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Full text of "The pedigrees of Jowitt, formerly of Churwell, Yorks, and now of Harehills, Leeds, and the families connected with them"

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Jowitt, formerly of ChurwelL Yorks, 


Harehills, Leeds 

And the Families connected with them. 


The glory of children are their fathers." 


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in 2010 with funding from 

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Jowitt, formerly of Churwell, Yorks, 


Harehills, Leeds 

And the Families connected with them. 





' CITY l-Rl ," 1 \S :•■ l |9, \ 






[IMPLE and faithful family memorials are gradually becoming more numerous 
in proportion as their utility and interest are becoming more fully recognized. 
As a mere family record such a book as this is intensely interesting to 
those whose circle of relatives far and near appear herein, and as the pages are 
turned over and over, so the names of those who are with us, and, the memory of 
those who were but lately with us, arouse, alas ! mingled feelings concerning life's 
ever-recurring curriculum. 

It is twenty years since my father compiled the first edition of this book and 
with his assistance I trust I have been able to make this second edition acceptable* 
to the various families. It may be desirable to state that every care has been 
taken to avoid error, more especially by submitting a proof to the head of each family 
for completion and correction. The additions have been so considerable as to make 
this edition ioo pages larger than its predecessor, they include fuller accounts than have 
hitherto appeared of the families of Eirkbeck, Darby, Dickinson, Jowitt, Lloyd, and of 


ii, Boundary Road, 

Finciiley Road, N.W. 
Christmas, iSgo. 

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Biographical Index of the Members of Parliament, by Joseph Foster and T. J. Hercy, 
Esq. Illustrated with portraits from the Graphic aud Illustrated London News, price 
42s. Compiling. 

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Sotottt, fovmeriu of diurtorU an* noto of 
Wzvthill Ucctis* 

=yOHN JOWITT, of Churwell, Yorks., in or before 1775 (son of Richard Jowitt, of 

~| Holbeck, who was son of Richard Jowitt, of Beeston, near Leeds), born 1721, v. 10 ; 

^ married (then of Hunslet, clothworker, his father deceased) at Gildersome, 1747, iv. 

iS, Ann, daughter of Thomas Benson, of Gildersome, near Leeds, deceased : she died 
having had 4 sons and 3 daughters : (a) 

(la) Richard Jowitt, born 1748, v. 14. 

(2a) John Jowitt, of whom presently. 

(3«) Joseph Jowitt, of Churwell, parish of Batley, Yorks., woolstapler, born 1757, x. 1, 

died ; married at Paddock, Yorks., 30th May, 17S1, Grace, 

daughter of Thomas Firth, of Huddersfield, Salter (by Mary, his wife) ; she died at Leeds 

23rd August, 1846, aged 88, and had 3 sons and 6 daughters: (6) 

(16) Thomas Jowitt, of Leeds, born at Churwell 10th February, 1784, died at Chapel 
Allerton nth March, 1S51, aged 67 ; married Mary, daughter 

of Walker, and had 2 sons : 

(1) Fdward Jowitt, of Thorner, near Leeds, born at Leeds 2nd May, 1806; 
married Mary, daughter of Fort, and had 2 
sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Thomas Jowitt, of Exeter Coll., Oxon., 1S57, born 1S39. 

(2) John Fort Jowitt, B.A. fr. Exeter Coll., Oxon., 1S69, born 1S47. 

(3) Leila 

(4) Marion 

(5) Emma Gertrude 

(6) Frances Elizabeth 

(2) Henry Jowitt, born at Leeds Sth May, 1S07. 

(26) John Jowitt, of Leeds, born there 3rd May, 1 790, died there 24th December, i860 ; 
married at Peckham 29th January, 1S29, Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas Norton 
of Peckham Rye, Surrey ; she died in Manchester 22nd November, 18S3, having 
had 7 sons and 2 daughters : 

1 68 Jowitt of Bishop 'Ihornton. 

(1) Thomas Norton Jowitt, born at Leeds nth July, 1831. 

(2) John Henry Jowitt, B.A. Cosins Hall, Durham, 1854, M.A. 1S59, Vicar 
of St. Mark with St. Matthew, Holbeach, 1S69-79, and of Alford, co. Line. 
1879-82, born at Leeds 7th December, 1832, died at Alford 1 8th November, 

(3) William Jowitt, B.A. University Coll., Durham, 1858, M.A. 1862, 
Principal of City of London Middle Schools 1S68-74, Rector of Stevenage, 
Herts., 1874, born at Leeds 2nd July, 1834. *<*<*■ <? '* '"«< ^' a 

(4) Joseph Firth Jowitt, born at Leeds 8th February, 1S36. 

(5) Alfred Norton Jowitt, born at Leeds 17th April, 1S39. 

(6) Frederick Jowitt, born at Leeds 5th February, 1841, died there 4th March, 

(7) Walter Edward Jowitt, of Manchester, born at Leeds 8th October, 1843 ; 
married 1st, nth July, 1S77, Gertrude, youngest daughter of Samuel Birchall 
Eveleigh, of Oak Hill, Prestwich (see page 1S5) ; she died 27th May, 1878. He 
married 2ndly, 29th June, 1880, Mary Arthur, daughter of John Anderson 
Mathieson, of Glasgow; she died 21st June, 1888. 

(8) Elizabeth Jowitt, born at Leeds 9th December, 1829, died in Manchester 1st 
February, 1885. 

(9) Marianna Jowitt, born 7th July, 1837, died in Manchester 19th July, 1865 ; 
married 1 ith August, 1S59, to George E. Balfour, of Manchester, and had a 
daughter, Georgina. 

(3^) Joseph Jowitt, of Bishop Thornton, born at Leeds 22nd May, 1799, died 5th 
April, 1863, having married 1st, at Leeds, 23rd October, 1S28, Mary, daughter of 
Jonathan Lupton, of Sheepscar, near Leeds, oil crusher (and Sarah, his wife) ; she 
died at Bishop Thornton 3rd August, iS52,aged 50; he married 2ndly, at Nottingham, 
6th July, 1854, Hannah, daughter of William Ellis, of Mansfield, Notts., and had 2 
sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Joseph Jowitt, born at Bishop Thornton 17th December, 1856, died 14th 
August, i860. 

(2) Edward Jowitt, born at Bishop Thornton 22nd February, 1859; married 
10th October, 18S9, Annie Jervis, 2nd daughter of Rev. John Tyrwhitt- Walker, 
of Scottowe, Norfolk. 

(3) Hannah Mary Jowitt, born at Bishop Thornton, Yorks., 5th May, 1855 > 
married nth December, 1879, to Nicholas Fabyan Dawe, of Old Grove House, 

(4) Margaret Jowitt, born at Bishop Thornton 28th October, i860; married 
22nd January, 1890, to Humphry John Willyams, of Nanskeval, Cornwall. 

Fryer of Ras trick. i6g 

(4b) Mary Jowitt, born at Churvvell 8th June, 1782. 

(6b) Ann Jowitt, born at Leeds 8th February, 17S6, died 20th April, 1865 ; married 
at Kastnck, 23rd September, 1S05, to Joseph Fryer, of Toothill, near Brighouse, 
rorks merchant (son of Joseph, of Rastrick, surgeon, and Amelia, his wife) ; he 
died 28th Augst, 1846, having had 4 sons and 4 daughters : (c) 

(lc) Joseph Jowitt Fryer, of Rastrick, born at Toothill 24th August, 1806, 
died at Rastrick, near Brighouse, 21st January, 1S46 ; married at Stockton on- 
lees 15th September, 1836, Rachel, youngest daughter of George Coates, of 
bmelt House (by his wife, Hannah Whitwell, see page 132); she died 27th 
February, 1852, having had 2 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Joseph Fryer, of Smelt House, born at Rastrick 4 th July, 1839: 

(2) George Coates Fryer, born at Rastrick 2nd June, 1843, died unmarried 
at Durham, 30th January, 1S71. 

(3) Hannah Fryer, born at Rastrick 22nd October, 1837, died at Smelt 
House 1 6th December, 186S. 

(4) Sarah Amelia Fryer, born at Rastrick 20th July, 1841, died at Smelt 
House 26th March, 1S71. 

(5) Rachel Ann Fryer, born at Rastrick iSth April, 1S45 ; married at 
Bishop Auckland, 20th February, 1S7S, to Edward Backhouse Mounsey, of 
Darlington, banker (son of John Mounsey, of Sunderland, and his wife, Lucy 
Backhouse Backhouse); he was born at Sunderland 20th June, 1840, and 
has 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Edward Mounsey, born at Tees Grange, Darlington, 6th 
December, 1S79. 

(2) George Fryer Mounsey, born at Tees Grange, 9th February, 1881. 

(3) Reginald Joseph Mounsey, born at Tees Grange 23rd January, 
1 884. 

(4) Lucy Backhouse Mounsey, born at Tees Grange 10th March 

(5) Amelia Eliza Mounsey, born at Blackwell, Darlington, 13th 
October, 1886. 

(2c) Charles Fryer, of Rastrick, woollen cloth manufacturer, born at Toothill, 31st 
January, 1S08, died at Croydon 15th March, 1854 ; married at Manchester 25th 
A P riI > 1839, Sarah, daughter of Samuel Woodhead, of Foulstone, wool 
merchant; she died at Bristol 5 th July, 1SS9, having had 3 sons and 3 
daughters : 

(1) John Firth Fryer, superintendent of Friends' School, Bootham, York : 
B.A. Lond. 1S63, born at Rastrick 1 6th October, 1840; married at Reigate 


1 jo Fryer of Rastrick. 

22nd June, 1 87 1, Isabella Cormack, daughter of John Stewart, of Edin- 
burgh, and has 3 sons and a daughter, all born at York : 

(1) John Henry Fryer, born 24th July, 1S73. 

(2) Frederick George Fryer, born nth September, 1874. 

(3) Alexander Stewart Fryer, born 6th October, 1879. 

(4) Mary Lucy Fryer, born 15th November, 1876. 

(2) Samuel Fryer (a twin with Jane), born at Rastrick 12th January, 1843 : 
married at Birmingham , 1867, Sarah, daughter of 
Collis, of that place, and has 4 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Liverpool : 

(1) Arthur Frederick Fryer, born 1st February, 186S. 

(2) Charles Henry Fryer, born 2nd May, 1872. 

(3) William George Fryer, born 23rd January, 1877. 

(4) Percival John Fryer, born 23rd July, 1S83. 

(5) Jessie Fryer, born 25th January, 1880. 

(6) Edith Fryer, born 2nd August, 1S84. 

(3) Charles Fryer, born at Rastrick 1st April, 1S49, died 20th February, 
1888; married at Ilford iSth March, 1874, Harriette, daughter of 

Tribe, of Guildford, and had 2 sons and a daughter, born at Scarborough : 

(1) Charles Francis Fryer, born 8th March, 1875. 

(2) Edward Henry Fryer, born 2nd March, 1876. 

(3) Anne Catherine Fryer, born 6th April, 1879. 

(4) Jane Fryer (a twin with Samuel), born at Rastrick 12th January, 1S43 ; 
married at Brighouse 22nd October, 1S62, to Charles Coleby Morland, of 
Croydon, county councillor and borough magistrate, and has 9 sons and 5 
daughters, all born at Croydon : 

(1) Charles Ernest Morland, born 9th November, 1865. 

(2) Harold John Morland, B.A. Lond., born 2Sth July, 1869. 

(3) Philip Morland, born 5th December, 1870. 

(4) Alfred Morland, born 4th October, 1872. 

(5) Egbert Coleby Morland, born 3rd September, 1874. 

(6) Arnold Jowitt Morland, born 13th January, 1S78. 

(7) Caleb Morland, born 10th April, 1S80. 

(8) Geoffrey Morland, born 20th November, 1881. 

(9) David Fryer Morland, born 14th December, 1886. 

(10) Lucy Fryer Morland, B.A. London, born 12th June, 1864. 

(11) Janet Morland, born 24th May, 1867. 

(12) Helen Morland, born 14th February, 1S76. 

(13) Margaret Sarah Morland, born 1st January, 1884. 

(14) Hannah Grace Morland, born 4th July, 1885. 

Naish-Harvey. I j \ 

(5) Lucy Fryer, born at Rastrick 12th November, 1844, died at Croydon 
23rd September, 1858. 

(6) Sarah Ann Fryer, born at Rastrick 24th December, 1846; married at 
Skipton 6th May, 1869, to Louis Edmund Naish, of Bristol, cotton 
manufacturer (son of Edmund Hort Naish, of same); he died 10th 
September, 1S81, leaving 3 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Bristol: 

(1) Malcolm Gordon Naish, born 9th November, 1873. 

(2) Norman Edmund Naish, born 3rd July, 1876. 

(3) Arthur Duncan Naish, born 4th January, 1881. 

(4) Winifred Mary Naish, born 1 6th April, 1870. 

(5) Constance Margaret Naish, born 25th September, 1S71. 

(3c) Henry Fryer, born at Toothill 27th August, 1S17, died s.p. in Paris 30th 

January, 1SS2, having married about 1S76 Lucy, widow of his cousin, Simeon 

Dyson Fryer. 

(4c) Frederick Fryer, of Leeds, born at Toothill 21st March, 1824 died at 

Toothill Grove, Rastrick, 20th March, 1872, having married at Manchester 

28th March, 1S50, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Longdon, of Chorlton-on- 

Medlock, agent. 

(5c) Amelia Fryer, born 25th October, 1S09, died s.p. 27th January, 1^37 

having married 13th March, 1S33, as 1st wife, to William Backhous< , of 

Newcastle-on-Tyne ; he married 2ndly, iSth October, 1843, Katherine Alc'am, 

and had issue (see page 173). 

(6c) Mary Ann Fryer, born at Toothill nth September, 181 1, died unmarried 

20th September, 1S73. 

(7c) Sarah Grace Fryer, born at Toothill 22nd February, 1813, married at 

Brighouse 1 6th October, 1845, to Thomas Harvey, of Leeds, chemist (son of 

William), and had 3 sons : 

(1) Joseph Harvey, born at Leeds 29th September, 1846, died 1S52. 

(2) William Harvey, born at Leeds 7th May, 1S48; married 9th April, 
1873, Anna M. Whiting, and has had 5 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Thomas Edmund Harvey, born 4th January, 1S75. 

(2) Bernard Harvey, born 30th August, 1878, died 27th September, 

(3) William Fryer Harvey, born 14th April, 1885. 

(4) Philip Harvey, born 12th MarchFebruary, 1SS9. 

(5) John Wilfred Harvey, born 13th December, 1S76. 

(6) Mary Katharine Harvey, born 13th December, 1876. 

(7) Margaret Harvey, born 17th February, 1881. 

(8) Helen Grace Harvey, born 12th November, 1SS2. 

I 7 2 Aldam of Frickley Hall, &c. 

(3) Thomas Harvey, born at Leeds 19th May, 1850, died 15th January, 
(8c) Lucy Fryer, born at Toothill 18th November, 1S20, died 2nd September, 

1844, having married at Brighouse 28th April, 1842, as 1st wife, to Thomas 
Pease, of Leeds, after of Westbury-on-Trym, Co. Glouc. ; he died 16th 
January, 1884, leaving 2 daughters by this marriage. 

(1) Katherine Aldam Pease, married nth March, 1S6S, to Thomas Hanbury, 
of Palazzo Orengo, La Mortola, Ventimiglia, Italy, and has 3 sons and a 
daughter : 

(1) Cecil Hanbury, born 10th March, 187 1. 

(2) Daniel Hanbury, born 3rd June, 1876. 

(3) Horace Hanbury, born 24th May, 1880. 

(4) Hilda Beatrice Hanbury, born 24th April, 1S72. 

(2) Lucy Ann Pease, married 24th April, 1878, to Robert Robinson, 
M.I.C.E., of Darlington, and has a daughter : 

Enid Lucy Pease Robinson, born 6th August, 1881. 
(6c) Sarah Jowitt, born at Leeds 1787, x. 15, died 29th November, 1824; married 
at Leeds 21st September, 180S, to William Aldam, of Warmsworth, Yorks. who 
assumed that name by royal licence, in lieu of Pease in 18 10 ; he died 25th February, 
1855, having had 4 sons and 3 daughters. 

(1) Thomas Aldam, born 18 10, died young. 

(2) Thomas Aldam, born 29th January, 181 2, died 30th January, 18 14. 

(3) William Aldam, of Frickley Hall and Warmsworth, Yorks., (J. P. West Riding) 
of Healey Hall, Northumberland, Barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple, 1839, 
M.P. Leeds, 1841-7, chairman of Quarter Sessions, West Riding of Yorkshire, 
born 26th August, 1813, died 27th July, 1890; married 13th November, 

1845, Mary Stables, daughter of Rev. Godfrey Wright, of Bilham. She died 
4th October, 1867, having had 2 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) William Wright Warde-Aldam, of Frickley Hall, and of Hooton 
Pagnell Hall, Yorks. (J. P. West Riding), and of Healey Hall, Northumber- 
land, M.A., fr. Trin. Coll., Camb., 1879, assumed the additional name of 
Warde in 1878, born 10th December, 1853; married 30th April, 1878, 
Sarah Julia, daughter and co-heir of late Rev. William Warde, of Hooton 
Pagnell, Yorks. 

(2) Godfrey Ormston Aldam, born and died in 1857. 

(3) Mary Sarah Aldam, born 7th November, 1847. 

(4) Isabella Aldam, died 1856, aged 7. 

(5) Katharine Aldam, 

(4) Thomas Aldam, born 23rd September, 1820, died 20th January, 1S22. 

Backhouse of St. Johns, Wolsingham. 1^3 

(5) Katharine Aldam-Aldam, born 12th October, 181 5, died 27th December, 
186S; married 18th October, 1S43, as 2nd wife, to William Backhouse, of 
St. John's, Wolsingham, co. Durham, sometime of Darlington and Newcastle-on- 
Tyne ; he died at Leeds 3rd April, 1S69, having had 4 sons and a daughter : 

(1) William Aldam Backhouse, born 27th April, 1847. 

(2) Charles James Backhouse, of St. John's, Wolsingham, co. Durham, J. P. ; 
born 4th January, 1848; married 28th October, 1874, Lucy, daughter of 
Major John Read Vincent, of Hemsworth, Yorkshire, no issue. 

(3) Henry Backhouse, of Red House, Darlington, born 29th June, 1849: 
married 1 6th April, 1885, Georgina Mary, 2nd daughter of John H. Stanton; 
of Stubb House, co. Durham. She died 25th July, 1890, having had 2 
sons : 

(1) John William Backhouse, born Sth March, 1886. 

(2) Roland Henry Backhouse, born 1 6th March, 1887, died in July, 

(4) Robert Ormston Backhouse, of Sutton Court, co. Hereford, born 10th 
March, 1854, married 30th April, 1884, Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter 
of William Dodgson, of Stockton-on-Tees, and has a son : 

William Ormston Backhouse, born 20th February, 1885. 

(5) Sarah Aldam Backhouse, married 3rd December, 1874, to Christopher 
Bowly, Esq., of Siddington House, Cirencester. 

(6) Isabella Aldam, born 4th September, 1S1S, died unmarried 13th December, 
1846, aged 28. 

(7) Susannah Aldam-Aldam, born 14th June, 1822, married 28th October, 
1852, to William Pashley Milner, of Meersbrook, Vorks., J. P., who died 
4th October, 1884, leaving an only son : 

William Aldam Milner, of Totley Hall, Sheffield, J. P. Derbyshire and 
Yorkshire, (w.R.), M.A. fr. Trin. Coll. Camb., 1879, Barrister-at-law, 
Middle Temple 187S, born 26th March, 1854; married 6th June, 1S83. 
Sarah Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Samuel Roberts, of Sheffield, J. P. 

(7b) Grace Jowitt, born at Leeds 29th Nov., 1792, died at Leeds 22nd October, 1870. 

(8b) Maria Jowitt, born at Leeds 27th February, 1795, and died there 1863; 

married there 1st April, 1S16, to Robert Arthington, of Leeds, brewer, who died 

there 12th May, 1864, having had a son and 4 daughters: 

(1) Robert Arthington, born at Hunslet Lane 20th May, 1S23; unmarried. 

(2) Susannah Arthington, born at Hunslet Lane 2nd August, 1S17; married 
to John Shepherd, and died s.p. 

(3) Maria Arthington, born at Hunslet Lane 19th May, 1819. 

(4) Phcebe Arthington, born at Hunslet Lane 26th November, 1820. 

I 74 Nevins of Leeds. 

(5) Jane Arthington, born at Hunslet Lane 17th Oct., 1S28, died s.p. 24th April, 
1S56; married at Leeds 7th August, 1855, to Simon Crawshaw, of Dewsbury. 
(9b) Sophia Jowitt, a minister in the Society of Friends, born at Leeds 10th October, 
1801, died 6th August, 1S70; having married at Leeds, 26th November, 1823, to 
John Pease, of East Mount, Darlington (eldest son of Edward Pease, see page 136), 
a minister in the Society of Friends; he died at Great Ayton 29th July, 1868, 
having had 2 daughters : 

(1) Sophia Pease, born 11th June, 1S37; married 14th August, 1862, to 
Theodore Fry, of Woodburn, Darlington, sometime of Bristol (see page 136). 

(2) Mary Anna Pease, born 17th December, 1S40; married 24th April, 1873, 
to Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin, of Elm Ridge, Darlington, sometime of 
Tottenham, and has issue (see page 137). 

(4a) Thomas Jowitt, of Nottingham, woolstapler, (4th son of John, see page 167), born 
1760, i. 29, died there 22nd July, 1789; married at Nottingham 13th May, 1784, Sarah, 
daughter of John Storer, of Nottingham ; she died there 3rd May, 1779, having had 2 
daughters : 

(1) Lucy Jowitt, born at Nottingham 17th June, 1785, died at Castle Donington, 
Co. Leic, nth May, 1817; married at Nottingham 2nd January, 1812, as 1st wife, 

to Samuel Routh, of Nottingham, farmer; died at Hexthorpe, Yorks., 6th October, 
1853, leaving by her an only daughter : 

Sarah Routh, born at Castle Donington 1 ith October, 1812, died at Kendal 7th 
January, 1876; married at Doncaster 1st November, 1833, as 1st wife to William 
Whitwell, British wine manufacturer, of Kendal (see page 133). 

(2) Sarah Jowitt, born at Nottingham 28th March, 1787, died there 1 6th August, 
1827, aged 43; married at Nottingham 9th August, 1S10, to Samuel Fox, of 
Nottingham, grocer. 

(5a) Mary Jowitt, born 1752, xi. 9. 

(6a) Elizabeth Jowitt, born 1755, vi. 7; died 1800, having married at Giklersome 6th 
January, 1 7S0, to Pirn Nevins, of Hunslet Lane, Leeds, woolstapler (son of Thomas 
Nevins, of Kildlass, Co. Kildare, yeoman, and Rachel, his wife, both deceased); he died 
1833, having had 5 sons and 5 daughters : (i>) 

(Id) Thomas Nevins, born at Hunslet 18th July, 17S1, said to have died a bachelor, 
but according to a family pedigree he married Ann Patchett. 

(2d) John Jowitt Nevins, of Leeds, merchant, and of Wakefield, banker, born at 
Hunslet 7th May, 1786, died at Wilton, near Ross, Co. Hereford, 29th May, 1S70; 
married at Airton, iSth December, 1S10, Hannah, 3rd daughter of John Birkbeck, 
of Settle (by his wife Mary, daughter of William and Esther Dillworth, see page 97) ; 
she was born at Settle 13th January, 17S8, and died at Clevedale, Downend, Co, 
Glouc, 21st March, 1S63, having had 5 sons and 7 daughters: 

Nevins of Liverpool, & c. i 7 5 

(1) William Nevins, Rector of Minningsby, Co. Line, 1843-78; born at Leeds 
1 8th October, 181 1; married at Wells, Somerset, 2nd February, 1S41 
Caroline Anne, daughter of John Willis, of Woodbury Wells, Somerset; she 
died 2 1st March, 1872, having had 6 sons and 3 daughters: 

(1) William Richard Fielding Nevins, born 12th December, 1841, died 
24th February, 1S78, having married, 21st May, 1S72, Augusta Catherine, 
daughter of Badger, of Kingsland, Shrewsbury, and had 2 
daughters, Adela Eva and Viola Augusta. 

(2) Edward Nevins, born 1st August, 1S43, died 19th July, 1S54. 

(3) Basil Nevins, born 23rd August, 1844, died 5th November following. 

(4) Charles Ambrose Nevins, born 27th February, 1846, died 2nd May 

(5) Henry Willis Probyn-Nevins, ordained Deacon 1 87 1 , in Civil Service 
1S66-70; born 5th September, 1847; married 1st August, 1S72, Fanny, 
widow of Major Henry Lavie, of Elmshurst, Fareham, daughter of George 
Haines Jones, M.D., of Ashling House, Hants, J. P., D.L. 

(6) George Archibald Hugh Nevins, born 13th November, 1S49, died 
1 2th November, 1869. 

(7) Mary Caroline Blanche Nevins, born 25th March, 1851. 

(8) Caroline Louisa Wyndham Nevins, born 17th November, 1S52. 

(9) Sophia Ida Gertrude Nevins, born 4th April, 1S54, died 5th November, 

(2) Edward Nevins, born at Leeds 17th March, 1 S 16, and died 27th September 
1842, unmarried. 

(3) John Birkbeck Nevins, M.D., born at Leeds 12th November, 1818; married 
1st at Wallasey, Cheshire, 1 6th December, 1852, Charlotte, daughter of Miles 
Barton. She was born in Liverpool in 1825, and died 4th December, 1854, 
having had a son and a daughter. 

(1) Arthur Edward Nevins, F.R.C.S.E., born at Liverpool nth October, 


(2) Charlotte Eleanor Nevins, born at Liverpool 4th November, 1854, and 
died 17th October, 1855. 

Dr. Nevins married 2ndly, at Bilbrough, Yorkshire, 6th April, 1S58, Maria 
Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. John Metcalfe, of Canterbury, and has 2 sons 
and a daughter, all born at Liverpool : 

(3) John Ernest Nevins, born 24th April, 1S61. 

(4) Victor Edgar Eamonson Nevins, born 14th March, 1S63. 

(5) Etheldreda Agnes Grace Nevins, born 27th March, 1S59. 

(4) Penrose Nevins, born at Settle 14th December, 18 19, died at W'angaratta. 

I 76 Nevins of Leeds. 

N.Z., 4th April, 187S, having married at Richmond, Yorkshire, 27th May, 
1S45, Eliza, daughter of Robert Outhwaite, and had 3 sons and 2 daughters: 

(1) Reginald Theophilus Graham Nevins, born 12th April, 1S47. 

(2) James West Nevins, born 26th July, 1S50, died unmarried 26th 
February, 1890. 

(3) Arthur Penrose Birkbeck Nevins, born 19th May, 1854. 

(4) Edith Mary Louisa Nevins, born 27th March, 1856. 

(5) Eveline Florence Elizabeth Nevins, born 12th July, 1859; married 
7th February, 1S84, to William Brandford Griffith, B.A., London, 1880, 
and Barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple, 18S1, eldest son of Sir William 
Brandford Griffith, K.C.M.G., Governor of the Gold Coast Colony, 1886. 

(5) Archibald Pirn Nevins, born at Leeds 5th January, 1831, and died 24th 
September, 1862, unmarried. 

(6) Elizabeth Nevins, born at Settle 21st September, 1813 ; died in 1 8 1 5. 

(7) Anna Nevins, born at Settle 9th August, 1S17, and died unmarried at 
Cheltenham 20th June, 1S79. 

(8) Mary Elizabeth Nevins, born at Leeds 1 6th May, 1S21; married at 
Mangotsfield, Co. Gloucester, 1st November, i860, to Rowley Young Lloyd, 
barrister-at-law (son of Edward Lloyd, Admiral R.N.), he died s. J>., 9th 
December, 1861. 

(9) Margaret Nevins, born at Wakefield 29th June, 1822, died 2nd May, 1843, 
s. />., having married at Bridstowe, Hereford, 15th December, 1842, to Robert 
Wainhouse, of Leeds (son of Edward Wainhouse, of Halifax), he died 3rd 
November, 1851. 

(10) Sarah Birkbeck Nevins, born at Wakefield 17th August, 1824, and died 
unmarried, 28th May, 1877. 

(11) Louisa Nevins, born at Wakefield 5th September, 1S26, and died 24th 
September, 1855, unmarried. 

(12) Caroline Nevins, born at Wakefield 17th May, 1828, living unmarried. 
(3d) Archibald Nevins, born at Hunslet 7th December, 1787, died 21st April, 1819 ; 
married 1816 Catherine, daughter of Rev. R. Forster, Perpetual Curate of Hunslet, 
Leeds, and had an only son, Archibald, who died young. 

(4d) Pirn Nevins, born at Larchfield, near Leeds, 20th January, 1792, died unmarried 

23rd November, 1873. 

(5d) Henry Nevins, born at Larchfield 14th December, 1799, died unmarried 6th 

May, 1 .879. 

(60) Ann Nevins, born at Hunslet 10th November, 1782, died at Leeds, 18th April, 

1817; married in 1802 to John Flintoff, of Hunslet, Leeds, who died 7th February, 

181 7, having had 5 sons and 3 daughters, all born at Hunslet : 

Flint off of Huns let, Leeds. \ y y 

(1) John Flintoff, of Witton-le-Wear, Co. Durham, born 25th May, 1803, died at 
Ventnor, 1S41 ; married at Wakefield 1829, Catherine, daughter 
of Jackson, Capt. 6th Foot, and had 3 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) John Flintoff, born at Hunslet 20th March, 1830, died in 

(2) Albert Nevins Flintoff, M.A. fr. Trinity College, Oxford, 1859, 
Barrister-at-la\v of Lincoln's Inn, i860, born 30th March, 1S32, unmarried. 

(3) James Irving Flintoff, died young. 

(4) Catherine Elam Flintoff. 

(5) Ann Elizabeth Flintoff. 

(6) Lucy Irving Flintoff, died young. 

(2) Thomas Nevins Flintoff, born at Hunslet 15th September, 1804, died young. 

(3) Owen Flintoff, M.A. fr. Trin. Coll., Camb., 1838, Barrister-at-law, Line- 
Inn, 1S38, Chief Justice, Sierra Leone, 15th October, 1S40, born at Hunslet, 
13th July, 1811, drowned at Gambia by the upsetting of a boat, 12th March, 
1841 ; married at Finchley Ann, daughter of Daniel Alder, 
of Finchley, Middlesex, and had 3 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Owen Sinclair Flintoff, born 2nd June, 1836, died at Upper Norwood, 
27th September, 1SS9. 

(2) Theodore Nevins Flintoff, M.A. fr. Emmanuel Coll., Camb., 1863, 
Rector of Shelsley Walsh, Co. Worcester, 1864; married 15th April, 1890, 
Mary Elizabeth, widow of J. R. Blackwell Monypenny, of Pitmilly, Fife- 
shire, N.B., and daughter of Rev. Charlton Lane, Vicar of Hampstead. 

(3) Florence Powell (a son), born August, 1S39, died at St. Leonard's, 
1 2th June, 1890. 

(4) Clara Adelaide, died at Ventnor in i860. 

(4) Frederick Nevins Flintoff, born at Hunslet 9th March, 1S13, died at 
Brancepeth, near Melbourne, Victoria, 3rd May, 1SS6 ; married at 

Priscilla, sister of W. H. Stone, of Usk, co. Mon., sheriff of that county, and 
had, with other issue, a son and daughter : 

(1) Frederick Tentborn Flintoff, of Oldstead, Greenborough, Melbourne. 

(2) Edith. 

(5) Edward Theodore Flintoff, born at Hunslet 26th September, 181 6 ; married 
at St. Helen's, Auckland, Anna, daughter of Thomas Storey, of St. Helen's, 
and had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Charles Flintoff, in America. 

(2) Ellen Flintoff, married in Australia, to Charles Carr. 

(3) Eliza Flintoff, married to Dr. Easby, of March, co. Cambs., died 19th 
October, 1S70, and left a son. 


I 7 8 Cudworth — Compton of Winscombe. 

(6) Mary Ann Flintoff, born at Hunslet 19th July, 1808, died unmarried. 

(7) Elizabeth Flintoff, born at Hunslet 30th August, 1809, died unmarried, 22nd 
January, 1834. 

(8) Rachel Maria Flintoff, born at Hunslet iSth March, 1815, died unmarried. 
(7d) Rachel Nevins, born at Hunslet 13th March, 1784, died at Burley, near Leeds, 
17th May, 1854 ; married at Leeds, 22nd August, 1816, to John Cudworth, of Leeds 
(son of Abraham Cudworth, manufacturer); he died at Leeds, 25th March, 1861, 
leaving a son : 

John William Cudworth, of Leeds, solicitor, born 23rd July, 1821. 
(80) Eliza Nevins, born at Hunslet 13th June, 1789, died in London 24th July, 1840, 
having married at Leeds 8th August, 181 1, to Townsend Compton, of London (son of 
Thomas and Mary); he died nth October, 1S34, having had 4 sons and 3 
daughters : 

(1) Nevins Compton, born in the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, 6th 
September, 1812, died at Liverpool 27th March, 1S49; married in London, his 
cousin, Mary, daughter of Samuel Compton, of Enfield, Middlesex; she died at 
Hoddesdon, 7th May, 187S, having had 2 sons and 1 daughter. 

(1) Pirn Nevins Compton, born at Islington 13th April, 1S39; married 5th 
June, 1S62, Catherine McAulay, and died in British Columbia 9th August, 
1879, leaving a son and 2 daughters: 

(1) John Nevins Compton, born 6th May, 1865, died at Hong Kong 
15th December, 1885. 

(2) Edith Compton, born January, 186S. 

(3) Miliver Compton, born 1S70. 

(2) Townsend Samuel Compton, born 13th January, 1841, died at Enfield 
1 ith March, 1854. 

(3) Mary Compton, born 7th February, 1S46; married to Henry Seaton, 
and has a son and several daughters in British Columbia. 

(2) John Townsend Compton, born in the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, 
31st December, 1 8 14, died at Geelong, Australia, September, 1856; married at 
Winchelsea, Jane, daughter of Kennard, and has 2 sons and a 
daughter, all in California : 

(1) Ambrose Compton, born 24th November, 1848 ; married at Los Angelos 
California, Martha Turner, of Reading, and has issue. 

(2) Charles James Compton, born 24th April, 1852. 

(3) Agnes Compton, born 24th December, 1844; married to Thomas 
Nevins Hunt, and has issue, all in California. 

(3) Theodore Compton, of Winscombe, near Weston-super-Mare, born in the 
parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, 31st August, 1S16; married 1 6th August, 

Compton — Wilkinson — Graham. \ yg 

1848, Elizabeth, daughter of George Harrison, of Cartmell, and has 2 sons and 
2 daughters : 

(1) Edward Theodore Compton, of Feldafing, Bavaria, landscape painter, 
Member of Alpine Club, &c, born 29th July, 1849 ; married at Munich 
27th May, 1S72, Augusta Plotz, and has 2 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Alwyne Theodore Compton, born 12th September, 1874. 

(2) Edward Harrison Compton, born nth October, 1881. 

(3) Marion Auguste Natalie Compton, born 14th September, 1877. 

(4) Dora Elizabeth Compton, born 29th June, 1879. 

(5) Margaret Louise Compton, born 26th October, 1884. 

(2) William Cookworthy Compton, scholar Jesus Coll., Camb., 1873; B.A. 
1S77; M.A. 18S0; Assistant Master Uppingham School, 1880; born 23rd 
June, 1854; married 5th April, 1S77, Alice, 2nd daughter of Rev. Stenning 
Johnson, B.A., Rector of Eastergate, Chichester, and has a son and 
daughter : 

(1) Cuthred Compton, born at Uppingham 2nd July, 1884. 

(2) Ethelwyne Compton, born at Ramsgate iSth February, 1878. 

(3) Marian Elizabeth Compton, born 1 8th February, 1851. 

(4) Louisa Matilda Compton, born 7th January, 1853. 

(4) Ambrose Compton, born in the parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields, 15th 
October, 1818, died at Stoke Newington iSth January, 184S. 

(5) Matilda Compton, born in the parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields, 23rd 
July, 1820. 

(6) Agnes Compton, born in the parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields, 26th June 
1822 ; married at Stoke Newington 14th September, 1852, to Henry Broadhurst 
Wilkinson, and has had 2 sons and 5 daughters : 

(1) George Wilkinson, born 19th May, 1S60; married, and living in New 

(2) Henry Wilkinson, born April, 1866, lost at sea, 1884. 

(3) Maud Mary Wilkinson, born 16th June, 1S53; married 14th August, 
1872, to John Joseph Graham of Manchester, and has had 2 sons and 3 
daughters : 

(1) Ronald Graham, born 1st April, 1879, died 2nd August, 1884. 

(2) John Tulk Graham, born 1st November, 1880. 

(3) Maude Graham, born 21st November, 1S73. 

(4) Edith Tulk Graham, born 27th July, 1S77. 

(5) Dorothy Graham, born 17th July, 18S6. 

(4) Lissie Ellen Wilkinson, born nth March, 1S55. 

(5) Agnes Laura Wilkinson, born 28th October, 1856; married at 

I 8 o Birchall of Bowden Hall, Co. Glouc. 

Chester, 21st December, 1885, to Thomas Walmsley Price, of Chester. 

(6) Edith Gertrude Wilkinson, born iSth July, 1S58. 

(7) Anne Wilkinson, born 19th January, 1S62. 

(7) Eliza Maria Compton, born in the parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields, 

2nd September, 1S24. 
(9d) Charlotte Nevins, born at Hunslet, near Leeds, 1 6th July, 1790, died at Port 
Hope, Upper Canada, November, 1822; married about 1S17, to Charles Fothergill, 
of York, and had 2 sons : 

(1) Charles Forbes Fothergill, born at Leeds 22nd February, 1813, died unm. 

(2) George Alexander Fothergill, had 3 sons, and a daughter married to 
McMurtrie, and has a family in Canada. 

(10d) Maria Nevins, born at Larchfield, near Leeds, 23rd August, 1793, died 
(7a) Anna Jowitt (youngest child of John and Ann, see page 167), born 1765, iii. 14, died 
at , 1793; married at Leeds 6th June, 1785, to Samuel 

Birchall, of Leeds (son of Caleb Birchall, of Stockport, Cheshire) ; he was born at 

1 761, and died at Leeds, 1S14 ; having had 3 sons and 2 daughters (e) : 
(1e) Samuel Jowitt Birchall, of Leeds, woolstapler, born at Hunslet 28th February, 
1788, died at Leeds Sth January, 1S54 ; married, 1st, at Manchester, 
Maria, daughter of Joseph Atkinson, of Cross, Cheshire ; she died at Leeds, 
having had a son and daughter : 

(1) Samuel Birchall, born at Leeds 23rd November, 1S1S, died s.p. 1 6th 
January, 1864; married at Slaidburn, Yorks., Mary King Bleazard, who died in 

(2) Eliza Sibson Birchall, 

Mr. Samuel Jowitt Birchall (1e) married 2ndly, at Peckham, 15th February, 1827, 
Sophia Jane, elder daughter and co-heiress of John Dearman, of Champion Hill, Surrey; 
she died 6th September, 1837, having had 2 sons and a daughter: 

(3) John Dearman Birchall, of Bowden Hall, Co. Glouc, J. P., born 6th August, 
1828; married 1st, 21st April, 1861, Clara Jane, eldest daughter of late William 
Leigh Brooke, of Meltham Hall, Yorks. (by his 1st wife, Charlotte, daughter of 
Joseph Armitage, Esq., of Milnsbridge) ; she died 4th March, 1863, leaving an 
only daughter : 

(1) Clara Sophia Birchall, born 3rd April, 1862. 
Mr. John D. Birchall married 2ndly, 22nd January, 1873, Emily, daughter 
of John Jowitt, of Leeds (see page 1S7) ; she died 2nd September, 1S84, having 
had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Dearman Birchall, born 26th September, 1875. 

(2) Arthur Percival Dearman Birchall, born 7th March, 1S77. 

(3) Edward Vivian Dearman Birchall, born 10th August, 1SS4. 

B ire hall of So. Yarra, Victoria. 

(4) Violet Emily Dearman Birchall, born 2nd October, 1878. 

(5) Constance Lindaraja Dearman Birchall, born 4th March, 1880. 

(4) Edward Birchall, of Inglemoor, Leeds, born at Leeds 26th July, 1S37. 

(5) Anna Sophia Birchall, married 28th June, 1S60, to William Atkinson, Esq., 
of Erwood House, Beckenham, Kent, and has had 6 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Bertram Atkinson, died young. 

(2) Herbert Dearman Atkinson. 

(3) Llewelyn Birchall Atkinson. 

(4) Claude William Atkinson. 

(5) Harold Waring Atkinson. 

(6) Ernest Cuthbert Atkinson. 

(7) Hilda Sophia Atkinson, died in 1871. 

(2e) Edwin Birchall, of Leeds, merchant, born at Hunslet 31st August, 1789, died at 
Bradford, August, 187S ; married at Dublin, 30th August, 1S16, Eliza, daughter 
of William Harding, of Dublin ; she died at Bradford 12th November, 1867, having 
had 4 sons and 3 daughters (r) : 

(If) William Harding Birchall, of South Yarra, Victoria, sometime of Leeds, 
stuff merchant, born at Leeds 14th September, 1S17 died in London; married 
at Stockton-on-Tees 24th October, 1S51, Lucy, daughter of Samuel Hutchinson, 
and has 3 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Francis William B,rchall, born at Burley Grange, near Leeds, iSth July, 
1847 ; married 

(2) Walter Henry Birchall, born at Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, nth 
November, 1856, died in 18S9. 

(3) Laurence Cecil Birchall, born at South Yarra, Victoria, 26th July, 1S59. 

(4) Lucy Hannah Birchall, born at Leeds 15th December, 1842, died 

; married at Melbourne to James Donald Bruce, of 
Assam, who died, leaving a son and daughter : 

(1) Cecil Alexander William Bruce. 

(2) Mary Eleanor Bruce. 

(5) Eleanor Birchall, born at Camberwell 30th March, 1S44. 

(6) Anna Maria Birchall, born at Burley, near Leeds, 11th January, 1846; 

(7) Harriet Elizabeth Birchall, born at Deptford, 22nd November, 1S51 

(8) Wilhelmina Harding Birchall, born at St. Kilda, Victoria, 12th 
September, 1854. 

(9) Mary Emma Felicia Birchall, died unmarried. 

(2f) Edwin Birchall, of Leeds, stuff merchant, born at Leeds 3rd May, 1819, 

1 8 2 Birchall — Fennell. 

died at Douglas, Isle of Man, 2nd May, 18S4 ; married at Waterford, 1st July 
1S41, Hannah, daughter of Joseph Mason, of Waterford ; she died April, 1876 
having had 3 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Edwin Howard Birchall, of North Shields, born at Leeds 15th March, 

1846 ; married, and has issue. 

(2) Arthur Birchall, of Sunderland, born at Leeds 6th July, 1S47. 

(3) Oswald Birchall, born at Burley iSth August, 1849; married in Dublin, 
24th June, 1874, Lisa, only child of William Fetherstonhaugh, of Glenmore, 
Co. Mayo, Barrister-at-law, King's Inns, Dublin (see " Foster's Baronetage"), 
and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Kenneth Fetherstonhaugh Birchall, born 19th March, 1884. 

(2) Edith Kathleen, born 28th January, 1S77. 

(4) Diana Florence Birchall, of Liverpool, born in Dublin 17th October, 1852. 
(3f) Henry Birchall, born at Leeds 18th December, 1S21 ; married 1st at Berne, 
Switzerland, in September or October, 1851, Frederike Henriette Marie, 
daughter of Charles James Augustus Moller; she died 6th July, 1852, aged 24 ; 
their daughter, Henrietta Augusta, died 14th August, 1852, aged 2 months. He 
married 2ndly, at Bogota, United States of Columbia, Maria, daughter of Dr. 
Blagborne, of Bogota, and has a daughter : 

Beatrice Merc£de, born 24th August, 1866. 
(4f) Charles Birchall, of Reddish, near Stockport, born at Leeds 26th October, 
1824; married at Edinburgh, 15th November, 1857, Hester, daughter of George 
Wrangham Snowdon, of London, and has 3 sons and a daughter. 

(1) Caleb Birchall, born at Sheffield 26th September, 1S5S, married and 
living at Vancouver. 

(2) Ernest Birchall, born at Sheffield, 1st December, i860, living at St. 
Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. 

(3) Harold Birchall, born at Heaton Chapel, near Manchester, 22nd 
February, 1S72. 

(4) Maude Mary Birchall, born at Manchester, 2nd August, 1862. 

(5f) Susanna Maria Birchall, born at Leeds 1 6th August, 1S20; married at Leeds 
16th June, 1841, to William Willcocks Fennell, of Leeds, stuff merchant; he 
died at Southport, 1 6th March, 1890, having had 7 sons and 4 daughters: 

(1) William Edward Fennell, born at Leeds 21st February, 1842, died 
unmarried, 26th July, 1867. 

(2) Theodore Fennell, M.R.C.S.E. and L.S.A. 1865, born at Leeds 1 6th 


Fennell— Ridsdale — Hastings. i g 3 

May, 1844; married at Rainhill 30th June 1873, Charlotte, eldest daughter 
of William Nevins Bell, of Oaklands, Rainhill, and has 4 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Thomas Llewellyn Fennell, born 31st July, 1874. 

(2) William Whately Fennell, born 7th March 1S76. 

(3) Roger Charles Bell Fennell, born 4th June, 18S6. 

(4) Henry Reginald Phelps Fennell, born 31st October, 18S6, 

(5) Constance Theodora Fennell, born 24th October, 1884. 

(3) Charles George Fennell, born at Leeds 8th September, 1847; died 
unmarried, 2nd April, 1873. 

(4) Henry Reginald Fennell, born at Rainhill, near Prescot, 2nd June 
1857, died 26th October, 1880. 

(5) George Frederick Fennell, born at Rainhill 25th March, 1S62, died 
20th July, 18S2. 

(6) Edwin Octavius Fennell, born at Rainhill, 1st December, 1864, died 
7th February, 1881. 

(7) Albert William Fennell, born at Rainhill, 12th March, 1S68, died 9th 
March, 1S70. 

(8) Caroline Elizabeth Fennell, born at Leeds 27th January, 1843 j married 
7th September, 1S65, to George Henry Ridsdale, of Rainhill, architect, who 
died 2 tst May, 1883, leaving a son and 2 daughters, all born at Rainhill. 

(1) Herbert Wheatley Ridsdale, born 2Sth March, 1S70. 

(2) Alice Ridsdale, born 25th September, 1866. 

(3) Edith Ridsdale, born 28th June, 186S. 

(9) Arabella Maria Fennell, born at Leeds, 1850, died 1 85 1 . 

(10) Helena Maria Fennell, born at Leeds 2nd April, 1S52, died 22nd 
January, 1870. 

(11) Henrietta Margaret Fennell, born at Rainhill 7th January, 1855, died 
3rd March, 1S73. 

(6k) Anna Birchall, born at Leeds 25th June, 1S23, died in London, 23rd March, 
1879; married at Headingley Church, Leeds, 24th April, 1850, to William 
Hastings, of Huddersfield, who died there 17th February, 1S75, having had 4 
sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Herbert Hastings, born 7th January, 1S54, died 5th September, 1S75. 

(2) William Hardinge Hastings, of Sidmouth, Solicitor, born 19th January, 
1856, married at Hilhead, Glasgow 14th April, 1SS7, Grace Leslie Taylor, 
and has a son : 

Leslie Hastings, Jborn 14th November, 1S88. 

(3) John Henry Hastings, born 9th March, 1S5S. 

(4) Edwin Birchall Hastings, born 14th March, 1S60. 

184 Birchall — Evans — Illingworth — Griffiths. 

(5) Edith Margaret Hastings, born 9th September, 185 1. 

(6) Mildred Hastings, born 12th July, 1866. 

(7f) Elizabeth Birchall, born at Leeds 7th June, 1827; married there 23rd 
October, 1852, to William Hill Evans, B.A. and B. Med., Dublin, 1850; 
D. Med. i860; L.R.C.S.I. 1S48; L.M. 1849; he died 14th November, 
1888, having had 6 sons and 5 daughters: 

(1) Samuel Edwin Evans, born 1 6th December, 1855, died 6th April, 1890, 

(2) William Evans, " Protector of Chinese, Penang," born 5th September. 

i860; married 17th April, 1890, Matilda, daughter of Turner, of 


(3) Llewellyn Birchall Evans, born 13th July, 1865, died nth August, 1875. 

(4) Charles Henry Evans, born nth, died 29th October, 1866. 

(5) Arthur Hill Evans, born 4th September, 1867, died 22nd May, 1868. 

(6) Hugh Evan Evans, born 21st May, 1S72, died iSth June 1872. 

(7) Charlotte Elizabeth Evans, born 1st August, 1853; married 29th Octo- 
ber, 1879, to Arthur Illingworth of Bradford, and has 3 daughters : 

Janet, Margaret, and Doris. 

(8) Amelia Mary Evans, born 13th July, 1857. 

(9) Alice Marion Evans, born 1st April, 1859; married 21st October, 
1880, to W. P. Griffiths, and has a son and 2 daughters, all born at Bradford ; 

(1) Ralph Griffiths, born 8th December, 18S2. 

(2) Marion Alice, born 19th July, 1S81. 

(3) Dorothy, born 1 6th April, 18S6. 

(10) Madeleine Evans, born Sth April, 1S63. 

(11) Elizabeth Harding Evans, born 29th May, 1869. 

(3e) AlfredjBirchall, of Leeds, merchant, born there ioth j December, 1 791, died at 
Manchester 13th October, 1853; married in London, Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Compton, of Spitalfields ; she died at Leeds 30th September, 1829, having had 3 sons 
and 4 daughters : 

(1) Alfred Compton Birchall, born at Leeds 17th June, 1S1S : married at Dar- 
lington 14th July, 1S41, Jane Anne, daughter of Nathaniel Plews ; she died at 
Ramsgate 28th October, 18S8. 

(2) Thomas Birchall, born at Leeds 20th November, 1S23. 

(3) Frederick Birchall, born at Leeds 12th June, 1828; married in Australia, 
and died Sth May, 1884. |_ lS 57- 

(4) Mary Anna Birchall, born at Leeds 9th December, 18 19, died 5th October, 

(5) Sarah Birchall, born at Leeds 7th July, 1S21 ; married 1st, at Leeds, in 1S44, 
to James Gregory, an Irishman; he died at Leeds, leaving a son, George 
Gregory; she re-married, about 1S51, to late Charles Grant Lawson,of Manchester. 

Eveleigh — Walker — Miller. I 8 5 

(6) Emma Birchall, born at Leeds 9th March, 1S26, died in 1830 or 1831. 

(7) Amelia Birchall, born at Leeds 29th September, 1829 ; married 1st, at 
Darlington 22nd July, 1S58, to William Fossick (2nd son of Samuel Fossick, 
of Wandsworth) ; he died at Norton, near Stockton, 17th September, 1S67, 
leaving a son : William Alfred, born at Norton 21st May, 1859, and died at 
Leeds 7th March, 1875 ; she re-married at Huddersfield 29th October, 1874, to 
Joseph Pitman, of Trowbridge. 

(4e) Maria Birchall, born at Hunslet 29th April, 17S6, died at Oak Hill, Prestwich, 
2 1st December, 1867 ; married at Leeds 16th September, 1S13, to Samuel Eveleigh, 
of Southwark, Surrey, hat manufacturer and furrier (son of William Eveleigh, 
of Worcester, corn factor) ; he died at Oak Hill, Prestwich, 19th February, 1857, 
having had a son and 3 daughters : 

(1) Samuel Birchall Eveleigh, of Oak Hill, Prestwich, co. Lane, born at South- 
wark 21st September, 181 6, died at Streatham, Surrey, 24th August, 1880; 
married at Cahir, co. Tipperary, Sarah Maria, daughter of George Fennell, of 
Cahir, and had 2 daughters. 

(1) Eliza Maria Eveleigh, born at Broughton, near Manchester, 6th July, 
1854; married 30th July, 1879, to George Walker, of Streatham, who died 
9th January, 1890. 

(2) Gertrude Eveleigh, born 31st October, 1S55, died 27th May, 1878; 
married nth July, 1877, as 1st wife, to Walter Edward Jowitt, of Man- 
chester (see page 168). 

(2) Anna Maria Eveleigh, born at Southwark 23rd February, 181 5, died at 
Prestwich, 2nd June, 1877. 

(3) Eliza Eveleigh, born at Southwark 30th August, 18 19. [following. 

(4) Lucy Eveleigh, born at Southwark 30th April, 1824, died there 23rd May 
(5t) Amelia Birchall, born at Leeds 12th November, 1790, died at Hensingham, near 
Whitehaven, 15th September, 1S66; married at Leeds 14th September, iS 1 5, to Isaac 
Miller, of Liverpool, merchant (son of George Miller, of Whitehaven, tanner) ; he 
died at Birkenhead, 9th March, 1845, having had 5 sons and 3 daughters: 

(1) George Miller, born at Liverpool 24th May, 1816, died in Canada, 23rd 
November, 1855. 

(2) Charles Birchall Miller, born at Liverpool 10th January, 1819, died at 
Liverpool 7th November, 1869; married at Walton-on-the-Hill, nth September, 
1845, Hannah, younger daughter of William Brown, of Liverpool, and has had 
4 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Charles Isaac Miller, born at West Derby, 3rd July, 1846, died at 
Liverpool 18th October, 1856. [August, 1S56. 

(2) Frederick William Miller, of Liverpool, solicitor, born there 29th 

A A 

I 8 6 "Jowitt of Churwell and Leeds. 

(3) Arthur Ernest Miller, born at Liverpool 7th April, 1859, died 24th 
March, 1S61. 

(4) Joseph Herbert Miller, born at Liverpool 17th March, 1S61. 

(5) Annie Amelia Miller, born at Anfiekl, near Liverpool, iSth May, 1848. 

(6) Caroline Mary Miller, born at Liverpool, 29th September, 1850. 

(7) Emily Maria Miller, born at Liverpool 5th January, 1S54; married to 
James Leighton Grant, of Aberdeen, and has issue. 

(3) Samuel Birchall Miller, born at Wavertree, co. Lane, 23rd July, 1820, died 
in Dublin 9th October, 1874, s.p. 

(4) Isaac Miller, born at Edge Hill, 27th January, died there in June, 1824. 

(5) William Edwin Miller, born at Edge Hill 15th April, died there 1 6th 
November, 1830. 

(6) Amelia Maria Miller, born at Edge Hill 23rd September, 1S22, died at 
Bradford, Yorks, 10th August, 1S68. [1826. 

(7) Sarah Ann Miller, born at Edge Hill, 15th March, 1825, died there Feb., 

(8) Anna Miller, born at Edge Hill 16th Oct., 1828, died there 31st March, 1831. 
^TOHN JOWITT, of Churwell in Batley, woolstapler, born 1750, vi. 4, died at 
-2I Leeds, 1S14; married at Gildersome 31st August, 1775, Susannah, only child of 
^■"^ Joseph Dickinson, of Adwalton-in-Birstal (see page 54); she was born there 1752, 
vi. 20, and died at Leeds, 1S20, having had 4 sons and 6 daughters: 

(1) John Jowitt, born at Churwell 8th August, 1776, died unmarried. 

(2) John Jowitt, born at Leeds 22nd July, 1782, died unmarried. 

(3) Richard Jowitt, born at Leeds 30th July, 1783, died unmarried. 

(4) Robert Jowitt, of whom presently. 

(5) Ann Jowitt, born at Leeds, 13th January, 1778, died there 1S37. 

(6) Elizabeth Jowitt, born at Leeds, 14th December, 1779, died at Manchester 18th April, 
1855 ; married at Leeds 27th July, 1S03, to Isaac Crewdson, of Manchester (4th son 
of Thomas) who died 8th May, 1844, having had a son and daughter (see p.p. 127-8). 

(7) Mary Jowitt, born at Leeds 10th February, 17S6, died at Kendal 2nd May, 1846; 
married at Leeds 14th April, 180S, to Isaac Wilson, of Kendal (2nd son of John and 
Sarah Wilson, see page 13) ; he died there 23rd December, 1844, having had 4 sons and 

(8) Susannah Jowitt, born at Leeds 26th May, 17S7. [4 daughters: 

(9) Rachel Jowitt, born at Leeds 5th May, 1 791, died 3rd July, 1826, having married at 
Leeds 12th October, 181 5, as 1st wife, to Joseph Crewdson, of Manchester (brother of 
Isaac Crewdson, named above); he died at Manchester in November, 1844, having had 
4 sons and 3 daughters (see page 129). 

(10) Hannah Jowitt, born at Leeds 28th March, 1793, died at Kendal 15th August, 1875 ; 
married at Leeds 12th October, 1S15, to William Wilson, of Kendal (2nd son of John and 
Sarah Wilson, see page 18) ; he died 5th August, 1840, having had 7 sons and 3 daughters. 

'Jowitt of Harehills, Leeds. 187 

"TT)OBERT JOWITT, of Leeds, born at Leeds 1784, vi. 24, died there 19th December, 
Y\ 1S62, having married at Kendal 8th February, 1S10, Rachel, daughter of Thomas 
* and Cicely Crewdson (see page 118). She was born at Kendal 1782, iii. 23/24, 
and died at Leeds 27th November, 1856, having had 2 sons and 5 daughters : 
(1) John Jowitt, J. P. for the West Riding of Yorkshire, born at Kendal 15th September, 
181 1, died at Harehills, Leeds, 30th December, 1888, having married at Kendal 5th May, 
1836, Deborah, daughter of Robert Benson and his wife Dorothy Braithwaite (see page 
10S). She was born at Kendal 10th September, 1813, and has a son and 5 daughters : 

(1) Robert Benson Jowitt, J. P. for the West Riding of Yorkshire, born at Leeds 24th 
May, 1839; married at Durham 6th September, 1865, Caroline, daughter of Samuel 
McCulloch, of Durham. She was born at Liverpool 6th January, 1844, and has 4 sons : 

(1) John Herbert Jowitt, born at Leeds 16th July, 1866. 

(2) Frederick McCulloch Jowitt, born at Leeds 26th April, 1868. 

(3) Robert Jowitt, born at Leeds, 15th December, 1S70. 

(4) Edward Maurice Jowitt, born at Leeds 26th September, 1874. 

(2) Susan Maria Jowitt, married to Theodore Howard (see page 195). 

(3) Rachel Elizabeth Jowitt, married to Theodore Crewdson (see page 130), and 
died rSth January, 1880. 

(4) Anna Dora Jowitt, married to David Howard (see page 195). 

(5) Emily Jowitt, born at Leeds 19th July, 1852, and died 2nd September, 1S84, 
having married 22nd January, 1S73, as 2nd wife, to John Dearman Birchall, of 
Bowden Hall, co. Gloucester (see page 180), and had issue. 

(6) Florence Jowitt, born at Leeds 26th January, 1S55; married 20th June, 1SS9, to 
Arthur Paine Baines, son of Frederick Baines, J. P., of Weetwood, Leeds. 

(2) Robert Crewdson Jowitt, born at Leeds 22'nd January, 1S21, and died unmarried, 
30th October, 1847. 

(3) Elizabeth Jowitt, born at Leeds 19th December, 18 12, died unmarried, 5th October, 

(4) Susannah Jowitt, born at Leeds 30th July, 18 14, and died unmarried 27th 
March, 1S59. 

(5) Rachel Jowitt, born at Leeds 20th April, 181 7; married to Andrew Reed, of 
Norwich, and died 20th October, 1S54, s.p. 

(6) Mary Ann Jowitt, born at Leeds 12th May, 1819; married to Edward 
Whitwell (see page 134). 

(7) Esther Maria Jowitt, born at Leeds 8th April, 1S25, died unmarried, 7th 
September, 1889. 

•♦• THG + DESCENT + OB •♦ 

Sampson Samuel Lloyd, Esq., 



15loot) Eogal 

of (ZEnglanD. 

Edward I., crowned I9=f Eleanor (1st wife), dau. of 
Aug. 1274, b. 17 June, 1239, Ferdinand III., King of 
d. 7 July, 1307. Castile, d. 27 Nov. 1290. 

Joan of Acre, d. 10 May,=pGilbert de Clare, Earl of 

1305 (2nd wife). I Gloucester and Hereford 

I (1st husband), d. 7 Dec. 1295. 

Eleanor, sister and co-h. of^Hugh le Despencer, sum. 
Gilbert de Clare, Earl of to parlt. ; declared traitor ; 
Gloucester, m. 1 May, 1306. hanged 29 Nov. 1326. 

Elizabeth Despencer=pSir Maurice Berkeley, sum. 
to parlt. 1362-1368. 

^Elizabeth, dau. and co-h. of 
1 Bluet, of Kagland, 

Sir James Berkeley, of Rag 
land, knt.,d. 13 June, 1409. 

Sir John ] 
I knt. 

James Berkeley, nephew and= 
heir male of Thomas, Lord j 
Berkeley ; he had sum. to 
parlt. 1421-1461, d. Nov. | 

Maurice Berkeley, 2nd son, : 
d. 1507. 

James Berkeley, of Thorn. =pSusan Waddall, widow, nee 
bury (3rd son). Veel. 

Sir Thomas Perrott, =fMary Berkeley, = Sir Thomas Jones, 
of Ilaroldstone, co. I elder dau. and 2nd husband. 
Pembroke (1st hus- | co-h. 
band). X 

continued aim*. 

=Isabel (2nd wife), widow of 
Henry Ferrers, son and 
heir of William, 5th Lord 
Ferrers, of Groby, dau. of 
Thomas Mowbray, Duke of 

"Isabel, dau. of Sir Philip 
Mead, of Bristol, d. 1517. 

continued from htlow. 

Sir Thomas Perrott (1st husbd.)=pMary Berkeley. 

Sir John Perrott, of Harold-=Anne (1st wife), dau. of Sir 
stone, K.B., lord-deputy Thomas Cheney, K.G. 
Ireland 1583, admiral of the=j=Jane Pollard (2nd wife), 
fleet, died in the Tower. 

Anne Perrott (1st wife)=fSir John Philipps, of Picton 
I Castle, Pembroke, bart., d. 
I 27 March, 1629. 

Olive Philipps (5th dau.)=pSampson Lort, of East- 
moor and Stackpole, co. 

Elizabeth Lort ( 1st wife), m.=j=Charles Lloyd, of Dolohran, 
II Nov. 1661, d. 7 Feb. I co. Montgomery, b. 9 Dec. 
16S5. 1637, d. 26th xi. month, 

Sampson Lloyd, of Birmii 
ham, b. 26 Feb. 1664, 
5 x. 1695, d. 3 i, 1724. 

Mary (2nd wife), dau. of 
Ambrose Crowley, of Stour- 
bridge, sister of Sir Am- 
brose Crowley, died 1st, ix. 
month, 1770, aged 93. 

Sarah (1st wife),=f=Sampson Lloyd,=pRachel (2nd wife), 

dau. of Richard 
Parkes, of Oaks- 
well Hall, co. 

of Birmingham, 

banker, b. 1699, 
d. 1779 (see pp. 
146, 155). 

Sampson Lloyd, of=f Rachel, dau. of Saml. 
Bordesley, co. War- I Barnes, of London, d. 
wick, d. 27 Dec. 1S07. 20 March, 1S14. 

dau. of Nehe 
Champion, of Bris- 
tol, 111. 1731, d. 

i 5 6).=j= 

Samuel, of=pRachel, da 

m. 1791, d. 

waite, of Ken- 

Richard, of Alfred, of Sarah, 

Allesley, co. Goldicote, co. Josh. Foster, 

Warwick (see Warwick (see of B: 

page 146). =j= page 148). =f= 

A A 

Elizabeth, r 

and Anne 

Charlotte, Catherine, 
to Thos. m. to George 

m. to W. Phelps, Esq. Birkbeck, 

P. Sum- 


toJohnBiddle. merfield. 

Geo. Braith-=pMary Dearm 
waite Lloyd 

el Lloyd, William (see Isaac, of Camp Theodore, Sampson, of Other 

(1st wife). of Wood Green p. 150).=;= Hill, near Bir- of London Wednesbury issue 

=MaryShipton (see p. 150).=]= ^ mingham (see (seep.151) (seep. 151). (seep. 

(2nd wife). A p. i 5 i).=j= j =j= 151). 

Braithwaite Lloyd, = Mary, dau. of J. Hutchin- 
baston, b. 1824. I son, m. 24 April, 1S51. 

b. 1794, d. 
1S57 (see p. 

Emma (ist wife). dau. = Sampson Samuel Lloyd, = Marie (2nd wife), dan. of Lt.- 
of S. Reeve, m. 1817, d. 1 of Dolobran Hall. I Gen. Menckhoff, of Prussia. 
1863. , I , 

John Henry Lloyd, b. 1855. 

el, = Jane E., dai 

m. I of Thoma 

I Lloyd, Esq. 

Ui.irles, b. 1869. 

Geo. Herbert, m. ist, 1872, Arthur, Emma M., m. Mary. 

Ann, dau. of T. Colmore, b. 1S55. 1872.toLt.-col. Priscilla, 
Esq. ,d. 1873 ; m.2ndly. 1877, Tohnstone,c.s.l.-" Adelaide, 

Amy, dau. of Hy. Chance, _ 1 , 

Esq., and has. with others, Richard, b. 1874. Emma, 

a son, Herbert (see op|.o- Edward, b. 1871. b. 1870. 

:I L., m. Alice E.,m.i8 7 6, 
o 1 leannan to Rev. J. H. 
n, Esq.= Gibbon, M.A.=