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^^^^s-i-s&Mi^^^^T: y^^^^^^% 

Copyriglit. 1909 


All rights reserved 

shis hook 7s yVumher 

^Oo of the SeconJ 

hichtioti, limited to five 
nunared copies 



'Soon a queen airrong the places 

AW-hich adorn our golden coast 
Shall she stand and in the glory 

of her matchless climate boast." 

O tell simply tne tale of a 
region unsurpassed in scenic, 
climatic ana geographic advan- 
tages, as \vell as in romantic 
and nistoric associations ; 
Xo interest in tne telling, those -who have aspirations 
for a home for themselves and their children outside the 
whirl of city life ; 

To suggest by picture and -word the home possibilities 
afforded m this land of perpetual spring, amid the great 
forest-covered hills beside the sea; 

io appeal to the artistic and the practical nature, 
quickening the desire to become identified as an owner of 
part of this magnificent domain ; 

For this purpose the book is Avritten. 


iiokt£.r.IjY count ■Xl.v.^^-a- I^ I F O R_ N 1 a. 

i I 

CHE story of tne discovery 
or Monterey Bay, tne lounaing 
or tne Missions ana establisnment or tne 
old to^vn, tne aevelopment or tne resources anJ 
subsequent settlement or tke Peninsula, is one of 
tne most interesting parts of tne Kistory of California. 

On the lOtn of Decemoer, 1602, almost t-wenty 
years before tne Pilgrim Fatners landea at 
Plymoutn Rock, three small vessels, com- 
manded by Don Debastian Viscaino, 
rounded tne Point of Pines and cast 
ancnor in the storm-shelterea waters 
of the Bay of Monterey. He was 
probably the first white man to set 
foot on the soil of the Peninsula and at 
once took possession of the surrounding 
country in the name of the King of Spain. 




Mission San Carlos 
Ancient Articles i 

^^^r rTER-E, under a spreading' oak, 
tne Holy bacrament "was par- 
taken ox and tne land named 
"'Monterey, in nonor or 
Caspar de Zuniga, Count or 
Monterey, tnen Viceroy or 
Mexico, by Avnom tne expedition 
nad been fitted out. V iscaino -was 
unprepared to establisn. a mission, 
and after a stay of eignteen days 
ne and nis companions departed. For more tnan 
one Hundred years tne place "was unvisited by 
any "white man. On July 14, 1769, 166 years 
later, Don Caspar de Portola set out overland 
from San Diego to rediscover Monterey. When 
he and his command of sixty-five persons arrived 
there, he failed to identify it as tne spot he sought. 
So after erecting a great cross, he passed on to ne^\^ 
fields, finally discovering the Bay of San Francisco. 
On May 31, 1770, tke packet "San Antonio," 
commanded by Don Juan Perez, arrived from San 
Diego and anchored off Monterey. Tke surrounding 
country, at this time, was radiant "witk flo"wers, 
the hills covered "witn verdure. It agreed m every 
particular -witk tke reports "written by Don Viscaino 
in 1602, and tkus Monterey was identified. Its 
rediscovery "was celebrated by tke erection of an 
altar, tke ringing of bells, tke planting and blessing of 
tke grand cross. Tke royal standard "was koisted, 
and tke first mass ckanted. Tken tke entire company 
assembled and formally took possession m tke name of 
tkeir, Carlos III of Spain. Tkus occurred on June 3, 
1770, tke actual founding of Mission San Carlos de Borromeo 


' i'-ii- 

ONTEREY was at once 
selected as the capital or 
CaliTornia and Portola 
appointed first governor. A 
ater a second Mission was rounded 
near the moutn of tke Carmel River. 
1 nis Mission, "Del Rio Carmelo, was 
Duilt by Father Serra in 1771. Here 
he died and was tuned in 1784 and 
here the Mission still stands, a monu- 
ment to his endeavors, as does his 
Tirst Mission, San Carlos de Bor- 
romeo, in Monterey to'wn. 

From tnis time the nistory or the 
Monterey peninsula is interwoven 
^vlth the nistory or Calirornia. It 
provides the background against 
w'hich the marvelous development or 
the present stands out \vitb startling 
vividness. In 1846 Commodore bloat, 
arriving in the United States rrigate 'Savan- 
nah, landed a force of 250 men, raised the 
\ Stars and Stripes on the Custom House, 

and took possession for tne United 
States. I he historic building is today 
one of the points of interest here. 



HE first newspaper m 
CauTorma, j7ne Calixor- 
nian, -was puDnsnea nere 
August 15, 1846, by Walter Colton, 
Avno Avas appointed tne first 'alcalae 
under tne new regime, lie also built 
Colton riall, in -whicn tne rirst State 
Convention assemDlea in June, 1849. 

Tne Monterey peninsula, comprising 
tne nortnwesterly portion or Monterey 
County, presents to tne traveler, tne 
nomeseeker and tne investor one or the 
most fascinating regions in the ^vorld. 
Its general conditions are such that 
within its boundaries may be found 
full health for the delicate, renewed 
youth for the aged, vigorous strength 
for tne young and a boundless vt^ealtn 
of material for the artistic and literary. 

ul thf Kochh, 



c-jvl. if ob_ni A. 

1^21 ECAUSE of its splendid situa- 
MwMl^ tion and unique conformation, 
tne peninsula nas tne finest cli- 
mate m tne world at all times. 
Nature nas been lavish in ner 
gifts to tkis favored spot. Nestling 
snugly between tne encircling mountains 
and tne sea, it is protected from win- 
ter s cold and summers neat. Tne 
mountain forests of cedar, pine, cypress 
and oak exnale life-givmg oalsams 
-wnicn mingle Avitn tne salt breezes, 
neavily laden ^vltn ozone from tne sea 
— Nature s ever effective tonic in this 
land of eternal cnarm. Frost and snow 
are unknown nere ; flowers bloom 
in tne open the -vvnole year round. 
Sucn superb climate, com- 
bined witn tbe magnificent 
surroundings, makes tnis 
tbe ideal spot for pleas- 
ure, for recuperation 
of nealtn, and for 
permanent residence. 




ITHIN the raaius of 

a rcAV square miles '; 
the peninsula ' 
afroras a world 
or aiversiried ana 
picturesquely oeautirul scenery. 
One may -wander ror miles 
along Deacnes ox hard -white 
sand -where the surr breaks in 
gentle ripples — he may loiter 
amid the glistening sand dunes, 
beloved or artists rrom every land. 
Leaving these scenes or peace and 
quiet, a re-w^ minutes -w^alk -will 
bring him among the rugged clirrs 
and jagged headlands -where the surf 
lashes in rury the resounding rocks 
beneath his reet. He may -wander 
in the -w^ierd cypress groves, ancient 
beyond reckoning, and -without 
counterpart outside the sacred cypress 
forests OT Japan, or lose himself 
in the -whispering mystery of the 
primeval forests -whicn clothe tke 
mountains to their tops. 

ads wind through the fragrant pine forest 


n O N T Ei B_ Xi Y COUNT-if. C.A.Z. IF OJi^N 1 j\. 

ROM tke crest of tlie 

nills, tne scenes spread 

out Derore tne eyes 

are or vast extent ana 

majestic grandeur. 

Xo tne nortn lies tne 

quaint old Spanisn town 

or Monterey Avitn its 

crooked streets and tile 

roors, its blue bay dotted 

witn Tisbing boats. Far- 

tner on, tne red roors or 

tke palatial Hotel Del 

Monte appear in snarp 

contrast witn tne dark green 

or tne surrounding xorest. 1 o 

tbe soutb. Point Lobos (tbe Point or 

W^olves), dark and Torbidding against 

tbe skyline, tbrusts itselr into tbe 

Pacific. Nearer lies tbe gleaming 

crescent or Garmei and Pebble beacbes 

w^itb tbe wbite surr breaking m broad 

rurrow^s or roam. 

views on Ihc Sci-cnleenMile Drive with sunseslion of house fo 

P li B B L I, B Tj A C H 


BLOW the kills slope 
gently aown, pine forests 
giving way to oak groves, 
oak groves to parklike 
meadows, interspersed 
with trees, which, in turn, disappear, 
leaving only the grassy sward. 

Beyond stretches the Bay or 
Monterey, one or the beauty spots 
or the world. At this point a great 
indentation, fully 70 miles m extent, 
IS made m the coast. Here might 
ride in safety, the navies of the 
■world. The gleaming sands encircle 
it in a broad band from Del Monte 
to Santa Cruz. Upon this golden 
strand, the deep azure of the sea 
breaks constantly m a strip of milky 

NVhether of sapphire depths or 
turquoise blue, or shimmering in the 
morning light as if of molten metal, 
or running wild with the winds, or 
rippling softly like great 
strings of pearls, this won- 
derful Bay of Monterey is ,^^ 
the ]oy of the lover of the 
beautiful at all times. 



The Murray House on the seasho 


M O N T Ei R. L Y C-OUNTY. e TV L 1 F O K. NI A. 


,UCH in brief is tke Monte- 
rey peninsula. A vast 
empire or unaevelopea 
possiDilities. Its superb cli- 
mate, impressive scenery ana 
admirable situation exert a 
poNverrul rascmation on all 
^vbo come to it. Xo visit it 
once, IS to "w^ant to return ; 
to know it -well, is to reel 
tne power of its cnarm, 
tbe potency ox its spell 
wnicn, m tne old days, 
made tbis, tke "lotus eaters 
land \vbere it w^as ever 


■m^JP L B B L E ' B li A C H 

: ^rr-T^ HONTXiR-IiY COUNT "Y, C^LIFOI*_NI>s_ 

HESE days 
nowever, are 
gone. Now all 
IS changea. Into 
tne land tne 
spirit or de- 
velopment and 
improvement nas 
been inxused. 1 o 
tne many ad- 
vantages wnicn 
Nature has bestowed here, there 
have been added many things, such 
as splendid roads, magnificent hotels, 
tkriving to"wns and country homes, 
^vblcn make for the comfort and 
pleasure of life. These are of such a 
bigk ckaracter, tbat, at tbis time, the 
peninsula offers tbe greatest attrac- 
tions m the world as a place m 
which to live. 



for Pebble 

The Monterey Cypr 



years ago, after an 
exnaustive searcn, the 
directors or Pacific 
Improvement Com- 
pany selected tne Monterey 
peninsula as tne place most 
representative or Calirornia 
scenery and climate. Here 
in tne land or eternal spring 
tney establisned Hotel Del 
Monte, an all-tne-y e ar- 
rouna resort, wnicn provides 
travelers Avitn every facility 
for enjoyment. As a result, 
at this point so perfect in 
natural advantages that 
further improvement seemed 
impossible, the visitor of 
today finds a superb modern 
hotel standing in a wonderful 
floral park of more than 
one hundred acres. 

Hold Del Montr 

PEBBLE ^ B 1j A C H 



building of Hotel Del 
iMonte came tne acqui- 
sition or tnousanas or 
acres or land, practically covering 
tne whole peninsula. Xnese lands 
nave been made to serve as a part 
or tne ilotel grounds by means or 
tbe superb system or roads. One or 
tnese is tbe beventeen-Mile Drive, 
probably tbe most ramous scenic 
driveway in tbe world. It winds 
for miles tbrougb tbe cypress 
groves, pine forests and along tbe 
seasbore until it reacbes tbe bill 
crest "wbence it returns to tbe Hotel. 

A Perpetual Public Reserve 
the Drive and the Sea' 

Sueeestion for a Pebble Beach Home 


liHIN tne fastnesses of 
tnis mignty aomam of 
s\velling nill-slopes, forest 
covered to tneir tops, mountain 
Tneaao"ws, set witn giant trees, 
and restful glades traversed by 
running brooks, wnicn neretofore 
nave been inaccessible to all save 
tne nunter or pedestrian, lie 
possibilities for nomes, as yet 
undreamed of in this State. To 
tnis end tne owners nave gone on 
improving and developing tnis 
^ property, building bridges, making 
roads and clearing tbe forest, 
until to-day, in point of climate, 
location, accessibility, improve- 
ment, etc., tbere can be found no 
more attractive situation for a real 
country place tnan at Pebble Beacb, 
"wnicb nas been made the center of 
these developments. 

P L B B L B B Tj A C H 


flE entire frontage 
along tne penin- 
sula between tne 
drive and the 
ocean nas been 
dedicated as a 
perpetual public reserOe. Xnis 
means tnat any ruture owner 
of property fronting tne 
seventeen-mile drive, is assured 
of a continued access across 
tbe drive and to tbe sea. At 
present, tbis is of great wortn, 
and "witn tne advance of time 
it ^vlll become or incalculable 
value to all o-wners m tbis 

Ptbblt Beach 

from the D 


n O N T E. R. li Y COUNTRY. C jV L I F O K- N 1 J^- 

Suggestion for 
Pebble Beach Home 


IS eignt and a naif 
miles rrom Del 
Monte, and rive 
miles from Paciric Grove. Here 
the sea curves deeply into tne 
sKore. A giant point or rocks 
(Pescadero Point) protects its 
western edge rrom the voracious 
■waves, leaving the 'waters on its 
mile-long heach as placid as a 
pond. One hair or the heach is 
strevk^n with small round pehhles 
or various colors. From this, 
Pebhle Beach takes its name. 
The eastern hair is a crescent or 
clean hard white sand, making a 
delightful hathing heach. 


Pebble Beach, a Crescent of Cleaming Sand and Pebble 



OR that great tract of 
land Avnicn fronts on 
Pescadero Bay, trie 
name "PeDDle Beach 
has been cnosen. It 
extends over tne crest of the hills and 
into the forests beyond. At this point 
there is a broad plateau covered with 
ancient pines and oaks. This grove is 
more than a mile long and perhaps a 
mile APV'ide. On the east and west it is 
protected from vi^inds by the forest- 
covered shoulders of the hills, v^^hich rise 
behind it a hundred feet higher. In 
front it slopes like a grassy laA\^n down to 
the Beach, vi^here the blue sea sings un- 
ceasingly on the sand. 

Located as it is, at practically the 
center of the Seventeen-Mile Drive, with 
splendid smooth macadam roadways radi- 
ating in various directions. Pebble Beach 
permits active touch with the affairs of 
the world and the desired seclusion for 
one s home, as does no other place. 

,>n This 5i7o. anJ /is Supvrh Outloi.k 





ine rollo\ving -was written by 

Cnarles Warren btoaaara shortly 

before bis deatb in April, 1909. 

^Ir. StoJdara lived tor a number of years in 

Monterey, ana kne'W and loved Pebble Jjeacb : 

1 ne voice or many Avaters ^vnis- 
pering to the snore; tne sea winds 
stirring among forest Dougns; the 
Avoodea hills sloping gently "hetween 
the sunset ana the sea, racing a bay 
— one or the loveliest in the world ; 
the mountain range beyond, and 
superb Point Lobos — that is Pebble 

A drive that begins in the groves 
OT Del Monte; the perfection of 
artistic gardening, such a wonderful 
contrast to so many views along the 
drive, where nature has run wild 
since the dawn of creation. It passes 
the quaint adobe iVlission of San 
Carlos; threads the heart of Old 
Monterey -with its thousand hallowed 
memories — Alas, that any of them 
should ever be forgotten ! 

I ;. 

Sue/: a ll.jin^ 

PebhU Btach 

P li B B L Hi BLACK 


^ITHIN a fcAv mo- 
ments we pass under 
tne Dro\^^ or the 
Presiaio, ■v\^nicn 
e nope may be 
r owned 'witn vic- 
Tious ^vreatns, ir 
er tne hour comes 
V hen it IS to be 
cro"wned with any- 
thing more than the 
iron cro"wn which 
IS its natural birthright. 

Then New Monterey, which 
bears no family resemblance to the 
Old; and farther on. Pacific Grove. 
Now for the drive through 
pmey woods, sometimes by the 
shore of the sea, where the sea-lion 
and the pelicans do not speak as 
they pass by; v/here the bones of 
stranded ships lie half buried in the 
sand; where two or three hermit 
fishermen have built them shelters 
of drift-wood, and there they live 
— 1 Kno%v not if any one ever saw 
them in the flesh — like so many 
ivobinson Crusoes. 

of a house built here such wonderful views wout 






^ ^ 


;|R- ■- ''^^^ ^'^' "-^ 








^P^^ "^^^^^H'' / 




■■Bsm^ ' t^^^^^H 

W-: ^^ 


f i 


gr :,- '^ ...-.■''^''- 

^M^^ ^^^H 



■■-^'>---— T^j^i^; -3i^.;>v-;*'-'i 

^Hbh^^ ^-jC^i^^^^^H^H 


***%.-, ;.; 


CiXvObb this barren and sometimes 
bleak plateau, "witn tne sea gnaw- 
ing at its vitals, one comes upon 
a corner or a primeval world. 
1 here stand the immemorial 
cypresses ; some or them skin and 
bones; some, skeletons only; to 
look at them one might almost 
say that they Vk^ere there when 
time began, or Gustave Dore' 
might have designed them, for they 
are like the trees he drcAV m his 
illustrations to '' 1 he vVandering 

? upper right hand engravins shows the Sacred Cypress of 
Japan, photographed in February. 1909. by Dr. Arnold 
Genthc of San Francisco. The others on these pages are 
<»f the Monterey Cypress. Note the close resemblance. 


• -T^ <r Tfiv- tn\n KnTyiM^rr«snnMf^^^>»iay^M 


ART HER on a Lurst oi: 

sunsnme tnrougn tne trees ana tne 

sea sparkling gloriously; here ^ve 

are at Peoole J3eacn, M'^nere witn 

boating, Datnmg, risking, tne rustic 

lodge and villa sites scattered on 
every hand; -with criss-cross drives 
over tne ^vhole peninsula — is it not 
enough to deligkt or satisfy the soul 

_;,5;^^(£:2^:;<^ i^ ^ 


T PebDie Jjeack tkere Kas 
been aesignea by tne o^vners 
one or tne hanasomest resi- 
aence parks in tne country. 

It nas every natural advantage 

witnout any or the customary 
drawDacks. It also nas those 
improvements Avhich aad immensely 
to the happiness and comfort of life 
without detracting from the beauties 
of scenery and environment ^vith w^hich 
Nature has so adorned this place. 

Hotel Del Monte also plays an 

important part in the upbuilding of this 

section. Not only does it bring to it 

guests from every land, but it offers to 

those Avho build here the conveniences 

and luxuries of the finest hotels at all 

times. In addition to this, and closer 

at hand, is Pebble Beach Lodge, 

which is operated by the hotel for the 

pleasure of its guests and of Pebble 

■ Beach residents. It is, as a nucleus 

for the prospective residents and 

home builders, and to provide a 

place of entertainment and of social 

gathering, that this has been 

erected. ihe building is unique 

and distinctive among such houses 

on the Coast. 

A Wonderful Natural Park 
Soort to be Filled with Homes 

PEBBLE B li A e H 

n O W T E, R. li Y C-OUNT"Y, C A.L. I F O R_ N1>V 


Lodge IS built or 
nuge pine logs cut 
from tke surrouna- 
mg forest. It is 
almost tAvo nunarea 
Teet in length by xirty feet in 
widtn and provides a cnarmmg 
place in wnicn to meet or en- 
tertain one s friends. 

One of the distinctive fea- 
tures IS the great Assembly 
Hall, thirty feet wide by sixty 
feet long, •with an immense 
fireplace of rougn stone at each 
end. The ladies and mens 
reception and dressing rooms, 
tne great kitchen and com- 
fortable dining room are built 
adjoining tne great hall. Here 
meals are served at all hours, 
specializing on all forms of sea 
foods, game, dairy products, etc. 
This IS a decided convenience to 
tne residents of Pebble Beacn, 
for it enables them to keep tneir 
homes open the year round and 
enjoy the service and cuisine 
fou"'^ '^ ^-he best clubs or notels. 




K * 7n 






• i 

s "^^ J 

^H J 







O place can be round whicn 
lias a more aeligntrul, a more 
livable climate tnan Pebble 
Beacn. It is a virile, tonic 
climate tnat invites to lire in tne open 
tbrougnout tne cnanging seasons. Ine 
days are warm and genial, mild ^vitnout 
variation, while tne nignts are cool and 

1 ne records or temperature sbow an 
average dirrerence or only t-wo degrees 
between January and July. The salt tang 
ol: tne sea and the healthful aroma or the 
pines gives the air at Pebble Beach a lire- 
givmg quality not usual in such even 
temperatures. The rainrall m this region 
averages about sixteen inches per year. 

A Charming Homcsitc 

and Snugestlnn for Hi 

P li B B L Hi B Ij A C H -^^^^s^im^^^ - . 

'N the Valley of tKe 
Carmel River excel- 
lent nunting and iisn- 
ng can be rouna during 
tne seasons. 
I he Day in front or PeDole Oeacn 
abounds in risn or many kinds, cnier among 
tnem being tbe game salmon, tne catcning or ■wbicn 
on a light rod and tackle taxes the skill or the most 
experienced. On the rocks about Pebble Beach are round 
numerous shell-rish, sea-weed and other forms of marine life. 

eAc Carmel. Ki 

- (,. Del «io Carmelo. foiindrd in I77\ 



'SJ^* OR all these advan- 
"^^^^^ tages or climate ana 
— ' ^^ f location, or .scenery 
and surroundings, deligntrul as 
tney may oe, are not sufficient, m 
themselves, to attract tne nome 
Duilder. No"wadays one wants 
a home m the forest withm tne 
sight of tne sea and amid rustic 
scenes, if possible, hut withal the 
conveniences of life must not be 
lacking. Tbese conveniences are, 
means of easy transportation; 
abundance of pure -water; im- 
proved lighting facilities; adequate 
sanitary systems. If to these, 
are added a coterie of pleasant 
neignbors, a comfortable gathering 
place with a proper equipment 
for outdoor sports, then tnat place 
most nearly approaches the ideal. 


110trTE.B_IiY COUNTY, 

C H 


many improve- 
ments wnich nave 
been made at PeDDle 
Beacn provide nearly 
every one ox these desirable 

As a means or communica- 
tion between Pebble Beacn and 
the railway stations or the 
Southern Paciiic Company, at 
Pacific Grove and Del Monte, 
an electric omnibus service has 
been established. This is a 
private conveyance system or 
the Pacific Improvement Com- 
pany, and is designed to run as 
nearly as possible on scheduled 
hours for the convenience of 
residents at Pebble Beach. 

1 he cars are the first exam- 
ples on this coast of the new 
Edison electric storage batteries. 
Xhey are very smart in appear- 
ance, resembling the ordinary 
automobile, and will carry ten 
or t-welve passengers from Paci- 
fic Grove to Pebble Beach in 
less than thirty minutes. 

The New Electr 
Automobiles in 
Service between 
Pebble Beach 
and Pacific Cr. 

P^Ii B B L E ,^^^^.B L A C H 

^BBLE BEACH is blessed witK an 
aDundance or clear, sparkling water, 

said by experts to be the rmest and 
purest in tne State. It is taken rrom tne 
upper reacnes or the Carmel River, twenty 
miles away, wnence it is brougnt down and 
stored in a 140,000,000-gallon reservoir, 
in tne hills near tne Pebble Beacn. From 
here it is served to the homes ox Pacific 
(jrrove and Del Monte. This immense 
reservoir and pipe line is on Pebble Beacn 
tract, thus insuring a perpetual and plentiful 
supply to all who build here. 

ihe feed wires of the Del Monte 
electric lignt plant run directly to Pebble 
Beach. This provides for electric lighting 
in all homes. Wood, coal and oil for fuel 
purposes are obtained at Pacific drove at 
as lo\\' a cost as in ban Francisco. 


I "^¥1 \ACIF1C impro\'ement 

iA-,-J^^^^ Company, in addition to 
Duilding tne magnificent sys- 
tem or roads tnrougn the penin- 
sula, at present maintains a division 
or forestry, wnicn nas entire cnarge of 
tne great forests that cover these 
hills. This expert service constantly 
polices and patrols the entire peninsula, 
watches out for fires, supervises the 
cutting of timher and the clearing away 
of undergroAvth. 

Plans are now being perfected 
whereby buyers at Pebble Beach may 
also have the advice of expert landscape 
gardeners from Del Monte, m laying 
out and beautifying their grounds. 
Should t-wo or three friends buy 
adjoining pieces, their grounds can be 
Avorked out in one general scheme of 
treatment under this advice. 



not confined to small lots tut 
emorace large acreage plots and 
cnarmmg villa sites. 

1 he actual laying oxr of these 

artistic home locations was the suDject 

w' of much time and study. At every 

point great care has heen taken to make this 

the most perfect residence place. 

The topography of the country \vas 

carefully considered in laying out the 

road-ways, -which now -wind through 

the forest. iheir picturesque 

turnings provide many unusual 

r and charming building sites on the 

hill slopes and knoll tops. 

Charming Situations 
For Country Homes 


P L B B L Hi 

B Ij A C H 



OR tne conservation of tne natural beauty, to 

encourage eacn buyer to erect a nanasonie nome ana 

to assure a neignbornooa absolutely tree or any 

objectionable features, suitable restrictions Tvill be 

imposea. 1 nese aviII be or a protective nature, 

assuring to each owner sucn improvements m tne 

surroundings as will increase the value or nis bolaings. 

No liquors will be sold on these premises outside 

a regularly establisned club. No stores or business 

►^^fe- houses will be allowed. A. minimum building restriction 

will be made. Water and electric light will be installed. 

Water will be delivered at the same prices as at Del Monte 

and Pacific Grove. 

\Vith all these natural advantages of situation, climate and 

environment, supplemented by the improvements already installed 

or under construction, the price asked for land in Pebble Beach 

IS exceedingly modest. On 

tbe basis of $500 to $2,500 

per acre this land offers 

absolutely choicest property 

to be found on this Coast. 

The perfect all-year-round 

climate, ease of communica- 
tion and rapid transportation 

facilities, enable one to make 

this his permanent home, 

running up to the city, as 

business or social engagements 




of Father Juni, 


tl O N T Ei R. Zi Y C-OUNT'Y. C-A-Ij 1 F O IC N I >V 


^ C / F/ C 




jcautilui country is reacned via the Coast Line 
\\c rvailroaa xrom eitner nortn or south. 1 ne 
lourncy trom Dan rrancisco is a aeligntrul one or about tnree hours. The 
^ route traverses the wonaerrul banta Clara v alley, famous the world over. 
Tor its fruits ana floAvers, through the charming Pajaro district, rich with 
its apple orchards and berry fields. From Castroville, it swings to the 
coast, reaching Hotel Del Monte, Monterey and Pacific Grove. 

P li B B L E "^^ B li A C H 

n O N T Ei R, £j Y C.OUNT"Y. C jVL I F O R. NI A. 

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T^^ROM tke soutWard. tke 
^ journey is even more ■svonaerrul. 
1 ne roaa winas ror miles along tne ocean s 
snore, tnrougn canons and forests, presenting 
an unending panorama of superb scenery. TKis 
trip can be made entirely by dayligkt, and is one of 
tne most delightful on tne Coast. 

1 nese illustrations snow a panoramic view of tne Monterey peninsula and 
its geographic relation to San Francisco, Oakland and tKe cities of tke Lay. Xkey 
also skow tke location of Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove, tke Presidio 
of Monterey and Pekble Beack. Tke motor roads from San Francisco follow tke 
railroads closely and provide a deligktful motor trip. 



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THE Monterey Peninsula is encircled by tke world-famous scenic boulevard, tbe 
"Seventeen-Mile Drive." As skown in tke engraving, tkis begins in tke beautiful 
grounds of Hotel Del Monte. It passes tkrougk Monterey, witk its kistoric memories, 
and Pacific Grove, widely known as tke '' Ckautauqua of tke Pacific. From kere it 
extends tkrougk tke pine forests and follows tke rugged coast line past Cypress Grove and 
Midway Point to Pebble Beack. 



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COOYSiCMT 1909 1 

TN adJition to tke Drive itself, many miles of new toulevards liave teen built, as skown 
^ m the engraving These radiate from Pebtle Beach and Pehtle Beach Lodge through 
the pme forests and over the hills. They are amply wide, made of hard, smooth, rolled 
macadam with a maximum grade of less than three per cent. This system of scenic 
boulevards is the finest m the West, if not in the world, and makes the Monterey 
peninsula the ideal place for the motorist, the equestrian or the pedestrian. 

JUL 27 19»2 

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