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Full text of "The peerage, baronetage, and knightage of the British Empire : for 1882"

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•^r \ 


°^ OCT 2? 1965 

Sk §ritlslt topB 


for 1882- 






NICHOLS AND SONS, 25, Parliamekt Street. 
CHAPMAN AND HALL, Limited, 11, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. 






IT is earnestly requested that notices of all Births, Deaths, 
and Marriages should be sent as soon as they occur; 
and all communications intended for the Editor should 
be addressed to The Editor of Foster's Peerage, &c., 
under cover to Messrs. Nichols and Sons, 25, Parlia- 
ment Street, Westminster, S.W. 


Introduction to Baronetage, i to iii 

The Baronetage of Ireland, v to viii 

Milne's List of Nova Scotia Baronets, ix to xxiii 

The Baronetage, i to 679 

Chaos, 681 to 696 

The Knightage, 697 to 749 

Companions of the various Orders of Knighthood, 750 to 769 


Names of Peerages and the word Bart, in parentheses are cross-references to denote that the pedigree 
or a notice of the person whose name immediately precedes it will be found under the Peerage referred 
to or under the Baronetage of the same name. 

adm admiral. 

adv.-gen Advocate-General. 

A.D.C Aide-de-Camp. 

A.Q.M.o Assistant-Quartermaster-General. 

B.C.8 Bengal Civil Service. 

BO. C.S Bombay Civil Service. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.M. or M.B. ... Bachelor of Medicine. 

B.s.c Bengal Staff Corps 

BO. s.c Bombay Staff Corps. 

b born. 

bp baptized. 

bd buried. 

barr Barrister. 

C.B Companion of the Bath. 

C.I Companion Imperial Order of 

Crown of India. 

c.i.E Companion of the Order of the 

Indian Empire. 

C.J Chief Justice. 

c.M.G Companion of St. Michael and 

St. George. 

C.S.I Companion of the Star of India. 

comm.-gen Commissary-General. 

d died. 

dan. or dans. ... Daughter or daughters. 

. Deputy-Advocate-General. 
. Deputy - Assistant - Commissary- 
. Deputy- Assistant -Quartermaster- 
. Deputy-Quartermaster-General. 

D.L Deputy-Lieutenant county. 

D.C.L. or LL.D... Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

E.I.C.S East India Civil Service. 

ext extinct. 

F.O.S Fellow of the Geological Society. 

F.M Field Marshal. 

F.B.A.S Fellow of the Royal Astronomical 


F.R.c.P Fellow of the Royal College of 


F.R.G.s Fellow of the Royal Geographical 


F.R.S Fellow of the Royal Society. 

F.S.A Fellow of Society of Antiquaries. 

F.s.s Fellow of the Statistical Society. 

G.C.B Knight Grand Cross of the Bath 

G.C.H Knight Grand Cross of the Hano- 
verian Guelphic Order. 

G.C.M.G Knight Grand Cross of St. Michael 

and St. George. 

G.C.S.I Knight Grand Cross of the Star 

of India, 
heir pres heir presumptive. 


D.A.C.G. . 


D.Q.M.G. . 

(hon.) Honourable by right of oflBce. 

hon Honourable. 

h heir. 

h. p half pay. 

H.B.H His or Her Royal Highness. 

j.p County Magistrate. 

j.u in right of his wife. 

K.B Knight of the Bath. 

K.c.B Knight Commander of the Bath. 

K.c.H Knight Commander of the Hano- 
verian Guelphic Order. 

K.c.M.G KnightCommander of St. Michael 

and St. George. 

K.G Knight of the Garter. 

K.H Knight of the Hanoverian 

Guelphic Order. 

K.c.s.l Knight Commander of the Star 

of India, 

K.p Knight of St. Patrick. 

K.T Knight of The Thistle. 

lieut. or It Lieutenant. 

lieut.-col Lieutenant-Colonel 

M.A Master of Arts. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.c.s Madras Civil Service. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

M.p Member of Parliament. 

m married. 

miL sec Military Secretary. 

M.L.A Member Legislative Assembly. 

M.L.c Member Legislative Council. 

M.R Master of the Rolls. 

M.s.c Madras Staff Corps. 

Mus.D Doctor of Music. 

N.I Native Infantry. 

p.C Privy Councillor. 

Q.c Queen's CounseL 

Q.M.G Quartermaster-General. 

R.A Royal Artillery. 

R.C Roman Catholic. 

R.B Royal Engineers. 

R.H.A Royal Horse Artillery. 

R.M Royal Marines. 

R.N Royal Navy. 

s succeeded. 

s. p without issue. 

s. p. 1 without legitimate issue. 

s. p. s without surviving issue. 

unm unmarried. 

v.A Royal Order of Victoria and 


V.C Victoria Cross. 

v.P Vice-President. 

v.p in the life of his father 

w. d will dated. 

w. p will proved. 


K.A.N St. Alexander Newski in Russia. 

K.B.E Black Eagle in Prussia. 

K.p St. Ferdinand in Spain. 

K.G.F Golden Fleece in Spain. 

K.L Leopold of Belgium. 

K.L.H Legion of Honour. 

M Medjidie. 

K.M Knight of Malta. 


Maria Theresa in Austria. 


Redeemer of Greece. 


St. Ferdinand and Merit in Sicily. 


Lion and Sun in Persia. 


St. Waldemar in Russia. 


Tower and Sword in Portugal. 


Elephant in Denmark. 


^^^^^A HE JVIinor Barons lost their right of individual summons to Parliament 
^^S^^\ in the reign of King John, and the title of Baronet is said to have been 
^Mw^m frequently applied to them, but it did not receive its present meaning 
^H ■ until the reign of James I. when the creation of a new dignity was 
^^^^^^ used as a means of supplying the financial requirements of the Crown. 
Sir Thomas Shirley, of Wiston, is said to have been the author of 
"the devise for making of Baronets;" he died Oct. 1612, shortly after the institution 
of the Order, and on 21 Jan. 1615, his son and namesake made a claim on account 
of his father's services in this respect. Sir Oliver Lambert having reduced the pro- 
vince of Ulster in Ireland, the King, desiring to retain it in subjection and to encourage 
plantations therein by the English, as well as to recruit his treasury, instituted 
the hereditary dignity of a Baronet 11-22 May, 1611, to be bestowed on knights 
and esquires, who were to be " Men of quality, state of living, and good reputation 

worthy of the same, at the least descended of a grandfather by the father's 

side that bore arms, and (who) had also a certain yearly revenue in lands of inheritance 
of possession one thousand pounds per annum de claro, or lands of the old rent, as 
good in account as one thousand pounds per annum of improved rents, or at the least 
two parts in three to be divided of lands to the said values in possession, and the other 
third part in reversion, expectant upon one life only, holding by dower or in jointure." 
Each stipulated to maintain thirty foot-soldiers in Ireland at 8d. per diem for three years, 
and to pay the first year's wages into the exchequer at one payment upon passing their 
patents. The original documents and form of patent are given in the second part of 
Selden's Titles of Honour. 

The precedence assigned to Baronets was before all Knights Bannerets,* except those 
made by the King himself or the Prince of Wales under the Eoyal banner on the field of 
battle, and next after the younger sons of viscounts and barons. The badge (arg. a sinister 
hand erect open and couped at the wrist gu., being the arms of the province of Ulster) was 
granted by royal decree 28 May, 1612, to be borne in a canton or escutcheon on their 
coats of arms ; and in the same year King James knighted the heirs apparent of all 
existing baronets, and ordained that their eldest sons should be knighted upon attaining 
their majority; but this clause is now omitted from the patents. 

* Col. John Smith, who recovered the Koyal Standard at Edge Hill, 23 Oct. 1642, seems to have 
been the last English knight banneret. 



The Order, with the same qiialifications, privileges, and badge, was extended to Ireland 
30 Sept. 1619, but no creation has taken place since that of Sir Jonah Denny Whed^ 

Cuflfe, 1 Oct. 1799. 

The Scottish Order of Knights Baronets originated in the project for the coloniiii- 
tion of a part of North America. King James granted a charter of the Barony of 
New Scotland to Sir William Alexander, afterwards Earl of Stirling, 10 Sept. 1621, 
and by his request granted a charter of the Barony of Galloway in New Scotland to Sir 
Robert Gordon of Lochinvar, 8 Nov. following. A proclamation issued by the Scottisb 
Privy Council, dated 30 Nov. 1624, in accordance with a letter from the King, 18 Oct. 
preceding, announcing the King's resolution to create one hundred baronets, and requested 
that the intended recipients of the honour should appear before the Council to record 
their names. The King died 27 March following. Charles I. within three months of his 
accession confirmed the charters of King James, and also created Sir Robert Gordon, 
2nd son of Alexander, Earl of Sutherland, premier Baronet by charter 28 May, 1625, 
with remainder to his heirs male whomsoever. 

A warrant of the King, dated 17 Nov. 1629, authorised the following cognizance 
of the Order to be worn round the neck, namely, an orange tawny silk ribbon, whereon 
should be pendent, in an escutcheon arg. a saltire az., thereon an inescutcheon of the arms 
of Scotland; above the escutcheon an imperial crown, and encircled with the motto " Fax 
mentis honestae gloria." 

Nova Scotia was nominally divided into baronies with an allotment of land to each, 
and Sir William was empowered in the terms of his charter to dispose of them, with 
the hereditary dignitary, to persons of rank and distinction upon payment of a stipulated 
sum. The number was not to exceed one hundred and fifty, and the sum payable by each 
was 3,000 marks (equivalent to £166 13s. 4tZ.); of this one-third was to be appropriated 
by Sir William, and the remainder he covenanted to expend in " setting forth a colonic of 
men, furnished with necessarie provision, to be planted by him, his aires or their deputies, 
within the said country and dominion of New Scotland, be the advyse of the said Sir 
Robert Gordon and the remanent Baronetts of .Scotland, adventurers in the plantation of 
the same." This instrument is dated at Loiidon 4 June, 1625. Every baronet was to 
have " heritably disponed unto him six thousand good and sufficient acres of Nova Scotia 
ground at 6(7. per acre." The precept for a charter to each knight baronet was granted 
in the name of Sir William Alexander, who surrendered to the crown the respective pro- 
portions of the said lordship of New Scotland, to be attached to the baronetcy, with al} 
the privileges of regality, &c. 

Sir William Alexander was appointed Lieutenant and Admiral of New Scotland, b|9l 
without any obligation of personal service, and there is no evidence to show that he ercpr 
set foot on the soil, though his son, Sir William, was there in 1629 ; and further th? 
original patentees were entirely free from personal seiTice, inasmuch as they were allowed 
to take possession of their transatlantic temtory by deed of infeftment within the walls 
of Edinburgh Castle. Thus it would seem that more efforts were made for the creation 
of the knights baronets than for the enforcement on the undertakers of the original 
scheme of colonization, until the whole matter degenerated into an easy method of raisin|[ 
money by the sale of hereditaiy titles. About 1630 Sir William himself transferred fpr 
a valuaVjle consideration to Claude St. Estienne, Seigneur de la Tour, a French Huguenot, 
the whole of his territorial rights and possessions of Nova Scotia, still to remain subject io 
the Crown of Scotland, Port Royal excepted, which arrangement was confiraied by tie 
King of France. No creations have been made since 1707. 

The Baronets possess no political privileges as a body, and, consequently, no such 
means are provided as in the case of the Peers for ascertaining their succession. In 
ordinary cases no doubts occur, but when the heir is only to be found by reverting to the 


patentee or an early successor, probably a person living in the seventeenth century, or when 
a family is resident abroad, it is manifest that some legal means of ascertaining the validity 
of claims to such honours is urgently required. 

A royal warrant dated 3 Dec. 1783, rendered it necessary for each newly-designated 
Baronet to enter his arms and pedigree in the College of Arms before his patent could be 
completed and his name appear in the Gazette. This warrant also pi-ovided that Baronets 
succeeding under patents of an earlier date should also be compelled to record their 
descent ; unfortunately for the order, this clause was rescinded by royal warrant 28 Feb. 
1785, for, hadlt been still in force, it would have been possible ere this to have given an official 
coup de grace to all soi-disant Baronets. As matters now stand the Crown is without a 
tribunal authorised to decide upon such claims as those which appear in the supplemental 
collection entitled " Chaos," 

The assumption of the dignity of a Baronet of Nova Scotia is sometimes supported by 
the inquest of a Scottish jury. But claims of this character involve the most difficult 
question of pedigree, and therefore a service of heirship by a jury, biassed in all probability 
by local influences in favour of an unopposed claimant, may easily be little more than a 
farce. It is difficult for the uninitiated even under the most favourable circumstances to 
follow the intricacies of descents such as Gordon of Letterfourie, Richardson of Pitfour, 
Moncrieffe of Tullibole, and many others, involving proof of the extinction of every 
possibly intermediate line for several centuries back? Such services at the best must always 
be received with the greatest caution. 

The editors of works on this subject cannot divest themselves of some share of 
responsibility in the matter ; it is true that the original causes of confusion are generally 
to be found in the varied remainders contained in the Patents of Nova Scotia Baronets, 
coupled with the absence of official registration; but it is the duty of an Editor to satisfy 
himself as to the jyrima facie validity of each title instead of leaving it to the penetration 
of his readers. In the absence of an authenticated pedigree these printed accounts do not 
make a man a Baronet, nor does an announcement in the public press ; neither on the other 
hand do the indirect acknowledgments which have in some cases been made, not only by a 
Lord Lyon and an Ulster king of arms, but also unwittingly in appointments to the 
public services. Such accidental acknowledgments can in no way be cited as confirming 
these honours, much less as conferring them ; if they did so, they would be a dii-ect 
encroachment on the royal prerogative. 

So far as my genealogical acumen has enabled me, I have excluded the more question- 
able assumptions from the main body of this work. These are to be found, as before stated, 
under the designation " Chaos " at the end of the Baronetage, accompanied by explanatory 
notes, including references to other doubtful pedigrees and obscure points ; it is however 
more than probable that there are weak points in some of the other titles, which I have not 

The list of Knights Baronets of Scotland, compiled by Kobert Milne, writer to the 
signet, in the early part of the last century,* is an important document for the history of 
that Order ; I have therefore published it m extenso. A Roll of the earlier Baronets has 
also been printed in a recent publication of the Bannatyne Club. I have used this list to 
complete that of Milne, and have added some remarks on the later history of the baronet- 
cies. By the aid of these lists and other authorities I have been able in some cases to 
correct the received accounts of the origin of these honours. 

* Robert Milne, the comj^iler of this list, registered his arms in the Lyon Office about 1672, and died 
- 1 Dec. 1747 aged, it is said, 105 years. 


From the institution of that order and degree of honour in the time of King James I. by letters under 

the privy signet bearing date at Apthorpe 30 July, and by letters patent at Dublin 

30 Sept. 1619, 17 Jac. I. (until 27 July, 1772). 

Note. — The term heirs male which is here fi'equently used is no doubt intended to mean issue male or 

heirs male of the body. 




Part I. p. 73. 

Alen, Thomas, Esq. (great-nephew to John Aleu, L.C), of St. 
Wolston's CO. Kildare ; privy seal, Westminster, May 12, 
1622; patent, Dublin, June, 7, 1622. Extinct 7 Mar. 1626. 

Annesley, Sir Francis, Knt. of Mount Norris, co. Armagh ; 
privy seal, Greenwich, June 26, 1620; patent, DubUn, Aug. 7, 

Arragh, Terence, alias Tirlagh M'Brian, Esq. of Dough Ar- 
ragh, CO. Tipperary ; privy seal, Westminster, April 15, 
1623; patent, Dublin, Feb. 28, 1623. Extinct. 

Aylmer, Sir Gerald, Knt. of Donadea, co. KUdare ; privy 
seal, Westminster, Dec. 10, 1621; patent, Dublin, Jan. 25, 

Barnewall, Patrick, Esq. of Crickstowne, co. Meath; privy 
seal, Westminster, May 11, 1622; patent, Dublin, Feb. 21, 

Barrett, WiUiam, Esq. of Castlemore, co. Cork ; privy seal, 
Hampton Court, July 4, 1665. Extinct ? 16 Feb. 1672 

Batb, Luke, Esq. of Athcarne, co. Meath ; privy seal, White- 
hall, Mar. 15, 1661 ; patent, Dublin, May 7, 1666. Extinct. 

Bayly, Edward, Esq. of Placenewyd, co. Anglesey, and Mount 
Bagenall, co. Louth ; privy seal, Windsor, June 16, 1730 ; 
patent, Dublin, July 4, 1730. 

Bellew, Patrick, Esq. of Barmeath, co. Louth ; privy seal; 
Whitehall, April 23, 1687 ; patent, DubUn, Dec. 11, 1688. 

Bellinghain, Sir Daniel, Knt. of Dublin (alderman) ; privy 
seal, Whitehall, Feb. 14, 1666 ; patent, Dublin, Mar. 18, 
1666. Extinct, June 1699. 

Beresford, Tristram, Esq. of Coleraine, co. Londonderry; privy 
seal, AVhitehall, Mar. 24 1664; patent, Dublin, May 5, 1665. 

Blackwood, Robert, Esq. of Ballyleiddy, co. Down ; privy 
seal, St. James's, AprU 19, 1763 ; patent, Dublin, July 1, 

Blake, Valentine, Esq. of Galway; privy seal, Westminster, 
May 11, 1622; patent, Dublin, July 10, 1622. 

Blundel, Sir Francis, Knt. (secretary for the affairs of Ire- 
land); privy seal, Broadlands in Hampshire, Aug. 27, 1620; 
patent, Dublin, Oct. 13, 1620. 

Blunden, John, Esq. of Kilkenny; privy seal, St. James's' 
Jan. 31, 1766; patent, Dublin, Mar. 12, 1766. 

Borrowes, Erasmus, Esq. of Grangemellon, co. Kildare; privy 
seal, Kagland, JiUy 7, 1644; patent, DubUn, Feb. 11, 1645. 

Boulen, Peter, Esq. a Dutch gentleman; privy seal, West- 
minster, Dec. 24, 1622; patent, Dublin, Feb. 14, 1622. 


Bourke, TJUick, Esq. of GUnske, co. Galway; privy seal, West- 
minster, June 27, 1628; patent, Dublin, Aug. 2, 1628. 

Bradstreet, Simon, Esq. (counsel! or-at-law), of DubUn ; 
privy seal, Kensington, June 26, 1759 ; patent, DubUn, 
July 14, 1759. 

Bramhall, Thomas, Esq. (son and heir of John, archbishop 
of Armagh) of BramhaU Hall, co. Meath; Privy seal. White- 
hall, April 2, 1662; patent, Dublin, May 31, 1662. Extinct. 

Brooke, Arthur, Esq. of Colebrooke, co. Fermanagh; privy 
seal, St. James's, Oct. 24, 1763 ; patent, DubUn Jan. 3, 

Browne, Richard, Esq. of Kishack, co. DubUn ; privy seal, 
Westminster, Jan. 17, 1621; patent, DubUn, Mar. 30, 1622. 


Browne, Valentine, Esq. of Mohaliffe, co. Kerry ; privy seal, 
Westminster, Deo. 21, 1621; patent, Dublin, Feb. 16, 1621. 

Bulkeley, Richard, Esq. of Dunlavan, co. Wicklow ; privy 
seal, Whitehall, Sept. 24, 1672 ; patent, Dublin, Dec. 9, 
1672. Extinct. 

Burdett, Thomas, Esq. of Dunmore, co. Carlow ; privy seal, 
St. James's, Dec. 31, 1722 ; patent, DubUn, July 11, 1723. 
To his heirs male, remainder to the heirs male of the 
body of Anne Weldon, his sister, wife to Walter Weldon, 
of Raheen, in the Queen's co. Esq. 

Burton, Sir Charles, Knt. of Dublin (alderman) ; privy seal, 
Kensington, Aug, 29, 1758, patent, Dublin, Oct. 2, 1758. 

Butler, Thomas, Esq. of Cloughgrenan, co. Carlow; privy 
seal, Southwick, Aug. 16, 1628. 

Butler, Walter, Esq. of Poulston, co. Kilkenny; privy seal, 
Oxford, April 19, 1643; patent, DubUn, July 8th, 1645. 


Byrne, Gregory, Esq. of Tymoge, Queen's co. ; privy seal, 
WhitehaU, Jan. 16, 1666 ; patent, Dublin, May 17, 1671. 

Caldwell, James, Esq. of Wells Burrow, co. Fermanagh ; 
privy seal, Windsor, April 30, 1683 ; patent, DubUn, June 
23, 1683. 

Cockley, Adam (Colclough), Esq. of Tinterne, co. Wexford ; 
privy seal, Westminster, July 21, 1628. Extinct. 

Cole, John, Esq. of Newland, co. Dublin ; privy seal, 'White- 
hall, Aug. 4, 1660 ; patent, DubUn, Jan. 23, 1660. E.xtinct. 

C olthur St , John, the younger, commonly called John Conway 
Coltliurst, Esq. of Ardrum, co. Cork; privy seal, Kensington, 
Jmie 28, 1744; patent, DubUn, Aug. 3, 1744. 

Connor, Charles, Esq. of SUgo, co. Sligo ; privy seal, West- 
minster, May 11, 1622. Extinct. 

Cooke, Samuel, Esq. of DubUn (alderman) ; privy seal, St. 
James's, Nov. 18, 1741 ; patent, Dublin, Dec. 28, 1741. 


Cooper, William, ll.d. of DubUn ; privy seal, Kensington, 
Sept. 15, 1758 ; patent, Dublin, Oct. 3, 1758. 

To his heirs male ; remainder to the heirs male of 
the body of his brother, Thomas Cooper, Esq. deceased. 


Coote, Sir Charles, Knt.; privy seal, Westminster, Jan. 24, 
1620 ; patent, Dublin, April 2, 1621. 

Cotter, James, Esq. of Rockforest, co. Cork ; privy seal, St. 
James's, April 19, 1763 ; patent, Dublin, Aug. 11, 1763. 

Courtney, George, Esq. of Newcastle, co. Limerick; privy 
seal, Westminster, Dec. 10, 1621 ; no patent. 

Cox , Sir Richard, L.C. of Dunmanway, co. Cork ; privy seal, 
Kensington, Oct. 17, 1706 ; patent, DubUn, Nov. 21, 1706. 

Crofton, Edward, Esq. of the Mote, co. Roscommon ; privy 
seal, Whitehall, March 30, 1661 ; patent, Dublin, July 1, 

Crofton, Marcus Lowther, Esq. of the Mote, co. Roscommon; 
privy seal, Kensington, May 24, 1758; patent, Dublin, June 
12, 1758. 

Crooke, Thomas, late Esq. (now Knt.), of Baltimore, co. 
Cork ; privy seal, Westminster, Mar. 6, 1623 ; patent, Dub- 
lin, April 19, 1624. Extinct. 



Crosbie, Sir Pierce, Knt. of Queen's co. Neither Kings 
letter nor patent is enrolled, but I suppose him (says 
Lodge) to have been created about this time. _ He is a 
Baronet of Nova Scotia. [See note in " CHAOS."] 

Dancer, Thomas, Esq. of Waterford ; privy seal, "Whitehall, 
Nuv. 20, 1661; patent, Dublin, Aug. 12, 1662. 

Deane, Sir Matthew, Knt. of Dromore, co. Corke ; privy seal, 
fet. James's, Jan. 14, 1709 ; patent, Dublin, Mar. 10, 1709. 

Domvile, Thomas, Esq. (Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper in 
Chancery) of Temple Oge, co. Dublin ; privy seal, White- 
haU, Dec. 6, 1686 ; patent, Dublin, Dec. 21, 1686. 

Dongan, Walter, Esq. of Castletowne, co. Kildare ; privy 
seal, Westminster, July 8, 1623 ; patent, Dublin, Oct. 23, 
1623. Extinct. 

Eaton, Simon, Esq. of Dunmoylin, co. Limerick ; privy seal, 
Whitehall, Dec. 21, 1681; patent, Dublin, Feb. 21, 1681. 


Ecblin, Sir Henry, knt. (baron of the Exchequer) of Dublin ; 

privy seal, Kensington, Aug. 7, 1721 ; patent, Dublin, Oct. 

17, 1721. 
Esmonde, Thomas, Esq. (afterwards Knt.) of Clonegall, co. 

Wexford ; privy seal, Southwick, Aug. 13, 1628 ; patent, 

DubUn, Jan. 28, 1628. 
Eustace, Maurice, Esq. of Castlemartin, co. Kildare ; privy 

seal, Windsor, Sept. 12, 1685 ; patent, Dublin, Dec. 23. 1685. 
Extinct, 13 April, 1703. 

Evans, William,Esq. of Kilkreene,co. city of Kilkenny ; privy 
seal, WhitehaU, Sept. 28, 1682 ; patent, Dublin, Feb. 19, 
1682. Extinct. 

Everard, Eichard, Esq. of BaUiboye, co. Tipperary ; privy 
seal, Westminster, Mar. 15, 1621 ; patent, Dublin, April 30 
1622. Extinct, Mar. 1739 

Fenton, Sir Maurice, Knt. of Mitchelstowne. co. Cork; privy 
seal, Whitehall, July 6, 1661 ; patent, Dublin, July 22, 1661. 
He had been created by Oliver Cromwell by privy seal, 
WhitehaU, May 25, 1658; patent, Dublin, July 14, 1658, 
with this preamble : " Whereas we having taken into 
our consideration the faithful services performed unto 
ns by our trusty and well beloved Maurice Fenton, Esq. 
we are now pleased to confer some such especial mark of 
our favour upon liim for the same, as shall not only be an 
honour to him during his own life, but descending by 
course of inheritance to his posterity, and that may give 
them cause seriously to imitate him in those virtuous 
courses for which he has found so gracious an acceptance 
in our sight," 1658. 

Fish, John, Esq. of Lissameon, co. Cavan ; privy seal, West- 
minster, Dec. 21, 1621 ; patent, Dublin, Feb. 12, 1621. 


Fitzgerald, Sir Edmond, knt. of Clenlish, co. Limerick; 
privy seal, Oxford, AprU 23, 1643 ; patent, DubUn, Feb. 8, 
1644. Extinct. 

Fitz-Harris, Edward, Esq. of KiUinan, co. Limerick ; privy 
seal, Westminster, Sept. 11, 1622 ; patent, Dublin, Nov. 4, 
1622. Extinct. 

Fownes, Sir William, Knt. of Dublin (Alderman); privy seal, 
Kensington, Aug. 7, 1724; patent, Dublin, Oct. 26, 1724. 

Freke, John, Esq. of Castle Freke, co. Cork; privy seal, St. 
James's, June 17, 1768; patent, Dublin, July 15, 1768. (See 
E. Cabbeky.) 

Gal way, Geffery, Esq. of Kallwollin, co. Limerick ; privy 
seal, Westminster, Mar. 6, 1623. Extinct. 

Gethin, Richanl, Esq. of Moyallow, co. Cork; privy seal, 
Hampton Court, July 7, 1665 ; patent, DubUn, Aug. 1, 1665. 

Gifiard, Thomas, Esq. of Castle Jordon, co. Meath ; patent, 
Westminster, Mar. 4, 1660. 

Gore, Bootli, Esq. of Artarman, co. Sligo ; privy seal, St. 

James's, Feb. 14, 1758 ; patent, Dublin, Aug. 30, 1760. 
Gore, Col. Arthur, of Newtfjwn, co. Mayo ; privy seal, 'White- 

liull, Nov. 26, 1661 ; patent, Dublin, April 10, 1662. 
Gore, Capt. Paule, of Sfagharabeg, co. Donegal ; privy seal 

WuKlsor, Sept. 8, 1621 ; patent, Dublin, Feb. 2, 1621. ' 

Hamilton, Hans, Esq. of Monella, co. Armagh ; privy seal 
W liitehall, Mar. 29, 1662 ; patent, Dublin, April 6, 1662. ' 

-, ... ,.. „ , „ E.xtinct. 

Hamilton, Su- Robert, Knt. of Mount Hamilton, co. Armagh • 
privy sial, Whitehall, Jan. 24, 1682; patent, Dublin Feb 
''-'• ^'"*2. Extinct. 

Hammam, John Dickson, Esq. of Woodhill, co. Cork (Hamon) ■ 
{•"^'''' S*- James's, July 21, 1727; patent, Dublin, Nov! 
'^'''^'- Extinct. 

Harbertt, Sir George, late Esq. now Knt. (Herbert) of Dor- 
rowe. King's co.; privy seal, Westminster, Mar. 31 1630- 
patent, Dublin, Dec. 4, 1630. Extinct! 

Hartstonge, Standish, Esq. (baron of the Exchequer), of 
Bruflfe, CO. Limerick ; privy seal, Whitehall, Feb. 28, 1680 ; 
patent, DubUn, April 20, 1681. 

Irvine, Gerard,Esq. of Lowtherstowne,co. Fermanagh; privy 
seal, ^Vhitehall, June 30, 1677 ; patent, Dublin, July 31, 
1677. Extinct. 

Johnston, Richard, Esq. of Gilford, co. Down; privy seal, 
St. James's, June 29, 1772; patent, DubUn, July 27, 1772. 

King, Robert, Esq. of Abbey-Boyle, co. Roscommon ; privy 
seal, Windsor, Aug. 21,1682 ; patent, Dublin, Sept. 27, 1682. 

Lake, Edward, I.L.D. of Camow, co. Wicklow ; privy seal, 
WhitehaU, June 18, 1661 ; patent, DubUn, July 10, 1661. 


Lane , Richard, Esq. of Tulske, co. Roscommon ; patent, 
Westminster, Feb. 9, 1660. Extinct. 

Langford, Hercules, Esq. of KiUmackevett, co. Antrim ; 
privy seal, Hampton Court, July 1, 1665 ; patent, Dublin, 
Aug. 19, 1667. Extinct. 

Leigh, Daniel, Esq. privy seal, Westminster, Dec. 10, 1621. 


Levinge, Sir Richard, Knt. (after C.J.C.P.) of DubUn; privy 
seal, Windsor, Aug. 14, 1704; patent, DubUn, Oct. 26. 1704. 

Loftus, Edward, Esq. of Mount Loftus, co. Kilkenny; privy 
seal, St. James's, June 17, 1768 ; patent, DubUn, July 16, 

Lynch, Henry, Esq. of Galway ; privy seal, Westminster, 
May 12, 1622 ; patent, DubUn, June 8, 1622. 

M'Donell, Alexander, Esq. of Moye, co. Antrim; privy seal, 
Southwick, June 20, 1627; patent, Dublin, Nov. 30, 1627. 

M'Mahon, Teige, Esq.; privy seal, Southwick, Aug. 15, 1628; 


Magrill, John, Esq. of GUI HaU, co. Downe; privy seal, White- 
haU, Sept. 30, 1680; patent, Dublin, Nov. 10, 1680. Extinct. 

Mag^rath, John, Esq.(*) of AUevoUan, co. Tipperary; privy 
seal, Southwick, Aug. 18, 1628 ; patent, Dublin, June 5, 
1629. Extinct. 

Maude, Robert, Esq. of Dunrlrum, co. Tipperary; privy seal, 
St. James's, Feb. 8, 1704; patent, DubUn, May 9, 1705. 

May, James, Esq. of Mayfield, co. Waterford; privy seal, St. 
James's, AprU 19, 1763; patent, DubUn, June 30, 1763. 

Meade, Sir John, Knt. of BalUntober, co. Cork; privy seal, 
St. James's, April 26, 1703; patent, Dublin, May 29, 1703. 

Meredith, WilUam, Esq. of GreenehiU, co. Kildare; patent, 
Dublin, Nov. 20, 1660. Extinct. 

Molyneux, Thomas, Esq. (state physician) of Dublin; privy 
seal, Windsor, June 16, 1730; patent, Dublin, July 4, 1730. 

Moore, Capt. Emanuel, of Eosscarbury, co. Cork; privy seal, 
Wiiulsor. May 14, 1681; patent, DubUn, June 29, 1681. 

Morres, John, Esq. of Knockagh, co. Tipperary ; privy seal, 
Westminster, April 30, 1630 ; patent, Dublin, Mar. 28, 
1631. Extinct. 

Morres, Sir William Evans, Knt. of co. Kilkenny; privy seal, 
St. James's, Mar. 29 1758; patent, Dublin, April 24, 1758. 

Newcomen, Sir Robert, Knt of Kenagh, co. Longford; privy 
seal, Westminster, April 10, 1623; patent, Dublin, Dec. 30, 

Norton, Gregory, Esq. of Cliarleton, co. Berks ; priw seal, 
Westminster, Feb. 20, 1623; patent, DubUn, AprU 27", 1624. 

Nugent, James, Esq. of Donore, co. Westmeath ; jirivy seal, 
St. James's, June 17, 1768 ; patent, Dublin, July 18, 1768. 
With limitation to the heirs male of his brother Peter 

Nugent, Thoma-s, Esq. (son and heir of Sir Christopher 
Nugent) of Moyrath, co. Westmeath ; privy seal, West- 
minster, Dec. 10, 1621 ; patent, DubUn, Jan. 14, 1621. 


O'Brien, Donough, Esq. of Leminnegh, co. Clare ; privy seal, 
Whitehall, Oct. 16, 1686 ; patent, Dublin, Nov. 9, 1686. 

O'Neile, Sir Henry, Knt.; privy seal, WhitehaU, Feb. 23, 1665. 

Osborne, Richard, Esq. of BaUintaylor, co. Tipperary; privy 
seal, WhitehaU, Mar. 27, 1628; patent, DubUn, Oct. 15 

(*) Magrath and Wilson were created upon the nomination, 
20 May, 1629, of Sir Frederick Hamilton, Knt. to whom, by the 
said privy seal, the King had granted a Ucence of making two 



Parnell, John, Esq. of Rathleague, Queen's County ; privy 
seal, St. James's, Sept. 25, 1766 ; patent, Dublin, Nov. 3, 

Parsons, Lawrence, Esq. of Parsonstown, King's Co.; privy 
seal, Whitehall, Nov. 23, 1677 ; patent, DubUn, Dec. 15, 

Parsons, Sir WiUiam, Knt. (surveyor-general); privy seal, 
Westminster, Oct. 10, 1620 ; patent,, Nov. 10, 1620. 

Percevall, John, Esq. (son and heir of Sir Philip PercevaU, 
Knt. deceased), of Burton, co. Cork; privv seal, Whitehall, 
Aug. 12, 1661 ; patent, Dublin, Sept. 9, 1661. 

Pierce (Piers), Henrv, Esq. of Tristemagh, co. Westmeath ; 
privv seal, Whitehall, Jan. 18, 1660 ; patent, Dublin, Feb. 
18, 1660. 

Pierce, Henry, Esq. (principal secretary to the l.d. Chiches- 
ter for 11 years), of Pierce Court, co. Cavan; privy seal, 
Westminster, June 6, 1622; patent, Dublin, June 21, 1622. 


Prendergast, Thomas, Esq.; no king's letter inroUed, nor 
did ever any patent pass. Extinct. 

Rawdon, Sir George, Kiit. of Moyra, co. Down ; patent, 
Westminster, May, 20, 1665. 

Reading, Robert, Esq. of Dublin ; priw seal, Windsor, Aug. 
11, 1675 ; patent, Dublin, Aug. 27, 1675. Extinct. 

Reynell, Sir Richard, Knt. (justice of king's bench), of Dub- 
lin ; privy seal, Whitehall, June 20, 1678 ; patent, Dublin, 
JiUy 27, 1678. Extinct. 

Ribton, Sir George, Knt. of Stillorgan, co. DubUn; privy 
seal, St. James's, April 2. 1760; patent, Dublin, April 21, 

St. George, Richard, Esq. of Athlone, co. Westmeath ; privy 
seal, St. James's, Jan. 31, 1766 ; patent, Dublin, March 12; 

Sandys, William, Esq. of Dublin ; privy seal, \MiitehaU, Nov. 
13, 1676 ; patent, Dublin, Dec. 21, 1676. Extinct. 

Sarsfield, Sir Dominick, Knt. (c.J.C.P.) of Carrickleamlery, 
CO. Cork ; privy seal, Apthorpe, July 30, 1619 ; patent, 
Dublin, Sept. 30, 1619. 

Shaen, Sir James, Knt. of Elmore, co. Roscommon ; privy 
seal, Stamp Court, July 27, 1662 ; patent, Dublin, Feb. 7, 
1662. Extinct. 

Somervell, Sir James, Knt.(t) of Dublin, alderman ; privy seal, 
St. James's, May 12, 1748 ; patent, Dublin, June 14, 1748. 

Southwell, Thomas, Esq. of Castlemartyr, co. Limerick ; 
privy seal, Whitehall, March 10, 1661 ; patent, Dublin, 
August 4, 1662. 

({) Irish genealogists erroneously ascribe the creation of this 
Baronetcy to Sir Quaile, son of Sir James SomervtUe. (See 
Athluniney, in Peerage.) 

Staples, Thomas, Esq. of Lisson, co. Tyrone; privy seal, 
Westminster, June 4, 1628 ; patent, Dublin, July 18, 1628. 

Steele, Richard, Esq. of DubUn ; privy seal, St. James's, 
Jan. 5, 1768 ; patent, Dublin, Feb. 12, 1768. 

Stewart, Sir WiUiam, Bart, of Ramelton, co. Donegal ; privy 
seal, Westminster, April 10, 1623 ; patent, Dublin. Mav 3 
1623. f , , ] , 

Style, aUas Styles, Sir Humphry, Knt. (one of the gentle- 
men of the privy chamber in ordinary); priw seal, West- 
minster, July 20, 1624 ; patent, DubUn, Sept. 13, 1624. 

Talbott, WilUam, Esq. of Carton, co. KUdare ; privy seal, 
Westminster, Dec. 16, 1622; patent, Dublin, Feb. 4, 1622. 


Taylor, Thomas, Esq. of Kells, co. Meath ; privy seal, St. 
James's, May 15, 1704; patent, Dublin, June 12, 1704. 

Trant, Patrick, Esq. of Portarlington, Queen's Co.; privy 
seal, Whitehall, May 22, 1686; patent, DubUn, July 29, 1686. 


Treswell, Col. Daniel; privy seal, WhitehaU, May 13, 1665; 
patent, DubUn, June 6, 1665. Extinct. 

Tuite, Oliver, Esq. of the Sonnagh, co. Westmeath ; privy 
seal, Westminster, May 12, 1622 ; patent, DubUn, June 16, 

Tufton , WiUiam, Esq. of Vintners, co. Kent ; privy seal, 
Westminster, Dec. 30, 1622 ; patent, Dublin, Jan. 18, 1622. 


Tyrrell, Edward, Esq. of Lynn, co. Westmeath; privy seal, 
WhitehaU, Mar. 18, 1685; patent, Dublin, May 20, 1686. To 
his heirs male, remainder to Edward TyrreU, his nephew, 
and his heirs male. Extinct. 

Vesey, Thomas. Esq. after bishop of Ossory (eldest son of 
John, archbishop of Tuam), of Abbey Leix, Queen's co.; 
privy seal, Kensington, July 13, 1698; patent, Dublin, Sept. 
28, 1698. 

Ward, Sir Robert, Knt. of KUlogh, co. Down; privy seal, 
WhitehaU, Oct. 31, 1682; patent, Dublin, Dec. 9, 1682. 


Willmott, Arthur. Esq.; privv seal, Westminster, Sept. 5, 
1621; patent, DubUn, Oct. 1, 1621. Extinct. 

Wilson, John, Esq.(*) of KUlenure, co. Donegal ; privy seal, 
South\rick, Aug. 18, 1628; patent, Dublin, July 2, 1629. 


Wolseley, Richard, Esq. of Mount Arran, co. Carlow ; privy 
seal, St. James's, Jan. 2, 1744 ; patent, DubUn, Jan. 19, 

Yorke, WiUiam, Esq. (C.j.c.P.) of DubUn ; privy seal, St. 
James's, Mar. 20, 1761; patent, Dublin, April 13, 1761. 

(*) See note previous page. 



Barry, Edward, of Dublin, 6 July, 1775. 

Blaqniere, Sir John, k.b. 6 July, 1784. (Lordde Blaquiere.) 

Bond, James, of Coolamber, co. Longford, 21 Jan. 1794. 

Brabazon, Anthony, of New Park, co. Mayo, 10 Nov. 1797. 

Extinct 1840. 

Browne, John Edmond, of Palmerston, co. Mayo, 10 Nov. 

De Bur go, Richard, of Castle Connell, co. Limerick, 16 June, 
1785. Extinct. 

Burke, Thomas, of Marble HiU, co. Galway, 10 Nov. 1797. 

Garden, John Craven, of Templemore, co. Tipperary, 31 Aug. 

Cbapnian, Benjamin, of St. Lucy, co. Westmeath, 10 Feb. 

Chinnery, Broderic, of Ann's Grove, co. Cork, 22 Jan. 1799. 

Extinct 20 Aug. 1868. 

Cromie, Michael, of Stacumine, co. Kildare, 25 June, 1776. 

Extinct 1841. 

Denny, Barry, of Castle Moyle, co. Kerry, 9 Oct. 1781. 

Falkiner, Riggs, of Annmount, co. Cork, 24 Aug. 1778. 

Fetherston, Thomas, of Ardagh, co. Longford, 26 June, 1776. 

Flood, Frederick, of Newton Ormond, co. Kilkenny, 3 June, 
1780. Extinct 1 Feb. 1824. 

Foster, Rev. Thomas, of Tullaghan, co. Monaghan, 15 Jan. 

French, Charles, of Castle French, co. Galway, 3 July, 1779 
(? 17 Aug.) (Lord de Freyne.) 


Gilman, Jobu St. Leger, of Cork, 22 Jan. 1799. Extinct 1815. 

Gleadowe-Newcomen, William, of Carrickglass, co. Long- 
ford, 9 Oct. 1781. Extinct 1826. 

Godft-ey, William, of Bushfield, co. Kerry, 17 June, 1785. 

Hamilton, Henry, of Manor Cunningham, co. Donegal, 23 
Jan. 1774. 

Hamilton, John Stuart, of Dunnamana, co. Tyrone, 2 Dec. 

Harvey, Robert Bateson, of Killoquin, co. Antrim, 26 Aug. 

Hayes, Samuel, of Drumboe Castle, co. Donegal, 27 Aug. 1789. 

Hill, Hugh, of Lomionderry, 3 July, 1779. 

Hoare, Joseph, of Annabella, co. Cork, 10 Dec. 1784. 

Hodson, Robert, of Hollybrook, co. Wicklow, 28 Aug. 1789. 

Hopkins, Francis, of Athboy Lodge, co. Meath, 3 July, 1795. 

Hnnt, Vere, of Curragh, co. Limerick, 4 Dec. 1784. 

Hutchinson, Francis, of Castle Sallagh, co. Wicklow, 11 Dec. 

Johnstone, John Allen, of Dublin, 22 Nov. 1774. 

Langrrishe, Hercules, of Knocktopher, co. Kilkenny, 28 Jan. 

Lawless, Nicholas, of Abington, co. Limerick, 28 June, 1776. 
(Lord Cloncurry.) 

Leslie, Edward, of Tarbert, co. Kerry, 3 Sept. 1787. Extinct. 
Lighton, Thomas, of MerviUe, co, Dublin, 1 Mar. 1791. 
Luinm, Francis, of Lummville, King's County, 22 Nov. 1774. 

Extinct 1 Mar. 1797. 

Macartney, John, of Lish, co. Armagh, 22 Jan. 1799. 
Mannix, Henry, of Richmond, co. Cork, 4 Sept. 1787. 

Massey, Hugh Dillon, of Doonas, co. Clare, 9 Oct. 1781. 

Extinct 28 Mar. 1842. 
Meredith, John, of Carlanstown, co. Meath, 3 July, 1795. 

Meredyth, Richard Gorges, of Catharine's Grove, co. Dublin. 
5 Sept. 1787. Extinct. 

Miller, John, of Ballicasey, co. Clare, 24 Aug. 1778. 

Musgrave, Richard, of Turin, co. Waterford, 2 Dec. 1782. 

Newport, John, of New Park, co. Kilkenny, 25 Aug. 1787. 

Nugent, Nicholas, of Dysert, co. Westmeath, 3 Dec. 1782. 

O'Donnell, Niel, of Newport, co. Mayo, 2 Dec. 1780. 
O'Reilly, Hugh, of Ballinlough, co. Westmeath,22 June, 1795. 

Palmer, Roger, of Castle Lacken, co. Mayo, 3 May, 1777. 
Paul, Joshua, of PaulviUe, co. Carlow, 20 Jan. 1794. 

Richardson, William, of Augher, co. Tyrone, 30 Aug. 1787. 
Roche, Boyle, of Fermoy, co. Cork, 30 Nov. 1782. Extinct. 

Shee, George, of Dunmore, co. Galway, 16 Dec. 1794. Extinct. 
Smith, Michael, of Newtown, King's co. 22 Jan. 1799. 
Smith, Skeffington,of Tinny Park, co. Wicklow, 27 June, 1776* 


Staunton, George Leonard, of Cargin, co. Galway, 31 Oct. 

1785. Extinct. 

Talbot, Charles Henry, of Belfast, co. Antrim, 31 Mar. 1790. 

Tottenham, John, of Tottenham Green, co. Wexford, 2 Dec. 
1780. (M. Ely.) 

Tydd, John, of Lamberton, Queen's co. 24 June, 1795. 


Des Voeux, Charles, of IndiviUe, Queen's co. 1 Sept. 1787. 

Waller, Robert, of Newport, co. Tipperary, 3 June, 1780. 

Warren, Robert, of Warren Court, co. Cork, 7 July, 1784. 

■Wheeler-Cuffe, Jonah Denny, of Kilkenny, 22 Jan. 1799. 

White-Jervis, John Jervis, of BaUy Ellis, co. Wexford, 10 
Nov. 1797. 

The following names are from Burke's " Extinct Baronetage ' 

Cairnes, Sir Alexander, of Monaghan, created a Baronet of 
England and Ireland by Q. Anne, 6 May, 1708. Le Neve 
states that he paid whole fees for the former and half for 
the latter. 

Hume, George, of co. Fermanagh, 1671. Extinct. 

Tynte, James Stratford, of Dunlaven, 1778. 




From a manuscript, by Robert Milne, preserved in ttie Advocates' Library, Edinburgh (32. 6. 6), 
supposed to have been taken from a list or book of accounts in the Exchequer, which perished with 
many other records in the fire that occurred in that office ; with additional entries from the "Roll of 
Baronets of Nova Scotia who had territorial grants from Sir William Alexander, Earl of Stirling." 
printed, with other documents relating to Nova Scotia, by the Bannatyne Club,^ 1867, and other 
sources. Several of these are included in the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland in H.M. 
General Register House, Edinburgh, and also in the "Register of Signatouris in the Office of 
ComptroUerie," but others, probably from not having paid the fees, seem not to have been 
registered. Some further particulars as to remainders have also been added from the patents as 
recorded, but all matter not in Milne's List is included in brackets. 

The entries to which the letter (S) is placed are included in the roll of Baronets of Nova Scotia printed 
bv the Bannatyne Club, and those marked by an asterisk appear in that roll only, and not in Milne's 
List. The names marked with a dagger ( f ) are not recorded in the " Registrum Preceptorum 
Cartarum pro Baronettis Novae Scotiae," 1625-30, deposited in the General Register House, Edm- 
burgh, or in the Great Seal Register ; those marked ( J ) are not in the Great Seal Register. 

iVoto.— These with the letters A. M. B., their Patents are only providit to the heires male of their owne 
bodyes, and these with the letters A. M. are providit to the heires male whatsoever. 

Nota etiam. — When a Patent is providit to heirs successive it imports heires female and heirs whatsoever. 

Date of Patent. 

12 July 1625 
1 January 1628 

27 July 1629 

28 July 1629 

28 November 

30 April 1666 
20 August 1666 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

Alexakder (X) 
Atchisox (t) 

Arkot (t) 


Ahannay (J) 


Abercrombie (t) 


William, of Menstrie. Sealed 
9 Sept. 1625. A.M. 

Sir Archibald, of Glencaime, 
Secretare. Sealed 8 Aug. 1631. 

MiCHAELL, of that ilk. Sealed 
9 July 1630. A.M. 

Patrick, of Lochnow. Sealed 
22 Feb. 1630. A.M. 

Robert, of Wrae. A.M.B. 

Robert, of Mochrum, Armigero, 
Esquire of the body ; only in ane 
old lisf^ 

Charles, of Aloa. A. M. B. 

Charles, Lord Lyon. A.M.B. 

Sir Alexander, of Birkenbog 


Earl of Stirling, extinct 4 Dec. 1739 

(Achesonof Monteagle— S.) Earl 

(S.) Fiar of Arnot, 27 July. Burke's 
Peerage, &c. 1837 (? extinct) 

(28 Jttne,of Agnew— S.) Baronetage 

(31 March 1630— S.) Hannay. See 
Burke'sPeerage, 1839. ? extinct. 

Earl of Rosslyn 

Ancestor of the Earls of Kellie, ex- 
tinct on the death of Methven , 
10th Earl and 9th Bart. 1829. 

(18 June 1636— S.) Baronetage 

21 April 1626 
28 July 1626 

[29 September 


Barr (* t) 


Sir Thomas, of Leys. 
12 June 1626. A.M. 


John, of TuUiallan. 
3 Feb. 1627. A.M. 



(S.) See Baronetage 

(Of Blackadder, 18th- S.) Left an 
onlydau. and heir Marriott, m. to 
Lawrence Oiiphant, of Condie 

(S.) A burgess of Glasgow 

» Sir Robert Hannay, of Mochrum, Knt 

and his heirs male whatsoever.— Register of Signatures, 31 March, 1630. 


Date of Patent. 

29 September 

[2 October 1628 

22 Decenaber 

[19 December 

[17 June 1636 

21 November 

17 February 

21 October 1668 

22 October 1668 

18 November 

28 July 1671 

4 February 

28 December 

16 February 

28 February 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

Bruce (f) 
Barrett (* J) 






William, of Stenhouse. Sealed 
10 August 1629 [A.M.] 

Edward, Lord Newburgh. Heirs 

James, of Denmill. A.M. 

Bingham (J) Captaine Henrie, of Castle Barr. 

The Patent is sealed 30 June 
1634. [A.M.] 

Bruce (J) Sir John, of Clackmannan; inane 

old list 

BouRK {%) Sir Myles, Viscount of Mayo, in 


BoURK {%) Theobald, son and heir of Vis- 

count Mayo 

BouRK (t) John, son and heir of the Lord 


BOLLES (* X) Maria, of Osburtone, in the 

county of Nottingham, widow, 
and her heirs male and assignees" 

Browne (* f ) I Johne, of Neale (Mayo)] 

Baillie Gideon, of Lochend. A.M. 


James, Armiger, in Insuala de 
Barbados. A. M. B. 

Sir William, of Balcaskie. 

SirKOBERTjOf Peirstoun. A.M.B. 

William, of Grub it. A. M. B. 

George, of the shyre of Fyfe. His 
father was minister of the Col- 
ledge Kirk of Edin"^. He was in 
service of Cassimor, King of Po- 
land, and was ane of his noble- 
men, and came to gi'eat riches. 

William, son to Lord Newbyth. 
A. M. B. 

Alexander, of Elsick. A.M.B. 

Patrick, of Colstoun. A. M. 

James,'' of Sauchtounhall ; the 
same day with Sir Kobert Dick- 
son, of Sornbeg. A.M. B. 

(26 June 1629-S.) Baronetage 

(S.) Chancellor of the E.xchequer 
1635 to 1642 ; d.s. p. 1644 

(S.) Lyon King of Armes. " Sir 
Patrick B., 8th Bart." Broun's 
Baronetage and Burke's Peerage, 
1852. (?) Dormant on the death 
of Sir Patrick Balfour, 8th Bart. 

(Co. Mayo, 7 June 1634— S.) 
Earl of Lucan 

See Pedigree Douglas Baronage, 
pp. 238-9 

Extinct peerage 

Theobald, son of Myles, 2nd Vis- 
count Mayo. Extinct peerage 

? same 

(S.) Extinct 

(S.) Baron Kilmaine 

(S.) His eldest son Sir James died 
before 1648, and his dau. Margaret 
m. 1 April 1677 to Sir John Col- 
quhoun, Bart, of Luss. She re-m. 
to Archibald Stirling, of Garden, 
and d. 20 July 1679 

Extinct on the death of his son, Sir 
John Brace, of Kinross, 2nd Bart. 


Extinct on the death of his grand- 
son, Sir John, 2nd Bart. 1746 

Baronetage. See Bannerman 

' Chaos' 


[a James is an error for Robert. See pedigree.] 

28 May 1625 

29 May 1625 

30 August 1625 

Campbell (J) 
Campbell (J) 



■ of Lundie, wes nixt Stra- 

quhan of Thorntoun, in Denmills 
list, bot is extinct. [A.M.] 

Duncan, of Glenurchie. Sealed 
30 June 1627 [A.M.] 

(John) of Luz. Sealed 20 October 
1625. A.M. 

(Sir Colin Campbell, of Lundie, 53 
Dec. 1 627— S.) 2nd son of Colin, 6th 
Earl of Argyll ; supposed extinct 

(S.) Earl of Breadalbane 

(Of Colquhoun— S.) Earl of Seafleld 


Date of Patent. 


Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

4 July 1627 
17 July 1627 

22 November 

24 January 1628 

[21 Feb. 1628 

Cunningham (J) 

Cunningham (X) 


Campbell (f) 
Cadell (* t)] 

15 Januaiy 1628 Campbell (J) 


25 November 

[18 June 1636 

20 February 

24 November 

21 September 

26 February 

23 March 1679 

24 March 1679 

5 November 

28 February 

3 February 

[8 April] 1703 
[29 April 1704 

[24 April 1630 

CURZON (* t) 










Crosbey (J) 

CORSBIB,Knt. (*$) 

SirDAVlDjof Auchinbervie. His 
patent is sealed only 22 April 
1634. [A.M.] 

William, of Cunninghamhead. 
Sealed 26 July 1627. [A.M.] 

Sir James, of "Westraw. Sealed 
4 Dec. 1632. He is designed the 
King's servant. A. M. 

Sir "Willia:\i, of Langtoun. 
Sealed 16 April 1629. [A.M.] 

Sir Dowgall, of Auchinbreak. 
Denmill sayes 12 January 1628. 
Sealed 23 December 1628. 

Sir Donald, of Ardnamurchan. 
Sealed 23 December 1628. 

of Kobertland. Sealed 
8 June 1631. [A.M.] 

John, of Kedlestone, in the 
county of Derby. Heirs Male.] 

David, fiar of Pittarrow; pro- 
vydit to aires male 

Sir James, son to Cults. A.M.B, 

Mr. John, of Lamburghtoun. 

Alexander, of Corshill. 

Colin, of Ardkinlass. A.M.B. 

John, of Pennycook. A.M.B. 
Sii- James, of Muirtoun. A.M. 

Alexander, of Culter. A.M. 

Sir David, of Millcraig, Advocat ; 
provydit to his heires successive 

James de eodem, now Lord Car- 
michaell, only in ane old list 

Hewgh, of Carletoun [A.M.] 

Sir Humphrey, of Luss, and his 
heirs of entail] 

Sir William, of Capringtoun; 
only in ane old list 

Sir Peircy; in ane old list 


Sir Piers Corsbie, Knt. one of 
the Privy Council in Ireland, 
and Walter Corsbie, of Cors- 
bie Park (Wicklow), and the 
heirs male of either.] 
* David Cunningham, of London, Baronet of Scotland, cr. Baronet (i.e. of England) 22 Jan. 1641/2, Walkey's List, 1G52. 


(23 Dec. 1633— S.) Extinct on the 
death of Sir James, 5th Bart, who 
did not assume the title. See 
Burke's Peerage, 1837* 

(Of Cunnuigham— S.) Extinct on the 
death of his grandson Sir William, 
3rd Bart. 1724 

(S). Cr. Lord Carmichael 27 Dec. 
1647. Dormant, if not extinct, on 
the death of Andrew, 6th Earl of 
Hyndford, 1817 

(Of Cockhurn, 21st— S.) Baronetage 

(Of New Auchinbreck, 12th— S.) 


(Of New Ardnamurchan, Hth— S.) 
See " Chaos" 

(David— S.) See "Chaos." Sir John, 
7th Bart, a member of the Com - 
mittee of the Order for Privileges^ 

(S.) Baron Scarsdale 

Earl of Southesk 

Said by Play fair, 1811, to be repre- 
sented by Sh- Chas. W. Chalmers, 
lieut. R.N. 

Baronetage. See Dick-Cunyngham 

Sir James Campbell, of Ardkinglass, 
last Bart. 


" Chaos " 

Supposed identical with Sir James 
C, cr. a Bart. 17 July 1627, men- 
tioned above. See "Senators of 

Earl of Seafield 

(? son of Mr. John C, of Lambrugh- 
ton.) See 1669 

Baronetage, and see " Chaos " (Sir 
Piers, one of the Privy Council 
in Ireland — S.) 

(S.) Rightly Crosbie. Baronetage 


Date of Patent. 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

Cbawfubd (t) 

Campbell (J) 

John, of Kilbirnie. Mr. Craw- 
furd, in his History of Renfrew, 
sayes he wes made a Barronet 
in anno 1642, and he is so de- 
signed in the Lyon Office 

Sir Colin, of Aberuchill, ane of 
the Lords of Session 


(14 May 1628— S.) Craufurd-PoUok. 
See "Chaos" 

(Sir James, 13 Dec. 1627— S.) Baro- 

(" Mr lohn Bannatln» Minister of Lanark, having taken charge of the sons of the Duchess of Hamilton, her grace procured 
^ " fofwm as a rewa d a warrant of this nature (i.e., blank patent of baronetcy) which he «ol<i,f *10« ^ ^-'^ Pt^bv" W 
CarmShael of Bonington, who was at once recognized as a baronet. The title was held without dispute by his 
SnS till they became extinct in the male line on the death of Sir William Carmichael-BalDle, of Lamington 
and Bonington, in July 1738."— Genealogist, vol. ii. p. 66.] 

30 May 1625 

2 June 1664 
13 October 1664 

11 April 1666 
7 June 1667 

26 February 

12 December 

7 November 

[31 January 

29 March 1694 

28 February 

29 January 

28 April 1698 Dalrymple 

29 April 1698 
10 April 1700 

21 December^ 













8 May 1701 Dalrymple 

Dick {%) 



Sir William, of Glenbervie. 

Sealed 18 August 1625. A.M. 
Sir James, of Stair. A.M.B. 
David, of Baldoon, provydit to 

his aires male and tailzie 

Robert, of Glennae. A.M.B. 

Alexander, of Newtoun. 

Sir James, of Kelhead. A.M.B. 

John de eodem. A.M.B. 

Captaine Thomas, of Binns, pro- 
vydit to his eldest son and heires 
male and tailzie succeiding him 
in estate of Binns 

William, of Westshiel. Heirs 

James, of Mochrum. A.M.B. 

Robert, of Sombeg, the same 
day with Sauchtonhall. A.M.B. 
[and other heirs successively] 

William, of Durn, the same 
day vrith Stewart of Coltness, 
provydit to heirs male of his 
body and their aires male for 

Mr, James, of Killock, as the Ancestor ofthe Earl of Stair 

(Of Douglas— S.) Extinct on the 
death ofthe 7th Baronet, 1812 

Created Earl of Stair 

Supposed extinct 

Ancestor of Earl Camwath 
Baronetage. See Don-Wauchope 

M. of Queensberry 

Sir Alexr. 4th Bart. Knight of St. 
Louis; in French army. (? extinct) 

" Chaos " 

Baronetage— Dunbar 

M.P. Edinburghshire 1702/7 

Baronetage— Dunbar 

Mr. Hewgh, of North Berwick 
president, as the last 

William, of Hemprigs, the 
same day with Samuell Forbes, 
of Foveran. [A.M.] 

Mr. David, of Hailles, provydit 
to his heires male successivie for 

William, of Braid, only in ane 
old list 

Mr. James, Yo"-, of Hemprigg (he 
is second son of the late Lord 
Doffus, and having married the 
only daughter of the above Sir 
William, of Hemprigs, assumes 
her surname), provydit to his 
aires male whatsoever 


" Chaos "—Dunbar of Northfield 

Cr. 8 May 1700, unclaimed since 
the death of Sir John Pringle Dal- 
rjTuple, 6th Bart. 17 Oct. 1829. 
See E. Stair 


Lord DuSfus. Dormant 



Date of Patent. 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 


22 March 1707 


Sir James, of Prestoimfield ; tail- 
zied to aires male of his body, 
then to the aires male of Janet 
Dick, his daughter, by Sir Wil- 
liam Cuningham, of Capring- 
toun, sub ij sdem conditionibus si- 
cuti dicto Sir James Dick terris 
suis de Presitumfield per talliam 
dictis terris hactenus factam per 
ilium succedere providentur 

(2 Mar. 1677, Sir James of Preston- 
field and Corstorphine— S.) See 
Baronetage, Dick-Cunyngham 

Davidson (J) 

Sir William, of CuiTehill, Bar- 
ronet in England 

"Sir Wm. Davidson, conservator of 
the Scots privileges of Campvere, 
cr. a Bart. 1661, but the title soon 
became extinct." Burke 

[28 December 

3 December 

19 April 1700 

2 December 

17 March 1625 
30 March 1626 

29 September 

20 April 1630 

17 February 

23 September 

15 October 1661 

30 March 1670 

2 August 1673 

10 April 1700 

30 November 

Erskine (♦ t)] 

Erskine (1666 bis) 



Elphingstoun (X) 


Forrester (|) 
Forbes (J) 







Frazer {%) 

Gilbert, of Stobs ; the same day 
with Bamffe Ramsay. A.M.B. 

Sir Gilbert, of Headshaw, 
Clerk of Council ; provydit to his 
heires male successivie for ever 

Master James, of Logic, generall 
receaver; for his pure zeall to 
King William's Government. 

;Master William, the King's 
Servant, brother to AVoodhead. 
His patent sealed 20 Jan. 1630. 


George, of Corstorphine, now 
Lord. Sealed 4 Dec. 1630. [A.M.] 

William, of MonjTuusk. Sealed 
2 May 1626. [Heirs male] 

Arthur, of Castleforbes. Sealed 
10 Oct. 1628. A.M. 

William, of Craigivar; no docu- 
ment before hot ane old list. 

John, of Salden, Buckingham, 


Archibald, Commissar of 
Glasgow. A.M.B. 

Sir John, of Ravilston. A.M.B. 

Alexander, younger, of Glen- 
farquhar. A.M.B. 

Alexander, of Doores ; provydit 
to whatsoever of his sons succeeds 
him in Barony of Doores and 
the aires male [of his body] 

Samuell, of Foveran; the same 
day with Dunbar, of Hemprigs. 

Mr. John, of Kilcarran; the same 
day w ith Lord of Pollock. A.M.B. 

Sir James, of CoUingtoun; his 
patent sealed 22 July 1634 

Alexander, of Philorth, is de- 
signed Barronet 15 March 1628, 
hot noe other document 


See Aerskin, ante 

Earl Minto 

? Dormant on the death of Sir John 
Elphinstone, 4th Bart, in 1743, 
aged 26 

(Of New Glasgow, 20 June 1628— S.) 
Knighted at Whitehall 3 Feb. 
1636,7, a Lord of Session in 1637, 
and sometime Justice General of 
Scotland, Cupbearer to His Ma- 
jesty ; d. s. p. ; bur. in Westmin- 
ster Abbey 10 Dec. 1645. See 
" Chaos " 

(Nov.— S ) Died 1654, leaving .5 daus. 

(Of Forbes, 30th— S.) Baronetage, F. 
of Pitsligo 

(Longford— S.) Earl of Granard 

(Of NewCraigievar— S.) Baronetage 

(S.) ? extinct, see Baron Clermont, 
extinct on the death of Sir Francis 
Fortescue, Bart, of Solsden, 1 1 
Nov. 1729. 

? extinct 

Sir Archibald, 3rd Bart, convicted 
of high treason and executed at 
Carlisle 15 Nov. 1746, and his 
estates forfeited. See Baronetage 

Extinct on the death of his son, 
Alexander, 4th Lord Falconer, of 
Halkerton, 17 March 1727. See E. 

? Extinct on the death of his son, Sir 
Peter Fraser, 2nd Bart. 

M.P. Aberdeenshire 1693—1702 ; title 
claimed by Forbes of Culloden. 

(Alexander, 7 June, 1634— S.) Fiarof 
Colingtoun. Baronetage 

Probably Alexander, ninth of 
Philorth, father of Alexander, 

1 0th Lord Saltoun 


Date of Patent 

28 May 1625 

31 August 1625 

2 September 

28 September 

1 May 1626 

[22 Feb. 1628 
13 August 1642 
[(8 June) 1635 

16 August 1661 

28 June 1665 

1 February 1678 

25 March 1685 
21 August 1686 

10 August 1688 

31 December 

8 February 1704 
7 December 1705 

29 July 1706 

March 5 1707 

[10 January 

19 February 

29 September 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 


Graeme (f) 
Gordon (f ) 

Gibson (* f) 
Gascoigne (* J) 









GiBB iX) 

Gordon {%) 

Guthrie (f) 

Halibubton (* f ) 



Robert, second son to [Alex. J 
Earle of Sutherland, with pre- 
cedence of all the rest by par- 
ticular clause in his patent. 
Sealed 23 July 1625. A.M. 

SirAliEXANDERof Cluny. Sealed 

20 Oct. 1625. A.M. 
James, of Lesmore. Sealed April 

6, 1626. A.M. 

Sir William, of Bracco. Sealed 
23 Jan. 1630. [A.M.] 

Robert, of Lochinvar. He was 
made Govern our of Nova Scotia, 
hot his patent does not invest 
him tytle Baronet, hot he hes 
power to creat Judges, Generalls, 
Archbishops, Bishops, &c. 

Alexander, of Durie] 

Sir John, of Haddo. A.M.B. 

Sir John, of Bambow, in regio- 
nem Orcaden (the date left blank)] 

Sir Andrew. A.M.B. 

William, of Gartmore. A.M.B. 

Alexander, of Craigmiller. 

[Sir] Robert, of Lagg. A.M. 
Sir John, of Park. A.M. 

Mr. James, of Dalrey, advocate. 

Thomas, lawful son of 
umqll. Sir John Gibson, of 
Pentland. A.M. 

William, of Dalpholly. A.M. 

Mr. Francis, [of Cullen] advo- 
cat. A.M. 

Leivetenant. Col. William, of 
Afton, second son of umqll. 
Mr. William Gordon, of Earls- 
toun; provydit to the heires male 
of his body, then to Alexander 
Gordon of Earlstoun, his eldest 
brother, and heires male of his 
body, for his eminent services to 
King William, at the Revolu- 
tion, 1688 

Sir Hary, of Carrlbber ; his patent 
sealed 4 July 1634. A.M. 

Sir John, of Embo ; his patent 
sealed 29 June 1631. [A.M.] 

Mr. James. A.M.B. 

Sir Harie, of Kingsward 


James, of Pitcur] 


(Sir James)," of Craighall. 

Sealed 3 May 1628. A.M. 
Francis, of Killogh [Down.] 

Sealed 10 Oct. 1628. A.M. 

• James Is an error for Thomas. (See Pedigree.) 

(S) See Marquis of Huntly in 
Peerage, and "Chaos" Gordon of 

(Of New Cluny— S.) ? extinct 

(Of New Lismore — S.) " Cliaos." 
Burke's Peerage, 1841 

(S.) Of the family, Duke of Montrose. 
? extinct 

(S.) ? extinct on the death of last 
Lord Kenmure. See Peerage 

(S.) See Gibson-Carmichael 
Earl of Aberdeen 

(S.) Extinct on the death of Sir 
Thomas, 9th Bart. 11 Feb. 1810 

Extincton the death ofhisson Sir John 
Graham, 2nd Bart. 12 July 1708 

Extinct on the death of his great- 
grandson Sir Alex. 4th Bart. 27 
Dec. 1792 


(? dormant). Sir John, 6th Bart, 
in 1842. See Broun, also Burke's 
Peerage 1841 

Baronetage and see also '• Chaos." 

Said to have died s.p. See Baronet- 
age under Gibson-Carmichael 


Baronetage. Grant of Monymusk 


' Chaos " 

(Of New Embo, 18 June 16.31— S.) 

Supposed to be extinct 

(S.) ? extinct. Agatha, dau. and 
heir of James H. of Pitcur, m. as 
1st wife, to James, 14th Earl of 

(Thomas, 19th— S.) King's advocate. 
Baronetage, &c. 



Date of Patent. 

[10 December 

25 August 1663 

15 July 1664 

26 March 1667 

29 February 

11 February 

25 January 

25 January 

30 May 1672 

8 October 1687 
1 March 1692 

31 December 

1 March 1698 

22 February 

10 April 1703 

22 July 1706 
4 February 1707 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

Hay (* t) 

Hannay (X) " 


Hamilton (J) 





Hume (t) 


Hamilton (J) 

Hamilton (J) 
Hume (j) 
Hume (f) 


Hume (J) 

James, of Smithfield] 

Sir Thomas, younger, of Park. 

John, of Fordell, A.M.B. 

James, of Linplum. A.M.B. 
Patrick, of that ilk. [A.M.B.] 

Alexander, of Hags. A.M.B. 

John, of Blaccator; the same day 
and year with Pitfin-in. A.M.B. 

Charles, of Pitfii-rin ; the same 
day with Hume of Blaccator. 

Alexander, of Kerse; provydit 
to the heirs male of his own body 
and their descendants in a right 
lyne for ever 

John, of Dunglas. A.M. 

George, of Barntonn, King 
William's second Knight. 

Sir Patrick, of Lumsden, Soli- 
citor. A.M.B. 

Sir William, of Kirkliston. 

Patrick, of Polwart. In ane 
old list, and so designed in his 
patent when nobilitate. 

John, of Alderstoun. A.M. 

Archibald, of Kosehall. A.M. 

Sir John, of Beill, is designed 
Barronet in his title of honor, 
who was made Lord 15 Dec. 

William, 3rd brother to Earle 
of Abercome ; not recordit 

Sir David, of Wedderbume ; in 
ane old list 

George, eldest son of John of 
North Berwick; not recordit 

James, of Menstrie. A.M. 

CoUonell SciPlo. [Heirs male] 
Sir Alexander, of Rentoun; 

gets his Arms as Barronet out 

of the Lyon Office 


(S.) "Chaos" 
See Ahannay 

? extinct on tlie death of Sir Rohert 
Bruce-Henderson, 6th Bart. 3 Aue. 

? extinct. See M. Tweeddale 
? extinct 

? extinct 

Baronetage. See Home 

Extinct on the death of his son Sir 
James 1705 

Extinct on the death of his great- 
grandson, Sir Alex. 4th Bart. 

? extinct 

See Home of Blackader in Baronet- 

Earl of Hopetoun 

(Sir Patrick 28 Dec. 1625— S.) 
Extinct on the death of his grand- 
son Hugh, 3rd Earl of March- 
mont. See Baron Polwarth 

Baronetage. See also Burke's Ex- 
tinct Baronetage, and Peerages 
since 1853 

? dormant. See B. Belhaven 

? John, an error for James, and 
identical with(Sir James Hamilton , 
of Broomhill, created 6 Jan. 1635 
— S.) See B. Belhaven 

? fell at the hattle of Dunbar 3 Sept. 
1650. See Douglas Peerage, vol. 
ii. p. 175 

Supposed to have descended of Home 
of Polwarth, and became extinct 
on the death of his grandson, Sir 
Gustavus Home, 3rd Bart. 12 25 
Oct. 1731 

? extinct on the death of Sir Thomas 
William, 4th Bart 17 Feb. 1874, 
at Bath, aged 81 

? extinct 

? extinct on the death of his grand- 
son Sir John,of Renton, Jan. 1788. 
See Home, of Blackadder 

28 May 1625 
31 March 1626 

INNES (t) 



Sir Robert, de eodem. Sealed 
ij April, 1628. [A.M.] 

George, of Caskieben. [A.M.] 
Sealed 23 May 1626 

* In the Registry of Signatures. (See Ahannay,) 

of New Innes (29— S.) Duke of Rox- 

(S.) Baronetage. Johnston of 


Date of Patent. 

12 January 


18 October 1628 

25 May 1672 

20 March 1686 

22 March 1687 
25 April, 1700 

28 July 1629 

[28 May 1625 
31 July 1637 

4 June, 1663 
14 May 1664 

4 August 1673 

8 December 1682 

27 March 1685 

5 September 1685 

16 September 

8 June 1698 

30 May 1625 

1 September 

29 Jmie 1627 

[17 December 

15 April 1666 

Last February 

27 March 1685 
20 July 1685 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

Innes (t) 

Johnston {%) 





Keith (* %) 

Keith {%) 









Lindsay (J) 




KOBERT, of Balveny; 12 Jan. 
1628, not recordit, but is in 
Denmill's list. A.M. 

Samuell, of Elphingstoun; 18 
of Oct. 1628. Sealed 21 Nov. 
1628. A.M. 

Alexander, of Aplegirth. 

Alexander, of Cookstoun. 

James, of Crawmond. A.M. 

[John], of Westerhall;provydit 
to his aires male successive for 


William, of Ludquhaime. 
Sealed 8 May 1630. A.M. 

Lord Keith. 

Earl Marischall, 
Heirs male] 
Andrew, of Greinhead. A.M. 

James, of Powburne; not recordit 

John, of Grange. A.M.B. 

John, of Girvanmaynes. A.M.B. 

Archibald, of Culzean. 

Thomas, of Closebume. A.M. 

David, de eodem. A.M. 

Frances, of Gilmertoun. A.M. 

Mr. Andrew, of Clobume, pro- 
vydit to his eldest son and heirs 
male of his body ej usque nostros 
[qu. rectos] heredes masculos 


Sir David, of Dunnypace. 
Sealed 20 Aug. 1625. A.M. 

John, of Wardes. Sealed 5 
April 1626. A.M. 

John, of Kinnaird, thairafter 

Viscount of Kinnaird, in Goury. 

Sealed 17 July, 1627. [A.M.] 
Edward, of Wolwerdin, in the 

county of Buckingham. Heirs 


Alexander, of Evelick, not re- 

William, of Carstairs. A.M.B. 
Robert, of Maxweltoun. A.M. 

Alexander, naturall son of 
Earle of Callender. A.M. 


? extinct. See "Chaos." Sir James 
s. his brother as 11th Bart. 1838. 

(Of New Elphinstone— S.) ? extinct. 

Baronetage. See Jardine 
See " Chaos." 

SirPatriclc,5th Bart, died Dec. 1817, 
and the title remains unclaimed 


(28 June— S.) ? dormant. See pedi- 
gree Douglas Baronage, pp. 73, 74, 

(S.) Line extinct on the death of 
George, 10th Earl, 28 May 1778, 
aged 86 

(S.) Male descendants extinct on the 
death of Sir Wm. Kerr, 7th Bart. 
16 Aug. 1776. See Genealogist, 
vol. ii. p. 66 

Died s.p. 

? extinct 

? extinct 

Extinct. See Marquis of Ailsa 

Baronetage. Kirkpatrick 

Forfeited in the person of his grand- 
son Sir James, 3rd Bart. 1745. See 


? extinct 

(Of Dunipace, Livingston— S.) 
? extinct on the death of Adm. Sir 
Thomas Livingston, 10th Bart 
after 1843 

(Lesly of Lesly— S.) See Leslie of 
Glaslough, in Baronetage, and 
also "Chaos." 

(25— S.) ? extinct on the death of 
Charles, 2nd Earl of Newburgh 
1694 ' 

(S.) ? extinct on the death of his 
grandson Sir Thomas, 4th Bart 
1759. See Burke's Peerage, 1839' 

? extinct on the death of Sir Charles 
Lmdsay, Bart. 6 March 1799. See 
Douglas Peerage, vol. ii. p. 546 

Baronetage. See Ross of Balnagowan 

? dormant on the death of Vice- 

Adm. Sir Robert Laurie, K.C.B 7 
Jan. 1848 ' ' 

? extinct on the death of Sir Alex- 
isfo'' ^*™P*'ell, of Ardkinglass, 



Date of Patent. 

17 July 1688 

25 January 1690 

30 May 1699 

14 July 1625 
19 July 1625 

22 April 1626 
1 July 1626 
28 March 1627 

18 March 1627 

19 July 1627 

10 or 1 January 

15 May 1628 

16 May 1628 
21 May 1628 

2 October 1630 

[25 November 

7 June 1634 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 


18 February 

30 June 1663 



M'=Donald (J) 

McKay (J) 
Maxwell (J) 
McLeane (J) 
McGiLL (t) 


Murray (J) 

Murray (J) 
McKenzie (I) 

Murray (J) 
Maxwell (* f) 

Murray (J) 
Muir (J) 

Maxwell (J) 

John, late Baillie in Edinr. and 
George his son of the second 
marriage, then the second son 
thereof begot on Margaret Ram- 
say to succeid therein [and the 
heirs male of their bodies respect- 

John, [elder], of Fountainhall 
(Lord of Session), and the first 
Baronet of King William; pro- 
vydit to eldest son and his heires 
male of their bodies. 

James, of Westquarter; to his 
eldest son and his aires male 

Sir William, of Lie; only in 
ane old list 



Donald, of Slaite; only in ane 
old list. [A.M.] 

Sir Richard, of Cockpule. 
Sealed 20 Oct. 1625. A.M. 

John, de eodem. Sealed 22 
June 1626. A.M. 

, of Clearmonth. Sealed 
14 July 1626. A.M. 

Sir Donald, of Stranaver. 
Sealed ij Nov. 1628. [A.M.] 

James, of Calderwood. Sealed 
17 Sept. 1630. [A.M.] 

Sir Laughlane, of ; his 

patent is sealed 12 Jan. 1632 

James, of Cranston-Riddell. 
Sealed 3 Dec. 1627. [A.M.] 

Sir Robert, of Skermorlie. 
Sealed 22 Dec. 1628. [A.M.] 

Sir Archibald, of Blackbume. 
Denmill says 19 May 1628. 
Sealed 25 Aug. 1628. [A.M.] 

Patrick, of Elibank. Sealed 
28 Sept. 1630. [A.M.] 

John, of Tarbit. Sealed 2 Jan. 
1630. [A.M.] 


of Dalrene, potius 
Sealed 4 Dec. 1630 

John, of Pollok.] 

Hector, of Foulis. Sealed 3 
July 1634. [A.M.] 

John, of Abermonth; he is in 
ane old list 

Patrick, of Rowallan; not re- 
cordit, hot his patent is said to 
be dated 4 May, 1662 

Edward, of Longfuird, in the 
county of Nottingham. [A.M.] 

Of Orchardtoun. In ane old list 


(Adm. Sir Thos. Linlithgow, see ante, 
said by Playfair to be male heir 
and representative in 1811) 

Whose male descendants failed with 
his grandson John (son of Sir 
James). See Baronetage 

(Of Macdonald— S.) Baron Macdonald 

(Elder brother of John, Earl of 
Annandale — S.) ? extinct 28 Dec. 

(S.) See Welhvood-Moncrieff in 

(Sir William, of Murray, 1 July 1626 
— S.) See Baronetage 

(Of Reay, 18th— S.) Lord Reay 

(Of Mauldslie, 28th— S.) Baronetage 

(Of Morvaren, 3 Sept. 1631— S.) 

(Of McGill— S.) Created Viscount of 
Oxfurd, &c. extinct on the death 
of his son Robert, 2nd Viscount, 8 
Dec. 1706 

(Of New Skelmorly— S.) ? extinct on 
the death of his descendant Sir 
Hugh M. 6th Bart. 14 Jan. 1735 

(S.) Baronetage, of Blackbarony 

(Of Elibank Murray— S.) Baron Eli- 

(S.) His son Sir George, 2nd Bart, 
cr. Earl of Cromarty 1 June 1703, 
on the death of whose great-grand- 
son John, Lord Macleod, 2 April, 
1789, his male line ceased. See 
Burke's Peerage, 1867 

(Of New Dunearn— S.) ? extinct 

(S.) Extinct on death 1 Nov. 1647, 
leaving an only dau. Left his es- 
tates to George M. of Auldhouae. 
See Stirling-Maxwell 

(S.) Baronetage 

? extinct 

? extinct. Jane, dau. and heir of 
Wm. Mure of Rowallan, m. David, 
1st Earl of Glasgow. 

(Of Langford, 18 June— S.) 

? extinct 


Date of Patent. 

13 February 

2 June 1664 

10 August 1664 

25 July 1665 

2 September 

12 March 1672 

2 July 1676 

18 November 

8 January 1681 
12 AprU 1682 

7 February 1683 

30 Not. 1685 
19 March 1686 

28 June 1701 

29 January 1704 

8 February 1704 

29 April 1704 

27 March 1707 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 



Malcolme (t) 





Maxwell (f) 






Murray (|) 
McClellan (t) 

McCabtie (I) 

Murray {%) 

McKexzie {%) 

Willlam, of Stenhope, A.M.B. 

Sir George, of Inglistoun. 

Sir Alexander, of Myretonn, 
not recordit 

John, of Balbedie ; not recordit 

CSir) Alexander, de eodem. 

Ritchard, Elder of Pittrichie. 

Sir Thomas, of Glendoig. 

Mr. John, second son to Charles 
Maitland of Halton, now Earle 
of Lawderdale. A.M.B. 

"Willlam, of Monreith. A.M. 

John, of Neather Pollock ; aires 
male of his body, bot ratified 
provydit to heirs of tailzie by 
ane new patent, dated 27 March 

Patrick, younger, of Springkell. 

Thomas, de eodem. A.M. 

Robert, of Bamtonn. A.M. 

Andrew, of Gogar, merchant in 
Edin'. A.M.B. 

Alexander, of Melgum. A.M. 

]Mr. James, son to Earle of Cro- 
marty. A.M. 

Mr. Kenneth, second son to 
George, Earle of Cromarty, on 
his father's resignation as air to 
Sir John McKenzie, of Tarbet, 
with his precedencie, which is 
21 May 1628. A.M. 

Sir WlLLlAJl, of Blebo, is de- 
signed Baronet, 2nd 1641 

Sir Robert, of Bombie; in ane 
old list. His armes as Baronet 
is in the Lyons Books 

Donochie, son and heir of the 
Lord Muskerde, in Ireland 

John, of Nether Pollock. [Heirs 
male of body and heirs of entail 

Sir "William, of Auchertyre; 
gets his arms as Baronet out of 
the Lyon Office 

Sir Alexander, of Coull; hes 
his arme.s ut supra 


" Chaos." See Burke's Peerage, 

Sir William served heir of his brother 
Sir Roger, 2nd Bart. Feb. 1683. 
Nisbet mentions Sir Alexander 
Mowat. Supposed to be extinct 

? extinct 

" Chaos" 

? dormant. Jean, eldest dau. of Sir 
Charles Maitland, of Pitrichie, co. 
Aberdeen, and heir to her brother 
Sir Charles, who d. 1704, m. to 
Hon. Alex. Arbuthnott, afterwards 
Maitland, of Pitrichie ; she d. 22 
Oct. 1746 

? extinct, he Clerk Register and 
son of Sir Robt. Murray, of Wood- 
end. Said to be extinct on the 
death of Sir Alex. Murray, Bart, 
of Balmanno, 1766 

Earl of Lauderdale 


Baronetage. See Stirling-Maxwell 



Burke's Peerage, 1841 . ? extinct 

? extinct 

Dormant. See " Chaos." Burke's 
Peerage, 1857 

Died 9 Nov. 1744, leaving 2 dans. See 
Mackenzie of Scatwell,in Baronet- 
age. ? dormant 

His 3rd son. Sir Kenneth, 3rd Bart, 
died s.p. about 1763, which ended 
his line. See Mackenzie of Scat- 
well in Baronetage. ? dormant 

Cr. Earl of Clancarty 27 Nov. 1658. 

Baronetage, Stirling-Maxwell. See 
patent, 12 April 1682 





Date of Patent. 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 



2 March 1627 

Napier (J) 

Archibald, of Merchistoun, 
now Lord Napier ; in Denmill's 
list. Sealed 9 June 1627. [A.M.] 

(Of Napier, May— S.) See " Chaos" 

27 July 1629 
[18 June 1635 


John, of Lesswade. Sealed 31 
December 1629. A.M 

Walter, of Chestone, in the 
county of Suffolk. Heirs male] 

(26 June— S.) Sir Arthur Nicolson, 
7th Bt. served heir to the family 
1826, and as such inherits the title. 
See Broun. He d. s. p. 16 Sept. 
1863. (See also Burke's Peerage, 
1865, and " Chaos ") 


16 January 1637 


Thomas, of Carnock. In ane 
old list. [A.M.] 

(S.) See "Chaos" 

2 December 1669 


Patrick, of Craigintinnie, now 
of Dean. A.M.B. 

? extinct. See Burke's Peerage, 

15 April 1700 


Thomas, younger, of Kemney 
[eldest son of Sir George Nicol- 
son, a senator of the College of 
Justice.] A.M.[B.] 

? dormant. See Burke's Peerage, 

31 March 1704 


Thomas, of Dunsunnan. A.M. 

Dormant on the death of Sir William, 
5th Bart. 25 March 1811 


JOHN,of Tulliecultrie. No docu- 
ment, bot is so designed in 

" Chaos " 


Mr. James, of Cockburnspeth. 
Sealed 17 December 1625. 

31 July 1706 


Mr. James, of Dawick, Advocat. 



Sir John, of that ilk, hes taken 
out his armes as Baronet 

? identical with Carnock 16 Jan 

24 April 1626 OaiLVIE 

29 September 

30 July 1627 
28 July 1629 

5 March 1661 
24 June 1701 

Ogilvie (J) 
Ogilvie (J) 

Ogilvie* (t) 

osburne (j) 


George, of Camousie. Sealed 
22 June 1626. [A.M.] 

John, of Innerwharitie. Sealed 
3 June 1627. [A.M.] 

of Bamffe, now Lord 

Bamffe. Sealed 4 August 1627. 

Sir James, of Newtoun, Lord 

of Session. Sealed 24 August 

1629. [A.M.] 

George, of Barras; for saving 
honours. A.M.B. 

Alexander, of Forglen, brother 
to Lord Bamffe. A.M.B. 

Sir Thomas, made Baronet; 
thereafter Viscount Dunblane 

(Of New Camousie— S.) 1st coz. of 
George, IstLordBamff (see below). 

? dormant on the death of Sir Wm. 
Ogilvie, 9th Bart, at Christ- 
church, N.Z. 20 Feb. 1861 ; son of 
Sir Wm. 0. Iiy Christian, dau. of 
Rev. Jno. Patison, of Edinburgh, 
Gents. Mag. vol. 56 (1831), p. 213. 
Broun. See also Burke's Peerage, 

(Of Ogilvie Inverquharity— S.) Ba- 

(Sir James, of Banff Ogilvy, 20 July 
— S.) Extinct on the death of Wm. 
8th Lord Banff, who died unm. 4 
June 1803 

(Oliphant— S.) Mem. Sir George 
Oliphant, of Newton, m. Margaret, 
dau. of James, 2nd Baron Rollo 

" Sir William, 7th Bart. succ. 1837 " 
— Broun. See also Burke's Peer- 
age, 1852 

Extinct on the death of Wm. 8th 
Lord Banff, who d. unm. 4 June 

Ancestor of Duke of Leeds. 


22 February 

29 January 1635 

Preston (J) 



John, of Airdrie. No document 
but Denmill's list. [A.M.] 

Arthur, of Stainlie, in the 
county of York. Heirs male] 

ft Ogilvie, a mistake for Oliphant. 

fOf Preston Airdrie— S.) ? extinct. 
Jno. Preston, yr. m. to his 2nd 
wife (contract 26 March 1652) Mar- 
jorie, dau. of Sir John Carnegie, 
1st Earl of Northesk, and widow 
of Sir James Scott, of Scotistarvit 

(29 June— S.) Baronetage 


Date of Patent. 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

13 March 1637 Pbeston (* J) 

[24 March 1638 
25 July 1665 

Peib (*) » 

5 January 1683 Pkingle 
16 March 1686 Pateesox 

2 Jnly 1687 

30 November 


Pbymeose (f ) 

Master Geobge, fear of Vala- 
feild. Heirs male] 

Thomas, of Stanypittis, in the 
county of Kent. Heirs male] 

William, of Purveshall; not 

ROBEBT, of Stitchell. A.M.B. 

Hugh, of Bannockbum. A.M. 

Sir William, Clerk of Councill. 

Sir Robert, of Neather Pollock,^ 
for his predecessors' services to 
King David and King William, 
and for his own to King William, 
of etemall happy memory; and 
for his fixedness to the Reformed 
Religion the tyme of the Revo- 
lution, withstanding supersti- 
tion and dispotick power, and 
for his suffering nyne months' 
imprisonment inter the barba- 
rous and inhumane mountain- 
iers, when he was carried away 
by Viscount of Dundie. The 
same date with Mr. John Fer- 
guson, provydit to heirs male of 
his body 

Sir Archibald, of Carringham, 
Register; takes out hisarmes as 


(S.) Sir Robert Preston, 7th Bart. 

served heir on the death of 6th 

Bart. 1834— Broun. 
Sir Hy.LindsayPreston, last Baronet, 

d. unm. 25 Nov. 1873, aged 84. 
See also Burke's Peerage, 1874 

(S.) Dormant since death of Sir 
George Piers, 7 May 1720, aged 50 

Baronetage. See Hume-Campbell 


? extinct. Said to have married 
Elizth. .Seton, heiress of Toxich 

Extinct on the death of his grandson 
Sir Robert, 2nd Bart. 1783 

Earl of Rosebery 


3 September 

14 May 1628 

13 November 

13 September 

2 June 1665 
11 July 1666 

3 December 1666 

23 June 1669 

30 Nov. 1703 
i June 1704 

Riddell (J) 







GiLBEBT, of Balmaine. 
2 Nov. 1625. A.M. 


Sir John, de eodem. Sealed 
16 Feb. 1629. [A.M.] 

Robert, of Eister Pentland. 
Sealed 13 Jan. 1631. [A.M.] 

John, of Rotham, alias Ravam 
in regione de Kent, Armigero. 

James, of Whythill. A.M.B. 

Fbancis, of Redcastle. [A.M.B.] 

GiLBEBT, of Bamffe; the same 
day with Elliot, of Stobs. 

Sir Andbew, of Abbotshall; first 
knighted by the iisurper Crom- 
well. A.M.B. 

Mr. John, of Barro. A.M.B. 

James, of Innerleith. A.M. 

Sir John, of Bannockbum, he 
is designed, and now Lord Rollo, 
his nephew is served heir to him 
14 March 1672 

Sir James, of Smieton; takes out 
his armes as Baronet 

(3 Sept. of Ramsay— S.) ? dormant 
on the death of Sir Alex. 6th Bart. 
II Feb. 1806, although assumed by 
(Sir) James or (Sir) Thomas Ram- 

(Of New Riddell— S.) Baronetage 

(Richardsone, of Pencaitland — S.) 
See "Chaos" 

(19 Dec. 1635, and 13 Sept. 1636, of 
Wrotham, Kent — S.) Supposed to 
have become extinct 1721; alsocr. 
a Baronet ofEngland 20 Jan. 1641-2 

? extinct. " Terminated in an heiress, 
m. to Balfour of Balbirnie" 

? had an only daughter, Isabel, 
Baroness Ruthven. See Peerage 

Said to be extinct on the death of his 
great-grandson, Sir Andrew, 3rd 


d.s.p. 1737 
? extinct 

See Richardson, of Easter Pentland 
13 Nov. 1630. 

I MS'sl^E^lSWCr "■^''' "' ''^"^"«'' ^^"*' ''"'^ '^^ »^*'" -•''^ -^'^^-^r. 


Date of Patent. 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

15 August 1687 

28 May 1625 

28 March 1627 
[18 April 1627 

[10 January 1628 

[22 February 

[2 October 1628 
[24 April 1630 



Steuart (t) 
Stewart (* X) 

Sakdilauds (* t)] 
Skene (* f) 

Stewart (* f) 

SiBBALD (t) 

[30 Nov 1629 

St.Estienne ('t) 

[12 May 1630 

St.Estienne (* t) 

2 June 1631 

St, Clair C) 

[18 April 1630 

Stewart (* J) 

18 June 1636 

St. Clair (J) 

[2 March 1638 

Slingsbie (* t) 

3 June 1663 

Setton (X) 

9 December 1664 


10 December 

St. Clair 

30 April 1666 
2 May 1666 

Stirling (J) 

22 August 1666 
27 March 1667 

Steuart (f) 

24 January 1671 


27 October 1671 


23 September 


21 April 1683 


2 June 1683 


11 December 



Robert, ot Allanbank. A.M. 

[Sir] Alexander, of Thorn toun. 
Sealed 24 June, 1625. A.M. 

James, of Bute. Sealed 28 April 
1632. A.M. 

James S. 2nd lawful son of 
Alexander, Earl of Galloway. 
Heirs male] 

Sir James, of Curriehill] 

Andrew, Lord Castlestewart 

James, of Rankelour. Sealed 
31 Dec. 1630. Heirs male] 

Claude, Seigneur de la Tour] 

Charles, Seigneur de St. Denis 

James, of Cambsbie. Sealed 
18 June 1631. A.M. 

James, Lord Stewart, of Ochil- 
tree ; (cancelled before passing 
the Great Seal 7 June 1632)] 

James,* of Stevinson. In ane 
old list. [A.M.] 

Henry, of Skriven, in the county 
of York.** Heirs male] 

Walter, of Abercorn. Not 

John, of Garletoun, son to Earle 
of Winton. A.M.B, 

Sir Egbert, of Longformacus. 

George, of Glorat. Not recordit 
Henry, of Airdoch. A.M.B. 

Francis, of Thirlestane. A.M.B. 

Of Blackball; not recordit, but 
be takes out his armes as Bar- 

Robert, of "Windiegoul, son to 
Earle of Winton. A.M.B. 

John, of Ancrom. A.M.B. 

Mr. Charles, second son to the 
Earle of Murray. A.M.B. 

Sir William, of Scotscraig. 

Thomas, of Blair, Lord of Ses- 
sion. A.M.B. 

Alexander, of Pitmedden,Lord 
of Session. A.M.B. 

(Youngest son of Sir James Stewart, 
of Kirkfield and Coltness.) Dor- 
mant on the death of Sir James 
Steuart.Sth Bart. 29Jan. 1849. See 
pedigree in Burke's Peerage, 1864 

(S.) Said to have become dormant 
upon the death of Adm.Sir Richard 
John Strachan, 3 Feb. 1828 

(S.) Marquis of Bute 

(S.) Of Corsewall— Earl of Galloway 

(S.) (? of Lord Torphichen's family) 

(S.) ? extinct on the death of Sir 
John Skene, 2nd Bart. 

(S.) E. Castlestnart 

(Of Rankelour Sibbald, July—S.) 
Dormant since the death of Sir 
David S. 2nd Bart. " Sir William 
Sibbald, in whom the title was 
revived by a special service 31 
May l831,liavinK become dormant 
on the death of the 2nd Bt. Sir 
James" — Broun. 



(S.) Son lawfull of Sir William Sin- 
clare, of Catboll, Knt.— E. Caith- 

(24th- S.) See Douglas Peerage, 
vol. ii.p. 329 

(John— S.), and in Baronetage 

(S.) Extinct on the death of Sir 
Charles, 10th Bart. 4 Feb. 1869 

Baronetage— Seton 

? dormant since the death of Sir 
George Seton, 3rd Bart, who died 
9 March, 1769, aged 84 

Sir John, 7th Bart, succeeded 1798, 
according to Broun. See also 
Burke's Peerage, 1862. ? extinct 


Extinct on the death of Sir Thomas 
Stirling, 6th Bart. 9 May, 1808 

Baron Napier 

Baronetage — Shaw-Stewart 

Next brother of Sir John Seton, of 
Garleton, b. 10 Nov. 1641; d. s.p. 
before 20 Feb. 1672, when Sir John 
was served heir 


Became 6th Earl of Moray, «nd d, 
s.p. 7 Oct 1735 

Supposed to be extinct 
Baronetage— Grantully 

* James, supposed to be a mistake for John. 

*• In Privy Seal Register, " Henry Slingsbie, of Scriven, Yorkshire, and his heirs male.'' 


Date of Patent. 

8 May 1685 

28 June 1687 

4 November 

29 January 1698 

5 May 1702 

22 December 

24 April 1707 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 

Stbaquhan Thomas, sub Ceasaris Majes- 

tatis auspiciis in bellis suis 
militans ; of the famillie of 
Thorntoun. A.M.B. 

Shaw Sir John, of Greinock. A.M.B. 

Steuaet Archibald, of Burrow. A.M. 

Steuaet Sir Thomas, of Cultness; the 

same day with Dumbar, of 
Dm-ne. Provydit to heires of 
his body and their aires male 
for ever 

SuTTiE Sir George, of Balgoun. A.M. 

Queen Ann's first Knight in 

Skebn (J) Sir John, of Curriehill. No 

document thairfour, bot Sir 
James Balfour 

Steuaet {%) Sir John, of Truquair ; no docu- 

ment thairfoir, bot ditto Bal- 

Steuaet Mr. James, younger, of Good- 

trees. A.M. 

St. Clair {%) William, of 

only in a list 
St. Claie ($) Sir William, of May, only in 


Speir {%) in ane old list 

Slingsbie iX) in the lyke 

Steuart Mr. Robert, of TuUiecultrie. 


Steuart {%) Sir Archibald, of Castlemilk; 

I takes out his armes as Baronet 


? extinct 

Extinct on the death of his grand- 
son, Sir John, 3rd Bart. 5 April 

Descended from Wm. S. of Mains, 
only brother of Alexander, 1st Earl 
of Galloway. On the death of his 
grandson Sir James, 24 Aug. 1746, 
the Earl of Galloway was served 

(" Sir Henry Barclay Steuart, 5th 
Bart. 1843.) This family unites two 
baronetcies, 1695 and 1698 "— 
Broun. 1 695 is doubtless an error 
for 1705, see belov- See also 
Burke's Peerage, 1852 


See entry, anno 1628. ? extinct on 
the death of Sir John Skene, 2nd 

Earl of Traquair. Extinct on the 
death of Charles, 8th Earl, 2 Aug. 

Became conjoined with the Coltness 
baronetcy on the death of Sir 
James, 4th Bart. See Burke's 
Peerage, 1852 

See " Chaos ' 

See ante 

2nd son of Sir James Steuart, of 
Bute, created a Baronet 28 March 
1627, according to Dugdale's Peer- 
age, although there is 80 years 
between the creation of father 
and son; it probably vests in the 
Marquis of Bute 

? extinct 

20 February 

10 November 




Sir Patrick , of Fingask. A.M. 

Sir Thomas, of Dudingstoun 

(S.) ? dormant. (English— Walkey) 

29 May 1625 
5 March 1631 

[26 September 

11 May 1666 

28 November 

Wardlaw (X) 


Wood (J) 



Sir John, of that ilk, nowEarle. 
Sealed 80 Sept. 1626. A.M. 

Henry, of Pitrevie. Sealed 14 
April, 1631. [A.M.] 

Edward, of Caimtington, North- 
umberland. Heirs male] 

John, of Bonytoun; not recordit, 
but takes out his armes as 

George, of Blackwood. A.M.B. 

(Of New Wemyss— S.) Earl of We- 


(Of Wardlaw— S.) Baronetage 

(S.) Created a Baronet of England 8 
Aug. 1642, and left an only dau. 
and heir 

? extinct 

Extinct on the death of his grandson 
Sir George, 3rd Bart. 1735 


Date of Patent. 

Name of Patentee, Date of Sealing, &c. 


30 December 

8 March 1670 

9 August 1704 
12 October 1704 

17 June 1706 

30 December 




Veen AT (J) 



Pettee, of Gosfoord. A.M.B. 

Sii- Thomas, of Craigie. He 
seems to have a former patent 
disponed to him by the last Sir 
Hewgh Wallace, which is rati- 
fyed 8th of March 1670, hot 
maketh him not to take place 
conforme to date of the said 
patent. A.M.B. 

John, of Blacknes. A.M. 
Sir [James], of Bogie. A.M. 

Sir Philbeet, of Cairton; his 
patent sealed 30 June 1634. 


Livetennant Collonell GEORGE, 
of Lord Carmichaell's dragoons ; 
provydit to heires male of his 
body quibus deficien . . . [tibus, 
heredes quoscumque eorumque 
heredes masculos in perpetuum] 

Adam, of Blairquhan; provydit 
to his heires male in perpetuum 

Baronetage. See Halkett, Bart. 

' Chaos ' 

Extinct on the attainder of Sir John, 
5th Bart. See Baronetage 

"Chaos " and Burke's Peerage. 

(" Of Carleton, Yorks, 7 June, 1634" 
— S.) ? extinct 

See pedigree. Playfair's Baronetage 
of Scotland, ci. Family represented 
by Forbes of Pitsligo 

? Dormant on the death of Sir John, 
3rd Baronet, who died between 
1799 and 1803 

No record of Patents of the following Extinct or Dormant Baronetcies occur in 

the preceding list. 



Sir John, of Gogar. A.M. 


William, of Ratlingcourt 



Sir James, of Westpark 



Sir Edwaed, of Hayton Castle 


Sir Gilbert, of Tichmarsh, 



John, of Dunbeath 


John, of Lowther 



Sir John, of Lodington, co. Leic. 



Sir James, of Aldie* 

1639, 2 January 


Sir Amos, of Henbury 


of Balmanno 

See Burke's Peerage, 1852, and 
Genealogist, vol. i. p. 257 
Created a Baronet of England 4 

March, 1641/2, ancestor of Earl 


Of Bromhil, Walkey's List, 1652 

Male descendants failed on the death 
of Rev. Sir William Augustus M. 
10th Bart. 30 Sept. 1875 

(Walkey's List, 1652.) See pedigree, 
Burke's Royal Families, vol. i. ped. 

" Chaos " 

Burke's Peerage, 1837 

Extinct on death of 3rd Bart. 2 Jan. 
1790. See Extinct Baronetage 

* Mentioned in Great Seal Register as Knight Baronet. 

ABDY, Sir William 
Neville, of Al- 
byus, Essex. (1850, U.K.) ; 
s. his father as 2nd Bart, 
in 1877 ; b. 18 June, 184-1 ; 
heir presumptive, his bro- 
ther Charles. 

Arms — Or, two chevronels 
betw. three trefoils slipped sa. 
Crest— An eagle's heart ppr. 
JroTTO— Tenax et fidelis. 
Seat.— Albyns. Essex. 
Town House— 39, Queen's 
Gate, s.w. 


m. 19 Oct. 1841, Harriot, 2nd dau. of Rowland Alston, Esq. of 
Pishobury, Herts; she d. 8 July, 1877, having had 4 sons and 
a dau. 

(1) Sir William Neville, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) Charles Anthony Sykes, lient. 2nd life guards, heir pre- 
sumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 19 Sept. 1848. 

(3) Robert John, late lieut. 4th dragoon guards, b. 13 Oct. 1850. 

(4) Henry Beadon. b. 13 June, 1853. 

(5) Grace Emma Townshend, m. 19 Mar. 1872, to Lord Albert 
Levesou-Gower (D. SUTHERLAiD), 2nd life guards, who d. 23 
Dec. 1874. 

FORTH, D.D. regius prof, 
divinity Camb. Univ., archdea- 
con of Essex, rector of .Shenfield, 
Essex, and of Barley, Herts (son 
of Rev. Thomas ilutherforth, 
rector of Papworth Everard, 
1771, having m. 11 April, 1752, 

Charlotte Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Sir William Abdy, 4th Bart. 

(ext.), of Felix Hall, Essex. His son, 

name and arms he assumed in lieu of his own by r. l. 
2 June, 1775, on succeeding to the estates of the last Sir 
John Abdy, of Albyns), of Coopei-sale, Essex, in H.O. ; d. 14 
Oct. 1798. having m. 13 Jan. 1778, Mary, dau. of James Hayes. 
Esq. of Holyport, Bucks, a bencher of the Middle Temple ; she 
d. 8 Dec. 1820, aged 67, having had with other issue 4 sons, 

(1) John Rutherforth, of Albyns, d. s.p. 1 April, 1840, aged 61, 
having m. 17 July, 1800, CaroUne-Elizabeth. dau. of James 
Hatch, Esq. of Claybury Hill, Essex ; she d. 5 May, 1838. 

(2) Anthony Thomas, capt. R.N. d. 9 June, 1838, having m. 1808, 
Grace, " dau." of Admiral Sir Thomas Rich, Bart, of Sonniug 
Park, Berks, and had an only son, 

Sir Thomas Neville Abdy, created a Baronet 8 Jan. 

(3) Charles Boyd, rector of Theydon Garnon, Essex, 1812, 
d. unm. 20 Aug. 1843. 

(4) James Nicholas, col. E.I.C.S. b. 18 Dec. 1789; d. 8 Nov. 1855, 
having m. Charlotte Georgiana, dau. of Thomas King, Esq. of 
Eltham, Kent; she d. 8 July, 1848, leaving 2 sons and a dau. 

[1] John Thomas, LL.D. bar.-at-law, county court judge, 
since 1871 recorder of Bedford, formerly regius professor of 
laws, Cambridge, and feUow of Trinity Hall; b. 5 July, 1822; 
m. 7 July, 1854, Marion, 2nd dau. of John Hardwick HoUway 
Esq. of Gunby, Line, and has had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

Anthony John.Uent. R.A. b. 26 April, 1856. — Neville James, 
b. 16 Oct. 1857; d. 20 April, 1878.— Robert Biu-lton. R.N. 
b. 19 May, I860.— Richard Combe, b. 19 Feb. 1869.— 
Georgiana Barbara.— Dorothea. — Katharine Amy. — Theo- 
[2] Charles Hayes, brevet-col. in the army, lieut.-col. Madras 
S.C., served in South Mahratta country 1844/5, sUglitly 
wounded; b. 19 Sept. 1823; m. 9 April, 1846, Catharine Mal- 
colm, dau. of Edward Armstrong, Esq. and has had with 
other issue a son and 3 daus. 

(1) George WUliams, b. 27 Oct. 1852. 

(2) Amy Charlotte, m. 21 Feb. 1870, to Major Charles 
William Brereton, R.A. 

(3) Caroline Mary. (4) Ella Georgina. 
[3] Charlotte Mary. 

SIR THOMAS NEVILLE ABDY, of Albyns, Essex, Bart, 
so created 8 Jan. 1850, M.P. LjTne Regis 1847-52, high 
sherifi Essex 1875; b. 21 Dec. 1810; d. 20 July, 1877, having 

AB E R - 
Sir Robert 
John, of Birken- 
bog,co. Banff, D.L. 
(1636, N.S.); s. his 
father as 7th Ba- 
ronet in 1872 ; b. 
11 June, 1850; heir 
presumptive, his 
brother George. 

Arms— Arg., a chev- 
ron gu. betw. three 
boars' heads erased 

Crest— A falcon ppr. 
Supporters — Two 
greyhounds arg., col- 
lared gu. 

Mottoes— Over the 
crest, "Petit alta." 
Below the shield, 
" Mercy is my desire." 
Seats — Forglen 
House, Banffshire, 
and Fermoy, Ireland. 
Town House — 5, 
Portman Square, W. 


SIR ALEXANDER ABERCROMBY, of Birkenbog (son ot 
Alexander Abercromby, grand falconer in Scotland to 
Charles I.) , represented Banffshire in Scottish parliament, 
164U/1, 1C43, 1646 7, 1648, 1661 3, created a BaKONET Of NOVA 
Scotia 20 Feb. 1636 ; he married thrice : 1st, Jean Urquhart, 
of the Cromarty family; 2nd, Jean Sutherland of the Kilminity 
family; and lastly, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir James Baird, of 
Auchmedden, Knt. by which last-named wife he had 2 sons, viz. : 

(1) Sir James, 2nd Baronet, represented Banffshire in Scottish 
parliament 1693 to 17ii2: d. 20 .Sept. 1734, having m. Mary, dau. 
of Ai-thur Gordon, of Ktraloch. His great-grandson. 

Sir Robert, s. as 5th Baronet. 

(2) Alexander of Tullibody, great-grandfather of Gleorge, 2nd 
Lord of Abercromby. (See PEERAGE.) 

SIR ROBERT, 5th Baronet (on the death of his father Sir 
George 1831), D.L. cos. Kircudbright and Banff, M.P. latter 
CO. 1812/18; b. 4 Feb. 1784 ; d. 6 July, 1855, having m. 22 Oct. 
1816, Elizabeth Stephenson, only child of late Samuel Douglas. 
Esq. of Netherlaw; she d. 28 Dec. 1863, having had 3 sons and 

6 daus. 




(1) Sir George Samuel, s. as 6th Baronet. 

(2) lUibert, nil oHicer in the army, b. 2 Aug. 1833; fell at the 
liuttlc of the Alma. 20 S-cpt. 1854. ^ . 

(3) David Jamw, b. 1837; m. 25 Oct. 1877, Beatrice 
Temple, eldest dau. of Rev. Henry Temple I'rere, rector of 
Burston (BART.), and has a sou and dau. 

Son b. y Sept. 1881.— Elsie Douglas. 

(4) EUz.iboth, m. in 1813, to Major William Monro (late lOth 
highlanders),son of late Alexander Monro, Esq. of Craiglock- 
liart, Midlothian. 

(5) Janc,d. 3 May, 1844, having m. 14 June. 1843, to Sir James 
Colquhoun. Bart, of Luss, who d. 18 Dec. 1873. 

(6) Mary Grace, m. 9 June, 1848, to William Cosmo Gordon, 
Esq. of Fyvie Castle, co. Aberdeen (E. ABERDEEN) ; d.s.p. 18 
Dec. 1878. . „ 

(7) Roberta Henrietta, m, 25 Oct. 1853, to Sir Edwin Hare 
Dashwood, Bart. 

(8) Constance Helena, d. 12 Feb. 1872; m. 13 April, 1853, to 
Hon. James Grant, 2nd son of Francis William, 6th Earl of 

(9) Sophia Anne Adelaide, m. 1st— 19 Sept. 1854, to Alexander 
Henry Abercromby Hamilton, Esq. of Faii-field, Devon (t), 
whom he divorced in 1863. She re-m. 20 July, 18G4, to John 
Wilson Riniington, Esq. son of late James ;Rimiuf,'ton, Esq. of 
Broomhead Hall, co. York. By her 1st husband she had 2 sons, 

Robert Abercromby Hamil'ION, b. 22 June, 1856.— Douglas 
Abcrcrombv, 2ud lieut. 3rd foot ; b. 27 Jan. 1859. 

(10) Frances" Emily, m. 18 Nov. 1862, as 2ud wife, to Sir 
William Forbes of Craigievar, Bart. 

SIR GEORGE .SAMUEL, 6th Baronet; b. 22 May, 1824; d. 
15 Nov. 1872, having m. 12 June,]H4U,non. Agnes Georgina 
Browne, dau. of John Cavendish, 3rd Baron Kilmainc, and had 
4 sons and 2 dans. 

(1) Sir Robert John, 7th .and present Baronet. 

(2) George Cosmo, lieut. Scots guards, late royal Aberdeen- 
shire highlanders, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; 
b. 31 Mar. 1854. 

(3) Cavendish Douglas, b. 23 Mar. 1858. 

(4) Douglas Charles, 2ud Lieut, royal Aberdeenshire high- 
landers ; b. 1 Nov. 1862. 

(5) Elizabeth Agnes. (6) Amelia Grace. 

(t) lie m.2ndly— 1 Dec. 1869, Flora Henrietta Maria, dau. of 
Charles Edward Macdonald, Esq. M.c.S. and widow of Major 
G J Condy, H.M. Indian army. 

ACLAND, Sir Tho- 
mas Dyke, of 
Columb John, Devon, 
(1044, E.), hon. D.c.L. 
(Oxon.), late fellow of 
All Souls, major 1st 
Devon yeo. cav. since 
1872, lieut. - col. 3rd 
Devon R.v. 18G0'81,M.P, 
West Somerset 1837/47, 
M.p. North Devon since 
1805; s. his father as 11th 
Baronet in 1871; b. 25 
May, 1809; m. 1st— 14 
Mar. 1841, Mary, eldest 
dau. of late Sir Charles 
Mordaunt, Bart.; sne d. 
11 June, 1851. He m. 
_ 2ndly— 18 June, 1856, 

Mary, only surviving child of late John Erskine, 
Esq. (E. llossLYN). By his 1st wife he had with 
other issue 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Charles Thomas Dyke, J.P. D.L. Somerset, bar.-at-law I.T 
1869, capt. l8t Devon yeo. since 1872, and of Devon mounted 
rifles since 1866; b. 16 July, 1842 ; m. 1 Nov. 1879, Gertrude 3rd 
dau. of .Sir John Walroiid-Walroud, Bart. 

(2) Francis Gilbert Dyke, rifle brigade, d. unm. 24 Aug 1874 

(3) Arthur Herbert Dyke, m.a. prin. O.Yford mil. school in 
H.O. b. 13 Oct. 1JJ47; m U June, 1873, AUce Sophia, eldest 
dau. of Rev. Francis MacaiUay Cunningham, rector of Witnev 
O.xou. (PooiiE— Baut.), and has 2 sons, ' 

Francis Dyke, b. 7 March, 1874.— Cuthbert Charles Dyke b 
oO May, 1875. ' 

(4) Mary Lydia, m. 30 Oct. 1872, to Rev. Richard Hart Hart- 
Davis, -Nncar of Dunsden.Oxon.and has had T) daus. 

Katherine Lucy Hakt-Davis, b. 5 May, 1874.— Mary Hen- 
rietta b. 21 May, 1875.— Annie Charlotte, b. 23 Oct. 1876; 
d. 23 June, 1879.- Dorothy b. 26 April, 1878.— A dau. b. 11 
April 1880. 

(5) Agnes Henrietta. 

ARMS— Chcquy arg. and sa.,a fesse gules. 

Crest— A man's hand couped, thereon a falcon all ppr. 

Motto — In6branlable. 

Seats— Killerton, Exeter, and Holnicote, Minehead. 

SIR JOHN ACLANDE, of Aclande (said to be 16th in lineal 
descent from Hugh de Accalcn, of Accalen, circa 1155), 
was a zealous Royalist and devoted adherent of CHARLES I. 
and garrisoned his house at Columb John to oppose the 
forces under the Earl of Stamford, then at Exeter. In con- 
sideration of his services he was created a Baronet 24 June, 
1644, but ui»n the decline of the King's power he was heavily 
fined for his loyalty. His patent of baronetcy ha\ing been 
destroyed another one was granted to his youngest son Sir 
Hugh by Charles II. 21 Jan. 1677/8, with the precedency 
before all Baronets created since 1644 (see also similar creation 
Edwardes) ; died 24 Aug. 1647, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir Francis Vincent, of Stoke D'Abernon, Bart.; she d. 5 Feb. 
1696, having had, with 2 daus. 3 sons, who all succeeded to the 
baronetcv. His descendant in the 6th generation, 

SIR THOMAS DYKE ACLAND, of Holnicote, Somerset, 
and Killerton, Devon, 9th Baronet (on the death of liis 
nephew Sir John 1785); d. 17 May, 1794, ha%'ing m. 4 July, 1785, 
Henrietta Anne, only dau. of Sir Richard Iloare, Bart, of Stour- 
head, Wilts ; she d. 2 Sept. 1841 having (re-m. May, 1795, to 
Hon. Matthew Fortescue, capt. R.N.— E.FORTESCUE) had with 
2 daus. 3 sous, 

(1) Sir Thomas Dyke, s. as 10th Baronet. 

(2) Hugh Dyke, b. 10 Mar. 1791 ; d. 24 Mar. 1834, having 
m. 12 June, 1817, Ellen Jane, dau. of "Very Rev. John Chappel 
Woodhouse, D.D. dean of Lichfield, and widow of Rev. W. 
Robinson, rector of Swinnerton ; she d. 18 Oct. 1870, having 
(re-m. 7 April, 1835, to Richard Hinckley, Esq. of Beacon House, 
Lichfield), had a son, 

Hugh WoonnousE ACLAND,b. 6 Mar. 1818; d. 7 Mar. 1851, 
having m. 5 Feb. 1841, Mary, dau. of Job Edwards, and had 
a son and a dau. 

[1] John AVoodhouse Acland, late 57th regt; b. 9 June, 
1849, m. July, 1875, Anne WaddcU, eldest dau. of late Col. 
H. P. Hughes, royal Bengal art. 

[2] Ellen Mary Woodhouse, m. 6 June, 1867, to|Rev. Frederick 
Wentworth Vernon (B. Vernon). 

(3) Charles Richard Dvko, capt. R.N. com. n.M.R. " Helicon " 
at the Cape ; d. s. p. 1828, aged 35, having m. 8 July, 1819, 
Charlotte Frances, dau. of George Templer, Esq. of Stover, 
Devon, and widow of Capt. Dunn, R.N. ; she d. 22 Mar. 1875. 

SIR THOMAS DYKE ACLAND, 10th Baronet, M.]>. Devon, 
1812/18, 1820 to 1831, and North Devon 1837/57 ; b. 29 
Mar. 1787; d. 22 July, 1871, having m. 7 April, 1808, Lydia Eliza- 
beth, only dau. of Henry Hoare, Esq. of Mitcham (BART.) ; she d. 
23 June, 1856, having had with other issue 5 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 11th and present Baronet. 
[2] Arthur Henry Dyke-Troy tc, which latter name he assumed 
in lieu of his own, together with the arms of Troyte, by royal 
license, 13 Aug. 1852, on succeeding to the estates of Huntsham, 
Devon, by devise of Rev. Edward Berkeley Troyte, D.c.L.; 
b. 3 May, 1811; d. 19 June, 1857, having m. 16 Sept. 1835, 
Frances, only dau. of Robert Williams, Esq. of Bridehead, 
Dorset, J.P. D.L.; she d. 4 Aug. 1856, having had 3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Charles Arthur Williams-Troy te, of Huntsham Court, 
Devon, D.L. lord of the manor and jjatron of Huntsham, 
capt. 1st R. Devon yeo. cav., high sheriff 1881 ; b. 11 Maj', 
1842; m. 21 June, 1864, Katharine Mary, dau. of Sir John 
Walrond-Walrond, Bart, and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Arthur Acland, b. 30 March, 1865.— Hugh Leonard, b. 18 
Dec. 1870.— Gilbert John, b. 4 Sept. 1876.— Frances Lucy.— 
Cicely Mary. 

(2) John Edward Troyte, assumed the surname of Acland, 
1876, lieut. 4th King's Own royal regt.; b. 20 Feb. 1848. 

(3) Reginald Henry Dyke Troyte, assumed the surname of 
Acland, 1876, vicar of Leighland, Somerset, 1879, curate of 
Porlock, 1874/9 ; b. 8 June, 1851 ; m. 8 Jan. 1879, Charlotte 
Eliza, youngest dau. of George Edward Price, Esq. late of 
Jamaica (Bart.) 

(4) Frances Lydia Dyke, m. 21 July, 1863, to Rev.Charles Sand- ' 
ford Bere, rector of Uijlowman, Devon, and has a son and dau. 

Montagu Acland Bere, b. 19 Oct. 1866.— Frances Ada. 

(5) Harriet Dyke, m. 8 Sept. 1863, to George, son of Rev. 
James Griffith, canon of St. David's, and has 5 sons and 
4 daus. 

Arthur Troyte Griffith, b. 19 June, 1864.— Charles 
Leopold Troyte, b. 6 June, 1872.— Edward Nevill Troyte, b. 
24 July, 1873.— Herbert Troyte, b. 9 Dec. 1874.— John 
Troyte, b. 3 Sept. 1876.— Frances Harriet.— Sarah Lucy 
Troyte.— Ethel Dorothea.— Gertrude Lydia Troyte. 

(6) Angelina Anna Dyke, m. 22 July, 1865, to Rev. James 
Dunn, of Clifton, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Charles Arthur DVNN, b. 2 Oct. 1867.— Stephen Troyte, b, 
26 Dec. 1868.— Mary Acland.— Joanna Dorothea Dyke. 


(7) Mary Dyke, in. 30 Juuc, 18G4, to Rev. Walter Hook, rector 
of Porlock, Somerset, and formerly succentor of Chicliester 
Cathedral, and rector of Laviugton, Sussex, 2nd sou of late 
Very Rev. Dean Hook (C'Crtis), and has 2 sons and .5 dans. 

Walter Acland Hook, b. 2 July, 1867.— Arthiu- James, 
b. 18 Feb. 1877. — JIary. — Lucy Augusta. — Anna Delccia. — 
Agnes Joanna. — Katherine Frances. 

(8) Johanna Dorothea Dyke, m. 30 June, 1864, to Leonard 
Harper, bar.-at-law, sou of Right Rev. Henry John Chitty 
Harper, D.D. bishop of Christchurch, N.Z. and has 6 sons and 
a dau. 

Arthur Paul HARPER, b. 27 June, 1865.— Charles Coleridge, 
b. 30 Dec. 1866.— Leonard LleweUyn, b. 6 Aug. 1868.— H. 
Theodore Acland, b. 17 Dec. 1871. — John Ernest Troyte, 
b. 29 May, 1874.— Reginald Tristram, b. 11 Feb. 1876.- 
Clara Agnes Acland. 
[3] Henry AVentworth Dyke Acland, M.D. M.A. regius pro- 
fessor of medicine, Oxford, D.C'.L. Cambridge, Dublin, Edin- 
burgh, &c.; b. 23 Aug. 1815 ; m. 14 July, 1846, Sarah, eldest dau. 
of WiUiam Cotton, Esq. D.C.L. of Wahvood, Essex, ; she d. 25 
Oct. 1878, having had 7 sons and a dau. 

(1) William Alison Dj'ke, com. R.x. F.R.G.S. b. 18 Dec. 1847. 

(2) Henry Dyke, b. 14 Oct. 1850; m.l6 Nov. 1878, Margaret 
Hicheus, dau. of John Jope Rogers, of Penrose, Cornwall, 
and had a dau. 

Sarah, b. 28 Aug. 1879; d. 3 Sept. following. 

(3) Theodore Dyke, b. 14 Nov. 1851.— (4) Herbert Dyke, b. 
9 April, 1855; d.4 June, 1877.— (5) Reginald Brodie Dj-ke, b. 
18 May, 1856.— (6) Francis Edward Dyke, lieut. R.A. b. 12 
May, 1857.— (7) Alfred Dyke, b. 19 Aug. 1858.— (8) Sarah 

[4] Peter Leopold Dyke Acland, vicar of Broadclyst, Devon, 
prebendary of Exeter Cathedral and rural dean ; b. 3 June, 
1819; m. 24 April, 1845, Julia, dau. of Rev. Benjamin Barker, 
rector of Shipdham, Norfolk: she d. 18 Dec. 1851. He m. 2ndly — 
12 Dec. 1872, Julie, dau. of Herr Philip WafEncr, of Dusseldorf. 
By his 1st wife he has had with other issue 3 sons, 

(1) Thomas, of Christchurch, N.Z. b. 3 July, 1846 ; m. 10 Oct. 
1874, Flora Margaret, dau. of Robert Waitt, Esq. of Chi-ist- 
church, N.Z. and has a son, 

Leopold George Dyke, b. 2 July, 1876. 

(2) Benjamin Dyke, lieut. R.N. b. 18 Aug. 1849. 

(3) Henry Dyke, rector of Nvmet, St. George, Devon 1879; 
b. 4 Mar. 1850 ; m. 22 Jan. 1878, Adelaide Clementina Hart, 
2nd dau. of late Richard Vaughan Davis, and has 3 sons 
and a dau. 

Edward Leopold Dyke, b. 7 Dec. 1878.— John Henry Dyke, 
b. 24 June, 1880.— Richard Dyke, b. 3 Oct. 1881, a twin 
with Katharine Annie. 
[5] (Hon.) John Barton Anmdell Dj'ko Acland, bar.-at-law, 
L.I. 1849, M.L.c. New Zealaml; b. 25 Nov. 1823; m. 17 Jan. 1860, 
EmUy Weddell, dau. of Right Rev. Henry John Chitty Harjaer, 
D.D. bishop of Christchurch, X.z. and has 3 sons and 6 daus. 
John Dyke, b. 17 Feb. 1863.— Hem-y Dyke, b. 21 Sept. 1867.— 
Hugh Thomas Dyke, b. 20 Sept. 1874— Agnes Dyke.— Mary 
Emily Dyke.— Han-iet Dyke. — Lucy Alice Dyke. — Elizabeth 
Dyke. — Emily Rose. 
[6] Agnes Lucy, m. 3 Aug. 1848, to Arthur Mills, bar.-at-law, 

AFFLECK, Sir Robert, of Dalham Hall, Suf- 
folk, D.L. (1782, G.B.), sherifE 1875; s. his 
brother as Gth Baronet in 1854; b. 28 July, 1805; m. 
9 April, 1850, Maria Emily, eldest dau. of Edmund 
Burton, Esq. of Churchill, Northants. and has had 
with other issue 3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Robert, b. 4 Mar. 1852. 

(2) John de Linden, b. 18 July, 1860. 

(3) Philip Bm-ton, b. 2 Jan. 1862. 

(4) Katharine Maria, m. 11 Julv, 1878, to Lieut.-Col. Charles 
AVollaston, late Bengal cavah-y. "He b. 18 Oct. 1806. 

(5) Anna Maria. (6) Frances Caroline. 

(7) Helen Affleck. (8) Mary Elizabeth Harriett. 

Arms (Not recorded at the College of Ai-ms, but the folIo\ving 

are used)— Arg., thi-ee bars sa. Crest— An ear of wheat 

bearded ppr. 

Motto — Pretiosum quod utile. 

Seats— Dalham Hall, Suffolk ; Fiugringhoe Hall, Essex. 

GILBERT AFFLECK, of Dalham Hall, SufEoLk, M.P. Cam- 
bridge 1722/7, 1737/41 (only surviving son of John 
Affleck, by Neeltice, dau. of Gilbert Schape, of Amsterdam, 
merchant) ; m. in AVestminster Abbey, 3 Nov. 1705, Anne, dau. of 
John Dolben, Esq. (2nd son of John, archbishop of York), and 

niece of Sir- Gilbert Dolben, Bart, and had 18 childi-en of whom 
6 sons and a dau. 

(1) John, of Dalham Hall, M.P. Suffolk 1743/61, Agmondcs- 
ham 1767/8 ; b. 12 Feb. 1710; d. 5 Mar. 1774, having m. Sarah, 
on]y dau. of James Metcalfe, of Roxton, Beds.; she d. 17 Feb. 
17(6, having had with other sons, who d. s. p. an eldest son. 

Sir Gilbert, 2nd Baronet ; b. 24 Dec. 1740 ; d. s. p. 17 
July, 1808, having m. 18 July, 179G, Mary, dau. of Thomas 
Clarke, of New York, widow of Richard Vassal, of Jamaica 
(by whom she had an only cliild, Elizabeth, m. 1st, to Sir 
Godfrey Webster, Bart, and 2ndly, to Henry, 3rd Lord Hol- 
land— ext.); she d. 1835, aged 86. 

(2) Gilbert, rector of Dalham, left an only dau. 

(3) James, M..\. vicar of Finedon, Northants, r.t'. Davcntry and 
a prebendary of Southwell; b.l8 Aug. 1716; d. Nov. 1784, hav- 
ing m. 1757, Mary, dau. of Proctor, Esq. of Clay Cotou, 
Northants; she d. 1772, having had with other issue 2 sous, 

[1] Sir James, 3rd Baronet, lieut.-gen. in the army and col. 
16th dragoons ; b. 29 April. 1759 ; d. unm. 10 Aug. 1833. 
[2] Sir Robert, s. as 4tli Baronet. 

(4) William, b.d. rector of North Luffenham, Rutland, vicar 
of Potton, Beds.; b. 30 Oct. 1717; d. 8 .Scpt.l8'J6, leartng by his 
wife, Catherine, only dau. of Richard Darton, Esq. a son, 

Gilbert Affleck, of Cavendish HaU, Suffolk, lieut.-col. Suffolk 
militia; d. 26 April, 1831, lea-i-ing by his 2nd wife, Jane, dau. 
of Edward Smythies, of Colchester, a son, Gilbert, and a 
dau. Mary. 

(5) Sir Edmund, entered the navy; lieut. 1745, and in 1782 rear- 
admiral of the blue ; was created a Baronet 10 July of that, with remainder to the issue male of his father, in acknow- 
ledgment of his gallantry in the memorable victory of the 
preceding 12th of April, obtained by Admiral Sir George Rod- 
ney over the French squadron under the command of Le 
Conite de Grasse, where he commanded the van di^^sion, and 
for which services he also received the tlianks of both houses 
of Parliament ; roar-admiral of the red 1787, and M.P. Colches- 
ter 1781/8 (10th son) ; b. 19 April, 1725 ; d. s. p. 19 Nov. 1789, 
having m. 1st, Esther, dau. of John Ruth, and relict of Peter 
Creffield; shed. 15 Dec. 1787. He m. 2ndly— 14 May, 1788, 
Mary, widow of William Smythies, of Colchester. She re-m. 

July, 1792, to Major John M'Kinnou, 63rd regt. 

(6) Philip, entered the navy ; Ueut. 1755, rear-admiral of the 
blue 1787, rear-admiral of tlie white 1791, vice-admiral of the 
white 1793, vice-admiral of the red 1794, and finally admiral 
of the blue ; a lord of the admiralty 1793-5 ; b. 2 May, 172G; d. 
unm. 22 Dec. 1799. 

(7) Elizabeth, eldest sirrviving dau. m. 18 Mar. 1737, to Robert 
Trefusis, Esq. of Trefusis, Cornwall, from whom descended the 
17th Lord Clinton. 

SIR ROBERT, 4tli Baronet, Jt.A. Christ Church, Oxon. 1790, 
vicar of Westow, Yorks. 1796/1833, rector of Tresswell, 
Notts. 1796/1837, vicar of Doncaster 1807, Silkstone, Yorks. 
1817, and prebendary of York 1802; b. 27 Jan. 1765; d. 7 May, 
1851, having m. 16 May, 1800, Maria, 2nd dau. of Sir Elijah Impey, 
Knt. of Newick Park, Sussex, formerly chief justice of Bengal; 
she d. 12 Mnr. 1825, having had 5 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Gilbert, 5th Baronet ; b. June, 1804; d. s. p. Nov 
1854, having m. 20 Dec. 1834, Everina Frances, eldest dau. of 
Francis EUis, Esq. of Bath ; she d. 1 April, 1865, having 
re-m. — 1 July, 1858, to Rev. WiUiam "\Miewell, D.D. master of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, who d. 6 Mar. 1866. 

(2) Sir Robert, 6th and present Baronet. 

(3) James Danbv, jr.A. rector of Dalham, aforesaid, b. 16 Feb. 
1810 ; d. 27 Dec. 1862, ha^^ng m. 19 April, 1853, Sophia, 
of Edward Dj-son, Esq. of Dalham. and had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Frederic Danby James, b. 3 Feb. 1856. — Arthm- Edward 
Highlander, b. 6 Aug. 1857. — Adolphus Reginald, b. 6 Jan. 
1862 ; d. 28 Dec. 1863.— Eleanora.— Florence. 

(4) John ; b. 28 April, 1812; d. mim. 17 Mar. 1869. 

(5) George Daub}', of Swiuton, Yorks. lord of Mashamshire 
by devise of Mrs. Danby- Vernon-Harcourt, 11 Mar. 1879, 
assumed the surname of DAXBT only and the arms quarterly 
by R.L. 10 Nov. 1879; b. 27 June, 1818; married. 

(6) Mary Philippa, m. 7 Feb. 1836, to Rev. Thomas Francis 
Hall, M.A. vicar of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, who d. 22 April, 

(7) Charlotte, m. 28 Mar. 1854, to Ven. George Glover, M.A. 
archdeacon of SudbmT, who d. 4 Mav, 1862. 

(8) Harriett EUzabeth. m. 1st— 23 May, 1829. to John Thomas 
Bridges, Esq. of St. Nicholas Court, Isle of Thanct, who d. 10 
May, 1853. She re-m. 31 Oct. 1854, to Rev. J. E. N. Molesworth, 
D.D. \'icar of Rochdale (V. MOLESWORTn), who d. 21 April, 1877, 
aged 87. By her 1st husband she had issue, of whom, 

[1] Robert Seymour Bridges, ji.d. 

[2] Marie Elizabeth, eldest dau. m. 22 Aug. 1854, to Guildford 

Lindsey Molesworth (V. MOI.ESWOUTU). 

(9) Marian, m. 10 Nov. 1846, to Rev. Samuel Charles, M.A. of 
Trinity College, Cambridge (divorced 16 Dec. 1873), and had 
2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Philip Affleck CHARLES, d. 8 Sept. 1878, aged 29. 

(2) Arthiu-, d. 7 May, 1881, aged 25. 



AGNEW, Sib Akdeew, of Lochnaw, co. Wig- 
toun (1629, N.S.), ^-ice-lieut. since 1852, M.p. 
1856/'68, capt. late ith light dragoons; s. Ms father 
as 8th Baronet in 1849; b.2 Jan. 1818 ; m. 20 Aug. 
1846, Lady Louisa Noel, eldest dau. of Charles, 1st 
Earl of Gaiasborough, and has 5 sons and 7 daus. 

(1) Andrew Xoel, J.P.and D.L. bar.-at-law I.T. 1874, b. 14 Aug. 

(2) Henry de Courcy, j.p. b. 1 Nov. 1851. 

(3) Charles Hamlynjlieut. 21st R. fusiliers, 1880; b.21 June, 1859. 

(4) Quentin Graham KinnairJ, 2ud Ueut. R. Ajt and Wigtoun 
mil. b. 8 Jan. 18G1. 

(5) Gerard Dalrymple, b. 24 April. 1862. 

(6) Madeline Diana Elizabeth, m. 7 Feb. 1867, to Thomas Henry 
Clifton (B. DOXIXGTOX), M.P. North Lane; he d. 31 JIar. 

(7) Arabella Frances Georgiana, ). . 

(8) CaroUne Charlotte, ] ™ins. 

(Q) Louisa Lucia, m. 10 July, 1877, to Duncan MacNeill, Esq. 

(10) Mary Alma Victoria, m. 19 Aug. 1875, to Hon. Arthur 
Fitzgerald Kinnaird, Master of Kinnaird. 

(11) Rosina Constance. 

(12) Violet Margaret Maud. 

Arms— Arg., a chevron between two cinquefoils in chief gu. and 

in base a saltire couped az. 

Crest— An eagle regardant ppr. 

SUPPORTERS— Two heraldic tigers ppr., collared and chained 


Motto — Consilio, non impetu. 

iBAT— Lochnaw Castle, Stranraer, Wigtounshire. 


Sm PATRICK AGXEW (grandson of Sir Andrew Agnew, 
of Lochnaw, Knt.), was knighted by James \^. and 
created a Baroxet of Nova Scotia by Cu.^RLES I. 28 July, 
1629, to bis heirs male ; heritable sheriff of Galway as his 
ancestors had betn for 200 years; represented Wigtownshire in 
the Scottish parliaments 1628/33, 1643 (convention), 1644, 
1645//; died in 1661, having m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Kennedy.of Culzean.and his descendant in the 7th generation, 
O IR ANDREW AGNEW (iwsthumous son of Andrew Agnew)' 
O 7th Baronet Con the death of his grandfatlier Sir Stair, 38 
June. 1809). M.P. Wigtonshire in four parliament« 1830/7; b'21 
Mar. 1.93; d 28 April. 18l9,having m. 14 June. 1816. MadeUne, 
T "• ?! o'^ ^^"'^ Carnegie, Bart. (E. Sovthesk) ; she d. 21 
Jan. 18o8. liaving had with other issue 7 sons and 3 daus. 
>»? ?^^ Andrew, 8th and present Baronet. 

m. Ist— 3oth Oct. 18)9. Anne, dau. of Rev. David Wauchone 

rector of Warkton Northants (Dox-Wauchope-Bart.)- she 

im'-.^vJ^ ^^\' 3*^2- . "^ >"• 2ndly-17 Oct. 18-54, Patricif 

Khzalxjth, eldest dau. of William Henry Dowbiggin Esq (E 

D.U.H01SIE); she d. 2 Oct. 1870. He m. 3rdly -14 May 1872 

Patricia, dau of late Sir Alexander Ram&ij-, Bart. By his 

2nd wife he had 3 sons and 2 daus. -oy ms 

Roljcrt Wauchopc, b. 13 Nov. 1861.— Andrew Williim h i 

Aug. 1864.-.Sanu,el Montague, b. 22 Feb 86^-Ge^rrina 

Anne.— Madebne Mary. ""-urtma 

(3) David Carnegie Andrew (Rev.), b. 3 May, 1821; m. 18 April, 
1855, Eleanora, dau. of (Jeorge Bell, Esq., F.R.S.E., and has 
a son and dau. 

Andrew David Carnegie, b. 15 May, 1856.— Agnes Madeline 

(4) James Andrew, C.E. b. 21 June, 1823. 

(5) Stair Andrew, called to the Scotch bar 1860, lord advo- 
cate's secretary 1861, Queen's and lord treasurer's remem- 
brancer (1877)," formerly lieut. 9th regt. ; b. 6 Dec. 1831 ; m. 
1 Dec. 1870, (Jeorgina. dau. of late George More Nisbett, Esq. 
of Caimhill, Lanarkshire, and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Stair Carnegie, b. Jan. 1872.— A son, b. 20 Nov. 1880.— 
Mabel Marv.— A dau. b. 26 Aug. 1877.— A dau. b. 24 Feb. 1879. 

(6) Thomas Frederick Andrew, b. 5 July, 1834; m. 9 Oct. 1861, 
Julia, dau. of Charles PeUy, Esq. Madras C.S. (BART.), and 
has 5 sons and 3 daus. 

Douglas, b. 5 Feb. 1869.— Emest Frederick, b. 6 Jan. 1871.— 
Graham, b. 8 Oct. 1874.— Herman Maitland, b. 29 Mar. 1876. 
—Percy Reginald, b. 13 Jan. 1878.— Henrietta.— Geraldine.— 
Ethel Patricia. 

(7) Gerald Andrew, D.A.A.G. for musketry, Ireland, major late 
30th regt. serveil ^vith 90th L.I. in Indian Mutiny and 
womided; b. 18 Dec. 1835; m. 19 May, 1870, Margaret, only 
dau. and heir of AVUliam Bonar, Esq. of Warriston, N.B. and 
has a dau. — Eva Marv. 

(8) Agnes, m. 16 Oct. 1845, to Rev. Thomas Blizzard Bell, 
F.C.; he d. 10 Dec. 1866, having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

George Frederick BELL, b. . — Andrew Agnew 

Bell, b. . — Madebne Carnegie. — Isabella Ross.— 

Eleanora Georgina. 

(9) Martha, m. 3 Oct. 1848, to Frederick Lewis Maitland-Heriot, 
Esq. of Ramornie, Fifeshire (E. Lauderdale) ; he d. 7 Mar. 

(10) Mary Graham, m. 23 June, 1858, to her cousin James 
Douglas, Esq. of Cavers, N.B. who d. s. p. 29 July, 1878. 

John Wallis 
(1800, U.K.); bar.-at-law 
M. T. 1844; s. his brother 
as 4th Baronet in 1873; b. 1 
Oct. 1800; m.lst— 18 May, 
1857, Lady Lepel Charlotte 
Phipps, youngest dau. of 
Heniy, 1st Earl of Mul- 
grave, and sister of Con- 
stantine Henry, 1st Mar- 
quis of Normanby; she d. 
29 Jan. 1869. He m. 2ndly 
— 22 Aug. 1877, Maiy 
Kathleen, 2nd dau. of Eev. 
John Dreaper, of North- 
ampton; heir presumptive, 
his cousin. Major William 

Arms— Per imle arg. and sa. a chevron, and in base a crescent 

counterchanged; on a canton az. a harp or, stringed of the 1st 

in the sinister chief point a mullet of the 4th. 

Crest— A dexter arm embowed, holding a dagger, all ppr. 

charged with a mullet or. 

Motto — Per mare, per terras. 

Town House- 27, Eaton Square, s.w. 


ANDREW ALEXANDER, of Londonderry, merchant, of 
Garvach, in Errigal parish, co. Londonderry, in 1663, and 
of Ballyclose, parish of Dnimachose, near Newtown Limavady, 
in 1666, the latter estate bv grant either from Sir Thomas 
Phillips or his son, styled Major Colonel George Phillips. He 
was attainted under the style of Capt. Andrew Alexander in a 
pretended parliament held by JA3IES II. at Dublin, on 7 May, 
1689. Hem. — dau. of — HUles, of co. Londonderry, land- 
owner, and had 3 sons, of whom the eldest, 

JOHN, of Londonderry, merchant, was of Ballyclose afore- 
said in 1717. and of Gunsland, co. Donegal, bv purchase; 
he d. 12 Mar. 1747, leaving by his wife, Ann AMiite, a widow, 


dau. of John White, Esq. of the Cady Hill, Newtown Limavady, 

3 sons and a dau. 

[1] John, of Londonden-y; b. 1689; d. 1766; by his wife Sarah, 

dau. of Alexander Macaiilay, of Dromnagisson, co. Antrim, he 

had 3 sons and 2 dans. His grandson, 

John, piu-chased the estate of Milford, co. Carlow in 1790; 
sold Ballyclose to JIajor Alexander Alexander, of Newton 
Limavady, in 1827 ; b. 27 Feb. 1764 ; d. 16 Aug. 1843, having 
m. 8 Sept. 1801, Christian Izod, dau. of Lorenzo Nickson, Esq. 
of Chapel Izod, co. Kilkenny; she d. 13 Dec. 1864, having 
had 6 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) John, of ililford House, co. Carlow, high sheriff Carlow 
1824, and M.P. for that borough 1853/59 ; b. 26 Julv, 1802 ; 
m. 18 Oct. 1848, Esther, eldest dau. of Matthew Brinkley, 
Esq. of Parsonstown, co. Meath, 2nd son of llight Rev. John 
Brinckle3', lord bishop of Cloyne, and has 5 sons and a dau. 

[1] John, lieut. King's dragoon guai'ds, served in Zulu war, 

1879, in squadron under Capt. Marter, including the capture 

of Zulu cliief, Cetywayo ; b. 23 Sept. 1850. 

[2] William Cranston, b. 5 Nov. 1851 ; m. 8 Feb. 1879, 

Edith Caroline, youngest dau. of late Col. Longfield, of 

Ashgrove, co. Cork. 

[3] Lorenzo, b. 28 Aug. 1853.— [4] Charles Heniy, heut. 

B..X. b. 2 June, 1856.— [5] George, b. 20 June, 1858. 

[6] Harriett Lucia, m. 8 July, 1875, to Major Edward 

George Moore Donnithorne, R. Scots greys, and has a 

dau. b. 30 Aug. 1881. 

(2) Lorenzo WilUam, b. 22 Oct. 1810 ; d. 21 Sept. 18G7, 
having m. 25 June, 1857, Harriet, eldest dau. of l.ate Colonel 
Henry Biiien, of Oakpark, co. Carlow, M.P. and had a son 
and 2 daus. 

Henry Bnien, b. 8 Nov 1860. — Christian. — Anne. 

(3) George, b. 17 Feb. 1814; m. 28 Feb. 1861, Susan, dau. of 
Stephen Collins, Esq. bar.-at-law, and has 4 sons and a dau. 

John Stephen, b. 4 Jan. 1862.— Frank, b. 26 Jan. 1864.— 
James, b. 1 May, 1868.— Walter, b. 8 Sept. 1872.— Chi-istian 

(4) James, b. 8 Mar. 1818; m. 12 July, 1855, Lucia Margaret, 
eldest dau. of Sir William Cl.arke-Ti-avers, Bart. s. p. 

(5) Charles Leslie, vicar of Stewkley, Bucks.; b. 28 April, 1820. 

(6) Henry, lieut.-col. King's dragoon guai-ds, 1878, which 
regiment he commanded in Zulu war, 1879, served in Cliiua 
campaign, 1860, and with 10th hussars in Crimea, at siege 
and fall of Sebastopol, temporary administrator in the 
Transvaal 1880; b. 17 Aug. 1822. 

(7) Anne, d. s. p. 10 April, 1862, having m. 6 Oct. 1828, to 
John Cranstoun, of Cranebrook, co. Tyrone. 

(8) Lucia, d. unm. 7 Oct. 1877. 

(9) Fanny, m. 19 Oct. 1847, to Rev. Charles Henry Travers, 
rector of Purley, Berks, s. p. 

[2] Nathaniel, ancestor of the Earls of Caledon. (See 


[3] ■William. (See nest paragraph.) 

[4] Martha, m. to Alexander Kellie, Esq. 

WILLIAM, of Dublin, merchant ; d. 1778, having m. Mary 
Porter, of Vicardale, co. Monaghan, and had with 2 
daus. 2 sons, viz. : 

[1] Sir "William, created a Baronet 11 Dec. 1809. 
[2] Robert, of Seamount, co. Dublin, and of Dublin city, banker; 
d. 14 July, 1827, aged 80, having m. 14 May, 1785, Henrietta, 
dau. of Henry Quin, of Dublin, M.D. phjsician general to the 
forces in Ireland ; shed. Jan. 1839, having had with other 
issue 5 sons, 
/I/ William James, major co. Dublin militia; b. 25 Mar. 
1786; d. 8 April 1832, having m. 5 May, 1815, Gertrude, 
eldest dau. of Gustaviis Handcock-Temple, Esq. of Waters- 
town, CO. AVestmeath (B. Castlemaixe); she d. 25 April, 
1864, leaving an only surviving son, 

Robert Quin Alexander, of Acton, co. Armagh, high 
sheriff, CO. Dublin, 186—; b. 3 May, 1816; m. 17 Feb. 1840, 
Gertrude Harriet, 4th dau. of John Lushiugton Reilly, Esq. 
of Scarvagh House, co. Down, and has 2 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) William James, major Duke of Cornwall's L.I. formerly 
32nd regt. ; b. 23 Aug. 1842. 

(2) Robert Gustavns, lieut. 3rd (King's Own) hussars; b. 
7 Nov. 1852. 

(3) Louisa.— (4) Anne Elizabeth.— (5) Gertrude.— (6) 
Mary Temple.— (7) Fanny. 

/2/ Henry, of London, M.P. Barnstaple 1826/30, and a director 
E.I.C.s. ; b. 9 April, 1787 ; d. 14 Jan. 1861, having m. 1st — 3 
Mar. 1808, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Pringle, consul-general 
at Madeira. He m. 2ndly — 4 Jan. 1843, Sabina Hester, eldest 
dau. of Thomas Taylor, Esq. of Sevenoaks, Kent (B. STAN- 
HOPE). By his 1st wife he had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Henry Robert, B.C.S. b. d. 1869, 
having m. Elizabeth Charlotte, dau. of Col. 
Young, E.I.C.S. ; she d. 22 April, 1880. 

(2) William Charles, major late Bengal cavalry, b. 30 Sept. 
1818; m. 5 Oct. 1865, Ellen Charlotte, dau. of Col. Thomas 

(3) Frederic. (4) Han-iet. 

(5) Fanny, m. 2 Nov. 1843, to Rev. Joseph Salt, p.C. Penk- 
ridge, Staff. 4th son of J. S. Salt, Esq. of London. 

(6) Leonora, m. 27 Sept. 1848, to Charles Frederic Devas, 
of Pickhurst manor, Kent, J.P. 

/3/ Charles, rector of Dnmicrea, Ireland, b. 16 Sept. 1794; 
d. 26 Oct. 1870, having m. 4 Oct. 1817, Elizabeth Anne, dau. 
of Edward Smith Godfrey, Esq. of Newark ; she d. 25 Nov. 
1870 leaving a son and dau. 

(1) Godfi-ey Edward, rector of Stoke Bliss, Herefords • 
^i li'-l}^^' ^^^^ ' ^- 1'^ 0^*- 1^50, his cousin Harriet, dau! 
of William John Alexander-Shaw, Esq. (See below ) 

(2) Isabella, m. 14 July, 1858, to Thomas RawUnson, Esq. 
and has had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

John Francis Alexander Rawlinson, b. 1 Mar 1864 — 
Thomas Bernard, b. 27 June, 1865.— Annie Katharine- 
Angela Mary. 
/4/ Richard, lieut. R.E. b. 19 July, 1797; d. 2G April 1835 
having m 17 Feb. 1829, Frances Eliza Charity, dau. of Major 
Edward Gayer, and has an only surviving son 

Robert, col. 20th hussars, b.l4 April, 1830; ni.l6 July 

18o, Anne JIary Stuart, dau. of WiUiam Peter Taylor 

Shortt, Esq. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Richard Stuart, b. 8 Aug. 1859.— Charles, b. 1 Nov 1864 

—Ethel Jane.— Kathleen Margaret. 

IS/ Edward, b. 23 Sept. 1801 ; d. s. p. Oct. 1872, having 

married 1829. ^ 

SIR AVILLIAil ALEXANDER, of Eelcamp, co. Dublin and 
of the city of Dubhn, alderman and lord mayor lieut - 
col. royal Dubhn militia; created a Baronet 11 Dec 1809- b 
3 Mar. 1743; d. about 1820, having m. 20 July, 1764, Catherine' 
dau and heir of John Folic Malpas, Esq. of Rocheston, co.' 

dllus 2's -■"''^ ''' ''■ ' ^^'''°° ^""^ ^"^'^ 2 

/I/ Sir Robert, s. as 2n6. Baronet. 

/2/ William John Alexander-Shaw, which latter name he a=! 
sumed 1845, a lieut. 21st light dragoons; d. 14 May 1856 
having m. Mar. 1815, his cousin Isabella, dau. of Robert 
Alexanner, Esq. of Seamount; she d. 19 May, 1834, having 
had 4 sons and 3 daus. ^ 

(1) William Alexander, of Cruisetown, co. Meath, major in 
theanny; discontmued using the name of Shaw by r l 17 
June, 1« 76 heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; 
b. 12 May 1819; m. 10 Sept. 1839. ilary, 3rd dau. of Ri.^ht 
Rev. and Hon. Edward Grey (E. GREY), lord bishop of Here- 
ford, and has a son and 6 daus. 

[1] AVilliam Ferdinand, b. 15 Oct. 1845 
[2] Charlotte, m. 22 April, 1862, to Rev. Thomas Eoriase 
Coulson, rector of St. Biirian, Cornwall. 
[3] Emily, married. 

[4] Annie Isabella, m. 10 July, 1871, to Charies Forbes 
Calland, of Bromley, Kent, and Upper Forest, Glamor- 
ganshire, late lieut. 98th regt. 

[5] Mary, m. 15 June, 1869, to Henry John Goodwin 
Robinson, late 98th regt. v^oouwin 

[6] Fanny. 

[7] Lucy, m. 2 June, 1881, to Frank Theodore, son of late 
Rev. C. F. Bagshawe, M.A. 

(2) Robert Henry, killed in the retreat from Cabul 

(3) Henry, d. in India 1856. 

(4) Richard, d. 1867, leaving 3 sons and 1 dau 

(5) Harriet, m. 10 Oct, 1850, to her cousin Rev. Godfrey 
Edward Alexander before-named. ^ 

(6) Elizabeth. 

(7) Ann Catherine, d. 11 Mar. 1876, having m. 6 July, 1854 
to Capt. Edward Barnes, 27th Inuiskillings, eldest son of 
late .Sir Edward Barnes, com.-in-chief in India. 

SIR ROBERT, 2nd Baronet, a director of the Bank of 
, ^'■?f,°i;.^- \^ l^ec- !'«"; 'I- 1 Dec. 1859, having m. 17 
J line, 1 , 96, Eliza, dau. and heir of John Wallis, Esq.; 
she d. 1844, having had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) SirAAilham John, 3rd Baronet, g.c. attorney-gen to the 
Prince of Wales; b. 1 April, 1797; d. 31 Mar. 1873. 

(2) Sir John "Wallis, 4th and present Baronet 

(3) Robert Du Pre, b. Feb. 1802; d. It; Nov. 1874 havine m 
1( Sept. 1833, Eliza, youngest dau. of Ballard Nenibhard Esa' 
of Jamaica; she d. Dec. 1850 ; their only siu-viving child' 

Caroline Chariotte, m. 1st— 8 Mar. 1862, to Philip Wi'llinm 
Villiers Reade, Esq. of The Woodparks, co. Galway who' d 
21 Aug. 1874, leaving an only dau.— Florence Jane She 
re-m. 18 July, 1878, as 2ud wife, to Leicester Hibbert Esa 
of Chalfont, Bucks. ' ^* 

(4) Jane Anne, m. 6 Aug. 1833, to John Nenibhard Hibbert of 
Chalfont Park, Bucks, major in the army, and formerly ca'nt 
1st dragoon guards, s. p. j f • 


ilau. of late James Connell 


(18."i2, U.K.), K.C.B., 

major-gen. in the 
army.latc 72cl high- 
landers ; D.Q.M.G. 
and head intelli- 
gence department, 
horse guards. 1878, 
com. sta£E coll. Sand- 
hurst 1878 ; late 
D.A.G. in Ireland, 
formerly A.A.G. to 
the division at Al- 
dershot; s. his father 
as 2nd Baronet in 
1867 ; b. 21 Feb. 
1826; m. 18 Nov. 
l8o8, Jane, only 
Black, Esq. of Dal- 

monacb, x.B. and has 2 sons and 4 dans. 

(1) Arctiibald.lieut. tlie Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire regt.): 

b. 20 M.-iV, 1862. 

(2j Randal Frederick, b. 8 Feb. 1864. 

(3) Margaret Frances. 

(5) Geraldine Eugenie. 

Arms— Az., a bear's head arg. muzzled gu., in chief two fleurs- 
de-lis or, and in base a fir-tree eradicated of the last. 
Crest — A hawk's head erased ppr. 
Motto— Above the crest — Tincit Veritas. 
Tovrx House- 3, Comvrall Gardens, s.w. 

(4) Esme Glencairn. 
(6) Florence Jane. 


ALEXANDER ALISOX, of Xew Hall, co. Angus, b. 14 
June, 1730; d. 18 Feb. 1794. having m. 18 June, 1754 
Margaret Harte, of Lysterick. Midlothwn; she was b. 4 Jan' 
1732, and d. 17 July, 1811, having had a son, 

ARCHIBALD. B.C.L. prebendary of Sarum. rector of Rod- 
ington, and vicar of High Ercall. both .Salop; b. 13 
Kov. 1757 ; d. 17 May. 1839, having m. 19 June, 1782, Dorothea 
Montague, dau. of John Gregory M.D. (prof, of medicine in 
Old Town coll. of Aberdeen), by his wife Hon. Elizabeth, dau 
of 'William 13th Lord Forbes (ROTAL DESCENT). She was b 
11 June. 17.54; and d. 17 May, 1839, having had with other 
issue a son, viz. : 

SIR ARCHIBALD ALISOX, D.c.L. (younger son), sheriff co 
Lanark, an eminent lawyer and historian created a 
Baroxet 2.5 June. 1852 ; b. at Kinley, Palop. 29 Dec 1792 • d 
23 May. 18G7, having m. 21 Mar. 1825. Elizateth Glencairn' 
j-oungest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Patrick Tyler, formerly domg' 
Scotland ; she d. 5 Oct. 1874, having had 2 sons and "a dau. " " 

(1) Sir Archibald, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) Frederick Jfontague, lieut.-col. in the army. &c • b 11 
M.ay, 1835 ; d. 1 Feb. 1872. ^. , u. ii 

(3) Ella Frances Catherine, m. 1st— 26 Sept. 1854. to Robert Furgu-sson Esq. of Craigd.irroch, co. Dumfries, and 
wi ? •n^''b'£"''l?'^^V lie d. G Oct. 1859 (she re-m. 8 Oct. 
l«(.l, to Lol. the Hon. James Charlemagne Dormer CB fB 
DORMER), and has further issue), leaving 2 sons ' • • v • 

^l^tlu^l^r^""' '• '' •'"'^•' l«^^-^'='iibald 

JoHK Gay New- 
ton (1769, G.B.), vice- 
president of the Steel 
and Iron Institute, war- 
den of Duh\-ich College 
1845. 51 ; s. his father as 
3rd Baronet in 1870; b. 
8 Sept. 1820; m. 11 
March, 1851, Augusta 
Isabella, Cth dau. of 
late Sir Henry Fitz-Her- 
bert, Bart, of Tissingtou 
Hall, CO. Derby, and has 
a son and 7 dans. 

(1) Rej-nold Hem^ Kewtou, 
b. 16 May, 1852 ; m. 4 Jan. 
1879, Susanna, dau. of John 
Meyuell, Esq. eldest son of 
late Godfrey Meynell, of Mey- 
uell Langley Park, co. Derby. 

(2) Agnes Rebecca Augusta, m. 7 Sept. 1880, to Frederick 
Channer, eldest son of Rev. Frederick Corfleld, vicar of Shirley, 
CO. Derby. 

(3) Judith, m. 7 Sept. 1880, to William de Burgh Jessop. Esq. 
of Butterley Hall, co. Derby, and has a dau. b. 25 Aug. 1881. 

(4) Rebecca Olton. (5) Mary. (6) Grace. 
(7) Augiista. (8) Katherine Octavia. 

ABirs- Per chevron gu. and emi., in chief two lions' heads 

erased or. 

Crest— Out of a ducal coronet a horse's head arg. 

Motto— Xon tua te moveant, sed publica vota; or, Kon tua 

te sed publica vota. 

Seat— Alleyne Dale Hall, Barbadoes. 

Residence— Chevin, Belper, Derbyshire. 


REYNOLD ALLEYNE [3rd son of Richard Alleyne, D.D. 
rector of Stowting, Kent (d. 1651), who was great- 
grandson of Richard Alleyne, of Grantham] emigrated to the 
Barbadoes, acquired a considerable estate there, and named his 
principal residence Mount Alleyne ; he m. Mary Skeet (she 
re-m. to Tm-ner, of Three Houses in the Thickets; their 

great-granddaughter Mary Terril John Alleyne mentione.l 
below). His grandson. 

REYNOLD ALLEYNE, of the Four Hills, Barbadoes (2nd 
son of Abel Alleyne and Elizabeth Denzy), member of 
the assembly of St. Anch-ews and chief judge of the" Bridge Court 
m. Elizabeth, dau. and coheii- of John Gay, of Barbadoes and' 
had with other issue 4 sons, " ' 

(1) John, of Four HUls, hon. A.M. Magdalen Coll. O.xon. d 
.It Bath, 1730, having m. 24 Nov. 1718, Marj-, dau. of WilUam' 
TeiTill (and sole heir of her mother Rebecca, dau. and coheir 
of Col. Thomas Spire); she d. 1742, having had with 3 daus an 
only son. 

Sir John Gay Alleyne, created a Baroxet 6 April 1769 

(2) Abel, of Mount Stedfast.d. at Boston, New England having 
m. Maiy, dau. of Woodbridge, of Kensington, Barbadoes 
and had with 6 daus. 6 sons. His grandson, ' 

JOHX Forster Alleyxe, of Barbadoes, president of the 
council (son of Thomas Allerae and Forster) • 

b. 1762; d. , having m. Eliza- 

beth Gibbes, dau. of (? Charies) Willing, of Philadelphia- she 
d. 12 Feb. 1820, having had 9 sons and 7 daus. of whom ' 

(1) Haynes Gibbes, b. , 1783 ; d. 23 July 'l813 
havmg m. 21 May, 1804, (J«orgiana, dau. of AVilliam Walter 
Yea, and sister of Sir WilUam Walter Yea, Bart (ext ) of 
PjTland, Dorset, and had a dau. 

Georgiaua, m. as 1st -Kite, to George Fursdon Esq of 
Fursdon, Devon. 

(2) John Gay, b. , 1785 ; d. 10 Mar. 1821, having 
m. , Joanna Bishop, and had a d».u. 

Joanna Bishop, d. 7 July. 1868, having m. 10 Aug. 1836 

to Phihp Chetwode, lient. R.x. (Bart.), who d. 


(3) James Holder, d. 2 July, 1842, having m. Elizabeth Marv 
dau. of Joseph Lowe, M.D. of Barbadoes ; she d. 25 Feb 1877' 
ha\nng had 4 sons and 2 daus. ' ' 

[1] James Holder, d 1862, having m. Louisa, dau. 

of John Fisher, and had a son, 

Edward Wentworth Fisher Holder, late W. Somerset 
^f?:. "^S^- .fo™eriy lieut. 12th R. lancers ; m. 7 May 
iSj4, Lmily Ahcia Katharine, youngest dau. of Rev 
John Dupre Addison, vicar of Weymouth. 

V i '^°^^^^ ^°^^'e' '^- 1858, having m. Julia, dau of 

John Holder, Esq. and had 2 sons and a dau 

[3] Alexander M , d. unm. 1867. 


[4] Artliur Osborne Gibbes Allevne, rector of St. Edmimd's, 
Exeter; b. 22 Mar. 1833; m. 13 Sept. 1870, Rosalie Sophia, 
dau. of Rear-Adm. Richard Dimniug White, R.N. and has 
3 daus. 

Margaret Teresa Rosalie Mary. — Agnes Elizabeth Mary. 

— Beatrice Grabrielle Marie. 
[5] Margaret Hall, d. unm. 

[6] CaroUue, m. to James Dottiu Maycock, who d. 
1877, leaving 2 sous and a dau. 

(4) Charles Thomas, b. 1 May, 1798 ; d. 15 April, 1872, hav- 
ing m. 22 Oct. 1835, Margaret Frances, dan. of Joliu Knight 
Bruce-Pryce, Esq. (B. Aberdare); she d. 18 July, 1864, 
having had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

[1] Chai-les Bruce Knight, d. unm. 7 April, 1861. 

[2] Henry Wyndham, d. luim. 24 Sept. 1863. 

[3] Forster McGreachy, m.a. s.c.l. Oxon. bar.-at-law I.T. ; 

b. 1 July, 1845 ; m. 16 May, 1872, Elsinora AJnia, 5th dau. 

of Bridges Taylor, Esq. h.b.M.'s consul at Elsinore, and 

has 5 daus. 
Alma Margaret. — Thyra Blanche. — Elsinore. — Frieda 
Marion, b. 18 Feb. 1879.— Elsie, b. 8 Aug. 1880. 

[4] Herbert Percy, b. ; m. 14 April, 1880, Amy 

Constance, elder twin dau. of George Bright, Esq. B.c.s. of 

Clifton, Somerset. 

[5] Sai'ah Frances. 

[6] Elizabeth Wilhng, m. 26 April, 1870, to Charles John 

Grieve, of Branxholme Park, Hawick, and has 3 sons and 

3 daus. 
James "Wyndham Allej-ne Griete, b. 17 April, 1872. — 
William Herbert, b. 17 April, 1874. — Arthiu: Charles, b. 
9 Dec. 1875. — Amy Frances. — Mary EveljTi. — Bertha 

[7] Aunabella. 

[8] Leonora Blanche, m. 13 April, 1875, to Andrew, son 

of John Lang, of Selkirk, n.b. s. p. 

(5) John Forster, rector of Kentisbeare, Devon ; b. 

Feb. 1804 ; m. 31 Mar. 1835, Helen, 2nd dau. of Ai-thiu- Gore, 
Esq. (E. Arran), and had with 2 sons (died young) 3 daus. 

[1] Georgiana Mary, d. unm. 7 Mar. 1881. 

[2] Alice Maria, m. Mar. 1867, to George Marker Marker, 

Esq. of Grantlands, Devon, j.p. lieut. N. Devon hussars, s. p. 

[3] Helen Jane Margai-et. 

(6) Henry, a member of council Barbadoes; b. 2 Jan. 1808; 
d. 3 Jan. 1852, having m. 1836, Mary Reeves, dau. of 
George James, Esq. and had with other issue 3 sons and a 

[1] Douglas, lieut.-col. and major 37th regt.; b. 17 Dec. 
1836; m. 12 Jan. 1865, Ada, dau. of Charles Twisleton 
Graves, Esq. and has 2 daus. 

Evel3'n Helen Maude and Mildred Eliza Florence. 
[2] James, brevet-major R.A. served in Zulu war 1879, 
Zululand boundary commissioner 1880, served in Red River 
expedition 1870; b. 13 Jan. 1842. 
[3] Henry Nelson, com. R.x. b. 17 May, 1844. 
[4] Mary. 

(7) Sarah Giblies, m. 1808, to Major Alexander McGcachy, 
killed at Badajoz 1811, and left a son, 

Foi-ster Alleyne McGeacht, of Shenley Hill, Herts; m. 
1st — 1834, Anna Maria Letitia Adderley, sister of Sir 
Charles, 1st Lord Norton ; she d. s. p. 30 Jan. 1841. He m. 
2ndly — 1848, Clara, dau. of Rev. Thomas Kewcome, 

rector of Shenley, and ^\idow of Rev. W. R. Hall. 

(8) Margaret Salter, m. 21 May, 1811, to David Hall, Esq. 

(3) Reynold, of Jacksons, Barbadoes, m. Elizabeth Ward, of 
Glen Hall. His great-grandson, — Thomas Alleyne. 

(4) Tliomas, of Dymocks, Barbadoes ; m. 1st, his cousin Lucy, 
dau. of William Dotin, of Grenade Hall, and indly, Susan, dau. 
of William Gibbes, of Blackrock (relict of — Walker), and had 

SIR JOHN GAY ALLEYNE, member of St. Andrew's and 
Speaker of the Assembly there, was created a Baroxet 
6 April, 1769 ; b. 28 April, 1724; d. 1801, having 

m. 1st — 19 Oct. 1746, Christian, 4th dau. and coheiress of Joseph 
Dottin, Esq. of Barbadoes; she d. s. p. 1782, and he m. 2ndly — 
29 June, 1786, his cousin Jane Abel, dau. of Abel Alleyne, M.D. 
of Mount Standfast, Barbadoes ; she d. 1800, having had 

with 5 daus. an only sm•^•iving sou, 

SIR REYNOLD ABEL ALLEYNE, 2nd Baronet; b. 10 
June, 1789 ; d. 14 Feb. 1870, having m. 20 Sept. 1810, 
Rebecca, youngest dau. of John Olton, Esq. of Barbadoes. 
she d. 5 June, 1860, having had 3 sons and 4 daus. 
[1] Sir John Gay Newton, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Reynold FitzHerbert Beresford, of Allej-ne Dale Hall, Bar- 
badoes, police magistrate 1863, judge of the assistant com-t of 
appeal 1871 ; b. 7 Aug. 1825; m. 23 Mar. 1854, Anna Maria Best, 
dau. of late Sir Robert Boucher Clarke, C.B. chief justice of the 
island, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Reynold Beresford Senhouse, b. 1 Mar. 1858. 

(2) WilUam Newton, b. 25 Dec. 1859. 

(3) Emily Rebecca, m. 5 July, 1876, to Henry Alleyne, son 
of (Hon.) Nathaniel Jones Pile, m.l.c. 

(4) Agnes Martin. 

[3] Bouverie, colonial secretary of Grenada and St. Vin- 
cent ; b. 19 July, 1828 ; d. at St. Vincent 25 Oct. 1861, having 
m. 17 Aug. 1856, Charlotte Agnes Emma, youngest dau. of 
late Lieut.-CJen. Sir W. M. G. Colebrooke, c.B. R.A., governor 
of Barbadoes, and had a son and dau. 
Bouverie Colebrooke, b. 14 Jan. 1861.— Gertrade. 

[4] Philippa Cobham, m. 6 July, 1831. to Hampden Clement, 
Esq. of Barbadoes, who d. 4 Feb. 1880, having had a son and 2 

(1) Reynold Alleyne Clemext, capt. late 68th regt. one of 
II.JI. gentlcmen-at-arms 1876, served with 13th hussars; b. 3 
Mar. 1834; m. 20 July, 1867, Louisa Cecilia, dau. of Sii- H. M. 
Blackwood, Bart, and has a son and 3 daus. 

(2) Rosalie Philippa Hampden. (3) Helena Rebecca. 
[5] Annie, d. 14 Dec. 1864, having m. 20 Feb. 183G, to Sir Wil- 
liam FitzHerbert, Bart. 

[6] Rebecca, m. 20 June, 1837, to Lieut.-Col, Robert Fanshawe 
Martin (Bart.), who d. s. p. 13 July, 1846, 
[7] Caroline Ry croft. 

Henry, of 
Hindlip Hall, co. Wore, 
created a Baronet 7 
May, 1880, m.p. East 
Wore. 1874/80, d.l. cos. 
Derby. Staff, and Wore, 
on roll high sheriff 
1881; b. 19 Feb. 1811; 
m. 21 Ang. 1839, Eliza- 
beth, 2nd dau. of Wil- 
liam Tongue, Esq. of 
Comberford Hall, co. 
Staff, (sister and coheir 
of William Tongue, 
Esq. of Comberford, 
aforesaid), and has had 
8 sons and 3 daus, 

(1) Samuel Charles, of 

Doveridge Hall, Derby, M.a. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. M.P. East 

Staff. 1873/80, J.P. cos. 

Derbys. and Staff. D.L.; b. 

24 Mar. 1842; m. 28 April. 

1808, Georgiana MiUicent, eldest dau. of diaries Rowland 

Palmer-Morewood, Esq. (B. SELBeRXE), and has had 2 sons, 

Henry, b. 27 Mar. 1876; d. 7 Nov. following.— Charles, b. 22 

Sept. "1877. 

(2) WiUiam Henrv, M.A. University Coll. Oxon. capt. Wore. 
mU. since 1870; b. 9 Nov. 1843. 

(3) George Higginson, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. sub.-lieut. Wore, 
yeo. smce 1874, imsuccessfully contested Droitwich at the gen- 
eral election 1880; b. 28 Mar. 1846. 

(4) Ranulph, lieut. R.H.A. since 1869; b. 27 July, 1848. 

(5) Herbert Tongue, 2nd lieut. 10th hussars since 1877, late 
lieut. AVorc. mil.; b. 5 Dec. 1855. 

(6) Frederick Ernest, lieut. R.A. since 1877; b. 21 Sept. 1857. 

(7) Alfred Percy, b. 26 Aug. 1861. 

(8) Henry, b. 23 Feb. 1864; d. 11 Mar. foUowiug. 

(9) Frances Elizabeth, m. 23 Aug. 1877, to Rev. Melville Rus- 
sell Moore, B. A. civil chaplain Gibraltar 1880, rector of Rushock, 
CO. Wore. 1873/80 (son of Rev. Charles Moore, of Garlenick 
House, Cornwall). 

(10) Elizabeth Sidney, m. 7 July, 1874, to Thomas Eades Wal- 
ker, of Studlev Castle, co. Warwick, M.P. East Worcester 1874/80 
(elder son of Thomas Walker, of BerksweU HaU, co. Warwick), 
and has a son and dau. 

Son, b. 17 Aug. 1880.— EUzabeth. 

(11) Ada Katherine, m. 10 Feb. 1881, to Edward Waldron 
Haywood, Esq. of Sillins, co. Wore. 

Arms — Sa., three pheons chevronwise or, between as many 

doves rising arg., each holding an ear of wheat of the second. 

Crest — Upon a pheon a dove close, holding an ear of wheat, 

all or. 

MOTTO — Festina lento. 

Seat— Hindlip Hall, co. Wore. 

TOWN House— 83, Eaton Square, S.W. 


SAMUEL ALLSOPP, of Derby; bm-. at S. Alkmund, 13 
Dec. 1729; will dated 14 Nov. 1728, proved C.r.C. 25 Fob. 
1729, having m. (bond after marriage Jan. 1681) Mary, widow 
of Edward Wast, of Derby (whose vaW bears date 16 Oct. 1677); 
she bur. 5 Oct. 1728, having had a son and dau. 



ri] Samuel, of Wore. bp. at St. Alkmvmd's, Derby, 10 June, 
1680, bur. 5 Mar. 1716, v. p. ; will dated 3 and proved (C.P.C.) 
23 Mar. 1716, having m. Bridget, eldest dau. of Thomas Bear- 
croft, of Worcester, and of Upton-on-Sevem, co. 'Wore, (by 
Bridget, dau. of Richard Ma.son, of Birmingham); she bur. 22 
Mav, 1747, hartiig had 3 sons and 2 daus. 
(i) Thomas,' of whom presently. 

(2) Richard, bp. at St. Nicholas, Worcester, 20 Aug. 1710. 

(3) Samuel (b. at Wore. llJan. 1704). 

(4) Bridget, b. at Wore. 19 Jan. 1702; m. (before 14 ^ov. 
1728) to Samuel BuUer. 

(5) Mary, bp. at St. Nicholas aforesaid, 20 Mar. 1714/15. 

[2] Sarah, onlv dau. bp. at St. Alkmund's 11 Dec. 1G83, and 
bur. 17 April, 1772. having m. (settlement dated 6 Oct. 1707) 
to Robert Mellor. of lilridghay, co. Derby. 

THOMAS ALLSOPP, of Derby, and of Birlingham aforesaid, 
bp. 2 Feb. 1706; bur. at St. Alkmiuid's 3 Dec. 1783; will 
dated 29 Jan. 1783. proved 5 Feb. 1784, having m. 8 Dec. 1733, 
Anne, dau. of William ChaUinor, Esq. of FaiUde, co. Staff.; she 
bur. 27 Mav, 1786, having had 7 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Thomas, bp. at All Saints, Derby, 14 Sept. 1736; bur. at S. 
Alkmund, 21 July, 174.5. 

(2) Samuel, bp. 21 Oct. 1738. 

(3) William, bp. 6 May. 1740; d. imm. ; admon. 16 Xov. 1767. 

(4) Robert, ensign in'the army; bp. 12 Oct. 1745; d. unm. in 
East Indies; admon. 26 Xov. 1770. 

(5) Richard, bur. 11 Dec. 1747. 

(6) George, bp. 28 July, 1747. 

(7) James, of whom presentlv. 

(8) Marv. d. 16 Mav, 1796, having m. 2 April, 1761, to Rev. 
Richard Fowler, vicar of Brewood, Stafl. who d. 23 Mar. 1762. 

(9) Ann, bp. 21 April, 1742; bin-. 7 Mar. 1753. 

JAJIES ALLSOPP. of Derby, and of Birlingham Hall, co. 
Wore; bp. 23 July, 1751 ; d. 24 April, 1800, having m. 
(settlement dated 30 June, 1778) Ann, only dau. of Benjamin 
Wilson, Esq. of Burtou-ou-Trent, co. Staff.; she d. 2 Sept. 1845, 
having had with other issue 2 sons, 

/I/ Samuel, of Burton-ou-Trent, b. 12 Aug. 1780 ; d. 26 Feb. 
1838, having m. 6 Sept. 1804, Frances (royal descent), only dau. 
of Oiarles Fowler, Esq. of Shrewsbury (and sister and sole heir 
of Charles Fowler, Esq. also of Shrewsbury) ; she d. 12 June, 
1862, having had 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] Charles James, of Burton-on- Trent, b. 5 June, 1805; d. 
s. p. 30 Oct. 1844, having m. 29 Dee. 1836, Sarah Emma, dau. 
of John Drewrv. of Derby ; she d. 1879, having re-m. 

6 May, 1852, to" Rev. William de Pipe Belcher, B.A. Magdalen 
Coll. "Oson. 1831, vicar of Denford with Ringstead, Northants. 
1852/4, rector of Thurlby 1864/73. 
2] WiUiam, b. 7 Jime, 1809; d. 21 Oct. 1815. 
'3] Sir Henry, created a Baroxet. 

'4] Frances, d. 28 July, 1848, having m. 23 Jan. 1828, as 2nd 
wife, to William Wybergh How, of Shrewsbury, attomey-at- 
law; he d. 26 Kov. 1862, leaving an only surviving child, 
Frances Jane How, m. 22 Jan. 1850, to Rev. WiUiam 
Willoughby Douglas, rector of Salwarpe since 1849, rural 
dean, hon. canon of Wore. 1866, and proctor in convocation 
for diocese of Wore, since 1875. 
/2/ Thomas, of The Mount, Newton Solney, co. Derby ; b. 21 
Mar. 1782; bur. at St Alkmund's. 18 Feb. 1855; imm. 

A MORY, Sir John nEATHCOAT Heathcoat- 
-^^ of Knightshayes Court, Devon, m.p. Tiverton 
since 1868, major 1st Devon e.v.; assumed the 

additional surname and arms of Heathcoat by 
E.L. 28 Feb. 1874, and was created a Baronet 21 
March foUo'n-ing ; b. 4 May, 1829 ; m. 6 April, 1863, 
Henrietta Mary, only dau. of William Unwin, Esq. 
and has had 4 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Ian Murray Heathcoat, b. 16 April, 1865. 

(2) Harry WiUiam LudoWc Heathcoat, b. 7 June, 1870. 

(3) Geoffrey, b. 12 Nov. 1877; d. 15 Oct. 1881. 

(4) Ludovic, b. 11 May, 1881. 

(5) Mm-iel Mary Heathcoat. 

(6) Anne Christal Lucy Heathcoat, d. 25 Feb. 1874. 

(7) Dorothy Helen. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Arg., two bars gu., on a bend 
engrailed cotised sa. two annulets of the field, Amory. 2nd 
and 3rd, Tert., three piles or, two in chief one in base, each 
charged with a pomme, thereon a cross of the second, Heath- 

Crests — The battlements of a tower or, issuant therefrom 
a talbot's head az., charged with two annulets fesswise gold, 
Amory. Upon a mount vert between two roses gu., a pomme 
iis in the arms, HEATHCOAT. 
Motto — Amore non vi. 
Seat — Knightshayes Court, Tiverton, Devon. 


SAMUEL AMORT, of Clapton. Middx. and of Clement's 
Lane, London, banker; bd. 18 Dec. 1799, aged 52, having 
m. Martha Ellis; she d. 9 Jan. 1838, leaving 2 sons, 
[1] Samuel Amory, of Homerton, Middx. solicitor; b. 10 Oct. 
1784; d. 17 Nov. 1857, having m. 19 Aug. 1826, Anne, yoimgest 
dau. and coheiress of John Heathcoat, of Bolkham, Devon; she 
d. 1 Jan. 1833. leaving a son and a dau. 

(1) Sir John, created a Baroxet 21 Mar. 1874. 

(2) Sarah Anne, d. 17 April, 1869, having m. 9 Jan. 1847, 
to John Ingram Travers, Esq. of London, who d. 24 June, 
1866, leaving with other issue a son, 

John Amory Traters, of Wamicombe House, Tiverton; 

b. ; m. 1873, Florence, elder dau. of Rt. 

Rev. Charles John EUicott, bishop of Gloucester and 

[2] WiUiam, of London, b. 1788 ; d. 15 July, 1844, 

having m. 22 Feb. 1827, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Smith, of 
Woodford, Essex. 

Charles Henry 
John (1660, E.); s. his father 
as 9th Baronet in 1846; b. 
25 Nov. 1804; m. 11 Sept. 
1832, Emma, youngest dau. 
of late John Savile Fol- 
jambe, Esq. of Osberton, 
Notts. ; she d. 8 Aug. 1870, 
having had with other issue 
2 sons and 8 daus. 

(1) Francis Foljambe, of Knaith, 
CO. Lincoln, J.P. Ueut. Notts, veo.; 
b. 19 Aug. 1841; d. 15 Sept. 1881, 
having m. 14 July, 1874, Anne 
Louisa Heywood. only dau. of late Benjamin Heyy\'ood Jones, 
Esq. of Larkhill. Lancashire, and had 3 daus. 
[1] Margaret Louise, b. 11 Sept. 1876. 
[2] Katherine Helen, b 14 Oct. 1877. 
[3] Frances OUve, b. 20 Feb. 1879. 

(2) Charles AVhichcott, capt. N. Lincoln mUitia, b. 10 May, 1845; 
d. 7 Sept. 1877. 

(3) Charlotte ArabeUa, m. 26 AprU, 1862, to Col. George Phipps 
Prevost, eldest son of Ven. Sir G. Prevost, Bart, archdeacon 
of Gloucester. 

(4) Emma Theodosia. 

(5) Frances Mary, d. s. p. at San Remo, Nice, 21 Oct. 1870, 
baring m. 23 June, 1863, as 1st wife, to Rev. Ernest Roland 
Wilberforce, 2nd son of late bishop of Winchester. 

Arms — Ai-g., a chevron between three crosses flory sa. 

Crest — A spaniel passant or. 

Motto— Gnaviter. 

Seat — Lea HaU, near Gainsborough, co. Lincoln. 

Note. — There is no heir to this Baronetcy. 



SIR EDMUND ANDERSON, of Bronghton, co. Line, nnd of 
Eyworth, Beds, knighted 1583, lord chief justice common 
pleas, 2 May, 1582/1605 (great-grandson of Henry Anderson, of 
Wrawby, Line.) ; he d. 1 Aug. 1605, aged 75, having m. Magdalen, 
dan. of Christopher Smyth, of Annables, Herts, clerk of the 
pipe ; she d. 9 Jan. 1622/3, aged 79, having had with other 
issue 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Francis of Ej-worth, Beds. Knt. d. 22 Dec. 1616. He 
was ancestor of the Earls op Yarijoiiouch by his 1st wife, 
Judith, dau. of Stephen Soame, of London, who d. 4 July, 1608. 
He m. 2ndly— IGIO, Audrey, dau. of Sir John Boteler, of 
Hatfield Woodhouse. Herts, and had further issue. She re-m. 
to Francis, afterwards Earl of Chichester. 

(2) William Anderson of Bronghton. m. twice. By his 1st wife, 
Joane. dan. of Thomas Essex of Lambourne, Berks, and sister of 
Sir William Essex, Bart, he had an only son, 

SIR EDMUND ANDERSON, of Bronghton, aged 26 at the 
Heralds' Visitation of 1634, and created a BAROXET 11 
Dec. 1660, his will dated 2 Sept. 1660, proved (c.P.c.) 12 Feb. 
1660/1. He m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Thomas AVood, of Audfield. 
Yorks. by Mary Butler, his wife, dau. and heir of Barney 
Wood, of Kilnwick Percy, Yorks.; she d. 30 Jan. 1636/7. He 
m. 2ndly, Sybilla, dau. of Sir Rowland Egerton, of Farthing- 
hoe, Northants. and relict of Edward Bellot, of Moreton. Chesh. 
His representative through his first marriage in the 4th gene- 

SIB CHARLES JOHN, 8th Baronet (on the death of his 
father, 9 Mar. 1785), prebendary of Thomgate, Lincoln 
Minster, rector of Lea; b. .5 Oct. 1767; d. 24 Mar. 1846, having 
m. 15 Dec. 1802, Frances Maiy, youngest dau. of Sir John Nel- 
tliorpe, Bart, of Scawby; she "d. 17 Aug. 1836, having had with 
other issue a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Charles Henry John, 9 th and present Baronet. 

(2) Fanny Maria, m. 24 June, 1838, to Sir John Nelthorpe, 
Bart, of Scawby, co. Liuc. (ext.), who d. 22 Nov. 1865. 

ANSON, Sir William 
Reynell (1831, 
U.K.), of Birch Hall, co. 
Lancaster, bar.-at-law, i.T. 
1869, fellow of All Soul's 
College, and Vinerian law 
reader, Oxford; s. his father 
as 3rd Baronet in 1873 ; b. 
U Nov. 1843; heir pre- 
sumptive, his brother Fre- 

Arms — Arg. three bendlets en- 
grailed and in the sinister chief 
a crescent gules. 

Crest— Out of a diacal coronet 
or, a si^ear erect ppr. 

MOTTO — Nil desperandum. 

Seat — Birch Hall, Lancashire. 

TOWN House— 39, Portland Place, W.; 1, Brick Court, Temple. 



Sir WILLIAM ANSON, K.C.B. (younger brother of the 1st 
Viscount Anson, and uncle of the 1st Earl of Lichfield), 
gen. in the army, col. 47th foot, distinguished himself during 
the Peninsular war; created a BARONET 30 Sept. 1831 ; b. 13 
Aug. 1772 ; d. 13 Jan. 1847, having m. 26 Jan. 1815, Louisa 
Frances Mary, only child of John Dickenson, Esq. of London 
(and his wife Mary, only child of Charles, and heir of Lord 
Archibald Hamilton) ; she d. 30 July, 1831, having had 3 sons 
and 3 daus. 

[1] Sir John William Hamilton, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] George Henry Greville, rector of Birch, hon. canon and 
archdeacon of Manchester since 1846; b. 19 July, 1820; m. 27 
June, 1848, Augusta Agnes, eldest dau. of late Very Rev. Walter 
Farquhar Hook, D.D. dean of Chichester, s. p. (CURTIS). 
[3] Archibald Edward Harbord, C.M.G. major-gen. R.A. (retd.), 
K.M. &c. lieut.-gov. of Prince of Wales Island from 1867; b. 

16 April, 1826; m. 9 Jan. 1851, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of late 
Richard Bourchier, Esq. and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Archibald. — John. — Elizabeth . 
[4] Mary Louisa, d. 15 Nov. 1856, having m. 8 July, 1848, as 
2nd wife, to Rev. Matthew Thomas Farrer, of Ingloborough, 
Yorks. vicar of Shirley, Surrey, 1841/79, and has 3 sons and a 

(1) James Aiison FARRER, b. 24 July, 1849; m. 1 Mar. 
1877, Elizabeth Georgiana, dau. of Col. Reynell Pack, C.B. 
(B. DONOUGnMORE), and has a son, 

Reginald John, b. 17 Feb. 1880. 

(2) William, of Whitbarrow, Westmoreland, vicar of Bel- 
champ St. Paul's, Essex; b. 11 Nov. 1850; m. 17 July, 1879, 
Edith Sophia, eldest dau. of Frederick Boyd Mason, of Lon- 

(3) Matthew George, b. 14 Feb. 1852. 

(4) Mary Charlotte. 

[5] Anne Georgiana Frances, m. 19 Feb. 1846, to Rev. Wil- 
liam Thornton, M.A. of Kingsthorpe Hall, Northants. late 
vicar of Dodford; he d. 20 May, 1881, aged 74, having had with 
other issue 2 sons and 4 daus. 
Thomas AVilliam THORNTON, J.P. Northants. and lieut. 
Northants. & Rutland mi!.; b. 26 July, 1850. — Francis Hugh, 
bar.-at-law l.T. ll.b. King's Coll. Camb.; b. 8 Oct. 1853.— 
Mary Susan. — Bertha Anne. — Anne Letitia. — Mabel. 
f6] Louisa Frances M.aria, m. 16 April, 1857, to Francis Du 
Cane, major R.E.; he d. 4 Oct. 1880, having had a son and 6 daus. 
Francis Charles John Ducane. — Louisa Frances. — Agnes. — 
Katharine Christabel. — Frances Auue. — Mary. — Caroline 
Anna Bella. 

SIR JOHN WILLIAM HAMILTON, 2nd Baronet; b. 26 
Dec. 1816 ; d. 2 Aug. 1873, having m. 27 July, 1842, Eliza- 
beth Catbcriue, dau. of late ^lajor-Gen. Sir Denis Pack, K.C.B. 
(M. Wateukuhd), and had 3 sons and 7 daus. 

(1) Sir "William Reynell, 3rd and present B.aronet. 

(2) Frederick Arthiir, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy; b. 6 Nov. 1850; m. 23 Feb. 1878, Agnes, 2nd dau. of 
W Roberts, Esq. of Ak.aroa, N.Z. 

(3) Algernon Horatio, lieut. R.N. b. 3 Aug. 1854. 

(4) Louisa Elizabeth Anne, m. 7 Oct. 1880, to Rev. Donald 
Campbell, B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. B.A. (jun. opt.) 1S64, M.A. 1868, 
vicar of Eye, Suffi . since 1879. 

(5) Mary Louisa. (6) Elizabeth Georgiana. 
(7) Florence Helen. (8) Margaret Mildred. 

(9) Gertrude Christina. (10) Janet Katherine Olive. 

Robert, of Balcas- 
kie, CO. Fife (1694, N.s.) ; 
lieut.-col. late grenadier 
guards (1853/62),lord-lieut. 
Fifef5hire, m.p. 1864/80; s. 
his father as .5th Baronet 
in 1863 ; b. 28 Aug. 1834; 
m. 29 July, 1857, Louisa, 
eldest dau. of Rev. William 
Knox Marshall, prebend- 
ary of Hereford, vicar of 
Wragby and rector of Pan- 
ton, Lincolnshire, and has 
4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Ralph William, lieut. R.E.; 
b. 5 July, 1868. 

(2) Henry Torrens, b. 27 Nov. 

(3) Robert Hamilton, R.N. ; b. 10 June, 1862. 

(4) Arthur Wellesley, 2nd lieut. Fife art. mil.; b. 5 Mar. 1864. 

(5) Mary Evelyn. 

Arms — Arg. three piles in chief sa. 

Crest — Two arms in armour holding a battle-axe, all ppr. 

MOTTO — Periissem ni periissem. 

Seat — Balcaskde, Pittenweem, co. Fife. 

Town House— l Eccleston Square, s.w. 


SIR JAMES ANSTRUTHER, of Anstruther (son of John 
Anstmther, who represented Anstruther Easter in Con- 
vention 1597, and in Scots parUament 1600, descended fi-om 
Willielmus de Candela, dominus de Anstruther, temp. DAVID 
I. and Malcolm IV. 1153), a favourite of Jajies VI. who 



appointed him his heritable carver 1585, knighted and in- 
stituted an hereditary master of the Kings household 1592, 
with aU the salaries, profits, &c.; d. in 1606, having m. l.>71, 
Jean, dau. of Thomas Scott, of Abbotshall, lord justice clerk 
temp. JAMES V. and had with 5 daus. 2 sons, 

SIR ^\^LLIAM (elder son), s. his father in all his offices, 
gentleman of the bedchamber to James VI. and k.b. 
at his coronation 1603, gentleman of the bedchamber to 
CHARLES I. ; m. Euphemia, dau. of Sir Andi-ew Wemyss, of 
MjTecaimy, lord of session, and d. s. p. 1649. 

Sm ROBERT (younger son), a zealous royalist, gentleman 
of tlie bedchamber to JAJIES I. V.C. Charles I. (several 
times ambassador to Germany); bur. in Westminster Abbey, 9 
Jan 16M 5- m. Catherine, dau. of Sir Edward Swift, Knt. of 
Rotherham, Yorks. and sister of Lord Viscount Carlingford, 
and had 2 sons,— Sir Robert and Sir PhUip,— of whom the 

'c^m PHILIP, knighted 1G50, who, like his uncle Sir William ^ 
O (K.B.) and his father Sir Robert, was a zealous royalist, 
and had acommano in the royal army when invading England, 
and was taken prisoner at the battle of Worcester. His estates 
were sequestered by Oliver CVomwell, and so continued until 
the Restoration ; he died in 1702. ha-iing m. Christian, dau. of 
General Sir James Lumsden, of Innergelly, Fifeshire, and had 
5 sons, ,. , V 

(1) .SIR WILLI.UJ. (See next article.) 

(2) Sir James, of Airdrie, an advocate, and principal clerk of 
the bills, m. Katharine, dau. of Skene, of Hallyards, and 
had an only son and dau. ,.,„ , o^..,, t 4. 

[1] Philip, lieut.-gen. in the army 1(45, col. 26th foot, 
governor of Minorca 1739 ; d. unm. 11 Nov. 1760. 
[21 Christian. _ 

(3) Sir Robert, of Balcaskie, created a Baronet of Nova 
SCOTIA, in 1694, of whom presently. 

(4) Sir Philip, of Anstnitherfield, capt. in the Earl of Tulh- 
bardine's regiment; d. 1722; m. Elizaljeth, dau. and heiress of 
James Hamilton, of Fountain Hall, and had with 3 daus. a son, 

Philip, of Innerkeithing (or Si>eucerfield), co. Fife, by pur- 
chase, a capt. in the army; d. 5 Oct. 1758, having m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Landale, of Ardet, Esq. and had 3 sons and a 
Philip.— Jolm.— David.— Euphemia. 

(5) Sir Alexander, a principal clerk of the bills; d. 1743, having 
ni. (sett, dat-xl 8 Jlar. 1694) Hon. Jean Leslie (titular Baroness 
Newark), dau. of David, 2nd and la,5t Lord Newark ; she d. 21 
Feb. 1740, having had 3 sons and 6 daus. Their great-grandson, 

ROBERT Leslie AxstrutiiEr, col. 6th Bengal light cav. 
(son of David Aiistrutber and grandson of Alexander Leslie 
Anstruther) ; b. 10 June, 1787; d. , having m. 2ndly 

—14 Dec. 1814, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. E. Gardner, rector of 
Stoke Hammond, Bucks. ; she d. 8 Jan. 1843, having had a 
son and 4 daus. 

[1] GeorgePeel John, b. 1 April, 1829; deceased. 
[2] ilary Henrietta, m. 16 Aug. 1835, to Yule, Esq. 

[3] Caroline Louisa, d. Aug. or Sept. 1848, having m. 14 
July, 1835, to F. Cai-den, Esq. 

[4] Emilv. d. 25 May, 1844, having m. July, 1839, as 1st 
wife, to William Vansittart, E.I.C.S. M.P.Windsor; he d. 15 
Jan. 1878, hartng had issue. 

[5] Sophia Catherine, youngest ; d. 8 Oct. 1845, having 
m. 29 Feb. 1840, as 2nd wife, to Capt. Robert Price (Bart.) ; 
he was killed in action 4 Feb. 1853. 

SIR ROBERT ANSTRUTHER, of Balcaskie, created a Ba- 
ronet OF Nova Scotia 28 Nov. 1694, with remainder 
to the heirs male of his bocly ; d. Mar. 1737, having m. thrice; 
1st, the heiress of Kinnear, Fife, who d. s. p. ; 2nd, Joan, 
heiress of Monteith of Wray, Linlithgow, and had 6 sons 
and 2 daus. He m. 3rdly, Mary, dau. of Sir William Preston, 
Knt. and Bart, of Valleyfield ; she d. April, 1743, having had a 
son and 2 daus. By his 2nd wife he had a son and successor, 

SIR PHILIP, 2nd Baronet, b. 1688; d. 27 May, 1763, having 
m. Catherine, only dau. of Lord Alexander Hay, of Spott 
(M. Tweeddale) ; she d. 11 Feb. (V Mar.), 17.59, having had 
with other issue 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Robert, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

[2] John, col. in the army, m. Grizel Maria, dau. and heiress of 
John Thomson, of Charleton, Fifeshire, and had, with a dau. 2 
sons, of whom the elder, 

John Anstrcther-Thomson, of Charleton aforesaid; b. 
15 April, 1776; d. 10 April, 1833, having m. 27 April, 1807, 
Clementina, only dau. of Right Hon. William Adam, of 
Blair Adam, a baron of the exchequer ; she d. 29 Oct. 1877, 
apod 92, having hafl with other issue 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) John Anstnither-Thomson, of Charleton, capt. 13th 
dragoons and 9th lancers, lieut.-col. Fife light horse vols.; 
senior heir-general through the heiress of Charleton of 
Sinclair, Lord Sinclair, and Sinclair or St. Clair, Earl ot 
Orkney; b. 9 Aug. 1818; m. 25 Sept. 1852, Caroline Maria 
Agnes Robina, only dau. of Rev. John Hamilton-Gray, of 
Camtyne, and has had 4 sons and 3 daus. 

John St. Clair, b. 4 June, 1853 ; d. 4 July, 1873.— Charles 
Frederick St. Clair, lieut. 2nd life guards; b. 6 May, 1855. 
—William, 2nd lieut. 13th hussars, late Fife art. mil.; b. 6 
Sept. 18.'j9.— Arthur St. Clair, b. 19 Nov. 1872.— Clementina 
Caroline. — Rosia Mary. — Olivia Beatrice. 

(2) William Anstruther-Thomson, lieut.-col. Bengal cav. 
political agent at Moorshe<labad ; b. 4 Dec. 1823 ; d. 3 Aug' 
1865, having m. 18 Nov. 1849, Isabella EUza, dau. of Gen'. 
James Steel, and had a son and a dau. 

Charles James, lieut. 17th (Duke of Cambridge's own) 
lancers; b. 15 Dec. 1859.— Clementine Susan Adelaide. 

(3) Eleanora, d. 8 Jan. 1878, having m. 19 June, 1835, to 
James Montgomery, Esq. (Bart.), formerly 3rd dragoon 

(4) Louisa. 

(5) Mary, d. 1870, having m. 2 Mar. 1848, to Rev. 
Andrew Ramsay Campbell (Bart.), who d. 4 Nov. 1872. 

O IR ROBERT, 3rd Baronet, an advocate, and many years 
O clerk of the bills; b. 21 April, 1733; d. 2 Aug. 1818, 
having m. 18 Aug. 1763, Lady Janet Erskinc, youngest dau. 
of Alexander, 5th Earl of Kellie (E. MAR); she d. 14 Oct. 
1770, having had with 3 daus. 2 sons, 

[1] Robert, brigadier-general in Spain, and commanded the 
rear guard of the army in Sir John Moore's retreat; b. 3 Mar. 
1768; d. at Corunna, 14 Jan. 1809, v. p. having m. 16 Mar. 1799, 
Cliarlotte Lucy, dau. of James Hamilton, lieut.-col. Coldstream 
guards (D. HAMILTON) ; she d. leaving 2 sons and 

3 daus. 

(1) Sir Ralph, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(2) James Hamilton Lloyd, of Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk, b. 
31 Dec. 1806; m. 1st— 6 Dec. 1838, Georgiana Charlotte, eldest 
dau. of the Hon. Lindsay Merrick Burrell (B. GirtTDYR) ; she 
d. 21 Sept. 18-43, having had a son and a dau. 

/I/ Robert Hamilton Lloyd, major Prince Consort's Own 
rifle brigade (h.p.), garrison instructor S.E. district, extra 
A.D.c. to Major-Gen. Ncwdigate, C.B. Boer war 1881; b. 21 
April, 1841; m. 5 July, 1871, Gertrude Louisa, dau. of 
Francis Horatio Fitzroy, Esq. of Frogmore Park, Hants. 
(D. GRAFTON), and has a son, 

Fitzroy Hamilton, b. 1872. 

/2/ Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth. 

Mr. Lloyd anstruther m. 2ndly— 1 Nov. 1847, Hon. 
Georgiana Christiana Barrington, dau. of George, 5th Vis- 
count Barrington, D.D. ; she d. 11 July, 1881, having had 4 
/3/ Francis William, capt. West Suffolk militia, b. 20 Feb. 
1849.-/4/ James, b. 9 Jan. 1852.-/5/ Basil, capt. 96th 
regt. and /6/ Cecil, twins, b. 1 Dec. 1852. 

(3) Jane, d. 13 Mar. 1865, having m. 21 Jan. 1822, to John 
Dalyell, Esq. of Lingo, Fife, who d. 7 Oct. 1843, leaving with 
2 daus. 2 sous, of wliom the elder, 

Robert Austrvither DALYELL, C.S.I, member of coimcll 
sec. of state India, late M.L.c. Madras. 

(4) Charlotte Lucy. 

(5) Elizabeth, m. 2 Nov. 1837, to Rev. W. H. Deane, rector of 
Hintlesham, wlio d. 30 Nov. 18.54, leaving issue. 

[2] Sir Alexander, of Thirdpart, Fife, Knt. advocate-general 
Madras; b. 10 Sept. 1769; d. 16 July, 1819, having m. 14 Mar. 
1803, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Prendergast, Esq. of Croane, and 
widow of W. Selby, capt. E.i.c.s.; she d. 15 Dec. 1865, having 
had with other issue 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Robert, lieut.-col. in the army, b. 18 May, 1805; d. 
s. p. 26 Feb. 1855, having m.l Oct. 1832, Louisa, youngest dau. 
of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Howard Elpliinstone, Bart. She re-m. 15 
Aug. 1861, Andrew Bonar, Esq. who d. 15 Feb. 1874. 

(2) Philip, of Thirdpart, Fife, major-gen. R.A. C.B. served in 
China, the Punjab, Burmah, &c.; b. 12 Sept. 1807. 

(3) Thomas Andrew, fonnerly E.I.C.S. b. 3 Feb. 1810; d. 14 
April, 187.5,6, having m. Jan. 1840, Sophia, youngest dau. of 
Nicholas Vansittart, Esq. of Shottesbrooke Park, Berks, and 
had 5 sons, 

/I/ Philip Robert, lieut.-col. comdg. 94th regt. served in 
Zulu war 1879, and in Boer campaign 1880; b. 30 June, 
1841 ; d. 26 Dec. 1880, from wounds received in Boer war. 
He m. 12 Jan. 1875, Zaida May, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas 
Erskine. Bart, of Cambo, N.B. and had 2 sons and a dau. 

Philip George, b. 25 Oct. 1875.— Son, b. 3 Aug. 1879.— 

Mary Rosamimd, b. 9 Oct. 1877. 
121 George John, capt. R.N. b. 4 Dec. 1842. 
/3/ Alexander William, capt. B..K. 1878; b. 3 Oct. 1847. 
/4/ Ralph Nicholas, b. 4 Nov. 1851. 
/5/ William Thomas, b.l2 Dec. 1857. 

(4) Janet Catherine. 

(5) Louisa Anne Erskine, m. 25 June, 1860, to Lieut.-Gen. Sir 
F. W. Hamilton, K.C.B. (B. BELHAVEN). 

(6) Elizabeth Colvile, m. 17 Jan. 1839, to William Graham, 
Esq. of Airth, and has a son and dau. 

/!/ Thomas Philip GRAHAM, b, 3 Oct. 1841; m. 1873, 

Jemima Barbara, youngest dau. of Robert Clerk Rattray, 
Esq. of Craighill, Perth.; she d. 1878. 

/2/ Janet Caroline. 

SIR RALPH, 4th Baronet, capt. gren. guards ; b. 1 Mar. 
1804; d. 18 Oct. 1863, having m. 2 Sept. 1831, Mary 
Jane, dau. of late Major-Gen. Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B. (she 
re-m. 14 Nov. 1868, as 3rd wife, to William Talbot-Crosbie, 
Esq. of Ardfert Abbey, co. Kerry— see B. Gwydyr), and had 3 
sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Robert, 5th and present Baronet. 

(2) Henry, lieut. 23rd royal Welsh fusiliers ; b. 4 June, 1836; 
fell at the battle of the Alma 20 Sept. 1854. 

(3) Hamilton, b. 11 Aug. 1842; d. unm. 4 Sept. 1873. 

(4) Lucy Charlotte, m. 12 Aug. 1852, to Sir Alexander Kinloch, 

(5) Mary, m. 20 June, 1867, to Charles Hugh Bernors, Esq. 
M.A. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

John Anstruther Berners, b. 23 Sept. 1869.— Ralph Aber- 
crombie, b. 14 June, 1871. — Mary Alice. — Julia Katharine. 



ANSTRUTHER, SiE Wyndham Charles 
James Caemichael, of Cnrmichael (1798. 
G.B.), heritable carver of the royal household in 
Bcotland, m.p. South Lanarkshire 1874/80 ; s. his 
father as 5th Baronet in 1869; b. 1824; m. 4 

Sept. 1872, Janeta, only dau. of Robert Barbour, 
Esq. of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, and has a son 
(1) Windham Eobert, b. 26 Mar. 1877. 

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, Arg., three piles in chief sa., 
ANSTRrTHER. 2nd and 3rd, Arg., a fesse WTeathy az. and 
gii., Carmichael. 

Crest— Two arms embowed in armour, holding a battle-axe 
all ppr. 

Supporters — Two falcons wings expanded ppr. 
Mottoes— AxsTRUTHER, "Periissem ni periissom." Car- 
michael, " Toujours prest." 

Seats — Carmichael House and Westraw House, co. Lanark. 
Residences — 12, St. James's Place, S.w. and Cormiston Tower, 
Biggar, N.B. 


SIR WILLIAM ANSTRUTHER (brother of Sir Robert 
Austruther, of Balcaskie, Bart, and eldest son of Sir 
Philip Austruther and Christian Lumsden — see preceding 
article), M.P. Fifeshu-e 1G81, 1G89, 1707, appointed an ordinary 
lord of session at the Revolution 1689, and P.C. master of the 
liousehold 1694, a lord of justiciary 1704; d. 24 Jan. 1711, 
having m. Lady Helen Hamilton, dau. of John, 4th Earl of 
Haddington. His grandson, 

JOHN (SIR) (s. his father ' Sir' John, M.P. 1721, who m. Jan. 
1717, Lady Margaret Carmichael, dau. of James, 2nd Earl 
of Hyndford, ext.), M.P. for burghs of Austruther, CraO, &c. in 
the British Parliament; b. 27 Dec. 1718; d. 4 July, 1799, having 
m. 4 Oct. 1750, Janet, dau. of James Fall, a merchant of Dun- ; she d. 17 Feb. 1802, ha'S'ing had with other issue 3 sons, 

(1) Philip (Sir), assumed the surname of PatersoK; b. 13 Jan. 
1752; d. s. p. Jan. 1808, having m. 19 Feb. 1778, Anne, only 
child and eventually sole heiress of Sir John Paterson, Bart. 
of Eccles, Ben^ick, by his wife Anne Hume Campbell, eldest 
dau. and coheir of Hugh, 3rd Earl Marchmount (B. POL- 
WARTH) ; she claimed the barony 1818. 

(2) Sir John, created a Baronet of Great Britain 18 
May, 1798. (See below.) 

(3) Robert, col. 68th regt. col. of the Tay fencibles, M.P. 
Austruther Easter 1793/4 ; b. ; m. 9 May, 1801, 
Anne, dau. of Col. Nairne, of the Breadalbane fencibles ; she 
d. 27 Sept. 1804, having had 2 sons, 

[1] Philip (Hon.), colonial secretary of Cevlon ; b. 26 May, 
1802 ; d. 22 May, 1862, having m. 27 July, 183"8, Mary Frances, 
dau. of Right Hon. James Alexander Stewart-Mackenzie, 
late governor of Ceylon (E. Galloway), and had 7 sons and 
4 daus. 

/!/ Robert Durham, gov. of the central gaol, Manchester ; 

b. 11 May, 1841 ; m. 7 May, 1864, Florence, 3rd dau. of 

F. Wise, Esq. of Cubbingtou, Warwicks. and has a son and 

6 daus. 
Philip Francis, b. 29 April, 1859.— Florence May.— Edith 

Sophia.— Elizabeth Ethel and Constance Lucy, twins, b. 
28 Aug. 1874.— Armine Clementina, b. Jan. 1877. 

/2/ Philip Morrison, b. 23 Sept. 1846. 

/3/ Stewart Mackenzie, b. 5 July, 1848. 

/4/ John Newdegate, b. 5 April, 1850 ; m. 15 June, 1874, 

Georgiana Julia, 2nd dau. of Danley Farley, Esq. of Henu-ick, 

Wore. s.p. 

/5/ Keith Francis George, b. 3 Feb. 1854 ; m. 28 Nov. 

18(8, Maria Catherine, only dau. of late William Dallas 

Bernard, deputy-commissarv-gen. Ceylon, and had a son, 

Philip Bernard, b. 24 Jan. 1880; d. 11 Sept. following. 

/6/ Henrv Le^^•is. R.M. b. 25 April, 1856. 

11 1 Charles WilUam, b. 8 Sept. 1858. 

/8/ M.iry Helen, m. 9 Dec. 1858, to William Reirson 

Arbuthnot, Esq. (Bart.), and has 7 sons and 5 daus. 

/9/ Anne Nairn, m. 23 Jan. 1869, to brevet Lieut.-Col. 

Charles Edward Stewart, Bengal S.C. (E. GALLOWAY). 

/lO/ Jemima Stewart, d. 1874. 

/ll/ Caroline Petre. 
. [2] James, b. Sept. 1804 ; d. 19 May, 1867, having m. 1st— 
27 Mar. 1828, his cousin Marian, dau. of Right Hon. Sir John 
Anstruther, Bart.; she d. 19 June, 1859. He m. 2ndly— 11 
Oct. lSG6.AjinabeUa Agnes, eldest dau. of Thomas Anderson, 
of Gleudrissaig, sheriff substitute, Argyllshire. By his 1st 
wife he had 3 daus. 

/I/ Maria, m. 3 Aug. 1847, to William Cathcart Sniith- 

Cuninghame, of Caprington, Ayrshire, J.P. D.L. and has 3 

sons and 2 daus. 

(1) John Anstruther CUNINGHAME, lieut. 2nd life 
guards ; b. 15 Nov. 1852. 

(2) Thomas Dick, capt. 1st R. Lanarks. mil.; b. 5 Dec. 

(3) Douglas Alexander, b. 14 Jiily, 1855. 

(4) Mary Anne, m. 16 May, 1873, to Capt. James Alex- 
ander Tait, late 4th dragoon guards. 

(5) Anne Dick. 

/2/ Anne Catherine, m. 11 Dec. 1861, to John Henry 
Mercer, Esq. and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Laurence MERCER, b. 27 Jan. 1863.- Frank, b. 15 Jan. 

1864.— Ernest, b. 25 Sept. 1871.— Marian Maud.— Mabel 

Marian Douglas. 
/3/ Lucv, unm. 

SIR JOHN (Rt. Hon.). of Cassis, Staff, chief justice of the 
supreme court of judicature in Bengal 1798/1806, created 
a BARONET OF GREAT BRITAIN 18 Mav, 1798, M.P. Cocker- 
mouth 1789,96; b. 27 Mar. 1753; d. 26 Jixn. 1811, ha-i-ing m. 
Mary Jane, dau. of Edward Brice, Esq. of London ; she d. 14 
June, 1833. His second son, 

SIR WYNDHAM, 4th Baronet [on the death of his 
nephew Sir John (Nov. 1831), son of Sir John, 2nd 
Baronet], major of Lanarkshire mUitia, ; b. 6 Mar. 1793 ; d. 15 
Sept. 1869, ha\-ing m. 1st— , 182J, Meredith Maria, 2nd 

dau. of Charles Wetherell, Esq. ; she d. 10 April, 1841, having 
hud a son and heir, 

(1) Sir "Wyndham Charles James, 5th and present 

SIR ^\^^^:DHAM m. 2ndly— lO May. 1841, Anne Constance, 
dau. of Allen Williamson Grev, Esq.; she d. 21 June, 
1856. He m. 3rdly— 30 Sept. 1859^ Mary Ann, 2nd dau. of John 
Parsons, Esq. of . By his 2nd wife he had a son and 

2 daus. 

(2) Wyndham George Conway. late 85th regt. b. 31 July, 1846; 
m. 14 Feb. 1867, Ellen Anne Katharine, dau. of John Adam, 
Esq. late E.I.C.S. and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Gerald Y'orke, b. 24 Jan. 1871.— Eric George Basil, b. 10 Feb. 
1874.— Hugh John Elphiustone, b. 27 Nov. 1875.— Maud Ellen 
Constance. — Mildred Helen Mary. 

(3) Mariana Constance. 

(4) Marian Alice, m. 18 Feb. 1875, to Capt. Charles Roger, late 
70th regt. 



ANTEOBUS, Sir Edmund (1815, u. k.), of 
Aincsbuiy Abbcj', Wilts, high sherifie 1880, 
gov. of Christ's Hospital, c.ipt. Wilts, yeo. M.P. 
Wilton 1855/77, East Surrey lS-il/7; s. his father as 
3r(l Baronet in 1870; b. 3 Sept. 1818; m. 11 Feb. 
1847, Marianne Georgina, dai;, of Sir George Dash- 
wood, 4th Baronet, and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Eilmund, capt. and lieut.-col. gron. guards 1879 ; b. 25 Dec. 

(2) Robert Lindsay, b. 9 Aug. 1857. 

(3) Cosmo Gordon, b. 22 Oct. 1852. 

(4) JIary Anne. 

(5) Louisa Amelia, m. 11 Feb. 1874, to Capt. Algernon 
Heneage, R,N. 

(6) Florence. 

ARMS— Lozengy or and az., on a pale gu. three estoiles of the 


Crest— Out of rays ppr. an unicorn's head arg. accolled with a 

wreath of laurel ppr. 

Supporters— Two horses arg. being the supporters of the 

extinct (1730) Lords Rutherford, which were granted to the 

first Sir Edmund Antrobus upon purchasing the barony and 

estate of Rutherford. 

MOTTO — Dei memor, gratus amicis. 

Seat — Amcsbury Abbey, Salisbury. 

TOWN House— 146, Piccadilly, s.w. 


PHILIP ANTROBUS, of Congleton, Cheshire (descended 
in the 7th generation from Henry Antrobus, of Antrobus 
Hall, Cheshire, which he sold in 14G0 to Thomas Venables, 
whose family resided there for several generations ; it was 
liowever eventually repurchased by Sir Edmund Antrobus, as 
stated hereafter); m. in 1745, Mary, dau. of Thomas Rowley, of 
Overton, Staff, and had, with other issue, 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Edmund, created a Baronet 22 May, 1815, with re- 
mainder to his nephews Ednuin<l William and Gibbs Crawfurd; 
he purchased Antrobus Hall, the former seat of his ancestors, 
and d. C Feb. 1826, num. 

(2) John, of London, banker, d. 27 April, 1794, having m. 1791, 
Anne, only dau. of Gibbs Crawfurd, Esq. M.r. Quecnborough ; 
she d. June, 1793, having had 2 sons, 

/I/ Sir Edmund, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
/2/ Gibbs Cra\\'furd, of Eaton Hall, Cheshire, M.P. Aid- 
borough 1820, 6, Plympton Earl 1826/30, 1830/1, 1831/2 ; b. 27 
May, 1793; d. 21 May, 1861, having m. 1st— 23 June, 1827, 
Jane, 2nd dau. of Sir Coutts Trotter, Bart. ; she d. 24 Kov. 
1829, having had an only son, 

[1] John Coutts, of Eaton Hall, aforesaid, high sheriff 
Cheshire 1868; b. 23 Nov. 1829; m. 1st— 29 Sept. 1865 
Fanny, dau. of Clement Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford 
Booths, Cheshire; she d. 20 Sept. 1863, having had a son 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Crawfurd John, b. 1862. 

(2) Blanche Helen. (3) Jane JIary Evelyn 
MR. J. Coutts Antrobus m. 2ndly— lO Jan. 1865 Marv 
Caroline, 4th dau. of Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley, Esq. of 
^\hatcroft Hall, Cheshire (Bart.); shed. 11 Sept 1872 
having had 2 sons and a dau, ' ' 

(4) GcofEi-ey Edward, b. 1867.— (5) Ralph Edmund, 

b. 1871. — (6) Dora Katherine. 

Mr. J. COUTTS Antrobus m. 3rdly— 6 Feb. 1875, Mary 
Egidia, youngest dau. of Gen. the Hon. Sir James Lindsay, 
K.C.M.G. (E. CRAWFORD), and has 4 sons, 

(7) Jocelyn James, b. 9 May, 1876. 

(8) Cecil Hugh, b. 26 Sept. 1877, 

(9) A son. b. 27 Mar. 1879. 

(10) A son, b. 16 Dec. 1880. 

Mr. GiBRs Crawfurd antrobus m. 2ndly — 12 Jan. 
1832, Charlotte, 2nd dau. of Sir Edward Oofton, Bart, and 
sister of Lord Crofton ; she d. 29 Sept. 1839, leaving a son 
and 2 daus. 
[2] Charles, b. 26 Aug. 1836 ; unm. 
[3] Susan Emily, unm. 

[4] Anna :Maria, m. 18 Oct. 1864, to Rev. Francis Richard 

Brvans, formerly vicar of Elworth, Cheshire, and has 2 

daiis.— Edith Ama Bryans.— Bessie. 

QIR EDMUND, 2nd Bart.; b. 17 May, 1792 ; d. 4 May. 1870, 

O having m. 16 Oct. 1817, Anne, only dau. of Hon. Hugh 

r.inds;\y (E. CRAWFonn), and had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Edmund, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) HiiRli Lindsay, b. 1 Jan. 1823; m. 8 Sept. 1859, Marj-, only 
(l:iu. of late Admiral .Sir Charles Adam, K.C.B. of Blair Adam, 
Kini'ossshire. and has 3 daus. 

(3) Robert Cr.awfurd, b. 21 Mar. 1830; m. 2 Aug. 1873, Emily, 
widow of William John Hoi»-Edwardes, Esq. of Netley, Salop 
(BART.), and dau. of Col. Ireland Blackburne, of Hale Hall, co. 
Lane. (De HonnTON— Bart.), and has a son and 2 daus. 

Philiii Humphrey, b. 22 July, 1876.— Sybil Mary.— A dau. b. 
4 Aug. 1879. 

(4) Frederick, R. C. priest. Brompton Oratory ; b. 4 Aug. 1837. 

(5) Jane, m. 3 Aug. 1843, to Rev. Sir Gilbert Frankland-Lewis, 
Bart, in-ebendary of Worcester. 

(6) Anne, m. 9* Dec. 1847, to Right Hon. Sir Henry George 
Elliot, O.O.B. ambass.ador at Constantinople (E. MINTO). 

(7) Caroline, m. 2 Oct. 1860, to Hon. Hmnphrey de Bohun 
Devereux (V. HEREFORD), who d. s. p. 19 Ma.v, 1880. 

(8) Anna Jfaria, m, 8 Nov. 1859, to Cosmo Lewis, 2nd son 
of late Sir William Duff-Gordon, Bart.; he d. 14 Aug. 1876. 


ARBUTHNOT, SiR William Wedderbuen 
(1823, U.K.), major late 18th hussars ; s, his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 1873; b, 22 Aug, 1831; m, 
11 June, 1863, Alice Margaret, 4th dau, of Rev, 
Matthew Carrier Tompson, of Woodstone Manor, 
Hunts, rural dean and vicar of Alderminster, Wore, 
and has 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Robert Keith, b. 23 Mar. 1864, 

(2) Dalrymple, b. 1 April, 1867. 

(3) Reginald Ramsay, b. 25 April, 1869. 

(4) William Fitzgerald, b. 29 Oct. 1875. 

(5) Aline Henriette. 



ARMS — Az. a crescent between three mullets arg. witMu a bor- 

dure or charged with three boars' heads erased gu. 

Crest — A peacock's head ppr. 

Sl'PPORTERS — Dexter, a wyvern vomiting flames ppr. Suiister, 

a greyhound arg. collar and line reflexed over the back gu. 

Motto — Innocent and true. 

IIE:SIDEXCE— 11, Hogarth Koad, South Kensington, s.W. 


ROBERT AUBUTHXOT, of Peterhead, merchant, and aftei 
of Edinburgh, banker, sec. to the board of trustees for 
fisheries and mauufactm-es at Edinburgh, descended in the 6th 
f-'eneration from Robert Arbuthnot, of Rora, near Peterhead ; 
d. 5 Nov. 1803, having m. Mary, dau. of John Urquliart, of 
Craigston, Banffs. and had -t sons and a dau. 

(1) Robert, sec. to the government of Ceylon, accompanied 
tlie Duke of Suffolk in some of his Em-opean travels. 

(2) John, capt. R.A. was at the siege of Gibraltar; d.atCura(;oa 

(3) Sir William, created a B.vroxet 3 April, 1823. 

(4) George, of Elderslie, Surrey, and formerly a banker at 
Madi-as: b. 4 Dec. 1772 ; d. 3 "Xov. 1843; m. Eliza, dau. of 
Donald Fraser, of Invernesshire, and had 4 sons and 5 daus. 

[1] George, of Elderslie, Surrey, J.P. formerly a merchant at 

Madras; b. 24 April, 1815; m. Maria, dau. of Thomas, 

and has had 5 sons, 

/I/ George, late Scots greys ; b. 1852; m. 4 Aug. 

1875, Mary Rose, eldest dau. of William Leslie, Esq. of 

Warthill, co. Aberdeen, and lias a son, 
William Douglas, b. 7 Aug. 1878. 

/2/ James Woodgate, b. June, 1848; m. 26 Sept. 1877, 

Annie Susan Charlotte, eldest dau. of late Sir Charles 

Jackson, and has a sou, b. 28 June, 1880, and a dau. b. 15 

Oct. 1878. 

/3/ Herbert Robinson, m. 10 Nov. 1880, Evelyn Mary, eldest 

dau. of Hon. Henry Lewis Noel, of Extou Park, Rutland 

(E. Gainsborough), and has a dau. 
Evelyn Marion, b. 26 Aug. 1881. 

/4/ Lenox. 

/5/ Ernest WiUiam, d. 29 Aug. 1859. 
[2] Coutts Trotter, late E.I.C.S.; unm. 

[3] John De Monte, of London; b. 1824; m. 29 Jan. 

1853, Esther Jane, dau. of Rev. Sir William Murray, Bart, 
and has a son and dau. 

Arthur Jolm de Monte, b. . — Edith Jane. 

[4] William Reirson, formerly of Madras, b. 28 Jan. 1827; 
m. 9 Dec. 1858, Mary Hellen, dau. of Philip Anstruther, Esq. 
(see), and has had 8 sons and 5 dans. 

George Anstruther, b. 8 Feb. 1860; d. yoimg. — Philip Stewart 

Mackenzie, b. Mai-. 1863.— Keith Fraser, b. 27 May, 1864. 

— WiUiam Reirson, b. 15 Dec. 1866. — Harold Denison, b. 

Sept. 1868.— Kenneth Wvndham, b. 23 Julv, 1873.— A son, 

b. 6 Aug. 1877.— A son, b. 23 Sept. 1878.— Mary Eleanor.— 

Helen Frances. — Hester Marion. — Katherine Isabel. — 

[5] Jilary, m. 2 June, 1832, to her cousin, John Alves Arbuth- 
not, of Coworth Pai-k, Berks. 

[6] Jane, m. 3 Jan. 1846, as 2nd wife, to George, 2nd Viscount 

[7] Elizabeth Agnew, m. 6 Nov. 1850, as 3rd wife, to Gen. 
Sir John Bloomfield (Jough. G.O.B. (V. GoUGH). 
[8] Laiu-a Calvert, m. 1856, to Sir William Fitz- 

william Lenox-Conyngham, of Spring Hill, co. Londonderry, 
K.C.B. lieut.-col. and hon. col. Londonderry mil. and has with 
other issue a son, 

William Arbuthnot Lexox-COXT>-GH.UI, lieut. 29th regt.; 

b. 8 Sept. 1857. 
[9] Eleanor Louisa. 
(5) Elizabeth B;u-bara, m. to Sir John Hunter, Kut. British 
consul in Spain. 

SIR WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, lord provost of Edinburgh 
1822, when he was created a Baroxet by GEORGE IV. 
in person, 24 Aug. in that year, patent dated 3 April, 1823, 
s. his father as sec. to the board of trustees, and lord-Ueut. city 
of Edinburgh ; b. 24 Dec. 1766 ; d. 18 Sept. 1829, having m. 13 
Sept. 1800, Anne, dau. of John Alves. Esq. of Shipland; she d. 
1!) July, 1846, having had 7 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir Robert Keith, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] John Alves, of Coworth Park, Berks, b. 3 Oct. 1802; d. 29 
Aug. 1875, having m. 2 June, 1832, his cousin JIary, dau. of 
George Arbuthnot, Esq. of Elderslie, Surrey; she d. 30 Mar. 
1859, having had with other issue 4 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) William, of Coworth Park aforesaid; b. 14 April, 1833; 
m. 1st — 5 Jan. 1858, Adolphine Eliza Macleod, 2ud dau. of 
Edward Lecot, Esq. French consul at Madras ; she d. 2 Dec. 
following. He m. 2ndly, at Leghorn, 12 Jul}', 1865, Margaret 
Rosa, dau. of late John Campbell, Esq, of Kilberry, co. Argyll, 
and has 3 daus. 

Adolphine JIary. — Alice Marion. — Ivy Florence. 

(2) George, lieut,-col, R.A. retd. li.p. 1877, served tlu'ough 
Indian Mutiny, Sutlej, and Abyssinian campaign, M.P. 
Hereford 1871/4, 1878 8u, superintendent small arms factory, 
Enfield, 1880 ; b. 9 Jan. 1836 ; m. 12 Oct. 1870, Caroline Emma 
Nepean, dau. of late Capt. Auilrew Nepean Aitchison, E.I.C.S. i 
and 1ms a son and 3 daus. | 

John Bernard, b. 17 May, 1875.— Frances Muriel.— Dorothy 
Gertrude.— A dau. b. 12 Sept. 1879. 

(3) Charles George, b. 20 Oct. 1846; unm. 

(4) Hugh Lyttelton, b. 1850; m. 25 Sept. 1879, Elizabeth 
Foiuitaine, only dau. of Fountaiue Walker, Esq. of Ness 
Castle, Inverness, and has a dau. 

Alice Maud, b. 14 July, 1880. 

(5) Anne.— (6) Mary.— (7) Florence.— (8) Jane. 

[3] George Clerk, of Mavisbank House, Midlothian, com 
I.C.S.; b. 7 Oct. 1803; d. 21 Feb, 1876, having m. 1st— 7 Nov- 
1837, Agnes, dau. of late John Rait, Esq. of Anniston, N.B.; 
she d. 12 Mar. 1842, leaving an only dau. 

(1) Emily, m. 27 Nov. 1860, to John Bmns, Esq. of Castle 
Wemyss, X.B. and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

George Arbuthnot BUKXS, b. 17 Sept. 1861.— James Cleland, 

b. 14 Feb. 1864. — Agnes Caroline. — Jane Cleland.^Mary 


George C. Arbuthnot m. 2ndly— 10 Jan. 1845, Caroline, 

dau. of James Hay, Esq. of Drumcar (Dalhousie), and had 3 


(2) George, vicar of Stratford on Avon since 1879, of Arundel 
1873,9 ; b. 24 May, 1846. 

(3) Charles Ramsay, lieut. R.N. ; b. 5 Feb. 1850 ; m. 8 Jan. 
1880, Emily Caroline, 2nd dau. of late Vice-Adm. C P 
Schomberg.and has a dau. 

Evelyn Mary, b. 12 Feb. 1881. 

(4) James, b. 22 July, 1855; m. 22 April, 1879, May Steward, 
only dau. of Capt. Ralph N Taylor, of London, and had 
a son, Charles Gwynue, b. 21 May, 1881; d. 7 July following. 

[4] Archibald Francis, of London, b. 8 Jan, 1805 ; d. 31 Mar. 
1879, having m. 12 Dec. 1837, the Hon. Gertrude Sophia, dau. of 
Field Marshal Viscount Gough, k.p. g.C.B. &c. and has 5 sons 
and 2 daus. 

(1) WUliam, bt.-col.and lieut.-col. 14th (king's) hussars 1876, 
served with rifle brigade dnriug Indian Mutiny 1857/8, in- 
cluding siege and capture of Luckuow, A.D.c. to Lord Napier 
in Abyssinian campaign, at capture of Magdala; b. 27 Sept. 
1838 ; m. 1st— 26 April, 1865, Hon. Charlotte Pitt, dau. of 
George, 4th Lord Rivers; she was kUled by lightning in 
Switzerland 21 June following. He m. 2ndly— 20 July, 1869, 
Selina, dau. of late Sir Thomas Moncreiffe, Bart.; she d. 25 
Nov. 1877. He m. 3rdly— 2 Dec. 1879, Editli Aime, dau. of 
Col. Langford Pearse, of the Madras army. By his 2nd wife 
he had an only son, 

Gerald Archibald, b. 19 Dec. 1872. 

(2) Hugh Gough, b. 29 Jan. 1840; m. 9 June, 1864, Caroline, 
youngest dau. of late Rev. Capel Molyneux, B.A. (BART.), and 

has had 2 sons and a dau. 
Lionel Gough, b. 24 Sept. 1867.— Capel Robert, b. 27 Nov. 
1868; d. Jan. 1870. — Constance Gertrude. 

(3) Archibald Ernest, major 8th Madras light cav. (retd.); 
b. 5 Jan. 1841 ; m. 14 Nov. 1872, Anne Elizabeth, widow of 
late Alexander Russell Atkinson, M.D. surgeon-major, and 
eldest dau. of W. W. Ball, of Cape Town. 

(4) Robert George, b. 1 May, 1843. 

(5) George Gough, b. 28 Aug. 1848; m. 9 Sept. 1873, Isabella, 
dau. of Rev. and Hon. Richard Cavendish Boyle (E. Cork), 
and has a dau. b. 30 Sept. 1881. 

(6) Fanny, m. 27 Nov. 1866, to Sir John Henry Kennaway, 

(7) Anne Gertriide Grace. 

[5] Svilliam Urquhart, of Bridgen Place, Kent, E.I.C.S. mem- 
ber H.M. Indian council; b. 24 Mar. 1807; d. 11 Dec. 1874, having 
m. 2 June, 1834, Eliza, dau. of Gen. Sir Henry George Andrew 
Taylor. G.C.B. and had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) William Henry, b. 1 July, 1835; m. 10 Mar. 1875, Mary 
Pearson, dau. of Wright Turner, Esq. of Holly Bank, Man- 

(2) Frederick George, b. 15 Aug. 1845; unm. 

(3) Reginald James Hugh, b. 2 June, 1853. 

(4) Eliza Taylor, m. 27 Nov. 1861, to William Spottiswoode, 
Esq. of Combe Bank, Sevenoaks, and has 2 sons, 

William Hugh SPOTTISWOODE, b. 12 July, 1864.— Cyril 
Andrew, b. 29 July, 1867. 

(5) Mary Charlotte, m. 5 Aug. 1868, to Arthur Brandreth. 
Esq. commissioner of Julluudhur, Punjab. 

(6) Helen. 

[6] James Edward (Hon.), of the Maiu-itius; b. 12 Jan. 1809; d. 
29 Sept. 1868, having m. June, 1837, Harriet Frances, dau. 
of Gen. Staveley, C.B. and had 4 sons and 6 daus. of whom, 

(1) Mai-y Rose, (eldest dau.); m. 1st — 1856, to Clinton 
Francis Berens Dawkins, 60tli rifles, receiver-gen. Trinidad; 
he d. 24 Aug. 1859, and she re-m. 23 Dec. 1861, to Charles 
Edmund Banks, sec. to the council. 

(2) Annie, m. 21 May,1862,to Edward Douglas (M. QUEENS- 
BERRY), assistant-sec. in the Mauritius; he d. 21 June, 

(3) Emily Frederica, m. at Paris, 18 Feb. 1879, to Walter 
F. AV. Wells, Bengal C.S. 

[7] Henry Dundas, b. 24 Sept. 1811; d. 1848. 

[8] Anne, m. 1849, to her cousin. Col. Hugh Inglis, of 

Kingsmills, N.B. late lieut.-col. Madras cavalry, and has a son, Arbuthnot IXGLIS, b. 1853. 

SIR ROBERT KEITH, 2nd Baronet, b. 9 Sept. 1801; d. 4 
Mar. 1873, having m. 20 Mar. 1828, Anne, dau. of Field- 
Jlarshal Sir John Forster Fitzgerald, g.c.b. (Bart.), late senior 
officer in the British army, and has 5 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir "William Wedderburn, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Forster Fitzgerald, Bombay C.S.; b. 21 May, 1833; m. 17 
July, 1879, EUiuor, widow of James Alexander Guthrie, Esq. of 
Craigie, Forfar, and dau. of late Adm. Sir James Stirling 



(3) Robert Keith, vicar of St. James", Eatcliff, since 1880, of St. 
Luke's, HoUjeach, 1874 80, of Sempriugham 1860/74; b. 10 Aug. 
1838; m. 17 July, 1868, Mary Agnes, eldest dau. of Rev. 
Edward Thomas Vaughau (HALl'ORD), hou. cauon of St. 
Albans, rural dean, and rector of Harpcnden, and has 3 sons 
and 2 daus. 

Robert Edward Vaughan, b. 15 Jan. 1871.— Henry Fitzgerald, 
b. 16 July, 1873.— Hugh Keith, b. 20 July, 1874.— Geraldine 
Mary. — Constance :Margaret, b. 3 Mar. 1879. 

(4) John Alvcs Henrv, officer Bombay ca v.; b. 25 July, 1842; 
d. 29 June, 1878. 

(5) Fitzgerald Hay, b. 25 Aug. 1810. 

(6) Charlotte D'Endc, m. 21 April, 18G3, to Rev. Charles Hall 
Raikes, vicar of Chittoe, Wilts, and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Arthur Edward Raikks, b. 5 Feb. 1867.— Charles Fitzgerald, 
b. 26 Oct. 1871. — Madeline Charlotte.— Violet Justina.— 
Helen Sophia. 

(7) Henrietta Anne. 

Edmund Fre- 
derick (1841, U.K.). of 
Gallcu rriory, Kiug's 
Coimty J.P. ; vicar of 
Bkcirkc, Queen's Co., and 
incumbcut of Borris iu 
Ossoiy, rural dean; s. his 
father as 2ud Barouct in 
18t;3; b.27May,183G; m. 
1 -IJunc. 1 86.^ . Alice, eldest 
dau. of W. W, Fisher, Esq.; 
she d. 8 Dec. 1875, having 
had 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Andrew Hai-vey, b. 23 Slay, 

(2) Kcsbitt William, b. 3 July, 

(3) Beatrice Frances. 

(4) Gertrude Adelaide. 

(5) Constantia Jessie Arm- 

(6) Katherinc Edith Arm- 

ARJIS — Arg. issuing from the sinister side a dexter ann habited 

gu. the hand grasping the trunk of an oak tree eradicated jipr. 

CREST— An armed arm embowed or grasping an oak tree as 

in the arms. 

Motto — Invictus maneo. 

Residence- Donaghmore Glebe, Ballybrophy, Queen's co. 

Seat— Gallen Priory, King's co. 


EDMUl^D ARMSTRONG (son of Arthiu- Armstrong), 
espoused the cause of Charles II. took service in the 
royal army, and was taken prisoner at the battle of Worcester 
in 1657 ; after the Restoration he was appointed sheriff for 
King's CO.; he m. Mary, dau. of W. Hamilton, Esq. of Lisdoony. 
His great-great-grandson, 

EDMUND, of Gallen, bar.-at-law ; b. 14 Dec. 1754; d. 12 
Dec. 1827, having m. 4 Feb. 1783, Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of 
Frederic Trench, of WoodUnvn, co. Galway (B. ASUT0W'>') ; 
she d. 1825, having had with 3 daus. 4 sons, 

(1) Sir Andrew, created a B.^.roxet. 

(2) Edmund, 4th dragoons; b. 25 Sept. 1786; d. nmn. at Castel 
Branco, in Portugal, 1811. 

(3) Frederick, k.t.s. of Portugal; b. 25 June, 1789; d. num. 

(4) John, dean of Kilfeuora; b. June, 1791; d. IS June, 1856, 
having m. 25 July, 1822, Ellen, dau. of Jacob Willan, Esq. of 
Carrighill, co. Dublin, and had 8 sons and 5 daus. (aU in 

[1] Edmund Asbtown, b. 5 July, 1823.— [2] Andrew, b. 21 
Feb. 1829.— [3] John Kelly, b. 1 Nov. 1832.— [4] Frederick 
WiUiam, b. 12 Jmie, 1834.— [5] William.— [6] Charle-^.— [7] 
Edwai-d.— [8] .—[9] Katherine.— [10] Constanti? 

Maria.— [11] Fanny.— [12] EUen. 

[13] EUzateth Patriceua, m. 1877, to her cousin 

George Alexander, 2nd son of Sir Andrew Armstrong, Bart. 

SIR ANDREW, of Gallen, King's co. capt. King's co. militia 
high sheriff 1811 and 1836, receiver-gen. of stamp dutie=' 
in Ireland, created a Baronet 18 Sept. 1841; b. 19 Oct. 1786- 
d. 27 Jan. 1863, having m. 1 Jan. 1835, Frances Fullerton, dau' 

of George Alexander (Downing) Fullerton, Esq. of Westwood, 
Hants, and of Ballintoy Castle, co. Antrim, and had with other 
issue 5 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Edmund Frederick, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) George Alexander, b. 5 Dec. 1843 ; m. 1877, his cousin 
Elizabeth Patriccna, youngest dau. of Very Kev. Johu Arm- 
strong, dean of Kilfenora. 

(3) Andrew Charles, lieut. 2nd rcgt. (retd.);b. 5 Feb. 1845. m. 
6 Feb. 1874, Alice ^Maria, youngest dau. of Sir Thomas William 
Clinton Murdoch, K.c.Ji.G. ; she d. 13 Jan. 1881, having had a 
sou and 3 daus. of whom 

Maj-y Anne Katherine. — Mildred Amy. 

(4) Montagu Doyly Fullerton, b. 8 Mar. 1852; m. 3 April, 1873, 
Florence Angelica Sophia, dau. of late Charles John Proby, 
coii.sul at Florence (E. CarysfoRT). 

(5) Charles Nesbitt Frederick, b. 25 Jan. 1858. 

(6) Mary Ann Ehzabeth, m. 30 ilay, 1865, to Rev. Edward 
Witliington, M.A. Oxon. (yomigest son of Thomas Ellames 
Withington.Esq. of Culchcth, Lane), formerly curate of Rust- 
iugton, Sussex, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Frederick Edward WnniXGTOX. b.l9 Feb. 1869.— Archibald 
Edward, b. 28 Oct. 1870.— Edith Mary. 

(7) Frances Georgina, m. 3 Nov. 1864, to John Alexander Bell, 
of Gimboa, Darling Downs, Queensland, and has a son and 2 

Mannaduke Alexander BELL, b. 10 Oct. 1867.— Frances Sarah. 
— (Jeorgina Emma. 

(8) Constantia Miiry Anne, m. 22 Sept. 1868, to Rev. Ecker- 
sall Nixon, B.A. incumbent of Dromtarriffe, co. Cork, chaplain 
to late Duke of Leinstcr, formerly vicar of Aghmacart, and has 
2 sons and 2 daus. 

Frederic Eckcrsal NiXOS.b. 29 Sept. 18G9.— Edward Atcher- 
loy Eckersall, b. 12 July, 1878.— Stella Frances Eliza.— Con- 
stantia Agnes. 

(9) Agnes Blanche Catherine Fullerton, d. num. 7 Feb. 1880. 

Biu George, 
Bart. (1738, G.B.), of 
Kir-klees, Yorks ; s. 
his grandfather as 5th 
Baronet in 183C; b. 3 
Aug. 1819; in. 1 June, 
1841, Eliza Matilda 
Maiy, 2nd dau. of 
Sir Joseph Eadcliffe, 
Bart, of Eudtliug 
Park, Y'orks. and has 
had with other issue 
3 sons, 

(1) George John. b. 26 
-.-v lUA^ ■ April, 1842 ; m. 11 May, 

^\^ ^tCV^ I l*''^!' EUen, eldest dau. of 

late Rev. Ayscough 
Fawkes, of Famley Hall, 
Yorks, and has 2 sons, and 
a dau. 

(Jeorge Ayscough, b. 2 Mar. 1872. — John Hawksworth, b. 

19 May, 1873.— Edith Beatrice, b. 4 Jan. 1881. 

(2) Arthur Henry, capt. R.A. 1878; b. 27 Aug. 1845 ; m. 24 June, 
1879, Katharine Harriet, 2nd dau. of late Ralph Creyke, Esq. 
of RawcliflEe and Marton, Yorks. 

(3) Francis Reginald, bar.-at-law, I.T. 1873; b. 9 July, 1849. 

ARMS — Gu., a lion's head erased between three cross-crosslets 


Crest — A dexter arm embowed habited or, cuffed arg. holding 

in the hand ppr. a staff gu. headed and pointed gold. 

MOTTO — Semper paratus. 

Seat — Kirklees Park, near Brighouse, Yorkshire. 

Town House— 27, Cambridge Square, Hyde Park, W. 


WILLIAM ARMYTAGE, living temp. Edward Y1. .ind 
according to the pedigree attested by Henrj' St. 
George. Norroy king of arms. 2 Feb. 1637, said to be descended 
from John Armytage, of Wrigbowls, co. Lincoln, temp. K. 
Stephen; he m. Catherine, dau. of Henry Beaumont of Cross- 
and. Yorks. His grandson, 

JOHN ARMYTAGE, of Kirklees, Yorks. (West Riding) 
treasurer w-ith Sir Robert Swift for lame soldiers, 41-2 
Elizabeth. His vrdX dated 16 June, 1606, and proved at York 



30 Oct. following ; by his 1st wife, Emma, dau. of John Gregorj-, 
of Kingston-upon-HuU, he had with other issue 2 sons, 

(1) John, ot Kirklces, whose son. Sir Francis, was created a 
Bakoxet by Charles 1. 15 Dec. 1641, extinct in the person of 
his grandson Sir Thomas, who s. as 6th Baronet, and d. 
unm. 12 Oct. 1737. 

(2) Edward, of Kerresforth Hill, Yorks. whose great-grandson, 

SIR SAilUEL, of Bamsley , Yorks. and afterwards of Kirklees 
aforesaid, to which he succeeded on the death of his 
cousin Sir George, 5th Baronet, by virtue of the will (d. 17 
April, 1832) of Sir Jolin, 4th Baronet, both of the first creation, 
and was himself created a B.\J10XET 4 July, 1738; high sheriff 
Yorks. 1740; bp. at Bamsley 5 May, 1695, and d. 19 Aug. 1747, 
having m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Griffith, of Llanvyllan, co. 
Montgomery ; she was Hartshead with her husband 27 
Nov. 1738, having had 3 sons and 3 daus. The 2nd son, 

SIR GEORGE, 3rd Baronet (on the death of his brother 
Sir John in Sept. 1758); high sheriff Yorks. 1775; M.P. 
York city ; b. 25 Dec. 1734 ; d. 21 Jan. 1783, having m. 10 
April, 1760, Anna Maria, eldest dau. of Godfrey W'entworth, of 
Hickleton and Woolley, Yorks. M.P. for the county, and lord 
mayor of the city of York in 1759; she d. 21 Mar. 1788, having 
had with 4 daus. 3 sons, 
/I/ Sir George s. as 4th Baronet. 

/2/ John, of Northampton, lieut. in the blues; b. 15 Dec. 1768; 
d. 25 Mar. 1861, having m. 1790, Annette, dau. of 

John Harvey Thurs))y, Esq. of Abingdon, Xorthants.; she d. 
25 Oct. 1840, having had a son, who d. unm. and 3 daas. 
/3/ Godfrey AVentworth-Wentworth, of Woolley aforesaid, took 
the surname and anns of Wentworth in lieu of his own in com- 
pliance with the will of his maternal grandfather by virtue 
of the King's sign manual, datc-<l 10 Mar. 178U; M.P. Tregony, 
Cornwall, high sheriff 1796, -sheriff York city 1814 15, b. 9 May, 
1773; d. 14 Sept. 1834, having m. 12 May, 1794, Amelia, dau. of 
Wal terBiimsden- Beaumont- Fawkes, Esq. of Farnley, Yorks.; she 
d. 25 June, 1834, having had with other issue 2 sons and 4 daus. 

[1] Godfrey Wentworth, of Woolley afores;iid, high sheriff 

Yorks. 1862; b. 14 Sept. 1797; d. 22 .Sept. 1865. h.iving m. 

20 June, 1822, Anne. dau. of Walter Fawkes, Esq. of Fornlcy; 

she d. 9 June, 1842, having had 3 sons and 3 dans. 

(1) Godfrey Hawksworth Wentworth, of Woolley Park, 
aforesiiid, b. 29 Jan. 1828. 

(2) George E<lward, d. unm. 7 April, 1864. 

(3) William Digby, formerly 7th dragoon guards, b. 4 Nov. 

(4) Anne. (5) Rosamond Frances. 
(6) Catherine Mary, m. 19 June, 1860, to Peter Withington, 
major in the army ; he d. 7 Moy, 1875, having had a son 
and 2 daus. 

Guy Edward Wentworth WlTUINGTON, b. 16 July, 1861. 

— Everilda. — Rosamond. 
[2] John Wentworth, b. 17 Feb. 1799; d. s. p. 10 Mar. 1868, 
having m. 31 July, 1824, his ccmsin Henrietta Maria, dau. of 
Jacob Bosjinqnet, Es<i. of Uroxl)oume, Herts. 
[3] Catlicrine Frances Wentworth, d. , 1838, having 

m. 27 July, 1822, to John Marcus Clements, Esq. (E. LEITIUII), 
who d. , 1833. 

[4] Charlotte, d. 9 Mar. 1875, having m. 15 Nov. 1834, to 
William Archilwld Campl)cll, Esq. of London, who d. s. p. 
[5] Dorathea Harriet, m. 2 July, 1831, to Sir Samuel Hancock, 
Knt. formerly senior exon. of the yeomen of the guard. 
[6] Mary Elizjibcth, living unm. 

SIR GEORGE, 4th Baronet, high sheriff, Yorks. 1792 ; bp. 
11 June, 1761 ; d. 14 July. 1836, having m. 1st— 12 Aug. 
1783, Mary, eldest dau. of Sir Harbord Harbord, Bart, (after- 
wards Loud SL'FKIELD); she d. at Kirklces, 13 Aug. 1790. He 
m. 2ndly— 6 Dec. 1791, Mary, dau. of Oldfield Bowles, Esq. of 
North Aston, Oxon.; she d. 25 July, 1834, having had with 
other issue 2 sons, 

[1] John, 0. V. p. of whom presently. 

[2 J Henry, col. Coldstream gwirds, b. 29 Oct. 1796; d. 30 Oct. 
1861, having m. 1st— 12 June, 1819, Charlotte, only dau. of 
Le Geniire Starkie, Esq. of Huntroyde, co. I-inc; shed. 
He m. 2ndly— 26 Aug. 1858, Frances Sarah, dau. of Robert 
William Brandling, Esq. of Low Gosforth, Northumb. (she 
re-m. 28 Julv, 1863, to Arthur Pott, Esq. of BentUam Hill, 
Kent, J.P. D.L. high slieriff 1840; he d. 1877.) By his 

Ist wife he had with other issue a son and 3 daus. 

(1) Henrv, col. Coldstream guards, served in Crimea, at 
Inkerman'&e. ; b. 1 Feb. 1828; m. 12 April. 1851, Hon. Fenella 
FitzHanlinge Berkeley, dau. of Admiral the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Maurice, 1st Lord FitzHardingo, G.C.B. P.C. and has 2 sons 
and 3 daus. 

(1) Percy, b. 8 Mar. 1853. (2) Horace, b. 28 July, 1856. 

(3) Maud Charlotte. 

(4) Constance, m. 17 Oct. 1876, to Joseph Critchley Mar- 
tin, Esq. of Narborough Hall, Norfolk, and has a dau. b. 
22 Aug. 1879. 

(5) Alice. 

(2) Frances Starkie Mary, m. 22 Aug. 1865, to Rev. and Hon. 
Lewis Dcnman (B. De>;ma>'). 

(3) Harriette Elizabeth, m. 15 June, 1858, to Richard John 
Streatfeild, Esq. of Chested, Kent, who d. 22 Mar. 1877, 
having had 2 sons, 

Merv>-n Armytage Stueatfield, b. 24 Feb. 1860. — 
Ronald Henry Armytage, b. 20 Sept. 1861. 

(4) Emma, m. 14 Oct. 1858, to Rev. and Hon. Henry Bligh 
(E. Darxley). 

JOHN, eldest son of Sir (Jeorge, 4th Baronet, b. 7 Oct. 1792; 
dietl in the lifetime of his father, 24 May, 1836, having 

m. 2 Oct. 1818, Mar}', only dau. of William Assheton, Esq. of 
Downham and Cuerdale, Lane. ; she d. 21 April, 1871, having 
had, with other issue, 3 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir George, s. his grandfather as 5th and present 

[2] William, capt.R.X.b. 4 Jan. 1821; d.s. p. 11 Jan. 1873, having 
m. 30 Aug. 1860, Hon. Jane Sarah Hood, dau. of Samuel, 2nd 
Baron Hood, and widow, 1st, of Hugh Holbecli. Esq. of Farn- 
borough, Warwicks. and 2ndly, of Capt. Sir Charles Hotham, 
R.x. K.c.B. (B. Hotham). 

[3] Godfrev, governor of West Riding prison. Yorkshire ; b. 
16 Mar. 1825 ; m. 6 Feb. 1849, Charlotte Emily, eldest dau. 
of Joseph Blackburn, Esq. of Claremont, Cape of Good Hope. 
[4] Mary Elizabeth, m. 4 Sept. 1845, to Henrj- Anthony Little- 
dale, Esq. of Bolton Hall, Yorks.; he d. 6 July, 1859, having 
had 4 sons and 4 daus. 
Henry William Assheton LiTTLEDALE.b. 6 Sept. 1846.— God- 
frey Armvtage, b. 15 Sept. 1854. — Ralph Pudsav. b. Feb. 
1856.— Willoughby Aston, b. 31 Aug. 1857.— Edith.— Laura, 
il. young. — Mary Georgiana. — Beatrice. 
[5] Laura Harriette, m. 11 May, 1843, to Ven. Charles William 
Holbech, of Famborough, aforesaid, M.A. Balliol Coll. Oxon. 
1841, vicar of Famborough since 1842, archdeacon of Coventry 
since 1873, rural dean of Dassett Magna 1870 3, hon. canon 
Wore, cathedral 1872 3, and has 5 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Walter Henry HOLBECn. capt. 60th rifles, A.D.C. to gov.- 
gcn. iloni. Canada, vide army list; b. 11 May, 1845. 

(2) Edward Ambrose, n.X. b. 23 June, 1846. 

(3) William Arthur, M.A. Brasenose Coll. Oxon. 1876, miss, 
dioc. Bloomfontcin 1876; b. 14 Dec. 1850. 

(4) Hugh. b. 27 June, 1857. 

(5) GoiUrey Charles, b. 9 Mar. 1863. 

(6) Jessie. (7) Lucy Gertnide. 
(8) Agnes Mary. (9) Annie Laura. 

[6] Anna Maria, d. 22 Feb. 1881, aged 48. 

ARTHUR, Sir George Compton Archibald 
(18-11, u.K); 2ncl life guards 1880, late 
lieut. Herts mil. ; s. his father as 3rd Baronet in 
1878; b. 30 April, I860; heir presumptive, his bro- 
ther Leonard. 

Arms — Or, on a chevron az. between two rests in chief gu. 

and a kangaroo sejant in base ppr., two swords, chevronwise, 

also ppr., pomels and hilts of the first ; on a chief of the third 

a horse courant arg. 

Crest— In front of two swords in saltire ppr., pomels and 

hilts or, a pelican in her piety sa., the nest gold. 

Motto — Stet fortuna domfls. 

TOWX House— 24, Queen's Gate, South Kensington, W, 


JOHN ARTHUR, of Plj-mouth (son of John Arthur of the 
same place and his wife Sarah, dau. of Philip Westlake, of 
Plympton St. Mary, Devon), b. 1733; d. 21 Jan. 1788, 

having m. 3 Mar. 1767, Catherine, dau. of Thomas Cornish, of 
Portlemouth, Devon ; she d. 31 May, 1818, having had with 
other issue 3 sons, 



Ill John, collector of customs at Plymouth; b. 11 May, lul; 

rl. 2G Juno, 1824, having m. 15 June, 179,5, Johanna, dau. of 

Kobcrt Lake, Esq. of Southpool, Devon; she d. 11 Jan. 1835, 

having had with other issue 4 sons and a dau. 
[1] John, d. unm. 25 Mar. 1842. 
[2] Heury, married and d. s. p. 9 June, 1848. 
[3] George Frederick, vicar of Tamerton Folliot, Devon; b. 
3 July, 1805; d. 7 Dec. 1870, having m. 14 Sept. 1841, Eliza- 
beth Julia, dau. of William Walter, Esq. of Taunton ; she d. 
26 May, 1879, having had an only son, 

George Frederic Arthur, lieut. 33rd regt.; b. 1 Feb. 1844; 
d. unm. 19 May, 1867. 
[4] Charles, J.P. Tasmania, formerly police magistrate Long- 
ford; b. 5 Feb. 1808; m. 28 June, 1836, Mary Allen, dau. of 
Thomas Reibey, of Entally, Tasmania, and has had with 
other issue 5 sous and 3 daus. 

(1) Charles Reibey, in H.O.; b. 23 April, 1837; m. 1st, 
Harriet Eliza, dau. of John N. Stevenson, Esq. of Perridge, 
near E.xeter; she d. 21 Aug. 1864. He m. 2ndly, Luoilla 
Parker, and has 4 sons and a dau. 

Charles James, b. 26 April, 1871.— Montagu Philip George, 
b. 5 Mar. 1874.— Lionell Thomas John, b. 27 July, 1875.— 
John Albert Parker, b. 25 Aug. 1877. — Mary Kate 

(2) Thomas Reibey Gardiner, b. 25 June, 1843 ; m. Louisa 
Susan Archer. 

(3) John Lake Allen, d. 26 April, 1877, aged 30. 

(4) George Henry, b. 10 Mar. 1849. 

(5) Albert Frederick, lieut. R.N. b. 9 Mar. 1854. 

(6) Mary Raynor, m. to John Bridges Mason, M.D. and has 
a dau. 

Harriet Millicent Arthur MASON. 

(7) Richarda Emily, d. unm. 13 April, 1871. 

(8) Kate, m. 13 Nov. 1860, to Horatio Nelson, capt. R.N. 
(ret.), and has 2 daus. 

Sybil Caroline Arthur NELSON and Millicent Mary Edith, 

(9) Charlotte Marianne, m. to William Vosper Jakins, M.D. 
[5] Emily, m. to Rev. John Fisher Turner, rector of Wink- 
leigh. North Devon, and had with other issue a son and dau. 

(1) SirCharles Arthur Turner, K.C.M.G., CLE. chief jus- 
tice high court of judicature, Madras. 

(2) Margaret Isabel (4th surviving dau.), m. 19 Oct. 1880, 
to Legh Charles, 2nd son of late Rev. Cliarles Benet Calley. 

/2/ Richard, rear-admiral R.N. C.B. b. 10 Jan. 1779; d. 26 Oct. 
1854, having m. 28 Nov. 1809, Elizabeth Fortescue, dau. of Rev. 
William Wells, rector of East Allington, Devon; she d. 16 Aug. 
1853, having had, with other issue, 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Richard WilUam, b. 17 April, 1813; d. unm. 20 July, 

(2) Edward, of Wonton, Devon; b. 13 Jan. 1817; m. 16 Nov. 
1865, Fanny Anne, eldest dau. of late Capt. Fortescue Wells, 
U..V. and has a son and dau. 

Richard Wells, b. 8 June, 1867.— Edith Fanny. 

(3) Fortescue, b. 4 Sept. 1821; d. s. p. 8 Dec. 1871, having 
111. Katherine Mary, dau. of 

(4) Oswald Cornish, b. 21 April, 1822; d.l8 Nov. 1870, having 
m. 7 Feb. 1861, Elizabeth Fortescue Mary, dau. of late Capt. 
Wells, R.A. aforesaid, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Richard Hepworth, b. 11 Nov. 1861. — Reginald Fortescue, 
b. 7 Feb. 1863. — Emily Frances. — Caroline Elizabeth Cham- 

(5) Catherine Elizabeth Caroline, d. s. p. having m. May, 
1850, as 1st wife, to John Henry (Jennys, capt. R.N. 

/3/ Sir George, created a Baronet, of whom ne.\t. 

RIGHT-HON. SIR GEORGE, K.C.n. U.c.L. lieut.-gen. in the 
army, col. 50th regt. governor of Honduras, of Van 
Diemans Land, Upper Canada, and of Bombay, and provisional 
governor-general of India in 1846; knighted 19 July, 1837, and 
created a BAUONET 5 June. 1841; b. 21 June, 1784; d. 19 Sept. 
1854, having ni. May, 1814, Eliza Ord Usher, 2nd dau. of Lieut.- 
Gen. Sir John Frederick Sigismund Smith, k.c.h. R.A.; she d. 
14 Jan. 1855, having had with other issue 6 sons and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir Frederick Leopold, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] Cliarles Viney, Bombay light cav. d. unm. 14 Nov. 1847. 
[3] Edward Penfold, col. Bombay s.c; b. 24 Feb. 1825; d. 9 
June, 1870, having m. 1846, Emma, dau. of Thomas 

Alexander Souter, capt. 44th regt. and has had a son and 7 

(1) George, b. 19 Jan. 1851; d. Sept. 1878, having m. 19 
Aug. 1873, Helen, youngest dau. of Neale Thomson, Esq. of 
Camphill, Glasgow, who d. 16 April, 1878, having had 2 sons, 

Edward Malcolm.— George Frederick. 

(2) Is.abella Fanny, d. 13 May, 1871, having ni. as 1st wife, 
to William James Wemyss, eldest son of Sir William Muir, 


(3) Emma Charlotte, m. to James Jenkins Blair, 
capt. Central Inilia horse, political agent at Bhurtpoor (son 
of Brigailicr-Geu. James Blair) ; he d. 20 May, 1870, leaving 
a dau. 

Aileen May Blair. 

(4) Eliza Constance. (5) Amv SoUon. (6) Lily 

(7) Blanche Sarah Owen,ni. 22 April, 1880, to James Henry 
eldest son of Robert S. Patry, Esq. of Sydenham HiU, Surrey. 

(8) Aileen Mabel. ^ 
[4] Sigismund Montagu, Bombay light cav. d. unm 28 Au" 
185i>. "■ 
[5] .lohn Raynor, Bombay c.s. 1851, late .senior collector and 
magistrate at Satara; b. 20 Nov. 1830 ; m. 6 Oct. 1864 Hon 
Aileen Spring Rice, sister of Thomas, 2ud Lord Monteagie, and 
has 4 sons and 3 daus. 

Sigismund Raynor, b, 9 Feb. 1867.— Oswald George, b. 16 
July, 1869.— Edmond John, b. 29 Mar. 1873.— Henry Bartle 
Compton, b. 14 Oct. 1879.— Aileen Mary.— Leonora Frances. 
—Christina Lucy. 
[6] Leonard Augustus, lieut. 7th Bengal light cavalry; D. 17 
July, 1832; fell at the siege of Lucknow 19 July, 1857. 
[7] Isabella Mary, m. 1st— 19 April, 1842, to Compton Charles 
Domville. Esq. (BART.); he d. s. p. 19 Mar. 1852. She re-m.— 
18 Feb. 1868, to Charles James Malton, Esq. of London. 
[8] Catherine (ci.), m. 10 Oct. 1844, to Right Hon. Sir Henry 
Edward Frere, Bart. G.C.B. G.C.S.L P.O. D.C.L. LL.D. governor of 
the Cape of Good Hope 1877/80. 
[9] Eliza. 

[10] Frances Amelia, m. 23 April, 1853, to Theodore Howard 
Galton, Esq. of Hadsor House, Worcester, who d. 28 Feb. 1881, 
having had 4 sons, 
Hubert George Howard Galton, lieut. R.A. b. G Feb. 1854.— 
Compton Theodore, b. 22 Dec. 1855.— Howard Douglas Leo- 
nard, b. 5 Jan. 1858.— Charles Sigismund, b. 11 April, 1860. 
[11] Georgina Henrietta, m. 20 Jan. 1860, to Lieut.-Col. Nicolai 
William Elphinstone (CART.) 

SIR FREDERICK LEOPOLD, 2nd Baronet, col. in the army; 
b. 20 Dec. 1816 ; d. 1 June, 1878, having m. 24 April, 1856, 
Lady Elizabeth Hay, 4th dau. of Thomas Robert, 10th Earl of 
KinnouU, and had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir George Compton Archibald, 3rd and present 

(2) Leonard Robert Sunkersett, heir presumptive to the 
Baronetcy ; b. 23 Dec. 1864. 

(3) Fredcrica Louisa Juliana, m. 28 April, 1881, to Alfi-ed E. 
W. Darby, Esq. of Adcote, Little Ness, Salop. 

Anchitel (IGGl, 
E.), of Broomham, Sussex, 
s. his father as 8th Baronet 
in 1854 ; b. 8 Feb. 1828; 
lu. 7 June, 1859, Isabella, 
eldest dau. of late Capt. 
George Bohun Martin, B.N. 
C.B. of Crabbs Abbey, Nor- 
folk, and has 5 sons and 3 

(1) Anchitel Piers, b. 22 Aug. 

(2) Reginald, b. 26 Aug. 1865. 

(3) Fleetwood, b. 2 March, 1860. 

(4) Lawrence, b. 21 May, 1870. 

(5) Piers, b. 1 June, 1871. 

(6) Isabella, m. 12 Jan. 1881, to Herbert, eldest son of Herbert 
IMascall Curteis, Esq. of Windmill Hill Place, Sussex (see 
Thomas— Bart.) 

(7) Maud. (8) Bridget. 

Arms — Gu., a fesse between si.x mullets arg. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or an ash tree ppr. 
Motto— AVill God and I shall. 
Seat— Broomham Park, Hastings, Sussex. 


SIR DENNY ASHBURNHAM (descended ftrom Richai-d 
Ashburnham, of Bromham, Sussex, younger brother of 
John, ancestor of the Earl of Ashburnham — see PEERAGE), 
created a Baronet 15 May, 1661, M.p. Hastings, commissioner 
of excise and victualler of the navy; bur. 11 Dec. 1697, having 
m. 1st, Frances, dau. of John Ashburnham, groom of the bed- 
chamber to Charles I. and aunt of John, 1st Lord Ashburn- 
ham; he m. 2ndly. Anne, dau. of Sir David Watkins, of co. 
Glouc; she d. 21 Dec. 1729. His great-grandson, 

SIR WILLIAM, 5th Baronet, of Bromham, aforesaid (on 
the death of his father, Right Rev. Sir William, bishop 
of Chichester, 4 Sept. 1797), M.P. Hastings; b. 5 Mar. 1738; 
d. 21 Aug. 1823, having m. April, 1766, Alicia, dau. of Rev. 
Francis Woodgate, of Mountfield, Sussex; she d. 10 Jan. 1837, 
having had 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir William, 6th Baronet; b. 21 June, 1769; d. 22 Mar. 
1843, having m. 7 July, 1825, Juliana, dau. of Rev. William 
Humphreys, rector of Sele and vicar of Kensing, Kent : she 
d. 22 Feb. 1865. 

(2) Sir John, s. as 7th Baronet. 

(3) Denny, r.a. Clare Hall, Camb. 1804, rector of Catsfield 
1823/43, vicar of Ditchling,Susse.x, 1820/43; b. 29 May, 1773; d. 
2 Mar. 1843, having m. 20 Feb. 1802, Nancy, only child of 
Joseph Dickson, Esq. of Calcutta, and relict of T F 
Bancroft, Esq. of ; she d. 1 May, 1818, leaving with 
other issue 2 daus. 



/I/ Mary Ellen (eldest dau.), m. 8 May, 1845, to her cousin, 
Capt. John Eldridge West, 8th regt. 3rd sou of James El- 
dridge West, Esq. 

/2/ Harriet Alicia Cyouugest dau.), m. 30 Dec. 1845, to Rev. 
Alexander Chirol, B.A. of Clare Hall, Camb. who d. 27 July, 
1873, leaving a son, 

Thomas Alexander Ashburuham CHIROL, of St. Chad's 

College; b. 19 Dec. 1846. 

(4) George W , b. 12 Aug. 1774 ; m. Hanuah 
she d. 30 June, 1844, leaving 7 cliildren out of 11. 

(5) Alicia, b. 10 Jan. 1777 ; d. 22 Dec. 1859, having m. Dec. 
1804, to James Eldridge West, Esq. of Poston Park, Kent. His 
2nd sou. William Ashbiu-ham, d. 4 June, 1881. 

SIR JOHX, 7tli Baronet, chancellor of the cathedral and 
prebendary of Chichester 1796, rector of Guestling 1795, 
and vicar of Pevensey, Sussex, 1816; b. 26 Dec. 1770; d. 1 
Sept. 1854, having m. 1st — 4 July, 1804, Frances, 4th dau. of 
AVilliam Foster, Esq. of HoUington, Sussex; she d. 11 April, 
1838, aged 50. He m. 2ndly — Anne, dau. of Thomas Hai-man; 
she d. 1873. By his 1st wife he had with other issue 

2 sons and 2 dans. 

(1) Sir Anchitel, 8th and present Baronet. 

(2) Cromer, C.B. lieut.-col. 60th rifles; b. 13 Sept. 1831; m. 26 
July, 1864, Urith Amelia, 3rd dau. of late George Bohun Martin, 
Esq. of Crabbs Abbey, Norfolk, capt. R.N. C.B. and has a son and 
2 daus. 

Cromer, b. 25 April, 1866.— Urith Amelia.— Dau. b. 9 Sept. 

(3) Fanny Alice. (4) Honor. 

ASTLEY, Sir John Dug- 
dale (1821, U.K.), of 
Everleigh,Wilts, J.P. capt. and 
lieut.-col. late Scots fusilier 
guards, served in the Crimea, 
■wounded at the Alma, k.m. m.p. 
N. Lincolnshire 1874/80; s.his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 1873; 
b. 19 Feb. 1828; m. 22 May, 
1858, Eleanor Blanche Mary, 
only child of Thomas Corbett, 
Esq. of Elsham Hall, co. Lin- 
coln (D. St. Albans), and has 
3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Francis Edmund George, Scots guards 1879/80 ; b. 6 Feb. 

(2) Gerald, b. 1871. 

(3) John, b. 14 Mar. 1874. (4) Mary Beatrice. 
(5) Corisande. (6) Elise. (7) Adeline. 

Arms — Az., a cinquefoil pierced erm. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a plume of seven ostrich 
feathers gu. 

Motto — Fide sed cui vide. 

Seats — Everley House, Marlborough; Eastlcigh Lodge, War- 
minster, Wilts; and Elsham Hall, Brigg, Lincolnshire. 


THOMAS, LORD ASTLEY, who was killed in the barons 
wars at Evesham 49 HENRY III. is the ancestor of this 
family. By his iirst wife Joan, dau. of Ernold du Bois, he was 
father of Andrew, ancestor of the family seated at Pateshull, 
StaS. and by his 2nd Nvife Editha, dau. of Peter Constable, of 
Melton Constable, Norfolk, he had 3 sons, and from the 2nd 
Thomas the present Lord Hastmgs derives. 

WALTER ASTLEY, of Patteshidl, Staff, was 24 years 
of age at the Visitation of that county in 1614 ; he m. 
Grace, dau. of Francis Trentham, of Rowcester, Staff, and had 
with other issue 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Richard, created a Baronet 13 Aug. 1662, which 
became extinct on the death of his son, Sir John, 29 Dec. 1771, 
without male issue. 

(2) Thomas, of Eastcourt House, Wan\'icks. m. Jane, dau. and 
eventually sole heir of Joseph Carver, of Hether, Line, and 
relict of Thomas Corbet, of Barton, Leic. His grandson, viz.: 

VV aforesaid (son of Richard Astley, of Eastcourt, and 
Elizabeth, dau. of Stanislaus Browne, aunt of last Viscoiint 
Montague); bp. 20 Sept. 1708, and bur. 16 Feb. 1790, having 
m. Judith, dau. of F Bickley, Esq. by Judith, dau. and 

coheiress of William Dugdale, of Blythe Hall, had issue 2 sons, 

(1) Francis Dugdale, of whom presently. 

(2) Richard, of Odstone Hall, Leic. bp. 8 Jan. 1746/7; d. 11 
Dec. 1831, having m. 1784, Mary, 2nd dau. of John 
Boswell, of Wilton, Warwicks. and had an only son, 

Richard Gough, who took that surname by r.l. 2 Nov. 
1815; b. 13 Jan. 1788; d. 12 Aug. 1864, having m. 29 Dec. 

1815, Sophia, 2nd dau. of Richard Cheeslyn, Esq. of Langlcy 
Priory, Leic; slie d. 24 Sept. 1836. having had with a dau.— 
Sophia Mary, unm.— 6 sous, who all d. imm. excepting the 
5th son, 

Frederick William Gougii, rear-adm. r.n. (retd. Ust), 
C.B. a chevalier of the legion of honour, and has the Turkish 
order of the medjidie, J.P. co. Leicester; b. 15 Feb. 1824; m. 
8 Oct. 1848, Isabel, dau. of William Da vies, M.D. and has a son 
and dau. 

/I/ Astley Ricliard Arthur, b. 6 June, 1862. 

/2/ Sophie iLary, m. to William Lowes Rushton, Esq. bar.- 

at-Iaw, Grav's Inn, 1865. 

FRANCIS DUGDALE ASTLEY, m. 27 Dec. 1755, Mary, 
dau. and coheiress of William Buckler, Esq. of Boreham, 
Wilts.; she d. 23 Sept. 18u4, having had 3 sons, 
[1] Sir John Dugdale, created a Baronet. 
[2] William Buckler, of Piu-ton House, Wilts, major Leic. 
militia, b. 19 Jan. 1781 ; d. 13 Sept. 1849, having m. 24 Mar. 
1818, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Assheton Smith, Esq. of 
Tedworth Park, Hants, and Yeynol, Carmai-then; she d. 
, having had an onl3' dau. 
Mary, d. 4 Oct. 1874, having m. 12 May, 1847, to Robert 
George Duff, Esq. formerly of Glau-y-Bola, Carnaiwonsh. and 
has 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Greorge William Duff-Assheton-Smith, of Veynols, 
Bangor, and Tedworth Park, Hants. ; b. 17 May, 1848. 

(2) Charles Garden Duff, of Trefarthen, Anglesey; b. 16 
April. 1851; m. 16 Feb. 1876, Hon. Maud Frances, 2nd dau. of 
Sir Charles, 2nd Baron Vivian. 

(3) Louisa Alice Duff, m. 8 Jime, 1876, to Hon. Hussey 
Crespigny,Vi\'ian, C.B. eldest son of Lord Vivian. 

[3] Francis Bickley, rector of Manningford Abbots and 
Bishopstrow, Wilts ; b. 8 Dec. 1782 ; d. 29 Oct. 1856, having m. 
19 JiUy, 1813, Mary Anne, 3rd dau. of John Newdigate Ludford, 
Esq. of Annesley Hall. Warwicks. and Manningford Abbots. 
Wilts.; she d. 28 Mar. 1872, having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) John Newdigate Francis, of Ansley Park, co. Warwick, 
J.P. D.L. on roll high sheriff 1881; b. 20 April, 1817. 

(2) Benjamin Buckler Gifford, rector of Cadeby, Leic. b. 
27 April, 1819; m. 1st— 29 Jan. 1850, Susan Louisa, dau. of 
Rev. and Hon. Frederick Pleydell Bouverie (E. Radnor); 
she d. 7 June, 1854, having had an only son, 

/!/ Francis Edmimd George, 2nd lieut. Scots guards ; b. 

4 Jan. 1853. 

Rev. B. B. G. Astley m. 2ndly — 6 Aug. 1863, Maria 
Catherine, eldest dau. of Sir A. B. C. DLxie, Bart, and has 
an only son, 

/2/ John Beaumont, b. 12 Aug. 1868. 

(3) Elizabeth Juliana. 

(4) Frapces Anne, m. 9 May, 1854, to Rev. Maximilian 
Hugh Stanley Champneys, rector of Epperstone, Notts, and 
has 1 son and 4 daus. 

Edward Hugh Stanley CHAMPNEYS, b. 24 July, 1861.— 
Lucy Dorothea.— Mary Margaret.— Frances Millesent.— 
Susan Edith. 

(5) Jessie Clara, m. 1860, as 2nd wife, to Charles 
Arlington, Esq. late of the Austrian service, and has 2 sons, 

Charles Astley de Burgh ARLINGTON, b. 1863. 

Frank Astley Lethbridge, b. 1865. 

SIR JOHN DUGDALE, of Everleigh. AVilts. created a 
Baronet 15 Aug. 1821; b. 25 Jan. 1778; d. 19 Jan. 1842, 
ha\'ing m. 27 July, 18u3, Sarah, dau. of WiUiam Page, Esq. of 
Gosport, Hants.; she d. 31 Aug. 1824, leaving a son and a dau. 

(1) Sir Francis Dugdale, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(2) Mary Anne, m. 19 Mar. 1833, to George, 7th Viscount 

Nov. 1805; d. 23 Jidy, 1873, having m. 26 Nov. 1826, 
Emma Dorothea, 4th dau. of Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, 
Bart.; she d. 9 Dec. 1872, having had 6 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir John Dugdale, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Hugh Francis Lethbridge, of Eastleigh, Wilts; b. 

1832; m. 12 May, 1853, Augusta Ellen, younger dau. and coheir 
of late James Peel Cockbiu-n, Esq. (BART.) ; she d. 
leaving 3 daus. 

[1] Ida Mabel, m. 21 Oct. 1880, to Joseph Spencer Benyon, 

capt. 5th lancers since 1870. 

[2] Ada Mary. [3] Ruth Ethel. 

(3) Thm-low Augustus, b. 23 Mar. 1838. 

(4) Arthur Frederick, late lieut. 11th regt.; b. 4 Feb. 1843; m. 29 
June, 1880, JuUa, dau.^of late Charles Henry Pigot, Esq. (Bart.) 

(5) Spencer Bj-ng, capt. 11th regt. b. 4 Oct. 1844. 

(6) Aylmer Anthony, in n.C; b. 10 Oct. 1850; m. 4 Jan. 1872, 
Lucy, dau. of John Lane, Esq. of Leyton Grange, Essex, widow 
of George Temple, Esq. of Bishopstone, Wilts, and has a dau. 
— Margaret Violet Dorothea. 

(7) Anna Maria Sarah, m. 10 Feb. 1859, to Capt. Daniel 
Alexander McNeill, Madras N.l. and has a dau. — Ada Mary. 

(8) Cecile Maria, m. 27 May, 1868, to Edmond Robert Henry 
Gray, Esq. son of late Rev. Henry Gray (E. LIMERICK), and 
has 2 sons and a dau. 

John Edmond Henry GRAY, b. 17 April, 1869.— Francis 
Cecil, b. 28 Dec. 1871.— Kathleen Mary. 

(9) Adelaide Fanny Ashworth, m. 10 Aug. 1865, to Rev. Thomas 
B. H. Blundell, rector of Hallsall, Lane, and has with other 
issue a sou, b. 10 April, 1879. 

(10) Ethel Georgina Mary, d. 22 July, 1871, having m. 11 Aug. 
1868, as 1st wife, to Hillyar David Chapman, Esq. and had a 
dau. — Ethel Georgina Mary Chapman. 



George, of Dona- 
dca Castle, co. Kil- 
dare (1621, i.) ; s. 
his father as 10th 
Baronet in 1878; 
b. 26 May, 1830 ; m. 
6 April, 1853, Alice 
Hester Caroline, 
dau. of Conway 
Eichard D o b b s, 
Esq. of Castle 
Dobbs, CO. Antrim, 
and has a sou and 

(1) Justin Gerald, b. 17 
Nov. 1863. 

(2) Caroline Maria. 

Arms— Arg. a cross sa. between four Cornish choughs ppr. 

Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or a Cornish chough rising 


Motto— Hallelujah. 

Seat— Donadea Castle, Kilcock, co. Kildare. 


Bartholomew AYLMER, of Lj-ons (descended fi-om 
Richard Aylmer, of Lyons, co. Kildare, who in a charter 
of 1430 is styled sovereign of the town of Tassegarde, co. Kil- 
dare); m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Christopher Chevers, of Mace- 
town (by his wife Elinor, dau. of Lord Chancellor Sir William 
Welles), had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Richard, chief serjcant of Kildare 1 June, 1535, m. Janette, 
dau. of Thomas Tew, of Dublin, alderman, and had a son, 

Richard, of whom nest paragraph. 

(2) Sir Gerald, lord chief justice, ancestor of Lord Aylmer. 
(See Peerage.) 

(3) Anne, m. as 1st wife, to Sir Thomas Luttrell, chief justice 
of the common pleas. 

RICHARD AYLMER, of Lyons, m. Elinor, dau. of Sir 
George Fleming, of Stephenston, 2nd sou of James, 
Lord Slane (ext.), and had with other issue 3 sous, 
(1) Thomas, of Lj'ons, had Uvcry of his estate, 1562; brought 
four horsemen to the busting at the Hill of Tara, 24 Sept. 1593; 
m. Alison, dau. of Sir Francis Cusack, of Leasnuck, co. Meath; 
she d. Dec. 1623, having had mth other issue 2 sons, 
[1] Bartholomew, of Lyons ; m. Cicely, dau. of Robert 
Piphoe, Esq. and had issue. His gi-eat-great-grandsou. 

Sir Gerald Ayljier, was taken prisoner at the siege of 
Den-y, and d. 10 Mar. 1729; wiU dated l,and proved 18, same 
month, having m. Mary, dau. and coheir of Michael Moore, 
of Drogheda. His grandson, 

Gerald Ayliier, of London (sou of Michael Aylmer, 
of Lyons, by his 3rd wife Mary de Bm-gh, uiece of Michael, 
10th Earl of Clanricarde) ; b. d. 9 Jan. 1837, 

having m. April, 1811, Catherine, dau. of Robert Lam- 
bert, of Carnagh, co. Wexford; she d. , having 
had 2 sons and 5 daus. 

/I/ Michael Valentine Aylmer, of Den-y, co. Tipperary; b. 
8 Mar. 1812; m. 26 April, 1841, Mai-iannc,dau. and hen- of 
WiUiam Connolly, Esq. of DubUn; shed.2 Jan. 1869, having 
liad 3 sons and 3 daus. 
Gerald Joseph, b. 27 Oct. 1849.— Reginald Arnulph, b. 3 
Feb. 1853.— Valentine, b. .—Teresa.— Henri- 

etta Sybella. — Alathea. 
/2/ Henry, b. ; m. 18 Feb. 1842, Esmay, only 

dau. of Bryan Brady, of Stonefield, co. Meath, s. p. 
/3/ Mai-y Anne. m. 

/4/ Mai-garet,m. 1850, to Ambrose Nugent, of 

Jsalsona, Longford. 

/5/ Letitia, m. 9 Oct. 1844, as 2nd wife, to Christopher 

Bai-uewall (B. Trimleston), of Meadstown, co. Meath, 

who d. 2 May, 1873. /6/ Frances, unm. 

LJJ John, of Eallykenane, co. Kildare; d. 26 June, 1632 

having im Eleanor, dau. of Hussey, of Movie Eussey, co. 

Meath. His great-great-grandson, 

CHARLES Aylmer, of Ballykenane, d. 6 May, 1754, 

having had 2 sons. J> «"> 

/I/ Charles, d. 11 Sept. 1749, having m. (?) 1749 

"^"^aAdfather of '^^'""''"' °^ C^°'^^'^' ^o. Kildare; and was 

JOHN , (Aylmer, of Courtowu, j.p. (son of Col. Michael 

Ayhner); d. 5 Mar. 1857, having m. 29 Dec. 1828, Mai-- 

gaxet Susan, dau. of Sir Fenton Ayhner, Bart, and has a 

son and 6 daus. 

(1) Michael, of Corn-town, aforesaid; b. 30 May, 1831; 
m. Feb. 18">3, Charlotte Mary, dau. of Hans Heudrick, 
Esq. of KcrdLflEstown, co. Kildare, and has 3 sons and a 

John Algernon, Ueut. 4th (R. I.) dragoon guards ; 
b. 22 Dec. 1853.— Hans, b. 23 May, 1856.— Algernon, 
b. 23 June, 1857.— Florence. 

(2) Jane Grace. 

(3) Margaret, m. 1856, to Chai-les Michael Bm-y, Esq. of 
Do^^Tiings, CO. Kild.oi-e, assumed name of BtTlY in lieu of 
Wright 1872, eldest sou of David Wright, J.P. of Emma 
Vale, CO. Wicklow. 

(4) Emil V, m. to Thomas Chapman, Esq. of Blackrock. 

(5) EUzabeth, (6) Cecilia. 
(7) Lucy, m. to Louis Hack, Esq. 

/2/ Richai-d. officer in 17th regt. m. EUza, dau. of Richai-d 

Non-is, of Edinburgh, adm. R.X. (2nd sou of Rt. Hon. Sir 

John Norris, adm. of the fleet, and vice-adm. of England, 

by his wife, Hon. Elizabeth, dau. of Matthew, 1st Lord 

Aylmer, adm. R.N.), and had 2 sons, of whom the elder, '- 1 

Charles, formerly 64th foot; b. 24 Mav, 1774 ;'d. 

10 Dec. 1863, having m. 15 Dec. 1806, Mary, dau. of 

Thomas Luther, Esq. of Clonmel, co. Tipperary; she d. 

26 Sept. 1856, ha\-ing had 3 sous, 

(1) Fenton Richard, b. 16 April, 1808; d. unm. July, 

(2) Chai-les Arthui-, b. 28 Sept. 1814 ; m. 10 Aug. 1853; 
Hon. Sophia Mackay, dau. of Alexander, 8th Baron Reay ; 
she d. s. p. 24 Sept. 1866. 

(3) Hem-y Gerald, late accountant-gen. in the bank of 
England; b. 1 Aug. 1818; m. 17 June, 1854, Harriet Anna, 
only cliild of Rev. John Scott, rector of Little Kimble. 
Bucks, and has had a sou and dau. 

Hem-y Scott, b. 9 April, 1858; d. 8 Mar. 1877.— Mary 

(2) George, of Clonciu-rie and Trim, co. Meath, m. Mary, dau. 
of Sir Patrick Hussey (ancestor of the extinct Lords Beaulleu). 

(3) Sir Gerald, of Macetown and Donadea, co. Kild.are, knighted 
17 Jime,1598, and created a Baronet 25 Jan. 1621; d. 19 Aug. 
1634, having m. 1st, Mary, dau. and coh. of Sir Henry Travers, 
of Moukstown Castle, co. DubUn, master of the ordnance, and 
rcUct of James Eustace, 3rd Viscount Baltinglas; she d. s. p. 28 
Nov. 1610. He m. 2ndly, Julia Nugent, dau. of Chistopher, 14th 
Lord Delvin (and sister of Richard, 1st Earl of Wcstmeath); 
she d. 11 Mar. (or 2 Nov.), 1617, and their representative in the 
6th generation, 

SIR FITZGERALD AYLMER, 7th Baronet (ou the death 
of his father, 6 Jan.1736); b. 14 Sept.1736; d. Feb.1794, 

having m. 15 1764, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Fenton 

Cole, of Silverhill, co. Femianagh (E. Enniskillen); she d. 
having had with 3 daus. 3 sous, 

(1) Sir Fenton, s. as 8th Baronet. 

(2) John.capt. 89tli regt. (twin with Sir Fenton); d.s. p. having 
m. 14 June, 1801, Grace, dau. of William Evans, Esq. (B. Car- 
BERY), and widow of William Speirs, Esq. 

(3) Arthm-, lieut.-gen. in the army, b. ; 
d. 5 Feb. 1831, having m. 9 June, 1807, Anne, only dau. and 
heir of John Harrison, Esq. of Walworth Castle, Durham; 
she d. 1 Mar. 1857, leaving with 5 daus. an only son, 

John Harrison Aylmer, b. 19 Jan. 1812 ; killed (together 
with his wife and eldest son) in the Abergele railway 
accident, 20 Aiag. 1868, having m. 7 Feb. 1849, Rosanna 
Louisa, dau. of Vice-Adnoiral Sir John Coghill-Coghill, Bart, 
and has 2 sons surviving, 

Gerald Percy Vivian, b. 8 July, 1856.— Edmimd Kendal 

Grimston, b. 19 Aug. 1859. 

SIR FENTON, 8th Baronet ; d. 23 May, 1816, having m. 
4 June, 1795, Jane Grace, dau. of Sir John Freke, Bart. 
of Castle Freke, co. Cork (ext.); she d. 31 Dec. 1827, having had 
4 sons and a dau. 

[1] Sir Gerald George, s. as 9th Baronet. 
[2] Arthiu: Percy, M.A. Trinity Coll. Dublin, b. 31 Aug. 1801 ; 
m. 12 Dec. 1833, Martha, dau. of Richard Reynell, Esq. of 
Killynon, co. Wcstmeath, and has had 4 sons and 7 daus. 

(1) Fenton John,capt. in the army, served with the 97th 
regt. in the Crimea ; b. 24 Dec. 1835 ; d. 9 April, 1862, having 
m. 9 June, 1857, Isabella Eleanor (sister of George Culley, Esq. 
of Fowben-y Tower), elder dau. of late George Darling, Esq. 
of Fowberry Tower, Northumb. and hail 2 sons and a dau. 

/I/ Arthrur Percy Fitzgerald, b. 2 Mai-. 1858; m. 27 Nov. 

1878, Annie, youngest dau. of late John Sanger, Esq. of 


/2/ Fenton John, lieut. R.E.; b. 5 April, 1862. 

/3/ Helen Cecilia Adelaide. 

(2) John Evans Freke, of Aylmersfield, 
54th regt. and foi-nierly of the government small arms com-" 
mission, M.P. Maidstone 1880 ; b. 23 Feb. 1838 ; m. 3 June, 
1861, Frances Margarita, dau. of James Thomson, Esq. of j 
Gibraltar, and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Gerald Arthur Evans Freke, b. 15 Oct. 1869.— Henry Evas 
Freke, b. 6 Sept. 1878.— Amy Geraldiue Frances.— NIj 
Florence Mary. — Dora Gertrude. 

(3) Richard Reynell, N. Cork rifles; b. 24 Dec. 1840. 

(4) Arthur- Percy Bei-nard, E.I.C.S.; b. 24 Mar. 184S; d. 22 May, J 

(5) Harriet Elizabeth, m. 17 Feb. 1857, to Eaton Josepl 
Travers, Esq. H.M. Indian army, killed at the siege of DelJ ' 
Aug. 1857, had a posthiunous son, 

Eaton Aylmer TRAVERS. 

(6) Jane Grace. (7) Catherine Charlotte. 



(8) Gcraldine Maria, m. July, 1861, to Robert Constable 
Ilall, Esq. of Eockcliffe, Cork. 

(9) Elizabeth Xannctte. (10) Martha Josepha Helena. 
(11) Anna Angelina. 

[3] AVilliam Josiah, in n.O; b. 6 Dec. 1802; m. 24 Tsov. 1830, 
Elizabeth Frances, eldest dau. of Rev. Henry Lambart Bayly, 
of Ballyarthiir, co. Wicklow (M. ANGLESEY), and has had with 
other issue 3 sons and 2 dans. 

(1) Justin John, R.M. Akaroo, N.Z.; b. 11 Aug. 1831; m. 1st— 

1855, Caroline, dau. of Rev. W. Slatter, and has 4 daus. 
/I/ Selina Frances, m. IG Mar. 1876, to "Warner William 
Warren, 3rJ son of Capt. Westenra aforesaid (B. Ross- 


/2/ Lucy Catherine.— /3/ Geraldine.— /4/ Helen. ! 

J. J. Atlmer m. 2ndly — , Susan Anne Cockerill, 

only dau. of late Samuel Beswick, of Canterbury, N.Z. and j 
has had 2 sons, ' 

/5/ Justin Arthur, b. 12 Aug. 1870.-/6/ Fitzgerald Bes- 
wick, b. 8 Jan. 1872; d. 14 June, 1873. j 

(2) William Henry, b. 22 Aug. 1833; m. 1st— 1861, 
Henrietta, dau. of Dr. Martin, and has a son and 2 daus. — I 
Percy, Edith, Inez. He m. 2udly, and has issue. 

(3) Henry Lambart, b. 1844. 

(4) Selina Percy, m. Mar. 1856, to Richard, eldest son of 
Capt. Westenra, of Canterbury, X.Z. (B. Rossjiore). 

j (5) Catherine Charlotte, m. , to James Rattray, 

I of Dimediu, N.Z. 

[4] John Froke, b. 6 May, 1807 ; d. 22 Dec. 1874, having m. 
22 May. 1832, Ann, 3rd dau. of Robert Austin Parrish, Esq. 
of Philadelphia, and has had, with other issue, a son and a dau. 

(1) Gerald George, b. 2 Dec. 1834. 

(2) Anna Elizabeth, m. 22 Aug. 1865, to George, son of 
William Xesbitt Hefferman, and has 2 sons and 4 daus. 

George E A Hefferxian, b. 22 May, 1866. 

— Gerald John Aylmer, b. 16 Mar. 1870. — Sarah Ellen. — 
Cecilia Margaret. — Edith Mary. — Anna Frances. 

[5] Margaret Susan, m. 29 Dec. 1828, to John Aylmer, Esq. of 

Courtown, aforesaid; he d. 5 Mar. 1857. 

SIR GERALD GEORGE, 9th Baronet, 1st dragoon guai-ds' 
D.L.; b. 15 Sept. 1798 ; d. 8 Feb. 1878, having m. 24 April. 
1826, Maria, elder dau. and coheir of Col. Hodgson, of Carlisle 
E.I.C.S. ; she d. 9 May, 1879, having had an only son, 
(1) Sir Gerald George, 10th and present Baronet. 


BACON, Sir Hick- 
man Beckett, 
of Thonock Hall, Line. 
(1611 and 1627, E.); 
late lieut. grenadier 
guards ; s. his father 
as 11th Bart, of Red- 
grave, and 12th Bart, 
of Mildenhall, and as 
PREMIER Baronet in 
1872; b. 14 April, 1855; 
heir presumptive, his 
brother Nicholas. 

Arjis — Gu. on a chief arg. 

two mullets pierced sa. 

Crest — A boar passant 

cliarged with an ermine spot. 
Motto — Mediocria firma. 
Seat— Thonock Hall, co. Lincoln. 


The early descent of this family which was very widely 
spread through Suffolk during the sixteenth century, is 
variously set forth, as may be seen on reference to Davey's 
MS. Collections relating to the history of that county. 

SIR NICHOLAS, of Gray's Inn (grandson of John Bacon, 
of Drinkston), attorney in the court of wards 1552, trea- 
surer of Gray's Inn, lord keeper of the great seal of England, 
and P.O. 1568 ; d. in London 20 Feb. 1578/9 ; bm-. in St. Paul's. 
By his 1st wife (I) Jane, dau. of William Fernley, of West 
Creting, SufE. he had with 3 daus. 3 sons, viz. 

(1) Sir Nicholas, created a Baronet. 

(2) Sir Nathaniel, of StifEkey, Norfolk, sheriff 1586 and 1599, 
K.B. at Whitehall 21 July, 1604; d. 7 Nov. 1622; biu". at 
Stiffkey, having erected for himself a miu-al monument in the 
chancel of that church. He m. 1st, Anne, natural dau. of 
Sir Thomas Gresham, of London, Knt. founder of the Royal 
Exchange, by whom 3 daus. and coheirs ; he m. 2ndly, Dorothy, 
dau. of Sir Arthur Hopton, of Westwood Lodge, SufE. 

(3) Sir Edward, of Shrubland Hall, Suff. sheriff 1601, knighted 
at the charterhouse 11 May, 1603 ; d. 8 Sept. 1618, aged 86, 
having m. Helen, dau. and heir of Thomas Little, of Shrubland 
aforesaid, and of Bray, Berks ; she d. 24 July, 1646, having 
had issue, 

SIR NICHOLAS, high sheriff of Suff. 23 Elizabeth, knighted 
by Q. Elizabeth at Norwich 22 Aug. 1578, and was 
the first jierson created a Baroxet by Jajies I. upon the 
institution of that order, 22 May, 1611 (the patents of the He 
Hogliton and Shelley baronetcies bear the same date) ; he d. 
22 Nov. 1624, having m. Anne, dau. and sole heir of Edmund 
Butts, of Thornage, Noi-f.; she d. 19 Sept. 1616, having had 
with other issue 7 sons. 

it) Tlie Lord Keeper m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Sir Anthony 
Cooke, of Gidea Hall, Essex ; she d. 1 Aug. 1610, having had 2 

(4) Anthony, ambassador at Venice, and chancellor of the 
JJuchy of Lancaster. 

(5) Sir Francis, b. at York House in the Strand, 22 Jan. 1560/1- 
lord chancellor of England 1G18/21, created Baron Verulam 

I u^l} ?' '^B^V^iscouNT ST. Albans, both in the county 
fJ^'^T^\V J^°- 16,27, solicitor-gen. 1613, attorney-gen. 
1616, P.O. lord keeper of the great seal, was convicted upon his 
own confession of corruption in his judicial capacitv and de- 
prived ot his offices ; d. at the Earl of Arundel's house at Hieh- 
gate 9 April, 1626, s. p. having m. 1607, Alice, dau. and coheir 
of Benedict Barham, of London, alderman; shed. 29 June 1650 

(1) Sir Edmund, 2nd Baronet, d. s. p. 10 April, 1649. 

(2) Henry, d. at Jerusalem s. p. 

(3) Sir Robert, 3rcl Baronet, bur. 16 Dec. 1655, leaving issue. 
His male line became extinct on the death of his great-grandson 
Sir Edmund Baron, 6th Baronet, 30 April, 1755, and was suc- 
ceeded by Sir Richard, 8th Baronet, of Mildenhall, who thus 
became 7th Baronet of Redgrave. 

(4) Bachevell or Bacqueville, of Hockham, left three daus. 

(5) Sir Butts, created a Baronet 29 July, 1627. 

(6) Nicholas, of Gillingham, bur. 4 Aug. 1661, father, by his 
2nd wife, Margaret, dau. of Eustace Darcy, of Bury St. 
Edmunds, of 

SIR NICHOLAS, created a Baronet 7 Feb. 1661/2; on the death 
of his son. Sir Richard, 3rd Baronet, s. p. biu*. 8 Oct. 1685, 
this baronetcy expired. 

(7) Sir Nathaniel, of Culford, Suff. K.B. on the coronation of 
Charles I. a celebrated painter ; d. 1 July, 1627, having m. 
Jane, dau. of Hercules Meautj's, of Ham, Essex, and widow of 
Sir William Cornwallis, of Brome, Suffolk, Knt.; she d. 8 Jan. 
1659, aged 79, leaving an only dau. 

SIR BUTTS, of Mildenhall, created a BARONET 29 July, 1627; 
d. 29 May, 1661, having m. Dorothy, dau. of Sir Henry 
Warner, of Mildenhall, and relict of Sir Robert Jermyn, of 
Rushbrooke, Knt.; she d. 4 Sept. 1655, and their descendant in 
the 6th generation was 

NICHOLAS BACON, of Blundeston Hall, Suff. (brother of 
Sir Edmund, 9th and 10th Baronet), b. 6 June, 1786 ; 
d. 9 Feb. 1863, having m. 14 Oct. 1813, Jane, dau. of late 
Alexander Bowker, of Lynn, and had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry Hickman, s. as 10th and 11th Baronet. 

(2) Francis, of The Hall, Much Hadham, Herts, vicar of Hun- 
dleby, co. Line. 1860/3; b. 17 Feb. 1824; m. 19 June, 1855, Caro- 
line Cecilia, 3rd dau. of Peter Clement Cazalet, Esq. of Brighton, 
and has 2 sons, 

Reginald Cazalet, b. 3 Jan. 1861.— Henry, b. 28 Nov.] 865. 

(3) Jane, m. 9 May. 1832, to William Hutton, Esq. of Gate, 
Burton, Line, high sheriff 1832 ; he d. 5 Dec. 1877, having had 
2 sons, 

[1] George Morland Hutton, lieut. late 46th regt. present 
at the taking of Sebastopol,lieut.-col. com. Line. vol. art. ; b. 
3 Dec. 1834; m. 30 Aug. 1870, Eustacie Emma Millicent, only 
child of Eustace Arkwright, Esq. of Sutton Scarsdale, and 
has a son and dau. 
Charles Eustace HUTTON, b. 17 Nov. 1873.— Sybil Con- 
[2] Edmund Bacon Hutton, lieut.-col. (1st) roval dragoons 
1881; b. 21 June, 1840; m. 5 June, 1873, Lady Katharine Beau- 
jolois Arabella Bury, eldest dau. of Charles William George, 
3rd Earl of Charleville (ext.), and has a son and dau. 
Edgar William HUTTON, b. 6 June, 1877. — Kathleen 

(4) Anne Elizabeth, m. 9 May, 1837, to John Henry Barker, 
of Bakewell, Derbys. bar.-at-law, and latterly police magistrate 
at Clerkenwell, and has a son and dau. 

[1] Henry Frederick BARKER, b. 8 Jan. 1840; m. 30 April, 
1878, Emily Openshaw, only child and heiress of Joseph 
Ewings, Esq. of Bakewell, aforesaid. — [2] Emma, unm. 

SIR HENRY HICKMAN, 10th and llth Baronet and 
premier Baronet (on the death of his uncle Sir Edmund, 
30 May, 1864), high sheriff Lines. 1867, capt. 3rd dragoon 
guards; b. 5 April, 1820 ; d. 14 Nov. 1872, having m. 17 Mar. 
1853, Elizabeth, youngest dau. and coheir of Sir Thomas 
Beckett, of Some^bJ^ Line. Bart, and had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Hickman Beckett, llth and present Baronet. 

(2) Nicholas Henry, lieut. 4th (R.l.) ih-agoon guards, heir 
presumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 22 Oct. 1857. 

(3) Edmund, 60th rifles; 1). 15 Jan. 1880. 

(4) Thomas Walter, b. 16 Sept. 1863. 

(5) Richard Castell, b. 20 April. 1866. 

(6) Louisa. (7) Frances Elizabeth. 
(8) Mary Rose. 



BAGGE, Sir Al- 
fred Thomas 
(1867, U.K.), of Strad- 
sett Hall, Norfolk; s.his 
brother as 3rd Baronet 
in 1881; b. 5 July, 1813; 
m. 11 July, 1872, Milli- 
cent Case, 5th dau. of 
J. Grant Mon-is, Esq., of 
AUerton Priory, Liver- 
pool, and has 3 sons, 

(1) Alfred William Francis, 
b. 14 Sept. 1875. 

(2) John Pictou, b. 19 Oct. 

(3) Henry Percy, b. 20 April, 

Arms— Per paly bendy arg. 
and gTi., two flaunches or, on 
a chief of the last an annulet 
between two cinquefoils of 
the second. 

Crest — Two wings addorsed 
or, semee of annulets gu. 
Motto — Spes est in Deo. 

Seat— Stradsett Hall, Downham Market, Norfolk. 

Residexce— Heatlierside, ^yoking Station. 


JOHN BAGGE, of King's Lynn, Norfolk (great-grandson of 
Ralph Bagge, of Cockley C'ley, Norfolk), d. in 1741, leaving 
by his 2nd wife, Susan Cromwell, witli other issue 2 sons, 
[1] William, of Islington Hall, m. Jane, dau. of Peter Dixon, 
and lieir of her brother, Thomas Dixon of Islington Hall, Nor- 
folk. His grandson. 

Thomas Philip Bagge, of whom hereafter. 
[2] Charles, of Lyme Regis, B.D.; d. 17 Aug. 1791, having 
m. Barbara, dau. of Edmund Elsdcn, of King's Lynn; she d. 
6 May, 1769, having had a son, 

Charles Bagge, of Quebec House, Norfolk, m.d. d. 29 
April, 1799, having m. 19 Mar. 1782, Ann, dau. of Thomas 
Lee-AVarner, of Walsingham (she rc-m. 17 Nov. 1800, to 
Thomas Bagge, of Lyme Regis, by whom she had a dau. 
Anne, 2nd \\ife of Thomas Bagge, of Stradsett) ; she d. at 
Lynn, 15 Aug. 1807, having hail by her 1st husband 7 sons, 

4 of whom survived and assumed by R.L. 21 May, 1814, the 
surname and arms of Lee-Warner only. 

(1) William Wilson Lee- Warner, of Quebec House, b. 16 Dec 
1785, d. , having m. , Mary Anne 
dau. of John Thurlow Bering, Esq. of ; she d. 

, leaving an only cWld, Mary Anne Dering, m. 

5 July, 1855, to William Gascoyne Earle Lytton-Bulwer, of 
Heydon Hall, Norfolk (B. Lytton). 

(2) Edward Lee-AVarner, E.I.C.S. b. 18 Mar. 1788; d. 

Dec. 1858, having m. Julia Maria, dau. of Gen. Sir Thomas 
Gage Montresor, K.C.H. and had a dau. — Mary. 

(3) Arthur Lee-Warner, capt. R.N. b. 27 Feb. 1793; d. unm. 
Oct. 1841. 

(4) Thomas Lee- Warner, b. 7 July, 1795; d. unm. April, 1862. 

THOMAS PHILIP BAGGE, of Stradsett Hall and Islington 
Hall, Norfolk (son of Thomas Bagge, Esq. of Stradsett, by 
his 1st ^^dfe, Pleasance, dau. and coheir of PhiUp Case, Esq. of 
Stradsett HaUand of Gay wood Hall, Norfolk); b. 29 July, 1771 ; 
d. 3 June, 1827, having m. 28 April, 1808, Grace, youngest dau. 
of Richard Salisbury, Esq. of Lancaster; she d. 27 Jan. 1834, 
having had 5 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir 'William, created a Baronet 13 April, 1867. 
[2] Richard, of Gaj-wood, Norfolk, J. P. D.L. (twin with Sir 
William), b. 17 June, 1810; m. 1 Oct. 1835, Pleasance, eldest 
dau. of Rev. Edward Huiton, ll.d. (PRESTON— Bart.); she d. 
6 Jime, 1869, having had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Richard Salisbury, Queen's messenger in the foreign 
office, capt. late 10th regt.; b. 7 July, 1836. 

(2) Thomas Edward, of Islington Hall, Norfolk, J.P. M.A. 
capt. Prince of Wales' Own Norfolk mil. art.; b. 30 April, 
1838 ; m. 6 Sept. 1871, Louisa Maria Mary, elder dau. of 
Frederick Walpole Keppel, Esq. (E. ALBEMARLE), s. p. 

(3) Herbert, b. 1 July, 1843]; m. Oct. 1871, Maria Du- 
quesnay, and has a son, b. 1872, and a dau. b. 1874. 

(4) Pleasance Grace, m. 12 May, 1864, to Theophilus Russell 
Buckworth, Esq. of Cockley Ciey Hall, Norfolk. (Soame— 
Bart.); he d. 5 Feb. 1873, having had 3 sons and a dau. 

(5) Jane Margaret. (6) Louisa Clifford. 

[3] Edward, of Islington Hall, b. 2 Dec. 1812; d. s. p. 19 May, 
1845, having m. 21 May, 1835, Jane, youngest dau. of Rev. 
Edward Huiton, LL.D. aforesaid (PRESTON). She re-m. 4 
Jan. 1849, to her cousin James Dott Huiton, Esq. who d. 7 
Aug. 1863. 

[4] Henry Case, B.C.S. b. 22 Nov. 1814; d. 31 Aug. 1841, having 
m. 9 Jan. 1836, Margaret, 2nd. dau. of Major-Gen. llerbert 
Bowen, E.I.C.S. (she re-m. 29 Nov. 1871, to Augusta le Porcq, 
Comte rt'Herlen), and had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Henry Salisbury, lieut. R.N.; b. 23 Jan. 1837; d. unm. 
3 Oct. 1867. 

(2) Arthur Herbert, capt. R.E. b. 12 Feb. 1838 ; d. s. p. 19 
Jan. 1871, ha\'ing m. 15 Dec. 1864, Caroline Blary, dau. of 
Thomas Assheton Duke, lieut.-gen. H.M. Indian army. She 
re-m. 11 Sept. 1873, to John J Clarke, Esq. of London, 
who d. Feb. 1879; she re-m. April, 1880, to Capt. Grimble. 

(3) Frederick Clifford Salisbury, b. 19 Sept. 1840; m. 26 Feb. 
1870, to Aneta Donavan. 

(4) Helen Mary Ann, m. 22 Aug. 1863, to Charles Francis 
Fuller, 12th lancers (youngest son of late General Francis 
Fuller) ; he d. 1875, leaving 2 sons and a dau. 

Ernestine FULLER, b. 12 June, 1864.— Francis Charles, b. 
22 Nov. 1866.— Marguerite. 
[5] Philip Salisbury, rector of Walpole St. Peters, Norfolk, b. 
18 Oct. 1817 ; m. 23 April, 1846, Caroline Julia, dau. of Yen. 
Stephen Creyke, archdeacon of York, and has 2 sons and 6 

(1) Osbert, b. 24 Aug. 1852.— (2) Stephen Salisbiu-y, b. 22 
Sept. 1859. — (3) Grace Julia Stephanie. — (4) Sarah Ger- 
trude. — (5) Mildred. 

(6) Philippa Caroline Henrietta, m. 23 April, 1874, to Rev. 
William Huiton (PRESTON). 

(7) Barbara. (8) Mary Clifford. 

[6] M.aria, m. 17 June, 1831, to Henry Villebois, Esq. of Mar- 
ham House, Norfolk. 

[7] Pleasance, d. s. p. 31 Dec. 1865, having m. 17 Sept. 1835, 
to Rev. Henry Edward KnatchbuU (Bart.), who d. s. p. 31 
Aug. 1876. 

SIR WILLIAM B AGGE, of Stradsett Hall, Norfolk, J.P. D.L. 
M.P. West Norfolk 1837/57, 1865/80, created a BARONET 13 
April, 1867; b. 17 June, 1810; d. 12 Feb. 1880, having m. 11 
July, 1833, Frances, 4th dau. of late Sir Thomas Preston, Bart, 
of Beeston St. Lawrence, and had 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir AVilliam Henry Ernest, 2nd Baronet, b. 9 Aug. 1840; 
d. s. p. 23 Oct. 1881, having m. 26 Oct. 18C5, Alice, 2nd dau. 
of Alfred Giles, Esq. of Cosford House, Surrey. 

(2) Sir Alfred Thomas, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(3) Frances Henrietta. 

(4) Emilia Jane, m. 16 June, 1864, to Capt. Charles Wells- 
Archdale, of Coltishall, Norfolk, late 85th regt. and has 2 sons 
and 5 daus. 

George Francis ARCnnALE, b. 7 Jfay, 1865.— Charles Wil- 
liam, b. 18 Aug. 1878.— Mary Caroline.— Winifred Edith.— 
Emilia Helen. — Margaret. — Adelaide. 

(5) Caroline Thomazine. (6) Edith Mary. 

(6) Elizabeth Mabel. 
(8) Gwladys Mary. 

BAILEY, Sir Jo- 
(1852, U.K.), of Glanusk 
Park, Brecon, lord-lieut. 
and custos rotulorum of 
that CO. since 1875, high 
sheriif 1861, m.p. Here- 
fordshire since 1865 ; 
s. his grandfather as 
2ud Baronet in 1858; 
b. 7 April, 1840 ; m. 9 
April, 1861, Mary Ann, 
eldest surviving dau. of 
Henry Lucas, M.D. of 
Glan-yr-afon, and has 5 
sons and 4 daus, 

(1) Joseph Henry Russell, 
b. 26 Oct. 1864. 

(2) William, b. 28 Aug. 1867. 

(3) Arthur, b. 3 Dec. 1868. 

(4) Herbert Crawshay, b. 23 
June, 1871. 

(5) John Laimcelot, b. 2 Dec. 

(7) Edith. 

(9) Margaret Elinor. 



Xv^^\.•i—\Ig., three annulets in fesse between two barrulets, all 

between as many martlets gu. 

CREST— A griffin sejant arg., semee of annnlets gu. 

MOTTO— Libertas. 

SEATS— Glanusk Park, near Crickhowell, Llangoed Castle, 

Trebinshnn House. Hay Castle, Trebariad, and Peterston 

Court, CO. Brecon ; Easton Court, Tenbury, co. Hereford. 

TOWN House- 9, St. James's Square, S.w. 


JOSEPH BAILEY, of "ff'akebeld (son of Jobn Bailey, of 
Great AVenham. Siiff.), b. 1747 ; d. 6 Oct. 1813, having m. 
7 July, 1774, Susannah Crawshay ; she d. 11 ilay, 1812, having 
had 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Joseph, created a BAROSET. 

(2) Crawshay. of Aberaman. co. Glam. M.P. co. Monmouth 
1832 6S, sheriff 1850. and also Brecon 1837; b. 24 Oct. 1789; 
d. 9 Jan. 1872, having m. 1st— , 1820, dau. 
of Crawshav, Esq.; she d. . He m. 2ndly 
—3 Sept. 1850, Anne. dau. of lat« Joseph Moore, Esq. of, Surrey, and widow of 'WilUam Bailey, of Le\Tisham, 
Kent ; by liis 1st wife he had an only son and dau. 

(1) Crawshay, of MaindifE Coiirt, Monmouthsh. b. April, 
1840 ; m. 29 Sept. 1863, Elizabeth Selina Gwyniie Maclaine 
(Countess for life), only dau. of Jean BaptLste, Count Metaxa, 
and great-grand-dau. of Sir Thomas Parkyns, Bart, and has 

2 daas.— Clara.— Emily Augusta. 

(2) Jane. m. 11 May. 1847, to Alban Lewis Thomas Jones 
G\vynne, of Monachty, co. Cardigan, J.P. D.L. high sheriff 
1852, 3, capt. 62nd regt.; he d. 8 June, 1865, leaving a son and 

3 daus. 

(1) Alban Thomas Jones Gwrs'NE, of Monachty, J.P.; b. 
4 Feb. 18.52; m. 1878, Mary Edith, 3rd dau. of late 
John Battersby Harford, Esq. of Blaise Castle, co. Glouc. 
and Falcondale, co. Cardigan, and has a dau. b. 1879. 

(2) Gertrude Jane, m. 1873, to (Jeorge Alban 
Lewes, 48th regt. 

(3) Agnes. (4:) Edith. 

SIR JOSEPH BAILEY, of Glanusk Park, Brecon, and 
Xant-v-glo. CO. Monm. high sheriff 1823, M.P. Worcester 
and Brecon, created a Earoxet 5 July, 1852; b. 21 Jan. 
1783; d. 20 Xov. 1858, having m. 1st— 10 Oct. 1810, Maria, 
4th dau. of Joseph Latham, Esq. of Llangattock; she d. 27 
May. 1827, having had 4 sons and 3 daus. 
[1]" Joseph, of East on Court, co. Hereford, M.P. for that county; 
b. 9 Feb. 1812; d. 31 Aug. 1850. v. p. having m. 22 June, 1839, 
Elizabeth Mary, only child of William Congreve Kussell, Esq. 
of Moor Green, co." Wore. M.P. (she re-m. — i July, 1872, as 
2nd -n-ife, to Edward Otto Partridge, Esq. of Hazlehurst, Here- 
fords.), and had with other issue 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Jcsepli Russell, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) Henry James, b. 12 June, 1844; m. 19 April, 1871, Edith 
Anne, voiingest dau. of Joseph Jarratt,Esq. s. p. 

(3) John Franklen, capt. 13th L.I.; b. 2 Dec. 1845; m. 25 
Oct. 1871, Ellen Isabella, youngest dau. of (diaries Priist, Esq. 
of Tenbv. s. p. 

(4) Richard Crawshay, b. 15 Jan. 1849 ; m. 13 Feb. 1881, 
Mabel Jane, dau. of Palmer. 

(5) Marian, m. 19 April, 1871, to Fitzroy Paley Ashmore, 
Esq. bar.-at-law I.T. 1870, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Edward Bailey ASHMORE. b. 20 Feb. 1872. — Geoffrey 

William Paley, b. 7 Aug. 1875.— Elizabeth Maude.— Sybil 


[2] John Crawshay, capt. R.N. b. 22 May, 1818; m. 4 Oct. 1860, 

Maria Fowler, youngest dau. of Charles Cooch, Esq. and has 

an only son, 

John Arthur Crawshay. b. 25 June, 1861. 
[3] William Latham, b. 4 Oct. 1820 ; d. 2 Jan. 1875, having 
m. 24 Aug. 1848, Frances Bj-ng, youngest dau. of John McLean, 
Esq. of C;xmpbeltown, Argyll, and had 3 sons and a dau. 
William Joseph Maclean, b. 10 Aug. 1850. — John Lockhart, b. 
7 Oct. 1853.— Llewellyn Crawshay, b. 25 April, 1856.— Mary- 
Anne Margaret Frances Byng. 
[4] Henry, of Coates, Cirencester, b. 31 Oct. 1822 ; m. 1st— 28 
May, 1848', Marv Louisa, yoimgest dau. of Sir Richard Puleston, 
Baft.; she d."26 Oct. 1865. He m. 2ndly — 21 Sept. 1881, 
Christina, dau. of late Neale Thomson, Esq. of Campbill, 
Renfrews. Bv his 1st wife he had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Henrv,'lieut. 29th regt.; b. 11 June, 1850. 

(2) Crawshay Wellington, b. 18 June, 1853. 

(3) Elizabeth Maria, m. 14 July, 1881, to George Francis, 
eldest son of George Burrow Gregory, Esq. M.P. of BoarzeU 
House, Sussex. 

[5] Maria Susan, d. 20 Feb. 1871, having m. 25 Jan. 1838, to 
Yen. Thomas Johnson Ormerod, of Sedbury Park, Glouc. arch- 
deacon of Suffolk ; he d. 2 Dec. 1874, having had 3 sons and 
3 dans. 

(1) George Thomas Bailey Ormebod, vicar of Oakridge, 
CO. Glouc. ; b. 1 April, 1846 ; m. 5 Aug. 1875, Kate, 3rd dau. 
of late Thomas D Hill, Esq. of Stroud. 

(2) Joseph Ardeme, M.a. m.b. Oxon. m.r.C.P. Lond. ; b. 7 
April, 1848; m. 9 May, 1678, Mary Ellen, 3rd dau. of Edward 
Milner, Esq. of Dulwich Wood, Surrey, and has 2 sons, 

George Milner, b. 8 Feb. 1879.— Edward Wareing, b. 18 
May, 1880. 

(3) E"dward Stanley, b. 28 Jan. 1852. 

(4) Elizabeth Mary, m. 2 Aug. 1865, to Rev. Charles John 
Evans, rector of Ovington, I\orfoIk, fellow of King's CoU. 
Gambridge, 1853,66, and has a son and 2 daus. 

Charles Eta>-?, b. 27 Sept. 1869.— Margaret.— Alice.— 

Gertrude Susan. — Alice Catherine. 
[6] :Margaret, d. 11 July, 1858, having m. 22 June, 1839, to 
James Greenfield, Esq. of Rhydgaer, co. Anglesea, and Bryn- 
derwen, Mon.; he d. 16 May, 1867, having had 6 sons and 
4 daus. 

(1) James Henry Latham Green'FIELD, capt. Bombay staff ; 
b. 5 June, 1840 ;" m. 2 Dec. 1874, Emily, youngest dau. of late 
H. Cooijer, Esq. of Richmond. 

(2) Charles BaUev,b. 18 Jan. 1842; married. 

(3) Walter Ormerod, b. 11 June, 1844. 

(4) Joseph Bailey, b. 26 July, 1846 ; m. 28 Feb. 1872, Blanche 

(5) William Crawshay, b. 8 Jan. 1851. 

(6) Richard Menteth, b. 27 Dec. 1856. 

(7) Mary Anne Frances Margaret, m. 17 July, 1877, to Philip 
Walker, capt. 34th regt. 

(8) Helen Wyatt, m. 27 Oct. 1875, to James WUliam 
Yaughan-Arbuckle, major R.M. who d. 10 Sept. 1880, having 
had a son and dau. 

Son, b. 14 May, 1877.— Daii. b. 24 Sept. 1878. 
(0) Annette Crawshay. — (10) Henrietta Louisa. 
[7] Jane, m. 17 Dec. 1846, to Sir James Stuart Menteth. 
Bart, who d. s. p. 27 Feb. 1870. 

SIR JOSEPH m. 2ndly— 19 Aug. 1830, Mary Anne, dau. of 
John Thomas Hendry Hopj^er, Esq. of Wilton Castle, co. Dur- 
ham ; she d. 26 Jan. 1875, leaving a dau. 

[8] JIary Anne Betha, d. 14 Jan. 1860, having m. 31 May, 
1855, as 1st wife, to Alexander Young Spearman, Esq. and was 
mother of the 2nd Baronet of that family. 

BAILLIE. Sir "William, of Polkemmet, co. 
Linlithgow (182.3, U.K.); M.P. co. Linlithgow, 
184.5 7, lieut.-col. Edinburgh city art. vols, since 
1866, capt. late royal Midlothian yeo. cav. 1852/72; 
s. his father as 2nd Baronet in 1854 ; b. 2 Feb. 
1816 : m. 14 April, 1846, Mary, eldest dau. of Stair 
Hathom Stewart, Esq. of Physgill, co. Wigton ; 
heir presumptive, his brother Eobert. 

ARMS — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Az., nine stars, three, three two, 
and one, or, within a bordure counter nebulae arg. and sa.. 
BAILLIE ; 2 and 3, Az., a lion rampant arg., in chief three stars 
of the last, Ixglis of Murdiestox. 
Crest — Out of clouds ppr. an estoile of eight points or. 
Supporters — Two lions guardant arg. 
Motto — in caUgine lucet. 
Seat— Polkemmet, Linlithgow. 


■\ \ riLLIAM BAILLIE, Lord Polkemmet of Session 1793 
VV to 1811; d. 14 Mar. 1816, having m. 1st— 3 Dec. 1768, 
Margaret, dau. of Sir James Colquhoun, Bart, of Luss; she d. 
. He m. 2ndlv, Janet, sister of Sir John Sinclair, 
Bart, of IJlbster. By his ist wife he had with 6 daus. 3 sons, 
of whom the eldest, viz. : — 



SIR WILLIAM BAILLIE, of Polkemmet, Linlithgows.; 
created a Baronet 14 Nov. 1823; b. July, 1784 ; d. 28 Jan. 
1854; having m. 15 April, 1815 Mary Lyon,dau. of James Den- 
nlstoun, Esq. of Colgrain, co. Dumbarton (and coll. of her 
mother, Margaret, dau. of Robert Dreghoru,of Blochairn); she 
d. 17 Dec. 1872, having had with other issue 6 sons and 4 dans. 
[1] Sir 'William, 2nd and present Baronet. 
[2] James, d. unm. 1 May, 1876, aged 59. 
[3] Robert, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 26 
Oct. 1818; imm. 

[4] Thomas, b. 21 June, 1823 ; m. 27 Dec. 1849, Elizabeth, dau. 
of James Ballingall, Esq. of Australia, and has 3 sons and 2 

(1) George, b. 20 Oct. 1856.— (2) Robert Alexander, b. 3 Aug. 

1859.— (3) William, b. 25 April, 1861. 

(4) M.ary Dennistoun, m. 5 Aug. 1874, to Thomas Caradoc 
Rose Price, capt. Madras S.C. (Bart.), and has issue. 

(5) Elizabeth Janet. 

[5] Alexander Hope, b. 15 Oct. 1827; m. 30 April, 1878, Edith 

Caroline, 2nd dau. of late Fairfax Feamley, Esq. of Sutton, 


[6] George Aiigustus Fredcriclc, capt. Haddington art. mil.; 

b. 31 July, 1833 ; m. 16 Feb. 1871, having m. Mary Gertrude, 

4th dau. of late Benjamin Peyton Sadler, Esq. R.N. and has a 

son and 3 daus. 
William Lyon Dennistoun, b. 11 Aug. 1872.— Catherine Ger- 
trude Penuel.— Janet Hope Peyton.— Mary Gertrude Col- 

[7] Janet Sinclair. 

[8] Mary Isabella, d. 14 Jan. 1864, having m. Sept. 1849, 

as 2nd wife, to Alexander Baron Seton, Esq. of Preston, Lin- 

lithgows. and has, with other issue, a son, 
Patrick Baron SETON, b. , 1849. 

[Q] Elizabeth Penuel Jane, m. 31 Aug. 1854, to Samuel Reeve 

Tucker, M.D. E.I.C.S; he d. 10 May, 1857, aged 32, leaving an 

only son, 
William Baillie TUCKER, b. 29 Nov. 1855. 

[10] Helen Jane. 

James Gar- 
diner, of Saughton 
Hall, CO, Edinburgh 
(1695/6, N.S.), ex- 
capt. 10th hussars, 
lieut.-col. Midlo- 
thian coast art. vols. 
since 1860, 
the Queen, ensign- 
gen. " royal com- 
pany of archers," 
the Queen's body 
guard, Scotland; s. 
his grandfather as 
7th Baronet in 1830; 
b. 20 Aug. 1813 ; m. 13 Mar. 184.5, Henrietta Mary, 
eldest dau. of John Wauchope, Esq. of Edmond- 
stone, CO. Edinburgh, and sister of Sir John Don- 
Wauchope, Bart, and has an only surviving son, 

(1) William James Gardiner, late lieut. 7th hussars, b. 23 Feb. 
1854; m. 3 April, 1879, Arabella Rose Evelyn, eldest dau. of 
WilUam Wallace Hozier, Esq. of Newlands and Barrowfield, 
and has a dau. b. 5 June, 1880. 

Arms — Gules, a boar passant or, on a canton arm. a sword 

erect ppr. 

Crest — A boar's head erased or. 

Motto — Vi et virtute. 

Seat— Saughton Hall, Midlothian. 


JAMES BAIRD, of Byth, co. Aberdeen, by pui-chase, advo- 
cate and a commissary of the ecclesiastical com-t of 
Edinburgh. CHARLES I. issued his warrant for creating him 
a peer by the title of Lord Devern, but he died in 1647 
before the patent passed the seals (4th son of Gilbert Baird, of 
Auchmedden, 1568) ; m. Bethia, dau. of Sir John Dempster, of 
Pitliver, and had 2 sons, 

(1) Sir John, of Newbyth, a lord of session 1664, and of 
justiciary 1671, sat for Aberdeenshire in the convention 1665 
and 1667, sold the lands of Byth in Aberdeenshire, and pur- 
chased those of Foord and Whitekirk in Haddingtonshire, 

which were created into the barony of Newbyth; m. Margaret, 
dau. of Sir William Hay, of Linplum (M. Tweeddale); he d. 

27 April, 1698, aged 78, having had with other issue a son, 

Sir William, advocate, created a Baronet of Nova 
Scotia 4 Feb. 1680, with remainder to the heirs male of his 
body ; b. 12 Nov. 1654; d. 17 Feb. 1737, having m. 1st, Helen, 
dau. of Sir John Gilmour, of Craigmiller, lord president of 
the coOTt of session ; she d. 22 April, 1701. He m. 2ndlv, 
Mary, 3rd dau. of Hem-y, 7th Lord Sinclair; she d. s. p. 23 
Dec. 1756. By his 1st marriage he had 2 sons, 
[1] Sir John, of Newbj-th, 2nd Baronet; d. s. p. 1745, having 
m. Janet, only dau. of Sir Da^ad Dalrymple, Bart, of Hailes, 
lord advocate for Scotland (V. STAIR). She re-m. to Gen. 
James Sinclair, of Dysart. 
[2] Alexander, d. 23 June, 1743. 
(2) Sir Robert, of Edinburgh, merchant, pm-chased Saughton 
Hall, near that city; created a Baronet of Nova Scotia 

28 Feb. 1695, 6 (the same day with Sir Robert Dickson, of Sorn- 
beg), -n-itli remainder to the heirs male of his body ; m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Malcolm Fleming, of Rathobyres, and had with 5 
daus. 2 sons, 

[1] Sir James, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] WiUiani, city treasurer and bailie of Edinburgh; d. Sept. 
1737, haviiig m. 13 Feb. 1697, Catherine, 2nd dau. of Sir 
William Bmuing, Knt. of Wallifoord, lord provost of Edin- 
biu-gh, and had vnth 7 daus. 5 sons, of whom, 
IX j William (eldest son), of Newbyth, entailed by Sir John 
Bau-d, 4 Aug. 1737. (See next article). 
/2/ James, of London, merchant, d. s. p. 
/3/ Patrick, capt. in the navy; d. 1761, having had 

an only child, 

Sarah, bur. 7 Dec. 1787, having m. 1770, to James 
Cleland, Esq., of Newtown Ards, co. Down ; he d. s. p. 
14 Mav, 1777. 

SIR JA]\IES B^miD, 2nd Baronet, of Saughton Hall, afore- 
said; d. in 1740, having m. 1st, M,argaret, dau. of 

Hamilton, of Mountain Hall. Ho m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir John Gibson, of Addiston. By hia 1st wife he had 2 sons, 
of whom the eliler, 

SIR ROBERT, 3rd Baronet; d. 8 Sept. 1742, having m. Jean 
Baikie, of Tankcrness, Orkney, and had with other issue 
2 sons, 

(1) Sir David, 4th Baronet, fell at Fontenoy, 17 April, 1745, 
aged 17 (V died at Lisle, 1 July, 1745, Sir James Baird). 

(2) Sir William, 5th Baronet; d. 17 Aug. 1771, having m. 
1750, Frances, dau. of Col. James Gardiner, who fell at Preston 
Pans, and had with other issue a son, viz. 

SIR JAilES GARDINER BAIRD, 6th Bart, lieut.-col. in 
tlie army, served during all the American war and two 
campaigns in Flanders; d. 1830, having m. 1st, 1781, 

Henrietta, 3rd dau. of Wynne Johnston, Esq. of Hilton, Ber- 
wicks, and 2ndly, Wortley Cornelia Anne, dau. of late William 
Moir, of New Grove. By his 1st marriage he had with 5 daus. 
5 sons, of whom the eldest, 

William, capt. in the army; b. d. 1823, 

having m. 1809, Lucy, eldest dau. of Thomas Dickson, 

of Prospect House, Hants ; she d. having had, with 

other issue, a son and dau. 

[1] Sir James Gardiner, 7th and present Baronet. 
[2] Henrietta Jemima, m. 4 Feb. 1836, to John Hosldns, Esq. 

BAIRD, Sir David, 
of Newbyth, co. 
Haddington (1809, 
U.K.), ex-major 74th 
highlanders, served 
in the Kaffir war, in 
the Crimea and In- 
dian Mutiny ; s. his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 
1852 ; b. 26 Jan. 1832 ; 
m. 15 June, 1864, Hon. 
Ellen Stuart, 2nd dau. 
of Charles, 12th Lord 
Blantyre, and has 2 sons 
and 4 daus. 

(1) David, b. 6 May, 1865. 

(2) WiUiam Arthur, b. 20 
Mar. 1879. 

(3) Evelyn. (4) Hilda. . 
(5):Mabel, b. 15 May, 1880. 
(6) "A dau. b. 18 May, 1881. 



A.RMS— Gu., a boar passant or, on a canton erm. a sword 
erect ppr. 

Crest — A boar's head erased or. 
MOTTO— Vi et virtutc. 

Seats— Xewbyth, Haddington, and Gilmerton Grange, Edin- 


WILLIAM BAIKD, of Kewbyth, a bailie of Edinburgh 
and merchant (son of WilUam. of Edinburgh, 2nd son 
of Sir Eobert, of Saughton Hall, see preceding article), succ. 
as heir, in 174G, to his cousin Sir John Baird, of Xewbyth, 2nd 
Baronet (ext.); and tlied at Gilmerton 5 Jan. 1765, having m. 
Alicia, 4th dau. of Johnston, Esq. of Hilton, Ber\\-icks, 

and had ^\•ith other issue 3 sons, 

[1] Robert, of Newbvth (capt.),M.P. Haddington bm-ghs 1796 
to 1802; d. 10 June, 1828, having m. 1st— Jan. 1779, his cousin 
Helen, eldest dau. of Wynne Johnston, of Hilton, aforesaid; she 
d. s. p. 6 July, 1789. He m. 2ndly, Hersey Christina Maria, 
2nd dau. of David Ga^•in, Esq. of Langton, Berwick; she d. 
July, 1829, having had mth other issue 2 sons, 

(1) Sir David, s. as 2nd Baronet 

(2) Wvnne. capt. R.X. ; d. , 1835, having m. 
12 >'ov. 1824, MadeUna Susan, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Henry 
Andrew Cerjat, of Lausanne, S\ritzerland, by Madeline, dau. 
of Capt. Henry Bristow ; she d. 15 July, 1827, leaving an 
only son 

ROBERT HEXRT.lieut. late rifle brigade, b. 19 Sept. 1825 ; 
m. 22 Jan. 1853, Ella Maria, 2nd dau. of George GofE,Esq. of 
Hale Park, Hants, and has a son and 3 daus.— Robert 
George,b. 23May,1864.— Elizabeth Alice. —Anne Henrietta. 
— Ella Sophia Mary. 
[2] Sir David, G.c.B. gen. in the army, col. 24th regt. com.-in- 
chief at the taking of the Cape of Good Hope, K.B. wounded 
at Copenhagen, lost an arm at Corunna, lead the storming 
]>arty in the action at Seringapatam, and was created a 
Baronet 13 April, 1809, with remainder in default of male 
issue to his eldest brother Robert above-named; he d. s. p. 18 
Aug. 1829, having m. 4 Aug. 1810. Ann Preston Menzies Camp- 
bell, elder dau. and coheir of Patrick Preston, of Fernton, and 
Lochlane, Perths. major in the British army, and briga^lier in 
the Portuguese service, eldest son of Sir George Preston, of 
VaUeyfields, Perths. (BART.— ext.); she d. 28 May, 1847. 
[3] Joseph, major-gen. in the army, d. 4 April, 1816, having m. 
27 Feb. 1802, Hon. Esther Charlotte Tonson, dau. of William, 
1st Lord Riversdale (ext.); shed. 27 June, 185(), having had with 
3 daus. (who were eventually the sole representatives of the 
Barons Riversdale) a son, 
WiUiam, b. 5 Feb. 1803. 

SIR DAVID, 2nd Baronet, capt. in the armv; b. 
1795 ; d. 8 Jan. 1852, having m. 10 Aug. 1821, Lady Anne 
Kennedy, eldest dau. of Archibald, 1st Marquis of Ailsa ; she 
d. 2 Xov. 1877, having had \vith other issue 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir David, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) John Erskine Kennedy, capt. R.X. naval A.D.C. to the (Jueen ; 
b. 1833. 

(3) William Arthur, capt. 42nd liighlanders; b. 1834; 
d. from wounds received in Ashantee 1874. 

(4) Frederick, capt. Forfar and Kincardine mil. late Hadd. 
mil. formerly Cth foot; b. , 1841. 

(5) Jonathan Peel, of Chipperfield, Herts, b. , 1844 ; 
m. 7 Nov. 1867, Emily, only dau. of Col. George Ashley Maude, 
R.A. C.B. crown equery and secretary to the master of the horse 
since 1859 (V. Hawardex), and has a son and 5 daus. 

Edward Ashley, b. .—Helena Emily. — Alice, 

Anne.— Katrine Maclean.— Mary Isabel.— Diana Margaret. 

(6) Margaret, m. 26 Kov. 1851, to Lord GUbert Kennedy 
(M. AILSA). ^ 

(7) Hersey Maria Christina Elizabeth. 

(8) Alice Anne, m. , 1866, to Rev. and Hon. Arthur 
Charles Baillie-Hamilton (E. Haddixgtox.) 

BAKER, Sir George, of Loventor, Devon 
(1776, G. B.) ; s. his father as 3rd Baronet 
in 18.30; b. 16 June, 1816; m. 1st— 2 June, 1840, 
Mary Isabella, 2nd dau, of late Eobert Nassau 
Sutton, Esq. (Bart.); she d. 6 May, 1854. 
He m. 2ndly — 16 Nov. 18.58, Augusta Catherine, 
yoitngest dau. of late Sir Eobert Fitzwygram, Bart. 
By his 1st wife he had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Frederick Edward Rhodes, assumed that surname in lieu 
of his own together with the arms quarterly, in the 1st quarter 
by R.L. 29 Oct. 1878, viz. Quarterly 1 ami 4, arg. a Uon passant 
guardant between two acorns slippeil bendwise az. within two 
bendlets uebuly sa. guttee d'or, the whole between as many tre- 
foils slipped vert. CREST — A cubit arm vested az. guttee d'or 
cuff arg., holding an oak branch pale\\ise ppr. fructed or, and 
two trefoils slipped in saltire vert ; b. 12 July 1843. 

(2) (Jeorge Barrington, b. 26 Jan. 1845 ; m. 4 April, 1872, 
Katharine Frances, only child of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Richard Wil- 
braham, K.C.B. (E. Lathom), and has a son and 2 daus. 

Philip Wilbraham, b. 17 Sept. 1875.— Katharine Mary, b. 25 
May, 1878.— Margaret Isabel, b. 19 Sept. 1879. 

(3) Francis Manners, lieut. 73rd regt. b. 10 Feb. 1852; d. 2 Oct. 

(4) Isabella Maria, m. 14 Dec. 1865, to Charles Oliver Frederick 
Cator, Esq. of Beckenham, )jar.-at-law (Lenxard — BART.) ; 
he d. 10 Dec. 1876, having had a son, 

Charles (Jeorge Lumley CATOR, b. 26 Jan. 1872. 

(5) Alice Emily Jane. 

(6) Evelyn Nina Frances, m. 23 Aug. 1877, to Hon. Herbert 
P. M. Pakington (B. Hamptox). 

Arms — Per pale arg. and or, on a saltire nebuly sa. five escal- 
lops of the first; a chief of the third thereon a Uon passant of 
the second. 

Crest — A dexter ami embowed, vested az. charged with three 
annulets interlaced or cuffed arg., holding an arrow in bend 
sinister, ppr. 

Motto — True unto death. 

Seat — Loventor, near Totnes, Devon. 

TOWX House— 4, Hyde Park Square, W. 


SIR GEORGE BAKER [son of Yen. George Baker (vicar 
of Modbury, and archdeacon) and great-grandson of 
Aaron Baker, of Bowhay, Devon], physician to George III. 
created a BARONET 18 Sept, 1776 ; d. 15 June, 1809, aged 87, 
having m. Jane. dau. of Roger Morris, Esq. ; she d. 30 July, 
1813 (M.I. St. James, Piccadilly), having had a son and dau. 
[1] Sir Frederick Francis 2nd Baronet; d. 1 Oct. 1830, having 
m. July, 1814, Harriet, 3rd dau. of Sir John Simeon, Bart.; 
she d. 15 Nov. 1845, having had 3 sons and a dau. 
(1) Sir George, 3rd and present Baronet. 



(2) Frederick Francis, b. 29 Jan. 1822. 

(3) Henry Cooper, b. 8 Jan. 1826. 

(4) Jane Maria, d. 24 Aug. 1860, having m. 26 Nor. 1840, as 
1st wife, to Sir John Simeon, Bart, wlio d. 21 May, 1870. 

[2] Maria Charlotte, m. 1 May, 1821, as 3rd wiie, to Lieut.-Col. 
Sir John Hutton Cooper, Bart, (ext.), a groom of the bed- 
chamber to William IV. when Duke of Clarence, M.p. Dart- 
mouth; he d. 24 Dec. 1828. 

George Ed- 
ward Dun STAN 
Sheeston (1796, G.B.), 
bar-at-law L.I.; s. his 
kinsman, Rev. Sir Henry 
Williams Baker, as 4th 
Baronet, in 1877; b. 19 
May, 1846 ; m. 3 June, 
1873, Jane Mary, dau. 
of Frederick James 
Fegen, Esq. of Ballin- 
lonty , CO. Tipperary, and 
has a son and 4 daus. 

(1) Dodington George 
iticliard Sherston, b. 22 July, 

(2) Marj' Louisa Sherston. 

(3) Henrietta Catherine 

( 4) Emily Margaret Sherston. 

(5) Georgiana Jane Shers- 
ton, b. 20 Sept. 1880. 

AHJIS — Arg., on a saltire sa., five escallops erminois ; on a 

chief az. a lion passant of the third. 

Crest — A demi lion per fesse indented erminois and pean, 

holding an escallop arg. charged with an ermine spot. 

MOTTO — Fidei coticula crux. 

CHAMBERS— The Temple, B.C. 

Club— Oriental. 


SIR ROBERT BAKER, of Upper Dunstable House, SuiTey, 
and of Nicholshayne, Devon (son of John Baker, of Rich- 
mond, Surrey, M.D. [by his v,-Me Sarah, dau. anil coh. of Robert 
Wood, LL.D. brother of Thomas Wood, of Littleton, Middx., 
andMiddleliam Castle, Yorkshire], and grandson of James Baker, 
of Buckland, Somerset), major SuiTey lencible cavalry, created 
a BAROXET 14 May, 1796; b. 20 April, 1757; d. 4 Feb. 1826, 
having m. 28 Aug. 1783, Dinah, dau. and sole heir of George 
Hayley, alderman and M.P. city of London (by Mary, sister of 
the celebrated patriot John Wilkes, m.p. Middx.); she d. 
Mar. 1805, having had with 3 daus. 3 sons, 
/I/ Sir Henry Loraine, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
121 George Augustus, rector of Ibstone-cum-Fingest, Oxon. b. 
27 Jan. 1788 ; d. 4 Mar. 1866, having m. 9 May, 1812, Sophia, 
youngest dau. of Peter Sherston, Esq. of Stoberrj- Hill, Somerset; 
she A. 7 July, 1857, having had a son and dau. 

[1] Henry Sherston, bar.-at-law L.I.; b. 20 May, 1814; d. 26 
April, 1875, having m. 24 May, 1842, Maria Martha, dau. of 
John Burke, Esq. youngest son of the Mac Walter of co. Tip- 
perary, and had 3 sons. 

(1) Sir George Edward Dunstan Sherston, 4th 
and present Baronet. 

(2) Robert Henry Sherston, capt. R.H.A.; b. 4 Aug. 1848. 

(3) John Chicheley Sherston, capt. Elthorne miUtia; b. 3 
July, 1850. 

[2] Georgiana Sophia, m. 18 July, 1877, to Freeman Leopold 

Bagnall, Esq. of Chester. 
/3/ Onslow, col. Bengal art. b. 8 Aug. 1795 ; d. imm. 5 Nov. 

SIR HENRY LORAINE, 2nd Baronet, vice-admiral R.N. 
C.B.; b. 3 Jan. 1787; d. 2 Nov. 1859, having m. 27 June, 
1820, Louisa Anne, only dau. of William AVilUams, Esq. of Castle 
Hall, Dorset. M.P. Weymouth; she d. 12 Sept. 1861, having had 
with other issue a son and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry WiUiams, 3rd Baronet, vicar of Monkland, 
Herefords 1851/77 ; b. 27 May, 1821 ; d. unm. 12 Feb. 1877. 

(2) Jessey. 

(3) Adelaide Noel, d. 20 Feb. 1877, having m. 8 April, 1858, 
Arthiu: Sperling, Esq. of Lattenbury Hill, Hunts. LL.B. Trin. 
Coll. Camb. and chairman of quarter sessions for Camb. and 
has 5 sons and a dau. 

Arthur Harvev Baker SPERLIXG, b. 7 June. 1866.— Herbert 
Macnab, b. 25 Mav. 1867.— Hugh Teignmouth. b. 4 Feb. 1869. 
—John Rashleigli. b. 16 Aug. 1870.— Charles D'Oyley, b. 24 
July, 1873.— Agnes Grace, b. 14 July. 1860. 

(4) Agnes Maria, m. 13 Aug. 1863, to Rev. Theodore Chambers 
Wilks, vicar of Woking, who d. 13 Mar. 1876, having had issue, 
of whom, 

Emma Rashleigh Earle WiLKS d. 30 Mar. 1877. 

BAKER, Sir Talbot Hastings Bendall, 
of Ranston, Dorset (1802, U.K.), vicar of 
Preston, Dorset, 1848/77, canon and prebendary of 
Salisbury Cathedral 1868; s. his brother as 3rd Ba- 
ronet in 1877; b. 9 Sept. 1820; m. 17 July, 1850, 
Florence, dau. of John Hutchings, Esq. of Ludlow, 
Salop (Medlycott) ; she d. 21 Mar. 1871, having 
had issue, Geraldine Emma, b. Oct. 20, 18.53 ; d. 
29 April, 18G9. He m. 2nd]y— 30 Dec. 1875, Amy 
Susan, dau. of Lieut.-Col. George Marryat, and haj 
a son and dau. 

(1) Randolf Littlehales, b. 20 July, 1879. 

(2) Florence Lffititia. 

Arms— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Arg., a castle between two 
crosses patee in chief, and a key in base sa. ; on a chief az. two 
keys or, BAKER. 2nd and 3rd, Arg., on a bend cotised sa. 
three cinquefoils or; on a chief gu. three arrows in pale, points 
downwards, ppr., Littlehales. 

Crests — 1st, A nag"s head erased arg., charged on the neck 
with a cross patee fitchee gu., in the mouth a trefoil slipped 
vert, Baker. 2nd Between two ^ings or, an armed arm 
embowed ppr., garnished or ; the hand in a gauntlet grasping 
an arrow entwined by a branch of olive ppr., LITTLEHALES. 
MOTTO — Finis coronat opus. 
Seat — Ranston, near Blandford, Dorset. 


Joseph littlehales, of Westminster (2nd son of Ralph 
Littlehales, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, and of 
Dawley, Salop.); Dawley, 2 Feb. 1703; d. 1792, bur. at the 
Hague, having m. 8 Aug. 1 725, Elizabeth, sister of William, who 
was father of Peter William Baker, Esq. of Bromley, Salop, and 



Ranston, Dorset, M.P. Corfe Castle 1809/15 ; she d. 9 Aug. 1760, 
having had with 2 dans. 2 sons, 

/I/ Baker John, of whom presently. , „ , i 

/2/ Joseph, LL.T). rector of Grendon Underwood, Bucks, and 
vicar of Brill; d. IG Feb. 1804, having m. Margaret, dau. of bir 
Crispe Gascoigne, Knt. and had witli 3 daiLs. an only son, 

JOSEPH LITTLEIIALES, A.M. rector of Conihcoto, co. 
Glonc • m. at Bicester, June, 17U8, Susanna, dau. ot Thomas 
Davis, of that place, and had \\-ith other issue a sou, 

Joseph Gascoigne, rector of Sliatstone, and LiUingstone 
Dan-ell, Bucks, whose youngest son, Frederick, m. 31 Mai. 
1857, Sarah Maria, only child of late John Hall, Lsq. ot West 
HillHoiise, Dartford, Kent. , . t „,w1 

BAKER JOHN LITTLEHALES, of Lincoln s Inn and 
MouLsey, Surrey; b. 6 May, 1732; d. 30 Oct. 1<85, having 
in. Maria, dau. awl sole heir of BendaU Martyu, E.sq.; slic d. 
10 Nov 179G, haviuc had ij sons and 2 daus. 
Ill Sir Edward Baker, created a Baronet. 
2 BendaU Robert Littloliales, vice-adm. of the rod, entered 
ll.N. as miilshipman "Vigilant," G4, in 1778, served at siege of 
M.irtinique 1793, &c.; b. 30 April, 17G5; d. .5 Aug. 1847 aged 
82, having m. 22 Oct. (? 29 Aug.), 1803, Mary Anne, dau of 
Thomas Cleather, Esq. of Plymouth; she d. 19 Jan. la&J, 
having had 4 sons and a dau. 
a ) BendaU, J.P. Dorset, B.A. Oriel Coll. Oxon. 182.d; b. 22 May, 
18U4- d. 4 Oct. 1880, at Buckshaw House, Slierborne, having 
m ' 1838, Nancy Kegan, dau. of John Home, Esq. 

(2) Edward, capt. R.x. retd. 1864, hon. sec. Thames Church 
Mission Society; b. 2 Dec. 18U5. „ „ . , n 4. 

(3) WilUam M A. Exeter Coll. Oxon. 1846, vicar of Comptou 
Bishop 1848 79; b. 24 Oct. 1806; m. 29 April, 1836, his cousin 
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Capt. W H Cleather, 
1st Ceylon regt. dep.-judge-adv. Ceylon, and has 2 sons ami 
2 daus. 

[1] William BendaU, b. 14 June, 1842. 
[2] Eihvard Baker Charles, b. 30 Mar. 1849. 
[3] AmeUa Mary, b. 11 Mar. 1838. 
[4] EUzabeth Sophia, b. 30 Oct. 1840. 

(4) Charles, capt. b. 29 May, 1820. 

(5) Mar}-. 

/3/ Verney Peter, JI.A. rector of Burton, co. Line; d. unm. 

/4/ Randall WiUiam, E.I.C.s. d. unm. at Trichiuopoli, 1789. _ 

/5/ Storer Charles, A.M. preb. of St. Patrick's, Dublin, chaplain 

to L.L. Ireland; d. imm. May 1811, aged 35. 

/6/ Elizabeth Laura, m. 14 April, 1788, to Thomas Willats, of 

Kidmore End, Oxford. 

/7/ Maria, m. 30 April, 1798, to Rev. Thomas Herbert Noyes, 

of Ea-st Mascalls,, si.A. Ch. Ch. Coll. Oxon. -sacar of Bath 

Easton, Somerset; he d. 8 Aug. 1812. 

SIR EDWARD BAKER BAKER, lieut.-col. in the army, and 
under-secretary of state for Ireland (eldest son of Baker 
John Littlehales, Esq. by Maria, dau. and sole heiress of Beudall 
Mart}m, Esq.), created a Bajioxet OF the United Kingdom 
2 Sept. 1802, and by sign manual 17 Jan. 1817, he assumed pur- 
suant to the will of his cousin Peter William Baker, Esq. above- 
named, the surname of Baker only, and the arms of Baker 
quarterly with those of Littlehales; b. 2.3 Feb. 1764; d. 4 
Mar. 1825, having ni. 22 July, 1805, Lady Elizaljeth Mary Fitz- 
gerald, dau. of William Robert, 2nd Duke of Leinster; shed. 
28 Feb. 1857, ha\'ing had with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Edward Baker, 2nd Baronet, b. 4 Nov. 1806; d. 29 
Mar. 1879. 

(2) Sir Talbot Hastings BendaU, 3rd and present 

(3) Emilia JLaria, m. 22 July, 1828, to Thomas Mills Goodlake, 
Es"). of Wadley House, Berks, and has had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Thomas Leinster GOODLAKE, b. 13 May, 1829 ; m. 22 
Nov. 1855, Mary Frederica, sister of Sir Richard George 
Glyn, Bart. 

[2] Edward Wallace, bar.-at-law,b. 19 Sept. 1830; m. 1st— 28 
Dec. 1859, Hon. Caroline Wrottesley, dau. of John, 2nd Lord 
Wrottesley; she d. s. p. 1 Sept. 1860. He m. 2ndly— 

Cecilia Elizabeth, eldest dau. of late Capt. Alexander 
Ellicc, R.N. 

[3] Gerald Littlehales, hon. lieut.-gen. late Coldstream 
guards, V.C. late A.D.O. to the Queen; b. 14 May, 1832; m. 
5 Nov. 1870, Margaret Jane, only dau. of Robert Ewing 
Curwen, Esq. of London. 

[4] Emilia Jane, m. 15 July, 1857, to William Frederick 

Webb, Esq. of Newstead Abbey, Notts, high sheriff 1865, 

capt. Sherwood rangers, lieut. late 17th lancers, and has 2 

sons and 4 daus. 

Algernon Frederick, b. 13 May, 1865. — Roderick Beauclerk, 

b. 3 Mar. 1867.— Augusta ZeUa.— Geraldine Katherine. — 

Ethel Mary. — Mabel Cecilia. 

[5] Olivia Elizabeth, m. 1878, the Comte de Lasterrie, 

son of the Marquis de Lasterrie, of France. 

(4) Geraldine Laura, d. s. p. 13 Oct. 1869, having m. 10 June, 
1847, to Hubert Hatchings, Esq. (MEDLTOOTT), of Sandford 
Orcas, Somerset. 

(5) Louisa Isabella. 

BANNERMAN, Sir George, "of Elsick, co. 
Kiucardine" (1G82, N.s.) ; s. as 10th Baronet 
in 1877; b. 4 June, 1827; m. 5 Oct. 18Gfl, Anne Mary, 
eldest dau. of late Eichard Brooke, Esq. f.s.A. of 
Handford, Chesh, and has a son and dau. 
(1) Alexander, b. 16 Dec. 1871. (2) Eleanor. 

Arms- Gu., a banner displayed arg., thereon a canton az. 

charged with St. Andrew's cross of the second. 

Crest — A demi-man in armour, holding in his dexter hand a 

sword ppr. 

Supporters— Two armed men ppr. 

Motto— Pro patria. 

RE.SIDENCE— East Hill, Brackley, Northants. 


Sir ALEXANDER BANNERJIAN (great-great-grandson of 
Alexander Bannenuan, of Elsick and Wattertoun, sheriff 
of Aberdeens. 1612) was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia 
28 Dec. 1682, with remainder to the heirs male of his body. 
He m. (contract 15 Feb. 1670) Margaret, 2nd dau. of Patrick, 
ami sister of Sir Francis Scott, Bart, of Thirlestane (B. 
Napier), and left issue. His grandson, 

Alexander (elder sou of Patrick Banuerman, provost of 
Aberdeen 1715, by Ids 'wife Margaret, dau. of Sir Charles Mait- 
land, of Pitrichie, ext.) ; b. , 1716 ; d. , 1782, 

having m. , 1737, Margery, dau. and heir of Thomas 

Burnett, of Kirkhill, in Dyce; she d. , leaving 3 sons, 

/I/ Sir Alexander, Gth Baronet (on the death of his kins- 
man. Sir Edward, in 1796), of Kirkhill, physician in Aberdeen, 
and professor of medicine in King's CoU. and University of 
Aberdeen; d. 29 Dec. 1813, aged 73, having m. 1768, Mary, dau. 
of James Gordon, of Banchory. His grandson. 

Sir Alexander, 9th Baronet (on the death of his father, 

Sir Charles, 18 Jime, 1851), vico-lieut. co. Aberdeen, in 

the diplomatic service; b. 6 April, 1823; d. 21 April, 1877, 

having m.25 Sept. 1860, Lady Arabella Diana SackviUe-AVest, 

youngest dau. of George John, 6th Earl of Delawarr ; she d. 

10 Feb. 1869. He m. 2ndly— 20 Jan. 1874, Lady Katherine 

Ashburnham, eldest dau. of Bertram, 4th Earl of Ashburn- 

ham. By his 1st wife he had a dau. — Ethel Mary Elizabeth. 

/2/ Thomas, of Aberdeen, wine merchant; d. Jan. 1820, aged 

77, having m. Jane, dau. of George Simpson, of Hazelhead, and 

had 2 sons, 

[1] Sir Alexander, provost, M.p. city Aberdeen, 1832/47, 
knighted on appointment as lieut.-gov. Prince Edward 
Island 1861/4, gov. Bahamas 1854/7, and lastly of New- 
foundland 1857/64 ; b. 8 Oct. 1788 ; d. s. p. 30 Dec. 1864, 
having m. 14 Jan. 1824, Margaret, 2nd dau. of Alexander 
Gordon, Esq.; she d. 24 Dec. 1878. 

[2] Thomas, of Aberdeen, b. 3 Oct. 1795; d. 14 April, 1843, 
having ni. 22 June, 1824, Jane, dau. of George Hogarth, Esq. 
also of Aberdeen, and had witli other issue a son and 5 daus. 

(1) Sir George 10th and present Baronet. 

(2) Jane,m. at Nassau, Bahamas, 22 Aug. 1855,to Major- 
Gen. Millington Henry Synge, r.e. (Bart.) 

(3) Eupheniia, unm. (4) Margaret, unm. 

(5) Ehzabeth, d. 6 Feb. 1877, having m. 19 Jan. 1869, to 
Alexander Hogarth, Esq. of Alierdeen. 

(6) Thomasine, m. 28 April, 1866, to Francis Logie Pirie, 
M.A. Balliol Coll. Oxon. and has a dau. 

Ina Violet Logie PIRIE, b. 18 Jan. 1867. 



/3/ Charles, of Aberdeen, advocate ; d. Sept. 1813, having m. 
Margaret, dau of Patrick Wilson, of Finzeanch ; she 
d. , having had -n-ith other issue a son, viz. — 

Patrick, of Elmsfield, Aberdeens.; b. 18 Dec. 1794; d. 16 
Sept. 1854, having m. 5 Sept. 1826, Anna Maria, dau. of Sir 
"William Johnston, Bart, of Johnston, and had, with other 
issue, 6 sons nd 7 daus. 

[I] William, lieut.-col. Bombay S.C.; b. 23 Sept. 1828; m. 10 
Sept. 1868, Louisa Constance, dau. of Robert Goddard, Esq. 
of MonkstowTi, and has 2 sous, 

Wyndham Philip, b. 16 Feb. 1870.— Oriel Wilham ErsMne, 

b. 6 Dec. 1877. 
[2] Patrick Wilson, lient.-col. Bombay staff; h. 23 Dec. 
1833 ; m. 20 May, 1859, Flora Lindsay, dau. of Major-Gcn. 
Vam-enen, Bengal r.h.a. and has a son and 2 daus. 

Arthur D'Arcy Gordon, b. 20 Feb. 1866.— Emily Catherine 

Florence. — Ada Mary Campbell. 
[3] Charles Bromhead, killed at Delhi 8 Sept. 1857; unm. 
[4] Arthur Johnston, d.l. co. Aberdeen, major Bombay staff ; 
b. 26 April, 1839. 

[5] Alexander D'Arcy, b. 27 Feb. 1848. 

[6] Edwanl Mordaunt, b. 14 Jan. 1850; m. 8 July, 1873, 
Annie Christina, 3rd dau. of James Hay Mackenzie, Esq. 
W.S. of the Portmore family, and has 4 sons, 

Kenneth Mordaunt, b. 15 May, 1874.— D'Arcv, b. 31 Oct. 

1875.— Eric Edward, b. 17 May, 1878.— A son b. 7 Aug. 

[7] Anna Maria, m. 17 April, 1849, to William Elford Adams, 
capt. 87th royal Irish fusiUers ; he d. 22 Sept. 1856, leaving 
a dau. 

Amy Elford Abams, m. 30 Nov. 1874, to Byron Noel, land 

agent to the Earl of Lovelace, and has a son and dau. 
Byron Cecil Noel, b. 29 Dec. 1876.— Violet Amy. 
[8] Catharine Georgina,2nd dau. d. 14 April, 1877, having 
m. 27 Jan. 1852, to Roger James Rutherford Ayton, Esq. 
of AshintuUy Castle, n.b. who d. 29 Nov. 1871, leaving 4 

Anna Maria Attox. — EUza Clara. — Catherine GeorgLna. — 

Isabella Mary. 
[Q] Clara Elixabeth, m. 3 Mar. 1862, to George Vertue, of 
Edinbiu-gh, s. p. 

[10] Mary, m. 8 Jan. 1862, to Col. James Vertue, R.E. who d. 
Aug. 1877, lea^-ing 4 sons and a dau. 

Arthur Francis VERTUE, b. 2 Dec. 1862.— Herbert William 

D'Arcy, b. 14 Jan. 1866.— George Elford Bannerman, b. 6 

Aug. 1867.— Guy Neville, b. 29 April, 1869.— Blanche Evelyn 

[II] Frances Caroline. [12] Blanche Auny. 
[13] Constance Gertrude. 

BAECLAY, Sir David 
William, of Pierston, 
CO. Ayr (1G68, N.s.); capt. late 
56th and 99th regts. M.L.C. 
Maviritins 1846-64 ; s. his ne- 
phew as 10th Baronet in 1859: 
b. 5 Sept. 1804; m. 1st— 16 
Feb. 1829, Lise Josephe de 
Eune, youngest dau. of Charles 
Malo, Marquess de Eune, of 
"Warsy, Picardy ; she d. 22 
Mar. 1867, having had 4 sons 
and 4 daus. 

[1] Colville Arthur DureU, C.m.g. 
K.L.H. late auditor-general and m.l.c. 
Ceylon, formerly collector of customs 
and acting receiver gen. of the Mauri- 
tius ; b. 20 Dec. 1829; m. 10 July,1855, 
Louise Melanie, youngest dau. and co- 
heir of Edouard J. de Belzim, of the 
Mauritius, and has 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) David Edward DureU, lieut. 19th hussars; b. 30 Mar. 

(2) Robert Cecil de Belzim, b. 18 June, 1862. 

(3) ColviUe Adrian de Rune, b. 15 Sept. 1869. 

(4) Emma Louisa, m. 21 Dec. 1875, Le Vicomte Henri Perrot 
de Chazelle, capt. au 9e de hussards, et ofBcier d'ordnance 
to S.A.R. General le Due d'Avimale. 

[2] Frederick Charles D'Epinay, major-gen. (hon.) late, brevet- 
col, and lieut.-col. 66th foot, formerly 24th foot, when he was 
A.D.C. to the governor of the Mauritius; b. 30 Mar. 1831; m. 18 
July, 1854, Isabella Caroline, dau. of Martin West, late Ueut.- 
governor of Natal. 

[3] William Malo de Rune, late lieut. 24th foot. b. 1842 ; 

m. 3 Sept. 1863, Harriet Jane, only dau. of Francis Charles 
Leslie, Esq. of Ballj-vvard Lodge, Castlewellan, co. Down, and 
has 4 sons and 3 daus. 
David Francis Glenville, b. 10 Sept. 1864.— Francis Charles 
Leslie, b. 28 Mar. 1866.— Wilham Malo de Rune, b. 29 June, 
1871.— Frederick Ai-thiu- D'Epinay, b. 24 Sept. 1875.— Theo- 
dosia Leslie. — Constance DureU. — Enid Harriet Durell. 
[4] Henry Torrens de Rime, b. 3 Oct. 1849 ; m. 28 Oct. 1878, 
Ellen Ehza, younger dau. of J. F. Henley, C,E. of London, and 
has a son, 

Leshe do Rune, b. 3 Oct. 1879. 
[5] Emma Patty, m. 16 Sept. 1851, to Sir Henry Franks Fre- 
deric Johnson, Bart. 

[6] Adelaide Georgina, m. 1856, to John Henry Finniss, 

Esq. registrar-gen. of the Mauritius, and has a son and 4 daus. 
Fairfax Fixxiss. — Georgiana (m. to Dr. Wheldon, and has 
issue). — Florence. — Olivia. — Frederica. 
[7] Han-iet Anna, m. 11 Feb. 1862, at the Mauritius, to Capt. 
John Leslie, of BaUyward Lodge, co. Down, late 5th fusiliers 
and Donegal mil. and has a dau. 

May Florence de Rune LESLIE. 
[8] Mary Barbara, m. 23 Aug. 1859, to James Barton, late capt. 
R.A. and has 4 sons and 2 daus. 
Hugh Barclay BARTOX, b. 11 Julv, 186-5. — James, b. 14 
April, 1867.— Charles, b. 20 March, 1873.— Sidney, b. 26 Nov. 
1876. — Louisa. — Mary. 

Sir David m. 2ndly— 19 Sept. 1872, Emily, 2nd 
dau. of late James Edmeed Stacey, of Kingston, 
Surrey, and has a son, 

[9] David Hamilton Dashwood, b. 12 April, 1877. 

Arms— Az., a chev. between three crosses-patee or. 
Crest — A sword erect ppr., hUt and pommel or. 
Motto— Crux Clvristi nostra corona. 
TOWN HOUSE— 42, HoUand Road, W. 


Sir ROBERT BARCLAY, of Pierston, Ayrs. Knt. created a 
Baronet of Nova Scotia 22 Oct. 1668, with remainder 
to the heirs male of his body ; d. in 1694/5, having m. 
1st — 4 Aug. 1653, Catherine, dau. of Alexander Lockhart, 
of Edinbiu-gh, merchant (of the Carnwath family), by whom 
he had 3 sons and a dau. He m. 2ndly — 28 Sept. 1659, 
Barbara, dau. of Deans, clerk of the signet, by 

whom he had 8 sons and 3 daus.; from his 1st marriage 
descended his great-great-grandson, viz. : — 

SIR ROBERT, 8tll Baronet (on the death of his brother 12 
June, 1793), M.P. Newtown, I.W. 1802, 1806, 7; b. 13 Sept. 
1755; d. 14 Aug. 1839, having m. 1st— 30 Nov. 1778, Elizabeth, 
eldest dau. of John Tickell, Esq. of Glasnevin, co. Dublin ; she 
d. 13 Mar. 1788, having had, with other issue, a son, 

(1) Robert Brydges, major 71st regt.; m. Jane, dau. of Arthur 
WilUams of Dungannon, co. TjTone, and had, with other issue, 
a son, viz.; — 

Sir Robert, 9th Baronet; d. unm. 19 May, 1859. 

SIR ROBERT m. 2ndly— 20 June, 1802, Harriet, Baroness de 
Cronstedt, widow of Baron de Cronstedt, chamberlain to 
Gustavus in. King of Sweden, and youngest dau. of Col. 
Durell (of R.H. guards, equerry to George III.) and Martha, 
dau. of Urban Hall, Esq. of Park Hall, Notts, and sister to 
Hester, Coimtess of Sussex, and aunt to Lord Grey de Ruthyn 
(vide Yelverton, ext. Peerage). She was b. 15 July, 1777; 
d. 16 Feb. 1859, having had 3 sons, of whom the only survivor, 

(2) Sir David, 10th and present Baronet. 



BARLOW, Sir Moeisox (1803, tt.k.), entered 
E.i.c. mil. sei'T. 1854, interpreter to the 2nd 
dragoon gnards during the Indian Mutiny, at the 
siege and caiiture of Lucknow — medal and clasp, 
subsequently in the 88th (Connaught rangers), and 
finally with the 7th hussars, retd. ; s. his father 
as 3rd Baronet in 1857; b. 3 Not. 1835; heir pre- 
sumptive, his cousin Richard. 

Arms — Arg., on a chevron engrailed gu., between three cross- 
crosslets fitchoe az., two lions passant-counter-passant, support- 
ing an eastern crown or ; in the centre chief point a branch of 
olive, and another of palm in saltire ppr. 

Crest — Out of an Eastern crown or a demi-lion arg. holding 
a cross-crosslet as in the arms, between (on the dexter side) a 
branch of olive and (on the sinister) another of palm ppr. 
SUPPORTERS— Two angels ppr., vested arg., zoned, and on the 
head an Eastern crown or ; the de.xter holding in the exterior 
hand a balance or, and in the other a book ppr.; the sinister 
bearing in the exterior hand an olive branch, and in the other 
an escrol ppr. 
MOTTO — " Sis pius in primis." Over the crest, " Dilige pacem." 


•XTJlLLIAil BARLOW, of London (son of Hugh of Tor- 
VV bridge. Staff.), bp. at Castle Chm-ch, Staff. 8 Jan. 
1682; and d. at Bath, 30 Sept. 1743, having m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of William Ford, of London; shed. May, 1741, ha \ang had 
3 sons and a dau. 

(1) John, of London; d. 26 Nov. 1757, having m. 5 Jan. 1741, 
Martha, dau. of Benjamin Timbrell, of London (she re-m. to 
John Pratt, of London, J.P. who d. s. p. 18 Mar. 1803), and had 
a son, 

ROBERT Pratt, of Tumham Green, iliddx. and of the 
Inner Temple, bar.-at-law, used the surname of Pratt only; 
b. 20 Nov. 1751; d. having m. 1 Dec. 1776, 

his cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Barlow, lieut.-col. (see 
below); she d. having had 5 sons, 

[1] Greorge Edward Pratt (col.), b. 30 Xov. 1784, married, 
and had an only sou, 

Frederick, capt. 61st regt.; d. 8 July, 1847, haraig m. 
April, 1843, his cousin Caroline, dau. of Frederick Richard 
Pratt-Barlow (see below), and had an only dau. 

Katharine Maria, d. 18 Dec. 1874, aged 30, having m. 17 
June, 1865, to Arthur Campbell Walker, capt. 79th liigh- 
landers, and had 3 sons. 
[2] Thomas Pratt-Barlow (capt.), b. 22 Nov. 1787; d. 
1850, ha%'ing m. 7 July, 1824, Margaret, dau. of Rev. 
Bathie, D.D. and widow of Edward Watson, Bengal C.S.; she 
d. 1865, having had 2 sons, 

/I/ G«orge, brigade major Imlian Mutiny, capt. 50th 
Bengal x.l.; killed at Lucknow 21 Aug. 1857,"having m. 21 
June, 1855, Agnes, 3rd <lau. of Rev. T. J. Rocke, vicar of 
Littleham-cum-Exmoutb; she re-m, 19 May, 1864, to Evelyn 
Arthur Rich, 34th regt. (BART.) 

/2/ William James, lieut.-col. Bengal staff, commandant 
6th Bengal K.I.; b. 2 May, 1827; m. 3 Oct. 1855, Adelaide 
Marion, dau. of Capt. John Fisher, and has had with other 
issue 2 sons and a dau. 

George Pratt, b. 20 June, 1858.— Murray Hugh Pratt, b 
30 Jan. 1869,— Marion, b. 5 Dec. 1859. 
[3] Charles Ingram Pratt, b. 7 Jan. 1789; d. nnm. 

[4] Frederick Richard Pratt-Barlow, b. 29 Nov. 1790 ; d. 5 

Nov. 1855. ha-idng m. 15 June, 1814, Hariot Catherine, dau. of 

Thomas Hasker, Esq. of Loudon; she d. 20 Sept. 1849, having 

had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ Frederick Richard, of Blackdown, Surrey; b. 3 May, 

1815; m. Frances, dau. of John Dickinson, Esq. of 

Abbots Hill, Herts, and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Frederick, b. 

(2) Frank, b. m. 9 May, 1876, Agnes Margaret, 
dau. of Vice-Adm. Alexander Boyle, R.N. (E. GLASGOW). 

(3) Archibald, 2nd lieut. S. Notts, yeo. cav.; b. 

m. 7 July, 1881, Ethel Laura, 2nd dau. of Capt. H. Holden, 
of Bramcote, Notts. 

(4) Fanny Helen, m. 27 April, 1872, to John Barnard 
Hankey, of Fetcham Park, Surrey, and has 2 sons and 2 

George Frederick Barnard Haxket, b.22 Mar. 1873.— 
Edward Barnard,— Dorothea.— A dau, b. 23 July, 1881. 

(5) Florence Anne, m. 28 April, 1874, to Thomas Norton 
Longman, of London, and has a dau. b. 28 April, 1879. 

(6) Edith. 

/2/ Harry, b. 3 Mar. 1817; unm. 

/3/ Arthur Thomas, of Welbank, Bucks, capt. late Berks 

mil.; b. 26 Feb. 1821; m. 3 May, 1859, Maria, dau. of Rev. 

Thomas Arthur Powys (B. LiLFORD), and widow of Lieut. 

Bode, R.N. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Lilford Arthur Powys, b. 1 June, 1860. — Barringtou 
Frederick Powj-s, b. 8 Aug. 1865. — Mabel Powys. — 
Gwendoline Powys. 

/4/ Emma, m. 9 July, 1844, to William Longman, of 

Aslilyns, Herts, and of London; he d. 13 Aug. 1877, leaving 

3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Frederick William Long>lvn. b. 3 Sept. 1846. 

(2) Charles James, b. 14 April, 1852 ; m. 15 July, 1880, 
Harriet Ann, 2nd dau. of John Evans, Esq. F.R.S. of 
Nash Mills, Herts, and has a dau. b. 29 April, 1881. 

(3) Hubert Harry, b. 29 Nov. 1856. 

(4) WUliamina Emma, m. 23 April, 1879, to John Edward 
Parish, rear-adm. R.N. son of Sir Woodbine Parish, K.c.H. 

(5) Emmeline Maria, m. 20 Oct. 1874, to Charles Puller, 

(6) Grace Caroline. (7) Ada Mary. 

(8) Sibyl Augusta, m. 23 April, 1881, to P Leonard, 

eldest son of A F Govett, Esq. of Sandylands, 

/5/ Caroline, m. 1st— April, 1843, to her cousin Frederick 
Pratt-Barlow above-mentioned, who d. 8 July, 1847. She 
re-m. 13 Aug. 1858, to ilatthew Theodosias Denis de Vitre, 
of Formosa, Cookham, Berks. He d. 26 Dec. 1870. 
/6/ Maria, m. 1st— 12 Aug. 1856, to Henry Collingwood 
Ibbetson, Esq. who d. s. p. 16 July, 1862. She re-m. 11 
Jan. 1865, to Rev. (Jeorge Edward Denis de Vitre, vicar of 
Weston, Herts, and has a son, 

Denis Frederick de Vitre, b. 18 May, 1867. 
[5] James Pratt-Barlow, b. 9 Sept. 1796; d. 21 Aug. 1871, 
having m. April, 1837, Mary Anne, dau. of Josias Dupre 
Alexander, Esq. (E. Cai.EDON), and had 2 sous and 2 daus. 
/I/ Alexander, b. 1 May, 1838. 

/2/ Charles, b. 2 April, ; m. 28 Aug. 1873, Rosa, dau. of 
late William Gladstone, Esq. (Bart.) 
/3/ Alice Louisa, m. 3 April, 1873, to Edward Campbell 
Browning, of London, merchant, bar.-at-law, M.A. Oxon. 
and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Robert Campbell BROWNING, b. 20 June, 1875.— Son, 

b. 25 Jmie, 1878.— Alice Maud Mattie. 
/4/ Rosa Mary, m. 9 July, 1874, to Robert Steuart Glafl- 
stone, 2nd son of William Gladstone, Esq. (B-UIT.), before- 

(2) Thomas, of London, lieut,-col. Middx. militia ; d. 5 Jan. 
1784, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Jones, Esq. of 
Nantwich, Cheshire; she d. 9 April, 1777, leaving an only dau. 

Elizabeth, m. to her cousin, Robert Pratt (Barlow), of Tm-n- 
ham Green, above named. 

(3) "William, of whom next. 

(4) Elizateth, m. to Robert Duncomb,of London, and Walton- 

WILLIAM B.^LOW, of Bath, d. 29 Mav, 1798, having m. 
17 Feb. 1757, Hilare, 2nd dau. of Robert Butcher, Esq. 
of Cople and Ravensden, Beds, high sheriff; she d. 18 Nov. 1774, 
hivving had with 2 daus. 4 sons, 

(1) Sii- Robert, adm. R.N. o.C.n. knighted at the Queen's house 
16 June, 1801, for capturing the French frigate "Africaine," 
deputy comptroller R.N. and resident commissioner Chatham • 
b. 25 Dec. 1757; d. 11 May, 1843, having m. 8 Sept. 1785, EUza- 
beth, dau. of WiUiam Gan-ett, Esq. of Wortmg, Southants- she 
d. , having had with 4 daus. 2 sons, 

[1] Robert, Bengal c.s.; b. 26 Dec. 1788; d. 18 Mar. 1845, 
having m. 17 April, 1813, Catherine, dau. of William Wilber- 
force Bird, Esq. M.P.; she d. 25 Aug. 1861, having had 4 
sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ Robert, capt. 68th L.I. (20th in descent fi-om Edward 
I.) : b. 2.1 Feb. 1815; d. 29 June, 1876, having m. 1st— 13 Sept. 
1843, Elizalietli, dau, of Rear-Adm. Sir Edward Bo.xer- she 
d. 26 Jlay, 1861. He m. 2ndly— 27 July, 1871, Christiana, 
dau. of Jeremiah Rawson, Esq. of Green Royds, Halifax. 
By his 1st wife he left an only son, 

Robert Hilaro Barlow, vicar of Childs Wyckham 
Glouc; b. 28 Aug. 1844 ; m. 9 Oct. 1869, Mary Hodgson', 
dau, of Richard Picton Gl3-nn, Esq. and has 3 sons and 2 



Walter Hilaro, b. 9 June, 1872— Wilfrid Ellis, b. 23 
June, 1876.— Trevor WUberforce, b. 8 Nov. 1877.— Con- 
stance Gerakline, b. 30 Jan. 1871.— Violet ilariou, b. 
28 Sept. 1879. 
/2/ Charles George Torrington, rector of Stanmer-cum- 
Falmar, Sussex; b. 2 Sept. 1817; m. 10 Aug. 1852, Anna 
Maria, dau. of Rev. William Gooch, canon of York, and 
vicar of Stainton in Cleveland (Bart.), and has hail 2 daus. 

Hilaie Edith.— Evelyn ilatilda, d. 6 Sept. 1879. 
/3/ William Henrv, capt. 3rd West York mil. late capt. 
E.E. ; b. 11 Jan. 1823; m. 13 Oct. 1853, Hamet Rebecca 
EUzabetli, only child of John William Stiirges, of Doucaster 
and has a son and dau. 
Herbert Sturges, b. 24 Feb. 1858.— Florence Catharine 
/4/ George Nelson, C.S.I. B.C.S. magistrate and collector 
at MonghjT, Bengal; b. 24 Mar. 1836; m. 22 May, 1857, 
Laura Marianne, dau. of William Stephen Dicken, of Chel- 
tenham, and has 2 sons and 3 dans. 
Nelson William, b. 5 Dec. 1870.- Cecil Popham, b. 23 
Aug. 1875.— Ada Catherine.— Emily Augusta. — CoraUe. 
/5/ CaroUne Penelope, m. 3 April, 1856, to Rev. Henry 
Albany Bowles, of Merrow, Guildford, and has issue. 
/6/ Maria Jane, m. 26 Sept. 1850, to Rev. George D'Oyly 
Snow, of Langton, Dorset, and has had 2 sons and 4 daus. 
Thomas D'Oyly SXOW, b. 5 May, 1858.— Maurice D'Oyly, 
b. 7 Nov. 1866.— Maria Isabella, drowned while skating, 
20 Dec. 1879.— Harriett Maynard.— EUsa D'Oyly.— Cathe- 
/7/ Isabella Mary. /8/ Lucy EUzabeth. 

[2] WUliam, canon of Chester, rector of Northenden, 
Cheshire, formerlv col. Madras cav. and A.A.G. Pindaree war 
1814; b. 4 Dec. 1789; d. 8 Dec. 1848, having m. 1st 

Louisa, dau. of Gen. Robert Jones Adeane, of Baltraham, 
Cambridge, M.P.; she d. 7 May, 1837. He m. 2ndly— 27 July, 
1846, Anne, dau. of Rev. Frederick Hotham, prebendarj' of 
Rochester (B. Hoth.vm); she d. s. p. 23 Dec. 1878. By his 
1st wife he had an only son, 

ROBERT Ade.vxe, capt. R.L.M. major Lancashire Scottish 
R.V. commanded Abyssinian army 1876, envoy to Upper 
Burmah 1863; b. 12 Feb. 1832; m. 1853, 

dau. of Haworth, of Lancashire; he divorced her 1870, 
having had 3 sons and 4 daus. of whom the 2nd, 
Amy Frances, m. 23 Sept. 1874, to William Henry, eldest 
son of late E. H. Whitehead, of the Barbadoes. 

(2) William, of London, merchant, and of Streatham, Surrey; 
b. 2 April, 1759; d. s. p. 12 Dec. 1839, having m. 1st— Aug. 
1798, Harriet, dau. of Slajor John Fleming; she d. s. p. Jan. 
1802, and he m. 2ndly— 10 Oct. 1803, Louisa, dau. of Richard 
Han-is, of Esher; she d. 31 Oct. 1860. 

(3) Thomas Wilham, prebendars' of Bristol, vicar of Haltjerton ; 
b. 12 Oct. 1760; d. 18 Jan. 1821,'having m. 12 Jan. 1798, Anna 
Frances, dau. of John Bockett, Esq. of South Mimms, Herts.; 
she d. May, 1838, having had 4 sons and a dau. 

[1] John, in H.O. b. 20 Nov. 1798; d. s. p. July 1869, having 
m. 1 Oct. 1824, Cecilia Anne, dau. of Ewan Law, Esq. (B. 
Ellenborough); she d. May, 1868. 
[2] Thomas Wotton, rector of Little Bowden, Northants. 
1843 74; b. 21 Feb. 1800; m. 1st— 26 Feb. 1826, Jane, dau. of 
Thomas Heathfield, Esq. of Bampton, Devon. He m. 2ndly 
— 29 June, 1865, Mary Emily, only dau. of John Smith, Esq. 
late of Market Harborough. 

[3] PhiUp Bockett, in H.O.; b. 1804; d. imm. 

[4] George Hilaro, senior physician to Guy's hospital, and 
F.R.C.P.; b. 2 May, 1806 ; d. Oct. 1866, having m. 8 Jan. 1839, 
Lydia, dau. of Stephen IJabington, Esq.; she d. July, 1869, 
having had with other issue 2 sons, 

/I/ George Hilaro Philip, vicar of Chardstock, Dorset; b. 

12 Jan. 1840; m. 1st — 19 Jan. 1864, Josephine Marj-, dau. 

of Edmund B Bradley, Esq. of Sydenham; she 

d. 19 Nov. 1864, leaving an only son, 

(1) George Edmond Joseph Hilaro, b. 22 Oct. 1864. 
Rev. G. H. P. BARLOW m. 2ndly— 10 Feb. 1867, Helen, 
dau. of Edgar Barker, Esq. of London, and has a son and 
2 daus. 

(2) Philip Hilaro, b. 22 Sept. 1870.— (3) Mary Lydia.— 
(4) Cecilia Hilary. 

/2/ Stephen Babiugton, b. ; m. 23 Aug. 1873, 

Lolo Undine Amie Teevan, ony child of William and late 
Lolo Rose Froom, of Charlwood Park, Surrey. 
[5] Catherine, unm. 

(4) Sir George Hilaro Barlow, G.C.B. entered E.i.c.C.S. 1778, 
member Bengal Coimcil 1801, first member and vice-president 
of the supreme council at Calcutta, provisional gov.-gen. 1802, 
created a B.vroxet 29 June, 1803, gov.-gen. of Bengal 19 Feb. 
1806, installed K.B. by proxy 1 June, 1812, gov. of Madras 29 
May, 1807; b. 20 Jan. 1763; d. 18 Dec. 1846, having m. 16 April, 
1789, Elizabeth, dau. of Burton Smith, Esq. of Westmeath,lieut. 
22nd foot (was divorced by Act of Parliament 30 April, 1816), 
having had with other issue 5 sons and 5 daus. 

[1] George Ulric, capt. 4th dragoons; b. 8 Oct. 1791; d. s. p. 

29 June, 1824, having m. 27 Feb. 1817, his cousin Hilare, 3rd 

dau. of Adm. Sir Robert Barlow, G.C.B. ; she d. s. p. 22 Dec. 

1857, having re-m. 26 Mar. 1829, to AYilUam, Earl Nelson, who 

d. 28 Feb. 1839. She re-m. 7 Feb. 1837, to George Thomas 

Knight, Esq. 

[2] John Henry, E.I.C.S.; b. 7 Dec. 1795; d s. p. 1841, having 

m. 1823, Elizabeth Robertson. 

[3] Sir Robert, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[4] Cliarles, capt. R.x. c.B. knight of Sau Fernando of Spain; 

d. 31 Dec. 1855. 

[5] Richard Wellesley,B.C.S.; b.lO Sept. 1804; d. 14 April, 

1839, having m. 2 Mar. 1835, Maria, 2nd dau. of Major-Gen. 

Sir William Nott, G.C.B. (she re-m. 27 Feb. 1843, to her cousin 

Col. Charles Henry Nicholetts, late Bengal cav.), and had a 

son and a dau. 

/I/ Richard Wellesley, M.C.S. magistrate and collector of 
Chingleput, India, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy; b. 3U Jan. 1836: m. 14 June, 186U, Annie Catherine, 
dau. of Rev. John Whiteside. D.D. vicar of Scarborough 
(brother of Lord Chief Justice Whiteside), and has an 
onl.y surviving son, 

Hilaro William AVellesley, Ueut. R.A. b. 17 Jime, 1861. 
/2/ Maria Charlotte Exmouth, m. 7 Jan. 1857, to William 
Southey son of Rev. John Whiteside, D.D. aforesaid, M.c.s. 
magistrate and collector of North Arcot, India, and has 3 
sons and a dau. 

Frederic Richard Alio Whiteside, b. 8 Jan. 1858.— 
Walter Southey. b. 11 June, 1863.— Guy Plumer, b. 16 
Jan. 1866.— Edith Margaret Isabel. 

[6] EUza Harriet, m. 1 Oct. 1808, to PownioU Bastard, 2nd 

Viscount Exmouth, dissolved by Act of Parliament July 1820. 

[7] Charlotte, m. 28 Oct. 1811, to Fletcher Norton Balmain, 

capt. Madras cav. 

[8] Frances. 

[9] Anne Caroline, d. 10 May, 1881, aged 78. 

[10] Harriet. 

SIR ROBERT, 2nd Baronet, a judge of the Sudder De- 
wanny and Mizamut Adawlut or Native Supreme Court 
of Judicature, at Calcutta; b. 24 Sept. 1797; d. 11 Jan. 1857, 
having m. 27 Sept. 1832, Augusta Louisa, 3rd dau. of Major-Gen. 
Richard Augustus Seymour, R.A. governor of St. Lucia; she 
d. 19 Nov. 1836, having had with other issue an only surviving 
Sir Morison, 3rd and present Baronet. 

Barnewall — see Addenda, " Chaos." 

Sir Ceoker 
(1831, U.K.); formerly 
clerk of the cro-mi for 
Limerick; s. his brother 
as 4th Baronet in 1872; 
b. 12 July, 1817; m. 
12 April, 1845, Anna 
Felicia, eldest dau. of 
late John Beatty West, 
Esq. M.p. Dublin ; she 
d. 7 June, 1873, having 
had 4 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Charles Burton, J.p. co. 
Limerick, b. 1848. 

(2) Croker,b. 1851. 

(3) WilUam, b. 1855. 

(4) John Beatty, b. 

(5) Carohne Felicia, m. 11 
July, William Yoimg 
Donnelly, Esq. son of William 

Donnelly, C.B. and has a son and dau. 
Thomas Barrington DoxxELLT, b. 14 Jan. 1874.— Muriel 

(6) Olivia Maria, m. 13 June, 1871, to Rev. Lewen Burton 
Weldon (Bart.) 

(7) Mercy, m. 10 Aug. 1881, to George Wright, bar.-at-law, 
2nd son of late T. R. Wright, Esq. of Fern Hill, co. Cork. 

(8) Jesse Frances. (9) Anna Josephine. 

Arms — Arg., three chevronels gu., a label of three points vert: 

on a canton of the second a trefoil shpped or. 

Crest— Out of a crown vallerj- or, a hermit's bust with a owl, 

vested, paly arg. and gu. 

Motto — Ung durant ma vie. 

Residence- Glenstal, Murroe, co. Limerick. 


BENJAillN BARRINGTON, sheriff of Limerick city 1729 
(said to be grandson of Samuel Barrington, who settled 
at Limerick in 1691, M.M. Limerick cathedral), m. 1724/5, Anne, 
dau. of John Waltho, Esq. of Anna, co. Limerick, by Catherine, 
dau. of J Croker, Esq. of Ballynagnard, and had 4 sons, 



[1] Crokcr, of Cork, admitted a freeman of Limerick in 1747, 
and had a son, 

Crokcr, of Uuudauion Castle, Cork, also a freeman of Limerick; 

ui. Jtartha, dan. of Kobcrt Koss, of Cork. 
[2] JIathew, of Limerick, admitted freeman 12 Oct. 1747; bnr. 
there 13 Junc.l 7G5, having m. Jane, dau. of John Cantor, of Bally- 
vard, and left an only son. 

Sir Joseph, created a Baroxet. 
[3] John, of Limerick, bnr. there s. p. having m. Anne, dau. of 
Se])tinm?i Hewson, of Bruskain, co. Limerick. 
[4] Benjamin, of Limerick, bur. there, having m. Alice, dau. of 
John Canter, of Ballj^vard, co. Limerick, and had issue 21 
children (of whom died 17 young). The only son who married 
aud had issue was 

BKXJAMlN.ot Limerick, b. 1789; d. 20 Mar. 1853, having 

m. 1813, Catherine, dau. of Christie, of co. Clare; she 

d. 20 May, 18G1, having had 4 sons and 4 dans. 

(1) John, of Limerick solicitor, b. 4 Nov. 1815; d. 5 Mar. 
1873, having m. 22 Jan. 1846, Anne, dau. of William Wilson, 
Esq. of Limerick, aud has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Benjamin, b. 27 Feb. 1848.— William, b. 24 Jan. 1857.— 
Mariana. — Caroline. 

(2) Benjamin, b. 18 April, 1817; m. 30 Jan. 1844, Frances. 
dau. of John Leech, of Bnnis, co. Clare, and has a sou and 
2 daus. 

George Crampton Leech, b. 18 Aug. 1856. — Frances L 
—Alicia M 

(3) Willifim, C.E.; b. 14 Mar. 1825; m. 5 April, 1854, Hester 
Kose, dau. of Thomas Millett, Esq. of Millbrook, co. Tip- 
perary, s. p. 

(4) Matthew Croker, b. 9 April, 1834 ; d. 23 Oct. 1865, no 
issue to survive. 

(5) Jane. (6) Mary. 

(7) Alice, m. to George Crampton Leech, bar.-at- 
law L.I. now of Australia, s. p. 

(8) Catherine Rebecca, m. , to John Sibthorpe, 
now of Melbourne. 

Sill JOSEPH, of Limerick, admitted a freeman 11 Oct. 1819; 
he and his sons founded a hospital and infirmary in the 
city of Limerick, and was created a Baroxet 30 Sept. 1831; 
b. 21 Sept. 1764 ; d. 10 Jan. 1846, having m. 1787, 

JIary, dau. of Daiiiel Bagot, Esq. of Limerick; she bur. 1 Nov. 
1829, having had 4 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Matthew, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] Daniel, clerk of the crown. Limerick, b. 12 Oct. 1792; 
d. 5 Feb. 1842, having m. 22 Oct. 1829, Anne, dau. of Richard 
Williams, Esq. of Drumcondra Castle, co. Dublin, and had 2 
sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Joseph Thomas, capt. R.A. deputy-assist.-com.-gen. ; b. 
4 Sept. 1834 ; m. 12 Dec. 1861, Emma Evans, and has 5 sons 
and a dau. 

Richard Mordaunt, b. 23 Feb. 1866.— Thomas Percy, b. 11 
Sept. 1867.— William D'Olier, b. 19 Aug. 1870.— Joseph 
Croker, b. 9 Jan. 1880.— A son, b. 30 Aug. 1881.— Annie 
Evelyn, b. 17 April, 1873. 

(2) Richard Williams, formerly E.I.C.S. b. 14 Jan. 1838 ; m. 
30 Oct. 1873, Henrietta Maria Jane, dau. of John Johnstone, 
Esq. of Halleaths Lockerbie, N.B. (BoiLEAU),and has a son 
and 2 daus. 

John Lawrence, b. 16 Oct. 1875.— Alice Henrietta.— Helen 
Lucy Johnstone, b. 28 Aug. 1879. 

(3) Anne, a twin with Joseph Thomas, m. 29 Nov. 1866, to 
SValter Carr Mackinnon, capt. 3rd buffs. 

(4) Charlotte, d. 31 July, 1870, having m. 3 Sept. 1857, to 
John Bayly, Esq. of Debsborough, co. Tipperaiy, and had 3 
sons and 3 daus. 

John Baylv, b. 10 July, 1868. — Richard Edmund, b. 9 
June, 1859.— William Yates, b. 19 Jan. 1864.— Catherine 
Charlotte. — ilary Elizabeth. — Helen Olivia. 
[3] Croker, liout. R.N. b. 29 April, 1797; d. Sept. 1844, having 
m. 17 Nov. 1840, Margaret Emily, dau. of Henry Ross-Le-\vin, 
Esq. of Cornfield, co. Clare; she d. having had an 

only son, since deceased. 

[4] Sauuxel, bar.-at-law, accountant-gen. of the court of chau- 
cm-y for Ireland, b. 15 Feb. 1806, d. s. p. 

[5] llonora, d. July, 1828; having m. 28 July, 1827, to 

1'liomas Lloyd, Esq. of Limerick. 

[6] Janc,m. 10 Feb. 1838, to Rev. George Edward Deacon, vicar 
of Lock, Staff, and has 6 sons, 

QIU MATTHEW, 2nd Baronet, of Dublin, admitted a frcc- 
O man, 1 July, 1822 crown solicitor for the province of 
Manstcrfrom 1832, till his decease; b. 21 May, 1788; d. 1 April, 
1X61, having m. 1 Jihi. 1814, Charlotte, dau. of William 
llartigan, of Du1)lin,M.D. professor of anatomy Trinity Col- 
lege; she d. 18 Nov. 1858, having had 2 sons and G daus. 

(1) Sir William Hartigan, 3rd Baronet ; b. 6 Oct. 1815 ; d. 14 
July, 1872, having m. 14 Mar. 1859, Elizabeth Olivia, 2nd dau. 
of Henry Darlcy, Esq. of Wingfield, co. Wicklow, and has 2 

Charlotte Jessie.— Maria Louisa Olivia. 

(2) Sir Croker, 4th and present Baronet. 

(3) Marian, d. s. p. 30 April, 1858, having m. 2 Sept. 1841, to 
Tlioma-5 Williams, Esq. of Dublin. 

(4) Charlotte Hartney, d. 19 Jan. 1861, having m. 24 June 
1817, to Henry Barry, Esq. bar.-at-law, and has 5 sons, ' 

Robert Matthew Baury, b. 2 Aug. 1848.— Henry Dyson 
b. 27 Nov. 1849.— William Frederick, b. 10 Feb. 1852.— Alfred 
Napier, b. 5 April, 1854.— Charles Edward, b. 23 Feb. 1859. 

(5) Jessey. 

(6) OUvia, d. s. p. 16 July, 1876, having m. , 1853, to 

her cousin the Right Hon. George Arthur Chichester May, 
Q.C. P.C. (Ireland), A.-G. Ireland 1875, aud L.C.J. Qucen"s 
bench since 1877. 

(7) Josephine, d. 1 Feb. 1868, having m. , to 
Hewitt Poole Jellett, Q.C. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

John Croker JEFiLEXT. — Barrington. — Flora. — Josephine. 

(8) Henrietta Victorine, m. 15 Jan. 1857, to William Richard 
le Fanu, chief commissioner of pulilic works, Ireland (son of 

dean of Emly, and great-nephew of Richard 
Brinsley Sheridan, the friend of George iv.) and has 8 sons 
and 2 daus. 
Thomas Philip Lb Fanu, b. 9 Dec. 1858.— Fletcher Sheridan, 
b. 21 Jan. I860.— William Richard, b. 26 April, 1861.— Brinsley 
Rankinc, b. 1 Aug. 1862.— Victor Charles, b. 14 Oct. 1865.— 
Henry Frewcn, b. 1 April, 1870. — Francis Lowin, b. 12 July, 
1871.— Hugh Barrington, b. 11 Nov. 1872.— Charlotte Anna.— 
Emma Catherine. 

Henry Page 

Turner, of Glcnanna 
aud Barroucourt, co. 
Waterford (18il,u.K.); 
secretary in the diplo- 
matic service, 1 840/79 ; 
s. his father as 2nd 
Baronet in 1872; b. 27 
Dec. 1824. 

Note— No heu- to the Baro- 

Arms — Enn., on a sal tire gu. 
a cross patee between four 
annulets arg. 

Crest— A boar passant az. 
crined langued and unguled 
and charged with a cross pa- 
tec or. 

Seats — Barrou Court, 
Waterford ; Glenanna, near 


JAMES BARRON alias FITZGERALD, served under the 
Prince de Condi in France, and on his return to Ireland 
unsuccessfully petitioned for a restoration of the barony and 
lands of Biirnchurch ; he subsequently settled in co. Water- 
ford, and m. Slany Ny Brien, dau. of Donald More O'Brien, of 
Cummeragh. His younger son, 

PIERCE, of Gan-ahillersh, co. Waterford, m. 1697, Mary, 
dau. of Thomas Fitzgerald, Esq. of Kilcanvoy, in the 
same county, and had with other issue 3 sons, 
[1] James, of Can-ick Ban-on, m. 1738, Margaret, dau. and 
heir of Jolm Power, Esq. of Gteorgetowu, co. Waterford. His 

Pierse Marcus, of Belmont Park, Waterford (son of 
WilUam BaiTon, of Carrick Ban-on, and of Cadiz, in Spain, 
by his wife Margarita Power) ; b. 3 July, 1806 ; d. 2 Aug. 
1879, having m. 9 Oct. 1824, (Catherine Lucinda, dau. of Law- 
rence Crowe, Esq. of Dul)lin, and had 6 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Pierse Eustace Lam-ance, late Ueut. Waterford mil. ; b. 

1826; m. 1864, Ellen Clerke, 2nd dau. and 

coheir of Edward Abncy, Esq. of Measham Hall, co. Derby, 
capt. 52nil L. I. aud Gth Ca^adores Spanish regt. and has 
2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Percy Alphonse Joseph Abney, b. 1867. — 

(2) Ernest de Wivileslie Edward Joseph Abncy, b. 

1871. — (3) Cecilia de Meysam Constance Josephine Abney. 

(2) Joseph Manuel, in the admiraltj', b. 31 May, 1827; m. 
11 April, 1849, Elizabeth Mary, 2ud dau. of Thomas Soulsby, 
Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud has 6 sons and 1 dau. 

(1) Marcus Henry Aloysius, b. 17 Feb. 1855.— (2) Harry 
Joseph Mary, b. 27 Feb. I860.— (3) Joseph Eustace Patrick 
Mary, b. 23 Mar. 1861.— (4) Phihp Ignatius Mary, b. 25 
April, 1863.— (5) Leo Manuel AViUiam Mary, b. 6 Nov. 18G5. 
— (6) Cuthbert Joseph Mary Jom-des Eustace, b, 21 Mar. 
1873.— (7) Emily Jlary Clare. 

(3) AVilliam Justin Archbold, d. uum. 

(4) Arthur Hervey Aston, m. Maria, eldest dau. and coheir 
of late Michael Donovan, Esq. of Dublin. 



(5) John Marcus, of Georgetown, co. Waterford; b. 18 May, 
1844 ; d. 19 July, 1880, having m. 1st— 31 April, 1868, Mary 
Madeline, youngest dau. of William Ban'on, Esq. of Lacken, 
CO. "Waterford, and had a sou — /I / Piersc John, b. 9 July, 1871 . 
He m. 2ndly— 28 Sept. 1875, Margaret Kate, dau. of Nicholas 
King, Esq. of DubUn, and Arda, co. Kerry, and bad a dau. — 

/2/ Catherine Maiy, b. 9 Feb. 1877. 

(6) Eustace Fitzgerald, K.c. priest. 

(7) Catahna Lucinda Mary Anne. 

(8) Maria Matilda, m. 1867, to John O'KeefEe, Esq. 
M.p. Dungarvan, who d. s. p. 1877. 

(9) Margaritta Louisa, a religieuse of the order of Carmelites. 

(10) Emily EUza Mary, m. 28 Nov. 1871, to Vincent Scully, 
Esq. of Mantlehill, co. Tipperary (Grogan), and has 2 sons 
and 3 daus. 

/I/ Denis Vincent Arthur Scully, b. 7 Sept. 1873.-/2/ 
A son, b. 2 July, 1881.-/3/ Kate JuUet.— /4/ ManueUa 
Beatrice.— /5/ A dau. b. 9 Mar. 1878. 

[2] John, of whom presently. 

[3] William, of Burrow, Queen's co. m. Maiy Anne, dau. of 

Morgan Kennedy, Esq. of Ballynamullin, by whom he had 5 

sons and 2 daus. 

JOHN, of BaUyneal, co. Watez-ford, b. 172G; d. 1800, 

having m. 1750, Mary, dau. of Luke Donovan, Esq. 

and had with 3 daus. 3 surviving sons, 

[1] Pierse, of BaUyneal aforesaid, b. 15 Sept. 1752; d. 11 
May, 1811, having m. Anna, only dau. of Henry Winston, 

Esq. of Fethard, co. Tipperary; she d. 1 Nov. 1839, ha\-ing had 
with other issue 4 sons, 

/I/ Sir Henry Winston, created a Baroxet 18 Oct. 


/2/ John, 17th lancers, A.D.C. to L.L. Ireland; d. Jan. 1864. 

/3/ Edmund D.D. R.c. bishop of Liberia, West Coast Afiica; 

d. in Philadelphia 1855. 

/4/ Wilham NeweU, of King Hill co. Down, and of Dublin, 

bar.-at-law ; chainiian of quarter sessions co. Monaghan ; b. 

28 Jan. 1805 ; m. 15 Feb. 1831, Mary Frances St. John, dau. 

and coheir of Capt. John Newell, R.N. of Kinghill House, co. 

Down, and has a son and 5 daus. 

(1) Pierse BaiTon-Newell, J.P. Waterford, b. 27 Jan. 1834; 
m. 6 June, 1867, Mary, 2nd dau. of late John "WTiite, Esq. 
of Nantannan, co. Limerick, and has a son and 2 daus. 

Edward Alphonsous Winston BaiTon, b. 25 Oct. 1876.— 
Eleanor Mary Josephine.— Louisa Geraldine St. John. 

(2) Mary Anne, m. 19 April, 1881, to Samuel Bradshaw, Esq. 

(3) Frances Anastasia, m. 16 June, 1868, to AViUiam Henry 
Farmar, of Bloomfiell, co. AVexfonl, J.P. capt. Wexford 
mil. ; he d. 9 Sept. 1876, having had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

William Cecil Russell Farmar, b. 25 Aug. 1869.— Kalph 
Jasper Newell, b. 7 July, 1871.— Fitzhugh Hovell Arthur, 
b. 22 Mar. 1874. — Henry Capel Donovan, b. 6 June, 
1876. — Irene Frances Elizabeth. — Edith Emily Marian. 

(4) Phoebe Elizabeth, m. 17 Jan. 1870, to John McKic.Esq. 
of the royal archers or Queen's bodyguard of Scotland. 

(5) Emily. 

(6) Charlotte, m. 10 Dec. 1874, as 2nd wife, to William 
Moreton Woodroofe, Esq. of Ballyraggett, co. Waterford, 
J.P. high sheriff 1877. 

[2] John, of BaUj-diu-ne, co. b. 1754; d. 1797, 

having m. 1789, Mary Anne, dau. and coheir of Pierce 

BaiTon, Esq. of Carig Barron; she d. having had an 

only son, 
Pierse George, of Carig BaiTon, co. Waterford ; b. 26 Aug. 
1793; d. 10 Dec. 1864, leaving 4 daus. his coheirs. 
[3] William, of b. d. having m. 

Eliza, dau. of Robert Netterville, Esq. of ; she d. 

having had with 3 daus. 4 sons, 

/I/ JohnNetterville, of aOthregt.; b. 1804; d. 

having m. May, 1831, Emily, dau. of Watkins, of 

Daventry; she d. having had a 4th son, 

Netterville John, late 5th fiisiliers, b. 17 Aug. 1837 ; 
m. 5 Sept. 1865, Louisa Bridget, onlj- dau. of Lieut.-Gen. 
John Twiss, R.E. and has a son and 3 daus. — Netter\-ille 
Guy, b. 8 Dec. 1867.- Mabel Caroline.— Florence Emily.— 
Kathleen Louisa. 
/2/ Pierse Nettei-viUe, d. unm. 

/3/ Edward Netterville, m. Kate, dau. of R Longan, and 
has 5 dazis. and 3 sons. 

/4/ Luke, m. Louisa, dau. and coheir of L Farquharson 


SIR HENRY WINSTON BARRON, of Glenanna and Ban-on- 
court CO. Waterford, high sheriff 1858, JLP. Waterford 
city 1832/41, 1842/52, and 1865/8, also contested Waterford six 
times, and unseated in 1869, created a BARONET 12 Oct. 
1841 ; b. 15 Oct. 1795 ; d. 19 April, 1872, having m. 1st— 1 May, 
1822, Anna Leigh Gay, only dau. of Sir Gregory Page-Turner, 
Bart, of Battlesden Park, Beds.; she d. 1852. He m. 

2ndly — 1 Aug. 1863, Augusta Anne, youngest dau. of late 
General Lord Charles Somerset (D. BEAUFORT). By his 1st 
wife he had a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Henry Page Turner, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) Emily Frances, m. 10 Feb. 1852, to Frederick Charles 
Polhill-Tiumer, of Howbury Hall, Beils. J.P. D.L. high sheriff 
1855, capt. Dvdse of Manchester vols. capt. late 6th dragoon 
guards, m.p. Bedford 1874/80. He assumed the additional sur- 
name and arms of Turner by R. L. 21 Feb. 1853, in compliance 

with the testamentary injunction of the Dowager Lady Page 
Turner, and d. 18 Aug. 1881, aged 55, having had 3 sons and 
3 daus. 
Frederick Edward Fiennes POLHILL-TURNER, of Howbui-y 
Hall, Beds. 2nd Ueut. 5th dragoon guards, late Ueut. Bedford 
mil. ; b. 10 June, 1858. — Cecil Henry, 2ud Ueut. 2ud dragoon 
guards, late Beds. mil. ; b. 23 Feb. 18C0.— Arthur Twisleton, 
b. 7 Feb. 1862.— Alice Kate Frances.— Beatrix Emily Violet. 
— Helen Augusta Rose. 

"D A R E AV, Sir 
-*-^ John Croker, 
of Ulverstone, co. Lan- 
caster (1835, U.K.); 
bar.-at-law l.i,; s. his 
father as 3rcl Baronet in 
1876 ; b. 8 July, 1833 ; 
m. 2 Dec. 1857, Emily 
Jane, eldest dau. of 
late James Nathaniel 
Merriman, m.d, of 
London, and has a son 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Francis Laiu-ence John, 
b. 11 Aug. 1862. 

(2) Emily Agnes. 

(3) Mary Mercy. 

Arjis— Sa., two swords in saltire arg., between three fleurs- 
de-lis an anchor erect in base of the last. 
Crest— On a mount vert, a squirrel sejant mordant, all ppr., 
charged on the shoulder with an anchor. 
Motto— Parum sufflcit. 
Residence.— PegweU, Isle of Thauet. 

SIR JOHN BARROW, LL.D. F.R.S. (only son of Roger, of 
Ulverston, who was son of Roger of Patterdale), 40 years 
secretary of the admiralty, created a Baronet 30 Mar. 1835 ; 
b. 19 June, 1764; d. 23 Nov. 1848, having m. Aug. 1798, 
Anna Maria, dau. of Peter John Trlitter, of the Cape of Good 
Hope, member of the court of justice ; she d. 15 Dec. 1857, 
having had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir George, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(2) John, F.R.S. late major 36th MidcLx. R.v. formerly in the 
admiralty ; b. 28 June, 1808. 

(3) Peter, 34 years in consular service at Caen, Morocco, 
Nantes, and Kertch ; b. 30 July, 1813 ; m. 14 April, 1846, 
Esther Maria, 2nd dau. of Col.'Pierre HypoUte Alexandre 
Lepetit de CourvUle, comdt. de la garde d'honneur temp. 
Napoleon I.; she d. 25 June, 1881. 

(4) Johanna Maria, m. , 1821, to Col. Robert Batty, 
grenadier guards, d. 

(5) Jane Mary, d. 9 Jan. 1878. 

SLR GEORGE, 2nd Baronet, chief clerk colonial office, and 
secretary and registrar of the order of St. Michael and 
St. George; b. 22 Oct. 1806 ; d. 27 Feb. 1876, having m. 23 July, 
1832, Rosamond Hester EUzabeth, dau. of William Pennell, 
Esq. consul-gen. at tlie Brazils, and niece and adopted dau. of 
Right Hon. John Wilson Croker, and had 3 sons and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir John Croker, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] George Staunton, vicar of Stowmarket 1876, rector of 
Knights Enham, Hants, 1872/6, vicar of Northam 1863/72 ; b. 
20 Oct. 1834 ; m. 7 April, 1864, Florence Mary, eldest dau. of 
John NiohoUes, Esq. and has 5 daus. 

Annie Reta. — Ida Florence. — GilUan Mary. — Rosamond 

Nony, a dau. b. 14 Oct, 1880. 
[3] WilUam Pennell, com. R.N. ; b Jan, 1841 ; d. unm. 6 
July, 1873. 

[4] Rosamond, m. 5 Oct. 1853, to Rev. Matthew Woodward 
M.A. vicar of Folkestone, surrogate, and has 3 sons and 6 

(1) Matthew WOODWARD, b. 6 Dec. 1858.— (2) Herbert 

Croker SperUng, b. 15 July, 1868.— (3) Michael Edward 

PenneU, b. 28 Sept. 1872. 



(4) Rosamond Penelopo, m. 22 July, 1875, to Rev. Charles 
Joseph Rklsdale, vicar of St. Peter's, Folkestone. 

(5) Marianne.— (6) Bertha Anne.— (7) Louisa JIary Eans- 
wytho.— (8) Constance Harriet.— (9) Etlielinda Helen. 

[5] "Anna Maria, m. 5 Oct. 1855, to llev. John Hanson Sperlmgr, 
formerly vicar of Westbourne, Sussex, and lias with other 
issue— Annie Maileline (eldest dau.), ni. 25 June, 1879, to 
William Osborne Christinas, Esrj. of Whitfield, co. Waterford. 
[6] .Al.ary, m. 14 Ma,-, 1801, to Rev. Vere Broughton Smyth, 
vicar of St. Nicholas," Warwick, and has 4 sons and a dau. 

Vere Staunton Sjiyth, b. 24 Jan. 1864.— B;vsil Broughton, b. 

20 Jan. 1866.— John Wilson Croker.b. 12 June, 18G7.— George 

Harding Follett, b. 19 Jan. 1869.— Ella Mary. 
[7] Eliza Catherine. ^ 

[8] Adelaide, m. 5 Nov. 1863, to Alexander Clutterbuck, Esq. 
and has 3 sons and 4 dans. 

Peter Henry Clutterbuck, b. 28 Sept. I860.— Ernest, b. 

20 Oct. 1870.— Francis Alexander, b. Jan. 1878.— Mabel 

Sophia.— Rosamond MeiTyl.— Eva.— Agnes Mary. 

Walter Bart- 

TELOT, of Stopham, 
Sussex, Baronet, so cre- 
ated 8 June, 1875 ; CB. 
1881; M.P. West Sussex 
since 1860, col. 2nd batt. 
Sussex R.v. 1881, lieut,- 
col. 1860-81, col. resei-ve, 
late capt. 1st royal 
dragoons; b. 10 Oct. 
1820; m, 1st— 28 April, 
1852, Harriet, 4th dau. 
and coheir of Sir Christ- 
opher Musgrave, of 
Edenhall, Cumberland, 
Bart, (ext.) ; she d. 29 
July, 1863. Hem.2ndly 
—30 April, 1868, Mar- 
garet, only child and 

heir of Henry Boldero, Esq. of South Lodge, St. 

Leonard's Forest, Sussex. By his 1st wife he had 

with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Walter George, capt. 1st Devon yeo. cav. 1880, late capt. 
5th dragoon guards ; b. 11 April, 1855 ; m. 3 June, 1879, 
Georgiana Mary, only dau. of late George Edmmid Balfour, 
Esq. of the Manor, Sidmouth, and has a son and dau. 

Walter Balfour, b. 22 Mar. 1880. 
Irene Margaret Mary, b. 15 July, 1881. 

(2) Edmund Musgrave, lieut. 7th Il.fiLsiliers ; b. 28 Mar. 1859. 

(3) Edith Harriet. (4) Evelyn Fanny. 
(5) Ada Mary. 

Arms— Sa., three sinister gloves pendant arg., tasselled or. 
Crest— A swan couchant, wings endorsed arg. 
Motto— Mature. 
Seat — Stopham, Susse.x. 


JOHN BARTTELOT, of Stopham, j. u. (son of Adam 
Barttelot, of East Preston and Stopham 1374), trea- 
surer anil executor to Thomas, Earl of Arundel (1415) ; d. 6 
Feb. 1428, having m. 1395/6, Joan, eldest dau. and coheir 
of John de Stopham, of Stopham ; she d. 1399, having had a 

JOHN, of Stopham, who fought at Agincourt, M.P. Sussex 
1434 ; d. 1453, having m. Joan, dau. and heir of John de 
Lcwknor (sou of Thomas <le Lewknor, by Joan, dau. and 
lieir of Sir John D'Oyley, Knt.) His tlcscendant, 

WALTER BARTTEL0T-S:MYTH, of Stopham, assumed 
that additional surname by testamentary injunction; 
b. 19 Mar. 1751; d. Feb. 1837, having m. 9 June, 1772, Phila- 
delphia, dau. of Rev. John Wickens, D.l). rector of Petworth 
and Tillington; she d. May, 1809, having had with 6 daus. 4 
sous, of whom the third, viz.— 

GEORGE BARTTELOT, of Stopham, relinquished the 
surname of Smyth 1837, served in Peninsular war, medal 
and five clasps, lieut. R.H.A. ; bp. 23 Sept. 1788 ; d. 28 Nov. 
1872, having m. 22 Nov. 1819, Emma, youngest dau. of James 
Woodbridge, of Richmond, SuiTey; she d. 11 April, 1877, 
having had with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir "Walter Barttelot, created a B.\roxet. 

(2) Brian Barttelot, of Bramblehurst, Sussex, J. P. capt. late 
8th Sussex R.V. b. 1 Dec. 1833; m. 1 Jmie, 1864, Mary Dorothy, 
eldest dau. of John Frederic Bateman, Esq. of Moor Park, 
Surrey (Faihbairx— Bart.), and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

George Frederic, b. 13 June, 1865.— Brian Herbert Fairbairn, 
b. 31 Dec. 1867.— Mary Philadelphia.— Isobel Dorothy. 

(3) Philadelphia Jane, m. 5 Jan. 1861, to Lieut.-Col. Richard 
England, eldest son of Sir Richard England, G.C.B. K.H. 

BATES, Sir Edward, of Manydown Park, 
Hants, and of Gyrn Castle, Flints. J.P. D.L. 
Lane. J.P. M.P. Plymouth 1871/80, created a BARO- 
NET 13 May, 1880 (only surviving son of Joseph 
Bates, of Spring Hill, near Halifax, Yorks. who d. 
17 Nov. 1846, aged 77, having m. 1801, Rebekah, 
dau. of Joseph Walker, of Ardsley, Yorks. ; she d. 9 
Jan. 1847); b. Mar. 1816; m. 1st— 1832, 

Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Smith, of 
Calcutta ; she d. Feb. 1843, having had 3 daus. 
of whom the only survivor, 

(1) Gertrude Elizabeth, m. 18 May, 1860, to Thomas Priestly 

Sir Edward m. 2ndly — 25 June, 1844, Ellen, 
dau. of Thomas Thompson, of Hessle, Yorks. and 
has had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(2) Edward Percy, of Beechenhurst, Liverpool ; b. 17 Aug. 
1845; m. 20 April, 1876, Constance Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
Robert Graves, M.P. of Liverpool, and has 2 sons, 

Edward Bertram, b. 7 Mar. 1877.— Percy EUy, b. 11 May, 

(3) Gilbert Thompson, of Maryton Grange, Allerton, near 
Liverpool; b. 22 April, 1847; m. 13 July, 1876, Charlotte Thax- 
ter, dau. of George Warren, of Wooltou, Liverpool, and has a 
dau. — Mary. 

(4) Sydney Eggers, b. 28 April, 1851 ; m. 9 July, 1878, Eliza- 
beth Jessie, 3rd dau. of Col. George Grenville Malet, of Bombay 
cav. (Bart.), and has a son and dau. 

Arthur Sydney, b. 18 June, 1879. 
Norah Ellen, b. 29 April, 1881. 



(5) Wilfrid Imrie, b. 6 Oct. 1856. 

(6) Bertram Rigby, b. 2 Aug. 1863; d. 25 Jan. 1871. 

(7) Anne MiUicent, m. 26 Kov. 1874, to Donald Ninian Nicol, 
of Ardmarnoch, co. Argyll, and has a son, 

David Ninian NiCOL, b. 20 Aug. 1877. 

(8) Mabel Stenhouse, m. 20 Feb. 1873, to Frederick BeUairs 
Thompson, Esq. 

(9) Norah Greame, m. 9 Dec. 1880, to Stanes Brocket Henry 
t'hamberlayne, bar.-at-Iaw M.T. 1869 (j'oungest son of late 
Henry Thomas Chamberlayne, Esq. of Stoney Thorpe, co. 

Arms— Arg., on a fesse az. between two quatrefoiLs and a 

lieur-de-lis of the last, a quatrefoil between two fleurs-de-lis of 

the first. 

Crest — A stag's head erased az., pierced by two arrows saltire- 

wise charged on the neck wth as many quatrefoils in pale 

also or. 

Seats— Manydown Park, Basingstoke, and Giyu Castle, Flints. 

Thomas, of 
Belvoir Park and Moira 
Park, both co. Down 
(1818, U.K.) ; capt. 
late 13th light dra- 
goons, M.P. CO. London- 
derry, 1843/57 ; M.P. 
Devizes since 1864, a 
junior lord of the 
treasury in 1852 ; s. his 
father as 2nd Baronet 
in 1863 ; b. 4 June, 
1819; m. 24 Feb. 1849, 
Hon. Caroline Elizabeth 
Anne Kice-Trevor, 2nd 
dau. of George, 4th 
Lord Diuevor, and has 
2 daus. 

(1) Eva Frances Caroline, m. 
4 Mar. 1871, to David Alfred Ker, of Montalto, co. Down (E. 
DUFFERIN), capt. 12th lancers, who d. 8 Dec. 1877, leaving 4 

(2) Kathleen Mary, m. 29 May, 1877, to Walter Eandolph, 2nd 
son of Sir Walter Rockliil Farquhar, Bart. 

Heir presumptive — Mr. George William Bateson de Yar- 

Arms — Arg. three bats' wings sa. on a chief gu. a lion passant 


Crest — A bat's wing sa. 

Motto — Nocte volamus. 

Seats — Belvoir Park and Moira Park, both in Downshire. 

TOWN House— 12, Grosvenor Place, s.w. 


SIR ROBERT BATESON (descended in the 6th generation 
from Thomas Bateson, of Garstang, Lancashire), high 
sheriff co. Down 1809. created a Baronet 18 Dec. 1818, M.P. 
CO. Londonderry, 1832/42 ; b. 13 Mar. 1780; d. 21 April, 1863, 
having m. 27 April, 1811, Catherine, youngest dau. of late 
Samuel Dickson, Esq. of Ballynaguile, co. Limerick; she d. 23 
Dec. 1873, having had 6 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Robert, M.P. co. Londonderrj', b. 29 Mar. 1816 ; d. unm. 23 
Dec. 1842. 

(2) Sir Thomas, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(3) Samuel Stepnen, of Cambusmere, Sutherlands, N.B. bar.-at- 
law; b. 13 Oct. 1821; d. s. p. 9 Mar. 1879, having m. 25 July, 
1854, Hon. Florinda Handcock eldest dau. of Richard, 3rd Lord 

(4) George William Bateson de Yarburgh, of Heslington Hall, 
Yorks. J.P. D.L.; he assumed the additional name and arms of 
Yarburgh by r.l. 15 April, 1876, heir presumptive to 
the Baronetcy ; b. 2 April, 1823: m. 8 May, 1862, Mary Eliza- 
beth, elder dau. and coheir of late George John Yarburgh, Esq. 
of Heslington Hall, Yorks. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Robert Wilfrid, b. 5 Aug. 1865.— George Nicholas, b. 25 Nov. 
1870.— Mary Lilla.— Katharine Hylda. 

(5) Richard, col. 1st life guards, A.D.C. to F.M. H.R.H. Duke of 
Cambridge; b. 18 Dec. 1828. 

(6) John, b. 8 July, 1832, m. 27 June, 1868, Edith Elizabeth, 
4th dau. of Charles John Pearse, Esq. s.p.s. 

(7) Maria Catherine, d. 6 Aug. 1876, having m. 4 Jan. 1838, to 
Sir Beresford Burston MacMahon, Bart, who d. 11 Jan. 1873. 

(8) Elizabeth Honoria, d. 11 Feb. 1862, having m. 7 Feb. 1839, 
to Capt. John Neilson Gladstone, of Bowden Park, Wilts. 
(BART.) R.N. M.P.; he d. 7 Feb. 1863. 


Henry Perce- 
val, of Knightstown, 
CO. Meath (1801, U.K.) ; 
J.P. d.l. high sheriff 
1869, gen. in the army, 
col. 85th regt. 1880, 
89th regt. 1879/80, late 
col. comdg. Scots guards, 
comdg. W. district 
1874/8, K.M.; s. his 
father as 4th Baronet in 
1870; b. 19 June, 1823; 
m. 27 Dec. 1870, Char- 
lotte Clare, and has 
had with other issue 2 

(1) Hugo Gerald, b. 10 Aug. 1871. 

(2) Patrick Wynn, b. 29 April, 1876. 

Arms — Gu., a cross between four lions rampant arg. 
Crest — A lion rampant arg. holding a dagger of the first. 
MOTTO — Nee parvis sisto. 

Seats — Knightstown, co. Meath; De Bathe, Devon, the birth- 
place of Lord Chief Justice De Bathe, who d. 1262. 


SIR JAMES MICHAEL DE BATHE, of Knightstown, co. 
Meath, assumed that surname in lieu of Bath by R.l/. 22 
Mar. 1793 (great-grandson of Peter Bath, of Drogheda, Ireland, 
and Anne, dau. of John Gibbon, of Dublin), created a Baronet 
11 Aug. 1801; bp. 17 Dec. 1758; d. 22 Feb. 1808, having m. 24 
Jan. 1792, Anna Maria, dau. of William Wynne, Esq.; she d. 20 
Jan. 1796. having had a son, 

the death of his brother. Sir James Butler Wynne, in 
Aug. 1838), K.F.M. of Naples, Ueut.-col. in the army; b. 26 
Dec. 1793; d. 10 Mar. 1870, having m. 18 Nov. 1820, Maiy, 
eldest dau. of Thomas Earle, Esq. of Spekelands, co. Lancaster 
(B.\.RT.): she d. 14 Sept. 1854, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Henry Perceval, 4th and present Baronet. 

(2) Rosia Marv, m. 6 Nov. 1850, to Lieut.-Col. Villiers La Touche 
Hatton, of Clonard, co. Wexford, J.P. D.L. high sheriff 1862/3, 
late grenadier guards, and 2 sous and 2 daus. 

[1] ViUiers HATTON, capt. grenadier guards; b. 8 Oct. 1852. 

[2] WiUiam de Bathe, b. 25 Dec. 1855. 

[3] Rosia Mary. [4] Madeleine Frances. 

Heevey-Bathubst — see Heevey. 





Laurie Emilius (1834, 
U.K.), B.D. vicar of St. 
John's, Paddington, 
since 1867, rector of St. 
George's, Bloomsbury, 
1856/67; s. his father 
as 3rd Baronet in 1871 ; 
b. 16 May, 1823 ; m. 1 
Feb. 1855, Marianne 
Sophia, 3rd dau. of late 
Edward Kice, Esq. of 
Dane Court, Kent, and 
has 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Claude Villiers Emilius, 
lieut. Scottish borderers mil. 
b. 25 Kov. 1855. 

(2) Wilfred Emilius, b. 1 
June, 1859. 

(3) Cecil Emilius, b. 4 Jan. 

(4) Blanche Alice May ; m 
15 April, 1879, to Kev. David 
Andersou,vicarHoly Trinity, 

Twickenham (2nd son Et. Eev. Bp. Anderson, vicar of Clifton). 

Arms— Quarterly, gu. and erminois, on a fesse az. three 

martlets or, in the 1st and 4th quarters a lion rampant arg. 

Crest— On a mount vert, behind a wall arg., a lion rampant 

as in the arms. 

Seat— The Lodge, Shere, Guildford. 

Town House— 14, Hyde Park street, W. 

ISAAC BAILLEUL, or BAYLEY, of Oxney, near Peter- 
borough, and after of Chesterton, Hunts, (grandson of 
Philip de Bailleul, Bailleu, or Bayley, of Whittlesey, Isle of 
Ely; d. 1705, 6, ha'^dng m. four times; his 2nd wife was Esther, 
youngest dau. of Andre Cherban, the Level of Hatfield Chase), 
was bp. 21 April, 1706; d. Aug. 1751, having m. 4 April. 1732, 
Orme. eldest dau. of Henry Bigland, of Long WTiattou, and 
of Frolesworth, Leic. and by her (who was born 9 Oct. 1708, and 
d. 27 ilar. 1766, having m. 2ndly, to Cooi)er Thornhill, Esq. of 
Stilton, Hunts.) he had 5 sons, 

/I/ Edward, D.D. rector of Quinton and Courteenhall, Xorth- 
ants. d. 8 Jan. 1813, aged 79^a^'ing m. thrice ; his last wife 
was Mary, relict of Easton, of Odiham, Hants. ; and 

their grandson, 

John Ardex Bayley, chaplain h.ji. forces; b. 21 Mar. 
1827 ; m. 9 May, 1854, Mary Anne Clara, dau. of Major 
Thomas Champ, 43rd regt. and has a son and 4 daus. — Arden, 
b. 27 July, 1856. — Emma Charlotte Anne. — Adele Wykeham 
Martin.— Harriet Elizabeth. — Clara Sophia. 
121 John, of Elton, Hunts, bp. 1 July, 1736; d. 22 Oct. 1790, 
having m. Sarah Oialf -sister of Mrs. Isaac Bayle}', see below), 
dau. and heir of Eev. White Keuuett, prebendary of Peter- 
borough, and granddau. of White Kennet, bishop of Peter- 
borough ; she d. 25 Oct. 1801, having had -with other issue a 
son, the 

Right Hon. Sir John Bayley, created a Baroxet. 
131 Charles, of Peterborough, merchant, m. Cordelia, dau. of 
Samuel Taylor, of that place. Male issue extinct. 
/4/ Henry, of Uppingham, m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Sly, of 
Standgroxmd, Hunts. Male issue extinct. 
/5/ Isaac, of Market Harborough, clerk of the peace Eutland, 
d. 9 July, 1786, aged 43, having m. 1st, Frances, only child of 
Rev. George Widdowson, rector of Dallington, Sussex ; she 
d. , leaving an only son, Isaac. He m. 2ndly — 

25 May, 1772, Mary, eldest dau. of Edward Bigland, of Froles- 
worth, Leic; she d. 26 April, 1785, having had with 2 daus. 
2 sons, who d. s. p. His eldest son, 

Isaac, capt. 72nd regt.; b. 25 May, 1766; d. 
having m. 5 Sept. 1793, Isabella Fenton, dau. of CJ-en. Stewart, 
of Stenton, Berths ; she d. , having had 4 sons, 

[1] Edward, capt. R.X. b. 13 July, 1794 ; d. s. p. 6 June, 
1830, having m. 

[2] John, comet 90th regt. b. ; d. C April, 1856, 

baring m. 1 June, 1830, his cousin Eleanora, dau. of William 

(ioodall, Esq. of Towcy, Cornwall, and widow of George 

Farr, Esq. of London, merchant ; she d. 6 May, 1844, ha\-ing 

had an only dau. by this marriag, viz. 

Edith Jane Stuart, b. 7 Aug. 1831; d. 7 June, 1876, 

having ni. 19 Oct. 1854, to George Wright Hawks, Esq. of 


[3] Isaac, of Manuel, Stirliugs. W.S. solicitor of supreme 
court, Edinburgh ; b. 6 Aug. 1797 ; d. 15 April, 1873, 
having m. 8 Aug. 1823, Marion Spottiswood, eldest dau. of 
George Husband Baird, principal of the university of Edin- 
burgh ; she d. 7 Dec. 1863, hariug had with other issue 2 
sons and 2 daus. 

(1) George, of Manuel aforesaid, TV.S. ; b. 12 Oct. 1831 ; 
m. 24 Mar. 1863, Ellen Christian, youngest dau. of Walter 
Hunt I^avity, co. Kinross, and has 6 sons and a dau. 

Isaac, b. 3 Jan. 1864.— William, b. 2 Mar. 1865.— George, 
b. 4 Aug. 1866.— Edward Charles, b. 13 Dec. 1867.— 
James Francis, b. 21 July, 1869.— Thomas Elliot, b. 26 
Dec. 1870.— A dau. 

(2) Edward, b. 20 Aug. 1836; m. 11 Oct. 1878, Frances 
Catherine Hamilton, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Holmes. 

(3) Marion Spottiswood, d. 16 Jime, 1879, haring m. 8 
Aug. 1848, to John Hutton Balfour, M.v. ])rofessor of botany 
Edinbirrgh university, and regius keeper royal botanical 
gardens, and has 4 sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ Andrew Francis BALFOUR, lieut. R.X. ; b. 29 May, 
1851.-/2/ Isaac Bayley, Sc. D.M.B. Edinburgh, b. 31 Mar. 
1853.-/3/ John Hutton, b. 20 Nov. 1856.-/4/ George 
Goldio, 1). 11 Nov. 1858. — /5/ Ada Marion Spottiswoode. 
/6/ Madeline Drummond, m. 23 Oct. 1878, to William 
Muir Muirhead, M.u. Assam. 
/7/ Margaret Eliza. — /8/ Harriet Penuel. 

(4) Margaret Husband, vmm. 

[4] William Goodall, mar. and d. s. p. 
"piGHT HON. SIR JOHN BAYLEY, of London, Knt. 
_L\j one of the justices of the court of King's Bench, and a 
baron of the court of exchequer, knighted at the Queen's 
Palace, 11 May, 1808, and created a Baroxet 15 Mar. 1834 ; 
b. 3 Aug. 1763 ; d. 10 Oct. 1841, having m. 20 May, 1790, 
Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Capt. John Markett, of Meopham 
Court Lodge, Kent ; she d. 23 Jan. 1837, having had 3 sons and 
2 daus. 

[1] Sir John Edward George, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] Kcnnett Champain Bavley, rector of Acrise, Kent, and 
rector of Copford, Essex ; b. 13 Oct. 1798; d. 2 June, 1861, 
having m. 23 June, 1831, Charlotte, eldest dau. of James Drake- 
Brockman, of Beachborough, Kent ; she d. 27 Aug. 1860, having 
had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) John, major 16th lancers, formerly capt. 7th hussars; 
b. 22 Sept. 1833; d. s. p. 18 Feb. 1880, having m. 9 June, 1863, 
Juliana Mary Georgiana, only dau. of late Rev. Thomas 
Charles Hyde Leaver, rector of Rockhampton, Glouc. 

(2) George, major 31st foot, b. 27 Jan. 1836. 

(3) Kennett, C.E. b. 31 Oct. 1838; m. 2 Aug. 1864, Louisa 
Jane (B. R.), dau. of Rev. William Bowling, rector of Coshes- 
ton, Pembrokes. and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

Kennett Champain, b. 23 Aug. 1873. — Arthiu- George ami 
Francis Edmund, twins, b. 5 July, 1878. — Louisa. — Eleanor 
Charlotte.— Ethel Evelyn. 

(4) Charlotte, m. 2 April, 1861, to Rev. Charles Alexander 
Baynes, vicar of Wyken and Binley, Warwicks. and has a son, 

Henry Keuuett Bayxes, b. 7 June, 1862. 
[3] Francis, bar.-at-law L.I. judge of the Westminster county 
court; b. 6 Feb. 1803; m. 1st— 31 Aug. 1830, EUzabeth, eldest dau. 
of Alexander Macdonald, Esq. of London; she d. 9 April, 1838. 
He m. 2ndly — 17 April, 1854, Charlotte, dau. of Frederick 
Roulet, of Peseux, near Neuchatel; she d. 15 Dec. 1873. By 
his 1st wife he has a son and dau. 

(1) John Arthur, major 52nd L.L; b. 13 July, 1831; m. 5 June, 
1853, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Sterling, of Belfast. 

(2) Louisa Frances, m. 4 June, 1867, to Eev. Sir George 
Henry Cornewall, Bart. 

[4] Marianne, d. 24 April, 1858, having m. 22 June, 1826, as 
1st wife, to Rev. Henry CUssold, rector of Chelmondiston, 
Suffolk; he d. 1 Jan. 1867, having had a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Henry Bayley Clissold, rector of St. Saviour's, Bath ; 
b. 26 Jime, 1827 ; d. 10 April, 1879, having m. 1st— 2 Jan. 
1861, Adelaide, 3rd dau. of WilUam Hickman, Esq. of Lon- 
don ; she d. , having had a son, 

/!/ Cecil Henry CUssold, b. 7 July, 1868. 
Rev. H. B. Clissold m. 2ndly— 20 April, 1871, Frances 
Elizabeth, dau. of James Baxter, Esq. of Sibdon Castle, Salop, 
and has 2 sons and a dau. 

/2/ Arthur Herbert, b. 12 Mar. 1872. 

/3/ Mortimer Bayley, b. 19 Sept. 1875.-/4/ Ethel Frances. 

(2) EUzabeth Charlotte Marianne. 

(3) Isabella Marianne, m. Dec. 1865, to Peregrine Powell 
Pearl Fenwick, capt. Bombay S.C. who d. 17 May, 1867. 

[5] EUzabeth Magdalen, d. 26 Feb. 1878, aged 83. 

SIR JOHN EDWARD GEORGE, 2nd Baronet ; b. 23 Dec. 
1793; d. 23 Dec. 1871, having m. 1st— 27 Jime, 1822, Char- 
lotte Mary, 2nd dau. of John Minet Fector, Esq. of Kearsney 
Abbey, Kent ; she d. 2 Aug. 1854. He m. 2ndly— 18 Aug. 1855, 
SeUna, dau. of Col. Marlay ; she d. s. p. 15 Jan. 1865. By his 
1st wife he had 2 sons, 

(1) Sir John Robert Laurie Emilius, 3rd and present 

(2) Lyttelton Holyoake, judge high court Bombay ; b. 6 May) 



1827 ; m. 12 May, 1852, Isabel, dau. of Anthony ilactier, of 
Diirris, co. Aberdeen ; she d. 9 April, 1860, having had 2 sons 
and 2 daus. 
/I/ Stanhope Lyttelton Fector, b. 9 Mar. 1858.-/2/ Vernon 
Batthyani Fector, b. 28 Mar. 1860.-/3/ Ella, d. 5 Oct. 1873. 
/4/ Isabel Constance, m. 6 Oct. 1880, to John McAdam 
Gladstone, Esq. youngest son of Thomas Steuart Gladstone, 
Esq. of Capenoch, Dumfries, N.B. (Bart.) 

BAYNES, Sir William John Walter, of 
Harefield Place, Middlesex (1801, U.K.); 
capt. late Duke of Manchester's light horse vols. ; 
s. his father as 3rd Baronet in 1866 ; b. 4 June, 
1820; m. 17 June, 184.5, Margaret, 3rd dau. of 
Daniel Stuart, Esq. of Wykham Park, Oxon. and 
has 7 sons and a dau. 

(1) Christopher "William, b. 14 Sept. 1847; m. 20 June, 1872, 
Amy Ruperta, eldest dau. of late Edward Colston, Esq. of 
Roundway Park, Wilts, and has 2 sons and 2 daus, 

William Edward Colston, b. 23 Feb. 1876.— Ronald Chris- 
topher, b. 12 Nov. 1878.— Christobel Ruperta.- A dau. b. 30 
Sept. 1880. 

(2) Donald Stuart, C.E. b. 17 Sept. 1848; m. 8 June, 1881, 
Annie, 3rd dau. of late Rev. Edward Ravenshaw, rector of 
West Kington, Wilts. 

(3) Roderick Walter, b. 8 May, 1852. 

(4) Malcolm Charles, B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1876, curate of 
Horsham since 1878 ; b. 15 Aug. 1853. 

(5) Gilbert Samuel, lieut. 60th rifles, b. 10 April, 1855. 

(6) Kenneth Schalch, lieut. 79th highlanders, b. 20 Feb. 1857. 

(7) Edward Niel, b. 1 April, 1861. 

(8) Margaret Agnes. 

Arms — Sa., a shin-bone in fesse, surmounted of another in 

pale arg. ; on a canton of the last a vulture ppr. 

CREST — A cubit arm vested az., cufEed enninois, the hand 

holding a jaw-bone arg. 

Supporters — Two savages, wreathed about the temples and 

loins, holding a club over the exterior shoulder, granted by the 

Lyon office 10 June, 1806. 

Motto — Furor arma ministrat. 

Seat— Forest Lodge, West Hill, Putney Heath, S.W. 


CHRISTOPHER BAYNES, of Kilburn and Bilsdale, 
Yorks (of the same stock as the Visitation family 
of Baj-ne, of Middlemore, -W*.it. Yorks.); d. 10, bur. 16 Aug. 
1878, having m. 1st— at Fellsldrk, N.K. Yorks. 20 Oct. 1925, | 
Margaret, widow of his cousin James Baynes, of Rnvensthorp, 
prebendary of Feliskirk aforesaid ; she was bur. at Kilbmn 11 

Oct. 1658, leaving a son, Christopher, d. s. p. He m. 2ndly — 
Elizabeth Dawson ; she was bur. 1 July, 1669, having had a son 
and 4 daus. His great-grandson, viz. — 

Sm CHRISTOPHER, of Harefield Place, iliddx. (only 
surviving son of William Baynes, gentleman of the Privy 
Chamber to George ii. and George hi. by Mary, 2nd dau. 
of Christopher Roberts, of London), comet R.H. guards, major- 
commandant XJxbridge gentlemen and yeomanry cavalry, 
created a Bahoxet 29 June, 1801; b. 6 Aug. 1755 ; d. 16 Mar. 
1837, having m. 1 Mar. 1788, Nanny, dau. of William Gregorj-, 
Esq. of Ryde, i.w.; she d. 5 Dec. 1842, having had 3 sons and 
a dau. 

(1) Sir William, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(2) Walter George, capt. Coldstream guards; b. 22 Nov. 1702; 
d. 27 April, 1847, having m. , 1826, Claudia, dau. of 
Valeri, of Corsica; she d. 30 Aug. 1860, having had 3 sons and 
3 daus. 

[1] Horace Christopher, b. 20 April, 1827 ; m.lst— 
1847, Adele, dau. of Branch], of ; she d. s. p 

1862. He m. 2ndly— , 1863, Adele, dau. of 

Meissonier, of , s. p. 

[2] Alfred Donald, b. 21 Feb. 1828 ; m. , 1864, Theresa) 

dau. of Rora, of , and has a son and dau. 

(1) Donald Walter Horace, b. 5 May, 1868. 

(2) Enid Mary Seraphina. 

[3] WilUam Claudio, b. 4 Nov. 1830 ; m. 17 Nov. 1853, 
Antonia, dau. of Signor Adrian AUessandrini, and has a son 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Walter Donald b. 6 June, 1856. 

(2) Georgina, b. 12 Oct. 1858. 

(3) Claudina, b. 30 June, 1862. 

[4] Valeria, m. , 1864, to Comte Titus Compagnoni, 

and has a son and dau. — Pompey, b. 11 Sept. 1866. — Claudina 


[5] Madeleine, b. , 1867, to Cavalier Antehno Severini, 

and has— Elno, b. 8 Sept. 1868. 

[6] Annette, m. , 1872, to Comte Augusto Caccialupi 

01i\-ieri, and has — George, b. 8 Feb. 1873, and Marius, b. 24 

April, 1874. 

(3) Donald Christopher, in H.O. formerly an officer in the 62nd 
regt. ; b. 4 Nov. 1807 ; m. 27 July, 1830, Anne Maria, yomigest 
dau. of Henry Boulton, Esq. of Moultou, Line. s. p. 

(4) Marj', d. s. p. 17 Jan. 1856, having m. in 1836, to her 
cousin, John Wingfield Shawe, Esq. who d. 3 Mar. 1854. 

SIR WILLIAM, 2nd Baronet, e.I.C.s. ; b. 28 Nov. 1780; d. 
1 Jan. 1866, having m. 14 Dec. 1815, Julia, 4th dau. of 
Gen. Sir John Smith, R.A.; she d. 21 Jan. 1881, having had 
3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir William John Walter, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Walter Francis, b. 16 Dec. 1823 ; m. 22 Sept. 1853, Amelia 
Sarah, yoimgest dau. of late William Malton, Esq. of London, 
and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Walter Malton, b. 31 Aug. 1854.— Nigel WiUiam Francis, 
b. 21 Mar. 1878.— Amy Helen.— Ethel Frances. 

(3) Charles Christopher, late of hon. corps of gentlemen-at- 
arms ; b. 10 Dec. 1829. 

(4) Julia, m. 3 Dec. 1850, to John Christian Cowley, Esq. of 
London, and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ John Herbert Baynes COWLEY, b. 23 Dec. 1859.-/2/ 

Frederick Hamilton, b. 7 Sept. 1857.-/3/ Arthiur Francis, b. 

21 Nov. 1858. 

/4/ Edith Julia, m. 25 Nov. 1878, to; Major Edward Boyle, 

army pay dept. late 96th regt. 

/5/ Alice JIargaret Emma, m. 12 Oct. 1880, to Lindsay, 

younger son of William Hogg, Esq. of London. 

(5) Charlotte Helen, m. 4 Aug. 1868, to Sir Richard Mounteney 
Jephson, 2nd Bart, who d. s. p. 29 June, 1870. 

(6) Mary Anne Louisa, m. 8 Sept. 1857, to Major-Gen. Thomas 
de Courcy Hamilton, v.c. late lieut.-col. 64th regt. K.l.h. (B. 
KiSGSALE), and has issue 4 sons and 3 daus. 

Claude de Coiurcy Hamilton-, b. 23 Sept. 1861.— Roger 
Baynes, b. 26 May, 1863.— Sidney "Whitmore, b. 9 June, 1866. 
—Ernest Richard, b. 29 Sept. 1868. — Charlotte Annie- 
Florence.— Gwendoline Louisa. 




BAZLEY, Sir Thomas, of Tolmers, Herts, and 
Hatherop, co. Gloucester, Baronet of the 
United Kingdom, so created 30 Not. 1869, officer of 
the legion of honour, president of the Manchester 
chamber of commerce 1845 59, served as a royal 
commissioner for the Exhibition of 1851, M.P. Man- 
chester 1858 80, "late father of the house of com- 
mons" ; b. 27 May, 1797; m. 2 June, 1828, Mary 
Maria Sarah, 2nd dan. of Sebastian Nash, Esq. of 
Clayton, Lancaster, and has an only son, 

[1] Thomas Sebastian, JI.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. D.L. for Glou- 
cester, J.P.; b. 30 April, 1829 ; m. 1 Xov. 1855, Elizabeth, 2nd 
dau. of Robert Gardner, Esq. of Chaseley, co. Lane, and has 
a son and 5 daus. 

(1) Gardner Sebastian, b. 14 Oct. 1863. 

(2) Elizabeth Mary. (3) Annie CaroUne. 

(4) Frances Annette Ellen. 

(5) Jessie Marion Atkinson. (6) Lucy Maud Mary. 

Arms— Per pale az. and sa., a bee volant or between three 
fleurs-de-lis arg. 

Crest— A cubit arm ppr. charged -n-ith a bee as in the arms, 
the hand holding a chapeau gu., turned up or, the whole be- 
tween two branches of oak ppr. 
Motto — Finem respice. 
Seat— Eyford Park, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glouc. 


THOMAS BAZLEY, of Bolton, co. Lane. ; b. 15 Jan. 1774 ; 
d. 6 June, 1845, having m. 10 July, 1796, Anne, dau. of 
Caleb Hilton, of Honvich, near Bolton-le-Moors; she d. 23 
Kov. 1834. having bad with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Thomas, created a Baroxet 30 Xov. 1868. 

(2) Robert, of Manchester, b. ; d. 1845, having 
m. 2 Oct. 1 837, Lucy, dau. of John Kenworthy, Esq. of Peel Hall, 
Lancaster, j.p. and had with other issue a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Charles Henry, J.p. Lane. b. 27 June, 1838 ; m. 10 Aug. 
1870, Alice Elizabeth, only dau. of EUas Doming, of Man- 
chester, C.E. and has 3 sons and a dau. 

Robert, b. 2 May, 1871.— Francis Howarth, b. 28 Jan. 1876. 
—Harold Doming, b. 30 April, 1877.— Constance Mary. 

(2) Lucy Anne, m. 10 Feb. 1863, to John Robert, eldest son 
of late John Grimston, of Keswick, Yorks. capt. late 29th 
foci OVlLMOT). 

(3) E<lith, m. 5 Oct. 1864, to Thomas, 3rd son of Hugh Daw- 
son, of Preston. 

(3) Martha. 

Hicks-Beach — see Hicks. 

BEAUCHAMP, Sir Eegln'Ald William Proc- 
tor, of Langley Park, Norfolk (1744/5, G.B.), 
lieut. (p.w.o.) Norfolk art. mil. ; s. his father as 
5th Baronet in 1874; b. 23 April, 1853; m. 7 June, 
1880, Lady Violet Charlotte Julia Maria Jocelyn, 
only child of John Strange, 5th Earl Roden, and 
has a dau. b. 4 April, 1881 : heir presumptive, his 
brother Granville. 

Arms — Arg. a chevron sa. between three martlets gu. 
Crest — On a mount vert a pied greyhound sejant ppr. col- 
lared or. 

MOTTO^Toujours fidele. 
Seat— Langley Park, Norwich. 


EPHRAIM BEAUCHAMP, of Hertford and of White Hall, 
Tottenham, citizen and mason of London, governor of 
Christchurch, Bethlehem, and Bridewell hospitals; d. 16 Sept. 
1728, aged 68, leaving by his 2nd u-ife Letitia, dau. of John 
Coppen, Esq. of Pulox Hiil, Beds, (she d. 16 Mar. 1739,40), an 
only son, 

THOMAS, killed by a fall from his horse at Epsom in his 
father's lifetime, !»<i was bm-. 23 June, 1724, having m. 
Anne, dau. of William Proctor, of Epsom ; she bur. 20 April, 

1745. having had with 3 daus. an only son, 

io together with the arms he assumed in addition to his 
own pursuant to the -nill of his uncle, George Proctor, Esq. 
by act of parliament, 18 GEO. II. ; was created a Baroxet 
20 Feb. 1744/5, col. of a battalion of Middx. militia 1769, 
knighted at St. James's 23 Mar. 1761, M.P. Middlesex 1747 68, a 
commissioner of the heutenaucy for city of Lonilon; bp. 11 
May, 172'2; d. at Langley Park 16 Sept. 1773, having m. 1st— 

1746, Jane, dau. of Christopher Tower, Esq. of Huntsmore, 
Bucks, and had ^vith 2 daus. 3 sons, of whom the eldest, 

Sir Thomas Beauchamp-Proctor, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
SIR WILLIAM m. 2ndly— 13 May, 1762, Letitia, eldest dau. 
and coheir of Henry Johnson, Esq. of Great Berkhampstead, 
Herts, and had issue, of whom the only son to survive was 

hampton, Glouc. b. 9 April, 1769; d. 9 May, 1806, 
having m. June, 1790, Frances Mary, dau. and coheir of Rev. 
William Davie, prebendary of Exeter, and vicar of Axminster, 
and niece of Sir John Davie, Bart, (ext.); she d. 30 July, 1844, 
having had with other issue 5 sons, 

[1] William Henry Johnson Beauchamp, rector of Monks 
Risborough, Bucks, b. 28 July 1793; d. 31 Aug. 1868, having 
m. 16 Oct. 1821, Catherine, only dau. of Rev. Robert Vernon, 
rector of Heythrop, Oxon.; she d. 31 Aug. 1868, having had 4 
sons and 6 daus. 

(1) William Henry Vernon, b. 17 Dec. 1824; d. 29 May, 

(2) George Christopher Proctor-Beauchanip, curate of Chil- ' 
ton Foliatt, Berks, a twin with William; b. 17 Dec. 1824; 
m. 24 Jan. 1866, Alice Maria, yoimgest dau. and coheir of 
Edward Legh, Esq. of Lexrisham and Newington next Sit- 
tingboume, Kent, and has a son and dau. 

Charles Legh Proctor, b. 18 July, 1868.— Alice Ethel. 

(3) Charles Davie Beauchamp. b. 14 Oct. 1826; unm. 

(4) Willoughby James Beauchamp, b. 25 Feb. 1828; d. 6 
Mar. 1874, having m. 30 July, 1862, Elizabeth Maria, elder 



dau. of Rev. Isaac King, M.A. rector of Bradenham, Bucks. 

and had 3 sons and 3 daus. 
WiUoughby George, b. 1 Aug. 1864.— Henry King, b. 12 
Dec. 1866.— Vernon Francis, b. 26 Nov. 1869.— Edith Eliza- 
beth.— Katherine.— Ellen Mary. 

(5) Letitia Mary. 

(6) Katherine Agneta Penelope, m. 28 July, 1853, to Trevor 
Cotton Bird, lieut.-col. Madras army; he d. s.p. 8 Sept. 1871. 

(7) Frances Margaret, m. 25 Sept. 1861, to Rev. Gteorge 
Sketchley Ffinden, vicar of Downe, Kent, and domestic 
chaplain to Lord Carrington, and has a son and 2 daus. 

George Constantine Frederick Alexander Sketchley FFIN- 
DEN, b. 26 Mar. 1866. — Constance Caroline Georgina 
Sketchley.— Hermione Margaretta Dorothy Sketchley. 

(8) Sophia Elizabeth, m. 6 Nov. 1861, to Rev. Edward 
Duncan Hall, rector of Coin St. Denis, Glouc. ; he d. 5 June, 
1875, having had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

Henry William HAiL, b. 28 Feb. 1865.— Edward George, b. 
15 May, 1866.— Charles Beauchamp, b. 15 Sept. 1869.— 
Katherine Charlotte. — Agneta Frances.— Amabel. — Sophia 

(9) Julia Isabella. (10) Georgiana Mary. 

[2] Joseph Sidney Beauchamp, of Hurst, Berks, a clerk in the 
treasury; b. 2 Oct. 1797 ; d. 18 Mar. 1871, having m. 20 May, 
1847, his cousin Louisa, dau. of George Edward Beauchamp 
Proctor, Esq. of the Priory, and has 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sydney Charles Beauchamp, rector of Little Lawer, 
Essex, 1878, Hampton, Oxon. 1876/8; b. 14 Mar. 1848. 

(2) Robert Halhed, b. 13 Aug. 1850. 

(3) Edward Barnard, b. 22 Nov. 1851. (4) Louisa Marj'. 

(5) Ellen Frances, m. 13 Sept. 1881, to Thomas Bertram 
Udall, of Queen's CoU. Oxon. M.A. and of Newcastle-under- 
Lyme, bar.-at-law. 

(6) Georgiana Agneta Geraldine. (7) Agneta Harriet. 
[3] Charles Eustace, lieut. R.A. b. 30 Dec. 1799; d. 26 Jan. 
1861, having m. 3 June, 1846, Charlotte, dau. of Joseph Tom- 
linson, Esq. of Elmley Lovett, Wore, and has a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Arthur James, solicitor, b. 20 Aug. 1852. 

(2) Mary Charlotte. (3) Letitia. 

[4] Mam-ice Beauchamp, formerly capt. Indian amiy, b. 27 

July, 1801 ; d. , having m. , Elizabeth, 

dau. of Pitcher, Esq. ; she d. 1837, having had a son, 

Fitzmaurice, lieut.-col. 7th fusiliers 1881; b. 1837; m. 

18 Oct. 1866, Liza, youngest dau. of R Coare Kingsford, 

Esq. of Seaton, s. p. 
[5] James Beauchamp, rector of CroweU and vicar of Shirbm-n, 
Oxon. 1830/74 ; b. 1 July, 1804 ; m. 2 Oct. 1833, his cousin, Mar- 
garet Sophia, dau. of Thomas, and sister of Sir George Beau- 
mont, Bart, and has 3 daus. 

Frances Bridget.— Mary Letitia. — Margaret Agneta. 

high sheriff Norfolk 1780; b. 29 Sept. 1756 ; d. 29 June, 
1827, having m. 5 Mar. 1778, Mary, 2nd dau. of Robert Palmer, 
Esq. of Sonning, Berks; she d. 25 Dec. 1847, having had with 
o daus. 5 sons, 

[1] Sir William Beauchamp-Proctor, 3rd Baronet. 
[2] George Edward Beauchamp-Proctor (commonly called 
Beauchamp), of The Priory, Hants, b. 23 July, 1785; d. 21 
Dec. 1868, having m. 23 July, 1808, Louisa Ellen, dau. of Robert 
William Halhed, Esq. of The Priory, Stratfieldsaye, Hants.; 
she d. 18 May, 1849, having had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) George Thomas Beauchamp, Madras C.S.; b. 28 Sept. 
1812 ; m. 2 May, 1833, Hester Maria Fredericka, dau. of 
Thomas Daniel, Esq. of Hanningfield, Essex, and Madras C.S. 
and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ George Edward Hemy, Ueut.-col. Madras army, super- 
intendent of Cannanore central gaol ; b. 21 Mar. 1834 ; m. 
15 Nov. 1866, Emily, dau. of Henry Wood, Esq. Madras C.S. 
and has 3 daus. 

Louisa Mary C . — Alice Kaye. — Bertha. 

/2/ Halhed Scott, b. 31 Oct. 1849 ; m. 15 Jan. 1872, Flo- 
rence, dau. of Rev. Richard Rumsey, of Preston, Sussex, 
and has 3 daus. 
Florence Anne Frederica. — Lilian Lucy Stephenson Mer- 
sey. — Mary Beatrice. 
/3/ Mary Ellen. /4/ Emma Bruce. /5/ Anna Maria. 

(2) Robert William Beauchamp, rector of Wickmere, Nor- 
folk ; b. 28 Oct. 1813 ; m. 28 Sept. 1839, AUcia, dau. of Capt. 
Pearson, E.l.c. naval service, s. p. 

(3) Edward Halhed Beauchamp, capt. R.X. b. 23 May, 1815 ; 
m. 28 Mar. 1848, Anna Maria Louisa, elder dau. of Nathaniel 
John Halhed, Esq. E.I.c.S. and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

Edward Hayes, b. 19 Oct. 1852.— Herbert Lloyd, b.lO Sept. 
1854. — Francis Arthur, b. 16 Nov. 1857. — Annie Louisa. — 
AUce Emily. — Constance Isabella. 

(4) Henry Champion Beauchamp, b. 8 Aug. 1827 ; m. 2 
April, 1857, Maria Louisa, dau. of Thomas Carter, of London; 
she d. 24 July, 1875, having had 2 sons and 3 daus 

/I/ Henry Herman Edward, b. 16 April, 1861 ; d. 24 July, 
1879.-/2/ James Lloyd Holjart, b. 21 Sept. 1862. 
/3/ Laiura Louise, m. 6 Jan. 1881, to Nicolai Alexander, 
2nd son of Nicolai Andreas Pychlan, Esq. of Riga, Russia. 
/4/ Amy Florence, d. 5 Feb. 1880. — /5/ Georgiana Mary. 

(5) Georgiana, m. 1st— 20 April, 1840, to Edward Lloyd Ed- 
wards, Esq. of Cerrig Llwydion, co. Denbigh ; he d. 6 Mar. 
1861. (She re-m. 30 May, 1865, as 2nd ^vife, to William 
Hastings Martin-Atkins, Esq. of Farley Castle, Berks, who 
d. 28 July, 1881.) By her 1st husband she had an only dau. 

Louisa Janette Anne Edwards, m. 12 May, 1863, as 2nd 

^^•ife, to Richard Meredyth Richards, of Caerynwch, !Me- 
rioneth ; he d. 4 Nov. 1873, having had 3 sons and 2 daus. 
Richard Edward Lloyd RICHARDS, b. 11 Aug. 1865.— 
Henry Meredyth, b. 30 Jan. 1873.— Charles Herbert, b. 20 
Aug. 1873. — Lilla Georgina Harriet. — Emily Louisa. 

(6) EUen, m. 10 Sept. 1844, to Rev. Sir John Warren Hayes 

(7) Louisa, m. to her cousin Joseph Sidney Beauchamp, Esq. 

<^8) Laura, m. 14 Nov. 1850, to Rev. James WaUer Bird, 
rector of Foulsham, Norfolk ; he d. 20 Feb. 1876, leaving 10 
George Edward Godfrey Waller Bird, b. 8 July, 1857.— 
Richard Sidney, b. 12 June, 1859.— Henry Palmer, b. 23 
Feb. 1862. — Robert Waller, b 11 Nov. 1864. — Edward 
Roimd, b. 27 Dec. 1866. — Margaret Ellen.— Emily Frances. 
— Belinda Louisa, — Ellen Georgiana Merceron. — Louisa 
Blanche Louisa Ridley. 
[3] Robert, capt. Madras art. b. 1 April, 1787 ; d. 23 May 1813. 
[4] Thomas William Henry, rector of Buckenham and Hassing- 
ham, Norfolk, b. 11 June, 1790 ; d. 9 May, 1863. 
[5] Richard Beauchamp, lieut.-col. in the army, col. grenadier 
guards, and 16th lancers; b. 30 Jan. 1793; d. 11 Aug. 1850, 
having m. 4 Oct. 1828, Sophia Dorothea, youngest dau. of 
Benjamin Ball, Esq. of Fort Fergus, co. Clare ; she d. 16 Oct. 
1878, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Richard Hawkins, J.P. co. Clare; b. 27 July, 1829. 

(2) Francis Gusta\'us, 7th fusiUers ; b. 13 Dec. 1836 ; died 
before Sebastopol 1855. 

(3) Emily, m. 20 June, 1865, to Peter Denis Browne, Esq. 
(M. Sligo). 

(4) Henrietta Annette. 

adm. R.S.; b. 14 Oct. 1781; d. 14 Mar. 1861, having m. 
20 May, 1812. Anne, dau. of Thomas Gregory, Esq. and heir 
to her uncle Thomas Brograve, Esq. ; she d. 6 Feb. 1859, having 
had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

[1] Sir Thomas William Brograve Proctor-Beau- 
champ, s. as 4th Baronet. 

[2] William Henry Beauchamp, rector of Chedgrave, and 
incumbent of Langley, Norfolk, b. 16 Mar. 1818 ; d. 19 Mar. 

1853, having m. 31 Dec. 1845, Augusta, dau. of J G 
Arnold, m.d. of Stamford; she d. 21 Mar. 1881, having had 2 
sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Edward Beauchamp, b. 12 April, 1849 ; m. 20 July, 1875, 
Frances Mary, eldest dau. of James Stephen, Esq. ll.d. 
county court judge for circuit 17, and has had a son and dau. 

Arthur Sholto, b. 28 Feb. 1880; d. 29 Dec. following.— 
Mary Esme Frances Nevill Augusta. 

(2) Henry Woodrooffe Beauchamp, in n.o. b. 25 Dec. 1861; 
m. 29 Aug. 1876, Katherine, only child of Rev. Charles 
Snell, rector of Oulton, Suffolk (Dash WOOD— Bart.), and has 
a son. 

Ronald Cbai-les William, b. 23 July, 1877. 

(3) Alice Anne. 

(4) Emily Jane, d. 17 April, 1879, having m. 21 June, 1877, to 
Joseph Henry Schroder, Esq. 

1.3] Robert, lieut. R.N. 1833/6; b. 16 Oct. 1819; m. 14 Jime, 

1854, Elizabeth Beatrice, dau. of Henry Symons, M.D. formerly 
of St. Germans, Cornwall, and has 7 sons and 2 daus. 

WilUam Penn, b. 5 Feb. 1857.— George Fox, b. 4 Sept. 1859.— 

Walter Mannering, b. 20 Sept. 1861.— Robert Ephraim, b. 4 

April, 1865.— Cecil Brograve, b. 130 Aug. 1867.— Frank Skip- 

with, b. 6 Sept. 1871.— Reginald Percy, b. 19 May, 1873.— 

LeUa Merino. — Laura Gertrude. 

[4] Mary Anne, m. 18 Oct. 1843, to John JoceljTi Ffoulkes, 

Esq. of Eriviatt, co. Denbigh, major royal Denbigh rifles, high 

sheriff 1858, and has 6 daus. 

(1) Cecilia Mary Ffoulkes. (2) Edith Caroline. 

(3) Agnes EUzabeth, m. 27 Api-il, 1880, to George Low, 
Esq. W.S. 

(4) Helena Margaret.— (5) Adela Frances.— (6) Constance 

[5] Harriet EUzabeth, m. 3 Nov. 1840, to Prideaux Selby, Esq. 
of Pawston, N.B.; he d. 5 April, 1872, leaving 4 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Beauchamp Prideaux Selist, of Pawston, Northumber- 
land, bar.-at-law I.T. 1868; b. 23 Aug. 1841; m. 9 Aug. 1881, 
Frances, youngest dau. of Joseph Pocklington-Senhouse, Esq. 
of Nether Hall, and Barrow House, Cumberland. 

(2) William Henry Collingwood, com. R.N. b. 22 Sept. 1842, 
m. 27 Jime, 1872, Rose Alice, yoimgest dau. of Robert Clut- 
terbuck, Esq. of Watford House, Herts, and has a son and 2 

(1) Prideaux Robert Selby, b. 9 April, 1873. 

(2) Alice Mary. (3) Dorothy MurieL 

(3) Prideaux G , b. 16 Sept. 1844. 

(4) Oliver, b. 13 May, 1850; m. 12 April, 1875, Victoria 
CordeUa, dau. of de Lisle, Esq. of Montreal, and has 
2 sons. 

(5) Edith H m. Jan. 1872, to H A 
Campbell, Esq. of 

(6) Maud, E. (7) Evelyn. 

(8) Gertrude. (9) Beatrice M 

[6] Caroline, m. 18 Mar. 1852, to Harry Spencer Waddington, 
Esq. of Caverham Hall, Suffolk, and has 4 sons and 6 daus. 
Spencer Beauchamp Waddington, b. 30 Dec. 1854.— Harry 
Milns, b. 22 Oct. 1858.— Gerald Rodes,b. 15 Dec. 1859.— Alfred 
Milnes, b. 12 Dec. I860.— Rachel Caroline.— Ethel Mary.— Amy 
Harriet,— Gertrude :Maud,— Eva ^Marion. — Dora May. 



[7] Jane Frances, m. 31 May, 18S4, to Rev. Henry Alfred Bar- 
ret, rector of Chetlgrave, and vicar of Langley, Norfolk, and 
has 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Lennard Barkett, lieut. B.A. b. 23 May, 1856; m. 14 
July, 1881, Mary Anne, elder dau. of Lieut.-Col. Charles 
Robert llobart (E. BUCKINGH.VMSHIRE.) 

(2) Dacre Lennard, lieut. r.m.L.I. b. 11 Sept. 1858.— (3) 
Henry Wilson Lennard, b. 21 Mar. 1864.— (4) Sidney Lennard, 
b. 22 bee. 18G8.— (5) Francos Anne, m. 31 May, 1881, to Bev. 
Arthur Wace, rector of Haddiscoe. 

CHAMP, 4th Baronet, R.H. guards, having transposed the 
two latter names by R.I,. 9 July, 1862, high sheriff of Norfolk 
1869; b. 2 July, 1815; d. 7 Oct. 1874, having m. 15 June, 1852, 
Hon. Catherine Esther Waldegrave, youngest dau. of Granville 
George, 2nd Lord Radstock, and had 5 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Reginald William, 5th and present Baronet. 

(2) Granville I'elham, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy; b. 20 Aug. 1855. 

(3) Horace George, lieut. 20th hussars, late 46th regt. ; b. 

(4) Montagu Harrj-, b. 1861. 

(5) Algernon, b. 2 April, 1867; d. 6 Mar. 1879. 

(6) Ida Caroline. 

(7) Hilda, ) .„. , 

(8) Constance,) '^^'°^- (9) Maude. 




George How- 
of Cole Orton 
CO. Leicester 
E.), in direct 
descent from 
Lord Beaumont, 
constable of England 
12 Edw. IL and his 
wife Eleanor, 5th dau. 
of Henry Plantaganet, 
Earl of Lancaster, 
grandson of Hen. III. ; 
s. his father as 9th 
Baronet in 1845; b. 12 
Sept. 1828; m. 1st— 4 
June, 1850, his cousin Paulina Menzies, .3rd dau. 
of W. Hallows Belli, Esq. e.i.c.s. and niece of Most 
Rev. William Howley, d.d. archbishop of Canter- 
bury ; she d. 9 Dec. 1870. He m. 2ndly— 4 April, 
1872, Octavia Willoughby, "daughter" of Digby, 
Lord Middleton, and widow of John Richard Smyth 
Wallis, Esq. of Drishane Castle, co. Cork. By his 
Ist wife he had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) George Howland William, capt. R.n.A. b. 10 Mar. 1851 ; 
m. 24 Feb. 1880, Lillie EUen, 2nd dau. of Col. George Ayton 
Craster, H.K. and has a son, b. 18 Jan. 1881. 

(2) Frederick Louis Maureward, b. 17 June, 1862. 

(3) Henry Cecil Charles, b. 24 April, 1864. 

(4) Lina Mary llowley, m. 19 Oct. 187G, to Gawen Willim 
Rowan-Hamilton, Esq. of Killyleagh Castle, co. Down, j.p. 
U.I,, higli sheriff 1875, major North Down mil., late capt. 
7th dragoon guards, and has a son and dau. 

Archibald ROWAN-HAMILTON, b. 30 Sept. 1877.— Orfla 

Arms — Az., semie of fleurs-de-lis, and a lion rampant or. 

Crest— On a chajjeau az.semee of fleurs-de-lis turned upenn., 

a lion passant or. 

Motto— Erectus non elatus. 

Skat— Cole Orton Hall, Ashby-de-la Zouch, Leicestershire. 

Tow.N House— 99, Eaton Place, s.w. 


SIR HENRY DE BEAUMONT received, 1 ET)W. II. a grant 
from the King of the barony of Folkingliam in Lincoln- 
shire (lately of Gilbert de GantJ, who was summoned to par- 
haineiit, 2 El>w. II. to 6 El>W. III. as a Baron ami 7 to 18 
Edw. III. as Earl of Buchan, in right of his wife.' HLs brother 
Lewis de Beaumont, was made BLsliop of Durham 1317 and 

his sister Isabel married to Sir John de Vesci, Baron of Aln- 
wick. In 5 Enw. II. Sir Henry had a grant for life of the Isle of 
Man, in which grant and in other public documents he is called 
the King's cousin. Robert de Greystanes, sub-prior of Durham, 
a contemporary of the bishop, speaks of the nobility which the 
latter derived from the Kings of France and Sicily. Froissart 
calls Sir Henry " son of the Viscount Beaumont of England." 
There can be little doubt that he was derived from the Vis- 
counts of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe in Maine, but his parentage is 
not clearly ascertained. He m. Alice, dau. of Alexander 
Comyn, niece and heir of John Comyn, Earl of Buchan, in 
Scotland, and in 6 EDW. II. did homage for the manor of 
Whitwicke, Leic. and divers other lands of her inheritance ; 
was heir of his sLster Isabella, widow of Sir John de Vesci, 
of Alnwick, who d. 8 Edw. III. being aged 50 at her death. 
Sir Henry d. 1340, leaving 2 sons and 2 daus. His son, 
TOHN, LORD BEAUMONT, constable of England 12 EDW. 
fj II. served in the wars in Flanders and Scotland, had 
summons to parliament 1432, in which year he died; he m. 
Eleanor, 5th dau. of Henry Plantaganet, Earl of Lancaster, 
grandson of HENRY III. (She re-m. to Richard Fitzalan, Earl 
of Arundel); she d. 1375. His grandson, 
yOHN, LORD BEAUMONT, K.R. (son of Henry, Lord Beau- 
rj mont, by Margaret, dau. of John de Vere, Earl of Oxford), 
adm. of the king's fleet northwards, and a warden of the Scotch 
marches, served in the French wars, governor of Cherbourg 
Castle, constable of Dover Castle, warden of the Cinque ports, 
summoned to parliament 7 to 18 RICH. II.; he m. 1st, Catha- 
rine, dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Everingham, of Laxton, Knt. 
He m. 2n<lly, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Mowbray, Earl Mar- 
shall, and widow 'of Nicholas, Lord Audley, of Heleigh; she 
re-m. to Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk. By his 1st wife 
he had 3 soas, 

(1) Henry, d. 1413; m. Elizabeth, dau. of William, Lord Wil- 
loughby, and was father of 

Sir John, created ViscoUNT BEAUMONT. 

(2) Thomas, lord of BaskerviUe, capt. of GalHarde; m. Phil- 
lippe, dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Maureward, Knt. 1458, an- 
cestor of 

Sir Thomas Beaumont, created a Baronet 21 Feb. 

(3) Richard. 

SIR THOMAS BEAUMONT (grandson of Sir Thomas Beau- 
mont, Knt, by Catherine, dau. and heir of Thomas Farn- 
ham, Esq. of Stoughton Grange, Leic.) was created a Baronet 
21 Feb. 1660/1 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Sir Nicholas 
Trott, of (Juickswood, Herts. His descendant in the 4th 

THOMAS BEAUMONT, of Buckland, Surrey, b. ; 

bur. 3 Feb. 1818, having m. 29 Jan. 1799, Bridget, }'oungest 
dau. and coheir of Rev. William Davie, prebendary of Exeter 
and vicar of Axminster, niece of Sir John Davie, Bart, (ext.) ; 
she d. 16 April, 1842, leaving 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir George Rowland, s. as 8th Baronet. 

(2) WilliamFrancisBertie,of Buckland.bp.23 0ct. 1808; d.lO 
bur. 22 Mar. 1837, having m. 30 May, 1833, Frances Mary Caro- 
line, dau. of John Smith, Esq. of Bury St. Edmunds; she d. 30 
July, 1834, leaving an only child, 

Francis Henry, of Buckland, b. 1 April, 1834; m. 1 July, 
1856, Mary Emily, 3rd dau. of Evan Baillie, Esq. of Dochfour, 
N.B. and Lady Georgiana Montagu, and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Francis Montagu, b. 27 Sept. 1857. — Spencer William 

Montagu, R.N. h. 3 July, 1864. — Beatrice CaroUne. — Mary 

Georgiana. — Hilda Augusta Katharine. 

(3) Mary Anne Bridget. 

(4) Margaret Sophia, m. 2 Oct. 1833, to her cousin. Rev. James 
Beauchamp, rector of Crowell, Oxon. 1830/74. (BART.) 

(on the death of his cousin. Sir George, 1827) ; b. 16 Dec. 
1799; d. 7 June, 1845, h.iving m. 16 June, 1825, Mary Anne, 
eldest dau. of Most Rev. William Howley, D.D. archbishop of 
Canterbury ; she d. 15 Feb. 1835, having had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir George Howland, 9th and present Baronet. 

(2) William Beresford , rector of Cole Orton, and rural dean 
of West Akeley ; b. 13 Mar. 1831 ; m. 1st— 13 Dec 1860, Julia, 
youngest dau. of Charles Soames, Esq. of Coles, Herts ; she d. 
s. p. . Hem. 2ndly— 9 Jan. 1868,ElizabetIi Mary, 
dau. of Rev. Samuel Hurry Alderson, of Risby, Suffolk, s. p. 

(3) Constance Mary, m. 6 July, 1852, to William Unwin Hej'- 
gate, Esq. of Maplewell, Leic. (Bart.) 

Wrtxon-Becher— sec Wrtxon. 



"DECKETT, Sir Ed- 
-^ MUND (1813, U.K.), 
LL.D. Cantab. Q.C. 1854 
chancellor and vicar- 
gen, of York 1877 ; s. his 
father as 5th Baronet in 
1874; b. 12 May, 1816; 
m, 7 Oct. 1845, Fanny 
Catharine, dau. of Eight 
Kev. John Lonsdale, 
bishop of Lichfield; heir 
presumptive, his brother 

Arms — Gu., a fesse between three boars' heads erminois. 

Crest— A boar's head couped or, pierced by a cross pat^e 

fitcb^e erect sa. 

Motto — Prodesse Civibus. 

Seat— Batch Wood, St. Albans. 

TOWN House— 33, Queen Anne Street, W. 


SIR JOHN BECKETT, of Leeds, Yorks. J.P. W.R. and of 
Somerby Park, Line, [grandson of Gervase (son of Daniel) 
Beckett, of Barnsley, and his wife, Eleanor, dau. of Jonas 
Clarke, of the same place], mayor of Leeds, and created a 
Baronet 2 Nov. 1813 ; b. 30 April, 1743 ; d. 18 Sept. 1826 (bur. 
in the choir of Leeds parish church), having m. 3 Mar. 1774, 
Mary, dau. of Right Rev. Christopher Wilson, D.D. bishop of 
Bristol ; she d. 21 Feb. 1833, having had with other issue 8 sons 
and a dau. 

(1) Right Hon. Sir John, 2nd Baronet, P.c. under-sec. of 
state, M.P. Cockermouth 1820/1, Hazlemere 1826/32, and Leeds 
1835/7, bar.-at-law and bencher, judge-advocate-gen. ; b. 17 
May, 1775 ; d. s. p. 31 May, 1847, having m. 20 Jan. 1817, Lady 
Anne Lowther, dau of William, Earl of Lonsdale, K.G. ; she d. 
8 Nov. 1871. 

(2) Christopher, of Leeds, banker, b. 26 Jan. 1777 ; d. 5 Mar. 
1847, s. p. 

(3) Sir Thomas, 3rd Baronet, b. 1 Jan. 1779; d. 17 Nov. 
1872, having m. 3 Mar. 1825, his cousin Caroline, dau. of Joseph 
Beckett, Esq. of Barnsley; she d. 22 Jan. 1878, aged 91, having 
had 2 daus. 

(1) Mary. 

(2) Elizabeth, m. 17 Mar. 1853, to Sir Henry Hickman Bacon, 
Bart, who d. 14 Nov. 1872, leaving issue. 

(4) Richard, brigadier-major, capt. Coldstream guards; b. 18 
June, 1782 ; slain at the battle of Talavera 28 July, 1809. 

(5) William, of Leeds, banker, m.p. 1841/52 ; b. 3 Mar. 1784 ; d. 
26 Jan. 1863, s. p. having m. 20 Nov. 1841, Frances Adelina, 
sister of Hugo Meynell-Ingram, Esq. of Temple-Newsam, 

(6) Sir Edmund, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(7) Henry, b. 11 April, 1791; d. at Bordentown, New Jersey, 
11 Sept. 1871, having m. , Mary, dau. of James Lyle, 
of Philadelphia, merchant, and granddau. of James Hamilton, 
colonial gov. of Pennsylvania, and had with other issue an only 

Hamilton, b. 15 Oct. 1829; m. 14 Dec. 1854, Hon. Sophia 
Clarence Copley, 3rd dau. and coheir of John, Lord Lynd- 
hurst (ext.), and has a son and dau. 
/I/ Henry Lyndh^st, b. 8 April, 1857. 

/2/ Constance Mary, m. 10 Feb. 1880, to Hon. Henry Camp- 
bell Bruce, eldest son of Henry, Baron Abenlare. 

(8) George, prebendarv of Lincoln, rector of Epworth, vicar 
of Gainsborough; b. lO'Feb. 1793; d. 13 April, 1843. 

(9) Ann (3rd dau.), d. 20 Oct. 1867, having m. 7 Jan. 1811, to 
her cousin Lieut.-Gen. Thomas Marriott, E.i.O.s. ; he d. 16 Mar. 

SIR EDMUND, 4tll Baronet, of Grimthorpe, j.u. M.P. West 
Riding Yorks. 1841/59; he assimied the additional surname 
and arms of Denison by R. L. 8 Sept. 1816, and resumed his 
patronymic by R.L. 9 Dec. 1872; b. 29 Jan. 1787; d. 24 May, 1874, 
having m. 14 Dec. 1814, Maria, dau. of AVilliam Beverley, Esq. 
of Beverley [and great-great-niece of Anne (dau. and coheir of 
Roundell Smithson, of Millfield, near Harewood, gent.), wife of 
Sir Thomas Denison, Knt. justice of the King's Bench, 1742]; 
she d. 27 Mar. 1874, having had 3 sons and 4 daus. 
[1] Sir Edmund Beckett, Sth and present Baronet, 
formerly Edmund Beckett-Denison. 

[2] Christopher Beckett-Denison, M.P. West Riding Yorks. 
eastern division, 1868,80, deputy-chairman G.N. railway 1880, 
B.c.s. 184.5/65, civil commissioner at siege of Lucknow, heir 
presumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 9 May, 1825. 
[3] William Beckett-Denison, of Nun Appleton, Yorks. M.P. 
East Retford 1876/80 capt. Yorks. hiissar yeo. since 1871 ; b. 
10 Sept. 1826; m. 18 July, 1855, Hon. Helen Duncombe, dau. of 
William 2ud Lord Feversham, and has 3 sons and 4 daias. 

(1) Ernest William Beckett-Denison, lieut. Yorks. hussars 
1881; b. 25 Nov. 1856.— (2) William Gervase, b. 14 Jan. 
1866.— (3) Rupert Evelyn, b. 2 Nov. 1870.— (4) Helen Louisa. 

(5) Adeline Gertrude, m. 19 Oct. 1880, to Su- Frederick 
George Milner, Bart. 

(6) Katharine Violet. (7) Maud Augusta. 

[4] Mary, m. 21 Jime, 1837, to Charles Wilson Faber, Esq. of 
Northaw, Herts. J.P. D.L. Midd.x. who d. 1 April, 1878, having 
had 6 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Edmund Beckett FABER, banker. 

(2) Arthur de Dibon. (3) George Denison. 

(4) John David Beverley, inspector of schools, m. 2 May, 1878, 
Caroline Georgina Alice, 3rd dau. of late Lieut.-Col. Broadley. 

(5) Walter Vavasom-. (6) Charles Lewis. 

(7) Mary Sophia, d. 25 Dec. 1875, having m. 19 July, 1864, 
to Rev. Arthm- Henry Faber, m.a. rector of Spotborough 
since 1880, head master of Malvern Coll. 1865/80. 

(8) EHzabeth, m. 12 June, 1873, as 2nd wife, to Hon. Mortimer 
Sackville-West, created LORD Sackville 2 Oct. 1876. 

(9) Alice Martha, m. 16 Oct. 1861, to John Blandy-Jenkins, 
of Kingston Bagpuize, Berks, high sheriff 1866, and of 
Tregoes, co. Glam. nom. high sheriff 1881, and has a son 
and 4 daus. 

John Blandt-JENKINS, b. 9 July, 1865. 
Mary.— Alice. — Eva. — Ethel. 

(10) Augusta. 

(11) Helen Margaretta, m. 11 Oct. 1881, to John, eldest son 
of John Bourne, Esq. of Hilderstone Hall, Staff. 

[5] Elizabeth, d. 26 July, 1870, having m. 25 Mar. 1841, to 
AVilliam Frogatt Bethell, of Rise, Yorks. who d. 7 Mar. 1879, 
having had 5 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) William Bethell, of Rise, bp. 15 Oct. 1847 ; m. 1 Jan. 
1880, Hon. JIairi Mj-rtle Willoughby, dau. of Henry, 8th 
Baron Middleton. 

(2) George Richard, bp. 27 June, 1849.— (3) Edward Hugh, 
Ueut. R.E. assistant field engineer Khyber field force 1879/80; 
bp. 5 Mar. 1854.— (4) Christopher, ijp. 3 April, 1856.— (5) 
Alfred James, b. 1862.— (6) Maria.— (7) Lucy.— (8) 

(9) Elizabeth, m. 11 Aug. 1874, to Edwyn Walker, late capt. 
15th hussars. (BART.) 

(10) Catherine. 

[6] Sophia, m. 19 Oct. 1847, to Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget, 
vicar of Welton and Melton, rural dean and canon of York, and 
chaplain to the archbishop of York, and has 4 daus. 

(1) Ada Elizabeth, m. 21 Dec. 1875, to Robert Stanley Schol- 
field, bar.-at-law, and has a son — Edward Paget. 

(2) Agnes Mary. m. 11 May, 1881, to Charles William Henry, 
eldest son of late James WiUiam Wall, of Coolnamuck 
Court, CO. Waterford. 

(3) Mildred Augusta m. 27 July, 1876, to Sir Henry Boynton, 
Bart. (4) Mabel Sophia. 

[7] Augusta. 

of Oxburgh, Norfolk (16G0/1, E.), on roll 
highsherifE 1881, coheir to the barony of Grandison, 
formerly capt. West Norfolk mil. and served in the 
Austrian cavalry; s. his father as 7th Baronet in 
1862; b. 21 June, 1830; m. 17 Oct. 1859, Augusta, 



only child of Edward Clavering, Esq. of Callaly 
Castle, Northumberland, and has had 4 sons and 3 


(1) Henry Eilward, lieut. 2na R. Lane. mil. b. 29 Aug. 1860. 

(2) Richard Henry Clavering, b. 2 Jan. 1862. 

(3) Charles, b. 25 July, 1864. 

(4) Edward Arthur, d. 16 Mar. 1878, aged 8. 

(5) Alice. (6) Mary Maud. (7) Edith Mary. 

AjiMS— Quarterlv, 1st and 4th, Erm., an eagle displayed gu. 
Bedixcfei.D. 2"nd and 3rd, Axg., six fleurs de lis three, two, 
and one, az., a chief indented or, Pastox. . ^ o a 

(jRESTS— 1, An eagle wings expanded or, BEDINGFELD. I, A 
griffin sejant wings elevated or gorged with a collar gu. there- 
from a line terminating in a ring of the last, PASTOX. 
Motto— Despicio terrena, solem contemplor. 
Seat— Oxburgh, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk. 


SIB EDMTTin) BEDINGFELD, Knt. (will dated at Beding- 
feld, 24 Hexry VI. 1446), m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Robert 
Tuddenham, Knt. of Oxborough, coheir of her brother Sir 
Thomas and descended from Sir William Grandison, who had 
sunimous to parliament 27 Edw. I. to 19 Edw. II. ; her will 
dated at Ereswell, 24 May, 1474; she died seised of more than 
20 lordships in Norfolk, including Oxburgh, which became the 
family seat. His grandson, 

SIR EDMITND, was created a Knight of the Bath on the 
coronation of RICHARD III. and HENRY VII. visited him 
at Oxburgh, and granted him several lordships in Yorks. 
(forfeited by Sir Tliomas Wyatt, Lord Lovell) in acknowledg- 
ment of his eminent sersnces; his \n\\ dated at Calais 12 Oct. 
1496. proved 28 Jan. following; m. 1st, Alice, dau. of Sir Ralph 
Shelton, Knt. and had a dau. Margaret, wife of Edward Jer- 
ningham (B. Stafford). He m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of 
John Scot or Scott, of Scotts Hall, Kent, comptroller of 
Calais; her will dated 12 Jan. 1513, having had 4 sons and 
6 daus. His descendant in the 5th generation, 

SIR HENRY, the 17th Knight of his family, was an active 
and zealous loyalist, was taken prisoner and committed 
to the Tower, where he remained three years, 1646/9 ; the greater 
part of his estate was sold, and the rest sequestrated ; he d. 
22 Nov. 1657, having m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Lord William 
Howard, of Naworth Castle (E. CARLISLE) ; she d. 30 Mar. 
161-, leaving an only son, 

Thomas, col. in the King's service, married and d. s. p. admin. 

Jan. 1676/7. 
SIR HENRY m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. and coh. of Peter 
Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, Lane, alderman of London 
(BART.); she d. 11 April, 1662, having had 4 sons and 4 daus. 
The eldest son, 

SIR HENRY, capt. in the King's service, created a Baroxet 
by Cn^VRLES II. 2 Jan. 1660/1 ; he estimated the losses 
of his family during the Civil wars at £47,000 ; d. 24 Feb. 
1684. having m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Edward Paston, of 
Uppleton, Norfolk, and Horton,Glouc; she d. 14 Jan. 1702, aged 
48, having had 3 sons .and .5 daus. His great-great-grandson, 

SIR RlCHAItD, 5th Baronet (on the death of his father 
Sir Richard Henry, 179.5); b. 23/30 Aug. 1767 ; d. 22 Nov. 
1829, having m. 16 June, 1795, Hon. Charlotte Georgiana (p.p.), 
dau. of Sir William Jerningham, Bart, and sister of Lord 
Stafford ; she d. 29 July, 1854, ha\-ing had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry Richard, s. as 6th Baronet. 

(2) Cliarles Richard, capt. of hussars in Austrian service; b.8 
Sept. 1803; d. 3 Feb. 1870. 

(3) Edward Richard, R.N. b. Jan. 1805 ; drowned at sea 1823. 

(4) Felix Wilham George Richard, C.M.o. bar.-at-law L.l. 
1849, crown commissioner of the Turks Islands 1842, master 
of supreme court of Trinadad 1849/54, colonial secretary 
at Maiuitius 1860/68; b. 12 Aug. 1808; m. 30 April, 1849, Mary, 
eldest dau. of Lieut.-<!!ol. Chads, governor of the British 
Virgin Islands. 

(5) Frances Charlotte, d. 29 Jan. 1822, having m. 2 June, 1815, 
as 1st wife, to William Francis Henry, Uth Lord Petre, who d. 
3 July, 1850. 

(6) Matilda Marj', d. 28 Jan. 1881, having m. 30 Nov. 1820, to 
George Stanley Gary, of Follaton, Devon, J. P. D.L. who d. 19 
Jan. 1858. 

(7) Agnes Mary, d. 7 Sept. 1870, having m. 3 Oct. 1823, to 
Thomas Molyneux-Seel, Esq. of Huyton Hey, co. Lane. J.P. 
D.L. lord of the manor and major 2nd R. Lane, mil.; he d. 16 
Jan. 1881, aged 89, having had 3 sons. 

(8) Charlotte Eliza, a nun at Bruges, b. 5 Jan. 1802. 

O Baronet, assumed by sign manual 16 April, 1830, the 
additional surname and arms of Paston, was declared by 
the committee of privileges for the house of lords to be one 
of the coheirs of the barony of Grandison ; b. 10 May, 1800 ; 
A. 4 Feb. 1862, having m. 30 Aug. 1826, Margaret Anne, only 
child and heir of Edward Paston, Esq. of Uppleton, Norfolk. 
She assumed the surname of Bisshopp by r.l. 26 Mar. 1841 and 
has a son and 4 daus. ' 

(1) Sir Henry George, 7th and present Baronet. 

(2) Rftoul Stephen, in^jor W.Norfolk art. mjl.; b, 1 April,1835. 

(3) Matilda Charlotte, m. 2 July, 1855, to Capt. George Henry 
Ne\-ill, late 7th R. fusiliers, and has an only son, 

Henry William Nevill, b. 24 Nov. 1857 ; m. 1877, 

Anne JIary, 2nd dau. of William John Femvick, Esq. of 
Warblingtou Hall, Notts. 

(4) Mary Geraldine, d. s. p. 10 Aug. 1869, having m. 8 Oct. 
1867, as 1st wife, to Edward Southwell Trafford, Esq. of Wrox- 
ham Hall, Norfolk (see also B. PETRE). 

(5) Mary Gabrielle, m. 21 Jmie, 1880, to Ferdinand John, 
youngest sou of Vincent Anthony Eyre, Esq. of Lindley Hall, 
CO. Leic. and Newbold, Derbysh. 

BEEVOK, Sir Thc 
MAS (1784, G.B.); 
s. his father as 4th Baro- 
net in 1879; b. 23 Aug. 
1823; m. 10 Dec. 1850, 
Sophia Jane, dau. of late 
Rev. Clement Chevalier, 
rector of Badingham 
and Cransford, Suffolk, 
widow of late Isaac 
Jermy Jenny, Esq. of 
Stanfield Hall, Norfolk, 
and has had with other 
issue 8 sons and 8 daus. 

(1) Thomas Edward, b. 9 
May, 18.54 ; d. 6 Aug. 1879. 

(2) Hugh Reeve, b. 31 Oct. 

(3) Ralph Jermy, b. 29 Dec. 

(4) John Hare, b. 1 June, 1861. 

(5) Cecil Nicholas, b. 24 Jan. 1863. 

(6) Rowland, b. 7 Feb. 1866. 

(7) Edmund, b. 23 May, 1867. 

(8) Richard Temple, b. 28 Aug. 1869. 

(9) Amy. (10) Lucy Jane. (11) Margaret. 

Arms — Per pale or and arg., on a chief indented sa. three lions 

rampant of the first. 

Crest — A beaver passant ppr. 

MOTTO — Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re. 

Seat— Hiugham Hall, Attleborough, Norfolk. 


ABRAHAM BEEVOR, of Heckmondwike, Yorks. (younger 
son of William Beevor, of Thurlstone, in the same 
county), d. 22 Feb. 1696, leaving by Elizabeth Savile, his wife, 
with other issue, 3 sons, 

[1] William, rector of South Walsham (M.I), and Rockland, 
Norfolk, bp. 8 May 1659; m. Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of 
William Batt, of Okewell, Yorks. and had 2 sons, 

/I/ John, of London, bar.-at-law; m. a dau. of Matthew 

Lancaster, of that citj'. 

/2/ Thomas, of Norwich, who m. for his 3rd wife Hester, 

dau. of John Sharpe of that city, and had with other issue 3 


(1) Sir Thomas, created a Baronet 2 Jan. 1784. 

(2) John, of Norwich, H.n. whose grand-dau. Mary Anne 
in. to George Harvey (Bart.) 

(3) James, of Norwich; m. Mary Partridge, and had, with 
a dau. Mary, wife of Rev. Miles Beevor, D.D. who d. 29 Dec. 
1834, 3 sons, viz. 

[1] James, father of Horatio Beevor, who m. Mary, dau. 

of Carteret (Mussenden) Leathes, M.l'. Harwich and 

Sudbury (she re-m. to Sir John Mortlock), and had a 

son and 2 daus. — Horatio, capt. E.I.C.s. — Mary, d. 1837. 

— Hairiett. 

[2] Robert, gen. in the army, col. com. 5th batt. R.A.; 

his younger dau. Melva, m. to Samuel Allenby, of Cadwell 

Vale, Louth, and d. 5 April, 1879. 

[3] Augustus, rector of Burgh Apton,Norfolk,and Otley, 

Suffolk, domestic chaplain to H.R.H. Duke of Sussex; d. 

26 Aug. 1818, having m. Elizabeth, dan. of James Blatcji, 



of Colchester; she d. 21 Nov. 1852, ha'ving had with other 

issue 2 sons and a dan. 
/I/ Wilham Smythies, M.A. in H.O.; b. 30 April, 1800; 
d. 2 Sept. 1869, having m. 1839, Charlotte, dau. of 
Richard Sumpter, Esq. of Wingfield, Suffolk, and after 
of Histol Hall; she d. 1 Nov. 1875, having had a son 
and 4 daus. 

(1) William Sumpter, vicar of Hmidou, Sufl. 1880; 
b. 2 Mar. 1844; m. 1 June, 1876, EUen, eldest dau. 
of Greorge Lyus, Esq. of Diss, and has a son, 

George Herbert, b. 10 Nov. 1880. 

(2) Charlotte. (3) Sophia Elizabeth. 

(4) Emily Jane, m. 15 Nov. 1873, to Rev. Frederick 
William Homer, retired Bengal chaplain, and has 4 
sons and a dau. 

William Beevor HOMER, b. 29 Aug. 1874.— Charles 
Smythies, b. 26 Aug. 1875.— Richard and Robert, 
twins, b. 7 April, 1879.— Mabel Chai-lotte. 

(5) Catherine Harriet, m. 1 Nov. 1870, to Anthony 
Charles Farrington, Esq. of Diss (Bart.) 

/2/ Frederick Balders, of London; b. 23 Feb. 1805; d. 
30 April, 1853, having m. 15 May, 1832, Marj-, youngest 
dau. of Rev. Miles Beevor, D.D. aforesaid, and had 2 

(1) Miles Branthwaj-t, b. 4 April, 1833; m. 23 Sept. 
1862, Emma Lord, eldest dau. of late Rev. William 
Godfrey Pollard Burton, rector of St. Thomas in the 
Vale, Jamaica. 

(2) Frederick Arthur, b. 7 Aug. 1842 ; m. 5 Aug. 
1874, Laura Elizabeth, youngest dau. of before-named 
Rev. W. G. P. Biu-ton. 

/3/ Sophia EUzabeth, m. 25 April, 1823, to Rev. Henry 

Hutton, rector of Filleigh, Devon, who d. 14 Nov. 1871, 

having had issue. 

L2] Thomas, of Heckmondwike, b. 1G63; d. 3 April, 1706, 

having m. 15 Nov. 1685, Alice Scatcherd, of Morley, Leeds. 

His great-grandson, 

John Beevor, m.a. rector of the north mediety of Clay- 
pole, Lincolnsh.; b. 16 June, 1753; d. 10 June, 1820, having m. 3 
Jan. 1780, Anne (14th in descent from Edward hi.), eldest 
dau. of William Perfect, Esq. of Pontefract; she d. 21 July, 
1840, having had 6 sous and 10 daus. of whom, 
/I/ Abraham, of Bath, Jr.R.C.s.; b. 1 Aug. 1794. 
/2/ John, of Newark-upon-Trent, solicitor; b. 24 May, 1788; 
d. 1 Sept. 1833, having m. 26 Oct. 1816, Elizabeth, only dau. 
and heir of Francis Parke, Esq. of Attleborough; she d. 
June, 1819. leaving 2 sons, 

(1) Henry, of Barnby Moor, Notts. J.P. M.R.C.S. capt. late 
South Notts, yeo. cav.; b. 26 Oct. 1817; m. 1 Dec. 1840, 
Harriet, youngest dau. of Samuel Hodgkinson, Esq. of 
Kilton, Notts, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

[1] William Henrj', lieut. 11th regt.; b. 10 Mar. 1844; d. 

April, 1872. 
[2] John Grosvenor, b. 1 Jan. 1845; m. 22 Sept. 1870, 
Annie, eldest dau. of Sir James Meek, of Middlethorpe 
Lodge, York, and has 4 sons and 2 daus. 
Henry, b. 18 Oct. 1873.— Charles Perfect, b. 21 May, 
1875. — John Ingram and Herbert Ashley, twins, b. 18 
Dec. 1876. — Marion Eleanor. — Margaret Adeline. 
[3] Elizabeth, m. 29 Sept. 1863, to Rev. Charles Christ- 
opher Ellison, vicar of Bracebridge-cimi-Boultham, and 
has 6 sons and 2 daiis. 

Henry Richard NeviUe ELLISON, b. 16 July, 1868.— 
Charles Chetwynd, b. 4 Jan. 1870.— Frank Outram, b. 3 
April, 1872.— Alfred Astley, b. 17 Dec. 1874.— WilUam 
Reynold, b. 17 April, 1877. — Florence Mary Caroline. — 
Emily Harriet. — Charlotte Elizabeth. 

(2) John, of Newark-upon-Trent, M.D.; b. 14 Feb. 1819; d. 
9 Mar. 1879, having m. 30 Sept. 1845, Indiana Isabel, 2nd 
dau. of James Norton, Esq. by Eliza, widow of Lieut.-Col. 
the Hon. Esme Stewart Erskine (B. ERSKINE), and has 5 
sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ Abraham Frederick, C.E. of Montreal; b. 3 Aug. 1846; 
m. 29 Oct. 1872, Sarah Helen, dau. of James Grey Dick, 
s. p. 

/2/ John Bradley, b. 3 Mar. 1853.— /3/ Walter Calverley, 
b. 8 Oct. 1858.-/4/ James Norton, b. 30 April, I860.— 
/5/ Thomas Preston, b. 19 July, 1862.— /6/ Hannah Rose. 
— /7/ Maria Louisa. — /8/ Indiana Marina. — /9/ Eliza- 
beth Milicent. 
[3] Jonathan, bp. 19 Oct. 1670; bur. 17 Mar. 1700, leaving issue. 

SIR THOMAS BEEVOR, of Hethel, Norfolk, created a 
Baronet 22 Jan. 1784 ; b. 25 Oct. 1726 ; d. Jan. 1814, 
having m. 7 July, 1750, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Miles 
Branthwayt, of Hethel aforesaid; she d. 31 Jan. 1794, having 
had with 2 daus. 5 sons, of whom the eldest, 

SIR THOMAS, 2nd Baronet; b. 15 Nov. 1753; d. 10 Dec. 
1820, having m. 24 Aug. 1795, Anne, dau. and sole heir of 
Hugh Hare, of Hargham Hall, Norfolk; she d. 
having had an only son and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Thomas Brantliwayt, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

(2) Mary Anne, d. 1823, having m. 1819, as 1st wife, to Isaac 
(Preston) Jermj-, of Stanfield Hall, Norfolk, recorder of Norwich, 
who with his son Isaac, were miu-dered by Rush 28 Nov. 1848 
(see also Jephson). 

(3) Juliana Bettina,d. Dec. 1828, having m. 1816, to Rev. Henry 
Howard, of Sawbridge, Herts, and had issue. 

SIR THOMAS BRANTHWAYT. 3rd Baronet; b. 7 April, 
1798; d. 6 April, 1879, having m. 1st— 3 Dec, 1819, Eliza^ 

beth Bridget, 2nd dau. of late Richard Lubbock, of Norwich, 

M.D.; she d. 2 Nov. 1831, ha\nng had a son and dau. 

[1] Sir Thomas, 4th and present Baronet. 

[2] Elizabeth Bridget, m. 2^ July, 1843, to John Dacie Jeffery, 

Esq. son of Samuel Jeffery, com. R.N. and has 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) John Edward Beevor Jeffert,b.c.S. magistrate Fureed- 
pore, Bengal; b. 11 Feb. 1846; m. 7 Sept. 1871, Christiana 
Elizabeth, dau. of late Rev. Philip Rufford, rector of Thome 
Cofiin, Somerset, and has had 5 sons and a dau. 

Edward Rufford Jeffery, b. 10 Aug. 1872. — Philip John 
Dacie, b. 31 Aug. 1873.— Arthur Rufford Beevor, b. 17 Sept. 
1874.— Allington Edward Squire, b. 23 Oct. 1875.— Francis 
Hubert Morte, youngest son, d. 27 Nov. 1877.— A dau. b. 27 
July, 1878. 

(2) Francis Ronald, b. 1 April, 1851. 

(3) Elizabeth Sophia Maria. 

SIR THOilAS m. 2ndly— 4 Sept. 1832, Martha, dau. of Archi- 
bald Herdiment, of Old Buckenham, Norfolk; she d. 25 Oct. 
1843, having had with other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 
[3] Arthur, b. 14 Sept. 1834. [4] Franklin, b. 21 May, 1841. 
[5] JuUa, m. 1855. to Walter Jeffery Potts, Esq. 2nd son 
of late George Potts, Esq. M.P. and has issue. 

[6] Marianne, d. s. p. 1864, having m. 3 June, 1862, to Burton 
John Daveney, 6th dragoons. 

SIR THOMAS m. 3rdly— 15 Mar. 1845, Mary, daii. of F. Davies, 
Esq. and by her had with other issue a son and dau. 
[7] Oliver, bar.-at-law, b. 23 May, 1849; d. 20 Nov. 1874. 
[8] Harriett, d. 29 ilar. 1875, having m. 8 Sept. 1868, to Ben- 
jamin de Montmorency Dowson, Esq. (V. Fraxkfort), and 
had 2 sons and a dau. 

Charles Beevor DowsON, b. 12 Sept. 1870.— Oliver Ernest, d. 

12 May, 1875.— Henrietta Mary Heathcote. 

GEATTAN-BELLEW, Sir Henry Christo- 
pher, of Mount Bellew, co. Galway (1838, 
U.K.) : 2nd lieut. R. Wilts mil. ; s. his uncle as 3rd 
Baronet in 1867; b. 1 June, 1860. 

Note — No heir to the Baronetcy. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Sa., fretty or, a crescent arg. 
for difference, Bellew. 2nd and 3rd, Per saltire sa. and erm., 
a Hon rampant or, GRATTAN. 

Crests — 1st, An arm embowed in armour ppr., charged with a 
crescent for difference, grasping in the hand a sword ppr., 
Bellew. 2nd, A dove ppr., holding in her dexter claw a 
sceptre, and standing on a barrel or, GRATTAN. 
Motto — Tout d'en haut. 
Seat— Moimt Bellew, Galway, 




CHRISTOPHER BELLEW, Esq. of Mount Bellew, wiU 
dated 30 Jan. 1769 (son of Michael BeUew. (J) of Mount 
BeUew by his 1st wife dau. of Barnewall), m. Barbara, 

eldest dau of DUlon, Esq. of Hol\-iveU, co. Mayo, and 

w-idow of John Dillon, Esq. of Mannir. His great-grandson, 

SIR MICHAEL DILLON BELLEW (son of Christopher 
Dillon Bellew, who m. 27 Oct. 1794, OUvia EmiUa, aunt 
of Anthony Francis, 9th Earl of Westmeath), created a BARO- 
NET 15 Aug. 1838 ; b. 29 Sept. 1796 ; d. June, 18.5.5, havmg 
ni 1816, Helena Maria, eldest dau. of Thomas Dillon, 

Esq of ■\rount Dillon, co. Dublin, and Eadestown, co. Kildare; 
she d. 30 AprU, 186.5, ha^-ing had with other issue 2 sons and 
5 daus. 

[1] Sir Christopher, 2nd Baronet, R.C. priest, S.J. ; d. 
18 Mar. 1867, aged 49. 

[2] Thomas Arthur Grattan-BeUew, of Mount BeUew, co. (Jal- 
way M P for that countv, assumed the additional surname 
and 'anils' of Grattax by'R.L. 19 Mar. 1859; b. 1824; 

d 24 July, 1863, having ni. Sept. 1858, Pauline, dau. and 
coheir of Henry Grattan, Esq. M.P. and had a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Henry Christopher, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Mary Helena. 

[3] Olivia Marv, d. 10 Jan. 1874, having m. 1848, to 

Walter La^sTence, of Lisreaghan, co. Gahvay, capt. Galway 
mil. formerly capt. 41st regt.; he d. v. p. 1863, leaving 

an only dau. 
Honora Mabel, d. 1873, having m. 1868, to Charles 

Ormsby Blake, Esq. of Coolcun, co. Mayo, and had a dau.— 
Violet Olivia BLAKE. 
[4] Marcella Mary, d. 7 Jan. 1867, having m. 15 Oct. 1845, as 
1st wife, to Patrick Crean Lynch, Esq. of Clogher House, co. 
Mayo, major South Mayo rifles militia, high sherifE co. Mayo 
1846, and has 4 daus. 

(1) Helena Mary, m. 17 Aug. 1870, to James Christopher 
Fitzgerald Kennev.Esq. of Galway , and Clogher Mayo (M. WESTMEATH); he d. 31 Oct. 1877, having 
had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

WilUam Lionel Crean Kicholas de Keane Fitzgerald 
Kexxet.— Henry James Christopher de Keane.— GUbert 
Richard Julian Gerald, d. 22 Nov, 1880.— James Christo- 
pher (posthumous), b. 30 April, 1878. — Marcella Jane 
Antonia Mary de Keane.— Helena Julia OUvia Anne de 

(2) OUvia. 

(3) Elizabeth Mary, m. 9 July, 1873, to Anthony McDermott, 
Esq. of Streamstown co. (Jahvay, and has a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Anthony Francis McDERMOTT b. Jan. 1878.— (2) 
Mari' Marcella.— (3) Anna CamiUa. 

(4) Mary Marcella. 

[5] Barbara, m. 2 Mar. 1867, to Tesey Daly, Esq. 

[0] Marianne, d. 21 April, 1862, having m. 1850, to 

Joseph KeUy, Esq. of Newtown, co. Galway, and had 4 daus. 
Mary Theresa KELLY.— Marj- Helena.— Mary Sabina Joseph- 
ine. — Mary Eleanor PauUne. 

[7] Helena Mary. 

(t) By his 2nd wife , dau. of Kelly, Esq. of Mount Kelly, 
or Barnewell Grove, he had an only son— Dominick. 

BELLINGHAM, Sir Alan Edward, of Castle 
Bellingham, co. Louth (1796, G.B.); s. his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 1827 : b. 8 Oct. 1800 ; m, 
12 Jan. 1841, Elizabeth, only child of Henry Clarke, 
Esq. of West Skirbeck House, co. Lincoln, and has 
2 sons and 5 dans. 

(1) Alan Henry, M.A. Exeter CoU. Oxon. bar.-at-law L.I. 1875, 
M.P. CO. Louth 1880, capt. Louth mil. 1872, privy chamberlain 
to H.H. Pope Leo XIH.; b. 23 Aug. 1846; m. 13 Jan. 1874, Lady 
Constance Julia Eleanor Georgiana NoeL, dau. of Sir Charles 
George, 2nil Earl of Gainsborough, and has a son and 2 daus. 

Edward Henry Charles Patrick, b. 26 Jan. 1879.— Ida Mary 
Elizabeth Agnes. — Augusta Mary Monica. 

(2) WiUiam Cfaypon, M.A. incumbent of Urglin, co. Carlow, b. 
11 Nov. 1847; m. 22 Aug. 1878, Sasan Caroline, youngest dau. 
of late Ten. Ambrose Power (Bart.), archdeacon of Lismore, 
and has a dau. 

Vera Susan. 

(3) Hester Frances, m. 8 Sept. 1864, to Sir T. P. Butler, Bart. 

(4) AUce Sophia, m. 28 July, 1864, to Sir Victor A. Brooke, Bart. 

(5) Charlotte Mary, m. 8 Feb. 1872, to Frederick Stringer 
Wrench, Esq. of Lurganbrae, co. Fermanagh, and has a son 
and dau. 

Frederick Arthur Cavendish WREXCH, b. 23 June 1877/8.— 

(6) Frances Anne Jane. m. 29 July, 1869, to Richard Altamont 
Smyth, Esq. of Lauragh, Queen's co. late capt. Salop miUtia, 
and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Alan Theodore Smyth, b. 8 Sept. 1873.— Eudo Somerset, b. 
18 Oct. 1875. — Agnes EUzabeth. — Laura Frances. — OUve 

(7) Agnes Matilda, m. 3 Nov. 1875, to Montague Teats Brown, 
Esq. H.B.M. consul Genoa, and has 2 sons, 

Alan Montagu BROWX, b. 1 May, 1877.— Victor Frederick, 
b. 6 Feb. 1880. 

Arms — Arg., three bugle horns sa. 

CREST^A buck's head couped or. 

Motto — Amicus amico. The ancient motto over the buck's 

head was "Ainsi il est." 

Seats — The Castle, Castle BelUngham, and Dunany House, 

CO. Louth. 


ALAN BELLINGHAM, of Helsington, Westm. (descended 
in the 6th generation from Sir Robert BeUingham, of 
BelUngham and Owstone, Northumb.), bencher of the Middle 
Temple, and one of the King's council at York for the northern 
parts, knight of the shire, Westmorland, 13 ELiz. 1570/1; d. 7 
ilay, 1577. aged 61 ; bur. in the family chapel in Kendal church. 
He m. 1st, Katharine, dau. of Anthony Ducket, of Grayrigg, 
Esq. she d. s. p. ; and 2ndly, Dorothy, dau. of 'Thomas Sand- 
ford, of Askham, Westm.; she bur. at Kendal 19 Aug. 1580, 
leaving issue. Their great-grandson, 

HENRY, capt. in CromweU's army, went to Ireland during 
the Ciril Wars, and had a grant of lands, now called 
Cvtle BeUingham, 18 CHARLES II. 1666,7, M.P. co. Louth; 
d. 18 Feb. 1676 (bur. there), having m. Lucy, niece of Sir 
Christopher Sibthorpe, of Dunany, and of Right Rev. Robert 
Sibthorpe. bL'shop of Kilfenora ; she d. Dec. 1669, and was bur. 
with her husband, having hud issue. Their great-grandson, 



ALAJT, of Castle Bellingham, surveyor of the port of 
Drogheda, died at Castle BelUnghani 19 Jan. 1796, aged 
89 (bur. in the chancel), having m. 1 July, 1738, Alice, 4th dau. 
and coheir of Rev. Hans Jlontgomery, rector of Kellingshee, 
vicar of Bally water, and curate of Gray Abbey, co. Down; 
she d. 6 Dec. 1785, and bur. with her husband, having had with 
other issue 4 sons, 

[1] Henry, col. in the army, d. 8 Sept. 1800, leaving issue by 
his wife Elizabeth, "dau." of Richard Temson,Esq. of Thomas- 
town, CO. Louth ; she re-m. to Rev. William Cotymore, D.D. 
(formerly Wynn— Newborough). 

[2] Alan, of Dublin, merchant; d. 5 Nov. 1800, aged 60; bur. 
at .St. Mary's, Dublin; m. 1st — 14 Aug. 1774, Anne, dau. of John 
Elliott Calrnes, Esq. of Killj-faddy, co. Tyrone ; she d. 6 Mav, 
1789. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Ralph Smythe, Esq. of 
Barbaville, Westmeath ; she d. s. p. By the 1st marriage he 
had with other issue 8 sons, 
/I/ Sir Alan, s. his uncle as 2ncl Baronet. 
/2/ Henry, major 1st Bengal n.i. b. 5 July, 1788; d. at 
Moorshadabad, E.I. 26 May, 1820, having ra. at Gravesend, 25 
Mar. 1809, Henrietta Elizabeth, dau. of William Cruden, 
capt. R.N.; she d. at Ravensdale, 13 Mar. 1872, having had 
8 daus. 

(1) Henrietta Anne, m. at Newnham, Hants. 10 Jan. 1883, 
to Henry Shebbeare, of Odiham, Hants. 

(2) Mary, unm. 

(3) Jane, Newnham, Hants. 4May,1841, to her cousin 
William Stewart Bellingham, Esq. (See below.) 

/3/ John, b. 17 Mar. 1781 ; m. 1st— , Eliza Jane, 

dau. of William Stewart, Esq. of Wilmount, co. Do^vn; she 
d. 13 July, 1820. He m. 2ndly, Katharine Anne, dau. of 
R Clarke, of Belfast; she d. s. p. 1856. By his first wife 

he had with 4 daus. 2 sons, of whom the elder, 

William Stewabt Bellingham, of Ravensdale; b. at 

Wilmount 18 June, 1805 ; d. at Ravensdale 29 Dec. 1869, 

having m. 4 May, 1841, his cousin Jane, youngest dau. 

and coheir of Major Henry Bellingham (see above), and 

had 6 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) William, capt. co. Dublin L.I.; b. 13 April, 1842 ; d. 
s. p. 14 Jan. 1875, at Sheerness, having m. at Monkstown, 
17 Aug. 1865, Grace Marion Burscoe Folliott,4th dau. and 
coheir of George Folliott, of Vicar's Cross, Chester. 

(2) Henry, of Tansay House, co. Dublin, b. 30 Sept. 1844; 
m. 1 June, 1870, Harriet Eleanor Ingoldsby, 2nd dau. of 
late Henry Smyth, of Stephenstown, Dundalk, and has 
a son and dau. 

William Guy Henry Stewart, b. 5 Nov. 1873. 
Henrietta Frances Jane. 

(3) John, b. 27 June, 1847.— (4) Thomas Eudo, b. 24 Mar. 
1849.— (5) Arthur, b. 27 Oct. 1853.— (6) O'Bryen Calrnes, 
b.28Jan. 1859.— (7) Hester Frances Mary.— (8) Henrietta 

(9) Jane Alice, m. 20 Mar. 1880, to Alfred Edward Ruth- 
ven, of Narrau, Eccles, Lane. (4th son of late CUfford 
Trotter, Esq.) 

(3) O'Bryen, of Castle Bellingham, of the v.; b. ; 
d. 6 Jime, 1798 ; was accidentally killed by a shot from his 
own pistol while in the act of mounting his horse ; m. Anne, 
dau. of Sir Edward Tandy, of Dublin, and left issue. 

(4) Sir William, M.P. Reigate; secretary to Right Hon. Wil- 
liam Pitt ; appointed a commissioner in the navy, 23 Nov. 
1801, and created a Baronet 19 April, 1796, with remainder 
to the heirs male of his father then deceased, and died at 
Langley Farm, Beckenham, 27 Oct. 1826, m.i. s. p. having m. 3 
Dec. 1783, Hester Frances, youngest dau. of Hon. and Rev. 
Robert Cholniondeley, and granddau. of George, 3rd Earl of 
Cholmondeley ; she died at Dunany House, co. Louth, 10 Jan. 
1844, aged 81, bur. at Castle Bellingham. 

QIR ALAN, 2nd Baronet; b. 2 Feb. 1776; d. 26 Aug. 1827, 

(0 having m. 5 Nov. 1799, Eiizabeth, 2nd dau. of Rev. 

Edward Walls, of Boothby Hall, Line. ; she d. 22 Jan. 1822, 

having had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

[1] Sir Alan Edward, 3rd and present Baronet. 

[2] Henry Richard, bar. -at-law L.I. ; b. 12 June, 1804 ; d. unm. 

23 Nov. 1836. 

[3] O'Bryen, M.D. ; b. 12 Dec. 1805 ; d. s. p. 11 Oct. 1857, 

having m. , Matilda, dau. of Bryan MoUoy, of 

Jlilllcent House, co. Kildare, Esq. 

[4] Sydney Robert, residing at Castle Bellingham ; b. 2 Augt 

1808 ; m. , Arabella, dau. of AVlUlam Holmes, 

Esq. of Quebec, s. p. 

[5] William Johnstone, of Dimdalk, late capt. 50th regt. 

major and lleut.-col. Louth rifles; b. 20 Mar. 1818; m. 15 April, 

1852, Felicia, only dau. of late Rev. John Short Hewett, d.d. 

rector of Rotherhithe and Ewhurst, and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sidney Edwin, lleut. 57th regt.; b. 5 April, 1853; m. 3 
Mar. 1880, Helen Mary, 3rd dau. of late A A Dunlop, 
Esq. of Sutton, co. Dublin. 

(2) Alan Hele, b. 13 May, 1857. 

(3) William Edward Patrick, b. 11 Mar. 1864. 

(4) Jlary Louisa, m. 7 Aug. 1877, to Arthur, eldest son of 
Richard Macan, of Drumcashel, co. Louth. 

(5) Alice. (6) Dorothea. 

[6] Mary Anne Jane, m. 9 May, 1826, to Rev. John Cheales, 

vicar of Skendleby, co. Line. 

[7] Frances Elizabeth, m. 1 Mar. 1825, to George Wilson Mad- 

dison, Esq. of Partney, co. Line. 

[8] Charlotte Sophia, m. at Spilsby, 12 May, 1835, to Rev. 

John AUngton, rector of Candlesby, co. Line. 

DE LA POEE (18U, tr.K.); s. his uncle as 
3rd Baronet in 1873; b. 25 Sept, 1850 ; m. 11 Nov. 
1873, Lady Adelaide Mary Lucy Bernard, 5th dau. 
of Francis, 3rd Earl of Bandon, and has 4 sons and 
2 daus. 

(1) Henry Bernard de la Poer, b. 9 Jan. 1875. 

(2) Richard Wyndham de la Poer. b. 6 Aug. 1876, 

(3) Evelyn Francis de la Poer, b. 3 Sept. 1877. 

(4) Ernest Arthur de la Poer, b. 2 Oct. 1879. 

(5) Sybil Georgiana Mary. 

(6) Ethel May, b. 18 Mar. 1881; d. 31 May following. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Az„ a ducal coronet between 
three cross-crosslets fitchee or, Peirse. 2nd and 3rd,Arg., semee 
of cross-crosslets fitchee, three fleurs-de-lis sa., all within a bor- 
dure wavy ermines, Beresford. 

Crests — 1st, A cross-crosslet fitchee or, ensigned by a mural 
crown gu. 2nd, Out of a naval crown or, a dragon's head per 
f esse wavy az. and gu., the lower part of the neck transfixed 
by a broken tilting spear in bend sinister, and in the mouth 
the remaining part of the spear, point upwards, or. 
MOTTO — Non sine pulvere palma. 
Seat— The Hall, Bedale, Yorkshire. 


of the white (brother of William Carr, Viscount Beresford 
(ext.), created a Baronet 21 May, 1814; d. 2 Oct. 1844, 
set. 79, having m. 1st— May, 1809', Mary, dau. of Capt. 
Anthony James Pye Molloy, R.N.; she d. May, 1813, leaving 
an only son, 

[1] Sir George, 2nd Baronet, major; b. 1 Mar. 1811 ; d. 11 

Feb. 1873, having m. 7 Mar. 1846, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of David 

Lucas, of Clontibret, co. Monaghan, and of Glenalough, co. 

Galway, and had an only surviving dau. 

Marcia Mary Anne Harriet, m. 23 June, 1875. to Francis 

Colebrooke Dnunmond, 7th dragoon guards (V. Strath - 


SIR JOHN m. 2ndly— 17 Aug. 1815, Harriet Elizabeth, 3rd 

dau. and coheir of Henry Peirse, Esq. of Bedale; she d. 28 Fell. 

1825. He m. 3rdly— 26 May, 1836, Amelia, 2nd dau. of late James 

Baillie, Esq. and widow of Samuel Peach, Esq. of Idlicote 



House, CO. Warwick ; she d. 17 Dec. 1862. By his 2nd wife he 
had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

[2] Henry William de la Peer Beresford-Peirse, of Bedale Hall, 
Yorks. bv Ucence dated 15 Sept. 1851, he and his issue were 
authorised to take the name of Peirse in addition to and after 
that of Beresford, and tlie arras of Peirse quarterly in the 
1st quarter wth those of Beresford; b. 27 Sept. 1820; d. 24 
July, 1859, having m. 2 Mar. 1848, Henrietta Anne Theodosia, 
dau. of Rev. and Hon. Thomas John Monson (B. Jloxsox), 
rector of Bedale, and had 5 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Harry Monson de la PoerBeresford-Peirse, 
3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Arthur de la Poer, late 25th regt. b. 30 Nov. 1851. 

(3) WilUam John de la Poer, capt. 66th regt. instructor of 
musketry; b. 8 Nov. 1852. 

(4) Reginald de la Poer, b. 11 June, 1854. 

(5) Windham de la Poer, b. 1 Nov. 1858. 

(6) Charlotte Grace, m. 8 Oct. 1874, to Maximilian Dudley 
Digges-Dalison, lieut. Scots guards, inspector of musketry 
at Hythe (E. Caledon), and has a dau. b. 28 April, 1878. 

[3] John George Beresford, Jt.A. rector of Bedale, b. 28 Sept. 
1821; ni. 3 Feb. 1846, Hon. Caroline Amelia, youngest dau. of 
Thomas, Lord Denman, and has 4 sons and 6 daus. 

(1) John Peirse de la Poer, lieut. South Wales borderers; 
b. 2 Dec. 1846; m. 25 Aug. 1881, Mary E T , eldest 
dau. of Lieut.-Col. Henry Stewart Beresford Bruce, of Bally- 
scuUin House, co. Londonderry (BART.) 

(2) Charles Windham de la Poer, R.N. b. 2 June, 1858. 

(3) Henry William de la Poer, b. 27 April, 1862. 

(4) Walter Vevers de la Poer, b. 22 June, 1864. 

(5) Caroline Theodosia, m. 3 Dec. 1866, as 2nd wife, to 
Thomas Hood Cockbum-Hood, Esq. eldest son of John Cock- 
burn-Hood, Esq. of Stoneridge, Berwicksh. 

(6) Marion Harriet. 

(7) Gertrude Georgina, m. 19 April, 1876, to Rev. John 
Shapland Elliot Cockburn-Hood, vicar of Kirkby Fleetham, 
Yorks. and has a sou and 3 daus. 

Claude Beresford, b. 5 Aug. 1878.— Marion.— Gertrude 
Cecilia.— Cara Charlotte, b. 25 April, 1881. 

(8) Frances Anne. 

(9) Elizabeth Margaret, m. 31 Jan. 1877, to Rev. Ernest 
Henry Kellett Long, rector of Tickencote, Rutland, 1880, 
and has 3 sons, 

Basil Kellett LONG, b. 28 Feb. 1878.— John Beresford, b. 20 
Feb. 1879.— William Fortescue, b. 24 May, 1880. 

(10) Catherine Emily. 

[4] Harriett Charlotte, m. 12 June, 1843, to Rev. Anthony 
Hammond, formerly chaplain B.c.S. and has 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Anthony Marcus Hajimond, b. 17 Sept. 1849. 

(2) Frederick Arthur, b 22 Sept. 1853; m. 20 April, 1876, 
Laura Trew, dau. of Rev. WilUam Gray, of 

(3) Alfred Charles, b. 29 May, 1856. 

(4) Harriett Marianne Eliza, m. 23 April, 1868, to Rev. 
Charles Cary Bull, of Chepstow, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Ashley Ernest Bull, b. 30 July, 1869.— Alfred Charles, b. 
17 Aug. 1873. — Evangeline Constance. 

(5) Constance Mary, m. 18 Aug. 1874, to Edmund Percival 
Wilford, lieut. 28th foot, and has 2 sons, 

Edmund Ernest Wilford, b. 13 Jan. 1876.— Hugh An- 
tony. / • 

(6) Alice Georgina, m. 31 Jan. 1878, to John Meade Sherrard, 
lieut. 28th regt. 

(7) Marion Isabel. 

[5] Georgina, d. 7 Sept. 1870, having m. 23 Jvxly, 1842, to Right 
Rev. Reginald Courtenay, bishop of Kingston (E. DEVON). 
[6] Marianne Catherine Emily, d. 14 April, 1865, having m. 
1 Mar. 1849, as 1st wife, to Lieut.-Gen. Sir Charles Ashe Wind- 
ham, K.c.B. son of Vice-Adm. AVindham (see also Des Vceux); 
he d. 2 Feb. 1870, having had 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) William WlxUHAM, b. 5 Jan. 1850.— (2) Charles, lieut. 
R.N.; b. 1 Mar. 1851.— (3) John, b. 24 Mar. 1854.— (4) Regi- 
nald, b. 11 April, 1864. 

(5) Mary, m. 4 Nov. 1875, to her cousin Richard Charles 
Hare, Esq. capt. 22nd regt. (E. Listowel). 


Thomas Tybing- 
HAM, of Nether Winch- 
enclon, Bucks (1769, 
G. B.), sheriff 1816, M.P. 
col. Bucks yeo. ; s. his 
brother Sir Francis as 
6th Baronet in 1876; b. 
15 Sept. 1791 ; m. 1st— 
26 July, 1819, Sophia 
Charlotte, only child of 
(Sir) David Williams, 
of Sarratt, Herts, and 
Clifford Court, co. Here- 
ford ; she d. 1.5 May, 
1837. He m. 2ndly— 12 Oct. 1840, Martha Louisa, 
2nd dau. and coheir of late William Minshull, Esq. 
of London ; she d. s. p. 18 April, 1855. He m. 
Srdly— 28 July 1864, Ellen, widow of Henry Elwes, 
Esq. of Marcham Park, Bucks, and dau. of 

; she also d. s. p. 6 Nov. 1869. By his 1st wife 
he had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) David Williams, b. 5 Dec. 1830; d. unm. 29 Dec. 1853. 

(2) Edward Stanley, b. 3 May, 1835; d. 21 April, 1845. 

(3) Letitia Charlotte, d. 17 Dec. 1865, having m. 5 Sept. 1850, as 
1st wife, to her cousin Francis Bernard Pigott, Esq. of Eagle 
Hill (for his 2nd marriage see JOHNSTONE Bart.) ; he d. 12 
Nov. 1872, having had an only dau. 

Louisa Sophia Bernard PiGOTT, m. 5 Aug. 1874, to William, 
eldest son of James Walton, Esq. of Dolforgan, co. Mont- 
gomery, and has 3 daus. 

Constance Vera WALTON.— Edith Millicent.— Florence 


(4) Sophia Elizabeth, m. 13 June, 1861, to Joseph Napier 
Higgins, Q.C. and has 2 sons, 

Francis TjTingham HiGGINS, b. 22 July, 1864. — Edward 
Stanley, b. 9 Jan. 1866. 

Note — No heir to this Baronetcy. 

Arms— Arg. a bear rampant sa. muzzled or. 
Crest — A demi bear sa. muzzled and collared or. 
Seat— Nether Winchendou, Aylesbury. 


Francis Bernard (grandson of Thomas Bernard of 
Reading), entered St. John's, Oxon, 1667; M.A. 1685; b.d. 
1691 ; rector of Codford, Wilts. and Brightwell, Oxon. 1715; bd. 
at Lewknor; m. Margaret, dau. and coheir of Richard Winlowe 
of Motley and Lewknor, Oxon. (She re-ni. to Anthony Alsop, 
B.D. prebendary of Winchester, and d. 1718; bd. at Lewknor. 
Her sister m. to John Tyringham, of Nether Winchendon, 
Bucks.) His son, 

SIR FRANCIS BERNARD, of Nettleham, co. Line, and of 
Nether Winchendon, Bucks, of Ch. Ch. Oxon. bencher of 
Lincoln's Inn and of the Middle Temple ; governor of Massa- 
chussets 1760, created a Baronet 5 April, 1769 ; d. 11 June, 
1779, having m. 1741, Amelia, dau. of Stephen Offley, of Norton 
Hall, Derbj'shire; she d. 28 May, 1778, having had with other 
issue 3 sons who all succeeded, 

[1] Sir John, 2nd Baronet, d. unm. at Dominica 16 Aug. 

[2] Sir Thomas, 3rd Baronet, D.C.L. chancellor of Durham, 
bar.-at-law, treasurer and vice-president of the foundling hos- 
pital and of the royal institution ; b. 27 April, 1750 ; d. s. p. 1 
July, 1818, having m. 1st — 11 May, 1782, Margai-et, dau. and 
eventual sole heir of Patrick Adair ; she d. 6 June, 1813. 
He m. 2ndly — 13 June, 1815, Charlotte Matilda, youngest dau. 
of Sir Edward Hulse, 2nd Baronet; she d. 20 July, 1816. 
[3] Sir Scrope, 4th Baronet, d.c.l. M.p. Aylesbury, St. Mawes, 
Cornwall, gentleman usher of the black rod, Ireland, 1787, 
under-sec. of state home department 1792, assumed by r.l. 8 
May, 1789, the additional surname and arms of Tyringham, 
and also by R.L. 15 Feb. 1811, the additional surname of MOR- 
land; b. 1 Oct. 1758; d. 18 April, 1830, having m. 26 July, 



1785, Harriet, only child of William Morland, of Lee, Kent, 
M.P. Taunton; she d. 4 Mar. 1822, having had with other issue 
2 sons, 

(1) Sir Francis Bernard-Morland, Sth Bai-onet, b. 7 June, 
1790 ; d. unm. 22 Jan. 1876. 

(2) Sir Thomas Tyringham Bernard, 6th and present 

BERNEY, SiK Heney 
Hanson, Baronet (1620> 
E.) ; LL.B. Cantab. ; s. his 
father as 9th Baronet in 1870 ; 
b. 30 Nov. 1843 ; m. 31 Jan. 
1866,Jane Dorothy, dau.of late 
Rev. Andrew Bloxham, M.A. 
rector of Harborough Magna, 
Warwicks. and has 6 sons and 
2 daus. 

(1) Thomas Hugh, b. 17 Oct. 1866. 

(2) Richard William, b. 20 Dec 

(3) John Hanson, b. 22 Nov. 1868. 

(4) Robert Henry, b. 5 May, 1871. 

(5) Andrew James, b. 23 Sept. 1873. 

(6) Alexander David, b. 20 Sept. 1877. 

(7) Mary Agnes. 

(8) Jane Dorothy Elizabeth. 

Arms— Quarterly gu. and az., a cross engrailed erm. 
Crest — A garb arg. 
Motto — Nil temere, neque timore. 
Residence — Ridgway House, Bitterne, Hants. 


JOHN DB BERNEY, of Witchingham (son of John de 
Berney, of Norwich, and his wife Joan, dau. of Bartholo- 
mew, of Witchingham aforesaid), said to be descended from 
Roger de Berney, lord of Berney, near Walsingham, Norfolk. 
was one of the citizens of Norwich in the parliament at York 
Edward III.; one of the knights in parliament 20, 22, and 31 
Edward III. By his 2nd wife Catherine, dau. of Peter Bediug- 
feld, he had 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Robert, ancestor of the family seated at Gunton. 

(2) Sir Thomas, of Eeedham, Norfolk, J.u. having m. Mai 
garet, dau. and heir of William de Reedham, Esq. by Margaret, 
dau. and heir of Sir Robert Caston, of Needham, Knt. His 
descendant in the 6th generation, viz. 

SIR THOMAS BERNEY, Knt. high sherifl Norfolk 7 
JAMES I. 1609/11 ; d. 1616, having m. Juliana, dau. of Sir 
Thomas Gaudy, of Redenhall, Norfolk, knt. a justice of the 
common pleas, and had with other issue 2 sous, 
[1] Sir Richard, created a Baroxet. 

[2] Thomas, high sheriff Norfolk 1647 ; m. Dorothy, dau. of 
John Smith, Esq. of Arming Hall, and was grandfather of 
Thomas Berxet, of Sewardstone Hall, b. 1674; m.29 May, 
1700, Anne, dau. of Robert Suckling, Esq. of Wootton Hall, 
Norfolk (royal descent), and was great-grandfather of 
Thomas Trench Berxet, of Morton Hall, Norfolk, high 
■ sherifE 1813 ; b. 17 July, 1784 ; d. 15 Sept. 1869, having m. 
15 June, 1812, Mary, dau. of Thomas Penrice, Esq. of Great 
Yarmouth; she d. 5 Feb. 1876, having had with other issue 
3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) George Duckett, of Morton Hall, Norfolk, high sheriff 
1881; b. 21 April, 1813; m. 15 Sept. 1864, Catherine Mary, 
dau. of Rev. Henry Lonibe, of Bylaugh Park, Norfolk, s. p. 

(2) Thomas, lord of the manor and rector of Bracon Ash 
since 1856, rector of Hockering 1839/56; b. 20 May, 1816. 

(3) Augustus, of Sydney, N.S.W.; b. 17 Aug. 1831; m. 5 
April, 1858, Matilda Lavinia, dau. of Col. George Gibbes, and 
has a son and 2 daus. 

George Augustus.— Eva Constance Elizabeth Fanny.— 

(4) Elizabeth Emily, d. 5 Feb. 1880. (5) Susanna. 

(6) Caroline, d. 9 Aug. 1857, having m. 24 Feb. 1848, to 
Andrew Fountaine, Esq. of Narford Hall, Norfolk ; he d. 11 
Aug. 1874, having had 3 daus. 

Mary, m. 3 Feb. 1876, to her cousin Algernon, son of Charles 
Fountaine, Esq. — Caroline. — Emily. 

(7) Julia. 

SIB RICHARD BERNEY created a BARONET, 5 May, 1620, 
high sheriff Norfolk 1622 ; d. 1668, having m. Anne, 
dau. of Michael Smallpage, of Chichester, Sussex, and had with 
4 daus. 6 sons, of whom the 2nd, Richard, succeeded by devise 
to all the estates at Reedham and elsewhere, belonging to the 
family, and (Thomas) the eldest succeeded to the title. The 
6th in descent from Sir Richard, viz. 

SIR HANSON, 8th Baronet (on the death of his father. 
Sir John, 4 Oct. 1825) ; b. 3 Dec. 1780; d. Sept. 1870, 
having m. 1st— April 1811, Anne, eldest dau. of Henry Tahour- 
din, Esq. of Sydenham, Kent ; she d. s. p. 14 Jan. 1838. He 
m. 2ndly— 10 Oct. 1843, Agnes, dau. of Mr. Thomas Peck ; she 
(1. 6 Oct. 1870, having had a son, 
(1) Sir Henry Hanson, 9th and present Baronet. 

-piDDULPH, Sir 
-*-^ Theophilus 
William (1664, e.), 
J.P. and D.L. CO. War- 
wick, major 2nd War- 
wickshire mil. 1855/8 ; 
s. his father as 7th 
Baronet in 1854 : b. 18 
Jan. 1830; m. 18 June, 
1872, Hon. Mary Agnes 
Somerville, 3rd dau. of 
Kenelm, 17 th Lord 
Somerville (ext.), and 
has a son and dau. 

(1) Theophilus George, b. 
3 April, 1874. 

(2) Mary, b. 4 April, 1873. 

Arjis— Vert, an eagle displayed and a canton arg. 
Crest — A wolf rampant arg.. charged with a trefoil gu. 
Seat— Birdingbury Hall, Rugby. 


Simon BIDDULPH, (descended from Roger, living 24 Ed- 
ward I. 1295/6 grandson of Henry Bydulfe, of Over 
Bydulfe, in Staff, who heads the visitation pedigree of this 
family), d. 1632, having m. Joyce, dau. of Richard Floyer, of 
Uttoxeter, by whom he had with other issue 2 sons, 
[1] Michael, d. 28 Jan. 1657; m. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Sir 
William Skeffington, Bart, (ext.), of Fisherwick, Staff.; she d. 30 
Aug. 1657, having had with 4 daus. 10 sons, of whom the 3rd, 

Sir Theophilus, created a Baronet, 
[2] Anthony (3rd son), of London, merchant, m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Robert Palmer, of London, merchant, ancestor of the 
families seated at Chirk Castle and Ledbiu-y. 



&nR THEOPHILUS BIDDULPH, of Westcombe, Kent, was 
) knighted and afterwards created a BARONET 2 Nov. 1664; 
d. April, 1683, ha\'ing m. Susanna, dau. of Zachary Highlord, 
alderman of London, by whom he had with other issue 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Michael, 2nd Baronet, d. 20 April. 1718; will proved 
26 May, 1719; having m. 1st, in Westminster Abbey, 31 Dec. 
1678, Henrietta Maria, dau. of Col. Roger Whitley, of London, 
after of Pecle, Chesh.; she bur. in AVestminster Abbey, 15 Oct. 
1689. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of WilUam D'Oyley, Esq.; 
she d. April, 1740, ha\-ing had 3 daus. By his 1st \\ife he had 
with 2 daus. an only son. 

Sir Theophilus. 3rd Baronet, d. s. p. 16 May, 1743, having 

ui. Cary, dau. of Sir Charles Lyttelton, of Frankley, Wore. ; 

shed. 18 April, 1741. 

[2] Simon (4th son), lord of Birdingbury, Warwicks. ; m. Jane, 

eldest dau. of Edward Birch, Esq. of Leiicroft, serj.-at-law, and 

had with other issue a son, 

Edward, m. his cousin Anne, dau. of Edward Birch, Esq. 
and had with 2 daus. 5 sons, 

(1) Sir Theopliilus, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(2) Edward.— (3) John.— (4) William.— (5) Charles. 

SIR THEOPHILUS, 4th Baronet, d. 1801, having m. 

his cousin Jane, only child of Jlichael Biddulph, of Ripple, 
CO. Wore. ; she d. 14 Aug. 1818, aged 93, ha^-ing had with 
other issue 2 .sons, 

[1] Sir Theophilus, s. as 5th Baronet. 
[2] John, rector of Frankton, co. Warwick, and Birbury; 
d. 19 Aug. 1837, having m. , Sophia, tlau. of Sir 

Charles Wheler, Bart ; she d. 18 Feb. 1863, aged 85, having had 
■with other issue 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) John, rector of Frankton, d. s. p. 20 Aug. 1837, having 
nj. , Mary Frances, youngest dau. of Edward 
Sacheverell Wilmot, Esq. (BART.); she d. s. p. 23 Nov. 1839, 
having re-m. 15 Nov. 1838, to Gen. Greorge Dixon, col. 104th 
regt. who died s. p. 15 May, 1874. 

(2) William, capt. Bengal army, b. 8 Jan. 1805; d. Jan. 
1852, having m. 17 April, 1841, Hannah Sarah, dau- of Dr. 
Nathaniel WalUck, of Calcutta, and has a son and dau. 

/I/ WiUiam Wallick, b. 1 May, 1842; m. 11 July, 1868, 
Annie, eldest dau. of late WUliam Hugh Bamikel, of Pem- 
/2/ Sophia. 

(3) George (5th son), col. in the Indian army, killed at the 
relief of Lucknow, unm. 

(4) Jane and (5) Lucy, twins. 

SIR THEOPHILUS, 5th Baronet, b. ; d. 30 July, 

1841, aged 84, having m. 1784, Hannah, dau. of 

Edward Prestridge, Esq.; she d. , 1824, having had 5 sons 

and a dau. 

(1) Sir Theophilus, s. as 6th Baronet. 

(2) Charles, capt. R.X. d. imm. 24 April, 1815. 

(3) Edward, lieut.-col. C.B. d. 3 Dec. 1868, aged 70, having m. 
and had an only sou and several daus. 

/I/ Edward Theophilus Price, d. at Moodarabad, India, 26 
Oct. 1864, aged 23. 

/2/ Mary Anne (4th surviving dau.), m. 9 April, 1872, to 
George Josiah, 2nd son of WiUiam Curtis, of Northampton. 

(4) Simon, capt. 25th regt. d. 25 April, 1823, aged 30, leaving 
a dau. 

(5) Henry, rector of Birdingbury, Warwicks. d. 19 Sept. 1867, 
having m. 1 July, 1834, Emma Susan, only dau. of John 
Nuttall, Esq. of Worley Bank, Wore; she d. 14 April, 1873, 
leaving an only dau. 

Adelaide Emma, d. 27 Mar. 1869, having m. 26 Oct. 1865, to 
Rev. Himiberston Skipwith (B.1RT.) 

(6) Frances Anne, d. 9 Jan. 1871, having m. 9 June, 1810, to 
Adm. Sir William Parker, Bart. G.c.B. who d. 12 Nov. 1866. 

SIR THEOPHILUS, 6th Baronet, b. 20 Mar. 1785; d. 15 July, 
1854, having m. 12 April, 1825, Jane Rebecca, dau. of 
Robert Vyner, Esq. of Easthorpe, co. Warwick. ; she d. 19 Mar. 
1843, leaving a son and a dau. 

(1) Sir Theophilus William, 7th and present Baronet. 

(2) Jane Constance, d. s. p. 20 July, 1879, having m. 6 June, 
1855, to Sir William Biddulph Parker, Bart. 


Edward, of Mat- 
fen Hall, Northumber- 
land (1673, E.), J.P. and 
D.L. late 1st life guards; 
s. his father as 6th Ba- 
ronet in 1816 ; b. 23 
Feb. 1805; m. 1st— 1 
^l&j, 1830, Julia, last 
surviving dau. of late Sir 
Charles Monck, Bart, of 
Belsay Castle (Middle- 
ton) ; she d, 2.5 June, 
1846. He m. 2nd]y— 16 
Oct. 1851, Frances Vere^ 
A\idow of William Henry 
Ord, Esq. M.p. and dau. 
of late Sir William Loraine, Bart.; she d, 28 May, 
1874. He m. 3rdly — 15 June, 1875, Isabella Helen, 
dau. of late John Eichardson, Esq. of Kii'klands, 
CO. Roxburgh ; she d. s. p. 28 Feb. 1879. He m. 
4thly — 5 Aug. 1880, Alethea Riauette Anne, 2nd 
dau. of late Gen. William Henry Scott (B. Stanley 
OF Alderley). By his Lst w^fe he had 4 sons and 
5 daus. 

(1) Edward William, lion, major-gen. in the army (retd.), 
A.D.C. to the Queen, K.l.u.; b. 22 Mar. 1831 ; m. 23 Nov. 1871, 
Hon. Julia Frances, youngest dau. of Kenelm, 17th Lord 
Somerville (ext.),and has 3 sons and a dau. 

Hugh Douglas, b. 24 Mar. 1873.— Arthur Edward, b. 14 
May, 1874.— Ralph, b. 19 Sept. 1877.— Ethel. 

(2) Charles Francis, rifle brigade, b. 6 Jan. 1841. 

(3) Henry Wise Ridley, capt. 19th hussars 1872; b. 1842. 

(4) Frederick Arthur, R.N. H.M.S. "Atalanta"; b. 16 June, 
1846 ; lost at sea Feb. 1880. 

(5) Louisa, d. 17 July, 1870, having m. 8 Dec. 1863, to Admiral 
the Hon. Sir C. G. J. B. ElUot, K.C.B. 1881 (E. MiNTO). 

(6; Frances Julia. 

(7) Anna Maria, m. 10 Mar. 1863, to Lieut.-Col. Godfrey 
Wentworth Beaumont, Scots guards (eldest son of late Capt. 
Richard Beamuont.R.N.); he d. 23 Aug. 1876, having had with 
other issue, 3 sons and 5 daus. 

Ronald Wentworth BEAUMONT, b. 25 Feb. 1864.— Hugh 
Dylais, b. 20 Jan. 1873.— Ernest Godfrey, b. 22 Dec. 1874.— 
Evelyn Julia. — Marion Edith. — Ethel AUce. — Sybil Helen. — 
LUian Laura. 

(8) Georgiana Emma, m. 2 Aug. 1871, to Capt. John Cra-wford 
Wilson, R.N. com. Australian station, and has had a son and 
2 daus. 

Alexander Blackett WILSOU, b. 14 Aug. 1876, d. 18 July 

following. — Julia Margaret. 
(0) Marj' Elizabeth, m. 5 Aug. 1865, to George Mark Leycester 
Egerton," Esq. (B. EGERTON.) 

Arms— Arg., on a chevron between three mullets pierced sa, 

as many escallops of the field. 

Crest — A hawk's head erased ppr. 

Motto — Nous travaillerons en esperance. 

Seat— Matfen Hall, Stamfordham, Northumberland. 

TOWN House— 34, Portman Square, W. 


•TTTILLIAil BLACKETT, of Hoppyland, Durham (great- 
VV great-grandson of Alexander Blackett, of Woodcroft, in 
the bishopric) bp. at Hamsterley, Oct. 1588 ; m. Isabel, dau. 
of William Croke, of Wolsingham, co. Durham, and had 3 sons, 
of whom the eldest — Christopher, ancestor of Blackett of Wy- 
1am — and the youngest, 

SIR WILLIAM BLACKETT, alderman, mayor, M.P. New- 
castle-upon-Tyne, was created a Baronet 12 Dec. 1673; 
bur. 16 May, 1680, having m. 1st— 10 July, 1645, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Michael Kirkley, of Newcastle, merchant ; she d. 7 April, 
1674, having had, with other issue, 3 sons and 3 daus. He m. 
2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Ralph Cock, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
the relict of Captain John Rogers, of the same place, but had 
no further issue. His great-great-grandson, 

SIR WILLIAM BLACKETT, 5th Baronet (on the death of 
his father, Sir Edward, M.P. 3 Feb. 1804, who m. Anne 
dau. and heir of Oley Douglas, of Matfen) ; d. 27 Oct. 1816, 
having m. 8 Aug. 1801, Mary Anne, dau. of Benjamin Keene, 
of Westoe Lodge, co. Canib. ; she d. 7 Aug. 1859, having had 
with other issue 4 sons and a dau. 



[1] Sir Edward, 6th and present Baronet. 
[2] Henry Collingwood, b. 16 Feb. 1808 ; d. s. p. 27 May, 1856, 
having m. 24 Nov. 1846, Tbeophania, youngest dau. of T. L. 
Fairfa-x, Esq. of Kewton Kj-uie, Yorks. (B. FAIRFAX); she d. 
6 June, 1877. 

[3] John Charles, of Thorpe Lea, Surrey, b. 3 April 181.3 ; m. 
1st — 22 June, 1845, Maria, dau. of Benjamin Berthon, of Wood- 
lands, Tasmania; she d. 23 Aug. 1847. leaving 2 daus. 

(1) Mary Patience, m. 14 Jime, 1866, to William C. Hood, 2nd 

Queen's royals, eldest sou of William Combes H. Hood, Esq. 

of London. — (2) Maria. 

Mr. J. C. Blackett m. 2ndl}-— 18 Mar. 1852, Emily Jane, dau. 

of Col. WUliam Wild Cockcraft, 58th regt. and has 4 sons and 

7 daus. 

(3) Harold, b. 27 Jan. 1854; m. 15 Sept. 1881, Marion, yomigest 
dau. of Richard Gosling, Esq. of Ecclesfield, Asliford, Middx. 

(4) Arthur Yere, b. 6 May. 1857.— (5) John Charles, b. 23 
Feb. 1865.— (6) Henry, b. 28 Nov. 1867.— (7) Frances Ida. 
— (8) Louisa.— (9) Emily.- (10) Florence.— (11) Edith.— 
(12) Nesta Mary.— (13) Evelyn. 

[4] Charles, b. 1815. 

[5] Maria Patience, m. 24 June, 1847, to the Comte de Koullee, 

who d. s. p. 28 Dec. 1876. 

cis (1814, U.K.), com. 
E.N.; s, his brother as 4th Ba- 
ronet in 1854 ; b. 1 1 Nov. 1838 ; 
m. 1st— 17 Dec. 1861, Lama 
01i\-ia, 2ud dau. of Robert 
S. Palmer, Esq. of Dublin ; she 
d. G Nov. 1865, leaving a son 
and dau. 

(1) Henry Robert Temple, b. 6 Oct. 

(2) Laura Gwendoline. 

Sir Francis m. 2ndly — 10 Aug. 1871, Dorothy 
Frances, eldest dau. of late Rev. Edward Henry 
QuickC, vicar of Ncn-ton St. Cyr, Devon, and by 
her has a son and dau. 

(3) Francis Edward, b. 21 Aug. 1874. 

(4) Ida Dorothy. 

Arms— Az., a fesse or in chief a crescent arg. between, two 
mullets of the second, and in base a mascle of the field. 
Crest— On a cap of maintenance gu., turned up erm., a cres- 
cent arg. 
Motto— Per vias rectas. 

son of Sir John Blacliwood, of BaUyleidy, co. Down 
(E. DUFFERIN), by his marriage mth Dorcas, eldest dau. and 
coheir of James Stevenson, Esq. of Killyleagh, who was sub- 
sequently created a Peeress of Ireland as BARONESS DUF- 
FERIN AND Clanebote], vice-adm. of the blue, commanded 
the " Euryalus" at Trafalgar, was created a BARONET, 1 Sept. 
1814 ; b. 28 Dec. 1770 ; d. 14 Dec. 1832, having m. 1st— 12 Jan. 
1795, Jane Mary, 2nd dau. of Launcelot Crosbie, of Tubrid, Esq. 
(BART.) ; she d. s. p. 19 Jan. 1798. He m. 2ndly— 3 June, 1799, 
Eliza, dau. of Capt. Martin Waghorn, R.N. ; she d. 30 Oct. 1802, 
leaving an only son, 

[1] Sir Henry Martin, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
SIR HENRY m. 3rdly— 9 May, 1808, Harriet, " daughter of 
Francis Gore, lieut.-governor of Grenada (BART.) ; she d. 
5 May, 1851, having had 2 sons and a dau. 

[2] Arthiir Johnstone, gentleman nsher to the Queen, b. 25 
April, 1808 ; d. 2 Jan. 1874, having m. 2 Mar. 1830, Cecilia 
Georgiana, " daughter " of Adm. the Hon. John Byng, relict of 
John Wright, jun. of Lenton Hall, Notts, and had an only son, 
STEVENSON Arthur Blackwood, c.b. 1880, sec. to post 
office 1880, financial sec. 18 74/80, deputy -assistant commissary- 
gen, of brigade of guanls in Crimea; b. 22 May, 1832 ; ni. 
16 Dec. 1858, Harriet Sydney, Duchess Dowager of Manches- 
ter, oth dau. of Conway Richard Dobbs, Esq. of Castle Dobbs, 
CO. Antrim, and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 
Stevenson Arthur, b. 30 Aug. 1867.— Algernon Henry, b. 
14Mar.l869.— Cecilia Grace.— Beatrice Lucy .—Ada Sydney. 
[3] Francis Price, capt. R.N. b. 25 May, 1809 ; d. 22 Mar. 1854, 
having m. 12 Oct. 1848, Jemima Sarah, 2nd dau. of late James 
Cranbourne Strode, Esq. ; she d. 10 Feb. 1870, leaving a son,] 

Francis James Lindsav, b. 20 July, 1849. 
[4] Harriet Anne, d. 31 Dec. 1869, having m. 7 Sept. 1841, as 
2nd wife, to Robert George Cecil Fane, Esq. 6th son of Hon. 
Henry Fane, of Fulbeck, Line. M.P. (E. WESTMORLAND) ; he 
d. 4 Oct. 1864. 

QIR HENRY MARTIN, 2nd Baronet, capt. H.N. b. 11 Jimo, 
O 1801/2 ; d. 7 Jan. 1851, having m. 9, 19 Aug. 1826, Harriet 
Louisa, youngest dau. of J M Bulkeley, Esq. ; 

she d. 6*Feb. 1873, having had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry, 3rd Baronet, lieut. of H.M.S. " Leander " ; b. 7 
May, 1828; d. imm. 26 May, 1854. 

(2) Sir Francis, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(3) Percy, colonial secretary for Tobago ; b. 18 May, 1840 ; d. 
unm. 1 June, 1866. 

(4) Anne Charlotte, d. 5 Oct. 1878, having m. 26 Jime, 1858, to 
Frederic Pelham Warren, of East Court, Hants, com. R.N. and 
had a dau. 

Mabel Mary Louisa WARREN. 

(5) Georgina Louisa, m. 1 Sept. 1864, to Andrew, eldest son of 
Charles Stirling, Esq. of Muiravonside, co. Stirling (BART.) 

(6) Charlotte, m. 14 Oct. 1868, to F. C. Ashworth, Esq. son of 
Sir Charles Ashworth, k.c.b. 

(7) Louisa Cecilia, ni. 20 July, 1867, to Capt. Reynold Allej-ne 
Clement (Alleyne, Bart.)" late 68th regt. one of the hon. 
gentlemen-at-arms, and has a son and 3 daus. 

Sydney Reynold CLEMENT, b. 4 Mar. 1873.— Violet Mary.— 
Maud.— Ida Kathleen. 

Hunter-Blair — see Hunter. 

BLAKE, Sir Valentine, 
of Menlough Castle, co. 
Gahvay (1622, I.), hon. major 
Galway militia ; s. his father 
as 14th Baronet in 1875 ; b. 2 
Dec. 1836 ; m. 25 Jime, 1864, 
Camilla Eugenia, youngest 
dau. of Harvey Combe, Esq. 
late M.c.s. and has 3 sons and 
3 daus. 

(1) Thomas Patrick Ulick John Han-ey, b. 18 Mar. 1870. 

(2) Valentine Joseph, b. 22 Mar. 1871. 

(3) James Herbert, b. 9 May, 1874. 

(4) Eleanor Camilla Eliza, (5) Florence Anne. 
(6) Maude Julia. 

Arms— Arg., a fret gu. 

Crest — A cat-a-mouutain passant giiardant ppr. 

Motto — Virtus sola nobiUtas. 

Seat — Menlough Castle, Galway. 


WALTER BLAKE (son of Thomas Blake, mayor of Gal' 
way 1547, 1562) ; m. Julian Browne (Plaj-fair states 
that she re-m. to Richard, 1st Earl of Clanricarde), and had 3 

[1] Sir Valentine, created a B.^ronet. 
[2] James, ancestor of Valentine Blake, of Drum. 



[3] Robert, mayor of Galway 1624, styled in corporation 
reconls Robert Blake, Fitz Walter, FitzThomas; m. Julian Lynch, 
au'l had 4 sons, 
John. — Dominick. — Anthony. — Nicholas. 

SIR VALENTLN'E BLAKE, Mayor of Galway 1611 and 1630, 
styled in the corporation records, " Valentine Blake, Fitz- 
Walter, Fitz-Thomas," created a Baronet of Ireland, 10 July, 
1622 ; d. 2 Jan. 1634 (bd. in St. Francis Abbey, Galway), 
ha\'ing m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Robert French, of Galway, 
and had 4 sons and 3 daus. He m. 2ndly, Annabell, dau. of 
James Lynch. By his 1st -wife he hail 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Thomas, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(2) Francis, mayor of Galway 1640 ; m. Margaret, dau. of 
Patrick French Esq. and had 6 daus. 

/I/ Marj". /2/ Margaret. 

/3/ Catherine, wife of Xichola.s Lvnch. 

/4' Julian. /5/ Elizabeth /6/ Anne. 

(3) Julian, ^^•ife of Adam Fonte, and ha'l a dau.— Margaret. 

(4) Margaret, m. 1st, to Sir Nicholas Arthur, of Limerick, 
and 2ndly to Theobald Butler, by whom she had 2 sons, 

James and Pierce Bctler. 

(5) Anne, m. to Richard D'Arcy, and d. s. p. 

SIR THOMAS, 2nd Baronet ; m. Julian, dau. of Geoffrey 
Browne, of Carro Browne, and Castle-ma-Garret (B. 
Oh.VS'MORE), and ha<l 4 sons and 7 daus. 
/I/ Sir Valentine, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

/2/ Walter, of Galway, merchant, and after of E.«itng, Suffolk ; 
in 21 CUAKLES II. lie Umiteil a considerable part of the estates 
of Menlough to his nephew Sir Thomas Blake, and in default 
to his nephews Henrj, Francis, and John. 
/3/ GeofEry and /4/ John, both in H.O.; d. s. p. 
/5/ Moggine, m. to Joseph Lynch, Esq. 
/6/ Mary, m. to Martin Kirwan, of Galway. 
/7/ Margaret. /8/ Cliristian. /9/ AnnabeL 

/lO/ Anne. /ll/ JuUan. 

SIR VALENTIXE, 3rd Baronet, a Knight in 1634; will 
proTe<i 1 June, 1651, having m. Eleanor, dau. of Sir Henry l 
LjTich, 3rd Bart, of Castle Carra, co. Mayo, and had with i 
a dau. JuUan, 4 sons, | 

[1] Sir Thomas, 4tll Baronet, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Richard 
3Iartin Esq. and 2ndly, Maria, dau. of Robert French, Esq. of 
Rnssane, by whom he had with several daus. 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Valentine, 5th Baronet, killed in a duel. 

(2) Sir Walter, 6th Baronet, raised and maintained a regt. 
for K. William at his own expense; m. 1st, about 10 Aug. I 
1687, Anne, dau. of Sir John Kinvan, of Castle Hacket, co. j 
Galway. He m. 2n'lly, Agues, dau. of John Blake, Esq. by i 
whom he ha^l a dau. Catherine, m. to Denis Daly. By his j 
1st wife he ha-l 2 sons, of whom the younger, Valentine, d. 
s. p. and the elder son, j 

SIR TuoMA^s, 7th Baronet; m. 1716, Elizabeth Burke, i 
of Tyaquin, the poetess, and had a son ami dau. t 

/I/ Sir UUck, 8th Baronet; iL 1766, having m. Mary, dau. ! 
and sole heir of Richard Blake, of New Grove, and had an I 
onl3' dau. 
Anastatia, wife of Francis Forster, of Ashfield, ancestor 
of Blake- Forster. I 

/2/ Anne, m. 1757, to Richard Kinvan, of Cregg, 

CO. Galway, ll.D. president R.I. society, a celebrated i 
natural philosopher; he d. 1812, leaving 2 daus. I 

[2] Henry, included in the deed of entail by his uncle Walter 
Blake, of Exuing, m. Jliss Catherine Gibson, and had an only \ 
Bon, I 

Thomas Blake, of Brendrum, m. Man', dau. of Peter Lynch 
(Ly.vch-Blo.sse— Bart.; and liad 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Thomas, 9th Baronet, d. 3 Mar. 1787, having m. 1 
1730, Eleanor Lynch, of the Castle Carra family, and ha<l an 
only ilau. | 

Mary, wife of Edward Lynch, whose dau. Eleanor, m. ] 
to John Blake hereafter mentionei I 

(2) Sir Walter, s. as 10th Baronet. 

[3] Francis, include<l in deed of entail aforesaid, father of 
Josepli Blake, of Carolina; male line said to be extinct. 
f4] John, of Cloueen, included in deed of entail aforesaid, fell 
m the cause of the Stuarts whUe lea<ling liis regt. against the 
besiegers of .\thlone in 1681 ; he is said to have married a Miss 
Lyncli, of Drinicong, and ha<l a son, 

Isidore, of Cloneen, who was father of 3 sons, 
(1) Maurice, of Towerhill, co. Mayo, w. d. 20, and proved 
25 June, 1720; m. Anne, rlau. of Sir Walter Blake, Bart, of 
Menlough Castle, and ha<l 2 sons, 
/I/ Isidore, of 01dliea<l and Towerliill, co. Mayo, m. Fanny, 
dau. anrl colieu" of Thomas Rutledge, of Bloomfield, co. 
Mayo, and had 6 sons and 4 flaus. 

[1] Maurice, of Tower HiU, J.P. major N. Mayo miL ; 
**• ; d. , having m. 

Maria, only dau. of Valentine OConnor, Esq. of Dublin, 
and Oakley Park, Blackrtxik, and ha*l a son and 2 daus. 
(1) Valentine O'Connor, of Tower HiU, co. Mayo, j.p. 
U.L. high sherifE 1839, and of Bunown Castle, co. 
Galway; b. ; ,\. 9 Aug. 1879, liaving m. 7 

Jan. 1836, Hon. ifargaret Mary fErench, only dau. of 
Charles, Lord ffrench; she d. 16 July, 1869, having had 
7 sons and 3 ilaus. 

/I/ Maurice Charles Joseph, of Tower Hill, co. 
Mayo, and of Bunown Castle, co. Galway, capt. 
X. Mayo mih since 1861 ; b. 20 Jul}-, 1837 ■ m 24 

Nov. 1863, Jeannette, dau. of Dr. Richard O'Reilly, 
of Sans Souci, co. Dublin, and Castle Wilder, co. 
Longford, and has 2 sons and 5 daus. 
Valentine, b. 10 June, 1866. — Charles, b. 11 June, 
1867. — Olivia. — G^orgina. — Cecilia. — Margaret. — 
/2/ Charles Joseph, b. 4 May, 1839. 
/3/ Valentine Joseph, b. 4 Oct. 1842; m. 1 Sept. 1880, 
to Hon. Mary French, only dau. of Charles, 3rd 
Lord de Freyne. 

/4/ Robert Joseph, b. 3 Feb. 1847.-/5/ Thomas 
Joseph, b. 27 May, 1849.-/6/ Martin Joseph, b. 12 
Jan. 1853.-/7/ John Joseph, d. 1866.-/8/ 

Mary.— /9/ Margaret.— /lO/ EUen Mary. 

(2) Mary, m. 27 Aug. 1824, to Dennis O'Conor Don, of 
Belanagare and Clonahs, co. Roscommon, J.P. who d. 
22 July, 1847, having had issue. 

(3) Honoria, m. to Edward, brother of the O'Conor 
Don aforesaid, and had an only son, who died young. 

[2] Thomas, of Lakeview, m. Margaret, dau. of 
Dowell, and had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Isidore. 

(2) Edward, of Castlemoyle, co. Galway, b. ; 
m. Margaret, only dau. of John Nolan, Esq. 
of Ballinderry. 

(3) Patrick. (4) Fanny. (5) Elizabeth. 
[3] John, of Weston, m. Charlotte, dau. of Blake, 
Esq. of CorbaUy, and had with other issue a son, 

Isidore John. 
[4] Peter, of Ballylahan, co. Mayo, m. Mary 

M'LoughUn, and had with other issue a son — Isidore. 
[5] Anthony, of Dublin, m. Rebecca, dau. of 

Skerrett, and had with a dau. a sou, 

Joseph, m. Miss L\-nch, of Peterburgh. 
[6] Isidore, m. Anne Coleman, and had with 3 daus. 2 

(1) Isidore. (2) Anthony. 

[7] Mary, m. to Arthur Lynch, of Clough- 


[8] Anne, m. to Capt. .Joseph Bourke, of 

Carrowkeel, co. Mayo. 

[9] Catherine, m. to Daniel Jones, of Banada. 

[10] Frances, m. to Arthur Lynch, of Peter- 

/2/ Anthony, of Ross Lodge; m. Katherine, 

dau. of WiiUam Bourke, Esq. of Keelognes, co. Galway. 

(2) Patrick, father of 2 daus. 

/I/ Elizabeth Frances, m. to Hyacinth Kirwan, 

of Cregg, CO. Galway, who d. 1800. 

/2/ Anne, m. to James D'Arcy, Esq. bar.-at-law 

(brother of Richard D'Arcy, of Rockvale); d. 1790. 

(3) John, of Dublin, banker, had 3 sons and a dau. 

/I/ Isidore, of Fisher Hill, co. Mayo; in the army; m. 

Jane, dau. of Henry Lynch, Esq. of Clogher (Lyxch- 
Blo.sse— Bart.) 

/2/ Valentine. /3/ Maurice. 

/4/ Mary, m. 30 Nov. 1783, to Richard D'Arcy, Esq. of 
Rockvale, co. Clare. 

SIR WALTER, 10th Baronet; d. April, 1802, having m. 
10 April, 1751, Barbara, dau. of Myles Burke, of Ower; 
she d. April, 1802, having had 5 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir John, s. as 11th Baronet. 

(2) Dominick .Joseph, m. 1791, Mary, dau. of 
Yelverton, of Belle Isle, co. Tipperary {'I sister of 1st Viscount 
Avon'MORE), and had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Walter ('/) of MeeUck House, co. Galway, and fatlier of 
Walter J. Blake, surgeon-major, A.M.D. (2nd son), who d. 7 
May, 1881. — Henry. — Yelverton. — Barbara. — Cecilia. 

(3) 'Thomas, m. Catherine, dau. of Lawless, of 
and ha<l 3 sons and 3 daus. 

Edward. — Thomas. — John. — Barbara. — Catherine. — Mary. 

(4) Stephen m. Mary, dau. of Denis Daly, 
Esq. of Raford. She re-m. to John D'Arcy. 

(5) Walter, m. 1st — Letitia, dau. of Denis Daly, Esq. 
aforesaiil, and widow of Henry Bingham, Esq. of Newbrook, 
father of Lord Claiimorris. He m. 2ndly — Martha 
or Matilda, dau. of John Kirwan, of Hillsbrook. 

(6) Catherine, m. , to Myles Burke, of the Island 
of St. Eustatia, merchant. 

SIR JOHN, 11th Baronet; d. 1834, having m. 1st, 

1799, Eleanor, dau. of Edward Lynch (by his 
wife Marj-, only dau. of Sir Thomas Blake, 9th Baronet) ; she 
d. , having had a son and dau. 

[1] Sir "Valentine, s. as 12th Baronet. 
[2] Barbara, m. 1804, to Thomas Turner of Warring- 

ton, aftenvards of Hales Hall, StafEordsliire, and had 3 daus. 
SIR JOHN m. 2nilly— 1801, Rose, dau. of Edward 

Brice, of Kilroot, co. Antrim ; she d. , leaving a 

son and 3 daus. 

[3] John Brice, capt. 47th regt. m. — Elree. 
[4] Elizabeth Theodora, d. 25 Oct. 1879, having m. 18 Aug. 
1821, Thomas, 3rd Lord Ventry, who iL 18 Jan. 1868. 
[5] Jane Margaret, b. 29 April, 1805 ; d. 8 May, 1842, having 
m. 1829, as 2nd wife, to Rev. Denis Mahony, of Dromore 

Castle, CO. Kerry, who d. 21 April, 1851. 
[6] ArabeUa,b. 29 May, 1807; m. 1st— 7 Dec. 1827, to Sir Hugh 
James Moore O'Donnell, Bart, who d. 29 July, 1828 ; she re-m. 
1 Aug. 1849, to John O'Hara, E.sq. of Pialieeu. 



SIR VALENTINE JOHN, 12th Baronet (on the death of 
his father Sir John, 1834), M.P. Galway borough 1818 and 
1841 ; b. 23 June, 1780 ; d. iu Paris, Jan. 1847, having m. 1st 
—8 Aug. 1803, Eliza, eldest dau. of Joseph Donellan, Esq. of 
Killagh, CO. Galway; she d. 8 May, 1836, having had (w-ith 3 
daus. wlio all died unm.) 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Thomas, s. as 13th Baronet. 

(2) John Francis, b. 14 April, 1809 ; m. 21 Dec. 1835, Frances, 
2nd dau. of Bernard Mullins, and sister of late Michael 
B Mullins, both of Ballyeigan, King's co. ; she d. 30 Sept. 
1868, having had a son and dau. 

Bernard Valentine, b. 24 Sept. 1841, died. 

SIR VALENTINE JOHN m. 2ndly— 8 April, 1843, Julia 
Sophia, dau. of late Robert McDonnell, Esq. M.D. and niece 
of Rev. Richard McDonnell, D.D. provost of Trinity College, 
Dublin she d. , having (re-m. 10 Oct. 1850, to John 

Cuxson, Esq, of Sliifnal, Salop) had a son, 

(3) Valentine Charles, b. , 1844; m. , 1871, Isabel, 
dau. of Rev. John Dill, of Clonniel, and had a son, 

Valentine, b. 6 Feb. 1874. 

SIR THOMAS, 13th Baronet, b. 25 May, 1805 ; d. 2 Jan. 
1875 ; having m. 29 May, 1830, Letitia Maria, only dau. 
and heir of Ulick O'Brien, Esq. of Waterview, co. Galway; she 
d. 18 Jan. 1879, having had a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Valentine, 14th and present Baronet. 

(2) Louisa, m. at Melbourne, 27 Oct. 1862, to Thomas Ulick 
Burke, Esq. of Smythesdale, Victoria, son of late Captain 
John Bui'ke, of Tynquin, co. Galway, 16th lancers. 

(3) Eliza Maria, m. 4 June, 1879, to Thomas Von Donop 
Hardinge, Esq. Madras C.S. 

BLAKE, Sir Patrick James Graham (1772, 
G.B.), 2ncl lieut. W. SufEolk mil.; s. his grand- 
father as 5th Baronet in 1880; b. 23 Oct. 1861; 
heir presumptive, his uncle William Gage. 

Arms — (No record, but the following are used) — Arg. a fret gu. 
Crest — A leopard passant guardant ppr. 
Seats— Ashfield and Bardwell, Ixworth, Suffolk. 

Sir PATRICK BLAKE, M.P. Sudbury, Suffolk (descended 
ft-om Martin Blake Fitz-Andrew, of Cumner, sheriff of 
Galway 1648), created a Baronet, 8 Oct. 1772 ; d. 1 July 1784, 
having m. Annabella, dau. of Rev. Sir William Bunbury, Bart, 
(she re-m. having been divorced, to George Boscawen,'Esq. of 
St. Peter, Isle of Thanet — V. Falmouth), and had 2 sons. 

SIR JAMES HENRY, 3rd Baronet (on the death of his 
brother Sir Patrick 25 July, 1818); b. ; d. 

21 April, 1832, having m. 13 Feb. 1794, Louisa Elizabeth, dau. 
of Gen. the Hon. Thomas Gage. (V. GAGE); she d. 21 Jan. 
1832, having had 6 sous and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry Charles, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(2) Patrick John, adm. r.n. (retd.); b. 1797, unm. 

(3) William Robert, vicar of Great Barton, SufEolk, 1826/68 ; 
d. 6 Dec. 1868, aged 68. 

(4) James Bunbury, of Thurston House, b. , 1802; d. 
July, 1874, having m. 1 Nov. 1831, Catherine, youngest dau. of 
Sir William Pilkington, Bart, of Chevet, co. York, and has 
a son, 

George Pilkixgton Blake, of Thurston House, Suffolk, 
J.P. served in Indian Mutiny 1857/8, lieut.-col. conmianding 
Suffolk yeo. cav.; b. 23 April 1835; m. 15 May, 1860, Adeline, 
3rd dau. of late James King King, Esq. of Staunton Park, 
M.P. Herefordshire, and has a son, 

Eustace James Pilkington, b. 26 Mar. 1865. 

(5) Thomas Gage, unm. 

(6) George Harry, unm. 

(7) Louisa Annabella, m. ^lay, 1827, to Francis King 
Eagle, bencher of Middle Temple, judge county court, Suffolk, 
who d. 8 June, 1856, leaving an only son, 

Francis Blake Eagle, 14th light dragoons and rifle bri- 
gade; b. 6 Dec. 1833 ; d. 3 Feb. 1879, having m. 1 Nov. 1865, 
Emma Ellen, eldest dau. of late Lieut.-Col. Henry Bond, 
loth hussars, and had a son and 7 daus. 
Francis Ehvyn Bunbury Eagle, b. 29 Aug. 1866.— Maude 
Campbell. — Rose. — Violet. — Lilian Dundas. — Kathleen 
Emma Louisa. — Cecil Mary. — Evelyn Gage Wing. 

(8) Emily Eliza, d. 26 Jan. 1859, having m. to Michael Edwards 
Rogers, Esq. who d. 21 April, 1832, havhig had a dau. 

Emily Louisa Merilena ROGERS, m. , 1863, to Rev. 

J. H. Marshall (has 5 children), now in New Zealand. 

SIR HENRY CHARLES, 4th Baronet, J.P. ; b. 23 Nov. 
1794; d. 22 Jan. 1880, having m. 1st— 2 Aug. 1819, Mary 
Anne, only dau. of William Whitter, Esq. of Midhurst, Sussex; 
she d. 20 April, 1841. He m. 2udly— 15 Feb. 1849, Louisa, 3rd 
dau. and coheir of Sir Thomas Pilkington, Bart, and widow 
of Rev. George Augustus Dawson. By his 1st wife he had 2 

[1] Henry Bunbury, rector of Hessett, SufEolk, b. 14 May, 
1820; d. 20 April, 1873,having m.l July 1847, Frances Marian, 
only dau. of Henry James Oakes, Esq. of Nowton Court, Bury 
St. Edmunds, and had a son and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Patrick James Graham, 5th and present 

(2) Marian Louisa.— (3) Emma Gage.— (4) Julia Porteous. 
— (5) Mary Anne TheUusson. 

[2] WDliam Gage, of Nowton Hall, Suffolk, heir presump- 
tive to the Baronetcy ; b. 14 Nov. 1821; m. 16 June, 1859, 
Mary, eldest sm-viving dau. of Rev. James Thomas Bennet, 
rector of Cheveley, Cambs. and has 3 daus. 
Constance Gage.— Evelyn Gage.— Henrietta Lilly Gage. 

BLAKISTON, Sir Matthe-w (1763, g.b.) ; s. 
his father as 4th Baronet in 1862 ; b. 15 Jan. 
1811 ; heir presumptive, his nephew Horace. 

Arms — (No record, but the following are used) — Arg. two bars 

gu. in chief three cocks of the second. 

Crest — A cock gu. 

MOTTO— Fac bene, nee dubitans. 

SEAT — Sandybrooke Hall, near Ashbourne, co. Derby. 


SIR MATTHEW BLAKISTON, of London, merchant, alder- 
man of Bishopsgate Ward 1750, sheriff of the city 1753, 
knighted at Kensington on the majority of the Prince of Wales 
8 June, 1759, lord mayor of London 1760, col. of the green 
regt. of the city militia (grandson of George Blakiston, of 
Stapleton, Yorks. K.R.), created a Baroxet 22 April, 1763 ; 
d. 14 July, 1774, aged 72, having m. 3rdly— 8 April, 1760, 
Annabella, dau. of Thomas Bayley, Esq. si. P. Derby (royal 
descent), by Bridget his wife, dau. of Sir Wolstan Dixie, Bart, 
(she re-m. 25 Aug. 1776, to Hugh Cane, lieut.-col. 5th dragoon 
guards), and had an only son, 

SIR MATTHEW, 2nd Baronet, b. 1760; d. 20 Sept. 1806, 
having m. Sept. 1782, Anne, dau. of John Rochfort, 
Esq. of Clogrenane, co. Carlow ; she d. 27 Nov. 1862, in her 
100th year, having had 6 sons, 
[1] sir Matthew, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

[2] John, of Mobberley Hall, Chesh. major 27th regt. ; b. 
8 Feb. 1785; d. 4 June, 1867, having m. 26 Sept. 1814, Jane, 
dau. of Rev. Thomas Wright, rector of Market Bosworth, co. 
Leic; she d. 21 June, 1874. having had 4 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Matthew, c.E. b. 13 Jan. 1821; m. 26 Sept. 1848, his 
cousin Anne, dau. of Richard B. Blakiston-Houston, of 
Orangefield, co. Down, s. p. (See below.) 

(2) Thomas Wright, capt. r.A. b. 27 Dec. 1832. 

(3) LawTence, an officer, slain before Sebastopol 1855. 

(4) John Rochfort, m. 14 Sept. 1876, Georgiana, dau. of 
Rev. Francis WiUiam Cubitt, rector of Fritton, Suffolk 
(B. Hastings). 

(5) Eleanor Frances, d. unm. 1 Aug. 1879. 

(6) Mary. 

(7) Dorothea. 

[3] Charles, b. 12 April, 1786, d. June 1843, having m. Aug. 
1820, Harriett dau. of Nicholl, Esq. of Watford, and had 

2 daus. 

Anne Plenderleath. — Constance Katherine. 
[4] Thomas, capt. R.N. b. 3 Dec. 1790; d. 30 April, 1855, having 
m. 9 Aug. 1827, Harriot, 7th dau. of John Harvey, Esq. of 
Thorpe Hall, Norfolk (B.VRT.), and left an only surviving dau. 
Bertha Harriet, m. 16 Oct. 1861, to Frank Astley Cubitt, 
capt. 5th fusiliers, adjutant of Norfolk vols, (son of Rev. 
Francis William Cubitt, m.a. of Fritton House, Suff. afore- 
said), and has 3 sons and a dau. 
Bertram Blakiston Cubitt, b. 20 Aug. 1862. — Julian 
Francis, b. 16 Aug. 1869.— Thomas Astley, b. 9 April, 1871. 
Theresa Helen. 
[5] Richard Bayly Blakiston-Houston, of Orangefield and 
Roddens, both co. Down, assumed the additional surname of 
Houston by R.L. 12 April, 1843; b. 13 May, 1793; d. 21 July, 1857, 
having m. 11 July, 1827, Mary Isabella, dau. of John Holmes 
Houston, Esq. of Orangefield, co. Down ; she d. 4 Nov. 1873, 
having had with other issue a son and dau. 




(1) John Blakiston-Houston, of Orangefield, co. Down, late 
capt. R. Soutli Dovni mil. J.P. and D.L. co. Down, high 
sheriff 18S0; b. 11 Sept. 1829; m. 16 Nov. 1858, Marian 
Gertrude, 2nd dau. of late Richard Shuttleworth Streatfeild, 
Esq. of The Rocks, Sussex, and has 5 sons and 6 dans. 

Richard, 2nd Ueut. R. South Down mil.; b. 7 Jul.v, 1864. 
—Thomas, b. 12 Sept. 1865.— Charles, b. 13 Aug. 1868.— 
James Ednail, b. 18 Nov. 1877.— A son, b. 18 April, 1881 — 
Mary Charlotte.— Annie Marian.-Dora.— Mabel.— Isabel. 
—A dau. b. 22 May, 1879. x,, , • * 

(2) Anne, m. 26 Sept. 1848, to her cousin Matthew Blakiston, 
C.E. (See above.) , ,-t^ io-q 

r61 Peyton, in H.O. M.n. F.R.S. ; b. 6 Sept. 1801 ; d. 1 / Dec. 18 <8, 
ha^nuo' m Aug. 1825, Frances, eldest dau. of late John 
Folliott Powell, Esq. of Tempsford Hall, Beds.; she d. 23 Feb. 
1858, having had 4 sons and a dau. , - ,. , 

(1) John Richard, of Rugby.M.A. H.M. s inspector of schools, 
b 30 June, 1829 ; m. 30 June, 1857, Marie, dau. of Pierre 
Simon, M.D. F.R.S. of Sedan, France, and has 3 sons and 3 

/I ' Ralph, b. 1 April, 1861. „, ^ ,. t. •, 

121 Aubrey, b. 26 Aug. 1862; m. July, 1881, Delia Emily, 
2ud dau. of Edmund Han-is. Esq. of Rugby, co. Warwick. 
/3/ Clarence, b. 23 April, 1864. 
/4/ Slaud Douerlas.— /5/ Minnie.— /6/ Hilda. _ 

(2) Pevton. com. R.X. b. 19 Feb. 1831; d. 20 Dec. 1865, havmg 
m. 1 Nov. 18S2, Annie, 3rd dau. of late W. Ford Bally, Esq. 
of Bath, and has 2 sons and a dau. ^, „„ ^^ -.q^ = 

William Graham, b. 13 Dec. 1863.— Peyton, b. 20 Dec. 1865. 
Evelyn Frances. 

(3) Douglas Yeoman, vicar of East Grinstead and surrogate ; 
b 20 Nov. 1832; m. 11 July, 1861, Sophia Matilda, youngest 
dau. of late Rev. William Dent, of Crosby Hall, Yorks. and 
has 4 sons and 2 daus. ,„„„„,, t, ,, 

Herbert Edward Dent. b. 5 Sept. 1862.— Charles R , b. 

27 Sept. 1863.— John Lionel, b. 24 June, 1867.— Wilbam 
R b. 14 Mar. 1870.— Emily M L .—Mabel 


(4) Matthew Folliott, of Brocton Lodge, StafEords. J.P.; b. 22 
Sept. 1835; m. 23 Sept. 1858, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of 
late John Mason, Esq. of Lj-mington, Hants ; she d. 10 Feb. 
1868, having had 2 sons and 2 surviving daus, 

Rochfort Folliott, b. 25 Nov. I860.— Matthew, b. 4 May, 
186 7. — Mary. — Ada. 

(5) Frances, m. 26 April, 1859, to Lionel Beale, M.B. F.R.S. 
F.R.C.P. prof, medicine King's Coll. Hospital, London, and has 
an only surviving son, 

Peyton Todd Bowman BEALE, b. 20 Jime, 1864. 

SIR MATTHEW, 3rd Baronet, b. 13 May, 1783 ; d. 23 Dec. 
1862, having m. 12 April, 1810, Lucy, eldest dau. of James 
Mann, Esq. of Linton Place, Kent; she d. 29 Dec. 1871, having 
had with other issue 4 sons and 2 daus. 
rn Sir Matthew, 4th and present Baronet. 
[2] Horace Mann, vicar of Benhall, Suff. 1860/75 ; b. 10 Dec. 
1819; d. 9 Feb. 1878, having m. 26 Jime, 1860, Charlotte, 2nd 
dau.' of Rev. William Henry Galfridus Mann, of Glanllyn, St. 
Asaph, vicar of Bowdon, Chesh. 1821/56 (see also B. LILFORD), 
and had 3 sons, 
Horace Nevile, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy ; 
b. 2 Aug. 1861— Charles Edward, b. 28 Dec. 1862.— Frederick 
Turnly, b. 22 April, 1864. 
[3] Charles Robert, late M.L.C. New Zealand ; b. 6 July, 1825; 
m. 23 Sept. 1858, Mary Anna, 2nd dau. of Right Rev. Henry 
John Chitty Hanger, D.D. primate of New Zealand, late bishop 
of Christ Church, and has 5 sons and 2 daus. 
Henry Matthew, b. 24 Aug. I860.— Arthur John, b. 25 June, 
1862.— fiaward NevDe, b. 2 Oct. 1864.— Reginald Norman, 
b. 15 Aug. 1866.— Charles Douglas, b. 4 Nov. 1871.— Rosa- 
mond Mary.— Lucy Eleanor. 
[4] Augustus Frederick Noel, b. 15 Jan. 1829; m. 20 June, 
1876, Charity, eldest dau. of late Thomas Connell, Esq. bar- 
rister of the supreme com-t of New Zealand, s. p. 
[5] Rosamond, d. 10 May, 1862, h,a\-ing m. 18 Aug. 1842, to 
Rev. Gerard Nevile, m.a. vicar of Tilton, co. Leic. 1843/74 ; he 
d. 11 May, 1881. having had a son and dau. 

(1) Henry William NEVILE, b. 31 May, 1845; m. 8 Aug. 1876, 
Lucy, dau. of Roberts, Esq. of Edinburgh. 

(2) Amelia Mary 

[6] Lucy, m. 16 July, 1840, to Rev. William NLxon Hooper, 
M.A. minor canon and precentor of Winchester, and vicar of 
Littleton, Hants ; he d. 24 July, 1877, having had a dau. 
Alice Gertrude Hooper. 

BLANE, Sib Sey- 
MOUE John (1812, 
U.K.), c.B, (hon.) lieut.- 
gen. in the army (h.p.) 
retd., late Scots guards, 
.52 nd regt. and rifle bri- 
gade,serTedintlie Crimea, 
at the battle of Inkerman, 
&c. military secretary and 
A.D.O. to governor-gens, 
of India 1860/9, K.M. ; s. 
his father as 3rd Baronet 
in 1869; b. 1 Feb. 1833; 
heir presumptive, his bro- 
ther Arthur. 

Arms — Arg., on a fesse sa. a mullet between two crescents 

of the field, in base a rose gu. in chief an anchor erect 

entwined by a serpent ppr., being an augmentation granted 

by George iv. for public services. 

Crest — A sword erect ppr. 

Motto — Paritur pax bello. 

Town address— 34, Duke Street, St. James's, s.w. 


GILBERT BLANE, of Blanefield, prebendary of Kirkoswald, 
AjTsh. (descended from Thomas Blane, of Girvan), d. 
Aug. 1771, having m. Agnes, dau. of John McFadzen, of May- 
bole, Ayrsh.; she d. Mar. 1778, having had 4 sons, 
[1] Andrew, of Blanefield, W-S. solicitor and agent to H.B.H. 
the Prince of Wales ; d. imm. 1839, aged 95. 
[2] Thomas, of London, merchant, and formerly of New York; 
d. 16 Aug. 1814, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of James Oliphant, 
gent, and relict of Archibald Gairdner, Esq.; she d. 
having had ^\"ith 2 daus. an only son, 

Archibald William, member of coimcil, &c., superin- 
tendent of police in the Mauritius ; b. 29 Mar. 1788; d. 2 
Nov. 1852, having m. 10 April, 1834, Mary Magdalen, dau. 
of Thomas Delves Broughton, Esq. (BART.), and had 3 sons 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Archibald Lo^^^-y, b. 4 Aug. 1839; d. 22 Dec. 1856. 

(2) William Allan, b. 17 Jan. 1842 ; d. 4 Aug. 1861/2. 

(3) Robert Arthur, capt. 22ud regt. adjt. Cheshire militia, 
1875/80; b. 23 Jiuie, 1844; m. 14 Feb. 1870, to Frances 
Smith, dau. of late Alexander Wrightson Law, Esq. J.P. and 
D.L. of Glanniire, co. Cork, and has a sou, 

Archibald Rodney Alexander, b. 7 Jan. 1879. 

(4) Maria Lydia, m. 1st— 22 May, 1856, to Capt. Archibald 
Oliver Wood, 14th Bengal N.I. (divorced), and she re-m. 15 
Mar. 1875, to Capt. Beville Granville Yyvyan (BART.), and 
has by her 1st husband 3 sons and a dau. 

Cecil Archibald Harry Wood, b. 1 May, 1857. — Percy 
Arthur Ernest, b. 17 Aug. 1858. — Seymour Gore Ouseley, b. 
4 April, I860.— Ada Jesse Stewart. 

(5) Cecilia Elizabeth, m. 16 Aug. 1860, to William James 
McGrigor Da^^^l, late 1st royal dragoons, and has 2 sons and 

4 daus. 

Walter Archibald William DA"W"N, b. 5 July, 1863.— Harold 
Frederick Legh, b. 28 July, 1868.— Geraldine Mary Cecilia. 
Laura Eveline. — Frances Miu-iel. — Rachel Margaret. 
[3] William, of Winkfield Park, Berks, and of Grougar, Ayrs.; 
m. Honoria, dau. of Thomas Newnham, Esq. of Southborough, 
Kent (brother of Nathaniel Newnham, lord mayor of London 
1783); she il. 11 July, 1856, having had 7 sons and 2 daus. all 
living 1812, of whom, 

(1 ) David Anderson, of Foliejon Park, Berks, and of Grougar, 
Ayrs. a member of coimcil at BomlDay; d. 17 June, 1879, 
aged 78. 

(2) Thomas Law, of Foliejon Park, late E.I.C.S. b. 

(3) George, capt. R.N. served in the "Benbow" witli the fleet 
off the coast of Syria, including the bombardment of St. 
Jean d'Acre ; b. 7 Nov. 1813 ; d. unm. 1 May, 1879. 

(4) Gilbert James, of Foliejon Park, Indian service ; d. 7 
Feb. 1881, aged 72, having m. 1847, Harriet Stewart, 
dau. of Rev. Gordon Forbes, of Aberdeen, and had 2 sous and 

5 daus. 

/I/ Gilbert Gordon, b. 1860. 

/2/ Cliaries Forbes, Ueut. B.A.; b. 28 Sept. 1869. 

jZj Harriet Anne. 

/4/ Nora Mary (2nd dau.), m. 4 Dec. 1879, as 2nd wife, to 

AVmiani St. Lo Malet, late capt. 8th hussars (BART.) 

/5/ Alice (3rd dau.), m. 30 July, 1878, to Robert Arnold 

Vansittart, capt. 7th dragoon guards, only son of late 

Lieut.-Col. Robert Vansittart, of The Chuffs, Maidenhead, 



and has a son, b. 25 June, 1881, and a dau. b. 10 Oct. 1879. 
/6/ Edith Honoria. 

(5) Henry, rector of Folktou, Yorks. since 1856 ; m. 15 Oct. 
1874, Mary Jane, eldest dau. of Kev. Roger Pocklingtou, 
vicar of Walesby, Notts; she d. s. p. 25 Jvme, 1876. 

(6) Robert, col. in the army, C.B. 2nd life guards, military 
attache at St. Petersbm-g ; d. 1871, having m. 2 June, 
1845, Margaret Rose, dau. of Levi Ames, Esq. of Tlie Hyde, 

(7) Mary (youngest dau.), d. 6 Jan. 1847. 

[4] Sir Gilbert, M.D. physician in ordinary to George III., 
M.R.C.P. F.R.S. a member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences 
at St. Petersbiu-g; created a Baronet 26 Dec. 1812; b. 29 
Aug. 1749, O.S.; d. 27 Jime, 1834, having m. 11 July, 1786, 
Elizabeth, only dau. of Abraham Gardner, of London, merchant; 
she d. 9 July, 1832, having had vdth other issue a son, 

SIR HUGH SEYMOUR, 2nd Baronet, lieut.-col. 3rd fusilier 
guards, served with distinction at Waterloo ^\^th 3rd 
guards, D.L. Derbysh.; b. 29 July, 1795; d. 14 April, 1869, 
having m. 23 Jan. 1832, Eliza, eldest dau. of John Amiit, Esq. 
of Dublin ; she d. 1 May, 1877, having had 3 sons, 

(1) Sir Seymour John, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Arthur Rodney, of the Pastiu-es, Derby, capt. R.N. (retd.), 
1881, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; b. 26 July, 
1834 ; m. 19 Sept. 1878, Mary Georgina, 2nd dau. of J. Pitcaim 
Campbell, of Burton Hall, Chesldre, and has a sou and dau. 

Charles Rodney, b. 28 Oct. 1879. 
Mary Louisa, b. 30 Sept. 1881. 

(3) Charles Gilbert, capt. 23rd R.W. fusiliers ; b. 3 Nov. 1837; 
d. 4 April, 1874. 

BLENNEEHASSETT, Sir Rowland (1809, 
U.K.), M.p. CO. Galway 1865/74, co. Kerry 
1880, J.p. D.L. ; s. his father as 4th Baronet in 1849; 
b. 5 Sept. 1839 ; m. 9 June, 1870, the Countess 
Charlotte, only dau. of late Charles, Count de 
Leyden, and has had 2 sons and dau. 

[1] Arthm- Charles Bernard, b. 14 April, 1871. 

[2] Paul Charles AVilliam Roland Marmadiike, b. 4 Dec. 1877; 

d. 25 Aug. following. 

[3] Marie Carola Franciska Roselyne. 

Arms— Gu., a chevron erm. between three dolphins embowed 


Crest— A wolf sejant ppr. 

Motto— Fortes fortuna juvat. 

Seats — Churchtown, near KUlamey, and Blcnuerville, Tralee. 

Town House— 31, Curzon street, W. 

(great-great-grandson of John Blennerhassett, Jl.P. co. 
Kerry, whose father " Robert, %vith his aged father Thomas, 
came into Ireland from Flimby, Cumberland, in the reign of 
Q. Eliz." as an undertaker in the plantation of the province of 

Munster then forfeited by the Earl of Desmond, and settled in 

CO. Kerry, together with Arthur Denny, Sir William Herbert, 

and Jenkin Conway), was created a Baronet 22 Sept. 18U9; 

d. 14 Mar. 1821, aged 81, having m. Melicent Agnes, dau. of 

Richard Yeilding, Esq. of Rathkeale, co. Limerick, and had 

with other issue 5 sons. 

[1] Sir Robert, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] Richard Francis, b. 23 May, 1772; d. s. p. Nov. 1827, having 

m. , Agnes, dau. of Sir Barry Denny, Bart. ; she d. 

19 Dec. 1842. 

[3] Arthur, of Blennerville, b. 27 Oct. 1776; d. 31 May, 1839, 

having m. Sept. 1799, Hon. Helen Jane MuUins, dau. of 

Thomas, Lord Ventry ; she d. 24 Dec. 1846, haWng had a son 

and 2 daus. 

(1) Rowland, s. p. 

(2) Melicent Agnes, m. to Rev. Edward Maynard Denny, 
rector of Listowel, &c. (BAIiT.) 

(3) Theodora, d. 25 Jidy, 1845, having m. 18 Oct. 1836, as 
1st wife, to Richard Chute, Esq. of Chute Hall, co. Kerry ; 
he d. 13 Sept. 1862, leaving issue. 

[4] Rowland, of Tralee and Kells, &c.; b. 26 Dec. 1780 ; d. 12 
April, 1854, having m. Letitia, eldest dau. of John Hurly, 
Esq. of Tralee, clerk of the crown ; she d. , having had 

3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) John, b. 1812 ; d. 14 Dec. 1847, having m. July, 1844, 
Annabella, youngest dau. of Richard Yiekling, of Bel\iew, 
CO. , and had a dan. — Letitia. 

(2) Richard Francis, of Kells, co. Kerry; b. , 1819 ; 
d. 16 Feb. 1854, having m. 13 Oct. 1849, Honoria, youngest 
dau. of Major William Carrique Ponsonby, Esq. of Crotto, co. 
Kerry, and had an only son, 

Rowland Ponsonby, of Kells, M.P. co. Kerry 1872 ; b. 22 
July, 1850 ; m. 21 Sept. 1876, Mary Beatrice, 3rd dau. of 
Walter Armstrong, Esq. and has a son b. 29 June, 1879. 

(3) Rowland, d. unm. Sept. 1840. 

(4) Melicent Agnes, m. to John ColUs, Esq. of Baron, and 
had issue. 

(5) Mary, m. to Rev. George Purdon. 

(6) Letitia, d. iinm. (7) Lucy, d. uum. 
(8) Alice, m. to Charles Chute, Esq. of Tralee. 

[5] William, twin wth Rowland, b. 26 Dec. 1780 ; d. , 

1842, having m. , Elizabeth, dau. of Richard 

Blennerhassett, of Ballymacprior ; she d. 21 Dec. 1857, having 
had 2 sons and 2 daus. wlio all d. unm. 

SIR ROBERT, 2nd Baronet, b. 26 Jan. 1769 ; d. 21 Sept. 
1831, having m. 27 May, 1790, his cousin Rosanna, only 
dau. of late Arthm- Blennerhassett, of Fortfield, co. Kerry; 
she d. 4 Feb. 1828, having had with other issue 2 sous and n, 

(1) Sir Arthur, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

(2) Robert, of Mount Rivers, co. Kerry; b. :;7 July, 1797 ; d. s. p. 
2 July, 1862, having m. 4 Sept. 1838, Sarah, dau. of Alexander 
Eagar, M.D. of Tralee and Ardinane, co. Kerry; she d. 2 Feb. 

(3) Catherine, d. Nov. 1869, ha\-ing m. 22 May, 1822, to Rev 
Edward Fitzgerald Conyers, of Castletown Conyers, co. Lime- 
rick, rector of Kuockane, and had issue. 

SIR ARTHUR, 3rd Baronet, b. 30 July, 1794; d. Feb. 1849, 
having m. 26 July, 1826, Sarah, dau. of John Mahony, of 
Kerry; she d. 11 July, 1866, having (re-m. 16 May, 1850, to Fred- 
erick Randall, of Highbury) had a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Rowland, 4th and present Baronet. 

(2) Rosanna. 

BLOIS, Sir John Ralph (1686, e.), of Cock- 
field Hall, Suffolk, high sheriff 1862 ; s. his 
uncle as 8th Baronet in 18.55 ; b. 12 Aug. 1830; 
m. 25 Jan. 1865, Eliza Ellen, youngest dau. of late 
Capt. Alfred Chapman, r.n. and has 6 sons and 5 

(1) Ralph Barrett Macnaghten, b. 21 Nov. 1866. 

(2) Charles Godfrey, b. 27 Dec. 1867. 

(3) Eardley Steuart, b. 3 July, 1869. 

(4) Stephen Russell, b. 6 Oct. 1870. 

(5) Dudley George, b. 12 Feb. 1875. 

(6) A son, b. 25 Aug. 1881. 

(7) Alice Clara. (8) Maude Beatrice. 
(9) Adeline Louisa. (10) Constance Violet. 
(11) Cecily Mabel, b. 4 July, 1878. 

ARMS — (No record, but the following are used)— Gu. a bend 

vaii-e between two fleiu-s-de-lis arg. 

Crest — A gauntlet ppr. holding a fleur-de-lis arg. 

Motto — Je me fie en Dieu. 

SE^*rTCD£]^^ ^all, Ypxfprd, SufEolk. 

OCT 27\96£ 





Sm CHARLES BLOIS. of Gnindesburgh Hall, Suffolk [son 
of Sir William Blois (kiiight«l at WhiteljaU S> Dec. 1661), 
who was descenrled from Thomas Blois, of Norton, Suffolk, 
in U7u], creat<?d a BaroXET 15 April, 1686, M.P. Ipswich 16110, 
ami Dunwich 1701; d. fl April, 1738, having m. 1st, Marj-, dau. 
of Sir Robert Kemp, Bart, of Gissing, Norfolk, and ha<l issue. 
He m. 2ndl.v, Ann, dau. of Ralph Hawtry , of Rislip, Middx. and 
their grandson, 

SIR CHARLES, 6th Baronet (on the death of his father, Sir 
.John, in 1810); b. ; d. 20 Aug. 1850. ha\'ing m. 30 

Dec. 1788. or ri9 Jan. 1789), Clara, dau. of Jocelyn Price, Esq. 
of Camblesworth Hall, co. York; she d. 22 Feb. 1847, ha^•ing 
had with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

[1] Sir Charles, 7th Baronet, serveil in the dragoons at 
Waterloo, lieut.-col. East Suffolk militia 1844/53; d. iinm. 12 
June, 1855. 

[2] John Ralph, com. R.K. b. 1795; d. 19 June, 1853, 

lia\'ing m. 15 Feb. 1827, EUza Knox, 2nd dau. of Rev. John 
Barrett, rector of Inniskeel, co. Donegal, and had with other 
issue 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir John Ralph, 8th and present Baronet. 

(2) George Vanneck. of Southwold, Suffolk, d. 26 Mar. 1872, 
aged 34, having m. 9 June, 1870, Claudine Frances, dau. of 
George Marshall, of St. Leonard's. 

(3) William Thornhill, of Chesterfield, major R. "WanWck- 
sMre (6th) regt. 1881, late adjutant 1st Warwick mil.; b. 1 
Aug. 1812; m. 4 June, 1874, Fanny Elizabeth, eldest dau. of 
late William Ark«Tight, Esq. of Sutton Scarsdale. co. Derby, 
and has 2 sons, 

Eustace William, b. 4 Dec. 1877. — Ernest Pierrepont, b. 10 
Mar. 1880. 

(4) Lucv Anne. (5) Clara Palmer. 

[3] Frances Mary, d. 12 May. 1872, having m. 14 Dec. 1815, to 

Rev. Eardlev Norton, vicar of Amcliff, Yorks. who d. 

[4] Clara, d". 10 Sept. 1865, having m. 14 Dec. 1815, to William 

Palmer-More wood, Esq. of Ladbrooke, co. Warwick (B. SEL- 

BORSE), who d. 23 Feb. 1863. 

[5] Lucy Anne. m. 6 July, 1817, as 2nd \rife, to Joshua, 2nd 

Baron Huntingfield, who d. 10 Aug. 1844, having had issue. 

BLOMEFIELD Sir Thomas Wilmot Pere- 
grine (1807, U.K.), Late licut. 1st York rifle 
regt. of militia; s. his father as 4th Baronet in 1878: 
b. 31 Dec. 1848; m. 5 Aug. 1874, Lilias, dau. of 
Major the Hon. Charles Napier, of Woodlands, 
Taunton (B. Napiek), and has 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Thomas Charles Alfred, b. 27 June, 1875. 

(2) Nigel Napier, b. 15 Mar. 1877. 

(3) Wilmot b. 26 Nov. 1878. 

(4) Lilias Marow, b. 30 Sept. 1880. 

ARM.s— Sa., on a che^Ton arg. a branch of laurel between two 

boml>.shells fired all ppr.; and on a canton or a sixjarhead 

embnied ppr. 

Crest— Is.suant from a mural crown arg. a dcmi-heraldic tiger 

az. anned and tufted or, collared arg. and holding a sword 

broken in the middle ppr. 

Kes I DEXCE— Wimbledon. 


SIR THOMAS BLOMEFIELD (only son of Rev. Thomas 
Blomefield, A.M. rector of Hartley and Chalk, Kent, and 
grandson of Francis Blomefield, of Attleborough), major-gen. 
H.ll. forces, col.-comm. 9th batt. R.A. and inspector of artUlery; 
created a Baroxet 14 Nov. 1807; b. 17 June, 1744; d. 24 Aug. 
1822, having m. 27 July, 1788, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Right 
Hon. Sir John Eardley Wilmot. Knt. chief justice of common 
pleas (B.A.RT.); she d. 21 Aug. 1826, ha\-in had an only son, 

SIR THOMAS AVILLIAil, 2nd Baronet, b. 24 Mar. 1791; d. 
30 June, 1858, having m. 11 Nov. 1819, Salome, dau. of 
Samuel Kekevvich, Esq. of Peamore, Devon ; she d. 22 Jan. 
1862. and had with other issue 5 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Thomas Eardley 'Wilniot, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
[2] .Samuel Edward, B..V. vicar of North Somercotes, co. Line, 
b. 22 April, 1823 ; m. 23 April, 1850, Jean Abigail, youngest 
dau. of John Macwhirter, il.D. and has had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Allan Macwhirter Newham, b. 19 Feb. 1851 ; d. 18 Aug. 

1879.— Edward Hugh, b. 4 July, 1852.— Georgina Elizabeth. 

— Alicia Jean. — Frances Harriet Eardley. 
[3] John, M..\. Trin. Coll. Camb. vicar of All Saints, Knights- 
bridge, b. 27 Oct. 1824; m. 3 April, 1850, Sophia Elizabeth, 2nd 
dau. of Rev. John D'Arcy Jervis Preston, of Askam Bryan 
Hall, CO. York, and has had with other issue 2 sons and 4 

Eardley Wilmot, b. 7 Jan. 1855. — La^\Tence Woodyeare, b. 

8 Oct. 1870. — Sophia Mary. — Emily Louisa. — Margaret Ellen. — 

Aanie Hamilla. 
[4] Robert Allan, of Stokefield, Wore. M.A. incumbent of St. 
John's, Wembley, Middx.; b. 22 Mar. 1826; d. 31 May, 1877, 
having m. 23 April. 1851, Georgiana, 4th dau. of George Pin- 
chin, Esq. of Hatt House, WUts. and had a son, 

George Pinchin Allan; b. 6 July, 1854, m. 26 June, 1879, 

Maileline Amelia, 5th dau. of late Rev. Alfred BUgh Hill, 

M.A. vicar of St. Paul's, Tiverton. 
[5] Charles David, b.a. British chaplain at Munich ; b. 13 
April, 1836 ; m. 22 Nov. 1870, Marguerite, dau. of M. Henri 
Mever, of Basle, and has 2 sons, 

Charles Allan, b. 16 Aug. 1871. 

Henry Arthvu- Gilbert, b. 16 June, 1876. 
[6] Salome, m. 19 Sept. 1850, to Rev. Reginald Guy Bryan, M.A. 
incumbent of Fosbury, Wilts, principal of preparatory and 
collegiate schools, Monkton Combe, near Bath, and has 3 sons 
and 6 daus. 

/I/ Reginald Blomefield BRYAN, b. 25 Oct. 1854. 

/2/ Thomas William Guy, b. 6 Mar. 1862. 

/3/ AVilmot Eardley, b. 7 Oct. 1863. 

/4/ Selina Henrietta Salome. 

/5/ Agneta Jane, m. 3 Aug. 1880, to William George Peel, 

c.Jr.s. only sou of late Capt. Peel, 53rd regt. 

/6/ Emma Frederica. /7/ Philippa Elizabeth Wilniot. 

/8/ Helen Gertrude, m. 3 Aug. 1880, to Charles, 5th surviviug 

son of Rev. Tliouias Henry Howard, vicar of Warmley, Glouc. 

/9/ Edith Mary JIarow. 
[7] Elizabeth Marv. unm. 

QIR THOMAS EARDLEY WILMOT, 3rd Baronet, master 
O of Archbishop Holgate's hospital, Hemsworth, Yorks. 
1872/8, and vicar of All Saints, Pontefract, 1869/72; b. 3 
Aug. 1820 ; d. 21 Nov. 1878, having m. 1st— 2 Jan. 1844, Georg- 
ina Louisa, 3rd dau. of Gen. Sir Peregrine Maitland, g.C.b. 
governor of the Cape of Good HoiJe ; she d. 5 Jan. 1862, having 
had a son and 3 daus. 

[1] Sir Thomas "Wilmot Peregrine, 4th and present 

[2] Caroline Sarah. 

[3] Louisa Charlotte Emily, m. at Pontefract, 11 April, 1866, 
to Capt. Theodosius Stuart Russell (son of Rev. Edmund Russell 
and Margaret Lowthrop), capt. late 1st West York mil. adjt. 
24th Lancashire R.V. chief constable W.R. Yorkshire, and has 
3 sons and a dau. 

Edmund Stuart Eardley Wilmot RCSSELI,. b. 15 Jime, 1869.— 

Ch.arles Lennox SomervQle, b. 10 July, 1872. — Wilmot Pere- 
grine Maitland, b. 6 June. 1874. — (Jeorgina Louisa Margaret. 
[4] Georgina Salome, m. 28 June, 1870, to Loftus Henrj' Martin, 
capt. 1st West York militia, late 69th regt. and has 2 sons, 

I^ftus Wilmot Martin, b. 19 April, 1871. 

Frank Henrv Eardlev. b. 10 May, 1872. 
SIR THOMAS m. 2ndXv— 19 Oct. 1853, Fanny, eldest dau. of 
Rev. John D'Arcy Jervis Preston, of Askam Bryan Hall, 
Yorks. and hail with other Lssue 2 sons and 2 daus. 
[5] Malcolm. 1st W. York. mil. b. 1 June, 1858. 
[6] Arthur Hugh. b. 1 Dec. 1862. 
[7] Laura Elizabeth. [8] Margaret Edith. 

Lyxch-Blosse — see Lyxch. 



"OLOUNT, Sir Walter 

-^-^ DE SODINGTON, of 

Sodington, co. Worcester, 
J.p. and D.L. (1G41, E. ) ; 
s. his father as 9th Baronet 
in 1881 ; b. 19 Dec. 1833 
(? married and has issue) ; 
heir presumptive, his brother 

Arms — Barry-nebuli5e of six or 
and sa. 

CREST--A sun in splendour charged 
with a gauntlet ppr. 
MOTTO — Lux tua via mea. 
Seats— Sodington, Bewdley, and 
Mawley Hall, Cleobvu-y Mortimer, 
both CO. Worcester. 


(3) Hugh Francis, b. 1 June, 1844. 

(4) Mary Catherine, a sister of mercy. 

(5) Joan Frances 

(6) Margaret Mary-Teresa, m. 10 Jan. 1878, to George Edmund 
Wicksted, Esq. of Betley Hall, Staff. J.P. and of Lincolns Inn, 

SIR WALTER BLOUNT, of Sodington (said to be descended 
from Sir Robert [m. Gundred, dau. of the Earl of Ferrers], 
son of Blound, Lord of Guisnes in France, who came in with the 
Conqueror, and by whom he was created Baron of Ickworth in 
Suffolk), was created a Baroxet 5 Oct. leil; he suffered 
severely in the royal cause, was imprisoned at Oxford, and 
subsequently in the Tower of London ; d. 27 Aug. 1654, 
having m. Elizabeth, dau. of George Wyld, of Droitwich, 
Wore, serjeant-at-law ; she d. 23 April, 1651, having had 7 sons 
and 3 daus. His great-grandson, 

QIR WALTER, 6th Baronet (on the death of his brother 
kJ Sir Edward, 19 Oct. 1765); d. 5 Nov. 1785, having m. 21 
Sept. 1766, Mary, eldest dau. and coheir of James, Lord Aston 
of Forfar (ext.) ; she d. 31 Jan. 1805, having had 3 sons, 
[1] Sir "Walter, s. as 7th Baronet. 

[2] Edward, of London, lord of the manor of Shabbiugton, 
Bucks. M.P. Steyning, Sussex; b. 18 July, 1769; d. 20 Mar. 
1843, having m. 20 April, 1803, Frances Mary, dau. and coheir 
of Francis Wright, of London ; she d. 2 May, 1859, having had 
S sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Walter Aston Edward, lord of the manor of Shabbington, 
Norroy king of arms, genealogist of the order of the Bath, 
which he resigned in 1858; b. 17 Feb. 1807. 

(2) Edward Charles, of Imberhorne, Sussex, and of Paris, 
banker, c.B. consul at Paris 1871; b.l4 Mar. 1809; m. 18 Nov. 
1834, Gertrude Frances, 3rd dau. of William Charles Jerning- 
ham (B. STAFFORD), and has had with other issue 2 sons 
and 2 daus. 

/I/ Herbert Aston Edward, b. 22 April, 1837; d. 21 July, 


/2/ Henry Edmund, b. 16 Dec. 1844; m. 5 July, 1869, 

Marguerite Marie Hyacinthe, dau. of Charles Paul Marie 

Moreau de la Rochette, Baron de la Rochette, and has 

a son and dau. 

Edward Aston Charles Marie, b. 2 Jan. 1874. 

Marie Charlotte Gertrude Louisa. 
/3/ Alice Mary, d. 9 May, 1873, having m. 9 June, 1856, to 
Edward, Baron Haiuguerlot, of Villandry, Indre et Loire. 
/4/ Mary Frances Gertrude, d. unm. 13 June, 1871. 

(3) Herbert James, lieut.-col. in the army, knight 5th class 
order of medjidie, b. 20 May, 1811; d. 10 May, 18G0. 

(4) George Thomas, b. 3 May, 1819, unm. 

(5) Henry Joseph, a benedictine monk, b. 5 June, 1821; d. 
12 Feb. 1865. 

(6) Mary Frances, m. 14 Sept. 1830, to her cousin Sir Edward 
Blount, 8th Bart, who d. 28 April, 1881. 

(7) Constantia Catherine. (8) Apollonia, a nun. 

(9) Frances Johanna Elizabeth, d. 28 Nov. 1858, having m, 
11 Jan. 1853, to Henry William Pownal, Esq. of Isleworth. 

(10) Laura Juliana, a nun. 

[3] George, b. 5 Feb. 1771; d. , having m. 1st — April, 

1798, Elizabeth Courtenay, dau. of John Chichester, of 
Arlington, Devon ; she d. JIar. 1820, aged 48. He m. 2ndly, 
Fanny, dau. of Count de Mansigny. 

SIR WALTER, 7th Baronet, b. 3 Sept. 1768; d. 31 Oct. 1803, 
having m. 25 Nov. 1792, Anne, youngest dau. of Thomas 
Riddell,Esq. of Felton Park and Swinburne Castle, Northumb. ; 
she d. 15 Feb. 1823, leaving an only surviving son, viz.: — 

Sia EDWARD, 8th Baronet, high sheriff Wore. 1835; b. 3 
Mar. 1795; d. 28 April, 1881, having m. 14 Sept. 1830, his 
cousin Mary Frances, eldest dau. of Edward Blount, Esq. M.P. 
and had with other issue 3 sous and 3 d;ius. 

(1) Sir Walter de Sodington, 9th and present Baronet. 

(2) Stephen Robert, bar.-at-law i;.i.; heir presumptive to 
the Baronetcy; b. 15 Nov. 1840 ; m. 10 Aug. 1874, Lizzie, 
dau. of late William Worswick, Esq. of Normantou and Birstall, 
CO. Leicester. 

BLUNDEN, Sir John, of Castle Blunden, co. 
Kilkenny (1766, l.), bar.-at-law ; s. his uncle 
as 3rd Baronet in 1818 ; b. 21 Dec. 1814 ; m, 22 
April, 1839, Elizabeth, 8rd dau. of late Major John 
Knox (Knox-Gore), of Castlerea, co. Mayo, and 
has 6 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) William, b. 25 July, 1840. 

(2) John Overington, A.B. member of Irish bar. b. 27 Nov. 
1842; m. 1871, Frances, dau. of late Joseph Hone, Esq. 
of Dublin. 

(3) Edward Herbert, b. 21 1847. 

(4) Maurice Robert, b. 28 Mar. 1849; d. 17 April, 1876, having 
m. 10 April, 1875, Ellen Louisa, dau. of Edmimd John Arm- 
strong, of Lismoher, co. Clare, J.P. D.L. 

(5) Arthm- Henry, b. 21 Aug. 1850. 

(6) Abraham, b. 13 Oct. 1852 ; m. 30 June, 1881, Mary Jose- 
phine, eldest dau. of Richard J Magee, surgeon-major 
Kilkenny fusiliers. 

(7) Kate, m. 5 June, 1872, to Nicholas Gosselin Richardson, 
bar.-at-law, and has 2 sons, 

Thomas Henry RICHARDSON, b. 9 May, 1873. 
Alexander William, b. 11 Nov. 1874. 

(8) Harriette. (9) Nicola Sophia. 

ARMS— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Arg., ten billets four, three, two, 

and one, sa. Blundell. 2nd and 3rd, Or a lion passant- 

guardant per pale gu. and sa. Blunden. 

CRESTS— 1st, A demi-lion rampant per fesse sa. and arg. 2nd, 

A griffln segreant vert. The above arms and crests were 

confirmed to Sir John Blunden by Sir William Betham, Ulster, 

14 Nov. 1838. 

MOTTO — Cedamus amori. 

SEAT— Castle Blunden, Kilkenny. 


SIR JOHN BLUNDEN [only surviving son of John Bhmden, 
Esq. (who d. 8 Jan. 1752), of Castle Blunden, M.P. Kil- 
kenny 1727/52, by his 1st wife Martha (d. 1726), dau. of Ag- 
mondisham Cuffe, Esq. and sister of John, 1st Lord Desart, and 
great-grandson of Overington Blunden, of Clonmorencv or 
Castle Bhmden, will dated 2 Dec. 1684, proved 16 Nov. 1685], 
counsellor-at-law, M.P. Kilkenny city, created a Baronet of 
Ireland, 12 Mar. 1766 ; b. ; d. , 1783, having 

m. 25 Feb. 1755, his cousin Hon. Lucy Susanna Cuffe, dau. of 
John, 1st Lord Desart, and had with other issue 3 sons, 
[1] Sir John, 2nd Baronet, b. ; d. 1 Mar. 1818, having 

m. 1st, Miss Hewitsou; she d. s. p. 12 .Ian. 1808. He m. 2ndly^ 
1812, Hester, dau. of John Helsham, of Leggets Rath, co. 
Kilkenny, Esq. 

[2] William Pitt, b. 22 Oct. 1761 ; d. 17 April, 1817, having m. 
29 July, 1813, Han-iet, only dau. of Thomas Pope, Esq. of 



Popefleld, Queen's co.; she died 1861, having (re-m. to 

Rev. Henry Herbert, rector of Rathdowney, Queen's co. who 
had 2 sons and G daus.) had 2 sons and a dau. 

/I/ Sir John, 3rd and present Baronet. 

/2/ William Pitt, b. 15 Nov. 1815 ; m. 1 Sept. 184G, Frances 

Maria, 2nd dau. of late John Knox, Esq. of Dublin, and has 

2 sons and a dau. 
Overington. — Frederick — Catherine, all unm. 

/3/ Harriet, m. 21 JiUy, 1841, to Rev. Joseph Carson, D.D. 

senior fellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin, and professor of Hebrew 

Dublin university, and has a son and 6 daus. 

(1) Thomas Henry Cau.'<OX, bar.-at-law L.I. ; b. 24 Nov. 
1843; m. 15 Aug. "l876, Mary Sophia, dau. of late Rev. 
Comyns Tucker, of Beech Hill, Morchard Bislyjp, Devon. 

(2) Harriet. m. 26 Oct. 1865, to John Hen^^Ue Holbert, Esq. 
and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

John Hllbeut, b. 12 Sept. 1866.— Joseph George, b. 14 
Sept. 1867.— William Henville, b. 29 Aug. 1869.— Fanny.— 
Eleanor. — Caroline Edith. 

(3) Elizabeth Sophia, m. 4 Sept. 1873, to Rev. Robert 
Walsh, Ti.K. eldest son of Right-Hou. John Edward Walsh, 
late master of the rolls Ireland, and has a sou and 2 daus. 

John Edward Walsu, b. 29 Oct. 1875.— HaiTlet.— Anna 

(4) Frances Anna. — (5) Maria Jane. — (6) Josephine 
Eleanor. — (7) Alice Olivia. 

[3] Overington, gen. in the army, lieut.-col. 12tli regt. light 
dragoons ; b. 14 Aug. 1707; d. Feb. 1838. 

BLUNT, SiE Charles William, of Heathfield 
Park and Eingmer, Sussex j.p. d.l. (1720, 
G.B.), high sheriff 1873, bar.-at-law m.t. ; s. his 
cousin as 6th Baronet in 1847 ; b. 22 Nov. 1810 ; 
heir presumptive, his cousin, Charles Wilham Blunt. 

Arms— (No record, but the follo^\^ng are used) — Barry nebulee 

of six or and sa. a crescent for difference. 

Chest — A sun in splendour charged with a gauntlet ppr. 

Mottoes — Lux tua vita mea. Inter lacrymas micat. 

Seat— Heathfield Park, Hawkhurst, Sussex. 

TOWX Residence- 5, Warwick street. Charing Cross, S.W. 

SIR JOHN BLUNT was created a BARONET by Georoe I. 
17 June, 1720 ; d. 24 Jan. 1732, 3, haWng m. 1st— 16 July, 
1689, Elizabeth Court, of Warwickshire ; she d. 22 1707,8. 
Hem. 2ndly— 22 Dec. 1713, Susannah, dau. of Richard Cradock, 
sometime governor of Bengal, said to be of the Richmond family 
(widow, 1st, of John Banner, of London, Salter, and 2ndly, of 
Benjamin Tudman, of London), and d. 21 Dec. 1752. By his 
1st wife Sir John Blunt had 13 children, and was succeeded 
by his eldest surviving sou, 

SIR HENRY, 2nd Baronet, who d. 12 Oct. 1759, ha\-ing m. 
Mar. 1724, Dorothy, eldest dau. of William Nutt, Esq. of 
AValthamstow, Essex, and coheir to her brother James Nutt, 
Esq. and had with other issue 3 sons, 

(1) Sir Charles William, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

(2) Harrj', of Freshiord, Somerset, b. 11 Mar. 1732 ; m. 14 Nov. 
1758, Lydia, dau. and heir of — Towne, of Maryland Point, 
Essex, and had 4 sons and a dau. 

(3) Walter, of London, b. 7 Mar. 1735 ; d. , having m. 1st — 
11 Nov. 1762, Marj-, dau. of James Dandridge, and had an only 

[1] James, of Wallop House, Hants, d. 28 Sept. 1832, aged 
68, having m. Istr— 8 Oct. 1799, Henrietta, dau. of Robert 
Garden, Esq.; she d. 11 Sept. 1807, having had 2 sons, 

/!/ Walter, of Wallop House, in H.o. b. 24 Jan. 1802, d. 13 
May, 1868, having m. 16 Oct. 1827, Marian, dau. of William 
Pearce, Esq. of Billijigford, Norfolk, and had with other 
issue 2 daus. 

(1) Emily Anna Maria, m. 4 Aug. 1859, to Thomas 
Edward Bidgood, Esq. of Rockbeare Court, Devon, and 
has 2 sons and 2 dans. 

Harry Walter BlucoOD, b. 6 Dec. I860. — Thomas 
Edward Wingfield, b. 5 Mar. 1866.— Isabel Sarah.— 
Marion Christian 

dau. of Rev. Roger Clavell, rector of Manston, and had with 
other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Francis Theophilus, capt. late 12th lancers, chief 
civil commissioner Seychelles Lslands 1880/1, inspector 
of immigrants in Mauritius, acting consul at Remiion 
1873/4; b. 7 July, 1837; d. 24 Feb. 1881, having married 
twice. His eldest dau. 

Mary Anne, m. 25 April, 1881, to R J Lepper, 

L.R.C.P. government nieclical officer Seychelles Islands. 

(2) Grant, major com. R.E. Clonmel, Ireland; b. 6 Mar. 
1840 ; m. 23 April. 18G7, Rachel Eliza, eldest dau. of 
Conrad Pile, Esq. of Barbadoes, and has issue. 

(3) Henrietta Laura, m. 1 Jan. 1859, to Dr. Hyde Salter, 

(4) Charlotte Anne, m. 6 Jan. 1853, to Gen. John 
Everett Thring, r.a. and has 5 sons and 7 daus. 

William Poulett TURING, lieut.R.H..\^.; b. 15 Oct. 1853. 

— Frank .John, lieut. R.N.; b. 11 Jan. 1857.— Richard 

Henrv Dugdale, b. 23 June, 1861.— Edward Clavell, b. 

25 Feb. 1868.— Cliarles Walter, b. 21 Oct. 1877.— Mabel 

Lucy. — Frances Emily. — Edith Arabella. — Alice Maude. 

— Caroline Mildred. — Charlotte Mary Katherine.— 

Margaret Rose. 

James Blunt [l] of Wallop House, m. 2ndly — 9 April, 

1810, Sarah, dau. of Richard Little, Esq.; she d. 5 April, 

1833, having had 1 son ,ind 3 daus. 

/3/ Henry Theophilus James Wallop, b. 21 Jan. 1818; d. 5 
April, 1819. 

/4/ Harriet, d. 1 Sept. 1866, having m. 24 Jime, 1845. to 
Hulbert Wathen, Esq. of Reigate, who d. 2 Aug. 1880, 
aged 78. 

/5/ Caroline Arabella, d. 13 July, 1878, having m. 4 July, 
1837, to Rev. Alfred Wilkinson, who d. 16 July, 1868, hav- 
ing had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

/6/ Sarah SeUna, m. 1840, to Rev. Alexander Annand, 

perpetual curate of Roade, Northants ; he d. 15 Sept. 1863, 

having had a son and dau. 

Walter Blunt (3) of London ; m. 2ndly— 26 July, 1774, 

Anne Maria, only dau. of Sir Thomas Gatehouse, of Headley 

Park, Northants ; she d. 3 Dec. 1829, ha^^ng had a son and iau. 

[2] Edward Walter, of Kempshot Park, Hants. E.I.C.S. b. 28 

Nov. 1779 ; d. 11 Mar. 1860, having m. 9 Mar. 1813, Janet 

Shirley, dau. of James Allan, Esq. of The Hall, Stirling, and 

had with other issue 5 sons and 3 daus. 

/!/ Charles Harris, of Kempshot Park, major-gen. in the 
army, retd. as lieut.-col. Bengal artillery, C.B. ; b. 7 Sept. 
1825; m. 1856, Mary Augusta, dau. of late Lieut.-Col. 
James Tod, and has with 2 daus. a son, 

Edward Walter, lieut. R.A.; b. 19 May, 1860. 
/2/ James St. John, master of St. Katharine's hospital, 
Regent's Park, 1878, and chaplain in ordinary to the 
Queen ; b. 5 June, 1827 ; m. Isfr— 13 April, 1863, Isabella 
Elizabeth, dau. of late Rev. John Stokes, vicar of Cobham, 
Kent; she d. . He m. 2ndly— 23 July, 1872, 

to Lady Florence Catherine Seymour, 2nd dau. of Francis 
Hugh George, 5th Marquis of Hertford (maid of honour to 
the Queen 1864/70;, and by his first wife he had a son. 

Edward Henrv, b. 12 Mar. 1866. 
/3/ Arthur, col. late R.A. ; b. 1 Jan. 1829 ; m. 3 Sept. 
1861, Frances Jemima, dau. of R. S. D. R. Roijer, Esq, of 
The Grove, Richmond, Yorks. and has 3 sons and 4 daus. 
Arthur Wliarton, b. 27 July, 1866.— Hugh Roper, b. 
21 Sept. 1874.— AUan St. John, b. 27 Oct. 1880.— 
Helen Shirlev, b. 18 AprU, 1870.— Dorothy, b. 6 June, 
1872.— Marjory Armytage, b. 20 Mar. 1878.— Sybil 
Allan, b. 27 Oct. 1880. 
/4/ Alexander Colvin, rector of Millbrook and rural dean 
of Southampton ; b, 14 Nov. 1831 ; m. 27 June, 1865, Lady 
Siisanna, youngest dau. of Thomas, 2nd Earl Nelson. 
/5/ David, 'b. 29 Dec. 1833; d. 28 Nov. 1873, having m. 
Frances Jemima, dau. of J Roper, Esq. 

/6/ Elizabeth Maria, m. 8 May, 1839, to Rev. Harris Jervois 
Bigg-Wither, rector of Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, 
late of Worting, Hants, and has a son and 7 daus. 

(1) Harris BIGG-WITHEH, b. 25 Oct. 1847. 

(2) Mary Blunt. (3) Magdalene. 

(4) Elizabeth, m. 27 Oct. 1869, to John Francis Norris, 
Esq. and has 2 sons and a dau. 

John NORRIS, b. .—Sydney, b. . — Bertha 


(5) Rhoda, m. 30 Jan. 1864, to Charles Hobart, Esq. 
(E. BuCKlNonAilSHiRE), and has issue. 

(6) Alice, m. 19 Sept. 1873, to Carl Heinrich Leopold 
Kiihl, c.E. and has a son, 

Harris JUrgen Carl KUUL, b. 30 May, 1874. 

(7) Florence Gertiiide. (8) Agnes Maud. 
/7/ Harriet, m. 17 Aug. 1841, to Rev. John Lawrell, M.A. 
rector of Hampreston, Dorset. 

/8/ Shirley Anna. 
[3] Eliza Maria, m. 17 Nov. 1804, to John Greathead-Harris, 
bar.-at-law, conmiissioner of insolvents court. 

SIR CHARLES WILLIAM, 3rd Baronet, b. 4 Sept. 1731; d. 
29 Mar. 1802, having m. 22 July. 1764, Elizabeth, only dau. 
of Richard Peers, aldennan of London, and sister and heir of 
Sir Richard (Peers) Symons, Bart, of MjTid Park, Herefords.; 

(2) Agnes Rebecca, m. 6 Jan. 1859, to Rev. William .^.. ^...„,..v. ^^^^.^, ..,^.„...,, ^...w. „. ........ ^...„, .^..^.v,», 

FitZNsilliam Wharton, M.A. late rector of Barningham, she d. 17 Jan. 1836.aged 91. having had with 9 daus. 3 sons, 
io7"^j ^' P't. 1 4.4. i r [1] ^'r Charles Richard, 4th Baronet, judge E.I.C.S. ; b. 6 Dec. 

(r ' v ,J i « ^ rector of Speti.sbury-cum-Chariton 1775; d. 29 Feb. 1840, having m. 20 Mar. 1824, Sophia, dau. of 
Marehall and of Hampreston, Dorset; b. 24 April, 18o6; Richard Baker, M.D. and widow of Richard Achmuty, Esq.: 
d. 24 Sept. 1880, havmt' m. 22 June, 1831, Caroline Anne, ' .she d. 14 i> ug. 1862, haviug had a sun, 



Sir Walter, 5th Baronet ; b. 16 Mar. 1826 ; d. unm. 13 July, 

[2] Eichard Charles, of Bretlands, Surrey; b. 2 Jan. 1777; 
d. 16 Jan. 1846, having m. 15 Kov. 1809, Eliza Forbes, dau. of 
late Major William Mercer, of Potter Hill, Perth : she d. 
23 April, 1871, having had 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Charles William, 6th and present Baronet. 

(2) Eichard John, J. P. capt. 25th Madras N.I.; b. 23 Sept. 
1821 ; d. 13 May, 1874. 

(3) Eliza Anne. (4) Charlotte Fletcher. 
(5) Lydia Louisa. (6) Elizabeth Sophia. 

[3] William, b. 7 Dec. 1780; m. , Eliza, dau. of Gen. 

Goddard Eichards, of Bath, E.I.C.S. and had 6 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Charles William, E.I.C.S. heir presumptive to the 
Baronetcy ; b. 1 Jan. 1824 ; married s. p. 

(2) William, B.C.S.; b. ; m. 3 Nov. 1857, Henrietta 
Georgiua Josephine, 2nd dau. of Eev. Eobert Green Jeston, 
rector of Avon Dassett, Warwicks. (GuiSE). 

(3) Alfred, lieut.-col. retd. 

(4) Edward Eichard, b. 8 Aug. ; d. s. p. 

(5) John Harvey, b. 1 Jan. 1839; m. 1869, Susan Fload, and 
has 2 sous and 2 daus. 

John Harvey, b. 30 July, 1872.— Walter Cecil, b. 1 Mar. 
1877.— Cicely Slary Fanny.— EHza Hilda. 

(6) Eeginald Heber, b. 16 Aug. ; d. s.p. 

(7) Annie, d. , having m. to Gen. Charles 
Pulley, com. 38th Madras X.I. 1871/4. 

(8) Charlotte Sophia, m. to Allen GUmore, Esq. Bengal c.S. 
and has issue, 

(Q) Emily, d. , having m. to Lieut. Coape ; 

who d. , leaving a son. 


Ceawley-Boevey— see Ceawley. 

BOILEAU, SiE Feaxcis Geoege Maxxikg- 
HAM (1838, U.K.), bar.-at-law, major Norfolk 
E.v. since 1867; s. Ms father as 2nd Baronet in 
1869 ; b. 26 Mar. 1830 ; m. 2 Aug. 1860 Lucy Hen- 
rietta, eldest dau. of Sir George Edward Nugent, 
Bart, and has 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) John Francis EUiot, b. 30 Oct. 1863. 

(2) Maurice Colborne, b. 3 Dec. 1865. 

(3) Eaymond Frederic, b. 6 Oct. 1868. 

(4) Margaret Lucy Augusta. 

Arms — Az., a castle triple-turretted, and in base a crescent or. 

Crest — A pelican in her piety ppr. charged on the breast with 

a saltire gu. 

Motto— De tout mon coeur. 

Seat— Ketteringham Park, Wymondham, Norfolk. 

"j^ICHOLAS BOILEAU, lord of Castelneau and St. Croi.^ 
_LM in the province of Langiiedoc in France (said by the 
family pedigrees to have been 9th Baron Boileau in France, 
and to be the 11th in descent from Etienne Boileau, appointed 
by Louis IX. grand provost of Paris 1255), took his degree of 
"avocat" at Valence in 1598; b. 1578; d. 1657, having m. 
1619, Anne de Calviere, by whom he had 11 children. His 

CHAELES BOILEAU (eldest surviving son of Jacques 
Boileau and his wife Francois, dau. of Koble Jacques 
de VignoUes) fled to Holland upon the revocation of the Edict 
of Nantes, and took refuge in England, entered the British 
amiy, served under Marlborough at Blenheim ; settled at 
Southampton, having made over to his younger brother 
Maurice all right and title to the family possessions in France 
by will dated 6 Mar. 1722, and proved c"p.C. 20 Jan. 1733; b. lo 
Feb. 1673; d. in Dublin 7 Mar. 1733, having m. in Holland 11 
Jan. 1704, Marie Magdalen, dau. of Daniel Callot d'Escurry, 
major in Lord Galloway's French regt. of cavalry in England; 
she d. Sept. 1731, having had -n-ith other issue a son, viz. — 

SIMEON, of Dublin; b. at Southampton 1 Oct, 1717; d. 1 Jan. 
1767, having m. 6 Aug. 1741, Magdalene, dau, of Theophilus 
de la Cour de Brize, capt, of cavalry in the English service, and 
had 8 children, of whom 4 sons married, viz. — 
(1) Solomon, cashier of the Dublin Bank and Ueut, 76th foot; 
b, 31 Jan, 1744 5; dro-maed in the Dee at Chester 21 Dec. 1810, 
having m. twice, 1st, at Dublin, 3 May, 1766, Dorothea, dau, of 
Francis Gladwell, of Dublin, merchant, and 2ndly— 1792, Lucy, 
dau. of John Slater, of Liveri^ool. By his 1st wife he had i7 
children of whom 3 sons married, viz. — 

[1] Simeon Peter, capt, Notts, militia; b. 29 Feb. 1772; d. 

1842, having m. 9 June, 1796, Hannah, dau, of An- 

nesley de Renzi, of Whitehall, co, Wicklow, and widow of 

Eipton, and had mth 4 daus. an only surviving son, 

Fraxcis Burtox, majur-geu, royal (Bengal) art.; b. 18 

Feb. 1806; m. 17 Jtme, 1834, Sarah, dau. of 

Durie, major 11th dragoons, by whom he has had 5 sons 

and 2 daus. 

IX I Francis William, lieut.-col. Bengal S.C. served in 
Afghan campaign 1879/80, com. Mhairwara batt. Cabul 
expeditionary force, 1878/9; b. 11 April, 1835; m. 21 Nov. 
1861, Letitia Mary, dau. of Rev. W Bradford, of 

, and has 5 sons and 3 daus. 
Claude Frank, b. 13 Oct. 18G4.— Percy Adolphus, b, 18 
Mar. 1866,— Frank Ridley Farrer, b. 29 Nov. 1867.— 
Etienne Eonald Partridge, b. 8 April, 1870.— Bertrand 
Henry Carter, b. 21 April, 1875. — Fanny Henrietta. — 
Mildred Oliphant. — Lucy Winifred. 
/2/ Charles Henry, major late 61st regt, garrison instructor 
Gibraltar 1877 80", formerly D.A,A.G. musketry Malta ; b, 8 
July, 1836 ;m, 13 Oct. 1863, Susannah, dau, of JosueleBailly, 
of Les Vaux, Jersey, A,G. at Malta, and has 3 children, 
Charles Howai-d, b. 20 Dec. 1867.— Guy Hamilton, b. 27 
Sept. 1870,— Evelyn Grace, 
/3/ Henry W capt. late 4lst foot, cantonment magis- 

trate Dinapore, Bengal S.c; b. 9 Oct. 1845; m. 30 Dec. 
1874, Edith Mariana, 3rd dau. of John Lyon Foster, of 
Ware, Herts, and has a son, 

Harold St. Croix, b. 23 Dec. 1877, at Calcutta. 
/4/ Lewis Maltby, capt. Bengal staff, 6th Bengal X.I. 
serving ^rith Cabul expeditionary force 1878, 9; b, 14 Aug. 
1849 ; m. 1st— 17 April, 1876, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Vin-, Esq; she d. 1 Oct. follo^^■ing, aged 16 years. He m. 
2ndly— 8 Dec. 1880, Catherine BureUa, elder dau. of J 
W Cockle, of rilenhall, Wanvicks, 

/5/ George Dennys, b. 5 Feb. 1852. 

/6/ Sarah, m. 1 Sept. 1858, to Arthiu: Moflatt Lang, col. 
r.e. and has 3 sons and 5 daus, 
Arthur George Boileau Laxg, b. 14 Julv, 1861, — Elliot 
Bro^vnlow, b. 10 Aug. 1862.- Cecil Frederick Grant, b. 15 
Feb. 1874. — Grace Mary, — Ethel Louisa Hutchinson. — 
Lilian Margaret Houchen, — Ellen Campbell Hutchinson. 
— Mabel Mitmie Cregeon. 
Ill Grace Curtis. 
[2] Lestock Francis, R.X. inspecting commander of coast- 
guard: b, 6 Nov. 1785; d. 25 Mar, 1849, having m. 7 Mav, 
1826, Charlotte, dau. of Lieut. Packer, R.X.; she d. 26 April, 
1873, having had 4 sons, 

/I/ Neil Edmonstone, major-gen. in the army, lieut.-col. 
Bengal staff (retd.), late deputy judge advocate gen. 
Pesha\^-ur division; b. 8 April 1827; m. 16 Oct. 1866, 
Katharine, dau, of late Richanl Bettesworth Flemyng, M;A. 
of Dublin, and has a son and 3 daus, 
A son, b, 27 Sept, 1870,— A dau. b. 5 Sept. 1867.— A dau. 
b. 4 April, 1869,— A dau, b. 1 Oct. 1881. 
/2/ Joseph Eobert, b, 26 Oct, 1830; d. 1848. 

/3/ John Peter Hamilton, M.D, surgeon-major, assistant 
professor of pathology Netley, formerlv medical officer 29th 
regt,; b. 9 April, 1841; m. 16 Dec. 1868, Elizabeth Marion, 
dau, of John Bond, Esq. of Eathgar, Dublin, and has 4 

Bertha Lillian, — Eileen, — Ethel Alice. — Charlotte. 
/4/ Lestock Francis, capt, R.E,; b. 26 July, 1842; imm, 
[3] John Peter, col. Bengal hoi-se art,; b."26 Nov. 1787; d. 
1838, having m. 31 Julv, 1824, May, dau. of John 



Clarke, of Bauchor, luverness; she d. 1856, having 

had with other issue 3 sons and a dau. 
/I/ Thomas Theopliilus, lieut.-col. in the army, major 20th 
hussars (retd. f.p.); b. 23 April, 1825; m. 1st— 7 Feb. 1849, 
Jessie, dau. of John Mackintosh, of Holme; she d. 

. He m. 2ndly— 23 April, 1881, Charlotte Ewing, 

eldest dau. of Lyndon B Carpenter, Esq. of Fern 

Bank, Hunter's Hill. By his 1st wife he had 4 sons and 

3 dans. 

(1) George Tlieophilus Saunders, b. Dec. 1849.— (2) 

Charles Brandram, b. May, 1852.— (3) Lestock Holme 

Drummond, b. Mar. 1857; d. 1858.— (4) Herbert Edward, 

lieut. 22nd regt. late E. Midd.x. mil. ; b. 14 Dec. 1859. 

(5) Amy Somers, m. 8 June, 1875, to David Robertson, 
major Indian army. 

(6) Mabel Jessie.— (7) Blanche Rose. 

/2/ Charles Elliot, killed in the Indian Mutiny, 1857. 
/3/ Lestock Alexander, killed in the Burmese war 1852. 
/4/ Isabella Annie, d. April, 1871, haWng m. 1858, 

to Edward Wood, Esq. of Culmington Manor, Salop, and 
had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(2) John Peter, of whom presently. 

(3) Thomas, of Calcutta, notarj' public, b. 14 Dec. 1754: d. 
11 June, 18U6, having m. 24 Mar. 1796, Leah, dau. of Lieut.-Col. 
Ebenezer Jes-sop, of Albany, N.Y.; she d. , having 
had with other issue 4 sons, 

[1] Thomas Ebenezer John, judge E.I.C.S.; b. 26 Dec. 1796 ; 
d. 8 Feb. 1853, having m. thrice ; 1st— 26 Dec. 1817, Mary 
Anne, dau. of Arthur Millar, anny surgeon; she d. 16 June, 
1831, having had with other issue 2 sons, 

/I/ Thomas Alfred, late capt. and quartermaster 43rd 
regt.; b. 11 May, 1819; unm. 

/2/ Archibald John Maddy, col. R.E. Madras presidency; 
b. 30 Sept. 1820; d. 8 Aug. 1871, having m. 1st— 14 Feb. 
1845, Georgiana Elizabeth, dau. of George Boileau, Esq. of 
Dublin; she d. s. p. s. 14 Jan. 1846. He m. 2ndly— 31 Jan. 
1849, Lucy, dau. of Edward Smalley, Esq. Madras cs. and 
had 2 sons and 3 daus, 
Edward Hudson, Madras woods and forests department; 
1). 9 May, 1850.— Thomas Smalley, lieut. Bengal staffj 
54th regt.; b. 8 June, 1851.— Adeline Lucy.— Maria de 
Chart. — Alice Mary. 
Mr. Thomas E. J. Boileau m. 2ndly— 4 July, 1832, Ellen 
Eliza Neale, mdow of Col. Conrv, n.M. Indian army ■ «he 
d. s. p. 11 Jan. 1833. He m. 3rdiv— 3 Mar. 1834, Elizabeth 
Hannah, 2nd dau. of Robert Wright Korfar, capt. master 
attendant at Madras, by whom he has a son and 5 daus. 
/3/ Desprfeaux John, lieut. 90th L.I.; d. unm. 24 Julv, 1864 
/4/ Mary EUzabeth, d. 23 July, 1880, having m. 19 July 
1856, to George Elliott Clarke, Esq. bar.-at-law, J.p. Sussex- 
he d. 23 Feb. 1877. ' ' 
/5/ Ellen Leah, m. 30 April, 1856, to Reginald John 
Graham. Esq. (BART.), J.P. D.L. Sussex. 
/6/ Sarah Ann. /7/ Alice Upton. 
/8/ Hannah Amelia. 
[2] Simeon John, of the chancery bar ; b. 23 Nov. 1799- 
d. 15 June, 1863, having m. 1835, Charlotte Tolming' 
dau. of Thomas Brittain, Esq. of Ulverstone; she d. 18 Julv' 
1876, leaving 2 daus. ' 
/I/ Mary Retecca, d. 18 Mar. 1879. 

121 Sarah Anna Maria Alicia, m. 23 Sept. 1873, to James 
Bond Clarke, capt. 26th Cameronians, and has had a son 
and 2 daus. 
James Augustine Tolmine Clarke, b. 28 Aug. 1876.— 
Madeleine Margaret Rebecca.— Charlotte Mary Boileau 
d. 4 Jan. 1879. •* 

[3] John Theophilus, major-gen. in the army, R.E. F r s • 
b. 26 May, 1805 ; m. 23 April, 1829, Ann, dau. of WiUiam 
Hanson, Esq. of , and has a son and 4 daus. 

/I/ William Simeon, capt. R.E.; b. 7 Sept. 1836; m. 
1855, and has a dau.— Fanny Augusta Boileau. 
/2/ Anne Leah, m. 1849, to Edward Harrison 

and has, 
Edward Theophilus Boileau Harrlson, b. 
—Maria A B B .-Constance 

M B 

/3/ Catherine Charlotte, m. 28 Dec. 1861, to C R 

Low, Esq. and has, 

Hamilton John Windsor Low, b. . Emily 

Elizabeth Wetherall. — Gustavus Edward Boileau. 
/4/ Jane. /5/ Elizaljeth Magdalen Thorp. 

[4] Alexander Henry Edmonstone, major-gen. Bengal en- 
gineers; b. 3 Feb. 1807; d. .30 June, 1862, ha\-ing m. 1st— 
1834, Charlotte, dau. of William Han.son, Esq. of ; she 

d. , lea\Tng an only surviving dau. 

/I/ Charlotte Bosanquet, ni. , to Thomas 

KichoU, Bengal r.a. and has a son and dau. 
T-homas Henry McilOLL, b. .—Charlotte Alice. 

Major-Gen. Boileau ni. 2ndly— 1850 Ifatilda 

Grace, eldest dau. of Alexander Tovey, of 20th rest rshe 
re-m. 21 Jan. 1864, to Col. Alexander Cadell, Bengal en- 
gineers), and had a .son and dau. 
/2/ Arthur Cadell Tait, lieut. R.A.- b. 
/3/ Mary Hamilton. 
(4) John Therjphilus, of Dublin, merchant, b. 28 Dec 1755- d 
.1817, having m. Jane, dau. of Wilson' of 

Dublin, merchant; she d. 20 Sept. 1851, having had (12 children 
of whom) 4 sons, ^ ' 

[1] Simeon, b. 8 Sept. 1783 ; d. s. p. 2 Sept. 1848, having m. 
30 June, 1816, Anne, dau. of Sir Abraham Bradley King, 
Bart.; she d. s. p. 31 Jan. 1865. 

[2] George Wilson, of Woodview,Stillorgan, CO. Dublin; b. 8 
Jan. 1793; d. 14 Oct. 1876,ha'i-ing m. 15 Oct. 1818, Anna, dau. 
of William Phipps, Esq. of ; she d. 2 Aug. 1866, 

having had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ George Wilson, of Stanfield Park, Norfolk, D.L. lieut.- 
col. (retd.) Indian army, received thanks of Government on 
five occasions; lieut.-col. com. 1st Norfolk R.V. since 1869; 
b. 26 Sept. 1822; m. 1850, Fanny Elizabeth, dau. of 

late Gen. W. Knyvett, and has 4 sons and 3 daus. 

Brandram Theophilus, b. . — George William 

Knj-vett, b. .—Henry Wilcock, 2nd Ueut. 

w. Norfolk mil. 1881 ; b. .—Colin Campbell, 

b. . — Anna. — Blanche Etienette. 

/2/ Isaac Barry Phipps Spencer, b. ; d. , 

ha\-ing m. 1846, Anne, dau. of Norton, and 

had a dau. — Anna Wilson. 

/3/ John George, com. R.x. (retd.); b. 10 Dec. 1826; d. 24 
May, 1881, having m. 21 Jmie, 1866, Ada, eldest dau. of 
Charles Chambers, Esq. of BroomhaU Park, Yorks. and 
had 3 sons, 
Charles Chambers, b. 30 May, 1867.— George Barrfe Phipps, 
b. 21 Mar. 1870.— Fi-ancis John Edgeworth, b. 3 Mar. 
/4/ William Phipps, of London; b. 18 Sept. 1830; m. 1st— 
31 July, 1854, Louisa Mary Palmer, dau. of George Howell 
Esq. of Femey, Stillorgan; she d. 17 June, 1869, having 
had 4 sons and a dau. 
(1) WilUamPhipps,b. 7Mar.l856.— (2) George Wilson, 
b. 4 Oct. 1857.— (3) Frederick Griffith, b. 1 Dec. 1859.— 
(4) Charles Lestock, b. 24 Nov. 1863.— (5) Maude Anna 
Mr. PHIPPS B0ILE.\.U m. 2ndly— 2 Dec. 1876, Sus.inna 
Margaret, ^^^dow of Walter Greatorex, Esq. and dau. of 
Joseph Levick, of Burleigh, Herts, and has a son. 
(6) Etienne Musgrove Phipps, b. 4 Sept. 1879. 
/5/ John Peter, b. 11 July, 1835; living in Australia, sup- 
posed unm. 

16 j Jane, m. 17 July, 1848, to Lieut.-Col. Thomas Beck\\-ith 
Speedy, and has a son and dau. 

(1) Thomas Borodale SPEEDY, b. 9 Nov. 1852; m. 23 
Jan. 1878, Grace Isabella, dau. of Francis Hastings 
Baxter, M.D. and has a son, 

Thomas Francis Albert SPEEDY, b. 11 Nov. 1878. 

(2) Georgina Elizabeth. 

/?/ Martha Han-iet, m. , to Andi-ew Frazer 

Baird, Esq. late stipendiary magistrate in British Guiana, 
and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) George Boileau B.URD. b. 13 Aug. 1855. 

(2) Andrew, b. 6 Feb. 1857; m. 1. Mar. 1881, Edith 
IMargaret. dau. of Col. Howard St. George, J.P. D.L. o( 
Kihnisli House, co. Kilkenny (Bart.) 

(3) Caroline (ieorgiana. (4) Anna Emma Frances. 
/8/ Anna Phipps, m. 1st— 17 Nov. 1860, to Richard Stain- 
forth, lieut. 56th Bengal N.l. and s.C. district super- 
intendent of Ouile military police 1858 6.3; d. 14 Sept. 1865 
(leaving a dau. Henrietta Whitniore StaikfORTH). She 
re-m. 22 Sept. 1868, to Patrick Moir Davidson, Esq. and has 
further issue a son and 5 daus. 

Thomas Patrick Mou- Davidsox, b. 17 Mar. 1869.— Isa- 
bella Anna Phipps.— Georgina Fanny Boileau.— Sarah 
Jessie.— Catherine Emily Stainforth. — Sophia Mary Spen- 
[3] John Theophilus, b. 7 April, 1794; d. 5 Nov. 1845, hav- 
ing m. 4 June, 1818, Elizabeth Dorothea, dau. of Major Ed- 
ward Molesworth (V. Molesworth); she d. 8 May, 1870, 
having had with other issue 3 sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ John Theophilus, b. 21 Mar. 1819; d. 1842, 

having m. , Charlotte Frances, dau. of 

Hawkins, of , and hatl a son, 

John Theophilus, living in Australia. 
/2/ Edward John, lieut.-gen. 35th L.I.; b. 30 Jime, 1830; d. 
1817, having m. 1846, Caroline S , dau. 

of Davies. of , and had a dau. 

Fanny Elizabeth, m. 14 Mar. 1865, to John Francis 
Ogilv}', of Calcutta. 
/3/ John George, h. 15 Nov. 1825; m. 26 April, 1853, Ruth- 
ana, dau. of John Hunter, M.D. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Edward John, b. 14 Feb. 1854 ; m. 6 July, 1876, to 
Sarah Dora Haines, of Dublin, and has a son and 3 daus. 

Sidney Hunter, b. 27 Dec. 1873.- E.lith Sara, b. 17 
Feb. 1877.— Kathleen, b. 13 Mar. 1878.— Ethel, b. 30 
Aug. 1881. 

(2) John Himter Brandram, b. 12 June, 1864. 

(3) Caroline Fiances. (4) Jessy EUzabeth. 

/4/ Mary Elizabeth Margaret, m. 24 Dec. 1865, to George 

Tlioui;is Greer, of Cincimiati. 

/5/ Anne Jane. /6/ Jane. 

[4] Samuel Brandram, gen. in the army, 22nd regt.; b. 16 
June, 1801; d. 23 Dec. 1860. having m. 1st — 4 June, 1823, 
Fanny, dau. of Bigham, Esq.; she d. 8 April, 1843, 

having had 4 daus. 

/I/ Jane, m. 16 June, 1842, as 2nd wife, to Lestock Robert 

Rcid, M.R.C.s. \vlio d. 27 Oct. 1878, having had issue. 

/2/ I-Yances Mai-ia, m. 26 .Sept. 1814, to Regmald P. 

Remington, Esq. 



/3/ Anne, m. 12 Oct. 1847, to Ellis James Charter. 

/4/ Elizabeth, m. 14 April, 1849, to James Sowers Down. 
Gen. S. B. m. 2ndly— 1844, Mary Harriet, 

dau. of Henry Coombe, of slie d. , 

having (re-m. 13 Aug. 1861, to Capt. Francis George King, 
21st fusiliers) had a son and dau. 

/5/ Brandram Sydenham, in America, b. 

/6/ Etheldrida C A , married. 

JOHN PETER BOILEAU,of Tacolnstone Hall, Norfolk, one 
of the council at Mazulipatam; b. 30 Nov. 1747; d. 10 Mar. 
1837, haWng m. 25 Nov. 1790, Henrietta, eldest dau. and coheir 
of Rev. George Pollen, of Little Bookham, Surrey; she d. 4 Nov. 
1817, having had 3 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir John Peter, created a Baroxet. 
[2] George Pollen Boileau-Pollen, rector of Little Bookham, 
Surrey, to which estate he succeeded on the decease of his 
maternal grandfather, and by R.L. 25 June, 1821, was autho- 
rised to continue to use the additional surname of Pollen; b. 
14 Aug. 1798; d. 7 Nov. 1847, having m. 13 Feb. 1824. Elizabeth 
Primrose, dau. of Sir James Hall, of Dunglass, X.B. Bart.; she 
d. 26 Feb. 1873, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) John Douglas Boileau-Pollen, of Little Bookham afore- 
said, b. 26 Nov. 1824. 

(2) Charles Ed\'ard, b. 16 Jan. 1828. 

(3) Georgiana. 

(4) Elizabeth, d. s. p. Mar. 1873, having m. 1859, to 
Andrew Coventry, Esq. of Edinburgh. 

[3] Charles Lestock, major late rifle brigade, b. 8 Feb. 1800; m. 

1st— 27 Feb. 1833, Amelia, only chUd of Lieut.-Gen. Right Hon. 

Sir Frederick Adam, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.C. ; she d. s. p. 2 Nov. 

1833. He m. 2ndly— 15 Aug. 1836, Margaret, dau. of William 

Stirling, Esq. of , and relict of Claudius Kerr, Esq. 

E.I.C.S.; she died divorced. He m. 3rdly — 27 Nov. 1848, Maria, 

dau. of Edward Wenham, Esq. of Hastings. By his 2nd wite 

he had an only dau. 
Mary Elizabeth, m. 27 Oct. 1859, to Henry Da\-is Willock. and 
has2sonsand2daus.— Henry Court WiLLOCK,b. 14 Aug. 1860. 
^Charles Johnstone, b. 8 April, 1862. — Mary Margaret.— 
Amy Elizabeth. 

[4] Henrietta Maria, d. 3 May, 1837, having m. 28 June, 1828, 

as 1st wife, to John Scott, m.d. e.i.c.s. by whom she had an 

only dau. 

Henrietta M.akia SCOTT,m. 18Feb.l851,to John John- 
stone, Esq. of Halleaths, N.B. major Dumfries vols, and has 2 
sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Andrew John Scott JOHNSTONE, b. 13 July, 1856 ; m. 2 
June, 1880, Margaret Preston, 3rd dau. of late James Mackie, 
of Bargalv, M.P. Kircudbrightshire, and has a sou John, b. 
31 Mar. 1881. 

(2) Charles Laurence, b. 21 Mav, 1858. 

(3) Henrietta Maria Jane. m. 31 Oct. 1873, to Richard "Wil- 
liams Barrington, Esq. of Dublin (Bart.), and has issue. 

(4) Mary Helen, m. 15 July, 1880, to Alfred Thomas Arthur, 
son of Rev. Alexander Pyue, vicar of Roydon, Essex. 

(5) Isabella Scott. 

SIR JOHN PETER BOILEATJ, J.P. D.L. Norfolk, created a 
Baronet of the United Kingdom, 24 Julv, 1838 ; b. 2 
Sept. 1794; d. 9 Mar. 1869, having m. 14 Nov." 1825, Lady 
Catherine Sarah Elliot, dau. of Gilbert, 1st Earl of Minto; she 
d. 22 June. 1862, having had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Francis George Manninghani, 2nd and pre- 
sent Baronet. 

(2) Edmond William Pollen, b. 8 Aug. 1831; m. 1870, 
Bridget, dau. of James Walsh, Esq. and has 4 sons and a dau. 

(3) Charles Augustus Penrhyn, lieut. rifle brigade, b. 9 Aug. 
1835; d. (from the effect of wounds received before Sebastopol 
at the attack on the Redan) 1 Aug. 1855. 

(4) Anna Maria, m. 8 Sept. 1852, to Rev. William Hay Gur- 
ney (E. Erroll), rector of North Runcton, Norfolk, and has 
4 sons and 4 daus. 

MortimerHayGFRNET.b. 12 Jan. 1855.— Gerard Boileau,b. 12 
Mar. 185B.— Geoffery Ker\'ille, b. 5 Sept. I860.— Anselm. b. 24 
Aug. 1864. — Harriet Eva Louisa. — Winifred Henrietta Cathe- 
rine. — Kathleen Laiu-a Alicia. — Richenda Agnes Pauline. 

(5) Agnes Lucy. d. 30 Sept 1881, having m. 8 May, 1855, to 
Hon. William John Vernon-Borlase-AVarren (B. VERNON). 

(6) Mary Georgina. 

-*-^ George Fran- 
cis (1852, U.K.), 
secoud secretary' h.m. 
diplomatic service ; s. 
hi.s father as 2nd Ba- 
ronet in 1863 ; b. 28 
Aug. 1847 ; m. 23 
Aug. 1871, Louisa, 
3rd dau. of Eight 
Hon. Sir Andi-ew Bu- 
chanan, Bart. G.C.B. 
and has 2 sons and a 

(1) George Lionel, b. 6 
Aug. 1873. 

(2) Eric Henry, b. 3 July, 

(3) Edith Florence. 

ARMS^Sa., a chevron nebulee between three crosses patee- 
fitchee at the foot arg. ; on a canton of the last a squirrel 
sejant gu. 

Crest — Upon a rock, a mermaid holding in the dexter hand 
a ■mreath of coral, and in the sinister a mirror, all ppr. 
Motto— Esse quam videri. 

SAMUEL BONHAM, of Great Warley Place, Essex (voungest 
son of Capt. Samuel Bonham, of Orsett House. Essex, by 
his wife, Jane Pinson, and granJson of Tliomas Bonham, of 
Valence, and of the Inner Temple); d. 25 Jan. 1821, having m. 
Sarah, only dau. of G. Richardson, of London, merchant ; she 
d. 24 July, 1807, having had with other issue 3 sons, 
[1] Pinson, of Great Warley Place abcve-named, gen. in the 
army, governor of Surinam, d.q.m.g. at Martinique, &c. (see 
Memoir, Gents. Mag. vol. 43, pp. 642; 3) ; d. 19 April. 1855, aged 
93, having m. Agnes, dau. of (Hon.) John Brathwaite Skeete, 
president of Barbadoes. and had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Pinson, capt, 16th lancers, d. 16 Jan. 1848. 

(2) John Brathwaite, lieut.-col. 50th (Q.o.) regt. ■ d. 7 Jan 
1880, aged 68. v-< ^ b , 

(3) Agnes, d. 21 June, 1880, aged 74, having m. to Rev. 
Joseph Claj', of Stapeuliill, Derby, who d. 24 Oct. 1839, leaving 
a sou, 

Joseph Bonham Cl.AT, capt. late 13th hussars, married, 
and has a dau. b. 30 June 1880. 

(4) Sarah. (5) Elizabeth. 

[2] Henry, of Tituess Park, Berks, and of London, M P Rye 
Sandwich, &c. ; b. ; d. 9 April, 1830, having m. 8 

Dec. 1802, Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. James Morrice 
rector of Bettshanger, Kent ; she d. 14 Oct. 1878, having had' 
3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Henry Frederick, col. 10th hussars ; b. 2 Jime, 1808 ; d. 
16 Feb. 1856, having m. 27 Aug. 1850. Augusta, dau. of Rev. 
Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart, of Eden HaU, Cumberland 
(she re-m. 26 May, 1857, to John, 2nd Earl of Stradbroke 
and has a son and 5 daus.). and had a son and dau. ' 

/I/ Harry Walter Musgrave, heut. and capt. grenadier 
guards 1874; b. 11 Nov. 1852; m. 26 Aug. 1875. Georgiana 
dau. of Thomas Sheriffe, of Henstead Hall, Suffolk. ' 

/2/ Edith Charlotte Musgrave, m. 21 July, 1870, to Rev. 
William Belcher, vicar of Walberswick and Blythburghj 

(2) Edward Walter, c.B. consul-gen. at Naples, and lately at 
Tabreez, Persia ; b. 24 Nov. 1809 ; m. June, 1843, Eliza- 
beth Anne, eldest dau. of Gen. Sir Henry Floyd, Bart. • she 
d. 30 Dec. 1844, leaving an only son. ' 

Edward William, consul at Pernambuco 1879 late at 
Cayenne; b. 30 April, 1844 ; m. 1st— 7 Nov. 1865, Anne 
Sarah, dau. of late Robert Bage, Esq. of Naples; she d. 21 
Nov. 1870, having had a son and 4 daus 
/I/ Walter Floyil, b. 3 Jan. 1869.-/2/ EHzabeth Lydia 
Rosabella.- /3/ Evelyn HaiTiet Mary.- /4/ Anita Con- 
stance Edith.— /5/ Julia Claudia Augusta 
Mr. E. W BONHAM m. 2ndly-13 Nov. 1872, Henrietta 
Blackwood, dau. of \ ice-Ailm. Mark John Currie (Bart ) 
and has a son, b. 8 Jan. 1880. 

(3) Charles Wright, rear-adm.' (retd. list 1878)- b 7 Jan 
1817; m. lst-16 Aug. 1853, Isabella E dau of Lieut -' 
Col. Harris C Hailes, 28th regt.; she d. ' Dec. 1855 
having had an only son and dau 

/I/ Reginald. 



121 RosabeUa C. C. m. 28 Sept. 1875, to Capt. Charles 

rilcher Temple, 49th regt. 

Adie. Bonhaji m. 2ndly— 14 Nov. 1870, Anne Florence, 
youngest dau. of late Thomas Bamanl, Bombay C.S. ; she d. 
May, 1873. He m. 3rdly— 5 Oct. 1875, Kate, eldest dau. of 
Mashiter Helme, Esq. of Brighton. By his 2nd wife he has 
2 sons, 

/3/ Charles Barnard, b. 1871. 

/4/ Thomas Parry, b. 1873. 

(4) Rosabella Charlotte Isabella, m. 9 July, 1824, as 2nd wife, 
to George, 1st Lord Garvagh, who d. 20 Aug. 1840. 

(5) Marianne Jane, m. to John Peters, of Betch- 
worth Castle, Surrey. 

(6) Harriet Susannah, d. unm. 22 May, 1863. 

(7) Flora Margaret Emma. 

(8) Julia Adelaide, m. 10 July, 1866, to Nicholas Segar 
Parry, Esq. of Little Hadham Place, Herts ; s. p. 

[3] George, captain E.l.CS. lost with aU his crew in a t3TDhoon 
in the East Indies 1810; m. 1st— 18 Mar. 1797, Paulina, dau. 
and coheir of William Lushington, of Marks Hall, Essex 
(Bart.), which marriage was dissolved by Act of Parliament, 
June 1802, and had a son, 

(1) George William, major E.I.c.s. 

C.VPT. G. BONHAM m. 2ndly— 28 Oct. 1802, Isabella Baines, 
only dau. of Robert Woodgate, of Dedham, Essex, and sister 
of Col. "WilUam Woodgate, C.B.; she d. 18 June, 1852, having 
had a son and dau. 

(2) Sir Samuel George, created a B.UIOXet. 

(3) Isabella Charlotte, m. to Ferdinand Count d'Oultremont 
of the kingdom of Belgium. 

SIR SAiltTEL GEORGE BONHAM, K.C.B. 23 Nov. 1850, 
gov. of Prince of Wales' Island, Singapore and Malacca, 
gov. and com. -in-chief of Hong Kong 1847, H.M. pleni- 
potentiary and chief superintendent of British trade in China, 
and created a Baronet 27 Nov. 1852 ; b. 7 Sept. 1803 ; d. 8 
Oct. 1863, having m. 16 June, 1846, Ellen Emilia, eldest dau. 
of Thomas Barnard, Esq. of London ; she d. 3 April, 1859, 
having had an only son, 
(1) Sir George Francis, 2nd and present Baronet. 


BOOTH, Sir Charles, of Netherfield, Herts 
(1835, U.K.) ; s. his brother as 3rd Baronet 
in 1877 ; b. 28 Oct. 1812; heir presumptive, hi.s 
brother Henry. 

ARMS — Arg., on a chevron az. between three boars' heads 

erect sa., an estoile of the field. 

Crest — A lion passant arg. gorged with a collar gpniel gu., 

in the dexter paw a chaplet of laurel ppr. 

MOTTO— Deus adjuvat no8. 

SEAT— Paxton Park, St. Neots. 

PHILIP BOOTH, of Mangham Hill, Herts, and of London, 
distiller; d. 5 May, 1818, aged 74, leaving 3 sons and 2 

[1] William, of Roydon House, Essex; d. 17 Oct. 1834, aged 60, 
having m. . Mary, dau. and coheir of John Williamson, 

Esq. of Letch worth, Herts, banker, and had 3 sons, 

(1) SirWilUamson, 2nd Baronet; b. 15 JiUy, 1810; d. 26 
Aug. 1877. 

(2) Sir Charles, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(3) Henry William, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy ; b. 27 April, 1815; m. June, 1837, Augusta Hope, 
youngest dau. of Captain Ellis (17th lancers), of Tugdee 
Park, Monmouth; she d. 28 Mar. 1867, leaving 6 daus. 

/I/ Mary Georgina. 

/2/ AUce Elizabeth, m. Istly— 8 Feb. 1865, to Morgan 
Vane, Esq. (D. Cleveland); he d. s. p. 7 May, 1877. She 
re-m. 20 Dec. 1879, to Harry Farquhar, 2nd son of late 
James Prior de Paraviciui, Esq. of Uatchet. 
/3/ Frances Agn&s, m. 4 Oct. 1865, to Captain John 
JIarsland, 1st Warwick, militia, and has 2 daus. 
/4/ Florence, m. 22 Oct. 1878, to Henry LawTcnce, 2nd 
sou of late Rev. John Lawrence Prior, rector of Horton, 
Bucks (YOUNG — Bart.), and has had a sou and dau. 
Charles Laurence Prior, b. 24 Aug. 1879. 
Florence Mildred, b. 25 Sept. 1880; d. 20 Oct. following. 
/5/ Amy Laura, m. 24 July, 1878, to Godfrey Fox Webster, 
capt. late 20th regt. (h.p.), 2nd son of Baron Dickenson 
Webster, Esq. of Penns, Warwick, and has a dau. b. 5 June, 
[2] John Gillyat, of Homsey, b. ; d. Oct. 1849, having 

m. 26 June, 1798, Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of John Williamson 
aforesaid, and had 3 sons, 

(1) John. 

(2) Philip, m. Fanny, dau. of Arthur Coope; she d. 1874. 

(3) George. 

[3] Sir Felix Booth, of Great Catworth, Hunts, and of London, 
took a prominent part in the foundation of the London Joint 
Stock Bank, sheriff London and Middx. 1828, suppUerl £20,000 
for Captain (after Sir John) Ross's second voyage to the North 
Pole, after tlie government of the day had declined a pecu- 
niary grant for that purpose, created a Baronet 27 Mar. 
1835, with remainder to the issue male of his elder brother 
William ; d. unm. 24 Jan. 1850. 

[4] Mary, d. 25 Nov. 1859; m. to Charles Bro\vn, Esq. 
[5] Alice, d. 1831, having m. 1819, to William Pounsett, Esq. 
leaving issue. 

GoRE-BooTH — see Gore. 

"DOOTHBY, Sir Brooke 
(1660, E.), s. his father 
as 11th Baronet in 1865 ; b. 
18 Nov. 1856; heir presump- 
tive, his brother Charles. 

Ariis — Arg., on a canton sa. a 
lion's jamb erased or. 

Crest — A lion's jamb as in the 

Motto— Mors Christi mors mortis 


SIR HENRY BOOTHBY (son of William Booth by, of London, 
woollen merchant, by his wife Judith, dau. of Thomas 
Osten, of Oxley, Staff. ; she re-m. 1st, to William Basset, of 
Blore, Staff, and 2iidly, to Sir Richard Corbet, of Moreton 
Corbet, Salop, Bart.), created a Baronet by King's sign 
manual, dated 5 Nov. 1644, but owing to the Civil Wars the 
letters patent did not pass the seals ; he d. 3 Sept. 1648. aged 
56, having m. Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas Hayes, lord mayor 
of London 1615, aud had an only son. 



SIR "WILLIAir, Knight Banneret, 2nd Baronet, Charles 
II. having renewed the patent (after the Restoration) 13 
July, 1660 ; a. 24 Mar. 1706, having m. 1st, Frances, 2u(i dau. 
and" coheir of Col. John Jlilward, of Snitterton, Derbys.; she 
d. 1654, having had issue. He m. 2ndly, Hill, eldest dau. and 
coheir of Sir 'William Brooke, k.b. restored in blood, son of 
George Brooke (grandson of George Brooke, Lord Cobham, 
and his wife Anne, eldest sister and coheir of John, 2nd Baron 
Braye), attainted and executed for high treason, 5 Dec. 1603, 
as a participator in "Raleigh's conspiracy" (this attainder has 
never been reversed) ; she d. 14 May, 1703. Their great-grandson, 

SIR WILLIAM, 8th Baronet (on the death of his brother 
Sir Brooke, 23 Jan. 1824), of Edwinstowe, Notts, major 
61st regt. and of Mansfield troop of j-eo. cav.; b. ; d. 17 

Mar. 1824, having m. 14 May, 1781, Rafela. dau. of Signer Don 
Miguel Delia Garda, of Mahon, in the island of Minorca, and 
had 3 sons. 

El] Sir William, s. as 9th Baronet. 
2] Brook. M.A. rector of Kirkbv in Ashfield, and prebendary 
of Southwell, Notts. ; b. 15 Mar. 1784 ; d. 4 Jan. 1829, ha%nng m. 
4 Nov. 1816, Hon. Louisa Henrietta Venables-Yernon, dau. of 
Henry, 3rd Lord Vernon; she d. 6 Mar. 1861, having had 5 sons 
and a dau. 

(1) Henry Brooke, B.A. vicar of Lissington, co. Line. J.P. for 
the parts of Lindsey ; b. 6 Mar. 1818; m. 5 July, 1849, Frances 
Sarah, elder dau. of Right Rev. John Banks Jenkinson, D.D. 
lord bishop of St. Davids (BART.); she d. June, 1877, hav- 
ing had a son and 2 daus. 

/I/ Henry Vernon, late 24th regt. b. 2 June, 1850 ; m. 12 
Mar. 1878, his cousin, Augusta Louisa, only dau. of late 
Major-Gen. John George Boothby (see below), and has had 
2 sons, 

[1] C>Til John, b. 15 Dec. 1878; d. 17 April following. 

[2] A son, b. 30 May, 1881. 
/2/ Gertrude Raffela (sic.) /3/ Louisa Frances. 

(2) George WUliam, R.X. b. 25 Aug. 1819 ; d. 28 Mar. 1868, 
having m. 3 Sept. 1850, Harriet, only surviving child of 
Edward Binuy Glass, Esq. and Catherine Coi-se Scott, of 
Synton. co. SeDdrk (she re-m. 3 Jan. 1871, to Rev. Angus 
Gunn, of Dollar, N.B. and has a son— Norman Grxx, b. 12 
Dec. 1872), and had a son and 6 daus. 

/I/ George, b. 2 Feb. 1867. /2/ Katherine. 

/3/ Louisa, m. 5 Aug. 1880, to Rev. H C B 

Bazely, B.C.L. Brasenose Coll. Oxon. 

/4/ Cora, m. 13 Sept. 1881, to George Duncan ^Vahab, 

major 2nd Lane, fusiliers (son of late Gen. Wahab). 

/5/ Frances. /6/ Rafela. /7/ Ada Rimdall. 

(3) Charles Edward, of New Lodge, Burton-on-Trent, formerly 
in privy council office, and private secretary to lords presi- 
dent, capt. 2nd Derbys. R.V., J.P. Staff, and ranger of H.M. 
forest of Needwood ; b. 17 Aug. 1821 ; m. 24 Oct. 1855, his 
cousin the Hon. Georgiana Mary, dau. of Edward, 3rd Lord 
Suffield, and widow of George Edward Anson, Esq. C.B. 
keeper of H.M. pri-(-y purse (E. LICHFIELD), and had a dau. 
— Emily Louisa, whod. 2 Feb. 1874, aged 18. 

(4) John George, major-gen. late R.A. b. 22 June, 1824; d. 
27 April, 1876, having m. 1850, Margaret, only dau. of 
Charles Henry Scale, capt. R.N. (Bart.), and has 2 sons and a 

CecU George Frederick, lieut. R.N. b. 27 April, 1853.— Wal- 
ter Herbert, b. 28 Aug. 1854. — Augusta Louisa, m. 12 Mar. 
1878, to her cousin, Henry Vernon Boothby, Esq. 

(5) Frederick Gore, of Jesus Coll. Camb. d. unm. 1852. 

(6) Frances Maria Emma, m. 1st, as 2nd wiic, 14 Dec. 1859, to 
her cousin George John Warren, 5th Lord Vernon, who d. 
31 May, 1866; sbe re-m. 19 July, 1881, to Rev. Charles 
Martyu Reed, B.A. rector of Harfield, co. Glouc. 

[3] Charles, capt. of engineers (lost a leg at Talavera), 
subsequently prebendarv of Southwell and Wear of Sutterton, 
rector of Barnoldby-le-Beck. co. Line. ; b. 20 Feb. 1786; d. 19 
Aug. 1846, having m. 24 Oct. 1820, Marianne Catherine, dau. of 
Rev. Basil Beridge, of Algarkirk, co. Line, and had with other 
issue 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) William Henry, vicar of Ha wkesbury, Glouc; b. 23 May, 
1823 ; m. 10 Sept. 1851, Eleanor Jane, dau. of late Rev. John 
Thomas Fenwick, rector of Northfield, Wore, and has 3 daus. 

Antonia Rafela. — Edith Serena Hill. — Eleonor Maude. 

(2) Evelyn, SI.A. rector of Whitwell, co. Derby ; b. 24 April, 
1825; d. 24 May, 1874, having m.l June, 1853, Margareta Jane, 
dau. of John Carr,Esq. of Roseworth,Northumb. and has had 
with other issue 4 sons and 4 daus. 

Reginald Evelvn. Ueut. R.A. b. 18 Jan. 1855.— WilHam Os- 
bert, b. 7 Jan. 1866.— Frederick, b. 5 Feb. 1871.— Basil Tan- 
field Beridge, b. 14 Jan. 1873. — Laura CeciUa. — Louisa 
Jane. — Alice Evelj'n. — Judith Letitia. 

(3) Basil Charles, major in the army, assist. -commissary-gen. 
in the armv 1880, late 95th regt. lost a foot at the Alma ; b. 
13 Jan. 1834; m. 28 Jan. 1860, Emily, 2nd dau. of Major-Gen. 
Sir Joshua Jebb, K.C.B. and has 4 sons and 2 daus. 

Hubert Basil, b. 4 Mar. 1863.— Walter Ralph Jebb, b. 26 
June, 1865.— Francis Stewart Evelyn, b. 23 April, 1867.— 
Walter, b. 4 May, 1876. — Marion Agnes Serena Penelope.— 
Mary Dorothy Cecilia. 

(4) Martha Serena, m. 7 Sept. 1852, to Sir Brooke William 
Robert Boothby, 10th Baronet. 

(5) Judith Agnes, d. 6 April, 1862, having m. 2 June, 1860, as 
1st wife, to William Henry Millais, of Ward Hill, Farnham. 

(6) Cecilia Elizabeth, 

SIR WILLIAM, 9th Baronet, C.B. receiver-gen. of customs 
London, paymaster of the hon. gentlemen at arms; b. 25 
Mar. 1782; d. 21 April, 1846, having m. 1st— 19 Jan. 1805, 
Fanny, only dau. of John Jenkinson, Esq. (BART.), and niece 
of Charles, 1st Earl of Liverpool ; she d. 2 Jan. 1838. He m. 
2ndly — 1844, Louisa Cranstown ("the well-known 

actress"), relict of Henry Nesbitt, capt. 2nd life guards; she 
d. 16 Jan. 1858. By his 1st wfe he had 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Brooke William Robert, s. as 10th Baronet. 

(2) Cecil Brooke, b. 18 Nov. 1813. 

(3) Louisa Maria, m. 1 Aug. 1833, to Rev. and Hon. Charles 
Dmidas (V. MELVILLE), rector of Epworth, co. Line, and had 

(4) CaroUiie Mary. 

(5) Fanny Charlotte Anne, d. imm. 5 Dec. 1876. 

(6) Maria. 

SIR BROOKE WILLIAM ROBERT, 10th Baronet, rector 
of WelwjTi, Herts. M.A.; b. 21 Jan. 1809; d. 22 Sept. 1865, 
having m. 7 Sept. 1852, Martha Serena, dau. of late Rev. 
Charles Boothby, vicar of Sutterton, Line, aforesaid, and had 
5 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Brooke, 11th and present Baronet. 

(2) Charles Francis, late x. Mayo mil. heir presumptive 
to the Baronetcy ; b. 22 Jime, 1858. 

(3) Hugo WiUiam Robert, R.N. b. 12 Feb. 1862; d. 10 Aug. 

(4) Herbert Cecil, b. 8 Dec. 1863. 

(5) Se3-mour William Brooke, b. (posthum.) 6 Feb. 1866. 

(6) Florence Emma. (7) Rosalind Louisa. 
(8) Beatrice Georgiana. 

BOEEEL, Sir William (1644, e.), s. (as 9th 
Baronet) in 1821, member of the upper house 
of the Netherlands and minister of state, several 
times gov. of North Holland ; b. 23 Mar. 1800 ; 
m. 24 July, 1833, his cousin Margaret Jaqueline 
Mary Pauline, dame du palais to the Queen of Hol- 
land, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. William Francis Boreel 
and Catherine Anne Fagel, his wife, and has a son 
and 2 daus. 

[1] James William Gustavus, b. 10 Sept. 1852; m. 14 Mar. 1878, 

Maria CorneUa, dau. of Baron Schimmel Penninck van der Oye, 

grand master of the ceremonies of the King of HoUand. 

[2] Agnes Comelie Hugonia, m. 12 Aug. 1863, to William, Baron 

de Goltstein, member of the upper house of the Netherlands, 

chamberlain to the King of Holland. 

[3] Mary, m. 1874 to the Baron F. W. C. van Tuyll van 


No Pedigree on record, nor Arms, but those used are — 

Arg., on a chevron between three bugle horns sa. two whips, 

thronged ppr., on a chief gu. a lion passant guardant or. 

Crest — A demi-man sa. wreathed about the head and loins or 

and sa., holding in his dexter hand an arrow in bend sinister, 


Residence— The Hague. 



Erasmus Dixok 
(1645, 1.), a major in the 
army, has Burmese War 
and Indian Mutiny me- 
dals, high sheriff co. Kil- 
dare 1 8 73, s. his father as 
i»th Baronet in 1866; b. 
1851, Frederica Esten, 
eldest dau. of Brigadier- 
General Hutchinson, 
and has 2 sons and 2 

(1) Kildare, capt. 11th hus- 
sars, was extra A.D.C. to L.L. 
Ireland; b. 21 Sept. 1852. 

(2) Eustace, b. 31 Dec. 1866. 

(3) Clara Ellen, m. 31 Mar. 1875, to Duncan Matheson, capt. 
6 th or Inniskilling dragoons 1880, and has a son and dau. 

A son, b. 10 Dec. 1880.— ■\Vinifred EUen. 

(4) Flora. 

Arms — Or, on a cross gu. (the red cross of De Burgh) five 
mullets pierced arg.; in the dexter chief, a lion passant 
guardant of the second. 

Crest — A lion sejant gardant arg. murally crowned or. 
Motto — Xon vi virtute. 

Peat— Barretstone Castle, Ballymore Eustace, Xaas, co. Kil- 


SIR ERASMUS BORROWES [eldest son of Henry Bor- 
rowes, the first of Giltown, co. Kildare (son of Erasmus 
Aborough, of Calais), and his wife Catherine, dau. of Alex- 
amler Eustace, of (Jraugemore, co. Kildare], high sheriff 
1641/2, and during the Irish Rebellion of that year was 
created a Baronet by Charles I. patent dated 11 Feb. 
1645 ; he m. Sarah, dau. of "Walter AVeldon, Esq. of Athy 
(Bart.), and had with other issue a son, 

SIR WALTER. 2nd Baronet, high sheriff co. Kildare 1672; 
d. 1685, having m. 1st— 16 Feb. 1656, Lady Eleanor 

Fitzgerald, 3rd dau. of George 16th Earl of Kildare (called tlie 
Fairy Earl); she d. 3 Aug. 1681. He m. 2ndly, Margaret, 5th 
dau. of Sir Adam Loftus, P.O. II. P. By his 1st wife he had a 

SIR KILDARE, 3rd Baronet ; d. Nov. 1709, having m. 

EUzabeth, dau. of Sir Richard Dixon; she d. 11 Mar. 1745, 
leaving with other issue a son, 

SIR WALTER DIXON, 4th Baronet, M.P. Athy, heir of his 
uncle Robert Dixon, 1725 ; d. 9/12 June, 1741, having m. 
18 Mar. 1720, Mary, dau. and coheir of Capt. Edward Pottinger 
(Bakt.), and had with other issue a son, 

SIR KILDARE DIXOX, 5th Baronet, M.P. co. Kildare, 1745, 
sheriff 1751 ; b. ; d. 22 June, 1790 having m. 1st— 

Feb. 1759. Elizabeth, only dau. and heir of John Short, Esq. of 

Grange, Queen's co.; she d. 23 Aug. 1766, having had an only 

survi^-ing son, 

[1] Sir Erasmus, s. as 6th Baronet. 

SIR KILDARE m. 2ndly— May, 1769, Jane, dau. of Joseph 

Higginson, Esq. of Mount Offaley, co. Kildare, and had wth 

other issue 3 sons, 

[2] William, m. to Angelina, only dau. of Right Hon. Sir 

Michael Smith, Bart, and widow of Smith Steel, Esq. (Bart 

e.xt.); she d. s. p. 9 Feb. 1808, aged 38. 

[3] Joseph, rector of Ballina ; b. ; d. 31 Jan. 1840, 

having m. Anne Trench, sister of Frederic, 1st Lord Ashtown; 

she d. 20 Mar. 1858, having had a dau. 

Mart, d. 31 Aug. 1880, having m. 1844, to Hart- 

stonge Robinson, Esq. y.c. called to the Irish Bar 1814, 
chairman of Q.s. for cos. Carlow and Sligo for 30 years 
(brother of Sir Brj-an Robinson and uncle of Admiral Sir 
Hercules Robinson, g.c.m.g. governor of Kew South Wales, 
and Sir William C. F. Robinson, governor and commander- 
in-chief Western Australia, see Laxgrisue) ; he d. 23 May, 
1874, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Kildare Christopher Robinsox, bar.-at-law it 1870- 
b. 18 April, 1847; m. 17 Feb. 1881, Sarah Matilda, youngest 
dau. of late Lieut.-Col. Paton, of Grandhome, Aberdeen- 

(2) Anna Elizabeth, m. 23 Mar. 1865, to William Knipe 
major 86th regt. and has a son and 2 daus. ' 

Christopher Kxipe, b. 24 June, 1870. 

[4] Robert, of Giltown, co. Kildare; b. 1778; d. 13 June, 

1850, having m. Charlotte, dau, of Samuel Madden, Esq. of 
Hilton, CO. Monaghan ; she d. 17 Feb. 1857, having had a son 
and 5 daus. 

(1) Robert Higginson Borrowes, late major Kildare rifles, 
capt. 13th light dragoons, J.p. and D.L. co. Kildare, b. 25 
Sept. 1826 ; m. 9 June, 1859, Hon. Louisa Katherine Browne, 
3rd dau. of John Cavendish, 3rd Lord Kilmaine ; she d. 14 
Jan. 1877. 

(2) Jane Harriette, d. April , 1877, having m. 4 Nov. 1863, 
to Hans Hendrick, Esq. of Kerdiffstown, co. Kildare, who 

d. s. p. 

(3) Emily, m. 1848, to William Roche, of Buttevant 
Castle, CO. Cork, late 60th rifles (Bart.) 

(4) Elizabeth, m. 8 July, 1844, to William Butler Cramer- 
Roberts, Esq. of Thornton, Kildare, late Bengal cav. ; he 
d. s. p. 28 July, 1870 (COGHILL— BART.) 

(5) Gertrude, m. 1st — 26 Jime. 1849, to Richard Bourke, Esq. 
nephew of John, 4th Earl of Mayo, ; he d. 21 May, 1856, 
having had issue. She re-m. 12 Aug. 1858, to Anthony 
North Peat, Esq. attach^ au Ministere de I'lnterieur, Paris, 
and had an only son, 

Victor PE.VT, b. 21 Mar. 1860 ; drowned 7 Sept. 1877. 

(6) Emily, d. s. p. having m. to late Yen. T. Kingsburj-, arch- 
deacon of Killala. 

SIR ERASMUS DIXON, 6th Baronet, b. 20 Dec. 1759 ; d. 19 
Sept. 1814, ha^'ing m. 1783, Henrietta de 

Robillard, youngest dau. of Very Rev. Arthur Champagne, 
dean of Clonmacnoise (E. GRAXARD) ; she d. 18 June, 1807, 
having had with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir Walter Dixon, 7th Baronet, d. unm. 7th Mar. 1834. 
[2] Sir Erasmus, s. as 8th Baronet. 
; [3] Marianne, m. 1820, to Hans Hendrick, Esq. of Kerdifls- 
towTi, Naas, co. Kildare, who d. 2 Feb. 1871, having had a son 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Thomas Hexdrick, J.P. Kildare, b. 27 Sept. 1830, imm. 

(2) Elizabeth Louisa, m. 1849, to Henrj' de Burgh, of Bel- 
camp Hutchinson, J.p. D.L. who d. s. p. July, 1876. 

(3) Charlotte Margaret, m. Feb. 1853, to Jlichael Ayhner, 
of Courtoun, co. Kildare, J.P. (Bart.), and has 3 sons and 
a dau. 

[4] Harriet. 

[5] Elizabeth, she d. 14 May, 1873. having m. 22 April, 1816, to 
Very Rev. James Stannus, dean of Ross, rector of Lisbum, and 
had 4 sons and 3 daus. 

SIR ERASMUS DIXON, 8th Baronet, rector of Ballyroan, 
Queen's co.; b. 21 Sept. 1799; d. 27 May. 1866, having m. 
Mar. 1825, Harriet, 4th dau. of Henry Hamilton, Esq. of 
Ballymacoll. co. Meath ; she d. having had \vith 

other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Erasmus Dixon, 9th and present Baronet. 

(2) Walter Joseph, major, Queen's co. militia, b. 23 Sept. 1834. 

(3) Henrietta Maria, m. 5 June, 1845, to Henry Meade Hamil- 
ton, C.B. major-gen. in the army, A.Q.M.G. Crimea, comd. 12th 
foot in New Zealand war 1863 6. lieut.-col. brigade depot Bury 
St. Edmimds 1873/4, at E.xeter 1875, K.M. and has 4 sous and 2 

(1) Gilbert Henrv Claud Hamiltox. b. 31 Jan. 1853.— (2) 
Bruce Meade, b. 7 Dec. 1857.— (3) Hubert Ion Wetherall, 
b. 27 June, 1861.— (4) Keith Randolph, b. 28 Feb. 1871. 

(5) Edith Althea, m. 14 Mar. 1878, to Col. Sir (Jeorge Pome- 
roy Pomeroy-CoUey, K.c.s.l. c.B. c.M.G. (V. Harbertox), 
who fell in Boer campaign 27 Feb. 1881. 

(6) Kathleen Eleanor. 

(4) Adelaide Charlotte Marianna, m. 5 Nov. 1850, to Edward 
Tipping, of Bellurgau Park, co. Louth, and has 2 daus. 

[1] Ada Kathleen TiPPlXG, m. , 1878, to Major John 

Hunter Knox, 14th hussars. 
[2] Henrietta. 

HousTON-BoswALL— see Houston. 



BOUGHEY, Sir Thomas Fletcher (1798, 
G.B.), of Aqnalate, Salop; s. his father as 
4th Baronet in 1880; b. 5 April, 1836; m. 25 Aiig. 
1864, Sarah Anabella, only dan. of Harold Little- 
dale, Esq. of Liscard Hall, Cheshire; heir presump- 
tive, his brother George. 

Arjis — Quarter!}-, 1st and 4th, Sa., a cross wavy erminois 
between four plates, each charged with an arrow in bend of the 
first, Fletcher. 2nd and 3rd, Arg., three bucks' heads erased 
and afEronte ermines, BOUGHEY. 

Crests — l, A plate, charged with a pheon per pale erm. and sa., 
Fletcher. 2, Out of an Eastern crown or the points alternate 
or and arg., a buck's head ermines attired and collared of the 

first, BOUGHEY. 

MOTTO — Xec quaerere nee spernere honorem. 
Seat — Aqualate, Newport, Salop. 


SIR THOMAS FLETCHER, of Newcastle and Betley Court, 
both CO. Stafford (great-grandson of William Fletcher, of 
East Sterndale, parish of Hartington, Derbysh. gent.), sheriff 
1788 9, maior commandt. Newcastle volunteers, created a 
BAROXET 24 Aug. 1798, b. 25 Nov. 1747; d. 14 July, 1812. 
having m. 8 May, 1781, his kinswoman Anne, dau. and 
of John Fenton, Esq. of Newcastle aforesaid ; she d. 22 Oct. 
1821, having had with 2 daus. an only son, 

M.P. CO. Stafford, assumed by sign manual, 16 May, 1805, 
the additional surname of Boughey pm-suant to the ^\^ll of his 
cousin, George Boughev, of Audlej-. Staff. ; b. 1 Mav, 1784; d. 
27 June, 1823, having ni. 9 Feb. 1808, Henrietta Dorothy, eldest 
dau. of Sir John Chetwode, of Oaklej-, co. Stafford, Bart ; she 
d. 22 Jan. 1849, having had 8 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Thomas Fletcher-Fenton, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

(2) John Fenton Fletcher, rector of Forton, Staff.; b. 6 June, 
1811; d. 21 June, 1853. 

(3) George Fenton Fletcher, Ueut.-col. 59th regt.; b. 9 Sept. 
1813; d. 20 July, 1855, having m. 16 Dec. 1842, Matilda El-n-in, 
dau. of (Hon.) George WeatheriU Ottley, of Antigua, M.L.C. 
and of Millbrook, Hants, and had 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] George Fletcher Ottley, capt. R.E. field engineer Koonim 
field force ; b. 23 Jan. 1844 ; m. at Agra, 2 April. 1872, Har- 
riet Rose Amy, dau. of Col. William Stuart-Menteth (Bart.) 
[2] John, major Duke of Edinburgh's Wilts, late G2nd regt. 
brigade major, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1876 ; b. 20 Jan. 1845 ; 
m. 21 Dec. 1875, Constance Susannah, 4th dau. of John 
Penny, Esq. 

[3] Anchitel Harry Fletcher, fellow of Trin. Coll. and vicar 
of St. Michael's, Cambridge; b. 14 Aug. 1849. 
[4] Matilda Mary, d. imm. 2 Sept. 1876. 

(4) WilUam Fenton-Fletcher, stipendiai-y magistrate at Wol- 
verhampton since 1879, har.-at-law L.I. 1839, recorder of 
Shrewsbury, 1867/79 ; b. 9 Nov. 1814 ; m. 30 April, 1874, Caro- 
line, dau. of late Rev. Benjamin Lucas Cubit, rector of Catfleld, 
Norfolk, and has had 3 sons and a dau. 

William Charles Fletcher, b. 5 Nov. 1874. — Edward Harry 
Fletcher, b. 25 Aug. 1878.— Richard Fletcher, b. 30 Mar. 1880; 
d. 14 Sept. following. — Henrietta Emma. 

(5) Edward Fenton Fletcher, b. 4 July, 1818; unm. 

(6) Anchitel Fenton Fletcher, major 81st regt. b. 4 Dec. 1819 ; 
d. 8 April, 1856. 

(7) Robert Fenton Fletcher, b. 18 Sept. 1822; vmm. 

(8) Charles Fenton Fletcher, capt. R.N. formerly H.M.S. 
" Havannah "; b. 12 Dec. 1823; unm. 

(9) Anne Henrietta, d. 21 Aug. 1879, having m. 21 June, 1832, 
to Rev. and Hon. Everard Robert Bruce Feilding (E. DENBIGH) ; 
he d. 14 Sept. 1854. 

(10) Henrietta Dorothy, m. 7 July, 1836, to Walter Peter 
Giffard, Esq. of Chillington Hall, Staff. ; he d. 6 Mar. 1877, 
having had a son and 2 daus. 

[1] Walter Thomas Courtenav Giffard, of Chillington Hall, 
J.P. D.L. ; b. 11 Jan. 1839 ; m."2U May, 1879, Mary Constance, 
eldest dau. of Richard Holt Briscoe, Esq. of Somerford, co. 
Staff, and has 2 daus. 

Winifred Mary Sophia GIFFARD, b. 25 Mar. 1880.— A dau. 

b. 14 Maj', 1881. 
[2] Henrietta Charlotte, m. 10 Aug. 1864, to Charles Henry 
Inge, Esq. of ^\"hittiugton Hurst, co. Stafford. D.L. and has 
a son, 

Charles William Giffard INGE, b. 4 June, 1872. 
[3] SeUna Anne, m. 17 Nov. 1864, to Augustus Leveson Ver- 
non, Esq. of Deansfield, co. Stafford, J.P. D.L. (B. VERNON.) 

(11) Anastasia Elizaljeth, m. 1st— 28 April, 1840, to Edward 
Joseph, eldest son of Sir E. J. Sniythe, Bart, of Acton Burnell, 
Shropshire ; he d. 28 Aug. 1841. She re-m. 16 May, 1848, to 
Edward Henrj% 2nd son of late Sir Edward Mostyn, Bart. 

(12) Elizabeth, m. 8 Jime, 1843, to Rev. Robert William Day- 
rell, M.A. vicar of Betton Strange. Salop, and has a son, 

Francis Robert D ayrell, of Baschurch, Salop, b. 1 Mar. 1852. 

D.L. Salop and Staff, sheriff latter county 1832; b. 22 Jan. 
1809; d. 6 Oct. 1880, having m. 27 Dec. 1832, Louisa Paiolina, 
youngest dau. of Thomas Giffard, Esq. of ChUlington, Staff.; 
she d. 10 Dec. 1879, having had 8 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Thomas Fletcher, 4th and present Baronet. 

(2) George, rector of Forton, Stafford, heir presumptive 
to the Baronetcy; b. -I .M, y, 1837; m. 2U April, 1875, Theo- 
dosia Mary, eldest dau. of Rev. Charles Smith Royds, and has 
3 daus. 

A dau. b. 28 Oct. 1877.— A dau. b. 21 April, 1879.— A dau. b. 
6 Sept. 1880. 

(3) John Fenton, lieut. 2na regt. ; b. 8 Aug. 1839 ; d. July 

(4) William Fletcher, lieut. R.N. b. 3. Sept. 1810- 

(5) Robert, vicar of Betley, Staff.; b. 21 Mar. 1843. 

(6) Walter, b. 7 April, 1844. 

(7) Francis, b. 2 April, 1848. 

(8) Henry, capt. 74th highlanders, b. 29 April, 1850. 

(9) Anne. (10) Louisa. 

(11) Lucy Harriet. (12) Selina Henrietta 



ROUSE-BOUGHTON, Sir Charles Henry 
(1641, E. and 1791, G.B.), of Downton Hall, 
Salop, served in 52nd (Oxfordshire) regt. 1843/50 ; 
high sheriff Salop 1860; s. his father as 11th and 
3rd Baronet in 1856 ; b. 16 Jan. 1825 ; m. 23 Aug. 
1852, Maiy Caroline, 2nd dan. of John Michael 
Severne, Esq. of Thenford, Northants. and Wallop 
Hall, Salop, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) William St. Andrew, b. 23 Sept. 1853; m. 1 Oct. 1878, 
Eleanor Frances, eldest dau. of Rev. Frederick Harry Hotham, 
rector of KusUbury, Salop, rural dean (B. HOTHAM). 

(2) Edward Shuckburgh, b. 24 July, 1858. 

(3) Catherine Mary. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Sa., two bars engrailed arg.. 
Rouse. 2nd, Arg., on a chevron between three trefoils slipped 
sa. as many stags' heads cabossed or, on a chief gu. a goat 
passant of the field, Bou&HTON OF Lawford. 3rd, Sa., three 
crescents or, Boughton. 

Crests — 1, The bust of a man ppr., hair, beard, and whiskers, 
sa.; the head surrounded and crossed with a riband knotted at 
the top, the ends flowing from each side of the temple arg.. 
Rouse. 2, A stork's head erased chevronny of four, sa. and 
arg., in the beak or a snake ppr., BOUGHTON. 
Motto — Omne bonum Dei donum. 
SE.iT — Downton Hall, Ludlow, Salop. 

THOMAS DE BOVETON or BOUGHTON, of La^vford, 'War- 
wlcks. j.u. ( of Robert de Boveton); 
m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of GeofErey de Allesley, of La^vford, 
j.r. Warwicks. 21/39 Henry VI. knight of the shire for War- 
wck 31 Henry VI. and seven years after he was appointed 
with others to array and arm all persons of body able and estate 
sufficient within that county for the King's service. His de- 
scendant in the 6th generation, 

SIR WILLIA-Vl BOUGHTON, of Lawford, sheriff of Warwicks. 
12 Chas. I. was created a BaronET 4 Aug. 1641 ; m. 
Abigail, elder dau. and coheir of Henry Baker, of South Shobery, 
Essex, and his great-great-grandson, 

ton Hall, Salop, created a Baronet 28 .July, 1791, liaving 
had authority by r.l. 13 May preceding for himself and issue, 
to cjuarter the arms of Rouse, of Rouse Lonch, with the arms 
of Lawford, and that he and his descendants who may be in 
the possession of Rouse Lench may use the surname of Rouse 
either before or after his or their family names. He s. his 
brother Sir Edward as 9th Baronet of Rouse Lench on 26 Feb. 
1794, and then resiimed his paternal surname of Boughton, 
and became Sir Charles William Rouse-Bough ton, M.P. Eve- 
sham 1780, 1784/90, Bramber, Sussex, 1796, 1799; d. 26 Feb. 
1821, having m. 3 June, 1782, Catherine, only dau. and heiress 
of William Hall, otherwise Fearce, of Downton Hall, Salop; 
she d. 14 Aug. 1808, having had a son and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir William Edward, s. as 10th and 2nd Baronet. 
[2] Louisa, d. 9 July, 1860, having m. 1st— 16 July, 1807, to 
St. Andrew, 13th Lord St. Jolm, of Blctsoe, who d. 15 Oct. 
1817, and she re-m. 4 Aug. 1823, to Mr. Sergeant Vaughan, 
afterwards the Right Hon. Sir John Vaughan. one of the 
barons of the e.xchequer (Halford) ; he d. 25 Sept. 1839. 

[3] Caroline, d. 28 July, 1857, having m. 22 Mar. 1808, to Rev. 
Robert Henry Johnson, rector of Lutterft'orth and vicar of Clay- 
brooke, co. Leic. 

Lench and Downton Hall 10th and 2nd Baronet, f.r.S. 
M.r. Evesham 1820/4; b. 14 Sept. 1788; d. 22 May, 1856, having 
ni. 24 Mar. 1824, Charlotte, youngest dau. of Thomas Andrew 
Knight, Esq. of Wormsley Grange, and Maryknole, co. Here- 
ford, and niece of Richard Payne Knight, of Downton Castle, 
CO. Hereford ; she d. 14 May, 1842, having with other issue 2 
sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Sir Charles Henry, 11th and present Baronet. 

(2) Andrew Johnes Rouse- Boughton -Knight, of Downton 
Castle, CO. Hereford, assumed the additional surname of 
Knight after those of Rouse-Boughton by R.L. 28 Jan. 1857; 
b. 26 May, 1826 ; m. 28 Sept. 1858, Eliza, youngest dau. of John 
Michael Severne, Esq. of Thenford House, Notts, and Wallop 
Hall, Salop, aforesaid, and had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

Charles Andrew, lieut. 23ril foot; b. 17 Nov. 1859.— Andrew 
Greville, b. 13 Feb. 1869.— Edward Meysey, b. 17 April 1875. 
— Anna Lily Frances. — Catherine Emily. — Mary Georgina. — 

(3) Catherine Charlotte. 

(4) Frances Harriet. 

(5) Theresa Louisa, d. 26 Mar. 1872, having ni. as 1st wife 
20 Aug. 1862, to Herman Wayne, capt. Carnarvon militia, late 
capt. 10th regt. (2nd wife see B. ST. JOHN) and has a son and 
2 daus. 

Francis Herman Milford WAYNE, b. 14 July, 1863.— Theresa 
Sophia Charlotte. — Frederica Laura. 

(6) Mary Lucy Octavia, m. 18 April, 1872, to Rev. Michael 
Hopton, vicar of Canon Frome, Hereford, and has a dau. 

Mary Shuckburgh HOPTON. 

(7) Frederica St. John m. 30 July, 1861, to Richard Orlebar, 
Esq. B.A. J.P. Beds, and Northants. and has 2 sons, 

Richard Rouse-Boughton-ORLEBAR, b. 20 May, 1862. 
Beauchamp Orlando Chichele Orlebar, b. 3 May, 1863. 

James, of 
Hackinsall, co. Lane, 
and of Heathfield, 
Liverpool, j.p. d.l, 
created a Baronet 
10 May, 1880, c.B. 
1881, hon. col. 19th 
R. Lane. art. mil, 
since 1881, col. 
comdt. and hon. col. 
1863/81, M.P. Eve- 
sham 1865/80; b. 8 
Oct. 1812; m. 11 Oct. 
1841, Sarah Harriot, 
dau. of Thomas Four- 
nis Dyson, Esq. of 
Everton, co. Lane, 
and of Willow Hall, 
CO. York, and has had 
a son and 3 daus. 

(1) James Dyson, D.I.. co. Lane, lieut.-col. .5th dragoon guards; 
b. 29 July, 1842; m. 29 Deo. 1875, Lady M.arion Jane Loftus, 
only dau. of John Henry, 3rd Marquis of Ely, and had a dau. 

Gladys Dyson, b. 29 Oct. 1881; tlied ne.xt day. 

(2) Han-iet Anne Dyson. 

(3) Helen Dyson, d. 1 Jan. 1853. (4) Emily Dyson, d. y. 

Arms— Arg., a chevron sa. gutteo d'oau between two lions 

rampant in chief and an heraldic tyger in base also rampant 


Chest— An heraldic tyger sejant or guttue do sang, resting the 

dexter paw on a cross patee gu. 

Motto — Semper vigilan.s. 

SEATS— Hackinsall and Heathfield House, Lane. 




JOHN BOURNE, of Stalmiue, co. Lane, (son of John Boiu-ne, 
of Wyersdale, co. Lane); d. 30 Jan. 1783, aged 77, having 
ni. Jane, dau. and coheir of Cornelius Fox, Esq. of Fern Hill 
and Stalniine Hall, and had 4 sons and 2 dans. 
[1] John, of Stalmijie; d. unm. 23 April, 1790, aged 49. 
[2] James, of Stalmiiie; d. 28 Nov. 1816, aged 74, having m. 
Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Parkinson, Esq. and had 2 daus. — 
Jane and Elizabeth, both d. unm. 
[3] Cornelius, of whom presently. 
[4] Henry Fox, d. unm. 
[5] Agnes, m. to James Smith, Esq. 
[6] Margery, m. to Robert Lawe, Esq. of Preston. 

CORNELIUS BOURNE, of Stalmlne Hall, co. Lane; b. 2 
April, 1747 (O.S.); d. 1 Mar. 1806, having m. 21/31 July, 
1774, Anne, dau. of Thomas Rymer, Esq. and widow of Eilward 
Glover; she d. 12 June, 1828, aged 84, having had 5 sons and 4 

(1) John, of Stahnine Hall, CO. Lane. J.P.b. 27/29 Aug. 1777; d. 
15 Jan. 1841, having m. 12 July, 1804, Mary, dau. of John Biuy, 
Esq. of Salford, co. Palatine Lane; she d. Jan. 1832, having 
had 4 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ Cornelius, of Stalmine Hall aforesaid, J.p. D.L.; b. 2 Jan. 
1807; d. 26 Feb. 1866, having m. 27 July, 1841, Alice, dau. of 
WiUiam Sharp, of Linden Hall, co. Lane; she d. 29 Nov. 
1860, having had a sou and dau. 

[1] John William, of Stalmine Hall and Newsham Hall, 

CO. Lane and Barnston Towers, Neston, Cheshire; b. 30 

Jan. 1845; m. 22 Aug. 1876, Alice, youngest dau. of Thomas 

Phillips Pemberton, Esq. of Liverpool, and has had a dau. 
Alice Dorothy, b. 24 Jan. 1880; died next day. 

[2] Mary. 
/2/ John Bmy, rector of Colemere with Pryor's Dean, Hants. ; 
b. 19 Aug. 1809; d. , having m. , 

Margaret, dau. of Henry Wood, Esq. of Littleton, Middx. and 
had with other issue 2 sous, 

[1] John Henry, late 77th regt.; b. ; m. 9 

Aug. 1869, Henrietta Lizzy, dau. of J M 

Rogers, Esq. r.n.r. comrli-. P. and 0. 

[2] Thomas Wood, of Broseley, Salop (2nd son); b. ; 

m. 8 Feb. 1881, Jessie, 2ud dau. of Charles Robins, Esq. of 

Dublin, fonnerly of London. 
/3/ James Thomas, of Newsham Hall, co. Lane. J.P.; b. 5 
Oct. 1813; d. unm. 8 Sept. 1876. 

/4/ Thomas Rymer, J.p. Lane; b. 19 Sept. 1814; m. 4 Sept. 
1838, Anna, dau. of Alexander Haliburton, Esq. of Whitley, 
near Wigan, s. p. 

/5/ Margaret, d. 4 Oct. 1868, having m. , to 

Thomas Kaye Hassall, of Rhyndaston, co. Pembroke, and 
New Brighton, Cheshire; he d. 13 Aug. 1864, having had a 
son and 2 daus. 

[1] Charles Vernon HASSALL, capt. 89th regt.; d. unm. 

[2] Emily Mary, d. 26 Nov. 1863, having m. as 1st ^\nie., to 

Col. F Mlddleton, late major 29th regt. and had a 

son, Frederick. 

[3] Louisa Margaret, d. unm. 29 Oct. 1878. 
/6/ Anne, m. 6 June, , to Arthiu- Yates Williams, Esq. of 
Woolton, Lane; he d. 1853, having had with other 

issue 3 sons. 

[1] Arthur Monier WILLIAMS, P.C. Buttesmere since 1873. 

[2] George Reginald. [3] Ashton. 

/7/ Jane, m. , to Capt. Francis Whitelock, R.N. 

who d. 

(2) Thomas, of Hackinsall Hall, co. Lane, lord of the manor; 
b. 1 Jan. 1779; d. unm. 7 Feb. 1821. 

(3) Cornelius Fox, d. 1792, aged 11. 

(4) James, of Hackinsall aforesaid, and of Heathfield House, 
CO. Lane. J.P. D.L.; b. 3 May, 1782; d, unm. 24 July, 1835; bur. 
at Florence. 

(5) Peter, of whom presently. 

(6) Jane, b. 9 April, 1775; d. young.— (7) Mary Anne, b. 28 
Oct. 1776; d. young.— (8) Jane, b. 21 Sept. 1778; d. yoimg. 
(9) Mary Anne, d. s. p. 22 July, 18.51, having m. , to 
James Molyneux, Esq. of Saudfield co. Lane J.p. 

PETER BOURNE, of Hackinsall aforesaid, J.P. b. 13 Oct. 
1783; d. 3 Feb. 1846, having m. 14 May, 1810, Margaret, 
only dau. of James Drinkwater, Esq. of Liverpool, lady of the 
manor of Maghull, co. Lane; she d. 12 May, 1865, having had 
6 sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ CorneUus, M.A. Oriel CoU. Oxon. ; b. 7 April, 1811 ; d. num. 
30 June, 1839, at Aix, in Savoy. 
/2/ Sir James, created a Baroxet. 

/3/ Thomas, J.P. D.L. hon. lieut.-col. 4th Lane. L.i. mil. ; b. 28 
Feb. 1814; d. imm. 28 Aug. 1879. 
/4/ Pet«r, b. 22 Dec. 1819, Uviug unm. 

/5/ George Drinkwater, rector of Weston-sub-Edge, co. Gloue 
since 1846, J.P. D.L. nu-al dean of Campden since 1875, b.a. 
Oriel Coll. Oxford 1842, M.A. 1846; b. 31 Aug. 1821; m. 1st— 20 
April, 1847, Jane, only dau. of Francis Hole, Esq. of Tiverton; 
she d. 4/22 Sept. 1854, having had a sou and dau. 

[1] Francis Hole, capt. 43rd regt.; b. 2 April, 1850. 

[2] Margaret Hole, m. 24 June, 1875, to Francis Edward 

Broome Witts, vicar of Norton, Glouc. since 1880, of Temple 

Guitiug, Glouc. 1866/80 (eldest son of Rev. Edward Francis 

Witts, rector of Upper Slaughter, eo. Glouc.), and has a son 

and 3 daus. 
Edward Francis Broome Witts, b. 4 May, 1879. — Margaret 
Apphia Broome. — Edith Jane Bourne. — Agnes Edna, b. 25 
Aug. 1880. 
Rev. G. D. Bourne m. 2ndly— 15 April, 1857, HaiTiet Ehza, 
youngest dau. of John Moss, Esq. of Otterspool, co. Lane and 
sister of Sir Thomas Edwards-Moss, Bart. ; she d. 13 Sept. 
1867, having had 2 daus. 

[3] Hannah Moss. [4] Louisa Moss. 

/6/ Eleanor, b. 19 Aug. 1815; died young. 
/?/ Anne, d. 18 Nov. 1858, having m. 12 April, 1837, as 1st wife, 
to Rev. William Hanser Brandi-eth, rector (and patron) of 
Standish, co. Lane since 1841, rural dean of Leyland since 
1875, hon. canon of Manchester Cathedral since 1855, and had 
\\-ith other issue 4 sons and a dau. 

[1] William Frederick Bourne Brandreth, b. 22 Jan. 


[2] Charles George, b. 3 June, 1844. 

[3] Henrj' Pilkiugtou, b. 14 Jan. 1849. 

[4] Joseph Pilkington, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 1877, in H.O.; b. 

10 April, 1855. 

[5] Mary Elinor. 
/8/ Elinor Drinkwater, m. 27 Aug. 1840, to her cousin Sir 
William Leece Drinkwater, knighted 1877, first deemster of 
the Isle of Man,bar.-at-law l.T. 1837 (nephew of late Sir George 
Drintivater, of Kirby, Isle of Man), and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

[1] George Drinkwater, b. 12 Oct. 1852; m. 13 May, 1880, 

ilarj' Wyse, dau. of late Roddam Folder, and gramldau. of 

Roddam John Roddam, Esq. of Roddam, Northumberland. 

[2] John Drinkwater-Lawe, assmned that additional 

siu-name under the will of late John Drinkwater-Lawe by 

R.L. 24 Feb. 1879; b. 7 Oct. 1854. 

[3] EUzabeth Bourne, m. June, 1866, to S L 

Jackson, of Knutsford. 

[4] Margaret Boiu-ue, m. 13 Jan. 1881, to Frederic Maxi- 
milian Ross, Esq. 

[5] Elinor Boiu-ne, m. Feb. 1871, to F W Pigott, 

Esq. of Bourne Hall, Sussex. 
/9/ Margaret, d. Feb. 1865, having m. 11 July, 1848, as 1st 

wife, to Henry Roj'ds, Esq. of Wavertree, Liverpool; he d. 
Dec. 1878, having had by her 2 sons and 6 daus. 

[1] Henry Bourne Rotds, b. 16 Mar. 1855. 

[2] Charles Bourne, b. 6 Nov. 1861. 

[3] Mary Petrina, m. to Thomas Brocklebank, jun. Esq. 

[4] Margaret Bourne. [5] Dora Bourne. 

[6] EUnor Bourne, m. to T. Leslie Ferguson, 

Esq. of Liveri'ool. 

[7] Annie Bourne. [8] Emily Margaret Bourne. 


b. 8 Oct. 

1811 ; heir 

George, of 
Denham Coiu't, Bucks, 
aiid of Eadley, Berks. 
J.P. D.L. (1660, E., & 
1794, G.B.), bar.-at- 
law, M.T. 1839, reader 
1850, hon. D.C.L. Oxon. 
1843, and chamber- 
lain to Pope Pius IX. 
knight of Malta ; G.C. 
St. Gregory, grand 
collar of the Constan- 
tinian order of St. 
George, M.P. Dundalk, 
1852/68, CO. Wexford 
1874/80, author of se- 
veral legal works; s. 
his father as 7th and 
3rd Baronet in 1860; 
presumptive, his brother 



An:\rs — Or, a bend vaire cotised sa. 
Crest — A falcon rising belled or. 
Motto — Contentcment passe richesse. 
Residence— 13, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.c. 


SIR WILLIAII BOWYEK, of Deiihani, Bucks (son of Francis 
Bowycr, of London, merchant, descended from Thomas 
Bowyer, who settled in Sussex teni)). HENRY IV.), knighted 
by James I. a teller of the exchequer ; bur. at Denham 14 
Aug. 1616, having m. Mary, dau. and coheir of Thomas Peirson, 
Esq. of Westminster, usher of the court of star chamber (she 
re-m. to James Ley, Earl of Jlarlborough). His grandson, 

SIR WILLIAM (son of Sir Henry), was first knighted, and 
afterwards created a Bakonet 25 June, 1660, m.p. Bucks.; 
d. 2 Oct. 1679, having m. Margaret, dau. of Sir John Weld, Knt. 
of Arnolds, parish of Edmonton, Middx.; she d. 8 Jan. 1678 
(M.I.), having had 3 sons and several daus. His great-grandson, 

SIR WILLIAM, 3rd Baronet (on the death of his grand- 
father. Sir William, 13 Feb. 1721/2); b. d. 12 July, 
1767, having m. 21 Dec. 1733, Anne, dau. of Right Hon. Sir 
John Stonhouse, Bart, of Radley, Berks, m.p. for that county, 
and comptroller of the household to Queen Anne ; she d. 22 
May, 172.5, having had with other issue 3 sons and a dau. 
[l]"Sir William, 4th Baronet, capt. in the guards; d. s. p. 
April, 1799,having m.26 Aug. 1776, Anne, dau. of Carey, 
and widow of James Baker, capt. R.N.; she d. 25 Dec. 1802. 
[2] Sir George, s. as 5th Baronet. 

[3] Richard Atkins-Bowyer, which name he assumed according 
to the will of Sir Richard Atkins, Bart, of Clapham, Surrey; d. 
21 Nov. 1820, having m. 1773, Elizabeth, dau. of 

Brady, of ; she d. , having had 2 sons 

and a dau. The elder son, 

William Atkins-Bowyer, of Braywick Grove, Berks. 

and of Clapham, Surrey, brevet-major 59th regt. ; b. 1779; 

d. 9. Feb. 1844, having m. 1803, Frances, dau. of (Hon.) 

Benning Wentworth, secretary of Halifax, N.S.; she d. 

24 Jan. 1856, having had 4 sons and 7 daus. 

(1) Henry Atkins-Bowyer, of Steeple Aston, Oxon. and of 
Clapham, Surrey, D.L. lieut.-col. Oxford Univ. R.V. late 14th 
hussars; b. 1805 ; d. 29 July, 1871, having m. 15 Jan. 
1833, Lsabella Dimcan, dau. of James H Byles, Esq. of 
Bowden Hall, Glouc; she d. 12 Nov. 1841, leaving 2 sons and 
a dau. 

/I/ Henry Atkyns-Bo\vyer, of Steeple Aston, Oxo a. lord of 
the manor and patron of Clapham, Surrey, capt. 10th 
hussars; b. 1836 ; d. s p. 6 May, 1881, having m. 

22 April, 1873, Lizzie, 4th dau. of Lieut.-Col. Vernon, late 
Coldstream guards (B. VERNON.) 

/2/ FitzWilliam AVentworth, lord of the manor, rector 
(and patron) of Clapham, Surrey, and rural dean ; b. 19 
July, 1839; m. 8 Jan. 1867, Margaret Rosamond Fanny, 
dau. of Major George Cuming. 

/3/ Isabella Caroline Eliza, m. 26 June, 1873, to Bertie 
Wentworth Vernon, Esq. son of before-named Lieut. Col. 

(2) William Henry Wentworth Atkins-Bowyer, rector of 
Clapham aforesaid and rural dean; b. ; d. 25 Fob. 
1872, having m. 1st— 1831, Emily, dau. of Henry Har- 
ford, Esq. of Downe Place, Maidenhead ; shed. 1839, 
leaving an only dau. 

/I/ Fanny Emily, d. , having m. 26 Aug. 1865, to 

Richard Till, Esq. of Clapham Common, Surrey. 
Rev. W. H. Wentworth Atkins-Bowyer m. 2ndly— 

, Charlotte, dau. of William Wells, of Holme 
Wood, Hunts, capt. R.N. ; she d. 3 May, 1864, having had 
2 sons and 6 daus. 

/2/ Wentworth Gronville, lieut. R.E. b. 8 May, 1850.— 

/3/ Edward Wentworth, b. 23 Jan. 1862.-/4/ Edith Mary. 

— /5/ Beatrice Anne, m. 16 Nov. 1878, to Rev. Hem-y 

Leycester Greaves, M.A. 

/6/ Marion Frances. /7/ Cecil. 

/8/ Lilian, m. 11 July, 1876, to Henry Charles, eldest son 

of Gustavus George Zerffi, Esq. Ph. D. of Loudon. 

/g/ Helen, d. 13 Dec. 1878. 

(3) George Douglas, capt. 91st regt. L.I.; d. unm. 7 Sept. 

(4) Edward Atkins-Bowyer, capt. late 81st regt; b. 16 Jan. 

(5) FrancesAugusta,d.4Dec.l869,havingni.lst— 20/23Aug. 
1825, to Rev. George Augustus Legge (E. DARTMOUTH); he 
d. 16 June, 1826. vShe re-m. 28 Oct. 1828, to Rev. Samuel 
Wyatt Col)be, rector of Ightham, Kent ; he d. 22 Dec. 1856. 

(6) Henrietta Elizabeth, d. 1849, having m. to Charles 
Vincent Eyre, Esq. of Calais, and had issue. 

(7) Pcncloix; Maria,d. 1859, having m. to Rev. 
William Francklin, and had issue. 

(8) Mary Theresa. 

(9) Anne Elizabeth, ni. 13 June, 1851, to Rev. Henry Wil- 
liam Hodgson, rector of Ashwell, Herts, and has issue. 

(10) Eleanor Catherine, m. 2 May, 1846, to Beaumont Hankey, 
Es(i. of Heywood, Berks, and has issue. His youngest dau. 
Maix-l Hankey, m. 4 July, 1878, to Martin Fletcher Luther, 
lieut. n.N. 

(11) Emily Frances. 

[4] Penelope, d. 9 June, 1820 ; m. 1st— 5 Aug. 1765, to George 
John Cooke, Esq. Jl.P. Middx. and had issue. She rc-m. to 
Lieut.-Gcn. Edward Smith. 

SIR GEORGE, 5th Baronet (1779), admiral of the blue 1790, 
inherited the Radley estates from the Stonhouse family, 
and was himself created a Baronet 8 Sept. 1794, as a reward 
for the gallantry displayed by him in the victory achieved 
by Lord Howe on the 1st of June in that year, when he com- 
manded as rear-admiral and lost a leg ; b. ; d. 6 Dec. 
1799, having m. 1st — , dau. of Price, 
and widow of Sir Jacob Downing, Bart.; she d. s. p. Hem. 
2ndly — 4 June, 1782, Henrietta, only dau. and heir of Sir Peircy 
Brett, Knt. M.P. admiral of the white ; .she d. Nov. 1845, 
having had with other issue 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir George, s. as 6th and 2nd Baronet. 

(2) William, lieut.-col. in the army, b. 29 Dec. 1784; d. unm. 

(3) Henry, rector of Sunninghill, Berks, b. 9 Mar. 1786; 
d. unm. 

(4) Henrietta, m. 10 Oct. 1812, to Charles Sawj-er, Esq. of 
Hej-wood Lodge, Berks, and had issue. 

(5 j Eliza, d. 1 Nov. 1879, aged 88. 

SIR GEORGE, 6th and 2nd Baronet, b. Mar. 1783; d. 1 
July, 1860, having m. 19 Nov. 1808, Aime Hammond, 
dau. of Capt. Sir Andrew Snape Douglas, R.N. (Hamond- 
Gr.eme— Bart.) ; she d. 1844, having had with other 

issue 3 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir George, 7th, 3rd, and present Baronet. 
[2] William, bar.-at-law, M.T. 1851, heir presumptive to 
the Baronetcy ; b. Oct. 1812 ; m. 16 July, 1857, Ellen 
Sarah, younger dau. of Shirley Forster Woolmer, Esq. of the 

[3] Henry George Bowyer, inspector of schools, b. 3 Jan. 
1813; m. 20 Feb. 1855, Katherine Emma, only child of Rev. 
George Sandby, of Denton, Norfolk, and has a son and 2 daus. 

George Henry, b. 9 Sept. 1870. —Beatrice Mary. — Helen 

[4] Caroline Fanny, d. unm. 21 June, 1881. [5] Mary. 

BOYD, Rev. Sir Frederick, of Bally Castle, co. 
Antrim (177.5, G. B.), rector of Holwell, Beds. 
1865/75; s. his nephew as 6th Baronet in 1876 ; b. 
13 Aug. 1820; m. 1st— 1 Aug. 1864, Katharine 
Maiy, only child of Henry William Beauclerk, E,sq. 
of Leckhamsted, Bucks. (D. St. Albans) ; she d. .3 
Aug. 1867. He m. 2ndly— 24 Jan. 1872, Alice 
Emily Barbara, only dau. of Rev. Heneage Drum- 
moud (V. Strathallan). By his 1st wife he had 
a dau. 

(1) Kathleen Isabel, b. 26 Aug. 1865. 
Note — No heir to this Baronetcy. 

Arms (No record, but the following are used) — Az., a fesse 
chequy or and gu. in chief three mullets and in base a crescent 

CREST — Three ostrich feathers, g^i. 
Motto — Confido. 
Seat — Ballycastle, co. Antrim. 



QIR JOHN BOYD of Danson Hill, Kent (only son of John 
O Augustus Boyd, who m. 3 Jan. 1717, Lucy, dau. of Judge 
Peters of the Island of St. Christoiiher), was created a 
Baronet 2 June, 1775; b. 29 Dec. 1718; m. 1st— 27 June, 
1749, Mary, dau. of William Bumsted, Esq. of Upton, co. " 
AVarwick, and had with other issue a son, 
[1] Sir John, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
SIR JOHN m. 2ndly— 1 Aug. 1766, Catherine, dau. of Re 
John Chapone, of Charlton, Glouc. ; she d. 8 Mar. 1813, havir 
had a son, 

[2] James, b. 4 April, 1767 ; d. s. p. Nov. 1811, having, m. 29 
Jan. 1802, Anne, dau. of Major-Gen. Douglas. 

SIR JOHN, 2nd Baronet, b. 27 Oct 1750; d. 30 Maj 
1815, having m. 2G Feb. 1784, Margaret, fith dau. 
Right Hon. Thomas Harley, and granddau. of Edward, 3r 
Earl of Oxford (cxt.) ; she d. 20 Nov. 1830, having had 2 son 
anil a dau. 



(1) Sir John, s. as Srd Baronet. 

(2) George, b. 10 Mar. 1793; d. 10/11 Mar. 1864, having m. 
10 Feb. 1828, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of George Blackshaw, Esq. 
and had a dau, 

Augusta, d. 5 May, 1857, having m. 10 June, 1856, to Kev. 

George Digby Newbolt, of Souldrop, Beds, and had an only 


Augusta Mary NEWBOLT, m. 15 June, 1881, to Henry Ed- 
ward Walters, com. B.x. 

(3) Margaret. 

SIR JOHN, 3rd Baronet, b. 5 June, 1786 ; d. Jan. 1855, 
having m. 22 Sept. 1818, Harriet, 2nd dau. and (in her 
issue) heiress of Hugh Boyd, of Ballycastle, co. Antrim, Esq.; 
she d. 27 April, 1864, having had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir John Augustus Hugh, 4th Baronet; b. 30 July, 1819; 
d. 7 Aug. 1857, having ni. 14 May, 1850, Honora Mary, 3rd dau. 
of Charles Biggs Cahnady, Esq. of Langdown Hall, Devon; she 
d. 7 Mar. 1875, having had a son and dau. 

[1] Sir Harley Hugh, 5th Baronet, b. 2 Nov. 1853 ; d. unm. 

2 June, 1876. 

[2] Catherine Emily, d. unm. 28 June, 1876. 

(2) Sir Frederick, 6th and present Baronet. 

(3) Henrietta, d. 20 Feb. 1880, having m. 15 Oct. 1850, to (Jen. 
Brook John Taylor, late 85th L.I. 

Motto — II tempo passa. 

SEAT— Burton Agnes, Bridlington, co. York, 

Henry Somer- 
VILLE (1618, E.), s. his 
father as 11th Baronet in 
1869 ; b. 23 June, 1844 ; 
m. 27 July, 1876, Mildred 
Augusta, dau. of Eev. 
Thomas Bradley Paget, 
vicar of Welton, canon of 
York (Beckett — Bart.), 
and has a dau. 
Cicely Mabel, b. 1 May, 1877. 

Note — Heir presumptive) 

the Rev. Griffith Boynton. 
Arms — Or, a f esse between thiee 
crescents gu. 

Crest — A goat passant sa. gut- 
tle d'eau armed and unguled or. 


SIR V^'^ILLIAM DE BOVINGTON, of Bovington or Boyn- 
ton, living 15,16 King JOHX, 1214, m. Alicia, dau. of Sir 
Ingebram Monceaux, knt. The pedigree of this family is 
fully set forth in the collection of Yorkshire pedigrees ed. 

SIR MATTHEW BOYNTON, loth in descent from the 
above-named Sir William, was high sheriff of Yorkshire 
1628, 1644, and 1645, M.P. Heydon 1620, and Scarborough 1645; 
colonel of a troop of horse and governor of Scarborough Castle 
temp. Charles I. and took an active part in the civU wars 
of the period; knighted by JasieS I. at Whitehall 9 May, 
1618 ; and by letters patent dated 25th of that month 
was created a BARONET; bapt. at Barmston, Yorks. 26 Jan. 
1691, and biu-. in the chancel of St. Andrews, Holbom, 
12 Mar. 1646, 7. He m. 1st— (sett, dated 27 Sept. 1614) Frances, 
dau. of Sir Henry Griffith, Knt. and Bart, (royal descent), of 
Wichnor, StafE. and of Burton Agnes, Yorks. (sole heir of her 
brother Sir Henry); she d. July 1634, aged 36, bur. at Rousby, 
having had 9 sons and 5 dans. He m. 2ndly, Catherine, 3rd 
dau. of Thomas, Viscount Fairfax, of Emley, and reUct of 
Robert Stapleton of Wighill, Yorks. and had further issue 
(Catherine, Lady Boynton, d. 23 Feb. 1666, having re-m. to 
Sir Arthur Ingram, of Temple Newsome, Yorks. who d. 4 
July,1655—V. Irwin, ext.) The descendant in the 6th gene- 
ration of Sir Matthew and Frances, Lady Boynton, was 

SIR HENRY, 9th Baronet (on the death of his brother, Sir 
Francis, 19 Nov. 1832/3), B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb.; b. 
(posth.) 22 Mar. 1773 ; d. 28 Aug. 1854, having m. 1 Jan. 1810, 

Mary, dau. of Capt. Gray, and niece of William Watson, Esq. 

of Dover, capt. R.N.: she d. 26 Jan. 1877, having had with 

other issue 4 sons and 6 daus. 

[1] Sir Henry, s. as 10th Baronet. 

[2] Griffith, rector of Barmston, Yorks. heir presumptive 

to the Baronetcy; b. 4 Nov. 1815 ; m. 1 Oct. 1840, Selina, 

3rd dau. of William Watkins, Esq. of Badby House, Northants. 

and has 2 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Griffith Henrv, b. 31 Mav, 1849. 

(2) Charles Ineram William, b. 7 April, 1853. 

(3) Selina Charlotte, m. 15 Nov. 1860, to Alfred Newdi- 
gate, M.A. vicar of Kirk Hallam 1856, 75, and has 3 sons and 
6 daus. 

Charles Alfred Newdigate, b. 31 Mar. 1863.— Edward, b. 
22 JiUy, 1866.— Bernard Henry, b. 12 April,1869.— Gertrude 
Selina". — ilary. — Agnes. — Edith Margaret. — Catherine 
Margaret Mary. — Barbara Maria. 

(4) Constance Mary, m. 20 April, 1870, to Lieut.-Col. James 
Swinburne, of Marcus, Forfar, N.B. (B.VRT.) 

(5) Alice. (6) Eliza. (7) Dora Louisa Henrietta. 
[3] Charles, b. 16 Jan. 1825 ; m. 13 Mar. 1856, Mary, eldest dau. 
of F. Wilkinson, Esq. of Bessingby Hall, Yorks. and has 4 sons 
and 2 daus. 

Harrj' Somerville, b.27 Nov. 1856.— Francis, b. 16 Jime, 1859.— 
Charles, b. 16 May, 1862.— Walter, b. 5 Dec. 1864.— Mary.— 
[4] George Hebblethwaite Lutton, of Haisthorpe, Yorks, late 
17th lancers, with which regiment he served in the Crimean 
war, and received two medals and clasps; b. 10 May, 1828 ; m. 
25 July, 1849, Elizabeth Laiura. only dau. of late Thomas Henry 
Keeling, Esq. (whom he divorced Jan. 1860), and has a son, 

(1) George Henrj- Keeling, b. 23 Aug. 1851 ; m. 5 July, 1873, 
Charlotte Isabella, only surviving dau. of late A. C. Barrett, 
Esq. of Kingston-on-Thames. 

G. H. L. Boynton m. 2ndly— 1 Oct. 1865, Elizabeth Anne, 
dau. of Lieut.-Col. Thos. Prickett, of Bridlington ; she d. 15 
April, 1877, having had a dau. 

(2) Eva. 

[5] Charlotte, m. 15 Dec. 1859, to William Sherwood, Esq. of 
Rysome Garth, co. York, s. p. 

[6] Eliza, d. 26 Dec. 1833, s. p. having m. 16 July, 1832, to 
Charles Swabey, Esq. of Gristhorpe, Yorks. and Jamaica. 
[7] Frances. 

[8] Caroline, m. 18 Aug. 1842, to Rev. William Eaton Mousley, 
M.A. vicar of Etwall, co. Derby. 

[9] Isabel, m. 4 Nov. 1846, to Edward Richardson- Wormleyi 
Esq. of Riccall Hall, co. York, s. p. 

[10] Louisa, m. 1st— 19 Oct. 1843, to John Rickaby, Esq. of 
Bridlington Quay, Yorks. who d. 1860, having had a son 

and 2 daus. 
John RicKABT — Louisa — Margaret, m. v;o Green. 

Mrs. RICKABT re-m. 3 Dec. 1861, to Richard Sterne Carroll, 

Esq. of Tolston Lodge, Tadcaster, s. p. 

SIR HENRY, 10th Baronet; b. 2 Mar. 1811 : d. 25 June, 
1869, having m. 1st — 2 Nov. 1833, Louisa, 2nd dau. of 
Walter Strickland, Esq. of Cokethorpe Park, Oxon. (BART.) ; 
she d. s. p. 1841. He m. 2ndly— 7 Feb. 1843, Harriet, 

2nd dau. of Thomas Lightfoot, Esq. of Sevenoais, Kent, and 
had with other issue a son and dau. 
[1] Sir Henry Somerville, 11th and present Baronet. 
[2] Katherine Maude, m. 31 July, 1866, to Lieut.-Col. Wil- 
liam Mussenden (h.p.), late 8th hussars. 

VALENTINE (1759, I.) ; s. 
his father as 5th Baronet in 1853 ; 
b. 23 Sept. 1815 ; m. 8 Nov. 1836, 
Dona Josefa, dau. of Don Vicente 
Xavier de Vinuesa, of Burgos, 
Spain; she d. 7 Feb. 1879; heir 
presumptive, his brother Edmund, 

ARMS — Arg., a grej'hound passant gu. on a chief sa. three 

crescents or. 

Motto — Yirtute et non vi. 

Seat— Castilla, Clontarf, co. Dublin. 





SIR SIMON BRADSTREET, of Kilmainham, co. Dublin, 
counsellor-at-law (grandson of John Bradstreet, who 
went to Ireland vnth Cromwell; •iWll dated 8 July, 1688, proved 
7 Aug. following, and cousin of Lieut.-Col. Jolin Bradstreet, 
governor of Newfoundland), created a BarOMET of Ireland, 
14 July, 1759 ; d. 26 April, 1762. having m. sister of 

Samuel Bradstreet, Esq. of Tinnicully, co. Kilkenny ; she d. 25 
Dec. 1779, having had with 2 daus. 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Simon, 2nd Baronet, m. 9 Oct. 1759, Anne, dau. of Rt. 
Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, Bart. (B. Waterpabk), and had 
an only dau. 

Eleanor Catherine, m. to "William Hore, Esq. of Harper's 

To\vn, CO. Wexford (B. RUTUVEX). 
[2] Sir Samuel, 3rd Baronet, bar.-at-law, recorder of Dublin, 
M.P. for that city, a judge of the coiu-t of King's bench 1784 ; 
d. at Booterstown, near Dublin, Mar, 1791, having m. 1771, 
Elizabeth, only dau. and heiress of James Tully, M.D. of 
Dublin, by Bridget, his wife, youngest sister and coheiress of 
Edmund Netterville, Esq. of Longford Castle, co. Galway, 
and had 4 sons, of whom the eldest, 

SIR SIMON. 4th Baronet ; b. 25 Nov. 1772 ; d.25 Oct. 1853, 
having m. 1 Jan. 1808, Clare Margaret, dau. of John 
Murphy, of Dublin; she d. 12 Nov. 1869, having had 2 sons and 
4 daas. 

(1) Sir John Valentine, 5th and present Baronet. 

(2) Edmund Simon, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy ; b. 24 Aug. 1820; m. Jan. 1846, Emily, dau. of Gen. de 
Gaja of France, and has a son and 3 daus. 


Anna Matilda. G«raldine. Sophia. 

(3) Elizabeth, d. , 1861, having m. to M. Ducos. 

(4) Caroline, d. 4 May, 1859, having m. to M. le Comdt. de 
Lavalette, who d. 4 Nov. 1859. 

(5) Maria AnnabeUa, m. to M. le Comdt, d'Aurensan, of 
Tarbes, France, who d. 1867. 

(6) AUcia Eleanor. 

"ORADY, Sir 
-*— ' Francis Wil- 
liam (1869, U.K.), 
Q.c. bar.-at-law, a 

commissioner in lu- 
nacy ; s. his father 
as 2ncl Baronet in 
1871; b. 22 July, 
1824; m. 7 Nov. 
1847, Emily Eliza- 
beth, youngest dau. 
of Rt. Rev. Samuel 
Kyle, D. D. lord 
bishop of Cork, 
Cloyne, and Ross, 
and has a son and 

(1) Maziere Kj'le, lieut, R.E. b. 25 Mar. 1849. 

(2) Marion Eleanor. 

Arms — Az., a saltire engrailed or between four martlets arg. 

on a chief gu. three dishes, on each a boar's head of the second. 

Crest— A martlet or charged on the breast with a trefoil 

slipped vert. 

Motto — Vincit pericula virtus. 

RESIDE>-CE— 26, Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin. 


George rV. 24 Aug. 1821 ; b. 16 Feb. 1791; d. 28 Nov. 1843, 
having m. Oct. 1815, Catherine Anne Emily, dau. of Peter 
Jacob Hodgson, Esq. comptroller of customs, Dublin ; she d. 
12 July, 1839, having had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Hodgson Tempest Francis (deceased). 

(2) Cheyne, clerk of the crown, co. Fermanagh; b. 1817; m. 
1st — 1836, Anna Maria, dau. of W. Thompson, Esq. ; 
shed. 1851, leaving 2 daus. 

/I/ Louisa Caroline, m. 23 July, 1862, to Rev. Arthur Ben- 
jamin Irvine, and lias 4 sons and 3 daus. 
Artlmr Gerranl lu^'LXE, b. 26 AprU, 1864. — John George 
Christopher, b. 11 May, 1865. — Maziere Cheyne William, 
b. 13 April, 1868.— WilUam Carleton, b. 3 June, 1871.— 
Amy. — Constance. — Louisa Winifred. 
/2/ Elizabeth Anne Maziere, b. 1849. 

CiiEYXE Brady m. 2ndly — 1852, Fanny Eliza, dau. 

of Sanders, Esq. and had a dau. 

/3/ Constance Harriet Kate, b. 1854. 

(3) George Frederick Augustus (deceased). 

(4) WiUiam Maziere, d.d. formerly rector of Newmarket, co. 
Cork. b. , 1824 ; m. 

(5) Elizabeth, d. 28 April, 1875, having m. 16 Nov. 1852, 
James H. ^Vharton, M.B. Dublin, F.R.C.s.l. president 1870/1, 
and has 3 sous and 4 daus. 

Joseph John Cheyne WHARTON, b. 1 Sept. 1859.— James 
Henry, b. 23 May, 1861.— Francis William Courtenay, b. 27 
Sept. 1863. — Anne Jane Amelia. — Letitia Charlotte JuUa. — 
Georgiana Eleanor Catherine.— Elizabeth Sarah Arm- 

(6) Amelia Dorothea. 

[2] Sir Maziere, created a BARONET. 

[3] Francis Temi^est, rector of St. Mary, Clonmel, Tipperary, 

chancellor of the diocese of Lismore, b. 21 Mar. 1808 ; m. 

Frances, dau. of John Norman, Esq. of DubUn ; she 
d. 2 June, 1854. He m. 2ndly— 18 April, 1865, Susan, dau. of 
James Thompson, Esq.; she d. s. p. 15 June, 1880. By his 1st 
^\ife he had 2 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Horace Newman, bar.-at-law, b. 12 Aug. 1843. 

(2) Francis Tempest Wilson, b. 20 July, 1849. 

(3) Susannah Frances. 

(4) Charlotte Elizabeth, m. , 1863/4, to Yen. Arch- 
deacon Richard John Thorpe, now of Wellington, N.Z. and 
has 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(5) Letitia Dorothea, m. 9 Jiily, 1872, to Rev. W. Hamilton, 
Oswald, B.A. rector of Clogheen, co. Tipperary, and has a son 
and dau. 

Frank Hamilton OSWALD, b. 1 June, 1873.— Lucy Charlotte 
Hamilton, b. 27 May, 1875. 

(6) Anne Frances. 

(7) Harriet, m. 24 Sept. 1879, to Christopher J B 
Johnson, of Kirkby Overblow, Yorks. 

[4] Dorothea, m. 1 jiine, 1842, to Rev. David Carlile Courtenay 
rector of Glenarm, co. Aiitrim, and has a son and dau. 
[5] Charlotte, d. , 1876, having m. 21 Sept. 1825, to 

John MoUan, M.D. of DubUn, president of King's and Queen's 
college of phj'sicians in Ireland. 

19 Jan. 1869, P.C. lord chancellor of Ireland 1846 to 1852, 
1853/8, 1859,66, vice-chancellor of the Queen's University in 
Ireland 1850, sol.-geu. 1837 9, att.-gen. 1839/40, lord chief 
baron 1840/6 ; b. 20 July, 1796; d. 13 April, 1871, having m. 1st 
— 26 July, 1823, Elizabeth Anne. dau. of Bever Buchanan, Esq. 
of DubUn ; she d. 15 June, 1858. He m. 2ndly— 15 Dec. 1860, 
Mary, 2nd dau. of Rt. Hon. John Hatchell. of Fortfield, Tere- 
nure, co. Dublin, and had by his 1st vrife 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Francis 'Williarn, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) Maziere John, bar.-at-law, b. 28 Sept. 1826; m. 13 Aug. 
1853, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Rev. Rotert Longfield, of 
Castle Mary, co. Cork, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ Robert Maziere, lieut. R.A. b. 13 Dec. 1854. 

/2/ William Longfield, b. 16 JiUy, 1863. 

/3/ Emily Augusta Mary, m. 4 Nov. 1879, to Arthur Henry 

Croker PhUlpotts, r.h.a. eldest son of Lieut.-Gen. Phillpotts, 

R.A. and granilson of bishop of Exeter. 

/4/ Maud Cherry Elizabeth. 

(3) Eleanor, m. 20 July, 1853, to Rev. Benjamin Hale Puckle 
rector of Grafham, Hunts. J.P. s. p. 

(4) Charlotte Louisa, m. 11 Oct. 1864, to Rev. John Westropp 
Brady, rector of Slane, co. Meath. 

(5) Eliza Anne. 

IT^RANCIS TEMPEST BRADY, of Willow Park, co. Dublin ; 
' b. 1762/3; d. 11 April, 1821, having m. 9 Mar, 1789, 
Charlotte, dau. of William Hodgson, Esq. of Castle Dawson. 
CO. Antrim ; she d. 10 July, 1822, having had 3 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Nicholas William, of Willow Park and Killiney Park, 
CO. DubUn, lord mayor of Dublin 1839/1840, knighted by 

r- ■<. 




SiK Brook 
George, of Good- 
neston, Kent (1718, 
G. B.), rector of 
Blankuey, co. Line. 
1853/78, of Orling- 
bury, Northants 

1827 / 53 ; s. his 
brother. Lord Fitz- 
walter, as 6th Baro- 
net, (! Dec. 1875, 
when that barony of 
Fitzwalter became 
extinct; b. 12 Oct. 
1802; m. 15 Nov. 
1832, Louisa, dau. 
of George Chap- 
lin, Esq. of Blauk- 
ney, co. Lincoln; 
heir presumptive, Rev. Thomas Pym Bridges. 

Arms — Az., three water-bougets or, a bordure erm. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a Moor's head in profile 

ppr., ^vreathed arg. and or, gorged with a collar of the first, 

pendent therefrom a cross patee of the third. 

Motto — Je garderay. 

Seat— Goodneston Park, near Wingham, Kent. 


C10L. JOHN BRIDGES, of Alcester and Harcourt Hill, War- 
J wcks (son of John Bridges, of Hackney, bar.-at-law, and 
great-grandson of John Bridges, of an Irish family, who settled 
at South Littleton, Wore. 1558, and was subsequently of Alces- 
ter, AVarwicks; d. 1592; hwc. at West Chester).; b. 1610; 
m. 1635, Margaret, eldest dau. of Bartholomew Beale, of Wal- 
ton, Salop, clerk of the signet ; she d. 1672, having had with 
2 daus. 2 sons, 

[1] John, of Barton Segrave, Xorthants. by purchase: b. 1641; 
d. 1712, having m. 1665, Elizabeth, dau. of AVilliam Trumbull, 
LL.D. of Easthampstead (sister of Sir William Trimibull, sec. 
of state) ; she d. also in 1712, having hid with other issue 2 

(1) John, of Barton Segrave, commissioner of customs, 
treasurer of excise, bencher of Lincoln's Imi, " The Historian 
of Northampton"; d. in Lincoln's Inn 16 Mar. 1723/4. 

(2) Nathaniel (5th son), rector of Wadenhoe ; b. 1674 ; d. 
1745, having m. 1724, Sarah, dau. of Rev. Ambrose Sawyer, 
of A^shley, Northants ; she d. 1777, having had a son and 
dau. Their grandson, 

John, of Maiden, Essex, (son of Rev. Brook Bridges), 
capt. of an East Indiaman, s. to the Wallington estate on 
the death of his brother Brook Allen Bridges in 1815 ; b. 11 
July, 1756 ; d. 1833, having m. 1785, his cousin Margaretta 
Anna, dau. of Rev. Robert Cooke, of Boxted, Essex, and 
had with 2 daus. 4 sons, 

111 John,of Wallington, b. 13 Aug. 1787; d. 29 June, 1865, 
having m. 2 Dec. 1817, Anne Allen, adopted dau. of Gen. 
Rayne ; she d. 1 Nov. 1830. He m. 2ndly— 13 Sept. 1831, 
EUza, dau. of Joseph Fortescue, Esq. of Devon ; she d. 
April, 1848. By his 1st wife he had 2 sons, 

(1) Brooke Rayne, b. 1819. 

(2) Nathaniel, b. 21 Jan. 1820 ; m. 15 Dec. 1853, Frances 
Wilhelmina, dau. of Gen. Robert Alexander, and has 
a dau.. — Frances Charlotte. 

/2/ Nathaniel, M.A. vicar of Henstridge, Somerset; b. 1789; 
d. 4 Mar. 1871, having m. 1815, Alicia Jane, dau. of 

John Enraght, Esq. of ; she d. 19 Nov. , leaving 

3 daus. 

(1) Alicia Jane, d. s. p. 1874, having m. 1836, 
to Ranald George 'Mejrritt Macdonald, Esq. 

(2) Margaretta Anne, m. 20 June, 1837, to Rev. Thomas 
Tyrwhitt, prebendary of Sarimi (Bart.) ; he d. 11 Aug. 

(3) Amy, unm. 

/3/ William (twin with Nathaniel), of Queen Anne's Bounty 
office; d. 9 Aug. 1853, having m. 1820, Margaret, 

dau. of Porter; his only child, Maria, d. unm. 1868. 

/4/ Charles, rector of Hinton Martel and of Melcombe 
Regis, Dorset, rector of Old Newton, Suffolk; b. 24 Mar. 
1701; d. 2 April. 18G9, having m. 25 April, 18J1. Harriet, 

dau. of John Torlesse, Esq. ; she d. 26 Nov. 1870, having 

had with other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) John Henry, m.d b. 11 Oct. 1833; m. 

Mary Alice, dau. of George Hadwen, Esq. of Kebroyd, 

(2) Edward Torlesse, b. 24 July, 1843 ; d. unm 24 May, 

(3) Harriet, d. 23 Feb. 1838. 

(41 Anna Maria, m. 11 July, 1866, to Rev. James Wilson 
Davy Brown. B.A. Caius Coll. Camb. vicar of Assington, 
SiTfEoLk, and has 4 daus. 
Harriet Susan. — Edith Anna. — Mary. — Margaret 
[2] Sir Brook Bridges, of Grove, Middx. and subsequently of 
Goodneston, Kent, by purchase, auditor of the imprest; d. 23 
Dec. 1717, aged 74, having m. Mary. dau. of Sir Justinian Lewln, 
Kilt, and had 2 sons, the elder of whom, 

SIR BROOK BRIDGES, auditor of the imprest of the treasury, 
created a B-VROXET by GEORGE I. 19 April, 1718, and d. 
16 Mar. 1727, 8, ha-^-ing m. 1st — 1707, Margaret, dau. of 

Sir Robert Marsham, Bart, and sister of Robert, 1st Lord 
Romney. He m. 2ndly, Mary, 2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Hales, 
Bart, of Beakesboume, Kent (ext.) By his 1st wife he had 
a son, 

Sir Brook, 2nd Baronet, d. 23 May, 1733, aged 24, then 
high sherilf of Kent, having m. Anne, only dau. and coheir of 
Sir Thomas Palmer, Bart, of Wingham, Kent [she re-m. 26 
Aug. 1737. to Col. the Hon. Charles Fielding (E. DEXBIGH), 
and died 1743], and had a son, 

SIR BROOK, 3rd Baronet, JI.P. Kent 1763 and 1768; receiver- 
gen, land tax, Kent ; b. (posth.) at ^Vhitehall 17 Sept. 
1733; d. 4 Sept. 1791, having m. 11 June, 1765, Fanny,only sur- 
viving child and heir of Edward Fowler, of Graces, Essex 
(descended from Anne, sister of Benjamin Mildmay, Baron 
Fitzwalter, summoned to parliament 10 Feb. 1669/70 as heir 
general of Robert Fitzwalter, summoned to parUament 23 
Edw. I. 23 June, 1295) ; she d. 16 Mar. 1825, having had with 
4 daus. 4 sons, viz. 

[1] Sir Brook 'Williani, s. as 4th Baronet. 
[2] Henry (called Brook Henry Bridges), rector of Danbury 
and Woodham Ferrers; b. 1 June, 1769; d. 20 Sept. 1855, having 
m. 1 JiHy, 1795, Jane, 2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Pjtu Hales, Bart, 
(ext.) ; she d. 9 April, 1848, having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Brook Henry, bar.-at-law, b. 14 Feb. 1799 ; d. 17 Jime, 

(2) Thomas Pym, rector of Danbury. B.A. heir presump- 
tive to the Baronetcy; b. 22 Oct. 1805; m. 14 Jmie, 
1831, Sophia Louisa, dau. of Sir AVilliam Lawrence Young, 
Bart. ; she d. 11 Jan. 1850, having had with other issue 2 daus. 

/I/ Enoily Henrietta, m. 23 Aug. 1859, to Rev. Robert 
Henry Eustace, rector of Great Sampford, Esse.x, rural 
dean, son of Sir WiUiam Comwallis Eiistace, Kut. and has 
2 sons and 2 daus. 
Henry Montague EUSTACE, b. 28 Nov. 1863.— Lewis 
Charles Moss, b. 4 Feb. 1865., — Caroline Louisa. — AUcia 
Fanny Eleanor. 
/2/ Gertrude Emma, m. 27 July, 1864, to Rev. Edward John 
Harford, vicar of Bathford, near Bath, and has a son and 
5 daus. 
Edward Bridges HARFORD, b. 26 Dec. 1871.— Edith 
Emily. — Gertrude Margaret. — Madeleine Louisa Harriet. 
— Evelyn Sophia.— Adelaide Katherine Marj'. 

(3) Jane, d. 20 July, 1862. (4) Mary. 

(5) Emilia, m. 10 April, 1844, to Ven. William Brice Ady, 
rector of Little Baddow, Essex, 1857, archdeacon of Colchester, 
1864, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 
[3] Edward Brook, called Brook Edward Bridges, vicar of 
Leuham, P.C. AViugham, Kent ; b. 7 Sept. 1779 ; d. 23 April, 
1825 ; m. 22 Nov. 1809, Harriet, 2nd dau. of John Foote, Esq. 
of London ; she d. 9 Oct. 1864, having had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Brook Edward, rector of Hawnies, Beds.; b. 1 May, 1814 ; 
d. 28 JiUy, 1869, having m. 7 Jan. 1843, Louisa Anne, 
2nd dau. of Sir John Osborn, Bart ; she d. 21 Aug. 1864, 
having had 6 daus. 

/I/ Frederica Harriet, m. 9 Jan. 1872, to Rev. Henry 

Western Plumptre, rector of Eastwood, Notts, and has a 

dau.— Dorothea Agnes PLUMPTRE, b. 19 Dec. 1876. 

/2/ Louisa Elizabeth. /3/ Augusta Letitia. 

/4/ Mary Catherine Eleanor. 

/5/ Eleanor Fanny Charlotte. /6/ Margaret Ann. 

(2) Charles, B.A. rector of Bridenbury, Hereford; b. 31 July, 

(3) John Emilius, b. 6 Feb. 1817; d. 

(4) George Talbot, b. 10 Aug. 1818. 

(5) Eleanor Harriet. (6) Fanny. (7) Louisa. (8) Harriet. 
[4] Brook John, rector of Saltwood, Kent; b. 28 Nov. 1782; d. 
s. p. 3 July, 1812, having m. 28 Nov. 1810, Charlotte, dau. of 
Sir Henry Hawley, Bart. 

SIR BROOK WILLIAM, 4th Baronet, com. H.N. assumed 
the additional christian name of Brook by Act of Parlia- 
ment ; b. 22 Jmie, 1767 ; d. 21 April, 1829. haraig m. 1st— 14 
Aug. 1800, Eleanor, eldest dau. and eventual coheir of John 
Foote, of London, banker ; she d. 29 Jan. 1806. He m. 2ndly 
— 16 Dec. 1809, Dorothy Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Sir Henry 
Hawley, Bart. ; she d. 17 May, 1816. By his 1st wife he had 
2 sons and a dau. 




[1] Sir Brook William, 5tli Baronet, unsuccessfully claimed 
the barony of Fitzwalter, 1841 4. created BARON FITZ-Walter 
by letters patent 17 April. 1868; b. 2 June, 1801; d. s. p. 6 Dec. 
1875, having m. 4 July. 1834, his cousin Fanny, eldest dau. of 
late Lewis Cnfrp. Esq. of Milprate. Kent; she d."28 Oct. 1874. 
[2] Sir Brook George, 6tli and present Baronet. 
[3] Eleanor, ni. 10 Ajiril. 1828, to Rev. Henry AVestern Plump- 
tre, rector of Eastwood, Notts.(3rd son of John Plumptre, Esq. 
of Fred\'ille, Kent) ; he d. 23 April, 1868. 

Thomas Gea- 

HAM, of Briggs-Day- 
rell, in the island of 
Barbados, J.P. Baro- 
net, so created 27 Nov. 
1871, M.L.C. and at 
Nevis, J.P. member of 
the federal council of 
the Leeward Islands; 
b. 30 Sept. 1833; m. 
9 June, 1857, Mary 
Jane, eldest dau. of 
Benjamin Carlton 
Howell, Esq. of 
Kingston House, Bar- 
bados, treasm'er of 
that island. 

NOTE. — No heir to this Baronetcy. 

Arms — Arg., three bars gemelles az., a canton of the last, 

thereon a bridge of the first. 

Crest— Upon the stump of a tree erased and couped, and 

charged with a trefoil ppr., a pelican vulning herself, wings 

elevated arg. 

Mottoes—" Virtus est Deo," over the crest. " Ne traverse pas 

le pont," under the arms. 

Seats— Briggs Dayrell, Maynards, and Farley Hill, Barbadoes ; 

Old Manor, Stoney Grove, and Bound Hill, Nevis. 


THOMAS BBIGGS, of Briggs, in Barbados, bur. 10 April, 
1818, having m. 24 July, 1773, Mary Weatherhead, of 
Jones' estate, Barbados ; she bur. 29 Sept. 1823, having had 4 
sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Thomas, of Briggs, j.p. 35 years M.L.A. St. Philip, Barbados, 
and major of militia ; bp. 24 Sept. 1777 ; d. s. p. having m. Caro- 
line Sarah, dau. of Richard Kean Austin, Esq. of Social Hall. 
[2] John, of Scion Hill, Barbados, bp. 9 April, 1783 ; had an 
only child, Anne, d. s. p. 

[3] James, of St. Michaels, Barbados, bp. 10 July, 1786; m. 17 
July, 1811, Sarah Gollop, dau. of Thomas Conliffe, Esq. of St. 
Peters, and has a son and dau. 

/I/ Augustus, of Bright Hall, and The Hope, Barbados, J.l". 
speaker of the legislative assembly; b. 7 May, 1813 ; m. 19 
Feb. 1839, Rebecca Skeete, dau. of John Lawrance, Esq. of 
Sweetfield, Barliados, and has 4 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Joseph, b. 15 Oct. 1848 m. 8 Jan. 1878, Mary Edith, 
eldest dau. of Richard Barnes, sui:)erintendent of the Colo- 
nial Bank, West Indies. 

(2) Augustus, M.L.o. Barbados ; b. 7 Jan. 1850. 

(3) Nathaniel Foderingham, b. 6 Sept. 1854. 

(4) Frederick Clifton, b. 26 Jan. 1856. 

(5) Rebecca, m. Oct. 1862, to Edward La\vrance, of 
Fairfield, Barbadoes. 

(6) Evelina, m. Sept. 1862, to Rev. John LawTance 

(7) Emily Stanley. 

(8) Florence Louisa, m. 20 Aug. 1874, to Capt. L. L. A. 
Cooper, 98th regt. (BART.) 

(9) Annie Cecil. 

/2/ Evelina, m. to John Hinksou, of Wildey. 

[4] Joseph Lyder, of the Barbados, col. St. Lucy regt. of miUtia ; 
b. 7 July, 1792; d. 17 Sept. 1866, having m. 
1832, Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin Hinds, of Hindsbury, trea- 
surer of Barbados, and widow of John Abel Jackman, Esq.(t) of 
Rockless, and had an only son. 

Sir Thomas Graham, created a Baronet. 
[5] Rebecca, m. 24 June, 1804, to Edward Price, Esq. of Christ 
Church, Barbados. 

[6] Sarah, m. 1 June, 1822, to William Howard, of St. Michaels, 

Theodore Henry 
(1831 U.K.), M.P. Canter- 
bury 1868/74, capt. late 
17th regt. d.l. Tower 
Hamlets ; s. his father as 
2nd Baronet in 1880 ; b. 
12 Sept. 1830; m. 18 July, 
1861, Lady Cecilia Au- 
gusta, youngest dau. of 
Francis Nathaniel, 2nd 
Marquis Conyngham, 
K.P.; shed. 16 Aug. 1877, 
having had 2 sons, 

(1) Theodore Francis, lieut. 
E. Kent mil. ; b. 26 May, 1862. 

(2) Claude, b. 31 May, 1871. 

Arms— Arg. tliree hills az. 

Crest — A pair of wings quarterly arg. and az. 

M OTT 0— Perse verando. 

Seat — St. Leonard's, Windsor. 

TOWN HOUSE— 40, Berkeley Square, W, 


THEODORE BRINCKMAN a native of Hanover, came into 
England in the suite of GEORGE I. and was yeoman 
of the robes by appointment; d. 23 Oct. 1741, having m. 10 
July, 1703, Elizabeth Ducheros, by whom he had a younger 

John Richard Brinckman, of London, naturalized by 
Act of Parliament ; b. 21 April, 1710; d. in Mar. 1743, having 
m. Anne, dau. of John Bingley, of Bolton-upon-Deame, 
Yorks. (by his wife Margaret, dau. of John Broadhead, of 
Monk Bretton, Yorks.); she d. 11 April, 1788, leaving an only 

Parliament 27 George II. the surname and arms of 
Broadhead on succeeding to the Bretton estates; b. 7 Sept. 
1741, d. 20 Mar. 1810, having m. 4 Feb. 1767, Mary, dau. and 
heir of John Bingley, of Goldthorpe, of Bolton, aforesaid ; she 
d. 18 June, 1817, having had 3 sous and a dau. 
[1] Theodore Henry, of whom presently. 
[2] John Richard, col. in the army; b. 14 Jan. 1772; m. Anne, 
dau. of Gen. Ross ; she d. s. p. the year of her marriage 1806. 
[3] Charles.b. 24 Mar. 1776, d. s. p. 20/30 July, 1803, s.p. having 
m. 30 July, 1798, Harriet Anne, dau. of Rev. Huntley, 

of Keighley. 

[4] Mary Anne, d. 19 Jan. 1844, having m. 29 Aug. 1789, to Sir 
John Dashwood-King, Bart, of West Wycombe (Dashwood), 
who d. 22 Oct. 1849. 

Windsor, M.P. Wareham 1813, Yarmouth 1820; b. 3 Dec. 
1767; d. 12 Dec. 1820, having m. 11 May, 1797, Elizabeth, 
dau. of William Gordon McDougall, Esq. of the island of St. 
Croix, W.I.; she d. 19 Oct. 1846, havnig had 8 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir Theodore Henry Lavington, created a Baronet. 

(t) His only dau. Ann Maxwell Hinds, m, as 2nd wife, 
T.iout.-Col. Gibbons. (See.) 




'2] John Richard Brinckman, resumed his patronymic by r.l. 

' July, 1842, capt. 60th rifles ; b. 5 May, 1800 ; d. 1870. 

[3] Brinckman Brinckman, who also resumed his patronymic 
by R.L. 5 July, 1842, capt. Coldstream guards; b. 5 May, 1800; 
d. 1 Aug. 1857. 

[4] William Augustus Broadhead, of Bygods, Essex, capt. 7th 
hussars; b. 30 Oct. 1802; d. 12 July, 1860, having m. 2 Aug. 1828, 
Louisa Augusta, dau. of Vice-Adm. the Hon. Sir Charles 
Paget, G.C.H. (M. Angleset); she d. having 

had 4 sons and a dau. of whom the only survivors are, 

(1) Charles, b. 27 April, 1829, unm. 

(2) Edward Brinckman, dep.-assist. and superintendent of 
stores; b. 28 Feb. 1836, unm. 

(3) Elizabeth Charlotte, m. 1 Jime, 1865, to James Douglas 
Dent, of the admiralty, s. p. 

[5] Bingley Broadhead, lieut. 80th regt. b. 28 Dec. 1803; d. 


[6] Henry, rear-adm. R.N. b. 25 April, 1806 ; d. 20 May, 1878, 

having m. 26 Nov. 1830, Mary Anne, dau. of George Bernard 

Egan, Esq. of Stanmore, Herts. ; she d. 30 Mar. 1878, having 

had 2 sons, both d. unm. and an only dau. 

Emily Elizabeth, d. 23 July. 1881, having m. 1 Jan. 1863, 

to Sir John Swinburne, Bart. 
[7] George, rector of AVest Wycombe, Bucks, b. 19 May, 1807 ; 
d. at Madeira 3 Feb. 1870. 

[8] Alfred, b. 16 Aug. 18u8; d. 1857. 

[9] Elizabeth, m. 17 Mar. 1823, to her cousin Sir George Henry 
Dashwood-Kjng, Bart.; he d. 4 Mar. 1862 s. p. (Dashwood). 
[10] Mary, m. 17 Dec. 1845, to Francis Hulewyn de Gerard, 
Baron de Coehorn. 

[11] Charlotte, d. 19 May, 1855, having m. 17 Nov. 1845, as 
3rd ^vlfe, to John William Fane, Esq. of Wormsley, Oxon. 
(E. Westmorland); he d. 19 Nov. 1875. 

resumed his patronymic by R.L. 5 July, 1842, created a 
Baronet 30 Sept. 1831, m.P. Yarmouth, 1820/26 ; b. 17 Jan. 
1798 ; d. 9 Feb. 1880, having m. 1st— 1 Aug. 1829, Hon. Cliarlotte 
Godolpliin, only dau of Francis, 1st Lord Godolphiu, and sister 
of 8th Duke of Leeds ; she d. 1 Dec. 1838. He m. 2ndly— 18 
Feb. 1841, AnnabeUa, dau. of late Jolm Corbet, Esq. of Smidorne 
Castle, Salop ; she d. 23 Jan. 1864. By his 1st wife he had with 
other issue 3 sous and a dau. 

[1] Sir Theodore Henry, 2nd and present Baronet. 
[2] William Edward, R.N. b. 25 Nov. 1833 ; d. 10 Jan. 1872, 
having m. 13 Sept. 1859, Mary Alice, eldest dau. of Rowland 
Eyles Egerton-Warburton, Esq. of Arley Hall (see Egerton), 
and had 2 sons and a dau. 

William Henry, b. 21 June, I860.— Rowland, 2nd Ueut. 89th 

foot ; b. 19 Nov. 1861.— Gwjnedd. 
[3] Arthur, in H.O. formerly lieut. 94th regt. ; b. 6 Jan. 1838 ; 
m. 19 April, 1864, Louisa Georgiana Edith, eldest dau. of late 
Rev. Henry Hutchinson Swiuny, vicar of Cuddesdon, and 
principal of the theological coll.; she d. 22 Aug. 1867, having 
had a dau. 

[4] Frances Grace, m. 16 Sept. 1856, to John George Johnston, 
Esq. of Cross Torrington, Devon, J.P. d.l. high slieriff 1872, 
capt. N. Devon hussars, M.P. Exeter 1874/80 (only son of Rev. 
Peter Johnston, rector of Wembworthy, Devon), and has with 
other issue a son, 

Ronald Frederick Godolphiu JOHNSTON, b. 1863. 

BRISCO, Sir Egbert, of 
Crofton Hall, Cumber- 
land (1782, G.B.), high sheriff 
1868, capt. in Westm. and 
Cumb. yeo. cav. since 1843 ; 
s. his father as 3rd Baronet in 
1862 ; b. 17 Sept. 1808 ; m. 10 
July, 1832, Annie Drewry, 3rd 
dau. of George Rimington, 
Esq. of Tyne Field House, 
Cumb.; she d. 14 Aug. 1875, 
having had 6 sons and 4 daus. 

[1] Musgrave Horton, J.P. Ciunberland, lieut. West Ciunberland 
yeo. cav. b.ll Aug. 1833; m.27June,1867, Mary Elizabeth, widow 
of Capt. R. Newsham Redder, 10th hussars, and eldest dau. of 
Sir W. H. Feilden, Bart, and has a son and 2 daus. 

Hylton Ralph, b. 24 Sept. 1871.— Hilda Cunningham.— Violet. 
[2] Robert George, b. 7 Sept. 1836 ; d. 19 Oct. 1873, having 
m. 24 July, 1860, Lydia, youngest dau. of late John Spencer, 
Esq. of Whitehaven, and has had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

George Arthur, b. 8 June, 1861 ; d. 2 Oct. 1867.— Hylton Tank- 

erville.b. 23 Feb. 1863.— John Spencer, b. 6 Jan. 1866.— Helen 

Mary.— Ada Louisa.— Henrietta. 

[3] Wastel, 11th hussars; d. 10 Feb. 1866. 
[4] Fleming, of Crofton Lodge, Virginia, U.S. ; b. 20 April, 1845 ; 
m. 13 April, 1871, Fanny Aubrey, eldest dau of Rev. Bulkeley 
0. Jones, M.A. warden of Ruthin and rural dean, and has 2 sons, 

Aubrey Hylton, b. 11 Dec. 1873. 

Cecil Fleming, b. 31 Jan. 1876. 
[5] Arthur Hvlton, b. 18 Sept. 1847. 
[6] Alfred, b. 3 April, 1851. 

[7] Anne Camilla, m. 29 July, 1859, to W. Postlethwaite, Esq. 
of Rankapuka, New Zealand, and has issue. 
[8] Ada Susan, m. 29 Dec. 1869, to Lawrence Robert Hall, 
Esq. of Foscott Manor, Bucks, high sheriff 1874. and has 3 sons. 

Lawrence Wastell H.VLL, b. 12 Nov. 1870.— Musgrave Robert 

b. 27 Jan. 1873.— Charles, b. 29 Aug. 1876. 
[9] Ella, m. 8 Feb. 1864, to George Hodgson Dixon, Esq. 4th 
son of late John Dixon, Esq. of Knells, and has 1 son and 5 

Wastel George Brisco DixON, b. 22 Oct. 1868.— Ella Annie 

Brisco, twin with Mary Ada Grant. — Alice Blanche. — Daisy 

Roberta Brisco. — Amy Frances Brisco. 
[10] Frances Dykes, m. 17 Dec. 1878, to George Arthur 
Rimington, of Tyne Field House, Cumberland. 

Arms — Arg. three greyhounds courant in pale sa. 
Crest — A greyhound courant sa. seizing a hare ppr. 
SEATS— Crofton Hall, Wigton, Cimib. 


ROBERT BRISCO, lord of Brisco, Cumberland, heads the 
pedigree of this family, recorded by Richard St. George, 
Norroy, at the Heralds' Visitation in 1615. The great-grand- 
son of this Robert, viz. Isold Brisco, of Brisco, m. Margaret, 
dau. and heir of Sir John Crofton, Lord of Crofton (by his wife 
Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir Gilbert "WTiinno, Knt.), and by 
this marriage acquired in right of his wife the manors of 
Crofton, "Whinno. and Dmidraws, all in Cumberland. 

WILLIAM BRISCO. of Brisco and Crofton, Cumb. (14th 
in descent from the first named Robert Brisco), student 
in Lincoln's Inn. 1629, was 58 years of age at the Heralds' 
Visitation, in 1665, M.P. for the coimty, 1654, 1656, 1659, and 
Carlisle. 1660 ; d. 25 Feb. 1687/8, having m. 1st, Susannah, dau. 
of Sir Randolph Cranfield, of Sutton at Hone, Kent (elder 
brother of Lionel, 1st Earl of Middlesex) ; she d. s. p. 4 Nov. 
1636. He married 2ndly, Susanna, dau. of Frances Browne, of 
London, merchant. The grandson of this marriage, 
XOHN BRISCO, of Crofton and Brisco, heir to his brother 
fj William, bp. 4 Sept. 1677 ; d. 25 July, 1760, having m. 
Catherine, dau. of Sir Richard Musgrave, of Hayton Castle, 
Cumb.; she bur. 1 July, 1754, having had 7 sons "and 2 daus. 
[1] John, of Crofton and Brisco, D.D. rector of Orton, and vicar 
of Aspatria, all in Cumb. (2nd son) ; b. 19 Dec. 1701 ; bur. 19 
April, 1771, having m. Catherine, dau. of John Hilton, of 
Hilton Castle, co. Durham, called Baron Hilton ; she bur. 11 
June, 1756, having had with a dau. 5 sons, of whom the eldest, 
who all married, and of whom. 

Sir John, created a Baronet. 
[2] Musgrave of Height, in Barkisland, Yorks. capt. in the 
army (4th son) ; b. 24 June, 17o8 ; d. 3 May, 1787, having m. 
7 Mar. 1740/1, Mary Fletcher, dau. and sole heir of Edward 
Dine, of Westfield and Langhiu-st, Sussex; she bp. 21 Dec. 
1714, and had 3 sons. His grandson, 

Wastel Brlsco, of Bohemia House, Hastings (brother of 
late Musgrave Brisco, M.P. son of Capt. Wastell Brisco, of 
Coghurst, Sussex); b. 16 Nov. 1792; d. 18 April, 1878, having 

m. 12 June, 1822, Maria, dau. of John H Lade, Esq. of 

Boughton House, Kent; she d. 18 Sept. 1877, having had 
wnXh other issue a son and 3 daus, 

(1) Wastel, of Southcote Manor, Berks, b. 1824. 

(2) Maria. (3) Eliza. (4) Sarah. 

SIR JOHN BRISCO, of Crofton, Cumb. high sheriff 1778, 
lord of the Manors of Crofton, Brisco, Whinrvo, Dundraw, 
Orton, Kirkland, and Kirkthwaite, all in Cumberland, created 
a Baronet 11 July, 1782, to him and the heirs male of his 
body lawfully begotten, and in default thereof to his brother 
Horton Brisco, col. (who d. s. p.), and the heirs male of 
his body lawfully begotten ; b. 15 May, 1739 ; d. 27 Dec. 1806, 
having m. 8 July. 1776, Caroline Alicia, 2nd dau. and coheir 
of Gilbert Fane i'leming, Esq. by Lady Camilla Bennet, dau. 
of Charles, 2nd Earl of Tankerville ; she d. 27 Dec. 1822, having 
hatl, with 5 daus. 4 sons, of whom the eldest, 

SIR WASTEL, 2nd Baronet, b. 17 May, 1778; d. 1 Oct. 
1862, having m. 18 Nov. 1806, Sarah Lester, eldest dau. of 
Robert Ladbrook, Esq. ; she d. 28 Aug. 1861, having had 3 sons, 
[1] Sir Robert, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Hylton Harvey, lieut.-col. in the army, b. 24 Mar. 
1810, unm. 

[3] Wastel, b. 26 Oct. 1S12 ; d. unm. 11 June, 1835, at Queen's 
Coll. Camb. 



BRODIE, Sir Ben- 
jamin Vincent 
Sellon (1834, u. ic); s. 
his father as 3rd Baronet 
in 1880; b. 19 June 1862; 
heir presumptive, his uncle 
Rev. William Brodie. 

ARMS — Az. on a chevron be- 
tween three mullets arg. as 
many civic wTeaths vert. 
Crest — A dexter cubit arm 
ppr. holding a civic \vreath as 
in the anns and three arrows 
one in fess and two in saltire 
the pheons towards the dexter 

MOTTO— Unite. 

SEAT — Broome Park, Betch- 

Residence — Brockham War- 
ren, Eeigate. 


ALEXANDER BRODIE, of London, b. 1711 ; d. Jan. 1772, 
having m. Margaret, dau. of Peter Shaw, M.D. and had 
a son and 3 daus. 

(1) Peter Bellinger, of whom next. 

(2) Anne, wife of John Holloway. 

(3) Jane, wife of John Squire, M.D. 

(4) EUzabeth, d. 19 Jan. 1833, having m. 1 Nov. 1770, to Thomas 
Denman, M.D. (father of the first Lord Denman) ; he d. 26 
Nov. 1815. 

PETER BELLINGER BRODIE, rector of Winterslow, Wilts. 
b. 17 Nov. 1742; d. 19 Mar. 1804, having m. 1 Nov. 1775, 
Sarah, 3rd dau. of Benjamin Collins, of Milford, Salisbury; she 
d. 7 Jan. 1847, having had 4 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Peter Bellinger, bar.-at-law, of Lincoln's Inn Fields; b. 30 
Aug. 1778 ; d. 8 Sept. 1854, having m. 1st— 16 Mar. 1810, 
EUzabeth Mary, dau. of Sutton Thomas Wood, Esq. of Oxford; 
she d. 9 May, 1825, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Peter Bellinger, M.A. vicar of Rowington and rector of 
Baddciley Clinton, Warwickah. suiTogate and rural dean; b. 
27 Jan. 1815; m. 1 July, 1841, Isabella Octavia, dau. of Rev. 
Francis Baker, of Wylye, Wilts, and has 6 sons and a dau. 

/I/ Henry Francis Sedgwick, b. 12 May, 1843; d. 26 Nov. 


/2/ George Gordon Peter, b. 19 Aug. 1848 ; m. 23 Dec. 

1879, Louisa Mary, elder ilau. of Rev. Charles Francis Baker, 

rector of Tellisford, Somerset. 

/3/ Arthur William Lawsou, H.O.; b. 9 May, 1851; d. 

13 June, 1874.-/4/ Wyndham Charles, b. 13 Feb. 1853.— 

/5/ Douglas Morrison Wood, b. 6 July, 1856.-/6/ Frank 

Malcolm, b. 30 Oct. 1859. 

/7/ Isabel Julia, m. 18 Oct. 1871, to Samuel Sanders, Esq. 

of Lapworth, Warwicksh. and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 
Arthur Brodie Sanders, b. 12 July, 1874.— Douglas 
Brooking, b. 25 Oct. 1875.— Walter Gordon, b. 7 Nov. 
1876. — Isabel May Dorothea. — Muriel Grace. 

(2) Jane Margaret, b. 7 May, 1823 ; m. to AVilliam Richard 
Bingley, bar.-at-law, and had a ilau. 

Clara Jane Bingley, m. April, 1875, to George Avery 

Godfrey, capt. 18th regt. 
Mr. P. B. Brodie m. 2ndly— 1 June 1826, Susan Mary, dau. 
of John Morgan, Esq. of London ; she d. 4 Dec. 1870, having 
had with other issue 6 sons and a dau. 

(3) Alexander, M.A. Trin. Coll. Oxon. b. 17 Feb. 1829, unm. 
(1) James, in Australia, b. 11 Mar. 1831; a widower, s. p. 

(5) Samuel,b.l6Nov.l832; m.Sarah,dau.of Galfeild.and 
has a son and 3 daus. 

(6) Francis, b. 31 July, 1833 ; unm. 

(7) Robert, M.A. Oxon. head-master of AVhitgift School, 
Croydon; b. 15 April, 1840; m. 15 Feb. 1871, Emma Betsey, 
dau. of Edward Moseley, of South Croydon, and has 3 sons 
and a dau. 

Alexander, b. 2 Oct. 1876.— Desborough, b. 3 Oct. 1878.— 
Basil JU-ath, b. 9 Feb. 1880.— Rhoda, b. 25 Dec. 1874. 

(8) George, b. 16 May, 1844. (9) Ellen. 

[2] William Bird, M.P. Salisbury 1832/43, D.L. Wilts. ; b. 26 
Sept. 1780; d. 24 Oct. 1863, having m. 1st— 18 Oct. 1810, Louisa, 
dau. of Thomas Hussey, Esq. of Salisbury; she d. 28 Mar. 1816, 
having had 3 daus. 

(1) Louisa Sarah, d. 8 May, 1838, having m. 29 Aug. 1834, to 
Thomas Tatum, of London. 

(2) Jane, m. 22 June, 1837, to Richard Greenup, M.D. 

(3) Mary Hussey, m. 27 Mar. 1856, to James Gay Sawkins, 
Es(i. director of West India geological survey • he d 
«. p. 20 July, 187», aged 72. 

Mr. W. B. BRODIE m. 2ndly— 5 Mar. 1829, Frances, dau. of 
Rev. Richard Huntley, of Boxwell Court, co. Gloucester, and 
had with other issue 4 sons and 3 daus. 

(4) William Richard, of Langton Matravers, Wilts, b. 20 
Jan. 1830, unm. 

(5) Erasmus Henry, inspector of schools; b. 18 May, 1832; 
m. 1878, Mary Josephma, only child of Joseph 
Greaves, of Howsill, Malvern Link, co. Wore. 

(6) Busfeild Francis, C.S. b. 17 Feb. 1843. 

(7) George Staunton, b. 15 Sept. 1844. 

(8) Blanche Frances. (9) Clara Catherine. 

(10) Grace Mary, m. 31 Oct. 1867, to Ettrick William 
Creak, R.N. 

(11) Alice Anne Frances. 

[3] Sir Benjamin Collins, created a Baronet. 
[4] Charles George, alderman of SaUsbirry, D.L. Wilts. ; b. 22 
April, 1789 ; d. 1 Feb. 1853, having m. 14 April, 1825, Catherine 
Sarah, eldest dau. of Walter Ray, Esq. of Wicken Hall, Suffolk, 
and had 7 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Charles George, b. 28 May, 1826 ; d. 1856. 

(2) William, b. 14 Jan. 1829 ; d. in AustraUa 1877, leaving 

(3) Edward, b. 16 Feb. 1830; m. and d. in Australia 1877. 

(4) Henry, b. 1 Nov. 1832. (5) Alfred, b. 27 Jan. 1834. 

(6) James Alexander, b. 14 July, 1838 ; married, and has 

(7) George Bernard, M.D. F.R.C.P.; b. 6 Aug. 1839. 

(8) Mary Charlotte. 

(9) Catherine Margaret, d. unm. 9 Mar. 1873. 

(10) Anna Julia. 

[5] Margaret, d. 16 Feb. 1862, aged 85, having m. 1 Sept. 1808, 
to Rev. Matthew Marsh, B.D. canon residentiary and sub-dean 
of Salisbm-y, chancellor of the diocese, and rector of Winter- 
slow, who d. 30 July, 1840. 

[6] Mary Jane, m. 11 Dec. 1809, to Edward Cooper, Esq. of 
Staverton, AVilts. 

F.R.s. D.C.L. serjeant-surgeon to WILLIAM IV. and Queen 
Victoria, president of royal society, created a BARONET 
30Aug.l834; b.9 June, 1783; d. 190ct. 1862, having m. 21 May, 
1816, Anne, 3rd dau. of Baker John Sellon, serjeant-at-law; she 
d. 16 July, 1861, having had 2 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir Benjamin Collins, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] William, vicar of East Meon, Hants. 1868, rector of New 
Alresford, Hants. 1851/68, heir presumptive to the 
Baronetcy ; b. 8 Oct. 1821 ; m. 2 Oct. 1844, Lady Maria 
Waldegrave, 3rd dau. of William, 8th Earl Waldegrave, and 
has had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Alfred Waldegrave, b. 13 Nov. 1851 : m. 26 Sept. 1878, 
Catherine Eliza, eldest dau. of Major-Gen. Francis Apple- 
garth (retd.) 

(2) Edgar Waldegrave, 60th rifles ; b. 19 Nov. 1857. 

(3) Wilfred Leslie Waldegrave, b. 6 Jan. 1866. 

(4) Elizabeth Maria, d. 1 May, 1868, having m. 3 April, 1866, 
to Rev. Sidney George Gillum, rector of Pentridge, Dorset, 
and had a dau. — Marv. 

(5) Anne, d. 6 Sept. 1870. (6) Mary Arabella. 

[3] Maria Eliza, d. 27 July, 1863, having m. 20 July, 1839, to 
Rev. Edward Hoare (Bart.), vicar of Holy Trinity, Tunbridge 
Wells, hon. canon Canterbury Cathedral, and has issue. 

SIR BENJAMIN COLLINS, 2nd Baronet, F.R.s. M.A. BaUiol 
Coll. Oxon. 1842, D.C.L. 1872, F.R.S. M.A. Waynflete pro- 
fessor of chemistry in the University of Oxford 1866/72, and 
Aldrichian professor 1855/66; b. 5 Feb. 1817; d. 24 Nov. 1880, 
having m. 11 April, 1848, Philothea Margaret, dau. of Mr. 
Serjeant Thompson, and had a sou and 5 daus. 
[1] Benjamin Vincent Sellons, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Margaret Anne. 
[3] Ida Philothea. 

[4] Lilian, m. 19 Sept. 1872, to William Ale.xander, 2nd son 
of Thomas Cardwell, Esq. of Headley Grove, Epsom, Surrey, 
and has a son and 3 daus. 

Hugh Brodie CARDWELL, b. 22 Mar. 1877.— Sylvia Mary, b. 

2 July, 1876.— Christina Lilian, b. 27 April, 1878.— Irene 

Margaret, b. 31 Aug. 1879. 
[5] Ethel, m. 29 July, 1880, to Michael George Glazebrook, M.A. 
assistant-master at Harrow. 
[6] Mary Isabel. 


KIEL, of Broke Hall, Sixffolk, j.p. d.l. (1813, 
U.K.), vice-admiral C.B. served in h.m.s. " Gladia- 
tor," Crimean war, k.m. high shertEE Suffolk 1864, 
assumed the surname of Middleton after that of 
Broke, and the arms of Middleton quarterly in the 
first quarter with those of Broke, by e.l. 17 July, 
1860 ; s, his brother as 3rd Baronet in 1855 ; 
b. 26 April, 1812 ; m. 27 Aug. 1853, Albinia Maria, 
2nd dau. of Thomas Evans, Esq. of Lyminster. 
NOTE.— No heir to this Barouetcy. 

ARMS — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Arg., fretty sa., on a canton per 

chevron of the second and or a unicorn's head erased per 

chevron of the third and gu. armed compony of the first and 

second, Middleton. 2nd and 3rd, Or, a cross engrailed, party 

per pale sa. and gu., Broke. 

Crests — 1. A garb erminois, banded vert, between two wings 

sa., Middleton. 2. (Of augmentation) Out of a naval crown 

or, a dexter arm, having a wreath of laurel ppr., and grasping a 

trident of the first, BROKE. 3, A brock (or badger) passant 

ppr., BROKE. 

Motto — Saevumque tridentem servamus. 

Seat— Shrubland Park, Needham Market, Suffolk. 


SIB, EICHABD BROKE, of Nacton, Suffolk, knt. (said to 
be descended from Adam, lord of Leighton in Cheshire, 
living at the end of the 12th century), bur. 24 Mar. 1639, hav- 
ing m. Mary, dau. of Sir John Packington, of Westwood, co. 
Wore, knt.; she bur. 14 Mar. 1651, having had 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Bobert, created a Baronet 21 May, 1661, d. s. p. m. 
25 Feb. 1693/4. 

[2] William, bp. 6 Dec. 1632, and bur. 25 Nov. 1670, leaving by 
Priscilla his wife a son and heir. Their great-grandson, viz.: 

PHILIP BOWES BROKE, of Nacton (son of PhUip Broke 
and Anne, 2nd dau. and coheir of Martin Bowes, of Bury 
St. Edmunds) ; b. 18 May, 1749 ; d. 22 Aug. 1801, having m. 18 
Nov. 1771, Elizabeth, dau. and eventual heir of Rev. Charles 
Beaumont, of Witnesham, Suffolk ; she d. 25 June, 1822, having 
had with 2 daus. 3 sons, 

[1] Sir Philip Bowes Vere, created a Baronet. 
[2] Sir Charles, of Henley Hall, Suffolk, K.C.B. K.T.S. &c major- 
gen, in the army, A.D.C. to Williaji IV. served in the Helder 
expedition, at Gibraltar in 1802, in Hanover 1806, at the attack 
of Buenos Ayi-es, A.Q.M.G. Ireland 1809, served throughout the 
Peninsular war and was present at Albuera, Badajoz, Salamanca, 
Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, and at 
Waterloo, M.P. East Suffolk 1835, 1837, 1841, assumed the 
additional surname and arms of Vere by R.L. 23 July, 1822 ; 
bp. 21 Feb. 1779; d. unm. 3 April, 1843. 

[3] Horatio George, major-gen. col. 88th regt. A.D.C. to the 
Queen; b. 4 Jime, 1790; d. 30 Aug. 1860, having m. 13 Dec. 
1825, Frederica Sophia, dau. of late James Mure, Esq. of Cecil 
Lodge, Herts, and had a son, 

HORACE, of Gladwyns, Essex, b. 26 Sept. 1827 ; m. 1st— 8 

May, 1860, Charlotte, eldest dau. of Brampton Gm-don, Esq. 

of Letton Hall, Norfolk, M.P.; she d. 11 Jan. 1868, leaving 3 

sons and a dau. 

(1) Horatio George, b. 27 Nov. 1861.— (2) Harry, b. 11 

May, 1864,— (3) Philip, b. 9 Jan. 1867.— (4) Katharine 


Mr. Horace Broke m. 2ndly— 23 April, 1870, Georgina 
Marianne, eldest dau. of late Sir Richard Mayne, k.c.b. 
chief commissioner of police, and has a dau. 
(5) Margaret Georgina, b. 8 Mar. 1878. 

folk, K.C.B. 2 Jan. 1815, rear-adm. of blue, created a 
Baronet 2 Nov. 1813, for the gallant victory he obtained 
on the preceding 1 June, as capt, of H.M.S. "Shannon," over 
the U.S. frigate "Chesapeake;" b. 8 Sept. 1776; d. 2 Jan. 
1841, having m. 25 Nov. 1802, Sarah Louisa, dau. of Sir William 
Fowle Middleton, Bart. (ext.),of Shrubland Hall, Suffolk; shed. 
20 July. 1843, having had 3 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir Philip, capt. R.N. 2nd Baronet, b. 15 Jan. 1804, d. unm. 
24 Feb. 1855. 

[2] Sir George Nathaniel, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[3] Charles Acton, capt, R,E,; b. 30 Jime,1818; d. 7 Sept. ISSo, 
having m. 10 April, 1849, Anna Maria, 3rd dau. of late John 
Hamilton, Esq. of Sundrum, co. Ayr, and had with other issue 
2 daus. 

(1) Jane Anne. 

(2) Frederica Mary Horatia, m. 22 Oct. 1878, to Sir Lambton 
Loraine, Bart. 

Mrs. C. A. Broke re-m. Dec. 1859, as 2nd wife, to Eear-Adm. 
William Horton, R.N. C.B. and has a son— Sidney George 
HORTON, b, 25 Feb. 1862. 
[4] Louisa. 

William, of Oakley, 
Northants, (1803, u.K ), bar.-at- 
law I.T. high sheriff of Rut- 
land 1852 ; s. his brother as 3rd 
Baronet in 1858 ; b. 12 June, 
1801 m. 23 April, 1829, Hon. 
Catherine Watson, youngest dau. 
of Lewis Thomas, 2nd Lord 
Sondes (E. Sondes), and has had 
with other issue 4 sons, 

[1] Richard Le^-is, M.A. bar.-at-law, capt. late Leic. yeo. cav. 
J.p. cos. Northants. and Leic; b. 7 April, 1831; m. 10 Oct. 
1867, Marj- Grace, elder dau. of Rt. Rev. Edward Trollope, M.A. 
bishop suffi-agan of Nottingham (B. Kesteven), and has 2 
sons and 3 daus. 

Arthur Richard, b. 12 Oct. 1869.— Son, b. 31 Jan. 1880.— Mary 

Charlotte, b. 19 May, 18 71.— Katharine Grace, b. 18 Aug. 1872. 

—Caroline Sophia. 
[2] WilUam Henry Worge, b, 31 Mar. 1833. 
[3] Arthiu: Watson, capt. late 4th hussars|; b. 7 May, 1836, m. 
3 Aug. 1865. Eletinor Frances, dau. of late Thomas Thornhill, Esq. 
of Fixby Hall, Yorks. and Eiddlesworth, Norfolk, and has a 
son and 3 daus. 

Arthur Francis Forester, b. 18 Jan. 1873. — Catherine Honoria. 

— Edith Julia. — Eleanor Grace. 
[4] Charles Edward, b. 5 Dec. 1842. 

Arms — Or, on a fesse az. three escallops of the field. 
Crest — A demi-seahorse arg. finned and maned or. 
Motto — Spes mea Deus. 

SEATS— Greaf Oakley Hall, Northampton ; The Elms, Market 
Haxborough, Leic; and Aghadoe, Toughal, co. Cork. 


WILLIAM SUPPLE, of Ahadda, or Aghadoe, ph. of Kil- 
leagh, CO. Cork (great-grandson of Edmond Supple, of 

Aghadoe), high sheriff 1680; w.d. 10 July, 1681; m. dau. of 

Garret Fitzgerald, of Lesquinland. Theu- great-grandson, 

RICHARD SUPPLE, of Ahadda aforesaid, and of Oakley, 
Northants. j.u. d. 5 Mar. 1797, having, m, 28 Nov. 1756, 
Mary, eldest dau. and coheir of Arthur Brooke, Esq. an officer 
in the army (by his ^\^fe Mary, dau. of Zacheus Isham, d.d. 
canon residentiary of St. Paul's and rector of SohhuU, Warw.) ; 
she bm-. 23 Aug. 1782, h.aving had an onlv child, viz. 

SIR RICHARD BROOKE SLTPLE, afterwsirds Sir Richard 
Brooke de C'apell Brooke, having assumed the siu-name of 
BROOKE by royal sign manual, 23 Nov. 1797, on succeeding to 
the estate of Great Oakley, in conpUance with the testamentary 



injunction of his great-uncle, Wheeler Brooke, and at the same 
time adopting the surname of Capell in lieu of that of Sup- 
ple, bencher of thelnner Temple, and col. of the Northants. 
militia ; created a Baronet 20 June, 1803 ; b. 6 Jan. 1758; 
d. 27 Nov. 1829, having m. 18 Aug. 1788, Mary, only dau. 
and heir of Gen. Eichard Alchorne AVorge, col. 36/86th rept.; 
she d. 7 Oct. 1846, ha\ang had with other issue 2 sons and 3 

[1] Sir Arthur Brooke De Capell Broke (adopting the name 
^vith a single " o "), 2nd Baronet, p.r.s. author of several 
works of travel ; b. 22 Oct. 1791 ; d. s. p. 6 Dec. 1858, having m. 
18 Dec, 1851, Elizabeth Zilpah, widow of J. J. EjTe, Esq. of 
EndcliflEe, near Sheffield; she re-m. 3/4 April, 1861, to E, 
F Eaton Edweain, Esq. 

[2] Sir William, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[3] Sophia, d. s. p. having m. 7 April, 1831, to William Mil- 
house, Esq. of Sketchley Hall, co. Leic. 

[4] Louisa, m. 14 Mar. 1832, to Rev. Henry Berners Shelley 
Harris, master of the Earl of Leicester's hospital, Warwick; 
he d. , having had ^vith other issue a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Philip Sidney HARRIS (20th master of the above-named 
hospital), b. 31 Dec. 1837. 

(2) Louisa Helen. (3) JuUa. 

[5] Augusta, m. 14 Oct. 1835, to John Booth, Esq. of Glendon 
Hall, Northants. J.p. high sheriff ; he d. 21 Dec. 1849, having 
had 6 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Richard BOOTH, J.P. Northants. b. 25 Nov. 1836 ; m. 24 
April, 1860, Margaret Home, youngest dau. of John Gilson 
Reeves, Esq. of Moseley, Wore, and has 3 sons and 4 daus. 

Robert Home Brooke BOOTH, b. 25 Jime, 1862.— Arthur 
Payne, b. 27 Nov. 1863.— Richard Jasper, b. 10 Feb. 1866.— 
Beatrice Augusta de Capell. — Margaret Agnes. — Mildred 
Janet.— PhylUs Helen. 

(2) Montague, b. (3) John Brooke, b. 
(4) Thomas, b. (5) Baron George, b. 
(6) Charles Wilham, b. (7) Mary Augusta. 

(8) Janet, m. 25 April, 1861, to Joseph Thomas Wetherall, 
of Loddington House, Kettering, capt. late InniskilUng 
dragoons, and has S sons and 3 daus. 
Henry Neville WETHERALL, b. 21 June, 1863.— Arthur 
CokajTie, b. 14 Sept. 1865. — Thomas Pearson Lyon, b. 6 
Oct. 1866.— Harold de Capell, b. 15 Mar. 1868.— Baron 
George Chelton, b. 25 Nov. 1873. — Mary Louise.— Augusta 
Frances. — Mabel Janet. 

Arms— Az., on a bend arg. between two leopards' faces or a 

mural crown gu., between two fleurs-de-lis sa. 

CREST — Out of a mural crown gu. a unicorn's head arg. armed 

or in the mouth a rose gu. slipped and leaved ppr. 

MOTTO — Concordia res crescunt. 

SEAT — Thvirlby Hall, Newark. 


BROMHEAD, Sir Benjamin Paenell, of 
Thurlby Hall, co. Line. (1806, u.k), major 
Bengal B.C. served in Afghanistan war 1878/9 ; s. 
his father as 4th Baronet in 1870; b. 22 Oct. 1838 ; 
m. 24 Oct. 1866, Hannah, dau. of Rev. James Smith, 
and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Edward Gonville, b. 1869. 

(2) Benjamin Gonville, b. 19 Aug. 1870. 

(3) Jeanetta Hope Gonville. 

(4) Dorothy Judith Gonville. 

BENJAMIN BROMHEAD, of the city of Lincoln (grandson 
of Benjamin Bromhead, of Thurlby Hall, and Bassing- 
ham,co. Lincoln whose father Anthony was killed at the battle 
of Newark, ex parte regis), d. 21 Jan. 1782, having m. Margaret, 
dau. and coheir of James Boardman, of Lynn, Norfolk; she 
d. 20 July, 1780, having had with other issue 6 sons and a dau. 
[1] Edward, an officer of dragoons, fell at battle of Falkirk. 
[2] Boardman, of whom presently. 

[3] Benjamin, lieut.-col. S. Line, militia ; d. s. p. 20 May, 1803, 
having m. 2ndlv, Grace, dau. of Paul Parnel, of Line; she d. 25 
Nov. 1837, aged" 85. 

[4] James, capt. and adjutant N. Line, militia ; b. 21 May, 
1738; d. s. p. 7 Jan. 1804, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Matthews, of Kilkenny; she d. 13 Jan. 1804. 
[5] John, capt. 69th regt. lieut.-col. S. Line, militia; b. 1.5 
Oct. 1742 ; d. 5 Jan. 1818, having m. Anne, dau. of Dr. Dar- 
win ; she d. 25 Feb. 1837, having had 3 sons, 

(1) Benjamin, of Line. capt. 28th dragoons, bp. 23 Jan. 1773; 
and d. 11 Jan. 1848, having m. Ist^lO Mar. 1802, Charlotte, 
dau. of Hamilton ; she d. 18 July, 1804. He m. 2ndly, 
Elizabeth Hannah, dau. of Hunt, Esq. ; she d. Jan. 
1814, leaving a son, 

John, of Line. j.p. parts of Lindsev and Kesteven; bp. 20 
Feb. 1810; d. 22 May, 1876, having m. 12 Dec. 1839, Anne 
Fector, younger dau. of Col. George Ralph Payne Jarvis, 
of Doddington Hall, CO. Line, and had 2 sons and 2 daus. 
/I/ Charles John, b. 9 Aug. 1840. 

/2/ Edward Ralph, major York and Lancaster regt. late 
84th regt.; b.2 Mar. 1844; m.l7 Oct. 1874, Cicely Elizabeth, 
dau. of late Thomas Atkinson, of London, Esq. and has 2 

Ethel, and Dorothy, b. 16 Sept. 1877. 
/3/ Frances Annie, ni. 12 April, 1860, to Rev. Henry Wol- 
laston Hutton, prebendary of Lincoln cathedral, rector 
of St. Mary Magdalene, Line, sun-ogate, J.P. for parts of 
Lindsey, and has a son and dau. 

Francis Henry HUTTON, b. 9 May, 1875.— Isobel. 
/4/ Henrietta. 

(2) John, C.B. col. 77th regt. which he commanded at siege 
and capture of Badajoz, &c.; b. 19 July, 1776 ; d. Feb. 
1837, having m. July, 1821, Martha, yoimgest dau. of 
late Robert Barclay, Esq. of Bury Hill, Surrey; she d. 20 
April, 1833, having had a son and 2 daus. 

/I/ Alexander Leslie, rector of Winwick, Northants, hon. 

canon Peterborough and rural dean; b. 25 Aug. 1822 ; d. 

s. p. 26 May, 1876, having m. 8 April, 1847, Susan, dau. of 

Right Rev. John Kaye, D.D. bishop of Lincoln. 

/2/ Agatha Elizabeth. 

/3/ Lucy, m. 18 Oct. 1858, to Marshall Valentine Bull, V.C 

late 10th regt. heut.-col. 1st Cornwall R.V. 

(3) James, capt. 34th regt. bp. 9 June, 1778 ; d. at sea in the 
'East Indies 14 Dec. 1801. 

[6] Edward, rector of Repham, Lincoln, for 63 years; b. 30 Oct. 

1746; d. 16 Jan. 1835, having m. 11 June, 1776, Catherine, dau. 

of Thomas Ayre, of Park Hall, co. Leic; she d. 10 Feb. 1837, 

having had, with other issue, 2 daus. 

(1) Catherine, m. 1st— 10 Sept. 1805, to James Edwards, of 

Pall Mall and of Harrow, Middlesex; he d. 2 Jan. 1816, 

having had, with other issue, a son and 2 daus. 

/I/ Edward James Justinian George Edwards, perpetual 
ciu-ate of Trentham; b. 26 Dec. 1811, m. 31 May, 1842, 
Elizabeth Anne, dau. of Richard Edensor Heathcote, Esq. 
of Longton Hall, Staff. M.P. and had 3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Justinian Heathcote EDWARDS-Heathcote, of 
Apedale Hall, Staff.; b. 17 July, 1843; m. 2 June, 1870, 
Eleanor, dau. of John Spencer Stone, Esq. 

(2) James, b. 3 April, 1850; m. 27 April, 1875, Caroline 
Frances, dau. of Major Francis Gresley of the Indian 
army (BART.) 

(3) Eustace Gresley, b. 23 Jan. 1854. 

(4) Katharine, m. 13 Aug. 1866, to Samuel Herbert Coo- 
per, Esq. and has 3 sons and 4 daus. 

Edward Herbert COOPER, b. 6 Oct. 1867.— Charles 
D'Oyley, b. 7 June, 1871. — Harold. — Catherine May- 
— Caroline Edith. — Grace. — Muriel. 

(5) Edith Lindsay 

(6) Beatrice Margaret, m. 28 April, 1870, to Rev. Adam 
Clarke, rector of St. James, Longton, Stoke, and has 
2 sons and a dau. 

Norman Henry CLARKE, b. 20 Mar. 1871.— Leonard 
Eustace, b. 6 Sept. 1875.— Evelyn, b. 11 Feb. 1874. 

(7) Isabel. (8) Adeline. 
/2/ Catherine James, m. 10 May, 1842, to Frederic Camej 
Easch, of Woodhill, Essex, J.p. and d.l. and has an only | 

Frederick Came EASCH, b. 9 Nov. 1845; has a son, b. 27] 

Sept. 1880. 
/3/ Beatrice James, m. 14 June, 1832, as 2nd wife, to Sir! 
John Powlett Orde, Bart, who d. 13 Dec, 1878. 



Mrs, CATHERINE EDWARDS d. 12 May, 1863, having re-m. 

—18 Oct. 1820, to Rev. Thomas Butt, P.C. of Trentham; 
hed. 14 June, 1841, having had a son, 
/4/ Thomas Bromhead Bctt, col. l-.ite commanding 62nd 
brigade depot, and formerly 79th highlanders; b. 3 Aug. 
1821 ; d. 6 Aug. 1877, having m. 14 July, 1852, Geraldine 
May, dau. of William Smith Sewell, Esq. of Quebec, and 
has 3 sons and 6 daus. 

(1) Thomas Bromhead, b. 17 Oct. 1857. 

(2) WilUam Edward, b. 8 Mar. 1862, d. 14 Mar. 1878. 

(3) Arthiu- Sewell, b. 8 July, 1872. 

(4) Beatrice May, m. 26 Sept. 1876, to William Hutt 
Allhusen, Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

(5) Geraldine, m. 17 Dec. 1878, to John C. Robertson- 
Glasgow, 12th regt. 

(6) Mary, m. 1 Feb. 1881, to Day Hort Bosanquet, com. 
R.X. and has twin dims. — Beatrice Mary and Alicia 
Grace Bosanquet, b. 9 Oct. 1881. 

(7) Gertrude Jane. (8) Catherine. 
(9) Margaret Lucy. 

(2) Maria, d. 27 July, 1834, having m. 9 June, 1827, as 1st 

wife, to Lieut.-Col. Sir Edward Brackenbmy, K.T.S. of Sken- 

dleby, who d. 1 June. 1864. 

[7] Anne, d. 31 Jan. 1802, having m. 3 May, 1761, to Richard 

Gardiner, Esq. of Inglethorpe Hall, Suffolk; he d. 14 Sept. 1781, 

naving had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Richard Gardiner, of Aldborough, co. Suffolk, capt. 
102nd regt.; b. 21 Oct. 1762 ; d. 31 Jan. 1835, having m. 20 
Sept. 1794, Sophia, 4th dau. of Dr. Henry Menish, of Chelms- 
ford, Essex ; she d. 4 Mar. 1853, having had, with other issue, 
a dau. — Anne Bromhead GARDINER. 

(2) John Gardiner, of Lincoln, hon. surgeon to lord high 
admiral of England, afterwards William IV.; b. 

1766 ; d. 17 Nov. 1841, having m. 23 June, 1810, Anne, dau. 
of Anthony Peacock, of Potterhanworth co. Line. ; she d. 
11 Feb. 1858. 

(3) Hannah Anne, d. 21 July, 1841, having m. 1788, 
to Sir John Maxwell, of PoUok, Bart, and had issue (Stir- 

BOARDMAN BROMHEAD, of Thm-lby, col. in the army, 
at the actions of St. Cas, Louisberg, Gaspe, Belleisle, and 
Martinique, and was with Wolfe at Quebec, lieut.-col. N. Line, 
militia ; d. 7 Dec. 1804, having m. 1756, Frances, only child 
of William Gonville, of Alford, co. Line. ; she d. 26 Jan. 1801, 
having had with other issue a son, 

SIR GONVILLE BROMHEAD, major-gen. in the army, 
capt. 62nd regt. served with Lord Dorchester at the 
action of Trois Rivi feres, at the taking of Mount Independencia, 
1777, and at the battle of Keenan farm, and for his services 
during the Irish rebellion he was created a Baronet 19 Feb. 
1806; b. 20 Sept. 1758; d. 18 May, 1822, having m. 18 July, 
1787, Jane, youngest dau. of Sir Charles ffii-ench, Bart, of Castle 
ffrench, co. Galway, by Rose, Baroness ffrench; she d. 2 Sept. 
1837, having had ^^^th other issue 3 sons, 

[1] Sir Edward Thomas ffrench, 2nd Baronet, M.A. Caius 
Coll. Camb. r.R.s. an officer 54th regt. ; b. 26 Mar. 1789; d. 
unm. 14 Mar. 1855. 

[2] Sir Edmund Gonville, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
[3] Charles ffrench, M.A. fellow of Trinity Coll. Camb. F.R.S. 
vicar of Cardington, Beds. b. 18 May, 1795; d. 2 Aug. 1855. 

major in the army, served in the Walcheren expedition, 
the Peninsula, and at Waterloo, led the forlorn hope at Cam- 
bray, and was present at the capture of Paris, D.L. co. Lincoln; 
b. 22 Jan. 1791; d. 25 Oct. 1870, having m. 15 Sept. 1823, Judith 
Coristine, youngest dau. of James Wood, Esq. of Woodville, 
CO. Sligo ; she d. 12 June, 1873, having had 4 sons and 6 daus. 

(1) Edward, capt. 4th king's regt. served in the Crimea; b. 
21 Mar. 1832 ; d. unm. in Burmah, 9 Jan. 1869. 

(2) Sir Benjamin Parnell, 4th and present Baronet. 

(3) Charles James, major, late capt. 93rd foot, served (24th 
regt.) in the Ashantee war (retd. h.p. 1881) ; b. 15 Sept. 1840; 
m. 6 Oct. 1876, Alice Maria, only dau. of late Thomas Freckleton, 
Esq. and has a son, b. 6 Nov. 1877. 

(4) Gonville, brevet-major 24th regt. V.C. served in Zulu war 
and distinguished himself by his gallant defence of Rorke's 
Drift, Jan. 1879; b. 29 Aug. 1845. 

(5) Frances Judith, m. 5 April, 1847, to Rev. Ai'thur Coates, of 
Newtown House, co. Meath, late rector of Pemberton, Lane, 
and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

Arthur Edward Coates, b. 2 Aug. 1848.— -William Coristine, 
of Knockanally, co. Kildare ; b. 23 Dec. 1853. — Matthew 
Francis, b. 21 May, 1855.— Jane Eleanor. — Margaret Christ- 
ine. — Frances Mary. 

(6) Helen Morrison. (7) AUce Margaret. 

(8) Janetta Gonville, m. 1 May, 1862, as 3rd wife, to George 
Hutton Riddell, Esq. of Carlton-on-Trent, Notts. J.P. ; he d. 
s.p. 17 April, 1864. 

(9) Victoria Gonville, m. 15 Sept. 1863, to Warren Hastings 
Diamond, M.D. M.R.C.P. and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

Edmond de Gonville DIAMOND, b. 28 April, 1873.— Hugh 
Warren Victor Benjamin Bromhead, b. 15 Aug. 1881. — 
Victoria Janette Warwick. — Marie Fleiu-y. — Juliet Gonville. 

(10) Elizabeth Frances, m. 5 Sept. 1870, to Evelyn, son of Rev. 
Boger PockUngton, of Walesby, Notts, and has a dau. 

Mary de Gonville Pocklington. 

BROMLEY, Sir Henry, 
of East Stoke, Notts, 
(1757, G. B.), capt. late 48th 
regt. on roll high sheriff 
1881 ; s. his father as 4th 
Baronet in 1857 ; b. 6 Dec. 
1816; m. 1st, in 1848, Char- 
lotte Frances Ann, youngest 
dau. of Col. Lancelot Eolles- 
ton, M.P. of Watnall Hall, 
Notts, and widow of Edward 
Heneage, m.p. Grimsby; .she 

d. 29 Jan. 1853. He m. 2ndly— 2 Feb. 1856, 

Georgiana Ellen, 3rd dau. of Vera Fane, Esq. (E. 

Westmorland), of Little Ponton Hall, Line. By 

his 1st wife he had a son, 

(1) Henrv, late 27th Inniskillings, b. Aug. 1849; m. 23 Jan. 
1873, Adeia Augusta, only child of Westley Richards, Esq. of 
Ashwell Rutland, J.P. (E. WESTMORLAND), and has 3 sons, 

Robert, b. 4 Jan. 1874.— Maurice, b. 27 June, 1875.— A son, 

b. 16 Oct. 1879. 

Arms — Quarterly per fesse indented gu. and or. 

CREST — A cock pheasant ppr. 

MOTTO — Pensez fort. 

SEAT— Stoke Hall, Newark, Notts. 


SIR GEORGE SiHTH [eldest son of Abel Smith, of Notting- 
ham, high sheriff 1758 (B. CARRINGTON),by Jane, dau. of 
George Beaimiont, of Chapel Thorpe, Yorks.] was created a 
BARONET 31 Oct, 1757; d. 5 Sept. 1769, having m. 1st— in 
1747, Mary, only dau. and sole heiress of Major William Howe, 
of Beckingham, Line, (by Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of William 
Pauncefote, of Carewells, Glouc. whose mother was Ruperta, 
natural dau. of Prince Rupert); she d. 18 May, 1761. He 
m. 2ndly — 23 Feb. 1768, Catherine, dau. of Ven. William Vyse, 
archdeacon of Salop, and rector of St. Phihp, Bii-mingham ; 
slie d. s. p. 21 Feb. 1786. By his 1st wife he had a son and 

SIR GEORGE (SMITH) BROMLEY, 2nd Baronet, assumed 
by R.L. 7 Feb. 1778, the name of Bromley in lieu of his 
own patronymic, and by another R.L. 6 April, 1803, he assumed 
the surname and arms of Pauncefote, and subsequently re- 
assumed the surname of Bromley; b. 18 Aug. 1753; d. 17 Aug. 
1808, having m. 8 Jan. 1778, Hon. Esther Cm-zon, eldest dau. of 
Assheton, Viscount Curzon (E. HOWE) ; she d. 7 Nov. 1839, 
leaving an only son, 

SIR ROBERT HOWE BROMLEY, 3rd Baronet, admiral of 
the white; b. 28 Nov. 1778 ; d. 8 July, 1857, having m. 8 
June, 1812, Anne, 2nd dau. and coheir of Daniel Wilson, Esq. 
of Dalham Tower, Westmorland ; she d. 6 Mar, 1873, having 
had with other issue 6 sons and 4 daus. 

[1] Robert, M.P. Notts.; b. 13 Nov. 1815; d. unm. 30 Dec. 

[2] Sir Henry, 4th and present Baronet. 
[3] Charles, capt. R.N. (retd. 1871), served inthe Black Sea 
during Crimean war, 5th class medjidie; b. Feb. 1820. 
[4] Thomas, late Bombay army; b. 3 Nov. 1822; m. 1st— Nov. 
1843, Lucie, 2nd dau. of General Webber, of Buckland, Devon; 
she d. 10 Jan. 1852, having had with other issue 3 daus. 

(1) Adela Helena EUzabeth Maude. 

(2) Edith Viola, twin with 

(3) Constance Geraldine, m. 23 Nov. 1875, to Rev. Reginald 
Hay Hill, rector of St. Peter's, Thetford. 

Thomas Bromley m. 2ndly — 19 Sept. 1855, Clara Fitz-Roy, 
dau. of late Sir Fitzroy Kelly, M.P. lord chief baron, and 
widow of Capt. John Green Paley, 10th regt.; she d. 16 Jan. 
1869, leaving a son and 2 daus. 

(4) Rupert Fitzroy, R.N. b. 28 Aug. 1862. 

(5) Inez Muriel Seymour Emily. 

(6) Beatrice Ruperta, m. 1 July, 1880, to Hilary Gustavus 
Audoe, capt. R.N. served at bombardment of Sveaborg 1855, 
and on East Coast of Africa 1863/7 in suppression of slave 

[5] Arthur, major Notts, militia, b. 28 Mar. 1828; d. 
having m. Harriet, dau. of R Meyrick, Esq. 

[6] Edward, bar.-at-law I.T.; b. 1 Mar. 1831; m. 21 Nov. 1868, 
Emma Georgina, 4th dau. of WilUam Hanmer, Esq. of Bodnod, 
Flints. (Bart.) 



[7] Caroline, m. 28 July, 1840, to Sir James Campbell, Bart, of 


[8] EUzabeth, d. 8 Feb. 1880, having m. 4 Jan. 1859, as 2nd 

wife, to Sir Thomas Frederick Elliot, K.C.M.G. (E. Minto), 

who d. s. p. 12 Feb. 1880. 

[9] Marj-.m. 23April,1844,to JohnHenryElwes,ofColesbourne, 

CO. Grlouc. and had 5 sons and 5 daus. 

[10] Sophia. 

BROOKE, Sir Eichaed, of 
Norton Priory, Cheshire, 
(1662, E.), ex-lieut. 1st life- 
guards, late lieut.-col. 2nd batt. 
Chesh. R.v. high sheriff Cheshire 
1870; s. his father as 7th Baronet 
in 1865 ; b. l.S Dec. 1814 ; m. 1st 
— 12 Dec. 1848, Lady Louisa 
Tollemache Duff (pp.), sister of 
James, 5th Earl of Fife ; she d. 
23 Sept, 1864, having had 7 sons 
and 4 daus. 

(1) Richai-d Marcus, late 1st life guards, b. 26 Oct. 1850. 

(2) Basil Poynings, b. 28 Sept. 1852. 

(3) Joscelyn James Pusey.b. 21 Jan. 1855. 

(4) Victor Alexander, b. 20 April, 1857. 

(5) Octavius George, b. 19 June, 1858. 

(6) Lionel, b. 17 Nov. 1859. 

(7) Reginald Cecil, b. 5 July, 1861. 

(8) Evelyn ilary Cecily, d. 6 July, 1850. 

(9) Mabel Dorothy. (10) Winifred Agnes Emily. 

(11) Lilian Louisa Lettice. 

Sir Richard m. 2ndly— 21 Dec. 1871, Henrietta 
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Sir Harry Mainwaring, Bart, 
of Over Peover, Cheshire, and has 2 daus. 

(12) Constance Ida. 

(13) RosaUnd Hester. 

ARMS— Or, a cross engrailed per pale gu. and sa. 

Crest — A brook (or badger) ppr. 

MOTTO — Faste without fraude. 

Seat— Norton Priory, Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire. 


SIR RICHARD BROOKE, a knight of Rhodes or St. John 
of Jerusalem, now styled knights of Malta (younger son 
of Thomas Brooke, of Leighton, in Nantwich hundred), pur- 
chased the manor of Norton, &c. from the King, 37 Hex. Till. 
1545; sheriff of Cheshire 1563, and d. 11 Eliz. 1569, ha\angm. 
(by dispensation) Christian, dau. of John Carew, of Haccombe 
(Bart.) (she re-m. to Richard Done). His great-grandson, 

SIR HENRY BROOKE, sheriff of Cheshire 1644 48, was 
created a Baronet, 12 Dec. 1662; d. 1664, having m. 
Mary, dau. of Timothy Pusey, of Selston, Notts. His great- 

SIR RICHARD 4th Baronet (on the death of his grand- 
father), only son of Richard Brooke (who m. Margaret, 
dau. of John Hill, of Hawkstone, Salop) ; d. 1781, having m. 
1752, Frances, only dau. of Thomas Patten, of Bank, co. Lane. 
Esq. (B. WINMARLEIGH); she d. 12 Feb. 1777, having had mth 
3 daus. 2 sons, 

[1] Sir Richard, s. as 5th Baronet. 

[2] Thomas, of Chiu:ch Minshull, Cheshire, high sheriff 1810 ; 
b. 1760; d. 1825, having m. 2 May, 1780, Mar- 

garet, youngest dau. of Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart.; she d. 16 Dec. 
1826, having had a son and 3 daus. 

(1) Henry, of Ashbrook Hall, Cheshire, D.L. high sheriff 
1848, major late Cheshire yeo. cav.; b. 179S. 

(2) Frances, m. 22 Feb. 1822, to Rev. Charles Thomas Coryn- 
don Luxmoore, of Witherdon, Devon, 43 years %'icar of 
G-uilsfield, CO. Montgomery; he d. 15 Feb. 1863, having had 
2 sons and 3 daus. 

(3) Emily, d. 9 Mar. 1878, having m. 9 July, 1825, to Vice- 
Admiral Sir Henry Shiffner, Bart. R.N. who d. s. p. 18 Mar. 

(4) Harriet, d. 20 May, 1878, having m. 21 Dec. 1816, to 
Robert Townley Parker, Esq. of Cuerden Hall, Lane, who d. 
11 Aug. 187», aged 86. 

SIR RICHARD, 5th Baronet, b. d. 6 Mar. 1795, 

having m. 2 May, 1780, Mary, 2nd dau. of Sir Robert 
Cunliffe, Bart, of Acton Park ; she d. having had 

witli a dau. 2 sons, of whom the elder, viz. — 

SIR RICHARD 6th Baronet, b. 18 Aug. 1785; d. 11 Nov. 
1865, having m. 4 Dec. 1809, his cousin Harriot, 2nd dau. 
of Sir Foster Cimliffe, Bart, of Acton Park, co. Denbigh ; she 
A. 13 April, 1825, having had 4 sons and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir Richard, 7th and present Baronet. 
[2] Thomas, gen. in the army, col. 28th regt. 1878/80, lieut.-col. 
com. 12th regt.; b. 2 April, 1816 ; d. 4 Nov. 1880, having m. 
8 Dec. 1840. Catherine Marie Diana, only dau. of late Col. Dra- 
per, Scots fusilier guards, and granddau. of Marqvus de Kerivel, 
and had a S(m and dau. 

(1) Alured de Vere, capt. R.E. adj. school mil. engineers, 
Chatham ; b. 10 Nov. 1841; m. 14 July, 1873, Mary Augusta, 
2nd dau. of Bonamy Dobree, Esq. of London, and has a dau. 

Maye Amelie Lucile, b. 11 May, 1874. 

(2) Lucile Diana Mauritia,m. 22 Dec. 1874, to Robert Edward, 
son of late Col. William Tomkinson, of Willington Hall, 

[3] Arthur, b. 26 April, 1819; m. 19 Feb. 1852, Susan, eldest 

dau. of Rev. Alexander Buchanan, of Hales, co. Stafford ; she 

d. 25 Nov. 1852, having had twin daus. of whom the survivor, 
Helen Maude, m. 26 June, 1878, to Rev. Wentworth Wode- 
house, rector of Distington, Cumberland (E. Kimberley). 

[4] Charles, an officer 52nd regt.; b. 12 April, 1825; d. 28 Dec. 


[5] Mary, d. 21 April, 1881, having m. 7 May, 1831, to Rowland 

Eyles Egerton-Warburton, Esq. of Arley, co. Chester (Egerton 


[6] Harriet, m. 24 Nov. 1837, to William, 11th Earl of Meath. 

[7] Jessy,m. 22 May, 1832, to Hon. Richard Bootle-Wilbraham 

(E. Lathom); he d. 5 May, 1844. 

[8] Caroline Frances, m. 18 Nov. 1834, to Hon. Arthur Lascelles 

(E. Harewood), who d. 19 Julv, 1880. 

[9] Clara Emily, d. 24 Jan. 1867, having m. 23 Sept. 1845, as 

2nd wife, to Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst, Bart, who d. 29 

Oct. 1881. 

BROOKE, Sir Victor 
Alexander, of Cole- 
brooke, co. Fermanagh (1822, 
U.K.), high sheriff 1867; s. his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 1854; 
b. 1843 ; m. 28 July, 1864, 

Alice Sophia, 2nd dau. of Sir 
Alan Edward Bellingham, Bart, 
and has 4 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Arthiu- Douglas, b. 7 Oct. 1865. 

(2) Ronald Oeorge, b. 25 Sept. 1866. 

(3) Butler, b. 2 Mav, 1870. 

(4) Victor Regin.ald, b. 22 Jan. 1873. 

(5) Ahce ilildred. 

(6) Kathleen Mary, b. 28 July, 1876. 

(7) Hilda Henrietta, b. 22 Feb. 1879. 

ARMS — Or, a cross engrailed per pale gu. and sa., a crescent for 


Crest— A brock (or badger) ppr. 

Seat— Colebrooke, Brookborough, co. Fermanagh. 

Town House- 82, Eocleston Square, s.w. 


SIR HENRY BROOKE, Knt. of Brookesborough, co. Fer- 
managh, capt. of foot, governor of Donegal (son of 
Sir Basil Brooke, of Magherabeg and Brooke Manor, co. 
Donegal, a commissioner for the settlement of Ulster, who d. 
25 July, 1633, having m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Leycester, of 
Tofts, Chesh., he preserved the town and castle of Donegal 
during the war in 1641), had grants of lands in Fermanagh; d. 
31 Aug. 1671, having m. 1st — EUzabeth, dau. of Capt. John 
Wynter, of Dyrham, co. Glouc. ; she bur. 26 Jan. 1648, having 
had a son— Basil, LL.D. Oxon. His gi-eat-grandson by this 
marriage was 

Henry Brooke, of Dublin, and of Brooke House, co. 
Donegal, M.P. for that co.; d. Dec. 1816, having m. 
1806, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Travers Hiune (son of Gustavus 
Hume, of Dublin, state surgeon and sister of George Ma- 
cartney, Esq. of Lissmoure, co. Antrim); she d. April, 1823, 
having had 3 sons and a dau. 

/I/ Henry Vaughan, c.B. A.D.C. col. in the army, served 
with 32ud regt. in the Pimjab, 1842 and 1848, when he com- 
manded, at Mooltan, Soorjkouud, Cheniste, Goojerat, medal 
and clasps ; b. 11 Nov. 1808 ; d. 15 Sept. 1858, having m. 
, 1836, Augusta Mary, only dau. of Gen. Sir 



Willoughby Cotton, G.C.B. (V. COMBERMERE), and had a 
son and 3 daus. 

(1) Henry Vaughan, late 3rd dragoon guards. 

(2) Mary Georgiana Elizabeth, d. 11 June, 1865, having 
m. 28 July, 1865, as 1st wife, to Edward John Dean Paul, 
Esq. (Bart.) 

(3) Augusta Margaret. (4) Adela Sophia Hargood. 
/2/ G-ustavns Travers, capt. late 55th regt. J. P. cos. Antrim 
and Dublin ; b. 9 April, 1811 ; d. 22 Dec. 1879, having m. 25 
Mar. 1838, Emily, only dau. of Capt. C'yi'us Daniell, 55th 
regt. ; she d. 24 Jan. 1873, having had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Gustavus Holmes, capt. R.E. b. 15 Jan. 1839; d. unm. 

23 Aug. 1866. 

[2] Thomas Henry Chai-les, b. 29 Jan. 1846 ; m. 27 July, 

1867, Margaret Archer, eldest dau. of Hamilton Ferguson, 

Esq. of CO. Down. 

[3] Edwin Hamilton, b. 16 Oct. 1852; m. 

Arabella, 2ud dau. of Samuel Alexander Field, Esq. co. 


[4] George Travers Price, b. 2 July, 1861. 

[5] Eliza Hume, d. 1 April, 1873, having m. 13 June, 1871, 

to George H. Clarke, Esq. of Lisburn, and had a dau. — 

Emily Lisa. 

[6] Emily Treselia. 
/3/ Basil George, of Castle Blayney, J.P. Tyrone and 
Monaghan; b. 30 Mar. 1813; d. 3 Nov. 1869, having m. 26 
Nov. 1839, Grace Frances, dau. of Thomas Ledlie, Esq. and 
has 4 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Arthiu-, J.P. b. 9 July, 1843.— (2) Henry Gustavus, J.P. 

b. 4 Feb. 1846.— (3) Basil Andrew, b. 7 Feb. 1853.— (4) 

James Stuart, b. 13 July, 1856.— (5) Sophia Elizabeth. 

(6) Frances Georgiana, m. 19 Oct. 1864, to Joseph Ley- 
cester Devenish-Meares, of Newry, co. Down (3rd son of 
late John Devenish-Meares, of Meares Court, co. West- 
meatli), and has 4 sons and 2 daus. 

John Frederick Devesish-Meares, b. 18 Feb. 1866.— 
Basil, b. 29 June, 1868.— Leycester Francis, b. 15 Mar. 
1873.— Arthur William, b. 18 Dec. 1874.— Grace Maria.— 
Ethel Isabella. 

(7) Elizabeth Augusta. 

(8) Grace Stuart, m. 6 Jan. 1874, to William Reeves, sub- 
inspector of Koyal Irish constabulary, son of the dean of 

(9) Anna Dames Caroline. 

: /4/ Elizabeth Jane, m. to Rev. Richard Jones Hobson ; d. s. p. 

' SIR HENRY BROOKE m. 2ndly— 1652, Anne, dau. of Sir 

George St. Greorge, Bart, and had with other issue a son and 3 


[2] Thomas, of Donegal, major in the army, bur. 23 Feb. 

1695, having m. Catherine, eldest dau. of Sir John Cole, Bart. 

of Newland, co. Dublin, and sister and coheir of Lord Ranelagh 

(extinct), and had wivii other issue a son, 
Henry, of whom presently. 

[3] Catherine, m. to Charles Hamilton, of Cavan, co. Donegal. 

[4] Elizabeth, d. 28 Dec. 1721, having m. to Gustavus, 1st 

Viscount Boyne, who d. 16 Sept. 1723, aged 84. 

[5] Anne, m. to Colonel Kilner Brazier. 

SIR HENRY BROOKE m. 3rdly— Hon. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 

Henry, Lord Dockwra, Baron of Culmore (ext.), and had 2 


[6] George. [7] Hemy. 

HENRY BROOKE, of Colebrooke, co. Fermanagh, M.P. 
governor and lord-lieut. of said co. d. 14 July, 1761, 
having m. (Ucence dated 29 Mar. 1711) Lettice, dau. of 
Benjamin Burton, lord mayor of Dubhn 1703 (BART.) ; she d. 
1763, having had with other issue 2 sons, 

[1] Sir Arthur, M.P. Fermanagh 1752, governor of the county, 
D.L. ; created a Baronet op Ireland 3 Jan. 1764 ; d. 7 Mar. 
1785, having m. 6 Aug. 1751, Margaret, only dau. of Thomas 
Fortescue, Esq. of Rejrnoldstown, co. Louth, and sister of 
William Henry, 1st Earl Clermont (ext.); she died 22 Sept. 
1756, leaving 2 daus. 

[2] Francis, of Colebrooke, major light dragoons, d. 1800, having 
m. 24 June, 1765, Hannah, dau. of Henry Prittie, Esq. of Kil- 
boy, CO. Tipperary, and sister of 1st Lord Dunalley ; she d. 
June, 1819, having had with other issue 6 sons, 

(1) Sir Henry, created a Baronet. 

(2) Francis, c.B. lieut.-col. 4th (K.O.) regt. d. s. p. having m. 
Jane, younger dau. of George Burdett, of The Heath House, 
Queen's co. M.P. Thomastown and Callan. 

(3) Sir Arthur, k.C.b. lieut.-gen. in the army, col. 86th regt. 
governor of North Yarmouth; b. ; d. 26 July, 
1843, having m. , Marianne, dau. of Rev. William 
Sneyd, of Newchurch, Isle of Wight ; she d. 14 Nov. 1856, 
having had, with other issue, a son, 

Arthur Beresford Brooke, late 23rd fusiliers ; b. 14 
Nov. 1817 ; m. 4 Jan. 1842, Frances Maria, dau. of Capt. 
Hugo Wemyss, and niece and heiress of Gen. David 
Douglas Wemyss, gov. of Tynemouth forts, and has had 
with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Francis Churton Henny, capt. 1st R. Scots, b. 8 Dec. 

(2) Arthur Vivian Henny, lieut. 33rd regt. (h.p.); b 
9 Dec. 1846. 

(3) HaiTlet Frances; d. 30 Nov. 1878, having m. 10 Dec. 
1864, to Demetrius M Katinakis, Esq. and had 
with other issue a son and dau.— Sou b. 15 Deo. 1869.— 
Dau. 27 Nov. 1878. 

(4) Thomas, rector of XJglin and Grangeforth, co. Carlow, d. 

s. p. 10 Jan. 1854, having m. Nov. 1844, Anne Elizabeth, dau 
of Hugh Henry, Esq. of Lodge Park, co. Kildare. 

(5) Richard Prittie, major-gen.; d. 12 Dec. 1837, aged 59, 
having m. Eliza, dau. of Col. Thomas Call (BART.) ; she d. 
Dec. 1832, having had a son and dau. 

/I/ Charles Clements, com. cavalry detachment R.M. staff 
college, Sandhm-st; capt. late 4th dragoon guards, 9th 
lancers, served in Osmanli in-egular cavalry in the Crimean 
war; b. 21 Dec. 1818; m. 2iidly— Dec. 1847, Letitia 
Catherine, dau. of Thomas Wade, Esq. of Fairfield, co. 
Galway; she d. s. p. 22 July, 1878. 

/2/ Charlotte, only dau. d. 1870, Laving m. 

as 1st wife, to Ai-thur, 4th son of Arthur Nugent, of Porta- 
ferry, co. Down, and had an only child, 

Selina Catherine Nugent, d. 5 Nov. 1871, having m. 28 
April, 1870, to Hugh Sidney, eldest son of Right Hon. 
Henry James Baillie, of Redcastle, Ross. 

(6) George Frederick, of Summerton House, Dublin, d. Dec. 
1865, having m. 1814 Jane dau. of Richard Grace, Esq. of 
Boley, Queen's co. (Bart.) ; she d. 28 Dec. 1835, having had 
a son and 3 daus. 

/I/ Francis Richard, of Summerton, co. Dublin, high 
sheriff 1860 ; b. 24 Aug. 1817 ; d. 2 Mar, 1867, having m. 
18 Nov. 1848, Hon. Henrietta Monk, dau. of Charles, 3rd 
Viscount Monck, and had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) George Frederick, of Summerton, co. Dublin, J.P. 
D.L. ; b. 13 Aug. 1849 ; m. 4 April, 1875, Anna Maria, 
dau. of Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley, Esq. of Whatcroft 
Hall, Cheshire (Bart.); she d. 13 Jmie, 1877. Hem. 
2ndly— 21 April, 1881, Emily Alma, eldest dau. of late 
Augustine Hugh Barton, Esq. of Rochestown, co. Tip- 
perary. By his 1st wife he had a son and dau. 

/I/ George,;b. 10 June, 1877.— /2/ Eleanor Henrietta, 
d. Jan. 1877. 

(2) Gerald Richard, b. 29 April, 1852; m. 10 April, 1875, 
Hon. Kathleen Maude, dau. of Sir Cornwallis, 4th Vis- 
count Hawarden, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Richard Reginald, b. 4 Feb. 1878.— Thomas Ralph, b. 
11/14 June, 1879.— Clementina Hem-ietta. 

(3) John Monck, b. 23 Aug. 1853; m. 23 July, 1878, Ed- 
w ina Virginia Joanna, 2nd dau. of Rev. Frederick Fitz- 
patrick (M. Headfort). 

(4) Louisa CaroUne Elizabeth,m. 10 Sept. 1874, to Charles 
Robei-t Hamilton, Esq. of Hamwood, co. Meath, and has 
2 sons and 3 daus. 

Gerald Francis Charles Hamilton, b. 23 June, 1877. 
—Frederick Arthur, b. 15 Dec. 1880.— Eva Henrietta. 
— Letitia Marion. — Amy Kathleen. 

(5) Eva Henrietta m. 28 Feb. 1878, to Hon. Cornwallis- 
Maude, eldest son of Su- Cornwallis, 4th Viscount Ha- 
warden ; he fell in Boer campaign 27 Feb. 1881. 

(6) Grace Agnes. 

/2/ Louisa CaroUne, m. 1839, to Chai-les Cobbe, Esq. 

of Newbridge House, co. Dublin, J.P. D.L. high sheriff co. 
Dublin 1841, and co. Louth 1867 s. p. 
/3/ SeUna. /4/ Georgina AUce, d. 5 June, 1880. 

SIR HENRY BROOKE, of Colebrooke, created a Baronet 
7 Jan. 1822; b. 30 May, 1770; d. 24 Mar. 1834, having m 
1792, Harriet, dau. of Hon. John Butler (E. LANESBOROUGH); 
she d. , having had 7 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Francis, lieut. 7th dragoon guards, b. 1794; fell at 


[2] Sir Arthur Brinsley, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[3] Butler, rector of Ovoca, Brookeborough, b. 1798 ; d. s. p. 
14 Nov. 1869, having m. 1834, Letitia Jane, dau. of Edward 
Archdale, Esq. of Riversdale, co. Fermanagh. 
[4] Edward Basil, major-gen. commander of the forces West 
Indies; b. 1799; d. s. p. 1 Dec. 1868, having m. , Caroline 

dau. of P. Fitzgibbon Henchy, Esq. LL.D. ' 

[5] Richard Howard-Brooke, of Castle Howard, co. Wick 
low, J.P. high sheriff, bar.-at-law, assumed the additional sur- 
name and arms of HOWARD by R.L. 3 Jan. 1836; b. 1801 ; d. 6 
April, 1877, having m. 3 June, 1837, Frances Caroline, dau. of 
Hans Hamilton, Esq. of Abbotstown, m.p. co. Dublin ; she d. 18 
Sept. 1876, having had with other issue 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Robert Edward Frederick Howard-Brooke, of Castle 
Howard, co. Wicklow, and Roskelton, Queen's co. lieut. 37tli 
regt. b. 25 Sept. 1840; m. 25 July, 1878, Florence Elizabeth, 
eldest dau. of WiUiam Johnston, Esq. of Ejnlough House, co. 

(2) Richard Edward Frederick, capt. Hants mil. late lieut. 
and adjutant 37th regt.; b. 1848 ; m. 2 May, 1878, Alice 
Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel William Ridley, Esq. of St. Helen's 
i.w. ' 

(3) Hans Hamilton, lieut. R.N. (retd.); b. 1 April, 1852; m. 
30 Mar. 1880, Lina Mary, only child of Lauderdale Maitland' 
Esq. of Eccles, Dumfries. ' 

(4) Annette Thomasina, m. 6 Feb. 1862, to Thomas Berwick 
district judge in Ceylon. ' 

(5) Gertrude Frances, m. as 2nd wife, 17 April, 1873, to 
Hem-y Tootal Broadhurst, Esq. of Woodhill, Manchester 
J.P. and had a dau.— Hilda Gertrude. ' 

(6) Caroline Harriett, m. 7 Aug. 1866, to Capt. J. R H 
Heron-Maxwell (Bart.) 

(7) Edith Georgina, m. 19 Feb. 1879, to Lamplugh Fresche 
ville BaUantine-Dykes, Esq. of Dovenby Hall, Cumberland- 
and has a son, b. 16 Sept. 1881. 

[6] Thomas, in the army, b. in 1803' ' 



[7] George Augustus Frederick, of Ashbrook, co. Fermanagh, 
D.L. b. 1805; d. 20 Feb. 1874, having in. 25 April, 1833, Lady 

Arabella Georgiana Hastings, dau. of Hans Francis, 11th Earl 
of Huntingdon, and had 5 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Henry Francis, col. in the army, major (h.p.) 109th regt. 
A.u. headquarters Bombay 1877/80, with local rank of briga- 
dier-gen.; b. 3 Aug. 1836; killed at Maiwand while attempt- 
ing the rescue of a wounded officer in the sortie before Can- 
dahar IG Aug. 1880; bur. at Colebrooko 14 Dec. following ; 
he m. 1865, Annie Isabella, dau. of Col. Leonard Raisbeck 
Christopher, of the Indian army, and has a sou, 

George Cecil, b. , 1870. 

(2) Ai-thiu- Thomas, com. R.N.; b. m. 2 Sept. 
1880, Alice Marianne, dau. of Clement Archer, Esq. of Hill 
House, Hampton, Middx. 

(3) George Hastings, capt. and adjutant Queen's co. rifles, 
late 48th regt. b. 21 June, 1842; m. 12 Sept. 1868, Beatrice 
Georgina, 2nd dau. of late Sir John Craven-Carden, Bart. 

(4) Lionel Godolphin, major Connaught rangers, late 94th 
regt.; b. 19 Jlay, 1849. 

(5) Francis Theophilus, R.N. ; m. 20 June, 1877, Alice Mary 
Ogle, dau. of Very Rev. William Ogle Moore, late dean of 
Clogher, and has a son, b. 30 Oct. 1878. 

(6) Letitia Georgiana, m. 27 July, 1865, to James Staples 
Hawkins, Esq. of St. Fentons, co. Dublin, and had a son and 

/I/ Herbert Reginald Montgomery Hawkins, b. 5 Feb. 


/2/ Kathleen Isabella. 

(7) Florence Selina, m. 28 April, 1875, as 2nd wife, to William 
James Hall, of Narrow Water, co. Down, major R.A. and has 
a dau. — Frances Hall, b. 19 Feb. 1876. 

[8] Maria, d. 18 July, 1838, having m. 1807, to William 

D'Arcy-Irvine, Esq. of Castle Irvine, co. Fermanagh; he d. 23 
June, 1857. 

[9] Harriet Elizabeth, m. 1845, to Rev. Grey Perceval 

L'Estrange, rector of Knockbride, co. Cavan. 

CO. Fermanagh, 1840/54, R.N. ; b. 1797; d. 21 Nov. 

1854, having m. 15 Dec. 1841, (Hon.) Julia Henrietta, youngest 
dau. of Gen. Sir George Anson, G.c.B. (E. Lichfield), late 
maid-of-honour to the Queen, and had 3 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir Victor Alexander, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Harry Vesey, capt. late 92nd hlghlanders ; b. 1845; 

m. 9 Dec. 1879, Patricia, only dau. of James Gregory Moir 
Byres, Esq. of Touley, Aberdeeush. 

[3] Ai-thur Basil, b. 1847; m. 11 Sept. 1869, Alice Geo- 

gina, widow of late T. Shirley Ball, Esq. and dau. of Rev. 
William Norton, rector of Baltinglass, co. Wicklow, and has 4 
Henry Briusley, b. 30 June, 1872. — Arthur Montague, b. 4 
Oct. 1873.— Basil Vernon, b. 9 Mar. 1876. — Bertram Norman, 
b. 20 July, 1880. 
[4] Constance Henrietta, m. 3 Oct. 1872, to CoUn John Camp- 
bell, of Cams Eskan, n.b. lieut. late R. Scots greys, and has a 
dau. — Alice Constance Campbell. 

Henry Delves, 
of Broughton,co. Stafford 
(1660/1, E.), high sheriff 
1859, aud of Cheshire 
1871 ; s. his father as 
9th Baronet in 1851 ; b. 
22 June, 1808 ; m. 24 Feb. 
1857, Eliza Florence Alex- 
andrina,dau. of Louis Eo- 
senzweig, gent, and has 
with other (living) issue 
a son, 

(1) Delves Louis, b. 1 June, 
1867 ; m. 26 April, 1881, Rosa- 
mond, eldest dau. of John 
Lambart Broughton, Esq. of 
Almington Hall, Staff. 

Arms — Arg., two bars gu., on a canton of the second a cross 
of the field. 

Crest — A sea-dog's head gu., eared and finned arg. 
SEATS — Doddington Park, Nantwich, Cheshire ; and Brough- 
ton Hall, Eccleshall, co. Stafford. 


THOMAS BROUGHTON, of Broughton, where this family 
had been seated for several generations, founded and en- 
dowed a chapel there for the use of his family ; was fined 
£3,200 for his loyalty to Charles I. ; d. 25 July, 1648, 
having m. Frances, dau. of Walter and sister of Sir Harvey 
Bagot, of BUthfield, Staff. Bart, by whom he had wth 2 daus. 
2 sons, 

[1] Sir Brian, created a Baronet. 

[2] Peter, of Lowdham, Notts, m. Anne, dau. of William 
Staunton, of Staimton, in the said co. and had issue. His des- 

Peter Broughton, of Tunstall Hall, Salop, j.p. and d.l. 
b. 1 Aug. 1788; d. 27 Mar. 1870, having m. 2 Nov. 1818, Anna 
Ogilvie, youngest dau. of John, 2nd son of William Smith- 
wick, Esq. of Mount Katherine, co. Limerick, and had with 
other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ Peter, of Tunstall Hall, capt. late 3rd dragoons, hon. col. 
8rd Staff, militia 1881, lieut.-col. comdt. 1870/81 ; b. 1 Aug. 
1822 ; d. s. p. 11 Sept. 1881, having m. 2 April, 1856, Florence, 
4th dau. of Swynfen-Jervis, Esq. of Darlaston Hall, Staff. 
I'M John Lambart, of Almington Hall, Staff, b. 19 Jan. 1831; 
m. 11 Oct. 1859, Anne Selina, youngest dau. of Ralph Adder- 
ley, Esq. (B. Norton), of Coton and Barlaston,Stafl:. and has 
2 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Hubert John, lieut. 3rd (K.O.) Staff, mil.; b. 16 Aug. 1860. 

(2) Rnlph (to assume the sm-name of Adderlet on at- 
taining his majority), b. 17 July, 1863. 

(3) Rosamond, m. 26 April, 1881, to Delves Louis, eldest 
son of Sir Henry Delves Broughton, Bart. 

(4) Evelyn Selina. (5) Florence. 

(6) Eleanor. (7) Amy Margaret. 

/3/ Maria Catherine Wilhelmina, m. 1st— 28 April, 1869, to 
Ralph Thomas Adderley, Esq. of Coton and Barlaston, Staff. 
(B. Norton); he d. 30 July, 1868, and she re-m. 12 Dec. 1872, 
as 2nd wife, to Charles Coyney, Esq. of Weston Coyney, Staff. 
/4/ Harriet. 

SIR BRIAN BROUGHTON, knighted at Whitehall, 13 June, 
1660, and created a Baronet, 10 Mar. 1660/1 ; b. 23 May, 
1618; d. 30 July, 1708, having m. Bridget, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Lucy, of Charlecote, Oxon. and had 5 sons, 
[1] Sir Thomas, 2nd Baronet, d. 1710, having m. 6 July, 1672, 
Rhoda, dau. and sole heir of John Amcotts, of Aisthorpe, Line, 
and their great-grandson. 

Sir Thomas, s. as 6th Baronet. 
[2] Peter, bencher and treasurer of the Middle Temple, m. 
Mary Osborne, d. s. p. 1708. 

[3] Brian, D.C.L. fellow of All Souls, O.xford ; bm-. there 12 
Oct. 1710. 

[4] Spencer, lieut.-col. governor of Cape Coast Castle, d. 1 Feb. 
1702 (M.I. Broughton). 

[5] Cliarles, of Hamburgh, whose grandson Charles d. 27 
Aug. 1820, aged 86, having had with other issue 2 sons, 
/I/ WilUam Robert, capt. R.N. col. r.m. C.b. b. ; 

d. 12 Mar. 1821, aged 59, having m. Jemima, 

dau. of Rev. Sir Thomas Broughton, 6th Baronet ; she d. 15 
Jan. 1863, having had with 3 daus. an only son, 

William, capt. r.n. b. 19/23 Oct. 1804 ; d. Aug. 1849, 
having m. 3 Jan. 1833, Eliza, dau. of John Perfect, of 
Pontefract, banker, and had 6 daus. 

(1) Eliza Jemima, m. to Rev. Henry Moms, 
rector of Withcall, Line. 

(2) Helen, m. 16 Nov. 1867, to Arthur Willoughby Crewe- 
Read (B. CREWE), who d. 1874. 

(3) Dora, m. 2 July, 1857, to Capt. Henry Reveley Mitford 
(E. Redesdale). 

(4) Florence Mercedes. 

(5) Rhoda, m. 7 Feb. 1877, to Arthur Frederick, son of 
late Thomas Gurney, Esq. of London. 

(6) Ahce, m. 25 Aug. 1869, to William Thomson, Esq. of 
Cloondavin, co. Newry, capt. late 78th highlanders. 

/2/ Brian, rector of Long Ditton, b. 28 May, 1768; d. 8 Jan. 
1838, having m. 12 Aug. 1825, Frances, 2nd dau. of Benjamin 
Fagg, Esq. of Wouldham Hall, Kent ; she d. 30 Oct. 1876, 
leaving an only dau. — Fannie. 

REV. SIR THOMAS BROUGHTON, 6th Baronet (on the 
death of his brother. Sir Brian Broughton Delves, 16 
Jan. 1766), and resumed the siu-name of Broughton only; d. 
23 July, 1813, having m. 1st — 31 Mar. 1766, Mary, dau. and heir 
of John Wicker, of Horsham, Sussex ; she d. in 1785. He m. 
2ndly— 7 June, 1787, Lady Anne Windsor, dau. of Otho Lewis, 
4th Earl of Plymouth (ext.) ; she d. s. p. 9 Aug. 1793. He m. 
3rdly— 2 July, 1794, Mary, dau. of Michael Keating, of co. Cork, 
and widow of Thomas Scott Jackson, Esq. of London ; she d. 

. By his 1st wife he had with 6 daus. 5 sons, 
/I/ Sir John Delves, 7th Baronet, gen. in the army; bp. 17 
Aug. 1799; d. s. \\. Aug. 1847, having m. 5 June, 1792, Eliza- 
beth, eldest surviving dau. of Philip Egerton, of Egerton and 
Oulton, Chesh. (Bart.) ; she d. 27 Jan. 1857. 
/2/ Sir Henry Delves, s. as 8th Baronet. 
/3/ Thomas Delves, of Ham Common, bp. 26 Aug. 1778 ; d. 24 
Jan. 1846, having m. 28 Mar. 1800, Elizabeth Hester, dau. and 
heir of John RowUs-Legh, Esq. of Adlington, Chesh. ; she d. 
15 Nov. 1821, having had 2 sons and 5 daus. 

[1] Thomas Delves, rector of Bletchley, Bucks, b. 18 Feb. 

1801; d. 10 Aug. 1859, having m. 2 April, 1834, Frances, 2nd 

dau. of Lewis Corkran (a member of council in the Bombay 

presidency), and had 5 sons and a dau. 



(1) Vernon Delves, master of the Hint, Melbourne; b. 6 Dec. 
1834 ; m. 4 July, 1861, Augusta Mary Anne, dan. of George 
Arbutbnot, Esq. of Norbiton, Surrey, and has an only sui-- 
viving son, 

Vernon Warburton, b. 25 Nov. 1864. 

(2) Lewis Price Delves, of Calcutta, b. 10 May, 1836 ; m. 
26 Dec. 1867, Mary Elizabeth Randall, eldest dau. of Major- 
Gen. Frank Turner, C.B. royal Bengal art. and has 3 
daus. — Cicely. — Margaret. — Joan. 

(3) Cecil Delves, lieut. K.s. b. 19 June, 1837 ; m. 1 June, 
1871, Marion Honora, eldest dau. of Rev. Theodore and 
Lady Julia Bouwens (E. Cavan), and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Theodore Delves, b. 25 Dec. 1872.— Hugo Delves- 
Marjory Frances Delves. — Ruth Delves. 

(4) Francis SuUivan Delves, com. H.M.S. "Arab ; " b. 6 
Sept. 1838 ; d. 27 Feb. 1878, having m. 14 Aug. 1872, Jose- 
phine Harriet, dau. of William Whaley Billyard, of Kirke- 
ton, Darlinghurst, N.S.w. (she re-m. 17 Feb. 1881, to Cres- 
sett Thursby, youngest son of late Rev. Henry Thm-sby- 
Pelham, of Cound Hall, Shrewsbury), and had 2 sons and 
a dau. 

Legh, b. 17 Nov. 1874; d. 8 May, 1880.— Posth. son, b. 28 
June, 1878. — Marion Ida. 

(5) Aubrey Delves, capt. 96th regt. d. uum. 13 Feb. 1870. 

(6) Frances Katharine Josepha, m. 4 AprU, 1866, to John 
Arbuthnot Fisher, capt. R.N. and has a son and 3 daus. 

Cecil Fisher, b. 18 July, 1868.— Beatri.x Alice.— Dorothy 

Sybil. — Pamela Mary. 

[2] WilUam Edward Delves, gen. R.E. b. 30 April, 1802; 

d. 5 April, 1880, having m. 15 Sept. 1830, Anne Nugent ; she 

d. 17 Jan. 1879, having had with other issue 7 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Alfred Frederick Delves, b. 13 Jime, 1831; d. s. p. 25 

Oct. 1857, having m. 14 Sept. 1853. 

(.2) Legh Delves, capt. R.A. b. 10 Feb. 1835; d. 15 Mar. 1862. 

(3) John Delves, major R.m.l.I. b. 15 Aug. 1836 ; m. 15 
April, 1876, Lucy, youngest dau. of William Sudlow Roote, 
Esq. of Kingston-upon-Thames, and has a son and dau. — 
Son b. 22 June, 1879.— Cecilia Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1878. 

(4) William Edward Delves, Ueut.-col, Bengal army ; b. 3 
Jan. 1837 ; m. 28 AprO, 1870, Laura M. Buckhani, eldest 
dau. of Stephen Lawson, Esq. late 7th hussars, and has a 
son and 4 daus. 

Legh Harley Delves, b. . — Edith Latira 

Annie. — Louisa Fanny. — Ethel Georgina. — Florence 

(5) Thomas Delves, lieut. R.M.L.I.; b. 3 Sept. 1842; d. 4 
Sept. 1866. 

(6) Francis Delves, b. 6 Mar. 1847. 

(7) Frederick Spencer Delves, b. 16 Mar. 1850; m. 29 Sept. 
1874, Susan Reeves, dau. of Rev. Horatio H. Hewitt, rector 
of St. Matthews, Suubury, Va. U.S.A. 

(8) Harriet Magdalene Delves. (9) Elizabeth Hester. 
[3] Mary Magdalene, m. 10 April, 1834, to Archibald WilUam 
Blane, Esq. (BART.) 

[4] Louisa, m. 9 Sept. 1823, to Col. James M' Alpine. 

[5] Emma, d. 15 Nov. 1842, having m. to Henry Smith, of 

Richmond, Surrey, attomey-at-law. 

[6] Laura Anne, m. 2 Nov. 1840, to Rev. Charles William 

Selby-Lowndes, rector of North Crawley, J.P. 

[7] Fanny, m. 23 May, 1839, to Stephen Lawson, surgeon 

87th regt. 
/4/ Charles Delves, of Almington Hall, StafiE. bp. 30 Jan. 1780; 
d. s. p. 11 Feb. 1868, having m. 1st, Mary Anne, dau. of John 
Atkinson, Esq. of Maple Hayes, Lichfield ; she d. 1822. He 
m. 2ndly — 6 Oct. 1825, Caroline, dau. of Col. Sheppey Greene, 
military auditor-gen. Bengal. 

/5/ Edward Delves, of Manor House, Woore, Salop, bp. 11 Dec. 
1782; d. 20 April, 1825, having m. 25 Oct. 1808, Betsey, dau. of 
John Batt, of Modittonham, Cornwall; she d. 15 Mar. 1867, 
having had an only son, 

Edw.vrd Delves, of Wistaston Hall, Chesh. j. u. b. 6 Oct. 

1816 ; m. 22 Sept. 1847, Penelope, only dau. of James and 

eventually heir of her brother James Walthall-Hammond, 

Esq. of Wistaston aforesaid, and had an only son, 
EDWARD Walthall Delves, late lieut. 1st royal Chesh. 

mUitia ; b. 20 Oct. 1848 ; m. 8 Sept. 1870, CaroHne Marion, 

youngest dau. of Charles Augustus Stewart, Esq. of West 

Hall, High Leigh, Chesh. and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Edward Chai-les Walthall Delves, b. 24 April, 1874. 

(2) Brian James Delves, b. 17 May, 1876. 

(3) Henry Douglas Delves, b. 7 Feb. 1880. 

(4) Helen Louisa Delves. (5) Rhoda Janet Delves. 

b. 10 Jan. 1777; d. 3 Nov. 1851, having m. 15 June, 1807, 
Mary, dau. of John Pigott, of Bevere, co. Wore; she d. 22 
Sept. 1860, having had with other issue 7 sons and 4 daus. 
[1] Sir Henry Delves, 9th and present Baronet. 
[2] Delves, of Broughton Hall, Staff, in H.O. b. 23 Jan. 1812 ; 
d. May, 1863, having m. 22 June, 1835, Jane, dau. of George 
Bennet, Esq. of Dublin, Q.C.; she d. 22 May, 1860, haviug had a 
son and 3 daus. 

(1) Delves, capt. 15th regt.; b. 17 May, 1846; m. 16 Oct. 1872, 
Edith May Marion, yoimgest dau. of Phineas Riall, Esq. of 
Old Conna HiU, co. Wicklow, J.P. D.L. and has 3 sons, 

Brian Delves, b. 14 Sept. 1873.— A son, b. 29 Jan. 1876.— 
Geoffrey Delves, b. 10 May, 1880. 

(2) Elenor, m. 21 July, 1864, to William Charles Newcombe, 
of Upper Eyarth, Denbighs. ; he d. 1877, having had 
2 sons. 

Richard Francis Mainwaring Newcombe, b. 6 Dec. 1865. 
—Harold Broughton. b. 3 Nov. 1866. 

(3) Mary Jane. d. 28 Dec. 1865, having m. 11 Mar. 1865, to 
Christopher John Hume Tower, of Weald Hall, Essex. 

(4) Rhoda. 

[3] Thomas Delves, b. 23 Aug. 1816; d. unm. 1863. 

[4] Spencer Delves, lieut.-col. R.A. b. 25 Oct. 1817 ; d. 13 Jan. 


[5] Charles Delves, b. 25 Dec. 1822 ; d. 1850. 

[6] Alfred Delves, b. 20 Nov. 1826; m. 16 Mar. 1858, Clemence, 

youngest dau. of late C. L. D. Fallorini, M.D. of Sydney, and 

has issue. 

[7] Mary, d. 23 Sept. 1844, haviug m. 9 Jan. 1838, to Rev. 

Walter Clarke, vicar of Swinderbv, Line, and had an onlv dau. 

Agnea Mary, m. 28 April, 1870, to Adelbert Cecil, son of Rev. 

and Hon. W. w. C. Talbot CE. Shrewsbury). 
[8] Henrietta, m. 23 May, 1848, to Rev. WUliam Grice, vicar 
of Sherburne, Warw. and has a dau. 

Louisa Elizabeth Mary Grice, m. 4 Oct. 1876, to George 

William Hutchinson, lieut. 90th regt. and has a son. — George 

[9] Caroline, d. 28 July, 1863, having m. 27 Feb. 1851, to Rev. 
Archibald Paris, formerly rector of Hawnby, Line, and rector 
of Ludgan, Cornwall, and had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Henry Charles P.IRIS. b. 12 Dec. 1851.— (2) Herbert 

George. R.N. b. 25 April. 1854.— (3) Archibald, b. 9 Nov. 1861. 

(4) Edith Laura, m. 5 July, 1876, to William Knight Hamil- 
ton Ramsay Wliite (BART.) 

(5) Helen Constance. 

(6) Mildred Caroline, m. 1 Jan. 1880, to Rowland Comvns, 
eldest son of Rev. William Comvns Berkeley, of Cotheridge 
Court, CO. Wore, and has a dau. b. 11 Oct. 1880. 

(7) Rhoda Mary. 

[10] Jane, d. 30 June, 1873, having m. 1845, to Rev. 

Charles Henry Mainwaring, of 'Whitmore Hall, Salop ; he d . 
3 April. 1878. having had 6 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Rowland Broughton Mainwaring, capt. and adj. 2ud 
R.W. fusiliers; m. 4 Aug. 1880, Evelvn Louisa Jane. dau. of 
Capt. Mervyn Archdale, of Castle Archdale, co. Fermanagh. 

(2) Henry Arthur.— (3) Cecil Charles.— (4) Gerald.— (5) 
Percy Edward.— (6) Gordon Louis. 

(7) Ethel Mary, m. 24 July, 1877, to WiUiam Robert Parker- 
Jervis (V. St. Vincent). 

(8) Maude.— (9) Pauline Jane.— (10) Sophie Henrietta Julia. 
[11] Laura, m. 28 Nov. 1849, to John Compton Maul, bar.-at- 
law L.I. 1842, who d. 1 Feb. 1880, having had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

Henry Compton MAUL. — John Broughton.— Spencer Dun- 
can. — Laura. — Evelyn Ester. — AUce Mary. 

Broun of Coulston — see Addenda, " Chaos." 

BROWN, Sir Wil- 
liam ElCH- 
MOND (1863, U.K.), 

high sheriff Northants. 
1873, hon. col. 1st bri- 
gade Lane. art. vols, 
since 1866 ; s. his grand- 
father as 2nd Baronet 
in 1864; b. 16 Jan, 
1840 ; m. 28 May, 1862, 
Emily, 2nd dau. of late 
Gen. William Thomas 
Blewett Mountsteven, 
and has 2 sons and 4 

(1) Melville Richmond, b. 
13 Oct. 1866. 

(2) Frederick Richmond, b. 
28 Jan. 1868. 

(3) Ethel Richmond, b. 27 Mar. 1874. 

(4) AUce Richmond, b. 16 June, 1876. 

(5) Margaret Richmond. 

(6) A dau. b. 6 Feb. 1880. 



ARMS — Gu., a chevron or, between two bears' paws erased in 

chief arg., and in base four hands conjoined in saltire of the 

second; on a chief engrailed gu. an eagle displayed sa. 

Crest— A bear's paw, as in the arms, issuant out of a wreath of 

oak and holding a sinister hand all ppr. 

Motto — Est concordia fratrum. 

SEAT— Astrop Park, Kings Sutton, Bauburj'. 


"TTTILLIA'M BROWN, of Cairnkirn, co. Antrim, b. 1715 ; 

VV d. 1778 ; having m. Margaret, dau. of Davison, of 

Knockboy, same co. ; she d. 2 Jan. 1805, having had 3 sons, 
[1] Patrick, b. 21 July, 1753 ; d. 1836, having changed his 
name to .John, married and left issue. 
[2] Alexander, of whom presently. 

[3] Stewai-t, of Baltimore, b. 2 July, 1769 ; d. 14 Nov. 1832 ; 
having m. 1st — Jan. 1797, Sarah Harman, and 2ndly, Sarah 
Muncaster, and had with 4 daus. 6 sons, of whom, 

Stewart Brown, of New York, banker, of the firm of 

Brown, Brothers, and Co.; d. 30 Jan. 1880, aged 79, having 

had wth other issue 2 sons, 

(1) Davison Brown (7th son), m. 17 Feb. 1870, Edith 
Cleaver, 6th dau. of Henry Cleaver Chapman, Esq. 

(2) Egerton, m. 27 April, 1881, Caroline, youngest dau. of 
late Samuel Coulter, Esq. of New York. 

ALEXANDER BROWN, of Baltimore, linen merchant and 
banker ; b. 17 Nov. 1764 ; d. 4 Mar. 1834, having m. 17 
June, 1783, Grace, dau. of John Davison, of Drumnasule ; she 
d. 12 Jan. 1843, having had vrith. other issue 4 sons, 
[1] Sir William, created a Baronet. 

[2] George, of Mondorman, near Baltimore, b. 17 April, 1787 ; 
26 Aug. 1859 ; having m. 17 Dec. 1818, Isabella, dau. of 
McLanahan, and had with other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Alexander Davison, b. 30 May, 1823 ; m. 16 Jan. 1845, i 
Colegate Die Nisbet, and has issue. 

(2) George Stewart, paymaster-gen. of mihtia of Maryland, 
\vith rank of brigadier gen. b. 7 May, 1834 ; m. 15 Oct. 1857, 
HaiTiet, dau. of Daniel C. Eaton, Esq. and has a son, 

Alexander Brown, b. 25 Oct. 1858. 

(3) Grace Ann, m. 19 Jan. 1847, to Edward M. Greenway, 

(4) Isabella, m. 15 Oct. 1850, to "W. H. Graham, who d. 5 
Dec. 1856, leaving issue. 

[3] John Alexander, of Philadelphia, b. 21 May, 1788 ; d. 

having m. 1st — 6 Dec. 1813, Isabella, dau. of John, and 
sister of John Patrick, of Dunminning, co. Antrim; she d. 18 
Feb. 1820. He m. 2adly— 9 Sept. 1823, Grace, dau. of Dr. George 
Brown, of Baltimore, and had 3 daus. all d. unm. By his 1st 
wife he had a son and dau. 

(1) Alexander, b. 13 July, 1815 ; m. 21 Mar. 1837, Catherine, 
dau. of A. S. Nelson, Esq. and has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ John Alexander, b. 26 Mav, 1839. 

/2/ Neilson, b. 3 July, 1843 ; m. 24 Oct. 1868, Elizabeth L. 

Carson, and has a son and dau. 

Alexander, b. 25 Sept. 1872. — Rosalie Carson. 
/3/ Catherine Neilson. 

/4/ Emily, m. 2 Feb. 1864, to John Markoe, and has an 
only son, 

James B Markoe, b. 12 May, 1876. 

/5/ Isabel, m. 12 Feb. 1862, to Henry B Coxe, and 

has 3 sons, 

Henry B COXE, b. 12 Feb. 1863.— Alexander B 

b. 9 Sept. 1865.— Charles E b. 12 July, 1870. 

(2) Grace, d. 5 Sept. 1841, having m. 15 June, 1839, to T. P. 
Remington, Esq. 

[4] James, of CUfton, New Jersey, b. 4 Feb. 1791 ; d. Oct. 
1877, having m. 1st — 10 Dec. 1817, Louisa Eirkland, dau. of 
Rev. D. Benedict, of Connecticut; she d. 15 Dec. 1829, having 
had with other issue, 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) James Alexander, b. 25 July, 1823 ; d. 3 July, 1847 ; 
having m. Maria Louisa Howland. 

(2) William Benedict, b. 23 April, 1825; twice m.; lost vrifh 
" Arctic " 1 Sept. 1854. 

(3) Sarah Benedict, m. her cousin Alexander Brown (see 

(4) Grace Davison, lost in the " Arctic." 

(5) Mary Louisa, m. Howard Potter, son of Bishop Potter of 

(6) Margaretta Hunter, m. 1 Dec. 1852, to James Couper 

James Brown m. 2ndly — i Sept. 1831, EUza Maria, dau. of 
Rev. W. Coe, of Troy, U.S. and had 3 sons and a dau. 

(7) George Hunter, b. 9 Jan. 1835, m. 22 April, 1857, 
Bachael Blanding WTieleer. 

(8) John Crosby, b. 22 May, 1838. 

(9) Clarence Stewart, b. 7 Mar. 1840. 

(10) Maria Miller, lost in the " Arctic." 

SIR WILLIAM BRO\\ns\ hon. col. 1st brigade Lancaster 
artillery volunteers, high sherifiE Lane, in 1863, J.p. d.l. 
and M.P. 1846, 59, for the same co. founder of the firm of Brown. 
Shipley and Co. Liverpool and London merchants. Presented 18 
Oct. 1860, to the corporation of Liverpool, a free public library 
and museimi at a cost of £42,000 ; created a Bauonet 24 

Jan. 1863 ; b. 30 May, 1784 ; d. 3 Mar. 1864, having m. 1 Jan. 
1810, Sarah, dau. of Andrew Gibson, Esq. of Ballymena, co. 
Antrim, J.P.; she d. 5 Mar. 1858, having had with other issue a 
son and dau. 

/I/ Alexander, of Beilby Grange, York, hon. M.A. Oxon.; 
b. 17 May, 1817 ; d. 8 Oct. 1849, having m. 19 Dec. 1838, 
his cousin Sarah Benedict, eldest child of James Brown, Esq. 
of New York, and had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir WilUam Richmond, 2nd and present Baronet. 

(2) James Chfton, of Holmbush, Sussex, M.A. J.P. M.P. 
Horsham 1876/80, lieut.-col. 1st Lane. art. vols. ; b. 13 Feb. 
1841; m. 21 Mar. 1866, Ameha, dau. of Charles Rowe, Esq. of 
Elm House, Liverpool, and has had 4 sons and 4 daas. 

Howard CUfton, b. 4 April, 1868.— Edward CUfton, b. 10 
Feb. 1870.— Leonard Clifton, b. 8 Jan. 1877; d. 17 Sept. 
1879.— Son, b. 16 Aug. 1879. — Louisa CUfton. — Frances 
Chfton.— Mildred Clifton.— A dau. b. 9 Sept. 1881. 

(3) Alexander Hargreaves, of Druids Cross, Liverpool, J.P. 
M.P. Wenlock since 1868, late 5th dragoon guards, col. 1st 
Lane. art. vols, since 1869 ; b. 11 April, 1844 ; ni. 5 Jan. 
1876, Henrietta Agnes Terrell, 5th dau. of Charles Blandy, 
Esq. and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Gordon Hargreaves, b. 31 July, 1880. — Walter Hargreaves, 
b. 6 Sept. 1881. — Agues Sara Hargreaves. 

(4) Louisa, d. s. p. 30 Oct. 1863, havuig m. 18 Sept. 1862, 
as 1st wife, to Alexander William Cobham Cobham, of 
Leighton Park, Berks, capt. late 44th and 24th regt. 

/2/ Grace, d. 5 Jam. 1849, having m. 16 May, 1831, John Har- 
gi'eaves, Esq. of Broad Oak, Lane, and Hall Barn, Bucks. ; he 
d. 15 Feb. 1873, and has 3 sons surviving, 

(1) Thomas Hargreaves, of Arborfield Hall, Berks. J.P. 
high sheriff 1867, capt. 3rd royal Lane. miUtia, b. 21 Dec. 
1832 ; m. 17 Jan. 1855, Sarah, 4th dau. of AVashington 
Jackson, Esq. of London, and has had 2 sons and 6 daus. 

[1] Arthur, b. 20 Aug. 1859; d. 25 Oct. 1878. 

[2] John Reginald, b. 8 April, 1864. 

[3] Grace, m. 2 July, 1879, to Capt. Ffolliott WilUam Ers- 

kine, son and heir of Sir Thomas Erskine, of Cambo, Bart. 

[4] Annie, m. 18 Dec. 1877, to Frederick Eustace Arburth- 

not Wollaston, Queen's bays, only son of late Major Wol- 

laston, of Shenton Hall, Leic. (V. ARBUTHNOTT). 

[5] Edith. [6] Florence. [7] LiUan. 

[8] Ella Gertnide. 

(2) WilUam, b. 23 Mar, 1837, unm. 

(3) John, of Maiden Erlegh, Berks, Broad Oak and AVhalluy 
Abbey, Lane. J.P. high sheriff, Berks. 1876, hon. col. 3rd batt. 
Lane. R.V.; b. 30 Aug. 1839; m. 30 April, 1862, Mary Jaue, 
only dau. of Alexander Cobbam-Cobham, Esq. of Shiufield 
Manor House, Bucks, and has 6 sons and 4 daus. 

John Hargreaves, b. 1 Mar. 1864. — Alexander, b. 12 Sept. 
1870.— Robert, b. 4 April, 1872.— Fi-ank, b. 6 Sept. 1875.— 
Guy, b. 20 Feb. 1881. — Amy Jane.— Marj'.— Laura. — Violet . 

BKOWNE, Sir Charles 
Manley, (1797. I.), 
ex-capt. Durham art. militia; 
s. his brother as 3rd Baronet 
in 1869; b. 1 Mar. 1806 (or 
1812); m. in 1840, Jane, dau. 
of Thomas Macaulay Crutt- 
well, Esq. of Bath (she died 
divd. 1 863), having had a son, 
John.b. 17 April, 1841; d. 1877. 
Note — No heir to tliis Baronetcy. 
Arms — Sa. three lions passant on a 
bend, between two double-cottises 
arg. a mullet of the last for dif- 

Crest — An eagle displayed vert 
charged with an annulet as in the 

Motto — Suivez raison. 
Residence— Clyde House. Read- 




SIR JOHN BROWNE, of the Neale, co. Mayo (gi-andsoii of 
Capt. Browne, living 1565, tlie first high sherifE of co. 
Mayo), created a Baronet of Nova Scotia by Sir William 
Alexander, Earl of Stirling, 17 June, 1636; ui. in 1626, Mary, 
dau. of Sir Dominick Browne, of Carrow Browne, Galway, Knt. 
and had 3 sons, 

(1) Sir George, 2nd Baronet, m. Alicia only dau. of Sir Henry 
Bingham, Bart, and was great-grandfather of Sir John, 7th 
Baronet, created BARON KiLMAiNE, in the Peerage of Ireland, 
16 Nov. 1789, (see). 

(2) John, bred to the law, col. King James's service, and 
was taken prisoner at Galway, July, 1691, and also at Lim- 
erick. His grandson John was created Barox Moxteagle, 
10 Sept. 1760, and Earl of Altamokt, 4 Dec. 1771, both in 
the Peerage of Ireland, and wa.s grandfather of the JIARQUIS 
OP Sligo. 

(3) Dominick, of BreafEy, co. Mayo, in the service of the 
Stuarts; m. Barbara, dau. and coheir of Sir Henry Talbot, by 
Mary, sister of the Duke of Tyrconnel, lord-lieut. of Ireland. 
His grandson, 

DOMINICK BROWNE, of Breaffy ("sou of Henry Browne, 
by his wife, dau. of Andrew Kirwan, of Dalgan) ; d. 
in Menlough Castle, 1776, aged 75, having m.lst — Mabel, sister 
to Sir John Browne, of the Neale; she d. s. p. He m. 2ndly — 
Anne, only dau. of John D'Arcy, of Gurteen, co. Galway, and 
had 2 sons, 

[1] Andrew Nicholas, of BreafEy, m. Mary Gilker, and had 3 
sons, of whom the youngest, 

John Browne, of Breaffy, lieut.-col. 96th regt.; d. 20 
Nov. 1849, having m. 2 Oct. 1823, Frances Jane, dau. of 
John Hawthorn, Esq. and had 7 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Dominick Andrew, of Breaify, co. Mayo, J.P. and D.L.; b. 
30 Jime, 1824 ; m. 26 Aug. 1864, Emily Louisa, only dau. of 
late John Sidney Hawkins, Esq. of London, and has a son 
—Dominick Sidney, b. 31 Mar. 1866. 

(2) Montague. (3) Henry John. 

(4) Frederick Augustus. (5) Arthm- AVellesley Wyndham. 
(6) Edmund Charles. (7) Augustus Hawthorn. 

(8) Rose Marianne, m. 8 Nov. 1876, to John Mitchell, Esq. 
of Ayr, N.B. 

(9) Sarah Jane, m. 22 Feb. 1881, to Henry, younger son of 
late Robert Finch, Esq. of Dolleys Hill, Wiilesdeu, Middx. 

(10) Mary Louisa. 

[2] Sir John Edmond, of Palmerstown, co. Jlayo, J.P. high 
sherifE 1794, and of Johnstown, co. Dublin, J.P. co. Loutli, capt. 
S. Mayo mil. bar.-at-law L.I. 1784, created a Baronet of 
Ireland 8 Dec. 1797 ; b. 1 Oct. 1748 ; d. 5 Sept. 1835 (see Gents. 
Mag. 1835, p. 427), having m. 20 Dec. 1792, Margaret, 2nd dau. 
of Matthew Lorinan, Esq. of Ardee, co. Louth ; she d. 13 Mar. 
1843, having had with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir John Edmond de Beauvoir, 2nd Baronet, which latter 
name he assumed on his 1st marriage; he claimed knight- 
aood as his right, and accordingly received that distinction 
■n Mar. 1827, M.P. Windsor 1835 ; b. 10 Dec. 1794 ; d. s. p. 29 
April, 1869, having m. 1st — 1825, Mary, only dau. of Richard 
Wright, of East Harling Hall, Norfolk, and widow of Adm. 
MaoDougal; she d. 11 Feb. 1831. Hem. 2ndly— 16 Mar. 1867, 
Letitia, younger dau. of Rev. Charles Mann, of Denvir Hall, 
Norfolk, rector of Southery in the same county. 

(2) Sir Charles Manley, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(3) Charlotte Margaret, m. to William Ogle Hunt, 
Esq. J.P. of Combe Wood House, Surrey, and of London, and 
had issue. 

BKOWNKIGG, Sir Egbert William Cole- 
BROOKE, (1816, U.K.) ; s. his grandfather as 
2nd Baronet in 1833 ; b. 29 July, 1817 ; heir pre- 
sumptive, his brother Henry. 

ARMS — Arg., a lion rampant guardant sa., between three cres- 
cents gu.; in the dexter fore-paw of the lion a sword ppr., 
hilt or, thereon a sen^ent entwined vert ; and for augmentation 
(granted 29 Mar. 1822) on a chief embattled vert a repre- 
sentation of the sceptre of the King of Kandy or and his banner, 
viz. : Gu. within a bordure with a ray of the sun issuing from 
each angle a lion passant or holding a sword ppr. all saltire, 
the whole ensigned with a representation of the crown of that 
kingdom also ppr. 

Crests — 1st, Augmentation: a demi-Kandian ppr., the body 
vested arg. and belted or, cap of the 2nd, holding in the dexter 
hand a sword and in the sinister the crow n of Kandy all ppr. 
2nd, Out of a mural crown or a sword erect in pale ppr. hilt or 
thereon a serpent entwined vert. 
Motto — Virtute et sapieutia. 
Town Residence — 12, Baton Place West, S.W. 
Club — Travellers. 


HENRY BROWNRIGG,of Rockingham, co.Wicklow.major 
in the army (son of John Brownrigg and Mary Stud- 
holme his wife, and grandson of Henry Brownrigg, originally 
of Yerton, Cumberland, and after of Wingfield, co. Wexford); 
d. 4 Dec. 1793, having m. 5 Oct. 1753, Mary, dau. of Jlichael 
Alcock, of Norwich, capt. 34th regt.; she d. 1819, having had 
with 2 daus. 4 sons, 

[1] John Studholme, lieut. 38th foot, lost in the Bristol 
Channel 1787, having had by his wife Lydia Eames, of Boston, 
New England, 3 sons, of whom the youngest, 

John, E.i.C.S. M.P. Boston; b. 17 Mar. 1786; d. 21 Sept. 
1853, having m. 11 Dec. 1812, EUzabeth Rebecca, eldest dau. 
of James Henry Casamajor, Esq.; she d. 6 July, 1865, having 
had an only son and 2 daus. 

/I/ John Studholme, gen. in the army, c.B. col. 95th regt. 
served in Crimea, at battle of Inkerman, &c. J.P. Middx. and 
liberties of AVestminster; b. 22 Sept. 1814; m. 11 Sept. 1840, 
Katherine,'2nd dau. of Right Hon. Sir H. W. Williams-Wynn, 
G.C.H. and G.C.B. (Bart.); she d. 27 Jan. 1881, having had 3 

(1) John Studholme, rector of Moulsoe, diocesan inspec- 
tor of schools, provincial deputy grand master of free- 
masons, province of Berks, and Bucks. 1880 ; b. 27 June, 
1841; m. 18 July, 1870, Mary, dau. of Rev. C. W. Selby- 
Lowndes, and has a dau. 


(2) Henry Studholme, major Prince Consort's Own rifle 
brigade, 4th batt. D.A.Q.M.G. India, served in Afghan 
campaigns 1879/80; b. 18 Mar. 1843; m. 26 April, 1881, 
Alice, dau. of late R. F. Waters, Esq. 

(3) Metcalfe Studholme, A.D.C. capt. 52nd L.I. A.D.C. to 
Viceroy of Ireland ; b. 5 July, 1845 ; m. 30 Sept. 1869, 
Emily, dau. of Sir Edward Borough, Bart, and has 2 daus. 

Constance Elizabeth. — Viva Augusta. 
/2/ Sophia, m. 25 Juue,1838,to Sir Charles Alexander Wood, 
late commissioner of emigration, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Edward Alexander Wood, 10th hussars; b. 1841. 

(2) Charles Robert, b. 11 Feb. 1844. 



(3) EUzabeth, d. 16 Feb. 1867, having m. 10 April, 1866, as 
1st wife, to Capt. Ernest Villiers (E. Clarendon). 

(4) Mabel Sophia. 

/3/ Jane A^es, m. 26 Aug. 1846. to Sir John Edward 
Harington, Bart, who d. s. p. 9 Feb. 1877. 

[2] Sir Robert, created a Baronet. 

[3] Thoma.s. gen. in the amiy, comptroller of army accounts; 

d. May, 1826, having m. 16 July, 1794 6, Anne, dau. of Robert 

Shearman, Esq. of Kilcrean, co. Kilkenny, and had 5 sons and 

2 daus. 
/!/ SirHenry John, K.B. C.B. rifle brigade, and in.spector-gen. 
royal Irish constabulary; b. 18 June, 1798; d. 26 Nov. 1873, 
having m. 1822, EUzabeth, dau. of Rev. Thomas 

Cooke; she d. 23 Jan. 1880, having had with other issue 5 
sons and a dau. ' 

(1) Thomas Marcus, assistant inspector-gen. royal Irish 
constabulary; b. 8 June, 1823; m. 1st — 15 Aug. 1854, Meriel 
Anna, dau. of Com.-Gen. Watt; she d.29 July, 1869. having 
had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Henry John Watt, lieut. R.E.; b. 27 April, 1859.— 

(2) Charles Edward, b. 3 Feb. 1865.— (3) MadeUne Meriel. 
— (4) Florence Mary. 

Mr. T. M. Brownrigg m. 2ndly— 2 Xov. 1871, Eleanor 
Hannah, dau. of David Carr, Esq. of Hawke House, Sim- 
bury, and has a dau. 
(5) Eleanor Mary. 

(2) Henry John Broderick, c.B. deputr-commis5ar5--gen. in 
the army 1880; b. 24 Feb. 1828; m. 13 Oct. 1863, Alice Emma, 
dau. of Judge Holland McDonald, of Canada, and has 2 
sons and 2 daus. 

Henry John Studholme, b. 15 Nov. 1871. — Herbert 
Holland Boswell, b. 3 July, 1873.— Ella Eveleen Louise. 
—Alice Edith. 

(3) Quin John, county inspector royal Irish constabulary, 
b. 21 Jan. 1832 ; m. 24 April, 1861, Anne, dau. of late 
■WiUiam Chaine, Esq, and has 2 sons and 6 daus. 

Herbert George, b. 3 May, 1864.— John Claud, b. 23 Aug. 
1878.— Mildred Alexander.— Eveline Annie. — Mary Eliza- 
beth. — Edith Jane Dunville. — Gertrude Helen. — Kath- 
leen Winifred. 

(4) Robert William, capt. 27th (Inniskillings) regt.; b. 

; m. 10 Jan. 1867, Jane, dau. of late Col. Cliarles 
Pratt, of Stoneville, co. Dublin. 

(5) Marcus Crosbie, b. 25 Sept. 1842 ; m. 4 May, 1868, 
Hester, dau. of late William Forsythe, Esq. of Monkstown, 
CO. Dublin, and has a son and 2 daus, 

Marcus Robert, b. 24 May, 1874,— Mabel Hester,— Eardlie 
Crosbie Shearman. 

(6) Ann Elizabeth. 

/2/ JIarcus Freeman, capt, R.N.; b. ; m. 

, Maria, dau. of Col. Blake, and has a son, and his 3rd 
dau. — Katharine Annette, m. 18 June, 1862, to J. Knight 
Bamett, M.D. 2nd son of Horatio Bamett, of Bescote Hall, 
/3/ Charles ComwalUs, capt. 9th regt.; b. ; d. 

1872, having m. , Matilda, dau. of Gen. 

Thomas Fyers, r.e. 

/4/ William Meadows, capt. late 13th L.I.; b. ; 

d. m. Mary, dau. of Whitfield, Esq. 

IS I James Stuart, b. ; d. in Paris, 29 Nov. 1879, 

aged 72, having m. , Grace Anne, 2nd dau. of 

Burton Xewenham, Esq. and had 4 daus. 

(1) Grace Anna, m. to H. Lieshman, Esq. of the Mauritius. 

(2) Augxista Henrietta Anne, m. to Hambly 
Knapp, Esq. of Upton Park, Slough, and had a son, 

Hambly James Charles KNAPP, d. 19 July, 1854. 

(3) Caroline Mally Matilda Holmes, m. 1st— 1 Sept. 1857, 
to Capt. T H Holmes, 49th Madras N.I. ; he 
d. , and she re-m. 15 July, 1865, to George 
Harvey Jav, Esq. D.L. of Early Wood Lodge, Bagshot; he 
d. 5 Nov. 1881, aged 69. 

(4) Hose Charlotte, m. to Dominick Dillon-Trant, 
Esq. of Belgrade Castle, co. Dublin. 

/6/ Anne, m. to William Henry, eldest son of 

William Henry Worthington, Esq. of Sandiway Bank, co. 

Chester; he bur. 12 May, 1834, leaving a dau.— Harriet Anne 


in Martha Henrietta, m. , to W Daneford, 

[4] Henry Quin, lieut.-col. in the army; d. s. p. 1810, 

having m. May, 1804, Maria Bowles of Mount Prospect, co. 

com.-in-chief of Cejion. col. 94th regt. Q.M.n. created a 
Baronet 9 Mar. 1816 ; b. 8 Feb. 1758; d. 27 May, 1833, ha\-ing 
m. 1st — 8 April, 1783, Elizabeth Catherine, 5th dau. of William 
Lewis, of Cornwall, Jamaica; she d. 14 April, 1804. He m. 
2ndly— 27 June, 1818, Sophia, dau. of Rev. Alexander Bisset, 
D.D. of Knighton House, I.W. chancellor of Armagh, archdeacon 
pf Connor, and rector of Kilmore (sister of William Bisset, 
bishop of Raphoe); she d. s. p. 25 April, 1837. By his 1st wife 
he had 2 sons and a dau. 

[1] Robert James, lieut.-col. in the army, b. 23 Dec. 1790; d. 
10 May, 1822, having m. 9 July, 1816, Emma, dau. of Major- 
Gen. Colebrooke Nisbet. and had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Robert 'William Colebrooke, 2nd and pre- 
sent Baronet. 

(2) Henry Moore, of Maidenhead and of London, wine mer- 
chant, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; b. 17 
Oct. 1819; m. 12 Feb. 1863, Ada Cicely Georgiana, dau. of 

Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge, Bart, formerly wife of George 
Stone, Esq. of Blisworth, Northants. and has 2 sons and a 

Henry Ernest, 2n<l Derby mil.; b. 28 Aug. 1863.— Douglas 
Egremont Robert, b. 25 July, 1867.— Beatrice Evelyne. 

(3) Katherine Elizabeth, m. 2 Dec. 1845, to Charles Shapland 
Whitmore, J.P. g.C. bencher of the Inner Temple, judge of 
the Southwark county court, recorder of Gloucester (son of 
Sir George "\\Tiitmore, K.C.H.) ; he d. 17 May, 1877, ha\Tng 
had 3 sons, 

Charles Algernon, b. 24 Feb. 1851.— William Walter, b. 19 
May, 1853.— Edmund Henry, b. 16 Aug. 1858. 

(4) Emma Laura Annie. 

[2] Charles, civil service, Ceylon; b. 4 Oct. 1797 ; d. Jan. 1854, 
leaving a son. — Bernard Ouseley, b. 1844; d. 

[3] Katherine. d. 1 Aug. 1834, having m. 2 Oct. 1811, to Major- 
Gen. Sir John Ross, k.C.B. commanded 52nd regt. at battle of 
Vimeira, d.a.g. Cevlon 1811 14, D.A.G. Ireland, commandant 
depot Isle of Wight 1819; he d. 21 April, 1836. 

BRUCE, Sir William Cuningham, of Sten- 
house, CO. Stirling (1628, N.S.), capt. late 74th 
regt. ; s. his uncle as 9th Baronet in 1862 ; b. 20 
Sept. 1825 ; m. 21 Aug. 1850, Charlotte, dau. of 
Hon. Waller OGrady (V. GuiLLAMORE) : she d. 
16 Oct. 1873, leaving 2 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Michael, lieut. Highland borderers inf. mil.; b. 19 Nov. 


[2] WilUam Waller, b. 27 Sept. 1856. 

[3] Grace Katherine. 

[4] Corinna Maria. 

Arms — Or, a saltire and chief gu., in dexter chief point a 

shield arg., the chief sa. 

Crest — On a cap of maintenance purpure turned up emi. a 

dexter arm, from the shoulder armed, resting on the elbow, 

and holding a sceptre all ppr. 

Supporters (granted 1801) — Dexter, a chevalier in complete 

armour having a plume of feathers on his helmet, and holding 

a sceptre in his right hand as in the crest, all ppr. Sinister, a 

lion az, crowned with the crown of Robert I. and gorged with 

that of David II. chained with an antique chain or. 

Mottoes — Over the crest, " Fuimus ; " under the shield, " Do 

well, and doubt not." 

SEAT— Stenhouse, Falkirk, co. Stirling 




SIH ALEXANDER DE BRUS, of Airtli (descended from 
Edward, brother of Sir Robert de Bnis, ancestor of the 
Earls of Elgin, &c.), had a charter from Q. Mary -n-ith consent 
of the Regent Arran on his father's resignation of part of Airth 
1547 ; m. Janet, dau. of Alexander, oth Lord Livingstone (by 
Agnes, dau. of John, Earl of Morton, whose mother was the 
Princess Johanna, dau. of JAMES I. of Scotland); he d. 1603, 
liaving had 5 sons, 

[1] William, died in his father's lifetime ; m. Jean, dau. of 
John, oth Lord Fleming ; she d. Oct. 1630 ; will dated 6 Aug. 
preceiling; had 3 sons, viz.: — 

(1) Sir John, m. Margaret dau. of Alexander, 4th Lord 
Elphinstone, male line extinct on the death of Sir Alexander 
in Sept. 1665. 

(2) Sir William, created a Baroxet. 

(3) Patrick, of Newtoune, d. in 1655, having m. Janet, 2nd 
dau. of late John Jackson, of Eilinburgh, merchant (by 
Rachel, dau. of Joseph Johnston, of Hilton, and had with 
other issue a sou, 

Michael, ancestor of Sir Henry Hervey Bruce, Bart, (see 

next title.) 
[2] Robert, ancestor of the Kinnaird family. 
[3] Sir John, ancestor of the Kiucavel family. 
[4] Sir Alexander, ancestor of the Bangour family. 
[5] Robert, of Garwell, a priest. 

SIR A\T:lLIAJI BRUCE, of Stenhouse, which he received 
from his gpindfather. Sir Alexander, to " remain ^vith him 
and his heirs," Wiis created a Kxight-Baronet of Nova 

Scotia 29 Sept. 1628; d. Feb. 1630, having m. dau. and 

heir of Gen. Middleton, of Lethem, by whom he had a dau. 
He m. 2ndly, Kacliel, dau. of Joseph Jolmstoun, of Hilton, 
Berwicks. an<l widow of John Jackson, of Edinburgh, merchant. 
His descendant, 

SIR WILLIAJI, 7tll Baronet (on the death of his father Sir 
Michael 1 Nov. 1795); d. 17 Nov. 1827, having m. June 
1795, Anne Colquhoun, dau. of Sir William Cunningham- 
Fairlie, Bai-t. and had with other issue 3 sons, 
[1] Sir Michael, 8th Baronet; b. 31 Mar. 1798; d. s. p. 14 Dec. 
1862, having m. 10 June, 1822, Isabella, only child of Alexander 
Moir, Esq. of Scotstoun, Aberdeensh.; she d. 19 Nov. 1867. 
[2] William Cuningham, Bombay c.s.; b. 14 Nov. 1798; d. 11 
Nov. 18 J2, having m. 1820, Jane, dau. of William Clark, 

Esq. of London, and had, with other issue, 5 sons and 2 dans. 

(1) Sir 'William Cuningham, Oth and present Baronet. 

(2) Ronald, late an officer Bombay army; b. 18 Oct. 1831, 

(3) Michael Robert, lieut.-gen. in the army (retil.), late brevet- 
col, and lieut.-col. Bombay S.C.; b. 14 Dec. 1832; m. 5 Mar. 1858, 
Lorina Mary Anne, eldest dau. of Col. Wilson, Bombay army 
(Bart.), and has a son and dau. 

Ronald Berners, b. 29 Dec. 1863.— Amy Eveleen. 

(4) Arthur Neil, capt. E.I.C.S. political agent at Haraotee; 
b. 27 Jan. 1838; d. 8 June, 1869, at Rajpootana, having m. 
28 Mar. 1863, Marian Katherine, eldest dau. of John Murray, 
surgeon-gen. Bengal M.S. (she re-m. 29 Aug. 1876, to Thomas 
Collett Sandars, Esq. of London), and had 2 sons, 

Arthur Francis, b. Dec. 1863. — William Cuningham, b. 
Oct 1866. 

(5) Anne Harriet, m. Ist^— 13 Mar. 1841, to William Russell 
Simpson, capt. 28th Bombay, N.I.; he d. 21 Jan. 1848, having 
had 3 sons, 

/!/ George Biiice Simpsox, b. 16 Jan. 1842. 

/2/ AVilliam Edward, capt. 28th Bombay native infantry, 

b. 12 Jan. 1845; d. unm. 4 Jan. 1877. 

/3/ Clifton Henry, b. 24 May, 1847. 
Mrs. SIMPSOX re-m. — 6 Aug. 1850, Freiherr von Gersteiu 
Hohenstein, major 2nd Prussian dragoons ; he d. 3 Sept. 
1868, and had a son, 

/4/ Ernst VOX Gerstein Hohexstein, Ueut. Prussian 

grenadier guards, b. 20 July, 1851. 

(6) Emma, m. 1st— 27 Oct. 1846, to Edward Henry Simpson, 
major 2nd regt. Bombay light cavalry; he d. 24 Dec. 1861, 
leaving 3 daus. 

/I/ Katherine Augusta SiMPSOX, m. to Joshua King, Esq. 

Bombay C.S. 

/2/ Alice Isabel. /3/ Ada Henrietta. 

Mrs. SIMPSON re-m.— 21 Aug. 1862, to Col. Robert Lewis 
Taylor, c.B. E.I.C.S. commissioner to Herat 1857, and has 
a dau. 

/4/ Emmeline Tatlor. 

(7) Ada Catherine, m. 21 Jan. 1865,to James Waller O'Grady, 
lieut. K.N. (V. Guillamore.) 

[3] Alexander Fairlie, Madras C.S. b. 31 Aug. 1799; d. 25 June, 
1875, having m. 2ndly— 27 Feb. 1827, Marion Harriet, dau. of 
Robert Cathcart, of Drum, Edinburgh.; she d. 29 Nov. 1852, 
having had 8 sons and a dau. 
(1) Alexander .James, major-gen. in the army, late col. Madras 
S.c. twenty years in the Mysore commission; b. 24 Dec. 1828; 
m. 16 Dec. 1853, Marianne, dau. ot J. F. Thomas, Esq. and 
has 4 sons and a dau. 
(1) Alexander Fairlie, b. 3 Nov. 1854.— r2) John Fryer, b. 
19 Jan. 1858.— (3) Robert Cathcart, b. 8 Sept. 1859. — (4) 
Michael, b. 6 June, 1866. 

(5) Diana Harriet, m. 4 Sept. 1879, to William, only son 
of late Lieut. A. Bremner, Madras army. 

(2) George Cadell, C.E. b. 23 Jan. 1830; m. 16 June, 1855, 
Roberta, dau. of R Cadell, of Ratho, and has 2 sous 
and 2 daus. 

(3) John Clinton 'Whish, lieut.-col. Madras S.C. b. 24 Oct. 1833. 

(4) Francis Stewart,, b. 27 Aug. 1835. 

(5) Charles Chesney, b. 15 July, 1837; m. 1 Oct. 1873, E 
Anne, dau. of Callaghan, and has a son and 2 daus. 

(6) Edward Buckle, b. 24 Sept. 1838. 

(7) Eliot Armstrong, M.S.C. capt. 37th Madras N.l. b. 9 Aug. 
1840; m. 9 Aug. 1861, Mary, dau. of Rev. E Dawson, 
and has 5 sons and a dau. 

(8) Michael McCubbin, b. 15 Nov. 1814. 

(9) Mary Anne Cathcart, m. 5 Sept. 1877, to Rev. James 
Cooper, F.c. of Ellsridge Hill, Bigfar, N.B. 

Mr. A. Fairlie Bruce m. 3rdly— 16 Aug. 1860, Janette Dickie, 
2nd dau. of late Robert Perrv, Esq. Glasgow, and had a son, 

(10) Robert Perry, b. 1 Aug. 1861. 

BRUCE, Sir Henry 
Her-vtey, of Down 
Hill, CO. Londonderry 
(180i, U.K.); high sheriff 
1846, lord-lieut., hon. col. 
Londonderry mil. M.P. 
Coleraine 1862/74, 1880; 
formerly 1st life guards ; 
s. his father as 3rd Baro- 
net in 1836 ; b. 22 Sept. 
1820 ; m. 12 July, 1842, 
Marianne Margaret, only 
dau. of Sir J. Granville 
Juckes Clifton, Bart, of 
Clifton, Notts, (ext.), and 
has 2 sons, 

(1) Hervev Juckes Llovd, capt. and lieut.-col. Coldstream 
guards 18f8; b. 5 Oct. 1843 ; m. 15 Jan. 1872, Ellen Maud, 
youngest dau. of Percy Ricardo, Esq. of Bramley Park, Surrey, 
and has 4 sons, 

Hervey Ronald and Percy Robert, twins, b. 9 Dec. 1872. — 
William, b. 12 July, 1876.- -A son, b. 1 Nov. 1880. 

(2) James Andrew Thomas, com. R.N. b. 15 July, 1846; m. 27 
June, 1877, Catherine Mary Philippa, elder dau. of late Col. 
Edwin Wodehouse, C.B. R.A. (E. KlMBERLET). 

Abms — Or, on a saltire gu. a harp arg., a chief of the second on 

a canton arg. a hon rampant az. 

Crest — A lion passant az., holding in his dexter paw a trefoil 

slipped ppr. 

Motto — Fuimus. 

Seat — Down Hill, near Coleraine. 

Town House— 7, Portmau Square, 'W. 


MICHAEL BRUCE, clerk, of Killinchy, co. Down, im- 
prisoned at Westminster for officiating in private as a 
minister of the gospel (youngest son of Patrick Bruce, of New- 
toune (see preceding article) ; biu-. at Anwortli. Wigtonsh. 1693, 
having m. (marriage contract 30 May, 16.59) Jean, dau. of 
Robert Bruce, of Kinnaird, killed at tlie battle of Naseby (and 
sister of Col. Robert Bruce, of Kinnaird. of the life guards ot 
Charles II.; d. of wounds received at Worcester), by whom 
lie had several children. His son and heir, 

JAMES BRUCE, clerk, of Killvleagh, co. Down, 1685, until 
his death, wiU dated Feb. 1725; m. 25 Sept. 1685, Mar- 
garet, dau. of Col. James Traill, of Tolychin, co. Down; she 
was bur. 25 May, 1706, having liad with other issue 2 sons, 
(la) Michael, clerk, of Hollywood, co. Down, 1711; b. 27 July, 
1686, and bur. there 1735; m."7 June, 1716, Mary Ker, and left 
a son, 

SAMUEL, of Dublin, clerk, b. Mar. 1722; d. 12 Feb. 1767, 
having m. Mar. 1751, Rose, dau. of Robert Rainey, of Mag- 
herafelt, co. Antrim ; she d. , 1807, having had with 

other issue 2 sons, 

[lb] William. of Belfast, D.D. b. 30 July,1757; d.27 Feb.l84l, 
having m. 25 Jan. 1788, Susannah, sister of Mr. John Hutton, 
of Dublin; she d. 1819, having had 4 sons and 4 daus. 



Ill Samuel, of Belfast, b. , 1789, d. 4 May; 1845, 

having m. 20 Dec. 1832, Annette, dau. of James Ferguson, 
of Whitepark, co. Antrim ; she d. Aug. 1860, having had 
3 sons, 

(1) William Bobert, of Tliomdale, co. Antrim, bar.-at- 
law I.'l". 1859, mii-stcr of the court of queen's bench 
Ireland 1880; b. 1 Oct. 1833; m. 11 Aug. 1870, Florence 
Helen, 2nd dau. of George Alexander Osborne, of London, 
and has 4 daus. 

Enid.— Lilian Florence.— Louie Mary.— A dau. b. 12 
Dec. 1877. 

(2) James, of Benburb, co. TjTone, lord of the manor, 
J.P.; b. 13 April, 1835; ni. 4 Jan. 1877, JIary Hogg, dau. 
of William Thompson, SI.D. and reUct of George Mitchell, 
of Lisbum, co. Antrim. 

(3) Samuel, of Comber, co. Down, and Springfort, co. 
Cork; b. 19 Aug. 1838; m. 17 June, 1878, Louisa Julia, 
3rd dau. of Sir George Conway Colthurst, Bart, and has 
a son and dau. 

A son, b. 3 June, 1880.— May. 
/2/ William, of Belfast, clerk, m.a. t.C.d.; b. 16 Nov. 1790; 
d. 25 Oct. 1868, having m. 20 May, 1823, Jane E 
dau. of Smith, of Belfast; she d. 27 Nov. 1878, 

having had 3 sons and 6 daus. 

(1) William, d. unm. 7 Nov. 1808. 

(2) Samuel, d. unm. 6 Mar. 1871. 

(3) Henrj', b. 4 Oct. 1839, unm. 

(4) Margaret, m. 3 May, 1854, to Lucius Octavius Hut- 
ton, and has a son and 2 daus 

Arthiu- William HUTTOX, b. 9 Dec. 1857. 
Helen Margaret — Alice. 

(5) Susan. (6) Jane. (7) Eliza. 

(8) Maria, m. 1 Sept. 1859, to Herbert Darbishire, Esq. 
and has a son and 2 daus. 

Herbert Dukinfield DARBISHIRE, b. 13 May, 1863. 

Edith Mary — Maria. 

(0) Charlotte. 

/3/ Haliday, of Glennagerah House, Dublin, stockbroker 
and notary public ; b. ; d. Dec. 1856, having 

m. 17 Jan. 1822, his cousin Anne, dau. of Robert Bruce, of 
Bristol ; she d. Maj' 1848, having had a son and 3 daus. of 
whom the only survivor, 
Eliza, m. May 1863, to John Couch Adams, Lowndean 
professor of astronomy and geometry, and director of 
the Observatory, Cambridge. 
/4/ Henry, of London, and sometime of Demerara, mer- 
chant, and a member of the government there ; b. Oct. 
1797 ; d. 31 Aus. 1864, having m. 22 June, 1835, Mary, dau. 
of John Swan wick, Esq. of LiveriJOol, and had with other 
issue 8 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Henry Michael, b. 13 April, 1839.— (2) Alexander, 
d. unm. 11 AprU, 1868.— (3) William WaUace, b. 18 Jan. 
1846.— (4) Emily.— (5) Mary Louisa. 

(6) Clara, m. 2 July, 1869, to Bussell Swanwick, Esq. of 
Cirencester, and has a dau. Hilda Marj-, b. 27 Nov. 1879. 

(7) Katherine. 

/5/ Elizabeth, m. to William Curry, M.P. master in chan- 
cery, Irelaml; d. s. p. 

/6/ Emily, m. to John Strong Armstrong, and had with 
otlier issue 4 sons. 

/7/ Maria, m. to Edward Hilton, M.D.; d. s. p. 
/8/ Susannah, d. young. 

[2b] Robert, of Bristol, merchant; b. ; d. 

having m. Mary, dau. of Edye, of that city ; 

she d. , having had 2 sons and a Uau. 

/I/ Robert, of Bristol, b. d. having 

m. Isabella, dau. of Palmer, of that city; she d. 8 

Feb. 1880, aged 79, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Robert, b. m. Rosa, dau. of 

Boulton, of , and had a son. — Robert 


(2) JIary Anna Isabella. 

/2/ William, bar.-at-law ; d. at Cape Colony 31 Dec. 1877, 
having m. Eliza Dovcy. 
/3/ Anne, m. to Haliday Bruce aforesaid. 
(2a) Patrick, minister of Dninibo, co. Down, of Killallan, Scot- 
land, and lastly of Killyleagh ; b. 11 April, 1692 ; d. 9 April, 
1731 , having m. 10 Mar. 1718, Margaret, dau. of James Hamilton, 
of Ladyland, Galloway, and had with 4 daus. 3 sons, of whom 
the eldest, 

James Bruce, of Killeagh, b. 1720; d. 8 June, 1783, 

having m. 23 Sept. 1762, Henrietta, j'oungest dau. of Rev. 
and Hon. Hervey Aston, n.l). (4th son of John, 1st Earl of 
Bristol); she d. 1708, having had 2 sous, 

(1) Henry Hervey Aston, created a Baronet. 

(2) Sir Stewart, gent, uslier of tlie castle of Dubhn, and 
genealogist of tlie most illustrious order of St. Patrick ; 
created a BAROXET 24 Dec. 1812; d.s.p. 19 Mar. 1841, having 
m. 18 Oct. 1838, Enmia, dau. of James Hamsbottom, of Clewer 
Lodge, Winilsor; she re-m. — 18 Oct. 1849, to Bernard Ernest 
Julc de Koetteritz, col. imix-rial guard of Russia. 

Hill, was created a Baronet 29 June, 1804; b ; 

d. 17 Oct. 1822, having m. 10 Nov. 1786, Letitia, dau. of 
Rev. Henry Barnard, d.d. of Bovagh, co. Londonderry (grand- 
dau. of William Barnard, bisliop of Derry, and niece of Thomas 
Barnard, bishop of Limerick); she d. 11 April, 1816, having 
had with other issue 3 sons and 6 daus. 

(1) Sir James Robertson, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(2) Sir Henry William, admiral K.c.B. ; b. 2 Feb. 1792 ; d. 14 

Dec. 1863, having m. 1st— 9 Feb. 1822, Jane, 2nd dau. of Sir 
Alexander Inglis Cocljrane ; she d. 22 June, 1830, having had 
with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

[1] Henry Stewart Beresford, of Ballyscullin House, co. 
Londonderry J. P. Antrim, major and hon. lieut.-col. 2nd 
r. Lane, militia, and formerly 1st lieut. riHe brigade; b. 
1824 ; ni. 1846, Marietta, dau. of John Hill, Esq. of 

Bellaghy Castle, co. LondondeiTj', and has with other issue, 
(1) Mary E. T. (eldest dau.), m. 25 Aug. 1881, to John 
Pierse de la Poer Beresford, lieut. S. Wales borderers 
[2] Alexander Hervey,lieut.-col. Bengal S.C.; d. 
1874, having m. Miss Mackinnon ; she died leaving an only 
child, Elizabeth Julia McKinnon, m. 3 June, 1876, to St. 
George Corbet Gore, lieut. R.E. (BART.) 
[3] Jane Letitia Trowbridge, m. 15 Dec. 1853, John Richard 
Alexander, com. R.N. who d. s. p. 19 Jan. 1869. 
AiJMiRAL Sir Henry W. Bruce m. 2ndly, Louisa 

Mary Dah-ymple; she d. , lea\ang a son, 

[4] James, capt. R.N. 

(3) Stewart Craufurd, J. p. and D.L. co. Londonderrv, and lieut.- 
col. Londonden-y militia ; b. 20 Jan. 1801; d. 18 Feb. 1878, 
having m. 6 Dec. 1828, Helen Baillie, dau. of William Alves, 
Esq. of Enham Place, Hants.; she d. 23 Sept. 1873, having had 
a son and 2 daus. 

[1] Stewart Hervey, brevet-major 102nd royal Madras fusi- 
liers, capt. 63rd regt. and 91st highlanders, late gov. London- 
deiTy CO. prison ; b. 10 July, 1834 ; m. 19 Jan. 1864, Frances 
Anna Maria, eldest dau. of Henry C. R. Becher, Q.C. of Thorn- 
wood, London, Ontario, Canada West, and has 3 sons and 
2 daus. 
Henry Becher, b. 17 Feb. 1866.— Stewart Alexander, b. 2 
Jime, 1870. — Hervey Charles, b. 6 June, 1872. — Helen 
Stewart. — Ethel Caroline. 
[2] Helen Sarah, d. 7 Oct. 1877, having m. 10 Feb. 1858, as 
1st wife, to Rev. Henry Vere Packe, rector of Shangton, co. 
Leic. and had 4 sons and 2 daus. 
Robert Christopher PACKE, b. 3 Dec. 1860; d. 10 Feb. 1877. 
—Vere, b. 25 Dec. 1802.— Edward Henry, b. 21 Feb. 1864.— 
Horace, b. 22 Mar. 1856.— Emily Catlierinc.— Madeline. 
[3] Madeline Anne Ellen ; m. 9 July, 1878, to Rev. Edward 
Marston, rector of Holy Trinity, Chester. 

(4) Letitia, deceased. 

(5) Frances Elizabeth, sister of the community of St John 
Baptist, Clewer; d. 18 Feb. 1876. 

(6) Fridiswid, deceased. (7) Ehzabeth Louisa. 

(8) Harriet Frances, deceased. 

(9) Anne Isabella; d. 16 .Julr,lS78, aged 69. 

QIR JAMES ROBERTSON BRUCE, 2n(i Baronet, b. 4 Sept. 
O 1788 ; d. 22 April, 1836, having m. 20 Sept. 1819, Ellen, 
youngest dau. of Robert Bamford Hesketh, Esq. of (iwyrch 
Castle, CO. Denbigh.; she d. 14 July, 1804, having had 4 sons 
and 3 daus. 

[1] Sir Henry Hervey, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] James Andrew, M.A. vicar of King's Sutton, Oxon. 1864/73; 
b. 13 April, 1822; unm. 

[3] Robert, col. late 23rd fusiliers, deputy-inspector-gen. 
royal Irish constabulary, late chief constable of Lane. ; b. 17 
Feb. 1825 ; m. 1 Feb. 1859, Mary Cai-oline, only dau. of late Sir 
J. M. Biirgoyne, Bart, and has a dau.— Lilian Amy. 
[4] Lloyd Stewart, canon of Y'ork, rector of Carlton in 
Lindrick, Notts, chaplain to His Grace the Archbishop of York, 
rm-al dean; b. 1 Aug. 1829; m. 1st— 6 Oct. 1803, Jane, dau. of 
James Henry Skene, Esq. Il.M. consul at Aleppo; she d. 30 
Sept. 1880. He m. 2ndly— 1 June, 1881, Ann, widow of Samuel 
Parker, F.R.C.S. of Shefifield. By his 1st wife he had 4 sons 
and 7 daus. 
Robert Douglns, b. 30 Mai-. 1807.— Lloyd Hen-ey, b. 21 April, 
1808. — Francis Rosslyn Courtcncy, b. 14 Aug. 1871. — Wilfrid 
Montagu, b. 20 Oct. 1874. — Ellen Mary and Zoe Marj', twins. — 
Irene Mai-y. — Gi'ace Guendolen, twin with her brother Lloyd. 
—Rosamond Hilda.— Helen Jane Theodora.— Edith Agnes 
[5] EUen Letitia, m. 16 April, 1857, to Rev. Albert Boudier, 
curate of Horsham, and has a son, 

John Hervey BoiuiER, b. 20 Mar. 1859. 
[6] Frances Anne Helen, sister superior of All Saints, Balti- 
more, U.S. 

[7] Louisa Elizabeth Margaret, m. 30 Oct. 1860, to Rev. 

John (Edwards) Baghot De la Bere, vicar of Prestbui-y, co. 

Glouc. by R.L. 31 May, 1879, he assumed the surnames and 

arms of B.VGllOT and DE I, A BERE in lieu of his patronymic 

Edwards, and has had with other issue 4 sons and 4 daus. 

Cvril De la Bcre BAfilloi-DE l,A Bkre, b. 10 April, 1864.— 

Basil Baghdtt Do la Bere, b. 21 Jan. 1868.— John Baghott De 

la Bcre, b. 28 Mar. 1870.— Michael Patrick De la Bere, b. 17 

Oct. 1874.— Etheldrcda Mary.— EUen Bridget Mary.— Agatha 

Mary. — Winifrid Mary Bruce. 

Jones-Beydges— see Jones. 




BUCHAN-HEPBUKN, Sir Thomas, of Smeaton 
Hepburn, co. Haddington (1815, U.K.), J.p. 
D.L. and M.P. co. Haddington 18.38/47; s. his father 
as 3rd Baronet in 1833; b. 30 Sept. 1804; m. 28 
July, 1835, Helen, youngest dau. of Archibald 
Little, Esq. of Shabden Park, Surrey, and has 2 
sons and 4 daus. 

(1) John George, late lieut. 9th lancers; b. 24 Sept. 1841. 

(2) Archibald, b. 12 Mar. 1852. 

(3) Agnes, m. 16 Sept. 1809, to James, only son of Col. 
McDouall, of Logan, co. Wigton, J.P. and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Andrew Kenneth McDOUALL, b. 6 Aug. 1870.— Nigel Douglas, 
b. 4 Feb. 1872.— Helen Ethel. 

(4) Mary Turner. 

(5) Jane, m. 13 Aug. 1867, to Major and Lieut.-Col. David 
Milne-Home, H.U.G. blue (Milxe), of Paxton, co. Berwick. 

(6) Enuly. 

Arms— -Quarterly, 1st and 4th, CtU. on a chevron arg. a rose 

between two lions rampant of the first, HEPBURN. 2nd and 

3rd, Arg. three lions' heads erased gu. Buchax. 

Crests — 1st, A horse arg. furnished gu. tied to a yew-tree ppr. 

Hepburn. 2nd, The sun in the dexter chief with a sunflower 

in full blow open to it ppr. BUCHAN. 

Supporters — Dexter, alien gu. Sinister, a heron with an eel 

in its beak ppr. 

Mottoes — " Domum antiquam redintegi-are," and below the 

shield, " Keep traist." " Non inferiora seoutus." 

Seat— Smeaton-Hepburn, Prestonkirk, Haddington. 


GEORGE BTJCHAN, clerk to the lords of session as com- 
missioner of teinda, had charters of lands of Cumledge 
and others 3U Nov. 1730. and of lands of Newton of Whitsome 
12 Feb. 1740; d. 5 Mar. 1760, aged 78, having m. Ist— 
dau. of Hay, of Balbithan, co. Aberdeen, and had a son, 

(1) John, of whom hereafter. 

GEORGE BUCHAN m. 2ndly— 7 April, 1734, Christian, dau. 
of Sir Francis Grant, of Cullen, Bart, lord of session ; she d. 4 
Aug. 1784, aged 80, leaving a son, 

(2) George, of Kelloe, father of George, of Kelly. 

JOHN BUCHAN, of Letham, co. Haddington, d. 21 Nov. 
1792, having m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Patrick Hepburn, 
of Smeaton same county (by Marian, dau. of Sir George Suttie, 
of BalgoniCjBart.); she d. 14 Oct. 1742, having had 3 sons and 
a dau. 

(1) Sir George, created a Baronet. 

(2) Patrick, capt. E.l.c.S. fell at the siege of Taiijour 1771. 

(3) John, w.S. solicitor to coiurt of exchequer Scotland. 

(4) Marion, d. 9 Aug. 1810, having m. to Robert Cathcart of 
Genock, co. Wigton. 

JOHN BUCHAN m. 2ndly, Anne, sister of George Broun, of 
Coalston, co. Haddington, a lord of session and justiciary ; she 
d. 26 Feb. 1790, having had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(5) Charles, of Wliitsome, d. s. p. 

(6) Hew, col. E.l.c.S. d. unm. 

(7) Francis Buchan-Sydserf, of Ruchlaw; m. Matilda, dau. 
and heir of John Sydserf, of Ruchlaw, and had with other issue 
a son, 

John Buchan-Sydserf, of Ruchlaw; d. 1839, having 
m. Marguerite, dau. of Thomas Olivier, Esq. of St. 

Anne's, Alilerney, and had with other issue an eldest son : viz. 

Thomas Buchan-Sydserf, of Ruchlaw, J.P. ; b. 1822; 

m. 1847, Margaret Higgins, dau. of late John 

Mowbray, Esq. of Hartwood, Midlothian, and has wth other 
issue a son, 

John, b. 1848. 

(8) William, capt. R.M. d. unm. 

(Q) Alexander, lieut. Bengal R.A. fell at Seringapatam, 6 Feb. 

(10) Anne, m. to Thomas Lithgow, Esq. and d. s. p. 

(11) Jane, m. to John Ross, of Balkail, and was mother of Sir 
Hew Dalrymple Ross, K.C.B. 

(12) Mary, m. to John Cadell, of Cockenzie. 

Sm GEORGE BUCHAN-HEPBURN succeeded to the barony 
of Smeaton-Hepburn on the death of his uncle (Jcorge 
Hepburn in 1764, and therefore assumed the surname and 
arms of Hepburn, of Smeaton, member of the faculty of 
advocates 1763, solicitor to the lords of session 1767/90, judge 
of the high coiut of admiralty in Scotland, baron of the 
exchequer 31 Dec. 1800/14, was created a Baronet 6 May, 
1815; d. 3 July, 1819, having m. 1st, Jane, eldest dau. of 
Alexander Leith, of Glenkindv and Freefield, co. Aberdeen 
(BART.) He m. 2ndly— 19 April, 1781. Margaretta Henrietta, 
dau. of John Zacharias Beck, Esq. of Saxe (3otha (and widow 
1st of Capt. Grant, second in command at Plassy 22 June, 
1757, one of the 14 sons of Alexander Grant, of Skewglie, 
Inverness; widow, 2ndly, of Brigadier-Gen. Eraser, who fell at 
Saratoga 7 Oct. 1777) ; she d. s. p. By his 1st wife he had an 
only son, 

Sm JOHN, 2nd Baronet ; b. 17 June, 1776 ; d. 8 Oct. 1833, 
having m. 29 Aug. 1800. Mary Tm-ner, only dau. of Thomas 
Hog, of Newliston, co. Linlithgow (and of his 1st wife, Mary 
Julian, 2nd dau. of James, 7th Earl of Lauderdale) ; she d. 20 
Feb. 1854, having had 2 sons and a dau. 
/I/ Sir Thomas, 3rd and present Baronet. 
/2/ John Buchan, of Clune, Fifes.; b. 29 May, 1806 ; d. 12 Dec. 
1874, having m. 31 May, 1837, Margaret Sophia, youngest dau. 
of Archibald Henry Swinton, Esq. of Warsash, Hants.; she d. 
13 Feb. 1873, having had 7 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) John. capt. late 6tli dragoon guards; b. 30 April, 1840. 

(2) Archibald,capt. Bengafs.c. and 26th Punjab inf.; b. 7 
Aug. 1841 ; m. 31 .July, 1874, Janet Linning, 3rd dau. of 
Randal Callander, Esq. H.M. consular service Brazil. 

(3) Thomas, b. 24 Mav, 1846.— (4) "William, b. 1 Dec. 1847. 
—(5) Roger, b. 18 May, 1852.— (6) Samuel Swinton, b. 7 
July, 1853.— (7) Walton Scott, b. 10 Sept. 1856. 

(8) Louisa, m. 7 Nov. 1866, to Lieut.-Col. Thomas Ignatius 
Maria Hog, R.A. 1st class commissary of ordnance, Bangalore. 

(9) Mary Tm-ner, m. 13 Dec. 1866, to William Waller Hooper, 
Esq. of Dodwell Lodge, Bm'lesdon, Hants. 

(10) Harriet. 
/3/ Mary Julians. 




BUCHANAN, Eight Hon. Sir Andeew, 
P.C., G.C.B. "of Craigend Castle, co. Stir- 
ling," created a Baeoxet U Dec. 1878, c.b. 

1857, K.c.B. 18G0, G.C.B. 1866, diplomatic service 
182.5/78, charge d'affaires St. Peter.sburg 1844/ol. 
minister at Berne 18.52, envoy Denmark 1853, Spain 

1858, Netherlands 1860, ambassador Berlin 1862. 
St. Petersburg 1864, Vienna 1871/7; b. 7 May, 1807; 
m. 1st — 4 April, 1839, Frances Katharine, dau. of 
"Very Rev. Edward Mellish, of Rushall Hall, co. 
Staff, dean of Hereford ; she d. 4 Dec. 1854. He 
m. 2ndly — 27 May, 1857, Hon. Georgiana Eliza 
Stuart, 3rd dau. of Robert Walter, 11th Lord Blan- 
tyre. By his 1st wdfe he has had 5 sons and 4 

(1) James, com. R.X. (retd.); b. 7 Aug. 1840; m. 19 Feb. 1873, 
Arabella Catherine, youngest dau. of Goodwin Charles Colquit- 
Craven, of Brockhampton Park, co. Glouc. (E. Craa'EX). 

(2) Edward, b. 4 June, 1844; d. unni. 2y June, 1870. 

(3) Eric Alexander, b. 19 Aug. 1848. 

(4) Andrew Archibald, b. 16 Jan. 1850. 

(5) George William, 2ud sec. diplomatic service ; b. 25 Nov. 

(6) Florence Jane, m. 8 May, 1865, to Maxwell Fox, of Annagh- 
more. King's co. J.r. 1>.L. com. R.N. (retd.), s. p. 

(7) Frances Matilda, m. 'J Dec. 187.S, to John WilUs Clark, 
M.A. late fellow Trin. Coll. Camb. and has 2 sons, 

Edward MelUsh CLARK, b. 25 Sept. 1874.— William Henry, b. 
1 Jan. 1876. 

(8) Louisa, m. 23 Aug. 1871, to Sir George Francis Bonham, 

(9) Janet Sinclair. 

Arms — Or, a lion rampant aa. between two otters' heads erased 
in chief ppr. and a cinquefoil in base of the second all within 
the royal tressure of the last. 

CRKST— An armed dexter hand holiUng a cap of dignity 
purpura turned up ermine. 

SUPPORTKlls (G.c.R.) — Dexter, a falcon wings elevated and 
addorsed ppr. belled and lieaked or. Sinister, a gryphon sa. 
cacli charged on the breast with two branches of laurel con- 
joined or. 

Motto — Nunquam victus. 
Towx House— 19, Manchester Square, W. 


f"~t EOUGE BUCHANAN, of Glasgow, merchant, had 4 sons 
X and a dau. 
[1] George, a merchant, who (with his brothers) were the 
original jiromoters of the Buchanan Societj-, founded 1725, for 
the support of the poor of the clan; male line said to be ex- 
tinct. On 22 Aug. 1870, at Trinity, N.F.L.U. Arthur Buchanan, 
i;»q. grandson ot late George Buchanan, of Hcathfield and 
Wilton in Jamaica, and representative of Bailie George 

Buchanan, of Glasgow, founder of the Buchanan Society, aged 

36. Ob. col. Times, 3 Nov. 1870. 

[2] Andrew, of Drumpellier and Mount Vernon, co. Lanark, 

grandfather of 

DavidCarrick-Buchaxan, whotook the additional sur- 
name of Carrick, and d. 20 May, 1827, having m. 29 May, 
1788, Elizabeth, dau. of Kobert Gilliam, of Moimt Alta, Vir- 
cinia, U.S.A. and had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Kobert, of Drumpellier; b. 31 Oct. 1797; d. 7 Feb. 1841, 
having m. 16 July, 1824, Sarah Maria Clotilde, eldest dau. of 
Sir Joseph Wallis Hoare, Bart.; she d. 6 April, 1881, having 
(re-m. to late Charles, son of Admiral Raper, of Ilmer, Bucks.) 
had 3 sons, 

/I/ David Carrick Eoljert Carrick-Buclianan, of Dnini- 
pellier, &c. c.b. J.p. i».i.. Lanark and Kenfrew, lieut.-col. 
com. 2nd royal Lanark mil. 2nd dragoons 1845/9; b. 16 .'^pt. 
1825; m. 22"Mar. 1849, Frances Jane, elder dau. and coheir 
of Anthony Lefrov, of Carrickglass, co. Longford, LL.n. 
(M.P. Dublin University 1858 70, co. Longford 1830/7), s. p. 
/2/ Wallis O'Brjen Hastings, 92nd highlanders; b. 17 Kov. 
1H26; d. s. p. 18"Mar. 1855, having m. , Anna, 

dau. of Albany Savile, Esq. of Oakhampton Park, Devon. 
/3/ George, capt. Scots greys; d. uuni. Nov. 1863. 

(2) Andrew, of Greenfield, co. Lanark, J.P. u.l,.; b. 28 Nov. 
1799; d. 12 Aug. 1879, having m. 27 Mar. 1826, Bethia Hamil- 
ton, dau. of William Ramsay, Esq. of Gogar, and had with 
other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ Da\-id William Ramsay BUCHANAN, of Ringwood, De- 
vonshire, late capt. royal Lanark mil. and formerly secre- 
tary of commissions in court of chancery; b. 9 Mar. 1834; 
m. 3 Dec. 1863, Lady Katheriue Alicia Hely-Hutchinson, 
eldest dau. of John, 3rd Earl of Donoughmore, K.P. and 
has 2 sons and 2 daus. 
Arthur Louis Hamilton, b. 27 July, 1866. — Nigel Francis 
William, b. 5 Mar. 1870.— Kathleen Mary.— Bethia Char- 
/2/ Hamilton R , b. ; m. 8 Mar. 1869, 

Isaliella, dau. of late Robert BeU, of Stowe, Gladstone, 

/a/ Bethia Hamilton, m. 26 April, 1853, to Sir John Don- 
Wauchope, Bart. 

/4/ Sarah Maria Clotilile, m. 24 Mar. 1870. as 2nd wife, 
to Thomas Dunlop Fiudlay, Esq. of Easterhill. 
/5/ Mary, m. to Andrew, brother of Colin, Lord 


(3) Marian, m. 1 June, 1818, to John Hay, R.X. of Morton, 
CO. Fife. 

(4) Elizabeth, m. to Robert Graham, M.D. pro- 
fessor of botany, Edinburgh. 

[3] Archibald, of Auchintorlie, co. Dumb, by purchase from 
liis brother Andrew, and of Hillington, Renfrew, on the 
death of his brother Niel ; m. Martha, dau. of Peter Murdoch, 
of Rosehill, Renfrew, lord provost of Glasgow, and had with a 
dau. 3 sons, of whom the youngest, 

Andrew, of Ardinconnal, of whom presently. 
[4] Niel, of Hillington, co. Renfrew, M.P. Glasgow burghs 
1741,4 (male line extinct). 
[5] Marv, m. to George Buchanan, of Auchintoshan, co. Dumb. 

ANDilEW BUCHANAN, of Ardinconnal, co. Dumb, and 
of Auchingray, co. Lanark, J.P. D.l..; b. 1 July, 1745; 
d. 14 JiUy, 1833, having m. 3 July, 1769, Jean, eldest dau. of 
.James Deunistoun, of Dennistoun and Colgraiu ; she d. 15 
Sept. 1832, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Archibald, of Auchintorlie, co. Dumb. J.P. D.L. and of 
Hillington, co. Renfrew, J.P. commanded a troop of yeo. cav. 
during the French revolutionary war; b. 13 April, 1773 ; d. 16 
Dec. 1832, having m. 3 June, 1816, Mary, 2nd ilau. of Richard 
Dennistoun, of Kelvin Grove, co. Lanark ; she d. 30 June, 1868, 
having had with other issue 2 sons and 5 daus. 

[1] Andrew, of Auchintorlie, J.P. D.L.; b. 14 Mar. 1817; m. 20 

Nov. 1845, Mary Jemima Duiidas Adamina, youngest dau. of 

Sir James Fergusson, Bart, of Kilkerran, co. Ayr, s. p. 

[2] Richard, capt. late 72nd highlanders; b. 22 Sept. 1830; 


[3] Christina Alston, d. s. p. 10 Jan. 1849, having m. to 

Robert Meiklam, who d. 7 July, 1847. 

[4] .Jane Dennistoun, living unm. 

[5] Mary Dennistoun; b. 26 Jan. 1821; d. unm. 22 Nov. 1870. 

[6] Isabella Dennistoun, living unm. 

[7] Georgina Grace, d. 4 Jan. 1862, having m. 28 July, 1867, 

as 2nd wife, to George Hamiand Fergusson, Esq. (B.^RT.), 

who d. 27 April, 1870. 

(2) James, of Blairvadoch, Ardinconnal, aforesaid, and some- 
time of Craigend Castle, co. Stirhng, J.P. cos. Dumbarton, 
Lanark, and J.P. n.I,. Caithness; b. 26 Jan. 1776; d. 21 Dec. 
1860, having m. 10 Mav, 1805, Laily Janet Sinclair, eldest dau. 
of James, 12th Earl of Caithness; she d. 24 Feb. 1867, having 
had a son and 5 daus. 

[1] Sir Andrew, created a Baronet. 
[2] Helen John Sinclair, m. 6 May, 1828, to William Wootton 
Abnoy, of Mea.shaiu Derby; he d. s. p.s. 22 July, 1866. 
[3] Jane Dennistoun, d. 28 Nov. 1877, having m. 16 Mar. 
1826, to William Tritton, of Wrington, Somerset; he d. 19 
June 1851, having had a son and dau. 

/I/ George .Sinclair Tritton, b. 23 June, 1828. 

/2/ Margaret, m. 21 Feb. 1856, to Alexander James Dennis- 

ttnm-Brown, of Balloch Castle, Dumbartonsh. N.B. J.P. D.L. 

and has 4 daus. 
Isabella Noble Denni.stoun-Brown.— Louisa Howard. 
—Georgina Meta. — Jane Lillias Aune. 



[4] Jane Campbell, m. 29 Oct. 1829, to Richard Fox, of A\v- 

bawii, CO. Cavaii, wlio d. 12 Jiilr, 18G4. 

[5] Charlotte Macgregor JIurray, m. 21 Oct. 1834, to Charles 

Henry Forbes, Esq. of Kiugairloch, co. Argyll, who J. 28 Nov. 


[6] Matilda Frances Harriet, m. 23 Oct. 1844, to Patrick 

JIaitland, of Freugh and Balbreggau, co. Wigtoun, who d. 

8 April, 1859 (E. LAUDERDALE). 

(3) Jessie, d. 23 Mar. 1801, having m. 1 Sept. 1800. to James 
Monteith, of Craighead, Lanai'ks, wlio d. Iti July, 1801. 

(4) Martlia, d. Jan. 183 , having m. 1 June, 1801, to George 
Murdoch Yuille, of Cardross Park, co. Dumbarton; he d. 21 
Jan. 1819 leaving 2 sons and daus. 

Leith-Buchaxan — see Leith. 

Edmund, Ba- 
ronet, so created 11 
Dec. 1868, m.p. 
Newcastle - under - 
Lyme 1865/78. "By 
royal licence, dated 
■1 April, 1864, he 
and liis issue were 
authorised to take 
the surname of 
Buckley, instead of 
that of Peck, and 
to bear the arms of 
Buckley with due 
distinctions"; b. 16 
April, 183-1; m. 14 
Mar. 1860, Sarah, 
eldest dau. of Wil- 
liam Recs, Esq. of Tonn, co. Carmarthen, and has 
had with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Edmund, b. 7 May, 1861. (2) William, b. 10 Jan. 1863 

(3) Mary, d. 28 Sept. 1879. (4) Sarah. (5) Sybil. 

Arms — Sa., a chevron indented between three escocheons arg., 

each charged with a bull's head cabossed of the field, a bordure 

wavy or. 

Ckest — On a mount, a fern brake ppr., and a bull's head 

sable, debruised by a bendlet sinister wavy or. 

Motto — Nee temere nee timide. 

EESIDEXCE— Higher Ard\\ick, Manchester. 


Dilhorn Hall, co. Stafford, Baronet, so 
created 20 Jan. 1866 ; high sheriff 1853 ; m.p. North 
Staffords. 1833/42, 1865/74, and for Stafford 1842/47. 
By R.L. 4 Jan. 1866, he and his issue were authorised 
to take the surname of Manningham before that 
of Buller, and to bear the arms quarterly ; b. 
19 July, 1800 ; m. 1st— 12 Aug. 1824, Mary Anne, 
dau. of Major-Gen. Coote Manningham, and sister 
and heir of Boyd Pollen Manningham ; she d. 20 
une, 1860. He m. 2ndly— 2 June, 1863, Georgina 
Charlotte (widow of Right Hon. George Bankes, of 
Kingston Lacy, Dorset, M.P. judge-advocate-gen. 
d. 5 July, 1856), and only dau. and heiress of Sir 
Charles Edmund Nugent, K.B. G.C.H. admiral of the 
fleet; she d. 7 Dec. 1875. By his 1st wife he had 
with other issue 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Morton Edward, hon. col. (K.o.) 2nd Staff, mil.; b. 31 May, 
1825; m. 12 Feb. 1863, Mary.eldest dau. of William Davenport, 
Esq. of Muer Hall, co. Stafford, and has 3 daus. 

Evelvn Marv. b. 12 April, 1869— Adelaide ilarianne, b. 19 
April, 1871— Lilian, b. 14 Feb. 1874. 

(2) Edward Manningham. col. com. brigade depot Lichfield, 
late lieut.-col. Istbatt'. rifle brigade; b. 11 June. 1828; m. 16 Jan. 
1874, Ladv Anne Coke, 2nd dau. of Thomas William, 2nd Earl 
of Leicester; she d. 23 Jan. 1876, ha\-ing had a son and dau. — 

Mer^'yn Edward, b. 16 Jan. 1876.— Julia. 

(3) Reginald John, major and lieut.-col. grenadier guards 1881; 
b. 26 Feb. 1831. 

(4) Frederick Charles, major and lieut.-col. Coldstream guards 
1881; b. 9 June, 1837 ; m. 28 Jul.v, 1881, Alice Jessie, dau. of 
late William Davenport. Esq. of Maer Hall, Staff. 

(5) Ernest Henry, major Prince Consort's Own rifle brigade 
1881, served m Ziilu war 1879; b. 24 Jlay, 1839. 

(6) Guilietta Komana, d. 20 Sept. 1850, ha-s-ing m. 2 Feb. 1848, 
to Sir Thomas Sutton Western, Bart, who d. 20 June, 1877. 

(7) AdelaideLouisa.d.lS June. 1860, having m. 21 Jan. 1852, to 
John WiUiam Philips, Esq. of Heybridge, co. Stafford (Bart.) 

(8) Teresa Charlotte, m. 14 Dec. 1869. as 2nd wife, to Henry 
Chandos Pole Gell, Esq. of Hopton Hall, Derbyshire. (See also 

A^Rjis—Qxiarterly, 1st and 4th, Sa., on a cross arg. pierced 
quarterly. four eagles displayed pierced of the field, Buller. 
2nd and" 3rd, Sa., a fesse erm., in chief three griffins' heads 
erased or, Maxsixgh.UI. 

Crests— 1st, A Saracen's head aflErontee couped ppr., BULLER. 
2nd, Out of a ducal coronet gu. a talbot's head or, collared gu., 
therefrom a line terminating in a knot sa., MA^■^■I^'GHA3I. 
Mottoes — Aquila non capit A/sv a^iffrlvtiv. 
SEAT — Dilhorn Hall, Cheadle, Staffordshiro. 
Residence— Sheen Elms, East Sheen, s.W. 


SIR FRANCIS BLT.LER. of Lupton House, Devon, Knt. and 
Baronet, so created 28 Nov. 1789 (15th in descent according 
to the visitation of Cornwall 1620, from Radulphus Buller, of 
Wood, Somerset); justice of the common pleas; b. 17 Mar. 1746; 
d. 3 June, 1800, having m. 5 Dec. 1763, Susanna, dau. and 
heiress of Francis Yarde, Esq. of Chm-ston Ferrers, and Ottery 
St. Mary, Devon ; she d. 21 June, 1810, leaving a son, 



SIR FRANCIS BTJLLER-yARDE, of Churston Ferrers, 2nd 
Baronet, wjio took the surname of Bullerin addition to that 
of Yarde by K.L. 26 June, 18(iO, he haviutr previously assumed the 
surname and arms of Yarde, ji.p. for Totnes; b. 28 Sept. 17ti7; 
d. 17 April, 1833. havinp m. 2 June, 17U1, Eliza Lydia.only dan. 
and heiress of John Hollidny, of Dilhornc Hall, Staff; she d. 
1 Nov. 1851, havinp had with 2 daus. 2 sons. 
[1] John, created C.vnoN Cni'RSTOX, of Churston FeiTers, of 
Lupton, Devon, 2 Aug. 1858 (see pedigree at large under that 
title in Peerage). 
[2] Sir Edward, created a Baroxet. 

BUNBURY, Sir Charles James Fox (1681, 
E.); high sherifE SufEolk 1868 ; s. his father 
as 8th Baronet in 18(;0; b. 4 Feb. 1809; m, 31 
May, 1844, Frances Joanna, dau. of Leonard 
Horner, Esq. F.R.S. ; heir presumptive, his brother 

Arms — Arg., on a bend sa. three chessrooks of the field. 

Crest — Two swords saltirewisc, vulued ppr., passing through 

the mouth of a leopard's face or. 

MOTTOKS — Firmam in vita nihil ; and Esse quam vidcri. 

Seat — Barton, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Tow>' House— 48, Eaton Place, s.w. 


DAVID DE BUNBURY, Lord of Bunbury and Stannich, 
in right of his wife the sole dau. and heir of David <le 
Stannich or Stanney, which ))r(ii)erty remaineil in tliis family 
until 1859 (this David was doubtless of the same family as 
Alexander de Bunbury, Lord of Bunbuiy, 15 HENRY III. 
]2.S0'1), and from him desccndeil. 

Sill THOMAS BUNBUHY, created a BarOXKT 29 June, 
1G81 ; i.i. 1st, SariUi, dau. of Sir John Clietwode of Oakley, 
Stiiff. Knt. and 2ndly. Mary , dau. of Humphrej' Kelsall, of Brad- 
shaw. Es<t. and hiul issue by botli man'iages. His descendant 
in the Stli generation, 

SIR HENRY EDWARD, 7th Baronet (on the death of his 
uncle Sir Thomas Charles in 1821), K.C.B. lieut.-gen. in 
the aniiv, goM medal for battle of Maiila, under-secretary of 
state 1869tol8IC, M.P. Suffolk, 18a0 7; b. 4 May, 1778; d. 13 
April, 1860, having m. Ist— 4 April, 1807, Louisa Emilia, dau. of 
Gen. the Hon. Henry Edward Fox (Hoij,a\d, ext.); she d. at 
Genoa, 1828. He m. 2ndly— 22 Sept. 1830, Emily Louisa Augusta, 
dau. of Col. the Hon. fieorgo NajMer (B. Naimkh of Merchis- 
toun): she d. 18 Mar. 1KG3. Uy his 1st wife he had 4 sons. 
[1] Sir Charles James Fox, 8th and present Baronet. 

[2] Edward Herbert, M.A. bar.-at-law I.T. M.P. Bury St. 
Ednuuids, 1847/52, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy ; 

b. 8 July, 1811. 

[3] Henrv William St. Piene. col. in the army, C.n. b. 2 Sept. 
1812 ; d. 18 Sept. 1875, having m. 30 Nov. 1852" Cecilia, dau. of 
Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Thomas Napier, K.C.B. (B. NAPIER), 
and has 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Henry Charles John, R.x. b. 9 Jan. 1855. 

(2) George Edward, licut. yth regt. b. 17 Oct. 1856. 

(3) William St. Pien-e, lieut. R.A. ; b. 17 Jan. 1859. 

(4) Emily Louisa Margaret. 

[4] Richard Hannier, R.X. served at Navarino; b. 18 Dec. 1813 ; 
d. 23 April. 1857, h!i\-ing m. 19 Dec. 1838, Sarah Susanna, dau. 
of Robert Clement Sconce, Esq. and had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Henry Fox, capt. 35th X.I. India; b. Oct. 1839; d. 16 Oct. 
1870, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of Kelsey; she 
d. leaving 2 sons, 

Cecil, b. 1 Dec. 1864.— William, b. 17 Feb. 1868. 

(2) Cecil Hanmer, major Connaught rangers, late 94th regt. 
instructor military surveying ll.M. coll. Sandhurst, 1876 ; 
b. 12 Feb. 1845 ; m. 12 Feb. 1873, his cousin Susan Frances, 
dau. of General William Craig Emilius Napier, governor R.JI. 
college, Farnborough (B. Napier); she d. 6 Nov. 1878. 

(3) Roliert Clement Sconce, bar.-at-law I.T.; b. Jan. 1847. 

(4) Herbert Napier, caiit. R.A. b.a. commissary-gen. 1881; 
b. 15 Feb. 1851 ; m. 8 Aug. 1878 (previously married by pri- 
vate contract), Louisa, eldest dau. of Capt. Donald Patrick 
Campbell, of Balliveolan, co. ArgvU, and has a son, b. 19 
Sept. 1880. 

(5) Louisa Harriet Cometina, b. 8 Oct. 1839; m. 26 Mar. 
1874, to Dr. Max Marckwald, of Heidelberg and Berlin, and 
has a dau. b. 27 Sept. 1879. 

(6) Frances Susanna, m. 27 Mar. 1873, to John Frederic 
Symons-Jeune, Esq. of Alston, Somerset (2nd son of Francis, 
late bishop of Peterborough), a clerk in House of Lords, 
lieut. W. Somereet yeo. cav. assumed the additional surname 
of SYMOXS by R.L.28 Oct. 1878; s. p. 



Francis, of 
Foremark, co. Derby 
(1619, E.) ; high sherifE 
Surrey 1880, J.P. Surrey 
and Derbyshire, lieut. - 
col. in the army, late 
17th lancers, J.P. Sur- 
rey, provincial G.M. 
freemasons Middx. com. 
7th Middx. R.V.; s. his 
cousin as 7th Baronet 
in 1880; b. 23 Mar. 1813; 
m. 1st— 27 Oct. 1842, 
Amelia Eliza, dau. of 

late Major James Sharp, of Kincarrathic, Perth.; 

she d. 14 May, 1866, having had 2 daus. 

[1] Flora Frances, m. 8 Jan. 1874, to Duncan Davidson, Esq. 
J.P. of Inchmarlo, Aberdeen, and has a son .and dau. 

(1) Hamlyn Duncan Davidsox, b. April, 1877. 

(2) Clara Amelia Mary. 

[2] Clara Constance, m. 8 Jan. 1874, to Robert Alexander 
Houston, of Clerkington, Haddington, X.B. 

Sir F. Burdett m. 2ndly— 22 Aug. 1867, Mary 
Dorothy, youngest dau. of J. Smith, Esq. of Cleat- 
lam, Durham, and has a sou and 2 daus. 

[3] Francis, b. 12 July, 1869. 

[4] Georgiana Marie. [5] Maud Clara Frances. 



Arms — Az., two bars or, each charged with three martlets gu. 

Crest — A lion's head erased sa. 


KESIDEXCE— Ancaster House, Kichmoud Hill. 


SIR NICHOLAS BLTIDETT, Knt. fell at the battle of 
Pontoise, 1440 (descended from Sir Robert Burdett, of 
Arrow, co. Warwicks. temp. Edw. III. and who was descended 
from Bm'dett, of Loseby, co. Leic.),said to have been chief butler 
at Normandy and governor of Eurieux. Bj- his wife Joan, 
cousin and heir of Henry Bruin, he had the manor of Bramcote, 
Warwicks. He was succeeded by 

THOMAS BURDETT, of Arrow, his son and heir, who was 
beheaded in 1477, having been convicted of high treason 
upon inference of mischievous intent to the King ; m. 1st, 
Agnes, dau. of John AVaklief, fi-om whom lie was divorced in 
1464, on account of consanguinity, having had a son, 
[1] Richard, m. Joyce, dau. of Sir Simon Moimtfort, Knt. (she 
re-m. to Sir Hugh Conway, treasurer of Ireland,) and had a 
Anne, sole heir, m. to Edward Conway, gent, usher of the 
bedchamber to HENRY VIII. ancestor of the extinct Earls 
of Conway ; in right of his ^\\fe he possessed the manors of 
Arrow, and many others in Warwickshire and Worcester- 
THOMAS BtTRDETT m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of John 
Rodne}' (she re-m. to Thomas Woodhill), and had 5 other sons 
and 2 daus. Their descendant in the 6th generation was 

SIR THOMAS BiniDETT,ofBramcote, created a Baronet 
25 Feb. 1618/9; b. 3 Feb. 1585; m. Jane, and heir of 
William Frauncys, Esq. of Foremark, co. Derby, and had 
\vith 7 daus. 3 sons, 
[1] Sir Francis, s. as 2nd Bai-onet. 

[2] Robert of London, merchant and alderman, said to have 
obtained grants of town lands co. Cai-low, m. Mary, dau. of 
Alderman Wright, and had 2 sons, 

(1) Thomas of Garrahill, co. Carlow, m. Catharine, dau. of 
Sir Robert Kennedy, of Mount Kennedy, co. Carlow. His will 
dated 2 Jan. 1685, and proved 16 Aug. 1701, haWng had with 
other issue a son. 

Sir Thomas, created a Baronet of Ireland 11 July, 1723 
(WELDON— Bart.) 

(2) Samuel of Lismalin, co. Tipperary, ancestor of Burdett 
of Coolfin, King's County, &c. 

[3] Leicester of Aleppo, d. unm. 

SIR FRANCIS, 2nd Baionet, b. 16 Sept. 1608, d. 30 Dec. 
1696, having m. EUzabeth, dau. of Sir John Walter, Knt. 
of Sarsden, Oxon. lord cliief baron of the exchequer ; she d. 
10 April, 1701, aged 88. His great-grandson, 

SIR ROBERT, D.C.L. 4th Baronet (on the death of his 
grandfather, posthumous son of Robert Burilett, of 
Bramcote, bur. 12 Jan. 1715/16, ha\-ing m. 11 Nov. 1704, Hon. 
EUzabeth who Tracy, only surviving child of William, Viscount 
Tracv, and his ^^•ife, Frances Devereux, dau. of Leicester, 
Viscount Hereford); b. 28 May, 1716; d. 15 Feb. 1797, having 
m. 1st— 6 Nov. 1739, EUzabethj only dau. of Sir Charles Sedlev, 
Bart, of Nuthall, Notts. ; she d. 24 Aug. 1747. He m. 2ndly— 
17 Jul}', 1753, Lady Caroline, u-idow of Sir Henry Harinu-, of 
Caulk, Derbys. Bart, and dau. of John, 2nd Duke of Rutland; she 
d. 10 Nov. 1769. By his 1st mfe he had an only surviving son, 

FRANCIS, bp. 19 May, 1743; d. 3 Feb. 1794, haWng m. 30 Dec. 
1766, Mary Eleanor, dau. and coheir of WiUiam Jones, of 
Eamsbury Manor, Wilts ; she d. 30 Maj', 1783, ha\-ing had with 
other issue 2 sons, 

/I/ Sir Francis, s. his grandfather as 5tli Baronet. 
/2/ William Jones, of Copt Hall, Surrey, b. 23 Aug. 1772; d. 2 
Oct. 1840, having m. 24 Oct. 1811, Sarah Holmes Brent, only 
dau. of AVilliam Hodgkinson, of Brompton, Kent. Slie was 
authorised by r.l. 1 Aug. 1807 to take the surname of Brent 
instead of Hodgkinson, and to bear the arms of Brent; she d. 
31 Jan. 1871, having had 5 sons and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir Francis, 7th and present Baronet. 
[2] William Jones, b. 13 June, 1814, d. 17 Dec. 1858, ha\'ing 
m. 20 Sept. 1852, CaroUne Julia. 2nd dau. of Capt. Joseph 
Neynoe, 5th royal Victoria battalion, and had 2 sons and 

(1) Wilham Jones, b. 21 July, 1853. 

(2) Francis Ne3noe, b. 18 Nov. 1855. 

(3) Carohne Jane JuUa, m. 27 Nov. 1877, to Hartwell 
Harvey Stuart, capt. 86th royal regt. son of late WiUiam 
Kier Stuart, C.B. 

(4) Clara Susanna, m. 18 June, 1881, to Allan Henry Lines, 
2ud son of J. C. Bolton, Esq. of Blackheath. 

[3] Charles Sedley, Ueut.-col. served in Coldstream guards 
and 60th rifles, J.P. Siurey; b. 17 Dec. 1819 ; d. 12 Dec. 1880, 
having m. 2 June, 1846, Harriet EUzabeth, dau. of Le\-i 
Ames, of The Hyde, Herts, and had 3 sons and 5 dau?. 

(1) Arthiff Francis, b. 1 Sept. 1849, 

(2) Charles Sedley, b. 9. Jan. 1851. 

(3) Henry Hugh, b. 22 July, 1852. 

(4) Clara Blanche Harriet, m. 11 July, 1872, to Com. A. 
(J. Stewart Blackett, R.N. and had with other issue a son, 

Archibald Sedley Stewart, b. 21 Dec. 1877 ; d. 10 Aug. 

(5) Constance Angela. (6) Edith Johanna. 
(7) Beatrice Maud. (8) Gertrude AUce. 

[4] Robert, b. 8 Jan. 1823 ; d. 24 Nov. 1871, having m. 19 
April, 1847, Barbara Mai-ia Chai-lotta, dau. of William 
Humakers, of Louvain, Belgiimi, and had a son, 

Robert WiUiam Henri, b. 24 Feb. 1848. 
[5] Henrj- St. Albans, 2nd Madras L.I. b. ; 14 Aug. 1827 ; d. 

[6] Sarah, d. s. p. having m. 1 Jan. 1841, to John 

George Ramsden, bar.-at-law. 

[7] Fanny (s. p.),m. 1st— 7 Dec. 1838, to Rev. Willoughby 
James Peter Bun-eU (B. Gwi'DIR), who d. 14 Dec. 1849; she 
re-m. to WiUiam Grey Pitt, 11th hussars, who d. 

[8] Sophia, m. 22 Aug. 1843 to John Cunningham, Ueut. 
11th hussars; he d. 20 Mar. 1877, having had a son and 
3 daus. 

(1) Percy Burdett CrNNINGII.UI, b. 29 May, 1847 ; m. 28 
Mar. 1870, Louisa Phoebe Dyer, dau. of Joseph Dyer Symp- 
son, Esq. of Bauwell, Somerset, and has 2 sons, 

Francis Burdett CUNNINGHAM, b. 13 June, 1871.— Percy 
Burdett, b. 17 Nov. 1878. 

(2) Sophie Marie EmUie, m. 19 Mar. 1864, to Rev. 
Nassau Clark, of Halford, Glouc. M.A. Magdalen CoU. 
Camb. late Ueut. 2nd life guards. 

(3) Amy Sarah Joanna, m. 27 June, 1872, to Charles Albert 
Tabor, Esq. of PrittleweU, Essex, and has a son and dau. 

Charles Victor Tabor, b. 24 May, 1873. 
Amy Elizabeth Constance. 

(4) Violet Eleonora. 

[9] Mary, m. to WiUiam Birt, s. p. 

[10] Amy Georgiana, d. 1870, having m. 1852, to 

Richard Guinness HUl, formerly of DubUn, and had 2 sons 
and a dau. 

SLR FRANCIS 5th Baronet, imprisoned in the Tower of 
Loudon for a breach of parliamentary privilege, 1810, M.P. 
Boroughbridge, 1796/1800, Westminster, 1810 37, and North 
WUts, 1837/44; celebrated for his advocacy of reform in par- 
liament; b. 25 Jan. 1770; d. 23 Jan. 1844, having m. 5 Aug. 
1793, Sophia, youngest dau. of Thomas Coutts, Esq. of London; 
she d. 31 Jan. 1844, having had a son and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir Robert, 6th Baronet, lugh sheriff co. Derby 1848, col. 
In the army, capt. 78th foot; b. 26 April, 1796; d. unm, 7 June, 

[2] Sophia, d. s. p. 30 Dec. 1849, having m. 19 Oct. 1833, to the 
Hon. Robert Otway-Cave, M.P. of Castle Otway, co. Tipperary, 
son of Henry Otwav, Esq. and his \\Tfe Sarah, Baroness Era3'e ; 
he d. 29 Nov. 1844. " 

[3] Susannah, m. 29 Nov. 1830, to John Bettesworth Trevanion, 
Esq. of Caerhays, Cornwall, who d. s. p. 9 Mar. 1840. 
[4] Joanna Frances, d. 4 April, 1862. 

[5] Clara Maria Monet-Coutts, which latter name together 
witli the arms she assumed by R.L. 20 Sept. 1880, in compUance 
TOth the testamentary injuuction of Harriet, Ducliess of St. 
Albans, a coheir of the baronj- of Scales, Latimer, and Badles- 
mere ; m. 27 April, 1850, as 2nd \\ife, to Rev. James 
Dnimmond Money, rector of Sternfield, Suffolk, and rural 
dean (see also E. Gainsborough) ; he d. 20 April, 1875, leav- 
ing (by this man-iage) an only son, 
Francis Biu-dett Thomas MONEY-COUTTS, b. 18 Sept. 1852; 
m. 15 April, 1875, Edith EUen, eldest dau. of Charles Churchill, 
of Weybridge Park, Surrey, and has a son and 2 daus. 
Hugh Burdett Money-Coutts, b. 13 Aug. 1876.— Clara 
Bui-dett, b. 3 Dec. 1877.— Eleanora Bm-dett, b. 5 Oct. 1879. 
[6] Angela Georgina, Baroness Burdett-Coutts. (See 



Chaeles Went- 

WORTH (1665, E.); s. 

his father as 7th Baronet 

in 1848; late 54th foot ; 

b. 4 Nov. 1835 ; married 

and has issue. 

Arms — Paly of six arg. and 
sa., on a bend gu. three mart- 
lets arg. 

Crest — On a tower arg. a 
martlet rising or. 


ROBERT BTJRDETT, Lord of Denby, Yorks. j.u. temp. 
EuWARD I. m. Idonea (lady of Denby and Hoyland), dan. 
and heir of Sir Robert de Baliol, by Margaret, dau. and heir of 
Sir Robert de Denby, who m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir 
Robert de Holland. Of this family was 

RICHARD BURDETT, of Denbj-, 32 Hexry VIII. who 
d. 3-1 June, 28 HEXRY VIII. 1546, having m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Rockley, of Rockley, Yorksh. and had with 
other issue 2 sons, 

[1] Aylmer, ancestor of Burdett, of Denby. 
[2] Thomas, to whom his father gave Hoyland, ni. Isabel, dau- 
of Thomas Wentworth, of Bretton. His great-great-grandson, 

SIR FRANCIS BURDETT, of Burthwaite, Yorks. which he 
sold, created a Baroxet by letters patent, 25 July, 17 
Charles II. 16G5 ; aged 22 at bugdale"s Visitation of York- 
shire in 1C65; b. 29 Sept. 1642 ; d. about 1718, having m. 21 
Oct. 1669, Frances, dau. of Stephenson; she bur. 

11 June, 1679. His great-great-grandson, 

(on the death of his uncle, Sir Charles Wyndham Burdett, 
in 1839), an officer in E.l.c. military service; b. 26 Dec. 1806; d. 
25 Aug. 1848, having m. 31 Dec. 1834, his cousin Harriet, dau. of 
William Hugh Burgess, of London, banker ; she d. 21 July, 1851, 
having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir Charles Wentworth, 7th and present Baronet. 
[2] William Jerome, military chaplain at Rangoon, b. 10 Dec- 
1841; m. 20 Nov. 1871, Eliza Katherine, dau. of Rev. Joseph 
Theophilus Toye, of Exeter, and has a son and dau. 

Arlingham Hugh, b. 31 July, 1874. — Beatrice Mary. 
[3] Harriet Eliza, m. 8 Nov. 1860, to Rev. Theodore Francis, 
M.A. vicar of Stockcross, Berks, and has 7 sons and 4 daus. 
Theodore Burdett Fraxcis, b. 13 April, 1862.— Edward 
Cliarles, b. 4 Jan. 1868.— Alfred Jerome, b. 20 May, 1869.— 
Richard .Saville, b. 27 Dec. 1870.— George Wvndham, b. 3 Oct. 
1872.— James Aylmer, b. 11 Feb. 1874.— Philip Wentwortli. 
—Harriet Ellen. — Amy EUza. — Emily Maude. — Edith 
Philippa Susanna. 
[41 Eliza Mary, m. 23 Oct. 1862, to Francis Thomas Garrard, 
of Colerne, Somerset, major Madras army (rctd.), and has 4 sons 
and 7 daus. 

Francis Charles GARRARD, b. 17 Aug. 1863. — William 
Burdett, b. 10 Sept. 1867.— Henry Robert, b. 13 April, 1869.— 
Edward Burdett, Ij. 17 Nov. 1875. — Eliza HaiTiet. — Gertrude 
Emily.— Ethel Mary Chassereau. — Norah Bui'dett. — Margaret 
Burgess. — Flora Burdett. — Annie Isabel. 

John Montagu, 
of Sutton Park, Beds. 
(1641, E.), j.p. andD.L. 

high sheriff 1868, lieut.- 
col. (reserved) late 
gren.-guards, severely 
wounded at the Alma, 
major Bedfordsh. mil.; 
8. his father as 10th 
Baronet in 1857; b. 23 
Oct. 1832; m. 10 Nov. 
1856, Amy, only dau. of 
the late Capt. H. Neilson 
Smith, B.E. ; heir pre- 
sumptive, his uncle 

ARJIS — Gu., a chevron or between three talbots arg., on a 
chief embattled of the last as many martlets az. 
Crest — A talbot sejant or ears sa. collared gu. 
Seat — Sutton Park, Biggleswade, Beds. 


SIR JOHN BURGOYNE, of Sutton, Beds. M.P. Warwicks. 
1641 (great-grandson of Robert Burgoyne, one of the au- 
ditors of tlie excliequer, temp. Hexry VIII.), created a 
Baroxet, 15 July, 1641 ; bp. 29 Jan. 1591 ; bur. 9 Oct. 1657, 
having m. Jane, dau. and heir of William Kemjje, of Spains 
Hall, Essex, Esq. and liad 3 sons and 4 daus. His gr.and.son, 

SIR JOHN, 3rd Baronet (on the death of his father. Sir 
Robert, 16 Sept. 1677); d. 9 April, 1709, having m. Con- 
stance, dau. of Richard Lucy, Esq. of Charlecote, co. Warw.; 
she d. 22 April, 1711, having had with other issue 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Roger, 4th Baronet; d. 1716, having m. Constance, 
dau. of Sir Thomas Middletou, Kut. (she d. 1734, having re-m. 
to Christopher, son of Sir Christopher Wren, Knt.). His grand- 

Sir John, s. as 7th Baronet. 
[2] John, m. Anna Maria, dau. of Charles Burneston, Esq. of 
Hackney, and had a son, 

Jorix, lieut.-gen. and com.-in-chief in Ireland, P.C. Ireland; 
b. 4 Feb. 1722/3, and d. 4 Aug. 1792, having m. Lady Charlotte 
Stanley, dau. of Edward, 11 tli Earl of Derby; she d. s. p. 7 
June, 1776, botli bur. in Westminster Abbey. By Susan Caul- 
tield he had witli 2 daus. 2 sons, of wliom the elder — (see note). 

SIR JOHN BURGOYNE, 7th Baronet (on the death of his 
fatlier. Sir Roger, who d. 31 Dec. 1780, having m. Jan. 
1738/9, Lady Frances Montagu, eldest dau. of George, Earl of 
Halifax), lieut.-gen. in the army, col. 19th light dragoons; d. in 
the East Indies 1785, liaving m. 13 July, 1772, Charlotte, eldest 
dau. of Gen. Jolmstone, of Overston, Northants; .she d. 14 
April, 1820, having (re-m. to Lieut.-Gen. Eyre Power Trench — 
E. Ci-ANCAHTV) liad witli other issue 2 sous, 
[1] Sir Montagu Roger, s. as 8th Baronet. 
[2] Freiierick William, capt. R.X. b. 28 May, 1778 ; d. 3 June, 
1848, having m. 1 Oct. 1814, Harriet, youngest dau. of Robert 
Wallace, Esq. of Beechmount, co.Autri m. ; she d. May, 1861, 
having had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(Note.)— Sir John Fox Burgoyne, a.c.n. field-marshal, lieut.- 
gen. H.M. forces, col. com. R.E. insiiector-gen. of fortifications, 
C.n. 181 5, K.C.H. 1838, (i.C.B. 1852, created a BARONET 18 April, 
1856, constable of the Tower of Lcmdon 1865; b. 24 July, 
1782; d. 7 Oct. 1871, when the Baronetcy expired; m. 31 Jan. 
1821, Cliarlotte, younger dau. and coheir of Hugh Rose, of 
Holme Nairne, N.». lieut-col. E.I.C.S. Bengal, and had an 
only son and 7 daus. 

(l)"Hugh Talbot, capt. R.N. V.C; b. 19 July, 1833; drowned 
whilst in command of H.M.s. " The Captain," off Cape Finis- 
terre, 7 Sept. 1870, s. ]). having m. 25 Aug. 1864, Evelyn Laura, 
da\i. of Sir Baldwin Wake Walker, Bart. (She re-ni. as 2nd 
wife, 30 July, 1874, to Wilson Fox, of London, physician 
extraordinary to Her Majesty.) 

(2) Margaret Anne, m. 7 Jan. 1854, to Major-Gen. the Hon. 
George Wrottesley (B. Whot'I-esley). 

(3) Anna Maria, d. 23 June, 1852, having m. 21 Oct. 1861, to 
AVilliam KTuittesford (iretton,licut. 6th fusiliers; he died the 
day after his wife, leaving issue. 

(4) Selina Henrietta. 

(5) Caroline Mary,m. 1 June, 1854, to George Montagu Stop- 
ford, lieut. R.E. (E. COURTOWN). 

(6) Charlotte A 

(7) Elizabeth Montagu, m. 27 July, 1858, to Edward S 
Woodliouse, E.sq. of Staines. 

(8) Emily Gcorgina, il. 7 Sept. 1881, having m. 22 Aug. 1860, 
to Rev. James Arclier Spurgeon, minister of West Croydon 




(1) John Osborne, b. 3 Feb. 1818; d. 27 Oct. 1876. 

(2) George Frederick, b. 14 Oct. 1819; d. 16 Nov. 1866. 

(3) Samuel Hill, b. 26 Nov. 1821. 

(4) Charlotte Frances, ni. 24 Feb. 1834, to Rev. Michael 
Maxwell-Heron, of Heron, N.B. (HERON-MAXWELL— BABT.), 
and has issue. 

(5) Margaretta, m. to Capt. 'William O'Brien, and 
has a dau. — Florence O'BRIEN. 

(6) Frances Ongley, d. 28 Oct. 1880, having m. 21 Aug. 1851, 
to Charles James Lamb, Esq. of Bilton Hall, J. P. Yorks. who 
d. 28 Feb. 1869, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ Charles Burgoyne Lamb, of Bilton Hall, Yorks.; b. 30 

Oct. 1854 ; m. 28 Aug. 1878, Lucy, 2nd dau. of James 

BadcliflEe, Esq. of Swinton Park, Manchester, and Swinnen 

Hall, Yorks. and has a son, b. 14 Sept. 1881. 

/2/ Montagu William, b. 7 July, 1861. 

/3/ Florence Harriet. 

/4/ Evelyn Constance Clementina. 

(7) Harriet Sophia, m. 27 Nov. 1851, her cousin Hill Wallace, 
C.B. major-gen. r.h.a. and has a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Frederick Hill Wallace, b. Sept. 1853.— (2) Cle- 
mentina.— (3) Edith Helen, m. 10 Mar. 1879, to Gerald 
Craven Ricardo, lieut. 14th (King's) Iiussars (E. Cravex). 

SIR MONTAGU ROGER, 8th Baronet, major-gen. in tlie 
army ; b. 2 May, 1773 ; d. 16 Aug. 1857, having m. 1 Nov. 
1794, Catherine, only dau. of John Burton, Esq. of Owlerton, 
CO. York ; she d. 1 May, 1855, having had with other issue 2 
sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir John Montagu, s. as 9th Br-ronet. 
[2] Montagu George, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy ; b. 9 Jan. 18U8 ; m. 1st — 13 Dec. 1855, Louisa Theodosia 
Frances, only dau. of late Edward Vernon, Esq. of Occleston, 
Chesh.; she d. 5 Oct. 1870. He m. 2ndly— 13 Jan. 1876, Sarah, 
5th dau. of late Thomas Lounds, Esq. of Gosberton, Lino. 
[3] Charlotte Catherine Frances, m. 9 Aug. 1832, to Rev. 
Gilbert Rodbard Blackburne,vicar of Long Ashton and perpetual 
curate of Whitchurch, otherwise Felton, Somerset, and has 
had witli other issue a son and a dau. 

(1) Gilbert Ireland Montagu BLACKnrRNE, capt. 1st Glouc. 
R.V.; b. 13 Oct. 1834 ; ni. 24 Oct. 1861, Laura Ellen, only 
dau. of late Thomas Drayton, Esq. of Lyme Regis, Dorset, and 
has had with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

Sydenham Montagu Ireland Blackbuhne, b. 20 July,1862. 
—Gilbert Ireland, b. 26 Mar. 1865.— Ellen Catherine Anne 

(2) Avena Catherine. 

[4] Marianne Catherine, m. 19 July, 1838, to Henry Bowden, 
Esq. of London. 

SIR JOHN MONTAGU, 9th Baronet, capt. and lieut.-col. 
grenadier guards; b. 17 Oct. 1796; d. 17 Mar. 1858, having 
m. 20 Dec. 1831, Mary Harriet, elder dau. of William Gore- 
Langtou, Esq. ISf.P. (E. ARRAN), and had a son and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir John Montagu, 10th and present Baronet. 
[2] Mary Caroline, m. 1 Feb. 1859, to Lieut.-Col. Robert Bruce 

BURKE, Sir John 
LIONEL (1628, I.); s. 
his father as 12th Baronet in 
1865 ; b. 26 Nov. 1818; heir 
presumptive is said to be Mr. 
Thomas Henry Burke, under- 
sec, for Ireland. 

Arms — Or, a cross gu., in the first 

quarter a lion rampant sa. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or 

a plume of five ostrich feathers 


MOTTO — In hoc signo vinces. 

SIR 'ULICK B'URKE, of Glinsk, Knt. (son of Edmond Burke, 
also of Glinsk, and lord of Clanconow, and great-grand- 
son of Richard Fion (the Fair) De Burgh by his wife Finola, 
dau. of Donogh-Carbreagh O'Bryen, Prince of Thomond), was 
created a Baronet of Ireland, 2 Aug. 1628; m. Catherine, 
4th dau. of Theobald, 1st Viscoimt Dillon, of Costello Gallen, 
CO. Mayo. His great-grandson. 

RICKARD BURKE (youngest son of Sir John, 4th 
I Baronet, whose will hears date June 1721), m. Margaret 

or Mary, dau. of Cheevers, of Killyau, co. Galway, and had 

3 sons, 

(1) Sir John, a knight of St. Jago in Spain; m. Elizabeth, 
Lady Burke, widow of his cousin Sir Ulick, 8th Baronet, and 
dau. of John Carroll, Esq. of Ardagh, co. Galway; he d. in 
1781, and Ids grandson. 

Sir Joseph, s. as 11th Baronet. 

(2) Michael, father of James and William. 

(3) William, of Keelogues, co. Galway; m. 1762, Margaret, 
dau. of Thomas Coleman, and had with 2 daus. 2 sons, 

[1] Rickard, of Keelogues; m. 1792, Elizabeth, widow of 
Nicholas or William Beniiingham, of Barbersford, co. Gal- 
way, and was grandfather of 
Thomas Henry Burke, under-secretary of state for Ireland, 
said to be heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; but 
the extinction of the male line of Michael, next brotlier 
to Sir John Burke, knight of St. Jago, should be .shown. 
[2] William, of Quansborough, co. Galway, major in the 
army ; d. 10 July, 1859, having m. Lady Matilda La^vrance, 
dau. of William, 2nd Earl of Howth ; she d. 20 April, 1849. 
Their only surviving child, 

Mary Isabella, d. Mar. 1869, having m. 11 June, 1832, to 
John Joseph Andrew Kirwan, Esq. of Castlecomer, co. 
Kilkenny, and Stowe Lodge, co. Galway ; he d. 

SIR JOSEPH BLTRKE, 11th Baronet (on the death of his 
brother. Sir John Ignatius, in 1845, son of Rickard Burke, 
Esq. of Glinsk. and of his wife Johanna Harriet, eldest dau. 
of Joseph Blake, Esq. of Ardfry); b. 31 Jan. 1786; d. 30 Oct. 
1865, having m. 9 Aug. 1816, Hon. Grace Elizabeth Louisa 
Tollemache, eldest dau. of William, Lord Huntingtower (E. 
Dtsart) ; she d. 18 April, 1830, leaving a son and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir John, 12th and present Baronet. 
[2] Louisa Maria, d. 12 Feb. 1863, having m. 15 May, 1849, 
to .Tacob Montagu Mason, R.c. church, late rector of Silk 
Willoughby, co. Line, and has issue. 

[3] Katharine, in. 26 Sept. 1851, to her cousin William Lionel 
Felix, Lord Himtiugtower (E. Dysart), who d. 21 Dec. 1872, 
leaving with 2 daus. an only son, 
William John Manners, s. as 8th Earl of Dysai-t. 

BURKE,SiR Henry George, 
of Marble Hill, co. Gal- 
way (1797, I.), 2nd lieut. Gal- 
way mil. 1881; s. his brother as 
5th Baronet in 1880; b. 30 Nov. 
1859; heir 2:)resumptive, his bro- 
ther Thomas. 

Arms— Erminois, a cross gu., in the 
first quarter a lion rampant sa. 
Crest — A cat-a-mountain sejant guard- 
ant ppr., collared and chained or. 
Motto — Ung roj', ung f03', ung loy. 
Seat— Marble Hill, Loughrea, co, Gal- 


SIR THOMAS BURKE, of Gortenacuppogue, now Marble 
Hill, CO. Galway (grandson of Thomas Burke, of that 
place, who d. 1714), was created a Baronet of Ireland 5 
Dec. 1797; d. 22 May, 1813, having m. Christian, dau. of Edward 
Browne, of Camus, co. Limerick, and had an only son, 

SIR JOHN, 2nd Baronet, col. in the army, 98th regt. 
M.P. CO. Galway, 1830/1, vice-lieut. of county; d. 14 Sept. 
1847, having m. 18 May, 1812, Ehzabeth Mary, eldest dau. of 
Right Hon. John Calcraft, M.P. ; she d. 27 Jan. 1859, having 
had with other issue 5 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Thomas John, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
[2] Charles Granby, master of court of common pleas Ireland; 
b. 14 Nov. 1814 ; m. 1st — 20 June, 1843, Emma Jane, youngest 
dau. of late Ralph Creyke, Esq. of Marton and Rawclifife, co. 
York.; she d. 8 April, 1869. He m. 2ndly— 9 Feb. 1871, Anna 
Everilda, 2nd dau. of George Legard, Esq. of Easthorjoe Hall, 
(.0. York (Bart.) By his 1st wfe he had 2 sous and 2 daus. 
(1) Ulick Ralph, clerk of the peace co. Dublin; b. 21 Oct. 
1845 ; m. 9 July, 1868, Katharine, only dau. of James Bate- 
man, Esq. late of Biddulph Grange and Knypersley Hall, co. 
Staff, and has a son and 2 daus. 
Henry Ulick, b. 6 Jan. 1874— Mabel Emma. — Hope Katha- 
rine, b. 23 Sept. 1879. 



(2) Granby James, b. 19 Dec. 1850. 

(3) Philippa Elizabeth, m. 24 Jan. 1871, to Rev. Franc Sad- 
leir, only child of Kev. Ralph SiuUeir, D.D. and has 2 sons, 

Ralph Granbv Sadleir, b. 3 Nov. 1871.— Harold Franc, 
b. 30 Jan. 1877. 

(4) Emma Frances. 

[3] James Henry, major-gen. late Bombay engineers, formerly 
master of the mint, Bombay; b. 27 Feb. 1816; m. 18 May, 1852, 
Marion Eliza, dau. of Major-Gen. B. Crispin, and has 4 sons 
and 3 daus. 
James Henry, lieut. R.N. b. 28 Mar. 18.i3.— John Benjamin, 
Roscommon militia, b. 10 June, 1854.— Henry Tlick, b. 18 
Sept. 1856.— Hubert William, b. 26 Aug. 1858.— Marian Agnes. 
—Catherine Marj- Caroline.— Elizabeth Mary Clare. 
[4] Edward Howe, J P. b. 15 Sept. 1817. 

[5] Henry Click, capt. 33rd regt. b. 19 July, 1822; died in the 
Crimea, 1854. 

[6] Elizabeth Anne, m. 10 Jan. 1850, to David O'Connor 
Henchv, Esq. of Stonebrook, co. Kildare, M.P. 1852/9, high 
sheriff'; he d. 1 Dec. 1876, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Hugh O'Connor Henchy, 19th hussars, b. 31 May, 1852. 

(2) Elizabeth Christina O'Connor, m. 6 April, 1875, to George 
Morris, of WeU Park, Galway, .l.P. D.L. sheriff 1861, vice- 
chairman board of guardians Galway borough, M.P. Gahvay 
1867/8, an'l since 1874. and has, 

A dau. b. 28 Mar. 1876. 
[7] Caroline Jane. 

SIR THOMAS JOHN, 3rd Baronet, capt. 1st royal dragoons, 
M.P. CO. Galway 1847 65 ; b. 7 June, 1813; d. 9 Dec. 1875, 
having m. 21 Feb. 1857, Lady Mary Frances Xiigent, 2nd dau. 
of Anthony Francis, 9th Earl of Westmeath, and had 5 sons 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir John Charles, 4tll Baronet, lieut. 20th hussars, and 
formerly lieut. King's co. rifles ; b. 7 Feb. 1858 ; d. uum. 16 
Aug. 1880. 

(2) Sir Henry George, 5th and present Baronet. 

(3) Thomas Malachy, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy ; b. 8 Jan. 1864. 

(4) William Anthony, b. 2 April, 1866. 

(5) Maurice Bernard, b. 20 Aug. 1867. 

(S) Julia Catherine Anne. (7) Mary Clare Theresa. 

Hexry (1767, 
G.B.); s. his brother as 
5th Baronet in 1881; 
late lieut. B.X.; b. 

Note — No heir to this Baro- 

Arms — Arg., two bars gu., 
in chief a lion pa.ssant guar- 
dant per pale of the second 
and vert. 

Crest — Out of a naval cro\vn 
a demi-Uon rampant guar- 
(lant or in the dexter ])aw 
a staff ppr. thereon a flag (of 
the said rear-admiral's own 
division) gu. 

Motto — Pro rege. 


SIR ■VnLLIAM BURXABY, of Broughton Hall, Oxon. (son 
of John Bumaby, of Kensington, and Clara, dau. of Sir 
Sir Edward Wood, Kn't.), adm. R.X. com. -in-chief at Jamaica 
and the gulf of Mexico, knighted at St. James', 9 April 17.54, 
high sheriff Oxon. 1764, created a B.*.ROSET 31 Oct. 1767; 
d. in 1777. ha\ing m. 1st, Margaret, widow of Timothy Dono- 
van, of Jamaica, and had a son, 
[1] Sir ■William Chaloner, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
Sir WILLIAM m. 2nflly. Grace, dau. of DrewTy Ottley, Esq. 
of London; she d. 3 Mar. 1833, having hati with other issue 
another son, 

[2] Edward Augu.«tusCa!sar,capt.R.>.-.;d. 11 Mar. 1843, aged 81, 
ha\ing m. Emma, dan. of McLow, of Edinburgh; 

she d. 1 Mar. 1859, having had 2 sons, 

/I/ Sir William Edward, 4th Baronet; b. July, 1824 ; d. 

s. p. 19 Aug. 1881, having m. 25 Oct. 1845, Caroline, dau. of 

William Reece, Escj. of Lower Hall, Ledbury ; she d. 17 Oct. 


/2/ Sir Henry, 5th and present Baronet. 

SIR WILLIAM CHALOXEU, 2nd Baronet, R.X. d. 19 
Feb. 1794, having m. 29 June, 1733, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of 

Crisp Molineux, of Garboldisham, Korfolk ; she d. 28 Feb. 
1816, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Sir William Crisp Hood Bumaby, 3rd Baronet, com. B.N. 
d. s. p. 1 Aug. 1853, having m. at Bermuda 2 May, 1818, Eleanor, 
relict of Joseph Wood, of Bermuda. 

(2) Harriett Emma, d. 6 Sept. 1811, having Gen. 'William 
M. Richardson. 

BURNETT, Sir Robert (1626, x.s.), d.l. co. 
Aberdeen ; s. his father as 11th Baronet in 
1876; b. 28 Aug. 1833; m. 23 May, 186i, Matilda 
Josephine, dau. of James Murphy, Esq. of New York, 
U.S.A. s. p. s.; heir presumptive, his half-brother 

Arms — Arg., three holly leaves in chief vert, and a bugle- 
horn in base sa., garnished or and stringed gu. 
Crest — A dexter hand pruning a vine-tree ppr. 
SUPPORTERS — Dexter, a highlander in a hunting garb, holding 
in his exterior hand a bow all ppr. Sinister, a greyhound ppr. 
Motto — Tirescit vulnere virtus. 
Seat — Crathes, Aberdeen, X.B. 
Town Residence— 3, Charles Street, Berkeley Square, 'W. 


ALEXAX'DER BCRXETT, of Leys (7th in descent from 
John Burnett, designated of Leys in 1446), m. Katherine, 
dau. of Alexander Gordon, of Lessmoir, co. Aberdeen, and d. in 
1H19. having had with other issue 3 sons, 
[1] Sir Thomas, created a Baronet. 

[2] James, of Craigniyle, Aberdeenshire, j. u. d. in 1645, having 
m. in 1608, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Thomas Burnett, of 
Craigmyle aforesaid; he had with other issue 2 sons, 

/I/ Thomas, of Kemnay, co. Aberdeen, d. Xov. 1688, having 
m. in 1655, Margaret, only child of John Pearson, of the 
family of Balmadies, co. Forfar. His gi'eat-grandson, 

Ale.yander Burnett, of Kenmay, British secretary of 
embassy at Berlin, 1756 71, and charge d'affaires 1771 ; b. 
July, 1734; d. 30 Dec. 1802, having m. 1782, 

Christian, dau. of John Leslie, prof, of Greek in Aberdeen 
University, by Isabella, dau. and heir of Hugh Leslie, of 
Powis, CO. Aberdeen ; she d. 14 Feb. 1842, having had with 
4 daus. 2 sons, of whom the younger, 

John Burnett, of Kemnay. b. June. 1786; d. 22 Dec. 
1847, having m. 13 June, 1814. Mary, dau. of Charles Stuart, 
of Duneam, Fife (E. Moray); she d. 1 Mar. 1872, ha^-ing 
has 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Alexander George, of Kemnay; b. 6 Nov. 1816; m. 
1st — 4 Sept. 1849, Letitia Amelia, dau. of William Kendall; 
she d. 30 April. 1855, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] John Ale.xander, b. 6 Feb. 1854; m. 11 July, 1877, 
Charlotte Susan, only dau. of late Arthur Forbes-Gordon, 
Esq. (FORBES of Craigievar) of RajTie, co. Aberdeen, 
and has a son and dau. 
Arthur Mowbray, b. 24 Dec. 1878.— A dau. b. 1 June, 
[2] William Kendall, M..V. b. C Feb. 1854. 
[3] Letitia Wilkins. [4] Amelia. 



Eev. a. G. Burnett m. 2n(ily— 1 Aug. 1877, Aime Maria, 
eldest dau. of Kev. Ebeuezer Pledge, of Penibury, Kent, 
an<l has a son, 
[5] Ebeuezer, b. 25 June, 1878. 

(2) Charles John, b. 16 Aug. 1820. 

(3) George, admitted to the Scottish bar 1845, appointed 
Lyon king-of-arms 18«6 ; b. 9 Mar. 1822 ; m. 13 Aug. 1870, 
his cousin Alice, youngest dau. of John Alexander Stuart, 
Esq. (E. Moray), and has a son and dau. 

John George, b. 30 Mar. 1876. — Alice Christina. 

(4) Stuart ilowbrav, b. 5 July, 1824. 

(5) Henry Martyu, b. 2 April, 1836 ; d. imm. 

(6) Mary Erskine. 

/2/ James, of Lagavin, co. Kincardine ; d. 1693. having m. 
EUzabeth, dau. of Robert Irvine, of Monboddo, oo. Kincardine, 
by whom he had 2 sons and 2 daus. His great-grandson, 
James, advocate 1737, a judge of the court of session liy 

the title of Lord Monboddo 1767 ; b. 1714; d. 27 May, 1799, 

having m. Elizabeth Farquharson, by whom he had a dau. 

and heir, 
Helen, of Monboddo, d. 17 Feb. 1833, having m. to Kirk- 

patrick Williamson Burnett, deputy clerk of session, who 

assumed the name of BURNETT, and had 3 sons and 3 

daus. His eldest son, 
James Burnett-Burnett, of Monboddo; b. 7 Feb. 

1792 ; d. 14 May, 1864, having m. 1833, Jane, dau. 

of John Carter, of Sidmouth ; she d. 4 Jan. 1878, having 

had with other issue a son and 2 daus. 

(1) James Ciuniue Burnett, of Monboddo; b. 21 Mar. 1835; 
m. at Bombay, 12 Feb. 1864, Georgina Keith, and has 3 sons 
and 3 daus. of whom 

James Shank, b. 23 Dec. 1868.— Arthur, b. 5 Nov. 1878.— 
Mary Bertha Violet. — Lillia May Georgiana. 

(2) Eliza Jane, m. 15 June, 186.i, to James Badenocli 
Nlcolson, of Glenber\ae, co. Kinc.irdine. 

(3) Helen Amy. m. 12 Dec. 1877. to William Disney, 2nd 
son of Alexander Innes, of Raemoir. 

[3] Robert, a judge of the court of session, by the title of Lord 
Crimond, in 1661 ; d. 24 Aug. 1661. By his "2nd wife, Rachel, 
dau. of James Johnston, of Edinhm-gh, merchant, and sister of 
Sir Archil)ald Johnston, Lord Wanistoun, he had with other 
issue 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Thomas, phj'sician to CHARLES II. James II. WIL- 
LIAM III. and Q. Anne ; ui. Janet, dau. of Robert Bruce, of 
Blairhall, and sister of the Countess of Kincardine. 

(2) Gilbert, bishop of Salisbury and chancellor of the order 
of the Garter; b. in Edinburgh 18 and bp. 21 Sept. 1643 ; d. 
17 Mar. 1715 (bur. in St. James', Clerkenwell), having m. 1st — 
1669, Lady Margaret Kennedy, dau. of John, 6th Earl of Cas- 
silis (M. AlLSA); 2ndly— 1687, Jlary, dau. of James Scot, of 
the Hague; and Srdly — May, 1700, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of 
Sir Richard Blake, Knt. and widow of Robert Berkeley, of 
Spetchley, co. Wore. (E. Berkeley) ; she b. 8 Nov. 1662 ; d. 
3 Feb. 1708, 9. By his 2nd wife he had with other issue 2 
sons, viz. 

(1) William, governor successively of New York and New 
Jersey 1720, of Massachussets bay 1728; married twice, 
and died 7 Sept. 1729, leaving issue. 

(2) Sir Thomas, consul-general at Lisbon and a justice of 
the common pleas Nov. 1741, knighted 23 Nov. 1745; d.s. p. 
17 May, 1753. 

QIR THOiL^-S BXJUNETT, of Leys, knighted in or before 
lO 1625, and created a Baronet of Nova Scotia, 21 April, 
1626, ^\-ith remainder to heii-s male; he endowed three bursaries 
in King's College, Aberdeen ; d. 1655, ha-i-ing m. 1st, Margaret, 
dau. of Sir Robert Douglas, of Glenbervie, Bart, (brother to 
William, Earl of Angus), by whom he had 2 sons and 2 daus; 
and 2ndly, in 1621, Jane, dau. of Sir Thomas Moncrieff, of Mon- 
criefE, Bart, and widow of Sir Simon Eraser, of Inverallochy 
(B. Lovat), and had 3 sons and 4 daus. His grandson, 

SIR THOMAS, 3rd Baronet Con the death of his father, 
_ Sir Ale.\ander, 1663), M.P. Kincardineshire 1689 to 1708, 
including the first parliament of Great Britain. He was a 
strenuous opponent of the Union, and retired into private life 
shortly after that event, and died 1714. He m. 1677, Margaret, 
dau. of Robert, 2nd Viscount Arbuthnott, and had \vith other 
issue 2 sons, 

[1] Sir Alexander, 4th Baronet; d. 1758, having m. Helen, 
eldest dau. and coheir of Robert Burnett, of Muchalls (youngest of James Burnett, of Craigmyle), and had with other issue 
a son, 

Sir Robert, 5th Baronet, died unm. 1759. 
[2] William, of Criggie, j.u. Jean, 3rd dau. and coheir of 
Robert Burnett, of Muchalls aforesaid; he d. 1747, aged 64, 
liaving had with other issue a son, viz. 

SIR THOMAS BURNETT, 6th Baronet (on the death of 
his cousin. Sir Robert, in 1759); d. Ma}', 1783, ha-ving m. 
1754, Katharine, dau. of Sir Charles, and sister of Sir Alexander 
Ramsay, of Balmain, Bart, and had with other issue 3 sons, 
[1] Sir Robert, 7th Baronet, an officer in the royal Scots 
fusiliers, taken prisoner in the first American war; d. Jan. 

1837, having m. 16 Sept. 1785, Margaret Dalrj-mple, 4th dau. of 
Gen. Elphinstone, of Logic Elphinstone, co. Aterdeen ; she d. 
18 JIar. 1849, having had with other issue 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Thomas, 8th Baronet, lord-lieut. and sheriff-principal, 
Kincardineshh-e ; b. 22 Aug. 1778; d. unm. 16 Feb. 1849. 

(2) Sir Alexander, 9th Bart. E.I.C.S.; b. 17 Dec. 1789; d. 
unm. 20 Mar. 1856. 

(3) William, capt. R.A. b. 1 Aug. 1798; d. 16 April, 1840. 

(4) Sir James Horn, s. as 10th Baronet. 

(5) Margaret, d. 17 Jan. 1828, having m. 28 April, 1826, as 
2nd ■n'ife, to her cousin Thomas Ramsay, late capt. 47th regt. 
(B.VRT.) and had a son. 
[2] Sir Alexander Ramsay, of Baluiain, created a Baronet CP 
the United Kingdom 13 May, 1806; assumed by r.l. the 
surname of llAMS.lY, on succeeding to the Balmain estates 

[3] William, gen. in the army, lieut.-col. 14th regt. and Wal- 
ford's York hussars, A.D.C. to GEORGE III.; b. 19 Feb. 1762 ; d, 
unm. 26 Feb. 1839, aged 77. 

SIR JAMES HORN BLTINETT, 10th Baronet, lord-lieut, 
of Kincardines.; b. 22 June, 1801 ; d. IG Sept. 1876, having 
m. 1st— 3 Feb. 1831, Caroline Margaret, dau. of Charles Sjiear- 
man, Esq. of Thornley Hall, Durham (B.VRT.) ; she d. 
1836. leaWng an only son, 
[1] Sir Robert, 11th and present Baronet. 
Sir JAMES m. 2ndly— 12 July, 1837, his 1st cousin Lauderdale, 
dau. of Sir Alexander Ramsoy, of Balmain, Bart, and widow of 
David Duncan, of Rosemouut, co. Forfar, and had 2 sons and a 

[2] Thomas, major R.H. A. heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy; b. 27 Nov. 1840; m. 2 June, 1875, Mary Elzabeth, eldest 
dau. of James Cuuiine,of Rattray, co. Aberdeen, and has 2 sons 
and 2 daus. 
James Lauderdale Gilbert, b. 1 April, 1880. — Alexander 
Edwin, b. 26 April, 1881.— Ethel.— Mary Bertha. 
[3] Alexander Edwin, ^v.s. b. 17 Dec. 1842. 
[41 Elizabeth Bannennan, d. 23 Feb. 1877, having m. 2 Feb. 
1869, as 1st wife, to George John Pitt Taylor, late capt. 78th 
highlanders, Ross-shire buffs (youngest son of Major William 
Stanhope Taylor, by his wife, Lady Sarah O'Brien, 2ud dau. of 
William, 2nd Marquis of Thomoud, K.P.), and had a son and 4 
Desmond Stanhope Pitt Taylor, b. 12 Dec. 1877.— Sarah 
Lauderdale EUy Pitt.— Violet Mary Pitt, d. 14 JIar. 1871.— 
Sybil Violet Thomond Pitt.— Ernestine Hester Pitt. 

Harry Paul, 
of WalhamiJton, 
Hants, j.p. (1769, 
G.B.), lieut. late 60th 
royal rifles ; s. his 
father as 6th Ba- 
ronet in 1871 ; b. 5 
Sept. 1 846 ; m. 28 
Mar. 1872, Margaret, 
_^I^ 2nd dau. of John An- 
derson, Esq. of Eothe- 
say and St. John, New Bnmswick; heir presumptive 
his uncle Sidney. 

Arms — Az. a lion passant between two estoiles in chief and a 
cross-crosslet fitchee in base arg. on a chief or two lions ram- 
pant respecting each other supporting a sinister hand couped 

Crest— A naval crown or, issuing therefrom a cubit arm erect 
ppr., charged with a cross pattee gu., the hand grasping a trident 
in the bend sinister, )X)int downwards or. 
SUPPORTERS— Two Uons reguardant arg., standing upon an 
anchor ppr., supporting a trident erect or, gorged with a naval 
crown, therefrom a chain reflexed over the back az 
MOTTO — Persevere. 
Seat— Walhampton, Lyjungton, Hants. 




PAUL BURRARD, of Walhampton, Hants. D.T.. and ■West- 
minster (grandson of Thomas Burrard, of Walhampton, 
M.P. Lymiugton. by his wife Elizal>eth, dau. of Gregory Isham, 
of Barbv, Xorthants.); M.P. Lj-mington, Hants.* 1706/13, 
1719 27.andYarmouth,l.W.1727,35; m. 17 Oct. 1704, Lucy, dau. 
and heir of Sir William Dutton Colt, envoy extraordinary to 
the courts of Dresden, Lunenburg, Zelle, and Hanover (BaRT.), 
and had 3 sons, 

[1] Sir Harry, d, of Walhampton aforesaid, sr.P. Lyniington 
43 years, bowbearer to the King in New Forest ; created a BA- 
RONET 3 April, 1769, with remainder, in default of male issue, 
to his brothers George and William, and their issue male; he 
d. s. p. 12 April, 1791, having m. 1st. Alicia, dau. of John 
Snape, Esq.; she d. s. p. He m. 2ndly— 1 754, Mary Frances, dau. 
of James Clarke, of Wharton, Herefords. ; she d. Sept. 1777, 
having had a son and dau. who both died young. 
[2] WUUam, governor of Yarmouth Castle, I.W. Ueut.-col. of 
Col. Trelawny's regt. ; Burrard Creek, in British Colimibia, was 
named after iiim ; b. 1712 ; d. Nov. 1780, having m. 1st— Eliza- 
beth Jacintha, dau. and coheir of M. de la Rosa, Spanish minis- 
ter at St. James', by whom he had 4 daus. He m. 2ndly, Mary, 
dau. of Dr. Joseph Pearce, of Lymington, and had with other 
issue 2 sons. 

(1) Sir Harry (Burrard) Neale, s. his uncle as 2nd Baronet; 
adm. of the w'hite, G.c.B. G.C.M.G. lord of the admiralty, groom 
of the bedchamber to GEORGE IIL and WILLIAM"^^ M.P. 
Lymington 46 years ; commanded the St. Furenzo at the 
Mutiny of the Nore, 1797, and received the thanks of the 
city of London tor sailing out under the fire of the fleet and 
escaping. GEORGE III. visited him at Walhampton in 1801 
and 1804; commanded the Meiliterrauean fleet, 1825 ; b. 16 
Sept. 1765; d. s. p. 7 Feb. 1840. having m. 15 April, 1795, 
Grace Elizal:)eth, dau. and coheir of Robert Neale, Esq. of Shaw 
House, AVilts. (Duckett), having assumed liy R.L. dated 8th 
of same month the surname and arms of Neale, and by R.L. 
21 Nov. 1839. had a grant of supporters to be borne by his 
successors to the Baronetcy ; she d. 21 Dec. 1855, aged 83. 

(2) Sir Greorge, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

[3] George, of Lymington aforesaid, b. 28 June, 1718 ; d. 1777, 
having m. 19 Aug. 1751, Madeleine, dau. of John Durell, of 
Jersey, and had 2 sons and a dau. His elder son. 

Sir" Harry Burrard, lieut.-gen. in the army, commanded 1st 
guards, aud commanded the British forces at the victory of 
Vimeira, 1808 ; was created a Baroset 12 Nov. 1807, for 
services at Copenhagen, but this creation expired on the 
decease of his son, Sir Charles, 12 July, 1870, who left 6 daus. 

SIR GEORGE, 3rd Baronet, chaplain in ordinary to four 
successive sovereigns, vicar of Middleton Tyas, co. York, 
and of Burton Coggles, co. Line, rector of Yarmouth and of 
Shalfleet, Isle of Wight, commissioner of customs for the port 
of London; b. 6 April, 1769; d. 17 May, 1856, having m. 1st— 18 
Sept. 1804, Elizateth Anne, dau. and heir of WilUani Coppell, 
Esq. of Jamaica ; she d. 11 April, 1815, having had an only 
sur\-iving child, 

[1] Sir Cieorge, 4th Baronet, M.P. Lymington ; b. 13 Oct. 1805; 
d. s. p. 8 Sept. 1870, having m. 3 Jan. 1839, Isabella, only dau. 
of Sir George Duckett, Bart. ; she d. 7 Sept. 1876. 
REV. SIR GEORGE m. 2ndly— 1 May, 1816, Emma, dau. of 
Rear-Adm. Joseph Bingham, com.-in-chief in Indian seas 
(Parker — Baht.) ; she d. 2 Jime, 1879, ha^-ing had 2 sons and 
2 daus. 

[2] Sir Harry, s. as 5th Baronet. 

[3] Sidney, capt. and Ueut.-col. late grenadier guards, served 
in Crimea, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 4 
Nov. 1826; m. 10 Nov. 1859, Geraldine Augusta, ilau. of William 
Richardson, Esq. of London, and Wanstead, Essex, and has 
4 sons and a dau. 

Sidney Gerald, lieut. r.e. b. 12 Aug. I860.— William Dutton, b. 

21 Dec. 1861.— Charles, b. 15 Feb. 1867.— Harry George, b. 18 

April, 1871.— Mav. 
[4] Harriet, d. 22 Dec. 1875, having ni. 13 Oct. 1846. as 2nd 
^\•i^e, to Francis Henry Crozier (late E.l.c.s.) of Delawarr, 
LjTuington (son of Rawson Bodham Crozier, Esq. of West Hill, 
Freshwater, Isle of Wight), and has 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Burrard Rawson, capt. R. Scots fusiliers, late Queen's 
Own Cameron Highlanders (79tli regt.), formerly lieut. 46th 
regt. ; b. 20 May, 1850; m. 11 Oct. 1877, Rebecca Frances, 2nd 
dau. of Major Percy, late 9th regt. aud has a son, b. 9 Jan. 
1879, and a son, b. 29 Sept. 1881. 

(2) Pearson Frank, R.X. b. 19 Nov. 1851 ; m. 1st— 30 Mar. 
1875, Diana Euiilv, dau. of Hugh Montolieu Hammersley, 
Esq. (E. Radnor), of Ridgway, Hants.; she d. 21 Mar. 1880. 
He m. 2ndly— 7 .'^ept. 1881, Rosa Onslow Leslie, youngest 
dau. of late Edward Binny Glass, E.sq. Mailras c.s. 

(3) Harriet Frances, m. 22 Nov. 1866, to Col. Charles Osborn 
Creagh-Osborne, C.B. late 6th regt. (Osbohne), and has 2 sons 
and a dau. 

(4) Emma Corrie, d. 27 Jan. 1879, having m. 18 Feb. 1868, to 
SN'illiani Smith, major H.A. and had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

William Smith. — Henry Crozier. — Burrard Archi- 
bald. — Sarah Helen. — Emma Gertrude. 

(5) Gertrude Julia. (6) Mary AUce. 

* Lymington, Hants, was represented in parliament by the 
Barrards from 1679 until 1835, excepting from 1727 to 1735. 

[5] Theresa, d. 2 Feb. 1849,ha\nug m. 31 July, 1845, to Rowland 
Edward (2nd son of W. H. Cooper, E.=<i. of Pain's Hill, Surrey); 
he d. 19 Sept. 1808, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Rowland Burrard COOPER, b. 21 July, 1846 ; m. 4 Mar. 
1869, Ellen, 2nd dau. of Arthur Hall, Esq. of London, and has 
4 daus. 

Maud Burrard. — Mildred Chase. — Emma Theresa. — Ethel 

(2) Editli Theresa, m. 1 Aug. 1866, to Rev. Robert Lewes 
Dashwood (Bart.), of Sherfield English, Hants. 

SIR HARRY, 5th Baronet, b. 13 Oct. 1818 ; d. 15 April, 
1871, having m. 5 Aug. 1845. Mary Standlev, youngest 
dau. of late J. Allen, Esq. of Blackheath ; she d. 25 Nov. 1875, 
ha\-ing had a son. 
(1) Sir Harry Paul, 6th and present Baronet. 

HDURRELL, Sir Walter 
-*-^ Wyndham, of Knapp Cas- 
tle, Su-ssex, J.P. (1774, G. B.), high 
sheriff 1872, M.P. Shoreham since 
1876; s. his brother as 5th Baronet 
in 1876 ; b. 26 Oct. 18U ; m. 10 
June, 1847, Dorothea, dau. of late 
Rev. John Applethwaite Jones, 
vicar of Burleigh - on - the - Hill, 
Rutland, and has 3 sons and 4 

(1) Charles Raymond, capt. royal Sussex militia 1872/81; b. 29 
Mar. 1848; m. 23 July, 1872, Etheldreda Mary, eldest dau. of 
Robert Loder, Esq. "of the High Beeches, Sussex, and has 
a son and 2 daus. 

Merrick Raymond, b. 14 May 1877.— Sybil Dorothy.— Mary 

(2) Walter Henry Wvndham Ra\Tnond, b. 2 Jan. 1857. 

(3) Robert Merrik Raymond, b. 30 Aug. 1863. 

(4) Frances Louisa. 

(5) Dorothea Mary Augusta, m. 25 July, 1878, to Francis 
William Otter, son of late Yen. W. B. Otter, archdeacon of 

(6) Emily Charlotte Edrica, m. 17 Aug. 1876, to Ernest, 2nd 
son of Right Hon. Sir Richard Baggallay, and had a son, 

Harold Burrell Baggallay, b. 13, d. 29 Aug. 1880. 

(7) Edith Henrietta. 

Arms — Vert, three shields arg. each having a bordure engrailed 

Crest — A naked arm embowed, the hand grasping a sprig of 
laurel all ppr. 

Motto — Sub libertate quietem. 

Seats — Ockenden, Cuckfield, and West Grinsted Park, Hors- 
ham, both Sussex. 
Town House — 3, King Street, St. James's, s.w. 


SIR AVILLIAM BLTIRELL, of Valentine House, Essex, and 
The Deepdene, Surrey, i.L.l). (son of Peter Burrell, of 
Beckenham, M.P. and his wife Amy, dau. of Hugh RajTnond, 
Esq. of SalingPark, Essex, see GWA'UIR — I'EERAge), chancellor 
of the iliocese of Worcester, M.P. Hasleniere 1768, and com- 
missioner of excise 1771, chancellor of the diocese of Wor- 
cester, a director of the South Sea Company ; b. 10 Oct. 1732 ; 
d. 20 Jan. 1796, having m. 13 April, 1773, Sophia, dau. and 
coheir of Sir Charles Raymond, of Valentine House, Essex, who 
wiis created a B.vroxet 31 May, 1774, with remainder to his 
son-in-law, who on the death. 24 Aug, 1789, of Sir Charles Raj'- 
mond, became Sir AVilliani Burrell, 2nd Baronet; she d. 20 
.Tune. 1802, having with 2 daus. 3 sons, 
[1] Sir Charles Merrik, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
[2] Walter, of West Grinstead Park, M.P. Susse.x in five suc- 
cessive Parliaments; b. 15 April, 1777; d. s. p. 7 April, 1831, 
having m. 21 July, 1825, Helena Anne, dau. of Alexander Ellice 
(sister of Right Hon. Edward Ellice, P.c). and widow of Charles 
Chisholme, of Chisholme, n.b. ; she d. 17 Dec. 1873. 
[3] Percy, capt. 5th dragoons; b. 6 July, 1779; killed at Buenos 
Ayres 5 Aug. 1807. 



SIR CHARLES MERRIK, 3rd Baronet, M.P. New Shore- 
ham in sixteen consecutive Parliaments, 4 Nov. 180G, 
imtil his death 4 Jan. 1862 ; h. 21 May, 1774 ; m. 4 July, 1808, 
Frances, eldest natural dau. of George O'Brien, Earl of Egre- 
mont (B. Leconfielb) ; shed. 28 Sept. 1848, having had with 
other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

[1] Sir Percy, 4th Baronet, M.P. New Shoreham ; h. 10 Feb. 
1812; d. s. p. 19 July, 1876, having m. 26 Aug. 1856, Henrietta 
Katherine, dau. of late Vice-Admiral Sir George Richard 
Brooke-Pechell, Bart.; she d. 4 Mar. 1880. 
[2] Sir Walter Wyndham, 5th and present Baronet. 
[3] Caroline Julia. 


I U R R W S, 

Sir George, 

Baronet, so created 

19 Mar. 1874, m.d. 

D.C.L. LL.D. P.R.S. 

president of royal 
college of pbysi- 
cians, London, 
1871/6, member of 
the .'senate of Uni- 
versity of London, 
physician in ordi- 
nary to the Queen 
since 1872 ; b. 28 
Nov. 1801 ; m. 18 
Sept. 1834, Elinor, 
youngest dau. of 
late John Aberne- 
thy, F.R.S. presi- 
dent royal college 
of surgeons, by whom he has 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Frederic Abernethy, b. 30 Dec. 1845. 

(2) Ernest Pennington, b. 11 July, 1851. 

(3) Rose Ellen, m. 23 July, 1867, to Alfred Willett, of London, 
F.R.O.S., s. p. 

Arms — Per fesse az. and sa. a caduceus erect ppr. between 

three fleurs de lis erm. 

Crest— A falcon with wings expanded or collared and holding 

in the beak a spear-head and resting the dexter claw on a fleur 

de lis az. 

Motto — Et vi et virtutc. 

ReSIDEXCE— 18, Cavendish Square, W. 


RICHARD BLTIROWS, of Chalk, next Milton, by Gravcsend ; 
b. 21 May, 1749; d. 24 Nov. 1776, aged 28, having m. (lie. 
dated 30 June, 1770) Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel Morton, of Lam- 
beth (she d. 3 Nov. 1810, ast. 57), having re-m. to James Guthrie, 
of Fetcham, Sm-rey, and had (with an only surviving dau. 
Mary, d. 25 Nov. 1804, having m. 3 June, 1798, to Richard Tecs- 
dale, of Slaley and Hexham, Northants. who d. 27 Sept. 1814), 
an onlj- son, 

GEORGE MANN BURROWS, of London, M.D.; b. 6 May, 
1771; d. 29 Oct. 1846, having m. 1st— 2 July, 1794, Mary, 
dau. of John Dale, of Hatton Garden; she d. 10 June, 1795; 
her only child Mary, d. 1815. He m. 2udly— 16 Mar. 1797, 
Sophia, dau. of Thomas Druce, of Chancery Lane, London ; she 
d. 21 Aug. 1858, ajt. 90, having had 5 sons and 4 dans. 
[1] Sir George, crciited a Baronet. 

[2] John, capt. 14th B.y.I. and superintendent of police at 
Bombay; b. 31 Dec. 1802 ; d. Aug. 1845. 
[3] Charles, of London, registrar of the Marylebone county 
court; b. 5 Nov. 1807; m. 1st— 15 Sept. 1840, Mary Ken-, dau. of 

James Simpson, of Edinliurgh, advocate; she d. 7 Dec. 1847. 
He m. 2ndly— 1 Oct. 1850, Mary, eldest dau. of Henry Read of 
Buckhurst Hill, Essex. By his 1st wife he has 2 sons, 

(1) Charles Hubert, M.A. rector of St. Michael, Long Stratton, 
Norfolk ; b. 1 Aug. 1841 ; m. 19 Oct. 1865, Sarah Elizabeth, 
only child of William Robson, of Wilton, Wilts, and has a 

Douglas Huliert William, b. Jan. 1867. 

(2) Henry Maiden, incumbent of All Souls, Antigua; 
b. 3 Mar. 1843; m. 13 Jan. 1881, Avis Jane, youngest dau. of 
late Rev. J. B. Wilkinson, rector of St. Paul's, Antigua. 

[4] Henry Nicholson, M.A. Triu. Coll. Camb. in H.O.; b. 6 Sept. 
1809; d. 6 Julv, 1859; m. 22 June, 1845, Fanny, youngest dau. 
of John Broadley, of Kirk Ella, Yorks.; she d. 26 Feb. 1873, 
leaving 4 daus. 

(1) Harriet Lucy Beata. (2) Constance Fanny. 

(3) Mary Alice, m. 7 Dec. 1872, to W J , 3rd son of 
W A Skene, Esq. of Lethenty, Aberdeen. 

(4) Charlotte Etheldreda, m. 2 Aug. 1877, to Maximilian 
George Rooi^er, Esq. 

[5] Arthur, of Bedford Park, Croydon, and of Lincoln's Inn, 
bar.-at-law L.I.; b. 26 Aug. 1812 ; m. 22 April, 1840, Frances 
Diana, youngest dau. of Robert Anthony Bromley, major Indian 
army, and has a son and 5 daus, 

(1) Artliur Bromlej', b. 7 Aug. 1853; m. 30 Dec. 1879, Helen 
Frances, dau. of J F Neale, Esq. of Croydon. 

(2) Marian Charlotte, m. 20 April, 1865, to William Coppard 
Beaimiont, of London, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

James Arthur Be-VUMOXT, b. 12 Mar. 1866. — William Hast- 
ings, b. 2 May, 1869.— Edith Frances ilary. 

(3) Louisa Mary, m. 13 Sept. 1866, to Rev. Joseph Henry 
Eastry, of Oxford, who d. Dec. 1872. 

(4) Florence Georgina, m. 20 May, 1873, to Alfred Foster 
Evans, an<l has a dau. 

A dau. b. 16 Mar. 1879. 

(5) Grace Anna. (6) Gertrude Elizabeth. 
(7) Evelj'n Beaimiont. 

[6] Sophia Druce, d. 28 .Ian. 1868, having m. , to 

William Warren Hastings, of London, who d. 28 Mar. 1857. 
[7] Caroline, d. 1840, having m. 28 Sept. 1824, to John Nelson, 
proctor of the court of arches Canterljm'y, who d. 4 Nov. 1872, 
having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

[8] Emma, d. s. p. 4 Mar. 1869, having m. 25 Sept. 1832, to 
Gen. Sir David Capon, K.c.B. col. 106th regt.; he d. 17 Dec. 1869. 
[9] Ellen, m. 25 June, 1828, to Rev. Charles Arnold, M.A. rector 
of Tinwell, Rutland, and hou. canon of Peterborough, and has 
5 sons and 5 daus. 

Charles Wil- 
liam CUPPE, of PoUac- 
ton, CO. Caiiow (1758, 
L); high sheriff 18.51, 
formerly lieut. 1st R, 
dragoons ; s. his cousin 
as 5th Baronet in 1843 ; 
b. 13 Jan. 1823 ; m. 16 
Dec. 1861, Georgiana 
Mary, only dau. of late 
David Haliburton Dal- 
las, Esq. and granddau. 
of Lt.-Gen. Sir Thomas 
Dallas, G.C.B.; heir pre- 
sumptive, his brother 

AR^rs — Per pale az. and pur- 
pure a cross engrailed or, be- 
tween foiu* roses arg. 
Crest — On a ducal coronet a dexter gauntlet, the palm in- 
wards, all ppr. 
Motto — Deus providebit. 
SEAT— Pollacton, co. Carlow. 




EDWARD BURTON (said to be second son of Edward 
Burton, of Lonfrnor. Salop), had 2 sons, Francis and 
Tlioinas, who cwue into Ireland 1610. Fnincis settled at 
Ballycii (part of tlio ISunoriitrpy estate, co. Clare), which was 
granted him by Douogh, Earl of Thoniond, and was one of the 
first free burgesses of the town of Ennis ; he d. s. p. leaving 
his brother 

THOMAS, of Buncraggy, his heir ; he m. Anne Shepherd, of 
Baycote, Hereford, and had with 2 daus. (Martha, d. s. p. 
wife of Kev. John Andrews, n.l). incuinlx>nt of Enuis; and 
Jane, m. to Allan Swan wick, of AVorsall, Cheshire, gent), an only 

SAJIUEL, of Buncraggy, co. Clare, sheriff 1669 ; will proved 
1 Dec. 1712, leaving by Margery Harris, liis wife, 3 sons, 
[1] Fll.\NCls, ancestor of the Marquis of Conyugham. (See 

[2] Charles, d. s. p. having ni. Mary, dau. of 'Walter Hickman, 
of CO. Clare. 

[3] Benjamin, of Dublin, banker, alderman and lord mayor 
1706, M.P. for that city 1703, 1713, 1715, 1723 ; d. 28 May, 1728, 
having m. (Uc. dated 22 May, 168G) (Jrace, dau. of Robert Strat- 
ford, of Belan, co. Kildare, Esq. ; she d. July, 1721, having 
had with other issue 4 sons, 

(1) Samuel, of Burton Hall, co. Carlow, and of Dublin, 
banker, M.P. Sligo (liorough), 1713, and Dublin 1727; m. 1st — 
17 June, 1708, Anne, il:iu. of Charles Campbell, Esq. of Dublin; 
she d. 20 Oct. 1714, leaving' 2 sons and a dau. He m. 2ndly, 
Mary Hinde.and had a ilau. JIary. His great-great-grandson, 

William FiTZ\Vir,i,iAM Burton, of Burton Hall, .i.r. 
high sheriff co. Carlow 1822 (son of Benjamin Burton, of 
Burton Hall, and his wife Anne, dau. of Thomas Main- 
waring, of Goltho, CO. Line. ) ; b. 22 Sept. 1796 ; d. 15 Nov. 
1844, ha\'ing m. 18 July, 1825, Mar}', dau. of Sir John 
Power, of Kilfano, Bart. ; she d. 25 Jan. 1839. He m. 
2ndly — 5 Oct. 1840, Eleanor Mary, dau. of William Browne, 
of Browne's Hill, co. Carlow ; she d. s. p. 5 Dec. 1870. By 
his 1st wife he had 4 sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ William FitzWilliam, of Burton Hall, b. 14 May, 1826; 
J. p. CO. Kildare, and Carlow, high sheriff 1849; m. 17 June, 
1848, Coralie Augusta Frederica, 3rd dan. of Henry Lloyd, 
Esq. of Farrinrory, co. Tipperary, and has 2 sons, 

(1) William FitzWilliam, b. 30 April, 1849 ; m. 12 April, 
1877, Oeorgiana Spencer, dau. of Capt. tlie Hon. William 
Henry George Wellesley, U.N. (E. CowleT), and has a 
son and dau. 

William Mainwaring, b. 11 July, 1881.— Georgiaua 

(2) Alfied Henry, t. 29 Mar. 1853. 

/2/ Benjamin, in ll.o.; b. 17 Sept. 1829 ; d. 

having in. 27 April, 1854, Ann, dau. of late Col. Henry 

Bruen, M.P. of Oak Park, co. Carlow, and had a son and dau. 

(1) Benjamin, lieut. U.A. 

(2) Mary Elizalietli, m. 16 June, 1880, to Hon. Edward 
Lawless, late ritle brigade, 2nd sou of Edward, 3rd Baron 

/3/ John Power, b. 3 Se])t. 1833; m. , Adelaide, dau. 

of Henry Close, of Newtown Park, co. Dublin, and has 4 sons. 
/4/ Charles, capt. late 99th regt. ; b. 24 Oct. 1836 ; m. 25 
April, 1871, JIary Edith, dau. of Rev. John Charles Daven- 
port, rector of Skeflfington, Leic. and has 3 daus. 

Florence Helen. Slary Bertha. Norah. 

/5/ Harriet Anne, m. 29 July, 1851, as 2ud wife, to her 
cousin Richard, after Sir Richard Sutton, Bai-t. who d. 2 
Oct. 1878. 

/6/ Mary Frances, m. 18 Nov. 1862, as 2nd wife to Rev. 
Tliomxs George Onslow, late rectoi ot Catmore, Berks 
(}•;. O.n'si.ow). 

/7/ Sophia Charlotte, m. 22 Jan. 1856, to John Henry 
Eilward Fock, of Gowran Grange, co. Kildare, J.r. B.l>. 
capt. late 8th foot, Barcm de Robeck, in the kingdom of 
Sweden, and has lia<l 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Henry Edward William FocK, Kildare militia, b. 3 

Mar. 18.'J9.-(2) John Michiiel, b. 10 June, 1862.— (3) 

Charles Richard, b. 27 Mar. 1871. 

(4) Emilie Anne, m. 23 Ai)ril, 1878, to Thomas John de 
Burgh, of Old Town, 5th ilragoon guards. 

(5) Gertrude Elizabeth Mary. — (6) Coralie Annette 
Helen Georgiana, d. 5 Nov. 1879.— (7) Zoe Anna Judith. 

/8/ Helen Mary. 

(2) Rolx;rt, capt. of battle-axe guards, M.P. Carlow borough 
1727 ; m. Catherine, dau. of Thomas Ryves, of Rathfallagh, 
and d. s. p. 

(3) Sir Charles, created a Baiio.nkt. 

(4) Francis, major of h<irse ; d. 11 April, 1752, having m. 14 
Dcc.1738, Rachel, oldest dau. of Rt. Rev. Edward Smyth, D.l). 
bishop of Down and Connor, and had with other issue a dau. 

Maria, m. to Richard Cox, ot Castletown, co. Kilkenny. 

SIR CHARLES BURTON, alderman and M.P. Dublin, 
knighted by the viceroy. Lord Harrington (1747/61), and 
createtl a Bahonk'I' ok 1hki,am) 2 (Jet. 1758 ; d. 1776, having 
m. Margaret, eldest dau. of Richard Mcredyth, of Shrowland, 
CO. KiMare, and ha<l with 5 daus. an only son, 

SIR CHARLES BURTON, 2nd Baronet, d. 1812, having m. 
Hon. Catherine CufTe, 3rd dau. and coh. of John, 2nd 
Lord Desart ; she d. 10 Oct. 1827, having had witli other 
iiibuc 5 suns, 

[1] Sir Charles, 3rd Baronet; b. ; d. 1843, 

having m. 1807, Susannah, dau. of Joshua Paul Mcredyth, 

E.sq. (Bart.), and hiul with other issue a son, 

Sir Charles, 4th Baronet; d. unm. 17 May, 1843. 
[2] John, capt. 17th light dragoons, d. 1813. 
[3] Benjamin, lieut. 19th lancers ; d. 1834, having m. Grace 
Ann, only child of William Roberts, of London, and ha<l with 
other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Charles 'William CuflPe, 5th and present 

(2) Addlphus William Desart, c.n. col. in the army,lieut.-coI. 
lite 7th dragoon guards, heir presumptive to the 
Baronetcy; b. 1827; m. 11 June, 1863, Sopliia 
Louisa, dau. of late Gen. Sir John Slade, Bart. G.C.H. and has 
2 daus. -i 

Grace Ifales. (Jertrude Mary. 

(3) Catherine Anne Galloway. (4) Adelaide. 
[4] William, b. ; d. 1826. having ni. 1814, 
Mary, eldest dau. and coheiress of Samuel Skey, Esq. of Spring 
Grove, near Bewdley, co. Wore, and had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) William, a lieut. in the guards, and A.u.C. to the king of 
Bavaria; b. Aug. 1815; d. unm. 17 July, 1859. 

(2) Sanniel Skey, b. 1821; d. 1868; m. 30 Sept. 
1861, Susan Bristowe Berridge, widow of Thomas Miller, Esq. 
of Leicester ; she d. having had a dau. 

Nora Mary Katherine. 

(3) Charles" James, d. unm. 27 Oct. 1875, aged 46. 

(4) Catherine Sarah. 

(5) Lucy Caroline, m. , to Alfred Canington Dick, 
Esq. formerly in the consular service, s. p. 

[5] Edward, d. s. p. having m. , to , dau. of 


BUTLER, Sir Thomas 
Pierce, of Garrj'hundon, 
CO. Carlow (1628, I.); high 
sheriflE 1865, lieut. late h&ih and 
24th rcgts. major Carlow rifle 
militia 1854/72 ; s. his father as 
10th Baronet in 18G2 ; b. 16 
Dec. 1836 ; m. 8 Sept. 1864, 
Hester Elizabeth, eldest dan. 
of Sir A. E. Belli 11 gham, Bart, 
and has had .3 sons and 4 daus, 

(1) Richard Pierce, b. 28 Sept. 1872. 

(2) Thomas Edmond, b. 6 April, 1876. 

(3) Walter Alan, b. 14 Mar. 1877 : d. 
25 Feb. 1878. 

(4) Edith Alice. 

(5) Maud Isabel. 

(6) Dorothea Hester. 

(7) Eleanor Frances, b. 19 Feb. 1880. 

Arms — Or, a chief indented az., a martlet for difference. — Out of ducal coronet or a plume of five ostrich feathers, 

therefrom a falcon rising arg. 

Moi'TO — Comme je trouve. 

SEATS — Ballin Temple, TuUow, and Garryhundon, both in tho 

CO. Carlow. 


SIR THOMAS BUTLER, of Cloughprenan, co. Carlow, M.P. 
for that county, 1639, was created a BaroxET OV IRE- 
LAND, privy seal, 16 Aug. 1628; m. Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas 
CoIecloughjKnt. of Tyntem Abbey, co. Wexford, and widoWJ 
of Nicholas Bagcnal, Esq. and hod with 3 daus. 4 sons. Uisj 

SIR RICHARD, 5th Baronet (on tlie death of his nephewi 
Sir Pierce, M.P.), M.P. co. Carlow 1729/61; m. HenriettaJ 
dau. and coheir of Henry Percy, of Seskin, co. Carlow (son oa 
Sir Anthony Percy, lord mayor of Dublin 1699); she d. 14 Janll 
1794. having had with 6 daus. 4 sons, 

(1) Sir Thomas, s. as 6th Baronet. 

(2) James, capt. 1st regt. of horse; d. unm. 

(3) Pierce, major 2»th regt. 1766, ancestor of late Pierce ButlerJ 
of Butler's Island, Georgia, I'.s. who ni. Frances, dau. of 
Charles Kemble (and niece of John Kemble and Mrs. Siddons)il 
imd had 2 daus. Sarah uuil Fronces (B. LEluil). 



(4) William Paul, of BroomviUe, co. Carlow, a solicitor ; m. 
Henrietta, dau. of Abraham Nickson, of Munny, co. 'Wicklcw, 
and liad wdth other issue a son, 

James Butler, of Broomville, j.p. sei-ved in 17th dra- 
goons; d. 2 Feb. 1856, having m. Maria, only dau. of Kev. 
Charles Charleton, vicar of Tynemouth ; she d. 18 Sept. 1873, 
having had 6 sous and 4 daus. 

[1] Williani Paul, capt. Carlow mil.; b. 13 April, 1817; d. 
Aug. 1861, having m. 28 Oct. 1846, Letitia Maria, dau. of 
John Gray, of Upton, co. Carlow, and had a son and 3 daus. 

Charles James Jolin,lieut. 16th regt. b. 24 Oct. 1852. — Fanny 

Letitia Maria. — EUzabeth Anne. — Helen WUliamina. 
[2] Cliarles Richard, lieut.-col. 20th regt.; d. unm. 22 Jan. 

[3] James Tliomas, of Castlecomer, co. Kilkenny, resident 
magistrate for that count.v and J.P. co. Carlow ; b. 25 June, 
1825; m. 2 Aug. 1859, Adelaide Maria, youngest dau. of George 
Rous Keogh, Esq. of Kilbride, co. Carlow, and had 4 sons and 
2 daus. 

Charles Richard, b. 21 June, 1860. — James Henry, b. 20 

April, 1863.— Somerset Edward Molyneux, b. 13 Aug. 1867. 

— George Fitzwalter, b. 4 Aug. 1868. — Mary. — Emely 

[4] Richard Lewis, b. 

[5] Eiiward Holmes, major Carlow rifles; b. 
[6] Anna Maria. [7] Harriet Catherine. 

[8] Henrietta Mary. 
[9] Slaria, m. 1859, to "WiUiam Gore Johnston, Esq. 

SIR THOMAS, 6th Baronet, m.p. co. Carlow 1761 ; m. 
Dorothea, only child of Ven. Edward Bayly, D.D. (M. 
Anoleset), archdeacon of Dublin, dean of Ariifert, &c. and 
had \vith 4 daus. 4 sons, of whom the eldest, viz.: 

SIR RICHARD, 7tli Baronet, m.p. co. Carlow, 1783 to 1800; 
b. 14 July, 1761 ; d. 16 Jan. 1817, having m. 23 Aug. 1782, 
Sarah Maria, only dau. of Thomas AVorth Kewenham, Esq. 
of Coolmore, co. Cork, and had 6 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Thomas, s. as 8th Baronet. 

[2] Richard Pierce, in H.O. b. 4 Nov. 1784 ; d. 10 Sept. 1855, 
having m. 13 June, 1822, Charlotte, 3rd dau. of John Graham- 
Clarke, Esq. of Fenham, near Xewcastle-on-Tyne, and of Sutton, 
York.; she d. 1835, having had an only dau. 

Charlotte Mart, m. 24 June, 1847, to Charles "William 
Re.vnolds, of Ramslade, Berks, J.P. capt. late 16th lancers, 
and ha.s 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Jolin Hunter RETXOLDS, lieut. grenadier guards ; b. 18 
Jan. 1854. 

(2) Cecil Edward, b. 5 Feb. 1857. 

(3) Mary Arabella Susan, m. 28 Dec. 1871, to Major Herbert 
Mitchell, R.A. 

(4) Ethel Maud. (5) Arlette Isabel. 
(6) Clarisse Maria Guthrie. 

[3] William Ai-thur, lieut. 27th foot, b. 22 Aug. 1786; d. s. p. 
having m. 1827, Emma, dau. of James Heseltine, Esq.; 

she d. 19 Xov. 1872. 

[4] James, of Ballybar, co. Carlow; b. 9 Nov. 1788; d. 1 Mar. 
1865, having m. Elizabeth, only child of Beau- 

champ Bagenall HUl, Esq. ; she d. 27 Nov. 1827, having had 
with other issue a son and 3 daus. 

(1) James, of Ballybar House, Carlow; b. 4 Mar. 1826; m. 10 
April, 1860, Henrietta Clara, 2nd dau. of late Capt. Charles 
George Butler, R.N. of Leuham Lodge (see below), and has 
4 sons and a dau. 

James Walter, b. 12 June, 1864. — Beauchamp Chaiies, b. 3 
Oct. 1865. — William Arthur, b. 21 May, 1868. — Henry 
Claude, b. 10 Feb. 1875.— Aniy Sarah, b. 5 May, 1863. 

(2) Sarah, m. Cranston, who died s. p. 

(3) Elizabeth, unm. 

(4) Emma, m. to Charles Barter, Esq. s. p. 

[5] Charles Gec^rge, of Lenham Lodge, co. Carlow, com. R.N.; b. 
15 Oct. 1793 ; d. 1 Mar. 1867, ha^-^ng m. 28 Sept. 1830, Emily, 
dau. of John Bayford, Esq. of London, and has with other issue 
3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) John Bayford, capt. R.X. (retd.); b. 27 Aug. 1832; m. 10 
Jan. 1867, Hon. Sybil Catherine Devereux, dau. of the 15th 
Viscount Hereford, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Francis Algernon, b. 26 Jan. 1878. — Humphrey Charles, 
b. 19 Oct. 1880.— Nora. 

(2) William Charles, b. 17 Jan. 1844 ; m. July, 1877, Emily, 
only dau. of Henry Strettell Chadwick, Esq. and has a sou, 

Henry Beauchamp, b. 1 Dec. 1878. 

(3) Charles Arthm-, b. 10 Feb. 1846 ; m. 28 Aug. 1875, his 
cousin Louisa, dau. of late Richard Low, capt. 53rd regt. 

(4) Henrietta Clara, m. 10 April, 1860, to her cousin James 
Butler, Esq. of Ballybar. 

(5) Emily Harriet, m. 13 Dec. 1860, to David Henry Owen, 
Esq. and has 2 sons and 10 daus. 

(6) Sarah Newenham, m. 28 Ju^ly, 1873, to Francis Wilfrid 
Lawson, Esq. and has a son and 2 daus. 

Francis Wilfrid Annandale LAWSOX, b. 11 Feb. 1876.— 
Mary Winnifrid, twin with her brother. — Mmiel Kate. 

[6] Walter, capt. and brevet-major 27th Inniskilling regt.; b. 

13 Nov. 1803; d. s. p. 14 Dec. 1878, having m. 9 July, 1846, Maria 

Louisa, dau. of Col. George Jackson, of Carramore, co. Mayo. 

[7] Louisa, m. to Peter Low, Esq. and has issue. 

[8] Henrietta, m. to Hugh Faulkner, Esq. of Fort Faulkner, 

and has issue. 

SIR THOMAS, 8th Baronet, b. 23 Oct. 1783 ; d. 9 Nov. 1861, 
ha\ang m. 30 Jan. 1812, Frances, 4th dau. of John Graham- 
Clarke, Esq. of Fenham, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Sutton, 

CO. York, aforesaid ; she d. 30 Aug. 1868, having had with 

other issue 4 sons and 5 daus. 

[1] Sir Richard Pierce, s. as 9th Baronet. 

[2] Thomas, late 7th fusiliers, b. 23 Jlay, 1814; m. 1st— 5 May, 

1840, Mary, only suri'i\ing dau. and heir of Henrj' Tulip, Esq. 

of Brunton and Warwick Hall, Northimiberland; she d. 

having had an onlj' son, 

(1) Henry Thomas, lieut.-col. 13th hussars 1878 (retd. 1880) : 
b. 1 May, 1842. 

Mr. ThoM-I-S Butler m. 2ndly— 15 Jan. 1861, Emma Eliza 
Bertie, dau. of Vice-Adm. Bertie Cornelius Cator (Lexxard— 
B.VRT.), and has a dau. 

(2) Laura. 

[3] Antoine Sloet, capt. late 7th dragoon guards, resident 
magistrate for Meath; b. 11 Oct. 1823; m. 1st — Sept. 1854, 
Mary, eldest dau. of Rev. George Hamilton Le Poer Beresford, 
rector of Fenagh, co. Leitrim. (B. Decies); shed. 22 Nov. 
1862. He ni. 2ndly- 29 April, 1875, Ella, dau. of Rev. Joseph 
Stevenson, and widow of AJrthur Beresford Cane, Esq. By his 
1st wife he had a son and 2 daus. 

(1) George Beresford, b. 13 Jan. 1857. 

(2) Frances Antoinette, m. 10 Dec. 1878, to George Cosby 
Lendrum, Esq. of Magheracross, co. Fermanagh, D.L. 

(3) Lam-a Mary. 

[4] Henry William Paget, capt. late 7th fusiliers, b. 28 April, 
1831 ; m. 2 Oct. 1855, Geraldine Sydney, only dau. of Lord 
WiHiam Fitzgerald (D. Leixster). and has 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Frederick Francis Baron, b. 25 Jan. 1861. 

(2) Percy Thomas, b. 17 June, 1862. (3) Mabel Howard. 
[5] Arabella Sarah, m. 31 May, 1835, to Ralph Allen Gosset, 
major-gen. serjeant-at-arms to the hoiise of commons, only 
son of Sir William Gosset, c.B. K.C.H. (M.P. Tnu-o, under- 
secretary of state for Ireland, serjeant-at-arms to the house of 
commons) , and has 3 sons. 

(1) Thomas William Butler Go.SSET, lieut.-col. r.e. assist, 
field engineer -with Central India field force imder Sir Hugh 
Rose 1858; b. 27 June, 1836; m. 3 Ma.v, 1867, Alice Lee, eld<>st 
dau. of Robert Cooper Lee-Bevan, Esq. and has had with 
other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Allen Butler GO.SSET, b. 1 Mar. 1868.— Robert Butler, b. 20 
Mar. 1869.— Agneta.— A dau. b. 7 Jan. 1879. 

(2) Matthew John Alfred, clerk in inland revenue office; b. 
22 June, 1837 ; m. 21 Oct. 1870, Marj- Constance, dau. of 
David Bm-ton, Esq. of Cherry Burton, co. York; she d. 12 
June, 1878, having had a son and 2 daus. 

Frederick John, b. 19 Ajiril, 1874. 

Arabella Constance. Gertrude Susan. 

(3) Francis Russell, of commissariat staff corps ; b. 2 June, 
1849; m. 4 Jan. 1876, Mary Snell, 2nd dau. of Robert Dalglish 
Esq. of Kilmordinny, Dumbartonsh. and has a son b. 2 
April, 1878. 

[6] Louisa Charlotte, m. 18 Feb. 1841, to Sir James Robert 
Carmichael, Bart. 

[7] Isabella Horatia, d. , having m. 1 Nov. 1843, as 

1st wife, to Rev. Leonard Edmund Graham-Clarke, rector of 
Kinuersley, Hereford, and had a dau. 

Mary Frances, m. to Wihner, s. p. 

[8] Laura Mary, d. 16 April, 1845, having m. 29 Feb. 1814, to 
Robert Chaloner, Esq. of Guisborough, co. York, and Coolatin 
Park, who d. s. p. 

[9] Henrietta Maria, m. 19 April, 1857, to John Hedley, of Sid- 
brook, late 60th rifles, 2nd son of Robert HecUey, Esq. of Long 
Benton, Northumb. and has a son and 2 daus. 

Arthur Robert HEDLEY, b. 19 Jan. 1859. 

Ethel Arlette. Laura Frances Charlotte. 

SIR RICHARD PIERCE, 9th Baronet, b. 4 Mar. 1813 ; d. 22 
Nov. 1862, ha\-ing m. 28 May, 1835, Matilda, 2nd dau. of 
Thomas Cookson, Esq. of Hermitage, co. Durhan?, and had 
5 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Thomas Pierce, 10th and present Baronet. 

(2) Richard Pierce, fonuerly 78th highlanders, and adjutant 
of Londonden-y militia; b. 30 April, 1839 ; m. 15 Nov. 1864, 
Florence Isabel, dau. of Hans Henry Hamilton, Esq. Q.c. of 
Dublin, and has 3 daus. 

Violet. Eva. Isabel. 

(3) Edmiuid, b. 20 Mar. 1843; d. unm. 18 Mar. 1873. 

(4) Walter Selby, major Carlow mU. 1881; b. 14 Oct. 1845. 

(5) Charles Robert, late 30th regt. b. 3 Mar. 1848. 

(6) Elizabeth Frances. 

(7) Emma.m. 3 Oct. 1867, to Capt. Geoffrey Joseph Shaker- 
ley, R.A. (BART.) 

(8) Matilda Constance, 



BUXTON, Sir Robert Jacob, 
of Shadwell Court, Norfolk 
(1800, 0.B.); high sheriff 1870, D.L. 
M.P.South Norfolk since 1871 ; s. his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 1842; b. 13 
Mar. 1829; m. 4 Dec. 1805, Mary 
Augusta Harriet, only child of late 
Lieut.-Col. John Johnstone, Esq. 
(Bart.) of Alva, and has 2 daus. 
[1] Maude Isabel. [2] Sybil Mary. 

NOTK— Xo heir to tliis Baronetcy. 

AUMS— Arg. a lion rampant, tail elevated sa. 

Crest— A buck's head gu. 

MOTTO— Wliatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy 


SEAT— Shadwell Court, Thetford, Norfolk. 

Town House — 9, Seamore Place, Maj'fair, W. 


SIB ROBERT JOHN BUXTON, of Shadwell Court (11th 
in descent from John Buxton, of Dickleborough, Norfolk), 
M.P. Thetford and Great Bedwin, Wilts ; b. 27 Oct. 1752; 
created a Baho.nkt 25 Nov. ISW; d. 7 .June, 1839, having 
m. 22 May, 1777, Juliana Mary, 2n(l dau. of Sir Thomas Beevor, 
Bart, of Hethel, Norfolk ; she d. 5 Feb. 1843, having had with 
2 daiLs. an onlv son, vi?..: 

SIR JOHN JACOB, 2nd Baronet, M.P. Great Bcflwin; b. 13 
Aug. 1788; d. 13 Oct. 1842, having m. 5 Aug. 1825, Eliza- 
beth, eldest dau. of .Sir Montague Cholmeley, Bart, of Easton 
Hall, CO. Line, and ha<l a son and 2 daiLs. 
[1] Sir Robert Jacob, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Elizabeth Julia, <1. 30 Sept. I8811, havingm. 19 .Jan. 1856, to 
Walter Tliomas William Spencer-Stanhope, Esq. of Cannon 
Hall, Yorks. (E. LEHESTEH). 

[3] Isabella Anne, m. 25 July, 1863, to Major-Gen. Edward 
Earle Gascoyne Bulwer, c.B. 13th fusiliers (E. LrrrON). 

Noel, youngest dau. of Charles, 1st Earl of Gains- 
borough, and has 4 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Tboma.s Fowell Victor, b. 6 April, 1865. 

(2) Noel Edward, b. 9 Jan. 1869. 

(3) Charles Roden, b. 27 Nov. 1875, 

(4) A son, b. 20 June, 1880. 

(5) Edith Frances. (6) Mary Catherine. 

(7) Constance Victoria. (8) Victoria Alcxandrina. 

(9) Mabel Frances Evelyn. 

Arms — Arg., a lion rampant, tail elevated, between two 

mullets in sa. 

Crest — A buck's head gu., attired or, gorged with a collar of 

the last, therefrom pendent an escutcheon arg., charged with 

an African's head ppr. 

Supporters — Dexter, an African negro wTeathed about the 

head and loins with oak ppr. Sinister, a buck gu. attired and 

unguled or. 

Motto— Do it with thy might. 

Seats — Colne House, Cromer, Norfolk, and Warlies, Essex. 

Town House— 14, Grosvenor Crescent, s.W. 


BUXTON, Sir Thomas Fowell (1840, U.K.); 
M.P.Lynn Regis 180.18 ; licut.-col. 1st Tower 
Hamlets R. V. ; s. his father as 3rd Baronet in 18.58; 
b. 26 Jan. 1837 ; m. 12 June, 18C2, Lady Victoria 

THOMAS FOWELL BUXTON, of Earls Colne, Essex, high 
sheriff of that co. (descended in the 6th generation from 
William Buxton, of Great Coggesall. Essex, bur. 1625) ; b. 1 
Sept. 1766; d. 3 Dec. 1793, having m. 12 Feb. 17H2, Anna, eldest 
dau. of Osgood Hanbury, Esq. of The Grange, Coggeshall, 
Essex; she d. , having had 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] Sir Thomas Fowell, created a Baronet. 
[2] Charles, of Weymouth, formerly of Fakenham; b. 16 
Dec. 1787; d. 4 July, 1817, ha\'ing m. 19 Dec. 1811, Martha, 
eWest dau. of Edmund Henning, Esq. of Melcombe Regis, 
Dorset ; she d. , having had a son and dau. 

/I/ Edmund Charles, of Buxton House, Essex ; b. 2 Sept. 

1813 ; d. 1878, having m. 3 Sept. 1834, Charlotte Mary, 

eldest dau. of Abbot Upcher, Esq. of Sheringham, Norfolk, 

and had a son and 3 daas. 

(1) Edmund Charles, b. 24 Jan. 1839; m. G 
dau. of Lieut.-Col. Sykes. 

(2) Anna Mary. (3) Augusta. 
/4/ Catherine Emma. 

/2/ Anna, d. s. p. 19 July, 1842, haWng m. 16 July, 1836, as 
1st wife, to Joseph Hoare, of London, banker, and of Childs 
Hill, Middx. (Bart.) 
[3] Edward North, b. 22 April, 1791; d. unm. 25 Aug. 1811. 
[4] Anna, ni. 3 Oct. 1816, to William Forster, of Bradpole, 
Dorset ; he d. 27 Jan. 1854, aged 70, leaving an only son, 

Kkjht Hon. William Edward Forster. of Burley in 
Wharfe<lale, Yorks. p.c. I.L.D. M.P. Bradford since 1861, under- 
sec. 1865, 6, vice-president of the council 18C8 74,Iord rector of 
Aberdeen University from 1875, cliief sec. for Ireland since 
1880; b. 11 July, 1818; m. 15 Aug. 1850, Jane M Ttha, eldest 
dau. of late Rev. "Thomas Arnold, d.d. head-master of 

SIR THOMAS FOWELL BUXTON, of Bcllfield, Dorset, and 
Runton, Norfolk, M.P. Weymouth, 1818/37, created a BA- 
RONET for his exertions to abolish slavery 30 Julv, 1840 ; b. 1 
April, 1786 ; d. 19 Feb. 1845, having m. 13 May, 1807, Hannah 
(sister of Elizabeth Fry), 5th dau. of John Gumey, Esq. of 
Earlham, Norfolk ; she d. 20 Mar. 1872, having had 3 sons and 
2 daus. 

[1] Sir Edward North, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] Thoma.s Fowell. of E<T.sncye, Herts.; b. 29 Aug. 1821; m. 
4 Feb. 1845, Rachel Jane, 5th dau. of Samuel Gurney, Esq. of 
Ham House, Essex, and ha<l 6 sons and 6 daius. 

(1) John Henry, b. 15 Aug. 1849; m. 19 Nov. 1874, Emma 
Maria, dau. of Richard AVilson Felly, D.L. capt. R.N. Trinity 
House (BART.), and has 3 sons, 

Henry Fowell, b. 23 Jan. 1876.— Leonard, b. 10 Oct. 1877.— 
Andrew Richard, b. lit Aug. 1879. 

(2) Fowell Arthur, curate of All Saints, Knightsbridge; b. 
21 Feb. 1851 ; d. unm. 31 Julv, 1881. : 

(3) Geoffrey Fowell, b. 21 June, 1852; ni. 3 Sept. 1878, Mary, 
eldest dau. of Rev. and Hon. John Harbord (B. SUKKIELD), 
and has a son and dau. 

(Jeoffrey diaries, b. 4 June, 1879.— Joan, b. 8 April, 1881. 

(4) Alfred Fowell, b. 28 Mar. 1854.— (5) Barclay Fowell, b. 
16 Aug. 1860.— (6) Rachel Louisii. 

(7) Elizal)cth Ellen, ni. 12 Feb. 1868, to Robert Barclay, Esq. 
of High Leigh, llodilcsilen, Herts, and of London, banker, 
and has 3 sons and 2 ilaus. 

Robert Leatham Barclay, b. 30 Mar. 1869.— Buxton, b. 
25 Dec. 1876.— David, b. » Feb. 1879.— Mary Dorothea.— 
Cleinence Rachel. 

(8) Catberinc Kmily. (9) Margaret Jane. 
(10) Kffie I'riscilla. (11) Ethel Mary. 

[3] Charles, of Foxwarrcn, Surrey, M.P. Newport, I.W. 1867/9; 
Mai<Lstone 18.19/66, East Surrey 1806,71 ; b. 18 Nov. 1822; d. 
10 Aug. 1871, having m. 7 Feb. 1850, Emily Mary, eldest dau. 
ot late .Sir Henry Holland, B irt. M.D. and had 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Bertram Henry, of Fox Warren, b. 31 July, 1852. 

(2) .'Sydney Charics, b. 25 Oct. 1863. 

(3) Eleanor Margaret, m. 7 Feb. 1877, to Cecil William, son 
of Charles John Boyle, Esq. (E. Cork.) 

(4) Mary Emma.— (5) Uichenda— (6) Sybil dc Goumay. 



[4] Priscilla, d. 18 June, 1852, having m. 1 Aug. 1834, to An- 
drew Jolinston, Esq. of Helton, Halesworth, Sussex, M.P. Easter 
Fife burghs before Reform Act, and afterwards for St. An- 
drews ; he d. 24 Aug. 1862, having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Andrew Johnston, .i.p. and d.l. Essex, high sheriff 
1880, M.P. South Essex 1868/74 ; b. 23 May, 1835 ; ni. 14 Sept. 
1858, Charlotte Anne, eldest dau. of Rev. George Trevelyan, 
rector of Maiden (Bart.), s. p. 

(2) Fowell Buxton, capt. late 3rd dragoon guards; b. 5 Jan. 
1839; m. at Buenos Ayres, 16 Aug. 1869, Alice, dau. of Adam 
T. Douglas, of Frayle, Muerto, and has 2 sons and a dau. 

(3) Euphemia, m. 1 Dec. 1859, to Miles Maclnnes, Esq. of 
Rickerby House, Carlisle, J.P. Middx. and Cimiberland, and 
has 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(4) Sarah Maria, ni. 28 Jan. 1864, to Rev. Daniel Frederic 
Wilson, xic&T of Mitcham, and has 2 sons and 4 daus. 

( 5 ) Priscilla Hannah, known for her work among the Bosnian 

refugees 1875/9. 

(6) Catherine Isabel, m. 7 Sept. 1869, to Arthur de No6 

Walker, Esq. (BART.), and has issue. 
[5] Richenda, d. s. p. s. 15 June, 1858, having m. as 1st wife, 
to Capt. Philip Hamond, late 34th regt. (see also HOARE— 

Essex 1847 52, E. Norfolk 1857 8 ; b.l6 Sept. 1812 ; d. 11 
June, 1868, having m. 12 April, 1836, Catherine, 2nd dau. of 
Samuel Gurney, Esq. of Ham House, Essex, and had 6 sons 
and 5 daus. 

[1] Sir Thomas Fowell, 3rd and present Baronet. 

[2] Samuel Gurney, of Catton Hall, Norfolk ; b. 1 Nov. 1838, 
m. 3 Sept. 1861, Louisa Cai'oline, 2nd dau. of John Gm-ney 
Hoare, Esq. of Hampstead, Middx. (BART.) ; she d. 1 Mar. 1879, 
having had 3 sons and 5 daus. 
Edward Gumey, b. i Aug. 1865.— Harry Gurney, b. 23 June, 

1871.— Bernard Gumey, b. 6 Sept. 1876, d. 1 Mar. 1879.— Mar. 

garet Caroline. — Anna Mildred. — Isabel Louisa. — Victoria 

Catherine Audrey. — Carolyn Gurney. 
[3] Edward North, of Knighton, Essex, J.P. D.L. chairman of 
the Loudon school board 1881; b. 1 Sept. 1840; m. 23 Jan. 1862, 
Emily, youngest dau. of Hon. and Rev. Kenelm Digby (B. 
DlOBY), and has 3 sons and 5 daus. 

Gerald, b. 30 Oct. 1862.— Cj-ril Digby, b. .—A son, 

b. 2 Sept. 1881.— Geraldine, a twin with Gerald.— Ella.— 

Hannah Maude. — Clare Emily. — Theresa. 
[4] Henry Edmund, J.P. lieut.-col. 1st admin, batt. Norfolk R.V.; 
b. 22 Jan. 1844 ; m. 16 Oct. 1867, Mary Rosalind, only dau. of 
Rev. Abbot Upcher, rector of Kirby Cane, Norfolk, and has 3 
sons and 3 daus. 

Abbot Redmond, b. 31 Aug. 1868.— Ronald Henry, b. 3 Nov. 

1874.— A sou, b. 27 Sept. 1880.— Winifred.— Violet.— A dau. 

b. 30 Jan. 1879. 
[5] Charles Louis, lieut. Norfolk art. mil. ; b. 1 Feb. 1846 ; 
m. 3 July, 1873, Maria, 3rd dau. of Rev. James Lee-Warner, of 
Thorpland Hall, Norfolk, and has had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Walter Louis, b. 6 May, 1875. — Maurice Louis, b. 2 June, 

1878.— WUliam Louis, b. 16 Jan. 1881 ; d. 4 Mar. following. 

Norah Louis. — Amy Louis. 
[6] Francis William, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. bar.-at-law L.I. 
1874, and a bencher, M.P. Andover 1880 ; b. 5 Aug. 1847 ; m. 27 
Feb. 1872, Hon. Mary Emma La\vrence, dau. of John, 1st Lord 
LaA\Tence. r.c.b. G.C.S.I. and has a son and 5 daus. 

John Lawrence, b. 1 Dec. 1877. — Ruth. — Madeline. — Hilda. — 

Frances Mary, b. 10 Oct. 1879.— CecU, b. 30 Oct. 1880. 
[7] Anna Cecilia. [8] Catherine Elizabeth. 

[9] Laiu-a PriscOla, m. 30 July, 1873, to Henry Francis Pelham 
Esq. eldest son of Right Rev. an d Hon. John Thomas, lord 
bishop of Norwch (E. CHICHESTER). 

[10] Sarah Evelyn, m. 25 Aug. 1881, to Richard Hanbury 
Joseph, youngest sou of late John Henry Gurney, of North 
Repps, Norfolk. 
(11) Rachel Jane. 





C ALDER, Sir "William Heney Walsinghajm 
(1686, N.s.) ; s. his father as 6th Baronet in 
1868; b. 14 Sept, 1821; m, 5 Dec. 1842, Julia, eldest 
dau. of Julius Hutchinson, Esq. of Tonbridge 
Wells; she d. s. p. 10 Dec. 1875. 

Note — No heir to this Baronetcy. 
Arms — Or, a hart's head cabossed sa., attired gu. 
Crest — A swan swimming in a loch, bordered with flags. 
Motto— Yigilans non cadet. 

SIR JAMES C^VLDER, of Muirtown, co. Moray (son of 
Thomas C'aldcr, of Sheriff Miln, provost of Elgin, 1665/6/7), 
created a Kniout Bakoxet OP NoVA Scotia 5 Nov. 1686, 
with remainder to his heirs male; d. 1711, having m. Grizell, 
dau. of Sir Robert Innes, of Innes, near Elgin, knight bai'onet; 
she d, 1742, having had with other issue a son, 

SIR THO>L\.S, 2nd Baronet, b. 6 June, 1682; bur. 31 Jan. 
1760, having m. 7 Dec. 1711, Christian, dau. of Sir John 
Scott, Bart, of Ancrum, and hail with other issue a son, 

SIR JAMES, 3rd Baronet, b. 10 Oct. 1712; d. 19 Sept. 1774, 
having m. Ist — Feb. 1735, Alice, dau. and coheir of 
Robert Hughes, adm. of the red; she d. 18 April, 1768. He m. 
2ndly, Catharine, dau. and coheir of Camen, of Thet- 

ford, Norfolk, widow, of Wentwortli Odiarne, serjeant-at-arms 
of the house of commons; she d. 26 April, 1776, s. p. By his 
1st marriage he had with other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Henry, 4th Baronet, major-gen. in the army, col. SOtli 
regt. and lieut.-gov. of Gibraltar; m.lst (settlement dateil Mar. 
1767), Elizabeth, youngest dau. and colieir of Augustine 
Earle, of Heydon, Norfolk (B. Lyttox) ; she d. s. p. He m. 
2ndly— 18 Jan. 178il, Louisa, dau. of Henry Osbom (Bart.), 
ailm. of the white; he d. 3 Eeb. 1792, leaving an only son, 

Sir Henry Roddam, s. as 5th Baronet. 

(2) Sir Robert, entered the navy 1757, capt. of the fleet in the 
victory over the Spaniards off Cape St. Vincent, 14 Feb. 1797, 
K.C.B. 1797, created a Baronet 22 Aug. 1798, rear-adm. of the 
blu3 1799, vice-adm. 1805, adm. of the blue 1810; b. 2 July, 
1746; d. s. p. 31Aug. 1818, having m. 14 May, 1779, Amelia, 
only dau. of John Michell, of Bayfield, Norfolk, M.P. Boston. 

(3) Alethea, d. July, 1793, having m. to Robert Roddam, 
adm. R.N. 

SIR HENRY RODDAM, 5th Baronet ; b. 15 Mar. 1790; d. 
13 Aug. 1868, having m. 3 Aug. 1819, Lady Frances Selina 
Pery, 4th dau. of Edmund Henry, 1st Earl of Limerick; she 
d. 11 June, 1855, h.iviug liad with other issue a son and dau. 
[1] Sir William Henry WTalsingham, 6th and present 

[2] Louisa Alice Frances, d. 29 Nov. 1874 ; having m. 1st — 11 
Nov. 1856, to Charles Fox Webster (Bart.), and had with other 
issue a son and 4 daus.; she re-m. 22 April, 1867, as 1st wife, 
to John Coupland, Esq. of Goscote Hall, co. Leicester, master 
of the Queen's hounds, and had a son, 
Duncan Calder COUPLAND, b. 13 April, 1868. 


r~^ ALL, Sir William 
^^^ George Mon- 
tagu, of Whiteford, 
Cornwall (1791, G.B.); 
s. liis father as 4th Ba- 
ronet in 1864: b.6 Feb. 

Note— No heir to this Baro- 

Arms— Gu. three trumpets 
fesscwise in pale or. 
Crest— A demi-lion ram- 
pant holding between the 
paws a tnimpet erect or. 
Motto— Grata manu. 
Seat — Whiteford House, 
Launceston, Cornwall. 


TOHN CALL, of Prestacutt, parish of Launcells, Cornwall 
(grandson of John Call, of Grove, near Stratton); b. 
1680 ; d. 1730, having ui. 22 June, 1702, Sarah Jewell; she d. 
1747/8, having had with a dau. 2 sons, 

[1] John, of Prestacutt, b. 1 Mar. 1704, d; 31 Dec. 1766, having 
m. 1731, Jane, dan. of Jolm Mill; she d. 7 Nov. 1781, having 
had with otlier issue a son, 

Sir John Call, created a Baronet. 
[2] Ricliard of Prestacutt aforesaid, d. 1786, leaving 2 sons, 

(1) Richard. 

(2) Thomas, col. and chief engineer at Bengal, d. 12 Dec. 
1788, having ni. Bethia, dan. of John Blackburn, of Malton, 
Yorks. and liad a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Thomas Henry, b. 1 Nov. 1784. 

(2) Maria. 

(3) Eliza, d. Dec. 1832, having m. to Major Richard Prittie 
Brooke (Bart.), he d. 12 Dec. 18.37 




SIR JOHN CALL, M.P. Callington, 1784, 1790, 1796, mili- 
tary engineer in India, accountant-general of Madras 
presidency, 1768, sheriflE of Cornwall 1771, a commissioner of 
crown lands 1786, createil a Baroset 28 July, 1791; b. 30 
June, 1732 ; d. 1 Mar. 1801, having m. 28 Mar. 1772, Philadelphia, 
Srddau. and coheir of William Battle, M.D.; she d.29 Sept. 1822, 
having had with other issue a son, 

SIR WILLI.UI PRATT, 2nd Bai-onet; b. 28 Sept. 1781 ; d. 
3 Dec. 1851 ; ha\ing m. 19 Jime, 1806, Lady Louisa Forbes, 
dau. of George. 5th Earl of Granard; shed. 25 Jan. 1830, ha\-ing 
had a son and 3 daus. 

[1] Sir William Berkeley, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
[2] Phillida Elizabeth, m Sept. 1835, to Rev. George Henry 
Somerset, rector of St. Mabyu, Cornwall. (D. BEAUFORT.) 
[3] Louisa Mercer, ni. 15 Jime, 1852, to Rev. and Hon. William 
Spencer. (B. Churchill.) 

[4] Augusta, m. 1st — 21 June, 1838, to Capt. George Dacres 
Patcrson, 98th regt.; he d. 3 April, 1847, and she re-m. 17 Jan. 
1849, to Adm. William Windham Hornby, K.X. 

SIR WILLIAJI BERKELEY, 3rd Baronet, of Loudon, 
banker; b. 10 May, 1815; d. 22 Dec. 1864, having ni. 14 
April, 1841, Laura Emma, younger dau. of late Charles Wrighte 
Gardiner, Esq. of Coombe Lodge, Whitchurch, Oxon. and had 
a son and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir William George Montagu, 4th and present 

[2] Rose Anne Matilda, d. 14 Oct. 1866, having m. 27 Mar. 
1865, as 1st wife, to Henry Gratwlck Hasler, R.A. youngest son 
of Richard Hasler, Esq. of Aldingbom-ne House, Sussex. 
[3] Blanche, m. 21 Nov. 1866, to Sir Samuel Edmund Falkiner, 

Sir Nor- 
man Mont- 
gomery Aber- 


(1628, N.S.); s.his 
brother as 9th 
Baronet in 1875 ; 
b. 2 Mar. 1846; 
heir presumptive, 
his brother John. 

Arms — Gyronny of 
eight or and sa. a bor- 
dure compony erm. 
and vert. 

Crest — A dexter 
hand ppr. holding a 
spur or. 
Motto— Forget not. 


SIR DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Lord of Lochow, "styled Dun- 
canus Dominus de Argyll" (D. ARGYLL), by his 2nd wife, 
Margaret, dau. of Sir John Stewart, of Blackhall, natiural son 
of Robert III. had 3 sons, 

[1] Duncan, who according to Cra^\^ord and Douglas was 
ancestor of Campbell, of Auchinbreck, and of the various 
families descended therefrom. 

[2] Neil, ancestor according to Cra\rford of Campbell of 
Ellengreig and Ormadale. 

[3] Arthur (or Archibald) is also stated to be the ancestor of 
those families whose descent is ascribed to Duncan and Neil 

SIR DUGALD CAMPBELL, 5th in descent from Sir Duncan 
Campbell first-named, knighted by James VI. and created 
a Baronet of Nova Scotia by Chas. 1. 12,24 Jan. 1628, and 
had grants of lands, dated 1617 and 1630 ; m. Marj-, dau. of Sir 
Alexander Erskine, of Gogar, son of John, 6th Earl of Mar, and 
brother of Thomas, 1st Earl of KeUie, and died before 1643, leav- 
ing issue. His great-grandson, 

SIR DUNCAN, 4th Baronet, represented ArgyUshire in 
convention 1689, and in Parliament 1689 untU his death, 
shortly before 28 Nov. 1700 ; he m. Henrietta Lindsay, dau. 
of Alexander, Earl of Balcarres, and had a sou, 

SIR JAMES, 5th Baronet, represented Argyllshire in Scots 
parliament 1702 7, and sat in first parliament of Great 
Britain 1707/8; d. at Lochgair 14 Oct. 1756, having m. 1st, 
Janet, dau. of Norman Macleod, of Macleod, and had 2 sons 
and a dau. 

/I/ Duncan, m. Jean, dau. of Alexander Clerk, of Glendoik,and 
died before his father, leaving — with a dau. Janet — an only son, 

Sir James, 6th Baronet, capt. 49th foot, d. 1812. 
/2/ Dugald, whose son, 

JoHx, of Kildalloig, co. Argj-11, m. Mai^' Campbell, and had 

with other issue 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Dugald, of whom hereafter. 

(2) Peter, of AskomeU, Argyllshire, m. Katherine William- 
sou Ramsay, of Maxton, Roxburghs. and had an only child, 

Elizabeth Jane, m. July, 1847, to William Davys Harries- 
CampbeU-Davys, of Neuarid-fa^T. co. Carmarthen, bar.-at- 
law 3I.T. J.P. D.L. cos. Brecon, Carmarthen, and Argyll, 
on roU of high sheriff, Brecon, 1881, and has a son and dau. 
[1] Richard CAiIPBELL-DA"VYS, J.P. Brecon, Carmarthen, 
and Argyll. 

[2] Katharine, m. 26 July, 1876, to Thomas Conway Lloyd, 
of Diuas, Brecon, J.P. D.L. high sheriff 1878, major Brecon 
R.V. late capt. 84th regt. J.P. cos. Hereford aud Moumouth, 
&c. and has a son and dau. 

John Couway Llotd, b. 19 April, 1878. — Jane Katherine 


(3) David, of KiMalloig, m. Hetty, dau. of Pellegrine Treves, 
gen. of the bedchamber to GEORGE IV. when Prince of 
Wales (she re-m. 17 Mar. 1817, to Thomas Clifton, of Clifton 
and Lytham, co. Lane, and was grandmother of Charles, 
Earl of Loudoim); she d. 4 Jime, 1864. 

(4) EUzabeth Binning (4th dau.); m. 6 Mar. 1808, to Nor- 
man Shairp, Esq. of Houston, co. Linlithgow, J.P. D.L. and 
couvener, major E.I.C.S.; d. 7 April, 1864. 

/3/ Anne, m. to Donald Cameron, of Lochiel, who d. 1748. 
SIR JAMES m. 2ndly— Susanna, dau. of Sir Archibald Camp- 
bell, of Calder, and had 4 sons and 4 daus. 
/4/ James. /5/ Gilbert. /6/ Alexander. 

Ill William, an officer in French service. 
/8/ Susanna. /9/ EUzabeth. /lO/ Maiy. /ll/ Anne. 
SIR JAMES m. Srdly— Margaret Campbell, of Calder, and had 
2 sons and 2 daus. 
/12/ James. /13/ Donald. /14/ Margaret. /15/ Camerona. 

DUGALD CAMPBELL, of Kildalloig (sou of John and 
Mary Campbell), deputy-keeper of the privy seal of 
Ireland under L.L. Lord Colchester, and private sec. to l.l. Lord 
Hard^icke, became heir of Sir James Campbell, 6th Baronet 
in 1812, and was "de jure" Sir Dugald Campbell, Bart. ; d 
April, 1834, -without having assimied the title. He m. Kathe- 
rine Kingsley; shed. 29 Dec. 1832, having had a son, John Eyton 
Campbell, who s. as heir male general of the Auchinbreck 
family, assumed the title and was 

SIR JOHN EYTON CAMPBELL, 8th Baronet, b. 22 Mav, 
1809 ; d. at Gibraltar 9 Dec. 1853, aged 44, having m. 29 
April, 1841, Charlotte, younger dau. of Louis Henry Ferrier, 
Esq. of Belleside, co. Linhthgow (she re-m. 16 Oct. 1855, to 
James Gardiner, of Haughhead, sheriff substitute of Argyll- 
shire), and had 4 sons, 

(1) SirLouisHenrj-Dugald, 9th Baronet, R.X.; b.2Mar.l844; 
d. 18 June, 1875, hav-ing m. 3 Feb. 1870, Maiy Ellen Edith, only 
child of Harry George Aiistin, Esq. of Canterbui-y, she d. 26 
Sept. 1879, having had a dau. — Katherine Mary Edith. 

(2) Sir Norman Montgomery Abercromby, 9th and 
present Baronet. 

(3) John Hay Shairp, heir presumptive to the Baro- 
netcy; b. 27 Jan. 1848. 

(4) Charles Ralph, b. 24 Sept. 1850 ; m. at St. John's, Christ 
Church, N.z. 12 June, 1878, Sara, 2ud dau. of (Hon.) William 
Robinson, si.L.c. 

Campbell of Ardnamiu-chan — see " Chaos." 




BELL, Sir 
Hugh, of March- 
mont, CO. Berwick 
D.L. (1665, N.S.), 
brig. -gen. K. com- 
pany of archers, the 
J) i^ f^ '' "^ Queen's body guard 
in Scotland; s. his father as 7th Baronet in 1833; 
M.p. Ber\vicks. 1834 to 1847; b. 15 Dec. 1812; m. 
1st — 30 Jan. 1834, Margaret, younger dau. of John 
Spottiswoode, Esq. of Spottiswoode, in Berwicks. ; 
she d. 16 Oct. 1839. He m. 2ndly— 9 Oct. 1841, 
Juliana Eebecca, only dau. of late Lieut.-Gen, Sir 
Joseph Fuller, G.c.H. By his 1st wife he had a dau. 

( 1 ) Helen, d. 11 Mar. 1876, having m. 13 July, 1864, to Sir George 
Warrender, Bart. 

Note. — Heir presumptive, Capt. Charles Hyde Home- 
Purves, of Purves Hall. 

Ahms— Quarterly I. grand quarter, 1st and 4th, Vert, a lion 

rampant arg. 2nd and 3rd, Arg. three popinjays vert, HUME. 

II. grand quarter, GjTonny of eight or and sa. within a bordure 

gu. charged with eight escallops of the first a canton gyronny 

of eight of the third and erm. III. grand quarter Az. on a 

fesse between three mascles arg. as many cinquefoils of the 

field, Purves. IV. grand quarter, Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gu. 

three piles engrai ledarg. 2nd and 3rd, Arg. a cross engrailed az. 

over all in surtout an inescocheon arg. charged mth an orange 

slipijed and imperially crowned all ppr. 

Chest— A dexter arm issuing out of a heart and grasping a 

Bcimitar all ppr. 

Supporters— T^vo lions rampant regardant arg. 

Mottoes— Over the crest, " True to the end." Under the arms, 

" Fides probata coronat. 

Se.VT— Marchmont House, near Dunse. 

Tows House— 18, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, w. 


SIR WILLIAM PURVES, of Abljey Hill (grandson of 
WiUiam Purves of that place), was bred to the bar, and 
held an office in the court of ses.sion, and was a clerk to the 
l>:irliament committees before the usurpation, and on the 
restoration of CHARLES II. he was appointed solicitor-gen. 
for Scotland, and was subsequently knighted and elected 
solicitor to the church of Scotland; was created a Baroxet 
OK Nova Scotia 25 July, 1665 ; wiw possessed of considerable 
estates in the co. of Edinburgh and Berwicksh. ; be m. 
Marjory, dau. of Kobert neeming of Restalrig, and had issue. 
Ills f:reat-prandson, 

LI lit WILLIAil PURVES, 4th Baronet (on the death of his 
VJ) father Su- William, 1730); d. 18 June, 1762, having m. 
La<ly Anne Hume-CampbcU, eldest dau. of Alexander 2n(l 
Earl of Marchmont (B. Polwartii), and had with other issue 
an only son, 

OIR ALEXAXIJER PURVES, 5th Baronet, major 18th foot; 
. r;2^^°^- •^^^^' ^^^'^ '^' liaving m. four times; lst-23 
Aug. 1760, Rosiua, or CatUtriue, dau, of M. Lc Blanc, of London; 

she d. 12 Feb. 1772, having had with other issue a son and 


[11 Sir ■William, s. as 6th Baronet. 

[2] Ann, m. to David Ross. Esq. of Milncraig. 

SIR ALEXANDER ni. 2ndly— 21 June, 1778, Mary. dau. and 

coheir of Sir .lames Home, of Manderstone and Coldinghanie, 

i(). Berwick, Bart ; she d. 4 July, 1785, having had with other 

issue a son and 4 daus. 

[3] John Home-Pnrves, capt. Scots greys; d. having 

111. Ellen, dau. of Edniond Power, of Curragheen, 

CO. Waterford (she re-m. 6 Dec. 1828, as 2nd \vife, to Charles, 

1st Viscount Canterbury, and d. 16 Nov. 1845, leaving a dau. 

ni. to i»th Baron Hastings), and had a son and 4 daus. 

(1) John Home-Purves, of Purves Hall, col. in the army, 
capt. grenadier guards, equerry to n.R.TI. the Duchess of 
Cambridge, and controller of the househoM ; b. 

d. 2 July. 1867, liaving m. 12 April, 1849, CaroUne Maria, dau. 

of Vice- Admiral Hyde Parker, C.B. R.N. (BART.), and had a 

son and 2 daus. 

/I/ Charles Hyde Home-Purves, of Purves Hall, capt. 
Hadil. art. mil. 1873 81, late Ueut. rifle brigade, heir pre- 
sumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 1850; m. 
26 June, 1877, Frances Mabel, youngest dau. of Clement 
Archer, Esq. of Hill House, Hampton, Middx. and has a 
son b. 9 Aug. 1879. 
/2/ Home, b. 1862. 
/3/ Caroline Augusta. /4/ Alexandra. 

(2) Louisa, m. to J Faii'lie, Esq. 

(3) Mary, d. 10 Jan. 1850. 

(4) Marguerite, ni. 3 June. 1846, to Capt. William Augustus 
Tollemache (B. Tor.LEMACHE), s. p. 

(5) Ellen, m.l July, 1847, as 2nd wife, to Rev. Henry Ark- 
wright, vicar of Bodenham, Hereford, and has a son and 5 

[4] Rosina, m. to Sir Richard Dobson, R.N. inspector of 

[5] Grace, d. 4 Oct. 1814, having m. 16 April, 1804, as 1st wife, 
to Adm. Sir David Milne, o.c.B. (Bart.) 
[6] Margaret, m. to Archibald Cochran, Esq. of Ashkirk. 
SIR ALEXANDER m. 3rdly— 9 Nov. 1785, Magdalen, dau. of 
James Edmonston, of Longfaugh; she d. 22 Aug. 1788, having 
ha^l 2 sons and a dau. ob. coel. He m. 4thly, 19 Jan. 1789, Isa- 
bella, dau. of James Hunter, of Frankfield, and had an only son, 
[71 Patrick, capt. 70th highlanders, killed at Toulouse. 

assumed the before-mentioned surnames according to a 
settlement (5 Nov. 1790) of his great uncle, Hugh, 3rd and 
List Earl of Marchmont (B., served heir of entail 
30 Nov. 1812; b. 4 Oct. 1767; d. 9 April, 1833, having m. 2 
Mar. 1812, Charlotte (n6c Rey), relict of Anthony Hall, Esq. of 
Flass, CO. Durham ; she d. leaving an only son, 

Sir Hugh, 7th and present Baronet. 

CAMPBELL, Sir James, "of Aberuchill, co. 
Perth" (16G7/8,N.s.), j.p.cos. Glouc.and Perth; 
lieut.-col. Glouc. B. V. deputy surveyor Forest of 
Dean ; s, his father as 5th Baronet in 1824 ; b. 5 



May, 1818; m.28 July, 1840, Caroline, 2nd dau. of 

Admiral Sir Robert Howe Bromley, Bart, and has 

a son, 

(1) Alexander, capt. R.A.; b. 10 Aug. 1841; m. 6 Mar. 1871, 
Edith Frances Arabella, onlj- dau. of Alexander S. Jaunce}', 
Esq. and has 2 sous and 4 daus, of whom — James Colin, b. 23 
Nov. 1875.— John Alexander, b. 22 June, 1877. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gjronny of eight or and sa. 

2nd, Arg. a lymphad with her sails furled oars in action sa. 

3rd, Or a fess chequy az. and arg. all within a bordm-e emi. 

Crest — A demi-lion guardant gu. crowned with laiu-el in his 

dexter paw a sword ppr. hilted and pommel or and in the 

sinister a dag or highlander's pistol ppr. 

Supporters — Two bloodhounds guardant ppr. collared and 

leashed or. 

MOTTO — Sequitur victoria forteis. 

SEATS— Kilbryde Castle, Dunblane,co. Perth; Whitemead Park, 

Coleford, co. Gloucester. 

[2] Frederick William Burleigh, Cevlon gov. service; b. 
1 Jan. 1854; m. 28 June, 1876, Gertrude, eldest dau. of late 
J. Thoma'!, of Newport, Men. banker, and lias a son, 

Richard Hanbury Burleigh, b. 29 March, 1877. 
[3] Richard Burleigh, Ceylon gov. service; b. 3 June, 185S' 
ni. 31 Dec. 1877, Elizabeth Graham, only dau. of late Dr' 
Ricliard Thomas, of Tiverton. 

[4] Caroline Emily Margaret, m: 23 Jan. 1872. to John Tj-ler 
Taylor, Esq. of ilonmouth, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 
John Frederick Tati.or, b. 26 Mar. 1873.— Artliur Cold- 
stream, b. 28 Mar. 1879.— Mary Campbell.— Anne Nicholas. 


SIR JOHN CAMPBELL, of Lawers [grandson of James 
(grandson of Sir Colin Campbell, of Glenm-chy, by his 4th 
and last wife Margaret, dau. of Luke Stirling, of Keir) Camp- 
bell (by his 1st wife Marion, dau. of Sir Duncan Forrester, of 
Garden), of Lawers, which he had from his father] , knighted at 
the coronation of Q. Anxe of Scotland, 1590. Pm'chased Aber- 
nchill and other lands in 1594, and in the following j-ear resigned 
them in favour of his 2nd son; m. his cousin Beatrix, dau. of 
Sir Colin Campbell, of Glemu-chy (E. Bre.ADALBAXE), by his 
wife Catherine, 2nd dau. of WilUam, Lord Kuthven. He died 
before 1611, having had with other issue 2 sons, 

(1) Sir James, of Lawers, sheriff principal of Perthshire, 
knighted lfil8; d. at Lawers, Jan. 1645, having m. Jean, dau. of 
James, 1st Lord Colville, of Culross; his eldest son. 

Sir Johx, was created E.iRL, OP Loudoun, Lord Far- 
RIXYEAN AND Mauculine 12 Maj', 1633, to him and his 
heirs male for ever. (See Peerage.) 

(2) Colin, of Aberuchill, Perths. 1596, by — Colvile, was grand- 
father of 

SIR COLIN CAMPBELL, of Aberuchill, P.C. (son of James 
Campbell, of Abenichill, who fell at the battle of Wor- 
cester, and his wife Ann, dau. of Patrick Hepburn, of Wooling), 
sheriff' depute Argyllshii-e 1668, senator of the College of Jus- 
tice as Lord Aberuchill 1689, lord of justiciary, P.C. 1690, Ji.p. 
Inverary 1669/74, and.Perthshire in Scots ParUament 169U/1702, 
acquired the barony and castle of Kilbryde 1669, estimated 
his losses inflicted by the Higliland army luider Lord Dundee at 
£17,201 Scots, compensation was granted him by Act of Parlia- 
ment, but he never received it; created a Baronet of Nova 
Scotia between 23 Jan. 1667, and 16 May, 1668, and between 
the years 1672 and 1703 he registered his arms in the Lyon office 
four times ; he died at Edinburgh 16 Feb. 1704, ha\-ing m. 1st, 
Margaret, dau. of Alexander Foulis, of Hatho, and 2ndly, 
Catherine, dau. Sir John Mackenzie, of Tarbert, Bart. (E. 
Cromarty). His great-grandson, 

SIR JAMES, s. his grandfather Sir James as 3rd Baronet 
served in the Scots greys at the battle of Fontenoy, sold 
the estate of Aberuchill, 1772; b. 1723; d. Mar. 1812, having 
m. 1st, in 1754, Margaret, dau. and heir of Capt. William 
Conductor Ball, of London, and had with other issue a son, 
[1] Sir Alexander, s. as 4th Baronet. 

SIR JAMES ui. 2ndly, Mary Anne, dau. of Joseph Burn, Esq. 
and had, with other issue, 3 sons, 
[2] WilUam W.S. m. 1st, Eliza, dau. of William Hunter, of 

Glenarmiston, co. Peebles; he m. 2ndly, Jane, dau. of 

Cleghom, of Stravithie, co. Fife, and had a son, 

Major James Campbell. 
[3] Frederick, m. Miss Caroline Mouat, and had 2 daus. 
[4] John, M.D., F.R.C.s. Edinburgh, m. Catherine, dau. of John 
Logan, of Knockshinnoch, co. Ajt, and had a son, 

John Logan, superintendent, Auckland, N.z. and cabinet 

minister (mthout portfolio) ; b. 3 Nov. 1817 ; m. 23 Feb. 1858, 

Emma, dau. of late Sir John Cracroft Wilson, C.B. K.C.S.I. 

M.L.A. New Zealand 18G0,'81, and has had 2 daus. 
Ida, d. 8 Oct. 1880.— Winifred. 

SIR ALEXANDER, 4th Baronet, b. 16 Aug. 1757; d. 
1824, having m. 1816, Margaret, dau. of 

Coldstream, of Crieff; slie d. 1871, having had 4 sons, 

(1) Sir James, 5th and present Baronet. 

(2) jilexander le Grand, of New Zealand, b. 18 July, 1819: m. 
26 July, 1853, Hester Anne, j-oungest dau. of late "Edward B. 
Copeman, Esq. of Coltishall, Norfolk, and has 2 sons and 3 

Alexander Bulwer, b. 2 Oct. 1855.— George Frederick Colin, 
b. 2 June, 1858.— Margaret Jane.— Caroline Hester Marj\— 
Catherine Coldstream. 

(3) John Coldstream, b. 1 Dec. 1821; d. unm. 

(4) Frederick Hugh Pearson, district judge of Tangalli, Ceylon, 
retired 1877; b. 3 Sept. 1823; m. 18 April, 1848, Mary Spencer, 
eldest dau. of late Joseph Price, Esq. and has wth other 
issue 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] Alexander Henry Price, b. 13 Dec. 1850; m. 4 Dec. 1875, 
Frieda, dau. of Dr. Lothe, of Edinburgh. 

CAMPBELL, Sir Archibald Spencer Lind- 
SEY, "of Succoth" (1808, r.K.), advocate ; s. 
his cousin as 5th Baronet in 1874; b. 27 June, 1852; 
heir loresumptire, his brother James. 

Arms— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gyronny of eight engrailed 

or and sa. Campbell. 2nd and 3rd, Az. a lion rampant arg. 

within a bordure counter compony, St. WALLACE of Ellerslie. 

Crest — A camel's head ppr. 

Supporters— Dexter, a lion rampant gardant. Sinister, a 

savage wreathed about the temples and loins -n-ith oak leaves 

all ppr. 

Motto — Labor omnia superat. 


ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, of Succoth, one of the principal 
clerks of session in Scotland (son of William Campbell, 
of Succoth and Garscube, co. Dumbarton), d. Aug. 1790, having 
m. Feb. 1732, Helen, dau. and heir of John Wallace, of Ellerslie, 
CO. Renfrew ; she d. in 1767, lea\-ing 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Hay, created a Baronet. 

[2] John, receiver general of the customs in Scotland 1808, m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Houston, of Jordan Hill, co. 
Renfrew, and had a son and 4 daus. viz. — Hay. — Elizabeth. — 
Helen.— Lilias. — Susan. 

SIR ILAY CAJfPBELL, solicitor-gen. 1783, lord advocate 
1 784, M.P. Glasgow burghs, 1 784 9, lord rector Glasgow Uni- 
versity, D.c.L. lord president of the court of justice in Scotland 
by the title of Lord Succoth, 1789 1808, was created a Baronet 
on his retirement from office, 17 Sept. 1808; b. 25 Aug. 1734; 
d. 28 Mar. 1823, ha^-ing m. in 1766, Susan Man", dau. of Archi- 
bald Murray, of Murrayfield (Lord Henderland of sci-sion and 
court of justiciary, 1783 95, M.P. co. Peebles), and had with 
other issue a son and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir Archibald, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] Jane, d. s. p. having m. to John McNeil, Esq. of Gieha, co. 



[3] Margaret, m. to her cousin Sir John Connell, Knt. judge 
li'lvooate of Scotland, and li id 2 sons and 2 dous. 

(1) Arthur CONXKLL, late professor of chomistrj-, St. 
Andrew's University. 

(2) James, rector of Monks Eleiph, Suffolk, 1871/8; d. 16 Mar. 
1«79, having ni. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of John Pearson, of 
Tandridge ilall, Surrey, and had 6 sons and 3 daus. 

(3) Madeline, m. April, 1823, to George Fullorton Carnegie, 
Esq.; he bur. 22 Oct. 1851, having had Issue (H. Southesk). 

(4) Jane, d. 14 June, 1880, having m. 1st— 30 April, 1825, to 
('apt. Thomas Knatchbull, R..v. (Bart.), who d. 

She re-m. , to llev. Francis Edward Smith, rector 

of Hadstock, Essex. 
[4] Anne, ni. to Francis Sitwell, E-sq. (BART.), of Barmoor 
Castle, Northumb. ; he d. 10/19 Feb. 1813. 
[5] Su-san, d. 3 Jan. 1814, having ni. 17 June, 1795, to Craufurd 
Tait, of Harviestoun and Cumloden, co. Clackmannan ; he 
d. 6 May, 1832, ha\ing had 4 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) John Tait, sheriff of Clackmannan and Kinrossh. 1829 
to 186G, and sheriff of Perthsh. from 18CC to 30 Jlay, 1874, 
convener of the sheriffs of constable, and vice-dean of the 
facultv of advocates; b. 11 Fell. 1796; d. May, 1877, having 
m. 30 April, 1824, Mary Amelia, dau. of Francis Sitwell, Esq. 
(B.\.RT.), of Barmoor, Northumb. and had a son and 2 daus. 

/I/ John Craufurd Tait, adjutant St. George's ll.v. late 

capt. Stirling mil.; b. 1825. 

/2/ Anna Sitwell, m. to Frederick Pitman, Esq. 

/3/ Alice Charlotte, m. 29 April, 1862, to Lieut.-Col. James 

Hare, of Calder Hall, late 60th rifles and 22nd regt. and has 

a son and 3 daus. 

Stuart Welwood HARE, b. 9 Sept. 1867.— Mary Sitwell.— 

Alice HaiTiett. — Lucy Edith. 

(2) James Campbell, 'VIM. b. 1 Nov. 1798; d. unm. 17 Jan. 

(3) Thomas Forsyth, C.B. col. E.I.C.S., comd. 3rd or Tait's 
irreg. cav. a.d.C. to the Queen; d. unm. 16 Mar. 1859. 

(4) Most Rev. Archibald Campljell, l).D. d.C.l. i.L.d. p.C. lord 
archbishop of Canterbury since 1868, bishop of London 
1856,68, formerly fellow of Balliol Coll. Oxon. head-master of 
Rugby 1842/9, and dean of Carlisle 1849,56, and of the 
Chapel Royal 1857/69; b. 21 Dec. 1811; m. 22 June, 1843, 
Catherine, dau. of late Yen. 'William Spooner, archdeacon of 
Coventry ; she d. 1 Nov. 1878, having had a son and 3 daus. 

(1) Craufurd, in H.O. d. 29 May, 1878, aged 29. 

(2) Lucy Sidney Murray. 

(3) Edith Murdoch, m. 12 Nov. 1878, to Rev. Randall T. 
Davidson, M.A. dom. chaplain to archbishop of Canterbury. 

(4) Agnes Sitwell. 

(5) Susan Murray, d. 13 May, 1880, having m. 1 June, 1818, 
to Sir George Sitwell, Bart, who d. 12 Mar. 1853. 

(6) Charlotte Murdoch, m. 1 June, 1822, as 2nd wife. Sir 
Charles Wake, of Courteen Hall, 10th Baronet, who d. 23 Feh 

(7) Marion, d. 22 Feb. 1879, having m. to Richard Wildman, 
Esq. of London. 

[6] Elizabeth, ni. 1801, to William Dalzell-Colquhoun, 

Esq. of Gai-scadden, who d. s. p. 27 January, 1806. 

&\ IR ARCHIBALD, 2nd Baronet, a lord of session in Scot- 
) land under the designation of Lord Succoth 1809, and 
a lord of justiciary until his retirement in 1824 ; b. 1 Aug. 
1769; d. 23 July, 1846, having m. 8 Aug. 1794, EUzabeth, 
eldest dau. of John Balfour, Esq. of Balbirnie, co. Fife ; she d 
G June, 1844, having had with other issue 4 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] John, M.P. CO. Dumbarton, 1826/30; b. 28 May, 1798; d. 
1830, having m. 12 July, 1824, Anna Jane, dau. of Francis 
Sitwell, Esq. (BART.), of Barmoor aforesaid ; she d. 3 June, 
1869, having had 2 sons, 

(1) Sir Archibald Islay, 3rd Baronet, M.P. ArgylLsh. 1851/7; 
)). 15 May, 1825; d. s. p. 11 Sept. 1866, having m. 1 July, 1858, 
Lady Agnes Grosvenor, 7th dau. of Richard, Marquis of West- 
minster ; she re-m. 5 Dec. 1871, to Philip Frank, M.n. 

(2) Sir George, 4th Baronet, d.l. Lanark, capt. 1st dragoons; 
b. 27 April, 1829; d. 17 Feb. 1874, having m. 8 June, 1858, 
Margaret, dau. of Sii- Edward Borough, Bart. 

[2] George Ramsay, E.I.C.S. ; b. 25 Mar. 1800 ; d. 24 Nov. 
1861, having m. 26 July, 1851, Lucy Ann, dau. of Thomas 
Spencer Lindsey, Esq. of Hollymount, co. Mayo, and had 2 
sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Archibald Spencer Lindsey, 5th and present 

(2) James Ramsay, lieut. 85th regt. heir presumpti've 
to the Baronetcy ; b. 23 April, 1855. 

(3) Hester Ehzabeth Susan Mary. 
[3] James, b. 10 Oct. 1805. 

[4] Andrew Ramsay, in n.O. b. 2 Aug. 1813; d. 4 Nov. 1874, 
having m. 2 Mar. 1848, Mary, dau. of John Anstruther-Thonison, 
Esq. (AxsTRUTHKH) ; she d. , 1870. 

[5] SiLsan, d. 6 Dec. 1868, having m. 1822, to William 

Grant, Esq. of Congalton, and had an only surviving child, 
Elizabeth, m. to Lord Charles Pelham Clinton (D. New- 
[6] Elizateth Anne, d. 6 Nov. 1863, having ni. 21 June, 1824, to 
David, lOfi Earl of Leven (and Melville), who d. 8 Oct. 1860. 
[7] Catherine Amelia, m. 22 Feb. 1864, to Rev. Henry Herbert 


y Edward Fitz- 
gerald (1815, U.K.), 
col. in the army, late 
lieut.-col. 60th rifles ; 
militai-y sec. and a.d.c. 
to the com.-in-chief in 
India 1849,51, served 
in the Punjab campaign 

1849, against the Afridis 

1850, and at the siege of 
Delhi 1855 ; s. his father 
as 2ud Baronet in 1849 ; 
b. 25 Oct. 1822; m. 
1853, Georgiana Char- 
lotte Theophila, 2nd 
dau. of Sir Thomas 

Theophihis Metcalfe, 4th Bart.; she d. 17 Oct. 
1872, having had 9 .sons and 3 daus, 

(1) Guy Theophilus, lieut. GOth rifles, A.n.C. to Sir Samuel 
Browne in Afg:hanistan 1878/9; b. 16 Oct. 1854. 

(2) Edward Fitzgerald Frederick, | ^ j ^ g p^^ ^^r,^ 

(3) Charles James Js apier, ) ' 

(4) Gerald Fitzgerald, b. 25 April, 1862. 

(5) Francis Bunbury Fitzgerald, ) ^^. ^ j^ j ^ggg 

(6) Cohn Arthur Fitzgerald, ) ' ' 

(7) Percy Fitzgerald, b. 12 June, 1865. 

(8) Douglas Fitzgerald, b. 14 Mar. 18G8. 

(9) George Theophilus, b 17 Oct. 1872. 

(10) Annie Charlotte. (11) Finetta Madelina Julia. 
(12) Gri.selda Mary Theophila. 

Arms— Qu.arterly 1st and 4th, Gyronny of eight or and sa. 2nd, 
Arg. a lymphad sails furled and oars in action sa. 3rd, Or a fess 
chequy az. and arg. all within a bordure embattled emi. 
Crest — A boar's head erased or langued gules. 
MOTTO — Over the crest " Follow me." 
Residesce— West Grinstead Lodge, Horsham. 

JOHN CAMPBELL, of the Citadel, deputy-keeper of the 
great seal of Scotland; d. 1777, having m. 1st — 
Jean, 2nd dau. of Stii-ling, of Herbertshire and 

Keir (Stirling-MAX'WELI-). He m. 2ndly— 15 April, 1751, 
Anne Caroline, dau. of Campbell, of and 

had with other issue 7 sons and 3 daus. 

[1] John, of the Citadel ami of Warriston, major Argyllshire 
vols.; b. 20 Dec. 1753 ; d. 1829, having m. Ist— Margaret, 

dau. of Camjibell, of Clathick, Pertli.shire. 

He m. 2ndly— Helen, eldest dau. of John Callander, 

Esq. of Craigforth, co. Stirling, and had 2 dans, who d. unm. 
He m. 3rdly — Sophia, youngest dau. of Duncan Stewart, Esq. 
of Ardsheal ; she d. Aug. 1868/78, aged 83, having had with 
other issue 4 daus. 

(1) Auabella Georgina. 

(2) Grace Jane, d. , having m. , to 
Rev. John Hall, of Frodsham, Cheshire. 

(3) Julia Dale. (4) Amelia Caroline. 
[2] Colin, of whom presently. 

[3] James, b. ; d. having m. " dau." 

of Sir James Campbell, Bart, of Inverneil, gov.-gen. of India 
(see West. Abbey Reg. ed. Col. Chester) ; she d. , having 

had a son, 

JOHN ARcmTiAI.I), of the C'tadel, capt. in Queen's body- 
guard, Scotland, sheriff clerk, Midlothian, J.P. Perthshire; b. 
d. 1866, having m. Emma, dau. of 

Thomas Legh, of Lyme Hall, Cheshire ; she d. 1865, 

having had a son and 2 daus. 

/I/ John Archibald Legh, of the Citadel, vicar of Helpston; 

CO. Line; b. , 1823. 

/2/ Caroline Emma. 

/3/ Charlotte Amelia, d. unm. 1878. 
[4] Patrick. [5] Allan. [6] Archibald. 

[7] Alexander, m. Mary, dau. of Simon Frazer, Esq. of Fair- 
field, CO. Inverness, and had with other issue a dau. 

Anne, m. to Nils von Schoultz, officer in the army. 
[8] Anna Caroline, m. to David Dale, Esq. of Rosebauk, 

[9] Catherine, m. to John Yule, Esq. 

[10] Mary, m. to Alexander Campbell, Esq. of Barcaldlne 

COLIN CAMPBELL, Heut.-gen. in the army, lieut.-governor 
of Gibraltar, col. 56th regt. (younger son of John Camp- 
bell, cashier of the royal bank of Scotland); d. 2 April, 1814, 
having m. , Mary, eldest dau. and coheir of Col. Guy 

Johnstone, of Guy Park, province of New York; she d, 
1832, having had with other issue 6 sons and 3 daus. 



[1] Sir Guy, created a Bahoxet. 

[2] John,' c.B. col. in the army; served in the Peninsular 

war, and commanded the 42nd highlanders at Waterloo ; d. 31 

Mar. 1841, having m. 10 Mar. 1831, Louise Claudine Gabrielle 

Clementine, dau. of M. E. Bernio, of Paris ; she d. 6 Mar. 1869, 

and had with other issue a son, 

(1) Adolphus William, capt. late 24th regt.; b. 20 Mar. 1832; 

m. 18 Sept. 1855, Julia Louisa Annie, dau. of Col. Thomas 

William Cole, and has hail 3 sous, 

John James Tayler, b. 15 June, 1856. — Adolphus Thomas 

Horatio, of science and art department, South Kensington; 

b. 23 May, 1858 ; dro-mied at Putney 30 April, 1881.— 

Colin Archibald Mulhns, b. 4 Feb. 1860. 
[3] William Johnson, capt. in the army; b. 1 Aug. 1789 ; d. 26 
April, 1854, having m. 26 July, 1817, Anna Maria, only dau. of 
Sir Francis Vincent, 8th Bart.; she d. 18 Jan. 1876, having had 
3 daus. 

(1) Mary Isabella Caroline, m. 23 Feb 1843, to Andres de 
Silva, Duke of Ahaga, grandee of Spain. 

(2) Emma Elizabeth, unm. 

(3) Julia Elizabeth, m. 3 Aug. 1865, to M. Amedee Blanc 

[4] Colin Alexander, 40 years rector of Widdington, Essex ; b. 
1793 ; d. 29 April, 1860, having m. 20 Dec. 1820, Hon. Beatrice 
Charlotte Byng, dau. of John, 5th Lord Torrington ; she d. 12 
Mar. 1848. 
[5] James Thomas, in ii.o. b. ; d. s. p. having m. 

, Jane, dau. of Da\'id Dale, of Lanark ; she d. 
[6] William Frederick, capt. 43rd regt. entered the Spanish 
legion under Sir De Lacy Evans ; d. iinm. 1846. 

[7] Caroline Anne JuUa, d. s. p. 12 Oct. 1815, having ni. 20 Dec. 
1812, to Gteorge Horatio, Earl of Eocksavage, afterwards Marquis 
of Cholmondeley. 

E8] Frances. 
0] Julia Ai-abella Maria, m. 26 July, 1836, to Rev. William 
Henry Tudor, rector of Syderstone, Norfolk, and had with 
other issue 4 daus. 
Mary Caroline Julia TUDOR. — Arabella Madeline. — Annie 
Jemima.— Julia Wilhelmina Frederica Pamela. 

SIR G-Xnr CAMPBELL, C.B. major-gen. in the army, and col. 
3rd West Indian regt. was created a Baronet 22 May, 

1815, with remainder to the issue male of his father; b. 22 Jan. 

1786 ; d. 27 Jan. 1849, having m. 1st— 13 Jan. 1817, Frances 

EUzabeth, eldest dau. and coheir of Montagu Burgoyne, Esq. 

of Mark's Hall, Essex (BABT.); she d. 1 May, 1818, having had 

an only child, 

[1] Frances Elizabeth, m. 7 Mar. 1840, to Col. Henry Boys 

Harvey, 87th regt. s. p. 

Sir guy m. 2ndly— 20 Nov. 1820, Pamela, eldest dau. of late 

Lord Edward Fitzgerald (D. Leinster) ; she d. 25 Nov. 1869, 

having had 3 sons and 7 daus. 

[2] Sir Edward Fitzgerald, 2nd and present Baronet. 

[3] Cohn Guy, lieut. R.N. b. 18 May, 1824 ; d. unm. 23 April, 


[4] Frederick Augustus, controller of the household of H.r.h. 

Princess Louise, late 60th rifles, formerly a.d.c. to the lord- 

lieut. of Ireland; b. 15 Mar. 1839 ; m. Aug. 1862, Emma, 3rd 

dau. of Hugh Brabazon, Esq. (Palmer — BART.), of Brabazon 

Park, CO. Mayo, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 
John St. Clair, b. 23 May, 1865.— Guy, b. .— 

Florence Emma Augusta. — Louisa Pamela Augusta Ambrose. 

[5] Pamela Louisa, d. 1 Feb. 1859, having m. 20 July, 1841, to 

Rev. Charles Stuart Stanford, d.d. rector of St. Thomas and 

prebend of St. Michael Christchurch, Dublin, and had issue. 

[6] Georgina Genevieve Louisa, m. 29 April, 1847, to Thomas 

Henry Preston, of Moreby Hall, co. York, major Yorks. 

yeo. cav. capt. late 7th hussars, and has a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Harry Edward Preston, b. 13 July, 1857. 

(2) Maria Emma Georgina, m. 1 June, 1871, to William, 4th 
Earl of Desart (divorced 1878); she re-m. to Charles Sugden. 

(3) Pamela Mary. 

[7] Lucy Sophia Julia, m. 20 Nov. 1848, to Major-Gen. Sir 
Edward Selby-Smyth, K.C.M.G. commanding Canadian troops, 
formerly A.G. Cajje of Good Hope, com.-in-chief at the 
Mauritius, and has a son and dau. 

(1) Edward Guy SELBY-SMYTH, capt. 86th regt.; b. 14 May, 
1851 ; m. 24 June, 1879, Georgina Florence, eldest dau. of 
late Capt. the Hon. John James Bury, R.E. (E. Charle- 

(2) Geraldine Lucy Isabella Mary. 

[8] Mary Louisa, m. 6 Aug. 1867, to William Frederick Carle- 
ton, major late 60th rifles, and has had with other issue a son 
and dau. 

Guy Francis Carleton, b. 8 Oct. 1871.— Margaret Theodora. 
[9] Emily, m. 17 Nov. 1859, to Charles David Cunynghame 
Ellis, major late 60th rifles (B. HOWARD DE WALDEN). 
[10] Madeline Caroline Frances Eden, m. 16 Oct. 1860, to 
Hon. Percy Scawen Wyndham, M.P. West Cumberland (B. 

[H] Julia Elizabeth Henrietta, m. 25 Sept. 1862, to Col. Fitzroy 
William Fremantle, Coldstream guards (B. Cottesloe). 

CocKBURN- Campbell — see Cockbubn. 


CAMPBELL, Sir Archibald Ava (1831, U.K.), 
late lieut. 95th regt.; s. his father as 3rd Baro- 
net in 1855 ; b. 27 Jan. 1844 ; m. 6 Jan. 1876, 
Henrietta Ellen Hutton Dawson, eldest dau. of 
Rev. Eusebius Andrewes Uthwatt, rector of Foxcote, 
Bucks, and has had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) John Archibald Andrewes, d. at Leven, Fife, 6 Sept. 1877. 

(2) Archibald Augustus Aua, b. 5 Dec. 1879. 

(3) William Andrewes Aua, b. 11 Dec. 1880. 

(4) Henrietta Ellen. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gyronny of eight or and sa. 2nd, 
Arg. a lymphad sa. 3rd, Or a fesse chequy arg and az. in the 
centre point of the whole a heart gules ensigned with the 
ancient crown of Scotland or; on a chief of augmentation 
(granted pm-suant to a royal wan-ant 14 Nov. 1831,) arg.a mount 
vert inscribed "AVA"in letters of gold thereoii a Burmese 
stockade ppr. between a representation of the gold cross and 
clasp conferi-ed on the 1st Baronet for his services dm-ing the 
Peninsular war on the dexter pendent from a ribbon gu. 
fimbriated az. and on the sinister pendent from a ribbon az. 
the badge of the Portuguese order of the Tower and Sword. 
Crests — 1st, On a mount vert a Burmese warrior on horseback 
armed and accoutred ppr. 2nd, Out of an Eastern crown or a 
demi-lion issuant ppr. supporting with the dexter paw a 
crowned heart as in the ai-ms. 

Supporters — Dexter, a figure representing a Burmese chief- 
tain habited ppr. in the exterior hand an escroll inscribed ^^^th 
the word " Yandaboo " (in commemoration of the treaty 
of peace signed at that place 24 Feb. 1826, between the H.E.l.c. 
and the King of Ava) and in the sinister hand the scabbard 
of a sabre gold. Sinister, a figure representing a Burmese 
warrior habited ppr. the exterior hand supporting a broken 
spear also ppr. granted by royal warrant 23 Dec. 1843, to Sir 
John Campbell and his successors in the baronetcy. 
MOTTO^Perseverantia victor. 
Residence — Gibliston by Colinsburgh, co. Fife. 


Sir ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, G.C.B. K.T.S. lieut.-govemor 
of New Brunswick, lieut.-gen. in the army, and col. 62nd 
regt. served throughout the Peninsilla war, com.-in-chief 
during Burmese war, created a Baronet 30 Sept. 1831 (son 
of Archibald and grandson of Duncan Campbell, of Milntown 
in Glenlyon, CO. Perth) ; b. 12 Mar. 1769; d. 6 Oct. 1843, having 
m. 6 July, 1801, Helen, dau. of John Macdonald, of Garth, co. 
Perth ; she d. 12 Oct. 1848, having had a son and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir John, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] Maria Macdonald, m. 3 Nov. 1823, to Lieut.-Col. John James 
Snodgrass (son of Rev. Snodgrass, D.D. — see DOUGLAS. 



of Glenbervie), major 94th regt. D.A. and Q.M.G. Halifax, N.S. 
where lie d. 14 Jan. 1841, having had an only survivinp son, 
Archibald Campbell SNODGHASS, brevet lieut.-col. 38th rcpt. 

served in the Crimean war and Indian Mutiny ; d. unm. 2C 

Nov. 1863. 
[3] Helen Maria, m. 6 Feb. 1836, to Major-Gen. the Hon. Sir 
Augustus Almeric Spencer, K.C.I). (B. Churchill). 
[4] Laura Susanna, m. 26 July, 1848, to Lynedoch Douglas, Esq. 

SIK JOHN, 2nd Baronet, major-gen. in the army, lieut.-col. 
38th regt. ; b. 14 April, 1816 ; killed in the assault on the 
Redan at Sebastopol, 18 June, 1855, bur. on Cathcart's Hill, 
having m. 21 July, 1841, Helen Margaret, only cliild of late 
Col. John Crow. K.l.C.s. and had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Archibald Ava, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) John James Ava, lieut. R..\. (retd.), b. 21 April, 1845. 

(3) Augustus Alnicric Ava, b. 19 June, 1846. 

(4) Blenheim Ava, b. 30 Mar. 1848. 

(5) Angus William Ava, b. 11 Sept. 1853. 

(6) Helen Elizabeth Barbara. (7) Elizabeth Margaret. 
(8) Maria Georgina. 

Gilbert Ed- 
ward, of Carrick Buoy, 
CO. Donegal(1831, U.K.), 
ex-capt. 92nd highland- 
crs, and formerly capt. 
2r>tli Surrey R.v. ; s. his 
father as 3rd Baronet in 
1870; b. 29 April, 1838; 
m. 14 July, 1870, Esther 
Selina, dau. of late 
Charles Baynham, Esq. 
(/ she d. 28 Dec. 1879), 
having had a son, 

(1) Claude Robert, b. 2 May, 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gyronny of eight or and sa. a 
canton azure charged with a bear's head arg. muzzled gules. 
2nil and 3rd, Arg. a galley sa. sails furled having four oars sa. 
with pennon flying at her prow and stern gu. 
CUEST — (Jn the points of an Eastern crown a boar's head or. 
MOTTO — Ne obliviscaris. 


SIR ROBERT CAirPBELL, of Carrick Buoy, co. Donegal, 
chairman of the E.l.c.s. directorate (grandson of John 
Campbell, of Tuam, co. Oalway); created a 30 
Sept. 1831; b. May, 1771; d. 28 Feb. 1858, having m. 2 Auk. 
1798, Eliza, dau. of Dr. Gilliert Pasley (Baut.), physiciiin-gcn. 
at Madras ; she d. 1842, having had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir John NichoU Robert, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] Sir Edward Alexander, C.Il. lieut.-col. E.I.C.H. ; b. 4 Aug. 
1801 ; d. 4 Aug. 1848, having m. Eliza Sophia, dau. 

of late Thomas Parratt, Esq. of London ; she d. 1851, 

havinpr had 2 daus. 

(1) Emma, m. 3 Feb. 1863, to Bartholomew Arcedecknc 
Duncan, M.D. M.n.c.P. e.r.i,.s. and has a son and dau. 

Campbell Arcedecknc Du>"CAN, b. 19 Dec. 1863. 
Emma Maud Marion. 

(2) Annette (rrace, m. 4 May, 1865, to Thomas Rutherford 
Adams, M.D. (eldest son of Thomas Rutherford Adams, Esq. 
of Kilmogauny, co. Kilkenny), and has two sons and a dau. 

Campbell llutlierford Adams, h. 6 Oct. 18GC.— Evelyn 

Launcelot, b. 19 Dec. 18G8.— Lilian Annette, b. 8 May, 1871. 

[3] Rolxirt Henry ,Scott, late Bengal c.s. u, 2 Dec. 1810; m. 30 

Nov. 1867, Agnes Marj', widow of Major Johnstone Rhillott, 


[4] James William Henry, Bengal c.R. b. 16 Nov. 1811 ; d. 10 
July, 1869, having m. 28 April, 1857 Anna widow of C 
J Strettell, Esq. 

[5] Jane Fotheringham, d. 1856, having m. 4 Dec. 1823, 

to late Col. Harris Cooke-Hailes, 20th foot. 
[6] Eliza Wemyss, d. 30 Aug. 1862, having m. 28 Feb. 1831, to 
Caiit. Richard Barron, 3rd regt. 

major of cav. E.LC.S. charge d'affaires in Persia, knighted 
22 Dec. 1832 ; b. 25 May, 1799 ; d. 11 May, 1870, having m. 25 
Mar. 1828, Grace Elizabeth. 2nd dau. of Thomas Bainbridge, 
Esq. of London ; she d. 21 Dec. 18G3, having ha<l a son and dau. 
[1] Sir Gilbert Edward, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Helen Annette, m. 12 Aug. 1856, to Rev. Edward Paroissien 
I'kldnip. M..<. i>rcbendary of Salisbury, rural dean, and vicar of 
Bremhill, Calne, Wilts, and has 6 sons and 3 daus. 
Edward Charles Paroissien Eddrup, b.l July, 1857.— Hertert 
Osmond Hamilton, b. 31 Jan. 18G2. — Rotert Arthur Camp- 
bell, b. 6 Nov. 1863.— Hermann Francis, b. 27 May, 1865.— 
Theodore Basil, b. 27 Nov. 1868.— Ernest Clement, b. 28 July, 
1873. — Helen Catherine Beatrix. — Lucy Maud. — Ela Grace 

CAMPBELL, Sir Duncan Alexander Dundas 
(1831, U.K.), of Barcaldine, co. Argyll, lieut. 
R. Perth, mil. 1879; s. his father as 8rd Baronet in 
1880 ; b. 4 Dec. 1850 ; heir presumptive, his brother 

Arms — Quarterly 1st, Gyronny of eight or and sa. 2nd, Or a fess 
cliequy az. and arg. 3rd, Arg. a lymphad with sails furled oars 
in action sa. 4th, Gyronny of eight or and sa. on a canton gu. 
two bars or the whole within a bordure quarterly or and sa. 
and on a canton arg. a bend sa. between a unicorn's head in 
chief and a cross-cnisslet fltchee in base gu. 
Crest — A highlander ppr. holding in his dexter hand a broad- 
sword and on his sinister arm a shield ppr. 
SoprORTERS— De.xter, a leopard. Sinister, a stag both ppr. 
Motto— Paratus sum. 
Residence— 16, Ridgeway Place, Wimbledon, s.w. 


SIR DUNCAN CAMPBELL, of Barcaldine and Glcnure, 
CO. Argyll, J.P. D.L. lieut. and capt. Scots guards, sen'ed 
at CojxjnhaRen and in the Peninsula, A.D.C. to his cousin Gen. 
(Sir Alexander) Campbell at Talavera; created a BARONET 30 
Sept. 1831 (grandson of Duncan Campbell, of Barcaldine and 
(ilenure, co. Argyll) ; b. 3 July, 1786; d. 2 April, 1842, having 
m. 22 Feb. 1815. Elizabeth Dregliorn, dau. of James Dennistoun, 
Esq. of Dennistoun, co. Dumbarton; she d. 13 Feb. 1863, having 
had with other issue 4 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir Alexander, s. as 2nd Baronet. 



[2] James Robert, lieiit. 43rd Madras N.I.; b. 24 May, 1822 ; d. 
15 May, 1844. 

[3] John Peter William, major-gen. Bengal S.C. served in 
Sutlej campaign 184.5, &c.; b. 18 Mar. 1824; m. 1st — , 

1847, Frances Cliarlotte, dau. of late Alired William Begbie, 
Es(i. of Iniliau r.s.; she d. 1874, having had with other 

issue 5 sons and 2 dans. 
(1) Alexander William Dennistoun, lient. 15th king's hus- 
sars, b. 8 Sept. 1848.— (2) Duncan John Alfred, n.c.s. b. 5 
Aug. 1854.— (3) Francis James Brooke, b. 7 Feb. 1861.— (4) 
Gerald Edward Lvon, b. 8 0ct. 1863.— (5) Richard Hamilton, 
b. 26 Xov. 1865. 

(6) Emily Frances Margaret, m. 20 Jan. 1872, to Francis 
Richard IBegbie, lieut. Bengal s.c. (sou of late MaJor-GJen. P. 
J. Begbie. Madras artillery), and has a son and dau. 

(7) Elizabeth Helen Montagu, m. 23 Dec. 1878, to James 
Ramsay Drummond, B.c.s. 

Major-Gen. Campbell m. 2ndly — 10 Aug. 1875, Louisa, widow 
of Capt. Bonar, R.A. and 2nd dau. of Alexander Campbell, 
of Monzie, by his ^vife Christina, only dau. and heir of late 
Sir Duncan Cameron, of Fassiefem, Bart, (ext.), and has had 
2 sons, 

(8) Jan Alastair, b. 26 Aug. 1876. 

(9) Patrick Dimcan, d. 29 Aug. 1880, aged 2. 

[4] Duncan George, of Barbados; b. 12 Sept. 1825; married and 

has issue. 

[5] Mary. 

[6] Isabella Janet, d. July, 1863. having m. 10 Oct. 1839, to 

Hugh Beaver, of Glyn Garth, co. Anglesey, and The Temple, 

CO. Lane. South American merchant. 

[7] Emily Lucy Elizabeth, m. to Col. John Francis William 

Bean, late Bengal s.c. and has issue. 

SIR ALEXANDER, 2nd Baronet, j.p. co. Argyll, capt. 
Argyll and Buteshire mil. serjeant-at-arms to the Queen ; 
b. 15 June, 1819 ; d. 11 Dec. 1880, having m. 20 Aug. 1855, 
Harriette Augusta Royer, dau. of late Ailmiral Henry Theodosius 
Browne Collier, R.X. and had 2 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Duncan Alexander Dundas, 3rd and present 

[2] Reginald Eric Duncan, sub-lieut. 89th rogt. late Forfar 
and Kincardine art. mil., heir presumptive to the Ba- 
ronetcy ; b. 28 Xov. 1857. 
[3] Harriette Beatrice Mabel. [4] Flora Mary Muriel. 

CAMPBELL, Sir Archibald Campbell, of 
Blythswoocl, Renfrewsh. j.p. d.l. vice-lieut. 
M.p. 1873/4, capt. and lieut.-col. late Scots guards, 
col. comdg. Renfrew mil. since 1878, major 1870/8, 
created a Baronet 4 May, 1880; b. 22 Feb. 1837; 
m. 7 July, 1864, Hon. Augusta Clementina Carring- 
ton, dau. of Robert John, 2nd Lord Carrington. 

Note. — No heir to this Baronetcy. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gyronny of eight or and sa., 

each charged with a trefoil slipped counterchanged. 2ud and 

3rd, Arg. a lymphad sa. 

Chest— A lymphad as in the arms. 

Motto — Vincit labor. 

Se.*.t— Blythswood House, Renfrew, N.B. 

TOWN House- 2, Seamore Place, Mayfair, W. 


COLIN CAMPBELL, of Elie, 1636, M.P. Glasgow 1645 (son 
of John Cambell, of Ardhards, and his wife Margaret 

Lyon) ; m. Grizel. dau. of Ross, of Thornton, Ayrsh. and 

had 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] Robert, of Elie and Silvercraigs ; m. (contract dated 12 Feb. 
1623) Marion, 2nd dau. of James Stewart, of Flosk, and had a 
son and dau. 

(1) Robert, of Silvercraigs; m. Lilias,dau. of James Stewart, 
of Christwell, and had 3 daus. 

/I/ Jean, m. to Walter Scott ("Beardy Wat"), and was 
great-grandmother of Sir Walter Scott, Bart, of Abbots- 
ford. (See Peerage— B. POLWARTH.) 
/2/ LiUas, m. to Thomas Weir, of Closburn. 
/3/ Margaret, m. to ilichael Allan, of Drumsheugh. 

(2) Mary, m. to Patrick Bell. 

[2] Colin, of Blythswood, of whom presently. 

[3] James, provost of Dumbarton, M.P. 1645/6, 1648/50; d. s. p. 

having m. to Jean Cimningham. 

[4] Isabel, m. to James BeU, of Glasgow. 

COLIN CAMPBELL, of Blj-thswood, 1661; m. 1st, Margaret, 
sister of Sii- Archibald Fleming, of Ferme, co. Lanark, and 
liad an only dau. 

(1) Grizel, d. s. p. having m. to Robert YaUange, of Possil. 
MR. COLIN CAMPBELL m. 2ndly, Janet, dau. of James Muir, 
of Glasgow, of the family of Rowallan, and had 4 sons and 4 

(2) CoUu, of Blji;hswood, sei-ved heir to his father, 30 June, 
1671, to his uncle James. 1 July, 1090, matriculated his arms 
at the Lyon office 1673 ; d. July, 1707, having m. Margaret, 
dau. of Sir Jolm Lauder, 1st Bart, of Fountainhall, and had an 
only dau. 

Mary, sei-ved heir special of her father, 23 Jan. 1708; m. to 
her cousin CoUn, sou of John Campbell, of Woodside, and 
had issue (see below). 

(3) Robert, of North Woodside; m. Isl, Katherine, dau. and 
coheir of Jolm Napier, of Kilmahew, co. Dumbarton ; he m. 
2ndly, Jean, dau. of James Dunlop, of Garukirk, co. Lanark (she 
re-m. 1697, to Patrick Coutts, of Edinburgh), and had 2 daus. 

/I/ LUias, m. to James Dunlop, of Garnkirk, ancestor of 
Dmilop, of Drumhead, co. Dumbarton. 

/2/ Janet, d. 1751, having m. 1701, to Thomas HaUbmion, 
of Newmains, advocate. 

(4) John, of Woodside, served heir general of bis brother James, 
9 April, 1675; m. Mary, dau. and coheir of John Douglas, of 
Mains, co. Dumbarton (descended from Nicholas Douglas, who 
married in 1373, Janet Galbraith, of Gartconnel, heiress of 
" Manys," Dumbartonshire, first laird of Manys), and had 2 
sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ CoUn, of Woodside, and of Blj*thswood, j.u., M.P. Renfrew 
1702/7; m. his cousin Mary, only dau. and sole heir of Colin 
Campbell, of Blythswood aforesaid; he d. 1746, having had 2 
sons and a dau. 

[1] CoUn, of Blythswood, entailed his estate, 13 Dec. 1739; 

d. s. p. 

[2] James, of Blythswood, d. s. p. 1767, having m. Mary, 

dau. of AValkinshaw, of Barrowfield. 

[3] , dau. m. to William, son of John SomerviUe, 

of Glasgow. 
/2/ James Douglas, of Mains, of whom presently. 
/3/ dau. to Capt. Matthew Campbell, of Skipness. 

/4/ dau. m. to John Fullarton, of GreenhaU. 

(5) James, d. s. p. before 9 April, 1675, aged 21. 

(6) Janet, m. to Sir John Bell, of Glasgow. 

(7) Barbara, m. to James Hamilton, of Glasgow. 

(8) Marion, m. to John Toimg, prof, of theology, Glasgow 

(9) Mary, d. unm. 

JAMES DOUGLAS, s. to Mains in 1705, and assumed the 
surname of DOUGLAS in lieu of Cajipbell according to 

deed of entail 1701 ; d. April, 1743, having m. 1st, Isabel, dau. 

of Hugh Corbet, of Hardgray. He m. 2ndly, Rebecca Wallace. 

He had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ John Douglas, of whom presently. 

/2/ James, of Yirgiuia, m. Katherine, dau. of George Brent, of 

Virginia, and had a son and 2 daus. 
[1] Archibald, of Douglas-Support (or Rose Hall), entailed 
his estates 1793, col. Angus-shire fencibles ; d. s. p. 17 Jan. 

[2] Margaret, of Douglas-Support, d. unm. 1832. 

[3] Katherine, of Douglas-Support, d. s. p. 1848, having 

m. as 2nd wife, to Gen. Charles Pye (of the Farringdon family) , 
who assumed the surname of DOUGLAS, and d. s. p. 



/3I Colin, d. luim. 

/4/ Margaret, founJress of the Douglas-Support estate; d. s. p. 

at Bothwell Castle 24 Oct. 1774, liaving m. at Douglas Castle, 

1 Mar. 1758, to Archibald, Duke of Douglas, who d. s. p. 21 
July, 1761, aged 67. 

/5/ Jean, m. to Walter Montcath, of Kepp, and had 

2 sons, 

[1] Walter.whoseson— James Monteath-Douglas, of Douglas 
Support, d. s. p. 1851. 

[2] Thomas, father of— Gen. Sir Thomas Montcath-Douglas, 
of Douglas Support and Stonebyres, K.C.B. who d. 18 Oct. 
1868, having had witli other issue 2 daus. 

(1) Amelia Murray, m. 17 Jan. 1861, to Sir William Monteath 
Scott, Bart, of Aucnim, and has an only dau.— Constance 

(2) Augusta Emmeline (youngest dau.), d. 19 Feb. 1863, 
having m. 4 Mar. 1862, as 1st wife, to John Reginald Yorke, 
Esq. of Forthamptou Court, co. Glouc. (E. Hardwicke), 
and had a son. 

/6/ Mary, m. to Major Hepburn. 

Ill Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Wallace. 

JOHN DOUGLAS, of Mains, co. Dumbarton, m. 
1732, Agnes, dau. and heir of Jones, of Clober, co. 

Dumbarton, and had 5 sons, 

[1] James Campbell, resumed his patronymic on succeeding 
to the Blythswood estate iji 1767, and surrendered Mains to 
his next brother, and d. 8 Jan. 1773, having m. 1755, 

Henrietta, dau. of James Dunlop, of Garnkirk, aforesaid ; she 
il. 1788, having had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) John Campbell, of Blythswood, lieut.-col. 9th regt. fell 
at Martinique, Feb. 1794, unm. 

(2) Archibald Campbell, of Blythswood, co. Renfrew, lord- 
lieut. M.P. Glasgow burghs 1806/9, Elgin 1812, Forfar 
burghs 1818/20, Glasgow burghs 1820/6, 1826/30, 1830/31, 
major 1st royals ; d. unm. 1838, aged 75. 

(3) James Campbell, lieut. 55th regt. ; d. at Antigua, 

(4) Henrietta, m. 22 Oct. 1776, to Archibald Swinton, of 
Manderston and Kimmerghame, co. Berwick, capt. E.l.C.S. 
A.D.C. to Lord Clive, and liad with other issue a sou— John 
Campbell Swinton. 

(5) Mary, of Kimmerghame by purchase from her brother- 
in-law ; d. unm 1850. 

[2] John Douglas, fell at Quebec, s. p. 

[3] Colin Douglas, of Mains 1768, d. s. p. 

[4] Robert Douglas, of JIains, d. 1804, having m. Sarah, dau. 

of J Davis, Esq. of Sunbury, Surrey, and had 3 sons, 

(1) John, of Mains, d. s. p. 1815. 

(2) Archibald, d. s. p. 

(3) Colin Douglas, of Mains; b. at Chertsey, Surrey, 26 Jan. 
1781; d. at Sunbury, Middx. 29 April, 1820, having m. at 
Hampstead, 24 Aug. 1805, Sophia Armine, dau. of Josiah 
Boydell, Esq.; she d. 19 Sept. 1826, having had 2 sons, 

/I/ Archibald, of whom presently. 
/2/ Colin Douglas, of Mains; d. unm. IC July, 184". 
[5] Campbell Douglas, d. 31 July, 1808, having m. 1 July, 1793, 
Agnes, dau. of Robert Marshall ; she d. 6 June, 1822, having 
had a son, 

John Campbell Douglas, of Mains ; b. 28 Oct. 1796; 
d. 2 Aug. 1857, having m. 4 Oct. 1836, Helen, dau. of Archi- 
bald Bogle, Esq. of Calderbank; she d. , 1856, leaving 
3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Archibald Campbell Douglas, of Mains, co. Dumbarton, 
IJ.L. late 15th hussars ; b. 17 May, 1841 ; m. 10 Oct. 18G7, Eli- 
zabeth Christian Stirling, only dau. of Robert Speir, Esq. of 
Bumbrae, co. Renfrew, and Culdecs Castle, co. Perth. 

(2) Charles Campbell, b. 21 May, 1844. 

(3) John Campbell, b. 13 Mar. 1855. 

(4) Agnes, m. 20 Oct. 1858, to Alexander Henry Campbell, 
Esq. J. P. Herts, d.l. Cornwall, M.P. Launceston 1865/8 (3rd 
son of late Colin Campbell, of Colgrain), and has issue. 

(5) Jane, d. young, , 1866. 

ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, of Blythswood, J.P. D.L. re- 
sumed his patronymic on succeeding to the (paternal) 
family estates, 1838; b. 28 Oct. 1809; d. 11 July, 1868, having 
m. 15 May, 1834. Caroline Agnes, dau. of Mungo Dick, Esq. of 
Pitkcrrow, co. Fife, and had 7 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Archibald Campbell, created a Baronet. 

(2) Sholto Douglas Campbell-Douglas, of Douglas-Support, co. 
Lanark, assumed the name of Douglas on succeeding to the 
estate on the death of Gen. Sir Tliomas Monteath-Douglas, 
K.c.n. 1868, n.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1864, M.A. 1876, rector of All 
Souls, Marylebone, 1879, vicar of Nonington, Dover, 1871/2, of 
All Souls, Derby, 1872/9; b. 15 June, 1839. 

(3) Monteath Douglas Campbell, b. 26 Sept. 1840; d. 18 Nov. 

(4) Robert Douglas Campbell, b. 23 Sept. 1842; m. 21 Jan. 
1869, Katherinc Ellen, dau. of Capt. Thomas Hamilton Lindsay 
Miller, of DaLswinton, Madras N.L (son of Major Miller, of 
Dalswinton, Dumfries), and has 2 daus. 

Helen Janet Douglas Campbell.— Augusta, b. 10 May, 1880. 

(5) Barrington Bulkley Douglas Campbell, capt. and lieut-col. 
Scots guards since 1876 ; b. 17 Feb. 1846 ; m. 7 July, 1869, 

Mildred Catherine, 2nd dau. of Sir Joseph Henry Hawley, Bart, 
and has 2 sons. 

Archibald Douglas Campbell, b. 25 April, 1870. — Barrington 

Sholto Douglas, b. 15 July, 1877. 

(6) Walter Douglas Campbell, lieut. Q. 0. Lanark yeo. ; b. 3 Sept. 

(7) Montagu Douglas Campbell, capt. R. Renfrew mil. and 
capt. on reserve of officers; b. 16 Oct. 1852. 

(8) Louisa Jane Campbell, m. 3 Nov. 1857, to Lieut.-Col. the 
Hon. Hercules Langford Boyle Rowley (B. LANGFORD). 

(9) Helen Douglas Campbell. 

GARDEN, Sir John 
Craven, of Tem- 
plemore, co. Tipperary, 
(1787, I.), late lieut. 
Queen's co. mil.; s. his 
father as 5th Baronet in 
1879 ; b, 30 Jan. 1854 ; 
heir presumptive, his 
brother Henry Charles. 

Arms — Arg. a mascle gu. 
between three pheons sa. 
Crest — A pheon sa. 
Motto — Fide et amorc. 
Seat — Templemore Abbey, 

Residence — Erigmore, 


JOHN GARDEN, of Templemore, co. Tipperary (grandson 
of John Garden, also of that place, about 1650, and Pris- 
cilla Kent); d. 1774, liaving m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Rev. 
Robert Craven, chaplain to Lord Chesterfield, and had, with 7 
daus. 2 sons, of whom the elder, 

SIR JOHN CRAVEN GARDEN, of Templemore, created a 
Baronet of Ireland 31 Aug. 1787, raised and com- 
manded the 30th regt. of lightdragoons, which was reduced after 
the peace of Amiens; d. 21 Nov. 1820, having m. 4 times : 1st 
— 23 Jan. 1776, Hon. Mary Pomeroy, 3rd dau. of Arthur, 1st 
Viscount Harberton ; she d. 29 Sept. 1778, having had a son, 
[1] Sir Arthur, 2nd Baronet; b. Mar. 1778; d. s. p. 4 Mar. 
1822, having m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Kemmis, E.sq. of Shane, 
Queen's CO. ; .she d.s. p. 20 June, 1867, ha-ving ro-m. to Jcseph 
Smith, of Mount Butler, co. Tipperary, capt. 26th regt. 
SIR JOHN m. 2ndly, Sarah, dau. of John Moore, of Drum- 
banagher, Esq. (M. DRorjiiEDA), and had a dau. 
[2] Gertrude, m. to James Butler, Esq. of Park, co. Tipperary. 
SIR JOHN m. Srdly— 14 Feb. 1788, Mary Frances, dau. of 
Henry Westenra, Esq. and sister of Warner William, 2nd Lord 
Rossmore. He m. 4thly, Anne, relict of Charles Stanley, 1st 
Viscount Monck, and dau. of Henry Quin, Esq. M.D. ; she d. 23 
Dec. 1823. By his 3rd wife he had a son and 2 daus. 
[3] Sir Henry Robert, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
[4] Frances, m. 1808, to William Blaney Wade, Esq. of Clona- 
braney, co. Mcath. 

[5] Harriet Amelia, d. 10 April, 1879, aged 79, having m. 1822 
to Hcnrv Jesse Lloyd, Esq. of Farrinrory, co. Tipperary. 

SIR HENRY ROBERT, 3rd Baronet, an officer in the army 
served at Waterloo; b. 8 Feb. 1789; d. 23 Mar. 1847, liaving 
m. 10 Mar. 1818, Louisa, only child of Frederick Thompson, 
Esq. of Woodville, Queen's co. (high sheriff 1810), and had with 
other issue 4 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir John Craven, s. as 4th Baronet. 
[2] Henry Daniel, of Knightstown, Queen's co. lieut.-col. 
Queen's co. militia, formerly 62nd L.I.; b. 1 May, 1822 ; m. 28 
April, 1847, Catherine Reljecca, dau. of John Parry de Winton, 
Esq. of Maesderwen, co. Brecon, and has a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Henry, lieut. 46th regt. b. 22 Feb. 1854. 

(2) Frances Mary, m. 6 Feb. 1871, to John Aldridge, Queen's 
CO. militia, capt. late 20th regt. (son of John Aldridge, T 
of Inholmes, Berks). 

(3) Caroline EUzalieth Mary. 
[3] Arthur, B.A. in H.O. b. 30 June, 1823; d. 10 Aug. 1863J 
having m. 13 May, 1852, Rosa Emily, dau. of William Wilton 
Woodward, Esq. of Matson House, co. Glouc. and had 2 sons, 

(1) Arthur Graven, b. 3 May, 1853 : d. 5 Jan. 1881. 

(2) Henry Westenra, lieut. 4Gth rcfjt.; b. 13 April, 1857. 
[4] Warner Westenra, capt. 93rd highlanders; d. 1866. 



[5] Elizabeth Catherine, m. 20 Mar. 1837, to Lorenzo Nickson 

Izod, of Chapel Izod House, co. Kilkenny, J.P. D.L. and high 

sheriff 18 , and has 5 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) William Henry IZOD, major K.A. b. 24 Dec. 1837.— (2) 

John Craven, b. 19 Dec. 1839.— (3) Francis Lorenzo, minor 

canon of Hereford Cathedral, b. 11 Jan. 1844. 

(4) Frederick Kevan, b. 8 Nov. 1845 ; m. 13 ilar. 1880, Mary 
Frances, eldest dau. of late John Thomas Hamill Stewart, 
Esq. formerly of Fullwood Park, Cheltenham (BART.) 

(5) Lionel, b. 16 Feb. 1858. 

(6) Edith Harriet Sophia, m. 7 Dec. 1876, to Evans Charles, 
eldest son of Ven. Evans John Johnson, d.d. archdeacon of 

(7) Caroline Frances. (8) Julia, twin with Lionel. 
(9) Sarah Elizabeth Rose. 

[6] Sarah Sophia, m. 3 Nov. 1842, to John Trant, Esq. of Dovea, 
CO. Tipperary, j.p. and D.L. high sheriff 1847, and has 4 sons 
and 7 dans. 

(1) Fitzgibbon TRANT, late 72nd highlanders; b. 19 Oct. 

1849.— (2) Frederick Ion, b. 17 Sept. 1856.— (3) John Franci.?, 

b. 14 April, 1858.— (4) Hans Arthur, b. 4 Feb. 18G4.— (5) 

Caroline Frances. 

(6) Sarah Louisa, m. 9 Aug. 1864, to Francis Wise Lowe, Esq. 
of Kilshane, co. Tipiserary. 

(7) Eleanor Nina, m. 15 Oct. 1878, to Rev. R. W. Nash, M.A. 
—(8) Emily Henrietta.— (Q) Alice Sophia.— (10) Florence 
Rose. — (11) Arabella Maude. 

[7] Frances Mary, m. 1 Oct. 1867, to Rev. Telford Macdonogh, 
M.A. late rector of Uttagh, King's co. Ireland, formerly curate 
in charge of Billesden, co. Leicester, &c. &c. and has an only 
Caroline Laura MACDONOGH. 

SIR JOHN CRAVEN, 4th Baronet; b. 1 Dec. 1819; d. 23 
Mar. 1879, having m. 1st— 23 July, 1844, Caroline Eliza- 
beth Mary, dau. of Sir WiUiam Mordaunt Miluer, Bart.; she d. 
5 Nov. 1850. having had 3 daus. 

(1) Harriet Caroline. 

(2) Beatrice Georgina, m. 12 Sept. 1868, to George Hastings 
Brooke (BART.), 48th regt. 

(3) Constance Laura, d. luim. 6 June, 1875. 

SIR JOHN m. 2ndly— 21 June, 1852, Julia Isabella, only dau. 
of late Vice-Adm. Charles Gepp Robinson, R.N. and has had 4 
sous and 3 daus. 

(4) Sir John Craven, 5th and present Bart. 

(5) Henry Charles, lieut. 11th foot, instructor of musketry, 
heir presumptive to the Baronetcy ; b. 30 Jan. 1855. 

(6) Frederick Richard, b. 19 June, 1856. 

(7) Coldstream James, 94th regt. late King's co. mU.; b. 18 Aug. 

(8) Derrick Alfred, b. 27 Mar. 1875. 

(9) JuUa. (10) Norah Irene. 

(11) Eileen Olive, b. 18 Aug. 1878; d. 4 Sept. following. 

/^AREW, Sir Henry 
Palk, Baronet (1661, 
E.), s. his uncle as 9th Baro- 
net in 1874; b. 26 Feb. 1870; 
heir presumptive, his cousin, 
the Eev. Henry William 
Arms— Or three lions passant in 

Crest — A mainmast the round 
top set off with palisadoes or a 
demi-Uon issuant thereout sa. 

MOTTO — Nil consclre sibi. 


SIR NICHOLAS CAREW, lord of Mulesford, Carew, and 
Idron, summoned to sit in the Parliament held at Lincoln 
1303, but whether as a Baron of Parliament, or holding only 

(per baronagium) is not known ; living 5 EDWARD II. 1311,12 
By his wife Amicia, sister of Sir John Peverel, of Weston 
Peverel, Kut. he was ancestor of 

SIR NICHOLAS, Baron Carew, aged 22, 9 HENRY VI. ; m. 
Joan, dau. of Sir Hugh Courtenay,Knt. (and coheir of her 
mother Philippa, dau. and heir of Sir Warren L'Ercedekne — 
his mother, Cecilia, dau. and heir of Jordan de Haccombe); (she 
re-m. to Sir Robert Vere.) Sir Nicholas had with 3 daus. 5 sons, 
[1] Sir Thomas, of Mohuns Ottery, Baron Carew (Esch. 25 
Henry VI.), m. Joan, dau. and heir of Thomas Carminow 
[she re-m. to Halnath Maleverer, her w. d. (C.P.C.) 12 April, 
1502], ancestor of George Carew, created BARON C'LOPTON, 
and Earl of Totnes, and of Carew, of Bickleigh. 
[2] Sir Nicholas, of Haccombe, whose descendant in the sixth 
generation was 

Sir Thomas Carew, created a Baronet. 
[3] Hugh, s.p. 

[4] Alexander, of Antony, ancestor of Pole-Carew, of Antony, 
[5] Sir William, of Bur}-e. 

SIR THOMAS CAREW, of Haccombe, created a Baronet 
2 Aug. 1661 ; m. 1st, Elizabeth, eldest dau. and coheir of 
Sir Henry Carew, Knt. of Bickleigh aforesaid, and had 3 sons 
and 3 daus. (he m. 2ndlj-, dau. and coheir of Arthur Duck, 
LL.D. and relict of William Duck, of Mount Radford, Esq. 
and had a dau. Mary). His great-grandson, 

SIR JOHN CAREW, 5th Baronet (on the death of his father. 
Sir Thomas); m. Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Rev. Henry 

Holds worth, vicar of Townstall-in-Dartmouth ; she d. 8 Feb. 

1817, leaving 3 sons, 

[1] Sir Thomas, s. as 6th Baronet. 

[2] John West, rector of Bickleigh, Devon; m. 

Lydson, dau. of Rev. Charles Smallwood, vicar of Kirk Oswald, 

Cumberland, and had 2 sons and a dau. 
(1) John. (2) Timothy, R.N. 

(3) Elizabeth Ann, d. 27 Sept. 1853, aged 63. 

[3] Henry, capt. R.N. paymaster. 13th L.I. m. 

EUzabeth' Maria, dau. of Rev. Thomas Fownes, of Kittery 

Court, Devon, vicar of Brixham, and preb. of Wells; she d. 4 

Aug. 1831, having had 4 sons and 6 daus. 

Harry, d. 13 Sept. 1854, aged 64. — William SomerviUe. — 
George. — John Duntze, d. 25 July, 1880, aged 72. — Anne 
C'owell. — Harriet. — Charlotte. — Ehzabeth. — Frances. — Doro- 

SIR THOMAS, 6th Baronet, d. April, 1805, having m. 19 
June, 1777, Jane, eldest dau. of Rev. Charles SmaUwood- 

aforesaid; she d. 4 May, 1838, having had with other issue 2 sons, 

[1] Sir Henry, s. as 7th Baronet. 

[2] Thomas, of ColUpriest House, Devon, rector of Bickleigh 

1826/48, and Haccombe, B.D.; b. 15 Feb. 1788 ; d. 13 Nov. 1848, 

having m. 7 Dec. 1820, Holway, only dau. of Robert Baker, Esq. 

of Collumpton, Devon ; she d. 3 April, 1857, having had with 

other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Thomas, of CoUipriest, Devon, j.p. high sheriff 1878, 
master of Devon and Somerset staghounds; b. 1821 ; 
d. 29 Nov. 1880. 

(2) Robert Baker Carew, of ColUpriest, Devon, M.A. rector of 
Bickleigh 1848; b. 30 Nov. 1823 ; m. 13 Aug. 1851, Augusta 
Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Thomas Daniel, Esq. of Stood- 
leigh, Devon, and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ Francis Henry, 2nd sec. diplomatic service: b. 30 June, 
1852; m. 19 June, 1878, Rose Matilda, 3rd dau. of Adm. 
the Hon. Sir Edward AJfi-ed John Harris, K.C.B. (E. 
Malmesburt), and has a dau. b. 17 Oct. 1881. 
121 Charles Robert Sydenham, b. 7 June, 1853.-/3/ Walter 
Gawen, b. 1 Sept. 1870. — /4/ Florence Augusta. — /5/ Dora 
Frances. — /6/ Elizabeth Beatrice. 

(3) Dorothea, m. to Thomas, eldest son of Thomas Daniel, 
Esq. aforesaid; he d. v. p. 14 Sept. 1862, leaving with 3 daus. 
2 sons, of whom the elder, 

Thomas Carew Dasiel, of Stoodleigh, Devon, D.L. on 
roll of high sheriff Devon 1881; m. 28 Jan. 1875, Alice Mil- 
dred, dau. of Rev. and Hon. John Gifford (B. Gifford.) 
SIR HENRY CAREW, 7th Baronet, b. 10 Jan. 1779; d. 31 
Oct. 1830, having m. 3 Oct. 1806, Elizabeth, only dau. of 
Walter Palk, Esq. of Marley, Devon; she d. 7 Mar. 1862, having 
had 4 sons, 

[1] Sir Walter Palk, 8th Baronet, b. 9 July, 1807 ; d. 27 Jan. 
1874, having m. 25 Jan. 1837, Anne Frances, eldest dau. of 
Major-Gen. Taj-lor, C.B. of Ogwell House, Devon, Ueut.-governor 
r.m. college, Sandhurst ; she d. 8 June, 1861, having had a son 
and 2 daus. 

(1) Walter Palk, capt. R.H. guards; b. 13 April, 1838 ; d. s. p. 
14 June, 1873, having m. 4 April, 1872, Ellen Augusta, 2nd 

dau. of Jlrs. T. D. Daniel, of Stuckeridge, near Tiverton. 

(2) Elizabeth Anne. (3) Beatrix. 

[2] Henry, of Marley, Devon; b. 24 Oct. 1808; d. 24 Oct. 1871, 
having m. July, 1858, Susan, 5th dau. of John Symes, Esq. 
(she re-m. 1 Sept. 1880, to Joseph Norrington, Esq. of Ouse- 
bourne House, Hambrook, formerly of Plymouth), and had a 
son and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry Palk, 9th and present Baronet. 

(2) Edith Elizabeth. (3) Florence Palk. 

(4) Susan Laiira Augusta. 

[3] Thomas, b. 3 May, 1810; d. 5 Sept. 1876, having m. 14 Dec. 
1842, Charlotte, dau. of Sir William Curtis, 2nd Baronet, and 
had with other issue 3 sons, 



(1) Henry William, T.C.D., BA. 1867, vicar of Battery, Devon, 
since 1875, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy: b 
31 May, 1845. 

(2) Alfred CurtU, lieut. R.K. b. 27 Jan. 1847. 

(3) Thomas Gerald, b. 27 June, 1848. 

[4] Robert Palk, vicar of Kattery, Devon; b. 20 Oct. 1818; d. 
s. p. 13 April, 1875, having m. 21 July, 1864, Cliarlotte Hornsby, 
widow of Kev. R. C. Clifton, canon of Manchester and rector 
of Somerton, Oxon. 

Gibson-Caemichael — see Gibsox. 

CARMICHAEL, Sir James Eobeet (1821, 
U.K.), D.L. Kent, formerly lieut. in the army ; 
resumed his patronymic Carmichael by r.l. 5 Feb. 
1841 ; s. his father as 2nd Baronet in 18.38; b. 11 
June, 1817; m. 18 Feb. 1841, Louisa Charlotte, 
dau. of Sir Thomas Butler, 8th Baronet, of Garry- 
hundon, co. Carlow, and has a son and dau. 

(1) James Morse, b. 20 July, 1844. 

(2) May. 

Note. — Sir James R. Carmichael claims the dormant titles of 
Earl of Hyndford, Viscount Inglisterry and Xeniplilar, and 
Baron Carmichael (1701, s.) and Baron Caniiichael (1647, S.) 

ARMS — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Arg. a fesse wreathy az. and gu. 

a bordure of the first, CARMICHAErj. 2nd and 3rd, Az. a burning 

cup or between two chess-rooks in fess or, a bordure of the 

second, SMYTH. 

CREST— A cubit-arm erect in armour holding in the hand a 

broken tilting spear all ppr. 

SCPPOiiTEHS— Dexter,a chevalier in complete armour holding 

in his de.xter hand a spear ppr. Sinister, a horsearg. furnished 


MoTTO— Toujours prest. 

Town House— 12, Sasse.^ Place, Regent's Park, N.w. 


THOMAS CARMICHAEL (2nd son of David Carmichael, 
of Balmedy, by his wife Anne, 2nd dau. of Thomas 
Graham, of Balgowan); b. 9 Mar. 1716 ; d. 4 Dec. 1746, having 
m. 3 May, 1740, Margaret, eldest dau. and heir of James Smyth, 
of Aithemie, Fifes, surgeon ; she d. 9 Aug. 1803, leaving an 
only child. 

compliance with the testamentary injunction of his ma- 
ternal grandfather (who bequeathed him the estate of Aithemie), 
the additional surname and arms of Smyth ; physician extra- 
ordinarj- to GEORGE III. be received the thanks of the house 
of commons on two occasions for his public services; b. 23 Feb. 
1742; d. 18 June, 1821, having m. 9 Nov. 1775, Mary, only 
cliild of Thomas Holyland, of Bromley, Kent; she d. 24 May, 
18UC, having had with other issue 8 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir James Carmichael-Smyth, created a Baronet. 
[2] Henry William, major Bengal engineers, governor of 
Addiscombe (projector with his stepson W. M. Thackeray) of 
" The Constitutional ami Public Ledger " newspaper on the 
reduction of the stamp duty to a penny, published 15 Sept. 
1836, to 1 July following; d. s. p. 9 Sept. 1861, having m. 

Anne, 2nd dau. of John Harman Becher, Esq. and 
widow of Richmond Makepeace Thackerav, mother of William 
Makepeace Thackeray (who d. 24 Dec. 186"3); she d. 18/31 Dec. 

[3] William Henry, paymaster of exchequer bills ; d. 8. p. 1846. 
[4] Charles Montiiuban Carmichael, C.B. gen. in the Indian 
army, col. 8th Bengal light cav. subsequently col. 20th hussars, 
knight of Dooranee empire (Cabul); byR.L. 17 Aug. 1842, he and 
his is.sue were authorised to discontinue the use of the surname of 
SMYTH; b. 21 Dec. 1790; d. 21 Nov. 1870, having m. 4 Mar. 
1841, Mary Eliot, dau. of Capt. and brev.-Major Allan Graham, 
Bengal art. ; she d. 29 April, 1871, having had with other issue 
a son and dau. 

(1) Charles Henry Edward, M.A. Trin. CoU. Oxon., student- 
at-law I.T.; b. 9 Jan. 1842. 

(2) Rose Gordon, m. 15 April, 1874, to Oswald Baylis Niven, 
com. R.x. (retd.),and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Oswald Carmichael Niven. — Allan Graham. — Herbert 

Charles. — Mary Graham. — Florence Rose. 
[5] Hon.) David Scott Carmichael-Smyth, judge of the Sudder 
Dewanny, Calcutta,; b. 15 Aug. 1798; d. 3 Sept. 1841, having 
m. 1819, Anne, dau. and coheir of Major-Gen. James 
Dodington Sherwood, Bengal art. ; she d. 1834. He 

m. 2ndly, in 1839, Isabella Frances, dau. of William Henry 
Oakes Esq. B.c.s. (slie re-m. to Capt. Daniel Bayley). By his 
1st wife lie had 4 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) James Dodington Carmichael, C.B. col. in the army 
(retd.), late Alexandria; b. 14 Aug. 1820; ni. 1st — 

1860, Barre, dau. of Major Latter, and 2ndly— 18 Sept. 

1869. Teresa Anne, widow of Capt. J. S. Scott, 31st regt. and 

dau. of late Thonia.s Morris, of Crome Hall, co. Glouc. and 

had by his 1st wife 2 sons, 

James Barre Hood, 33rd regt. killed in the landslip at 

Naini Tal, India, 18 Sept. 188u. — Claude Dundas James. 

(2) Charles Paget, Bengal c.S. acting member revenue board 
N.w. prov.; b. 8 Nov. 1829; m. 8 Nov. 1853, Georgina Rebecca 
Judge, dau. of Eilward Judge Chaplin, of Cape of Good Hope, 
and has had with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

/I/ James Forrest Halkett, b. 8 July, 1868. 

12! George Gawler Ining, b. 23 June, 1870. 

/3/ Constance Barre, m. 8 Oct. 1878, to Rev. Edmunil 

Je^mJ^l, chai)lain Bengal establishment, eldest son of 

Right Kev. Hugh Jermyu, bishop of Brechin, N.B. 

/4/ Gertrude Wilson. /5/ Mary Adelaide. 

(3) David Fremantle (Hon.), Madras c.s. chief sec. to govt. 
and memljer of council ; b. 1 5 Oct. 1 830: m. 1st, Jane Theophila, 
dau. and coheir of Robert Gee, Esq. of Holl\"ttood, Edgelev,;shed. 14 June, 18C0. He m. 2ndly— 27 Sept. 1870. 
Sarah Margaret, dau. of Yen. George Trulock, archdeacon 
of Killala. By his 1st wife he has 3 daus. 

/!/ Anne Theophila, ni. at Ootacamund, II Aug. 1880, to 
John Willoughby Francis Dumerque, Esq. Madras c.s. 
/2/ Katharine Georgiana. /3/ Jane Trevelyan. 

(4) George Lvnedoch, brev. lieut.-col. 95th regt. chief con- 
stable CO. Wore. K.L.H. & M. ; b. 8 Dec. 1831 ; m. 7 July, 1870, 
Eva Maria, 3rd dau. of late Andrew Saunders, Esq. of " The 
Downes," Hants.; she d. 10 April, 1871, leaving a son, 

EveljTi George Massey, b. 3 April, 1871. 

(5) Louisa Maria.m. 22 Aug. 1854, to Edward Michael Wylly, 
sudderjudge of the high court, Agra; bed. 7 Jan. 1862, having 
had 2 sons, 

Charies Herliert WYLI.Y, lieut. 38th regt.: b. 12 Sept. 1856. 

Harold Carmichael, lieut. 95th regt; b. 18 Jan. 1858. 
[6] Robert Henry Stewart James Carmichael-Smyth, major 
late 93rd highlanders; m. 1st — 1854, Agnes Rosina, dau. 

of Henry Harvey, com. R.N. and 2ndly — 14 April, 1863, Dorothy 
Susan, eldest <la\i. of late William Tudor, of Kelston Knoll, 
near Bath. By his 1st wife he had a son, 

Roliert Harvey, b. 1856; d. at Bath 10 June, 1879. 

[7] Mark Wood Cannichael.capt. Madras (6th regt.) cav. dis- 
continued the siimame of Smyth by r.l. 17 Aug. 1842; b. 1 
Oct. 1801; d. 12 July, 1872, having m. 3 June, 1831, Marianne, 
dau. of Henry Hutton, of Dublin, and had 3 daus. 

(1) Maria. (2) Harriet OUvia. (3) Eleanor Elton. 

[8] George Monro Paterson Carmichael-Smyth, major-gen. 
in the anny, retd. (f.p.), col. Bengal cav.; b. 18 Sept. 1803; m. 
1st — Jane. dau. of Ross; she d. . He m. 

2ndly — 7 Oct. 1879, Celia Black, only child of late James Martin 
Hamilton, of Halifax, N.S.; by his 1st wife he had 3 sons 
and a dau. 

(1) George, in Bengal police; b. 

(2) Methven. b. 

(3) David Edward Paget, sub-lieut. R.N. H.M.S. "Euryalus"; 

(4) Jane, m, , to Stewart. 




[9] Maria Agnes, d. 1833, having m. 20 Sept. 1800, as 

1st wile, to Alexander Monro, f.r.c.P. of Craiglockhart and 
Cockburn, N.B., the third of his family in lineal succession who 
filled the chair of anatomy in the university of Edinbui'gh, 
and had with other issue a younger son, 

Sir David MOXRO, M.D. speaker of the house of assembly 
of New Zealand 1866/71; b. 1813; d. 1877. having 

ni. 1845, Dinah, dau. of John Seeker, Esq. of Widford, 

Oxon. and had with other issue 2 daus. 

(1) Maria Georgiaua, m. 30 Dec. 1868, to James Hector ,M.D. 

(2) Constance Charlotte, m. June, 1876, to PhiUp Gerald 
Dillon, Esq. (V. DILLON). 

[10] Georgiana Christina, m. 1816, to late Lieut. -Col. 

William Forrest, Bengal army. 

K.S.W. major-gen. r.e. served wth Sir David Baird at 
the captm-e of the Cape of Gooil Hope, and at the battle of 
Coninna, &c. A.D.C. to GEORGE III. when Prince Regent, 
commanded r.e. and served on tlie Duke of 'Wellington's per- 
sonal staff at Quatre Bras and Waterloo, gov. of the Bahamas 
and gov. and com.-in-chief of British Guiana, created a 
Baronet 25 Aug. 1821 ; b. 22 Feb. 1780; d. 4 Mar. 1838, having 
m. 28 May, 1816, Harriet, only surviving child of late Gen. 
Robert Morse, R.E. (by his wife Sophia Godin) ; she d. 23 Sept. 
1870, having had a son, 

(1) Sir James Robert Carmichael, 2nd and present 

Eivett-Caexac — see Rivett. 

CATHCAKT, Sir Eeginald Archibald Ed- 
ward, of Carleton, co. Ayr, (1703, N.S.), capt. 
late Coldstream guards, d.l, Inverness-shire; s. his 
father as 6th Baronet in 1878 ; b. 1838 ; m. 

8 Dec. 1880, Emily Eliza Steele, only dau. of late 
John Robert Pringle, Esq. nieoe of Lord Colonsay, 
and wddow of John Gordon, Esq. of Cluny, Aber- 
deen ; heir presumptive, his uncle Major Andrew 

Arms — Az. a human heart or between three cross-crosslets 

fitch^ issuing out of as many crescents arg. 

Crest— A dexter hand holding a heart regally crowned all ppr. 

Motto — By faith we are saved. 

Seat— Killochan Castle, Girvau, Ayrshire. 


Sir ALAN DE CATHCART redeemed lands in the earldom 
of Cathcart in 1447, from John Kennedy, of Cojff, which 
had been mortgaged by Sir Alan Cathcart his grandfather ; he 
was in the same year created LORD Cathcart, wai-den of the 
west marches 1481, master of artillery 1485 ; m. Janet Max- 
well, and had issue. His grandson, 

JOHN, 2nd Lord Cathcart, d. Dec. 1535. having m. 1st, 
Margaret, dau. of John Kennedy, of Blairquhan, and had 
a son. 

[1] Alan, master of Cathcart, ancestor of the Earls Cathcart 
(see Peerasre.) 

HIS LORDSHIP m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of WUliam Douglas, 
of Dnimlanrig, and had, with other issue a son, 
[2] Robert, killed (with his brother John) at Flodden 9 Sept. 
1513, having m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Alan Cathcart, of 
Carleton. from whom descended, 

SIR HEW CATHCART, of Carleton, created a BARONET OF 
NOVA Scotia 20 June, 1703; m. in 1695, , dau. of Sir 

Patrick Broun, Bart, of Colstoun, and had a son, 

SIR JOHN, 2nd Baronet, m. 1st— 6 July, 1717, Catherine, 
dau. of Robert Dundas, Lord Arniston, a senator of the 
college of justice ; she d. s.p. He m. 2ndly — 30 May, 1729, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Kennedy, Bart, of Culzean (ext), 
and had with other issue 3 sons, 

[1] Sir John, 3rd Baronet, d. s.p. 1785, having m. 24 Dec. 
1764, Margaret, dau. of Robert Hamilton, Esq. of Bourtree 

[2] Sir Andrew, 4th Baronet, lieut.-col. in the army ; d. s. p. 
1828, aged 87. 

[3] Hugh, capt. of the " Hyde " Indiaman ; d. at Killochan, 
in 1770, leaving a son, 

Hugh, m. April, 1809, Caroline, dau. of Conway Mont- 
gomery, Esq. and had with other issue, 2 sons 

(1) Sir Jolin Andrew, s. as 5th Baronet. 

(2) Andrew, major late 10th hussars, heir presumptive 
to the Baronetcy; b. 1817. 

SIR JOHN ANDREW, 5th Baronet, capt. 2nd life guards ; 
b. 18 Feb. 1810; d. 25 Mar. 1878, having m. 5 July, 1836, 
Lady Eleanor Kennedy, dau. of Archibald, 13th Earl of CassUis 
(M. AiLSA) ; she d. 8 May, 1877, having had with other issue 
a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Reginald Archibald Edward, 6th and present 

(2) Florence Margaret Isabel, m. 15 Nov. 1864, to Lieut.-Col. 
Michael Walker-Heneage, Coldstream guards. 

CAVE-BKOWNE-CAVE, Sir Mylles, "of 
Stanford, Northants" (1641, E.), late 11th 
hussars, major Derbysh. yeo. 1864/74; s. his father 
as 11th Baronet in 1855; b. 1 Aug. 1822; m 15 



May, 1855, Isabelle, youngest dau. of John Taylor, 
Esq. of The Newarkc, Leicester, and has had 2 
sons and 3 daus. 

(1) GeofEry Lisle, b. 5 Nov. 1857; d. 17 Sept. 1880. 

(2) Genille, b. 3 Sept. 1860. 

(3) Millicent Rosamona. (4) Mabel. 
(5) Muriel. 

Arms— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Az. fretty arg. CAVE. 2nd and 

3rd, Az. a chevron between three escallops or, a bordure 

engrailed gu. BUOWNE. 

Crests— 1st, A greyhound courant sa. on an escroll the word 

"Gardez" for motto, CAVE. 2nd, A stork ppr. beaked and 

memljered or, Browne. 

Seat— Strettou-en-le-Field, Ashby-de-la-Zouche, 


SIR THOMAS CAVE, of Stanford, Korthants. Knt. (accord- 
ing to a pedigree of this family collected and certified 
by Sir William Segar, garter king of arms, was 19th in 
descent from Jordan, brother and heir of Wyamarus do Cave, 
who d. 1069 possessed of various lordships in Yorkshire, the 
gift of the Conqueror); created a BAUONET 30 June, 1641, for 
his services in the Civil Wars; m. 1st, Catherine, dau. of Sir 
Antliony Haslewood, of Maydewell, Northants; she d. s. p. He 
m. 2ndly, Hon. Penelope, dau. and coheir of Thomas, Viscount 
Wenman ; she d. 1655/6, having had 3 sons, of whom the 

SIR ROGER, 2nd Baronet, M.p. Coventry, 12 Charles II. ; 
d.llOct. 1703, having m. 1st, Martha, dau. and heir of John 
Brown, clerk of the parliament, and had with other issue an 
eldest son, 

[1] Sir Thomas, 3rd Baronet, M.P. co. Leic. all Parliaments 
of Q. Akne till his death, 21 April, 1719 ; he m. Hon. Margaret 
Verney, youngest dau. of John, Viscount Fermanagh, and in 
her issue sole heir (see BARONY OP Braye) ; she d. 17 May, 
1774. His grandson, 

Sir Thomas, 6tll Baronet, b. 22 Aug. 1737; d. 30 May, 
1780, having m. Sarah, elder dau. and coheir of John Edwards, 
of Bristol, merchant (by his wife Sarah Holford); she d. 
July, 1819, leaving a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Thomas, 7th Baronet, d. s. p. 15 Jan. 1792, having 
m. 2 June, 1791, Lady Lucy Sherard, only dau. of Robert, 
4th Earl of Harborough ; she d. 27 Mar. 1858, having re-ni. 
20 Aug. 1798, to Hon. Philip Pusey (brother of WiUiam, 1st 
Earl of Radnor), who d. 14 April, 1828. 

(2) Sarah Otway-Cave, by R.L. 12 Mar. 1818, BARONESS 
Braye on the termination of the abeyance by letters patent, 
13 Oct. 1839. (see BARONY OP BRAYE.) 

SIR ROGER m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Sir William Bromley, 
Knt. of Bagiuton, and sister of Rt. Hon. William Bromley, 
speaker of the house of commons, and sec. of state to Q. 
Anne ; she d. 22 Nov. 1721, having had with 2 daus. an only 

[2] Roger, of Eydou, Northants, and Raunston, co. Leic. ; d. 
Mar. 1741, having m. 1721, Catherine, dau. and co-heir 

of William Browne, of Stretton, co. Derby ; she d. 6 May, 1772, 
having had with other issue a son, viz. — 

JOHN CAVE-BROWNE, of Stretton-en-le-Eield, co. Derby, 
was authorised by act of parliament, 25 GEORGE II. 1752, 
pursuant to the will of his maternal grandfather, William 
Browne, of Stretton aforesaid, to take for himself and his issue 
the name of BROWNE ; he d. 2 Oct. 1798, having m. 1st— 6 
Dec. 1757, Frances, dau. of Theodore William Inge, of Thorpe 
Constantine, Staff.; she bur. 25 Oct. 1758, s. p. He m. 2ndly 
— 3 Jan. 1764, Catherine, only surviving child and heir of 
Thomas Asteley, of Wood Eaton, Staff, formerly of Asteley, 
Salop ; she d. 8 Sept. 1811, having had with other issue 4 sons, 
[1] Sir William, s. as 9th Baronet. 

[2] John Cave- Browne, 53 years rector of Stretton-en-Ie Field; 
bp. there 7 Nov. (b. 20 Sept.) 1767 ; d. 23 Mar. 1843, having m. 
1 May, 1798, hLs cousin Slargaret, dau. of Robert Haymes, of 
Great Glenn, Leic. ; she d. 30 Nov. 1861, having had a son and 
3 daus. 
(1) Robert Haymes Cave-Browne, of Tamworth, m.d. and 
of Arkley. Herts, b. 17 July, 1799; d. 22 Mar. 1866, having m. 
24 Oct. 1822, his cousin Dorothy, dau. of Robert H.iymes, of 
Great Glenn aforesaid ; she d. 10 Aug. 1873, leaving 3 daus. 
/I/ Dorothy, d. 18 Feb. 1854, having m. 6 Nov. 1851, to 
Joseph Willington, of Tymar ; he d. 6 Aug. 1857, leaving 
an only dau.— Margaret, m. 28 June, 1879, to Clement 
Rowsell, of Hastings. 
/2/ Charlotte, living unm. 

/3/ Catherine, m. 14 Oct. 1852, to Ai'thur Grey Hesil- 
rigc Buckby, of Tandragee, co. Armagh ; he d. 24 Feb. 

(2) Catherine, living unm. 

(3) Mary Anne Lucy, d. 6 Mar. 1869, having m. 7 Jan. 18.51, 
as 2nil wife, to her cousin, Rev. Cave Humfrey, 
rector of Laughton, Leic. ; he d. 4 Nov. 1874. 

(4) Margaret, m. 1 Dee. 1868, to Robert Kirkman Goode, 
Esq. of Heather Hall, co. Leic. 

[3] Thomas Cave- Browne, in the army, bp. 18 Feb. 1777 ; ni. 

and d. s. p. 1837. 

[4] Edward Cave-Browne, of Taunton, Somerset, licut.-col. in 

the army ; bp. 27 Dec. 1779 ; d. 26 July, 1841, having m. 8 Oct. 

1815, Ann, dau. of Thomas Raban, of Calcutta ; she d. 11 July, 

1876, aged 82, having had 3 sons, 
/I/ John Cave-Browne,vicarofDebtling, Kent, retd. chaplain 
E.I.C.S.; b. 17 Jan. 1818; m. 7 May, 1851, Selina Mary, 2nd 
dau. of Lieut.-Col. WiUiam Turner, of the Bengal army ; she 
d. Sept. 1881, having had 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Edward, b. 14 Sept. 1856.— (2) John Asteley, b. 15 Nov. 
I860.— (3) WiUiam Charles, b. 25 Aug. 1867. 

(4) Annette Forbes, m. 9 Sept. 1880, to Arthur George 
Burney, bar.-at-law I.T. 1878, son of late Rev. E.K. Burney, 
vicar of Thurnham. 

(5) Selina Margaret. — (6) Edith Mary. — (7) Catherine 

/2/ William Henry Cave-Browne, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxon. dom. 
chaplain to Earl of Dunmore ; m. 1st— 29 July, 1852, Hen- 
rietta, dau. of Philip Selfe, Esq. of Marten, Wilts ; she d. 
16 May, 1856. He m. 2ndly— 22 Aug. 1865, Louisa, dau. of 
late George WiUiam Munday, Esq. of London. By his 1st 
wife he had a son and dau. 

Henry, b. 30 April, 1856.— Henrietta Mary. 
/3/ Edward Raban Cave-Browne, dep. acct.-gen. India office; 
b. 29 May, 1835 ; m. 17 July, 1879, Caroline Anne, dau. of 
William Abbott Gireen, Esq. inspector-gen. hospitals, Bengal, 
and has a dau.— Ann, b. 2 Feb. 1881. 

Baronet (on the death of Rev. Sir Charles Cave, Bart, in 
1810), assiuned the surname of Cave in addition to and after 
those of Cave-Browne, which surnames were confirmeil to 
his issue male, together with the arms of Browne quarterly 
with those of Cave by R.L. 18 Jan. 1839 ; b. 19 Feb. 1765; d. 24 
Aug. 1838, having m.— 13 Oct. 1788, Sarah, dau. of Thomas 
Prinsep, of Croxall, co. Derby ; she was bur. 21 June, 1790, s. p. 
He m. 2ndly — 4 Jan. 1793, Louisa, 4th dau. of Sir Robert Mead 
Wilmot, of Chaddesden, Derby, Bart.; she d. 23 April, 1824 
leaving 6 sons, 

[1] Sir John Robert Cave-Browne-Cave, s. as 10th 

[2] AVilliam Asteley Cave- Browne-Cave, rector of Stretton-en- 
le-Field; b. 3 Aug. 1799, and d. 13 June, 1862, having m. 1st- 
21 May, 1828, Eliza Martha, dau. of Samuel Wathen, of New 
House, CO. Glouc. ; she d. s. p. 6 Nov. following. He m. 2ndly 
—25 Mar. 1830, Julia, dau. of Thomas Minton, of Stoke, Staff. ; 
she d. 6 Sept. 1866, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) William Cecil Cave- Browne-Cave, M.A. Oxon. late in- 
cumbent St. Thomas', North Shore, Sydney, N.S.W.; b. 8 Oct. 
1835 ; m. 15 Feb. 1864, Rachel Perrins, dau. of Rev. Hugh 
Smith Cuniming, M.A. vicar of Seaforde, co. Down. 

(2) Fitzherbert Asteley Cave-Bro\vne-Cave, vicar of Long- 
ridge, Lane. ; b. 26 Oct. 1839 ; m. 1st— 5 Jan. 1869, Harriet 
Ellen, dau. of William Bcckwith, of Seacox Heath, Sussex ; 
she d. 10 May, 1873, leaving a son, 

/I/ Cecil Bcckwith, b. 22 Nov. 1871. 
Rev. F. A. Cave-Browne-Cave m. 2ndly— 23 June, 1875, 
Frances Esther Anne, dau. of Courtney Kenny Clarke, of 
Larch Hill, Dublin, and has 2 daus. 

/2/ Frances Catherine Delia. /3/ 

(3) Louisa Wilmot, m. 3 Aug. 1853, to Colin Minton Camp- 
bell, of Woodseat, Staff. J. P. D.I,, hieh sheriff 1869, M.P. North 
Staff. 1874/80, m.ajor late 1st Staff', rifle vols. capt. late 20th 
Staff, veo. and has a son and 3 daus. surviving, 

/I/ John Fitzherljert CAMPBELL, b. 6 July, 1861. 

/2/ Louisa Jessie, m. 6 Feb. 1880, to Rev. James Stapletou, 

rector of Dalbury, Derbysh. (V. COMBERMERE). 

/3/ Mary Emmeiine. /4/ Constance Lilian. 

(4) Julia Mead, m. 29 Mar. 1864, to Rev. Howard Gough, 
M.A. incumbent of HartshiU, Staff.; he d. 18 Jan. 1867, 
leaving 5 sons and 3 daus. 

Charles Howard GouGn, b.'5 Mar. 1858.— Frederick Herbert, 

b. 11 April, 1861.— Alfred WilUam, b. 13 Dec. 1862.— Walter 

Ralph, b. 21 Oct. 1864.— Arthiur Cecil, b. 8 June, 1866.— 

Julia Katharine. — Mary Louisa. — Edith Sophia. 

[3] Thomas Cave-Browne-Cave, of Cliffe House, co. Warw.; b. 

16 June, 1801; d. 17 April, 1854, having m.lO April,1827, Anne, 

eldest dau. of John Walker, of Stockport, co. Lane. ; she d. 27 

Mar. 1875, having had with other issue 7 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) John Walker Cave- Browne-Cave, b. 5 Sept. 1828 ; m. 3 
Feb. 1850, Hannah, dau. of Edward Johnson, Esq. of Full 
Sutton, Yorks. and has 2 sons and 5 daus. 

Edward Johnson, b. 14 Dec. 1851.— Henry Wilmot, b. 6 
April, 1863. — Mary Anne Sophia. — Hannah Louisa. — Emily 
Wilmot. — Amelia Frances Alberta. — Evelyn Rosamond. 

(2) William Cave- Browne-Cave, b. 26 Oct. 1831 ; m. 2ndl} — 
1 Aug. 1877, Maria, youngest dau. of John Thornicroft, 
of The Ravenhurst, Harl)orne, Warw. and has a son and dau. 

Stretton, b. 8 Sept. 1878.— Lizzie. 

(3) Thomas Cave-Browne-Cave, b. 11 April, 1835 ; m. 30 
April, 1870, Blanche Matilda Mary Anne, dau. of late Sir John 
Milton, c.B. and has 3 daus. 

Jeauuette Gertrude. — Beatrice Mabel.— Frances Evelyn. 

(4) Wilmot Cave-Browne-Cave, b. 3 June, 1838 ; m. 24 Dec. 
1860, Marie Annie, youngest child of late Wilham Skinner, 
Esq. of Calcutta, and granddau. of Sir Robert RoUo Gillespie, 
K.C.B. (divorced 1875), having had a dau. — Annie. 



(5) Henry Cave-Browne-Cave, curate in charge of Crow- 
borough, Kotherfield, Sussex ; b. 27 Jan. 1840 ; m. 11 Oct. 
1865, Maria Louisa, youngest dau. of George Chance, Esq. of 
Edgbaston, and has a son and 2 daus. 

Eustace Henry, b. 3 Feb. 1876.— Cornelia Maria.— Maude 

(6) Jordane Cave-Browne-Cave, missionary British Columbia 
1862/70, &c.; b. 17 Feb. 1843; d. s. p. 12 Dec. 1879, having m. 5 
Dec. 1867, Charlotte Dewdney, ^\idow of Edward Wright, 
Esq. of Penzance. 

(7) Frank Wymarus, b. 1 Oct. 1844; unm. 

(8) Sarah Wilmot, m. 7 April, 1863, to Rev. Charles Thomas 
Cary, M.A. of Arden House, Warwick, vicar of Eangsbury, 
Warw. 1832, 75, s. p. 

(9) Frances Emily, m. 28 April, 1864, to William Hanmer 
France, Esq. and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 

Wilham Goldie Cave France, b. 3 Oct. 1865.— James 
Geoffrey Cave, b. 21 Feb. 1871.— Georgie Evelyn Cave.— 
Emily Wilmer Cave. 

(10) Isabella Louisa, m. 1 June, 1869, to Thomas Moyles, 
M.D. and has 2 sons, 

Thomas Henry Cave MOTLES, b. 27 Dec. 1870.— George 
Edward Philip Cave, b. 2 April, 1876. 

(11) Annie. 

[4] Wilmot Cave- Browne-Cave, vicar of Hope, Derby ; b. 5 Dec. 
1802; m. 1st— 30 Oct. 1824, Mary, eldest dau. of Wilham Eccles, 
of Eccles, CO. Lane. ; she d. 26 Nov. following. He m. 2ndly 
— 27 Oct. 1825, Mary, eldest dau. of Rev. Thomas Westmoreland, 
vicar of Sandal Magna, Yorks. 

[5] Edward Sacheverell Cave-Browne-Cave, vicar of Stowe and 
Gayton ; b. 3 Oct. 1804 ; d. July, 1842, having m. 7 July, 1830, 
Mary, dau. of John (Farsjxle) Watson, of Bilton Park, Yorks. ; 
she d. Sept. 1874, having had with other issue 2 sons and a 

(1) Edward Farsyde Cave-Browne-Cave, M.A. rector of Bre- 
therton. Lane. 1871/4; b. 10 Oct. 1833 ; m. 14 Oct. 1873, Sarah 
Maria, youngest dau. of late William Marshall, Esq. of 
Penwortham Hall, Lane. 

(2) William Edward Cave-Bro\vne-Cave, b. 21 Feb. 1837. 

(3) Louisa Mary. 

was authorised by r.l. 18 Jan. 1839, to continue the use of 
the surname of Cave, and to bear the arms of Browne in the 2nd 
quarter as before-mentioned ; b. 4 Mar. 1798 ; d. 11 Nov. 1855, 
having m. 22 Nov. 1821, Catherine Penelope, youngest dau. 
and coheir of William Mills, of Barlaston Hall, Staff. ; she d. 13 
Mar. 1871, leaving 4 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Mylles, llth and present Baronet. 

(2) Veme.v, B.C. priest, b. 30 Jan. 1833. 

(3) Ambrose Sneyd Cave-Bro^vne-Cave, B.A. rector of Stretton- 
en-le-Field, b. 31 Aug. 1834 ; m. 9 Sept. 1858, Caroline Mary 
Anne Elizabeth, dau. of Ven. James Saurin, M,A. archdeacon of 
Dromore, and has 8 sons and 3 daus. 

James Saurin, lieut. 51st regt. b. 21 July, 1859. — Reginald Am- 
brose, R.N. b. 21 Oct. I860.— Wilmot, b. 11 April, 1862.— Row- 
land Henry, b. 14 April, 1865.— Bernard, b. 22 Feb. 1868.-- 
Edward Lambert.b. 5 Jan. 1870. — Clement Andrew, b. 7 Aug. 
1871. — Anthony Stanhope, b. 4 Jan. 1879. — Mary Genevieve. — 
Catharine Penelope. — Rosamond Harriett. — Caroline Emma, 
b. 13 Nov. 1877; d. 29 Jan. 1878. 

(4) Bowyer Wenman Cave-Browne-Cave, lieut. -col. in the army, 
retd. late capt. and brevet-major 2nd dragoon guards, late adj. 
R. AVilts yeo. cav. ; b. 22 Mar. 1837. 

(5) Hyacinthe Ellen, m. 19 July, 1875, as 2nd wife, to Rev. 
Henry John Torre, of Norton Curlieu, co. Warw. (See also 
Wilmot— Bart.) 

CAYLEY, Sir Digby, of Brompton, Yorks. 
(1661, E.); s. his father as 7th Baronet in 
1857; b. 13 Mar. 1807; m. 8 July, 1830, Dorothy, 
2nd dau. and eventually sole heii* of Rev. George 
Allanson, of Middleton Quemhow, Yorks,; she d. 
4 April, 1881, having had 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] George Allanson, of Hovingham, Yorks, registrar of deeds, 
N.R.; b. 31 Dec. 1831; m. 5 July, 1859, his cousin Catherine 
Louisa, eldest dau. of Sir WiUiam Worsley, Bart, and has 2 sons 
and a dau. 
George Everard Arthur, Ueut. R. Denbigh and Merioneth 
mil. ; b. 8 July, 1861.— Digby William, b. 16 Sept. 1862.— 
Ethel Barbara. 
[2] Digby, b. 7 June, 1834; m. 15 Nov. 1859, Charlotte Phila- 
delphia, youngest dau. of late Robert Bower, Esq. of Welham, 
Yorks. and has 6 sons and 7 daus. 
Digby Leonard Arthur, b. 25 Sept. 1864.— George Cuthbert, 
b. 30 Aug. 1866.— Valentine Charles Hugh, b. 11 Jan. 1868.— 
Robert Edward Cornelius, b. 28 Sept 1870.— Herbert, b. at the 
Talbot Head Hotel, Malton, 24 Oct. 1874.— Le^\-is Richard, 
b. 19 Aug. 1877. — Helen Dora. — Julia Philadelphia. — Beatrice 
Mary Eugenia. — Alice Erica. — Millicent. — Lucy Violet. — A 
dau. b. 7 Oct. 1881. 
[3] Reginald Arthur, M..V. rector of Scampton, Lincoln ; b. 15 
Aug. 1837; m. 3 May. 1864, Mary Louisa, 5th dau. of Rev. Ed- 
mund Hiley Bucknall-Estcourt, of Estcourt, co. Glouc. rector of 
Eckington, co. Denbigh, and has 3 sons and 3 daus. 
Cecil Reginald, b. 5 Feb. 1865.— Lionel Richard, b. 15 Mar. 
1867.— Edmimd Henry George, b. 4 Aug. 1870.— Dora.— 
Isabel Mary. — Hester Charlotte. 
[4] Dora, m. 22 Sept. 1870, to George Arthur Thompson, late 
12th lancers, son of Lieut.-Col. George Hamilton Thompson 
of Terrington Hall, Yorks. 

Arms — Quarterly arg. and sa. on a bend gu. three mullets of 

the first. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant or charged with a bend as in the 

arms holding a battle-axe arg. handle gu. and garnished or. 

MOTTOES— 1. Nul q'un— " only one " (God). 2. Per lucem ac 

tenebras mea sidera sanguine surgent. 

Seat— High Hall, Brompton, Pickering, co. York. 


SIR WILLIAM CAYLEY, of Brompton (great-great-grand- 
son of John Cayley, of Malton, Yorks.), was knighted by 
Charles I. at Theobalds, Herts. 2 Mar. 1641, and for his 
services in the Civil Wars was created a Baronet, 26 April, 
1661; bp. at Brompton 6 Dec. 1610; d. 2 May, 1681, bur. 
there, having m. 1633, Dorothy, eldest dau. of Sir William St. 
Qvuntm.of Harpham, Yorks. Bart, (royal descent); she bur. at 
Brompton, 26 Nov. 1684, having had, with 2 daus. 3 sons, 
[1] Sir William, 2nd Baronet, bp. 23 Jime, 1655; m. Mary, 
only dau. and sole heir of Barnabas Holbech, Esq. of Birchley 
Hall, Warwick, and his descendant in the 5th generation. 

Sir George Cayley, s. as 6th Baronet. 
[2] Arthur, of Brompton, aforesaid, and of Gray's Inn, bar.- 
?*"i^'''L'''""-/^ ^''J'' 1''^^' ^a^°g m. 14 April, 1662 EUza- 
beth, eldest dau. of Thomas Shipton, of Lrthe, gent, alderman 
of London ; she d. 3 Mar. 1688, and from him descended in the 
5th generation 

TT?if ^^^v° Stillingfleet Cayley, of Wydale, and Low 
^!;^'?°'.'^^-M-P;N.R. 1832/62; b. 13 Aug. 1802; d. 24 Feb 
186^, having m. 30 Aug. 1823, his 2nd covisin Emma, dau. of 



sir George, and sister of Sir Digby Cayley, 7th Bart. ; she 
d. 2 Aug. 1848, leaving 2 sons, 

(1) Edward Stillingfleet, of Wydale and Low Hall, afore- 
said, bar.-at-law l.T. ; b. 30 July, 1824; m. 18 April, 1872, 
Emma Louisa, dau. of Ambrose Awdry, Esq. of Seend, Wilts, 

(2) George John, bar.-at-law I.T.; b. 26 .Tan. 1826; d. 11 Oct. 
1878. ha\'ing m.ll Sept. 1860, Mary Ann Frances, eldest dau. 
of Montagu Wilmot, Esq. of Norton House, Glam. (BaRT.) 
and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Hugh, b. 6 Sept. 1861.— Arthur, b. 3 Sept. 1862.— Violet. 

[3] Cornelius, of York, and of Gray's Inn, bar.-at-law: b. 10 

Aug. 1644 ; w. d. 15 April, 1724, and proved at York 15 Mar. 

1734 (to be bur. at Brompton); m. 11 Aug. 1681, Anne. dau. 

of Cecil TjTwhitt, of Cameringham, co. Lino. (BART.), and had 

\vith other issue a son, 

CORSELirs Catley, of Grav's Inn, bar.-at-law. recorder 
of Kingston-upon-Hull 1725 71 ; b. 16 April, 1692 ; d. 17 
Nov. 1779, ha\-ing m. 18 Nov. 1723, Elizabeth, dau. of Leonard 
Smelt, of Kirkby Fleetham; she bur. 25 Feb. 1750, having 
had with other issue 2 sons, 

(1) John, of St. Petersburg, merchant, and British consul 
there (5th son); b. 7 Oct.l730,X.s. : d. 9 July,1795. having m. 
19 Dec. 1756, o.S. Sarah, dau. of Richard Cozens, of St. Peters- 
burgh ; she d. 12 Nov. 1803, ha\ang had, with other issue, 
2 sons, 

/I/ John, of Beddington, Surrey, and of St. Petersburg, 
merchant, eldest son; b.ll April.i761; d. 30Mar.l831. hav- 
ing m. 1st — 8 Feb. 1792, Anna, dau. of Matthew Halliday, 
of St. Petersburg, M.D. ; she d. 8 Sept 1793. He ni. 
2ndlv— 20 Oct. 1799, Harriet, dau. of Timothy Raikes. of 
St. Petersbiu-g ; she d. 23 Feb. 1870, aged 91, having had 
with other issue 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) William, of Toronto, bar.-at-law (2nd son); b. 

d. having m. Emma Robinson, dau. 

of D'Arcy Boulton, of Toronto, auditor general of Canada, 
and has 10 children, of whom are (1) John, (2) Edward, 
(3) Frank, (4) Harriet, and 

(5) Mary, who m. 23 Aug. 1866, to WUliam Glascott, 
capt. late 30th regt. and has 2 sons and 3 daus. — WiUiam 
Glascott, b. 29 June, 1869. — Francis James. — Ethel. 
— Amy. — Eva. 

(2) John (youngest son); b. 11 Feb. 1816, m. 

1st, Catherine, dau. of Capt. Maine, of St. Petersburg; 
she d. s. p. He m. 2ndly — 5 Oct. 1847, Clara Louisa, dau. 
of (Hon.) Henry John Boulton, attorney-gen. of Canada, 
and chief justice of Newfoundland, and has 2 sons and 
2 daus. 

[1] Claude Thornton, b. 9 June, 1854.— [2] Francis 

Ormond, b. 30 Sept. 1856. 

[3] Adela Sidney, m. 8 May, 1873, to Christopher Wol- 

ston, of Toronto, M.D. formerly of Devonshire, and has 

a dau.— Maud WOLSTON. 

[4] Clara Louisa. 

(3) Harriet, m. 1821, to C Robinson of London, 

(4) Lucy, m. to Rev. Canon Hutchinson, who 
d. 1870. 

(5) Maria, m. 24 Sept. 1840, to Charles Chevall-Tooke, 
Esq. of Hurston Cleys, Sussex. 

/2/ Henry, of St. Petersburg (youngest son) ; b. 21 Dec. 
1768; bur. 11 July. 1850, having m. 18 |Feb. 1814, Maria 
Antonia, dau. of William Doughty of St. Petersburg, and 
had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Arthur, Sadlerian professor of mathematics at 
Cambridge ; b. 16 Aug. 1821; m. 8 Sept. 1863, Susan, dau. 
of Robert MoUne, of Greenwich, Esq. and has a son and 

Henry, b. 12 Feb. 1870. Mary. 

(2) Charles Bagot, author of a treatise on Dante; b. 
9 July, 1823. 

(3) Sophia. (4) Henrietta Caroline. 

(2) Edward, of Whitby, Yorks. attomey-at-law (6th son), 
b. 6 Sept. 1733 ; d. 12 Jan. 1805, having m. 1st— 8 Nov. 1760, 
Anne, dau. of Wilham Simpson, of Whitby, and had 3 sons 
and 4 daus. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Jonas Brovvn, of 
Whitby, J.P.; she d. 17 Feb. 1810, having had, with other 
issue, a son, 

EDWARD, of Stamford, CO. Line. banker; b. 12 Aug. 1782 ; 
d. there 10 April, 1868, having m. 24 Sept. 1828, Frances 
dau. of Rev. Richard Twopeny, rector of Little Casterton, 
Rutland ; she d. 1 June, 1851, aged 55, leaving 6 sons, 
/I/ Edward, M.A. vicar of South Leverton, Notts, b. 15 
June, 1829, m. 20 May, 1862, Catherine Isabella, dau. of 
Henry Blenkame, of London, surgeon, and has 3 daus. 

Agnes Mary.— Margaret Isabella.— Henrietta. 
/2/ George, of Stamford, banker; b. 12 .July, 1831, m. 17 
Nov. 1857, his cousin Margaret, dnu. of Ven. Robert Bate- 
man Paul, archdeacon of Nelson, N Z. and after rector of 
St. Mary, Stamford, and prebendary of Lincoln, and has 
3 sons and 5 daus. 

Nowell Paul, b. 18 Nov. 1865.— Arthur George, b. 6 Jan. 

1867. — Frank Peirson, b. 1 Nov. 1868. — Frances Bateman. 

— Rosa Elizabeth.— Edith Maiigaret.— Ada Mary.— Helen 

/3/ Richard, chief justice supreme court of the Island 
of Ceylon 1879; b, 22 April, 1838; m. 17 April, 1866, Sophia 

Margaret, dau. of David Wilson, M.L.C. Ceylon, and had 2 

sons and 6 daus. 
Hugh Charles, b. 6 Aug. 1889.— A son, b. 29 Dec. 1877.— 
Francis Sophia Henrietta. — Gertrude Stephanie. — Adeline 
Matilda. — Two other daus. 

/4/ Henry, surgeon H.M.Indian army; b. 20 Dec. 1834; m. 

10 July, 1862, Lctitia JIary, dau. of Rev. Nicolas Walters, 

of Stamford, and has 4 sons and 2 daus. 
Walter de .'^aumarez. — Cyril Henry. — Douglas Henrj*. — 
Bernard. — Mary Louisa. — Evelyn Wynne. 

/5/ William, of London, M.D. b. 14 Dec. 1836. 

161 Arthur, attorney-at-law, b. U< April, 1840; m. 12 May, 

1868, Caroline Ada, 9th and youngest dau. of Rev. Frederic 

Forde, M.a. rector of St. Peter's, Chester, and has a son 

and a dau. 

Robert Arthur, b. 15 June, 1869. — Margerie. 

SIR GEORGE CAYLEY, 6th Baronet (on the death of 
his father, Sir Thomas, 1792); b. 27 Dec. 1773; d. 15 Dec. 
18.i7, having m. 9 July, 1795, Sarah, only dau. of Rev. George 
Walker, of Nottingham, F.R.S. pres. lit. and phil. soc. Man- 
chester ; she d. 8 Dec. 1824, having had a son and 4 daus. 

(1) Sir Digby, 7th and present Baronet. 

(2) Isabella, m. 22 Oct. 1822, to Sir Thomas Charles Style, 8th 
Bart, of Wateringburj' Place, Kent; he d. s. p. 23 July, 1879. 

(3) Emma, d. 2 Aug. 1848, having m. 30 Aug. 1823, to her 2nd 
cousin Edward Stillingfleet Cayley, Esq. of Wydale, Yorks.; 
he d. 24 Feb. 1862. 

(4) Sarah Philadelphia, m. 18 Jan. 1827, to Sir William 
Worsley, of Hovingham Hall, Yorks. 1st Bart. 

(5) Catherine, m. 1st— 19 May, 1831, to Henrj' Ralph Beau- 
mont, Esq. of Whitley Beaiunont, Yorks. who d. 21 June, 1838; 
she re-m. 6 May. 1845, to Capt. James Anlaby Legard, R.X. 
K.T.s. (Bart.), who d. 25 June, 1869. 

(6) Marj' Agnes, m. 7 Aug. 1846, to James (M.D.), eldest son of 
Thomas Ale.\ander, of Edenbridge, Kent. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Sir Henry Hamilton 
Erroll, of London (1828, U.K.), lieut. late 1st 
Staff, (k.o.) mil.; s. his father as 4th Baronet in 
1870; b. 22 Nov. 1857; heir presumptive, his brother 
Nevile Colin. 

Arms— Gu. within an orle arg. charged with eight mullets az. 

an armillary sphere or. 

Crest— An eagle displayed ppr. the dexter claw resting on 

an armillary sphere or. 

Motto— Spes et fides. 




SIR HENRY CHAMBERLAIN, consul-gen. and charge- 
d'affaires in Brazil, created a Baronet 22 Feb. 1828 ; b. 
20 Sept. 1773 ; d. 31 July, 1829, having m. 1st— 1 Jan. 1795, 
Elizabeth Harrod, of E.xeter, divorced bj Act of Parliament in 
May, 1813, having had with other issue a son and dau. 
[1] Sir Henry, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] Eliza Caroline, m. 2 Dec. 1819, to Rear-Adm. the Hon. 
Charles Orlando Bridgman (E. BRADFORD), who d. 13 April, 

SIR HENRY m. 2ndly— 5 June, 1813, Anne Eugenia, dau. of 
William Morgan, Esq. of London ; she d. 28 Dec. 1867, having 
had 5 sons and 3 daus. 

[3] WilUam Charles, rear-adm. R.N. served at fall of St. Jean 
d'Acre and in Baltic, capt. sup. Chatham dockyard 1868/73, 
rear-adm. sup. Devonport dockyard 1875/6 ; b. 21 April, 1818 ; 
d. 27 Feb. 1878, having m. 1st— 19 June, 1845, Elizabeth Jane, 
dau. of Capt. Basil Hall, R.N. (Bart.) ; she d. 29 Aug. 1856, 
having had 3 sons, 

(1) Basil Hall, b. 18 Oct. 1850. (2) Henry, lieut. R.N. b. 1 

Jan. 1853. (3) Houston Stewart, b. 9 Sept. 1855. 

ADM. Chamberlain m. 2ndly— 29 Oct. 1872, Sarah Morgan, 

dau. of Thomas Holroyd, Esq. graud-dau. of Sir George 

Sowley Holroyd, and had a dau. 

(4) Harriett Sarah. 

[4] Sir Nevile Bowles, G.C.B. (1875), G.C.S.I. (1873), gen. in the 

army, com.-in-chief India since 1880, of Madras army 1875/81, 

in ABfghan war 1878/9, military member viceroy's council 1878, 

served with Christie's horse through 1st Affghau war, received 

six severe wounds, com. gov.-gen.'s body-guard in G-walior 

campaign and again wounded, in Punjab war at Goojerat and 

Chilian wallali, mil. sec. to Punjab board of administration, 

brigadier-gen. Punjab irregular force, adj. -gen. at Delhi during 

Mutiny and severely woimded, led the two Vaziri e.xpeditions, 

1859 and 1860, embarked on XJmbeyla expedition 1863, severely 

wounded and compelled to resign command, A.D.C. to the 

Queen; b. 10 Jan. 1820; m. 26 June, 1873, Charlotte Cuyler, 

dau. of late Major-Gen. Sir "William Reid, K.C.B. G.C.M.6. R.E. 

s. p. 

[5] Crawford Trotter, gen. Bengal staff, c.B. c.S.i. command- 
ing Oude division Bengal army 1876/9; b. 9 Mar. 1821 ; m. 
Nov. 1845, Elizabeth, dau. of J De Witt, of the Cape of 

Clood Hope, s. p. 

[6] Thomas Hardy, maj.-gen. Bengal S.C. chief magistrate at 
l.ncknow; b. 13 Sept. 1822; d. s. p. 16 Oct. 1879, having m. 17 
<Jct. 1849, Louisa Margaret, eldest dau. of J. S. Boldero, Esq. 

[7] Charles Francis Falcon, col. Indian army, Bombay S.C. 
. C.B.; b. 11 Oct. 1826; d. 31 Oct. 1870, having m. 3 June, 1852, 
Marrianne Ormsby, eldest dau. of George H. Drury, Esq. Madras 
C.s. (she re-m. 19 Nov. 1878, to Rev. Jacques Massis, of CJlermont 
Ferraud, France), and has a son and dau. 

(1) Neville Francis Fitzgerald, lieut. B.S.C. served in Affghan 
war, wounded at the rout of Ayoob Khan 1 Sept. 1880, a.d.c. 
to Sir Frederick Roberts, gov. of Madras 1881 ; b. 14 Jan. 

(2) Mary Cecilia. 

[8] Anne Beresford, m. 29 Feb. 1860, to Arbuthnot Charles 

Guthrie, J.P. and D.L. Argylsh. s. p. 

[9] Harriet Mary. [10] Katherine Cochrane. 

SIR HENRY,"2nd Baronet, R.A.; b. 2 Oct. 1796; d. 8 Sept. 
1843, having m. 11 May, 1826, Harriett, dau. of John 
Mullen, lieut.-col. 1st royal regt. of foot ; she d. 30 April, 1866, 
having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir Henry Orlando Robert, s. as 3rd Baronet. 
' [2] Edward Augustus Frederick, b. 19 Jan. 1842 ; d. s. p. 13 
April, 1879, having m. 24 Nov. 1863, Sophia, 4th dau. of Capt. 
R. E. Pyin, r.n. 

[3] Ursula Jane Eliza, d. s. p. Oct. 1857, having m. 17 Sept. 
1856, to WiUiam, 2nd son of late Richard Walker, Esq. of Bury, 
Lane. M.p. 
[4] Annabella Anne. 

SIR HENRY ORLANDO ROBERT, 3rd Baronet, 23rd R.-ff. 
fusiliers ; b. 15 Dec. 1828 ; d. 31 Dec. 1870, having m. 3 
Feb. 1857, Marion, dau. of John Wilson, Esq. of Dundyvan, co. 
Lanark ; she d. 13 July, 1871, having bad 3 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Henry Hamilton Erroll, 4tli and present 

(2) Nevile Colin, heir presumptive to the "1 
Baronetcy ; b. 29 May, 1863, [ twins. 

(3) George Brewster Wilson, b. 29 May, 1863, ) 

(4) Margaret Ursula Marion. (5) Ursula Harriet Mary. 


James, of Killua 
Castle, CO. Westmeath 
D.L. (1782, L), M.P. 
1841/7; s. his brother 
as 4th Baronet in 
1851; b. 9 Feb. 1810; 
m. 22 July, 1849, his 
cousin Maria, dau. of 
Eichard Steele Fe- 
therstonhaugh, Esq. 
ofEockview, co. 
Westmeath (Fe- 


and has 2 sons and 
a dau. 

(1) Montagu Eichard, lieut. Westmeath rifles, b. 22 Feb. 1853. 

(2) Benjamin Rupert, b. 7 Dec. 1865. 

(3) Dora Marguerite. 

Arms— Per chevTon arg. and gu. a crescent counterchanged. 

Crest— An arm embowed in armour holding a broken spear 

encircled vAfh a UTeath of laurel all ppr. 

Motto — Crescit sub pondere virtus. 

Seat— Killua Castle, ClonmeUou, co. Westmeath. 


BENJAMIN CHAPMAN, of St. Lucy's co. Westmeath 
(great-grandson of William Chapman, maternal cousin- 
german of Sir Walter Raleigh); his will dated 31 Oct. 1768, 
proved 9 Aug. 1779 ; m. Anne, dan. of Robert Tighe, Esq. of 
Mitchelstown, CO. Westmeath ; she d. 1792, having had with 
other issue 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir Benjamin, of St. Lucy's, co. Westmeath, created a 
Baronet of Ireland 10 Feb. 1782, with remainder to the 
male descendants of his father, M.P. co. Cork; d. s. p. having 
m. Anne Lowther; she d. s. p. 

(2) Sir Thomas, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(3) Elizabeth, m. as 2nd wife, 30 Dec. 1754, to Riley Towers, 
Esq. of Finglass, Dublin, bar.-at-law, and had issue. 

SIR THOMAS CHAPMAN, 2nd Baronet, having been pre- 
viously knighted; b. 20 Oct. 1756; d. 23 Dec. 1837, having 
m. 1808, Margaret Anne, dau. of James Fetherstonhaugh, Esq. 
of Bracklin Castle, co. Westmeath (Fetherston— BART.) ; 
she d. 21 Jan. 1871, having had 3 sons, 

[1] Sir Montagu Lowther, 3rd Baronet, M.P. Westmeath 
1830/41; b. 10 Dec. 1808; d. s. p. 17 May, 1851. 
[2] Sir Benjamin James, 4th and present Baronet. 
[3] William, of South Hill, Delvin, co. Westmeath, j.p. and 
D.L. b. 4 Nov. 1811; m. 4 Aug. 1841, Louisa, 3rd dau. of Col. 
Arthur Vansittart, of Shottesbrook Park, Berks, and has 3 sons 
and a dau. 

(1) William Eden, 15th hussars, b. 4 Aug. 1844: d. 6 May, 

(2) Thomas Robert Tighe, b. 6 Nov. 1846; m. 24 July, 1873, 
Edith Sarah Hamilton, only surviving dau. of Georgs 
Augustus Rochfort Boyd, Esq. of Middleton Park, co. West- 
meath, D.L. and has 2 daus. 

Eva Jane Louisa. — A dau. b. 5 Feb. 1880. 

(3) Francis Vansittart, b. 9 Sept. 1849. 

(4) CaroUne Margaret. 



CHAYTOR, SiE William, of Croft, co. York. 
(1831, U.K.) ; s. his father as 3rd Baronet in 
1871 ; b. 10 Sept. 1837 ; m. 2.5 Aug. 1866, Mary, 
youngest dau. of Lieut.- Col. Hemy Van Strau- 
benzee, of Spennithome, Yorks. and has 4 sons 
and 3 daus. 

(1) WUliam Henry Edward, b. 14 June, 1867. 

(2) Walter Clervaux, b. 27 Feb. 1874. 

(3) Edmund Hugh, b. 11 Nov. 18V6. 

(4) Clervaux Arthur, b. 21 April, 1879. 

(5) Lilian Emma. (6) Marion Henrietta. 
(7) Annie JuUa. 

Arms— Per bend dancett^ az. and arg. four quatrefoils 


Crest— A buck's head lozengy arg. and sa. attired or in the 

mouth a trefoil slipped vert. 

Motto — Fortune le veut. 

Seat— Croft Hall and Clervaux Castle, Darlington. 


"TtTlLLIAM CHAYTOR, of Croft and Spennithome, Yorks. 
VV M.P. Hedon, bar.-at-law, recorder of Richmond, J. P. 

and D.L. N.R. (great nephew of Sir WilUam Chaytor, Bart, ext.) ; 

b. 11 Jan. 1732 ; d. unm. 20 Jan. 1825, having had with other 

issue 2 sons, 

/I/ Sir William, created a Baronet. 

/2/ John Clervaux Chaytor (youngest son), of Spennithome 

Hall, Yorks. J.p. b. 9 June, 1782 ; d. 25 Dec. 1839, having m. 16 

Jan. 1810, Ann, elder dau. and coheir of John Carter, of 

Tunstall and Richmond, Yorks.; she d. 25 Dec. 1859, having 

had a son and 4 daus. 
[1] CHiristopher William Carter, of Spennithome, J.P. and 
D.L.; b. 1 Feb. 1814 ; d. 13 Dec. 1865, having m. 26 Nov. 1839, 
Arabella Sophia, youngest dau. of Henry Darley, of Aldby 
Park, Yorks, and had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Clervaux Darley Chaj-tor, of Spennithome Hall, J.P. 
b. 28 April, 1844 ; m. 4 Dec. 1878, Frances Louisa, eldest 
dau. of late Rev. J. A. Birch, rector of Middleham, Yorks. 
and has a son and dau. 

Clervaux Alexander, b. 8 Sept. 1881.— Violet Mary, b. 17 
Mar. 1880. 

(2) Henrj', curate of Aynhoe, Northants.; b. 1 Sept. 1847. 

(3) Matilda, m. 10 Jan. 1871, to Edward Thomas Meynell, 
Esq. of Kilvington Hall, Yorks. who d. s. p. 17 Mar. 1879. 

(4) Mary Anne. 

(5) Aralxjlla, d. 17 Feb. 1880, having m. 7 Nov. 1878, to 
Reginald Alexander Joseph Heinrich, youngest son of 
Henry Van Straubenzee, of Spennithome, Yorks. 

(6) Emily, m. 27 April, 1881, to John Augustus Metcalfe, 
Esq. of InpB House, Uawes, Yorks. 

[2] Charlotte, m. 10 Mar. 1836, to Francis Morley, Esq. of 
Marrick Park, Yorks. ; he d. 3 Aug. 1854, leaving 2 sons and 
8 daus. 

(1) Francis MoRLEY, of Marrick aforesaid, Ueut.-col. 3rd 
buffs; b. 19 Nov. 1836. 

(2) Clen-aui, major R.a. 1881; b. 15 Feb. 1841. 

(3) Charlotte Anne. (4) Anna Elizabeth. 
(5) Alice Sophia. 

[3] Anne, m. 31 Aug. 1840, to Alexander John (Sharpc) 
Ellis, Esq. of Brooklands, Hunts, assumed the surname of 
Ellis in lieu of Sharpe by r.l. 24 Nov, 1825, B.A. Trin. Coll. 
Camb. 1837, and 6th wrangler, F.s.A. president philological 
soc. 1872/4, author of several works, and has 2 sons and a 

/I/ Tristie James Ellls, b. 2 July, 1844. 

/2/ Edwin John, b. 11 June, 1848. 

/3/ Miriam Anne. 
[4] EUzabeth, m. 3 July, 1838, to Alfred Horatio Darley, 
Esq. who d. 

[5] Marj-,d. 4 Oct. 1876, having m. May,1845,toWilloughl)y 
Wood, Esq. of South Thoresby, co. Line. ; he d. 2 Mar. 1875, 
leaving 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Willoughby WOOD, b. 24 Jan. 1856. — (2) Neville 

Thorold, b. 13 June, 1857.— (3) Constance Mary. 

(4) Eleanor Jane, m. 27 Aug. 1878, to William Charles 
Ceilings Anson (E. LICHFIELD). 

(5) Isabel Anne. 

SIR WILLIAM CHAYTOR, of Witton Castle and Croft, 
created a B.\noxET, 30 Sept. 1831, M.P. Sunderland in 
the first Reforai Parliament; high sheriff co. Durham ; built 
Clervaux Castle; b. 29 April, 1771; d. 28 Jan. 1847, having m. 
15 Aug. 1803, Isabella, j-ounger dau. and coheir of John Carter, 
Esq. of Tunstall and Richmond, Yorks aforesaid ; she d. 23 
Dec. 1854, leaving 4 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir "William Richard Carter, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] John Clen-aux, of Croft, b. 8 Sept. 1806; m. 30 Jan. 1834, 
Lydia Frances, eldest dau. of Thomas Brown, Esq. of New Grove, 
Middx. and has 5 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) John Clervaux, formerly capt. Forfar and Kincardine 
mil. art.; b. 28 1836; m. 30 Jan. 1867, Emma, dau. of 
late Edward Fearon, of Nelson, N.Z. and has 3 sons and a dau. 

Edward Walter Clervaux, b. 21 June, 1868.— Alfred Henry, 
b. 28 Oct. 1869.— D'Arcy, b. .—Beatrice Emma. 

(2) Arthur, b. 27 July, 1843; m. 9 April, 1872, Mary Ellen 
Gibbard, dau. of Mr. Thomas Gibbard BurreU, of Nelson, x.z. 
and has a son, 

Arthur Cuthbert, b. 21 Jan. 1873. 

(3) Brian Timstall, b. July, 1847.— (4) Charles, b. 16 April, 
1849.— (5) Laurcnce,b.3 Jan.1857.— (6) Fanny.— (7) Emily. 

[3] Matthew Hutton, b. 31 Dec. 1807; m. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Nathan Horn, of Bishopwearmouth, co. 

Durham, and has 2 sons, 

D'Arcy, b. 28 Aug. 1840.— Hugh, b. 4 April, 1842. 
[4] Henry, of Witton Castle, co. Durham, b. 14 Jan. 1812; m. 
17 Aug. 1858, Caroline Mary Anne, only sunuving dau. of 
Francis Baker, capt. R.N. and relict of John Crossley Geale 
Seymour, Esq. (BART.) 

[5] Isabella, m. 3 Mar. 1836, to Thomas Drewett Brown, after- 
ward Thomas Drewett-Drewett, Esq. of Jarrow Hall, co. 
Durham; he d. 15 Jul3% 1870, leaving an only son, 
Drewett Ormonde Drewett, of Jarrow Hall, co. Durham, 
J.P. bar.-at-law I.T.; b. 1 June, 1838; m. 17 June, 1869, Cathe- 
rine Mary, 2nd dau. of Joseph BurreU, Esq. of Wimbledon. 
[6] Jane. [7] Harriet. 

Durham city 1831,4; b. 7 Feb. 1805; d. 9 Feb. 1871, having 
m. 1st — 27 Sept. 1836, Anne Lacy, of Easingwold, Yorks.; she 
d. Sept. 1837, leaving an only son, 
[1] Sir William, 3rd and present Baronet. 
SIR WILLIAM m. 2ndly— 16 Mar. 1862, Mary, 4th dau. of 
Mr. John WTiitney Smith, of Northallerton, and had 3 sons, 
[2] Richard Clervaux, b. 26 May, 1853. 
[3] Albert ^\^Jitney, b. 25 Nov. 1854. 
[4] Reginald Clervaux, b. 6 Oct. 1867. 



(HETWODE, Sir George, of Oakley, co. Stafle. 
(1700, E.), lieut.-col. late Sth hussars ; s. Ms 
uncle as 6th Baronet in 1873; b. 20 July, 1823 ; m. 
21 Oct. 1868, Alice Jane, 2ncl dau. of Michael 
Thomas Bass, Esq. M.p. of Rangemore, Staffs, and 
has 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) PhUip "Walhouse. b. 21 Sept. 1869. 

(2) George Kiiightley, b. 10 Dec. 1877. 

(3) Evelyn Hamar. (4) Lama Grey. 
(5) Florence Hyacinthe. 

Arms — Quarterly arg. and gu. four crosses forme counter- 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a demi-liou rampant gu. 
Motto— Corona mea Christus. 
Seats — Oakley, Market Drayton, and Chetwode, Buckingham. 


Sm JOHN CHETWODE, lord of the manor of Chetwode, 
father of Robert, who founded the priory of Chetwode, 
and ancestor of 

Philip Chetwode (only surviving son of John Chetwode, 
by Eleanor, dau. of William Steventon, of DothiU, Salop), m. 
Hester, dau. and heir of William Touchet,of ^VTiitley, Cheshire, 
and had a son, 

SIR JOHN, of Oakley, Staff, created a Baronet 6 April, 
1700 ; d. 22 April, 1733, having m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Sir 
Jonathan Ea}-mond, Knt. alderman of London ; she d. 12 Jan. 
1702. He m. 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of John Tayleur, Esq. ; she 
d. 14 Oct. 1717, s. p. By his 1st wife he had issue. His great- 

SIR JOHN CHETWODE, 4th Baronet, b. 11 May, 1764; d. 
17 Dec. 1845, having m. 1st— 26 Oct. 1785, Lady Henrietta 
Grey, eldest dau. of George Harrj% Sth Earl of Stamford and 
Warrington ; she d. 12 July, 1826. He m. 2ndly— 1827, 

Elizabeth, dau. of John Bristow, Esq. (She re-m. 22 May, 1848, 
to Andrew Kennedy Hutchinson, Esq. of London, and d. 
.) By his first %rife he had with other issue 6 sons, 

[1] Sir John, s. as Sth Baronet. 
2] George, of Chilton House, Bucks. M.A. rector of Ashton- 
tmder-Lyne, co. Lancaster, ^nd perpetual curate of Chilton; b. 1 
Nov. 1791; d. 4 Aug. 1870,liavingm. 1st— 26 Aug. 1818, Charlotte 
Anne, dau. of Morton Walhouse, Esq. of Atherton, and sister 
of Edward John, 1st Lord Hatherton ; she d. 18 Jan. 1837. He 
m. 2ndly— 1 Sept. 1840, Mrs. Leslie Jones, dau. of Very Rev. 
Dr. Shipley, D.D. dean of St. Asaph ; she d. . Hem.Srdly— 
27 Feb. 1849, Elizabeth Anne, relict of Fiennes Trotman, Esq.; 
she d. 13 June, 1861. He m. 4thly— 30 April, 1868, Elizabeth 
Sophia Ricketts, of Dorton and BoarstaU, Bucks, widow of 
Charles Spencer Ricketts, Esq. r.n. (V. St. Vincent) ; she 
d. . By his 1st wife he had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir George, 6th and present Baronet. 

(2) Augustus Littleton, M.A. b. 7 Nov. 1833; m. 2 Dec. 1858, 
Elizabeth, only dau. of Samuel Evans, Esq. of Darley Abbey, 
CO. Derby. 

(3) Emily Hyacinthe Anne, m. 24 July, 1845, to Joseph Baily, 
Esq. late of Shenley House, Bucks. 

(4) Hyacinthe Laura, m. 7 July, 1868, to Rev. William 
Jlondeford Bramstou, M.A. of Ongar, Essex, and lias 2 daus. 

Mabel Charlotte Bramston.— Eleanor Hyacinth. 

[3] Henry, perpetual curate of Nether Whitley, Cheshire, 
1824/43; b. 26 Nov. 1798; d. 5 April, 1843, having m. Marianne, 
dau. of John Highfield, Esq. of Liverpool. 
[4] Richard, major-gen. in the army, b. 15 Jan. 1804; d. 18 
Oct. 1871. 

[5] Philip, lieut. R.N. b. 16 May, 1805 ; d. 15 Sept. 1843, ha^nng 
m. 10 Aug. 1836, Joanna Bishop, dau. of John Gay Alleyne, Esq, 
of Barbadoes (B.vrt.) ; she d. 7 July, 1868, having had" a dau. 
Henrietta Dorothy Boughey, m. 16 Aug. 1864, to Rev. John 
Thomas Vaudrey, M..V. vicar of Osmiugton, WejTuouth. 
[6] Frederic, lieut. 24th regt. b. 24 Jime, 1810 ; d. 3 Mar. 1863, 
having m. 26 Mar. 1835, Elizabeth, dau. of James Finlay, Esq. 
J. P. of Montreal, and has a dau, 

Eliz.abeth Louisa Chetwode, m. 16 April, 1856, to 
Richard King, staff-surgeon R.N. and has 9 sons and 2 

John Frederic Saunders King, b. 7 July, 1859. — Richard, 
b. 3 Sept. I860.— Chetwode Henry Waters, b. 18 Feb. 1863. 
—Philip Alexander, b. 20 May, 1864.— George Chetwode, 
b. 19 Dec. 1865.— Arthur Herbert, b. 30 Sept. 1867.— William 
Charles Dumas, b. 23 July, 1869.— Ernest Walter Andrew 
Stamford, b. 30 Nov. 1874.— Reginald Robert Chetwode, b. 
11 Oct. 1876. — Margaret Elizabeth Henrietta Sophia. — 
Rosalie Florence Mary Rebecca. 

SIR JOHN, Sth Baronet, assumed by sign manual 1 Aug. 
1826, the prior and additional surnames of Newdigatb 
Ludford; b. 12 Nov. 1788; d. s. p. 8 Sept. 1873, having m. 
1st — 16 Oct. 1821, Elizabeth Juliana, eldest dau. and coheir of 
John Newdigate Ludford, of Ansley Hall, co. Warivicks.; she 
d. 17 Jime, 1869. He m. 2ndly— 17 Jan. 1861, Arabella Phillis, 
widow of James Reade, Esq. of London; she d. s. p. 26 June, 

George, of Grendon, 
CO. Warwick (1795, G.B.), high 
sheriff 1875; s. his father as 
4th Baronet in 1869 ; b. 31 
Mar. 1849 ; m. 9 June, 1870, 
Florence, Marchioness of 
Hastings, youngest dau. of 
Henry, 2nd Marquis of Angle' 
sey, and has had a son and 3 

(1) George Grey, b. 6 Dec. 1874. 

(2) Lilian Florence Maud. 

(3) Olive Nina Mary. 

(4) Eva Constance, d. 10 Sept. 1878. 

Arms— Az. a chevron between three mullets or. 
Motto— Quod Deus vult fiet 
Seat— Grendon Hall, Atherstone. 


WALTER CHETWYND, of Brocton, Staff, (said to be de- 
scended from a common ancestor with Lord Chetwynd). 
d. 7 Nov. 1760, having m. Marv, dau. of William Sncj-d, of Keels, 
Staff. ; she d. 26 Dec. 1761. His grandson, 

SIR GEORGE CHETWYND, of Brocton and of Grendon . 
Hall, Warw. on the death, 17 April, 1798, of Lady Robert 
Bertie Chetwjnd, 3rd dau. and coheir of Montagu, Viscount 
Blundell, widow 1st of Robert, Lord Raymond, clerk to the 
privy council, knighted 19 Jan. 1787, and created a Baronet 
1 May, 1795; b. 26 July, 1739; d. 24 Mar 1824, havingm. 6 June, 
1783, Jane, dau. of Richard Bantin, Esq. of Little Faringdon, 
Berks. ; she d. having had 3 sons and a dau. 

[1] Sir George, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

[2] William Faulkener, of Brocton Hall, co. Stafford, major in 
the army, M.p. Stafford 1832,41 ; b. 15 Oct. 1788 ; d. 26 April, 
1873, having m. 25 April. 1843, Mary Ann, 4th dau. of Sir 
Oswald Mosley, Bart, of RoUeston Hall, and had 3 sons and 2 

(1) William, of Brocton Hall, D.L. co. Staff, bar.-at-law I.T. 
1870; b. 11 Jiilv, 1847. 

(2) Edward George, b. 20 Nov. 1849. 

(3) Charles, b. 1 July, 1851. 

(4) Sophia Ann, m. 10 Jan. 1870, to Francis Peter CJonolaD, 
Esq. of Locken House, Cheshire, and has 2 daus. 

Amy Catherine CONOL AN. —Gertrude Mary. 

(5) Caroline. 




[3] Henry, of Brocton Lmlgc, Staff, b. 15 Aug. 1791; d. 9 Aug. 
1870, having in. 6 Sept. 1827, Mary Anne, 2nd dau. of Rev. 
John Hayes Petit, of Hilton Park, co. Stafford, and had with 
other issue a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Jolin, b. 30 July, 1840, ni 21 Feb. 1867, Mary EUen, eldest 
dau. of H. Hull, Esq. of Warminster, Wilts. 

(2) Marj- Anne Charlotte. 

(3) Harriet Caroline, m. 14 Sept. 1865, to Arthur de Home 
Christy, Esq. of Falkoner's, EUenbridge, Kent, and has a son 
and 2 daus. 

Walter Arthur Chetwynd CnRISTi", b. 6 Jan. 1871. 

Florence Caroline Chetw^-nd.— Mary Anne Chet\\-}-nd. 
[4] Caroline, d. 10 Mar. 1844, having m. 17 Nov. 18u8, as 1st wife, 
to Lancelot Rolleston, of Watnall, Notts. M.P. who d. 18 ilay 1862. 

SIR GEORGE, 2nd Baronet, M.P. Stafford, b. 23 July, li83; 
d. 24 Mav, 1850. having m. 30 Aug. 1804, Hannah Mana, 
eldest dau. and coheir of John Sparrow, Esq. of Bishton Hall, 
CO. Stafford ; she d. 7 June,18G0,ha\'inghatl 2 sons and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir George, s. as 3rd Baronet. . ^ ,. 

[2] William Henry, of Longdou Hall, CO. Stafford ; b. 1 1 Sept. 
1811 ; m. 1st— 15 Aug. 1854, Blanche, eldest dau. of Rev. and 
Hon. Arthur Talbot, rector of Ingestrie.and Church Eaton, co. 
Stafford (E. SHREWSBURY); she divorce<l him 2 May, 1865. 
He m. 2u(Uy— 7 Dec. 1875, Mary, Srd dau. of James Parkin, 
formerly of Grove Park, Wrexham. By his 1st -ivif e he has a 
son and dau. 

(1) Arthur, b. 22 July, 1857. , ^ , , ,, . 

(2) Florence, m. 5 June, 1877, to Lord Berkeley Paget 

[3] Maria Elizabeth, m. 1st— 25 Jan. 1836, to Henry Gnmes, Esq. 
of Coton House, co. Warwick, who d. 11 Aug. 1851. She re-m. 
1 Oct. 1853, to Rev. Matthew Anstis, M.A. vicar of Cubbmgton, 
CO. Warwick, s. p. 

[4] Charlotte, m. 1 Aug. 1830, to Col. Richard EUison, of 
Boultham Hall, Lincoln, and has 2 sons and 2 daus. 
[5] Georgiana, d. 21 Mar. 1880, having m. 3 Sept. 1833, to Sir 
John Hanmer, Bart, created Baros HA>'iIER 1 Oct. 1872, 
and d. s. p. 8 Mar. 1881. 

SIR GEORGE, Srd Baronet; b. 6 Sept. 1809; d. 24 Mar. 1869, 
having m. 2 Aug. 1843, Lady Charlotte Augusta Hill, 
eldest dau. of Arthur Blundell, 3rd Marquis of Downshire ; 
she d. 24 Nov. 1861, having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Sir George, 4th and present Baronet. 

(2) Walter Hill, 16tli lancers, lateE. Kent miUtia, b.l Jan. 1856. 

(3) Maiv Emily Charlotte Maria. , „ , . ^ 

(4) Isabel Marian, m. 1st— 24 May, 1870, to Cudworth Halstead 
Poole, Esq. of JIarhurv Hall, Whitchurch, Salop, J.P. high 
sheriff Ch&shire 188U; divorced 1877 (she re-m. 20 Nov. 18(9, 
as 2iid wife, to Hon. Robert Wellington Stapletou Cotton, 
eldest son of Viscount Combermere), and has a dau. 

Florence Mary Charlotte POOLE. 

(5) Georgiana, m. 4 May, 1874, to Dudley Francis, ith Earl of 

Arthur, " of Ra- 
leige," Devon (164:1, E.), 
hon. col. North Devon 
yeo. cav. 1881, lieut.- 
col. com. 1867/81, capt. 
late 7th hussars; s. his 
father as 8th Baronet in 
1842; b.4 Oct. 1822; m. 
20 Nov. 1847, Mary, 
eldest dau. of John 
Nicholetts, Esq. of South 
Pethertou, Somerset ; 
she d. 28 June, 1870, 
having had with other 
issue 8 sous and 4 daus. 

[1] Arthur, late Ueut. 95th regt. b. 9 Nov. 1848. 
[2] Edward, lieut. R.N. b. 20 Nov. 1849 ; m. 12 Oct. 1880, 
Catherina Emma, eldest dau. of Commander Robert C. Wliyte, 
R.N. of IiLStow, North Devon, and lia.s a ilau. b. 4 Aug. 1881. 
[3] Henry, b. 26 Nov. 1851; m. 13 May, 1876, Ada Georgiana, 
youngest dau. of late Horatio K. Holloway, Esq. of JIarchmont 
Park, Hants, and has a son and dau. 

(1) Arthiu- Raleigh, b. 30 May, 1879. 

(2) Thomasine. 

[4] Gerard, lieut. 98tli regt. ; b. 31 Oct. 1859. 

[51 George, R.N. b. 7 Aug. 1865. 

[6] Patrick, b. 20 Aug. 1866. [7] Charles, b. 19 Aug. 1868. 

[8] Orlando, b. 6 Nov. 1873. 

[9] Beatrice, in. 2 Aug. 1870, to Charles, eldest son of Robert 
Chichester, of HaU, Devon, and has 2 sons, 

Charles Hamlyn, b. 29 Oct. 1871.— Robert Edward, b. 2 Dec. 

[10] Norah. 

[11] Evelyn, m. 3 April. 1877, to Edward Fairfax Studd, Esq 
eldest son of late Major-Gen. Studd, of Oxton, Devon, and haa 
a son and dau. 

Eilward Arthur Chichester STUUD, b. 13 Mar. 1880.— Gladys 

[12] Geraldine. 

ARJIS — Chequy or and gu. a chief vair. 
Crest — A heron holduig an eel ppr. 
Motto — Firm en foi. 
SEAT — Youlston, Barnstaple. 


The Visitation pedigree of this family, entered in 1620 by 
Henry St. George, Richmond herald, commences with William 
Cbichester. whose descendant in the 12th generation was 

JOHN CHICHESTER, of Raleigh (great-grandson of Sir 
John de Chichester, living 1433, who m. Thomasine, dau. 
and heir of Sir William Raleigh, of Raleigh, Devon), m. 1st, 
Margaret, dau. and heir of Hugh Beaumont, of Youlston, Devon, 
and hail a son, 

[1] Edward, m. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of John Bouchier, Lord 
Fitzwarine, and 1st Earl of Bath, and had a son, 

Sir John, of whom presently. 
JOHN CHICHESTER m. 2ndly, Jane, dau. of Robert Brett, of 
Whitstaunton, Somerset, and had, with other issue, a son. 
[2] Amias, of Arlington, m. Johanna, dau. of Roger Gifford, 
of Brightley, and had 19 sons, ancestor of Chichester of 
Arlington, &c. (see subsequently). 

158U, high sheriff Devon 1552, 1578, kniglit of the sliire 
1553 and 1562: m. Gertrude (or ilarj-), dau. of Sir William 
Courtenay, of Powderham Castle, Devonshire, and hat! 5 sons, 

(1) Sir John, of Raleigh, Devon, m. Anne, dau. of Sir Robert 
Dennis, Knt. of Holcomlje, and d. 1585. His grandson, 

Sir John, created a B.uioset 4 Aug. 1641. 

(2) Sir ,\i-thur, kniglited 1595 for military services in Ireland, 
p.C. 16U3, gov. of Carrickfergus, lord-deputy and gov.-gen. of 
Ireland for eleven years, 1604, 15, created B.VROX CHICHESTER, 
of Belfast, 23 Feb. 1612, lord high treasurer of Ireland 1616; d. 
19 Feb. 1624, s. p. having m. Letitia, dau. of Sir John Perrott, 
lord-deputy of Ireland, widow of Vaughan Blackham, Esq. 
She d. 27 Nov. 1620. 

(3) Sir Edward, ancestor of the Marquis of Donegal. 

(4) Sir Jolm (the second), serjeant-major of the army in 
Ireland, and gov. of Carrickfergus, beheaded at the instigation 
of James MacSorley MacDonnell (after Earl OF ANTRIM) 4 
Nov. 1597. 

(5) Sir Thomas, of Radonnell, co. Donegal, by grant of King 
James 8 Dec. 1610. 

SIR JOHN (son of Sir Robert Chichester, of Raleigh, K.B. 
bv his 2iiil wife dau. of HiU), created a BARONET 
4 Aug! 1641; b. 1623; d. 1667. having m. Elizaljeth, eldest dau. 
o f Sir John Rayney, Bart, of Wrotham, Kent, and had with 
other issue 2 sous, 

/I/ Sir John, 2nd Baronet, m. Nov. 1679, dau. of Sir 

Cliark'S Bickerstaff, Kut.; they loth died Sept. 1680, s. p. m. 
/2/ Sir Arthur, 3rd Baronet, d. 1717, having m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Thomas Drewe, Esq. and had with 6 daus. an only son, viz. 

SIR JOHN, 4th Baronet, M.P. Barnstaple; d. at Youlston 
Sept. 1740. aged 52, having m. Ann, dau. of John Leigh, 
Esq. of Newport, I.W. ; she d. 1723, aged 28 (M.M. Shir- 

well cliurch), liaving had 2 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Sir John, 5th Baronet, higli sheriff Devon 1753; bp. 26 
Mar. 1721 ; d. 18 Dec. 1784, liaving m. Frances, 2nd dau. and 
coheir of Sir George Chudleigh, Bart, of Ashton, Devon; she 
d. 18 Dec. 1784, leaving an only son, 

Sir John, 6th Baronet ; d. unm. 30 Sept. 1808. 

(2) William, rector of Shirwell and Georgeham, Devon, 1748/70; 
bp. at Shirwell 5 Aug. 1722; bur. at Georgeham 6 .Sept. 1770, 
(M. I.), having m.29 Dec. 1748, Marj-dau. of John Bellamiine, of 
Hart, ph. of Heaiiton Punchardou, Devon ; she was bur. at 
Georgeham, 16 Sept. 1760 (M.I.), having had a son and 2 daus. 

[1] John, of Hart, aforesaid, bp. at Georgeham, 2 Feb. 1752; 
d. at Heauton 1 Aug. 1800, having m. 26 June, 1787, Eliza- 
beth Cory, uf Heanton ; she was bur. at Heantou 7 Jiuie, 
1837, having had with other issue 2 sons, 

/I/ Sir Arthur, s. as 7th Baronet. 

/2/ William, d. at Heanton 8 May, 1838, aged 54. 
[2] Frances, b. 1 Nov. 1749; m. to William Fray, 

of Furze in Morwenstoii. 

[3] Anna, bur. at Georgeliam 15 July, 1779, having m. to 
Rev. Thomas Hole, rector of Georgeham, formerly a solicitor 
at Barnstaple. 

(3) Anne, m. to William Sanford, of Nynehead, who d. 1770. 

(4) Florence. 

(5) Katheriue, m. Ist, 1740, to George Musgrave, of Nettle- 
combe, Somerset, and 2udly to Rev. J. Sanford, rector of 
Moniton, Somerset. 

(6) Elizabeth, bur. at Shirwell, 23 Mar. 1740. 

(7) Charlotte. 



SIR ARTHTJB, 7th Baronet ; b. 25 April, 1790 ; d. 30 May, 
1842, ha\ing m. 8 Sept. 1819, Charlotte, youngest dau. 

of Sir James Hamlyn WilUams, Bart, of Clovelly Court; she 

d. 18 Aug. 1834, having had 3 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir Arthur, 8th and present Baronet. 

[2] George, lieut. 49th regt. and capt. Devon mil. art.; b. 9 

Mar. 1824 ; d. s. p. 26 Mar. 1872, having m. 5 July, 1849, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Rev. Francis Hole, M.A. rector of Ham, St. George, 


[3] James John, B.A. rector of Clovelly, Devon; b. S Nov. 

1825; m. 30 Jan. 1850, Jane Barbara, 2nd dau. of late John 

West, Esq. s. p. 

[4] Charlotte Elizabeth, m. 15 Mar. 1848, to Rev. Richard John 

Beadon, M.A. rector of Sherwell, Devon, and has 6 sons and 4 

Richard Beaumont BEADON, b. 11 Nov. 1849.— Roliert Arthur, 
b. 2 Jan. 1851.— Edwards John, b. 15 May, 1852.— Arthur 
Chichester, b. 9 Jan. 1854.— Hugh Petten, b. 17 July, 1855.— 
William Frederick, b. 13 Jan. 1859. — Charlotte Elizabeth. — 
Constance Honoria. — Mary Eleanora. — Louisa Helena. 

[5] Blanche, m. 30 Aug. 1855, to John Toller Nicholetts, Esq. 

of South Petherton, Somerset, and has had, with other issue, a 

son and 3 daus. 
Edward Comewall Nicholetts, b. 14 Mar. 1864.— Mary 
Eveline. — Blanche Maud.— Edith Constance. 



JOHN CHICHESTER, of Arlington (descended from Amias 
Chichester of that place (see preceding pedigree); b. 10 
June, 1707 ; d. 31 Jan. 1783, having m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of 
John Courtenay, of West Molland, Devon; she d. s. p. 1763, 
He m. 2ndly, Mary, 2nd dau. of Major Donald Macdonald, of 
Temdriech, Invernessh.; she d. 6 Dec. 1815, ajt. 77, leaving 2 

[1] John Palmer, of whom presently. 
[2] Charles Joseph, of Calverleigh Court, Devon ; b. 2 Sept. 
1770; d. 17 Jan. 1837, having m. 29 Dec. 1791, Mary Honora, 
dau. of Robert Ffrench, of Rahasane, co. Galway ; she d. 26 
Sept. 1831, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Joseph Chichester-Nagle, of Calverleigh ; by R.L. dated 
5 Aug. 1859, was authorised to take and use the surname 
of Nagle in addition to and after that of Chichester ; b. 
22 Nov 1792; d. 2 Jan. 1880, having m. 14 Dec. 1826, Lady 
Henrietta Caroline Fellowes, eldest dau. of Newton, 4th Earl 
of Portsmouth; she also d. 2 Jan. 1880, having had 2 sons 
and 3 daus. 

/I/ Nugent, of Calverleigh, capt. late 7th dragoons, major 
2nd W. York, mil.; b. 17 Sept. 1827; m. 8 April, 1856, Amelia 
Mary, dau. of Joseph Lamb, Esq. of West Denton, Nor- 
thumb. and has 7 sons and 6 daus. of whom 
Joseph, lieut. 36th foot; b. 7 Sept. 1858.— John Amyas, 
b. 1864. — Henrietta. — Eveline Mary. — Blanche. — Lucy. 
/2/ Newton Charles, lion, major N. Devon yeo. cav. 1880, 
late capt. 7th dragoons; b. 13 Nov. 1828; m. 30 Mar. 1868, 
Jane, dau. and coheir of late James Balfe, of Runnamoat, 
CO. Roscommon, and has 4 sons, 
Frederick Newton, b. 2 May, 1872.— Cyril Ernest, b. 2 
Dec. 1873.— Claude Oswald, b. 29 Jan. 1876.— Ivor Fran- 
cis, b. 6 Nov. 1876. 
/3/ Frances Sherrard. /4/ Urania Charlotte. 

/5/ Josephine, m. 5 July, 1870, to Col. Charles Lj'gon 
Cooks, of Treverbyn-vean, Cornwall (B. SOMERS), late 
Coldstream guards. 

(2) Sir Charles, knighted at St. James', 6 April, 1840 ; lieut.- 
col. 81st regt. brigatlier-gen. in the service of the Queen of 
Spain, knight of the royal order of Charles III. K.S.r. 3rd class, 
and knight commander of Isabella of Spain; b. 16 Mar. 1795; 
d. 4 April, 1847, having m. 13 April, 1826, his cousin Mary 
Barbara, dau. of Sir Thomas Clifford-Constable, of Tixall and 
Burton Constable, Bart.; she d. 14 Dec. 1876, leaving 3 sons 
and 2 daus. 

IX I Charles Raleigh, of Runnamoat, co. Roscommon, lieut.- 
col. in the army; b. 11 Jan. 1830; m. 24 June, 1852, Mary, 
eldest dau. and coheir of James BaUe, of Runnamoat afore- 
said; she d. 29 April, 1871, leaving 2 sons and 7 daus. 

[1] Walter George Raleigh, 2nd lieut. 2nd R. Lane. mil. 

b. 18 June, 1863. 

[2] Charles Renfric, b. 28 June, 1867. 

[3] Mary Eliza Jean, m. 19 Jan. 1881, to Charles Wil- 
liam, 3r(l son of Sir Charles Clifford, of Hatherton Hall, 
Staff. (B. CLlFFoiiu). 

[4] Constance Elinor, m. Jan. 1880, to Charles French, 
Esq. of Lough Errit, co. Roscommon (B. DE FREYNE), 
[5] Esther Mary. [6] Christine Mary. 

[7] Amy Mary Isabella. [8] Mary Lucy. 
[9] Mary Agnes. 

/2/ Hugh Arthur, Ueut.-col. 81st regt.; b. 19 Feb. 1833; m. 

19 Nov. 1873, Alice, dau. of Richard T. Staiuforth, of 

Bruges, and has 2 sons, 
Charles Arthur Joseph, b. 14 Dec. 1874. — Amias Francis 
Joseph, b. 29 Jan. 1877. 

/3/ Henry Augustus, capt. 25th regt. b. 20 Aug. 1846. 

/4/ Mary Charlotte Constantia. 

/5/ Francesca. 

(3) Eliza, b. 10 April, 1798. 

(4) Mary Anne, b. 21 Feb. 1800 ; d. 13 Dec. 1862, having m. 
27 Sept. 1827, as 1st wife, to her cousin. Sir Thomas Aston 
Clifford-Constable, of Tixall, Bart, who d. 23 Dec. 1870. 

JOHN PALMER CHICHESTER, of Arlington aforesaid, col. 
royal Cardigan rifle conis ; h. 12 May, 1769 ; d. 5 Nov. 
1823, having m. 1st — 8 June, 1790, Mary, dau. of George Cary,of 
Tor Abbey, Devon ; she d. 31 Oct. 1791, set. 19, having had an 
only child, 

[1] Mary Anne, d. 11 Aug. 1848, having m. 15 July, 1809. to 
Thomas Fitzherbert, of Swinnerton, Staff, and Norbury, co. 
Derby, who d. s. p. s. 4 Feb. 1857. 

Mr. J. P. CHICHESTER m. 2ndly— 3 July, 1793, Agnes, dau. of 
James Hamilton, of Bangoiu-, Linlithgowsh. niece of James 
Bruce, of Kiunard, the celebrated traveller ; she d. 5 Dec. 1814. 
He m. 3rdl3-— 21 Feb. 1822, Sophia Catherine, 3rd dau. of Sir 
Francis Ford, Bart, of Ember Court, Surrey ; she d. s. p. 29 
April, 1847. By his 2nd wife he had 4 sons and a dau. 
[2] Sir John Palmer Bruce Chichester, created a 

[3] George Chichester, major in the army, b. 8 June, 1797 ; d. 
14 July, 1876, having m. 1835, Maria, dau. of Henry 

Warren, of Bromley Vale, Essex, and Beckenham, Kent ; she 
d. at Leghorn 14 July, 1840, leaving a son and dau. 

(1) Henry Bruce, of 22nd and 50th regts.; b. 16 Mar. 1836; 
d. s. p. 29 June, 1880, having m. 7 Jan. 1874, Harriet, dau. of 
Joseph Brook, Esq. of Glenwood, Huddersfield. 

(2) Agnes. 

[4] James Hamilton John, rector of Ai'lington; b. ; 

m. 1st — 20 Mar. 1829, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Bateman, 
of Hartington Hall, Derby; she d. 9 April, 1830, having had 
an only child, 

(1) Frederick Hamilton, capt. 6th Walmoden cuirassiers 
(Austrian service); b. 14 Mar. 1830; d. imm. 26 Mar. 1864. 

Rev. J. H. J. Chichester m. 2ndly— 1 May, 1832, Louisa, 
dau. of Robert Willis Blencowe, of Dawlish, Devon ; she d. 13 
Feb. 1833, having had an only child, 

(2) Louis, lieut. R.N. b. Feb. 1833; d. Dec. 1858, imm. 
Rev. J. H. J. Chichester m. 3rdly— 5 July, 1836, Mary Anne 
Gertrude, dau. of Robert (Wh3rte) Moj'ser, of Hotham, Yorks.; 
she d. 28 Oct. 1858. He m. 4thly— 7 July, 1861, Mary Anne, 
dau. of Col. Thomas Blackburne (Thoroton) Hildyard, of 
Flintham, Notts, and of Winestead, Yorks. By his 3rd wife 
he had 2 daus. 

(3) Mary Anne (Minna), m. 23 April, 1857, to Clements 
Robert Markham, c.B. F.R.S. and has an only dau. — Mary 
Louisa Markham. 

(4) Fanny Page, m. 8 Nov. 1865, to Edward Codrington 
Hall, lieut. R.N. 

[5] Robert Bruce, bar.-at-law, b. 1 Jan. 1800; m. 1824, 

Mary, eldest dau. of Edward Bloxsome, of Dursley, Glouc; she 
d. 3 Nov. 1868, having had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Robert Bruce, C.B. col. late 81st regt. lieut.-col. comdg. 
brigade depot at Ashton; b. 3 May, 1826; m. 21 Feb. 1860, 
Mary, dau. of Rev. Thomas D'Eye Betts, of Wortham Hall, 
Suffolk; she d. 30 Dec. 1862, leaving a son, 

Archibald Robert Bruce, b. 6 Dec. 1862; d. 13 Feb. 1873. 
Lieut.-Col. Bruce m. 2ndly, and has a son b. 22 May, 1879. 

(2) George, b. 24 Nov. 1834 ; m. 19 Feb. 1857, Laiura, dau. of 
John E Collins, Esq. and has 2 sons, 

George Walleran Bruce, 1>. 31 May, 1858. 
James Hamilton Nugent, b. 2 Jime, 1860. 

(3) Mary Elizabeth, m. 1st — 15 July,1847,to Francis Edwai-d 
Colegrave, Esq. sometime of 78th regt.; he d. 29 Jan. 1854. 
having had a dau. /I/ Mary Isabella Florence. She re-m, 
15 Nov. 1863, to Major Edward Grantham Bredin, r.a. who 
d. 30 April, 1873, leaving 2 children, 

/2/ Edgar Bredin, b. 6 Mar. 1868. 
/3/ Milicent Catherine. 

(4) Catherine, m. 6 June, 1881, to Major-Gen. Mark Walker 
v.c. c.B. ' 

[6] Margaret CaroUne, m. 22 June, 1830, to Augustus Saltern 
Willett, of Tapeley, co. Devon, who afterwards assumed the 
name and arms of CLEVLAND only, and d. 5 July, 1849, leaving 
a son and 2 daiis. 
(1) Archibald Clevland, lieut. 17th lancers, b. 10 May 
1833; killed at Inkerman, 6 Nov. 1854. ' 



(2) Agnes, m. 1886, to William Langham Christy, 
Esq. of Glj-mlebourne, Sussex, and has 9 children. 

(3) Caroline Clevland, m. 8 Oct. 1857, to William Wither 
Bramston-Beach, Esq. of Oakley Hall, Hants, and Keevil, 
Wilts. M.P. North Hants, since 1857, and has issue (HiCKS- 

M.P. Barnstaple 1831,41, entered the navy 1810, retired 
June, 1820 (h.p.); created a Bahoxet 7 Sept. 1840; b. 

1794; d. 10 Dec. 1851, ha\'ing m. 9 Aug. 1838, Caroline, 
dau. of Thomas Thistlethwayte, of Southwick, Hants, (she 
re-m. 9 Aug. 1853, to Gen. Studholme John Hodgson), and had 
a son and duu. 

[1] Sir Alexander Palmer Bruce, 2nd Baronet, of Arlington 
Court, Devon, J.P. high sheriff 1868, capt. N. Devon yeo. cav. 
1875/81; b. 24 Dec. 1842; d. 25 Jan. 1881, having m. 9 Feb. 
1865, Rosalie Anielie, 3rd dau. of Thomas Chamberlayue, Esq. 
of Cranbury Park, and Weston Grove, Hants, and had an only 

Rosalie Caroline. 
[2] Caroline Elizabeth, d. 6 April, 1873, having m. 8 Mar. 1862, 
as 1st wife, to George, afterwards Sir George Clay, Bart, and 
had 2 daus.; he d. 30 June, 1878. 

Arms— Chequy or and gu. a chief vair. 

Crest— A heron holding an eel ppr. 

MOTTO — Firm en foi. 

Seat— Arlington Court, and Eastdown House, Barnstaple. 


CHILD, Sir Smith, 
of Stallington 
Hall and Newfield, co. 
Stafford, and of Glen 
Losset, CO. Argyll, 
Baronet, so created 7 
Dec. 18G8, m.p. North 
Staff. 1851/6.5, M.P. West 
Staff. 1868/74, high 
sheriff 186.5 ; b. 5 Mar. 
1808 ; m. 28 Jan. 1835, 
Sarah, dau. and heir 
of Richard Clarke Hill, 
Esq. of Stallington 
Hall, and has had 2 sons 
and a dau. 

(1) Smith Hill, b. 25 Aug. 
15 Oct. 18G3, Isabella Eleanor, 
dau. of Major Colin Campbell, 
of Jura, CO. Argyll (she re-m. 

21 May, 1873, to Itev. Jamos Royds, of Woodlands, Che.shire), 

and had an only child — Eleanor Sarah. 

(2) John Goorgo, M.A. Trinity Coll. Camb.b. 25 Aug. 1847 ; m. 
8 May, 1877, Helen, 2iid dau. of llcv. George Mather, of 
Huntley Hall, Staff, and has a son, b. 19 Sept. 1880. 

(3) Elizalwth Sarah. 

Arms — Gu. a chevron nebuly erminoLs between three eagles 

close arg. in the centre chief a mullet of six points or. 

Crest- An eagle wings elevated arg. entwined round the neck 

by a snake ppr. holding in the beak a cross-crosslet fitchee and 

each wing charged with a mullet of six points gu. 

MOTTO — Imitari quam invidere. 

SEATS— Stallington Hall, Stone, Staffordshire. 

SMITH CHILD, admiral of the blue [son of Smith Child (and 
his wife Mary, dau. of Randle Batldeley, Esq. of New- 
field) descended from William Chylde, of Boyle's Hall, Staff, 
whose son. Smith, m. at Audley, 1660, Ann, dau. of Richard 
KeLsall, of Hall o' Wood] ; s. to the Newfield and other estates 
on the death of his uncle, Thomas Baddeley, of Newfield ; b. 
14 Mar. 1729; d. 21 Jan. 1813, having m. 15 Oct. 1764, Margaret, 
only child and heiress of Thomas Roylance, of Town House; 
slie d. 15 Jan. 1826, having had a son, 

JOHN GEORGE CHILD, of Newfield, b. 14 July, 1767 ; 
d. 11 Mar. 1811 having m. 16 May, 1806, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Timothy Parsons, Esq. of Wiscasset, U.S. leaving an only 
(1) Sir Smith, created a Baronet. 

Hugh Arthur 
Henry, of Easton Hall 
and Norton Place, co. 
Lincoln (1806, U.K.), 
on roll high sheriff 1881, 
M.P. Grantham 1868/80, 
late grenadier guards ; 
s. his father as 3rd 
Baronet in 1874; b. 18 
Oct. 1839; m. 12 Aug. 
1874, Edith Sophia, 8th 
dau. of Sir Charles 
Robert Rowley, Bart, 
of Tendring Hall, Suf- 
folk, and has a son and 3 daus. 

(1) Montague Aubrey Rowley, b. 12 June, 1876. 

(2) Margaret Gcorgina Louisa. 

(3) Mary Selina. (4) A dau. b. 4 Nov. 1879. 

Arms — Gu., two esquires' helmets in chief ppr. and a garb in 

base or. 

Crest — A garb or. 

Seats — Easton Hall, Grantham, and Norton House, Lincoln. 

Town House— 10, Upper Belgrave Street, s.w. 


HENRY CHOLMELEY, of Easton, co. Line, (descended 
from John, of Coijenhall, Staff. 2nd son of WiUiam de 
Cliolrnondeley, Cheshire, by JIaud, dau. of Sir John Chevney, 
see Pkeka(jk); d. 5 Dec. 1G32, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Richard Sonde-;, of Throwley (by Susannah his wife, 2nd dau, 
of Sir Edw.iril .Miintat,'ue. Knt. of Boughton, Northants.), and 
sister of Edward, I.cir.l .Montagu, K.H. and Henry, Earl of 
Manchester; she d. 30 Sept. 1631. His son, 

MONTAGUE, had a warrant for the dignitv of a Baronet, 
dated 16 July, 1612, but tlie patent did not pass the 
great seal ; he d. 3 Feb. 1652, having m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Edward Hartopp, Bart, of Freatliby, co. Line, (she re-m. to 
Henry Hall, of Gretford and Burton Goggles, Line, and had a 
dau. Elizal>eth, ni. in Westminster Abliey, 6 Mar. 1682,3, to 
Sir Hugh iMiddleton, Bart.) His descendant in the 4th genera- 
tion, viz.: 

MONTAGUE CHOLMELEY, of Easton, bp. 8 Julv, 1743; 
d. 15 April, 1803, having m. 31 Dec. 1768, Sarah,"dau. of 
Humphrey Sibthorpe, of Canwick, co. Line. D.D. Sherurdian pro- 
fessor of botany^ at JIagdalen Coll. Oxon. and had with C daus. 
5 sons, 

[1] Sir Montague, created a Baronet. 

[2] John, fellow of Magdalen Coll. Oxon. rector of Burton 
Goggles, Line. Jl.U. rector of Brandiston, Norfolk ; b. 17 May, 
1773; d. 4 Nov. 1814, having m. 10 Aug. 1810, Selina Ehza, 3rd 
dau. of Richard I'uller, Esri. of Painswick Court, co. Glouc. and 
sister of Sir C'hristoi)her Puller, Knt. chief ] asticc of the supreme 
court of Bengal ; she d. 29 June, 1872, having hail a son. 

I ■„■■..-,■..■■-, .,_, 

^ fellow of Magdaleu Coll. Oxon.; b.2 Dec. 1812 ; d. 31 Jan. 1860, 
having m. 9 Aug. 1838, Rosa Antonia, youngest dau. of 
Major-Gen. Oliver Thomas Jones, of Fonmon Castle, co. 
Glamorgan, and had a son and 2 daus. 
/I/ Henry John, major 16th regt. b. 10 May, 1842. 
/2/ Antonia, m. 1 April, 1872, to Rev. William Conybeare 
Bruce, >r.A. rector of St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan, and has 
a son and dau. (B. ABERDARE). 
/3/ Laura Selina. 
[3] Henry James, M.D. b. 28 Oct. 1776 ; d. s. p. 14 June, 1837, 
having m. 1811, EUza, dau. of William Havard, Esq. of 


[4] Robert, rector of Wayneflete, b. 29 April, 1780 ; d. 30 July, 
1862, having m. 26 Mar. 1813, Maria, dau. of John Miller, Esq. 
of New York, and had 9 sons and 6 daus. 

(1) Stephen, b. 26 Dec. 1813; d. 12 Dec. 1873, having m. 

Catherine Jane, dau. of John Charles Maynard, Esq. 
of Harlsey Hall, co. York, and has 3 sons and 5 daus. 
/I/ Le\vin Charles, b. 20 Sept. 1854.-/2/ Hugh Stephen, 
b. 28 May, 1857.-/3/ Randolph Lucas, b. 23 Mar. 1861.— 
/4/ Catherine Maria. 

/5/ Sara Antoinette, m. 20 Nov. 1872, to William, 3rd son 
of Robert Kenrick Gibbons, Esq. (Bart.) 
/6/ Henrietta Frances. /7/ Aim^e Maynard. 

/8/ Maud Georgina. 

(2) Robert, vicar of Findon, Sussex, 1860/80, D.D. fellow of 
Magdaleu Coll. Oxon.; b.30 April, 1818 ; d.s.p. 30 Aug. 1880, 
having m. 9 Jan. 1866, Constance Mary, dau. of Theophilus 
Thompson, M.D. 

(3) Montague, col. Madras army, b. 21 Dec. 1820; d. 7 Jan. 
1874, having m. 27 Oct. 1853, Adelaide Mary, dau. of Rev. 
Francis Kilolet, and had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

/I/ Montague Francis, b. 18 July, 1856. 

/2/ Norman Goodfold, b. 5 May, 1863. 

/3/ Adelaide Maria, m. 11 Aug. 1874, to her cousin Charles 

Heanley, Esq. of Clough House, co. Line. 

/4/ Eleanora Penelope. 

(4) William, M.D. b. 30 Mar. 1823; m. 24 April, 1873, Louisa 
Maria, eldest davi. of late Lieut.-Col. Henry Ross Gore, c.B. 
s. p. 

(5) Waldo, vicar of South Walsham St. Mary, Norfolk ; b. 
19 Dec. 1824 ; m. 15 Dec. 1864, Sarah Ann, dau. of Samuel 
Coward, Esq. of Swithen, Yorks. and has a son, 

Henry Waldo, b. 28 Mar. 1867. 

(6) Henry, staff surgeon and medical store keeper Bengal 
army; b. 6 June, 1826; d. 9 Sept. 1859, having m. 5 June, 
1856, Joanna Ker, dau. of William Cumin, M.D. and has 
a son, 

Henry Patrick, b. 8 Mar. 1859. 

(7) John, rector of Carleton Rode, Norfolk ; b. 3 Dec. 1827; 
m. 18 April, 1861, Eliza Jane, dau. of Rev. H. F. Fell, and 
has 5 sons and 2 daus. 

Robert Francis, b. 22 Feb. 1862.— John Butler, b. 8 Mar. 
1865.— WUliam Frederick, b. 11 Oct. 1866.— Montague Adye, 
b. 4 Nov. 1873.— Edward Henry, b. 2 Nov. 1875.— Rachel 
Mary. — Fanny Jane. 

(8) Charles Humphrey, M.A. formerly fellow of Magdalen 
Coll. Oxon. senior proctor of Oxford 1868/9, vicar of Dinton- 
witliTeffont Magna; b. 1 April, 1829; unm. 

(9) James, rector of Swabey, co. Line, formerly fellow of 
Magdaleu Coll. Oxon; b. 29 Jan. 1832; ni. 17 Aug. 1864, 
Flora Sophia, eldest dau. of late Rev. Arthur John Macleaue, 
rector of Charlcombe, Somerset. 

(10) Maria, m. 2 April, 1839, to James Russell, Q.c. bar.-at- 
law, l.T. 

(11) Catherine. 

(12) Clara, m. to Marshall Heanley, Esq. of 
Croft Grange, co. Line, and had ^\^th other issue a son, 

Charles HEANLEY, of Clough House, co. Line, m. 11 Aug. 
1874, his cousin, Adelaide Maria, dau. of Col. Montague 

(13) Penelope. 

(14) Sarah, m. 10 July, 1877, to William Wilson Saunders, 
Esq. J. P. Surrey, P.R.S. who d. 13 Sept. 1879. 

(15) Mary Jane. 
[5] Humphrey, fellow of King's Coll. Cambridge, in H.O. d. 

SIR MONTAGUE CHOLMELEY, of Easton, M.P. Grantham 
1820/6 ; sheriff of the county 1805 ; created a Baroxet 
4 Mar. 1806; b. 20 Mar. 1772; d. 10 Mar. 1831, having m. 1st— 
14 Sept. 1801, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of John Harrison, Esq. 
of Norton Place, co. Line. M.P. Thetford ; she d. 2 Nov. 1823. 
He m. 2ndly — 18 Mar. 1826, Catherine, 4th dau. of Benjamin 
Way, Esq. of Denham Place, Bucks.; she d. s. p. 2 Feb. 1864. 
By his 1st wife he had 3 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir Montague John, s. as 2nd Baronet. 
[2] James Harrison, major 8th hussars, b. 25 Mar. 1808 ; d. s. p. 
2 Sept. 1854, having m. 6 May 1845, his cousin Charlotte Octavia, 
youngest dau. of James Raymond Johnstone, of Alva above- 
named. She re-m. 9 Oct. 1867, to Francis Bernard Pigott, 
Esq. of Eagle Hill, Galway, who d. 12 Nov. 1872 (BERNARD). 
[3] Henry Daniel, of The Priory, Woodchester, co. Glouc. capt. 
27th regt.; d. 1 Jime, 1865, having m. 1st — 
Georgiana Milhcent, dau. of Rev. Lewis Way, of Stanstead ; she 
d. . He m. 2ndly— 25 Mar. 1862, his cousin 

Penelope, dau. of John Goodford, Esq. of Chilton Cantelo, 
Somerset. By his 1st wife he had 2 daus. 



[4] Elizabeth, m. 13 Oct. 1824, to Sir John Jacob Buxton, Bart 
of Shadwell, Norfolk, who d. 13 Oct. 1842. 
[5] Frances, d. 9 Oct. 1881, having m. 6 Mar. 1828, to Sir 
Glynne Earle-AVelby-Gregory, Bart, of Denton Hall, Line, who 
d. 23 Aug. 1875. 

SIR MONTAGUE JOHN, 2nd Baronet, M.P. Grantham 
1826, and N. Lincolns.; b. 5 Aug. 1802; d. 18 Jan. 1874 
having m. 10 Feb. 1829, Lady Georgiana Beauclerk, 5th dau! 
of William, 8th Duke of St. Albans ; she d. 8 Jan. 1880, having 
had a son and dau. 

[1] Sir Hugh Arthur Henry, 3rd and present Baronet. 
[2] Flora Caroline Elizabeth, d. 25 Jan. 1868, having m. 14 
July, 1853, to Henry Hussey Vivian, Esq. of Loughton, M.P. co. 
Glamorgan, and had issue (B. Vivian). 


Robert, of Edinburgh. 
M.D. D.C.L. Oxon. LL.D. Senior 
physician to the Queen in Scot- 
land, twice president of royal 
college of physicians, Edin- 
burgh, late president of the 
royal society, Edinburgh; pre- 
sident British medical associa- 
tion 1875; created a Baeonet 
28 Nov. 1871; b. 18 July, 
1797; m. 5 Nov. 1827, Hen- 
rietta Sophia, dau. of David 

Brown, Esq. of Greenknowe, co. Stirling ; she d. 

9 Jan. 1849, leaving 3 sons, 

(1) Alexander, M.D. surgeon-gen. H.M. Bengal army, late prin- 
cipal of Agra medical school; b. 26 Aug. 1828; m. 22 June, 
1854, Jemima Ann, dau. of James Cowley Brown, Esq. B.C.S.; 
she d. 21 Sept. 1876, having had a son and 3 daus. 

/I/ Robert Alexander, b. 23 Feb. 1871. 

/2/ Marian Augiista, m. 18 Dec. 1875, to Lieut. William B. J. 

Bird, Bengal S.C. 

/3/ Harriette Archer. /4/ Edith Campbell. 

(2) David, M.D. b. 25 Jan. 1830. 

(3) John, W.S. b. 14 Oct. 1832. 

ARMS — Or a chevron sa. between three laurel leaves ppr. 

Crest — A cross calvary gu. 

Motto — Vitam dirigat. 

Residence — 40, Moray Place, Edinburgh. 


A LEXANDER CHRISTISON, of Edinburgh, A.M. professor 
_Cj_ of humanity in the Edinburgh University 1806 (son of 
John Christison, of Redpath, Benvicks. by his ■niie Mary Lyle) ; 
bp. 9 May, 1753; d. 25 June, 1830, having m. 26 Nov. 1784, 
Margaret, dau. of Robert Johnstone, Esq. of Edinburgh, banker; 
she d. 20 Nov. 1831, having had 3 sons, 

(1) John, advocate, sheriff of Ayrshire, deputy-keeper of the 
great seal of Scotland; b. 18 Nov. 1788; d. 11 June, 1862, 
s. p. having m. 6 Feb. 1835, Charlotte Catherine, dau. of Brig. 
Gen. Henry Clavering (Argyll), and widow of Miles Angus 
Fletcher, advocate; she d. 27 June, 1869. 

(2) Sir Robert, of Edinburgh, M.D. created a BARONET. 

(3) Alexander, a twin with his brother Sir Robert, minister 
of the parish of Foulden, Ber\\'icks. for half a century; b. 18 
July, 1797; d. 20 May, 1874, having m. 1st — 7 June, 1825, Helen, 
dau. of Rev. William Cameron, minister of the parish of Kirknew- 
ton, Midlothian ; she d. 21 Feb. 1839. He m. 2ndly— 28 April, 
1843, Isabella, dau. of James Simson, of Manchester, merchant, 
and widow of Robert Brown, of Westmains, parish of Foulden. 
By liis 1st wife he had 2 sous and 2 daus. 

/!/ Robert, of Lammermoor, Queensland, b. 8 Jan. 1837; m. 
1st, Mary Synipson Tovey, of Clifton, Bristol; she d. 1 April, 
1879. He m. 2ndly— 26 Oct. 1880, Mary Godsal, of London, 
and has a dau. b. 7 July, 1881. 

/2/ Thomas McKnight CJameron, of Lammermoor, aforesaid, 
b. 15 April, 1835; m. 11 Jan. 1879, Mary Clare, dau. of James 
Thompson, Esq. of Mount Emu Plains, Queensland. 



131 Agnes Montgoincrie, m. 15 Sept. 1878, to Jo!in B(>cliloe> 
M.D. F.R.s. fonuerly pros, anthropological society of Loudou' 
and has a son and dau. 

John Cameron Christison Beddoe, b. 26 April, 1865. — 

Hilda Jlontgomerie. 
/4/ Margaret, m. 1 Mar. 1862, to William Cameron Sillar, 
and has had with other issue 2 sons and 2 daus. 

William Cameron Sillar, b. 22 Jan. 1864.— Alexander 

Christison Cameron, b. 28 Feb. 1871.— Helen Cameron. — 

Marj- Montgomery Cameron. 

Motto— Amat victoria curam. 
Seat— Tillypronie, Tarland, Aberdeen 

CLARK, SiE John 
FOEBES (1837, 
U.K.), D.L. Aberdeen, 
attach^ at Vienna, 
Paris, Brussels, and 
Turin, 18.52/5 ; s. his 
father as 2nd Baronet 
in 1870; b. 1 July, 
1821 ; m. 19 July, 
18.51, Charlotte, only 
dau. of late (Hon.) Sir 
Thomas Coltman, jus- 
tice of common pleas. 

Note — No heir to tliis 

ARM S — Gu., a fesse chequy 
arg. and az. between two 
crescents and a lion pas- 
sant guardant or. 
Crest— A rock, thereon a 
falcon wings expanded ppr. 
resting the dexter claw on 
a ducal coronet of the last. 


DAVTD CLAUK, of Findlater, co. Banff, (son of James 
Clark, of Rosskene, co. Itoss), d. 15 Aug. 1836, having m. 
Isabella, dau. of John Scott, of Glassaugh, co. Banff ; she d. 20 
Sept. 1812, having had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir James, created a Baronet. 

(2) David, b. 11 April, 1795; d. 1869, having m. Mary 
Fordyce, and Iiad issue. 

(3) Helen, d. in July, 1822, having m. to Alexander Gordon 
Esq. of Tulluchallum, co. Banff. ' 

SIR JAMES CLARK, M.n. K.c.R. F.R.S. chief physician in ordi- 
nary to the Queen, created a Baroxet II'Nov. 1837 ■ 1) 
14 Dec. 1788; d. 29 June, 1870, having m. 12 Sept. 1820, Barbara 
only dau. of Rev. John .Stephen, li,.d. rector of Christ Cliurcli 
Kassiu, Bahamas ; she d. 27 Dec. 1862, having had a son, 
(1 ) Sir John Forbes, 2nd and present Baronet. 

Philip Haugh- 
TON, of Shirland, Notts. 
(1617, E.); s, his bro- 
ther as 11th Baronet in 
1849; b. 11 April, 1819 

Note.— No heir to this Baro- 

ARMS— Gules, three swords 
erect in jmle arg. hilts or. 

Crest — A hand couped at 
the wrist ppr. holding a 
sword as in the arms. 


SIR SIMON CLARKE, of Salford, and of Newbold Revell, 
Warwicks. (descended from Sir Simon Woodchurch, Knt. 
by Susan, dau. and heir of Henry Clarke, which patronymic 
was subsequently adopted as the family name), paid £800 to 
the sequestrators for his estate, temp. Charles I. created a 
Baronet by letters patent 1 May, 1617; m. 1st, Margaret, dau. 
and coheir of John Alderford, of Abbots Salford, Warwicks. 
and had issue. He m. 2ndly, Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Hob- 
son, of Cambridge, gent.;" she d. s. p. 1699, aged 84. His 
descendant in the 6th generation, 

SIR SIMON HAUGHTON, 9th Baronet (on the death of his 
brother. Sir Philip Haugliton, 12 May, 1798); b. 7 Nov. 
1764; d. 28 Aug. 1832, having m. 9 April, 1814, Catherine, 
dau. of John Haughton James, Esq. of Jamaica; she d. 13 
-Vug. 1837, h.aving had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Simon Haughton, 10th Baronet; b. 7 April, 1818; d. 
unm. 23 April, 1849. 

(2) Sir Philip Haughton, 11th and present Baronet. 

(3) Mary Halton, m. 19 Oct. 1843, to Rev. Simon Haughton 
Sherard (B. Soerard). 

(4) Elizabeth Haughton, d. s. p. 10 Mar. 1875, having m. 9 
Oct. 1856, to Alfred Mason, Esq. 

A^ERS, Sir 
Guy Francis Tra- 
VERS (1804, u.k), 
major R. rifles, 
formerly 86th foot ; 
s. his father as 3rd 
Baronet in 1877 ; 
b. 22 Oct. 1842 ; 
heir presumptive, 
his brother Boyle. 

Arms— Quarterly, 1st 
and 4th, Sa., a chevron 
arg. between two escal- 
loi)s and a boar's head 
of the second. 2nd and 
3rd, Arg. on a bend 
cottised gu. an ea.stern 
crown or between two 
swans ppr., a bordure 

Crest.s— 1st, An her.aldic tiger pa-ssant arg. 2nd, Out of an 
Eastern crown gu. a demi-dragon wings elevated or. 
Mottoes — Nee tcmere nee timide; and Constantid et fidelitate. 
TOKN House— 3, Queen's Gardens, Bayswater, w. 




WILLIAM CLAEKE, of Cork, merchant (grandsou of 
William Clarke, an officer in the army of WILLIAM 
III.); b. 25 May, 1733 ; m. 5 April, 1761, Anne, dan. of James 
Fogerty, also a Cork merchant, and had with a dau. 4 sons, 
[1] Sir William, created a Baronet. 

[2] Frederick, b. 29 May, 1769, d. 1825, having m. Elizabeth 

[3] Henry Sylvester, b. 21 Nov. 1772 ; d. 1823, having m. 1797, 
Harriet Berkenbout. 

[4] Charles William, major 35th regt. b. 22 Feb. 1785; killed n 
battle in the Ionian Islands. 

SIR WILLIAM CLARKE, maj.-gen. in the army, raised, 
served, and com. 84th York and Lancaster regt. was 
created a BARONET 28 June, 1804; b. 1 Sept. 1762 ; d. 7 Feb. 
1808, having m. 14 Sept. 1799, Margaret, dau. of Thomas 
Prendergast, Esq. of Dublin ; she d. 3 July, 1845, having had 
6 sons and a dau. 

[1] Sir William Henry St. Laurence, s. as 2nd 

[2] Gruy Henry Prendergast, col. in the army; b. 10 Sept. 
1802; d. s. p. 24 Nov. 1866, having m. 24 July, 1847, Sophia, 
relict of Capt. WiUiam Walker, and 2nd dau. of John TjTwhitt, 
Esq. of H.M. vice admiralty court, Gibraltar, and of Pentre 
Park, South Wales (Bart.) 

[3] Francis Anthony, col. E.I.C.M.S. b. 17 Sept. 1803; d. 1 
Sept. 1879, having m. 19 Jan. 1841, Anne Emily, dau. of Major 
Willoughby Bean, Coldstream guards, and had a dau. 
[4] Henry, M.A. T.C.D. Dublin, rector of Northfield, co. Wore. 
1834/80 ; b. 18 Nov. 1804, d. s. p. 2 Oct. 1880; ni. 24 June, 1834, 
Agnes Mary, younger dau. and coheir of John Johnston, Esq. 
M.D. of Galabank, Annandale, co. Dimifries (CURTIS). 
[5] Charles AVilliam, lieut. 19th regt. b. Jan. 1806; d. July, 

[6] John William, rector of ComptonBasssett, Wilts.; b.22Mav. 
1808; d. 10 May, 1878, having m. 5 July, 1852, Elizabeth, 2nd 
dau. of Edward Smyth, Esq. of The Fence, Macclesfield, and 
had a son and dau. 

Edward Henry St. Laurence, lieut. 36th regt. b. 17 April, 1857. 

[7] Margaret, m. 20 June, 1839, to William Sheppey Greene, 
Esq. King's dragoon guards (only son of Col. Sheppey Greene, 
military auditor general at Bengal); he d. June, 1848, having 
had 2 sons. 

TRAVERS, 2nd Baronet, assimaed by R.L. 20 Mar. 1853; 
the name and arms of Travers, in addition to that of Clarke, 
b. 3 Aug. 1801; d. 31 Aug. 1877, having m. 4 Sept. 1827, Eliza- 
beth Barbara, only child and heir of John Moore Travers, Esq. 
of Clifton, CO. Cork, and has had 5 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) William Henry Travers, capt. 14th light dragoons; b. 30 
Nov. 1828; d. in Natal, 12 Mar. 1868. 

(2) John Moore Travers, capt. 17th regt. b. 11 Jan. 1834; d. 17 
Oct. 1873. 

(3) Sir Guy Francis Travers, 3rd and present Baronet. 

(4) Boyle Loronzo Travers, heir presumptive to the 
Baronetcy ; b. 26 Feb. 1845. 

(5) Henry Alexander Travers, curate of St. Patrick, Hove, 
Brighton, 1879; b. 15 Oct. 1848; m. 18 July, 1881, Ada Sarah, 
widow of Rev. George Fereman, M.A. vicar of Brize Norton, 

(6) Lucia Margaret, m. 12 July, 1855, to James Alexander, Esq. 
of Holywood, co. Down, s. p. (BART.) 

(7) Elise Barbara. (8) Agnes Isabella. 
(9) Christiana Mary. 

CLAEKE, Sir Charles, of Worlingham Hall, 
Suffolk (1831, U.K.); M.A. rector of Hanwell, 
Middx. ISiT/ei; s. his father as 2nd Baronet in 
1857 ; b. 15 June, 1812; m. 24 April, 1838, Rosa 
Mary, dau. of Henry Alexander, Esq. of London, 
F.R.c.s. F.R.s. and has 3 sons and 5 daus. 

(1) Charles Mansfield, C.B. lieut.-col. and brevet-col. 57th regt. 
(h.p.), comdt.-gen. of colonial forces at Cape 1880. served in 
Zulu war 1879; b. 13 Dec. 1839; m. 19 Dec. 1867, Gemma 
CeciUa, only child of William Pitt Adams, Esq. consul-gen. in 

(2) Frederic, bar.-at-law, asst.-sec. Bengal L.C.; b. 17 Mar. 
1846 ; m. 22 Nov. 1877. Adelaide Catherine, eldest dau. of 
Roger Allday Kerrison, Esq. of London (BART.) 

(3) William Alexander, b. 19 Nov. 1848. 

(4) Rosa Helen, m. 16 June, 1863, to Col. William Garrow 
Waterfield, Bengal S.C. commissioner in the Punjaub. 

(5) Mary Anna, m. 8 Nov. 1865, to Lawrence Harrison, Esq. 
and has 2 sons and a dau. 

Lawrence Alexander HARRISON, b. 23 Oct. 1866. — Leonard 
Frederic, b. 8 Oct. 1868.— Florence Maud. 

(6) Florence Lucy, m. 19 Feb. 1867, to Roger Kerrison, Esq. 
of Old Lakeuham Hall, Norfolk (BART.) 

(7) Emily Augusta. (8) Alice Fanny. 

Arms — Erm., on a bend cottised gu. between three annulets 

two and one sa. as many swans ppr. 

Crest — A mount vert, thereon a dove wings elevated, in the 

beak an ear of wheat all ppr., the dexter claw resting on an 

annulet sa. 

Residence— Worlingham Hall, Beecles, Suffolk. 


physician to Queen Adelaide (son of John Clarke, 
surgeon, of London, by his wife Biddy, dau. of William Mansfield , 
Esq. of Thrapstone, Northants. and grandson of Rev. John 
Clarke, of Beverley, Yorks.), created a Baronet 30 Sept. 
1831 ; b. 28 May, 1782; d. 7 Sept. 1857, having m. 17 Jan. 1805, 
Mary Anna, dau. of Wright Thomas Squire, of Peterborough; 
she d. 3 July, 1856, having had 2 sons and 5 daus. 
[1] Sir Charles, 2nd and present Baronet. 
[2] John,M.D. b.l6Aug. 1823; m. 30 Jan. 1855, Helen, 2nd dau. 
of Henry Alexander, Esq. of London, aforesaid, and has a son — 

[3] Mary Ann,d.l3 Sept. 1841, having m. 23 Jan. 1832, to Rev. 
George Coldham, rector of Glemsford, Suffolk, and had with 
other issue a dau. — Harriet Agnes. 
[4] Lucy Ehza, d. 1863, having m. to Thomas P 

Chilver, Esq. who d. 



[5] Catherine, m. 16 Aug. 1842, to Rev. Charles Roe, rector 
of Welnetham, SiiflEoIk, who d. April, 1878. 
re] EUzabeth. 

[7] Marian Agnes, d. 26 Feb. 1847, having m. 9 Aug. 1842, as 
1st wife, to Kev. Walter Joliu Partridge, rector of Caston, 
Norfolk, and has a son, 
Walter Henry Pahtridge, curate, Witney, b. 7 April, 1844. 

CLAKKE-JERVOISE, Sir Jervoise, of Idsworth, 
Park, Hants (181.3, U.K.), m.p. South Hants. 
1857/68; s. as 2nd Baronet in 18.52 ; b. 28 April, 
1804 ; m. 15 June, 1829, Georgiana, youngest dau. 
of George Nesbitt Thompson, Esq. ; she d. 25 Feb. 
1873, having had 2 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Jervoise, major late 23rd fusiliers; b. June, 1830; d. 22 
April, 1872, having m. 20 Feb. 1855, Sophia Horatia Churchill. 
6th dau. of Henry Lawes Long. Esq. of Hampton Lodge, Surrey 
(rc-m. 8 Oct. 1881, to Edward King, of London), and has a son, 

Arthur Henry, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; 
late lieut. Coldstream guards, b. 1856. 

(2) Henry, lieut.-col. late Coldstream guanls, b. 7 Sept. 1831. 

(3) Teresa, m. 6 Jan. 1868, to John Delaware Lewis, of 
Westbury House, Hants. M.P. Devonport 1868/74, bar.-at-law 
L.I. 1858, s. p. 

(4) Janet, m. 15 Jan. 1867, to James Small, of Dirnanean, 
Pertlis. J. P. s. p. 

(5) Rachel, m. 4 Aug. 1863, to Arthur Henry Turner New- 
comen, Esq. of Kirkleatham, Yorks. and has a son and 2 daus. 

Gleadowe Turxeu, b. 28 June, 1877.— Kathleen Teresa.— 

(6) Clarice, m. 22 April, 1869, as 2nd wife, to (Hon.) Major- 
Gen. Frederick William Craven Ord, R.A. (SMITH- BART.) 

Arms— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Sa. a chevron between three 

eaglets close arg., JERVOISE. 2nd and 3rd, Kv,. three escallops in 

pale or between two (launches erminois each charged with a 

cross patee fitchee gu., CLARKE. 

Crests -An heraldic tiger's head sa., JERVOTSE. Within a 

ring or set witli a diamond ppr. a roundle per pale gu. and az. 

charged with a pheon arg., Clarke. 

Motto -Virtutis prcemium Laus. 

Seat— Idsworth Park, Hornduaii, Hamijshirc. 


I having m. Kitty, only dau. and heir of Robert Warner, Esq. of 
Bedhampton, Beds. ; she d. 25 Feb. 1772, having had 3 sons, 
of whom the youngest, 

QIR SAMUEL (JLARKE- JERVOISE, of Idsworth, rector 
O of Blendworth 1795/1835, and Charlton-cum-Idsworth, 
1794/1834 Hants, assumed by R.L. 9 Nov. 1808, the surname of 
Jervoise; created a Baronet 13 Nov. 1813; b. 25 Nov. 1770; 
d. 1 Oct. 1852, having m. 4 Feb. 1790, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. 
Nicholas G-riffenhoofe, rector of Woodham Mortimer, Essex ; 
she d. 19 Nov. 1856, having had 2 sons and 4 daus. 
[1] Sir Jervoise, 2nd and present Baronet. 
[2] Samuel, b. 2 Jan. 1808; m. 23 Feb. 1830, Emily Anne, eldest 
dau. of Major-Gen. Sir Henry Camming, K.c.H. and has had 
with other issue 3 sons and 4 daus. 

(1) Han-y Samuel Gumming, attached to British Embassy, 
Constantinople, 1880 ; b. 2 April, 1832 ; m. 3 Aug. 1874, 
Beatrice Evelyn, dau. of William Bruce Stopford Sackville, 
Esq. of Drayton House, Northants. (E. COURTOWN), and has 
a dau. — Kathleen Margarette. 

(2) Cecil. 

(3) Alan Arthur, married, and has a dau. b. 15 Jan. 1881. 

(4) Ada Geraldine, m. 28 Dec. 1869, to Arthur Ramsay Mac- 
donald, B.C.S. (E. Dalhousie) 

(5) Annette Charlotte Laura. 

(6) Maude Mary Wedderburn. (7) Sybil Gavine. 
[3] Anne, m. 1st— Mar. 1817, to Ralph WilUam Grey, of 
Backworth, Northumberland, who d. 5 June, 1822. She re-m. 26 
Dec. 1827, to John Abel Smith, m.p. Chichester (B. CARRING- 


[4] Elizabeth, d. 15 Nov. 1850, having m. May, 1821, to Right 

Hon. Sir Charles Edward Grey, K.C.H. P.O. M.P. Tynemouth 

(brother of Ralph W. Grey, Esq.); he d. 1 June, 1865, leaving 


George, youngest son, d. 1 Jan. 1877, aged 41. 
[5J Harriet Mary, d. 21 May, 1837, having m. 14 Julj% 1831, as 
1st wife, to Neil Malcolm, Esq. of Poltalloch, Argylshire, N.B. 
[6] Lucv, m. 23 Jan. 1828, to James Winter Scott, Esq. of 
Rotherfield, Hants ; he d. 4 Jan. 1873. 

Augustus, Bart, of 
Axwell, CO. Durham (1661, 
E.), com. R.N. (retd. 1880); s, 
his cousin as 10th Baronet in 
1872; b. 30 Aug. 1824; m. 12 
Jan. 1853, Christina, 2nd dau. 
of Andrew Alexander, ll.d. 
professor of Greek in the 
university of St. Andrews, 
Scotland, and has 3 daus. 

(1) Augusta Maria Valentine. 

(2) Ivy Valerie, m. 5 July, 1876, to Henry Alexander Campbell, 
lieut. R.ll.A. third son of Colin Campbell, Esq. of Colgrain, co. 
Dumbarton, and has a son and dau. 

Rawdon Clavering CAMPBELL, b. 13 April, 1837.— A dau. b. 
27 Dec. 1879. 

(3) Geraldine Gertrude. 

NOTE — No heir to this Baronetcy. 
Arms- Quarterly or and gu., a bend sa. 
MOTTO — Nil actum si quid agendum. 
SEAT— Axwell Park, Gateshcad-on-Tyne. 


TQIR JAMES CLAVERING, of Axwell co. Durham (de- 
O scended from Roger FitzJohn, 4th Baron of Warkworth, 
ERVOIRE OL.\RKE-JERVOISE, of Idsworth, M.P. Hants. 1 and Clavering and Eure, who was descended from Eustace de 
and Yarmouth Cgn-iit-grandsoii of Sir Samuel Clarke, of Burgh, a noble Roman), and in consideration of his loyalty 
West Bromwich, Staff, sheriff of Loudon, citizen and skinner, and sufferings for CuARLES I. and II. was soon after the 
knighted 14 June. 1712, he grandson of Ralph Clarke, of Ches- Restoration created a B.\ronet, 5 June, 1661; m. Jane, dau. 
terfleld, vintn-jr), assumed by Act of Parliiimont, 27 ^l\r. 1777, and heir of Charles Maddison, Esq. of Sutwellside, co. Durham, 
theaddliiona! surname of Jervoise; b. 1734; d. 5 July, 1808, His great-great-great-grandson, viz.: 



RAWDON FORBES CLAVERING (grandson of general 
Sir John Clavering, k.b. 3ril son of Sir James Claver- 
ing, 6th Bart.), lieut. R.E. dieil 1831, having m. 11 July, 1822, 
Jane, dau. of (Sir) Archibald Dunbar, of Northfield (Bart.); 
she d. Feb. 1825, having had 2 sons, 

[1] Ernest Frederick Gasooigne, 42nd regt. b. 11 May, 182S, d. 
[2] Sir Henry Augustus, 10th and present Baronet. 

CLAY, Sir Arthur 
Temple Felix 
(1841, U.K.), of Bur- 
row's Lea, Surrey; s. his 
brother as 4th Baronet 
in 1878 ; b. 9 Dec. 
1842 ; m. 1 July, 1869, 
Margaret, 4th dau. of 
Arthur Kett Barclay, 
Esq. of Bury Hill, 
Dorking, Surrey, and 
has 2 sons, 

(1) William Temple, b. 23 
June, 1870. 

(2) George Felix XeviUe, b. 
24 Nov. 1871. 

Arms — Arg., a chevi-on engrailed paly or and sa. between three 

trefoils of the second. 

Crest — Two wings arg. each charged with a chevron engi-ailed 

between thre6 trefoils slipped sa. 

Motto — Per orbem. 

Seat — Burrow's Lea, Shere, Surrey. 


SIR WILLIAM CLAY (grandson of William Clay, of London, 
merchant), created a BARONET 20 Sept. 1841, M.P. 
Tower Hamlets 1832 57, and secretary of the board of com- 
missioners for the affairs of India; b. 15 Aug. 1791 ; d. 13 
Mar. 1869, having m. 26 Sept. 1822, Harriet, dau. and coheir of 
Thomas Dickason, Esq. of Fulhvell Lodge, Middlesex ; she d. 
19 Dec. 1867, having had 3 sons and 6 daus. 
[1] Sir William Dickason, 2nd Baronet ; b. 21 Dec. 1828 ; d. 
8. p. 14 Oct. 1876, having m. 19 April, 1855, Mariana Emily, eldest 
dau. of Leo Schuster, Esq. of London. She re-m. 3 Nov. 1877, 
to Arthur LawTence Haliburton, Esq. c.B. (son of Judge 
Haliburton), director of supply and transport, wax office. 
[2] Sir George, s. as 3rd Baronet. 

[3] Sir Arthur Temple Felix, 4th and present Baronet. 
[4] Harriet, m. 28 June, 1853, to John Morgan Edwardes 
Jones, Esq. of Garthmyl. 

[5] Mary, m. 16 Dec. 1851, to John Walrond Clarke, late 10th 
hussars, and has an only son — Edward Stanley Walrond 

[6] Elizabeth, d. s. p. 28 June, 1873, having m. 1st— 26 June, 
1847, to her cousin James Temple Bowdoin, 4th dragoon guards, 
who d. 9 April, 1871. She re-m. 11 Jan. 1872, as 2nd wife, to 
Right Hon. Sir William Henry Gregory, of Coole Park, co. 
Galway, K.C.M.G. P.O. Ireland, governor of Ceylon 1872/6, M.P. 
Dublin city 1842/7, Galway co. 1857/72. 
[7] Sarah Frances, d. 13 Sept. 1862. 

[8] Emma Georgiana Christina, m. 1st — 15 July, 1850,toLieut.- 
Col. Henry Wedderbiirn Gumming, Coldstream guards, eldest 
son of Gen. Sir Henry Cuumiing, col. 12th lancers. She re-m. 
4 July, 1871, to Horatio Mansfield, bar.-at-law (B. SAND- 
HURST). By her 1st husband she had an only child, 

Amelia Frances Wardlaw CUMMrSG, m. 31 July, 1880, to 

John WiUiam, son of Right Hon. Sir Edward Harris, K.c.B. 

[9] Laura Felicia Susan, m. 22 Feb. 1859, to Walter Montiford 
Westropp-Dawson, Esq. of Charlesfort, co. Wexford, J.P. and 
D.L. capt. late 19th regt. and has 3 sons and 2 daus. 

Francis Walter WESTROrP-DAWSOX, b. 9 Dec. 1859.— Arthur 

Temple, b. 4 Supt. 18G5.— Horace Montiford, b. 24 April, 1877. 

—Laura Jane. — Marion Elizabeth. 

QIR GEORGE, 3rd Baronet, lieut.-col. in the army ; b. 14 
k 7 Aug. 1831 ; d. 30 June, 1878, having m. 1st— 8 Mar. 1862, 
Caroline EUzabetli, only dau. of Sir John Palmer Bruce Chi- 
chester, Bart ; she d. 6 April, 1873, having had 2 daus. 
(1) Lilian Caroline Georgina. (2) Rosalie Violet Marion. 

SIR GEORGE m. 2ndly— 5 Oct. 1876, Mary Caroline. 4th dau. 
of Sir John Walrond. Bart, (she re-m. 28 Feb. 1880, to Capt. 
Walter Henry Holbech, 60th rifles, eldest son of Archdeacon 
Holbeck, of Farnborough Hall, Yorks.), and had a dau. 
(3) SybU Mary b. 18 Jan. 1878, 

CLAYTON, Sir William Robert, of Harden 
Park, Surrey (1731/2, G.B.), j.p. d.l. Bucks, 
high sherifiE 1876, and for Norfolk 1876, gov. of 
Christ's and St. Thomas's hospitals; s. his grand- 
father as 6th Baronet in 1866 ; b. 3 Aug, 1842 ; m. 
29 Oct. 1872, Aimee Gertrude, 5th dau. of Edward 
Mackenzie, Esq. of Fawley Court, Henley-on- 
Thames ; heir presumptive, his cousin Charles 
Edward Ferdinand. 
Arms — Arg. a cross sa. between foiu- pellets. 
Crest — A leopard's gamb erased arg, holding a pellet. 
Mottoes — Virtus in actione consistit, and Quid leone fortius. 
Seats — Marden Park, Godstone, Surrey ; Harleyford, Great 
Marlow, Bucks. ; Whitehall, Watton, Norfolk. 


Sir WILLIAJM CLAYTON, m.P. Bletchingley and Marlow 
(son of William Clayton, of Hambledon, Bucks. J.P.), 
created a Baroxet 13 Jan. 1731,32, inherited considerable 
estates from his father, and al.?o in 1707 from his uncle Sir 
Robert Clayton (knighted at GuiliHiall 30 Oct. 1671, lord mayor 
of London 1679, and" 30 jears M.P. attainted), and in 1736 piur- 
chased the manor of Marlow ; d. Dec. 1744, having m. Martha, 
eldest dau. of John Kenrick, Esq. of Flore, Surrey ; she d. 14* 
Dec. 1739, having had with other issue 2 sons, 
[1] Sir Kenrick, 2nd Baronet, M.P. Bletchingley in sLx Parlia- 
ments ; d. 10 Mar. 1769, having m. Henrietta Maria, eldest 
dau. and coheir of Henry Herring, of London, a director of the 
Bank of England ; slje d. 25 July, 1774, having had a son and dau. 

(1) Sir Robert. 3rd Baronet, M.P. Bletchingley and Ilchester 
the personal friend of his relative Mr. Fox ; d. s. p. 10 Mav' 
1799, iEt. 60 ; m. 1 Jime, 1767, Marv, eldest dau. of Frederick 
Standish, of London, merchant: she d. 27 Feb. 1803. 

(2) Henrietta Mary, m. to Sir John Gresham, Bart.Vext.), of 
Titsey, Surrey. 



[2] William, of Harlej-ford, Bucks. M.P. Mario w and Bletch- 
ingley, bar.-at-law l,.l."; d. 3 April, 1783, having m. 1st, Mary, 
dau. of John Warde, Esq. of Squerrics, Kent ; she d. 3 Jan. 
1760, having had a dau. 

(1) Catherine, m. to Sir John Griffin (Whitwell) Griffin, K.B. 
summoned to Parliament, 3 Aug. 1784, as LORD HOWARD 
DE Waldex, and d. s.p. 25 May, 1797. 

■VViLLl.CM Clayton m. 2ndly— 3 May, 1761, Maria, dau. and 
heir of Rice Lloyd, Esq. of Alti Cadno, co. Carmarthen ; she 
d. Dec. 1763, having had a son and dan. 

(2) Sir VTilliam, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(3) Marianne, d. 15 Oct. 1808, having m. 14 Nov. 1786, to 
Gen. the Hon. Henry Edward Fo.t, brother of Right Hon. 
Charles James Fo.^ (HollaXD, ext.) 

William Clattox m. 3rdly— Sept. 1767, Lady Louisa Ter- 
mor, dau. of Thomas, 1st Earl of Pontefact or Pomfret (est.); 
she d. 30 June, 1809, having had a son, 

(4) George, of Stone Hall, Snrrev, lieut.-col. 3rd foot guards; 
b. 29 June, 1768 ; d. , having m. July, 1798, 
Frances, dau of Right Rev. John Hinchliffe, D.D. bishop 
of Peterborough (by his wife Elizabeth, sister of the 1st 
Lord Crewe); she d.' 16 Aug. 1849, having had with other 
issue 6 sons and 4 daus. 

/I/ Emilius, capt. late Scots fusilier guards; b. 15 Jan. 
1803 ; m. 25 Sept. 1838, Eliza Elizabeth, dau. of William 
Haslewood, Esq. of Slangham Park, Sussex, and has 2 sons 
and 3 daus. 

(1) Emilius, capt. R.A. 1874, vice-consul at Tan, Asia 
Minor, 1879, formerly vice-consul in KoorJistan; b. 17 
Oct. 1841. 

(2) Arthur Grenville, capt. R.E.; b. 13 Aug. 1843 ; m. 12 
Nov. 1870, Elizabeth, dau. of John Kieman, Esq. and 
has issue. 

(3) Betha Frances. (4) Horatia Louisa. 
(5) Florence Augusta. 

/2/ Henry, major-gen. in the army ; b. 8 Sept. 1804 ; d. 17 
May, 1869" having m. 9 Aug. 1826, Jean Henrietta, dau. of 
Sir Robert Blair, C.B. of Harley House ; she d. 1 Feb. 1880, 
having had 2 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Edward Gilbert, hon. major late capt. R.E. formerly 
adj. 1st Lanarkshire engineer vols. ; b. 16 July, 1841; m. 
4 Nov. 1864, Georgine Elizabeth S}-kes, dau. and heir of 
Sykes Clayton, Esq. of the Manor House, Rufforth, co. 
York, and has a son and 4 daus. 

Henry Edward Gilbert, b. 28 Aug. 1867.— Blanche 
Georgine. — Grace Louisa. — Frances Jean. — Eva. 

(2) Ernest William, b. 24 April, 1853 ; m. 24 June, 1880, 
EUen Maude, 3rd dau. of Edward Taylor, surgeon, of 
Clapham Common, Surre}'. 

(3) Marianne Blanche, ni. 9 Aug. 1870, to Rev. William 
Eastgate MidfUeton Nunn, M.A. T.C.D. 1873, rector of 
Stansted, Kent, since 1873, and has a son and 3 daus. 

(4) Grace CaroUne, m. 3 Sept. 1868, to John Bridges 
Nunn, Esq. of Ri;)ehampton, and has a son and 3 daus. 

(5) Mary Jean. 

/3/ Francis, an officer in the army ; b. 16 Feb. 1806 ; d. 
at Jersey, unm. 1830. 

/4/ George, rector of Warmincham, Cheshire ; b. 3 Sept. 
1807 ; d. unm. 21 July, 1857. 

/5/ WiUiam, lieut. R.X. ; d. unm. 7 Feb. 1841, aged 29. 
/6/ Edward, rector of Astburv, Cheshire, hon. canon of 
Chester ; b. 8 .Sept. 1817 ; m. 7 April, 1864, Georgina, dan. 
of Rt. Rev. James Chapman, D.D. rector of Wootton Court- 
ney, Somerset, bishop of Colombo 1854;61. 
in Louisa Emilia, d. 12 June, 1878. 
/8/ Frances Caroline ^mUia. /9/ iEmiUa Anne. 

/lO/ Lvdia Emma Blanch, m. 1858, to Gen. Sir 

John Gar%'ock, G.C.B. col. 10th regt. 1874 8, 89th regt. 
1870,4, served in Sutlej campaign, Africa 1850 2, com- 
manded PesUawur division 1862 7, X. district England 
1867/71, S. district 1877,8 ; he d. 10 Nov. 1878, having had 
2 dans. 

SIR WILLIAM, 4th Baronet ; b. 16 April, 1762 ; d. 26 Jan. 
1834, having m. 16 July, 1785, Mary, only dau. of Sir 
William East, Bart, (ext.), of Hall Place, Berks, and coheir of 
her brother Sir Gilbert East, 2nd and last Baronet ; she d. 9 
Aug. 1833, having had 5 sons and a dau. 

[1] Sir 'William Robert, s. as 5th Baronet. 
2j .Sir East George, ll.d. created a Baroxet 17 Aug. 1838. 

[3] John Lloyd, b. 19 Aug. 1796 ; d. 6 Oct. 1855, ha^■ing m. 
10 April, 1832, LouLsa Sophia, only dau. of Charles Littledale, 
Esq. of London, and had a son, 

John William, capt. late 13th light dragoons; b. 23 Feb. 

1833 ; m. 4 .Sept. 1862, Man,- Henrietta Charlotte, dau. of 

Lieut.-Col. Henry Charles Ca'pel Somerset (D. BE.VCFORT) ; 

she d. 8 Sept. 1880. 
[4] Rice Richard, M.A. J.P. and D.L. Bucks, high sheriff 1838. 
M.P. Aylesbury 1841 7 ; b. 15 Nov. 1797; d. 4 May, 1879. 
having m. 31 July, 1832, Maria Amelia, 2nd dau. of F.M. Sir 
George Nugent, Bart.; she d. 30 Dec. 1880, having had witli 
other issue 3 sons and 3 d»us. 

(1) Richard Nugent, capt. late 13th regt. b. 3 Sept. 1833.— 

(2) Francis Edmund, b Dec. 1844; m. 15 Sept. 1881, Eliza 
B^ie, only dau. of Henry Liggins, Esq. of Loudon and 

(3) Arthur John, b. Dec. 1816. 

(4) Maria Augusta. 

(5) Louisa Maude, m. 1 June, 1876, to Francis Arthta-, son 
of Lord William Hervey (M. BRisfTOL). 

(6) Emily Rose, m. to James Melvill, eldest son of late 

(ien. iJaviiLsou. 
[5] Augustus I'hilip, rector of Garboldisliam. Norfolk ; b. 11 
Oct. 1799 ; d. 2 Feb. 1871, ha^-ing m. 4 Sept. 1828, Georgiana 
Elizabeth, dau. of Very Rev. and Hon. Charles Talbot, D.D. 
dean of Salisbury (E. SHREWSBCRT), and had with daus. an 
only son, 
Fitzroy Augustus Talbot, ot Fyfield House, Berks, lieut.- 
col. late grenadier guards ; b. 28 Mar. 1834 ; m. 4 April, 
1872, Liidy Isalx'l Frances Taylour, 4th dau. of Thomas, 3rd 
MarquLs of Heatlfort, and has liail 2 sons, 
Fitzroy Thomas Charles, b. 23 Feb. 1873; d. 15 Feb. 1879.— 
Ason,b. 29 Jan. 1878. 
[6] Catherine Emilia, d. 7 Feb. 1864 ; ha^■ing m. 16 July, and 
29 Oct. 1821, to John Shawe Manley, Esq. of Manley Hall, co. 
Staff.; he d. 19 May, 1857, having had 5 sons, 

SIR WILLIAM ROBERT, 5th Baronet, gen. in the army, 
M.P. Gre;it Marlow 1831 42. high sheriff, Bucks. 1846, D.L. 
served at the battles of Vittoria, the P\Tenees, at Genappe, 
Quatre-Bras, and Waterloo ; b. 28 Aug. 1786 ; d. 19 .Sept. 1866, 
having m. lu May, 1817, Alice Hugh Massey, only cliild and 
heir of Col. HughODonnell, eldest son of Sir Neil O'Donnell, 
Bart, (ilivorced 1830), and had 2 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] William Cupel, capt. Coldstream guards ; b. 14 April, 1818 ; 
d. 9 June, 1848, having m. (Jeorgina, dau. of 

Charles Wood, Esq. (she re-m. to Baker), and had 

a son. 

Sir 'Williani Robert, 6th and present Baronet. 
[2] Henry Hugh ODonell, 2nd Ufe guards ; b. 2 April, 1823 ; 
d. 17 Mar" 1857, having m. 19 Mar. 1846, Augusta, dau. of Sir 
Charles Oakeley, Bart. ; she d. 15 Nov. 1879, having (re-m. 20 
Oct. 1863, to Major Robert (Jeorge Manley, late Inniskilling 
dragoons) had a son, 

Charles Edward Ferdinand, lieut. and capt. grenadier guards, 

heir presumptive to the Baronetcy; b. 17 Aug. 1847. 

[3] Alicia Charlotte, m. 26 Aug. 1839, to John Bishop-Culpeper, 

capt. 14th dragoons, who as.sumed the additional name of Cul- 

peper, 16 Aug. 1839. and d. 3 Jan. 1875, having had 3 sons, 

(1) William Allevne Bishop-Culpeper, bar.-at-law M.T. 
b. 9 April, 1844 ;"m. 21 Feb. 1873, Ellen Casandra, dau. of 
.Samuel Fetherstonhaugh, Esq. 

(2) John Collingwood Bishop-Culpeper, b. 1 Feb. 1846 ; m. 
18 June, 1872, Helen, dau. of James Slrachan, Esq. of London, 
and has a dau. — Jesse Ada. 

(3) Charles Algernon Hearle Bishop-Culpeper, capt. Forfar 
and Kincardine art. mil. 1881, late lieut. 91st highlanders ; b. 
10 Jan. 1849; m. 26 Mar. 1874, Elizabeth Morrison, dau. of 
James Duncan, Esq. of Edinburgh, s. p. 

["4] Caroline Margaret, m. 2 June, 1810, to Archibald WiUiam, 
7t!i Marquis of (^ueensberry, who d. 6 -Vug. 1858. 

V-^ GILBERT Augustus, 
of Hall Place, Berks. (18.38, 
U.K.); s. his father as 3rd 
Baronet in 1866; b. 2.5 April, 
1846; m. .3 Sept.1867, Eleanor 
Theresa, eldest dau. of Major- 
Gen. Alexander Robert 
Fraser, Madras S.C. and has 
had 2 sons and 2 daus. 

(1) Gilbert William, b. 7 May, 

(2) George Frederick Lancelot, b. 
3 .<cpt. 1872. 

(3) Eleanor Ale.xandra, d. 31 Dec. 

(4) Agnes Emma. 

ARMS— Sa., on a chevron between 

three horse's heads erased arg. as 

many horseshoes of the field. 


Crest— On a mount vert a horse 

passant sa., the dexter forefoot 

resting on a horseshoe or, in the mouth a palm branch ppr. 


Motto — J'avance. 

SEAT— Hall Place, Maidenhead. 

TOWX RESIDENCE — 4, Hereford Gardens, Park Lane, W. 




Sir William Claj-ton, 4th Baronet, see preceding article) 
took the surname of East in addition to and after that of 
Clayton, and the arms of East quarterly with those of Clayton, 
by R.L. 6 April, 1829, on succeeding to the estates of his 
maternal uncle. Sir Gilbert East, Bart, ext.; created a BARONET, 
17 Aug. 1838; b. 9 April, 1794; d. 6 Mar. 1851, having m. 20 
June, 1815, Marianne Frances, eldest dau. of Charles Bishop, 
Esq. of Sunbury, Middx. late procurator-gen ; she d. 5 Jan. 
1876, having had 4 sons and 3 daus. 
/I/ Sir Gilbert East, s. as 2nd Baronet, 
/2/ Charles William, lieut. 15th regt.; b. 7 May, 1826; d. 21 
Aug. 1866, liaving m. 1st— 15 May, 1847, Lilley Campbell, dau. 
of Campbell MacLachlan, Esq.; she d. 8 Aug. follo\\-ing. He 
m. 2ndly— 14 Sept. 1854, Eliza Spooner, eldest dau. of Thomas 
Spooner Palmer, Esq. of Bayview, co. Sligo. 
/3/ Frederick Richard, capt. 8th Madras cavalry; b. 19 Feb. 
1828; d. 15 Sept. 1860, having m. 24, Aug. 1854, Caroline Loiiisa, 
youngest dau. of Thomas Spooner Palmer, Esq. of Bayview 
above-named, and had a son and a dau. 

George Frederick, lieut. lOStli, late 25th foot, formerly Berks 

mil. ; b. 18 Oct. 1857.— Augusta Slarianne. 
/4/ Marianne Gilbertha, d. 13 Oct. 1848, having m. 2 Mai-. 
1839, to John Joseph Wakehm-st Peyton, of Wakehurst Place, 
Sussex, lieut. 2nd life guards; he d. 12 Aug. 1844, having had 
4 sons, 

[1] John Bast Hunter PEYTON, llent. late 60th rifles ; b. 23 

Mar. 1841 ; m. 10 Feb. 1866, Sophia Henrietta, eldest dau. of 

Frederick Henrj- Lindsay, Esq. and has a son and 2 daus. 
John Charles Peyton, b. 25 Aug. 1871. — Marianne Sophia 
Catherine. — Augusta Seliua Elizabeth. 

[2] Edward Gilbert Peyton, capt. late 106th L.I. ; b. 22 June, 

1842; m. 15 Sept. 1862, Martha, dau. of Capt. Weir, 6th 

Inniskilling dragoons, and has issue. 

[3] Archibald WilUam Peyton, Ueut. late 3rd bufEs.; b. 4 

Sept. 1843. 

[4] Vincent Joseph Lyddell Peyton, B.N.; b. 4 Dec. 1844 

d. 30 Nov. 1876, having m. 7 July, 1866, Louisa, youngest 

dau. of late Richard Sivier, of Ryde. 
/5/ Augusta Frances, m. 15 April, 1845, to Sir Henry Ainslie 
Hoare, Bart. 

/6/ Seliua Louisa, d. 18 Aug. 1876, having m. 26 May, 1847, to 
Henry Charles Morgan, 3rd light (K.O.) dragoons, and capt. 1st 
dragoon guards ; he d. 28 June, 1872, having had 2 sons and 
3 daus. 

[1] Henry East MORGAN, b. 8 June, 1848. 
[2J. - - 

; Arthur Gary, b. 27 Oct. 1860. 

[3] Pamela Augusta, m. 30 April, 1881, to Rev. Richard 

Caton Kinchant, son of late Richard Henry Kinchant, Esq. 

of Park Hall and Bishop's Castle, Salop, J.P. d.l. 

[4] Henrietta Louisa Frances. — [5] Amy Rose. 
/7/ Maria Theresa, m. 18 Feb. 1860, to Major Robert Gordon, 
4th regt. rifle corps, Bombay. 

assimied by R.L. 4 April, 1839. the names of Gilbert-Easl 
and the arms of East only ; b. 13 Nov. 1823; d. 12 Aug. 1866, 
having m. 29 Jan. 1845, Emma Jane Lucretia, eldest dau. of 
Sebastian Smith, Esq. of Loudon ; she d. 28 July, 1871, having 
had a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Gilbert Augustus 3rd and present Baronet. 

(2) Emma Frances Louisa, m. 9 Sept. 1872, to Reginald Gough 
Paynter, Esq. of Nice, and has a son and dau. 

Reginald Augustus Arthur Paynter, b. 10 Aug. 1873. — Ella 
Ida Emma. 

(3) Frederica Julia, m. 1 July, 1874, to AValter Gray Bellairs, 
Esq. and has a son, b. 7 Dec. 1877, and a dau. 

CLEEK, Sir George Douglas, of Pennycnik, 
CO. Edinburgh, J.P. (1679, N.S.), lieut. on re- 
serve of officers, late 2nd life guards, capt. Edinburgh 
CO. militia, lieut.-col. commanding 2nd Midlothian 
and Pcebleshire R.v. ; s. his father as 8th Baronet 
in 1870; b. 17 May, 1852; m. 4 Jan. 1876, Aym^e 
Elizabeth Georgiana, 2nd dau. of (Sir) Robert John. 
Milliken Napier, (Bart.), and has a son, 
(1) George James Robert, b. 4 Oct. 1876. 

Arms — Or, a fess chequy az. and arg. between two crescents 

gu. and a boar's head sa. 

CREST — A demi-huntsman sounding a horn ppr. 

Supporters — Dexter, a naked man wTeathed about the loins 

with oak leaves, in the dexter hand a bow, a quiver of aiTows 

over his shoulder, and the skin of a wild beast hanging down 

his back all ppr. Sinister, a Druid with a flowing beard ppr., 

vested and hooded arg., holding in the sinister hand an oak 

branch fructed ppr. Granted 1807. 

Mottoes — (Over the crest) Free for a blast. (Under the arms) 

Amat victoria curam. 

Seat— Pennycuik House, Edinbm-gh. 


JOHN CLERK (son of William Clerk, of Montrose, mer- 
chant burgess temp. Q. Mary and James VI.), settled as 
a merchant in Paris 1634, where he acquired a considerable 
fortune, retm'ned to Scotland 1647, and purchased the lands 
and barony of Pennycuik (which is said to be held by the 
following "teum-e, that the proprietor must sit on a rock 
called the Buckstane and wind three blasts of a horn when the 
sovereign shall come to hunt on the Borough Muir, near 
Edinburgh), bp. at Fettercairn by the bishop of Caithness, 22 
Dec. 1611, and d. 1674, having m. Mary, dau. of Sir AVilliam 
Gray, of Pittendrum (ancestor of Lord Gray), by whom he 
had with other issue 2 sons, 

(1) Sir John, created a Baronet. 

(2) Robert (youngest son), " bred to physic," settled at Edin- 
burgh; m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Hugh Broun, of the Colston 
family, and had 3 sons and a dau.; and 2ndly, Agnes, dau. of 
William Carstairs, of Kilconquhar, and had 2 sons and 2 daus. 
ancestor of Clerk of Listonshiels, after of Somersets. 

SIR JOHN CLERK, of Pennycuik, was created a BARONET 
OP Nova Scotia 24 Mar. 1679, with remainder to the 
heirs male of his body; m.p. Edinburghshire 1690/1702; d. 
1722, having m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Henderson, of 
Elvington, and had 3 sons and 3 daus. (and 2ndly, Christian, 

dau. of Rev. Kirkpatrick, and had 4 sons and 4 daus.) ; he 

was succeeded by his eldest son, 

SIR JOHN, 2hd Baronet, a baron of the exchequer in Scot- 
land 1707 till his death 1755, a commissioner for the 
Union, M.P. WhitJiorn in the Scotch parliament 1702/7, and 
sat in the first parliament of Great Britain, a celebrated anti- 
quary;m. 1st, 1700, Lady Margaret Stewart, dau. of Alexander, 
3rd Earl of Galloway ; and 2ndly, Janet, dau. of Sir John Inglis, 
of Cramond, Bart, (ext.), and had 9 sons and 6 daus. of whom. 

(1) Sir James, 3rd Baronet, d. s. p. 6 Feb. 1783, having m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. John Cleghorn. 

(2) Sir George, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(3) John of Elding (5th son), m. Susannah, dau. of William 
Adam, of Maryborough, architect, and had a son, John, and 4 

SIR GEORGE, 4th Baronet, of Dnmicrieff, in Annandale, 
a commissioner of customs, lord treasurer remembrancer 
in the exchequer ; d. 1784, having m. his cousin Dorothea, dau. 



and heir of ■William Clerk, Esq. (by Agnes Maxwell, heiress of 

Middleby, Dumfriessh.), and had with other issue 2 sons, 

[1] Sir John, 5th Baronet, d. s. p. 1798, having m. Mary Dacre, 

of Kirklington, Cumb. 

[2] James, E.I.C.S. d. 1793, having m. 1786, Janet, dau. of 

George Irving, Esq. of Newton, and had 2 sons and a dau. 

(1) Sir George, s. as 6th Baronet. 

(2) John Clerk- Maiavell, of Middleby, co. Dumfries.; b. 1790; 
d. 3 April, 1856, haiing m. 1826, Frances, dau. of 
Robert Cay, Esq. of North Charlton Hall, Korthumb; she d. 
6 Dec. 1839, leaving an only son, 

James Clerk-Maxwkll, hon. fellow Trin. Coll. Camb. 
B.A. second wrangler 1854, professor natural pliilosopliy, 
Marischall CoIL Aberdeen, 1855, professor natural philo- 
Bophy and a.strononiy, Kiiifr's Coll. London, 1859, 71, pro- 
fessor of exjjerimental phjsics Camb. 1871 9, f.k.s. presi- 
dent Camb. philosophical society, Rede lecturer 1878; b. 13 
June, 1831; d. s. p. 6 Nov. 1879, having m. 2 June, 1858, 
Katharine Mary, 3rd dau. of Very Rev. Daniel Dewar, D.D. 


(3) Isabella, d. 2 Nov. 1865, having m. 28 Oct. 1813, to Right 
Hon. James Wedderbum, soUci tor-gen. Scotland (Bart.); 
he d. 7 Nov. 1822. 

SIR GrEORGE, 6th Baronet, P.C. 1845, F.R.S. called to 
Scottish bar 1809, hon. D.C.L. Oxon. 1810, chairman of 
royal aca^lemy of music. M.P. co. Edinburgh 1811/32, 1835/7, 
Stamford 1838 47, and Ij.jver 1847,52, lord of the admiralty 
1819,20, under-sec. home dept. 1830, 1, assist, sec. treasury 1841, 
master of the mint and ^ice-president board of trade 1845,56; 
b. 1787; d. 23 Dec. 1867, having m. 13 Aug. 1810, Maria, ' 

2nd dau. of Ewan Law, Esq. of Horsted Place, Sussex (B. 
Ellenborocgh); she d. 7 Sept. 1866, having had with other 
issue 6 sons and 2 daus. 
[1] Sir James, s. as 7th Baronet. 

[2] George Edward, clerk of the city of Montreal, b. 18 Mar. 
1815 ; d. 23 Sept. 1875, having m. 27 Nov. 1849, Marie Louise 
Elizabeth, dau. of Casimir Dupuis, of Montreal, Canada, and 
had 6 sons and 3 daus. 

(1) Greorge Edward, b. 4 Sept. 1850 ; m. 12 Jan. 1875, Hen- 
rietta Davignon. 

(2) Charles Fran9ois, b. 15 Oct. 1851; m. 30 June, 1873, Noemi 

(3) Henry Joseph, b. 22 Aug. 1856. — (4) Edmond Antoine, 
b. 27 Feb. 1858.— (5) Alexandre Marie Joseph, b. 30 Aug. 
1861.— (6) Jean Pio Robert, b. 9 June, 1870. 

(7) Marie Louise, m. 11 Jan. 1875, to Charles J. 0. E. Fer- 

(8) Emily Victoria Marie. (9) Marie Isabella. 

[3] John, of Rolleston Hall, Leic. Q.C. b. 16 April, 1816 ; m. 9 
Dec. 1845, Rose Alice Clothilde, 2nd dau. of Thomas Greene, 
Esq. of Whittington Hall, co. Lane, and has 4 sons and 2 daus. 

George Thomas, b. Dec. 1846. — John Frederick, b. 

May, 1848.— Malcolm Henry, b. May, 1853.— Duncan, b 

Jan. 1863. — Helen Georgina. — Mabel. 
[4] Henry, major-gen. in the army, late col. R.A.; b. 27 Dec. 

[5] Edward, major late Madras cav. b. 24 June, 1824 ; m. 28 
April, 1864, Emma Alice, youngest dau. of Thomas WilUam 
Bramston, Esq. of Skreens Park, Essex, M.P. and has 2 sons 
and 2 daus. 

William Henry, b. 19 Sept. 1867.— Herbert Edward, b. 15 

April, 1871.— Florence Eliza.— Maud Alice, b. 12 July, 1880. 
[6] Alexander, assist.-commissary-pen. in the army 1880; b. 22 
Dec. 1828 ; m. 1 Dec. 1857, Edith Mary, dau. of Andrew 
Buchanan, Esq. M.D. and has 2 sons and 5 daus. 

Hugh Edward, b. 11 June, 1859.— Arthur Stanley, b. 26 Nov. 

1864.— Agnes Isabella.- Cecilia Mary.— Isabella Edith. — (Hiar- 

lotte Elizabeth. — Dorothea Emma. 
[7] IsabeUa. 

[8] Elizabeth Harriette, m. 5 May, 1859, to Hon. Edward 
Charles BuUer-Elphinstone (B. Elphixstone). 

SIR JAMES, 7th Baronet, J.P. and D.L. capt. com. 3rd Mid- 
lothian vols.; b. 17 July, 1812; d. 17 Nov. 1870, having m. 
26 June, 1851, Jane Calvert, eldest dau. of Major-Gen. Mercer 
Henderson, c.B. and had a son and 3 daus. 
[1] Sir Gteorge Donglas, 8th and present Baronet. 
[2] Susan Edith. [3] Jane Isabella Maria. 

[4] Mary Elizabeth. 

CLERKE, Sir Wil- 
liam Henry, 
of Mertyn Hall, Flints. 
(1660, E.), a principal 
clerk in the treasury ; 
s. his father as 10th 
Baronet in 1861 ; b. 17 
Nov. 1822 ; m. 28 Nov. 
1849, Georgina, eldest 
dau. of Robert Gosling, 
Esq. of Botleys Park, 
Surrey, and has 2 sons 
and a dau. 

(1) William Francis, b. 16 
Jan. 1856. 

(2) Charles John, b. 8 Sept. 

(3) Mary Georgina. 

Aiors— Arg., on a bend gu. between three pellets as many 

swans of the field, on a sinister canton the arms of LONOt'E- 

VILLE, viz. az. a demi-ram salient of the first and in chief two 

fleurs-de-lis or debruised by a baton. 

CREST — A ram's head couped ppr. 

Se.vt.s— Mertyn Hall, Flintshire, and Heath House, Clungun- 

ford, Aston on Clun. 

TOWN HOUSE— 10, South Eaton Place, S.W. 


SIR JOHN CLERKE, Knt. of Weston (great-great-grandson 
of Richard Hamund, alias Clerke, of Willoughby, co. 
Warw. temp. Henry VI.), took the Duke of Longueville pri- 
soner at the battle of Spurs, for which he received the canton 
of honourable aug:nentation to his arms, viz.: "A sinister 
canton az. a demi-ram salient arg. debruised of a baton in bend 
de.xter, and in chief two fleurs-de-lis or." His great-grandson , 

SIR JOHN CLERKE, of Hitcham, was created a Bakonet 
13 July. 1660; d. 7 Oct. 1667, aged 45, having m. Philadel- 
phia, eldest dau. and coheir of Sir Edward Carr, Knt. of Hil- 
lingdon, Bucks.; she d. Aug. 1698. Their great-great- 

SIR WILLIAM HENRY, 8th Baronet, rector of Bury, co. 
Lancaster, LL.B.; b. 25 Nov. 1751; d. 10 April, 1818, hav- 
ing m. 5 May, 1792, Byzantia, eldest dau. of Thomas Cart- 
wright, Esq. of Aj-nhoe, Northants ; she d. 30 April, 1815, 
having had 3 sons, 

[1] Sir 'William, s. as 9th Baronet. 

[2] Francis, rector of Eydon, Northants. 1826 53, M.A. All 
Souls, O.xon. 1822; b. 10 Sept. 1797; d. unm. 28 Jan. 1863. 
[3] Charles Carr, D.D. archdeacon of Oxford, canon of Christ 
Churcli. and rector of Milton, Berks; b. 30 Dec. 1798; d. s. p. 24 
Dec. 1877, having m. 15 April, 1847, CaroUne, dau. of William 
Henry, Esq. of Waterstock, Oxon. 

SIR WILLIAil HENRY, 9th Baronet, high sheriff, Fbnt- 
shire, 1848, lieut.-col. in the army, at Waterloo, and served 
witli 52nd regt. in the Peninsula; b. 13 Sept. 1793; d. 16 Feb. 
1861, having m. 2 May, 1820, Mary Elizabeth, only dau. of 
George Watkin-Kenrick, Esq. of Mertyn, FUnts.; she d. 12 
June, 1873, having had 4 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir "William Henry, 10th and present Baronet. 
[2] Francis Carr, capt. 71st highland L.I.; b. 18 June, 1824; d. 
26 Mar. 1873. 

[3] Richard Wollaston, major 26th regt.; b. 12 Oct. 1826; d. 3 
April, 1864. 

[4] Charles Longuc\-ilIe; b. 19 April, 1829. 
[5] Mary Dora, m. 26 May, 1863, to Rev. Theodore Beale>rector 
of Hopton Castle, Salop, and has 2 sons, 

William St. John Beale, b. 1 April, 1864. 

Arthur Richard, b. 6 Dec. 1866. 



^^ William John 
Cavendish (1838, u.k.), 
admiral (retd.), C.B.; s. 
his father as 2nd Baronet 
in 1877 ; b. 12 Oct. 
1814; heir presumptive, 
his brother. Col. Clifford. 

Arms— Chequy or and az. on 
a chief arg. a mullet of the 

Crest — A leopard passant 
gardant in his dexter fore- 
paw a spear erect all ppr. 
MOTTO — Virtus mille scuta. 
Seat— WestfieldHouse.Kyde, 


C.B. M.P. Diuigarvan 1820, Bandon 1831, deputy lord 
great chamberlain for nearly twenty years, and gent, usher of 
the black rod from 1832 until his decease; created a Baronet 
4 Aug. 1838; b. 26 May 1788; d. 7 Feb. 1877, having m. 20 Oct. 
1813, Lady Elizabeth Frances To\\aishend, sister of John, 4th 
Marquis; she d. 10 April, 1862, having had with other issue 
3 sons and 2 daus. 

[1] Sir William John Cavendish, 2nd and present 

[2] Robert Cavendish Spencer, col. late grenadier guards, yeo- 
man usher of the black rod, heir presumptive to the 
Baronetcy ; b. 3 Nov. 1815; m. 4 Oct. 1859, Enimeline, only 
child of late R. Attwell Lowe, judge E.I.C.S. and has 3 daus. 

(1) Rosalie. (2) Rosamond. (3) Marjorie. 

[3] Charles Cavendish, fellow of All Souls, bar.-at-law l.T. 
1846, M.P. Isle of Wight 1857/65, Newport, i.w. from 1870 ; b. 
7 Jan. 1821. 
[4] Isabella Grcorgiana Camilla. [5] Augusta Caroline. 

Arms— Barry of six or and az.,on a canton arg. a fuller's teazle 

Crest— A dragon's head barry of six arg. and gu. charged with 
nine lozenges or, holding a teazle ppr. 
MOTTO^Scmper paratus. 

SEATS— Burton Constable, near Hull; Wycliffe Hall, and Scar- 
gill Lodge, Barnard Castle; and Aston Hall, North Ferriby, 


SIR THOMAS HUGH CLIFFORD, of Tixall, co. Staff, 
(eldest son of the Hon. Thomas Clifford, son of Hugh, 3rd 
Lord Clifford, see Peerage), was created a Baronet, 22 May, 
1815, at the desire of Louis XVIII. King of France, succeeded 
to the estates of his kinsman, William Constable, on the death 
of Francis Constable (fonnerly Sheldon), and assumed by R.L. 
5 Aug. 1821, the surname and arms of Constable ; b. 4 Dec. 
1762 ; d. 25 Feb. 1823, having m.l7 June, 1791, Mary McDonald, 
2nd dau. of John Chichester, Esq. of Ai-lington, Devon (BART.) ; 
she d. 16 Sept. 1825, liaving had a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Thomas Aston, s. as 2nd Baronet. 

(2) Mary Barbara, d. 14 Dec. 1876, having m. 13 April, 1826, 
to Sir Charles Chichester, K.C. of Turkey, K.S.P. of Spain, 
knighted 1840, son of Charles Joseph Cliichester, Esq. of 
Calverleigh Court, Devon (BART.) ; he d. 4 April, 1847, having 
had issue. 

(3) Mary Isabella,d. 2 Oct. 1828, having m. 27 Sept. 1827, as 1st 
wife, to Henry Ra\-mond Arundell,Esq. of Kemhvorth,co. War- 
wick. (B. Arundell.) 

Hedon, Yorks. high sheriff; b. 3 May, 1806 ; d. 23 Dec. 
1870, having m. 1st — 27 Sept. 1827, Marianne, youngest dau. of 
Charles Joseph Chichester, Esq. of Calverleigh Court, co. Devon 
(Bart.); she d. 13 Dec. 1862. He m. 2ndly— 15 May, 1865, 
Rosina, youngest dau. of Charles Brandon, Esq. (She re-m. 23 
Mar. 1872, to E Trelawny, Esq. of lOA, Pall Mall East, 

London, who d. , and she re-m. — 23 Aug. 1876, to 

Francis John Hartley, Esq.; who d. 28 Mar. 1880). By his 1st 
wife he had an only son, 

(1) Sir Frederick Augustus Talbot, 3rd and present 

AUGUSTUS Talbot, of Burton Constable, 
Yorks. (1815, U.K.) ; s. his father as 3rd Baronet 
in 1870 ; b. 30 July, 1828 ; m. , Mary Ann, 

elder dau. of "William Herring, of St. Mary's, Scilly 
Islands, s. p. 
Note— No heir to this Baronetcy. 

COCKBURN, Sir Alexander James Edmund 
"of Langton, co. Berwick" (1627, N.S.), P.O. 
1857, G.C.B. 1873, lord chief justice of England 
1859/80, hon. D.C.L. Oxon. 1870, ll.b. Cantab. 1829, 
bar.-at-law m.t. 1829, Q.C. and bencher 1841, trea- 
surer 1 853, solicitor-gen. and knighted 1 850,attomey - 
gen. 1851/2, 1852/6, m.p. Southampton 1847/56, 
recorder 1847/54, and of Bristol 1854/6, chief justice 
of the common pleas 1856/59, arbitrator for Great 
Britain under the treaty of Washington 1871/2, 
declined a Peerage, hereditary usher of the white 
rod of Scotland ; s. his uncle as 10th Baronet in 
1858; b. 24 Dec. 1802 ; d. unm. 20 Nov. 1880. 

Note. — As the limitation of this Baronetcy is to heirs male, 
it would be premature to state that it is extinct, although it 
is believed to have terminated in the person of the late Lord 
Chief Justice. 



ARMS — Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Ai-g., three cocks, gu.,COCKBURX. 

2n(l and 3rd, Gu., six mascles or, three, two, and one, VIPOXT. 

Crest — A cock ppr. 

SUPPORTERS— Two lions gu. the dexter guardant. 

Motto — Acceudit cantu. 


ALEXANDER DE COCKBURN (descended from Petrus 
de Cockburu, Berwicksh. 1214) obtained the barony of 
Carriden, co. Linlithgow, 1358, 29 DAVID IL appointed 
Ostiarius Parliamenti (Usher of the White Rod) for himself 
and his heirs for ever by David II. 1370; m. 1st— Mary de 
Veterl Ponte or Vipont (from which period the family was 
designated of Langtouu, which continued their seat until sold 
by Sir James Cockburn, 6th Baronet, in 1757), whose father 
fell at Baunockburn, 1314, and had a son and successor, 
Alexander ; he m. 2ndly— Margaret, dau. of Sir John Monfode, 
of Braidwood, Lanarks. and had further issue. His descendant, 

SIR WILLIAM COCKBURN, Knt. of Langton, of which 
barony and lands he obtained a re-grant in 1593, witli the 
office of principal usher and casualties to himself and his heirs 
male whatsoever bearing the surname and arms of Cockburn, 
jr.P. Berwicks. 1612; he married Helen, 5th dau. of Alexander, 
4th Lord Elphinstone (she re-m. to Henry RoUo, of Woodnes- 
ton), and had a son, 

Scotia 22 Nov. 1627, mth remainder to heirs male, M.P. 
Berwicks. 1640, 1; m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Archibald Acheson, 
Bart, of Glencairny, co. Armagh (E. GOSFORD), and had a son, 

SIR ARCHIBALD, 2nd Baronet, of Langton, retoured 
heir of his father in the office of Principal Usher 10 Dec. 
1657, heritable sheriff of Berwickshire 1686, M.P. for that 
county 1678, 1685/1702 ; d. 1705, having had 3 sons and a dau. 

(1) Arcliibald, M.P. Benvicks. 1685/G, m. 1684, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Sir George Mackenzie, ami had with other issue a son, 

Sir Archibald, 3rd. Baronet, d. s. p. 

(2) Sir Alexander, s. as 4th Baronet. 

(3) William, of Edinburgh, M.U.; d. unm.(t) 

(4) Anne, d. 1757, having m. to Sir George Stewart, 2nd Baro- 
net, of GrantuUy, co. Perth, who d. s. p. 1 Nov. 1759. 

SIR ALEXANDER, 4th Baronet, said by Playfair to have 
been retoured heir to his brother Sir Archibald 11 Feb. 
1711 ; by his wife, Mary Ancrum, he had 2 sons, 

(1) Archibald, m. Mary Campbell, dau. of Jolm, Earl of 
Breadalljane, and had a son and dau. 

[1] Sir Alexander, 5th Bart, an officer in the guards ; fell 
at Fonteuoy 1745. 

[2] Harriett, d. 29 July, 1757, having m. 16 Jan. 1746, to Sir 
David Kinloch, 5th Bart, who il. 18/19 Feb. 1795, aged 85. 

(2) WiUiam, of Ayton, m. Jane {'i Rutherfoord, of Fairnabe); 
she d. 14 July, 1784 (bd. in Gray Friars churchyard, Edin- 
burgh), having had wth an only dau. a son, viz.: 

SIR JAMES, 6th Baronet, M.P. Linlithgow burghs 1772/84, 
sold Langton 1757; d. 26/27 July, 1804, aged 75, having m. 
1st — 31 Mar. 1755, Mary, "dau." of Henry Douglas, of Loudon, 
merchant (BARi.); she d. 1766, having had a son and 3 

daus. He m. 2ndly — 10 July, 1769, Augusta Anne, dau. of Very 
Rev. Francis Ayscough, D.u. dean of Bristol ; she d. 14 Nov. 
1837, Kt. 88, having had 5 sons and a dau. 
[1] Sir James, 7th Baronet, G.C.H. major-gen. in the army, 
umler-sec. of state, war, anil colonies 1806, gov. and com-in- 
chief of Cura<;oa 1807, and of Bermuda Islands 1811, a com- 
missioner of land tax, LL.D. sheriff Carmarthen 1847 ; b. 21 
Mar. 1771; d. 26 Feb. 1852, having m. 14 Oct. 1801, Mariana, 
eldest dau. of John, 13th Viscount Hereford ; she d. 9 Dec. 
1847, having had with 2 sons who d. young an only dau. 
(1) Marianna Augusta, m. 14 Jan. 1834, to Sir James John 
Hamilton, Bart, of Woodbrooke, co. Tyrone, who d. s. p. 12 
Jan. 187G Cext.) 
[2] Sir (jeDrgo, 8th Baronet, G.C.B. P.C. adm. of fleet, rear-adm. 
of England, major-gen. of marines, M.P. Ripon 1837/47, lord 
of the admiralty 1818/30, 1841/6; b. 22 April, 1772; d. 19 Aug. 
1853, having m. 28 Nov. 1809, Mary, youngest dau. of Thomas 
Cockburn, Esq. ; she d. 20 Jan. 1859, having had an only dau. 
(1) Augusta Harriet Mary ; d. 7 April, 1869, having m. 10 
June, 1856, to John Cockbixru Hoseason, capt. R.N. (retd.) 
[3] Sir William, 9th Baronet, dean of York 1822/58, rector of 
Kelston 1832/58 ; b. 2 Juno, 1773; d. 30 April, 1858, having m. 
1st— 30 Dec. 1805, Elizabeth, 2nd dau of Sir Robert Peel, Bart. ; 
she d. 16 June, 1828. He m. 2ndly— 14 Sept. 1830, Emma, only 
dau. of Lieut.-Col. Pearse, 50th regt. of Hatley St. George, 
Camb. ; she d. 24 Aug. 1876 (having re-m. 5 July, 1859, to Rev. 
Thomas William Whale, rector of Dalton, North Devon). By 
his 1st wife he had 3 sous, of whom the eldest, 

(1) James Peel ; b. 1807; d. 28 Dec. 1845, having 

m. May, 1831, Ellen, dau. and coheir of Robert Peel, Esq. of 

Watlington Hall, Norfolk ; she d. leaving 2 ilaus. 

/I/ Elizabeth, d. 11 May, 1861, having m. as 1st wife, 19 

Aug. 1851, to Rev. Frederick Fane, of Moyles Court, Hants 


/2/ Augusta Ellen, d. , having m. 12 May, 1853, 

to Hugh Francis Lethbridge Astley, Esq. (BART.) 

[4] Alexander, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipo- 
tentiary of the court of Stuttgart to Columbia; b. 20 Aug. 
1776; d. 14 Oct. 1852, having m. Yolande, dau. of 

Visconti de Vignicr, of St. Domingo ; she d. at Clifton, Bristol, 
June, 1810, having had a son and 2 daus. 

(1) Sir Alexander James Edmund, 10th and late 

(2) Louisa Clemence Rose, d. 10 June, 1862, having m. to 
Signer Biasini. 

(3) Yolande Bridget, d. 20 Aug. 1854, having m. 27 June, 
1850, to Baron Pietro Francisco Ferrari, major Sardinian 

[5] Sir Francis, gen. in the army, col. 95th regt. governor of 
Honduras; b. lONov.1780; d. s. p. 17/24 Aug. 1868, having m. 19 
Nov. 1804, Alicia, dau. of Rev. Richard Samlys, of Canterbury. 
[6] Anna Augusta, d. 11 Aug. 1847, having m. 7 Aug. 1807, to 
Rev. Charles Hawkins, rector of Kelston, prebendary of York, 
and canon residentiary (BART.) ; he d. 11 April, 1857. 

Cockburn, of Ryslaw, now of Pennoxstone — see 
" Chaos." 

COCKBUKN-CAMrBELL, Sir Thomas (1821, 
U.K.), M.L.C. Western Australia; s. his brother 
as 4th Baronet in 1871; b. , 184.5 ; m. 

1870, Lucy Anne, dau. of Arthur