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Full text of "Pedigrees of the county families of Yorkshire"

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small type refer to fa 
the former appears: 

Hies introduced into the Pedigrees, the second name being the Pedis 
'hus, Marriott will be found on reference to the Maude Pedigree. 

MARKHAM, of Cufforth Hall, forjierlv Becca. 

Marriott— Maude. 
Marshall, of Ne\vton Kyme and Laughton— Hatfeild. 

Martin — Edmunds. 
MAUDE, OF Alverthorpe, Wakefield, &c. 

Maude — Tempest . 

Mauleverer— Laughton. 

Maxwell— Midelton. 

Maynard — Sherd, Westby. 

Melvill— Lister. 

Metcalfe — More. 

Meynell — Ingram. 
HOUSE, &C. (jft'Vol. 3.) 

MIDDELTON, of Stockeld a.\d Miiuielto.N' Lodge. 

Milbanke— Wentworth, Nos. i and 2. 
MILNER, of Burton Grange. 
MILNER, of Pudsev, now of Nun Arpleto.n. 
MlLNESj of Wakefield and (Baron Houghton) 

Montagu — Wortley. 
Moore, of Frampton— More, of Barnborough. 

Moore — Foljambe. 

Moorsome — Maude. 
MORE, of Barnborough Hall. 

More — Foljambe. 

Morley— Radcliffe, Tancred. 

Mountaigne — Foljambe. 

Mowbray — Howard, Nos. i and 2. 

Moyle — Copley. 

Myers — Lister. 

Nessfield — H ungate. 
NEVILE, OF Chevet. 

Nevile — Foljambe, Wentworth, .\o. i. 

Newby — Copley. 

Newcomen — Wortley. 

Newsome — Yarborough. 

Noel— Wentworth, No. 2. 


Nooth — Vavasour. 

Norcliffe- Dalton. 

North— Rockley. 
NORTON (Baron Gr.antley), of Gk.vntlev i 
GATES, OF Nether Denby, and Raw'.marsh. 
GATES, OF Meanwoodside. 

Ogden — Maude. 

Oliver — Gascoigne. 

Ormston — Aldam . 

Owen— Radclyffe, Rodgers. 

Palmer— Roundell, 

Parker— Lister, Walker. 

St. Paul— Bosvile. 

Pease— Aldam. 

Pedwardyn— Savile of Thornhill. 

Pemberton — Stapleton. 

Perceval— Westby. 

Percy — Foljambe, Heber. 

Pickford- Radcliffe. 
Pickford, of Macclesfield— Radclyffe. 

Pigot — Wood, of Hickleton. 

Pigott — Fairfax . 
PILKINGTON, of Chevet Park, \-c. 

Pilkington— Wentworth, No. i . 

Pitchforth— Hanson of Rastrick. 

Plumbe — Tempest. 
PLUMPTON, of Plumpton. 

De La Pole— Foljambe. 
PORTINGTON, OF Portingtox, and S.awci 
PORTINGTON, of Barnby-upon-Don. 

Portman — Fitzwilliam, Wentworth, No. i. 
PUDSEY, OF Bolton. 
PYEMONT, of Lofthouse. 

Raby, Lords of — Nevile. 
RADCLIFFE, of Rudding Park, &c. 

Raleigh— Hoyle of Hooton. 
RAMSDEN, of Longley Hall, and Byrom, 

List of Pedigrees. 

R,-\MSDEX, of Crowstone— Fawkes. 
RAWSON, OF Mill House. 

Redfearne — Hoyle of Hooton. 

Revell— Woodyeare. 
REYGATE, of Steetox. 
RHODES, of Kipp.ivx. 
RICHARDSON, of Bierlev. 

Richardson — Wilson of Ashton. 

Ridgway — Akroyd. 
RniMINGTOX-WlLSOX, of Broomhead— Wilson, of Brink- 

ROBINSON, THE Most Noble the Marquess of Ripox. 

Robinson — Nevile. 

Roddam — Spencer-Stanhope . 
De Rqdes, of Barlborough— Hatfeild. 
RODGERS, OF Sheffield. 
ROOKES, OF Rovdes H.all. 
ROUNDELL, OF Gledstone. 

Roxby — Maude. 
SAVILE, OF Thornhill, Ruffokd, &c. 
SAVILE, Earl of Mexborough. 

De Sancta Maria— Clarell. 

Sawell — Sherd. 

Sayle— Richardson. 

Scargill — Rodgers. 

Scholfield — Vavasour. 

Scot — Calverley. 

Scott— Rockley. 

Seymour, Marquess of Hertford — Ingram. 

Sharman— Parker. 
SHERD, SHIRTE, axd SHIRT, of Rotherham, &c. 
SIMPSON, OF Castle Lodge. 

Simpson — Wood, of Hickleton. 
SLINGSBY, of Scrivex. 

Smeatham — Maude. 

Smith— Dalton, Pyemont. 
SMYTH, OF He.-vth Hall. 

Sotheran — Sherd, Westby. 

Southey — Thornton. 
SPENCER-STANHOPE, of Caxxox Hall. 

Spencer — Maude. 

Stanley— Radclyife. 
STANSFELD, OF Field House, &c. 
Stansfield, of Esholt — Rookes. 

Stansfield— Busfeild. 
STAPLETON (Baron Beau.mont), of Carletox. axii 

STAPYLTON, of Wighill, Mvtox, Nortox, &< . 

Stapleton— Hopton. 

Staveley — Sherd. 
STOURTON (Baron), of Stourtox. 

Stourton — Vavasour. 

Stringer — Norton . 

Stuart — Wortley. 

Sturgeon — Wentworth, No. i. 

Sumner — Wilberforce. 

TALBOT, OF Bashall, and Thorxtox-le-Street. 
TANCRED, OF Boroughp.ridge, Whixlev, axd 

Tasburgh — Anne. 
TEMPEST, OF ToxG H.all, and Bkuughiux. 

Tempest — Carr. 

Thomas — Rodgers, Wrightson. 
THORESBY, of Thoresby axd Leeds. 

Thorne — Foljambe. 

Thornhaugh— Savile, of Thornhill. 
THORNHILL, of Thorxhill, Fixby, axd Ridd 

THORNTON, OF Scarborough. 
THORNTON, of Birkin. 

Thorpe — Wheatley-Balme. 

Threlkeld — Lowther. 

Tibbets — Woodyeare. 

Towgood — Stansfeld. 

Trafiord — Vavasour. 

Travels — Bosvile. 

Trickett— Aldam. 

Turbutt — Woodyeare . 

Turner — Gascoigne, Talbot. 
VAVASOUR, OF Hasleavood, Spaldixgeox, &c. 

Vavasour — Stourton . 

Vernon — Savile of Thornhill, Wentworth. No. i. 
VINCENT, OF Boston Lodge, and of He^lswo 
Lane Ends. 

Vyner — Robinson. 

Wailes — Fairbaim. 

Waleis— Clarell. 
WALKER, OF Masborough, Clifiox. &c. 
Walker, of Mount St. John {sec Walker, of Mas 

Wallace— Ingram . 

Warburton — Lister. 

Warde — F?>coz«// Dudley, and— Bosvile, Roundell. 

Warner — Roundell. 
WATERTON, OF Walton Hall. 
WATSOX— Marquis of Rockingham— Wentworth, No. i. 

List of PedipTees. 

VVENTWORTH, OF Wentworth Castle. 

Wentworth — Armytage . 

Wescombe — Rockley. 

West— More. 
WESTBY, OF Westby, R,4venfield Park, &c 

Wheatley— Wheatley- Balme . 

Whitaker— Thornton, of Scarborough. 

White— Talbot. 
WILBERFORCE, of Markington. 

Wilkinson— Maude. 

Williamson — Winn. 
WILSON, OF Brinkcliffe Tower. 
WILSON, of Leeds. 
WILSON, of Eshton Hall. 
WiL.sox, of Dalham Tower— Smyth. 

Wilson— Pyemont. 

WINN, of Nostel Priory, and WINN, of Bramham- 
BiGGiN (Lord Headley.) 
De Winton — Rawson, of Mill House. 



Woodrove — Foljambe. 
WOODYEARE, OF Crookhill. 

STUART-WORTLEY (Baron Wharncliffe), of Wort- 
ley Hall. 

Wraith— Wheatley-Balme. 

Wright— Sherd. 
WRIGHTSON, of Cusworth Hall. 
YARBURGH, OF Heslington, and YARBOROrOH, 
OF Campsmount (see also Cooke Pedigree). 

Yates — Vavasour. 
YORKE, of Beaverley Hall. 

hop of Wells. 1293 -1302 

Km., killed at the battle 

non ( ? John) Margaret Mark 

leiress of Sir HAM. married t 

(k£ Talbot Sir Walter Pil 

Elizabeth, born 
r. 1S38. married. 16 
to Charles Bowen, 
«. ...J Canterbury Settle- 
New Zealand. 
rfBUDE Caroline Lucy. 
28 September. 1842. mar- 
3 Dec, 1S68. to Lieut - 
Henry Clements, of Asli- 

]86o. Elizabeth, 
daughter of the 
Rev. W. Mac- 
Bean. M.A., 
rector of St. 
Peter. Tavy, 
and took the 
name of Chftoa 
in Aug., 1869, 
on succeeding 
to the estates of 

^etiigrce of jUarfeijam, of Cuffortl) (formerly l^etta). 

y. 1565. admitied a 
>erg, 12 February, G 


Giles's, Cripplegate, 3 F. 

Godfrey Markmam, sewec 
Earl of Essex in Ireland, a 
royalist amy, was killed ii 

Frances mark- 

John' Marshall. 

10 Thomas Water- 
Ion, Esq.. of Wal- 
ton, CO. York, andly, 


aged IS on 3 Jan., 1608.= 

Tied, andly, to Henry 

sop Lodge, bom 1663. 

ried EliEabeth, Griffin. 

daughter of Ursula. 

Marmaduke Mary. 

Tunstall, of ANNE. 

Wycliffe, CO. 

She York,diedi670. 

James I. at Bel- Charles Markham, Isabe 

voir Castle, in of Bottcsford, died Tohi 

1603, married in 1635. leaving a Tev 

Bridget, daughter daughter. Helen. Anne, 

of Sir James who died at Sedge- thor 

Hanngton, Bart., brook, in 1636. MARY 

and died in Dec.. Richard. 



ton, by Margaret Cecil, 
sister of Lord Burgh- 

Bassano, Esq., 

Anne. George Mark- George Robert Markham. of Sedge! 

daugh- HAM. Mark- bom 1597, created a baronet by 

ter of Elizabeth, ham, i, 15 Aug., 1642, served at > 

William Catharine. bora on the royalist side, marrie 

Neville, 1659. = Barbara, daughter of 

of Holt. I Esq.. of Derby, o. s. 
Candlemas day. 1667. 

He died on 

Edward Hussey. 
of Hunnington, 

diedjiine;' 1664.' 

bom oepiemDei 
1598. married 

m inc paruameniaryarmy, goven 
of Belvoir Castle for three yea 

1659 he was appointed commissio 

Frances Markham, 

ofOlIerton Percy Markham 

Thorpe and Plum- 

>f Philip Constable, of Hough- 
on, and died in 1743. = 

Great Melior, 



Ursula Mark- 
in 1703. toThos! 

f^aKHAM, Sir Robert Markham. = Mary, daughter of Sir Anthony Markham, 
M'^lliam Bart., of Sedgebrook. ThomasWiddrington, of colonel in the Guards, 

er »f the bom 1644, married at Chesboume, co. North- bom March, 1646. 

LUgusi), 1690. 

Thomas Mark- 

daughter of Ferdinandt 
Sedgebrook, 7 Apri 

nCasi]e,co.Kent- = 

o ChristopherVi'll 

Broughton, of Longdon, c 

Plumstead Magna, 
where he died in 
1676, having married 

died in 1650, 

Elizabeth Mark- George Markham. Thomas Mark 

ham. married to of Ollerton, married Philip Marki 

Peter Coppin, Mary, daughter of ried to Miss Bi 

Esq. ; she died Bryan Salvin. of Thomas Mark 

ofMr. Crane, of Gee 

T^ m n 

/illiam Markham, Robert Mark- Christina Markham. a nui 

diedj-fl. HAM, diedj.^. at Brages. 

obert, diedj./. Mark, died j. /. Mary Ursula MARKHA^ 

3HN, died s. i. Edward, died 17 married 27 October, 17^:1, t 

Lord Protector, 

Benedict Conquest, Esq., of leaving his estates to Kemptkorne India- 

Imham, co. Lincoln ; her only Dr. Bernard Wilson, man, in the Bay ol 

child married the 8th Lord rector of Newark-upon- Bengal, 25 .'\ugust, 

Arundell, of Wardour. Trent, and prebendary 1690. 


RTHA, born in 1676. 

Kilkenny, in 1686, major in the I d.iughter of Geo. 

army, and served under Gene- Markham, of 

ral Stanhope, in Spain, and Worksop Lodge, 

died in June, 1771, aged 85. married 1717. 

daughters, Margaret 

Frances Markham, 
ed, 22 July. 1776, to 
laduke Tunstall, Esq., 
of Wycliffe, died n October, 

John I 

755, Sarah. ' daughter of Richard Cliv 
1828. He d 

Qive. She died 

J November. 1807, 

; dean of Rochester, = SARAH, daughter of John 
of York. 1776-1807, I Goddard, Esq. 

: John Markham. 
Sphinx. Blonde, ant 


ne.=Hon. Maria 

tured three French frigates ; admiral 
and lord of the Admiralty. 1801-4 
and 1806-7. M.P. for Portsmouth. 
1801-1826. married 27 November. 
1796. died 13 Feb.. 1827. 

. William Markham. born s = Elizabeth, daughter 
April, 1760, was private secret. " - ■ ' " ■ 

to Warren Hastings in 1781, 1 
appointed Resident at Benai 
returned to England 1783. 
sealed himself at Becca Hall, n 

died I January, 1815. 

' Esq.! of : 

Horsted. co! Sussex, eldest 

,ine, bom 5 August, 
1765. married to William Barnett, Esq., 
of Little Missenden Abbey. 
iLiciA Harriette. bom 15 Feb., 1771, 
married, 27 Nov., 1794. to Rev. Henry 
Foster Mills, prebendary of York and 

Geobgina Markham, bom 23 Oct., 

Frederica, bom 23 Feb., 1774, 
married, 16 Sept., 1797, to William 
Murray, 3rd Earl of Mansfield. 

Anne Katharine, bom 25 May, 

Cecilia, born 9 Feb., 1783, mar- 
ried, 6 Dec, 1808, to the Rev. 

of Carlton, co. Nottingham, and 
prebendary of Cariisle. 

;. George Markham, 
born 30 March, 1763, 
in HO., rector of 
Stokesley and dean 

ried Elizabeth ('? Eve- 

colonel of the loth Regiment. 
He was killed in the assault 
of a fort at St. Domingo. 

;. Robert Markham, bom 
28 March, 1768, rector of 
Rollon Percy and archdeacon 
of York, married, 2 August, 
1797, Frances Egerton, 
daughter of Sir Gervase Clif- 
ton, Bart., of Clifton, co. 
Nottingham, who died 8 
December, 1846. He died 
17 July. 1837. = 

arth.\ Honoria Georgin. 


IOHN Maski 


M. bora 27 October, 

Queea and C.B., lieut.-generalinlhe 
Crimea, died 21 November, 1855. 
2. William Rice Markham, vicar of 
Moriand. bom 3 February 1803. 

colonel' 2nd' West Highland- 
mar. 12 February,' July, 1801, 
1828, his cousin died at the 
Lucy Anne, daugh- Cape, 15 
ter of William Hoi- November, 
beck. Esq.. of Fam- 1831. 

daughter of J. Tulip, Esq. 
in 1839, J. ;>. •' 
tSSd'^ J= 
July, i87i.r° 

October, 1798, married. 

Glasgow University. 

Henry Lewis Wickham, 

;. Charles Mark- 

60th Rifles, born 15 
March, 1803, mar- 
ried, 17 June. 1S34, 

Ralph Brandling, 
of Gosforth. CO. 

;. David Frederick 
Markham, vicar of Stil- York, 1826- 
1838, rector of Great 
Horkesley, 1838-1853, 
canon ofWindsor, 1827- 

daughler of Sir 
York. He ( 

Edward Markham, 


Markham, bom 28 Au- Markham. born 14 captain in ih 

gust, 1790. married, 30 April, 1795, mar- died at Fer 

August. 1815, to General ried, 17 June, 1825, May, 1832. 

Sir Rufane Shaw Don- to Major Chadwick. Henry Spen 

kin. K.C.B. 6. Frederica, bom Markham. 

Henrietta Alicia, 12 September, 1798, January, i8( 

Frances Eger- Osborne Mark- John 
bom in 1799. and 34th Regiment. 182 

Bolton Percy. 19 ary. 1814. t 


Charlotte Sherwin tober, 1792, married, in Haviside. 

Longden. Shedied4Dec., June, 1827, to the Rev. 7. Sophia, bora 10 

1840. He married, 2ndly. George A. Montgomery. October. 1799. She 

Harriet, daughter of the 4. Maria, bom 5 March, died unmarried. 

Rev. John Rumsey, A.M., 1794, married, 28 Sep- 8. Sarah, bom 23 

of Trellcck, co. Mon- tember, 1812, to Hon. June, 1802. 

Eari of 


Mabia, =3. Feancis 


:. William Thomas = 
Markham, of Cuf- 
fonh Hall (formerly 

1837, mar- Kertch, 

ried 15 ApriT 1857. 

KlCE Maskham, 
f.f/M, MAftceicr Babbaba M 

Ht born 30 Nov,, 

Grant, presi- vemi 

dent of the Aim: 

of' Richard Grin 

Norman and clasj 

Lady Elisa- dian 

ners, daugh- 

iN Markham, bom 1. Laura Elizabeth Frederica 

arch, 1833, captain Markham, born i Febmary. 

Artillery. 17 No- 1829, married, 29 October, 1856. 

n-, 1868 ; he served at to Lieut.-Colonel Pearson, of the 

the siege of Sebas- Grenadier Guards. 

utinies ; an officer of ' 1831, died 26 June!* 1848. 

\. Rose Georgina. 
gust, 1836. died i 


6 June, 1839. commander 
:.N.. H.M S. Warnor, 

870, and served in the married, 4 January, 1864, lo the 
Slack Sea during the Cri- Rev. Albert Smith, rector of 
ican war. Wendovei 

CiERVASE Markham. 
J.A., of Trinity CoUej 


consul aTchifi 

I. George Henry 

24 January.* 1837, 
of Ronceval, 

Trempileau, co., 
Wisconsin, U.S., 


Frederick Markham, 
1838, died 1840. 
Arthur Ai/gustus Mari 

Hastings Markham, 
jht years in China, and 

8 Sept., 1859, Mar- 
of lieu- garet, daughter of 
n attack John Watson Bar- 

, 3 April. 1862, appointed ist pleton Park, co. 
'of H.M, 

she died 29 Sept., 

. Clements Robert Markham. C.E.. F.R.S., 
b. 20 July. 1830. He entered the navy 28 June, 
1844 ; served in the Arctic e.\pedition of 185c- 

1851 ; and left the navy 28 Dec, 1851 ; assist- 
to the Royal Geographical and Hakluyt Socie- 
ties. He introduced Chinchona cultivation 
into India in 1859-60. and was geographer lo 
the Abyssinian Expedition in 1867-8 (Abys- 
sinian medal) ; on 17 May. 1S71, he was ap- 


f Wood Hall. CO, 
1846, died at Torquay, 

Georgiana. daughter of : 

5. Georgina Eliza^Mi. bon 
15 December. 1S38. nwrritfd. 10 uau^ma vi «n 

Esq.. of the Caniprbury Scllle- Bean. M,A.. 

ment; New Zesdand. reciot of St. 

6. Gertrude Caroline Ll'CY. P«er, Tavv. 
bomaSSeptembw. 1842. roar- and took th« 
nwi. 3 Dec.. 1S6S. 10 Ueui.- nameof «.Tiftoa 
Col. Henrv Clements, of Ash- in Aug.. iS6^ 
field Lodg;^. CO. Cavan. 

; Violet born 8 S 
N I FRED Victoria, 

t. Marianne Ellen 

October, 1861. 
1. Florence Alice, 
bom 9 July, 1865. 

, bom 13 Sept., 1866. 


^etiiflree of l^lautie. of 9:ibertl)orpe. 

lOi.- CO 


Sep..; ,6il, 



OHN (commonly called •• Lawvee 
and Lo.hcnon. bora 1683. mar- 


(ist wife). 



sole heiress of Panherickc. 

dim- STsir Michael Wenlwonh, 
of Wolle>-, Kn,., and rclic ,.,; 



bom and 
died in 


iSJed^-fell^.-" '- 

U'., and LOWTHE 

Healey, parish 

lautie, of aibertljorjpe. lailafeefielti, etc. 

d of West Rydlesdcn, Morlcy, Poller Newton, and Barnby- I 

VloNTALT, of West Rydlesdcn (Visitation 1564).= 
E MOHAUT, aliai Maude, of West Rydlesdc; 

, daughter of Kiglilcy, of Ncwiiall. '. 

se, and last of Ilkley, patron of Ilkley in 1554, will dated 9 June, I 30 Augi 
I, and proved 3 Dec. following, to be buried in 1 1 Itley churchyard. March, : 

3 not mentioned in (be m 


of Staynland. near Halifax, whi 

parish, buried i August, 1616. 

- I Bryar 

i grandson, John, proved 1 

, baptized : 

ToHN Maude, of 

, baptized 

S November, 1629, 
died before 1667. 

5RYAN Maude, of Wakefield, = Jane, daughte 
baptized 23 April, i'- ■ ■ " 

married 15 June, 1658. 
died in 1688. 


laptized 3 May, 1655, Gideon Maude, Joshua Maude, baptized 26 

VTica, 1004, 10 George Cooke, Esq. baptized 23 November, 1662. 

vmyiH. baptized 23 March, 1658, May, 1649. PENELOPE, baptized 3 July, 

■narricd to John Tilston. John, buried 25 1659. 

A, baptized 27 January, 1663, August, 1660. SARAH, baptized 29 October, 

iiarried to Percival. 1662. 

Joyce, baptized 23 Feb., 1664. 

.1 — : — ~ — rr 

Margaret. " of Sunderlan. 

married in 1720. 

born ao is 

rlaiid, 1 
.6, J 

Graithwaite HaS, 
CO. Lane, Esq. 
Shcdied j./>. He 
died in 1753. 


wife), daughti 
of Thorn; 

of Kendn 

:. Barnabas 4. Timothy 

Maude, bom 13 Maude, t 

Ann , and i74i,Ann.. 

i. Joseph Maude, ing a daug 


manied to John married to 

Thomhill, of Thorn- Thomas 

hill. CO. Durham, Smeatham, 

Esq., and died in of Sunder- 

sister 01 I'cter married Miss bmeatnam, ol )ane, born 1714, mar- died in 

Collinson, of Noble, of Sun- Sunderland. ried to Wm. Barker. 1825. = 

Mill Hill, CO, deriand, and died of Sunderland, and I 

Middlesex, 1774. died 1798. 

Esq., F.R.S. Frances, bom xii. , ' 

and F.S.A., 1702. Uthomas Sj 

married 1738, I-William 

and died 1780. , ' SmeATH/ 

This family claims descent from Eustace de Monte Alto, sumamcd "The Norman Hunter," who was in the ti 
Lupus, palatine Earl of Chester, and ii 

i manor of Hawardcn, 1 

the expedition against William the Lion, and had t 
conveying the roj-nl captive to King Henr^- 3, then nt 
(the hon of Scotland), dibmised by two bars sabU " to 
1827 John Maude. Esq., of Moor House, copied from i 
DE MAHU'." "^ ^^P'''^^^" *^"°"° ^ *^ "^'"^ 


jgr^G) j n 

Elizaocth MAU[ 
SiBEi.i,, mRTficd ti 
And another daug 

10 July, 1639, died . 
August, 1647. 
3UIAN, baptized 23 Jan. 
1647, buried 33 Novem 

Jane Maude, baptised Margaret Maude, 

4 April, 1641, buried married 9 March, 

17 April, 1643. 1645. buried 31 De- 

Emzahkth, baptized 37 cember, i64<: 0). 
August. 1643. and 



i Sarah Pad- 2. Benjamin 
bom 1663, c 

[." WiltiAM," 

, of Norton, 
Durham, and 
d t June, 



, Margai 

4 I'cbruary, i 
1730, proved : 

Hannah, dan. 2. Samuel i. Margaret Maude, 
of John Free- MAUDE,born bom 31 x. 1696. 

March, 1779. bom 

Mark Burleigh, of 

Rachel Maude, Mary (ist wife), =5. 

■-' '- Isaac 7th daughter c' 

f New- Thomas an 
-Tync, Sarah Forstei 

John Sinclair, and, 
2ndly (as and wife), 
to Abraham Darby, 


-: i. 



a % 

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III illi Hi| 

i iilt 4|lft ?|il 

0M i 

Ifllill ig- || 
1^ I" 


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1l 1 

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1 !l^ 

H" si-. 


as --col i'-s £3 gs"'. 

EǤ ^"i 

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2- ^ = ja b.-= -2 

1?^ "-«! ... 

J ^wd 

.P! I 1 1^ I P' 

gSe £S3 

H S J! 

1 . 


,^j|j| LI || LJ|i. LJiL| 

>J "'.-■3 E >;°- 

i^i ^H ill 

Ham m 

~it$u '"III ijs 

^■■3 \—°'iiiSc 

K trass:*. 

11 — ^ "ISZS 

i III 

t il 

It h — 

^•iKgS'o^i -S „-M-S."f 

:! id 


ISs T-S^iu 

:£||d|s g^-IFi^ 

■St- la's 

.0 1^-11 ^i«. " ig°5g 

ri a P i2 . " r 1 


pi I 8^ 

:? I !ip7 

'1.11 = 

i£^ -^=- r- -^ 


-?|o| ^^ ^2|2^ 

Emily, d.aughter 
of BelleviUe, co. 


Juliana, marr 
the Hon. H. C 
Lord Herries. 


Catherine, ma 
late William Blun 


Frances Midd 


lo; S8Kl|f PA 

^IHJ ?iM!iite" ^ililllS 

~5 K g-s a: 

•2-c I 

I teEut_^.|EUg5ta 

gll III 

^ I r i ill 

^|.| Jil li^ 


j|!r ^^ 




: E S 

^ii|= ■ Mil 

:3nl I IeIII" 

kS<u<sW'2^iSojS . 

t: S S c S . S m' 



-o„--° E E g o S s EXS 


^^IpII '^^ill,32lll^l'£lK 




q' ^ I I'^cSig'l 




I — ^ i1^l!t^l^ilili I 



1^1 III J n. 

S 6 3m«"- slfiS'-lEa B&i|c 





j:oc ,,1; — 2P3 S^-caat. E <m oS< 2 " s .^ h 

=■ So ---6 

3 1 J s.^ o-:s 

f lii;!. iSllliit! 

ic?t 2. 

o -- I . p ■" d 

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-S,^ .OMw. ¥ 

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Wm. Spe 
ey Grange, 




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3 Jo 3 r^i 

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:i I1 1 ? 

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II T H' "1 < 

oil ^ •- "^ 

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if Ilif 1 1 if 

S E s a.S |Mojnj2~A 


E'Sgl E°-az.|>-|g. 

!?S S-52 = feS-^S 



the mane 
■ Calverle 
of disclai 
■s Visitati. 


■f N 

his bro- 
and was 
n Hall, 
stone, in 


he name 



S S 5 „ 




of Presto 
near Maid 
Kent. He 
leaving hi: 
to his grea 
assumed t 
of Milner. 
living at 
HaU in 18. 

^ «J c 2 

d-s «-a 

S'^ £- 

:5-Sd;f|2| ^ 


Pudsev ai 
1663. Hi 


. John M 


leaving all 
his brot 
. Gregor 



-J;a i's"| '°. 

S «l|-§ g^c 

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iilllsslll "il|lilll ^??^|5S^ 

^etJigree of ilWlilnes, of 

^rms : — A2. a chev. between tbree windmill sails or. 
Supporters :— On either side, a Pegasus argent, gorged with a collar 

SSSiHiam fHilnes, living temp. Queen Elizabeth- = 

William Milnes, living 1628, of Ashford-in-the- Water, co. Derby. : 

Richard Milnes, of Chesterfield, alder-= Dorothy, daughter of John 
man and mayor in 1626, ob. 17 March, I Woodward, gent., alderman, 
1628/9, aged 44. A ' "' ' " 

of Chesterfield. 

[ quo Milnes, of Dunstone. 

William Milnes, of Tapton, gent., baptized=ALiCE Sleigh, mar- 
at Chesterfield, 11 March, 1626/7, died 14 I ried, 6 November, 
November, 1686, will dated 6 November, 1655, and died i 
2 Jac. 2, proved 13 April, 1687. | May, i68r. 

James Milnes, of Chesterfield, bap-= 
tized there 6 September, 1629, buned I 
there 4 November, 1689, will dated 3 
Sept., 1689, proved 26 March, 1690. I 

. James Milnes, of Tapton 
Hall, gent., died unmarried, 
16 Mar., 1690, aged 34, buried 
at Chesterfield. 

. William Milnes, of Tapton 
Hall, gent., married, 25 July, 
1695, Lydia. dau. of Paul Web- 
ster, of Chesterfield, and died 
26 Oct., 1717, aged 56 s. p., 
and intestate. 

rith Dorothy, 
3d 17 Septem- 
1663, died 

;. Dorothy Milnes, dau. and eventu- 
ally co-heiress, mar., 19 Mar,, 1722/2, 
to John Revel, alderman of Chester- 
field. She was buried 13 Nov., 1740. 

\. Isabel Milnes, dau. and eventually 
co-heiress, married, 15 June, 1698, to 
James Brailsford, gent., alderman of 
Chesterfield, and died 25 December, 
1736. aged 68, s. p. 

only child, bap- 
tized 7 Novem- 
ber, i66i, buried 
there 15 Jan., 

Richard Milnes, of 
Wakefield. Esq.. 
J. P. for West Rid- 
ing, bom 21 March, 

30 Jan., 1698, and 
died IS Jan., 1765. 
He died 4 Feb., 

2. Joseph Milnes, died 

3. Robert Milnes, of 
Leeds, merchant, mar- 
ried Sarah, daughter of 
Nathaniel Priestley, of 
Westercroft, near Hali- 
fax, and died July, 1729, 
having had an only 
daughter, Hannah, bom 
12 February, 1729, mar- 
ried to James Lees, of 
Manchester, merchant, 
and died 17 Nov., 1788. 

4. John Milnes. of 
Wakefield, Esq., 
J. P. and D.L. for 
West Riding, mar- 
ried, 9 Feb., 1737, 
Mary, daughter of 
Samuel Shore, Esq., 
of Sheffield, byjane, 
dau. and heiress of 
Geo. Sykes, of Nor- 
ton, Staff., gent.. 


1771, aged ( 

Sarah Milnes, married to John 
Lumb, of Wakefield, merchant, 
andd. II Aug., i748,aged40.=-^ 

Elizabeth Milnes, married to 
George Cotton, of Wakefield, 
merchant, and died 10 June, 
1759- ag^fi 60. 

Hannah Milnes, married to Jona- 
than Priestley, of Winteredge, 
near Halifax, and died 1730. 

Baptista Milnes, married to 
Richard Cooke, of Halifax, 
merchant, and died 25 April, 

7 July, 1718 
21 May, 1741, 

James Milnes, of 
Wakefield, Esq., 
D.L. and J. P. for 
West Riding, b. 
28 Nov., 1721, 
married, 12 Oct., 
1749, Esther, dau. 
and heiress of John 
Brimsup Hall, co. 
Lane. She died 23 
July, 1765, aged 
38. He died 2 

lojuly, 1716. ; 
d. unmar. 28 , 
March. 1788. , 
Mary Milnes, 
born 28 June, 
1713, mar. to 
and died 17 ; 1 
March, 1780 .| 
(j^fthatpedi- | 
gree). i 

Robert Milnes, =JoicE(ist wife), Jc 

West Riding, 
bom 2 March, 
1718/9, mar- 
ried, 2ndly, 6 
February, 1766, 
dau of Samuel 
Shore, of Shef- 
field, merchant. 
She died 9 Mar., 

of Chester- 
field, M.D., 
married 17 
Feb., 1757, 
ob 17 Jan 
1764, aged 

April, ^ 


Bawtry and 
D.L. for W. 

ber, _ 1729, 

daughter of 
Adam Slater, 
M.D.,of Ches- 
terfield, and 
died 6 Dec, 

1. Penelope Milnes, bom 26 Mar., 
1720, marrried, 1751, to John Tarleton, 
of Liverpool, merchant, and died j. p., 
23 May, 1799. 

2. Hannah Milnes, boras Aug., 1723. 
mar., as 2nd wife, 26 April, 1750, to 
Arthur Heywood, of Liverpool, banker, 
and died September, 1806.=-^ 

3. Elizabeth Milnes, bom 6 May, 1726. 

4. Bridget Milnes, bom 29 August, 
1727, died 8 October, 1733. 

5. Sarah Milnes, bom 11 April, 1731, 
married, 3 August, 1752, to William 

Goodwin, of Norris Green, Esq. He 
died s. p., 8 December, 1788, aged 62. 

6. Bridget Milnes, bora i3 March, 
1735/6, died May, 1737. 

iir Robert Shore Milnes, = Charlotte Samuel 
of the Horse Guards (Blu 

bom 1747, married 13 3rd daugh- bom 
Nov., 1785. In 1795, ap- 
pointed Governor of Mar- 
tinique, on quitting which tinck, Esq., 


presented him with an ad- 
dress of thanks accompa- 
nied with ^3000. Subse- 
quently, Governor of 
Lower Canada, and act- 
ing Governor of Quebec. 
Created a baronet 21 
March, 1801, and died 2 
December, 1837. 

R. N^ and 



John Milnes, of 
Wakefield and 
Page Hall, co. 

Lower Canada, 
D.L. and J. P. 
for West Rid- 
ing, bom iS 
Dec., i75i,mar. \ 
Catharine, dau. 
of Edward Carr, 
of Cledmond, 
CO. Carlow, in 1 
Ireland. = i 

Richard Milnes, 
at Chesterfield, 
aged 5 months. 

Joice Milnes, bap- 
tized 9 January, 
1764. died i8th 
same month, aged 
13 days. 

Richard Slater Milnes, of 
Great Houghton and Fryston, 
CO. York, Esq., bom 12 Decem- 
ber, 1759, married 30 May, 1783, 
elected M.P. for the city of 
York, 1784 imtil 1802, an alder- 
man of York in 1795. J. P. and 
D.L. for West Riding, ob. 2 
June, 1804. 

Rachel, youngest daughter and co-heiress of Hans Busk, Esq., of Leeds, Bull House, 
and Great Houghton, granddaughter and co-heiress of Richard Rodes, Esq., of 
Great Houghton, and Martha his wife, sister of Aymer Riche, Esq., of Penistone, 
whose sole heir she was ; on the death of her sister, Mary Anne, the wife of James 
Milnes, Esq.. of Thoraes House, she and her husband obtained his Majesty's 
royal licence and sign manual, dated 13 January. 1803, to take and use the surname 
of Riche. After her husband's decease she resumed the name of Milnes by royal 
licence, dated 8 October, 1805. She died 1835. 

Elizabeth Milnes. 
bom 23 November, 
1758, married, 12 
December, 1780, to 
Samuel Thomton, 
of Albury Park, co. 
Surrey {see that pe- 
digree), and died 

Robert Pemberton Milnes, Esq., of Fryston. M.P. for Ponte-: 
fract i8o6-i8i8, bora 20 May, 1784, married at Harworth, 22 
September, 1808, died 9 November, 1858. 

: Hon. Henrietta Maria Monckton, daugh- 
ter of Robert, 4th Viscount Galway. died i 
May, 1847. 

Richard Monckton Milnes. D.C.L., D.L., J.P. for W. Riding. M.I 

Pontefract from i837=Annabella Hun 
of John, 2nd Lore 

D RoDES Milnes, 
31 October, 1785, 
unmarried, at Man- 
19 March. 1835. 

married, 25 April, 1838, to 
George Edward Arundell, 
6th Viscount Galway, M.P. 

Martha Milne 
29 March, 17E 
18 January. 181 

Robert Offley Ashburton Milnes, 

Amicia Henrietta Milnes. 

Ellen Hungerford Milnes. 

laaafeefielti anti JTryston* 

(Tjcgt ._A garb or, charged ^vith a fesse dancettee az., thereon three mullets arg. 
dancettiSe sable, thereon three mullets arg., in the mouth a branch of laurel ppr. 

Richard Milnes. who had £ 

AMES MiLNES. Esq,, of Tapton=IsABELL, supposedsister of Thomas Robert Mil 

Hall and Chesterfield, buried 2 I Curtis, will dated 13 March, 1664. Geokge Mi 

April, 1651, will dated 8 March, and proved 26 April. 1665. 
1651, proved 12 June fallowing. 

Elizabeth Milnes, married to 
William Wright, of Great 
Longsdon, co. Derby, Esq. 

= Isabel 

buried 24 May, 
i6g6. at Ches- 

4. Thomas Milnes, bap- 
tized 29 July, 1640, buried 
21 January, 1642/3. 

|. Richard Milnes, of Chesterfield, = Elizabeth, eldest dau. 
gent., baptized there 14 August, 1636, [ of the Rev. Robert Wilson 
will dated 29 April, 1706, proved 2 Oc- co. Norfolk, and of Eyam 
tober following, having died 17 June. | ob. 27 January, 1692. 

and co-heiress 

:y Milnes, married, 1660, 
Robert Mower, of Wood- 
its, gent., buried at Chester- 
Id, 20 December, 1670, s. p. 

\. RoBERTMiLNESjOfWake- 
field, baptized 14 Septem- 
ber. 1671, married Hannah, 
daughter and co-heiress of 
Captain Joseph Poole, of 
Leeds, and Drax Abbey, 
CO. York, will dated 29 
April, 1734, and proved 17 
July, 1738. = 

.. John Milnes. of 
Wakefield, bom 27 
March, 1677, married 
I May. 1711, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of 

Lapidge, of Ponte- 
fract. She died 16 
June, 1746. He died 
29 October, 1742.= 

5. Wm. Milnes, of 

Chesterfield, mar. 
Elizabeth, only 

of Michael Water- 
house, of Pontefract. 
She died 8 April, 
1728, aged 65. He 
died 24jan., 1737/8, 
aged 63. = 

i77i,aged8o. He 
d. 23 November, 
1762. == 

:. Richard Milnes, of 
Chesterfield, baptized 3 
October, 1663.married.1st, 
in 1697, {settlement before 
marriage dated 16 Nov., 
1697), Elizabeth, sister of 
Dr. Thomas Seeker, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. She 
was buried 21 Nov., 1719, 
s.p. Hemar.,2ndly,i724. 
Hewasbd. loFeb., 1744/5- 

AH (2nd Mary Mil 

of Samuel Ibbet- 
settlement be- 

1724, She was 
buried 28 Oct., 

tober, 1698, to 
Mr. John Wild- 
bore, and had 
an only daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth, 
bod Wright. 
Esq.. of Not- 

; Milnes, merchant,=MARY (2nd wife), 

married to 

Daniel Walker 

of Manchester, 

of Hull, sheriff for 
town and county. 1730, 
married, ist, 30 Novem- 
ber, 1721, Diana, daugh- 
ter of William Mould, of 
Hull, Esq., and 
November, 1736, 

and heiress 
of George Grove, 
of Rearsby, co. 
Leicester. She 
died in 1766, aged 

hUl Fields. 


iicHARD Milnes, 
of Chesterfield 
and Palterton, co. 
Derby, married 
Elizabeth, daugh- 

Thos. Hawkes- 
worth. of Lon- 

Sarah Milnes, 
married to 

Joshua Rayner, 
of Leeds, and 
died 22 March, 
1753. aged 35. 

William Milnes, of Tap- 
ton, by devise from his 
cousin, Mrs. Revel, mar- 
ried, ist, Winifred, daugh- 
ter of Morton, M.D., 

of London. She was buried 
7 December, 1 752, aged 44. 
He married, 2ndly, Anne, 
sister to Benjamin Gaskell, 
Esq. She died s. p., 2 
May, 1791. He died 8 Oc- 
tober, 1771, aged 59. = 

terfield, M.D.,andD.L. 
for CO. Derby, bom 20 
October, 1726, ob. 20 
May, 1795, will dated 10 
March. 1795, proved 13 
June following. 

Elizabeth Milnes. bom 
22 July, 1725, married. 




13 March, 
1760, died 26 

died 7 Uct., 1802, un- 
married, aged 60. 

;. Mary Milnes, mar. 
ried 8 Nov., 1773, to 
Edwd.Whitwell, Esq., 
capt. in the H. Guards, 
sec. to Gen. Sloper, 
and died 1803. =-< 

[. Esther Milnes, 
marTied,22 Aug., 1774 
(asistivife), tojames 
Torre, of Snydale, co. 
York,and died 14 June, 
17S2, aged 28. = ^ 

Bridget Milnes, married, ist, by special 
Hcence, 28 Nov. , 1775. to Peter Auriol Drum- 
mond, Esq., 2nd son of Robert Hay Drum- 
mond. Lord Archbishop of York, and younger 
brother of the Earl of Kinnoul. He died 
21 March, 1799, s. p. She married 2ndly, as 
2nd wife, 9 May, 1803, to the Right Hon. 

James Milnes, of Themes House, 
in the parish of Wakefield, Esq., 
high sheriff, co. York, 1800, bom 11 
Oct.. 1755, married, 24 Feb.. 1778, 
Mary Anne, eldest daughter and 
co-heiress of Hans Busk, Esq., of 
' " "" 2,andGreatHough- 


his wife had the king's royal hcence 
to use the name and arms of Riche, 
elected M. P. for Bletchingley in the 
same year, and his wife dying also 
JO November of that year, without 
issue, he obtained another licence 

James Milnes, of Cotting- 
ham, married at Hull, 31 
July, 1749, Ahce Mason, 
of the same family as the 
poet Mayson {sec\hs.i pedi- 
gree). He was buried at 
Hull, 12 October, 1752, 
J.;*., will dated 18 October, 
1750, and proved 19 Octo- 
ber, 1752. His widow mar- 
ried, 2ndly, to Frederick 
James Scrope, of Cocker- 

: of Milnes, and died 

Sir John Bentinck Milnes, suc- 
ceeded as 2nd baronet, bom 19 
September, 1786, and died s.p., 
23 March, 1839. 

William Henry Milnes, bora 8 
March, 1788. Lieut, ist Regi- 
ment of Foot Guards, died of his 
wounds received at Waterioo. 

Richard Milnes, bapt. 10 June, 1733, d. 9 April, 1734. 

James Milnes. bapt. 2gjune, 1735. died 8 Oct., 1736. 

Richard Milnes, baptized 12 Aug., 1741, ob. inf. 

Elizabeth Milnes, born 8 June, baptized 27 June, 1732, 
married at Chesterfield, 9 Nov., 1761, to Robt. Lowndes, 
Esq., of Palterton, and died 28 Feb., 1769. =-^ 

Esther Milnes, baptized 15 Oct., 1752, married to 
Thomas Day, Esq., of Annesley, co. Surrey, and of 
the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law. He died of a fall 
from his horse 28 Sept., 1789. She died 6 June, 1789, 
aged 41, s. p., both buried at Wargrave, co. Berks. 

Margaret Milnes, baptized 26 June, 1734, died 15 
August, 1752. 

Mary Milnes. baptized 29 August, 1736. and died 10 
December. 1759. 

Anne Milnes. bapt. 24 July, 1737, died 3 Julv, 1760. 

Sarah Milnes, bapt. 27 June, 1738, died 23 July, 1758. 

child, baptized 
at Chesterfield. 
7 August, 1746, 
married there, 
22 Aug., 1771, 


Ks Oldenburg Milnes. Caj 
tain ist Foot Guards, bom 17 Oct., i79« 
killed at Kingston, Upper Canada, in 181, 

I. Arthur Milnes, died young. 

:. Charlotte Harriot Martiniqu 
Milnes, born 23 June, 1798. 

!. Sophia Mary Anne Milnes, bora 
October, 1790. 

May, 1792. 
William Poole Milnes, 

March, 1796. 
John Milnes. bora 13 Aug., 

Rachel Milnes, bom 3 July, 1787, mar- 
ried, 13 December. 1813, to Marmaduke 
Wyvill. Esq., of Burton Constable, 
M.P. for York. He died at Spenni- 
thome, 9 December, 1872. 

married to Wil 
Elvedon Hall, 

, bom 14 July, 1788, 
1 Newton, Esq., of 
Suffolk, M.P. for 

lARY ANNE Milnes, bom 19 March, 
1790, married to Henry Spencer 
Waddington, Esq., Cavenham, co. 

Louisa Milnes, 

23 June, 1791. 
Milnes, bora 9 July, ii 



h4h i 

^ ,s S.iil!lli i^ 
ilW ;.. ... 

:iHll §"l l«2 li 
"i,^oE I— SB'S .gj-i .!§ I 



g 'S » S 

w o-g-S E 

1 1 "I g I 





J:tl':iM j III 

|^"s si-- 





at: u 

J fill 




"S _ - "^S § S 3 " C"^ 



I "si 



spr.f- s- 









•="1 -"^ g 





J * E i 

: e g" 



: E23 



GiLLOW, mar- 
872, to Henry 
of Ralph Rid- 
ton Park and 
CO. Northum- 



2. MARY Ann. 
EvsTON, mar- 
ried at East 
Hendred, co. 

m ^4^ 


^:-z- siia 

£ld" §1 





•<>,<: E«oSoe 









Thomas Ey- 

bom at East 
ed, Berks, 18 

1828, married 
= Roman Ca- 

Church, Ken- 
1, 5 August, 



<■" S'.sl . 

<" p i 













of Stanford Place, co. I 3rd daughter of STON. bom at Ei 

Berks, bom at Bath, 26 George Thomas Hendred. Berks, 

Chelsea, 27 February,' ford, Esq. tbolic Church, Ke 



rsTON. EvsTON, bom 30 Eyston. b. 19 May, 1865. bom 8 May. 1846, married bora 20 March, 1850. ried, 6 February, 187a, to Henty 

ES MARY Ey- April, 1853. Mabv Louisa Evston, b. 29 September, 1869, Agnes George William Gii^ Riddell, Esq., son of Ralph Rid- 

ON. Maria Constantia 9 May, 1859, and died i Mary, daughter of Charles low. bom aa March, dell, Esq., of Fellon Park and 

Edward Robert Joseph 

9 May, 1859, and died i Mary, daugnter 01 cnaries low. 

August foUowing. Riddell. Esq., son of Ralph 1851. Swinburne Castle, c 

Wary Emma Eyston. Riddell, of Felton Park and Francis John Gillow, berland. 

Swinburne CasUe, Northum- bora 25 September, 1653. 2. Isabella Mary GiLLOW. 

berUnd. 3. Josephine Mary GiLLow. 

..born 1696, I 

JThpLroc.«Moorb hJ^I^. Ei!JlMoOHBn,aiorx8thHus^. 

of John WTodus! Esq., d. ai Flushing! Line, died at Rime. 1845, ag'cd's9,/!i Session, vicar of Spald- Ayscoug'h Fee '-^- '"-- I '^'^ - 

anddicd 1841. = i8io^ aged 30, 6. AucDSTUS MoORE, in the army, diS ing, and died in 1866, Hall, co. Line, 

I in India, 1B09, aged 19. aged 8r. D.D. 

Line, ter of Colonel John Ohver. 

d, ist, descended from Beatrix, 2nd 

"t^- SiSln? lief S^ylou 

nard, Esq., of Framplon George, bom 1844, died in 

Hall, CO. Line. = 1869. 

d wife). daugh-=SARAH (isl wife}.=GEOR 

' MooRE, of Framplon Hall, co. Line! marri 

the taking of the Cape 

ttdr'^Esq.." o" to^and'S"H^i,°co. line. ||'^^ " 3! Peter George Moore, m!?! rieHa7dauE'hw^of Johli 
lowll HaU, CO. Caroline Gray Moore, married to for Queenboro". died j. *. HaUicd, Esq., of Yaie- 

MOORE, Esq., of 


Augustus Moore, daughter of Colonel Christopher 

>.D., of Spald- Edinburgh, major co. Warwick, born 
ig, CO, Lincoln. in Indian army. » -< rSsi, married Eliita- 

nd andly, Emily, daugh- Delancy Lowe, C.B., son of Sir 

alrm Vaux, Esq. Hudson Uwe. 

AiJGUSTDs WiLLtAM= Edith, daughter of Edward Macart- George Peter Moore,=Mary Isabella, 

George Moore,! John Lambert, ney Moore, lieu- lieutenant 3rd Dragoons and co-heiress of Mau- married to Kalph Lok 

M.A., of Woolver- Esq., Garradd's tenant in Royal and 3rd Hussars, cap- rice Johnson. Esq., Adams Beck, eldest son 

slon, CO. Suffolk, Hall, CO. Surrey. Marines L. L, tain in Royal South Lin- of Ayscough Fee '"--- '-—""'■ '^-- 

bomi8+i. bora 1844, died coin regiment of Militia, Hall, co. Lmcoln. 

*■ A Olivier. =' 
L™c.AM.U*MOO.., ilii C.KT.K »,00,. -JjJ.i ^ 

CO. Surrey. EDITH J, 




II — , 

J 3 


" II — , 






i -1 















S -2= K^ 

li^ II— I -M^ <-=w "-;— "1 gS Sgc 




I :— Argent, a salHre ^bIci 

S^etiifiree of Jteljile, 

ffiSaaltfjCOf, Earl of Northu 

temp. King Edgar, 

CEtfieltrt III,, King of England. ■■ 

and Eadulf, Earls of Northumberland. 

CospATRiCK, purchased the 

of Northumberland i 

became Earl of 
Dunbar and the 
Marches in Scot- 

son, a benefactor 
to St. Mary's, 


ULiANA, married 
to Ranulph de 
Merley, Baron of 

Etheldeeda, mar- 
ried to Duncan, 
natural son of Mal- 
colm, King of Scot- 

ey t 
gifts, the church of St. Peter de Burratti, alias Tup 

UcHTRED, 4th son, Lord of Raby, temp. Willis 

I and heir. Lord of Raby. = 

j Bishop 

ughter of . 
3f Durham 

, Media rasa Tuphob 

and heiress of " 

and Earl of Northumberland. 

Maldeed Fitz Dolfin 

1 and heir, Lord of Raby and Staindrop, died 7 Richard : 

Robert Fitz Maii 

, Lord of Raby, did 1 

5 father and brother-i 

, 37 Henry 3. = ISABELLA, sole daughter, and heiress to her bi 

z of Neville on account of the great inheritance he enjoyed fi 

I his mother. =Margaeet, 

; south aisle of Staindrop c 

Robert de Nevil, : 

I of Raby, married 54 Henry 3, 

p buried at Coverham, inq. 

1367/9, buried at Durham. 

of Condell. II ^ 

R^JH NEm^ajnandbeii; Lord of Raby. governor of Carlisle. 1386, warden of the forests north of Trent, 1389, constable of the=MAEGARET, daughter of Hugh, Sir Thomas Nevile, of Liver sedge, Knt., son ar 

Twer « l^oodon, 1398, P.C and Earl Marshal, created Earl of Westmoreland by patent, 21 Richard 2, 1399, K.G., died 21 1 Earl of Stafford, died 2 June, 3 Henry 6, 1424, he held a fourth part of a knig 

Ooiju^. 1426. btmed at Stamdrop, which collegiate church he founded. 1376, buried at Brancepetli. BirstaU, proved 27 May, 1438. 

: Xeto,, of AlOwtpe and 
hf MM and hen-, died 1428, 

IOA* Ketil, sole daogbter and bori 

fSed, 3»S7. to Sir James Harrington, 

a qiui Ga£coigx£«, ofGai 

iiiar-=Sir Wiixiam Gascoigne, Knt. (ist husband.) {See Gascoigne 
A pedigree.) 

Wkntworth, Earls of Strafford, and Watson- Went WORTH, 
Marquis of Rockingham. 

, of Liversedge, high sheriff co. York in 1488 and= M aud, daughter and heiress of Sir William Rytbi 
an oratory granted 17 April, 1472, died 1502. J Isabella Gascoigne, living 20 December, 1501, c 

I Lincoln, recorder of London, 

of Liversedge, Esq., eldest=ISABEL, daughter of Sir Robert 
e, 1499, v.p,, buried in St. j Sheffield, of Buttenvick, 

Ryther, by 2. 
died 1505/6. 

"Tm — 

2. George Nevile 

5. Robert Nevile 

6. William Nevu 

Jtebile, of €\)t\)tt 

mberland by King Ethelred,=ELGiNA (3rd wife). 

Aldgitha.=Maldred FitzCrii 

and endowed it with, amongst other=JOHANNA, daughter of Roger Clare, Lord of Humeti, 
it. Media rasa Tupholme. I Constantiensis. 


Geoffrey de Nevile, gave to Tupholme=EMME, daughter and heiress of Bertram de Roger de Mont- 
Abbey the church ol St. Germans, ot Bulmer, Baron of Brancepeth, which begon, Lord of 

niece and heiress of Walcher, Randby. In 23 Henry 2 he was governor lordship she brought 

' Northumberland. of Berwick, married 1176, died 

husband), Lord=MATiLDA, daughter and co-heiress of Adam=j0HN Mal iert=Gerard Glanvim 
I FitzSwein. j {2nd husl ind). {3rd h ' 

r i — ' ' — r 

7 Richard j 

(5 Richard i). 

Hornby, d. ' 

> her brother Heniy. 

mother.=MARGARET, daughter of John Longvillei 

Nevile, married Alice . 

: Henry 3. 

Sir John de Longvillers, of Homby= 
Castle, CO. Lancaster. I 

Longvillers, esch. 39 Henry 3, 1254. = 

Hltsh de Neville. 

Geoffrey Nevil, 

I Edward 3, inq. p. m. 1285. 

Robert Flamburgh.= Alice, idaughter and heiress of Sir Ralph 
I Liverjedge, of Liversedge, co. York, Knt. 

daughter and heiress. This great heiress broughl to Roger Flamburgh, 

" ' ^ ■' ' '' Longvillers, son and heir.= 

Lord Audley, died 1374, 48 Edward 3. 

DE Nevile, of Hornby. = 

Robert Flamburgh, 


led a grant =1 Isola Flamburgh, daughter and 
! Edw. 2. I sole heiress. 

Nevilue, son=ELizABETH. daughter of 
. 42 Edw^ird 3. I Sir John Harrington. 


■ got 1 

e in Leversedge, Will dated 14JU 

5f Lancaster, son of King Edw. 3. Mary Ferrers 

1 park of Hunslet and Cat Beeston,: 

Joan Nevile, 
Bosvile, Esq., 

thwaite, Knt. 

ess of Richard Gascoigne, of Hunslet, Esq. Her will proved 24 May, 1481, to 1 
' Leeds, before some private altar. March 8, 1453/4, she had licence to have z 
ilso 15 June, 1456, for two years. 

Joan Nevile, married 

Margaret Nevile. mar- 
ried to Thomas SothiU, oi 
SothiU Hall. Esq. 

Ellen (2nd wife), daughter of Sir=Sir Robert Nevile, of Liversedge, son and heir. October 27, 1454, Ucence: 
William MoHneux, of Sefion, co. I for Robert Neville, and Ellen his wife, to have an oratory for a year 4 Liver- 
Lancaster, by Ellen Urswick. I sedge and Hunslet. | 

Rosamond and Beatrice 

t Nevile. ' 
AM Nevile, 

3 Anthony Estofte, Esq. 

Nevile, married 

to Thomas Burton, of 
Kinslow, Esq. 


,. Sir John Nevile, of Chevet, high sheriff, co. = Elizabeth. eldest daughter and co-heir 
York, in 1519, 1524, and 1528. I Bosvile, of Chivei. and widow of 


= Dorothy, daughter of Sir John Daw-ney, of Cowick, 

I by Dorothy, daughter of Richard, Lord Latimer, 
married 15 Januar>', 24 Hen. 8. 1533. 

Dorothy (ist wife), daughters 
of Sir Christopher Danby, 1 
of Masham, Knt., by Elizo- 

' Nevilc, high 
of hiel 

3 Elizabeth, was con-= Beatrice (and wife), daughter of 
jn II ciiaabeth, 1569, and his I Henry Brome. of Wrenthorpe, 
at Hunalct and Cat Becslon, I Wakefield, gent. 

. iJoLs 1 

Elizabeth Nevile, married 

Mary Nevile. 

RORAMONDJistwifc), dauBhlcr=FiiANCi8 Nevile, of Chcvet,=ANNE (and wife), daughter of- 
r Cyril Arthington, of Ar- | Esq., eldest son and heir, I Thomas Tancred, of Bramp- 

aged 20, 1612, I ton, CO. York, widow of 

Arthington, Esq. 

daughter of 
Wols'tenholme, of Nostel, 
Bart. , one of the farmers of 
the King's customs. 

NNR (3rd wife), daughter and co-heiress of Charles 
Markham, of OUerton, co. Notts, Esq., widow 
of Thomas Waterlon, and of Sir John Middcl- 

Gervase Nevile 
1676, aged 85, 

of Beeston, near Leeds, co. York, Esq., 
the Duke of Newcastle, 1643, died 15 F 
buried in the great chancel of St. Peter's 

Aakv, eldest daughter, mar, to 
Sir Richard Tancred, of Whix- 
Icy, CO. York, Knt. He was 

Rosamond, 2nd dau. , mar. ist , to Sir 
Thos. Bland, of Kippax Park. co. 
York, Bart., and andly, to Walter 
"Walsh, of Houghton, Esq.=^ 

:NEViLE,ofMilnthorpe,=ELlZABETH, eldest sun 
' ' " ' ' .York, gent., I of Sir Thomas Beaumi 

NE Nevile, 2nd wife 
Everingham Cressy, 
Birkin, CO. York, who 

She was buried 8 Dec. 
4. Catherine, baptized 
26Mar., i654,and buried 
at Kilnwick, 12 January, 

l. Rosamond, eventually Elizabi 

co-heiress, mar., at Kiln- Nevu 

wick, 13 June, 1667, to only 

John Estoft, of Estoft, and he 

CO. York, Esq., and died born 

27 Aug., 1724, aged 71, living 

723. He died 
594, aged 54, 

heir, high sheriff, co. York, 
1710, mar. Bridget, dau. of 
Sir Walter Calveriey, of 
Calverley. co. York, and 
widow of John Ramsden, 

. Rev. Gervase 3. Fr, 

Nevile, vicar unmarried 6 Ji 

of Bingley, "" '"- ' — '"' 

York, 1712, 


Holbeck estate, 

1683, bun 

She died I] 
(? January, 

5 of Che- 1686, 1 

EVILE, of Chevet, Esq., 
University College, Oxon.. nar 
uncle, Christopher Armyiage, 

" ing there I 14 January, 1695, I ley, Knt., 
(? November), 1720. died 27 May, 1773. August, 

29 July] 

1 Wentworth, of Wol- 


756, and 
October, 1782 

I PiLKlNCTON, of ChcVCt 0'' 

lir Lyon Pilkiiiglon. of Stanley, Bart. 

estates on the death of 
n 1749, and which she si 
died J. p., August, 1765, bi 

I December, 1817, buried a 

nanors Holbeck = SARAH. 
March, 1734/5, I °f ^oi 
Nevile, living at [ 

Brovvnlow Pate Nevile, a Cavendish Ne 

Charles Henry Nevile, 2nd 
son, a lieutenant In the and, or 
Queen's regiment of Foot, slain of Guards, d 

in an engagement on board in Holland, unmarried, i 

Lord Howe'sship, i June,i794. September, 1799. aged 23. 

:iment of Guards, died 
Badsworth. 4 De- 
ribei, 1802, aged 25, 

London, and Skel- 
brooke Park, sth 
but eldest surviving 
son and heir appa- 

= Georgian 

. SandfordNevile,=Sophia Augusta, dauj 

Rowe, caj 

burgh, afterwards of I in the Prussian Navy, 
' ■ ' -ed at the English Ch 

; Hamburgh, 1799. 

LE, only child, died aged 6 
tried at Badsworth. 

1 wife), daughter of Henry Farr Veatman. eldest : 

Farr=PERcv Sandfosd Nevile, Esq., of Skelbrooke Park, 
I in 1840, married 3 October, 1865 

leiress of=3. FRANCts Nev[: 
r Charles of Baroby Don. 

n of Charles Duke of Suffolk), 

es Strangewayes. 

SABEL (2nd wife), 

Jackson, of Harleston, 

r Gmniham, 

rLE, married to Christo- Gervase Nevile, of=A 

heiress of Thomas, 

living I of Roger 

Teversal, Notts. 

4ARy Nevile, mar. to Edward 
Draycote, of Eddeshall, co. 
Stafford. Esq., eldest son of 
George Draycote. 

ANCES Nevile, married 
o Richard, son of William 
yimis, ynuiiger brother of 

= Eleanor, or Helen, daughter and co-heiress 
I Sandford, of Thorp Salvin, co. York, Esq. 

Cotton Nevile, 

?ARA, daughter of John Bullock, 
Derbyshire, Esq., buried 27 
56o, at Chester- 


Roger Nevile, src 
died unmarried. 


Henry Nevile, of Wakefield, co. York, gent., 5th son. 1612, married at 
Wakefield, 15 December, 1643/8, Mabel, daughter of William RadclyfTe, 
of Brierley, co.York. shewas hving awidowand £ .. . - 

■'■■'" *' ' 1648, prov( ' 

to John 

) Nevile, died Sandford Nevile 
d 6 June. 1699, of London, gent. 
>uried at Leeds. 9th and 

Dorothy Nevile, mar. 
to John Skelton, M.D., 
'., g April, 1714. 

15 Nov. . 1705, 

Rosamond, 4th dau. 
died unmarried. 

5th daughter, 

Peter Robr 

married, 2ndly, at 
Eckington, co. 

Derby, 15 Novem- 


Rev. Cavendish Nevile, M.A.{3nd = KATHERir 

of her mother. Rev, 

Robert Robii 

hercousin, B.D., rector of Waterfall, 1 Beach, of 

eral of her co. Stafford, vicar of Nor- ford, die( 

at Shrews- ton. co. Derby, eldest son aged 76, 

at 76, and and heir, died 31 January, I there. 
1773. aged 79. ^ 

daughter c 

; Robinson, =Margar 

e Grammar School. Shef- topher 

Id, baptized at St. Cuth- of Sheffield, bapt. ; 

rts. York, 19 Decern- May, 1689, and dii 

r. 1695. 2 February. 1754. 

Cavendish Ne 

:.Cuth- weeks. 

S.York, Some daughters died infants 

March, in the liletime of their 

of the Rev. Chambers Bate, 
>r of Easton, co. Northampton, 
27 March, 1771, died 16 Novem- 

Notts, Esq., 

the army, died Ja 

^. Sandford Nevi 

Lister, of Colwick, 


-i = Dorothy =Henry Powis(2nd 
husband), of 

f Nottingham. | eldest Shrewsbury, 


, KatherineLis- 3, Julia 

r. to Thomas Drax, < 
lomas Gregson, of co 
Jan., 1530, toSirGe 


Barbara, and wife of 
John Wigfall, of Reni- 

daugh-= William 



■ L. PillJngton, 
Lord of C evct, by pur- 
- : August. 
1790, aget|77, buried 

dated 15 Nov., 
1736, and proved 
3 April, 1737. 

1 and only sur- 
I, London, S 

the 14th year of her age, 
ault of the Clarke family 

Frances Barbara Lister, 
narried to William Whitraore, of 
Dudmaston, co. Salop, Esq. She 
jdied about 179a. 

the Prussian Navy, mar- 
i at the English Church 
Hamburgh, 1799, 

Samuel Nevile, lieu- 
tenant in the Royal 
Navy, slain at Mar- 
tinique, 7 February, 
1804, unmarried, aged 

Gervase Nevile, Katherine, Nevile, 

Philip Lister Nevile. eldest daughter, born 

William NEViLE,d.i792. at Nottingham, 1772, 

married 14 i 
1797' aged : 

captain 84ih Foot, 

■ Louisa Nf.vile, 

^elitgree of Uabasour, of l^asletoooli, ^paHiington. tSSacston. Copmantljorpe. etc. 

. brini, fo™„l. King-. 


!to bdd two luilghi's fe» of Su'^illiX^P 

if Sawley, oo. York, refoundedby M 


from] 9 King John she o'biciincd dowry 0° hcrj handJ. s"rilTof''No7 
Jk«. I Clods 10 ItidjiDd. in which ywr sho wns SulTolk. Lciccslcr. H.. 

"'^'oT'""' I "ik'sl'i^''"' 

^iS'SSfv^r^ridJi^xSirh; "^"-■^"-^ si^-'^^- 

" ' I ■.■>... i-^-i-i-|h„h 


■ietl^andlyyio si"Hcl.''o' Lang5dT'' ijfl^^vtjo'ro she^ divo"(id"' hosbnnd). William Vavasour, 

mIIa.Lvav™o.1"]L,o ~~^ll,a.,''^ ^.™a„b.oc.s k, 

. .l,VA„„„,.0.wh0„, 


ifSirHeoiy adminiilralion cinnlcd 10 Innu 

r™jJ??S' ,i;!i5;r«s?i;i'" 

V.VASom. of Jcll-JvAVA,o™ ELLU™v.,ABO„ann.„., , UJ Vavasoo. diod ™ w.lIm Vavaboo. i"^ iii ^ 1 ~ 

A°GN"M*m'^ed*'loMfillbm'ftj'r- Boily< 

Ion, Esq.. of Ingn^thoiiw. ao M 

- L±. 


laSir ""-■' "^"' " 



byAlioj^dAOsh- AooiW. J»^ JOAK.orJ«mrr., 


nn] — sii^AVA^irTn..- ,jk^.. o L. v.,.^,.. ^j va,.. lUaI j li.i . j. va. euIi^, v a. jjj ' v.... j.« ..jil — inizii^. Mnzmr^. ,.iiv.,„o„.^. j.Lva.ab„„. j.,Lv.>vabo„., jjjjzziHc,....) „l„„,. jLluji 

IOB». GiiiajiEne, of Gaw- Eluabetm. and d. //. 1567! Eibthorpefsbemar- 

EowAU>fi»r- PtoiptotwfPlQm'^ C^^ict p'sApl.foUoi/^g. IS^l Iwo tlaug£'- 

dnin. "" mybcd, ^,. io. (md"'i' /. f!^ 8 lr>^^^ lo Sir 

nd Newion! ELiZAnETH, (ChcslcMc-sireclin 1564) I , ' ..nsiable. of ihorpt-.KnL. Richard, btttied 5 gfnr. d«i«liW of 

isq.. miir- manied to Nelt I w*orlh Grange, co. 1 I)r,.ion(?(,co. and knighi Febnuty. jeii'*, WiUiuii Hiltca. 

icd Joane Johnson. Durham, Esq. (by Mar- ir ^'Tk, mnrshftit, alSl. Maiy, Biihop- ofHiIwo, = 

aughtir of DoROTHY.mar. garM. daughter of John In I 1 1, vbcth, 1603. mar- hilMbe-youngtr. 

■ir William lo^ ThomM Slennell. of Slcdwish, Ansf :■,..■ r ^ ■ -^ i-. ^.>iic. lii, of ncd Mary, A«KkVav«ouh. i-prJ 

ilMkdd.' " Newh^ " bu'wite');iht^burii anO rnOly. lo f^ltr 01 ^1- >«iao..o, i,,^,,'^'andly.of hdr^ of Kr Thomu Shirtcy. TOHS \ At.vsoUK. 

I ^E]i![^bi:^h"i^.ot T^ii^«\^ ~. s'uS^; "ift 

B t H dh" fH r sonofJohnAppleyand. 

l?H^'wifE of Win. W^a, of Fc&, ii'6fi/7,'and "ndteby, of Ripl'.^y" Km? ol '^Tld;- Marmaoi;ke- daughtcrof vjle, ofc 

PiumploniofPlump- Cmniwick- p.SApl following. an|had Iwo dnugh- 'ord. co, Lin- KATHJiKFfJE;. sii'S^wn 

L!*;^BE"Ti(*'^mir. lo Eleanob? ' ^i^l^, dJTi.'^lcr a^i^d 7, 'ijS^. wife ^74' = '^' ELrzAUEriT H/"'^d'icd 

*™SmiB, mimed ELiiADETii^virc of tLibcUi).' ' I =oJuly,nnd 


.y. KnL, o( Spalding- 1 ter of John Vavasoi 

Se. cS. N^lAnuTi^d^h^^ohS; ofT^^Evdl't'h 

S,A=^.V„^^.,„^™.-U™^. W. H^l,' V...«™», . F.„:ci.V»V.„»..n .. ,.M V.v.s.fa. *,, J^li TrlJoLI^^I ^, V.v„o™. „a. ,., „ pl„ V..„0„.^AH, 

.^^ s3..3-u...^ ^.g>„ — 3iJziii7iziiizirrr*Tii 


bariol SirWALTEBVATASOi)B,=jAHE.dauBhiei Ub'sula Sir vJalteb Vavasoub, of a THOMASVAVAsouk. PETER VAVASOUR (7 = Elizabrth. dan. JfeiatmaUullr EanffOalr, 4* Baron Mabv Vava: 

— ■ »ood,agolM, ofSirlordM Vava- Haslewood. succeeded as M.D., bd. at Yotli. 5 M.D. 1675). diod 9! ^^.^'''^J' J^J^" Langdalc, miur. Eliubelh^oun^est succeeded to her father's propeny by will on I at the dt^L^vse of 'his maternal ^nclc.S^r^hn A; 

Mar.,'16^3/6. , '—> Eliiabcth'Langdalc. \ Seplerobcr, 16O1. I 

of Vavasour, she was I daughter of Robert HyiE, ol Denton, CO. Laneasier, bul bad no further issue. He died Brnddyir, ofl Her only cbild died' an 

53, married at Eurlcy, I May, 1716, when his daughters inhcrilcd all his fortune as co-hcircsses, with the exception Portfieltl, co. I' infant. In 1657 Olivers Caichpoles 

4. I of the paternal eslale of Middleton, which, with the baronetcy, devolved upon bis nephew, Lancaster. I plundered Tbomai of /S93 X9S. ad. 

^ 1 — ^rrr 7;^ 7^ , r"' 

iiirch. M'anche^ler. when his hying in York. 1780. 

nxzz. — znz 

V-'fi's;! ?t,:"5H' aEEI"*" '""""' 

Ki'llinE- Monkrode. Esq.' of Puiston Jack 

Marv Tbasford. Wiu-tAU Vavasoob, ot=MAHV. eldest daughter i. Fbajjces Vavasoitb, 3. SiraA?WA Vatasoct!. 

i.,.v.j:.j ■ West Riding," and 'high I -' ■>--■"- ?*-■- - --- ' P ' ■SS- .... je*'^™'^- 

=; B x;»b ba«» Stocnoa I Oasf^JTbai. .;:■ . . - 1 ■ : ,. I only daughter of (wSrouB- SGD...!li. . ~ ■ :< . I - ■. 1 . 1. 1 d.iuEhtetandco-he.rcssofJohn Mervyr. YATES, da ugh- (lit husband), daughter and (and husbid), of BELL, of Loch- | NORA, daughter died young. souB, of Weston, I icrofjohn Vavasoub, soirfcrnarried 

bora « J.K. ittS. "*a™d Wcfc.E4t.0f (.i . ...„.^ ...,,,... ^.i.^.,. .i t„c i.=w- 1 lames Foi Lane, TOHpedi- co- Dui..-.. l^,q. ,, «„^: u, .,.w,a,>T,i.r wuh the will of Thomas ATavasour. look ter and co- of Standen. co. eo-heircss. of Lincoln s Inn. giere,coArgyle. and co-beitc« of 3- loH" Vavasouh. Esq.. high sheriff, I Chaplin, of married..,.!., to Matthew 

^i?0.^^ite>.^ ^^'v^J'^ \t^i"'^'"'i iL^^ ^"\'^"''\ °'^'=""''"°'^'^ BWl- the surname and arms of Vav^^jiit bv royal licence dated a6 March, .791, heiress of Mad Lancastw.Esq., ^ Yalw^ | Mail^Yatc^ Esq. buried at Belfreys. I co. York. J. P. for I Tathwdl, co. daughter of HMWton. of 

■5elt nerr»h g.'i&i6- J, .fied 37 1«^.iaSB. -il^id a bii^ U Feb., isS. i^rf jl aediSwJunei Wnci of'lhe United Km^om!^»^lalCC"8<J^'°He^ed"^^ hulTEs'q., t^d «ijean -a aw. ^^ ',^^ e i i 14. 4. Thomas Vavamur. tiirf' 36 AugusL | ii"'"Mareh,' ofW^'X'' ^x,/.'^'"'' 

. r-— 

.... nm.^™. 

J 212351 

^etiiigfree of J»orton, ^aron (^ratttle|>, of (Jlrantle|> ^arii. 

I 1 _L 

FIAXCK NORTOS. lOBN NOSTOS, eldest iHEiJUV NOR-=CATHERraE, dau. 3.JEKEMIAK NOETON, d. J.«. Thomas =Anne, dau. I. ftiCHARD Norton. 3.VVili.iamNor-=Maegahet, dau. 4. Robert NoR-=CATHARlNE,dau. s.HE!<RyN0E- HenryNor- Susan, bap. 21 Dec, Jane, living 1594, MARCARET,baptizedi40cL, 

■•■ ~ ■* ■■ - "■ •- -' William Tan- Susan and Sarah. Norton. | of Michael a. Francis Norton. ton. of Sawley, | and sole heiress TON, of Sivin- 1 and heiress of ton. ton, bap. 1580, died an infant. aged 14. chose I59>- 

l.of Borough- Mary, unmarried 1575. livg.1564. Wandes- Both died unmar. near Ripon, ot WiUiam Wei- ton, Co. York, J ohn Staveley, M11.ICENT, 1564. 8 April, HELEN, bap 7 May, her uncle, Hen. MARGERY, bap. 16 Aug.,, Elizabeth, mar. to Edward ford. Esq.. mar. set. bury, of New- gent. , buried at of Swinton, Co. Elizabeth, bur. April 1583, buneda6 July, Killinghall her «59»- ,, ^^ _ 

|. Barton, of Wlienbye, CO. dated 30 April, ton, inCleve- Masham, 6 York, buried at 1575. 14,1584- same year. guardiaii.7jan., AGNES, bap. 16 Sept. , 1593. 

of Esq.,t575.buiie( 

tssl, dred 

Feb., 1628/9. 

Print KoirTOS.=MAEY, daiL and Theophilus Norton, 2. Basil Norton, died Anne Nor- William Norton, of Sawlcy,= Anne, dau. and co-heiress of Sir Wm. Edmund Norton. Jane. Maulger Norton, of St. = Ann, dau. of Sir George Wandesford, of 2. Richard =Maegaret, dau. and 3. William NOR- Elizabeth, 

- .... jy Esq.,eldeslsonandheir,aged| Hildv.nrd,ofBishopWillon,co.Vork, RlcIlARD Norton. Cicely. Nicholas, near Richmond, I Kirklington, byhis wife Catherine.da. Norton. heiress of Francis TON, died un- - o„>...,i 

Yoctaa-e?,! Dickenson, bapL at Aldborough. 3. JOHN Norton, Fiq., child and 41 years in 1612, mar. set, 1 knight, by his wife Isabel daughter George Norton. Margaret. CO. York, Esq., aged 72, [ andco-heiressofRalphHansby,olTick- | HaU, of ^Worsall, mar.^in 1625, bur. 


■ei665. TON, only Esq., eldest son and heir, aged I Hildv.nrd.of Bishop Willon,co. York, RICHARD Norton. Cicely. Nicholas, near Richmond, I Kirkhngton, byhis wife Catherine.da. Norton. heiress of Francis TON, ^ died un- to Richard Smurth- 

„„. . i... ^.j- ....ON.Fiq., child and 41 years in 1612, mar. set, | knight, by his wife Isabel, daughter George Norton. Margaret. CO. York, Esq., aged 72, andco-heiressofRalphHansby,orrick- Hall of Worsall, mar in 1625, bur. waite, of Nutmth 

=5 Nov., 1582. died J-as living 1665, aged heiress. dated 31 March, 1631, buried I and co-heiress of Ralph Hansby, of HONOR. 19 August, 1665, buried 12 hill, of York, knt., bur. 23 Dec, 16S3, Co. York, Esq. at Masham. Cote, pansh of 

unmarried, before 15 67, unmarried. at Bishop Wilton, 3 Nov., Beverley, died about 1645. Dec, 1673, aged 80. aged 85, or near 90. Mas_ain, CO. York. 

!. John Norton. 

|. WILLIAM Nor- 2. Mary. JohnWadowe, St. Nicholas, Esq., 

York, eldest son and | co. York, by his wife, TON. 4. HELEN. of Lofthouse eldest son and heir. 

in, of Langthome, 

.. fork, by his wife, 

,aRed33.i665.died Katherine, dau. of Roger 4. ROBERT NoR- Hill, Co. York. buried 29 Nov. 

* -706, buried Becl-— -' — - "— - ■>■ "-^- 

Eaods for CO. York, ton, co. York. 16 June. 1706, buried I Beckwith, of Aldbro', living TON. at St. Mic 

16 June. I 

well, CO. Durham. Shemar., Gray's Inn, aged 38 34,1665.= Aug., 1651, to Sirjohn 

andly, to Robert Clavering, in 1665. He was I Gouthwaite, Co. York, ] 

Esq., ancestor of Earl murdered, Dec, = 

Cowper, 1666. A 

Mabg.\set (ist wife). daughterof= William Norton, of Sawley, set 8, is=Isabella (and wife), daughterof 2. THOMAS Norton, of Grantley,=MARY, daughter and co-heiress 3. John Norton, of Carlton= daughter of John Catherine, eldest=THOMASSTRINGER,of 2. MARY. 4. Helen, married Edwani 

Tbotnas(Sabetis.ofW«tmore-l August, 1665, eldest son and heir, died I Sir Edward Blackett, of Newby, CO. York, gent. (? the poet), aged | of Thomas Fletcher, CO. West- Hall, near RothwcU, co. I Stanhope, of Gnmston, CO. daughter. She d. I Sharleston, CO. York, 3. Anne, buried at Bishop Beckwith, of Nulwilh, 

laud, died 2 November, 1712. 27 July, 1735, ret. 78. . | CO. York, ban. 7 in »66s. moreUind. York, gent. I York, Esq. aa June, 1707, .et. | Esq. Wilton, ao Dec, 1706. Z^'f"^' ^'^^^' "" 

William NorTON. of Sawley,=MARGARET, daughter and Co- Gabetis Norton, 3. Ed w a r d = Elizabeth, daughter Isabella, only child Thomas Norton, of Granilev,=ELizA, daughter of William Robert Norton. Margaret. =:John Norton, Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine, only issue, co-heiress, married, isi 

eldest son and heir, married at I heiress of Ralph Lowthcr, of of Sawley, gent., NORTON, of I andheiressofHenry by and wife, mar. Esq., eldest son and heir, died I Scrjeantson, of Ilanlith, in WILLIAM Norton. | of Carlton married diedat Beaiuuont, of Whitley Hall, Esq., by whom 

Ackwonh. 2; lime, 1704, died, Ackworth Park, Esq. She was married Frances, Knaresboro', Redshaw, of Lillle- William Thornton, 22 February, T719. aged 36 ; Craven, Esq., died 10 Sept., CATHERINE. Hall,inRoth- Stephenson. York. issue She married, andly, to Thomas, Earl 1 

w./., 21 May. 1721, buried at bap.atAckworth, i4Mar..i677, dau. of , Co. York, thorpe, CO. York, Esq.. of East New- buried at West Tanfield. 1774. ELIZABETH. well, only land, by whom she had an only son, who died in 

Riixn. d. 26 Nov., 1717, bur. at Ripon. died j. A. gent. gent. ton, co. York. 1 son. died 4 February, 1729/30. 

-- - . - . . „ „.. .,,— . =GRACE,dau.ofSirWilliam 2. William NORTON, Esq., captain 3. Edward NORTON, Esq., 

Knaresboro, I Richard Moor, Abel Collin Lander, hving 1772. 14 Dec, r76r. knighted r762. Attorney General Dec, 1763, Speaker in the House of Com- I Chappie, knight, one of i752.Marg<-u-et, of the six clerks in chancery, married tojohn 
■ — ' -^ ' -"-—■■—■- — r <■,:,.„_ , . „ . . ., ,^ ^ , ., , - I -£. judges of the King's dau. of John Wood, of Copnian- married Sukey, t'— -"-*"■ n-:......-:.. -c 

■f Guildford, Bench, married SI May, thorpe, co. York. He died 19 Hindley. of the Six Clerks' Shaw, C0.Y01 
I LL.D. He died I January, 1789. 1741. April. J779, j. /., buried at Cop- Office He died 1730, J. /. = 

CoNTERs Nob-ton, of Sawley, William Norton, succeeded as 2nd Lord Grantley,=ANNA Margareta, elder of the two daughters 2. FLETCHER Norton, one=CAHOLiNE Elizabeth, 3. Chapple Norton, Esq., bom 4. Edward Norton, Esq., 5. Thomas Norton, Grace Teeherne, Grace, bom 8 November, 175a, 1 
about 42, umnarTied, 1816. Cantons. 1765, lord high steward of AUerlonshirc, ley, CO. York, Esq., married 1791, died - '■' ' '- "- ' ' ■ ' - ' .''.,':. ...'...'.'.-. ■ - , .^ „._.^ ^ -_j j.--j . 


|uer, in Scotland, bom Esq., mar. 1793. and a general in the amiy, died time a bairister-at-law, died Earl of Portsmouth, 

y,^ ....,,- a.., -■ ud i c ,', -—-_-,.—.-..-. -larkcnrield CO. York,=C KARL OTTE 2. George CiiAppLE Nor-=Caroline Elizabeth 3. Charles Francis Norton,^ Maria Louisa, eldest daughter of the late James Norton, in=IsABELLA, only i. Grace CoNTCRS 

]^t^i^,,^% ,i,^ r^'"^j^C'f''°'^ •^'■'t'^r-^'^'^^^'''''^^^ Earl, youngral ton, of Kettlethorpe Hall, SARAH, and daughter captain in the army, bora 4 General Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.B. She "^ H. O., bora 27 Oct., I child of Thos. Charlotte NoR- ELIZABETH. TON, married 9 Jai 

SSf^f^t^lT^I hi^. ? „^ifi ; ^, T' '' '" fP'™*^'"-'^""'''' '"'" .""""e'l'" ?.;,.">= CO York.recorderof Guild- of the late Thomas February, .807, married ... married, andly, 22 May, 1838, to the JS09, married 4 Oct., Lowndes, Esq., TON, mar 3. Mary ELLEN 1846, tojas. JoTini 

preseu at Waterloo (where he was wounded), at Quatre Bras, and led a storming parly at bte Sit William ford, bora 31 August, 1800, Sheridan, Esq. ,831, aid died Hon. Edmund Phipps, brother to the tst iS and died li of Baningtoi^ ,8t6 to Sir Neil Norton, d. 24 Esq., of Alva, N.B. 

facxme. Beechev, knL mar, ^o lulv. 1827. 

^■^^SSSS'SLS^tte '^*n"rtoJ torn uT^ElSa Fhe'd'e* CharlesGrantley Campbell Norton = KATHERINE Bucknor. Caroline Helen Robert Thomas Lowndes=Catherine Charlotte Lowndes Stone, of Bright- JaiIies Norton, late lieut.=HENRiETrA Clara i. Augusta Norton. 3. Gr 

clay, Esq., of Stock- 

ncsley, g^lh Regl. 

ijuly. 1863. 

getiigree of i^atesi* of jaetfjer 

The name of Fitz Otes occurs in the Roll of Battel Abbey, amongst the followers of William the Conqueror. Henry, 
Duke of Normandy, temp. Stephen, circ. i6, granted to Ranulph, Earl of Chester, the fees of Ralle Fitz Oats. Robert de Vere, 
Earl of Oxford, had the wardship of the heir of William Fitz Otes to marry his niece, i6 K. John. Westcote, a part of 
the Lordship of the Barons of Stafford, was by them enfeoffed to Robert Fitz Otes, to hold of them at a certain rent, ante 
38 Henry 3. Subsequently to this, the name Otes is found variously spelt, Otts, Oates. and Oattes, and the manor of Otes, in 
the parish of High Laver, co. Essex, is stated to have been so called from John Otes, who, with others, held the manor of 
Little I^ver, in the same county, temp, Edward H. 

I " \ 
Sl^^omnS OfcS, admitted of Lincoln College, Oxford, 18 EUzaheth, 1575, then aged 21, of Almondbury, John Oates, livings 
23 Elizabeth, of North Crosland, 40 Elizabeth, of Thomhill, temp. James L, seised of lands at Silsden, co. ante^^YX\z.,\^xj^. I 
York, died at Holme, in the parishof Ahnondbury, aw/^ May, 2 Chas. L, j. ^. , when administration was granted to 
Lawrence Otes. I 

(ist wife) daughter of Georges William Oates, of Nether Denby, in the parish of Kirkheaton, co. York, gent., bom ante 37 EUza- 

Greene. of Nether Denby.had issue beth, 1594 (living, of age, at Woodsome, in the parish of Almondbury aforesaid, 11 James L), seised 

a son, John, living under age, 1628. of freehold and copyhold estates at Earlsheaton, Dodworth, and Long Liversedge, and in the parish of 
Giggleswick, co. York, buried at Kirkheaton, 6 June, 1659, will dated 4 Jan., 1659, proved at London, 
10 August, 1660. 

Susan {1st wife). =}. 
daughter of Wm. 
Brooke, of Dod- 
worth, in the 
parish of Silk- 
stone, bapt. I 
1632, , 

I Oates, of Nether =H j 

wo bendlets engrailed ',:i^-' 3° "-*: 
chiet a cock gub 

Crest; A 


1657, Settle- 

Tn m armour proper, 
o bendlets engrailed 
grasping a dirk, the 

point upwards, also proper, pommel 

and hilt or. 

Denby, gent., eldest 

Thomhill, co. York, 9 
Oct., 1631, seised of 

freehold and copyhold 
estates at Earlsheaton, 
and of a third of the 
tithes of Osset and 
Chickenley, died 9 
March, 1709, buried at 

(2nd wife), 
died loAug., 

Dec., 1632, took 
lands at Dod- 
worth under his 


I I I 

of Joshua Oates, bapt. Thomas Oates, 

o. 26 October, 1634, bapt. 9 Feb., 

at seised of lands at 1639, dead in 

2 Nether Denby and 1650. 

Liversedge Magna, Jonas Oates, 

died s.p., buried at bapt. 10 July, 

Kirkheaton,3oOct., 1642, dead in 

1665, will dated 22 1659. 
Aug., same year, 
proved at York, 15 
Feb., following. 

Wm. Fenton 
the elder, of 
Hill, in the 

Hunslet and 
parish of Leeds, 
setthnts. dated 

diet! 28 Aug., 
1679, buried in 
the middle aisle 
of Dewsbury 

I. William 2. Joshua 

OATES.bap. Oates, b. 

30 March, before 1665, 

1663, some- sometime of 

time of Ham- Kingston-up- 

burgh, mer- on-Thames, 

New York. 

3. John Oates, 
of Thomhill, 
gent., buried 
there, 6 Sept., 
1737, as was 
Elizabeth, his 
wife, 24 Aug., 
1742. Held 
copyhold lands 

by, gent., mar. 
29 Aug. , 1706, 
d. 3 Feb., 1742, 
aet. 63, buried 

Susanna = 

Oates, Wilson, ( 
only Morton, c( 

child. York. 

3RACE, daughter of Bartin 
Allot, of Bilham Grange, 
gent, (by Mary, dau. and 
co-heiress of Joseph Rich- 
ardson, rector of Duns- 
ford and Hambledon, co. 
Surrey,and grand-daughter 
of Tohn Peebles, Esq., 
Gentleman of the Privy 
Chamber to His Majesty, 
King Charles II., and lord 
of the manor of Dewsbury), 
bom 14 Feb., 1685, died 24 
Dec, 1748, buried with her 

[AMES Oates, of Sam 

Dodworth and (O' 

Wortley, gent. , yoi 

mar. Catherine, baj 

daughter and co- he^ 
of John 


Wortley HaU, 

head {see that 
Ped.). She died 
31 July, 1750. 
Hed. J-./., buried 
7 October, 1735, 
proved 14 Dec, 

America about 
1724, and resided 
at Eamstaple, 

Rich. Vevers, 
of Sheffield 
and Potterton, 
CO. York. 
Martha, mar. 
at Silkstone. 
1725, to John 
Godley, of 

William Oates, z 
of Wakefield, CO. 
York, gent., eld- 
born 2 Sept. , 
1673, bapt. at 
Dewsbiuy, 20 
same month, mar. 
5 June. 1707, d. 
16 Nov.. 1737, 
buried in the 
south quire of 
Church, will 
dated 31 Oct.. 
^737. proved at 
York, I March. 

ton,6 Sept. , Oldroyd, of 
1701, buried Thomhill. 
at Wake- Frances, 

. John Oates, 
b. 9 April, 1709, 
died 21 July 

BY,b. I 9. James 
1713/14, Oates, oi 
nfancy. Southamp- 

Jn. Birkett, 
of High 

Leeds, and died 
at Denby, will 
dated 11 April, 
1749, proved 
at York. 1767, 
bur. at Flock ton. 
His only child, 

don, 1748. 
Oates, of the 

Oates, b. 8 
Nov., 1720, d. 
in Edinburgh. 

army, at the 

(in Captain 
under Genl. 
1741. died at 



daughter of 
Poole St. 

ton, gent. 
She m. 2nd. 
to Edward 

captain in 
the army, 
by whom she 
had a son, 
Robert Hill 

the army. 


.ril, 1765, aged 37, 
ried at Wakefield. 

: Elizabeth Jc 

(1st wife), I 

died Aug., i 

1761, aged W 

; Oates, Joseph Oates, of Kilna- 

1729, died hone, otherwise Green 

Hall, near Cork, in Ire- 

\M, died land, Esq., only son, 

aged 16 living 1776. He married 

IS. a 2nd wife, daughter of 

A BETH, Dr. Fisher, of Cork, by 

1. Mary Oates, 
b. 5 May, 1707, 
married, ist, 28 
March, 1725, to 

2ndly, to Edwd. 
Middleton. of 
Tidswell(by both 
of whom she had 
issue), and 3rdly, 
to John Hough, 
of Tidswell. 

2. Jane Oates, 
b. 12 April, 1708, 
married to Roger 
Hill, of Heath, 
CO. Derby, gent. 

3. Grace, b. 23 
Feb., 1711/12. d. 
aged 7. 

4- ANN.b.23jan., 
to Francis Armit- 
age. of Dudnian- 
ston. and 2nd, to 
Jos. Scott, of 

ETH, dau. (2i5t child) of Lieut.-Col. 
topher Russell, deputy-governor of 
rca, and widow of James, younger 
Jolin Conway Colthu 

6. Sakah Oates, b. 
I Feb., 1714/5, mar. 
to Thos. Shepherd.of 
Hemsworth, mchnt. 
She was bur. at Brad- 
field, May, 1763, s. p. 

7. Catherine, b. 7 
July, 1719, mar., ist, 
to John Wilkinson, of 
Tidswell, and 2nd, to 

Parkes, of Kex- 


8. Susanna, bom 28 
Oct., r722, mar., ti 
Sept., 1746, to John 
Wilson, of Broom- 
head, Esq., J. P., the 
antiquary {sec his 
Pedigree). = ^ 

'est'child.'^b. 2rj™?, 
1729, mar. to Samuel 
Watson, of BiikeweU, 
died J. p. 




of Boston, the 1 

of Boston, 

famous patriot, ] 

daughter of 

for Barnstaple, 

CO. Plymouth, in 

Gray, Esq., 

New England. 

the province. 

ber for Boston, 

He is sup- 

chosen speaker 

posed to have 

of the House of 

Assembly, 28 


May, 1766, a 

Gray Otis, 

and colonel m 

army, living 


brother of 

Ardrum, co. Cork. bart. (by whom she had 
a son, John, of Dripsey Castle, co. Cork, 
and other issue), mar. to her 2nd husband 
7 Aug., 1763, died 1775. She was a great 
grandchild of John Hampden. 

James Otis, of Boston, 
the younger, counsellor- 

ber for Boston, on his 
father being chosen 
speaker, 1766, a dis- 
tinguished leader in 
the Establishment of 
the Independence. 

i:DWARD Oates, 
died Oct., 1760, 
aged 10 weeks, 
buried at Wake- 

J AMES Poole Oates, K.H., Lieutenant-Colonel 88th Regiment (Connaught Rangers), was=LucY Ann, dau. of Henry 

in many engagements during eight years" service in the West Indies, and twice severely Wiffen, of Chelmsford, 

woundfd. Aftrrwiirds he sltvccI in the East India's, and touk [lart in the expedition to Egypt Esq.. and widow of 

under Sii I>.r. ..I 1' ill.!, in 1 ^" 1 , .swA in il,.i[ 1. . S- .iiili \ni' r> I ill 1". I ■ !I- ■.- 1 ■. . ■! tt-ir.-.iighout Davis, married to her 2nd 

the wIimI-- . ' ■' r. : ■;.',■■.,■ ■; 1 ■, ' 1, J ..- |i. . I, .Ml.. ,.( 1 .1 .> ,1,1, again husband, 1816/17. had no 

atthi_^i- 1: I , ( r I i| Medal issue by either marriage, 

fors<;n.n' I , ' ' ' > li, 1766, died 26'March. 1841, aged 

died ai K''M m-i-.h, > /■ , ] \|'mI, i-'-. ,, ..■ ■ .1 ■,;, i.m ;■ .1 ,ii I '. 'mI. .n, !■ , ,r,, 1 iid ..iiiic month, 59, buried at Roydon, 

will dated i,] \-\:h., x'i^jz. and proved ai Luntluii, 12 M.iy, 1903, Essex, i April following. 

Otis, mar. to 

Jas. Warren, of Ply- 
mouth, New Eng- 
land, member for 
Plymouth, and high 
sheriff for that 
county, 1766. 

Harriot Poole 
Oates. born 31 
July, 1764. 

3Senb|), anti BRatomarsf), 

At what precise period the Otes family first settled ir 
~ie title deeds of the Shibden Hall Estate, in Soi 

; at that time, and to his descendants, till the reign of Henry VHI., whilst his kinsman, Bryan Otes, 
held property in Northo\vTam, possessed considerable estates at Halifax, 21 Hen. VIII. About this period othei 
appear as landed proprietors in the same district of the West Riding, amongst whom are fonnd the iramed 
of the present family. 

Lawrence Otes, 
of York, 4 James I., was seised of lands there. Conveyed lands 
nephew William, ante 5 Charles I. Still living at Woolley 17 Charles 

N {2nd wife}, daughter of Thomas Beaumont, of Castle Hall, in Mirfield, 
larried there, 9 November, 1630. buried at Kirkhe 
er, 1663, proved at York, 27 January following. 

ie nan, m iviirneia, 
, 5 December, 1663. 

. York, gent., baptized at Mirfield, 25 Fcbniarj 
■ ed 25 October, 1629. Will dated : 

osiAS Oates, of Chick^ey^H. 
Hall, in the parish of Dews- 
bury, CO. York, gent., youngest 
son, bapt. at Thomhill, 23 
Feb., 1643, seised of estates at 
Chickenley, Osset. Mirfield, 
and Liversedge Magna, and 
of copyholds in the manor of 
Wakefield, bur. at Dewsbury, 
21 March, 1718, will dated 
5 October, 1717. registered 
at Wakefield, 15 October, 

Hunslet aforesaid, 
mar. 29 Mar., 1682, 
d. 15 May, 1733, 

1637. mar. (IS! u,:. 
Dewsbury, 20 >■■ 1 , 
1659, buried IT) I- 
chancel of Dcu.L.;> 
Church, 15 April, i6t>^. 
She had a son, the 
Rector of BuUwick, CO. 
Northampton, whose 
daiL Judith mar. (ist 
wife) to Sir Michael 
Pilkington, of Chevet, 

I, ;i ^ ■ ii. . I (tf Silkstone 

.....L.L, a ^0:1. Lh'c Rev. Thos, 
Ilrooke, A.M. (mar. Mary, 
dau. of the very Rev. Thos, 
Comber, D.D., Dean of Dur- 
ham), whose grandson, |no. 
Chas. Brooke, F.S.A., was 
secretary to the Earl Marshal 
of England, RougeCroix, Pur- 
suivant at arms, i777,and sub- 
sequently Somerset Herald. 

gent., D. tnere 
II Nov., 1643, 
died there 5 

= The Rev. John 
Brooke, M. A., 
of Fieldhead, 
rector of High 
Hoyland, co. 
York, died 27 


= Gertrude, dau. Joseph Oates, of 


Anne Mary Oates, - 

-Joseph Smith- 


Otes, of 

of Edw. Good- Chickenley, co. 

of Thos. Fen- 

Oates, bap. 3 Sept., 

son, of Low 


wvn, of Raw- York, settled at 

ton, of Huns- 

Laithes, inthe 



marsh, near Leeds, merchant. 


Rotherham. Co. b. ii. bapt. at 


1672, May, 1700, d. 

set, gent., died 

30 Aug. , 

b. ig July, 

York. bapL i Dewsbury, 30 

James, and 

bur. in 3oOct., i74t, 
north bur. in Dews- 

1679, died 

Sept., 1680, d. June, 167S. seised 


3 Dec.. 1729, ofestatesm Leeds, 

Ibbetson, of 

aisle of bury Church. 

in Dewsbury 

20 Sept., 

May, 1747 

aged 43, bur. m Beeston, Armley, 

Leeds, mer- 

1751, bur. 

aged 64, 

the south quire Leeds-Woodhouse, 

chant, whose 

buried in 

die aisle of 


Church. Osset, co. York, 

Henry, was 

9 Mar.. 



mar.ii Feb., 1702, 

the ist bart. 


d. 27 Nov., 1729. 

of that name, 

W. d. 22 

bur. in St. John's 

died lo Sept., 


Church. Leeds. 

1765, aged 86, 

p. II Oct., 

W. d. 16 Oct.. 


, John's Ch. 

{For is!ue see ©atcs, o£ 

Sleanbootr, „. 

r/ Pedigrte.) 


=ANN,dau. 4. Benjamin 

' Ger- Otes, of 

Nor- Wakefield, 


1688, mar. : 
Catherine .. 



I. WilliamOates, 

3. Thomas Oates, = 

= Elizabeth, dau. 

4. Charles 0.ites, 

S. George Oates, 


JosiAS L. Otes 

Hannah, died Fr 

of Wakefield. Esq., 

of Edwd. Foster, 


died at sea, aged 

Oates, of 

30 July, 1740, I 

Itiding, attomey- 

captain and adjutant 
in West York Militia, 


Otes, both 

unmai., aged 

2. Edward Oates, 

CO. York, and 


died young. 

23. H 

sometime of Fumi- 

at-law, succeeded 

heiress to her 


baptized at Wake- 
field, 17 March, 

1710, died 

Ann, died in 


his brother in his 

brother, Edward 

1744/7, unmar- 


estates at Raw- 

Foster, baptized 

of John Charhon, d. 

t72t, a merchant 

dated 8 Oct., 

ried, aged 26 

both died inf. 

heir to his father. 

marsh, baptized 22 

2 Oct..r7io,d. 5 

at Manchester, d. 


or 30. 

also to his uncle. 

April, 1712, died 

Sept., 1791, w.d. 

1782, p. 31 July, 1789. 

unmar., buried at 


Esq., whom he suc- 

buried 29 same 
month in the South 

CO. York. 

ceeded in estates at 


Rawmarsh, bapt. 

Quire of Wakelield 


unmar., 24 March, 

proved 31 July, 

OcL, 1772, proved 

igjune, 1776. 

A'lLLIAM 0.\TES. of 
RauTiLirsh, Esq., |.P. 
for tlie West Riding, 
died unmar., 19 Aug., 
aged 57, buried 
^aliefield Church, 


UisANNA Oates, eldest=WiLLiAM Crowder, 
dau., co-heiress to her of Wakefield, Esq., 
brother, died J./. , and died r4Dec.. 1810, 
was buried at Clifton, aged 68, buried at 
Bristol, 22 April, 1806. CUfton. 
aged 65. 

19 Ja 

John Crowder, of 
ton. Esq., brother 
aforesaid, born : 
1742. died 30 Noi 

Brother- Gertrude, died 

^etiigree of iBates, 


Joseph Gates, of Chickenley, co. York (2nd son of Josias Gates, of 
Chickenley, by his first wife, Elizabeth, dau. of William Fenton), 
settled at Leeds, merchant, bom 11, bapt. at Dewsbury 30 June, 
1675, seised of estates in Leeds, Beeston, Armley, Leeds-Woodhouse, 
Chickenley, and Osset, co. York, died 27 Nov., 1729, buried in St. 
John's Church, Leeds. Will dated 16 Oct., 1729, proved at York. 

Qly.— ist and4th, Gates. 2nd and 3rd, Argent, 
on a pile vert three dexter hands erected of the first, 

for jOLLEY. 

On an Escutcheon of pretence, gules, a lion 
rampant parted per fesse, ermine and erminois. 
between two roses argent, barbed and seeded 
proper, for Grace. 

Thomas Gates, of Leeds, mer-: 
chant, eldest son and heir, bom 2, 
baptized at Hunslet, 16 July, 
1710, married 13 October, 1741, 
seised of estates at Leeds and 
Leeds-Woodhouse, co. York, and 
at Swanland, Ferriby, and West 
Ella, in the county of the town 
of Kingston-upon-Hull, died 29 
December, 1750, buried at Mill 
Hill Chapel, Leeds. 

4, dau. GeorgeGates, of Potter-=SARAH, only surviving JosiAH Gates, = Mary, 

April, 1744, 
aged 32, 

Mill HiU. 

ILIZABETH Oates, only child, bap. 21 Sept., 1743, 
mar. 16 Oct., 1789, as 2nd wife, toThomas Leach, 
of Riddlesden Hall, nr. Bingley, Esq., died i. /., 
buried at Bingley, 16 July, 1807. 

newton, nr. Leeds, 
chant, capt. in Trained 
Bands, com. dated i Oct., 
1745. He purchased the 
Carr House Estate, 
Mean wood, with a 
share of the lordship or 
manor of Chapel-AUer- 
ton, CO. York, 1765. 
Bom 18 May, 1717, mar. 
at Bradford, 31 Dec, 
1741, died at his resi- 
dence. Low Hall, Potter- 
newton, 20 Dec, 1779, 
buried at Mill HiU. Will 
dated 19 Nov., 1777, 
proved at York, 18 
September, 1780. 

daughter and 
of Joseph JoUey, of 
Manchester, merchant 
(whose kinsman, Thos. 
JoUey, of Cofton Hall, 
CO. Worcester, lord of 
the manor of Cofton, 
and ancestor of the pre- 
sent Rt. Hon. Sir W. 
Hylton, assumed the 
name of JoUiffe, atite 
1684}, died II May, 
1768, aged 46, buried 
at Mill HiU. 

HaU, near 

chant, bom 7 
March, 1721, 
took lands at 

father's wiU, 
died 24 Feb., 
1782, x/.,b. 


John Roe- 
buck, of 
CO. York, 

Joseph Gates, = Elizabeth, eldest 

CO. York, Esq., 

of the manor of 

Carr House 
Estate, Mean- 
wood, i779,b. II 

August, 1743. 

dence, Weet- 
wood HaU, CO. 
York, 20 Dec, 

Rayner, of Leeds, 
merchant (by 

Sarah, his 2nd 
wife, only surviv- 
ing dau. of Wil- 
liam Milnes, of 
Chesterfield, co. 
Derby, from whose 
brother, Robert 
Milnes, of Wake- 
field, is descended 
the present Right 

29 Sep.. 
1780, d. 



Low nk, 6 Sep., 
1798, aged 48, 

ev. Wm. 


= Mary, dau 

Dates, of 

of Rober 


Leeds, mer- 


chant, born 


Mill Hill 

20 August, 

ter, mer 

1748, mar. 

chant, anc 

Leeds, b. 29 

at Manches- 

sister t 

May, 174s. 

ter, II Aug., 

1788, died at 

bert, Esq. 


Leeds, 7 

Mav, 1797, 

M.P. fo 

buried at 

Seaford, c 

MiU HiU. 

14 April 

ioPHi A Caroline Oates, 
born 15 Nov. , 1760, mar. 
at Leeds, to Thomas 
Robinson.of Woodlands, 
nr. Manchester,Esq.(who 
died 8 Oct., 1831), died 
?July, - 

She had 

dau., viz., Thos. Henry 
(d. 1821), Samuel (Uving 
1874), Robert (d. 1851), 
and Sophia Ann. maj. to 
Sir Benjamin Heywood, 
bart., and died 1852. 

I I M I 
Benjamin Oates, 

born 20 Feb., died 

3 March, 1745. 
Mary Oates, b, 

IS Jan., 1746, d. 

unm.ii Feb., 1769. 
Ann Oates, d. 21 

April, 1756. 
Sarah, d. 11 Jan., 

chant, b. 3 
Aug., 1750, 
married at 
Leeds, d. 14 
Aug., 1803, 
will dated 
proved at 

iARAh, only issue, 
bom 1 Mar., 1754, 
died an infant, i 
Oct., 1755. 

3rd daugh- 

George Hibbert Gates, 
of the Greenwich Estate, 
Vere, Jamaica, bom 31 
August, 1791, died in 
Jamaica, 11 April, 1B37. 

Robert Oates, capt. of the 


India Co's.Ser 

in Jamaica, 8 April. 1816. 

Thomas Hibbert Oates, 

died an infant, 29J an., 1795. 

William Washington Frederick Wm. Gates, 

Gates, bom 2 Febmary, of Barlings House, co. 

1796, d. at Christ Church, ' ' " 
London, 24july, 1805, buried 

Hibbert Gates, of the Whit- 
ney Estates, Jamaica, bom 6 
August, 1797, died unmarried 
in Jamaica, 14 Dec, 1840. 

Anna Maria Gates, of Bath, 
bom 5 May, 1790, died un- 
married, 1870. 

Mary Ann, eldest dau. 
and ultimately heiress of 
Chas. Foster, Esq., of 
Barlings aforesaid (liv- 
ing at Steeple Claydon, 
Bucks, 1874), died s. p., 

M\ Ma 

17 Ja 


Harriet Oates, 
died unmarried, at 
ott5,26Sept., 182B, 
bur. there. 
'hcebe Caroline Gates, b. 31 
Aug., 1782, d. unmarried, 29 Sep., 
1S69. buried at Mill HiU. 


= MARY,only 


Gates, of 

Gates, of 

dau. of 

Gates, of 

Carr House, 





Dixon, of 

side, near 

(to which he 


Leeds, Esq., 

the lords of 

succeeded on 

CO. Lane. 

the death of 

16 i3ec.! 


Chapel Al- 



Esq., one of 

1798. d- 

28 January 

21 June, 

1792, mar. at 
Kirkstall, 17 

b. 13 Feb., 
1781, died 

the manor of 


Chapel AUer- 

Oct., 1836, d. 

ton, bom 15 


Aug., 1784, 


Mill Hill. 

Jan., 1868. 
iur. at Mean- 

Susan, only Ann Gates, S j 


b. 27 Oct., 


eldest dau.. 

heiress of 

at Buxton, 

b. 3 Tune, 

the late Ed. 

CO. Derby, 

1778, mar. 

Grace, of 

24 July, 

22 Nov., 

1797. bur. 

1810, d. 27 

Burley, nr. 

at Man- 

July, 1864, 
buried with 


J. P., living 


her hus- 

b. 24 Feb, 

band at 


1783, died 



buried at 

CO. Lane. 

I George Wm. 

Lodge, Esq., 
F.L.S., J. P., 
and D. L. for 

Wm. Wood, bom Louisa Ann Wood, mar. at Leeds, 

4 Aug., 1782, d. 26 Nov., 1823, to the Rev. Samuel 

unm., April. 1811. Crawford (who died 28 March, 1870), 

Frederick Wood, d. 12 July, 1871, buried with her 

b. 4 Aug., 1784, husband at Headingley. = 

d. 22 June, 1796. I 

Crawford, bom 
3 February, 1827, died 29 

of Lancaster, WilliamCraw 

M.P. for the 
Southern Di- 
vision of that 
county, and 

bora 8 Nov., 

July, i860, June, 1832. 
Margarette, eldest Jane Crawford, married 

1824, n 


dau. ofWm.Blanshard.Esq., ' 25 April, 

barrister-at-law, subsequently Lupton, of Headingley, 


judge of the county 
Northumberland. = 
Alexander Craw 
Leeds, F.R.LB.A. 
March. 1831. 


the late 



Gates, of 

Leeds, solicitor, born 12 

October, 1824, died 19 Sept., 

1859, buried at Meanwood. 

Elizabeth Mary Gates, 

Mary Gates, b. 7 April, =Joshua Buckton, of Edward Grace 

1827, mar. 8 September, I Broomhill, Moor Gates, born 11 

1847, died at Carr House AUerton, Esq. He Oct., 1838. died 

22 December, 1858, bur. mar., 2ndlv, 9 Jan., 23 Sept.. 1847. 

at Woodhouse. | 1861, Ehzabeth,dau. Emily Oatf.s, b. 


Charies Sydney, Henry Ha 
rington, and Frances Annii 

Vm. Henry Buckton, 
bom 20 March, 1849, 
died 29 April, 1856. 

lARY Emily Buckton, 
mar. 18 Sep., 1873, to 
Intendantur-Rath, 7th 
German Army Corps. 

;aroline Annie Buck- 

of the late Wr 

one dau., Marion. 


at Christ 


York Mi- 

15' Dec., 

Charles George 
Gates, B. A., 
TrinityHall, Cam- 
bridge, of the 
Inner Temple, 
barrister - at - law, 
bora 5 May, 1844. 

George Gate; 

Joseph Henry Gates, 
Frederick Wm. Gate 
Mary Gates, 

AH died infants. 

of iWleantDOOti, 


ztMary, 2nd daughter of Thos. Fenton, of Hunslet, by 
Mary, his wife, daughter of James Ibbetson, of Leeds, 
merchant, and sister to Samuel Ibbetson, whose grand- 
son, Henry, was the first baronet of that name, mar. n 
Feb., 1702, died 10 Sept,, 1765, aged 86, buried in St. 
John's Church. 

Joseph Gates, 
bom 10 April, 

JosiAH Gates, b. 
10 April, 1713. 

Samuel Gates, of= 

bar, 1722, took 

Mary, eldest dau. 
of Samuel Hamer, 
of Hamer Hall, 
nr. Rochdale, co. 

oy Mary, nis wiie, 
sister of Sir Henry 
Ibbetson, bart., 
died 27july, 1793, 
aged 65. 

19 December, 1703, 
mar. to Hugh Mars- 
hall, of Leeds, mer- 
chant (who died 26 
August, 1756), died 10 
September, 1779, bur. 
with her husband at 
Mill Hill. Their only 
daughter was wife of 
John Parker, of Wood- 
thorpe {who?n see). 

En wood, n 

West' Riddles- 
den, buried at 

Ann Gates, b. 14 Sept., 

14 July, 1787, buried at 

St. John'sChurch, Leeds. 
Mary Gates, bom 15 

April, 1708, baptized at 

Hunslet, died unmar. 

21 Nov., 1782, buried 

at Mill Hill. 
Rachel Gates, bom 

10 December, 1718, d. 

-ist and 4th, Gates. 2nd, Vair, a chief 
T, over all on a bend gules three mullets of the 
econd pierced of the last, for Sherbkooke. 
3rd— Argent, on a chevron counter-embattled 
able, between three roses gules, stalked and 
;aved vert, as many fleur-de-lis or, for Coape. 


Sakah, eldest 


= Dorothy, 

William Dates, R 

Oates, of 

dau.. and. 

'OATES.of Oat- 

capt. in the Hon. 

Allerton Hall, 


lands, Burley, 

of Edw. 

East India Co.s 

Lister, of 

service, bom 24 


Esq., D.L. for 


theWest Riding 

Coape Sher- 

tlie West Rid- 


unmarried, at 

brooke, of 

ing, born May, 

nr. Be- 

Madera, 1796. 

Arnold, CO. 

1758, mar. at 

Joseph, b. 10 Feb., 
1749, d. same mo. 

Arnold, 4 Nov.. 

Notts, Esq., 

St. Martin's in 


1782, died at 

the Fields, CO. 

Henry William 

Oxton, CO. 



Gates, of Field- 

Notts, 1 1 Nov., 

died 16 Jan., 


head, near Brad- 

i8n, btiried at 

Coape Sher- 


ford, Esq., D.L. 



Canada. She 
died 2 Feb., 

Riding, bom 24 
May, 1761, mar. 
Margaret, 4th dau. 
of Edw. Cock- 
shott, of Morley, 
nr. Bingley, Esq. 
He d.°r7 April, 
1831. She d. at 
Thorp Arch, 12 
May, 1844. = 

Hannah, bapt. 19 Dec, 

1784, died an infant. 

Rebecca (ist = EDWARD Gates, =Elizab 


dau. of 




22 Apr., 
died 26 



■ug., 181 

^NN Gates, b. 25 March, 1754, mar. 

to Thomas Bond, of Lancaster, Esq., 

died at Lancaster, 1796, buried there. 
.lARGARET GATES, born 14 March, 

1756, died unm.. 17 May, 1828. 
4ary Gates, baptized lo May, 1750, 

died 14 June, 1765. 

William Gates, of Kingsto 

John Gates, b. s Get., 1807, 

d. at Kingston, Jamaica. 
Samuel Gates, bom 29 .April, 

Edward Gates, born 8 Aprii, 
t8i2, died at New York, 1833. 

Mary Gates, b. 31 July, 1803, 
m. 9 March, 1826, to James 
Lambert, Esq.. of Ashton 
House, Bradford, d. 9 May, 

Henry William Gates, bom 

19 Feb., 1824, died unm., at 
Bombay. 17 Feb., 1S54. 

George Gates, bom 25 Sept., 
1833, died unm., at Stafford, 

20 April. 1864. 
Margaret Ann Gates, mar. 

7 May. 1853, to Benjamin 

Cheatle, of Leeds. 

Elizabeth Hamer Gates b. 

27 Feb, 1821. mar. Nov.. 

1844, to Francis Kennedy, of 

died 3 April, 

- " 1850, 

1873), died 
having had 

ames (in 

Id Hei 

Frances Gates, 

Nov., 1846, to 
Bray, of Leeds, < 

James Edward (d. i866) 
and Frances Elizabeth. 
LLLEN Gates, mar., ist, 
23 Mar.. 1854, to Jno. 
Cawlhom, of Leeds 
(who died 29 Dec, 1861), 
and had issue, Edward 
Gates and Madeleine, 

1866," to Wm. Kelsey! 
of London, and has issue, 
Henry Gates. Elizabeth 
Hamer, Robert Gates, 
and Margaret. 

William Coape Gates, =Ju 
captain, Glengarry Fen- 
cibles, and aide-de-camp 

Coape Sherbrooke. 
G.C.B.. K.H., bom 
March, 1790, married 


. p., 6 January, 

ulia Hen- 

Henry Coape 

John Coape = 

Gates, Esq., 


dau. of John 
Leacroft. of 

of Pans, bap. 

time of the 


died in Lon- 

Royal Navy, 

CO. Notts. 

don, unmar., 

Esq.. died 

21 Dec., 1872. 

1794, married 

ID January, 

Nov., 1834, d. 

Gates, bora 

10 Feb., 1785, 

Trent, i Dec, 

died an inf. 



^r.\nces Gates, bap. 30 
September. 1783, died at 
Bath, unmarried, 21 Oc- 
tober, 1863. 

Harriet Hamer G.^tes, 
bom 25 June, 1786. died 

10 December, 1797. 
Jary Coape G.a.tes, bap. 

11 Febmary, 1788, died 
unmarried, 7 November, 

Llizabeth Coape Sher- 
brooke Gates, baptized 
10 December, 1792, died 

I i 

I'larch. 1788, 
narried Jo- 

George Hamer Ann Margaret Gates, 

Gates, of Bolton bom 28 Sept.. 1796, d. 

Lodge, CO. Lane, unm., 16 Feb., 1818. 

Esq.,bomi3jan., Jane Gates, died an in- 

1794, died un- fant, 7 Nov., 1793. 

married, 8 Mar., Isabella Mary Gates, 

1871. buried at eldestdau.,bami3Nov., 

BoUon-le-Sands. 1786, married 2 May, 

Eliza Hamer 1811. to WilUam. eldest 
Gates, born 29 son and heir of Richard- 
Mar., 1789. died son Borrowdaile. of Bed- 
unm., 17 Feb., ford Surrey. Esq., 

Bolton-le-Sands, sometii 

ViLLiAM Henry Coape Gati 
Besthorpe, Newark, co. Notts, 
late 97th Regt., born 13 Get, 
mar. 4 June, 1857. 

=SOPHiA, 4th daughter of 
W. L. Domenichetti, 
of Collingham, co. 
Notts, Esq., late 95th 


Charles Gates, bom 1811, 
d. at Leeds, 3 Dec, 1828. 

George, died at Buriey, 22 
Get., 1824, aged 10. 

Edward, died at sea, 15 May, 
183s, aged 19. 

William Henry, d. at Ham- 
mersmith, 23 June, 1839, 

Josephine Margab 

Gates, d. at Seville, 6 

1830, aged 24. 
Maria Dorothea, d. at ; 

31 July. 1827, aged 20. 
Louisa Margaretta, c 

SeviUe.26 March, 1828. a 
Mary Isabella, d. at 

Nov., 1840, aged 21. 

QrmiS :— Argent, a chevron pean between three mullets sable, on a chief azure three bucks' heads caboshed or. 

3iobert ?3aritrr, of Little Norton, co. Derby:^ 

, of Little Norton, yeoman, living 1547- 

JoHN Parker, of Little No 

(first wife).dau. of Thomas Bright, of Bradway, in Norton,=JOHN Parker, of Little Norton, and of Jordan-^: 
of Stephen Bright, of Carbrooke. in the parish of Sheffield, I thorpe, in Norton, yeoman, bapt. 4 Sept., 1575, I 
Sir John Bright, Bart., (see that family) bapt. 4 August, 1581, bur. at Norton, 17 July, 1638. Will dated 23 
\.ugaist, 1601, bur. 26 September, 1604. j Jan., and proved at Lichfield, 17 Oct.. 1638. | 

Ann, bapt. 29 August. 1604, mar. at Sheffield, 3 Feb., if 
to Thomas Eyre, of Shatton, in the parish of Hope, 
Derby (Dugdale's Vis. Derby, C. 34, f. 66). 

John Parker, of Little Norton, yeoman,= 
son and heir, bapt. 12 Aug., 1607, bur. I 
27 Au?., 1678 Will dated 24 Aug., 1678. | 

William Parker, 
Norton, yeoman, 
Oct., 1635, bur. 9 C 

\NNE, dau. of Edward Parkes, of Higham 
parish of Shirland, co. Derby, yeoman. 
sett, dated 21 March, 1670. A widow n 

I the Rowland Parker, of Greenhill andz 
Jar. Jordenthorpe, yeoman, third son ; bapt. 
3. 8 Jan., 1640-1. bur. 17 Jan., 1705-6. 

Ldward Parker, of Little Norton, and after-=ALLEN, dau. and co-heir of Benja 
wards of Birmingham, and of Sutton Coldfield, I Coldfield. co. Warwick, yeomi 
gent., in 1695. Will dated 2 April, 12 Q. Anne. dated 2 May, 1695. Living i 

lin Blackham, of Sutton John Parker, of Greenhill, 

1. Marriage settlement devisee of John Woodrove, 

13, but died before her Buried at Norton, 17 Junt 

proved at Lichfield, 12 Novi 

bapt. 18 August, 1664,= 

Died before his father. I 

Will dated i April, 

John Parker, eldest son and 
heir, sold his patrimonial 
estate at Little Norton, in 
1721, to the Rev. Cavendish 
Nevile, for _^i,ooo. 

All d. before 1726. 

Allen, bom at Sutton John Parker, of Woodthorpe, and afterwards of Graystones, in the parish of Sheffield,: 

Coldfield, and baptized gent., born in 1700, a few months before his fathers death. Succeeded to Woodthorpe 

2 June, 1704. Mar. about and other estates under the devise contained in the will of John Woodrove, 1736. 

May, 1726, to John Had a grant of the arms loth Nov., 1775 ; died 15 April, 1779, aged 79, and was 

Green, of Birmingham. buried at Norton. Will dated 29 Dec, 1778 ; proved at York 12 June, 1779. 

John Parker, of Woodthorpe, Esq., of Univ. Coll., Oxon, barrister-at-law, of Linc.=ALiCE, only dau. and heir 
Inn, justice of the peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire, many years steward of 1 by Elizabeth, his wife, < 
the manor court of Sheffield ; born 28 Oct., 1727, died 6 Jan., 1794, and was buried settlement dated 13 April, 
in the church of Hansworth. Will dated 26 Sept., 1790 ; proved 17 April, 1794. | 

John Parker, eldest son and 
heir apparent, born at Wood- 
thorpe, February, 1767, died 
10 May, 1773, buried at Hans- 

Hugh Parker, of Woodthorpe, Esq., eldest surviving son and heir ; of Eman. CoU.,==Mary, eldest dau. of Samuel Walker, of 
Cambridge, barrister-at-law, of Lincoln's Inn, and steward of the manor court of | Masbro", Esq.. married at Hansworth, 20 
Sheffield from 1828 to 1843. Many years (and at the time of his death the senior) I Sept., 1798, died 15 August, 1859, and was 
justice of the peace and deputy lieutenant for the West Riding of Yorkshire. Bom buried at Healaugh (see Walker pedigree). 
II September, 1772, died at Doncaster, 15 November, 1861, buried at Healaugh, 

The Right Hon. John Parker, lately residing at Darrington Hall,: 
CO. York, and now of Onslow Square, Middlesex, eldest son ; 
of Brasenose Coll., Oxon, M.A., barrister-at-law, of Line. Inn, and 
■ Sheffield from 1843 to its abolitic 

1S47 ; M.P. for Sheffield 1832-52 ; 
Admiralty, a Privy Councillor, 
21 Oct., 1799 ; mar. at St. Paul's 

for West Riding. Bom 
ibiidge, 8 Feb., 1853. 

:Eliza Charlotte, 2nd dau. of 
George Vemon, of Clontarf 
Castle, CO. Dublin, Esq., by 
Henrietta Maria his wife, dau. 
of Wilson Gale Braddyll, of 
Conishead Priory, co. Lane, 
and sister of Jane Braddyll, 
2nd wife of Admiral Frank 
Sotheron, of Darrington Hall 
(see that family). 

Parker, =Clara 

Jan., r8oi,diedat 
Great Malvern, CO. 

John Hugh Pari- 
25 Oct., 1848, die( 
Malvera, 15 Dec, 

Joshua Ryle, of 
Carshalton, co. Sur- 
rey, Esq., mar. at St. 
Pancras, co. Middle- 
sex, igAugust, 1842; 
died at Torquay, 21 
Mar., 1856. 

Clara Mary. 

Relief Service, at 
Creagh,co. Cork, 
23d Mar., 1847, 

OT00trtft0ii)t, ^trctttftorpr, kt. 

(JrCfit :— On a wreath, a talbot's head couped argent, eared and langiied gules, and gorged with a collar pean. Granted 10 Nov., 1775. 

I deed dated 25 March, 1606. 

=JANE (second wife), dau. of James= 
Bate, of Jordenthorpe, yeo- 

7 March, 1617. 

George Parker, 2nd sur\'iving s 

^Elizabeth, dau. of Geffery Roberts, of Dronfield, by Gertrude his 
wife, dau. of Rowland Morewood, of the Oaks, in Bradtield, gent., 
mar. 9 July, 1632. bur. 4 Aug., 1674. 

HOMAs Parker, baj 
31 March, and bur. . 
July, 1609. 


Jane, bapt. 
July. 1610, wil 
of Gest. 

, dau. of John Barten, of Greenhill, yeoman, 
his wife, dau. of Humphrey Woodrove, of 
ts Dale, bur. 6 April, 1693. 

lARY. dau. of Wm. Staniforth, of Mosbro'^WiLLiAM Sharman, of Greenhill (se- 
Moreside, in parish of Eckington, county I cond husband), bur. at Norton, 24 
Derby, gent., bur. at Norton, 17 Aug., 1723. March, 1730. 

May, 1672, 
I June, 1674, bur. 8 Oct., 1 

=Maky, dau. of Samuel Staniforth, of Eckington, gent., 
married 29 September, 1726. died 5 January, 1745-6, 
aged 43, and was buried at Norton. 

LLizABETH, mentioned in her father's will, mar. at B; 
low, 15 June, 1725. to Joseph Webster, of Linacre, 
Brampton, near Chesterfield ; died 4 August, 17; 
aged 81, buried at Brampton, Had issue. 

1796, aged 78. 

iARAH, bom 12 June, 1733, wil 
George Woodhead, of Highfield, 
Sheffield, merchant, died 15 June, i 
He died 17 Nov,, 1813, aged 81. 

Elizabeth, bom 20 December, 1720, 

died 8 June, 17^,1. 
Ruth, bora 7 June, 1736, died 10 Dec, 

George Parker, of Wilsick, in parish of Tick-=DrANA Elizabeth, dau. of George Cooke Yar- 
hill, and afterwards of Streetthorpe, in parish of I borough, of Campsmount, and Streetthorpe, Esq., 
Kirk Sandal, co. York, Esq., third son, bom 22 mar. at Kirk Sandal, 22 April. 1806, died 29 Jan., 
April, 1774, died 29 July, 1839, and was bur. at 1854, aged 84, and was buried at Armthorpe. 
Armthorpe. Will dated 25 May, 1837 ; proved 
6 November, 1839. ' 1 

^Iaria, bapt. 8 November. T765, 
mar. 3 Oct., 1793, to Richard 
Swallow, of Newhall, merchant. 

iRiET, bapt. 18 Jan., 1770, 
ar. 16 Sept., 1790. to John 
lli-son, of Thorne, Esq. ; died 
'Oct., 1S49, s.p. 

=Sar AH,3d dau.of Rev. 
Jonathan Alderson, 
rector of Harthill, CO. 

, 5 Dec., 1848, 


Edward Hawke Brooksbank,^ 
of Tickhill, and afterwards of 
Healaugh Hall, near Tadcaster. 
Harriet, mar. 12 Nov., 1833, to 
Edward Valentine Pegge-Bumell, 
Esq., of Winkbum, co. Notts, 
Beauchief Abbey, co. Derby 

(being then E. 

. Steade). -< 

Alice Elizabeth, mar. 6 Jar 
1858, to WilUam Walker, 
Wilsick, Esq. 

Margaret Caroline, mar. 
Sept., 1842, to Charles Jackso 

George Par- 

foot, bom 15 
July, 1812, 

ker, lately of 
Esq. , bora at 
Wilsick, 4 
Dec., 1 8 14, 

Maria Margaret, 
dau. of Rev. Or- 
feurWm Kilving- 
ton, of Hatfield, 
vicar of Brignall, 
by Mary Mar- 
garet, his wife, 
dau. of Francis, 
7th Lord Napier. 

)RFEUR George Parker, =Delia Jane, youngest d; 
bom 15 May, 1845, mar. I of Charles W. Mir 
17 Oct., 1871. Esq., of Baldwyns, 

Diana, mar. at Kirk 
Sandal, 10 February, 
1863, to Rev. George 
Robert Davies Cooke, 
vicar of, York, 
and now of Shalbourne, 
CO. Berks. 

George Bryan 
Cooke Yarbo- 
rough, Esq., of 
CO. York. 

«: g EH.E S 


I mP- 

^mt I s^i fill"- 

iSoloS, S ( ■S'^5"-5 

111 i 

£ g c o •g •S - 

tit ^il^^ 

£5 ill 

5 i§"l 


■So ".^--z ^"^^ 'i^ 















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i ffltiif iiip 

m M 

iMi|l|p||l||^ i|i 

H 11.!" c -2"!!" .s2SLo«"ia 

!"2 j 



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g „ 5 -3 -- S 

5 ; S°?ai 



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I III . 1^'^ 






iilli ti- 
ll? IS i^i 

-2 Is Is g-^°^ 

S|°2 II fl 


iH<t§l S.I g| 111-5 ^ 


^rfl° "111 1^11 



liil! i 


?P :||p|||l| 



3 II - Sz-"'^'^3°^ = " 

g -g £, r « ° I m 

z" .1 d 3 ! « ^2 f'^-o 

■ 5 al .2,2oJ 3 g a ° ^, a '^ 3 

u 1 wO Ig'gS 

?i1il| iiii:|iJ|i 

j-S qW §W 








gs in I go .Sz' 

_^ yi o g H £.>3 
"? S K 4 Jtj tig -4 

H lIlL; Ifjli ill 

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r;o' n-T<_lf|io£ 

:bl 2-S 

s.t ill I" 

P^ [Ilia 11 I" ^ 

2 "^ I M I 22 g 

§? i^^l g-.i.^l s:-||- ||5| 

J i Sf 

ill Ills 

' 2 s 

1^1 Mil ;^< 


S -o ! 





■= ° K-2 ^ i § ^ § " E I W H 

■2 5 go & D *Jj^d I II 

fi| hi ^^ Hi^ PI- 4- if 

b o £ ■£ II - 

~= .E-"-=£SBg 

°iii-^ Sa 

llfpt Wit- i"s| ■!f|| itl|^- 
l|y|,'!t|l?l =1111 _yifri||i|2 

iSs-tlir=1^'^^K r-i||ljrll|ll ^ 


! i< \ Hi, 

:ss S[ g 



S S :; u ^ s o c 


1 iii^:„:^. 

I -So- si -^o^o-g 

1 Sm^SkK^S^ 

5 §==:-§.» 


pixiisil^jl^s'i-j lip 
t:!!!!^!!!!^ Jill 

iS'^.-D E 

"•ill ri its! -ll. .SjfHit'^l 



-i^liS gnlll 


II^IpIIsI ^-llglll il!|| 

:^s „ §"•; 

l?i^! ;-p 

18 |||i|- fc-"^ 


' " |-|-Sg j-6^^,^ 


1 N 

^ebigree of ^ortington, of 3^ortinig:ton, 


3ot)n Iir laortington.: 

Robert de Portington.= 

[ Edward 3, 1349. J 

Margaret (2nd = Sir John Portington, Km., appointed a King's serjeant, 17 April, 1440, 18 Hen. 6; justice= 
, wife), daughter I of assize in Yorkshire in 1441 ; judge of the Common Pleas, 1444; of the King's Bench, 1452. I 
"St^s ^j^^ heiress of He was executor of Ralph, Lord Cromwell, treasurer of England, who died January, 1455. 
Richd. Mills, ar. i Married, ist, Bridget, daughter and co-heiress of John Sherfeild. He died 1456. 

. Elizabeth Portington, 
married to Walter, son and 
heir of Thomas Grimston, of 
Flinton, in Holdemess. 

. Maude, wife of John 
Estofte, of Eslofte. 

of Haldenby. 
. Ann, wife of Edward 
Saltmarshe, Esq., of 

- (?) Margery, daughter and 
co-heiress of Sir William 
Armyne, lord of Armyne 
and Newland-upon-Aire, 
by Ursula, daughter of 
John Luddington, 19 
Hen. 6, 1440/1. 

Phomas Portington, M.A., provost of Hemingborough, 1457-71, 
canon 1447, treasurer of York, 1477/85, mentioned in the will of 
Archbishop Booth, dated 28 September, 1479, admitted of Corpus 
Christi, 1482, rector of Godmanham, which he resigned, in 1480/1. 
He died 1485. (?) A clerk in the King's Exchequer, will dated 12 
Sept. , 1491, mentions William Portington and each of his children, 
his sister, Margaret Lucas ; desires to be buried in the monastery 
of Stratford, at Bow, will proved at Lambeth, 28 October, 1491. 

Thomas Portington. of Portington. 1524. at.. dead-JULiAN. daugh er of John. 4th son of Sir Robert Aske, 
in 1541. I of Aughton, Knt. 

of Menthorp. 1466. 

Henry Portington, of-MATiLDA, daughter c 
Portington, co. York, I Sir Thomas (?"Roberl 

I'homas Portington. of Casthorpe, gent.,^ 
will dated 10 April, 1550, proved 9 Octo- 
ber following, to be buried in Broughton 

Alice, daughter of .... 

{ohnston, widow 
..eonard Curtis, by wl 

Anthony Portington. 



livmg=ANNE, daughter of John Langton, of Langtc 
I (? married, 2ndly, to John SUenie, Esq.) 

Portington. = Cas! 

daughter and heir 

.. Michael Porting-=Ann, daughter of Edward Beaumont, of Cal- 
TON, living 1612, ad- I ton, by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of 
ministration granted Christopher Hopton, of Armley, she was 
12 November, 1631. | baptized at Mirfield, 7 April, 1577. A 

I widow in 1631, and guardian of Anne, 

I Henry, and John. 

Thomas Porting-=Elizabeth, youngest 
ton, of Portington, I daughter of Sir 
now (1592) of Saw- William Skipwith, 
cliff, CO. Lincoln. | of Ormesby, Knt. 

John, living 1599. 

of Porting-= Dorothy, dau. of George Went' 

Dennis, York, i July, 16.14. 

daughter of John Ashbumham. 

Portington (? if buried 1 
, to Jane, widow of Gervase 

Henry Portington, of Porting- 
ton, aged 17 in 1612. administra- 
tion granted, 9 September, 1679, 
to his widow, Elizabeth. = 

^ary Portington. married at Cawthome, 
Green, of Micklethwaite, z^w/^tJ Banke ; hev 
and died 12 March, 1669, leaving issue. 
1673. Her will dated 20 October. 1673. 

3 June, 1654, to ■William 
,s aged 33, 7 April. 1666, 
She died 14 February, 

Elizabeth Portington, married 
at Conisborough, 3 February, 1666, 
to William Bosvile. 

Dorothy Portington, married, 5 Febniarv, 
1666/7, to William Bosvile. of Clifton, gent, 
{this from Bon/iU pedigree by Hunter). 

CO. ^oxK antj §)atDfItff, to. ilincoln. 


= Ellen (3rd ^^^fe). daue;hier of 
Thomas Crosse, will dated 20 '. 
proved at York, 22 April. 1458. 

5. Nicholas Portington, of Anlaby 
Harleian MSS., 2118, he is styled : 
son of Robert, and brother to Sirjt 
Portington, judge), married EIizab< 

in Harleian 
1" Robert. 

Thomas de Lesley, of 
Felton, CO. Northum- 
berland, Knt., 34 Don. = 
Hen. 6. 1455/6. ^^ A 

(5m next pedigree). 

KoBEKT Portington, of Barnby-=MAKGAKi-i- 
upon-Don /. ;/., married, ist. EHza- (2nd wife), 
beth. daughter and heiress of Mr. 
Robert Paslew, of Bamby-upon- 

Bametby, of 
Barnby, Esq. 

, 2nd daughter, married to John Rudd, of Winterion. 

Portington, 3rd daughte 

arried to Thomas Barnby. of Bamby. 

Jttwell Portington, cousm to 'I'homas Beverley, who made his will 11 
August, 1480. He was chamberlain of York, 1491, and admitted of Corpus 
Chrisii in 1482, and his wife Agnes in 1489. 


wife of Richard Yarbo- 

Thomas Porting 

DAN Portington, married, ist. 
to Michael Warton, and, 2ndly, 
to Ralph Rokeby. of Lincoln's 
Inn, secretary to the council of 

Constable, of Hatfield. 

Julian. married to 





INGTON,of Win- 
teringham, co. 


Katherine. married 
Edward Isney. of Ful- 

Mary, married to John 
, gent. 

Portington. married 
ider. son of Ralph Va 

)f Spaldington. 

the above Robert Leedes. 



« si""" 

i'l|P3| I :f<? 





nber, 1610! Februaryri6i8. 

JaTr^o".. '' 


bom 25 March, 1654, = Lucy .. 
Oswald's, Durham, will 1 Castle, 

buried at Barnard 

1/3 May, 1724. 



WAEL PuDSAY, of Staindrop, merchant, born 27 De- = , dk 

mber, 1680, died 30 August, 1749, without male issue, | Staindrop, 
d was buried at Staindrop. 1 

St. Leonards. 

I only daughter of Richard 4 

born 18 June, 1750, married 
to Colonel Charles Rooke. = 

Dawson, = Anthony Little- Richard Dav 

daugh- I DALE, Esq., of of Halton Gill, and I William 

bom 16 I Liverpool, 7th son rector of Bolton-by- Long, r 

(? Nov.), I of Henry Little- Bolland.W. Riding, Maids\: 

married dale, bom 2 Oct., Co. York, married] co. Bucl 

jg. i777,died2oJan., at Kirkby Lomdale, I 

A i320- " August, 1774. I 

Richard Dawson, vicar of George James 

Suttoa Benger, Wilts., born DAWSON 

I I):. 1 . ■ ,, inirried,2ijuly. Park, CO. Staf 

I , M 1 lughtprofjohn 30 April, 

I -l-. of Moscley 7 August, 187 

II ' : 'I n I'.irmingham. = 

^etiigree of ^utse^. of 

Henry Pudsey. - 

ilT.vix. 6 and 23 Ed.' 3.= 

'enant dated 1352, 1381.= =ELtZABE 

3 the \viU of Sir Thomas Novil 

r — 

f Bauge, in France, in 1421. 

nth John Trollop, Esq., of Tiipmlej', 1 


Thomas Pud- Elizabeth Pudsey. 

for the=MATiLDA (2nd= =EdwIN>1 
y which I wife) I Boltoi 

Robert Pudsey. William 

was buried at Bolton, ] 

CO. York, 2 May, i Hei 

appointed keeper of Cottescough Park, Middleham, 

■ PuDSEV.of BoIland=A; 

of Gilbert, or John, I 
of Langley, in co. ' 

IS Pudsey, of Bolton and= =Marga 

tor Henry. Lord Cliflbrd, a ivid. 

rence, hiswife, ini«i. 

t,of Mary Pudsey, - 

Mydopp, of Skiplon. 

of John Heron, SEY, wife of of EUesSeld, 

Roger 2ndly, of Ricbard John Conyers. Oxon. 

Pud- William Pudsey,=Eleanor, daughter Mary Pudsey, wife of Roger He 

!.AmbrosePui>=Frances, daughte 

fonh,°58S- '^l l"^' Claughton, o 


\nne Pudsey, JoanePudsey, Robert Pudsey, =Eleanor, daugh- 
wifeofThomas o. s. f. I ter of Hugo Har- 

I I i„ »,.„,-.„„ ,i„.„i, _r:rnDf-.:Pim^FY -MATILDA (? Maude) Thomas Pud- Jocosa Pudsey, Eleanoba Pudsey, Grace Pudsey, wife Elizabeth (ist=^ William Pudsey, Esq., of Bolton, bom 4 May, 1556, administered to= 

r. JOHX PTOSET, *';"=*»Sy-'^°?tT°orS,.l^«7 (.5twife),daugh; SEY, ofco. "' wife of William wife of Michael of Henry Delamere wife), daughtei of I his father's effeets on 3? May, .577- Granted lands at Haughton-le-Skeme, 

•S"* ^- '^;_ !? . 1< i.,„™ w=™i?l, ter of Humphrey Derby. Blackmore. Gooderich de la de Pochia. of Sut- John Roxby (?1 co. Durham, to his uncle. George Pudsey, of Slapleton, in 1581, and 

t STEFHE.N PCD- S'S's.MmW,, -Warwick. Siion of Bolde, JOHM PUDSEY. Olde, CO. Warwick. Ion ColdBeld, CO. l3annister. Buried other lands there to various parties in 1590. ■■ Mr. WiUiam Poudesay. of 

SET. Cold£\\ai- . ^"'^"^^^^j ^ Warwick. at Bolton, ,7 Barfoote, mentioned in the*^ inventory ""rf John Johnson, of Darlington. 

MiiaiSET Pud- wick. March, 160I. isg^, Surl. Soey." Was buried at Bolton, 7 October, 1629, will dated 12 

= -ii^ 

,RD Pudsey, AticHAEL Pudsey. Maria 1 
St son. aged 20 Walter Pudsey. wife o 

1=82, maiTied WILLIAM PUDSEY. Stanton. of Gavmi Gros- wiieoijoni 

- died J. A Wolverton, CO. venor, of Sut- Hewsam.o 

George Pudsey, Warwick. ton Coldfield, Chadson. 

Mzrgaret, daughter 

Rosamond (ist wife), = Ambrose Pudsey, of=BRiDGET, daughter=SirTHOMAsLAY- 
junger daughter Bolion, Esq., bap- of William Pen- 
William Rams- lized there 2 Octo- nington, Esq., of 


PuDSEY, 2. Isabel Pudsey, 3. Trothe Pudsey, bap- 5. 

--'■■ baptized at Bol- tized at Bohon, 9 May, F 

ton, 9 March, 1594, living in 1620. ti 

1592, living in 4. Elizabeth Pudsey, z< 

iv^r^ PrD=^ ofBolioQ. Esq., colonel ofaregimentof foot for thewapentakes=jANE, daughter of Sir Thomas Davison of Blakiston, co. 
"^^ScSSeto^ h1 ^Id Barford. t)ied before 2 October, 1680. Durham, Bart., buned at Bolton, 21 February, 1720. 

Pudsey. =Thomas Layton, of Thomas 1 

j_wW.icPui.^rT 2. Ambrose Pudsey, of Bolton, Esq.,=ELizABETH, daughter of Henry Marsden, of Wcnning. 

^^JrZ:Z-^^ bieh sheriff of Yorkshire in 1683 aid 1 ton, co, Lancaster, Esq., M.P. for Chtheroe, buriedat 

<^-'^ 43, UriBg 1714- I Bolton, 22 July. 1699. 

Pudsey, baptized at Bolton, i Elizabeth Pudsey.=John Webb (PWeld). Jane Pudsey, =Sir 

, William Pudsey, 1 
Bolton. 6 June, 1689, 
December following. 

, baptized S- Ch. 

I Pudsey, baptized a 

!. Jane Pudsey, baptized at Bolton, 14 November, = 
1683, married there 7 August, 1705, buried at Giggles- I 

CEl^rr&PHZi Dawsos, of Bolton, died : 

Hall, 27 August. 1786, umnarried, aged 8 

Ambrose Dawson, of 

WSON, of Langcliffe Hall r 

e College of Physicians, 1 

t Liverpool, 17 December, = 

■ DAW*», of La^iflfe ^^^^^^^I^Ji^'^'^ffoSS^' i 

J and 1780, and commanded the royal regiment of Liverpool Volunteers f 

tdaa,=3. pJdSET DAWSOS. Esq., of Hornby Castle, co Lancaster. =Jane Constantinb 3. William 

^T I and Great Stahrforth, in the West Riding, co. York, and of (2nd wife), 2nd dau. R.N. This 

,"*: ! ^ZL-l. w,-™. in ,h^ Vnrth RidinP. I.P. and D.L. West andco-heiressof the in the5/. I^i 

iff Rev. Richard Daw- in 1808, cai 

Halton Gill, after one of 

^iSr^^l E.r".,S^S^.«.*^^-".."^e^"Ad'^S t^'l 

^soN. post-captain 4. Richard=Mary Anne. t. Pudsey Daw- 6. Henri 

a in the Indian Sea, Liverpool, b. Vl^illiam Per- 5. Ambrose Daw- born'in 

nost gallant actions 1783. married] Cartmell, ' B.D., senior Fel- 52nd F( 

up in Bolton Hall. died 18 Fc 

Dawson, an officer ir 

783, and died 17 Nov 
ES Dawson, h lieuten 

9 April, 2. Jane D. 
tcWm. August, J 

i Dawson, a. Elizabe 

[ary Seamand Dawson, bora 15 
May, 1814, married, 7 February, 
1843, to Henry Ribton Hoskins, Esq., 

» PODSCT Dawsok, bom 30 November, 1859. 

■ Pudsey Dawson, born 30 Jan., r 
DSEY Dawson, bom 4 July, 18O5. 

itjse^, of Bolton, etc. 

, daughter of John de Bolion. 

1352, 1381.= =EUZABETH, only daughter and heiress of Join LjytOD, lord of Barford. by Christiana, his wife, daughter of Christopher Sheffield, f 

battle= sMargabet. daughter of Sir William Eun, Knl., by Maud, daughter of Lx)rd Fiuhagh, s. Roger Pudsey.= 3. Thouas PonsEY. Mary Pudsry, marrlctl lo 

I died at Beverley, 1444. 23 Hen. 6. ^ 

i (»nd= =Edwina (3rd wife), buried at Notf.— ALICE (bora circa 1450), daughter of Sir John Richard Pudsey. Note.— Barbara, daughter of Christopher Pudsey, < 
' "-■— " '"" ;-!.«"- R=r*«" ™ =.nH K f ....: ^cdtoT^lchanl Herbert, forraeriy Of! 

(?) rector of Newton, pml ad- Hesry Pudsey. Edward Pudsey. (?) recto; of Bum- > Rowi^nd Pui>sky. Mabkl Pudsev. (?) Domp. Mabdla GHAcs'pt/iMKY. ElJiadLtu PuusEV. AnLuL 'pudskt 

Christi. York. 1473. Hewu George Pudsev. sail, and admitlcd of Corpus Alexander PuusKY. Pudwy.admUlcdofCoipiuChriill. Margaret Puwey. Anne Pumey. gSa™ Pun.^ 

''448/1507. " Chrisii. 1475- Yorlc'iV^; JanTPumk;:'™- joAK'pVt^r.;:* SiSffpST 

Amely Pudsey, wife of John BanVes, of Bank Newion. Esq. Note.— Elizabeth Pudsev. confimwl prioress of Esholt. lo Mweh. isia/n. admlttod of Comui 

Margaret Pud- 3. Floikncb Pud-=Tiiomas TALBOT(ts|a: 

„_ .„ „'ton, CO. Thomas Beckwilh, of Clint, 

Lancaster, by Alice, daughter of Sir John 

Elind)^'*or£-'" cTfford^b°Mli"'''T''S*"'*^^^ ion of John ■Richard Grsy (3"! hui- 4.AMCIS Pudsev. 

hall, ob. 13 Hon. 7. Henry do Bromnelo.* Baron Vcaoy. Ho was born Thom'ns. iil"^nrouoss 
I4S3, and died 03 April, 15 Hon. 6, is»3/4- of Dorscl. Ho dlod 

husband) feodary of the"'^ Durham T"com^^^ Esq. '(?"«' htlT "^rod'lo''TnlhMy "'Siol'Tf ^' Mom!olirEjq.7or™"lllo?,M.'*\ 

North Riding. (? and husband). I 1543. I band). PntHck Dromplon. sorgflnnt-nt-law, . 

{Ste Mkynrli. pedigree.) 

- ^ 

zanor, daugh- Thomas Pudsay, of Barforth andBolton, Esch, = Elizabeth, daughter of John, Lord Scrope, of 3, Ralphs Puu- 3. Geokof. Pudsry. of Walworth, co. Durham, nnd Staplolon-on-Toci, co.«Jumaka, dnughtcr of 4 IIicnhy MahIjakut Pun 

:r of Hugo Ifar- aged la, ai September. 1543, died in Vojc I Bolton and Masham, by Katherinc, daughter of sey. died s. p. York. a grant from his nephew, William Pudwy, of llolton, of Inndi I Cirlington, I'udsly. wKc of Clirislo| 

"'"" ■ ' ---.-.:- ^-...- .^^-.. ,...^-_, ._ r^ u..__u , X. ..__L , ■» 1590. joined with his said nephew in diiposlng oftands lliero "to various ' ' (? IMnby). 

I December, Esq.,ofPiersebriclg< 

. Ambrose Pudsey, of High = TANE {and wife), daugh- Thomas Pudsey, of Hackforth, co York, bom 17 i. Mahoarrt Pud- a.WiNiPRitDPUD«Ry, 3, Ma«v Pud* Thomas Pudsuv, Esq., Nicholas \ 

Close, St. John's Parish, Stan- 1 ter of Edward Wilkin- August, 1567. By his will, dated aoFeb., i6ao, and SRY.cldcsldnughlcr, bom 3 Nov.. 1570, SKY, bom 8 of Stanloton-on-Tcoi, »RV, ban 

wickandPicton.bothinco.York. I son, of Nortlinllerton, proved 31 M,iy following, he Icftnll hlslands there, of born 15 July, 1560, married lo Thomas September, mar. Fnllli, ■Ulor to at Hornbj 

bom4july, 1565, ismentionedin f co. York, survived her which Sir ■lliomasMctham, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and mar. to Robt. 'IVot* Monnell, Esq., of iS73,dludun- Sir Mlchiiel Warton, May, i cor 

hismolher'swillini63o. Hedied husband. Anthony Menncll. Esq., were cnreoffod, to his wlfo ter, Ei(i.,of Skelton 10lvlngton,oo.Vork. malriud. BarL, of Iluvorloy 

12 Dec, 1623, will dated Z3 June, | for life, and after her decease to his daughter, with Castle, living 1633. Slio died in 1604. Park. ■ 

1633, proved 13 Feb. following. ' . remainder to Michael, son of his brother Ambrose. = I 

Pudsey. 3. William Pudsey, i. Anne Pud- Eliz, 

Pudsev. bap- sev. baptized bn|>iiied at Bolton, baptized i October, sev, twin with SF.i 

tized at Bolton. at Bolion. 18 4 Scpiember. 1609, 1615. Stephen, bapt. i6a 

20 November, March, 1601, buried thereasjan., 4. RALPH PUDSEV, at Bolton, n in 

1598. bapiiied at Bolton, 

his wife, andonSJuly, 1670. as Micb.icl and Mary, liii wif.-, 
In 1679 he was indicted for ullcring seditious cxurusbiunii uiid 
sent to Durham. He died la March, 1697/8. | 

iAS Layton, of Thomas Pudsay, Esq.. of Blackwell and Pieton, bom 25 March, i6s4, = Lucy , buried al Barnard Mahy Pudsey. bom 14 Oct., Elizabeth Pudsey, bom a Anne Pudsey, bom 30 MahoabbtPudbby, bomi3 Fi 

.., Esq. died at Croxdale, 19 April, 1723, buried al St. Oswalds, Durham, will | Castle, 1/3 May. 1734. 1643, buried 31 July, 1717. Sept., 1648, died a October, Jan. (?Doc.), ifiso/l. i6sa,buricdot8t. Oswalds, I 

dated 7 April. 1723. | 1731. aijuly, 1717. 

, Pudsay. of Siaindrop, merchant, bora a? De- = , died 39 March, 1729, buried at RALPiiEPuDSAV.bomaoFebraary, Maby P0D8AY, bom 34 May, 1690, n 

, 1680, died 30 August, 1749, without male issue, I Staindrop, 31 March. 1689, died 9 March following. Ic-Skcmc, ad May, 1708, to William 

s buried at Staindrop. Casllo, merchant, ancestor of the late 

ViLLiAM Dawson, of Langcliffe, Esq., maft>r= Eliza BETH (2nd wife), daughter of Henry 3, Bridget Pudsev, baptized Thomas 
of the Yorks. Miliiia, J.P. for West Ridint, I Marsden, of Gisbume Hall. co. York, and at Bolton, 7 April, 1686, died al Bar 

1762, aged 87, ' p^ 

Thomas Pudsay, bom ro Mary Pudsav, bora 8 August, 1714, bapliwd al Romald- Cathekine 

Sept., 1715, buried at Bar- kirk, co. York, 7 September following, died at Varm, CO. 36 August, 1730, died 7 

nard Castle, 9 August, York, in 1810, In depressed 1 ' ' "'"-'' - --— ••-- 

1717/9. of this branch of the family. 

-J a quo Dawson of St, Leonards. 

■,r= =Mary, sistcrof Sir WiUoughby Aston, Barti and only daughter of Richard / 

1750. married at Giggles- Miss O'Kill (ist=2. William Dawson, bom 5 Sept.,=ELEAN0R (andwife), daugh- 3. RiaiARD Daw80N,=Elizabeth, daughter of 4- Henry DAWSON,bom 

lesRooke. = wife). I 1753, of Caius College, Cam- [ terof Lee, married at bom 31 April, 1755. I William Crosbic. 39 M^mh r,=-, rf,«l 


DAWSON, ob. inf, mIry Dawson,=Anthony Little- Richard Dawson, = daughter of 1. William 2. Robert Dawson. 3. Laura Daw- Richd. Ckosbie=Anne, daughter William Am- '■ [^'r'^'*''"'"' '^>5„ '°9^'^ 

Dawson, ob. inf. ^dest daugh- 1 dale, Esq., of of HaltonGill. and WiUiamHutton Dawson, of 3. Frederick. som, married Dawson, bom I ^^^9''^^^' ^^N^^bom a^ S o^ly Sghier.^^ried to 

'd^MoretoS, malted J..'. 3'. Georgiana." Macdonald, mar. 10 April,' anclAnneLons- Januan-, 1800. ^^J^^Z' ■^^^.,^^'k^' (Tl, 

Bucks. Jay. = AH dead. 1828. | dale, his wife. married Cha^- kaTsos pe^^f' 

I d°aught«of!™'!". 3. Mary.' married 'to C. Paul 
I I ^■^^- T 3. ^Sr^. died unmarried. 

I I lie. I 4. Jane Dawson, bom 1795, married, in ter, bora 16 1 Liverpool, 7th son rector of Bolton-I 
:, lui,, 1832, to the Rev. John Jennings, canon of May (? Nov.), | of Henry Little- Bolland, W. Ridii 

1777. died aojan., ai Kirkby Lonsdale, 

D.\w- Elizabeth Hitttox Daw- William Dawson, d. young. Richard Dawsom, vicar 1 
erand co-heiress, son, succeeded to Marsh- Marv |av EUwson. mar. 22 Sutton Benger, Wilts., born Dawson, of Rowley I Mackie. D.D. {eldest son of the late Major-Gcncral Georgi 

• ■' •• -- -■ ^ . ' . . ^ . ... ^ . .. „ s... .. „. '„„ .. Jl ".=-- B_ governor of the Island of St. Lucia), ando 

WlIXlAU Crosbie Daw- 

field and Langclifie in Sept.. 1870, toColville Frank- ijuly. 1829, 

"" - --' -'■-•- ■ ' apuin 103rd FuslUers. 1863, Alia 

ungeitsonofSirFrede- Simmons, 

isey Dawson. 1850. lady of the manors land, capuin 103rd FuslUers. 

of Marahfield and Lang- andyoungeflsonofSirFrede- 

diffe, died rick WUlianiFrankland, Bart. Heath, near 

rman^;^ 2i July ?a^k,^ St^ori bom Mackie C.B., "goveraor of the Island of St. Lucia), and of i. Elizabeth ^~««f '^^7,??^"'^*^ ''^' """""^'^ Jather.s'E 

-Birmingham. ^ I late William Smith. Esq., chief Justice o. Canada. ^ Esj.^^ ^^^^^_^ ^^^^^^ Syjv«t«^l 

Richard Crosbie Dawson, bora 21 May. 1871. George Crosbie Dawson, bora 3 May, 1873. 

Cyril John Dawson, bora 16 April, 1873. 
Alice Mary Louisa Dawson. 
Elizabeth Crosbie Dawson. 





I i 

S .5 

< I § 

I i 

/^ I. 

!; ^ S 'S ra ■§ ". 2 : 



ill's I, 

11 ^O |"_ EC 

^2 ^ i D -H 
ra „- (§03 c fci 




lo I 

r I 



S2 I «^'S- 



£ " i J 2 



-IT'S d oj-S 4 



J S S a S"5 

5S EfcWS 


t E- °^ S 

i H-8_-.?i? 

1 1 -ill 



m^i I 






2= EO»r . 




gill's OM 

i - »T " tJ - 

; °s ^s sJj 

s e s ;j J 



■ go S"! 

I 5 s 


Pfp I 

, lady of Kirkland. 

KGARET, lady of Peningto 

Hsed of the Manor of Penington, 
al. Lane, before 30 Henry III. 

URIEL, dau. of Sir Tho. Ram- 
/ille, knt.. lord of Stourton, d. 
>vithout issue. 


and heir of Simon, d. before 31 
Henry HI. 

; Radeclive, who petitioned ,115; 
iry HI. for the lands in Radclifte 
grandfather, whose heir he then v 

Tied the moiety of the 

■vered of his brother by 
■s lands, &c., in Hurte- 

Peter di 

Roger de Radeclive, 

brother of the whole blood 
to Peter. Agnes, his wife, 
living 17 Edward I. 

Robert de Rade- 
clive, brother of 
Peter, in the time 
of Edward I. 

, daughter of Hugh 

Adam Radclyffe. son and 
heir of Peter, also called 
Adam de Church, seised of 
lands. &c.. in Church. 


Christian R^ 
lands, &c., in Chamber 
Robert Holt and Agnes 
wife, her sister. 

grye Agnes Rad- William Rad- 
io Robert Peter, seised lands 
Holt. Ig. 28 in Worth, and was 
Edward I. living 1280. 

lAnCLYFFE, of Ordshall, knight, yGunger=JOHANNA, eldest daughter of Sir Robert 
Ed. I., M.P. for Lane. 14 Ed. III., I Holland, knt., and sister of Thomas, 

tended king Edward III. in his wars in France, Earl of Kent, reUct of Sir Hugh Dutton, 
It the siege of Calais 1347. Hewasknt.of| knt., married to her third husband. Sir 

; shire 14 Ed. III. and died 32 of same reign Thos. Talbot, of Bashall, co. York, knt. 

married to Henry 

married to Wil- 

liam Workesley 

worth, m the county 

of the CO. pal. 

palatine of Lancas- 

of Lancaster. 

ter, before 19 Ed. 

She had issue. 

1 m 

DAM Radclyffe, Magota Radclyffe, m. to John Ban- 
had lands in nester, of Walton, in co. pal. Lane. 
Wisewall of Tho- Had issue. 

mas de Ardeme, Joan Radclyffe, m. to Ralph Langton. 
13 Ed. III., living of Walton, in co. pal. Lane, had issue. 
16 Ed. HI. Maud Radclyffe. m. to John Har- 

rington, of Cartmell, in co. pal, Lane. 
Had issue. 

of Henry de 
Langfield of 

York 22 Edward 


wife, = WlLLrAM RADCLYf 

of Langfield in 
CO. of York, j 
uxoris,22Ed. IH.i 
43 Ed. III. 1359. 

... 2d. dau. of Robsr 
Legh, of Adlington, 
in the co. pal. of 
Chester, 2d wife, 

relict of JohnAshton 
of Ashton. 

Nicholas ELENA,{istwife},=THOMAS Radclyffe, of Wymersley and CHthero, Esi 
iion dated dau. of Richard I of Blackburn shire, had livery of lands in Astley ro 
Lane, by de Balderstone by was an esquire to that prince, as named in his will' 
Agnes Hoghton. Lancaster, by commission, 18 Rich. II. 1394. 

) Richard II., then steward=JOHANNA, dau. of 

^eliigrec of jRaliecliffe, of Butilitttfl ^arh. 

5, JMlclitt.- 

mm I 

'Irnfforested hy ihe I 

Henry III., siyled Chap- 


mior 19 Edward II. 1325. called Senior. ' ' [ * " ' ' Edv, 

of Raddyffe Tower. 
Ibm. iJrFTEdg. 

(3d wife,' 



,iih- CLVFFE. living ai 'Hutlcr, of Rawcliffc,(?ist husband,) and 3dly, by 'commilsion dated dau. of RirU^r 
ving Richard II. lajuly 18 Richard II.. to Sir RoUrl Urswick. J.P., colLanc., by du Bnld.TM.n,. I, 

li I of Longnold In I ho I Lcjch. of Adiingi 

f Wj-mersley and Cllllioro, Esn.. 9 Rlolmrd 

,i , 

n, „r R,Udrfr=-]OA« d.« ot Sit Ioh» 


pj. ... 



son and htlr, summoned de Dynclc). 
10 pirUameni 7 Henry by Aliec 

', riXi£ 





Esn., 9 Rlolurd II., 
lolohn UnkootL. 

CLIFFB, CI.II'FK, heir to CLVKi'i; nmrried wirt;,) dau, CLYFFE.otRad- l widowofSir John Rad- Rad- of T 
Ills moilicT from 1st to Sir William of...Euby, clyfTc Tower, lyiyeester, of CLVFfe, CLVfFE. ford, in the county pala- 

-' "' "' ' ■ ■ ■ nndheiraoHcn. inthccoumypaa- Rushen uxoris). Esq., 5th son in 

5Sib °if °Et °f!i'tii'w "'' ' 


Esq.,'"ld s),""JSl 
Thomas Sgley'e 



1 I TTT 

TTIdalcy Henrv, Lk 

r-r-rr, { 

CARET =Geobce John Raiv =Jane, Anme, =JohnRadi 

CUFFE. KAYE, Of CLVFFE, of daU.of (i;-."'-* c- 

SaS^D^'oT £?SaaS'.''a'i:;::'::i,: ' v : v ■ ; -, . 


E'i^3S';"s Ss vrot^t f;;rair'hSti?by".t,a n^^;"' 


«T,d».<rf Tott.rf ogdtetf of Eliza- Ioh^ 
SfimL^ Gny-. r>ar ai ... 


i ap. ai Raiv M'iddl'cton'i4 RAU- 
; ijliton CMFFE. ot Mar. zQueen cliffe. 

aiHcn. ' SirRogor' She iled/rob! ilionv'H','''.,nw, 'v, 

Zl- RoL. EoL„Lr.„. mUo R«c.„,., T,,L« MlJvR,„c.v,„.i E.„i„™ 

Alt SSNo E or"\\ .,, 

i^S'^a sf3^' 


JGHihSlt'lnHnd; 'of Brtd'seho""™" 


'!5S» sss'-^sn 


iETTV, dau. of Joseph a. William Rad- Sarah William Radcliffe. Char 
Holmes, of SmUhhouse. cliffe. of Lon- Radcliffe, only son and heir, 23 CLil 
Halifax, gent., and heir don, gent., bap. at bap. at Oct. 1716, d. s. 


ed 29 Slar. 1732. Ucence wiU of his great 1694. mar.' mar.' to"tlie Rev. 'Dr. near Wakefield, 

datL-d 7january, when uncle Abraham Beau- to Roger Knipe, by whomason andson.d. aSih 

'li.''' "'■'''"' D';Volhy'"ciau""'ot EdfkJ'Au''' 

born« otk 13 Aug. JuIyi759,mar.atLam- July 1757, mar. don, Co. Surrey, Esq., a younger grandson 

andb iiS;pi,i76i, beth 19 March 178710 1783 to John Bond, oi of Langdale Sunderland, of Hifih Sunder- 

1789. bap. at Uglil- 1794, bap. at Ughtdiffc^ 

May 1804, bd. at St. Philip" 

■■5k"du?- ^jiXuA 

1,^1796, loseph 

?73 mafTied at Hudders- 13 J^inuary .776, niam 
Juiy .803, to Wm. Alex- Huddr^rsfidd, .4 May. 

i at St. George's Chapel, Edinburgh, 5 

.. at Royion, died 21 July .769,, ' dau. of C. ^m^j8 U.. ^ 
name 4 ccem ^^ommM_^rm . ^^^ hod been ihu' 


d'^a'^Au^'^si Bram"b!«' e^ h"""" '^C* ^'^ CLIFPE, b< 9 Rector of Hag^orthii 

Sussex. Esq. ' ^ SepV.i^" '^ ,86^!^*^' 






t d 
f fu 



and Elizabei 
. in younge 
vile, co-h. o 

p* T=h^o;na 
Hall Ig. 12 
ated VIII. 


ildest dau. 
full age n 
Thomas Sa 
sley, CO. Y 
eised by 
- Longley 
1, by inq. d 
1541. See 

rl *i sa- 
■a cO-3 g-g S 

S2-£-f A 

i sill I 


'-w^^ a - - 

Ill; ||ll.||il PMui ¥li 

28 Aug. 1712, d. unm. 
bd. at Brotlierton 18 Ma 
d.ued 6 Aug. 1793, pr 

6. Jane Ramsden. bap. a 
2 Feb. 1713-14, d. unm 
bd. at Brotherton 15 De 
dated 27 May 1771, pr 
17 January 1775. 


^. George Ramsden, of 
Berkeley Sq., co. M 
; 15th regiment of Ligh 
Lucy, eldest dau. an 
jamin Carpenter, a 
army. She died at I 

' ril 1842, aged 82 yea 
Charles Street 1793, 

4m Ramsden, in Lucy, dau., 
.nd Linwood, CO. 1863, 
m. Elizabeth Jane, ton 

Richard Bell, of Midd 
0. York,' and died 
i860, £et, 

Edward III, King of EnRland, b. at Windsor i3=Pmi.ipPA, tlnu. of Wimam III. (the Good), Count ol 
Nov. 1314, crowned at Westminster i Feb. 1327, I I lainauft, m. at York 24 1328, d. 14 Aug. 1369, 
d. at Shene 21 Juno 1377, bd. in tlie Abbey of bd. in the Abbey of Westminster. 

EnMUND Plantacenet (of Langlcy, co. Herts),= 
Duke of York and Earl of Cambridge, K.G. Cr. 
Karl of Camljridge, 13 Nov. 1362, and Duke of 
York 6 Aug. 1385. Uorn at Langley 1341, and baj). 
by the abbot of St. Alban's, died at Langlcy : 
Aug. 1402, and was there buried. Will dated 25 
Nov. 1400, proved 6 Oct. 1402. 

sISABEL, youngest dau. and 
King of Caslilc. B. 135? 
6 Dec. 13! 

of Peter (the Crue 

n 1372. Will dated 

proved "6 Jan. 1392. Buried at 

Richard Plantagicnet (of Coningsbrough), Earl of=ANNE, eldest dau. of Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, 
Cambridge, 2d son. So created I M;iy 1414. I b. 27 Dec. 1388, d, in her husband's lifetime, ante 
Beheaded and attainted Aug. 1415. Buried at Z415. 
God's House, Southampton. 

Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, Protector=CECILY, of Ralph Neville, E.arl of Westmoreland, 
of England, net. IS years, 3 H. 'VI. (1424-5). Slain I d. at Bcrkhampstcad, 31 May 1495, bd. at 
at the battle of Wakefield 31 Dec. 1460, bd. first at Eotheringay. "Will dated i April and proved 
Pomfret, but removed to Fotheringay, and there 27 Aug. 1495. 
intened 22 July X466. 

Sib Thomas St. LEGER,Knt., 2d husband, execmed=ANNE, Duchess of Exeter, sister of Kings Ed. IV. 
at Exeter 1483, buried in the Rutland Chapel, St. I and Rich. Ill,, m. circ. 1473, d. 11 Jan. 1475, bil. 
George's, Windsor. | in the Rutland Chapel aforesaid. 

, a. 

J 1526, bd. 

Thomas Manners, E.irl of Rutland, so created i 
June 1325, K.G., Warden of the Scottish Marche: 
Died 2o Sept. 1543. bd. in the chancel of th 
church of Bottcsford, co. Leicester. Will dated l 
Aug. 1542, proved 19 May 1543. I 

Sir Johs Manners, of Wiverton, co. Notts, and=DonoTnY, 
Haddon, co. Derby, 2d son. Knighted at Work- I Haddon, ( 
sop 20 April 1603, d. 4 June 1611, bd. at Bakewell, at the dec 
" Dgty. I d. 24 June 

Sir (iEOBGE Mansers, of Haddon, 
knighted at Belvoir Castle 23 April 1603, d. _. 
Ayleston, co. Leicester, 23 April 1623, aet. 54, bd. 

=Eleanor, dau. of Sir WilMam Paston, of Paston, 
CO. Norfolk, Knt. Second wife. Buried at St. 
Leonard's, Shoredilch, co. Middlesex, 1551. 

lau. and h. of Sir George Vernon, of 
3, Derby, ret. 18 years, and then married 
ase of her father, 31 Aug. 7 Eliz. (15G5), 
1584, bd. at Balcewell. 

and heir,=GRACE, 2d dau. of Sir Henry Picrrepoint, of Holme 
— J -.1 Pierrepoint, co. Notts, m. 2 April 1594, bd. at 
Bakewell. Will dated 6 March 1649, proved 4 


I Pierr 



Lewis Watson, Lord Rockingham, so created 29=Elkanoh, 2d dau,, m. 3 Oct. 1622, d. in London : 
Jan. 1645. d. 29 Jan. 1632, bd. at Rockingham. I Oct. 1679, bd. at Rockmghai 

EMfAiD Watson. Lord Rockingham, 
b, in Jane 1630, " ' ' 

n, son and heir,=ANNE, eldest dau. of Thomas, and sister and heir 
granted to bis I William Wentworth, Earis of Strafford, b. 8 O 

S^etJigree of JRamiStien, of Sot 

Srms :— Arg. on a chevron between three fleurs de lis sa., as many rams' heads erased of the first 
Crwt :— An armed arm, couped at the elbow and erect ppr., holding in the gauntlet a fleur de lis 

9Soliftt Homostren nr Knmstim, party i 

Wode, of tongley Il^iU in Almondbury, 

(made on the marriage of their children), 19 July 33 H. VIII., 1531. 

indenture with John- 

OHN Ramsden, of Longley Hall=MARGERY. 
(younger son), under farmer of the 
Queens revenues within 
manor of Huddersfield. Returned 
at the Visitation of York, in 1585, 
as one of the gentlemen of the wa- 
pentake of Agbrigg. He died 3 
July, 1591, buried at Almondbury, 
inq. p. m. taken at Halifax, 15 
November, 33 Elizabeth, and ad- 
granted at York, 15 
591, to his sons William 

Robert Ramsden, some-: 
time of Almondbu'-y, 
and afterwards of Rast- 
rick. in Halifax, within 
the m^mor of Wakefield. 
Admitted tenant of Rast- 
rick chapel 19 Jan. 158', 
He d. before a April, 4^ 
Eliz., lOoi. 

OAN, dau. of Edwar 
Rastrick, aiyl sistei 
of Thomas Firth o: 
found by inn, taken 
Oct. 5 Ed. VI., 11 
aged 19 years an! 
and then married, 
surrender of her la 


Rosamund, (istwite,)dau.: 
of Thomas Pilkington, of 
York, m. 21 April 1589, 
Regd. at Almondbury. 
Settlement after mar. da- 

=WiLLiAM Ramsden, of Longley Hall, son and heir, bap.=M arv, {3d wife,) relict 

at Almondbury 27 Aug. 1558, and found to be aged 33 
years at the death of his father by inq. 15 Nov. 1591. 
Recorded his pedigree at the visitation of York in 1613. 
Had a grant of the manor of Huddersfield from Queen 
Elizabeth, 15 Sept. and 41st of her reign (1599). Died 
7 June 1623. Inq. p. m. taken at Halifax 27 Aug. so 
James I. (1623).- Will dated 7 June 1622. Administrar 
tion granted at York 3 Oct. 1623. 

Henry Batle, of Mi 

Margaret, (ist wife, ) daughter: 
of Sir Peter FrecheviUe, of 
Staveley, co. Derby (whose 
posterity eventually became 
representatives ofjohn, Lord 
FrecheviUe, so created 16 
March 1664), bap. at Staveley 
18 Dec. i6o8, m. there 1624; 
settlement upon sd. marriage 
dated is-June 1624. Buried at 
Almondbury '^ 

; Dec. 1626. 

[ the visitation of York i 

f Byrom in the parish=ANNE, (2d wife, ) d; 
. of York, eldest ton, of St. Andr 
t Almondbury 13 Oct. 1594, found 
"' " ' ;, and 28 years at 
the death of his father by inq. aforesaid, knighted at Nottingham 
12 Aug. 1619, Sheriff of Yorkshire 1636, representative in pariia- 
ment for Pomfret 3 Car. I. (1628), and 15 Car. I. (1640), was a 
colonel in the service of King Charles I,, taken prisoner at Selby 
fight in 1644, committed to the tower for high treason 31 May, 
released 14 Aug. following, and died in Newark Castle. Buried 
in the parish church there 27 March 1646. Will dated 3 Sept. 
1642, administration granted 25 Feb. 1646-7. 

of Lawrence Over- 
i Undershaft, Lon- 
don, an<J widow, ist, of George Cham- 
berlayne, of the same parish, citizen 
and ironmonger (whose will is dated 6 
March 1615, and proved 21 March 
1615-6), and 2dly, of John Poole of 
the same parish, citizen and alderman 
of London (who died 19 April 1633). 
Settlement upon marriage with Sir 
John Ramsden dated 7 June 1634. 
Living 4648, 

July, 3 James 
settled on hii 
Living 7 June, 

I bd. 


Ramsden, of Longley=SAi 

April and bap. at Almondbury, May 
1648. Had a charter i Nov. 23 Car. 
II. (1671), to hold a market at Hud- 
dersfield. Sheriff of CO. York 1672, 
cr. a Baronet bypatent 30 Nov. 1689, 
d. II Tune 1690, aged 41, bd. at 
Brotherton. Will dated 26 Dec. 
1687, proved at York 19 Aug. 1690. 

and h. of Charles Butler, 
ofCoates, Esq.,co. Lincoln, son of An- 
thony Butler, and grandson of Charles 
Butler, both of Coates. Settlement 
before marriage dated 22 Jan. 1670, and 
m, atArmthorpe, co. York, 7 March 
following (then aged 21), registered i 
Doncasier. Die" ' ^- . - 

Brotherton the r 

William RAMSDEN,bap.atAlmondburyi4july 1652. 

Frecheville Ramsden, bap. at Almondbury 29 Jan. 
1653-4, d. unm., bl, there i Nov. 1679. Adminis- 
tration granted to liis motlier 23 May 1691 at York. 

Peter Ramsden, bsp, at Almondbury 9jan. 1654-5. 

Charles Ramsden, bap. at Brotherton 14 Feb. 1659, 
d. ante 23 May 1691, when administration was 
granted to bis mother. 

there 30 June 16; 

Makgaret. bap. a Sir John D 
Dalston, co. Cun 
at Heath Hall, i 

Elizabeth, m. to 

of Bamstien, of Eonijlep jl|aU mt) %rom. 

■Chonras Baoit. of Longley In Alraondhury. county Vo&.^ 

;hree flcurs dc lis sa., as many rams' heads erased of the first, 
c elbow and erect ppr., holding in the gauntlet a fleur de lis, sa. 

John Wode, of Longley, son nn d licir. -^ 

Laukence Wode, of Longley, 5on=jANK, dnu. of Adam Benumojit, 
and heir, Ig. 35 H. VL 1 York, Ig. ai and 33 II. VI. 

George Wode, of Longley, son and heir,= 
Inq. p. m. cap. npud, Leeds, co. York, 1 
II Feb., 3 H. VII (1487). I 

John Wode, of Longley Hall in Almondbury, son=Kl 

and heir, ael. 13 years in 1487, dieil la April 1538. I lieainnont, co, 
Inq. p. m. taken la Nov. 3a H. VIII., 1541, will 13 Oct. 16 II. V 
dated 7 April 1538, proved at York 7 June fol- by reason of coi 
lowing. *^ ^ "^ •'1 for said niarrmi 

and afterwards of Rast- 
ricl<, in Halifax, within 
the manor of Wakefield. 
Admitted tenant of Rast- 

Ilc d. before 8 April, 4:; 
Kliz., Idol. 

of Thomas Firth of Dighton, 
found by inq. taken at York 4 
Oct. s Ed. VI., 1552, to be 
aged 19 years and upwards 
and then married. Made a 
surrender of her lands for set- 
ante 6 April 1621. 

RamsdeN, = Hen1!Y SAVti.E, of Bradley Hall, near 
I Halifa.\. See that family. 

Cecily, < dest 

Sir John Savi 
' the 

of the Barons of 
Exchequer, died 

father of Sir Henry 
Savile, of Methley, 
Bart., and by the and, 
ancestor of Savile, 
Lords Mexborough. 
(5« that family. ) 

lir Henry Savile, pro- 
vost of Eton, 1596, and 
son, bom at Bradley 30 
Nov. 1549, knighted at 

Windsor 21 Sept. 

College, 19 Feb. 1621, 
bur. in the chapel there. 

Thomas Sa- 

tor of the 
of Oxford, 
admitted 5 
Apr. 1592, 

b. at Mer- 
ton Coll. 


parsonage of Huddersfield 34 
H. VIII. (1542), and between 
that period and 1348 obtained 
divers grants of church lands, 
inter alia, the vicarage and nd- 
vowson of Huddersfield, 1546. 
Farmer of the Queen's rents 
within the manor of Hudders- 
field. Died in London 7 Nov. 
1580, bd. in St. Sepulchre's 

cUIc t dau. of Rlchd. Beaumont, of Whitley 
^ork. Settlements before marriage dated 
,(1500). Married k 
>isangulnity, dated a 

dated 5 January i 

11:41 to rhomns Savile, 
of Ecck ley, co. York, 
gent., siised by pur- 
chase o Longley Hull 
by inq. dated 

Elizabeth, 3d and 
youngest dau. and 
co-h. of full age in 
11541, nnd m. Jo 
Thomas Kay, junf., 
Ig. la April ag H. 

EN, of Longley Hall, son and heir, 
27 Aug. 1558, and found to be aged 33 
til of his father by inq. 15 Nov. 1591. 
:digrec at the visitation of York in i6ia. 
the manor of Huddersfield from Queen 
:pt. and 41st of her reign (i.';99). Died 
iq. p. m. taken at Halifax 27 Aug. 20 
, WiU dated 7 June 1622. Adrainistra- 
Kork 3 Oct. 1633. 

dARY, {sd wife,) relict of 
Henry Batte, of Birs- 
tall, CO, York. Settle- 
led 29 Jan. 42 Eliz. 
(1599,1600), bd. at Al- 
mondbury 23 Decern. 

1. John Ramsden, of Lascelles Hall, 
parish of Kirkheaton, co. York, bap. 
at Almondbury 21 Sept. 1559, m. ■ 
Ellen, 2d dau. of John Lewis of 
Marr, co. York, and d. 5 Jan. 1636, 
bd. at Kirkheaton. Inq. taken at 
Almondbury 6 Sep. 13 Car. {1637). 
Will dated 4 1636, proved at 
York 5 Ap. 1637. y 


Richard Ramsden, 
bap. at Almondbury 
S July 1562, bd. 
there 27 Nov. fol- 

Robert Ramsden, 

Elizabeth, m.hrstat Almondburyi60ct. 
1571 to Edward Beaumont, of Whitley 
Beaumont, co. York. He died 3 Jan. 
15 Eliz., and she m.adly to Alvary Cop- 
ley, of Batley, co. York, before 1631. 

Anne, m. to Samuel S.alton^tall, of ilunt- 
wiek. CO. York, and of Roukes in Hippcr- 

■ Ramsden, of Ristrick, son nnd=rALtcE, daughter of John 


:i,iMt holdcn 8 AprilJ43 Elii, (1601), 
the samJ chapel to the 
use ol trustees 13 Ctt. 1633. He 
was living 29 April ai Tas. 1020, and 
dead before a6 April liCar. 1635. 

r .L his ( 
im<j chapt 

of UrolicfOBUjn. 
circii Oct. 1593, when 
Rastrick Chapulwas Bcl- 

[ad wife, } dau. of Lawrence Ovcr- 
3f St. Andrews Undersli.ift, Lon- 
i!i(J widow, isl, of George Cham- 

roninonger (whose will isd.iied 6 
h 1615, and proved 21 March 
6), and 2dly, of |ohn Poole of 
ime parish, citizen and nldcrinan 
jndon {who died 19 April 1633). 
;nient upon marriage with fciir 
Ramsden dated 7 June 1634. 

J. William Ramsden, 
Almondbury, i April, 1 
July, 3 James (1606), wl 
settled on him tithes in 
Living 7 June, 1622. 

I. Richard, bap. at Almondbury William Ramsden, 
18 and bd. there 26 Oct. 1589. Hall, only son and 

I. Catherine, bap. at Almondbi 
31 May 1593, unmarried at 1 


Huddersfield 30 Oct. 1621 to 
Richard Holland, of Heaton, co. 
!. Rosamund, Almondbury 22 
Jan. 161S to Ambrose Pudsey, of 
"Bolton, in Craven, co. York, bd. 
at Almondbury 13 Dec. 1619. 

father by inq. 6 Sept. 13 ( 
(1637), ra. Mary, dau. of Tho: 

Waterton, of Walton, co. York, 
Remarried to Sir Thomas Smith, 
CO. Notts. Inq. p. m. taken on 
his decease 30 Sept. 15 Car. 

n of Ro- 

!. Eleanor Ram 
Sprotborough,27Dec. 163610 Wm, 
Tyringham, of Fishlake, " ' 
and 2dly, to Henry, 2d s( 
bert Portington, of Tudwortn. 
Will dated 13 Sept. i63i, proved 
at York 22 Dec. following. 

I. Anne, wife of Marmaduke Wil- 
son, of West Tanfield. co. York. 

4. Jane Ramsden, m. istto 
Leonard Wray.ofCusworth 
Aug. 1606, bd. I 


t Sandal, 25 Aug. 1659, to there 13 Nov. lOBi 

Roger, son of Robert I'or- f.lGKACU Ramsden, 

tington,ofBarnby-on-Don, Robert, 

CO. York. His will dated 7 lington 

Aue. 1684, proved at York (Grace, 

wife of 

of Robert I'or- 

(He married adiy, 

ob. ante 
4 October 


Ig. 1633. 

! June 1685 ; she was bd. gory, and d. 23 Dec. 1660.) 
[ Oct. 1684. Both bd. at Arksey, co. York. 


I heir topi 



is father, and aged x year and 3 months. 

Iniondburyi4july 1652. 
t ;tt Almondbury 29 J an. 

r 23 M.ay 1691 at York. 1654-5. 

■ ' 114 Feb. 1659, 

administration vva.s 

Anna, bap. at Almondbury 8 Dec. 1653, bd. 

there 30 June 1671. 
Margaret, bap. .at Almondbury gjan. 1656, 

m. to Sir John Dalston, of Heath Hall and 

Dalston, co. Cumberland, Bart., who died 

at Heath Hall, 1711. 
Elizabeth, m. to John .\nderson. 

Mary bap. at Almondbury 23 April 1658, m. 6 Sept. 1694 
to Thomas Wilkinson, of Kirkbridge, in West Gilhng 
Wap., CO. York, and of London. She d. ante 1736. 

Frances, bap. at Almondbury 14 June 1661, 2d wife of 
Charles Powlett (called Marquess of Winchester), after- 
wards Duke of Bolton. She d. 1696. He d. 21 Jan. 

mte 23 

Brown Ramsden, b. about 1655, m. first at= 
Warmsfield, 11 Sept. 1673, to Sir George 
Dalston, of East Hall in Warmlield, co. 
York, and of Dalston, co. Cumberland. He 
was kntd. at Whitehall 16 Feb. 1663. He 
d. s.p. 30 May 1677, net. 34 (?), bd. at= 
Kirkthorpe, co. York. She wis bd. at 
Islington 24 March 1740. Will dated 
8 Feb. 1736, proved 6 Aug. 1740. 

AniIrews, (2d husband,) of St. Giles in tli 

Fields, CO. Mid " '" ' " 

Uishop Hillji 

York, 23 July 1680, being then 
dated 6 Dec, 1703, codicil 37 
J eb^ and prjved 14 March following. 
IR Richard! Fisher, (3d husband,| of Islington, CO. 
Middlesex. Sart., bap. at St. Mary's, IsUngton, 23 Ja 
1628-9, m. atSt. Gregory's, London, 2 Aug. 1704, a 
s p. 7 and lid. at IslinEton 14 Oct. 1707. WlU 1 
25 July. 

AMES Watson, of Wentworth. Woodhouse, co.=Alice, dau. 
Vork. 3d son, b. 4 Aug. 16O5, assumed the surname 1 co. Hunts, 
of Wentworth. d. at Harrowden 6 Oct. 1723, let. 
58, bd. in York Minster. 

and heir of Sir Thomas Proby of Elton, 
hart. set. ii years, 1684, m. circa July 
,689, d. 2 Oct. 1743. 

, of Byrom and Longley HaII,=ELls 

of [ohn. Viscount Lonsdale, and sister and co-h. 
scount Lonsdale. Setttemeni befure mar. dated : 
. Westmoreland, 6 Aug. 1696, bd. at Brotherton c 
- 1763. proved at York ii> Oct. 1764. 

Thomas Wat-=Mary, 4th dau. 

quess of Rock- 
19 April 1746, 

kipon, CO. Vork, 
o Thomas Liddell 
f Badsworth,inthe 

177s. = 

KTC7May 1739; 
jd. at Brothcrloi 
1775. Will datet 

baronet, son and 

, bap. at Brotherton 21 March 

1698-9, was M. P. for the borough of 
Appleby in the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th 
Paris, of G. Britain, 1727-47, m. by 
licence dated 8 Aug. 1748, andtobem. 

10 April, and was bd. at Brotherton, 
17 April 1769. Will dated 2 Feb. 
1767, proved 13 May 1769. 

3. William Ramsden, of the city of York, bap. at 
Brotherton i Feb. 1702-3, d. at York unm. 16 Nov. 
1770, will dated 5 Nov. 1770, proved 7 Feb. 1771. 

5. Thomas Ramsden. of Upper Brook Street. St. 
George's. Westminster, secretary of the Latin tongue 
in the office of the Secretary of State, bap. at Bro- 
therton 22 July 1709, m., 14 July 1743, Anne, dau. 
of Sir Philip Medowes, of St. Marlin's-in-the-fields, 

, Knt.-marshal. She died in 1761. 

2 Sept. 1785, and proved 31 May 

Audley Street,, in the 
of St. George, Hanovi 
CO. Middlesex, commi 
of the Wine Licence Office 
(appointed 1743), bap. at Bro- 
therton 3 July 1704, d. unm. 
7 Oct. 1770. Will (in which 
he directs to be bd. in South 
Audley St. Chapel) dat.8 Feb. 
1769, proved 8 Oct. 1770. 

. Robert R> 

m=ANNE, eldest dau. and at length Charles M ar-=Mary,; 

St. George, Hano- yuiibs of Rock- and 1 

I June 1744, d. at Ingham, K.G. 26 Fe 

Aug. 1769. bd. at d.i July 1782, d. i 

Marholm 11 Sept. following. 

Thomas Dundas, B.-iron Dundas of Anke, co. York,=CiiAHLOTTr., 
socr. 13 Aug. 1794, b. 16 Feb. 1741, bap. at Edin- 1 Aug. follow 
burgh, d. at Aske, 14 June i8ao, tct. 79. 1764, died at 19, Arlingt 


14 July 1746 at Wentworth, and bap. 22 

" '" George's. Hanover Sq., 24 May 

CO. Middlesex, ii 

John Ramsden, Sir John Ramsden, of Byrom 
eldest son, bap. and Longley Hall, 4th Baro- 
at Brotherton 20 net, High Sheriff of Yorkshire 
Jan. and bd. in 1797, eldest surviving son 
there 22 Jan. and heir, Brotherton i 
1732. Dec. 1755, d. in Hamilton 

Place, Piccadilly, isjuly 1839. 

aged 83, b* " ' 

land, m. at the Viscountess 
Invin's, in Stanhope St., 
Mayfair 7 July 1787, d. 22 

Elizabeth Ramsden, m. 

Feb. 1771 to William Weddell, 01 Newbyj 
CO. York, sometime representative in par- 
hament for the town and co. of Kingston- 
upon-Hull, and afterwards for the borough 
of Mallon. He died in the parish of St. 
George's, Hanover Sq.. April 1792. Will 
dated 30 May 1789, proved 21 July 1792. 

Isabella, 7thandyoungesti 
dau.of Thomas. 1st Lord 
Dundas, and sister of ist 
Earl of Zetland, b. 25 
Feb. 1790, bap. at St. 
Georges, Hanover Sq., 
m. 4 May 1814 by special 
licence, at 19, Arlington 
Street, Piccadilly, co. 

oiiN Charlf.s Ramsdun, of Buckdcn. 
in the parish of Arncliffe, and of 
Ncwby Park, In the parish of Top- 
cllfTc, both in the co. of York, son and 
heir, b. 30 April 1788, bap. at St. 

■ Squi 

diescx, M.P. forMalton 1812 to 1831, 
when he was returned for the co. of 
York, and in 1833 again M.l 
Mnlton till his decease t 
Surrey 29 Dec, 1836, v 
at Brotherton. 


. William Ramsdicn, of 
Oxton Hall, co. York, a 
retired rear admiral, b. 15 
Aug. and bap. at Brother- 
ton 5 Sept. 1789, m., 6 
Aug. 1827, An nabella. eldest 
daii^'hter of Charies Ingol- 
desby. 13th Marquess of 
Winchester. Shu was born 
6 Aug. 1805. and d. 26 May 
1855. He died at Byrom 30 
Dec. 1852, both bd. at Bro- 

the army, b. 25 Feb. and 
bap. at Brotherton 25 Mar 
1801, m., 14 June 1828, 
Harriet Frances, eld. dau. 
of P'i eld-marshal John ist 
Eari of Strafford, G.C.B. 
She died 5 Nov., 1873. 

3. Henrv James Ramsden, of Oxton 
Hall, CO. York, sometime capl. 9th 
Dragoons, b. 22 Oct., and bap. at 
Brotherton 22 Nov. 1799, m. at Cam- 
bridge House, South Audley Street, 8 
Aug. 1829, Frederica Selina, 5th dau. 
of Edward, 1st Lord Ellenborough, 
Lord Chief Justice of England. She 
was b. 6 April 1805. He d. 19 Oct. 
1871, and was bd. at Brotherton 28 
Oct. following. = 

^. Caroline Margaret R 
Ramsden, b. 14 Nov. 1790, m. 
as 2d wife, 9 Dec. 1847, to Lord 
George Quin, 2d son of Thomas. 
1st Marquis of Headfort, and 
d. 24 Aug. 1872, s. p. 
!. Elizabeth Frances Rams- 
den, b. 31 March 1792, m., i 

Aug. 1821. to Hon. Edward 1828, to' Lowther 
William Hawke, subsequently John, 3d Lord Muncastei 
Lord Hawke, and d. s. p. 26 d. 30 Jan. 1853. 
Aug. 1824. 

DEN,b.i6Nov. 1796, m. i8Auj 
1831, to the Rev. Lord Cha: 
Paulet, vicar of Wellesboumi 
CO. Warwick, and preb. of Sali, 
bury; d. 6 Oct. 1847. 
Frances Catherine Rami 
• gusti 



eldest son, 
b. 27 July. 
1825. bain. 

1839. as 5lh 
mton 1853 to 
to 1859, and 

Col. of 

ighs, Under-Secre- 
War 18^7.8. Hon. 
West York. Vol. Artillery. 
u.u. ana J. P. for West Hiding of 
and was high sheriff for co. York in 

cliffe 16 Sept. 
1865, at parts! 
in-the-Fields, ( 

n 17 July. 
12 Aug. fol- 
t Brotherton. 

1831, married 2 Aug., 



daughter of Horsman. 

Edward keard sin 

13th Duke mcrty M.l 

ofSomcrsel mouth an 

Charlotte Louisa 
Ramsden, b. 28 May 
1815. m., 18 Nov. 1841. 
le Right Hon. Ed. 


Ramsden, b.9junei830, 

Guards, slain i 
1 5 Nov. 1854. 


CharlesFrancis I. Louisa Elizabeth 
den. Esq., of Bus- b, 11 June 1831. 
bridge Hall, '" ,-.-■'-. 


ice 1869 (for- 3. Henry James Rams- 

P. for Cocker- den, in H. O.. b. 1 Feb. 

id Stroud, and 1837, and d. 8 Dec. 1862. 

chief sec. to the 4. Edward Henrv Rams- 

lord-lieut. of Ireland,) den, b. 4and d. 20 Sept. 

a. Isabella Elizabeth 1838. 

Ramsden, b. 19 March 5. Willi am JohnFreche- 

1818. d. 30 Oct. 1831. viLLE Ramsden, capt. 

3. Frances Margaret Coldstream Guards, b. 

RAMSDEN.b.8Nov.i828, 22 May 1845, Ig. unm. 
and d. 7 June 1830. 

York, latecapt. R 

India, medals and clasps, 
Bom 13 Dec. 1835, m, 

1858, to Richard 
Silver Oliver, Esq. of 
Bolton Lodge, Tad- 



Selina Frances, b. 8 
Feb. 1834. 
of Busbridge 4. Florence Mary 
Surrey, Esq. .and AnnABELLA, b. 1 
he Rev. Edward June 1842, m., 30 Ap. 
1872, to John Hope 
Barton, Esq., of Sta- 
ple! " • 

10 Dec. 1844, Mary 
Matilda, eldest sur- 
viving dau. of Rev. 
Henry Gipps. of 
Elmley, co. Kent, 
and vicar of St. 
Peter's, Hereford. 

.v. 1852. 
Plumptre Ramsden, 
North House, Cariton co. 
Notts, b. 8 March 1832, Ig. unm. 

7. Samuel Ramsden, a twin with 
Pemberlon, b. 11 April 1837, 
and d. 20 Aug. 1S51. 

8. Pemberton Ramsden. a twin 
vrith Samuel, d. 13 April 1837. 

1 Park, 

. York. 

Frederick William Rams- Caryl 

Hermione Char 

Rosamund Isabel Rams- 
den. bom 12 Dec. 1872, 
baptized at Brotherton, 
2 February, 1873. 


Feb. I 

b. 18 Dec, 

, I EfA.e 


I CO. Gl 

Frances Alice r 

er and co-h. ot her bro- 
mar. dalcd 28 July, and 
Brolherton 9 Oct. 1764. 

John Ramsden, of Byrom, commissioner of 
alienations, bap. at Broihenonas Mar. 1674, 
d. unm., and was there bd. 29 April 1721. 
1 granted 19 May following. 

Butler Ramsijen, Lieut, of Gren- 
adiers, bap. at Brotherton 4 Jan. 
1675-6. Slain in the descent 
upon Vigo in 1702 without issue. 

Robert Ramsden. 

George Ramsden, 
bap. at Brotherton 
8 Feb. 167a, bd. 

Charles Ramsden. 
bap. at Brotlie 
16 May 1680, bd. 
there 8 May 17a . 

Robert Ramsden, of Os-= Elizabeth, eldest dau. 

berton, co. Notts, bap. 

Brotherton 24 June 171 . , 

officer in the near Wakefield, co. York. 
1 Flanders, i 

1727, and d. at Bath 30 
April, and was bd. at 
Brotherton 15 May 1817, 
Her will dated i SepL 
i8i2, proved gjune 1817. 

p. Frecheville Ramsden, of Pomfret. co.: 

York, sometime of Clarges St., Berkeley 
Sq., CO. Middlesex, lieut. -col. in the Horse 

erry to the king. Bap. at 
April 1715, was present at 
the battle of Dettingen and Fontenoy, m., 
17 March 1761. He died 24 and was bd. 
at Brotherton 31 Dec. 1804, aged 89. Will 
dated 5 April 1797, codicil 12 April 1804, 
proved 31 Jan. 1805. 

Isabella, dau. 
of Col. Charles 
Ingram, 7th son 
of Arthur, 3d 
Viscount Irwin, 
b. 17 Dec. 1729. 
bd. at Horsham, 

:. Catherine Ramsden, el- 
dest dau., bap. at Lowtheraj 
Nov. 1697, m. at Brotherton 
17 Aug. 1736 as ad wife to Sir 
William Lowther, of SwilUng- 
ton, CO. York, Bart., who d. 
aa Dec. 1763, aged 68, bd. at 
Swillington 26th of same 
month. Shed. 30 Dec. 1777, 
aged 80, bd. at Swillington 5 
Jan. loUowing. 


, bap. at Brotherton 13 
juiy 1700. d. unm. at Swillington, 
bd. at Brotherton 11 Nov. 1766. 
Will dated 5 Aug. and proved at 
York 19 Nov. 1766. 
Nov. 1701. bd. there 36 June 1716. 
3. Brotherton 6 

msden, m. at Brother- Robert RAMSDEN,ofCarltonHall,=ELiZABETH, dau. of Charles Up- JohnRamsi 

s of Mo 

f pariiamenl II Geo. III. (1771). He 
ied s. p. II Sept. 1785, bd. at Tort- 

. Notts, eldest 
in the parish of 

and heir, 
Middlesex, and there 
1753, m. in London 
lied 27 April 1830, 

pleby, of Barrow, 
Lincoln, widow o 
Wilford, brother 
LordCarrington. She died 

el Smith, of 
Robert, ist 

■ of Crofton and 
of Arksey, CO. York, 
m., 18 Oct. 1790, I 

12 Oct. 1807, aged46. 
dated agjuly 1793, pr 
at London 26 Ian. : 


eldest dau. of Sir 
George Cooke of 
Wheatley, < "" ' 
7th Bart. She c 
Dec. 1843, and 
bd. at Arksey i 


. York, 

. Catherine RAMSDKN.eldestdau.,d 

unm. 8 April 1803, bd. at Brollicrton 
. CiiAKLorTK.d. unm. at Bath 27 J 

1850, aged 85. Wllldatedi9jan. il: 

proved 13 July 1850. 
. ELiZAni'VrH,d. unm.,bd. at Brother 

ton 27 Nov. 1769. 
. Frances, d. 3oJunc 1766, bd. nt Osbei 



igaretRams- Robert Ramsden, of 

796, m. 18 Aug. 

V, Lord Chas. 


3 prcb. of Salis- 

s Rams- 
. IS Dec. 

ces Matilda, 
Plumplre, of Fr 
Kent, Esq. Shed 
1837, he d. IS Sept 

J.P. and High 

7, b. 29 March 

uly 1816, Fran- 

dau. of John 

Fredville, co. 

1821, Mary, dau, of Ro- 
bert Swann, of Askham 

Bryan, and d. 

b. 3 Nov. 1786, 
in Nov. 1807. Kl 

OHN Ramsden, lieut. 
Enniskillen Dra- 
goons, b. 3 Jan, 
1793, m., 28 Oct. 
1829, Maria Tack- 
man. She died luly 
1859. He died 19 
March i86i, both 
bd. at Kensal Green. 
CO, Middlesex. = 

Park, ci 
3 Aug. 

!, daii. Of Jot 

Frank Ramsden, of Hex- 
thorpe, CO. York, capt. 
R.N,,b. 28 March 1797, 
m., 27 Aug. 1835, Eliza- 
Smith, clerk, D.n., rec- 
tor of Dry Drayton, co. 
Cambridge, and preb. 
of York, and canon of Cathedral, and 
d. 25 Nov. 1873. 

, Geokgr Ramsden, capt. 

3. W11.1.1 

dau. of 


27 and d. b. 15 Oct. 1821 

3. Elizabeth Smith Ramsden, 
;amsden, b. II April 1S23, and d. 8 Jan. 
irllon CO, 1824. 

!, Ig. unm. 4. Emma Louisa, b. 24 April 1829, 
twin with m., 29 Sept. 1853, to the Rev. 
pril 1837, Henry Gladwin Jebb, of Askham 

Bryan, co. York. 
!N, a twin s- Emily Anna Ramsden, b. 15 
3rU 1837. Nov. 1833. 

Ramsden, in H. O., 
vicar of Chilham, 
CO. Kent, b. 6 June 
Mary Hamilton, 2d 
dau. of Rev. Henry 

;. Frederick Sel- 
WYN Ramsden. in 
H. O., b. 12 July 
1830, m., 23 April 
1862, Mary Jane, 
dau. of the late Rev. 
Joseph Parker, M. A. 
rector of Wy ton, CO. 

Fbank Ramsden, 

b. 26 Nov. and d. 

Dec. 1837. 

Aug. 1865, Anna Cassandra, 
dau. of the Hon. Rear-Ad- 
miral Major Jacob Henniker, 
of Ashdown Park, Sussex. 

drowned of Mabledi n, 

Francis Ramsden, bap. 
at Brotherton 25 March 
1683-3, bd. there 3 July 

5. Mary Ramsdbh, bap. at Brotherton 
aB Aug, 1713, d. unm. at Pomfret, 
bd. at Brotherton 18 May 1795. Will 
dated 6 Aug. 1793, proved g June 

6. Jane Ramsden. bnp. at Brotherton 
a Feb. I7i3-i4. d. unm. at Pomfret, 
bd. nt Brotherton 15 Dec. 1774. Will 
dated 37 May 1771, proved at York 
17 January 1775. 

Geoboe Ramsden, of Charles Street. 
Berkeley Sq., co. Middlesex, capt, 

iSthregime "" 

Lucy, eldc! 

co'-h. of lioi 

Charles Street Z793, aged 33 t 

H . O. , rcjitorof Ashurat, co. 
Kent, ( id Linwood, co. 
Richard Bc4l, of 
.York,' and died 
860, ict, 73, bd. at 

Lucy, only mrviving 
dau., d. 14 Dec. 
1863, bd. at Bromp- 
ton Cemetery, co. 

1 CiIarles Rams- i. Geougiana Mary Rams- 

, of Ston ness, Ashurst, den. only surviving dau. 
, Kent, J. >., and lieut.- 3. Lucy Ramsden, d. 1833, 

30 Dec. 1843, in 1836, 


JSDEN, b. 10 May 1872. 

Edward Plumptre Ramsden, 
Charles Arthur Ramsden, b. 
Algernon Feilden Ramsden, 


Francis Edward Ramsden, b. 24 Jul 
Herbert Frecheville Smyth Ra 

March 1856. 
Ernest Western Ramsden. 
Frances Matilda Anne Ramsden. 
Gertrude Mary Ramsden. 

Frederick Plumptre 
Ramsden, b. 8 March 


and d. 14 Feb. 1865. 

Frederick Fran 

DEN, b. 8 Dec. 1867. 
FrrdericA Ani 

leacon, 5. Charlotte, 
Kent, 6. Caroline, ob. inf. 

7. Annette Caroline 
Ramsden, d. unm. 1853. 

Arthur John Ramsden, b, 10 
June 1855. 

\villiam Frecheville Rams- 
den, b. 16 July 1857. 

George Ramsden, 8 March 1S62. 

^etiigree of ^^atotjon, of i^aVotiom 

•a,n,s :— Quarterly, isl and 4th : Argent, a maunch sable (Hastings). 2nd and 3rd : Arg.a fesse between three phcons sable (Rawi»n|. 

coronet arg. a pheon sable, with a laurel braMh issuing 

Supporltra :— Two bears arg. muzzled gules, each supporting a ragged staff proper, to which it is fastened by : 

Sitsts :— 1st : A bull's head erased sable, armed .>nd ducally gorged or (Hastings). 
proper (Rawdon). 
proceeding from the muzzle, reflexed over the back and affixed to the staff by a staple, all proper. ,{VlotlO : — Kt nos 

nque tela sparsimus. 





TThax He Ivibtlon, son and heir of Paulinus= 

Sbrlo de Rowden, / 

: RowDON, tfmfi. Rich. 

1 de Roudon w-ns 

RAWDEN. ffmp. Hen. 3, j. rf = 

Math^us de Rawden, temp. Ed. i, s. d. 

Rawden, temp. Ed. 

[ and 17 Efl. 2, 7 and 23 Ed. 

Michael de Rawden. 19 a nd 23 Ed. 3. = Mary, daughter of Franke, of Ahvoodley, co. York. 

Michael de Rawden, 50 Ed. 3.=Ellinor, daughtetof Scott, of Scott Hall. Esq.. in the parish of Leeds. 

Thomas Rawden, of Rawden, son and heir. 7 Rich. 2, 1384.= , daughter of Sir Simon Ward, of Guiseley. co. York. 

Johannes, dictus de Bberehaugh, 50 Ed. 3. ii and 15 Rich. 2. =Alvia. filia et hezres [ni fallor), Follifait. 

, daughter of Arthington. of Arthington. Esq. 

Johannes de Rawden, 4 and 8 Ed. 4, 21 and 29 Hem ( 

John Rawdon, Esq.. of Rawdon Hall, died 15 Hen. 8 {\\ 

. parish of Guiseley. co. York;. 16 Hen. 7, i Hen. 8. = 

Bradford, of Stainley, gent. 2 

, daughter of Thomas I 

• of Thomas Fenton, of Crake, co. York. 
Ralph Rawdon. of Kilpeck, co. York, gent., living 1520. = 

I Thornton, of Tyersal, 

Richard Rookes, of Ralph Rawd 

, daughter of John Brice, of Slillinglon, co. York, 

youngest dau, 
and co-heiress 
of John Beck- 

wife), = George Raw-=Jane. 2nd 

-■— don, Esq., of I wife, dau. 

Rawdon Hall, of 

Jane, married to 
Stephen Paslewe. 
2ndson of Francis 
PasIewe,of Ridles- 
den, CO. York. 

Laurence Rawdon, mer-^ 
chant of York, sheriff 1615/6, 
elected an alderman 9 July, 
1624, died s July. 1626, aged 
58. burieJ at St. Crux, York, 
will dated 5 July, and proved 
at York. 21 July. 1626, 

Margarey, daughter 
of William Barton,, 
Esq.. died 17 April. 
i644,aged 74, buried 
at St. Crux. 

Robert RAWDON,of Mitcham 
and Bermondsey Court, co. 
Surrey, Esq., Deputy of 
Bridge Ward, London, and 
Governor of StL Thomas's 
Hospital, married Katherine, 
daughter of Thomas Hacker, 
of London, a nil died 15 
September, 1644. : 

DON. Esq.. of 
Rawdon Hall, 
died 25 April, 

JoROTHY.dau. 2. Toby Raw- 4. Walter Raw. 
of Wm. Aid- DON. died un- don ob. in belle 
borough. of married. subRegeSuevije 

Aldborough, 3. Richard Raw- in Germanla. 
married 1603, DON, married 5. Joseph Raw- 
buried at Isabella, daugh- don, a Spanish 

Guiseley, i66a terofjohn Billon, merchantin Lon 
ofBrameham, co. don. 
York. ■= Alice Rawdon 

I Dorothy Raw- 

Anne Rawdon. 

Roger Rawdon, 
M.L at St. Crux. 
Robert Rawdon, 
29 March, 1601, 
elected a common 
councilman at York 
iSjan..i63i, buried 
at St. Crux, 12 April. 

at Hoddesden. 6 
Feb.. i668'9,from 
the effects of a faU 

buried at Brox- 

. Elizabeth Rawdon. 

baptized at St. Crux. 20 

February, 1598/0. 
!. Mary, baptized at St. 

ried.s Feb., 1625/6, 'to Sir 
Roger Jaques, of York, 
Knt. , lordmayor in 1639, 
andfromwhom descend- 
ed Laurence Sterne, the 
author of ''Tristram 
Shandy," fi:c. 


Sir Marmaduke Rawdon, of the city of London, and of Hoddesdon, co. Herts, Knt.,: 
baptized at Brandsby, co. York, 20 March, 1582. and died 28 April, 1646, at Farringdon, 
CO. Berks, and buried in the church there. It is said he was one of the first who rigged 
out a ship for the discovery of the North-west Passage. He was a member of the com- 
pany of Turkey Merchants, M.P. for Atdborough, co. Suffolk, 1628. He never wavered 
during the civil wars in his attachment to the cause of his royal master. In 1643 he was 
made colonel of a regiment raised at his own cost. He took a gallant part 
of Basing House, for which he was knighted. In 1645 he was made 
which he held for the king with distinguished bravery and success ; but he sank under 
fatigues of a military life, and died at his post there (he had 10 sons and 6 daughters). 

4. Willi A! 
Rawdon, c 

5. James R- 

William Raw- 
DON, of Ber- 
mondsey Court, 

EleaVor, mar- 
ried to Nicholas 
Rainsford, of 
Warwick, co 

;. Thomas Rawdon, 
bapt. at All Hallows, 
Barking, London, 29 

both the battles at 

Newbury, upon the dc- 

of the royal cause 

vas compelled to 

refuge with his 
kinsman in the Cana- 
ries, buried at Bro.x- 
bourne, 30 Aug., 1666, 

dau. of Ran- 
dolph Crewe, 
of Hatcham. 

Kent, married 


Bevill Raw- 
don, merchant. 
Robert, died 

Rawdon, bapt. 
at All Hallows, 
29 August, 1621, 
married, 1659, Marmaduke, 

Sara, daughter baptized 1614. 

and co-heiress Marmaduke. 

of North, baptized i6i( 

of Hertford. both died i 

baptized at Ail Hallows. 
9 April, 1618, married tc 
Edmund Forsler, Esq. 
\. Martha, baptized ai 
All Hallows, 19 Decern 
ber, 1622. married tc 
Thomas WilUams. Esq, 

;. Katherine R\wdon. 
baptized at All Hallows. 
25 April, 1624, married 
to William Gamble,. • 

. Jane, married to Hei 
Crewe. Esq.. of Brist 

surveyor of customs. 
Essex, 5. Elizabeth, baptized 
of Sir Henry AU HaUows. i Decem- 
liams. of Gwernent. ber, 1613. 
Brecknock. Knt. and 

September, 1644- = 

Francis R a w.= Dorothy, t 

. Toby 

01 Basing House. lorwhicllbcMTis knighled. 
which he held for the king with distinguishe 

fatigues of a military life, and died s 

Ihcwasnwdegoveniorof Faningdon. l»nd;f to,ooo. 
f and succos ; but he sank under the 

cd as Anril, 
68, ngcd 86, 


4. Walter Raw- 

died un- don, ob. in bcllo 

married. sub RcgcSucviae, 

3.Rrr;iiARDRAW- In Gcrmanla. 

IJON, married 5. JosKi'ii Raw- 

Isabc'IIa, dnugh- don, a Spanish 

IcrofjohnBilton, merchant in Lon- 

Annb Rawdon. 


. Roger Rawdon, 
M.I. atSt. Cnix. 
t. Robert Rawdon, 

baptized at St. Crux, 
3Q March, 1601. 
elected a common 
councilman at York 
I5jan.,i63i, buried 
atSt. Crux, 13 April, 

William Rawdon, 
17 Mar., 1609/10. 

. ELIZABETH Rawdon, William Raw- 

baptized at St. Crux, so DON, of Ber- 

Febniary. 1598 '9. mondsey Court, 

. Mary, baptized at St. Esq. 

Crux, 31 June, 1608, mar- Eleanor, mar- 

ried,s Fcb.,i6a5,^6, to Sir ried to Nicholas 

Roger Jaques, of York, Rainsford, of 

KnL . lord mayor in 1639, Warwick, co. 

ed I-iurence Sieme. the 
author of *' Tristram 
Shandy," &c. 

[. Thomas Rawdon, = Magdalkn 
bapt. at AU HUIows. 
Barking, Loadon, 39 

the Roynl army, fought 

Newbury, uponthe do- 
feat of the royal cause 
he was compelled to 
leave the country, and 

took refuge with his 
kinsman in the Cana- 
ries, buried at Brox- 
boume. 30 Aug.. 1666. 
aged 54. 

a. Marmadukk 
Rawdon. bjipt. 
at All Hallows, 
married, 1659, 
Sara, daughter baptiied 1614. 
and co-hcircss Marmadukk, 

of North, baptised 1616, 

of Hertford. both died li 


L ELIXABETH KAWUON. I K\i(iii;i\i K\uti,>n. 

baptiicd at AH Hallows, ' Im, : 1 \i m -v. 

9 April, 1618, married to >:u,! 

Edmund Forstor. Esq. 1 \ 

B. Martha, Implttod at r.m . i nt 1 ^i<Mi>>n<- 

AU Hallows, tg Dccom- 4. jrtNi:, niixrni'd to 1 Icnry 

bor, i6aa. married to Crcuc, Esii., of Bristol, 

Thomas Williams, Esq., surveyor of customs, 

of Lcytonstone,co,Essex, 5. Elizadcth, bnpllwd at 

4th son of Sir Henry All Hnllowi, 

Williams, of G " - ' 
CO. Urccknock, 1 

her, 1613. 

of Ilradncy 
governor of Newry, and widow of Francis 
Hilt, IC<i(|., of Hill Hall, 

Francis, only child, ob. Inf. 

Edward nnd John Uawdi 
both slain In ]*'rance. lOy'i i 
1677. '■ P- 

with ! „ 

. " t Lisburne] in Ireland, ' 
40,000 Protestants. 

B they had massacred 

Lord Viscount Con- 
way, and Kiltulla, 

Anne Rawdon, married to John 
Stanhope, of Horsforth, Esq. 

Elizabeth Rawlion, married to 
Phihp Tandy. D.D. 

Mary Rawdon, married to John 
Dunbar, gent. 

I.Richard Raw- 3. Veritas Raw- Mabmaduke tsHr 
don. of Lon- 
don, grocer. 

3. Walter Raw- 

r Arthur Rawdon, succeeded as snd baronet, = 
born 17 October, 1661/3, and died 17 October, 
109s, aged 33. 

Helena, daughter and hi 
Graham, Km., 3rd son 1 
Monteith and Airth, in ^ 
17 March, 1709, aged 47. 

of Sir Tames 
illiam, Elarl of 
nd. She died 

.lARY Rawdon, married to 
Lord Forbes, created Earl 
of Granard. 

of Abrnhnm 

Corsellia. of Geokoe. 

London, mcr. 


Toinple, gent, 

Dorothy Rawdon, and 
Brilliana Rawdon, 
living in 171a, both died 


Magdalen Rawdon, 
mar. to Geo. Lessons, 
of Grny'i Inn, Esq. 

Elizabeth Raw- 
don, married to 
Samuel Dagnall, 

Edward Rawdon, ob. 

, married, s; Dorothy, and daughter of Sir Richard Levinge, Bart., Speaker of the House of Commons, and Lord Chief 
'■'"'" ™ - Ireland. She married, 2ndly, to Charles Cobb, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin, 

George Rawd 

Helena Perceval (; 
daughter of John, 
mont, marriea, 10 
died II June. 1746. 

Catherine Rawdon, born 
1 January. 1743/3, married, 
in 1764, to Joseph Henry, 
Esq. of Straffan, co. Kildare. 

Helena, born 37 May, 
1744, married, in 1769, to 
Stephen Moore, Larl of 


;ir John Rawdon, bom in 1720, 1 
baronet, and was elevated to the peerage 01 
9 April, 1750, as Baron Rawdon, of Moira, creat 
of Moira, co. Down, 15 December, 1762, and < 
June, 1793. 

i.NNE (2nd wife), daughter of Trevor, Viscount = Lndy Elizabeth _. , 

Hillsborough ; sister to the Marquis of Down- 1 9th Earl of Huntingdon, and 
shire, married in 1746, and died i August, Francis, loth Earl of Huntingt 
1751, J./. I Hastings. She married 26 Febi 

I 22 April, at Cloni 

(3rd wife), eldest daughter of Theophilus, 

A lually, on the decease of her brother 

i.p. in 1789, sole heiress and Baroness 
»ruary, 1753, and died 13 April, 1808, buried 

\RTJit;R Rawdon, of Rathmullyao, 
CO. Mcnth, married Arabella, 
daughter of Cheshire, of Hall- 
wood, CO. Chester, Esq, 

Francis Rawdon Hastings, K.G., 
1754, assumed tlic name of Hastings i 

of Lond 
colonel ( 

Earl of Rawdon, and Marquess of Hastings, 
S the title of Baron of Rawdon. of Rawdon, co. York, in the lifetime of his 
.ship, at one time Governor-General of India, 

f Malta and its dependencies, Constable and Chief Governor of the Tower 
Liii\i-l.niii'n.iiu and Ciistos Rotulorum of the Tower Division, a general officer in the army, and 
lie 29th RcLiiment, a governor of the Charter House and Council of the king in Cornwall and North 
irried 13 July, 1804, and died a8 November, 1836, aged 72. 

OMN Theophilus Rawdon, 
born tg November, 1756-7. 
married, 30 October. 1792, 
Frances, youngest daughter 
of Joseph William Hall 
Stevenson [see Wharton 
ped.), of SkeUon Castle, co. 
York, and died May, 1808. = 

George Rawdon, 
January, 1761, major \ 
Foot Regiment, died 

bom 9 Anne £ 

|or x6th 1788, I 

1753. "1 

Selina Frances, 

Edward Rawdon. 

Sophia Maria Josephina, bomi March, 1765, 
d. 39 October, 1773, at .St. Audcon, Dublin. 

Charlotte Adelaide Constantia, bom 35 
February, 1769, married in 1814, to Hamilton 
Fitzgerald, Esq.. and died in 1834. 

George Augustus Francis Raw- 
don-Hastings, succeeded as and 
M-irquis of Hastings, bom 4 Feb., 
1808. married x August, 1831, and 
died i3janu.iry, 1844. 

Barbara, (in 
Ashley. Sh ,. 

Reginald Henry, R.N., who ass 
Yelverton. and is now Admiral S 
Yclvcrton. K.C.B., and died 18 I 

Hastings Reginald Henry 

Flora Elizabeth, Lady 
of the Bedchamber to the 
Duchess of Kent, bom 11 
February. 1806. and died 
■ Is July. 1839. 

Sophia Frederick 
bora I February, 18 
April, 184= 

Marquis of Bute, and dii 

Seltna Constance, bom 
April, 1810, married, 25 Ju 
1838, to C. J. Henry, Esq., i 
died 8 November, 1867. 

February, 1812. married, 8 July, 1854, t 
Sir William Keith Murray, 7th Bart,, < 
Ochtertyre, and died6 Dec., i860. 


ried, 21 June, 1817, to Lord i 
William Russell, and was : 
of the 9th Duke of Bedford. 

PAULYN Reginald Se 
officer in the army, 
ceeded as 3rd Marqu 
Hastings, bom 3 J 
1832, and died 17 Jan'i 

ENKV Weysford Charles Plantagenet Rawdon-= 
Hastings, succeeded as 4th Marquess of Hastings, and 
also inherited the barony of Grey de Ruthj-n, i8 Novem- 
ber, 1858, on the demise of his mother. Bom 22 July, 
1842, and died s. p. 10 November, 1868, when the mar- 
quessale of Hastings and the other titles created by 
patent, except the Scotch honours, became extinct, and 
the baronies by writ fell into abeyance between the 
sisters of the Marquess. 

of Henry, Marquis 
of Anglesey, mar- 
ried 16 July, 1864. 

Edith Maud Abney-Hastings (which names the Countess of=CHARLES Fre 
Loudoun and her husband assumed, by Act of Parliameni 
March. 1859, in coinpliance with the condition of a settlement of 
effected by Sir Charles Abney-Hastings, 
■* — November, 1868, as Countess of 
Farrinzean, and Mauchline, in the 
peerage of Scotland, and in 1871, the abeyance of the English 
baronies of Botreaux. Hungerford, De Moleyns, and Hastings, 
were terminated in her favour; she died 23 January, 1874. Seats:— 
Rawdon Hall, co. York, Donington Park, co. Leicester, WUlesIey 
Hall, CO. Derby, and Loudoun Castle^ Rowallan Castle, and 
Mauchline Tower, all in Ajxshire. 

. Bertha Lelgarde, 
married, 11 December, 
1855, to Captain Augus- 
tus Wykeham Clifton, 
5th son of Thomas Clif- 
,Esq., of Clifton and 



l. Victoria Maria Louisa, 
married, 31 October, 1859, to 
J. F. S. Kirwan, Esq., of 
Moyne, co. Galway. 

(. Frances Augusta Con- 

1863, to Viscount \iarsham, 
eldest son of the Eari ot 

Charles Edward Hastings Abne 

and Mauchline, in the peerage of Scotland, 
also Baron Botreaux, Hungerford, De 
Moleyns, and Hastings, bom 5 January, 

Paulyn Francis Cuthbert 
Abney-Hastings, bom 21 
October, 1856. 

Gilbert Theophilus Clif- 
ton, bora 29 May, 1859. 

Henry Cecil Plastageset, 
bora 19 June, i860. 

Paulyna Hetty 

ra Abney-Hastings. 
Sophia Fredebica 

Rawdon George Grey Clifton, bom November, 1857. 
CiciL Talbot Clifton, bom January, 1862. 
Ella Cicely Mary Clifton, bom November, 1855. 
Lelgarde Harry Florence Clifton, bom July, 1870. 

.l""Jl i:l- 

" m^. 

I iy. S] 

1^1 il^ 

S " ii S -a •^ 
SS3°|e ■ 

= Frances, dau. of Richa 
Steme, Esq., of Elvin 
ton, and great - gran 
daughter of Archbish 
Sterne, married at Yo 
Minster, 13 Aug., 173 
She died 26 October, i8c 
aged 86. 

rd, attor- 
. He de- 
his first 
er, Benja- 
on, buried 
767. '■ t- 


■Slog '^. 

ll¥. I 


33 ^ 3 Sjg -p 



jree of ^RatDSon, of 

3Io^n 1Sa6JSon,= 

iAWSON, of IngTow, bora in 1505, died in November, 1564.-^ 
John Rawson, of Ingrow, bora 15^5. = 

Rawson. = Margaret Bean, of Gilstead, died 1609. 

John Rawson, born i 

wife), daughter=JOHN Rawson, Esq., of Ash Grove, = 
Preston, Esq., of near Halifax, J. P. and D.L., bora 
Halifax, married 24 August, 1783, died 12/19 Dec, 
I23, died 4 July, 1852. 

. Caroline Raw- 

. Emily Frances 
Rawson, married 
to the Rev. Wm. 
Henry Empson, 

26 October, 1857, 
6. Henrietta 

I. Edward Rawson, 
of the Breck, Halifax, 
bora 19 Febraary, 
i8og, married, 22 June, 
1831, Ehzabeth Sarah, 
daughter of John 
Clarke, and his wife, 
Maria Kenny, of Will- 
field, CO. Dubhn. = 

DWARD Mark- 
land Rawson, 
1 14 Novem- 
, 1834, died 
dward Mark- 
3 Rawson, 
Dom 21 May, 
1845. died un- 

son, lieutenant 
R.E., in India, 

Frances Es- 
ther Rawson, 

1838, died un- 


Mill 3|ouse, CO. ; 

The Rawsons of Yorkst 
who had been located : 
ol three . 

= Agnes died i December, 1589. 

William Rawson, of Brackenbank, born 1568. 

Mary Rawson, 

Feild, Esq., of Shipley. 

= Miss JEKVLL, of London. 

. John Rawson. 
EUzabeth, daugh 
of Manchester, di 

= Elizabeth (ist wife), daughter 

I of Edward Markland, of Leeds, 

married 30 October, 1806, and 


the Shayj 
born 28 \ 
and died 

;. Samuel 
captain re- 

of William 
Esq., R.N. 

1. John Markland Raw- 
son, R.N., born 31 August, 
1807, drowned off the Cape 
of Guod Hope, in his 21st 
year, 1826. 

3. William Rawson, bom 
18 March, 1815. married and 
died s. p., in Australia, 1867. 

4. Christopher Rawson. 
bora 20 October, 1818, died 

6. Thomas Rawson, bom 20 
December, 1820, died young. 


Rawson, bom 6 March. 
1847, died 13 April, 1848. 

3. CuRRER Benjamin Raw- 
son, bom 6 Oct., 1849, 
died 6 Febmary, 1856. 

4. Benjamin CuRRER Raw- 
son, a twin with Currer 
Benjamin, bora 6 October, 

5- William Busfeild Raw- 
son, born 26 Sept., 1853. 


1. Elizabeth HaniJ 
SON, bom 27 Sept.,! 
16 July, 1858. I 

2. Sarah Ferrand 
bom 17 July. 184^ 
30 January, 1868, I 
Longbotham, o^ 
Carew, co. Durban 

3. Emily Jane Raw 
22 February, 1848, 
29 June, 1848. 

4. OcTAviA Victor 

. 13 April, 186^ 

^etJtgree of ^Ratoson, of 

3oTin %BAisim,B 

John Rawson, of Ingrow, bom in 150s, died in November, 1564." 

John Rawson, of Ingrow, boni 15^15. 

Rawson. = Margaret Bean, of Gilstead, died 1609, 

Anthony Rawson, 

John Rawson, horn in 1606, marTied= 

Chkistopher Rawson, Esq., of Hope=MARY Anne, daughter of 

■•' , Halifax, J.P. and D.L., bora Tliomas Brooks, Esq., of 

"-'■ 77. married 2sjanu- Great George Street, West- 

j May, 1849. ■ minster. Slie died s. p. 29 

July, 1836. 

John Rawson, of Beckfoot. inCottingley,=jANE 1 

Jeremiah Rawson, of Beclcfoot, = 
died 1736. J 

John Rawson, of Beckfoot, =Sarah Dobson, of the Vicarage, Mary, wife of Joshua Smith, 2. William Rawson, of Bradford, bom= 

bom September, 1687. I Bingley, died in 1725. ofBingley. 1710, and died 7 August, 1780. | 

Jrace Rawson, married to Christopher Thomas Jekyll John Rawson, of Stonyroyd. Esq., bom=NELLY, daughter of David Stansfeld, of Hope House, 

Rawson, of Stonyroyd. Rawson. i December, 1744, died 8 July, r8rs. | Halifax, Esq., died 23 November, 1837. aged 84, 

Elizabeth, daughter ol 
Timothy Leach, of Clap- 
ham, died a September, 

William Henry Rawson, = 
of Mill House, near Hali- | 
I October, i 

and died 5 January, 1865. 

Rawson, Esq., of Ash Grove, = 

Halifax, J.r ■ 

August, 1783, 

Mill House, CO, i^orfe. 

Rawsons of Yorkshire, tradition says, "are descended from the Saxon _, 

located in the valley of the Aire long before the Norman Conquest. 
' '-"-" -'- Shipley, and of other properties in Yorkshire ' 

family of ' Ravenchil,' (Ravenson, Rawson), 

=Agkes died 1 December. 1589. 

William Rawson, of Brackenbank, bom 1568, married February, 1596. = Isabel Fowler, of Utiey. 

Maky Rawson. 

Isabella Rawson, 

Elizabeth Rawson, married to William Mid 

: Isabella, daughter of Will 

Feild, Esq., of Shipley. 

of Ripon, died=j0HN Crossley, Esq. (2nd husband), of 

Kershaw House. 

Mary Rawson. 

Mercy Rawson. 

Rawson, of Bradford, 

of Manchester, i 

. Christopher Rawson, of Stoneyroyd,= Grace, daughter of John Rawson, of 
Esq., bom 1712. I Eeckfoot, in Cottingley. 

of Mill House, near Hahfax, 

Catherine Rawson. 

= Elizabeth (ist wife), daughter 
I of Edward Markland, of Leeds, 
I married 30 Oaober, 1806, and 
died 9 October, 1821. 

eremiah Rawson, of=HANN, 
the Shay, near Halifax, 
bora 28 March, 1787, 
married 25 J a 
and died 6 Si 

daugh- Thomas Samuel Rawson, =Sarah Colbeck Holdsworth, Grace Elizabeth Rawson, married, Ellen Rawson, married, 15 Dec, 

ler 01 Thomas of Bridgen Place, Kent, bom [ daughter of John Holdsworth, of 17 October, 1805, to John Water- 1814, to Amazlah Empson, of Spel- 

Preston, of 10 January, 1792/3, married West House, Otiey, bom 13 July, house, of Welhead, Halifax. tow Hill, Knaresborou^, died 21 

Greenroyd.Esq., 26 October, 1814, died 16 1792, died 3 March, 1871. Marv Anne Rawson, died unmarried. May, 1864. 

died 26 April, April, 1869. I 21 July, 1804. Catherine Rawson, died young, 

1861. '^ ^ 9 August, 1803. 

Delia Rawson, d 
28 March, 1813. 

Emma Rawson, married, 3 June, 
1817, to Christopher Saltmarshe^ 
of Saltmarshe. Esq. He died 15 
Oct., 1852. Shed. 15 July, 1834. 


:. John Markland Raw- 
son, R.N., bom 31 August, 
1807, drowned off the Cape 
of Good Hope, in his zist 

I. William Rawson, bom 
18 March, 1815. married and 
died s. p., in AustraUa, 1867. 

^ Christopher Rawson, 
bora 20 October, 1818, died 

. Sophia Rawson, bom 30 Oct., 
1810, married to the Rev. John 
Pemberton Simpson, rector of 
Crofton, near Wakefield. 

[812, Imng 

Elizabeth Rawson, bora 

1813, married, 14 No- 

the Rev. WiUiam 

vember, 1S44, to 
Smith, of HalifaJ 
.. Ellin Rawson, bom r August, 
1817, married to the Rev. William 
F. Oakes, rector of Tibberton, co. 
Salop, died 9 September, 1855. 

Thomas William Sarah {is 

Rawson, of Green wife), dau 

Royd, born i Mar., of Samm 

1814, married, 15 Stead, Esq. 

January, 184.Q, Eliza- of Halifa> 

beth Octavia, dau. marr' 

of Currer Folhergill Aug. 

Busfeild, of Cotting- died 

ley Bridge, co. York. Aug. 
She died 21 July, 
1865; he died 4 
October, 1864. = 

Mary (2nd 


[. John Rawson, 
died 1849, u 

;. Mary Hannah 
Rawson, died un- 
married in 1839. 

Ellen Eliza- 

S. Chr 

68th Light In- 
fantry, died 27 
July, 1871. 
6. Louisa Raw- 


mamea, 19 iNov., 
1840. EUen Frances, 
daughter of John 
Naylor Wnght, 
of Liverpool 

:. Samuel Raw- 
son, bora 5 
April, 1819, 

Rev. Charies 

Notts, and his 
wife. EUen 

Buckley. = 

2. Catharine Anne Rj 
living unmarried. 

3. Henrietta Rawson, 


„ Julia Rawson, married. 1856, 
to the Rev. WiUiam Henry Col- 
beck Luke, rector of Elmswell, 
CO. Suffolk. II -< 

1857. to the Rev. John 

Holdsworth, '' 


of Linton, 

1. Thomas Preston Raw- 
son, bom 23 June, 1841, 

2. Jeremiah Stansfeld 
Kawson, bom 6 March, 
1847. died 13 April, 1848. 

3. CuitJtER Be.s-jamin Raw- 
sou, bom 6 Oct., 1849, 
died 6 Febraary, 1856, 

4. Besjahi.kCubbek Raw- 
fiOM, a twin with Currer 

1. Elizabeth Hannah Raw- 
son, bora 27 Sept., 1843, died 
16 July. 1858. 

2. Sarah Ferrand Rawson, 
born 17 Jidy, 1845, mairied, 
30 January. 1868. to George 
Longbotham, of Seaton 
Carew, co. Durham, 

3. Emily Jane Rawson, bom 
22 February, 1S48, and died 
29 June, 1848. 

4. Octavia Victoria Raw- 

died 15 April, 1865. 

Clara Louisa 


20 October, 

1865, Janie 

Park, Cheshire. 

Frances Emily 
Rawson, bora 14 
August. 1841, mar- 
ried. 10 Dec. 1863, 
to Dudley Raikes 
de Chair. Esq., of 
Dover and Wool- 

the Rev. Frederick 
Blackett de Chair, 
of East Langdon, 
Kent, and Manton, 

1864, to Major 
Francis Walter 
de Winton, 


J. Elle 

9 March, 1848. and died 16 

January. 1849. 
\. Blanche Rawson. bom 7 

August, 1849, married, 3 .^pril, 
Ernest Molyneux 

and of DanshiU Park, co. Sus- 
sex, and has a daughter, Kath- 
leen Mabel, bora 15 December, 

Rawson. bora Charles Rawson, 
bom 5 Aug.. 1840. 

Tom Holdsworth 
Rawson, born 30 
January, 1851. 

Harry Stanhope 
Rawson, bora 6 
April. 1854. 

Sam Rawson, bom 

I of Willia 

Frank Rawson, 

Edward Cress- 

Sarah Ellen 
Rawson, bora 
6 July, 1848. 

Fanny Geor- 
gina Rawson, 


Dudley Rawson Stratford 1 
Ernest Francis de Chair, be 
Oswald Wentworth de Cha 
Frances Beatrice de Chair. 

: Chair, bom 30 August, 1864. 


CK DE Winton, born i 
TON DK Winton, born 
; Winton. bom 19 July. 1867. 

^etiigree of ^^epgate, of ^tebeton. 

^rms : — Arg, a bend lozengy az. 

Note.— The name of Reygate is said to be derived from a place in Normandy, and that t!ic family first settled at Reigate, in Purre; 
.vhich place they gave their name, and whence they migrated north to Yorkshire, in the twelfth century. The same arms were borne by t 
'cmp. Henry 3. as is shewn by a seal of that period. 


Henev de Reygate. = 


John de Reygate. = 

Richard de Reygate. of 
Steveton, parish of Sherbum. 
W. Riding, co. York, Justice 

, lord of Steveton, 1235.= Mar 

John de Reygate. of Steveton. seneschal to ^ William de RSy- 

Sewallis, Archbishop of York, 1256/58, and gate, brother and 

escheator to the King, north of the Trent, heir to John de 

T269. Justice Itinerary 1272, died J. /., buried Reygate. = 

irJOHN DE Reygate. Knt.. of Steveton. heir 
did homage ' • - 
1314, buried i 

;ir Robert de Reygate. Km., lord of Steeton, did homage to WiIliam = I 
Grenfield, Archbishop of York, 13 June, 1314, was knighted 1319, buried at I 
Sherbum. I 

William de Reygate, lord of St-eton,=THEOPHANiA,dau. andheiressof John de Reygate, Jane (ist wife), = Robert de = Matilda (and wife), 
1330. 1337- 1360, escheator to the king, in I Wm. de Funtaynes, of Killing- had a Hfe estate in 1348. Revgate, widowof Sir Robert 

CO. York, 1367, buried at Sherbum. | holme, co. Line. Living 1352. Micklefield, 1330. living 1348. Ryther, Knt. 

AMES de Reygate, William Clarell (ist hus-= Elizabeth de Reygate, eldest = SirTHOMAs Leeds, William de=Juliana, youngestdau. 

of Steeton, son and band}, of Aldwarke and I daughter, and co-heiress of her I Knt. (2nd hus- Gastrick, and co-heiress of her 

heir, 1374, diedj. /. Tickhill, lord of Steeton, in brother James, whom she sue- band), died before diedj. /. brother James, 1375 

1375. right of his wife died before ceeded in 1375, Uvinga widow 1389. and 1376, died j. /. 
1380. I in 1389. 1 

^HOMAS Clarell, = Matilda, daughter of Sir William Agnes. Elizabeth, married to Thomas 

Esq.. of Aldwark. I Nicholas Montgomery, by Clarell, Fitzuilliam. and had a daughter, 

Steeton, &c., died Margaret, daughter of Sir 2nd son. Elizabeth Fitzwilliam, mentioned 

1442. I Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. in the entail, 13 Richard 2, 1390. 

Clarell, Esq., 


1 right of his = Elizabeth Clarell. onlydaug 
I lifetime, 1430/1, aged : 

Thomas Fitzwilli.^m, bom i486, = Agnes, daughter of Sir Hugh Pagenhan 
killed at Flodden. 9 Sept., 1513. I married, 2ndly, Sir William Sidney. 

William Fitzwilliam, Alice, married to Sir James Foljambe, Knt., eldest son Margaret, married to Godfrey Foljambe, 2nd son of Sir Godfrey Fol- 
died 1515, aged 6. of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, of Walton, co. Derby. Knt. jambe, d. j. /. 7 Feb., 1557. He died 25 May, 1559, at Aldwark. 

For their issue (who were lords of Steveton) sec Foljambe pedigree. 

The Estates in Milford, Lumby, Src, and the Manor of Steveton, remained in the Foljambe family for nearly three hundred years; the House at 
Steeton being, however, only used as a resident > l.\ 1 ;.. ■: ;!i. m, \iz., Peter Foljambe, who Uved there from 1642 till his death in 1668. He had succeeded 
his cousin. Sir Francis Foljambe, and only .1 ■ 1 estate, for the Walton and Derbyshire property had been sold by Sir Francis, and his 

widow held Aldwark for her hfe. Peter Foljiiiii ...■'■■ ciiapel attached to the Manor of Steeton, at Sherbum, and four of his children, who died 

young, viz., Godfrey, Woodrove, Henry, and J n ' 1 ! v. 1 , ; ;;. , eldest daughter and co-heiress of Ellis Woodrove. of Hope, co. Derby, Esq., who died 
4 September, 1658, is buried at Ledsham. Th\* . 1 it. - . : 1 m iSoo by Francis Ferrand Foljambe, Esq., in lots to several purchasers. The Manor of 

Steeton, with the ancient mansion, and 200 acres of the est it.?, were purchased by the Rev. Christopher Alderson, of Aston, co. York. In 1807, Mr. Alderson 
resold it to the Rev. Richard Paver, of Ledsham. He died in 1813, and was succeeded by his son, Christopher Paver, who died in 1855, bequeathmg the 
Manor, &c., to his son, William Paver, Esq., the present possessor of it. 




Tikis'" 1^ in I'- 1 





.K ;g S.5 > -S ** ■? 3 „• " g. 

SglfE'S.!;"^. 3.; 

I liy III i ^ » : i '^ t ^-1 1 Vfi 


OS S s 4 w ■3'< o 5 s N id J 




Pis? 1,11ms 

3^etiigree of IRirljartison, 

trgent three lions' heads erased of the field {anciently ermines). 

lARGARET, or Mary (ist wife), daughter of Tohn Midgley. of Clayto 
Bradford-Dale. "^ 

Ann (ist wife), daugh-=RiCHARD Richardson, of North Bierley,=SusANNAH Swain (2nd 

ter and heiress of I baptized at Tong, 27 October, 1576, married wife), of Bradford, widow, 

William Pollard, of at Bradford, 2 June, 1599, buried there 31 

North Bierley. bu- | May, 1634. On 5 October, 1630, he paid 

ried at Bradford, 14 I to Lord Wentworth a fine of ^40 for not 

August, 1624. attending and receiving the honour 

1 knighthood at the coronation of Charles i 

married at Bradford, 
February, 1626. had no 
issue by her 2nd husband. 

married to Richard 
Cordingley, of Holme, 
in Tong. 

of Bierley, baptized at 
Bradford, 22 August, 1602, married Elizabeth, 
eldest daughter of George Hopkinson, of Loft- 
house, in the parish of Rothwell, and only 
daughter by his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter and 
co-heiress of John Walker, of Lofthouse, and half- 
sister to that learned and industrious antiquary, 
Mr. John Hopkinson. He died without issue, 
and was buried at Bradford, 22 February, 1648. 

. Richard Richardson, baptized at Bradford, 22 July, 1604, married^ 
there 26 May. 1629, died 23 April, and was buried there 25 April, 1656. I 
He resided at Bradford for several years, and afterwards removed to 
the family seat at Bierley. By the will of this Richard Richardson. 
.'February, 1655, it appears that he died seised of the manors | 
and of one-fourth part of the manor of 
derable estates in North Bierley, Bradford. 
Okenshaw, Heaton, Bowhng. Tong, Horton, Wibsey, Hahfax, Hipper- | 
holme, and the parish of Calverley, all within the 

. of York. 

daugh- RicHA 

of Bieriey, 
Esq.. baptized 
at Bradford. 
15 October. 

ter of Gilbert 
Savile, of Greet- 
land. parish of 
Halifax, married 

^ust, 1659, died 
^October, and bu- 
ried at Bradford, 
II October, 1708. 

SON. of Newhall, 
Bowling, gentleman, 
baptized at Brad- 
ford, 7 February, 
1635, married, ist, 
at Bradford, 5 July, 

1656. Mary, daugh- 
terof Joseph Robert- 
shaw. She was bur. 
at Bradford, 19 Jan., 

1657. He was bur. 
there, 21 June, 1699- 

RicHARp-=SusANNAH(2ndwife), John Richardson, of=HANNAH {2nd 

"' ' ' wife), dau. of 

Thomas Sharp, 
of Bradford,and 


Field, married at 
Bradford, 8 August, 
1659, buried there 
16 January, 1663. 
Dlizabeth (3rd wife). 
daughter of Robert 
Pawling, buried at 
Bradford, 26 May, 

one of the lords of the 
Manor of Bradford, 
baptized 6 January. 
1639. married, ist, 
Ann, daughter of 
Robert Kent, of Cold 
Hiendley. near Wake- 
field, and died 24Feb. , 
buried there 26 Feb- 
ruary, 1697. = 

John Sharp, 
Lord Archbi- 
shop of York, 

DOPOTHY {2nd= 

wife), daughter of 
Henry Currer, 
Esq. (j« that 

niece, Sarah Cur- 
rer ; bom 20 May, 
1687, married at 
Kildwick. 27 De- 
cember. 1705, d. 
there 5 January, 
buried at Cleck 
Heaton Chapel, 
10 January, 1763. 

=Richard Rich-: 
ardson, of Bier- 
ley, Esq.. M.D., 
R.S.S.. J. P. for 
the West Riding 
of Yorkshire, 
baptized at Brad- 
ford, 24 Septem- 
ber, 1663. died 
21 April, buried 
at Cleck Heaton 
Chapel, parish of 
Birstal, 24 April, 

:Sarah (ist wife), sole 
daughter and heiress pre- 
sumptive of John Cross- 
ley, of Kirkshaw House, 
in the parish of Halifax, 
and of Crossley Hall, in 
the parish of Bradford, 
married at Luddenden, 
in the parish of Halifax, 
9 February, 1699, died 
21 October, buried at 
Bradford, 25 October, 
1702 ; they had an only 
child. Richard, bom 16 
October, 1702. buried at 
Bradford, 18 November 
follow mg. 

William Richard- 
son, of High Fearn- 
ley, in the parish of 
Birstal, gent., bom 
ID (? 15) July, 1666, 
married, ist, Mary, 
daughter and heir- 
ess of John Kirshaw, 
of Hoyle House, in 
the parish of Hali- 
fax, merchant, and 
2ndly, Rachel Kirk, 

5 Jan., 1716, leaving 

ward Ferrand, 
of Harden, in 
the parish of 
Bingley, Esq., 
buried at Bing- 

r./., buried 
It Tong, 



Richard Rich- 
ardson, of 

baptized at 

Bradford, 26 
April, 1665, bu- 
ried there, 20 
August, 1729. 
Ann Richard- 

at Bradford. 2 
January, 1666, 
married to Wil- 
liam Naylor, of 
Wakefield, gent. 

John Richardson, eldest son by^ 
2nd marriage, precentor and 
canon residentiary of York, 
archdeacon of Cleveland, and 
rector of Beeford. baptized 
at Bradford, 20 October. 1675, 
died s, p., 28 October, and 
buried in the cathedral of 
York, 31 October, 1735, M.I. ; 
willdated2ijune, 1733, proved 
April, 1736. 

2. Joshua Richardson, bap- 
tized at Bradford, 20 Oct., 1685, 
buried there 19 Dec. following. 

3. Nicholas Richardson, 
baptized at Bradford. 11 Sep- 
tember, i68g. unmarried. 

Cleck Hea- 
ton Chapel, 
19 January, 

. Richard = 
Esq.. of Bierley, 
lord of the ma- 
nor of Oken- 
shaw and Cleck 
Heaton. J. P. 
and D.L. for the 
West Riding of 
Yorkshire, born 
26 September, 
1708, died s. p. 
30 Jan. 1781. 


D Chapel. 

by Mary, daughter of 
John Starkie, of 
Huntroyde, co. Lane, 
Esq., married at Bol- 
ton, 13 February, 
1750, died at Lance- 
lot Ivison's, at BUck 
Bank, near Leeds, 27 
November. 1798, bu- 
ried at Cleck Heaton 

of Ripon, 
M.D., of St. 
Cambridge, b. 
22 February, 
1709, died un- 
married at Ri- 
pon, 23 July, 
bur. at Cleck 
Heaton Cha- 
pel. 26 July, 


1747, died 
27 March, 


of Benjamin 
Dawson, of 
Oldham, co. 
Lane, mer- 
chant, born 
at Oldham, 
8 October, 
Gargrave, 3 


April, 1717, died 24 Ju 
lowing, buried at Bradford. 

6. John Richardson, Esq., 
born 12 Nov., 1721, died at 
Paddington,London, 22 June, 
unmar., buried at Kildwick, 
II July, 1784. He assumed 
the name of Currer, and by 
the will of his cousin, Sarah 
Currer, succeeded to her seat 
at Kildwick and all her es- 
tates, J. P. and D.L. for the 
West Riding of Yorkshire. 

7. Thomas Richardson, born 
3 April, 1724, died unmar- 
ried, 18 January, buried at 
Hackney, in Middlesex, 22 
January. 1763. 

1712, bapt. at Brad- 
ford, 10 July following, 
married, as 2nd wife, 
at Wibsey Chapel, 29 
July, 1730, to Sir John 
Lister Kaye, of Denby 
Grange, CO. York, Bart. 
He was born 30 Aug. 
(? May), 1697, and died 
5 April, 1752, buried 
at Flockton Chapel. 
She died at Gainford, 
CO. Durham, 15 Sept., 
1772, buried at Flock- 

bom 29 August, 
bapt. at Brad- 
ford, 10 Sep- 

tember, 1714, 
bapt. at Bierley, 
7 October fol- 

. Richard Richardson, Esq., 
born 19 January, 1755, baptized at 
Thornton, 9 Febmary following, 
late of University College, Oxford, 
afterwards a captain in Sir Thomas 
Egerton's Regiment of Royal Lan- 
cashire Volunteers, died unmarried 
at Lisbon, 24 May. 1782. and buried 

December, = Margaret Clive Wil- = 
I ill-' of Uni- SON, only daughter of 
. in Craven, Matthew Wilson, of 

1) year he Eshton. Esq., by Fran- 
fnln.r. 1784. ces, daughter of Richard 
ic took the Clive, of Stych, co. 
Salop, Esq., ; ' 

.Iatthew Wilson. Esq. 
(2nd husband). J. P. and 
D.L., of the West Riding 
of York, 2nd son of the 
Rev. Henry Wilson, late 
vicar of Otley (he 


grave, 24 November, iboo 
{sec pedigree, Wilson, of 

. Dorothy 
born 3 October, 
baptized at 
Thornton. 30 
October, 1748. 
died at Gar- 
grave, 30 June, 

of iSierIe|), to, gorfe, 

©rest :— Out of a 

armour, couped at the elbow, brandishing a falchion arg., the gripe i 

parish of Calverley, 

. Margaret Richardson, 
baptized at Tong, 13 Feb- 
ruary, 1574. marned to 
Michael Jenkinson, of 

t Riding of Yorkshire, and v 

[ Tong, 10 March. 1616. 

a twin with John, ba 
at Tong. 7 April. 
buried 9th of same n 

; February following. 

died unmarried, bu 
ried at Tong, 27 No 
vember, 1621. 

4 Feb- 
ruary, i6ot;. to Christopher 
Cave, of Otiey. 

ghter of George Hopkin- 
house. by his and wife 
Judith, daughter of John Langley. of 
Horbury. and sister to Mr. John Hop- 
kinson, the well-known antiquary. 
baptized at Rothwell, 7 August. 1609. 
She died 19 October, and was buried 
22 October, 1662. 

3. Thomas Richardson, baptized at Brad- 
ford, 24 December, 1609, was a merchant ; 
he appears, by his father's \vi\\, to have 
had several messuages and lands, and;^6oo 
in money, given him for his portion. 

4. Nicholas Richardson, baptized at 
Bradford, 13 August, 1620, buried there 
17th of the same month. 

. Ann Richardson, baptized 
at Bradford, 15 March, 1612, 
married to Thomas Langley, 
of Horbury. 

:. Alice, baptized at Bradford, 
10 July, 1614, married to 
Thomas Senior, of Hopton- 

. Sarah Richardson, bap- 
tized at Bradford, 16 Janu- 
ary, 1616, married, ist, to 
Richard Jenkinson, of Pud- 

George Richardson, Samui 
of Woodall, in the son, 
parish of Calveriey, 
bom 3 July. 1644. mar- 
ried Sarah, daughter 
of Richard Langley, of 
Priestley Green, in the 
parish of 
gent., died 


of Bumham Sut- 
ton. CO. Nori'olk, 
bom 29 October, 
1647, mar. Fran- 
ces, daughter 
Philip Co 

October, 1696. 
wife was buried 
Bradford. 7 Sept 

Thorp, buried at 
Bumham Thorp. 
28 March, 1690. 

of Dunsford and 
Hambledon, in | 
Surrey, lord of the I 
manor of Dews- I 
bury (in right of | 

March, 1648, died 
at Dunsford, 18 
June, buried there 
23 June, 1742. 

of John Peebles, 
of Dewsbury, 
CO. York. Esq., 

bury, 7 August. 
1683, died 9 Oc- 
tober, buried at 
Dunsford, 14 
October, 1726, 
aged 72. 

ford, 26 Novembei 

I. Ann Richardson. 
baptized at Bradford, 
13 February, 1631, 
married to William 
Brooke, of Lum, in the 
parish of Birstal, gent. 


. BeatriceSayle, mar. to 
Rich. Hutton, Esq., great- 
grandson of Archbishop 


field, gent., and 

survivmg dau., h-Uzabeth 

brotherjohn Sharp), mar., 
27 Aug., 1703, as ist wife, 
to Robt.Stansfield, ofRrai- 
ford ise 


.... Ward- 
, ofCatfoss, 
e East Rid- 

. Dorothy Richardson, eldc: 
daughter, baptized at Bradford. 
June, 1673. married to the Re' 
"Edmund Wickens, rector of Kirkt 

buried in York 

of Sir Edmund Head, 

2. Jane Richardson, baptized at 
Bradford, 2 November, 1677. mar- 
ried there. 28 August. 1695, to Na- 
thaniel Wainhouse, vicar of Silk- 
stone. He died 1707. 

3. Sarah Richardson, baptized at 
Bradford, 15 June, 1683, married to 
Joseph Clarkson, vicar of Silkstone, 
and prebendary of Husthwaite, in 
the church of York, 

July, baptized 
at Dunsfold, 

1689, died 2 
January, bu- 


, 2nd daugh- Jane Rh 


John Minshall. of Port- 
slade. in Sussex, Esq., 
by Barbara his wife, 
daughter and at length 
heiress of William 
Westbrook, of East 
Ferring, co. Sussex:, 
Esq., married at Guild- 
hall Chapel. London. 
7 July. 1723. She 
died 22 March, 1752. 

Ferring, M.I. 

Edward Eliot, 
clerk, rector of Butter- 
mere, CO. Wilts, only son 
of Sir William Eliot, 
Knt.. of Busbridge, co. 

married to Thomas War- 


Hants, and 
n Surrey. Fel- 
lowof MagdalenCollege, 
Oxford, and professor of 
poetry there. He had, 
with others, a son, Tho- 
mas Warton, B.D., Poet 

bora 27 Oct.. 
1715, baptized 

I. John Rich- 
ardson, of High 
Feamley, gent., 
baptized at Bir- 
stal, 16 March, 

19/30 married 3 May, 

8. 1721, buried at 

^ICH- deck Heaton 

bom Chapel. 

1718, 2. Richard 

Brad- Richardson, 

Oc- baptized at Bir- 


Leeds. Esq. . high 
sheriif of Yorkshire 

!. Susannah Rich- 
ardson, baptized 
at Birstal, 8 Septem- 
ber, 1691, died un- 
married, 7 May. 
1710, and was buried 
at Cleck Heaton 




William West- 

brook Richard- 

SON, only 

SON, only 


son, Esq., lord of 


Mary, dau. 

the manor of Gor- 

of John 

ing and East Fer- 

of his grand- 

father; bu- 

of London, 

and of Dewsbury. 


ried at St. 


CO. York, bom i6 

7 3 


and died at 

November, bap- 

Danes, Lon- 

tized at Dunsford 

don, i6 Sep- 


8 December, 1725, 


shenff of Sussex 

1770, but resided 


East Barnet, 
where he died 23 


at Ferring, M. L 

John Richardson, 
Fellow of King's 
College. Cambridge, 

and vicar of Her- 
mitage, CO. Dorset, 
bom 12 February, 
1727, and died un- 
married, 28 Novem- 
ber, 1785/1795. 

SON, of the City of 
London, gent., bom 
25 February, 1729, 

January, 1772, bu- 
ried at Bromley. 

Thomas Rich- 
minghurst Park, 
b. 21 Oct., 1732. 
bapt. at St. An- 
drew's, Holbom, 
mar. at Broad- 

26 March, 1787, 
of John Marge::- 

wife. He died 29 
August, 1797, 

kt Ferring, CO. 

I. Mary Richardson, bom 3 December, 
1752, married, 9 January, 1775, to Wil- 
liam Roundell, ot Gledstone House, in 
Craven, co. York, A.M., late FeUow of 
Magdalen College, Oxford, the younger 
of the two sons of Danson Roundell, of 
Marton. Esq., and heir to his brother, 
Richard Roundell, Esq.. who died 11 Feb., 
1772. J. P. and D.L. for the West Riding 
ot Yorkshire. She died at Gledstone 
House, 20 Dec, 1818. 

1 i 


lordof the manors of Goring, iitn j 

Ferring, and Dewsbury, re- 1757. 

sided at Finden Place, in ary, 1797. 

Sussex, bom 29 September, RiCHARD Richardson, born 11 

1754, married at Broadwater, Aug.. 1758, died 28 Dec, bur. 

in Sussex, 16 April, 1779, at Fryem Barnet, 4 Jan., 1759. 

Mary, eldest daughter of Barbara Elizabeth Richard- 

Jolin Margesson, of Offing- SON, born 25 September, 1759. 

ton. in Sussex. Esq., died died 12 August, 1770, buried at 

s. /I. 16 June, iSoi. Fening, co. Sussex. 

WilliamWestbrooke John Richardson, born 10 

den Place, 

of Fin- March, 
Thomas Richardson, of 
of the Sussex Militia, Sutton Hurst, co. Sussex, 
bom 8 August, 1788, J.P.andD.L., latecaptain 
privately baptized, 10 20th Light Dragoons, born 
Sept., registered at 7 December. 1792 (? ay 
Warn inghurst Church. December, 1791). died 'Oi.- 
II September follow- married 11 June, i6S<^. 


I ■ - ' 

1^1 I 

1:5 i 

I filial 






-zP^S" -gig .g^ls' 


its "lip i 

P S ° i i "■ bl -a ° I .S "s -c f 

iss-s "5'^u^^^ 


:jl8-al|s|.g og|,^-§'^ 


"^■^5-0,^, < sri; 


■a . ^ ■= E S 3 


Jn "tS "m M "^ 

27, succeeded his father, 28 January. 1859, as 
York, Viscount Goderich, of Nocton. and his u 
IS Earl de Grey, of Wrest, co. Bedford, Baron G 
, CO. Lincoln, and a baronet, and was elevate 

of Ripon, 23 June, 1871 ; Hiqh Steward of Hu 
ord. Lord President of the Council. His lords 
vely M.P. for Hull, Huddersfield, and the West 
ted Under Secretary of War in June, 1859, 

State for War, in 1866 Secretary of Stitte for In 
d President of the Council. 










= i ^1(2 -,£• 


1 E£>> J J< i 

I U&VZi 


i "S do's 

3 s I 


si II 


-8 & 






■° u (J 2 1 

* c -■ - E o I 





Q W 

S ^ .i ". 

'^- 5 'S " 


2 „ o E ^- 

fzE^°- §11 "11 

■S -2-Sg £ E |-°E'3 
"■° E "■ o 2 ^ ^ u £ 5 M " 2 „- 

f tf'ifJI. 

z o < Q W o 5 Si E M 


1:11 ill: f?^^^ 

K s . "- K K S i S 





1! i 






















3^etiigree of jRotigers, 

^rms :— Argent, three stags ( 

pale, proper, attired sable, within two flaunches gules, each charged with a tilting spear < 

Soiin Koljgrr, buried at Handsworth, co.=:Margaret Parkin, married at Handsworth, 
York, 8 June, 1631. I 30 September, 1604. 

Thomas Rodger, of Handsworth Woodhouse, baptized i 
October, 1638 ; died 6 October, 1727, aged 8g, and w; 
buried at Handsworth. 

60, will dated : 

Rodger, of Tree-=MARTHA, daughter of 
Joshua Birks, of Hands- 
worth Woodhouse, yeo- 

worth, 19 April, 1732. 

of the Rodgers, of Inker- 
sell, in parish of Stave- 
ley, CO. Derby. 

; Rodger, =Sarah, daughter of 
■- ■ ■ Inkersell, of 

Hackenthorpe, co. 

CODGER, =t) 

Hands- I 
e, eldest 

Thomas Rodger, =Gertrude, daughter of Peter Birks, by Hannah, 

of Sheffield, bap- 
tized at Hands- 

wife, daughter of Thomas Rawson. of Barley Hole, 
"';ntworth, married at Handsworth, 24 Sep- 
1764, baptized 1744. 

John Rt.iuGER, of 


Sheffield, died I Mar.. 
1844, aged 68. 

^iOBERT Rodgers. of Sheffield, solicitor, died i4=Maria, daughter of William Eboral, of Warwick, 
March, 1841, aged 62, and was interred at Eccle- I married at St. Peter's Church, Sheffield. 22 October, 
sail Church, near Sheffield, on the rgth of the same 1807, died 22 October, 1816, aged 36 years, and was 
month. I buried at Ecclesall, aforesaid. 

Rev. Charles Eeoral Rodgers, M.A.: 
of Trinity College, Cambridge, vicar 
of Harworth, co. Nottingham, bom 
29 August, i8o3, and baptized at St. 
Peters Church, Sheffield, 26 October. 
1808, died 19 May, 1&68, and was buried 
at Harworth, aforesaid. 

Maria Affleck, eldest dau. 
of the Rev. John Sharpe, 
D.D., vicar of Doncaster. co. 
York, married there 17 Janu- 
ary, 1843, died 28 February, 
1872, and was buried at 
Harworth, aforesaid. 

iARAH fist wife), daughter of= 
Daniel Bayldon, of High 
Hoyland, co. York, Esq., 
married there 16 May, 1839, 
died s. p. 15 May, 1843, 
aged 27 years, and was 

t'HOMAs William Rodgers, of EndcUffe Vale, near= 
Sheffield, Esq., and of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, 
barrister-at-law. In the Commission of the Peace, 
and a Justice of the Peace for the West Riding of 
Yorkshire and Derbyshire, bom 17 January, and bap- 
tized at St. Peter's Church, Sheffield, 27 February, 
1811, to whom and to the other descendants of his 
late father, Arms as above were granted. 

Charles James 
Rodgers, bom 
23 Dec, 1843. 

Frederick Sharpe 
Falconar Rod- 
gers, bom 23 Jan- 
uary, 1851. 

Sakah Maria, wife 

of Charies Baldwin 
Lever, of London, 

Henrietta Margaret. 
wife of Samuel Herbert 
Staniforth, of Sheffield, 

Frances Mary, 

died 4 September, 

born 10 August, 
1853, died 28 Aug., 

Rodgers b} this generation. 

of ^!)effiell5, to. gork. 

t proper, attired snble, gorged with a collar gemel of the second. 

CUNLIFFE, of Hollins and=ELlZABETH. daughti 

leiress of Ellts Cunliffe, in H.O., died at = 
York. Etwall, co. Derby, 1712. /K 

a quo Cunliffe, Rart. 

John' Cunliffe of=DoEnTHV, daughter of Henry Wood, of Barnsley, by his 2nd wife, Dorothy. Ellis Cunliffe, Esq., of lUdey and High CandACE, wife of 

Hollins, and Why- I d.mghter of Woodhead, of Woodseats in Bradfield. From his ist House, Addingh?". = F,l,vnvHT„„,n,^. 

collar. niarnage descends the present Viscount Halifax. , 

muel Scaegill, of Thorp Hall, near Sheffield, married = Elizabeth, daughter of John Cunliffe, =Thomas EykB 
I January, 1718; buried 29 December, 1732. I of Hollins and Whycolla- --■ -' -•'--^-'-' 

[ tually sole heiress of her b 

Joseph Owen, captain 77th 
Regiment Foot, killed at the 
storming of Seringapatam, 4 
May, 1799, 

Thomas Rodger, of Sheffield, 
settled in Jamaica, married 
and left issue. 

=Jane Eleanor (2nd wife), 
daughter of Lewis Thomas, 
of Field Head, Sheffield, 
Esq., married at St. Peters 
Church, Sheffield, 18 Sept., 
1846, now living. 

Gertrude, wife of John Vickers, 
of FirshiU, near Sheffield, died 
in 1840, leaving issue. 

Ann Maria Rod-= 
GERS, married at 
St. Peters Church. 
Sheffield, 18 May, 



.I.1RTHA, wife of 

Bluck, of Sheffield and Don- 

Staveley, November, 1802. 

.ouiSA, wife of James Cam, of Shef- 
field, merchant, died 18 August, 1847. 
leaving issue. 

Thomas, of Shef- 
field, F.R.C.S., bom 4 
February, 1809, brother 
Jane Eleanor Thomas. 

Henry Rodgees, of Sheffield,=MAR 
solicitor, third and youngest wi< 
son, born i September, Sheffield, Esq., married 
1814, and baptized at St. Peter's Church, Sheffield, 
Peter's Church, Sheffield, on November, 1846, died s. p. 
the 30th of the same month. October, 1851, aged 35, and 1 
buried at Ecclesall. 

Arthur Thomas, of= Mary, daughter of James 
Sheffield, solicitor, born Culshaw, of Trenchfield 
10 May, 1839, and was Aughlon, co. Lane, 
baptized at St. James's Esq., J. P., married 23 
Church, Sheffield. April, 1864. 

Sophia Thomas. 

vfAEiA Elizabeth Thomas. 
wife of lohn Forbes, Esq., 
of Lincoln's Inn, barrister- 
Church, Sheffield, 24August, 

Church, Sheffield. 

§^8S|J?|5 ^^^^? 

Ss-s ~^g' 


r S 2 S C I — < 


::; K S u ^:2^ 



I ,^ ■5" -I .■*'Sh°"'S£" 

w S i 2d->, 

• io 

|ll'Bi£§S'c'S ! ^EOW 


^ ' l-l'S^Mli-S tzIcgiStl L 5o='€ (x = 

<i^«5^g i ai 

|".lsL- Sl.s"||.-S""< 1 l|„'sg|-^=l|"l 



^l!il i l"^""*^""" I ii|i.ilJil-ii""Jifii ! ^l!l 

! '°|ra.3|s''i 

^i^t I <l^§|!!l' ^tiisl^s ii^illpii 
8 "If. i g!ll^!-§s Lgiiiiili |°«^"<-- 

I is 



^^etitgree of 3RountieIl, of ^criben, near Ikmxts 

stmts : — Or, a fesse gu. between three olive branches, ' 

3afjn Kounllcn, of Scriven, near Knaresborough, co. York, living 3 Hen. 6, 1425.= 

Robert Round 

, of Scriven, 29 and 33 Hei 

John Roundell, of Scriven. son and heir of Robert, by deed dated 12 February, 10 Hen. 7, gave, granted, : 

and confirmed lands 

[rCHARD Roundell, of Scriven, to whom his father gave lands, 10 Hen. 7, 1495, living 6 October, 16 Hen. 8,— 

1525- I 

JNDELL, of Screvyng,=jANE, daughter of Thos. William Roundell. of Screvyng, 18 = 

2 October. I Eliz., 155S, married at Love(?istwife), buried August, 17 Eliz., brother and heir to I 

Knaresborough, 18 August, 19 Ehz., at Knaresborough, i Marmaduke, buried at Knaresborough, 

1577. Feb., 1610. 7Jas. i. 13 November, 1582, 25 Eliz. | 

William Roundell, son and heir, baptized at Knaresborough, 28 Ja 
7 Ehz.. 1565; 18 August, 27 FUz., 1584, he was styled of Bo 
End, when Callow's Hill and Cliff Bank were surrendered to him in 1 
court at Knaresborough, and he appears to have been a juror al 
le Castle at Knaresborough, 6 August, 161 1. 

= Elizabeth, daughter of Light- 

I foot, married at Knaresborough, 
12 April, 1591, buried there 7 April 

I I 
, William Roundell. baptized 
at Knaresborough, 14 January, 
1592, buried there 5 March, 1684, 

. Thomas Roundell, baptized at 
Knaresborough, 4 Nov., 1610. 

;. Peter Roundell, of Screvyng, bap- 
tized at Knaresborough 18 January, 
1594. 36 Eliz., was living 2 September, 1607, married there 9 Feb., 

II Chas. I, mar. Anne and was 1635, and buried there 10 Aug., 

buried at Knaresboro', 31 Oct., 1658. = 1657. 

:. Peter Roundell, 
bapt. at Knaresboro', 
4 August, 1634. living 
at Scriven 11 March, 
21 Chas. I, and died 
in 1666, J. p. 

!. Henry Roundell, 
bapt. at Knaresboro', 
II February, 1643, 
buried there 16 April, 

;, Mary Roun- 
dell, baptized a' 
March, 1629, mar 
ried there 30 Mar., 
1651, and died 
June, 1674, buried 
at Knaresboro'. 

of Knares- 
ob. 7Sept., 

1683, bd. 


Ann Roundell, bapt. at 
Knaresborough, rjan., 

Jane Roundell, bapt. at 
Knaresborough, 29 May, 
1633, 9 Chas. I, married 
and had 3 daughters. 

Ellen Roundell, bapt. 
at Knaresborough, 21 
Nov., 1 64 1, buried three 
days after. 

May, 1636, 
buried there 
21 May, 1707. 

iNN, daughter of Edw^ard 

Thomas Brown, Roundi 

of Pole Spring, baptized 

parish of Usburn, Knares- 

co. York. She borough 

died 27 December, 1637. 
1702, and was 

boro', 2 Dec, 
1638, buried 
there 7 May, 
1708. He ap- 
pears to have 
Uved at Bond 
Gate, and pos- 


John Warner, 

2 Symon 


Peter Roundell. of 

2. William Roundell, of= 

Esq., of Gray's Inn, 

NER, of Knares- 

Screven, gent, baptized at 

borough, gent., 

Knaresborough 20 

Knaresborough, 15 February, 

living 14 Feb.. 1714. 

living 17 10. 

Oct., 1662, died s.p., 

1666, married, ist. 2 Sept., 

Peter Warner, 

and was buned there 

1700, Ellen, daughter of 

of the Towerof Lon- 

20 Sept., 1683. 


don, gent., living 

Ann Roundell, living 
at Ripon, unmarried, 

Malzeard. She died j./. He 


was buriedat Knaresborough, 

Mary Warner. 

13 December, 1695. 

II February, 1731, aged 65. 

Jane, daughter and co- i. John Roundell, baptized at 
heiressof Laurence Dan- Knaresborough, 29 Oct., 1673. 
son, of Spring House, 2. Thomas Roundell, baptized 
in Winsley, baptized at at Knaresborough, 18 Nov.. 
Hampsthwaite, 20 Jan., i675,buriedtherei3june, 1683. 
" at Trinity i. Katharine Roundell, 
baptized at Knaresborough, 21 
December, 1671, buried there 9 

Church, in York, 8 Nov., 
1702, died 16. and buried 
at Knaresboro', 19 May 
1758, aged 75. 

4ary Warner, married to John Carver. Esq., 
of Jamaica, and had issue 3 daughters, of whom 
the eldest, Mary, married, as 2nd wife, to John, 
ist Viscount Dudley and Ward, and was mother 
of William, 3rd Viscount Dudley and Ward. 

eter Roundell, baptized at Knares- 
borough, I December, 1704, died 30 
August, buried there 2 September, 1705. 
ARK Roundell, baptized at Knares- 
borough 28 April, 1706, died unmarried, 
and buried there 20 May, 1735, aged 30. 

William Roundell, of the city of= Margaret, daughter of 
York, M.D., baptized al Knares- I JohnTomlinson,ofYork, 
borough, 29 January, 170S, and died I ob. 17 December, 1744, 
31 May, 1762, buried at York in the buried at York, 
parish church of St. Crux. 

Margaret Roundell, only daughter and 
heiress, baptized 9 December. 1744, mar- 
ried to John Toke, Esq., of Goddington, 
CO. Kent, High Sheriff, 1770. = < 

Richard Roundell, Esq., of Mar- 
ton, baptized there 5 March, 1740, 
and died unmarried, 11 February, 

Oxon, and of Gledstone Ho 
Riding, baptized at Marton, 
9 January, 1775. 

; August, 1742, married at Thornton, 

York, J. P. and D.L.* 
High Sheriff in 1835, 
bom 14 December, 1776, 

Esq. {4th 
son of Richard Richardson, Esq.), 
and who devised to him all his ac- 
quired estates, real and personal. He 
died 12 Dec. (? Feb.), 1801. s. p. 

Danson Richardson Roundell. of Gledstone, co. York, J. P. and 
D.L., M.A., in H.O., bom 3 April. 1784, married 28 November, 
1815, and died 10 March, 1873. In 1806 he itssumed the sur- 
name and arms of Currer, in compliance with the will of his uncle, 
John Currer, Esq., and 21 October. 1851, resumed by royal licence 
his own patronymic. Roundell, in comphance with the will of his 
brother. Richard Henry Roundell, Esq. 

-i ANN ah, eldest daugh- 
ter of Sir Wm. Foulis, 
7th Bart., of Ingleby 
Manor, co. York. 

William Roundell, Richard Roundell Roun- 

M.A., Christ Church, dell, Ueut.-Colonel, bom 

Oxon, of Gledstone, 3 August, 1818, died unmar- 

co. York, bora 17 ried, October, 1871. 

July, 1817, and mar- John " Richardson Roun- 

ricd, 20 April, 1864, DELL, born 7 Feb., 1820. 

Harrietjane, youngest and died 6 Febmary, 1840, 

daughter of Francis s.p. 

Beynon Hacket, Esq., Henry George Roundell, 

of Moor Hall, co, bom 11 July, 1825, died 25 

Warwick. = September, 1837. 

Richard Foulis Roundell. 
Charles Selbokne Roun- 
dell, twins, b. 4 Nov. 1872. 

Roundell, Mar 

NNE Roundell, mar- 
January. 1855, to John 
Hotham, Esq., of Scraft- 

;. Charles Savi 
Fellow of Merton College, Oxon, 
sometime private secretary to his 
Excellency Earl Spencer, Lord 
Lieutenant of Ireland, bom 19 Eleanor Hannah Richard. 
July,i827, married, 10 May, 1873. son Roundell, died un 
Julia Anne Elizabeth, eldest married 7 September, 1854. 
daughter of Wilbraham ToUe- 
mache, Esq., of Dorfold Hall, 

Palmer, M. A., 
late Fellow of 
Magdalen Col- 
loge, Oxon. 

185 1, Laura 
Frances, dau. 
of R. Comish. 
Esq.. and d. 26 

Currer Richardson Roundell, lieutenant 2nd 
West Yorkshire Militia, of Caius College, Cambridge. 
bom s lanuary, 1854. 

Laura Elizabeth Roundell. 

Mary Dorothea Roundell. 

^borouijf), anti notD of (gletisitone Jlouse, in Craljen, 

GTrcst :— A sword in pale arg., hilt and pommel or, gripe gu. 
=Jane, daughter of Thomas Coke, of York, living 6 Hen. 6, 1428. 
= Christiana, daughter of living 21 Ed. 4.. 1SQ2. 

- Ann, daughter of . 


3. John Roundell, baptized e 
I. Ann Roundell, baptized * 

died young. 

baptized at Knaresborough, 10 Sept., 

:iA Roundell, baptized 
naresborough, i April, 1569, 
d there 18 June following. 

; Lord Chancellor's 
ob. 3 July, 1663, 

September, 1672. 

William Roundell. of= 
Marston and Hutton 
Wansley, co. York. Esq., Cowthorp,2oOct., 
1646. d. at York 30 Mar., 
1693, bd. 4 Ap. at Marston, 

AvNA, dau. and sole heiress of John Roundell, of Hmton, living in 1672, Jane Roun- 

Edward Elwyck, lord mayor owner oi lands in Thorp Underwood, dELL, bap- 

of York in 1664, mar. at St. married Margaret, daughter of Thomas tized at 

Michael's-le-Belfrey, York. 31 FitzwiUiam, of Doncaster, gent, {st-e FiTZ- Cowthorp, 

1. Elizabeth Roundell, baptized at 
Knaresborough, 5 November, 1637, 
buned there 22 December following. 

!. Margaret Roundell. baptized at 
Knaresborough, 24 July, 1642, married 
there 26 October, 1668, to the Rev. 
Robert Ward, rector of Slingsby. &c. 

J. Anne Roundell, bapt. at Knares- 
borough, 12 March, 1643, mar. there 17 
Jan., 1670, to John Lighlfoot. 

tiCHARD Roundell, of Hut-; 
ton Wansley, co. York, eldest 
son. bapt. at Marston, 5 Aug. . 
i68q, married, ist, at York 
Minster. 4Dec., 1701, Sarah, 
daughter of Wm. Brearey, 
D,D.,rectorofGuiseley. She 

Aug., 171 1. He was buried 
at Marston, 9 Feb., 1717/8.— 

daughter and 
co-heiress of 
John Rams- 
^den. Esq.. 
of Norton, 

dau. of John, 

Edward Roundell, 
bapt. at Marston. 
21 June, 1683, and 

August, 1705. 
Anna, baptized at 

. Hellen Roundell, baptized a 
Knaresborough, 2 May, 1676 
married there i December, 171 ] 
to Robert Wade. 

. Phillis Roundell, baptized a 

S August following. 
.. Ann Roundell, baptized 
Knaresborough, 19 June, 16E 
buried there ii August. 1685. 

and MaryRoun- Rich 

Sarah Roundell,= E 


29 Jan., 

borough, 7 
June, 1677. 


r. there at M 
26 August, Feb. , 
i7o6,toGeo. Mary, 

Marston, 29 
1., 1706/7. 

Sir Darcy Dawts, 
Bart., son of His 

bishop of York. 

•N, Esq., of buried24Mar., 

icrick, CO. 1714/5. 

3rk, 2ndhus- Mildred Roun- 

Esq.. of Eeningboro". co. York, 
Sne d. his widow, 12 Dec, 1796, 

DCK {see Thompson ped.) I 

Dawson Round 

, of Marton in Cra- = Ellen, daugh 


. West Riding, baptized 
laresborough 9 March, 1710, 
d at Thornton, 19 Sept., 1739, 
ied 30 May, 1770, buried at 
1 4 June. 

Mr. Christopher Hartley, of Mar- 
lon, born 8, baptized at Marton, 
27 September, 1713, and died 24 
February, 1800, and was buried 

the Hon. Christo- 
pher Dawnay, son 
of Lord Viscount 
Downe, andd. s.p. 


Jane Roundell, baptized a 
borough, 5 Sept., 1712. an 
August (buried 27), 1716. 

to Edwm Las- ist wile;, 15 May. 1736, 

celles, 01 Hare- to the Hon. Robert Fox 

wood, afterwds. Lane, only son of Lord 

LordHarewood, Bingley. and died j. /., at 

and died s. p. Bristol, 3 Dec. following. 

rlARY. youngest daughter 01 Henry Richardson, clerk, 
rector of Thornton in Craven, 3rd surviving son of Richard 
of Bierley, co. York, bom - 

t Gledstone House, ; 

I December, 1818 


William Palmer, of Nazing I 
Essex, an eminent merchant in 
J.P. and High Sheriff of Essex, 


Ienky Dawson Roundell. M.A., 
in H.O., FeUowof Magdalen College, 
Oxon, rector of Fringford, co. Oxon, 
bom 5 September, 1785, married, 2 
November, 1818, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Peter Garforth, Esq., of Coniston, 
and died 11 Dec. 1852. = 

5. Christopher Hartley Roundell, 
bora 6 July, 1788, died 2 August 

6. Savile Richardson Roundell, 
bora 22 September, 1789, died 27/8 
September, 1853. 

7. Septimu.s Ward Roundell, bora 
17 June. 1795, died 17 February, 1865. 

Eleanor Roundell, Dorothea Ri 

bom 14 May, 1783. son Roundei 

Mary Anne Roun- 26 May, 1792, 

DELL, born 14 April, at Marton, u 

■ 5 Feb.l 

a 1853. 

Roundell Palmer, now the Right Hon. Lord Selbome, bora: 
27 November. 1812, of Trinity College, Oxon. B.A.. M.A., 
and hon. D.C.L., sometime Fellow of Magdalen College, 
Solicitor-General from July, 1861 — when he was knighted— to 
October, 1863, and Attoraey-General from October, 1863, to 
July, 1866; M.P. for Plymouth from 1847 to 1852. and from 
1853 to 1857 ; and for Richmond, co. York, from 1861 to 1872, 
when he was appointed Lord High Chancellor, and elevated 
to the peerage as Baron Selbome, of Selborne, co. Hants, m 
the peerage of the United Kingdom. 

Lady Laura, 3. Thomas Palmer, bom r8 Feb., 
2nd daughter 1814, and died 2 March, 1823. 

of the 8th 4. Henry Roundell Palmer, 
Eaxl Walde- died mimarried 1835. aged i8. 

rave, mar- i. Mary Richardson Palmer, 
ried 2 Feb., died unmarried, 1851. 

1848. 2. Eleanor Palmer, married in 
: Rev. Cyril William 

1. Emma Palmer. 
,. Dorothea Palmer, d.u 
;. Emily Frances Palme 


5. Georc 
bury, CO. Oxon, mar- 
Elizabeth Frances, 
only child Of the late 
Rev. Francis Horsley. 

'}. Edwin Palmer. 
inH.O., M.A.,of 
Balliol College, 
Oxon, Professor 
of Latin Litera- 
ture, Oxon, mar- 

netta, daughter 
of the Rev. Jamea 
RiddeU. = 

Sarah Wilfreda Palme 

Sags-. h-§^i^c-S«0'o£E2SUl 
I ^ 

! Pllf "illil 

||j§^.i5 8 

eI? tg eI 

3 [4 .Sgs,. 

E_g_.Q^£^ -^i:)? 


-x;; 1 

II ^' 

^sStlgll l||-3 "•&Ie;3^ "111 ^QgS i'^ i'Sii 

^etJigree of ^atiile. 

ghter and co-heiress of 

Marmaduke c 

Sir Walter Pedwardyn, Knt. = IsABEL, 

j PO' 

Nicholas Dene (ist hus-= K atherine Ped-= Daniel Sitsilt or Cecil 
band), of Bairowby, co. I wardyn, 3rd of (2nd husband). grand- 
Lincoln. There is a the four daughters father of Lord Burghley, 

Sir Walter Savcle. I- 

Elizabeth Savile, ma 


Sir John Savile, Knt.. of T 

good brai 

of Tankersley. = Isabel, daughter and ^ 

; Dene, of Barrowby. There = Margaret , 

William Vernon (2nd hus-=THOMAsn 
band), son of Raphe Vernon,* I daughte 
by Margaret, daughter of j heiress. 

;ir Richard Bozom 
(ist husband), Knt., 
died 18 August, 16 
Henry 8. 

Sir John Savile, Knt., of Tankersley, sheriflF co. York in 
1383, and 1388^ knight of the shire, co. York^y and S 

J Rich. 2, desires t 

Joan, daughter and sole heiress of Barrowby, married Four (? fivi 

to Henry Savile, of Lupset, Esq., who became Ju res daughter; 

uxoris of Barrowby, which estate has descended to 
William, 7th and present Duke of Devonshire. 

daughter of Sir Wilham Fitzwilllara, 

lis Raphe Vernon was a younger son of Sir "William Veraon, of Haddor 
Derby, and brother to Sir Henry Vernon, of Haddon, who married Lady j 
Talbot, another daughter of John, 2ud Earl of Shrewsbury. 

Sir John Savile, Knt.. of Eland, Tankersley, and Thorn! 
knight of the shire 29 Hen. 6, chief steward of the Hon 
valued yearly at io6r. Sd., died at the Castle of Sandal 
buried at ThornhiU, will dated 23 Nov., 1481, proved 21 ^ 

heir, knight of the shire 6 Ed. 4, 
married Jane, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Harrington, of Brearley, 

7, married, is 
of the body t 
the Feast of £ 

. John), 


daughter of Henry Vernon, Esq., | 
ig. She died s. p. (? died before I 
, 20 Hen. 7, 1504. I 

Iter of Sir William Paston, byjo! 

leiress of Edmund, Duke of Som{ 
set. She married, 2ndly, Sir Richard Hastings ; 3rdly, to S 
Edward Poynings ; and 4thly, to Robert Gargn ' *" ' 

ley, will dated Tanl ' ' ' - - 

E Savile, married to 
■ William Calverley, 
Calverley, Knt., a 

Tankersley, i July. 33 Hen. 8. 

Margaret (his=SirH 

■ Savile. K.B. 

of Pontefract and of the : 
and Mary. Seised of 30 rr 
Brighouse. Southo' 

of Queen Anne Bolcyn. 30 May. 25 Hen. 
of Wakefield, high sheriff 29 and 33 Hen. 8. He died 20 April, 5/6 Philip 
in the county of York, as followeth :—Hangingheaton. Mirfield, Wyke. Thurl- 
Bollonhall, Rishworth, Golcar, Thornhill, Eland, Tankersley, Northland. 
Barkis and. Staniland, Skircoat, Shelf, Ovenden, Stansfield, Wadworth, Shackleton, Hansworth, Sothill, 
Darton, Rawtonshall, Saxton, Haddlesey, Darington, Emley. Eastington. and of lands very considerable 
in Denaby, Smeaton, Tonge. Hunshelf, Halifax, Bothomley, Hathersfield. Northowram, Heptonstall, Hip- 
perholme, Chilwall, Birsiall. Eccleshall, Overhndley, and of a lease of lands from the Duchess of Suffolk in 
Bolton and Walh-upon-Deame. Will dated 15 February, 1555. 

of the Honor = Elizabeth, daughter and co- 
heiress of Thomas Soothill, of 
Soothill, Esq., by Margery, dau. 
and co-heiress of William Fitz- 
william, of Sprotboro'. She mar- 
ried, 2ndly, to Richard Gascoigne, 
of Bambow, co. York, J.P., 38 

Queea Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth Savile, married, ist, to 
Thomas Conyers. of Sockbum, and 
andly. to Thomas Soothill, 

Anne, married to Henry Thwaites, of 
Lund, CO. York. 

Margaret, married, ist, to Thomas 
Wortley, of Wortley, and 2ndly, to 
Richard Corbet. 

iam Vernon, 
by, CO. Lincoln, by Thomasine 
wife, daughter and sole heires 
James Dene, of Barrowby, co. 
coin, and widow of Sir Richard Bo 
Knt. [see the above pedigree). 

ANNE(islwife)=Sir Rqbt. = Isabel, dau. Gre 

Copley, of 
Batley. Sh 

eph NeS, 

father s lands, 
married (ist) 
Mary, dau. of 
Sir Richard 
Leigh, of St. 

whom he was 

;,= Elizabeth (2nd wife) John Savile, 
daughter of Geffrey died young, 
s Barnby. She mar- Dorothy Sa- 

, causa and 

an of York and 
mayor in 1558 


Lady Mary TALBOT=Sir George Savile, =Elizabeth (2nd Fran 

dau. of George, 6th 
Earl of Shrewsbury. 
She brought Ruf- 
ford Abbey, co. 
Notts, and Brierley. 
CO. York, into the 
Savile family. 

months, 14 days, at 

sheriff of Yorks. 
1614. a J. P. for 
West Riding, 30 
Q. Eliz., ist Bart., 
died 19 November, 


wife), daughter 
of Sir Edward 
Knt., of South Lin- 
coln, and widow 
of Geo. Savile, 
Esq., of Wake- 
field, or Stanley; 

4 October, 1625, 
in which year 

Mr. Gilbert Sal- 
tonstall, of the 
Rookes ; and 
andly, Cathe- 
rine, daughter 

iviLE, Cordell Savile, of Bamby-upon- 
Mary, Don ( ? Sutton-upon-Lound), mar- 
of ried, ist, at Hatfield, 21 January, 
1567, Mary, daughter and heiress 
of William Welbeck, Esq.. of Sut- 
ton, CO. Notts, and. 2ndly, Joan, 
daughter of Richard Beaumont, of 
Elmley, and widow of Robert 
Holmes, of Bamby-upon-Don ; her 
will dated 21 December, 1615, 
proved at York 3 February follow- 
ing. He died J./. 

le, of Ci)orn{)ill. etc* 

, daughter of Sir Adam Everinghi 

> Sir John Everingham, Knt. 

&ix SfoTtn iSabtle, of Savile Han.= 

Savile, of Savile Hall. = , daughter of Sir Simon de Rockley, Knt. 

John Savile, Esq.; 
Henry Savile, Esq., 

of Newstead, 

i of Sir Richard Tankersley, Knt. 

<.nt., of Tankersley.=j'\ 

r and heiress of Sir Roger Aldwark, Knt. 
GNES, daughter and heiress of John Golcar. 
Baldwin Savile. 
Alice Savile, married to Lockwood. 

and heiress of Sir Robert Latham, Knt. PiSTEE Savile, 

son of Sir John, 14 Ed. i. He was an idiot and i 

nsane in ts Ed. r. 

Elizabeth married to Thomas Kay. Marge 

Sir John Savile, of Tankersley. =JANE, daughter of 

Vlatthew de Bosco, aims Wood. 

Jane Sav 

sley. = Margaret, youngest of three daughters and co-heir 

of Henry Rishworth, of Rishworth. 

Margaret Savile, prioress 

I John Tl omton. 


, daughter and heirt 
e archbishop, receiv 

; of Thomas Eland, of Eland, co, 
the manor of Newstead, near tl 
1 the vow of chastity of Isabella, ' 

York, Esq.. by his wife, , daughter of Gilbert Umfraville. 

priory of St. Oswald's of Nostell. William, Bishop ol Pharos, 1 
,.,_ _ c.___-._ ,r_. ---* gave her the ring and mantle. 

^of Sir John Savile, Knt., 

On 17 Nov., 
-Test. Ebor. 

sabel Savile, heir to her brother, 
married to Thomas D'Arcy. 2nd 
son of Lord D'Arcy, and died j. p. 

;ir Thomas Savile, Knt., of Thomhill, returned by commission for Yorkshire, 12 Hen. 6, and knight of the shire 20 Hen. 6 ; heir to his=MAR 
cousin Isabel D'Arcy, by whom he had lands in Eland and Golcar, and other lands in Halifax vicarage, the lordship of Tankersley, and I Th 

1449- I ma 

formerly the lands of Robert Latham, 

i:T, daughter of Sir 
■> Pilkington, Knt., 
16 Hpn. 6. 

to Alice, his widow. 

.LICE, daughter of Sir Wm. 
Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe, 
Knt. She took the vow 
of chastity 3 July, 1482. 

5AVILE, married to 
jn, of Swillington. 
E. mar. to Edmund 
n)Aske, of Aske. 

William Leedes, E^q. 
Savile. married to Sir John 

VILE, yeoman of the King's chamber, will 
February, 1483/4, and proved 22 March fol- 
I be buried in the church of White Friars, 

r-in-law, Thomas Blakker, Esq. 

Richard Savile. 
Nicholas Savile, 
William Savile, 

6. Thomas Savile, of Lupset, a valet of the Crown. Inr483hewas- 
made parker and palliser of Belgrave, in the Isle of Axeholme, 
and keeper of the manor of Epworth. &c., will dated 17 Dec, 
1505. proved 20 February following, to be buried in St. Cathe 
rines choir, in the church of Wakefield. 

Elizabeth Satile, married, ist, to Oliver Mirfield ; andly. to 
John Metham Knt. ; and lastly, to Sir Robert Waterton, K 

\nne Savile. Warned, ist, to John BuUer, Esq. ; 2ndly. 
Ralph SnaithJ and lastly, to Roger Hopton. 

\.NNE, daughter and heiress of William 
Wyatt. and widow of John Spilman, Esq. 
She married, 3rdly, to Leonard Bates, 
whose wife she was, 37 Henry 8. 

of Barrow- i co. Lincoln, /. j 

■- - '-- ' shire 9 Elizabeth, 1568. one of the Council I 

of the North. He was commonly called 
Henry the surveyor. Will dated i Jan., | 
1568, and died 5 Jan., 1568/9, leaving a I 
widow, Dorothy, 

;, = Elizabeth, daughter of 
I Henry Sturiey, Starley, 
I or Storley, of Lamely. 

iKatherine, daughter 
and heiress of John 
Challoner, of Midgley, 
aiias Stanley. 

Joan Savile, married 

of Henry Fuller 
or Fowler, of 

William Savile, 
Godfrey Colville. 

Thomas Savile, only s 

t Islington (? in 1546). 

John Savile, of 
Oxton. CO. Notts, 
married, 2ndly, 
Margaret, daugh- 
ter of Thomas 
Tempest, of Stan- 
ley, CO. Durham. 

-upon- Friswode Sa- John 

mar- vile, married "* Savile. 
nuary, to Roger Rad- = 

and 2ndly, to 
Mr. WiUiam 

George Savile. 
Edward Savile. 
Robert Savile. 

of Bolton. co-heires 

Frances Savile, of 

mar. to John Dal- Samon, 

ton, of Strokington. Darton 

Elizabeth Savile. Grange. 

. Henry Savile, died s. p. 
. Thomas Savile, of Over- 

thorpe, married Elizabeth, 

daughter of . 

) Richard 
Tempest, of Tong, and was 
buried 30 September, 1591. 

John Savile, of Stanlelr 
alias Midgeley Hall, 
Stanley, married Gracfe, 
01 Elizabeth, daught 
of Mr. Robert Coxop, 
of Wakefield. = 

Robert Savile, 

GeorgeSavtle, of North- 
gate Head, in Wake- 
field, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Mr. George 
Rooke. of Wakefield: 
2ndly, Elizabeth, d.iugh- 
ter ot Henry Grice, Esq., 
and widow of Mr. Cbas. 
Xowell. = 




mar. to Robert 

Shirbrook, of 

Oxton, Esq. 

Other daughters. 


of Alvarey 
Copley, of 
Batley. = 

'.. Henry 3. John 
Savile, Savile, 
of Stanley, of Nether- 
mar. Anne, ton near 
daughter Thomhill, 
of Gervase m. Isabella, 
Bosvile, dau. and 


Mr. Henry 
Amyas (?) 
of Nether- 
ton, buried 

-IE Savile, married, 
t. to James Metcalfe. Savile. 1 
of Broome- of Nappa. 2ndly. to Sir Robert, i 
hall, in Mauger Vavasour, of George, j 
Stanley, Weston. Knt. And another 

mar. Mary, Alice, married to Richard son.alldi^d 
daughterof Sproston, of Wakefield. young. ) 

Mr. Richd. Margaret, married to " 
Brayton.of Mr. William Waller, of 
Norman- Wakefield, 

ton. = Anne, married to Wm. 

I Wombwell. 

Elizabeth, died young, 
I and another daughter. 

George Savile, Thoma 

of Sir Edward 
Ayscough, of 
Kelsey. co. 

dau. L-anc. sne r 

;irek ried.2ndly,t 

2d lo George ba 

Join of Thorn 

rd. of KnL and E 

brotherand married 

ried sJ^X John ^'^ 

dau. of Mr. 1?odes. 

Richard KnL 


Bedford, of 
in De\\^ 

locghbT. of 

Leeds, sheriff co. Lincoln, 
32 Eliz-. M.P. CO. York. 

)ld. died 1 

Sheffield Savile, 
married Frances, 
daughter of Robert 
Bristow, of Brislow, 
and had a daughter 

Mr. Maximihan 

high con- 
stable for 

Sir George Savile, of Soothill, Knt., 
only son, married (ist) Sarah, dau. 
co-heiress of John Rede, of 

Colesbrooke, co. Northamptoi 
died J. p. He married, 2ndly, 

Sir William Wentworth, 
Wentworth Woodhouse, 
of the Right Hon. Thomas, 

Sheffield Savile, ob. 1592. 

24 August, 1614. 


. Elizabeth, bapt. at Thorn- 
hill, 4 June, 1601, died unmar. 

. Mary, died unmarried. 

. Hester, bd. at Thornhill, 
19 July, 1604 {? married to 
Captain William Rudston, 
of Hayton. co. York). 

. Margaret, bapt. at Thorn- 
hill, 23 Aug., 1612, max. to 
Sir John Archer, of Gray's 
Inn, Knt., D.L., a justice of 
the Common Pleas, 1665. 

(ist wife), 
of John 

Wiffiam C^le- 


daughter and 
heiress of Richd. 

TLE, Frances (isi 
ana, wfe). dau. 
and of Sir Mi- 

of Throwley, 
Knt.. widov 
of Sir Johi 

Sir ThuMAS Sav 
2nd Lord Savile, created. 11 
1628, Viscount Savile, of Castlebar. 
His lordship was comptroller of 
;ending King 

widow Charles 

: Oxford, 

, 2ndly, to Leveson.died 

lignity of 

= Lady Anne ViL- 
I L I ERS, daughter 
of Christopher, 
Earl of Angle- 
sey, and sole 

Earl of Angle- 
sey,of the family 

~^1 T" 

Catherine Savile, married to Sir Thomas Sir Gi 
Bland, of Kippax, and, andly, to Walter cee< 
Walsh, Esq. was 

Anne, married to Piers Leigh, son and heir legt 
of Sir Piers Leigh, of Lyme, co. Chester. 

Elizabeth, mar. to Alvarey Copley, Esq., 
of Batley, co. York, and, 2ndly, to Richard 
Banks, Esq. 

Frances, married to the Rev. Thomas 
Bradley, D.D., rector of Ackworth and 
Castleford. co. York, prebendary of York, 
died 30 January, 1663. 


19 December, 1626, be- 
ing then a minor, buried 
at Thornhill, 20 January, 

. Sir John Savile, 3. He 
of Lupset, Knt., Esq 
high sheriff CO. York, Hall 
1649/50, married, Thornhill 

r William Savile, of Thorn-=A 
shire, 13 King 

married 29 December, 1629, 1 
ob. 24 January, 1643, buried at I 
Thornhill, 15 February, 1643. 



AM£s Savile. succeeded as 2nd Earl Sussex, 
marriedAnne.daugbterof Robert Wake, amer- 
diant at Antwerp. He died in 1671, when the 
earldom of Sussex, and the Sussex honours, be- 
came extinct, while his lordship's esUites de- 
volved upon his only sister, Frances, Lady Bru- 
denelL Buried at Howley, 11 Oct., 1671.= 

Lady Frances Savile, 
married to Francis, 
Lord Brudenell. son 
and heir of Robert, 
Earl of Cardigan. She 
died June, 1695. = 

,adyDoROTHV=Sir George Savil 
Spencer, I Chas. 2. He wa: 

daughter of In consideration of his own and his father's eminent services during the Ci 
Henry, ist peerage by King Chas. 2, 13 January, 1668, as Baron Savile, of Eland, co. York, and Viscount 
Earl of Sun- | July, 1679 ; his lordship was created Earl of Halifax and Marquess of Halifax, 22 Augusi 

deriand (ist I baptized at Thornhill, 28 November. 1633, and died February, 1695, bui 

rife). monument to his memory. He left a natural son, Henry Carey, whose dramas oni 

he memory 

t Thornhill, 
monument to his memory. He left a natural s 
to the theatres, and some of whose gay and spirited 1 
From Henry Carey descended Edmund Kean.— "Macaulay, 

; president < 

Halifax, on 16 
1682. He was 
3ey, where is a 


daughter of t 
point, of Thoresb 
2nd son of Robei 
Earl of Kingston, 

James Savile. 
Howley, 16 

s of Charles . 
la Tour, Marquess of 
Gouvemet, in France (? 
buried 7 Aug., 1706). 

ELIZABETHtistwife), dau. 
of Sir Samuel Grimston, 
Bart., of Gorhambury, 
CO. Herts, and sister 

I Savile, succeeded as 5th baronet, of Thornhill, and 2nd= Lady Mary Fi.\cu(2nd wife). 

I 31 August, 1700, buried at Thornhill. 

t, except the baronetcy, which devolved 
1 his grandfather's 1st cousin, Sir John Savile, of Lupset, as also 
d all liis large estates except Barrowby, which was devised to his 
lughter. Lady Cork and Burlington, and is now held by the Duke 

daughter of Daniel, Earl of 
Nottingham, by Lady Essex 
Rich, daughter and co- 
heiress of Richard, Earl of 
Wanvick and Holland, 


killed at the 
of Buda, 

Lsdv AXNE Sa\ile, eldest 
dangfatcr and co-heiress, 
mairied to Charles. 4lh 
Eari of Elgin, and 3rd Earl 

|. Lady Mary Savile, daughter and 
co;heiress, married, 1722, to Sackville 
Tufton, Esq., who succeeded as 7th 

ter and co-heiress. 

i Thornhagh (ist wife), 
daughter, and heiress of Osberton and 
1750, married 30 June, 1774, died 28 December, 

, 28 December, 1790. 
t Brierley, and in Ire- 

Lady Chablotte Botle. only daughter = William, i 
and heiress. Baroness Clifford, of Lanes- I Had the £ 
borough, in her own right. co. Lincol 

Duke of Devonshire. 

John Savile Foljambe, born 3 May, 1776, married=ELiZABETH, daughter of the Rev, }ames Willoughby, 
20 October, 1798, died I/./., 14 January, 1805, buried 1 bom 24 February, 1774, died 25 September, 1858, 
■ " ' ' " I buried at Scofton. 

illiam, 5th=Lady Geokgiana Spencer Lord George Cavendish, = Lady Elizab 
DokeofDcH (ist wife), daughter of bom 17^4. created Eari of 1 solehRirP^^ 

.daughterand Selina Charlotte, Dowager Viscountess Milton=GEOHGE Savile Foljambe, of Osberton and Aldwark, Esq.. bom 

'"''■*'■' * ■ ■ . of Cecil, last I 1800, married, ist, 9 December, 1828, died 18 December, 1869, b 

12, married 28 Scofton. Had the Savile estates at Brierley, co. York. 

MDther issue. 

William Cavendish, son and heir, 

Frederick John Howard, Esq., bora i March, 1814, 01 
daughter of William Lambton, of Lambton, Esq.. and : 
'^ ' ' " ■" ' ■ ' Lady Margaret Caroline, daughter o 

Earl of Carlisle. 

ssue o( Hon. Frederick Ho 
ist Eeirl of Durham. Thi 
s of Stafford. 

Arthur William De Brito S-WILk Foljambe, bom at Compton Place, 27 May, 1870. 

I — 2 ° w 

ill I lit 

s SSI'S 


■5 Ss =0 '^^ "I 




S c «S !;3 °5 8 

-:fl .PHI'! 



5 3 a = -J; E W 


-i g 2 o s P ; 

m te -E ^ g, I g 




fesT-° Err 


.US "S 

III fl 

1 — 3 SmSxS 


-a^ c.S'a o 




!, buried 


§ S'g ■& r- 


nd bap. 20 June . 
ne 1669, married : 
nils SUngsby of S 

ilelhley 20 Sept. 1 

^§^•2 s 



fi-S i 

-it i« 












i;_-os eSs 
sIIe"" ^iw 


3^etiifiree of labile— €arl 

,Sir John .Sabiie, lord of Savile.=.. 

Sir JOHN SAviLE, lordofSaviI<:.= daughter of Sir Simon de 1 

Sir Walter Savile, knight.= , daughter of Sir Adam Everingham, of Stainborough. J 

Elizabeth Savile, married to Sir John Everingham, knight. 

THOMA.S Savile, ofNewstead, co. York. = , daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Tankersley, ki 

Sir John Savile, knight, lord of TankersIey.=AGNES, daughter and co-heir of Rochdale. He 

Sir John Savile, lord of Tankersley. =Ja 

, daughter of Matthew de Bosco a 

: daughters and co-heirs of Henry 

Savile, knight, of Tankersley, Sheriff of York 3 and 11 (? 6 and 12) Richard II., knight of the=ISABEL, daughter and heir of Thomas Eland, of Eland, co. York, Esq., by his wife Joan 
, York, 7 and 8 Richard II. Will dated 22 Richard II., desires to be buried at EUand. J^ St. Oswald's of Nostell, William, Bishop of Pharos, then suffragan of the archbishop, 

a quo Savile of Thomhill. See preceding pedigree. 

, daughter of Gilbe 

John Savile, of Copley. ==Maud, daughter of Thomas Trafford, ofTrafTord, co. Lancaster. 

Thomas Savile, of Hullingedge, Esq. =Anne, daughter 01 

THO.MAS =Maegaret, daughter of Henry 
Savile, I Rishworth, of Coley Hall in 
of Copley, Hipperholme, gent. 

of Hullingedge. 
Squire of thebody 
to K. Ed. IV. 


. Thomas Savile, mar. 
Elizabeth, Lady Water- 


Robert 3. William SA' 


of y. Hopton, Esq,, 
of Amiley (? Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Robt.) 

Alice, married to Isabell, mar. to Rich- 
Arthur Pilkington ard Waterhouse, of 
of Bradley. Hollings. 

Agnes, mar, to Mr. Jenet, mar. to John 

Hugh Lacy. Thomhill, of Fixby. 


m, Alice, dau. of 

Thos. Beaumont, 

of Whitley 

I I I 

I. Leonard 

3. John Sa- 

Mary, m. ist 

to PhiUp 

VILE, of Hul- 
lingedge, mar. 
EUen dau, of 

son and heir, 
seised of the 
rectory and 

Mirfield, mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. 
of Mr. James 

D.D., Parson of 

SiBiLL, 'mar. to Mr. 

Robert Waterhouse. 
Isabel, mar. to Mr. 

John Dighton. 



:. Nicholas Savile of 3. HenrySavile, 

the New Hall, and the of Bradley, Esq., 

HaighinKexborough, 8 Elizabeth, 

Esq., mar. Jenet, dau. mar. EUzabeth, 

of Thomas Foxcroft. only dau. of Robt. 

His will dated 24 Sep- Ramsden, the 

tember r556, and first named in 

proved 30 September that Pedigree. 


~] rm 

(. Thomas Savile, Aones, mi 

mar. Jennet, dau. of Hanson, of 

Mr. Nicholas Booth- Alice, mal 

royd. Had a son Holt, of 

John Savile. co. Lane, 

= Jane, mar 

^ GledhiU,. 

J quo Savile of Water- Elizabeti 

gate in Elland. Blyth, of 

Savile, had 
hvery of bis 
fathers lands 

I July I 
King Edward 
VT., married 
Margaret, d. 
of Mr. John 
Hardy, of 




to Rob. 

at the par- 






and 3dly 

Nicholas Savile, of the New Hall, 3. Thomas SA- 3. Thomas SA- 

li M 

of Edmund 

riel, under age 

555, then son ana neir oi 
New Hall 8 Eliz. 1565, mar. Jane, dau. 
ofThos. Burdet, of Burthwaite. {She 
m. 2dly to Thomas Bamby.) He had 
an only son John 

of the New Hall, 
brother, hving 1597, mar. 
Frances, dau. of Godfrey Bosvile, of 

His will dated 
14 Jan. 1584. 
Gunthwaite, sister and co-h. (?) of proved 16 June 
Francis BosviUe, and had four daurs, 1585. 

Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, and Dorothy. = 

dau. ofThos. sity of Oxford, 

Burdet, of where he was 

Burthwaite, and elected proctor. 

Admitted 5 Ap. 

John Clay of Clay 
House, CO. York. 
Mary, married to Marmaduke Pierson of Rich- 


) John Holdsworth, of Astley 

. Sir John Savile, of Methley, Baroi 
Elizabeth and King James, b. 1545, a C( 
about 1561, autumn reader of the Middl 
lordship of Wakefield, called to the degi 
knighted by King James 23 July 1603, 

Dorothy, mar. to Rd. Sproxton of Wakefield, 
Steward of the Star Chamber, and had an only 
dau. Jane, ra. ist to Sir John Livingston, Bart,, 
and 2dly to Edward, Lord George. By ist hus- 
band she had James, Earl of Newborough, and 
Dorothy, mar. to Jas. Stanhope of Harrington. 

Methley chu 


, Widmerpoole, and adiy 
He mar. 4thly Margery, dau. of Am 
London, and widow of Sir Jerome W 
by his 1st and 2d wives only. 

jile— €arl of iWle^borougf). 

, of Stainborough. 

of Sir Richard Tankersley, knigl 

de Rockley, knighl. 

John Savile.= Agnes, daughter and heir of Sir Roger Aldwarke, knight. 
1225. =Agnes, daughter and heir of John Golcar. 
Baldwin Savile. 

f Savile, 

Henry Savile, < 

Jane Savile, married t 

)-heirs of Henry Rishworth, 

Henry Savile. 

dge, Esq. =Annf., daughter of John Stansfeld, of Stansfeld. 

Nicholas Savile, of Banke, 4Jknet. > 

. Gold- Savile, 

I . 


Alice, mamed tt 
Agnes, married 1 

Mr. Richard Snti 

r of John Lacy, Esq., of Cromwellbotham, 


Savile, I of Mr. Thos. Soothill, of 
of Banke. Brearlejr, Halifax. 

ifiLE, of 2. Thomas Savile, of Wei- 
Hall in bum N.R„ co. York, mar. 
U-. Mar- Cecily, dau. of Thos. Lacy, 
of John of Cromwellbotham, gent. 

Savile, of 
Wath and of 
Elland, Esq. 

ELIZABETH, yr. dau. and co-h. 
{the only one leaving issue), ol 
Thuretan Hall, Esq. , of Wath, 
by Elizabeth, dau. andco-h.oi 
Wm. Fleming, Lordof Wath, 
by Elizabeth, dau. of John 

Gates of Halifax. 

Agnes, dau. 

of Mr. John 


of Mr. George Caw- 
thome, of Carlelon in 
Skipton, and had 15 
children by her. 


Isabel, mai 
Sal tons tall. 

) Mr. Wm. Hohnes. 
. to Mr. John Smith, 
r. to Richard or William 

Edward Thomas Savile, of Banke, 4. Henry Savile, commonly called 'Long Harry 
eldestson.mar.EUenor Alice, Savile,* of Merton College, Oxford, 1587. was 
dau. of Thomas Savile, of soon after made one of the portionists or post- 
Copley, buried at Halifax, 22 masters, B.A. 159-, M.A. of St. Alban's Hall 
Sept. 1570. 1595. He lived in the parish of St. Martin-in- 
= the-Fields, London, and died there 29 AprU 
' 1 1617, a5t. 49- 

lOMAs Savile, Agnes, roar, to John 
. Jennet, dau. of Hanson, ofWoodhouse. 

Nicholas Booth- Alice, mar. to Richard 
I, Had a son Holt, of Stubby Lee, 
1 Savile. CO. Lane. 

== Tahe, mar. to Thomas 
A Gledhill.ofBarkisland. 

Savile of Water- Elizabeth, m. to John 
te in Elland. Blyth, of Quemby. 

Maude, mar. 
to Aymer 


:. Thomas Savile. 
of Welbome, mar. 
in 1541 Cecily, eld. 
dau. andheirof John 
Wode, of Longley. 
He was seised by 
purchase of Longley 
Hall by Inq. dated 

Savile of Wath, =Grace, (k wife,) daughter and c 


gent., living 1585, 
ried ist Beatrix, dau. 
of William Wentworth of 
Wentworth Woodhouse. 
She died t. p. His will 
proved 4 August 1601 
by Grace his widow. 

heiress bf Richard Charlesworth 
ofTottids.inHolmefirth. Covenant 
before ijiarriage 15 August 1568. 
Will d^ed 12 Dec. 1620, proved Ji 
29 Janifiry. Sheele;' • • ■ 



) bebd. 

[ there 27 Dec. 1620. 

OHN Sa- Thomas 

ILE, mar. Savile, 

ojennet, m. Jane, d. Margery. 

dau. of of Mr. Geo. Isabel, mar. to 

lO.Wode, Holdsvrorth, Mr. Edward 

bf Longley, & had issue Marshe. 

and had a Edward, Elizabeth, m. 

son John, Hugh, and to Mr. Thos. 

of Gol-' 


HenrySAVILE of Blaidroyd, alias ThojIAS. 
the Bank, near Halifax, married died 

Frances, dau. of Mr. Adam young. 
Moyser, of Farlington. co. York 
(widow of Edmund Greenbury, 
Draper and Aldeiraa nof York). 
Sheriff iSSO-sr, who d. in 1564, 
having "had Henry, set. 17 in 
158s, and Bridget, who d. y. 

Savile, of Methley, Baron of the Exchequer to Queen=jA 

and King James, b. 1545, a commoner of Brasenose College 
I, autumn readeroftheMiddle Temple 1586,51 ' "' 
f Wakefield, called to the degree and honour of 
by King James 23 July 


Feb. 1606, set. 61, and was buried in St. Dunstan's church, 
being carried to Methley church, and bd. in the south aisle 
sre there is a monument and inscription to his memory. 
, Dorothy, dau. of Lord Wentworth, of he South, and relict 
W. Widmcrpoole, and 2dly of Sir Martin Frobisher, knt. 
4thly Margery, dau. of Ambrose Peake, Esq., citizen of 
and widow of Sir Jerome Weston, knt., died leaving issue 

NE,(istwife,)dau. 2. SiR HenrySAVILE, Greek tutor to Queen Elizabeth, bom 

Richard Garth, of at Bradley 30 Nov. 1549, of Merton College, Oxon, 1561, 

Morden, Surrey, Esq a proctor 1575-6, knighted by King James I. at Windsor 

^Elizabeth (2d 21 Sept. 1604, having declined further advancement. In 

I wife, ) elder dau. of 1619 he founded a professorship at Oxford for geometry, 

Thos. Wentworth, and another for astronomy. B.A. 4 Jan. 1565. Warden 

of N. Elmsall, of Merton College and provost of Eton 1596. He collected 

Esq., relict of the best copies of St Chrysostom, and employed learned 

RichardTempest, men to transcribe and annotate them, which he fairly set 

of Bowling, forth at his own cost, computed at j£8ooo. Died at Eton 

county York. College 19 February 1621, buried in the chapel there under 

I a black marble, and the University of Oxford erected at 

I Merton College a sumptuous monument to his memory. 


Thun^s Sa- Thomas 

VILE, married Savile, 

Edithjdau. and ofWel- 

heireiofMr. borne, m. 

Rfesby. Janedau. 

I I Mill 

George. Hugh. 
Cecily, wife of W. New- 
dick of Edgeston, CO. York. 

VILE, Inar. Bar- 
bara, ividow of Pudsey, 
Thoiias Pil- 
kingtin, Esq., 


of Bar- 


Eliza BKTH 


mother of 

ELiZABETH,"m. to Wm. Par- Will. Brooke. 

ker,ofGirendale,juxta Ripon. Margaret, 

Rosamund, m. to Thos. mar. i8 Oct. 

Cooper of Bowforth. 1608 at Bol- 

Margaret, m. to Ralphe ton-on-Deame 

Eden.ofthebpk.of Durham. to Thos. 

Cathebine, m. tr Robert Fulwoodof 

Greaves. Doncaster. 

— rrr 

I. William 
Savile. age 

-] rm 

. Henry Savile, 5. George S-a- 

of Wath, mar. vile of Bolton. 

Hester, dau. of Sir bd. there 11 May 

Ed. Ayscough. of 1604. 

Kelsey, knt. She 6. Francis, bd. 

was executor to I May 1605. at 

herhusband. Will Bolton-on-Deame 

dated 13 June, and 7. THOM. 
pd. 17 Sep. 16. 
Her will d.ated 

8. Richard Sa- 
nLE, bring 1641 

Thom-« Satire, 

pnest. parson 

iRY Savile, 
Mr. Parkin- 

lingedge, mar. Dor- 
othy, dau. of Chas. 
Radclyffe, ofTodmor- 


dau. of Mr. Thos. 
Harris, of Hunt- 
ington, CO. York. 

f. Samuel SAVILE, principal ot King's Coll., Camb.. agoodphilo-. 
sopher and mathematician, a poet both in English and Latin, he 
was secretary to the Right Hon. James, Earl of Carlisle, in his great 
ambassage into France, 14 K. James 1616. He eventually settled 
at Mexborough in Doncaster. He suffered much in the civil wars. 

, Charles I., and d. 25 May 1660 ast. 71. 

Robert Savile of Copley. = 

of Rc^er Elli.^ of Kiddall, 
Esq. (She is also said to 

William Savtle 
of Copley. Esq., 

of John Lacy of 
Kcadeynr. Hali- 
fei. = 


Savile, Joseph Savile. 

lar. Sibill, dau. Thomas Savile, 

of Mr. Robt. married Ursula, 

of William Gates of dau. of Mr. Brett 

Hopey. (?) HaUfax. of Wales. 

Vlice, J2d wife), dau. 
of Mr. Wm. Moore of 
Austrop, near Leeds, 


John. Dorothy, wife to Mr. Henry Briggs. William S^ 

George. Elizabeth, mar, to Mr. John Platts. Gabriel S, 

Esther. Anne. Sarah. pany in t 

Ruth, Bertha, wife of Rd. Wentworth, Esq. (?) Mabel, da 

Agatha, and Grace. of Skiers, 

'ILE, a captain in a foot com- the Hon. Sir George Savile, Bart., and col. of 

; service of Chas. L, married the regiment of foot in the Wapentake of Ag- I co. 

and co-h. of Ralph Rokeby brig and Morley, bap. 3 July 1637, mar, in Dr. 

I. York, and d. s. p. 1666, bd. at Mexborough, 13 Dec. 1685. bui 

York, and sister to the wife of 
Nathaniel Johnston. She was 
at Mexbro. 4 Jan. 1727. 

garet bd. 19 March 1695. 


3. Samuel Savile of 
Mexborough, gent., 
bap. 23 Nov. 1664, 
mar, Mary, dau. of 
Matthew Addy of 
Cudworth, and d. 30 

Jan. 1723. 

■ 59- 

Elizabeth Savile, bap. 31 Aug. 1652, & bd. 16 May 1656. Henry Savile, bom 12, 

Catherine Savile. wife of William Burrows of Swinton, bap. 27 Feb. 1670. bd. 

ind bd. II April 1694. at Methley 22 March 

> October 1663. bd. 20 Jan. 1690. follo\ving. 

Anne, bap. '30 May 1667, wife of Gladwin, Henry Savile, bom 27, 

Esq., bd. 25 December 1690. bap. 37 (sic) Ap. 1673, bd. 

' " ' ""' at Methley 7 Jan, 1683. 

p. 19 Oct, 
Dap. 30 May : 
. 25 December 
S. Mary, bap. 15 


daughter of 
iCchad D'Arcy, son and 
beir of John, Lord D'Arcy 
of Aston and MennilL 

Savile, of 

—] ^ 

2. John Savile. at- Jane 

tomey-at-law,mar. yoi 

Isabella, daughter JOAN 
of Mr. Richard 

son Robert, living 
1666, who had 

20 Feb. ' 
1706, died 

I I I 
Martha Savile, bap. 19 

March 1695, wife of 

Crosland, of Tidswell, county 
Elizabeth, bap. 2 Nov. 1701, 
buried 24 May 1707. 

* George Geldard 

Catherine, bap. 26 April 

1709, wife of 

Green of Swinton. and 
mother of Savile Green 

Mary, bd. 27 March 1702. 
Mary, bap. 12 February 


bap. 10 March 
1671, bd. 28 

=Mary, elder dau. & 
co-h. of Sir John 
Bankes, of Ayles- 
ford, CO. Kent, 
Bart., died Nov. 
1740, =et. 82, bd. 

Chaklf.sSavile, Esq., = 
sometime of Thry- 
bcrgh, after ofMethley 
Hall, born and bap. 7 
May 1677, and died s 


of Gil 
ton of 
CO. Nc 




I. Samuel Savile, of Mex-= 
borough and of London, 
bap. 23 September 1697, 
married in Guildhall Chapel 
on Candlemas Day 1773, 

of Abel 
Aldridge of St. 

ohn Savile of Methley, Esq., 
aoparent to his grandfather, d 
in a well at Wakefield when 
married with Jane Fenay, 

of Fenay of 
Fenay. He was bd. at Methley 30 May 1713. 

Caleb Savile, died young, buried 2 Nov. 1701. 

Henry Savile of Methley, Esq., died un-mar. 

land heir- Eliz 
dSMay 1713 mar. 30 April 
of Heneage, 

dau. of Mr. Prowde Dawson, 
(? Poynu), of Lund, She Azerley, i 

tNNE, eldest dau. of Sir Geo. Palmes of Na- 5. William Savile of Cop-^ 

burne. co. York. She mar. 2dly to Walter ley, co. York, xn. ist Mary, 

Bethell, Esq., sonand heir of Sir Hugh dau. of Wm. West, of Fir- 

Belhell, of EUerton, co. York, knL beck, Esq. = 

:R0SAMUND (2d wife,), ividow of Mr. 
John Booth of Glossop, co. Derby, ygst. 
dau. of John Frank of Pontefract, and 
mar. at'Arksey 30 May 1639. 


NY Savile. 
• Savile. 

field Woodhouse, 
Elizabeth, mi 

) Rowland D.ind, of Man: 

Abel Sam 
at St. Al 

■ Squire of Thornliill. Sarah SA 
eo. Pulleyn, M.D., thony D. 
Jane, living 1666. 

RcbzetSath-E, adm. of PocWing- 
ton School 23 SepL 1650, then 

William Sa- 
vile of Crid- 
ling Park. 


1692-3, bd. in York Minster. 

Hast Elizabeth, sole heiress, m. Oct, 
1681 to Lord Thos. Howard, and was 
mother of the 8th and 9th Dukes of 
NoifoDc, and d. lo-ii Dec. 1732-3, 


Catherine S 

to William Rachel Katherine (isi=John Charles Geokge Sav 

wife),eldestdau.ofHoratio, I 4th Earl of Mexborough, of Lifford, county I 
I. Smithson. 3d Earl of Orford, mar. 24 Donegal, Viscount Pollington of Ferns, and 

m. to John Feb. 1842, and d. 21 June Baron Pollington, of Longford in the peerage 

1854- I of Ireland, b. 4 June 1810. 

^GNES Louisa Eliza- 
beth (2dwife), young- 
est dau. of John Ra- 
phael, Esq., mar. 27 

. Henry Alexan 
Savile, an officer ii 
loth Highlanders, 1 

e Horace Savile, r 'ucount Pollin 

3d dan. of Mr Rowland Errington, BarL 

John Henry Savile, bom 27 Sept. 1868. 

the late ls.mgsniill 
Pennefather, Esq, of 
New Park, Tipperary. 
Shed. I Jan. 1843. 

3.PhilipYorkeSa-=Emily Mary Brand, 
viLE,M.A.,inH.O., | eld. dau. of Wm. Hale, 
rector ol Methley, Esq., of King's Wal- 
born 23 Aug. 1814, den, co. Herts, by Eli- 
mar, 20 Jan. 1842. zabethLeesonhiswife. 

Anne, bom 25 May 1864. 

William Savile of WitherdenHalI.=EMiLY, dau. of Captain Delme Sey- 
co. Kent, Capt. 9th Lancers, bom I mour Davies, formerly of the Scots 
8 October 1841, manied 12 June Fusilier Guards, of High Mead, co. 
1865. Cardigan. 

Henry Savile, 

. Philip Hale Savile, boi 
3oMay, andd. 9Sept. 1843- 

. Frederick JamesSavile, I 
27 May 1851, d. 13 Jan. 1865 


co.-h. of John Dent, citizen ( 
Sheffield, knt. He died 23 J 
Henry, and Francis, who all ( 

, in 1628. He mar. Mary, dau. and 
-ondon. She mar. 2dly to Sir Wm. 
s 1632 Eet. S3, having had issue John, 
I young; and the baronetcy expired. 

Goodricke, of Rili- 
ton. CO. York, kn$ 
Elizabeth, ,. 

Sir John J a( 

John Savile. of Methley,= 
sheriff of CO. York, 24 Car. 

Sir Henry. He mar. 2dly 
Margaret, dau. ofSirHenry 
Garraway.knt. LordMayor 
of London. He d. i6i;i. 

THA, dau. and co-h. of Mr. Rd. 
York, and sister to the wife of 
, Nathaniel Johnston. She was 
■. at Mexbro. 4 Jan. 1727. 

HenkV. d. y. 



, f-RANCIsS/ 

ofThos. Vorclifte. 

Margaret, Henry Sa- 

only dau. and vile, Johh 

b. , m. Henry Savile, bot 

Tolsonof Uvingi64i. 

. WiLLiAHSAviLE.bap.atMex- Henry 

borough 10 July 1628, bd. 2 Savile, b. 

Sept. 1637. 30 Dec. 1641, 

i.LiCE, bap. at Mexborough 6 ob. 20 Dec. 
August 1629, bd. 13 Jan. 1630. 1642. 

John Savile, of Methley Hall, co. York, Esq., 
Eet. 22 years 13 Aug. 1666. He purchased 
Thriberg from Sir William Reresby, knt. 
Will dated 30 May 1713, died 25 Jan. 1716, 
bd. in the chancel of Methley. 

Sarah, dau. of Peter Tryon, 
of Harringworth, co. 
Northants. Will dated 2. ELfeABETH,' 
24 Oct. 1718, d. 26 Jan. Wa; ;ell, Esq. of Scorton, 
1718-19, bd, at Methley. Yor^. He died Sept. 1664. 


3. Katharine, mar. 
Cholmley of Whitby, Bart., and 2dly 
to Sir Nicholas Stroud of Chipstcd 
House, Kent, knt., and d. 1710. 

4. Anne, the 1 

' John Cla- Henry. Jane. 
ring of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Elizabeth. Mart. 
tiofSirJamesCIavering, knt., ^^ . 

of Axwell, CO. Durham. 

Alathea, younger of James Savile, of North] 

of Gilbert Milling- 
ton of Felley Priory, 
CO. Notts, Esq.. d. 
24june 1759. Eet. 77, 
buried at Methley. 


Wakefield, born 6 April 

arricd Dorothy or 

.u. of Oxley. 

living 20 ]an. 1708, 
and240ct. 1718. Hewasbd. 
at Methley 8 Feb. 1708. = 

Samuel Savile of Thribergh and Dar-=EL12ABETH, dau. and co- 

, York, lord of the manors 
of 'Darrington, Redness, Swinflete, 
Brinsworth,& Denaby, allinc " * 
bom 7 and bap. 14 June 1685, 
Pontefract 29 Dec. 172 
■ ' tDi 

, York, 

r July I 

heir of Robert Frank of 
Pontefract. (She mar. 
adly to John Hoare of 
Pontefract, Esq.) She 
was bd. ir April 1749 at 

ARGARET, bom May 4 and bap, 20 June 1668, buried 
Methley 17 January 1683, unmarried. 
lRAH. bom 9 bap. 22 June 1669, married at Methley 
* ' -'' "■ Thomas Slingsby of Scriven, co. 

Jane, b. 24-25 Dec. 1675, bap. 

Ybrk. BarL 

S. MARY, bap. 
bap. at Methley 20 Sept. 1674, living living 1718, di 


6. Judith, bora 26, bap. 37, 
June 1680, buried 21 Jan. 1683 
at Methley. '' 

7. Elizabeth, bom 29 Oct, 
bap. 9 Nov. i686, buried 
at Methley 18 April 1687. 

land heir- ELIZABETH Savile, heiress of Thrjberi 

heiress of Fenay of 
iley 3oMay 1713. 
juried 2 Nov. 1701. 

ohn Finch, 
ylesford. He died 
, set. 48. She died 

, 30 April 1726 to J< 
of Heneage, Earl of Ay 
31 Dec. (?i Jan.) 

28 Oct. 17^, set. 72. ner son ; 
Finch, M.P. for Malton, mar. Judith, 
of John Fullerton. and at his death, 
devised Thrybergh to her. 

Sir Jo 

, M.P. forHeydoi 

, youngest c 

. of Francis 

Blake Delaval of Seaton De- 
laval, CO. Northd., sister of 
John Hussey, Baron Delaval, 
bom 14 March 1742, mar. 2dly 
to the Rev. Sandford Hard- 
castle, who d. s. p. 24 Oct. 1788, 


Sarah, only surviving child 
' and heir, bap. at Wakefield 
5 July 1707, married to the 
Rev. Joseph Leech, vicar of 
Adwick-le-Street, co. York. 
Living a widow 28 Dec. 1753, 
and without surviving issue 
Mayr7S7 at Adwick-le-St. 

(AH Savile, elder dau. and i 
t Thriberg 23 Sept. 1725, mar. 
"•^'""", Esq., of Darringt— 
; Df 

: length sole hefress, bap. 


Mar. 1796, set. 71, bd. at Darrington, leavii 
Sotheron.Esq., Admiral of the Blue, Major\ 
M.P. for Pontefract, and other?. See Soth 


owland Dand, of Mans- Abel Samuel Savile, died May 1742, a°t. 4, 

. Notts. at St. Alphage. 

mas Squireof Thomhill. Sarah Savile, eldest dau. and co-h. mar. to , 

Geo. PuUeyn, M.D., thony Dawson, Esq.. of Azerley, near Ripon. 
(. Jane, living 1666. 

Shepherd, Esq., of Coxbi 
near Plymouth. 

John Savile, succeeded as 2d Earl of=ELE; 
Mexborough, bom 8 April 1761, mar. at I Sie 
St. George's, Hanover Square, 25 Sept. | Hu( 
1782, and died 3 February 1830, 

lu. and sole issue of Henry 
Esq., of East Bumham, 
of Cox Lodge near New- 
fistle-upon-Tyne, died 7 June 1821. 

!. Henry Savile, of Middlewood, 3. Charles Savile, bom 27=Anabella, ( 
parish of Darfield, co. York, bom April 1774-6. mar. 27 Aug. of George ' 
17 September 1763, died 1803, and died 18 February son, of CO.] 

vile, succeeded a 
lOrn 3 July 1783, 
id died 25 Dec. il 

■ Ponte-=ANNE, eldest dau. of Philip. 3d Earlof Hardwicke, 
29 Aug. I K.G. & C, bom 13 April 1783, and died 17 
July 1870. 

L Baron Monson. 

14 Nov. 1809. leaving an only : 

.inH.C, I eld. dau. or Wm. Hale, 
Tethley, Esq., of King's Wal- 
ig. 1814. den, CO. Herts, by Eli- 

Charles Stuart Savile. formeriy attache to the 
British Legation at the Court of Pmssia. author of " Karah- 
Kaplang," an oriental r( 
of fiction, bom 24 Feb. 
at Geneva i Mar. 1870. 

the Middle Temple, 

vile, Lieut. R.A.,b. 
17 Mar. 1817, mar. 
20 May 1839. He 
d. 3 April 1851. 


nd d. 9 Sept. 
K James Sa\ 
51. d. 13 Jan, 

2. George Savile, b. a6 April 1847. 

3. Henry William Savile, bom 9 March 1850. 
6. William Hale Savile, bom 31 Dec. 1859. 
Alice Mary Savile, b. 8 March 1845. 

Philip Alexander Savile, bora i April 

1843, d. 14 Nov. i86g. 
William Archdall Savile, bora 3 Mar. 

and died 16 July 1847. 

Louisa, bora 29 March 1840. 
ActiEs YORKE, bom 10 Feb. 1845. 
Sarah Elizabeth, bom 5 December 


Ion. Lucy Geor- 
GiNA Neville, 3d 
daughter of Richard 
3d Lord Bray- 

ElizabethPhilippa, bom 28 Nov. i8oS. and 
died I Dec. fallowing. 

SarahElizabeth, woman of the bed-chamber 
to the Queen, bora 23 Feb. 1813. mar. 6 Nov, 
1845 to the Hon. Sirjas. Lindsay,K.CM.G, 

Latimer Savile. t 

1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 

Elizabeth Jane, bora 28 September lE" 3. 
Mirabel Anne, bom 8 December 1854." 
i Maud, bora 11 March 1856, 

I January i86i. 
Blanche Audley. bora 16 February iS6a, 
Florence Augusta, bora 2 May x96$. 
Octavia Louisa, boruaojuly i86l|. 

Georgina Lucy, 1 


I °||i'r'| li- 
ds i ff-° »• 

^■2 |£Sl?.|~1 



1—5 II sal- 

i" &Fi 


1=^2 i- 

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l:i^i|i;^j^i ifii«i 

|l||||5|||||.-. =J||^^- 1^ 

if^liil''i|l-sl sUhs p 
If-ifi|^l3. iillli M 


ill F 

ES-i. ?l 


ijy 111 §,1111 I ^ 


ISKOti: g^ 


"A. ii Iillli Hi 11151 if 


^etJijjree of g){)erti, of ^!)erl5, Btelep, €Upthm^ltfxitl), 3&ot\}tvf)m, etc ; gitat 


Sir So^n Ire Sfietlll, lord of sherd, and of Disley Stanley, in the hundred of Macclesfield, held 134a, 16 Edward i a-IOAM ih<. I,.!, 
certain forestership in Macclesfield forest / ». ^^ " * ^TJ"^" jj'^i^^'J 

I Chester, wit 
and Richard 

Sir William de Sherde, lord of Sherd. : 

William del Sherd, lord of Sherd. By inq. 
messuages and lands in Distelegh, and * 
tenth part of a knight's fee, val. xxvis. vii 
building known as Sherd-fould, and which 

m., taken 16 Henry 6, 1437, he was found to hold in demesne, as of fee, : 
in Distelegh from the king, as of his manor of Macclesfield, as the 
: was also of Adlington, near Disley, where to this day is an old 
the middle of the seventeenth century. 

Hugh del Sherde, of Sherd and Disley, hereditary forester of Macclesfield. Inq. p. m., = .. 
13 Edward 4, 1472. | 

I ' 

William Sherd, of Sherd and Disley, Esq., hereditary forester of Macclesfield, ob. 5 Henry 8, 1513. Inq. per Drevc de=., 
Mand, 7 Henry 8, by which it was found his son William was then aged 4 years. I 

William Sherd, of Sherd Hall and Disley, Esq., forester= 
of Macclesfield, aged 4 years 1513, proof of age, 25 Henry 8, I 
buried at Disley, 21 September, 1592. 

ringed and garnished 9 

r Sherd, Disley, 

in com. Cestr., forester of ye forest of 
Maxfield by inheritance, at the head of 
the genealogy of Sherd in the Heraldic 
Visitation of Chester 1663, buried at 
Disley, 6 February, 1623. 

Dishley,= , daughter 


George "Sheet," 
of the Haigh. 
buried at Disley, 
22 January, 1624. 

John Shert, 
baptized at 

= Elizabeth Shearte, 
I daughter of Richard 

-' Shearte, buried at 

Disley, 29 January, 

Elizabeth =3. Robekt=Jank Gis- 

r- SHERT, of LING 

Disley, (andwife), 

Esq. married 

at Disley, 

(ist Wif( 



ley," Esq., married " Bridget, daugh- 
ter of Leonard Shallcrosse, of Shall- 
crosse, in Chester," Esq., and died 
s. p. In 44 Q. Ehzabeth, with others, 
he purchased lands at Cawthome, co. 
York, of Edward Talbot, who suc- 
ceeded Wm . Stanley, Lord M onteagle, 

. William Sherd, brother 
and heir of John Sherd, of 
Sherd and Disley, Esq.,buried 
at Disley. " Here lyeth buried 
the body of William Shert, of 

Dorothy, dau. of Arnold Kyrke, of Martinside, in the 
parishofChapeI-en-Ie-Frith,co.Derby, Esq. (byAnne, 
his wife, and granddaughter of Arnold Kyrke, of 
Whitehough and Tunstead, co. Derby, and Agnes, 
daughter of John Tunstead. of Tunstead, Esq.), mar- 
ried circa 1620, and buried 8 June, 1652, at Disley. 
In the Sequestration of the Pariiamentary Commis- 
sioners for CO. Chester will be found a list of Mrs. 
Dorothy Shert's property, as also in Harl. MSS. 
1999 and 2130. 

Chester, 13 J 

Esther Shert, 

bapt. 2 Nov., 

Ales Shert, 

baptized 9 Feb. 


Shert, rector dau. and 

of Wickin, 


eldest son. 

living 1634, 

when he attested 
the Heraldic Visi- 
tation of Bucking- 

of George 
Burgeis, of 
CO. Ches- 

of Pallers- 
pery, in co. 
ton," Esq. 

Wash, and 
Frith, buried 
at Chapel-en- 
le-Frith, 1 
August, 1668.^ 

Shert. aiias 
Clayton, of 



3. Nicholas =Elizabeth, 
Heyehead, in 

Aug., 1653. 

!. John Sherd, of Cawthome. co. 
York, Esq., baptized at Disley 
with " Elizabeth Shirte," of Ing- 
birchworth,9September,i6o8. His 
name appears in the Subsidy Roll 
of the wajwntake of Staincross, 
CO. York, 1663, mar. to Margaret, 
daughter of John Jackson, of 

;. Edmund Sherd, baptized 
at Disley, 23 September, 
i6ro, ob. cEel., and buried 
there. "Here lyeth the 
body of Edmund Sheart, of 
Sheart, which departed this 
life the v of August, and was 
buried the 16 Anno D., 

I. Catherine 
Sherd, wife of Wm. 
Higham. of Adling- 

the Forest of 
Maxfield by 
aged 58, an. 

= Hester, daughter and 
co-heiress of William 
Rawlinson, of High- 
gate, CO. Derby, Esq., 
buried at Disley, 27 
Nov., x6ao. "Ester 
wife of William Shert, 
of Disley Hall, gent." 

Nicholas Shirt, 
of Heild, in the 
parish of Chapel- 
en-le-Frith, bapt. 

etc* ; §)ta^elep^g>!jirt, of Wlato antj ^nmn, to. ^orfe ; anb 3|ir5t, of 3RotF)er!)am« 


: general of the Disteleys. According lo Mr. Ormerod, the Cheshire historian, she \ 

probably a 
mtcy from 1 
1 of Richard de Sherd. 

xlesficld, as the I 
s day is an old 

, Sherd, of Sherd Hall, near Wilmslow. = Cecilia 

Margaret de Sherd, daughter and = GE 

Edmund Sherd, of Nantwich, co. Chester, 3s Henry 8. 

Disseley, in com. Cest 
now in the College of j 


Iter of Richard 

. Thomas Siii:rt, 
of Macclesfield, 
CO. Chester. In 
1572 Thos. Shertc 

=JOANE, daughter of 
John Lathum, of 
Pigrove, co. Ches- 
ter, bd. at Chapel- 
en-le- Frith, 5 Sep- 
tember, 1648, 

i [ 

4. William Shert, of 
Causey, in parish of 
buried 3 February, 1621. 

5. Anthony Shert, of 
buried 10 Dec., 1649. 

3. George Shert, of = Alice, buried 
Bowdonhead, in the | at Chapel 
parish of Chapel-en- le-Frith, 
le-Frith, overseer of March, 1634, 
Chapel-en-le-Frith, | 
1628, buried there I 
23 April, 1640, 

en-le-Frith, churchwarden 
of Chapel-en-Ie-Frith 1637, 

buried there 2 

Araii of Hint, olClpujih House, Howarth Grange, Kimberwortli Hall, and 
Gilthwaito Hall, all m the We.t Riding of're, granted 28 Oc. , 1820, to 
Henry John Hirst, Esq. (on the change from his patronymic Shirt) by Sir 
Isaac Heard, K^jgU, Gar/er Kw^ a/ /I „ni, Sir Scorge Naylor, Knight, 
Ctartticeux, and Ralph Higland, Esq., Nomy. ' ' 

The^ charges, Sc, in above are allusive to the following families; "The son 
in glory and " hurst of trees ' to Hirst ; the "sinister bands couued" to 

I. Thomas 
Shert. of the 
Wash, and 
Frith. buried 
at Chapel-cn- 
le-Frilh, I 
August, 1668.^ 

of Bow- 
13 Jan. 

July. 1633, an 
buried there, a 
March, 1645. 

wife), married 27 
May, 1634, and 
buned at Chapel- 
en-le-Frith, 17 
September, 1639, 

and buried 22 Nov.. 

1. Anne Sherte, 

bapt. 3 Feb.. 1638. 
|. DorothvSherte, 

bapt. 27 April, 1645, 

--A buried 24 May, 

!. Nicholas =., 
Shirt, of 

i. William Shert, 
of Chapel-en-le- 
Frith, mar. Beatrice; 
he was buried 22 
November, 1638, at 
She was buried 
there 2 July, 1638.= 

4. George Shirt, 
of Chapel-en-le- 
Frith, mar. Anne 

:. George Shirte, = Ellen Hadfield, the daughter of George 
of Bowdonhead, in Hadfield, of Chapel-Milne, in the parish of 

\. Robert Sherte.: 
of Marsh Hall, 
baptized 13 March, 
1642, and buried at 

Hellin, buried at 
1696. "Sep. Hel- 

buried 8 April, 
1697. She was 
buried at Chapel- 
en-le-Frith, 7 
April, 1683. = 

:. George Shi 
of Miltown 
baptized 31 Je 

1635, and I 
Chap ' 


en-le-Frith, 22 September, 

1. Auam Sherte, bapt. 
at Chapel-en-le-Frith, i 
November, 1629. 

2. George Sherte, bapt. 
30 April, 1632, d. y. 

3. ffrancis Sherte, 
bapt. 28 Sept., 1634, and 
buried 22 June, 1636. 

4. Ffrancis Sherte, 
baptized 14 Jan., 1636. 

at Chapel-en- 
le-Frith, 23 

Sherde=3. Thomas =Anne My- 
■■' ' Sherte, of cocke 

living in 

(ist wife), . 
wife of Thomas 
Sherde, of this 

(2nd wife), 

Jeorge ^Dorotiiii 

J. Marie Sherte, 
baptized 19 June, 

buried in the 
church. 8 
March, 1649. 

of Clifton, 
parish of Conis- 
bro'. CO. York, 
genL. T*-ill dated 
lo October. 1760, 
proved July.1763. 

GeosGE Bboomhe 

, bom 25 October, 1866, 

' Robert Hirst, of Clough House, How 

_ August, 1822, died iinmarried, 19 March, 1873, and 
I Brompton Cemetery. 

Edward Sebastian Gordon 
effects of being thrown from his < 
Green Cemetery. 

of Ginn House, in the^SASAH, 

Dionis, 31 July, 
1770, and mar- 

' Maynard, dau. and 
1 the parish 
of St. Dionis,5 April, 1764, and 
mar. ai St. Mary-le-Bone, co. 
Middlesex, to John Ritson, of 
Arundel Street, Westminster, 


March, 1804, and buried at Rot'her 
ham. By his will, dated 19 October, 
1802, and proved in the Exchequer 
Court, York, March, 1804, he left all 
his Yorkshire estates, and those he 
expected in reversion, to his cousin. 
Henry John Shirt, with remainder to 

17 April. 1805, in ihe 

March, 1807, 


the parish of 

Easter Shirt, 

bom 22 May, 1808. in 
John. Hackney. 
... ^....^,/» Shirt, bom 28 Feb., 
m the parish of St. John, Hackney. 

. Charles Shirt, a major in the 
British army, bom 13 December, 
1803, in the parish of St. Dunstan, 
and died unmarried, 5 April, 1851, 
on board the ship Earl 0/ Hard- 
■wicke, on his way home from 

17.-., married Mar- 
tha Downes, of 
Doncaster. and died 
J. ;»., 14 November, 

Highgate, co. Mid- 
dlesex. She was 
buriedat Doncaster. 

r John Shirt, afterwards Hir 

an officet in the 
armyon board the 
ViUe de Paris, 

4. James Hikst, 
of Rotherham, 
bom 17 April, 


5. George HtRST, an 
" ' in the army, 
uum I May, 1757, 
marned Miss Ann 
Turner, of Rotiier- 
Iiam, and died j.^., 
at Derby, 26 April, 
1795' Sile was 
buried at Rother- 
ham, 29 July, 1817, 
aged 52. 

i8ot,and buried 

and buried at 

Catherine Hirst, ot=GEORGE Wfstbv of Hnwa«i, 

How„.H r.„„„ ... Q^„g^ Gilthwaite h5 e,?! 

captain in the Dragoon 

Howarth Grange, 
sole surviving issue and 
bom 25january, 

1820, and buried 
Rotherham, 21 Nov. 
following. Executrix, 
and proved the will 

Guards, bom 


He inherited the estate of Hiv 
warth from his great-aunt, Dorcas 
Westby, married tojohn Uugh- 
ton. of Howarth Grange Esq 
(Sa Westbv and LauchtS-J 

.A ';',^'5"'" ; 2?°";.. <ne surname of Hirst (July, m compliance with the will of his mother's 
s granted the arms of Hirst, 28 October, 

Tt TT- — ^•jyj^j, liic autii,iMie oi fiirsi only, ] 
John Hirst, of Clough, Esq., who ob. 1804. He v 

ir tSeorge Najler, Knight, Clarcnctux, and Ralph Bigland, Esq. Norroy 
1 of St. Duniian, and ob. 18 September, 1872. 

. Amelia Hirst, bom 28 July, 1836, 
and married at St. Luke's. Chelsea, 
to Harry Brooking, Esq. 

French, of Richmond Hill, St. Vincent, West Indies ,_, „ 
and co-heiress of Sir Bernard Gordon, of Aboyne, a cadet c 
Gordon, Marquis of Huntley, Earl of Aboyne, etc.), sisli 
Gordon French, Esq., ensign of the 5th regiment of Foot, 
Luci^, West Inches^ 28 February, 1826, married i August, 1 

co-heiress of Lieut.-Col. Sebaslian 
y Elizabeth, his wife, third daughter 
det of the house of Gordon. Duke of 
and co-heiress of Sebastian 

Southwark, t 

. George the Martyi. 

the wife of Thomas Brady, Esq. 
.. Emily, bom 12 November, 
1845, living unmarried, 1874. 

a?"Triniw S?.2fr!^'.^'!; ° •'"^ ''"'• T '^"''*^ ^'^''' '''"'Bhter of John MacManus, 
^k^aTE^horCco"™'^' "l,^'^'*'^'"'.^^' ^^"^ E™. -• 

Charles Sotheean (ist husband), of Trinity Squ 
gent, eldest surviving son of Thomas Sothetan, of I 
H,':.°^!'^'J*?*' t'„<h= parish church, Paddi(gton, Middlesex,' 

inf., 4 November, 1871, and bu 
al Salford, CO. Lancaster. 

!. LvELEEN Frances Belasyse 
SoTHERAN, bom 15 December, 
1872, at Moss Side, co. Lancaster. 

Elize Hirst, bom 22 February, 1830, ^John Pownall Sawell (2nd husband), of Her Miiesiv'. 
Mer, ob. 27 December, .868, | Customs House, London, married at (SkS iS-S^d 
ob. in Melbourne, Australia. ' 

aged 39, and buried at Brompton Cemetery, 

and married 12 October, 1871, at Dunham 
_L,, M.A., of Bowden and Altrincham, co. 






I si 

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11 e g- 

--gHS g^ 

E ~ g ^ S 

I i £ rl 


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sss: .-or 

ij E.b-gK-S.i 


J^ 6 = i.r=~ ti 





-5 t;£u g gHS..u SO?cgp-s S>J 

3 S," 

2 pa; I 







:ti<Sg ="11 

,«g5^««, >.t2 

^rx porlounMid.i'. fill to ■El3*^'Hmw5aVtoii™al*dsr'£15"^ 
£36; yorkshire. Derbyshire. Lviccsterchire, aicsjilre. Notte, 
Llncolnsllire, 'Dancaehiie, StAHc^dsbiic, IVortba.nipU>Dfillije, GIoii- 

cJusEPARLOUHMATd WMted, two latliee 
£22-£26.— 85. Dragon Parade?. Harrogate. 


field , Pann al AaQi, Harrogate. 

HOUSE-PARLOUKMAID wanted, experienced, good 
cleaner: 3 maids; good reierence.— Mrs. Leather. R 
gjt rth. Bcn- Rbyd ding . 

1st; good reference; 3 ia family; four other maide.— 
A pplyMiss Sla ter, Ashd own, Ap perley Bridge, 

WANTED, H0USE-PAIlLOtJRMAIDl~quiet family; cook 
kept; good relerences es&entiaJ.— airs. Grimshaw, Aok- 

HOUSEMAID wanted. -Mj8. Mathers. Belvedere. Newton 
Roa d, L eede. 

MRS. REEVES requires 3rd Housemaid of 4. near I 
£20. includine beer, sugar .—Ag^-ncy . Derby. 


i.x-i:-n.ii:.iM.r.u Ji^uoii.i\]-AiJj waniea; etiate Age, lull par- 
ticulars.— Write S., 1. Afl-gyle Road. Hesketh Park, South- 

good references; no washing.— Mrs. Robert 
Bank. Keighley. 

House. Bradford. 

HOUSEMAID (siugle-bajided) required; 2 in la 
la&t employer and date of leaving last sitaat 
Olevelapd. c.o. Mes^-rs EUerbecfce, 54, Bold Street. 

HOUSEMAID, experienced, wanted. Southport; 
girl as Brtweeniuaid, lour keot: etate aee. rp 

Post. Leeds. 

Brtweeniuaid. lour kept; state age, religion.— SI 7. 

UNDER HOUSEMAID. -Young Girl requin 
tion.— Address, giving all particuUtrs? to 
Mr. Birohal l. 17, Ja m es Btrest. Liyerpoo J. I 

rcfis. givijag^ ajl particuUirs! 
X2, Tlie York.4iLi-e Post. Leeds. 


butlers kept.— Bobei-ts's E«Blstry. 42, Woodsley Bead. 

. Littlo Ilorton Lane, Bradiord. 

WANTED, Bret week in April, etrong. willing Under HOUSB- 
MAID, ago 18 to 20.-M1-S. J, H, Kaye, Norwood, Hud- 

lid preferred; 
~Hei.v"0^^n7'35;'Batb Street,' Huddersfield 

and housemaid 

BONUS and good wages oBered to HOUaEMAID, accustomed 
to wait table occasionally; good needlewoman: country, 
near Leodi; fullest particulars.— S162. The Yorkshire Poet, 

, Shropsliire, Oheahii 

rUlOO HOUSEMAID-WAITBBSS required; parlourmaid kept; 
vy good waS€S---1068, The Yoj kaliitc Post. Bradford. 

WASTED, superior HOUSEMAID-WAITEESS. to live at 
Sattk; £24.-Addrg!s 1066, The Yorkshire Post. Bradford. 

famil y; wa g es £24.— Aire. J oseph Auty, .MayviUe, Batlcy. 

VSjrANTIU), H0USEMAID-WArrRE.3S.— Aoply, with rafer- 

Cottage. Ukley. 

WANTED immediately, young HOUSEMAID-WAXTEBas, 
family 3; good wagee: references.— Sowdeu. Wilmer Villa. 
Heaton, Bradford, 

1 kept.— Apply RTrB Dodgson, Riseborough,' Oticy 

WANTED, first week in April, HOnSBSMAID-WAJTBB&S; 
age. wage, reference.— 1089. The Yorkshire Post, Brad- 


age and experience, and 
liberty,- Mrs. Firth. 13, Burton Cicsccnt, Headlngiey. 

EXPERIIINCED CoHee-Toom WAITRESS wanted ; abjc to take 
entire ohargi ' ' ' ._...._.. 

Ullswirter, Penrith, 

! good carver, Joi- Patterdalo Hotel, 

"MTAITB^S (Head), thoroughly experienced, fo 
V V country hotel.- Apply, stating age, height, a 
situations held, to Manager. Furnees Abbey Hotel. 

HOUSE-CHAJVIBEHJSIAID wanted for small hotel, cipori- 
enced: good wag^s; references required. Also Useful Help. 
assist aU dutios.-W204 The Yorksnire . Post. Leeds. o 

WANTED immediately, young H0USE-9EWINGMAID, 
dressmaker; lull particulars.-iVIrs. Stewart Smith, 

aiiornton. Oa£ro.vd Hall, Birken- 
iNTED, Single-handed KITOHENlLAIDj quiet country 

Jtt dairy icminl 
A ddress X 04. Tb 

WANiED,- a Ftroig young eirl as KITCHENMAID, ago 
about lb to 18; wa«M £14._Add1» to Mil. Arthur Dor. 



JliK/U.- » — .. — /f/6. 



lorkshire has a, special mfcerest m tlie judgment 
■Inch was delivered yesterday iu the Sling^by appeal 
case, although, io point of fact, neither the present 
estates in question nor, of cour^se, his 
brothers, the appellants, ca.n claim direct descent from 
the Slingsbys of Soriven Park. Knaresboroug-h, to whose 
claimed the child. Charles Eugene 
Edward, was entitled to succeed in the ordinary course 
from the following outhne 
of the family hist<.i-y. the estates in the year 1899 passed, 
:'f the lasit male representative of the 
by maiTiage. namely, the Rev. Charles 
Slinfi-sby Atkinson (father of Commander Charles 
Henry Reynard Slingsby, R.X.). who thenceforward 
med the name of Slingsby. The Slingsby records, 
nevertheless, are &o notable a part of local history that 
ded for reviewing- briefly their s-alient 

One of the oldest families in Yoifchire, the SHngsbys 
frodi a raoo of park^ rangers who held 
the Crown in the ancient Forest of Knares- 
:t is recorded that in the year 1311 a William 
Slengesby was made Warden of the Manors of the 
Knights of Ribbeetayn, and he it was. probably, who 
by marriage with JoKfcuna, heiress of Henry de Scriven, 
founded the line of the SHngsbys of Scriven. The De 
Scrivens were people of even greater mipottance. The 
story runs that in the time of Henry III. there was 
Gamellys, to whom and his heirs was granted the 
stewardship of the Forest, and whose posterity took the 
Screven or Scriven from the place of their 
habitation, the word meaning a cave. The appointment 
apparentJy was ratified when Johanna de Scriven 
married William de Slingsby, for tliere is evidence that 
when Edward ITT. was at Knaresborough in 1333 lie 
selected this William do Slingsby as leader of the 
Foresters in the campaign against Berwick. 

The first representative of the two families mentioned 
in Burke is John de Slingsby, who died in 1513 from 
wounds received in Flodden Field. Several of his 
immediate descendants distinguished themselves in 
the service of the State and were knighted, but it was 
reserved for the 6fth of the line — Sir Harry, tlio loyal 
CavaHer. whom Cromwell beheaded in 1658 — to begin 
the liufl of baronets which was. extinguished on tho 
death of Sir Charles Slingsby, tho tenth baronet, in 
18B9. The story of that tragic event has often been 
told. Sir Charles, as Master of the York and Aijisty 
Hunt, was one of the ill-fated sportsmen who, whilo 
m full chase of a fos, were drowned in the Uro near 
Newby Hall by the capsizing of tlie ferry-boat. His 
horse, SaltGsh, becoming restive, caused the upset, 
and iu tho confusion of horses and men that followed 
there was great difficulty in effecting rescues. Sir 

of hi 

George Wombwell 

Maeter was carried do- 

have been seized with 

ashore. Nearly 300 ye 

befallen the eldest son of one of his aacestors, who 

was drowned iu the Nidd while endeavouring to save 

the life of a servant of the house. 

As tl^e last baronet was unmarried. Scriven passed 
to his sister, the last remaining Slingsby of Scriven, 
who espoused Captain Thomas Leslie. She, however, 
left no issue, and on her deatli in 1899, her cousin, 
the Rev. Charles Slingsby Atkinson, succeeded to the 
estates and took the name of Slingsby, under the will 
of her brother, Mr. Atkinson was the eldest son of tho 
Rev. Thomas Atkinson (rector of Kirby Sigston, North, 
allerton), brother of the 10th baronets mother. Thus, 
there is no blood relationship with the SUngsbys, the 
Atkinsons, indeed, on their part, tracing their descent 
from a common ancestry with the Atkinsons of Mor- 
land and Temple Sowerby. who settled m the north- 
em counties about the time of Henry I. The connection 
w;ith tho Slingsbys is showu in the following table :— 

tarles Slingiby R^t. Thomas Atkir 
Margaret liom 1806 died 18 



br.rn 1847 died 1912 


by order v.f thf tyrant CromuLll, he was translated 

.\t Red House. Moor Monkton. which the Slingfeby» 
acquired by purchase from William Fairfax, Sir Henry- 
had entertained Charles I. many years earlier, namely, 
in 1633, when tho monarch atter^ed tho races oii 
Acomb Moor, and saw his host's horso win the PIate,> 
To Red House also camo the Duke of York in 1665, 
when the estates had been restored, and Sir Thomas 
Slingsby, the second barouet. had succeeded his father^ 
Sir Thomas, like others of his line before and after, 
sat in ParHament for Knarcbborough, ivnd besides beincr 
High Sheriff for Yorkshire, he held office as Constablu 
of Scarborough Castle. Ho died in J673, and was in turu 
succeeded by his eldest son. Henry, whose brother 
Thomas became the fourth baronet, and left three eons 
to bear the title. The fii'st of these left no issue, and ths 
others died unmarried, so the title and estates went 
to Thomas Turner Slingsby (the 8th Baronet), 
named in the above extract from the family tree, who 
was the son of the 4th Baronet's youngest son. Thus, 
still without a break from father to son,, the title de- 
scended until the 10th Baronet's melancholy end in the 
Rivec Ure brought the male line to an end- Tlia 
eldest daughter of Sir Thomas the 4th Baronet, by the 
way, married in 1714 Thomas Duncombe of Helmslev, 
from whom the Earls of Feversham are descended. 

The last of the Slingsbys to inherit the Scriven estates 
was, as we have seen, the 10th Baronet's sister. In tha 
232 years that had elapsed smce tho baKiuetcy wa» 
granted there had been seven g-euerations of the family 
at Sc-iivcn; and no fewer ihan live of tho -ten holders 
of the title died unmarried or without i.%£ue. Here i-i 
another interesting fact. ^ At Ilanogate, a.a we have, 
seep, one of the SUngsby race discovert-d th* Old ^^p-i- 
wafers, and it was at Harrogate, too, that Ciiarlt;? 
Slingsby. younger son of Sir Thoma; Turner Slingsby, 
nlade a discovery of another sort, lor hu thora first met 
Miss Atkinson, the lady who became his v ife, and thus 
established the connection with the Atkinson famiK, 
a member of which on the death o- hi. daiiq^bttn- (the 

last Slingsby of Scrivp;. .,,;.■ .-I i,,-.. , , i; oc tho 

estates. Staying w;iii 1. .■''..■■•. [': . ; lintel 

whose title also becMiii' '.\:i-. i ■..■ liad 

Beyond the heirlooms it ccMi'.i: *' ■ - nou 

Park has little or nothing to ^i... ■■ .- ■■■ ■ >■!. -.mHi 
medieval times. It is a ^tou.--.' ■ ....-,■ ...itiuL; 
apparently from tao beginniui^ oi a,., iTt., ..^;ii.m-y, 
and occupying the site of the aueiciu builduig whi^-h 
Sir Henry Slingsby. the Royalist, d--s<.ribca in his 

visited it in 1639 from Red IIou>c. His purpose, he 
wrote, was "to order the repair of it"; so jnsatis- 
factory was its condition that ho had to borrow fi rni- 
ture from his tenants before he and his wife z.\\^ 
daughter could settle down for the night. 

^^etiijjree of ^mptl). 

CTvtst :— A demi bull 

-Erm. on a bend between two 
t or armed and homed of the 

Hodgson, of Bolton, = 


John Smyth, of Myresba- 

SAEELL, daughter of Randall Wood, by Alice, his wife, daugh- 
ter of Margetson, of Drighlinton, co. York, and sister 

of James Margetson, Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of 
Ireland, ob. 26 September, 1711, aged 83. buried at Bradford. 

Richard Smyth, of Myre- 
shaw, eldest son and heir, 
baptized 25 July, 1652, mar- 
ried Grace, daughter of 
James SianclifF, of Bagby 
Hall, near Halifax. He died 
10 November, 1721, aged 
69, buried at Bradford. 

Hannah, daugh* 
heiress of Richard 
Harrison, of Wake- 
field, married 11 Oc- 
tober, 1683, and died 

buried at Wakefield. 

d=JOHN Smyth, of Heath, near= 
Wakefield, CO. York, Esq., 
which estate he bought in 
1709, baptized at Wibsey, 
27 September, 1654, a J. P. 
for West Riding, and died 
25 December, 1729, aged 
76, buried at Wakefield. 

Mary, dau. and heiress= 
of William Wilton, of 
Stead Sike, relict of 
John Mitchell. of 
Scout, CO. York, ob. 
22 April, 1700, aged 
38, buried at Wake- 

heir ; gent com. Lin- 
coln College, Oxford, 
and J. P. West Riding, 
CO. York, bom i3 Jan.. 
1685, and died 31 May, 

Robert Franke, of 
Pontefract, Esq., by 
EUzabeth, his wife, 
dau. and co-heiress 
of Ralph Lowther, 
of Ackworth Park, 

gh-=THOMAS Stand- 
ISH, of Duxbury. 
CO. Lane. , son and 
heir of Sir Thos. 
Standish. of Dux- 
bury, Bart. (2nd 
■ ■ l.o.v.p. 

Richard Smyth, oi 
Wakefield, mer- 
chant, bom i8 Feb., 

Anne, eldest dau. 
of Francis Wheat- 
ley, of Wooltey, 
M.B., co-heiress 
to her brother, 
Michael Wheat- 

I i I 

•H Smyth, eldest Catherine Smyth, Sir Franke Standish, John Smyth, of Heath, Esq., 

;r, and eventually sole bom 27 February, succeeded his grand- J. P. for West Riding, co. 

bom 12 November, 1728, died unmar- father as baronet of York, succeeded as heir male 

narried 13 January, ried 24 May, 1752. Duxbury, but died to the estates at Heath, 

) Robert Ramsden, of s. p., 16 May, 1812. Myreshaw, &c., bora 13 Sep- 

in, CO. Notts [see that tember, 1715, married 6 May, 

= 1746. and died 10 April, 

/|\ 1771. buried at Kirkthorpe. 

Bridget, daughter Richard Smyth, bora 16 June, 
and sole heiress of 1718, ob. 21 January, 1719. 
Benjamin Foxley, James Smyth, bora 13 July, 
"7i9^ob. 20 Dec. following. 

, of London, 
born at Wim- 
bledon. CO. Sur- 
rey, 29 August, 
1725, and died 17 
February, 1800. 

Rev. Thomas Smyth, 

rector of Hemsworth, co. York, 
bom 9 July, 1724, and died 
23 December, 1763, s. p. 

The Right Honourable John Smyth. P.C, only issue, bom 12 -The Right Honourable Lady Georgiana Fitzroy, eldest 
February, 1748. He was successively Lord of the Admiralty, I daughter of Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton. She died 10 
and Treasury, and Master of the Mint, and 25 years M.P. for January, 1799, aged 41, buried at Kirkthorpe. His Majesty, 
Pontefract, married at St. George's, Hanover Square, 4june, | Kir " ' ' - ■ • 

1778, and died 12 Febraary, 1811. 

Cing George 3, stood her godfather in person. 

. Mary Smyth, bora 28 June, 

1767, died s. p. 
. Anne Smyth, bora 22 June, 

1771, and died February, 1773. 

Sarah Caroline {ist wife), 2nd=JoHN Henry Smyth, Esq., ol 
daughter of Henry Ibbetson. of St. Heath Hall, M.P. for the Uni- 
Anthony's, co. Northumberland, versity of Cambridge, bom 20 
Esq., married 25 July, 1810, and March, 1780, and died 20 Octo- 

= Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth George Smyth, late a colonel in= 

j Anne Fitzroy (2nd wife), 3rd the Guards, bom 6 November. I 

daughter of George Henry, Duke 1782; on his marriage, in 1811, 

of Grafton, married 16 April, he assumed the name and arms of 

John George Smyth, Esq., of=Hon. Diana Bosvn 


K, C.B., Major-Gene- 
ral and Knight of the Legion 
of Honour, born s April, 1816, 
married, 28 June, 1S65, Rebecca, 
eldest daughter of the late Thomas 
Pierce, Esq., and niece of Thomas 
Davies, Esq.. of 


Elizabicth Sarah Smyth, married, 6 August, 1836. to Abra- 
ham George Robarts, Esq. 

Louisa Georgiana Smyth, married, 15 April, 1841, to Gervase 
P.arker Bushe. Esq.. attache to the Legation at Hanover, and 
died I November. 1842. 

Maria Isabella Smyth, married, 1854, to Vice-Admiral Robert 
Fitzroy, who died 1865. 

Frances Smyth, married to General Thomas Wood, of Littleton, 
Surrey, who died in 1872. 


Smyth, of Heath Hall. 

13 September, 1841. 
. Henry Edward Smyth, bom 26 March, 1842/3, 

and died i8/ig February, 1850. 
, William James Smyth, Rifle Brigade, bora 

I November, 1847. 
. Frederick Augustus Smyth, bom 14, and 

died 30 June, 1850. 

1. Diana Elizabeth Matilda Smyth, born S 
March, 1838, married, 21 April, 1858, to Henry, 
Earl of Hare wood. 

2. Laura Harriet Smyth, bom 8 March. 1840, 
married, 26 November, 1868, to John Hardy 
Thursby, Esq., eldest son of the Rev. William 
Thursby, of Ormerod House, Burnley. 

3. Mary Caroline Smyth, bom 7 March, 1844. 

4. Eva Laura Smyth, bom 13 April, 1854. 

of 3|eatf) lalL 

oms' heads, erased az., three lozenges, or. 

e, and gorged with a collar az., charged with three lozenges, and rimmed of the s 

York, bom 1594, ob. 1656, ■ 

Thomas Smyth, married by Sir 
Savile, J. P., 3 October, 1654, d 
1661, aged 39, s. p. 

, died unmarried 

Sandal, of Idle, 

Smyth married to John 

= Henrietta Catherine, daughter of William 
Metcalfe, of North AUerton, and Sand 
Hutton, CO. York, by his wife, Anne, daugh- 
ter of Sir George Marwood, of Little Busby 
HaU, CO. York. Bart., and widow of John 
Batt, of OakweU Hall, co. York, Esq.. to 
whom she was married at York Minster, 
15 January, 1694/5. She was baptized at 
St. Olave's, York, 21 July, 1674, and mar- 
ried, andly, 19 Sept., 1708, to John Smyth, 
of Heath. Esq., but died s. p. in 1740, 
buried at St. Olave's, will dated 26 Novem- 

HOMAS Smyth, 


William Smyth, baptized at 

JAMES Smyth, of Man-= 

baptized at Wibsey. 

Wibsev, 19 luly, 1667, died 

ninghara, co. Yorlt, 

merchant, baptized at 

ber, 1656. was 

died in 168., unl 

Wibsey, I June, 1669. 

a merchant at 


Wibsey, 23 June, 1650, and 

married, isl. Mary, 

he died, unmar- 

baptized at Wibsey, 

Alice Smyth, baptized al 

Beaumont, of The 

ried, in 1682, 

30 April, 1665, died 

Wibsey, 24 February, 1660, 

Oal<s, m Darton. She 

unmarried in 1684, 

Ob. 166s. 

died s. p. He died 

aged 19. 

IMary Smyth, baptized at 

10 October, 1720, 

Wibsey, 28 June, 1671, ob, 

aged SI. 

Thomas Smyth, bom 23 
January, 1692, ob. 24 
March. 1693. 

Elizabeth {ist wife). =John 

of Robert 
Haigh. of Storth, 

parish of Hudders- 

March, 1733. ob. 20 
Nov.. 1734, aged 23. 

. of Holbeck. =Cathe 

Hetherington,born 1705, 
ob. 22 April, 1758, buried 
in the chancel of St. Pe- 

Ann Smyth, died 21 November, 1734. 


{2nd wife). Jam 
of Richard V^ 
1, of Balby, Y\ 

r of Geo. 
of Ken- 

Dighton, of 

of Wm. Brooke, 
of Dodwonh, 
CO. York, gent., 
died at Field 
Head, in Dod- 

at Silkstone. 

Mary Smyth, baptized 21 Dec, 1709, mar- 
ried, 7 Feb., 1743. to Henry Stewart, 
of Dublin, Commander of the Success, 
man-of-war. and in the squadron which 
sailed round the worid with Lord An- 
son, and died 16 June. 1746. 

Isabella Smyth, bom in 1711, married to 
William Drake, vicar of Hatfield and 
Full Sutton. CO. York, to whom she was 
istwife, and had issue a son. Nathaniel. 
suffocated in the black hole at Calcutta. 

Henrietta Catherine 

JAMES Smyth, of= 

Smyth, bom 30 Sept., 1716, 

and died 3 Sept., 1722. 

son and heir, born 

29 Sept., 1737, 

July, 1720, and died 21 Dec. 

married at Leeds, 

2 Oct., 1766, and 

Hannah Smyth, born 14 Sep- 

ters, Leeds. 

tember, 1726, died unmar- 

ried 16 Jan., 1777. 


lord of 1 

the manor of 1 



built the 




born 7 M 



^i Mm 

. Richard Smyth, bom iS 3. Daniel Smyth, bom 28 Feb., 
Aug.. 1745, a merchant at 1742, and died 21 Sept.. 1746. 
Wakefield, mar. Jane, dau. 6. THOMAS Smyth, bom 30 May. 
of T. Brecknock, Esq., of 1751, and died at Dewsbury. 
Peakirk. co. Northants, January, 1772, unmarried. 

I. Frances Smyth, a twin with 
James, died 27 Febmary, 1739. 

and died 1765. 
. Robert Smy- 
April. 1748, and died 

the East 
India Company, at Bengal, 
unmarried, 23 September, 

Catherine Smyth, bom : 
Sept., 1740, mar. at St. Mary's 
Cray. co. Kent, 22 Sept., 1766, 

[ Sm'TH, of Bowcliffe, 
York, bom 27 August, 
?7. He left no legitimate 

{See Egginton pedjf 

[ May, Catherine Smyth, born 
7 November. 1780. 
1804. to Thomas Osborne, of Elizabeth Smyth, bom 
WiUerby, near Hall. = 18 September, 1782. 

eldest daughter and Thomas Smyth, bom 

Daniel Wilson. died unmarried. 

of Dallam Tower, co. West- Charles Smyth, a major in 

moreland.died 29May. 1831. 1786, died unmarried i3 J 

June, 1784, captain R.N., 

n the army, bom 8 January, 

\ 18 1 5. of a wound re- 
i of Quatre Bras. 



Caroline E 

June. _i78g 

Anne Smyth, bom 23 Maria Bridget Frances 

1779. died 5 May, 1864. Smyth, bom 14 Novem- 

RiDGET Smyth, born 20 ber. 1796. and died 30 

and died 3 September January, 1813. 

George Edward Wilson. =Gertrude Mary, 

Esq-, of Dallam Tower. I 
CO. West., J.P. andD.L., | 
High Sheriff. 184950, I 
bom 17 November, 1814. | 
married 3 March. 1842. I 

daughter of Wil- 
liam Hulton, 
Hulton Park, . 

George Crowle Wilson, bom 23 April, 1846. 
Charles Henry Wilson, bom 28 December. 1847. 
Edward Hugh Wilson, bom 3 Febmary, 1849. 
Gertrude Sophia Wilson. 
Harriet Maria Wilson, died 29 December, 1851. 
Emily Sarah Wilson. 

Frederick John 
Wilson, captain 
52nd kegt.,bom25 
jfuly, 1821, married, 
29 January, 1852, 
Louisa, daughter of 
Rev. H. Higginson. 
She died 7 Sept., 
1858, J./. 

Georgiana Wilson, 

Elizabeth Ani 

Frances Wilson. 

29 Dec, 1842. 

Mary Laura Wilson, mar- 
ried to Charies James Hare, 
of Wormley Lodge, co. 
Herts, and died 21 April, 

3^etiigree of ^pemer^g)tanf)ope, of Cannon ^alL 













Isabella (2nd wife). = Sir Richard Stanhope, lord of Elstwyke, Northumberland, and Usworth, co. Durham, = 
I mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 24 Edward 3. In 24 Edward 3 he was rewarded I 

for his services (presumably against the Scots) with one-third part of the village and 
I fishery of Paxton, with the appurt '- '^--"— -• 

! {ist wife), daughter and heiress of Houghton, of Houghton, co. Durham. 

Elizabeth (2nd wife), daughter and heiress of Thomas = Sir John Stanhope; in 

' ' — '^ugdale, in Anstey, CO. Warwick, 1373. /«?-£ 

inhopetobeson), married, 2ndlv, Edward 3, 

makes Sir Richard Stanhc 

to Roger de Axley (? had a son, Ralph, 

husband). She died s. ->., 8 Richard 2. 

he had licence to travel to Rome. M.P. for Newcastle 1359, of Rampton=ELiZABETH (istwife), daughterand heiressof Stephen Maulovel, of Ramp- 
yor of Newcastle 41 Edward 3, escheator for the counties ot Notts and Derby 48 | ton, co. Notts, by Elizabeth, his wiie. daughter and eventual heiress of 
Notts and Derby 6 Henry 4, died 14 Henry 4. Sir John Longvilliers, brought to her husband Rampton. &c. 

John Stanhope, of Oxton, co. Notts, married, 3 Richard 2, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edmund Pierrepoint, of Holme 
Pierrepomt, co. Notts, died s. p. 

= Sir Richard Stanhope, of Rampton, found heir to Agnes de Everingham, 22 Richard 2, = 
I Knight of the Bath at the coronation of Henry 4, M.P. for Nottingham 4, 5, 6, and 
8 Henry 4, 9 Henry 5, and i, 8, 9, and 12 Henry 6, sheriff of Nottingham 6 Henry 4, died 
I on Easter Monday, 1436, seised of the manors of Rampton. Egmanton, Skegby, South 
I Gotham, and the third part of the manor of Tuxford, co. Nottingham, and of the manors 
I of Ratcliffe. Cuiley, Anstey, &c., co. Warwick. 

Maud {and wife), daughter of Ralph 
Cromwell, and sister and heiress of 
Ralph Lord Cromwell, of Tatters- 

Stephen Stanhope. 

Robert Stanhope. 

Ralph Stanhope. 

Margaret Stanhope, married to Giles St. 

Lowe, and was aftenvards the 3rd wLc ot Hen. 

Stalham, of Morley, co. Derby. Shed. 1381. 

Thomas Stan- Elizabeth 1 

hope. wife of Wm. 

James Stan- Fledburgh, 

Dame Catherine Ratcliffe 
of Richard Molineux, of Tev 
widow of Sir Robert Ratchffe. 

Stanhope, Sir Richard Stanhope, = 
Bassett, of Knt., died 2 March, 10 I 
Esq., and Henry 6 (1432), buried 

Markham, of East 
ham, CO. Notts, Knt., chief 
justiceofthe King's Bench, 
1462, died 16 Henry 6 

Vnne, or Joan, 
wife of Sir Ro- 
bert Strelley,of 
Strelley, co. 

Ienky Stanhope, Jc 
3r Henry 6, buried 


ried to Humphrey Matilda, or Maud, Stanhope, married, ist, to Robert, 5th Lord Willoughby de Eresby. Earl of Vendosme in 

Henry, ist Earl of France, by whom she had a daughter, married to Richard. Lord Welles ; 2ndly, to Sir Thomas Neville, Knt., 

It the battle of Bar- younger son of Richard, Earl of Salisbury, slain at the battle of Wakefield, 31 December, 1460 ; and 3rdly, to Sii 

i Lord Cromwell/artf Gervase CUfton, of Clifton, Notts. (? of Scots Hall, in Bradboume. co. Kent, who, being 1 * " '" 

s. p. fahe married, 2ndiy, tc 
liff, in right of his wife Lore 

i of Tewkesbury, 
30 August, 1497, 
before the high al 

Ralph, Lord Cromwell. 

(ist wife). daughter=JOHN Stanhope, of Rampton, aged 24 and more 14 Henry 6, and 33 in 1436, lived till 12 Edward 4 or later, M.P. for co. = Elizabeth (2nd wife), dau. of Sir Thomas 
—' -- VT_.._ __^ "'-■■- 28, 31, and 38 Henry 6, and 9 and 12 Edward 4, and was thrice sheriff of the cos. of Nottingham and Derby (viz., I Talbot, of Bashall, co. York, marriage 
' '" ' ' ^ - Henry 6 he was in the commission for the array of men in the cos. of Nottingham and covenants agreed to by his grandfather 

Nicholas Stanhope. 

William Stanhope. Ralph Stanhope. 

33 Henry 6, 2 and 3 Edward 4), 36 Henry 6 he was in t 
Derby. It is generally supposed that he t " "' 

r of Haughton church, and the south side of tl 

Sir Richard Stanhope, 5 Henry 6. 

ppr. for Spenceb, 

I bis paws a grenade firing ppr., 

Thomas Stanhope, of Rampton. Esq., son and heir, 14 Edward 4 ; he was retained by indenture to attend=MAR 
the king in person in his wars in France, wth one man-at-arms and ten archers, receiving j^2o 19s. 6d. in I ani 
hand towards his wages on that account. of 

daughter of John (? Edward), 
sister of Edward Jemingham, 
)mer Leyton, co. Sunolk. 

Henry Stanhope, 2nd=JOAN, dau. and heiress of Michael Stanhopi 
son, of Stoke Rochford I Henry Rochford, of Stoke 
Jure uxoris. \ Rochford, co. Lincoln. 

, a principal commande 
12 June, 2 Henry 7, wh 
lal Castle, 17 Novembei 

; the battle of Stoke, 2 Henry 7, and also m 
he was knighted, sheriff of Notts, and Derby, 
\ Henry 7, died 6 June, 1511. 

= Elizabeth (2nd wife), dau. of Foulke Bouchier, Lord Fitz- Warren, grandson of William, Earl of John Stanhope. = 
I Ewe, in Normandy, by Ann, his wife, youngest daughter and sole heiress oi Thomas Plan- I 

ly, to Sir Richard Page, of Beechwood, CO. Herts. Knt. I 

, of Woodstock. She 

■ Edmund, = Alice, married. 2ndly. 
I to Sir Edward Davell. 

riiCHASDSTAXHOPE,=AN>-E. youDgest daughter and John Stanhoi 

cc Rampton. Esq.. 1 coheixess of John StreUey, Marianne 

eaiesi soQ. 10 years of StreUey, co. Nottingham, Stanhope. 

c^ a^ at his fathers Esq.. grandson of Sir Robert Elizabeth 

tfeadi. died 21 |an.. ; StreUey. by Agnes Stanhope. Stanhope. 

*5^9- I She married, 2ndly, to John 

1 Markham, of Ollerton, Notts, 

Sir Michael Stanhope, Knt., 30 Henry 8. In 28 Henry B he had 

solved monastery there, wii, 

he was constituted the king's steward of the lordship of Holderness 
letters patent dated 28 February ; knighted 

governor of Hull, gentleman of the privy chamber to K: Edward 6, M.P. for 
■ " ' "' 

. , In 35 Henry 8, 

of Cottingham, co. York, by | 

Hampton Court, 37 Henry 8 ; 

Notts. I Edward t 

lnna, daughter of Nicholas 
Rawson, of Aveley Bell- 
house, CO. Essex. Esq., 
survived, and died 20 Feb., 
1587, buried at Shelford. 

Thomas Stanhope, = Margari 

impnsonea in me lower 1540 and 1551, beheaded on Tower 
Thomas Arundel, Sir Ralph Vane, and Sir Miles Partridge, 1 

eb., 1551, at t 
t in Shelford c 

of Somerset, the Protector. 
She mar., 2ndly, to Francis 
Newdigate, Esq., and died 
16 April, _ 1587. and was 

dau. of Margaret Stanhope, dau. Joan Stanhope, daughter 

She mar. , 2ndly, and co-heiress, married to and co-heiress, mamed to 

to Richard Stanworth, of Thomas Siceffington, of Skef- Humphrey Hersey. of 

Blackburn, and her children fington, co. Lane, ancestor Grove, co. Notts. Esq.. 

being young were sometimes of the Sheffington, Lords and had Sir John Hersey. 

called by that name. Masserine. She died i Jan., 

i afterwards purchased one-fifth of the= 

^ ,.J 

Esq., of Horsforth, 

Beatrice Stanhope. 

Margaret Stanhope. 

A>->-E (istwife). daughter of Fraiicis=JoHN STANHOPE, of Horsforth, 
Rawden. of Rawden. I Tinley, D.D., by whom he had 

3HN Stanhope, Esq.. — Hannah, daughter of Leon Hors- Eliz 

bairisler-ai-Iaw, of Gravs I man. Esq. She married, 3ndly, Jo 

Ina died ii 21 June. to Captain Henry Beale. and Maf 

16^^ aged 63. I died 18 August. 1708. m: 

RETH Stanhope, married to 
1 Ray, of Gomersal. 
Stanhope, died at Leeds, un- 
ried, 18 March (? Nov.). 1696. 

Francis Stanhope, of Leeds, J 

Richard Stanhope, of EccleshilI,=ANNE, daughter of Francis 
buried at Bradford, 25 Feb., 1659. I Allanson, of Leeds, Esq. 

ried to Henry Thompson, Esq. 

!. Richard Stan- 3. Walter Stan- 
hope, baptized at hope, baptized at 
Calverley, 12 June, Bradford, 7 Decem- 
1650. ber, 1651. 

John Stanhope, Esq.. of Horsforth, J.I 

, married to Henry Hedges, Esq., 

John Stanhope. Esq., of Horsforth, 

Paynell, Esq. She died s 

Esq., married 21 October, 1783, died 16 December, 

, Esq.. of Carlton Hall, 

died voung. 
26 Septem- 

John Spencer-Stan- 
hope. Esq., of Can- 
non HaU and Hors- 
forth Hall. CO. York. 
J.P. and D.L., bom 
27 May, 1787, 

; Lady Elizabeth Edward Collingwood, 

■ died 8 November. 

, Nortl 

of Dissington HaU, 
umberland. in 1816 assumed I 
the name of Collingwood, by 
letters patent, in compliance | 
■with the testamentary injunc- I 
tion of his great uncle, Edward | 
Collingwood, Esq., ' 
Oct., 1791, marriei 

= WlLLIAM RODDAM, of Rod-: 

Hen- Thomas 

high sheriff 1834, succeeded ] 

,om 30 

in September, 
183s. and died 
in July, 1837. 

and godfather, 
bert Roddam, 
assumed, in con 

. (2nd 
wife), daugh- 

Cotes, Esq.. 

of Weaver- 


\ ^ 

of Carlisle, and Southwell, 

time a captain in the Grenadier 
Guards, and page of honour to 
Geo. 3 and 4, a general in the 
army, and colonel 13th Light In- 
fantry, married, 2 May, 1865, 
Mary Catherine, widow of Ed- 
ward Rowland Strickland, Esq. 
She died 25 July following. 

id. CO. York, by Winifred, his wife, daughter of Edward Collingwood, 

"T rii rni 

■lucH Spencer-Stan- Marianne Stanhope. Eliza Stanhope, died 
HOPE, of the Middle mar. to Robert Hud- an infant. 
Temple, barrisler-at- son, of Tudworth Isabella Stanh 

Allen, Alnwick, mar., 
II May, 1848, Amy 
Anne, sth dau. of 

Henry Percy Pidleine, 

Esq., and died s. 

24. December, 1871 

edSept.. 1862. Frances I 


lied 17 March, Maria A 

', Catherine Stanhope, ried. 

Walter Thomas William Spencer-Stan-= 
hope, of Cannon Hall, B.A. and M.A. o: 
Christ Church. Oxford. M.P. for South Divi. 
son of West Riding 

ministralive battalion West York Rifles, J.P. 
and D.L. for West Riding, deputy-chairman 
of Quarter Sessions, bora 21 December, 1827. 
mairied 17 January, 1856. 

A, John Roddam Spencer-Stanhope, Anna Maria Wilhe 
daughter of Sir of Hill House, near Barnsley, born Stanhope, married. I 
John Jacob Bux- 21 January, 1829, married, January, 1853. to Percival 
ton. Bart., of 1859, Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of John Pickering. Esq., Q.C. 

Shadwell Court, King, Esq., of Preston and Andover, Eliza AnK" 
Norfolk, Hants, and relict of George Frederick married. 

Dawson, captain in the army, and had the Rev. 1^ 
a daughter, Mary, died young. Tynvhiti. 

LiciA Stan- 


Howard Collingwo( 
Esq., of Dissington, 
Northumberland. b< 
! July, 1823, married 
■augh, --■ 

Canada, and c 


ried. May. 1856, ti 
Robert Gordon Calthrop, <. 

T of Col. 

Calthrop and his 

The Rev. Robert 

by royal 
1868, the 

; Northumberland Light 

Cecil Collingwood. 

Charles William 
in H. O., M.A. Merton College, Oxford, 
vicar 01 Crowion, Cheshire, bom 30 May, 

Fredk. Walter Spencer-Stanhope, 
lieutenant 13th P. A. Light infantry, 
bom 8 Feb., 1848. 

Arthur Collingwood Spencer-Stan- 
hope, b. 16 Aug., 1842, d. 20 Aug., 1843. 

Stanhope, died April. 185a 
Laura Winifred Spencer 
Stanhope, died 21 January. 

Edwabd Collingwood Spencek-Stanhope. bom 2 March, 1863. 

Hugh Robert Spencer-Stanhope, bom 21 April, 1864. and died 6 January, 

Philip Beetie Spencer-Stanhope, bom 17 December, i863. 

Mary Gertrude Spencer-Stan 
Cicely Winifred. 
Margaret Isabella. 



^etiisree of gitansfeltj, of Jfielb Jlouse, jWloorlantJs;, iTlocfeton 

This family claims descent from 
Normandy with the Conqueror. His soi 
constable of Pontefracl Castle, 

I is Wyons Maryons, lord of Stansfeld, who. 

It would appear from a representation of the Stansfeld 
old family coach that Supporters had been used by somi 
: foUowinj 



The following is a descri 

^apportcrs: — DexUr.~The figure of J 

below the shield " Know thyself.' 

rd erect. Sinister.— The figure 

bridle and reins. 

■ tot scecula temperantia," and 

leia, was seised ot the lordship of Stansfeld and Halifax ; later on we find an Oliver Stansfeld (living 23 Edward lilT 
J manor of Hir^sthorne by Henry de Lacy, last Earl of Lincoln, of that name. Thomas Stansfield, formtrlv of Hahfax! 

Teptonstall, where the family resid 

: leaves the bulk of his property. 

his wiU dated 20 November^ 1465. and proved January following, is the first who records himself as of Heptonstall, where the family resided for 
e churches of Hahfax and HeptonstaU ; appomts as executrix his wife Isabel, to whom and his children he leaves the bulk of his Drooertv. 

I f am£8 3inndtlh, of stansfeld Hall, mentioned in the will of his nephew Laure 
was collector of subsidy for the expenses of Field of Cloth of Gold for t 

AsHTON Stansfeld, of Stansfeld Hall, a bar-= daughter and heiress of Mr. Other 

rister-at-law, of Grays Inn, and lived at Wake- i Philemon Speight, of Earls Heaton, 
field (?1. O.v.D. I 1 near npw5;hiirv_ 

:e,and living 1536. m which year he removed to Hartshead. He=ELiZABETH, daughter of Robert Holden, 
: Wapentakes of Agbrig and Morley, Hen. VIII. I of Holden, co. Lane, Esq. 

Several children, 

Lawrence Stansfeld, of Stansfeld, pari 
1530, mentions property which would devolve upon his s 
of his I- • ' • ■- • - - - - 

Thomas Stansfeld, of Sowerby, ; 

s great uncle. James Stansfeld, died possessed c 

, and proved 26 March, i565.=Alice, dauj 

Sowerby, will dated 28 June, 1591, and proved lo November following. Does 1 

I Nicholas, whom=: 

Nicholas Stansfeld, of Norland, yeoman, married at Halifax Church, 1591, will dated 31 August, 1599, and proved 11 June, i6o5,=Susan, daughter of ., 

mentions his mother, Elizabeth, his sons James and Lawrence, and his brother Thomas. I 

Lawrence Stansfeld, to whom his father 1 

t Halifax Church . 

of Richard Lawrence Stansfeld, of E 

ippnni argent. 

Timothy Stansfeld 

Stassfeld, of=SARAH, daugh! 
1 Sowerby, Esq. [ of Norland, i 

1 Sept., i727,=Mary, dau. of.. 

Stans-= Eliza (ist wife), t 

^ (LSI wife). 

. of Rev. Thos. Sharp, of Little Horton,= Robert Stansfield, of Brad-: 
1. 15 Nov., 1670/80, mar. there, 26 Aug., 1 ford, son and heir, bapt. at 
1722, Eet. 42, buried at Bradford (?) Bradford, 22 March, 1676. 

^nna (2nd wife), eldest dau. of William Busfeild, SAMUEL Stansfi 
of Rishworth, b. 20 June, 1697, mar. 3 Sept., David Stansfie 
1723, d. I Dec, 1757, ast 60, bur. at Bradford. 

it Bradford, IS Oct., 1678. George Stans-=Susan Lord, of Martha Stansfeld, borr 
. Bradford, 10 July, 1681. FELD,Esq.,bom I Stearnerbottom, mar. to Joshua Tillotson, i 
1685. married 1709. of Archbishop Tillotson. 

Eliza Stansfeld, mar. to 
the Rev. Richard Maisden. 
of Homsey, co. York. 

Faith Stansi 

Sawrey, Es 
Nov., 1767. 

Stans-= Elizabeth Black- 
Pond, I BURN (2nd wife). mar. 1722, to Richard Gilpin 

1730, I married 13 Aug., Sawrey, Esq., and died 30 

( I I 
Sharp Stansfield, bapt. at Bradfor 

Feb., 1705, bur. there, 18 Aug., 1706. 
Thos. Stansfield, bapt. at Bradford, 12 
1- July following. 
d, bapt. at Bradfo 
lere, 15 Nov., 1717. 

Elizabeth Stansfield, 
bap. atBradford, 26 Nov. , 
1711, died in infancy. 

ROBT. Stansfield, of Bradford, =Jane, daughter and co-heires . . _ 

Esq., purchased EsholtHallor Ferrand, Esq., of Harden, and his wife, Anne, 
Priory,fromSirWalterBlackett, younger daughter of Wm. Busfeild, of Rysli- 
bart.jin 1755, bapt. at Bradford, worth. She was bom ...Feb., 1730, and died 
24jan,. 1727, and died there, 14 s. p. 18 June, 1796, set. 65 ; buried at 

William Stansfield, 
William Stansfield 

Thomas STANSFiELD,b 

1733. d- unmar., 24 N 
Samuel Stansfield, : 

Bradford, 7 

Elizabeth Stans: 
at Bradford, 14 
buried there, 16 '. 

.Hart=Timothy Stansfeld, orNew = 

ife). I Cross, co. Surrey. Esq., bom 

15 February. 1755. 

osiAH Stans- Anne Stansfeld. mar. to Sir George Sta 
FELD.ofField Chapman Marshall, 

Hmise, CO. HarrietteSt, 
Kent, Esq., Samuel Prior, 

married Caroline Stansfeld, 
Am^liaMibic, James Cousins. Esq. 

ELD. 1 

Marv Blackwell Stansfeld, 
mar. to Robert A. Gray, Esq. 


law. J.P. for Lanca- 
shire and West 
Riding, Yorks, bom 
15 Dec, 1803, ob. 
3 March, 1869. 

= Sarah, dau. of Wm. 
Birkbeck, of Settle, 
Esq.. bom at Settle, 

Lydia Stans- =John BiEKB 


at Halifax, 

June, 1841. 

. York, Esq., elder son 
ot John Birkbeck, of 
Settle, by Margaret, dau. 
of John Ion, of Broad- 

-sq , b. s 

9th Foot, 


Elizabeth (ist wife), eldesi=JOHN STANS-=FRANCEs(2ndw.),youngcst 
' . of the late John Birk- FELD, in holy dau. of the late James 
orders, vicar Hamerton, of Hellifield 

Stansfeld, i. Thomas WolrichStans-=Anne, 

, of Anley, Esq., and 
his wife. Margaret Ion, " 
atSettle, 5 April, 1819. 
at Giggleswick, 5 I 
1843, and died at Con: 
Cold, 9 Feb., 1861, 

of Peter Garforth, of 
Coniston Hall, Esq., 
married 26 April, 1866. 

Daniel DameU, 
vicar of Welton, 

died 24 May, 1853. 

Geoboe Stans-: 

KdowI^ near 
Kei^Jey, Esq.. 

YoA Maitia, 
J.P., bom IS 
tine, 1236. 


Robert Stans- 

to Charles 
Hy. Charles- 
worth, Esq., 
of Marshficld, 
Settle, only son 
of Thomas 
Esq., of !.eeds. 

bom i9Aut.'U5l, 1870. 

son, of Anley, 
July, 1842. 

BEL Stansfeld. 

tha Rosamond Stansfeld, bom 

' Feb., 1872, and d. 8 Oct. following. 


=Agnes, dau. JOHNSTANS=ELlZA,da.and Ly 


capl. Scots 
Greys, born 
16 January, 

II October, 

ninald, For- 

Foster, of Cliffe 
Hill, and Moor 
Park, CO. Salop, 
Esq., 2nd son of 
John Foster, of 
Hornby Castle, 

Louisa John- 
ston Stans- 

^1 n — 

ThomalWol- JosiAS Logan 

RICH Stans- Stansfeld, 

FELD, lieut.- bom 12 June, 
col. Madras 1831, mar. in 
Staff Corps, b. 1865, Eliza- 
24 Dec, 182 

daughter of 
William Beau- 


John Mar- 

beth, dau. of tard, Esq. 

Fowler, 7. Matild; 

Esq., and d. 7 8. Sophia. 
April, 1867. 
Henry Stans- 

Rawdon Briggs, Esq, 
of Halilai, bv Anne 
dau. of the Rei-. Wm. 
Currer. >Tcar of Clap- 


3. Penelope 
Mary Stans- 
feld, d. 17 
Sept., 1846, 


6. Matilda 

S. Charlotte 

I. George Mickle- 
THWAlT Stans- 
feld, of Redlands, 
Bristol, bom 4 |uly, 
i8ts, married i July, 
1845. Harriett, dau. of 
William Wood, Esq., 
of Bradford, and his 
: Harriett, dau. of 


ley, b. 8 May. 
1820, married 
3 July. 1855. 
Isabel Damans 
Heslop. dau. 
of Ralph Hes- 
lop, olRipon. 

bom I June. iSa* 
nuiTied xt Oct, 
1850. Maiy lane, 
daughter of Ricbd. 


Thomas Wolrich Logan Stansff.i d bom i8'C4 
William Beauchamp Stansfeld, born 1862. 
Iames Rawdon StANSield, born 1866. 
Charles Hatton Stansfeld, b. 1871, d. 1873. 



Rawdon, d. in 18C 
BETH Stansfeld. 

Stansfeld, died young. 
Stansfeld, died young. 

Emily Maroakst 


ISJI. Kvillg > 

Ukokcs Stai 

JVIK. 1853. «»"< "•'^'^ 


i^anor l^ouste, anti Wleemooti dTrobe, etc* 

oo dtber side "The Adoration i 
(oh. i8S5), of Field House, near H 

; East," with the (< 

This church was dismantl 
J . _ 1873, by 

, and proved 10 January f 

, his wife, and desires to be buried in=JOHAHNA 

s.XEEL, daughter of Richard Horsfall. 

chalice to Crosstonc Chapel, 

1 Thomas Stansfeld. 

Laurence Stansfeld, 

ELD, of Heptonstall (? posthumous son, a 
February, 1587, and proved 19 March, 

: father). His will dated 10 September, 

[587, = Agnes, daughtt 
I May, 1628, n 

I dated 3 Charles I., proved 

by his father and his 

Sarah, both mentioned in their father's 

i brother Charles. 

, York, will dated 5 Sept., =JANF. will dated 8 Feb,, 1640, then of Highhead, and 

\BRAHAM Stansfeld, On the tg 
Jan., 1638, Abraham Stansfeild, 
of Hamer, co. Lane, yeoman. 


Thomas Stansfeild. — . 

..Guddenwood. Martha 

■ the Breck, in Sowerby, died 7 

, daughter of Matthew Nicholson, of Graystones, in Warley. 

Anna (and wife), dau. of Bathe,=Jo 

Hasnah Stans- Sarah Stansfeld, born John Stansfeld, of Hough = Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkinson, of Lydia Stansfeld, 1 

FELD, died j./>. 1690, mar. to. Thomas End. in Sowerby, only son, Limeditch, near Manchester, OcL, 1703, buried 

Oldfieid, Esq. died J. /. married 4 Nov., 1719. port, 31 Oct., 1741 

Lrriedi9=RlCHARD MiLNE, v. d. 
Stock- I minister at Stockport, d 
X 5 May, 173s. 

Elizabeth, married 24 
Sept., 1706, to Thos. 
Holden, of Halifax. 


I Stansfeld, of Sowerby,=ELi2A 
m 1657, died 1737. I Hall, 

I *■ 

: — Sa. three goats tnppant argent. 
: — A demi lion rampant argent, 
(ist wife), dau. of Hirst, of Adsi 

= Mary, dau. of John Farrar, 

ob. .765, eet. 78. 


brother Robert, bom 27 Aug. 
1729. mairied aiOlley, 27 Aug. 
!736'8, and died at Esholt, 1: 
Feb.. 1798. 

a quo Crompton-Stansfie ld (. 

r=WiLLiAM ROOKFS. Esq., 
Royds Hall, senior benchei 
Gray's Inn, and formerly 
Jesus College, Cambridge, b 
27 Aug., 1719, died 34 O 
1789, buried at Guiseley. 

George Stansfeld, Esq., bom 1725, 
married Mary Lord, and died s. p. , in 
1805. He built Field House, in Sow- 

. Stansfeld, ob. . 

Hope= Ellen, daughter and event 
m and I heiress of the Rev. Timothy , 
narried I dred, vicar of Morley. She d 

Samuel Stansfeld Prime, 

Pedi gree). 

Ellen Stan 

XwiD Stansfeld, of Leeds, merchant, bom I3=Sarah, only child and heiress of Thomas Wolrich, Esq., of Armley House, near Leeds, 
February, 1755, married 14 November, 1776, and I Peggy, dau. of Samuel Hamer, of Hamer, co. Lane, by Mary, s' 
"f. I Leeds, bart. (j« that Pedigree), bom 23 Feb., 1757, and died 


I 1753. died 23 Nov., 1837, =Jo 

{See Rawson, of f 

Marv Stansfeld, 
1724. .ob. .. 

of New lathes j 
Grange. co.York. bom 
20 Feb.. 1784, mar. at 

r March, 1834, buned 

jl axGtnsdey. 

t Elizabetb Stansfeld, 

T 1817. died 21 Jan.. 1818 

' Sakah Ellen Stasspeli 

isley and New 
ithes Grange, 
York, Esq., 
ng in 1873 (^« 

Stans-=Margaret, dau. 
and co-heiress 
ofJamesM lines. 

York, hving in 
1873 (see Milnes 

j. James Stansfeld,: 
of Green Bank, Hali- 
fa.\,oneofH.M. judges 
of the County Courts, 
J. RWestRiding.born 
22 April, 1792, mar. 
1817, died 

of Halifax, 

Hamer Stans-=Ellen. dau. of Matthew Elizabeth Anne: 
FELD,of Heading- I Towgood, Esq., of Rivers- {ist wife), eldest 
ley Lodge, co. | field, co. Hunts. 

Feb., 1797. 
in 1845. and 
in 1865. 


I at Bonn, in 1849, 

in Natal, South 

house Crompton, 
Esq., of Warwick. 

died Africa. 

J. Hatton Hamer= 
Stansfeld, of St. 
Anne's Hill, Burley, 
Official Assignee in 


JANE (21 


October, 1852. 

(2nd Peggy Stan 

, to James BischofT, Esq., 
id Appleton, Yorks. He 
1845, having had with 

to Edward Towgood, Esq., 
HiU, CO. Hunts, and had y 

ELLEN,b. 16 Nov. 

Ma^y, b.sApr". 
1782. d. ...1851. 
SARAH, b.5july. 

K Stansfeld. died 18 April, 

1837. set 15. boried at Guiseley. 
Mast, mar. to William Henry Cooper, 

Esq., cf Shrewsbury. =-< 
Elizabeth Pollard Stansfeld, 

bocs36j3n., 1825, died 6Julv, 1827. 
1a»e Pou-aed Stansfeld, died 26 

Mscii. 1836, ». 6. 

Flockton Manor 
House, CO. York, 
J. P. for West 

J. P. for West York. 

daughter of Capt. 
Sutherland, of 

Maria Ann 
Maxwell. = 

Towgood, and, 
Edward Mac- 

The Right Hon. James Stansfeld, LL.B. London=CAR 
University, called to the Bar of the Inner Temple, 
1849, was a Lord of the Admiralty, from April 1863 
till 1864. Under-Secretary of State for India fc 
short period in 1866, third Lord of the Treasury fi 
December 1868 till November 1869, and Finan 
Secretary to the Treasury, November 1869 tiU March 
1871, when he became President of the Poor Law 
Board, and in August 1871, was appointed President 
of the Local Government Board, created a Privy 
Councillor, Febmary 1869, M.P. for Halifax, since 
1859, bora 6 March, 1820, married 27 July, 1844. 

to William A. Case, 
Esq., of London. . 

7. Mary, married Hei 
in 1855, to Fi 

Esq., M.P. for 

the Rev. Nixon Porter. 

6. Sophia, married to 

the Rev. P. Bakewell. 

son of Abraham 
Di.\on, Esq., of 
Whitehaven, by 
Letitia. daugh- 
ter of John 
Taylor, Esq.. 

Indian Army, bom 10 
October, 1839, married 
at St. Stephen's, Cal- 
cutta, 1869, Katherine 
Charlotte, daughter 
of Sir William Grey, 
K.C.B., Lieutenant- 
Govemor of Bengal, 
1871. = 

Thomas Wolryche=Marian Tow- Other 

Weetwood Grove, 
CO. York, J.P. for 
West Riding, eldest 

1863. Louisa Agnes, 
iighte - 

man. of Whitby, 
Esq. {see Chapman 


Logan Sutherland Stansfeld, bora at Rome, Mar,. 

William Hatton Stansfeld, 

bom 5 March, 1865. 
Horace Wolrvche Stansfeld, 

born 23 Aug , 1866. 
Hubert Arthur Stansfeld, 

bom 29 Ftb. 
Mary Adeui 
Mabel Kathkrif 

Edward Stansfeld. bom 23 April, 1855. 
Alfred Wolrychk Stansfeld, b. 7j""^ ***' 
Elizabeth Stansfeld. 
Hilda Stansfeld. 


■ a' yoi^. iA,>4'a4<L.iit*i.-«it2..-'<_ 

An.«6 cLuxiLuid,i^ l&tii. 

1 ; ^"— ' " T" — — -'«-- — ~- — I ' — — • — — -r ; — ~ rr i 





^ 1 Cf!i(<-t/'!'f^-.'^ 

xhuMMjhtduiL -. 

r— — — — — r 

Petrtj3:rte of ^tapUton oi Carleton,— Hortr ISeaumont,— antj ^tapj 

©nl&rittui or ®cffvcj( tte ^tapcltmi.= 

tCU^ Be 33rIIomoiltC, grandson of John dt 
elected king of Jerusalem, 1209, came into 
cess Isabel of France, wife of Ed. II. 
iament as a baron from 2 Ed. II. to 6 Ed. 

XiciA, daughter and co-heir 
of Alexander Cdmyn, Earl of 
Boghan. , 


Plantagenet, Earl 

of Henry 
King Henrv HI. 
2ndly, to Hei 

Fiizalan, Earl of Arundel. 

Hrnricus DE Bellomontr, aged 2 years=MARGAUET, daught 
at his father's death ; though born abroad, of John Vere, Ee 

I Brabant, was by letters patent declared 
heir to his fathers lands 
was in the wars of Gascony 

of Jol 

(?) held two 
^ tapbllon. 


the Garter 17 Rich. II. 

Thomas Evering- 

■ Bellew, knt. an 

a Snaith, co. York, by Larder 
r Brus. lord of Skelton Castle, 
co-heir of her brother Peter ; buried at the Domin 
Friars, York. (^Nich. : Top. and Gen,) 

r of Pel 

[CHOLAS DE Stapelton, judge of the King's Bench. 1272-89, Justii 
1272 ; lived at West Halhelsay ; present at the Council at Hereford, 
of David, king of Wales, brother of Llewellyn, 30 Sept. , 1283 ; had 

Sir John=Sir MtLES de Stapelton, ist baron, lord of Stapelt 

Ed. I., I the wars of Scotland, and one of those who obt:iine 

{Foss: Judges of En>^lan.d) ; summoned to Parliaim 

. Gloucester, and in i6tb 
, Earl of Gloucester, was 
he Honor of Richmond c 

&c.. aiidof CarIeton,y//rt 

I hind 

t Bannockburn. 

2nd baron, lord of Carleton, Stapelton (Kirkby Fletham. 
of the Earl of Lancaster, for which he \ " ' " * 

Ed. III. ; had a partition (and received Kentmere as hi3 portion) with his aunt Ji 

_t__i_.j_c- .._ ,. , T^-. T. ... ... lords of I'horp Arch in 1316, 

from his father. Nicholas de Stapelto 

: lord of South Duffield wi 
Kirkby Fletham, Carlton. East and Hathelsay with Heniy le Scrope, 

" " ■; Brus (Tybthorp and the other 

wife of Aucher FitzHenry, 5 Ed. II. ; held 

a were joint lords of Carlton 1284-5 ; and in Ki 

Newburgh, of Tyverington with William dcLatymer, of Stapel 

Oustwyc withjohn de Harington (Hammerton), of Southbrua with John de Twei 

bovats in Sethbame) ; in 56 H, III. he had a charter of free warren in Stapelton 

father obtained a grant of free warren in Oustwyc. 

infra vallem de 

, Kirkby Fletham. &c. ;=Tsabel, daughter 
. 1358-9: " ' - - ■- 

high slieriff of Yorkshir ' . ^ - 

■ "Davie Bj-uce, King - 

*or.}|; tc) be buried at Drax ; licence to celebrate in 
itmete to Sir Miles de Stapilton. Inq. p.m. 46 Ed. Ill, 

of Hathelsay, had Carleton, Stapeltoi 

; in 1355, and for five years successively, ; 
i Scotland, as prison 
5 {Devon's Issue Roll. 

Thomas Staple- 
ton, of Haddle- 
sey. Inq. p.m. 

Gilbert de Stapelton, 
a priest of St. Leonard 
Hospital, York. 

Julian, wife of Richard. 

! Stapilton, K.G.. 2nd son, aged 60 in 1386 
case ; was at the siege of Toumay in 1340. of 
:ariton on death of Thomas, the last baron, 
eminster {Fitus 50 Bd. III.) ; Governor of ( 

, Bellomonte,— ELIi 

Sir Thomas Beaumont, of Cole Orton, co. Leiceste 
and lord of Basqueville, in Normandy, ancestor 
Beaumont of Cole OrtOn, Grace Dieu, and Stoughtoi 

Elizabeth Stapilton, co-heir to her brothi 
married to Sir Thomas de Metham, and toi 
Stapelton on Tees to that family. Her dt 

Sir Brian de Stapilton, K.G. 
Stapilton, K.G. Inq. 47 Ed. 

DE Beaumont, Great Chamberlain and Constable c 
led to Parliament asjoh. Bomond, clir., 11 
ing, izFeb., 13 Hen. VI., Vise 
. also Eari of Boline. in I 

, on the Lanci 

1 France. 27 July, 14 Hen. VI. ■ 

four years old in^K, 
, by letters patent, 
till then used in 
slain at the battle 


Westnioreland. wide 

19 Oct., II Hen. VI., and also of Thomas 
StrangEways. She married, 4thly, to Anthony Widville, 



Sir Henry Beaum 
Wednesbury. co. S 

1 years of age ; 1 
irt (Sir H. Nicola 
id the custody of 1 

Carleton, succeeded 

ther 1394, being then 1 
some 01 me rrench prisoners after the baine 01 1 
tcoitrt and Norman Rolls) \ died in Normandy, ] 
John, Duke of Bedford, Regent of France. Inq. 

brd. i 

eau- Joan (ist wife),=WiLLiAM Beaumont, sue. as Viscount and Baron—ELiZABETH (2nd wife), daughter JOHN. Lord— JOAN DE Jane (Difgdale s 

un- daughter of Beaumont. Lord Bardolf.y. m., born on St. George's of Richard Scrope, brother of Lovell, of I Beau- that shdwas dai 

HumphreyStaf- Day. at co. Line, and was bapt. at the Lord Scrope, of Bollon. She Tichmarsh, I mont. WillianJ Willou 

' ■ "" married, 2ndly. to John de Vere. died 9I Willou^hby, an 


Duke ' 

I Robert, Lord 

■Hen. VII.; 


died J./., 28 Dec, 1507. 

1 with Lord Bet 
: Wivenhoe, co. Essex. 

Ed. IV. 

last Lord Grey, < 
II Hen. VII. 

Hen. VI. ; one of the witnesses t 
John, Duke of Bedford, 1435 ; he 
were admitted of Corpus Christi, 

daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Plumpto 

Beckering, by Isabel his wife, one co. York 

Thomas Loudham, knight; aged 36, Ingleby. 

3 Nov., 37 Hen. VI.. buried at that Fedi 

Chaucombe Priory, co. Northants. 1478- 

, mar. in 1415. Thomas Sta- Jane (2nd wife), dai 
, to SirWilliam PILTON. of Sir Thomas Tuns 
, of Plumpton, Cottingham widow of Sir Roge 

Fr.%.scis, ^^scount Lovell, 9 years old at his father'' 
a Viscount and Knight of the Garter 4 Jan., 1483 
Richard III. ; attainted i Hen. VI' 
in the battle of Stoke, 16 June, 14S 

Elizabeth (ist wife),=Sir Brian S 
daughter of Heniy. I York, ret. : 
Jth Lord Scrope. I and was in 

pposed to have been slain Fitzhugh. 

Sir Edward Norris,=FrtdeswideLovell, 
ofYattenden, Kent, I younger daughter 
knt- Ji^ and co-heir. 

a quo Earls of Abingdon, 

wife), elder 
of Francis 
K.G.. anc 
, Viscount I 



id=Sir.BRiAN Stapilton, of 
nt I Banneret at Hutton Fig 
of I 1477 ; died 16 Dec, 1 
:. I adminstration 19 Dec 

de Knight^ALICE (2nd wife), widow 1 
/ed his age licence for the 2nd m 
aged 4.; .CaKe^p,. " 

house of Carlton. 

Thomas Stapil-=Elizabeth 
TON.ofQuermby I licence to 
(Visit. 1564). 

Elisabeth Ne^-ile i 

; admitted of Corpus Chn 

Notts, and of Carieton, 

Carleton, Bedale ; 

[OHANNA (2nd wife), daughter of Thomas Basset, of 
North Luffenham, co. Rutland ; will dated 24 
June. 1552 ; to be buried in the chancel of the tomb 
in Burton Joyce— ' ' my son to burye me lyke as his 
father's wife; ' proved 27 Apr. , 1553. 

0. Notts, which he had in tail 
lale, ob. 25 March, 6 Eliz., 1564 ; 
urie^ at Rempston. 

co-heir of Anne, 

OAN. married to Sir 
William Pierpont. 
knight, of Holme, 

oAnthony Eltoft, of Darcar, 

lETH. daughter and co-heir, 
ed to Mr. Blythe, of Norton. 

Alice {ist wife), daughter— Christophe 
Aske, CO.' York, died 16 I Hadeian M 

Elizabeth (and wife), a^Sir Richard Stai 

dau of Mr. Langi 

widow of William Meer- 1 Ehz. " Inq. p.m! taken Snaith"'^"" ' --°- '- - - - - - 

iS^-It of Quousqi 

Carleton, =Thomasin (ist wife), daughter 

585, bur. at Snaith 18 Jan., 1584- 

. Anthony Stapleton. trea£ 
of the Inner Temple. 1555. 

. John Stapleton, parson, 
Bingham, Notts. 


i Stapleton^Alice, daughter of Francis Roos, of Laxton,: 
husb.) of Bur- I co. Notts ; married, 3rdly. to Thomas Leeke, 
Joyce, CO. of Hasland, co. Derby. She was bur. 3 Jan. 

husband), of 
on, Esq., d. 

i:as-os (1st wife), daughter of=BRlAN 
[t-.tph N-ville. 4th Earl of Ridii 
iV.,imr,r.'and;; had a 

Stapleton. Esq 
13 Dec, 1606. 

hire I585"; died I 

I, by Doroth 

RV (married after 1594). d 

inJofAltofles, Esq.,bywh< 
issue, but great riches. 

Elizabeth Sta- 

Tane, daughter and heiress, ; 

•^ to Sir Wm. Fairfax, knt 

GiUing Castle, co. York. 

Henry, (?) mar. Elizabeth, dau. of 

Robert of Little Braystead, 

CO. Essex, died at Rempston, 1586. 

George Stapilton. 

mar. GERTRUDE, daughter and sole 
., of to Baldwin Ackland, of Hawsbridgtf. 

and, andly, to Leonard Yeo, of Nortj 

Ste^ S^T?^.,°'T^''"'-*^^''^"ShterofSirHeniy Pierpoint, of Holm Pier- 
3r^(r^1iid dr^ 5"^' ^?"'' •'"J;; ^"^ ^'"^ '^f Robert 'p,erpoint. Earl 
SillfJJl^li: II I K.ngMon. She married. 2ndly. to Robert Owen, who 

m4(ii i2ja». I.) ■ w^, a j_[._ 20 K. James L (1622-3). 

Stapleton, died 

EORGE Stapleton, of Lir 
York, married Jane, daught 


Staple- Gilbert Staplkton, c( Carleton 

•|»> and "a Recusant," married, ist iii 
1. _r f* ;^»3.'''athcrine.daughlcrof Wil- 
*, ^Joly, Itam Hufjgaic, ' 

only child, Benedict, i_ 
d«»l 7 April, 1636, having told ll 
otate (A Kentmere; buried i 
Carfeton, 14 April, 

5. Robert Stapleton, of=MARY, 2nd daughter of Sir Robert Dorothy. 

Templehurst, co. York I Dolman, of Gunby, co. York, by TnoMASlNE.bapt. i 
(? of Wressle), bapt. at Ellenor Mallory, of Studley. She 7Aug., 1560, wif 

Snaith, 6 Tune, 1575. died Dec, 1623. Gale, of Acomb. 

Henry Stapiltov. of WighiU. a£«d==MARY, n.itunU da 
31 in 1606, died in London. 1630. I ' "" " ' 
buried in St. Giles's, Crippl^ate (?) 

Gale, of Acomb. co. York. 


he PrWy Chamber to King Charles II,, translator 
if Juvenal, m. a dan, of Mainwaring, ■ ' 

HamonJ, and died 1669 ; was b, __ 

minsler Abbey, 15 July, 1669; w. d, 11 Ju 
p. (C. P, C) 29 July, 1669, His dau, Crc 

Margaret, dau, of 
Richard (?) Langley, 
of Millington, co. 

died unmarried. 

=KATHERtNE. and dmi. of Sir Thomas FWrfax. ist Viscount Fkancks. wmJ 


rmston; srdly. asandwife. ol^rj^^hn I 

e died 4 July, Jftsd : »>>d. hoioUKh. k« 

WiUhm, Bishop oT Win. afxinsi ilw 

e (m daughteis of William •MumiMai 

^tafjpwlton 0f Wiisfiill, i^gton, ^0rt0n, kt. 

s. a party to c 
. de Odl^itis of 

1 at Stapelton on Tees, temp. Archbishop Roger, 1154-1181 {Mon. Ebor), 
1 company with Nicholas, as making an offering to the king. 

jfjervaulx Mabel, wife to Wm. le Scot, Roger de Stapelton, under-sherifT of Yorksh 

Ebor.) or Calverley, of Calverley, co. York. Nicholas to some charters of Marrick Abbey, o 

i domain lands of Stapelton, Wath, Kirkby Fletham, &c.,=Isabel, dau. of Miles Bassett, of North Morton Roger 

lune. i2(>$[Paigrave.- Pari. Writs), and sat on the trial J and Hathelsay, who had free warren at Hathelsay, land 

He died in 1290. I co. Ebor, 1262 (Esch.), bi 

1 n 

dau. of Mr. OLlVE,bomi620, mar.t^ist,toSirWil- Fkancbs. 

izen of Lon- liam Vav— — - -' ' ••'"•" H..11™, 

Banns pub. three co. Yor* 

at Market PU«w, gencml _ . 

and 2= lune and killed at the siege ol Copenhagen, 

m. by Alderman Ticb- 1658. She tnar.. andly. 10 Ricnard Pepys, of » 

'wme, 8 Aug., i6w. Topham, Esq.. and \vas bur. at co. suney. 
Rig. of St. Olm 


Henry Maintt-aring, of 
Cheshire, and, 2ndly. 

dau. of Sir John Conslab 
York; dispensation for ma 
1520, from Silvester Dariu 
notary. Hedied j. ;*., v 

i. the papal protho- 

3ir ROBER 

He died 6 Jui 

June 1557. and 1 
■s should be brougn 
Ingleby, and Sir Gee 

;+..| of 

bis I du 

Sir I Sli 

I Mallory, William Stapil 

duke Slingsby, 2nd son of Thomas 
Slingsby, Esq., of Scriven, by his wife 
'can, dau. of [ohn Mallory. of Studley. 

Isabel Stapilton, wife of John 
Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, co. Cum- 

He died Aug., 
,m. I Aug., 1538. 

Henry Hamerton, of Hellifield, 4. Margaret, ma 
; dated 6 May. 27 Hen. VUI. to Heniy Eser. 

1537. Shedied 3 Jan., 1537-8. s- Alice. 

ir Robert Stapilton, of Wighill, knt, 9 

iMemorials ig^ht Rthcllion. hj^ir C. Shn 

spoken, properly seen in languages, a comely and good 

s father's death, was n 

1 attack of the rebels v 

^atWigUtebout is8o:high sheriff of Yorkshire aa Eiiz., 1580-1. jthen he met the judges with seven score men in livery I of Sir Hem 
for his qujKrel with (Edwin Sandys) Archbishop of York {Strype iAnnah). Sir John Harrington says " he was a man weU I and widow 
■e, had scarce an equal, and, next to Sir Philip Sidney, no superior in England." He was buried at Wighill. 3 Oct.. 1606. | Living at L 

I Stapilton, ist 

Norton Conyers. 2nd s 

Emma Pemberton. 

n-een six fountains proper. 

^etJtgree of ^tourton, of ^tourton. 

The family of Stourton, deriving its name from the river Stour, is of the highest antiquity, and is supposed to have been settled in the West of England previous to the Conquest, at which time lived one Botolph, 
who, according to tradition, when William the Conqueror invaded this pnrt of England, broke down the sea ■walls of the Severn, and, retreating to Glastonbury, guarded the pass by land until the Conqueror 
acceded to the terms that were required. 

5 lord of Stourton, co. Wilts, at the t 

; of the Conquest = . 

t Stourton, styled dominus de Stourton : 

E Stourton, Knt., styled dominus de Stourton. I 


Sir Michael de Stourton, styled dominus de St< 

Lord Mandeville. (?) 

E Stourton, Knt. (ist son) = Grace, daughter of Hungerford. 

Guy de Stourton. 

, dan. of Thomas, Lord Berkeley (ist wife) = Sir Ral 

Sir Edward Stourton, o.v.p.. 

e Sepulchre, buried ii 

e north aisle of Bruton C 

f Sir Richard Vernon, Knt., of Homingshai 


, which he had f 

. Wilts ; = Jane (2nd wife), 
nded. | Ralph, Lord B 

. Tarrant Villiers, Dewlish, 

), buried = Elizabeth, dau. and co-heii 
in 1402. I of Sir John Moyne, Knt., 
ot the manors ot Buckhorn 1 of Maddington, co. Wilts, 
red of Combsditch, a moiety I and Easlon, co. Essex. , 

Gillingham, co. Dorset, the | [ 

f Stourton, co. Wilts, and | 

Roger Stourton, 
prior of Winton, . 

twife) z 
Payne Speckington. 

Editha, married ist to Sir John Beauchamp 
Bletsoe, co. Bedfordshire, son of Sir Rog^- ^' 
champ, chamberlain to King Edward I 
had a daughter Mary, wife . ' ' " 

Robert Shottesbrook, by 1 

iSi Bea 
married adly 1 

— , i^uuc.i ^uuii«^.^...«. "J J Eleanor, 

and heir, wife of Sir John Cheyney, and m 
of John. Baron Cheyney, K.G. 

Gloucestershire 1438, 

statesman, died r462. Created Baron Stourton, 

13 May. 26 Henry 2, 1447/8. 

:ecily, married, ist, to John Hill, 
of Spaxton, and, andly, to Sir J. 
Carrywell, of Westhanger, co. 

.iam Stourton, of Stourton Caundle, j. u., summoned to Parliament = Margaret, daughter and jco- 3. Nicholas Stourton. Margaret, married to Sir George Jane, married to Richard 

Baron Stourton, 9 Edward 4, 1470, ob. 18 February, 1477/8, buried I heiress of Sir John Chidiock, 4. John Stourton, died. Darrell. Knt., of LitUecot, co. Warre, of Hestercombe, 

:hurch of Mere, co. Wilts. of Chidiock. co. Dorset, Knt. Wilts (his ist wife). co. Somerset. 

' Edward IV., mar. Cathi 

. Gloucestershire, Knt., and died s. 
? chapel of the Virgin Mary, in the north 

477, summoned 

in 1484, married 

3 Edward Stourton, 

n, m 1404, man 
r Sir Walter W 

buried in Stourton Church. 

for assessing and collecting a subsidy of /[id-^fioa by 
poll tax, died 13 Dec. 1535-6. ' 

hn Fauntle- 
y, of Marsh, 
I, Dorset, Esq. 

Berkeley, 2ndly to William Lord Grey, 
3rdly to Sir William de la Pole, son 
of John, Duke of Suffolk. 

Margaret, wife 
of James Chud- 
leigh, E;q., of 

"to Oliver Cal 

Stouktos, succeeded as 6th Ba 
■ance, and ihe marches of 
illcr»Tng,at "the Castle. " in Joh; 

Stourton, 1536. Deputy General ; 

died 16 Sept. 1548. Inq. 

eet, London. Will dated 

Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund Dud- 
ley, and sister to John, Duke of Nor- 
married 2ndly to 

Brook Hall, co. Essex. 

Robert Bures, 

3 Chkistopher Stourton, 

Charles STOCirros, 

1 as 7th Baron Stour- 

haiter of sUc. 6 Ma«±, 1537, for the murder of his I She 
tteward, Mr.WiHiam Hangill, and bU son Hartgill Sir 

Jan. ; boned in Salislmiy Cathedral. hen 

; Arthur Stourton, M 
for Westminster, 1555,3 
Master of thejewel Ho 
to Queen Mary. 

William , Stourton, 

5 George and Giles Ursula, married to i Thomas Stourton. 

died young. Edward Lord Clin- 3 Leonard Stour- 

7 Francis, o.s.p. ton. ton, mar. a daugh- 

DoROTHy, mar. to Sir ter of Bravell, and 

Richard Brent, Knt. had Hercules. 


1575. and saaxx 
of the Peers 00 
raanied FraiKes, dan. of William 

(lood by Act of Parliament, 

aron Stourton, He was one 

Mary Queen of Scots. He 

■, Lord Cobham, 

Thomas Tregi; 

; Philip Stourton, of 
Ower Moyne, co. Dorset, 
mar. Jane or Joan, dau. of 

5, married Jane, wife of William Driver, of lime- 
aughter of house. 

Lewis of Dorothy, mar. ist to Robert Bures, of 
o. Bucks. Brook Hall (?), co. Esses, and andly 

toJohnKeyle, of Essex. 

Burgh, of Norwich, 
t Jane, wife ' " 

1 Thomas Stourti 

William Stour 

EfyWAVD ftroVBTOir, . 

I and heir, succeeded his grandfather a 

. Margaret, daughti 

■ Sir lohn Preston, of Furr 

4 Thomas Stourton, 

Frances, a 

PHILU'. W(. 10 in 1633. MARGARK-. 

OlAKiKS. Kt. 7 in »W3. 


rv^ V: ■■ '^^''^'- succeeded as 3rd Baron Stourlon i 
lo ParliAment so Ed«ard IV.. mar. Catherine dai 
E«fc?3tfv. of Ee\-emone, co. Gloucestershire. Knt., a 

. of Sir J 

1, in 1484, married 
■ Sir Walter Wrot- 
died s.p., 1524, 

3 Edward Stourton, succeeded e 

5th Baron Stoutton, in ■. 

Henry VCII. ^In the 

- I of Parliament J. P. 

of ;£'i63,ooo by a 

John Fauntle- 

Alice, married to 
John Philpot, 

16 Henry VII. 

Catherine, married ist toSirWiUiam 
Berkeley, andly toWilliam Lord Grey, 
Srdly to Sir William de la Pole, son 
of John, Duke of Suffolk. 

Margaret, wife 
of James Chud- 
leigh, Eiq., of 

NICHOLAS; died young- 

, daughter, mar. 

to Oliver Calminow. 

sr \\ iuj.\M STOI'KTON, succe< 

of Neuha\-«i. in France, and 

1 2a Nov following, at ' ■ the Castle?' in John Street.^London". 

I as 6ih Baron Stourton, 1536, Deputy General : 

marches of the same, died 16 Sept. 1548. Inq. 

"-- Will dated 

Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund Dud- 
ley, and sister to John, Duke of Nor- 
thumberland; she married 2ndly to 
Edward Ludlow. 

a dan. Lton 
Brook Hall, 

ist husband). He had 

; Roger Stourton, 

halter of silk, 6 MarxJi, 

7 Cath'e 

Sir John Arundel, of Lan- 

' for W 
Master of the Je 
to Queen Mary. 

Stourton, M.P. = i 

I Thomas Stourton. 

Ann, daughter of 
Francis Lewis, of 
Milton, CO. Bucks. 

Jane, wife of William Driver, of Lime- 

Dorothy, mar. ist to Robert Bures, of 
Brook Hall (?), co. Essex, and andly 
toJohnKeyle, of Essex. 

by Act of Parliament, 

JOKS Stourton, restoi 

1575. and succeeded as 8th Baron Stourton. 
of the Peere on the trial of Mary Queen of Scots. 
married Frances, dau. of William Brooke, Lord Col 
and died s. _*., 13 October. 1588 ; buried at Stourtor 

sue. as 9th Baron Stourton, 
1588, died 7 May, 1632 ; 
buried at Stourton. 

Thomas Tresham, . 


Frances, wife of Matthtw 
Burgh, of Norwich, 
i Jane, wife of Bartholomew 


, succeeded = Fran 


Edward Stoceton. 

1644. = Marv. dnu. of Robert, Lord Petre, 
I of Wriille, CO. Essex. 

\ Thomas Stourton, 

1623. Margaret, 

5 grandfather as nth Baron Stourton ; 

Sir John Preston, of Furness Abbey, co. Lane. ; 

Edward STOCTtTON, succeeded as i2tr. Baron Stourton in 1685, b. 1665, mar. Teresa, dau. of Thomas Buckingham, Esq., and d 
reign of Queen Anne, he sold the manor o^ Stourton, the advowson of the parish church of Stourton, together with the manor of S 
to Sir Thomas Meres, for £^l<),^,oo. The manors of Ower Moyne and Gallon, with the advowsons in Dorset, were sold about 170; 
1 Archbishop of Canterbury. The manors of Little Marston and Frome Selwood, &c., were sold about the sai 
' ' "" \nne, and the manor and advowson of Buckhom Weston, co. Dorset, were sole 

144 ss^;;? 

3 Thomas Stourton 
Baron Stourton, in 
1667, and d, in. 24 

Stourton.of OwerA 

r brother Thomas, 


ibniary 1673. 
' St. Benedict. 

. William- 

i'almesley, of Dunken- 

3 William Stourton, succeeded : 
as 15th Baron Stourton, 1753, b. 
1704, ra. II Oct. 1749. ob. 3 Oct. 

iViNiFREDE, eldest dau. and co-heir of Philip Howard, of 
Buckenham, co. Norfolk, youngest brother of Edward, 
Duke of Norfolk, and co-heir of her uncles Thomas and Ed- 
ward, Dukes of Norfolk, through whom her ladyship, with her 

4 Richard. 

5 Thomas, 

Langdale, of Cliffe, 
Houghton Hall, in 
Riding of Yorkshire. 


Kemp, of Slyndon, 
5 Dorothy, ob. inf. 

I Marm 

of the daus.. and sole heir of 
:e, 5th Lord Langdale.of Holme; 

A'lUjAM Stourton. = Catherine. 2nd dau. 

Eocceeded as 17th | of Thomas Weld, Esq., 

Baron Sioniton, bom 1 of Lulworth Castle, co. 

6 June, 1776, married I Dorset ; she died 27 

by special hcense, at \ Dec. 1862. 
Lnhrorth, i Oct., 1800, 
and died 4 Dec 1846. 

, Elizabeth, d. 25 Mar. 1S3' 
, Charlotte, married 24 Ni 
1802, to Joseph Weld, Esq., 

the name of Vavasour only, in pursuance 
the testamentary injunction of the late J 
Thomas Vavasour, Bart. {j« that pedigreel, 
of Hazlewood, " ' ' - . 

Baronet 14 Feb 
he died 15 March, 

only dau. of James 
Fox Lane, of Bram- 
ham Park, co.York, 
M.P. : she died 10 

5 Apollcnia Constan- 

Davison-Bland, Esq.. of 
Kippax Park. Yorkshire, 

Charles STOURTON,b. 19 Sept. 1787. M.P.forKnares- 
borough. and afterward for Beverley, assumed the 
name of Langdale only in comphance with the 
testamentary injunction of Philip Langdale, Esq., 
of Houghtc -- - ■ 

Clifford of Chudleigh. She died 31 March, 1819 ; 

Philip Stoihiton. 

Marmaduke Constable 
Maxwell, Esq.. of 
Everingham Park, co. 

1793. m. 23 July. 
Oathenne. eldest 
Henty Howard, 

ChablesStoukton, succeeded as 2 Edward Stour- 
iSth Baroo Stourton, of Stourton, ton, bom 26 Oct. , 
CO. Wilts, b. 13 July. 1802. mar. 1S07. died 27 Oct. 
I Aug. 1825. :^iy Lncv, dau. of 1828. 
Cbas., 6th Lord Clifford' of Chud- 5 Marmaduee 
kigfa. She died, 30 Sept. 1873. Stoubton, b. 14 
" " ' " ~ Aug. 1818, died i^ 

Sept. 1848. 


: Mary Stourton. 

■ Catherine Stourton, 

of the late Patrick 
McNolty, Esq., d. 
24 May, 1847. 

Henry B. 
Arundel of 


tg June^SaS, to 
:t. nth Lord 

14 March, 1854. 

Sir i::uwARD Vava- 
sour, of Hazlewood, 
Bart., b. 17 Jan. 1815. 
Charles Vavasour, 
b. 13 April, 1817, d. 21 

Edmund Scully, April, 1846. 

q., of Bloome- 4 George Vavasour, b. 

Id, CO. Tip- iSJuly, 1824, mar. Ame- 

iM Stour- 
)rn 13 July. 


.ughter of Hugh 
, 7th Lord Chf- 
id d. II January. 


Nov.' 1835," to 2CHARLOTTE Mary, tor 

William Con- m.19 b,; 

stable Maxwell, JohnVi 

now Lord Her- dolfi. 


Eleanor, mar. January 23, 1844, 
to thelate Richard Peter Carring- 
ton Smythe, Lt. 8th Hussars, 2nd 


died 21 Dec. 1861. 
Philip Vavasour 
Hoiy Orders of 

mar. 4 August, 
1852, Henrietta, 

of Henry"Gra^ 




4 Henry, b. April. 1837. 

5 Arthur, born 14 July, 
1838. mar. 6Ai;fy., 1S72, 
Catherine, dau',hier of 

de Bruyn, Esq., 

; Henry Josi 

York, b. 4 July, 1844, 25jun 
mar.19 September. 1870. Georg 

-' 'd. 9lh 


1.), b. 31 May, Smythe. 

Mary Lucy. ob. i 

of Celbridge, of Zevenbergen, North and 

Brabant. let! 

Eliza, Fanny, Ger- ton. 

Constance, and Ce- 
cilia Langdale. 

, r»33.' 

i9tfa Baron Stourlon, J.P. and D.L., b. 28 
Feb. 1829, mar. 13 Sept, 1865. Hislordship is 

bray. How 3rd, Fumival, Strange of Blake- 

"" — *> of Gower, Clun, Oswald- 

le Rising, and Fitzalan, also 
the barony of Fitzpayne. 

Howard of C a 

bild of the EVERARD Joseph Stour- 

sCorbally, ton, Capt, loth Hus- 

Corbalton sars, b, iS Feb., 1834, 

ijy Matilda. mar, 7 May. 1862, Fer- 

■ Buckland, Far- 
ngdon,b. 20 Dec. 1835, 
lar, 25 Apr. 1866, Eli- 

: MarmAduke Stour- 
ton, Capt, 63rd Regt., 
b. 14 Jan. 1840, mar. 7 
]an., t87o. Mary, young- 
Ham Franks, Esq. 

i Arthur Joseph Stour- 
ton. b. 21 Feb., 1841. 

) Will- ^ vi stourton, 

4 Joseph Stourton, 
Holy Orders of tlie 
Church of Rome, b, 
23 Mar. 1845. 

Tc.esa, 2nd dau. of 
Edward Weld, Esq., 
01 Lulworth Castle, 

. b. 19 Jan.. 

Y Dolores 

Frances Langdale. 
Mary Langdale, 
Pauline Langdale. 

: Ckaitlu Botolph Joseph Stourton, i Mary Lucy 

b.a:. May, 1867. i863. 


bcm 24 October, 1872. April, 1870. 

3 Hilda Ua» 

f\pril. i8!67. 
MAY, y. 13 

, Swire, of Cononely, gent., buried at Kildwick, 13 October. 1701.: 

gent., baptized 

28 February, 1670, married at I 
Addingham, 4 May, 1698, buried 
at Kildwick, 13 April, 1705. I 

Coates. of Royd House and 
Kildwick Grange, gent., died 
I October, 1741, aged 63, 
buried at Kildwick. 

John Swire, of Skipton, bap- 
tized at Kildwick, 4 March, 
1672, and died 24 May, 1724, 
aged 52, buried at Skipton. 

Roger Swire, ba 
Kildwick, 18 Ju 
buried there 13 Ap 

Elizabeth Swir 

T. Samuel Swire, of Cononley, Esq., bap-^ 
tized at Kildwick, 7 April, 1701, died 5 May, I 
1763, and buried at Kildwick. 

loGER Swire, of Cononley, Esq., bap-= Elizabeth, daughte 
tized at Kildwick, married at Hartwith, John Dowgill, Esq., of Ha 
and died 22 January, 1778, aged 42, and Ripley, died 18 July, 1773, aged 43, 
buried at Kildwick 25th. buried at Kildw ' 

John Swire, =Jane, daughter 
of Halifax. I Christopher Sn 
merchant, d. I of Halifax, men 
1 February. ] died 1769. 

1. Samuel Dowgill Swire, d. y. 

2. Roger Swire, died unmarried : 
Melsonby, 4 April, 1792, aged 24. 

3. Samuel Swire, died young. 

5. Samuel Swire, D.D., fellow of 
University College, Oxford, bom 25 
Dec, 1771, and died at Melsonby, 
29 August, 1799. 

. John 


'ley. I 
died there 5/6 I 
ov.. 1796. I 
jed 25. buried 
; Kildwick. | 

i4N Swire, A.M., of=ANN, daughte: 

Cononley, vicar of 
field, J. P., only son, born 
(posthumous) 16 January, 
1797, married 4 March, 
1819, died 20 January, 

Samuel Swire, Esq., 
of Littlethorpe, co. 
York. J. P., B.A.,born 
24 Dec, 1819, mar- 
ried, ist. 5 August, 
1846. Elizabeth, dau. 
of James Kendle, Esq. 
She died 1847. He 
married, 2ndly, 14 
May, 1857, Gertrude 
Elizabeth, daughter of 
Charles Stanton, Esq. 

Robson, Esq., 
of Richmond, 
CO. York. 

5. Roger Swire, of London. 

and died 20 Oct., 

George Swire 
mar., and died s. p 
Roger Swire, ob 

.John Swire, of^ 
"Liverpool, mer- I 

Dec, 1820, mar- 
ried, 6 August, 
1845, Beatrix, 
daughter of Rev. 
James Barm by, 
M.A., rector of 
Melsonby, co. 
York, and died 26 
Sept., i860. = 



SWTRE, of 
CO. York, 
1825. mar., 
7 Sept., 
1870, Eliza- 
beth, dau. 
of Chrii- 
tophcr Ro- 
bert I^ybus, 
M.D. = 

Frederick Swire, 
in H. O., rector 
ofElston, CO. Lin- 
August, i826,mar- 
ried, 5 September, 
1855, Maria Ce- 
cilia, daughter of 
Charles Stanton, 
Esq., of Upfield, 
CO, Gloucester. = 


Edward Swire, 
now in Australia, 
born 18 April, 


daughter of 

Esq., and hi 

Roger Swire, late 
captain 17th and 
97th Regiments, and 
A.D.C. to the late 
Sir Charles Ash 
Windham, K.C.B., 
born 2 July. 1834, 

eldest daughter of 
Richard Rugg, Esq., 
of Brighton. = 

1. Elizabeth Swire, married to John 
Bailey Langhome, Esq. 

2. Anne Swire, married to Robert John 
Kendle, Esq. 

3. MARYSwiRE,mar.toJ. D.Holmes, Esq. 

4. Jane Swire, died unmarried. 

5. Emma Swire, died unmarried. 

6. Maria Swire, married to George 
Richard Wilhington, Esq. 

7. Frances Swire, married to the Rev. 
John Thompson. 

8.' Henrietta Swire, died unmarried. 
9. Margaret Swire, married to John 
Smurthwaite, Esq. 

George Roper, Esq., 
of the Grove, Rich- 
mond, CO. York. — 

John Swire, in H.O.. minor canon of S 
George's Chapel Royal, Windsor, bo 
31 March, 1847. 

Frederick Swire, bom 23 Feb., 1849. 

Herbert Swire, bom 28 August, 1850. 

Arthur Swire, born 21 July, 1857, ai 
died 27 November, 

Henry Swire 
Rosamond Swire 

son of T.Wood, 

CO. York. 
Amy Swire. 
Isabel Swire. 
Eleanor Swire, 

19 January, 1859. 
larried to Arthur, only 
q., of Belwood, Ripon, 

Charles Swire, bom 30 

November, 1856. 
Frederick Swire, bom 

15 March, 1863. 
Samuel Swire, bom 2 

May, 1866. 
Arthur Swire, bom 12 

May, 1867. 
Stanton Swire, born 27 

Febmary, 1873. 
Edith Swire. 
Annie Swire. 
Mary Swire. 
Margaret Swire 


Swire, bom 23 April, 

Charles Henry Swire, be 
Wary Humble Swire. 
Maria Rose Swire. 
Isabella Humble Swire. 
Annie Percival Swire. 
Frances Jane Swire. 
Caroline Swire. 

'IKE, died 28 Nov., 1862. 


= Roger j 

= Margar 
of Tho 
of Beec 


Bessy, da 

1764. mar^ 

or yd 

Street, L 

the Rev, 
Gorges Fi 

John Swir^ 

Samuel Svt 

Samuel Swire, of Cononely, gent., buried at Kildwick, 13 October, 1701.= 

Roger Swire, of Cononley, = Rosamond, daughter of Roger 
gent., baptized at Kildwidc, I Coates, of Royd House and 
28 February, 1670, married at Kildwick Grange, gent., died 
Addingham, 4 May, 1698, buried | r October, 1741, aged 63, 
at Kildwick, 

13 April, 

Roger Swire, baptized at 
Kildwick, 18 June, 1703, 
buried there 13 April, 1705. 

OHN Swire, of Skipton, bap-; 
tized at Kildwick, 4 March, 
1672, and died 24 May, 1724, 
aged 52, buried at Skipton. 

Elizabeth Swire, 

^OGER Swire, of Cononley, Esq., bap-= Elizabeth, daughtern 
tized at Kildwick, married at Hartwith, 1°^" Dowgill, Esq., of Ha 
and died 22 January, 1778, aged 42, and Ripley, died 18 July, 1773, aged 43, 
buried at Kildwick 25th. buried at Kildwick. 

(ftttBt: — Aswan's neck, couped arg., gorged \ 

1. Samuel Dowgill Swire, d. 

2. Roger Swire, died unma 
Melsonby, 4 April, 1792, aged : 

3. Samuel Swire, died young. 

, Samuel Swire, D.D., fellow of 
University College. Oxford, bom 25 
Dec., 1771, and died at Melsonby, 
29 August, 1799. 


HN SwiR 

Cononley, vicar of Man- 
field, J. P., only son, born 
(posthumous) 16 January, 
1797, married 4 March, 
1819, died 20 January, 

Samuel Swire. Esq., 
of Littlethorpe, co. 
York, J. P., B. A., born 
24 Dec., i8ig, mar- 
ried, ist, 5 August, 
1846, Elizabeth, dau.= 
of James Kendle, Esq. 
She died 1847. He 
married, 2ndly, 14 
May, 1857, Gertrude 
Elizabeth, daughter of 
Charles Stanton, Esq. 

Robson, Esq., 

Roger Swire, of London, 

married, ist Fuller, 

and 2ndly, Frances Susan- 
nah, daughter of James 

John Swire, =Jane, daughtt 
of Halifax. Christopher Smith, 
merchant, d. of Hahfax 
I February, died 1769. 
1799, aged 61. 

*lARY, daugh- 
ter of John 
Robinson, of 
gent., died 



. John Swire, of- 
"Liverpool, mer- I 

Dec., 1S20, mar- 
ried, 6 August, 
1845, Beatrix, 
daughter of Rev. 
James Barmby, 
M.A., rector of 
Melsonby, co. 
York, and died 26 
Sept., i860. = 

CO. York, 
1825, mar., 
7 Sept., 
1870, Eliza- 

Of Chris- 
topher Ro- 
bert Pybus, 
M.D. = 

Frederick Swire. 
in H. O., rector Lin- 
August, 1826, mar- 
ried, 5 September, 
1855, Maria Ce- 
cilia, daughter of 
Charies Stanton, 
Esq., of Upfield, 
CO. Gloucester. = 

Edward Swire, 
now in Australia, 
born 18 April, 
1830, married 


Hunger ford, 
Esq., and has 

Roger Swire, late 

97th Regiments, and 
A.D.C. to the late 
Sir Charies Ash 
Windham, K.C.B., 
born 2 July. 1834, 
married. 2 Novem- 
ber, 1 87 1, Annette, 
eldest daughter of 
Richard Rugg, Esq., 
of Brighton. = 

1. Elizabeth Swire, married 1 
Bailey Langhome, Esq, 

2. Anne Swike, married to Robert John 
Kendle, Esq. 

3. MARYSwiRE,mar. toj. D. Holmes, Esq. 

4. Jane Swire, died unmarried. 

5. Emma Swire, died unmarried. 

6. Maria Swire, married to George 
Richard Withington , Esq. 

7. Frances Swire, married to the Rev. 
Tohn Thompson. 

S.'Henriet-- — 
9. Margar 

Elizabeth Swire, only 
daughter and heiress, 
married, in i86g, to 
George Roper, Esq., 
of the Grove. Rich- 
mond, CO, York. = 

George Arti 
Roper, born 
May, 1870. 


John Swire, in H.O., minor canon of St. 

George's Chapel Royal, Windsor, born 

31 Marcli, 1847. 
Frederick Swire, bom 23 Feb., 1849. 
Herbert Swire, bom 28 August, 1850. 
Arthur Swire, born 21 July, 1857. and 

died 27 November, 1861. ' 
Henry Swire, born 19 January, 1859. 
Rosamond Swire, married to Artliur, only 

son of T. Wood, Esq. , of Belwood, Ripon, 

CO. York. 

Isabel Swire. 

Eleanor Swire. 

Katharine Swike. died 28 Nov., 1S62. 

Charles Swire, bom 30 

Frederick Swire, bom 

15 March, 1863. 
Samuel Swire, bora 2 

May, 1866. 
Arthur Swiee, bom 12 

May, 1867. 
Stanton Swire, born 27 

Febmary, 1S73. 
Edith Swire. 

Mary Swire.' 

I I I I I'l I i ! { i 

James Watson Swire, bom 11 November, 

Samuel George Swhre, born T6JuIy, 1856. 
Percival Humble Swire, born 7 Novem- 
ber, 1864. 
Thomas Humble Swire, bom 23 April, 

Charles Henry Swire, bom 4 Jan., 1868. 

Mary Humble Swire. 

Maria Rose Swire. 

Isabella Humble Swire. 

Annie Percival Swire. 

Frances Jane Swire. 

Caroline Swire. 

S^etiigree of ^toire, of Cononlep, noto Harttoitl). 

; Kildwick, 12 September, 1637. 

, = ISABELL (and wife), 

Horrocks, married 

Roger Coates, of K 

^.NN SwiBE. baptized at Kild 
wick, 24 September, 1675 
buried there izjuly, 1680. 

1790, aged 85, buried at Kildwic 

N Swire, of Skip-=ELiZA 
t Kildwick, 3 April, -'*' 
I 26 March, 1735. 
mried at Skipton. 

Eshton, gent. 

Samuel SWIRE. D.D.. in H.O. 
Oxford, vicar of Coleshill. Bt 
and Barningliam, co. York, 

Bessy, daugh ' ^ 

He died 19 Ft 

How of University College, 
I, and rector of Melsonby 
25 October, 1739, married 

George Hobson, Esq., of Middleham. 

16, buried at Melsonby, 

Anne Swire, died young. 

Rosamond Swire, married to Hen. Alcock, 
of Skiplon, gent., and had an only daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth Alcock. married to Richard 
Ramsden Bramley, Esq., of Leeds. She 
died 20 May, 1815. 

. Thomas Swire, 
3. Roger Swire, 

Mary (ist wife) 

:. dau. of John 

Mayer, of Port- 

Stockport, CO. 

Skipton, buried I 

Robert Gamett, 

2. Samuel Swii 

3. Roger Swii 

lAMUEL Swire, o. Man-=IsABEL (3rd wife), daughter Roger Swire, of Hali-=HANNAH (2nd i. Jane Swire, married to Robert HIggin- 
Chester, married, andly, I and co-heiress of Richard fax, married, ist, Jen- I wife), dau. of son, of Manchester, merchant, and died 

Martha, daughter ot Bent, of Manchester, and of nett. dau. of the Rev. Abram Mel- in 1802. j. *. 

■.of Pi 
Hall, near Dewsbury. 

■ Halifa 

Thorpe, of Hopto 

Elizaheth Swire, bom ii 

Melsonby, aged 

Samuel Swire, 
of Halifax, died 
28 Oct., 1839, 

^arv, daugh- 

Butler, of 
Carleton Big- 

Elizabeth Swire, Richard Swiri 

married to the Rev. married 

William Wood, of Wetherhead. 
Tingley '^ouse, 

Samuel Swire, 

Frances Jani 

Swire, and 
Elizabeth Swire 

3. Samuel Swire 
Embsay, born 
May, 1794. mi 
9 ^fov., 1818. 

Elizabeth SwiR] 

November, 1786, bap- 
"' ' ' January, 1787. 
1 6 November. 


John Swire. Hannah Jai 

HENRY Swire. Frances Sw 

Roger Swire. Ann Emily . 


Elizabeth Swire, 
Mary Anne Swire. 
Christina Octavia Swire. 

of 10. Grosvenor 
Mansions, Victoria 
Street. London. 

William Hudson 

klARiA Louisa 

Swire, married to 
the Rev. Richard 
Gorges Foot, rector 
of Horton, co. 

II Feb., 1822, 

Humble, of 


Feb., 1859, 


. William Buckle Swire, 
bom 2 December, 1832, 
died 9 February. 1835. 

. Mary Rose Swire, born 
25 March, 1823, died 3 
February, 1856. 

;. Elizabeth Swire, born 
18 April, 1824. died 17 
May, 1857. aged 33, buried 
in Kensal Green. 

\. Annie Maria Henry Hobson Sami 
Swire, living Swire, bom 26 boi 


l Edwin Swire 
Dom 23 January, 1847. 
Roger Swire, atwin wit! 
Fanny Maria, born i 

John Swirk, bom 2 February, 

Samuel Swire, bom 31 Jan.. 




to William Armstrong, 
Esq., Oi Liverpool. 
Fanny Maria Swire, 
married, 6 Feb.. 1872, 
to Peter McCrackan, 
Esq., of Orchardston, 

Louisa Jane Thomas 
(2nd wife). Travis 
daughter of Swire, 

then, married died 1855. 
died' i 

Nov., 1822, 1827. 

Swire, born 
" i 6N0V.,' 

,. Elizabeth 
Swire, bom 25 
February, 1816, 


Hannah Swire. 
bora o Sept., 

David Swire, bom 23 May, 

1869. and died 22 Mar.. 1870. 

ALFRfcD Swire, bora 18 Jan., 

Elvira Mar 

IS Dec., 1855. 
Samuel Thornton Swire. 

bora 29 January, 1856, 
Charles Henry Swire. 

bom 3 January, i860. 
Henry Charles Swire, a 

twin with Charles Henry, 

bom 3 January, i860, dead. 

kI 'lo„,s 

December, 1E64, 
and died 7 January, 
William Reginald 
Swire, bora 30 
April, 1869, and 
died 27 July, 1870. 

Roebuck, of Manches- 

i-under-Lyne, bom 

' Ash-=MAUD Mahy, 

Roger Mowbray Swire, 
born 12 April, 1846. 

Emily Maud Swire. 
Gertrude Ellen 

born 25 August, 
George Swire, bora 
26 December, 1857. 

Geoffrey Cecil S\ 
22 November. 1869. 



Maud Swire, I 


||l||sii :ilii||- 

Ills Ihlsie . I S2|| 




Hill ! !i£ll 

Hi ill 





1-^^ i 



2 g m 2 i^-^ 

§1 " 


— y0H05 5 








S"3 d 

■£- |S|- 



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3 0-OD.J 








Hg| . 

B" S 






|l||f::tg|| = 

Jllll S 


i; pip. 



1|1 g^S^"'^ 


= Florence, daugh-= 
ter of Henry Pud- 

Bolla°nd. eo'vork" 


mitted of Corpus 





















H^iS-SsStSgj L_ 

•^?l's Sp-a -ll'^fSl 

gss| |i|lllllsl 


S 6 o f--"! " 'g t £,-° S ° -o 

--hi iilo^gi.i|-al 

" i'3'o.Ji: i. I td< spa 1^,^511 
ihi, S Sf.a . I feHS.o ^r"0 n Hg.D^ 

- -gllagStl'.gloIzo^ 

H c ^ o o .vo c • .iCO " "ts ' i »^ 

fl! Mil 31 4 


= il ! Ill 

^s idiii 

"I I'll"! Sal 

Pip |l 


..^c - = --.=« ,_iS.SAB-=Sl>;a -S|,E-g 

111,1x11 -^^ollllllsltlll 


=?«"«• ".Is"" 

" -g g = :a S -a 













1-1 g 


<5S-So. . 


151 i 

fe J.-S 


= 5-5 o, 

2 -•o ■■a'" 

mt ir 















J^etitgree of Cancret), of iiorouspritise, lga!)ixle|>, anti ^rtten. 

Snns:— Arg., a chcv, 

all ops gu. 

Margaret (ist wife), daughte 

Sitljarb Canchatl, was seised of lands in Boroughbndge, co. York. He= 
was descended from Tancredy or Tancardy. nephewl to Richard, and 
Duke of Normandv, and was Count of Hawwitt (?) in Siat county. He 
had 13 sons, some of whom came into England w^th WiUiam the 
Conqueror, the others warred against the Saracens miltaly, and drove 
them out. and their posterity became dukes of Apuha, princes of 
Antioch, und kings of Sicily. 

f Jordayne 

ther was William Bussy, 
Walter Espec, a great t 
e abbeys of Rivaulx and 

issy. He defeated the Scots at Werke, 
in the reign of King Stephen. His 
I married Hawise, sister and co-heiress 
n. temp. King Henry i, and founder of 

1. Wl(.LIAM Tanckabd. = P».scilla. daufhterofG 

bert Bassett. 

2. Nicholas Tancka 

RD, died unmartied. 

Herbert Tanckard. =Margerie, daughter of Hugji 
1 Shardley (Staveley). 

John Tanckard. =Emm 

^, daughter of John Nekton (N 

Aldborough, Mylby, Minskippe, Rocliffe, ai 
toward of Knaresborough 
Richard. Eari of Cormvali a 

lands in York. He iv; 
forest of Knaresborough t 
of Abnayne, temp. Henry 


I Olive, 



Harpenden, and died j. p. 


married El 

5. Thomas Tanckard. 

6. Nicholas Tanckab 

7. Peter Tanckard. d 

.RGERV. only daughte 
carried to Philip Etto 
if Gilling, in Rydale. 

King of Scotlani 
John Taj 

married Petron 

Wiske, and died s 
leaving all he ha' 
his elder brother. 

Nicholas Tanckard, Anne, married to 

married, 28 King Ed- William, son 

ward I, Alice, daugh- and heir of Sir 

ter of Ralph EUerker. HenrydeBosco, 

John Tanckard, marr 
Matilda, daughter 
Richard Grene, and d 

George Tanck 

, daughter of Henry Soothill, Esq. 

s' Tanckard, died unmarried. 

>.= Alice, daughter of Sir Richard Aldborough, Knt. 

? Margaret), daughter 

F John Slingsby, of Scriven. 

Richard Tanckah 

He founded the chantry of St. James at Pannall, 1 
F Pannall, recorder of York f ora 1509 to 1518. =Jane, dauglU 

William Tanckard. of Boroughbridge, was elected reco 
9 July. 1537, vice John Pullein, resigned, which office he 
death. He was M.P. for the city in 1540, and in 1568 w 
council of the north. He died 13 Aug., 1573, and was b 
borough on the following day, will dated 3 June, 1573, i 
Seplemher following. Inq. p. m. 26 Oct.. 15 Eliz. 

s hneally descended f 

ngmanthorp. who v 

ve-named Lord Ros, of Hamlake ; buried ; 

3ugh. 5 April, 1572. 

Febmarv. 1506 7 

jANE.daughterandco- RapheTanck 

heiress of Bernard of Arden, 

Paver, of Brampton, York, 
near Boroughbridge, 

= MAKy, daughter and sole 3. Nynyan Tanckard, mar. 4. William Tanckarl 

[ heiress of William Law- Thomasin, dau. and heires? 5. John Tanckard. 

I son, of Cramlington. of Thomas de la River, ol 6. jAMESTANCKARD.die 

I Esq., CO. Northumber- Brandsby. She mar., 2ndly, unmarried, will dated a 

land. to Richard Cholmley. He 

■ William Barker, alderman c 

5 Tanckard, = Dorothy, 

Ell I nor T 

ANE Tanckard, married, ist, to 
William Browne.but had no issue, 
and, 2ndly, to Christopher, 3rd 
son of Thos. Slingsby, of Scriven. 

Boroughbridge, 5 Nov. 

, Richard. She r 
ried, 2ndly. to Matthew Conyers, of 
Thorpe Underwood, and had further 

if Thorpe, 

aged 33 at his father s 
death. (?) mar. Grace. 

to William Danby, of 
Great Langtoo. = 


Ralph, i 

3. Thomas 

Sir Edward 
of CO. Ches- 

6. CharlesTanckard, 
of Whixley, was 

diers. for West Rid- 
ing, CO. York, ao King 

bara, daughter of Wm. 
Wyvell, of Osgodby, 

Isabella, married. 

. mar. to Henry Norton, son i. Charles, 
Francis Norton, of Norton 5, John, and 

all died mi- 

Tanckard, Jane, 
aged 23 m Cliayi 
1584, married Durhi 


Lee, of York, and had a dau., Elizabeth. 

3. Frances, mar., 4 Dec., 1582, to Lance- 
lot Lancaster, of Sockbridgc, co. Lane. 

4. Elizabeth, married to Henry Blenkin- 
sop, of Helbeck Hall, Esq. 

Ursula and Dorothy, supposed to have 

ol Butterby, 

Ralph Willey, ol Hough- 
'- -^de, whose will 

1 William Frankland, 

ton-le-side, whose will was 6. Martin Tanck 
proved 4 July, 1584, and, AHD. slain in France. 

of Houghton- 

Francis Tanck- 

. Thomasin, nr 
Edmund, son 

Tanckard, dated 1573), 
mar. to William Hudson. 
3. Frances, died young. 

Dorothy Geo. Morley, Francis Mor- 

Tanckard, ist Bishop ley. a cap- 

! Western 
Winton. Pre- ArmyofKing 

aughter and of Worcester, 
ale-heiress, and after of 


Priw Coun- 

I January, 1589/90. 

of Borough- 
;e. married 

111 co-heiress of Tanckahd. 

homas Basforth, left issue. 

sq.. of Thor- 7 Samuel 


3. Thomas 
of Brampto 

manby. He \va 
buried 37 Jan. 
1597.8. leaving no 

6. Charles Tanckard, 
of Whixley, was 

diers, for West Rid- 
ing, CO. York, 20 King 

Wyvell, of Osgodby.' 
CO. York, and died 31 
August, 1644. = 


:. Katherine, mar. to Henry Norton, s 
and heir of Francis Norton, of Nort 
Conyers, and had issue. 

[. Isabella, married, ist, to Cluistopl 
Redshaw, and had issue, .iiid, 2ndly, to I 

ICHARD Tanckard, mar. 
ID. Jane, dau. of Christopher 
in Chaytor, ot Bullerby, co. 
Durham, Esq., widow, ist, 
of Ralph Willey, of Hough- 
RoBef Men- proved 4 July. 1584, and, 
nelI,of Hawn- andly, oi William Frankland, 
by. = of HQughton-le-side,co. Dur- 

. Thomasin, 
Edmund, & 
Mennell, of Hawnby, 
He died in 1615. 

Roger Tanckard 
', Esq. daughter an 

married to Sir 
Henry Jen- 
kins, Km., 

; DOKOTHV, supposed t 

Hugh Tanck- Thomas Tan-=Frances, 
ard, 1st son, CBED, of Boro"- 
dlsinherited bridge, created 

,-^ ^- 

of Worcester, tainof Foot in 

and after of the Western 

Winton, Pre- AmiyofKing 

late of the Charles x 

Garter, and mar. Joan' 

Privy Coun- daughter of 

cillor to K. John Collins, 
Charles a. of co. North- 

ants. = 

August, 1663 ( 


of Christopher 
Maltby, Esq.. 
of Cotlingham, 

Nevile, of Chevet. 
Jno. Knaresborough. 

Thomas Swai 

l, = Sir Richard Tankard, of Whix-=ANNE (2nd wife), Henry Tankard, of 

;r ley, Knt., J.P., West Riding, daughter of Killinghall. mar., 1st, 

I- aged 53 in 1665, in 1666 colonel John Robinson, E}len, daughter of 

)f of the Foot Regiment in the of Hackforth, "^'"''- '"■"'' 

I, wapentakes of Skirack and Bark- co. York, widow 

I, ston, mar., ist, Mary, daughter of of John Wastell. 

Francis Nevile, of Chevet, co. ofScorton, co. 

York, by his ist wife, Rosamund, York, council- of Whixley. She died 

daughter of Cyril Arthington, of lor-at-law. 250ciober, 1705, aged 

Arthington, co. York. He was 87, buried in Leeds 

baptized 10 April, 1608, and parish church. = 

buried 22 October, 1668. = , ' 


and had 
a son Henry, and, 
andly, Dorothy, dau. 

Lucv, wife of John Coghill, of Coghill Hall, c 

York. Knt., and after to Sir Solomon Swal 
of Swale Hall and Stainley, co York, Bart. 

Charles and Thomas, both died young. 

William and Frances. 

Charles Tancred, of 
Arden, married Eliza- 
beth, eldest daughter of 
John Crosland, Esq., of 
Hemsley, co. York, 
whose mother, a daugh- 
ter of George Clapham. 

Requests to King 

Magdalen.' eldest 
daughter of Sir 
Henry Herbert, of 

heiress of Robl, 


in of Geo. 


= Barbara, daugh- 
.. I ter of John Dal- 
I, ton, of Hawkes- 

York, Bart., and 
his wife. Ursula, 
daughter of Con- 
yers, Lord D'Arcy 
and Conyers, mar- 
ried at Whbcley. 22 
May, 1655. d. 1664. 

»RV Tankard, died youi 
DAN Tankard, died yoi 
,LiAM Tankard, died y( 


6. Thomas Tank 

7. Francis Tank 
Mary Tankard, 

She died 25 
Sept., 1706, 

June. 1695, he Francis Tankari 
died before 9 Sep- Thomas Tankarl 
tember. 1703, RiCHARD Tankah 

Tankard, el 
ried to Francis Morley, of 
i-el, CO. Wilts. 

. married to Thomas, 

f Sir William Robin- 

1. of Newby, Knt. , andhis2nd 


wife, Frances, < 

:. William 2. SirTHOMAsTAN- 

Tancbed, cred, Bart. , mar. 

diedyoung. Elizabeth, daugh- 

[- William ter of Wm. Mes- 

Tancred, senger, Esq.. of 

d. immar. Fountains Abbev. 

;. \v'alter CO. York, and 

1 A.scRED. buried 27 Decem- 

mar. Mary, 
daughter of 

(2nd wife), = 

daughter of Sir 
Walter Clarges, 

hif^^nd' w^fe; 

Tancred, =Catherine 
August, 1665. [ (ist wife), 
Hartshead. 19 | 2nd dau. of 
high sheriff of | Sir John 

aged 5, 

Yorkshire in i68sand 16B6, 


r of the buckhounds 
to King William 3, ob. 21 | 
November, 1705, aged 46. j 

baptized 7 
April, 1654. 

Ursula Tankard. 2. William Tan- 

Francis, younger son Esq., married 
of Francis Molineux, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Mansfield, co. and co-heiress 
Notts, (of the Tever- of Thomas Car- 
family), ter, lord mayor 


of York. 

1. Henry Tancred. 
3. Charles. 

'*' mar. Miss Holland! 

7. JAMF-S Tancred, 
married Catherine 
, Sunderiand. 



4. Barbara Tancred, 
mar. to Wm. EUesley, 
rector of Ryther. 

5. Jane, married to John 
Warcop, of Gatenby. 

6. Dorothy, married to 
William Warwick, of 
Aiscough, Esq. 

Judith, daughter of 
Peter Dalion, Esq., 
of Grenanstown, 
CO. Tipperary. 

WiU dated 22 
Feb., 1779. then 
of Fulford, proved 

■ WilliamTan 
CRED, died un 


died gan, Esq. 

Thomas Tan- 
cred, of St. 
Paul's, Covent 

. Christopher Tan- 
cred, Esq., of Whix- 
ley, bomi6 Nov., 1689. 

Dorothy Tan 

Elizabeth Tan-=Wm. Dobson, KATHERir 
CRED, born 20 Jan., I alderman of executri; 
1686/7. married at | 


Charles =Barbara, 
Tancred, of Rev 

March, 1683/4" u Aug., 1716, died | 1729, died 3 
diedyoung. ii June, 1768. I July, 1749. 

L. Mary, died 26 

le-Belfrey, 11 June, i 
Frances (? buried 
frey's, 19 Feb., 1715, 


ughter Thomas 
3'Aicy Tancred. 


William Dalton, of 

(? Esq.. of Ponte- 
Belfrey's, fracl. 

ited 28" Sept., 1776, Pene- 
■pe. daughter of Thomas 
saheton .Smith, Esq., of the 

hester. She died at 121, 

. BarbaraTancred, 
married to Thomas 
Taylor, Esq.. of 
Comay, in Durham, 
and died 21 Mar., 


Anne, eldest daughter of Thomas Ann Tan 


mm. granted 10 

buried 5 April, 

Martin's, Coney Street, ■" 
Maky, died in 1783. 
Catherine, died in 1783. 

Tancred, nephew t 

September, 1780. 

nly surviving 
nild, married 

to William B. 


. Charles Tancre 
Esq.. of Arden, born 
April, 1738. and died 
31 Dec, 1819, unmar. 

.Henry Tancred. 
bom 27 February, and 


lliam Tancred. 
boni 27 Feb.. 1739. 
married Elizabeth, 
only daughter and 
heiress of Christopher 
Fenton, merchant, 
and died September, 
18 16, s. p. 

to Sir Chas. Dalton, 25 No^ 
the Black Rod. Henry. 

Tancred, Eliz 

Elizabeth, daughter of John Heailey, Sarah, 
Esq., of Preston, co. Lancaster, but 1744. 
has no issue, then to James Dalton. ber. 17 

and died 16 Decem- 

Sir Thomas Tancred. Bart., bom 24 July, 1780, marriage s( 
mcnl dated 5 April, and married at ucklesione, co. Saloj 
April, 1805. He died at Spa, Belgium, 29 August, 1844. 

Sir Thomas Tancred. Bart., of Boroughbridge, co.= 
York, now (1873) in New Zealand, born 15 August, I 

i&o3, married at Eamborough, 

16 April, 1839. 

ANE, 3rd daughter o 
Selby. Esq.. of Tw 

Hon. IIenry 
member of 
Council, Ne\ 
April, 1816. I 

N Tancred, =Georgianna \shc) Janet Grace, 
p Legislative daughter of Lieut. -Colonel Mathew 
:aland, born 8 Richmoi 
3 July, 1857. 

, = Henrietta, daughte 

mond, C.B., of Nelson, Nei 

Harriet ^ 

js Clarke Whitehead,' 

Thomas Selby Tancred, 
Rankapuka, Cantcrbu 

Margarrt's, Wes'lminst 

iHETON Tancred, diedyoung. 1849. 

Francis Tancred, born at Slratton, 
;r, I February, 1850. 

I il 


Harry Geokge'Tancrl;d, born 27 Dec* 

William Tancred 
IiTFORD Tancred, 
[^ April, 1856. 

Thomas Tancred, born May, 
Fklicia Mary Tancred. 
Gwendoline Sybil Tancred, 


John Robert 'Vehnon Tan 

bom I March, 1870. 
Lucy Sarah Ckewe Hawk 

afjanies 21 Sept.. 1840, and I CrutchfieldHou' 

Ireland, died 4 July, 1865. ] Hawtl 

" " . q.MoNlCACLA!tuTF.M- 

(5ff Coulthursl Pedigree.) 

1 May. I Berks. 

[ARY, 4th dau. of 5. WuLSTAN Francis Tempest, born 21 October, 1848. 
ThomasA. l'tny,Esq..of 6. Albred Alovsius Francis Temi'EST. born 21 Sept., r8; 
Bytliam House, co War- 7. Aidan Walter Francis Te.mpest, bom 4 Nov., 1852, 

^ebigree of Cempest, of Cong aiiti ilrougijton. 


XS'mSt'ii'l £,;,;; 


sa;^;^ :;si,kr;3;irs-""| t'izKi SESlS 

,S~:. ^^- ..'■i"!?'''-"" ''»r''2SS 

' I 

Egflj. KiSs; as.s 

I TT ■ 

.^i:!^ ^^g| ii^ M^^ p -S fei. w L,. 

.Jii^^XS ".ISSiTJ"*-- EE- 

o„,. ^"-li'— sz 


^ 1-3 I il ^i'll' 

^P^^ . I 





mw £■= S S o a 

lllll I 

IfJ ^' 



I P ! ^Th^I "" lj\ 






is •&€ 





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o 3 





^ o 1 



i! ^ii [iJL i! 


-ipgi I <, 

IS ^ 

ill! I 




I s'S"„-" ■gs^-.i 

i|i|| p-illlill 





2 '3 




•g^ ^ 


< so i 






RACE (l5t ■ 
Francis Ck 
of Leeds, 
October, I 


i o 



h ^ 


-Is. gS^ 

3S a 


i — 3-S io 

r 1, 


!•- =F- .-2g 
M ° ■j u '3 0- 2 - s 







I ■-" c^ 

I ^n 

i:i^ii ill 

>.o.a: g-^ 

o < S 

— gl^i^gsi 

» S g " 3 i 


3PS^K£3 soj;.: 

gemelles and a chief argent, 
a woman couped ppr. vested gu. 
ed, and ducally crowned, or, also 

^etiiijree of C|)orn!)ilI, 

Seised of lands in the several manors and lordships of Ovenden, Skircoat, 
9Bltolpf)U3, of Thomhill. = 

[OEDAN Thornhill. He is said in Collins' Baronetage I 
Skircoat, Rishworth. Norland. Barkisland, &c., as by 
Plantagenct. Earl Warren, owner of the manor of Wakefield 
Sowerbyshire about ii6g. 

Thoknhill, living 1189.= 

Sir John Thornhii 

of Thomhill, Kn 

i Thoknhill, of Thomhill. Kn 

daughter of Thomas de Fixby, 1 j 

,ir John Thoknhill, of Thomhill, 35 K. Ed. i, held lands in Thornhill, Tong, Ovenden, Hundesworth, and Bierley {see Kirby 
inquest), and was dead in 15 Ed. 2. He granted to the prior and convent of Lewes, in Sussex, and their successors, to attac 
their mill dam of Heptonstall. 

lir Bryan Thornhill, of Thomhill, one of the knights of the shire 
lands in East Keswick, in the wapentake of Skyrak, g Ed. 2. and witness I 
de Copley founded a chantry in the south choir of Batley Church, dated 

York, 29 and 31 Ed. 3, held=JOAN, daughter of Sir John 
*" ~ charter by which Adam I Fitz-WiUiam, Knt. 
Batley, 13 Oct., 1334. | 

Sir Simon Thoknhill, of Thornhill, died 43 Ed. 3, at which date= 
he held of the lord in Stansfeld, Skircoat, Ovenden, and Wads- 
worth certain tenement and lands in soccage. 

lARY, or Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heiress of Edward 
Babthorpe, of I 

Thomas Thornhill, = 
Uving 1374. I 

zabeth, daughter and heiress, married 
. Henry Savile, Esq., of Thomhill. = 

a quo Savile, of Thomhill. 

Toothill, married 1392, = Barbara, daughter of Richard Hopton, of Swillington, Esq. 

the will of = 

, d.aughter of John = WiL 

V. p. = Elizabeth, daughter 

Robert Mirfield. 
whose death he was= 

1 died 26 April, 1567. Collector of the tenths and fift.eenths = 

Bryan Thoknhill, Esq., son and heir, aged 34 in 1567, married. 
1569, Jane, daughter of John Kaye, of Woodsome, Esq., and died 
28 October, 1598, s. p. 

s brother, and aged 63 and r 

John Thornhill, J. P., temp. 

Toothill, J. P., treasurer for lame soldiers, 11 Chas. i, married= 

Dorothy (ist wife), daughter and sole heiress=JoHN Thor 
of George CoUembell, of Darley. co. Derby, | a regimenl 
married 1647. , -^ Bart., diet 

Anne, ob. inf. 

W.R., major of=EvERlLDA (2nd wife), daughter and co-heiress of Sir George Wentworth, ] 

"r George Savile, | of Wolley, Knt., by his ist wife, Anne, daughter of Thomas, Lord 

^ ^ ■ ' ? September, r650, died 8 May, 1708. , 

Fairfax, of Cameron, married. 

. Bryan Thornhill, = 
of Fixby, Esq., married, t 
29 August, 1699, died 
26 July, 1701, aged 24. | 

CES, daughter and: 
ess of Joseph Wil- 
, of Pontefract, Esq. 

ir Francis Leycester, Bart. 
(2nd husband), grandson of Sir 
Peter Leycester, the antiquary, 
married 19 Febmary, 1705. 

. Thomas Thoknhill, of Fixby, 
Esq., High Sheriff of Yorkshire 
1745, and died unmarried 18 May, 

\ daughter, ob. inf. i. Thomas Thornhill, of Fixby, Esq., high sheriff co. York i 
married in 1779, and died in London, 22 March, 1800. 

I776, = EleAN0R Lynne, of Horsley, 
I 30 December, 1797, aged 36. 

Saeah (rst wife), daughter of= Thomas Thornhill, Esq., c 
C. Sober, of Southampton, K co. York, and Riddlesworth. 
Esq. She died in i8ji. i fulk, born 15 December, 17S0 

(2nd wife), daughter of=H0NOElA (3rd wife), daughter of Major Francis Forester, brother to I 
■ Pcirse, Esq., of Bedale, I 1st Baron Forester, by his wife Louisa Catherine Barbara, eldest dauc 
married in 1835. She died ter of Wm. Henry. Duke of Cleveland, K.G., mar. in 1839. She ma 
nber, 1836. | 2ndly, to H. H. Hungerford, Esq., of Dingley Park, co. Leicester. 

Thomas Thornhill, Esq. of Saf 

Riddlesworth, co. Norfolk, r:. 

High Sheriffco. Suffolk, bom !i 

22 February, 1804, married, i 

in 1830, Martha Mary Anne, 1 ', 

eldest dau. of the late Harry bi 

Spencer Waddington, Esq., Li 

only=WiLLiAM Cap 


, married 
vhaite, of . 

>o November, 
i6July, 1865. 


23rd Regiment of Fusilit 

the additional surname a 

; of Thomhill, 

sex, and Binham, co. Norfolk, by 
eldest daughter of the Hon. and 
Capel, 3rd son of William Anne, 

7 April, 1864, to 
Lieut. -Col. Thomas 
Harvey Bramston, 
Grenadier Guards, 
of T. W. 
Esq., of 
Skreens, Essex. 

Eleanor Frances 
Thornhill, mar., 
3 August, 1865, to 
Capt. Arthur Wat- 
son de Capell 
Brooke, 4th Queen's 
Own Hussars, 3rd 
son of Sir William 
de CapeU Brooke, 

Tho.mas Thornhill, = Kathaeene Edith Isabel- 

I 1 

Pakenham Lodge, 
CO. Norfolk, J. P. for 
Nori'olk and Suffolk, 
bom 26 March, 1837, 
married 17 Feb., 1863. 

LA, only child of Richard 
Hodgson Huntley, Esq., of 
Carham Hall, Northumber- 
land, and Friarside, co. Dur- 

Henrv Morlev Thornhill, bom 13 April, 1840. 
LOFTUS MiLNES THORNHILL, born 8 October, 1853. 
Cecil John Thornhill, born 3 Febmary, 1S55. 
Claude William Thornhill, born 18 March, 1856. 
Sarah Caroline Thornhill, married, rg November, 

1863, to the Hon, T. C. Bruce, youngest son of the 

Earl of Elgin. 
Louisa Fanny Thornhill, married to Sydney A. 

Hankey, Esq. 
Constance Emily Thornhill. 
Mary Cecilia Thornhill. 

Thomas Bryan Clarke-Thorn- 
hill, born 13 March, 1857. 

■William Capel Claeke-Thorn- 
HlLL, born 13 November, i860. 

Arthur Herbert Clarke- 
Thohnhill, born 31 December, 

Clara Louisa. 


of JFixb? anti l^ititilestDortlb* 

Rishworth, Norland, and Barkisland, as appears by deed sans date. 

Thomas Thorn- 

DE LA MAiE. (? Mar). 
John Thornhill, married Marion, daughter of Mr. Richard Heton, of Mirfield. 

Thomas Thornhill, living 31 K. Ed. 

;, (?) daughter of Sir William Talboner. 

, rector of Thornhill, 


5LIZABETH Thornhill. mar- 
ried to Henr>- Musters, Esq., 
of KirkUngton. 

, daughter, married t 

Sir Henry Staunton, < 
Staunton, Notts. 

ARET Thornhill 

TargARET, co-heiress to her brother Thomas Toot-= 
hill, of Fi.Kby, and granddaughter of Thomas Toothill, 
and Modesta, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas 
Fixby, of Fi.\by. 

William de Riley (2nd 

Robert Thorn 


DioNES, married to William Stansfeld. of Stansfeld, Esq. 
= Elizabeth, survived her husband. 

daughter of Nicholas Savile, of New Hall, Esq.. died ! 

toLAS Thornhill. Richard Thornhill. 

.lAM Thornhill, M.A.. installed prebendary of Worces- 

, in the 8th stall. 4 May, 1584, and died 1626. 

narried to Mr. Roger Rayney, 

Elizabeth Thorn 

of Sraithley. 
Cecily, married to Mr. John Gledhill, of Barkisland. 

married to Mr. Richard Watkin 
married to Mr. John Priestley, 
married t 

Av. John f 
Av. Langd 

Margaret, married, in 1651, to 
John Armytage, Bart., of Kirklees, 
York, and died in 16915. 


i655=Langdale Sunderland, 
■ High Sun" -'---' ""~~ 

Thornhill, aged ; 

4. George Thornhill. of Didding--SARAH, daughter of 
ton. CO. Hunts, died 30 December, I John Barne, Esq., 
I7S4' aged 73. of London. 

^ARV, died 25 September, 

1768. aged 83, will dated 

6 J Illy. 1756- 

r Hawkins, of Kelsto 

George Thornhill. Esq., of Didding-=CHARLOTTE Matilda, daughtt 
ton, M.P. for South Hunts, marrn:d I heiress of the Rev. Charles Gre 
in 1809, and died in 1852. Offord DArcy. 

Frances, married, ist 
Herbert Russell, Esq., 
John Harding. Esq. 

Hunts.. J. P. and 
D.L., high sheriff 
1869, b. 10 Aug., 
1811, married, in 
1845, Elizabeth 
Mary, youngest 


lingham, Ireland. 14th 

Light Dragoons, 1830. 

retired as captain 1837, 

and took H.O., bom 13 


3 July. 183I 

daughter of John Wool- 

sey, Esq., of Milesdown, 

Castle Bellingham, Ire- 


ohn Thornhill, 
in H.O.. rector of 
Boxworth. CO. 
Cambridge, bom 
14 July, 1815, 
married, 25 May, 
1843, Catherine, 
dau. of Robt. Wil- 
kinson. Esq., of 
London. No is- 

William Thorn- 
hill, M.A. Cathe- 
rine Hall, Camb.. 
rector of Offord Dar- 

youngest dau. of 
John Woolsey, Esq., 
of Milesdown. Castle 
Bellingham, Ireland, 

Bryan Thornhill, 
of Lancaster, adju- 
tant ist Lancashire 
Militia,and late cap- 
tain Queen'sBays.b. 
30 July, 1825, mar., 
4 Dec, 1849, Sophia 
Bradford, daughter 
of John Edgecumbe 

HenryJordan Mary At 
Thornhill, hill, mar. to Ed- 
born 25 July, mund Packe. Esq. 
1832, mar., 15 Charlotte Matil- 
Dec, 1857, da Thornhill. 
Elizabethjulia, Frances, mar. to the 
dau. of Major Rev. John Pardee. 
Earrfe Goldie, Lydia Ann. 
Bombay En- Georgiana, married 
gineers. = to the Rev. Plumer 


EvERiLDA Thorn- 
hill, married, ist, 
to the Rev. Alfred 
Tenner, rector of 
Wenvoe, co. Gla- 
morgan, and 2ndly, 
7 Oct., r873, to the 
Rev. Edward Oc- 
tavius Tyler, vicar 
of Portbury, co. 

I I I I I ! I 
George Thornhill, bom 

1846, died 1847. 
George Thornhill, bom in 

r849, and died in 1868. 
Arthur John Thornhill, 

Francis Herbert William 

Thornhill, bom in 1851. 
Edmund Henry Thornhill, 

Thornhill, George Robert 

Frances William Blundell Ge 

I November, 1842, 
diedai April, 1872, 

eldest dau. of Stephen 
Charles Moore, Esq., 
of Barne, co. Tippe- 
rary.J.P. = 

;harles Thornhill, John Hi 

born August, 1S68. Thornhill 

IobertStephenAden 25 October, 
Thornhill, ob. inf. 

Thornhill, mar., Thornhu 

10 March, 1869, to 12 August, 

Captain J. Cecil John Cecil 

Russell, loth Royal hill, bon 

1 28 July, 

I Thorn- 

Douglas Thok 

Ellen Georgiana 

Rose Thornhill. 
Cecily Clifton 

Bryan Henry Nailour Thornhill, 

1 in 1858, andd. 
Reginald Thornhill. 
Percy Thornhill, bora in 

1867, died same year. 
Alfred Hugh Thornhill. 
Ernest Claud Thornhill, 

bom June, 1871, died Dec. 

li El 


-jjs" > ? 




> " d « 3 cj. 

. „ |!i|rt 

-5hQKo5£-ciiUoo z z a5 

■ — M »> 5 s ^ J J. 

S !3, 

I IfFt^i 

:'|yi^rl^^1-J°L-<i^ I <t J, /111 

-|-£ =iS.H «Eii O.S -« ^^^-^S - L-| § §1 III „|„- 

S u 

rL|<iy If III 

■ :|fliiii^l|Jil. 


^ S H 

!jrt^Eg3„gjg23trtS"S ^§ 

H h-Cv-iSS 


b- H P S 

, I i5 III Hip 

1 -S --sf5=«K2l'ol'2l,l< 


o s is 

iSorSaS «■? 


aSh o,S S<'S"Jip 


^etiigree of CI)omtott». 

arms :— Arg., a chevi 

Tane (and wife), daiighte 
'' Charles Newby. of H. 
York, married there a 

Cl)f Seii. KobErt Eljornton, fH.a., rec 

Charles r, for his loyalty and alladimen 

J co-heiress of=RonERT Thornton, 
1 Roberts, co. ■ - ■ 
:tobcr, 1732/3' 

t Thohnton, born 
7 January, 1733/4, ^^'^ '^^^' 
■ ' °^' Clapham, i 

married 25 July, 

Clapham 27 August, 1736, mar- 
usin-german, William Thornton. 
e and arms of Aslell, 1777). He 
1 died s.p. 6 April, 1801. She 

John Thornton, Esq., of Clapham. only=LucY, only dau. and heiress 

mber, 1753. and died 7 I 
the poet Cowper pays 1 

W.P. for that shire. 1 Esq., of Wake- 

"lovember, 1754, mar- field, born 23 

Wakefield. 12 Dec., I November, 1758. 

"Sjuly. '838. I She died 30 Mar., 

I 1834. 

Henry Thornton, of= 
Baltersea Rise, M.P. for I 
Southwark. bom 10 
March, 1760, married 
Marq^, 1796, died 16 
January, 1815. 

Margaret, his wife, daughl 
harles Hoghton, Bart., 

Anne, daugh- i. ]t 
.f Joseph Sykes, Fe 

:. Jane Thornton, bom 27 Novembe 
1718. married, ist. to Robert Knipe, 
Berkhamslead, and 2ndly, to Richai 
Conyers. LL.D.. rector of Hemsiey, i 
York, and after of St. Paul's, Deptfoi 

t Ke died i^ 

f Lwd" 

^ Thornton, died 

7 March. 1B56. aged 69. 

jsin, the HoiL J. Thornton Leslie 
dviUe, afterwards gth Earl of 
ven. and 8th Earl of Melville, 
i died 26 July. 1832. 

bom a March. 1797. 
married. 8 Seplember, 
1840. Emily Elizabeth, 
daughter of the Rev. 
John Morgan Rice, of 
Tooling. Surrey, and 
niece of Sir Ralph 

mar.. 18 July. j. T 


i." 7 Nov.; 1837'. 
s Mary, daughter 
i. Harrison, Esq., 
ipham Common, 
ed 2 May, 1839, 

ySykes Thorn- 2. Watson Ji 
Esq.,ofBaf '^- 

1833, Harriet ] 

rector of Llanwame. 
prebendary of Here- 


Rev. Chailes 
Forster, and 
d.Jan.. 1869. 

ford. She died 24 
28 July, 1855. = 

1' ■ ■ 
. Godfrey Thornton, born i , 
December, 1794, died 21 January, 

. Godfrey Thornton, of Mog- 
gerhanger House, co. Beds, Col. 

1795. married, isi.'his cousin, sii- 
sanna, daughter of John Dixon, 
Esq.. and 2ndly. Sophia, daugh- 
ter of Brise Pearse, Esq.. of 
Woodford, and died j. /. 1857. 
, Charles Thornton, bom 27 
November, 1796, died 19 March, 

Edward 6. Edmitnd 
Thornton, of the 
Grange, Kempsion. 
Bedford, b. 13 Nov., 


Caroline Mary 

Mary Thornton. 
only daughter, mar. 
to Henry Pearse, 


TART Thornton, 
M.A.. in H.O.. 
rector of South HiU 
with Callington, 
Com\vall, bora 30 

ried. 2 Feb., '1847. 
Mary Louisa, dau. 

George Cholmon- 

Lushington, Bart. 

Edmund Parry Thorn- 
ton, born 28June, 1826, and 
died 25 January, 1837. 

William Henry Thorn- 
ton, in H.O. (curate of 

1830. married. 29 July, 1857, 
Grace Anna, daughter of the 
Rev. James Furnival, of 
Larkbeare House, co. Devon. 

19 Jai 

ned 31 January, 1833, to 
John Rogers, Esq.. of River- 
"hiU. Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Percy Mel- 

, Selina Thorn 
19 October. 1840, aged 21. 
. Clementina Thornton. 
■ Lucy Thorn- 

Harriet Thorn- 

I. Emily Thornton, 
married, 28 April, 
1858. to Major Cam 

riENRY Charles 

of London, born 6 
Febraary , 1 840. mar- 
ried, 1868, Julia 
Mimosa, daughter 
of Colonel George. 

tY Sykes Thornton. 
Hackiinge, co. Kent, 
n 8 Seplember, 1847, mar- 
l, 18 Feb., 1873, Mary 
lisa, daughter of Canon 

Reginald Soulhey, Esq., 

f Henry of the 

" TON, bom 9>ly. 1845. 

3, Arthue Parry Thorn- 
ton, bom 9 February, 1848. 

4. Charles CoNWAV thorn- 
ton, bom 7 August, 1851. 

TOM, bom 8 February, 1856. 


TOK, bom 16 April, 1859. 
I. Ekilt Hebee Thornton, 




. Gkace Haseiet Thosk- 

. Robert Milnes Thornton, 

bora 10 December, 1848. 
, Frederic Bexley Thobnton, 

bora 5 April, 1851. 

6. George Walter Thornton, 
bom 23 Deoeraber, 1855, and died 
2 May, 1873- 
I. Emelia Sophia Thornton, mar- 
17 August, 1871,10 
- - -aldWelf. 



Thornton, bom 17 
September, 1852. 
a. Leslie Melville 
Thornton, b. 9 Aug., 

3. Henry Lushington 
Thornton, born 29 
October, i860. 

[ . Alice Frances Thorn- 

RosE Thornton. 

. Catherine Louisa. 

, Agnes Selina. 

, Ethel Gertrude, and 

Godfrey Thornton Southey, 

'elford Rogers, 

Cfjomton. of iStrfein. 

crescents or. 

Walfeer, of 

of Ecclesfield, co. York, born : 

of Ecclesfield, died 21 December 

principal fuiindcr of the i 
borough, was born at Hill Top, in tht 
. 15 Nov., 1715 (N.S.). At tlie ageol 
lasborougfi, and tliencefortli liis career 

L Walker, Esq., = SusANNAH, 

Of Clifton Ho 
Kotherham, and of 
piythe Hall, co. Notts, 
parried 13 August, 
[1781, and died 3 April, 

dan. of Samu 
Need, Esq., 
Nottingham, ^ 
a April, 183 
aged 71. 

to the late Rev. William Alderson 
rector of Aston, near Rotherham 
who died s. p., 30 September 

2. Sophia Walker, married tc 
Thomas Trebeck, Esq., of South 
well, and died s. p.. 27 April 
1856. He died 4 November, 1864 

3. Catherine Walker, marriec 
to James Haffenden, Esq., 01 
Clearwell Court, co. Gloucester, 
and died 16 April, 1858. 

4. Elizabeth Walker, died un- 
married 14 May, 1832. 

t. Edward Al- 
len Walker, 

1806, married, 
1838, Elizabeth, 
daughter of 
Richard Bald- 
win, of Queen's 
Co., Ireland, 
and died in 
Canada, 17 

April, i863. = 

2. Frank Wal- 

pool, bom r6 
February, 1808, 
married, 1835, 

Norman '^Lock- 
hardt, Esq., and 
died in Liver- 
pool, in 1872. = 

iDiTH Marianne 
Talker, married 
Charles Raikes, 
Iq., of New Zea- 
pd, 3rd son of 
pry Raikes, for- 
prly of St. Peters- 
|rg (see that pedi- 

(Iargaret Ger- 
Jude Isabella 
alker, married to 
I.D., of Barrie, 


HoEACE Walker, 
of Liverpool, bora 
21 July, 1838. 
living unmarried. 

Lucy Walker. 


Qtttst : — On a wTeath, 

Mary, daughter of Joseph Wood, of Ecclcsfie 

Jary, daughter of 5. Aaron Walker. - 
Thomas Sykes, of Masboro", born | 

ig February, 1718, 
I 6Jan., died 28 January, 



of Geo 



of Old Wi 
sor Lodge, ma 
ried 15 yepten 
ber, 1842. Sh 
d,ed 7 Jun< 

:3. Sir Ed 

Walker, of Berry 
Hill, CO. Notts., 
knighted in 1841, J. P. 
and D.L. , born 1799. 
served the office of 
mayor of Chester 1838 
and 184S, and was 
high sheriff of Notts 

George Hol- 5. Edgaf 
FORD Walker, Walkei 
bom 28 Decern- the Qu; 

Joshua M 

KER, of 


bom 16 August, 1849, mar- 
ried Rose, daughte 


EUTRUDE Mary Walker, 
bom 27 March, 1851, mar- 
ried, 20 November, 1872. to 
Captain R. H. Verschoyle, 
late nth P. A. O. Hussars. 

J^etiiflree of WB^lktx, of 

JHSilliam SSHalfttr, of Ecdcsfidd, 

Ecclesfield, died ai December, = 


IZABETH (2nd wife) 
laughter of Joh: 
Vindsor. and \vido% 
f William Hodgkin 

gh. born 8 
died 5 Aug.. 

(wife), daughter 
ird Ainley. and 
3f Joseph Piatt, 

4. Samuel Walker, principal founder of 
Ecclesfield and Masborough, was bom at 1 
parish of Ecclesfield, 15 Nov., 1715 (N.S.). 
30 he removed to Masborough, ' "' 

died la May, 1782. 

Mary (2nd wife), daugl 
Samuel Hallows Har 
Rolherham, mar. 19 P 

York, died 5 May. 
1807, aged so, will 
dated a February, 

Walker, mai 
July, 1803. 

Masborough, bom 
6 February, 1742, 

will dated 14 July', 

daughter of 
/ of Thomas 
"1774, died 28 

of Clifton Hoi 
Rotherham. and o 
Blyihe Hall. CO. Notts 

1781, and died 3 April 

, Esq.,=SusANHAH, and 

Need. Esq., of 
Nottingham, d. 
a April. 1831, 

April, 1781, married, 
30 November, 1804. 

terofMartinBarr, of 
Worcester. She died 

Mary Walker, 
married, at 

Hansworth, 20 
Sept., 1798, to 

near Leeds. He was 
bom 3 March, 1773, 
' ■■ '. 10 July. 

8 September, 1806, Elizabeth. 
only daughter of Edward 
Abney, Esq., of Measham 

tember, 1786, married, 
18 December, 1805, 
Anna Maria, daughtei 

family of Holford, 

April, .863. = 



1850. = 

Esq., of 


2. Sopiha Walker, married to 
Thomas Trebeck, Esq., of South- 
well, and died s. p., 27 April, 
1856. He died 4 November, 1864, 

3. Catherine Walker, married 

jmasborougl), CUfton, etc. 

CTrtSt :— On a wreath, a m 
, daughter of Joseph Wood, of Ecclcsfield, 

serpent encircling a dove, proper. {Granted, 1778.) 

Thomas Sykes, 

5. Aaron Walker, =Rhoda, 
of Masboro", bom 1 Barih 

d?ed%™ Jan 

Joseph Walker, of=ELizADETH, 3rd 

Eastwood, ' "*- "^ ' 



.KER, oi = i:.LiZADETH, 3ra 
near I dan. of Samuel 
, and of Need, Esq., of 
Derby, I NoUingham. 
CO. Dcr- I She died 27 

Thomas Walkeb, of Beny 
Hill, near Mansfield, sheriif 
of Noitinghainshire in 1809, 
married, 1783, Mary. 4lh and 
youngest daughter of Samuel 
Need, of Nottingham, and 
died J. f., at Bath, 15 April, 

mayor of Chester 1838 
and' ,848, and wL 

high sheriff of Nolls 

ra 30 




Scots Greys, | 
'ijiding CO. 

John Clai 
of Dublin, a 

''walker, of 

1 in 1832, un- captE 


rted. 5 Norember, 
1857, Consunce 
Anne, daughter of 

of Papplewick 

Wal- Frances 
of Si, Wai.kei 
rd's-on- married. 


in Feb., 

H.E.I.C.S., married, 2 F. Bean, 

bornrSAug., Oct., iSsr, Esq. 

i8i7,married, Mary Anne, Gertrude 

isNovember, daughter of Louisa. 

1848, Caroline Kdwd. Smith married, r3 

Amelia, dau. Ellis, of Ful- Oct., 1S40, 

cf \Vm. Has- ford, H. E, to the Rev. 

led George, I. C. S. She Ellis Eve- 

Esq. = died 28 Sept., retl, of 

I I 
1. Edward 


God's uvc 
'!t°,Mlf a° IcncliTliic "™|c of thi rcyolSti™ clnTe'in ^-fi^^i 

•Ml railway system c.imc in, was tbeonly moans by wliich heavy material 
.jporlea to a distance, i he esteem ,n wnicn samuci iv alter was generally held m.ay bo soon by an extrabl from an old work,— 

st°"d'l,rh"e'r°m"lhe\ll?ilraSn'of°ma°nkinTt"aiI"Sa"rf M^^ ""the "^''''h '°E 

EcclesfiSd! Yorksh'ir""'Hi's'5"r°ntTd?lnE wlirahc was° about twd™ oTd. hew.iTletl w"h'his brothers.'bifire-me'nlionJ'.i.'and lofrsUtei?, 

backside ot bamuel Walker's cottage, at Uionoside, making some small addition thereto, and another little hull or two, slating with sods, &, 
with a small garth walled in, and after rebuilding the chimney or stack once, and the furnace once or more times, began to proceed a litt 

part of his time." In the next year they made goods to about the value of £5. while in 178^ they paid a dividend amounting to ,(^38,500, and in 
May. i7g6, their propcrtywas estimated .IS worth £313,400. In "A History of the County of \ork,' by Thomas Allen, London, Hinton, 1831. occurs 
this notice of tlie Masborough Iron Works:—" The village or hamlet of Masborough, in this totvnship. is scjjarated only from Rotberhara 
by the bridge, and exceeds that town in the number of its inhabitants, of whom a great proportion are employed in Messrs Walker's iron works. 

'alkers were tbeonly house who could have undertaken the work of casting thisliridgo at the 
ed upon as the great wonder of the day: the centre arch spanned 240 feet, the other two aio feet each." 

which now afford so singular an example' both of the public and private benefit which may arise, even from the smallest beginnings, wheii 

' lured by Divine Providence, and prosecuted with integrity, foresight, regularity, and an active and comprehensive genius. To these qualifica- 

s he added the domestic virtues of an affectionate husband and kind parent. He also revered the constitution of his country with the spirit of a 

.»...i:.i. j.„..:„., .v.j......r...: 1 i, 1 i.u .1,. .„i „f , .!„.„ ri.,;..i,„ u„.,.t„„i « Ji.j •- "ay, i;8!, 


9 daughters i 

N. Ball, Esq., 
of Purdysbum, 

Fanny LomsA. 


Harriet ANNIE 

.Charles Edward 3.T 
Walker, captain 1 
Queen's Bays, bom 1 

. Catherine Walker, mar- 
ried, 17 April, 1844, to Jas. 
Rigby, of Moss House, 

Thomas Beres- Edward Clau- 


6 December, 
30 September, 

September, i8z6, 
married, ii May, 
i87r,Georgiana Har- 
riett Mostyn Owen, 
daughter of Francis 
"ostyn Owen, Esq.. 
Althrey Wood- 

i Oct., January, 1820, 

hann Heinnch 

ug., 1854, 
of John 

Adam Steuart Gladstone, Bubendorf. 

Esq., and 2ndly, 

. Capt. Ralph Caioi 

Theodosia Fa 

r Wal- 

Bale Cam- 

wife, Margaret 
FlUck, from Eb- 
lingen. Canton 

, born 15 April. 
/ Zealand. 

I to Duncan Macgregor, 

Grey Skipwith, Bart. 

Edgar Holford Wal 

Captain R. H. Verschoyle, 

Holford Walker, 
bom at Kilbum Hall, co. Derby, 3 
July, 1852, married, 23 January, 1873, 


25 April, 

Catherine Maud Mari 
Edith Constance Wal 


Constant Euward Augus 
bom 8 January. 1852. 

Alfred Emile Walker, 

Geouge Beresford Wal; 
July, 1858. 

Harold Albert Walker. 

-otte Walker, 

■ March, 1853, 


T, ,5 ]=>"., 

18 Jan.. 


Walker, died 
L Mary Walker. 




e 2 

a - p J 




If if 


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Jli;5-=l S 


= 5=1= -^^ 



o 3g u-g 2 I 
^ " M- " ~ i ^ 
5 .,n oai = 5 

So 2^7 

s^^^d^-l^l if 

3 2 So ..S coS 


^ H 3 -3 ^■^- °- ■ 

w S w O w 


i..f Ills i^ 


^^l£ = 

S5S . 













-^11 i 

i^ u 4 

■^2 3 S>S 5- 





I- 5 is' 



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i s I 

i5 I ■! 

? f ^ S^ 

?ii ^-^ 

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I ill!? 

c"2„ I 

s w u ^ ^. 

S « ° !? I "i 

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-S "iSi'oS 6 eu ^cS i-a' 


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— 2 PKSu 



ill -^'^2 

<.lf E 

6 2s 




umbered, from Harl. MS. 1047, Br. Mus. ; this collection was made by Richard Gascoigne, kii 

t Earl of Strafford, 

The quarters marked * are given by Glover, Vis. Yorks. 1584, Harl. MS. 

allowed (with the exception of Brett) by the Heralds, temp. 

Umfravile {who married Stephe: 
1571, 6070, 245, 1233, 141 1, but they ar 
the daughter and heir of St. Quintin, th 

4. The quarters from 29 to 42 inclusive are not in the first Wentworth shield in Harl. MS. 1047, although 

Waleys) is given as an heiress in the pedigree. The authorities referred to are Harl. MSS. 1047, 1415, ; 
contradictory as to the alliances. If the daughter and heir of Lord Clare married Dapifer instead 
quarters between parenthesis 36-39 would be borne. 

5. In Baron Vernon's achievement (Edm., vol. v., p. 492,) the following appear, amongst others, as Wentworth quarters: i. Bigod, Earl of Norfolk; 2. Mar- 

shall, Earl of Pembroke ; 3. Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke ; 4. Macmurrough, King of Leinster (to follow the Glanville quarter) ; 5. Newburgh, in 
the place of Walleran, E^l of Mellent. This last is clearly a mistake, as the Newburgh quarter was granted to Isabel, natural daughter of Wilham, 
Earl of Bretevil. 

6. t Glover in marshalling the Wentworth quarters in 1584 places Brett next after Tinsley, and this quartering appears in the shield of quarterings of the 

second Marquis of Rockingham at Wentworth House. 

7. X Greville, Earl of Warwick (Edm., vol iii., p. 250). bears three Neville coats. In Tonge's Vis. Yorks., HarL MS. 1499, the Nevil of Oversley coat is 

differenced by what appears to be a lily. 

8. § Borne by Neville, Baron Abergavenny, (Edm., vol. iv. p. 349), 

9. II Although the Percy pedigree, showing Anastacia or Joane de Percy to be the daughter and co-heiress of William de Percy by his wife Joan, daughter 

and co-heiress of WiUiam de Brewer, is in Harl. MS. 1047 ; yet the quarter is not in the shield ; this is endorsed by Harl. MSS. 117S and 1500. 
Dug. bar. vol. i. p. 272 makes Joane to he the daughter and heir of William de Brewer and widow of WiUiam de Percy. 

10. H The Clavering quarters are borne by the Abergavenny Nevilles, Barons Saye and Scale (Edm., vol vi., p. 48*), Lord Howard de Walden (Ibid., p. 

47*), Baron Conyers (Ibid., p. 44*), and by many other extant Peers. Betham in his Baronetage, voi. ii., p. 267, siates that the manors of Aynhoe 
and Horfford, and eventually Clavering and Bhburgh were granted to Ralph Neville, thus depriving his youngest brother Alan of his inheritance. 
Dugdale does not mention the marriage of Eva Clavering with Ralph de Neville. In Harl. MS. 1047 the marriage is noted, but she is not described 
as an heiress nor are her quarters Fitznigel, Lizours, and Cheney marshalled. 

** Harl. MS. 1178, but the description of the quarter is not recorded. 

ft Mary Ferrrers was sixth in descentj from St. Louis IX., King of France, canonized by Pope Boniface ' »il. in 1297 ; fifth in descent from St. 
Ferdinand, King of Castile and Leon, canonized by Pope Clement X. in 1671 ; and tenth in descent f' ... St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, grand- 
daughter of Edmund Ironside, canonized by Pope Innocent IV. in 1251. 

tX The Mother of Algar, Earl of Mercia, was the famous Lady Godiva (Dug. Warvv., p. 91). 

§§ Robert de Bellomont was son of Elizabeth {daughter of Hugh the Great, Earl of Vermandois, son of Henry I. , King of France), who was eleventh in 
descent from Charlemagne. 

15. IflF Edmondson Baronage, vol. vi., p. 22*. 

16. nil Borne by Barons Lovel, Edm. vol. v. p. 483. 
If Scot, Earl of Huntingdon, is borne, then are brought in the six following quarters, which e 
Bar., vol. v. p. 482). (She, however, bears David, Prince of Scotland and Earl of Huntingdon 
352,) and the Countess of Northumberland, (Ibid., vol. iii., p. 268,) both cairy Scot as a Gallo' 
vol. iv. p. 595, emphatically denies that Margaret, daughter and heiress of David, Earl of Hu 
Galloway, while Harl. MSS. 1500 and : 

, daughte 
hat she v 

Watson-Went worth, Marquis of 


Wentworth, Earl of Strafford. 
; WooDHOUSE, of Woodhouse. 
; Rotlm-field, Sir Peter de. 

I Horbery. 
' Tynneslow. 

t Maieroles. 

I Bush. 

[ Hooton, of Hooton Roberts, 

; Maieroles. 

, Busli. 

: Skelton. 

' Gascoigne, Lord Chief Justice. 
; Gawthorpe. 
I Hillum. 

I Franke. 



23 Fitzpatric. 

24 Depden. 

25 Waleys. 

26 Poitevin. 
St. Mary. 

27 Triston. 

28 Haget. 

29 Umfravillf Earl of Angus. 

30 Lucy, Justice of England. 

31 Gilchristus^ Count of Angus. 

32 Kyme^ Barons. 
W Fitswith. 

34 St. Qiiintin^ Baron. 

35 Stuteville. 

36 Clare, Lord of Clare. 

37 G^r(/, Earl of Buckingham. 

38 Gaitnt, Earl of Lincoln. 

39 Romara, Earl of Lincoln. 

Ferrers, Earl of Derby. 
Ferrers, ancient coat. 
FerrerSj^axl of Derby,2d coat. 
/•cTert-//, Lord of Nottingham. 
Kevzliok, Earl of Chester. 
Ralph de Meschines. 
De Gerfions, Earl of Chester. 
Bliuideml, Earl of Chester. 
HzighLupuSy Earl of Chester. 
Richard de Abrincis, Earl of 

Algar, Saxon Earl of Mercia. 

40 Marshall^ Earl of Pembroke. 

41 .yr^JK^^tra/jEarlofPemoroke. 
" " -l of Buckingham. 

^/:, Kingof Lein- 

*43 Musters, 

44 Skelton, Sir Richard. 

45 Go vis. 

46 Lincoln. 

47 Harcourt. 

48 Plesley. 
*49 Wyman. 
*50 Barden. 
* Thirkell. 
*53 Mauduit. 

•51 Byhard or Pecard. 

52 Gravstock. 
*t54 Nevil, Lord of Oversley. 

*56 Bulmer, Baron of Brancepeth. 
*57 Fitzranulph, Lord of Middleham. 

Eudo, Earl of Brittany. 
*58 Glanville, Lord Chief Justice. 
§ Glanville, ancient coat. 
II Percy, 

59 Brewer, Baron of Torbay. 

*gir Clavering, Barons of Warkworth. 

§ Fitznigel, Baron of Halton. 

§ Lizoiu-es, Lord of Spotborough. 

§ Cheney, Barons of Horsford. 

* Merley, Barons of Morpeth. 
** Estovenil. 
*tf Ferrers, Baron of Werame. 

60 Ferrers, ancient coat. 
Ferrers, Earl of Derby, 2d coat. 

61 Ferrers, Baron of Chartley. 

62 Peverell, Lord of Nottingham. 

64 Keviliok, Earl of Chester. 

63 Ralph de Meschines. 

De Gemons, Earl of Chester. 
Blundevil, Earl of Chester. 

65 Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester. 
Richard de Abrincis, Earl of 

*tt66Algar, Saxon Earl of Mercia. 
67 Quincie. Earl of Winchester. 
§§68 Bellomont, Earl of Leicester. 
itlT Bellomont, ancient coat. 

69 Walleran, Earl of Mellent. 

70 Waer, Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk. 
IIJI Fitzosbem, Earl of Hereford. 

nil Ralph, Earl of Yvery. 

71 Grentemesnil, Baron of Hinckley. 

72 Alan, Lord of Galloway. 

73 Morville, Constable of Scotland. 
Engaine, Barons. 
D'Estrivers, Barons, 

74 David, Earl of Huntingdon 

75 Scot, Earl of Chester. 
Kings of Scotland. 
Saxon Kiiigs of England. 

76 Waltheof Earl of Huntingdon. 

78 Keviliok, Earl of Chester. 

77 Ralph de Meschines. 

De Gernons, Earl of Chester. 
Blundevil, Earl of Chester. 

79 Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester. 
Richard de Abrincis, Earl of 

So Algar, Saxon Earl of Mercia. 

81 Musgros, Sir Robert. 

82 Avenil. 

83 Magnavilla. 

*84 Boteler, Baron of Oversley. 
*85 Pantulph, Baron of Wemme. 
86 Vcrdon, Barons. 
*87 Newmarch, Barons, 
*88 Newmarch. 

89 Tim. 

90 Ravene. 

91 Gumbaud. 

92 Bella Aqua. 
St. Mary. 

15 ATKrNSOX, Sir Robert. 
Pkobv, Sir Thomas. 
Watson-Wentworth, Marquis of 

I^tlittjicc of S8EcntU)orrt) of WBrnfiaoxtii'^Wlooliijomt, Carls of ^tiafforn (8i8aatson;2!Bentb)ort!), iHarqu 


^ngh or Jlohtrt It Etltnttoorth, died i; 


■. Wenteworth [or \ 

. Henry III. =Ehma, daughtei 

[2d wife), daughter of ! 

Wentwortb-=DlONisiA, dai 


Rolherfield, and granddaughte 

eld, and gi 
lliam de L' 

LIAM Wentworth of Weinivortli-Wootlliou 
ccccdcd hisMiet in ,=95, died 2 Edward II. 

e.=l5Am!LLA, daught" and co-heircss (with Margery, wife of John Horberj-, and Alicia, wif 
1 ton, by his ivifc Isabella, daughter and co-heiress of Ralph Horbery, who died 30 Edwar 

of Thomas M 


3-heiress of Walter, son a 

Wentworth-Woodhouse and Hoton Roberts, die 

lD(rnon-51ltnttoorth, of Eacnttoocth Caotlr, 

n Sheffield of Bolsterslone, i 

= William Wentworth of Wentv 

Str Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth-Woodhouse, knight 8 Henry IV., 27 Henry IV., fought vahantly on the side of the King at the battle of Hexham, 


W.luAMWEVTWORTH of Wentworth Woodhous , d V ed a 2 V 00 „ „ rts -IsA.O or E, tZABET 
held of the honor of Ticlthilf" Wo'odhou°se Hall'hcM of the prio^of Bot"on?the°manor of TmsieyteW^of the honor°of°Tkkhi5° Halch heldT Eldwy°ke, licence 
of the heirs of John Bosvile of Ardsley ; Hoyland held of George, Earl of Shrewsbury, lands in Rotherham, PoUington, and Greasborough. October 1460, man 

1 1 

: THOMAS Wentw 

itworth Woodhouse, son and heir, aged 26, 23 Henry VII., he paid £7. los. sd. 
iSt3. From his great opulence he was styled GOLDEN THOMAS. In 1528 he obtained a licence from Henry \ 
1548, aged 70 years, will dated 21 August 1546, and proved 8 March 1548-9. buried at Wentworth, where there is a 

nighthood ; 20 Henry VIII. he n 

Edward Watso.n", eldest son and heir, was an eminent lawyer, and held=EMMA, dan. andco-h. of Anthony Smith, ^sq. (someregard 
property in Hunts and Hens ; he bought the manor of Buckland. He I this Anthony as brotherfe) Smythe, Bishop of Lincoln. ) 
was secretary or auditor at Lydington to Bishop Smythe and to his sue- The Smith coat is marshaled on the monument erected 
cessors Atwaler and Longland, Bishops of Lincoln. Died 10 Oct. 1530, by Earon Rockingham jo Sir George St. Leger : 


Windsor Chapel Royal. 

WlLLIAMWENTWORTH.ofWentWOrth-Wood-= Catheri 
house, died 4 Dec. 1549, aged 42 year; 
in Wentworth chapel, where there is a 
10 his memory. Inq. p. m. in 3 Eci 
VI.. will dated 31 December 1548. 

of Thunden 

El.-K^A£DWATS(W.onlyson-=DowsE or Dorothy, eldest dau. of Sir Edw. Montague, P. C. Speaker 
a=^aeir. seared aiRoddng- I of Commons, Lord Chief Justice of the Kings Bench, 29 Henry VIII.. and Lord Chie 
•- — __ *.-._,. ^:.^ I . — :„-<-.,.-^ T Pleas in 1545. 6 November, one of the sixteen executors of the 

of the House Thomas Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woddhouse. son and 1 

id Lord Chief Elizabeth. He died 14 February 1587, biiried at Wentwort 

recumbent effigies of him and his wife. In right of his wife 

of Gawthorpe and Cusworth. His descendants became co- 

. Sheriff of Yorkshi 

Ferrers of 

ETafAKJ Watsojt, only 

lill, Burton Leonard, Thorp ,^ 

Kobt. I 
i of Wemme and Oversley. and 
. , Harewood, Wyke, East Lees. 
, Lofthousehead and Stub, besides lands in Tickhill. Secrofi 

; Boteler and Per 

■ created a Baronet 29 June 161 

manors of Wentworth,! Wentworth-Woodhouse, Thor 
Vath, Hough, Grcasbomugh, and Nfelton juxta Wath 

Watsok, son and bdr.=ELEANOB (and wife), and 2 Euward Wj^tson, died 1658. SiR 


KOTE e«aiedabaro«t23jaiie 

istiwTSe) was ficther adranced by tetters pa- 
<fa«-of teat.ditcd29jan.2oaiaitesi644. 

w*- SbenStor Norr 

hMrifbr He d. at Roc 

dau. of Sir Geo. 

trsofHaddonand sister Brampton 

> John 8th Earl of Rut- Emma, mar. tojohn Grant, Esq 

-' - Mary, mar. to Sir Anthony Mayn 

heir of Sir Robert Atkir 

Itworth 23 July 1611, 

IZABETH, mar. at Wentwo^t^ 
f Farnley, who was bd. at W( 
RBARA Wentworth, died u 

1 of Wcntworth-^ 

iChas. I.=LADy Margaret Clifi 

e by patent, dated 23 July 1628, and Viscount Wentworth ro Dec, following, he 
shortly afterwards sworn of the Privy Councp, made Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire 
' "J^ r. c i"nR>,i"in.iuoiiftmiiyiiy ivjayney ana President of the North, 12 Jan. 1629. I^Feb. 1632 he was nominated Lord 

, died 7 Oct. 1679. of Linton, co. Kent. Deputy of Ireland, from which post he was recalled to command as Lieut.-Gencral in= 

y Rockingham was Elizabeth, mar. ist to Sir John the army then raised against the Scots. He wa7?realed by patent, 12 Jan. 1639, Baron 
n direct descentfiom Needham of Lilchborough. co. of Raby in Durham (vath limitation on failure ifissue male to his younger brothers). 
Pnncess Anne Plan- Northanls, and 2ndly to Sir Edw. and Earl of Strafford, BSron of Newmarch and Owsley by descent. Lord Lieutenant of 

iistcr toEd. IV. Tyrell of Thornton 
of England, 

: in the house of h 

IS Inn, on Good Fridar, 13 April, bap. at St. 

i beheaded 12 May 1641, bd. at Wentworth. 

, 4ih Earl of Cumber- Wentworth 

, mar. 22 Oct. i5ii. and d. s. p., Ashbv Pueroru 

ed 21 Sept. 1622 in St. Olane's co. Line, slain 

■ch, York. Marston Moor, 

Arabella Holles (ad wife). July 1644, bd. 

of John, Earl of Clare, mar. "Poppletonchun 

eh. ib2.i-S. died S Oct. 1631. will datedaoSei 

[)ETH (3rd wife), dau. of Sir God- 1640, proved 

Rodes, knight, of Great Hough- York 19 Sei 

CO. York, mar. Oct. 1632. and 1644. 
; Hoolon Roberts 9 April 1688. 

rt=ELiZABETH. dau. and < 


to her nephew Wm. Sa- 3 Aug. i6o< 
vile of Wakefield, mar. at 6. Matthew 
St. Giles* - in - the - Fields, worth 25 M 


II July 1627. died 9 No. 
1666, xt. 69, bd. at Go. 


TtAKXt. a. E4». a. A»«E. 
nn^afOuriM. d.o>ur. hdr. 

ttfMOt. tar. to •BTH.d. audBaron 

LAuyAN.s'E Thomas Lady =Tt;i 
Westwoeth, died Aha- M'( 

»-heir, bom at 1631. ' Went- c 

William Wentworth, K.G., 
Dec. i'64i and 1 


bom Oct. early. 

-- ndd. s. p. i6 0cl. 169s, iKl. in = Hi 

I (is; wife), . 


neux, born 17 Nov, 1650, and mar 
2dly 27 Feb. 1654-5. Sire d. 27 Dec 
168s, bd, in York Minster 13 Inn. 
EMRlliTTA (2d wile), .lau, of Frcd 
Chas, DcRoyedelaR'jchefoucald 
Earl of Royc and Route. She diet 

died Wak 

iChas. II,, 

5ns C. p. C. 


treasure? oF' the died worth, | Esq., of' Kent, Esq., will dated 17 O 

household to las. young. mar. lie. Thornton ,■.• proved (C. P. C. ) 4 Nov. 161 

n — nrm 

f), iHarquess of Eocfeinal)am), ^ernon=2Benttoortl) of SlUciitiwortl) Castle, anli aBentUjoitl) of KttooUcp. 

r of Gilbert Thakcl, ofYo 

: Lucy, Amshter of Sir 

r of England in 1338. Died 1339. 

I, preby. of St. Paul's, bishop of London, and Chan- 

ENTWORTH, 7 Edward II., 

) of Robert Hoton of Hoton 

. of Richard Ic Tyas of Burgh- 

:, by Lucy, daughter and heiress 

Cleveland. See next Pedigree. 

larried andly tojohn I-^^ngforth, 

i, danghter of Sir Thomas Reresby c 
I Ihc Duke of Somerset=JOAN, dau 

I Captain, lo Henry IV. 

f Sir Richard Redmayne, knight, of Harcwood Castle. 

lughter of Sir Richard Fit, 

married to Thomas, 

s of the Wentworths 11 

before 13 June, 5 Henry VIII., 

Fiiz^villiam of I. 

Isabella Wentvvorth, married to Nichnl 

of Thundercliffe. co. York. He died 
Elizabeth W 

HofScroby, Agnes (zd wif 

He died 1^71- eo. Notts, married Grace, dau. 1558, named in her hus- of Otles, co, Essex, 1554, cofferer to King Henry VIII. and 

married to Ralph IiL-nman of John Gascoigne of Lasing- band's will with a dau. Queen Mary, compt. to Queen Elizabeth, died 13 Oct. 15 

angc. croft. His will dated 27 Mar. Mary Curson, and other Buried at St- Margaret's, Westminster, 23 Oct. 1558, will dai 

as veronal! of LovcrsMl, 1574, and proved 5 Feb. 1576.= children. 12 Oct. and proved 30 Nov. is58(C.P.C.) 

Mendham Priori-, co. Suffolk, and=BEATRlCE or Isabel (rst wife), c 
Whitley, co. York, aged eight ; 

iau. ofRob. .c 

and heir of Christr. who mar. Muriel. 
!. MURTEL Wentworth, married tc 
Christopher Mountfort of Kilnhurst. 


Wentworth. Mem . . . 

only son. folk, and Whitley, co. I tonofArmleyHall, 

Mary. York. Esq. Aged 17 yrs. I co. York, Esq. 

Grace. a mos. on 30 April 1559. I 
Elizabeth. I I 

ring 12 October Alice. Cathesise. "l Allli 

) Sept. 1577, to Thos. Danby 

heir of loli. 1 I Darcy of Aston, and andly to Jasper Blyl 
man of Ni ■- L.ihes, Esq., she was buried at Wentworth 

I Wentworth 29 Feb. 1396 (PisS?). 

r Sir Cotton 

Gargrave. knt.) He" was executed at York in 1595, ^Et. 35. She 
died 6 October 1631, buried at I' 

. Beatrix, m. to John 
Cre«>c of Deaa Grange 
in HoRforth,co.York. 
He died circa 1637. 


. jinl wlirwOHTH died mm 162- bd 

» - 





dated 5Scpl. 1629, and proved (C.P.C.) 

'i..rcc5in Ireland. 


<! K made a Privv 

Universily College in 1626, will dated 13 

or Margaret Wentworth, bap. 30 Thomas Wentworth, ANNF.(istwife) 

)2, mar. 17 Oct. i626toSir Richd. Hut- cld.son&lieir-app.,cet. dau. of Thos., 

loldsborough. Sheriff of Yorks. 19 & 20 i/in 1612, d. unm.,v.p. Lord Fairfax, 

hap. at St. Dunstan's in the West 11 vvoHTH.ast. 45in 1642, at Bramham 

31, mar. at Wentworth 14 Sept. 1607 lg,4Dec. i646.d.unm. 8 Oct. i5oo, 

eo. Savile of Thomhill, knt. and ban. 4. Matthew Went- died at Denioi 
I July 1633 at Thornhi 

if horse, d. s. p.. buried at Otley. 
Jan. following. will dated 4 Dec. 1646, county York. 
nETH Wentworth, mar. 30 June 1603 proved in London 10 a i August 
Dillon, Earl of Roscommon (the cele- June 1651. 1624. 
poet). , 

fWoolley, 3rd 

Eltza I. DOHOTHY. mar. lo John W 

dau. of 2. Elizareth. m- ist to Thos. ■ 
Ralph lands. Esq.. co. York, bv whor 

Esq.,ma^. wxYoA. Esq. ' fejf^? 

iSlan. S. RosAMOND.raar.istini6«K>Benra«kRewl«y DvMd- H»d. 
1652-3 at of Throple, co. NoithumbefteiKl. who died 6 Oct. Feb. !««. 

r W-iddiingion of CaninR- 

na, sister I. AftABELLA. ob. 1653, bd. Michael Went-=Katiierine, dau. of Sir Wm. St. Wii.- 
nes Adye, atfct. Marylebone. worth of Wool- Quiniin of, York, Ban. mam 

' "11 ::<> i'l ki.''>ll hll' I i-iiii.A' li,. <. if..|r,-i. s.,ii ,v ^dly to Henry Sandys of iJown, co. born 

mar. to Wentwurth of 
Hey. km., eld 

VlATTHfiW \S-«N-rWO«TH. bop. »J 

mar. 4 Dec. Woollev la |an. W. Osbaldeston of Hun- Woolley.knt., 

1646 John 165710 Thomas manby. co. York. E.sq.. son &h.. aged 

Thorhill of Grantham of he d. 1707, ret. 76. Slie 5 August 1665, 

Fixby, co.Y., Mcaux Abbev. wasbd.30Ap.1718. Their knighted at Wm* 

Esq.. their Holderness, cb. eldest dau. Anne & Iheir 

York, Esq.. his addnu.Eliabclhmi 
will dated 29 speclivclyloSirMai 

5 M.iy itj68. joungcrofRrctton.l 

of Sir Godfrey Coo- I«n. iS3«-3 «!*■"""• s-"- ■» 

kvofSpiolboroogli. B«<«.Y<»k. 

ci. YoS. BattTbv JOHS WlOTWOHTM. bap 10 > 

£lioibelli his ai i63f«, bd. S I>K. n>,« »l S>. 

aite, duu. of Wiu. Midutd'S h Mlrcy. 

io. Nolls., K5q» and bO. *> S.t«. I»ji5 « Bc«(l». 
maninlal Woolfcy F».\NClts. »nj>. Jo No. - 

IXl i6i.l. 
bafk ao No«. 10^ M 

9 J»n. ao C"haries 
itT of Baron RocJdng- 
gme bus in cooa^iention of his 1o>-a]tv 

Botie. tt» Charies I., for whom he gar- 
Loil lisooed RoAinrfum Casile- High 

Wil- Sfcexifffor Nor%»tts. 9 Charies I. 

lD«W)r He d. at RodLinsbam G 

ofEres- JaawTT 165*, and is bd. 
t^, kac. cbucel of the puish church 

I and beir,=ELKANOR (and wi 

Lady Rockingh; 
5th in direct ' 


Watson. Edward 

dde'r dau. and 






f^;- su^ed 

CO. Kent. 



iiimiar. Rockinf- 




ctdimm. I69Z. 




11 1 1 1 1 

Petrtjg^rcc oi Witnt\oavtfx, ot eim^all, ISr^tton, antr m 

ftuBt) or »06m ttc BaeiittoarH), died i 

Robert or William de Wen 

it], ofWoodhouse,y«Wtt 

William de Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woodliouse, only son and heir.=BEATHix, 

r of Sir Peter dc Rotlicrfield. i 

Succeeded his father ii 

i co-heiress (with Margery, - 


eitess of Robert Hoton, of Holon Roberts (by his wife Lucia, i 

John Wentworth, of North I 

, living i4I3.=Agnes, j 

Wentworth,=Joan (Elizabeth), dau. of Ric 
lorlh Elmsall. I of Whitley, ii June. 1461, a 

was appointed to receive the oath 
I who wascharged byherhusband^ 

3. Thomas Wentworth, of 1 

Maude (and w 
Thomas, Lore 
bridge (who v, 

p of=4. Richard Wentworth, i 

i,=ELiZAtiETH, daughtc 


Richard Wentwokth.=Isabel. eldest daughter 
of Rrctlon. Will dated I of Sir William Filn- 
i3-3oOctober, 1488, find william, of Sprot- 
proved 10 January fol- borough and Elmley. 

bViLLiAM Wentworth, of=Lady Ma 
Gamlingay, Esq. ; w. d. 28 St. C 
Oct., 1497, p. 10 Nov. fol.; proved 
to be bur. in the church of band's 

Thomas Went- 

IsABEL, married to 
Richd. Wheatley, 


orth, Esq.. of^jANP. (31 
A died 23 March, 1482. ^ Hornt 

I"" Wentworth. d giio Wentworth, 

Thomas Wf.stworth.=Jane, dauRhler an 
ited°i4 Henry VIII. ; ley. by Isabella t 


' Sir Richd. Woodruffe, of Woolley. 1 
ily, to James Langley. Her will d: 

E (and wife), dau. of Roger 
pplclon, of Dariford, co. 
ent ; she mar., andly, to 
r Thomas Gnrgrave. 

wil; Yl 

John Wentworth, =Anne (ist wife), dau. Philip. 

of Nonh Elmsall, I of Sir Brian Hast- Robert. 

mar., andly, Ann, ings,of Fenwick, co. UoMOTHY, 0. 

daa. of York, by Agnes Por- J, 

Dau. m. to J no. Wens- 
ley, liv. 1551. 

Roger Wentworth, 
Ihwaite. parish of Adwick- 
and of South Kirkby. He and 

of Hang— ELltABEl 
t-le-Slrect, ] Visit, i. 

John Went- widow Jane. 

.1558-9, by his 
in that country. 

Wen TWOR th. =Eli Z A B 

Christopher Wentworth, of 
Sheffield. Will dated 25 Nov., 
1561, and proved 3 Feb.. 1562. 

(Robert, v. 
She d. in I 

2. Bridget, 

3. Frances, 

i Wentworth, r 
1564) Haldenby, 
62 ; bur. at Nort 

) Nicii. Haghe, . 



I "fhomas WombweU, 

Edward Flintell. of South 
28 April. 1580, p. 4 Sept.. 

. wife of MatthewWentworth,=MAUI), 

WilliamClitherow, of Bishop of Bretton, son and h 

Burton. WilldatediiMay, i« 

ANE, m. to Philip Wanhy, of buried at Sflkstone,' 

Wanby, 1564. June following. 

Went- Ed«'ani Rye. of 

wokii^ Whitwell. He 

of Mo*» d. ia i6oa. She 

poteb ^i was bur. at Don* 

can. gBT. 1606. 

WiD d. Maittha. 

13 Feb., Catherine. 

1S9IjUm1 Fbance£, m. at 

p.4 0ct., Doncaster, 14 

IS93- May. 1578. to 

[OHx. Richd. Savage. 

ijan.. 1S98-9. 

orth, of No. I 

mioll. Will I vcrley.ofCal- of York 

verley. Will Elizabeth,! 

d. »^ MaSu to William 

i55r-3. ^ Fletcher. 

Thomas Wentworth, Roge 
of So. Kirkby. in 1573, woi 

niJe Pears- Christo 
LEIV, married. phkr 
atjidwick-le. Went. 

mar. lo Thos. 


and wid. of Ralph Bam- 
by, of Bamby Hall, co. 
York. His will, dated 
16 October, 1596. and p. Cathei 
28 April. 1597, names Adwick - le - Street, 
his wife Catherine. 20 Nov., rs54. to 

= Thos. Swinnowe. 

j Barbara. 


buried at Featheretone, 16 Feb,, 

Frances, n 


RANGES, m. Slreet. r, julv 

10 Richard sndly, 30N0' 

..Vicare, of Brodswonh. 

Exchequer. He died 2 Feb., i€ 
Savile, Earl of Mexborough.) 

of S. Kirkby, "buried 

Margery, dau. of John 

Dorothy m. at 
Ponlefract, 3 
Feb., 1588, 10 
Henry Ogle- 

ELizABETH.m. Thomas Went- =Alice. dau. George Wentworth. of Br«ttQn.=MARY. daughter of Jni 

to Thos. Sis- WORTH, of I of William son and heir, baptized at Silkstone, Ashbumham. of Asl 

son, of Little Ihurnstoe | Watson, of 23 April, 1576; married at 

Houghton. Grange. He I Bollon-upon- bumbam, 1 Oct.. 1599. Will d 

SilTB01IASWEJTW0ITH.=MAltV (isl wife). 
of Sonh Etasall, ton dan. of Sir Wm. 
asd beir, aged 22. , 

L aad Lord Mayor of 
><Jo«. She ms bur. 
tHzf.tir^. Hevas 
. 12 Dec , 1630. 

HowBham. Bart.. 

h^ brother. Sir 
Thomas, »ho was 
b»r. 30 January, 

Black Rod to Thos, 

=ELt2ABETH, dat 
Sir Edward V 

m. Cheshire. 

Catherine Wentworth, married to 
Sir Rowland Wandesford. of Pick- 
hill, attorney of the Court of Wards, 
and had a daughter. Elizabeth, mar. 
at South Kirkby. 23 (Sept., 1632, 
to Philip, Lord Wharton. She was 


S|7 April. I. 

Bradley ;w.d. 

29jan..i6t7' Issue. 
Thomas and Anne. 


— «.nA .TcwTwvm,, oafii, ,7 March, mas 
•634 ; ■- at taimmrth. 2«Jnic ,653. 10 w 

n. (settle- Kio£ Charles 1., D.L.. capl. ol 

20 Sept.. the mined bands for the W. 

20 Charles 1.1 Hester, dau. and York, Knighted for his raihlnr 

co-heir of Richard Arlhinglon, by lOlg Charles II,. a J"^.^' 

o ast ey, tsq., all . 32 ^^tow his brother : ^tat jt 

dated « May. 1675. P- 4 J«>»- <<> 
Silkstone Church. M.I. 

I Hester. 
-. -ii 

13 January, 1639. 

CO, NorthuRiberld., 

Thomas Wentworth,=Agnes, dau. and co-heir of John. 
. T7, „„ _ . gj^ ^^ Belhngham. of Robert 

surviving son and heir 

t: ami, latij lat 3rd wife), to Sir andd.riSepi.,rlS67, 

UmmMS , of Utile Btuby. Bait. bar. at Rawmarsh. 


Levens. co. Westmore 

She died 17 June. 

William Wentworth, a 
capt. under Sir Geo. Went- 

George Wentworth, amer- 
chant in London, bap. " 


, Earl of Strafford, 


Jan., 1637-8, d. in the sickness.! 
Michael Wentm 

21 October, 1641. 


Thomas I NE. 


Wentworth, bapt. Anne. 

Thomas Wentworth. bapt. 13 Sept., 1625. 

settled in Virginia or Maryland. 
Godfrey Wentworth. bapt. 21 June. 1630. 
MAT.WENTWORTH.ofGrimsion.bap. 6Dec.,i632. 
Joseph Wentworth, bapt. 9 Ociolwr, 1642. 

V Wentworth 

s Wentworth, 

3." "Ccr Went- 
woRTH»i»3 March. Ywk. 

Tankcijtay. " 


ISrcttoit, mn Mnvmi OTcntioortft, ot 0tttlt^tttf. 

feugi) or Bofarrt »r CacntiDartJ), 


trTlII.=EMMA, daughter and heiress of William Wodchous, ofWodchous. 
only son and heir.^BEATBlX, daughter of Gilbert de Ttia 

>( Sir Nicholas de Rolhcrfield, by his wife Euphem 

' Edward 11., of 1 

Letitia, married to Richard Croc< 

York,=AoNES. daughter and heiress of Jno. 

Sir Edward Skelion). 

John Wentworth, of Elmsall, which=jANE, daughter of Richard le Tyas, c 

he inherited from his uncle. I Burghwallis, co. York, by Alice, daughte 

I and heiress of Richard de Tankersley. 

, of West Bretton, 

I daughter of=4. RICHARD \ 

Earl of Cam- I York, and iwenon, vu. i 

ike of York. | Dec, 1447, and proved fl 

1 Bretton, co.=:CEcri-lA (is 

; Wentworth, of Nettle^=\ 

, dau. and heir of Sir Philip le Despencer,— Jc 
Nettlestead. co. Suffolk, by Elizabeth, 
William (Scro 
1 p. (C. P. C) 28 May, 1478. 

, Essex, knt., whose will she p 

, 24 Nov., 1539. 

Minor, at Ipswich. 

to the rectory of Barrow, 

Agnes, m. to Sir Robt. Constable, of Flamboro", co. 
York ; high shf. co. York, 1480. They were adm. of 
Corpus Christi, York,, 1473. He died asMay, 1488. 

Robert, living 1497. 
AvMEB, liyin:: 1488. 

H, of Pontefract, only son. h. 
7 Aug.." 1499. and p. (C. P. C] 

Margaret, married to Sir Thomas Cotton, of Landwade, 
CO. Cambridge, knt., sheriff of Cambridge and Hunts. 
16 Ed, IV, He died 30 July. 1499- 

I and heir. Thomas Wentwokth. of=ANNi;. dau. Eliz; 

; May, 

Mary o'r M 

Burton, of Kinsley, 

1 Sir Richard Wentworth, of Nettlested, 

Lincoln. Suf. i and 8 Henry VIII, ; w. d. 21 Aug., 1526, 

C. P. C.J 21 Nov. following; to be bun 
John Friars at Ipswich. He died 17 Oct., 1528. Inq. p. 

d I Sir James 1499, 

ith'in the Grev Gipping, bridge. 

CO. Suf- jANE.livir 

set. Lord Protector. &c., and Jane Sey- 
mour. 3rd wife of King Hy. VIII.), of 
Wolf Hall, knt., co. V/ills. He d. 21 
Dec., 1536, aged 60. 

some pedigrees this Elieabelh is stated to have Dorothy, m. to Sir Roge 
>ir Roger Darcy, of Danbury, co. Essex ; andly. .Broughton, knt.. of Den 
i, ardly, to >ton, co. Suffolk. He d 

■ Thomas Wyndham, Vice-Admiral, 

s,o„e,s Jan.. ,598-9. 

of Hollingliuisl, parish 
ofThonihlll. co'. Vork; 

burie'd " ""ThoSli: 


iiimi! .. „ 

m n I — 

.i.rcE, whose will, Elizabeth, married, ist, to Br>'an Snawsell, Anne, married, ist, to Roger Sir Thomas 

d. 28 Jan., 1585, of Billon, and, 2ndly, to William Bamby, of (Robert, V. 1564) Popelay, of by writ 2 I 

was p. at York 29 Skipton. Moor House, and, andly, to of Nettlested ; Ld. "Ch; 

Aug., 1587. She Isabel, mar. to Thomas Burdet, of Burthwaite. Hy. Batt, of Ruddings. temp. Ed. VI.; ob. 3 Mar 

was buried at Frances, mar. to Stephen Lacy, of Hawkston, Alice, m. toThos.Kerresforih, 8 June, 1544 ; p. (C. P. C. 

Thon.hill. 29 co. Suffolk. of Kerresforth. minster Abbey, Nov. 7. 
Aug., 1587. 

Hy^Vin., 1529, as I 

r of Sir Philip. 

1506. His 
3t that Ibis 10 July, 1507, by hi- 
wife Catherine. 


Rich. Pinder. 

t, 25 Nov., 
<ociUey. of 

!. Matiii .■, Went. Stacks. 

WOKTH. Beatrice, mar. to Thomas Greai 

,. ROHEtT WehJ- Elizabeth, married to Thomas 
■WORTH. V'*ll>tli|^ SOB, ofSfciingley. » 

bursl.hadasottThos., Maud, married to Hodgse 

bap. «t Thomhill, 3 Jane, married to Robert Sykes. 

June, 16m. Ellen, married to John Ward. 

Sir Thomas Wentworth, knighted 28 Sept.. 1547, at Musselborough Field,=MA 
sum. to Pari, from 23 Jan., 1552-3, to 4 Feb., 1589-90. This nobleman, or "' " 

,... i», r.u. c -^3 appeared for Queen Mary, and i 

/orn of the privy council, and co 

Duke of Guise, after being held 1 

an., 1558, to the ( 

the Enghsh for u 


. there Edward 

"~Ti m 

. Anne, mar. to John Poley, " *' 

of Badley, co. Suffolk, 

6. Dorothy, mar. to Paul Widmerpoole, Esq. ; 21 
_ ^ to Sir Martin Frobisher, knt. ; and, srdly (as 3rd v 

eldest sonof'Sir Rich. Cavendish, to Sir |no.SaviIe,ofMethley, BaronofiheExchequer. 

Esq., of Grymsloi 

Edward, and Richard.' ' " 5. John.^^^ jAMES-^'fioth^lost injhe f "g^'' ^S7S;^he d^^^Ocl.. ^;^\^^^^^^^^^^-^^ „( t^ j„^_^ "l^^St 'th^^MiS^!'''^^^ oT?^^ 

rr^Lh^'na^ nf^'^^^°^^J«^/fn'(? R*J" Mn'^h'^fcfe. ^ ^ ' s CECILY married as 1st I^rd Williams of 'Fhnrao^ andly, to ^^ of LondA, and iimow of Sir Icroioe WteUm, 

fhS IS had''a;>'oS dau' an'd 6. EDWARD ^^' ' wife, to Sir Robt: Wing- Sir Wm. Dniry ; Md, jdly, to Sir knl. (4« pedigree &i»ik.E^l otMaborottgh.) 

foi'Tffe's-aiff^iNorSs- '•b''u?''a."step„V tTMy\^ft^^ ba,5' co? 'su^o.k':"'^'"^- j.^^-.t'lo Henry, LordChey„e, ^^^r/dgir^o^SS '°ffiw!-d.r,-S::'.s;^;»d 

SofTo"/Hoighr<;n?rfK",t™^^ aSveSoS" w^re'Vu US^'agi m "'"'■ '^°- ^'^°"'' = o^f Toddington, gd. She d'^.e p(C. PC )»7 Jan. following. She^Whnn. 

HEW Wentworth, of Cawthome, i 

pril. 1576 ; married al Mhr 
taiD, I Oct., 1599. WiU dainl 
lay, 1638: buried 9 Juie, 

lam, CO.' Sussex, rector of' Thomhill. and d. j. p. Her w. d. 7 De* 

Will dated 26 1653, and p.March, 1653-4. He d. ante 1653, bi 

1 Towerson, William Wentworth. 
daughter of' M/iljia 

l^rd Burleigh, and died v. p., 

WF.NTWOurH, succeeded as^ANNE, dau. of Sir Owen 

19 Feb., 1593. He died of 
ilague, at Sir James Hnrring- 

3. Robert Wentworth, of London. 

lard Afthington, 

i Wentworth. of Bretton, co.=Grace. Sir Matt 

3f foot, and It. -col of horse with onlydau. Bretton, bapt. 17 Ju'.y, 1612, 

ries I., D.L., capt. of horsi; in and heir sue. his brother as and bart.. 

s for the W. Riding of of Fran- m., 1st, Judith, dau. of Cotton 

for his military services cis Pope- Home, of Wakefield, b. 1621 

i II., 2 July, 1660, and ley.Esq., (mar. covenant dated 27001., 

I baronet 27 Sept., 1664, with re- of Wool- 1641). and buried at Belfrey's, 

" rother ; Ettat 56. 7 April. ley York, s. p., 10 March, 1643-4. 

. A. S t>ec-. >675. Will Moor- Hed. i Aug.. i677,bur. atSilk- 

75, p. 4 Jan. fol. ; bd. in bouse. stone. WiU dated 13 July, 1677. 

=Anne {3rd wife)°S.°of W 

baldeston. of Hunmanby, Esq. 

She mar,, andly, at Hunmanby. 

John Wentworth, of Dorothy 

Twothornfield, co. worth, n 

of Bretton, co! York, of Portini 

i heir'of Thos". ANne,' mar. 

Eyre, ofrwothomfield. 


, 1657. Grace. 

iajuly."i64i. Her w. c 
26 July. 1651. and p. a 
July, ir 



■ of J(^yaSMi9»bur. 


i. of Wm. Thomas Went- 

Esq., of worth. ret. 

ster of his circa 19, April 

Wary, onlydau., and aventually 
heir to her brother, married 
to Thomas Edmunds, Esq., of 
Worsborough. She died 13 
Nov. ; buried at Worsborough, 

colonel of H.M.'s=Phii 

her, as Lord Wentworth, of 
. Charles I. ; o.v.p.; bur. 
1, 7 Mar., .664-5 ; adn-if- 

: Wentworth, 

Anne Wentworth, 

r Sir 


. d. a Apr., 

fho, oft=JOHN, sad LonJ Cathsxikk. Wwo^ 

eniletta I Lowtece, Bdion 
Baroness Went- of Hurley, died 
.tstead. mnr, all K70. 
St. Giless in the Fields, co. I 
Middlesex, H July. 1638 ; dW I 

of Coidi. CO. BMk 

dlo Thomas Went-s: 

o( Mo». dini6<». She , B Aujusl, 3a 

' Smp- cuw. a6June, T^T^. 

.ai d. ' 

No. Sir^ 
Vill I vcrli 

U'tll d. Martha. 
13 Feb.. Catherine. 

" Frances, id. 


III if ( 

Anne, mar. lo John Went- Euzabeth, 
Thos.Sandys, WORTH. mar. to 

or Yorkshire. Philtp William 

Elizabeth, m, W ent- Ellerker. o 


I Adwick-le- Stubbs ^ 

f Ham- 

e, gcnllf-- 

ler.of Bollon- 

mar. Beatrice, daughle 
or sisler of Sir Thoma 

Alice, mar. lo Thos. 


December, 1637 

by, of Baroby Hall, co 
Yorlt. His »ill, dated 



J zr 

ish f£i.i;' Aiuin. m,^tone, 17 Jan., WORTH. Beatrice, I 

on isr- .1. 10 M.irin.i,iiilie MoncSlOn, 3. R O » E R,T W K NJ- ElTZADETH, 

B. E.,.| ...ICaMl. * -WORTH, %f~ttl>lll||. son. Of 3* 

15 Ls,\iii I ,,, .ts Tst wife, 10 Paul hunil, hsd A SOD Thos. , Maud, marr 

H.uiuTion, of Monkroclc, eo. York; bap. af ThornhiU, 3 Jane, roamt 

biirinl at Iciitlierstoiie, 16 Feb., liinc. 1603. ELLEN, man 

Thomas Went^Elizabeth, 

a lao.. 
Vill dai 

ofRichardGood- Walter. 

'■3IS' ] 

Exchequer. He died 2 Feb., 1606. Hi 
m. two other wives. {See pedigree 
Savile, Earl of Mexborough.) 

Richard Tempest, William Wentworth, 
J./. 33Eliz.,and, of S. Kirkby, "buried 

Margery, dan. of John 

Thomas Went- 2 Roger Went 

,RV (ist wife), 2. Darcy Wentworth,=Elizai3Eth, dau 

au. of Sir Wm. of Brodsworlh, co. York, Sir Edward W 

lamborough, of oct. 73, 4 Aug., 1665, ren, of Poynl 

lowsham, Bart,, Gentleman Usher of ihe co. Cheshire, I 

nd co-heir to Black Rod to Thos.. lale Her will rinte 

cr brother. Sir Lord Strafford 

ur, 30' January, diedj./., ao I 


600, Margaret Jub. 
I Wentwokth. 

Dorothy i 


to Thos. Sis- 
son, of Little 

Thomas Went- 
Grange. He 

George Wentworth, 
23 April, 1576 ; marri 


June, 1679, lo be 

Catherine Wentworth, married to 
Sir Rowland Wandesford, of Pick- 
hill, attorney of the Court of Wards, 
and had a daughter, Elizabeth, mar. 
at South Kirkby, 231 Sept.. 1632, 
to Philip. Lord Wharton. She was 
bur. at So. Kirkby, 15 Aug.. 1620. 

Thomas , Went- 


gjan.. 1617. Issu 

Jno. Rayney. of 
Elizabeth, mar. 


ffit. 58.7April, i66( 
mar. Elizabeth, dai 
of Jno. Brown, ( 
Menston, parish c 

York, and was bui 
23 December, i68c 

Sir Thomas Wentworth, i 
Yorkjcol. of foot, and It.-co 
King; Charles I., D.L., caj 
the trained bands for the 
Yorlcj Knighted for his n 

of Castley, Esq., 
13 January, 1639, 

Thomas Wentworth,:^ 


ir of John. 

Eliza BE! 


1 1 1 1 1 1 

Thomas Wentworth, 

settled in Virginia or Maryland, 

bapt. 13 Sept., 1625, 


Womb well 

Jan., 1637-8, d. in 
Michael Wentw. 

21 October, i64r. 

Godfrey Wentworth, 

Mat. Wentworth, of Grimsion.bap. 6 E 

Joseph Wentworth, bapt. 9 October, 

Darcy WENTrt'O 
I^rd Roscomi 

Michael Wen' 
3 July, r632. 


30, 7th Apr., 1666, n 
Rd. Darley, of Bisho 

4. HuchWentworth. 
rector Of Tankersley, 

Wentworth. oF=Catherine, daughter of Sir Thomas 
3msa]l. sonand heir. I Langton, of Norcliffe, and v.iii. of 
1 al WhitehaU. 8 Christopher Listef, of Midhope. 
67, Bct. 21. 7 April, I She married, 3dly, at St. Andrew's, 
.4 June, 1671, JElat Holbom, 10 Apr., 1673, loHeneage 
8 June. I Finch, third Earl of Winchilsea. 

at York Cathedral.' 

. Wentworth, succeeded as 4th t 

, dau. of Sir Wm. Blackett, 

on, Sept., 17B8, 

nof a troop of trained I of Wallington, co. Norlhumberland, 
rdfortwenly years in sister and co-heir of Sir Wm. Blackett, 
!9 Oct., 1686, died at | buried in St. Martin's, ConejStieet, York 

=Lady Elizabeth Caven- 
Wm. , 2nd Duke of Devon- 

Catuebixe, only danghte 
to ber ha[f-bTOib«r. marr 
Majtm's in the Fields, i 
1716-17. She died ai Ju 

of Whilby Abbey and 

[ Wentwokth, bp. 
ajor in Earl Guise's 

North Elmsall,— Bridget , dau. 
id bapt. 11 Oct., She mar., 2n( 
./., 3 December, in ,774. 

Murray, Esq., and i 

iNTwoRTH, baptized Richard Wentworth, bapt. 
1721, bur. 6 April 4N0V., 1726. d 1745. 

entworth, bapt. 13 Charles Wentworth, bapt. 

bur. 25 Nov., 1726, at 4, and bur. 15 April, 1728, at 

, Coney Street, York. St. Martin's, Coney Street, York. 

Diana, mar. to Thomas Richard 
Beaumont, Esq., of the Oaks, 
CO. York. = 

{See Beaumont Pedigree.) 

Sir Thomas WENTWORTH.bapt. 

of Yorkshire in 1765. On ii 
royaIties,&c.,of the 81 


w. d. 29 May, 1792. p. 

borough, CO. Leicester. Bom 30 August, and bapt. at Kirkby Mallory, : 

usin, Martha Lovelace, Baroness 
ated 4 May, 1762, as Viscount W 
3 31 Oct., 1774 ; buried at Kirkby Mallory. 

orth, in' I743.=JUDITH, only daughter and heir of 'V 

'illiam Lambe, Esq., 

Thomas Noel 

x.m 26 Sepler 
s^E^ngtish chap 

. Noel, succeeded as 2nd Viscoun 
[ Feb.. 1788, Mary, daughter of 1 
V'. <744-S. and died 17 April, 1815, 

Earl of Northington, 

^orjohn. iS'S 

, and 7th baronet of Kirkby Mallory, 

d=Sir Ralph Milbanke, 1 

iumed the additional 1 

, married 9 January. 

e, bom io=WiLLiAM King Noel, F.R.S., Earl of Lovelace, ' 

1835, and I honours by letters patent dated 30 June, r838. 

I Noel in addiUon to and after that of King, and tc 

p MS bom ao Ftebniiury. 180: 

Ralph Gordon '. 
I September, 18C 

KE, Baron Wentworth of Nettlested, co. Suffolk, D.L., bom 2 July. 1839, s 

; tiiother=FANNiE. 3rd dau 

J Aug., 

. »- M»,, * TuJJ«« Went- Frances, married 'to Tohn Bretton. Sir Thomas Wentworth, knighted 28 Sept, 

SodJiey of WOSTH Isabel, married .2 Miy. rsS.. 10 Jolrn sum. 10 Pari from 23 Jan., iS5=-3. to 4 Feb., .,^.^ .,„» n™,e,.,.„, „„ „ 

^oouey. gi wuMiti. ^^^ Stacks. demiseoffidw. VI,. wasone of the first wiio appeared forQueenMary, and upc 

Beatrice, mar. to Thomas Greaves, her Majesty's accession his lordship was sworn of the privy council, and const 

. MATTir 




*^ -WORf M, tf -««lli». son. Of 3*1 „ , 

!,toPaul hunt. had. >o«Thol.. Maui., married to Hodgson. 

CO. York; l.ap. >I Thornhill. 3 Jane, ""'"i"'' <" '^°*'"'tj^''- 

16 Feb lone 1601. Et-LEN, married to John War-i 

usselborough Fie]d,=MARY. dau. of Sir 2. Sir Henry Wentworth, 
Jno. Wentworth, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Cbr. Gl 
of Gosfield, CO. knt., and had Thomas, (who 
Esse.\, mar. there Edward, and Richard. 

9Feb.,t545-6,and 3, Richard WENTWORTTt. ; 
d. a Sept., 

f Badley, 
iug.. 157s; hed! 

toTohn Foley, 3. Mary, n 
CO. Suffolk, Esq., o( 

"■'! ,V,':!!I''F!,f' "'''''"3''""°'^'°' ''EuJtii'i'ir',',"""' ft""'' ''■■','' '"''^«''°™»i:M 

S. JANL. 111. to llciiry, I^rdCheync, Stanbridge, co. Lsscx. Ilia w d la Dec 'is74 a 
of Toddiagton. Beds. She li. 16 ip. (C. P. d.) a? Jan. foUowitig. she s ' 

April, 1614, 1. />. 8.1 Catherine. 

i September. 1717. died 5 June, 1756, ( 
sh chaiiel at Gibraltar. 

IMa^ry, daughter of 

■ Mallory, and Dean of Salisbury. 

married 9 January, 

, bora 10 July, 1755 ; mar. 

OoBIX>N. 6th I^rd Byron, 

January, 1779. 
let. died 19 April, 1824. 

mar. 19 June, 1777, to James Bland 
Bland, bart.). She diid s. f., ai 

vife), to the Hon. Nathaniel Curzon, 

Snnq', wa», by rojal Jtence dated 29 Sept. 
(King. HiJlordiljip no* boni 30 February, 

ther. 4 Ju 

I of Edward Jenkins, Esq,, Bengal Civ 

Rev. George Heriot. of F 

Anne Isabella Noel, mar. 8 Ju 

35 = 


:Katherine, daughter 

of Radcliffe, 


of Withenshaw. 

f, under-sheriff CO. Lancaster, 

Guards, b. 1740. d. 
bd. at Rotherham 

■A Executrix 



s of Lieut.-Colonel Sebastian French, 
r EHzabeth, his wife, 3rd daughter and co-heiress 
Duke of Gordon, Marquis of Huntley, 
"]')lhe Antiquary of 1873), sister and co-heiress of 
,jjd ensign of the 5th Foot without purchase, 8 April, 
fs, 28 February, 1826. 

1 of Thomas Sothe'ran, of Amplefo: 
dlesex. I CO. York, married 20 October, 1846. at 
Paddington Parish Church, co. Middle- 
I sex, died 21 April, 1851. {Sec Sotheron 
' pedigree.) 

>, and married, 12 October, 1871, at Dunham-Massey, co. 
Bowdon and Altrincham, co. Chester, the Inner Temple, 
n and heir of the late George Leigh, of Daresbury, co. 

^etiifiree of lEestb|>, of '^, a^abenfielti $arfe. (J^ilt|)b)aite Hall auti ||oVDartlb (Strange 

! Harl. MSa, 1987, 

r generations of this pedigree, ' 

: taltcn from ancient rolls, the Hopkinson, Harleian, Holmes, and other genealogical MSS., 

aian IBrstbst, lord of Westby Thorpe, in Craven, co. York, and of Westby Manor and Leyton Hall, in Amoundemess, Co. Lancaster. The Westbys were orieinally from Yorkshire 
prior to the Conquest, and arc of Scandinavian descent. On the general survey, the township and lands of Westby ate distinctly set forth as then esisling in the hundred of Amound; 
of Lancashire^^ All these lands were once held under the great Saxon chief Tost! the brother of Harold, and afterwards under Roger de Poictou, the Norman. The Westbys have, : 

Thomton-Stano, Up Rawcliffe. and Great and Little Eccleston. CO. Lancaster. The Lancashir 

■ Westby, lord of Westby. = 

r of Thomas T 


Vestby. = ... 


r of Sir Thomas B.vron, 

, Westby, wife of Sir William Venabl 

■ Wesiby. = , daughter of Sir Philip Egerton 

Thomas Westby. lord of Westby. = 

)n. CO. Chester, Km. Margaret Westby, wife of Sir 

, daughter of Sir Anthony Byron, of Clayton, Knt 

sreton, 2. John Westbv.^ 

Tiarried to Richard Bouche 2. Ann 

Thomas Westby. lord of Westby. = Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Gerard, of 1 

I Molyneux, of Sefton, Knt 

wife of William Tattoo 
Wesiby, high sheriff for co. Lane. 1233-46 ; from whom probably William de Wesibj 





44. mentioned in a deed (^™„ M. F. Tuppcr 

■Esq.). relating to Elslack, as living circa 





dan hter of 

. Assheton 

of Middleton, CO. Lancaster. 

. RiCTARD Westby, "cleric." Franc 

s Westby, married to WilUam Blunt. 




of Ravenfiel 

1 and Wesiby, living 


\? ^A^fa}];, T tof«*,"v« ° 

-heiress of Sir Simon Odingsells, 

2. TitOMAS WESTBY, of Haxby, co. Yo 

k, Ob cir 
icd at St 



KT^' '^'^' ''^''" '" 

3. Henry Westby, 


Earl of Cambridge, who was usually=ANN 


laughter of Sir Ralph (? Richard) Shirley, Knt. 

... Dutton. 
.. Stantisley. 

, daughter=HENRYWESTBV,ofRaven-=MATiLDA, daughterof Bosvile, Thomas Westby, of Fir 

>ro'- She was Uvi^g 1379. 
ised w\iti her husband on 

York, who with John Vavasour, of ■' Denygby/' ■ 
lands in " Conesburgh " to Agnes, formerly wife ol 
ider to William and John, her sons. Witness to deed dated Whitli 

Jane Westby, Jaubs Westby.=.. 

f Ravenficld, son and heir.=ALiCE, daughter of ' 

lughter of Thomas Laughton (Lauton). 

. Westby, wife of Thomas I 

) William Chapman. 

■ Westby, roamed Ursula, daughter of John Holland, of Swireshead, 

. Thomas Westby, of Ravenfield. =Margabet, daughter of John MarshaU. 

Hen-hv Wesiby, 3- RoBERT=ISABELi.A,daugh- Ellen 
d«lj./. Westby, I ter of Richard Westby 

■A nxiAMWESiBY, of Raven- 1 Wheailey, of Isabel. 

I. Bartholomew Westby, Earon of the English Exchequer! 
of the Exchequer as second b.iron. and he received a new pa 

; Middle Temple, for the comphn 

i May, 1501 , he had been raised t 

1 Sir Robert Southwell 
; 95). ■■ Vide Foss- 

Westby, William Westby, of Wesiby= 

: of Robert Westbys of Lancashire, who held 

rBusbye. = Westby Thorpe until 181 1, when jacet Matilda Westbe quondam uxor Willielmi 

I it was sold to Lord Ribblesdale. He Westbe, quae obiit xiii die mensis AugusU, an. dom. 

1485 and married), daughter of 2. Christopher Westby, of Elmelon Hall and = ELLEN, 
of Thribergh, and Margaret Fitz- Whalley, co. Derby, probable ancestor of Chris- ; Fresch 

both died 1503. topher Westby, who was living at Elmeton, co. ; co. Dt 

Derby. Ump. Elizabeth. 

3f 3. Edward i. Cecily Westby, married 

the rVilc, Westby. to Christopher Vaux, of 

4. Thomas Doncaster. 

3EL Westby, mar- 
to Bagshawe, 

e Ridge, co. Derby. 

of Francis Westby. of 
ried Claro. married a 

Blennerhassett. daughter of Sir 

Geoige Knt. 

RM.PH We-stbt, t 

'ife, to Nicholas Fiizwilliam, s. Jennet Westby. 3- ^.a 

Hugh Wyrrall. of Loversall, co. York. Esq.. chief magistrate of Doncaster, 1545/8. living 
5 ax date oS his feiher's | 1549-88, by Ann, his wife, daughter and heiress of Philip Knotsworth, of Market Rasen, co. Lincoln, grand- 
a 1555, Bora 1519. living daughter of John Wyrrall, of Loversall, who died 37 Henry 8, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and co-heiress 
I of Hugh Wombwell. of Greasborough, co. York. 

Clara Westby. 

. son of William Levett, 

ROBBRT Westby, father of Fr:incis. George, and John, 
Dugdales Visitation in 1666. Hunter. howe\-er, st; 
father of George Westby, of Whaley. to be Christopher 

. kALTti X. Thomas Westbt, of Ravenfield, "suc-=Faith, daughter of Thomas Lane, of Benlley, Esq. Her will, 2. MARGERY Westby. wife of John 2. George Westby, of Whaley, co. Derby, and GiI-=AGNEs, daughter of Wil- 3. Francis West-= Ellen, daugh- 4-j0"1^^'^^'*: - DOROTHY,daugh- 1. Ralph West- Asne AVestby. 

Wr*tct, emfadw the inheritance of his family, dated 9 June, 1634, was proved 5 March following, in which Rokeby, of Skiers, co. York. Es,, f son thwaite, co. York, stated by Hunter to be the son of liam Hawley.of Slotfold, by, of Elmeton ter of of Highwood ler of Roger »;j' ^'*:^ j. ^ m^ei i6m, 

oiKamt- and died before 26 March, i^ when she direcls she shall be buried in Ravenfield church, near to her of Ralph Rokeby, of Skiers, E J ser- Christopher Westby, of Elmeton, /m*. Elizabeth. -In co. York, and sister of Hall, co. Derby, Bagshawe, Housft Cress- Cholmeley,and 5. HENRY West- to George F^- 

hM,6Kd a careai was entered inihe Archbishop's husband ; "after several legacies, she directs that ihc residue jeant-at-law. by Dorothy, l,is wife, 3 October, 1 James i, Robert Samucfson granted a con- Mary Hawley, wife of hving 1599. buried buried at well, co. Notts s.sler of John by, of Barl- v-en.ofWhaIey 

/,^. fir- coon aeainM granting adminisiration shall be divided into two moiHics. of which one she gives to daughlerof Thomas Danln, ;,.,l .randl veyancc of a capital messuage in Gillhwaile to George Sir John Stanhope, of at Elmeton, 18 Elmeton, 3 and ^ of Cholmeley, of borough and Margaret 

mfj^ undo bTwiU to iris niSce, Alice, wife of Thomas Vincent, of Warmswonh. genikman, and George daughter of Sir James b.min Km. Westby, of Whaley, the elder, yeoman, and George Melwood, in the Isle October, i6ti. Oct.. 1611. Whitwell. co Westbysoke. mitwell, co. WssTBY. mai- 

.Zllkm ThomMhewUng," He died j,*., and Lcwling, of Bamborough. gentleman, in trust for Thomas and Ralph Rokeby was a broihtr ofWilUam Westby, his son and heir apparent, for /710." In the of Axholme, Km., son ^"'V?!.;^, „2fV„-i.C^I T,^;. *S9» »0 

Wumv « —M^^t-t i^ ,U. »»,il..^'ll.«.« Poi.V. f™i;-„ ^UAA.^ r.A'hr.rr,.. T ,.,uli„„ h« Ali,-^ 1.1= wSf,. H nt^phv arrhliklifin nf U..}.).^ .". f...,.:.,?.' r.-.i r ..,„ t, .^.q,„^ ^( Gno;^^.,to h^ v«a< of Sir I.'riwarrI Slanhone. at Elmeton, SeSSed fOF lands William rohtt- 

■^Uif,^ *A Ravenfidd by Get 
"'-->. CO. peri>y. 

and Lcwling, of Bamborough. gentleman, in 

ates Faith Lewling, children of Thomas l^\s 

George Westby, of niece to her kte husband, and the oilie 

:e, his wife, Rokeby, arc 

If, Thomas Vincent and Henry I^adbeaier,"' wold, CO. York.— W 

Hlff(RV^eST- = EMZAHr:TM, dauglitcr i. jA^ii: \Vj mjiv, t»jfr m,-irrir<l , 

in'^llfe^Kl w'dowof'!'.!!!:Tay^ in,','/ ' ' 

bd. at Rolherl h^am??!' May,° 6iT Mmi' 

of Grimslon, bu 
Elmeton, 1603. 

. .■,..!(!,, Ii.irl.. .; cokjnel under Ohvcr Cromwell, 
W.I, biin.;d at Sh^^ffitld (j« DiilGnT pedigree). 

— 1 ^-7^ ^ r 

, DOROTHY Westby, 3. Anne Westby. mar- Francis 

iBarried to HuiBphrey ried to Percival Hob- Westby. 

Smales. of Bolsover. sob, of Dodwortli, co. of Elmetor 

brother to William York. geat. Hall, diet 

before naiBed. 4- Elizabeth, married 1618. 
10 lohB Wilson, of 
Alfrelon, co. Derby. 

of"'.....""'. Holme Hall. paSsh of Westby. 

Pease, of Whitwell marriei of Birks 

Rr.ler,vpr \vidow of John Heon- son nnd 

Holme Hal- '^ ' ' '" "' 


1, aid liac 
, otWtil 


6dd, liK). p. m. 24 September. 

d.diedjlune. I Philip and Mar,-. ^ 

d.=ANNE. daughter of Hugh W 

r"s I 1549-88, by Ann. his wife, 

ig daughter of John Wyrrall, 1 

I of Hugh Wombwcll, of Gre 

f Raven-=CLARA, daughter of Sir John Arthington, 

. Thomas westby, rector of Thribergh, : 
of Heydon. in the archdeaconry of Yorlc. i; 

, York. Esq.. chief magistrate of Doncaster. 

in*iin ■ '*"nd- 

f Nicholas Levett, of Melton, son o 

Uiam Levett. 

Robert Westbv, father of Francis. George, and John, according to= 
DuKd.ilc's Visitation in 1666. Hunter, however, slates that the I 
father of George Westby. of Whaley, to be Christopher, living Ump. 

\. Ijv Dorothy, I 

1 ii<.miis D.-inby. and grand- vey; 
.1 Sir James Danby, Km. We 

:.> uasabrotherof"""^--- 

Geokge Westby, 
thwaite. CO. York, si 
Christopher Westby, 

Whaley, co. Der 
i by Hlinter to b. 

10." In'^the 

liam Hawley.of Stotfold. 

living 1599. buried 

2. HffNRrWl'EST- = E 

lor, mar. at Rother- 

ivjng ham, 23 Octo- 

Castle. She died in 1633, and was buried at Sheffield isce Bright pedigree). 

CO. Derby, 


Et-iEABETK West- 

«-ife).= i. Thomas =Babbaba 

field Park, 
and Firsby 
Grange, CO. 

ilph Hatreitd. 
Stephen Bright, 

1 North O^vram. 

Marriage settlement, 29 Juni 

nlmin '"li'' ^' u^ho " tSL iNOvemoer, 

Thomas Lister, of Shibden aged 57, and 

Hall, son of Saml. Lister. Esq,, at Rotherhar 

by Susan, daughter of William dated 10 Feb 

Drake.ofLee.inNorthOwram. 1665, codic 

f George Strin- 
:, of Ronieley, 

30 Elizabeth, 
ane aiea i7rtugusl, 1685. aged 

of' Rotherham church, will 

and grandsi 

!. Sabah Westby, married, as and wife to 
William Spencer, of Attercliflfe Hall and 
Bramley Giange, co. York, lieut. -colonel 

Commonwealth, son of William Spencer, 
of Attercliffe (who died 1649), by Alice, 
daughter of James Mitchell, of Morthing, 
Esq. ; be was baptized 1613, at Sheffield, 
was aged 53 in .665. died 1667. and was 
buned at Sheffield ; his first wife was Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Leonard Gill, of Norton. 

Elizabeth Westdy, daughter and 

18 July, 1638. as and wife, to 
Edward Gill, of Carr House, son 
of Leonard Gill. M.P. for West 
Riding, co. York, 1653, n 
Colonel John Gill, of Cat 


BY, of Elme- 
ton Hall. died 

Ellen, wife of 

wtbjr Gibson, of London, 

descends married 1694. 

;. George Westby. of Ravenficld P 

:,Esq.,fil. = BENEDICTA, 
Jos. Drahe, 

jacei quicquid moriale fuit Georg. 

legibusAnglicaniseducati. In Deum, 
inimicos, cunctos. pii, benigni, benevol 
Qui toto plus anno paiiens paralytic 

S3. Salutis. vero 1685 u'nicum' sur 
rdinquens filium, Thomam, el soroi 
scilicet Annam et EUzabelham. Ho 

,nd buried ai iio.^- 
o Jolm^Hatfeild, of 



Junp, 1650, and 

Holm lirst, of 
Ginn House, 

Esq., mar- 
ried to Cathe- 

1662/3, nii 


CO. n'oI 

buried at was 

3rd son atte, 

Ralph HatfeUd, hisi 

Laughton, Esq, esta 

short biography of this 


%rf,'°3'Au- ^ r 
gust. 1738 {iCC itlCHAR 

HiEST pedi- 
gree). = 

George -Anne, daughter 

I. Samuel Westby, 


Westbv. of 

and co-helress 

Anslon. co. 

aged 28, and buried 



1715. aged 

bapt. 22 June, 1658. 

S' "S^-r: 

ruary, 16B1, at 




Dec,. 1709. 

aged 20, and buried 



Dec, 1653, ob. I April, 1679, March, 1656, 

Dorcas Westby, baptized : 
Vlarch, 1656 
April. 16B5, z 
Laughton, ot nowarii 
who died 3 September, 

osgrave, vi 
r £cclesfiel< 

lesfield, CO. York, ob. 

=L Thomas WESTBY,=ANN(2ndwifc).=MARY (srd wife*), daughterof 2. John Westby, 

. I of Ravenficld Park, daughter of William Sherwin. of Barking, co. aged i year, 16 

Esq., son and heir, John While, Essex, Esq., died 1752, aged Sept., 1665. 

s| M.P. for East Ret- of Tuxford 62: she married, sndly. 1750, 2. Anne West- 
;| ford, 1710. andJ.P. andCotgrave. William Cromwell, c 
I 1 for CO. Cambridge._ co. Notts, Street, Halton Garden, 

Cotton of liie 

1 ' 

York, gent. 

dale, gent. 

1802, and 


May- JoHKHiR!;T,of=ELizAi 
' "-- ':ioughHouse, "" 

Esq., born 25 

Dionis Back 
Church, Lon- 

Jan.. 1715. died 

at St. Helen's, 
Street,London. Maj 

y. 1804, 
by his dau., 
Mrs. Cathe- 
rine Westby. 

Kent, born 
14 December, 
1719, married 
26 September, 


I. GeorgeWestby,=Mary, 


field, CO. Yorli, 


26 April, .760. 


Esq., baptized 21 
., 21 July, 1758, 
I at Rotherham. 

;hter of i. Fran 

i Westby, baptized 3 

and sister of Lieut 
Col,Beckwith,and J, 

Dorcas, baptized 15 March, 

at Astoi 

I Geo. Staniforth, 

em., who married 

L Rotherham. 19 April. 

Grange, from his aunt, Mrs. Dorcas 

Laughton ; by his will, dated 2a April, WoodiReld Beck- 

1758, he left his landed estates in re- with.ofThurcroft, 

mainder among his nephew, Geo^e Esq. Selllement 1722, Miss Hannah Slater, 01 

Westby. niece. Elizabeth Westby, his dated 28 October, Clown, and was heir of George 

cousin, Richard Kent, his firetcousin, 1746- Shedied29 Beardsall, of Catcliffe. whose 

John Hirst, of Clough, and others, April, 1796, aged wiUwasdaiedsFebruary, 1703. 

when all having died J. #., the estates 74, andwasburied 3. AtiCE, baptized 28 March. 

, Henry John at Rotherham. 1695, and married at Todwick, 


Frances, daughter of Thomas Howard, 

, daughter of Robert Sutton, 
, granddaughter of Conyers 

cd Frederica, daughter of Meinhardt Schomberg. All died 

of Srhomberg, married 30 May, 1723, and died in young. 

; Marlborough Street, 1760, aged 71, will dated 14 

;%'Ai.(isihusband),-=BBiDGET Maria=Jonathan Harris Pcwer=]acob Eurnopp, Esq. 

vied in the Cm//^- I Westby, dau. (2nd husband), of the C3rdhusband),married 

■ " "leiress. Inner Temple, Esq., died 19 November, 1763, at 

4june, 1763. St. George's, South- 

5AMUEL Shirt, of Clough House, Rother 

1768^ and buried at Old St. Pancras. Lon 
don, grandson of Joseph Shirt, ofChapel 
en-le-Frith, co. Derby, descendedfrom ihi 
ancient family of Sherd, oj_ Disley, co 

Sherd, vei'&^v. 

HiBST, of Clough House, Esq. 

f Macclesfield Forest. {See 

Mrs. Catherine Westby, 

at St. Mary-le-bone, 
CO. Middlesex, 25 
May, 1795. 

to his cousin, Henry Jol 
other children of his fi 
Maynard, wife of Samut 

Catherine Hirst, of-GEORGE Westby, of 

Howarth Grange, and Howarth Grange 

Gilthwaiie HaE after andGillhwaite Hal^ 

band, bom 25 Jan-. formeriy lieutenant 

1752, and died J. p., 13 *? ']■« ^ Dragoon 

Nov., 1820. Executrix Guards, b, 1740. d 

of her brother's will, j.^.,3june,i790jand 

Elizabeth Westby, 
of Howarth Grange, 
baptized 20 August, 

St I 

her of Major Charie 
1 5 April, 1851, on hi 

Cimberworth Hall, and Clough House. Esq 

mdon, ?5 Apriiri799. married'i Aug., 1821, at St. George-lhe- 
IcEiment Native Infantry, in the Honorable East India 

ay royal=FRANCE! 

mS;;:| sfti'r'i 

Company's 1 Earl ol 
I 1825, = 


Perce-=Euzabf,th. 2nd daughter of Lieutenant-Co 
" ■ " - - - Londonderry, 

celebtated „£f andst-alsran" ^ B' k ' 

Canning, of Garvagh, 
I Royal I George Canning, crea 

vagh, of 

. Henry Robert Hirst, of Howarth Grange, etc., Esq., born 3 August, 

:. Edward Sebastian Gordon Hirst, Esq., bom 23 September, 

1823, and occ. 23 October. 1849. died unmarried. 
1. Charles Hirst, living unmarried, 1873. 

. Fan.vv Elize Hirst, daughter and co-heiress, bom 2; 

Pownall Sawell, of Her Majesty's' Custom" House, London, 'Esq. She 
December, 1868, aged 39, and buried at Brompton Cemetery, go. Middles 

Perceval, mar- 

TH Perceval, mar- 
'cnnefather, of E 

July, 1847. 
1869. at Che 

'Iary Eva, daughter of John MacManus, of Dmmhrougl 
Lough Erne, ca Fermanagh, Esq.. great-grandson o( lames ini. 14 juijr, 1050 
MacManus. of Bellisle Castle. Bally MacManus. Lough buried at Hlghgate. 
Erne, Esq.. bv descent chief of the sept of MacManus, of 

Henry Sotheran, ob. Fanny Elize Sotheran, 

Chester, 10 Stanley Leigh, 


Paddington Parish Church. 

2o October. 1846. i 

ember, 1871, and buried 
cry, Salford, co. Lancaster 





















ij\ n 




-11 i^ 


11 hii ^"dj^i^ % s|| 

IB 5ii ill r^' I l|i^pi|iiu [^^!Jti1ti|i3ll i ill- 

E 13-a - ^ 



Sg|-g|fJ ^igg 

°=i!-filii — ^, Is? 


■ ':<?«'"5<2 § s £ I 


2"a'o^Si.l£'-t5&3 I sSadS'SSJ'SQ 

; E - ti 


SaS'si'siisSs 2 § s S 





s-M^l^s "«t;°"'l^ §|s'g-|ti 

1^1 I 

gm-5:>'EW-§UWSii I g 

1^7^: ^-=;' L-||l 

^ iJ 

. i! 

Richard Wilson, bap 
1610. of Hamphole, 16 

Elizabeth, wife of Ra 
Yew Trees, and had is 

i 1 

Wilson, eldest Alice 
fe of Randal of T 
hester, deputy of E 

et-arms, who Ches 
digree of the Mary 
70. 1670. 


"- r 


11! -sltrl^- l|°l 5„- 

Ui'^ t:3|BSs||=||| 

^rttgree of Wlllson. of i 

JSobett gmi lson, 7 E dw. i. =Hawise, daughter of ' 
John Wilson. =Joan, daughter of Sir Rot 

Adam Wilson, temp. Edw. i and 2. =Judith, daughter of Sir El 
John Wilson, son and heir, 37 Edw. 3. Had lands at West-thorpe, in Hoyland-Sweyne, in right of 1 

fOHN Wilson, of Broomhead, 7 Hen. 4. =Jul!AN, daughter and co-heiress of John, son of Henry de Broomhead, married 

u ^ __. _ ^- 

William Wilson, of Broomhead, 7 Hen. 4. = E 

John Wilson, of Broomhead, 7 Hen. 5. 

John Wilson, of Broomhead, called the younger. 

Thomas Wilson, of Wadsley, 6 F 

and 6 Hen. 8, died i 

John Wilson, of Broomhead, son and heir, made hi 
his body to be buried in the church of Bradfield, and 
at the altar of St. John in the said church. 

in which he directs= Margaret, daughtei 
I be sung for his soul I husband, and by her v 
I at Rradfiek' 

dated 9 April, 1553, directi 

. Richard Wilson, of Broomhead, son and heir apparent. = Agnes, daughter of Richard Charlesworth, ofTotties, in Holmfirth, to v 
Broomhead and other lands were settled on him, his wife, I George, Earl of Shrewsbury granted the custody and marriage of hii 
and their heirs male, 14 Hen. 8. Died before his father. sons, on his paying to John Wilson the sum of ^23 6s. Sd. 

Arthur Wilson, of Brook- 
foot, CO. Derby, and also 
of Sheffield. 


Christopher Wilson, of Broomhead, heir to his grandfather, bom 1524,: 
buried in the chancel of Bradfield church, 29 January, I59r. 

-Sable, a wolf rampant, and in ciief three etoiles, ( 

Reginald Wilson, of Broomhead, son and 
heir, died unmarried, September, 1594, and 
was buried on the 15th, in the chancel -of 

Ellen (ist wife), daughter of Thomas=2. Christopher Wilson, of Broomhead, heir to his brother; made many=BEATRii 
Bramhall, of Storrs, in Stannington, I purchases of lands lying near his house, which he settled by deed, dated 3 January, field, 
married 3 February, 1592, buried at 1613, on his five sons, Christopher, Reginald, John, Richard, and Ralph. He Oddy 
Bradfield, 2r October, rs98. was buried in the chancel of Bradfield church, 20 October, 1622, aged 67^ ^ 

CHiisTOPBER Wilson, of Broomhead, son and heir, baptized i March, 1595, = 
I rar<a m m the parliamentary army, vdW dated 14 December, 1670, buried 1 
' " " ■ ■ 21 March, 1671. He finished the late house at Broomhead. 

lARY, daughter and co-heiress of John 
Ibbotson, of Wightwistle, clerk, baptized 
23 December, 1623, buried in the chancel 
at Bradfield church, 4 December, r662. 

Anne, wife of Thomas Revel, of 
Stannington and of Shiffnal, 
CO. Salop, gent. 

Ellen, wife, ist, of John, son and heir of 
Richard Rich, of Royd, and, 2ndly, of 
Christopher Marsden, of Cariecouts and 

Reginald Wilson, baptized 13 Df 

of Reyner House, 1629, died unm 

John Wilson, baptized 5 Septeml 

Charles Wilson, M.A., rector of Babworth, co. 
Notts, and vicar of Sheffield, baptized 15 June, 
i63r. The estate at Broomhead was settled upon 
him in 1659. In r695 he resigned the vicarage of 
Sheffield, and retired to Broomhead, where he died 
in September, 1703, and was buried at Bradfield. 

Anne, daughter and co-heiress of John AUott, B.D., 
rector of Little Thurlow and Wratting, co. Suffolk 
(by Margaret Wolrich, his wife), eldest son of 
Edward Allott, son of John ."Mlott, of Crigleston, 

I I I 
Rowland Wilson, and 
Christopher Wilson, both died infants. 
Arthur v\ ilson, of London, merchant, 

died unmarried, at Bradfield, and was 

buried there, 24 January, t720. 

John Wilson, baptized 4 February, = Anne, daughter 

HaU, 1684 ; of Whiston, 1688 ; o 
Wortley, repS ; died at Babworth 
aged 84, buried there, 1720. 

Richard Hey, of I 
Wortley, married 1 
Westby, Justice ( 
6 November, 1656. 

Isfon, of &ximKMt Cotoer* 

= HAWrsE, daughter of Thomas Sheffield, lord of Bolsterstone. 

UN, daughter of Sir Robert Rous, of Onesacre. 

DITH, daughter of Sir Elias de Midhope. 

ind-Sweyne, in right of his wife. =Agnes, daughter of John Hunshelf, of Hunshelf. 

de Broomhcad, married about 8 Rich. 

Richard Wilson, of Brad.'ield. 

Agnes Wilson. 

Richard Wilson, of Waldershell^ younger s 

ILSON, of Wadsley, 6 Hen. 6. His issue remained there till 1670. 3. William Wilson, 

of Reginald Leigh, of 

Dwarriden, 1416, died 1419. 


Agnes Wilson, sole heir after the death = 
of her sisters, Joan and Isabella. 

Shibds, of Dwarriden, f.i 

Christopher Wilson, liv- 
ing 1557 ; had two children, 
Christopher and Elizabeth. 

4. George Wil- 
son, buried in 
Sheffield church. = 

. John Wilson, buried in Sheffield 
church, 1557. Had a son Edward, who 
died young, and one daughter, his heir. 

Richard Wilson, of Wortley, 4th son. made his will 15 June. 1530, by which he gives most of his - 
pious uses. He directs his body to be buried in the church of St. Peter, at Tankersley, anent the high 
altar, by his last wife, and makes the lord prior of Burton Abbey supervisor of his will. No issue. 1 

' 4„, 

Ellen Wilson, wife of John Crosland, 1553, 
by whom Richard, William, Jane, Anne, 
Grace, John, George, and Raynold. 

Jane Wilson, wife of Thos. 
Barber, of Welden, 1553 ; 
hadadau.named Margaret. 

r childr 

HOMAS Wilson, of Oughtibridge = Agnes By her will, dated 27 May, 1564, she directs her body to be buried 

il'- I the church of Ecclesfield, and it was accordingly interred there, 10 June, 1564. 

: Wilson, baptized at Bradfield, 
iy Randal Holme, from a register now 

Charles Wilson. 
THO.MAS 'Wilson. 

Francis Wilson. 
Jane Wilson. 

■; made many= Beatrice (2nd wife), sister of Thomas Cudworth. of East- 
ated 3 January, | field, in the parish of Silkston, married, zndly, to Richard 
id Ralph. He Oddy, of Hampole, and was living 1653. 
ged 67. 

Thomas Wilson, of Oughtibridge Hall, hil a pardon, dated 8 June, 6 Elizabeth, 
for having killed with a dagger, in his o\|n defence, one Richard Woodhead. 
Sheffield. His posterity continued for several generations at Oughtibndge 
Hall. ' 

Wilson, baptized 13 December, 1602, 
:r House, 1629, died unmarried. 
son, baptized s September, 1608, died 

tALPH Wilson, baptized 18 July, 1613, 
had an estate at Ingbirchworth by his 
father's will, 1622. 

George Wilson, of the city of Chester, gent., bom 21 July, 
Archbishop's Court, and registrar of the Vice-Admiralty Cour 

of Chester, and 

=Alice, daughter and heir- 
ess of Arthur Bentley, 
ot Knutsford, co. Ches- 

y.=ANNE, daughter and heiress of 
Richard Hey, of Bromeley, near 
Wortley, married before Thomas 
Westby, Justice of the Peace, 

Zachariah Wilson, of Sheffield, 
7th son, baptized T3 March, 1639. 
One of the church burgesses of 
Sheffield, 25 July, 1702. 

lARY, daughter and heiress 
of Robert Housley, of Shef- 
field, born I May, 1639, mar- 
ried, 28 April, 1662, buried 
13 March, 1686. 

Reginald Wilson, of Port Royal, in the Island 
of Jamaica, collector of the customs, naval 
store officer, and one of the Assembly, swal- 
lowed up, with his only son, in the earthquake, 
7 June, 1692. 

Charles Wilson, bom 26 July, 
1647, living unmarried, 1670. 

Chrlstopher Wilson, unmar- 
ried. 1670. 

Christian Wilson, dead before 

tiCHARD Wilson, baptized 6 January, 
1610, of Hamphole, 1638. 
LiiABETH, wife of Ralph Greaves, of 
Yew Trees, and had issue. 

LSON, eldest Alice Wilson, wife 
e of RandiU of Thomas Wasse. 
of Stockport, c<x 
Chester, living 1670. 
Marv. ■ • - 

unmarried in 

Wilson, of Broom-=MARY, daughter of Thomas 

head. gent.. 3rd and 
timately eldest surviving 
son, bom at Kirabolton, 
13 September, 1672. 
married in 1711, died 
27 February, 1735, bur. 
in the chancel, Bradficld 

Macro, of Bury St. 
munds, Esq., by Susan, his 
wife, daughter and heiress of 
John Cox, rector of Risby. 
Died at Sheffield. r8 June, 
1761, and was buried in the 
middle aisle of St. Paul's 


Charles Wilson. 


All died young, be- 
tween 1662 and 

Anne Wilson. 
Henrietta Maria. 

Mary Wilson, wife of God- 
frey Crosland, of Cartworth, 
in the parish of Kirk Burton, 
gent., born 6 June, 1670, mar- 
ried 14 July, 1700, died in 
Jan., 1732, leaving, with two 
daughters, a son, Thomas, 
whose daughter, Elizabeth, 
married to John Rimington, 
of Carlton (whom see). 

Susan Wilson, 
30 August, 167 
unmarried at 
bury, and was buried 

the middle aisle of 
the church there, 18 
October, 1736. 

born Elizabeth Wilson, 

died bom 27 March, 1678, 

Hor- died unmarried at 

Huddersfield, 21 

January, 1722, and 

was buried in the 

John Wilson, of Broomhead, Esq., only surviving son and heir, =Susanna. daughter of Joseph Gates, of Nether Denby, 

"" " ' ' " ■■'" " - ■ ■• near Wakefield, gent., by Grace his wife, daughter of 

Bartin Allott, of Bilham Grange, co. York, gent., bom 
28 October, 1722, married at Kirk Heaton, 11 September, 
1746. She died in 1796. 

the collector for the " History of Hallamshire," bom 28 April, 
baptized at Bradfield, 29 April, 1719, died at Broomhead Hall, 
3 March. 1783, and was buried with his ancestors in the chan 
eel of Bradfield church. 

Thomas Wilson, bom 23 July, 1722, buried 25 April, 

Susan Wilson, born 8 January, 1712, married, at Atter- 

cliffe chapel, 13 May, 1742, to Gamaliel Milner, of 

Attercliffe, gent. 

John Wilson, of London, 
solicitor, son and heir, born i 
June. 1747. died in 1810, 
having bequeathed Broom- 
head Hall and other estates 
to his wife. Rebecca Wilson. 
Buried in the burying ground 
at St. Andrew's, Holbom. 

Rebecca, sister 
of General Gent. 
Sold Broomhead 
Hall, &c., to her 


;. Thomas Wilson, of 
Armley, near Leeds, 
bom 4 Aug., 1752, died 
in August, 1817, at Shar- 
rowhead, in the parish 
of Sheffield, where he 
had resided for some 

Sarah, only daugh- 
ter of William 
Wrigglesworth, of 
Married 5 April, 

.. William Wilson, 
Sheffield, youngest si 
ing son ; one of the twelve 
capital burgesses of Sheffield, 
1818, and owner of the col- 
lections made by his father, 
born 24 March, 1754, mar- 
ried in October, 1784, died 
30 August, 1829, buried 
• " dfield - 

, Bradfi 

I church. 

of = Sarah, daughter of John 
Allen, of Chapeltown, by 
Marguerite his wife, dau. 
of Joseph Scott, of Wood- 
some, by Marguerite his ist 
wife, sister and heiress of 
Robert Rockley, of Wood- 
some Lees, bom 3 March, 
1762, died 26 March, 1791, 
buried in Bradfield church. 

. Joseph Wilson, bom 
22 April, 1749, died un- 
married, intheH on. East 
India Co.'s service, at 
Soity, in Bengal. 
. Charles Wilson, and 
. Richard Wilson, 
Both died in infancy. 

Christopher Wilson, = Alice, daughter of Richd. 

chapelry of Bradfield, 
gent., bom 14 Au 
gust, 1681, died s 
Tune, 1730, and was 
buried in the church 
of Bradfield, 


Bilham, of Houlden, 


bom 31 July, 1699, mar- 
ried at Bamsley, 29 


September, 1715, died 


S January, 1781, and 

was buried with her 


Isabella Maria Wilson, born 7 August, 
1729, married, ist, to Jonathan Ellis, of 
Sheffield, attorney ; 2ndly, to Robert AsUne, 
of Sheffield, merchant. Died, his widow. 

Charles Wilson, of 

London, solicitor. 
Harriet Wilson. 
Susanna Wilson. 

Henry Wilson, of the 
City of London, and 
of Upper Tooting, co. 
Surrey, merchant, 
eldest son, b. 14 Oct., 
1758, purchased the 
estate of Broomhead 
of Rebecca Wilson, 
widow of Jno. Wilson, 
of London, solicitor. 
Living unmar. in i8r9. 

. William Wil-=Lucy, 
son, of London, Tho 
merchant, born 9 of 
October, 1761. Sus! 

Thomas Wilson, of Armley, 
only son, bom 16 October, 
1782, died in his father's 
lifetime, 22 Ji 

= Sarah, daughter of Thomas Musgrave, 
I of Foggathorpe, in the parish of 
I Bubwith, CO. York, married 4 Sep- 
died 19 June, 1813, 
Armley church. 

816, and I tember, il 
y church. buried in / 

Hannah Wilson, 

buried at Brad- 

William Wilson, of Fentonville, = Frances, daughter of George 
Sheffield, son and heir, bom 18 Sep- I Woolhouse, of Sheffield, 
tember, 1786, d[ed 10 December, 1847, married 23 May, 1812, died 
Sold the 6 Febmary, 1844. 

John Wilson, of Armley Thomas Wi 
Grange, near Leeds, alder- 
man and a magistrate of 
the borough of L^ds. born 
6 Nov., 1805, married, 
14 October, 1847, Eliza 
Anne, only child of Samuel 


Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, vicar of Famley, 
near Leeds, born 4 June, 
1807, mar. , 3oJune, 1865, 
Eliza Madeline, daugh- 
ter of Henry Marsh, of 



William Wilson, of Arm- 
ley, bom 6 January, iSii, 
living unmarried. 

Hannah Wilson, bom 18 
July, 1808, married to 
Thomas Musgrave, jun., 
of Foggathorpe, Esq., died 
19 March, 1861. = 

2. James Wilson, of BrinkcUffeTower, = ELizABETH, elc 
and formerly of Highfield House, 
near Sheffield, bora 19 July, 1789, 
died at Brinkcliffe Tower, near Shef- 
field, 14 July, 1867, buried at Brad- 

than Alderso 
CO. York, ma 
August, 1850 

William Wilson, 
of Sheffield, born 
7 March, 1813, 
Uving unmarried, 

George Wilson, 
bom 12 August, 
1815, died 30 
June, 1839. 

Sarah Ann Wilson, 
born 19 May, 1814, 
married, 6 June, 
1838, to Richard 
Henry Tarleton, of 
Birmingham, soli- 
citor, died 6 June, 
1843, leaving issue. 

. James Allen Wilson, 
M.A., of Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, rector of Bolton-by- 
Bolland, co. York, born 3 
June, 1827, married at Cart- 
mell Priory, 24 April, i860, 
Catherine, younger daugh- 
ter of Henry Remington, of 
Melling and Aynsome, co. 
Lancaster, Esq. = 

. Charles Macro Wil- 
son, of More Hall, and 
of Sheffield, solicitor and 
law clerk to the Company 
of Cutlers, in Hallam- 
shire, born 25 February, 
1835, married there, 30 



Richard Thorp, of Bams- 
ley, Esq. = 

.. William Reginald 2. Rowland Hodg- Elizab 

Wilson, M.A., of son Wilson, bom son. 

Trinity College, Cam- 15 January, 1831, to R< 

bridge, vicar of Bol- died 28 June, 1839. son, 

sterstone, bora 15 Sophia Maria Al- John 

May, 1838, married derson Wilson, Glen 

there, 30 March. 1865, bom 25 Febmary, Mary 

Martha, 3rd daugh- 1826, died unmar- son, 

ter of Richard Thorp, ried, 15 May, 1850, 

of Barnsley, Esq. = buried at Bradfield. 


John Wilson, bom 10 
August, 1849, died 31 
December following 
txsiej at Armley. 

Samuel Eyres Wilson, 
Armley Grange, Leeds, B.A, 
Trinity College, Cambridg( 
bom 7 September, 1850. 

of George Allen Wilson, bom 

James Cox Macro Allen 
Wilson, born 4 Oct., 1871. 

Lancelot Machell Wil- 
son, born 23 July, 1873. 

Mary El 
Sophie Isabel. 
Agnes Catherine. 


James Macro Wilson, bom 
24 February, 1866, died an 

Reginald Thorp Wilson, Rowland Alwyn 

born I Febmary, 1866. bom 18 July, 1868. 

Cyril Ravnold Wilson, Ethel NIary Havis ' 

bom 6 March, 1867. Christine Augusta \ 

born 31 July, 1699. mar- 
ried at Bamsley, 29 
September, 1715, died 
5 January, 1781, and 
was buried with her 

Richard Wilson, rector of Babworth 
on the resignation of his uncle, 
Charles Wilson. Died unmarried, 
1727, and was buried at Babworth. 

Thomas Wilson, of Povey, in the 
parish of Dronfield, died unmarried 
about 1729. 

John Wilson, died unmarried, 18 Au- 
gust, 1688, and was buried in the 
church at Whiston. 

Christopher Wilson, died 
unmarried, 1737, and was 
buried in the church of 

Matthew Wilson, of Wort- 
ley Forge and Dodworth, 
ironmaster, died unmarried, 
aged 63, and was buried at 

Anne, wife of John 
Spencer, of Cannon 
Hall, in the parish 
of Cawthorne, gent. 

i quo Spencer Stan- 
hope, of Cannon 

Catherine Wilson, wife of 

James Gates, of Dodworth, 

gent., left no issue. 
Mary, died unmarried, buried 

in the chapel at Wortley, 

Susanna, wife of Thomas 

Cockshutt, minister of Caw- 
orne. - 

Robert Wilson, died in Jamai 

unmarried, about 1693. 
HousLEY Wilson, baptized 

April, 1667. died unmarried. 
Zachariah Wilson, born 6 Jai 

ary, 1670, died unmarried. 

Wells, in Norfolk. 


Mar , |ife of , Fellow of Wells, in 

Anne, wSfe of Robert Holmes, of Alfreton, 
D rby, woodward to his Grace the 
f Norfolk. 

Norfolk. She died without i 

Richard Wilson, of Lon-= Elizabeth, daughter of Robert 
don, merchant, baptized Brooks, of London, captain of 
26 December, 1716, and an East Indiaman ; survived, 
died s.p., I November, and re-married John Evans, 
1746. of London. 

Christopher Wilson, of Lon-= Hannah, daughte; 

don, merchant, bom at Wight- 
wistle, baptized at Bradfield, 
December, 1726, and died 

Henry Clarke, of King 
Street, London, whale- 
bone merchant, married 
14 April, 1757. 

Christopher Wilson. 
Charles Wilson. 

All died young. 

John Rimington, =Elizabeth, daughter of 
of Caritun, parish Crosland, of Cartworth (son or 
of Royston, co. , Godfrey Crosland, by Mary Wil- 
York, gent., bur. son), born 9 April, 1738, married 
there, 30 March, ' at Royston, 10 January. 1757, 
1780, aged 50. died at Sheffield, 18 April, 1797. 

;. William Wil-= 
son, of London, 
merchant, born 9 
October, 1761. 

:LUCY, daughter of 
Thomas Leader, 
of Broxted, co. 
Sussex, and for- 
merly of Sheffield, 
7, 1800. 

I. Mary Anne Wilson, 
died in August, 1760, 
aged 9 weeks. 

3. Harriet Wilson, mar- 
ried to Thomas New- 
bury, of London, and 
had a son. = 

Mary Wilson, =John Riminrton, of 

born 27 August 
1764, married at 
the church of St. 
Mary the Virgin, 
Aldermanbury, 19 
June, 1784, died 
22june, 1838, and 


Sheffield, attorney- 
at-law and banker, 
baptized at Roy- 
ston, 7 July, 1760, 
died 31 January, 
1820, and was bur. 

AMES Riming- 
ton, baptized 
20 Jiily, 1759, 
buned at Roy- 
ston, '6 Novem- 
ber, 1785, aged 

Henry Riming-=Mary Gilberthorpe, 

TON, of Carlton, 
gent., bapt. 20 
Dec, 1761, died 
22 February, 
1831, buried at 
Royston, j. p. 

of Hampole, near 
Doncaster, married at 
Adwick-le-Street, 17 
February, 1817, buried 
at Royston, i Octo- 
ber, 1826, aged 48. 

Thomas Rimington, of 
Sheffield, baptized 3 June, 
1763, died 16 September, 
1809. \ 

Godfrey Rimington, capt 
tain 2ist Light Infantry! 
baptized 21 January, 1771! 
died in the West IndiesJ 
IS September, 1797. 1 


March, i 00, leaving 
Buried at Royston. 
Ann, and 

Crosland Rimington, 
Both died infants. 

DfBrinkchffe Tower, = Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Rev. Jo 

Highfield House, - - .. 

)m 19 July, 1789, 
I Tower, near Shef- 
37, buried at Biad- 

than Alderson, M.A., rector of Harthill, 
CO. York, married 12 May, 1825, died 20 
August, 1850, buried in Bradfield church. 

. Robert Wilson, of Sheffield, 
born 6 March, 1791, died un- 
married, 26 July, 1830, buried at 

John Wilson. 
Charles Wilson 
Both died in 

Christopher Wilson 
Newbury Wilson, 
only child, assumed 
the name of Wilson, 
and died 30 September, 

James Rimington, of Broomhead Hall, Esq., only son and I 
of Trinity College, Cambridge, a barrister-at-law, and J^.P 
the West Riding of Yorkshire, lord of the manor of Bol 
stone, baptized 9 December, 1786, died 30 September, i 
aged S3, and was buried at Bradfield. 

Sirah, daughter of Samuel Broom- 
head Ward, of Mount Pleasant, 
Sheffield, Esq., married at Shef- 
field, I September, 1817. 

ALD 2. Rowland Hodg- Elizabeth Louisa Wil- Henry Rimington, James Wilson Rimington-Wilson, of John Wilson Riming- William Rimington, 


son Wilson, bom 
IS January, 1831, 
died 28 June, 1839. 
Sophia Maria Al- 
derson Wilson, 
bom 2S Febraary, 
1826, died unmar- 
ried, IS May, 1830, 
buried at Bradfield. 

arried, i Aug., 1873, 
to Robt, Bonvick Robert- 
son, 2nd son of the late 
John Robertson, Esq., of 
Glen Orkney, N.B. 
/lARY Anna Maria Wil- 
son, married, 31 May, 
1864, to George Langford 
Fosbery, of Liverpool, 
Esq., and has issue. 

of Broomhead Hall, 
Esq., eldest son and 
heir, bom 10 Sep- 
tember, 1820, died 
at Madeira, 11 July, 

Hall, Esq., J. P. forW.R., 
York, born i July, 1822, assumed the sur- 
name and arms of Wilson, in addition to 
his patronymic, by royal sign-manual, 24 
July, 1840, pursuant to the will of his 
great-uncle Henry Wilson, of Upper 
Tooting, CO. Surrey, Esq. He married, 
at the British Consulate, Madeira, 6 June, 
1849, Jane, daughter of Robert Wallas, of 
Madeira, Esq. = 

TON, of Upper Nor. 
wood, Surrey, Esq., born 
18 May, 1832, married, 
20 July, 1864, Sophia 
Anne Adelaide, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Aber- 
cromby, Bart. = 

of Norton-Subcourse, co. 
Norfolk, bom 16 August, 
1834, married at Starcross, 
CO. Devon, 17 January, 
1861, Mary Blanche, daugh- 
ter of the Rev. Henry 
Nicholls, late vicar of 
Rockbeare, co. Devon. 

Mary Rimington, bom in i3i3, died in 
Switzerland, 5 July, 1834. ** 

Sarah Caroline Rimington, died 
young. I 

Harriet Rimington, married, at Brid- 
field, 10 October, 1848, to the H()n. 

Ellen Rimington. died un- 
married, 2 Febmary, 1845. 
Lucy Anne, married, 19 July, 

furly, and has issue. 

land, ipd 
of Rin- 

Iaria Rimington, married. 
August, 1861, to Edwanl 
Salvin Bowlby, Esq.. ot the 
Inner Temple, barrister-at- 
law, and has issue. 

Rowland Alwyn Wilson, 

bom 18 July, 1868. 
Ethel Mary Havis Wilson. 
Christine Augusta Wilson. 

Reginald Henry Rimington-Wilson, 
bom 3 November, 1832, in Madeira. 

Henry Rimington-Wilson, bom 11 
June, 1834. 

Harriott Mary 

Ethel Ade- 
laide SOPHl. 


Hugh Henry Rimington, born 

2 September, 1863. 
Frederic Wilson Rimington. 

bom 31 January, i86s. 

Percy William 
Rimington, bom 
11 March, 1867. 

^^ctJigree of founta])mWiilson, 

Jonn JTontttnpnf, Esq.. of Saul, 
folk, serjeant-at-law, grandson c 
Fountayne, of the same place. 
4 June, 1671, aged 70. 

in Nor-=THEODOSiA,daugh- 
" Arthur I ter of Sir Edward 
He died Harrington, Bart., 
of RedlingtoD. 

William WiLS0N,bapti2ed2ju 



Esq., of Lincoln' 
Inn, settled con- 
siderable portions 
upon his dau., and 
devised his estates 
to his brother ; ob. 

NTAYNE, = Elizabeth, Thos. Fountayne, -. 
at Eton, 
and King's College, 

I dated 22 Aug., 

ton. of Mel- 

He died 5 
1709, buried 

daughter of 
Edward Ches- 

CO. Herts, died 
20 January, 
1743, aged 82, 
buried at Bark- 

Anne Foun- 
tayne, mar. 
to William 
Mellar, Esq. 

, married 

Leeds, merchant, ba 
8 March. 1626, ob. 
May, 1688, aged 63. 

Thomas =ELrzABETi 
Wilson, | dau. and c 


^nns ; — Tst and 4tli : Sa. a wolf salient or, ii 
cLiet three mullets arg. pierced of the field, 
on a canton of the 2nd a cross patee gules, 
for Wilson ; 2nd and 3rd : Arg. a fesse gru. 
between three elephants' heads erased, two 
and one, sa. 

Crfflta : — A derai wolf ppr., the paws support- 
ing an escutcheon sa., charged with a ducal 
coronet or, for Wilson. On a rock ppr. 
an elephant passant pean, for Fountayne. 

Richard Osbal- 

Monckton, Esq., 
and was mother 
of John, ist Vis- 
count Galway. 

John Foun-=I 
TAYNE. Esq., I 
of Melton, 
bom in 1684, 
and died 30 | 
Oct., 1736, I 
aged 52, bd. 
at Melton. | 

dington, ob. 
9 January, 
buried at 

year at Cam- 
bridge, bd. 
at Bark way, 
26 September, 

of Dallam, CO. 
Suffolk, only 

RiCHD. Wil- 
son. Esq.. 
recorder of 
Leeds, bom 
24 July. 

Lock wood, 

April, 1746, 
aged 62. 

Thomas Wil- 
son, of Dub- 
lin, merchant, 
mar. Martha, 
daughter of 
Robt. Smith, 

Melton, bom 4 

of Sir Nicholas 
Carew, Bart., 
of Beddington, 
and died s. p. 
iB Jan.. 1739, 
buried at Mel- 

bom 1715, married, 
ist, Anne, daughter 
of the Right Hon. 
William Bromley. 
Speakerof the House 
of Commons, and 
Secretary of State, 
temp. Q. Anne. She 
died s. p. He died 
14 Feb., 1802, aged 
87, buriedat Melton. 

i = ANNE (3rd wife) Andrew 


Harpsweli. She 
died 22 Aug., 
1750. aged 21. 

She died 12 
1786, aged 57. 


dent of Cathe- 
rine Hall, Cam- 
bridge, bom 10 
July, 1721, bd. 

Robert, a mer- 
chant at Lisbon, 
bora 6 April, 
1723, buried at 


iLizABETH Foun- 
tayne, married to 
Charies Eyre, of 
Doncaster. M.D., 
younger brother to 
Gervase Eyre, Esq., 
of Rempton, co. 

i.NNE, married to 
Edward Weston, 
Esq., son of the Rt. 
Rev. Dr. Stephen 
Weston, Bishop of 

RicHD. Wilson, Christopher 

Esq., recorder 
of Leeds, died 
13 July, 1776, 
unmar., aged 
Thomas, bom 29 
June, 1713, and 
died in 1789, 

Wilson, of 
Catherine Hall, 
Camb.. D.D., 
Lord Bishop of 
Bristol, bom 
22 March, 1715, 
and died 18 
April, 1792. 

daughter of Dr. 
Edmund Gibson, 
Lord Bishop of 
London, bom 

Fountayne, bom 
8 Aug., 1750, mar- 
ried, 27 Feb., 1773, 
to William Tatton, 
Esq.. of Withen- 
shaw, CO. Chester, 
who assumed the 

She died g January, 

Thos. Charles 

i757> died i 
January, 1780, 

i0HN,aied young. 

1. Catherine 
Judith, died at 
"Bath, 3 March, 


bom I April, 

diediojan., I 
1786, aged 

^i. RichardWil- 2. Edmund Geo. 

I son, Esq., of Wilson, bora 

Rudding Hall, 24 Aug., 

■ " :-4ji 

bom 31 Decem- 

ried 5 Febraary, 
1781. and died 
7 June. 1787. 

.^ ,1781. 
Thomas, bom 
10 September, 
1784, died Jan., 

3. Christopher ANNEWiLSON,bom Mary Wil- Frances Wilson, bora 

19 Sept., 1745, SON, bom 4 26 November. 1750. 

married to the April, 1749, MARGARET, born 22 Nov., 

Rev. S. Disney, married, in 1757, married to Hugh, 

and died 9 May, 1774, to John afterwards Sir Hugh 

1785, s. p. Beckett,Esq., Smyth, Bart. 

Elizabeth, bom 4 afterwards Sir Dorothy, bom 5 June, 

March, 1747, mar- John Beckett, 1771, married to John 

ried to Randolph Bart. He Upton, Esq., of Ingmire 

Marriott, Esq.. diedi6Sept., Hall. co. York, and died 

and had fourteen 1826. = iS December, 1796. 

22 September, 
1763, married 
Sophia, daugh- 
ter of John 
Pearse, of Lon- 
don, Esq. 

Tat- Richd. Foun 


llOMAS, died 22 
March. 1778, 
aged 4. 

•ranges MARIA, 

died 1781, aged 

Wilson, Esq., of 
Ingmanthorp and 
Melton on the HiU, 
high sheriff, CO. York, 
1807, born 9 Tune, 
1783, assumed the 
surname and arms 
of Fountayne, in 
addition to those of 
Wilson. Died 24 
July. 1847, buried 

rd Thos. Charles i. The Right Hon. Sir John Becke 

"' ^ Bart., F.R.S., judge advocate, 

M.P., fir- 

eel. Married 
3 Oct., 1807, 
died at Tor- 

WlLSON. bom 
10 September, 
1784, and died 

Harianne, bom 
24 Oct., 1783, 
and died 15 
March, 1784. 

many years M.P., first for Hazle- 
mere. and afterwards for Leeds, bom 
17 May, 1775, married 20 Jan.. 1817, 
Ladv .'Vnne Lowther, dau. of William, 
Earl of Lonsdale, K.G., and d. s.p., 
31 May. 1847. She d. 8 Nov., 1871. 

Leeds, bom 2 
March, 1847. 
). Sir Thomas Beckett, succeeded a 
3rd Ban., of Somerby Park, co. Lir 
coin, born i January, r779, married, 
March, 1825, his cousin Caroline 
daughter of Joseph Beckett, Esq., c 
Bamsley. and died 17 Nov., 1872. = 

(. Richard Beckett, bom 18 June. 17S2, Brigadier- Major 
2nd Regiment of Foot Guartis, killed at the battle of 
Talavera, 28 July, 1809. 

;. WiLXlAM BECKErr, banker, Leeds, and from 1B41 to r852 
M.P. for that borough, bom 3 March, 1784. mar. 20 Nov., 
1841. Frances Adehna. sister of Hugo Meynell Ingram, 
Esq., of Temple Newsam, co. York, and died 26 Jan.. 1863. 

!. George Beckett, in H.O., prebendary of Lincoln, rector 
of Epworth, vicar of Gainsborough, bom ro Feb., 1793, 
and died r3 April, 1843. 

. .VIaev Beckett, bom 17 May, 1775, died May, 1858. 

. Elizabeth Beckett, b. 19 Jan.. 1781. died 26Mar., 1864. 

. Ann Beckett, boms September, 1788, married her cousin 
Colonel Thomas Marriott, died 18 October. 1867. 

Christoi'iier John Foun- 
tayne WlL.sON, bom 4 
Nov., i8o3, died 17 Aug.. 

Thu.mas, bom 8 December, 

ANDREW Fountayne 
Wilson (assumed, 
name of Montagu 
onlv), of Melton, co. 
York, and Papple- 
wich, CO. Notts., 

nrnl Sir William Gabriel Mary Beckett. 
I'ark. CO. Gloucester. Elizabeth, nia 
1 1 to Henley G. Greaves. 
1 14 August, 1872. 

- Richard Engla 

Bart., of Emral, 

Edmund Beckett Denison. Christophe 
ofLincoln's-Inn.Q.C.LL.D., Beckett 
17 March. 1853. and J. P., bom 12 May, 1816, Denison, 
to Sir Henry married, 7 Oct., 1845, Fanny M.P. for t 
Catharine, 2nd daughter of Eastern Di' 
the Right Rev. John Lons- sion of t 
dale. Bishop of Lichfield. No WestRidir 


Hickman Bacon. 
B.irt., who died 
November, 1872. 

of Seetis, (0. ^orL 

CTlOtrtBS SailSDn, of LeeHs. mnrried 9 November, 

13, ob. November, 1664.- 

Parker, living 1664. 

= EuPHAME,daughter WiLLiAM Wilson, . 

of Thos. Brown, Leeds, baptized 

ob. 16 November, December, 1627, 
1708. aged 81. 

John Wilson, of- 
Leeds. baptized I 
17 April, 1631. 


1. Ann Wilson, baptized 9 October. 1614. 

2. Isabella, baptized 13 August. 1618. 

3. Jane Wilson, bapt. 25 March. 1623. 

4. Alice, baptized 3 Dec, 1620, married 
to Bartholomew Ibbetson, of Leeds, and 
died October, 1676. 

Smidt, of 

and died 



Maky Wilson, Ann Wil- Richard 
erected a charity son, died 13 Wilson, 
school at Hough- Mar., 1670. of Don- 
ton, bom 21 Sept., Elizabeth, carter, 
1661, married, ist, bom 5 Feb., mar. 13 
to William, son of 1665. Jan., 1674, 
Sir Edward Rhodes, Jane, bom 4 and died 
Knt., by whom she September. 10 Feb., 
had issue ; and, 1670. 1687. 
2ndly, to Joshua 
Rayner, gent. 

Ann Bel- 

buried 27 



I I I 
Thomas Wil 

Nov., 1658. 24 November, 

Richard, bom 1669. 

8 January, Jane, bom 16 

1662. April, 1672, 

Major Wil- living unmar- 

SON, of Leeds, ried 1724. 

merchant, Mary, living 

bomi4Aug., unmarried 



to Peter 

Elizabeth Jacob 

WiLsoN.mar., Richard 

ist, to Richard Wilson, 

Huntingdon, living 1706. 

of Holbeck: Joshua 

and, 2ndly, to WiLSON, 

John Suttell. of Leeds, 

of Leeds, mer- living 1706. 

chant,and died = 

June, 1763, I 

John Wilson. = Hannah 

Dec., January, 1684, 

Sa. married, ist, 

S July, 1715. 

Ann Malkin, 

of London, 

and had an only daugh- 

WiUiam Blunt, of Lon- 
don. John Wilson died 
6 August, 1737. 

Francis Wil- IsabellaWil- 
of Cold SON. baptized 
; October, 


married 27 
Jan., 1730. 

15 Dec. i636, Katherine. 

mar. Ehza- baptized 9 

bcth and buined 

and was bd. r4September, 

26 July, 1733, 1677. 

aged 47. = Esther, bapt. 

I 8 April. 1683, 


Allerton Gledhow. I heiress of Henry 
m.iyor of Leeds, b. 24 Pawson. Esq., of 
July, 1718, married 26 | Leeds, by an only 
Feb., 1759, and died I child and heiress of 
28 Mar., 1764. buried Hugh Sleigh, Esq., 
at St. John's church. ob. 19 June, 1801, 

I aged 71. 

INN Wilson, only child and heiress, b. at Leeds, 
30 May, 1762, mar., 13 Dec.. 1784. to Thomas 
Xorclifte Dalton, Esq.. who assumed, in 1807 
the surname of Norcliffe only, and died 2 June! 
1820. She died at Langton 15 Sept., 1835.= 
(See NoRCLIFFi:, of Langton.) A 


1711. and died 
9 March, 1789, 
aged 78, un- 

Elizabeth, bom 
22 September, 
1723, married 
to Thos. Lodge, 
of Leeds, mer- 
chant, and died 
Jan., 1779.= 

Joshua Wil- Rob 

SON, of Pon- so 

tefract, bom of 
2706, married 

ter of Wm. 
Clifton, of Sa 
Houghton,co. 1 
York, and 
died 24 Feb- 
niary, 1778. 


of London, 
born 1706, 

Dec, 1737. 


ber, 1754, J^ne 

daughter of 
of Stockton - 

Francis Wilson, bap- IsabellaWil- 

tized 20 Nov., 1715, son, bapt. 

buried 12 Feb., 1729. 23 August, 

Richard, baptized 21 1719, buried 

April, 1717, and bd. 16 September 

13 Sept. following. following. 

Richard, baptized i5 REBECCA,bapt. 

July, 1718, buried 15 5 February. 

October following. 1721. 
George, baptized 29 

September, 1723. 

Joshua Wilson, 
CO. York, bap- 

I i 

Richard Wil- 
son, baptized 
19 May, 1732. 

William, of 
Tyne, bapt. 27 


the ' Rev. Dr. 

\.NNE, baptized 

18 July. 1728. 
)iANA, baptized 

6 Aug., 1729. 

John Wether- 
ELL Wilson, 
of London, bom 
IS August, 1755, 

October, 1784, 
Sarah Morrice. 
of Newington 
Butts. = 

. WilliamWil- 

4. Harry Bris- 
Tow Wilson, 
born 12 Dec, 
1769. and died 
5 Dec. 1770. 


SON, of London, 
bora 23 Nov.. 

1 Taylor's School, 

23 August, 1774, 

ijanuary, 1799, 

M.P. for West Riding 1841 to 1859, 
bom29Tan., i787,married, i4Dec., 
1814, Maria, daughter of William 
Beverley, Esq., of Beveriey, and 
great -great-r " 

of Denison, by 
Sept., 1816; o 
baronetcy in 1872 he r 
original patronymic. = 

7. Henry Beckett, 
bom II April, 1791, 
married Mary, dau. 
merchant, of Phila- 
delphia, U.S., and 
granddaughter of 
Jas. Hamilton, Colo- 
nial Governor of 
Pennsylvania under 
George 3, and died 
Jersey, 11 Septem- 

Sir Henry Wilson, 
of Crofton Hall and 
Chelsea Park, co. 
Middlesex, Knt., as- 
sumed the name of 
Wright, married, in 
1799. Frances Ehza- 
beth BrudenellBruce, 
younger daughter 
of the Earl of Ayles- 
bury, and died in 
1832, s. p. 

Edward WiL- John Wetherell WilliamWil- 

son, captain Wilson, d. y. son. born 29 

in the army, Sarah Ann, bom April. 1805. 

married and 24 Sept., 1785. George, died 

had an only Tane, died young. young, 

daughter and "Elizabeth, bora John, bora 24 

heiress, Mary. 13 July, 1788. Oct., 1812. 
Jane, bom 16 Sept., 
1793, and died 10 

Mary, bom 20 
April, 1806. 

May. and died 26 
June. 1759. 

Jane, born 9 Decem- 
ber, 1760, and died 
9 May, 1761. 

Elizabeth, bora 13 
October, 1767, and 
died 8 June, 1768. 

TOW Wil- 
son, in H.O., 

Hunts., bora 

Moore Lillev Wil- 
son, born 8 May, 
1805, and died lo 
May, 1810. 

Mary Ann Moore, 
born 5 Oct., 1801. 
and died 29 Nov., 

1 died '. 

and D.L., banker 
5, bora 10 Sept., 18: 
iedi8July, 1835. 

r of William, Lord Elizab 


March, 1841 

MI Beckett Denison, bom 25 Nov., 

William Froggatt Bethell. Esq., of R 

Park, CO. York, died 26 |uly. 1870. 
Sophia, married, 19 August. 1S47, to 1 

Rev, Thomas Bradley Paget, vicar 

Welton, and canon of York. 

1 Beckett Denison, 

3. Katharine Violet. 

. jA.ut.s Beckett, d. young. 

. Hamilton Beckett, bom 
15 October, 1829, married, 14 
Dec, 1854, Sophia Clarence, 

oi Sir John Singleton Copley, 
Lord Lyndhurst. = 

Constance Mary. 

le pedigree. — Sefi' 

■B 6 
I < 

a^'SK SmES.! 


2 r-gs'sla^ 

I §|-g 



's.s!5-D^? gist's 

2" °.^a:j=2^« 

J -g gS S^c-s 

J s; E ■> M^ ^ -a ^ 



Sw S w S w 

Hi H: mi 


I Iflliillpl,, i 

1 1" I Pill 




ii5y& t 

li lull's;!! 

B3 S-g'gJsllfSs 

|Sl 8^1:2 332111 1° 




ri[a,«ass^-'— '0. 

f *^lg<i| s^"^ 


















^etiigree of IHinn, 

Wales, being draper 1 

ffrcst :- 

Edmund Wynne, of Thon 

and heir in 1634, born 1583. ob. circa 1645- — 

Rachel {ist=ELiz 

,vife). daugh 
cf Robert Jef- 
feries, alderman 
of London. 

(2nd=GEORGE Winn, Esq., served the office of high sheriff of the 

of Lincoln = 

in 1657, and proved himself a steady friend to the monarchy and to his country 
during the Civil Wars of Charles 1. There is extant in his family a receipt, from 
which it appears that George Winn contributed with his brother Rowland the 
sum of 2000 guilders toward the support of a hopeless cause. On the 3rd December 
following the Restoration, the title of baronet was conferred by Charles 2 on his 
faithful subject as Sir George Winn, of Nostel, co. York. Aged 59, 1666, died 
April, 1667. 

t=Sir Edmund Winn, of Nostel. Bart., 
22, 1666, high sheriff co. Lincoln, 
died 30 August, 1694. 

:Katherine 3. Robert Winn 

, wife)." ^^""^ 

Sir Rowland Winn,: 
of Nostel, Bart., eldest 
and heir, born i 
md died at 

July, , 

Letitia, dau. and co- 
heiress of Wm. Harbord, 
Esq., of Grafton Park, 
CO. Northampton, am- 
bassador in Turkey, 
married in Sept., 1703, 
died at Bath in 1721. 

!. Edmund Winn, of=ELi 
Ackton, in the parish of 
Featherston, co. York, 
bought Ackton of the 
Sunderlands, baptized 
2 Dec, 1678, buried 
at Featherston, 13 
February, 1743. 

Ihomas Warde. 
Tanshelf, Esq., 

!■ George Winn, ; 

merchant of Smyrn: 
baptized 19 Augus! 

high sheriff co. York, 1732, 
and in thefollowing yearjoinl 
candidate with Charles Tur- 
ner, Esq., in a very sever* 
contest for t" 
of that county inparli; 
but owing to a misunder- 
standing between their friends 
was unsuccessful, died 23 
August, 1765. aged 58. 


of Nos-=Sus 

Edward Hensha' 
Eltham, co. Kent 

3MUND Harbord Letitia, Edmui 

Winn, a colonel in Anne Eliza- Win: 

the ist Foot Guards, BETH, an 

Esq., and co-heiress to baptized 8 May, Mary, died ui 

Charles Henshaw, of 1709, died unmar- married, 1797. 

Eltham, co. Kent, ried 25 May. 1763. CATHERiNE,ma 

Esq., alderman, and Edward Winn, bap- ried, in Aug 

lord mayor of London, tized 2 November, 1730, to S 

married August, 1729, 1714, died unmar- Samuel Ba 

died 24 March, 1741. ried, 1730. nardiston, ( 

Russkl Winn, died Ketton, co.Su 

young. folk, Bart., j. j 

■ Rowland Winn,=Sabine Louise, daughter Edwar 

of Nostel, succeeded 
as 5th baronet, bap- 
tized 24 February, 


and heiress of Jacques 

Philippe, Baron d'Her- 

vert, governor of Vevay, 

Switzedand, of a noble Charles win: 

French family, settled at 24 March, 174 

Vevay, died 179S, aged 

York, Esq 
tized I April, 1740, 
unmarried 13 Sept., 1782. 

*of Bram- Susanna, died 1 

died Elizabeth Leti- 

Catherine, married to 
Nathaniel Cholmley, of 
Howsham, Esq. 

Ann, married, as ist wife, 
to the Right Hon. Sir 


Headley in 1797. 

5ir Edmund Mark Winn, of 
Ackton, succeeded as 7th 
baronet, on the death of his 
cousin Sir Rowland Winn, 
Bart., he was born 15 Aug., 
1762 (? bapt. 16 Sept., 1760), 
and died unmarried August 
(? 25 June), 1833. 

Sir Rowland Winn, of Nostel, 
succeeded as 6th baronet, high 
sheriff of the county of York in 

^Esther Sabina, only 


A^iNN, bom 27 Januar}', 

1808, died 17 April, 1830. 
2. Edmund Henry Winn, bom 26 

January, 1809, died 31 January, 1820. 
4. George Winn, born 8 February, 

Winn, bom 13 Sept., 
Febmary, 1840. 
a twin with Arthur, died 

John Winn, of Nostel, heir to his uncle Sir Rowlan 
name he assumed by the royal sign manual ; died ; 
unmarried, 17 Nov., 1817, aged 23. 

iARLES Winn, of Nostel Priory, co. York, and of Thomton-Curtis 
and Appleby, co. Lincoln, Esq., high sheriff for Lincolnshire in 
1828. J.P. and D.L. co. York, b. 25 May, 1795. mar. 16 June, 1819. 

'riscilla, youngest daughter of 
Sir William Strickland, Ban., 
Boynton, co. York. 

jdWinn, M.P. for=HARRiET Maria Amelia, daughter 
Lincolnshire, J. P., I of Colonel Henry and the Lady 
for cos. York and Elizabeth Sophia Dumaresq. his wife, 

bom 19 Febmary, sister of the 5th Eari of Lanes- 

nar. 21 M.irch, 1854. borough. 


Rowland Winn, bom i August, 1837. 
Charles CAVENorsH Winn, born 27 September, 1858. 
Algernon James Winn, bom 12 January, 1861. 
George 'Villiam Phipps Winn, bora 4 July, 1863. 

. Edmund John Winn, of Nostel= Frances Jane Edith, daughter of 
Priory, co. York, treasurer of the I Stepney St. George, Esq., of Head- 
West Ridingof Yorkshire, late R.A„ ford Castle, co. Gahvay. 
bom 23 August, 1830, married 8 
April, 1863. I 


184S, to Robert Man- 
ners Croft, Lieut, ist 
Dragoons. = 

Winn, born 27 October, 1866. 
Laura Sophia Priscilla. 
Emily Louisa. 
Waud Julia May. 

Charles St. George Winn 

born 5 June, 1865. 
Sophie Edith Winn. 

of jBiostel 3^rior^« 

, died unmarried. 
AH. married, 2 June, 1790, 
to John Duroure, colonel in 
the Coldstream Guards. || -^ 
[Elizabeth, married to Thomas 
Watkinson Payler. of Ileden, 
CO. Kent, Esq., and died s. p. 

; Winn, succeeded as and 
Lord Headley in 1798, and to the old 
family baronetcy in August. 1833, 
burn 25 June, 17S4, married, ig No- 
vember. 1825, Miss Anne Matthews ; 
she died 16 July, 1863, he died g April, 
1S40, J./. 

Way Allanson Winn, I 
M.P. for Maiden, co. 
Essex, bom 14 August, 
1785, married 27 April, | 
1S07, and died 5 Nov., 

Elizabeth Ma 
daughter of Lewis Ma- 
jendie, of Hedingham 
Castle, CO. Essex, Esq., 
she died 18 April, 1863. 

Jane Elizabeth, 

Knight, of Wolverley House, 
Kidderminster. Esq., and 
died at Rome in 1841. II -^ 
Maria, died unmarried. 

of Ireland, 

Charles Allanson Winn, succeeded his uncle as=] 

Lord Headley, BaronAllanson and Winn, of Aghadoe, I 

Kerry, in the peerage of Ireland, a representative | 

baronet of England, and deputy I 

Kerry, born 25 June. 


eldest daughter 
Major D'Arley. 

5. Rowland Winn, bom 5 June. = MARGARETTA Stephana. 2nd 
1816. married, 28 March, 1854 ; he I of the late George Walker, of 
obtained a patent of precedence as Esq.. she died 10 March. 1871. 

married 29 Ju 

1861, aged 61. 



Charles Mark Allanson Win 
bom 4 December, 1845, marri 
31 October, 1867. 

. Esther Louisa, mar- 3. Caroline Sophia. 

ried, isjan., 1862. tothe 3. Annie Priscilla, 
Rev, Henry Sigismunde died January. 1850. 

deCerjat. B.A.,rectorof 6. Emma Laura. 
West Horsley, Surrey. 

Assheton Cross, of Red Scar, co. Lan- 
caster, and died April, 1871. = 

Allanson W 
bom ig J. 

Lancelot, d. 

Nicholas Lindley. 

Simpson, of=;E 
th, CO. Notts, I 
, 166s. I 

ANCis Lindley, of Bowling Hall, near Bradford,- 
isq., an utter Barrister of Gray's Inn, and Vice-Cham- 
jerlain of Chester, eetat 32, 10 March, i66=i. 

^Elizabeth, daughter and heir 1 

I John Lighthound, of Manchesto 

,NN (ist wife).= 
d. and co-heir 
Smallfield, in 

field; bur. a 
May, i68< 



Esq., 7th 

J. P. for West 

5 July,' 164s, 
bur. at Bams- 

(3rd wife), 
Dec. 1748, 


John Simpson, of Bab- And Caroline, da 

worth, Esq., grandf. others, andco-hein 

to Elizabeth Simp- JosephFinch, 

son.whomar. SirHy. of Weston 

Bridgeman, created hanger, co 

BaronBradford, whose Kent, by Ju 

2nd son assumed the dith, dau. o 

LEY, of Bow- 
CO. Lancaster, 
and Registrar 
of West Rid- 

of Preston, 
CO. Lancas- 
ter, Esq. 

irles Palmer, 
a of Sir 

, his wife, 
of Kirby 

York, and. 

, wife of Cornwall, 

I of Hull. 

Eleanor, wife of George Wheatley, Esq. , 
1 of John Wheatley. of Woolley. Esq. 
wife of Richard Mawhood, of 

Jane, wifi 

Thomas Pigot, of=ELizABETH, sister 
Preston, Esq., died of Sir Ralph 
without issue, 1770, Assheton, of 
aged 78, leaving Middleton, co. 
Bowling, &c., to Lane, Bart. 


Wood, Esq. 


ir Francis Wood, of Barnsley, Bart., 
created Jan. 22, 1784, with remainder to 
the issue male of his father, bapt. at 
Barnsley 2 Jan., 1729 ; married at St. 
James, Westminster, 12 June, 1779, Eliza- 
, daughter and heir of Anthony Ewer, 


Jharles Wood, of Bowling: 
Hall, Esq., captain in the 
Navy. bapt. at Barnsley, 13 
Feb., 1731. diedg Oct., 1782, 
aged 51. of wounds received 


Caroline, dau. and 
co-heir of Thomas 
Lacon - Barker, of 

Robt. Thompson, of 
Kilham. co. York, 
Esq., mar. at Brad- 
ford, 6 Jan., 1770. 

[. John Wood. 
bap. at Barnsley, 
19 August, 1734, 

Army, slain in 
Nova Scotia, 5 
June, 1760, un- 

married, 18 Nov., 
Maria Dorothea, 
died unmarried ; bur. 
at Barnsley, 31 
Aug., 1759. 

uck, Esq.. of 

and Park 

<., married 15 

f died Jan.. 

late major 
3d Dragoons, 

1776, ob. s. p. 

Caroline Wood, bom 16 March, 1773, married 
13 May, 1800, to William Busfeild. of Upwood, 
Esq.. J.- --------..- 

.P. for Bradford, 

1778. wife o: Ed. 
O'Reilly. Esq., 
died Feb., 1845. 

ccessively for Great Grimsby,^ 
832 to 1834. Secretary to the 
n Dec. 1852 he was appointed 
1858 ; he was subsequently 
ed politician and stat 

rd Privy Seal in 1870. 

Lady Mary Grey, 
5th d. of Charles, 
2nd Earl Grey, of 
Howick, K.G. 

; Louisa, married 2 Aug., 1870, 
he Hon. John Charles Dundas, 
; brother to the Earl of Zetland. 

;amuel Francis Woo 

died unmarried. 22 April, 
1843- = 

Vnne Wood, only daughtei, 
mar. at Hemsworth, 28March, 
1824, to John Walbanko 
Childers, of Cantley, Esq,, 
late M.P. CO. Cambridge, and 
died 24th June, 1863. 

^eutgree of Wlooti, of ^itUtton- 

arms : — Quarterly, ist and 4th : Az. three wild men of the wood ambulant in fesse ppr., in the dexter hand of each a shield arg. charged 
with a cross of St. George gu., in the sinister a club, resting on the shoulder, also ppr., on a canton erm., three lozenges conjoined in 
fesse sa., mth badge of Ulster, for Wood. 2nd and 3rd : Paly bendy or and az., with a canton erm., for Buck. 

This branch of the family of Wood, which is of very ancient establishment in the county of York, and of whom were Robert Wood, or=ANNE dau 
De Bosco, who concurred in a grant of land in Carlesmore to Eggleston Abbey ; Christopher Wood, Prior of Bolton Priory in the | of ' Tohii 
year 1483; and Robert Wood, Prior of Bridlington, attainted for high treason by Henry VIII., and executed in London in 1537, has Fox icvq 
for its immediate ancestor ®caXQt WiaO'O, Esq., of Monk Bretton, or Burton, near Bamsley, in the parish of Royston, who took and 1585. 
a lease of Smithies, in Burton, from the Crown 11 April, 1579, renewed 21 May, 1585, buried at Royston, z6 January, 1589. | 


George Wood, of Monk Bretton, collector of the revenue of the dissolved=jENNET, daughter of Roger Swyft, of Roth- 
monastery of Bretton, 1609, one of the joint lords of the manor, 1609- I well, married at Royston, i Oct., 1584, bur. 
10, purchased the Smithies of the Crown, 13 Nov. 7 Chas. I., died 1638. | 3 Aug., 1636. 

2. John Wood, hving 1598. 

2. John Wood, of Smithies,=ELizABETH, daughte 
bapt. at Royston, 1594, I of Robert Pitt, mar 
living 22 Oct., 1634. ried at Royston, 21 

Robert Wood, of Monk Bret-=jANE, daughter of John Stocks, 
ton, son and heir, bapt. at I twice mayor of Doncaster, died 
Royston 13 April, 1589, buried 6, and buried 8 May, 1673, at 
there 18 July, 1676. Royston. 

George Wood, mar. 

, dau. of 

Waterton; his 

issue d.y. 

4. Stephen Wood 

(1634), married 

5. William, d.y. 


John Wood, of Smithies, 

b. 13 Oct., 1634, mar., s. p. 
ist, 1634, Susanna, dau. Anne. 
of Robt. Peto ; 2ndly, 27 Elizabeth. 
June, 1670, Jude Clark- 
son, of Shafton. He d. 
20 March, 1669 ; bur. at 
Royston, M.I. 

Mary, mar. to 
John Serman- 
des, of Monk 

Jane, mar. to 

I. William Wood, of 
Masborough, near Ro- 
therham, heir apparent, 
clerk of the peace for the 
W. R., b. 2 0ct., 1627, 
died before his father, 22 
Dec.,i668, Rother- 
ham ; w. d. 14 Dec, 
1668, p. 20 Aug., 1671. 

:1sabel. dau. 
of Nathaniel 
Eyre, of 
Esq., and 
widow of 
John Rayney, 
of Tyers-hill, 
in Darfield, 

John Wood, b. 26 June, 1625, bap. at Royston, 3 6. James Wood, 
July. 1638, mar. at Royst. 

3. George Wood, b. 8 March, 1629, bapt. iSth, 
and d. 14 July, 1662, bur. at Royston 17th. 

4. Robert Wood. b. 26 June, 1632, bapt. at 
Royston, i July, bur. there 2 Feb., 1657. 

8. Isaac Wood, b. 10-13 March, 1646, bapt. at 
Royston 14, and bur. 29 March following. 

5. John Wood, of Royston, m. Hannah, dau. of John 
Holhngworth, and had John, Jane, and Anne, d. y. 

r — — ~izz: 

1658, Griseld, dau. of WiV- 
loughby Godfrey, Esq., of Ed- 
derthorpe, in Darfield (she m., 
2ndly, 24th May, 1664, to Jno. 
Dutton, vicar of Royston), and 
had two sons, William, b. 7 
Mar., 1659, and George, d.y. 

Susanna, dau. 
and co-heir of 
Geo. Roebuck, 
of Kirkburton. 
She died in 

1. George Wood, of Smithies, 
b. 1657, and died in 1692, 
having had by his wife Mar- 
garet four children, who all d. 
in infancy, viz., James, George, 
John, and Elizabeth. 

2. Stephen. 

I. Elizabeth. 

of Monk Bret- 
ton, Esq. .died 
1712, buried 
at Royston. 


and co-heir of 
Andrew More- 
wood, oftheHal- 
lows, in Dron- 
1659, mar. 1678, Dronfield 
II July, 1707. 



Dorothy, bapt. 
at Bamsley 20 
Sept., 1672, m. 
of HoUings, CO. 
Lane. (5«Cun- 
liffe pedigree.) 

Mary, bapt. at 
Bamsley, 16 
Jan, 1673, d. y. 

Henry Wood, of 
Bamsley, Esq., eld. 
son and heir, clerk 
of assize and J. P. 
for West Riding, 
bapt. at Bamsley, 13 
Feb., 1689, d.unm., 
28 April, 1741, aged 
52, bur. at Barnsley. 

I. William Wood, bapt. at Bamsley, 20 
Jan., 1691, buried there i March, 1699. 

\. Simpson Wood, lieutenant in the Foot 
Guards, bapt. at Bamsley, 29 Sept., 1698, 
died ... April, 1746. 


Jan., 1708, buried there 18 Dec, 

GeoegeWood, of Ann Wood, 
5nuihies,ricai of b. 1700. 

Royaon,b.i704, Elizabeth, 
0,17 June, 1740, b. 1701. 

Robert Wood, bapt. at Royston, 8 

June, 1682, died young. 
Andrew Wood, an officer in the Army, 

bapt. at Royston, 3 Aug., 1683. 
Robert Wood, bapt. at Royston, 12 

Nov., 1689, and buried there 2 April, 

Henry Wood, of York, William Wood,=Rebecca, dau. of John Rooke, of Elizabeth. 
Bamsley, gent., of the ancient fa- Jane. 


bapt. at Royston, 2 Jan., of Monk Bretton, 

1684, married, and had Esq., eldest son, 

Esther, sole daughter bapt. at Royston, 

and heiress, married at 11 Dec, i679,died 

Newton Kyme, 26 Sept., 26 May, 1735, and 

1744, to William Todd, buried there, 
of Newstead. 

nily of Rooke, of Bamsley, and 
descended from John Roke, of 
Barnsley, temp. H. VII., and Joan, 
his wife, dau. of Edw. Holdam. 
She died in March, 1735. 

. to Robinson, of Sheffield Hannah, bapt. at Roys- John 

(I mar. at Burton, 29 Sept., 1715, to Robert ton, 4 Jan., 1693, mar. Roj 

Anby, of Rothwell). to Christopher Crofts, of Gra 

Hephzibah, bur. May 23, 1719, having been Hazel. The 

mar. to Danl. Rooke, of Bamsley, gent., Ruhamah, bapt. at Roys- brat 

who was bur. Mar. 5, 1720, and was a son ton, 6 Sept., 1695, mar. onl) 

of John Rooke, of Barnsley, gent., by Olive, to John Bingley, of Not 

his wife. Bolton-on-Deame. 

OzrxES, Wood, ot i 

s, son and heir, of the Middle 

Te«de, kn^bted and made a Baron of the Exchequer i 
Apti. 1807, wiiicfa office be resigned in Feb. 1823. He 
' at Kojrston, 13 Fd>., and " " ■ 

2. Thomas Wood, H.E.I.C.S. 

3. John Wood, a merchant in East 

Florida, mar dau.of 

Johnson, of Savannah, in Georgia, 

Jane, wife of John Bail- 
don, of Applehaigh, in 

Susan, wife of Richard 
Baildon, of Royston. 

Elizabeth, mar. to John 
Stocks, of Royston. 

RobertWood,=Frances, dau. 
of Gamaliel 
Milner, of 
died 2 Sept., 

at Roystoii,i3 
July, 173s, d. 
17 May, 1761, 
aged 65. 

William Wood, 
born 7 December, 
171 1, died 1779. 

Olive, born at Bamsley, 5 
Aug., 1701, mar. to John 
Wagslaff, of Glossop, co. 
Derby, and died 5 Feb., 

Rebecca, m. to EUasWords- 
worth, of Bretton, gent. 

WtujAm Wood, cT 

2. Robert Wood, a lieu-=MABY Howe, of 
tenant in the 23rd Foot, London, 
bom 13 Oct., 1739, and 
d. /. /., in Dublin, 19 
June, 1776. 

3. Gamaliel Wood, 
bom 25 Aug., 1741, 
died at Liverpool, 
12 Sept., 1770. 

Olive Wood, married at Royston, 
7 May, 1771, to Thomas Gunning, 
second son of John Gunning, of 
Langridge, co. Gloucester, Esq., and 
died without issue. 

Frances Wood, 
died unmarried, 

Rebecca Wood, married at 
Royston, 2 Nov., 1774, to 
John Bingley, Esq. , of Bretton, 
jure uxoris, some time a capt. 
in the 93rd Regiment of Foot ; 
died in March, 1829, without 

Hephzibah, mar. tc 
Watson, of Bolton 
Deame, gent. 

Sarah, mar. to R 
Pickering, of Bart 

Sir Char 


Cn»MU» Umour Wood, 
Bcdcbaaber (o the Prince of Wales, bom { 
7|«w, iS39bBianted 22 April, i«69. | 

Francis Lindley Wood, captain 
Royal Navy, born 17 Oct., 1841, 
died 13 Oct., 1873. 

Henry John Lindley Wood, 
lieutenant loth Hussars, born 
12 Jan., 1843. 

Frederick George Lindley 
Wood, Batrister at Law, born 
4 June, 1S46. 

lAtULtt W'jCtU, 

D, of J^ic{ileton-5ii0count 3|alifa):. 

Id arg. charged 
;es conjoined in 

or=AN>JE, dau. 
ihe I of John 
lias I Fox, 1579 

CrrSt : — A wild man, as in the arms, the shield sa. charged with a griffin's hiad, erased, arg. 
^upfUXtetS : — On either side a griffin sable, gorged with a collar, and pendei t therefrom a portcullii 

,., ist=NiCHOLAS LiNDLEY, merchant, and alderman of Kingston-upon-Hull, descended = 2nd wife. 

e. I by a younger son from the ancient family of Linley, of Linley, co. York. ' 1 

Samuel Simpson, Vicar of Blythe, co. Notts, son=FAiTH, daughter of Alei. Nevile, of 
of Launcelot Simpson, of Maidstone, Kent. I Wiseton, co. Nottingham. 

N Lii 

4. Stephen Wood 

(1634), raairied 

5. William, d.y. 

Peter Wood, bapt. at Royston 
12 June, 1603 ; served under 
Gustavus Adolphus, killed at 
the siege of Leipsic. 

Esther, bapt. at Roys- 
ton 5 April, 1605, and 
buried there 8 March, 

WilliAm Simpson, of=ELizABETH 
BabWorth, co. Notts, I Lindley, 

Francis Lindley, of Bowling Hall, near Bradford, =Elizabeth, daughter and heir of 
Esq., an utter Barrister of Gray's Inn, and Vice-Cham- I John Lightbound, of Manchester, 
berlain of Chester, astat 52, 19 March. 166?. Esq. 

6. James Wood, b. 5 March, 
1638, mar. at Royston, 2 Jan., 
1658, Griseld, dau. of Wil- 
loughby Godfrey, Esq., of Ed- 
derthorpe, in Darfield (she m., 
2ndly, 24th May, 1664, to Jno. 
Button, vicar of Royston), and 
had two sons, William, b. 7 
Mar., 1659, and George, d.y. 

. Dokothv, b. 13 Aug., 1636, m. 
at Royston, 4 Feb., 1653, to Robt. 
Ashton, of Bradway, in Norton, 
son of Robt. Ashton, of Stony 
Middleton, High Sheriff of co. 
Derby, 1665. 

. Sarah Wood, b. 10 Dec, 1640, 
m. at Royston, i Feb., 1658, to 
John Field, of Hull. She d.3 Feb., 
1685 ; he d. 28 Oct., i689.=-< 

. Jane, b. 9 Nov., 1642 (?), m. at Roys- IAnn (ist ' 

ton, 1 Dec, 1668, to Edward Watson, I d. andci 

Esq., of Hague Hall, South Kirkby. ! ofJohnF 

. Elizabeth, b. 21 Feb., 1643, m. at ' Smallfie 

Royston, 4 Aug., 1664, to Godfrey Wat- I thechap 

kinson, of Brampton, co. Derby. Bradliel 

. Douglas Wood, b. 21 Feb., 1643, , had two 

twin with Elizabeth ; bapt. 22, and ' Robert 

bur. 23 March, 1643. | Geo.,wh 

ife),=DoROTHY(2nd=HENRY Wood,=Elizabeth John i 

of ...Wood- 
head, of 
in Brad- 
field; bur. at 
Barnsley, 7 
May, i685. 

, of Bab- And Caroline, dau.=FRANCis LiND- Elizabeth 


Riding, bom 
Sjuly, 1645, 
bur. at Barns- 

Dec. 1748, 
aged 81, 


worth, Esq., grandf. 
to Elizabeth Simp- 
son.whomar. SirHy. 
Bridgeman, created 
BaronBradford, whose 
2nd son assumed the 
name and arms of 

Jthers. and co-heir of 
of Weston- 
Kent, by Ju- 
dith, dau. of 
ofBark island, 

ley, of Bow- 
lingHall, Esq. , 
CO. Lancaster, 
and Registrar 
of West Rid- 
ing, CO. York. 

married to 
of Preston, 

William Wood, bapt. at Barnsley, 20 
an., 1691, buried there i March, 1699. 
Simpson Wood, lieutenant in the Foot 
juards, bapt. at Barnsley, 29 Sept., 1698, 
lied ... April, 1746. 
John Wood, bapt. 9 August, 1701. 
Lindley Wood, bapL at Barnsley, 2 
an., 1708, buried there 18 Dec, 171 1. 

1. Francis Wood, of Barnsley. 
Esq. , many years justice of the 
peacefortheW. Riding, bapt, 
Barnsley, 23 July, 1696, and 
30 Aug., 1775, aged 79, having 
mar., 2ndly, i Dec, 1761, Ri 
becca, dau. of William Ellisor 
of Barnsley. She died 4 Nov, 
1784, aged 71. 

'ife), dau. of Chjirles Palmer, 
F York (second son of Sii 

(second son of Sir 
William Palmer, of the Hill, co. Belford, of the 
same family as Baron Selborne), by -tnn, his wife, 
dau. of Sir Stephen Thompson, Kni^ ht, of Kirby 
Hall, CO. York {see that Pedigree), w dow, 1st, of 
Metcalfe Weddell, of Earswick, co. York, and, 
2ndly, of Tobias Wickham, Esq , Ban ister-at-Law, 
died 1748. 

.heffield Hannah, bapt 
Robert ton, 4 Jan., iC)93, mar. 
to Christopher Crofts, of 
ig been Hazel. 

gent., RuHAMAH, bapt. at Roys- 
i a son ton, 6 Sept., 1695, mar. 
f OUve, to John Bingley, of 

Roys- John Wood, of Leeds, bapt. at 
mar. Royston, 23 Oct., 1698, married 
Grace, daughter of Ralph 
Thoresby, of Leeds, the cele- 
brated antiquary, and had an 
only son, Ralph, living in co. 
Notts, 1786, but died unmarried. 

lENKY Wood, D.D., lord of the manor 
and rector of Hemsworth, and vicar of 
Halifax, eldest son, bapt. at Barnsley, 22 
Feb., 1726, married Elizabeth, dau. of 
Charles Gore, of Horkston, co. Lincoln 
and Southampton, J.P. for W. Riding, d. 
27 Oct., 1790, having had two daughters, 
Elizabeth and Laura— both died young. 

m at Barnsley, 5 
01, mar. to John 
, of Glossop, CO. 
nd died 5 Feb., 

lOD, married at 
Nov., 1774, to 
, Esq. , of Breiton, 

Hephzibah, mar. to Wm. 

Watson, of Bolton-upon- 

Deame, gent. 
Sarah, mar. to Richard 

Pickering, of Barnsley. 

Sir Francis Lindley Wood, of Bow1-=Anne, eldest dau| 
heir of Samuel I 
New Grange, Le 
Hill, near Firbec : 
Jan., 1798, anc 


ing Hall and Hemsworth, succeeded 
his uncle as 2nd Bart., eldest son and 
heir, high sheriff of Yorkshire, 1814, 
b. 16 Dec, 1771, died 31 Dec, 1846, 
and buried at Hi'ckleton. 

I I : I I I M 

Elizabeth, wife of Cornwall, 

alderman of Hull. 
Eleanor, wife of George Wheatley, Esq., 

son of John Wheatley, of Woolley, Esq. 
Jane, wife of Richard Mawhood, of 

Eleanor, Sarah, Anne, Frances, and 

Caroline, all died young or unmar. 

Finch Lindley. 
All died unmar. 

Thomas Pigot, of=ELizAEETH, 

Preston, Esq., died 
without issue, 1770, 
aged 78, leaving 
Bowling, &c. , to 
his cousin, Charles 
Wood, Esq. 

of Sir Ralph 
Assheton, of 
Middleton, co. 
Lane, Bart. 




AU died un- 

Sir Francis Wood, of Barnsley, Bart., 
created Jan. 22, 1784, with remainder to 
the issue male of his father, bapt. at 
Barnsley 2 Jan., 1729 ; married at St. 
James, Westminster, 12 June, 1779, EUza- 
beth, daughter and heir of Anthony Ewer, 
of Swine, in Holderness, and of the Lea 
and Bushy Hall, co. Herts, Esq., and d. 
without issue in 1796. 

Charles Wood, of Bowling: 
Hall, Esq., captain in the 
Navy, bapt. at Barnsley, 13 
Feb., 1731, died90ct.,i782, 
aged 51, of wounds received 
in the engagement with 
Mons. Suifrein, buried with 
military honours at Madras. 

Caroline, dau. and 4. John Wood, Elizabeth, died nn- 

co-heir of Thomas bap. at Barnsley, married, 18 Nov., 

Lacon - Barker, of 19 August, 1734, 1803. 

Otley,Esq.,byAnne, an officer in the Maria Dorothea, 

dau. and co-heir of Army, slain in died unmarried; bur. 

Robt. Thompson, of Nova Scotia, 5 at Barnsley, 31 

Kilham, co. York, June, 1760, im- Aug., 1759. 

Esq., mar. at Brad- married, 
ford, 6 Jan., 1770. 

ter and co- 2. Henry WOOD, Caroline Wood, bom 16 March, 1773, married 

ck, Esq., of late major 13 May, 1800, to William Busfeild, of Upwood, 

Is, and Park 3d Dragoons, Esq., J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Bradford, son 

married 15 born 26 Jan., and heir of J . A. Busfeild, of Ryshworth, Esq., 

died Jan., 1776,05.^./. andd. j.^.,8 0ct., 1839. 

Dorothea Wood, 
bora 8 August, 
1777, wife of 
Charles Arm- 
strong, Esq., of 
Twyford, co. 


Elizabeth Wood, 
bom 8 Dec, 
1778, vile of Ed. 
O'Reilly, Esq., 
died Feb., 1S45. 

Sir Charles Wood, eldest son, succeeded his father as 3rd Bart.; he was M.P. sutcessively for Great Grimsby ,=Lady Mary Grey, 
Wareham, Halifax, and Ripon, from 1826 to 1866, Secretary of the Treasury from)i832 to 1834, Secretary to the sth d. of Charles, 
Admiralty from 1835 to 1839, and Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1846 to 1852 JinDec 1852 he was appointed 2nd Earl Grey, of 
President of the Board of Control, was First Lord of the Admiralty from 1855 ti) 1858; he was subsequently Howick 
Secretary of State for India, and President of the Indian Council. This distinguis led politician and state 
was raised to the peerage, as Viscount Halifax, 21 Feb., 1866, and became Lo d Privy Seal in 1870. 
lordship was bom 20 Dec, 1800, and married 29 July, 1829. 

Emily Charlotte, ma 
Esq., of Hoar Cross, 
Ingram pedigree,) 


Alice Louisa, married 2 Aug., 1870, 
to the Hon. John Charles Dundas, 
next brother to the Earl of Zetland. 

Samuel Francis Wood, 
bom I August, 1809, and 
died unmarried, 22 April, 
1843. = 

Blanche Edith. 

Anne Wood, only daughtei, 
mar. at Hemsworth. 28 March. 
1824, to John Walbanke 
Childers, of Cantley. Esq.. 
late M.P. ca Cambridge, md 
died 24th June, 1S63. 

° S - " g °j 

' ■ «^o> 1 b.< r-g; 

ri I j^r 

E" go 

I I |°cg 11 


iS^E I gill ^-^- r s""" r-i« S-?.§ £20° 






^ /yl7<7//y. >,>// - -^^ - . /' '''r/^z/z/o'/r/'/// .r""^,/^ 






Jl llsi 







"III si 

jO 6 I 


E-g Ji^ P , 

dg gErfj,D»-i 

IP il ill I 


!^ c . 5_r: 

Mil mhUi 

Hill 1^6- 1-^ 
6 " 5 5 "i 2 < -g g o 3 "S 


•° p g>£ 'iS c f; I ? g .a •" ^ 

-■ § g t^i Scd c -g * 



?§ tfe-i' 8| I* C 

II Ks! ^1 ^141 
p isf- l;-ugi^-i§ 

t. -zfei-S ■ 
g t■xp>•"°'<' 


£"£■« J^co-i i o >--i IT'S '3 i 


s .-as 

||li||§l| p,. 

<! res'- " is 5 8 









9 .3 Sg= 

- la ■£ 


lll^;:|J I ltmii\ ^l||l 

&£ w 


I !i!r 

ii!t"i!ft|!l| -pliiiiilil 

d I 


2 o'g of" - 

"li^loii^iliJ ^-li^i. I IJ 




; p- 1 E I J 

^ 1 r?ii 

o g" "* S" « ".'° " 
'"gill lit 





11 ill 

Mj 1,1; ^ if-*^ -£"o 



1 I 

53 j ^ I 52|«E« 

sa 1 » ^ 

■£3 ! "=■£■« S 
1^ I Sc J S"! 

I S- 

h il'g o w 

e s s s„- 


-.| s h 

CH£SU »' 

! I S 

i i! 

i >5 

^ Rsli 


II 1 


S|-a J3 

- = * ' 







5l = 

^••3 « 


11. .1 

==1 p 

Sj -s 

id ! 

ll 1 

1°^ 1 

c 3 " • 1 

J o H 


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11— £iSo-- I o,''^" 


«■" ^gs'^3 ^i"!"!^^ 


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lli ' 


gL SS . g, ■£ ggi ;SS: fe^Sggsg E--Sg.-fl£| ^o'&S-S a 

^!;s;^£:g.e s >.- £s° s esk^k^^ g-E°-l|i ^.°^f"i na 

jKllil If I .|to.-|ih^is|j!J i|3i| iifl Jl! 


^ ! I'll \ li :^K5 |-|°-| 


S s £ n 3 ■; 

jili ifiw 

I !- 

II ^« « 

^^^i III 

=1111 r 

5s g:g2 1 

? E s- >; 

-ilsK-: 'S'6u*ilag' III, 



^etitigm of &attte, of Maatitoortj). 

%XttlSt — Sa. a chev. arg. between three goats passant of 
savage, holdiDg in his right hand a club in bend o 

:entre of the body ^vith two pallets gu., anti attired or; on a chief of the last a c 
cinquefoils of the third. — [Granted temp. Hen. 8, and attested l8 May, 1664.) 

lantcs 23attiE, of co. York. 

John Battie, of Alverthorpe, died 1632. = Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Marshall, of Moor Allerton, co. York. 

Mary (ist wife), daughter and heiress of=JOHN Battie, of Wadworth, and— Ann (2nd wife), daughter of 
John Pierrepoint, of Wadworth, gent., mar- I also of Warmsworth, by purchase, I Stephen Kelham, of Rother- 
ried 18 April, 1609, buried 22 July, 1620. 14 April, 1668, bom 1616, died ham, buried at Warmsworth, 

I 1676. 21 October, 1714. 

. Francis Battie, of 
Wadworth, married 
Martha, daughter of 
Michael Fawkes, of 
WoodhaU.&c. She was 
buried in Wadworth 


. He 



TIE, married 
to Wilham 

6. SARAH,mar- 

Tho's. Tom- 
Edward Bar- 
nard, of 

3. Henry Battie, 
aged 6, 14 Sept., 

3. Dorothy, mar- 
ried to John 
Worsop, of Ad- 

4. Anne, married 
to John Cooke, 
of Barlt 

(2nd wife). 
daughter of 


of John 

CO. Derby', 
she died 27 

OHN Battie, of=MARY(3rdwife), daugh- 
armsworth, bom | ter and co-heiress of 
Tobias Harvey, Esq., 

6 November, 1687. 
Susan, daughter of 
M auger Vavasour, 
Esq., of Weston, 
by his wife, Frances, 
daughter of Peter 
Vavasour, of Spald- 
ington. She died 

of Womersley ; she 
married 2ndly, 28 
Oct.. 1736, to Geo. 
Cooke, Esq., younger 
brother of Sir Bryan 
Cooke, Bart., died 22 
May, 1775. = 

Frances ANNE (2nd wife), only daughter=lNiGO Thomas, of Ration and Yapton, co. Sussex. Esq., bom 25 January, 1767. eldest son of^CnARLOTTE (ist wife), eldest 
of George Brodenck, 4th Viscount Arthur Freeman. Esq., of Antigua, by Margaret, youngest daughter of Sir George Thomas, first I daughter of Henry Peirse, Esq.. 
Alldieton. married 2^ Aticniiit. Tflno Viar^npt f^f v^ntnn occty^c/^ .i^^ c-..^^^^„ „f ti — „.^^ ;_ ir. ^ .7-._r . , ,.^ . „^ , ?. , . i, , .. . ^- 

Midleton, married 24 August, 1803, I baronet of Yapton, assumed the surname of Thomas in Ueu of Freei 

, by royal hcence, in 1786. 

Georgian A, married in March, = Wi 

rriE Wrightson, Esq., eldest son and 
heir, sometime M. P. for Retford and Northallerton, 
).P. for West Riding, co. York, bom 6 October, 
baptized at Sprotborough, 16 November, 1789, 
called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 25 November, 

LRTHUB Bland Wrightson, M.A., 
rector of Edlington, vicar of Camp- 
sal, and rector of Hemsworth, bap- 
tized 27 March, 1793, 
Cathedral, and nu-al d 

of York 

Richard Heber Wrightson, of= 
Warmsworth Hall, co. York, Esq., 
J. P. for the West Riding, co. York, 
and a barrister-at-law of Lincoln's 
Inn, baptized 17 Nov., 1800, married 
13 August, 1832. 

rector of Warmsworth, co. York, bom 20 May, 1823, = 3. Georgiana Mary. 

I. Harriet Frances. 

William Thomas, eldest £ 

^ttiigm of ISarifiljtson, of Custoortb. 

■-compont'e argen 

.veen tliree griffins' 
1 saliant, quarterly ( 

ed of the third. 

Garland, of Tod 

{2nd=SARAH (3rd wife), 3rd daughter of Sir 
Thomas Beaumont, of Whitley Beaumont, 
Knt., baptized at Kirk Heaton, 9 Sept., 
1646, died 13 September, 1717, aged 72, 

John and 


son, both 
d. young. 
married to 
Henry Far- 

Thomas Wrightson, of 
Cusworth, Esq., eldest 
son and heir, baptized 

1. and heiress 

July. 1674, high sheriff 
of Yorkshire in 1714, 
married Jane, daughter 
of Sir Paul Barrett, of 
Lee, CO. Kent. She died 

Wright- = 
soN,ofCusworth, 1 
Esq., baptized 29 | 
December, 1676, 
heir to his brother, 

for Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, died 
4 December, 1760, 
aged 84, buried 
at Hemsworth. | 

co-heiress of Michael W 
William Fen- baptized 29 July, 1686. 
wick, of By- Felicia, baptized 8 Feb., 
well, CO. buried q February, 1687. 

■ ■ John 

Northumber- Mary, 

land, Esq., Whitehead, from 

died 9 Nov., Rev. Beaumont 


SABELLA Wrightson, 
September, 1727, man 
1784, buried at Hemsw 

: surviving daughter and heiress, bapti; 


William Wrightson, baptized 10 Sept., 1729, 

died young. 
Sarah, baptized 12 November, 1731. died young. 

iARBARA (ist Wife), daughte 
Bland, of Hurworth, in Durl 
married 1 January, 1781, 
1784, and \ ■ • ^ 

5 buried at Hurworth. 

= William Wrightson. of Cusvvorlh, = Harriot (2nd wite), daughter and co-heiress ol Richard 
Esq.. high sheriff of Yorkshire, 1819, I of Marton, Esq., by Ehzabeth, his wife, daughter and co- 
and sometime M.P. for Aylesbury, of Arthur Bamardiston, Esq., married at St. George's, H 
baptized 20 May, 1752. died 26 De- 1 Square, 20 July, 1787, died May, 1820. 
cember, 1827. 

,sabella wrightson 
baptized 14 July, 1753, 
died 1770, unmarried. 

=The Hon. Elizabeth Augusta 
DE Grey, daughter of the Right 
Hon. and Rev. Thomas, 4th 
Baron Walsingham. of Walsing- 


■lENRY Wrightson, 
bom 28 May, 1803, 
of Queen's CoUege, 

Wrightson. bom 17 

t-law, of Lin- 
coln's Inn : died 27 Dec, 
1850. aged 54.unmarried. 

iARRiOT Wrightson, married, = The H 
ist. the Hon. Frederick Silvester I Hutchinson, 
North Douglas, only son of Lord 


:olonel Elizabeth 
in the army, nephew of WRIGHTSON. 

the Earl of Donough- 

:. Frederica Katherine. married. 4. Louisa Lucy, married. 20 

28 December, 1850, to Lieut. -Col. August, 1857, to Sir Sitwell 

Arthur John Reynell-Pack, C.B., Reresby Sitwell. Bart., of 

Knight of the Legion of Honour, of Renish'aw, co. Derby, who 

Avisford, Sussex, who died leaving died 12 April, 1862, leaving 

5. Marianne Christina 
married. 13 March, i860, t 
Worsley, 2nd surviving 
WiUiam Worsley, Bart., 
ham Hall, co. York. 
Tune 1861, leaving issue, 

S^etJtsree of garburgb, of Hesltngton, anti of Parborougj), of Campsmount, 

&.HKt(*:T VAeiniK/:H 

£JohsYab-=Maey Aktosia. 

k:2GH, Esq., of I dan. of Samuel 

He^Dgton HaHco. Cheetham Hil- 

Yoric M.A. Trinity ton, Esq., of 

CoOege. Cambridge, | Pennington, co. 

bccB 28 Jnly. 1811, LaDcaster, died 

a*MB^rfthe name | Jan., ig63. 


York, J.P., formerjy 
Dunston, co. Lincoln. M.A. 
Trinity College, Cambridge, born 

mother's death has taken, as 
directed by his uncle's will, the 
surname of Greame in addition 
to that of Lloyd 
May, 1839, 

gustus Le 

Hunte, Esq., 

CO Wexford. 

3. HENl 

Trinity College, 
Cambridge, born 
31 Dec, 181S, 
married 30 Sep- 

d. 17 Nov., 1862, 
at Yarburgh, co. 


iea0a^ zoA co- I brotba- of iwr Thomas Bateson, 

iwar«i*, Mamnl Z I B«*ro«- Part, co, Down, Bart,, bom 

M^, ^/n. I April. 1333, 

-Anne Eliza 

4, Edward Llovd.-Rosabelle Susan Alicia Mar 

daughter of the 

of Lingcroft, near 

Lloyd, his 2nd 

Roy. D.D., rec- 

1823, married 21 

ter of George 

Cowsby H^; CO. 

in the furry-boat 

accident at Newby 

Hooke, Esq., Thornton 
Heath, co. Surrey. 
JuLFA Louisa Elizabeth 

of Henry Yarborough Ju 
Parker. Esq., of Sireetlhorpe, co. 8 Feb.. 1873. to W 
York. liam James Brow 


Gertrude Flora. 

: Warburton Lloyd- 
Henrietta Lloyd- 


Georgina Rosabellk 
Edith Maria Greame- 
Cecil Mary Lloyd. 

Yardurgh Llovd-Gre 

^etJii^ree of gorfee. 

^rms : — Arg. a saltire az. 

admitted : 

the freedom of the city of York, by purchase, in 1456, chamberlain= 
1465/6. lord mayor in 1469 and 1482, and was M.P. for the city in six parliaments. In 1462, 
he and his wife became members of the merchants" guild, and he was master of that guild, and of the 
company of merchants and mercers in 1475. On 15 January, 1466/7, being then mayor of the staple of 
Calais, he was one of the guests at the great installation feast of Archbishop Neville. When King Henry 
visited York in July, 1487, " in the Vigill of Saint Peter, called Advincle," he " dubbed my Lord Maier, 
called William Todde, and Richard York, alderman, knights," they being the only citizens on whom he 
conferred that honour. — Note by Mr. Skaife, Test. Ebor., vol. iv. p. 134. Sir Richard died 25 April, 1498, 
and was buried in the church of St. John, in Micklegate, York, where were m 
his family. Will dated 8 April, 1498, and proved 17 July following. Inq. p. m 

;ir Richard York, agcd = ELizABETH, daughter Christopher York. He and Thomas York, gent, and merchant, ad-: 
36 years and more 2 I of (,?} Thomas Lord his wife were admitted of Cor- mitted to his freedom in 1497. served 
November, 1498. Inq. DArcy and May- pus Christi, York, in 1503. the office of chamberlain of York in 

p.m. 20 Henry 8. nill. 1502, and died in 1515, will dated 16 

February, and proved 21 March, 1514/5- 

Edward Yorke, eldest s 

York, in 1509 ; he left a daughte 

found to be next heiress to her grandfather in 

1528/9, and then 3 years of age. 


daughter o 

Sutton, o 


George Yori 
of Brackley, 

Dorothy {rst wife).=GEORGE Yorke,=Mary {2 

daughter of Nicho- | of Ashby. 
lasGirlington, Esq., I 
and sister to the 
Lady Wray. 

Thomas Yorke. = Elizabeth, daughter Gilbert Vorke, R.N., 

I of Sir Francis Ho- cofiimander of the 

I tham, of Scorbo- //i?/^, in 1594. 
I rough. 

Hotham Yorke. 

^beth Yorke. Robert Yorke. 

Sir John Yorke, of Gowthwaite, knighted at Wind-=JULIANA, daughter and co-heiress of 
sor in 1603, and died s. p. at Sleningfordin March, Ralph Hansby, of Beverley and Tick- 
1634/5, buried at Middlesmoor. hill, co. York, Esq. 

), daughter of=JOHN Yokke, of Gowthwaite, Esq., ob. 30 March, 1638. Inq. p.m. 29 Aug., = 

Lord Lindores, in Scotland. 

\s Yorke of Gowthwaite and Richmond, M.P. for Richmond in several successive parliaments, = Catherine, only daughter and heiress of Thomas Lister, of Amoldsbiggin, 
29 June. 1658, married at Kirby Malham, 9 November { ? 7 December), 1680, buried at Rich- I Esq., bom 30 October. 1660, ob. 24 April, 1731, buried at Richmond. 
\. 16 November, 1716, aged 58. I 

ToHN Yorke, Esq., of Gowthwaite and Richmond, M.P. for=ANNE, daughter and co-heiress of Ja 
Richmond from 1710 to 1754. baptized 6 December, 1685, afterwards Lord D'Arcy, of Navan. 
married 5 January, 1732, found dead in his garden, 14 July, aged 72. 

Thomas Yorke, 
and Gowihwaiti 
born 19 May, 
1768 (? 1770). 

of Halton Place= 

P. for Richmond, I 

ob. 26 March, 

Sophia (ist wife), daughter of Sir John Glynne, = ToHN Yorke, of Richmond and = ELizABETH (2nd wife), daughter of Peter Thomas Yorke, of Halton Place. m= 
of Bioadlane, CO. Flint, Bart., married 3 March, j Bewerley. co. York, high sheriff Campbell, of Jamaica. Esq.. married in Craven, co._York._ Esq.. bom 5 June. | 

J763, died on her passage from Lisbon, 2 May, 
1766. buried at Falmouth. , 

Sophia Anne Yorke, baptized 5 
January, 1764, buried lo May, 

Thomas Yorke, bom 1775, 

^N Yorke, of Halton Place, a 
)orn 29 Febmary, 1776. high s^ 
857, buried at Pateley Bridge. 

o. York. = ] 
is Feb., I 

John Yorke, of Bewerley Hall and Halton = Alice. 5th daughte. 
Place, CO. York. J. P. and D.L., born 28 of West Clifte. 
March, 1827, married 5 September, 1859. 

John Cecil Yorke, 

November, 1867. 

of iSetoerlep, to. gork. 

GTrcst : — A monkey's head erased f 

sJOAN (2nd wife), widow, ist, of John Dalton, Joan. 

of Hull, who died in 1458, and 2ndly, of Elizab 

John Whitfield, mayor of Hull. His will Both 

proved 20 September, 1479. After her 3rd 
husband's death she took the vow of celibacy, 
her will dated 20 August, 1506, in which 
year she died. 

Thomas York, William York, 24th 

14th prior of prior of W.irtre, 1453 

Helagh, 1429. (? dead 1458), 

Bartholomew York. — Catherine, 
merchant, free 1527. I dau. ofjohn 
chamberlain, 1534, ad- Thornton, 
milted of Corpus Christi, I alderman, of 

iNNE{istwife}, daughter of Robert=Sir John Yorke, Knt., sheriff of= 
Smith, Uving in 1564. In Visit. 1 London in 1549, under-treasurer I 
London, she is called Ann, daugh- of the Mint ; he died in Lon- 

ter of Smyth, and widow don, 18 January, ises^g. Inq. 

of Pagitt, p. ra. 25 March. 11 EUzabeth. ^ 

of '... 

.Iargaret Yorke, married t 
Barnard Frobisher, and wa 
mother of Sir Martin Frc 
bisher, the navigator. 

. Peter Yorke, Esq., of Gowthwaite, co. York. 
He sold the L.iwklend estates to John Ingleby, 
of Acomb Grange, co. York. Aged 27 vears 
and more at his father's death. Will, without 
date, made in London (proved 4 July, 1589)— 
" to be buried in the church of St. Stevens, in 
Walbrucke, where my father, Sir John Yorke, 

Elizabeth, dau. 

of Sir William 
Ingleby, of Ri 

LAN Yorke, died 
William Yorke. 
Edmund Yorke. 
Marriage 5. John Yorke. 
iated 24 6. "Rowland YoRKE. 

I i^ 

7. Sir Richard 
Yorke, a soldier.and 
knighted for his ser- 
pen, and was a J. P. 
for West Riding, lO 
James, and also was 

Robert Yokke. 

Sir Edward 

roRKE, Knt., Vice- 


, Catherine Yorke 
, Jane Yorke. 
. "Margery Yorke. 
, Amy Yorke, mar. t( 


Thomas York 

: Frances {2nd wife), daughter of 

Babthorpe, of Babthorpe, 

CO. York. 

Villiam Yorke, A.I 
St. Laurence, in tl 
of York, 1679. 

Uchard Yorke, die 
unmarried. Living i 

lir John Yorke, of Gowthw 
lordships of Netherdale, Appletreewick, Gowthwaite Hall, &c., and c 

[ wife) to Sir Edward Elackett, of Newby, 

ML, daughter and ( 

i-heiress i?) of i. Catherine Yorke. baptized 6 September, 165- 

., of Barnes married (as 2nd wife), 28 January, 1702/3, to S 

4 November, James C ■" '^ 

1741. Durhan: 

2. Mary Yorke, bom 30 August, 
1684. and died 13 May, 1689. 

3. Julian Yorke, bom 25 March, 
1687, died same night. 

1693, died 6 July. 17 


1 died 24 May, 1772. 

;, daughter of Joseph Reay, Esq., 
Newcastle-upon-TjTie, born 6 
Ly, 1749, married 8 February, 

India, and died in September, 

iRKE, bom II March, 1734. 

)rke. born 22 March, 1739, died un 

. France, in 1778, where she was buried. 

. February, 1868, s.p. 

. fellow of Catherine 
n 8 Febmary, 1787, 


Mary Yorke. 

Ethel Lilian York