselmo, Marin Co., pop. 1,531. 

San Francisco Theological Seminary, theol , 
men, Prcsb , est 1882, Rev Warren H. 
Landon, D D , President 

San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co , pop 

Pres Bd Bduc W C. S'eccombe. 
City Superintendent Roy B Stover 
Principal High School L. L Beeman. 
Supv Music Cora S Haydon 
Manual Training J B Phillips 
Domestic Science Regmna Brennan 
Physical Culture Louise Draper 
Drawing Gail Harington. 
Commercial Mrs L Brooks 
Stenography Zada A Rhodes. 

San Bernardino Business College; bus and 
sten , est 1913, Margaret M Lacy, Prin- 

San IHegro, San Diego Co., pop. 39,578. 

Pros Bd Educ E R Watson 

Sec Bd Bduc S W Bel ding 

City Superintendent Duncan MacKinnon 

Prin H S Arthur L T Gould 

Supervisor Music Emma E P Williams 

Manual Training W S Wright 

Domestic Science Mariorie Jenkins 

Drawing Shirley Charles 

Penmanship J H Holmes 

rommoicial D M Morris 

Physical Culture T. Treuthrie 

Academy of Our Lady of Peace, prep , co- 
ed , R C , Sister of St Joseph, Prin. 

Bishop School, girls' day, P. E ; est 1909, 
Mrs A D Maclean, Principal, 3070 
First Street 

San Diego Business and Academic College, 
prep and com'l, H F W Kuehne, Ph 
D , President 

San Diego State Normal School, teachers' 
training courses, state, co-ed., est. 1897; 
Edward L Hardy, B L , President 

San Francisco, San Francisco Co., pop 416,- 

Pics Bd Educ George B Gallagher. 
Sac Bd Eduo Mrs M R Norris 
City Supoi intend ont Alfred Roncoviori 
Deputy Supt Thomas L Heaton 
Deputy Supt William B Howard 
Deputy Supt William H DoBell 
Deputy Supt A J Cloud 
Deputy Supt Miss Mary Magner 
Supv Music Bstelle Carpenter 
H S Music Mrs M G. McGlade 
Manual Tiaining Charles L Jacobs 
Home Economics Miss B M Bartlett. 
Physical Culture Edwatd B DoGroot 
Drawing- Kathorino Ball 
Fiimary Miss Lou Bull 

Girls' High School, Geaiy and Scott Sts , 

Arthur W Scott, Piincipal 
High School of Commerce, Franklin and 

Fell Sts , Charles H Murphy, Principal 
Humboldt Evening Bigh School, Dolores 

and 18th Sts , John S Drew, Principal 





San. Francisco continued 
Lowell High School, Haves St and Masonic 

Ave , Frank Morton, Principal 
Mission High School, Doloiea and 18th 

Sts , F H Clark, Principal 
Polytechnic High School, 1st and Fiedenck 

Sts , J E Addicott, Principal 

Academy of the Sacred Heart , prep, co- 
ed , B. C , Sisters of St Joseph 

California College of Pharmacy, University 
of California, phar , co-ed , est 1873, 
non-sect , state, Franklin T Green, Ph 
G, Dean, Parnassus and 2nd Ave 

California School of Design, University of 
California, Robert H Fletcher, Director 

California School of Mechanical Arts, 
patternmaking, forgework, molding, ma- 
chine shop practice and machinery trades, 
est 1895, Geo A Merrill, B S, Principal, 
16th & Utah Sts. 

Church Divinity School of the Pacific, 
theol , men, P B ; est 1893; Kev. Wil- 
liam F Nichols, Dean, 1051 Taylor Street 

Cogswell Polytechnical College, tech , co- 
ed , non-sect , est 1887, George B Mil- 
ler, A M , Pres , Folsom and 26th 

College of Notre Dame, girls' boarding, R 
C., Sister Julia Theresa, Prin 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, med , 
co-ed , est 1896, L W Spriggs, Dean, 
344 14th St 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dental 
Department, dent , co-ed , est 1897, 
Thomas Morffew, DBS, Dean 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, De- 
partment of Pharmacy, phar , co-ed , 
est 1898, J H Flint, Dean 

Dudley Business College, bus and sten , 
A W Dudley, Prin, Mission Bank Bldg 

Gallagher-Marsh Business College, bus and 
sten ; est 1899 , Robt F Gallagher, 
Pres, 1382 Market St 

Gerson Dramatic School, dramatic art and 
acting, Paul Gerson, Director, 216 Mc- 

Golden Gate Kindergarten Free Normal 
School, kindergarten training, women, 

Gregg School of Shorthand, 508 Grant Bldg 

Gregg Shorthand School, Mrs Lida B Tay- 
lor, 1129 O'Farrell 

est 1891, Anna M Stovall, Prin., 1617 
California St 

Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific; 
med ; homeop ; co-ed , est 1882; Jamea 
B Ward, M D., Dean, Sacramento and 
Maple St. 

Hamltn School; girls' boarding, non-sect., 
Sarah D Hamlin, Prin , 2230 Pacific Ave 

Hastings College of the Law, Law Depart- 
ment University of California, co-ed ; 
est. 1878, Edward R Taylor, Dean. 

Heald's Business College and School of 
Practical Sciences, bus, sten and prac- 
tical sciences, co-ed , est 1862, Edward 
P Heald, President, 425 McAllister St 

San Francisco continued 

Heald's Engmeoimg School, civil, architec- 
tural, mechanical, electrical, mining, and 
chemistry departments, est 1904, A. L 
Lesseman, Supt , 425 McAllister St 

Holden Home Oral School foi the Deaf, 
Mrs J B Holden, Supenntendent 

Irving Institute, girls' boarding and day, 
non-sect , est 1880, Miss Ella M Pink- 
ham, Pnn , 147 Presidio Ave 

Leland Stanford Junior University, College 
of Medicine; med . reg.; co-ed.; est. 
1909, William Ophuls, M D, Dean 
Sacramento and Webster 

Lyceum, The, prep , co-ed , non-sect , eat 
1894, L H Giau, Ph D, Principal, 7bO 
Market St 

Mazk Hopkins Institute of Art, of the Uni- 
versity of California, art, state, co-ed., 
Prof Robert H Fletcher, Director, Cali- 
fornia and Mason Sts 

Modern School of Business and Correspon- 
dence, bus and sten , est 1902, Gco T 
Pratt, A M, Principal, 526 Maiket St 

Munson School of Shorthand, bus and 
sten , est 1893, Miss Lucilo M Smith, 
Prin , 1GO Post St 

Murison's School, Miss, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , Miss E L Murlson, Prin. 

Our Lady of IVfercy Academy, prop ; co- 
ed , R C , Sister M Immanuel, Prin. 

Potter School for Boys, prop ; George S. 
Potter, Headmaster, 1827 Pacific 

Presentation Convent; girls' boarding:; 
Mother M* Josephine, Superior. 

Raymond Coaching School, prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect , est 1900, W. H. V. Raymond, 
Prin, 807 Center 

Ringnalda Normal Institute; William F 
Ringnalda, Prin , 615 Steiner 

Sacred Heart College, boys' day; R. C ; 
eat 1874; Brother Lewte, F. S. C., Pre*., 
Fell and Fllmore. 

St Bridget's School, prep ; co-ed , R. C* 
Sister Superior, Prin 

St Ignatius University; comprises College 
of Letters, Science nad Philosophy* of 
Law, of Engineering, and lh<> Pro-medi- 
cal course, men, H C , ost 1HH5, JU>v. 
Patrick J Footo, S J , President 

St Ignatius University, follow of Law; 
men, est 1912, Matt T. Sullivan, LL D, 

St Ignatius University, College of TOnfflneor- 
ing, course in rivll Enginoerlntf, **t 
1912; M M O'Shaughnessy, I). B, D<an 

St Mary's Presentation Academy; girl** 
day, R. C , est I860, Sister Mary Xavler, 
Superior, Cor. Eddy and Franklin St*. 

St Peter's Academy, prep.; eo-ed , R C.: 
est 1878, Sister Bernard, Huporior, 1240 

St Vincent's School, prop, and bu.; day; 
co-ed., R C, est. 1852, Slater Superior, 
5th and Clementina* 





San Francisco continued 

San Francisco Association for the Blind, 
Ethel Clement, Supeiintendent, 1526 Cal- 
ifornia St 

San Francisco Business College, bus and 
sten , est 1888, H B Cox, Pres , 908 

San Francisco Institute of Art, School of 
Design, University of California, art, 
state, co-ed , est 1894, Kobert Howe 
Fletcher, Director, California & Mason Sts 

San Francisco Law School, law, co-ed , 
non-sect , James A Ballentme, A B , 

San Francisco Veterinary College, men, 
est 1899, Chailes Keane, V S, Dean, 
1818 Market St 

State Normal School, normal, state, co- 
ed , est 1899, Frederic L Burk, Ph D, 
Pres, Buchanan and Waller. 

Success Commercial Academy, bus and 
sten , 1322 Haight 

Trinity School boys' day, non-sect , est 
1876, Leon H Roger, B S, Prln , 946 
Stanyan St. 

University of California, College of Den- 
tistry, dent , co-ed , est 1881, Guy S 
Millbuiy, D D S, Dean, Butler Bldg 

University of California, College of Medi- 
cine, reg , co-ed , est 1862, Herbert C 
Moffltt, M D, Dean, S'chroth Bldg 

University School, prep : boys, non-sect ; 
est 18G7, Walter C Nolan, B S, Head- 
master, 2264 Calif 01 nia St 

West's School for Girls, Miss, girls' board- 
Ing, non-sect ; Miss Mary B Weat, Prin , 
2421 Fillmore 

Wilmerding School of Industrial Aits for 
Boys; plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying, 
and building trades, est 1900; Geoi?e A 
Met rill, B S , Director, 16th & Utah Sts 

San Jose, Santa Clara Co., pop. 28,046. 

Pres Bd Educ J P. Jarman 

Sec Bd Bduc Alexander Sherrlffs 

City Superintendent Alexander Sherriffs 

Assistant Rupt Anne Darling 

Principal High School C M Osonbaugh 

Supervisor Music F F, Jeffers 

Manual Training Charles S Jacobs. 

Domestic ScienceSylvia Campiglia 

Physical Culture Jay C Elder 

Drawing Whelemena Ramer 

Commercial R R Stuart 

College of Notre Dame; girls' boarding; R 
C , Sisters of Notre Dame, Sister Mary 
Veronica, Superior. 

College of the Pacific, coll , junior engi- 
neering and music courses; co-ed , M. 
E; est, 1861, John &, Seaton, Ph D, 

He aid' s Business College, bus. and sten ; 
co-ed,; est. 1891, J. W Nixon, B. S. LL. 
B., Manager, 92 S, Second St 

King Conservatory of Music; music; co-ed ; 
est 1879, F Loul King, A. M,, B. M., 
D* D., Dean, 261 N v Second Avenue. 

San Jose continued 

Pacific Conservatory of Music, co-ed, War- 
ren D Allen, Dean 

St Joseph School, prep , day, co-ed , R 
C, est 1865, Brother Adam, S M, Prin- 
cipal, Sister M Pauline, Principal girls' 
department, 333 Park Ave 

State Normal School, normal, state, co- 
ed ; Morris Elmer Dailey, A M , LL D , 

Washburn School, prep , day, co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1894, Mary Meyrick, Acting 

San Juan, San Benito Co., pop. 680. 

St John's Institute, girls' boarding", R. C.; 
est 1876, Mother Carmen Aigelaga, Prin 

San Juan Bautista, San Benito Co, pop. 

Prea Bd Educ Mr Bacon 
Sec Bd Educ W J Cagney 
Principal High School Prof Davis 

San Leandro, Alameda Co, pop. 3,471 

Clerk Bd Educ Charles A Jeffery 
City Superintendent Guy Smith 
Supv Music Miss M Hermann 
Domestic Art Miss P Downer 
Manual Training C. E. Van Deventer 

St Mary's Convent, prep.; co-ed; R C. , 
Sisters of St Dominic, Prln. 

San Tails Obispo, San >nls Oblspo Co, pop. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles A Palmer 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Ruth Merritt 

City Supt & Prin H S.- Arthur H. Mabley 

Supv Music Angle Carr 

Commercial Karl McMurry 

Academy of Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
prep , co-ed ; R. C ; Sister Augustine, 

California Polytechnic School, agric , mech- 
anics and household arts; state; co-ed.; 
est 1901; LeRoy Burns Smith,, A. B, 

Ban Mateo, San. Mateo Co., pop. 4,384. 
Prea Bd Educ. W F Turnbull 
Sec Bd Educ W. J. Eva 
City Superintendent George W Hall. 
Principal High School W. L. Glascock. 
Supv Music Vera Emerson 
Manual Training Freda Hogerup 
Domestic Science Janet Ferguson. 
Drawing George W Holt. 
Penmanship Sarah Brllt 
Commercial Robert N Faulkner. 

San Mateo Collegiate School; girls' prep ; 
Mrs Dora H. Shinn, Principal 

San Bafael, Marln Co., pop. 5,934. 

Pres Bd Educ E B Marttnelli 
Sec. Bd Educ. Paul Scheer. 
City Superintendent D R. Jones 
Principal High School T M Brazier. 
Supv Music Mrs Charles Farrell. 





San Rafael contmupd ! 

Manual Training N R Goe 
Drawing Goldia A Po\vell 
Penmanship E M Knight 
Com'l and Stenog*y Mjrtis McCurdy 

Dominican College, girls' boarding-, R C , 
est 1850, Mother Louis, Prin 

Hitchcock Military Academy, boys' board- 
ing, militaiy, non-sect , est 1878, Rex 
W Sherer, Ph B , Principal 

Mount Tamalpais Military Academy, boys' 
boarding, military, non-sect, est. 1890, 
Maj Ne^vell F Vandeibilt, Headmaster 

Sansrer, Fresno Co., pop. 1,500 

Puncipal High School J Karl Tener 

Santa Ana, Orange Co , pop 8,429. 

Pres Bd Bduc W L Doggan. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Lydia Smart 
City Supenntendent J A Cranston 
Principal High School B H McMath 
Supv Music Mary F Ely. 
Manual Training Ben H Barr 
Domestic Science Grace F Whited. 
Diaw & Penmanship Dalma Young 
Commercial John R Baker 
Stenography Frances L Lopam 

Orange County Business College, bus. and 
sten , civil service, Spanish, est. 1892, 
J W. McCormac, Pres 

Santa JBarbara, Santa Barbara Co., pop 

Pres Bd Bduc Mis Anna Con ant. 

Sec Bd. Educ E C Roeder 

City Superintendent A C Olney 

Principal High School C A Hollmgshead 

Supv Music Edna S Stevens 

Manual Tiaming Elmer H Whittaker 

Domestic Science Pearl Chase 

Physical Culture May Christal 

Physical Culture Earle Willoughby. 

Di awing Hazel A. Hunt 

Penmanship & Com'l Grant Armstrong 

Stenography Mary Overman. 

Deane School for Boys, boys' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1912 , John Hall Deane, Jr , 

Gamble School, girls' boarding, non-sect, 
est 1902, Miss E Antoinette Ely, M A, 

Hicks' School, boys* boarding, non-sect; 

est 1903, Rodney M Heggie, A M, 

master, 25 E Arrellaga. 
MIrimar School, boys' boarding, non-sect , 

R B Grmg, Principal 
Santa Barbara Business College, bus ana 

sten , E. B. Hoover, Pres. 
State Normal School of Manual Arts and 

Home Economics, nor ; state; co-ed , est. 

1909 , Frank H Ball, President 

Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., pop. 4,848. 

City Superintendent Isabel Preston 
l .High School R J Wells 

Santa Claia continued 

Academy of Notre Dame, girls' boarding, 
R C , Sister Louise De Gonzague, Prin. 

Uni\ersity of Santa Clara, comprises Col- 
lege of Philosophy and Letters, of General 
Science, of Law, of Engineering (civil, 
mechanical and electrical), of Architec- 
ture, School of Pedagogy, and Pre-Medi- 
cal course men, R C , est 1851; Rev 
Walter Thornton, S J, President. 

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co, pop. 11,149. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr F T Phillips 

Sec Bd Educ J W Linscott 

City Superintendent J W Linscott. 

Prin H S. G A Bond 

Supv Music Helen I Whipple 

Domestic Art Hamet M Lilcs 

Diaw and Penm'ship Carolyn V Baker 

Physical Training Ins Mitchell 

Head's Business College, bus and sten ; 

est 1884, D C Ahlers, Prin, Trust Bldg 
School of the Holy Cross, girls' boarding, 

R C , Sister Mary Joseph. Prin 

Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co., pop. 2,260. 

Pies Bd Educ T R Finley 

Sec Bd Educ W H Rice 

Prm Union H S Nelson C Smith 

Santa Monica, Log Angeles Co., pop. 7,847. 

Pres Bd Educ Robeit White 
Sec Bd Educ Isabel Cornelius 
City Superintendent Horace M Rebok 
Principal High School J E McKown 
Supv Music (H S ) Arnold H Wagner 
Supv Music (Ele ) Kate S Hammond 
Man Tr (H S ) R B Rodgers 
Man Tr (Ele ) A M Hunters 
Dom Sci (H S ) Ida F Piatt 
Dom Sci (Ele ) Stella Shields 
Drawing George L Schreiber 
Penmanship Theodore H Schoenwetter. 

Santa Paula, Ventura Co., pop. 2,216. 

Pres Ed Educ F M Smith 
Sec Bd Educ R L Churchill 
Prin H S E L Zahn 

Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., pop. 7,817. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Menitt 

Sec Bd Educ T O Prayor 

City Superintendent T F Brownscombe 

Prin H S DeWItt Montgomery. 

Supv Music Minnie Mills 

Manual Training Ray Blosser 

Domestic Science Agnes Carpenter 

Physical Culture Sara Snee. 

Drawing Ethel Abeel 

Penmanship Mrs P Jacobi 

Commercial E. C. McKerson 

McMeans Normal School; nor ; co-ed.; non- 
sect., A C McMeans, Principal. 

Santa Rosa Business College, bus and sten ; 

est 1891, James S Sweet, President 
Ursuline College, girls' boarding; R. C., 
est. 1880, Mother Angela, Superioress 





Selma, Fresno Co., pop. 1,750. 

Principal High School A Downey 

Shorb, X.OS Angeles Co., pop. 128. 

Academy of the Holy Name, girls' boara- 
Ing, R C . Sister Superior Prin. 

Sonora, Tuolumne Co., pop. 2,029. 

Pres Bd Educ E L Rehm 
Sec Bd Educ G P Morgan 
Principal High School F C Schofield 
Manual Training W W Dudley 
Domestic Science Miss Gail Russell 
Commercial Miss M C. Northrup. 

South Pasadena, os Angeles Co., pop. 4,649. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Dublin. 
Sec Bd Educ E E Thompson 
City Superintendent George C Bush 
Principal High School H. S Upjohn 
Supv Mus and Draw Sophie Solomon. 
Manual Training Charles O'Neal 
Domestic Science Sarah McRae 
Physical Culture Elizabeth Mackintosh 
Com'l and Stenog'y Prue Rowan 

Huntington Hall, girls' boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1905, Florence Hanad, Prin 

Stanford University, Santa Clara Co., pop. 

Leland Stanford Junior University, com- 
. prises departments of Languages, Litera- 
ture and Science, Education, Engineer- 
ing, Law, Medicine (in San Francisco) ; 
co-ed , non-sect , est 1891, David Starr 
Jordan, LL D , Chancellor, Ray L Wil- 
bur, LL, D , President 
Leland Stanford Junior University, Depart 
ment of Engineering, courses in Civil, 
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 
Charles D Marx, Dean 

Leland Stanford Junior University, Law 
Department, law, co-ed , est 1892, 
Charles A Huston, Dean 

Stockton, San Joaquin Co., pop. 23,253. 

Pres Bd Educ B F Eastman 
Sec Bd Educ Ansel S Williams. 
City Superintendent Ansel S. Williams 
Principal High School Noel E Garrison 
Supv Music Emily Dodge 
Manual Training George H Jensen 
Domestic Science Harriet Keetmg 
Drawing Mrs Grace Hewart 
Penmanship Mr Frank 
Commercial E H Ridenour 

Heald'B Business College, bus. and sten ; 
est. 1863; co-ed , F. O Gardiner, Man- 
ager, Cor California and Channel St 

St Mary's College, boys' day, R C., Bro 
Chas Aul, Prin 

Stockton Business College, bus. and sten., 
est. 1874, F. O. Gardiner, M. Accts., 

Western Normal School; nor., non-sect , 
co-ed , est. 1901, J R. Humphrey, Pres, 
632 E Main St 

Sutter Creek, Aniador Co , pop. 1,500 

Prin County H S John C Curts 

Tulare, Tulare Co., pop 2,758. 

Pres Bd Educ J H Frew. 
Sec Bd Educ C H Cook 
City Superintendent W F Walton 
Principal High School W L Trew 
Sup\ Mus & Draw Mrs Bertha Jones 
Manual Training Chester B Hall 
Domestic Science Marian Whitwood. 
Penmanship J. M Luck 
Com'l & Stenog'* C J, Martin 

Turlock, Stanislaus Co , pop. 1,573. 

Pi in Union H S W E Hester 

Ukiah, Mendoolno Co, pop. 2,136 

Principal High School B. A Lindsay 

Vacatille, Solano Co, pop. 1,177. 

Pi in H S E W Stoddard 

Vallejo, Solano Co., pop 11,340. 

Pres Ed Educ R J R Whitaker 
Sec Bd Educ James Topley 
City Superintendent Guy V Whaley. 
Prin H S C H Nielson 
Manual Training Mr Utter 
Domestic Science Miss G T Ritchie 
Drawing Misa I Wilkinson 
Commercial Miss C Montgomery 

St Vincent's Convent School; prep ; co 
ed , R C , Sister M Joseph, Prin. 

Ventura, Ventnra Co., pop. 2,945. 
Pres Bd Educ T. E Cunnane. 
Sec Bd Educ A. L. Vincent. 
City Superintendent A L Vincent. 
Prin H S F A Wagner. 
Supv Music & Draw Miss Edson 
Manual Training Frederick Docker 
Domestic Science Nora Buell 
Penmanship Frank C Doty 
Commercial Frank Doty. 

Visalia, Tulare Co., pop. 4,550. 

Pres Bd Educ D E Perkins 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Pool 

Principal High School Alex M Simons 

Notre Dame Academy, girls* boarding; R 
C , Sister Superior. 

Watsonvllle, Santa Cruz Co., pop. 4,446. 

Pres Bd. Educ H A Hyde 

Sec Bd. Educ H. C. Wyckoff. 

City Supt. and Prin. H S T. S. Mac- 


Supv Music A B. Herrman. 
Manual Training -V C Nichols. 
Dom Sci Miss Grace McCollister. 
Drawing Miss Sarah L. Waite 
Penmanship and Com'l E O Flaugher. 

Moreland Notre Dame Academy; girls' 
boarding and day, R. C , est. 1899; Sister 




Whittier, tos Angeles Co, pop. 4,550 

Pres Bd Educ N T Edvi ards 
Sec Bd Educ U G Durlee 
City Superintendent U G Durfee 
Principal High School O C Albeitson 
Supv Music Mrs L C Craig 
Manual Training H M Fletcher 
Domestic Science Florence M Irvine 
Drawing Nellie Thompson 

TVhittier College , coll , prep , and music 
depts , co-ed , Friends, est 1S91, A Ros- 
cnbeiger, PhD, President 

Willlts, Mendocino Co , pop. 1,153. 

Principal High School Edward Blackman 

Willow, Glenn Co., pop. 1,139. 

Pres Bd Educ H G Rawlins 
Sec Bd Educ S M. Chahey 
Principal High School C C Childress 
Supv Music Mrs May Warnick 
Drawing and Pen'ship C J Lathrop 

Woodland, Yolo Co., pop 3,187. 

Pres Bd Educ J Reith, Jr 

Sec Bd Educ C E Dingle 

City Supt & Prm H S W M Hyman 

Supv Music Doiothy Thomas 

Manual Training Arthur Thomas 

Academy of the Holy Rosary, girls' board- 
ing, R. C , Sister Mary Barbara, Supe- 

United Business College, bus , sten 
teleg , Frank Harroun, LL D Pres 


Yreka, Siskiyou Co., pop. 1,134. 

Pres Bd. Educ W. L. Kleaver. 

Sec. Bd Educ W. H Parker 

Principal High School E L Van Dellen 

Supv Music Josephine Colby. 

Manual Training J C Stanley. 

Domestic Science Vega Swift. 

Pen' ship & Com'l Olive L. Hampshire. 


Population, 799,024. School census, 221,954. School age, 6-21. 

Colorado is the thirty-second state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 799,024 inhabitants, of whom 98 1 per cent, are white. Of this number, 
159 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire popula- 
tion, ten years of age and over, is 3.7 per cent., the state ranking sixteenth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


MRS. MART C. C BRADFORD, Superintendent of Public Instruction . . . Denver 

ALICE B CLARK, Deputy State Superintendent ... Denver 

MAY A. BRADFORD, Stenographer .... Denver 

ALICE LAMBERT, Assistant Librarian Denver 

HARRIET G. B WRIGHT, Clerk . . Denver 

ERNESTINE S ANDREAS, Stenographer Denver 


MRS. MART C. C. BRADFORD, President Denver 

Gov JtTLrus C. GUNTER Denver 

JAMES B. NOLAND, Secretary of State Denver 

ALICE B. CLARK, Secretary Denver 



BALPH S PITTS, East Side High School Denver 

S. S PHILLIPS, County Superintendent La Junta 

J. H SCHRIBER, County Superintendent Boulder 

CATHERINE D. A. MCCHESNEY, Maria Mitchell School Denver 


J. H KELLEY, President Century Building, Denver 

H. B. SMITH, Secretary Century Building, Denver 





County Name and Address 

Adams , Helen Lamb, Brighton 

Alamosa Ada Sunquist, Alamosa 

Arapahoe . 

Clarence B Eddleblute, Littleton 


J O. Vermillion, Pagosa Springs 
Baca Earl C Denney, Springfield 

Bent . Allie V Richmond, Las Ammas 
Boulder . J H Shriber, Boulder 


Mrs Rose "W Ridgway, Buena Vista 

Mrs Esther B Weir, Cheyenne Wells 

Clear Creek 

.Mrs Elizabeth Gleason, Georgetown 
Conejos F O Soule, Sanford 

Costilla . . Luther E Bean, Blanco 

Crowley . Walter Dalby, Ordway 

Custer Dr W S Butterbaugh, Westcliffe 
Delta . . Mrs. Adah Price, Delta 
Denver. .Mrs Emma G Seldon, Denver 
Dolores . . Mrs Bessie Custis, Rico 

Mrs Maude Hoskins, Castle Rock 
Eagle . OlHe Graham, Redcliff 

Elbert . Nora Deu Free, Kiowa 

El Paso 

Inez Johnson Lewis, Colorado Springs 
Fremont Anna S Garwood, Canon City 
Garfield .... 

Mrs TIppett Westerman, Glenwood 


..Mrs Isabella F Mabee, Central City 
Grand . . Rhea Galhnger, Grandby 
Gunnison .Luella Johnson, Gunnison 
Hmsdale. Alice Harkness, Lake City 
Huerfano Samuel J Capps, Walsenburg 
Jackson . . Mrs Minnie Bock, Walden 
Jefferson Berness Bunger, Golden 

Kiowa . ... Nellie E Lyttle, Eads 

Ccuntv Name and Address 

Kit Carson 

.Jennie L Tressel, Burlington 
Lake Mrs Marion V Cnspell, Leadville 
La Plata Florence Salabar, Durango 
Larimer Emma T Wilkins, Fort Collins 
Las Animas Elmore Floyd, Trinidad 
Lincoln Mrs Delia Winder, Hugo 

Logan Flora A Allison, Sterling 


Mrs Elizabeth Hinton, Grand Junction 

Mrs Mary N, Oates, North Creede 
Moffat George W Norvell, Craig 

Montezuma Mrs Mary E Taylor, Cortez 
Montrose .Emma Full, Montrose 


Mrs Anna R White, Fort Morgan 
Otero S S Phillips, La Junta 

Ouray Alma Brockway, Ouray 

Park Nettie King, Jefferson 

Phillips Addie J Zimmerman, Holyoke 
Pitkin . Ethel Higinbotham, Aspen 

Prowers Mary Z Lake, Lamar 

Pueblo Mrs Lilhe O Baker, Pueblo 
Rio Blanco 

Mrs Chanty B Smith, Meeker 
Rio Grande ... 

Charles E Hart, Monte Vista 
Routt Mrs Emma H Peck, Hay den 
Sagnache . S E. Forbes, Saguache 
San Juan . . 

Mrs Harriett E Keyser, Silverton 
San Miguel Bertha L Cameron, Telluride 
Sedgwick Besse Law, Julesburg 

Jane A Torkmgton, Breckenridge 


Mrs Josephine B Mays, Cripple Creek 
Washington Mrs Rose Bachman, Akron 
Weld . A B Copeland, Greeley 

Yuma . . Clara Tegner, Wray 


Alamosa, Alamosa Co., pop 3,043 

City Superintendent Carlton Aylard 
Principal High School H P. Thomas 

Aspen, Pitkin Co., pop 2,300. 

Sec Bd Educ M W Smith 

City Superintendent H H Van Fleet 

Principal High School J E Hewitt 

Blackhawk, Oilpln Co, pop. 1,200. 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Niccum 
Principal of Schools C W Little 

Boulder. Boulder Co., pop 9,539. 

Pres Bd Educ J A Davis 

Sec Bd Educ May Smith 

City Superintendent William V. Casey. 

Principal High School S S Kingsbury. 

Supv Music Lillian McCracken. 

Manual Training JT C Kesler 

Domestic Science Winifred Carpentei 

Drawing Sophie M Jourdan 

Colorado Business College, bus and sen. , 

A W Lanes, Principal. 
Commercial Henry M Sayre 




Boulder continued 
Colorado State Preparatory School; prep , 

co-ed , state, est 1875; S. S Kings bury, 

A M, Headmaster 
Mount Gertrude's Academy, prep , co-ed , 

R C , Sister M Salome, Prin 

University of Colorado, comprises the Col- 
lege of Liberal Arts, Commerce, Educa- 
tion, Engineering, School of Social and 
Home Service, Graduate School and 
Schools of Law, Medicine and Phar- 
macy, state, co-ed ; est 1875; Livingston 
Farrand, LL D , President 

University of Colorado, College of Com- 
merce, courses in Banking, Commerce, 
Trade and Industry, and Journalism, est. 
1906, Frederick A. Bushee, Ph D, Sec'y. 

University of Colorado, College of Educa- 
tion, professional teachers' training 
courses, est 1908, Frank E Thompson, 
B A,, Secretary. 

University of Colorado, College of Engi- 
neering, courses in Civil, Mechanical 
Electrical and Chemical Engineering; co- 
ed , est 1893, Milo S Ketchum, C. E, 

University of Colorado, Medical Depart- 
ment; freshman and sophomore years; 
junior and senior years in Denver; reg ; 
co-ed , est 1883, Charles N Meader, 
M D, Dean 

University of Colorado School of Law; 

co-ed , est. 1892, John D Fleming, LL. 

D , Dean 
University of Colorado, ilchool of Pharmacy; 

co-ed , est 1911, Homer C. Washburn, 

Ph. C, Dean. 

Breen, La Plata Co. 

State Agricultural College, agri state, 
Charles A Lovy, LL D , President 

Brush, Morgan Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ John Williams 
Sec Bd. Educ William Knearl 
Cty Supt & Prm H S H G Nelson 
Supv Music Norma Morey 
Manual Training E E Beardsley. 
Com'l & Stenog'y F M Mans 

Buena Vista, Chaff ee Co , pop. 1,006 
Pres. Bd Educ. A. E. Wright. 
Sec Bd Educ. Mrs A. B Pelta. 
City Superintendent George F. Moll 

Canon City, Fremont Co, pop. 5,162. 

Pres Bd Educ Lafe Combs 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs A H Burgess 
City Superintendent William H. Kay 
Principal High School C E Lauterbach 
Supv Music Tom G Taylor. 
Physical Culture Ruth Darling. 
Drawing Eva Klrkton 

Dodds' Commercial College; bus and 
etfyn , D. D Dodds, Principal. 

Canon City continued 

Mount St Scholastica's Academy; girls' 
boarding, R C , Sister M Callista, Prin. 

Central City, Gilpin Co., pop 3,114. 

Pres Bd Educ Bennet E Seymour. 
Sec Bd Educ Leroy J. Williams 
City Supt & Prin. H. S Frank H. Clark. 
Supv. Music Margaret Anderson. 
Commercial TV H "Wolff 

Colorado City, 1 Paso Co., pop. 3,000. 

Pres Bd Educ I S Nichols 
Sec Bd Educ J & Greenlee. 
City Superintendent Elbert C. Best 
Principal High School Miss L. M. Joseph 
Sup\ Music Esther A Sweeney 
Drawing Dora E Albertson. 
Commercial Flora A Elder 

Colorado Springs, 1 Paso Co., pop. 29,078. 

Pres Bd Educ Katharine K Mowry 

Sec Bd Educ T J Fox 

City Superintendent Roscoe C Hill 

Principal High School ^H Allen Nye 

Supervisor Music -Louise Wad ell 

Supervisor Art Laura R Way 

Head Com'l Dept F C Onstott 

Supv Penmanship Kathryn J Morgan 

Supv Hygiene Florence Harvey 

Dir Manual Arts Harold C Stillman. 

Dir Home Economics Irma H Harris 

Central Business College, bus, sten. and 
coxn'l nor , co-ed , est. 1904, J. N. Nut- 
ter, President. 

Colorado College; comprises the College, 
Department of Engineering, Department 
of Forestry, of Business Administration 
and Banking, of Music, and Cutler Acad- 
emy, co-ed , Cong , est 1874, Wm. F 
Slocum, LL D , Pi es 

Colorado College, Department of Engineer- 
ing; courses in Electrical, Civil and Irri- 
gation Engineering, est. 1903, Florian 
Cajori, LL D, Dean. 

Colorado College, School of Forestry; 

est. 1906, William C. Sturgis, Ph D, 

Colorado School for the Deaf and the 

Blind, W K Argo, Supt 
Colorado Springs Academy for Boys; prep ; 

boys; non-sect., J. B Walton, Prin. 
Cutler Academy, Colorado College, prep ; 

co-ed , non-sect , est. 1874, James W. 

Park, Head Master 
St. Mary's School and Academy; girls' 

boarding, R. C , Mother Claver, Superior- 
ess, 32 W. Kiowa Street 

St Stephen's School, boys' boarding; prep ; 
P E , est 1910; Rev. Gibson Bell, Rector, 
Austin Bluffs. 

San Luis School; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect.; 

est 1890, Miss Bessie Henry, Prin 
State School for Deaf and Blind; Indus , 

state, co-ed , W K Argo, Supt. 





Colorado Springs continued 
Western Holiness College and Bible Train 
ing School, coll and theol , co-ed , Jes- 
sie B Denny, Principal 

Cripple Creek, Teller Co , pop 6,206. 

Pres Bd Bduc A W Olrver 

Sec Bd Bduc Charles A Starr 

City Superintendent Wilson M. Shafer. 

Principal High School Clarence Pearson 

Sup\ Music Nellie Jones 

Manual Training J I Glendennmg 

Domestic Science Frances Lightfoot 

Delta, Delta Co., pop. 2,388. 

Pres Bd Bduc A H Stockham 
Sec Bd Educ A W Jarrett. 
City Superintendent W A Franks 
Principal High School F J Hendershot 

Denver, Denver Co, pop 213,381. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Gillespie 
Sec Bd Educ W A B Stutt 

City Superintendent Carlos M Cole 
Assistant Supt Frank Goff 
Supervisor Music W. 3* Whlteman 
Manual Training Milton Clauser. 
Domestic Science Mrs Ella Henry Borst 
Domestic Art Idabelle McGlauflm 
Physical Culture Jacob Schnutt 
Drawing Emily H Miles 
Penmanship James E Hutchingson, 
Kindergarten H Grace Parsons. 
Playgrounds Anna L Johnson 

Bast Side High School 19th and Stout 

Sts, H. M Barrett, Principal 
East Side High-Latin, Broadway and 14th 

Ave , W W Remington, Asst Prm 
Longfellow Technical High School, A. J 

Fynn, Principal. 
Manual Training High School, Charles A. 

Bradley, Principal. 
North Side High School, Edward L. Brown, 

School of Trades, Eliot and W Lake PI , 

W C Borst, Principal. 

South Side High School, Pear,! and Colo- 
rado, J B Garvin, Principal 
West Side High School, C. W. BIgelow, 


Barnes Commercial School; bus and sten.; 
est 1904; E. C. Barnes, President, 1625 
Champa St. 

Central Business College, bus and sten . 
est 1887, L. A Arnold, Pres, 211 15th 

College of Music, University of Denver; 
music, co-ed . est 1&64; Chas F Carl- 
son, 14th and Arapahoe St 

College of the Sacred Heart, coll and 
prep , boys' boarding, R. C , est 1888, 
Rev. John J. Brown, S. J, President, Al- 
cott Station. 

Colorado College of Dental Surgery, Unl- 
ver^ity of Denver; dent , co-ed , est 
1897, H A Fynn, Dean, California Bldg 

Denver continued 

Denver Law School, University of Denver; 
law, co-ed , est 1892, Geo. C. Manly, 
LL B , Dean, B & C Building 

Denver Normal and Preparatory School, 
nor , private, co-ed , est 1893, Fred 
Dick, Principal 

Fine Arts Academy of Denver, Abigail 
Holman, Director, 31 East 18th Ave 

Illft? School of Theology; theol ; M E ; 
est 1892, Rev James A Beebe, D D, 

Modern School of Business, bus and sten , 
est 1896, George LaMunyon, Principal, 
Broadway and W. 13th St. 

Students' School of Art, art, co-ed , est 
1895, Henry Read, Director, 1311 Pearl 

University of Colorado, School, of Medicine; 
Denver Division junior and senior years; 
reg- ; co-ed ; Ross C. Whitman, M. D , 
Secretary at Denver. 

University of Denver; comprises College of 
Liberal Arts, Graduate School, Warren 
Academy, School of Law, of Dentistry, of 
Commerce; co-ed , M E , est. 1864, 
Henry A Buchtel, LL D, Chancellor. 

University of Denver, School of Commerce, 
Accounts and Finance, J. B Giejsbeek, 
Dean, Foster Bldg 

Wallace Business College, bus and sten ; 
R J Wallace, Pres, 1545 Glenarm Pi 

Westminster College; collegiate, prepara- 
tory and music departments, co-ed.; est. 
1907, Presb , R M Donaldson, D D, 
Pres, Westminster. 

Wolcott School, girls' boarding; non-sect , 
est 1898, JDS Riggs, President, 1400 
Marion St 

Wolfe Hall, girls' boarding, P. E ; est, 
1867, Miss Margaret Kerr, Prin., Clark- 
son St. 

Woodworth's Shorthand College, sten ; est 
1889, William A Woodworth, President. 
Colorado Blvd 

Durango, La Plata Co., pop. 4,686. 

Pres. Bd. Educ F. S Balster. 

Sec Bd Educ K. M Murray. 

City Superintendent Emory E. Smiley 

Principal High School Mrs Rosipha Pul- 


Domestic Science Miss Augusta Durbln. 
Com'l and Stenog'y M E. Skaggs. 

Fort Lewis Training School, prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect., est. 1881; John S, Spear, A 
M , Prin. 

Eaton, W$Id Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ Anton Anderson 

Sec Bd Educ Fred Gazelle 

City Superintendent H E. Black. 





Eaton continued 

Principal High School Max Schertel 
Supv Music Misa Redding. 
Physical Culture Carrie Thomas 
Draw & Man Tr Nellie Morrison 

ISnglewood, Arapahoe Co, pop. 2,983. 

City Superintendent Charles H Hay 

Florence, Fremont Co., pop. 9,700. 
Pres. Bd. Educ R. A. Ramsay 
Sec Bd. Educ John O'Malley. 
City Superintendent Charles C Brown 
Principal High School Howard Carroll. 
Manual Training N F Ambrose 
Commercial Ora Ward 

Fort Collins, Larimer Co., pop. 8,210. 

Pres Bd Educ Earl Dogulass 
Sec. Bd Educ Edward Hall. 
City Superintendent A. H. Dunn. 
Prin. H. S. IT G Gordon 
Supv Music Coba Van de Steeg 
Drawing Laura M Purcell 
Manual Training E. J. Thompson. 
Domestic Science Miss Margaret Rosa. 
Penmanship Hattie DeWald. 
Commercial Mrs. Mary Ball. 

Colorado State Agricultural College; courses 
in Agriculture, Mechanic Arts (Civil, Me- 
chanical, Electrical and Irrigation Engi- 
neering), Veterinary Medicine, Home 
Economies and General Science; co-ed.; 
est 1879, Charles A Lory, Ph D, Pres 

Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., pop. 5,228. 

Pres Bd. Educ E H Edwards. 

Sec Bd Educ S H. Rathbone. 

City Supt and Prin H S W. A Franks 

Supv Music Miss Coba Van de Steeg 

Manual Training Albert Estes 

Penmanship G. W Leonard 

Physical Culture Mrs Esther Cleveland 

Fowler, Otero Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ O F. Higbee 
Sec Bd Educ R. B Edwards 
City Superintendent J W Koch 

Fraita, Mesa Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd. Educ A L Gragey 

Sec Bd Educ J A Austin 

City Supt & Prin H S. Minnie O Hall 

Georgetown, Clear Creek Co., pop. 1,418. 

Sec Bd Educ John Tomay. 

Glenwood Springs, Garfleld Co., pop. 2,019. 

Pres Bd Educ. G H Bell 
Sec Bd. Educ C. E Hubbard 
City Superintendent Elmer Underwood 
Principal High School Lou E Allen 

Glenwood Springs continued 
Supv Music Willa Clanton 
Domestic Science Dorma Hunting 

Golden, Jefferson Co., pop. 3,100. 

Pres Bd Educ E E Stewart. 
Sec. Bd Educ Mrs. M. N. Townsend. 
City Supt & Pnn H S W H Simons 
Supv Music E. A. Johnson 

Colorado School of Mines; courses in Metal 
Mining, Coal Mining, Mining Geology, 
Metallurgy and Applied Chemistry; state; 
co-ed , est 1873, William B Phillips, Ph. 
D , President 

Grand Junction, Mesa Co., pop. 7,754. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Swire 
Sec Bd Educ G R. Warner 
City Superintendent John H. Allen 
Principal High School R. E. Tope. 
Supv Music Harriet Moulton 
Manual Training Mr McElroy. 
Domestic Science Marie Crotty 
Penmanship F M Bacon 

Ho el's Business College; bus. and aten.; 
Sidney C Hoel, Principal. 

Greeley, Weld Co., pop. 8,179. 

Pres Bd Educ - Dr J K Miller 
Sec Bd. Educ E. B. Coulter. 
City Superintendent G E. Brown. 
Principal High School W S Roe. 
Supv. Music J. R. Whiteman. 
Manual Training C W. Horning 
Domestic Science Edith McCreedy. 
Physical Culture F L. Young. 
Drawing Charlotte Gauss 
Penmanship Gussie Brown 
Commercial C W Horaer. 

Agriculture F A. Ogle 


Colorado State Teachers College; profe* 
atonal teachers' courses in Education, 
Music, Kindergarten, Domestic Science; 
co-ed , est 1890, Jonn G Crabbe, UL> D, 

Greeley Commercial College, bus. and sten.; 
est 1904; J. W Adrian, Principal 

Gunnison, Gunniaon Co., pop. 1,026. 

Pres Bd. Educ. George Sullivan. 
Sec. Bd Educ. Nannie E Harwood. 
City Superintendent Grant Ruland. 
Principal High School James H Kelly 
Supv Music Eva Alberta Rogers 
Manual Training W. C P Meddins. 
Domestic Science Maria Hennes. 
Physical Culture Kathryn Hale. 
Drawing H L Richter, 
Com'l & Stenog*y Eva Carpenter. 





Gunnison continued 

State Normal School of Colorado, teachers' 
training courses, state, co-ed , James 
Herbert Kelley, Principal 

Hesperus, La Plata Co, pop 300. 

Fort Lewis School of Agriculture, Me- 
chanic and Household Arts, G F Snyder, 

Idaho Springs, Clear Creek Co., pop 2,503. 

Pres Bd Educ E. M Moscript 

Sec Bd Educ Elizabeth Gleason 

City Superintendent S A. Norris. 

Principal High School Miss Kuth Dorsey 

Supv Music Rose Ganson 

Dom Sci & Phy. Cult Hattle Richards 

Manua.1 Training G G Rogers 

Julesburg, Sedgrwfck Co , pop. 1,000 

Sec Bd Educ Robert Barrett 

La Junta, Otero Co, pop. 4,154. 

Pres Bd Educ. Rufus Phillips 
Sec Bd Educ- Mrs Ellen G O'Neil. 
City Superintendent F. P Austin 
Prin H S R D McChntock 
Supv Music Miss Valentine Preston 
Manual Training R O. Trueblood. 
Domestic Science Pearl Horn 
Drawing Mary Calfee. 
Commercial J E Gilkey 
Stenography Mrs Gertrude Ballard. 
Penmanship A B Cor. 

Lafayette, Boulder Co., pop 1,800. 

Sec Bd Educ William T Wilkinson 
City Superintendent Arthur H Mueller 
Principal High School W B Reed 

Lamar, Prowers Co., pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ S D Church 
Sec. Bd Educ Herschel Horn 
City Superintendent George R Monyer. 

Principal High School C W Mottinger 

Supv Mus & Draw Alice Gordon 
Manual Training P. E. Clement. 

Domestic Science Bess Chappell 
Commerc ai Nell Corning. 

Las Animas, Bent Co., pop. 1,800. 

Sec Bd Educ Evan Thomas 
City Superintendent J Howard Larrick 
Prin County H S J Howard Larrick. 
Commercial C O Ranney. 

Leadvllle, Lake Co., pop. 7,508. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles Cavender 

Sec Bd Educ Fen G Barker 

City Superintendent George M. Hammers. 

Principal High School Lulu M Pinger 

Supv Primary Isabel De Moisey 

Phy Training Frederick H WIebesIck 

Supv, Music Zul-\ r. Bird 

Leadville continued 
Domestic Science Ruth Winch el 
Manual Training Clarence HaafC 
Commercial Cecil Stokley 

St Mary's School, prep , co-ed ; R C , Sla- 
ter Anseleta, Prin 

Littleton, Arapahoe Co., pop. 1,200. 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Florence Carson 
City Supt & Prin H S C R Rayborn 

Longmont, Boulder Co., pop. 4,256. 

Pres Bd Educ John E Hill. 
Sec Bd Educ Miss Gertrude Seckner. 
City Superintendent Charles C Casey 
Principal High School N U Spangler 
Supv Music S Earle Blakeslee 
Manual Training H G Nowels. 
Domestic Science Clara Donovan. 
Physical Culture R Clare Coffin. 
Drawing Helen Small 

Loretto, Arapahoe Co , pop. 72. 

Loretto Heights Academy, girls' boarding; 
R C ; est 1890, Mother Mary Edith, Su- 

Louisville, Boulder Co , pop 1,400. 

Sec Bd Educ Joseph A Huber 
City Superintendent S M Ludwick 
Principal High School L W. Martin 

Loveland, Larimer Co., pop. 8,200. 
Pres Bd Educ W. C Vorreiter. 
Sec Bd Educ Mary N Keeler. 
City Superintendent R. W. Truscott, 
Principal High School R A. Puffer. 
Supv Music Helen B Parker. 
Manual Training" B. F Rickel. 
Domestic Science Caroline L Martner 
Commercial R M Mosher. 

Manitou, El Paso Co., pop. 1,450. 

Sec Bd Educ W D Swain 

City Superintendent C M Barnard 

Montclalr, Denver Co., pop. 415. 

Colorado Woman's College, coll , prep ; 
music, home economics, women; Bapt , 
est 1905, J P. Treat, A. M, President. 

Monte Vista, Rio Grande Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres. Bd Educ Dr Charles Trueblood. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Ornie Stephenson 
City Superintendent E L. Parmenter 
Principal High School H H Journey 
Supv Mus & Draw Grace Nelson. 
Manual Training E. B 
Commer"*tLi H. H. Journay. 





Montrose, Montrose Co., pop. 3,254. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr I Knott 
Sec Bd Educ W A Berry 
City Superintendent D B Wiedmann 
Principal High School L. M Brown 
Supv Music Alma Danough 
Manual Training W E Middleton 
Domestic Science R Blake 
Drawing Agnea Peterson 

Onray, Ouray Co, pop. 1,644 

Pres Bd Educ T W Emerson 
Sec Bd Educ M C Witherspoon 
City Superintendent B A Stevens 
Principal High School W. W. Keplmger 
Manual Training Professor Hiatt 
Commercial Daniel Gregg 

Palisades, Mesa Co., pop. 1 } 000. 

Pres Bd Educ F E Port 
Sec Bd Educ R H Bancroft 
City Superintendent R E Greene 
Principal High School W D Detwiler 

Pueblo, Pueblo Co., pop. 44,395. 


Pres Bd Educ Mrs Mary A Ruegnltz 
Sec. Bd. Educ. Charles E Saxton. 
City Superintendent John P Keating. 

Pnncipal High School D K Dunton 

Supv Music Emma Poirson 
Manual Training D N Wells 
Domestic Science Miss Janet Preston. 

Physical Culture Albert W Blake 
Drawing Miss Harriet Palmer. 
ConVl & Stenog'y F. C. Kay. 

Pres Bd Educ H P Vories 

Sec Bd Educ E J Scott. 

City Superintendent F D Slutz. 

Principal High School C. H Fletcher 

American Business College, bus. and sten , 
est 1903, J. A. Clark, Prin. 

Loretto Academy; girls* boarding, R C. 
est 1873, Mother M Clarasine, Superior- 
ess, 10th and Elizabeth 

Pueblo School of Business, bus and sten , 
est 1912, Julius von Tobel, President, 501 
Court St. 

Rocky Ford, Otero Co., pop. 3,230. 

Pres Bd Educ O. W West 
Sec. Bd Educ. J. E Lawson. 
City Superintendent R J Walters 
Principal High School John A. Marshall. 
Supv Music Miss Pansy E Sheldon 
Manual Training- Lillie E. Brigham 
Domestic Science Miss Ethel M Weaver 
Drawing Miss Sheldon 
Coxn'l & Stenog-y Ralph W. Legg. 

Sagnache, Sagnache Co., pop. 450. 

Pres Bd Educ O P. Shippey. 

Sec Bd Educ "W M Slane 

Principal High School John B Morgan 

Salida, Chaffee Co., pop. 4,425. 

Pres Bd Educ R P Rubin. 

Sec Bd, Educ F C Woody 

City Superintendent Edgar Keener. 

Principal High School C E. Tanton. 

Mus and Dra\* Miss C Gfroerer 

Manual Training C. R Bernard. 

Domestic Science Miss Edna M Lad wig 

Silverton, San Juan Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Ray Cooper 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Agnes Schmelger 
Town Superintendent C G Manning 
Principal High School Antoinette Kara 

Steamboat Springs, Rontt Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ George Wither 
Sec. Bd Educ R. A Barenther. 
Principal High School Miss Anna Shearer. 

Sterling, Logan Co, pop. 2.200. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs A D, Jackson 
Sec Bd Educ Anne Walek 
City Superintendent J A Sexson 
Principal High School J. A. Sexson. 
Supv Music Carl Keifer 
Household Arts Rosetta Cline 

Sugar City, Crowley Co., pop. SOS. 

Pres Bd Educ R A. Hamilton 
Sec Bd Educ T W Butler. 
City Superintendent H. T Mitchell 
Principal High School E. N Freeman. 
Domestic Science Miss Irene Mott. 

Tellnride, San Miguel Co., pop. 2,446. 

Pres Bd Educ. E McKown. 

Sec Bd Educ F. D. Work 

City Superintendent W. E Baker. 

Principal High School Arthur Gilbert 

Manual Training W F VanAtta. 

Domestic Science Geneva M Bane 

Supv. Mus & Draw Phebe Wadsworth. 

Trinidad, I*as Animas Co., pop. 10,204. 
Pres Bd Educ J F. Sherman 
Sec Bd Educ Dr. L. Freudenthal. 
City Superintendent Jesse R. Morgan. 
Principal High School H A Keeley 
Supv Music Stella Kromer. 
Manual Training F. W. Jones. 
Domestic Science Nellie Roberts. 
Physical Cultuie A H Minton 
Draw & Penmanship Otillie Thomas. 
Commercial Clara Bunnell 





Trinidad continued 
Trinidad Business College; bus and sten., 

est. 1888; W E Anderson, M C S, 


Victor, Teller Co., pop. 4,000. 

City Superintendent Wilson M Shafer 
Principal High School George B Duffield 
Supv Music Nellie Jones 
Manual Training- J I Glendenmng 
Domestic Science Frances Laghtfoot 

Walsenburg, Huerfano Co., pop. 3,500. 

Pres Bd Educ T D Baird 

Sec Bd Educ Dora Unfug 

City Superintendent D C Cagwin 

Principal High School S M Andrews 

Wray, Yama Go, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ Henry Schafer. 
Sec Bd Educ H A Klinger 
Principal High School G W Marshall 

Yuma, Yuzna Co., pop. 333. 

Sec Bd Educ Clara Tigner 
Principal High School C E Patton 


Population, 1,114,756. School census, 242,662. School age, 4-16. 

Connecticut is the thirty-first state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 1,114,756 inhabitants, of whom 986 per cent are white. Of this number, 
29.5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire popula- 
tion, ten years of age and over, is 6 per cent, the state ranking thirtieth in thii 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows, the chief executive power 
resting not in a State Superintendent, as in most states, but in the State Board of 
Education, of which the Governor of the state is chairman and the Secretary executive 

CHABLES D. HIKE, Secretary State Board of Education Hartford 

A. J BRUNDAGE, Supervisor of Agriculture Storrs 

B. A. STORRS, Supervisor of Agriculture Colchester 

E. H. CAMERON, High School Inspector . New Haven 

F. J. TRINDER, Trade School Supervisor New Britain 

MRS. BELLE H. JOHNSON, Library Visitor Hartford 


MARCUS H. HOLCOMB, Governor Southington 

CLIFFORD B WILSON, Lieut. -Governor Eocl^ille 

CHARLES D. HINE, Secretary, State Board of Education Hartford 

A. J. WRIGHT, Clerk Hartford 

S. P. WILLARD, Agent New Haven 


OSCAR L. BURDICK, President Stamford 

S P. WILLARD, Secretary Colchester 


WALTER B SPENCER, President West Hartford 

JAMES C. MOODY, S&cretary. ... New Britain 


B. FRANH MARSH, State Capitol Hartford 

The state has an optional text-book law, authority being vested in local boardi 
or the voters to determine whether text-books shall be furnished free. 






Connecticut has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what is 
called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, where 
the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent of schools. 


Bridgeport continued 

Bridgeport University School; boys' board- 
ing, non-sect , Vincent C Peck, Principal, 
836 Fail field Ave 

Connecticut Froebel Normal, nor kind ; 
boarding, est 1898, Mary C Mills, Prin- 
cipal, 181 West Avenue 

Courtland School, The; girls; day; non- 
sect , est 1891, Mary J Miner, Principal, 
431 Washington Avenue 

Gutchess College, bus and sten , est 1901; 
S D Gutchess, President, 54 Cannon St 

Park Avenue Institute; boys* boarding, non- 
sect ; est. 1872; Seth B Jones, A. B, 
A. M., Prin, 688 Park Ave. 

St Joseph's School, prep; co-ed.; R. C; 
est 1900, Sister M Asteria, Superior, 47 
Madison Avenue 

Smith Froebel Kindergarten Training 
School, normal kindergarten, Fannie A. 
Smith, Principal, 863 Lafayette 

Union Business College, bus. and sten.; 

Fred Enos, President, 1285 Courtland 
West End School, prep , co-ed , Eva M 

Otstot, Principal, 164 Elmwood Ave 
T M. C A. School; tech.; men, Christian; 

est 1893, S S Keeney, Director, 833 

Main St. 

Bristol, Hartford Co , pop 13,508 

Pres Bd. Educ N. B Pierce, ~~ 
Sec Bd Educ Karl A Reiche 
City Superintendent Karl A Reiche 
Principal High School Henry B. Cottle. 
Supv Music Annie E Hayes 
Manual Training Eugene Giammatteo 
Domestic Science Catherine Case 
Drawing Arie E Kelley 
Commercial Minnie A. Cobleigh. 

Brookfleld, Fairfleld Co., pop. 600 

Chm Sch Com D Clark Joyce 
Sec Sch Com Charles A Ryder 
Town Supervisor O E Lowell 

Brookfleld Summer School of Music; music; 
co-ed ; est 1900, Herbert Wilbur Greene, 

Curtis School for Boys, boys' boarding; non- 
sect; Frederick S Curtis, Prin. 

Brooklyn, Windham Co , pop. 2,358. 
Pres Bd Educ I W Chapman 
Sec Bd Educ C G Lawton 
Town Superintendent Albert S Ames 

Ansonia, New Haven Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ Judge Robert I Munger 
Sec Bd Educ "William H. Dwyer 
City Superintendent Richard T Tobin 
Principal High School John J Stevens. 
Supv Music Clayton P. Stevens 
Domestic Science Annie M Holbrook 
Drawing Miss Daisy C Allen 
Commercial Miss Ada Williams 
Stenography Miss Dora B. Schumacher. 

Avon, Hartford Co , pop 1,077 

Chm Sch Com J W. Alsop 

Sec Sch Com Joseph S Woodfoid 

Town Supervise! Lewis S Mills 

Berlin, Hartford Co, pop. 3,728 

Pres Bd Educ John Molumphy 
Sec Bd Educ Arthur Woodruff 
Town Superintendent Joseph Dows 

Bethel, Fail-field Co., pop. 3,041. 

Pres Bd Educ Hai old E Wilson 
Sec Sch Com Piank A Beriy 
City Superintendent Frank A. Berry. 
Pimcipal High School Frank A Berry 

Bloomfleld, Hartford Co , pop. 1,513. 

Chm Sch Com Walter C Wade 
Sec Sch Com George Mitchelson 
Town Superintendent F L Tapley 

Branford, New Haven Co., pop. 6,047. 

Pres Bd Educ J J. V Conmgham. 
Sec Bd Educ Albert Jourdan. 
City Supt & Prin H S Herman 1+ Love- 

Supv Music Arthur Schuckai. 
Drawing Cora M. Crane 
Com'l & Stenog*y Aisle C Clark 

Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., pop. 108,054. 

Pres Bd Educ Elmer H. Havens 
Sec Bd Educ William B Boardman 
City Superintendent Samuel J. Slawson 
Assistant Supt F O Smith 
Principal High School H D Simonds. 
Supv Grades Fanny A Hurley 
Supv Music Cora M Purviance 
Manual Training A Herbeit Barrows 
Domestic Science Clara Preston 
Physical Culture Harvey C Went 
Drawing Mary Jackson 
Penmanship William McAndrew 
Commercial L B Matthias 

Bridgeport Business College, bus and sten , 
R S Cunningham, Principal, 211 State 

Bridgeport Training School for Teachers; 

normal; city, co-ed , Edward' E Cort- 
right, Principal. 





Burlington, Hartford Co, pop 1,218 

Chm Sch Com A H Bi adlej 
Sec Sch Com Elliott Alderman 
To\\n Supei \isor F L Taple} 

Canaan, Litchfield Co, pop 7,022. 

Pres Bd Educ Nelson 3 Dean 
Sec Bd Educ Richard P Smith 
Town Supervisor C L Warner 

Canton, Hartford Co., pop. 2,732. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Sullivan 
Sec Bd Educ H P Jones 
Town Superintendent W S Dakin 
Principal High School Seth G Haley 
Supv Music Elsie J Longan 

Cheshire, New Haven Co., pop. 1,988. 

Chm Sch Comm Jacob D Walter 
Sec fech Comm Frederick Doolittle 
To\\n Supervisor D C Allen 

Cheshire School, boys' boarding:; F. EL, est. 
1794, Paul Klimpke, M A., Headmaster. 

Chester, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,419. 

Pies Bd Educ E W Lewis 
Sec Bd Educ W P Holden 
Town Supeimtendent W S Dakm 
Puncipal High School Robert B Foote 

Clinton, Middlesex Co , pop. 1,274. 

Chm Sch Comm John H Miller 
Sec Bd Educ Lucien K Stevens 
Supv. Music Mrs G. I. Kelsey 
Morgan School, prep , co-ed , George E 
Eliot, Principal 

Colchester, New London Co., pop. 2,140. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Sullivan 
Sec Bd Educ J R. Backus 
City Superintendent John A. Young 
Bacon Academy, Clinton E Farnham, Pun- 

Supv Mus & Draw Edna Owen 
Penmanship Harry Houston 
Agriculture Richard Storrs 

Cornwall, Lltchfleld Co., pop. 1,016. 

Chm Sch Com Theodore Sturges 
Sec Sch Com C W Hart 
City Superintendent T. Sturges 
Supv. Music Jessie O Hart 

Ruxnsey Hall; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1900, Louis Schutte, Headmaster. 

Cromwell, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,031. 

Chm Sch Comm Reginald H Stow 
Sec Sch Comm Samuel V Hubbard 
Town Supervisor James F Connolly. 

Danbury, Falrfleld Co , pop. 23,502. 

Pres Bd Educ William D Lane. 
Sec Bd Educ Philip N. Sunderland 

City Superintendent Guernsey J Borst. 

Principal High School Richard E Morris 
Supv. Music Jennie E. Raymond 
Man. Tr. & Draw Isabelle Mackay. 
Domestic Science Gladys R Ben ton. 

Commercial C. A. Bncker 

Danbury Music School; music; co-ed.; Ella 
A. Curtis, Director. 

Danburj continued 

Deer Hill Pelt ct School prep , co-ed , H B 

Wigham, Puncipal, Hillside Ave 
Foote School, girls' boarding, non-sect , 

Fannie I Foote, Piincipal, 31 George St 
Lyon School, girls' boarding, non-sect , 

Jennie E Lyon, Principal, 8 Harmony St 
Putchard School of Shoithand; Mrs Lillian 

E Pritchaid, Principal, 286 Main St 
State Normal School; nor., state; co-ed.; 

John Russell Perkins, A. M., Prin. 

Stillman Business College; bus. and sten., 

est 1895, Fiank E Mitchell, Principal 

Darien, Fairfleld Co., pop. 3,946. 

Pies Bd Educ E M Royle 

Sec Bd Educ E B Hmdley 

City Superintendent James F. Williams 

Derby, New Haven Co., pop. 8,991. 

Chm Sch Com Henry T Wateis 
Sec Bd Educ James F Donahue 
City Supt & Prin H S Edward Fitz- 

Supv. Music R A H Clarke 
Manual Training Agnes T Driscoll. 

Pope Business College, bus and sten., est 
1889, Fred J. Pope, Principal. 

Durham, Middlesex Co , pop. 500. 

Pres Bd. Educ F H. Page. 

Sec Bd Educ Frank Korn 

Principal High School W P Holman. 

East Hartford, Hartford Co., pop. 8,138. 

Pres Bd Educ Dwight L Burnham 
Sec Bd Educ. Joseph O. Goodwin. 
City Superintendent J W. Eratzer. 
Principal High School S. E "Wright. 
Supv Music Helen M Dickinson 
Penmanship Cora T. Perry 
Com'l and Stenog'y Rose Baldwin, 

Bast Haven, New Haven Co , pop. 1,167. 

Pres Bd Educ Grove J Tuttle 
Sec. Sch Com Robert E Hall. 

East Lyme, New London Co., pop. 1,916. 

Chm Sch Comm F. H. Dart 
Sec Sch Comm Charles A. Beckwith 
Town Superintendent Carlon Wheeler 
Prin High School Clarence E Townsend 

East Windsor, Hartford Co., pop. 3,362. 

Pres Bd Educ William F. English. 
Sec Bd. Educ H C Allen 
Supv Music Miss Elaine Hanson. 

Ellington, Tolland Co , pop. 1,829. 

Chm Sch Com C M Perry 

Sec Sch Com Merrick C Kibbe 

Town Supervisor A N. Potter. 

Enfleld, Hartford Co., pop. 9,719. 

Pres Bd Educ Francis P Leary. 
Sec Bd Educ J L Bridge 
City Superintendent Edward N Sellew. 
Principal High School E H Parkman. 
Supv Music Denslow King 





Essex, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,746. 

Ohm Sch Com Thomas D Coulter 
Town Superintendent H O Clough 
Sec Sch Com J Randall Gleaaon 
Pratt Higrh School, prep; co-ed., Cong; 
est 1890, "W L Burdick, Principal 

* airfield, Fairfleld Co., pop. 6,134. 

Ch Bd Educ Moses E Banks 

Sec Bd Educ A E Beeman 

City Superintendent "William E Smith 

Grail School, prep , bo>s, C C Saunders 
and Harvey J Swann, Prlns 

Hargrove School, tutoring, boarding, Pmck- 
ney S. Hargrove, M A , Principal 

Farmington, Hartford Co , pop 3,478 

Pied Bd Educ Adrian R Wadsworth 
Sec Bd Educ George E Taft 
City Superintendent Lewis Mills 
Principal High School Louis B Collins 
Supv Music Elsie Longan 

Porter's School; girls 1 boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1843, Mrs Kobert Porter Keep, Prin, 

Cttastonbnry, Hartford Co., pop. 4,796. 

Pres Bd EJduc Samuel H. Williams 
Sec. Bd Educ Fred R Curtis 
Town Superintendent Leon A Martin 
Principal High School B M Fontaine 
Penmanship Katharine W. Ross 

Goshen, Litchfleld Co , pop. 520. 

Ch Bd Educ Fred J Vaill 
Sec Sch Co H E Chittenden 

Greenwich, Fairfleld Co, pop 16,463. 

Chm Sch Com F A. Springer 
Sec Sch Com George E Beam 
Cfty Superintendent Edwin C. Andrews. 
Principal High School H. C Folsom. 

Brunswick School; boys' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1902; George Edgar Carmichael, 

Ely School for Girls; girls' boarding; non- 
sect , est. 1886, Miss Elizabeth L. Ely, 

Greenwich Academy, girls' day, non-sect , 
est 1827; Walter A. Waterman, Principal, 
Maple Ave 

Rosemary Hall; girls' boarding; Epis.; est. 
1890; Caroline Rhutz-Rees, Ph. D, Princi- 

Griswold, New London Co., pop. 1,210. 

Chm Sch Com John H Tracy 
Sec. Bd Educ. A. C. Burdick, 
Supv. Music Elizabeth Beardward. 
Drawing Natalie GIbbs. 

Groton* Nw London Co , pop. 6,496. 

Chm Sch Com F H Brewer 
Sec Sch Com Charles R Heath. 
City Superintendent C. R Heath 

Mystic Oral School for the Deaf, state, 
Tobias Brill, Superintendent 

Guilford, New Haven Co., pop. 1,608. 

Pres Bd Educ Burton W Bishop 
Sec Bd Educ Arthur H Lombard. 
Town Superintendent Ridgeley C Clark 
Principal High School Ridgeley C Clark 
Stipv Music Hilda Rawson 
Drawing Charles D. Hubbard. 

Hamden, New Haven Co., pop. 5,850. 

Pres Bd Educ William Downes 

Sec Bd Educ A J Dean 

City Superintendent Margaret L Keefe 

Hartford, Hartford Co., pop. 98,015. 

Pres Bd Educ Wilbur F Gordy 
Sec Bd Educ ^Mrs Elizabeth D Bacon 
City Superintendent Thomas S. Weaver. 
Principal High School Clement C. Hyde. 
Supervisor Music Ralph L. Baldwin. 
Manual Training Charles C Bryant 
Domestic Science A Eudora Daniels 
Drawing O Louise Williams. 
Penmanship F A. Curtis 
Commercial George F. Klngsbury. 

American School for the Deaf, state, 

Frank R Wheeler, M A , Superintendent 
Beacon School, prep ; girls; non-sect.; Mrs. 
4 Barbour, Prln 
Connecticut Business College; but. and 

8 ten , est 1903, G. H Wilcox, Principal, 

36 Pearl St 
Connecticut Institute for the Blind; George 

H Marshall, Supt. 
Hartford Theological Seminary; theol.; 

men, Cong., est 1834; W. D. MacKeniie, 

D. D , Pres. 
Hlllyer Institute, bus and sten ; induit; 

men; est 1882; George C. Hubert, Gen. 

Huntsinger's Business College; bus. an* 

sten ; F. M. Huntsinger, Pres. 
Morse College, com'l, nor, secretarial; fid- 

ward H Morse, President, 43 Ann St 
Mount St Joseph Commercial High School, 

R C , Mother M. Fabian, Superior, 160 

Farmington Ave 
Olmstead'p Select Shorthand School; bus.. 

and sten ; est. 1887; E. M. Olmstead, 

Pres, 756 Main St 
School of Horticulture; hort., non-sect.; co- 

ed , George F Whitten, Director, 1110 

Albany Ave 
School of the Art Society of Hartford, co- 

ed est 1877, Mrs G G Williams, Pres 
Trinity College; coll.; men; eat. 182S; 

Flavel Sweeten Luther, LI*. D , Pres 

Harwinton, Riohfield Co , pop. 1,213. 

Chm Sch Com Charles A Page 
Sec Sch Com Lewis H Reynolds 
Town Supervisor H E Chittenden 

Hebron, Tolland Co., 

Chm Sch Com. J 

Sec. Sch, Com C H Pendleton 

Town Superintendent John A. Young 

Hnntington, Fairfleld Co., pop. 1,738. 

Chm Sch Comm George S Willis 
Sec. Sch Comm Charles H Smith 
City Supt & Prin H S. Harry B. Fowler 
Supv. MusicRobert T. Bayley. 
Drawing Mary L. Aldrlch. 
Com'l and Stenog'y J. R. Bryle. 

pop. 416. 

Banks Jones 





Kent, Utchfield Co., pop. 400 

Sec Sell Com Clifford C Spooner 
Town Supei visor John A Young 
Kent School, boys' boarding:, non-sect , est 
1906, F H. Sill O H. C , Principal. 

Hillingly, Windbam Co, pop 3,630 

Chm Sch Comm James H George, Jr. 
Sec Sch Comm John A Paine 
To\^n Superintendent H T Turner 
Principal High School Robert K Bennett. 
Supv Music Helen H Leavens 

Lebanon, New London Co , pop. 

Chm Sch Com Elwell O Mead 
Sec Sch Com Albert G Kneeland 
Toun Supervisor L T Garrison 

Ledyard, New ILondon Co , pop 936. 

Chm Sch Com Charles D Geer 
Sec Sch Com Samuel E Holdndge 
Town Supervisor F W Barber 

TJtchfleld, Litchfield Co., pop. 903. 

Pres Bd Educ Hon T F Ryan 

Sec. Bd Educ E P Roberts 

Town Supt & Pnn H S Earle A Childs 

Supv Music Leah B Farnham 

Roberts (Mrs > School, girls' prep , day; 
Mrs E P Roberts, Prin 

Madison, New Haven Co., pop. 1,534. 

Chm Sch Comm Myron J Hull 
Sec. Bd Educ Webster D Whedon. 
Town Superintendent D C. Allen 
Principal High School Miss Justine Brown 
Supervisor Penmanship Harry Houston 

Manchester, Hartford Co., pop. 13,641. 

Pres Bd Educ E A. Lydall 

Sec Bd Educ H O Bowers 

City Superintendent Alfred F Howes. 

Principal High School Austin Savage 

Sup Music Annie Palmer 

Manual Training Beatrice Hibbard. 

Domestic Science Daisy Ludden. 

Drawing Louise Dickerznan 

Mansfield, Tolland Co., pop. 200. 

Connecticut Agricultural College; courses in 
Agriculture, Mechanic Arts, and Home 
Economics, co-ed., state, est. 1881; 
Charles L Beach, B S , President. 

Meriden, New Haven Co., pop. 32,066. 

Pres Bd. Educ Charles F Rockwell 
Sec Bd Educ D T O'Brien, Jr 
City Superintendent David Gibbs. 
Principal High School Willis J. Prouty. 
Supv Music G Frank Ooodale. 
Manual Training Chesley W Smith. 
Domestic Science Alice B. Foote 
Physical Culture George F. Baer. 
Drawing Maud A Simpson. 
Commercial Fiank J Meredith 
Stenography Annie T. Elwell. 

Pequod Business College; "Bus. and sten. ; 
est. 1896, Mrs W. R Chapman, Principal 

Middlebury, New Haien Co, pop. 736. 

Chm Sch Comm A E. Westenberg 
Sec Sch Comm Mrs Elizabeth Nichols 
To^n Supervisor H E Chittenden 

Westover School, girls' boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1909, Mary R. Hillard, Principal. 

Middlefield, Middlesex Co , pop. 645. 
Pres Bd Educ C N Burnham 
Sec Bd Educ A. H Augur. 
Town Supervisor James F Connolly 
Supv Music Miss Whitcomb 

Middletoxra, Middlesex Co., pop. 20,749. 

Pres Bd Educ Arthur L Allen 

Sec Bd Educ John L Fisk 

City Superintendent Wm A. Wheatley. 

Principal High School Julia Brazos. 

Supv Music Bertha Rockwell 

Manual Training Daniel Rowe 

Domestic Science Frances E. Vinton. 

Drawing Mary E Bennett. 

Penmanship Beulah Adams 

Com'l and Stenog'y Lawrence W. Wilbur. 

Berkeley Divinity School; theol ; men; P. 

E ; est. 1854; Rev Samuel Hart, D D., 

Middletown Business College, bus and 

sten; est. 1895; J F. Nixon, Prin. 
Emmette School, prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1899; Sophia L Emmette, Prin. 
Wesleyan University, coll.; co-ed.; M. E ; 

est. 1831; Rev. W. A. Shanklin, D. D., 

LL. D, Pres. 

Milford, New Haven Co., pop. 4,306. 

Pres Bd. Educ. George M. Gunn. 
Sec Bd Educ Charles A Tomlinson 
City Superintendent H J Mathewson. 
Principal High School Irving- P. Colman. 
Supv Music Estelle P. Cushman. 
Physical Culture Elsie L. Smith. 
Drawing Mary K Prince 
Penmanship Harry Houston. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Esther S Bennet. 

Montville, New Ixmdon Co., pop. 2,804. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles W Comstock. 
Sec Sch Comm Roscoe Dart 
Town Supervisor Carton B Wheeler. 

Nangatuck, New Haven Co., pop. 12,722. 

Pres Bd. Educ. Thomas M. Bull. 
Sec. Bd Educ. William Kennedy. 
City Superintendent Frank W. Eaton. 
Principal High School C, P. Slade 
Supv Music William H. Miner. 
Manual Training Chat lea Woodlock 
Domestic Science Harriet Minor. 
Physical Culture Mary Henderson. 
Drawing Jennie F. Lewis. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Arch. D. Hyde. 

New Britain, Hartford Co., pop. 43,916. 

Pres Bd Educ B. F. Gaffney. 
Sec Bd Educ. William L Hatch. 
City Superintendent Stanley H. Holmes. 
Supt Kind & Elem Ella A Fall on 
Principal High School Louis P. Slade. 
Supv Music George B Mathews. 
Manual Training Delmer H Drake. 





New Britain continued 

Domestic Science Doris I Osborne 
Physical Culture William Moorhead 
Drawing Joseph Wiseltier 
Penmanship Elizabeth Kane 
Commercial J C Moody 
Stenography Hazel Buckey. 

Hardware Citv Business College, bus and 
sten , F H Shield, Principal, 136 Mam 

Smith Business College, bus and sten , 
Edward Smith, Principal, 193 Mam St 

State Normal Training School; normal, 
state: co-ed . est. 1849, Marcus White, 
Ph. B, Prin. 

New Canaan, Fail-field County 

Pres Bd Educ P E Green 
Sec Bd Educ Harry Kelly 
City Superintendent Henry W Saxe 

Cornish School, girls' boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1909, Miss Edith De Vigne, Princi- 

New Hartford, Litchfleld Co., pop. 2,144. 

Town Superintendent H E Chittenden 

New Haven, New Haven Co., pop. 133,605. 

Pres Bd Educ William P Verdi 
Sec. Bd Educ George T Hewlett 
City Superintendent Frank H Beede 
Assistant Superintendent J C. Knowlton. 
Assistant Superintendent Claude Russell. 
Assistant Superintendent J C McCarthy. 
Principal High School C L Kirscher 
Supv Music William E Brown. 
Manual Training Frank L Glynn 
Domestic Science Lile Deeter 
Physical Culture H J Schnelle 
Drawing A. H. Wentworth 
Penmanship Harry Houston 
Kindergarten Jessie Scranton. 

Booth Preparatory School, prep.; co-ed.; 

non-sect , George A Booth, Principal, 124 
High St 

Butler School; bus and sten ; est 1884 
Sidney Perlin Butler, Prin., 152 Temple 

Connecticut Business University; bus and 
sten , Henry C Long, Principal, 14 & 
George St 

Hamden Hall, boys' boarding, non-sect , 
John P Gushing, Headmaster, 1108 Whit- 
ney Ave 

Hopkins Grammar School; boys* boarding; 
non-sect, est 1669, George B Lovell 
Ph D, Rector, 1209 Chapel St 

Johnstone's School; girls' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1884, Mary S Johnstone, Prin- 
cipal, 97 Whitney Ave 

New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics 
Phys cult.; co-ed ; est 1886; E. H. Ar- 
nold, M, D, Director, 46 York Square 

New Haven continued 

St Mary's Academy, girls' boarding, R C , 
est 1901, Sister M Ambrose, Directress, 
444 Orange St 

Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, 
courses in Civil, Mechanical, Mining and 
Metallurgical, Municipal and Sanitary, 
and Electrical Engineering; and Gradu- 
ate Science, men; est 1871, Russell Henry 
Chittenden, Sc D, Director. 

State Normal Training School; normal, 
state, co-ed ; Arthur B Morrill, Pres. 

The Gateway, girls' boarding, elementary 
to academic, non-sect , Miss Alice Rey- 
nolds, Principal, St Roman Terrace 

University School, boys* boarding, es*. 
1901, George L Fox, AM, Principal 

Yale Business College, bus and sten., est 
1862, Nathan B Stone, Fres 

Yale University School of Religion, theol . 
men, est 1822, Rev Chailes R Brown, 
D D Dean 

Yale Univeisity School of Forestry, men, 
est 1900, James W Tourney, M S, M A, 
Acting Director 

Yale University School of Fine Arts, draw- 
ing, painting and sculpture, men, W S 
Kendall, Director 

Yale University, comprises the Academical 
Department, Graduate School, Sheffield 
Scientific School, School of Fine Arts, 
Department of Music, Department of 
Forestry, Department of Theology, De- 
partment of Medicine and Department of 
Law, men; non-sect ; est. 1871; Arthur 
T Hadley, LL. D , Pres 

Yale University, School of Medicine, med , 
reg , men, est 1813, George Blumer, 
M D , Dean 

Yale University, School of Music, theoret- 
ical and practical courses in mulsic, 
Horatio W Parker, Mus D , Dean 

Yale University, School of Law, men, est 
1824, Thomas Walter Swan, LL D , Dean 

New London, New London Co., pop. 19,859. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. J C. Stan ton. 
Sec Bd Educ P Lewy Harwood 
City Superintendent Charles B Jennings 
Supv Music Elizabeth Whittlesey. 
Domestic Science Helen Hatch 
Drawing Alice Bishop 
Commercial James Mahoney. 

Bulkeley School, high school for boys, Wal- 
ter A Towne, Principal 

Connecticut College for Women, coll , 
women, non-sect , est. 1912, Frederick 
H Sykes, LL D., Pres 

Manual Training and Industrial School, co- 
ed ; non-sect ; est. 1906; Frederick St, 
John Hitchcock, Prin. 

New London Business College, bus and 
sten , W E Canfleld, Principal, 231 State 

Williams Memorial Institute, high school 
for girls, est 1891, Colin E Buell, M. A, 





New Mllford, Litchfleld Co., pop. 5,010. 

Pres Bd Educ Francis E Baldwin 
Sec Bd Educ Albert Evitts 
City Supt and Pnn H S John Pettibone 
Supv Music Clayton P Stevens 
Commercial May L Fillxnore 

Ingleside School, girls' boarding, P. E.; 
The Misses Tewksbury, Principals. 

Newtown, Fairfield Co , pop. 434. 

Pres Bd Educ J H George 
Sec Bd Educ G T Sinnott 
Principal High School Leonard Johnson 

North Canaan, Litchfleld Co , pop. 2,171. 

Pres Bd Educ E S Roberts 
Sec Bd Educ G W Parsons. 
Town Superintendent E B Stone 
Principal High School Harvey W Strayer 
Supv Music Louise G Chapman 

North Haven, New Haven Co., pop. 2,164. 

Chm Sch Comm R B Goodyear 
Sec Sch Comm J Richaid North 
Town Supervisor D C Allen 

North Stonington. New London Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ Floyd L Main 
Sec Sch Comm Frank T Wheeler 
Town Superintendent W W Evans 

Wheeler School , prep , dorn sci. and agri , 
co-ed , non-sect , est 1900, Rojal A 
Moore, Principal 

Norwalk, Fail-field Co., pop 24,211. 

Pres Bd Educ J M Coburn 
Sec Bd Educ Henry C Sherer 
Town Superintendent Ira T. Chapman. 
Principal High School E. H Gumbart. 
Pnn Junior H S E Ward Ireland 
Supv Music Ruth Thomas 
Manual Training G W Ward well. 
Domestic Science Miss G. Austin. 
Drawing Adelms I Boulon. 
Penmanship Harry Houston 
Commercial H W Blake. 

Balrd'a Institute-Home School; girls* board- 

ing; P. E.; est. 1882; Miss Cornelia F. 

Balrd. Frln. 
Hillside (Mead) School for Girls, girls' 

boarding; non-sect.; est. 1883, Margaret 

R. Brendllnger, A. B., Prin. 
Harstrom School; boys' prep ; day; non- 

sect , est 1899; Carl Exel Harstrom, A. 

M , Ph D , Headmaster 
Merrill Business College, bus and sten ; 

est 1888, N A Fulton, Principal 

Norwich, New London Co , pop. 28,219. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles O Murphy. 
Sec Sch Comm Herbert M Lerou 
City Superintendent E J Graham 
SupV Music Mary Rogers 
Drawing Mary Henderson 
Manual Training G A Harvie. 
Domestic Science Grace E. Rogers 

Norwich continued 

Butts' School for Girls; girls' hoarding; 

non-sect.; est 1901, Miss Matilda Butts, 

Norwich Business College, bus. and sten.; 

est 1883, W E Can field, Prop 
Norwich Commercial School, bus and sten , 
B J Houlihan, Principal, Franklin Square 

Norwich Free Academy; prep , co-ed.; non- 
sect , Henry A. Tirrell, Principal. 

Norwich Free Academy Art School, art; 
co-ed , Mrs Guy Warner Eastman, Di- 

Old Lyme, New London Co., pop. 1,181. 

Pres Bd Educ N L. Sheffield, Jr. 
Sec Bd Educ F M. Roche 
City Superintendent Frederick W. Shearer. 
Principal High School Mabel Llttlefleld. 

Old Saybrook, Middlesex Co, pop. 1,482. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles S Gates 
Sec Sch Comm Calvin C Fairbank 

Orange, New Haxen Co, pop. 2,729 

Chm Sch Comm Charles R Treat 
To^n Superintendent Edgar C Stiles 

Platafield, Windham Co., pop. 6,719. 

Pres Bd Educ W S Simmons. 

Sec Bd Educ John E Prior 

City Superintendent John L Chapman 

Principal High School John L Chapman. 

Plainville, Hartford Co., pop. 2,882. 

Pres School Bd A L Rogers 
Sec School Bd F L Grant 

Plymouth, Litchfleld Co., pop. 5,021. 

Pres Bd Educ Otis B Hough 
Sec Bd Educ Andrew S Gaylord 
City Superintendent Andrew S. Gaylord. 
Principal High School H C. Stuart 

Pomfret, Windham Co., pop. 1,867. 

Chm Sch Comm Fayette L Wright. 
Sec Sch. Comm H A Beadle 
Town Supervisors Frank W Clapp 

Pomfret School; boys' hoarding; P. E.; Wm 
Beach Olmstead, Prin. 

Portland, Middlesex Co., pop. 3,425. 

Chm Sch Comm. O H Raftery 
Town Supervisor William E Parker 
Principal High School Fred R Stuart 

Preston, New London Co., pop. 1,507. 

Chm Sch Comm Appleton Main 
Sec Sch Comm Charles C Zabriskie 

Putnam, Windham Co., pop. 7,280. 

Chm Sch Comm Henry J Thayer 
Sec Sch Comm Charles L. Torrey 
Town Superintendent Harold W. Files 
Principal High School John Backus. 
Supv Music Miss Lyman 
Manual Training Prof Trevethick 
Domestic Science Mary E Robbms. 
Drawing Ernest Packard 
Writing and Com'l Louise Cushman 





Putnam continued 

Academy of Notre Dame; boys* boarding. 
R. C.; Rev J. Van Den Noort, Prin 

Notre Dame Bon Secours Academy; girls' 
boarding, R C ; Sister M. Paula, Su- 

Bedding:, Fairfield Co., pop. 1,617. 

Pres Bd Bduc E. A Pinkney. 
Sec Bd Educ William E Hazen 
Town Supervisor O E Lowell 
Principal High School Florence Nichols 
Sanford School; boys* boarding, non-sect, 
e*t, 1905; Daniel S Sanford, M A., Head 

Ridg-efleld, Falrfleld Co., pop. 8,118. 

Chm Sch Comm Albeit H Storer 
Pec Sch Comm Da\id W Workman 
Town Supervisor O B Lowell 

Ridgefield School for Boys; boys' prep , 
non-sect; Roland J. Mulford, Ph. D., 
Head Master 

Salisbury, Litchfield Co., pop. 3,522. 

Chm Sch Comm George W Griffith 
Sec Sch Comm E F Sanford 
To'wn Supervisor C L Warner. 

Hotchkiss School, The, boys' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1892; Rev H. G. Buehler, 
M A , Litt D , Headmaster 

Salisbury School, prep ; boys, P B ; est. 
1903; Rev Geo. B Qualle, M. A, Pres 

Saybrook, Middlesex Co , pop. 1,907. 

Chm Sch Comm Ernest L Prann 
Sec Sch Comm Raymond W. Wright 
City Superintendent Herbert O. Clough 
Principal High School Bertram Tourville 

Seymour, New Haven Co., pop. 4,786. 

Chm Sch Comm Edward T Humphreys 

Sec Bd. Educ. Joseph O'Brien. 

City Superintendent Charles R. Sumpf. 

Principal High School Charles R. Sumpf. 

Supv Music Olive Beach. 

Drawing Cora Crane 

Sharon, Litchfleld Co, pop. 1,880. 

Pres Bd Bduc James J Fahey 
Sec Bd Educ W. Baker 
Town Superintendent Edwin Stone 
Principal High School E. L Rand 
Drawing Miss King 

Simsbury, Hartford Co., pop. 2,537. 

Chm Sch Comm. J R Ensign 
Town Superintendent J B McLean 
Principal High School Earle A Childs 

Westminster School, boys' boarding; non- 
sect, W. L. Gushing, Prin. 

Somers, Tolland Co., pop. 500. 

Pres. Bd Educ Ernest S Fuller 
Sec Bd. Educ Ernest W Avery 
Town Superintendent A N Potter 

South Manchester, Hartford Co., pop. 7,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Howell Cheney 
Sec Bd Educ Charles R Hathaway 
City Supenntendent F A Verplanck 
Principal High School A A Savage. 
Supv Music Alice C Parsons 
Manual Training Robert Cleveland 
Domestic Science Myra E Hunt 
Drawing Hariiet D Condon 
Commercial Margaret A Guthrie 

South Windsor, Hartford Co., pop. 2,251. 

Chm Sch Comm John A Collins 
Sec Sch Comm Ralph M Grant 
Town Superintendent Alfred F Howes 

Southington, Hartford Co , pop. 6,516. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Gridley. 
Sec Bd Educ Mis L A Cummings 
City Superintendent Ernest C WHham. 
Principal High School William. K. Holmes 
Supv Mus and Draw Alice Wilcox. 
Manual Training Robert Decormier 
Com'l and Stenog*y Ethel Dow. 

Spragne, New London Co , pop 2,551. 

Chm Sch Comm Frank B Hull 
Sec Sch Comm John W Crofts 
Town Supervisor Arthur L Young 

Academy of the Holy Family, girls' board- 
ing, R C , est 1874, Mother Mary Al- 
phonsa, Superioress 

Stafford, Tolland Co., pop. 5,233, 

Chm Sch Comm Isaac P Booth 
Sec Sch Comm M D O'Connell 
Principal High School Frederic S Gorham 

Stamford, Fairfield Co, pop. 28,836. 

Chm Sch Comm John J Cloonan 
Sec Bd Educ Clement A. Fuller. 
City Superintendent Frederick S Camp 
Principal High School Charles Avery. 
Supv Music Clayton E Hotchkiss 
Domestic Science Kathryn H, Root. 
Manual Training Fiederic M Brown 
Physical Culture Mary E. Marks. 
Drawing Jessie M Leith 
Commercial B H Summls 
Stenography Alice H Edwards. 

Catherine Alken School, girls' boarding, 

non-sect , est 1854, Harriet Beecher Sco- 

ville Devan, A. B., Prin. 
King School; prep ; boys, non-sect.; est. 

1376, Ralph Erskine Rearick, M S, 

Head Master 

Lee Business School, bus and sten , Chair- 
lotte Lee, Principal, 223 Atlantic St 

Low-Heywood School; girls' boarding; 
prep , Miss Low and Miss Heywood, 

Manor School, boys* boarding, Chr. Scl.; 
est. 1899, Louis D Marriott, M. A., Head- 

Merrill Business College, bus and sten , 
Mrs M A Men ill, Principal 

Stamford Preparatory Academy; boys; 
prep , est 1908, Alfred C. Robjent, Di- 





Stonlngton, New London, Co , pop. 9,154. 

Chm Sch Comm William A Wilcox 
Sec Sch Comm James H Weeks 
Town Superintendent W G Snider 
Principal High School Fav B Kutscher 
Supv Music Harriet Woodard. 
Manual Training Daniel Barney. 
Domestic Science Mathilda Hawkins. 
Physical Culture Jennie B Stanton. 
Drawing Daniel Darney 
Penmanship Harry Houston. 
Stenography Elizabeth C. McGrath. 

Stratford, Fairfield Co., pop. 5,712. 

Pres Bd Educ William. B Cogswell 

Sec Bd Educ Philo P Haven 

City Superintendent William B. Kelsey 

Principal High School William B Noyes 

Supv Music R A H Clark 

Drawing Catherine Marsh 

Commercial Lmola A very 

Snffield, Hartford Co., pop. 8,841. 

Pres Bd Educ S. H. Graham 
Sec Bd Educ Howard Henshaw. 
City Superintendent N Searle Light. 
Supv Music Dana Mernman 

Connecticut Literary Institute; prep ; boys' 
boarding, Bapt ; est. 1883, Hobart 6. 
Truesdell, Prin. 

Thomaeton, Litchfleld C., pop. 3,533. 

Chm Sch Comm E G Hotchkiss. 

Sec Sch Comm James Goodall 

City Supt & Prln H S Ernest W. Small. 

Supv Music Edith Matoon. 

Thompson, Wlndham Co., pop. 4,804. 

Chm Sch Comm Ethelbert Aldrich 
Sec Sch Comm Oscar Munyan 
Town Supervisor Frank W Barber 
Principal High School Russell H Bellows 

Howe and Marot School, girls' boarding; 
non-sect , est 1913, Miss Howe and Miss 
Marot, Principals 

Tolland, Tolland Co., pop. 1,036. 

Chm Sch Comm Nathan O "Ward 
Sec Sch Comm Mrs L S. Hall 
Town Supervisor L T Garrison 

Torrington, Litchfield Co., pop. 16,840. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles H Alvoi d 
Sec Sch Comm John Calhoun 
Pimcipal High School G J Vogel 

Torrington Business College, bus and sten ; 
Geoige Robinson, Principal 

Vernon, Tolland Co., pop. 9,087. 

Pres Bd Educ M H. Talcott. 
Sec Bd Educ John E Fisk 
Town Superintendent J N Muir 
Principal High School P M Howe 
Supv. Music Morgan St John 
Sewing Miss A. B Hendrick. 
^wnanship C M O'Connell. 

Wallingford, Ne\v Haien Co, pop 11,155. 

Pres. Bd Educ C. B Tale. 

Sec Bd Educ C W. Leavens orth 

City Superintendent Alfred B. Moxrlll. 

Principal High School M I. Holbrook 

Supv Music Mrs Gammons. 

Drawing Miss Alice Belt. 

Com'l and Stenog'y Miss Amy Van Doom. 

Penmanship Frances Brown 

Choate School; prep , boys; non-sect.; est 
1896, George C St John, A M, Head 

Phelps School; girls' boarding-; non-sect ; 
est 1900, the Misses Peck, Prins. 

Washington, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,747. 

Chm Sch Comm Russell P Clark 
Sec Sch Comm Thomas Connerty 
Town Supervisor L. H Chance 

Gunnery School, prep ; boys' boarding; 

non-sect ; est. 1850; John C. Brlnsmade, 

A. B, Prin 
Ridge School, boys' boarding; for small 

boys; non-s<ct., Mrs William Gold 

Brinsmade, Prin 

Wykeham Rise School for Girls; girls' 
boarding, est 1902, Mrs Fannie E. 
Davies, Principal 

Waterbury, New Haven Co., pop 90,000. 

Chm Bd Educ Martin Scully 
Clerk Bd Educ J J. Fitzgerald 
City superintendent Berlin W. Tinker. 
Principal High School S. W. Wilby. 
Supv Music Jennie E Culhane 
Manual Training William H O'Meara 
Domestic Science Jennie E Grlggs. 
Physical Culture Joseph A Colloty 
Drawing Helen M. Colloty. 
Penmanship J F O'Halloran 
Primary & Kind Agnes C Fitzpatrick 
Salesmanship Elizabeth Dyer 

Academy of Notre Dame, girls' boarding, 
R. C ; Mother St. Thomas, Superior. 

Monroe's Business College; bus. and sten. ; 
est. 1889 , W. I Monroe, Prop , 111 Grand 


St. Margaret's School; girls' boarding, 
Eplsc.; est 1875; Emily G Munro, Ph. B., 
A M., Prin, 86 Grove St. 

Waterbury Business College; bus. and sten ; 
est 1883, Harry C. Post, Principal, 108 
Bank St. 

Waterbury Continuation School for Me- 
chanics; non-sect , city, Osmer G Beards- 
ley, Principal 

Waterford, New London Co, pop. 3,097 

Chm Sch Comm William C Saunders. 
Sec. Sch Comm Charles A. Gallup, 
Town Supervisor Carlon E Wheeler 

Watertown, Litchfield Co., pop. 8,800. 

Pres Bd Educ Fletcher W Judson. 
Sec Bd Educ Charles W Bidwell 
Town Supt & Prin H S Leslie K Chance 





Watert<mn continued 

Taft School for Boys, boys' boarding; non- 
sect , est 1890, Horace D Taft, M A, 

West Hartford, Hartford Co., pop. 4,808. 

Pres Bd Educ L P Judd 

Sec Bd Educ Alfred L, Plant 

City Superintendent Wlliam H Hall. 

Principal High School Walter B. Spencer 

Supv Music James O Price 

Drawing Harriet M Binder 

St Augustine's No-vitiate and Normal 
School, R C , Rev Brothei 

West Haven, "New Haven Co., pop. 8,543. 

Pies Bd Educ Claience ES Thompson 
Sec Bd Educ Hemy A L, Hall 
City Superintendent Edgar C. Stiles 

Westport, Fairfleld Co., pop. 4,259. 

Pres. Bd Educ T C Sterns 

Sec Bd Educ J H McArdle 

City Superintendent Grover C Bowman 

Principal High School I J Towsend 

Westport Home School, boys' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1911, Edward D Merri- 
man, A M , Principal 

Wethersfleld, Hartford Co., pop. 3,148. 

Chm Sch Comm F A Griswold 
Sec Sch Comm L E Adams 
Town Supervisor William E Parker 
Principal High School Biice Bowman 

Willimantic, Windham Co., pop. 11,230. 

Pres Bd Educ Prank E Guild 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs K J Spauldmg 

Principal High School Egbert Case 

Supv Music C H Caswell 

Manual Tiainmg S B Doolittle 

Drawing Ruth Gough 

Commercial Clarissa Davis 

State Normal Training School; normal; 
state, co-ed . est. 1888, Henry T. Burr, 
M Sc.. Frln 

Wilton, Fairfleld Co., pop. 1,706. 

Chm Sch Comm Stiong Comstock 
Sec Sch Comm John W Ferris 
ToTRn Supeiintendent D A Green 

Windsor, Hartford Co., pop. 4,178. 

Pres Bd Educ S F Brown 

Sec Bd. Educ F. V. Mills 

City Superintendent Daniel Howard. 

Principal High School Chailes L Preble 

Campbell School for Girls; girls' boarding; 
non-sect , est 1903, A. H Campbell, A. 
M, Ph D, Prln. 18 Broad St. 

Loomis Institute, boys, college prep , bus 
and agric , est 1913, N H Batchelder, 
A M , Headmaster 

Windsor Locks, Hartford Co., pop. 8,715. 

Pres Bd Educ. T F. McCarty 

Sec Bd Educ J M. Morse 

Principal High School Leander Jackson. 

Winsted, Litchfleld Co., pop. 7,754. 

Chm Sch Comm Thomas F Fitzgerald 
Sec Bd Educ Frank E Fisk 
City Superintendent Frank B Fisk 
Principal High School Walter D. Hood. 
Supv Music Minnie Persons 
Drawing Abbey W Chapman. 
Penmanship Marjorle B Warner. 
Commercial Fred Handy 

Woodbury, Litchfleld Co., pop. 1,860. 

Pres Bd Educ A W Mitchell 
Town Superintendent Edward S Boyd 
Principal High School H F Turner 

Woodstock, Windham Co., pop. 1,849. 

Chm Sch Comm L H Lmdeman 
Sec Sch Comm A S Eldridge 
Town Superintendent F W Barber 

Woodstock Academy; prep , co-ed ; non- 
sect , William A Pei kins, Principal 


Population, 202,322. School census, 53,615. School age, 6-21. 

Delaware is the forty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 202,322 inhabitants, of whom 84,6 per cent, are white. Of this number 
8 6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire popula- 
tion, ten years of age and over, is 8.1 per cent., the state ranking thirty-fourth in 
this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows 

CHARLES A WAGNER, State Commissioner of Education 

. Dover 



CHARLES A WAGNER, Secretary . . . 

FREDERICK BRADY . . . Middletown 
ALBERT WORTH . . Georgetown 


. . . . Dover 


. Wilmington 
. ..Newark 

Delaware has no State Association the teachers have County organizations. 


Kent County James E. Carroll, Dover 

New Castle County Elmer L. Cross, New Castle 

Sussex County * Ernest Hardesty, Seaford 


Bridgreville, Sussex Co., pop 937. 

Principal High School J I Wentz 

Cheswold, Kent Co., pop. 223 

Principal High School R. Mcllvane. 

Clayton, Kent Co., pop. 764 

Principal High School S H Chambers 

Delaware City, Newcastle Co., pop. 1,132. 

Principal High School A M Mackey 

Delmar, Sussex Co,., pop. 530 

Principal High School J B. Chipman 

Dover, Kent Co., pop. 3,720. 

Pres Bd Educ John S Collins 

Sec Bd Educ Elmer Benson 

City Superintendent C W. Schantz 

Pnn High School Alexander Crawford 

Manual Training Fred B Haegele 

Domestic Science Maie Conway 

State College for Colored Students: Ccol- 
ored) ; courses In Agriculture, Mechanic 
Arts (industrial) and Domestic Science; 
co-ed.; est 1892: William C. Jason. A. M., 
D D, Pres 





Do\ r er continued 

Wilmington Conference Academy, prep , 
co-ed ; M E , est 1874, Rev Henry G. 
Budd, President 

ITelton, Kent Co , pop 451. 

Pimclpal High School T W Pjle 

IFrankford, Sussex Co , pop. 395. 

Principal High School C M Simpler 

Xfrederica, Kent Co, pop. 659. 

Principal High School M L Hydorn 

Georgetown, Sussex Co , pop. 1,609. 

Principal High School F L Andrus 

Greenwood, Sussex Co., pop 362 

Principal High School E D Willey 

Harrinsrton, Kent Co, pop 1,500 

Principal High School W H Jump 

Laurel, Sussex Co., pop 2,166. 

Pres Bd Educ J. B Prettyman 
Sec Bd Educ T W Records 
Principal High School Henry G Swayne 

iLevres, Sussex Co., pop. 2,158. 

Pres Bd Educ V N Hockes 

Sec Bd Educ & W Wiltbank 

City Supt & Pnn H S Howard T Ennia 

Mitldietown, Newcastle Co , pop. 1,399. 

Principal High School Ida V Howell. 

Milford, Kent Co, pop. 2,603. 

Pres Bd Bduc Geo B Hynson 
Sec Bd Educ William G Abbott 
Town Superintendent Gilbert Nickel 
Principal High School Gilbert Nickel 

Mlllsboro, Sussex Co , pop. 451. 

Principal High School William Ellis 

Milton, 'Sussex Co., pop. 1,038 

Pres Bd Educ James C. Palmer 

Sec Bd Educ Leon Black 

City Supt & Prm H. S H H Williams 

Newark, Newcastle Co., pop. 1,913. 

Pres Bd Educ Edward L Richards 

Sec Bd Educ Joel S, Gilfillan 

Principal High School Reuben P Friedel 

Delaware College; courses in Arts and Sci- 
ence, Agriculture, Civil, Mechanical and 
Electrical Engineering; summer school for 
teachers, state, men, est 1834, Samuel C 
Mitchell, Ph D , President 

Newark continued 

Woman's College of Delaware, courses In 
Arts and Sciences, Education and Home 
Economics, state, est 1914, Winifred J 
Robinson, Ph I> , Dean 

New Castle, New Castle Co., pop 3,351. 

Pres Bd Educ W J Ferris 

Sec Bd Educ Ferris Jemison 

City Superintendent Howard T Ennis 

Puncipal High School C H Dye 

Newport, Newcastle Co., pop 722 

Principal High School Elizabeth Bigger. 

Odessa, Newcastle Co., pop. 585. 

Pres Bd Educ George L Townsend 
Sec Bd Educ Fiank Davis 
Principal High School Erwm Niblet 

Seaford, Sussex Co , pop. 2,108. 

Principal High School A. L Harrington. 

Smyrna, Kent Co, pop. 1,843. 

Pres Bd Educ William Fanes 

Sec Bd Educ E M Fowler 

Principal High School J Lester Scotton. 

Wilmington, Newcastle Co., pop. 87,411. 

Pres Bd Educ Sammuel H Baynard 
Sec Bd Educ Harry J Guthrie 
City Superintendent Clifford J Scott 
Assistant Superintendent Bessie C. Devlne 
Principal High School A. Henry Berlin. 
Prin. Howard H. S Edwina B. Kruse. 
Supv of Music Nell C Krumme 
Supv of Sewing Joanna D McLaughlin 
Supv Drawing Leo A Pennegar 

Beacon Business College, bus and sten , est 

1900, W H Beacon, President, Court 

House Sq 
Beaman Training School for Kinder- 

gartners, normal kindergarten, Elizabeth 

Beaman, Principal 

Goldey College, bus and sten , co-ed , est. 
1886, W E Douglas, Pres, 807 Market. 

Hebb's School for Girls; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Misses Hebb, Prina. 
Ursullne Academy; girls' boarding; R C.: 

Mother Mary Francis, Superior. 
Wilmington Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; 

est 1748; Friends; Herschel A. Norrls, 

A. M., Prin., 4th and West St. 

Wyoming, Kent Co., pop 517 

Principal High School A G Campbell 


Population, 331,069. School census, 71,842. School age, 6-18. 

The District of Columbia has a total population of 331,069 inhabitants, of whom 
71.3 per cent are white. Of this number 7.4 per cent are foreign born. The per- 
centage of illiteracy of the District is 4.9 per cent, ranking thirty-fourth in this 
respect. The educational affairs of the District are under the general supervision 
of a Board of Education appointed by the Judge of the Supreme Court of the Dis- 
trict of Columbia. 


PHILANDER P. CLAXTON, United States Commissioner of Education Washington 

LEWIS A. KALBACH, Chief Clerk Washington 

JAMBS C BOYKIN, Editor Washington 

ALEXANDER SUMMERS, Statistician Washington 


JOHN D. WOLCOTT, Chief of Library Division Washington 

LOVICK PIERCE, Chief of Correspondence Division Washington 

S P. CAPEN, Specialist in Higher Education . . . Washington 

WALTER S. DEFFENBAUGH, Chief of Division of School Administration Washington 

A. C. MONAHAN, Specialist m Bural School Administration Washington 

H. W. FOGHT, Specialist in Rural School Practice Washington 

J. C. MUERMAN, Specialist in Bural Education Washington 

JASPER L. McBRiEN, Specialist in Bural Education Washington 

ANNA TOLMAN SMITH, Specialist in Foreign Educational Systems . . .Washington 

B. F ANDREWS, Specialist Land-Grant College Statistics Washington 

W. T. BAWDEN, Specialist in Industrial Education Washington 

C. D. JARVIS, Specialist in School and Home Gardening Washington 

FLORENCE C. Fox, Specialist in Educational Systems Washington 


W. T. LOPP, Superintendent of Education of Alaska . Washington 

THOMAS JESSE JONES, Special Collaborator Negro Education Division. . . Washington 

ALMIRA M. WINCHESTER, Secretary Kindergarten Division Washington 

ELLEN C. LOMBARD, Secretary Home Education Division Washington 

ARTHUR W. DUNN, Special Agent in Civic Education Washington 

H. H. WHEATON, Specialist in Education of Immigrants Washington 






Washington, pop. 331,069. 

Pre& Bd Educ John van Schaick, Jr 

Sec Bd Bduc Harry O HIne 

District Supt Ernest L Thurston. 

Assistant Superintendent in charge of white 
schools Stephen B Kramer 

Assistant Superintendent in charge of col- 
ored schools Roscoe C Bruce 

Director Intermediate Instruction Alexan- 
der T Stuart 

Director Primaij Instruction Edith Mar- ! 

Directoi Primary Instiuction (Colored) I 
Miss E P G Merritt 

Supervisor Music Dr H E Cogswell 

Manual Training John A Chamberlain. 

Domestic Science Miss Emma S Jacobs. 

Domestic Art Mrs M. W Gate. 

Physical Culture Rebecca Stoneroad 

Drawing Miss Annie M. Wilson. 

Kindergarten Miss Catherine Walking. 

Armstrong High School (colored), P bet 

1st and 3d, N W , A C Newman, Prin 
Business High School, 9th and R. I. Ave ; 

Allan Davis, Prin 
Central High School, Clifton St btw 12th 

and 13th, Emory M Wilson, Prin 
Eastern High School, 7th near Pa. and C., 

S S f Dr W S Small, Prin. 
M Street High School (colored), M. and 

N J Ave , G C Wilkinson, Prin 
McKinley High School, 7th and R. I. Ave.; 

Frank C Daniel, Prin 
Western High School, 35th and T Sts , N. 

W , Elmer S Ne\vton, Prin 

Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary; 
girls' boarding; R. C., Sister Mary Clem- 
entine, Superior. 

Academy of the Visitation, girls' boarding, 
R C , est 1850, Mother Margaret Mary 
Muth, Directress, Connecticut Ave 

American University; post-grad., co-ed ; M. 
E est 1893, Franklin Hamilton, Ph D, 

Army and Navy Preparatory School; boys* 
prep.; non-sect.; E. Swavely, Prin., 4101 
Connecticut Ave. 

Belcourt Seminary, girls* boarding; non- 
sect , Mrs Mary Burke Somervell, A. M , 
Principal, Girard & 13th Sts 

Bliss Electrical School, 1 yr course in 
Electrical Engineering; men, non-sect , 
est 1893, Louis Denton Bliss, President, 
Tacoma Park. 

Bristol School, girls' boarding, P E ; est. 
1901; Miss Alice A Bristol, Principal, 
19th and Mintwood Place. 

Catholic University of America, comprises 
School of the Sacred Sciences, of Law, of 
Philosophy, of Letters, of Sciences, and 
Teachers' College, R C , est. 1889, Rt. 
Rev Thomas J Shahan, S T. D , Rector 

Catholic University of America, School of 
Law; men, est. 1895, Thomas C. Carri- 
gan, Ph. D, Dean 

Washington continued 

Catholic University of America, School of 
the Sacred Sciences, theol , R C , men, 
Very Rev. Charles F Aiken, S T. D , 

Catholic University of America, School of 
Sciences, courses in Mechanics, Architec- 
ture, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical En- 
gineering, men, R C , est 1895, Daniel 
W Shea, Ph D , Dean 

Catholic University of America, Teachers' 
College, instruction for women members 
of religious communities preparing to 
teach in Catholic schools, est 1911, Fran- 
ces Brawner, Registrar 

Chevy Chase Seminary, girls* boarding, non- 
sect , Mr and Mrs Samuel Nelson Bar- 
ker, Principals 

Colonial School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , Miss Charlotte Crittenden 
Eveiett, Prin , Connecticut Ave. 

Columbia Kindergarten Training School, 
nor kind , Sara K Lippincott and Su- 
san C Baker, Prins , 2108 Connecticut 

Columbia Polytechnic Institute for the 

Blind; manual training; co-ed., est. 1900; 

Frank E. Cleveland, Prin. 
Draughon's Practical Business College; bus., 

sten and teleg., est 1889; Edgar M 

Hayes, Mgr 

Drillery, The, bus, sten and civil service, 
est 1898 , Frank Fuller, A B , Principal, 
1100 New York Ave 

Eastman School, girls' boarding; P. B. ; 
Miss Annie Henderson Eastman, Prin., 
1305 17th St . N. W. 

Emerson Institute, boys' day, non-sect.; 

est 1852, Wmslow H Randolph, Prin- 
cipal, 1740 P Street, N W 

Fairmont Seminary, girls' boarding; non- 
sect , A T. Ramsay, Prin., 1411 Fair- 
mont St. 

Florence School for Girls; girls' boarding; 

non-sect , Mrs M A Martindell, Prin., 

2401 Massachusetts Ave. 
Gallaudet College for the Deaf; coll.; co-ed.; 

boarding, non-sect , est 1864, Percival 
Hall, M A, President, Kendall Green 

George Washington University, comprises 
the College, Graduate School, College of 
Engineering and Mechanic Arts, Teach- 
ers College, Department of Law, of Medi- 
cine, of Dentistry, National College of 
Pharmacy, and College of Veterinary 
Medicine, co-ed , npn-sect , est 1821, 
Charles Herbert Stockton, LL D, Presi- 

George Washington University, Teachers' 
College, training courses for teachers, 
William Carl Ruediger, Ph D , Dean 

George Washington University, Department 
of Dentistry, men, est 1886, John Roland 
Walton, D D S, Dean, 724 9th St, N W 





Washington continued 

George Washington University, College of 
Veterinary Medicine, vet., men; non-sect., 
est. 1890, D. E Buckingham, V. M D., 
Dean, 2113 14th St , N W 
George Washington University, Department 
of La\\ , law, co-ed, est 18b5, Everett 
Fraser, L L D , Dean. 

George Washington University, Department 
of Medicine, med ; reg ; co-ed ; est. 1821, 
William C Borden, M D , Dean, 1325 
H St, N. W 

George Washington University, National 
College of Pharmacy; phar , co-ed ; est 
1872; Henry E Kalusowski, Phar. D, 
Dean, 808 I St , N W 
George Washington University, College of 
Engineering and Mechanic Arts, courses 
in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical En- 
gineering, and Architecture, Howard L, 
Hodgkins, Ph D , Dean 

Georgetown College Preparatory School, 
boys' boarding, R C , est. 1789, Rev. J 
B Creeden, S J, Principal 
Georgetown University, comprises the Col- 
lege, School of Medicine, of Law, and of 
Dental Surgery, men, R C , est 1780, 
Rev Alphonsus J Donlon, S J , Presi- 
dent, 37th & O Sts, N W 
Georgetown University, School of Dentistry, 
men, R. C , Shirley W Bowles, D D S, 
Dean, 920 H St , N W 

Georgetown University, School of Medicine, 
reg, men, est 1850, George M. Kober, 
M D, Dean, 920 H St , N W. 
Georgetown University, School of Law; law, 
men, R C , est 1870, Geoige E Hamil- 
ton. LL D , Dean, 506 E St , N W. 
Gonzaga College; coll.; men; R C. , est 
1821, Rev Francis B Donnelly, S J , 

Gunston Hall, girls' boarding; non-sect , 
est 1892, Mrs Beverly R, Mason, Prin , 
1906 Florida Ave. 

Hall-Noyes School; girls' boarding, non- 
sect., Miss Frances M. Hall, A M, Prin. 
Hamilton School; girls' boarding, non-Meet.; 
Mrs Phoebe Hamilton Seabrook, Prin., 
Lafayette Square. 

Hoi ton- Arms School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1901; Mrs. Jessie Moon Holton 
and Miss C. H. Arms, Frlns 
Holy Cross Academy, girls' boarding; R. 

C , Sister Supenor, Connecticut Ave 
Howard University (colored), comprises 
College of Arts and Sciences, Teachers' 
College, School of Manual Arts and Ap- 
plied Sciences, Conservatory of Music, Li- 
brary School, School of Theology, of 
Medicine, of Law, of Dentistry, Pharma- 
ceutic College, the Academy, and the 
Commercial College; co-ed ; non-sect ; 
est 1867, Stephen Morrell Newman, D. D , 

Howard University Dental College (colored) , 
co-ed , est 1881, Edward A Balloch M 
D, Dean, 1511 Rhode Island Ave, N. W. 

Washington continued 

Howard University, Medical Department 
(colored), med; reg, co-ed; est. 1867; 
Edward A Balloch, M D., Dean, 1511 
Rhode Island Ave , N W 

Howard University Pharmaceutic College 
(colored), phar, co-ed, J Herve Purdy, 
Phar D, Vice-Dean, J612 University PI 

Howard Uni\ersity School of Law (col- 
ored) , co-ed , Benjamin P Leighton, LL. 
D , Dean, 4LO Fifth St , N W 

Howard University School of Manual Arts 
and Applied Sciences (colored) , manual 
training, trades and domestic arts, co-ed , 
Perry B Perkins, Ph D , Director 

Howard University Teachers' College (col- 
ored) , professional teachers' training 
school, Leu is Baxter Moore, Ph D , Dean 

Immacula Seminary, girls* boarding, R. C.; 
est 1905, Sisters of Providence. 

J Oimond Wilson Normal School, normal, 
national, co-ed , est 1875, Anne M 
Godmg, Pimcipal 

King Theological Hall, theol.; men; P. E.; 
est 1901; Rev. William N. Tunneli, War- 

Laise-Phillips School, girls* boarding; non- 
sect , Mrs. Anna M. Laise-Phillips, Prin. 

Linthicum Institute; boys' boarding; non- 
sect., R C BalUnger, Curator 

Lucia Gale Barber School of Rhythm and 
Con elated Arts, boarding, non-sect , est. 
1912, Mrs Mary R Gale Davis, Pd. M, 
Principal, 2003 Columbia Road 

Lucy Webb Hays Tiainmg School, normal 
kmdeigaiten, Nina M Whitman, Prin- 

Madeira's School, Miss, girls' boarding; non- 
sect; est. 1908. Lucy Madeira, A. B., 
Principal, 1330 19th St. 

Madison Hall Seminary; girls' boarding; 
non-sect., est. 1905; Prof, and Mrs. Geo 
F Winston, Prins , 3100 R Street, N. W. 

Martha Washington Seminary, prep.; co- 
ed , non-sect , Edward W. Thompson, 
Prin., Connecticut Ave 

Mount Vernon Seminary; girls' boarding; 

non-sect , est 1875, Mrs Elizabeth J 
Somers, Principal, 1100 M Street, N W. 

National Cathedral School; girls' boarding; 

P E , est 1900, Miss Jessie Claire Mc- 
Donald, Principal, Mount St Alban. 

National Cathedral School for Boys; boys' 
boarding- P. E ; E L Gregg, Head- 
master, Mount St Alban 

National College of Pharmacy; see George 
Washington University. 

National Park Seminary; see Forest Glen, 
Md (Suburb of Washington.) 

National School of Domestic Arts and Sci- 
ences; dom. sci and home economics, 
boarding, Miss Zurhorst, Prin., Conn, 
Ave. and M St, N. W. 





Washington continued 
National Training School for Missionaries 

and Deaconesses, nurse training, domes- 
tic science, kindergarten , women, M E , 
est 1894, Rev William H Wilder, LL 
D , President, 1150 N Capitol St. 

National University, Law School; law, men, 
est. 1869; Charles F. Carusi, B. A , L. L 
M, Dean, 816 13th St , N W. 

Notre Dame Academy; prep ; co-ed.; R C.; 
Sister Mary Euphrasia, Prin. 

Oriental College, coll , co-ed , non-sect , 
est 1903, Helmuth P Holler, Ph D, 

Paul Institute for Girls, boarding and day, 
est 1913, Mrs Paul Hamill, Prin , 2107 

S St , N W 

Potomac University, unlv ; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1904; Ernest Warren Porter, 
Ph D, Pres 

Potomac University, School of Law; co-ed., 
est. 1904; Ralph E. Walker, Ph. D, LL 
M, Dean. 

Ralston University of Expression, elo and 

or.; co-ed ; est 1884. 
St. Cecelia's Academy; girls' boarding-; R 

C., Mother Mary Augusta, Prin 
St. John's College; coll., men; R. C,; est. 

1870, Rev Brother Alfred, F S C, 

St. Margaret's School for Girls, girls' 

boarding. Miss Lippincott and Miss Bak- 
er, Puns , 2115 California 
Sidwells' Friends School; prep ; co-ed.; 

Friends; est. 1883; Thomas W. Sidwell, 

A M, Pi in, 1811 I Street, N. W. 
Small wood- Wilbur School for Girls, girls' 

boardmg, Mrs G T Smallwood and 

Mrs William A Wilbur, Prins, 2103 S 

St, N W. 
Strayer*s Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1904; P. J. Harmon, Prin. 
Stuart School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Miss Claudia Stuart, Prin., 1843 U St, 

N. W. 

Washington continued 

Tanner's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
H. C Tanner, Pres 

Temple School of Shorthand and Typewrit- 
ing, bus and sten , est 1903, Caroline 
B. Stephen, Prin , 1417 9th St. 

Timlow's School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , Miss Lhzabeth Timlow, Pi in., 
1600 Scott Circle 

Trinity College; coll.; women; R C.; est. 
1897, Sister Catherine Aloysius, S N D, 
Piesident, Michigan Avenue, Brookland 

United States College of Veterinary Sur- 
geons, vet , men, non-sect , est 1894; 
Huilbert Young, V S , Pres 

University School, The, boys' boarding; non- 
sect , est. 1891, Robert L. Preston, A. B., 
Prin , 1310 18th St, N W. 

Washington College of Engineering; see 
George Washington University 

Washington College for Young Ladies; girls' 
boarding, non-sect ; F. Menefee, Prin 

Washington College of Law, law, evening 
sessions only, co-ed ; est 1896, Emma M 
Gillett, LL M, Dean, 1317 New York 
Ave, N W 

Washington College of Music; mus., co-ed.; 
est 1903; Sydney Lloyd Wrlghtaon. Pres., 
1147 Connecticut Avenue 

Washington Dental College; see Dental De- 
partment Georgetown University. 

Washington Missionary College, theologi- 
cal, academic and normal courses, Sev- 
enth Day Adventist, John L Shaw, 
President, Takoma Park 

Washington Normal School, No. 2 (colored) , 
normal, national co-ed.; Lucy 1 Moten, 
M. D., Prin. 

Washington Seminary, girls* boarding; 
non-sect , est 1893, Mrs G. T. Small- 
wood, Principal. 

Wilson-Greene School of Music, resident 
school for girls, Thomas B Greene, 
Principal, 2647 Connecticut 

Wood's Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 
est 1885, Court F Wood, L L. M, Presi- 
dent, 311 E Capitol 


Population, 869,230. School census, 275,310. School age, 6-21. 

Florida is the thirty-third state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 869,230 inhabitants, of whom 58 9 per cent, are white Of this number, 
4.5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire popula- 
tion, ten years of age and over, is 13.8 per cent, the state ranking fortieth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


W. N. SHEATS, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tallahassee 

W. S. CAWTHON, State High School Inspector .... ... Gainesville 

R L TURNER, State Inspector Rural Schools. ... . .Inverness 

SHELTON PHILLIPS, State Inspector Bural Schools Wilhston 

J. G COMPTON, Chief Clerk Tallahassee 


GOVERNOR SIDNEY J CATTS, President . . Tallahassee 

W. N. SHEATS, ex-omcio, State Superintendent, Secretary Tallahassee 

H. CLAY CRAWFORD, ex-offiLcio, Secretary of State Tallahassee 

J. C. LUNING, ex-officio, State Treasurer Tallahassee 

THOMAS F WEST, ex-officio, Attorney General Tallahassee 



W. N. SHEATS, State Superintendent Tallahassee 

H. CLAY CRAWFORD, Secretary of State Tallahassee 

J. C. LUNING, State Treasurer Tallahassee 

THOMAS F WEST, Attorney General Tallahassee 

W. A. McBAE, Commissioner of Agriculture Tallahassee 

WILLIAM V. KNOTT, Comptroller Tallahassee 


A. P. MONTAGUE, President .Lake City 

SUPT. B. L. TURNER, Secretary Inverness 


JAMES N. ANDERSON, President Gainesville 

LUCILLE PATTON, Secretary Inverness 






County Name and Address 

Alachua . . . J L. Kelley, Gainesville 
Baker. W A Dopson, Macclenny 

Bay . B L Brigman, Panama City 

Bradford .. .F G Schell, Lake Butler 
Brevard . E E Macey Eau Gallie 

Calhoun .J. F Durham, Blountstown 
Citrus . , . .R. L Turner, Inverness 

Clay W. H Biggs, Gr*n Cove Sp'gs 

Columbia. . . J. W Burns, Lake City 

Dade R E. Hall, Miami 

DeSota J O Bickley, Arcadia 

Duval F A Hathaway, Jacksonville 
Klscambia A S Edwards, Pensacola 

Franklin . . A. A Core, Apalachicola 
Gads den . C H Gray, Quincy 

Hamilton J A. Jackson, Jasper 

Hernando W. A Thaxton, Brooksville 
Hillsborough Marshall Moore, Tampa 
Holmes. . T J McDade, Bonifay 
Jackson Charles B King, Mananna 
Jefferson S H Taylor, Monticello 
LaFayette. . G N Trawick, Mavo 

Lake . W T Kennedy, Umatilla 
Lee .... J W Shenll, Ft Myers 
Leon . H H Isler, Tallahassee 
Levy Thos Price, Bronson 

Name and Address 

.. J. E Roberts, Bristol 

G W. Tedder, Madison 

W M Rolett, Bradentown 

J. H Brinson, Ocala 

Virgil S Lowe, Key West 

L L Owens, Evergreen 

J F McKinnon, Orlando 

C E Yowell, Kissimmee 

Liberty ... 
Marion . 
Monroe . . 
Orange . . 
Palm Beach 

H W Lewis West Palm Beach 
Pasco J W Sanders, Dade City 

Pin^llas Dixie M Hollins, Clearwater 
Polk .... C A. Parker, Bartow 
Putnam J D Cottmgham, Palatka 

St John D D Corbett, St Augustine 
St Lucie J W Hodge, Viking 

Santa Rosa. . J. T Diamond, Milton 
Seminole D L Thrasher, Sanford 

Sumter G H Thompkins, Wildwood 
Suwanee ... J. W O'Hara, Live Oak 
Taylor F S Jackson, Perry 

Volusia C R M Sheppard, DeLand 

Wakulla C K Allen, Sopchoppy 

Wai ton... D. Trotman, DeFuniak Sp'gs 
Washington . .W T Thorne, Yemen 


Apalachicola, Franklin Co , pop. 3,065 

Principal High School Mrs F N Clayton 

Bartow, Polk Co , pop 2,662. 

Pres Bd Educ J M Oglesby 

Sec Bd Educ J A Fort 

Town Superintendent C A Parker 

Piincipal High School L B Bennett 

Summerlin Institute, high school and 
grades, co-ed 

Dade City, Pasco Co., pop. 1,066 

Central Normal College, normal, co-ed , 
state, P W Carr, Principal 

Daytona, Yolnaia Co., pop. 3,082. 

Principal High School H C Marks 

De Ftmiak Springs, Walton Co., pop. 1,280. 

Principal High School M L Neal 
Palmer College, coll, prep, music and art 

depts , co-ed , Presto , est 1907, Rev 

Lynn R Walker, D. D , President 
Palmer College Academy, preparatory school 

of Palmer College, co-ed , William M 

Kemper, A M , Principal 

I>e Land, Volusia Co., pop. 1,496. 

Principal High School Mrs Maud Barron 

John B. Stetson University; unlv. ; co-ed.; 

Bapt.; est 1887, Rev. Lincoln Hulley. 

Ph. D, Pres. 
Stetson University, Department of Law; 

law, co-ed , est 1900, Richmond A 

Rasco, LL B Dean 

De Land continued 

Stetson University, School of Technology; 
tech ; co-ed., est 1902, Ellery B Paine, 
M S, Dean. 

Fernandina, Nassau Co., pop. 3,482. 

Principal High School W H Russell 

St Joseph's Academy; prep , co-ed.; H. C ; 
Sister M Agnes, Prin. 

Fessenden, Marion Co, pop 300. 
Fessenden Academy and Industrial School; 

nor and indust , co-ed ; non-sect.; est. 

1890, Joseph L Wiley, A. B , Pres 

Gainesville, Alachua Co., pop. 6,183. 

Pres Bd Educ W R Thomas 
Sec Bd Educ George P Long 
City Superintendent E R Simmons. 
Principal High School F W Buchholz 

Tebeau's School for Girls, boarding and 
day, P E , est 1875, Miss Tebeau, Prin 

University of Florida, comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences, of Agriculture, of En- 
gineering, of Law, and Teachers' College, 
state, men, est 1905, Albert A Murphree, 
LL D, President 

University of Florida, College of Agricul- 
ture, courses in Agronomy, Agricultural 
Engineering, and Dairying, P H Rolfs, 
Ph D , Dean 




Games* illc continued 

University of Florida, College of Engineer- 
ing, courses in Civil, Electrical, and Me- 
chanical Engineering, and Mechanic Arts, 
J R Benton, Ph D , Dean 

University of Florida, College of Law, men, 
est 1909, Harry R Tiusler, Dean 

University of Florida, Teachers' College and 
Normal School, protessional teachers' 
training 1 courses, H W Cox, Ph D , 

Jacksonville, Duval Co., pop. 57,699. 

Chmn Bd Pub Inst J C Cooper, Jr 
Sec Bd Pub Inst F A Hathaway 
City Superintendent F A. Hathaw as- 
Principal High School R B Rutherford 
Supv Grades Louise Pelham 
Supv Primarj Mjrla, J Morris 
Supv Music Lottie E Reeves 
Manual Training H O Brickel 
Domestic Science Lulu Morns 

Cookman Institute (colored) ; prep ; co-ed , 
M B , est 1872, Rev. G B Stone, Prin 

Draughon's Practical Business College, bus 
and sten , est 1907, Alvm H James, 
Manager, 309 Mam St. 

Edward Waters College (colored) , prep ; co- 
ed , est 1883, A M E , John A Gngg, 
D D , President 

Flagler Preparatory School, guls board- 
ing, open air, est 1914, -Mrs Langrdon 
Caskm, Principal 

Florida Baptist College; prep ; co-ed.; 
Bapt., N W. Collier, Prin. 

Florida Military Academy, military, boys' 
boarding, non-sect , est 1908, Col George 
W Hulvey, A B , Superintendent 

Massey Business College, bus. and sten.; 
E S Hewen, Prin., Cor. Main and Mon- 
roe Sts 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C , Sister M Assizm, Superioress 

Jasper, Hamilton Co., pop. 993. 

Principal High School T J McBeath 

Key West, Monroe Co., pop. 19,945. 

City Superintendent Virgil S. Lowe. 
Principal High School G E McKay 

Convent of Mary Immaculate; prep ; co- 
C , Sister M Assizm, Superior. 

Kissimmee, Osceola Co, pop 2,157, 

Principal High School R M Evans 

Lake City Colombia Co., pop. 5,033. 

City Superintendent John W. Burns. 
Principal High School A B Conner 

Columbia College, coll and prep , Bapt , 
est 1907, A. P Montague, Ph D , LL D, 

Lakeland, Folk Co., pop. 3,719. 

Principal High School C M Jones 

Live Oak, Snwanee Co., pop. 3,450. 

City Superintendent James B Wood. 
Principal High School J H Monahan. 

Florida Institute, prep , co-ed ; Bapt., est. 

1876, L C. Jones, A. M., Pres. 
Southern Business College; bus, sten. and 

teleg , co-ed.; non-sect ; est 1905, K. M 

Clayton, Prin. 

Madison, Madison Co, pop 1,560. 

Pres Bd Bduc X M McLeod. 
Sec Bd Bduc G W Tidder 
Principal High School W B Gate. 

Florida Normal Institute; nor ; co-ed.; pri- 
vate, est 1906, W. B Gate, A. M 

Miami, Dade Co., pop. 5,471. 

Pres Bd Educ A L Munroe 
Sec Bd Educ R. B Hall 
City Superintendent R E Hall 
Puncipal High School J H Workman 

Ocala, Marion Co., pop. 4,370. 

Pies Bd Educ W D Caree 
Sec Bd Educ J H Brinson 
City Superintendent J H Bumson 
Principal High School William H Cassels 

Orange Park, Clay Co., pop. 279. 

Normal and Manual Training School (col- 
ored) , normal, indust , co-ed , Cong , est 
1891; George B. Hurd, Prin 

Orlando, Orange County, pop. 3,894. 

Principal High School J W Simmons 

Cathedral School, girls' boarding, P. E., 
est 1900; Rev B. P. Cobb, A. M., Presi- 

Palatka, Putnam Co., pop. 3,950. 

City Superintendent J D Cottmgham 
Principal High School >M P Geiger 

St Joseph's Academy and Day School; 
prep.; co-ed ; Sister M Jane France, Prin. 

Pensacola, Escambia Co., pop. 22,982. 

Pres Bd. Educ F. E. Brawner. 
Sec Bd Educ. A, S. Edwards. 
City Superintendent A. 3 Edwards. 
Principal High School Boss Rogers 
Drawing Miss Emma Chandler. 
Penmanship William Tyler. 

Plant City, Hillsboro Co., pop. 2,481. 

Pres Bd Educ T M Strickland 
Sec Bd Educ J A Burnes 
Principal High School S L. Woodward 

Buskin, Hillsboro County, pop. 50. 

Ruskin College, prep , normal and indust 
courses, co-ed , est 1913, George McA 
Miller, Ph D, President 





St. Augustine, St. John Co., pop. 5,494. 

Pres Bd Educ L. A. Colee. 
Sec Bd Bduc D. D. Corbett 
Principal High School W E Knibloe 
Supv Music Miss Fletcher. 
Drawing Ethel Hopkins. 

Florida School for Blind, Deaf and Dumb, 

state; A. H. Walker, Pres. 
St Joseph's Academy, prep.; co-ed.; R C. ; 

Sister Mary Agatha, Prin. 

St. Leo, Pasco Co., pop. 145. 
St, Leo College, coll ; theol ; men; R. C. , 
est, 1890; Rt, Rev. Charles H. Mohr, O 
S. B., D. D, Pres. 

St. Petersburg:, Hillsboro Co , pop. 4,127. 

Pres Bd Educ P A Chancellor. 
Sec Bd Educ W A Holshouser 
City Superintendent D M Hollins 
Principal High School G N Sleight 
Supv Music Lillian Kolb 
Manual Training Elizabeth Allen 
Domestic Science Elizabeth Parkinson. 
Drawing Lillian Kolb 

San Antonio, Pasco Co., pop. 300. 

Holy Name Academy, girls' boarding; R 
C.; est 1889, Rev. Mother Prioress, O 
S. B. 

Sanford, Seminole Co., pop. 3,570. 
Pres Bd Bduc C R. Walker. 
Sec. Bd. Bduc. B. F. Whitner, Jr. 
City Superintendent D L Thrasher 
Principal High School B F Bzell 
Supv. Mus & Draw. Miss Kates 

Sutherland, Hillsboro Co., pop. 130. 
Southern College, coll.; co-ed.; M. B.; eit, 
1902, R H Alderman, President 

Tallahassee, Leon Co., pop. 5,018. 

Pres. Bd. Educ Talbot Whitfleld 
Sec. Bd Bduc Guyt McCord 
City Superintendent H H Isler. 
Principal High School B B Lane 

Tallahassee continued 

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege, (for negroes), co-ed.; est. 1887; 
Nathan B. Young, A. M , Pres. 

Florida State College for Women, comprises 
College of Arts and Sciences, Normal 
School, School of Art, of Music, and of 
Expression, women, state, est 1857, Ed- 
ward Conradi, Ph. D , President 

Tampa, Hillsboro Co., pop. 38,524. 

Pres Bd. Educ William Schneider. 
Sec Bd Educ Marshall Moore. 
City Superintendent Marshall Moore. 
Principal High School Marshall Moore 
Supv Music Harriet Little 
Manual Training Neils Pedersen 
Physical Culture Mrs Frank Coles 
Penmanship Warner Hill 
Domestic Science Lela Snider. 
Drawing Elizabeth Lucas. 

Convent of the Holy Names, girls' board- 
ing, R C., est 1881, Sister Mary Amedee, 

Southern Business College, bus. and sten ; 
F L Hurton, Manager 

Tampa Business College, bus and sten.; 

boarding, est. 1890, non-sect.; co-ed.; L. 

M. Hatton, Pres., 609 Franklin St. 
Tampa Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 

est. 1889; J. T. Mallicoat, Principal. 

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co, pop. 

Principal High School I I Hines 

West Tampa, Hillsboro Co., pop. 8,2B8. 

Pres Bd Bduc H C McFarlane 
Sec Bd Educ George N Benjamin. 
City Superintendent H C McFarlane 
Principal High School Frank M Foulks 

Winter Park, Orange Co., pop 461. 

Rollins College, collegiate, prep , music, fine 
arts, domestic science, com'l, special 
course for Spanish speaking, co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1885, George M Ward, LL D, 


Population, 2,609,121. School census, 386,227. School age, 6-18. 

Georgia is the tenth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,609,121 inhabitants, of whom only 549 per cent, are white. Of this number, 
.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population ten 
yearte of age and over is 7 8 per cent, of the white, 36 5 per cent, of the colored, an 
average of 20.7 per cent , the state ranking forty-fourth in this respect. The educa- 
tional system of the state is as follows: 


M. Li. BBITTAIN, State Superintendent of Schools Atlanta 

J. A. NORTHCUTT, Clerk Atlanta 


CELESTE S. PARRISH, Supervisor and Institute Conductor Atlanta 

M. L. DUGGAN, Rural School Agent Atlanta 

J O MARTIN, State Supervisor and Institute Conductor Covington 

F. E LAND, State Supervisor and Institute Conductor.. ... Macon 

JOSEPH S STEWART, State High School Inspector... . .Athens 

J. W. STEPHENS, State School Auditor Atlanta 

GEORGE D. GODDARD, Special Supervisor (for Negroes) . .Milner 


GOVERNOR HUGH M DORSET, President Atlanta 

M. L. BRCTTAIN, State Superintendent, Executive Officer Atlanta 






JOSEPH S. STEWART, President Athens 

J. H. PURKS, Secretary Madison 


RALPH NEWTON, President Fort Valley 

C. H. BRUCE, Secretary Macon 






County Name and Address 

Applmg . . .. H J. Parker, Baxley 
Bacon . George A Taylor, Alma 

Baker J H Hall, Newton 

Bairow W M Holsenbeck, Winder 

Baldwin. N. H Bullard, Milledgeville 
Banks . . .J T. Wise, Baldwin 
Bar tow .. Henry Milam, Carter sville 
Ben Hill .R. J Prentiss, Fitzgerald 

Berrien . . W. G Avera, Nashville 

Bibb . C H Bruce, Macon 

Bleckley I A, Willis, Cochran 

Brooks . .John F. McCall, Qmtman 
Bryan Edward Bcnton, Pembroke 

Bulloch . . B R Olliff, Statesboro 
Burke . ,.E B Gresham, Waynesboro 
Butts Hugh Mallet, Jackson 

Calhoun .B W Fortson, Arlington 

Camden . T. E Casey, St Marys 

Campbell. W H. McLarm, Fairburn 
Candler A H Stapler, Metter 

Carroll E T Steed, Carrollton 

Catoosa .Ansel M. Bandy, Rmggold 

Charlton . L E Mallard Folkston 
Chatham . . Otis Ashmore, Savannah 
Chattahoochee. C N. Howaid, Cusseta 
Chattooga S E Jones, Summerville 
Cherokee .... T A Doss, Canton 

Clarke . . . .T H Dozier, Athens 
Clay. ... E R. King-, Fort Games 
Clayton . . J H Huie, Forest Paik 
Clinch M A Cornelius, Homerville 

Cobb . Bernard Awtrey Marietta 

Coffee J G Floyd, Douglas 

Colquitt . Lee S Dismuke, Moultue 
Columbia J L, Weeks, Appling 

Coweta . J. E Pendergast, Newnan 
Crawford .. J. N Andrews, Roberta 

Crisp J W Bivins, Cordele 

gade . S J Hale, Trenton 

Dawson E L Fowler, Dawsonville 

Deeatur J S Bradwell, Bambridge 

DeKalb . . RE Carroll, Deeatur 

Dodge M. W. Harrell. Eastman 

Dooly EG Greene, Vienna 

Dougherty . R H Warren, Albany 
Douglas G. T. McLarty, Douglasville 

garly E A Evans, Blakely 

Echols .. . . J G Prine, Statenville 

Effingham A E Byrd, Guy ton 

Elbert T. J. Cleveland, Elberton 


... .Robert E Rountree, Swamsboro 
Evans . . . R M Girardeau, Claxton 
Fannm . J W Hughes, Blue Ridge 
Fayette.. W. N. D. Dixon, Fayetteville 

Floyd. J C King, Rome 

Forsyth C L Harris, Gumming 

Franklin J W. McFarland, CarnesvUle 

Julton E C Merry, Atlanta 

Gilmer J S Hudson, Ellijay 

Glascock .. E B Rogers, Gibson 
Glynn . . . N H. Ballard, Brunswick 
Gordon .. . Ernest Dillard, Calhoun 
Grady . . . . J. S Weathers, Cairo 

Greene W. A Purks, White Plains 

Gwinnett C R Ware, Lawrenceville 
Habersham ..PR. Ivie, Clarkesville 

Counts' Name and Address 

Hall J D Undeiwood, Gainesville 

Hancock J L. McClesky, Sparta 

Haialson John W White, Buchanan 
Hams Thomas Wisdom, Chipley 

Halt . W B Morris, HaitwelJ 

Heard . . Hope H Cook, Cooksvill* 
Henry R O Jackson, McDonough 

Houston . F. M Greene, Perry 

Iiwm . J W Weaver, Ocilla 

Jackson.. . . L. F Elrod, Jefferson 
Jasper . J M Elizer, Monticello 

Jeff Davis A B Huisey, Hazelhuist 
Jefferson.. . . HE Smith, Bartow 
Jenkins .. ..W. V Lamer, Milieu 

Johnson R L Sumner, WrifthtsvilUj 
Jones ... . E W. Sammons, Gray 
Laurens . Z Whitehurst, Dublin 

Lee C M McKenney, Smithville 

Liberty. ... E. B Way, Flemington 
Lincoln Dr. W B Crawford, Lincoln ton 

Lowndes J H. O'Qumn, Valdosta 

Lumpkm. . J. J Seabolt, Dahlonega 
Macon .J P Nelson, Oglethorpe 

Madison J A Grffith Danielsvllle 

Marion . T. B Ramey, Buena Vista 
McDuffie ... M. W Dunn, Thomson 
Mclntosh . W A Bramson, Danen 

Merzwether . .W. S. liowell, Greenville 

Miller B B Bush, Colquitt 

Milton .. Wm Rhodes, Alpharetta 
Mitchell B W Davis, Camilla 
Monroe .T H Phmazee, Forsyth 

. . . A B. Hutcheson, Mt Vernon 
Morgan . E. a Bird" Madison 

Murray. R Noel Steed, Chatsworth 

Muscogee. . J L Bond, Columbus 
Newton , G C Adams, Covington 

Oconee J W. McWhorter, Watkinsville 
Oglethoipe M. S Weaver, Lexington 

Paulding H. C. Scoggins, Dallas 

Pickens . . . C. H. Cox/ Jasper 

Pierce R. D Thomas, Blackshear 

Pike . . . G B Ridley, Zebulon 
Polk Geo E Benedict, Cedartown 

Pulaskl. .. F. B Asbell, Hawkinsville 
Putnam .. W. C. Wright, Katonton 
Quitman ..H M Kaigler, Georgetown 
gabun . .. L M. Chastain. Burton 
Randolph .Walter McMichael, Cuthbert 
Richmond . Lawton B Evans, Augusta 
Rockdale.. .T. D. O'KeUy, Conyers 
Schley . ..EL Bridges, Ellaville 
Screven . . H J. Arnett, SyXvania 

Spalding . j. o. A. Miller, Pomona 

Stephens J. I, Allman. Toccoa 

Stewart W. T. Halliday, Lumpkin 

Sumter ..W. S Moore, Americus 

Talbot H. P. Hewitt, Talbotton 

TaUaferro S J Flynt Sharon 

Tattnall I S. Smith, Reldsville 

Taylor A S. Wallace, Butler 

Telf^ir T P. Windsor, McRae 

Terrell . ..J W. F Lowrev, Dawson 
Thomas fc . ..J S. Searcy, Thomasville 

Tif t R. F Kersey, Tifton 

Toombs G. C Brantley, Lyons 






Towns . R A. Kimsey, Hiawassee 

Troup. ... J B Strong:, LaGrange 

Turner Judson Johnson, Rebecca 

Twiggs. B S. Fitzpatnck, Fitzpatrick 
Union .. .T L Patterson, Blairsville 
Upson . J A Thurston, Thomaston 
Walker. . . R D Love, LaFayette 
Walton . . . R L Paine, Social Circle 

Ware J R Bourn, Wavcross 

Warren R. W. Ware, Camak 

Washington. J. C Harman, Sandersville 

Wayne B D Purcell, Jesup 

Webster J. F Souter, Pre&ton 

Wheelei J R Auld, Alamo 

White . T V Cantiell, Jr. Cleveland 
Whitneld . . . . J C Sapp, Dalton 
Wilcox ... JE S Hamilton, Abbeville 
Wilkes C H. Calhoun, Washington 
Wilkinson . . J H Hoover, Irwinton 
Worth . . Walter R. Sumner, Sylvester 


Abbeville, Wilcox Co , pop 1,201. 

Pies Bd Educ W R Googe 
Sec Bd Educ C C Fulffhum 
Pnncipal High School J L Newbein 

Acworth, Cobb Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ G W McMillan 
Sec Bd Eduo Wilbui Colvin 
City Supt & Pi in H S Wilbui Colvin 
Supv Mrs Jennie Malone 

Adairsville, Bartow Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent R E Rickenbaker 

A del, Berrien Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent G E Ushei 

Adrain, Emanuel Co., pop. 900. 

City Supeiintondent T J Gai drier 

Albany, Dougherty Co., pop. 8,190. 

Pres Bd Educ H A Parver 
Soc Bd Educ S R do Jarnette 
City Superintendent R E Brooks 
Prln H. S R E Smithers 
Domestic Science Daisy Patton 
Commercial J C Freeman 

Americns, Snmter Co , pop. 8,063. 

Pies Bd Educ Lansing Burrows 
Sec Bd Educ J E Mathis 
City Superintendent J E Mathis 
Principal High School C C Youmans 
Com'! & Stenog'y Connor T Jones 

Third District Agricultural School; agri, 
and indust ; state, co-ed , eat 1906, J 
M. Collum, Prln. 

Arab!, Crisp Co., pop. 600. 

Houston High School, prep; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est 1894; Rev L. S Barrett, A B, 

Arlington, Calhoun Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pies Bd Educ J S Oowart 
Sec Bd. Educ G W Harrison 
City Superintendent W T Bell. 
Principal High School S. B Nicholson 

Ashburn, Turner Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ J S Shingle. 
Sec Bd Educ J F Jenkins 
City Superintendent C. H Bishop 
Principal High School J. F Lambert. 
Domestic Science Mrs Bessie S' "Wood, 

Athens, Clarke Co., pop 14,913. 

Pres Bd Educ Rev John D Mell 

Sec Bd Educ C D Flanigen 

City Superintendent George G. Bond 

Prln H S E B Mell 

Supv Music Maiy Ross 

Domestic Science Miss I* W "Witchei. 

Commeicial Misa E Bohannon 

Athens Business College, bus and sten ; 
J D. Severns, Principal. 

Jeruel Academy (colored); prep, co-ed.; 
Bapt , J H Brown Pnn 

Knox Institute and Industrial School (color- 
ed), prep, and indust; co-ed; Cong.; 
L S Clarke, A M, Prin. 

Lucy Cobb Institute; girls' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1858, Miss Susan Gerdine, Prin. 

State Normal School, teachers' training 
courses; state, co-ed ; est 1894, Jere M 
Pound, A. M , President. 

University of Georgia, comprises College 
of Arts, of Agriculture and Mechanic 
Arts, of Law, of Pharmacy, of Education, 
of Commerce, state, men; est 1801, David 
Crenshaw Barrow, LL D , Chancellor 

Univeisity of Georgia, College of Agricul- 
ture and Mechanic Arts, agriculture, civil 
and electrical engineering, mechanic arts. 
Andrew McNairn Soule, Sc D , President. 

Univeisity of Georgia, School of Education; 
professional teachers' courses; men; est 
1908, Thomas J Woofter, LL I> , Dean. 

University of Georgia, School of Commerce, 
men, est 1912, R E. Curtis, Ph D., Di- 

University of Georgia, Law Department 
men, est. 1859, Sylvanus Morris, B L., 

University of Georgia, School of Pharmacy, 
Roborl C. Wilson, Dean 

Atlanta, Fulton Co., pop. 154,839. 

Pres Bd Educ Hobei t J Guinn. 
Sec. Bd Educ L M Landrum 
City Superintendent L M Landrum. 
Assistant gVupei intondent J C Wardlaw. 
Supervisor Music Miss Kate Lee Harralson 
Domestic Science Zillah Johnson 
Physical Culture Dr Theo Toepel. 
Drawing Charlotte G Smith 
Penmanship & Stenog "W C I*owe 




Atlanta continued 
Commercial Mrs. A T Wise 
Pnmaij Lauia M Smith 

Boys' High School, Courtland & Gilmer Sts 

W F Dykes, Principal 
English-Commeieial High School, Ciew & 

Claik Rts , Mis A T Wise, Pimcipal 
Girls' High School, Mitchell & Washington 

Sts , Miss Jessie Muse, Pimcipal 
Technological High School, 353 Marietta St 

C S Culver, Principal 

Atlanta College of Pharmacy , phar , co-ed. , 
est. 1891, George F. Payne, Ph G, M 
D , Dean, 253 Courtland Street 

Atlanta Commercial College, bus. and sten . 
Noah. Adair, Pres 

Atlanta Conseivatoiy of Music, Cable Piano 

Atlanta Dental College, dent , co-ed , est 
1893, Claude N Hughes, D D S, Dean, 
Edgewood and Ivy 

Atlanta Institute oi Music and Oiatoiy, 20 
& Baker St 

Atlanta Kinder gai ten, Normal and Elemen- 
tal y School, normal, Kmdeigaitcn, Wil- 
lette A Allen, Pimcipal 

Atlanta Law School, Hamilton Douglas, 

Atlanta Select School for Boys, boarding, 
non-sect , est 1902, J A Richaidson, 
A. M., Principal. 

Atlanta Medical College, med , reg , est 
1854, W S Blkin, M D, Dean 

Atlanta Theological Seminary, theol., men, 
Cong , co-ed ; est 1901, Rev 2 Lyman 
Hood, Ph D, President, 300 Stewart Ave 

Atlanta University (colored), high school, 
nor. and coll courses; co-ed., non- 
sect , eat. 1869 , Edward T. Ware, A B , 

Bagwell Business College; bus and sten., 
est 1900, J O. Bagwell, Pun, 34 Luckie 

Clark University (colored) , coll , nor , agri , 
manual tr and prep , co-ed , est 1870 , 
M E , Harry A King, D D , President 

C rich ton -Shumaker Business College, bus 
and sten , E C Crichton, Prin , Klser 

Draughon's Practical Business College, bus 
and sten.; est 1889, Arthur C. Winter, 
A. B , A M , Manager, 40 W Mitchell St 

Emory Univeisity, coll , co-ed , M E 

Exposition Cotton Mill School, private com- 
pany school for mill operators 

Gammon Theological Seminary, theol ; men, 
M E , est 1813, S. E. Idleman, M. A, 
D D , President, So Atlanta 

Georgia College of Eclectic Medicine and 
Surgery, med , eclectic, co-ed.; est. 1886, 
Elzie B Thomas, M D, Fro-ctor 

Georgia Military Academy; boys' boarding; 
military; non-sect , est 1900. Col J C 
Woodward, A. M , President, 

Atlanta continued 

Georgia School of Technology, courses in 
Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Textile, and 
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and 
Architectuie, men, state, est 1888, Ken- 
neth Goi don Mathoson, LL D , President 

Hanna's School, Miss, prep , co-ed , Miss 
E. H. Hanna. Prln 

Hunter's School for Boys, boys, prep , non- 
sect., B T Hunter, Prin 

Loretto Convent, girls, prep ; R. C Sister 
Mary Regis, Superior 

Marlst College, coll , men, H C ; est. 1902; 
Rev George S Rapier, Fres. 

Moiehouso College (colored) , college, di- 
vinity school and academy, men, Bapt , 
est 1867, Rev John Hope, A M, Presi- 
dent, Chestnut & West Fair St 

Morris Brown University (colored) ; coll , 
prep , theology, nor , music, indust , do- 
mestic science, com'l, co-ed , A. M E , 
est 1885 , Rev W A Fountain, Ph D , 

Ofllethorpe University, coll , co-ed , Presb , 
Rev Thorn well Jacobs, D D , President 

Peacock School for Boys, boys' prop , non- 
sect , est 1806, D C Peacock, A B, 
Piincipal, 41 W llth St 

Southeastern Dental College, J. M Swico- 
good, D D S, Dean 

Southern College of Medicine nnd Puiflrery, 
leg , men, W Bcinaid Lingo, M D, 
Dean, 52 McDan 

Southern College of Pharmacy, phar , co- 
ed , est 1903, R C Hood, Ph G, Dean, 
93 Luckie St 

Southern Dental College, dent.; men; eat 
1887, S W Foster, D D W, Dean, 100 

Southern Shorthand and Business Univer- 
sity, bus and sten , A C Briscoo, Presi- 
dent, 10% W Mitchell St. 

Southern Univeisity of Music, Kurt Mueller, 
Dnec*or, 353 Peaohtu'o 

Spelman Seminary (colored); girls' normal 
and Industrial; Bapt.; est 1881; Miss Lucy 
H Tapley, Pres 

Turner Theological Seminary, Morris Brown 
University (colored); est 1885; A. M. B.; 
Rov P W Greatheai t, D, t> , Dean 

Washington Seminary, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1878, Llewellyn D Scott, Prin- 
cipal, 1374 Peach tree Road 

Woodberry School for Girls, girls' boarding; 
P E , est 1908, Miss Rosa Woodberry, 
Principal, 428 Poachtree St. 

Auburn, Gwlnnett Co., pop. 375. 

Supt. of Schools W. C Canton. 

Periy-Rainey Instituto, prep , co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1804, J T, Roberta, President. 





Augusta, Richmond Co., pop 41,040. 

Pres Bd Educ James L Fleming 

Sec Bd Educ Lawton 33 Evans 

City Superintendent Lawton B Evans 

Assistant Supt T H G-arrett 

Prin Tubraan H S (Girls) T H Garrett. 

Prin Richmond Academy (Boys) Geo. P 


Supervisor Music Miss N E Harris 
Manual Training O C Skinner 
Domestic Science Miss Clyda Schuman 
Drawing Miss Caroline T* Baker. 
Kindei gai ten Eunice Gates 

Academy of Richmond County, public high 
school, boys' boarding, non-sect.; est. 
1783, Major George P Butler, com- 
mandant, 540 Tel fair Street 

Augusta Business College, bus and sten , 

co-ed ; non-sect., B H Clark, Prin , 

Harris Bldg. 
Haines Normal and Industrial Institute, 

normal, private, co-ed. 
Georgia Business College, bus, sten and 

tel , est 1913, Victor E. Fourcher, Presi- 
dent, Harison Bldg 
Georgia Medical College, University of 

Georgia, med , reg , men, est 1829; 

William H Doughty, M D , Dean 
Osborne's Business College, bus and sten., 

S. L Osborne, Pres 
Payne College (colored) , theol , agri , indust. 

and prep , co-cd , boarding, M E , est 

1884, Rev J D Hammond, D D, Pies 
Sacred Heart Academy, girls' boarding, B 

C , Sister M Gertrude, Prin 
Sacred Heart College, prep ; boys, R, C., 

est. 1900, Rev. W A. Wilkenson, 8 J, 

St Mary's Academy, girls' day, R C , est 

1853, Sister Mary Rose, Superioress, 708 


St Patrick's Commercial Institute; bus 

and sten , est. 1872, Brother Theodoras, 

Slack Business College, bus and sten , est, 

1914, D E Stack, Pi op 
Southern School of Music; music, co-ed , 

S T Battle, Director. 
Sturman's Preparatory School, prep ; boys, 

non-sect ; W. H. Sturman, Prin. 
Sumznerville Academy; prep., co-ed; 

John W. Dow, A M, Prin. 

Walker Baptist Institute, prep; co-ed., 
Bapt ; N W Curtwrlght, Prin. 

Aurtell, Cobb Co., pop. 648. 
Pres Bd Educ W P Davis 
Sec. Bd Educ C. C. Perkerson 
Principal High School Urbcn Bowon. 

Balnbrldge, Decatur Co., pop. 6,000. 
Pres Bd Ehluc. Giles Toole 
Sec. Bd, Educ A, B Conger 
City Superintendent John F Thomason 
Principal High School J F. Thomason 

Barnesvllle, Pike Co*, pop* 3,068. 

City Superintendent E. T. Holmes 

Bames\ ille continued 
Gordon Institute, prep ; co-ed ; non-sect , 

est. 1852, E T Holmes, Pres. 
Sixth District Agricultural School, agri 

and indust, state; co-ed., est 1906; W. 

H Maxwell. Prin. 

Bartow, Jefferson Co., pop 650. 

Prin H S F A Brinson 

Baxley, Appling Co., pop. 1,000. 

Prin H S A H Moon. 

Blackshear, Pierce Co, pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent B L Joidan 

Presbyterial Institute, prep ; co-ed , Presb ; 
Robert JEE Mann, Prin 

Blairsville, Union Co , pop 300. 

Blairsville Collegiate Institute, piep co- 
ed , T E Elgin, Piosident 

Blakely, Early Co., pop. 1,838 

City Superintendent Paul R Anderson 

Blue Ridgre, Fannra Co, pop. 1,500. 

City Supeuntondent F E Morton 

Bluffton, Clay Co., pop. 460. 

Supt of Schools G L Perryman 

Boston, Thomas Co., pop. 1,800. 

Prin. H. S. W E. Nichols 

Bowdon, Carroll Co, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ R M. Lovvorn 
Sec Bd Educ W T Johnson 
City Supeiintendent Glen Panott 

Bowdon College, coll ; co-ed., non-sect ; 

est 1857, Glen Paiiott, M A, Pres 

Bowersville, Hart Co., pop. 4135. 

Pics Bd Educ F M. Johnson 

Sec Bd Educ T B Andrew 

City Supoiintendent W D Stephenson 

Principal High School W D Stephenson 

Bowman, Elbert Co., pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ J. A Ginn 
Sec Bd Educ Peter V Rice 
City Superintendent Peter V Rice 
Supv Music -Miss Ruth Teasley 
Manual Tiaining Miss Lula Peck 

Gibson-Mercer Academy; prep , co-ed.; 
boarding; Bapt , est 1892, John P Cash, 
A B, Principal. 

Bremen, Haralson Go , pop. 050. 

Pres Bd Bduc John P Boatright. 
Sec Bd Educ Richard Fields 
City Superintendent R. El Grier. 

Brooklet, Bulloch Co., pop. 500. 

Prin H S J. L. Newbern. 

Broxton, Coffee Co., pop. 600. 

City Superintendent Oscar Campbell 





Brunswick, Glynn Co., pop. 10,182. 

Pres Bd Educ A V Wood 
Sec Bd Educ W B Cook 
Cits'- Superintendent N H Ballard 
Piincipal High School J N Haddock 
Supv Music Miss Mary Rafcette 
Domestic Science Miss Cordelia Glanton 
Drawing Miss Margaret Symons 
Pen'ship, Com'l & Stenog'y A T Burke 

Glynn Academy, piep , co-ed , Ralph New- 
ton, Principal 

Selden Institute , theol , prep and Indust ; 
boarding, co-ed , Presb , est 1903, Henry 
A Bteach, A. M , Principal. 

Bnena Vista, Marion Co., pop 1,161. 

Prin. H, S W E. Drane 

Hoke Smith Institute, prep , co-ed , W E 
Drane, Pnn 

Buford, Owinnett Co., pop. 1,450. 

Prs Bd Educ J L, Shadburn 
Sec Bd Educ M E Brazdon 
City Supt & Prin H S W N Nunn 
Supv Music Miss Bulah Paschal. 

Butler, Taylor Co., pop. 705* 

City Superintendent W. T. Pettis 

Cairo, Grady Co, pop 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ J B Wight 

Sec Bd Educ W B Roddenbeiy 

City Superintendent Ralph Doiman 

Calhoun, Gordon Co , pop. 3,600. 

Prm H SC C Wills. 

Camilla, Mitchell Co, pop. 1,600 

City Supenntendent E L. Tappan 

Canon, Franklin Co, pop. 850. 

Pies Bd Educ A J Owens 
Sec Bd Educ Dr B F Bond 
City Supt & Pun H S- J S Byme 
Supv Music Miss Lottie Bond 
Physical Culture Mrs J F Williams. 

Canton, Cherokee Co, pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent W C Carlton 

Carnesville, Franklin Co , pop 800. 

Pics Bd Educ J R Hall 
Sec Bd Educ L F Lenhardt 
City Superintendent J C Hall. 
Principal High School J C Hall 
Supv Music Mrs Hardy, 
Domestic Science Mrs J S Byrne 

Tugalo Institute, prep , nail., co-ed.; non- 
sect , est 1900, Josiah C. Hall, B. Fed, 

Carrollton, Carroll Co., pop. 3,279. 

Pres Bd Educ W N Fitts 

Sec Bd Educ L, K Smith 

City Superintendent H B Adams 

Principal High School M. T Sommons 

Siapv Music Pattie Threadgille 

Fourth District Agricultural School, agri 
and Indust, state, co-ed , est. 1906, J 
H. Melson, Prln. 

Cartersville, Bartow Co., pop. 4,067. 

Pies Bd Educ C M Milam 

Sec Bd Educ R E Adiu 

City Superintendent Henry L Sewell. 

Tnncipal High Sthool \V E Quccnoi. 

Cave Spring, Floyd Co , pop. 1,000 

City Superintendent W H McDanicl 

Hearn Academy for Boys and Girls, prop , 
co-ed , Bapt , W H McDamel, Pics 

Georgia School for the Deaf, state institu- 
tion, W O Connor, Prin 

Cedartown, Polk Co., pop. 3,551. 

Pics Bd Educ E S Ault 
Sec Bd Educ A H VanDcvandcr 
City Superintendent J E Puiks 
Pnncipal High School W L. Do^ns 

Samuel Benedict Memoiml School, ajril, in- 
dust and prep , co-ed ; non-sect ' est 
1S95, George E Benedict, President 

CkicKamauga, Walker Co , pop. 350 

City Superintendent I S Flanigan 

Chlpley, Harris Co , pop. 1,000. 

Pie& Bd Educ t 1 D Tuckoi 
Sec Bd Educ H C Kimbiouffh 
City Supeiinundtnl W M 1'aikoi 
Pnncipal High School Iflleanoi Piukfcton 

Clarksville, Habersham Co., pop. 700. 

City JSupeiiniendent J L. Kennedy 

Ninth District Agricultural School, agrrl 
and indust , state, co-ed , est. 1906; M 
C. Gay, Prin. 

Clavton, Evans Co , pop. 1,008. 

City Superintendent A T Wilson 

Cleveland, White Co, pop. 350. 

City Superintendent J. A Fielder 

Cleveland Academy, prep , co-ed ; non- 
sect , W P Palmer, Prln 

Cochran, Ble<-lUey Co, pop. 1,650. 

Pica B<1 Educ T L Ball&y 
Sec Bd Ifidue E Cook, Jr 
City Kupenntondent U M Mcmt 
Puncipal High School O H Trammell 

College Park, Suburb of Atlanta, pop. 650. 

Cox College and Conservatory; girls' board- 
ing, Bapt , est 18-13, JUwIs Fowlor, 

Georgia Military Academy (See Atlanta). 

Columbus, Muscoffee Co., pop, 90,554. 

Pres Ba, Educ H R, Gootchins. 
Sec Bd. EJduc H B Daniel 
City Superintendent Roland B. Daniel. 
Principal High School T. C Kemlrick. 
Supv Music Miss Elizabeth Deigrman. 
Manual Training G F I.uok 
Domestic Science Miss Frances Kggera 
Drawing G V Luck 
Commercial C A Maupin. 





Columbus continued 

Columbus Free Kindergarten Association, 
kindergarten training, women, est 1894, 
Edwina Wood, Director, 1431 4th Ave. 

Columbus Semmai y, girls' boarding and 
day, est 1909, Rosa B Snydei, Principal 

Massey Business College, bus and sten , 
Richard W. Massey, Pres 

Miss Moore's School, prep , co-ed , non- 
sect , Miss Ruth Moore, Prin 

St Elmo's Institute, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , James J Slade, Prin 

St Joseph's Academy, prep , co-ed.; R. C ; 
Sister M Stanislaus, Prin 

Wynnton College, prep , co-ed , non-sect , 
F. G. Webb, A M, Prin 

Coiner, Madison Co , pop. 1,175. 

City Superintendent J E Cheatham 

Commerce, Jackson Co., pop. 2,238 

Pres Bd Educ W B Hordman. 
Sec Bd Educ H B Bible 
City Superintendent H B Caneker 
Principal High School J T Miller 
Supv Music Kate Foster 
Physical Culture Harriet Mason 

Concord, Pike Co , pop. 550. 

City Supcuntendcnt T A Closer 

Middle Georgia Institute; prep , co-ed , 
non-sect ; H B Carreker, A B , Prin. 

Conyers, Rockdale Co., yop. 1,800. 

City Superintendent I* O Freeman. 

Cooksville, Heard Co., pop, 75. 

Cooksville High School; prep ; co-ed , non- 
sect , G W. St John, Prin. 

Cordele, Crisp Co., pop. 5,883. 

City Supeilntendent A L Bicwer 

Cordele Business College, bus and sten.; 
est 1902, Ernest Seamans, Pres 

Cornelia, Habersham Co., pop. 850. 

City Supexmtendent J E Ellis 

Cornelia Normal Institute; normal; private, 
co-ed ; J W Marion, A. M , Pres 

Covlngton, Newton Co., pop. 2,697. 

Pros Bd Educ T G Calloway 

Sec Bd Educ R II Fowlci 

City Superintendent H B Rlobeitson 

Pxincipal High School W E Hlne 

Crawfordville, Taliaferro Co., pop. 1,000. 

Supt ot Schools D L Gibson 

Stephens Institute; prep , co-ed. , H. H. 

Camming, Forsyth Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent T. P. Trlbble, 

High tower Baptist Institute, prep, co-ed., 
Bapt , E D Green, Prin. 

Cuthbert, Randolph Co , pop. 2,850. 

Pres Bd Educ F D Patterson 
Sec Bd Educ J J Howell. 

Cit^ Superintendent J H Woods 
Principal High School J H Watson 

Andrew Female College, girls' boarding, 
M E So , J W. Malone, A M , Prin. 

Bethel Male College, boys' boarding, Bapt , 
A. E Kuse, Pun 

Payne College (colored) , nor and prep ; 
boarding, co-ed , A M B , est 1888, 
A B Cooper, President 

Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co , pop. 1,255. 

City Superintendent A G Ferguson 

North Georgia. Agricultural College, courses 
in arts and science, agnc , pedagogy, mining 
engineering, state, co-ed , est 1871, Gus- 
tavus R Glenn, L.L D , President 

North Georgia Agricultural College, School 
of Mines, raining engineering and metal- 
lurgy, Byron J Snyder, Director 

Dallas, Paulding Co , pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent lima Foster 

Dalton, Whitfteld Co, pop. 5,324. 

Pi es Bd Educ Frank Manly 
Sec Bd Educ Dennis Barrett 
City Superintendent C D Meadows 
Principal High School J H. Watson 

Darien, Mclntosh Co , pop. 1,739. 

City Supenntendent H D Cummings 

Dawson, Torrell Co , pop 3,827. 

Pies Bd Educ M C Edwards. 
Sec Bd Educ J G Parks 
City Superintendent J C Dukes 
Supv Music Miss Chop Seville 
Expression Miss Jennie B Jackson 

Decatur, Dekalb Co., pop. 2,466. 

City Supei Intendent B E Treadwell. 

Agnes Scott College for Women; coll,; 

women, Presb ; Rev. F. H. Gaines, D. D., 

Donald Fraser Academy; boys' boarding; 

Presb ; G. S Candler, Prin 

Demorest, Habersham Co., pop. 650. 

City Superintendent J C Rogers 

Piedmont College, collegiate and prep 
depts , co-ed , Cong , est 1897 , Dr Frank 
E Jenkins, President 

Piedmont Academy; prep ; co-ed ; Cong.; 
J, C Rogers, Prin. 

Douglas, Coffee Co., pop. 8,550. 

City Superintendent W. A. Little. 

Eleventh District Agricultural School, agrl. 

ana indust , state, co-ed , est 1906, J. W. 

Powell, Principal 
Georgia* Normal and Business College; est 

1898, non-sect , boarding, co-ed , W A 

Little, A B, Principal 





Douglas continued 

Southern Normal Institute, nor , state, co- 
ed ; J Walter Hendricks. Pres 

Dougrlasville, Douglas Co., pop 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ L C Nyssham. 
Sec Bd Educ J T Duncan 
City Superintendent W H Butler 
Supv Music Mrs H V Johnston 

Douglasville College; prep ; co-ed , non- 
sect ; est 1889, Arthur W Jackson, B. S. 

Draketovm, Haralson Co., pop. 300. 

Draketown Baptist Institute, prep , co-ed , 
Bapt , J B Dean A B , Principal 

Dublin, ILaurens Co., pop 5,795. 

Pres Bd Educ L Q Stubbs 
Sec Bd Educ W T Garrett 
City Superintendent P J King 
Prln H S. N. G. Bartlett 

Eastman, Dodge Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Walter M Clements 
Sec Bd Educ John M Bohannon 
City Superintendent N W Hurst 
Supv Music Miss Margunte Hutchinson 

Eatonton, Putman Co., pop. 1,823. 

City Superintendent J B Duke 

Rockville Academy, prep ; co-ed ; F G. 
Branch, Prin 

Elberton, Elbert Co , pop. 6,483. 

Pres Bd Educ W O Jones 
Sec Bd Educ Charles E Dryden 
City Superintendent C E Dryden 
Principal High School Theodore Remble, Jr 
Supv Mus & Dom Sci Miss Laura Stil- 

ElUjay, Gilmer Co., pop. 800. 

City Superintendent W F Hagan 

Ell 1 jay Institute; prep , boarding and day, 
co-ed , non-sect., S. L Mackie, Prin. 

Epworth, Fannln Co., pop. 120. 

Ep worth Seminary; prep., agrl and mus ; 
boarding, est 1897, Rev L. A. Willsey, 
A M, S T. B., President 

Everett Springs, Floyd Co., pop. 110. 

Everett Springs Seminary; prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect ; est. 1886, Eev. G M. Davis, 
A. B, Prin. 

Fairburn, Campbell Co., pop* 950. 

Pres Bd Educ J H McClure 
Sec Bd Educ Charles D Toney 
City Superintendent J M Cannon. 

Fairburn Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect ; 
W. C. Looney, Prin. 

Falrmount, Gordon Co., pop. 650. 

Fairmount College; prep.; co-ed ; M. B So.; 
W. H Harrison, Prin. 

Fayetteville, Fayette Co , pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent J W Blacks ell 

Fitzgerald, Ben Hill Co., pop. 5,795. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Turner 

Sec Bd Educ J C Glovei 

City Superintendent J E Rlcketson 

Principal High School Aubicy RIatthows 

Pen' ship, Com'l & Stenog'y J W Moiris 

Forsyth, Monroe Co., pop. 2,208. 

City Superintendent W V Lance 

R Banks Stephens Institute; prep ; co-ed , 
non-sect , J W. Moseley, Prin 

Bessie Tift College, girls' boaiding, music, 
oratory art, Bapt , est 1849, CHS 
Jackson, LL D, President 

Fort Gaines, Clay Co , pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent J W Rish 

Fort Lamar, Madison Co., pop. 56. 

Ft Lamar High School, prep ; co-ed ; 
Meth , M A Cooley. A B , Prin 

Fort Valley, Houston Co , pop. 2,697. 

City Superintendent Ralph Newton. 

Grady Institute, prep ; co-ed.; non-sect.; I* 
O Freeman, Prin. 

Franklin, Heard Co., pop. 750. 

City Supenntendent A B Park 
Franklin Collegiate Institute, prep,, co-ed ; 
Dozier Hawkes, Prin. 

Gainesville, Hall Co , pop. 5,925. 

Pros Bd Educ J B Gaston 

Sec Bd Educ W R Winburn 

City Superintendent James A. Mershon, 

Pimcipa.1 High School S 11 Konyon 

Brenau College, girls' boarding; non-sect ; 
est 1878; Haywood J. Pearce, Ph. D, 

Riverside Military Academy, boys' board- 
ing, military, non-sect , est 1908, F. L, 
McCoy, Ph D, Principal. 

Granite Hill, Hancock Co. 

Tenth District Agricultural School; agrl. 
and indust ; state; co-ed.; est. 1006; 
J T McGec, Principal 

Greensboro, Greene Co., pop. 2,120. 

Pres Bd Educ F E Boswcll 
Sec Bd Educ H. B. Robertson. 
City Superintendent H. B Robertson. 
Principal High School A B. Waggoner. 
Supv Music Mrs W. M. Kimbro 

Greenville, Meriwethex Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent C O, Stubbs. 

Griffin, Spalding Co., pop. 7,478, 

City Superintendent James A. Jones. 

Prin. H S. Allan Bakes. 

Supv Drawing Kathleeno Laramore, 

Guyton, Effingham Co., pop* 700. 

City Superintendent V D Wood 

South Atlantic Institute; prep.; co-ed.; J* 
S. Klrton, Prin. 





Hahlra, Lowndes Co., pop. 1,050. 

Chm Bd Educ W W Webb 
Sec Bd Educ L M Stanfill 
Principal High School J W O'Dell 

Harlem, Columbia Co , pop. 850. 
Prin H S- R D Eadie. 

Hartwell, Hart Co., pop 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ W I Hailey 
Sec Bd Educ R H Burns 
City Superintendent C G Power. 

Hartwell Institute, prep ; co-ed , non-sect., 
W C. Ariail. Prin. 

Hawklnsville, Pulaskl Co , pop. 3,420. 

Pres Bd Educ A E Wynn 
Sec Bd Educ H D Knowles 
City Superintendent J P Lambert 
Principal High School M C Austin 
Supv Music Miss Nettie Cone 

Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis Co., pop. 1,050 

City Superintendent C G Paine 

Hephzibah, Richmond Co., pop. 541. 

Prin. H S H W Sewell 

Hiawassee, Towns Co., pop. 230. 

City Superintendent E. B Owenby. 

Hogansvllle, Troup Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent A. W Strozier 

Jackson, Butts Co., pop. 1,725. 

Sec Bd Educ J H Ham 
Sec Bd Educ W P. Martin 
City Superintendent W P. Martin 
Principal High School George Williams. 
Supv Music Miss Ezra Morrison. 
Domestic Science Mrs W P. Martin. 
Drawing Miss Chestnut. 

Jefferson, Jackson Co., pop. 1,207. 

Pres. Bd Educ J P Kelley. 
Sec Bd Educ Homer Hancock 
City Supeiintendent W T Foster 
Principal High School Bonnie Brock 
Supv. Music Mrs U G Hardamn 

Martin Institute, prep ; co-ed , non-sect.; 
G. E Usher, Prin. 

Jesup, Wayne Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ L S Price 
Sec Bd Educ. E L Littlefield 
City Superintendent H W Keith 
Principal High School J E Bates 
Supv. Music H B. MandeviHe 

JohnstoxivUle, Monroe Co., pop. 48. 

Fleming High School; prep.; co-ed ; Wil- 
liam D, Thurmond, Frln. 

Kirkwood, Dekalb Co., pop. 1,220. 

Supt of Schools Miss Myra Robinson. 

La Fayette, Walker Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent Z W. Jones 

Lagrange, Troup Co., pop. 5,587. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Dunson 

Sec Bd Educ T J Harwell 

City Superintendent Clifford L Smith. 

Principal High School T. G Polhill 

La Grange College, girls' boarding, M E 
So , est 1833, Daisy Davies, Pies. 

Southern Female College, girls' boarding, 
nor, music and com'l, Bapt ; est. 1842, 
James E Ricketson, President. 

Lavonia, Franklin Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent G H Coleman. 

Lavonia Institute; prep , co-ed ; non-sect ; 
W P Lunsfordt A B , Prin. 

Lawrenceville, Gwhmett Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ L M Brand 
Sec Bd Educ J H Britt 
City Superintendent Van Fletcher 
Principal High School Van Fletcher 

Llthonia, Dekalb Co , pop. 1,428. 

Prin H S W. M Rainey. 

Locust Grove, Henry Co., pop. 650. 

City Superintendent E L Gates 

Locust Grove Institute; prep , co-ed.; 
boarding, Bapt., est 1894, Claude Gray, 
A B, President 

Louisville, Jefferson Co., pop 1,500. 

Pros Bd Educ R N Hurdeiman 

Sec Bd Educ J W. Clark. 

City Superintendent B H Johnson 

Principal High School Mrs J E Wright. 

Lmnpkin, Stewart Co., pop. 1,110. 

Pres Bd Educ T T James 
Sec Bd Educ E L Brauner. 
Citv Superintendent J L Underwood 
Principal High School Ida Surles 

Lyons, Toombs Co , pop. 927. 

City Superintendent S. H Titshaw 

McDonough, Henry Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd. Educ T J Brown 

Sec Bd Educ R. O Jackson 

City Supt and Prin H S E D. Gunby. 

Supv Music E. G White 

Mclntosh, Liberty Co., pop. 200. 

Dorchester Academy (colored) ; nor ; In- 
dust., co-ed, non-sect., est "1872; Fred* 
eric W. Foster, Prin. 

HcBae, Telfair Jo., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent F G Branch 

South Georgia College; prep and com'l; 
co-ed , boarding dept. , est, 1892; F. G 
Branch, President. 





Macon, Bibb Co , pop. 40,665. 

Pres Bd Educ A L Miller 
Sec Bd Bduc W T Morgan 
City Superintendent C H Bruce. 
Principal High School R W Edenfleld 
SupV Music Jeanie Craig 
Manual Training Lutie Westcott 
Domestic Science Mrs C J Rolston 
Physical Cultuie J T Zellars 
Commercial Louise Singleton 

Arbaugh School for Deaf Children, private, 
Lama L Aibaugh, Superintendent 

Ballard School; prep ; co-ed ; Cong* , cat 
1868 , George C. Bur rage, Ph B , Prin 

Central City College, prep ; co-ed , Bapt , 
Wm. E Holmes, A. M , D D , Prin 

Georgia- Alabama Business College, bus and 

sten , est 1890, Eugene Anderson, Presi- 
dent, 453 Cherry St 

Georgia School for the Blind, state institu- 
tion; G. F Oliphant, Prin 
Georgia School for the Deaf, state, Wesley 

O Connor, Superintendent 
Gresham Academy, prep , girls, K T. Al- 

friend, Prin 
Hall School, boys' boarding, non-sect ; est 

1907; B Dixon Hall, Principal 
Lanler Academy; prep ; boys, K. T Al- 

friend, Prin. 
Macon Commercial College, bus and sten ; 

est 1881, W, McKay, Prin. 
Mercer University; coll ; men, Bapt ; est. 

1837, W L Pickard, LL D, President 
Mercer University, Law Department; law, 

men, Bapt , est. 1875, Emory Speer, A. 

M, LL D, Dean 
Mercer University School of Pharmacy, C 

A Struby, Dean 
Mt De Sales Academy; girls' boarding, R. 

C ; Sister M. LIquon, Prin. 
Stanley's Business College: bus. and sten , 

est 1892; Mrs G. W. H. Stanley, B. S, 

Pres , 616 Mulberry St. 
Wesleyan College, girls' boarding, M E 

So , est 1836, Rev C R Jenkins, D D, 


Madison, Morgan Co* pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Bduc H W Baldwin, Sr 
Sec Bd Educ J. H Furks 
City Superintendent J H. Purks. 
Principal High School W. L Downs 
Supv Music Miss Maude Gawdey. 

Eighth District Agricultural School; agrl 
and in dust , state; co-ed ; est 1906; W 
G. Acree, Prin. 

Mansfield, Newton Co., pop. 00. 

Marietta, Gobb Co., pop. 5,949. 

Pres Bd Educ - D W Blair. 

Sec Pd Educ W T Dumas 

City Superintendent William T. Dumas 

Principal High School B. I S'egall. 

Marshallville, Macon Co., pop. 1,082. 

City Supoimtendent M O McCoid 

IVIaysville, Banks Co., pop. 850. 

Pres Bd Educ C W McCurdy. 
Sec Bd Educ G P Boone 
City Superintendent H T Sargent 
Supv Music Ernst Brockman. 

Menlo, Chatooga Co., pop. 600. 

Prin H S W. H Hansom 

Metter, Candler Co , pop 600. 

Prin H S B L. Jordan. 

MiUedgeville, Baldwin Co., pop. 4,385. 

Pies Bd Educ John T Allen 
Sec Bd Educ R B Mooto 
City Superintendent O R Horton. 
Puncipal High School A K Maddox 

Georgia Normal and Industrial College; 
normal, indust . state, women, est. 1889; 
Marvin M Parks, Pres. 

Georgia Military College of University of 
Georgia, prep , co-ed , military, non-sect , 
est 1879, O R Horton, Superintendent 

MIHen, Jenkins Co.* pop. 2,030. 

Pies Bd Educ R G Daniel 
Sec Bd Educ J P Applowhete 
City Superintendent F D Seckinger. 
Pnncipal High School F D Seckinger 

Milltown, Berrien Co , pop. 675. 

City Supeiintendent S J Baker 

Oak Lawn Baptist Academy, prep , co-ed ; 
Bapt . J. A Lott, Jr., Prin 

Monroe, Walton Co., pop. 3,029. 

Pros Bd Educ E S Tichenor 
Sec Bd Educ J R RartCord 
City Supeiintendent W E Dendy 
Principal High School R C Mtzoll 
Supv Music Miss Jennie Douglas 

Fifth District Agricultural School; agrl 
and indust., state, co-ed*; est 1906, J. 
Henry Walker, Prin. 

Montezuma, Macon Co., pop* 1,630. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Ilnyos 
Sec Bd Educ S S Cheves. 
City Supeiintendent A M Ktcphvn* 

Monticello, Jasper Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pies Bd Educ G W Cornwell 
Sec Bd Educ W A Lanf 
Pity Superintendent H B Blbl* 
Puncipal High School A Cornwell 

Monticello High School, prep ; co-ed; non- 
sect; Rembert G Smith, Prin. 

Morganton, Fannin Co., pop. 115. 

City Superintendent A 1' Guthric 

North Georgia Baptist College, coll.; co-ed ; 
Bapt ; eat. 1899; Rev John A. Pool, A, 
B , Th. B , Pres. 





Moultrie, Colquitt Co., pop. 3,349. 

Pres Bd Educ Col Z H Clark 
Sec Bd Educ W J Vereen 
City Superintendent L H Browning 
Principal High School George S Roach 
SupV Music Mai t ha Blown 
Domestic Science Mary Crowdcr 
Commercial 1 H McLendon 

Mount Berry, Floyd County. 

Berry School , prep , agri and mech , boys' 

boarding, non-sect , est 1902, Miss 

Martha Berry, Director 
Martha Berry School , prep , nor and dom 

sci , girls' boarding, non-sect , est 1U02 

Miss Martha Beriy, Director 

Mount Yernon, Montgomery Co., pop. 800 

Brew ton -Parker Institute, prep , co-ed ; 
boarding, Bapt. , est 1904, Ray Ernest 
Robertson, Piesident. 

Mount Zion, Carroll Co., pop. 85. 

Mount Zion Seminary, prep, agu , com'l 
and domestic arts; M E , est 18k 
James L Robb, A. B., Principal 

Nashville, Berrien Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent P. M Hunter. 

Newborn, Newton Co., pop. 695. 

Supeimtendent of Schools J W May 

Newnan, Coweta Co., pop. 5,548. 

Pros Bd Educ T E Atkinson 
Sec Bd Educ 7 J Goodium 
City Superintendent E A. Armlstead. 
Pnncipal High School Andiew B Paik 

Newnan Business College, bus and sten ; 
est 1912, William H Jones, Piesident 

Norman Park, Colquitt Co., pop. 550. 

Pres Bd Educ J B Norman 
Sec Bd Educ V T Norman 
Principal High School J A Scogglns 

Norman Institute, prep , co-ed , boarding, 
Bapt , est 1900, W. H McDaniel, A. M, 

Oak HU1, Gllmer Co., pop. 100 

Oakland Academy; prep.; co-ed.; W. B 
James, Prin 

Ocilla, Irwin Co., pop. 1,450. 

City Superintendent A. H Stephens 

Oliver, Screven Co., pop. 550. 

City Superintendent W H Martin 

Oliver High School, prep.; co-ed , non- 
Beet.. David S. Laffltte, Prln. 

Oxford, Newton Co., pop. 800. 

Sec Bd Educ- M T Peed 

City Superintendent C J Strang 

PHncipal High School C J Strang 

Emory College, coll, prep and theology; 

men, M E So , est 1838, Rev. James E 

Dickey, t> D , Pres 
Palmer Institute, high school; co-ed , B D. 

Battle, Principal 

Palmetto. Campbell Co., pop. 800. 

Supt of Schools W F Burford 

Pelham, Mitchell Co., pop. 1,880. 

Pres Bd Educ H H Merry 

Sec Bd Educ J B Cooper 

City Superintendent T. H. Wilkinson. 

Principal High School J C. Murphree. 

Pembroke, Bryan Co., pop 500. 

Supt of Schools A O Rogers 

Bryan Normal Institute, prep , co-ed ; W 
C. Peebles, Prin. 

Pendergrass, Jackson Co., pop. 232. 

Pendergrass High School, prep., co-ed.; non- 
sect ; est. 1880, W M Holsenbeck, B S, 

Perry, Houston Co., pop. 800. 

Pies Bd Educ C C Duncan 
Sec Bd Educ H P Houser. 
City Superintendent E C Crook. 

Pine Log, Bartow Co , pop. 100. 

Fine Log College, prep., co-ed , J D 
Blackwell, Prin. 

Plains, Snmpter Co., pop. 420. 

Pzes Bd Educ Joe Hiller 

Sec Bd Educ W S Moore 

City Supeimtendent B B Flowers 

Powder Springs, Cobb Co., pop. 284. 

Seventh District Agricultural School; agri 
and indust ; state, co-ed , est. 1906; H 
R Hunt, A. B, Prin 

Quitman, Brooks Co., pop. 8,915. 

City -Superintendent H 3> Knowles. 

Hickory Head High School, prep.; co-ed*; 
Miss Burnice Milton, Prin 

Reynolds, Taylor Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent Melissa Ogburn 

Coleman Institute; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect , 
A. A Strock, Prin. 

Bichland, Stewart Co., pop. 1,350. 

City Superintendent G G Mangham 

Ringgold, Catoosa Co., pop. 437 

City Superintendent W. E. Bryan 

Literary Normal Institute; prep , co-ed., 
non-sect ; W. B. Bryan, Prin. 

Rockmart, Polk Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ O R Somerville. 
Sec Bd Educ A. H. Graefer. 
City Supt & Prin H. S J J Brock 
Supv Music Miss Cora Foster. 
Domestic Science Corizne McCraw. 

Piedmont Institute, prep,, co-ed.; M. E So ; 
J. R Turner, Prin 





Borne, Floyd Co.* pop. 12,099. 

Pies Bd Educ W J Griffin 
Sec Bd Educ John F "Wilkeison 
City Superintendent James C Harris 
Principal H S W. P Jones 

Shorter College; girls' boarding, Baptu; A 
"W. Van Hoose, Pres 

Darlington School, boys' day, J B Mc- 
Cain, Ph D , Principal 

Roswell, Cobb Co., pop 1,450. 

Pres Bd Educ S T Stribbing 
Sec Bd Educ C C Foster 
City Superintendent Mrs C C Foster. 

Royston, Franklin Co , pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ F B Doyle 

Sec Bd Educ C A Wieder 

City Superintendent G H MingledoifC 

Principal High School Leila Vickery 

Sandersville, Washington Co., pop. 2,023. 

Pres Bd. Educ A W Jtivans 

Sec. Bd Educ Newman Wood 

City Supt and Prin H S C B Quillian 

Supv Music Mrs. D L Cheatham. 

Savannah, Chatham Co., pop. 65,064. 

Pres Bd Educ Samuel C Adams 
City Superintendent C B Gibson 
Assistant Supt F N Ferguson 
Principal High School B F Pickett 
Supv Drawing E C Wilson. 
Domestic Science Nan Henderson 
Man Tr & Dom Sci Miss Patton 
Physical Culture Sara Charlton 
Commercial C M Gray 

Beach Institute; prep , co-ed ; Cong , Ber- 
tha S. Rick, Prin 

Benedictine College, prep , boys' day, mili- 
tary, R C , est 1902, Rt Rev, Leo Haid, 
O S B, President, 1705 Bull St 

Chatham Academy, prep ; boys; B. F 
Pickett, Prin. 

Clavier Piano School, music, co-ed.; est. 
1903, J R Ribare and N. R. Harty, 

Georgia State Industrial College (colored) ; 
manual training and trades, men, state, 
est 1891, R R. Wright, Piesident 

Kate Baldwin Free Klndeigarten Associa- 
tion Training School; normal kindergar- 
ten, Hortense M Orcutt, Principal 

Pape School, prep , girls' day, primary to 
academic, non-sect, est 1901, Miss Nina 
Anderson Pape, Principal, Drayton & 
Bolton Streets 

Richard's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
C. J. Richard, Principal. 

Ryan's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Miss M. E Ryan, Prin 

St Vincent's Academy, girls' day, R. C , 
est 1845, Mother M Clare, Directress, 
207 E Liberty St. 

West's School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , Miss E A. West, Prin 

Senoia, Coweta Co., pop. 1,111 

Supt of Schools E I* Clark 

Brantley Institute, prep , co-ed , F M 
Bryant, Prin 

Shellman, Randolph Co , pop. 120 

City Supeimlendent J \V Davis 

Social Circle, Walton Co., pop 1,229. 

Supt of Schools J T Lowe 
Puncipal High School 3Mis J T Lowe 

Nogio Noimal and Indusliial School, co-ed , 
non-soct , James A Love, Piincipal 

Sparks, Berrien Co., pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ Di & G Etheridge 
Sec Bd Educ W J McKinney 
City Superintendent A. W Rees 
Supv Music Miss Endoia Williford 
Manual Training J W Richardson 
Dom Sci & Phy. Cult Miss Annie Rich- 
Com/I & Stenog'y Miss Corrine Scomp 

Sparks Collegiate Institute, prep , co-ed , 
boarding, M E So , est 1902, A W 
Rees, President 

Sparta, Hancock Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent J N Haddock 

Statesboro, BuIIoch Co , pop. 2,529. 

Pres Bd Educ D B Franklin 

Sec Bd Educ B R Olliff 

City Supt & Prin H S B B Earl 

Flrst^Dlstrict Agricultural School, agri and 
indust , state, co-ed ; est 1906, B C. J. 
Dickens, Prin 

Statesboro Institute and Business College, 
bus and sten., J. H. O'Quinn, Pres. 

Stellaville, Jefferson Co., pop. 171. 

Stellavillo High School, prep , co-ed.; non- 
sect.; D. B Hodge, Ph B, Pres 

Stlllmore, Bmanuel Co., pop. 850. 

City Superintendent A D Odom 

Stillmore College; coll ; co-ed.; non-sect; 
G E. Usher, A. B , Pres. 

Stone Mountain, Dekalb Co., pop. 1,062. 

City Superintendent W, A. Hopkins. 

University School for Boys, prep.; boys; est 
1900; non-sect , W. B. Griffin, A, M., 

Summerville, Chattoogra Co., pop. 4,361, 

City Superintendent F, B 1'arham 

Summit, Emanuel Co., pop. 550. 

City Superintendent Fred Brlnsom 

Swalnsboro, Emanuel Co., pop. 1,318. 

Supt of bchools O J Holliman 





Sylvania, Screven Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ H S White 
Sec Bd Educ T J Evans 
Principal High School W H Sasser 

Sylvester, Worth Co, pop. 1,400. 

Pies Bd Educ W R Johnston 
Sec Bd Educ R L Deariso 
City Supt and Pi in H S. J M Rich- 
Supv Music Miss Myra Sumner. 

Talbotton, Talbot Co., pop. 1,131. 

Pres Bd Educ J M Heath 

Sec Bd Educ A J Ferryman 

City Superintendent J A Pendergrast. 

Lie Vert College; prep, co-ed., non-sect; 
P B Win, Prin 

Tallapoosa, Haralson Co, pop. 2,300. 

City Superintendent S J Smith 

Tennille, Washington Co, pop. 1,121. 

Prin H S. W S Sewell. 

Thomaston, Upson Co., pop. 1,645. 

Pres Bd Educ D W Lewis 
Sec Bd Educ John A Thurston 
City Supt and Prin H S F F Rowe 
Supv Music Prof Donaldson 
Manual Training C W Reid 
Domestic Science Hiss Spright 
Physical Culture Miss F. McKemie. 
Drawing Anna Lehiedy 
Penmanship Miss Mary Bethel 

Robert E Lee Institute; prep , co-ed , F F 
Rowe. Prin 

Thomasville, Thomas Co., pop. 6,727. 

Pres Bd Educ E R Jerger 
Sec Bd Educ Jamog A, Duncan 
City Superintendent -B B Biougrhton 
Piincipal High School T D Walkins 

Allen Normal and Industrial School, nor- 
mal and in dust , Cong ; co-ed , est. 1887; 
Abble Howland, Prin 

Young's Female College, girls' boarding, 
Presb ; est 1873, James E Fogartie, 

Thomson, McDnffie Co., pop. 1,800. 

Prin H. S -N E Ware 

Tifton, Tift Co., pop. 2,381. 

Pros Bd Educ J N Mitchell 
Sec. Bd EducT M, Chesnutt 
City Superintendent Jason Scarboro 
Principal High School B, G Childs 

Second District Agricultural School; agri 
and indust , state, co-ed , est 1906, S L 
Lewis, Principal. 

Toccoa, Stephens Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ- C H. Dance 
Sec. Bd. Educ G K Lothridge 
City Superintendent J I All man 
Principal High School Rosa L Fletcher 
Supv Music Edna Graves. 
Physical Culture Josephine Vlckery 

Trion, Chattoo&a Co , pop 1,926. 

City Superintendent J J Sizemore 

Unadilla, Dooly Co , pop. 1,003. 

Pres Bd Educ C C. Duncan 
See Bd Educ C L Coney 
City Superintendent H S. Harvard 
Principal High School R T Stevens 

Valdosta, Lowndes Co., pop. 7,656. 

City Supt. and Prin. H. S William O 

South Georgia State Normal College; pro- 
fessional teachers' courses, women; eat 
1911, R H Powell, M A, Pres. 

Vidalia, Toombs Co., pop. 1,776. 

City Superintendent T J Ainsworth 

Vienna, Dooly Co , pop. 1,564. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Lasseter 
Sec Bd Educ J J Cooper 
City Superintendent R J Strozier 
Principal High School T H Davia 

Villa Rica, Carroll Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent J M Phagan 

Wadley, Jefferson Co., pop. 850 

Supt of Schools F W Freyman. 

Waleska, Cherokee Co.. pop. 170. 

Reinhardt College , prep , coll , music 
depts , co-ed , M E , est. 1884; R. C 
Sharp, President. 

Warrenton, Warren Co., pop. 1,113. 

City Superintendent P S Carmichael 

Washington, Wilkes Co., pop. 3,300. 

City Superintendent J W Mosley 

Watklnsvllle, Oconee Co., pop. 500. 

City Superintendent C "W Peacock, 

Waycross, Ware Co., pop. 14,485. 

Pes Bd Educ V L fatanton 
Sec Bd Educ Supt. A G Miller Ex-op. 
City Superintendent A. G Miller 
Principal High School O L. Garrett 

Piedmont College, prep , co-ed ; E L. Ray, 

Waynesboro, Burke Co., pop. 2,729. 

Pres Bd Educ G P Kilpatrick 
Sec Bd Educ W M Pulcher. 
City Superintendent E L Tappan 
Principal High School Miss Tucker. 
Supv Music Mrs Eleanor Blount 

Haven Normal Academy (colored); normal; 
private, co-ed , W. M. Gordon, Principal. 

West Point, Troup Co., pop. 1,906. 

Prin. H. S W P Thomas. 

Whlgham, Grady Co., pop. 950. 

Pres Bd Educ A. Harrell. 
Sec Bd EducT. J, Mills. 
City Superintendent T T Ben ton 
Supv Music Mrs L. E. Brawner 





Whltesbnrg, Carroll Co., pop. 575 

Hutcheson Collegiate Institute, prep , co- 
ed , M B , W W Gaines, Prln 

Willacoochee, Coffee Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ B G Oberry. 
Sec Bd Educ E R Smith 
City Superintendent J C Lmney 

Winder, Barrow Co , pop. 3,443. 

Pres Bd Educ W O Perry 
Sec Bd Educ G N Bagwell 
City feupenntendent W F Huffaker 
Principal High School Miss Newton Swm- 

Wmterville, Clarke Co., pop 320. 
Prin H S J E Pafford. 

Woodbury, Meriwether Co., pop. 1,000. 

Supt of Schools W W. LInton. 

Wrens, Jefferson Co , pop 550. 

City Superintendent C. C McCollum 

Wrens Institute; public high school; co- 
ed, est 1899, Charles C McCollum, 

Wriffhtsville, Johnson Co , pop. 1,350. 

Pres Bd Educ J L Hatcher. 
Sec Bd Educ R TJ Sumnei 
City Superintendent J R Campbell 
Principal High School C S Waid 
Supv Music Miss Emma Giliaid 
Manual Training Lucile Norman 
Physical Culture Ida Marshall. 
Drawing Clyde Lanier 
Pcn'ship & Com'l G V Anderson 
Stenography Lena Bell 

Woithen College, eoll , co-ed , M E So ; 
est 1888, J C Brooks, Pies 

Young Harris, Towns Co , pop. 342. 

Young: Harris College, collegiate, prepara- 
tory and grammar grades, co-ed , M E 
Rev Joseph A Sharp, A B , President 

Zebulon, Pike Co , pop. 550. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr M M Head 
Sec Bd Educ Col C R Gwyn 
Pimcipal High School Lazzio Mitchell 


Population, 325,594 School census, 94,393. School age, 5-21 

Idaho is the forty-fifth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 325,594 inhabitants, of whom 98 1 per cent are white. Of this number 12.4 
per cent are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, ten 
years of age and over, is 2.2 per cent, the state ranking sixth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows. 


KTIIEL E KEDIFTELD, State Superintendent of Public Instruction . . Boise 

ED\V ARD O SISSON, Commissioner of Education Boise 

RALPH P BICKELL, Auditor and Business Agent . . . Boise 


H HARLAND, Chan man . . . . Payette 

EVAN EVANS, Sect etart/ .... . . Grangeville 


BENJAMIN R. CRANDALL, President Idaho Falls 

CATHERINE BRYDEN, Secretary Moscow 


MBLVIN A. BRANNON, President . .Moscow 

IVY M. WILSON, Secretary . . .... . Boise 


County Name and Address 

Ada Miss Ivy Wilson Boise 

Adams E. T Lakm, Council 

Bannock .Bertha L Atkin Pocatcllo 
Bear Lake..,.. .Alfred A. Hart, Paris 
Bingham Mrs Lulu L Smith, Blackfoot 
Blame Frances Mills, Hailey 

Boise . . .Helen Wilson, Idaho City 

County Name and Address 
Bonner. Mr J W, Ramsey, Sandpoint 

Miss E M Miller, Idaho Falls 

Canyon. , Miss Z Fay Fowler, Caldwell 
Cassia . . . Mae Lowe, Albion 

Clearwater Mrs Mayme Fisher, Oroflno 
Custer. . Miss Jennie Kelleher, Challis 






Name and Address 

Elm ore 

. Leora H 
Franklin . 

.Robert C Egbers, Coeur d'Alene 
Latah Miss Catherine Bryden, Moscow 
Lemhi. Mrs Clara A Diggles, Salmon 
Lewis . . Ritta Martin, Nez Perce 
Lincoln ....Miss Stella Cook, Shoshone 

Lockman, Mountamhome 
. .Henry Simpson, Preston 
Harriet Wood, St Anthony 
..Myrtle Journey, Gooding- 
John J Staley, Grangeville 
W S Burton, Rigby 

Name and Address 

R F Rasmussen, Rexburg- 

Mis Ida E Sullivan, Rupert 

Ethel E. RedfieZd, Lewiston 

. . . James C Tovey, Malad 

Nez Perce. 

Mrs Margai et Hurless, Silver City 

Madge E Whistler, American Falls 
Shoshone. Miss F M Zumhof, Wallace 
Twin Falls .Beitha M Noel, Twin Falls 


. . . .Mrs Edna M Lockwood, Weiser 


Albion, Cassia Co., pop. 400. 

State Normal School; normal, state; co- 
ed ; eat. 1895, G. A. Axline. M A., Pres 

American Falls, Power Co., pop. 1,250. 

City Superintendent R R Wallis 

Blackfoot, Blnffham Co., pop. 3,000. 

Pres Bd Educ J G Brown 
Sec Bd. Educ R L. Archer. 
City Superintendent W. I> Vincent. 
Principal High School J. F Lewis 
Supv Music Elizabeth O'Brien 
Manual Training H L. Beane. 
Domestic Science Alice Piercy 
Physical Culture Philip Crutchfteld. 
Di awing & Penmanship Adnee Palmer 
Commercial Mrs Nellie Caster 

Bonner's Ferry, Boxmer Co., pop. 950 

City Superintendent G Spoerry 

Boise, Ada Co., pop. 17,358. 

Pres Bd Educ O O Haga 
Sec Bd Educ Guy Scudder 
City Superintendent C E Rose 
Piincipal High School C E Rose 
H S Music Ward A. French 
Grade Music Lenore Buchanan 
H S Man Tr Wallace M Plummer 
H S Dom Sci Florence R Swift 
Grade Dom Sci Harriet Norris 
H S Drawing Florence Pearce 
Grade Drawing Blanche M Cahoon 
Pen'ship, Com'l J Fred Williams. 
Stenography H. D Foote 

Conservatory of Music, co-ed, Mrs. M 

Cleary, Manager. 
Link's Modern Business College; bus. and 

sten , est 1906; A. T Link, Manager. 
St Teresa's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C ; est. 1889; Sister M Amatus, Superior. 
St Margaret's Hall, girls' boarding, P. E.; 

est 1892, Leonora Cox, Principal 

Burley, Cassia Co., pop. 900. 

Pres Bd Educ John M Minter 
Sec Bd Educ G T Burroughs 
City Superintendent J J Rae 
Principal High School Mabel Seyler 
Music & Drawing-Mabel Lighter. 

Caldwell, Canyon Co., pop. 3,543. 

Pres Bd Educ Fiank Bieshears 
Sec Bd Educ W S Maxcy 
City Superintendent H H Clifford 
Principal High School Charles A North. 
Supv Mus & Draw Emma Scott 
Manual Training Karl Mann 
Domestic Science Ira Emmett 
Athletics & Gym Earl A Oakley. 

College of Idaho; prep; co-ed.; Presb ; 

Rev William J Boone, D D, Piesident 

Cottonwood, Idaho Co, pop. 750. 

Pres Bd Educ J V Baker 
Sec Bd Educ M M Belknap 
City Superintendent W C Jenkins 
Pimcipal High School W C Jenkins 

Coenr D'Alene, Kootenal Co., pop. 7,291. 

City Superintendent J V Buck 

Cnldesac, NezPerce Co., pop. 650. 

City Superintendent C C Johnson 

Emmett, Canyon Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Superintendent G D Knipe. 

Genesee, Latah Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ Leon Follott 
Pec Bd Educ H Nebelueck 
City Superintendent I S Hov 
Piincipal High School E J Nordgaard 
Domestic Science May Schlosser. 
Manual Training I S Hov 

Glenn's Ferry, Elmore Co, pop. 700. 

City Superintendent G E. Sunderlln 

Gooding, Gooding Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ R W Houston. 
Sec Bd Educ A E Thompson 
Principal High School L. S Ga Higher 

Idaho State School for the Doaf and the 
Blind, W E. Taylor, M A, Rupt 

Grangeville, Idaho Co., pop. 9,000. 

Pres Bd Educ F H Meader 

Sec Bd Educ E M Griffith. 

City Superintendent F D R Rice 

Supv Mus & Phy. Cult Helen M* Gwlnn. 

Drawing Mary Slater. 





Halley, Blalne Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Superintendent W W Thompson 

Harrison, Kootenai Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent E T Parsons 

Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co, pop. 5,000 

Pres Bd Bduc Ralph T Mitchell 
Sec Bd Bduc M D McCutcheon 
City Superintendent Theodore B Shank 
Principal High School J S. Best. 
Manual Training Frank Springsteen. 
Domestic Science Annette Maxwell 
Draw & Mus Sylvia Sowers 
Commercial A. Le Van Buskirk 
Stenography Mrs Van Buskirk 

Underbill Business College; bus ; sten ; 
U R Underbill, Pres 

Jerome, Lincoln Co , pop 1,850. 

Pres Bd Bduc J C Fansher 
Sec Bd Educ E B White 
City Superintendent W. H Massey 
Principal High School S L Hughell 
Music & Art Cora B McLaren. 

Kellogg, Shoshone Co., pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School Mrs Laura Butz 

Kendrtak, L>atah Co., pop. 700. 

Principal High School Geoige B Knepper 

Iiewiston, Nez Perce Co., pop. 6,043. 

Pres Bd Educ R M Cobuxn 
Sec Bd Educ B W. Wing 
City Superintendent F W Simmonds 
Principal High School Joel Jenifer 
Supv Music Mae Belle Stebblns 
Manual Training Ray Williams 
Domestic Science Reva Cree 
Physical Culture Elizabeth Graybeal 
Pen' ship, Com'l & Stenog*y T L. Coultas 

Lcwlston Business College, bus and sten.; 
P. L XTlen, Principal 

State Normal School; normal; state; co- 
ed , est 1893, Oliver M Elliott, Presi- 

McCammon, Bannock Co., pop. 600. 

City Superintendent H J. Petersen 

Mackay, Ouster Co., pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ C I Huddle 

Sec Bd Educ Chase A Clark 

City Superintendent John F Liggett 

Principal High School A Cal Thomson 

Supv Music Lillian Johns 

Penmanship Elva Hilts 

Malad City, Onelda Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd. Educ John R. Thomas. 
Sec. Bd Educ H H Thomas, Jr 
City Supt & Prin. H. S.B M Decker. 

Meridian, Ada Co., pop. 615. 

City Superintendent George W Gould 

Montpelier, Bear take Co.. pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ B A Burrell 

Sec Bd Educ- J J Jones. 

City Superintendent H S Stevenson. 

Principal High School Miss Gula Reed 

Supv. Mus. & Man. Tr. Rulon Y. Roblson, 

Domestic Science Miss Sallander. 

Moscow, Latah Co., pop. 3,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Homer Estis. 

Sec Bd Educ W S Morley 

City Superintendent Charles Henry 

Prin High School Charles Bichelbergrer. 

Domestic Science Edna B Dewey. 

Commercial Clinton Wilson 

Moscow Business College, bus. and sten. , 
co-ed ; est. 1901; T N. Creekmur, M. A.. 

University of Idaho, comprises College of 
Letters and Sciences, of Agriculture, of 
Engineering, of Law, state umv.; co-ed.; 
est 1889, Melvm A Brannon, LL, !>., 

University of Idaho, College of Agriculture; 
courses in agric , animal husbandry, 
dairying, forestry, horticulture, home sci- 
ence, Edwaid J Iddings, B S, Dean 

University of Idaho, College of Engineer- 
ing, courses in Civil, Mining, Electrical, 
Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering 1 ; 
Charles Newton Little, Ph D , Dean. 

University of Idaho, College of Law (Idaho 
Law School), state, co-ed., est. 1909; 
George D Ayers, LL B , Dean 

Mountain Home, Elmore Co., pop. 1,600. 

City Superintendent F F Sparks. 

Mullan, Slioshone Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent Don C Taylor 

Nampa, Canyon Co., pop. 4,205. 

Pres Bd Bduc J H Murray 
Sec Bd Bduc Mrs Ida Hammond 
City Superintendent C J Brosnan* 
Principal High School A C Voelker 

Kezperce, Xez Perce Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ B J Fike. 
Sec Bd. Educ Charles Thomas 
City Superintendent L C McMahon 
Principal High School W W Stokesbery. 
Supervisor Music Edith Wright 

Oakley, Cassia Co., pop. 1,000. 

Piincipal High School B W Wilson. 

Orofino, NezPerce Co, pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ H D. Britan. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Madge Fohl 
Town Superintendent J H Gore 

Paris, Bear Lake Co., pop. 906. 
Principal of Schools Howard Broomhead. 

Fielding Academy; prep ; co-ed ; L. I> S.; 
est 1887, Roy A WeUcer, A B, Prin- 

Parma, Canyon Co., pop. 750. 

City Superintendent E T Lakln. 

Payette, Canyon Co., pop. 1,948. 

Pres Bd Educ O H Avey 
Sec Bd Educ L. V Patch 
City Superintendent J. E. Turner. 
Principal High School Ira Tweedy 
Music & Art T R Neilson 
Domestic Science Carrie Williams 
Manual Training O L Hargrove 





Pocatello, Bannock Co., pop 9,110. 

Pres Bd Bduc O B Steely 
Sec Bd Educ H A Roberts 
City Superintendent Walter R SIders. 
Principal High School Ralph D Rean 
Music & Art Alice M Sandberg 
Manual Training C R Galloway 
Domestic Science Irene Fenton 
Domestic Science Helen M Jones 
School Nurse Anno Crowley 

Idaho Technical Institute, pi op , co-ed , 
state, eat 1901, Miles F Reed, Piesidont 

Post Falls, Kootenai Co , pop. 750. 

Pres Bd Bduc W S Van Daren 

Sec Bd Educ Alfred Webster 

City Superintendent C W Vandewalker 

Principal High School C W Vandewalker 

Preston, Franklin Co , pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Geoige H Carver 
Sec Bd Bduc Jacob N Liaison 
City Superintendent J W Condie 
Supv Music Charles J Engar 

Oneida Stake Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L 
D S ; Edwin Cutler, Frln. 

Rathdrum, Kootenai Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ A O Skinner 
Sec. Bd Educ 3? Wenz 
City Superintendent L A Hunting 
Principal High School J D Davis 
Manual Training J D Davis 
Domestic Science Kathryn M. Smith 

Rexburgr, IVTadison Co., pop 1,600 

City Superintendent L T Perry 

Ricke Academy, prep, agn , man tr , dom 
sci and com'l, co-ed , L. D S , est 1888, 
Ezra C Dalby, Ph. B , Principal. 

y, Jefferson Co., pop 700 

City Superintendent C E McClellan. 

Rupert, Lincoln Co , pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent G L Dilworth 

St. Anthony, Fremont Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ M M Hammond 
Sec Bd Educ W D Yager 
Ctty Superintendent D. C. Nelfert. 
Principal High School F H Gnagey 

St. Maries, Kootenai Co, pop 1,600. 

City Superintendent E H Buck 

Salmon, Lexnhi Co , pop 1,500 

Pies Bd Educ Arthur Gieone 
Sec Bd Educ E H Tastci lin 
City Supezmtendent E H Casteilin 

Sand Point, Bonner Co.,, pop 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ V Godti ey 

Sec Bd Educ A K Bowdon 

City Superintendent G W Hcndoison 

Puncipal High School Fiooman Daughters 

Supv Music Sarah K Patterson 

Manual Training E R Bowcrsox 

Domestic Science Althca Ott 

Drawing Gieta Gray 

Shoshone, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent E L. Weaver 

Silver Citv, Owyliee Co , pop 500. 

Puncipal High School Homy Ivei&on 

Spirit Lake, Kootenai Co , pop 1,000. 

Principal of Schools F E Ford, 

Trov, latah Co., pop. 750. 

Pnncipal High School E H Molton 

Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co., pop. 5,258. 

PIPS Bd Educ H W Wilson 
Sec Bd Educ George E Bryant 
City Superintendent Hal O Blue 
Principal High School C' II Dowman 
Music Grace Bryant 
Domestic Art* Madeline Liibor 
Manual Training Ira Biown 
Penmanship Nellc L. Funko 
Agriculture Mao Hoko 

Wallace, Shoshone Co., pop. 8,000. 

City Superintendent C D. Brock. 

Welser, Washington Co., pop. 8,500. 

Pres. Bd Educ A H Keller. 
Sec Bd Educ O M Harvey 
City Superintendent D C Niefext 

Idaho Industrial Institute, prep and man. 
tr ; co-ed j boarding, non-sect , est. 1800; 
Rev Edward A. Paddock, President 

Wendell, Lincoln Co , pop 850 

City Superintendent S. S. Walsh. 

Wardner, ShoHhone Co , pop 1,000. 

City Supoiintomlont Lain a A Hutz 


Population, 5,638,591. School census, 1,543,621. School age, 6-21. 

Illinois is the third state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 5,638,591 inhabitants, of whom 98 per cent, are white. Of this number 21.3 per 
cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, ten 
years of age and over, is 3 7 per cent , the state ranking nineteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


FRANCIS G. BLAIR, Superintendent of Public Instruction Springfield 

JOHN C. HANNA, State Supervisor High Schools Springfield 

IT. J. HOFFMAN, Department of Country and Village Schools Springfield 

W S BOOTH, Department of Country and Village Schools Springfield 

J. C. THOMPSON, Department of Law, Springfield 

H. T. SWIFT, Department of Publicity Springfield 

A. L WHITTENBERG, Department of Statistics Springfield 

W Y LUDWIG, Department of Statistics ... ... Springfield 


FRANCIS G. BLAIR, State Superintendent, ex-officio Chairman Springfield 

B. E. HIERONYMUS, Secretary Eureka 

EDMUND J. JAMES, President of University of Illinois Urbana 

A. J. BURROWES, President of Loyola University Chicago 

DAVID FELMLET, President Illinois State Normal University Normal 

W W. COULTAS, County Superintendent . Sycamore 

W. L, STEELE, Superintendent of City Schools Galesburg 

HARRY TAYLOR, Principal Township High School Harrisburg 


FRANCIS G. BLAIR, State Superintendent, Ex-officio President Springfield 

C. L. GREGORY, County Superintendent, Secretary Aledo 

B. O. CLARIDA, County Superintendent, Treasurer Marion 

D F. NICKOLS, County Superintendent, Manager . . . .... Lincoln 


SUPT. W. F. BOYES Galesburg SUPT. W. G. CISNE Fairfield 

SUPT. .T. A. HAYES Peoria 







U. J. HOFFMAN, Asst. Supt. Public Instruction, ex-officio President . . .Springfield 

MART W. MOORE, County Superintendent, Treasurer Decatur 

P. A. KENDALL, Secretary and Manager Naperville 


H E. GRIFFITH, Secretary 



GERARD T SMITH, President 
EGBERT C MOORE, Secretary 

. Pcoria 
. Carlmville 


JESSE L. SMITH, President.. 
JAMES R. SPILES, Secretary . 

.Highland Park 


County Name and Address 

Adams. John H Steiner, Qumcy 

Alexander Laura I Milford, Cairo 

Bond. William E White, Greenville 
Boone Elizabeth B Harvey, Belvidere 
Brown. Charles W Sellars, Mt. Sterling 

Bureau George O Smith, Princeton 

Calhoun . Stephen J. Sibley, Hardin 
Carroll .. .John Hay, Mt. Carroll 

Cass .... William E Buck, Virginia 
Champaign .Chas. H Watts, Urbana 
Christian. Henry L Fowkes, Taylorville 
Clark . . . Harold Bright, Marshall 

Clay G. O. Lewis, Louisville 

Clinton .... William Johnston, Carlyle 
Coles . . . Oscar L Minter, Charleston 
Cook. .E J. Tobin, County Bidg, Chgo 
Crawford James T Athey, Robinson 
Cumberland ...L C. Markwell, Toledo 
DeKalb... W. W Coultas, Sycamore 
DeWitt. . . . John L Costly, Clinton 
Douglas . Edward E Gere, Tuscola 
DuPage . . . .Royal T. Morgan, Wheaton 

Edgar O Rice Jones, Pans 

Edwards . Grant Balding, Albion 

Effingham. .J W. Davis, Efflngham 
Payette. Frank C Crawford, Vandalia 
Ford . . , .H M Randolph, Paxton 

Franklin . . H Clay Ing, Benton 

Fulton M. M Cook, Le Wigtown 

Gallatin . J L Greenlee, Equality 

Greene Rollins L Scott, Canollton 


Name and Address 

Grundy . . C, H. Root, Morris 
Hamilton . W W. Daily, McLeansboro 
Hancock. .Stephen D. Fans, Carthago 

Hattie M Rittenhouse, Elizabethtown 
Henderson.. . Allen L Beall, Oquawka 
Henry A L Odenweller, Cambridge 
Iroquois. Frank A Gilbreath, Watseka 
Jackson Otto F Aken, Murphysboro 
Jasper . . "R B Brooks, Newton 
Jefferson Charles F Let*, Mt. Vernon 
Jersey Joseph W Becker, Jcrseyville 
Jo Daviess . Benj L Birbeck, Galena 
Johnson .. . .Emma Rcbman, Vienna 
Kane . . Edward Ellis, Geneva 
Kankakee . 

. . . Samuel D Saltzgiver, Kankakoe 
Kendall . George Elliott, Bristol 

Knox W. F Boyes, Galesburg 

Lake ... T. A. Simpson, Waukegan 
La Salle William H. Foster, Ottawa 
Lawrence . . . 

. Edward Ashbaugh, Lawrenceville 

Lee L W. Miller, Dixon 

Livingston. . ..W. E Herbert, Pontiac 

Logan.. D F. Nichols, Lincoln 

Macon ... . Mary W, Moore, Decatur 


.George W. Solomon, Carlinville 
Madison H T McCroa, Edwardsvillo 
Marion ... M. A Thrasher, Salem 






County Name and Address 

Marshall . E P Nichols, Lacon 

Mason .John A Mehlhop, Havana 

Massac .W. A Spence, Metropolis 

McDonough Benj E Decker, Macomb 
McHenry.. . . A. M Shelton, Hebron 
McLean . . B C Moore, Bloommgton 

Mrs Eva B. Batterton, Petersburg 
Mercer. Ctiarlton L Gregory, Aledo 
Monroe William C. Heyl, Waterloo 

Montgomery .E A Lewey, Hillsboro 
VToigan H H Vasconcellos, Jacksonville 
MouUne Van D Roughton, Sullivan 
Ogle . . . .John E Cross, Oregon 

Peoria John A. Hayes, Peoria 

Peiry. ..Elmo W. Lee, Pmckneyville 
Piatt Charles Mclntosh, Monticello 

Pike . John M Clark, Pittsfield 

Pope Robert R Randolph, Golconda 
Pulaski. . .May S. Hawkins, Mound City 
Putnam . . . W A, Faxon, Granville 
Randolph L W Von Behien, Chester 
Richland . Elmer Van Arsdall, Olney 

County Name and Address 
Rock Island 

. Miss Lou Hairis, Rock Island 
Saline . B. D Gates, Harrisburg 

Sangamon .Edgar C Pruitt, Sprmghelu 
Schuyler . . Calvin L Cain, Rushville 
Scott John P Ward, Winchester 

Shelby . . Lee W Fraser, Shelbyville 
Stark . . . George C Baker, Toulo* 
St Clair .... W. A. Hough, Belleville 

Stephenson Cyrus Grove, Freeport 

Tazewell. . .. B L Smith. Pekin 

Union .Charles O. Otrich, Jonesboro 

Vermilion . .OP Haworth, Danville 
Wabash . W H Wetzel, Mt Carmel 
Warren . ...J D. Regan, Monmouth 
Washington .Lee A Friend, Nashville 
Wayne . . J W Galbraith, Fairfield 
White Charles H Mossberger, Carim 
Whiteside H B Price, Morrison 

Will William H. Nevens, Joliet 

Williamson .J W McKmney, Marion 
Wmnebago Mrs Abbie Craig, Rockford 
Woodford Roy L Moore, Eureka 


Abingdon, Knox Co., pop. 2,500 

Pres Bd Educ J. E. Barlow. 
Sec Bd Educ. C E Smith. 
City Superintendent A. C. Butler 
Principal High School M P. Wilkins. 
Mus , Diaw & Dom Sol Hazel Haas 
Commeicial Amanda Otl 

Hcdding College, college, academy, normal, 
com'l, music, co-ed , M. E. , eat. 1853, 
Walter D Agnew, D D , President 

Albion, Edwards Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ E F. Harris 
Sec. Bd. Educ B. L. Mayne 
City Superintendent Elbert Waller 
Principal High bchool Cecelia Whclpley 
Supv Music Vera McClure. 
Commeicial Nova Focht 

Southern Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Cong: ; Frank B Bines, A. M , Pres. 

Aledo, Mercer Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ J M Wilson 

Sec Bd Educ. Katharine Detwiler. 

City Superintendent Fred N Taylor 

Principal High School Olivei C, Hostetler 

Supv. Music Hannes Oleson. 

Manual Training H K Whittler. 

Domestic Science Mabel Stone 

Drury Academy, prep dept. William and 
Vashti College, est 1908, Frank C Eng- 
lish, A M., President. 

William and Vashti College; collegiate, 
prep , music and com'l depts. , co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1908; Ward L Ray, A. M, 

Altamont, Effingham Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pies Bd Educ Heniy Stein 
Sec Bd Educ. L. H. HufCord. 
City Superintendent William Harris 

Pimcipal High School Gladys Bade. 

Alton, Madison Co., pop. 17,528. 

Pres Bd Educ. J. W. Scnoeffler. 

Sec Bd Educ S D McKenny 

City Superintendent Robert A. Haight. 

Prin. H. S. B. C Richardson. 

Supv Music Lucie Riggs 

Manual Training George C. Ritcher. 

Domestic Science Hannah Gunderson. 

Drawing Sara E Hudson. 

Commercial Helen Naylor 

Stenography Maud Glllham. 

Academy of the Holy Family; girls' board- 
ing, R. C , est 1859, Reverend Mother 
Agatha, Superior. 

Shurtleff College, college, academy and 
music depts ; co-ed , Bapt., est. 1827; 
George Milton Potter, A. M, President. 

Wellesley Preparatory School, prep., co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Miss Julia D. Randall, Pres 

Western Military Academy; boys' boarding; 
mil , Col Albert M Jackson, A Ml., 

Amboy, I^eo Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ William L. Leech 
Sec Bd Educ. P M. James. 
City Superintendent O M Eastman. 
Principal High School John E WUfong. 
Domestic Science Laura B Robinson 
Drawing Edna Washburn 






Anna, Union Co., pop. 2*900. 

City Superintendent C A McGmnis 
Puncipal High School C A Harper 

Union Academy, prep , music, art, com'l, 
co-ed , Presb , est 1883, H Wallace 
Stevens, A B , Principal 

Arcola, Douglas Co , pop. 

Pres Bd, Educ E. S. Walker 
Sec Bd Educ B Dimond 
City Superintendent S. R. Allen 
Puncipal High School W H Michel 

Arlington Heights, Cook Co , pop 1,500 

Pres Bd Educ N M Banta 
Sec Bd Educ James S Williams 
City Superintendent O R Zoll 
Prm High School Ada R Krugei 
Supv Music Mis Stella Collins Maher 

Ashland, Cass Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Superintendent Fied K Branom 
Prin H S. J. G Norris. 

Ashley, Washington Co., pop 1,100. 

City Superintendent T IS Allen 
Puncipal High School Arthui E Summers 

Assumption, Christian Co , pop. 1,750* 

Pres Bd Educ C C Coizme 
Sec Bd Educ F R! Gandv, Ji 
City Superintendent C G Wysong 
Twp High School H G Spear 
Supv Music Eleanoi Regnar th 

Astoria, Fulton Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ John B Harris. 
Sec Bd Educ F A Cooper 
City Superintendent John R Rowland 
Principal High School IT L Welker 
Supv Music & Draw Maiy Bianson 

Athens, Menard Co., pop. 1,535. 

Principal High School Edwin Dashex 

Atlanta, Logan Co., pop. 1,350. 

Pres Bd Educ Di M Lee 
Sec Bd Educ Elbert Stroud 
City Supenntendent C D Jacobs 
Principal High School Fiances Ciewes 

Auburn, Sangamon Co., pop. 1,281. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr I E Close. 
Sec Bd Educ J M Tucker 
City Superintendent Charles T Sealos 
Principal High School Lottie E Bristol 
Supv Mus & Draw Irma Hedeiick 

Augusta, Hancock Co., pop. 1,160. 

City Superintendent Arthur E Deckex 
Principal High School Mabel Garwood 

Aurora, Kane Co, pop. 29,807. 
East Side. 

Pres Bd. Educ M O Southworth. 
Sec Bd. Educ W. 8 Beaupre 
Supt East Side Conrad M Bardwell 
Prin East H S C B. Lawyer 
Supervisor Music Margaret C. Pouk. 

Am ora c ontinued 
Manual Training A C Bloodgood 
Domestic Science Nelle I McClurg. 
Drawing Ruth TJphain 
Commei cial W C Guy 
Stenography Jessie M Caldwell 

West Side. 

Pres Bd Fduc O IS Toluoll 
Sec Bd Educ James Shaw 
City Supeiintcndent S K McDowell 
Principal High School R C Meuick 
Supv Music Mis Giace Wheeloc k 
Manual Tifiming Geoige A James 
Domestic fceienoe Ruth B Pitiiek 
Dia\vmg Sarah K Ainold 

Aui ora College , prep , coll , Biblical, bus , 
music and elo , co-ed , Christ. Adv.; est, 
1893, Orrin Roe Jenks, A B, B D., Pres. 

Aurora Shorthand School, sten , co-ed.; eat 
1884, Jennie G Palmer, Frin. 

Jennings Seminary, girls' boarding; M!. 35 ; 
cat 1899, Beitha Annotte Barber, B S, 

Metiopohtan Business College, branch of 
Chicago School, O M Powers, President 

Avon, Fulton Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pies Bd Educ J D Lauience 
Sec Bd Educ W A Lockwood 
City Superintendent A E Hubbaid 
Principal High School Alice Felt 
Supv Music Inez Goodsill 
Man Tiam & Draw Efllo TVnnt'fcst 

Harrington, Cook Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ J C Plagffo 

Sec Bd Educ H P Castle 

City Supoiintendent Erman S Smith 

Principal High School Alma Hondikks 

Barry, Pike Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ C M Holmes 
Sec Bd Educ R H Main 
City Superintendent Vail Toitloll 
Principal High SchoolMiss Ruth Tipp'e 
Supv Music Grace Swan 

Batavla, Kane Co., pop. 4,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr P H Daniels, 
Sec, Bd Educ C E Hohenstein 
City Superintendent H P Storm 
Principal High School E W Williamson 
Supv. Music Gladys Norton. 
Manual Training Paul E Winchall. 
Domestic Science Helen (\imstock 
Drawing Mary L. Buike. 
Commercial Ella Eklund 

Beardstowu, Cass Co., pop. 6,107. 

Pres. Bd Educ Dr. T. J Schweer. 

Sec Bd Educ Mr John Llstman. 

City Superintendent Horace O Russell. 

Principal High School Mrs. H. G. Russell. 

Supv Music Mrs W G Smith. 

Domestic Science Miss Emma Teck. 

Coramer cial W H Drake 

Belleville, St. Clalr Co., pop. 

Pres. Bd Educ- Dr. Hugo Wangelin. 
Sec Bd Educ Curt H O. Holnfclden. 
City Superintendent O F Weber 
Principal High School Mr. H. W. Brua, 





Belleville continued 
Supv Music Mrs. Bessie McMurdo 
Physical Culture Mr Christ Elisen. 
Primary Pcail M Tiley 

Belleville Commercial and Shorthand Col- 
lege, bus and sten , est 1893 

Immaculate Conception Academy, girls* 
boarding, R C ; Sister M Magdalen 

Belvidere, Boone Co., pop. 7,253. 

Pres Bd Bduc George M Mai shall 
Sec Bd Educ R B Andiews 
City Superintendent Louis A Reisner. 
Principal High School John E Alman 
Supv Music Mrs Mai j one Keeley 
Manual Training M L Heittei 
Drawing a Lewis 
Commci cial Louise Lawi once 

Bement, Piatt Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pies Bd Educ Daniel Hall 
Sec Bd Educ George M. Thompson 
City Superintendent Otto Weedman 
Principal High School A A Applegate 

Benld, Macoupin Co., pop. 1,912. 

Pies Bd Educ A E Little 
Sec Bd Educ Haiiy Hutton 
City Superintendent W E Rutherford 
Principal High School Maiy Barbracke 

Benton, Franklin Co., pop. 1,341. 

City Superintendent Ralph Jackson 

Prm Township H S E S Lake 

Manual Training J D Missimer 

Domestic Science Hazel B West 

Commercial Eva M Dussell 
Berwyn, Cook Co., pop. 5,841. 

Pres Bd Bduc Geoigc H Norton 

Sec Bd Educ F O. Walmsley 

City Superintendent Eugene A. Wilson. 

Prin. Township H. S H. V Church, 

Supv Music Mildred Marsh 

Drawing Nonan Regan 
Blandlnsvllle, McDonough Co., pop. 1,109. 

Pres Bd Educ. Charles James. 

See Bd Educ E E Voorhces. 

City Supt Sherman M Coddmgton 
Bloomington, McLean Co., pop. 05,768. 

Pres Bd Educ Horatio G Bent. 

Sec Bd Educ Mattie Bishop 

City Superintendent John K. Stableton. 

Prin. H S Wm Wallis. 

Supv Music Mabel Glenn. 

Manual Training Bass Winship. 

Domestic Science Alice Treganza, 

Physical Culture Adolph Mols. 

Drawing Maude Smith 

Penmanship Sarah Munn. 

Commercial- Pearl Kiddoo 

Brown's Bloomington Business College; bus 
and sten ; co-ed,, est. 1390, E. P Bealer, 

Illinois Wesleyan University, comprises 
College of Liberal Arts> /Academy, College 
of Law, School of Music, co-ed , M E., 
est 1850, Theodore Kemp, D D , LL D, 

Illinois Wesleyan University, liaw Depart- 
ment, law, co-ed/, est 1874, Charles L 
Capen, A M, Dean. 

Bloomington continued 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R 
C , est 1875, Sister M. Barbara, O. S. D , 

Blue Island, Cook Co., pop. 8,043. 

Pres Bd Educ R L James 
Sec Bd Educ Wells Crockett 
City Superintendent J E Lemon 
Principal High School J E3 Lemon 

Bourbonnais, Kankakee Co., pop. 595. 

St. Joseph's Seminary, girls' boarding; R. 

C , Sisters of Notre Dame. 
St Viateur's College; coll and prep ; men; 

R. C ; est. 1868, Rev. J. P. O'Mahoney, 

CSV, President 

Braceville, Grnndy Co., pop. 1,669. 

Pres Bd Educ J F Carey 
Sec Bd Educ C R Scurrah 
Principal High School Bessie Reese 

Bridgeport, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,900. 

City Superintendent J A Eghoff 
Principal High School A Frances Trams 
Supv Music Prof Schiffer stein 

Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co., pop. 1,046. 

Pres Bd Educ W C Jacoby. 
Sec Bd Educ G H Baker 
City Superintendent G A Smith 
Principal High School Mary M Ward 

Bunker Hill Military Academy; prep , mili- 
tary, non-sect , est. 1882, Rev S L 
Stiver, A M , Ph D, Supt 

Bushnell, McDonough Co., pop. 3,500. 

Pres Bd Educ James McDill 

Sec Bd Educ B W Eiwm 

City Superintendent T W Everitt 

Principal High School Mary C Rasznussen 

Supv Music Lottie Bo wen 

Illinois College and Business Institute; 
prep and bus ; co-ed , non-sect , J. E. 
Mumma, Prin 

Cairo* Alexander Co., pop. 14,548. 

Pres. Bd. Educ Reed Green 

Sec Bd Educ E. L Gilbert. 

City Superintendent Taylor C. Clendenen 

Prin. H. S (White) Margaret Wilson. 

Prin. H S 1 (Colored) J C. Lewis. 

Supv Music Laura A. Miller 

Manual Training William A. Ryan. 

Drawing Carrie Rule 

Domestic Science Ethel Ogden 

Stenography Nora E Chapman 

Pen' ship and Com'l S. E. Gott 

Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

G W. Brown, Pres 
St. Joseph's School, R. C.; Sister Superior 

Cambridge, Henry Co., pop. 1,345. 

Pres Bd Educ J A Kirkland 

Sec Bd- Educ J M. Pratt 

City Superintendent-p-H. M. Hinkle 





Cambridge continued 
City Superintendent H M Hinkle 
Principal High School Mr Lewis 
Supv Music Elizabeth Fuller 
Manual Training H M Hinkle. 
Drawing Emma Craig 

Camp Point, Adams Co., pop. 1,960. 

Pres Bd. Educ Win Jones. 
Sec Bd Educ Dr O. L. Bates 
City Superintendent W. H Brewster. 
Principal High School Pearl T Brown 
Supv Music Claire S Guthrie 

Canton, Fulton Co., pop. 10,453. 

Pres Bd Educ B H Taylor 
Sec Bd Educ Geo M Waldorf 
City Superintendent Geoige W Gayler 
Principal High School V G Heller 
Supv Music Ethel G Rhodes 
Supv Primary Nellie Barrett 
Manual Training L B King 
Domestic Science Mrs. Lida Leaman 
Penmanship Mabel .Lease 
Commexcial L E Buthod 
Stenography Anna Ames. 

Carbondale, Jackson Co., pop. 5,411. 

City Superintendent T W Oliver 
Prin. H S. A. Clare Hodge. 

Southern Illinois State Normal University; 
normal, co-ed , state, est 1874, Henry 
William Shryock, Ph B, President 

Carlinville, Macoupin Co., pop. 3,616. 

Pres Bd Educ A H Bell 

Sec Bd Educ. John Homer 

City Supei intendent William Harris 

Prin. H S^gp-Margaret Hubbard. 

Blackburn College, coll ; co-ed ; Fresb , 
est. 1895, Rev William M Hudson, Ph 
D., Pies 

Carlyle, Clinton Co., pop. 1,900. 

City Superintendent M. N Todd, 
Principal High School Mima Maxey 
Music & Drawing Elizabeth Croesmann. 

Carml, White Co., pop. 2,833. 

Pres. Bd Educ Dr. B. S. Crebs. 
Sec Bd Educ -Martin Speck. 
City Superintendent iH. H Calvert 
Principal High School H J. Karch 

Carrollton, Greene Co., pop. 2,355. 

Pres. Bd Educ James McNabb. 
Sec. Bd Educ O. H. Vlvell. 
City Superintendent E A. Doolittle. 
Principal High School David Crist. 
Manual Training Gail A Nutty 
Domestic Science Louise Campbell. 

Carterville, Williamson Co., pop. 2,300. 

Pres Bd Educ A J Aird 

Sec Bd Educ S S Vick. 

City Superintendent A O Towns 

Carthage, Hancock Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres. Bd Educ Charles Scofield 
Sec Bd Educ Leo L Helfrich 
City Superintendent D, H. Wells. 
Principal High School A. M. Wilson. 
Music & Drawing June Simpson 

Caithagre continued 

Carthage College, coll ; co-ed , Luth.; est. 
1870, H D Hoover, Pres. 

Casey, Clark Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ J V Price 

Sec Bd Educ Doit Young 

City Supei intendent W G Thompson 

Principal High School H Tiautman 

Centralia, Marion Co., pop. 9,680. 

Pres Bd Educ J L Davis 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Helen S Dunn 

City Superintendent Samuel H. Bonn. 

Prin Township II S Easton V. Tubbs 

Supv Music Miss Gaeilich 

Manual Tiaimng 3VIz JLeithtenbergor 

Domestic Ait Miss La t son 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten.; 

est 1897, Charles E Ebezsol, Principal 

Champaign, Champaign Co., pop. 12,421. 

Pies Bd Educ Homy W Berks 

Sec Bd Educ Mis F Bainum 

City Superintendent William W. Earnest. 

Prin H S Lottie Switzer. 

Supv Music Amelia. E Deneweth 

Manual Training A G. Pippit. 

Domestic Science Matilda Voss. 

Drawing Mary Hill 

Commercial Beulah E Selsom 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten., 
co-ed; non-sect; est. 1900, T. R. Hop- 
kins, B A . Prin , Main and Nelll St 

Pastors College, The; theol ; non-sect.; co- 
ed , est 1908, George Thorn Smith, A, M, 
Ph. D, Pres. 

Chandlerville, Cass Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pres Bd Educ J G Bali 
Sec Bd Educ Hemy Looptr 
City Superintendent Fied IMatt 
Principal High School Emma 

Charleston, Coles Co., pop. 0,884. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. J T Montgomery. 
Sec Bd Educ F M Moaley. 
City Superintendent De Witt Elwood. 
Principal High School Lester R* McCarty 
Supv Mus. & Di aw Frances K. Hughes. 
Manual Training Heber C. Taylor. 
Domestic Science Grace Cavins 

Eastern Illinois State Normal School; nor- 
mal; co-ed ; state; est 1899; Livingston 
C. Lord, LL. D., Pres. 

Chatsworth, Livingston Co., pop. 1,250. 

Pres Bd. Educ J. F. Ryan. 
Sec Bd Educ E. EJntwlstle. 
City Superintendent L C. Smith 
Principal High School Lyda A Klamm. 

Chenoa, McLean Co., pop. 1,512. 

Pres. Bd Bduc E. M. Pike. 
Sec Bd Educ Anna K, Evans. 
City Superintendent A. B Htett 
Principal High School Maude FalrfleM. 
Commercial Bu*h Cornwall. 

Chester, Bavdolph Co., pop. 2,882. 

City Superintendent C O. To<ltl 
Principe If High School E. R. Sayre. 





Chicago, Cook Co., pop. 2,185, 283. 


JACOB M LOEB, Pretid&nt . . Tribune Building, Chicago 

JOHN W ECKHART, Vwe-President . . .. . . Tribune Building, Chicago 

LEWIS E LARSON, Secretary ... ... Tribune Building, Chicago 

MRS GEORGE P "VOSBRINK, Chairman Committee on School Management . .Chicago 
JOHN W ECKHART, Chairman Committee on Buildings and Grounds . -Chicago 
CHARLES S PETERSON, Chairman Committee on Finance . . . .Chicago 

CHARLES E YOTJNG, Chairman 'Committee on Leases . . . Chicago 


JOHN D SHOOP, City Superintendent of Schools 
CHARLES D LOWRY, Assistant Superintendent 

800 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 
8-20 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 


WILLIAM M "ROBERTS, Evening and Vocational Schools 
SAMUEL B ALLISON, Special Divisions . 
W L. BODINE, Bureau of Compulsory Education 
WILLIAM H CAMPBELL, Department of Examinations 

Dist 1 
Dist 2 
Dist 3 
Dist 4 
Dist. 5 







826 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 

810 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 

1146 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 

828 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 






JOHN B CURTIS, Supervisor of Blind 830 Tribune Bldg , Chicago 

LUCY S SILKE, Supervisor of Art ... 830 Tribune Bldg., Chicago 

AGNES C HEATH, Supervisor of Music 830 Tribune Bldg , Chicago 

MARTIN SCHMIDIIOPER, Supervisor of -German . . . 830 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 
HENRY SUDEE, Supervisor of Physical Education 8'30 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 

ROBERT M. SMITH, Supv. Technical Work in High Schools 830 Tribune Bldg , Chicago 
EDWARD F WORST, Supv Elementary 'Manual "Training 830 Tribune Bldg , Ohicago 
IDA M. COOK, Supervisor Household Art and Science . . 830 Tribune Bldg., Chicago 
DANIEL P. MACMILLAN, Director Child Study and Educational Beseareh. 

. 806 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 

WILLIAM BACHRACH, Supv. Commercial in High Schools 830 Tribune Bldg, Chicago 
DUDLEY GRANT HAYS, Director of Vocational Ghndance and Community Centers 

. . . 826 Tribune Bldg., Chicago 


Austin High School, Fulton St and Lotus 

Av ; George H Rockwood, Principal 
Bowen High School, 89th and Manlstee; 

Charles I Parker, Prln 
Calumet High School, Normal and 81st; 

Grant Beebe, Principal 
Crane Technical High School, W Van 

Buren and Oakley, William J Bartholf 


Curtis High School, 115th and State, 

Thomas C Hill, Principal 
Englewood High School, Stewart and 62nd; 

James El Armstrong, Prin 
Flower Technical High School, 26th and 

Wabash, Dora Wells, Prln 
Harrison Technical High School, 24th and 

Marshall Bd , Frank L Morse, Principal 





Chicago co n t mue d 
Hyde Paik High School, 62nd and Stony 

Island Av , Hiiam B Loomis, Pnncipal 
Lake High School, Union and W 47th 

Place, Edwaid F Stearns, Prin 
Lake View High School, Ashland and Irving 

Park Blvd , B Frank Biown, Principal 
Lane Technical High School, Division and 

Scdgwick, William J Bogan, Prin 
Marshall High School, Adams and Kedzie, 

Louis J Block, Prin 
McKInley High School, Adams and Hoyne, 

George M Clayberg, Prin 
Medill High School, 14th PI near Throop, 

Avon S Hall, Principal 
Morgan Park High School, Western and 

Arlington, John H Heil, Prin 
Paiker High School, 68th and Stewart, 

William B Owen, Prin 
Phillips High School, 39th and Prairie, 

Spencei R. Smith, Prin 
Schurz High School, Milwaukee and Addl- 

son, Walter F Slocum, Prm 
Scnn High School, Glenwood and Ardmore 

Av , Benjamin F Buck, Piincipal 
Tuley High School, Claremont and Poto- 
mac, Franklin P Fisk, Prm 
Waller High School, Orchard and Center, 

John B Adams, Piincipal 

Academy of Our Lady, girls' boarding; 
B. C , est 1876, Sisters of Notre Dame, 
95th and Throop 

Academy of Our Lady of Providence, girls' 
boarding, R C , Sister Directress, 3107 
W Van Buren 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, girls' board- 
ing, H. C., Sister Superior, 3540 Pine 

Academy of St Scholastica; girls' board- 
ing, R C , est 1908, Benedictine Sisters, 
7428 Ridge Ave , Rogers Park. 

American College of Mechano-Therapy , 
med , est 1867, W C. Schulze, M D, 
Dean, 81 W. Randolph street 

Am ei I can College of Physical Education, 
courses for physical directors and play- 
ground, co-ed ; 42nd and Grand Blvd. 

American Conservatory of Music; mua.; 
est 1886, John J Hattstaedt, President, 
304 S Wabash. 

American School of Home Economics; cor- 
resp courses in household science, est 
1904, Maurice Le Bosquet. Director. 506 
W 69th 

Anna Groff-Bryant Institute; vocal arts for 
singers and teachers, Anna Groff -Bryant, 
Director, 410 S Michigan 

Armour Institute of Technology, Mechani- 
cal, Electrical, Civil, Chemical and Fire 
Protection Engineering, Architecture and 
Industrial Arts, day and evening; Rev 
Frank W Gunsaulus, LL. D , Pres , 33rd 
and Federal Street 

Art Craft Institute, co-ed., est. 1900, T. V 
Morse, Prcs , 129 Garfleld Boulevard 

Art Institute of Chicago, Art School, 
courses m di awing, painting, modeling, 
decorative designing, illustration, aichi- 
tecture and normal ait, co-ed, est 1879, 

Chicago continued 

N H Carpenter, Secietat\, T T Keane, 
Dtan of the School, Michigan and Adams 

Balatka Academy ot Musical Ait, all 
bi.inchcs oi music and diamatlc art, 
Anna H Balatka, Ducctoi, 41 Audi- 
torium Bldg 

Balatka Musical College, mus , est 1879, 
Chr F Balatka, Dnettor, <J39 S Wabash 

Baptist Missionary Training School, theol. 
for missionaries, women, boarding, Bapt , 
est 1SS1, Mis A E Reynolds, Principal, 
2969 Vernon 

Barnes School of Anatomy, Sanitary Sci- 
ence and Embalming, co-ed ; est. 1892, 
Carl L. Barnes, M. D , Pres ,1977 Ogden 

Barrett Institute of Shorthand, sten ; est 
1904, Charles R Barrett, President, 22 
West Monroe Street 

Bennett Medical College, Medical Depart- 
ment of Loyola University; med., co-ed , 
est 1867, Maxmilian Herzog, M D, 
Dean , 1358 Fulton 

Bergey Chicago Opoia School, piano and 
voice, Theodoie S Bex gey, Director, 410 
S Michigan 

Bergen Hall, prep ; co-ed; boarding for 
girls, est. 1906, George B Bergen, A B. 
Piincipal, 527 Fullerton 

Berlitz School of Languages, languages; 

co-ed ; est 1878, 56 E Congress 
Bethany Bible School , theol , missionary 

training, and Bible teachers' courses; 

non-sect , co-ed , est 1905, Albert C. 

Wioand, Piesitlent, 3135 W Van Buren 
Birmingham Shorthand School, sten , 1115 

Blue Island Ave 
Boyd's Shorthand School; sten. and bus.; 

est 1902, Robert Boyd, Principal, 64 W. 

Boyesen School, girls' boarding and young 

boys', Augusta Boyesen, Principal, 4961 

Lake Paik Ave 
Bryant & Stratton Business College, bus. 

and sten , est 1856, H W Bryant, Pres.. 

80 E Randolph 
Burns School of Music, piano, voice and 

drama, est 1!>04, M Rose Bums, Diree- 

toi, 436 W C3id 
Bush Conservatory, com sea In music, 

diama, phv cult , and linr , ro-ecl ; 

est. 1902, Kenneth M Bradley, Director, 

N Clark and Chicago 

Calumet Conseivatoiy of Music and Dra- 
matic Art, est 1908; Richard B De 

Young, Director, 113'fl Michigan Ave 
Caruthers' Normal School, normal music; 

Julia Caruthers, Dir, 410 S. Michigan. 
Cathedral College, theol.; men. R. C.; eat. 

1904. Dr F A Purcell, D. D., Pres., 7X 

Central States College of Pharmacy; 

Pharmacy Department of Loyola Uni- 
versity; two-year course; co-ed.; est. 

1907, G L. Secord, Registrar, Hayes 

Avenue and Sheridan Road. 





Chicago continued 

Central Station Institute, couises in sales 
and commercial departments of the elec- 
trical interests, est 1912, H L Lincoln, 
Instructor, 112 W Adams St 

Centralizing: School of Music, music, co-ed.. 
Gertrude Radle-Paiadis, Director, 20 B 
Jackson Bl\d 

Century School of Music, mus and or , est 
1895, Chester N Hanson, Director, Athe- 
naeum Bldg 

Chapek Music School, music, co-ed , Joseph 
H Chapek, Director, 3452 Broadway 

Chicago Academy of Pine Arts, art, co-ed , 
est 1899, Carl N Werntz, Director, 81 
E Madison St 

Chicago Business College, bus and sten , 
co-ed est 1889, Mrs F B Virden, 
Principal, Wabash and Adarn* 

Chicago Business Law School; bus. law, 
co-ed , est 1895, Charles Ailing, Jr , 
Dean, 116 South Michigan Avenue 

Chicago College of Advertising, corresp 
adv , est 1902 W. A Mernam, Mgr , 
12:2 South Michigan Avenue. 

Chicago College of Dental Surgery, dent , 
men, est 1881, Truman W Brophy, 
DD S, Dean, Wood and Harrison 

Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, 
Medical Department Valparaiso Univer- 
sity, med , co-ed , est. 1902, J N Koe, 
M. D. Sec, 704 S Lincoln 

Chicago College of Music, est 1909, Esther 
Hairis, Dace tor, Kimball Hall 

Chicago College of Naprapathy, est 1909, 
Oakley Smith, D N , President, 1428 
Jackson Boulevard 

Chicago College of Osteopathy, co-ed , est 
18D1, Carl F McConnell, M D, D O, 
President, 1422 W Monroe 

Chicago College of Pharmacy (University 
of Illinois) pharm , co-ed., est 1859 , 
William Baker Day, Ph G, Dean, 12th 
and Michigan 

Chicago Conservatory 1 , mus , co-ed , eat 
1884, Walton Perkins, Pres , Auditorium 

Chicago Correspondence School of Low, 
law, est 1892, Charles F. Westwood, 
Sec , Reaper Blk 

Chicago Evangelistic Institute, practice 
school for evangelists and missionaries, 
non-sect., co-ed , Rev. G. A. McLaugh- 
lin, A M, Dean, 1754 Washington Blvd 

Chicago Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat Col- 
elge, post-graduate, men, est. 1897, Wil- 
liam A Fisher, M D, 235 W. Washing- 

Chicago Froebel Association; training 
school for klndergartnera; eat. 1876, 
Mrs. Alice H. Putnam, Prin., 1008 Fine 
Arts Bldg 

Chicago Hospital College of Medicine; reg ; 
co-ed , Frederick A Leusman, M D, 
LL D , Dean, 3832 Rhodes Ave 

Chicago-Kent College of Law; law; co-ed.; 
eat 1888, Bdmond W. Burke, Dean, 8 
S Dearborn. 

Chicago continued 

Chicago Kindergarten Institute; kinder- 
garten training, est 1894, Miss Caroline 
C. Cronise, Director, 40 Scott St 

Chicago Latin School, boys' prep , day, 
Robert B Bates, Prin , 18 E Division 

Chicago Latin School for Girls; prep., day, 
non-sect , est. 1888, Mabel Slade Vickery, 
Principal, Scott and Stone Streets. 

Chicago Law School; law, co-ed ; est. 

1896, J J Tobias, Chancellor, 64 W 

Chicago Musical College, mus , est 1867, 

Felix Barowski, Pres, 624 S Michigan 

Chicago Nautical School, nautical science, 
men, W L Cowles, Pun, Masonic Tern 

Chicago Normal School, city teachers' train- 
ing school, co-ed , est 1871, William 
Bishop Owen, Ph D , Principal, 68th and 

Chicago Parental School, school for delin- 
quents , Peter A. Mortenson, Supt , W. 
Foster and N Central Park ave 

Chicago Piano College, mus.; est 1895; 
Haimon H Watt, Dnectoi, 304 S 

Chicago School of Applied and Normal Art; 
art, Emma M Church, Director, 606 S 

Chicago School of Architecture; Engineering 
course given at Armour Institute, archi- 
tectural drawing and kindred subjects at 
Art Institute, 4-year course, Howard Mon- 
roe Raymond, B S , Dean 

Chicago School of Assaying; assaying, J. 
Dunraven Young, Dir, 1733 Monadnock 

Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy, 
courses in civic, philanthropic, and social 
work, est 1903, Graham Taylor, Presi- 
dent, 116 S. Michigan Avenue. 

Chicago School of Painting, Decorating and 
Paper-hanging, trade, est 1908; G D. 
Green, Principal, 412 N Dearborn Street. 

Chicago School of Physical Education and 
Expression, normal, physical cult, and 
gymnastics, est. 1903; Mrs Robert L. 
Parsons, Prin, 432 S. Wabash. 

Chicago School of Watchmaking, courses in 
watchmaking, jewelry repairing, stone 
setting and engxaving, est 1908, 59 East 
Van Buren St 

Chicago Teachers' College, city normal 
school , co-ed ; William Bishop Owen, 
Prin . 68th and Stewart 

Chicago Technical College, arch, eng., 
diafting and designing courses, day, even- 
ing and corr , est. 1895 , Charles W. 
Morey, President, 116 S Michigan. 

Chicago Theological Seminary; theol ; men. 

Cong ; est 1868, Rev O Stearns Davis, 

Ph D S. D., 20 N Ashland Blvd 
Chicago Training School for City, Home 

and Foreign Missions, non-sect ; co-ed ; 

Lucy Rider Meyer, A. M , Principal, 4949 

Indiana Avenue. 




Chicago continued 
Chicago Veterinary College; vet , men, est 

1883, Joseph Hughes, V. S M Sec., 2537 

S State 
Columbia College of Expression, elo and 

or , co-ed , est 1890, Miss Mary A. Blood, 

A. M , Litt B , Pres , 64 E Van Buren 

Columbia Business College bus and sten , 
Milwaukee and Westein, also Iivmg Paik 
Bvd and Milwaukee 

Columbia School of Music, music and dram 
art; co-ed.; est. 1901, Clara Osborne 
Reed, Pres, 609 S. Wabash 

Cosmopolitan School of Music and Dra- 
matic Art , music; Mrs. W. S Bracken, 
President, 431 S Wabash 

Congregational Training School, missionary 
training, women, Cong, est 1909, Ra- 
chel Lucy Rogers, M A , B D , Dean, 315 
S Ashland Blvd 

Coyne National Trade School; plumbing, 
bricklaying and electrical trades; est. 
1899, Li L Cooke, Dir , 45 E. Illinois 

Cristman Shorthand School; sten ; Miss 
Laura B. Cristman, Prin., 3151 Indiana 

Cultural Review School, normal review, co- 
ed , est 1905, O M Heath, Principal. 37 
S Wabash 

De La Salle Institute, commercial; men; 
R C., Brother Liguori, Pres, 35th and 

De Paul University, comprises College of 
Libeial Arts, of Sciences, of Engineering, 
of Medicine, of Law, of Education, of 
Music, of Commerce, School of Art and 
Design, the Academy, and University 
School for Ghls, R C , est 1908, Vety 
Rev Pzancis X McCabe, C M , LL D, 
President, Webster Ave and Osgood 

De Paul University, College of Engineering, 
courses in civil, mechanical and electrical 
engineering, men, R C , George J Jenis- 
ta, E E , Director 

Drake School of Music, piano, voice, violin, 
dramatic, Earl R Drake, Director, Audi- 
torium Building. 

Elmwood Home School, co-ed ; boarding: 
non-sect.; Miss Mary A. Fellows, Prin., 
5495 Cornell 

Englewood Business College; bus. and 
sten , F B. Bellls, President, 6233 Hal- 

Englewood Conservatory, music, est 1904, 
Albert H McConnell, Director, 6233 S 
Halsted St. 

Englewood Lyric School; mus, dram and 
phy cult , est 1906, Roy James Battls, 
manager, 213 W 61st Street. 

Ephpheta School for Deaf and Dumb; pri- 
vate, girls, boys under 14; Annie M Lar- 
kin, Principal 3100 N Crawford Ave, 

Faulkner School; girls* prep ; eat. 1885; 
Miss Elizabeth Faulkner, Prin., 4740 

German -American Conservatory of Music; 
correspondence courses; J J. Collins, 
President, 209 S. State. 

Chicago continued 

Good's Shorthand School; sten , est 1904, 
Maiv M Good, Puncipal, 1973 Lincoln 

Gregg School, sten , est 1896, John R 
Gregg, President, 6 N Michigan Ave 

Hadley School of Music, piano, violin, pub- 
lic school music, Grant Hadley, Director, 
431 S Wabash 

Hamilton College of Law, evening sessions, 
co-ed , Sholby B Noltnoi, LL D, Pies, 
119 W Madison 

Hahnemann Medical College; xned ; ho- 
meop. , co-ed ; est. 1860; H. R. Chlslett, 
M D , Piosidcnt, 2811 Cottage Giove 

Harvard School for Boys, boys' prep ; day; 
non-sect , est. 1876; John J Schoblnger, 
Dean, 4651 Drexel Blvd 

Hinshaw Conservatory, music and dra- 
matic art, John Arno Hinshaw, Direc- 
tor, Kimball Hall 

Holy Angels' Academy, girls, H* C.; 545 
Oakwood Blvd 

Holy Family Academy; pelect school for 
Polish children, est. 1892; C. C. Sctes- 
lawa, Supeiioi, 1140 W Division St 

Huelster School of Music; voice, est. 1911, 
Otto Bismark Huelster, Director, Kim- 
ball Hall 

Illinois College of Law, Law Department De 
Paul University, day and evening ses- 
sions, co-ed , est 1897, Charles L. Ma- 
honey, LL D , Dean, 207 S Wabash Ave 

Illinois School of Electro-Therapeutics; 
med. electro-therapeutics; co-ed.; est. 
1901; C. S Neiswanger, M. D., Pres., 30 
E Randolph 

Jenner Medical College, med.; reg. ; even- 
ing, co-ed , est. 1891, John D. MacKel- 
ler, M D., Sec, 225 W Washington St* 

Jewish Training School of Chicago; in- 
dust ; co-ed., non-sect.; est. 1888; Orris 
J Milliken, Supt , 654 W. 12th Place. 

John Marshall Law School; law; co-ed.; 
est 1889; Edward T. Lee, Dean, 35 N. 

Jones* School of Telegraphy; teleg.; est. 

1893, F. S Jones, Manager, 305 S. LaSalle. 
Jones' National School of Auctioneering and 

Oratory; Carey M Jones, President, 14 N. 

Sacramento Boulevard. 
Jones North Chicago Business College; bus. 

and sten , R. M Jones, Principal, 550 

Garfleld Avenue 
Josephinum Academy, R C, girls' boarding 

and day; Sisters of Christian Charity, 

1615 N. Oakley Ave. 
Kelso School of Music and Dramatic Art; 

Hugh A Kelso, Jr f Director, 431 S. 

Wabash Ave. 

Kenwood-Loring School for Girls; non- 
sect ; est. 1885; Mrs. Stella Dyer Loring, 
Prin, 4600 Ellis Ave. 

Kenwood Latin School for Boys; boys' 
prep.; est. 1907; Mrs. Mary Ekln Whit- 
ton, Prin. 




Chic ago continued 

Kmdergaiten Collegiate Institute, training 
school foi kmdeigaitneis, est 1881, Eva 
B Whitmore, Prin , 410 So Michigan 
Kindergarten Training School at Chicago 
Commons, kindergarten training, wo- 
men, Bertha Hofer Hegner, Supt, 965 
Grand Ave. 

Laird's Business College , bus and sten ; est 
1902, Albert J Laird, Principal, 217 W 
31st St 

Lake View Institute, girls* boarding non- 
sec , Sarah A Anable, Principal, 442 
Wellington Ave 

Leonard-Wilson School of Music and Ex- 
pi ession, est 1907, Ida Fletcher Leonard, 
Director, 6255 Kimbark Avenue 

Lewis Institute, co-ed , non-sect , est 1896; 
Mechanic Arts, Engineering, Domestic 
Economy and Decorative Art, day and 
evening, George Noble Caiman, A. B., 
Director, Madison and Robey 

Logan Square Business College, bus and 
sten , 2bOO Milwaukee Ave 

Loreto Convent of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion, girls' boarding, R C., est 1906, 
Ladies of Loreto, b5th and Washington 

Loyola Academy for Boys, prep., R. C , 
est. 1909, Frederick faiedenbuig, J , 
Principal, Rogers Park 

Loyola College of Law, three-year course, 
evening sessions, 6 30 to 9; co-ed.; est 
1908, William Dillon, LL D, Dean, Clark 
and Randolph Streets 

Loyola University, comprises St Ignatius 
College, Academy, and Commercial High 
School, Loyola Academy, Loyola College 
of Law, Engineering Department, Ben- 
nett Medical College, and Central States 
College of Pharmacy, co-ed ; R. C , 
Henry S Spalding, S. J, Regent-Director, 
Hayes Avenue and Sheridan Road 

Loyola University Engineering Department, 
courses in Civil, Electrical, Chemical, and 
Mechanical Engineering; G. L. Secord, 
Registrar, Hayes Ave & Sheridan Rd 

MacCormac School, bus and sten.; co-ed.; 
est 1902 , Morton MacCormac, Pres , 
1206 E 63rd St Branch school at 11419 
Michigan Ave 

Maclean School, vocal art, expression, dra- 
matic art, languages, dancing, Juan C 
Maclean, Pres, 624 S. Michigan Ave 

Mary Wood Chase School of Musical Arts; 
music, co-ed ; Mary Wood Chase, Direc- 
tor, 410 S. Michigan Avenue 

McCormlck Theological Seminary; theo., 
Presb , men, est 1830, Rev. James G, K 
McClure, LL D , President, 2320 N Halsted 

McCowan Oral School for Young Deaf Chil- 
dren; speech teaching; co-ed ; private; 
eat 1883, Cornelia D. Blngham Eggers, 
Prin, 6550 Tale Ave. 

McKlllip Veterinary College; vet., men; 
est 1892, Charles Frazier, D. V S, Dean, 
1C 39 S Wabash Ave 

Chicago continued 

McKmloy Unueisity College of Law, cor- 
respondence couises, Joseph R Poland, 
LL B, Dean, 1507 E 55th St 

Metropolitan Business College, bus and 
sten.; est. 1873, O M Powers, Prin., 
Central College, Wabash and Monroe. 
Blanches at 9008 Commercial, 300 W 
63i d, 1110 S Oakley Bvd , 9 S Ciawford, 
1530 N Robey, 3237 Lincoln Ave , 1546 
Larrabee St 

Metropolitan Conservatory of Music, est 
1910, Harry Dimond and Leroy Wetzel, 
Directors, Kimball Hall 

Mendelssohn Conservatory of Music; vocal 
and instrumental music, est 1906, Carrie 
Scott, Director, 239 Wabash Avenue 

Moody Bible Institute, Missionary Train- 
ing School, co-ed.; Interdenominational, 
est 1886, James M. Gray, D D, Dean, 153 
Institute Place 

Mozgan Park Academy; boys' military, 
non-sect , est 18U2, Haiiy Delmont 
Abel Is, S B , Supt , Morgan and Crescent 

Morgan School of Expression, Anna; dram, 
art, Miss Anna Morgan, Dir, Fine Arts 

Mosei Shorthand College, day and evening, 
Munson, 110 S Michigan 

National Kindergarten College, normal kin- 
dergarten courses, women, boarding dept , 
est 1886, Elizabeth Harrison, President, 
2944 Michigan Ave 

National School of Chiiopractic, corre- 
spondence, John F A Howard, D C, 
Dean, 1553 W Madison St 

North Park College; prep ; boarding, co- 
ed , est 1893, Swedish Evans Mis- 
sion, Rev David Nyvall, M Ph C., Presi- 
dent, Kedzie and Foster 

North Shore School of Music; music; 
Charles J. Haake, Director, Evanston 
and Leland Aves. 

Northern Illinois College of Ophthalmology 
and Otology, co-ed.; est 1872; J. B. Mc- 
Fatrich, M. D, Pres, 153 N. Michigan. 

Northwestern Business College; bus and 
sten , J F Fish, Principal, 1630 Mil- 
waukee Ave 

Noith western University Dental School; 
aent , co-ed , est 1887, Thomas L Gil- 
mer, D D S , Dean, Lake and Dear- 

Northwestern University Law School, law; 
co-ed.; est. 1859; John H. Wlgmore, 
Dean, Dearborn and Lake. 

Northwestern University Medical School; 
med. , reg ; men; est. 1859; Arthur Robin 
Edwards, M. D., Dean, 2421 Dearborn 

Northwestern University School of Phar- 
macy, pharm , co-ed , est 1886, John 
Harpei Long, Sc D , Dean, 31 W Lake 

Northwestern University School of Com- 
merce, Accounts and Finance; co-ed ; eat. 
1908, Willard Eugene Hotchklss, Ph.D., 
Dean, Lake & Dearborn Sts 

O'Dcmnell's Business College, bus and sten.; 
D J O'Donnell, Prln , 116 N Paulina 

Orr'a Business College; bus and sten.; 
Grant Orr, Prin., 6309 Tale, also 5451 8. 

Parker School, Francis W. , prep.; co-ed.; 
Flora J. Cooke, Prin , 380 Webster. 





Chicagro continued 

Paterson's Stenographic Institute, sten ; 
and office appliances, est 1889, Charles 
Paterson, Manager, 19 S LaSalle. 

Pestalozzi-Froebel Kindergarten Training 
School, normal kind and play-ground 
courses, est 1896, Mrs Bertha Hofer- 
Hegner, Supei mtendent, 616 S Michigan 

Phillips School of Oratory, elo and or , co- 
ed ; est 1894, Arthur Edward Phillips, 
Principal, 304 S Wabash Avenue. 

Physical Culture Training School, est 1910, 
Morey Aldrich Wood, B S , Acting Presi- 
dent, 42nd St and Grand Blvd 

Pieison Business College, bus and sten , est 
1910, I W Pierson, Pres , 1134 Wilson 

Revilo College, sten ; day and evening ses- 
sions, est 1912, L A Corboy, B S, 
Principal, 17 N Wabash 

Hush Medical College, med., reg ; co-ed.; 
est 1837, Frank Billings, M. S, M. D, 
Dean, Harrison and Wood. 

Ryder Divinity School, men, est. 1881; 
Univ , Rev. Lewis B Fisher, D D , Dean, 
5733 Kenwood Ave 

St Cyril's College, theol and prep ; men, 
R C , Brother Director, 6413 Star Ave 

St. Francis Xavier Academy; girls' board- 
ing, R. C ; est. 1846; Sister Mary de 
Sales, Superior, 4928 Cottage Grove 

St Ignatius College, collegiate department 
of Loyola University, men, R C , est. 
1869, George J Leahy, S J, Vice-Pres, 
1076 W 12th Street. 

St Louis Academy; girls* boarding; R. C.; 
est 1904, Sister Saint Aubert, Superior, 
11715 State St 

St Patrick's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C., est. 1883, Mother Mary Joseph, Su- 
perior, 2303 Park 

St Patrick's Commercial Academy, prep 
and bus , Brother Joseph, 135 S Des- 
Plaines St 

St Stanislaus College, coll and prep , boys' 
boarding and day, R C , est 1890, Rev 
J L Zapala, Pres , 1456 Division. 

St. Viator's Normal Institute; prep and 
nor , co-ed. , R C ; Rev E. L Rivard, 
Principal, 3208 N Crawford 

Scandia Academy, prep, bus and music; 
co-ed ; Dr Olof A Toffteen, Rector, 4753 

School of Domestic Arts and Sciences; 
women; est. 1893; Mrs Lynden Evans, 
Pres, 177 N State. 

Sherwood Music School ; xnus. ; co-ed ; est. 
1897, Georgia Kober, Director, 410 S 
Michigan Avenue 

Spaids School for Girls; girls* boarding; 
non-sect; est 1890; Miss Kate Louise 
Spaids, Prln, 3138 S. Michigan 

Spry Music School, Walter, est 1906; Wal- 
ter Spry, Director, Fine Arts Bldg. 

Starrett School for Girls; girls' boarding 
non-sect.; est. 1884; Mrs Helen Ekin 
Starrett, Prin , 4718 Woodlawn Ave 

Stein Musical-Dramatic Conservatory, music 
and drama, Karl Burcn Stein, Director, 
Auditorium Bldg. 

Chicagro continued 

Stevan School for Girls; girls' boarding, 
non-sect ; est 1880; Mrs Luella M. Wil- 
son, Prin , 4313 D rex el 

Success Shorthand School, bus and sten.; 
est 1903; W. L James, Pres, 62 W. 

Thomas Ainold School, boys' prop , board- 
ing and dav, non-sect , est 1912, John 
Stuart White, LL D , Headmaster, 1302 
N State 

Technical Normal School , courses in mus , 
draw , dom sci , and phy edu , women , 
boarding dept , est 1910 , Miss Mary Sher- 
wood, Director, 3207 S Michigan 

University High School of the University of 
Chicago; non-sect., co-ed ; est. 1903; 
Franklin W Johnson, A M , Principal, 
Kenwood Ave and 58th 

University of Chicago, comprises the Gradu- 
ate School of Arts and Literature, the 
Ogden (Graduate) School of Science, the 
Divinity School, the Law School, the 
Medical Courses (in co-operation with 
Rush Medical College) the School of 
Education, and the Colleges of Arts, of 
Literature, of Science, of Philosophy, of 
Commerce and Administration, of Educa- 
tion, and the Extension Division; non- 
sect , co-ed , est. 1892; Harry Pratt Jud- 
son, LL. D , President, 58th and Ellis Ave. 

University of Chicago, School of Education; 
professional training courses for teachers; 
Charles H Judd, LL D., Director. 

University of Chicago, College of Commerce 
and Administration; commerce, adminis- 
tration, and finance; co-ed.; L. 0. Mar- 
shall, M. A., Dean 

University of Chicago Divinity School; 
theol.; Bapt , est 1866; Shailer Mathews, 
D D , LL D , Dean 

University of Chicago Law School; law; co- 
ed ; est 1902; James Parker Hall, A. B., 
LL B, Dean, Lexington and 69th. 

Univeisity of Illinois, College of Dentistry; 
state, co-ed , est 1899; Frederick B 
Moorohead, D D S, Dean, 813 W. Har- 
rison St 

Univeislty of Illinois, College of Medicine, 
state, ieg , co-ed ; D A K fitcole, M. D, 
Dean, W Congress and Honor* 

University School for Boys, boys' prop ; 
day, est 1890, non-sect , Wai tor R Kohn, 
Headmaster, 1139 N Dearborn 

University School for Girls; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Mias Anna R. Halre, Dean, 
1106 Lake Shore Drive. 

Wahl-Henius Institute of Fermentology ; 
courses in brewing technology; eat 1890, 
Robert Wahl, Director, 1185 Fullerton 

Wallace Commercial School; bus. and sten,; 
162 N. Dearborn. 

Walton School of Commerce; correap. and 
residence courses, est. 1010, Seymour 
Walton, C. P, A, 122 S. Michigan, 

Watson's Business College; bus. and ten*; 
George Watson, Prin,, 688 W. 65th blve. 





Webster College of Law, day and evening, 
co-ed , 14 W Washington St 

Western Theological Seminary, theol ; P. 
E ; men, eat 1886, Rev Wm C. De Witt, 
S T. D, Pres, 2726 Washington blvd. 

Winters School of Jewelry Engraving, est 

1897, 1815 Heyworth Bldg 
Chicago Heights, Cook Co., pop 14,525. 

Pres Bd Bduc Cass L Kennicott 

Sec Bd Educ F M Richardson 

City Superintendent Francis M Richard- 

Prin. Township H S. E. L. Boyer. 

Miles Institute, bus and sten , est. 1909, 
L R Swanson, Principal 

Chillicothe, Peorfa Co., pop. 1,851. 

Pres Bd Bduc John Titus 
Sec Bd Bduc Henry Truitt 
City Superintendent F G Edwards 
Principal High School A M Wells 

Chrisman, Edgar Co., pop. 1,300. 

City Superintendent P M Watson. 
Pimcipal High School P M Watson 

Cicero, Cook Co., pop. 14,557. 

Pres Bd Educ J F Slapak 

Sec Bd Educ J J Vana 

City Superintendent W W Lawton 

Prin Township H S H V Church 

Supv Music Raymond N Carr 

Phy Cult (boys) Harry L Brundage 

Phy Cult (girls) Rose M Gyles 

Drawing Arsina Hauk 

Commercial Roy Hall 

Manual Training John E Poole 

Clayton, Adams Co., pop*, 1,050 

Principal High School T J Haney 

Clinton, Dewltt Co., pop. 5,165. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred Ball. 

Sec Bd Educ K. S Brown 

City Superintendent H. H Edmunds 

Pitncipal High School Lee Ross Blohm 

Supv Music Guna C Kelley 

Domestic Science Kate Oliver. 

Manual Training Carl Richards 

Clinton Business College, bus and sten ; 
A T Scovill, Principal 

Cobden, Union Co., pop. 1,500. 

Piinclpal High School John C Carter 

Coffeen, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Bduc C A Traylor 
Sec Bd SJduo Thomas C Edwards 
City Superintendent Lewis R Traylor 
Principal High School Thomas V. Alsop. 

Coffeen Normal School and Academy; prep ; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; Jacobel Taylor, Pres. 

Colchester, MeDonouffh Co., pop. 1,685. 

City Superintendent-* Roy E Simpson 
Prin. H. 8. Wallace McConnell. 

Colfax, McLean Co., pop. 1,250. 

Pres. Bd Bduc W C, Mooberry 
Sec Bd Educ A. L. Hutson 
City Superintendent P M Hoke. 
Principal High School LIda J. Smith 

Collinsvllle, Madison Co , pop 7,478. 
City Superintendent C. D. Dorris. 
Pnn. Township H S A E. Arendt 
Manual Training Chester Gumm 
Domestic Science Nellie Reaugh 

College of Commerce, bus and sten , est 
1907, Miller and Simpson, Props. 

Creal Springs, Williamson Co., pop. 940. 

Pres Bd Bduc George Liischer 
Sec Bd Educ Lewis Remhardt 
City Superintendent L A Schafer. 
Penmanship Amy O Lill 

Creal Springs College, coil , co-ed , Bapt , 
Mrs G B Hurrah, Pres. 

Cuba, Fulton Co , pop. 1,250. 

City Superintendent P H Hellver 
Principal High School Myrtle Hill 

Dakota, Stephenson Co., pop. 269. 

Dakota School for Boys, open air 12 month 
__ses&ions > 6 to 12, W H Wyler, Prin 

Dallas City, Hancock Co., pop. 1,250. 

City Superintendent Elsie H Giese 
Principal High School Howard Lembaugh 

Danville, Vermilion Co , pop. 27,871. 
Pres Bd Educ George W. Telling. 
Sec Bd Educ A. A Partlow. 
City Superintendent Gilbert P Randle 
Principal High School A. W. Smalley 
Supv Primai y Nellie Haley 
Supv Music Mrs Ella C White. 
Manual Training L A. Tuggle. 
Domestic Science Bertha Harper. 
Drawing Mary E Williams 
Penmanship A. L Loring 
Commercial Lydla V Johnson 

Brown's Business College; bus and sten.; 

co-ed , est 1895, J A Ebersol, Principal 
Danville Business College; bus. and sten.; 

co-ed. Principal 

Decatnr, Maeon Co., pop. 81,140. 

Pres Bd Educ R C Augustine 
Clerk Bd Educ Arthur Kinkade 
City Superintendent J O Bngleman 
Supv Elem Grades Katharine Hamilton 
Principal High School T M. Doam. 
Manual Training C V Denman 
Domestic Science Elizaibeth E Stone 
Penmanship Mary Baker 
Commercial E H Langdon 

Brown's Business College; bus. and sten., 
co-ed.; est. 1884; H. M. Owen, Prin. 

James MilUken University, comprises Col- 
lege of Liberal Arts, Engineering:, Domes- 
tic Economy, Fine and Applied Arts, 
Commerce and Finance, Library Science, 
Pedagogy, Music, and the Academy, co- 
ed , Presb , est 1903, A R Taylor, LL. 
D, President 

James Mllllken University Academy; prep 
and manual training courses, co-ed., Ben- 
jamin B James, A M , Principal 

St Theresa's Academy; prep ; co-ed.; R. 
G.; Rev. J Murphy, Pres. 





DeKalb, DeKalb Co., pop. 8,102. 

Pres Bd Educ J M Everett 
Sec Bd Educ E S Hunt 
City Superintendent F R Ritzman 
Pi in Township H S C W Whitten 
Supv Music Maude JNicnoison 
Manual Training Milo Oakland 
Domestic Science Grace Hinchliff 
Drawing Katharine Fisk 
Penmanship E F Edel 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 

A. T Scovill, Principal 
Northern Illinois State Normal School; nor- 

mal , co-ed.; state^ est 1895, John W. 

Cook, M A., LL. D. Fres 

Delavan, Tazewell Co., pop. 1400. 

City Superintendent M R Staker 
Principal High School Marie F Tate 

Des Flaines, Cook Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd. Educ P. M. Hoffman. 
Sec. Bd Educ E. J Jones. 
City Superintendent W. D Smith. 
Prin Township H S I A Wilson 
Supv Music Stella C Maher 
Domestic Science Annetta Hoffman. 
Manual Training O W Fairbanks 

Dixon, Lee Co., pop. 7,216. 
North Side. 

Pres Bd Educ C H Ives 
Sec Bd Educ J. N Sterling 
City Superintendent H H Hagen 
Principal High School Miss Gaylord 

South Side * 

Pres Bd Educ H C McKenny 
Sec Bd Educ E W Smith 
City Superintendent C I Bixler 
Principal High School F C Friester 

Copplns' Commercial College; bus and sten., 

est 1904, W. H. Coppins, Pres. 215 First 

Bock River Military Academy, military; 

non-sect ; est. 1904, Edwin B. Floyd, 

Strong College of Music, graduate courses, 

est 1911, William F Strong, Director 

Downers Grove, Dn Page Co., pop. 2,601. 

Pres Bd Educ J R Foster. 

Sec. Bd. Educ. F E Dowe. 

City Superintendent George C. Butler 

Prin. H S Maud Manley. 

Supv. Music Clara Zolllnger. 

Manual Training Jesse M Hawley 

Commercial George H Robinson 

Dundee, Kane Co., pop. 

Pres Bd. Educ F F. Hall 
Sec Bd Educ H T Bollman 
City Superintendent Osher Schlaifer 
Pi in Township H S Lulu Moulton 

Dnqnoln, Perry Co., pop. 5,454. 

City Superintendent R B Templeton 
Pnn Township H S O C Boyer. 
Domestic Science Ethel Carter 

Dwight, Livingston Co , pop. 3,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Roy W Boston 
Sec Bd Educ George S Baker 
City Superintendent C A Bi others 
Principal High School Ella M Brown 
Music & Drawing Nettie Grahel 
Manual Training 1 J P Hmck 
Domestic Science Gladys Smith 

Earlville, Lasalle Co., pop. 1,250. 

City Superintendent Lloyd B Mann. 
Principal High School Nellie Smith. 

East Dubugue, Jo Daviess Co., pop. 1,146. 

Pres Bd Educ Edwaid Apfeld 

Sec Bd Educ Chailes Small 

City Supt & Prin H S F L Bums 

East Moline, Bock Island Co., pop. 2,665. 

Pres Bd Educ George W Dick 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Grant Fair 

City Supt and Prin H S D. B. Hoffman, 

Supv Music Millie Beck. 

Drawing L S Wright 

Penmanship Helen Story 

East St. Louis, St. Clalr Co., pop. 58,547. 

Pres Bd Educ Wallace C Watkins 
Sec Bd. Educ. J S Pldgeon 
City Superintendent D Walter Potts. 
Principal High School H. J. Alvis 
Supv Music Julia R Kelsoy 
Manual Training D G Buckingham 
Domestic Science Bertha Klip f el 
Physical Culture F. C Spalding. 
Drawing Carmen A Trimmer 
Penmanship Bessie Sawyer. 
Commercial Clyde F Lytton 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten.; 

est 1907, O T Kruse, Principal, 301 

Collinsville Ave 
Metropolitan Commercial College, bus. and 

sten.; est. 1907, S. N Falder, A* M., M 

P A., Prin. 
Summer's College of Commerce; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1895; P. D. Summers, Prop. 

Edinburg, Christian Co., pop. 1,071. 

City Superintendent J. L. Hart. 
Principal High School J J Hutchons 

EdwardsviHe, Madison Co.. pop. 5,014. 

Pres Bd Educ Thomas Williamson 
Sec Bd Educ J. G Dollc*at< k . 
City Superintendent C. F. Ford. 
Principal High School J G. Stull 
Supv Music Belle Kromo 
Manual Training Frank Weathoff 
Domestic Science Miss E Marvel. 
Drawing Katherino Hack. 
Penmanship & Com'l Grace Davis 
Effingham, Effingham Co., pop. 4,000* 
Pres Bd Educ. B. F. Kagay. 
Sec. Bd Educ. E B. Schooley. 
City Superintendent O C. Bailey. 
Principal High School Guy A. Gladson. 
Music & Drawing Clara Clayton. 
Bissell College of Photo-Bngravin*; tech.; 

co-ed.; est 1894; fc. H. Bissell, Pres. 
Illinois College of Photography; photo.; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; est 1894; L. EC. Blssell, 






Eldorado, Saline Co., pop 2,000. 

City Superintendent James Lyon 
Pnn Township H S Oren A Barr 
Manual Training E E Wacheser 
Domestic Science Minnie Milne 
Commercial Estella Lewis 

Elgin, Kane Co., pop. 25,976. 

Pres Bd Educ M M Cloudman 
Sec Bd Educ J M Manley 
City Superintendent Robert I. White. 
Prln H S W L Goble 
Supv Music Grace Wheelock 
Manual Training Henry E Cobb 
Domestic Science Anna Burita 
Physical Culture Ida Haakins 
Public Speaking Beatrice Cowlm 
Drawing Fannie Butter field 
Drawing Claudia Abell 
Commercial L F Jolley 

Elgin Academy of Northwestern Univer- 
sity, prep , co-ed , M E , Ernest Put- 
nam Clark, A M , Principal 

Ellis Institute, bus, sten and prep; est 
1900, Frank W Ellis, President 

Metropolitan Business College, branch of 
Chicago School, C C Ray bum, Princi- 

St. Mary's Academy, prep, co-ed; R C.; 
est. 1880, Sister Mary Constance, Superior. 

Elmhurst, Dupage Co., pop. 2,360. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Wilkinson. 
Sec Bd Educ H F Hobein. 
City Superintendent A. M. Nichelson. 
Principal High School J C. Hosklnson. 
Commercial Mary L. DeLay. 

Evangelical Proseminery; theol ; men; Ger 
Evang ; eat 1871, Rev D Irion, D D, 

Elmwood, Feoxta Co., pop. 1,582. 

City Srfpezintendent C C. Condit 

El Pago, Woodford Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pros Bd Educ J F Stergeon. 
Sec Bd Educ J F Shepard 
City Superintendent Carl B Moore 
Principal High School Sylva Smith 

Equality, Gallatin Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent P A Stierwalt 
Principal High School E L Stewart. 

Eureka, Woodford Co., pop. 1,661. 

City Superintendent W B Craft 
Principal High School Mabel Dearth. 

Eureka College, college, prep and music 
depta ; co-ed ; Christian, est. 1855; Rev. 
H. O. Pritchard, A. M., President. 

Evaniton, Cook Co., pop. 24,978* 
District 75. 

Pres Bd. Educ Stewart Waring 
Sec. Bd. Educ H. H. Kingsley 
City Superintendent A N Farmer 
Supv Music Nellie Poorman 
Manual Training T, A* Adams 
Domestic Science Maud Costello 
Drawing Julia Ferguson. 

Evanston continued 

District 76 

Pres Bd. Educ James R Smart 

Sec Bd Educ F W Nichols 

Superintendent F W Nichols 

Prln. Township H S. W. F. Beardsley. 

Supervisor Music Elizabeth Nash 

Manual Training E. C Gourdeau 

Domestic Science Martha Carroll 

Academy of the Visitation, girls' boarding, 
from 6 yrs up, R. C , est 1897, Mother 
M Innocent la Weber, Superior, Ridge Ave. 
& Simpson. 

Evanston Academy of Northwestern Uni- 
versity; prep , co-ed , M E ; est * 1857; 
Edward W Marcellus, A M, Principal 

Garrett Biblical Institute, Northwestern 
University; theol; co-ed.; M. E., eat. 
1856, Rev Charles Macau ley Stuart, D. 
D , Litt D , LL D , President. 

Evanston Classical School, prep ; girls; day 
and boarding, non-sect ; eat. 1904, Mrs. 
Alice Clawson Gove, Pnn, 625 University 

Northwestern University; comprises College 
of Liberal Arts, Graduate School, School 
of Engineering, of Music, of Oratory, and 
the Academy, in Evanston , School of Law, 
of Medicine, of Dentistry, of Pharmacy, 
and of Commerce, in Chicago, co-ed* ; M. 
E , est 1851, Thomas F Holgate, LL. D, 

Northwestern University College of Engi- 
neering, courses in Mechanical, Electrical, 
and Civil Engineering, men; est 1907; 
John Filhnore Hayford, C E , Director 

Northwestern University, School of Music; 
music; co-ed.; est 1891; Peter C Lut- 
kin, HUB Doc , A G O , Dean 

Northwestern University, School of Ora- 
tory, co-ed , .Ralph Brownell Dennis, 
M A , Director 

Norwegian-Danish Theological Seminary; 
men, M. B., est. 1885; Rev Nela E Sim- 
onsen, D D., Dean 

Swedish Methodist Episcopal Theological 
Seminary; theol., M E ; men; eat. 1870; 
Rev C. G. Wallenius, Pres. 

Ewing, Franklin Co., pop. 419. 
Ewing College; coll.; co-ed.; Bapt.: eat 

1867, Arthur E Summers, President 

Falrbury, Uvingston Co., pop. 8,000. 

Pres Bd Educ E Aagard 
Sec Bd Educ, R E Thome 
City Superintendent E W Powers. 
Prin Township H S E! W Powers 
Music & Drawing Marioile Nelson 
Manual Training William Baker 
Domestic Science Grace Anderson. 

Fairfleld, Wayne Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres. Bd Educ. John E Cooper. 
Sec. Bd. Educ. John Keen, Jr. 
City Superintendent H. D Willard 
' Principal High School K O Holland. 

Fanner City, Dewltt Co., pop. 1,760. 

City Superintendent David M. Dewhirst 
Prin. Township H S H. D Eickelberg 





Farming! on, Fulton Co., pop. 3,200. 

Pies Bd Educ Dr Connelly 
Sec Bd Educ W S Mooie 
City Superintendent E A Huff 
Principal High School Ethel Chapman 
Supv Music W S Campbell 
Flat Bock, Crawford Co , pop 1,000. 
City Superintendent I O Smclan 
Flora, Clay Co., pop 2,500 
City Superintendent J F Grisamore 
Pun To\vnship H S S J Curlec 
Orchard City Business College, bus and 
sten , est 1890, Thos B Greenlaw, Pres 
Forest Park, Cook Co , pop 6,594. 
Pres Bd Educ Henry Boll 
Sec Bd Educ A L, Blessman 
City Superintendent Heniy Bucllsfield 
Supv Music Letha TJ McCluie 
Di awing Enid Bassett 
Forreston. Ogle Co., pop. 1,100. 
Pnncipal High School F W Colo 
Freeport, Stepheneon Co, pop. 17,567 
Pres Bd Educ W J Rideout 
Sec Bd Educ Evelyn M Graham 
City Superintendent Siegel E Raines. 
Principal High School L. W Fulwider 
Supv Music Jessie Grossman 
Supv Music (Grades) Mary O'Connor. 
Manual Training A R Buffin 
Domestic Science Alma Kiu^e 
Physical Culture A L Daugneity 
Penmanship Miss Josephine Long 
Commercial F W Kirtland 
Freeport College of Commerce, bus and 

sten., J J Nagle, Prin. 
Fulton, Whiteside Co., pop 8,850. 
Pres Bd Educ W H Duikee 
Sec Bd Educ Geoige W Thompson 
City Superintendent H S Price 
Pnncipal High School Mrs C R Flatt 
Galena, Jo Daviess Co., pop. 4,835. 
Pies Bd Educ George Millhouse. 
Sec Bd Educ R A Biatton 
City Superintendent F Menzemer. 
Prin High School Katharine H. Obye. 
Galesburg, Knox Co , pop. 22,089. 
Pres Bd Educ William O R Bradley 
Sec Bd Educ William L Boutclle 
City Superintendent William L Steele 
Prin. H S -A W. Willis 
Supv Music J Glaze Strong 
Manual Training G H Bridge. 
Domestic Science Mrs C G Rhodes 
Drawing Ida Glenn 

Commercial Roy E. Gill 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten.: 

J. H Cox, Prin 

Enoz College; coll ; co-ed , non-sect.; est. 
1837; Thomas McClelland, A M., D. D, 
LL. D , Pres. 

Knox College Conservatory of Music, gradu- 
ate courses, est 1883, William F Bent- 
ley, Mus D, Director 

Lombaid College, collegiate, music, art 
depts , co-ed, est 1851, Joseph M Til- 
den, Ltr D, President 
St Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R 
C , Sister Mary Victoria, Superior. 

Galva, Henry Co , pop. 2,682. 

Pres 33d Educ A E Hciftland 

Sec Bd Educ A J Nordgren 

City Superintendent F IT White 

Pnncipal Ilitjh School Mnifiuret Jacobson 

Supv Music Jessie O Stionff 

Domestic Science Hazel Shodley 

Drawing Carrie Sheldon 

Manual Tiaming Olivei M "Leath 

Gardner, Grundy Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ Wado S Allison 
Sec Bd Educ Sadie M SpilU-i 
City Superintendent E F Booth 
Principal High School Elizabeth J Martin 

Geneseo, Henry Co., pop. 3,356. 

Sec Bel Educ Aithui Cook 

Sec Bd Educ J E West 

City Supei mtendont J G Gourlav 

Principal High School F J Mabiey 

Supv Music Mis Bertha Dakin Smith 

Manual Training TJ E Walteis 

Domestic Science Elsie Magic 

Di awing May Johnson 

Commercial J Harmosson 

Geneseo Collegiate Institute, prep , nor, 
music and bus , co-ed , Presb ; est 1884; 

N W Thornton, A M , Piincipal 

Geneva, Kane Co, pop. 2,446. 

Pres Bd Educ E G Howell 
Sec Bd Educ C W Bailey. 
City Supei intendent H M. Coullmp 
PUncipal High School O E Bates 
Drawing Anne Wllber 

Genoa, Dekalb Co., pop. 1,350. 

City Rupei intendent O E Turkei 
Pnncipal High School Miiigaret Splatter. 

Georgetown, Vermilion Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd. Educ C L Bennett, M D 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs John Frazior. 
City Supt and Prin H S O. P. Rees. 

Gibson City, Ford Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ TJ A Davidson 
Sec Bd Edue George A Wash 
Oity Supeilntondont H T Mr'Kmnev 
Pnncipal High School IT T McK!nn<v 
Supv Music & Drnwinqr Luc lie Mitchell, 
Manual Training Ralph 15 TJoundy 
Domestic Science Nolle KUkpatrivk 

GUlesple, Macovpln Co., pop* 2,241. 

City Superintendent -F 1; Tfoohn 
Piinoipal High School Olive Mooro 

Gllroan, Iroquols Co., pop. 1,450. 

Pres BcU Educ - George Cox 
Sec Bd Educ Thomas A Ctookn 
City Superintendent J B, 
Principal High School Louise 

Girard, Macoupln Co., pop. 1,891. 

City Superintendent J r Harmon 
Piincipal High School C. E, Kuth-for<2. 





Glen wood, Cook Co., pop 180. 

Glenwood Manual Training School, in- 
dust for normal dependent boys, non- 
sect , est 1887, Leo A Philips, Supt. 

Godfrey, Madison Co., pop. 80. 

"Beverly Farm" School for Nervous and 

Backward Children, non-sect , co-ed.; 

est 1897, Wm H C. Smith, M. D, Supt 
Monticello Seminary, girls' boarding, non- 

spct , est 1848, Miss Martina C Erickson, 


Golronda, Pope Co , pop. 1,250. 

Principal High School William Meyer 

Granite City, Madison Co., pop. 9,903. 

Pres Bd Educ R A Bull 
Sec Bd Bduc Fied Kottmeior 
City Superintendent Louis P Frohiardt 
Pimcipal High School W F Coolidge 
Supv Music Florme Henseon 
Drawing Lulu Waggonei 

Summers' College of Commerce, bus and 
sten ; P. D Summers, Prop 

Granville, Putnam Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Supeimtendont Ella G Anderson 

Grayville, White Co , pop. 2,000. 

Pies Bd Educ D F Marl in 
Soc Bd Educ M L Whitney 
City Superintendent F C Scott 
Piincipal High School W H Ljons 

Greenfield, Green Co., pop. 1,150. 

City tfupet mtondent Walter C Suft 
Piincipal High School Isla F Sutherland 

Greenville, Bond Co., pop. 2,504. 

Pi es Bd Bduc W H Hubbard 
Sec Bd Educ H, S Browne. 
City Superintendent S S Simpson 
Principal High School A W Niedermeyer 

Greenville College, coll ; co-ed ; Free 
Meth ; est 1892, Bldon G Burritt, Prea 

GriffgsviUe, Pike Co., pop. 1,404. 

Pros Bd Educ Ha try Laird 
Sec Bd Bduc T M Watson 
City Superintendent T C Moore 

Hamilton, Hancock Co., pop. 1,400* 

City Superintendent J A Johnston 
Principal High School Philena Clarke 

Harrisburg, Saline Co., pop. 5,809. 

Pres Bd Mduc. Judge Sonners 
Roc Bd Educ J W Richardson 
City Superintendent T. O, Elliott. 
Prin. Township H S. Harry Taylor. 

Harvard, McHenry Co., pop. 2,602. 

Pies Bd Bduc B F. Manley 
Sec Bd Educ, B L Axtell 
City Superintendent J H Light 
Principal High School F B Dewhlrst, 
Supv Music Adeline Brainard 
Drawing Cora Miner. 

Harvey, Cook Co , pop. 7,227. 
Pies Bd Educ Thomas C Stobbs 
Sec Bd Educ F L Miller 
City Superintendent Frank L Miller 
Prin Township H. S Lewis W Smith 
Supv Music C Elliott Fouser 
Physical Tiaming Edith L Hildebiand 
Manual Tiaming William H Alms 
Drawing E&thei Blanke 
Commeicial Mrs H H Alzeno 

Havana, Mason Co., pop. 3,600. 

Pres Bd Educ H Z Boigelt 

Sec Bd Educ S F Kyle 

City Superintendent T E Sa\age 

Piincipal High School Mis Sarah Pierce 

Music & Di awing Olga Engen 

Domestic Science Jessie Rudolph. 

Henry, Marshall Co., pop. 1,750. 

City Supeimtendent W E King 
Principal High School Floience Scharf en- 
Domestic Science Mis Emma F Cornell 

Herrin, Williamson Co., pop. 6,861. 

City Superintendent Roy V. Jordan. 
Pun Township H S T H Schultz 
Domestic Science C M Atteberiy 
Commeicial C W Brown 

Highland, Madison Co., pop. 2,300. 

Pres Bd Educ Alfred Wildi 
Sec Bd Educ John S Hoerner 
City Superintendent C L Dietz 
Principal High School Anna C New 
Supv Music Emily Hoetcit 
Commercial Estelle Bennehoff 
Physical Tiaining Heiman Winkler 


Highland Fark, Lake Co., pop. 2,806. 

Pres Bd Educ John V. Norcross 
Sec Bd Educ' Fred Greenslade. 
City Superintendent Jesse L. Smith. 
Prin Township H S R. L Sandwich. 
Supv Music S A Dietch 
Manual Training R W Schneider 
Domestic Science Margueiite Tucker 
Di awing Mildred Chambeilam 
Commercial E C McLean 

Hillsboro, Montgomery Co., pop. 2,700. 

Pres Bd Educ Dillon Swingle. 
Sec Bd Bduc A. N. Baner 
City Superintendent H J Beckemeyer. 
Principal High School J. M Avery. 
Supv Music Mrs. Emma Sill mo re 

Hinsdale, Dupage Co., pop. 2,451. 

Pres Bd Educ Robeit W Childs 
Sec Bd Educ Dona Slade, Jr 
City Supei intendent C B Douglass 
Principal High School O. J Coe 
Supv Music Mildiid Romsdahl 
Manual Training Earl Douglas 
Domestic Science Edna L. Strader 
Drawing Edith Edwaids 
Pen' ship & Com'l S B Hood. 





Homer, Champaign Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Supei mtentlent Geoige B Routt 
Puncipal High School L. E Mooie 

Hoopeston, Vermilion Co , pop. 4,G98. 

Pits Bd Educ J S Adsil 

Sec Bd JEduc T T Melo\ 

City Superintendent Samuel K McDowell 

Principal High School W M Lowery. 

Supv Music Edith Mann 

Diawing Miss Z Bowers 

Jacksonville, Morgan Co , pop. 15,326. 

Pics Bd Educ Julian P Lippincott 
Sec Bd Educ Mary E Pieison 
City Superintendent H Ambrose Pen in 
Principal High School T W Callihan 
Supervisor Music "Lena Hopper 
Domestic Science Ella Neuman 
Manual Training Anna Bio\\n 
Di au me Hai net Seibei t 
Commercial Fred S Barrows 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1866, W C Spunggate, Principal 

Illinois College, college, academy, and con- 
servatoiy, co-ed , Piosb , cst 1829, Henry 
Charles Rammelkamp, Ph. D , President 

Illinois College Conservatory of Music, 
music, ait, and expression, co-ed , non- 
sect , William B Kiitch, Director. 

Illinois Woman's College, college, academy, 
music, fine arts, home economics, M E , 
est 1847, Joseph R Haiker, Ph D, Pres 

Jacksonville Business College, bus and 
sten , Prof Springate, Prin 

Routt College, coll and prep , R C , est 
1904, Very Rev J W Crowe, Pres 

State School for the Deaf, state, Chas B 
Gillette, Supt 

State School for the Blind; state Institu- 
tion, R W Woolston, Superintendent. 

Whipple Academy, preparatory department 
01 Illinois College, co-ed , Samuel O Wei- 
day, Principal 

JerseyvUle, Jersey Co., pop. 3,517 

Pies Bd Educ Gcoige M Seago 
Sec Bd Educ H R Gledhill 
City Supei mtendent D Rl Henry 
Prin H S E B Shafer 
Di awing Maiy J Paul 
Commeicial John A JEgelhoff 

Johnston City, Williamson Co., pop. 2,300. 

Pies Bd Educ 1 T Robeits 
Sec Bd Educ Got don Pillow 
City Superintendent F D Haiwoood 
Principal High School C J Ramsay 

Joliet, Will Co , pop. 34,670. 

Pres Bd Educ F E Marsh. 

Sec Bd Educ J F Skeel 

City Superintendent R O Stoops 

Assistant Supt J F Skeel 

Pi in Township H S J Stanley Brown 

Supv Fiimaiy Edna Keith 

Supv Music J M Thompson 

Manual Training L Day Perry. 

Domestic Science Laura Avery. 

Physical Culture Loretta McPartlln. 

Drawing M F Gleason 

Jo] let c o n 1 1 n u o d 
Motiopolitdii Business follecro, blanch of 

Chicago school, O M. Po\\cis, L'te&ulent 
St Francis Academy, girls' boarding, R 

C , Sister M Stanislaus, Prin 
St Mary's Academy, girls, boarding, R C , 

Mother M Angels 

Jonesboro, Union Co., pop 1,130 

Pies T3tl Educ \V D L.e'veile 
Sec Bd Ecluo T J Gla&scmk 
Citv Supeiintemlent H W Jackson 

Kankakee, Kankakee Co , pop. 13,986* 

Pies Bd Educ D.ixicl Lavci\ 

Sec Bd Etluo Ed Hoemmke 

City Superintendent Franklin N Tracy 

Puncipal High School W H Towsley 

Supv Music Lulu M Sharp 

Manual Training George A Todd " 

Dialing Natalie E Deatnch 

Domestic Science Iiene JLJ Whot'loi 

Commeicial John II Kejts 

Stcnogiaph\ Belle Bishop 

Kankakee Business College and Shorthand 

School, bus and sten ; est 1893, N L 

Richmond, Prin 
St. Joseph's Seminary, girls' boarding, R. 

C , est 1SC5, Sister Saint Colombnn, 


Kansas, Edgar Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pies Bd KducB H Pinnell 

Sec Bd Educ C II Bane 

Citv Supenntendent II H Henley 

Pzincipiil High School A.u<iu\ Dykenian 

Supv Music Beinice C Ntl&on 

Keitbsburg, Mercer Co., pop. 1,566. 

City Suponntendent Kobei t O Hielt 
Puncipal High School H V PoiUr 

Kenllworth, Cook Co., pop. 336. 

Pun Township High School H E Brown. 

College School, boys' boarding: and day; 
non-sect ; Allen H. Carpenter, Head- 

Kewanee, Henry Co., pop. 9,307. 

Pies Bd Educ Tohn W Kemp 
Sec Bd Educ Clara Thielen 
Oity Supeuntemlent W O Curtis 
Piineipal High School lin P Hinket 
Supv Music Marlanna Miller. 
Manual Training J S Wiseman. 
Domestic Science Nellt Bauh'k 
Penmanship Esther Faull. 
romnn'uial O IS Taibox 
Di awing On i men A TzImnuT. 

Knoxvllle, Knox Co , pop. 1,857. 

Pies JJd Educ K M BennUjon 

Sec Bd Educ. 11 E Hilei. 

Oitv Superintendent (1 G LnfToitv 

Piincipal High School (* V. Eusum. 

Supv Music 'Mis Susan Guthilc*. 

Di awing Mary E Oialff 

Public Speaking Lee Anna Hague. 

St A 1 ban's School, boys, ag*cs 9 to 19; mili- 
tary; p E , est 1890, 1-ucion F. Sennett, 





Knox\ ille continued 
St. Mary's School, girls' boarding, P E , 

est 1868, Emma Pease Howard, Prin 
St Martha's School, girls' boarding, for 

younger giils, management of St Mary's 


La Grange, Cook Co., pop. 5,282. 

Pies Bd Educ Azthur Spiague 
Sec Bd Educ JVIis G T Bunker 
City Superintendent Prank E Sanford. 
Puncipal High School G R Wilkinson 
Nazazeth Academy, gills' boarding, R C , 

Sisters ot St Joseph 
St Joseph's Academy, bojs' boarding, R 

C , Sistois ot St Joseph . 

La Harpe, Hancock Co., pop 1,650. 

City Rupenntendent Justin A Stexvait 
Puncipal High School Jane Robeitson 

Lacon, Marshall Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Supenntendent S J McComis 
Puncipal High School Noia L Borcheis 

Lake Forest, Lake Co , pop. 9,215. 

Pres Bd Educ John S Nollen 
Sec Bd Educ James F King 
City Superintendent J E Baggett. 
Piincipal High School Richaid Sand wick 
Supv Music Hoi man TJ Walker 
Manual Training Jamos Pedlor 
Di awing Eleanoi Hatch 

Ferry Hall, girls boarding, Presb , est 
18G9, Marion Coats, Principal 

Lake Forest Academy; boys' boarding:; 
Piesb , est 18 r 8, John Wayne Richaids, 
M A , Headmaster 

Lake Foiest Academy Country Day School, 
for boys between 8 and 13, open air 
classes, est 1912, Ralph H Pierce, Prin- 

Lake Forest College; coll , co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1876, John S Nollen, Ph. D, 

Lanark, Carroll Co , pop. 1,400. 

Pics Bd Educ M L. Mussellman 
Sec Bd Educ E L Hendncks 
City Rupci intondont Charles S Cobb 
Principal High School Fern Webber 
Supv Music Jonnie Hicks 

La Salle, Lasalle Co., pop. 11,587. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Vohs 
Roc "Bd Educ Con J Rfinhai d 
City Superintendent James B. McManue. 
Prin. Township H S J T. McCormick 
Supv Music Edna A Mailatt 
Drawing T French 
Manual Trainins B 13 Wing 
Domestic Science Kathleen Gaynor 
Physical Cultuio Evelyn Moran 
St Vincent's Academy, prop , girls, R C , 
Sister Joachim, Superior 

Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co., pop. 2,700. 

Pres Bd. Educ C. P. Dauks. 
Sec Bd Educ Win Musgrave 
City Superintendent E E Giounds 
Prin Township H S Fleniin W Cox, 
Supv Music Nora Ammorman 

Lebanon, St. Clair Co., pop. 1,650. 

City Superintendent J M, Brewer 
Puncipal High School P D Sullins 

McKendree College, college, academy, and 
conservatory, co-ed , M E , est 1828, 
Hubei W Hmt, LL D , Piesident 

Lemont, Cook Co , pop. 2,449. 

City Supenntendent William Wei ton 
Pun Township H S D L O'Sullivan 

Lena, Stephenson Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent F P Donner 
Puncipal High School Elsie English 

LeR>oy, McLean Co , pop. 1,800. 

City Supenntendent W A Goodioi 
Principal High School Bert Reeves 
Manual Tiaming John Charlton 

Lewibtown, Fulton Co , pop. 2,504. 

Pies Bd Educ Heniy Riles 
Sec Bd Educ B C Miles 
City Supenntendent C B Smith 
Puncipal High School Glen Round 

Lexington, McLean Co., pop. 1,450. 

City Supenntendent Theodoie F Fieker 
Prin Township H S Emmett Wheeler 
Domestic Science Nettie B De Ment 

Libertyville, Lake Co , pop. 1,400. 

City Supt & Pi in H. B F L Holch 

Lincoln, Logan Co., pop 10,892. 

Pies Bd Educ Dr J A Lucus 
Sec Bd Educ Frank Ballin. 
City Superintendent W J Hawkes 
Piincipal High School A B Koib 
Supv Music Hester Cameron 
Manual Tiaming Agnes Hourke 
Drawing Rachael Corwine 

Lincoln College, coll, prep, music, domes- 
tic science, co-ed , Cumb Presb , est 
1865, James H McMurray, Ph D, Presi- 

Lincoln Business College; bus and sten.; 
est 1881; W R. Whetsler, Prin. 

Lltchfleld, Montgomery Co., pop. 5,971. 

Pi es Bd Educ H A Kaitch 

Sec Bd Educ T T Baker 

City Superintendent D H Wells 

Principal High School J. L Bowman 

Litchfleld Business College, bus. and sten., 

Henry Heyenga, Principal 
National Commercial College, bus and 

sten , co-ed., Zeno J Rives, Prin. 

Lockport, 'Will Co., pop. 2,659. 

Pres Bd. Educ F A. Cheadle. 
Sec Bd Educ F J. Miller. 
City Superintendent Hoy L Spues 
Principal High School Alfred Livingstone 
fiupv Music Hazel Crawford 
Manual Training M L McOause, 
Domestic Science Frances Sly 
Commercial Frank Walters 





l.ovington f Moultrie Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Supeiintendent L. W Chatham 
Pun Township H S L W Chatham 

McHenry, McHenry Co , pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ James B Peiry 
Sec Bd Educ C L, Page 
City Superintendent A Edwaid Nje 
Principal High School C B fetnalley 

McXeansboro, Hamilton Co., pop 1,900. 

Pies Bd Educ Oilan Davis 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Nola McGhoe 
City Superintendent "L G Hickman 
Piincipal High School Robert Wilson 

Macomb, McDonongh Co, pop. 5,774. 

Pies Bd Educ J Rose JMickoy 
City Supeiintendent V L> Mangun 
Principal High School G W Mitchell 
Supv Music Tre&a Holden 
Dialing Mane Rirdum 

"Western Illinois State Normal School, teach- 
ers' professional courses, state, est 1902, 
Walter P Morgan, Principal 

Madison, Madison Co., pop. 5,046. 

Pies Bd Educ A P Stewart 
Sec Bd Educ T C Vermillion 
City Superintendent J W Jackson 
Principal High School H H Janssen 
Supv Music Sara McGowen 

Manteno, Kankakee Co , pop. 1,150. 

Pies Bd Educ J M Guhck 
City Superintendent C W Eaton 

Academy of Our Lady, girls* boarding, R 
C , Sister Directress 

Marengo, McHenry Co , pop. 1,900, 

Pres Bd Educ A S Noi ton 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Chailes Talbott 
City Superintendent P A Gardner 
Principal High School Charles O Haskell 

Marlon, Williamson Co., pop. 7,093. 

Pies Bd Educ E B Jackson 
Sec Bd Educ Tohn M Dodd 
City Superintendent -B P Pair 
Puncipal High School Oieu Colcman 

Brown's Business College; bus and sten , 
G W Brown, Pres 

Marissa, St. Clair Co , pop. 1,650. 

City Supeiintendent H L Atwood 

Pi in Township H S Anna J McNabncy 

Marseilles, Lasalle Co., pop. 2,550. 

Px*s Bd Educ A O Allen 
Sec BC Educ W H Spices- 
City Superintendent EJ. A. Collins. 
Principal High School Elmore Bates 

Marshall, Clark Co , pop. 2.200. 

Pres Bd. Bduc, W T Wallenbeck. 
Sec Bd Educ Seymour Hurst 
City Superintendent J L P Beeman 
Prin Township H S Lewis Williams. 
Music Alice E Keener 

Martinsvffle, Clark Co, pop 1,460. 

Citv Supeiintendent E D Abbott 
Puncipal High School Hany L Rj-an 

Mascoutah, St. Clair Co., pop. 23,000. 

Pies Bd Educ G-ooiso W Liischei 
Soc Bd Educ Geoific H A Hamann 
City Superintendent L. A Sehalei 

Mason City, Mason Co., pop. 1,890. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Fioeman 
Sec Bd Educ F W Buehiiff 
City Superintendent G A Bu^ssnirt 
Puncipal High School L B Cuny 

Mattoon, Coles Co, pop. 11,456. 

Pies Bd Eduo Ho\\aid S JLvtle 
Sec Bd Educ Emeiy Andrews 

C*itv Supeiintendent J F Wilev 

Puncipal High School Howaul Black 
Supv Music Mrs Elizabeth McNair 
Manual Tiaming William Reesei 

Mattoon Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1896, Rufus M Utterback, Piincipal 

Maywood, Cook Co., pop. 8,033. 

Pics Bd Educ L, H DtiyhofT 

Soc Bd Educ W C Smith 

City Superintendent Eugene LaRowe. 

Pun To\vnship High School J, JB Witmoi 

Rupv Music Maigarct Tayloi 

Drawing Ella Bustle 

Manual Tiaming Uonton TjOtlfoid 

Chicago Lutheran Theoological Seminary; 
theol , men, Evang Luth , est. 1891, 
Re\ Elmei P Kiauss, D B , Pics 

Media, Henderson Co., pop. 290. 

Wever-Media Academy, prep.; co-ed ; non- 
sect , est. 1889, R M. Wylie, A, B, Prln. 

Mendota, Lasalle Co., pop. 3,739. 

Pies Bd Educ H D Conkey 
Sec Bd Bduc J A Lamberton. 
City Superintendent Kempei M Snapp 
Piincipal High School B J Doin 
Supv Music Juanita Boichardt 
Corn'! and Stcnog'j Geitrudc Falk 

Metropolis, Massac Co., pop. 4,655. 

Pics Bd Eclu< Fiod Youns 
Sec Bd Educ Ballanl Flan.iftan 
Citv Supci intcndcnt F A Schridti 
1'rmcipal High School Itoso M Cutting 
Supv Mus and Diaw. Mrs Grant ham. 

Milford, Iroquois Co., pop. 1,460. 

Citv Superintendent Hairv W Mefulloch 
Prin. H S Harry McCulloch. 

Minonk, Woodford Co., pop. 2,000. 

City Rup<imt< n<lc*nt Ciuy It Pxpncli 
Principal 31 F5 CJictchon ftchiffbaucr, 

Moline, Rock Island Co., pop. 24,190. 

Pres Bd Kduc W l> Hunt 

Soc Bd Educ Rita KnowU'S 

City Superintendent I><nvis A Mahon<sy 

Piincipal High School E P Nutting 





Moltne continued 
Supv Music Elizabeth Peterson 
Manual Training H P Coibm 
Domestic Science Mis Kate Gleason 
Dra\vmg Leon Wright 
Penmanship Mable N^stiom 
Commercial W R Harris 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1897, A R James, Principal 

Momence, Kankakee Co., pop. 2,026. 

Pres Bd Educ A S Buitt 
Sec Bd Educ C 1 Tabler 

City Superintendent T R Johnston 
Puncipal High School E E Wheeler 

St Patrick's Academy, gnl's boarding, 
R C , Sisteis of the Sacied Heart 

Monmonthy Warren Co., pop. 9,128. 

Pres Bd Educ Jno C Allen. 
Sec Bd Educ J N Swan 
City Superintendent L L Caldwell 
Prln H S Mary FIndley. 
Supv Music Edna Smith 
Manual Training Frank Walsh 
Domestic Sciencr Ada L Wilcox 
Drawing Ida Glenn 
Commercial Elmei Orcutt 
Penmanship Mabel Cowdcn 

Monmouth College , coll , prep , music, or 
and art depts , co-ed , Un Presb , est. 
1856, Rev Thomas H McMichael, A. M., 

Monticello, Piatt Co., pop. 1,982. 

Pres Bd Educ C S Reed 

Sec Bd Educ J D Lalper 

City Superintendent A W Gross 

Piincipal High School Ruby Allen. 

Supv Music Augusta Sewall 

Mooseheart, Kane Co, pop. 200. 

Mooseheait Vocational Schools, vocational 
courses lor children of Loyal Order of 
Moose, J A Rona thaler, Dean 

Morris, Grundy Co , pop. 4,273, 

Pres Bd. Educ A. G. Harrison 
Sec Bd Educ J. W Penn 
City Superintendent Edwin D Martin. 
Principal High School ti C Robey. 
Music & Drawing Cora E Lindow 
Manual Training H V Olds 
Domestic Science Edith Frame 
Com'l and Stenog'y Ada L Coddingcon 

St Angela's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C.; est. 1859; Slater M Hildegarde. 

Morrison, Whlteslde Co., pop. 2,400. 

Pres Bd. Educ S M. Ladd. 
Sec Bd Educ J. H. Ludens. 
City Superintendent W. E. Weaver 
Prln. H S Mary L. Barnes. 
Supv Music Blanche L. Port. 

Morrfeonville, Christian Co., pop. 1,240. 

Principal High School-? A Tate. 

Mound City, Pulaski Co., pop. 2,705. 

City Superintendent Claude L McCabe, 
Principal High School Mary Roberson. 

Mounds, Pulaski Co., pop. 1,150. 

Cit> Supt & Prin H S P C Prowdley 

Mount Carmel, Wabash Co., pop. 6,934. 

Pres Bd Educ W P Habberton 
Sec Bd Educ Chailes W Russell 
City Superintendent A. E Anderson. 
Principal High School J T Don is 
Supv Music Fein Thompson 
Manual Tialnmg L S Wood 
Domestic Science Mane A Wayne 

Mount Carroll, Carroll Co, pop. 1,965. 

Pres Bd Educ George S Hoffman 
Sec Bd Educ Fred S. Smith 
City Superintendent C. V Clum 
Principal High School Miss Gayle H Au 

Francis Shimer Academy of the University 
of Chicago, girls' boarding; Bapt ; est 
1853, William Parker McKee, B D, 

Mount Morris, Ogle Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent A J Brumbaugh 

Mt Morns College; prep , co-ed , Dunker 
Bieth , est 1839, John S Noff singer, 
A M , President 

Mount Olive, Maconpln Co., pop. 3,501. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Whitehouse 
Sec Bd Educ E H Ruhlander 
City Superintendent L.OUIS F Hillman 
Principal High School John F Krill 

Mount Pulaski, Logan Co., pop. 1,800. 

Principal High School L F Fulwiler 

Mount Sterling, Brown Co., pop. 1,960. 

Pres Bd Educ C W Gaddis 
Sec Bd Educ James O Bnggs. 
City Superintendent M. L Test 
Principal High School Clara L Doocy 
Supv Music Ruth Duncan. 

Mount Veraon, Jefferson Co., pop. 8,007. 

Pres Bd Educ James Pollock 
Sec Bd Educ R L Lacey 
City Superintendent William Miner 
Prin Township H. S J. M Dlchaon. 
Manual Training Lloyd Stabler 
Domestic Science Freda Reutchler 
Agriculture E L Brock 

Moweaqua, Shelby Co., pop. 1,660. 

Pres Bd Educ W K Andrews 
Sec Bd Educ S S Clapper 
City Superintendenta W Yerkes 
Principal High School J Earl HIett 
Supv Music Susan Kelligar 

Murphysboro, Jackson Co., pop. 7,485. 

Pres Bd Educ W C Alexander 

Sec Bd Educ S B McNeill 

City Superintendent Samuel J. Shoxnaker 

Prin Township H. S Gt J Koons. 

flupv Music C M Sims 

Manual Training H B Marcus. 

Domestic Science Eda A Jacob 

Napervttle, Dupagre Co., pop. 3,449. 

Pres Bd Educ John A Hertel. 

Sec Bd Educ John B Kline 

City Superintendent O A. Waterman. 





Napen ille continued 
Pnn High School V Blanche Graham 
Supv Music Miss Zollmgei 
Drawing Anna Wilbur 
Penmanship Lincoln Smith. 
Commei cial W A Patton 

Northwestern College, coll ; co-ed , Evan? 

Assn , est 1861, Edward E Rail, Ph D, 

Union Biblical Institute, theol.; co-ed., 

!vang Assn , est 1786, S L Umbach, 

D D , Act Prin 

Nashville, Washington Co., pop. 2,184. 

Pres Bd Educ T L Reutei 

Sec Bd Educ B B Holston 

City Superintendent W C Fan weather 

Principal High School R E Hiller 

Supv Music C Coopei Giovos 

Nauvoo, Hancock Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pun Township H S Oscai A Drake 

St Mary's Academy; girls' hoarding, R. C ; 

Mother M. Ottilia, O S B 
Spalding Institute; boys' boarding; est 

1903, B. C , Benedictine Sisters 

Neoga, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,270. 

City Superintendent Geitiude Wilson 
Pun Township II S W H Hagan 

Newman, Douglas Co., pop. 1,280. 

City Superintendent Ernest Kollei 
Prin. To^ nship H S John H Trinkle 

Newton, Jasper Co., pop 2,000. 

City Superintendent C E Girhaid 
Pimcipal High School E W Rogeis 

Nokomis, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,371. 

City Supenntendent W P Thacker 
Pnncipal High School Lucile Heskett 

Normal, McLean Co , pop. 3,795. 

Pres. Bd Educ C A Dennis 
Sec Bd Educ- Nellie Keys 
City Superintendent C F Miller 
Principal High School D T Petty 
Supv Music Louise Watson 
Domestic Science Bessie David 
Drawing Julia Criswell 
Commercial Albert Jones 

Illinois State Normal University; normal, 
co-ed ; state, est 1857, David Felmley, 
L H D , LL D , Pres 

Oak Hill, Peorla Co., pop. 100. 

The School at Jubilee, prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect ; Clarence M 'Abbott, Supt. 

Oakland, Coles Co., pop. 1,050. 

Prin. H S Vera Turrell 

Oak Park, Cook Co., pop. 19,444. 

Pres Bd Educ George A Chritton 
Sec Bd Educ William H Hatch 
City Superintendent William H. Hatch. 
Principal High School M R McDanlel 
Supv Music Clara L. Thomas 

Oak Park continued 
Manual Tiammg Robeit L Holmes 
Drawing- Mabel F Williams 
Domestic Science Mrs M E Shewman. 
Penmanship J F Sarley. 

Oblong, Crawford Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pies Bd Educ M S Vance 
Sec Bd Educ C J Kirk 
City Superintendent V I Blown 
Pnncipal High School Nelle Perry 

Odell, Livingston Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Supenntendent V T Schmidt 
Pnncipal High School Helen Lyons 

Odin, Marion Co., pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School J S Kniseloy 

Olney, Bichland Co., pop. 5,011. 

Pres Bd Educ Ben S Murry. 

Sec Bd Educ James Howaid 

City Superintendent Hemy W. Hostettler 

Pnncipal High School H W Hostcttlei 

Supv Mus and Diaw John&ie Rowland 

Commei cial Charles M Van Clove 

Onarga, Iroquois Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Supenntendent S E L.O Marr 
Principal H S Mai guerite D Thompson 

Grand Prairie Seminary, prep , nor, music, 
com'l, co-ed , M E , est lSt>3, Hubert 
Phillips, A B , President 

Oquawka, Henderson Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pnncipal High School T A Gallahor 

Oregon, Ogle Co., pop. 2,180. 

Pres Bd Educ S J Lindsay 
Sec Bd Educ F E Reed 
City Superintendent Frank G Taylor. 
Principal High School Sue L. Wilson, 
Rupv Music Cleo C Bush 
Physical Culture F G Taylor 
Drawing Martha Waito 
Penmanship G E. Weaver 

Ottawa, Lasalle Co., pop. 9,535. 

Pres. Bd Educ George P. Hills 
Sec Bd Educ Henry L Arnold 
City Superintendent Christopher J. Byrne. 
Pnn Township H H C H Kingman. 
Supv Music (High School) John Hoff. 
Supv Music (Grados) Mis B Brockway 
Manual Training (H S.) John G. Snyder. 
Manual Training (Guides) J A LuKaw. 
Domestic Science Alice B. Sehagneau. 
Dom Sci (Sew'g H S ) Myrtle E. Sparks. 
Domestic Science (Grades) Jane Snow. 
Drawing (High School) Riva Bane. 
Drawing (Grades) Fanny J Kendall. 
Commercial Thomas O' Mo ore. 
Stenography Estella Failing 

Brown's Ottawa Business College; bus. and 

sten , est 1892, M J. Morrlsscy, Supt. 
Pleasant View Luther College; prep.; co-ed.; 

Luth ; est. 1896; Rev. L* A. Vigness, 

St Xavler's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C., Sister Mary Ursula. 





Palatine, Cook Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Supt & Pun H S Wm H Hughes 

Palestine, Crawford Co., pop. 1,260. 

City Superintendent W A Waiters 
Pimcipal High School D B Fager 

Pana, Christian Co., pop. 6,055. 

Pres Bd Educ Harry Seller. 
Sec Bd Educ G F. Morgan 
City Superintendent J L Hart 
Prln Township H S. W. E Andrews 
Supv Music Margaret Coffey 
Manual Training H C Mohler. 
Domestic Science Viola Bell. 
Commercial H Karnes 

Paris, Edgar Co., pop. 7,664. 

Pres Bd Educ Edward Lovmgs 
Sec Bd Educ J E Dj-ai 
City Supeimtendent J G Moore 
Principal High School T J. Beecher 
Supv Music Nellie Winn 
Manual Tiammg Colonel Lang 
Domestic Science Elsie .Reed 
Commeicial Frank Hussey 

Palmer Academy; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect,, 
Edward Willasey, Prln 

Park Ridge, Cook Co , pop. 2,009. 

Pres Bd. Educ C. A Biooks. 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Marion L Woodworth. 

City Superintendent A M Blood. 

Supv Music Dorothy West 

Domestic Science Dorothy Wood 

Drawing Irene Buck 

Paxton, Ford Co , pop. 3,036. 

Pres Bd Educ E A Gardner 
Sec Bd Educ H B Hendeison 
City Superintendent O. J. Balnum. 
Principal High School J U Elmer 
Supv Music Noia Ryan 
Manual Tiaining I W Funkhouser 
Domestic Science Mildied Felmley 
Drawing Edna Carls>ten 
Commeicial Edith BIsbee 

Pecatonlca, Wtnnebagro Co., pop. 1,160. 

City Supt & Pi in H S J G Dmniger 

Pekin, Tazewell Co., pop. 9,897. 

Pi es Bd Educ E D Mai rs 
Sec Bd Educ Herman Becker 
City Superintendent Robert C Smith 
Principal High School G E True 
Supv Music Irene Muehlman 
Domestic Science Beitha Kraegcr, 
Physical Culture O Burg 
Manual Training A ! Fratt 
Commercial It E Patton 

Peoria, Peorla Co., pop. 66,950. 

Pres. Bd Educ Jay T. Hunter 
Sec Bd Educ. Miss Anna Bynearson. 
City Superintendent Gerard T. Smith. 
Principal High School Alfred W Beasley 
Prln. Manual Tr. H. S. W. N. Brown 
Frln. East Peorla H S. Charles M. Mc- 

Supervisor Music Clara T Dailey. 

Peoria continued 

Manual Training A P Lau&rhlin 
Domestic Science Miss Bertha Case 
Domestic Art Miss Minnie M. Peterson. 
Physical Culture Carl Graner. 
Di awing Minnie Van Pelt 
Penmanship Miss Mary Culver. 
Commercial Charles Burnett 
Commercial D C Hilling. 
Stenography Miss Lena Kemp. 
Normal School Mrs Abbie A. Hunter. 

Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred 
Heart, girls' boarding; H. C.; Sister Mary 

Bradley Polytechnic Institute; co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1897, Mechanical Trades, 
Domestic Science and Preparatory; day 
and evening, Theodore C Burgess, Ph D., 

Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Horological 
Department; watchmaking; co-ed.; est. 
1886, non-sect., A J. Westlake, Dean. 

Brown's Business College; bus and sten ; 

est 1868, Seward B Price, Prin 
Spalding Institute, prep , boys; R C , 

est 1899, Rev Brother Albert, S M., 

Principal, 401 N Madison 

Peotone, Will Co, pop. 1,260. 

Pres Bd Educ Edwaid A Fedde 
Sec Bd Educ Harry F Conrad 
City Supeimtendent L A Joel 
Pimcipal High School Nevah Prioi 

Pern, Lasalle Co , pop. 7,984. 

Pres Bd Educ Edward Hattan 
Sec Bd Educ Adolph Hass 
City Superintendent A H Karn 
Principal H S Thomas J McCormick 
Phys Cult Herman Weisenegger 
Drawing Lydia Nelson 
Penmanship Nellie M. Hart 

St Bede College; coll.; men; R C.; est. 
1891; Rev Maurice Toole,O S. B, Rec- 

Petersburg, Menard Co., pop. 2,807. 

Pres Bd Educ C C Frankelton 
Sec Bd Educ T H Hornback. 
City Superintendent 'H D Eickelberg 
Principal High School Wesley Bone. 

Pinckneyville, Perry Co., pop. 2,357. 

Pres Bd Educ J G. Taffee. 

Sec. Bd Educ J W. Neville. 

City Superintendent 08 O Hoskmson 

Principal High School Charles Beck. 

Pittsfleld, Pike Co , pop. 2,293. 

Pies Bd Educ Burr Swan 

Sec. Bd Educ F W. Niebur 

City Superintendent John C Reeder 

Pnncipal High School Nellie A. Moore. 

Supv Music Vida Nighbert 

Plainfleld, Will Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent H J Bassler 
Principal High School Verne E Perry 





Piano, Kendall Co , pop. 1,634. 

Pres Bd Educ C A Darnell 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Carrie Foster 
City Superintendent C E Jetci 
Pimcipal High School H L Tate 

Plymouth, Hancock Co., pop. 1,030. 

Prin H S T S Haney. 

Polo, Ogle Co., pop. 2,075. 

Pies Bd Educ Fred Zick 
Sec Bd Educ James Nichols 
City Supeimtendent H C Uiban 
Principal High School Laura Blackbuin 
Supv Music Cleo Carter Bush 
Manual Training Mi Criglei 
Domestic Science Mrs Giace Jackolei 
Drawing Miss De Muth 
Commercial Ruth Haip 

Pontlac, Livingston Co., pop. 6,090. 

Pres Bd Educ H E Torrance 
Sec Bd Educ E L Beach 
City Superintendent W W McCulloch 
Prin. Township H S. Arthur Verner 
Supv Music Margaret Vaughan. 
Manual Training P J. Hawk 
Domestic Science Leila Holland 
Physical Culture Leona V Smith 
Drawing Winnie F Sparks 

Cope's Shorthand School, sten , C B 
Daugherty, Prin 

Port Byron, Rock Island Co., pop. 732. 

City Supt & Pi in H S A E Williams 

Port Byron Academy ; prep and nor , co- 
ed , Cong, est 1881, M J Yolton, B S, 

Princeton, Bureau Co., pop. 4,023. 

Pres Bd Educ J H Hopkins 
Sec Bd Educ A C Best 
City Superintendent Hamon E Waits. 
Prin Township H S W B Spurrier. 
Supv Music TSlella M Foulk 
Manual Training C L Shaw 
Domestic Science Blanche Cartwright 
Drawing Mary A Cox 
Commercial Mlna L Carr 

Prophetstown, Whiteslde Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ H E Paddock 
Sec Bd Educ William Mathis 
City Superintendent U R Knight 
Principal High School A H Kazda 
Supv Music Mrs Slocuni 

Quincy, Adams Co., pop. 80,587. 

Pres Bd Educ George G Gabriel 
Sec Bd Educ Homer M Swope 
City Superintendent C M Gill 
Principal High School Zens L Smith. 
Supv Music Maude Harding 
Manual Tiaining Carle R Crabb 
Domestic Science Flora Necke. 
Physical Culture O. A Wurl. 
Drawing Mary E Bcatty 
Penmanship Ethel Oldakei 

Quincy continued 

Chaddock School for Boys, boys' boarding, 
mil , Eva C Fields, Supcunten<lf > nt 

Gem City Business College; bus. and sten ; 
est 1870; D L. Musselman, A. M., Pres 

Quincy Conservatory of Music, The; music, 
co-ed , est 1885, Lula M Felt, Director. 

Saint Francis Solanus College, primary, aca- 
demic, collegiate and com'l depts , men, 
R C , est 1860, Very Rev Fortunatus 
Hausser, O F. M , Rector 

St Mary's Academy, girls' boarding, R C ; 
Mother M. Magdalen, Superioi 

Rantoul, Champaign Co, pop. 1,207. 

City Supt. and Prin. H S B H. Miller 

Raymond, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pres Bd Educ J H Cass 

Sec Bd Educ N E Doyle 

City Superintendent W F Giotts 

Pimcipal High School F J DuFiain 

Red Bud, Randolph Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pies Bd Educ Heniv Boekhofl 
Sec Bd Educ Gooige Fohiell 
Pimcipal High School R O Finloy 

Ridge farm, Vermilion Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent W E Waggoner 
Pimcipal High School Louise A Pohill 

River Forest, Cook Co., pop. 1,539. 

City Superintendent William L. Nida. 

Riverside, Cook Co., pop. 1,551. 

City Superintendent A. F. Ames. 
Principal High School T. H. Zlegler. 

Kiverton, Sangamon Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Supt & Pi in H S Thomas T Shaw 

Roanoke, Woodford Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent D W McCarthy 
Pimcipal High School Ethel Cohenoui 

Robinson, Crawford Co., pop. 3*863. 

Pres Bd Educ Maufoid E Oo\ 

Sec Bd Educ L R Heath 

City Superintendent Han v Gr een 

Principal High School J O. Karberry. 

Supv Music Maiy C Ludclen 

Manual Tiaining W F Livingston 

Domestic Science Lita Steole 

Rochelle, Ogle Co., pop. 2,732. 

Pies Bd Educ Fred Oiait 
Sec Bd Educ D George lluslmoll 
Citv Superintendent .Herman Wimmer 
Piincipal High School 11 W Bchoor 
Supv Music Mrs C C Bush. 
Domestic Science Gladys Minor 
Penmanship G E Weaver 

Rock Falls, Whiteslde Co., pop. 2,657. 

City Superintendent B. O. Phares. 

Principal High School Bessie 1'Hco. 

Rock Island, Rock Island Co., pop. 24,835. 

Pres. Bd Educ H. H Cleaveland. 
Sec Bd Educ S S. Kemble. 
City Superintendent B. O Fisher 
Principal High School Alden J. Burton* 
Supv Music E, L. Philbrook, 





Book Island continued 
Manual Training A G Hill ' 

Domestic Science Florence JS Blazier 
Physical Culture E R Musselman 
Drawing Miss Abigail Dean 
Penmanship Miss Clara Redecker 
Com'l and Stenog*y Ellsworth F Burch 

Augustana College and Theological Semi- 
nary, prep, collegeiate, normal, theologi- 
cal, music, art, and com'l depts ; co-ed , 
Luth , est 1860, Rev Gustav A Andieen, 
Ph D , President 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 
H H Hunt, Principal 

Ville de Chantal, girls' boarding, R. C , 
Sisters of the Visitation, Sister F. Borgia 

Rockford, Wlnnebago Co., pop. 45,401. 

Pres Bd Bduc F H Smith 
Sec Bd Bduc F M Smith 
City Superintendent R G Jones 
Principal High School Claude P Briggs 
Supv Music Mrs E Pierce 
Manual Tiamlng R E Brightup 
Domestic Science Josephine Glidden 
Physical Culture F L Winteis 
Drawing Miss Myrtle Irons 
Penmanship Mr W H Johnson 
Commercial Mr John T Haight. 
Stenography Miss A Pearl Ritchie 

Brown's Rockford Business College; bus 
and sten , W. F Cadwell, Prln. 

Rockford College, college, music, art, home 
economics, women, non-sect, est 1849, 
Miss Julia H Gulliver, Ph D , Pres 

Rtx'kton, Winnebago Co , pop 841. 

Pi es Bd Educ C. E Shuf elt 
Sec Bd Educ R Tompkms 
Piincipal High School R Gilgsby 

Roodhouse, Greene Co., pop. 8,351. 

Pres Bd Educ P A Rawlins 
Sec Bd Educ John W Staikey 
City Superintendent J O Stanberry 
Principal High School C A Whitcside 

Rosevllle, Warren Co., pop. 1,050* 

Pros Bd Educ Allen Young 
Sec Bd Educ N E Pinney 
Piincipal High School H L Kesslei 

Rossville, Vermilion Co., pop. 1,600. 

City Superintendent I. A Smothers. 
Principal High School O H Worley 

Rushville, Schuyler Co., pop. 2,292. 

Pros Bd Educ G B Steele 
Sec Bd. Educ Howard Dyson 
City Superintendent C 3D. Knapp 
Principal High School Laura L. Knowles 
Supv Music Ida B James 
Commercial Frank Bottrell 

Rushville Normal and Business College, nor. 
and bus., M. Kennedy, Pres 

St Charles, Kane Co , pop. 2,675. 

Pres Bd Educ C H Haines 

Sec Bd Educ J. D Nies 

City Superintendent Mary F McAuley. 

Principal High School Minnie Langwill 

Rupv Music Gladys Noilon 

Drawing Anna Wilbui 

Mt St. Mary's Academy, girls' boarding, 
R C , Sisters of St. Dominic. 

Villa Angela, boys boarding, 5 to 13, Di- 
rection of Mt St Mazy's Academy 

St. Elmo, Fayette Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent Charles E Kuechler 
Principal High School Lettie E Bristol 

St. Francisville, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Supt & Prm H S W. E G Cooper 

Salem, Marion Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ F G Hart. 
Sec Bd Educ C D Merritt 
City Supeiintendent H J Blue 
Principal High School H J Haich 

Sandoval, Marion Co., pop. 1,258. 

Pres Bd Bduc Lease Ruddick 
Sec Bd Educ Ed B Purnell 
City Superintendent C L Edwards 
Principal High School Ellen Sherman. 

Sandwich, DeKalb Co., pop. 2,520. 

Pies Bd Educ A E Woodward 
Sec Bd Educ "W W Woodbuiy 
City Supoi mtendent W W Woodbury. 
Principal High School Maud Webster 
Supv Music Bessie McKindley 

Savanna, Carroll Co., pop. 3,825. 

City Superintendent C H Levitt 
Prin Twp H S Colin M Higgms 

Seneca, Lasalle Co., pop. 1,120. 

City Supt & Prin H S M. R Giigsby 

Shawneetown, Gallatin Co., pop. 1,698. 

City Superintendent C. H. Wilson. 
Principal High School J W MacCampbell. 

Sheffield, Bureau Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Supt and Prin. H. S. J. H Martin. 

Shelby ville, Shelby Co , pop. 4,045. 

Pres. Bd Bduc Sherman Crook 
Sec Bd Educ William Taylor 
City Superintendent A. F. Lyle. 
Principal High School I B Potter 
Supv Music Isabelle Meriy 
Manual Training W A Bandy 
Domestic Science Katherine Patterson 

Sparks Business College, bus and sten , 
co-ed.; est. 1908, H. D. Sparks, B. S.. 

Sheldon, Iroanois Co., pop. 1,480. 

City Supeiintendent P F Giove 
Principal High School Ina V Meredith 

South Wilmington, Grundy Co., pop. 1,600. 

City Supt & Prin H S. C C Walther 





Sparta, Randolph Co., pop. 2,941. 

Pies Bd Educ A J Stephenson. 
Sec Bd Educ S T. Wright. 
City Superintendent Claience Selhy 
Prm. High School St John W "Wilton 
Commercial O W Alberson 

Springfield, Sangamon Co., pop. 51,678. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs H T Moriison 
Sec Bd Educ Eleanor Matheny. 
City Superintendent Hugh S Ma gill, Ji 
Supv Music Nettie C Doud 
Manual Training F O Edwards 
Domestic Science Elizabeth Cieighton 
Drawing Harriet M Cantrell 

Springfield High School, Adams and Col- 
lege Sts , I M Allen 
Lawrence Junioi High, Second and Lauiel 

Sts , J A Richaidson, Pimcipal 
Feitshans Junior High, 14th and Kansas 

Sts , W O Withrow, Pimcipal 
Enos Junior High, Bond and Elliott Sts , 

Alice K s Flower, Principal 
Converse Junior High, 8th St and Eastman 

Av , S H Heidler, Principal 
Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, 

girls' boarding, H C , Sister Thomasina. 
Bettie Stuart Institute, girls' hoarding. 

non-sect, est 1869, Anne H. Brooks, 

Concordia College, theol , men; Evang 

Luth , est 1856, Rev Richaid Biedor- 

mann, President 
German Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, 

theol , co-ed., est. 1846, Reinhold Pleper, 

Illinois Business College and Telegraph 

School, bus, sten, and tel , est 1000, 

C N. Stockton, Pres. 
Springfield Business College, bus and sten , 

est 1864; Henry B Henkel, C. P. A, 

Pres., Register Bldg. 
Teachers' Training School, normal; co-ed ; 

city, Emma G. Olmstead, Prin 

Springvalley, Bureau Co., pop. 7,035. 
Pres Bd Educ R M Hijl 
Sec Bd Educ. Joseph Hercer 
City Superintendent Ernest L Boat. 
Principal High School Einest L Bost 
Supv Music Maiy Cleais 

Staunton, Macoupin Co., pop. 5,048. 

Pres. Bd Educ C. Godfrey. 

Sec Bd Educ P. H Fischer 

City Superintendent Win E Eccles 

Principal High School Ellen A. Mulr. 

Sterling, Whlteside Co., pop. 7,467. 

Pros Bd Educ W J Mooie 
Sec Bd Educ W N Haskell 
Supt Dist 10 Charles H Marcy 
Supt Dist 11 A L, Hill 
Prin. Twp High School E. T. Austin. 
Supv Music Ella G Richards 
Manual Training C N Timmons 
Domestic Science Edna M Neff 
Physical Training C R Holsingci 
Drawing C A Wetzel 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten ; 

est 1869, A T Scovill, Principal 
St Mary's School, prep , co-ed , R C ; 
Sister Supetior 

Stockton, Jo Daviess Co., pop. 1,350. 
City Supeiintendent .1 C 1 M'veis 
Pimcipal High School J S C'laik 

Streator, Lasalle Go , pop. 14,253. 
Pies Bd Educ Di R Schurtz 
Sec Bd Educ Philip Saunders 
City Superin tendon! H B Fishei 
Prin Twp High School O A Rawlins 
Pun City Training School Florence B 


Supv Music Lenna A Lamlls 
Domestic Science Lola Bullock 
Manual Tiainmg Louis H Fincham 
Di awing Isabel White 
Pi imai y Inez Kolso 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten ; 
G W. Brown, Pres 

Sullivan, Moultrie Co., pop. 2,399. 
Pies Bd Educ S T Butlei 
Sec Bd Educ J A Sabin 
City Supenntendont O B Lowe 
Pimcipal High School Ohve B Wai tin 
fcupv Music Maivene (Campbell 

Sumner, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,400. 
City Supt and Prin H S J B Bell. 

Sycamore, Dekalb Co., pop. 3,653. 
Pres Bd Educ F E Claycomb 
Sec Bd Educ George A James 
(Jity Supeiintendent (> B Potoison 
Piincipal High School Edna M Koch. 
Supv Music Dorothy Doane 
Manual Tidinms Kiwm I) Wiilh 
Domestic Science Nellie Woody 
Drawing Bertha Coultas 
OommetcLil Allen G Umbrolt 
"Waterman Hall, girls' boarding; P. E ; 
est 1888; Benjamin Frank Fleetwood, S. 
T. D , D D , Pres, 

Taylorville, Christian Co., pop. 5,440 
Pres Bd Educ. O. B Britton 
Sec Bd Educ W S Scott. 
Supt East Side Edgar S Jones. 
Prin Township H S R G. Boals. 
Supv Music Harriet Gardner. 
Manual Tiaininf? Robert ( 1 Wiggins 
Domestic Science Marfteiy I? Tezziere 
Did wing Bthel L Melin 
Commei cial shei man I'c-i i v 

Tentopolle, Effingrham Co., pop. 870. 

Prm Township H S Louis HICK 
St Joseph's Seraphic College* , prep for 
Franciscan Priests only, U C ; est 18C2, 
Rev Roger Mittondorf, O F M , Rector. 

Toluca, Marshall Co, pop. 2,629. 

Pres Bd Educ W W. Twist. 
Sec Bd Educ. William Macfarlane. 
City Supoilnteiulenl John H, CHacgei. 
Principal High Heliool W F Ni< hols 
Toulon, Stark Co., pop. 1,150. 
City HupeiirUendent- H L Afvmlcnhall 
Principal Ilifih School Henrietta Sllliman 
Toulon Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Lewis A. Morrow, Pres. 





Trenton, Clinton Co, pop. 1,706. 

Pi es Bd Educ A W Cai tor 
Soc Bd Educ A M Leonhai d 
City Superintendent J R Mooie 
Principal High School J R Mooie 

Tuscola, Douglas Co., pop. 2,569. 

Pros Bd Educ A J Fonnei 
Sec Bd Educ Dr C L. Hine 
City Supei mtendent W D Waldiip 
Principal High School J C Hammond 
Supv Mus & Dr aw Gei trude Davis 

Urbana, Champaign Co., pop. 8,245. 

Pres Bd Educ E H Riennes 

Sec Bd Educ C B Holmes 

City Superintendent Ananias P Johnson 

Prin H S M L. Flannigan. 

Supv Music M Ruth Clapp 

Manual Tiainmg L R Wilson 

Domestic Science Mabel Sill 

Drawing Alice Frazey 

Com'l & Stenog'y W H Carrier. 

University of Illinois, comprises the College 
oi Liberal Aits and Sciences, College 
of Engmeeung, College ot Agriculture, 
Graduate School, Library School, School 
of Mussic, School ot Education, School 
ot Railway Engineering and Admmibtia- 
tion, Polloge ot Law and the College of 
Medicine, College of Dentistiv, and School 
of Pharmacy (in Chicago), state univ , 
ost 1867, co-ed , Edmund Janes James, 
LL D , President 

University of Illinois, College of Libeial 
Aits and Sciences, includes the couise in 
General Science, Chemistry, Jouinalism, 
And Household Science and Admmistia- 
tion, Kendiic Charles Babcock, Ph D, 
Dean * 

University of Illinois, College of Com- 
meico and Business Administration, 
courses in General Business and ^ecieta- 
aal Service, Nathan A Weston, Acting 

University of Illinois, School of Music, of- 
fers graduate courses in music and public 
school music, John Lawrence Erb, F A 
G O , Dnectoi 

University of Illinois, School of Education; 
professional courses for teachers, William 
Chandler Bagley, Ph D , Director 

University of Illinois, School of Railway 
Engineering and Administration, courses 
in Railway Civil Engineering, Railway 
Mechanical Engineering, Railway Electri- 
cal Engineering, Railway Transportation, 
and Railway Traffic and Accounting, 
William F M Goss, D Eng, Director 

University of Illinois, College of Agricul- 
ture, technical agile courses, co-ed , 
Eugene Davenport, LL D , Dean 

University of Illinois, College of Engineer- 
ing; courses in Architecture, Civil, Elec- 
trical, Mechanical, Mining, Municipal and 
Sanitary Engineering; William F M 
Goes, D Eng, Dean 

University of Illinois, College of Lair, law, 
jo-ed , ost 1897, Henry W Bal- 
lantine, LL B , Dean 

University of Illinois, State Library School; 
Phineas I* Windsor, Dir. 

Utica, JLasalle Co., pop. 

City Supt & Pnn H S E E Childers 

Vandalia. Fayette Co., pop. 2,974. 

Pres Bd Educ Will P Welker 
Sec Bd Educ Charles F Emmel 
City Superintendent T F Hickman 
Principal High School E F Jackson. 
Supv Music Jessie M. Forsyth. 
Commercial R C Mahon 

Vermilion Grove, Vermilion Co., pop. 172. 

Supt of Schools Anna M Rees 

Vermilion Academy, prep , agri and dom 
sci , co-ed , Friends, est 1874, Miss Edith 
C Shugart, Principal 

Vermont, Fulton Co., pop. 1,195. 

City Superintendent J R Bouton 
Principal High School Marie R. Way 

Vienna, Johnson Co., pop. 1,127. 

City Superintendent W T Tobe 
Principal High School M T Van Cleve 

Villa Grove, Douglas Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ L E Gal breath 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Clai a Compton 
City Superintendent H L Dyer 
Principal High School 33 C Fianklm 

Virden, Macoupin Co., pop 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ W C Talkmgton 
Sec Bd Educ W A Brittm 
City Superintendent Clyde Slone 
Principal High School Clarence Orr 
Supv Music Imogene Murphy 
Drawing Myitle Scott 

Virginia, Case Co., pop 1,800. 

Pr es Bd Educ E Needham 
Sec Bd Educ Henry McDonald 
City Superintendent A M Santee 
Principal High School Lauia Mason 
Supv Music Ella Wilson 
Manual Training Cora Dunbar. 

Walnut, Bureau Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent Rufus Grigsbv 
Principal High School E E Lansche. 

Warren, Jo Daviess Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ Harry C Tear 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Geo Mahon 
City Superintendent William Dearn 
Principal High School R I Lewis 

Warsaw, Hancock Co., pop. 2,335. 

City Superintendent L. Fairfax 
Prin High School Mary Johnston 

Washington, TazeweU Co., pop. 1,459. 

Pres Bd Educ George M Stimson 
Sec Bd Educ Frank W Hofs 
City Superintendent Paul M Smith. 
Principal High School V G Catlin 

Waterloo, Monroe Co., pop. 2,300. 

Pres Bd Educ. Simon Schorr. 
Sec Bd Educ Albert Pinkel. 
City Superintendent J. E. Raihourn 
Principal High School C F Steiner 





Watseka, Iroquois Co , pop. 2,505. 

Pres Bd Bduc M S Tahaferro 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs H C Swmdeman 
City Superintendent L W Havlland 
Prin H S Mary J Laycock. 
Music & Drawing Alva Mohr 
Manual Training Roy O Comp 
Domestic Science Tressa Mooie 
Com'l & Stenog'y Margaret Smith 

Waukegan, Lake Co., pop. 16,069. 

City Superintendent Oliver S Thompson 
Prin Twp H S William C Knoelk 
Music & Drawing Ina Button 
Manual Training C K Standish 
Domestic Science Margaiet Johnston 
Commercial I L Rogeis 
Physical Cultuie Ida A Cowell 

Waverly, Morgan Co., pop. 1,573. 

City Superintendent L, W Rogland 
Principal High School D Peail Gioen 

Waysesville, De Witt Co., pop. 528. 

Prin Township H S Ralph Robb 

Wenona, Marshall Co., pop. 1,550. 

Pres Bd Bduc H A Stotler 
Sec Bd Bduc H M. Whitney 
City Supcimtendent R E Ganett 
Principal High School Miss Grace Walker 

West Chicago, Dupagre Co , pop. 2,378. 

Pres Bd Bduc D. C. Ahern 

Sec Bd Educ J C Robertson 

City Superintendent H H Kirkpatrick. 

Principal High School Lama G Whitmire 

Supv Music Mane Daly 

Westfleld, Clark Co., pop 950. 

City Supt & Prin H S A R Finley 

Westfteld College, college, academy, music 
art, co-ed , U B , est 1865, H M Tip- 
sword, A M , President 

Wheaton, Dupaffe Co., pop. 3,423. 

Pies Bd Educ W H Momoe 

Sec Bd Educ Jesse Fox 

City Superintendent J. B. Russell 

Prin H S Ellen M. Gregg ' 

Supv Music Lora Gaiy 

Manual Training F C Berry 

Wheaton College, coll ; co-ed ; Cong ; eat 
1860, Charles A. Blanchard, D D, Pres 

Wheaton College Academy, prep , com'l, 
co-ed ; Walker S Pemberton, A M , Dean 

Whit Hall, Greene Co , pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Pearce. 
Sec Bd Educ J F Greer 
City Superintendent J B. Hendricks 
Principal High School R G Smith 

Wilmette, Cook Co, pop. 5,800. 

Pi os Bd Educ Edwaid Zipf 

Sec Bd Educ Edwaid foiette 

City Superintendent James R Harper 

Prin New Trier H S H E Brown 

Wilmington, Will Co., pop. 1,550. 

Pies Bd Educ W H Whitmoic 
Sec Bd Educ F W Cassmgham 
City Supenntendcnt Guv W Bctlell 
Pimcipal High School R E Hughes 
Music & Di awing Ann.i Mailo 
Manual Tiammg Bessie W Pioudioot 

Winchester, Scott Co., pop. 2.000 

City Supenntendcnt Chailes W Smith 
Pimcipal High School Myitle Scott 

Winnetka, Cook Co., pop. 1,833. 

Pi es Bd Educ John A Bellows 
Sec Bd Educ William D MoKenzie 
City Superintendent E N Rhodes 
Pimcipal High School Henry Brown 
Supv Music Osbouine McConathy 
Manual Tiainmg Ernest O Phillips 
Domestic Science Esthet B Bedkei 
Drawing Olive JO Gio\er 
Commeicial Culvei Hand 

Girton School for Girls, girls day and 
boarding, non-sect . est 1898, Francia 
King Cooke, A. B , Principal. 

YVinnebago, Wmnebago Co, pop. 405. 

Principal High School J N Dojnes 

Woodstock, MoHenry Co., Pop. 4,331. 

Pies Bd Educ Geoigc W Conn 
Sec Bd Educ W Glaziei 
City Supeiintendent Richaid Bai dwell 
Pimcipal High School A M Holtzman 

Todd Seminary for Boys, boarding; non- 
sect est. 1848; Noble Hill, Ph B, Frin. 

Wyoming:, Stark Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Superintendent C W Piatt 
Principal High School R F Gxanci. 

Yates City, Knox Co., pop. 650. 

Principal High School -R V Cordt'll 

Yorkvllle, Kendall Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pity Superintendent F W Ackoiman 
Pimcipal High School Elizabeth M Hatch 

Zlon City, Lake Co., pop. 4,780. 

City Superintendent B G Hcsfl 
Principal High School C" E Baylls 

Zion Educational Institution; prep.; co-ed.; 
C C ; est. 1899; Harvey D. Braaefleld. 
Ph B, Vlce-Pres. 


Population, 2,700,876 School census, 754,972. School age, 6-21. 

Indiana is the ninth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,700,876 inhabitants, of whom 97 7 per cent, are white. Of this number, 5.9 per 
cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, ten years 
of age and over, is 3 1 per cent., the state ranking eleventh in this respect. The edu- 
cational system of the state is as follows: 


HORACE ELLIS, Superintendent of Public Instruction . . . Indianapolis 

J I. HOFFMANN, Assistant Superintendent .... Indianapolis 

E B. SARBER, Deputy Superintendent . . . Indianapolis 

W. F. BOOK, Deputy in Charge of Vocational Department . . . .Indianapolis 

J. B. PEARCY, High School Inspector ... Indianapolis 

Z M SMITH, Supervisor of Agricultural Education ... . Indianapolis 

ADELAIDE STEELE BAYLOR, Supervisor of Domestic Science . .Indianapolis 


HORACE "ELLIS, Piesident, Superintendent of Public Instruction. . Indianapolis 
WILLIAM W. PARSONS, Secretary, President of State Normal School . . Terre Haute 


J G. COLLICOTT, President Indianapolis 

J. B. PEAROY, Secretary. ... t . . Indianapolis 


B. F. MOORE, President Muncie 

L. E KELLEY, Secretary Montpelier 


This board has the same membership as the State Board of Education The 
state has a Uniformity Law. 


H. A BUERK, Superintendent of Schools, President New Albany 

J. I. HOFFMANN, Assistant State Superintendent, Secretary Indianapolis 

JOSEPH H. STAHL, Manager Indianapolis 

CHARLES A. GKEATBOTJSE, Treasurer Indianapolis 






County Name and Address 

Adams .E S Christen, Decatur 

Allen . .D. O MeComb, Fort Wayne 
Bartholomew Samuel Sharp, Columbus 

Benton C H Dodson, Fowler 

Blackf ord 

M C Townsend, Hartford Cxty 
Boone. . . .B. M. Servies, Lebanon 
Brown. . Sylvester Barnes, Nashville 

Carroll P B Hemmig, Delphi 

Cass. ... .A L. Frantz, Logansport 
Clark .. S. L, Scott, Jeffersonville 

Clay Willis E. Akre, Brazil 

Clinton Marion W Salmon, Frankfort 
Crawford . Stuart A Beals, English 
Daviess .A. O Fulkerson, Washington 
Dearborn. . . G. C Cole, Lawrenceburg 

Decatur F C. Fields, Greensburg 

Dekalb Lida Leasure, Auburn 

Delaware B J Black, Muncie 

Dubois.. . .William Melchior, Jasper 
Elkhart. ... A E Weaver, Goshen 
Fayette . C. L.. Trusler, Connersville 
Floyd ... .G V Scott, New Albany 
Fountain . M F. Livengood, Covington 

Franklin T J. McCarty, Brookville 

Fulton H L. Becker, Rochester 

Gibson Wilbur F Fisher, Patoka 

Grant Chas. H. Terrell, Marion 

Greene. .D C Mclntosh, Worthington 

Hamilton J. F. Haines, Noblesville 

Hancock Geo J Richman, Greenfield 
Harrison. ..A O. Deweese, Corydon 
Hendricks Theo T. Martin, Danville 
Henry ... H B. Roberts, New Castle 

Howard A. F. Hutson, Kokomo 


.. -Clifford Funderburg, Huntington 
Jackson . .J E. Payne, Brownstown 
Jasper . . ...E Lam son, Rensselaer 

Jay Wm R. Armstrong, Portland 

Jefferson ... Jos H. Hanna, Madison 
Jennings . . . S. E Whitcomb, Vernon 
Johnson . .Jesse C. Webb, Franklin 

Knox Edgar N. Haskins, Vmcennes 

Kosciusko E B. Sarber, Warsaw 

Lagrange ...F. G Smeltzly, Lagrange 
Lake... F. F Heighway, Crown Point 
Laporte Fred R Farnam, Laporte 

County Name and Address 

Lawrence . . L B Sanders, Mitchell 
Madison . . Jas W Frazier, Anderson 
Marion . . Lee E. S wails, Indianapolis 
Marshall. L E. Stemebach, Plymouth 
Martin . . Chas. O Williams, Shoals 

Miami E B Wetherow, Peru 

Monroe Wm H. Jones, Blooming-ton 

K C James, Crawfordsville 
Morgan . . W D Curtis, Martinsville 
Newton . W O. Schanlaub, Kentland 

Noble C V Kilgore, Albion 

Ohio . .Chas. H. French, Rising Sun 

Orange C E Cogswell, Paoll 

Owen W H Stone, Spencer 

Parke. .H J Skeeters, Rockville 

Perry. . Lee B Mullen, Cannelton 
Pike .Andrew Jewell, Petersburg 

Porter . . Frfcd H Cole, Valparaiso 
Posey . .G E Behrens, Mt Vernon 
Pulaski . H L. Rogers, Winamao 

Putnam . . L G Wright, Greencastle 
Randolph . .Lee L. Driver, Winchester 
Ripley C R Hertenstein, Versailles 
Rush ... C. M George, Rushville 
Scott . . Wm S Griffith, Scottsburg 
Shelby . Wm. Everson, Shelbyville 
Spencer . Jos W. Strassell, Rockport 

Starke C. W Cannon, Knox 

St Joseph . . R. Long-field, South Bend 

Steuben H Lyle Shank, Angola 

Sullivan Richard Park. Sullivan 

Switzerland . .O M Given, Vevay 

Tippecanoe B Hooker, Lafayette 

Tipton L D. Summers, Tipton 

Union . . C C. Abernathy, Liberty 
Vanderburgh F. C. Ragland, Evansville 
Vermillion R H Valentine, Newport 
Vigo . ..Jas. W Propst, Terre Haute 
Wabash . . .R. K Devricks, Wabash 
Warren . . Harry Evans, Williamsport 
Warrick . ..A. J Hopkins, Boonville 
Washington . . Ora Hopper, Salem 
Wayne. . .C. O Williams, Richmond 

Wells A. R Huyette, Bluff ton 

White H J. Reid, Monticello 

Whitley . A. R. Fleck, Columbia City 


Akron, Fatten Co., pop. 1,000. 

Township Trustee D M Whitcomb 
City Superintendent H G Knight 

Albany, Delaware Co., pop. 2,116. 

Pres Bd Bduc A W Lockhart 
Sec Bd Educ Charles M Smith 
City Superintendent A J Hypes 
Principal High School Wilbur V. Bell 
Mus, Art & Dom Scl Prances Guffigan 

Albion, Nobie Co., pop. 1,580. 

City Superintendent J P Johnson 
Principal E L Pntchett. 

Alexandria, Madison Co., pop. 5,096. 

Pres Bd. Educ J W Sullivan. 
Sec Bd Bduc A B Otto. 
City Superintendent OB G Keicher 
Principal High School F. W. Stoler. 
Supv. Music Mary Brereton. 

Amboy, Miami Co., pop. 750. 

City Superintendent D H Brown 
Principal High School Jessie P Ballmger 

Amboy Academy; prep ; day; co-ed.; non- 
sect; F. Kimball. Prin. 





Anderson, Madison Co., pop. 22,476. 

Pi es Bd Bduc Austin lietherf ord 
Sec Bd Educ G E Nichol 
City Superintendent W A Dennj- 
Principal High School W R Hardman 
Supv Music Anna Buchard 
Manual Training N F Fultz 
Domestic Science Anna Meier 
Physical Culture B O Haugh 
Commercial I E Gi isso 
Drawing Omalie Browdor 
Instruction Maiy S Mulligan 

Anderson Business College; bus and sten.; 

W. H Carrier, Pres. 
Andrews, Huntingdon Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent J E Lazenby 
Principal High School E E Myers 
Angola, Steuben Co., pop. 2,750. 

Pres Bd Educ C A Yotter 
City Superintendent A J Seibel 
Principal High School George Letts 
Supv Music Elizabeth Peterson 
Drawing Marie Fairfield 

Tri-State College, coll , co-ed , private; est 

1884, L M Sniff, President 
Tri-State College of Pharmacy, phar , est 

1901; C C. Sherrard, Ph. C., B S, Dean 

Arcadia, Hamilton Co., pop. 1,250. 

Principal High School T P Charles 

Argos, Marshall Co., pop. 1,307. 

Principal High School Floyd M Annis 

Attica, Fountain Co., pop. 3,800. 

Pres Bd Educ D R Young 
Sec Bd Educ C Lewis Green 
City Superintendent W F Mullmmx 
Principal High School Bertha F Nelson 
Music & Drawing Mabel T Jones 
Domestic Science Pauline Latta 

Auburn, Dekalb Co., pop. 5,300. 

Pres Bd Educ Michael Boland 

Sec Bd Educ F W Knott 

City Superintendent O H Blossom 

Principal High School H L McKenney 

Aurora, Dearborn Co., pop. 4,410. 

Pres Bd Educ John Poehlman 
City Superintendent Joseph R Houston 
Principal High School Hal E Driver 
Manual Training John H Muntz 

Avilla, Noble County. 
Immaculate Conception School, prep ; men 
R. C ; Rev. F. P. Faust, Pres 

Batesvllle, Bipley Co., pop. 2,000. 

Sec Bd Educ John Meyer 
City Superintendent Edgar M Dunkin. 
Principal High School Walter Fagley 
Commercial A E Patton 

Bedford, Lawrence Co., pop 8,718. 

Pres Bd Bduc Robert L. Mellen 
Sec Bd Bduc C. H. Strupe 
City Superintendent Joseph B Fagan 
Pi incipal E W Montgomery 
Supv Music Alma Braden 
Manual Training B F Burton 
Domestic Science Norine Evans 
DrawingMildred Weenink 

Berne, Adams Co., pop. 1,316. 

Sec Bd Educ C C Stengel 
City Superintendent F. D Huff 
Principal High School Edith A Beck. 

Bicknell, Knox Co., pop. 2,275 

City Superintendent W. W Carter 
Principal High School C H Arterburn 

Bloomfield, Greene Co., pop. 2,100. 

City Superintendent Paul L Edmonson 
Principal High School H H Trueblood 

Bloomingdale, Parke Co., pop. 580. 

Friends' Bloomingdale Academy, prep ; co- 
ed , Friends, Caroline M Hill, Principal. 

Bloomington, Monroe Co., pop 8,838. 

Pres Bd Educ Ernest Lindley 
Sec Bd Educ Dr C E. Harris 
City Superintendent W A Myers 
Principal High School E E Ramsey. 
Supv Music Ida Peterson 
Manual Training- E B. Wright 
Domestic Science Martha Livingston 
Drawing Bonnie Malott 
Com'l & Stenog'y A J. Lynn 

Indiana University, comprises College of 
Liberal Arts (Music, Journalism, Fine 
Arts), School of Education, of Law, of 
Medicine, and Graduate School, state 
univ , co-ed , non-sect ; est. 1823, Wil- 
liam Lowe Bryan, Ph. D, President 

Indiana University, School of Education, 
professional courses for teachers, co-ed.; 
est. 1853, William Wesley Black, A, M.. 

Indiana University, School of Law; law; co- 
ed. , state., est 1842; Enoch G. Hogate, 
LL D , Dean. 

Indiana University, School of Fine Arts; 
art , state, co-ed , Alfred M Brooks, 

Indiana University, School of Medicine 
(freshman and sophomore years); med. ; 
regr , co-ed , Charles P Emerson, M D., 

Stenographic Practical Training School; 
sten , co-ed ; est. 1898, Miss Jessie M. 
Little, Prln 

Blnffton, Wells Co., pop. 4,800. 

Pres Bd Educ 'Vbram Simmons 
Sec Bd Educ C G Dailey 
City Superintendent Philemon A. Allen. 
Principal High School A G Morris 
Supv Music Hermie Wleckingr 
Manual Training F. G. Thompson. 
Drawing Alice Peters. 
Domestic Science Bessie Sale 
Pen & Commercial O T Winger 

Bluff ton Business College; bus and sten.; 
est. 1904, I W Lester, Pres 

Boggstown, Shelby Co., pop. 175. 

Boggstown Academy, prep ; co-ed ; Seventh 
Day Adv ; Adelerich Kaelln, Frin. 

Boonvttle, Warrick Co., pop. 3,000. 

Pres Bd. Bduc Henry F. Fulling. 

Sec Bd Bduc Charles F. W. Inderrieden, 





Bocne\ille continued 
City Superintendent C. E Clark. 
Principal High School Charles E Skinner 
Supv Mus and Draw Mai ion Giaham 
Domestic Science Nettie Fultz 

Borden, Clark Co., pop. 525. 

Borden Institute prep , co-ed ; son-sect.; J 
O Engleman, Prin. 

Bourbon, Marshall Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ J B Brillhart 

Sec Bd Educ Henry Binkley 

City Superintendent C C Trook 

Principal High School D E Sites 

Mus , Draw & Dom Sci Olive Johnson 

Brazil, Clay Co, pop. 9,340. 

Pres Bd Educ D "W Biattin 

Sec Bd Educ J M Turner 

City Superintendent Charles C. Coleman. 

Principal High School C P Keller. 

Supv Music Georgette Herr 

Manual Training Hugh Hicks 

Domestic Science Hazel Pickens 

Drawing Helen De Bolt 

Commercial W B Mmnick 

Brazil Business University, bus and sten.; 
est 1900; H G Holcombe, Principal 

Bremen, Marshall Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Koontz 
Sec Bd Educ I L D Seller 
City Superintendent Herman Wimmer. 
Principal High School L,ucile Higgms 
Supv Music Lucile Higgins 
Manual Tiaming J E Michael 
Domestic Science Lola Brooks 
Drawing Dierdie Tnble 

Brook, Newton Co.. pop. 1,375. 

City Superintendent Fred H Longwcll 
Principal High School Celia Judy 

Brookston, White Co., pop. 1,250. 

Pres Bd Educ. L T Kent 
Sec Bd Educ John Erickson 
City Superintendent W P Neel 
Principal High School Lida Moody 

Brookville, Franklin Co.. pop. 2,169. 

Pres Bd Educ Philip Hartman 

Sec Bd Educ E W Showalter 

City Superintendent A. J. Reifel. 

Principal High School C W Hitchcock. 

Supv Music Ellen Shick 

Manual Training W A. Tounts 

Dom Sci & Draw Maidie Schwacke 

Brownstown, Jackson Co., pop. 1,492. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Branaman 
Sec Bd Educ O R Emerson 
City Superintendent Hale Brandt 
Principal High School Hugh Cathcart 

Butler, Dekalb Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ S G Stone 
Sec Bd Educ G W Geddes 
City Superintendent H E Coe 
Principal High School Florence L Betts 

Cambridge City, Wayne Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres. Bd Educ B F. "WIssler 
Sec Bd Educ W B Harrison 

Cambridge continued 
City Superintendent E E Oldaker 
Principal High School W J Bowden 
Supv Music Mrs Grace Gorman 
Manual Training H M Kabel 
Domestic Science Erne J Wolfoid 

Cannelton, Perry Co , pop. 2,130. 

Pres Bd Educ James Shallcross 
Sec Bd Educ Fred Franzmann 
City Superintendent F F Hostetter 
Principal High School G N" Logan 
Drawing Dehlah Turner 
Domestic Science Lelia Johnson 

Carlisle, Sullivan Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd Educ James McConnell 
Sec Bd Educ I J Keys 
City Superintendent O H Griest 
Principal High School K A Shanner 
Domestic Science Lydia H Hildebrand 

Carthage, Bush Co., pop 1,125. 

Pres Bd Educ R E Henley 
Sec Bd Educ J F Tweedy 
Principal High School Evangeline Lewis 

Charlestown, Clark Co , pop. 1,050. 

Principal High School Fred Gladden 

Chesterton, Porter Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ A R Gustafson 

City Superintendent F M Goldsborough 

Principal High School Aithur Moore 

Churubusco, Whitley Co, pop. 1,090. 

City Superintendent Llovd F Gates 
Principal High School W H Elza 

Cicero, Hamilton Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ H E Morris 
Sec Bd Educ J L Hinshaw 
City Superintendent A Landreth 
Principal High School Roy Risk 

Clay City, Clay Co., pop. 1,600. 

City Superintendent Cecil A Gravson 
Principal High School Clarence Clayton 

Clinton, Vermilion Co., pop. 6,229. 

Pres Bd Educ D C Shaft! 

Sec Bd Educ H K Morgan 

City Superintendent Donald Du Shane 

Principal High School Fred Bourn 

Supv Music Faye Hester 

Drawing Gladys Rippetoe 

Manual Training O T Clark 

Collegreville, Jasper County* 

St Joseph's College, men, R C , Rev I. 
A Wagner, C P P S , President 

Columbia City, Wbltley Co., pop. 3,050. 

Pres Bd Educ Walpole Kaler 
Sec Bd Educ Geo F. Harrison 
City Superintendent C E Spauldingr 
Principal High School Fren Musselman 
Supv Music Louise Bushnell 
Manual Training Orval L Pence. 
Domestic Science Joal Spaffoxd 

Columbus, Bartholomew Co., pop. 8,813. 

Pies Bd Educ H L Rost 

Sec Bd Educ J W Suverkrup 

City Superintendent Thomas F. Fitzgibbon, 





Columbus eontnued 
Principal High School Samuel Wertz 
Supv Music A W Mason 
Manual Training Alvm Logan 
Domestic Science Bertha Latta 
Drawing Geo. W Thompson. 
Commercial Beatrice Crowe 

Connergville, Fayette Co., pop. 7,738. 

Pres Bd Educ B V Hawkins 
Sec Bd Edue C C Hull 
City Superintendent Edwin L Rickert 
Principal High School M S Hallman 
Supv Music A A Glockzm 
Domestic Science Lucy B Hawk 
Physical Cult ire Nina M Gaskins 
Draw & Pen'ship lone Reynolds 
Com'l & Stenog*y W F Mizer 

Elmhurst School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1909, Miss Isabel B Cress- 
ler, B A , Principal 

Converse, Miami Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ L O Arnold 
Sec Bd Educ Walter Powell 
City Superintendent E O Snethen 
Principal High School Errelt Carvey 
Supv Music Nellie Kelsey 
Domestic Science Blanche McCreary 
Manual Training Erielt Caivey 

Corydon, Harrison Co., pop. 1,700. 

City Superintendent Oscar F Koch 
Principal High School W B Bean 

Covington, Fountain Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres. Bd Educ A T Linengood 
Sec Bd Educ M. Mayer 
City Superintendent W A Davis 
Principal High School Harvey E Redding 
Supv Mus & Draw Irene Balcom 
Domestic Science Blanche Smith 
CrawfordsvIUe, Montgomery Co , pop. 9,371. 
Pres Bd Educ E W Ream 
Sec Bd Educ John A Johnson 
City Superintendent Linnaeus N Hlnes 
High School Principal Anna Willson 
Supv Music Fern Ream 
Manual Training Homer E Biddle. 
Domestic Science Elizabeth L. Cowan 
Drawing Dawn Kennedy 
Commercial George F Leonard 

Wabash College; coll.; men; Preab ; est. 

1832, Rev. George L Mackintosh, D. D., 

Crawfordsville Business College; bus and 

sten , est 1887, Miss Zola Shirk, Prin 

Crown Point, Lake Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ John Donnaha 

Sec Bd Educ O J Bruce 

City Superintendent W S. Painter 

Principal High School Carl B. Newlon 

Supv Music Violet Viant 

Manual Training Thomaa Fitzgerald 

Domestic Science Nora Morgan 

Diaw & Pen'ship Elizabeth Merritt 

Culver, Marshall Co., pop. 505. 

Principal High School James D. Darnall. 

Culver Military Academy; miUtaiy; non- 
sect. est 1894, Col L R Gignilliat, 

Dana, Vermilion Co., pop. 1,080. 

Pies Bd Educ Oscai Adams 
Sec Bd Educ B B Thompson 
City Supenntendent Lestei Campbell 

Danville, Hendricks Co., pop. 1,950. 

Pres Bd Educ J D Hogate 
Sec Bd Educ C W Gaston 
City Superintendent M- S. Mahan 
Principal High School D F. Cushman 

Central Normal College; normal, private, co- 
ed., J W. Laird, Pres. 

Decatur, Adams Co., pop. 4,350. 

Pres Bd Educ John S Falk 
Sec Bd Educ O L Vance 
City Superintendent C R Spauldmg 
Principal High School M F Worthman 
Supv Music & Draw Elizabeth Schrock. 
Manual Training H R Chaiman 
Domestic Science Clara E Berry 
Pen'ship & Com'l E E Barnhait 

Delphi, Carroll Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Noah Landis 
Sec Bd Educ C A Schaeff er 
City Superintendent C P Biadshaw 
Principal H S Walter Buckingham 

Dunkirk, Jay Co , pop. 3,187. 

Pres Bd Educ C W Smalley 

Sec Bd Educ M D Wood 

City Superintendent A L Elabarger. 

Principal High School Charlotte Clarke 

Supv Music Ella Gates 

Ait Jane Fulton 

Domestic Science Inez Keever 

Manual Training Edward Pape. 

East Chicago, Lake Co., pop. 19;098. 

Pres Bd Educ F H Fish. 
Sec Bd Educ John H Ross 
City Superintendent Edwin N Canine 
Principal High School H. H. Clark. 
Supv Music Mary A. Stone. 
Manual Training L D Brennen. 
Domestic Science Lydla Evans. 
Physical Culture W A Cox 
Drawing Janet Jaynes 
Penmanship Minnie Kmney. 
Commercial C J Auble 

Baton, Delaware Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ Otis Edgmgton 
Sec Bd Educ W O Aspy. 
Town Superintendent J B Leas 
Principal High School Herman O Makey 

Edinburg, Johnson Co , pop. 2,050. 

Pies Bd Educ P C Mayhall 
Sec Bd Educ Francis Winterberg 
City Superintendent Eugene M Crouch. 
Principal High School Everett R Phillips 
Music & Ait Fannie H Cochran. 

Elkhart, Elkhart Co., pop. 19,282. 

Pres Bd Educ E G Crone 

Sec Bd Educ J P. Ohmer 

City Superintendent J A Wiggers. 

Principal High School S. B McCracken. 

Supv Music Miss Lida M Edmonds. 

Drawing Ruth Kelly. 

Physical Cultme Raymond J Snyder. 





Elkhart continued 

Com'l & Stenog'y Miss Vera M Bange 
Manual Training F D Long 
Domestic Science Charlotte V Hitch 

Elkhart Business College, bus and sten , 
Ira E Elliott, Manager 

Elnora, Daviess Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ MacGu\er Poiter 
Sec Bd Educ Hervey Tomey 
City Superintendent C T Amlck. 
Principal High School Charles McMullen 

Elwood, Madison Co., pop. 11,028. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Hoppenrath 
Sec Bd Educ H P Carpenter 
City Superintendent A W Konold 
Principal High School Charles Biuner 
Supv Music Lola Reicholdeifei 
Manual Training Leo Francis 
Drawing Gertrude Galvm 

Evansvllle, Vanderburgr Co., pop. 69,647. 

Pres Bd Educ Abe Sti ouse 
Sec Bd Educ Howard Eoasa 
City Superintendent L P Benezet 
Principal High School Ernest P. Wiles. 
Prin Colored H S W E Best 
Supv Music Ida Bicking 
Manual Training E R Graham 
Domestic Science Theodora Miller. 
Physical Culture Julius Daerter. 
Drawing Margaret Beachy 
Penmanship Cornelia Koch. 
Commercial Shepherd Young. 
Kindergarten Jean Bernard 

Draughon-Porter Business College, bus and 
sten , est 1906, J Lee Porter, Sec. 

Lockyear's Business College; bus and sten ; 
co-ed.; non-sect ; est 1883, M. H Lock- 
year, Pres. 

Fairland, Shelby Co, pop. 600. 

Principal High School William Bishop 

Beech wood Manual" Traning Academy; prep 
and manual, 7th D Adv.; co-ed ; est 
1902, Clifton L Taylor, Prin 

Fairmount, Grant Co., pop. 3,300. 

Pres Bd Educ O R Scott 
Sec Bd Educ E M Lafler 
City Superintendent R B Duff 
Principal High School D H Carter 
Mus , Draw & Dom Sci Delia Truman 

Fairmount Academy and Normal School; 
prep , co-ed , Friends, est 1884, Albert 
R Hall, Principal 

Farmland, Randolph Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent E E Zimmerman 
Principal High School Harriette McArthur 

Ferdinand, Dubois Co., pop. 1,000. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, 
girls 1 boarding, R C , Mother Mary Sera- 
phme, O S B , Superior 

St Augustine's Academy, girls' boarding, 
R. C ; Sister St. Louise, Prin. 

Flora, Carroll Co., pop. 1,450. 

City Superintendent E M Deem 
Principal High School C A Doyle 

Fort Branch, Gibson Co., pop. 1,050. 

Principal High School Jesse G Tuiner 

Fort Wajne, Allen Co, pop 63,933 

Pres Bd Educ Ernest W Cook 
Sec Bd Educ W H Shambaugh 
City Superintendent Justin N. Study. 
Principal High School B C Ward 
Supv Music William Miles 
Man Tr and Dom Sci J J. Ritter. 
Physical Culture Henry Meyer 
Diawmg Alice E Hall 
Penmanship O. L Rogers 
Primary Gail Calmerton 
Normal Floia Wilbei 

Concordia College; coll ; men; Luth ; est. 

1839, Rev Martin Luecke, Director. 
Fort Wayne Art School, art, co-ed ; Albert 

E. Bulson, Jr, Pres. 
Fort Wayne Conservatory of Music; music; 

co-ed . est. 1871; C F W. Meyer; Direc- 
Indiana School for Feeble-Minded Touth; 

state, co-ed , Geoige & Bliss, Supt 
International Business College; bus, and 

sten , T L Staples, Pres 
St Augustine's Academy, girls' boarding; 

R C., est 1845; Sister St. Louise, Prin. 
Sacred Heait Academy, girls' boarding, 

R C , Sister Imelda, Super ioi 

FortviUe, Hancock Co., pop. 1,165. 

Pres Bd Educ M E Isgrigg 
Sec Bd Educ W C VanLamngfcam 
City Superintendent Benton G Keichor 
Principal High School Roy Roudcbush 

Fowler, Benton Co., pop. 1,600. 

City Superintendent Charles W. Steele, 

Principal High School H C Wallace 

Frankfort, Clinton Co., pop. 8,634. 

Pres Bd Educ Marvin S Hufford 
Sec Bd Educ William C Shanklin 
City Superintendent Oscar M Plttlnger. 
Principal High School Charles L. Stubbs. 
Supv Music Hannah Bell 
Domestic Science Gladys Vooihees 
Manual Training S M Hun sicker 
Drawing Lulu S Boyd 

Franklin, Johnson Co., pop. 4,150. 

Pies Bd Educ A A Alexander 

Sec Bd Educ C B Henderson 

City Superintendent J C Webb 

Principal High School John S Williams 

Supv Music Rose Meiodith 

Di awing Edith Palmer 

Domestic Science Susannah Ott 

Franklin College; coll ; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1834, Elijah A Hanley, D D, Pres. 

Frankton, Madison Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent Daisy B French 
Principal High School Earl R Martin. 

French Uck, Orange Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd Educ Perry C Lane 
Sec Bd Educ Frank Robbins 
City Supenntendent N B Bonham 
Principal High School Floyd H Miner 
Music and Drawing Miss Larene B Davies 
Manual Training Arthur Maltox, 





Garrett, Dekalb Co., pop. 4,350. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr J F Thomson 
Sec Bd Educ D B Van Fleit 
City Supenntendent George Carroll 
Piincipal High School M D Rmkenberger 
Supv Music and Drawing Alda Elson 
Manual Training O V Frank 
Domestic Science Florence Dobbrick 

Gary, take Co , pop. 16,803. 

Pies Bd Educ John Knk 
Sec Bd Educ C O Holmes 
City Supenntendent William A Wirt 
Principal High School E A Spauldmg 
Piincipal High School S J Buckle} 
Supv Music M E Snyder 
Manual Training G E Wulfing 
Penmanship G S Hernck 
Commercial J A White 
Gary Business College, est 1912, A N 
Hirons, Piincipal 

Gas City, Grant Co., pop. 3,750. 

Pres Bd Educ John L Thompson 
Sec Bd Educ J E Smith 
City Superintendent Isaac Gripe 
Principal High School Robert Poer. 

Supv Music Ruth Pagett 

Dom Science & Diaw Donna McCreary 

Geneva, Adams Co., pop. 1,250. 

City Supeimtendent H F Griffey 
Principal High School A R Roggy 

Goodland, Newton Co., pop. 1,300. 

Pies Bd Educ M E Mitten 

Sec Bd Educ Mort Kilgore 

City Supeimtendent Geoige N Porter 

Principal High School A R Walker 

Music and Di awing Maitha Harvey 

Manual Training A J Reames 

Goshen, Elkhart Co., pop. 8,514. 

Pies Bd Educ David M Bechtel 
Sec Bd Educ Milton Wysong 
City Superintendent J W Wilkinson 
Principal High School A E Jeftrey 
Supv Music G J Dmkeloo 
Manual Tiainmg B B Lockland 
Domestic Science Lena May Cium 
Di awing Mrs Ida K Slate 
Commercial Maiy Biggs 

Goshen College, comprises College, Acad- 
emy, Normal, Music, and Bible School, 
co-ed , Mennonite, est 1895, Rev John E!. 
Hartzler, President. 

Greencastle, Putnam Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ E G Bicknell 
Sec Bd Educ Ferd Lucas 
City Superintendent Edwin C Dodson 
Principal High School Edward M, Pitkin 
Supv Music Jessie Patterson 
Manual Tiainmg Bert Knight 
Domestic Science Mary Cam mack 
Drawing Mis Delphine Dunn 

De Pauw University; coll.; co-ed ; M. E. , 
eat. 1837, Rev George R. Grose, D. D., 

Greenfield, Hancock Co., pop. 4,448. 

Pres Bd Educ Tyner E Lowe 

Sec Bd Educ R F Morgan 

City Superintendent Frank Larrabee. 

Principal High School John "W Kendall. 

Supv Music Elizabeth Williams 

Manual Training Frank W Bryant 

Drawing Merle Brandenburg 

Greensboro, Decatur Co., pop. 5,420. 

Pres Bd Educ W C Woodfill. 

Sec Bd Educ T J Magee 

City Superintendent Elmer C. Jerxnan. 

Principal High School GuiUord Wiley 

Supv Music Louise Ehlers 

Manual Training Alva McGraw. 

Draw & Pen' ship Jessie Peterson 

Greentown, Howard Co., pop. 1,350. 

Principal High School J H Brackemyre 

Greenwood, Johnson Co., pop. 1,503. 

City Supeimtendent W H Marshall 
Piincipal High School Hazel Wishaid 

Hammond, Lake Co., pop. 20,925. 

Pres Bd Educ John F Krost 

Sec Bel Educ A J Dreesen 

City Superintendent Charles M. McDanlel 

Principal High School F. D McElroy. 

Supv Music Edith Reynolds 

Manual Training Herschel Whitaker 

Domestic Science Norman Locklin 

Drawing Bess E Foster 

Commercial J W Fisher 

Chicago Business College, bus and eten., 
est 1886, Mrs F B Virden, President 

Hammond Business College, bus and 
sten , G E De Long, Manager 

Hanover, Jefferson Co., pop. 425. 

Hanover College, coll., co-ed.; Presb.; est 
1833, William A. Millis, LL. D,, Pres 

Hartford City, Blackford Co , pop. 6,187. 

Pies Bd Educ E E Cox 

Sec Bd Educ George T Fulton 

City Superintendent M M Dunbar 

Principal High School D W Donovan 

Supv Music Jesse L Ingersol 

Manual Training Virgil Fleenor. 

Domestic Science Anna Belle Conrad 

Drawing J L Ingersol 

Writing & Commercial Mynck Sublette 

Hobart, lake Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ R C Mackey 
Sec Bd Educ Joseph E Mellon 
City Superintendent G. H. Thompson. 
Principal High School Spencer G Stoltz 
Supv Music Ellwyn Roper 

Hope, Bartholomew Co., pop. 1,170. 

City Superintendent L L Lydy. 

Howe, l>a Grange Co., pop. 700. 
Howe School; boys' boarding, mil ; P B : 
est 1884, Rev. J. H. McKenzie, L. H. D., 





Huntingburg, Dnbois Co., pop. 3,464. 

Pres Bd Educ Philip Pai tenheimer 
Sec Bd Educ B W Pickhaidt 
City Superintendent N F Hutchison 
Principal High School Lee A Meyer 
Sup\ Music Lucile Briscoe 
Domestic Science Clementine Caipenter 

Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., pop. 10,272. 

Pres Bd Educ E E Allen 

Sec Bd Educ Z T Dungan. 

City Superintendent Jesse M. Scudder 

Principal High School C E Hinshaw 

&upv Music J L Swihart 

Manual Training W. A Shock. 

Domestic Science Mary Grayston. 

Drawing Alice Gray. 

Pen & Commercial Carl Menzie 

Huntington Business University, bus and 
sten , C. B. Williams, Pres , 232 Market 

Hymera, Sullivan Co., pop. 1,200. 

Township Tiustee F M Nead 
Principal High School W V Payne 
Music and Drawing Naomi Lane 

Indianapolis, Marion Co.* pop. 233,650. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph Keller 
Sec Bd Educ Frank S Reisner 
City Superintendent Jacob G Colhcott 
Assistant Superintendent H S Gruver 
Assistant Superintendent Laura Frazee 
Supv Drawing Florence Fitch 
Supervisor Music fe.dvha.rd B Birge 
Supv. Physical Training Dr W A Ocker 
Supv Manual Training Harry E Wood. 

Manual Training High School, S Meridian 

nr Merrill, Milo H Stuart, Principal 
Shortridge High School, Penna and North, 

George A Buck, Principal 
Winona Technical High School, Arsenal and 

Michigan, Milo H Stuart, Principal 

Benjamin Harrison Law School, co-ed , 

Theophilus J Moll, Dean 
Brooks School for Boys, boarding and day, 

est 1914, Wendell S Brooks, A B , 


Butler College; coll , co-ed , Christ ; est. 
1855, Thomas C Hovve, A M, President 

Central Business College, bus and sten., 
Fred W Case, Principal, Alabama and 
Ohio streets 

Central College of Dentistry; dent : co-ed 
est. 1897, M. F. Ault, D D. S., Dean. ' 

College of Missions; missionary training 
courses, non-sect, est 1910, Charles 
Thomas Paul, President, Downey and 
Ohmer avenue 

College of Musical Art, est 1907, Oliver 
Willard Pierce, Director, 8^4 N. Pennsyl- 
vania avenue 

Iles-Devor Business School, bus and sten 
est 1904, Gustava lies, Principal, Merid- 
ian and Ohio streets 

Indianapolis continued 

Indiana Business College, bus and sten 
E J Heeb, Secietaij, Alabama and Ohio 
sti eets 

Indiana Central University, Comprises Col- 
lege of Libeial Aits, School or Education, 
Academy, School of Music, of Ait, co-ed , 
Un Breth , est 1905, Irby J Good, LL 
D , Pres , University Heights 

Indiana Dental College, dent , co-ed , est 
1879, Fiederic R Henshaw, D D S, 
Dean, 11 W North stieet 

Indiana Girls' School, state indust , Dr 
Kenosha Sessions, Superintendent, Craw- 
fordsville Road 

Indiana Law School, law, co-ed , est 
1894, James A Rohbach, A M , LL B 
Dean, Law Bldg 

Indiana School for the Blind, literary, music 
and industrial courses, state, co-ed , est 
1848, George A Wilson, Superintendent, 
Pennsylvania and North 

Indiana State School for the Deaf, primary, 
grammar and high school courses, state 
co-ed , est 1844, Richard Otto Johnson, 
Superintendent, 1200 E 42nd 

Indiana University, School of Medicine; 
med , reg ; co-ed ; non-sect ; est. 1908, 
Charles P Emerson, M. D , Dean, Market 
and Senate streets 

Indiana Veterinary College ; vet.; est. 1892 
men; non-sect, Geo. H Roberts, V S, 
President, Market and Davidson Sts 

Indianapolis College of Law; law, co-ed.: 
est 1897, E J Heeb, Sec, When Bid*. 

Indianapolis College of Pharmacy (Depart- 
ment of Winona Technical Institute); 
two-year course, co-ed , est 1904, Ferd. 
A Mueller, Ph G, Dean, 1500 E. Michi- 
gan Street 

Indianapolis Conservatory of Music; mug 
co-ed , est. 1897; Edgar M Cawley, Dl- 

rectoi, 430 N Meridian stieet 

Indianapolis Normal School, city normal 
training school, Marion L Webster, Prin- 

Indianapolis Piano College; music; co-ed 
James M Dungan, Director. 

John Herron Art Institute; art; co-ed., eat. 
1901, conducted by Art Association of 
Indianapolis, Harold H Brown, Director, 
Pennsylvania and 16th 

Lain Business College; bug., sten and tele*.; 
est. 1904, M. M. Lain, B S, Pres. 

Landers' School for Girls, girls' boarding: 
P E , est. 1912, Miss Julia Ethel 
Landers, Prin , 2055 N Meridian 

Metropolitan School of Music, music and 
dramatic art, est 1895, Edward Nell, Di- 
rector, Pennsylvania and North Sts. 

Normal College of the North American 
Gymnastic Union, normal physical edu- 
cation, est 1866, Emil Rath, President 





Indianapolis continued 
St Agnes Academy, prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 

Sister Ernestine, Supenoi. 
St. John's Academy, girls' boarding; R. C ; 

Sister Adelaide, Superior 
St. Joseph's Institute for Young Men, prep ; 

boys, B. C , Brothers of the Sacred 

St. Mary's Academy and School for Girls, 

girls' boarding, R. C ; Sisters of St. 

St. Patrick's Academy for Girls; girls' 

boarding, R C , Sisters of Providence. 
St. Patrick's School; prep ; boys; R. C.; 

est 1870; Brother Albert, Prin. 
Sanderson School of Practical Business; 

bus. and sten ; co-ed.; est 1900; Laura 

A Sanderson, Principal, Washington and 


Teachers' College of Indianapolis; kinder- 
garten and public school training courses; 
est 1882, Eliza A. Blaker, Pres , 23d and 
Alabama Sts 

Thisselle Business College, bus and sten , 
W J Thisselle, Principal , Hume-Mansur 

Tudor Hall, girls' boarding; non-sect.; est 
1902, Miss Fredonta Allen, Ph. B., Prin, 
1530 N Meridian St 

United Typothetae of America Technical 
School of Printing; non-sect , est 1907, 
F O Climei, Director, 1500 B Michigan 

Winona Technical Institute; trade school; 
co-ed, est. 1903, W C. Smith, A. B, 
Principal, 1500 E Michigan 

Jasonville, Greene Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph Ransom 
Sec Bd Educ Joseph Chatfield 
City Superintendent Elmer H Edwards 
Principal High School Jesse M Todd 
Music and Di awing Nina Stultz . 

Manual Training Walter H Wakefield 
Domestic Science Goldia Kiikham 

Jasper, Dubois Co., pop. 2,196. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry Pfau 

Sec Bd Educ A B Krempp 

City Superintendent Chailes H Barts 

Principal High School Margaret A. Wilson. 

Domestic Science Lois Campbell 

Jasper College, boys' boarding, prep and 
com'l, R C , est 1889, Rev F Bernard 
Heichelbech, O S B , Rector. 

JeffersonvlUe, Clark Co., pop. 10,412. 

Pres Bd Educ. John Grienger. 
Sec Bd Educ W J Schwanlnger 
City Superintendent E M Crouch 
Principal High School R. Emmett Taylor 
Supv Music A A Volt 
Domestic Science Mabel Erwin 
Physical Culture Lena J Board 
Commercial A. N. Symmes 

Indiana Reformatory, School of Let ten; 
state, D C. Peyton, General Superin- 

Jonesboro, Grant Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ B W Tuckei 

Sec Bd Educ J C Knight 

City Supenntendent Hugh Claik 

Pnncipal High School Anna Fieeman 

Supv Music Ella Schrader 

Domestic Science Maiguerite Barnette 

Di awing Leona Long 

Kcndallville, Noble Co.. pop. 4,981. 

Pres. Bd Educ F S Weber. 

Sec Bd Educ W S Baker 

City Superintendent P. C Exnmona 

Principal High School E E. Kling. 

Supv Music and Draw Maunne Bailey 

Domestic Science Anna L Sandberg 

Com'l and Stenog y M Noithrup 

Kentland, Newton Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent C. E Vinzant. 
Principal High School D K Frusk 

Kewanna, Fulton Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent Roger B Smith 
Principal High School Margaiet Hmes 

Knlgrhtstown, Henry Co., pop. 2,050. 

Pres Bd Educ O E Holloway. 

Sec Bd Educ W T Holland 

City Superintendent Roy C. Keever. 

Principal High School Roscoe Schaffer. 

Supv Music Alda Elson 

Domestic Science Gladys Lord 

Knox, Starke Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Superintendent O. Staley. 
Principal High School J Maude Bennett. 

Kokomo, Howard Co , pop 17,010. 

Pres Bd Educ J A Kautz 
Sec Bd Educ W W Dnnkwater 
City Superintendent C. V. Haworth. 
Principal High School E O Maple. 
Supv Music G R Eckert 
Manual Training Paul W Gawne 
Domestic Science Mrs Pearl Learner 
Drawing Clarissa Williamson. 
Commercial William H Coughlan. 

Kokomo Business College; bus and sten.; 

co-ed , est 1902; O. E Betz, Mgr 
St. Francis Academy, prep, co-ed.; R. C.; 

R. J. Pratt, Principal 

Ladoga, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent D L Stoner 
Principal High School C W Weathers 

JLaFayette, Tlppecanoe Co., pop. 20.081. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. C. G. Stoker. 
Sec. Bd Educ George W. Snyder. 
City Superintendent Robert P. Hight. 
Principal High School Joseph H. Shock. 
Supv. Music Miss Rena M. Rice. 
Manual Training Frederick J Grosshaus 
Domestic Science Kathleen Brady 
Physical Training Minnie J. Wasserman 
Drawing Miss Key Wenrick 
Penmanship J. H. Bachtenkircher. 

LaFayette Free Kindergarten and Indus- 
trial School, est. 1896. Mrs. Jessie Eden 
Matlock, Supt. 





La Fayette continued 

LaFayette Business College, bus. and sten ; 
S A. Drake, Frea. 

Purdue University, comprises School of Ag- 
riculture, of Science, of Engineering, of 
Pharmacy, co-ed , state, est 1874, Win- 
throp Ellsworth Stone, LL D, Pres 

Purdue University School of Agriculture, 
four-year course, agric and dom science, 
John Harrison Skinner, B S , Dean 

Purdue University Schools of Engineering, 
courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, 
and Chemical Engineering, Charles H 
Benjamin, M E , Dean 

Purdue University, School of Pharmacy, 
phar , men, est 1886, Charles B Jordan, 

St Ignatius Academy, girls' hoarding, R 
C; est 1857, Sister St Louise, Principal, 
229 Columbia St. 

Union Business College; bus and sten , S 
A. Drake, Fre. 

Lagrange, Lagrange Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ G C Nichols 

Sec Bd Educ G C Morgan 

City Superintendent James H Greene 

Principal High School H H Wikel 

Supv Music Ruby Wigton 

Drawing Olive N Browning 

LaPorte, XaPorte Co., pop. 10.525. 

Pres Bd Educ E Julius Lonn 

Sec Bd Educ L. E Haverly 

City Superintendent Paul Van Riper 

Principal High School J W. Rittinger. 

Supv Music Ida B Krieg 

Manual Training W A. Heilmann. 

Domestic Science Amy I. Peet. 

Drawing Fred Simons 

Commercial Harry B. ImmeL 

St* Rose's Academy, prep ; co-ed , R. C ; 
Slater of the Holy Cross, Prin. 

Lawreneebnrg, Dearborn Co., pop. 4,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry A Bobrink 
Sec Bd Educ. Meredith Bruce 
City Superintendent Jesse "W. Riddle. 
Principal High School Lydia A Sembach 
Supv. Music Nettie C Schneider 
Manual Training Bruce B Bell 
Drawing Emma K Koch. 
Domestic Science Anna B Graham 

St. Lawrence Select School, prep ; co-ed ; 
R C , est 1867; Rev. J F. Sunderman, 

Lebanon, Boone Co, pop 5,474. 

Pres Bd Edue J C Perkins 
Sec Bd Educ Frank Hutchinson. 
City Superintendent Henry Q Brown. 
Principal High School L B Smelser 
Supv Music Zella Bratton 
Manual Training F U. Demaree 
Physical Culture Aval me KIndig 
Drawing Mary Hadley 
Penmanship Myrtle Roark. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Ruth Campbell 

Liberty, Union Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ C D Johnson 
Sec Bd Educ Albert Bei tch 
City Superintendent Lee O Snook 
Principal High School Einest T Maze 
Music and Drawing Etta Houser 
Manual Tiammg B O Abernathy 
Domestic Science Stella Leech 

Linton, Greene Co., pop. 5,906. 

Pres Bd Educ Q J Mitchell 
City Superintendent Joseph Haseman 
Principal High School Christian Danielson 
Music and Drawing Ollie Deckard 
Manual Training W H Howard 
Domestic Science Pearl Squne 
Penmanship A M Gi ass 

Loganaport, Cass Co., pop. 19.050. 

Pres Bd Educ Jesse Tabei 

Sec Bd Educ H J McSheehy 

City Superintendent Albert H Douglass 

Principal High School J. J. Mitchell. 

Supv Music Mary Hartz. 

Drawing Mrs Jennie B. Mackintosh 

Manual Training H T Wilhite 

Methods Sue Blasingham 

Domestic Science Miss Russell 

Holy Angel's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C , Sister M. Evarista, Superior 
Log-ansport Business College, bus and sten ; 

est 1902, Charles C Cring, Manager. 

Loogootee, Martin Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent J M Haigerty 
Principal High School Lawrence A Wood 
Manual Training J E Smith 

Lyons, Greene Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent W. B Van Gorder. 
Prin High School Mrs W B. Van Gorder. 

Madison, Jefferson Co., pop. 6,934. 

Pres Bd Educ S T Bear 

Sec Bd Educ J E Reed 

City Superintendent Donald Du Shane* 

Principal High School Homer Long. 

Principal Colored H S G S Murray 

Supv Music Ella Griffith 

Domestic Science Mrs R W Clements 

Domestic Art Mrs Maigaiet Stapp. 

Drawing Florence Wooten 

Indiana Business College, bus and ten ; 
co-ed ; C Booth, Prin 

Marion, Grant Co., pop. 19,859. 

Pres Bd Educ O D Clawson 
Sec Bd Educ L S Marks 
City Superintendent Albert E. HIghley* 
Principal High School Alva Graves. 
Supv Music Minnie M Hodges 
Manual Training C R Davis. 
Domestic Science Jessie Feighner 
Drawing Ruth Hargrove 
Commercial Guy Guerber 

Indiana College of Music, C. F. Tucker. 

Marion Normal Institute; private normal; 
bus, music and oratory; co-ed.: non- 
sect , est 1892, A Jones, President. 





Marion continued 
Marion Business College, bus and sten ; 

Ora B Butz, Prin 

Marion Conservatory of Music, P L Nun- 
baum, Director 

Martinsville, Morgan Co., pop. 4,600. 

Pres Bd Educ K I Nutter 
Sec Bd Educ Waltei E Nutter 
City Superintendent A L. Treater 
Principal High School A H Hmes 
Supv Music Twanette Nutter 
Man Tiain & Comm Harry Abbott 
Domestic Science Ethel House 
Drawing Lilla Vaught 

Matthews, Grant Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent W. B Brumflel 

Merom, Sullivan Co., pop. 478. 

Union Christian College; coll ; co-ed ; 

Christ , est 1859, Rev Charles Brown 
Hershey, D D , President 

Michigan City, Laporte Co , pop. 19,027. 

Pres. Bd Educ Geo. J Haiger. 
Sec Bd Educ E. M. Moran 
City Superintendent Louis W. Keeler 
Principal High School M C. Murray. 
Supv Music Edna Whipple. 
Manual Training Clyde Skinner 
Domestic Science Lucile Doughty 
Drawing Christine Pollok. 
Penmanship Harriet Leusch 
Coxn'l and Stenog'y C. E Craig 

Michigan City Business College, bus. and 
sten., co-ed , Prof. Ewing, Prin 

St Mary's High School , prep ; co-ed ; R. 
C , Sister Mary Acquinata, Prin 

Mlddletown, Henry Co., pop. 1,850. 

Pres Bd Educ F W Cooper 
Sec Bd Educ W L McCampbell 
City Superintendent J A Abell 
Principal High School D C Bouslog. 

MIshawaka, St. Joseph Co., pop. 11,880. 

Pres, Bd Educ H W Jones 
Sec Bd Educ Fred Waldner. 
City Superintendent John F Nuner. 
Principal High School D. W. Horton. 
Supv. Music Jeannie Terry. 
Manual Tiammg Jabez Pmney 
Domestic Science Frances Simpson 
Physical Culture O A Hindelang. 
Di awing Catherine Lockhai t. 
Commercial D. O Miller. 

Mitchell, Lawrence Co., pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ James Abel 
Sec Bd Educ Clyde D Ewmg 
City Superintendent Robert M Tirey 
Principal High School E B Freshwater. 

fcfonon, White Co., pop. 1,270. 

City Superintendent George F Lewis 
Piincipal High School M. R Holtzman. 

MonroeviUe, Allen Co., pop. 1,100. 

Sec Bd Educ E M Johnston. 
City Superintendent John T De Long 
Principal High School Anna M. Wallace. 
Supv. Music Evelya 

Monteznma, Parke Co., pop. 1,285. 

Pies Bd Educ T A Welshans 

Sec Bd Educ Frank Arn 

City Superintendent J G Hirshbrunner. 

Principal High School Nelle G Shute 

Monticello, White Co., pop. 2,450. 

City Superintendent J M LefCel 
Principal High School Harry E Elder 

Montpeller, Blackford Co., pop. 3,880. 

Pres Pres Bd Educ J P Boyd 
Sec Bd Educ J A Toman 
City Superintendent L B Kelley 
Principal High School E J Hemmer 

Moore* Hill, Dearborn Co , pop. 450. 

Pies Bd Educ F C Johnson 
Sec Bd Educ Charles E Torbet 
City Superintendent E L Austin 

Moores Hill College, comprises College, 
Academy, and Department of Agricul- 
ture, co-ed , M E , e&t 1856, Andrew 
J Bigney, Sc D . President 

Mooresvllle, Morgan Co., pop. 1,140. 

Pres Bd Educ J H Mills 
Sec Bd Educ C L Hallam 
City Superintendent A. C. Payne. 
Principal High School -O H Schopmeyer. 
Music" and Drawing Anna Bodenhater. 
Domestic Science Hazel Bullock 

Morocco, Newton Co., pop. 1,200 

City Superintendent W W Wells 
Principal High School W D Stevens 

Mount Yernon, Fosey Co., pop. 0,563. 

Pres Bd Educ Chailes T Johnson 
Sec Bd Educ Herman Rosenbaum 
City Superintendent Edgar J. Llewelyn. 
Piincipal High School Chester B Sandefur. 
Supv Music & Drawing May Dorsey 
Manual Training Harry Calvert 
Domestic Science Dora Prenzel. 
Com'l & Stenog'y Lydia M. Wall. 

Mulberry, Clinton Co., pop. 750. 

Township Trustee Wayne C Peter 
Principal High School S C Morrill. 

Weidner Institute; prep., co-ed , Luth , A. 
H Arbaugh, President 

Muncie, Delaware Co., pop. 24,005. 

Pres Bd Educ R Milt Ketherford 
Sec Bd Educ Vincent W Jones 
City Superintendent Benjamin F. Moore. 
Principal High School L. T. Turpin. 
Supv. Music Alice E Jones 
Manual Training H M. Roberts. 
Domestic Science Louise Knight 
Physical Culture William Fallon 
Draw, and Penmanship J. W. Rhoadi 
Com'l and Stenog'y E. J. Borten. 

Indiana Business College; bus. and ten,; 
co-ed ; Charles C. Cring, Manager. 

Muncie Normal 1 Institute, private normal; 
nor., bus , music and manual training:, v 
e*.: eat. 1912, M D. Kelly. Preside*^, 





Nappanee, Elkhart Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Albert Mutschler 
Sec Bd Educ W A Pnce 
City Superintendent Charles F. Miller. 
Principal High School O E Fisher 
Supv Music Klare Kolbe 
Domestic Science Florence Taggart 

New Albany, Floyd Co., pop. 20,629. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles Day 
Sec Bd Educ T W Armstrong 
City Superintendent Harry A Buerlc. 
Principal High School C B. McLinn. 
Supv. Music Anton Exnbs 
Manual Training C E Richards 
Domestic Science Minta McQuiddy 
Drawing Maud Barger 
Phy Cult & Pen'ship Harriet Bullert. 

Bryant & Stratton Business College; G. W. 

Schwartz, Prln 
New Albany Business College; bus amd 

sten , est 1865, H O Keeslmg, President 
Bt. Mary's Academy; bus and sten., Sister 

M Bonaventura, Pres 

New Harmony, Posey Co., pop. 1,430. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles Ford 
Sec Bd Educ George C Taylor 
City Superintendent W V Mangrum. 
Principal High School Elmer Jessup 
Music and Drawing Geraldine Pote 
Manual Training H A Satzin 

Netvbnrg, Warrlck Co., pop. 1,425. 

Pres Bd Educ Edmund Hargrave 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Muns 

City Superintendent Arthur Seybold. 

Principal High School Antoinette Anthony 

Newcastle, Henry Co., pop. 9,446. 

Pres Bd Educ L C. Boyd 

Sec Bd Educ O J Gronendyke 

City Superintendent Elmer V? Lawrence 

Principal High School Crawford Fox 

Supv Music Henri Kampe 

Manual Training Irwm Morrow 

Domestic Science Lillian Carson 

Drawing -Marie Luntz 

Noblesvffle, Hamilton Co., pop. 5,073. 

Pres Bd. Educ A. A. Glenn. 
Sec Bd. Educ. E. L. Sturdevant, 
City Superintendent A C Payne 
Principal High School C W. Youngblood 
Supv Music- Florence M Miesse 
Manual Training O. M. Walthall. 
Domestic Science Lillian Finley. 
Draw & Penmanship Alwilda M Lutz 

North Jndson, Starfce Co., pop. 1,140. 

City Superintendent E C Dilley 
Principal Hlgb School Lois Craig FouBt 

North Manchester, Wabash Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres. Bd Educ C. F. Smith. 

Sec Bd. Bduc^O H. Fox. 

City Superintendent A. L. Ulrey. 

Principal High School Grace W. Martin. 

Supv. Mus & Dom. Set Meda Sexton. 

Manual Training H. J Beachley 

.Manchester College; prep.; co-ed.; Gar. 
Bapt , Otho Winger. President 

North Yernon, Jennings Co., pop. 2,915. 

Pres Bd Educ Herman E Bai th 

Sec Bd Educ F X Gottwalles 

City Superintendent William F Vogel 

Principal High School Anton H Wagner 

Supv Music JMrs E A Smith 

Notre Dame, St. Joseph Co , pop. 1,000. 

St Edward's Hall, School of Notre Dame 
for boys under 13 years, Bro. Sylvamis, 
CSC, Director 

St Mary's College and Academy, girls' 
boarding, R C , Sister Mary Isabel, Su- 

University of Notre Dame; comprises Col- 
lege of Science (Biology, Chemistry and 
Pharmacy), Colleges of Engineering, Law, 
Architecture and Preparatory School; 
men, R C , est. 1842, Rev John Cava* 
naugh, C & C , D D , Pres. 

University of Notre Dame College of En- 
gineering, courses in Civil, Mechanical, 
Electrical, Mining and Chemical Engineer- 
ing, Martin McCue, M S , C E , Dean. 

University of Notre Dame, College of Phar- 
macy, phar , men, est. 1898, Bobert L. 
Green, Ph G Dean 

University of Notre Dame, Law Department; 
law, men. William Hoynes, LL. D., Dean. 

Oakland City, Gibson Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ Robei t Slack 
Sec Bd Educ Louis Deutsch. 
City Superintendent W R Hough. 
Principal High School Garret Rickard 
Supv Music Esther Kell 
Domestic Science Ethel Frank. 

Oakland City College, prep, co-ed ; Otor. 
Bapt., W P Dearing, Prin 

Odon, Daviess Co., pop. 1,090. 

City Superintendent J W Gillespie 
Principal High School R W Hyndman 

Oldenburg, Franklin Co., pop. 1,025. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception; 
girls' boarding, R. C ; Sister M. Veron- 
ica, Prln. 

Orleans, Orange Co., pop. 1,320. 

City Superintendent Lewis R Hoover 
Principal High School R O Hutchinson. 

Osgood, RIpley Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent John F Hoing, 
Principal High School Floiencc Talburt 

Owensville, Gibson Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Manck 
City Superintendent C W. Ross 
Principal High School J Yager. 
Supv Music Elva Bixler 

Oxford, Benton Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent D M Wilson 
Principal High School Wilbur F. Smith. 

Paoli, Orangre Co., pop. 1,360. 

City Superintendent Charles O Todd. 
Prin. High School Winchell Stephenson. 

Parker, Randolph Co., pop. 1,025. 

Principal High School George Elliott. 





Pendleton, Madison Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Rogers 
Sec Bd Educ L E Alexander 
City Superintendent H C Reid 
Music & Drawing Dona Roberts 
Domestic Science Florence Boston 

Pennvllle, Jay Co., pop. 1,050. 

Prin High School O B Carmichael 

Pern, Miami Co., pop. 10,910. 

Pres Bd Educ Lorenzo Hoffman 
Sec Bd. Educ. Michael Burke. 
City Superintendent H L Hall. 
Principal High School B D Gordon. 
Supv Music Claiena Hunter 
Manual Tiammg J I Davis 
Domestic Science Anna Lane 
Drawing Edith Kate Cotton 
Penmanship Laura Jane Breckenrldge. 

Petersburg:, Pike Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ L L Dearing 
Sec Bd Educ T R Rice 
City Superintendent J W Foreman 
Principal High School W E Treanor. 
Music & Drawing Opal Tislow 
Domestic Science Emma Shoup 

Plalnfield, Hendricks Co., pop. 1,125. 

Principal High School J W Figgr 

Central Academy: prep , co-ed , Friends, 

Simon N Hester, Principal 
Indiana Boys' School, state indust ; est. 

1868, Guy C Hanna, Superintendent 

Plymouth, Marshall Co., pop. 3,800. 

Pres Bd Educ L M. Lauer 
Sec Bd Educ H A Armstrong. 
City Superintendent O E McDowell. 
Principal High School Homer W Dutter. 
Supv Mus and Di awing Bessie Scott. 
Manual Training W S Jackson 
Domestic Science Bernice Smith 
Penmanship and Com'l Floyd Stilson 

St Michael's Academy; prep ; boys' board- 
ing; R. C.; est 1870, Sister M Pulcheria, 

Portland, Jay Co., pop. 5,130. 

Pres Bd Educ John M Smith 
Sec Bd Educ Charles S Bishop. v 

City Superintendent Grant E Derbyshire. 
Principal High School C R. Bair 
Music & Drawing Anna M Orebaugh. 
Manual Training Floience Giayston 

Princeton, Gibson Co., pop. 6,448. 

Pres Bd. Educ E E. Noble. 
Sec. Bd Educ Thomas W Cullen. 
City Superintendent James W. Stott 
Principal High School C Waggoner 
Supv Music Nellie Jackson 
Manual Training Earl Morgan 
Domestic Science Margaret Vierling 
Drawing Edna Lowry. 

Redkey, Jay Co., pop. 2,380. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry W Markley. 
Sec Bd. Educ John D. Rathfon 
City Superintendent G A Fowble. 
Principal High School Cleve H Boyd. 

Remington, Jasper Co , pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ F L Peck 

Sec Bd Educ J A Washburn 

City Superintendent Geoige C Powers 

Principal High School M C Twineham. 

Supv Music Helen Odell. 

Manual Training A J Reams 

Rensselaer, Jasper Co., pop. 2,358. 

Pres Bd Educ A R Kresler. 
Sec Bd Educ G A Williams 
City Superintendent C R Dean. 
Principal High School C. M Sharp. 
Music & Drawing Grace Stover 
Manual Training Carl Cleaver 
Domestic Science Ethel Dyer 

St Joseph's College, boys' boarding, R. C.; 

est 1891, Rev. Aug. Seifert, President. 
Margaret Watts De Peyster School for 

Girls, conducted by the Deaconesses, of 

the M. E. Church. 

Richmond, Wayne Co., pop. 22,824. 

Pres Bd. Educ. M F. Johnston. 
Sec Bd Educ. Sarah Hill 
City Superintendent J T Giles. 
Puncipal High School Frank G Pickell 
Supv Music Ralph C. Sloane. 
Manual Training Charles O Mays 
Domestic Science Kitura Parsons. 
Physical Culture Clara Coma took. 
Drawing Alice G. Locke. 
Commercial E. R. Helman. 

Earlham College, coll , music, domestic sci- 
ence, co-ed , Friends, est. 1846; Robert 
Lincoln Kelly, LL D , President 

Richmond Business College, bus , sten. and 
teleg , co-ed., est 1857; L. B Campbell, 

Ridgeville, Randolph Co., pop. 1,180. 

City Superintendent Willaid E Uphaua 
Pimcipal High School John W. Reynolds. 

Rising Sun, Ohio Co., pop. 1,513. 

City Supeimtendent Ada M Paine 
Principal High School Susie James 

Roachdale, Putnam Co., pop. 1,025. 

Pres Bd Educ A C. Lockeridge 

Sec. Bd Educ C. C Collins. 

City Superintendent L. E Michael 

Principal High School Claude Harshbergrer. 

Supv Music Lydia Williams. 

Manual Training Perry Moore 

Domestic Science Harriott Mitch el 

Rochester, Fulton Co., pop. 3,364. 

Pres Bd Educ C. V. Leonard. 
Sec. Bd. Educ. Harry Wilson. 
City Superintendent A. L Whltmer. 
High School Principal R. C. Johnson. 
Supv Music & Drawing Flavilla Tracy. 
Manual Training L B Perry. 
Domestic Science Anna Milligan. 
Commercial Nellie Bradley 

Rockport, Spencer Co., pop. 2,970. 

Pres Bd Educ Eugene Seamahorn 

Sec Bd Educ U S Lindsay 

City Superintendent W D Shewrman. 





Rockport continued 
Principal High School J A. Bays. 
Supv Music Myrtle Posey 
Manual Training J H Diehl 
Domestic Science Lotta Alexander 

Rockville, Parke Co , pop. 2,100 

Pres Bd Educ Ora M Tcague 
Sec Bd Educ Mi s C B Carver 
City Superintendent John A Linebarger. 
Principal High School Frank H Wheeler 
Principal High School -Alice JL Butler 
Music & Dom Sciencp Alma Phil brook 
Drawing Clara Gaebler 

Rollins: Prairie, Laporte Co. 

Interlaken School, boys, prep . boarding, 
non-sect , est 1907, Edwaid A Rumely, 
M D , President 

Rushvllle, Bush Co., pop. 5,000. 

Pres Bd Educ B A Mullin 
Sec Bd Educ H A. Kramer 
City Superintendent Joseph H Scholl 
Principal High School H B Wilson 
Supv Music Helen M Scott 
Drawing Henrietta Coleman 
Domestic Science Kate E Dennis 

St. Mary's, Vifiro Co., pop. 175. 

St. Mary's of the Woods Academy; girls' 
boarding, H C , est. 1840, Sister Su- 

St Meinrad, Spencer Co., pop. 575. 

St Meinrad College, theol , men; R C , 
est 1857, Rt. Rev. A Schmitt, O. S. B , 

Salem, Washington Co., pop. 2,050. 

Pres Bd Educ Theodore Wilson 

Sec Bd Educ W C. Shanks. 

City Superintendent R. E Cavanaugh 

Principal High School George H. Telle. 

Supv Music Ethel Schultz 

Manual Training John H Davis 

Domestic Science Lola Parker 

Scottsborg, Scott Co., pop 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ A A Hinds 

Sec Bd Educ R H Weir 

City Superintendent W L Morrison 

Principal High School Agnes B Wilson 

Seymour, Jackson Co., pop. 6,305. 

Pres Bd Educ W M Casev 

Sec Bd Educ Leroy Miller. 

City Superintendent Thomas A. Mott 

Principal High School Kate Andrews. 

Supv Music Adelaide Gasaway 

Drawing Gertiude James. 

Shelbyvllle, Shelby Co., pop. 9,500. 

Pres Bd Educ W F Ewing 

Sec Bd Educ IS C Newton. 

City Superintendent J. W. Holton 

Principal High School X C Edwards. 

Supv Music H L Bland 

Manual Training Clinton H. Gamble. 

Domestic Science Ola Billman 

Draw & Penmanship Ploience Morrison 

Commercial W. R Terhune 

Sheridan, Hamilton Co., pop 1,890. 

Pres Bd Educ J L Vickeiy 
Sec Bd Educ H R Williamson 
City Superintendent J W Kirk 
Principal High School J W Teter 

Shoal, Martin Co., pop. 1,015. 

City Superintendent Clifford Zetterburg 
Principal High School Herman Briscoe 

South Bend, St. Joseph Co., pop. 53,684. 

Pies Bd Educ Williim Clem 
Sec Bd Educ Charles Drummond 
Cit> Superintendent J F Nuner 
Principal High School J S McCowan 
Super\isor Music Effce E Harman 
Manual Training H M Appleman. 
Domestic Science Ada A Hllller. 
Physical Culture Edward Koenlg. 
Drawing Edith Phelps 
Penmanship Cora A Ney. 
Commercial W E. Hostetler. 
Kindergarten Mrs Alma O Ware 

Kelly Business School; bus and sten : 
est 1906, Burt Kelly, Principal, 120 B. 
Wayne Street 

St Joseph's Academy, girls' day, primary 
to academic, R C , est 1865, Sister M 
Francis Clare, Superior 

South Bend Conservatory of Music; mus , 
ora and dram , est 1906, Max Mur- 
anda, Dnector, Main and Center fits 

South Bend Commercial College, bus and 
sten ; est 1905, C A Arnold, Prin. 

Thomas School of Stenography and Type- 
writing, est 1910, Burton R Thomas, 
Principal, American Trust Bldg 

South Whitley, Whitley Co., pop. 1,280. 

City Superintendent Homer L. Humke 
Pimcipal High School H B Allman 

Spencer, Owen Co., pop. 2,150. 

Pres Bd Educ James A Laymen 
Sec Bd Educ Ed Cassady 
City Supeimtendent Willis Hollman, 
Principal High School C L Ooley. 

Spiceland, Henry Co , pop. 690. 

Spiceland Academy, prep , co-ed ; Friend* 
Homer H Cooper, A M., Supt 

Sullivan, Sullivan Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pies Bd Educ J R Crowder. 
Sec Bd Educ W P Stiatton 
City Supeimtendent Carl N Vane* 
Principal High School E E. Snarr. 
Supv Music L H Alexander. 
Manual Tiaining James W Ktandley. 
Domestic Science Edith Lang. 

Smninitville, Madison Co., pop. 1,550. 

City Superintendent Viigll Mullius 
Principal High School E B Newman, 

Swayzee, Grant Co., pop. 1,350. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank D Brown 
Sec Bd Educ W H Ammon 
City Superintendent B S Williamson 
Principal High School A G Cleaver. 





Syracuse, Kosciusko Co , pop. 1,400. 
City Superintendent C C Bachman. 
Principal High School Minnie H Branham 

Tell City, Perry Co , pop. 3,369. 

Pres Bd Educ John M Krelsle 
Sec Bd Educ Dr W T Hargis. 
City Superintendent Chris Newman 
Principal High School Emil Mangel 

Terre Haute, Vigo Co., pop. 58,157. 

Pres Bd Educ John R Harkness 
Pec Bd Educ George W Greenleaf 
City Superintendent Charles J Waits 
Asst Superintendent J M Tilley 
Director Vocational Ed Heibert Bnggs 
Prin Wiley H S O E Connor 
Prin Garfield H S T W Records 
Supv Music Chester L Fidlar 
Asst Supt Music Esther Nekton 
Domestic Science Clara E Locke 
Physical Culture N G. Wann. 
Domestic Art Lora Lewis 
Drawing Rosa B Griffith 
Commei cial Shei man Starket 
Commercial Nelle Licht 
Kindergarten Stella L. Webb 

Brown's Business College; bus and sten , 
est. 1862, G W Brown, Pres 

Indiana State Normal School, normal, 
state, co-ed , est 1870, Win W Parsons, 

King-Crawford Classical School; prep ; co- 
ed , non-sect , est 1907, Bertha Pratt 
King and Mary Sinclair Crawford, Prin- 
cipals, 903 S Sixth 

Rose Polytechnic Institute, courses in Me- 
chanical, Electrical, Civil, Architectural, 
and Chemical Engineering, men, est 
1874, Carl Leo Mees, Ph D, Pres 

Terre Haute Veterinary College, men; est. 
1909, Samuel V Ramsey, D V. S , Presi- 
dent, 222 S Third 

Wabash Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1902. M. K Akers, Prin 

Thorntown, Boone Co., pop. 1,600. 

City Superintendent F B Long 
Principal High School Chester Hill 

Tipton, Tipton Co., pop. 4,600. 

Pres Bd Educ W W Mount 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Grlshaw 

City Superintendent Charles F Patterson. 

Principal High School G E Lochmiller 

Supv Music Hazel Harker 

Manual Training C Abbot 

Domestic Science Miss J E Boyd 

St. Joseph's Academy, girls' boarding-; R 
C , Sister M. Gertrude, Superior 

Union City, Randolph Co , pop. 3,800. 

Pres Bd Educ Theodore Shockney 
Sec Bd Educ George P Kennedy 
City Superintendent John P King 
Principal High School W A Stocklnger 
Supv Music Florence Carter 
Drawing Grace Gunckel 
Manual Training W C Mills 
Domestic Science Mary Stlling 

Upland, Grant Co., pop. 1,300. 

Pres Bd Educ H J Kline 

Sec Bd Educ O C Bo wen 

Cits- Supenntemlent E E Botts 

Principal High School E F Thornbrough 

Supv Music Phtbe Busick 

Manual Training E F Thornbrough 

Drawing Mary Shilling 

Domestic Science Luna Dickerson 

Penmanship C Calder\vood 

Taylor University, comprises the College, 
Academy, School of Theology, of Oratory, 
of Music, co-ed , M El , est 1846, Rev 
Monroe Vayhmger, D D, President 

Valparaiso, Porter Co., pop. 6,987. 

Pres Bd Educ E L Loomis 
Sec Bd Educ Dr J M Gelston 
Citj Superintendent C W Boucher 
Principal High School H M Jessee 
Supv Music Mildred Archer. 
Manual Tiaining Ira bpear 
Domestic Science Margaret Bartholomew 
Physical Culture Mae McKinnla 
Commercial Mabel Young. 
-Dialing Mae McKinnis 

Dodge's Institute of Telegraphy, ry. and 
wireless teleg , co-ed, est. 1874, George 
M Dodge, President 

Polk's School of Piano Tuning, piano tun- 
Ing, co-ed ; est 1900, C. C Polk, Prin 

Valparaiso University, comprises Prepara- 
tory, Collegiate, Normal, Music, Law, Fine 
Arts, Civil Engineering:, Pharmacy, Com- 
mercial, Medical, and Dental departments, 
co-ed , non-sect , est 1873, Henry B 
Brown, A M , President 

Valparaiso University, School of Law, law, 
co-ed , non-sect , est 1879, M J. Bor- 
man, Jr , A. M , LL B. 

Valparaiso University, School of Pharmacy, 
co-ed , est 1893, G D TImmons, Dean 

Valparaiso School of Photography, photog- 
raphy, est 1902. A. H Reading, Prin. 

Van Buren, Grant Co., pop. 

Township Trustee William Doyle 
Principal High School H H. Scott. 

Veedersburgr, Fountain Co., pop. 1,750. 

Pi es Bd Educ J W 
Sec Bd Educ C G Wildt. 
City Superintendent B C Nay 
Pnncipal High School H L Barr 
Supv Music Delpha Vest 

Yevay, Switzerland Co.* pop 1,660. 

City Superintendent R N Tirey 
Principal High School Julia L. Knoz 

Vlncennes, Enox Ce , pop. 14,895. 

Pres Bd Educ F L Oliphant. 
Sec Bd Educ P W Lenahan 
City Superintendent E O Maple 
Principal High School H G. Newton. 
Supv Mus and Pen* ship Mac Harshman. 
Man Tr & Dom Science Helen L Swart* 
Physical Culture Eleanor M. Beach. 
Drawing Lucy Williamson. 

and Stenog*y Jay Smith 





Vlncennes continued 

St Hose Academy, girls' boarding, R. C. ; 
Sister Camellia, Superior 

Vlncennes Business College, bus and sten , 
JT A Caster, Manager 

Vlncennes University, coll ; co-ed ; non- 
sect., est. 1806, Horace Ellis, Ph. >, Pres. 

Wabash, Wabash Co., pop. 8,687. 

Pres Bd Educ S R. Craig 

Sec Bd Edue V A Mattern 

City Superintendent Orvllle C Pratt. 

Principal High School Owen J Neighbours. 

Supv. Music Ruth McConn 

Manual Training Thomas Wallace 

Domestic Science Clara E Kirby. 

Drawing Lucile Craig 

Penmanship F E Oneth 

Commercial W C Detriek 

Wakartxsa, Elkhart Co., pop 1,150. 

City Superintendent S LeRoy Scoles 
Principal High School Malmda Weintz 

Walkerton, St. Joseph Co , pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent H W Carnthers 
Principal High School Adele Renaid 

Warren, Huntingdon Co , pop. 1,523. 

City Superintendent R B McCrum 
Principal High School Ruth Stafford 

Warsaw, Eosclnsko Co , pop. 4,430. 
Pres Bd Educ J W Coleman 
Sec Bd Educ Wilbur F Maish 
City Superintendent Horatio S. Kaufman 
Principal High School E E Robbing 
Supv Music Carrie Jaques 
Domestic Science Mamie Richards 
Drawing Mrs Jennie Webbei 

Washington, Daviesa Co., pop. 7,854. 

Pres Bd Educ Arthur Gieenwood 
Sec Bd Educ G. W Russell 
City Superintendent E D Merrlman 
Principal High School Hamlet Allen. 
Supv. Music J W Dillard 
Domestic Science Ethel B Reeve. 
Draw, and Pen* ship May Robinson. 
Manual Training Leon Moorman 
Commercial Mary Wright 

Southern Indiana Business College, bus. and 
ten , est. 1906; Prln. 

Waterloo, Bekalb Co , pop. 1,350. 
City Superintendent A. L Mondy. 
Principal High School G E Roop 

West Lafayette, OHppecanoe Co., pop. 3,867. 

Pres Bd. Educ Franlc S Moore. 

Sec Bd. Educ Arthur Duf ty 

City Superintendent F A Burtsfleld. 

Principal High School C. J Dexter 

Supv. Mus and Draw Flora H. Hill. 

Manual Training Robert E. Black 

Penmanship Laura Breckenridge. * 

Westfleld, Hamilton Co., pop. 780. 

City Superintendent H M. Dlxon. 

Union Bible Seminary, tr sch for ministers 
and missionaries, co-ed ; Friends; est 
1911, William M. Smith, Superintendent. 

Whiting-, Lake Co., pop. 0,587. 

Pres Bd Educ T S Doj le 
Sec Bd Educ J E Evans 
City Superintendent J H Haskinson 
Principal High School C C Whiteman 
Supv Music Edna C Hunter 
Manual Training Foirest Polk 
Drawing Edna Christie 
Penmanship Royetta Transeau 

Wllliamsport, Warren Co., pop. 1,350. 

Pres Bd Educ A G Bioadie 
Sec Bd Educ J C Stephens 
City Superintendent N J Lasher. 
Principal High School Helen M Post 
Music and Drawing Elsie V Martin 

Winchester, Randolph Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Philip Kabel. 

Sec Bd Educ D F Hardman 

City Superintendent Oscar R. Baker. 

Principal High School C E. McKinney. 

Supv Music Gertrude Unthanlc 

Drawing Edith KL Wiley 

Manual Training Clifford Peacock. 

Windfall, Tipton Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent F. M. Hickman. 

Winamac, Pnlaski Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Superintendent J M Gelscr 
Principal High School H G Milholland 

Wlnona I/akc, Kosctasko Co. 

Winona College; coll ; co-ed ; non-sect.; 

Harold G Laurance, Dean. 
Winona College of Agriculture; agrL; men; 

non-sect.; est. 1902, J. C Breckenridge, 

A. M , Pres. 

Winona Conservatory of Music; non-sect.; 
co-ed.; music; H. W. Owens, Director. 

Worthinffton, Greene Co., pop. 1,680. 

Pres Bd Educ J. E Hubbell. 
Sec Bd. Educ F N. Miller. 
City Superintendent E B Rlzer. 
Principal High School Fred Bourn. 
Supv Music Maude Delbrldge. 
Manual Training E. B Rlzer. 
Domestic Science Mary Weatherwax. 

Torktown, Delaware Co., pop. 1,000. 

Township Trustee A G Ellison, 
City Superintendent John Brady. 
Supv Music Blanch K. Wiggerly. 
Domestic Science Laura Watson. 


Population, 2,224,771. School census, 677,004. School age, 5-21. 

Iowa is the fifteenth state of the Union in point ot population, having a total of 
2,224,771 inhabitants, of whom 99 3 per cent, are T^fcite. Of this number 12.3 per 
cent., are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population ten 
years of age and over, is 1.7 per cent , the state ranking first in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 


ALBERT M. DEYOE, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Des Moines 

FRANK D. JOSEPH, Deputy Superintendent Des Moines 

A C. FULLER, Inspector Normal Training in High Schools . . . Des MoineB 
J. L CHERNY, Inspector State Graded and High Schools . . . . Des Moines 
J. A. WOODRUFF, Inspector Rural and Consolidated Schools Des Moines 


ALBERT M. DEYOE, State Superintendent, ex-officio, President Des Moines 

VIOLA H. SCHELL, Secretary Des Moines 

WALTER A JESSUP, President State University of Iowa, ex-offieio . . .Iowa City 

HOMER H. SEERMJY, President State Teachers' College, ex-officio Cedar Falls 




Iowa has no State Text-Book Commission, the question of free, uniform text-books 
being optional with the school corporations except in counties having voted for county 
uniformity when the county board adopts for the several schools. 


ALBERT M. DEYOB, "President, ex-officio Des Moines 

M L. HOWELL, Secretary Clanon 

MINNIE E. CONNOR, Treasurer Washington 


HENRY E BONGE Davenport 



H. B. SMITH, President Dubuque 

O. E. SMITH, Secretary Indiana!* 







Countv Name and Address 

Adair Mrs Minerva Whittum, Gieenfield 
Adams . Mary Larson, Corning 

Allamakee . . .W L Peck, Waukon 
Appanoose Janet Wilson, Centerville 
Audubon. ..Ella M Stearns, Audubon 
Benton . . Lmnie Schloeman, Vmton 
Black Hawk Margaret Myers. Waterloo 
Boone ...... Gracia E Tucker, Boone 

Bremer. . .Mary Cre*zmeyer, Waverly 
Buchanan A 13 Jewett t Independence 
Buena Vista H C Moeller, Stoim Lake 
Butler. Benjamin Boardman, Allison 
Calhoun .Emma Keller, Rockwell City 
Carroll... W T Bohnenkamp, Carroll 
Cass . Jennie Ward, Atlantic 

Cedar ....... Ruby I. Lewis, Tipton 

Ceiro Gordo Fr^d D Ciam Mason City 
Cherokee Lew McDonald, Cherokee 
Chickasaw ..................... 

Miss E Swenumson, New Hampton 
Clarke ........ Bessie Hart, Osceola 

Clay ..... Mary E Riley, Spencer 

Clayton ... C E Becker, Elkader 

Clinton C E Cozzens, Clinton 

Crawford ....... F N Olry, Denison 

Dallas ....... Carolyn Forgrave, Adel 

Davis Agnes McConnell, Bloomfield 
Decatur . . . Mabel Horner, Leon 
Delaware p. p Walker, Manchester 

Des Moines ...... 

.Teresa Tiedemann, Burlington 
Dickinson. Jennie Bailey, Spirit Lake 
Dubuque Philip JT Pl-vnn, Dubuque 
Emmet. . . Miss Ida Davis, Esther ville 
Fayette Mrs Belle Ocker, West Union 
Floyd Miss Mary Konnke, Charles City 
.Delia McSwi?gen, Hampton 
Mabel B JoAes, Sidney 
. H C Roelofsz, Jefferson 
D R Earl, Gruridy Center 
Guthrie O G Hamilton, Guthne Center 
Hamilton. .E. F Snow, Webster City 
Hancock ....... j. R Baggs, Garner 

Hardm . . Blanche Stoddard, Eldora 
Harrison ....Mrs Susie Faith Logan 

Henry Carolyn Campbell, Mt Pleasant 
Howard . Zina Fessenden, Cresco 

Humboldt Clarence Messer, Humboldt 
Ida... Wilson Jones, Ida Grove 

lowa ---- Mary F. McEachron, Marengo 

Jackson.. .E. R. Stoddard, Maquoketa 

Greene . 

County Name and Address 

Jasper Olive Shrmer, Newton 

Jefferson... .June Chidester, Fairfleld 
Johnson N HI Hessemus, Iowa City 

Jones . . ..Kate Maurice, Anamosa 
Keokuk .Harry S McVicker, Sigourney 
Kossuth. . William Shu ley, Algona 
Lee . E C Lynn, Donnellson 

Linn A. Bruce Alderman, Marion 

Louisa Izola M Sweeney, Wapello 

Lucas ...Myrtle A Dungan, Chariton 

Lyon E. T. Gilman, Rock Rapids 

Madison .Carrie E Ludlow, Winterset 
Mahaska Jessie L Dubuc, Oskaloosa 
Marion ..Mrs Mae Goldizen, Knoxville 
\farshall G E Shutt, Marshalltown 
Mills . . Georgre E Masters, Glen wood 
Mitchell. . C W Bond, Osag-e 

Monona. .. Ella M Gardner, Onawa 

Monroe Myrta Harlow, Albia 

Montgomery Clara L Cowgill, Red Oak 
Muscatine E D Bradley, Muscatme 

O'Brien . . J. J Billingsly, Primghar 

Osceola Mary De Boos, Sibley 

Page Mrs Sarah Huftalen, Clannda 
Palo Alto Margaret Ryan, Emmetsburg 
Plymouth . Anna Donahue, Le Mars 

. Grace D Bradshaw, Pocahontas 
Polk. . Pearl DeJarnette, Des Moines 

F. J Puryear, Council Bluffs 

Poweshiek . Estella Coon, Brooklyn 
Rmggold... . Etta J Rider, Mt Ayr 

Sac John R Slacks, Sac City 

Scott Henry E Ronge, Davenport 

Shelby . Rose M. Parker, Harlon 
Sioux . F E. Fuller, Orange City 
Story Miss Maud Wakefield, Nevada 
Tama... Mary A Richards, Toledo 

Taylor Dessie Jones, Bedford 

Union .Lora Lipsett, Creston 

Van Buren Lizzie Meredith, Keosauqua 
Wapello R L Gardner, Ottumwa 

Warren W. M McGee, Indianola 


Minnie Connor, Washington 
Wayne.. Mrs A. K Pittard, Corydon 
Webster. Mary A Carey, Fort Dodge 
Winnebago..L C 1 Brown, Forest City 
Wmneshiek. . H E Miller, Decorah 
Woodbury T B Morns, Sioux City 

Worth .. ..Bella Lansrud, Northwood 
Wright M L Howell, Clarion 


Aekley, Hardin Co., pop. 1,244. 

Sec Bd Educ W A Young- 
City Superintendent S F Truesdell 
Principal THigh School Miss B Orr 

Sacred Heart Academy, prep , co-ed , R 
C ; eat. 1884, Sister M Eutropla, Supe- 

Adel, Dallas Co., pop. 1,289. 

Pres Bd Educ D 23 Luther 

Sec Bd Educ L R Roberts 

City Superintendent Prank Lindeman 

Principal High School Elsie G Arten 

Manual Training R W Fowler 

Domestic Science Carolyn Newcomb. 





Afton, Union Co., pop. 1,014. 
City Superintendent T B Youngr 
Principal High School Bertha Tyler 

Akron, Plymouth Go, pop. 1,130. 

Pres Bd Educ A L Yeaton 
Sec Bd Educ N S Moore 
City Superintendent A Huffman 

St Joseph's Parochial School, prep ; co~ 
ed , R C . est 1904, Rev. D K Hur- 
ley. Prln 

Albla, Monroe Co., pop 4,969. 

Pres Bd Educ S W Fenmngton 
Sec Bd Educ C W Smallwood 
City Superintendent Harry D Kies 
Principal High School A B Eppeison 
Music and Ait Blanche Heiseiman 
Manual Training Ralph Hamilton 

Algona, Koesuth Co., pop. 2,908. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Sullivan. 
Sec Bd Educ Howard Beardsley 
City Superintendent J P Overmeyer. 
Principal High School Minnie J Coate 

Alta, Buena Vista Co , pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent A B. Harrison 
Principal High School Hazel W West 

Evangelical Lutheran School, pjrep , co-ed , 
est 1881, Kev Jacob Schmidt, President. 

Alton, Sioux Co , pop. 1,046. 

City Supenntendent C G Weathers ax 
Principal High School Leona Smith 

St Mary's Academy, prep ; co-ed , B C ; 
est. 1885, Rev F J Brune, Frin. 

Ames, Story Co., pop 4,223. 

Pres Bd Educ L C Tieden 
Sec Bd Educ C M Soper 
City Superintendent Frank W Hicka 
Principal High School A J Steffy 
Supv Music Waren E Pollard 
Manual Tiaining H G Singer 
Dome&tic Science Genevieve Fisher 
Physical Culture Lena Livingston 
Dr.iw & Penmanship Mildred Packard 
Com'l and Stenog'y Ida M Boyd. 

Iowa State College of Agriculture and Me- 
chanic Arts, courses in Agriculture, Engi- 
neering, General Science, and Veterinary 
Medicine, co-ed , state; est 1868, Ray- 
mond A Pearson, A M, President 

Iowa State College, Division of Agriculture; 
courses in agronomy, dairying, animal 
husbandry, horticulture, forestry, home 
economics, Chailes Franklin Curtiss, M. 
S A, Dean. 

Iowa State College, Division of Engineer- 
ing; courses in Ceramics, Civil, Electri- 
cal, and Mining Engineering, AnsonMar- 
ston, C. E , Dean. 

Iowa State College, Division of Veterinary 
Medicine, eat. 1884; C. H. Stange, D. V 8, 

Anamosa, Jones Co., pop. 2,983 

Pres Bd Educ C B Paul 

Sec Bd Educ E F Miller 

City Superintendent T. M Clevenger. 

Piincipal High School Willis C. Harding 

Supv Music W E Pollard 

Anita, Cass Co , pop. 1,118. 

City Supenntendent J W Martin 
Principal High School Emma K Lewis 

Arcadia, Carroll Co, pop. 390. 

City Superintendent Laura J. Maulsby 

Geiman School, prep , co-efl , A Bexner, 


St John's School, prep , co-ed , H. C ; 
Franciscan Sisters. 


Ashton, Osceola Co , pop. 518. 
City Supenntendent C C Hoover 

St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed , R C ; 
est 1889, Rev. J P Hoffman, Pi eg. 

Atlantic, Cass Co , pop. 4,560. 

Pres Bd Educ C G Jeck 
Sec Bd Educ D O Herbert 
City Superintendent M C Galpin 
Prin. H S Anna O. Temple 
Supv Music Margaret Sullivan 
Manual Training Mai ion Grawe 

Audubon, Audubon Co., pop. 1,928. 

City Superintendent F W Johansen 
Principal High School F S Morley. 

Avoca, Pottawattamie Co , pop. 1,520. 

Pres Bd Educ I D Shuttleworth 
Sec Bd Educ Charles Boinholdt 
City Superintendent C J Schmitt 
Piincipal High School Julia Boyd. 

Bancroft, Cossnth Co., pop. 830. 

Pres Bd Educ J H Welp 

Sec Bd Educ P A Lonergan 

City Supt & Pi in H S F M Sarchett. 

St. John's Parochial School; prep.; co-ed; 

R C , est 1900, Sister Maiy Casilda, 

Bedford, Taylor Co., pop. 1,883. 

Sec Bd. Educ R S Swearingen 
City Superintendent E. W. Goetoch 
Principal High School Mary E. Johnson 

Belle Flaine, Scott Co., pop. 3,121. 

Pres Bd. Educ S Wertheim 

Sec Bd Educ G R. Ahrens. 

City Supenntendent G S 1 Wooten 

Principal High School Jesse O Ilsley 

Supv Music Edith Geiger 

Man Tr & Bom Sci Mary McDonald. 

Bebnond, Wright Co., pop. 1,224. 

Pres Bd Educ G F McBurney. 
Sec Bd Educ C O. Fitts. 
City Superintendent Paul J Scarbio 
Principal High School Alice J. "White 
Supv Music Ida Iverson s 

Penmanship Sarah Lieuwen 





Bloomfield, Ba\is Co , pop. 

Pres Bd Educ E S Storkham 
Sec Bd Educ E Z Morrow, 
City Superintendent E G Lockhart 
Principal High School Charles Bliss 
Supv Music Cairie Da-vies 

Southern Iowa Normal School, nor and 
bus , co-ed , est. 1874, H C Brown, 

Boone, Boone Co, pop. 10,347. 

Pres Bd Educ E O Montgomery 

Sec Bd Educ R T Duckworth 

City Superintendent Ernest C Meredith 

Principal High School C. C Ball 

Supv. Music Alice Hartman 

Manual Training Ferdinand Daehler. 

Domestic Science Louise Rome 

Drawing Nellie Harvey 

Com'l and Stenog'y G. G. Gudmundaon. 

Boone Business College, bus and sten ; est. 
1905, Daniel Crowley, Principal. 

Eansomenan Business School; bus , sten ; 
L A Lincoln, Sttpt , Mason Bldg 

Sacred Heart School; prep , co-ed ; R. C , 
est 1887, Sisters of Chanty, Rev J P, 
Barron, Principal. 

Breda, Carroll Co.* pop. 374. 

City Superintendent Anne Fahey. 

St. Bernard's School, prep , co-ed.; R, C , 
est 1880; Rev G H Luehnnann, Prln 

Brltt, Hancock Co., pop. 1,303. 

Sec Bd Educ Roy McMillen 

City Superintendent W E Rorabaugh 

Principal High School Ella V Jenkins 

Brooklyn, Poweshiek Co., pop. 1,233. 

Sec. Bd Educ E W Jones 

City Superintendent M L Doner 

Principal High School C M Adams 

Burlington, Des Moines Co., pop. 24,324. 

Pres Bd Educ C C. Clark. 

Sec. Bd Educ D S Cooper 

City Superintendent Whittier L Hanson. 

Principal High School G A. Brown. 

Supv Music W. L Sheetz. 

Manual Training A C Duncan 

Domestic Science Frances W Sly 

Supv. Wr and Dr Emma Foster. 

Commercial H. E Alvis 

Stenography Margaret Lockznan 

Elliott's Business College; bus and sten , 
est. 1879; G. W. Elliott, Pres. 

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, prep ; co- 
ed ; R C.; est. 1875; Sister Mary Elvira, 

St. Cecilia's Academy; prep ; girls; R. C , 

Sister M. Navies, Superior 
St. John's Parochial School; prep ; co-ed.; 

R. C.; est 1885; Thos. Burk, Prin. 

Calmar, Winneshiek Co., pop 1,003. 

Sec Bd Educ S R Yager 

City Supt & Prin H S O B Law 

St Aloyslus Academy, prep , co-ed ; R C , 
Sister M Ursula, Superior 

Carroll, Carroll Co , pop. 3,546. 

Pres Bd Educ E A Wissler 
Sec Bd Educ C C Helmer 
City Superintendent E T Housh 
Principal High School O G Prichard 

St Angela's Institute, prep ; co-ed.; R C , 
Sister M Adolphine, Superior. 

St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed ; R C , 
Franciscan Sisters 

St Peter's and St Paul's School, prep , 
co-ed , R C , Sister Superior 

Cascade, Dubuque Co , pop. 1,268. 

Sec Bd Educ William Baird 

City Superintendent Bruce E Mahan 

St Martin's Academy, prep , co-ed , Rev 

L Roche, Prin. 
St Mary's Academy, prep , co-ed , R C , 

Rev. J B Alberts, Pres 

Cedar Falls, Blackhawk Co, pop. 5,012. 

Pres 'Bd Educ Dr W L Hearst 
Sec Bd Educ W T. M. Aitken 
City Superintendent A H Speer 
Prin H S Stena Hanaen 
Supv Music Alice Ward 
Manual Training Frank Ward. 
Domestic Science Bertha Hansen 
Draw and Pen'ship Anna Robertson 
Commercial P S Hill 

Iowa State Teachers' College, professional 
teachers' training courses, state, co-ed ; 
est, 1876, Homer H Seerley, LL D, Pres 

St Patrick's School, prep , co-ed , R C ; 
est 1891, Sister M Corona, Superior. 

Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., pop 32,811. 

Pres Bd Educ A H Sargent 

Sec Bd Educ Harold Cooper 

City Superintendent Joseph J McConnell. 

Prin H S Abbie S Abbott 

Supv Music Alice C Inskeep 

Supv Drawing Emma Gratton. 

Industrial & Vocational W A Richards 

Domestic Science Mary Haight. 

Commercial Ina Hibbard 

Stenography Don T Deal 

Cedar Rapids Business College, but and 
eten , est. 1879; G E King, Prin. 

Coe College, comprises Liberal Arts, Sub- 
Freshman and Music Departments; co- 
ed , Presb ; est 1881; John A. Marquis, 
D. D, LL D, Pres. 

Sacred Heart Academy; girls' prep-; R. C.; 
Sister M Gertrude, Superior 

St. Joseph's Academy, prep ; co-ed.; R. C.; 
Sister Mary Agatha, Superior. 





Centerville, Appanoose Co., pop. 6,926. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs Thomas Goss 
Sec Bd Educ 3 B Bruckshaw 
City Superintendent H M Taylor 
Principal High School Charles Roach 
Supv. Music Ruth Smith 
Manual Training U Roy Sewrey 
Domestic Science Bermce Gilbert 
Supv Wr & Dr Lillian Shank 

Charlton, Imcas Co., pop. 3,794. 

Sec. Bd Educ P L Perry 

City Superintendent I L Guernsey 

Principal High School John E Lukens 

Blackburn's Academy, prep., co-ed , Rev 
Blackburn, Prin 

Charlton Commercial College, bus and 
sten , est. 1904, J. W. O'Bryan, Prop 

Charles City, Floyd Co.. pop. 5,892. 

Pres Bd Educ C A DInkel 
Sec Bd Educ A R Bggrert 
City Superintendent Frank T Vasey. 
Pnn. High School Miss Ruth Wellemeyer. 
Supv Music Jesse Dood 
Manual Training T Kinnarder. 
Domestic Science Blanch Hopkins 
Penmanship and Drawing Hazel Kellogg 
Commercial S A Twing 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, 
prep , co-ed , R C , est 1896, Sister 
Mary Berchmans, Superior 

Charles City College, coll , prep, and com'l 
depts , co-ed , M E ; est 1891, William 
Charles Hilmer, Ph D , President 

Charlotte, Clinton Co , pop. 356. 

City Supt & Prin H S A B Sarap 

German Lutheran Parochial School, prep , 
co-ed , Evan. Luth ; Rev. H Nelmand, 

Charter Oak, Crawford Co., pop 734. 

City Superintendent H M Stiles 
Principal High School Nora G Knutson 

German Lutheran Parochial School; prep , 
co-ed, Luth, est 1890, Rev H. A 
Ansorge, Principal 

Cherokee, Cherokee Co., pop. 4,884. 

Pres Bd Educ W I Nelson 
Sec Bd Educ -William Shardlow 
City Superintendent F E Tellier 
Principal High School Evelyn Wilson 
Supv Music Helen Wlttich. 
Manual Training G C Rausch 
Domestic Science Calhe M Bliss 

Cincinnati, Appanoose Co., pop. 1,355. 

Pres Bd Educ R W Dinning 
Sec Bd Educ George C Sayres 
City Superintendent W G Pence 

Clare, Webster Co., pop. 299. 

City Superintendent Mrs. Alice Collins 

St. Matthew's School; prep ; co-ed.; R. C , 
eat 1892, Rev. Matthew Daroy, Prtn 

Clarence, Cedar Co., pop. 675. 

City Superintendent Henry E Irons 
Pimcipal High School Hazel Kemmerer 

German Evangelical St. John's School, 
prep ; co-ed , Evan Luth , C Schulmei- 
strat, Pnn 

Clarinda, Page Co, pop. 3,832. 

Pres Bd Educ H R. Spry 
Sec. Bd Educ Earl Peters. 
City Superintendent F A Henderson 
Principal High School G. W Garrard. 
Supv Music Clova Carson 
Manual Training Allen Shank. 
Domestic Science Lillian K Schell 
Com'l and Stenog'y Maude Searl. 

Clarion, Wright Co., pop. 2,065. 

Sec Bd Educ M F Birdsall 

City Superintendent George H Kellogg 

Prin H. S Alice McCredie. 

Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo Co , pop. 2,014 

Pres Bd Educ A B Phillips 

Sec Bd Educ L G Watts 

City Superintendent H W Chehock. 

Principal High School Mayme Smith. 

Clinton, Clinton Co , pop. 25,577. 

Pres Bd Educ Peter H Dael 

Sec Bd Educ A H. Paddock. 

City Superintendent Ozro P Bostwlck 

Pimcipal High School F E. Webb 

Supv Music Maude "Wood 

Drawing Lisette Henderson 

Supv Man Tr Theo Carstensen. 

Domestic Science Ethel F Kendall 

Commercial C F Bowman 

Stenography Anna E. Balkwell 

Clinton Business College, bus and sten ; 
est 1855; B. J. Hefiin, Pres. 

German Lutheran Parochial School, prep , 
co-ed ; Evan. Luth.; F. Melchert, Prin 

Mount St Clare Academy; girls' boarding, 
R, C , est 1893, Mother Magdalen, Su- 

Sacred Heart School, prep , co-ed ; R C , 
est 1893; Rev F Brinkman, Pres. 

St Mary's School; prep ; co-ed ; R. C., Sis- 
ter Mary Justa, Prin 

St Patrick's Academy, prep , co-ed , R 
C , est 1891, Sister M Louis, Superior 

Wartburg College; German coll , men, 
Luth ; est. 1868; John Fritschel, Pres. 

Colfax, Jasper Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ James H Trewln. 
Sec Bd Educ A E Emmert. 
City Superintendent S A. Potts. 
Principal High School Grace Houston 

College Springs, Page Co., pop. 626. 

Pres Bd Educ L. M. Stevenson. 
Sec Bd Educ. A M. Finley. 
City Superintendent E B Delzell. 
Principal High School Ivy Blayney 
Supv Music Fareeda Moorehead. 





Columbus Junction, Louisa Go , pop 1,185. 

r*ity Superintendent Ira M Wngley 
Prln H S R M Wrigley 

Coon Rapids, Carroll Co , pop. 1,084. 

City Supennttndent H P Helms 
Principal High School Io\va Lea Chase 

Coining;, Adams Co., pop. 1,702. 

Pres Bd Educ D H Me\ erhoff 
Fee Bd Educ W C Chubb 
City Superintendent Paul C Skorupinski 
Principal High School T W Rej-nolds 

Corydon, Wayne Co., pop. 1,669 

Pi es Bd Educ J K Green 
Sec Bd Educ J H Stromsten 
City Superintendent Harry D Klea 
Principal High School John B Parker 
Sup\ Music Mayme Middleton 

Council Bluffs, Pottawattamle Co , pop. 29 f - 

Pres Bd Educ Emmet TInley. 

Sec Bd Educ J J Hughes 

City Superintendent John H Beverldge 

Prln H S J E Marshall 

Supv Music Angie Middleton 

Manual Training Walter Jenkins 

Domestic Science Grace Ryan 

Draw and Pen'ship Rachael Thomas. 

Hammill Commercial Ojllege, com'l, sten . 

nor , est 1904, W J Hammill, Principal. 
Iowa School for the Deaf, state, eet 1852, 

Heniy W Rothbert, Supeimtendcnt 
St Francis Academy, girls' boarding, R 

C . Sister Mary Chionia, Prin 
St Joseph's School, boys' prep , R C ; est 

1880, Sistei M Ementa, Superior 
St Peter's School, prep , boys, R C . eat 

1888, Rev P Herman, Prin 
Western Iowa College, coll , prep ; nor 

E P Miller, M A. Pres 

Cresco, Howard Co., pop 2,658. 

Sec Bd Educ Bcn Da\is 
City Supenntcndent A O Tns 
Piincipal High School E D Wells 

St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed . R C 

Sister Mary VIvina, Superior 
School of the Assumption, prep R C 

Sister Enthalia, Superior 

Creston, Union Co , pop. 6,934. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry Deterine 
Sec. Bd Educ Scott Armstrong. 
City Superintendent Adam Pickett 
Principal High School Jennie McEachem. 
Supv Music Theresa Lumbard 
Manual Training S. M Law 
Domestic Science Mary Coleman 
Stenography Hazel Reynolds. 

Creston Business College, bus and sten 
co-ed , non-sect ; est 1906, T E. Walker 

Danbury, Woodbury Co, pop 480 

Cits- Superintendent C F Stultzman 

St Patrick's Academy, prop , co-ed , R 
C , est 1887, Rev T Meaghen, Pres 

Davenport, Scott Co., pop. 43,028 

Pres Bd Educ O A Dahms 
Sec Bd Educ J D McCollister 
City Superintendent Frank L Smart 
Prin H S Geo E Marshall 
Supv. Music Ernst Otto 
Manual Training Frank L Hann. 
Domestic Science Baibara Morgan 
Domestic Art Maude M Firth 
Physical Culture William Reuter 
Drawing Fillette Many 
Penmanship Edith Heden. 
Primal y Mrs A O Sheriff 

Academy of Immaculate Conception, prep . 
R C , est 1860, Sister Mary Isabelle, 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1901, George L Kemper, Prln 

German -Lutheran Zion School, prep , co- 
ed , Luth , Rev C Holterman, Prin 

Ida Institute, prep , co-ed , est 1883, Ida 
M Burrows, Prin 

Sacred Heait Cathedral School, prep , co- 
ed , R C , J T A Flanagan, Prin 

St Ambrose College, boys' boarding, R C , 
cat 1882, Rev J F Shannahan, Pres 

St Anthony's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
est 1853, Sisters of Charity 

St Mary's School, prep and high school; 
girls, R C , Sisters of the Holy Cross. 

St Katherme's School, girls' boarding and 
day, P E , est 1884, Sister Esther, Su- 

Decorah, Winneshiek Co., pop. 3,592. 

Ties Bd Educ W H Gieen 
Sec Bd Educ R F B Portman 
City Superintendent Eva M Fleming 
Pimcipal High School C C Gamertsfelder 

Immaculate Conception Academy, prep., 

co-ed., R C , est 1895, Sister Mary 

Agnes, Superior 
Luther College, coll ; men, Luth ; est 

1861, Rev C K Preus, B A, Pres. 
Norwegian Lutheran School, prep , co-ed , 

Evang Luth , est 1902, I B Torrison, 


Valder College, nor , bus and sten , co-ed , 
non-sect , est 1888. C H Valder, Pres 

Denlson, Crawford Co , pop 3,133, 

Pres. Bd Educ Albert Helsley. 

Sec Bd Educ W C Rollins. 

City Superintendent C. E Humphrey. 

Principal High School W. R Knowlton 

Supv Music Beatrice Lally. 

Manual Training Jacob Johnson. 

Domestic Science Rachel DeWolf. 





Denison continued 
Denison Normal and Business College, nor , 

private, co-ed , est 1893, W C. Van 

Ness, A M , Prea 
German Parochial School, prep , co-ed , 

Evan Luth , J Hilgendorf, Prln 
St Rose Academy, prep , co-ed ; R C , 

Rev P J Farrelly, Pres. 

Denmark, Lee Co , pop. 350. 

Denmark Academy, prep , co-ed , Cong: , 
est 1843, George F Hayes, Prin 

Des Moines, Folk Co., pop. 86,368 

Pi es Bd Educ Charles N Kinney 
Sec Bd Educ A. L Clmlte 
City Superintendent Z C Thornburg. 
Asst Superintendent J B Studebaker 
Supv In dust Educ R C Woolman 
Supv Music W A White 
Supv Drawing Frances Keffer. 
Supv Kindergarten Bessie Park 
Supv Phy Tr Margaret McKee 
Supv Dom Sci Eleanor Holloway 
Commercial C D Slmker 

East High School, E 13th and Walker 

Sts , May Goodrell, Prln. 
North High School, 8th and College Ave ; 

E J Eaton, Principal 
West High School, 15th and Center Sts ; 

Maurice Ricker, Prin. 

Academy of the Visitation, prep , co-ed , 
R C , Father Nugent, Pres 

Capital City Commercial College, bus and 
sten , est 1884, B F Williams, Presi- 
dent, 10th & Walnut Sts 

Gumming School of Art, co-ed , est 1895, 
C A Gumming, Director 

Des Moines College; comprises College of 
Liberal Arts, School of Education, of 
Fine Arts, of Oratory, Conservatory of 
Music, and Preparatory School; co-ed ; 
Bapt , est 1865, John A. Earl, D. D., 
President, 10th and College. 

Des Moines Musical College, music, co-ed . 
M L Bartlett, Director. 

Des Momes Still College of Osteopathy, co- 
ed , est 1898, S L Taylor, M D , D. O , 
President, 1422 W Locust. 

Drake University, comprises College of Lib- 
eral Arts, Bible, Law, Medicine* Dentis- 
try, School of Education and Institute of 
Fine Arts; co-ed ; non-sect ; est 1881; 
Hill McClelland Bell, LL. D, Pre. 

Drake University, College of Fine Arts; 
Conservatory of Music, Music Supervisors' 
Department, * Dramatic Art, Drawing and 
Painting; Harry M. Cowpcr, Dean 

Drake University, College of Dentistry, 
dent , co-ed , est 1908, William H. De 
Ford, D D S , M. D., Dean. 

Des Moines continued 

Drake University, School of Education, 
teachers' courses, William F. Barr, A M, 

Drake University, College of Law, law, co- 
ed , est 1875, Edwaid B Evans, LL D, 

Drake University, College of the Bible, 
theol , co-ed , Christ , Sherman Kirk, A. 
M, Dean. 

Enna Conservatory of Music; mus , est 
1897, Emil Enna, Director. 

Grand View College, prep ; co-ed , Evang 
Luth , est 1895, E. Wagner, Pres. 

Highland Park College, comprises Acad- 
emy, Normal, Liberal Arts, Engineering 
Pharmacy and Chemistry, Music, Orator? 
Commerce and Correspondence School, 
Presb , est 1889, Rev. George P Magrill, 

Highland Park College of Pharmacy and 
Chemistry, co-ed., est* 1890, Blbert O 
Kagy, Ph G, Dean. 

Highland Park College of Engineering; 
Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Sanitary 
and Chemical Engineering, Adolph Shane, 
E E , Dean. 

Highland Park College of Commerce; bu, 
sten. and teleg ; C A Wessell, Dean. 

Hohenschuh-Carpenter College of Embalm- 
ing, embalming; co-ed., est. 1902; Wm 
S Carpenter, M. D , Sec , Security Bldg 

Holmes Optical College, opthalmology; co- 
ed , est 1895, Harry P Holmes, Oph 
D, Pres 

Iowa Business College, bus and sten , est 
1865, Charles Duncan McGregor, Pres 

Iowa College of Pharmacy, Drake Uni- 
versity, phar , co-ed, est. 1883, Wm 
Stevenson, Dean 

People's Commercial and Bowen Business 
College, bus and sten , B. W Bowen, 

Ruifrok School of Music; mus , co-ed ; est 
1904; Henri W J Ruifrok, Director, 314 
K P Block 

St Ambrose Academy, prep , co-ed , R C , 
Sister M Olympia, Superior 

St Joseph's Academy, girl's boarding, R 
C , Sister Superior. 

Dewttt, Clinton Co., pop. 1,684. 

Sec Bd Educ Henry Selfert 

City Superintendent Margaret Buchanan 

Prln H S Delia Rellly 

Supv Music Nellie Poorman 

St Joseph's Academy; prep , co-ed.; R. C , 
Sister M Teresa, Superior 

Dexter, Dallas Co., pop. 767. 

Pres Bd. Educ F H Fitting 

Sec Bd Educ J. E. Hammond. 

City Superintendent W G Brandatetter 

Principal High School Alice FIckel 

Supv Music Ora Brown. 





Dillon, Marshall Co.* pop. 75. 

Dillon Lutheran Congregational School, 
coll and prep , est 1905, J F Th Heine, 

Dougherty, Cerro Gordo Co., pop. 171. 

St Patrick's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
Sister Mary Levine, Superior 

Dubuque, Dubuque Co, pop. 38,494. 

Pres Bd Bduc J C Collier 
Sec Bd Educ Leo Palen 
City Superintendent James H. Harris 
Principal High School S W Ehrman. 
Supv Music Sallie A. Horan. 
Manual Training L Q Martin. 
Domestic Science Augusta John. 
Physical Culture Margaret Lucas. 
Drawing Zella A Wise 
Penmanship Murva Kelly 
Commercial William Christensen. 

Academy of the Holy Ghost, prep ; co-ed , 

R. C , Sister M Abondia, Superior. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception, 

girls' boarding, R. C , Sisters of St 

Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding, 

R C., Sister M. Aloysia Faherty. Prin 
Baylesa Business College, bus and sten., 

est. 1858, C. Bayless, Pres 
Cutler School of Business, bus and sten ; 

est. 1900, Mrs Ida M. Cutler, Principal. 
Dubaque College and Seminary, coll and 

theol depts , men, Ptesb , est 1852, Rev. 

Cornelius M Steffens, President 
Mount St Joseph College and Academy, 

girls' boarding, R C , Sisters of Charity 
St Columbkill's Academy, prep , co-ed., 

R C , Rev J R. Togarty, Prin 

St Joseph's Academy; prep , girls, R. C ; 

est 1868, Sister Marcellma Bom, Su- 
St Joseph's College; coll , men; R C , est. 

1873; Rev. Daniel M Gorman, Pres 
St. Mary's Academy, prep , co-ed , R. C ; 

est. 1878, Mother Coleta, Prin. 
St Patrick's Academy, prep , co-ed , R. C ; 

Rev John Halpin, Pres 
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran School, 

prep., co-ed ; Evan. Luth , Rev. Busse, 


St Raphael's Academy, * prep , co-ed; R 

C., Rev. J J Toomey, Prin 
Wartburg Theological Seminary; theoL; 

men; Evan. Luth, est. 1854, Rev. M, 

Frltschel, A, M, Pres. 

Dunkerton, Black Hawk Co., pop. 279. 

City Superintendent Edna E Morgan 

Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel School, 
prep.; co-ed., est 1873, Otto Schuler, 

Dunlap, Harrison Co., pop. 1,155. 

City Superintendent Rolland Myers 
Prin H S Theresa Gepson. 

Dyersvllle, Dubuque Co., pop. 1,511. 

Sec Bd Educ William Machogan 
City Superintendent C J Pierce 

St Francis Academy, prep , co-ed , R. C., 
Rev J W Heer, Pres 

Eagle Grove, Wright Co., pop. 3,387. 

Pres Bd Educ. Eugene Schaffer. 
Sec Bd. Educ Fannie Filkins 
City Superintendent Henry P Neilson 
Principal High School Martha Neprud 
Supv Music Bermce Bowman 
Manual Training Leigh Ladd 
Domestic Science May Galbraith 
Physical Culture Helen Marr Smith. 

Sacred Heart High School, prep . co-ed ; 
H C , Sister M Gerald, Superior 

Earlham, Madison Co., pop. 749. 

City Superintendent L N Gertaer 

Earlhaxn Academy, prep , co-ed. * non-sect,; 
Wm H. Monroe, Prin 

Earlville, Delaware Co, pop. 552. 

City Superintendent Guy D Ribble- 

Sts Peter's and Paul's School, prep.; co- 
ed , Evang Luth , Rev William Sassen, 

Eddyvtile, Wapello Co., pop. 1,085. 

Pres Bd Educ H G True 
Sec. Bd Educ C E Hatchitt 
City Superintendent Emma S Nye. 

Eldon, Wapello Co., pop. 2,024. 

Pres Bd Educ W O Sapp 
Sec Bd Educ W G Taylor 
City Superintendent H P. Trumbo 
Principal High School Kathryn Myers 
Supv Music Miss Perrott, 
Manual Training H P. Trumbo 

Eldora, Hardln Co, pop. 1,995. 

Pies Bd Educ Charles Moser 
Sec Bd Educ James Nuckols 
City Superintendent -Prof Valine 
Principal High School Miss Schalble. 
Mus, Draw & Pen Miss Hilton 
Domestic Science Miss Mitchell 
Manual Training Mr Kier 

State Industrial School for Boys; state In- 
stitution for juvenile delinquents, W. L 
Kuser, Supt. 

Elkader, Clayton Co., pop. 1,181. 

City Superintendent J P Street. 
Principal High School D R Inman 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.. J. F. 
Rully, Prin 

Elk Horn, Shelby Co., pop. 400. 

Elk Horn Lutheran College, prep ; co-ed ; 
Evang Luth , est 1878. Rev. L. A. Lau- 
rens, Pres. 

Elma, Howard Co., pop. 807. 

Pres Bd Educ F W Church 
Sec Bd Educ Irving Despres 
City Supt & Prin H S. S J. Flapper. 





Elma contnued 

Academy of our Lady of Lourdes; prep , 
co-ed , R C , est 1008, Sisters of St 

JCmxnetsburg, Palo Alta Co., pop. 2,325. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr Van Garden 
Sec Bd Educ W Dick-Peddee 
City Superintendent O S Von Krog 
Prin H S Lola M Oliver 
Supv Mus & Draw Louise Hobine 
Manual Training F M Rully 
Domestic Science Miss Kieser 
Penmanship Anna Shewmaker 

St Mary's College, prep ; co-ed ; R C , 
Sister M. Emily, Superior 

Epworth, Dubuque Co, pop. 5120 

City Superintendent Anna F Jackson 

Epworth Seminary, prep , co-ed , M E , 
est 1857, Clyde E Baker, Principal 

Estherville, Emmet Co , pop. 2,404. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Person 
Sec Bd Educ F J Kennedy 
City Superintendent F. H. Stmderlln. 
Principal High School Miss Perl Bemls. 
Supv Music Clare Moe 
Manual Training Traver Klrley 
Domestic Science Miss F Heed 
Penmanship Edna Temple 
Commercial Linda Peterson 

Fall-bank, Buchanan Co., pop 720. 

City Supt & Prin H S. Claude Parks 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception. 

prep, co-ed, R C ; est 1896, Father 

W. F Donahue, Pres 
St John's Lutheran School; prep ; co-ed , 

est 1863, Rev H Steger, Principal. 

Falrfield, Jefferson Co, pop. 4,970 

Pres Bd Educ Robert Louden, Sr. 
Sec Bd Educ Wilbur Dole 
City Superintendent Arthm W. Crane 
Prin. H S Martha Emery 
Supv Music Elba A Slater 
Manual Training H D Repass. 
Domestic Science Zola Hosteter 
Physical Culture Bruce Yeager. 

Parsons College, coll f co-ed ; Presb ; est 
1875, Thos D Foster, LL D , President 

Parsons College Academy; preparatory and 
business courses; Charles Carter, M. S., 

Farley, Dubuque Co., pop. 676. 

City Superintendent Lillian Hattman. 

St. Joseph's Academy, prep., co-ed ; R. C , 
Sister M. Francis, Superior. 

Farmington, Van Buren Co., pop. 1,165. 

Sec Bd Educ E H Weigner 

City Superintendent Arthur T S. Owen. 

Prin. H. S. Kate Matthew*. 

Fayette, Fayette Co, pop. 1,112. 

Pres Bd Educ F E. Finch. 

Sec Bd Bduc P E Jubb 

City Superintendent Eleanor M Garrison 

Principal High School Claude M. Holmes 

Upper Iowa University, coll ; co-ed , M 
E , est 1857, Chauncey P. Colgrove, So 
D, President 

Festina, Whmeshiek Co., pop. 141. 
St Mary's Academy, prep , co-ed , R C , 
Rev. Aug Sauter, Pres 

Forest City, Winnebago Co., pop. 1,691. 

City Superintendent Chailes M Neveln 
Piincipal High School Ruth Cooley. 
Supv Music & Dr Delia Moon 

Waldorf Lutheran College, prep , co-ed ; 
Luth , est 1903; Rev. L W Boe, Pres 

Fort Dodge, Webster Co., pop. 15,543. 

Pies Bd Educ C F Duncombe 

Sec Bd Educ J L Porter 

City Superintendent Lewis H. Minkel 

Prin. H S W H Blakley. 

Supv. Music Elizabeth Carmichel. 

Supv. Man Tr E T Snlvely 

Domestic Science Cora B Miller 

Drawing Emma Kitt 

Penmanship & Commercial L M Goodwin 

Corpus Chrlsti Academy; prep , co-ed ; et 
1901, R C.; Sister M. Saveria, Superior 

Sacred Heart School, prep., co-ed.; R C.; 
est 1901, Sr. M. Cyprian, Prin. 

St. Paul's Lutheran School, prep , co-ed , 
Luth , H Bergman, Prin. 

Tobin College, prep, and bus ; co-ed ; non- 
sect ; est 1891, C V. Flndlay, Pre 

Fort Madison, Lee Co , pop. 8,900. 

Pres Bd. Educ G W W Amick. 
Sec Bd. Educ L G Kiel 
City Superintendent F A Welch 
Principal High School John W. Fish. 
Supv Music Miss Lucile Morrison. 
Manual Training G W. Holmbug 
Domestic Science Helen Jones 
Penmanship & Drawing Ella Bower. 
Fort Madison Business College; bus and 
sten , A F White, President 

Garner, Hancock Co., pop. 1,028. 

Pres Bd Educ J N Sprole 
Sec Bd Educ F. E Blackstone. 
City Superintendent H L Cecil 
Principal High School Ruth Landberg. 

Gllberteville, Black Hawk Co., pop. 262. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception; 
prep., co-ed , R. C ; Rev. John Nem- 
mers, Pres 

Glenwood,, Mills Co, pop. 4,052. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Dean 
Sec Bd Educ William Lamb 
City Superintendent J R Neveln. 
Principal High School Carrie Crawford. 
Glenwood Business College, bus. and aten ; 
B. O. McAdams, Prin. 





Grand Junction, Greene Co., pop. 1,012. 

City Superintendent Ralph B Hardm 
Principal High School P N Butson 

St Mary's Academy; prep , co-ed , R. C , 
est 1888; Sister M Hilda, Superior 

Gxeene, Butler Co, pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent M C Morrison 
Principal High School J H Romans 

Greenfield, Adair Co, pop* 1,379. 

City Superintendent R R Brourink 
Principal High School Myitle Pullen 

Grinnell, Poweshiek Co., pop. 5,036 

Pres Bd Educ Judge J P. Lyman. 
Sec Bd Educ N. G Kay. 
City Superintendent Eugene Henely 
Principal High School Charles B Bell. 
Supv Music Helen Thompson. 
Manual Training G H. Nichols 
Domestic Science Jennie V Weber 
Supv Wr & Dr Bessie Wallace. 
Commercial R C Trumbo 

Grinnell College, coll and music; co-ed ; 
non-sect., est 1847; John H. T. Main, 
LL D, President. 

Grnndy Center, Grundy Co., pop 1,354. 

City Superintendent L W Dunlap 
Principal High School J S Brazleton 

Gnthrie Center, Guthrle Co., pop. 1,357. 

City Superintendent E C Wissler 
Principal High School Norma Beebe 

Gnttenberg, Clayton Co , pop. 1,873. 

Pres Bd Educ Emil Ihm 
Sec Bd Educ W W. Kregel 
City Supeiintendent G W. Hunt 
Principal High School Inez C Chapman 
Supv. Music Muriel Draper 
Manual Training Ben Robinson 

St Mary's School; prep . co-ed ; R C , 
J. H. Brenkman, Prin. 

Halbur, Carroll Co., pop. 147. 

St Augustine's School, prep ; co-ed ; est 
1901, Rev M A Schemel, Principal 

Hamburg', Fremont Co., pop. 1,817. 

Pres Bd Educ Leon H Smalley 
Sec Bd Educ G B Franklin 
City Superintendent H E Dow 
Principal High School Lulu West 

Hampton, Franklin Co., pop. 2,617. 

Pres Bd Educ H O Beed 
Sec Bd Educ F. H Ridgeway 
City Superintendent B W. Tallman 
Principal High School Mamie Zoelke 
Supv Music Ethel Seitsmger 
Manual Training F B Hathaway. 
Domestic Science Lenore Beggs 
Pen. & Drawing Julia Holhster. 

Harlan, Shelby Co., pop. 3,570. 

Prefi. Bd Educ J H Deen 

Sec Bd. Educ B B. McPheeters 

City Superintendent Mary J Wyland 

Harlan continued 

Principal High School Gertrude Crane 
Supv Music Lorena Scott 
Manual Training Claience McGregor 
Domestic Science Ruth Lovett 
Physical Culture Henryetta Spcrle. 

Western Iowa Vocational College; John R 
Hutchinson, Pres 

Harper, Keokuk Co., pop. 232. 
St Elizabeth's School, prep , co-ed , est 
1883; H. Grothe, Prin 

Hartley, O'Brien Co., pop. 1,106. 

Sec Bd Educ G E Knock 

City Superintendent R O Bagby 

Principal High School Leon Henderson 

Haverhill, Marshall Co , pop. 100 

St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
est. 1884, Rev H J Loosbrock, Prin 

Hawarden, Sioux Co., pop. 2,107. 

Pres Bd Educ F J McAllister 
Sec Bd Educ O A Bader 
City Superintendent W E French 
Principal High School Grace B Davies 

St Anthony's School, girls' boarding, 
C , Sisters of St. Francis 

HIteman, Monroe Co, pop. 1,000. 

Pies Bd Educ W D Moses 

Sec Bd Educ R Samuel 

City Superintendent Newton J HIbbs 

Principal High School Laura Russell 

Supv Music Katherme Risser. 

Hopkinton, Delaware Co., pop. 797. 

City Superintendent W Lloyd Peterson 

Lenox College, coll and prep ; co-ed , 
Presb , est 1859, A St Clair Mackenzie, 
Lltt D, President 

Hull, Sioux Co., pop. 658. 

City Superintendent Tonence McRuer 
Principal High School Julia Guuther 

St. Paul's Lutheran School, prep , co-ed., 
est 1879, Rev. Paul J Bunge. Prin 

Humboldt, Hnmboldt Co., pop. 1,809. 

Pres Bd Educ ~ T G Fiomby 
Sec Bd Educ J E Barker 
City Superintendent C R Golley 
Principal High School Nellie Goodman 

Hnmegton, Wayne Co, pop. 1,006 

Pies Bd Educ F T McKibben 
Sec Bd Educ Bert Black 
City Superintendent Arthur L Lyon 
Principal High School Georgia Stewart 





Ida Grove, Ida Co , pop. 1,874. 

Pres Bd Educ J M Rees 
Sec Bd Educ Charles McDonnell 
City Superintendent B L Glasier 
Pimcipil High School W J Himmel 
Supv Music Mae Sweaimgen 
Home Economics Mabel Paisons 
Agncultuie W D Cusic 

Independence, Buchanan Co., pop. 3,517. 

Pres Bd Educ H C Chappell 
Sec Bd Educ George S Woodruff. 
City Superintendent James A Doyle 
Prln H S Emma L Funk 

Notre Dame Seminary, prep , co-ed , R. C , 
est 1869, Rev P O'Dowd, Pres 

St Joseph's Parochial School, prep , boys, 
R C ; est 1897, Rev H Reinert, Prin 

Indlanola, Warren Co., pop. 3,1383 

Pres Bd Educ J W Lundy 
Sec Bd Educ Clyde Proudfoot 
City Superintendent O E Smith 
Principal High School Lenore Snodgraes. 
Supv Music Florence Ross 
Manual Training A Jewett 
Domestic Science Nellie McCoy 
Penmanship W A Larimer 

Simpson College, college, academy, music, 
and business school, co-ed , M E , est 
1867, James W Campbell, Ph D, Presi- 

Ionia, Chickasaw Co., pop. 298 

City Supeimtendent W E Sturdcvant 

St Boniface's School, prep , co-ed , est 
1901, Sister M Raymond, Superior.,, 

Iowa City, Johnson Co , pop. 10,091. 

Pres Bd Educ R L Dunlap 

Sec Bd Educ A J Hertz 

City Suponntendent L F Meade 

Principal High School P S Kingsbury 

Supv Music W E Hays 

Manual Training R C Kelley 

Domestic Science Caroline B Smith 

Drawing Agnes Otto 

Penmanship Anna Barrett 

Physical Training H C Souchek 

Iowa City Academy, prep , co-ed., non- 
Beet. , W A Willis, M A , Prin 

St Mary's School, prep ; co-ed , R. C , est 
1892, Sister M Leon, Superior 

State University of Iowa, comprises College 
of Liberal Arts, of Law, of Medicine, of 
Homeopathic Medicine, of Dentistry, of 
Pharmacy, of Applied Science, of Edu- 
cation, Schools of Commerce, of Music, 
and for Nurses, est 1847. Walter A 
Jessup, Ph D , President 

State University of Iowa, College of Educa- 
tion, teachers' professional courses, est 

State University of Iowa, College of Den- 
tistry, est 1880; Frank T Breene, D 
D S Dean 

lovra City continued 

State University of Iowa, College of Homeo- 
pathic Medicine, xned ; homeop , co-ed , 
est 1877, George Royal, M D, Dean 

State University of Iowa, College of Law, 
law, co~-ed , est 1868, Dudley O Mc- 
Govney, Dean 

State University of Iowa, College of Medi- 
cine, co-ed , est 1S70, Lee W Dean, M 
D , Dean 

State University of Iowa, Department of 
Pharmacy, phar , co-ed, est 1885, Wil- 
ber J Teeters, M S., Ph C , Dean 

State University of Iowa, College of Applied 
Science, courses in Architectural, Civil, 
Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical En- 
gineering, "William G Raymond, C E, 

State University of Iowa, Summer Scho<P 
for Library Training, library science, 
co-ed , est 1900, Malcolm G Wyer, Li- 

University Business College; bus and steri , 
Elizabeth Irish, Prin 

Iowa Falls, Hardin Co., pop. 2,797. 

Pres Bd Educ A J Bowman 

Sec Bd EducT E. Bell 

City Superintendent Claude F Brown 

Principal High School W W Patty. 

Manual Training R L Lay ton 

Domestic Science Iva S Williams 

Ellsworth College, coll and prep , co-ed , 
non-sec , est 1890, Ida Franklin Meyer, 

Jefferson, Greene Co*, pop. 2,477. 

Pres Bd Educ S C Culbertson 

Sec Bd Educ J W. Fitz 

City Superintendent J W Fowler 

Principal High School C N Studebaker 

Supv Music Irma Good 

Supv Man. Tr J W Fowler 

Drawing Hazel McLeland 

Com'l & Stenog'y Ivan M Hoffman 

Jewell, Hamilton Co., pop. 941. 

City Supeimtendent B G Clark. 

Jewell Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed., 
Luth ; est 1893; K O Sittrelm, Pres 

Keofcuk, 'Lee Co, pop. 14,008. 

Pres Bd Educ J F. Lutz 
Sec Bd Educ Archer C Miller 
City Superintendent William Aldrlch 
Prln. H S R L. Reid. 
Supv Music P C Hayden 
Drawing Ella M Pearce 
Manual Training H M McClure 
Domestic Science Adele Foster 
Penmanship A S. Gill. 
Commercial Nina A. Peck. 





St Vincent's Academy; prep ; co-ed.; R. C ; 
Sister Margaret, Principal. 

Tri-State Commercial College; est. 1906, 
A F White, President 

T M C. A High School, tech and bus , 
men, est. 1898; Henry F Burns, Sec'y. 

Keosauqna, Van Buren Co., pop 1,009. 

Pres Bd Educ S W Manning 
Sec Bd Educ J H Landes 
City Superintendent J W Clarkson 
Principal High School Amy Cheney 

Kingsley, Plymouth Co., pop. 977 

Pres Bd Educ C C Ricke 
Sec Bd Educ R B Twogood 
City Superintendent L R Chapman 
Principal High School Isabelle Tripp 

Knoxvllle, Marion Co., pop. 3,190. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr Harrington 
Sec Bd Educ T G Gilson 
City Superintendent Ernest Her 
Principal High School A S Steffy 

Lacona, Warren Co., pop. 542. 

St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
est. 1905, J A. Raugger, Prin. 

Lake City, Calhoun Co, pop. 2,043. 

Pres. Bd Educ J B Smith 
Sec Bd Educ J M Fickle 
City Superintendent R A. Griffin. 
Principal High School Gertrude Parr 
Music & Writing L Mae Strong 

Lake Mills, Winnebago Co., pop. 1,214. 

City Superintendent W. S Still 
Prin H S Minnie Bush. 

Somber Parochial School; prep ; co-ed , 
Luth ; est. 1905, Laura Inglebrelson, 

Lamoni, Decatni Co., pop. 1,541. 

Pres Bd Educ Oscar Anderson 
Sec Bd Educ R J. Lambert 
City Superintendent E W Neveln, 
Principal High School C B Woodstock. 

Graceland College; coll, prep, nor, music, 
manual training, and com'l courses; co- 
ed ; L D S , est 1895, George N Briggs, 
A B., President. 

Lansing, Allamakee Co, pop. 1,542. 

Pres Bd Educ. E. J Roggensack, 

Sec Bd Educ N A. Nelson 

City Superintendent F W. Vorhies 

Principal High School Charlotte Nateboom. 

Laporte City, Blackhawk Co., pop. 1,233. 

Pres Bd. Educ. H. B. Sizer 
Sec. Bd Educ Jessee O Kober 
City Superintendent B. S. Moyle. 
Prin H. S Mabel McGill. 
Supv Music Miss Xxie McQuilbin 

Laporte City continued 
St Joseph's School, prep ; co-ed ; R C. , 

est 1907, Rev J Taken, Prin 
Zion Evangelical Lutheran School, prep , 
co-ed , est 1861, Rev Wilhelm J F 
Adix, Prin 

Lawler, Chicfcasaw Co., pop. 646. 

City Supt & Prin H S H H Hetzler 

Mt Carmel Parochial School, prep , co-ed , 
est 1882, Rev P H Ryan, Prin 

Legrrand, Marshall Co., pop. 408. 

City Superintendent Fred W Mona 

Friends' Academy, prep , co-ed ; Friends; 
J H. Hadley, Pnn 

Le Mars, Plymouth Co , pop. 4,157. 

Pres Bd Educ I J McDuffle, 

Sec Bd Educ R J Koehlor 

City Supenntendent S T Neveln 

Pnn High School Katharine Mourning 

St Joseph's Academy; prep ; co-ed , R C , 
est 1878, Rev Fanerstem, Prin , Park 
and Seventh St 

Western Union College, college, academy, 
theology, normal, music, com'l, co-ed, , 
est 1900, Charles A. Mock, Ph D, Pres. 

Lenox, Taylor Co., pop. 1,274 

Pres Bd Educ W H Madden 

Sec Bd Educ G L Goodale 

City Superintendent William L Fuehier 

Principal High School Mary E Hoover 

Leon, Decatur Co, pop. 1,991. 

Sec Bd Educ J W Rowell 
City Superintendent O M Goss 
Prin. H S. Francis M Sears 

Logan, Harrison Co., pop 1,453. 

Sec Bd Educ L P Duvall 

City Superintendent Frank B Green 

Principal High School Cecelia I. Jeffrey. 

Lone Rock, Coesuth Co., pop. 250. 

Evangelical Lutheran School, prep , co-ed ; 
est 1895, William Schmiel, Prin 

Lowden, Cedar Co., pop. 584. 

City Superintendent F M Mounts 

German-English Lutheran School; prep ; 
co-ed , Luth., est 1871, Wm W. Schmidt, 

Evangelical Zion's School; prep , co-ed., 
Evan Luth ; F. Werning, Prin. 

Lyons, Clinton Co., pop. 4,800. 

Sec Bd Educ W W Scott 
City Superintendent W W Overmyer. 
Principal High School C E Cozzens. 
Supv. Music Gertrude Rodman. 
Supv. Man. Tr L. F. Weston 

Evangelical Lutheran St. John's School; 
prep., co-ed., eat, 1868; Rev. Hugo 
Grimm, Prin. 





Lyons continued 
Our Lady of Angels' Seminary; girls' 

boarding, R C , est 1872, Sisters of 

Charity of the B V. M 
St Boniface Academy, prep ; co-ed ; R C , 

est. 1864; Rev. Joseph M Fritz, Frln. 

McGregor, Clayton Co., pop. 1,259. 

City Superintendent Thomas R Roberts 
Principal High School Lillian C Kramer 

Madrid, Boone Co., pop. 1,191. 

City Superintendent M S Templeton 
Principal High School Gladys L Snyder 

Mallard, Palo Alto Co., pop. 331. 

City Superintendent Bertha C Malzahn 

St Joseph's Academy, prep ; co-ed , R C . 
Sister M. Jerome, Superior 

Malvern, Mills Co., pop. 1,154. 

City Superintendent Carl D Kiser 
Principal High School Alta Harsh 

Manchester, Delaware Co., pop. 2,758. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Lindsay 
Sec Bd Educ Melvin Yoran 
City Superintendent John Hilllard 
Principal High School Miss Riddell. 

St. Xavier's Academy; prep , co-ed.; R. C., 
est.; 1891; Sister Mary Clare. Superior. 

Manilla, Crawford Co., pop. S75. 

City Supei mtendent B S WyckonT. 
Principal High School Mary Osia 

German Parochial School, prep , co-ed., 
Evan? Luth , Rev. C A Krog, Prin. 

Manning, Carroll Co., pop. 1,434. 

.City Superintendent A L Boyer 
Principal High School H B Dorman 

Manson, Calhonn Co., pop. 1,230. 

City Superintendent Flora B Mack. 
Principal High School C. P Slater. 

Mapleton, Monona Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ George A Rice 
Sec Bd. Ed. N W. Pike 
City Superintendent Robert G Smith 
Prln, H. 6 Nell V. Brownfield. 
Supv Music Grace Schlinnberger 
Manual Training Walter Knapp 
Domestic Science lima Pitts 

Maquoketa, Jackson Co., pop. 3,570. 

Pres Bd Educ E. D Hansen. 
Sec Bd Educ D. A, Fletcher 
City Superintendent R, M Stookey. 
Principal High School Hassle Sexson 
Supv Music Gertrude Bond 
Manual Training F. D. Thompson 
Domestic Science Lena Fischer 
Drawing Blanche Clark 
Penmanship Mary G. Hancock 

Marcus, Cherokee Co., pop. 896. 

City Superintendent Lorne F Smylie 

Loretto Academy; prep ; co-ed ; R. C.; est. 
1892; Rev. B. O. Rellly, Pres. 

Marengo, Iowa Co., pop. 1,786. 

Pres. Bd Educ. Charles Ludwig 
Sec Bd Educ Robert Van Boskirk. 
City Superintendent C. H. Carson. 
Prin H. S Effie E. Cameron 
Music and Drawing Gladys Grogan 

Marion, Unn. Co., pop. 4,400. 

Pres Bd Educ William Dennis 
Sec Bd. Educ Henry Stearns 
City Superintendent O. M. Carson. 
Principal High School Lulu B. Secrist. 
Supv Music Mill Maloney. 
Man Tr and Phy CultC B. Price 
Domestic Art Louise Marshall 
Drawing Caroline O'Hara. 

Sacred Heart Academy; prep , co-ed ; H 

C.; Sisters of Mercy 
St Berchman's Seminary; boys' boarding;: 

R. C.; est 1895, Sister Mary Ligouxi, 


Marshalltown, Marshall Co., pop. 13,374. 

Pres Bd Educ A F Balsh 
Sec Bd. Educ W M. Claik 
City Superintendent Aaron Palmer 
Principal High School W F Shirley. 
Supv Music Elizabeth Wellemeyer 
Drawing Frances E Young. 
Penmanship Luella Chapman. 
Manual Training O E Haug. 
Domestic Science Gertrude L. Kerr 
Agriculture Ira Gabrielson 

Central Iowa Business College; bus. and 
sten.. est. 1890, W. H Gilbert. Prln 

St Mary's Institute; bus and sten.; Mother 
M. Frances, Pros. 

Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co , pop. 11,230. 

Pres Bd Educ T T. Blaise. 
Sec. Bd. Educ. R. L. James. 
City Superintendent F E Palmer 
Principal High School F M Hammet. 
Supv Music Ethel Fussleman. * 

Manual Training Arthur Coram 
Draw & Penmanship Marcella Steele. 
Domestic Science Florence O'Leary. 
Com'l and Stenog'y R. L. Nyquist. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep ; R C , paro- 
chial. Sister Superior 

Hamilton's University of Commerce; bus 
and sten ; est. 1900, W R Hamilton, Pres 

Meyer, Mitchell Co., pop. 387. 

Sec. Bd Educ Peter Meyer. 

Sacred Heart School, prep , co-ed.; R C , 
est 1900, Sister M Cornelia, Superior 

Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., pop. 3,187. 

Pres. Bd. Educ J. S McGavren. 

Sec. Bd Educ J S. Dewell 

City Superintendent A W. Graham 

Principal High School Worcester Warren 

Supv Music Helen Hays. 

Manual Training R C. Culver 

Draw. & Pen'ship Anna KIrley. 





Mitchellville, Polk Co., pop. 869. 

Pres Bd Educ J A Edmundson 
Sec Bd Educ Albert Carson 
City Superintendent Arthur E Rankin 
Principal High School Nina Free 

State Industrial School for Girls, state In- 
stitution for juvenile delinquents, Mrs 
Lucy M Slckels, Supt. 

Montezuma Poweshiek Co, pop. 1,172. 

Pres Bd Educ A C McGill 
Sec Bd Educ- H F Morton 
City Superintendent L L Caldwell 
Principal High School Bess Dunn 
Supv Music Addia Hickey 
Manual Training W S Jackson 
Domestic Science Ethel Miller. 

Monticello, Jones Co., pop. 2,043. 

*Pres Bd Educ L W Lovell 
Sec Bd Educ E E Reed 
City Superintendent K D Miller 
Principal High School Mary J Jorman 
Supv Music and Drawing Sara "Williams 
Manual Training K D Miller 
Domestic Science Julia Hurd 
Physical Culture Ethel George 
Penmanship Emma Bueggeli 

Monlton, Appanoose Co., pop. 1,233 

City Superintendent J W. Miller 
Principal High School Lola I Perry 

Mount Ayr, Ringgrold Co., pop. 1,646. 

Pres Bd Educ George S Allyn 
Sec Bd Educ J N Lmeburg 
City Superintendent W H Frasold 
Principal High School Floyd A Reed 
Music and Drawing Vera Hart 

Mount Pleasant, Henry Co., pop. 3,874. 

Pres Bd Educ A W Miller. 

Sec Bd Educ Cornelius Van Brussel 

City Superintendent C W Cruikshank 

Principal High School Edith Hoffner 

Supv. Music Grace Roberts 

Manual Training Is C Hemonomus 

Domestic Science Edna Burhaus. 

Howe's Academy, prep ; co-ed , non-sect , 
est. 1844, S C. Howe, M S, Prin 

Iowa Wesleyan College, college, academy, 
music, com'l depts , co-ed , M. E , est 
1844, Edwin A. Schell, D D , President 

Mount Vernon, IAan Co., pop. 1,532. 

Pres Bd Ed A Crawford 
Sec Bd Educ W. V Chambers 
City Superintendent P. W Peterson 
Prin H. S. M. Lillian Smedley. 

Cornell College, college, academy, normal, 
com'l, music, co-ed , M. E , est 1853, 
Rev Charles Wesley Flint, D. D, Pres 

MCuscatine, Muscatine Co, pop. 16,178. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr W. S. Norton. 
Sec. Bd Educ C R Stafford 
City Superintendent Ira H Mclntire. 
Principal High School L. H. Frantz. 
Supv. Music Rosetta Wagner. 
Manual Training Fred E Davis. 

Mnsoatine- continued 
Physical Culture Clinton Willis 
Drawing Nancy E Hicok. 
Penmanship Belle Connor 
Commeicial Mary B Ryan 
Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 

est 1882, G W Brown, Pres 
St Mary's Academy, girls, prep , R C , 

Sister Hyacinth, Superior 
St Mathias Academy, prep , R C , est 

1854. M. Felicitas, Prin 

Mystic, Appanoose Co., pop 2,663. 

Pies Bd Educ Edgar Logan 
Sec Bd Educ A J Richardson 
City Superintendent H Ostercraard 
Principal High School Effie E Mullm 
Supv Music Janet V Hawk 

Nashua, Chickasaw Co., pop 1,102. 

Pies Bd Educ J D McDannell 
Sec Bd Educ John Nafus 
City Superintendent S A Guiles 
Prin. H S Miss Nora Treganza 

Neola, Pottawattamie Co., pop. 926. 

Pres Bd Educ C L McLvman 
Sec Bd Educ R M Hough 
City Superintendent M F Enebach 
Pimcipal High School Bessie Gilman 
St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
est 1891, Rev Drexler, Prin 

Nevada, Story Co, pop 2,138 

Pres Bd Educ C P McCoid 
Sec Bd Educ J R Larson 
City Superintendent J R Cougal 
Principal High School Florence Williamson 
Supv Mus & Draw Beulah Busby 
Manual Training C Leo Huffaker 
Oak Paik Academy, prep , co-ed , est 
1911, J G Lamson, Prin 

New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., pop. 2,275. 

Pi es Bd Educ A F Komman 

Sec Bd Educ M E Gciser 

City Superintendent L W Dooley 

Principal High School Hoi tense Meier 

Supv Music Harriet Kenyon 

Penmanship Clara Christiansen 

New Hampton Normal School, nor , pri- 
vate, co-ed , T J Wormley, Prin 

New Hampton Business College, bus and 
sten , Alrnon F Gates, A M , Principal 

New Haven, Mitchell Co , pop. 175. 

St Mary's Academy, prep , co-ed , R C , 
Father Berry, Prin 

New London, Henry Co., pop. 1,144 

Pres Bd Educ E R Morrow 
Sec Bd Educ E E McKee 
City Superintendent J T Bradshaw. 
Principal High School Bessie M Smith 

New Providence, Hardin Co., pop. 268. 

New Providence Academy; prep , co-ed , 
non-sect.; est. 1870. Albert F. Styles, A, 
M , Prin 
New Sharon, Mahaska Co., pop. 1,122. 

City Superintendent Avery L. Carlson. 

Prin H S Bertha V. Wyant. 





New Vienna, Bubuque Co , pop. 245. 

St Boniface Academy, prep , co-ed , R 
C . Rev T W Pape, Prin 

Newhall, Benton Co., pop. 375. 

Evangelical Lutheran College, prep . co- 
ed , Evan Luth , est 1885, Rev E O 
Bertram, Prin 

Newton, Jasper Co., pop 4,616 

Pres Bd Educ H B Allfree 

Sec Bd Educ O N Wagley 

City Superintendent Harry P. Smith 

Prin H S Lucy E Hall 

Supv Music Carrie Miles 

Manual Tiammg E S Baird 

Domestic Science Elizabeth Lamb 

Pen and Commeicial A J Browning 

Nora Springs, Floyd Co , pop 985. 

City Supeimtcndent B F Westcoat 
Piincipal High School Dorothy Grawe 

North Washington, Chickasaw Co., pop 200 

North Washington Parochial School, prep , 
co-ed , J B Probst, Prin 

Northwood, Worth Co., pop 1,264. 

Pros Bd Educ M H Kepler 
Sec Bd Educ E H Miller 
City Superintendent H. A Dwelle 
Prin H S W H Hegeman 
Supv Music Lulu Fosda 

Norway, Benton Co., pop. 533. 

Sec Bd Educ J H Jurgenmej er 
City Superintendent G O Joal 
St Michael's School, prep , co-ed , Rev 
Joseph Drexler, Prin 

Oakland, Pottawattamie Co , pop. 1,105 

City Supenntendent Mayme Spaulding 
Principal High School A E Meyers 
Supv Music Nellie Hansen. 

Ocheyedan, Osceola Co., pop. 595. 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Morton 

German Zion Lutheran School, prep , co- 
ed . Evang Luth , est 1888, D W 
Langelett, Prin 

Odebolt, Sac Co., pop. 

Pics Bd Educ August Renber 
Sec Bd. Educ F. H Meyer 
City Superintendent J H Vorls 
Principal High School C B Core 
Supv Music Florence Hepp 
Domestic Science Lois Monroe 
Oelwein, Fayette Co , pop. 6,028. 
Pres Bd Educ Geo. L. Thompson. 
Sec Bd Educ G A. Kidd. 
City Superintendent S W Johnson 
Prin H S Rosa Gould in 
Supv Music Hairiett Kenyon 
Manual Training Ira O. Brown* 
Domestic Science Mary E. BuelL 
Draw and Pen'ship Edith Clark. 
Sacred Heart School, prep ; co-ed ; R C , 
est 1906, Sister M Borrameo, Superior. 
Corn Belt Business College, bus and sten ; 
C H. Benson, Principal 

Ogrden, Boone Co., pop. 1,298. 

City Superintendent J R Neveln 
Principal High School Hanna V Marvin 
Supv Music Gertrude Ilgenfritz 

Onawa, Monona Co , pop. 2,026. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Underbill 
Sec Bd Educ O C Bakke 
City Superintendent Leon Smith 
Prin. H S. Mae Gilflllan 
Supv Music Elsie Maennell 
Domestic Science W G Kopello 
Domestic Science Mary Shafer 

Orange City, Sioux Co , pop. 1,374. 

Pres. Bd Educ J E Oggle 
City Superintendent S D DeJongr 
Principal High School Carl Casjens 
Supv Music S H. Bentley 

Northwestern Classical Academy, prep., co- 
ed., Reformed, est 1882, Rev Thomas 
E Welmers, Prin 

Osage, Mitchell Co., pop. 2,445 

Pres Bd Educ H M. Vosburg 

Sec Bd Educ Miss A E Knoulton. 

City Superintendent Geo H Sawyer 

Principal High School Miss Cora Johnson. 

Supv Music Sadie Leet 

Manual Tiammg "William H Todd 

Domestic Science Anna M Dahm 

Dialing and Penmanship Jennie E Hoag 

Cedat Valley Junior College, co-ed , Bapt ; 

est 186-i, Amos M Vance, Pres, 
St Mary's Academy; prep , co-ed ; est 

1902, Revfl P. J. Carroll, Principal. 

Osceola, Clarke Co., pop. 3,416. 

Sec Bd Educ Ernest Burns 
City Superintendent F P. Reed 
Principal High School Alice Dilley 
Supv Music & Dr Alma Schamberger 

Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., pop, 9,466. 

Pies Bd Educ John Shoemaker. 
Sec Bd Educ L T Shangle 
City Superintendent O. P. Flower 
Principal High School Paul E Belting 
Supv Music Sara A, Williams 
Domestic Science Hester Robinson 
Drawing Ruth Williams 
Manual Training H M Dale 
Commercial Maud Pariy. 

Oskaloosa Business College, bus. and sten , 
B A Wright, Pres 

Oskaloosa College, coll , prep.; normal, co- 
ed , non-sect , est 1356, John Meissner, 
Ph D , Acting President 

Penn College; college, academy, conVl, and 
music depts , co-ed ; Friends, est 1873; 
David M Edwards, Ph D, President 

Ossian, Wlnneshiek Co., pop. 749. 

Pres Bd Educ M J Klein. 

Sec Bd Educ Clair Gilbert. 

City Supt & Prin H S F E! Grouse 

Supv Music Edna P. Haug 

St. Francis de Sale's Academy, prep ; co- 
ed , R C., est 1880; Rev. M J Thlltgen, 





Ottumwa, Wapello., pop. 22,012. 

Pres Bd Educ M B Hutcheson 
Sec Bd Educ J A. Wagner 
City Superintendent H B. Blackmar. 
Principal High School W B Rice 
Supv Man Training Carl Herborg 
Supv Music Kathryn Powers. 
Domestic Science Melissa Wilson. 
Drawing Georgiana Canfield 
Penmanship Julia Sheehan 
Com'l and &tenog*y Clyde Blanchard. 

Iowa Success School, bus. and sten.; W W. 

:Toole, Principal 

Ottumwa Commercial College; bus and 

sten ; est 1889, J. W. O'Bryan, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep , co-ed , R C ; 

Mother Superior. 

Oxford, Johnson Co, pop. 614. 

City Superintendent Thomas Smiley 

St Peter's School; prep ; co-ed , R C ; est 
1901, Rev H J Fmefield, Principal. 

Panora, Outhrie Co., pop. 1,080. 

Pres Bd Educ H B Ilsley. 
Sec. Bd Educ C O Lows 
Principal High School H E Ilsley 

Paulllna, O'Brien Co, pop. 796. 

Pres Bd Educ R W Young 
Sec Bd Educ H C Lage 
City Superintendent C. W. Bangs 
Principal High School Eloise E Emerson 
Music & Pen'ship Josephine Mehlynberg 

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School, 
prep; co-ed., est 1880, H G. Nuoffer, 

Pella, Marion Co., pop. 3,021 

Pres Bd Educ George J Thomassen 
Sec Bd Educ D G Gosselmk 
City Superintendent F M Frush. 
principal High School Gladys Chrisman 
Supv Music Ora Brown 
Kindergarten Mary Renaud 

Central College; coll , co-ed , Bapt ; est 
1853, J W Bailey, President 

Perry, Dallas Co., pop 4,630 

Pres Bd Educ W B Robinson 
Sec Bd EducW H Winegar 
City Superintendent F L Mahannah. 
Prin H S. Agnes Heightshoe. 
Supv. Music Josphine Dealy. 
Manual Training Ed Hunter 
Domestic Science Mary Vaughn 

Perry Normal College, normal; private; co- 
ed,; est. 1892, C. Durant Jones, Pres. 

Pleasant Plain, Jefferson Co., pop. 280. 
Pleasant Plain Academy, prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends, C. A. Kittrell, B S., Prin. 

Pomeroy, Calhotm Co., pop. 816. 

Pres Bd Educ C. A Marple 
Sec Bd. Educ O. P Hittenmark 
City Superintendent Ray Latham" 

Pomeroy continued 

Principal High School Marguerite Emmett 
Domestic Science Dott Duden 

Immanuel School; prep ; co-ed , Evan? 
Luth., Oscar G Roschke, Prin. 

Protlvin, Howard Co, pop. 136. 

Holy Trinity Catholic School, prep , R C ; 
Rev Francis Urba, Pres. 

Bed Oak, Montgomery Co., pop. 4,830. 

Pres Bd Educ John O'Rourke 
Sec Bd Educ W M Montgomery. 
City Superintendent J R Inman 
Principal High School Edgar G. Mcllvain 
Supv Music Blanch Edson 
Manual Training Mabel C Watson. 
Domestic Science Miss Miller. 
Draw & Pen'ship Ruth Beem. 

Beinbeck, Grtindy Co , pop. 1,205. 

City Superintendent Thos E Johnson 
Principal High School Mabel M. Black 

Bemsen, Plymouth Co , pop. 1,076. 

City Superintendent C F Stamfer 
Principal High School Elsie Williges 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed,; R C , 
Sister Superior. 

Biverside, Washington Co., pop 698. 

Pres Bd Educ Mr McClelland 

Sec Bd Educ W D Ott 

City Supt Prin H. S Flossie M Klsor 

St. Mary's School; prep , co-ed , R. C ; Sis- 
ter Mary Delphine, Superior 

Bock Rapids, Lyon Co., pop 2,005. 

Pres Bd Educ Simon Fisher 

Sec Bd Educ E L Partch 

City ^Superintendent W S Wilson 

Principal High School Ethel Murray. 

Supv Music S H Buntley. 

Manual Training L E Lewalin 

Domestic Science Florence A Falgetter 

Bock Valley, Sioux Co., pop. 1,198. 

City Superintendent Charles Prall 
Principal High School Lona Norrls 

St Mary's Academy, prep.; co-ed ; R. C ; 
est. 1907, Rev J O'RIelley, Prin. 

Bockwell, Cerro Gordo Co., pop. 830. 

Pres Bd Educ William Jackson 
Sec Bd Educ W B Bruce 
City Superintendent R H Griffith 
Principal High School Joey Carter 

Sacred Heart School, prep , co-ed ; R. C , 
est 1900, Sister Mary Phillip, Superior 

Bockwell City, Calhonn Co , pop. 1,528. 

Pres Bd Educ M W Frick 
Sec. Bd Educ H A Scott 
City Superintendent J W Bugg 
Principal High School Ellen Filean 
Supv. Music Ursula Kennedy 





St. ADsgrar, Mitchell Co , pop. 747. 
City Superintendent I M Stubbart 
Principal High School Maud Felter 

Sac City, Sac Co., pop 2,201. 

Pres Bd Educ F W Lormg 

Sec Bd Educ W H Hait 

City Superintendent George Galloway 

Principal High School George B Wallace 

Supv Music Hazel Wilson 

Domestic Science Zada M Kmyon 

Salem, Henry Co., Pop. 548. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Collins 

Sec Bd Educ I A Martin 

City Supt & Prin H S C K Hayes 

Whittier College; prep , co-ed ; Friends, 
est. 1867, Louis T. Hill, Prin. 

Salix, Woodbury Co., pop. 387. 

St Joseph's Academy, prep , co-ed , R. C . 
est. 1892, Rev J A. Griffin, Prin 

Sanborn, O'Brien Co., pop. 1,174. 

Pies Bd Educ F W Horton. 
Sec Bd Educ W A Solon 
City Superintendent E S Selle 
Pimcipal High School V J Anderson 
Music & Drawing Wmmfied Hayes 
Domestic Science Edna ImhofC 
Manual Tiaining V J Anderson. 

Seymour, Wayne Co.* pop. 2,200. 

City Superintendent R. J Cougill. 
Prin. H. S S. M Kirkland. 

Sheldon, O'Brien Co , pop. 2,941. 

Pies Bd Educ W H Myers 
Sec Bd Educ F W. Bloxham. 
City Superintendent E S Selle 
Principal High School C A. Osborne. 
Supv Music S. H Buntley 
Manual Training W C. MacDonald. 
Domestic Science Nell Dickey. 

Shenandoah, Page Co., pop. 4,976. 

Pres Bd Educ T. W. Keenan 

Sec Bd Educ W E Irwm 

City Superintendent 'Charles F Garrett 

Piincipal High School Martha, Neprud 

Supv Music Verna Downs 

Drawing S Louise Cole-. 

Western Normal College, nor and com'l 
courses, city, C F. Garrett, Principal 

Sibley, Osceola Co., pop. 1,320. 

City Superintendent J. R McAnelly. 
Principal High School Selma M Terry 

Sidney, Fremont Co., pop. 1,019. 

City Superintendent Stacy E Steevens 
Principal High School Edwin Aggarn. 

Sigourney, Keokuk Co,, pop. 2,032. 

Sec Bd Educ F L Goeldner 
City Superintendent Mabel A Paull 
Principal High School Lew A Toomey 
Supv Music Mrs Retta Mlnteer. 

Sioux Center, Sioux Co., pop. 1,064. 

City Superintendent Thomas F McDonald 
Principal High School Carl A Hauser 

School of Christian Primary Instruction, 
co-ed , est, 1906, Martin Wyngaarden, 

Sioux City, Woodbury Co., pop. 47,828. 

Pres Bd Educ Walter Britton. 
Sec Bd Educ Lee Storms 
City Superintendent M G Clark 
Assistant Supt R L>. Hamilton 
Principal High School Hugh A Bon* 
Supv Music Clara Roach 
Supv Draw Johanna Hansen. 
Supv Man Tr. W C Wood. 
Domestic Science Emma Bliven 
Vocational R L Hamilton 

Epiphany Academy; prep , co-ed ; R C , 

est 1882, Sr M Harold, Superior, 1002 

Pearl St 
Mornmgside College, coll , prep and music 

depts , M E , est. 1894; Alfred E. Craig, 

D D , President. 
National Business Training School; bus 

and sten , est. 1902, W. A. Barrett, Mgr 

309 Nebraska St. 
St. Boniface's Academy, prep , co-ed.; R 

C , Sister Theomilla, Superior. 
St. Joseph's Academy, prep , co-ed , R. C , 

Sister Mary Annunciata, Superior. 

Sioux Rapids, Benna Vista Co., pop. 868. 

City Superintendent W E Still 
Principal High School Bernice I. Gregg 

Spencer, Clay Co., pop. 3,005. 

Pres Bd Educ C. C Hasting*. 

Sec. Bd. Educ George Phelps 

City Superintendent E W Goetsch. 

Prin H S.- D M. Odle 

Supv Music Gladys Dingfelder. 

Domestic Science Florence Falkner 

Manual Training Frank Bagwell. 

Toland's Business College, bus and sten., 
L. A Toland, Prin. 

Spilvllle, Winneshiek Co., pop. 356. 

St. Peter's School; prep , co-ed ; R C ; et 
1901, Sister M. Loretto, Prin. 

Spirit lake, Dickinson Co., pop. 1,1&2. 

City Superintendent Angus McDonald 
Principal High School Flossie A. Bates 

Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co., pop. 2,428. 

Pres Bd Educ P C Toy. 
Sec Bd Educ C C. Colwell 

City Superintendent C E Akers. 
Principal High School H B Bryan 
Penmanship & Music Bernice Davis. 
Drawing Jennie L. De Muth 





Storm Lake continued 

Buena Vista College, collegiate, prep, mu- 
sic and com'l, co-ed , Presb , est 1891, 
Rev R D Bchlm, Fres 

Story City, Story Co., pop. 1,387 

City Supenntondent W "W Ballard 
Principal High School Edgar Heiwig 

Strawberry Point, Clapton Co., pop 1,052. 

City Superintendent A A Belknap 
Prin. H S Kate Westfall 

Stuart, Guthrie Co, pop 1,826. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph Hall 

Sec Bd Educ Joe Farrell 

City Superintendent W S Smiley 

Principal High School Nellie Getting 

Supv Music and Draw Miss Anna Casey 

Stunner, Bremer Co , pop. 1,404. 

Pres Bd Educ A D Allen 
Sec Bd Educ C Heniy Gianneman 
City Superintendent Thos J Durant 
Principal High School Margaiet Waight 
Music and Drawing Vida Turner 

St John's Parochial School, prep ; co-ed , 
R C , est 1887, H Bredow, Prin 

Tabor, Fremont Co., pop 934. 

Pres Bd Educ F M Kline 
Sec. Bd Educ II G Mauk 

City Superintendent O Hammersley 
Principal High School Jeannette Paidee 
Tabor College, coll and prep ; music, co- 
ed , Cong , est 1866, Nelson Wehrhan, 
Ph D , President 
Supv Music Mrs F M. Kline 

Tama, Tama Co., pop. 2,290. 

Pres Bd Educ S C Huber 

Sec Bd Educ A E Jackson 

City Superintendent M R Hendnckson 

Principal High School R C Tmdall 

Supv, Music Miss E Hustm 

St Mary's School, prep , co-ed , R C , est 
1895, Sister M Margaret, Prin 

St Wencelan's Academy, prep , co-ed , R 
C , Rev John P Bro, Pres 

Templeton, Carroll Co, pop 321. 

Sacred Heart School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
eat 1884, Very Rev Eidmann, Principal 

TIpton, Cedar Co., pop. 2,048. 

Pres Bd Educ S G Frmfc 

Sec Bd Educ Sherman Tates. 

City Superintendent J O Ralph 

Prin H S Irma Bangs 

Supv Music Mabel Bailey 

Man Tr & Drawing Ellen J Wing 

Domestic Science Maud Thompson 

Toledo, Tama Co., pop. 1,620. 

Pres Bd Educ J J McMahon 

Sec Bd Educ E A Benson 

City Superintendent I* H Van Houten 

Principal High School Myrtle Campbell 

Toledo con tinued 
Leander Clark College, prep , nor and bus : 

U B , est 1856, Marion R Drury, Pres. 
Sac and Fox Industrial School, Government 

Industrial School for Indians, O J 

Green, Supt 

Traer, Tama Co., pop 1,373 

City Superintendent M R Fayram 
Pimcipal High School Claia Swain 

University Park, Mahaska Co , pop. 500 

Pres Bd Educ D N Skeeters 

Pec Bd Educ G W Boyce 

City Superintendent Miss Lichtenheld 

Principal High School James B Mack 

Central Holiness University, college, acad- 
emy, music, oratory, co-ed , est 1906, 
Rev George A McLaughlm, D D , Presi- 

Vail, Crawford Co., pop 578. 

City Superintendent W L Tupper 
Pimcipal High School Nellie Upham 

St. Ann's Academy, prep , co-ed , R. C.; 
Rev James Murphy, Pres 

Valley Junction, Polk Co , pop 2,573. 

Sec Bd Educ H L Seyfert 
City Superintendent J S Hofer 
Principal High School Gertrude Thorn well 

Van Horn, Benton Co., pop. 484. 

German Evangelical Zion's School, prep , 
co-ed , Luth est 1877, G A Mantraider, 

Victor, Iowa Co , pop 700. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry Wahl 
Sec Bd Educ S U Musseter 
City Supeimtendent Jay C Games 
Principal High School Floia Dolmage 
Supv Music Lois E Smith 

St. John's School, prep , co-ed , Otto Kitz- 
man, Prin. 

Villisca, Montgomery Co., pop. 2,039. 

Pres Bd Educ P D Minlck 
Sec Bd Educ George B Sexton 
City Superintendent J M Ireland 
Puncipal High School Alfred Montgomery 
Supv Music Miss Laura Shroeder 

Vinton, Benton Co., pop. 3,336. 

Pres Bd Educ V B Allen 
Sec Bd Educ W E Bickel. 
City Superintendent D F Brown 
Pimcipal High School H C Eckels 
Supv Music Ella Brubaker. 
Manual Training A M M Dornon. 
Domestic Science Miss Mai tin 
Draw & Pen' ship Florence Wboten. 

Iowa College for Blind; Indust , state, co- 
ed.; est 1852, George D Eaton, Supt. 

Tilford Collegiate Academy, prep , co-ed , 
non-sect . est 1871, Thomas F. Tobin, 
A M, Prin 





Wall Lake, Sac Co., pop. 4,561. 

Sec Bd Educ H D Peck 

City Superintendent W J Lawson 

Principal High School Ida Pietzman 

Wapello, Louisa Co., pop. 1,326. 

City Superintendent Clj-de I Blxler 
Principal High School H L Camp 

Washington, Washington Co., pop. 4,380. 

Pres Bd Edue C C Cunningham 
Sec Bd Bduc J W. Morton. 
City Superintendent C D Loose 
Principal High School A E Stuelke 
Supv Music Emma L Green 
Manual Training J W Hoyer 
Domestic Science Stella Meek 
Draw and Pen' ship Agnes Young 
Commercial & Stenography Miss C Pealer 

St James* School, prep , co-ed , R C , eat 
1875, Sister M Rosemunda, Superior 

Waterloo, Blackhawk Co., pop 26,693. 


Pros Bd Educ J W Arbuckle 
Sec Bd Educ W H Brunn 
City Supenntondent C W Kline 
Principal High School F J Millei 
Supv Music Mrs H C Wilbur 
Manual Training N V Hill 
Domestic Science Mary L Day 
Drawing Came Neidj 
Penmanship Mayme Strasser 
Commercial H O Davis 


Pres Bd Educ Austin Burt 
SPC Bd Educ James Dempster 
City Superintendent A T Hukill 
Principal High School L. M Wallace 
SUpv Music Flora M Bliss 
Manual Training R L Ashley. 
Domestic Science Ethel Brown 

Academy of Our Lady of Victory, prep ; co- 
ed , R. C ; Rev M Cooney, Pres 

College of Commerce, bus and sten , R E 
Eklund, Prin 

Sacred Heart Academy, prep , co-ed ; R. C , 
Rev D. J Lenihan, Principal. 

Waterloo Business College, bus and sten , 
est. 1884 ; Alxnon F. Gates, A. M , Prin. 

Waukon, Allamakce Co., pop. 2,025. 

Pres Bd Educ A T Stillman. 

Sec Bd Educ E D Purdy 

City Superintendent Chas F Pye 

Principal High School Gertrude Carman 

Supv Music May C, Tench. 

Drawing Edna M Carr 

Penmanship May C Tench 

St Patrick's School; prep ; co-ed R. C , 
est. 1883, Rev, M K Norton, Principal 

Waukon Business College and Normal 
School; normal, private; co-ed , M E 
Smith, Pres 

Waverly, Bremer Co., pop. 3,205. 

Pres Bd Educ W F McDowell 
Sec Bd Educ M M Kmgsley 
City Superintendent W. I Griffith 
Principal High School Eleanor Wilson 
Supv Music and Pen Matilda Humphrey 
Manual Training C E Kramer. 
Domestic Science Joyce Smock. 
Commercial Glen Bentley 

Wartburg Teachers' Seminary and Acad- 
emy; prep ; co-ed , Evan Luth , est 
1879; Rev August Engelbrecht, Director 

Webster City, Hamilton Co., pop 5,208. 

Pres Bd Educ S S Parkhurst. 

Sec Bd Educ J M Blake 

City Superintendent D M Kelley 

Principal High School C L Jackson 

Supv Music Edith Lee 

Manual Training Glenn Conlee 

Domestic Science Helen Gage 

West Bend, Palo Alto Co , pop. 679. 

City Superintendent F H Chandler 
Supv Music Lottie Walsh 

St Joseph's Academy, prep , co-ed , R C , 

Sister M. Romana, Superior 
St Peter's and Paul's School; prep , co-ed., 

Evang Luth , est 1898 , Rev P Dobber 

stein, Prin 

West Branch, Cedar Co., pop. 643. 

Pres Bd Bduc D L. Bell 

Sec Bd Educ J E Larson 

City Superintendent Fied R McNeal 

Pimcipal High School Etta Hunter 

Supv Music Mabel Bell. 

Friends' Boarding School, prep , co-ed ; 

est 1891, Howard T. Jones, Prin 
Scattergood Seminary, prep , co-ed ; 

Friends, Sara M Hmshaw, Prin 

West Burlington, DCS Moines Co., pop. 1,206. 

City Superintendent W. E Carr. 

St. Mary's Parochial School, prep , co-ed , 
R C , est. 1886; Anthony H Schoeninsrh, 

West Gate, Fayette Co., pop. S60. 

St Peter's Lutheran School , prep , co-ed ; 
Luth , est 1885, F G Forgler, Principal 

West liberty, Muscatlne Co, pop. 1,066. 

Pres Bd Educ W J Stevens. 
Sec Bd Educ Theodore Jones. 
City Superintendent T L Packer 
Principal High School R A Bell 

West Union, Fayette Co, pop. 1,652. 

Pres Bd Educ G D Darnall. 
Sec Bd Educ Gail Evans 
City Superintendent A h W. Moore 
Principal High School Edna Cooper 
Supv Music Sarah P Hoffman 
Manual Training Olla McArthur. 





What Cheer, Keokuk Co., pop. 1,720. 

Pres Bd. Edue John Ford 
Sec Bd Educ C W Arganbright 
City Superintendent G U Gordon 
Prin. H. S S Edith Taber 
Supv Music Anna E McColhster 

Williamsbmgr, Iowa Co , pop. 1,060. 

City Superintendent D D Canton 
Principal High School Maude Brownell 

Evangelical Lutheran School, prep , co-ed 

A. Goeglein, Prin. 
St Paul's School; prep , co-ed , R C : est 

1906, H. P Greif, Principal 

Wilton Junction, Muscatine Co., pop. 1,157. 

City Superintendent W H Bowser. 

Winterset, Madison Co., pop 2,818. 

Pres. Bd Educ Henry Levelke 

Sec Bd Educ W O Lucas 

City Superintendent David Williams. 

Winterset con ti nued 

Principal High School Catherine Spencer 
Supv Music Pearl Darnell 
Manual Training David Williams. 
Domestic Science Miss Williams 
Commercial Effie Snider. 

Woodbine, Harrison Co., pop. 1,538. 

Pres Bd Educ William Kleob 
Sec Bd Educ Harold Haight 
City Superintendent F J Howe 
Principal High School F J Howe 
Supv Mus & Draw Clarian Lesher, 
Manual Training George B Woxner. 
Domestic Science Georgia Baldwin 

Woodbine Xormal and Commercial School, 
nor., prep, and bus , co-ed., eest 1887, 
M A Reed and F. J Howe, Principals 

Worthingion, Dubupue Co., pop. 314. 

St. Paul's Academy, prep ; co-ed , R C ; 
Rev Joseph Schilmoeller, Principal 


Population, 1,690,949. School census, 516,061. School age, 5-21 

Kansas is the twenty-second state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,690,949 inhabitants, of whom 96 6 per cent are white. Of this number 
8 per cent are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population 
ten years of age and over is 2.2 per cent, the state ranking fifth in this reipect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


W. D. Ross, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Topeka 

0. E. ST. JOHN, Assistant Superintendent . . . . Topeka 

L. D. WHITTEMORE, Secretary State Board of Education Topeka 

0. C. BROWN, High School Supervisor Topeka 

O. B. SEYSTEE, High School Supervisor .... Topeka 

JULIA M. STONE, Supervisor Bural Schools Topeka 

J. A. SHOEMAKER, Supervisor Rural Schools Topeka, 


W. D Ross, State Superintendent, ex-officio President Topeka 

THOMAS W. BUTCHER, President State Normal School Emporia 

FRANK STRONG, Chancellor University of Kansas Lawrence 

H. J. WATERS, President State Agricultural College Manhattan 


W. O. STEEN Abilene 

H. W. SHIDLER Girard 


JT. T. BOTKIN, Secretary of State, President Topeka 

W. D Ross, Secretary Topeka 

S. M. BREWSTEB, Attorney General Topeka 

The State School Fund Commissioners manage and have charge of the invest- 
ment of the state permanent school fund, the normal school permanent fund, the 
university permanent fund, and the Stormont Medical Library fund. 


W. C. AUSTIN, State Printer, CTiairman Topeka 

A. M. THOBOMAN, Secretary Topeka 






Central S. P ROWLAND, Pres , Hutch- Northwestern C W SMICK, Pres , 

inson. Oberlm 

Golden Belt P R ALDRICH, Pres , Bus- Southeastern A A HTJGHAET, Pres , Cof- 

sell. feyville. 

North Central W J POUNDSTONE, Pres , Southern O O SMITH, Pres , Ashland. 

Belleville Southwestern J H. CLEMENT, Pres, 

Dodge City 


W. D Ross, President 

W. O. STEEN, Secy . Abilene 

GEORGE A ALLEN, JR, Tieas . Sabetha 
F. L. PINET ... . Parsons 

ANNA E ARNOLD . . Cottonwood Falls 

J. W. SMITH . . 
I. C MEYER .. . 

. . Topeka 


. . . Paola 




LILLIAN SCOTT, President . 
D. A. ELLSWORTH, Secretary 



County Name and Address 

Allen ....... Miss Vide Fethergill, lola 

Anderson . Hattie E. Woods, Garnett 
Atchison . J A Shoemaker, Atchison 
Barber . Miss 'Margaret Kernohan 

Medicine Lodge 

Barton W L Bowersox, Great Bend 
Bourbon . . . May Hare, Fort Scott 
Brown... June G. Car others, Hiawatha 
Butler ....... H. I. French, El Dorado 

Chase . . . Mrs Grace Willis, 

.......... Cottonwood Falls 

Chautauqua ....... J. E. Kibler, Sedan 

Cherokee, .E E Stonecipher. Columbus 
Cheyenne. Robert Cram, St Francis 
Clark. Miss Maggie Myers, Ashland 
Clay,. Mrs Sue Hemphill, Clay Center 
. Jane Collins, Concordia 
Cora E Arnold Burlington 
.Mary Willard, Cold water 
Edna I. Johnson, Winfield 
. . J W Miley, Girard 
Decatur ......... T. B. Wolfe, Oberlin 

Dickinson . .WO Rteen. Abilene 

Doniphan .. Edna S Whitney, Troy 
Douglas . . .C R. HawTey Lawrence 
Edwards ..... ...C. M. Rankin, Kinsley 

Elk ........... Austin Kimzey, Howard 

Ellis . . Louis Chris tans en, Hays 

Ellsworth . . H Coover. Ellsworth 
Finney Emma F Wilson, Garden City 
Ford Miss Eulalia Nevms, Dodge City 
Franklin W A Vickers, Ottawa 

Geary. Mrs Nora R Clark, Junction City 
Gove .......... Charles D Wilson, Gove 

Graham . TT S Loyd, Hill City 



County Name and Addresa 

Grant. . . Mrs. Emily K Hoelcel 

New Ulysses 

Gray Edith Miller, Cimanon 

Greeley August Halfman, Tribune 

Greenwood Maiv L Service, Eureka 
Hamilton C W Noell, Syracuse 

Harper J C Palmer, Anthony 

Harvey Miss Ruth Mitten Newton 
Haskell George H Levitt Santa Fe 

Hodgeinan . . . .Mrs Willia Maguire 

Jet more 

Jackson. ..Elizabeth Warning, Holton 
Jefferson Miss Sudie Anderson 


Jewell 1,-nla Coyner, Mankato 

Johnson .Miss May Cain, Olathe 

Kearnv Mis In dip Simmons, I/akin 
Kingman .... J W Wilson, Kingman 
Kiowa . .. N. T. Cox, Greensburg 
Labette Mi^s Ida B Martev, Oswego 
Lane . .. .Miss Erma Pallis, Dighton 
Leavenworth E Voorhees 


T^incoln G TT Hower, Tr , T^incoln 

Linn J W Hays, Mound City 

Logan Malcolm Peterson 

Russell Springs 

"Lvon Mrs Nettie B Cartmel, Emporia 

Marion James A. Rav, Marlon 

Marshall .W H Seaman, iMarvsville 
McPherson... I C. Meyer, McPherson 
Meade ,. Mrs Pearl W. Smith, Meade 
Miami.... Miss Elizabeth Ellis, Paola 

Mitchell Phillip Louthan, Beloit 

Montgomery . . Ethel A Gillespie, 

Morris "." *F H Manning/ Council Grove 






County Name and Address 

Morton .. . .E B Dryden, Eichfield 
Nemaha . .W. R Anthony, Seneca 

Neosho J A Cannon, Erie 

Ness Miss Edna Robison, Ness City 
Norton E E Nelson, Norton C A Deardorff, Lyndon 

Osborne Bertha Yoxall, Osborne 

Ottawa Jessie G Adee, Minneapolis 

Pawnee Miss Ida B Curtis, Lamed 

Phillips Nettie Barbei, Philhpsburg 

Pottawatomie . . 

G. F Richardson, Westmoreland 
Pratt . L Giace Heaton, Pratt 

Rawlms Beit Kesselrmg-, Atwood 

Reno S P Rowland, Hutchinson 

Republic Euna Arrasmith, Belleville 
Rice Bertha McCabe, Lyons 

Riley Miss Reppie Caiey, Manhattan 
Rooks Mrs D F Walsh, Stockton 

Rush. ...E A. Kirkpatrick, La Crosse 

Russell Caleb Bodmer, Russell 

Saline . W, H Stewart, Salma 

County Name and Address 

Scott Ella Yager, Scott 

Sedgwick . R M Crum, Wichita 

Seward A B Fullmer, Liberal 

Shawnee John F. Eby, Topeka 

Sheridan .Warner Johnson, Hoxift 

Sherman Ethel Hollenbeck, Goodland 
Smith .. Miles Elson, Smith Center 
Staffoid Anna M Beck, St John 

Stanton . .Esther Grantham, Johnson 
Stevens R W Ellsaesser Hugoton 

Sumner. . .John R. Brooks, Wellington 
Thomas Elizabeth Stover, Colby 

Trego. .Miss Carrie Stradal, Wa Keeney 
Waubansee.Miss Annie G. Crouch, Alma 
Wallace Miss R. Gilbert, Sharon Spr'gs 
Washington Millie Spence, Washington 

Wichita P. E. Metheney, Leotl 

Wilson Miss Fannie Butts, Fredonia 


. Elizabeth T. Spencer, Yates Center 


. Arthur J Mellott, Kansas City 


Abilene, Dickinson Co., pop. 3,471. 

Pres Bd Educ H E Ackeis 

Bee Bd Educ Marie Curry 

City Superintendent Win A Stacey. 

Principal High School J W Fiench 

Supv Music Wmona McLatchey 

Manual Training 1 Heniy Dresser 

Domestic Science Marcia Stoiy 

Central Kansas Business College; bus and 

sten ; H. A Anderson, Prln. 
Mount St Joseph's Academy, girls' board- 

ing:, R C , est 1877, Sisters of St. Jo- 


Alma, Wabaunsee Co, pop 1,200. 

City Superintendent E W Learner. 
Puncipal High School J. W Tanner 

AJtamont, Labette Co., pop 606. 

Pres Bd Educ E B Miles 

Sec Bd Educ J C Vance 

City Superintendent Byron Talhelzn 

Prin Co High School H M Keyser 

Anthony, Harper Co , pop. 2,450 

City Superintendent P N Heclc 
Principal High School--C. H. Ream 

Argentine, Wyandotte Co.. -r 6,053. 

City Superintendent M. /earson. 
Prln H S F D 

Arkansas City, Cowley Co., pop. 7,508. 

Pre* Bd Educ B C Geeslln 

City Superintendent John B Heffelflnger 

Prln H S J F Gilliland. 

Supv Music Mrs Jennie Long. 

Manual Training Mr C. S. Huey. 

Domestic Science Florence Harrison. 

Atchieon, Atrhlvon Co., pop. 16,429. 

Pres Bd Educ Alva Clapp 

Sec Bd Educ Helen S Ritar\ 

AtchiBon continued 

City Superintendent Nathan T. Veatcb, 
Pnncipal High School J T Rosson 
Manual Training J Melvin Evans 
Domestic Science Geneva Goddard. 
Com'l and Stenog'y A F Heck 

Atchison Business College, bus. and sten.; 
est 1885, M J Morrissey 

Midland College, collegiate, academic, music, 
cozn'I depts , co-ed , Luth , eet 18S7, Rev. 
Rufus B Peery, Ph D, Pres. 

Mount St Scholastlca Academy, girls* 
boarding; R C , est. 1S63, Mother Aloy- 
sia, Directress. 

St Benedict's College, prep, collegiate and 
business courses, men, H C., est 1868; 
Rev Innocent Wolf, O S. B , President. 

State Soldiers' Orphans' Home, state; co- 
ed , est 1887, E C Willis, Supt. 

Western Theological Seminary; theol , men; 
Ev Luth., est 1893; Holmes Dysinger, 
D D f Dean 

Atwood, Rawlings Co., pop. 900. 

Pres Bd Educ William Correll. 
Sec Bd Educ F E Munger 
City Supenntendent Roy D Platt 
Principal High School C H Brooks 

Augusta, Bntler Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ N R. Peal 
Sec Bd Educ. A Hoi lad av 
City Superintendent Neil W Rogers 

Baldwin, Douglas Co., pop. 
City Supt. said Prln. H 8. Oscar J. L^ne. 





Baldwin con ti nu ed 
Baker University, comprises College, Acad- 

emy, Music and Commercial departments, 

co-ed , M E , est 1858. Wilbur N. Mason, 

A M, D D, President. 
Baker University Academy; prep depart- 

ment Baker University, co-ed., Walter 

A Cook, M S, Principal. 

Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co , pop. 1,791. 

Pea Bd Educ R C "Wear 
Sec Bd Educ Mis J H Boswell. 
City Superintendent J. W. Twente 
Principal High School Genevie\e Nowlin 

Belleville, Republic Co, pop. 

City Superintendent W J Poundstone 
Principal High School C A McLeland. 

Beloit, Mitchell Co, pop 

City Superintendent W O Steen 
Principal High School A. R. Loop. 

State Industrial School for Girls, state re- 
formatory, girls, est 1889, Miss Frank 
R Wilson, Superintendent 

Blue Rapids, Marshall Co., pop. 1,400. 

City Superintendent J H Houston 
Prin. H S Harriet Landers. 

Bonner Springs, Wyandotte Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Warner 
Sec Bd Educ W R Ferguson 
City Superintendent C C Thompson 
Principal High School C H Fate. 

Bncklin, Ford Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent N B Mahuron 
Principal High School Garnet Everly 

Burlingame, Osagre Co., pop. 1,581 

City Superintendent E L Hellman 
Principal High School Minnie Steckel 
Burlington, Coffey Co., pop. 2.257. 
City Superintendent W. S. Rupe 
Principal High School Myrtle Warrington 

Caldwell, Summer Co., pop. 1,917. 

Pres Bd Educ E. H Hall 
Sec Bd Educ Hugh Durham 
City Superintendent C E Ames 
Principal High School A H Fair 
Music and Drawing Edith M Maxwell. 
Primary Ethel M Scott 
Caney, Montgomery Co., pop. 2,651. 
Pres. Bd Educ J M Fisher 
Sec Bd. Educ Mrs N A. DeVere 
City Superintendent P B Humphrey, 
Principal High School E. A Funk. 
Supv. Music Miss Florence Clark. 
Manual Training J F. Atcheson 
Domestic Science Miss Margurite Kanaga. 
Commercial Fred S Beaty. 
Chanute, Neosho Co., pop 9,272. 
Pres Bd Educ D. M Kennedy 
Sec Bd Educ, J, F. Hughes 
City Superintendent John F. Hughes. 
Principal Senior H S U J Williams 
Principal Junior H S F A Lavan. 
Supv. Music Emma F. Paxten 
Manual Training J V. Hamilton. 
Domestic Science Georgia Howard. 
Chanute Business College, bus and sten ; 
est. 1903, E L. Taylor, Principal. 

Chapman, Dickinson Co., pop. 781. 

Pres Bd Educ W O Steen 
Sec Bd Educ C H London 
City Superintendent J Van Arsdale 
Prin. County H S. W S Robb. 

Cherokee, Crawford Co., pop. 1,647, 

Pres Bd Educ George P Norton 
Sec Bd Educ T. G Wiles 
City Superintendent M E Mullen 
Prin Co High School Lee Harrison 

Cherryvale, Montgomery Co., pop. 5.089* 

Pres Bd Educ Sullivan Lomax 

Sec Bd Educ Russell Howard 

City Superintendent Nathaniel A. Baker. 

Principal High School G H Neilson 

Chetopa, Labette Co., pop. 1,913. 

City Superintendent D E Conner 
Principal High School Chailotte Anderson 

Clay Center, Clay Co., pop. 3,240. 

Pres Bd Educ W C William* 
Sec Bd Educ J P Otis 
City Superintendent Emil Kratochvil 
Principal County H S. E. B Allbaugh* 

Cleburne, Riley Co., pop , 225. 

Principal Public Schools R Von Riesen. 

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Orphans' 
Home, co-ed , Swed Luth ; est. 1880, 
N H. Toungberg, Supt 

Clyde, Cloud Co, pop 1,300. 

Pres Bd Educ A S Beebe 

Sec Bd Educ C L Potter 

City Supt. and Prin. H. S. G H. Balrd. 

Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., pop, 12,687. 

Pres Bd Educ George C. Dillon 
Sec. Bd Educ Edna Wrighton. 
City Superintendent A. A Hughart. 
Prin. H S R. T. Kennedy. 
Supv Music Allys F Boyle 
Man Tr and Draw Vivian Atwood 
Domestic Science Grace E Dimock. 
Com'l and Stenog*y D E. Britton. 

Coffeyville Business College, bus. and sten., 
T F St archer, Prin. 

Colby, Thomas Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres B Educ V C Eddy 
Sec Bd Educ A Lauterbach 
City Superintendent J P Phillips 
Prin Co High School E B Barnes. 

Columbus, Cherokee Co , pop. 2,927. 

Pres Bd Educ S B Greshaxn 
Sec Bd Educ Ray Mulvaney 
City Superintendent J M Gilmore 
Prin. County H. S. R R. Cook. 

Concordia, Cloud Co., pop. 4,427. 

Pres Bd Educ H. M Davies 
Sec Bd. Educ Mrs G C Wilson 
City Superintendent E F Ewing 1 
Principal High School J A Brownlee 
Supv MusicMrs Mabel W. Ewing 
Manual Training H T. Hollinger 
Domestic Science Rena B Lint. 





Concordia continued 
Metropolitan Business College, bus and 

s ten , A F. Day, Prln. 
Nazareth Academy; girls' boarding; R. C., 

est 1884, Sister M Louise, Superior 

Conway Springs, Summer Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent B D Carter 
Principal High School Hazel Brewer 

Normal and Business College, normal and 
bus., private, S. D. Crane, Pres. 

Gottonwood Falls, Chase Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent H R Thompson. 
Prin Co High School C L. Cole 

Council Grove, Morris Co., pop. 2,418. 

Pres Bd Educ M W Leatherwood 
Sec Bd Educ W W McConnell 
City Superintendent E W Wells 
Principal High School W W McConnell 

Danville, Harper Co.; pop. 115. 

St Hose Academy, prep , co-ed,; R C , est 
1891; P. J Maloney, Pres 

Dodge City, Ford Co., pop. 2,627. 

City Superintendent L H Clement. 
Principal High School Guy Marple. 

St Mary of the Plains Academy, girls' 
boarding, H C . est 1915; Sisters of St 

Downs, Osborne Co , pop. 1,400. 

City Superintendent C. F Cool 
Principal High School A C. Johnson. 

Effinghazn, Atchison Co., pop. 674. 

Pres Bd Educ J A Shoemaker. 
Sec Bd Educ S W Adams 
City Superintendent W H Sells 
Prin County H. S J R, Thiersteln. 

Eldorado, Butler Co., pop. 3,462. 

Pres Bd Educ H T Brown 
Sec Bd Educ C M Salisbury 
City Superintendent J W Murphy 
Principal High School John W. Charles. 

Ellis, Ellis Co., pop. 1,291. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Waldo 

Sec Bd. Educ J G. Perigo 

City Superintendent J. C. Chamberlain 

Principal High School Emille WedelL 

Manual Training C. W Harper 

Ellsworth, Ellsworth Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Superintendent O J. Silverwood. 
Principal High School H. A. Fronlng. 

Emporia, !Lyon Co, pop. 9,058. 

Pres Bd Educ H E Peach 

Sec Bd Educ OH 03 Bamesberger 

City Superintendent Lloyd A Lowther. 

Principal High School R R Cook. 

Supv. Music D. O. Jones. 

Manual Training R W Robertson. 

Domestic Science Mary MacLeod. 

Pen'ship and Corn'! L H Hausam. 

College of Emporia; coll ; co-ed.; Fresh.; 
es 1883 ; Rev. Henry C. Culbertson, B. D , 

Emporia continued 
Emporia Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est 1881, C D Long, Pres 
Emporia School of Music and Art; co-ed.; 

est 1908, Charles A Boyle, Director 
Lewis Academy, prep department College 

of Emporia; co-ed ; Mrs. Eleanor R. 

Christensen, Ph M , Principal. 
Kansas State Normal School, normal; 

state, co-ed ; non-sect ; est. 1866, Thos. 

W. Butcher, Ph D , President. 

Enterprise, Dickinson Co., pop. 789. 

City Superintendent J. J. Yoder. 
Principal High School Ed^un Almguist 

Enterprise Normal Academy, prep.; co-ed., 
Ger ME, est 1892, D L Katterjohn, 

Erie, Neosho Co., pop. 1,483. 

City Superintendent J M Nation 
Principal High School Otto Mulvaney. 

Eudora, Douglas Co., pop. 640. 

Pies Bd Educ A F Fishier 
Sec Bd Educ C F Richards 
City Superintendent Charles Kelly 
Principal High School Ida L Coffin 

Hesper Academy; prep , co-ed , Friends, 
est. 1884; Emmet E. Hadley, Prin. 

Eureka, Greenwood Co., pop. 2,412. 

City Superintendent O. R Farris. 
Principal High School J T. Hunter. 

Southern Kansas Academy; prep , mus , 
agri , dom sci , nor. ; co-ed. , Cong. , eat. 
1885, Morton M. Newcomb, Principal 

Florence, Marion Co., pop. 1,076. 

Pres Bd Educ L. S Wagar. 
Sec. Bd. Educ *T W Allison. 
City Superintendent C A Axton. 
Prin High School Winifred Gallagher 
Supv Music Mildred Evans 
Drawing Emma Houlton 

Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., pop. 10,463. 

Pres Bd Educ L. A Champion. 

Sec. Bd Educ C. W. Mitchell 

City Superintendent Homer D. Ramsey. 

Principal High School John A. Devlin. 

Supv Music Myrtle F Woodson. 

Manual Training William R. Wortman 

Domestic Science Isa Green. 

Physical Culture Emil S. Listen. 

Drawing Alice Porter 

Pen'ship and Com'l O'Connor Smith. 

Draughon's Practical Business College, bus 

and. sten.; J. F. Draughon, Pres. 
Ft. Scott Collegiate Institute; prep ; co-ed.; 

Rev. Charles Manchester, Prin. 
Notre Dame de Lourdes Academy, prep.; 

Windsor Commercial College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1897; Dean Dick, Pres. 

co-ed ; R. S.; est. 1901; Sisters of St 
Frankfort, Marshall Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent S. W McGarrah. 
Principal High School T. H. Post 





Fredonla, Wilson Co., pop. 3,255. 

Pres Bd Educ E D Mjkesell 
Sec Bd Educ C R Cantrall 
City Superintendent A I Decker 
Prin H S W. L Matthews 

Fredonla Business College, bus, sten , and 
tel , est 1907, B L Taylor, President 

Frontenac, Crawford Co., pop. 2,790. 

City Superintendent L. S Minekley. 
Principal High School John I Pikani 

Galena, Cherokee Co , pop, 6,096. 

Pres Bd Educ C G Worthington 
Sec Bd Educ Ethel Wolfe 
City Superintendent R E Long 
Principal High School H C Dale 
Music and Drawing Mrs Willis McKmney 
Commercial J H Koontz 

Garden City, Finney Co., pop. 2,300. 

Pres Bd. Educ E J Covert. 
Sec Bd Educ E J Dumond 
City Superintendent E J Dumond 
Principal High School Maud Gorham 
Supv. Music Mabel C Thomas. 
Manual Training A J LaBerge. 
Domestic Science Camilla Nelson 
Physical Culture Ethel Dougherty. 
Drawing Nina Riggs. 
Pen'ship, Com'l and Stenog E W. Fent. 

Garnett, Anderson Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Millar 
Sec. Bd Educ H L McNary. 
City Superintendent C. H Oman 
Prin. H S George H Marshall. 
Supv Music Gertrude Westmacott. 

Gas, Allen Co., pop. 1,797* 

Pres Bd. Educ G W Rowden 
City Superintendent Charles R A damson. 
Sec Bd Educ Charles R Adamson 
Principal High School Gladys Konanty. 
Supv Music Alma L Snyder 

GIrard, Crawford Co., pop. 2,513. 

Pres Bd. Educ M G Slawson 
Sec Bd Educ William Grantham 
City Superintendent H W. Shideler 
Principal High School A B Steele 

Goodland, Sherman Co, pop. 1,410. 

City Superintendent J. R Reed. 
Prin Co High School L D Griffee 

Great Bend, Barton Co., pop. 3,265. 

Pres Bd Educ J Lester Cox 
Sec Bd Educ Charles E Dodge. 
City Superintendent A L Bell 
Puncipal High School W E Long. 
Supv. Music Nina L Gaston 

Greely, Anderson Co., pop. 575. 
City Supt. and Prin H. S. L W. Hamp- 

Greensbur?, Kiowa Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ B A Northrup 
Sec Bd Educ A E. Johnson 
City Superintendent Ira Stout 
Prin Co High School A. EL 

Hanover, Washington Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd Educ Andrew Gundelfinger 
Sec Bd Educ Hemy Marquaid 
City Superintendent Fred W. Meyer. 
Principal High School Delia Pennock. 

Harper, Harper Co., pop. 1,600, 

Pres Bd Educ C A Miller 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Emma Johnson 
City Superintendent E L Fulton 
Puncipal Hierh School Edna Lohrding 
Supv Mus & Draw Miss Ethel Ilift. 

Havlland, Kiowa Co., pop. 568. 

Cit> Supenntendent Sj Hester Chance 

Friends' Haviland Academy, prep ; co-ed., 
Fi lends, est 1892, E E Hadley, Pun 

Hays, Ellis Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr J H Middlekauff 
Sec Bd Educ A O Robinson 
City Supeiintendent Charles A Shively 
Principal High School Georgia Vermond 

Western State Normal School, normal; 
state, co-ed , est 1902, W A Lewis, 

Heringrton, Dickinson Co, pop. 3,052. 

Pies Bd Educ V C Kmgsbury 
Sec Bd Educ Frank Grass 
City Supeiintendent C H Sandy 
Prin High School Charles W. Sandy. 
Supv Mus and Dom Sci Llla Rose. 
Drawing Hazel Kennedy. 

Hiawatha, Brown Co., pop 3,017. 

Pies Bd Educ L D Willitt 

Sec Bd Educ W F Shale 

City Superintendent F R Aldiich 

Principal High School A S Bigelow 

Hiawatha Academy, prep , co-ed , Bapt , 
est 1887, Rev G B Merritt, President 

National Business College, bus and sten., 
Henry Coon, Pres 

Highland, Doniphan Co., pop. 780. 

Pres Bd Educ A L Martin 
Sec Bd Bduc A. L Wynkoop 
City Supeiintendent J A Jones 
Principal High School J W Maraton 

Highland College, coll, prep., nor, music, 
com'l courses, co-ed , Presb , est. 1857, 
W Gilbert James, President 

Hill City, Graham Co., pop. 1,050. 

City Superintendent A D Haas 
Principal High School Lo Ree Cave 

HiUaboro, Marion Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent H W Thompson 
Principal High School Alice E Nash 

Hoisington, Barton Co., pop. 1,414. 

Pres Bd Educ J ' N Mitchell. 
Sec Bd Educ R Rankin 
City Superintendent R. Rankin. 
Prancipal High School E C Bechtold 
And Drawing Verna Rodell 





Holton, Jackson Co., pop. 3,558. 

Pies Bd Bduc M F Gabel 

Sec Bd Educ Mina Garber 

City Supcuntendent B W Learner 

Principal High School Robert Drake 

Ho r ton, Brown Co , pop. 3,936 

Pres Bd Bduc Morris Cahill 
Sec Bd Educ A B Howland 
City Superintendent Fied Thompson 
Principal High School W W Schirmer 
Manual Training James C Woodm 
Domestic Science Lulu Willis 

Howard, Elk Co, pop. 1,079. 

City Superintendent F C Gardner. 
Principal High School W P Heisler 

Hoxie, Sheridan Co., pop 532. 

City Superintendent Charles Bemis 
Prin. County H S C. C. Williams. 

Humboldt, Allen Co, pop 2,329. 

Pres Bd Educ H M. Webb 

Sec Bd Educ Wilmot Redfleld 

City Superintendent Charles M Hilleary. 

Principal High School A. M Vance 

Manual Training P R Irey 

Agriculture O F Kite 

Hntchlnson, Reno Co., pop. 16,361. 

Pres Bd. Educ F P Hettinger 
Sec Bd Educ T C Smith. 
City Superintendent Justus O Hall. 
Principal High School E F Ewing 
Supv Music Mrs Dale Asher Jacobus 
Manual Training J B Guyer 
Domestic Science Miss Theo. Kobinson 
Drawing Geitiude Chapman 
Physical Culture D O Yeoman. 
Penmanship Mrs Jennie D Leaman 
Com'l and Stenog*y A. F. Day. 

Salt City Business College; bus and sten., 
co-ed , est 1897; J D Conrad, Manager. 

State Industrial' Reformatory; state refor- 
matory for boys, est 1895; J N Herr, 

Independence, Montgomery Co., pop. 10,480 

Pies Bd Bduc S H Pipei 
Sec Bd. Educ. C. S Risdon. 
City Superintendent Charles S Risdon. 
Pnn Co High School S M Nees. 
Supv Music Irene Munsell 
Manual Training Walter Friley 
Domestic Science Anna Allen 
Physical Culture L. E. Losey. 

Olson's Business College; J C. Olson, Pres., 
317 N. Penn Av. 

lola, Allen Co., pop. 9,032. 

Pres. Bd Bduc W B Ralston. 
Sec. Bd. Bduc W. A. Wheeler. 
City Superintendent B B Lewis 
Prln. H. S.J. H Sawtell 
Supv Music Marguerite North 
Manual Training C. R. Dabbs 
Domestic Science Helen Glasse. 

lola continued 

lola Business College; bus and sten , est 
1899, O E Hazlett, President. 

Jetmore, Hodgeman Co, pop. 500. 

City Superintendent Margaret Ewing 
Pnn County H S H. J. Davis. 

Junction City, Geary Co , pop. 5,598. 

Pies Bd Educ C H. Maniey, br 
Sec Bd Educ W S. Phillips 
City Superintendent C A Wagner. 
Principal High School Vernon Lantia 
Supv Music Lulu B Lasley 

Kansas City, Wjandotte Co., pop. 82,331. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr E D Williams 
Sec Bd Bduc W. A. Seymore 
City Superintendent Matthew E. Pearson 
Supv. Music Bessie Miller. 
Domestic Science Ida Mitchell 
Physical Cultme Edgar Hairis 
Drawing Blanche Williams. 
Penmanship R. J Boyd. 

Argentine High School, 22nd and Ruby Sts.; 

C T Rice, Principal 
Kansas City High School, 9th and Main 

Sts , W A Bailey, Principal. 
Sumner High School (colored); Ninth and 

Washington Sts , John A. Hodge, Prin 
Junior High Shcool, 10th and Ivondal* 

Ave , H P Shepherd, Principal 

Kansas City Baptist Theological Seminary, 
theol , Bapt , est 1901, P. W. Crannell, 
D D , Pres 

Kansas City University; comprises College, 
Schools of Theology, Music, Oratory and 
High School, co-ed , United Brethren, 
est 1909 , J H Lucas, LL.D , Chancellor 

State Institution for the Blind, induat., 
state, Mrs. Grace Roseberry, Supt. 

Kingman, Kingman Co., pop. 2,116. 

Pres Bd. Educ W R Long 
Sec Bd Educ Beulah Russell 
City Superintendent W F Shaw 
Principal High School H C. McMillan. 
Supv Music Hazel Harlow. 
Manual Training Mr. Morgen. 
Commercial H Hossaman 

Kiowa, Darber Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent G DeLay 
Principal High School Ira Bernstorf 

L.a Harpe, Allen Co , pop. 2,757. 

Pres Bd Educ William Turner. 

Sec. Bd. Educ Fied E Wood 

City Superintendent A L Hollister. 

Principal High School J. W Jones. 

Supv. Music Florence Woodburn 

Manual Training J. W. Jones. 

Domestic Science Mrs Jessie K McGhiire. 

Lamed, Pawnee Co., pop. 2,400. 

Pres. Bd. Educ H. T Taylor. 
Sec Bd. Educ H C Van Horn. 
City Superintendent R. V. Phinney. 
Principal High School A G Tritt. 
Supv Music William. B Kinnear. 





Lawrence, Douglas Co., pop. 12,374. 

Pres Bd Educ S H Holloway 

Sec Bd Educ B B Cronemejer 

City Superintendent R A Kent 

Prm H S P H Olney 

Supv Music L Belle Kennedy. 

Manual Training L H Emmett. 

Domestic Science Lena Miller 

Drawing and Pen'ship Addie Underwood 

Haskell Institute, coll and mdust school 
for Indians, co-ed , Federal, est 1884, 
J R Wise, Supt 

Lawrence Business College, bus and sten , 
est 18G9, W. H Quackenbush, M. A, 

University of Kansas, comprises the Gradu- 
ate School, College of Liberal Arts and 
Sciences, of Engineeiing, of Fine Aits, 
of Education, of Law, of Medicine, ot 
Phaimacy, state umv , co-ed, est 1SC6, 
Frank Strong, Ph D, Piesident 

University of Kansas, School of Fine Arts, 
art, music, co-ed , Charles S. Skilton, 
A. B., Dean 

University of Kansas, School of Engineer- 
ing, courses in civil, electrical, mechani- 
cal, mining, chemical, and municipal and 
sanitary engineering, Frank O Marvin, 
A M , Dean 

University of Kansas, School of Education, 
protessional courses lor teachers, est 
1910, Arvm Olin, Ph D, Dean 

University of Kansas, School of Law, law, 
co-ed , est 1880, J W Green, A. M, 

University of Kansas, School of Medicine, 
prep , med , (freshman and sophomore) , 
reg , co-ed ; est 1900, Mervin T Sudler, 
M. D , Dean (See also Rose dale, Kans } 

University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy, 
Pharm , co-ed , est. 1885, L E Sayre, 
Ph. M., Dean 

Leavenwortn, Leavenworth Co., pop, 19,363. 

Pres Bd Educ Louis E Wufekuhler 
Sec. Bd Educ. R. J Morgan. 
City Superintendent Marcus B Moore 
Principal High School H T Steeper 
Supv Music Minnie Taylor. 
Manual Training C K Harris 
Domestic Science Helen M Pierce. 
Physical Culture Oscar Ruther. 
Drawing Blanche Cassidy. 
Com'l and Stenog'y C. W. Pratt. 

Leaven worth Business College, bus and 
sten , est 1887, Martin Gonser, Frin. 

Mount St Mary's Academy, girls' board- 
ing, R C , est 1866, Sisters of Charity 

Leoti, Wichita Co., pop. 500. 

Pnn Co High School George R Ballard 

Liberal, Seward Co., pop. 1,800 

Pres Bd Educ M. H Scandrett. 
Sec Bd Educ W H Feather 
City Superintendent F O Rindon. 
Principal High School Mabel Heiker. 

Lincoln, Lincoln Co, pop 1,450. 

Pres Bd Educ E A McFariand 
Soc Bd Educ 3 S Stover 
City Superintendent J H Davies 
Principal High School E F Tinker 

Lindsborg, McPherson Co , pop. 1,927. 

Pies Bd Educ N O Cailson 
Sec Bd Educ Alfred Lundquist 
City Supei mtendent Elmer Ahlstedt. 
Pimcipal High School Ljdia Esking 
Manual Training Pi of Jones 
Domestic Science Esthei Chnstenson 

Bethany College, coll , co-cd , Swed Luth ; 
est 1881, Ernest F Phiiblad, A. M. t 

Longton, Elk Go, pop. 1,300. 

Pies Bd Educ G W Amesbeiry 
Sec Bd Educ Frank Gieene 
City Superintendent C E. Davis 
Principal High School Ethel Jolley. 

Lyons, Bice Co., pop. 1,975. 

City Superintendent T A Edgerton 
Principal High School A. E. Brown. 

McPherson, McPherson Co., pop. 3,516. 

Pres Bd. Educ J B Haight 
Sec Bd Educ A C. Spilman 
City Superintendent George G Pinney. 
Principal High School R. W. Potwin. 
Supv Music and Draw Alice M. Sandber* 
Manual Training Luther Coblentz. 
Domestic Science Katherine Tupper. 
Physical Culture Mr. H S. Lansing 

Cential Academy, prop , co-ed , Free Meth- 
odist, est 1914, L Glenn Lewis, Principal. 

McPherson College, collegiate, prep , music, 
com'l depts , co-ed , Ger Bap , est 1887, 
Daniel W Kurtz, President 

Manhattan, Riley Co., pop. 5,723. 

Pres Bd. Educ A. R Springer 
Sec Bd Educ R B Spilman 
City Superintendent E B Gift 
Principal High School J H Sawtell. 
Supv Music Faye Richards 
Manual Training -M D Collins 
Domestic Science iMargaret SchultB* 
Drawing Gladys Bate 

Kansas State Agricultural College; com- 
prises Division of Agriculture, of Me- 
chanic Arts, of Home Economics, of Gen- 
eral Science, and the School of Agricul- 
ture, state, co-ed , est. 1863, Henry J. 
Waters, LL D , President 

Kansas State Agricultural College, Division 
of Agriculture, courses in agriculture, 
veterinary medicine, and dairying, Wil- 
liam M. Jardine, B S. A., Dean 

Kansas State Agricultural College; Division 
of Mechanic Arts, courses in mechanical, 
electrical, and civil engineering, architec- 
ture, and printing, Audrey A Potter, 





Manhattan continued 

Kansas State Agricultural College, Division 
of Home Economics, courses in domestic 
art and domestic science, Mary Pierce 
Van Zile, Dean. 

National Business College, bus and sten ; 
Henry Coon, Pres 

Mankato, Jewell Co., pop 1,300. 

City Superintendent J J Haney 
Principal High School Mat tie "Walker 

Marion, Marion Co , pop. 1,802. 

Pres Bd Educ W A Stauffer 
Sec Bd Educ T B Matlock 
City Superintendent C. B St John 
Principal High School Alvm Wight. 
Supv Music Idella Harris 

Marysiille, Marshall Co., pop. 2,094. 

Pres Bd Educ E O Webber 
Sec Bd Educ H P Armstrong 
City Supeimtendent C O Smith 
Puncipal High School J J Fowler 
Supv Music Mai le Grauer 

Modern Normal College, normal, private, 
co-ed , J. G Allenbecker, Fres 

Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., pop. 1,1<M) 

City Superintendent D W Major 
Principal High School Annie E. Bell. 

Miltonvale, Cloud Co., pop. 500. 

City Superintendent E C Traxler 
Miltonville Wesley an College; nor and 

prep , co-ed , M E , est. 1909, Silas W. 

Bond, A M, President 

Minneapolis, Ottawa Co., pop. 1,772. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Johnston 
Sec Bd Educ E L Chapin 
City Superintendent C A Yeomans 
Principal High School Grace Irwin 
Supv Music Hazel Silvers 
Manual Training David Wooster 
Penmanship F M Nuruh 

Nadean, Jackson Co., pop. 25. 

Pottawatozme Boarding School, govt school 
for Indians, est 1872, G L Williams, 

Neodesha, Wilson Co, pop. 3,470. 

Pres Bd Educ O D Sharpe 
Sec Bd Educ Charles A Speer 
City Superintendent Harry P Study 
Principal High School William Grayunn 
Primary Miss Rowley 

Newton, Harvey Co., pop. 7,862. 

Pres Bd Educ Bennett Grove 
Sec Bd Educ B O Ha gen 
City Superintendent B. F. Martin. 
Principal High School W A Sterba 
Supv Music Florence West 
Manual Training C C Cushman 
Domestic Science Mrs Ola Raymond 
Drawing Mrs Harriet Benson. 
Commercial Miss E. Mosher 

Bethel College, coll. and prep ; co-ed.; 
Mennonite; est. 1893; Rev. J. W. XUewer, 

New Ulysses, Grant Co., pop 175. 

Pies Bd Educ S M Alexander 
Sec Bd Educ H \V Eailougher 
Prin County H S Ellen M Hickok. 
Nickerson, Reno Co , pop. 1,050. 

City Superintendent E M West. 

Nickerson N,ormal College, normal, pri- 
vate, co-ed ; non-sect , est. 1898, Edward 
B Smith, Pres. 

North Branch, Jewell Co., pop. 100. 

North Branch Academy, prep , co-ed , 
Fi lends, est 1889, E E Hadley, Pi in 

Norton, Norton Co , pop 1,700. 

Pies Bd Educ- N I Hedge 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Fred Madden 
City Superintendent A B Robison. 
Principal County H S G H Jaggard 

Oberlin, Decatnr Co., pop. 1,300. 

Prin County H S Caleb W Sniick 

Olathe, Johnson Co., pop. 3,183. 

Pies Bd Educ 1 C. Hushey 
Sec Bd Educ H L, Lanter 
City Superintendent S. D Dice 
Puncipal High School E N Hill 

State School for the Deaf, co-ed ; est 1861, 
Mrs Kate Herman, Supeilntendent 

Osage City, Osage Co , pop. 2,937. 

Citv Supeimtendent V E Postma 
Principal High School Alex Seaton, Jr 

Osawatomie, Miami Co., pop. 3,889. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Pace 
Sec Bd Educ O T Beeson 
City Superintendent S D Hendrix. 
Prin H S H. B. Amyx. 

Osawatomie State Hospital for Insane, 
state, co-ed , est 1863, F A Carmlchael, 
M D , Supeimtendent 

Osborne, Osborne Co., pop. 1,606. 

Pies Bd Educ J J. Hays 

Sec Bd Educ Roy Hays 

City Superintendent C. B. Rarick. 

Principal High School Elsie Power. 

Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,009. 

Pres Bd Educ A G. Smith 

Sec Bd Educ Curtis Patrick 

City Superintendent G B Whitcraft 

Pun High School George L. McClenny. 

Oswego, Habette Go , pop. 2,228. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs I B. Kirkpatrick. 
Sec. Bd Educ Mrs Belle Toung 
City Supei mtendent Joseph I Knott. 
Principal High School Fred McColey 
Domestic Science Miss Helen Columbia, 
Osweg-o College; girls' boarding, Presby. f 
Dr Thomas Marshall, Pres 

Strode > cademy ; prep ; co-ed. ; Advent. ; 

J. B White, Prin. 
Ottawa, Franklin Co., pop. 7,650. 

Pres Bd Educ J B. Byers 
Sec Bd Educ A. L Bell 
City Superintendent A F Senter 
Prin H S Ralph E. Gowans 
Supv Music Grace Westmacott. * 





Ottawa con tinued 
Manual Training M H Sims 
Domestic Science Alice Keith 
Commercial Adelaide Weber 

Ottawa Business College, bus and sten ; 
est 1910, Grant H. Grain, President. 

Ottawa University, comprises College of 
Liberal Aits, Academy, School of Fine 
Arts (Music, Expression, Art) , co-ed , 
Bap , est. 1865. Silas Bber Price, D. D, 

Paola, Miami Co., pop. 3,636. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Leiblngood. 

Sec Bd Educ E K Thompson 

City Superintendent O C Graber 

Prm High School Edward Vander Vries 

Supv Music R R Robertson 

Manual Training Guy C Omer. 

Domestic Science Minnie Foresman. 

Drawing Mrs Maria A Stevinson. 

Pen'ship, Com'l & Stenog Gertrude Hill. 

Ursuline Academy, girls* boarding; R C., 
est 1895, Mother Jerome. Pres 

Parsons, Labette Co., pop. 12,463. 

Pres Bd. Educ T R Clark 
Sec Bd Educ F L, Pmet 
City Superintendent John F Barnhlll 
Principal High School H T Steeper 
Supv Music Roberta M inter 
Playground L B Herod 
Manual Training J W Baxter 
Domestic Science Gertrude Post 

Olson's Commercial College; bus and fiten. , 
est 1891, J. C Olson, Pres 

Peabody, Marion Co., pop. 1,276. 

Pres Bd Educ D J Roberts 
Sec Bd Educ T M Patten 
City Superintendent J K. Loomls. 
Supv Music Miss Newcoxn 
Manual Training J Vilander 

Phillipsburg, Phillips Co , pop. 1,285. 

City Superintendent Olive Thomas 
Principal High School May S Hall 

Plttsburg, Crawford Co., pop. 14,755. 

Pres Bd Educ John P Curran 
Sec Bd. Educ George W Kreger 
City Superintendent John F Bender 
Principal High School John L Hutchinson 
Supv Music Glenn Stables 
Drawing May Cropper 

Pittsburg Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1895; S W Errebo, M S, Pres 

State Manual Training Normal School, 
nor , state, co-ed., W. A. Brandenberg, 

Plalnville, Books Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent H. J Brown 
Principal High School Belle Lunden. 

Ftoasanton, XAxm Co., pop. 1,559. 

City Superintendent F. N. Chapman. 
Principal High School B. B. Shore. 

Pratt, Pratt Co, pop 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ S H Shrack 
Sec Bd Educ Alice W Pioctor 
Puncipal High School J F Reynolds 
Supv Music Miss Norfolk 
Manual Training William Ball 

Quindaro, Wyandotte Co , pop. 500. 

Western University (colored), industrial 
school for negtoes, co-ed , A. M. E , est 
189 S, H T Keahng, President 

Rosedale, Wyandotte Co, pop. 5,960. 

City Superintendent Armour P Vaughn 

University of Kansas, School of Medicine 
(junior and senior years), med , reg. , 
co-ed , est 1905, Samuel J Crumbine, 
A M, M D, Dean 

Russell, Russell Co, pop. 1,165 

City Superintendent Frank R Aldrlch. 
Puncipal High School Vernon Reppert 

St. Francis, Cheyenne Co., pop. 675. 

Pies Bd Educ A Riddel I 
Sec Bd Educ J E Uplinger 
City Supt & Prm H S A H Neff 

St. John, Stafford Co., pop. 1,400. 

Cit> Superintendent W F Shaw 
Principal High School J W Wolfe 

St. Marys, Pottawatomle Co, pop. 1,227. 

Pres Bd Educ T J Ryan 
Sec Bd Educ John B DeMarais 
City Superintendent C W Postma 
Principal High School Ida K Moriaitz 

St Mary's College, college and high school; 
men, R C , est 1848, Rev William J 
Wallace, S J, Piesident 

St. Paul, Neosho Co , pop. 1,086. 

City Superintendent Mabel Burns 

St Paul School, prep , co-ed , R C , est 
1847, F Raymond, Pres 

Sabetha, Nernaha Co, pop 1,857. 

Pi es Bd Educ A J Collins 

Sec Bd Educ Charles A Cave 

City Superintendent George A. Allen, Jr. 

Principal High School C E Irwm 

Supv Music Sylvia Church 

Salina, Saline Co., pop. 9,688. 

Pies Bd Educ O D Walker. 

Sec Bd Educ L C Housel 

City Superintendent W S Heusner. 

Principal High School R H McWilliams 

Supv Music Vera Eberhardt 

Manual Training Karl H Miller 

Domestic Science Grace Armstrong 

Drawing Wilma Balyeat 

Penmanship J E Weiss 

Commercial Frances Hamilton 

Kansas Wesleyan Business College; bua., 
sten, tel. and wireless, est. 1891, T. "W. 
Roach, Superintendent. 





Salina continued 

Kansas Wesleyan University; coll and 
normal, co-ed , M E , est 1886, .Rev 
John P Harmon, President 

St Martin's School for Boys, boy's board- 
ing:, P. E , est 1913, Rev Bowyer Stew- 
art, Principal 

Sacred Heart School, prep , co-ed ; R C., 
Sister Raphael, Superior. 

Santa Fe, Haskell Co., pop. 150. 

Principal County H S H W. Felter 

Scammon, Cherokee Co, pop. 2,373. 

Prea Bd Educ T B Pryor 
Sec Bd Educ J P Pollock. 
City Superintendent M L Catlett 
Principal High School Lithe Timmons 

Scott, Scott Co., pop. 918 

Pres Bd Educ O D Card 

Sec Bd Educ \ Noese 

Citv Superintendent F H Beedle 

Principal High School F. H Beedle 

Scran ton, Osagre Co , pop. 1,027 

City Superintendent Fred H Jorgenson 
Principal High School Effie Carrell 

Sedan, Chautauqna Co., pop. 2,211. 

City Superintendent J W Roberts 
Principal High School Walter J Meyer 

Seneca, Nemaha Co , pop. 1,853. 
City Superintendent R. G Mueller 
Principal High School C C Fairchild 

Smith Center, Smith Co., pop. 1,450 

Pres Bd Educ Carl Lowery 
Sec Bd Educ P M Movers 
City Superintendent Guy Warren 
Principal High School Etta Arrow-smith 

Solomon, Dickinson Co , pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent J. L Mickey. 

Principal High School Jennie Johnson 

Stafford, Stafford Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent Gordon Bailey 
Principal High School Burt O Beal 

Sterling*, Bice Co., pop. 2,013. 

Pres. Bd. Educ E E Potter. 

Sec Bd Educ S R Lyons 

City Superintendent Charles A. Hall. 

Principal High School R. H, Williams. 

Supv Music W W Waring 

Penmanship JT G Arkright 

Drawing Bonnie Weyler 

Cooper College, coll. and prep , Un 
Presb.; est. 1887; Ross T. Campbell, 
D D, Pres 

Stockton, Books Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent B H Rouse 
Principal High School Elenor Morrison 

Syracuse, Hamilton Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent Charles Marlow 
Principal High School Helen Daniels 
Tonganoxle, Leavenworth Co., pop. 1,050. 
City Superintendent C. W. McCormick. 
Principal High School Mary Phenicie 

Topeka. Shawnee Co., pop. 43,684. 

Pies Bd Educ Li M Jones 
Sec Bd Educ M. C. Holman. 
City Superintendent H B. Wilion. 
Prin H S A J Stout 
Supv Music Mildred Hazelrigrg 
Manual Training Philip S Hasty 
Drawing Mary Bunker 
Penmanship Stella Biodowsky 
Physical Education W P MacLean 

Assumption School prep : co-ed , R. C., 
est 1867, Sister Rose, Superior 

Biasing Conservatory of Music, mus : 
co-ed , est 1905, Petrowitsoh Biasing, 
Pres , 706 Kansas Av. 

College of the Sisters of Bethany: girls 
boarding. P E ; est 1861; Miss Matilda 
Bailey, Principal 

Dougherty's Business Training: School* btwu 
and sten , est 1894, Geo E Dougherty, 
Pres, 116 W 8th Av 

School of Expression and Drama; eloc 
and or , est 1895, Miss Clara M. Crumb, 

School of Pianoforte Flaying:; music; Mrs. 
Annie M Parrv-Bundy, Director. 

State Industrial School for Boys; state re- 
form school, boys; est. 1879, H W 
Charles, Supt. 

Standard Shorthand School* sten : est. 
1887; Anna E Canan, President, 630 Kan- 
sas Ave. 

Topeka Business College ; bus and sten : 
est 1888, L, H Strickler, President, 111 
E Eighth 

Topeka Industrial and Educational Insti- 
tute (colored), Indust ; Wm R Carter, 

Washburn College, comprises the College, 
Academy, Bible School, School of Law. of 
Fine Arts, co-ed ; Cong , est 1865; Rev 
Parley P Womer, D D , President. 

Washburn College Law School, three-year 
course; co-ed , est 1903; Thomas W 
Hughes, Dean 

Washburn College School of Bible and 
Social Service, Rev. Prank T Lee, D. D, 

Washburn College School of Pine Arts, 
music, elocution, drawing, art, Horace 
Whitehouse, Dean 

Tribune, Greelev Co., pop. 158. 

Prin County H S W H Skinner 

Valley Falls, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent Harry McGuire. 
Prin H. S Maud Myers 

Wakeeney, Tregro Co., pop. 883. 

Pres Bd Educ D C Hardman 
Sec Bd Educ J Phares 
City Superintendent J A Winchester 
Prin, County H. S J H Niealey. 

Wameffo, Pottawatomle Co., pop. 1,738. 

City Superintendent H C. Jent. 
Principal High School Emma Partridge. 





Washington, Washington Co., pop. 1,700 

City Superintendent J W. Murphy 
Principal High School E C O'Roke 

Washington Academy, prep ; co-ed 
Bapt , est 1892, S S Hageman, Prin 

Weir, Cherokee Co, pop. 2,583 

Pres Bd Educ L H Waddle 
Sec Bd Educ W ~W Millnei 
City Superintendent B B Allen 
Principal High School F E Messersmith 

Kansas State School of Mines and Metal- 
lurgy, mining, state; men, est. 1912; 
Burton Lee Wolfe, Director 

Wellington, Summer Co, pop, 7,034. 

Pres Bd Educ C W Hunter 

Sec. Bd Educ E "W Spear 

City Superintendent Lilion D O'Brien 

Prin County H S. H. P. Butcher 

Wichita, Sedgrwidk Co , pop. 52,450. 

Pres Bd Educ W C Kemp 
Sec Bd Educ J L Leland 


Supv Music Beatrice Marsh 
Manual Training J p Parks 
Domestic Science Nellie Waddmgton 
Physical Culture J E Barnes 
Drawing Margaret McHenry 
Penmanship William Anderson 

Fairmont College, college, academy, music, 
art and home economics, co-ed Cong 
est 1892, Walter H Rollins, President ' 

Friends' University, comprises College. Mu- 
sic and Preparatory Schools, co-ed , 
Friends, est 1898, Edmund Stanley, A. M , 

Metropolitan School of Music, est. 1905- 
Myron Lynne Hull, Director, 206 N* 
Main Street 

Miller Business College, bus and sten est 
18 93 H. S Miller, President, Lawrence 
and First. 

Wichita continued 
Mount Carmel Academy, girls' boarding. 

R C , est 1887, Sister Mary Isabella, 

C B V M , Superior 
Power-Myers Conservatory of Music, eat. 

1910, Frank A Power, Director, 10 B. 

Douglas Avenue 
Western School of Elocution and Oratory, 

est 1890, George W Hoss, Pres 
Wichita Business College, bus and sten ; 

est 1899, co-ed , Will G Price, Pre0 
Wichita College of Music, mus. , co-ed.; 

est 1906, Theodore Lindberg, Pres 
Wichita Telegraph College, tel.; co-ed , 

est 1899, W. B. Alvey, Pres 

Wilson, Ellsworth Co , pop. 1,200. 
City Superintendent M C Martin 
Principal High School E M Button 

Winfield, Cowley Co, pop. 6,700. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Somermeier 

Sec Bd Educ Earl Haitley 

City Superintendent James W Gowana 

Principal High School M C Prunty. 

Supv Music L M Gordon 

Di a~w ing Mildi ed Brown 

St John's Lutheran College, prep , music 
and business, co-ed., Luth , est. 1898, 
Prof A. W Meyer, Director 

Southwestern College; college, academy, mu- 
sic, business, art, oratory, co-ed , M E , 
est. 1886, Frank E Mossman, D D, Pres 

State School for Feeble-Minded Youth; 
state, co-ed , est 1881, F C Cave, Supt 

Winfleld College of Music, mus. and or ; 
est 1900, Archibald Omstead, Director. 

Yates Center, Woodson Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ F L Stephenson 
Sec Bd Educ Miss V E Ream 
City Superintendent Arthur D Catlin 
Principal High SchoolEdna Carpenter 
Supv Music Grace Lamb 


Population, 2,289,905. School census, 739,906. School age, 6-20. 

Kentucky is the fourteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,289,905 inhabitants, of whom 88 6 per cent are white. Of this number 1.8 
per cent are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population 
ten years of age and over, is 12.1 per cent., the state ranking thirty-seventh in thia 
respect The educational system of the state is as follows : 


V. O. GILBERT, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

PAUL F MEAGHER, Assistant Superintendent . ... Frankfort 

CORBETT STEPHENSON, Assistant Inspector of Schools ... . Frankfort 

M. F. POGUE, Assistant Inspector of Schools ." .... Frankfort 

McHENRY EHOADES, State Supervisor High Schools . Lexington 

J V CHAPMAN, State Supervisor Eural Schools . .... . Frankfort 

F. C. BUTTON, Assistant Supervisor Bural Schools Frankfort 


V. O GILBERT, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chairman . . . Frankfort 

M. -M LOGAN, Attorney -General . ... ... . Frankfort 

JAMES P. LE.WIS, Secretary of State Frankfort 


V O GILBERT, Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

J. W. IRELAND, Superintendent of City Schools Stanford 

G. F CRUME, Superintendent of City Schools Vine Grove 


GOVERNOR JAMES B. MCCREAT, Chairman Frankfort 

SUPERINTENDENT V. O. GIUBERT, Secretary Frankfort 

L. E FOSTER Hopkmsville A C COLLINS Covington 

A. H. HILL Franklin J E LANTEB . . .Winch-ester 

L. H. GREGG Shelbyville J B JOHNSON Biehmond 

FELIX E. HERRICK Louisville A. C. BURTON Bowling Green 

L. D. STUCKER Frankfort H. S BARKER Lexington 


JOHN L. PATTERSON, President Louisville 

FRANK BAINET, Secretary Danville 

C. A. TAUNER, President Winchester 


T. W. VINSON, President Louisville 

W. B. WILLIAMS, Secretary Louisville 






County Name and Address 

Adair . . Tobias Huffaker, Columbia 
Allen . . O V Trammel, Scottsville 


Mrs. Lee M Campbell, Lawrenceburg 
Ballard ... . J E Lane, Wickliffe 
Barren . Miss Nettie Depp, Glasgow 

Bath R W Kmcaid, Owmgsville 

Bell . . . Simon Delph, Pineville 
Boone . . . .Edgar C Riley, Burlington 
Bourbon . . . Miss Mabel Robbins, Paris 
Boyd . . J G Rucker, Catlettsburg 

Boyle . . . Mrs Lydia Lewis, Danville 
Bracken William Huffman, Brooksville 
Breathitt ..William Turner, Jackson 
Breckmndge J W Trent, Hardinsburg 
Bullitt . Ora L. Roby, Shepherdsville 
Butler. .. . A L Haynes, Morgantown 
Caldwell Homer W Nichols, Princeton 
Galloway Miss Lucille Grogan, Murray 
Campbell . . . J. W Reiley, Alexandria 

Carlisle D S Bishop, Bardwell 

Carroll ..Miss Sallie Ford, Carrollton 
Carter . W E Robinson, Grayson 

Casey .... EL Cundiff, Liberty 
Christian. ..L E Foster, Hopkmsville 
Clark . . .. J E Lanter, Winchester 

Clay Luther Hatten, Manchester 

Clinton . . Miss Ermon Sloan, Albany 
Crittenden . ..E J Travis, Marion 
Cumberland . . ... 

. Mrs Cora S Payne, Burksville 
Daviess ..R L McFarland, Owensboro . 
Edmonson .W A Pardue, Brownsville 
Elliott ... .D F. Gray, Sandy Hook 

Estill J H. Richardson, Irvine 

Fay ette ... 

Mrs Nannie G Faulconer, Lexington 
Fleming- . . L N Hull, Flemingsburg 
Floyd. Miss Oma Preston, Prestonsburg 
Franklin . . . L D Stucker, Frankfort 
Fulton. . .Miss Virginia Luten, Hickman 
Gallatm . Jas R McDanell, Warsaw 
Garrard.Miss Jennie Higgins, Lancaster 
Grant . . B N Harrison, Williamstown 
Graves ... J E Coleman, Mayfield 
Grayson . . .Miss Ella Lewis, Leitchfield 


.Miss Lizzie Y. Graham, Greensburg 


Miss Sophia E Kitchen, Greenup 
Hancock. .Herman J. Rice, Hawesville 
Hardin . . . J. A Payne, Elizabethtown 

Harlan W L. Bailey, Harlan 

Harrison ... . J W. Rogers, Cynthiana 
Hart . S M Durham, Munfordville 
Henderson.R L Cmnamond, Henderson 

Henry J. S Mitchell, Newcastle 

Hickman W L Best, Clinton 

Hopkins . . . .L R Ray, Madisonville 

Jackson J J Davis, McKee 

Jefferson . . . Orville Stivers, Louisville 
Jessamine C C. Sandusky, Nicholasville 

Johnson Fred Meade, Pamtsville 

Kenton J C. Mills, Erlanger 

Knott . . . Adam Campbell, Hindman 
Knox. . . W W Evans, Barbourville 

Larue E W. Creal, Hodgenville 

Laurel. . . . J M Feltner, London 
Lawrence . . . . J H Ekers, Louisa 

County Name and Address 

Lee . .W. D Lucas, Beattyville 

Leslie . J D Muncy, Hyden 

Letcher George W Jenkins, Whitesburg 
Lewis J Q Adams, Vanceburpr 

Lincoln . .Garland Singleton, Stanford 


. John Quertermous, Smithland 
Logan P M Barnes, Russellville 

Lyon . . N G Martin, Eddyville 
Madison . . H H Brock, Richmond 

Magoffin ... S S. Elana, Saylersville 
Marion. J W Clarkson, Lebanon 

Marshall .... John E Arant, Benton 
Mai tin. . U G Johnson, Inez 

Mason Miss Jessie O Yancey, Maysville 
McCracken . .M V Miller, Paducafo 
McCreary . 

..Miss Nora Alcorn, Whitley City 
McLean. . .. R M Stroud, Calhoun 
Meade . . . L H Powell, Brandenburg 
Menifee . . ..WO Back, Frenchburg 

. .Miss Ora L. Adams, Harrodsburg 
Metcalfe Avery Sartin, Edmonton 

Monroe ... J E. Martin, Tompkinsville 

Montgomery . . 

Miss Georgia Sledd, Mt Sterling 
Morgan . . Jas W Davis, West Liberty 

. ...Miss Amy Longest, Greenville 
Nelson. . . .W. T McClam, Baidstown 


Miss Lida E Gardner, Carlisle 

Ohio ... . Ozna Shultz, Hartford 

Oldham . . . . J W Selph, Lagrange 

Owen O V Jones, Owenton 

Owsley P M Frye, Booneville 

Pendleton John N Gosney, Falmouth 

Perry John Mclntosh, Hazard 

Pike M. F Campbell, Pikeville 

Powell Mrs Kate S Bohannon, Stanton 
Pulaski... Henry C Anderson, Somerset 
Robertson. Cleveland Moore, Mt Olivet 
Rockcastle W A B. Davis, Mt Vernon 
Rowan ... J H Powers, Morehead 
Russell ....J. W Mitchell, Jamestown 
Scott . .Miss Mary Bradley, Georgetown 

Shelby L H. Gregg, Shelby ville 

Simpson . . Charles Turner, Franklin 
Spencer . 

Miss Katie Beauchamp, Taylorsville 
Taylor George Sapp, Campbellsville 
Todd . . . . Luoien Lindsay, Elkton 
Tngg . Calvert Wallace, Cadiz 

Trimble . . .Mrs Carrie Hood, Bedford 

Union G W Curry, MorgaffieTd 

Warren O P. Roemer, Bowling Green 

. . Miss Ella Shaunty, Springfield 

Wayne John C Brammer, Monticello 

Webster. ... A L Lloyd, Dixon 

Whxtley E F Davis, Williamsburgr 

Wolfe Taylor Shockey, Camp ton 

Woodford . ..M. B Hifner. .Versailles 






Anchorage, Jefferson Co., pop 100. 

Supt of Schools W G Lord. 

Bellewood Seminary, girls* boarding, est 
1860, non-Beet , W. G Lord, A M , LL 
B , Principal 

Arlington, Carlisle Co., pop. 584 

Pres Bd Educ Hoi ace Davis 
Sec Bd Educ H L Mosby 
Principal High School E E. Tartar. 

Ashland, Boyd Co., pop. 8,688. 

City Superintendent James W Bradner. 
Principal County H S J W Bradner 

Auburn, Logan Co., pop. 697* 

Prin County H S John D Spears. 

Auburn Seminary, prep , co-ed ; Cumb 
Presb , W. Lee Harris, Acad Master. 

Augusta, Bracken Co., pop. 1,718. 

Pres Bd Educ M Hargett 
Sec Bd Educ E Shinkle 
City Superintendent A J Jolly 
Principal High School Inez Luten 

Barboursville, Knox Co, pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ T D Tuisley. 
Sec Bd Educ J F Stannll 
City Superintendent J Alex Tinsley 
Prin County H S J. Alex Tinsley. 

Barboursville Baptist Institute, prep , co- 
ed , boarding, Bapt , est. 1898, J A. 
Lowery, Principal. 

Union College, coll ; co-ed , M E , et 
1886, Percy L Ports, Pres 

Bardstow&v Kelson Co., pop. 1,711. 

Pres Bd Educ W A Rosenham 
Sec Bd Educ H R Cox 
Supt of Schools P. H Neblet 
Prin County H. S E. N Fulton. 

Bardatown Baptist Institute; prep ; co-ed ; 

est. 1884, R F. Galther, Prin 
St Joseph 'o College, boys' boarding, R. C ; 

est 1819, Brother Sulpiclus, C. F. X, 


Bardwell, Carlisle Co., pop. 1,400. 

Principal County H S Hardm Graves 

Beaver Dam, Ohio Co., pop. 700. 

Pres Bd Educ J P McKenney. 
Sec Bd Educ- V. M Stewart 
City Superintendent J. Logan Stillwell. 
Prin County H S Dudley S Tanner. 
Supv. Music Miss Mary Steuart. 

West Kentucky Seminary, prep , co-ed., 
non-sect., O L. Shultz, Principal. 

Bellevue, Campbell Co, pop 6,683. 

Pres Bd Educ C. A. Patzold 
Sec. Bd Educ J W Schuler 
City Superintendent J. W Ireland 
Supv Music Anna West 
Physical Culture Estella Dlsz 

Benton, Marshall Co., pop. 875. 

Principal County H S G E Everett, 

Berea, Madison Co , pop. 1,510. 

Pres Bd Educ 3 S Gott 

Sec Bd Educ Charles D Lewis 

City Superintendent Hardm Long. 

Berea College, comprises the College, Nor- 
mal School, Academy, Vocational Schools, 
and Music Dept ; co-ed ; non-sect ; est. 
1855, William Goodell Frost, LLD. 

Blackey, Leteher Co., pop. 100 

Stuart Robinson College, prep ; co-ed.; 
Presb , est 1914, Edward O Guerrant, 
Pi incipal. 

Blaine, Lawrence Co , pop. 200. 

Supt of Schools John Burfce. 

Blaine Normal School, normal, private; 
co-ed , est 1880, G Milton Elaxn, Prin 

Blandvllle, Ballard Co, pop. 165. 

Blandville Baptist College, prep ; co-ed.; 
Bapt , J R Robinson, Prin. 

Blooxnfleld, Nelson Co., pop. 600. 

Pres Bd Educ F B Offutt. 

Sec Bd. Educ Ellis Green 

Principal High School George W Peck 

Boonevllle, Owsley Co., pop. 260. 

Supt of Schools A. L. Cole 

Boonevllle Academy, prep ; co-ed , Presb., 
est 1895; Rev. W. A E. Campbell, A 
B, B D. Prin. 

Bowling; Green, Warren Co., pop. 9,173. 

Pres Bd Educ C H Smith 

Sec Bd Educ W. W Williams 

City Superintendent Thomas C. Cherry. 

Prin County H S E. A. Sigler. 

Supv Music Mary Arnutage 

Drawinjg iMiss Reed Potter 

Training School Laura Frazel. 

Bowling Green Business University; bus 
and sten ; est. 1875, J. S Dickey, Pres 

Ogden College; coll ; men; non-sect ; est. 

1877, William M Pearce, A. B., Pres. 
Potter College; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

est 1889; Rev' B. F. Cabell, Prin 
St Joseph's Academy; girl's boarding; R. 

C , Sister Superior 
Western Kentucky State Normal School; 

nor, state; co-ed.; est. 1907; H. H. 

Cherry, Pres 

Buffalo, Lame Co., pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ R. M Brown. 
Sec Bd, Educ W. L Ferrill. 
Principal High School L L Hudson 





Buffalo con timed 

East Lynne College, prep , co-ed , non- 
sect . est. 1874 , G L Grume, A. B , 

Burgin, Mercer Co., pop. 70S. 

Prin County H S Lucile Sharp 

Burkesville, Cumberland Co.* pop. 450. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Jones 
Sec Bd Educ E B McGee 
Prin County H. S Louis Clifton. 
Alexander College, prep , co-ed , Presb ; 

eat. 1870; J Russell Crawford, A. B , D 

D., Prea. 

Burlington, Boone Co., pop 260. 

Pres Bd Educ Edgar C Riley 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Kelly 

Prin County H S James A Caywood 

Calhoun, McLean Co, pop. 760. 

Prin County H S Cora Stroud 

Cadiz, Trigs Co., pop. 1000. 

Prin County H S N D Bryant 

Campbellsbnrg, Henry Co., pop. 375. 

Campbellsburg High School, prep , co-ed , 
boarding, non-sect , est 1894, J W 
Pearcy, Principal 

Campbellsville, Taylor Co., pop. 1,400. 

Principal County H S J P Boling 

S W Buchanan Collegiate Institute, prep , 
co-ed; Presb ; est 1904, Isaac Mitchell, 
A M f Prin 

Campton, Wolfe Co., pop. 470. 

Prin. County H S J R Abner. 

Kentucky Wesleyan Academy, prep , co- 
ed , M E , So. ; George Clarke, Prin 

Cane Spring, Bullitt Co. 

Eckstein Norton University; industrial and 
trade school. 

Cannier, Hart Co., pop. 285. 

Supt. of Schools T T Johnson 

Lilian Academy; girls' boarding, S M. Dur- 
ham, Prin. 

Carlisle, Nicholas Co., pop. 1,720. 

Pres Bd Educ I B Ross 

Sec Bd Educ S K Veach 

City Superintendent R Dean Squires 

Principal High School B H Moore. 

Carrollton, Carroll Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ J p. Wheeler 
Sec Bd Educ W C Darling 
City Superintendent W F O'Donnell 
Principal High School J H "Way 

St John's Select School, prep.; co-ed ; 

B C , Sister Calista, Superior 

Catlettsbnrsr, Boyd Co., pop. 8,620. 

Pres Bd Educ J Kmcaid 

Sec Bd Educ C E Silcott 

City Superintendent J O Faulkner 

Principal High School C. V Hannum. 

Central City, Muhlenberg Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ J P Tuck 
City Superintendent T S Williams 
Sec Bd Educ Mai tin Moore 
Principal High School E Y Allen 
Supv Music Lillian Marshall 
Domestic Science Bobbie Terny 
Draw & Penmanship Lillian Batsel 

Clinton Hickman Co., pop. 1,500. 

Prin County H S H. W Puckett 

Marvin University School, prep : co-ed ; 
M. E So , A J South, Principal. 

Cloverport, Breckinridge Co , pop. 1,656. 

Supt of Schools Rufus McCoy 

Columbia, Adair Co., pop. 900. 

Pres Bd Educ R W Browder 
Sec Bd Educ J S Chandler 
City Superintendent T B Huffaker 
Principal High School P G Chandler 

Lindsay- Wilson Training School; prep , co- 
ed , M E , est 1903, J S Chandler, 

Columbtis, Hickman Co , pop. 1,250. 

Pres Bd Educ Otis Peebles 
Sec Bd Educ N I Hess 
Principal High School M C Jewell 

Corinth, Grant Co, pop. 475. 

Northern Kentucky Normal Academy, 
prep , co-ed , non-sect , D J Wright, 

Corydon, Henderson Co, pop. BOO. 

Prin County H S L H Gehman 

Covlngton, Kenton Co., pop 53,270. 

Pres Bd Educ E W Pflueger 
Sec Bd Educ W. A Shore. 
City Superintendent Homer O Sluss. 
Supervisor Music J L Newhall 
Manual Training H E Roberts 
Domestic Science Miss J. D. Johnson. 
Physical Culture Anna Campbell 
Drawing 1 Mrs K Culbertson. 
Penmanship May L>nch 
Kindergarten Elizabeth Pyle 
Commercial C S Chambers 

Covmgton High School, 12th and Russell 

Sts , H S Cox, Principal 
William Giant High School, Seventh street, 

R L Yancey, Principal 

Notre Dame Academy, girls' boarding; B. 
C ; Sister Mary Armella, Priu 

St Joseph's School for Boys, boys' board- 
Ing, Brother Francis Lehr, Prin., 107 E. 

St Walburg Academy, prep , co-ed ; K. C.; 
est. 1859; Mother Walburg Saelinger 
Prioress, 72 B Twelfth St. 





Crescent Springs, Kenton Co., pop 300. 

Villa Madonna Academy, girls' boarding; 
R C f Sisters of St. Benedict, Sister 

Cynthiana, Harrison Co., pep. 3,300. 

Pres Bd Educ B T Riggs 
Sec Bd Educ Josephus Martin 
City Superintendent R I Cord 
Principal High School C W. Denham 

Danville, Boyle Co , pop. 5,420. 

Pres Bd Educ Lydia Lewis 

Sec Bd Educ George H Hocker 

City Supt & Prm H S J A Carnaghey 

Central Preparatory School, prep , co-ed , 
non-sect , L C Bosley, Pimcipal 

Central University of Kentucky; coll , 
men, Presb , est 1822, Rev William A 
Ganfield, D B , Pi esident 

Harris Business College, bus and sten , 
Miss Dove Hams, Principal 

Kentucky College for "Women, girls' board- 
ing, Presb , est 1860, M M Allen, A B, 

Dawsonspringrs, Hopkins Co , pop 1,000. 

Prin County H S J C Jenkins. 

Dayton, Campbell Co., pop 6,970 

Pres Bd Educ. W H McCormick. 
Sec. Bd Educ John Chrest. 
City Superintendent L. N Taylor. 
Principal High School J M McVey 
Supv Music N. B Yeardley. 
Drawing Mrs. Lena S Martin. 
Stenography Margaret McGinnis 

Dekoven, Union Co , pop. 650. 

Pimcipal County H S R L Lisanby 

Earlington, Hopkins Co., pop 3,012. 

Pres Bd Educ Paul M Moore 
Sec Bd Educ Ernest Newton 
City Superintendent C E. Dudley 
Prin County H S C. E Dudley 

Bddyville, Lyon Co., pop 1,250. 

Principal County H S Mrs J A Holton 

Eiizabethtown, Hardin Co., pop. 1,070. 

Pres Bd Educ William Essex 
Sec Bd Educ H T Jones 
City Superintendent R Y Maxey 
Prin County H. S C. H. Gifford. 

Hardin Collegiate Institute, prep ; co-ed ; 

Presb. , J E Austin Jr , Prin. 
St James' School, prep , co-ed., R. C., 

Sister M Gabriel, Prin 

Elizaville, Fleming Co., pop. 199. 

Supt of Schools Thornton Cowan 

"Willow* Dell Academy; prep ; co-ed , non- 
Beet.; James H. McGohan, Prin. 

Elkton, Todd Co., pop. 1,123. 

Pres Bd Educ George P Street 

Sec Bd. Educ J M Weathers 

City Superintendent E B. "Weathers, Jr 

Prin. County H. S. E. B. Weathers, Jr. 

ISlkton continued 

Vanderbilt Training School, boys' boarding; 
M. E So , est 1892, W O Batts, B. A, 
W. P Matheney, B A, Principals 

Eminence, Henry Co., pop. 1,018. 

Prin County H S J B Sibley 

Erlangrer, Kenton Co., pop 650. 

Principal County H S P L Hamlett 

Falmonth, Fendleton Co , pop. 1,134. 

Pres Bd Educ W J Rule 
Sec Bd Educ Luther Bradford 
City Superintendent G H Wells 
Principal High School Olive Mullins 

Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., pop. 1,350. 

Pres Bd Educ C L Dudley 
Sec Bd Educ C J Sutton 
City Supeimtendent Edmund Wroe 
Principal High School Lee Hunt 

Fordsville, Ohio Co., pop 700. 

Principal County H S F T Shultz 

Frankfort, Franklin Co , pop. 10,465. 

Pres Bd Educ H H Roberts 
Sec Bd Educ H V. McChesney 
City Superintendent Hugh C McKee 
Prin County H S Geo. C. Downing 
Supv Music Alice L Smart 
Domestic Science Elizabeth Jallings 
Draxvmg Jessie M Cox 
Physical Culture Ruth McChesney 
Supt Colored Schools W H Mayo. 

Kentucky Normal and Industrial Institute 
(colored), normal, state, co-ed, est. 
1S87, G P. Russell, A. M., President. 

St Joseph's Academy, girl's boarding, E. 
C , Sister Superior. 

Franklin, Simpson Co., pop. 3,063. 

Pres Bd Educ Judge Joe Aspley. 

Sec Bd Educ H H. Knapp 

City Supt & Prin Co H S W A Price 

Supv Music Josie Parard 

Franklin Female College, coll. and prep ; 
girls, non-sect , est 1864, Rev Nathaniel 
Smylie, President 

Luna School, The, boys' prep ; non-sect ; 
est. 1898, E I Luna, Prin. 

Madison Hall, girl's boarding, non-sect ; 
Miss Maude Blair, Principal. 

Southern School of Osteopthy, osteop.; co- 
ed ; est 1898; Robert W Bowling, M. 
D , D O , Dean. 

Fulton, Fulton Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ I H Read 
Sec Bd Educ S W Paris. 
City Superintendent J O Cheek 
Principal H S Miss Alma Givena 
Physical Culture Roy Thomas. 

Georgetown, Scott Co., pop. 3,900. 

Pres Bd. Educ B A Lair 
Sec Bd Educ George Lancaster 
City Superintendent Jesse C. Waller, 
Prin County H S J. C Waller. 





Georgetown continued 
Cardome Academj , girl's hoarding, R C , 

Mother Superior 
Georgetown College, comprises College, 

School of Music, and Preparatory Dept , 

co-ed , Bapt , est 1821), Maiden B 

Adams, LL D, President 
Hackley School, girls' boarding, non-sect , 

Miss M Hackley, Principal 
Moore School, girls' boarding, non-sect , 

Miss Alice Moore, Principal 

Getbsexnane, Nelson Co., pop. 110. 

Gethsemane College, boys' boarding, R. C , 
Edward M Obrecht, O C R., Prin 

Ghent, Carroll Co., pop 580. 

Principal County H S C H Moore 

Glasgow, Barren Co , pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Nettie B Depp 
Sec Bd Educ J G Crenshaw 
City Supt & Prin H S W M Fotty 
Supv Music Mis Beulah Sleene 
Drawing Mrs M A Tuiner 

Liberty College for Women , coll , nor , 
prep , girls, n on -sect , est 1874, M. W 
Hatton, President 

Urania Normal College, prep , co-ed non- 
sect , Rice E Eubank, A B , Prin 

Glendale, Hardin Co., pop. 220. 

Supt of Schools D H Lyon 

Lynnland Institute, prep , co-ed , George 
Perry, Principal. 

Greensburg, Green Co., pop. 860. 

Principal County H S S A Beauchamp. 

Greennp, Greenup Co., pop. 711 

Prin County H S Annie M Davidson 

Greenville, Muhlenberg Co, pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ T J Sparks 

Sec Bd Educ H C Lewis 

City Superintendent C C Hay den 

Principal High School V M Moseley 

Hardinsburg, Breckenridge Co., pop. 689. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Trent 
Sec Bd Educ J A. Haynes 
Principal High School T S "Williams 

Breckenridge Normal College; normal, pri- 
vate, co-ed.; D. S Roberts, A. B, Pres 

Harlan, Harlan Co, pop 600. 

Supt of Schools E F Dizney. 
Prin County H S A C Jones. 

Harlan Academy, prep , co-ed , Presb.; 
est 1889, J G Wade, A. M, LL D f 

Harlan Normal and Industrial Institute, 
private, nor and Indus , co-ed ; Presb.; 
est. 1391, Miss Mary Johns, Principal 

Harrodaburg, Mercer Co., pop* 2,900. 

Supt of Schools J G Prather 
Prin County H S J G Prather 
Beaumont College, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1894, T Smith, Pres 
Wayman Institute, (colored), Presb, co- 
ed , boarding, A M E , Geo W Saf- 
fella, Prin 

Hartford, Ohio Co., pop. 1,000 

Prin County H S H E Brown 

Hartford College and Business Institute; 
prep , co-ed , non-sect , T J Morton, 

Hawesvtile, Hancock Co , pop. 1,050. 

Pres Bd Educ Howard Lambert 
Sec Bd Educ James Patterson 
Principal High School E P Kelly 

Hazard, Perry Co., pop. 400. 

Supt of Schools J E Wilson 

Hazard Baptist Institute, normal, private, 
co-ed , est 1900, A S Petrey, Principal 

Hazel, Calloway Co , pop. 475 

Prin County H S T R Jones. 

Hazel Green, Wolfe Co, pop 225. 

Hazel Green Academy, prep , co-ed , 
Christ , est 1888, boarding, James Thom- 
son McGarvey, Principal 

Henderson, Henderson Co , pop. 11,452. 

Pres Bd Educ William Elliott. 
Sec. Bd Educ C A Katterjohn. 
City Superintendent James W Welch 
Principal High School Arkley Wright 
Supv Music Miss Attaway Dyer. 
Manual Training W L. Thomasson. 
Domestic Science Elizabeth King 
Domestic Art Mrs Nannie M Dixon. 
Drawing Miss Lida Williams. 

Hickman, Fulton Co., pop. 1,850. 

Pres Bd Educ C L Walker 
Sec Bd Educ H L Barrett 
City Supt & Prin Co H S J M Calvin 

Hlndman, Knott Co , pop. 331. 

Pres Bd Educ Adam Campbell 
Sec Bd Educ P H Stui divant 
City Superintendent Adam Campbell 
Principal High School William Gould 

Hindman School, prep , co-ed.; non-sect, 
George Clarke, Prin 

W C T TJ Settlement Sen JT prep ; co- 
ed , boarding, non-sect , e>. 1902, Miss 
May Stone, Principal 

Hodgenville, Larue Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Clarence Redman 
Sec Bd Educ L C Hubbard 
City Supeiintendent R H Shipp 

Kenyon College, prep., co-ed, non-iect.; 
Charles William Barnes, Prim. 





Hopkinsville, Christian Co., pop, 9,419. 

Pres Bd Educ Ira L. Smith. 
Sec. Bd Educ J E McPherson 
City Superintendent J W. Marion. 
Principal High School M L Gerton. 
Pnn Colored H S Mrs Fannie Postell 
Com'l and Stenog'y Fete Edward. 

Bethel Female College, girls* boarding, 
Bapt , est 1856, W S Peterson, Pres 

Locky ear's Business College , bus and sten , 
co-ed , est 1905, J W Walton, Prin 

Huston ville, Lincoln Co , pop 430 

Prin County H S S S Robinson 

Central Christian College, prep ; co-ed , 
Christian, Miss Mary F. Wood, Prin 

Hyden, Leslie Co , pop 325. 

Supt of Schools J R Baker 

Hyden Academy, prep , co-ed , Preib , 
Carl W Lewey, A B , Prin 

Independence, Kcnton Co., pop. 193. 

Prin County H S Charles Verner Lucy 

Jackson, Breathitt Co, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ William Turner 
Sec Bd Educ W W Haddit. 
Supt of Schools H H Harris 
Prin County H S Irving Turner 

Lees Collegiate Institute, prep ; co-ed ; 
boarding, Presb , est 1891, Charles A 
Leonard, A. M, Principal 

Jett, Franklin Co , pop. 90. 

Excelsior Institute, prep , co-ed , Christ , 
Mrs Polk South, Principal 

La Center, Ballard Co , pop 435. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Law- 
Sec Bd Educ A S Johnson 
Principal High School W H Sugg 

La Grange, Oldham Co., pop. 1,000. 

Prin County H S W L Dawson 

Funk Seminary, prep , co-ed , non-sect , 
Jtohn W Selph, Prin. 

Lancaster, Garrard Co., pop. 1,640. 

Pres Bd Educ S D Cochran. 
Sec. Bd Educ J B Kinnalrd. 
City Supt & Prin. H S M L Caneer. 
Supv. Music Miss M M. Walsh. 

Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., pop. 1,800. 

Prin County H. S Mrs. C. W. Kavanaugh 

Lebanon, Marlon Co., pop. 3,100. 

City Superintendent J R Sterrett 
Prin County H S J. R Sterrett. 
Supt. Colored Schools Walter Roberts 

St. Augustine's Academy; prep.; co-ed., R. 
C , Rev. J* A. Hogarty, Principal 

Leitcbfleld, Grayson Co., pop. 940. 

Prin Country H. S.- T. A. Humblt, 

Lexington, Fayette Co , pop. 35,009. 

Pres Bd Educ R, D Norwood 

Sec Bd Educ J O H Simrall. 

City Superintendent Massillon A Caiaidy 

Pnn Morton H S M E Ligon 

Prin Russell H S W H Fonde 

Supei visor Music Alice Gordon 

Manual Training Mary Brown 

Domestic Science Ann Simroll 

Physical Culture Mary Anna Bean. 

Kindergarten Lucy \Valby 

Commercial M A. Walby. 

Stenography M. J Hunt. 

Clay's Business College, bus and sten , est 
18D7, Helen S Clay, Principal 

College of the Bible of Transylvania Uni- 
versity, theol , Disciples of Christ; et 
1865, Hall Laurie Calhoun, Ph D, Dean 

Gordon School, boys' boarding; non-sect , 
est 1876, A N Gordon, A M, Principal, 
180 E Maxwell Street. 

Hamilton College of Transylvania Univer- 
sity, girls' boarding, non-sect , est. 1869; 
E W McDiarnied, President 

St Catherine's Academy; girls' boarding; 
R C, est 1823, Sister Mary Imelda, 

Sayre College for Young Women, girls' 
boarding:, Presb , est 1854, Rev J. M 
Spencer, Pres 

Smith 'Business College , bus , sten. and tel ; 
est 1876, Wilbur R. Smith, President 

State University of Kentucky, comprise* 
College of Arts and Science, of Agricul- 
ture, of Civil Engineering, of Mechanical 
and Electrical Engineering, of Mines and 
Metallurgy, of Law, and Graduate School, 
co-ed ; non-sect.; est 1865; Henry Stltes 
Barker, LL. D , President. 

State University of Kentucky; College of 
Civil Engineering, courses in civil and 
highway engineering, Walter E. Rowe, 
C E , Dean 

State University of Kentucky, College of 
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; 
courses In mechanical, chemical, and 
electrical engineering:, Frederick Paul An- 
derson, M. E , Director. 

State University of Kentucky; College of 
Mines and Metallurgy; four-year, two-year 
and practical miners' course; Charles J 
Norwood, M S, Dean 

State University of Kentucky, College of 
Law; three-year course; est. 1908; Wil- 
liam T Lafferty, A. M, Dean. 
Transylvania University, comprises the Col- 
lege, Hamilton College (for women). 
Preparatory School, and the College of 
the Bible, Disc, of Christ; est 1798, 
Richard Henry Crosafield, Ph. D., Presi- 

Llvermore, McLean Co., pop. 900. 
Pres Bd Educ H J Beard. 
Sec. Bd Educ E. E Quisenberry 
Principal High School W. L Matthews 

London, laurel Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres. Bd Educ E H. Hackney. 
Sec. Bd Educ S. A Lovelace 
City Superintendent J C. Lewis 
Supv. Music Miss Cora Green 





London continued I 

Sue Bennett Memorial School, prep., co- 
ed , 1897, M E So . J C Lewis, A M, 

Loretto, Marion Co, pop. 165. 

Loretta Academy, girls' boarding, R C : 
est 1812, Mother Praxedes, Superior. 

Louisa, Lawrence Co , pop. 1,150. 

Supt of Schools W M Byington 
Prin County H. S. E M Kennison. 

Kentucky Normal College, co-ed , state, W 
M Byington, Principal 

Louisville, Jefferson Co , pop 223,D28 
Pres Bd Educ Edward Gottschalk 
Sec Bd Educ Henry B. Manly 
Cit} Superintendent O L. Reid 
Supv Principal H L Donovan 
Supv Principal Ida Rudolf 
Supv Principal Miss S B Rutherford 
Supv Principal Minnie Semomn 
Stapv Principal 'Marian Curry 
Supv Music Mias Caroline B. Bourgard. 
Drawing Miss Lena Hillerich. 
Manual Training George B Frazee 
Physical Training W E Hawthorne 
Industrial Work Miss Sarah L Rogers 
Primary and Kindergartens Louise Dietz 

Boys' High School, Brook and Breckln- 
ridge Sts , C E Reed, Principal 

Louisville Girls' High School, 5th and Hill 
Sts , H B Moore, Principal. 

Central Colored High School, 9th and Maga- 
zine Sts , W B. Matthews, Principal. 

Normal School, 1128-1140 East Broadway, 
Miss Elizabeth G. Breckenridge, Prin. 

Colored Normal, Jackson and Breckenrldge 
Sts , A E. Meyzeek, Principal. 

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, girls' 
boarding; R C ; Sister Margaret Mary 
Carroll, Prin 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, girls' board- 
ing, R C , Sister Superior, Cherokee 

Bryant & Stratton Business College; bus 
sten and tel , est 1864, E B Kelly, 
President, Second and Walnut. 

Bush Business College, bus and sten , 319 
S Fourth 

Central Law School (colored), law, co-ed., 

est 1892, William C Brown, LL D, 

Dean, 2704 W Walnut 
Clark's School of Business, bus and sten ; 

non-sect, est. 1906, P W Clark, Pres, 

937 S Fourth. 
Country Day School, boys' boarding and day, 

non-sect , est. 1911; William Davenport, 

Headmaster, Douglas Boulevard 
Creager Business School, bus and sten ; J 

D Creager, Principal, 128 W Brecken- 


Louisville continued 

Cross School, prep ; co-ed ; non-sect , Mm 
Laura B Cross, Prin, 924 Fourth 

Holy Rosary Academy, girls* boarding, R 
C , Sister Vincentia Maguire, Superior, 418 
W Ormsby 

Kentucky Home School for Girls, girls' 
boarding, non-sect , est 1865, Miss Annie 
S Waters, Principal, 1220 Fourth Street. 

Louisville College of Dentistry, Central 
University of Kentucky, dent , men, est 
1887, W. E. Grant, M D , D. D S, Dean, 
Brook and Broadway Sts 

Louisville College of Pharmacy, phar., co- 
ed , est 1872, Gordon L Curry, Dean, 
104 W Chestnut 

Louisville Normal School, normal; state, 
co-ed , Elizabeth Breckenndge, Pres , 627 
E Market 

Louisville Training School, boys' boarding, 
Mil., non-sect , est 1889, W. H Pritchett, 
A M, Headmaster, 4553 Third 

Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Ken- 
tucky, theol , men, est. 1853; Rev 
Charles R Hemphill, LL D , President, 
Broadway and First St. 

Presentation Academy, prep , co-ed , R 
C , Sister Eutopia, Superior, 861 Fourth 

St Benedict's Cedar Grove Academy, girls' 
boaiding ,R C , est 1842, Sistei Superior, 
35th and Rudd 

St Xavler's College, boys' boarding; R C , 
Brother James, Director, 118 W Broad- 

Schwartz School, bus and sten , est 1892. 
Dr Geo W Schwartz, Ph D, LL. D, 

Semple Collegiate and Moore Primary 
School, prep , co-ed , Lucy Baird, Prin,, 
1135 4th 

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
theol , men, Bapt , est 1859, Rev E. Y 
Mullins, D D , LL D , Pres , 408 W. 

Spencerian Commercial School; bus and 
sten , est 1892, Enos Spencer, Pres. 
Sixth and Mam 

State University (colored) , coll , nor., 
prep , music and indust depts , Bapt ; 
est. 1879, Rev William T. Amiger, LL. 
D , President. 

Tharp University School; boys' prep ; non- 
sect , est 1900, William H Tharp. Prin, 
519 Zane St 

University of Louisville, comprises College 
of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Medical 
Department, and Law Department; co- 
ed ; non-sect , est 1907; John Patterson, 
LL D , Dean, 119 West Broadway. 

University of Louisville, Law Department, 
law; men, est 1847, C. B. Seymour, Dean. 
812 W Chestnut. 

University of Louisville, Medical Depart- 
ment, med , regr , men, est 1837; Henry 
E Tuley. M D, Dean, 101 W. Chestnut 





Louisville continued 

University of Louisville Music Department, 
Director, 119 W Broadway 

Ursulme Academy of the Immaculate Con- 
ception, prep , girls, R C , est 1864; 
Mother Theodore, Superior, 806 East 

Ludlow, Kenton Co , pop. 4,163. 

Pres Bd Educ. W F. Matteson. 
Sec Bd Educ H J Ordelmundt. 
City Superintendent Welby D Reynolds 
Principal High School C O Morgan 
Supv Music N B. Teardley. 

Lyndon, Jefferson Co., pop. 100 

Kentucky Military Institute, military; non- 
sect ; est 1845, C W Fowler, M. A., C. 
E , Supt. 

Washington Co., pop 190. 

Mackville High School, prep ; co-ed ; non 
sect , W. I Hume, Prin 

Madiaonville, Hopkins Co , pop. 4,000 

Pres Bd Educ Lee Gibson 
Sec Bd Educ J J Glenn 
City Superintendent R H Gatter 

Atkinson Literary and Industrial School 
(colored) , co-ed , A M E , J M Martin, 

Marlon, Crlttenden Co., pop 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ J G Rochester 

Sec Bd Educ H A. Haynes 

City Superintendent V L Christian 

Principal High School C H Richardson 

Mayfleld, Graves Co , pop. 5,916 

Pres Bd Educ W J Webb 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Voris Gregory. 
City Superintendent M M Faughender. 
Principal High School C T Canon 

Maysville, Mason Co., pop. 6,141. 

Pres Bd Educ S P Browning 

Sec Bd Educ J H. Richardson 

City Superintendent William J. Caphinger. 

Principal High School G C Mance 

Supv Music Marie Hanselxnan. 

Domestic Science Edith Dickson. 

Middlesboro, iBell Co , pop. 7,305. 

City Superintendent F. A Cosgrove 

Middleburg, Casey Co., pop. 190. 

Prin County H S R. G Huey 

Middleburg Normal College, normal, pri- 
vate, co-ed , est. 1881, J. Sherman Law- 
horn, B Ped , Pres 

Millersburg', Bourbon Co., pop* 900. 

Millersburg Female College; girls* board- 
ing, non-sect ; est 1850, Rev C. C. 
Fisher, A M, President. 

Millersburg Military Institute, boys' board- 
ing; mil., non-sect.; Col. C. M. Best, 

Minerva, Mason Co., pop. 100. 

Prin County H S> J. A. Caldwell. 

Monticello, Wayne Co., pop 1,200. 

Pies Bd Educ J H Shearer 
Sec Bd Educ J A. Patten 
City Superintendent C O Ryan. 
Prin County H S Homer Heed 

Morehead, Rowan Co., pop. 1,350. 

Supt of Schools J Van Harris 

Morehead Normal School; normal, private 
co-ed , J Wesley Hatcher, Principal 

Morganfleld, Union Co, pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ N C Hammack 
Sec Bd Educ J H Ladd. 
City Superintendent R. A Edwards 
Pun County H S R A. Edwards. 

Morgantown, Butler Co., pop. 850. 

Pimcipal County H S O J Jones 

Mount Sterling, Montgomery Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles D. Grubbs 
Sec Bd Educ W H Stiassman, Jr 
Supt of Schools W. O Hopper. 
Principal High School W C Jetton 
Supv Music Ethel Ferguson 

Goodwin's Male High School; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect , M. J Goodwin, Prin. 

Mount Vernon, Bock Castle Co., pop. 850. 

Prm. County H. S J S Irvine 
Brown Memorial School, girls' industrial, 
Presby , Miss Mary Rose McCord, Princi- 

Murray, Calloway Co., pop. 2,300. 

Supt of Schools J W Jones. 

Nazareth, Nelson Co., pop. 45. 

Nazareth Academy; girls' boarding, R. C., 
est 1814, Sister Mary Ignatius, Direct- 

Nerinx, Marion Co., pop. 17. 
Loietto Academy, girls' boarding, R. C., 
est 1812. Mother Praxedes, Superior. 

New Castle, Henry Co., pop. 700. 

Prm County H. S L S Rhoodes. 

Newport, Campbell Co., pop. 30,309. 

Pres Bd. Educ O. A. Frickman 
Sec. Bd Educ. Emil Gerhardt 
City Superintendent W P King 
Principal High School W. A. Evans. 
Manual Training Edward Bodenstem. 
Drawing Julia Kountz 
Penmanship Louise Knoop 

Academy of the Immaculata, prep , co-ed.; 

est 1858; Sisters of Charity. 
Academy Notre Dame of Providence; girls' 

boarding; R. C , est. 1889, Reverend 

Mother Maria, C. D. P . Prin. 
Clark's Commercial College; bus and 

sten.; W. D Clark, Pres. 
Mount St. Martin's Seminary; girls' board- 
ing; R C , Mother Maria, Prm. 
Newport Business College, bus and sten , 

est. 1890, W. C. Pegg, Principal, Fourth 

and Monmouth, 





Nlcholasville, Jessamine Co.* pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ George L Collins 
Sec Bd Educ James B Steara 
City Superintendent Lee KIrkpatrick 
Principal High School Mrs Jas B. Stears 
Supv Music Miss Lena Phillips 
Domestic Science Miss Alice Gordon. 
Supt Colored Schools R W Russell 

North MIddletown, Bourbon Co , pop. 500. 

Kentucky Classical and Business College; 
prep and mus , co-ed , boarding, est 
1868, John Christopherson, A B, Presi- 

Olive Hill, Carter Co, pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ William DeHart 

Sec Bd Educ William Durham 

City Superintendent George M Haldane 

Owensboro, Daviess Co., pop. 16,011. 
Pres Bd Educ J C. Frederick. 
Sec Bd Educ J W Porter 
City Superintendent James H Rlsley 
Prln County H S J L. Foust. 
Supv Music Miss Vertner Long 
Domestic Science Annie H Young 
Manual Training M C Evans 
Drawing Cora Lee Webb 
Pen'ship and Com'l M. E Pace. 

Daviess County Business College; bus and 
ten , est 1894 , Eugene B Miller, Prin , 
Second and Allen 

Owenton, Owen Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ O V Jones 
Sec Bd Educ L S Starnes 
City Superintendent Ben Vollandingham 

Cal dwell Academy and Graded School; 
prep , co-ed , non-sect ; Jesse C. Cald- 
well. Prln 

Owinffsvllle, Bath Co , pop. 1,250 

Pres Bd Educ W S Gudgell 
Sec Bd Educ A T Byron 
City Superintendent C F Martin 
Prln County H S. lone Gordon 

Faducah, McCracken Co., pop. 22,760. 

Pres. Bd. Educ W J Hills 
Sec Bd Educ D Wilcox 
City Superintendent J H Bentley. 
Principal High School Adah Brazelton 
Supv Music & Drawing 1 Emma Acker. 
Manual Training John Hines. 
Domestic Science Lute Troutt 
Physical Culture R. P Williams 

Central Business College; bus. and sten. ; 

est. 1902. William C. Strong, Ph. G, 

Draughon's Practical Business College, 

bus and sten ; A. M. Rouse. Mgr., E12 

fit Mary's Academy; prep , co-ed., R. C ; 

Sister Agathina, Prln 

Falntgville, Johnson Co., pop. 1,050. 

Prin County H S P H Hopkins 

Sandy Valley Seminary, prep , co-ed ; non- 
sect , P S Murrill, Principal 

Paris, Bourbon Co., pop. 5,859. 

Pres Bd Educ N H Rion 

Sec Bd. Educ F L. Lapeley. 

City Superintendent T. A Hendricks 

Principal High School O L Shultz 

Supv Music Miss Wiard 

Physical Culture Mies Lynch. 

Drawing Mrs Buck. 

Harp School, prep , co-ed , non-sect , Miss 
Harp, Principal 

Paris Academy, prep ; co-ed , non-sect , 
Edward M Costello, Prin 

Sutherland School, prep , co-ed , non-sect , 
Mrs Sutherland, Principal 

Tipton's Select School, Miss, girls' board- 
in, non-sect , Miss M. S Tipton, Prln. 

Yerkes' Private School, prep ; co-ed , non- 
sect , W. L. Yerkes, Prin 

Pembroke, Christian Co., pop. 800* 

Prin County H g B F Brown 

PlkevlUe, PJke Co, pop. 1,700. 

Prin County H S R M Doskin 

Pikeville College, prep , co-ed , Presb . eL 
1889, Jacob P Whitehead, President. 

Ptneville, Bell Co, pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ J G Foley. 

Sec Bd Educ J S Chappell 

City Superintendent B W Sherrill 

Prin High School Mrs L H Montgomery. 

Johnson Academy, prep , co-ed , non-sect , 
Mayme Johnson, Principal 

Princeton, Caldwell Co., pop. 2,600. 

City Supt & Prin Co H S R. A. London 

Princeton Collegiate Institute, piep , co- 
ed., Presb ; John M Richmond, Prin 

Providence, Webster Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ J E Morgan 
Sec Bd Educ D W Dunbar 
City Superintendent C C Miller 
Principal High School Elliott James. 

Male and Female Academy, prep ; co-ed,; 
non-sect.; J. Y. Brown, Prin. 

Richmond, Madison Co., pop. 5,340. 

City Superintendent D W. Bridges 
Prln County H S. D. W. Bridges 

Eastern Kentucky State Normal School; 

nor ; state, co-ed , T J Coates, Prin. 
Gwynne School, boys' prep , non-sect ; W 

B Gwynne, Principal 
Madison Female Institute; girls' boarding;; 

Christian, est 1856, J. B Cassidy, Prin. 





BusseUville, Logan Co., pop 3,111. 

City Superintendent W N Schackleford. 
Prin County H S Jas H Fuqua 

Bethel College, coll, prep dept , co-ed.; 
Bapt , est 1854, Harry G Brownell, B. 
S , President 

Logan Female College, girls' boarding, 
M E. So , est 1856, J W Repass, D. D, 

Russellville Academy, prep , co-ed , non- 
sect , Miss Fannie Bowden, Principal 

fit. John, Hardin Co , pop. 28. 

Bethlehem Academy, girls' boarding, R 
C. , Mother M. Kevin, Superior 

St. Joseph, Daviess Co , pop. 40. 

Mount St Joseph's Academy, girls* board- 
ing, R C , Mother M Augustine, Prin 

St. Mary, Marion Co , pop. 200. 

St Mary's College, coll , men; R C., est. 
1820, Very Rev Michael Jaglowicz, 
C R , Pres 

St. Vincent, Union Co., pop. 35. 

St Vincent's Academy, girls' boarding, R 
C.; Sister Mary David, Prin 

Salt Lick, Bath Co., pop. 650. 

Prin County H S Willis Tandy 

Scottsville, Allen Co, pop. 1,400 

Prea Bd Educ H L Hendrick 

Sec. Bd Educ Charles Troutt 

City Superintendent J Arthur Mitchel 

Supv Music F C Ohlenmacher. 

Sebree, Webster Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ W I Smith 

Sec Bd Educ W N Duvall 

City Superintendent Oscar Shemwell 

Principal High School Mis Annette Kiser 

Sharpsburgr, Bath Co., pop. 560. 

Prin County H S C P Caywood 

Male and Female College, prep , co-ed., 
non-sect.; Mrs Fannie B Talbor, Prin 

Sharpsburg Academy; prep.; co-ed , est 
1878; J C. Nelson, Prin 

Shelbyville, Shelby Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ. Dr W. T. Buckner. 
Sec Bd. Educ J D Hall. 
City Superintendent H H Elliott 
Principal High School W. H. Arnold. 
Supv Music Mrs Katie C Bailey. 

Science Hill School, girls' boarding; non- 
sect ; est 1825, Clara M Poynter, Prin 

Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co., pop. 600. 

Prin County H S J H. Saunders 

Slaoffhtersville, Webster Co, pop. 600. 

Supt. of Schools Dudley Lutz 

Van Horn Institute, prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect ; J W Bigney, Prin. 

Smithland, Livingstone Co., pop. 900. 

Prin. County H S R. A London. 

Somerset, Fulasfci Co., pop. 4,491. 

City Superintendent J. P. W. Brouse 
Pun. County H S J P W Brouse. 

Springfield, Washington Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ C J Haydon 
Sec Bd Educ. G C Wharton 
Supt. of Schools George W. Colvin 

Stanford, Lincoln Co , pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ W B O' Ban nan. 
Sec Bd Educ J W Ireland 
Supt. of Schools J W. Ireland. 
Prin County H. S W. C. Wilson. 

Stanton, Powell Co, pop. 300. 

Supt. of Schools Elsie McGilL 

Stanton College; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J C Hanley, Principal. 

Stnrgis, Union Co, pop. 1,300. 

Prm County H S C C Justus 

Sulphur, Henry Co., pop. 450. 
Fairmount College; prep ; co-ed.; non- 
sect , B F Turner, Prin. 

Taylorsvllle, Spencer Co.* pop. 700 

Pres Bd Educ John Speed 
Sec Bd Educ E D Bourne 
Prin County H. S D J Wright 
Supv. Music Mrs M H. Booles. 

Beauchamp's School, prep.; day; co-ed,; 
non-sect , Miss Katie Beauchamp, M. A., 

Spencer Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
G. C. Overstreet, Principal. 

Tompldnsville, Monroe Co., pop 900. 

Prm County H S W A Shultz, 

Trapplst, Nelson Co. 

Gethsemane College; bus and prep.; men; 
R C.; est 1851; Rt. Rev. Edmond M. 
Obrecht, Fres. 

Unlontown, Union Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ V. L. Givens. 
Sec Bd. Educ Alexander Collette. 
Supt. of Schools J. Spencer Singleton. 
Prin High School Iva N. Harris 

Vanceburg, Lewis Co., pop. 1,300. 

Supt. of Schools H M Pyles 
Prin County H. S' Mabel Pollitt 

Verona, Boone Co , pop. 245. 

Prin. County H. S. Nannie E Hamilton. 

Versailles, Woodford Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres. Bd. Educ G. B. Minary. 
Sec. Bd Educ. M. B. Hofner 
City Superintendent W. O. Vaught 
Prin. County H. S W. O Vaught. 

Margaret College; girls' boarding; P. E.; 
est. 1892; Rev. James M Maxon, Pres. 

Rose Hill Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect; boarding; M G Jesse, Prin. 





Waddy, Shelby Co., pop. 250. 

Prm County H S B J Paxton 

Central Normal College, normal, private, 
co-ed , Robert Allen Burton, Pres 

Warsaw, Gallatin Co., pop. 950 

Pres Bd Bduc J "W McDanell 

Sec Bd Educ Ij Bledroe 

Prm County H. S C S Joseph. 

Wickliffe, Ballard Co., pop 1,200 

Prm County H S H E Knarr 

VVIILamsbnrgr, Whitley Co , pop. 1,800 

Supt and Prin H S W D Jones. 

Wilhamsburgr continued 

Cumberland College, coll. and prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect, est 1880, E. El Wood, A. M., 

Williamstown, Grant Co , pop. 1,000. 

Prm County H S. Henry Newton 

Wilmore, Jessamine Co pop. 700. 

Asbury College, prep , co-ed , Holiness, 
est 1890, H C Morrison, LL D, Pres 

Winchester* Clark Co., pop. 7,156 

City Superintendent O H Harris 
Prm County H S J Li Bosley 

Kentucky Wesleyan College , coll , prep. 
dept , co-ed . M E So , est. 1860. Rev. 
J L Clark, D D, President 


Population 1,656,388. School census, 496,801. School age, 6-18. 

Louisiana is the twenty-fourth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,656,388 inhabitants, of whom 56.8 per cent are white Of this number 
3.1 per cent are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population 
ten years of age and over is 29 per cent, the state ranking forty-ninth in this respect 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


T. H. HARRIS, State Superintendent of Education Baton Eouge 

JOHN E. CONNIFF, Ohm. Teacher 's Ex. Comm and State Inst Conductor Baton Rouge 

C A. IVBS, State High School Inspector Baton Rouge 

C. J. BROWN, State Supervisor of Rural Schools Baton Rouge 

JOHN M. FOOTE, Assistant Supervisor of Rural "Schools Baton Rouge 

CHARLES F. TRUDEAU, Assistant Supervisor of Rural Schools Baton Rouge 

P. L. GuiLBEAtr, State Supervisor o Agricultural Schools Baton Rouge 

LEO. M FAVROT, Supervisor of Negro Schools Baton Rouge 

JOHN B GONNIFF, Chairman State Teachers' Examining Committee . Baton Rouge 
Miss M. MYRTELLE BILLINGS, State Supervisor Domestic Science. . Baton Rouge 
JOHN DOMINIQUE, State Supervisor of Penmanship Bastrop 


GOVERNOR G B. PLEASANT, President Baton Rouge 



HON. J. ZAOH SPEARING. . New Orleans HON W E KREBS Lake Charles 

HON A. S. WHITE . . . New Orleans HON. ROBERT MARTIN. . St. Martinville 

HON. B. K. BONEY Duckporb HON. T. J BOTLER Ponchatoula 

HON. D. C. SCARBOROUGH .Natchitoehes HON. D.M.ATKINS Arcadia 


C. M. HUGHES, President Baton Bouge 

L J. ALLEMAN, Secrtary Lafayette 


CAPT. E. L. KIDD, President Boston 

J. H. BRES, Secretary Port Allen 






County Name and Address 

Acadia. J W. Oxford, Growl ey 

Allen . R G Corkern, Oberlin 

Ascension J L Rusca, Donaldsonville 

Assumption ... 

S A. All em an, Napoleonville 

Avoyelles . J M Borham, Marksville 

Baton Rougre, E 

.CM. Hughes, Baton Rouge 
Baton Rouge, "W.. . J H Bres, Port Allen 
Beuregard. L D McCollister, DeRidder 
Bienville .. .EH Fisher, Arcadia 

Bossier W. A. Fortson, Ben ton 

Caddo ... . C. E Byrd, Shreveport 
Calcasieu F. M Hamilton, Lake Charles 
Caldwell. .. J C Hmes, Columbia 
Cameron Thos. McCall, Grand Chenier 
Carroll . ... 

.Ward Anderson, Lake Providence 
Carroll, W "W McG Dollerhide, Pioneer 
Catahoula. .J K Stone, Harnsonburg 
City of Lake Charles . 

. ... James N Yeager, Lake Charles 
Claiborne .. .J. H Davidson, Homer 
Concordia . . D S Strickler, Vidalia 
De Soto . G O Houston, Mansfield 

Evangehne ..E O Ortego, Ville Platte 
Feliciana, E . E R Waller, Clinton 

Feliciana, W. 

RE Crump, St. Francisville 
Franklin . . J L McDuff, Winnsboro 

Grant J. N Warner, Pollock 

Iberia L. A Walet, New Iberia 

Iberville . .L E. Messick, Plaquemine 
Jackson . ,R L. Dickerson, Jonesboro 

Jefferson J. C. Ellis, Gretna 

Jefferson Davis. W P Arnette, Jennings 
Lafayette. . . L. J Alleman, Lafayette 

County Name and Address 

Lafourche W S Lafargue, Thibodaux 
LaSalle.. . J W Carter, Jena 

Lincoln . T A Greene, Ruston 

Livingston J E Cox, Denham Springs 

Madison J R Linton, Tallulah 

Morehouse L H Stevens, Bastrop 

Natchitoches L E Hudson, Natchitoches 
Orleans . J M Gwinn, New Orleans 
Ouachita T O Brown, West Monroe 

J C Blanchard, Pomt-a-la-Hache 

Pointe Coupee 

Alonzo McFarland, New Roads 
Rapides.. D B Showalter, Alexandria 
Red River . A H Horton, Coushatta 
Richland ..E E Keebler, Rayville 

Sabine... . W S Mitchell, Many 

St Bernard . Clement Story, Violet 
St Charles . . J B Martin, Hahnville 
St. Helena. . . J E Davis, Greensburg- 
St James . J. N Gourdain, Convent 
St John . L J Bouigeois, Edgard 
St. Landry .C J Thompson, Opelousaa 
St Martin. F O Chavez, St Martinsville 
St Mary. Dr D N Foster, Franklin 
St Tammany. E E Lyon, Covmgton 
Tangipahoa. . ..AC Lewis, Amite 

Tensas T M Wade, St Joseph 

Terrebonne H L Bourgeois, Houma 
Union .... J G Ray, Farmerville 
Vermilion J. H Williams, Abbeville 
Vernon . R A Boyd, Leesville 

Washington . . ... 

.D H String-field, Franklmton 

Webster T W Fuller, Minden 

Winn J J. Mixon, Winnfield 


Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, pop. 2,800. 

Pres Bd Educ J O Broussard. 
Sec. Bd Educ J H Williams 
Principal High School E A Skillman 
Music and Art Laura B Bennett 
Domestic Science Bertha E Frank 

Alexandria, Rapides Parish, pop. 11,813. 

Pres Bd Educ Jonas Rosenthal. 
Sec Bd Educ D B Showalter 
City Superintendent D B Showalter. 
Principal High School S. M Brame 

Draughon's Practical Business College; bus 
and sten ; est 1910, Robert H. Pintz, 

Arcadia, Bienville Parish, pop. 1,200. 

Principal High School B. E Bright 

Baldwin, St. Maiy Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Gilbert Academy and Industrial School (col- 
ored) ; indust and prep ; co-ed. ; M. E ; 
est 1875; J. B. Keynolds, Principal. 

Battrop, Morehottse Parish, pop. 1,000. 
Principal High School L. H. Denman. 

Baton Bongc, East Baton Bonge Parish, pop. 

Pres Bd Educ M F Amrhem. 
Sec Bd Educ C M Hughes 
City Superintendent C M Hughes 
Principal High School A M Hendon 

Audubon Sugar School of Louisiana State 
University, courses in growing cane and 
beets, chemistry and engineering of sugar 
manufacture, co-ed , est 1897, Charles 
E Coates, Ph D, Dean. 

Louisiana State University, Agricultural and 
Mechanical College, comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences, College of Agriculture, 
College of Engineering, Audubon Sugar 
School, Law School, and Teachers' Col- 
lege, state univ., co-ed.; est. 1880 
Thomas D Boyd, LL D , President. 

Louisiana State University, College of Agri- 
culture; agrlc, animal Industry, and hor- 
ticulture; William R. Dodaon, A. B.. 

Louisiana State University, College of En- 
gineering; courses in Civil, Mechanical* 
Electrical, and Chemical Engineering; 
Thomas W Atkinson, C. 3 , Dean. 





Baton Rouge continued 

Louisiana State University, Law School; 
three-year course, Robert L Tullis, LL 
B , Dean 

Louisiana State University, Teachers' Col- 
lege, professional training courses in edu- 
cation, est 1005, D T Powers, Dean 

St Joseph's Academy, girls' boarding, R 
C ; est 1865, Mother Kaphael, Superior. 

Southern University (colored) , coll and 
prep , J S Clark, President, R F D 

Benton, Bossier Parish, pop. 650. 

Pres Bd Educ C H Irion 
Sec Bd Educ P B Ogden 
Principal High School H R McCullough 

Bernlce, Union Parish, pop. 650. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Colvin 
Sec Bd Educ W O Graf ton 
City Superintendent A. E Buck 

Bunkie, Avoyelles Parish, pop. 1,150. 

Principal Hgh School O J Coincon 

Camptl, Natchltoches Parish, pop. 550. 

Principal High School L N Bush 

Chinchuba, St. Tammany Parish. 

Chlnchuha Deaf Mute Institute, school for 
deaf, co-ed , R C , Archbishop of New 
Orleans, Pres. of Board of Directors 

Clinton, East Feliclana Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr W, C Ball 
Sec Bd Educ J W Mobley 
City Superintendent J W. Mobley 
Principal High School E R Waller 

Silliman Collegiate Institute, girls' board- 
Ing, Presb , est 1852, U. B Currie, Presi- 

Colfax, Grant Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School J R DeMoss 

Convent, St. James Parish, pop. 650. 
Jefferson College, coll ; men; R. C.; est. 
1864, Very Rev R. H. Smith, S. M. Pres 

Coushatta, Red River Parish, pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Edgerton. 
Sec Bd Educ Robert Stayton 
Principal High School D G Lunsford 

Covington, St. Tammany Parish, pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ N H Fitzsimon 
Sec Bd Educ E E Lyon 
City Superintendent A J Park. 1 
Principal High School A J. Park 

St Joseph's Academy, prep ; boys' board* 
ing, R C , est. 1911, Brother Benedictine 

Crowley, Acadla Parish, pop. 5,099. 

City Superintendent J. H. Lewis. 
Pnncipal High School J W Motoley 

Crowley University School; prep , co-ed.; 
non-sect ; John Hiram Lewis, Prin. 

De Bidder, Beauregard Parish, pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ A I Shaw. 
Sec Bd Educ L D McCollister 
City Superintendent L. D McCoflister. 
Principal High School W N Bingham. 
Domestic Science Miss Ola Johnston. 

Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, pop. 4,100. 

Ptes Bd Educ "W B Stuait 
Sec Bd Educ J L Rusca 
City Superintendent John L Rusca, 
Principal High School R 8 Vickers 

St Vincent's Institute, girls' day. R C , 
Sister Clotilda, Superioress 

Eros, Jackson Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School M A. Walsworth 

Eunice, St. Landry Parish, pop. 2,000. 
Principal High School P H Griffith. 
Supv Mus and Draw Mrs P H Griffith 
Domestic Science Miss LeRoy. 

Farmerville, Union Parish, pop. 700. 

Principal High School J M. Delaney. 

Franklin, St. Mary Parish, pop. 3,000. 

Principal High School Charles Gott. 

Gibsland, Bienville Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School W A Bynum 

Grand Cane, De Soto Parish, pop. 550, 

Principal High School Bessie M Hooker 

Grand Cotean, St. Landry Parish, pop. 521. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing, R C , est. 1821, Rev Mother Fitz- 
william. Superioress 

Gretna, Jefferson Parish, pop. 3,500. 

Pres B Educ George A Cox 
Sec Bd Educ J C Ellis 
Principal High School Helen Cox 

Gueydan, Vermillion Parish, pop. 900. 

Sec Bd Educ J H. Williams. 
Principal High School J. R McKee 

Hammond, Tanglpahoa Parish, pop. 2,200. 

Principal High SchoolA J. Caldwell. 

Harrlsonbnrgr, Catahonla Parish, pop. 400. 

Pres Bd Educ. W. R. Webb. 
Sec Bd Educ J R. Stone. 
Principal High School J H. Leggm. 

Haynesville, Clalborne Parish, pop. 750. 

Pres Bd Educ T N Norton. 
Sec Bd Educ S S Bailey 
City Superintendent J D Bartlow. 
Principal High School T. M Shields 

Houma, Terrebonne Parish, pop. 5,024. 
Pres Bd Educ A. R. Viguerie 
Sec Bd Educ H L Bourgeois 
City Superintendent H L Bouigeois 
Principal High School O H Breidenbach 

Lorton Preparatory School; prep , day; co- 
ed , non-sect., est. 1903, Sarah G. "Win- 
der, A B., Principal. 

Jackson, East Feliclana Parish, pop. *,012. 

Principal High School E J. Brown 

Millwood Institute; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Miss A. M. C. Pearce, Prin. 

Jeanerette, Iberia Parish, pop. 3,000. 

Pres. Bd Educ. P N Cyr 
Sec Bd Educ L A Walet 
City Supt. & Prin H. S L. R. Tilley. 





Jena, La Salle Parish, pop. 800. 

Principal High School J L Stone 

Jennings, Jeff Davis Parish, pop 3,935 
Pres Bd Bduc J M Booze 
Sec Bd Bduc W P Ainette 
City Superintendent R 3VC Bnggs 
Principal High School J L. Anderson 

Keatchle, Be Soto Parish, pop. 00. 

Keatchie Female College, sruls' boarding, 
Bapt , est 1856, G W Thignen, D D, 

LaFayette, LaFayette Parish, pop. 8,392. 

Pres Bd Educ J A Ray 
Sec Bd Educ L J Alleman 
Principal High School R L Jordan 
Supv Music Paola Manton 
Art Mabel LeBrun 
Agriculture C P St Amant 

Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute; 
prep , indust , com'l, home economics; 
state, co-ed ; est 1901; Edwin L. 
Stephens, Ph D , Pres 

Lake Arthur, Jeff Davis Parish, pop. 700 

Pres Bd Educ V A Miller 
Sec Bd Educ N S Streator 
Principal High School E A Crowell 
Supv Mus and Draw Mabel Kurtz 
Domestic Science Cornelia Simpson. 

Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, pop. 11,449. 

Pres Bd Educ J, A. Williams 
Sec Bd Educ A A Wente. 
City Superintendent J N Yeager 
Principal High School J Funderberg 
Supv Music Mrs. Ora Reams. 
Domestic Science Eleanor Compton. 
Drawing Florence Wickiser. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Mary Gray. 

Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, pop. 

Principal High School Waid Anderson 

Lecompte, Bapides Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Sec Bd Educ W H Jones 

Principal High School William Morrison 

Leesrllle, Ternon Parish, pop. 2,500. 

Principal High School E F Dummier 

Logansport, De Soto Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School C C Payne 

Mansfield, De Soto Parish, pop. 2,000. 

Pres. Bd Educ John M Rogers 
Sec Bd Educ G O Houston 
Principal High School P C Fair 

Mansfield Female College; girls' boarding; 
M E So , est. 1855 , R E Bobbltt, Pres- 

Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, pop. 1,075. 

Principal High School W W Tison 

Minden, Webster Parish, pop. 2,000. 

Principal High School J B Snell 

Monroe, Ouachita Parish, pop. 10,209. 

Pres Bd Educ H. D Apgar 
City Superintendent Ernest L Neville. 
Principal High School Jack Hayes 
Supv Music and Drawing Sophie Meilke 
Dom Sc & Man Tr Christina Pohlman 

Monroe continued 

St Hyacinth's Boarding Academy, prep ; 
co-ed , R. C , Sister St Ignatius, Prin. 

Morgan City, St. Mary Parish, pop. 5,477. 

Principal High School Lewis A. Law. 

Mt. Lebanon, Bienville Parish, pop. 205. 

Mt Lebanon Baptist Male College, coll ; 
men, Bapt , est 1853, Chas. E. Friley, 

Napoleonville, Assumption Parish, pop. 1,500. 

Principal High School R D Ford 

Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish, pop. 2,800. 

Louisiana State Normal School; normal; 
state, co-ed , est 1885, Victor Leander 
Roy, B S, President 

New Iberia, Iberia Parish, pop. 7,499. 

City Superintendent Ralph W. Frame. 
Principal High School C M Bahon, Jr 

Fasnacht's Graded Institute: prep , co-ed ; 
non-sect ; Miss Marie L Fasnacht, Prin 

New Orleans, Orleans Parish, pop. 330,075. 

Pres Bd Educ P A Capdan 
Sec Bd Educ E A Williams 
City Superintendent Joseph M. Gwlnn. 
First Asst Supt Nicholas Bauer. 
Assistant Supt Paul B Habans 
Supv. Music Mary Conway. 
Manual Training Sidney Crespo 
Domestic Science Mrs Adele Stewart 
Physical Culture John Lombard. 
Drawing Ida Barrow. 

Warren Easton High School (Boys), F. 

W Gregory, Principal 
Esplanade Avenue High Schools (Girls); 

Miss Eugenia Suydam, Principal 
Sophia B Wright High School (Girls); 

Mrs A L Lusher, Principal 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' 
boarding, R C , Madam. C Desbarats, 
Superioress, 4521 St Charles Ave 

Carillon's Shorthand School; bus and 
sten , A C Carillon, Prin. 

Chenet Classical and Commercial Institute; 
prep and bus ; boys, H. S Chenet, Prin. 

College of the Immaculate Conception; 
college prep , com'l and mech draw ; 
men, R C , est 1847, J D Foulkes, 
S J, President, Cor Baronne and Com- 

Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, girls' 
boarding, R C ; Mother Euphrasle, Su- 
perior, 1072 N. White St 

Daniel Hand School (colored) ; prep ; co- 
ed ; Miss M. Isabel Whelpley. Prin , 126 
N Rocheblave St 

Ferrell School for Boys; boys' boarding; 
non-sect. , L. C. Ferrell, Prin , 4920 St. 
Charles Ave. 

Guillot's Institute; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss Marie Guillot, Prin., 1308 





New Orleans continued 
Haughn Institute; prep , co-ed ; non-sect.; 
est 1892, Mrs Margaret H. Haughn, 
Prin. 1653 Octavia St 

Holy Cross College; boys' bearing; E C ; 
D J Spillard, C. S. C., Prin , Dauphine 
and Heynes Sts 

Holy Trinity School; prep , boys, Rev. A 
Bechelmayer, Prm , 2827 Royal. 

Isadore Newman Manual Training School, 
prep and mdus tr , co-ed , non-sect., 
est 1903, Clarence C Henson, A M.. 
Principal, 1831 Peters Ave 

Katherine Bres School, girl's boarding, and 
day, non-sect , est 1911, Miss Katherine 
Bres, Principal, 542 Lowerlme St 

Lei and University (colored) ; coll ; co-ed , 
Bapt , est 1S70; Alfred A Earle, A. M., 
Pres , 7013 St. Charles Ave. 

Loyola University, coll and phar , R C , 
est 1904, Very Rev Alphonsus Elmer 
Otis, S J, President, 6363 St Charles 

I/Union Francaise School, girls' boarding; 
non-sect ; Miss Marie Dumestre, Prin., 
928 N Rampart. 

Luther College , nor ; co-ed ; Luth ; F. 
Wenger, Prm 

Marquettc University, univ ; men, R C , 
eat 1910, Jesuit Fathers 

MIelly's Business College, bus, sten and 
civil service, est 1895, Edmond F Mielly, 
President, 345 Carondelet 

New Orleans College of Dentistry, Tulane 
University, dent , co-ed., est 1899; A. G. 
Friedrichs, M D , Dean, 1551 Canal 

New Orleans College of Oratory and Elocu- 
tion, elo and or ; co-ed , Miss Lilly C. 
Whittaker, Prin, 707 Common. 

New Orleans College of Pharmacy, phar,; 
co-ed., est 1900, Philip Asher, M D, 
Dean, 1600 St Charles. 

New Orleans Normal and Training School; 
normal; city, co-ed., est. 1895; Miss Mar- 
garet C. Hanson. Prin., 1142 Constance 

New Orleans University (colored); coll.; 
prep , nor , music, dom science, and 
com'l courses, co-ed , M. E.; est. 1873; 
Rev Charles M Melden, Ph D, Presi- 
dent, 5318 St Charles Ave 

New Orleans University, College of Phar- 
macy (colored) ; phar. , co-ed ; M. E ; 
est 1900, Dr R. T. Fuller, M. D, Dean, 
1566 Canal St. 

Newcoznb Memorial College of Tulane Uni- 
versity, coll , schools of Arts, Music, 
Household Economy, and Education; 
women, non-sect , est 1886; Brandt Van 
Blarcom DIxon, LL D, President, 1220 
Washington Avenue. 

Notre Dame Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C.; est 1893, Sister Superior, 1930 Cal- 
houn st 

New Orleans continued 
Paragon Shorthand Institute; bus and 
sten, est. 1890, Alex Lichtentag; Prop, 
Camp and Enterpe Sts 

Pinac Institute; girls' boarding; non-sect ; 
Marie L Pinac, Prin , 1409 Hospital. 

Points Musical Institute, music, co-ed ; 
Miss D Points, Prln., 930 Elysian Fields 

Pursell-Shields School, girls' boarding, non- 
sect.; Mrs. Purcell-Shlelds, Pres, 291S 

Robert Institute; prep ; co-ed.. Miss E. 

Robert, Prin, 2312 Barracks. 
Rugby School; boys' boarding; non-sect ; 

W E "Walls and W. C. Jones, Prins., 

4803 St Charles Ave. 

St Aloysius College, boys' boarding; R. C ; 
Brother Celestin, Prin, 1105 Esplanade 

St Joseph's Commercial Academy; boys* 
boarding, R C , Brother Athanasius, 
Prin, 2137 St. Philip St. 

St Louis Diocesan Seminary, theol.; men; 
R C ; Very Rev Michael S Ryan, C. M., 
D. D , Pres , 1438 Henry Clay St. 

St Mary's Dominican Academy, girls' board- 
ing, R C , Sister Superior 

St Simeon's Select School; girls* boarding; 
R C ; Sister Adelaide, Prin , 1321 An- 
nunciation St. 

Sloan-Duployan Shorthand School; bug. and 
sten , co-ed , Charles Nathan, Prin. 

Societe Francais du Juillet School; prep ; 
boys, non-sect.; Miss Ada Freret, Prin, 
1028 St Peter. 

Soule Commercial College and Literary In- 
stitute, bus, sten, and prep; co-ed; 
non-sect, est 1856, George Soule, Presi- 
dent, 603 St Charles 

Southern College of Music; music; co-ed ; 
Mrs G. David, Pres, 1216 Felicity 

Spencer's Business College, bus , sten and 
language, co-ed, est. 1893, L C. Spen- 
cer, B S , President, 711 Common. 

Straight University (colored) ; college, prep., 
nor , music, and Indust depts ; co-ed. ; 
Cong ; est 1869; Elbert M. Stevens, A, 
M, President, 2408 Canal. 

Trinity School, prep ; co-ed ; Rev C. Nier- 
xnann, Prin , Oliver and Eliza Sta 

Tulane University of Louisiana; comprises 
the College of Arts and Sciences, of 
Technology, Teachers' College, H. Sophie 
Newcomb Memorial College for Women, 
and the Law, Medical, Pharmacy, Fost- 
Graduate Medical, and Dental Depart- 
ments, co-ed, non-sect ;* est. 1834, Rob- 
ert Sharp, Ph D , President 

Tulane University, College of Technology; 
four-year courses in Mechanical, Electri- 
cal, Civil, Sanitary, Chemistry and. Cbemi- 
cal Engineering, Architecture and Archi- 
tectural Engineering, two-year course in 
Sugar Chemistry, William Henry Creigh- 
ton, U. S, N, Dean, 





New Orleans continued 

Tulane Um\ersity Department of Phar- 
macy . phar : co-ed , est 1838. Isadora 
t>yer, M D , Bean, 2222 Prytania St 

Tulane University, Law School, law, co- 
ed , est 1847, 115 W Ave and Univer- 
sity Place 

TTulane University, Medical Department, 
xned.. Teg i co-ed; non-sect, est 1834. 
Isadore Dyer, M D , Dean, Canal and N 

Tulane University, School of Dentistry, 
co-ed , est 1898, "Wallace Wood, Jr , D 
D S Dean, 1551 Canal 

Twentieth Century and Cowles Shorthand 
School, bus and sten , co-ed , Miss Ellis, 
Prin , 646 Commercal PI 

University School; hoys*" boarding; non- 
sect., T W. Dyer. Prin, 1923 Coliseum 

Ursuline College and Academy, girls' board- 
Ing, K C , est 1727, Rev Mother St 
Stanislaus, Superioress, 2635 State Street 

Wheeler Business College; bus and sten ; 
co-ed. ; Willard J Wheeler, Pres , 803 
Canal St 

New Roads, Polnte Conpee Parish, pop. 

Poydras Academy; prep , co-ed ; non- 
sect., I. J. Vaughan, Prin. 

Opelousae, St. tandry Parish, pop 4,300. 

City Superintendent Charles J Thompson. 
Principal High School W. B Prescott. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception; 
R C , prep , co-ed ; Sister Veronica, 

Patterson, St. Mary Parish., pop. 2,600. 

City Superintendent P C Rogers 
Supt Writing Esther Rentrop 

Plain Dealing, Bossier Parish, pop. 550. 

Principal High School R W Eggleston 

Plnevllle, Rapides Parish, pop. 617. 

Louisiana College, coll. and prep ; co-ed , 
Bapt , est 1906, Claybrook Cottmgham, 
M A , President 

Plaqnemlne, Iberville Parish, pop. 3,590. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph Wilbert 
Sec Bd Educ L E Messick. 
Principal High School J O Ault 
Domestic Science Ellie I Joyner 

Robellne, CTatchitoches Parish, pop. 650. 

Principal High SchoolI T Rutledge 

Huston, Uncoln Parish, pop. 3,500. 

Principal High School C V. Reser 
Louisiana Industrial Institute, tech and 

Indust , state-, co-ed ; est 1894; John 

Ephraim Keeny, M. E . Pres 

8t - J*S? ci8Tille ' WeBt *elciana Parish, pop 


Principal High School W S Bliss. 

St. Joseph, Tensas Parish, pop. 1,600. 

Principal High School W. C Jordan. 

St. Martinville, St Martin Parish, pop. 2,500. 

Puncipal High School W S Edwards 

Shreveport, Caddo Parish, pop. 28,015. 

Pres Bd Educ T H Scovell. 
Sec Bd Educ C E Byrd. 
City Superintendent C. E Byrd 
Principal High School A Bogard 
Supv Music Lucile Gibson 
Domestic Science Milledge Gahagan. 

Centenary College of Louisiana; coll.; co- 
ed , Meth , est 1845; W L. Weber, A 
M, LL D, Pres. 

Draughon's Practical Business College, bus, 
sten and prep , est 1900, P E Towns- 
ley, Manager, Mil am and McNeil 

Slidell, St. Tammany Parish, pop. 1,850. 

Pres Bd Educ C M Liddle 

Sec Bd Educ T J Eddms. 

City Supt and Prin H S C E Hooper 

Supv Mus and Draw Mrs D Fuller 

Spearsville, Union Parish, pop. 130. 
Everett Institute, prep . co ed ; Bapt ; J 
W. Thome, Prin 

Tallnlah, Madison Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ I F Ward 
Sec Bd Educ James R LInton 
City Superintendent James H. LInton. 
Principal High School J W. Noblett 
Supv Music Virginia Robertson 

Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, pop. 3,300. 

Principal High School W S Laforgue 

Mount Carmel Academy; girls' boarding, 

R C ; Sister Superior 
Thibodeaux College, boys' day, R C , est 

1857, Bi other Lambert, President 

Tldalia, Concordia Parish, pop. 1,022. 

Pres Bd Educ J H unisen 
City Superintendent C B Turner 

Ville Platte, Evangeline, Parish, pop. 875. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr J C VIdime. 
Sec Bd Educ E E Ortego 
Principal High School Y L Fontenor 
Supv Mus and Draw Miss Agnes Field 
Domestic Science Iris Sarchet 

Washington, St. Landry Parish, pop 1,197. 

Pres Bd Educ O P Daley 
Sec Bd Educ C J Thompson 
Principal High School A W. Blttle 

Welsh, Calcasien Parish, pop. 900. 

Welsh Normal and Business Institute, bus. 
and nor , co-ed , non-sect , J. M. Nel- 
son, Pres. 

White Castle, Iberville Parish, pop. 1,850. 

Principal High School H L Garrett 

Wlnnfleld, Whin Parish, pop. 1,850. 

Principal High School J L Ldggln 

Winnshoro, Xranklin Parish, pop. 775. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr H B Womble. 
Sec Bd Educ John L. McDutt. 
Principal High School W P Maury 


Population, 742,371. School census, 213,123. School age, 5-21. 

Maine is the thirty-fourth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 742,371 inhabitants, of whom 99 7 per cent are white. Of this number 14.8 
per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, 
ten years of age and over, is 4.1 per cent , the state ranking twentieth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


GLENN W. STARKEY, StaJte Superintendent of Public Schools. . . . Augusta 

JOSIAH W. TAYLOR, Agent for Secondary Education ... Augusta 

II A. ALLEN, Agent for Rural Education . . ... Augusta 

FLORENCE M. HALE, Agent for Rural Education ... ... Augusta 

A. W. GORDON, General Agent for Unorganized Schools . ... Augusta 

P. H. SMILEY, Supervisor of Practical Arts Gorham 

MARION O. BICKER, Supervisor of Household Arts ... . Farmington 


Public school text-books are required by state law to be furnished free by the 
several towns. There is no State Text-Book Commission and no state uniformity of 


ROBERT J. ALEY, President Orono 

HAROLD A ALLAN, Secretary Augusta 


Maine has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what is called 
the "Town System" of school supervision, each city and town, or income cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of towns, having its individual superintendent of 


Alfred, York Co., pop. 890. 

Town Supei intezident Isaac A Smith 
Principal High School Milton Lambert. 

Andover, Oxford Co., pop. 767. 

Town Superintendent Mrs C A. Dresser 
Principal High School -Raymond Curtis. 

Anson, Somerset Co., pop. *,209. 

Town Superintendent John W. Foster 

Ashland, Aroostook Co., pop. 2,173. 

Pres Bd. Bduc H A, Greenwood. 
Sec Bd Bduc. W H Bussell 
Town Superintendent W H Russell. 
Principal High School W. T Faulkner 





Athens, Somerset Co., pop. 914. 

City Superintendent Herbert W Wood 

Somerset Academy, prep ; co-ed ; noniect , 
Guy F 'Williams. Principal 

Auburn, Androscoggin Co., pop. 15,064. 

Pres Bd Brluc J W Stetson 

Sec Bd Educ H H Randall 

City Superintendent Henry H Randall 

Principal High School L. E. Moulton 

Supv Music N L Mower 

Domestic Science Ruth Stoughton 

Drawing Ida L Smith 

Pen'ship and Com'l H W Mann 

Augusta, Kennebec Co.* pop. 13,211. 

Pres Bd Educ Wilbert S Wilson. 
City Superintendent H H Stuart 
Principal High School H W Cobb 
Supv Music Edward C Bullock 
Manual Training Austin A Alden 
Dom Sci Miss Katherme G Cunningham 
Drawing Mary H Gussman 
Pen'ship and Com'l Oscar T Smith 
Stenography Grace O Smothers 

Shaw Business College, bus and sten ; eat 
1893, C. H. Blaisdell, Principal. 

Bangor, Penobscot Co., pop 24,803. 

Chmn Sch Comm P H Vose 
Sec School Comm D L Wormwood 
City Superintendent D Lyman Wormwood 
Principal High School H R Eaton 
Supv Music Gale Littlefield 
Manual Training Bomamin C Kent. 
Domestic Science Ethel E Harrigan, 
Drawing Mabel L Dealing 
Penmanship Mary Alexander 
Commercial Herbert E Congdon 

Bangor Theological Seminary; theol ; co- 
ed ; Cong ; est 1814; Rev. David N. 
Beach, D D , President 

Beal Business College, co-ed , est 1891, 
Mary E Beal, President 

Shaw Business College; bus and sten ; eit. 
1884; Frank L Shaw, Pres 

Ttolversity of Maine, School of Law; law; 
state; co-ed ; est 1898, William E. Walz, 
M. A, LL B, Dean. 

Bar Harbor, Hancock Co , pop. 1,181. 

Pres Bd Educ T E Whitmore 
City Superintendent E L Palmer 
Principal High School Harry Kidder 
Supv Music Louise Fernald 
Manual Training Leon Lewis 
Domestic Science Helen Meserve 
Drawing Manah Stevens 
Commercial Vesta Stubbs 
Bath, Sagadahoc Co., pop. 9,396. 
Pres Bd Educ A J Dunton 
Sec Bd Educ Clarence N Flood 
City Superintendent C N Flood 
Principal High School Charles L Smith 
Supv. Music Margaret Bakeman. 
Manual Training N B Corthell. 
Domestic Science Marion Keeler 
Com f l and Stenog Angle L. Pulsifer. 
Bath. Iron Works, School of Shipbuilding; 
trade school. 

Belfast, Waldo Co., pop. 4,618. 

Pres Bd Educ G G Abbott 

Sec Bd Educ William B Woodbury 

City Superintendent William Woodbury. 

Prin. High School Clarence W Proctor. 
Supv Music Mrs Emma Pitcher. 

Drawing Mrs C B Holmes 

Commercial Mrs E G Banks 

Banks Business College; bus and sten ; est 
1900, E A. Banks, Prln. 

Belgrade, Kennebec Co , pop. 1,037. 

Town Superintendent T W McQualde 
Pimcipal High School J C Haggerty 

Benton, Kennebeo Co., pop. 1,194. 

Toxin Superintendent C A Grant 

Berwick, York Co , pop. 2,098. 

Pres Bd Educ Edgai Wentworth 
Sec Bd Educ William M Bottomley 
City Superintendent W M Bottomley 
Principal High School J E Ashworth 
Supv Music Minnie L Eaton. 
Drawing Alma Roy. 

Bethel, Oxford Co., pop. 834. 

Pres Bd Educ N R Springer 
Sec Bd Educ E F Callahan 
Town Superintendent E F Callahan 
Principal High School F E Hanscom 

Gould's Academy; prep; co-ed : non-sect ; 
est 1836; Frank E Hanscom, A. M., 

Blddef ord, York Co . pop. 17,079. 

Pres Bd Educ J G C Smith 
See Bd Educ Royal Gould 
City Superintendent I Z Allen 
Principal High School A W Reynolds 
Supv Music Helen L Moodv 
Manual Training Edsrar O Hnwkes 
Draw and Pen'ship Edward M Dcering 
Com'l and Stenog*y Miss F Mary Murphy 
Blafne, Aroostoob Co., pop. 1,013. 
Pres Bd Educ Norman Tapley 
Sec Bd Educ C A Record 
Town Superintendent C A Record 
Principal High School E L Gray 

Blue Hill, Hancock Co., pop. 1,462. 

Town Superintendent Thomas S Grindle 
George Stevens Academy; prep ; co-ed.; 
non sect ; A W Boston, Principal. 

Boothbay, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,700. 

Town Superintendent Harry T Smith 
Prm Center H S Helen Hunt 
Prin East H S M E Stinson 

Booth Bay Harbor, Lincoln Co., pop. 

City Superintendent Harry I. Smith. 
Principal High School C E Merrill 

Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc Co, pop. 1,388. 

Pres Bd Educ Ivan E I^ang 
See Bd Educ James S Norton 
Town Superintendent E R Bowdoin 
Principal High SchoolC M Kendrick. 

Brewer, Penobscot Co., pop. 5,667. 

Pres Bd Educ Victor H. Mutty 
Sec Bd Educ F. W Burrill 
City Superintendent F W Burrill 




Brewer continued 

Principal High School W B Sullivan 
Supv Music May E Gould 
Manual Training Emery H Head. 
Drawing Ruth Davis 
Com'l and Stenog'y Miss McEneony. 

Bridgrewater, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,238. 

Pres Bd Educ A M Stackpole, Jr. 
Sec Bd Educ L W Robbms, A M 
Town Superintendent C A Record 
Principal High School N H Rich, A B 

Brldgton, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,474. 

Town Superintendent F E Russell 

Bristol, Lincoln Co., pop. 2,415. 

Pres Bd Educ H C Jfoale 
Sec Bd Educ Norns A Miller 
Town Superintendent N A Miller 
Principal High School V. H. Robinson. 

Bropksvllle, Hancock Co., pop. 1,176. 

Town Superintendent W E Clark 

Brownville, Plscataquls Co., pop. 1,808. 

Town Superintendent W S Adams 

Brunswick, Cumberland Co., pop 6,621. 

Pres Bd Educ -^K C M Sills 

Sec. Bd Educ John A Cone. 

City Superintendent John A Cone. 

Principal High School George Gardiner. 

Manual Training Charles G Wheeler. 

Domestic Science Mary s. Byrne. 

Bowdoln College; coll ; men; non-sect ; eat 
1794; Rev Wm De Witt Hyde, D. D., 
LL. D . Pres 

Medical School of Maine at Bowdoln Col- 
lege (freshmen and sophomore years); 
med , reg , men, est 1820, Addison S 
Thayer, M D , Dean (See Portland, 

Buckfield, Oxford Co., pop. 357. 

Pres Bd Educ Wilson Conant 
Sec. Bd. Educ M. A. Sturtevant. 
Town Superintendent Florente Whitmore 
Principal High School Vernon K Brackett 

Bucksport, Hancock Co., pop. 2,216. 

Pres Bd Educ W C Conary 
Sec. Bd Educ A A Littlefleld 
Town Superintendent A A Littlefield 
East Maine Conference Seminary; prep.; 

co-ed, M E, est 1848, E R Verrill, 


Bnxton, York Co., pop. 1,675. 

Town Superintendent Fred Benson. 
Principal High School L W Elkms 

Calais, Washington Co., pop. 6,116. 

Pres Bd Educ George Downes 
City Superintendent Barton Watson 
Principal High School Frank Cowan. 
Manual Training Dwight Meseive 
Camden, Knox Co., pop. 3,015. 
Pres. Bd Educ Bertram E Fackaid 
Town Superintendent B B Packard. 
Principal High School Zelma Dwinal 

Canton, Oxford Co., pop. 1,018. 

Pres Bd Educ W J. Ricker. 
Town Superintendent L. W. Blaisdell 
Principal High School Donald Partridge. 

Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,857. 

Town Superintendent Simon M Hamlm. 

Cariboo, Aroostook Co., pop. 5,377. 

Pres Bd Educ J W H Porter 
Sec Bd Educ J L, Raymond 
City Superintendent Richard J Libby 
Principal High School A W Boston 
Supv Music Dora O Larrabee 
Com'l and Stenog Flora Bellmgrton. 

Carmel, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,050. 

To\vn Supeimtendent E S Andrews 

Castine, Hancock Co., pop. 033. 

Town Supeimtendent "W E. Clark. 

Eastern State Normal School; normal, 
state, co-ed , est IS6S, Albert F. Rich- 
ardson, A B , Pres 

Charleston, Penobscot Co., pop 864. 

Pres Bd Educ D F D Weymouth 
Sec Bd Educ Clarence Emery. 
Town Superintendent John S Tapley 
Principal High School H L. Blount 

Higglns' Classical Institute; prep ; co-ed ; 
Bapt , est 1837, H A. McLellan, Prin. 

Cherryfleld, Washington Co , pop. 1,499. 

Pres Bd Educ A G Campbell 

Sec Bd Educ Mrs Frances C. Jewett. 

Toxvn Superintendent Mrs Frances C 

Principal High School R C Bridges 

Cherryfleld Academy; prep.; co-ed., non- 
sect , Thomas C Tooker, Principal 

Chelsea, Kennebec Co., pop. 3,216. 

To\vn Supeimtendent Arthur N, Douglas 

China, Kenneheo Co., pop. 1,297. 

Pres Bd Educ W A Lord 

Town Superintendent George E Paine. 

Principal High School Edith C. Washburn 

Clinton, Kennebec Co., pop. 1,268. 

Pres Bd Educ C W Spaulding 

Sec Bd Educ George Billings. 

Toi\n Superintendent Charles L Clement. 

Principal High School Samuel Allen 

Corinth, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,034. 

Town Superintendent John S Tapley 

Corlnna, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,237. 

Town Superintendent W C McCue 

Corlnna Union Academy; prep.; day; co- 
ed , non-sect , est 1852, Wade L Grin- 
die, Principal 

Cumberland, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,403. 

Town Superintendent Daniel W. Lunt 
Principal High School Stella H Strout 

Cumberland Center, Cumberland Co., pop. 

Town Superintendent D> W. Lunt 

Greeley Institute; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect.; 
Dana S Jordan, Prin. 

Danf orth, Washington Co., pop. 1,295. 

Pres Bd Educ James H Chadbourne 
Sec Bd Educ John F. Philbrook. 
Town Superintendent John F Philbrook 
Principal High School Wesley A Sowle 





Deer Isle, Hancock Co., pop. 1,946. 

Pres Bd Educ George L Beck 
Town Superintendent D W Rollins 
Principal High School B E Cook 

Dexter, Fenobscot Co., pop. 8,530. 

Pres Bd Educ A L Davis 
Sec Bd Educ L, A Ross 
Town Superintendent L A Ross 
Principal High School Roy M Strout. 

Dixfleld, Oxford Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pres Bd Educ W W Waite 

Town Superintendent N S MacNamara 

Principal High School Parker M Cooper 

Dover, Plscataqtils Co., pop. 2,091. 

Pres Bd Educ F W Ball 
Town Superintendent Mr James N Emery 
Principal High School Hubert S Hill 
Manual Training Walter L Brown 
Commercial Vonie E Brown 

Dresden Mills, Lincoln Co., pop. 200. 

Town Superintendent Jessie C Houdlette 

Bridge Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect , 
eat. 1881; Norris S Lord, A B, Prin 

Durham, Androscoggln Co., pop. 1,025. 

Town Superintendent Lauren H Tuttle 
Eagle Xake, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,421. 

City Superintendent Mrs Hetty Mornecault 

East Corinth, Penobscot Co., pop. 478. 
East Corinth Academy, prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1844, R J CoftTey, Principal 

East Xlvermore, Androscoggin Co , pop. 2,041 

Town Superintendent Elmer Webber 

East Machlas, Washington Co., pop. 1,392. 

Town Superintendent John C Merrill 
Washington Academy, prep . co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1792. Ralph S. Smith, A. B , Prln 

Easton. Aroostook Co., pop. 1,300. 

Pres Bd Educ \. E Radcliffe 
Sec Bd Educ Henry Hoyt 
Town Superintendent Frank MeGouldnck 
Principal High School Wade L Grlndle 
Eastport, Washington Co., pop. 4,901. 
Pres Bd Educ William H Colwell 
Sec Bd Educ R T Harmon 
City Superintendent W H Sturtevant 
Principal High School W H Patten 
Commercial Nina A. Davis 

Eden, Hancock Co , pop. 4,441. 

City Superintendent Frank McGouldrick 
Principal High School H W Kidder 

Eliot, York Co, pop. 1,530. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Spinney 
Sec Bd Educ Frederic Wilson 
Town Superintendent F W Freeman 
Principal High School Francis Garland 
Lanier Home School; boys' boarding, non- 
sect ; est 1914; Sidney Lanier, Principal 
Ellsworth, Hancock Co., pop. 3,549. 
Pres Bd. Educ Edmon J. Walsh. 
City Superintendent William H Patten 
Principal High School John Scott 
Stenography Nellie F Mullan 

Falrfleld, Somerset Co., pop. 2,801. 

Pres Bd Educ C A Lowry 
Sec Bd Educ W O Hersey 
Town Superintendent Will O Hersey 
Principal High School John A Partridge. 
Supv Music Frances F Gate 
Manual Training Warren S Swett 
Domestic Science Blanch Webster 
Com'l and Stenog'y Edith Wilcher 

Falmouth, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,488. 

Town Superintendent D W Lunt 

Farmlngton, Franklin Co., pop. 3,200. 

Pres Bd Educ Tohn A Sweet 
Sec Bd Educ Roseoe L West 
Town Superintendent Joseph F Burch 
Principal High School W E Downes. 
Supv Music Florence R Lowell 
Manual Training Floience L Walker 
Domestic Science Marion C Ricker 
Commercial Mrs C W Steele 

Abbott School; boys' boarding, non-aect ; 

est 1844, George Dudley Church, A. M, 

Farming-ton State Normal School; normal; 

state, co-ed , est 1865, Wilbert G Mal- 

lett, A B , Principal 

Fort Falrfleld, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,620. 

Pres Bd Educ H W Trofton 

Sec Bd Educ E K Guild 

Town Superintendent E L Turner 

Principal High School L G Paine 

Penmanship Mattie E Hopkins 

Com'l and Stenog'y Catherine P Fawcett 

Fort Kent, Aroostook Co., pop. 3,710. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred W Theriaull 
Sec Bd Educ S R Audibert 
Town Superintendent Joseph F Cyr 

Madawaska Training School, normal, state; 
co-ed , Miss Maiy P Nowland, Prin 

Foxcrof t, Piscataquis Co., pop. 1,807. 

Pres Bd Educ R C Toby 
Town Superintendent James N Emery 
Supv Mus and Draw Mrs Adelaide Far- 

Fox croft Academy, prep ; co-ed ; non-sect., 

H S Hill, Principal 

Frankfort, Waldo Co., pop. 1,157. 

Town Superntendent F M Nickerson 
Principal High School W H Tibbetts 

Franklin, Hancock Co., pop. 1,161. 

Town Superintendent Maurice C Foss. 
Principal High School F A Morris 

Freedom, Waldo Co., pop. 480. 

Town Superintendent J W Deane 
Freedom Academy, prep and agrl ; co-ed ; 

boarding, non-sect , est 1836, Frank 

Fortier, Principal 

Freeport, Cumberland Co., pop. 2,339 

Pres Bd Educ Percy S Burr 
Sec Bd Educ Miss E B Stanwood 
Town Superintendent Clifton E Wass 
Principal High School W E Stuart 
Supv. Music Pearl Greene. 
Manual Training- W. A Fie welling. 





Frenchvlllc, Aroottook Co., pop. 1,414. 

Town Superintendent E R. Michand 

Fryeburgr, Oxford Co., pop. 550. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles P Gray 

Town Superintendent Thomas W Charles 

Fryeburg Academy; prep ; co-ed , non-sect., 
bus, man tr and agrl courses, est 1792, 
Ernest Weeks, A B , Principal 

Gardiner, Kennebec Co., pop. 5,311. 

Pres, Bd Educ M L Bates 
Sec Bd Educ H J Chase 
City Superintendent H J. Chase 
Principal High School Louis H Conant 
Supv Music Gertrude Sherman 

Gorham, Cumberland Co , pop. 2,822. 

Pres Bd Educ Edgar F Carswell 
Sec Bd, Educ Piescott Keyes 
Town Supenntendent Prescott Keyes 
Principal High School Charles C. Shaw. 
Supv Music Pamela C Ware 
Manual Tiainmg George A Brown 
Domestic Science Ethel G Wooldridge 
Drawing Emma S Daggett 
Penmanship Geoi ge Hutcherson 
Commercial Gertrude L Stone 

Western Normal School, normal; state; co- 
ed ; Walter E. Russell, Principal 

Gouldsboro, Hancock Co., pop. 1,849. 

Pres Bd Educ F. F Tracy 
Sec Bd Educ A W. Gordon 
Town Superintendent A W. Gordon. 

Grand Isle, Aroostook Co.* pop. 1,317. 

Pres Bd Educ Patrick Therrian 
Town Superintendent B S Dufour 
Principal High School B. S Dufour 

Gray, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,270. 

Pres Bd Educ S W. Hill. 
Sec Bd Educ Lee B Hunt 
Town Superintendent Lee B Hunt 
Principal High School M. C. Smart 

Pennell Institute; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect; 
est 1876, Melville C Smart, Principal 

Greenville, Piscataquli Co., pop. 1,474. 

Pres Bd Educ Amos A Carter. 
Sec Bd Educ A G Rogers 
Town Supeiintendent Russell S. Taylor 
Principal High School B F Genthner 
Supv Music Ethel M. Knowlea. 

Gultford, Plscataquls Co., pop. 1,480. 

Pres Bd Educ C. P Tinner 
Sec Bd Educ A C Genthner. 
Town Superintendent Horace M. Pullen 
Principal High School Wallace Holxnan. 

Hallowell, Kennebec Co., pop. 2,864. 

Pres Bd Educ James Carey 
City Superintendent C H Abbott 
Principal High School W L Beall 
Supv Music Mr Hall 
Domestic Art Edna Pryon 

Hampden, Penobscot Co., pop* 2,380. 

Town Superintendent F W Burrill. 
Hampden Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-feet.; 
est 1803, B C Markle. Principal. 

Harpswell, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,650. 

Town Superintendent C F Brown 

Harrington, Washington Co., pop. 1,020. 

Town Superintendent Geo M D Grant. 
Principal High School E S. Shaw 

Hartland, Somerset Co., pop. 1,176. 

Pres Bd Educ E P Dyer. 

Sec Bd Educ J H. Haley. 

Town Supeiintendent Harry E Fortier. 

Principal High School W S Guptill. 

Hebron, Oxford Co., pop. 603. 

Town Superintendent Florent Whitmore 
Hebron Academy; prep ; co-ed.; Bapt.; est 
1804, Win. B Sargent, A. M., Prin. 

Rermon, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,210. 

Town Superintendent Mrs. A. I* Snow. 

Hodgdon, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,15S. 

Pres Bd Educ M F Leavitt. 
Sec Bd Educ L W Robbins. 
Town Superintendent L. W. Robbins 

Hollis, York Co., <pop. 1,284. 

Town Superintendent L J. West 
Principal High School G E Jack 

Houlton, Aroostook Co., pop. 5,845. 

Pres Bd Educ Leonard A Pierce 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Seth S Thornton 
City Superintendent L W Robbins. 
Principal High School T P Packard. 
Supv. Music Flora Pearson. 
Penmanship L F De Costa 
Drawing Daisy L Barrett. 
Penmanship Thomas A, DeCoflta. 

Bicker Classical Institute: prep; co-ed.; 
nor. and music; est. 1848; Irving C. 
Weeks, S. B, Principal 

Island Falls, Arooatook Co., pop. 1,686. 

Town Superintendent G C. Hight 
Principal High School H W Dunn, Jr. 

Jay, Franklin Co., pop. 2,987. 

Town Superintendent S M Nieveen. 
Principal High School V. M. Jones 

Jefferson, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,030. 

Pres Bd. Educ. A. M. Hodgkins. 
Sec Bd Educ H E Dow 
Town Superintendent H E Dow 
Principal High School Lydia Phillips. 

Jonegport, Washington Co., pop. 2,074. 

Prea Bd Educ D. Herman Coron 
Town Superintendent D H Corson 
Principal High School H C Alley. 

Kennebunk, York Co., pop. 8,099. 

Pres Bd Educ W K Sanborn. 
Sec.' Bd. Educ. J. W. Lambert 
Town Superintendent J W Lambert. 
Principal High School A L Dennison 
Supv Music Ethel M Lovley 
Penmanship Mary Farley, 





Kennebtmk Fort, York Co > pop. 2,130. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Sanborn 
Sec Bd Educ A W Meserve 
Town Superintendent J "W Lambert 
Principal High School A L Dennison 

Kent s Hill, Kennebec Co., pop. 150* 

Kent's Hill Seminary, prep , co-ed , M E , 
Rev John O Newton, D D, Pres 

Klttery, York Co., pop. 3,533. 

Pres Bd. Educ Horace Mitchell 
Sec Bd Educ I James Merry 
Town Superintendent I James Merry. 
Principal High School Prof. G. H. D 


Supv Music Ernest P Bilbrook. 
Com'l and Stenog Miss Helen Wippich. 

Lee, Penobscot Co., pop. 801. 

Town Supenntendent Vinal Cobb 

Lee Normal Academy; nor.; tate; co-ed.; 
Thomas I Budges, Principal 

Lebanon, York Co., pop. 1,316. 

Town Superintendent M W Bottomley 

LeTdston, Androscoggin Co, pop. 29,1647. 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Bickford 
City Superintendent Charles Bickford 
City Superintendent D J Callanan. 
Principal High School Herman Gammon* 
Supv Music George W Horn 
Manual Training Ernest Curley 
Domestic Science Katherine M Lynch 
Penmanship Alice J Child 
Stenography Margaret Little. 
Drawing M Shernl Stoner. 

Bates College; coll ; co-ed.; non-sect ; est. 
1863, George C. Chase, A M., D. D., L.L. 
D., Pres. 

Bliss Business College, bus. and sten.; O 
D Bliss, Pres. 

Hawthorne School, day school for small 
children, est 1905, Miss Sarah M Storey, 
A M , Principal 

Lewiston Normal Training School, nor , co- 
ed , state, Adelaide V Pinch, Principal 

Limestone, Aroostook Co , pop. 1,393. 

Pres Bd Educ A H Damon, M D 
Town Superintendent R J Libby 
Principal High School C H Brown 

Limington, York Co , pop. 980. 
Limington Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect , day, free, Willis F. Avery, Prim. 

Lincoln, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,167. 

Pres. Bd Educ F V Buzzell 

Sec. Bd Educ A. Weatherbee 

Town Superintendent Artemus Weatherbee. 

Principal High School L. A Bailey. 

Supv. Music Mary Brown 

LincolnvUle, Waldo Co , pop. 1,020. 

Town Superintendent Mrs, L 8 Run. 

Lisbon, Androscoggin Co , pop. 4,116. 

Pres Bd Educ T Y Morrison. 

Sec Bd Educ A B Lord. 

Town Superintendent A B Lord 

Principal High School Vincent Gatto 

Supv Music Margaret Flanigan 

Drawing Edith Tetreault 

Com'l and Stenog Alice Warman. 

Litchfield Corners, Eennebeo Co., pop. 300. 

Litchfield Academy, prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est 1845, Leon E Cash, Puncipal 

Littleton, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,028. 

Town Superintendent Leonard P Beriy 

Li\ ermore Falls, Androscoggin Co., pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ C R Smith 
Sec Bd Educ Hailey Wilkms 
Tottn Superintendent John H Carter 
Principal High School Frank H Bjram. 

Lubec, Washington Co., pop. 3,363. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr E H Bennet. 
Sec Bd Educ V? H Stui tivant 
To\vn Supeiintendent "W H Sturtevant 
Principal High School G A Prock 
Commercial Belle A Randall 

Machias, Washington Co., pop. 9,089. 

Pres Bd. Educ E C Dallworth. 
Sec Bd Educ John C Merrill 
City Superintendent John C. Merrill. 
Principal High School J S. Keating. 

Washington County State Normal School; 
nor , state, co-ed , William L Powers. 

Madavraska, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,831. 

Town Superintendent B S Dufour 

Madison, Somerset Co., pop. 2,408. 

Pres Bd Educ E W Webber 
Sec Bd Educ Stanley Remer 
Town Superintendent L W Gerrish 
Principal High School Albert G. Johnson 

Mapleton, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,120. 

Town Superintendent R L Sinclair 
Principal High School Byron Smith 

Mars Hill, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,511. 

Pres. Bd Educ Howard Pierce. 
Sec Bd Educ C A Record 
Town Superintendent C A Record 
Principal High School E L Gray. 

Mechanic falls, Androscoggin Co., pop. 1,678. 

Town Superintendent Jesse M Llbby 
Principal High School Perley Ford 

Mexico, Oxford Co , pop 12,065. 

Town Superintendent W S McNamara 
Principal High School H. W Pickup 

Mlllbridge, Washington Co., pop. 1,550. 

Town Superintendent G M D. Grant 

Millinocket, Penobscot Co , pop. 3,368. 

Pres Bd Educ F E Cimpher 

Sec Bd Educ J Rush 

Town Superintendent William M. Marr 

Principal High School W H Gilbert 





Milo, Piscataquis Co., pop. 2,556. 

Town Superintendent Foster L Higgins 

Monmonth, Kennebec Co., pop. 1,386. 

Town Supenntendent R J3 Howard 
Principal High School Arthur J Chick 

Monroe, Waldo Co., pop 829 

Pies Bd Educ W B Plummer. 
Soc Bd Bduc F H Cunningham 
Town Supenntcndent F M Nickerson 
Pimcipal High School R K Stanley 
Man Tr & Dom Sci Carolyn L Durham 

Monson, Piscataqnis Co., pop. 1,243. 

Town Superintendent Horace M Pullen 

Montlcello, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,297, 

Town Supeiintendent Raymond Buck. 

Mount Desert, Hancock Co., pop. 1,569. 

Town Supeiintendent L B Williams 
Pimcipal High School G B Rollins 

New Castle, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,068. 

Town Superintendent Heniy K White. 

Lincoln Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est 1801, Fiank B Brigg-s, Principal. 

New Gloucester, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,228. 

Pres Bd Educ Herbert V Blake 
Sec Bd Educ Ernest H Hunnewell. 
Town Superintendent Einest H Hunnewell 
Principal High School Chailes Teague 
Supv Music Maigaret L Allen 

Stevens School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
M. B. and S. P. Stevens, Prlna. 

New Sharon, franklin Co., pop. 955. 

Town Superintendent V G Day 
Principal High School W. L Linscott. 

Newport, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,747. 

Town Supeiintendent W C McCue 
Prm High School C R Purinton 

Norrldvewock, Somerset Co., pop. 1,608. 

Town Superintendent Eva A Webster. 
Principal High School E C. Vmmg 

North Anson, Somerset Co, pop. 1,000. 

Anson Academy; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est 1823; R. E G. Bailey, Frin. 

North Berwick, York Co., pop. 1,777. 

Sec Bd Educ Elizabeth K Hobbs 
Town Superintendent Elizabeth K Hobbs 
Principal High 'School Elwood G Bessey 

North Bridgton, Cumberland Co., pop. 280. 

Bridgton Academy; prep.; co-ed ; non-sect.; 
est 1808, Chester C. Tuttle, Principal 

North Jay, Franklin Co., pop. 400. 

Pres Bd Educ John H Macomber. 
Sec Bd Educ E F Callahan 
Town Superintendent E F. Callahan 
Principal High School V Merle Jones. 
Supv. Music John Cartar. 

North Parsonfleld, York Co., pop. 200. 
Parsonfleld Seminary; prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect ; Roland H Verbeek, Prm. 

Norway, Oxford Co, pop. 2,215. 

Chairman Bd. Educ Dr. L H Trufant. 
Sec. Bd Educ T C Morrill 
Town Superintendent T C Morrill. 
Principal High School P. E Hathaway. 
Music and Drawing Mrs A L Fogg. 

Oakland, Kennebec Co., pop. 2,257. 

Pres Bd Educ Geozge W Field. 
Sec Bd Educ W O Hersey. 
Town feupeimtendent W O Hersey 
Principal High School Charles E Taylor 
Supv Music Nora B. Greeley 
Manual Tiammg Prank Knowlton 

Oldtown, Penobscot Co., pop. 6,317. 

City Supeiintendent William D Fuller 
Principal High School James A Hamlin. 

Orland, Hancock Co., pop. 1,224. 

Town Superintendent H H Dunbar. 

Orono, Penobscot Co., pop. 3,555. 

Pres Bd Educ Edward Tomlinson 
Sec Bd Educ William D Fuller 
Town Superintendent William E> Fuller. 
Pimcipal High School C. I. Chatto 
Supv Music Maud Gould 

University of Maine, comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences, of Agriculture, of Tech- 
nology, Course in Pharmacy, and Col- 
lege of Law (Bangor), state, co-ed., est 
1865, Bobert Judson Aley, LL. D., Pres 

University of Maine, College of Agriculture, 
agronomy, animal husbandry, forestry, 
home economics, poultry, horticulture, 
Leon S Merrill, M. D. f Dean. 

University of Maine, College of Technology, 
courses in Chemical, Civil, Electrical and 
Mechanical Engineering and Pharmacy, 
Harold S Boardman, C E , Dean. 

Orrlngton, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,219. 

Pres Bd Educ H. C Hcxie. 
Sec Bd Educ C N. George 
Superintendent Edward E Roderick 

Oxford, Oxford Co., pop. 473. 

Pres Bd Educ E. L. Binns 

Town Superintendent Eugene B. Holden. 

Principal High School John 8. Dyer. 

Paris, Oxford Co., pop. 3,436. 

Pres Bd Educ 1> M Stewart. 
Town Superintendent Merlin C. Joy. 
Piincipal South H S. John S Carver 
Principal West H S Frederick Smith 
Supv. Music Florence A, Gordon. 

Parsonfleld, York Co., pop. 1,067. 

Town Superintendent L M. Felch. 

Patten, Penobscot Co., pop. 1,406* 

Town Superintendent W M Marr. 





Pembroke, Washington Co., pop. 1,378. 

Pres Bel Educ &d Blackwood 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs M B W Andrews 
Town Superintendent Mrs M B Andrew* 
Principal High School Everett Peacock 
Perry, Washington Co., pop. 1,153. 
Town Superintendent Oxner P Reynolds 

Phillips, Franklin Co., pop. 823. 

Town Superintendent M R Keyea 
Principal High School F M Hammond 

Phippsburg, Sagadahoc Co., pop. 1,070. 

Pres Bd Educ C V Minott 

Sec Bd Educ "William R Bunker 

Town Superintendent William R Bunker 

Pittsfleld, Somerset Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ P U. Landman. 
Town Superintendent Judge O H Drake 
Principal High School S R Oldham 
Supv Music Ethel Haskell. 
Maine Central Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Fret 
Bapt , est. 1866, S R Oldham, Prm 

Poland, Androscoggin Co., pop. 1,382. 

Town Superintendent B C Megquier 

Portland, Cumberland Co., pop. 58,571. 

Pres Bd Educ Wilford G Chapman 
Sec Bd Educ Dr Forest H Perkins 
City Superintendent De Forest H. Perkins. 
Deputy Helen M Robinson 
Principal High School William B Jack. 
Prln Deenng H S Louis B Farnham 
Supv Music George T Goldthwaite 
Manual Training William H Morton 
Domestic Science Kathenne P Johnson 
Domestic Art Harriet S Sweetser 
Drawing H W Shavler 
Penmanship Ralph E Rowe 
Commercial William E Chapin 
Degen School for Boys, boys' day. est 

1915, George F Degen, Principal 
Gray's Portland Business College; bus and 

sten , est. 1863; Frank L Gray, Prln. 
Maine Institution for the Blind, state, J 

Calvin Knapp, Superintendent 
Maine School for the Deaf, state, Elizabeth 

R Taylor, Superintendent 
Medical School of Maine, Medical Depart- 

ment, Bowdoln College (Junior and 

Senior years); med.; reg.; men; est. 

1820, Addison S Thayer, M. D , Dean 
St. Elizabeth's Academy; girls' boarding; 

R. C.; Mother Mary Teresa, Prln. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C , est 1882; Sister Margaret Mary, Di- 

Sawyer's Shorthand School; sten ; co-ed ; 

est. 1885, Miss Lydia H. Beck, Prin 
School of Fine Arts , co-ed. , non-sect , Mrs 

J H Hill, Manager, Spring and High Sts 
Shaw Business College; bus, sten., teleg ; 

est. 1884, Frank L. Shaw, Pres 
Virgil Clavier School; inns.; co-ed.; est. 

1895; Frank L. Bankln, Director. 
Waynfiete School; girls* prep.; non-sect.; 

est. 1898; Miss Caroline M. Crisfleld and 

Miss Agnes Lowell, Frina. 

Portland continued 

Westbrook Seminary and Female College; 
girl's boarding, non-sect ; est. 1831; 
C P Quimby, Piesident 

Presque Isle, Aroosiook Co., pop. 5,179. 

Pres Bd Educ G B Whidden 

Sec Bd Educ W O Chase. 

City Superintendent W O Chase 

Principal High School E M Libby 

Supv MusicMabel H Rich 

Manual Training Gertrude T Marrell. 

Com'l. and Stenog'y Mies Bertha Lewis. 

Aroostook State Normal School; nor., 
state; co-ed.; San Lorenzo Merriman, 

Princeton, Washington Co., pop. 1,091. 

Town Superintendent W F Packard 
Principal High School Jno Thompson 

Randolph, Kennebee Co., pop. 1,017. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred C. Moore. 

Town Superintendent L W Goodspeed 

Beadfleld, Kennebeek Co., pop. 996. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. J. S Milliken. 
Sec Bd Educ T W McQuade 
Town Superintendent T W McQuaide 

Richmond, Sagadohoc Co., pop. 1,858. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. F B Peabody, M. D, 
Sec Bd Educ E R Bowdom. 
Town Superintendent E R. Bowdoin 
Principal High School Percy C Cobb 

Bockland, Knox Co., pop. 8,174. 

Pres Bd Bduc Philip Howard 
Sec Bd Educ Roscoe L West 
City Superintendent Roseoe L West 
Principal High School Anna E Coughlin 
Supv. Music Margaret G Ruggles. 
Di awing Lena. Cleveland 
Domestic Science Anna Webster 
Manual Training Walter G Taylor 
Pen'ship and Com'l George F. Dickinson. 

Rockland Commercial College; bus, and 
sten., est. 1880; Howard and Brown, 
Prias. and Props. 

Bockport, Knox Co., pop. 3,08S. 

Town Superintendent Giles A. Stuart 
Stamford, Oxford Co., pop. 6,777. 
Pres BdL Educ. Hon I*. W, Blanchard. 
Sec Bd Educ L E Williams 
City Superintendent L. E Williams 
Principal High School C. I* Smith 
Supv Mus and Draw. Miss Alice Bentley, 
Domestic Science Miss Harriet Barrows. 
Pen'ship and ConVl Mr B. D. Charron. 

Saco, York Co., pop. 6,588. 

Chairman Bd. Educ Lewis B Stillznan. 
Sec. Bd. Educ T T Young 
City Superintendent Theodore T. Young. 
Principal High School E. R Woodbury. 
Supv MusicImogen Blackman 
Manual Training Fred J. Bryant 
Domestic Science Mrs. Sumner Fenderson. 
Draw, and Pen' ship A. B. Merrill 
Commercial p. I. Towle. 
Stenography Miss Georgia Chadooume. 





Saco continued 

Thornton Academy; prep ; co-ed.; non- 
sect , day, Ernest Roliston Woodbury, A 
M , Pi mcipal 

Sanford, York Co., pop. 9,049. 

Pres Bd Fduc H L Bun 
Sec Bd Educ C A Record 
City Superintendent C A Record 
Principal High School H H Burnham 
Supv Music Ellie K Hawes 
Dialing Hazel G Andrews 
Manual Training Hazel Andrews. 
Domestic Science Emily C Nash 
Commercial Elinor Furber 
Stenography Bessie Cogswell. 

Sangerville, Piscataquis Co., pop. 1,319. 

Pies Bd Educ George P Williams 
Sec Bd Educ C R Waugh 
To\\n Superintendent R S Tajlor 
Principal High School Herbert L Bryant 
Supv Music Maud H Geuthver 
Drawing Abbie M. Fowler 

Scarboro, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,945. 

Town Superintendent F H B Heald 
Pimcipal High School Fred Wish 

Searsport, Waldo Co., pop. 1,444. 

Town Supeimtendent W B Woodbury 

Sebago, Cumberland Co., pop. 576. 

Town Superintendent J W Hamlm 

Potter Academy, prep ; co-ed ; non-sect ; 

cst 1805, Joseph W Hamlin, Pimcipal 

Sherman, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,053. 

Town Superintendent George C Hight 
Pimcipal High School A. L Todd 

Skowhegran, Somerset Co., pop. 5,311. 

Pies Bd Educ William Stmchfield 
Sec Bd Educ George Hawes 
City Superintendent Leon W. Gerrish. 
Principal High School Ralph W. Leighton 
Supv Music Mr Elmer E Towne 
Manual Training W L Coggin 
Domestic Science Carrie Carpenter 
Drawing Miss Marjorie Loring. 
Commercial Miss Ethel W Scales * 

Solon, Somerset Co., pop. 1,034. 

Town Superintendent Herbert W Wood 
Principal High School R J Reed 

South Berwick, York Co., pop. 2,935. 

Ohm Sch Comm Dr. Charles M Sleeper 
Town Superintendent Blynne Allen 
Principal High School Thomas C Tobias 

Berwick Academy; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est 1791, E L Giay, Principal 

South, China, Kennebee Co., pop. 10*. 

Erskine Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est 1883, Robert E Owen, Principal 

South Portland, Cumberland Co., pop. 7,471. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank I Brown 
Sec Bd Educ Simon M Hamlin 
City Superintendent Simon M Hamlin. 
Principal High School Ernest H Pratt. 

South Thomaston, Knox Co., pop. 1,438. 

Pres Bd Educ Thomas L Maker. 
Sec Bd Educ Ralph Crockett. 
To\vn fc-upeuntendent H W Frohock 
Prm High School Etheljn M Frohock. 

Springfield, Penobscot Co., pop. 532. 

Pres Bd Educ O A McKenney 
Sec Bd Educ Seth W Normond 
Town Supeimtendent Madge T Wallace 
Supv Music Harriet Scribner 
Manual Training F H Beekford 
Domestic Science Georgia Pendlmgton 

Eastern Maine Institute, co-ed , S W Nor- 
wood, Pimcipal 

Springs ale, York Co., pop 2,000. 

Nasson Institute, secretarial studies and 
household economics, female; non-sect ; 
est 1912, Louisa Isabelle Pryor, Dean 

Standlsh, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,637. 

Pres Bd Educ Dana D Higgins 
Sec Bd Educ Fred Benson. 
Town Superintendent Fred Benson 
Principal High School George H Broad 

Stockton Springs, Waldo Co., pop. 1,103. 

Pres Bd Educ H. S Jbiopkms 
Sec Bd Educ L A Gardner 
Town Superintendent Alvah. C. Trent 
Prm High School Crawford A. Trent 

Stonington, Hancock Co., pop. 12,038. 

To\\n Superintendent D W Rollins 

Sullivan, Hancock Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ B C Baker 
Sec Bd Educ A W. Gordon. 
To^n Superintendent A W Gordon 
Principal High School R R Webber 
Supv. Music Laura C Russell. 

Thomaston, Knox Co., pop. 2,205. 

Pres. Bd Educ C A. Creighton 
Sec. Bd Educ B E Packard 
City Superintendent B E Packard 
Pimcipal High School R W Harriman 
Supv. Music M G Rogfgles 
Drawing M E Perry 

Topsham, Sagadahoc Co., pop. 

Pres Bd. Educ W S Rogers 
Sec Bd. Educ John H Cone. 
City Superintendent John H Cone. 
Principal High School D F Koughan. 
Supv Music Mrs L B Alford 
Drawing Helen Varney 
Manual Training C G. Wheeler 
Domestic Scienc^ ^'ary S Byrne 

Tremont, Hancock Co., pop. 

Town Superintendent/ B Williams 

Turner, Androscoggin Co., pop. 1,708. 

Pres. Bd. Educ W. J" Ricker 
Sec Bd Educ L. W Blaisdell 
Town Superintendent L W, Blaisdell 
Principal High School P. H. H. Booker 
Supv Music N. L Mower 
Physical Culture Jessie B Jones. 





Tomer continued 

Lcavltt Institute, prep , co-ed ; non-sect . 
est 1901, Percy H H Booker, Principal 

Union, Knox Co , pop. 1,233. 

Tcnvn Superintendent William M Teague 

Van Buren, Aroostook Co., pop. 3,065. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph A Peeletier 
Sec Bd Educ Joseph A Deemais 
Town Superintendent C O Connell 
Van Burcn College, coll , men, R C , 
Matthew Thouvenm, S M, Piesident 

Vassalboro, Kennebec Co , pop. 2,077. 

Pies Bd Educ George L. Crosman 
Soc Bd Educ Annie M Priest 
Toxvn Superintendent George E Pame 
Principal High School Louis Jones 

Oak Grove Seminary, prep and agn , 
boarding, co-ed , Friends, est 1850, 
Louis Jones, A M, Pilncipal 

VInal Haven, Knox Go , pop. 2,334. 

Town Superintendent H E Bowman 
Principal High School C C Soule 

Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., pop. 2,656. 

Pies Bd Educ R C Barter 
Sec Bd Educ Victor V Thompson 
Town Superintendent Victor V Thompson 
Puncipal High School Alice V S Jonssoii 

Wallagrrass, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,004. 

Tovtn Superintendent Joseph F Cji 

Warren, Knox. Co., pop. 1,812. 

Pres Bd Educ F K Mathers 
Sec Bd Educ W M Teague 
Town Superintendent W M Teague 
Principal High School F D Rowe 

Washbnrn, Aroostook Co , pop. 1,582. 

Tov,n Superintendent R L Sinclaii 
Principal High School P H Martin 

VTaterville, Kennebec Co, pop. 11,458. 

Pres Bd Educ J G Towne 
Sec Bd Educ Charles N Perkins. 
City Superintendent C N. Perkins 
Principal High School Arnold Sanborn 
Supv. Music Mildred Stockbridge 
Domestic Science Edna B Chapman 
Penmanship Kathiyn Morull 
Drawing Sara D Lang. 
Commercial Kathryn Faucett. 

Coburn Classical Institute; prep ; co-ed ; 

Bapt , est 1829, Drew T Hawthorne, 

Colby College; coll ; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 

1818, Arthur J. Roberts, A. M., Frea 
Morgan. Business College, bus and sten , 

est 1894, George H Watson and John 

L Thomas, Owners 

Wells, York Co , pop 1,908. 

Pres Bd Educ J "IV Goidon 
RPC Bd Educ M \ L Stoi ei 
Town bupeiinttntlcnt Ia,ic H Storor 
Principal Hi^h School Herbcit S Hill 

Westbrook, Cumberland Co , pop. 8,281. 

Cit\ Superintendent Preston S Keycs 
Puncipal High School L H Con ant 

Whitefield, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,056. 

Tovin ^up^rinti ndent L H Foul 
Puncipal Hi?h School II A Kaiuman 

Wilton, Fianklin Co., pop. 2,143. 

To\\n bupei^ntcndent R L ^*eat 

Wilton Academy, prep , co-ed ; non-sect , 
W Guy Colby, Principal 

Winslow, Kennebec Co , pop 8,709. 

Pies Bd Educ G W Getchell 
Sec Bd Educ O A Giant 
To"Wn Superintendent C A Grant 
Puncipal High School C A Grant. 
Supv Music Julia V Patteison 
Manual Tiaming Frank W KLnowlton. 
Drawing Inez Philbiook 
Coni'l & Stenog'j- Edith A. Weeks 

Winterport, Waldo Co , pop. 1,582. 

Pros Bd Educ Frank Downcs 
Pec Bd Educ P M Niekeison 
Town fc^upeuntendont F N Nickerson 
Pimcipal High School Gordon Bushcld 

Winthrop, Kennebec Co., pop. 2,114. 

Pies Bd Ed.uc E P Clifford 
Sec Bd Educ Cliailes H Abbott 
Town Superintendent Chailes H Abbott 
Puncipal High School W A Cowing 
Supv Music Eva H Stone 

Wiscasset, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,287. 

To\\n bupcimtendent (Jhailps S Sowall 

Wiscasset Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 

sect , est 1S08, Hany L, Biadloid, Pun 

Woodfords, Suburb of Portland. 

Westbrook Seminary, girls' boarding; non- 
sect , est 183 1, C P Quimby, Prosulont 

Yarmouth, Cumberland Co , pop. 2,358. 

Pies Bd JEduc f F liitoa 

Sec Bd Etluc W H Howe 

To\\n Supciintcnrlont Clifton E WJSB 

Puncipal High St hool H M Moore 

Domestic Fcience Kdith M Congdon 

Commercial Giace Joida.ii. 

North. Yarmouth. Academy; prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect , John O Hall, Jr , A B , Prin- 

York, York Co., pop. ,802. 

Town Superintendent K S Fn&tcr 
Principal High School Eugene K Fostei 


Population, 1,295,346. School census, 350*319. School age, 5-20. 

Maryland is the twenty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, hav- 
ing a total of 1,295,346 inhabitants, of whom 82 per cent, are white. O this number, 
8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entiie population, 
ten years of age and over, is 7.2 per cent., the state ranking thirty -second in this re- 
spect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


M. BATES STEPHENS, State Superintendent of Public Education Annapolis 

Q. li. RFAVIS, Assistant State Rupeiintendeut - Annapolis 

S M NORTH, Supeiwsoi of Ili^h Schools . . Annapolis 

J. E. METZGER, Snpeivisoi Agiicultuial Ifigh Schools ... . . Annapolis 


GOVERNOR E C. HAttRnsrciTON, P) evident . . Annapolis 

M. BATES STEPHENS, State Superintendent, Secretary Annapolis 

HENRY C. LONGNECKER Towson T. H. BOCK Princess Anne 

HENRY SH RIVER . Cumberland JOHN O. SPENCER Baltimore 

W. T. WARBURTON Elkton THOS H.LEWIS "Westminster 

u _i* 

Public school text-books are required, by state law, to be furnished free by the 
state. There is no State Text-Book Commission. The money is distributed among 
the counties and Baltimore City and adoptions made by their boards. 

n *~"i "3 


M BATES STEPHENS, State Superintendent, President Annapolis 

Miss SARAH E. RICHMOND, Principal State Normal School Baltimore 

JOHN E. EDWARDS, Snpenntendent Allegheny County Schools. . . .Cumberland 

Miss MARGARET M. ROBINSON, Western Maryland College Westminster 

01 II. REAVIS, Assistant State Superintendent . . Annapolis 

Miss M. W. TARR, State Normal School Baltimore 

H. H. MURPHY, Principal High School Reisterstown 

W. J HA^LOWAY, Superintendent Wicomieo County Schools .... Salisbury 
NICHOLAS OREN, Superintendent Talbot County Schools Eastou 


EDWARD F BUCHNER, President . . Johns Hopkms Univ, Baltimore 

HUGH W. CALDWBLL, Secretary Chesapeake 






County Name and Address 
Allegany .J. E. Edwards, Cumberland 

..Geo. M. Perdew, Ass't, Cumberland 
Anne Arundel 

Samuel Garner, Annapolis 

Baltimore Albert S. Cook, Towson 


. . John T. Hershner, Ass't, Towson 
Calvert , 

. Jas. B Lattimer, Prince Frederick 

Carolne Edward M. Noble, Denton 

Carroll.. Geo. T Morelock, Westminster 

Cecil Joseph M. McVey, Elkton 

Charles Thos M Carpenter, La Plata 
Dorchester . A R Spaid, Cambridge 

..Jos. B Meredith, Ass't., Cambridge 
Frederick .G Lloyd Palmer, Frederick 

Courty Name and Address 


F D. Harshman, Ass't, Frederick 

Garrett Frank E Rathbun, Oakland 

Harford .. Charles T Wright, Bel Air 
Howard. . . W. C. Phillips, Ellicott City 
Kent .Jefferson L Smyth, Chestertown 
Mont^omeiy W B Burdette, Rockville 

Prince George's 

E S Burroughs, Upper Marlboro 
Queen Anne's B. J Grimes, Centreville 
St Mary's Geo W Joy, Leonardtown 
Somerset W. H Dashiell, Princess Anne 

Talbot Nicholas Orem, Easton 


.... W. Merrick Huyett, Hagerstown 
Wicomico Wm J Holloway, Salisbury 
Worcester . . 

. Edgar W. McMaster, Pocomoke City 


Ammendale, Prince George Co., pop. 15. 

Ammendale Normal Institute, normal, co- 
ed ; R C , est 1880, Brother Austin, 

Annapolis* Anne Arundel Co , pop. 8,609. 

Pies Bd Educ William S Cusp 
Sec Bd Educ George Fox 
City Superintendent George Fox 
Puncipal High School Louise Linthicum 
Piimary & Coloied Kate Kelly 
Manual Training Ivon I Moiton 
Domestic Science Maty B Tate 
Commercial Agnes Himmelhebei 

St. John's College, College of Liberal Arts 
of the University of Maryland, coll , men, 
non-sect., est 1789, Thomas Fell, LL D, 

St John's Preparatory School, attached to 
St. John's College, military, prep for 
coll. and bus , Thomas L Gladden, Supt 

United States Naval Academy, government 
preparatory school for U S Navy, est 
1845, Capt Edward W Eberle, U S N, 

Baltimore, Baltimore Co, pop. 558,485. 

Pres Bd Educ James W Chapman, Jr 
Sec Bd Educ John H Roche. 
City Superintendent Charles J Koch 
Supv Secondary Sen Chas A A J Mil- 

\j3istant Superintendent Joseph Hands 
Assistant Superintendent Robt W. Elliott 
Assistant Superintendent Rowland Watts. 
Assistant Superintendent John A Korff 
Supervisor Music John Denues 
Man Tr & Dom Sci George M Gaither 
Physical Culture Adolph Picker 
\>rawing Miss Olive "Reach. 

Baltimore continued 


Baltimoie City College, Howard, opposite 
Center, Dr Wilbur F Smith, Principal. 

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, 311 Court- 
land, Lieut William R King, Principal. 

Colored High School Penna Ave and Dol- 
phin, Mason A Hawkins, Principal 

Eastern High School, North Ave and 
Broadway, Ernest J Becker, Principal. 

Western High School, Lafayette and Mc- 
Culloh, David E Weglein, Principal. 

Academy of the Visitation, girls' boarding; 
R C., Sister Mary Agatha Scott, Prin, 
604 Park Ave. 

Affordby Kindergarten Normal School; pri- 
mary and kindergarten normal, boarding 
and day, est 1837, Elizabeth Silkman 
Principal, 1110 N. Charles Stieet. 

Baltimore Business College; bus and sten 
E H Norman, Pres, 5 N. Charles. 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery; dent ; 

male, est 1839, William G Fostei D D 

S, S51 N Howard St 
Baltimore Law School, law, co-cd , est 

1900, Alfred S Niles, LL B, Dean, 232 

St Paul St 

Baltimore Normal School (colored) ; normal 
private, co-cd , Joseph H Lockerman 
President, Saratoga and Courtland 

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, secondary 
technical courses, boys, city, est 1884 
^ llll am R King, U S N.. Prin, 311 
Courtland St 

Baltimore School of Pernln Shorthand; 

sten and Esperanto, est 1897; E W 

Weems, Prin, 1008 Union Trust Bldg 
Baltimore Training School for Teachers; 

nor , state, co-ed , Norman W Cameron, 

Dn eclor. 





Baltimore continued 

Boys' Latin School, boys* day, non-sect , 
James A Dunham, Prin., 1006-1014 Bre- 

Bryn Mawr School for Girls; girls' day; 
est 1885, non-sect , Edith Hamilton, M. 
A , Head Mistress, Cor. Cathedral and 

Calveit School, co-ed , 6 to 12, est 1897, 
Vn gil M Hillyer, A B , Headmaster, 2 
Chase St 

Calvert Hall College, boys' boarding, R C , 
Brother Dems, Prin , Cor Cathedral and 

Eaton & Burnett Business College; bus and 
sten , A H Eaton, Pres , Cor Baltimore 
and Charles 

Edgeworth School, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , Mrs H P Lefebvre, Prin. 

Epiphany Apostolic College, boys' boarding, 
R C , est 1888, Rev. Joseph Hanley, 
President, Piedmont and Ellamont 

Friends' School, prep ; co-ed ; Friends, est 
1864, Edward C Wilson, B S, Prin., 
Park PI, and Laurens 

Oilman Country School, boys' boarding, 
non-sect , est. 1897, Frank Woodworth 
Pine, M A , Headmaster, Roland Park 

Girls' Latin School, girls' boarding, M. B.; 

est 1890, Miss Nellie M Wilznot, A. B, 

Hoadmisti ess, 1213 St Paul St 
Goucher College, coll , women; M El ; est 

1888, William W. Guth, PhD, Pres, St. 

Paul and 23rd 

Johns Hopkins University, comprises Facul- 
ty of Philosophy, of Medicine, and De- 
pan tment of Engineering, men, non-sect , 
est 1876, Frank J Goodnow, LL D, 

Johns Hopkins University, Department of 
Engineering, courses in Civil, Electrical 
and Mechanical Engineering, est. 1913, 
Joseph S Ames, LL D , Director. 

Johns Hopkins University, Medical School, 
med , reg , co-ed ; est 1893 , John W 
Williams, M D. Dean, 1128 Cathedral St 

Knapp's Institute; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect.; 
W. A Knapp, Prin., 851-853 Hollins. 

Loyola College and High School, coll and 

Srep., men, R C , est 1852, Rev Wil- 
am J Ennis, S J, President, Monument 
and Madison 

Maryland Institute School of Art and De- 
sign, art, co-ed , est 1847; C. Y Turner, 
Director, Mt Royal Ave 

Maryland State Normal School; normal, 
state, co-od , est 1866, Saiah Elizabeth 
Richmond, Principal 

Milton University, prep , coll , com'l and 
phar , non-sect , est 1847; W James 
Heaps, Ph D , President, 310 W Hoff- 
man St 

Baltimore continued 

Morgan College (colored), coll, prep and 
normal, co-ed , M E , est. 1S76, John O. 
Spencer, D. D , Pres 

Mount St Joseph's College, boys' boarding, 
R C , est 1876, Brother ISorbert, C. F. 
X, President 

Mount Vernon Collegiate Institute, boys' 
prep, da} , est 18S4, Wyllys Rede, 
D D, Pnn, 210 W Madison 

Notre Dame College of Mainland, girls' 
boarding, "R C , est 1S73, Sister M 
Meletia, Dean, Baltimoie County 

Park School, boys' boarding and day, non- 
sect , est 1912; Eugene Randolph. Smith, 
Headmaster, Auchentoroly Terrace 

Peabody Conservatory of Music; mus , est. 
1857, Harold Randolph,, Director, Mt. Ver- 
non PI and Charles St. 

Roland Park Country School, girls' day; 
est 1900, Miss Nanna Duke Dushane, 
Principal, 210 Roland Ave , Roland Park 

St Catharine's Normal Institute; R. C 
training school, Sisters of the Holy Cross. 

St Francis Academy; girls* boarding; R. 
C., Mother Magdalen, Prin 410 Courtland. 

St Fiancis Xavier School tor the Deaf, R. 
C , Sistei M Michael, Supenor, Iivington. 

St. Joseph's Seminary, coll.; men; R. C ; 
est 1888, Rev Justin McCarthy, Pres. 

St Mary's Seminary, theol., men ; R. C ; 
est 1791, Very Rev Edward R Dyer, S. 
S , D D , President, Paca Street. 

Sadler's Bryant & Stratton Business Col- 
lege, bus and sten , Fair man A Sadler, 
President, 27 Fayette St. W. 

Samuel Ready School, girls' boarding; non- 
sect , est. 1887, Miss Helen J. Howe, 

Shaftesbury College of Expression, dramat- 
ic; co-ed.; est. 1890 , Alice May Youse, 
Prin , 14 N Carey. 

Southern Home School, girls' boarding; non- 
sect ; Mrs. W. M. Gary and Miss Gary, 
Prins , 915 N. Charles. 

Strayer's Business College, bus. and sten.; 

est 1892, Thomas W. Donoho, Pres, 5 N 

Fayette St 
University of Maryland, Dental Department; 

co-ed , est. 1882, T. O Heatwole, D D. S., 

Dean, Cor Greene and Lombard 

University of Maryland, Department of 
Pharmacy, phar., co-ed , est 1841; 
Charles Caspar!, Jr., Dean, Lombard and 
Green Streets. 

University of Maryland, School of Medicine; 

reg, men, est 1807, J M H Rowland, 

M D , Dean. Green and Lombard 
University of Maryland, School of Law, 

law, men, est 1807; Henry D. Harlan, 

Dean, Calvert Building. 

University School for Boys; boys' boarding, 
non-sect ; W. S Marston, Prin., 1901 N 





Bel Air, Harford Co, pop 1,775 

Pres Bd Fduc Philip H Close 
Sec Bd Erluc Chailis T Wi mht 
Prmcipil High School C M Wu^ht 
Rupv Dra\\mg Kate \ Tlickei 
Commeicial Anna B Caiman 

Berlin, Worcester Co., pop. 1,700. 

Principal High Scnool Nettie B Caiev 
Man Ti & Dom Sci Maiguente Ayies 
Commoicial Maiy F BaiU^ 

Bowie, Prince Georges Co., pop. 443. 

Maryland Normal and Industrial School 
(colored), state, co-ed , D S S Goodloe, 

Brookeville, Montgomery Co , pop. 158. 

Principal High School T F Waters 
Brookeville Academy, prep , co-ed , non- 
sect , Clinton M Moore, Prin 

Brunswick, Frederick Co , pop. 2,471. 

Pres Bd Educ Howard M Jones. 
Pec Bd Educ Rogoi G Hatlej 
Prin High S'chool O M Fogle 
Supv Music A Virginia Reich 
Comm<icial Frances Doub 

Brunswick Seminary, prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect , J J Shenk, Prin 

Buckeystown, Frederick Co , pop. 436. 

Buckeyestown Normal , nor , co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1888, P R. Neighbours, Prin. 

Cambridge, Dorchester Co., pop. 6,407. 

Pies Bd Kdur J H Muiphy 

Sec Bd Educ A R Spiid 

City Superintendent Arthur R Spaid 

Principal High School J B Noble 

Domestic Science Nellie Phnstopher 

Manual Tiaming A F Faiver 

Commeicial Anna G Collins 

Catonsville, Baltimore Co , pop. 2,000. 

Pnncipal High School R E de Hussy 

Manual Tiamins? C E Eaile 

Domestic Science Ada B Coulburn 

Commercial Hanna Scott 

Mount de Sales Academy of the Visitation, 

girls' boarding, R. C . Sister Ignatla 

Aikin, Directress 

St Timothy's School, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1882, Miss J R Heath and 
Miss Lr McE. Fowler, Principals. 

Centerville, Queen Annes Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pnncipal High School T & Luck 
Man Ti & Diau John T Bzuehl 
Domestic Science Sax ah E Clash 
Commoicia.1 P F Tuyloi 

Charlotte Hall, St. Mary Co , pop. 150. 

Charlotte Hall School, boys' boarding, mil , 
non-sect , est 1774 ; George M Thomas, 
A M , Pnncipal. 

Chesapeake City, Cecil Co., pop. 1,172. 

Principal High School H. W. CaldwcII. 

Chesteitown, Kent Co, pop 3,008. 

Pies Bd Educ Tohn D Uiie 
Fee Bd Elur Jrffeison ! Smyth 
fitv Supeuntondent Tefteison L Sm^th 
Pimcipal llicrli School M<uk Cioasey 
^r.inual Ti lining Owen C Blades 
Domestic Science \nna Cooper 
Commercial Nellie E Walteis 

Washington College, coll , men (normal 
dept co-ed), non-sect; est 1783, James 
W Cam, L.L D , Pres 

Chevy Chase, Montgomery Co., pop. 200. 

Chevy Chase College and Seminary, See 
Washington, D C 

College Park, Piinee Georges Co., pop 100. 

Maryland Agricultural College, agri , state; 
men, est 1859, Harry J Patterson, D.Sc. 

Color a, Cecil Co., pop. 375. 

West Nottingham Academy, prep ; co-ed , 
boarding, non-sect , est 1741, William F 
H Wentzcl, M S, Pnncipal 

Crisfleld, Somerset Co , pop. 3,468. 

Ties Bd Eduo Chailes H Loner 
Sec Bd Edue William II Dashiell 
City Suponntondent G T \tkinson 
Principal High School F E Gardner 
Man Tr & Dom Pci Clara B Fishpaw 
Commercial M Louise Windsor 

Cumberland, Allegany Co., pop. 21,839. 

Pies Bd Educ A Tn lor Smith 
Sec Bd Educ John B Edwards 
City Superintendent John E Edwards 
Principal High School William M Tinker 
Supv Music Coia B Moise 
rummy Lrna G Holing 
Manual Training J T T Grimm 
Domestic Science Rachel Eveiett. 
Com'l and Stenog F A Wolfhope 

Allegheny County Academy, prep , co-ed , 

non-sect , est 1798, Marshall C. Allaben, 

A B, Prin 
Central Commercial College; bus and sten ; 

C E Pusho, Pres 
Mountain State Business College; bus. and 

sten ; A G Sine, Pres 
Trl-State Business College, bus and sten ; 

B F Shaffer, Pres 


Darnestovtn, Montgomery Co., pop* 148. 

Andrew Small Academy, prep ; co-ed., non- 
sect ; est 1867, Rev M. L Fearnow, A. 
M, Prm 

Deal Island, Somerset Co , pop. 1,500. t 

Pimcipal High School R R Carman. 

Denton, Caroline Co., pop. 1,725. 

Puncipal High School J W Huflmgton 
Supv Miislr M.iiy E Todd 
Manual Ti a miner F C Bio\\n 
Domestic Science Hazel Bullock 

Bast New Market, Dorchester Co , pop. 1,207. 

Principal High School A C, Humphreys. 
Easton, Talbot Co., pop. 3,083. 

Principal High School C A McBiifle 
Man Tr & Draw William Hull 
Domestic Science Bessie Tyler 
Commercial Olive Hcniy 





Elkton, Cecil Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ "W'lliner J Falls 

Sec Bd Educ Jos M McVey 

Principal High School Edwin B Fockler 

Rupv Music L^dia, Qio<s 

Man Tr &. Duin Gooiao W Creswell 

Domestic* Sen nee C 1l ira Tompkms 

Cominoi cial B\ clj n Kimble 

Ellioott City, Howaid Co., pop. 2,300. 

Pimcipal High School Minnie F Muiphy 
Manu il Tinning Hoibeit A Lawson 
Domestic Science Mis H A Larson, 
rommncial IJeitha li Blown 

Rock Hill College, coll ; men, R C ; est 
1857, Rev Brother Dorotheus, F S C, 

St Charles College, coll , men, R C , est 
1848, Rev F X McKenny, S S. 

Emmltsburgr, Frederick Co , pop. 1,375. 

Principal High School George L Palmer 

Mount St Mary's College, coll ; men, R 
C , est 1S08, Btrnaid J Biadley, LL. D, 

St Joseph's Academy, girls, boarding, R 
C , Sitei Fiancis, Superior 

Federalsburg, Caroline Co., pop. 1,350. 

Pies Bd Kduc F S Holt 

Sec Bd Educ A C Brower 

City Supt and Prm H S V C Brower 

Domestic Science Lenoie Jflterson 

Pen 1 ship, Com'l and Stenog'y Nellie Butler 

Forest Glen, Montgomery Co., pop. 70. 

National Park Seminary? girls' boarding, 
non-sect ; John A. I. Cassedy, B S , Prin 

Frederick, Frederick Co , pop 10,411. 

Pi es Bd Educ Cyrus F Flook 
Citv ftupeimtendent G L Palmer 
Principal Boss' H S Amon Bui gee 
Pimcipal Girls' H S Charles Remsburg 
Manual Ti dining Spencer C tull 
Domestic Science Edith Thoi is 
Pumary Ella Krieg 
Intei modiato Pianklm D Ha -,hinan 
Stenography S Fenton Harris 
Fredoiick Remmaiy, girls' prop , affiliated 
with Hood College, Joseph H Apple, 
Vh D , Fiosidenl 

Hood College, depts of Music, Expres- 
sion, Ait, Home Economics, non-sect , 
est 1893, J H Apple, A M, Eres. 
Maiyland School for the Deaf and Dumb; 

fatatf, co-od , T C Forrostei, Supt 
St John's Literary Institution, boys' day, 
R C , W. J Kane, S J , Prin. 

Frostburgr, Allegany Co., pop. 6,038. 

<"ilv Supt & Pi in H S Olm R Rice* 
Manual Ti lining Oustaf Lacdholm 
Domestic Science Maigaret Morns 
rommoi rial Iiola Beasley 
Maryland State Normal School No 2, nor.; 
state, co-ed , Edward F. Webb, Prin. 

Garrison, Baltimore Co., pop 100. 

Garrison Forest School, boarding depart- 
ment, bovs, Miss Mary Moncrieffe Liv- 
ingston, Prin 

Hagrerstown, Washington Co., pop. 16,567. 

Pies Bd Erluc Hai\ej ^ Bo\\berger. 
Sec Bd Educ W M Huyett. 
City Superintendent George TV" McBride 
Pimcipal Gills' H S John B H Bowser 
Pimcipal Boys' H S John D Zentmyer 
Man Tr & Diaw H M Ijippy 
Supv Dom Sci Elizabeth. Brown 
Commercial D "Webster Groh. 

Columbia Business College, bus. and sten ; 
S M Funk, Principal 

Havre de Grace, Harford Co., pop. 3,525. 

1*168 Bd Educ Philip Close 
Sec Bd Educ Charles T Wright 
City Superintendent Charles T Wright. 
Principal High School J Herbert Owens. 
Supv Dr and Man Tr Ralph W Straw- 

Domestic Science S Sibjl Davis 
Commercial Emily C Pearce 

Ilchester, Howard Co., pop. 600. 

Iledemptorist Novitiate, theol ; men, R. 
C , est 1867, Rev John Hausser, C. S. 
S R, Rector 

XA Plata, Charles Co., pop. 500. 

McDonough Institute, prep , com'I and nor ; 
boarding, co-ed , non-sect , est 1903; R. 
H Lee Reid, Principal 

Laurel, Prince George* Co., pop 2,079. 

Principal High School Roger I. Manning 
Manual Training C H Stanley 
Cnmmexcial Mary A Sadler 

Leonardtown, St. Mary Co., pop 6185. 

St Mary's Academy; prep ; co-ed ; R. C ; 

Sisters of Charity. 

Lonaconing, Allegany Co., pop. 2,850. 

Pres Bd Educ A T Smith 
City Superintendent John B Edwarda 
Principal High School Arthur F. Smith 
Manual Tiammg Peter C Pell. 
Household Arts Anna M Sloan 
Comineicial W S Moins 

Lutherville, Baltimore Co., pop. 663. 

Maryland College for Women; colletfate 
eoursfs, music and art, Luth , e*t 185fc; 
Rev Charles W. Gallagher, D. D , Prea. 

McDonogh, Baltimore Co., pop. 100. 

McDonogh School, prep, and manual train.; 
boys, non-sect , est 1873, Morgan H. 
Bowman, Headmaster. 

MlllersviUe, Anne Arundel Co., pop. 100. 

Anne Arundel Academy, prep., agri jimd 
com'I, co-ed; non-sect; est. 1855, Joan 
P Burdette, Principal 

Mount St Mary's P. O , Frederick Co., pop. 8. 
Mount St. Mary's College; coll.; mea ; R. 
C.; est 1808. 

Mount Washington, Suburb Baltimore. 

Mount St. Agnes College, girls' boariinr. 
R. C ; est 1867, Sister Superior. 

Mount Washington Seminary for Boy a; boy* 
boarding, R C ; est. 1899, Sister Supe- 





New Windsor, Carroll Co., pop. 750. 

Blue Ridge College; collegiate, preparatory, 
business and art departments; Church of 
the Breth , est 1899, Paul H Bowman, 
A M , Piesident 

North East, Cecil Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pimcipal High School Guy Johnson 

Oakland, Garrett Co., pop. 1,925. 

Pres Bd Educ R E. Sliger 
Sec Bd Educ F E Rathbun 
Prm Oakland H S C E Bender 
Prm Fnendsville H S E A Browning- 
Manual Training H A Loraditch 
Dom Science and Dr Gertrude Skelton 

Overlea, Baltimore Co. 

Maryland School for the Blind, co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1853, John F Bledsoe, Super- 

Oxford, Talbot Co., pop. 1,243. 

Principal High School Nellie R. Steven* 

Pocomoke City, Worcester Co., pop. 2,575. 

Principal High School E Clarke Fontaine 
Supv Music Bessie Jones 
Manual Training Anna Atkins 
Domestic Science Ethel M Dix 
Commercial Edith L Stevenson 

Poolesville, Montgomery Co., pop. 450. 
Brlarley Hall Military Academy; boys' 
boarding, non-sect ; est 1912, Capt Syd- 
ney Johnston Lodge, M A, Superintend- 

Port Deposit, Cecil Co., pop. 1,575. 

Pres Bd of Trustees Peter E Tome 
Sec. Bd of Trustees John H. Kimble 
Director of Tome Institute T S Baker. 
Supv Music Thomas Moss 
Manual Training Robert C Bates 
Domestic Science Miss Helen E Lockwood 
Drawing Miss Elanor W. Coleman 
Commercial Raymond *. Gibbs 

Jacob Tome Institute; boys* boarding; non- 
sect ; est. 1894; Thomas Stockman Baker 
B A., Ph. D., Director. 

Princess Anne, Somerset Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ C W. Long 

Sec Bd Educ William H Dashiell 

Principal High School H T Ruhl 

Princess Anne Academy (colored) , agri and 
trades, co-ed , M E , est 1888; Thomas 
H Kiah, A B, Principal 

Reistertown, Baltimore Co., pop. 640. 
Principal High School H. H. Murphy. 

The Hannah Moore Academy, girls' board- 
ing; P. E.; Anna L Lawrence, Prin. 

Bock Hall, Kent Co., pop. 1,000, 

Principal High School Walter H Davis 
Manual Training F. A Greenhawk 

Bockville, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,110. 

Pres Bd Educ Dewalt J Willard, 
Sec, Bd Educ Earle B Wood 
City Superintendent Earle B Wood. 
Principal High School Charles G Myers. 
Manual Training -W. S. Ward. 

Roclv\ ille continued 

Domestic Science Frances L V Horner 
Commeicial Theodora C Bailey 

Rockville Academy, prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect , est 1808, W. Pinckney Mason. Prin. 

St James School P. O., Washington Co* 

St James School for Boys, boys' boarding; 
P E ; est 1842, Adrian H. Onderdonk. 
A B , Headmaster 

St. Mary's City, St. Mary Co., pop. 40. 

St Mary's Female Seminary, girls' board- 
ing; non-sect ; Mrs L V. Maddox, Prin. 

St Michaels, Talbot Co., pop. 1,350. 

Principal High School H E. Adams. 

Salisbury, Wicomico Co., pop. 6,690. 

Pres Bd Educ Isaac L Price 
Sec Bd Educ William J Holloway 
City Superintendent William J Holloway 
Principal High School Frank G Black 
Supv Drawing M Greenewalt 
Manual Training Arthur Greenwood 
Domestic Science E Garland 

Commercial Maude Bishop 

Beacom Business College, bus and sten ; 
est. 1909, W H Beacom, Pres. 

Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co , pop. 135. 

Principal High School W K Klmgaman 

Sherwood Friends' School, prep ; co-ed ; 
Friends; est. 1883, Ida Palmer Stabler. 

Snow Hill, Worcester Co., pop. 1,925. 

Pres Bd. Educ Zadok Powell 
Sec Bd Educ E H McMaster 
Principal High School A. C Hump! reys 
Man Tr and Draw L J Kelley 
Domestic Science Nannie Purnell. 
Pen'ship, Com'l and Stenog*y Mary Town- 

Western POJ Allegany Co., pop. 1,998. 
Principal I gh School O H. Bruce. 

Commercia Nellie Hanna 

Westminster, Carroll Co., pop. 3,199. 

Pres Bd Educ Theodore F Englar 
Sec Bd Educ George F Marelock 
City Superintendent Geoige F Marelock 
Principal High School Charles H. Kolb. 
Supv Music Ida F Lockard 
Manual Training E A Hidoy 
Domestic Science Maude E Manahan 
Commercial Ross J Blocher 

Western Maryland College, collegiate, pre- 
paratory and music courses, Meth Prot , 
est 1868, Rev Thomas Hamilton Lewis. 
LL D , Pres 

Western Maryland Preparatory School, prep, 
dept Western Maryland College; Wilbur 
S Beeman, Ph B, Principal 

Westminster Theological Seminary, tbeoL, 
M E , Hugh Latxmer Elderdico, D D, 

Woodstock, Howard Co., pop. 280. 

Woodstock College, collegiate and theology; 
R. C ; Joseph F. Hanaelman, S. J., Fres. 


Population, 3,366,416. School census (between 5 and 15 inclusive), 602,591. Oom- 
pulsoiy school age census (between 7 and 14, inclusive), 432,241 
School age, 7 to 14 (continued to 16 if unable to read or write). 

Massachusetts is the sixth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 3,366,416 inhabitants, of whom 98 8 per cent are white. Of this number 
31 2 per cent are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population 
ten years of age and over is 5.2 per cent, the state ranking twenty-fifth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows 


PAYSON SMITH, State Commissioner of Education . Boston 

WILLIAM ORR, Deputy Commissioner Boston 

EGBERT O SMALL, Deputy Commissioner Boston 


FREDERICK P. FISH, Chavrman 84 State st., Boston 

Miss SARAH LOUISE ARNOLD 9 Crescent ave , Newton Centre 

MRS. ELLA LTMAN CABOT 1 Marlborough St. 


JEREMIAH E BURKE School Committee Booms, Boston 

THOMAS B. FITZPATRIOK 104 Kingston st., Boston 

FREDERICK W. HAMILTON 95 Avon Hill St., Cambridge 

PAUL H. HANUS Harvard University, Cambridge 



CHARLES E. ALLEN Boom 509, Ford Building, Boston 

Burns W. STIMSON Boom 511, Ford Building, Boston 

CLARENCE D. KINGSLEY Boom 508, Ford Building, Boston 

W. I. HAMILTON Boom 511, Ford Building, Boston 

CHESTER L. PEPPER Boom 509, Ford Building, Boston 

FRANCIS Q-. WADSWORTH Eoom 508, Ford Building, Boston 

Hiss NELLIE M. WILKINS Boom 509 Ford Building, Boston 

EDWARD 0. BALDWIN, Business Agent Boom 500, Ford Building, Boston 


PAYSON SMITH, Commissioner of Education Boston 

CHARLES I* BURRILL, Treasurer Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston 

Massachusetts has a state law requiring free public school text-books. 


FRANK W CHASE, President Hewton 

FREDERIC W. PLUMMEB, Secretary Fall Eiver 






Massachusetts has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the to-vrn system of school supervision, each city or tcrvsu, or, -where the 
towns are small, a group of towns, having its individual super j at endent of schools. 


Abington, Plymouth Co., pop. 5,455. 

Chm Sch Comm Wm J Rheehan 
Clerk Sch Comm TV P Hutchmson 
Town Superintendent John E DeMeyer 
Principal High School Riehaid F Paul 
Supv Music Edmund F Saviyci 
Drawing 1 Maud H Rose 
Commercial Mildred Gurney 

Acushnet, Bristol Co , pop* 1,284 

Chm Sch. Comm Hem 3 A Jackson 
Sec Sch Comm Ezra Diman 
Clerk Sch Comm Henry E Taber 
Town Supeimtendent Charles F Piior 

Adams, Berkshire Co., pop. 13,026. 

Chm Sch Comm Hemj L Harrington 
Clerk Sch Comm C T Plunkett 
Town Superintendent Francis A Bagnall 
Principal High School Herman B. Betts 
Supv Music Edna E Flaheity 
Manual Training "William V Winslo\\ 
Domestic Science Mary S Dean 

Agawam, Hampdea Co., pop. 3,501. 

Pres Bd Educ Clarence Granger 
Sec. Bd. Educ P V. Hastings 
Town Superintendent Walter E Gushee 
Supv. Music Caroline Chaffin 
Drawing Helen I* Arnold 

Amesbury, Essex Co., pop, 9,894. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles I Pettmgell 
Clerk Sch Comm Charles E Fish 
Town Superintendent Burr F Jones 
Principal High School Forrest Bro^vn 
Supv Music Mrs Harriett Baitlett 
Drawing Mrs Gertrude Elkins 
Domestic Science Eunice M Twigs 
Manual Training M J O'Malley. 

Amherst, Hampshire Co., pop. 5,112. 

Chm Sen Comm. Henry T. Feinald 
Clerk Sch Comm C S Walker 
Town Superintendent Carroll R Reed 
Prin. High School Frank T Wingate 
Supv Music Blanch S Samuels 
Manual Training H H. Miller 
Drawing Beatrice Hibbard 
Penmanship Charles W Williams. 

Amherst College, coll.; men; non-sect.; est. 

1821, Alexander Meiklejohn, L L. D, 

Home School for Backward and Nervous 

Children; co-ed., est. 1882; Mrs. W. D. 

Harriet, Prin 

Massachusetts Agricultural College; courses 
in agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, 
dairying, horticulture, forestry, land- 

Amherst continued 

scape gardening, pomology, co-ed , state, 
est 1SG3, Konjon L Buttei field, LL. D, 

Mount Pleasant Institute, boys' boarding, 
non-sect., Wm. K. Nash, A M, Prin 

Andover, Essex Co., pop. 7,301. 

Chm Sch Comm Hemy A Bodwell 
Sec Bd Educ Geoige A Christie 
To\\n Rupeimtendent Henry C Sinborn 
Principal High School Nathan C Hamblln 
Supv Music Pauline A Mever 
Manual Training "Winfield Lunt 
Domestic Science Tiuth K Whiting 
Physical Culture Helen Blown 
Driwmg Daisy I Bairet 
Com'I and Stenog'> Edna G Chapm 

Abbot Academy, girls' boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1828, Miss Beitha Bailey, Prin. 

Phillips Academy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect ; est 1778, Alfred E Stearns, A. M, 

Punchard Free School, town high school, 
co-ed , Nathan C Hamblin, Principal. 

Arlington, Middlesex Co, pop. 11,187. 

Pres Bd Educ Gail N Quimby 
Sec Bd Educ landsey K Foster 
Town Supeimtendent George C Minaid 
Prin High School B Holmes Wallace 
Supv Music Miss Blanche E. Heard. 
Manual Tiainmg Alfred C Cobb 
Domestic Science Stella S Rimonds 
Physical Culture Helen R Bowke 
Drawing Miss Fannie E Fish. 
Penmanship Helen S Carleton 
Stenography Miss Evangeline Cheney 

Ashburnham, Worcester Co., pop. 2,107. 

Chm Sch Comm O Schoonmakor 
Clerk Sch Oomm *A E O.iilfck 
Town Superintendent Edwin S Cobb 
Pnncipal High School Honey S Cow oil 
Supv Music Helen C Claik 
Drawing Maud Wellington 

Gushing Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect 
Hervey S. Cowell, A. M, Prin. 

Ashby, Middlesex Co., pop 885. 

Clerk Sch Comm F F Pope 

Town Superintendent Herman C Knight 

Principal High School Miss Luia Howaid 

Ashland, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,683. 

Chm Sch Comm Leon W Davis 
Clerk Sch Comm Mi s F M Thompson 
Town Superintendent W K Putney 
Principal High School Charles Haskell 





Atbol, Worcester Co., pop. 8,536. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred W. Lord 
Sec Bd Educ Frederick H Lee 
To-wn Superintendent \\ infield b Ward 
Pnn Hi&h School \V J B MaeDougald 
Supv Music Mis Jennie McCulIoch. 
Manual Training Altred D Taylor. 
Domestic Science R Shirley Fisher. 
Drawing L Florence Rogan 
Penmanship Ti ene G a^ loi d 
Commeicial W J MacDougold 

Attleboro, Bristol Co., Pop. 

Chm Sch Comm B P King 

Cleik Sch Comm K r Dakm 

To\vn Superintendent Lfwis A Fains 

Principal High School W B Alexander 

Supv Music J L Gibb 

Manual Training William F Eastwood 

Drawing Per sis A Crowell. 

Commercial Lid a H Matts 

Domestic Science Lena F Shaw 

Auburn, Worcester Co , pop 2,006 

Chm Sch Oomm William T Duvall 
Clerk Sch Comm Mis Julia M Bancroft 
Town Supeimtendent Osman C Evans 

Auburndale, Middlesex Co., School Station. 

Lasell Seminary for Young Women, girls' 
boarding, non-sect., est. 1851, G M 
Winslow, Ph D , Prin. 

Avon, Norfolk Co., pop. 2,013. 

Town Superintendent S F Blodgett 
Puncipal High School E H snow 

Ayer, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,797. 

Pres Bd Educ George H Brown 
Sec Bd Educ Frank C. Johnson. 
Town Superintendent Frank C Johnson 
Prin High School Ernest M Gleason 
Supv Music Annie H Palmer. 
Drawing Bermce E Staples 

Barnstable, Barnstable Co., pop. 4,676. 

Town Superintendent George H. Galger 

Prin Hyannis H S L M Boody 

Prin Cotuit H S Burton W Sanderson 

Barre, Worcester Co., pop. 2,957. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr George A Brown. 
Sec Bd Educ A S Cole 
Town Superintendent A S Cole 
Principal High School A B. Handy. 
Supv Music Anna Sullivan. 
Manual Training H S. Bruce. 
Domestic Science Mary E Shaw. 
Drawing* Bertha A Shaw 
Commercial Jessie A. Ferrall. 

Elm Hill Private School for Feeble-Minded 
Youth; George A. Brown, M. D., Supt, 

Bedford, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,281. 

Town Superintendent Aithur B, Webber. 

Belchertown, Hampshire Co., pop. 2,054. 

Chm Sch Comm Roswell Allen 
Clerk Sch. Comm -Andrew Sayers 
Town Superintendent Alvan E Lewis 
Principal High School Thomas W. Allen. 
Supv Music Florence Babb. 

Belmont, Middlesex Co., pop. 5,543. 

Pies Bd. Educ E Stanley Abbot, M D 
Sec Bd Educ G P Armstrong 
Town Su pei in ten (lent Geotge P Armstrong. 
Principal High School Frank A Scott. 
Supv Music-? Henry L. Stone, A. M. 
Minual Tiaimner A H Emilv 
Domestic Science Mrs H E Poster. 
Physical Cultuie James Toomey 
Drawing Edmund Ketehum 
Com'l and Stenog Miss B. F. Hayes 

Bernardston, Franklin Co., pop. 741. 

Pies Bd Educ E E Cauns 

Sec TJd Educ Frank Putnura 

Town S u pei in ten dent Clinton 7 Richards 

Pun High School L.yman B Phelps 

Supv Music Doiothj Radio 

Powers Institute, prep ; co-ed.; non-sect ; 
Lyman B Phelps, A. B , Prin 

Beverly, Essex Co., pop. 18,650. 

Chm Sch Com Melvm E Davenport. 
Clerk School Cora George D. Alderman. 
Citj Supeimtendent Seth H Chace 
Principal High School Benjamin S Hurd 
Supv Music--James W. Calderwood 
Manual Training Charles L Pierce 
Domestic Science Ana C Sargent. 
Drat* in? Hel^n Barren t 
Penmanship Effie E Colby. 
Commercial Elston E Gay lord 
Stenography Carrie L Comings 

New England Industrial School for Deaf 
Mutes, Louise Upham, Superintendent 

Woodbury's School for Girls; girls* board- 
ing, non-sect , Miss Woodbury, Prin. 

Blllerica, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,789. 

Chm Sch Comm M A Buck 
Clerk Sch Oomin Heibert F Hosmer 
Town Superintendent Arthur B Webber 
Principal High School Eugene C. Vining. 
Supv Music Mary Baynes. 
Manual Training Philip E. Perry 
Dialing Geitrude Nason 
Penmanship Mary V Reusch. 
Domestic Art Amy Corkman. 

Howe School, prep ; co-ed ; non-sect.; 
Eugene C Vining, M. A , Principal. 

Mitchell Military Boys' School; boys* board- 
ing, non-sect.; est. 1870; Alexander H 
Mitchell, Headmaster. 

Blaclcstone, Worcester Co, pop. 5.648 

Chm Sch Comm William Fitzgerald. 
Clerk Sch Comm J A Hartsett 
Town Superintendent Harry Gardner 
Principal High School V P Masteison 
Penmanship Alice Gibrey. 
Commeicial Maiy M Smith 

Bolton, Worcester Co., pop. 762. 

Chm Sch Comm Frank S Hamblin 
Cleik Sch Comm Mrs Everett Rowe 
Town Superintendent Austin R Paull. 
Principal High School %T Murray Baker. 





Boston, Suffolk Co., pop. 670.585. 

Chm Sch Comm Di David D Peannell 
Sec Sen I'omm ThointonD -Apollomo 
City Superintendent Franklin B. Dyer 
Assistant Supt Jeremiah JB Burke 
Assistant Supt Frank V Thompson 
Assistant Supt "Walter S. Parker. 
Assistant Supt. Augustine L. Rafter 
Assistant Supt Mrs Bllor B Ripley. 
Dir Ev'n^ & Continuation Schls W Stan- 
wood Field 

Dir Practice & Training Mary C Mellyn 
Supv Special Classes Ada M Fitts 
Director Music James M McLaughlm 
Manual Arts Theodore M Dillaway 
Domestic Science Josephine Morris 
School Hygiene Dr Thos F Harrington 
Drawing Theodoi e M Dillaway 
Kindergartens Caiolme D Aborn 
Salesmanship Lucmda W Prince 


Boston Cleiical School, Dunreath St , Ray- 
mond G Land, Headmaster 

Boys' Latin High School, Wan en & Dart- 
mouth, Henry Pennypacker, Headmaster 

Brighton High School, Cambridge & War- 
ren Sts , Frederic A Tupper, Principal 

Charlestown High School, Monument Sq , 
George W Evans, Principal 

Dorchester High School, Talbot Ave and 
Washington St , James B Thomas, Prin- 

East Boston High School, Marion St , John 
F Eliot, Principal 

English High School, Montgomery St , John 
F Casey, Principal 

Girls' High School, West Newton St , Myron 
W Richardson, Principal 

Girls' Latin High School, Huntington nr 
Longwood, Ernest G Hapgood, Principal 

High School of Commerce, Huntington nr 
Longwood, James E Downey, Principal 

High School of Practical Arts, Perrln St , 
Herbert S Weaver, Principal 

Hyde Park High School, Harvaid Ave & 
Everett, George W Earle, Principal 

Mechanic Arts High School, Belvidere & 
Dalton, Charles W Parmenter, Princi- 

Roxbury High School, "Warren & Montrose 
Sts , Raymond G Laird, Headmaster 

South Boston High School, Thomas Park, 
Peter G Gartland, Headmaster. 

West Roxbury High School, Elm Street, 
Oscar C Gallagher, Headmaster 

American School for Physical Education, 
women, Dr Mary R Mulliner, Director, 
44 St Botolph 

Ballou and Hobigand School, bojs' prep , 
non-sect ,899 Boyleston 

Bellows Private School, girls' prep ; non- 
sect ; John Adams Bellows, Prin ; 115 

Berkeley Preparatory School, boys' prep , 

day, est 1907, George Hopkinson, A B, 

Pnncipal, 02 St James Ave 
Boston College, coll , men, R C.; est 1864, 

Rev Charles W Lyons, S. J., Pres 761 


Boston Dental College; see Tufts College 
Dental School. 

Boston continued 

Boston Normal School, normal, city, wom- 
en, est 1872, Wallace C Hoyden, A. M, 
Headmaster, Huntington Ave 

Boston School of PMsical Education, Mar- 
jono Bouve, Directoi, 585 Boylston St 

Boston University, comprises College of Lib- 
eral Arts, Graduate School, Business Ad- 
ministration and Schools of Theology, of 
Law, of Medicine, co-ed , M E , est 
1869, Lemuel Heibort Murlin, LL D, 
Piosidenl, 6SS Boyleston 

Boston University College of Business Ad- 
ministration, accounts and finances, co- 
ed , Everett W Lord, Associate Dean 

Boston Unuersity School of Law, co-ed , 
est, 1872, Homer Albers, Dean, Ashbur- 
ton PI 

Boston University School of Medicine; med ; 
homeop , co-ed , est. 1873; John P. Suth- 
erland, M D, Dean, 295 Commonwealth 

Boston University, School of Theology, M 
E , co-ed , est 1841, Lauress J Birney, 
S T D, Dean, 72 Mt Veinon 

Boston Y M C A E\enmg Law School, 
Frank Palmer Spoaic, Dean 

Boston T. W C A School of Domestic 
Science, dom sci and art, women; 
boarding, est 1888, Miss A. Josephine 
Forehand, Prin , 40 .Berkeley. 

Boys' Institute of Industry, indust ; non- 
sect , est 1884; Joseph B Stewart, Supt, 
1158 Trexnont 

Bryant & Stratton Commercial School, bus. 
and sten , est 1SC5, Hermon E Hibbard, 
Prin , 334 Boylston 

Buidett Business College, bus and ston , 
est 1879, C A Burdett, President, 18 
Boylston St 

Chamber layne's School for Girls, girls' 
boaidmg, non-sect , est 1891, Miss Cath- 
erine J Chain berlaj no, Principal, 28 The 

Chandler Normal Shorthand School, co-ed , 
221 Columbus Ave 

Chauncey Hall School, technical prepara- 
tory exclusively, boys, est 1828; non- 
sect , Franklin Thomas Kurt, Principal, 
553 Boylston Street 

Church's (Miss) School for Girls; girls' 
boarding, Mary Elizabeth Church, Prin, 
401 Beacon. 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, medU; 

reg , co-ed, est 1880, Thomas Davison 

Crothers, M D, Dean, 517 Shawm.ut Ave 
Comer's Commercial School, bus and sten., 

est 1840, Charles E. Comer, Principal, 367 

Boylston St 

Commonwealth Avenue School; girls 1 
boarding, Cong , Miss Fannie C. Guild, 
Prin, 324 Commonwealth Ave. 

Coyne's Boston Trade School, tech ; non- 
sect.; men, James Coyne, Pres, 121 Hav- 





Boston continued 

Curtis-Peabody School for Girls; girls' 
boarding, non-sect ; est 18SO, Elizabeth 
Curtis, Principal, 507 Beacon 

De Meritte School, boys' prep , non-sect , 
Edwin De Meritte, Prin , 815 Boylston 

Emerson College of Oratory; oratory, co- 
ed , non-sect , est 18SO, Harry Seymom 
Ro&s, Dean, 30 Huntingdon A\e 

Eric Pape School of Art; art, co-ed ; est 
1S88, Eric Pape, Director, Massachusetts 
Ave. and Boylston. 

Female Academy of the Sacred Heart, 
girls' boarding, K C ; Mme F Malloy, 
Prm , 618 Massachusetts Ave. 

Fenway School of Illustiation, art, co-ed , 
non-sect , Susan E Phillips, Director, 
Fen\\ay Studios 

Fisher Business College, bus and sten , E 
H Fishei, Principal, 2307 Washington 

Froebel School of Kindergarten; normal 
classes, kindergarten training; est 1893; 
Annie Coolidge Rust, Prin., Pierce Bldg. 
Copley Square 

Gailand School, courses in home making, 
private; women; non-sect , est. 1873, 
Mrs Maigaiet J Stannaid, Principal, 19 

Guild (Miss) and Evans School, girls' 
boarding, The Misses Guild and Evans, 
Prin , 29 Fairfield. 

Harvard Medical School, med ; reg.; men; 
est 1782, Edward H Bradford, M D, 
Dean, 240 Longwood avenue 

Harvard University Dental School; dent ; 
men, est 1867, Eugene H Smith, D. M 
D, Dean, 188 Longwood avenue 

Haskell School for Girls, girls' day, prep ; 
Miss Mary E Haskell, A B , Piincipal, 
314 Maxlborough St 

Ha-wley School of Engineering, short courses 
in steam engineering and practical elec- 
tricity, day and evening, Thomas Hawley, 
Pres, 115 Huntmgton Ave 

Hickox Shorthand School, sten , William 
E Hickox, Principal, 24 Pierce Building. 

Horace Mann School, public day school for 
deaf, co-ed , Ella C. Jordan, Principal, 
176 Newbmy street 

Huntmgton School, boys' day; non-sect , 
est 1909, Iia A Flmner, A M, Head- 

International School for Vocalists and 
Pianists, mus. and languages; est 1903, 
William L. Whitney, Director, 246 Hunt- 

Laurens School; girls' boarding, non-sect., 
Miss Elizabeth B Hardee, B. S , and Miss 
Sarah C. Weed, B A., Prins., 107 Audu- 
bon Road. 

Legate's Private School, boys' day, non- 
sect , est 1851, Burton J Legate, Prin- 
cipal, 66 Beacon St 

Leland Powers School; elo. and dram, art; 
co-ed ; Leland Powers, Prin., 177 Hunt- 
Jngton Ave. 

Boston continued 

Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Asso- 
ciation Trade School; men, trade, non- 
sect , est 1901; John W Wood, Jr., S. B.. 
Director, 111 Huntmgton A\e 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy; phar.; 
co-ed , est 1823, Theodore J Bradley, 
Ph G , Dean, 70 St Botolpfc. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 
courses in industrial science; civil, sani- 
tary, mechanical, electrical, chemical and 
mining engineering, biology and public 
health, architecture, naval architecture 
and marine engineering, military science, 
and physical training, state, est 1861; 
Richard C Maclaurin, LL D , President. 

Massachusetts Nautical School, navigation 
and marine engineering, men, 2 Park St. 

Massachusetts Normal Art School; normal 
art, state, co-ed, est. 1873; James 
Frederick Hopkins, Director, Exeter and 

May School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Mary C S May, Pimcipal, 339 Marlboro 

McCUntock School for Girls, girls* board- 
ing, non-sect , Miss Mary Law McClin- 
tock, Principal, 4 Arlington St 

New England Conservatory of Music; co- 
ed., non-sect; est. 1853; George W. Chad- 
wick. Director. 

Niel Tiammg School for Kindergartners , 
noi kind , non-sect , Miss Harriett Niel, 

Noble and Greenough School, boys' day, 
non-sect ; est 1860, George W C Noble, 
A M , Headmaster, 100 Beacon St 

North Bennet Street Industrial School, 
courses in woodwork, printing, modeling, 
cooking and dressmaking, co-ed ; day 
and night, non-sect , est 1885, Alvin E 
Dodd, Director, 39 N. Bennet. 

North End Union School; plumbing and 
printing; tech ; est. 1894; Samuel F. 
Hubbard, Supt, 20 Parmenter St. 

Pernin School of Shorthand and Bookkeep- 
ing; bus. and sten ; est. 1895; B. and B. 
Block, Prins., 100 Boylston St 

Perry Kindergarten Normal- School; women; 
est 1898, Mrs. Annie Moseley Perry. 
Prin., 18 Huntington Ave 

Portia School of Law, co-ed , Arthur TV 
MacLean, J M , Dean, 506 Tromont Tem- 

Posse Normal School of Gymnastics, physi- 
cal training and gymnastics, co-ed , est 
1890; Hartwig Nissen, Pres , 773 Beacon 

St Augustine's School; girls' boarding, K. 
C Sister Mary, Superior, South Boston 

St John's Boston Ecclesiastical Seminary; 
theol , men, R. C , est 1884; Joh B 
Peterson, Ph D., President, Brighton 

Sargent's Travel School for Boys, Euro- 
pean tours and college prep ; Porter R 
Sargent, A M, Principal, 50 Congress St 





Boston continued 

School of Expression, elo and ora , est 
1873, Simuel Silas Curry, Litt D, Piesi- 
dent, Copley Pquaie 

School of Fmp Aits, Ciafts and Decorative 
Design, Katharine B Child, Dnector 
Massachusetts a.\euuc 

School of the Museum of Fine Arts; art, 
co-cd , cst 1&77, Alice Flznt Brooks, 

Shawmut School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
prep , Cong , est. 1885, Ella Gilbert Ives, 
Prin , New Dorchester. 

Simmons College, comprises departments of 
Household Economics, Secietaual Studies, 
Library Science, General Science, Social 
Work, and Industrial Teaching, women, 
non-sect , est 1899, Heniy Lelavour, LL 
D , Pi esident 

Sloyd Training School, tech.; co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1888; Gustaf Larsson, Prin , 
7 Harcourt St 

Suffolk School ot Law, co-ed , Glea&on L 
Archer, LL B , Doan, 509 Tieniont Tern 

The New School, couises In designing, il- 
lustrating and painting, co-ed , non-sect ; 
Vesper L Geoige and Douglas J Connah, 

Tufts College Dental School; dent; co-ed , 
e&t ISbit, Chailes P. Pamtei, M D S, 
Dean, 416 Huntmgton Ave. 

Tufts College Medical School; rned ; reg , 
co-ed, e&t. lfc>Gt>, Chailcs F Pamtei, M 
D, Dean, 416 Huntmgton A\e 

University School; boys' prep, day; non- 
sect , cst l f 05, Rest F, Cuitis, Princi- 
pal, 899 Bojlston 

Volkman School, boys' prep , day, est 
1S95, A L K Volkmann, A B, Piinci- 
pal, 413 Newbeny St 

Weeks-Lougee School; girls' boarding, non- 
sect.; Emily Weeks, Prin., 252 Marlboro 

Wentworth Institute, mechanical aits and 
tiades, men, da> and evening, est 1911, 

Aithui L Wilh&ton, Puncipal, Huntmg- 
ton Ave , ncai Ruggles St 

Wheelock Kindergarten Training School, 
normal, women, est 1S80, Lucy Wheel- 
ock, Principal, 134 Newbury Street 

Winter Hill Business College; bus and 
sten.; est. 1903, B. H. and M. C. Fisher, 
Prins., Winter Hill Station. 

Bourne, Barnstable Co., pop. 2,474. 

Chm Sen Comm CJht sLoi S Wnght 
Clerk Sch Comm MIS& Anna SUibuck 
Tovtn Supeiintendent Hcibeit L Whitman 
Principal High School David C Lamprey. 
Supv Music B\eljn Pony 
Manual Tiaming Ward Raymond 
Drawing Rachael Harvej 
Commeicial Jennie Stott 

Boxford, Essex Co., pop. 718. 

Pres Bd Bduc M L Cole 
Sec Bd Educ Chester Killam 
ToT\n Superintendent Gaius B Frost. 
Principal High School H C Wmgate. 
Supv. Music Mary N Cleareland 
Drawing Mabelle Spofford 

Bradford, Essex Co., Sfca, HaveihiU P. O. 

Bradford Academy, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1803, Miss Laura A Knott, 
A M , Prin. 

Braintree, Norfolk Co., pop. 8,066. 

Ohm J->ch Comm Btmamin Hawes 
Sec Bd Educ Ralph L Wiggm. 
Town Supoiintendent llalph Li Wiggm 
Principal High School Paul Chapm 
Supv Music Hdi i lot Tiyloi 
Manual Training Chester Maddalls 
Dialing Miiiam (linse 
Commercial Chailotte Norton 
Stenograph} R Louise Foxberg 

Brewster, Bain stable Co , pop 1,000. 

< 1 hm bch Comm T D Sea-is 
Town Supcnntendent L T Hopkins 
Puncipal High School \tobie O Stoddard 
Supv MUSK Gooiqc Abbott 
Di arcing Loroj Twichell 

Sea Pines Home School, gills' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1905, Rev Thomas Bick- 
foirl, Puncipal 

Budgewaier, Plymouth Co., pop. 7,688. 

Cleik &ch Comm John El DeMeyer 
Chm inch Comm Edvi A AlacMastoi 
To\\n Supeimtendent John E DeMeycr 
Puncipal Hih School Harry A. Blake. 

State Normal School, normal, state, co-ed , 
est 1840, Arthur C. Boyden, A. M, Prin 

Brighton, Suburb of Boston. 

Mount St Joseph's Academy; girls* board- 
ing, R C , Sisters of St Joseph. 

Biimfield, Hampden Co., pop. 941. 

Hitchcock Free Academy, prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect , est 1S55, George F. Kenney, 
A B., Principal. 

Brockton, Plymouth Co., pop. 56,878. 

Oim Sch Comm Jsldon B Keith 
Cleik Sch Comm Abbie O Delano 
City SUpeimtendent John F Scully 
Puncipal High School Meilo H Getcholl 
Supv Music Haiiette M Perkins 
Manual Training F G Elton 
Domestic Science Lucy A Studley 
Physical Culture TCinesf M Jtobeits 
Diawini? Hc k lf k n L Tew 
Penmanship Husie M Van Aukon 
Commercial Hastings Hawkes 

Brockton Business University; bus. and 
sten.; est 18 94, Chas W. Jones, Prin. 

Brookfleld, Worcester Co., pop. 9,204. 

Chm &ch Comm James W Wall 
To'xvn Supt i intend ont Hans- H Ptatt 
Puncipal High School Aithur D Bucknam 
Supv Music Elizabeth IIo\vai<l 
in awing Edith M Jiathdwaj 

Brookline, Norfolk Co., pop. 27,792. 

Pres Bd Educ Walter liumphieys 
Sec Bel Educ Gooiec I Aldin h 
Town yupf imtcndont Gcoigc I Aldrich 
Principal High School Winifred C. Aker 
Supv Music frSamuol W, Cole 
Drawing Ann B Chambeilam 
Commercial K C At ticks 





H)o5 line rmitiuu<d 

Pierce's (Miss) School, girls' boarding, non- 
sect , Miss Julia B Paik, Prm , 440% 

Cambridge, Middlesex Co., pop. 104,839. 

Cliuirnnn J^th B<1 lohn Gadsfoj 
Sec S?th Cu John J Mihoiify 
City Superintendent Michael B Fitzgerald 
\ssibtant Hupenntendeut fh LI let M Her- 


Prm High and Latin Leslie L Cleveland 
Pun Ticirlo (,On Is) Maud A Dtehan 
IMICM tin IMusie Tohn B \VhoiiEln.j 
Pumarj & Kind Alice Mclntiie 
Dialing Pctei Itoos 

Andovei Theological Semmaiy, men, Cong , 
ost. 1809, Albeit Paiker Fitch, D D., 

Browne & Nichols' School, boys' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1SS3, Geoige H Browne, 
A M , Pun 

Camtandqo School foi Gals, guls' boardmg 
and day, non-sect, cst 18Hb, Miss Ruth 
Coit, f loadmisti ess, iJG Concoid Ave 

Epibcopal Thtolo4ical >emmaij , tlieol , P 
E , llov ruoigt- Hodtj<s, I> C L , Pies 

Harvaid CJniveisitj , comprises the College, 
School ol Aits and Sciences, ot Applied 
Sciences, of Business Administration, Di- 
vinity School, Law School, Medical 
School, Dental School, men, non-sect , 
est 1S36, Abbott Lawience Lowell, LI*. 
D , Pi esident 

Haivaid Umvei&iLy Divinity School, thool ; 
men, non-sect , est 1812, William Wal- 
lace Fenn, D D, Dean 

Harvard University, Law School, law, men; 
e&t 1ST 7, Roscoe Pound, LL D, Dean 

Harvaid University, School of Applied Sci- 
ence, couiscs in mechanical, electrical, 
civil, mining, and metallurgical engineer- 
ing, architecture, landscape aichitecture, 
forcstiy, est. 1906, Wallace Clement 
Sabmo, Sc D , Dean 

Harvaid Univeisity School of Business Ad- 
ministiation, scientific business couises, 
est 1908, men, Edwin F Gay, Ph D, 

Lesley Noimal School, nor Idnd , non-sect , 
Mis Edith L Woliaitl, Duectoi 

Massachusetts College of Osteopathy, est 
1SU7, Wilfred E Hariis, D O, President, 
15 Ci.iigiG St 

New Church Theological School; theol.; 
men, Church of the New Jerusalem, eat. 
1866, Rev William L Worcester, Ph D, 
Piesulent, 48 Quincy St 

Radcliffe College, women; non-sect.; eat. 
1879, Le Baton Russell Briggs, LL, D, 

Rindge Technical School, boys' prep ; non- 
sect ; esl 1888, John W Wood, Head- 
mnstt'i, Irving ami Broadway 

Sargent School of Physical Education; nor- 
mal school, Dr. D A Saigent, Dnector 

Cambridgeport, Suburb of Boston. 

Wellington School; normal; state; co-ed 

Canton, Norfolk Co , pop. 4,797. 

Cum Sch romm rhailes H French, 
rieik Sfh Comm Geoige H Capen 
Toun Supp-i intend' nt John C Davis 
Pnncipal High School Emeison R Cole 
Supv Music Archie MacDonald 
Manual Tiaming Chailes W Brown 
Domestic Pcitncf Miss Bairj 
Dialing Chailes W Bio^n 
Commncial Ruth B Elhott 

Carver, Plymouth Co., pop. 1,663. 

To\\n Superintendent C W Humphrey 
Pun High School Viola L Merrlfield. 

Charlemont, Franklin Co., pop. 1,001* 

Chm &ch Comm Cecil Burlington 
Clerk Sch Comm Miss Lilla Fuller 
Town Superintendent L E Prior 
Pun High School P H Kimbal 
Supv Music C H Brigham. 

Charlton, Worcester Co., pop. 2,032. 

Chm Sch Comm F H C Mernam 
Cleik Sch Comm M Daniel Woodbury. 
Town Superintendent C C Bichaidson. 
Principal High School Frank English 
Supv Music Floience Putnam 
Drawing Edna B Atwood 

Chatham, Barnstable Co., pop. 1,564. 

Chm Sch Comm Herman Taj lor 
Cleik Pch Cornm Samuel Ireland 
Town Superintendent Loimg G Williams 
Puncipal High School Haiold E Moffitt 

Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., pop. 5,010. 

Chm Sch. Comm William H Hall. 
Cloik Sch Comm Mis A H Park. 
To\\n faupermtendent Alberto W Small 
Principal High School C A Holbrook 
Principal High School A W. Truby. 
Sup\ Music Mai ion Adams. 
Drawing Jessie Atwood 

Chelsea, Suffolk Co., pop. 32,452. 

Pres Bd Educ Ed\vard H. Lowell. 
Sec Bd Educ Grace K. Kieraan 
City Supeimtendent Frank B Parhn 
Principal High School George 2. Davis. 
Supv Music Howaid C Davis 
Domestic Science Bertha H. Baker. 
Physical Culture Timothy P O'Connor. 
Drawing Sadie R Melzard. 
Commercial C ES Bowman. 
Stenography Evelyn Hope. 
Chester, Hampden Co , pop. 1,377. 
Pres Bd Educ Charles F. Peace. 
Sec Bd Educ Thomas N Haley 
Toxvn Supenntendent Wm H Sanderson 
Puncipal High School Alvin F. Morse 
Supv Music Annie E Hayes. 
Drawing Mary B. Sanderson. 

Chlcopee, Hampden Co., pop. 25,401. 

Chairman Bd Educ. N. P. Ames Carter. 
Sec Bd Educ John C. Gray 
City Superintendent John C. Gray. 
Pi in High School John J Desmond, Jr 
Sup 1 " Music Elizabeth E Ronayne. 
Manual Training John H Sullivan. 
Physical Culture Mabel Paine 
Drawing Hazel G Andrews 
Penmanship Margaret B Wheeler 
Com'l and Stenog'y Mary D Chaptn, 





Clinton, Worcester Co., pop. 13,075. 

Chm Sch Comm Thomas L Walsh 
Clerk Sch Comm Thomas F Gibbons 
Town Superintendent Thomas F Gibbons 
Principal High School Lawrence O'Toole 
Supv Music Martha Linton 
Man Tr & Dom Sci John Howard 
Commercial Eaile Po\veis 

Cehasset, Norfolk Co., pop. 2,585. 

Chm Sch Comm D S Gilbert 
Cleik Sch Comm George Jason 
Town Superintendent Stanley C Lary 
Principal High School Stanley C Lary 
Supv Music Mrs Edward L Stevens 
Manual Training John Black, Jr 
Domestic Science Helen Lymon 
Pen & Drawing Florence B Kraus 
Commercial Minnie B Bigelow 

Colrain. Franklin Co.. pop 1,780. 

Chm Sch Comm Herbert Hale 
Clerk Sch Comm John W Crane 
Town Superintendent Arthur W Smith 

Concord, Middlesex Co., pop* 6,421. 

Pres Bd Educ George G Russell 
Sec. Bd Educ Ellen T Emerson 
Town Supt & Prm H S Wells A Hall 
Supv. Music R Jff Hudspeth. 
Manual Training G. H. Colburn, 
Domestic Science Grace Moynihan 
Drawing Alma DeMier 
Commercial James R Mahoney. 
Stenography Agnes L. Claucy. 

Concord School for Girls, prep , non-sect ; 
Mananna Woodhull, A M, Principal 

Middlesex School; boys' boarding; prep.; 
non-sect , est. 1901; Frederick Winsor, A. 
B , Headmaster. 

St Andrew's School; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Thomas H. Eckfeldt, Prin. 

Mill BroDk School, boys' boarding, est 
1911; Wilnxot R Jones, Headmaster. 

Coiroay, Franklin Co., pop. 1,340. 
Pres Bd. Educ A J Patterson 
Sec Bd Educ Edward Affhauser 
Town Superintendent Chester D Stiles 
Principal High School A H. McPhail 

Dalton, Berkshire Co., pop. 3,568. 

Pres Bd Educ. Payson E Little. 
Sec Bd Educ Lawrence G. Haworth. 
Town Superintendent Herbert L Allen 
Principal High School E D Jackrnan. 
Supv Music Gertrude E Matthews. 
Man. Tr. and Draw. Lena L. Andrews 
Domestic Science Helen B Hamlin 

Dana, Worcester Co., pop. 736. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs Nellie M. Brown. 
Sec Bd Educ Charles N, Loomis 
Town Superintendent Charles L Clay 
Drawing E. Maude Bradley 

Danvers, Essex Co., pop. 9,407. 

dim Sch Comm Frank O Staples 
Clerk Sch Comm Lewis B Abbott 
Town Superintendent Henry C. Sanborn 
Town Superintendent F B Knight. 
Supv. Music Flora L, Richmond. 

Danvers continued 
Manual Training Clinton C Dow. 
Drawing Mabel Spofford 
Stenography Mildred L Powell 

St John's College, prep , boys, R C , 
est 1891, Rev Brother Bemamm, Di- 

Dartmouth, Bristol Co , pop. 4,378. 

Pres Bd Educ Andrew B Cushman 
Sec Bd Educ -George *' Merry 
Town Superintendent -Leon F Prior 
Prm Central H S Herbert C Canney 
Prin Noith H S Everett A Chm chill 
Prm South H S Arthui W Fiench 
Supv Music Ruth E Moye 

Dedham, Norfolk Co., pop. 9,284. 

Chm Sch Cornm A H Dodgdon 
Town Superintendent Rodeiick W Hino 
Principal High School William D. Sprague. 

Faulkner's School, girls' boarding, non- 
sect.; Miss Faulkner, Prin 

Deerfleld, Franklin Co., pop. 2,209. 

Chm Sch Comm James Campbell 
Clerk Sch Comm B Z Stebbin 
Town Superintendent Chester D Stiles 
Principal High School Flank L Boyden 
Supv Music Mrs Belle Bullis 
Drawing D Maud Beelis 
Manual Training W R Cole 

Deerfleld Academy and Dickinson High 
School; prep.; co-ed ; non-sect ? est. 1799; 
Frank L. Boyden, B. A., Prin. 

Dennis, Barnstable Co , pop. 300. 

Town Superintendent L Thomas Hopkins 
Prm North H S Paul Dillmgham 
Prm South H S Charles A. Guild 

Dighton, Bristol Co., pop. 2,285. 

Chm Sch Cornm -~J S Place 
Clerk Sch Cornm G H Walker, 
Town Superintendent M H Bowman, 
Supv Music Violet T Peterson. 
Drawing Mar j one Brownell 

Douglass, Worcester Co., pop. 2,152. 

Pres Bd Educ Paul D Manning 
Sec Bd Educ Edw. T Bugton. 
Town Superintendent Chailes M Pennell 
Principal High School J W. Thomas 
Supv Music Mrs A Or jfl Vase 

Dover, Norfolk Co., pop. 798. 

Pres Bd Educ R H Bond 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Agnes C. Rogers. 
Town Superintendent Frank H Benedict. 
Principal High School Carl R Bryant 
Supv Music Alonzo A Cole. 
Manual Training N B Hazelton 
Drawing Alice Young, 
Commercial Alice B* Eastman. 

Dracut, Middlesex Co., pop. 3,537. 

Chm Sch Comm Hiram Linscott. 
Clerk Sch Comm Nelson Huntley 
Town Superintendent Charles L. Randall. 





Dudley, Worcester Co * pop. 4,207. 

Chm Sch Comm Daniel P Callahan 
Clerk Sch Comm J Joseph Gilles 
Town Superintendent Ernest "W Robinson 
Principal High School Lester F. Alden. 

Nichols Academy, prep ; co-ed.; non-sect ; 
Frank C. Johnson, Pnn 

Duxbury, Plymouth Co., pop. 1,688. 

Town Superintendent W E Chaffin 
Principal High School Alton H Hartford 

Erie Forest School, prep forestry; F. B. 
Knopp, S B , Director 

Powder Point School, boys' boarding, non- 
sect , est 1886, Ralph K Bearce. A. M. t 

East Brewster, Barnstable Co., pop. 130. 

Sea Pines School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , Rev Thomas Bickford, Prin. 

JEast Brldgewater, Plymouth Co., pop. 3,863. 

Pres. Bd Educ W. H. Taylor. 
Clerk Sch Comm E T Moise 
Town Superintendent Edffar H Grout 
Principal High School W J Nutter 
Supv Music Ethel C Grimes. 
Com'l and Stenog Harriet Staples 

East Longmeadow, Hampden Co., pop 1,327. 

Chm Sch Comm M H Pease 
Clerk Sch Comm George H Wheeler 
Town Superintendent Miss M. L Poland 
Pnncipal High School Cora M Hewlett 

East Northfleld, Franklin Co., pop 300. 

Northfield Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect , est 1879, Charles B Dickerson, 
M. S, President 

Easthampton, Hampshire Co., pop. 8,524. 

Pres Bd Educ. Rev. Franz "Wilier. 
Sec Bd Educ John L. Lyman, Esq. 
Town Superintendent William D. Miller 
Principal High School Edward K. Boak 
Supv Music W L Lovell 
Manual Training Otis R Thayer. 
Domestic Science Miss Grace Gilkey. 
Drawing Miss Helena C. Evans 
Penmanship Hiss Anna Kilxnurry 
Commercial Raymond Dower. 

Willlston Seminary; boys' boarding; Gong.; 
est. 1941; Rev. Joseph Henry Sawyer, M 
A, L. H. D., Prin. 

Easton, Bristol Co., pop. 5,139. 

Town Superintendent Chester R Stacy. 
Principal High School H. J Phipps 

Edgartown, Dukes Co., pop. 1,191. 

Chm Sch Comm-^-Edw T Vincent. 
Clerk Sch Comxn Mrs Carrie, M. Swallow 
Town Supt Charles A. Crowell, Jr 
Principal High School John H Bachelder 

Er\ing, Franklin Co, pop. 1,094. 

Chm Sch Comm J H. Mahoney 
Cleik Sch Comm Maitha M Stebbins. 
Town Superintendent Mrs C. A Steams 

Essex, Essex Co., pop. 1,621. 

Chrn Sch Comm Prank E. Buckley 
Cleik Sch Comm E\eiett B James 
To\vn Superintendent H R Williams 
Principal High School Bernard Ross 

Everett, Middlesex Co, pop. 33,484. 

Chm Sch Comm Frederick E Jennings. 
Cleik Sch Comm Fairfield Whitney 
City Superintendent Fairfield Whitney. 
Asst Superintendent Abbie A Smith 
Pun High School Wilbur J. Rockwood. 
Supv. Music Albert S Colburn. 
Manual Training Francis L Bain 
Domestic Science Susie C. Driscoll. 
Drawing Grace Elliott 
Penmanship Marion Conn. 
Commercial F A. Ashley. 
Stenography Martha Desmond 

Fairhaven, Bristol Co., pop. 5,122. 

Chm Sch Comm Thomas A Tripp. 
Clerk Sch Comm Charles F Prioi. 
To-wn Superintendent Charles F Prior. 
Prin High School Albert B. Kimball. 
Supv. Music Anna B Trowbridge 
Manual Training Alvm J Long. 
Domestic Science Emma B Strong. 
Drawing Beatrice A Randell. 
Commeicial Grace M Grant 

Fall River, Bristol Co., pop. 119,205. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles L Holmes 
Clerk Sch Comm Alfred R. Langlais. 
City Superintendent Hectoi L Belisle 
Asst Supt Mary A Mugan. 
Reading Margaret T Hurley. 
Drawing William E. Braley. 
Supv Gram. Grades Mary A. S. Mugan. 
Supv. Prim Grades Margaret G. Lynch. 
Supv Music Walter J Titcomb. 
Sewing Josephine M Louette. 

B. M. C. Durfee High School, 482 Madison 

St , Frederic W Plummer, Principal. 
Technical High School, 640 N Main St . Roy 

W Kelly, Acting Principal 

Bradford Durfee Textile School; textile; J. 
W. Bailey, Superintendent. 

Dominican Academy; girls* boarding; R. 
C , Sister M. Bertrand, Superior. 

Emmanuel School for Feeble "Minded and 
Afflicted Children. 

Jesus Mary Convent, girls' boarding; R. C.; 

Sister St. Paul, Superior. 
La Sainte Union des Sacres Coeurs; girls* 
boarding; R. C.; Sister Mary Aldan, Prin. 
Rogers and Allen's School of Business and 

Shorthand; bus and sten.; est. 1897; "W. 

8. Rogers and F. G Allen, Props. 
Sacred Heart Academy; prep ; girls; R. C.; 

est. 1886; Sister Mary Aldan, Superior, 

Prospect St 




Fall Rl\ ei continued 
St.ite Nonnal Tiainmp? Sihnnl, noimal, co- 
ed , stato, Anna W Buik\, Pimcipal 

Thlbodeau's College, prep, and bus , co- 
ed , non-sect , est 1S89, J D. Thibodeau, 

Falraduth, Barastable Co., pop 3,144. 

Pi os Bd Educ Ficd K Swift 
See T?d Ktluc Charles S Buigoss 
Town Superintendent < 1 ail TV 
Principal High School George W. How- 

Supv Music Joseph TCeshaw 
Manual Ttaimns II 11 Oolmin 
Domestic Science Mat ion "Estabiooke. 
"Drawing Mis Anna R Luce 
Comimnclal Addio 1" Cair. 

Fltoliburgr, Worcester Co., pop. 37,826. 

Ohm Sch fomrn B A Cook 
Cleik Seh Oomm. Tames Chnlmeis 
Cit- r Supenntondcnt James Chalmois 
Prin HIi?h S< hool Charles T WooCbury 
Supervisoi Music \mv TJ Connor. 
Manual Training H W Loland 
Pi a wmer Mice C Eaxncs 
Commercial Chat lea K Hutchlna 
Dotnostie pclen< e Josephine \ Smith 
Domestic \it fhnilotte A P^nn 
Penmanship Helen S Caileton 

Fitchburg Business College; bus and sten 
est 18'6, D Fullmer, Principal. 

Stato Normal School; normal; state, co-ed ; 
John Thompson, riliuipal 

Foxboro, Noifolk Co, pop. 3,863. 
Chm Sch romrn living W Reynolds. 
Clerk Kc'h fomm Finntes \ White 
Town Hupetintrndont Ira A .tonkins 
Principal High Fchool Mojd V Bui noil. 

rramingrham, Middlesex Co., pop. 12,048. 

Chm Hch Cnmm FJnos IT Ui^elow 
Cloifc Reh Oomm Mrs TJ B Ri Clnir 
Town Suporintonflotit -TftnoRt W f(llo\\8 
Principal High School ^W. H. Gushing. 
Rupv Music iro\\ard Mnscm 
Manual Training Herman Hall 
Domestic Holonco Marlon "B Sh.iw 
Di awini? Mai j Mnc Sweeney 
Wxltmg & C'omniPicial F A WilKes 

Dnnfotth Rihool, bo^s under 30, nou-<icu 4 t , 
est 1010, James C Fiagg, itlnc'tpal 

State Normal School; normal; state, co-ed.; 
Henry Whittemore, Pres. 

Franklin, Norfolk Co., pop. 5,641* 

Pies Htl Kciuf Jamos U. Hosford 
ec Bd M<lue S Abbott 
Town tfupm Intend* nl Lflu o CuinmiUKS. 
Piinclpnl IHprh School C 1 hrlc B Lnmb 
Supv Music --Marlon V, Washburn 
Drawing Ruth M Moister 

Dean Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Unlv,; 
Arthur W. Peirce, Wtt D, Prln. 


Gardner, Worcester Co., pop. 14,609. 

<Mm Sch t'omm -VIIMS.I l\ J{i\nt 
Sec Bd Educ Mis Klis.ibcth l Ktonr 
To\\ n KuptM intt ndenl Fonlvc o T UcMioM 
Pinidpal Hmh Scluol M B Smith 
Snpv Mnsif - I'2hnoi K PIOMO 
Manual Ti lining c 1 tJ It.utiett 
Domestic Science "Mi*s Gcituulo Cainey. 
Pnwmft Mi^s Beinice e>rnlth 
(' IJi'lh b I I.u \\aiil 
Strnopriaplu Mibs Mm folio K Oiks 

Ctooigctoun, IXsev Co, pop I,JM)1 

Olnn S h 'omni -Mini L Hi il 
Town Hiiponnttmlt nl -(J IJ Pni'-t 
IMntfipciJ Ilijt,li Si hui>l Ki ink Mi'. unit r 

rii\ i?i^ sihiMii, pjop , in-iMi , 

W \1< .unit i, I*i iiu nnl 

Gill, IrnnUiu To., pop. 1,0'>!5 

('hm Ki li Pomm --K I) IMI>S 
("loik Si h Connn - It D \\at on 
To\\ n hupoi jntondciit -101 HIM K Hnwt 

dloucester, Essex Co., pop. 24,308. 

Pies 31d Rduc William II. Jordan. 
Soc ltd KUu* --Fouii I> ItintikH 
( 4 itV MiptniiloiKh nt IilU I> IJtonKM 
IMinciinl Illhh Sfhiiul -W V Kitnb iM 
Supv Music A. A. Span 1 ding 1 
Manual Trnininsr Evt'lmn I 
Domestic Science TCliza P. 
Physical Culture \nnle McCllntock. 
Drawing Stella May. 
Penmanship J W O Oilman. 

Granville, Hampden Co., pop. 781. 

PrcK I'd Kcluc How.uvl nirlutignti 

Soc Bd lOrtuc Mis M 
Town Supcilntondont 

I* Htow. 
S, Mc 

Crafton, Worcester To,, pop. 5,705. 

Pres, Bd. Educ. F* M. MeOarry. 
Soc I id K<IU<- - c n MiiiK. 
TO\MI Kup< iiiitondntif t" I> Mih- 
Pilmiimi Hlfrh KdKuiI- I M M icIJm 
Supv Mus, and Draw Flora Randall. 
Mamml Trninlnur Dana Stanlty 
(.'om'l and Stonosr Charlwlno Blako 

(irunbv, Huniphhiro Co., pop 717. 
Town HiMrit< iHlotit V M. Whitii r<i + 
j'rhu Ijml ilfj<}i S< huo! K }\ Jiurll 

Great Barrlnffton, Berkshire Co*, pop. 5,020. 

('hm Sch Coinm n <' Hfiwi*it 

(Mork Hch <<omin. V\!llMi l Hill 

Town Hujt St IM in II S It 1C. Ht'Utivttf. 

Hupv MUHIC Mlro L< moll 

Doniohtu* Stltiuf* -Hultlah H. \ Ktilnr. 

Jlallock School, boy*' boarding; on 

Gerard Hnllook. M, A., H<nd 
Sodgwick School; boy T l>oarafnirJ 

est. 18C6; Edward J. Van Lcnnep A. 


Oreenflehl, Franklin C'o., pop. 10,487. 

Pros Bd, Kduc.~ Rev. C. W. Mowlam. 
See. Bd Educ^ .Mm. Kate A. Payne. 
Town HiiiM'ilutctirltiit Wtntlitta* r. \ !.* 





Greenfield c ontmuc d 

rimcipa.1 High School W. B Alexander 
Supv Music Mark A Davla 
Manual Tiamlng Honij \ Hanson 
Domestic Sou noo--Mai\ Adams 
Penmnnfchlp Mildied M Stearns. 
C'ommoicial Cora Ward. 
l)ii \uuir W II IClai 

Gioton, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,155. 

rimi S< h roniin Ilciuv H tSa's 
ritik Sch romm -('ailolun \ Sha\\ 
Town Su}>< nnti iiflPitt 141(1 ticlm* Smith 
I'limipil lliRh School John A Uuitnii 

Groton School, boys' boarding, P. E ; est 
178, Rrv JSndicott Pcabody, Headmaster 

Lawrence Academy, boys' boarding, non- 
soct; cat. 1793; Arthur J Ciough, A. M-, 

Lowthorpo School of Landscape Architect- 
ure ami (laniomnff, co-oil , Gemgimna 
J Snndois, Supoimtondpnt 

Grov eland, Essex Co., pop. 2,253. 

rhm Hch ("imnn --Albeit I* \\ ilcs 
To\\ 11 Supt HMtrmltMit- (Jaius I> Piobt 
IMIiiopnl Hlfth N'hool - U.uold Lf AJaiston 
Sup\ Miihlt -Lillian H A men 
I>ia\\iiiK--i'uu1a I* ('lough 
Pommomnl- Hasrl it, Johnson 

Hadley, Hampslilre Co., pop. 1,999. 

Ji'ios lid. Eduo Clifton Johnson 

H<T Hd Wdiu' Honiv llibbud. 

Town Slip* jhili-ndi'iit Clinton .J lUt'h.iuLs 

1'llnrlpal IhKh S( hool ,)ini(8 tK't-U 

Supv MitHlc Doiothv IltMilm 

DomfRtlf HCMOIHC AIa\ I Illlsn 

Hopkins Academy? prop.; co-cd , non-sect.; 
tj*t H<:i, JamcH P. itceil 

Hamilton, Essex Co.> pop. 1,749. 

( 1 hm Sch (Nirum --(U'oigo K Kuowlton 
CMk Hrh t'omin -Uobcit Itoborl^on, Jr 
Town Huporintondonl - KldridMc Kntith 
lrlurlpil High hthool Nolnon K Mltthell 

Hanover, Plymouth Co., pop. 

IrcB. ltd Kduc Dr <" Ij. Howes. 
hoc IU1 Hdu< Uiv 1C H. Oibson 
Town Hup*tlnt<nd< nt .TamH HtiyoH 
rrlnclpnl IIlRh School Hornet F Bates. 
BUIIV MuIo-*Mrii. Vcrna Whltinsr, 
Mniu Tr. & Draw.- Mr A. <>. NUlrldve 
Domcfttlc Htl iici Miwi Mario Merrill. 
Physical Culturw-F. w. Jones. 

nardvvlok, Worcester Co., pop. 8,524. 

rr*n lid. Kduc* t'hnries O. Fiagar. 
Sto lid Kdue. (> A Tuttle. 
Town Sup*rlntfnrt<tnt AHiort fl ("ol**, 
Principal IHgh Hchool--W. H <Ulb<rt. 
Hupv. Mnslcv- -Annn. F. RulUvaa 
PrnuinK -BorJha A. Shflw. 
fonimf rciftl Wmily Archor. 
8t<wofrraj>hy~- Kthel Dow. 

Harvard, Worcenter Co, pop. 1,034, 

Ohm 8<'h. Comm,- A, M, Itryant. 
chm Hrh, CVimm.'^Mrs. H. B Xloyat 
t- A. n. 

IIur\aid conLinui d 

JMmcipal Himh School An&el Richards 
Supv JMubic Mildiod Bicnnon 

Bioomfli'ld Schol, piep , co-cd, Uniter ; 
Antiol fc> llKha.ids, Pi incipal 

Harwich, Barnstable Co., pop. 

li ot, Hd Kduc J B Atkms 
Sec MducJ P Nickel son, M D 
Ton n SupoHiitiMiik'iit LoiinK 1 G Williams 
L*i 1-1 mli Si hool Louih J J'eltiei 
Supv Afusic & Dialing S Madge Mm ray 

Hatfield, Hampshire Co., pop. 1,986. 

ri<>b JJd Jflduo A R Brcor. 
rink Sili I'omni Thadous Giavrs 
Town Suiiviintf nd nt Clinton J Richards 
I'unupal iliAh Kchool C A lloilgos 
Supv Music Maude B Boyle. 

Smith Academy; prep r co-ed ; non-sect ; 
cst 1871, Albeit J Chldcster, A B, 
Pi mclpa.1 

llaverhill, Essex Co., pop. 44,115. 

Chm He h C'oniiu Loblio K Moise 
Ck'ik Hch C'ttmni Chuc-nte H Dcmpsey 
City Superintendent Claience H. Dempsey. 
J^iliKitml JIif,h School Villngtun I Olow 
Kupv Alusu Mary A Sh iw 
JDiuwlng Koboit JBiodetick 
Manual Training Je&fcc H Bouino 
Domofatio St'li'nco \ Lonoia Elkins 
<'(nnicrfal AVilliani Wan<lei 

Bnidloid Academy, Kirks' boarding, non- 
sc-ct , e&L IK03, Miss Lain a A Knott, 
A M, PilnclpaU Bradioid, P O 

H.tM'ihill Bu^liK'ps C"olUfio, bus and stcn , 
W P JMilnlosh, rnnclpal. 

St. James School; prep.; coed ; R. C ; M. 
DeChantal, Supeiior. 

HLnghnm, Plymouth Co., pop. 4,965. 

Ohm Hch. Oomiti Kamuol Spaldinf? 
('l^rk Sch C'omni -Kofoeit D Brow^r 
To\\u HuiKTlntoudont Onvjs K, Collins. 
Principal Jllh Kchool W J2 Andrews 
Hiipv, Musli'~~ Kdmund P Sawyoi 
I>rawjnfir Mdijorie Utcon 
Manual Training A B "Whiddon 

Derby Academy; prep.; co-ed ; non-seot ; 

cwt 1781, Mis M M Buidctt, Principal. 

Jlinadale, BerkeWre Co., pop. 1,116. 

PIOB Bd Kduc Rov J A O'Malley 
Soc. Ud Tfl duo Thomas F. Eyan. 
Town HupMlntcndoot Harry W Gardner 
Kupv. Music (Sortrude Matthows 
Manual Training dtaco K Mulonoy 

Holbrook, Norfolk Co., pop. 2,816. 
I'rwi Wcl Kduc "FrunkHn H Morriam, 
Hoc. l*d rcduc Mr Sibyl Nll<- 
Town Hiipr'i'lntpmic-nt' Snmupl F niodsrett 
lrlnripnl Ulgh HchoolUalph P. Currier 
Supv* Mu0lc~-indwln Barnes 
I>rtiwJng*-Olivo Fuller 





Holden, Worcester Co., pop. 2,147, 

Chm Sch Comm Ghailes B Jordan 
Clerk Sch Comm Jennie N Fairbanks 
Town Superintendent Robeit I Biamhall 
Principal High School H A Newton 
Supv Music Annie Palmui 
Manual Tiaining Davis Colburn 
Dom So & Diaw Miss H B AnOLiews 
Commercial Bertha Given 

HoUiston, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,711. 
Chm Sch Comm Heniy P Dickinson 
Clerk Sch Comm W F Chapman 
Town Supeimtendent Can oil H Drown 
Principal High School Barle F Maloney 

Holyoke, Hampden Co., pop. 57,730* 
Chm Bd Educ Joseph B Weis 
Sec Bd Educ Francis McShorry 
City Superintendent Francis McSherry 
Principal High School Howard Conant. 
Principal Evening H, S P J Garvey. 
Prm Vocational H S Win H Whitney 
Supv Music Hugh Craig 
Phys Culture (Bo>s) Daniel J Kollv 
Phys Culture (Gnis) Effio M Shambcugh 
Commercial Rulus W Clement 
Manual Training Bobert E 
Dom Science Mrs Elizabeth I Perkins. 
Drawing Mrs Isabelle H. Ferry 
Penmanship Esther A MacDonnell. 
Holyoke Business Institute; bus and sten , 

est. 1883; T jam ell & Foote, Prins. 
Thompson's Business School, bus and sten , 
Hannah Thompson, Principal. 

Hopedale, Worcester Co., pop. 2,188. 

Chm Sch. Comm F J. Dutcher 
Clerk Sch Conwn J I, Romington 
Town Superintendent F G At well 
Principal High School A C Johnson 
Supv Music Lillian E Wood. 
Manual Training Dana Stanley, 
Domestic Science Floience Bennett, 
Drawing Isabella M Hiist 

Hopklnton, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,462. 

Town Superintendent W K Putney 
Principal High School Miss M. A. Supple 

Hubbardston, Worcester Co., pop. 1,073. 

Pres Bd. Educ Allen S. Woodward. 
Sec. Bd Educ Mrs ffi A Woodward* 
Town Superintendent Asa M Jones. 
Principal High School E C, Macomber 
Supv. Music NelUc Blake. 

Hudson, Middlesex Co., pop. 6,743. 

Pres Bd. Educ Miss Lucle D. Welsh. 
Sec Bd Educ. Dr Thomas F. TIerney. 
Town Supc'i inlondt-nt Casslus K Lyman 
Principal High School Charles A. Williams. 
Supv. Music Mrs. Carrie E Tarbell. 
Manual Training B D Brown. 
Domestic Science Martha Tower. 
Drawing Margaret Whitney. 
Com'l and Stenog. Harriet M. Vance. 
Huntinston, Hampshire Co., pop. 1,473. 
Pres Bd. Bduc, B. H. Cross. 
Sec Bd Educ. Dr C. H Mace 
Town Superintendent Leon O Merrill, 
Principal High School Wayne E. Geer 
Swpv. Music Albert W Smith. 
Drawing Myrtls F. Smith. 
Commercial Alice M. Miller. 

Hyannis, Barnstable Co., pop. 1,800. 

Cloik Sch Comm Geoigo H Gainer 
Town SupcnnUnfiont Gooige II Galger 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed. 
cat 18<)8, \\illUm A. Baldwin, B S, 

Ipswich, Essex Co., pop. 5,777. 
Chm Sch Comm O IT \V H.IJCR 
Cloik Sen Comm Fn-tT S Whitman 
To\\n Supenntcntlent Josoph I Hoi ton 
Puncipal Hifih School John r M.iihton 

Jamaica Plain, Suburb of Boston. 

Sherman Hall, girls' boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1897, Miss Sarah W. Ames, Prln. 

Kingston, Plymouth Co, pop. 2,445. 

Pica Bd Educ O U. Swope 
Sec Bd Educ P L Chandler. 
Town Kupei mtondonl (iioigo A Coo 
Principal High School Lee S. Merrill. 
Supv Music Gooigiana JB Tayloi 
Drawing Muiioiio Biouncll 
Commote ml Wmniluil A. Thomas 

Lakeville, Pl> mouth Co., pop. Old. 

Chm* Sch Comm Alton Hoard 

Cleik Hen Comm Alia Ktank llnmmoucl 

Town bupviinteudent Ch^sti'i Humphuy 

Lancaster, Worcester Co., pop. 3,464. 

Chm Sch Comm Gtoigo li* \Voz ct'fltfr 
To\vn Supt & Pi in. H H. Arthur H JUolhna. 
Supv Music Miss MBS Bailey 
Domestic Science Miss JBUith M. Mason. 

Lanosboro, Berkshire Co , pop 947. 

chm Hch Comm JKhntT Hcach, 
Cloik Soh Cotnm Chaiiis H Kukci 
To\vu SupetiutouUuut (I<oio B, (Mirk 

Lawrence, Essex Co., pop. 85,802. 
City Superintendent Bernard M. Sheridan 

Asst Supt Leila M. Lamprey 
Pzincipal High School- James D. Home. 

Cannon's Commercial College; bus. and 

sten., G. C. Cannon, Prin. 
St Mary's School; girls' boarding; B. C.; 

James T. O' Belly, Prin. 

X.e, Berkshire Co., pop. 4,10ft. 

hm Sch Comm--J J Haaactt 
CJletk Heh < 1 omm M. W. Markham 
Town Supt, jAromu I*. Kokwoll, 
Pzlnoipal High Wt^houl Herman N. l>unhum. 

Leicester, Worcester Co., pop* 8,287. 

Chm Sch Comm. Aloysius U. Kennedy, 
Clerk Sch Comm K. Wllinrd Trunk. 
Town Superintendent (Jt'orgo 1) Clurk, 
Pzi&clxal Hlh School -J 4 J<irdm. 
Supv. Music RBtello Ward. 
Drawing Ethel Smith. 

Leicester Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-wet} 
est 1784; Raymond McKarinaa, M. A,, 

Lenox, Berkshire Co., pop. 3,060. 

chm, 8ch Comm ~ David T. Dana. 
Olork Sch. Oomm. Wm. F. Grace. 
Town $uportntend'nt Charles H. Tucker, 





Lenox c on ti mi ocl High s< hoot Thorn is F Kane 
8upv Aluhu \tlolino O Johnson 
Manu il Tiaming W.illci Naglo 
Domestic Si iom o Anna Roindt 
Pi a wing Vdelme O Johnson 
CVimmei eial Alice Downs 

Trinity School, pi op , oo-ed day, boarding 
young boys, Miss Lippincott, Principal 

Leomlnster, Worcester Co., pop. 17,580. 

I'lim Sen Comm Flank I F4eison 
C'U'ik flch ( 1 omm Thomas E Thompson 
To\vn Sui>(>tliitfndc>nt William H Pony. 
Vilnclpul High FUhool K L Moise 
Sui>v MUSK W H Kcnnc} 
Manual Tialnins Hcibcit Pen so 
l)omiBtI( Sclent i Augusta B Noltel 
Dmwlnft Mai 5 F Tlddk'V 
I'pn'ship & Commercial Fiunk P Bell 

Lexington, Middlesex Co., pop. 4,018. 

Pros Bd. Educ Jay O Richards 
Sec Bd T3duc "Robert li Byder 
Town SupoiintondciU \ithm H Carver 
Principal High School Arthur H Carver. 
Nupv Mimic Cm ilc K White 
Manual Training 1 Walter M Lyon 
Domestic Mdcnrc Josephine (J Nicholson 
Drawing Edmund Kotchum 
Pen'sMp and Com'l Fred C Ball. 
Stenography Emma L Berry, 

Littleton, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,229. 

dim Sfh. romm Mrs ,1 M. Hnitwcll 
( 1 l'ik Sch. romm ICcJjr&r Woodbury. 
Town Hunokintcndont --Prank H Hill 
Prln High School Charles H. Cummtngs 
Supv Music Mirinm Davis 
Drawing Marlon Taylor 
Manual Training Thomas J Bassctt 
l)om<Btic Art- -Lucy lloughton 

Lowell, Middlesex Co., pop. 106,294. 

(Mtv Huiwrlntcndpnt- -Hugh J Mollov 
Principal High School Cyrus W. Irish. 
Supervisor Art Olive B, Underbill. 
upv Munio r. O Blunt. 
Man Tr. ^ l>om hclfncc' T F Fisher. 
('ommorclal Albnrt D Maclc j 

Hill's School; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect ; est 

1870 j Lucy A, Bill, Prln, 
Lowell Commercial Collage; bus. and at en.; 

est. 1869; LeDoit B. Kimball, Pres. 
Lowell Textile School; teoh ; oo-ed.; non- 

sect; eat 1897; Charles H. Barnes, 8. B., 

Roger* Hall School; girls' boarding:; non- 
feet; Miss Olive a Parsons, Prln. 

St Joseph'* College; coll.; men; R. C; est 
1892; Brother Priaciilianus, President 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
John J. Mahoney. Principal. 

fcudlowy Hampden Co., pop* 4,948. 

Frits Bd. Kcfuc, Fmicik N, Moore. 
SeO. Bd Kduc. Albert A. Qove. 
Town Hupwintonrtent Wttlter U. Gushee. 
Principal High Scftol-^Mrs, Helen M. 

laullou continued 
Supv Music Ellen L Toomey 
Minual Tiammgr Thomas Bailey 
Domestic Science Elsie P Jones 
D i awing Helen L Arnold 
Com'l & Stenog'y Ruth B Barnes 

Lunenburg, Worcester Co., pop. 1,393. 

t'hm Heh Comm C C Lane 
Chm Sch Conxm Mrs F C Cioss 
Town Superintendent Herman C Knight 
Principal High School Claude A. Gray 

Lynn, Essex Co., pop. 89,336. 

Ohm Sch Comrn George H Newhall 
Clerk Sch Comm Leon B Thompson 
City Superintendent Charlos S Jackson 
Assistant Supt Wilmer Kinnan 
Principal Classical High Fred C Mitchell 
Piincipal English High George B Davis 
Supv Music Percy Graham 
Manual Training Vernon T Backus 
Domestic Science Alice M Williams 
Physical Culture Wai ten L Boyson 
Di awing Marlon Bond 

Burdette College, bus and sten ; principal 
Lynn Business College; bus and sten.; est. 

1895, C C. Dexter, Pres. 
Lynnholm-by-the-Sea; girls under IS; 

boarding; non-sect; Mrs. G. W. Oagood, 

North Shore Academy, prep, day, co-ed.; 

Mrs Florence B Dressel, Prln.., 88 Broad 


Maiden, Middlesex Co. pop. 44,404. 

Chm S'ch Com George H. Johnson. 
Sec. Bd IQduc J. Billot Knowlton 
City Supt - Farnsworth Q-. Marshall 
Principal High School Thornton Jenkins 
Supv Music Melville 1 Chase 
Man. Tr and Draw William J Edwards. 
Domestic Science Lucy B. Slocum 
"Penmanship Katharine W Ross 
Commercial Townsend T. Wilson. 
Stenography Miss A. Anna Dyer. , 

Maiden Commercial School, bus and sten.; 
est X004; Walter Leroy Smith, President 

Manchester, Essex Co., pop. 2,673. 

Chtn, Sch Comm* Raymond C. Allen 
Clerk Sch. Comm Albert Cunningham 
City Superintendent John C. Mackin. 
Principal High School A. L. Sabin, 

Mansfield, Bristol Co., pop. 5,183. 

Chm Rch Comm. Clinton C. Scheffy 
Sec. Bd. EJduc. Harry R. Fisher. 
Town Superintendent Edward P Fltts 
Principal High School F. H. Hadlock. 
Supv, Music Bernard M Nye. 
Drawing Mary Prevost. 

rea, Essex Co., pop. 7,888. 

Pros Bd B due, Joel W. Key molds. 
Clerk $ch Comm Burr J, Merrlam 
City guperlntendont-r-Burr J. Merriam, 
Principal High School George P. Campbell. 
Supv. MusicRuth B. Mitchell. 
Manual Training Lucy M Davis 
Domestic Science Ruth C. Frescott 
Drawing Marion A. Martin. 
Commercial Ruth B Littlefleld. 





Marion, Plymouth Co., pop. 1,460. 

Town Pupeimtt-ndt nt Htiman N Knox 
Supv IMnsic Joseph K<ifrhi\\ 
Manual Tiammis Chailes Johnson 
Dialing Mis Annie II JLuct 

Tabor Academy, The; prep.; co-ed ; non- 
sect , est 1876, Chailes E Pethybridge, 

Mailboro, Middlesex Co, pop 11,579. 

Pies Bd Educ Elrnui D Howe 
See Bd Educ Einest P Can 
City Superintendent E P Carr. 
Principal High School George W Morris 
Supv Music Jos* ph A Milhnqlnn 
Manual Training Eme?t A Lanabee 
Dra\\mg Maiy E Muiphy 
Domestic Science Mabel A Leigh ton 
Commei cial A T Reed 

St Ann's Academy; girls* boarding; R C., 
est. 1887, Sistei M Rose de Viler be, 

Marslifield, Plymouth Go, pop. 1,738. 

Town Supcnntcmlpnt William E Chaffln 
Principal High School Lewis E Rye. 

Mattapoisett, Plymouth Co, pop. 1,180. 

Chm Sch Comm Lemuel L Dexter 
rioik Pen Comm Mis Maud B AlcAflee 
To\\n Supenntendent Chailes P Prioi 
fcupv Music -\nna B Ti Oxbridge 
Manual Tiaming Chiiles H Johnson, Ti 
Dialing Beatuce A. Randall 

Maynard, Middlesex Co, pop 6,390. 

Pres Bd Educ Kenneth Damren. 
Sec Bd Educ J J Helferty 
Town Superintendent Francis S Buck 
Principal High School C W Millar 
Supv Music Maud Dolon. 
Manual Thomas Helferty 
Domestic Science Annita "Walker. 
Commercial George Kennedy. 

Medfleld, Norfolk Co., pop. 3,466. 

Chm Sen Comm Allan Kmgsburv 
Cleik Sch Comm Richard C Lincoln 
Town Superintendent M J, West 
Principal High School Ralph W Taylor. 
Supv Music Carnebell E Thayer 
Drawing Helen M Allan 

Medford, Middlesex Co., pop. 93,150. 

Chm Sch Comm William C Wait 
Clerk Sch Comm C W McPherson 
City Superintendent Fred H Nickerson. 
Prm. High School James D Hewlett. 
Supv Music Edward N Griffin 
Manual Training Joseph T Whitney 
Supv Sewing Elma M Soderquist 
Supv Cooking Eugenia Wilson 
Physical Culture Caroline L Critchett 
Penmanship Bessie Mason 
Dialing Josephine Kintz 
Commei cial Harold Smith 

Sarah Fuller Home for Little Deaf Children, 
school for very young deaf children; est 
1890; Miss Eliza L. Clark, Matron and 

Medway, Norfolk Co, pop. 2,696. 

Chm Sch Comm Di \V\man 
fh'ik Sen Comm C M Smith 
To\\n Superintendent Can oil H Drown 
Puncipal High bchool Phoebe Ha&kell 

Melrose, Middlesex Co., pop. 15,715. 

Pi es Bd Educ Dr Lowell T Wentworth. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Isabelle StantiaL 
City Superintendent John C. Anthony. 
Funcipal High School Lome B Hulsman 
Wup\ Music Pansy E Baitlett 
Manual Tiaming Myron W. Gray. 
Dialing Miss Mary E Coyle 
Penmanship Mrs Floience K. Marshall. 
Commei cial Geo W Wright 
Stenogiaphy Florence E Stacy 

Melrose School of Music, mils.; est. 1894; 
Susan A Wells, Prm. 

Memlon, Worcester Co , pop 922 

Chm Sch Comm Lyman Cook 
Cleik Sch Comm Hem y W Gaskill 
Town Supeimtendent F G Attvell 
Piineii>,tl High School Chailes II Risley 
Supv Music Mis Eincstino Wilcox 

Merrimac, Essex Co., pop. 2,202. 

Chm Sen Comm F O Giant 
Cleik Sch Comm Ellen M Muiphy 
Town Supeimtendent Albeito W bmall 
Principal High School Clifton C Putney 
Supv Music William E Hartwell 
Commercial Deborah Bi own 

Whittier Home School , girls' boarding; non- 
sect, est. 1893; Mrs. Annie B. Russell, 
A B, Prm. 

Methuen, Essex Co., pop. 11,448. 

Chm Seh Comm Waltor M Hastings 
Town Supei intone! ent-*-Ed win L Haynes. 
Principal High School Walter Adanis 
Supv Music Herbert F. Nye. 
Manual Training A B Leach 
Domestic Science Harriett E Harries. 
Drawing Mary B. Hines 

Middleboro, Plymouth Co., pop. 8,214. 

Chm Sch Comm Gianville E Tilson 
Clerk Sch Comm Charles H Bates 
Town Superintendent Chailes H Bates 
Principal High School Walter Sampson. 
Supv Music Heiiiison O Wetheiill 
Man Ti & Drawing May L Cook 
Pen & Commercial Louise H Scott. 

Middleton, Essex Co, pop. 1,068. 

Chm Sch Comm Fiank S Perkins 

Clerk Sch Comm Ansel P Tyler 

Town Superintendent Harvey R Williams 

Milford, Worcester Co., pop. 13,055* 

Chm Sch Comm Gebrge E Stacy 
Clerk Sch Comm Almorm O Caswell 
Town Superintendent Almorin O- Caswell 
Principal High School C A Fitzgeiald. 
Supv Music Elizabeth McNamaia 
Drawing Genovieve Toohey 
Commei cial May B. Birmingham. 





JVIillbury, Worcester Go , pop. 4,740. 

Prcs "Dd Educ T H Sullrvan 
Pec Bd Educ E F Hall 
To\vn fupt Phiunecv C F<iquson 
Pimcipal High School C H Kejes 
Supv Music Mnis Berlin 
Man Ti Dialing Margiict L,ovell 
Domestic Science Maigaret Welch 
Com'l & Stcnogiaphj Isabel MeClare 

Mlllis, Norfolk Co., pop. 1,399. 

< 'hm F.oh Comm H P Williams 
C'leik Sch Comm Ro\ K Clirk 
To\\n Super intention t Mrhm J Wfst 
Principal High School F E Fash. 
Supv MUSIC Cainebelle E Thayer 

Milton, Norfolk Co., pop. 7,924. 

Chm Sch Comm "Reginald L Bobbins 
Sec Sch Comm Pcic\ E Sheldon 
Tcrnn Suptimtendent Fiank M Maish 
Principal High School Charles I* Curtia 
Sup\ Music Hairiet Whittici 
Manual Tiaming CUiience M Hunt 
D i at\ i n s Fra n cos Wa 1 1 ey 
Doinrstic Science Edna S Dow 

Milton Academy, boys' boarding'; non-sect ; 
F E Lane, Principal 

Monson, Hampton Co., pop. 4,758. 

Prcs Bd Educ A E bhaw 

Sec Bd Educ F A Wheeler 

Toixn Mupt Fiodenc A Whoeler 

Pimcipal High School H F Dewing 

Supv Music Joanna V Cantwell 

Manual Tiaming Claia P Chase 

Dom Science & Diaw Lucile Gravostem 

Monson Academy; boys* boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1804, Henry Franklin Dewing, Frin. 

Montague, Franklin Co , pop. 6,866. 

Town bupi'i intend iui Fiancis S Brick 
Principal High School C B Sylvester 

Mount Hermon, Franklin Co , pop. 150. 

Mount Hermon Boys' School, boys* board- 
Ing; non-sect , Henry F Cutler, Pnn. 

Nahant, Essex Co., pop. 1,184. 

Pres Bd Educ Otis A Johnson 

Sec Bd Educ Charles B Goodell 

Town Supt & Pnn H S J D W Chester. 

Supv Music Harry Benson 

Manual Training Bertha L Johnson 

Dom Sci & Draw T M Hirst 

Penmanship F K Marshall 

Nantucket, Nantucket Co., pop. 2,962. 

Pics Bd Educ John S Gtoward 
Sec Bd Eduo Mrs Josephine S Brooks 
Town Superintendent Eclwin S Tin ell 
Principal High School Kent L. Sanborn 
Supv Music May H Congdon 
Manual Training Frank W Woodlock. 
Dra/wing May H Congdon. 

Natick, Middlesex Co., pop. 9,866. 

Prcs Bd Educ. Rev Albert A Felch 
Sec Bd, Educ Edgar L WilJard 
Town Superintendent Edgar L Willard 
Prin High School Ed wax d L Montgomery 
Supv. Music Howard Mason* 

Nat< k continued 

M muni Tram^nq Mi in G Mitchell 
Domestic Seunre Susie T Sprout 
Diavung Ethrl W Jiatsey 
Penmanship Josephine Gilson 
Com'l & Stenogy Giace V. KnoT\les 

Walnut Hill Wellesley Preparatory School; 
girls' boarding, non-sect ; est. 1891, Mlaa 
Conant and Miss Bigrelow, Prins. 

Needham, Norfolk Co., pop. 5,026. 

Chm i-ch Comm Hoi"Cf A Paittir 
Tleik Prh Oomm N G Howard 
Trvrcn ^upfi intcndent N G Howird 
Pimcipal High School F W Hutchmson 
Supv Music Ellen H Bartktt 
Dia\Mng-*-Florcnce L Bean 

New Bedford, Bristol Co., pop. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles S Ashlej 
Cleik Soh Comm Ulen P Tveith 
City Superintendent Allen P. Keith. 
Assistant Supt Josephine B Stuart 
Principal High School G Walter Williams 
Supv Music Harry E TVhittemoie 
Wupv Giados Elizaboth B Tiipp 
Manual Training Edwin R King. 
Domestic Science "Lillian E Hams 
Physical Culture George Ferguson. 
Drawing Lucy C. Bedlow. 
Commercial Allison R. Dorman 

Ben ton's Business School, bus and sten. ; 

est 1899; Chas E Ben ton, Ph B, Prin. 
Friends* Acadaemy; prep; co-ed; Friends; 

Grace B Dodge, Prin 
Mosher Home Preparatory School; prep.*, 

co-ed , non-sect , est 1892; Charles E 

B. Mosher, Prin 

New Bedford Textile School; cotton tex- 
tile, co-ed ; non-sect., est 1895; William 

1!. Hatch, Pres. 
S\vaJn Fiee School of Design, H A Ney- 

land, Director 

New Marlboro, Berkshire Co, pop* 1,124. 

Town Superintendent Alfred O Tower 
Pimcipal High School Ralph V Towne 

New Salem, Franklin Co., pop. 639. 

Chm Sch Comm William Bullard 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs Flora H Croxvl 
Town Superintendent Charles ! Clay 
Pimcipal High School H P Karlson. 

New Salem Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect ; boarding; est 1793, William G 
Hoyt, Pi mcipal 

Newbturyport, Essex Co., pop. 14,949. 

Chm Sch Comm A P. Brown 
Clerk Sch Comm W C Moore 
City Superintendent W C Mooie 
Principal High School W. E. Andrews. 
Supv Music Elizabeth C. Adams. 
Manual Training W. F Woodbury 
Domestic Science Sarah A Chase. 
Drawing Florence M. Murphy 
Commercial C D. Montgomery 
Stenography M. Gertrude Jones. 





Newton, Middlesex Co , pop 39,806 

Chairman S'chl Com Albert M 
Sec Schl Com Miss Celia M Chase 
Cits'- Superintendent Ulvsses G Wheelei 
Asst Superintendent Mabel C Bragg 
Supv Music H M Walton 
Manual Training M N Murray 
Domestic Science Jennie Kenrick 
Physical Tiaming Grace S Kuntz 
Commercial Mavnard Maxim 
Primary Catherine T Biyce 
Kindergarten Adelaide L Thompson 
Drawing Fred H Daniels 

Newton High School, Walnut St , Newton- 

ville, Enoch C Adams, Principal 
Newton Technical High School, Walnut and 

Elm, Newlonville, Ir\mg O Palmei, Pnn 
Vocational High School, Walnut and Ehn, 

Newtonville , Michael W Muiray, Pun 

Country Day School for Boys, prep , non- 
sect , est, 1907, Shiiley K Kerns, Head- 

Mount Ida School for Girls; girls' boarding; 
non-sect , est 1902, George Franklin Jew- 
ett, Prin 

Newton Private School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect; Mabel T. Hall, Prin. 
Newton Center, Middlesex Co., pop. 3,500. 

Newton Theological Institute, theol * Bapt. , 
Dr. George E Horr, Pres. 

North Adams, Berkshire Co., pop. 22,019. 

Chm Sch Comm Oscar A Archer 
Sec Sch Comm V B Walker 
City Superintendent Isaac F. Hall. 
Principal High School Herbert Gadsby. 
Supv Music James M Chambers 
Manual Training Thomas F Cummings 
Domestic Science Elizabeth O'Hern 
Physical Director Patrick Keefe 
Drawing Harry E Pratt 
Commercial Roland V Tracy. 

State Normal School, nor.; co-ed.; state; 
est. 1897, Frank F. Murdock, A. M , Prin. 

North Andover, Essex Co., pop. 5,529. 

Pres Bd Bduc Charles A. Appleton 

Sec Bd Educ D P Dame 

Town Supt and Prin. H S D. P Dame 

Supv Music Flora L Richmond 

Man Tr & Draw Anne M Pierce. 

Domestic Science Helen C Sargent. 

Commercial Mary L Adams 

North Attleboro, Bristol Co., pop. 9,060. 

Chm Sch Comm. E G Flint 
Clerk Sch Comm G A Livingstone 
Town Supeiintendent Robert J Fuller 
Principal High School C J Peterson 

North Brookfleld, Worcester Co., pop. 3,075. 

Chm Sch Comm Edward Phelan, 
Sec Bd Educ Edward G McEvoy 
Town Superintendent Fred C Tenney. 
Principal High School Clarence E Sibley 
Supv Music Elizabeth Howard 
Drawing Edith Hathaway 
Commercial Elizabeth Emerson 

Northampton, Hampshire Co., pop. 19,431. 

Pies Bd Educ \ 3 Morse 

Sec Bd Educ Fayette K Congdon. 

City Superintendent Fayette K Congdon 

Principal High School C B Koote. 

Supv Music W I Short. 

Manual Tiammg Fied A Adams 

Physical Culture Sarah C Crosby. 

Dia\\mg Kathiyn E Brown 

Burn ham School; prep ; girls', non-sect ; 
Miss Helen E Thompson, Prin 

Clarke School for the Deaf, school of lip 
reading, co-ed , est T867; Miss Caroline 
A Tale, LL. D, Prm 

Hill Institute; Indus ; co-ed ; est 1876; 
Frank Pitkin Lane, Prin 

Miss Capen's School for Girls, girls' board- 
ing, prep , non-sect ; est 1877; Miss 
Bessie T. Capen, Principal. 

Northampton Commercial College; bus and 
sten ; est 1896, Joseph Pickett, Prin. 

Smith College, women; non-sect ; est. 1875; 
Rev Marion LeRoy Burton, LL D , Pres. 

Smith's Agricultural School and North- 
ampton School of Industries, courses in 
Agriculture, Household and Mechanic 
Arts, co-ed , State, co-ed , est 1908, Her- 
bert N Loom is, Director 

Northboro, Worcester Co., pop. 1,713. 

Pres Bd Educ Edwin S Coiey* 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Blanche E Kimball 
Town Supt Fredeuck B Van Oinum 
Principal High School W H Stone 
Supv Music Mrs Walter Biigham 
Drawing Edith Gushing 

Northbrldgre, Worcester Co., pop. 8,807. 

Chm Sch Comm George B Hamblin 
Sec Bd Educ S, A Mel Cher 
Town Supt Samuel A Melcher 
Principal High School Frank E Holt 
Supv Music Mabelle G Beals 
Domestic Science Med Morse 
Drawing Katharine M Vaughan 
Penmanship Grace L Hodgdon 
Com'l & Stenog'y Ruby F Mason 

Northfleld, Franklin Co., pop. 1,642. 

Sec Bd Educ F L Dulev 

Town Superintendent E F Howard 

Principal High School Charles E Hicks 

Supv Music Miss Radowsky 

Domestic Science Mazgaiet Howard 

Drawing Miss Landers 

Penmanship Mr Huson 

Northfleld Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss Evelyn S. Hall, Prin. 





Norton, Bristol Co., pop. 2,541. 

Chm Sch Comm 3 G Ulmer 
Clerk Sch Comm Homer Blandm 
Town Superintendent Ira A Jenkins 
Principal High School Earle Thibodeau 
Supv Music Alice Pearce 
Drawing Bertha Lewis 
Commercial Floia Goidon 

House in the Fines r girls' boarding, Miss 
Cornish and Miss Hyde, Prlns. 

Wheaton College, coll , women; non-sect ; 
est 1834; Samuel V Cole, D D., A. M., 

Wheaton Seminary; girls' boarding; prepar- 
atory department of Wheaton College. 

Norwell, Plymouth Co., pop. 1,410. 

Pres Bd Educ Benjamin Lonng 
Sec Bd Educ Miss Carrie M Ford 
Town Supenntendent Jaines S Haves 
Principal High School F H Kierstead 
Supv Music Miss A Houghton 
Man Tr & Draw Beitha M Tilden 
Domestic Science Gertrude M Short 
Physical Culture John C Page. 

Norwood, Norfolk Co., pop 8,014. 

Chm Sch Com George Harding Smith 
Clerk Sch Comm Mary D Taylor. 
Town Supeiinteno>nt Austin H Fittz 
Principal High Schol N. A. Cutler. 

Orange, Franklin Co., pop. 5,282. 

Chm Sch Comm J D Kimball 
Clerk Sch Comm P G King 
Town Superintendent Wesley E. Nims 
Principal High School Arthur L Dexter. 
Supv Music Mrs Jennie MacCulloch 
Manual Training C Eugene Coolidge 
Domestic Science Edith V Gridley. 
Drawing E Maude Bradley 
Penmanship Clarissa Hills 
Commercial Mrs Harriet D Lutkin 

Orleans, Barnstable Co , pop 1,052. 

Chm Sch. Comm R J Marvel 
Clerk Sch Comm O W Crosby 
Town Superintendent L C Williams 
Principal High School H D Stewart 
Music and Drawing Lotta Murray 

Oxford, Worcester Co., pop. 8,361. 

Chm Sch Comm Byron Stone 
Clerk Sch Comm H S Joslin 
Town Supt Chauncey C Ferguson 
Principal High School E. D. Cole. 
Supv Music Mary Bergin. 
Domestic Science Margaret Welch 
Draw and Man Tr Margaret Lowell. 
Com'I & Stenog Elizabeth Adams. 

Palmer, Hampden Co., pop. 8,610. 

Chm Sch Comm G- A. Moore 
Clerk Sch Comni C H. Hobson 
Town Superintendent Clifton H Hobson 
Principal High School J E Hurley. 
Supv Music-^Joanna V. Cantwell 
Man Tr & Drawing Helen Leland. 
Commercial G U Eastman. 

Peabody, Essex Co., pop. 15,721. 

Chm Sch Comm John J Connor 
Clerk Sch Comm William F Carlin 
ToT\n Superintendent Albert Robinson 
Prm High School Willard W. Woodman. 
Supv Music Susan L Ferguson. ' 
Manual Tiaining Charles W Brown 
Domestic Science Edith C Holman 
Drawing Grace E Loud 
Pen'ship & Com'I Edward E Bradford 
Stenography Sarah F Wells 

Pembroke, Plymouth Co., pop. 1,336* 

Chm Sch Comm John M Monroe 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs Julia Morton 
Town Superintendent George A Coe 
Principal High School Chester A Douglas 

Pepperell, Middlesex Co, pop. 2,953. 

Pres Bd Educ D R Child 
Sec Bd Educ Leroy Shattuck 
Town Superintendent Austin R Paull 
Principal High School D L Whitznarsh 
Supv Music Mildred Brennan 
Drawing Edith Merchant 

Petersham, Worcester Co , pop 605. 

Chm. Sch Comm Ralph Chase 
Clerk Sch Comm Ruby J Stone 
Town Superintendent Clarence L Judkms 
Principal High School C C Phillips 
Supv Music Alice J Hill 
Manual Training I C Spinney 
Domestic Science Rosalind Jewett 
Di awing Wmmfred Greene 

Phillip&ton, Worcester Co., pop. 442. 

Chm Sch Comm Amos Bibber 

Clerk Sch Comm Mrs Walter L Mann 

Town Superintendent Asa M. Jones 

Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., pop. 32,121. 

Chm Sch Comm Joseph E Pierson 
Sec Bd. Educ William Nugent. 
City Superintendent Clair G. Persons. 
Principal High School H. E Pratt 
Supv Music Chas F. Smith. 
Manual Training W. T. Victoreen. 
Domestic Science Johannah F. Tumpam. 
Drawing George H. Dennison. 
Penmanship Alice E Curtis 
Commercial A B. Wraught. 

Berkshire Business College; bus. and aten. ; 

est 1885; W. R. Hill, Principal 
Hall's School for Girls; girls' boarding:; 

non-sect ; Mira H. Hall, Frin. 

Plainville, Norfolk Co., pop. 1,385. 

Town Superintendent Ira A Jenkins. 
Principal High School C H Peasley. 

Plymouth, Plymouth Co., pop. 12,141. 

Pres Bd Educ. William M Douglass 
Clerk Sch Comm Geoige C Peterson 
Town Superintendent C. A Harris 
Principal High School William Whiting: 
Supv Music Laura E. Brown 
Manual Training Jennie F Stratton. 
DrawingJennie F Stratton 
Commercial Elizabeth Mackenzie. 

Plymouth Business School; bus. and sten.; 
E. C. Perry, Prin. 





Princeton, Worcester Co , pop 907 

Clerk Sch Comm Eth< 1 R Miicck 
Town Supcnntendent Hari^ C Waldirm 
Puncipal High School William Bent 

Provincetown, Barn stable Co., pop. 4,369. 

Ohm Sch Comm Walter Welsh 
fleik Sch Comm Louis A Law 
T<n\n Supeuntpnrlent Charles M Fcnnell 
Piincipal High School Alvin E Thomas 

Quincy, Norfolk Co., pop. 

Chm Sch Comm John D McKay 
Sec Sch Comm Albert Jb Baibour 
City Superintendent Albert L Barbour. 
Principal High School Einest L Collins 
Supv Music Maud Amsden 
Di awing 1 Lillian NCTI man 

Adams Academy, boys' boarding; non-sect , 
est 1872, William Everett, LL D , Master. 

Woodward Institute for Girls, prep ; non- 
sect.; est 1894, Frederick W. Plummer. 
A. M, Prln. 

Randolph, Norfolk Co., pop. 4,301. 

Pres Bd Educ Edward Long. 

Sec Bd Educ George V Higgins, M D 

Town Superintendent Samuel F Blodgett 

Principal High School F E Chapin, 

Supv. Music Rose G Hand. 

Drawing Olive E. Fuller. 

Boston School for the Deaf, school for 
deaf mutes, J P E O'Connell, &upt 

Reading, Middlesex Co., pop. 5,818. 

Pres Bd Educ Walter S Parker 
Cleik Sch Comm Adelbeit L Saffoid 
To\\n Supt & Pr H S Adelbert L Safford 
Supv Music Arthur H Tozer. 
Manual Training Alice L Tucker 
Drawing Annie B Parker. 
Pen'ship and Com'l Alice M Lombard. 
Stenogiaphy Agnes M Gilmore. 

Revere, Suffolk Co., pop. 18,219. 

Chm. Sch Comm Charles E Greeley. 
Clerk Sch Comm George M Bemis 
Cily Superintendent Geoigc M Bemis 
Principal High Schol Frank P. Morse. 
Supv Music A E French. 
Drawing Marlon Bond 
Penmanship T F Keefe. 

Bockland, Plymouth Co., pop. 0,928. 

Pres Bd Educ C B Collins 
Sec. Bd Educ T F. Kelley 
Town Supei mtendent T McKay Hames 
Principal High School Albert I Roberts 
Supv Music Agnes E Boland 
Domestic Science Miss Louise Patten. 
DrawingMiss Grace Stack. 
Commercial W A Barker. 
Stenography Miss Hortense M Bowler. 
Rockport, Essex Co., pop. 4,211. 
Chm Sch Comm Louis A Rogers 
Clerk Sch Comm William F Eldredge 
Town Supt William F Eldiedge 
Prm High School William A Woodward 
Supv Music Miss Alice F. York 
Drawing Ruth S Tuttle 
Commercial Miss Margaret L. Mason. 

Boxbury, Suffolk Co, Suburb of Boston. 

Academy oi Notie Dame, git Is' boarding, 
n C , est 1851, Sister Georgiana, Pimci- 
pal, 2803 Washington 

Elm Hill School, prep ; co-ed , non-sect , 
est 1886, Mrs Alice C. Davis, Prin., 
Wenonah St. 

Fauntleroy Hall School, prep , co-cd , est 
1886, Miss Alice C Davis, Principal 

Roxbury Latin School, boys' day, prep , 
non-sect , est 1645, DOS Lowell, A 
M , M D , Litt D , Headmaster, Kear- 
sarge Ave 

South End Industrial School; women and 
children; non-sect ; est. 1884, Louise 
Howe, Prm 

Weston School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1896, Mrs Elisabeth 
Mathews Richardson, A B , Principal, 43 
St James St 

Rutland, Worcester Co., pop* 1,743. 

Town Sui>"i intend en t Robert I Brimhall 
Principal High School Edward H Leonard 

Salem, Essex Co, pop. 43,697. 

Pres Bd Educ Horatio P Pierson. 
Sec Bd Educ W W Andrew 
City Superintendent W W Andrew 
Principal High School John H Bosshart 
Supv Music Belle S Bassett, 
Manual Training David A. Roche. 
Drawing Mabel Claie Hilljer 

Howe's School, prep ; day; co-ed ; Miss 

Bertha M Howe, Principal. 
Salem Commercial School, bus and sten. ; 

est 1890, George P Lord, President 
State Normal School, normal, state, co-ed , 

est 1854, J Asbury Pitman, Prin 

Sandwich, Barastable Co., pop. 1,688. 

Chm Sch Comm "B M Beale 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs S I Morso 
Town Super mtendont Herbert L Whitman 
Principal High School Grace W Irwln 

Saugrus, Essex Co , pop. 8,047. 

Chm Sch Comm W J Bryer 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs TI L Hastings 
City Superintendent William F Sims 
Puncipal High School A L William* 

Soituate, Plymouth Co., pop. 2,482. 

Chm Sch Comm Charles Short 
Cleik Sch Comm Hamilton Welch 
Town Superintendent William E ('haffin 
Principal High School Guy W Vail 
Rupv Music Mrs Lillie Stoddard 
Drawing Bertha O TUden 
Commercial Miss Piopce 

Sharon, Norfolk Co, pop. 2,310. 

Chm Sch Comm Sidney A Weston 

Clerk Sch Comm R S Earl< 

Town Supet intend en t Edward P Fitts. 

Principal High School Vernon S 1 Ames. 

Supv Music Mary Raynes 

Drawing Ruth Allan. 





Sheffield, Berkshire Co., pop. 1,817. 

Chm Son Comm T. Gande 
Clerk Soh Comm E Boai dman 
Town Superintendent Alfred O Tcwer 
Principal High Sohool Richaid Hughes 
Berkshire School, boys* boarding, non-sect , 
est 1907, Seaver B Buck, A B, Director 

Shelburae Falls, Franklin Co., pop. 1,650. 

Chm Sch Comm George "W Halligan 
Clerk Sch Comm Mr, Gertiude Cainedy 
Town Supeimtendent A W Smith 
Principal High School J R Childs 
Music and Di awing Miss E Gibson 
Arms Academy; prep , co-ed.; Cong ; Chas 
A. Holbrook, Prln 

Sherborn, Middlesex Co, pop. 1,428. 

Chm Sch Comm George Pooi 

Town Supeuntendent Carroll H Dro^n 

Pimcipal High School Edwaid C Hempel 

Shirley, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,319. 

Chm Sch Comm W H. Wilbur. 
Clerk Sch Comm Charles H "Weare, Jr 
Town Superintendent Frank C Johnson 
Prm High School Margietta S Hastings 
Supv Music Annie H Palmer 
Manual Tiainmg W A Warren 
Drawing Bernice E Staples 
Commcicial Ruth E Carter. 

Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., pop. 1,946, 

Pres Bd Educ H S Shepard 
Sec Bd Educ Hairy L Pierce 
Town Supl Fiodetick B Van Ornum 
Principal High School M F Perry. 
Supv Music Edith C Howe 
Drawing Edith H Gushing 
Com'l & Stenog'y L Edith Curtis 

Somerset, Bristol Co, pop. 2,729. 

Pics Bd Educ Guv H Slade . 

Clerk Sch Comm Ira A Hathaway ' 
Town Superintendent C W Walter. 
Pimcipal High School Geoige B Hefier 
Drawing Goldie London 

Somerville, Middlesex Co , pop. 77,286. 

Chm Sch Comm Geoi ge E Whitaker. 
Clerk Sch Comm Chailes S Claik 
City Superintendent Charles S. Clark. 
Principal High School John A Avery. 
Supv Music Charlotte D Lawton. 
Manual Training Harry L Jones 
Drawing Clara M Gale. 
Penmanship William A. Whitehouse, 
Domestic Science Mary II Brown 
Physical Culture Ernst Hermann 
Fishor Business College, bus and sten , est 

1903, E H Fisher, Principal, 843 Med- 

ford, Winter Hill, P O 
South Braintree, Norfolk Co., pop. 2,500. 
Thayer Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect. 

Wm Gallagher, Ph D , Prin. 
South Byfleld, Essex Co , pop. 50. 
Dummer Academy, boys' boarding; _ 

est 1763, Charles Samuel Ingham, Ph 


South Deerfield, Franklin Co., pop. 1,000. 

Town Supenntondent Chester D Stiles 

South Hadley, Hampshire Co., pop. 4,984. 

Chm Sch Comm Geoige S I/vman 
Sec Sch Comm Phailes .A Tudd 
Town Supt Fierlenc B Wnittemore 
Pimcipal High School Aterritt Jenkins 
Supv. Music Blanche S. Samuels 
Manual Training Myra F Chapin. 
Dialing Ola D Vinmgr 
Com'l and Stenog Nellie M. Cross. 

Mount Holyoke College, coll; music; wo- 
men, non-sect ; est 1837, Mary Emma 
Wooley, A M , Litt D , LL D , President. 

South Hadley Falls, Hampshire o., pop. 3,513. 

rhm Sch Comm George S Lvmin 
Fee Sch Comm Charles \ Judd 
Timn Supt Fiedenc E Whitttmore 

South Hanson, Plymouth Co., pop 710 

Chm Sch Comm J S Chase 

Cloik Sch Comm Mrs O Ii Bonncy. 

Town SuperintendentJames S Hayes 

South Lancaster, Worcester Co., pop. 800. 

South Lancaster Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
Seventh Day Adv., est. 1882; C S. Liongr- 
acre, Prin. 

South Sndbnry, Middlesex County. 

Whiting Hall, girls' boarding 1 , non-sect ; 
est 1913, Elbridge C Whiting, A. B., 

South Worthington, Hampshire Co., pop. 120. 

Con well Academy; prpp , co-ed., non-ect.; 
Miss Minnie H Br Id gem an, Prin. 

Southboro, Worcester Co., pop. 1,745. 

Pres Bd Educ S. H Howes 

Sec Bd Educ F A Flichtner. 

Town fiupt Froclonck B Van Oi num 

Principal High School H J McSherry 

Supv Music Nils Boson 

Manual Training J. A. Prondiville 

Domestic Science Martha Tower 

Com'l & Stenog'y Edna Willis 

Di awing Miss Cushmpr 

Penmanship Miss Flanders 

Fay School, prep for voung boys, P E.; 

est 1866, Waldo B Fay, Principal. 
St Mark's School; boys* boarding; P. B.; 

est 18G5; Rev William Greenough Thayer, 

D D , Principal. 

Southbridge, Worcester Co., pop. 

Chm Sch Comm A B W*lls 
Clork Rch Comm F E Corbln 
Town Superintendent F E Corbin 
Principal High School C II Bosworth 
Supv Music Gladys Lull 
Manual Training Ralph J Hill 
Domestic Science Grace Harford 
DrawingAnna Eager. 





Southampton, Hampshire Co , pop 1,000 

Chm Sch Comm Abner E Peck 
Clerk Sch Comm Prank N Strong 
Town Superintendent W D Miller 

Spencer, Worcester Co., pop. 6,740. 

Town Superintendent Bl\vm I Bartlett 
Principal High School Elwm I Bartlett 

Springfield, Hampden Co., pop. 88,936. 

Vice-Chm. Sch Comm "Wayland V James 
Sec Schl Bd Bertha M McConkey 
City Superintendent James H Van Sickle 
Asst Superintendent Bertha M McConkey 
Prin. Central HighWilliam C. Hill. 
Prln. Technical High Charles F. Warner. 
Prm H S of Commerce Carlos B Ellis 
Supv Music James F Ahern. 
Man Tr & Vocational Egbert B MacNary 
Physical Culture August B Metzdorf. 

American International College, school for 

immigrants; prep.; co-ed , non-sect.; eat 

1885; C S McGown, Chancellor. 
Bay Path Institute; bus and sten ; est 

1897, M. P Palmer, Prln 
International T M. C A. College, training 

courses for Y. M. C A. Directors; est. 

1885; L L, Doggett, Ph. D, Pres 
MacDuffie School for Girls; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; est 1890; Dr John MacDuffie, 

Ph. D., Prin, 182 Central St 
Springfield Business School, bus and sten 
Springfield Kindergarten Training School, 

nor kind , non-sect , Hattie Twitchell, 

"The Elms" Day and Home School for 

Girls, girls' boarding; non-sect ; Miss 

Charlotte W. Porter, Prin. 

Sterling, Worcester Co, pop. 1,859. 

Chm Sch Comm George E Pratt 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs B G Devere 
Town Superintendent Harry C Waldion 
Principal High School L. F Allen 
Supv Music Edith C Howe 
Drawing Jenette Woolford 

Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., pop. 1,933. 

Pres Bd Bduc Ansten Fox Riggs, M D. 
Sec. Bd Educ Dennis Morrissey. 
Town Superintendent Samuel Churchill 
Prin. High School Miss Grace Edwards 
Supv Music Mrs C S. Evans 
Drawing Miss Emilia Radell 
Manual Training Antonio Guerrieri 
Domestic Science Gertrude Murphy 
Commercial Ida M Dearborn 
Stoneham, Middlesex Co., pop. 7,090. 
Pres Bd Educ W c Whitcher. 
Sec Bd. Educ Walter Gorham, 
Town Superintendent Arthur B Webber 
Principal High School Charles J. Emerson 
Supv Music Mabel P Counce. 
Manual Training W F Brackelt 
Drawing Evelyn Cross 
Commercial J B Alley 
Stouffhton, Norfolk Co., pop. 6,316. 
Chm Sch Comm C S Upham 
Clerk Sch Comm E F. Leonard 
Town Superintendent Robert K Bennett 
Principal High School S Wyith 
Supv Music Bernard Nye 
Drawing Grace Southworth 
Commercial Amy Leonard 

Stoughton continued 

Maltby School of Shorthand, est 1905, 
W Elmer Maltby, Principal 

Stow, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,115. 

Tov^n Rupt William H Cummmgs 
Prin High School Fiederick J Simmons 
Supv Music Alice Genthnei 
Drawing Maud Dolan 

Sturbridge, Worcester Co, pop. 1,974. 

Chm Sch Comm John Day 

Clerk Sch Comm Fiank F Haynes 

Town Supt Fiederick E Biagdon 

Sudbury, Middlesex Co., pop 1,120. 

Pres Bd Educ ~G H Clarke 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs H N Eaton 
ToT\n Supeimtendent Fiank H Benedict 
Puncipal High School E W D Merrill 
Supv Music Alonzo A Cole 
Manual Training M Sawis 
Drawing W B Hazelton 

Simderland, Franklin Co , pop. 910. 

Chm Sch Comm F Whitmore 
Clerk Sch Comm Charles Moline 
Town Superintendent Chester Stiles 

Sutton, Worcester Co , pop. 3,078. 

Chm Sch Comm Marlus M Hovey. 
Clerk Sch Comm Arthur Merrill 
Town Superintendent Osmon C Evans 
Principal High School Edwin J Schnier 

Swampscott, Essex Co, pop. 6,204. 

Town Superintendent Willaid M Whitman 
Principal High School Chailes W Hobbs 

Swansea, Bristol Co., pop. 1,839 

Chm Sch Comm At nolcl D Gardner 
Clerk Sch Comm John D Hilton 
Town Superintendent C W Walter. 

Taunton, Bristol Co., pop. 34,259. 

Chm Sch Comm J W Flood 

Sec Sch Comm A J McGraw 

City Superintendent Henry W. Harrub. 

Principal High School Fred U Ward 

Supv Music Frederick W Howes 

Manual Training J F Dee 

Domestic Science Pauline Fisk 

Drawing Edith M Williams. 

Commercial Robert Bitzer 

Bristol Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect., 
est 1895, Alice L Grossman, Principal 

Taunton Business College; bus. and sten ; 

D E Dwyer, Principal 
Templeton, Worcester Co., pop. 3,756. 

Chm Sch Comm W A Wheeler 

Clerk Sch Comm Rose E Coleman 

Town Superintendent Asa M Jones 

Prin High School Chesley W. Nelson 

Music and Drawing Thekla V Huebner 

Domestic Science Francis Stone 
Tewkesbury, Middlesex Co., pop. 3,750. 

Pres Bd Educ Wilbur H Patten. 

Sec Bd Educ William H. F Larrabee. 

Town Superintendent Charles L Randall 

Supv Music Mildred C Malton. 

Drawing Margaret J Carney. 
Tisbnry, Dukes Co., pop. 1,196. 

Town Superintendent Charles A, Crowell. 

Principal High School James A Dunlap. 





Topsfield, Essex Co., pop. 1*174* 

Town Supenn ten dent H R Williams 
Pimcipal High School Wairen B "Lyman 
Supv Music Bessie S Clea\ eland 
Drawing Paula L Clough 

Townsend, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,761. 

Chm Sch Comm A S Ho\vaid 

Sec Bd Educ H C Knight 

Town Superintendent Herman C Knight 

Principal High School Charles Ross 

Supv Music Emma F Southwick 

Manual Training Bernice E Staples 

Truro, Barostable Co., pop 743. 

Chm Sen Comm I M Small 
Clerk Sch Comm John B Dyer 
Town Supenntendent Frank K Graves 

Tufts College, Middlesex Co., School Station. 

Bromfield-Pearson School, Tufts College, 
secondary technical courses; men, Gard- 
ner C Anthony, Sc D , Dean 

Ciane Theological School, Tufts College. 
Univ , est 1882, Rev Lee Sullivan McCol- 
lester, D D , Dean ^ ^^^ 

Jackson College for Women, coll , women, 
est 1910, Caroline Stodder Davies, A B, 

Tufts College, comprises School of Liberal 
Arts, of Engineering, Graduate School, 
Medical School, Dental School, Crane 
Theological School, Jackson College for 
Women, and Bromfield-Pearson School, 
co-ed , non-sect , est 1854, Hermon C 
Bumpus, LL D f President 

Tufts College Engineering School; courses 
in Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electri- 
cal; and Chemical Engineering, Gardner 
C Anthony, Sc D , Dean 

Turners Falls, Franklin Co., pop. 5,000. 

Chm Sch Comm Porter Farwell 
Clerk St?h Comm Florence W Rockwell. 
Town Superintendent Francis S Brick 
Principal High School C B Sylvester. 
Supv Music V L F. Re Oman 
Manual Training A Q Wood. 
Drawing Annie G Kelly 
Tvnjrsborough, Middlesex Co , pop. 768. 
Pres Bd Educ B R Currier 
Sec Bd Educ O S Brown 
Town Superintendent Charles L Randall 
Principal High. School Miss G Gerry 
Supv Music- Miss B B Waite 
Drawing Miss M J Carney 

Tyrlirgham, Berkshire Co, pop. 314. 

Pres Bd Educ Mis E G Hale 

Pec Bd Educ Mrs C Meyers 

Town Superintendent Mrs Marion Stanton 

Upton, Worcester Co., pop. 2,071. 
Pres Bd Educ George W. Knowlton, Jr 
Sec Bd Educ I Plummer Taft 
Town Superintendent Thos H DePoudres 
Principal High School Roy V. Swain. 
Supv Music & Draw Flora M Randall 
Manual Training Dana Stanley 
Penmanship Harry Houston 

Uxorfdffe, Worcester Co., pop. 4,671. 

Pres Bd Educ C W. Scott. 
Sec. Bd. Educ F. H. Scribner. 
r \bridgre continued 
Town Supenn tendent C L Judkins 
Prin High School Marshall Went worth 
Supv Music Mabelle G Beals. 
Drawing Isabelle Hirst 
Commercial Anna L Welsh, 

, Dukes Co., pop. 1,100. 

Chm Sch Comm M F Delano 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs F O Tilton 
Tox* n Supt Charles A Cro* ell, Jr 
Principal High School J. A. Dunlap 
Supv Music & Drawing Annette Lavoie. 
Commeicial J A Dunlap 

Wakefleld, Middlesex Co., pop. 11,404. 

Pres Bd Educ A H Boardman 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Ida Fan Miller 
Town Superintendent Willard B At\iell 
Principal High School C H Howe 
Supv Music C Albert Jones 
Manual Training Joseph Fauck. 
Drawing Amy L. Butterfield. 
Commercial J B Sawyer. 
Stenography Alice Ryan. 

Walpole, Norfolk Co., pop. 4,892. 

Chin Sch. Comm J Edward Plimpton. 
Clerk Sch Comm Patrick H Mahony. 
Town Supt E Schuyler Cobb 
Prin High School Edw F. Cunningham 

Waltham, Middlesex Co., pop. 27,834. 

Chm Sch. Comm Bben J Williams 
Clerk Sch Comm William D Parkinson 
City Superintendent Win j> Parkinson. 
Principal High School Willis L. Eaton. 
Supv Music Charles E. Boyd 
Manual Training S W Rounds 
Physical Culture Martha McC Barnes. 
Drawing Amy J Burgess 
Penmanship Lena F. Neall. 
Commercial Annie B Mclvene. 

Fisher Business College; E. H and M C. 

Fisher, Proprietors 
Massachusetts School for the Feeble- 

Minded; state; Walter E Feraald. M, D.. 


Mellor's Commercial School; bus. and sten ; 
est. 1894; Wm. H. Mellor, Pres. 

St. Joseph's School; boys; prep; R. C.' 
Brother James, Prin. 

Waltham Industrial School for Watchmak- 
ing, tech ; E. H Swain, Director. 

Waltham School for Girls, girls' boarding' 
non-sect ; George B. Seaman, Ph. D.. 

Ware, Hampshire Co., pop. 8,774, 

Pres. Bd. Educ Judge H C. Davis 
Sec Bd Educ George W. Dunham. 
Town Superintendent George W Cox 
Principal High School Nathan R. Smith. 
Supv. Music Florence Payne Lucas 
Kan Tr & Draw. Ina M. Calef 
Com 1 ! & Stenog*y Katherine C. Shea. 





Wareham, Plymouth Co., pop. 4,109. 

Chm bch Comm C L, !j...e.b 

Clerk Sch Cumm F L Keith 

Town SuiJ j rinteul< nt Heim*n X Kro^ 

Pimcipa.1 High School Charles P Suny 

Supv MUSK I^xeljn C Peny 

Di awing Tlacht.1 L. Har\e\ 

Penmanship Alice L Doty 

Cominci L lal Margai ot English 

Ftenogi aphy Ruth Pi eston 

Warren, Worcester Co., pop. 4,188. 
Pres. Bd Educ Dr J B Dalton 
Sec Bd Educ. Mis J E Hitchcock. 
To\\n bupiuntendent John Bacon 
Principal High School Cbailts O Tuiner 
Supv Music Elizabeth Howard 
Dra\v ana Man Train Iia Calef 
Com'l and Stenog Dora Federsen. 

Waruick, Franklin Co., pop. 527. 

Chm Sch Comm Ltshe^ Gieen 
Cleik Sch Comm Miss R A Cook 
Town Supenntcndent Elmer F How aid 

Watertonn, Middlesex Co., pop. 13,875. 

Chm fech Comm A C Elj 
Cleik tch Comm James H Coin 
Trm n ^uponnt^ndent ^Nillied ET Puce 
Principal High Schol Frank M Whitney 
Jt-upv Music Edmund F tfawjei 
Manual Tiaming Hams W Mooie 
Domestic Science Lucy D Reed 
Domestic Ait Helen A Mai tin. 
Dialing Elizabeth C Allen 

Pez kins Institution and Massachusetts 
School for the Blind, state, co-ed , est 
1S..O, Edward E Allen, Director 

St Patrick's School; prep ; co-ed ; R. C ; 
Sister Antonius, Superior. 

Wayland, Middlesex Co., pop. 2,206. 

Pi es Bd Educ P. S Ide 

Sec Bd Educ A C Rernick 

Town Supeuntendtnt Fiank H Benedict 

Principal High School W H Moore 

Supv Music Agnes E Bolard 

Man Tr & Draw W. B Hazelton 

Commeicial Kathenne E Barrett 

Webster, Worcester Co., pop. 11,509. 

Pits Bd Educ Di Thompson 

Sec Bd Educ Di J Genereux. 

Town Supei mtendent Einest W Robinson 

Principal High School James A. Lobban. 

Supv Mus Nils Boson 

Manual Training Wm Potter 

Domestic Science Maiy King 

Dia\vmg D E St. John. 

Com'l & Stenography Mary de Slvoverl. 

Wellesley, Norfolk Co., pop. 5,413. 

Pi es Bd Educ C. A Sibley 
Clerk Sch Comm Mis C W Gilson 
Town Superintendent S Monroe Graves 
Principal High School Seldon L. Brown. 
Supv Music Belle L Basse tt 
Manual Training Claience L Mosher 
Domestic Science Susie T Sprout 
Drawing Mary L. Patiick 
Commercial Alice N. Brackett 

Dana Hall; girls, boarding; non-sect; eft 
1880, MJia Helen Temple Cook, Prln. 

tt ellesle> cuntimiLd 
Tenacre, girls' prep, for Dana Hall, Miss 

Helen Temple Cook, Prin 
Wellesley College, coll , women; non-sect ; 

est. 1875, Miss Ellen F. Pendleton, LL. 

D , Pres 

WeUesley Hills, Norfolk Co., pop. 2,500. 

Rock Ridge Hall, boys' boarding, non-sect ; 
est 1900, George Rantoul White, Ph. D., 

Wellfleet, Barnstable Co, pop. 1,022. 

To\vii fcup^i mtendent Chailes Ai Pennell 
Sec Bd Educ W H Tubman. 
Trmn Superintendent Chailes M Pennell 
Principal High School George E Kimball 
&upv Music Miss E Nickel son 

ttenham, E&sex Co., pop 921 

Chm Sch Comm Geoige V Bowden. 
Cleik bch Comm Mis Adeline P Cole 
Town Superintendent Haivey R Williams 
West Boxford, Essex Co., pop. 100. 
Chm Sch Comm Hoi us L. Cole 
Clt-zk Sch Comm Chester Killam 
Tovin Supti mtendent G B Frost 
Barker Free Academy, prep , co-ed , non- 
sect , est 1883, Harold C. Wingate, A. B, 

West Boylston, Worcester Co., pop. 1,270. 

ClerK Sch Comm Albeit W Hmdt. 
To\vn Supennttndent Fiank C Johnson 
Principal High School George F. Murdock. 

West Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., pop. 2,231. 

Pies Bd Educ Mis Anna S LeLacheur 
Sec Bd Educ Frank L Howard 
To\\n Supei mtendent Edgai H Grout 
Pun H School Miss Bertha P. Lawrence. 
Supv Music Violet Peterson 
Di awing Edmund Ketchum 
Com 1 & Stenog'y Elizabeth M Welch 
Howard Seminary, girls' boarding; non- 
sect , O P Kendall, Pnncipal 
West Brookfield, Worcester Co, pop. 1,327. 
Chm Sch Comm C A Blake 
Clerk Sch Comm A C White 
To\vn Supt Frederick E Biagdon 

West Newbury, Essex Co., pop. 1,473. 

Pi es Bd Educ Josiah R Gorden 
Sec Bd Educ- Mis Janet Ge\nen 
Town Superintendent Albeito W Small 
Principal High School John C Page 
Supv Music William E Hartwell. 
Commercial Addie P. Carr. 
West Newton, Branch Boston P. O. 
Allen School; boys' boarding, non-sect.; est. 

3852, H B Gibbs, A B, Headmaster 
Allen (The Misses) School," girls' boarding; 
non-sect , est 1904, Miss Lucy JS Allen, 
A B. f Principal 

Fessenden School; boys' boarding-, non-sect ; 
est 1903; F. J. Fessenden, A. B., Head- 

Eoger de Coverley School, boys* board- 
ing, non-sect , Roger E E Clapp, 

West Springfield, Hampden Co., pop. 9,224. 

Pie* Bd Educ -P W McLaughlin 
Town Superintendent John R Fausey. 





We<st Spilngfield continued 
Principal High School John C Worcester 
Supv Music Caroline W Chaffin 
Manual Tiaimng Hai\ej C Hatch 
Domestic Science Eliza Howland 
Drawing Edith Smnctt 
Pen'ahip <SL Com'l Ho\vu.rd R Bennott 

West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., pop. 1,271. 

Chm Sch Comm John Goibett 
Cleik Sell Comm Fatiick Dal> 
Town Superintendent Theodore "W King- 
West Tisbury, Dukes County. 
Chm Sch, Comm Uljsses E Mayhew 
Town Supenntendent Charles A Cro\xell 
Principal High School E M. W Hmkel. 

Westboro, Worcester Co , pop. 5,446. 

Pres Bd Educ T. F Chapin. 
Sec Bd Educ Bertha C Jackson* 
City Superintendent T S Grindle 
Principal High School Earle E Wilson 
Supv. Music and Drawing- Ella Maria Fay. 
Coxnxneicial Rosalba Whitney 

Westfield, Hampden Co., pop. 16,044. 

Chm. Sch Comm J M Button 

Clerk Sch Comm. Lauia Clark 

Town Superintendent Charles E Fisher 

Principal High School H. W Kittredge. 

Supv Music E R Hawley. 

Manual Training Avis Waterbury. 

Domestic Science Ada Z Hays 

Drawing Elmma Dommick. 

Commercial G W Miner. 

Stenogr aphy Elizabeth Alwood 

Massachusetts State Normal School: normal; 

state, co-ed , est. 1839; Clarence A. Bro- 

deur, Principal 

Westford, Middlesex Co, pop. 2,851. 

Pies Bd Educ Charles O Piescott. 
Sec Bd Educ Ai thur Day 
To-vin Superintendent Prank H Hill 
Principal High School W C. Rondenbush 
Supv Music Mary L Raynes 
Drawing Mai ion C Taj lor 
Commercial E Marguerite Young 

Westford Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect,; 
est 1792, William C Rondenbush, Pnn 

Westlmmpton, Hampshire Co., pop. 466. 

Chm Soh Comm Charles N Loud 
Cleik Sch Comm Chailes N Loud 
Town Superintendent W D Miller. 

Westminster, Worcester Co , pop. 1,363. 

Chm Sch Comm Lucius W French. 
Cleik Sch. Comm George L Dawley. 
Town Superintendent H C Waldron 
Principal High School Lucas L. Baker 

Weston, Middlesex Co, pop. 8,100. 

Chm Sch Comm Mrs Carolyn Burrage 
City Superintendent Charles M. Baton. 
Principal High School Charles M. Eaton 
faupv Music Charles E Boyd 
Manual Training Philip E Perry. 
Domestic Science Emma Ripley 
Drawing 1 Sarah E Jcwett. 

Westport, Bristol Co, pop. 2,928. 

Town Superintendent IV H JXIill 
Pnncipal High School Alice J Kingr 

Westwood, Norfolk Co., pop. 1,136. 

Chm &ch Comm John Mulverhill 
Clerk Sch Comm Hams Fisher 
To\\ n Superintendent M J West 
Pnncipal High School W D Spiague 

Weymouth, Norfolk Co, pop. 12,895. 

Pies Bd Educ Claiance P Whittle 
Cleik Sch Comm Punce H Tin ell 
To\\n Superintendent Paiker T Pearson 
Principal High School Fred W. Hilton. 
Supv Music James W Calderwood 
Manual Tiaimng Alice W Tucker. 
Dra-n mar Susan Averv 
Penmanship Helen S Carleton 
Com'l & Stenog'y Alice "W Dwyer 
Domestic Science MiUirpd H Cowan. 

Whiting* ille, Worcester Co , pop 4,235. 

Chm Sch Comm Ed\\aid Balmer. 
Clerk Sch Comm S A Melcher 
Town Superintendent S A Melcher 
Principal High School Frank E Holt. 

Whitman, Plymouth Co., pop. 7,2 

Pres Bd Educ C A. Lawrence. 
Clerk Sch Comm Henry R. Reed 
Town Superintendent Elwood T Wyman 
Principal High School C W Tudbury 
Supv. Music M A McCarthy. 
Manual Training M F Holmes. 
Commercial Annie E Palmer 
Domestic Science E Gladys Niven 

Wilbraham, Hampden Co., pop. 2,332. 

Pres Bd Educ E O Beebe 

Sec Bd Educ C W Chapin 

To'wn Superintendent ilttiy L Poland 

Sup\ Music P J Hooper 

Man Tr. & Draw Giace C. Smith. 

Wesleyan Academy, prep ; co-ed , M E.: 
est 1817; Rev. Chas E Davis, Prin. 

Wilbraham Academy, boys' boarding; nom- 
sect ; Gaylord W Douglas, Headmaster 

Williamsburg, Hampshire Co., pop 2,132. 

Pres Bd Educ George Warner 

Sec Bd Educ Hubert Smith 

Town Supt Eldiedge W Goodhue 

Principal High School Edward P Larkm 

Supv Music Grace Larkin 

Drawing Helena Evans 

Agriculture Frank Edwards. 

Wllliamstown, Berkshire Co., pop 3,708. 

Chm Sch Comm B Harwood Neal 
Sec Bd Educ W R Howard 
Supt & Prln H S W R Howard 
Supv Music Ruth Bartlett 
Manual Training Thomas Griffin 
Domestic Science Ruth Neal 

Williams College; coll.; men; non-sect; 

est. 1793; Harry A Gar field, LL D., Pres. 
Northside Preparatory School; prep.; boys; 

E H. Botsford, Prin. 





Wilmington, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,858. 

Town Supeiintende-nt Chailes L Randall 
Principal High School Fied W Caniei 

Winchendon, Worcester Co., pop. 5,678. 

Pres Bd Educ Alfred. Free, Ph. D. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs. Lola M. Henry. 
Town Superintendent Albert J Chidester 
Principal High School A. M Boutelle 
Supv Music Elmer E Pierce 
Drawing Predenck "W Nicholls 
Supv. Music Gertrude E. Clark 
Manual Training F. M Nichols 
Domestic Science Ruth M Henry 
Commercial Rose E Mclntyre. 

Murdoch School , prep. , co-ed ; non-sect ; 
Frederic W. Plummer, Prin 

Winchester, Middlesex Co., pop. 9,309. 

Chm. Sch Comm Geoi ge C Coit 
Sec Bd Educ Schuyler F, Herron. 
Town Superintendent Schuylei F Herron 
Puncipal High School Elbeit C Wixom. 
Supv Music Richard W Giant 
Drawing Amy R Whittier 
Physical Culture Doia J Bro\in 
Domestic Science Grace Hubbaicl 
Manual Training Frances Daley. 
Commercial Leila Whittemore 
Stenography Edna M. Hubley. 

Winthrop, Suffolk Co., pop. 10,132. 

Chm Sch Comm Frank F Cook 

Clerk Sch Comm Frederick W Woodcock 

Town Superintendent Frank A Douglas 

Principal High School Edwaid R Clarke 

Supv Music George E Wales 

Manual Training E E Wells 

Drawing Miss H. M Day 

Woburn, Middlesex Co., pop. 15,308. 

Pres Bd Educ Andrew R Lmscott 
Sec Bd. Bduc George I. Clapp 
City Superintendent George L Clapp 
Principal High School George W. Low. 
Supv Music Mrs Minnie S Alward 
Physical Culture Alice E Harrington 
Drawing M Maude Morton. 
Military Frederick C Kean 
Com'l & Stenog'y Charlotte Lowell 

Warren Academy; free industrial school; 
co-ed.; non-sect. 

Wollaston, Norfolk Co., Branch Boston, F. O. 

Quincy Mansion School, girls' boarding, 
non-sect ; est 1896; Mrs Horace Mann 
Willard, Principal. 

Worcester, Worcester Co., pop. 145,980. 

Chm Sch Com Albert H Inman 
Clerk Schl Com Joseph Beals 
City Superintendent Homer P Lewis. 
Asst Superintendent John F Gannon 
Asst Superintendent Alice Harris. 
Asst Superintendent Walter S Young 
Director Music Charles I Rice. 
Drawing Edward H Thornhill 
Manual Training Arthur J Bean 
Penmanship Margaret B Toole 
Kindergarten Mary H Barker. 
Phy Tr. (Boys) Charles B Lewis 
Phy Tr. (Girls) Florence E. Bennett. 
Phys. Tr. (Elementary) Anna G. Foley. 

Worcester continued 
Domestic Science Jussica Scott 
Domestic Ait Claia Go\e 

Classical High School, Walnut and Maple 

Sts , Edwaid R Goodwin, Principal 
English High School, Irving and Chatham 

Stfc, , CaUin H Andiews, Principal 
North High School, Salisbury St , Charles 

E Burbank, Principal 
South High School, Richards St , Edward 

M Wood'n ard, Principal 

Assumption College; prep, and coll.; B. C ; 

Sister Superior. 
Bancroft School, prep.; co-ed.; non~sect.; 

est 1900, Miriam Titcomb, Principal 
Becker's Business College, Mrs Edward C. 

A. Becker, Prin. 

Clark College, coll , men; non-sect.; est. 

1902; Edmund C. Sanford, Ph D, Pres. 
Clark University; graduate, co-ed ; non- 
sect , G. Stanley Hall, LL D., President 
College of the Holy Cross; coll.; men; B. 

C.; est .1843; Rev Joseph N. Dinand, S. 

J, Pres. 

Highland Military Academy, boys' board- 
ing, P. E , Joseph Alden Shaw, Principal 
Hmman's Business College; bus and sten ; 

A H. Hinman, Prin 
Kimball School 'for Girls; girls* boarding, 

non-sect ; est. 1886; Miss E A, Kimball, 

St John's School, prep; co-ed.; R. C; 

Brother Roberts, Principal. 
State Normal School; co-ed., est 1874; 

William B. Aspinwall, Ph. D., Pres. 
Tyler's Business College; est 1901; Miss 

Edna I Tyler, Principal, 311 Main St 
Worcester Academy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect ; est 1834, Daniel W Abercrombie, 

LL. D., Prin. 
Worcester Art Museum School; art; co-ed ; 

est 1897, Harry Stuait Michie, Principal, 

24 Highland St. 
Worcester Business Institute, bus and 

sten ; est. 1899, C B. Post, Principal, 

476 Main St. 
Worcester Domestic Science School; normal; 

non-sect , est 1906, Mrs F A. Wethered, 

Principal, 156 Institute Road 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, courses in 

General Science, Chemistry, Mechanical, 

Civil, and Electrical Engineering, men ; 

non-sect ; est 1865; Ira N. Hollis, L. H. 

D , President. 

Worthington, Hampshire Co., pop. 614. 

Chm Sch Comm Frank W Bates. 
Clerk Sch Comm Mrs E C Thayer, 
Town Superintendent E W Goodhue 
Principal High School Arthur G. Capen 

Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., pop. 1,420. 

Town Superintendent I* Thomas Hopkins 
Principal High School Howard Howes 


Population, 2,810,173. School census, 771,471. School age, 5-20. 

Michigan is the eighth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,810,173 inhabitants, of whom 99.1 per cent, are white. Of this number 212 
per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, 
ten years of age and over, is 3 3 per cent., the state ranking fourteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


FRED L. KEELER, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lansing 

JOHN M. MUNSON, Deputy Superintendent Lansing 

G. N. OTWELL, Assistant Superintendent Lansing 

W. L. COFFEY, Rural School Inspector . . Lansing 

ELLA M SMITH, County Normal Supervisor . Lansing 

ETTA H. GARDINE, Chief Clerk Lansing 

GRACE WALLACE, Chief Statistician Lansing 

CHRISTINA MACDONALD, Assistant Statistician. Lansing 

J W. HAZARD, Assistant Statistician Lansing 

FLORENCE HIGGINS, Assistant Statistician Lansing 

LOLA O. WICKS, Assistant Statistician ... Lansing 

IDA M. HUSTON, Editor Lansing 


THOMAS W NADAL, President . Olivet 

FRED L. KEELER, Secretory Lansing 


HARRY MCCLANE, President Hillsdale 

BERT J. FORD, Secretary Big Rapids 

Michigan has a provision in the state constitution that the legislature shall 
provide for at least one library in every township. 


E. P. CUMMINGS, President Lansing 

JOHN P EVERETT, Secretary . KaJamazoo 


F. E. KING, President Bacanaba 

GILBERT L. BROWN, Secretary Marqustte 


0. O. DAVIS, President Ann Arbor 

Louis P JOCELYN, Secretary Ann Arbor 






County Name and Address 

Alger. . Earle H Sartore, Munismg 1 
Alcona .Thomas B Cook, Harrisville 
Allegan . C. Lloyd Goodrich, Allegan 

Alpena E. L Little, Alpena 

Antrim C. L Taisey, Bellaire 

Arenac Geo. H. Glasure, Standish 

Baraga. S O Clinton, Baraga 

Barry 33. J. Edger, Hastings 

Bay John B. Lain^, Bay City 

Benzie. . A H Upton, Frankfort 

Bernen Mrs B H Cole, Benton Harbor 
Branch .Frank E Robinson, Cold water 
Calhoun . ..DA Davis, Marshall 

Cass Ruth H. Mosier, Dowagiac 

Charlevoix .J H. Milford, East Jordan 
Cheboyg-an ..W. L. Coffey, Cheboygan 

... T. R. Easterday, Sault Ste Marie 

Clare A* H Aldrich, Harrison 

Clinton T. H Townsend, St Johns 

Crawford. .Alveretta Irving, Grayling 
Delta . . C U Woolpert, Gladstone 
Dickinson.. Don O'Hara, Iron Mountain 

Eaton Cynthia A. Green, Charlotte 

Emmett. .H. S. Babcock, Harbor Springs 
Genesee . . J L Riegle, Flint 
Glad win . .F. E Armstrong, Gladwm 
Gogebic. . C. J Barnum, Beaverton 
Grand Traverse 

Lee Hornsby, Traverse City 

Gratiot Howard A. Potter, Ithaca 

Hillsdale. ..Harry McClave, Hillsdale 
Houghton . . . William Bath, Houghton 
Huron . . . .Wm H. Sparling, Bad Axe 

Ing-ham F. E. Searl, Mason 

Ionia H. H. Lowrey, Ionia 

losco... . J A Campbell, Tawas City 
Iron . . John F Mason, Crystal Falls 
Isabella.. E. T. Cameron, Mt. Pleasant 
Jackson.. ..Thos. M. Sattler, Jackson 

Kalarnazoo S. Mapes, Kalamazoo 

Kalkaska.. Irene L. Getty, Kalkaska 
Kent.... A M. Freeland, Grand Rapids 
Keweenaw. .Henry S. Winter, Mohawk 

County Name and Address 

Lake ... ...EG Johnson, Luther 

Lapeer Chas H Naylor, Lapeer 

Leelanau Bertha B. Campbell, Leland 
Lenawee . Geoige J Tripp, Adrian 

Livingston Hugh Aldrich, Fowlerville 
Luce . . Eva E. Buermann, Newberry 
Mackinac . . E J. Lachance, St Ignace 
Macomb. . .O. D. Thompson, Romeo 


. . Josephine A Reynolds, Manistee 
Marquette.... A E Sterne, Ishpeming 

Mason C. A Rinehart, Scottville 

Mecosta .. ..Bert J Ford, Big Rapids 
Menommee .Jesse Hubbard, Menominee 
Midland . . Byron G Scollay, Midland 
Missaukee. . John Q Zuck, Lake City 

Monroe James J Kelley, Monroe 

Montcalm. .. .E. D. Straight, Stanton 
Montmorency B J Watters, Hillman 
Muskegon .N. B Chisholm, Montague 
Newaygo. .Isabelle M Becker, Fremont 

Oakland A. L. Craft, Pontiac 

Oceana Emma Hutchins, Hart 

Ogemaw . , 

. Josephine Woods, West Branch 
Ontonagon . . . . A C. Adair, Rockland 
Osceola.-.Geo F Roxburgh, Reed City 
Oscoda . . J H Speck, Mio 

Otsego . Ray F Jennings, Vanderbilt 
Ottawa . . Nelson R Stanton, Holland 
Presque Isle. . . .M H. Nester, Rogers 
Roscommon, Ellen McCrea, Roscommon 
Sagmaw. . .B S Tefft, Saginaw, W. S. 
St Clair . E. T Blackney, Port Huron 
St. Joseph ..F J. Wheeler, Centerville 

Sanilac W J. Musselman, Sandusky 


..... .W. T. S Cornell, Mamstique 

Shiawassee . . . .H E Slocum, Corunna 

Tuscola . B H McComb, Caro 

VanBuren. V. R. Hungerford, Paw Paw 
Washtenaw...Evan Essery, Ann Arbor 
Wayne ... . B W Tost, Detroit 

Wexf ord W. H. Faunce, Cadillac 


Adrian, ILenawee Co., pop. 10,763. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Burnham 

Sec Bd Educ. B N. Smith 

City Superintendent Carl H Griffey 

Prin. Senior H S B J Reed 

Pnn, Junior H S A J Hypes 

Supervisor Music -Maud B Newton 

Physical Director Arnold Jones 

Manual Training 1 Blanche Van Auken. 

Physical Culture Winifred Ward. 

Domestic Science Lucy Comfort 

Domestic Art Francis Kirk 

Pen & Commercial L. A Koepfgen 

Drawing Ella P. Irish. 

Adrian College; coll.; co-ed ; Meth. Prot.; 

est 1859, Rev George H Miller, DD, 


Brown's Business University; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1884, L. 8. Brown, Pres. 

Adrian continued 

Industrial School for Girls; state institu- 
tion for delinquents, est. 1879, Mary C 
Johnson, Supt. 

Albion, Calhoun Co., pop. 5,833. 

Pres Bd Educ H R Wocholz 
Sec Bd. Educ. D A. Garfleld. 
City Superintendent Hi W Past 
Principal High School R G Swigart 
Supv Music Jennie Worthington. 
Manual Training E Cutting 
Domestic Science Erne Thrasher. 
Drawing Sybil Robinson 
Commercial Grace Norton 

Albion College, Liberal Arts, Music and 
Business Departments, co-ed ; M E,, 
est 1843, Samuel Dickie, LL. D, Fres 





Algonac, St. Clair Co, pop. 1,371. 

Principal High School Tina Stretch 

Allegan, Allegan Co., pop. 3,419. 

Pres Bd Educ M D Owen 

Sec Bd Educ E W Delano 

City Superintendent A H Robertson 

Principal High School Miss A. I. Engle. 

Supv Music Neva Miller 

Manual Training Lena Sawyer 

Domestic Science Lena Sawjer 

Drawing Zoe Bieler 

Penmanship S M Crane 

Commercial Jennyce Jacobson 

Alma, GratUt Co., pop. 2,900. 

Pres Bd Educ Ezra Smith 
Sec Bd Educ Charles G Rhodes 
City Superintendent A F Schultz 
Principal High School Edward B Killian 
Supv Music & Di awing Mae Jones 
Manual Training Floyd Maxwell 
Domestic Art Mabel C Rogers 
Pen'ship & Commercial Glenn S Crisp 

Alma College; Liberal Arts, Music, Art and 
Preparatory Departments; co-ed.; Presb ; 
est 1887, Harry M Crooks, B, Pres 

Alpena, Alpena Co., pop. 12,706. 

Pies Bd Educ W A Comstock. 
Sec Bd. Educ W. P. Collins, 
City Superintendent R D Ford 
Principal High School P. L Churm 
Supv Music Edgar C Thompson. 

Drawing Margaret Aikens 
Commercial Emily Hilliard, 

Alpena Business College, bus and sten.; 
est. 1898, Mrs M L Veenfliet, M. A, 

Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., pop. 14,817. 

Pres Bd Educ D W Springer. 

Sec. Bd Educ G J Ray 

City Superintendent Herbert M. Slauson. 

Principal High School W. M Aikin. 

Supv Music Florence B. Potter. 

Manual Training J B High 

Domestic Science Sax ah Moen 

Drawing Matie P. Cornwell. 

Commercial O. V. Adams. 

Physical Cult (Boys) S E. Joseph 

Phys Cult (Girls) Anna M Ray. 

St. Thomas High School, prep ; co-ed.; R 

C., Sister M. Magdalene, Prin. 
Stenographic Institute, sten., est. 1884; 

Selby A. Moran, B. S , Prin. 

University of Michigan, comprises Depart- 
ment of Literature, Science, and the 
Arts (includes courses in Forestry, Busi- 
ness Administration, Landscape De- 
sign, Journalism, and Teachers' Course), 
of Engineering, of Medicine and Surgery, 
of Law, of Pharmacy, Homeopathic Med- 
ical College, of Dental Surgery, and 
Graduate Department, state univ ; co- 
ed.; est 1837, Harry Burns Hutchins, 
LL D , President 

University of Michigan, College of Dental 
Surgery, co-ed , est. 1875, Marcus Ward, 
D D S, Dean. 

Ann Arbor continued 

University of Michigan, Department of En- 
gineering; Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, 
Naval, Chemical and Conservation En- 
gineering, Architecture and Architectural 
Engineering est. 1895; Mortimer E. 
Cooley, LL D, Dean. 

Um\ersity of Michigan, Colleges of Engi- 
neering and Architecture, co-ed ; est 
1895, Mortimer E Cooley, Eng D, Dean 

Vn rl^ 7 ot MIchl e an . Department of 
Law, law, co-ed , est 1859; H. M. Bates, 

M^, y * MIchl S a *' Department of 
Medicine and Surgery, med ; re*., co-ed.; 
est. 1850; Victor C. Vaugkan, Sc. D., M 
J-> , l>ean. 

University of Michigan, Homeopathic Med- 

University of Michigan, School of Phar- 
macy, two and four year courses; co-ed 
est 1868, Julius O Schlotterbeck, Dean 

University School of Music, co-ed , est 
1892, Albert A Stanley, A M, Director 

Waples Bissell School, prep ; day, co-ed.- 
non-sect , est 1907, Miss Margaret Eve- 
lyn Waples, B L, Principal 

Bad Axe, Huron Co., pop. 1,750. 

Pres Bd Educ. Joseph Tremont. 
Sec Bd Educ George English 
City Superintendent P N. Sawyer. 
Principal High School Edith Eaton 
Supv. Music Eunice Wartman. 

Bangor, Van Buren Co., pop. 1,200. 

Principal High SchoolPaul C. Stetson 

Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., pop. 25,267. 

Pres Bd Educ Hugh W Conklin 

Sec Bd Educ P. A Allwardt 

City Superintendent William G. Coburn. 

Asst Supt Dessalee Ryan 

Principal High School H. R Atkinson. 

Supervisor Music Paul Hardesty 

Physical Cultuie Frances Seibert 

Manual Training G G Price. 

Domestic Science Alice Cimxner. 

Drawing Marion E. Gregory. 

Commercial George E. Cooley. 

Battle Creek College, prep ; co-ed.; Seventh 
Day Adv.; Edward A. Sutherland, Priu. 

Battle Creek Business University; bus, and 

sten ; J. B Krug, Prin. 
Cornell Shorthand School, bus. and sten , 

est 1902, W E. Cornell, Principal. 
Gardner Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

Elmer E. Gardner, Manager. 
Michigan Business and Normal College. 

nor. and bus , est. 1898; C. J. Argubright, 

Normal School of Physical Education; co- 

ed , est 1909, Frank J, Born, M D , 

St. Phillip's School, girls' boarding. B. C.; 

Sister Veronica, Superior. 
School of Applied Art; art; co-ed.; eat 

1898; Edward 8. Pelswortn, Pres. 





Bay City, Bay Co., pop. 45,166. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred Neuman 

Sec Bd Educ Grant N Lovell 

City Superintendent Frank A Gause 

Supv Music Mrs Laura Meeker 

Manual Training B E Miller , 

Domestic Science Ella Pettapieco 

Drawing Amanda Merckle 

Penmanship G A Race 

Commercial N L Geiman 

Kindergarten Alta M Poitei 

Pnn East Side H S Norman B Sloan 

Prm West Side H S H D Hughes^ 

Bay City Business College, bus and sten . 
est. 1889, Gillespie and "Wason, Princi- 

Holy Kosary Academy; girls' boarding, R 
C., est 1905; Mother Superior. 

Oral School for the Deaf; private school for 
deaf, Miss Matie Gamble, Principal 

Beldingr, Ionia Co., pop. 3,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. J H. Armstrong. 
Sec Bd Educ F 1* Wainer 
City Superintendent J A Langston 
Principal High School J C Crittenden. 
Supv Mus & Draw Abbie Williams 
Manual Training Rosina Bignell. 

Bellaire, Antrim Co., pop. 1,200. 

Principal High School Bertha E Baker 

Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., pop 9,185. 

Pres. Bd Educ Victor M Gore. 
Sec Bd Educ. F. W Sessions 
City Superintendent Frank A Jensen 
Principal High School Hugh H Barr. 
Supv. Mus & Draw. Hope I Millar. 
Manual Training M. J Dunkirk. 
Domestic Science Edna McNaughton. 
Commercial Ben S Frost 

Benton Harbor Business College, est. 1892, 
J A Feiguson, Principal 

Benzonia, Benzle Co., pop 484. 

Pres Bd Educ N D. Benson 
Sec. Bd Educ. E. B Judson 
City Superintendent J C Keddie 
Principal High School Anna L. Sands 

Benzonia Academy, prep ; co-ed ; Cong , 
est 1900, G. R Caton, Prin. 

Berrien Springs, Berrien Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Smith Pennell 
Sec Bd Educ George Kephart 
City Superintendent James L Adams 
Pnn H S Mane Van WestenbVugge 

Emmanuel Missionary College; co-ed , est 
1901, Otto J Graf, B A,, Pres. 

Bessemer, Gogebic Co., pop. 3,500. 

City Superintendent Charles R. Cobb. 
"Principal High School Truman H Glass 

Biff Rapids, Mecosta Co., pop. 4,519. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs Stella Roben 
Sec. Bd. Educ W H Rowe 
City Superintendent Don Harrington. 
Principal High School Oscar Wood 
Supez visor Music Manila Curtis 

Big Rapids continued 
Manual Training H N Nelson 
Domestic Science Miss Tina McNeece 
Penmanship Sybil Couyhlm 
Com'l & Stenog'y Nellie Kelly 

Ferris Institute; College Preparatory, Nor- 
mal, Kindergarten, Music, Pharmacy, 
Commercial Telegraphy and Civil Ser- 
vice, co-ed ; non-sect , est 1884; Wood- 
bridge N Ferris, Pres 

Ferris Institute, School of Pharmacy; 
phar.; co-ed , W N Ferris, Pres 

Birmingham, Oakland Co , pop. 1,250. 

Pres Bd Educ R J Coryell. 

Sec Bd Educ Cassms Carter 

City Superintendent Rhoda M Starr 

Prm High School Mildred M Connelly 

Supv Mus & Draw M E Stair 

Boyne City, Charlevoix Co., pop. 5,218. 

Pres Bd Educ E. H Sheperd 
Sec Bd Educ J M Harris 
City Superintendent H W Mclntosh 
Principal High School A T Greenman 
Supv Music Blossom Vroman. 
Manual Training Ella Can? 
Domestic Science Anne Callow. 
Commercial Lottie Carson. 
Drawing Lulu Smith 

Brighton, Livingston Co., pop. 1,000. 

PSOS Bd Educ Dr Blatchford 

Sec Bd Educ E N Pitkin 

City Superintendent H D MacDougall 

Principal High School Lorena Darby 

Supv Music Linda T Knoipp 

Bronson, Branch Co., pop. 1,250. 

Principal High School Bertha M. Robinson 

Buchanan, Berrien Co., pop. 1,831. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles Pears 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Rain ton 

City Superintendent B F EJggert. 

Principal High School Nina L Ransom 

Supv Music Ruth East 

Man Tr, Dom Sci & Draw. Lydia Seld- 

Commercial B P Eggert 

Cadillac, Wexford Co., pop. 8,375. 

Pres Bd Educ Clyde Saundeis 
Sec Bd Educ George Johnston 
City Superintendent George A. McQee. 
Principal High S'chool J. E Porter. 
Supv Music Gertrude Gamble. 
Manual Training D G. Smellle 
Domestic Science Mrs Marjorie Cop Ian 
Physical Culture Neil Price 
Drawing Grace Simmonds. 
Commercial L W Culvei 

Calumet, Honghton Co., pop. 20,000. 

Pres Bd Educ M M Morrison 
Sec Bd Educ J W Downing. 
City Superintendent Edward J. Hall 
Principal High School A M Walsworth. 
Supervisor Music Anna Trimmingham 
Manual Training Harold Diemer. 
Domestic Science 'Miss C Dunsten 
Di awing Anna Sheridan 
Commercial H A Holaday 





Capae, St. Clair Co., pop. 1.100. 

Pres Bd Educ Barton Wade. 
Sec Bd Educ Nobel Hunter 
City Superintendent W H Bath. 
Principal High School Nina Tice. 
Supv Music Grace Hunter 
Domestic Science Ethel Hunter 

Caro, Tnscola Co., pop 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ N Hamilton 
Sec Bd. Educ Mrs Alice Palmer. 
City Superintendent Ellsworth Schall. 
Prmipal High School C J Miller 
fiupv Mus. & Draw Neva A Pool 

Carrollton, Satnaw Co.. pop. 1.500. 

Pres Bd Educ B B Corbin 
Sec Bd Educ A B Shovar 
City Supt & Prin H S J B Griffin 


Cass City, Tuscola Co., pop. 1,600. 

Principal High School Helen G Hunter 

Cassopolis, Cass Co., pop. 1,550 

Pres Bd Educ C H Funk 

Sec Bd Educ C E Cone 

City Superintendent D M Halsey 

Principal High School Etta Van Ness 

Cedar take, Montcalm Co., pop 100. 

Cedar Lake Industrial Academy, prep , co- 
ed , est 1902; R W. Garrett, Prin. 

Cedar Springs, Kent Co , pop. 1,050 

Principal High School Gertrude Taylor. 

Central Lake, Antrim Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ T D Meggison 
Sec Bd Educ W S Richardson 
City Superintendent C C Turk 
Principal High School Vesta Sturgis 

Charlevoix, Charlevoix Co., pop 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ R W Kane 
Principal High School W A Ewing 

Charlotte, Eaton Co., pop. 4,886. 

Pres Bd Educ Albert Murray 

Sec Bd Educ H A Hegby 

City Superintendent Charles H Carrick 

Principal High School Mabel Van Klost. 

Cheboygan, Cheboygan Co., pop. 6,859. 

Pres Bd Educ A "W Ramsay. 
Sec Bd Educ G A Hugill. 
City Superintendent Washington I*. Barr 
Principal High School M E Knoll 
Supv Mus & Draw Katharine D Hamil- 

Domestic Science Ellen Thompson 
Commercial John P. Gardner. 

Ferguson Business College; bus ; sten. ; 

Prof J. A. Ferguson., Pres. 
Sec Bd Educ E H HilJer 
City Superintendent H A Craig 

Chesaning, Saginaw Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ F A Greennlder 
Sec Bd Educ A Bauer, 
City Superintendent B B Ellsworth 
Principal High School E H 
Supv Music Pearl Jolliffe 

Clare, Clare Co , pop. 2,000. 
Principal High School Margaret Cameron. 

ClarksvIIIe, Ionia Co., pop. 350. 

Pres Bd Educ A C *Nash 

Sec Bd Educ O J Eldred 

City Superintendent S B Chapel 

Puncipal High School Maude Benton. 

Michigan Normal Academy and Business 
College, prep ; co-ed , non-sect., Charles 
J Transue, Prin. 

Clio, Genesee Co., pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School Olive B. Hofer. 

Coldwater, Branch Co, pop. 5,945. 

Pres Bd Educ A B Walker 
Sec Bd Educ Arthur G Lyon. 
City Superintendent T E Johnson 
Principal High School Glen A. Buchtel. 
Supv. Music Mrs F. D Broughton. 
Manual Training Cecil Mornson. 
Domestic Science Viva Osborn. 
Commercial Frank Stinebower. 

Michigan State Public School; state insti- 
tution for dependent children; co-ed ; 
est. 1874, John B. Montgomery, Supt. 

Coleman, Oakland Co., pop. 1,000. 

Principal HIsjh School Agnes Menery. 

Coloma, Berrien Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres. Bd Educ. Thornton Carter. 
Sec Bd Educ A W Baker 
City Superintendent W. A. Conrad 
Principal High School B. F Smith 

Colon, St. Joseph Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pres. Bd Educ J. M Stowell 
Sec Bd Bduc M F Vaughan 
City Superintendent Arthur "Welton 
Principal High School Eliza Daniel 
Music & Drawing Norma Baker 

Constantine, St. Joseph Co., pop. 1,400. 

Principal High School Clara E. D Carson, 

Corunna, Shiawassee Co., pop. 1,601. 

Principal High School May E. Renwick. 

Croswell, Sanilac Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ M A Moore 
City Supeiintendent G. F Manning 
Principal High School Clara Han el 

Crystal Falls, Iron Co., pop. 2,081. 
Pres Bd. Educ- J. F. Corcoran. 
Sec. Bd Educ. W. J. Richards 
City Superintendent W D Hill 
Principal High School C A Burkhart. 
Supv Music Miss Marie Gelger. 
Manual Tiaming Henry Hansen 
Domestic Science Joy M. Meier. 
Di awing Ethel Cutwater. 
Commercial F. M Head 
Pen' ship and Stenog'y Miss Mary Ellison. 

Decatur, Tan Buren Co., pop. 1,404. 

Pres Bd Educ Mabel B. Jones 
Sec Bd Educ George E. Adams 
City Superintendent E R Washburn 
Principal High School Mabel C. "Willison 
Supv. Music- Madeline McCrodan 





Detroit, Wayne Co , pop. 465,766 

Pres Bd Educ Samuel C Mumford 
Business Manager Charles A Gadd 
City Superintendent Charles B Chadsey 
General Supeivisor Albert E Stewart 
Asst Superintendent ^rank Codv 
Asst Superintendent Oliver G. Frederick 
Asst Superintendent Charles L Spain 
Manual Training John H Tryboxn 
Music Thomas H Chilvers 
Drawing Alice Viola Guys! 
Physical Training Ethel Porrin. 
Kindergartens Regenia R Heller. 
Cass High School, Grand River and High 

Sts ; Bcmamin F Comfort, Principal. 
Central High School, Cass, Warren and 

Hancock, David Mackenzie, Principal 
Eastern High School, Boulevard and Mack; 

J Remsen Bishop, Principal 
Nordstium High School, Fort W , near 
Waterman , George W Murdoch, Principal 
Northeastern High School, Hancock and 
Warren streets, Charles M No\ak, Prin- 

Northwestern H S , Grand River and Boule- 
vard, Edwin L Miller, Principal 
Northern High School, Woodward and 
Owen A\es , George G Bechtel, Principal 
Southeastern Hi^h School, Fairview and 

Goethe A\e , Joseph Corns, Principal 
Western High School, Scotten, near Baker; 
William A. Morse, Principal. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, girls' day; 

R C , est. 1850; Madam L. Gerardin, 

Superior, 322 Jefferson Ave 
Association Institute; prep , men; est. 1895; 

William B. Van Akin, B A, Prln 
Beacon School, prep , co-ed , non-sect ; 

Miss L V, Greene, A. B, Director, 439 

Third Ave. 
Business Institute, bus and sten , est 1906. 

Lewis Case Rauch, President; 163 Cass 
Darling's ^School for Girls, Mrs ; girls' 

boarding, Mrs. Ada Brann Darling, Frin 
Detroit Business University: bus and sten , 

est. 1850, E R. Shaw, President, 61 W 

Grand River 
Detroit School of Design, George Theodore 

Hamilton, Director, Jefferson avenue and 

Rivard street 
Detroit College of Law, law; co-ed ; est 

1891, Hon. William L Carpenter, Presi- 
dent, 68 Home Bank Building 
Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery, 

med , reg , men, est 1868, Theodore A 

McGraw, M D, Dean, St Antoine and 

Detroit College of Medicine, Department of 

Dental Surgery; dent ; men, est. 1891; 

Theodore A, McGraw, M A , M D , Dean, 

Cor St. Antoine and Mullet 
Detroit College of Medicine, Department of 

Pharmacy; phar.; men, est 1890, John 

E Clark, Dean, Cor. St. Antoine and 

Detroit College of Music, piano and voice, 

65 B Forest 
Detroit Commercial College; bus and sten 

204 Griswold. 

Detroit continued 
Detroit Conservatory of Music, mus ; est 

1874, James H Bell, Manager, 1013 

Detroit Hebrew Institute; prep , co-ed ; est. 

1898, Jacob B Barnch, Prin, 49 Division 


Detroit Normal Training School, nor ; 
women, city, Charles L Spain, A. B., 

Detroit Public School for the Blind, Fannie 
S Fletcher, Director 

Detroit School for Writers, journalism by 
corr , est 1892, Mrs Frane M. Nichols, 

Detroit School of Art, art; co-ed ; Mary 
McMaster and Hattle N. Leonard, Di- 
rectors, 271 Woodward Ave 

Detroit School of Expression; elo. and 
drama; co-ed , Mrs Mildred A Bolt, 
Prin , 1191 Jefferson Ave 

Detroit School of Lettering; sign-painting 
and show card writing, corr , est 1899, 
Lawrence S 1 Strong, President 

Detroit School of Music, piano, co-ed., est 
1882, Franz Ape!, Mus D, Director, 106 

Detroit School of Retlnoscopy optical; co- 
ed , est. 1901; William H Poole, M. D, 
Pres, 270 Woodward Ave 

Detroit Seminary, girls' boarding; non- 
sect , est 1859, Ada Brown Darling, Prln 

Detroit Technical Institute, engineering 1 , 
pharmacy, prep and bus courses, Y M 
C A , est 1891, Benjamin D Edwards, 

Detroit Telegraph Institute, tel , est 1910, 
S N. Parsons, Manager, 92 Griswold St 

Detroit Training School of Elocution and 
English Literature, est. 1878, Mrs Edna 
Chaffer Noble, Director, 780 Woodward. 

Detroit University School, prep.; boys; 
day, est 1899, Frederick E Searle, A 
B , Prm , 16 Elmwood Ave 

Gutchess-Metropolltan Business College; 
bus and sten ; est. 1896; J. Clifford Ken- 
nedy, Prln 

Lewis School for Stammerers, stammering; 
co-ed , est. 1895, George Andrew Lewis, 
Pres, 35 Adelaide St 

Liggett School, girls' boarding; non-sect ; 
est 1882, Miss Ella M Liggett, Principal, 
"3 Stimson PI 

McDonald School of Music, piano and voice, 

673 Cass avenue 
Michigan Conservatory of Music; mus.; 'eat. 

1900, Frederic L Abel, Director, 1020 

Woodward ave. 
Most Holy Trinity School, prep ; co-ed.; R 

C.; Sisters of Mary, Prins , 148 Porter 

Fernin School of Commerce, sten ; H R. 

Shafer, President, 58 Lafayette Blvd. 





Detroit continued 

Reed School for Nervous and Backward 
Children, children under 16; est 1900, 
Mr. and Mrs Frank A Heed, Directors, 
385 Hubbard Ave. 

Reed School for Stammerers , stammering, 
co-ed; est 1900, Frank A Reed, Prm , 
387 Hubbard Ave. 

St Joseph's Commercial School, bus and 
sten ; R C , men, est 1890, Brother B 
Austin, Principal, 65 Jay St 

Seminary of the Felician Sisters, girls' 
boarding; R C.; est. 1882; Magdelene 
Bronek, Superior 

Sprague Correspondence School of Law; 
law, corresp , est 1890, William. C 
Sprague, Pres , Majestic Bldg 

Thomas Normal Training School; teachers* 
training courses in Music, Drawing, Do- 
mestic Science, Manual Training and 
Physical Training, co-ed , est 1888; Miss 
Jennie Louise Thomas, Director, 3111 
North Blvd 

University of Detroit, comprises CoMege of 
Arts, of Engineering, of Law, of Com- 
merce and Finance, and High School, 
men, R C , est 1877, Rev William T 
Doran, S J , Fres , 363 Jefferson. 

University of Detroit, College of Engineer- 
ing, co-operative courses in civil, me- 
chanical, and electrical engineering, men, 
R. C , J R McColl, B S , Dean 

University of Detroit, College of Law; law; 
co-ed., George S Hosmer, Dean. 

Washington Normal School; nor ; women, 
city, J F Thomas, Principal 

Dowagiac, Cass Go, pop 5,088. 

City Superintendent A P Frazee 
Principal High School W LeRoy Perkins 
Prin Co Normal Loretta Fitzpatrick 

Durand, Shiawasse Co., pop. 2,166. 

Pres Bd Educ John O'Brien 

Sec Bd Educ C M. McAlvey 

City Superintendent William S Goudy. 

Puncipal High School John McPhee 

Commercial Anna Joslin. 

East Jordan, Charlevohc Co , pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ Ira D Bartlett 

Sec Bd Educ W P Porter 

City Superintendent L P Holliday. 

Principal High School M E. Clark 

Music and Drawing Mrs Alice I Kenyon 

East Tawas, Isoco Co., pop. 1,830. 

Pres Bd Educ E E Kunze 

Sec Bd Educ J W Tait 

City Superintendent S C Mitchell 

Principal High School Mina C Hamilton. 

Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., pop. 2,197. 

Pres Bd Educ J B. Hendee 

Sec Bd Educ J H. Ramsay 

City Superintendent E. E Crampton. 

Principal High School F. A. Fraker. 

Supv. Mus & Draw Pearl B Keene. 

Man Tr & Dom Scl. Bessie A. Hyde. 

East Lansing:, Ingrham Co., pop. 400. 
Michigan Agricultural College, courses In 
Agriculture, Civil, Electrical and Mechan- 
ical Engineering, Forestry, Home Eco- 
nomics and Veterinary Medicine; state; 
co-ed , est 1859, Frank S. Kedzie, Pres 

Elk Rapids, Antrim Co., pop. 1,733. 

Principal High School Laura J. Haggart 

Escanaba, Delta Co., pop 13,194. 

Pres Bd Educ Peter Olson 
Sec Bd Educ N. C Spencer 
City Superintendent F B King 
Principal High School Perry A Lint 
Supv Music Frances Ryan 
Domestic Science Helen Simonson. 
Drawing Eva Brown 
Physical Cultuie Marie Snyder. 
Commercial E W Doak 

Gordon's Business College; bus ; sten , co- 

ed ; non-sect ; Principal. 
St. Joseph High School; prep ; co-ed ; R 

C , Sister Ignatia, Superior. 

Evart, Oscelo Co., pop. 

Principal High School A. A. Walker 

Fenton, <5enesee Co., pop. 2,684. 

Pres Bd Educ A R Ingram. 
Sec Bd Educ F H Hitchcock 
City Superintendent E. E Cody 
Principal High School Helen L. Wood. 
Drawing & Pen'ship Marion Pratt 
Supv Music Elizabeth Jennings 

Flint, Genesee Co.. pop. 38,554. 

Pres Bd Educ Geo. "W. Cook. 
Sec Bd Educ A J Wildanger. 
City Superintendent Alvm N Cody 
Pnn Central H S L S Parmelee 
Prm Junior H S W J Puffer. 
Supv. Music Emma Fischer. 
Manual Training H A. Ticmann 
Domestic Science Edna Can* 
Physical Culture Marie Dibble. 
DrawingSara Dewey. 
Penmanship Jean Farr. 
Com'l and Stenog'y W. J. Russell. 

Flint-Bliss Business College; bus and sten.; 

est, 1898, W A Cooley, Manager 
Michigan School for the Deaf; state; eat, 

1854, Luther L Wright, Supt. 

Flushing, Genesee Co., pop. 1,079. 

Pres. Bd Educ A. E Ransom. 
Sec Bd. Educ M D. Phelps 
City Superintendent L. W. Beardsley. 
Principal High School C. L Harrison. 

Fowlerville, Livingston Co., pop. 1,175. 

Principal High School Idalene Webb. 

Frankfort, Benzie Co., pop. 1,409. 

Pres Bd. Bduc Win Upton. 
Sec Bd. Educ M H Frederick. 
City Superintendent C. A. Everest. - 
Principal High School A D Campbell 
Supv Mus, & Man. Tr. Mrs. Edythe Ware- 





Fremont, Newaygo Co., pop. 2,009. 

Pres Bd Educ P A Jibson 
Sec Bet Educ MIIo A White. 
City Superintendent A. R. Shigley 
Principal High School E T Cockrell 
Supv. Mus & Draw Ada Miller. 

Gaylord, Otsego Co., pop 1,851, 

Pres Bd Educ D H Hutchms 
Sec Bd Educ T Kiamer 
City Superintendent H G Warne 
Principal High School Prof Keyworth 

Gladstone, Delta Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ. C. A. Clark. 
Sec. Bd Educ P B Hammond. 
City Superintendent E J. Willman 
Principal High School M A. Wheatley. 
Music and Diawing Ella T Johnson. 
Commercial Mayme Haugstofer. 

Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., pop. 5,856. 

Pres Bd Educ E Hofma 

Sec Bd Educ Lora Biemer 

City Superintendent Arthur Dondmeau 

Principal High School Arthur W. Selden. 

Supv Mus & Draw Florence Franeoise 

Com l and Stenog'y Ethel Andrews 

Akeley Hall for Girls, girls' boarding. P 
E , est 1887; Miss Susan Hill Yerkes, 

Grand Ledge, Baton Co., pop. 2,439. 

City Superintendent Jonas Sandon 

Grand Marais, Algrer Co., pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School Mary E. Moloney. 

Grand Rapids, Kent Co., pop 112,571. 

Pres Bd Educ Henry E Crow. 
Sec Bd Educ Herbert N Morrill 
City Superintendent William A. Greeson 
Asst Supt.-~Mrs Therese Townsend 
Supv. Art Charlotte Calkins 
Music John W. Beattie 
Kindergarten Annie J Blancharcl 
Phy Educ Eva H. Reynier. 
Wi itmg Theodosia Carpenter 
Backward Children Cordelia Cresswell 
Recreation Charles H Mills 
Manual Training Louis R Abbott. 
Central High School, Fountain N E nr. N 

College, Jesse B Davis, Principal 
Junior High School, Ransom Ave N E. and 

Lyon, Claude F Switzer, Principal 
South High School, Hall St S E and Jef- 

ferson Av , Paul C Stetson, Principal 
Union High School, Turner Ave. N W. and 

4th; Isaac B Gilbert, Principal. 

Beasley School of Orator> and Dramatic 
Art; elo. and drama, co-ed , Mrs Marie 
Wilson Beasley, Prin., 132 Monroe St. 

Calvin College and Theological School; prep , 
coll and theol , co-ed , Christ Ref , 
est 1876, Rev Louis Berkhof, President 

Eastman Private School; prep , girls'; non- 
sect.; Mrs W. H. Eastman, Prin, 110 
Barclay St 

Grand Rapids continued 
Grand Rapids Business Institute; bus , sten 

and tel ; est 1910, M E Davenport, 

Manager, 101 Lyon St , A S Parish, 

Grand Rapids Kindergarten Training 

School, kind training, women; est 1891; 

Clara Wheeler, Acting Principal, 23 Foun- 
tain St. 
Grand Rapids Veterinary College; vet , 

men, est. 1897; H L Schuh, D V M, 

McLachlan Business University; bus and 

sten . est 1895: M. McLachlan, Prin 
Powell School for Boys, military and prep , 

Valley City Commercial School, bus and 

sten., co-ed , est 1866, F L Brooks, 

Walbridge Private School, prep , co-ed , 

Cong , est 1900, Nelson H Walbridge, 

A M, Prin, 15 Dunham St 
Webb Academy, prep , co-ed , est. 1900, 

William E Webb, Principal 

Grayling:, Crawford Co., pop. 1,325. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles T Jerome 
Sec Bd Educ M A Bates 
City Superintendent A A Ellsworth 
Principal High School Grace Jacobs 
Draw. & Pen* ship Nellie Magnant 

Greenville, Montcalm Co.. pop. 4,045. 

Pres Bd. Educ E W Ranney. 

Sec Bd Educ Chas. M Miller. 

City Superintendent Arthur Ri Shigley 

Principal High School Mary E. Fish 

Supv Music Mae Scarvill. 

Drawing Alice Pulder 

Penmanship Hazel Vining 

Com'! and Stenogr'y Harry Myers 

Grosse Pointe, Wayne Co , pop. 500. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, girls* board- 
ing; est. 1885, R C , Madam A. Smith, 

Hamtramck, Wayne Co , pop. 3,559. 

Pres Bd. Educ Arthur P. Schroeder. 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Fields 

City Superintendent E G. Van Deventer. 

Hancock, Honghton Co , pop 8,981 

Pres Bd. Educ Jacob Baer 
Sec Bd Educ John M Wagner. 
City Superintendent H D. Lee. 
Principal High School William H Cain 
Supv. Mus & Draw Harriet Petry. 
Manual Training Archie P Kevins. 
Commercial F. M Bedinger. 
Stenography Ruth Lagerquist. 

Suomi College, prep , co-ed , Finnish Ev 
Luth , Rev John K Nikander, President 

Harbor Beach, Huron Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd. Educ W. L Rossman 
Sec Bd Educ Bela W Jenks. 
City Superintendent I F King. 
Principal High School Edith J. Hallock. 
Supv. Mus. & Draw Mabel Foutz. 





Harbor Springs, "Emmet Co., pop. 1,672. 

Pies Bd Educ A L Deuel. 
Sec Bd Educ L W Gardner 
City Superintendent H L Gibb 
Principal High School W B Beadle 
Supv Music Elizabeth Loop. 
Manual Ttaming Ethel Cotterell. 
Physical Culture E A Pittinger 
Penmanship Olive McNeill 

Hart, Oeeana Co , pop. 1,775. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles B Eddy. 
Sec. Bd Educ J D S. Hanson. 
Pity Superintendent P. C Janes. 
Principal High School Arthur Doudineau. 
Supv Mus & Draw Verna Luthes 

Hartford, Van Buren Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ A Z Perry 
Sec Bd Educ F. G Simpson 
City Superintendent G S Poster. 
Principal High School Sabra L Young 
Supv Music and Drawing Miss Metz 

Hastings, Barry Co., pop. 4,383. 

Pres Bd Educ J C. Ketcham. 
Sec Bd Educ. Wm. L Shulters 
Citv Superintendent E J Lederle. 
Principal High School "W. T. Wallace 
Supv. Music Gladys M Fetter. 
Manual Training A C Wilcox 
Penmanship Irene C Estes 
Domestic Science Lucile Hawkins. 
Drawing Martha Striker. 
Commercial Grace N Bowman. 
Stenography Hazel Mosher. 

Highland Park, Wayne Co, pop 4,1120. 

Pres Bd Educ E. H. Ives. 
Sec Bd Educ W S Conely. 
City Superintendent T J Knapp. 
Principal High School E H. E. Mumford 
Supv Music Edith Nelson. 
Manual Training Beatrice Webb. 
Domestic Science Ethel Phillips 
Drawing Katherme Margah. 
Penmanship & Com'l E. G Potter. 
Stenography Anna Yorks 

Hillsdale, Hillsdale Co., pop. 5,001. 

Pres Bd Educ E. O Dibble 

Sec Bd Educ Dr Bion Whelan. 

City Superintendent Samuel J. Gier ' 

Principal High School D G Clancy. 

Supv Music Rita Noonan 

Domestic Science Gladys Dibble 

Man Tr and Drawing Inez E. Wisdom 

Hillsdale College; Collegiate, Theology, Mu- 
sic, Art and Business Departments; co- 
ed , Free Bapt ; est. 1855, Joseph W. 
Mauck, LL. D., Pres. 

Holland, Ottawa Co , pop. 10,490. 

Pres Bd Eduo Isaac Marsilje 
Sec Bd Educ Henry Garlmgs 
City Superintendent E. E. Fell. 
Principal High School Prof Drew 

Hope College; Collegiate, Preparatory and 
Music Departments, co-ed ; Reformed; 
est 1866, Rev. Ame Vennema, D. D. t 

Holland con tmued 
Western Theological Seminary; theol , 

Ref , men; est. 1866, John W. Beardslee, 

Holland Business College, "bus. and sten , 

est. 1894, Cornelius J Dregman, Prln. 

Homer, Calhoun Co., pop. 1,375. 

Pres Bd Educ A E Hunter. 
Sec Bd Educ S E Crane 
City Superintendent A. J Flint 
Principal High School Miss G L Laufman 
Supv. Music & Draw Miss Brown. 
Manual Training Guy Thenen. 

Honghton, Houffhton Co., pop. 5,113* 

Pres Bd Educ J T Reeder. 
Sec Bd Educ William F Miller 
City Superintendent John A Doelle. 
Principal High School John E. Erlckson. 
Supv. Music Cora Gaskill. 
Manual Training Henry J Schaefer 
Domestic Science Sue McQueen 
Physical Cultuie E A Werner 
Drawing Frances Crumb 
Penmanship G D Grisset. 
Commercial T. N. DeHaven. 

Michigan College of Mines; Mining Engi- 
neering- and Metallurgy; men; state; est, 
1885, Fred Walter McNair, D. Sc., Pres. 

Howard City, Hontcalm Co , pop. 1,372. 

Principal High School Marion Powers. 

Howell, Livingstone Co., pop. 2,450 

Pres. Bd Educ- L E Howlett 
Sec Bd Educ W P. Van Winkle 
City Superintendent E I* Abell 
Principal High School Irene Bigalke. 
Supv Music and Draw. Mrs Ruth Lemen, 

Hudson, ILenawee Co., pop. 2,307. 
Pres Bd. Educ W N. Derbyshire. 
Sec Bd Educ. R. A Beach. 
City Superintendent Charles 1*. Poor 
Principal High School D H Van Buskirk. 
Supv Music Eleanor Kelly 
Penmanship Dora Hart 
Commercial Gertrude Greenwood. 

tmlay City, Lapeer Co., pop. 1,208. 

Pres Bd. Educ E Cornell 

Sec Bd. Educ J. Hallock 

City Superintendent E. E. Irwin. 

Principal High School Ethel Taylor 

Ionia, Ionia Co., pop. 5,030. 

Pres Bd Educ A R. Locke 
Sec. Bd. Educ. Thane Benedict. 
City Superintendent L. L. Forsytfce. 
Principal High School Clara Martiny 
Domestic Science Katherme Wardle. 
Music & Drawing Emma A Rice. 
Manual Training L. H. Dunlap 
Com'l and Stenog'y F. P. Snyder. 
Iron Mountain, Dickinson Co., pop. 9,216. 
City Superintendent Leslie A Butler. 
Principal High School T. O Chew. 
Supv. Music Mrs. Annette Page* 
Manual Training Stanley Garltre. 
Domestic Science Minna Baal). 
Commercial J. L. 
Drawing? Mary Moore. 
Primary Susan Williams. 




Iron River, Iron Co., pop. 1,900. 

City Superintendent J F. Cavanaugh 
Principal High School A L Smith 
Commercial Albert W Diesman 

Ironwood, Gogebic Co., pop. 12,821. 

Pres Bd ESduc A G Hedin 

Sec Bd Educ. George N Sleight 

City Superintendent Bdmond T Duffield 

Principal High School J. C Watson. 

Supv. Music Ida Peterson. 

Manual Training- E E Miller 

Domestic Science Cora Burdick. 

Physical Culture Grace Fisher. 

Drawing 1 Adeline Dietrich. 

Com'l and Stenog'y W. W Woodward. 

Penmanship -May C Leete 

Ishpemin?, Marquette Co., pop* 12,448. 

Pres Bd Educ John G. Walsh. 

Sec. Bd. Educ Fred Tonnesen 

City Superintendent C L Phelps 

Principal High School R P. Davis 

Supv Music Louise Stone 

Manual Training Homer P. Tutzey. 

Domestic Science Anna Schurtz. 

Drawing Jean M Hay. 

Penmanship and Com'l G. H Ringle. 

Ishpeming Business College, bus and 
sten , M. L Clancy, Principal 

St John's Convent, girls' boarding, R C., 
Sister M. Alexandrine, Superior 

Ithaca, Gratlot Co, pop. 1,920. 

Principal High School Retta Peet Baker 

Jackson, Jackson Co., pop. 31,433. 

Pres Bd Educ C M Spinning 
Sec, Bd* Educ G W Scotford. 
City Superintendent Edward O Marsh. 
Asst. Superintendent G. L McCulloch 
Principal High School F It Bliss 
Supv. Music Edith M Stone. 
Manual Training A, R. Mason. 
Physical Culture F J Stemhilber 
Drawing Frances M. Beck. 

Allan's Shorthand School, James S Allen, 

Jackson Business University; bus and 
sten , est 1901, B J. Campbell, Prin. 

Jonesville, Hillsdale Co., pop. 1,305. 

Pres Bd Educ Freel Varnum 
Sec. Bd Educ W. M Wetmore 
City Superintendent R J Boynton. 
Principal High School Delia Hale. 
Supv. Music Eva Proctor. 

Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., pop. 39,437. 

Pres Bd Educ John IX Hollader. 
Sec Bd Educ H W Anderson 
City Superintendent Ellis H Drake. 
Principal High School E N. Worth, 
Supv. Music Esther M. XJlrich. 
Manual Training George S. Waite. 
Domestic Science Marion Russell. 
Physical Culture Laurence Taylor. 
Drawing Beula M Wadsworth 
Pen'ship, Com'l & Stenog. S* B. Norcross. 
Kindergarten B. Mae Raymond. 
Primary Zoe C Shaw. 

Kalamazco continued 

Kalamazoo Academy of Musical Art, mus , 
Frederick Rogers, Director 

Kalamazoo College; coll , co-ed , Bapt ; 
est 1833, Herbert Lee Stetson, Pres 

Le Fevre Institute, prep , R C , Sisters of 
St Joseph 

Lockwood-Stoltz Art School, art; Guy H 

Lockwood, Director 

Michigan Female Seminary; girls' board- 
ing, Presb , Elsie Garland Hobson, Prin. 
Parson's Business College, bus and sten ; 

W F. Parsons, Pres. 
Western State Normal School, nor , state, 

co-ed; est 1904, Dwight B Waldo, A. 

M, LL D, President 
Wilbur Home School for the Feeble Minded; 

co-ed , non-sect , est 1884, C T Wilbur, 

M D , Prop and Supt. 

Kalkaska, Kalkaska Co., pop. 1,355. 

Principal High School Nettle Cole. 

Lake linden, Hougrhton Co , pop. 9.347. 

City Superintendent Henry Fisher. 
Principal High School H. D Lee. 

Sacred Heart School; prep , co-ed , R C., 
Rev Sigismund Pirron, Prin. 

Lake Odessa, Ionia Co , pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ C S Lawrence. 

Sec Bd Educ E E Lucas 

Principal High School Leroy W. Stewart. 

Principal High School Charlotte Johnson 

Music and Drawing Ena Jacka. 

Lakeview, Montcalm Co, pop. 1,1200. 

Pres Bd Educ S. F. Kennedy. 
Sec Bd Educ Scott Swarthout. 
City Superintendent Fred A. Kinney. 
Supv. Mus & Draw. Mildred Tribbey. 

Lansing, Xngham Co, pop. 31,229. 

Pres Bd Educ Jason E Nichols 
Sec Bd Educ Sylvia L Hunter 
City Supenntendent Ji W Sexton 
Principal High School B F Brown 
Supv. Music 3 W, Stephens 
Manual Training Belle Morrison. 

Industrial School for Boys; state school for 

delinquents, est 1857, J M Frost, Supt 
Lansing Business Institute, bus and 
sten , est 1897, Charles E Ebersol, 

Michigan School for the Blind; state, est 
1881; Clarence E. Holmes, Supt. 

Lapeer, Lapeer Co., pop. 3,460. 

Pres Bd Educ Vernelia R Taylor 
Sec Bd Educ Arthur Holland 
City Supeimtendent E E Irwm 
Principal High School Emma Laughnane 
Supv. Music Marie Wanzeck 
Manual Training Mae Byerly 
Domestic Science Bernice Beals. 
Commercial Minnie McNalley, 

Michigan Home for Feeble-Minded and Epi- 
leptic, state, H. A Haynes, MD, Supt. 





Laurium, Hougrhton Co., pop. 8,537. 

Pres Bd Educ Josoph Biscomb 
Sec Bd. Educ F D Petermann. 
City Superintendent Elizabeth A. Pope. 
Supv. Mus. & Draw. Harriet James. 
Penmanship Adelia Mousen 

Sacred Heart Academy; prep ; co-ed , B 
C.; Rev S A Perron, O. P. M., Prra. 

Laurium Commercial School; prep, and 
bus , co-ed , 1899, A J. Hoi den 

Leslie, Ingham Co., pop. 1,906. 

Pres Bd Educ Gr. W Leach. 

Sec Bd Educ H J King 

City Superintendent Clarence Vliet 

Principal High School Florence Galusha 

Supv Mus & Draw Verna Downs 

Lowell, Kent Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ D G Look. 
Sec Bd Educ W S Wmegar 
City Superintendent A F Frazee. 
Principal High School Herbert J Sheldon 
Music and Drawing Belle Chamn 

Lndington, Mason Co., pop. 9,132. 

Pres Bd Educ M. B Danaher. 
Sec Bd. Educ J. H. Lyons. 
City Superintendent R H iMdntosh 
Principal H S Kathryn M Sterling:. 
Principal Co Normal Mrs Lilly Robinson 
Supv Music Ruth E. Hulton. 
Manual Training 1 Bertha Schenck 
Domestic Science Ruth Brusselbach. 
Physical Culture E T Cockrell. 
Drawing Nina A Fleming. 
Penmanship and Com'l O W. Seipp. 

Ludington Business College, bus. and sten ; 
est 1898; Charles Rlnehart, Manager. 

Mancelona, Antrim Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs. Lillian Hoffman. 
Sec Bd. Educ. F. E. Hicks. 
City Superintendent J Q. Roode, 
Principal High School E Artley Gee 
Supv. Mus & Draw Lela Titmarsh. 
Manual Training Frank Hoppina 

Manchester, Washtenaw Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres. Bd Educ Dr. B. A. Tracy. 
Sec. Bd. Educ Dr G. A Lewis. 
City Superintendent C W McCalluxn. 
Principal High School Marie Kirchhofer 
Supv. Mus. & Draw Miss Dwyer. 

Manlstee, Manlstee Co., pop. 12,381. 

Pres Bd Educ Joseph Kirster 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Wllma White. 
City Superintendent Samuel W. Baker. 
Principal High School John M. Slagh 
Supv Music Florence Pulcher 
Manual Training Lewis L Torrent. 
Domestic Science Helen Christensen 
DrawingsPearl Stewart. 
Penmanship Olive "Wills 
'Commercial Ernest Auch. 

Manlstee Business College; bus. and sten,; 
W. H. Martlndlll, Pre*. 

Manistiqne, Schoolcraft Co., pop. 4,690. 

Pres. Bd. Educ Arthur S Putnam. 

Sec. Bd. Educ Roy H Teeple. 

Citv Supenntendent T W Clemo I 

Principal High School L L Reichle. 

Supv. Mus & Draw Celia Blomgren. 

Domestic Science Mae E Mitchell. 

Com'l and Stenog*y Elizabeth McNabb. 

Manton, Wexford Co., pop. 1,069. 

Principal High School Susan A. Flarer 

Marcellns, Cass Co., pop. 1,200. 
Pres Bd Educ C C Goodes 
Sec Bd Educ C M Palmer 
City Superintendent E Schotzow 
Principal High School Grace Templeton 

Marine City, St Clair Co., pop. 3,762. 

Citv Supenntendent R Hazel ton 
Principal High School W L Wallace. 

Marlette, Sanilac Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ W. J Baker. 
Sec Bd Educ E A Smith 
City Superintendent John Myron 
Principal High School James Sanford 
Drawing Ruth Allen 

Marquette, Mar^nette Co., pop. 11,503. 

Pres Bd Educ J. F Neidhordt. 
Sec Bd Educ James O'Reilly 
City Superintendent A. R Watson. 
Principal High School H D Hughes. 
Supv. Music Norma Ross 
Manual Training H L Hallaxn 
Domestic Science Mary E Ames 
Physical Training- E D Cushman. 
Drawing Clara Williamson. 
Penmanship Mrs Elizabeth Timber-lake 
Commercial A L Grinnell 

Marquette Business College; bus. and 
sten , P H Ross, Prin 

Northern State Normal School; nor.; state, 
co-ed ; est. 1899; James Hamilton Bar- 
croft Kaye, A. M., Pres. 

St Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C.; 
Mother Sacred Heart, Superior. 

Marshall, Calhotm Co., pop. 4,361. 

Pres Bd Educ S. K Church. 

Sec Bd Educ C E Gauss 

City Superintendent W E. Olds 

Principal High School P. H Kellet 

Supv. Music Flora Davis 

Manual Training C A. Spauldlng 

Drawing Pearl Palmer 

Mason, Ingham Co., pop. 1,955. 

Principal High School Mildred Corbett. 

Mayville, Tnscola Co., pop 1,100. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. Joseph Bveland. 

Sec. Bd. Educ. Terry Corliss. 

City Superintendent William Herald. 

Principal High School Norma Corlett. 

Supv Music Hattie Felto-n , 

Drawing Zelpha Lynch. 

Pen' ship and Com'l Wm. Herald. 

McCaxron, Chlppewa Co., pop 500. 

Dunbar School of Agriculture; boarding; 
William Roeasler, Principal. 





Mention, St. Joseph Co , pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ W J Hickmott 
Sec Bd Educ William Clyde 
City Superintendent M Otterbeln 
Principal High School Grace Olrastead 
Supv Music Eunice Hough 

Menoxnlnee, Menomlnee Co , pop. 10,507. 

Pres Bd Bduc William Simpson 
City Superintendent John L Silvernale 
Principal High School W. C Glese. 
Supv Music Blolse Marcy 
Manual Training R D West 
Domestic Science Aurella Pots 
Domestic Art Addle Waite 
Drawing Eloise Marcy 
Physical Culture Miss Harper 
Penmanship W. H Moore 
Commercial- E K Converse 

Menomlnee County Agricultural College. 

state, co-ed , est 1907, J. P Wojta, 

St. Anne's School, prep , R C , Mother M 

Twin City Commercial College, bus and 

stenogf., Edward P Bower, Principal. 

Midland, Midland Co., pop 2,520. 

Pres Bd Bduc E J Lee 

Sec Bd Educ E P Rice 

City Superintendent C D Swift 

Principal High School J B Mott 

Manual Training S S Starks 

Milan, Washtenaw Co., pop. 1,300. 

Principal High School Beryl Kefgen. 

Milford, Oakland Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ P T Evans 
Sec. Bd Educ C B Loveioy 
City Superintendent Dennis Boyle, Sr 
Principal High School R S Dixon 

Monroe, Monroe Co., pop. 6,893. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles Hoyt 
Sec Bd Educ Thomas R Waters 
City Superintendent Edward E Gallup 
Principal High School D S Spencer 
Supv Music Katherme Nelson. 
Manual Training May Smith 
Domestic Science M Haugh 
Drawing 1 N. Tlicker 
Commercial N. McRoberts 

St. Mary's College and Academy, girls' 
boarding; R. C.; est. 1845; Mother M 
Mechtildis, Sister Superior. 

Montague, Muskegon Co., pop. 1,100. 

Prin. High. School Leena W. Dickinson 

Moreno!, Iienawee Co., pop. 1,478 

Principal High SchoolVan Nettie Pixley 

Mount Clemens, Maoomb Co., pop 7,707. 

Pres Bd Educ Paul J. Ullrich. 
Sec Bd. Bduc Edward A Heine 
City Superintendent Arthur S Hudson. 
Principal High School Leo L Eddy 
Supv Music Lucile Ross 
Manual Training Perry Miller 
Domestic Science Roberta Collier. 
Drawing Katherine Smith. 
Commercial Carlisle Hause 

Mount Pleasant, Isabella Co, pop. 4,484. 

Citv Superintendent Georsre E Ganiard 
Principal High School J W Kelder 

Central Michigan Normal School, state, 

co-ed , est 1891, Charles T Grawn, A. 

M, M Pd, Pres 
Mount Pleasant Indian Training School, 

boarding, co-ed . est 1892, Robert A 

Cochran, Supt 

Munifting, Alger Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr T W Scholter. 
Sec Bd Educ H B Freeman 
City Supeiintendent E Li Abell 
Principal High School Ethel C Lowry 
Supv Music & Drawing Helen Meyer 
Com I & Stenography Ida Luttrell 

Wyman's School of the Woods; forestry; 
men, est 1911, Thomas B Wyman, Pres 

Mtwkegon, Muskegon Co , pop 24,062. 

Pres Bd Edue Dr John Vander Loan 
Sec Bd Educ John Vanderwerp 
Pity Superintendent Shattuck O Hartwell 
Principal High School John A Crqig 
Supv Music Mis Vera B Ellwood 
Hand^oik Annie B Bryant 
Kindergarten Caroline Sibley 
Plaj grounds Barbara Bailey 
Drawing Christine Pollok 
Penmanship Lenna Horick. 

Hackley Manual Training School, non- 
sect , co-ed ; est 1895, Jos D. Bicknell, 

Muskegon Business College; bus and sten ; 
co-ed , E C Bisson, Prin 

St Jean Baptiste School; prep , co-ed , R. 
C ; Ursuline Sisters 

St Joseph's German Catholic School; prep ; 
co-ed ; R C ; Sisters of St. Dominic. 

Muskegon Heights, Muskegon Co., pop. 1,012. 

Principal High School Lucy E. Galloway. 

Nashville, Barry Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ C Marshall 
Sec Bd Educ. H C. Glasner. 
City Superintendent Chas Appleton. 
Principal High School A. D. "Webb. 
Supv Music Leila Luxmore. 

Nazareth P. O , Kalamazoo Co., pop. 82. 

Barbour Hall, prep for small boys, branch 
of Nazareth Academy, Sisters of St. 

Nazareth Academy, girls' boarding, R C ; 

est 1897, Sister Mary Hastings, Superior. 
Saint Anthony's School for Feeble Minded 

Girls; under the direction of the Sisters 

of St Joseph. 

Negraunee, Marquette Co, pop. 8,400. 

City Superintendent Orr Schurtz. 
Principal High School Lydia E. Steele. 

Newaygro, Newaygo Co., pop. 1,185. 

Pres. Bd Educ George W. Fry, 
Sec. Bd Educ Henry D Woodward. 
City Superintendent E, H Babcock. 
Principal High School Alice Swayza 
Drawing Norene Littler 





Newberry, Luce Co., pop. 1,256. 

Pres Bd Educ J H Hunter 
Sec Bd Educ Perry Leighton. 
City Superintendent L P Koepfgen 
Principal High School O M Misenar 
Supv Music Irma Hurlbert. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Nora McNamara 

Nlles, Berrien Co., pop. 5,156* 

Pres Bd. Educ W. W. Newman. 
Sec Bd Educ D S Scoffern 
City Superintendent Martin B. Travis. 
Principal High School C H Mann. 
Supv Music Liucile Holhday 
Manual Training L E Tryon 
Domestic Science Ruth Brennamen. 
Drawing Ella Champion 
Commercial Ethelyn Kidder. 

North Detroit, Wayne Co, pop. 150. 

Deaf Mute Institute, Ev Luth , co-ed ; est 
1871, Rev. Wm Gielow, A B, Director 

Northville, Wayne Co., pop. 1,627. 

Pres Bd Educ C. L Dubnur 

Sec Bd Educ C A Dolph 

City Superintendent F. W Wheaton 

Principal High School F P Bullis 

Supv Music Rua Day. 

Com'l & Stenog'y E L. Wills __ 

Norway, Dickinson Co , pop. 4,864. 

Pres Bd Educ James O'Callaghan 

Sec Bd Educ Samuel Perkins 

City Superintendent Chas J Borchaidt 

Principal High School P O Stone 

Supv Music Mildred Coe. 

Manual Training W O Dewey 

Penmanship Mai y Poore 

Olivet, Baton Co., pop. 800. 

Pres Bd Educ W S Leavenworth 
Sec. Bd Educ Mrs L Towler 
City Superintendent Ramond Lane 
Principal High School Grace Green 

Olivet College; Collegiate and Music De- 
partments, co-ed, Cong, est 1859, 
Thomas F Kane, Ph. D , President 

Onaway, Presque Isle Co , pop. 9,408. 

Pres Bd Educ O F. Sawtelle 
Sec Bd Educ G A Morris 
City Superintendent Byron I* Odle 
Principal High School C T Milner 
Music and Drawing Elsie Fallette 
Manual Training John Northcott. 
Penmanship E A Kefgen 

Ontonagon, Ontonagon Co., pop. 1,601. 

Pres Bd Educ C F. Eichen 
Sec Bd Educ Catherine Breitenbach 
City Superintendent James K Jamison 
Pnn High School Katharine Macaulay 

Orchard Lake, Oakland Co., pop. 100. 

Evangelical Lutheran School; prep , co-ed., 

Oscoda, losco Co., pop. 1,023. 

Principal High School Mary A. Pinkham. 

Otsego, AHegan Co., pop. 2,045. 

Pres Bd Educ J S Lintor. 

Sec Bd Educ G H Siple 

Citj Superintendent C R Johnson 

Principal High School May E Adam 

Ovid, Clinton Co., pop. 1,232. 

Pies Bd Educ C H Misner 
Sec Bd Educ P W Holland 
City Superintendent F C Smith 
Principal High School Lorlca Dean 
Music and Dialing Floience Oren 

Owosso, Shiawassee Co., pop. 9,639. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred Welch 
Sec Bd Educ W R Goodrich 
City Superintendent M W. Longman. 
Principal High School M. G. Jones 
Supv Music Alma De Young 
Manual Training Leon J. Carr. 
Domestic Science Florence Hayes 
Physical Culture H G Johnson 
Drawing Maud Morrice. 
Penmanship Blanche Duvall. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Marjorie Cleary. 

Oakside School, normal, private; co-ed 

Oxford, Oakland Co., pop. 1,323. 

Pres Bd Educ C L Randall. 
Sec Bd. Educ M. G Dunlap t 

City Superintendent A D DeWitt 
Pimcipal High School Nina Bond 
Supv Music Gertrude Deewatt. 

Paw Paw, Tan Buren Co., pop. 1,747. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. T C Ferguson. 
Sec. Bd. Educ. Thos. J Cavanaugh. 
City Superintendent A. H Robertson. 
Principal High School Mis Mabel Baiber. 
Music & Di awing Estelle Cavenaugh 
Domestic Science Miss Rena Crane. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Miss Belle Mulr. 

Pentwater, Oceana Co, pop 1,129. 

Pres Bd. Educ E W Shober 
Sec Bd Educ F W FIncher 
City Superintendent R. C. Young 

Petoskey, Emmet Co., pop. 4,778. 

Pres Bd. Educ John Pedden. 
Sec Bd Educ R D Engle 
City Superintendent J "W Kelder 
Principal High School Lucile D. Smith 
Supv Music Mrs Edith McArthur. 
Drawing Frances Pail thorp e 
Manual Training B B Cooley 
Domestic Science Augusta Jahn. 

Petoskey Normal and Business College; co- 
ed ; est 1888: Edwin L Warden, Prln. 

Plainwell, Allegan Co., pop. 1,450. 

Principal High School Ruth. Young. 

Plymouth, Wayne Co., pop. 1,663. 

Pres. Bd. Educ John E. Wilcox. 
Sec. Bd Educ. Fred A. Bogert. 
City Superintendent Chas F Reebs 
Principal High School Anna L. Lappens. 
Supv Mus. & Draw Beulah Palmer 
Manual Training Zola Oakes. 
Domestic Science Ethel Conner. 




Pontiac, Oakland Co., pop. 14,532. 

Pres Bd Bduc S. E Beach 
Sec Bd Educ Elmer R. Webster. 
City Superintendent R I*. Jenner. 
Principal High School S M Dudley 
Supv Music Leah Lambie. 
Manual Training Florence DeVrles 
Domestic Science Eva Schairer 
Physical Culture Gertrude Beach 
Drawing Mary Christian 

Pontiac Business College* bus and sten , 
est 1900, A. B. Burch, Principal. 

Port Huron, St. Glair Co., pop. 18,863. 

Pres Bd Edue J L. Black 
Sec. Bd Bduc Laren Elliott 
City Superintendent Walter F. Lewis 
Principal High School A. J Eastern. 
Supv Music Edna Fraser 
Domestic Science Jean Ross 
Manual Training Mel via Myers 
Penmanship Minnie Smith 

Portland, Ionia Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Bduc J Bnggs 
Sec Bd Educ S A Horning 
City Superintendent Prof. Gourley. 
Principal High School Mary Brown 

Qnincy, Branch Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ. D. *W. App. 
Sec Bd Educ Dr Gertrude Dobson 
Principal High School Naomi Dietz 
Supv. Music L C. Moore 
Manual Training I* L Livermore 
Domestic Science Bessie McLam 
Drawing Nellie Larzelere 
Penmanship Vera Reynolds 

Beading, Hillsdale Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ M D Frank. 

Sec Bd Educ C W Stone 

Principal High School John A. Dalrymple 

Principal High School C C Oliver 

Music and Drawing Evan Smith 

Domestic Science Came Mallery, 

Reed City, Osceola Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres. Bd Educ George MacDonald 
Sec Bd Educ P W. Pascoe, 
Principal High School Belle Martin 

Republic, Marquette Co., pop. 2,800. 

Pres. Bd Educ George MacDonald. 
Sec Bd. Educ P. W. Pascoe. 
City Superintendent T. W. Clexno 
Principal High School Gertrude Funk. 
Supv. Music Jennie B Parker. 
Manual Training Guy C. Gamble. 
Domestic Science Esther Archibald. 

Richmond, McComb Co., pop. 1,382. 

Prin. High School Miss M. A. Watklns. 

River Rouge, Wayne Co., pop. 2,474. 

Pres Bd* Educ. A R Heuer 

Sec Bd Educ M. J. Higglna 

City Superintendent Alexander McDonald. 

Principal High School Lee Grant 

Supv Music Elleanor Salliotte. 

DrawingBertha Peters. 

Commercial Nellie Gregg. 

Rochester, Oakland Co , pop. 1,618. 

Principal High School Eva G. Newell. 

Rockford, Kent Co., pop* 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ Arthur D Smith 

Sec Bd Educ E. J. Muir 

City Superintendent H D MacNaughton. 

Principal High School Edna H Haver. 

S-upv Mus & Draw Mrs Wheeler. 

Stenography Maude Nason. 

Romeo, McComb Co., pop. 1,625. 

Principal High School E. Grace Palmerlee, 

St. Charles, Saginaw Co., pop. 1,550. 

Pres Bd Educ C Dale Downing. 
Sec Bd Bduc Sarah J TefCt 
City Superintendent F W Trostic 
Pi in High School Beryl Koepfgen 

St. Clair, St. Clair Co., pop. 9,664. 

Pres Bd Educ Max Jennings 
Sec Bd Educ Russ S Jenks 
City Superintendent Philip M Keen. 
Principal High School Ida M Tallmadge 
Supv Music Helen Holmes 

St. Ignace, Mackinac Co , pop. 2,083. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank S Walker. 
Sec Bd Educ Patrick W. Murray. 
City Superintendent Arthur E. Cross. 
Principal High School Harry V. Owen. 

Ursulme Academy, girls' boarding, R. C.; 
est 1897, Rev Mother M Augustine, Su- 

St. Johns, Clinton Co., pop* $,768. 

Pres Bd Educ D W Kelley. 
Sec Bd Educ C A Putt 
City Superintendent Frank Buck 
Principal High School E J Bird 
Supv Music Mrs D W Kelley 
Manual Training Helen Barlow. 
Drawing Mildred Nelson 

St. Joseph, Berrien Co., pop. 5,936. 

Pres Bd Educ G F Mulliken 
Sec. Bd Educ George R Pixley 
Citv Superintendent Ernest P. Clarke. 
Principal High School P H Kelley. 
Manual Training C D Jennings. 
Supv. Mus & Draw Mabel Carl ton. 
Com'l & Stenog*y Minerva Grier. 

St Louis, Gratfot Co., pop. 2,503. 

Pres Bd Educ A. R Wheeler. 
Sec Bd, Educ. T M* Vandercook. 
City Superintendent C D. Dawson. 
Principal High School Carrie E. Merrltt 
Supv. Music Caroline Wilcox. 
Man Tr. & Draw Rena Reeves 
Domestic Science Mrs George White. 
Com'l and Stenog'y Elizabeth Schouse. 

Terington College, bus. and sten.; C. W. 
Yerington, Pres. 

Saginaw, Saginsaw Co., pop. 50,510. 


Pres Bd Educ G. F Oppermann 
Sec Bd Educ William. C Klumpp. 
Superintendent Eugene C Warriner 
Principal High School W W Warner, 
Supv Music Mrs Kate M. B Wilson. 





Saginaw c on tinned 
Manual Training H Hallenbach 
Domestic Science Ruby M Smith 
Physical Culture Franz Dreier. 
Dra\\ing Abbie Pierce 
Penmanship S S Purdy 
Commei cial O M Swank 
Stenography Gertrude O'Brien. 


Pres Bd Educ Lorenzo T Durand 
Sec Bd Educ Charles A Khuen 
Supeimtendent Phihpp Huber 
Principal High School Morell B Baker 
Pun Hill Trade Sch Gustav B Eggert 
Supv Music Mrs Louise M Smith. 
Manual Training Aithur Cohoon 
Domestic Science Florence M "Wells 
Drawing 8 Jennie M. Sessions 
Commercial Beulah M Carpenter. 
Kindergarten Alma Vogt 

Bliss- Alger College, bus and sten , est. 

1907, F R Alger, President 
Michigan Employment Institution for the 

Blind, Frank G, Putnam, Superintendent 
St. Andrew's Academy; prep ; co-ed , R C.; 

est 1875, Sister M Anastasia, Superior. 

Saline, Washtenaw Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Rose 

Sec Bd Educ R L Finch 

City Superintendent W L. Walling: 

Principal High School Blanche Crandall. 

Supv Mus & Draw. Mable Gass. 

Domestic Science Grace Percy. 

Sandusty, Sanilac Co., pop. 1,500. 

Principal High School Agnes Day. 

Sanlt Sainte Marie, Chlppewa Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ Mrs L. Fleming. 

Sec Bd. Educ J T Moore 

City Superintendent G G Malcolm. 

Principal High School C. H. Bryan 

Supv Music Hazel Belt 

Man Tr & Phy. Cult. C. L. XoyL 

Domestic Science Anna Conway 

Draw and Pen'ship Miss Isabel Schell. 

Commercial J J Powels 

Academy of the Ladies of the Loretto, 
girls' boarding, R. C.; est 1898. Mother 
M Blandlna, Superior. 

St Mary's School; prep , R C.; eat. 1898. 
Sister M. Maurus, Sister Superior. 

Scottvffle, Mason Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres. Bd Educ. John Griffin. 
Sec Bd Educ. U C. Martin. 
City 1 Superintendent E W Kiebler. 
Principal High School J. P. Dick 

Sebewalng, Huron Co., pop. 1,431. 

Pres. Bd Educ J S Palmer 

Sec Bd Educ J T. Hadwln 

City Superintendent C M Campbell. 

Principal High School Miss Elva Cooper. 

Supv Mus. & Draw Miss G. Hollestelle. 

Shelby, Oceona Co., pop. 1,226. 

Principal High School Laura N. Wilson, 

Shepherd, Isabella Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Worthington. 
Sec Bd Educ. H. M. Wetzel. 
City Superintendent C. H. Teague. 
Principal High School Eleanor Purene 
Supv Mus. & Draw. Mabel Field. 

South Haven, Van Bnren Co., pop. 8,767. 

Pres Bd Educ. F C Penoyar 
Sec Bd Educ F C Cogshall 
City Superintendent T B Hook 
Principal High School D W. Doud. 
Music & Drawing Ethel Furschman. 
Manual Training Charles Nideole 
Domestic Science Madge Laxnoreaux. 
Agriculture Charles Prey. 

Sparta, Kent Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd Educ M E Caukm 
Sec Bd Educ E. G. Anderson 
Citv Superintendent C E Balyeat 
Prm High School Imogene Nords 
Music and Drawing Adela Ahn 

Spring Arbor, Jackson Co., pop 210. 

Spring Arbor Seminary, prep ; co-ed.; 
Free Math.; est 1873, H S Stewart, 

Stanton, Montcalm Co., pop. 1,189. 

Principal High School Kathryn Howland. 

Stnrgis, St. Joseph Co., pop. 3,000. 

Pres Bd Educ C Wilhelm 
Sec Bd Educ J H Whitmer 
City Superintendent C M Ferner 
Principal High School Agnes Watklns. 
Supv Music Gertrude Gilbert. 
Domestic Science Hubert A. Lamley. 
Drawing Gertrude Gilbert 
l L E Miller 

Tawas City, losco Co., pop. 1,245. 

Principal High School Ethel McCombs. 

Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., pop. 2,525. 

Pres Bd. Educ B H Halladay 
Sec Bd. Educ rC. F Patterson 
City Superintendent W. L. Heed. 
Principal High School Bernard Goodrich. 
Supv. Music and Drawing 1 Martha Caldwell, 

Three Oaks, Berrien Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres. Bd. Educ Charles Pears 

Sec Bd. Educ Charles Rainton. 

City Superintendent B. F. Eggert. 

Principal High School Nine L. Ransom 

Supv. Music Ruth East 

Man. Tr. & Dona Sci LycHa Seldschlag 

Commercial B. F. Eggert. 

Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co., pop. 5,072. 

Pres Bd Educ. M. J. HUBS. 
Sec. Bd. Educ. B. El. Andrews. 
City Superintendent J. A. Wiggers. 
Principal High School F W Craford. 
Music and Drawing Janet Cauffman. 
Man. Tr. and Pen'ship George F. De&ong. 
Domestic Science Hazel Furman. 
Commercial Mr. Hlngle* 





Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ C L Greilick 
Sec Bd Educ W H Nafch 
City Superintendent Leon L Tyler. 
Principal High School George H. Curtis. 
Principal Co Normal Theodora Pottle. 
Supv Music Mrs Mamie L Stone 
Manual Training Glen H Behler 
Domestic Science Mary Faulkner 
Domestic Art Georgiaetta Elmer 
Drawing Carrie Harden 
Commercial J R. Lamphear 

Academy of Holy Angels, girls' boarding, 
R C.; Sister Mary Asslssium, Prin. 

Needham Business College; bus, sten. and 
teleg , est 1894, Blossom and McDer- 
mott, Props 

Trenton, Wayne Co., pop. 1,201. 

Pres. Bd Educ S T Hendricks. 
Sec Bd Educ N A, Mans. 
City Superintendent William A Smith. 
Principal H. S Gertrude C Wenzell. 
Supv Music Hermine Lorch 
Drawing Harriet Dicus 
Com'l and Stenog'y Zaida E Ellis 
Union City, Branch Co., pop. 1,400. 
Principal High School Edwin W. Steinle. 

Vassar, Tnscola Co., pop. 2,175. 

Pres. Bd Eudc George D Clarke 

Sec Bd Educ H B Clark 

City Superintendent J JS. Osgerby 

Principal High School L O Schwender 

Supv Music and Dra-w Eva Johnson 
Vicksburg, Kalamazoo Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres. Bd Educ William F Notley 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Brown 

City Superintendent P H. Smith 

Principal High School Cora B. Cooper. 

Supv. Mus. & Man Tr. George H Shipxnan. 

Domestic Science Hazel Strong. 

Commercial P. H Smith 
Vulcan, Dickinson Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ William Kelly 

Sec Bd. Educ T R Trudgeon 

City Superintendent B R Miller 

Principal High School Dean Davidson 
Walhalla, Mason Co., pop. 2O 

Chicago Junior School for Boys; home 
farm school, est. 1914; V P. Randall, 
Watervltet, Berrlen Co., pop. 1,100. 

Pres. Bd. Educ E N. Matran. 

Sec. Bd. Educ Mrs Sophia Carmody. 

City Superintendent -P. "W. Emerson. 

Principal High School Lora D. Hutchins. 

Agriculture Sidney S. Smith 

Wayne, Wayne Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ John Fitzgibbon 

Sec Bd Educ J C Cozadd 

City Supenntendent R E Raycroft 

Prm High School Elizabeth Stella agen 

Supv Music Hermine Losch 

West Branch, Ogemaw Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ Pliny Sabin 

Sec Bd Educ William Yeo 

City Superintendent George B Crawford 

Principal High School Josephine Woods. 

Whitehall, Muskegon Co., pop. 1,557. 

Pres B<1 Educ C G Pitkm 
Sec Bd Educ George Covell 
City Superintendent J D Sundell 
Principal High School Miss Smith 

Williamston, Ingham Co, pop. 1,400. 

Principal High School Lulu M Jefferson 

Wyandotte, Wayne Co, pop. 8,287. 

Pres Bd Educ Edward George 

Sec Bd Educ W E Wilson 

City Superintendent Hiram C. Daley. 

Principal High School Bessie Hitchings. 

Supv Music Ida Trites 

Manual Training Ruth Lawrence 

Domestic Science Alice McLennan. 

Drawing Louise Pett. 

Commercial Laversia Rish 

Tale, St. Clair Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ E F Fead 
Sec Bd Educ James E Beavis 
City Superintendent N J Drouyor 
Principal High School Avis Hopkins 

Ypsilantl, Washtenaw Co., pop. 6,230. 
Pres Bd Educ. Guy E Davis 
Sec Bd Educ H Z Wilber 
City Superintendent William B Arbaugh 
Principal High School Stanley Morris 
Supv Music A. Aurelia Murphy, 
Manual Training D H Ohlinger 
Drawing Bessie L Abbott 
Penmanship Bessie L Abbott 
Domestic Science Jessie C. Swalne 

Michigan State Normal College; normal; 

state, co-ed , est. 1849, Charles Me Kenny, 

A. M , Pres. 
Cleary Business College, bus and sten , 

est. 1891, P. R. Cleary, Pres 

Zeeland, Ottawa Co., pop. 1,950. 

Pres Bd Educ W G Heasley 

Sec Bd Educ. B Neerken. 

City Superintendent A H Washburn 

Principal High School Isabelle Rowan 

Music and Drawing Louise Perry 


Population, 2,075,708 School census, 316,661. School age, 8-16. 

Minnesota is the nineteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,075,708 inhabitants, of whom 99,2 per cent are white. Of tMs number 
262 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire popula- 
tion, tea years of age and over, is 3 per cent, the state ranking ninth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


C. G. SCHULZ, Superintendent of Education St. Paul 

P. C. TONNING, Assistant Superintendent St. Paul 

G. M. CESANDEE, Second Assistant St. Paul 

E M. PHILLIPS, High School Inspector St. Paul 

C. H. BARNES, Assistant Inspector St. Paul 

HARRY E FLTNN, Assistant Inspector. . . . St. Paul 

E. T. ORITCHETT; Director State Teacher's Employment Bureau Minneapolis 

S A. CHALLMAN, Commissioner of School Buildings Minneapolis 

R B. MCLEAN, Graded School Inspector St. Paul 

MABEL CARNEY, Supervisor Teacher Training Departments St. Paul 

C. C. SWAIN, Rural School Commissioner St. Paul 

ANNIE E. SHELLAND, Eural School Supervisor St. Paul 

MARTHA WILSON, Supervisor of School Libraries St. Paul 


B. E. DENFELD, Superintendent of Schools Duluth 

GEORGE E VINCENT, President State University Minneapolis 

ELL TORRANCE, President Normal School Board Minneapolis 

GEORGE F. HOWARD, School of Agriculture St. Paul 

C. G. SCHULZ, State Superintendent of Public Instruction St. Paul 


GEORGE F. JAMES, University of Minnesota Minneapolis 

H. C. HESS, Superintendent of Schools New Ulm 

P. C. TONNING, Secretary The Capitol, St Paul 







CLAEA F. BALDWIN, Secretary St. Paul 

HELEN J. STEARNS, Librarian St. Paul 

RUTH A HAVEN, Organizer St. Paul 

MARTHA WILSON, Library Visitor St. Paul 

GRATIA A. COUNTRYMAN . . .Minneapolis SOLON J BUCK St. Paul 



F. L. WILLIAMS, President Watertown 

N. A. THORSON, Secretary Crookston 

G. C. SCHULZ St. Paul H E PAINTER . Marshall 

J B. ARP Jackson G. C TORGUSON Glenwood 


H. L. MERRILL, President 
E. D. PENNELL, Secretary 

. . Hwtehinson 
.East High School, Minneapolis 


Ccunty Name and Address 

Aitkin . . .Mrs Rachel Young, Aitkin 
Anoka. ...George D Goodrich, Anoka 

Becker Anna G. Rogstad, Detroit 

Beltrami. . ..W. B. Stewart, Bemidji 
Benton. ..Agnes K. Burns, Sauk Rapids 
Big Stone ...Anna Swenson, Ortonville 
Blue Earth. W. H Detamore, Mankato 

Brown Robt. B Kennedy, New TJlm 

Carl ton . . .Nora A Nilson, Moose Lake 
Carver, . . . F L. Williams, Watertown 

Cass R. F. Ross, Walker 

Chippewa. . Petra Storaker, Montevideo 
Chisago . E. J. Cedarholm, Center City 
Clearwater. .J. H Sommervold, Bagley 

Clay S O. Tang, Moorhead 

Cook. .. .W. J. Clinch, Grand Marais 
Cotton wood.. . A. R. Iverson, Windom 
Crow Wmg..Irma C. Hartley, Brainerd 
Dakota. . . John P. Karpen, Hastings 
Dodge .Alma B. Campbell, MantorvifLe 
Douglas. . ..George Su sens, Alexandria 
Faribault. Margaret Bleri, Blue Earth 

Fillmore Oscar Carlson, Preston 

Freeborn . . .Harold Dahlen, Albert Lea 
Goodhue. E B. Bergquist, Red Wing 
Grant.. Blanche L Brennm, Elbow Lake 


....H. I. Harter, Mpls., Court House 
Houston Marie Otterness, Caledonia 

County Name and Address 

Hubbard..D R. Bradford, Park Rapids 
Isanti . . Mrs M B Hixson, Cambridge 
Itasca. .Mrs E Whipple, Grand Rapids 

Jackson J. B Arp, Jackson 

Kanabec . . Willis Fairbanks, Mora 
Kandiyohi.W D. Fredenckson, Willmar 
Kittson . . . Hans Hanson, Hallock 


A E Shelland, International Falls 
Lac qui Parle. A. J. Kittleson, Madison 

Mrs. Alice W Lawrence, Two Harbors 

Le Sueur 

. . J. A. Meagher, Le Sueur Centre 

Lincoln J. T Clawson, Ivanhoe 

Lyon H. R Painter, Marshall 

McLeod .George F Munier, Hutchinson 
Mahnomen. James Sweeney, Mahnomen 

Marshall David Johnson, Warren 

Martin C. J. Timms, Fairmont 

Meeker Anna Onsdorf, Litchfield 

Mille Lacs Guy Ewing, Princeton 

Morrison M. E Barnes, Little Falls 

Mower Mrs Eunice Rice, Austin 

Murray . . Jennie Holm, Slay ton 

Nicollet . Albert Holmstedt, St Peter 
Nobles ..E. K Sampson, Worthington 

Norman Marie Lovsnes, Ada 

Olmsted Win. L Mercer, Rochester 






County Name and Address 

Otter Tail . . L,. R Adley, Fergus Falls 


.... E A. Mostue Thief River Falls 
Pine. . . R. H Blankenship, Pine City 
Pipestone . J R Campbell, Pipestone 

Polk * N. A Thorson, Crookston 

Pope . . . Lena Otteson, Glenwood 


.Geo. H. Reif, St. Paul, Court House 

Red Lake 

Lou F. Greene, Red Lake Falls 


Mrs Adella G Pratt, Redwood Falls 
Renville. .Amalia M Bengston, Renville 

Rice J H Lewis, Faribault 

Rock Edia A Headley, Luverne 

Roseau Mrs Bergit Billberg-, Roseau 

St. Louis Noah Young", Duluth 

Scott T. J. Nicolay, Shakopee 

Oounty Name and Address 

Sherburne . Ada P Conger, Elk River 

Sibley W M. Carver, Gaylord 

Stearns . ... W. A. Boerger, St. Cloud 
Steele . ..James A Mork, Owatonna 

Stevens Ray S. ^Roberts, Morris 

Swift Tillies Thomason, Benson 

Todd VS. Knutson, Long Prairie 

Traverse. . Bessie Caswell, Wheaton 
Wabasha . . . Harry V. Fick, Lake City 
Wadena. Maud R Kennedy, Wadena 

Waseca H. C. Van Loh, Waseca 

Washington.. E. N. Swanson, Stillwater 
Wat on wan. . .Mabel Madson, St James 
Wilfcm A S Gredvig, Breckenridge 

Winona A G. Loom Is, Winona 

Wright A. A. Zech, Annandale 

Yellow Medicine 

Lue A. Olds, Granite Falls 


Ada, Norman Co., pop. 1,275. 

City Superintendent S O Eidem 
Principal Higrh School Mrs F Griffin 
Agriculture R J Murray 

Adrian, Nobles Co., pop. 1,150 

Pres Bd. Educ J. C Becker 
Sec Bd Educ Edwin Brickson. 
City Superintendent E F Lee 
Principal High School G W Haynes 
Supv Music Kate Sinotte 
Manual Training G W. Haynes 
Agriculture W O Lutz 
Physical Culture E F. Lee. 
Drawing Katheryn Kelleher. 
Penmanship Dora Sell. 
Commercial Mildred Jones 

Altkin, Altkln Co., pop. 1,450. 

Pres Bd Educ. George L. Williams 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs. C. S Young 
City Superintendent R L Mason 
Principal High School Fred Magnus 

Akeley, Hubbard Co., pop. 1,125. 

Fres. Bd Educ M. A Desmond. 

Sec Bd Educ Bert Rodman 

City Superintendent M. H Aygarn 

Principal High School Margaret Thompson 

Manual Training J A Nelson 

Domestic Science Florence Walrath. 

Commercial Marie Garnock. 

Albert Lea, Freeborn Co, pop 6,192. 

Pies Bd Educ H C Carlson 
Sec Bd. Educ Robert Anderson 
City Superintendent C C Baker. 
Prtn. H. S H. June Streeter 
Supv Music Hattie Smith Fuller. 
Drawing Velraa L Farmalee 
Penmanship Francis E O'Bryan. 
Agriculture W E Hedgcook, 
Manual Training M. L Robbina 
Domestic Science Saidie It. Hall 
Albert Lea College; coll.; women; board- 
ing* Presb.; est 1884, Gertrude South- 
wick Kingsland, A. M., Dean 

Albert X.ea continued 

Luther Academy; prep ; co-ed ; Luth.; est. 
1888, Rev. Jacob E Thoen, B A , Pres. 
National Business College, bus. and sten.; 
J. E Holman, Principal 

Alden, Freeborn Co., pop. 35. 

Pies Bd. Educ Henry Ebert 

Sec Bd Educ O N Hoel 

City Superintendent N. Frank Nelson 

Principal High School Ida M Harkness 

Drawing Ruth Hanson. 

Alexandria, Douglas Co., pop. 2,800. 

City Superintendent F. M Yockey. 
Principal High School Anna M Lane 
Agriculture K A Norsen 
Manual Training A M. Foker. 
Domestic Science Esther Nelson 

Amboy, Blue Earth Co., pop. 875. 

City Superintendent H_ F Anderson 
Principal High School Alma Skoglund 

Annandale, Wright Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent W A Zlegler 
Principal High School Lucile Dennstedt. 

Anoka, Anoka Co., pop. 2,250. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Gillis 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs Stewart Gow 
City Superintendent Frank H. Roos 
Prin. H S Johanna Hognason 
Supv Music Miss C Gilbert. 
Manual Training E T Voigt. 
Domestic Science Miss E Mellot. 
Agriculture L. O Jacob 
Commercial -F. Clemments 

Appleton, Stvift Co., pop. 1,475. 

Pres. Bd Educ T J McBlligott 
Sec Bd Educ. A D Countryman. 
City Superintendent P J. Butler. 
Prin H. S Nellie E. Tompkins. 






Argyle, Marshall Co., pop 944. 

Pres Bd Educ David Dundfs 

Sec Bd Educ C G Mohne 

City Superintendent Hugh H Nixon 

Prln High School Bernice Pemlergast 

Manual Training Nils Njlln 

Domestic Science Elsie Ahle 

Agriculture A L Peterson 

Arlington, Sibley Co., pop. 1,275. 

Pres Bd Educ T Streissguth 
Sec Bd Educ F T Schlegel 
City Superintendent K O Snortum 
Prm High School Ethel M Borden 
Domestic Science Ethel Mancle 

At water, Kandiyohl Co., pop. 975 

City Superintendent M H Gullickson 
Principal High School Genevue Lo\e 
Agriculture F J E Persun 

Austin, Mower Co., pop. 6,960. 

Pres Bd Educ F G Sasse 
Sec Bd Educ C. J. Johnson. 
City Superintendent H T Wheeler 
Principal High School Edith Padden 
Supv Music Elizabeth Munson. 
Agriculture W L French 
Domestic Science Mabel Rasmussen 
Drawing Hazel Weedell 
Penmanship Tanye Burgess 

Southern Minnesota Normal College, nor 
and bus , co-ed , private, est 1897; O 
C. Heilman, Pres 

Barnesville, Clay Co., pop. 1,350 

Pres Bd Educ D L McGrath. 

Sec Bd Educ E Aamodt 

City Superintendent John C. West 

Prin H. S Isador Neil 

Manual Training Iver Swenson 

Domestic Science Edna Bowers 

Belleplaine, Scott Co, pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ F C. Irwm 
Sec Bd Educ T L Johnson 
City Superintendent B F. Hall 
Principal High School Gladys Putnam. 

Bemidjt, Bertram! Co., pop 5,099 

Pres Bd Educ E H Smith 

Sec Bd Educ J P Lahr 

City Superintendent William P. Dyer 

Prln H S Eliza S. Loe. 

Supv Music Margaret Nekton 

Dra\\ ing Mattie S Olsen 

Agriculture B M Gile 

Manual Training A D Bailey 

Domestic Science Agnes Holland 

Bemidji Business College, bus and stea , 
E M Sathre, Principal 

Benson, Swift Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd. Educ H J Rice 
Sec. Bd Educ P. S. Gallagher 
City Superintendent C R Lundburg. 
Principal High School Jessie Damelson 
Man Tr & Dom Sci Erica Christenson 
Agriculture A Z Arehart 
Manual Training C. G Winter 
Domestic Science Laura McArthur 

Bird Island, Renville Co, pop. 1,035. 

Pios Bd Educ H .Arnsdoif 
Sec Bd Educ A J Richardson 
City Superintendent J W Patterson 
Prm H S Meta Banse 
Agncultuifc Ralph Loomis 

Biuabik, Saint Louis Co , pop. 1,350 

Pres Bd Eduo -J F HiUlebrand 
Sec Bd Educ L R Chnstensen 
City Superintendent J E Lunn 
Pimcipal High School E L Rude 
Sup\ Music Giace Thielke 
Dialing EUena Mattsun 
Penmanship Mane Lascli 
Manual Training F L McAleavey 
Domestic Science Ruth Carmichael 

Blooming: Prairie, Steel Co, pop. 1,175 

Pres Bd Educ A Solberg 
Sec Bd Eclut F H Moi ton 
Oitv Supeimtendent T L Dahl 
Principal High School Eva Bradford 
Manual Training F C Schmelz 
Domestic Science Beinice Li Ciosb} 
Penmanship Mary Leehy 
Agnculture J G McCall 

Bine Earth, Fairbanlt Co, pop. 1,800. 

City Supeimtendent Stanley Adkins 
Prin H. S Amelia L Weir 
Agncultme W E Scandiett 

Brainerd, Crow Wing- Co., pop. 8,526 

Pres Bd Bduc R, R Wise 
Sec Bd. Educ L Hohman 
City Superintendent W. C Cobb. 
Pnneipal High School R R Denison 
Supv Music Mabel Harrison 
Manual Tiaining J S Cairoll 
Domestic Science Grace Morel and 

Brainerd Business College, bus and sten , 
Lewis H Vath, Pres 

Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., pop. 1,350. 

City Supeimtendent R A Hill 
Principal High School E O Melby 
Agriculture L. S Stallings 

Brown Valley, Traverse Co., pop 1,175. 

City Superintendent F E Maxson 
Prin. H S Anna Haig 

Buffalo, Wright Co., pop. 1,700. 

City Superintendent T E Lewis 
Principal High School Edith Kohl 
Supv Agriculture V M Emmert 
Domestic Science Vey Woolliscraft 

Caledonia, Houston Co., pop. 1,825. 

City Superintendent F M Phillips 
Principal High School K P B Reishus 
Agiiculture' Ned Smith 

Cambridge, leant! Co, pop. 1,225. 

Pres Bd Educ E F Gillespie 
Sec Bd Educ F W Nesbit 
City Superintendent John Thielvoldt 
Principal High School Nettie Odegard 
Manual Training C O Nelson. 
Domestic Science Adelaide Paine 




Canby, Yellow Medicine Co., pop. 1,675. 

Pres Bd Educ H E S\*enson 
Sec Bd Educ O!e Ostensoe 
City Superintendent Sidney Huffman 
Principal High School Ida Jorstad 
Supv Music Marguerite Rowan 
Manual Training H S Hatfield 
Domestic Science Genevieve Burgan 
Agricultuie B O Ostrolenk 

Cannon Falls, Goodhue Co , pop. 1,875. 

City Superintendent R Geiser 
Principal High School Lucia M Hewitt 
Manual Training L H Lehman 

Cftsa Lake, Cass Co , pop. 1,300. 

Pres Bd Educ E D Boyce. 
Sec Bd Educ A J Hole 
City Superintendent E T Fitch 
Prtn H S Ella Anderson 
Supv Music May Christensen 
Manual Training E. Fitch 
Agriculture W C Hicks 
Domestic Science Rough Strand 

Cbaska, Carver Co , pop. 1,700. 

City Superintendent F E Hamlm 
Principal High School Leah R Drake 

Chatfleld, Filraore Co., pop. 1,300. 

Pres Bd Educ C M Cooper, M. D 
Sec Bd Educ E J Sutherland 
City Supeimtendent E B Forney 
Principal High School Delia Melbourne 
Domestic Science Clara Jacobson 
Agriculture R A Humphrey 

Chisholm, Saint Louis Co , pop 7,684* 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. E. H Nelson. 
Sec Bd Educ William Ritchel 
City Superintendent James P Vaughan 
Principal High School A Bess Clark 
Supv Music Lucile Brandenburg. 
Manual Training R, W Jackson. 
Domestic Science Jane Crow 
Penmanship F M Allworth 
Physical Culture Dr J. A. Rlppert. 
Drawing Miriam. Boyer 
Stenography Lucy Gorman. 
Pi imai y Lea the Wright 
Clarkfield, Yellow Medicine Co., pop. 1,025. 
Pres Bd Educ C S Orwoll 
Sec Bd Educ John Larson 
City Superintendent Herman N Bergh 
Principal High School Florence Swanon 
Manual Training Edward Flaget 

Cloqnet, Carlton Co., pop. 7,031. 

Pres Bd Educ S L Coy 
Sec. Bd Educ L F. Leach. 
City Superintendent Peter Olesen 
Principal High, School Howard Wilkeni. 
Supv Music & Draw Lillian Hanson 
Manual Tiammg J M Nickelsen 
Domestic Science Retta Bede 
Com'l and Stenog'y Lillian Eagleion. 
Agricultuie G M Harner 

Cokato, Wright Co., pop. 1,450. 

Pres Bd Educ O L Peterson 
Sec Bd Educ F B Carlblum 
City Superintendent A B Pickard 
Principal High School Minnie Rasmussen 
Domestic Science Marie Henegren 
Manual Training L. B Stockwell 
Agriculture J I Swedberg 

College* Hie, Stearns Co., pop. 25. 

St John's Unnersit>, coll, prep, cozn'l 
and music depts , men, R C , est 1857, 
Rt Rev Peter Engel, O S. B , Pres 

Coleralne, Itasca Co , pop. 825. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Plummer 
Sec Bd Educ D M Vermiljea. 
City Superintendent J A Vandyke. 
Principal High School C D Donaldson 

Cottonviood, Lyon Co., pop. 950. 

Cit3* Supeimtendent B A Beito 
Principal High School Helen Leetc 

Crookgton, Polk Co., pop. 7,559 

Pres Bd Educ S M Suertson 
Sec Bd Educ James M Hanson 
Cit> Superintendent G H Sanberg 
Prln H S C J Borchardt. 
Supv Music Mila E Trace 
Manual Training O F Carpenter 
Domestic Science Esther A Ferris 
Drawing Ruth Sturgeon 
Commercial Marshall L Byrn 

Crookston College, prep , co-ed , non-sect , 
eat 1895 ; J C Sat are, LL 3D , Prea. 

Northwest School of Agriculture, depart- 
ment of University of Minnesota, co-ed , 
est 1906, C G Selvig, M. A., Superin- 

Dassel, Meeker Co., pop. 1,025. 

Pres Bd Educ A C Peterson 
Sec Bd Educ Olof Anderson 
Sec Bd Educ A. W Schioeder 
Principal High School Frances Carlson 
Manual Training Walter M. Lawer. 
Domestic Science Ethel Caldwell 
Commercial L P. Doyle. 
Agriculture P O Johnson 

Dawson, Lac qui Prairie Co., pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ Peter Bergh 
Sec Bd Educ Ed. Borg-endale 
City Superintendent R H Towne 
Principal High School George Holm 
Agriculture G M Householder. 
Manual Training Claude Knott 
Domestic Science Julia Z anger 

Delano, Wright Co., pop. 1,375. 

Cliy Superintendent W N Mandevllle. 
Principal High School Laura Paddock. 

Detroit, Becker Co, pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ L C "Weeks 
Sec Bd Educ W B? Carman. 
City Superintendent John B Hagen 
Principal High School Minnie Hoffman 
Agriculture C B Gurslee. 

Detroit Business College, bus and sten ; 
est 1915, G M Langum, Principal 

Dodffe Center, Dodge Co., pop. 1,025* 

Pres Bd Educ C H Cooper 
Sec Bd Educ E. E Abbott 
City Superintendent W H Pillsbury. 
Principal High School Bda C Ehri. 
Supv Music Eleanor B. Nims. 
Manual Training E. F. Bennett 
Domestic Science Lola Duryea 
Agriculture W E McComas 





Duluth, St. Louis Co , pop 78,466. 

Prts Ed JC lut* F ink \ Iire^t 
Sec Bd Educ Chords A Bronson 
<"'t\ "upfrint**ncl*nt K J Hoke 
X^Mstant >upt \V H Sthiliinj? 
Prm Central H S Leonard Young 
Pnn Industrial H p T H ^chotte 
Sapei \i8nx Mi.sic Ann Di\<>n 
Manual Traimrq Wi'Iitm Xoes 
Dome-tu **cif"ce AIar\ riosson 
Physical Culture Max E Alletzhaeusser 
Dra^irt? Ida M Chambers 
Commercial Fiank B Carpy 
St*nr>graph\ Gertrudf Burt 
Kindergarten Alta Owen 

Central Business College; bus and sten ; 
Barber & McPherson, Props , 30 B. Su- 
perior St 

Duluth Business University, bus and sten 

est. 1851, W C MeCarter, President, 118 

Fourth A\enue 
School of Shorthand, sten , Albert John- 

stad, Principal, 315 W First 
State Normal School: nor state, co-ed , 

eat 1895 Eugene TV Bohannon, Ph D, 

Villa Sancta Scholastica, girls' boarding, 

li C , Mother Mary Alexia, Superioress 

Kenwood Paik 

Eagle Bend, Todd Co., pop. 750. 
City Superintendent J P Jensen 
Piincipal High School Ella A M Thorpe 

East Grand Forks, Polk Co., pop. 2,225. 

Pres Bd. Educ John Baile\ 
Sec Bd Educ J R Johnson 
Cits Superintendent F IS Burton 
Principal High School GUY Goddard 
Music & Drawing Lao De La Pointe 
Domestic Science Jo\ce Edd\ 
Penmanship Hugh B Hessler 
Agriculture L H Hautei 

Elbow Lake, Grant Co, pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent H R Tonning 
Principal High School Anna Armstrong. 
Agriculture L A Henke 

Elk River, Sherburne Co., pop. 787. 

City Superintendent A R White 
Principal High School Eleanor V Nelson 

Elmore, Faribanlt Co., pop. 742. 

City Superintendent R E Scott 
Principal High School Esther V Nylin 
Agi {culture E B Hunt 

Ely, St. Louis Co., pop. 1,700. 

Pres Bd Educ Charles Trezora. 
Sec Bd Educ T E Miller 
Cfity Superintendent H E White 
Principal High School W E Englund 
Supv. Music Lulu McLeod. 
Manual Training H. A. Shepard. 
Domestic Science Edna Christopherson, 
Penmanship Mory Fitzpatrick. 
Com'l and Stenotfy C. L. Mergenthaler. 

Eveleth, St. JLonis Co., pop. 7,036. 

Pres Bd Educ Gcoige H Dormer 

? c Bd Ertuc T M Stearns 

City Superintendent Burton O Greening 

Prin H S V E Boardman 

Sup\ Music Emma E Vogel 

Dizuving ^"iioline Mox\ ei 

Physical Training D V West 

Pumary Giarles Maitha Voelker 

Giammai Grades Amelia von Levern 

Penmanship Lelia Gutfleisch 

Normal Training Anna Plapp 

Excelsior, Heimepin Co , pop 1,110. 

City Superintendent O S Vail 
Principal High School Mil died Goidon 
Supv Music Miss Glendora DeCamp 
Manual Training Harry L Gilxnore. 

Fairfax, Benville Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent O E Youngdahl 
Piincipal High School Jennie S Erickson 

Fair-mount, Martin Co , pop. 2,955. 

Pies Bd Educ M J Aldrich 
Sec Bd Educ C A Porter 
Citj Supenntendent H E Wolfe 
Principal High School H A Falk 
Faribault, Bice Co., pop. 9,001. 
Pres Bd Educ L D Haskms 
Sec Bd Educ F M Pierce 
City Superintendent John Monroe. 
Prin. H S Gerald W Kirn 
Supv Music Emma Kuhfeld 
Manual Training R I Dennis 
Domestic Science Giace Doney 
Drawing Bermce Woodruff 
Agriculture B A Cole 
Commercial C E Hostetler 

Bethlehem Academy, girls' boarding; H. 

C : Sister Superior 
Paribault Business and Normal College; 

bus and nor , co-ed , est 1890, E. A. 

Erbland, Prin. 
Minnesota School for the Blind, state; 

James J Dow f Supt. 
Minnesota School for the Deaf, state, eat. 

1894; James N Tate, Supt 
Minnesota School for the Feeble Minded 

and Colony for Epileptics, state; co-ed.; 

est. 1879 , A C Rogers, M. D , LL. D , 

St James School, school for smaller boys 

in connection with Shattuck School. 
St Mary's Hall, girls' boarding; P. B j 

est 1866, Amy Lowey, Principal 
Seabury Divinity School, theol , P E. , men; 

est 1858, F F Kramer, D D 
Shattuck School, boys' boarding; mil.; P. 

E , est. 1867, Charles Newhall, Head- 

Farmlngton, Dakota Co., pop. 1,000. 
City Superintendent M C Hayes 
Principal High School Floy K 'Hamilton 

Fergus Falls, Ottertail Co., pop. 6,887. 

Pres. Bd Educ. A G. Anderson. 
Sec Bd Educ R. E Lincoln. 
City Superintendent Joseph G Norby. 
Principal High School Clara C Heiss 
Manual Training H. E. Jackson. 





Fergus Falls continue d 
Domestic Science Molhe FieT 
Com'l and Stenog'y Emma H Kvindlog 
Agiicultuie A J Lashbiook 

Northwestern College, prep , co-ed , Luth , 
est 1900, Rev Solomonson, Prm 

Park Region Lutheran College, coll and 
prep , co-ed , Luth , Rev. D G. Ristad, 

Fertile, Polk Co., pop. 1,075. 

Pres Bd Educ A E Strom 
Sec Bd Educ J A Gregei son 
City Superintendent E M Hauge 
Principal High School Nellie M Berg 
Domestic Science Edna Balrd 

Fos&ton, Polk Co., pop. 1,325. 

Pres Bd Educ S S Stodwold 
Sec Bd Educ L G. Hancock 
City Superintendent L G Mustain 
Principal High School J A Hange 
Supv Music Florence Clarke 
Manual Training Ra-vmond Smith 
Physical Culture Ingeborg Gronvold 
Agi iculture F P Co\v ing 

Frazee, Becker Co , pop. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr S S Jones. 
Sec Bd Educ L W Oberhauser 
City Superintendent E B Bothe 
Principal High School Margaret Walker 
Manual Training J H Hewitt 

Fulda, Murray Co., pop. 1,150. 
City Superintendent R J Moulton. 
Principal High School Dora Jensen 

Gay lord, Sibley Co., pop. 950. 

City Superintendent C D Gray. 
Principal High School Mary Horn 

Gilbert, St. Louis Co, pop. 1,925. 

Pres Bd Educ F P Rutherford 
Sec Bd Educ H S. Sherman 
City Superintendent C L Newberry. 
Puncipal High School Russell Johnston 
Supv Music Janet Bunyan 
Manual Training E A Voss 
Domestic Science Florence Thome 
Physical Culture Franknell Wade 
Drawing Lulu Van Patten 
Penmanship Goldye Bragg 
Commercial Lee L Pemberton 
Stenography Anna M Galligan 

Glencoe, MeLeod Co, pop. 2,200. 

City Superintendent C W Street 
Prm H S Helen M Baker. 
Supv Music Helen A Sather 
Manual Training C S Chapman 
Domestic Science Jane Murfin 
Penmanship L. V Koos. 
Agriculture A J. Herbolsheimer 

Glenwood, Pope Co., pop. 1,718. 

Pres Bd. Educ "W J Dougherty. 
Sec Bd Educ N P Norling 
City Supeiintendent J B Hagen 
Principal High School Minnie Hanson 
Supv Music Mrs. W J. Dougherty. 
Manual Training' C E Holmgren 
Commercial N P. Norling 

Grace* Hie, Bigrstone Co , pop 1,100 

City Supermttndent Catherine Casey 
Prin H S Elizabeth Casey. 
Agricultui e Eail Wea\ er 

Grand Meadow, Mower Co , pop 700. 

Citj Supeiintendent G J Ostroot 
Principal High School Ruth Van Kirk 

Grand Rapids, Itasca Co , pop. 

Pres Bd Educ C H. Dickinson. 

Sec Bd Educ J D Doran. 

City Superintendent E A Freeman 

Principal High School Miss M C Strickler 

Supv Music Miss Bessie Campbell 

Manual Training John Klug 

Domestic Science Grace Norton. 

Phy Cult & Draw Bessie Campbell 

Penmanship Royetta Nauseau 

Stenography Miss Grace McGuire 

Agriculture "W J Corvi in 

Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine Co., pop 

Pres Bd Educ A ^ "Winter 
Sec Bd Educ H S Lampman 
Cits- Superintendent T B Mouer 
Principal High School C A Jessen 
Agi iculture C E Watts 

Halloek, Kittson Co , pop. 1,175. 

City Superintendent Ambrose Hays 
Principal High School Florence Egan 
Agriculture W V Longley. 

Halstad, Norman Co., pop. 750. 

City Superintendent C A Pederson 
Principal High School Mary Evans. 

Harmony, Mlmore Co., pop. 1,050. 

City Superintendent G R Stiayei 
Principal High School Edith Glascoe 
Agricultui e P A Johnson 

Hastings, Dakota Co., pop. 3,810. 

Pres Bd Educ A. J. Schaller. 

Sec Bd. Educ. A. G. Mertz. 

City Superintendent L. L. Sloniger 

Principal High School L. J. Belt. 

Supv. Music Grace Donohue 

Manual Tiaimng P E. Stollberg 

Domestic Science Charlotte Hagerman. 

Drawing Grace Donohue 

Normal Mabel Reid 

Agnculture P S Jordan 

Hawley, Clay Co., pop. 1,050. 

City Superintendent O. E. Smith 
Principal High School R Wollin. 

Hector, Renville Co., pop. 1,075. 

Pres Bd Educ A. B Anderson 
Sec Bd. Educ O A Allen 
City Superintendent G. W. Wisman 
Principal High School Isabelle Davidson 
Domestic Science Nina Berry 
Agriculture O M Kiser 
Supv. Music LeVerne Cayott. 
Manual Training "W B Marshall. 





Henderson, Sibley Co , pop 1,150. 

Pies Bd Educ A L Poehler 
Sec Bd Educ H W Bosel. 
City Superintendent L. J Holllster 
Principal High School Frank Yukel 
Domestic Science Helen Doran 
Agnculture A C Brookley 

Herman, Grant Co., pop. 825. 

City Superintendent J W Fay 
Prin. H. S Inez F. Norlander 

Heron Lake, Jackson Co,, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ V Butler 
Sec Bd Educ B B Sontag. 
City Superintendent D. A Cooley 
Puncipal High Schoo 1 Fannie Wilson 
Supv Music Myrtle Jarmuth 
Manual Training Frank Johnson 

Hibbing, St. Louis Co., pop 8,832. 

Pres Bd Educ T J Godfrey 

Sec Bd Educ S L Holtzlander 

('it* Supenntendent Claude C Alexander 

Prin H. S C C. Alexander 

Hznckley, Pine Co, pop. 750. 

Pres Bd Educ J R Mullins 
Sec Bd Educ G "W Empey 
City Superintendent L H Pry or 
Prin H S. Harriet Gemmel 
Agriculture P P Banker 

Hopkins, Hennepin Co., pop. 1,648 

Pres Bd Educ Henry Moore. 
Sec Bd Educ. B A Close 
City Superintendent R J Mayo 
Prin. H S Mary C Goff 
Manual Training Chester A Reed 
Domestic Science Patience Knight 

Houston, Houston Co, pop. 1,175. 

Pres. Bd Educ C J Swenson. 

Sec Bd Educ C F Swenson 

City Superintendent F O Flenniken. 

Principal High School Carl J Markhus 

Supv Music Alice Turner 

Domestic Science Anna Berg 

Manual Training P O Flenniken 

Howard Lake, Wright Co., pop. 975. 

Pres Bd Educ Chris Jolmsen 

Sec Bd. Educ John Zech 

City Superintendent R W. Chalgren 

Principal High School Gladvs Taylor 

Supv Music Wilhelmina Rud 

Manual Training A B Anderson 

Agriculture E H Granfield 

Hntchlnson, McLeod Co., pop. 2,489 

Pres Bd Educ C W Loindsten 
Sec Bd Educ Henry Braun 
City Superintendent H L Merrill 
Principal High School Selma Melgren 
Agriculture J P Sheay 

Jackson, Jackson Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ W G Portmann 
City Superintendent W O Lippitt 
Principal High School Bessie Whittier 
Music and Drawing Fern Foster 

Janesville, Waseca Co., pop. 1,350. 

City Superintendent J. E Anderson 
Principal High School Louise Boethin 

Jordon, Scott Co , pop. 1,311. 

Pi es Bd Educ S TJ ( a,b\v ell 
S< i c Bd Educ P T Hunzikei 
fits- Supeimtondent C R Gi eaves 
Principal High School Edith "Woolsey 

Kasota, LeSneur Co, pop. 693. 

Pi es Bd Educ C W Babcock 
Sec Bd Educ B Vetter 
City Supei intendent C I Salter 
Principal High School Miss Wilcox 

Kasson, Dodge Co., pop. 1,175 

Citj Supeiintenclent W S Pieice 
Principal High School Daisj M Hill 
Aguculture L H Thuen^aehtei 

Kenyon, Goodhue Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr J A Gates 
Sec Bd Educ J C E Holmen 
Citv Superintendent G O Biohaugh 
Principal High School Mendus Vevle 
Supv Music Miss E M Davis 
Manual Training T J Schance 

Kerkhoven, Swift Co., pop. 875. 

City Superintendent F C Thompson 
Principal High School Esther Perry 

Lake Benton, Lincoln Co., pop 1,100. 

Pies Bd Educ William Wakefield 
Sec Bd Educ George H Diederick 
Cit\ Superintendent R A Gra\es 
Principal High School Mi&s Dodd 

Lake City, Wabasha Co, pop. 2,877. 
Pres. Bd. Educ J. E Phillips. 
Sec Bd Educ F. H. Kemp. 
City Superintendent C W Brown 
Principal High School L V Matheny 
Supv. Music Mabel Harrison. 
Manual Training Roy Neft 
Domestic Science Bessie Tews. 
Agriculture E J Ti osper 

Lake Crystal, Bine Earth Co., pop. 1,231. 

Pres. Bd Educ Hugh Norman 
Sec Bd Educ Hugh Pntchard 
City Superintendent H H Magee 
Principal High School Margaretta Roth 
Manual Training W H Elfman 
Domestic Science Evelyn Brown 
Agnculture L, E McMillan 

Lake Park, Becker Co , pop. 1,000 

Pres Bd Educ R W Smith 

Sec Bd Educ K Dalager 

City Superintendent John M Biendal 

Principal High School Ella Lorentzen 

Manual Training F S Morse. 

Domestic Science Mrs T. O Lovig 

Lakefleld, Jackson Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ O Thorcson 
Sec Bd Educ H J Haydon 
City Superintendent E T Walker 
Principal High School W L Maulsby. 
Manual Training R B Coleman 
Domestic Science Katheiine Anderson 
Agriculture R A Brown, 

Lamberton, Redwood Co, pop. 1,300, 

Pres Bd Educ G A Koenig 
Sec Bd Educ A H Enersen 
City Superintendent J N Childs 
Principal High School M C Bergneun. 





Lanesboro, Film ore Co., pop 1,041. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr A P Tommer 
Sec Bd Educ J H Leaiy 
City Superintendent C A Sim on da 
Principal High School T D Brown 
Manual Training T D Brown 
Domestic Science Mary Sweeney. 
Agriculture Emil O Rustad 

LeRoy, Mower Co , pop. 1,035. 

City Superintendent Geo H Tracy 
Principal High School "Louise Johnson 
Agi iculture W M Bewick 

LeSueur, LeSueur Co., pop. 1,842. 

City Superintendent C W Van Cleve 
Prln H. S Vione Young 
Agi iculture J R Foster 

LeSueur Center, LeSueur Co , pop. 1,175. 

City Superintendent H C. Poehler. 
Puncipal High School J Quigley 

Utchfleld, Meeker Co., pop 2,413 

Pres Bd Educ T C Gordon 
Sec Bd Educ J T Mullen 
City Supenntendent S E Hargis 
Puncipal High School Clarice Grmdeland. 
Manual Training L A Stollberg 
Domestic Science Jennie Simmons 
Pen'ship, Com'l & Stenog'y M W Zipoy. 
Agriculture G. A Amidon 

Little Falls, Morrison Co., pop. 6,078. 

Pres Bd Educ T C Gordon 
Sec Bd Educ L E Richard 
City Superintendent F W Dobbyn 
Principal High School M W Zipoy 
Agi iculture F W Gustafson 
Manual Training C O Smith 
Domestic Science Albia Richard. 
Commercial Harriet Gebhardt 

Little Falls Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1904, R B Millard, Principal. 

Long: Prairie, Tocld Co., pop. 1,256. 

City Superintendent G Holmquist 
Principal High School Olive Nordgaard 

Luverae, Rock Co., pop. 2,272. 

Pres Bd Educ O E Ferguson 
Sec Bd Educ H W Bertram 
City Superintendent H. C Bell. 
Prm. H S Rene Moiiis 

Lyle, Mower Co., pop. 850. 

City Superintendent O R Arrlnsrton 
Principal High School Florence Williams 
Agricultuie J V. Ellis 

Mdntosh, Polk Co., pop. 900. 

City Superintendent E E Hanson 
Puncipal High School Nellie Allen 
Agriculture John Husby 

Mabel, Filmore Co, pop 975. 

Pres Bd Educ E C Erickson 
Sec Bd Educ H H Hammer. 
City Superintendent O D Billings 
Principal High School C Parry 
Supv Music R S Pany 
Madelia, Watonwan Co., pop. 1,525. 
City Superintendent J C Straley 
Principal High School Elizabeth Roberts 
Agriculture Virgil Miller 

Madison, Lac qul Parle Co., pop. 1,675. 

Pies Bd Educ H. T Sorkness 
Sec Bd Educ J C Ruud 
City Superintendent Jos G Norby 
Pirn High School Margaret McQuilken 
Manual Training W C Dennis 
Domestic Science Ella Snell. 
Commercial Clara Haas 
Agi iculture J S Jones 

Lutheran Normal School, nor , co-ed , 
Luth , est 1892, K. Lokensgard, Princi- 

Mankato, Blue Earth Co.* pop. 10,365. 

Pre& Bd Educ L T Jefferson 

Sec Bd Educ E G. Searing. 

City Superintendent Fredenck J Sperry 

Principal High School "William G Bates 

Music and Drawing Fannie Pitcher 

Manual Training Vernon A. Cooper. 

Domestic Science Jean Collins 

Pen and Commercial J. E F Chase 

Agriculture C H Shum\s ay 

Academy of Our Lady; girls* boarding and 

day, R C , Mother Isidore, Superior. 
Bethany College; girls' boarding, Luth ; 

Rev W S. Georg, President 
Mankato Commercial College: bus and 

sten , est 1891; J. R. Brandrup, Pres 
State Normal School, nor ; state; co-ed ; 

est. 1868, Charles H Cooper, Pres 

Mapleton, Blue Earth Co., pop 938. 

Pres Bd Educ U G Argetsinger 
Sec Bd Educ F J Bomberger 
City Superintendent F E Trafzer 
Principal High School Rosetta Gioethum 

Marshall. Lyon Co.. pop. 2.300. 

Pres Bd Educ M W Harden 
Sec Bd Educ F W Sickler 
City Superintendent M P Forbes 
Puncipal High School Ella M. Niles 
Supv Music Anne Yoik 
Manual Training P W A berg 
Domestic Science Inez Whitney 

Milaca, Millelacs Co., pop. 1,319 

Citv Superintendent H A Garrison 
Principal High School H H Maass 
Agi iculture W E Watson 

Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., pop. 301,408. 

Pres Bd Educ Horace N Lelghton 
Sec Bd Educ Lynn Thompson 
Business Supt George F Momrath 
City Superintendent B B Jackson 
Assistant Supt W F Webster 
Assistant Supt Flora E Pope 
Assistant Supt Elizabeth Hall. 
Prin Central H S John N Greer. 
Prm East H S L N McWhorter 
Prln. North H S Waldo W. Hobbs. 
Prln South H. S Joseph, Jorgens 
Prm West H S R H Jordan 





Minneapolis continued 
Supv Music T P Giddmgs 
Manual Training J E Painter 
Domestic Art Miss Carne L Wilkerson 
Domestic Science L,illa P Fuch 
Director of Hjgiene Di Charles H Keene 
Drawing Miss Emma Roberts 
Penmanship John R Bayley 

Academy of the Holy Angels, girls, R C , 

Sister Rosalia, Superior, 4th St and 7th 

American Business College, bus and sten , 

est 1903, J J Hagen, A M, President 

Nicollet at Lake 
Augsburg Seminary, coll , men, Luth , est 

1869, George Sverdrup, M A, President 
Barry's Telegraph Institute, telegraphy and 

station work; Prof Berry, Manager, 842 

Hennepin Ave 
Blake School for Boys, day, non-sect , 

est. 1907, Charles B Newton, A B, 

Caton College, bus and sten , Thomas J 

A Caton, Pres 
Curtiss Business College; bus and sten.; 

est 1874; C L Button, Manager, 122 S 

Sixth St 
De La Salle Institute, prep : boys, R. C., 

Rev Brother Austin, Principal, Grove and 

Island Ave , W 
Duke School for Stammerers; defective 

speech, W M Duke, Principal, 1800 

Third Ave, South 
Graham Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect , 

est 19 00 /Elizabeth Caise, Principal, 1SOO 

First Ave, S' 
Gregg Shorthand Business School; sten and 

bus, E L. Jones, Prin , 809 Northwest- 
ern Bldg 
Hillman's Individual School, bus. and sten ; 

co-ed est. 1907, P Leland Hillman, 

Principal, 226 South Fourth Street 
Humboldt College, bus and sten , est 

1895, J P Peterson, President, Lake 

St and Chicago Ave 

International Law and Business Institute; 
J J Craig, President, 1904 Second Ave, 

Johnson School of Music, Oratory and Dra- 
matic Art, co-ed , Gustavus Johnson, Di- 
rector, 70 S llth. 

Minneapolis Business College; bus and 
sten.; est 1903; D. R. Rugg, Pres., 225 
5th St S 

Minneapolis College of Law; evening school; 
co-ed ; 19th and 2d Ave S. 

Minneapolis Kindergarten Association Nor- 
mal School , nor kind , non-sect , Stella 
L Wood, Director 

Minneapolis School of Art, Joseph Breck, 

Minneapolis School of Fine Arts; art; co- 
ed.; est 1886, Robert Koehler, Director, 
Hennepin Ave. and 10th St, 

Minneapolis School of Music, Oratory and 
Dramatic Art, co-ed , est. 1906; William 
H Pontius and Charles M Holt, Direc- 
tors, 42 Eighth Street, South 

Minneapolis continued 

Minnesota College, prep , normal, commerce, 
expression, music, art, co-ed , Swed 
Luth , est 1904, Frank Nelson, L H D, 
Pres , Harvard and Dela\\ are, S E 

Minnesota Institute of Pharmacy, phar , 
co-ed , C W Drew, M D , Dean 

Minnesota School of Business, bus and 
sten , est 1877, Charles T Rickard and 
Grove A Gruman, Principals, 672 First 
Avenue, North 

Munson Shordiand Institute, bus. and 
sten , est 18S1, R J Smith, Principal, 
126 South Third 

National Business College, bus and sten ; 
G M Langum, Principal, 720 S Fourth 

Northwestern Bible and Missionary Train- 
ing School, J C Buckbee, Principal. 

Northwestern College of. Law, evening 
school, co-ed , est 1912, George E Young, 
Dean, Plymouth Bldg 

Northwestern Conservatory of Musi*, xnus ; 
dramatic art, est 1885, Olive Adele 
Evers, Pres 

Russian Orthodox Theological Seminary, 
theol , men, Rev Leonid J Turckevieh, 
Rector, 1701 N E Fifth 

St Margaret's Academy, girls' boarding, 
R C , Sister Superior, Hawthorne and 
N 13th 

Stanley College, girls' boarding, non-sect , 
est 1913, Miss Olive A Evers, Presi- 
dent, 2118 Pleasant Avenue 

The Office School; bus. and sten ; Ira 
Richaidson, Prin , 840 Hennepin. 

University of Minnesota, comprises the Col- 
lege of Science, Literature and Arts, of 
Engineering and Mechanic Arts, of Edu- 
cation, Department of Agriculture, Law 
School, Medical School, College of Den- 
tistry, of Pharmacy, School of Mines, 
of Analytical and Applied Chemistry, and 
Graduate School, state univ , co-ed , est. 
1868, George Edgar Vincent, LLu D, 

University of Minnesota, College of Agricul- 
ture, courses in agronomy, agricultural 
chemistry and engineering, dairy and ani- 
mal husbandry, home economics, horti- 
culture, veterinary science, experiment 
stations at St Anthony Park, Crookston, 
Grand Rapids, Morris, Duluth, Waseca, 
and Zumbra Heights, Albert F. Woods, 
M. A, Dean 

University of Minnesota, College of Dentis- 
try, co-ed , est 1888, Alfred Owre, Dean, 
University and llth Aves 

University of Minnesota, College of Educa* 
turn, professional training courses for 
teachers, co-ed ; Lotus P Coffman, Ph. 
D , Dean. 

University of Minnesota, College of Engi- 
neering, courses in civil, mechanical, 
electrical, and architectural engineering 
and architecture, co-ed , Francis Clin- 
ton Shenehon, C. E , Dean. 





Minneapolis continued 

University of Minnesota, College of For- 
estry , including forest experiment stations 
at Itasca, and Cloquet, Edward G Chey- 
ney, B A , Director. 

University of Minnesota, College of Law; 
co-ed , est 18S8; William Reynolds Vance, 
LL. D, Dean, University and llth Aves 

University of Minnesota, College of Phar- 
macy, co-ed , est 1892, Frederick J 
Wulling, LL. M, Dean, 3305 2nd Ave . 

University of Minnesota, Medical School, 
reg , co-ed , est. 1888, Elias Potter Lyon, 
M D, Dean 

University of Minnesota, School for Nurses, 
est 1909, Louise M. Powell, R N, Supt 

University of Minnesota, School of Chemis- 
try, offers four and five-year courses m 
analytical and applied chemistry, George 
B Frankforter, Ph D , Dean 

University of Minnesota, School of Mines, 
offers three courses in mining engineering 
and metallurgy, William R. Appleby, 
M A, Dean 

Mhmeota, Lyon Co., pop. 954. 

City Superintendent M W Melvm 
Principal High School Mary G Rice 
Agriculture C B Olney 

Montevideo, Chippewa Co., pop. 2,505. 

Pres Bd Educ R S Bacon 

Sec Bd Educ C A. Fosnes 

City Superintendent J J Bohlander 

Supv Music Esther Gran 

Manual Training J F Jacks 

Domestic Science Esthei Grau 

Penmanship M Draper 

Windom Institute, prep , co-ed ; Cong , 
est. 1886, R. E NIchol, B. A, Prin. 

Montgomery, LeSueur Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ C D McCarthy 
Sec Bd. Educ J L. Dvorak 
City Superintendent D A Drussendprf. 
Principal High School A B. Jardine. 
Domestic Science Mary Prochaska. 
Agriculture D C Dvoracek 

Montlcello, Wright Co*, pop. 873. 

City Superintendent C R Wilcox 
Principal High School Marietta Butlei 
Agriculture A F Kiser. 

Moorhead, Clay Co., pop. 4,794. 
Pres Bd Educ Dr. O J. Hagen. 
Sec Bd Educ O T Borgen 
City Superintendent Herbert R. Edwards 
Prin H S Kezzie F. Porter 
Music and Drawing Meda M C'lesterman 
Manual Training George M Cavtemss 
Domestic Science Marguerite A Evans. 
Penmanship Mae O'Laughlin 

Concordia College, coll ; co-ed ; Luth. ; eat. 

1891, Rev J A Aasgaard, A. B, B. D, 

State Normal School; nor ; state; co-ed ; 

est 1889, Frank A. Weld, A M, Prea- 


Mora, Kanabec Co , pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ L E Conger. 
Sec Bd Educ C E Williams 
City Superintendent Hi H Daman. 
Principal High School Bertha Brechet 
Agiicultuie "VT H Hamilton 

Morris, Stevens Co., pop* 2,003. 
City Superintendent Root. W. Davis. 
Prin. H. S Etta Q Lundstrom 

West Central Minnesota School of Agricul- 
ture; state, agric.; E. C. Higbie, Supt. 

Morton, Renville Co., pop. 850* 

City Superintendent E E. Gloege, 
Principal High School Grace O'Neil 

Mountain Lake, Cottonwood Co., pop. 1,063. 

City Superintendent H. E. Griebenow 
Principal High School Esther V Seaman. 
Agr iculturc R F Donnan. 

New Prague, LeSneur Co., pop. 1,635. 

Pres Bd Educ E E Novak 

Sec Bd. Educ John Joach 

City Superintendent B. B. Erlckson. 

Pimcipal High School Anna Wentz 

Manual Training Rosaly Schapler 

New Bichlanct, Waseca Co., pop. 1,025. 

Pres Bd. Educ. C B Johnson. 
Sec Bd. Educ J A Tyrholm 
City Superintendent G. A McGarvey 
Principal High School Marjone Miller. 
Supv Music Grace Charles. 
Manual Training G. A. McGarvey. 
Domestic Science Eloise Haney 
Agriculture L C Lyness 

New Him, Brown Co, pop. 
Pres. Bd Educ Dr. Geo B. Weiser. 
Sec Bd. Educ Ad. F. Reim 
City Superintendent Henry C. Hess. 
Prin H. S H. T Petterson 
Manual Training William Ledine. 
Supv Music Louise W Pierce 
Primary Louise F Meile 
Normal Jennie E Lewis 

Dr. Martin Luther College; nor. and prep.; 
co-ed , est 1884, Rev. A. Ackermann, A, 
M , President 

North St. Paul, Ramsey Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pres Bd Educ John Schleck. 

Sec. Bd Educ J W Herrick. 

City Superintendent J. P. Schumacher 

Prin H. S Melva A Collins 

Northfield, Rice Co., pop. $.433. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr W A Hunt. 
Sec Bd Educ W Wilson 
City Superintendent iM P Forbes 
Principal 'High School Anna Bernard 
Supv Music Violet Moyer 
Drawing Nora H MacEwen 
Agriculture Gaylord Hancock. 

Carleton College, coll ; co-ed ; Cong ; eat 
1866, Donald John Cowling, Ph D, Presi- 

St Olaf College, coll ; co-ed.; Luth.; eet. 
1874. Rev A. L Vigness, DD, President. 





Norwood, Carver Co , pop. 075. 

Pres Bd Bduc August F Truwe 
Sec Bd Educ F S Maj er 
City Superintendent Theodore Utne 
Principal High School Mildred Loomis 
Agriculture A F La\\ rence 

Olivia, Renville Co. pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ James Empev 
Sec Bd Educ George E Peteison 
City Superintendent Arth N Gausemel 
Principal High School Ella Lindeman 
Agncultuie W K Dyer 

Ortonville, Bigstone Co , pop 1,675. 

City Superintendent J E Butler 
Principal High School Beatrice Hale 

Osakls, Donglas Co., pop. 1,125 

Pres Bd Educ W. A Tates 

Sec Bd Educ. J M Curtis 

City Superintendent E N Hamilton 

Prtn H S Eleanor Quigley 

Manual Training H Bergsland 

Owatonna, Steele Co , pop. 5,658 

Pres Bd Educ George Parrott 

Sec Bd Educ N C Zamboni 

City Superintendent W B Thornburgh 

Prfn H S John J Skinner 

Supv Music Miss Maud L Johnson 

Manual Training Edwin Chambers 

Domestic Science Miss Stella Smith 

Drawing Helen Leach. 

Agriculture W V Gousseff 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing, H C.; est 1877; Sister M. Euphrasla, 

Canfleld Commercial School, bus and sten , 
est. 1897, W P Canfield, Pres 

Pillsbury Academy, prep . co-ed , Bapt , 
est 1877: Mllo B Price, Ph D., Pres 

State Public School; state school for de- 
pendent children, co-ed ; G A. Merrill, 

Park Rapids. Hnbbard Co , pop. 1,719. 

Pres Bd Educ P. A. Fuller 
Sec Bd. Educ P. A Vanderpoel. 
City Superintendent Albert M Bank 
Principal High School Amy Berge 
Supv Mus & Draw Mrs. Fairbanks. 
Manual Training J "W Whittmeyer. 
Domestic Science Ether Heeg 
Physical Culture Leah Deutsch. 
Com'l & Stenog*y Mary Hayes 
Agriculture A R Bntzme 

Faynesvllle, Steams Co., pop. 1,325. 

City Superintendent E E Locker by 
Principal High School Anna M Filk 

Pelican Rapids, Ottertall Co., pop. 1,700. 

Citv Superintendent H L Andeison 
Principal High School Anna "Warren 

Perham. Ottertail Co.. pop 1,775. 

Pres Bd Educ M J Daly 

Sec Bd Educ M Goblirscb 

City Supenntendent T B Miller 

Principal High School Margaret Dunphy. 

Supv Music Helen Lohmar. 

Manual Training H Koemtzer 

Pine Cftv. Pine Co, pop. 1,400. 

Pies Bd Educ Robert Wilcox 
Sec Bd Educ J D Boyle 
City Superintendent W J McAdam, 
Prin H S Myra Soutliworth 
Manual Training "W J McAdam 
Agriculture A C O Banion 

Pine Island Ooodhne Co.. pop. 1,125. 

Pres Bd Educ D C Sheldon 

Sec Bd Educ L L Coinwell 

City Superintendent W H Cart^ right 

Principal High School Lester Dickinson 

Supv Music Arty s Schroeder 

Manual Training D W Davenport 

Domestic Science Celia Maas 

Pi pest one, Pipestone Co., pop. 2,885. 

Pres Bd Educ E E Argetsmger 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs G L Whigam 
City Superintendent A C Tibbetts 
Principal High School Ethel Aekerman 
Supv Mus & Draw -Clara Koeneman 
Manual Training H G Carlson 
Domestic Science Janet Ward 
Drawing Clara Koeneman 
Agriculture A J Secor 

Pipestone Indian Training School Govern- 
m*nt school for Indians, est 1892, Wil- 
lard S Campbell, Supt 

Plainview, Wabasha fo . pop 1,425. 

Pres Bd Educ G H Dickmay. 
Sec Bd Educ G F Sylvester 
City Superintendent Amy R "French 
Principal High School C L Mikkelsen 
Domestic Science Ruth Iile 

Preston, THlmore Co., pop. 1,450. 

City Superintendent L C McCarty 
Principal High School B H Miller 

Princeton. Millelaes Co , pop. I t 704. 

Pity Supenntendent T C. Marshall 
Prin H. S Sophia Stroeter 

Red Lake Tails. Red Lake Co.. pop 1,797. 

Pres Bd Educ >Dr N M Watson 
Sec Bd Educ Dr I Lemieux 
City Superintendent C H Workman 
Principal High School S A Baksalyar 
Manual Tiaining L Swenson 
Domestic Science Minnie Shrepel 
Agricultui e Paul Carpenter 

Red Wins:. Goodhne Co., pop 9,048. 

Pres Bd Educ C E Sheldon 

Sec Bd Educ Andicw Lindgren 

City Superintendent O W Herr 

Prin. H S Paul Th Husterholz 

Supv Music Mae L Walker 

Manual Training 1 D H. Goldsmith. 

Domestic Science Innagarde Gutfleisch. 

Drawing Marion Kassm? 

Physical Culture Catherine Craddock 

Pen'ship Com'l and Stenog C C Windsor 

Agriculture L A Eeynoldson 

Lutheran Ladies' Seminary, prep , Luth ; 
girls H Allen, Pres 

Red Wing Business College bus and sten . 
est 1909, Frank W Kalfahs, President. 





Red Wing: continued 

Red Wing Evangelical Seminary, theol 
men Luth , est 1879, Rev. Edward W 
Schmidt, Pres 

State Training School for Boys, s+ate In- 
stitution, Charles O Merica, Supt 

Redwood Falls, Redwood Co , pop 1,806. 

Pres Bd Educ Daniel McLean 
Sec Bd Educ H M, Aune 
City Supeimtendent D S Biainaid 
Principal High School Harold Jordan 
Supv Music Mabel Wood 
Manual Training Glenn Lukens 
Domestic Science Ada L Peick 
Agriculture P V Fmlej 

Remille, Renville Co, pop. 1,229. 

City Superintendent L J Farmer 
Pilncipal High School Emma J Frederick 
Agncultuie Franz Krause. 

Rochester, Olmstead Co., pop 7,844. 

Pres Bd Educ H H Wethei stone 
Sec Bd Educ Ellis Bratager. 
City Superintendent H A. Johnson 
Prm H S Edward Shuey. 
Supv Music Mrs Maud Knapp 
Dia-vvmg Olive Hanson J 

Penmanship Mai ic He\ eron 

Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes, girls' 
boarding, R C , Mother Mathilda, Su- 

Rochester Business and Normal College, 
bus and nor , co-ed , est 1896, Martin 
A. Beatty, Pres 

Rush Citv, Chisago Co , pop 1,200. 

Pies Bd Educ Dr C A Anderson 
Sec. Bd Educ E J Boyle 
City Superintendent N R Rmgrdahl 
Pnncipal High School Mabel Wicker 
Manual Training J I Layman 
Agriculture Hariy Ohn 

Rushford, Fillmore Co., pop 1,350. 

Pres Bd Educ H M Smith. 

Sec Bd Educ C C Jensen 

City Superintendent H S Craig 

Principal High School Elsie Younkman 

Manual Training Jens Jensen. 

Agriculture Frank Sandhammer 

St. Anthony Park, Suburb of St. Paul. 

Bethel Academy, prep , co-ed , A J Wing- 
blade, Principal 

College of Agriculture, University of Minne- 
sota, state, co-ed., est 1871, D. D 
Mayne, Principal. 

Seminary of the United Norwegian Luth- 
eran Church, theol ; men; Ev Luth , est 
1885; Rev. Prof Marcus Olans Boeck- 
man, D D , Pres , Fhalem Park. 

St. Charles, Winona Co., pop. 1,575. 

Pres Bd Educ F H Rollins 

Sec Bd Educ R M Dixon 

City Superintendent Arthur A Sperling. 

Principal High School Lena Towne. 

Supv Music Gertrude Wolter. 

St. Cloud, Stearns Co., pop. 10,600. 

Pres Bd Ertuc - W. AV Smith 
Sec Bd Educ Julius Adams 
Citj Superintendent C H Maxson 
Prm H S Elizabeth Clark 
Supv Music Anna Rund 
Manual Training Elmer Knutson. 
Domestic Science Louise Breher. 
Physical Culture Roy Gangwlsch. 
Dialing Miss M Johnson 
Penmanship Ida Chambers. 

Kennedy Business College; bus. and sten , 
est 1909, Miss Annie M Kennedy, Prin 

St Cloud Business College, bus. and sten , 
est 1902, Lewis H Vath, Prin. 

State Normal School, nor ; state, co-ed , 
est 1869, J C Brown, President 

St. James, Watonwan Co., pop. 2,320. 

Pres Bd Educ. J K. Sonnesyn 
Sec. Bd Educ L E Chambard 
City Superintendent J C Davis. 
Principal High School Ross N Young 
Supv Mus & Draw Litta M Stone 
Manual Training Harold Sverdrup 
Domestic Science Leora Sherer. 
Agricultuie J A. Kiall 

St. Joseph, Steams Co., pop. 706. 

St Benedict's College and Academy; girls' 
boarding, R C , est 1880, Sister Domin- 
ica Borgerdmg, Directress 

St. Louis Park, Hennepin Co., pop. 1,491. 

City Superintendent J3 S. Hatch 
Prin H. S Agnes Crounse. 
Agriculture P R Little. 

St. Paul, Ramsey Co., pop. 214,744. 

Pies Bd Educ Albert Wunderlich 
Sec Bd Educ Karl F Dreher 
City Superintendent Ernest C Hartwell 
Sup\ Music Elsie M. Shawe. 
Manual Training Donald V. Ferguson. 
Domestic Science Esther Moran 
Physical Culture Carl J. Herrmann, 
Drawing Lillian G Swan 
Kindergarten Mary McClellan. 


Central High School, Lexington Boulevard; 
J E Mai shall, Principal 

Humboldt High School, GofC Avenue, Jos- 
eph A Wauchope 

John A. Johnston High School, Walsh 
Ave , John M Guise, Principal. 

Mechanic Arts High School, Central Ave ; 
Dietrich Lange, Principal 

Backus' School for Girls, girls' boarding; 
non-sect , est 1903, Mrs Carrie Haskins 
Backus, Principal, 578 Holly Avenue. 

Baldwin Seminary, prep ; co-ed.; non-sect; 
Clinton J Backus, Prin., 114 Mackubin, 

Capitol City Commercial College, bus. and 
sten , est 1908; Malcolm Emory Nichols, 
President, 23 East Sixth Street. 

College of St Catherine, coll. and prep ; 
girls' boarding; R. C , est 1905; Sister 
Frances Clare, President, Cleveland and 





St Paul continued 

College of St. Thomas, coll and prep , 
boj^s* boarding, military, R C , est 1885, 
Very Rev H Moynihan, President, Cor- 
ner Cle\ eland and Summit Ave 

Concordia College, boys' boarding, Ev 
Luth, est 1893, Theodore Buenger, Presi- 
dent, St Anthony and Syndicate 

Cretin High School, boys' boarding, R. C : 
Rev Bro B. Lewis, Prin. 

Globe Business College, est 1875; J O. 
Weaver, Pres , 7th and St Peter Sts 

Hamline University, coll, co-ed, M E; 
est. 1854, Rev Samuel Kerfoot, D. D. 

Loomis School, girls' boarding, non-sect . 
Miss Annie J Loomis, Prin 

Luther Seminary, theol ; Luth ; men. est 
1884, Rev H Ernst, D. D, President, 
Phalen Park 

Macalester College, coll ; music; co-ed ; 
Presb , est 1885, T Morey Hodgman, 
M. A, LL D, Pres 

Madison School, normal training; women; 
est. 1883, J. C. Bryant, Prin, 10th & 
Minnesota Sts 

Pioneer Business School, bus and sten ; 
Mrs. P. P. Roller, Prin, 329 Ryan Bldg 

Rasmussen Practical Business School, bus 
and sten , est 1900; Walter Rasmussen, 
President, 353 Minnesota Street 

St Joseph Academy, girls' boarding; R. 
C ; Sister Hyacinth, Nelson and Western 

St Mary's High School, prep.; co-ed , R. 
C ; Sister Victoria, Prin., Cor 9th and 

St. Paul Academy, boys* day; non-sect , 
est 1900, John D Buggs, A B, Head- 
master, Cor Dale and Portland Aves 

St Paul College of Law, law; co-ed , est. 
1900, G L Bunn, Dean, 6th and Minne- 

St Paul Institute of Art, co-ed , est 1894, 
Lee W Ziegler, Director, Auditorium 

St Paul Seminary, men; R C , est 1894, 
Very Rev Francis J Schaefer, Rector, 
Summit and Mississippi Boulevard. 

School of Traction Engineering, tech , men; 
est. 1906; J L. Mowry, Prin. 

Seminary of the United Norwegian Luth- 
eran Church; theol., Luth., men, est 
1890, Rev, Marcus O. Bookman, D D, 
President, St Anthony Park. 

Stone's School of Watchmaking; watch- 
making, jewelry trades; men; est. 1900, 
Herman A Stone, President, 903 Globe 

Visitation Convent; girls' boarding; R. C ; 
Mother Clementine, Superior, Fairmont 

St. Paul Park, Washington Co., pop. 1,173. 

St. Paul's College, prep ; co-ed , M E ; 
est 1889; Henry J. Hoffert, M. S. D D., 

St. Peter, NIoollet Co , pop. 4,514. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Daniels. 
Sec Bd Educ Mrs C Weibezahn 
City Superintendent B M Cosgrove 
Prin H S Emily D Brown. 
Domestic Science Ruth Mills 
Manual Training J C Hulett 
Agricultuie Chailes Kelehan 

Gustavus Adolphus College, coll , co-ed ; 
Luth J , est 1862, Rev O J Johnson, 

Sandstone, Pine Co., pop 1,589. 

Pres Bd Educ A S Dean 
Sec Bd Educ M E Robey 
City Superintendent George V. Kmney. 
Principal High School Marie Mahaffey 
Supv Music Frances Lamb. 
Manual Training H M Church 
Domestic Science Catherine Ober 
Com'l & Stenog'y Marie Mahaffey 
Agriculture S A Colliver 

Sank Center, Stearns Co., pop. 2,463. 

City Superintendent Martin D Aygarn 
Principal High School A W Thomas 
Agriculture O E Gibson 

Sank Rapids, Benton Co., pop. 1,000. 

City Superintendent J A Cedeistiom 
Pimcipal High School Anna C Carlson 
Agi iculture A E Whueside 

Shakopee, Scott Co., pop 2,069. 

City Superintendent F B Harnngton 
Pimcipal High School Aloise Truesdell 
Agriculture H L Boi st 

Sherbura, Martin Co, pop. 950. 

City Supenntendent Arnold Gloor 
Pimcipal High School Ruth A Sheriill 

Slayton, Murray Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent F S Morse 
Pimcipal High School M Alice Pearson. 

Sleepy Eye, Brown Co., pop. 2,312. 

City Superintendent C E Camp ton 
Principal High School Jennie McMullen 
Agriculture A E Webb 

Smithville, Si. Louis Co., pop. 100. 

Finnish Working People's College, Socialist 
scientific courses, co-ed , boarding, non- 
sect , est 1904, George Sirola, Lecturer. 

South St. Paul, Dakota Co , pop. 4,510. 
Pres Bd Educ. J. W. Vant Hue. 
Sec Bd. Educ J R. Stevenson. 
City Superintendent D Edward Hickey 
Principal High School L C Higbie. 
Supv Music Gyda Hanson. 
Manual Training G. E. Hardy. 
Domestic Science L Bernice Hart. 
Penmanship Stella Henderson 
Com'l and Stenog'y Lulu March. 
Agriculture -F E McCall 

Spring Grove, Houston Co, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ G M Helland 
Sec Bd Educ A A Honaas 
City Superintendent O K. Omlle. 
Principal High School Lucille Weida. 





Spring: Valley, Flllmore Co, pop. 1,925. 

Pres Bd Educ E G Washburn 
Sec Bd Educ R E Shepherd 
City Superintendent J E Moore 
Principal High School Ciaia Frazer 
Supv Music Mrs C M Allen 
Manual Training- Stanley Mjthabr 
Domestic Science Ethel Urbatch 
Agriculture C "W Hendncks 

Springfield, Brown Co , pop. 1,548. 

Pres Bd Educ H Bendixen 
Sec Bd Educ A G Anderson 
City Superintendent J. S Bunell 
Principal High School Janette M Bender 
Manual Tiaming P M Spink 
Domestic Science Anna Beyer 

Staples, Todd Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ Frederick Ahlbrecht 
Sec Bd Educ F H Knickerbocker 
City Superintendent W G Bolcom 
Principal High School Kate E Phillips 
Manual Training John G Hallberg 
Domestic Science Mary A Searle. 

Stephen, Marshall Co., pop. 1,050. 

Pres Bd Educ F C Woods 
Sec Bd Educ P A McClernan 
City Superintendent Frank H KOOB 
Principal High School A Hunton 
Manual Training J E Service. 
Domestic Science Louise Lindsley. 
Agriculture L H Fudge 

Stewartville, Olmstead Co., pop. 1,025. 

City Superintendent G H Booth 
Prin H. S. Dora McGuigan. 
Agriculture G S Ellis 

Stillwater, Washington Co., pop. 10,198. 

Pres Bd Educ J Q Mackintosh 

Sec Bd Educ Andrew J Holm. 

City Superintendent J. C Davies 

Prin. H. S Charles Hellberg 

Supv. Music Verna Lean. 

Manual Training Paul Dietrlckson. 

Domestic Science Hazel Riess 

Physical Culture Margaret Hoppln. 

Drawing Katherine Parker. 

Penmanship Nellie Pixley 

Com'l and Stenog'y Mary Goudberg. 

Bassmussen Practical Business College; 
bus. and sten , eat 1900, Julius RasmuB- 
sen, Pres 

Thief River Falls, Pennington Co., pop. 3,125. 

City Superintendent J H. Hay. 
Frln. H S. Miss S Grlndeland, 

Commercial Normal School, est 1909; O. 
A. Naplin, B A, Prin 

Tracy, "Lyon Co., pop. 8,015. 

Cltv Superintendent Lee Swift 
Principal High School Gertrude Carver. 
Agriculture W F Stewart. 

Two Harbors, Lake Co., pop. 4,408. 

Pres Bd Educ A Halliday 

Sec Bd Educ W B Woodward. 

City Superintendent C E Crampton. 

Two Harbors continued 
Pnncipal High School Eizabeth Sleichen 
Music and Drawing Mila Trace 
Domestic Science Mary Colu-ell 
Manual Training C P Wegner 
Agriculture A A McPheeteis 

Tyler, Lincoln Co , pop. 1,050 

Pres Bd Educ T T Gronlund 
Sec Bd. Educ S P Sondergaard 
City Superintendent A W Schroeder 
Principal High School L P Mejer. 
Domestic Science Alberta Curtis 

Virginia, St. Louis Co., pop. 10,473. 

Pres Bd Educ W. H Eaton 
Sec Bd Educ R J McGhee 
City Superintendent Pitt P Colgrove 
Principal High School K K Tibbetts 
Supv Music Maude Lillie 
Drawing Grace Hansen 
Primary Eva E Sorenson 
Penmanship Bma V Prusha 

Wabasha, Wabasha Co., pop 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ R B Jones 
Sec. Bd. Educ J "W Murdock 
City Superintendent L. W. Fowle. 
Prin H S. Martha Hazzard 
Supv Music Kadelia Javne 
Manual Training A R Tiffam 
Domestic Science JLeola Cunningham. 

Wadena, Wadena Co , pop. 1,975. 

City Superintendent L. P Bunker 
Principal High School Ruth H Hill 

Wadena Business College, bus and sten 
est 1915, G M Langum, Principal 

Walker, Cass Co., pop. 700. 

City Superintendent Warren H. Allen 
Principal High School Grace E Goners 
Agriculture F. G Allison 

Warren, Marshall Co., pop. 1,640. 

City Superintendent B M Mitchell 
Pnncipal High School M Lucia Stitt. 

North Star College, prep., co-ed , Swed. 
Ev , O E Abrahamson, President. 

Waseca, Waseca County, pop. 2,838. 
Pres Bd Educ. H. Habein. 
Sec Bd. Educ. C. H. Bailer. 
City Superintendent M L. Jacobson. 
Prin H. S Mrs T B Hartley. 
Supv Mus. & Draw Bonnie McLaughlin. 
Domestic Science Helen Crary 
Agriculture A. J Olson 

Waterville, LeSuenr Co., pop. 1,475. 

Pres Bd Educ C H Birch 
Sec Bd Educ George C Green 
City Superintendent P T. Wolverton. 
Principal High School Edna C Spooner. 
Domestic Science Goldie McLaird 

Welcome, Martin Co., pop. 600. 

City Superintendent B A. Buahee. 
Principal High School Elsie Batungartner. 





Wells, Farihault Co, pop 1,814 

Pres Bd Educ S A Anderson 

Sec Bd Educ B O Oren 

City Superintendent Chas E Young 

Prin H S Fanny Bradford 

Manual Training: Mr Erickson 

Domestic Science Frances J Houghtaling 

Agriculture Glen Hegnauer 

Parson's Business University, bus and 
sten ; A. C Parsons, Pres 

West Concord, Dodge Co., pop. 975. 

City Superintendent M G-aidmg 
Principal High School Claia Berdan 
Agnculturc L Uptograflt 

Wefet St Paul, Dakota Co , pop 2,660. 

City Superintendent J W Khnker 

Wheaton, Traverse Co , pop 1,500 

Pres Bd Educ F W Murphy 
Sec Bd Educ G P Erickson 
City Superintendent John E Palmer 
Principal High School Louise Iimen 

White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co , pop. 1,725 

Pres Bd Educ C E Davies 

Sec Bd Educ J A Milner 

City Superintendent F F. Farrar 

Principal High School F F Farrar 

Willmar, Kandlyohi Co., pop 4,040 

Pres Bd Educ V E Lawson 
Sec Bd Educ A O Forsbery 
City Superintendent G A. Foster. 
Prin H S Josephine Jenness 
Supv Mus & Draw Blanche Coleman 
Manual Training L 32 McEnroe 
Domestic Science Helen E Haugh 
Agriculture C. E Wentsel 

Willmar Seminary , prep ; co-ed ; Ev Luth , 
est. 18SS, A. C Pedersen, Prin 

Windom, Cottwood Co., pop. 1,884. 

Pies Bd Educ. D U Weld 
Sec Bd Educ George LeTourneau 
City Superintendent E T Chestnut 
Prin H S Anna Bernard 
Supv. Music Emily Maloney 
Manual Training Paul R Corner 
Domestic Science Florence Crittenden 
Agriculture A G. McCormick 

Winnebagro, Faribault Co , pop. 1,558 

Pres Bd Educ C W Headley 
Sec Bd Educ W A Streater 
City Superintendent L S Graves 
Prm H S Ella Kneller 
Manual Training A O Olson 
Domestic Science Agnes Cheadle 
Agriculture M T Lewis 

Parker College; prep , manual training; do- 
mestic science, commercial and music; 
M E , est 1889, Rev J" D McCormick, 
A M , President 

Winona. Winona Co , pop. 18,583. 

Pres Bd Educ C T Olson 
Sec Bd Educ Paul Jasmer 
City Superintendent J V Voorhees. 
Principal High School Webster Davis. 
Supv. Music Alona Hungerford. 
Manual Training O J Rowan 
Domestic Science Olive Keyes. 
Drawing Ella Be\erstedt 
Penmanship Jennie Willis. 

College of St Teresa; coll ; girls' boarding, 

H C., est. 1894, Sister M. Leo, Directress 
Winona State Normal School, nor , state, 

co-ed , est 1860, Guy E Maxwell, Pres 
Winona Business College, bus, sten and 

civil service, est 1905, C F Koehler, 


Winthrop, Sibley Co., pop. 1,350 

City Superintendent O E A Ovein 
Principal High School Agnes Sander 
Agriculture B S Olson 

Worthington, Nobles Co., pop. 2,276. 

Pres Bd Educ William Madison 
Sec Bd Educ William Fagerstrom 
City Superintendent C A Patchm 
Principal High School Prof Lewis 
Supv Mus & Draw Marguerite Goheen 
Manual Training E R Bender 
Domestic Science Nina feandman 
Agriculture F Hillman 

Zumbrota, Goodhue Co , pop. 1,600. 

Pres Bd Educ M H Baskefleld 
Sec Bd Educ N T Wedge 
City Superintendent R D McCarthy 
Prin High School Mrs Alice Drechsler 
Supv Music Eleanor Pfeiffer. 
Manual Training Gilbert Johnson 


Population, 1,797,114. School census, 712,044. School age, 5-21. 

Mississippi is the twenty-first state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,797,114 inhabitants, of whom 43.7 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber .5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire popula- 
tion, ten years of age and over, is 22.4 per cent , the state ranking forty-sixth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


W F BOND, State Superintendent of Public Instruction . . . Jackson 

W. N. TAYLOR, Assistant State Superintendent . Jackson 

J T CALHOUN, State Supervisor of Rural Schools . .... Jackson 

J C. FANT, State High School Inspector . .... University 

J R ELLIS, State Supervisor of Negro Schools . . .... Jackson 


W H SMITH, President, State Superintendent of Public Education. . .Jackson 

Boss A. COLLINS, Attorney General Jackson 

J. W. POWER, Secretary of State Jackson 

J. C. FANT, State High School Inspector University 

J. T. CALHOUN, State Supervisor of Bural Schools Jackson 

Miss SUSIE V. POWELL, State Supervisor of School Improvement Jackson 


County Name and 

Adams . .M C. Montgomery, Natchez 

Alcorn W A. McCord, Corinth 

Amite . J N Steele, Liberty 

Attala W A Hull, Kosciusko 

Ben ton W. T Renick, Ashland 

Bolivar . .AC Pearman, Cleveland 

Calhoun J. O. Rich* PIttsboro 

Carroll C. A. Neal, Carrollton 

Chickasaw George D. Riley, Okolona 

Choc-taw Sam'l C Ray, Ackerman 

Claiborne T V. Rush, Port Gibson 

Clarke. .. - .JR. Brock, Quitman 

Clay . . Paul Townsend, West Point 

Coahoma J. M. Brooks, Clarksdale 

Copiah A. A. McAlpin, Hazlehurst 

Coving-ton. . . Bura Hilburn, Collins 
DeSoto... .R. E. L. Morgan, Hernando 
Forest R. J. Currle, Hattiesburg 

County Name and Address 

Franklin. . W. Lr Foreman, Meadville 

George W A Avera, Lucedale 

Greene . . Joseph Walley, Leakesville 

Grenada Virgin XL James, Grenada 

Hancock John Craft, Bay St. Louis 

Harrison J. J Dawsey, Gulf port 

Hinds C. S North, Raymond 

Holmes J M Kimbrough, Lexington 

Issaquena .Geo. Robinson, Mayersville 

Itawamba James Crouch, Fulton 

Jackson . . . Guv D Dean, Pascagoula 

Jasper L,. R. Massey, Bay Springs 

Jefferson I* L Fosey, Fayette 

Jefferson Davis "W, Lee, Prentiss 

Jones L J Stringer, Laurel 

Kemper.. .. . .W F Brown, Dekalb 

Lafayette H. T. Smith, Oxford 

Lamar, A Q Broadus, Purvis 






Lincoln . Z 


Madison . . . 
Marion . 
Marshall .. J. 


Neshoba H 
Newton . 




Pearl River . . 
Perry W F 

Pontotoc . 
Prentiss J 

Name and Address 

T C Lockaid, Meridian 

T J White, Monticello 

.W B Martin, Carthage 

T M Milam, Tupelo 

J R Hughes, Greenwood 

C Hodges, Brookhaven 

...S. M. Nash, Columbus 

G R Bennett, Canton 

. Fred Barnes, Columbia 

P Horton, Holly Springs 

.E E. Cowley, Aberdeen 

Guy C Burton, Winona 

Y Graham, Philadelphia 

W W Coursey, Decatur 

...J. R. Jackson, Macon 

. . A. E. Green, Stark eville 

....C B. Young, Sardis 

. . C E Bass, Poplarville 

Backstrom, New Augusta 

S W Simmons, Magnolia 

. J W Spam, Pontotoc 

F Chambers, Booneville 

County Name and Address 

Quitman . F M Bizzell, Marks 

Rankin H H Bullock, Brandon 

Scott . A C Walters, Forest 

Sharkey J. S Jo or, Sr., Rolling Fork 
Simpson J R Williamson, Mendenhall 

Smith W. T. Searcy, Raleigh 

Sunflower.... C T. Bo ok out, Indianola 
Tallahatchie R H Harrison, Charleston 

Tate L G. Allen, Senatobia 

Tippah L. H. Jobe, Ripley 

Tishomingo N L Phillips, luka 

Tunica J W Henderson, Tunica 

Union W. T. Smith, New Albany 

Walthall J J Lee, Tylertown 

Warren . J H Culkin, Vicksburg 
Washington .. Steve. Archer, Greenville 
Wayne C W Walley, Waynesboro 

Webster . J B Scott, Walthall 

Wilkinson J C. Day, Woodville 

Winston E C Lovorn, Louisville 

Yalobusha J R Hodnett, Water Valley 
Yazoo Hugh Bull, Yazoo City 


Abbeville, La Fayett* Co., pop. 360. 

Abbeville Normal School; normal; state; 

Aberdeen, Monroe Co., pop. 3,708. 

City Superintendent J O Donald&on 

Agricultural College P. O., Oktibbeha Co. 

City Supt and Prm H S R. C. Morris 

Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical 
College, comprises School of Agriculture, 
of Engineering, of Textile Industry, of 
Industrial Education, of General Science, 
state , military , men , W H Smith, B S , 

School of Agriculture, A and M College, 
two-year, four-year, and short courses m 
agriculture, J. C. Robert, B Sc., Direc- 

School of Engineering, A. and M. College; 
courses in mechanical, electrical, civil, 
and mining engineering, B M Walker, 
M. Sc , Director 

School of Industrial Education, A and M 
College, normal courses m agriculture 
and manual training, H Critz, Director 

School of Textile Industry, A. and M Col- 
lege, technical training in cotton man- 
ufacturing, J G Coman, B Sc , Director 

Alcora, Claiborne Co. 

Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College 
for Negroes, state, prep, mechanical and 
indust courses, co-ed , Vice-President 
Rowan, Acting President 

Bay St. Louis, Hancock Co , pop. 8,500. 

City Superintendent J M Consley 

St Joseph's Academy, girls' boarding; R* 

C ; est. 1855; Sister Mary Bernardino, 


Bay St. Louis continued 
St Stanislaus College, boys' boarding, R 
C ; est. 1854, Brother Stanislaus, Prin. 

Blloxi, Harrison Co., pop. 8,049. 

Pres Bd Educ W K M Dukate 
Sec Bd Educ William Gosenflo 
City Superintendent Ned Kochei 
Principal High School Mrs Yerger 

Bine Mountain, Tippah Co., pop. 500. 

City Superintendent J. Ed. Brown. 

Blue Mountain Female College; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect , est 1873; W. T. Lowrey, 
LL D, Pres. 

Bine Springs, Union Co., pop. 320. 

Blue Springs Normal College; normal: 
state, co-ed. 

Booneville, Prentiss Co., pop. 1,500. 

Booneville Institute; prep.; co-ed.; D. A. 
Hill, Prin. 

Braxton, Simpson Co., pop. 450. 

Braxton Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1889; Paul De Leon Mc- 
Laurin, A. B, Prin. 

Brookhaven, Lincoln Co., pop. 5,293. 

City Superintendent B T Schumpert 
Principal High School B L Hatch 
Supv Music Miss M. W Vincent. 
Domestic Science Miss S M McCutchen 
Physical Culture Miss Vincent 
Drawing Miss Carrie Stem 

Whitworth Female College; girls' boarding; 
M. E So.; est 1859; Rev. I. W. Cooper, 
D. D., Pres. 





Byhalla, Marshall Go, pop. 760. 

Kate Tucker Institute, prep f co-ed , non- 
sect ; Kate Engenia Tucker, Prln. 

Canton, Madison Co., pop. 3,929. 

Pres Bd Educ H B Grea\es 

See Bd Educ H A Comfort 

City Superintendent H M Ivy. 

Principal High School Catherine A Gray 

Supv Music Miss Willie Anderson. 

Draw and Pen' ship Miss Bess Lawler. 

Carrollton, Carroll Co., pop. 1,025. 

Pres Bd Educ W H Hafner 
Sec Bd Educ O K Gee 
City Superintendent C A Neal 
Principal High School A A. Tate 
Supv Music Miss "Wanda Luddell 
Drawing Mrs B M Drake 

Carthage, Leake Co., pop. 800. 
Carthage Academy, prep ; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Woodley & Huddleston, Prins. 

Cascilla, Tallahatchle Co., pop. 250. 

Cascilla High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Prof. Guinn, Prin. 

Chalybeate, Tlppah Co., pop. 100. 

Principal Agri H S R E Stewai t 

Chalybeate Springs Institute, prep.; co-ed., 
non-sect.; J. N. Berry, Prin. 

Chatawa, Pike Co., pop. 54. 

St. Mary's Institute; girls' boarding; R. C.; 
Sister Mary Apolllnaire. 

Clarksdale, Coahoma, Co., pop. 4,000. 

Pres Bd Educ George F Maynard 

Sec Bd Educ J H Johnson 

City Superintendent Harvey B Heidelberg 

Prin High School Harvey B Heidelberg 

Clarkson, Webster Co., pop. 100. 

Bennett Academy, prep , co-ed ; boarding, 
M. E , est 1885, George W Keen, Presi- 

Clinton, Hinds Co., pop. 575. 

Pres Bd Educ J T Wallace 
Sec Bd Educ R W. Hall 
Principal High School Miss Sessions 
Supv Music Clara Magee 

Hillman College; girls* boarding; Bapt.; est. 

1853; W. J. Lowrey, Pres. 
Mississippi College, coll and prep dept , 

men, Bapt , est. 1827, Rev John W 

Pro-vine, LL. D , President. 
Mount Hermon Female Seminary (colored); 

girls' boarding, non-sect.; est 1875; Miss 

Julia M. Elwln, Prin. 

Columbia, Marion Co., pop. 2,020. 

Pres Bd Educ. Hon. H C Mounger. 
Sec. Bd Educ E J "Watts. 
City Superintendent T O Griffis. 

Columbus, Iiowndes Co., pop. 8,988. 

Pres Bd Educ S M Nash. 

Sec Bd Educ J T Searcy 

City Superintendent W V Frierson, Jr. 

Principal High School T E Lett. 

Drawing Gladys McGeorge 

Columbus continued 
Barrow Memorial Academy; prep ; co-ed.; 

Mrs Sales, Prin. 
Columbus Business College, bus and sten : 

A Thornton, Prin. 
Franklin Academy, prep ; co-ed.; C K. 

Taffe, Prin 
Mississippi Industrial Institute and College; 

state, industrial school for girls, est. 

1885; H ! Whitfield, Pres 

Corinth, Alcorn Co., pop. 5,020. 

Pies Bd Educ J A Borroum 
Sec Bd Educ Dave AJ.IX 
City Superintendent J A Caimack 
Pimcipal High School Fiank Jenkins 

Dixon, Neshoba Co., pop. 150. 

Dlxon High School, prep.; co-ed ; non- 
sect; H Y. Graham, Prin. 

Edwards, Hinds Co., pop. 800. 

Southern Christian Institute (colored); 
prep , co-ed.; Christ ; est. 1882; J. B. 
Lehman, Fh B , Pres. 

Fayette, Jefferson Co., pop. 700. 

City Superintendent H L McCloskey. 

French Camp, Choctavr Co., pop. 259. 

Central Mississippi Institute; girls' board- 
ing; Presb ; est. 1884; J. A. Sanderson, 


Gloster, Amite Co., pop. 1,700. 

City Superintendent H. B. Higdon. 

Greenville, Washington Co., pop. 9,610. 

Pres Bd Educ E G Howe 
Sec Bd Educ E E Bass 
City Superintendent EH E. Bass. 
Prin. H. S. Benjamin L. Hatch. 

Greenwood, Ignore Co., pop. 5,836. 

Pres Bd. Educ. S R Keesler. 

Sec Bd Educ S. L. Brister. 

City Superintendent Charles R Saunderm. 

Principal High School Tom Sykes. 

Supv Music Mrs V. D Topp. 

Domestic Science Miss Inez Johnson. 

Physical Culture Miss Ruth Keger. 

Grenada, Grenada Co., pop. 2,814. 

Pres Bd Educ O F Laurence 
Sec Bd Educ. J P Broadstreet 
City Superintendent A B Campbell 
Grenada Collegiate Institute; girls' board- 
ing, M. E.; est. 1851; Rev. J R Countiss, 

Gnlfport, Harrison Co., pop. 6,886. 

Pres Bd Educ D M Graham 

Sec Bd Educ J, B Howie. 

City Superintendent I. F. Gilmer. 

Principal High School A. P. Hudson 

Supv Art Lovelle Dick 

Supv Music Mrs Virginia Lee Topp 

Gulf Coast Military Academy, boy's board- 
ing, non-sect; est 1912, Col R B 
McGehee, Superintendent 





Harperville, Scott Co., pop. 200. 

Principal Agricultural H S f H ^looie 

Harperville Collegiate Institute; prep ; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; C A. Huddleston, Pres. 

Hattlesburg, Forrest Co., pop. 11,733. 

Pres Bd Educ J R Tally 

Sec Bd Educ F B Woodloy 

City Superintendent Friley B. Woodley. 

Principal High School W C Strahon 

H-attiesburg "Woman's College; girls' board- 
ing, John L Johnson, Jr, Pres 

Mississippi Normal College, state normal, 
co-ed ; est 1910, Joseph Cook, President 

nazlehnrst, Coplah. Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ J S Sexton 

Sec Bd. Educ H J Fairly 

City Superintendent Herbert L McCleskey. 

Supv. Music Miss Nell Harris 

Hernando, Be Soto Co., pop. 650. 

Principal High School J I. Covington 

Holly Springs, Marshall Co., pop. 2,375. 
Mississippi Synodical College; girls' board- 
ing; Presb , est. 1891; T. W. Raymond, 
A. M M D. D, Prin. 

Rust University (colored); coll ; co-ed ; M. 

B , est 1S6S, Rev Gtorge E\ans, Pies 

Houston, Chlckasaw Co., pop. 1,500. 

Mississippi Normal College; prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; E. L. Collins, Pres. 

luka, Tiehomingro Go , pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent S. F Howard 

Jackson, Hinds Co, pop. 21,262. 

Pres Bd Educ H C Roberts 

City Superintendent Edward L. Bailey. 

Principal High School O H Wingfield. 

Supv. Music Anna Johnson 

Domestic Science Elizabeth Ellis 

Physical Culture Gladys Eyrich 

Drawing Bessie Lemly. 

Com*l & Stenog*y E E Barrmgton. 

Belhaven College for Young Ladies; girls* 
boarding, non-sect.; est. 1894, J. R. 
Preston, M. A,, Pres. 

Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 
and sten ; est 1905; H S Alford, Man- 

Harris Business University, bus and sten.; 
est. 1895; N. J Harris, President 

Jackson College (colored), theol ; prep.; 

co-ed ; Bapt ; est 1877; Rev. Luther G* 

Barrett, A M, Pres 
Macon and Andrews Business College; bus 

and sten , est. 1895; G A. Macon and 

A. A. Andrews, Props. 
Mississippi Institute for the Blind, R S 

Curry, Superintendent 
Mississippi Institution for the Deaf and 

Dumb, Richmond S Dobyns, Supt 
Mississippi State Normal College; co-ed.; 

William H Smith. Prin. 

Jackson continued 

IVIillsaps College, comprises the College, 
La\v School, and Preparatory School, co- 
ed , M E So , est 1892, Rev A F 
Watkins, Pres 

Millsaps College, Law School; law; men, 
M E O, S, ost 1S97, A H Whitfleld, 
LL T> , Dean. 

Jefferson, Carroll Co., pop. 100. 

Jefferson High School, prep ; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; Miss Juniata Hill, Prin. 

Koscinsko, Attala Co, pop. 2,078. 

Pies Bd Educ J H Cain 
Sec Bd Educ J H Cain 
Cits' Supeimtendent S M Byrd 
Principal High School Fannie Newell 
Supv Music Floia Cornelius 

Kossnth, Alcoxn Co., pop. 220. 

Pun Agricultural H S Hal Anderson 

Kossuth School, prep ; co-ed., non-sect., 
J O Looney, Prin 

Laurel, Jones Co., pop. 8,465. 

Pies Bd Educ F R Gilchnst 

Sec Bd. Educ W P. Davis. 

City Superintendent Richard H Watklnm. 

Prin. H. S C Lamar NeilL 

Sup, r Music Grover Mytinger 
Domestic Science Mary Wilkes 
Penmanship Lotta Whitehead 
Com'l and Stenog'y Alice Curry 
Primaij Jennetta Howaid 

Lexington, Holmes Co., pop. 1,700* 

Pres Bd Educ W K Durden 

Sec Bd Educ P Williams 

Puncipal High School David Sandeison 

Central College for Women, prep.; girls' 
board, non-sect. 

Louin, Jasper Co , pop. 200. 

Pi es Bd Educ W H Baykin 

City Supeimtendent J M Kennedy 

Liberty, Amite Co., pop. 750. 

Liberty Male and Female College; prep.; 
co-ed, non-sect., Rev. N. Smylie, Prin. 

Louisville, Winston Co., pop. 1,175. 

Pres Bd Educ R L Subei 

Sec Bd Educ W R Hull 

City Superintendent John Rundle 

Principal High School John Rundle. 

Supv Music Miss Ida Johnson 

Man Tr & Dom Sci Miss Emma Martin 

Penmanship John Rundle 

Louisville Normal School; normal; state; 
co-ed ; J. A. Hall, Pres 

McComb, Pike Co, pop. 6,237. 

Pres Bd Educ L H Kell 
Sec Bd Educ H T Denman 
City Superintendent W C Williams 
Principal High School Perla C Otkin 
Supervisor Music Annie Whitnel 
Manual Training J H. Clause 
Domestic Science Gran. B McVey. 
Physical Culture Esther Appleby. 
Drawing Miss E Fowler 
Commercial Miss S M Marks. 





Meridian, Lauderdale Co., pop. 23,285. 

Pres Bd Educ K Threefoot 

Sec Bd Educ D C Hull 

City Superintendent David C Hull. 

Pimeipal High School F M Sjkes 

Dratw ing Bessie M ui phy 

Lincoln School, prep , co-ed , Cong , est 
1888, Caesar S Ledbetter, A B, Prin- 

Macon & Andrews College; bus and sten.; 
est. 1895; 3 J Ferguson, Prin. 

Meridian Academy (colored) , prep and 
nor , boarding, co-ed , M E , est 1878, 
J Beverly F Shaw, A. B , A M , Ph D., 

Mendian College, prep and -junior coll , 
co-ed , non-sect , est 1903, John "W 
Beegon, LL I>, Pies 

Queen City Business College; bus and 
sten ; est. 1907, M F Mitchell, Pres. 

Montros*, Jasper Co., pop. 400. 
Forest District High School, prep ; co- 
ed., M. E. So.; T. C. Bradford, Prin. 

Mississippi Conference Training School; 
prep., co-ed , M E So ; est. 1904; Rev. 
W. H. Betts, Ph. B, Prin 

Mount Olive, Covington Co., pop. 775. 
Mount Olive High School; prep ; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1865; J. T Calhoun, Prin. 

Moss Point, Jackson Co., pop. 1,900. 

Pres Bd Educ J U Rope 

Sec Bd Educ F Colmer. 

City Superintendent Claude Bennett 

Puncipal High School R D Peets 

Supv Music Lulu Barnett 

Supv Primaiy Charlotte Hyatt 

Natchez, Adams Co., pop. 11,791. 

Pres Bd Educ B C Geisenbeiger 
Sec Bd Educ J H Owings 
City Superintendenta. H. Owings 
Principal High School W H Braden 
Manual Training T W Rucker 
Physical Culture Miss M. B Smith 
Penmanship A. B Roberts 

Natchez CoJRge (colored); prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt, ; S. TS. C. Owen, Prin. 

St Joseph's School; girls' boarding; R, C.; 
Sister Scholastica, Prin. 

St Mary's Cathedral School, boy's board- 
ing, Brother Charles, Prin 

Nettleton, Lee Co, pop. 1,100. 

Pres Bd Educ I E Robei ts 

Sec Bd Educ O C Farrai 

City Supt & Pun H S Ernest F Puckett 

Supv Music Miss W Ferguson 

New Albany, Union Co., pop. 1,875. 

City Superintendent Bailey T. Schuxnpert. 

Newton, Newton Co., pop. 1,475. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. B. L. Faucette 
Sec Bd Educ W. C Williams 

Xewton continued 

City Superintendent W C Williams. 
Puncipal High School G. C Thames. 
Sup\ Music Miss Annie Hardm. 
Manual Training H F Tolle 
Drawing Miss Helen Gale 
Penmanship Mrs F M Brader 
Commercial W C Williams. 

Claifce Memorial College, prep , co-ed , 
RCA R A Venable, President 

Okolona, Chlckasaw Co., pop. 2,000. 

City Supenntendent "W M Cox 

Orwood, La Fayette Co., pop 106. 

Orwood Academy; prep , co-ed , non-sect.; 
J. D. Stormont, Prin 

Oxford, La Fayette Co , pop. 1,825. 

Pres Bd Educ P B Purr 
Sec Bd Educ George M Knight 
City Superintendent George G Hurst 
Pun Agricultural H S M f Bush. 

University of Mississippi Medical Depart- 
ment (prep, med freshman and sopho- 
more), med.; regr. , est 1903; W. S. 
Leathers, M. D., Acting 1 Dean, 

University Training School, prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Geo. Hurst, Prin. 

Pagcagroula, Jackson Co., pop. 2,500. 

Pres Bd Educ F H Lewis. 
Sec Bd Educ. W. M Conty. 
City Superintendent S P. Walker 
Principal High School Mrs Alice Hull 

Fittsboro, Calhoun Co., pop. 254. 

Pittsboro Male and Female College; prep.; 
co-ed , non-sect., A A. Newell, A. B., 

Pontotoc, Pontotoc Co., pop. 1,700. 

Chickasaw College; girls' boarding, Presb , 
est 1852; M. E. Coe, A. M., President. 

Port Gibson, Claiborne Co., pop. 1,875. 

Chamberlain Hunt Academy, boys' board- 
ing; Presby , est 1879, W G Martin, 
B S , President 

Port Gibson Female College; girls 1 board- 
ing, M E So ; est 1843, T J O'Neil, 

Ripley, Tippah Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd. Educ Dr R M Adams 
Sec. Bd Educ T. C Hines. 
City Superintendent C G Lynch 
Principal High School Miss LeEarl Boho. 
Pupv Music Miss Sallie G. Nauce. 

Senatobia, Tate Co., pop. 1,325. 
Blackbourne College for Girls, girls' 
boarding, non-sect.; Mrs T. D. Moore, 

Shelby, Bolivar Co., pop. 1,025. 

Shelby Normal Institute (colored); nor.; 
state, co-ed., J. M. Williamson, Prin. 

Sherman, Pontotoc Co., pop. 350. 

Mississippi Normal Institute; nor.; state; 
co-ed.; John B. Thompson, Frln. 





Shubuta, Clarke Co., pop. 850. 

High School; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect , J 
M Kennedy, A. B, Prln. 

Starkville, Oktibbeha Co., pop. 1,986. 

Citv Supenntemlent R C Moms 
Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical 

College, see Agricultural College P. O. 
Starkeville Graded School, prep : co-ed.; 

non-sect. ; Hugh Critz, B. Sc , Prin 

Summit, Pike Co., pop. 1,150. 

Pres Bd Educ R B Chisholm 

Sec. Bd Educ W A Parsons 

City Supt and Prin H S Prof Bedwell 

Supervisor Music Miss S A Harks 

Drawing Miss A Fowler 

Com'l and Stenography Mrs N P Bonney 

Sylvarena, Smith Co., pop. 75. 

Sylvarena High School, prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect . est. 1870, John B Polk, Prin. 

Tougraloo, Hinds Co., pop. 126. 

Tougaloo University (colored); prep, and 
nor , co-ed , Cong ; est. 1869; Rev. 
William Trumbell Holmes, D D , Presi- 

Tupelo, Lee Co., pop. 

Pres Bd Educ F H Mitts 
Sec. Bd Educ J R Dabbs 
City Superintendent J C Windham 
1'rmcipal High School T M Milam 

Tyro, Tate Co., pop. 225* 

Tyro High School, prep ; co-ed , non- 
sect , E T. Keeton, Prin 

Union Church, Jefferson Co., pop, 126. 

Prm Co Agri H S W F Stout 

University P. O., La Fayette Co. 

University of Mississippi, univ ; state, co- 

ed , men, est 1854, J N Po\\eis, Chan- 

University of Mississippi, Law School, law; 

eo-ed , est 1848, Leonard J Failey, 

LL D , Dean 
University of Mississippi School of Phar- 

macy, Henry M Fasei, G Ph , Dean 

Taiden, Carroll Co., pop. 1,050. 

Principal High School Ernest B Allen 

Vickaburgr, Warren Co., pop. 20.814. 

Pres. Bd Educ W. H. Bruser. 
Sec Bd. Educ A. M Paxton. 
City Superintendent John P. Carr. 
Principal High School W. L Rather. 
Supv. Music Miss Leila McPherson 
Drawing Miss Gladys Bartlett. 
Commercial J W. McAIone 

Virksburg continued 
AH Saints Episcopal College, theol , P. E.; 

Thomas P Bailey, Dean 
St Aloysius College; boys* hoarding; R. 

C , Brother Alphonse, Prin. 

Walnut Grove, Leake Co., pop. 207. 

Mississippi Central Normal School, normal; 
state, co-ed , J. R Tally, Prin. 

Walthall, Webster Co., pop. 170. 

Walthall Normal School, private; nor.; 
co-ed , non-sect ; est 1887; E Morgan 
Shaw, B S , Prin. 

Washington, Adams Co., pop. 240. 

Jefferson Military College; military; non- 
sect , est 1802, Col Robert Allen Burton, 

Jefferson Military College, lower school for 
boys 9 to 13 years of age 

Water Valle>, Yalobusha Co, pop 4,275. 

City Superintendent Clinton S Bigham. 

Wesson, Copiah Co., pop. 1,400. 

Pi os Bd Educ W B Weathersby 

Sec Bd Educ J S Rea 

City Superintendent R L Landis 

West Point, Clay Co, pop 4,864. 

City Superintendent Charles F Capps. 

Macon and Andrews College, bus and 

sten ; G A Macon and A. A. Andrews, 

Mary Holmes' Seminary (colored); girls* 

boarding, Presb ; est. 1892, Rev. Austin 

H. Jolly, D D, Pres 
Southern Christian College; coll. and prep : 

co-ed., Christian, est 1910, Hosea Baker 

Abernethy, A M , President 
Southern Female College: girls' boarding; 

Cumb. Presb ; Rev. A. N Eshman, Pres 

Winona, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,800. 

City Superintendent O A Shaw 

Grenada-Zion Industrial College; induct.; 
co-ed.; Bapt. ; John W. Crass, Pres. 

\azoo City, Yazoo Co., pop. 6,790. 

Pies Bd Educ E S Crane 
Sec Bd Educ H W McCormick 
City Superintendent W W Lockaid 
Principal High School John E Caldwell 
Supv Music and Draw Miss A Beamor 
Manual Training G L Dredlei 
Domestic Science Miss E Jones 

St. Clara's Academy; prep.; co-ed., R. C.; 
Sisters of Charity, Frina 


Population, 3,293,335 School census, 1,003,434. School age, 6-20. 

Missouri is the seventh state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 3,293,335 inhabitants, of whom 95.2 per cent, are white Of this number 6.9 per 
cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population, ten years 
of age and over, is 4 3 per cent., the state ranking twenty-nrst in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 


UEL "W. LAMKIN, State Supeimtenclent of Public Schools .... Jefferson City 

W M OAKERSON, Chief Clerk Jefferson City 

P P. CALLAWAY, Teachers' Training Inspector Jefferson City 

F C. IRION, High School Inspector. Jefferson City 

"W N SELLMAN, High School Inspector . . . Jefferson City 

T J. WALKER, Rural School Inspector Jefferson City 

D W CLAYTON, Statistician . Jefferson City 

UEL "W". LAMKIN, State Superintendent of Public Schools, President Jefferson City 

CORNELIUS EOACH, Secretary of State, Secretary Jefferson City 

Gov. FREDERICK D. GARDNER. Jefferson City 

JOHN T. BARKER, Attorney General Jefferson City 


SUPT UEL "W LAMKIN . Jefferson City 

IBA BICHARDSON ... . Springfield C C THUDIUM Frederiektown 

MRS. J. M. GREENWOOD Kansas City P. J. McKiNLEY St. Charles 


IRA BICHARDSON, President . . ... .Maryville 

JE M CARTER, Secretary -Treasurer Columbia 


^V H THOMAS, President Springfield 

ETHEL PHILLIPS, Recording Secretary Eldorado Springs 


W H BLACK, President Marshall 

T BERRY S^ITH, Secretary -Treasurer . . Fayette 





County Name and Address 

Adair P J Fowlei, Kirksville 

Andrew Leslie M Dobbs, Savannah 

Geitrucle Thompson, Rock Port 
Audnan . W C Johnson, Mexico 

Barry . .WE Hankins, Cassville 

Barton L E Brous, Lamar 

Bates . . .Aithur C Mor eland, Butler 
Benton . Chas G Harvey, "Warsaw 
Bellinger... W M. Welker, Marble Hill 
Boone . Geo T. Porter, Columbia 
Buchanan . Geo. K Gilpin, St. Joseph 
Butler H O Harrawood, Poplar Bluff 
Caldwell. D. N McClmtock, Kingston 
Callaway . R G Hale, Pulton 

Camden . M E Johnson, Linn Creek 

Cape Glrardeau 

. J T McDonald, Cape Giiardeau 
Cai i oil 

Mrs Mai gar et Squires, Canollton 
Carter. W S Perrm, Ellsmore 

Cass . C A Burke, Hamsonville 

Cedar . , Ira A McBride, Stockton 

Chanton. C. C. Carlstead, Keytesville 

Christian Tom Mapes, Ozark 

Clark Helen McKee, Kahoka 

Clay . . E. L Black, Liberty 


. . . Mrs Anna L Simms, Plattsburg 
Cole . . J S Lumpkm, Jefferson City 
Cooper S F. Mauck, Bunceton 

Crawford Wm. P Summers, Steelville 

Bade Ed. H Carender, Greenfield 

Dallas . . . John A Pitman, Buffalo 
Daviess Hallie Burton, Gallatm 

DeKalb W O. S wails, Clarksdale 

Dent Jas W Millsap, Salem 

Douglas . . T J Morehouse, Ava 

Dunklin E. D. McAnally, Kennett 

Franklin C A. Cole, Union 

Gasconade . A O Mann, Hermann 

Gentry.,. Egbert Jennings, Albany 
Greene C W McCroskey, Springfield 
Grundy. .Elizabeth Bramerd, Trenton 
Harrison ...Nellie K. Sutton, Bethany 
Henry ... RE Bell, Clinton 

Hickory . O J Watkms, Hermitage 
Holt. .Mrs Alberta G Murphy, Oregon 
Howard ..Luman L Spry, Payette 

Howell W, C. McMillin, West Plains 
Iron . G W Hanson, Ironton 

Jackson .L. F. Blackburn, Independence 

Jasper L W. Kost, Carthage 

Jefferson R. B. Wilson, Hillsboro 

Johnson. .R. H. Boston, Warrensburg 

Knox W. E. Cottey, Edina 

Laclede . G C Jones, Lebanon 

Lafayette . H. T Phillips, Lexington 
Lawrence. ..Hany Moore, Mt Vernon 
Lewis .. ..Lloyd H Hicks, Monticello 
Lincoln . . .Sallie Brown, Troy 

Counts' Name and Address 

L,inn K L Joyce, Brookfield 

.Livingston. J M Gallatin, Chillicothe 
McDonald P M Collings, Pineville 

Macon ... . O. L Cross, Macon 
Madison W S Coopei, Fredericktown 
Manes C D Snodgiass Vienna 

Marion . .Frankie Connell, Hannibal 
Mercer W B Kesteison, Princeton 

Miller H M Atwell, Tuscumbia 


Mrs. Clara E Graham, Charleston 
Moniteau Edgar Strother, California 
Monroe . L D Ash, Paris 


. W F Hupe, Montgomery City 
Morgan. . ..Wray Witten, Versailles 
New Madrid L. O Swan, New Madrid 
Newton W E Beerkamp, Neosho 

Nodaway . A H Cooper, Maryville 

Oregon. . CO Custer, Alton 

Osag-e .... R H. Bryan, Linn 

Ozark A. J Kimball, Romance 

Pemiscot Chas G. Ross, Caruthersville 
Perry . . Thomas Caruthers, Perryville 

Pettis T R Luckett, Sedalia 

Phelps . ... A Z Black, Rolla 

Pike. O A Wilson, Bowling Green 

Platte .... J. F Sexton, Platte City 

Polk Daisy Johnson, Bolivar 

Pulaski L J. Gladden, Laquey 

Putnam HUG Turnmire, Unionville 
Rails . L C Northcutt, New London 
Randolph . S B McCully, Moberly 
Ray. .. . W. T. McGaugh, Richmond 
Reynolds . . J C Hartman, Centerville 
Ripley C N Penmngton, Doniphan 

St Charles P. J McKinley, St Charles 

St Clair C. E Higgms, Osceola 

St Francois A H. Akers, Farmington 
Ste Genevieve 

Jos King, Ste Genevieve 

St Louis . R G Russell, Clayton 
Saline ..;.... J. L. Lynch, Marshall 
Schuyler . J. F Botts, Lancaster 
Scotland. , 

. . Mrs Aria B Williams, Memphis 
Scott . .ME Montgomery, Benton 
Shannon .. .Walter Webb, Eminence 
Shelby . Myrtle Threlkeld, Shelbyville 
Stoddard Mrs C E Smith, Bloomfield 

Stone L V Threlfall, Galena 

Sullivan Roxana Jones, Milan 

Taney .. . .John W. Bennett, Forsyth 

Texas F J Burney, Houston 

Vernon Lizzie White, Nevada 

"Warren F. W. Kehr, Marthasville 

Washington . Burwell Fox, Potosi 

Wayne C. E Burton, Piedmont 

Webster Sam A, Miller, Marshfield 

"Worth. . . Mrs Cora Early, Grant City 
Wright,. John M. Carter, Hartville 






Albany, Gentry Co , pop. 1,922. 

Pres Bd Educ D D Reeves 
Sec Bd Educ W E Teel 
City Superintendent A E Bojd 

Palmer College, coll , prep , music and bus 
courses; co-ed ; Christ ; est 1889, Rev. 
E. A Watkms D D, Pres. 

Appleton City, St. Clair Co., pop. 1,225. 

Pres Bd Educ P C Mendenhall 
Sec Bd Educ E F Hirni 
City Superintendent S E Lightcap 
Principal High School Ethel M Pratt 

Appleton City Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non- 
sect ; est. 1888; G. A. Theilmann, Prin. 

Arcadia, Iron Co., pop. 275. 
Arcadia College and Ursultne Academy; 
girls' boarding; R. C ; est. 1877; Mother 
Borgia, O S U., Prin. 

Ash Grove, Greene Co., pop. 1,200. 

City Superintendent C W McCroskejj 

Ashley, Pike Co., pop. 360. 
Watson Seminary; prep ; co-ed; non-sect; 
est 1854, F. E Palmer, B S, Principal 

Aurora, Lawrence Co., pop. 4,148. 

Pres Bd. Educ R. S Bagby. 
Sec Bd Educ Willard Faulkner 
City Superintendent C "Wanderson 
Principal High School Alice Faller 

Bethany, Harrison Co., poor 1,931. 

Pres Bd Educ V H Broyles 

Sec Bd Educ A S Gumming 

City Superintendent C F Oougheity 

Principal High School Winifred Claxton 

Supv Music Mis Flo E Ballard 

Bevler, Macon Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ G L Thomas 
Sec Bd Educ D M Thomas 
City Superintendent E D White 
Principal High School Harriott Nelson 

Bloomfleld, Stoddard Co., pop. 1,500. 

City Superintendent E W Davis 
Principal High School A G Moore 

Bolivar, Polk Co., pep. 1,975. 

City Superintendent A E Martin 
Principal High School Emma Boardman. 

Bonne Terre, St. Francois Co., pop. 4,500. 

Pres Bd. Educ George Kieth. 
Sec Bd Educ H D Evans 
City Superintendent E B Brown 
Principal High School Guy F McGee 
Supv Music and Draw. Jennie Edwards 

Moothart's Business College; bus. and stem, 

est. 1909, W. O. Crosswhite, Prin. 
Boonville, Cooper Co., pop. 4,252. 

Pres Bd Educ R. W Whitleau. 
Sec Bd Educ William Mlttlebach 
City Superintendent Curtis E Chrane. 
Principal High School E L Zioru 
Supv Music Anna M. Brant. 

Bocnet ille continue*! 

Kemper Military School, boys' boarding, 
non-sect , est 1844, T. A. Johnston. 

Bowling Green, Pike Co., pop. 1,585. 

Pres Bd Educ H F Cabbell 

Sec Bd Educ W E Crouch 

Citj Supt and Prin H S \Vm McMillan 

Pike College; coll ; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1881. Lulu M. Collins, M A., Ph. D., 

Braymer, Caldwell Co., pop. 1,027. 

City Superintendent J F Tailor. 
Principal High School Helen Ni\on. 

Breckenridge, CaldweU Co., pop. 1,012. 

City Superintendent S F Bonney 
Principal High School Angle Leabo 

Brookfleld, Linn Co., pop. 5,749. 

Pres Bd Educ T M Biesnehen 

Sec Bd Educ J. R Huffaker 

Citj Superintendent Andrew Jackson 

Principal High School Elizabeth Wilkinson. 

Commercial Kathryn M Killeen 

Brunswick, Charlton Co., pop. 1*403. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. L. H Herring 
Sec Bd Educ George W Rucker. 
City Supt and Prin H S E O. Watkina. 
Supv Music Edith Marston 

Bunceton, Cooper Co., pop. 1,100. 

Principal High School S F Mauck 

Butler, Bates Co., pop. 2,894. 

Pres Bd. Educ A L. Fox 

Sec Bd Educ J E Harper. 

City Superintendent John O Henderson. 

Principal High School W L Coonrod. 

Supv Music Grace M McGregor. 

Com'l and Stenog'y Eva Faulkner 

California, Monitean Co., pop. 2,181* 

Pres. Bd Educ. J M Gray 
Sec Bd Educ T M Fulks 
City Superintendent F G Hoth 
Principal High School Alphonso Gerrel 
Supv Music Eva Hengy 
Domestic Science Beulah Swindell 
Commercial E Martie. 

Camden Point, Plafte Co., pop. 325. 

Missouri Christian College, girls' boarding; 
Christian; est 1848, Rev. Francis J Yok> 
ley, M. A , President. 

Cameron, Clinton Co., pop. 2,980. 

Pres Bd. Educ W. G Sloan 
Sec. Bd Educ J H Hulsizer. 
City Superintendent W. C. Urban. 
Principal High School Clarence M Fish 

Missouri Wesleyan College; coll.; co-ed.; 
M. E3., est 1887; H. R. De Bra, A. H, 
D. D., Pres. 





Campbell, Dnnklin Co., pop. 1,150. 

City Superintendent Egbeit Jennings 
Principal High School Andie\\ Morris 

Canton, !Lewis Co., pop. 2,365. 

Pres Bd Bduc E N Cason 
Sec. Bd Educ Frank Page 
City Superintendent Clyde Busbeo 
Principal High School Loretta I> Diible 

Christian University, coll, prep, Bible, Mu- 
sic and Art Departments; co-ed , Christ ; 
est 1853 , Earle M Toda, A B , Pies. 

Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, pop. 8,475. 

Pres Bd Educ J W Phillips 

Sec Bd Educ G "W Walker I 

City Superintendent J M Ciocker 

Principal High School W T Dohertj 

Supv Music Lucille Douglass 

Manual Training W P Whitledge 

Domestic Science Emily T Evans 

Drawing Lucille Douglass 

Cornmeicial Julian Dearmont 

Cape Girardeau Business College; bus. and 

sten , est 1J04, C P Coley, Manager 
State Normal School (third district ">, nor* 

rnal; state, co-ed ; est. 1873, Washington 

S Dearmont, A. M., Litt IX, Pres. 
St. Vincents Academy, girls' boarding, R 

C , Mother Superior 
St Vincent's College; men, R C ; Very Rev 

T F Levan, C M, President 

Carl Junction, Jasper Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Cox 
Sec* Bd Educ. C "W Roney 
City Superintendent J E Smith 

CanroIIton, Carroll Co., pop. 3,452. 

Pres Bd Educ E H Briscoe. 

Sec Bd Educ Frank Tull 

City Superintendent George D Dieterich 

Principal High School E S Bnggs 

Supv Music Mrs. E S Briggs 

Commercial Frances W. Hess 

Carterville, Jasper Co., pop. 6,000. 

Pres Bd Educ J. C. Rusk 

Sec Bd Educ A V Staltei 

City Superintendent W. L Coonrod s 

Principal High School Hoy G Reynolds 

Supv. Music Atta Ruffin 

Carthage, Jasper Co., pop. 9,483. 

Pres Bd Educ Samuel KcReynolds 
Sec Bd Bduc Mrs Blanche Fabyan. 
City Superintendent S H Wood 
Principal High School W C Baines 
Supv. Music Miss Mabel Hope Justis 
Manual Training Bertha Spencer 
Domestic Science Miss Leta Gray. 
Drawing Miss Bertha Angle 
Com'l and Stenog*y Miss Grace Williams 

Rude Brothers Business College, bus. and 
sten., est 1908; F M. Rude, Principal 

Canithersvllle, Pemlscot Co., pop. 8,655. 

Pres Bd Educ H T Byars 

Sec Bd Educ G F Bloker 

City Superintendent J E Howard 

Principal High School L L St Clair 

CassvUle, Barry Co., pop. 1,100. 

City Superintendent W M Dyer 

Centralia, Boon Co , pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ Aithur Biuton 
Sec Bel Educ C B Meffert 
City Superintendent W S Diace 
Puncipal High School Rose Lisenb\ 
Music and Drawing Susie V Houston 

Charleston, Mississippi Co , pop. 9,500. 

Pres Bd Educ O W Joslyn 
Sec Bd Educ Reece B Gillooly 
Citv Supenntendent Geoige W Kirk 
Prm High School Geoige E McPadden 

Cbilllcothe, Livingston Co., pop. 6,265. 

Pies Bd Educ J C Shelton 

Sec Bd Educ John Burch 

City Superintendent Alexander R. Coburn. 

Principal High School It G. Abernathy 

Supv Music Pearl Peterson 

Manual Training C B Peiry 

Domestic Science Belle Lowe 

Di awing Louise Coots 

Com'l and Stenog'y Grace Cleveland. 

Chillicothe Business College, bus and sten , 

est 1890 , Allen Moore, Ph D , Pres 
Jackson University of Business, bus and 

sten , est 1909, Walter Jackson, Pres 
Maupln's Commercial College; bus. and 

sten.; est. 1889; Dolph Maupin, Prin. 
St Columbus' School, prep , co-ed , R. C.; 

Rev Hanorius Busch, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R 

C., est 3871, Sister Ancileta, Superior 

Clarence, Shelby Co., pop. 1,275. 

City Superintendent H E Keltner 
Principal High School Mary Manuel. 

McGee Holiness College; prep.; co-ed.; Holi- 
ness; est 1853, W T Batchelar, Pres 

Clarksvllle, Pike Co., pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ Frank Currie 

Sec Bd Educ L E Estes. 

City Supt & Prin H S Lela Howat 

Clayton, St. Louis Co, pop. 49. 

Chammade College, boys' boarding, R 
C , est 1910, Society ot Mary 

Clinton, Henry Co., pop. 4,992. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr W H Gibbins 
Sec. Bd Educ C P Dickinson. 
City Superintendent Arthur Lee. 

Principal High School G R Deatherage 

Clinton Business College and Conservatory 
of Music, bus, sten. and music; est. 1903; 
F. A, Colt, Prea. 

Clinton German Seminary, theol , coll, nor 
and prep , co-ed , 7th D Adv , est. 1910, 
Rev. J F Simon, President 

Clyde, Nodaway Co., pop. 325. 
St Joseph's Academy; girls; prep.; R. G.; 
Sister Superior. 

Cole Camp, Benton Co., pop. 1,150. 

Puncipal High School O S Duffendack. 





Columbia, Boone Co., pop. 9,662. 

Pres Bd Educ F \\ Neirlexnip^ < i | 

Sec Bd Educ J L Heni\ 
rits- Superintendent J E McPheison 
Pimcipal High School E B Cauthoin 
Supei\isor Music Mis Ida. Mitchell 
Manual Training Z M Stron? 
Domestic Science JVssie rime 
Drawing lone Hirsch 
(."ommei cial J R Kii k 

Bible College of Missouri; theol.; Christian; 
co-ed , Re\ Gian\ille D Edwards, Dean 

Christian College; girls' boarding; Christ; 
est 1S51 , Mis Luella W St Glair-Moss, 

Missouri State Military School; military 
training school of the University of Mis- 
souri, est 1890, Lieut Charles McH. 
Bby, U S A., Commandant 
Stephens College; girls' boarding; Bapt ; 

est 1856, James M. Wood, Pres 
University of Missouri, comprises College 
of Arts and Science, College of Agricul- 
tuie, School of Business and Public 
Admimstiation, School ot Education, 
School of Law, School of Journalism, 
School ot Medicine (t\\o 5. ears), School ot 
Engineering, Graduate School and School 
of Mines (at Rolla, Mo), state, co-ed, 
est 1840, Albert Ross Hill, LL D, Pres 
Unneisitj of Missouri School of Business 
and Public Administration, Isidor Loeb, 
Ph D Dean 

University of Missouri, College of Agricul- 
ture, courses in Agriculture for men and 
for women, Forestry, Dairying and Poul- 
try, Frederick B Mumford M. S., Dean 
University of Missouri, School of Education; 
professional courses for teachers; co-ed ; 
Werrett W Charters, Ph. D, Dean 
University of Missouri, School of Engineer- 
ing, courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechan- 
ical and Chemical Engineering, E J 
McCaustland, MCE, Dean 
University of Missouri, School of Journal- 
ism, professional school for training in 
Journalism, co-ed , Walter Williams, 
LL D , Dean 

University of Missouri, School of Law; co- 
ed , est 1872, Eldon R James, LL B , 

University of Missouri, School of Medicine; 
course of first two years in medicine; 
co-ed , est 1873; Dr Guy L Noyea, Act- 
ing Dean. 

Conception, Nodaway Co., pop. 150. 

Conception College, coll and prep ; boys' 
boarding, B C ; est 1883, Rt Rev 
Frowin Conrad, O S B , President. 

Concordia, Lafayette Co., pop. 1,200. 

Principal High School F L Stockard 

St. Paul's College; boys' boarding; Br 
Luth.; est. 1888; Rer. J. H. O. Koeppel, 

Crystal City, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pif-s Bd Kduf Dm Tlthm 

Sec Bd Educ L r> Bo\vman 

( itj Superintendent Alta E Stumpf 

Dadeville, Dade Co, pop. 500. 
Dadeville Academy, prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect., est, 1891; B C. Lowe, Prin. 

De Soto, Jefferson Co., pop. 6,000. 

Pres Bd Educ G E Logan. 
Sec Bd Educ E S Coxwell 
Citv supeuntendent W L Smith 
Pimcipal High bchool W L Smith 

De Soto Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est 1S99, H C Johnson, Principal 
St Clement's College, theol ; men; R C.; 

est. 1900; Very Rev. Joseph A. Bell, 


Deepwater, Henry Co , pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ H L Carter 
Sec Bd Educ J W Woodard 
Pimcipal High School H Hillebiand 

Desolge, St. Francois Co., pop. 2,200. 

Pres Bd Educ J Thuiman 

Sec Bd Educ T E Ruffing 

City Supt J E Howard 

Pimcipal High School Hugh Underwood 

Supervisor Music Virginia Hope 

Dexter, Stoddard Co., pop. 2,100. 

Pres Bd Educ Edn Weber 
Sec Bd Educ H O Copeland 
City Superintendent A. S. Boucher. 
Pimcipal High School Wayne R Fuller 

Dexter Christian College; coll.; co-ed.; 
Christian; George T. Smith, Prin. 

Dixon, Pulaski Co., pop. 1,000. 

Principal High School E M Anderson 

Doniphan, Bipley Co., pop. 1,650. 

Pres Bd Educ D B. Young 
Sec Bd Educ J M Swam 
City Superintendent Bertram Harry* 
Pimcipal High School E T Foard 

Dnenwegr, Jasper Co., pop. 2,000. 

Pres Bd Educ J T. Morgan. 
Sec Bd. Educ J B Good 
Principal High School G T Masters 

Edgerton, Platte Co., pop. 750. 
Platte School, prep , co-ed. , Presb.; D. M. 
Boyer, Prin. 

Edlna, Knox Co., pop. 1,800. 

Pres Bd Educ J. W Ennis. 
Sec Bd Educ C R Powlei 
City Superintendent C F. Riddle 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C.; 

est 1867, Rev R. J Healy, President 

Eldon, Miller Co., pop. 1,500. 

Pres Bd Educ J A. Taylor 

Sec Bd Educ H D Vowiel 

City Superintendent T E Vaughan 

Principal High School Grayce Scott. 

Domestic Science Letha M Stone 





Eldorado Springs, Cedar Co., pop. 0,503. 

Pies Bel Educ G W Hdmlim 
Sec Bd Educ Irwin Stinim* II 
fit\ >-up*.i mdt nt \\" M Dade 
Principal Higrh School Mifc& K Stmplr 

Excelsior Springs, C