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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 






Volume LVI 






1782 - 1982 



'- M ^'* ^^'-^ 




4tm "* — ~~— — — -~— IP 

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HW i nnni iii ii i nm i M i nnu -w i iriiiin i li i i i i ii Miiiiii'itTii ii iii i r ii iiii i iwiin i i i imn i ii ii i iii i ii III i i inn i mi ■ )| i 

s- ( ' - ' » > - ^ , 





10 Fall 

11 Bicentennial 

14 Candids/Events 

24 Sports 

34 Faculty And Administration 
48 Winter 

50 Bicentennial 

52 Candids/Events 

60 Sports 

66 Organization 
78 Spring 

80 Candids/Events 

90 Sports 
106 Seniors 
138 Commencement 




Above, Jack Willis and Valerie Marsh carry the crew 
banner in the parade; and right, flag raising ceremony at 
Cross Street, Govenor Harry Hughes presiding. 

Platform of speakers; Ermon Foster; Michael Macielag; Reverend 
James C. Burke, O.P.; Senator Paul Sarbanes; Sir Frasier Noble; 
Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.; Acting President, Garry Clarke; Acting 
Dean, Dr. Nathan Smith; Louis Goldstein; Reverend Gregery S. 

Bicentennial, 13 

14, Candids-Events 

Candids-Events, 15 

Above, the Annual Sig Crab Feast was enjoyed by all, 
especially Benny Kohl who managed to become one with 
his dinner. 


16, Candids-Events 

^?f I 

Sand Castles 

Director: Timothy Maloney. Cast (above): 
Norman Prentiss, Steve Gaul, Sally McKen- 
zie, JR Porter, Bill Mortimer, Holli Mathi- 
son, Ginnie White. 

18, Candids-Events 




■^W \ 

American Buffalo 

Director: Ginnie White. 
Cast (above): Steve Gaul, JR 
Porter, Larry Stahl. 

A Charity Boxing Match 

Candids-Events, 19 

1 i J 

''J i 

Brian Meehan, Sally McKenzie, Charlie Chaney, Steve Gaul. Brenda Poteat, Mark Simpson Harr 


Survivors of the Bicentennial 200-mile relay: Jeff Lucas, Gin 
ger Kurupka, and Jeff Chaffin 

Sophie Kerr Series Lecturer William Gass talks with stu- 

20, Candids-Events 

Director: S. Drewes; Natalie Brown, Bill Mortimer, Ulfrus Baskan, Freeman Dodsworth, Chris Ellinghaus, Francie Burnett, JR 

Candids-Events, 21 

22, Candids-Events 

Candids-Events, 23 

Men's Soccer 

6 Wins 7 Losses 
1 Tie 

(24, Sports) 

It was a tough season for the Men s 
Soccer team as they were handed 
the majority of their defeats by but 
one goal, while most of their victo- 
ries were by a margin of at least 

The defensive line, in this, a re- 
building year, did a remarkable job. 
Sophomores Tim McGrath and 
Matt Smith, along with junior Bill 

Bounds and senior Roger Vaughn, 
defended the Washington College 
goal superbly. Junior Glenn Gillis 
did an excellent job in the net, 
making 85 saves and adding 4 shu- 
touts to his collegiate record. The 
experience gained by the defensive 
players who will be returning next 
season should give them an advan- 
tage over future adversaries. 

Senior V.J. Fillibin and sophmore 
Ron Lauricella stood out offensive- 
ly: Fillibin tallied 4 goals and 3 as- 
sists, and Lauricella had 5 goals and 
6 assists. 

Graduating only two senior start- 
ers, the 'hooters' will field a stron- 
ger, more experienced squad next 


>«■ I 


(Sports 25) 


Row 1-Glenn Gillis, Fred Dauch, Rich Amirikian, co-captain: V. J. FiUiben, co-captain: Bill Bounds, Mark Squillante, Mike Ma Mark 
MuUican 2-Tom Euker, Hansi Wittich, Pat Jones, John Rash, Brian Mueller, Ron Lauricella, Matt Smith, Avery Woodworth, Tom Vach 3- 
Asst. Coach Ben Tuckerman, Bill Goodrich, John Starkey, Charles Plasse, Harris Friedberg, Skip Ebaugh, Tim McGarth, Jim Wright Joe 
Dwyer, Asst. Coach Kurt Nass 4-Coach Tom Bowman, John Warrington, Dan Brumstead, Ron Athey, Coach Edward Athey 


••'>'■■ :'/i<i:>fyi8j%'W,4<i.y*^^ 

«Alumni Game 

Sports, 17 

Row-Jeff Lucas, Dan Bakley, Jonathan Adams 2-Kevin Kroencke, Mike 
Coleman, Lino Padrone, Chris Buchheister 

Cross Country 

4 Wins 9 Losses 

Seniors Kevin Kroncke and Jeff Lu- 
cas performed consistently, follow- 
ing the pace set by freshman up- 
start Jon Adams. Although Lucas 
and Kroencke will graduate in the 
Spring, Coach Chatallier feels that 
the remaining runners will provide 
a strong base from which to build a 
new team. 

(28, Sports) 

(Sports, 29) 

Women's Volleyball 

11 Wins 21 Losses 

(30, Sports) 


Despite a determined effort, the 
Washington College Women's 
Volleyball team finished the season 
with a disappointing 11-21 record. 
The team was often defeated in 
close matches. "We could play 
beautifully in one match and not so 
well in the next," explained Coach 
Penny Fall. "We couldn't get a han- 
dle on our inconsistencies." 

Washington College competed 
with some of the top ranked teams 
on the East Coast. Fall commented, 
"We stayed right with them." Al- 
though they were outscored by 
their opponents. Fall found the 
overall level of play achieved by the 
team in the course of the season, to 
be very rewarding. 

Seniors Cheryl Loss, Ann Most, 
and Christina Ragonesi led the 
squad withoutstanding individual 
performances. For the second con- 
secutive year. Loss and Most were 
named to the All-Star team at the 
Maryland State Tournament. As 
well, Loss was named to the Mid 
Atlantic Conference All-Star team. 
Most received Honorable Mention. 

(Sports, 31) 

Coach Fall was impressed with the 
improved style of play exhibited by 
Loss. "She's worked hard to be- 
come a better player," said Fall. "I 
respect her 150% effort 100% of the 
time at practice and in games." Ra- 
gonesi was another tremendous as- 
set to the team. "She's made enor- 
mous strides in the last two years," 
said Fall. "Her enthusiasm and dry 

sense of humor added something to 
the team which will be greatly 
missed. " Most was faced this year 
with difficult task of alternating 
court positions, and met the chal- 
lenge squarely. "I think we did 
pretty well," she said. "We had our 
ups and downs, like everybody. I 
just wish we had more ups." 

(32, Sports) 

Row 1-Karen Perkinson, co-captain: Cheryl Loss, co-captain: Ann Most, Anne Plumer 2-Coach Penny ,; ^ t 

Fall, Nanine Campbell, Laura Chase, Jenny Bradley, Christina Ragonesi, Cathy Hofman, Polly Goode ^^ ^n ilf ^^ ■ 
3-Tammy Schauber, Judy Skelton, Cammy McGlynn, Doug Brown 

Sports, 33 

Faculty And Administration 

Dr. Louis Cadwell, Physics 

Mr. Stephen Drewes, Drama 

34, Faculty 

Psychology- Mr. Paul Bishop, Dr. Jim Sieman, Dr. George Spilich, Dr. John Owen 

Dr. Nancy Tatum, English Chairman 

Mr. Timothy Maloney, Drama Chairman 

Faculty, 35 

Dr. Steven Cades, Sociology 

Above, Dr. Tom Cousineau, English, and his sons David (left) and 
Matthew. Below, Dr. Martin Kabat, Humanities Chairman. 

Dr. Donald Sebera, Chemistry 

36, Faculty 

Dr. Edgar Gwynn, Biology Chairman 

Dr. George Shivers, Spanish 

Above, Karen Smith, Physical Education, and below. Dr. Patricia 
Home, Sociology 

Dr. Bradford Chaney, Political Science 

Faculty, y? 


^^^x.K -I 

Dr. Tony Dilorio, History 

Mr. Don Chatallier, Physical Education; Professor Sean O'Connor, Education; and Mr. Jeff Chaffin, 
Reference Librarian. 

Dr. John Miller, Philosophy 

Dr. Tai Sung An, Chairman Political Science 

38, Faculty 

^ jMflpill^^%ll^ 






Mr. Ed Athey, Physical Education 

Dr. Mike Malone, Economics 

Dr. Albert Briggs, Mathematics 

Ms. Penny Fall, Physical Education 

Library Staff: Lois Kuhn, Greg Thornton, Virginia Coleman, Jean Bierman, Margaret Godley, 
Carolyn Halstead, Betty Wasson, Lavinia Slagle 

Faculty, 39 

Mr. Bennett Lamond, English 

Mr. Tony Dugall, Atheletic Trainer 

Dr. Daniel Premo, Political Science 

Dr. Richard Brown, Mathematics 

40, Faculty 

Music Department: Professor Amzie Parcell, Professor Elizabeth Parcell, Professor 
Kathy Mills (Chairman), and Dean Garry Clarke. 

Dr. John Taylor, Political Science 

Above, Dr. Robert Janson-LaPalme, Art, and below, Dr. Joachim Sholz, German 

Dr. Robert Fallaw, Historv 

Faculty, 41 

Dr. Robert Anderson, Philosophy 

Ms. Sue Tessem, Chairman Art 

Dr. Colin Dickson, French 

Dr. John Conkling, Chemistry 

42, Faculty 

Mr. Robert Day, English 

Dr. Frank Creegan, Chairman Chemistry 

Dr. John Baxter, Physics 

Dr. Donald Munson, Chairman Biology 

Faculty, 43 

Dr. Margaret Hor^ley, Chairman Sociology 

44, Faculty 

Dr. Andre Yon, French, and Mrs. Christine Pabon, Spanish and French 

Ms. Mariana Smith, Computer Center 

Dr. Peter Tapke, Chairman Philosophy 

Faculty, 45 

Mr. George Hayward, Vice President of Development 

Ms. Maureen Kellev, Dean of Students 

46, Faculty 

Mr. Mickey DiMaggio, Ms. Allison Miller, and Ms. Kathy Waye, Admis- 
Dr. Tom Pabon, Chairman Modern Languages, Spanish sions 


f" _ 

mi -^^^^jB 





Birthday Ball 


Upper left, Chris Perry, Sr. History Major speaks at the dedication 
of the Hill Dorms; left, Garry Clarke speaks at Winter Convocation; 
Upper right, Garry Clarke presents roses to Mrs. Edgar T. Higgins 
while Finn W. Caspersen, Chairman, The Hodsen Trust, looks on; 
lower right, Louis Goldstein dedicates the Hill Dorms to Edgar T. 

Bicentennial, 51 

52, Candids-Events 

Candids-Events, 53 

Kate Kuhn, Freeman Dodsworth, Denise Dankert, Stephen Drewes, Authur Smith, J. R. Porter, Natalie 
Brown, David Gorman, Kate Kraus 



Belle Of Amherst 




Directed By: 
Bill Mortimer 

Candids-Events, 55 

56, Candids/Events 




Candids/Events, 57 

58, Candids/Events 

Candids/Events, 59 


Capturing the Wild Goose Classic 
for the forth straight year, the bas- 
ketball team finished second in 
their conference with an overall re- 
cord of 13-11. 

Senior Joe Moye had an excellent 
year: he scored his one thousandth 
collegiate point before mid-season, 
and was later named Most Valuable 
Player at the Wild Goose Classic. 
Also, he was named to both the 
first team, M.A.C. All Stars, and 
the first team All State. Sophomore 
Tom Keefe was named to the sec- 
ond team All State, and received 
Honorable Mention from M.A.C. 

Pleased with the season's outcome. 
Coach Tom Finnegan explained 
that he has two goals every year: to 
have a winning season and to make 
the playoffs; this year's squad near- 
ly accomplished both. 

60, Sports 

Row 1-Terra Finnegan, Jeff Yost, Matt Burke, Joe Moye, Carl Fornoff, Jim Mclntyre, Brian Mullaney, Joe Stall 2-Coach 
Finnegan, Vince Gaisor, Bob Fornoff, Wayne Spurrier, Jim Corey, Tom Keefe, Scott Spurrier, Dave Collins, Mike Shwed 
Trainer Tony Dugal, Assistant Coach Chris Heimert 


Sports, 63 


Beth Glascock, Lisa Laird, Debilee Furgueson, Gini White, Lucie 
Hughs, Jill Delconte, Kelly Cupka, Lisa Mendelson, Cathy Mac- 

Sports 65 



Theta Chi 



1981-82 Thetas: Jesse Bacon, Mark Beatly, Chuck Bell, Randy Bell, Greg Cerio, Joe Clark, Tim Cloud, Ben Connolly, 
Paul Eckert, Jon Green, Paul Hooper, Peter Jenkins, Tom Keefe, Kevin Kiely, Buddy Lester, Harry McEnroe, Dave 
Mehrizi, Joe Moye, Jerry Renick, Billy Sawers, Mike Shwed, Scott Spurrier, Wayne Spurrier, Joe Stallings, Tommy 
Vach, Scott Vogel. 

68, Orgs 

Kappa Alpha 

1981-82 KAs: Kevin Beard, Joe Bourne, Andrew Bucklee, Dave Collins, John Conolly, Joe Crivelli, 
Greg Dargan, Tom Davis, John Darlington, Frank Dirks, Irvin Ebaugh, Howard Edson, Chris Ellingh- 
aus, Tim Fagan, V.J. Filliben, Bob Hockaday, Flounder Johnson, George Jones, Howard Kille, Bill 
Knight, Kevin Kroencke, John Lawrence, Chris Lemmon, John Lescure, Fran Lucia, Ted Mathias, Steve 
McAuliffe, Bill McCain, Lina Padron, Dave Pointon, Dave Singer, Don Sutherland, Roger Vaughn, 
Doug White, Steve Woods, Avery Woodworth, Dan Coon, Henry Culp. 

Orgs, 69 

Lambda Pi Delta 

1981-82 Lambdas: Greg Baker, Street Baldwin, Lance Bardell, Sean Brooks, Bruce Caslow, Jeff Charle- 
bois, John Charlton, Hugh Collie, Brian Corrigan, Chris Dixon, Marc Doucette, Pat Edeline, Bill 
Goodrich, Dicky Grieves, Brad Harrison, Jeff Horstman, Jeff Kaufman, Tom Mayer, Dan McNeese, 
Billy Naughton, Chris Perry, Glenn Proffitt, Hagen Saville, Rick Scott, Rick Silliman, Gerry Smith, 
Jerry Smith, Marty Smith, Bob Tutela, Andre Yon. 

70, Orgs 

Phi Sigma 

Who Are Those Sigs? 

1981-82 Sigs: Dan Bakely, Kevin Boyer, Doug Brown, Chris Bucheister, Richard Cookerly, Jim Cordrey, Joe 
Connelly, Steve Frailer, Chris Glavaris, Todd Harman, Steve Martz, Kenny Menzies, Richard Nunn, Kevin 
O'Connor, Ken Pfitzenmayer, Mike Reilly, Russ Schilling, Pat Shockley, Curtis Stoke, Tom Tansi, Pat 
Walsh, Jack Willis. 

Orgs, 71 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Robin Albright 

Denise Hernandez 

Michele Breza 

Eleanor Horine 

Katy Burke 

Lois Ireland 

Ruth Chisnel 

Sue James 

Cheryl Claggett 

Laura Jenkins 

Kathy Coulter 

Anne Kelly 

Sandra Danner 

Michele Lacher 

Betsy Deaconson 

Diana Lipford 

EUie Elburn 

Cathy McPhee 

Carolyn Ellis 

Kathy Mathias 

Andrea Graboski 

Kelly McKenney 

Chris Garappo 

Patrice Miller 

Bonnie Garr 

Teresa Porter 

Karen Hansen 

Carole Pursell 

Becky Harris 

Patty Travieso 

Ginny Henkel 

72, Orgs 


Alpha Omicron Pi 

Megan Ballard 
Kathy Banyas 
Allison Barth 
Bria Beckman 
Linda Benson 
Laurie Betz 
Jeni Blondell 
Jenny Bradley 
Cat Carrier 
Nina Casey 
Janice Dane 
Chrissy Denayer 
Missie Dix 
Kathryn Engle 
Becca Fincher 
Anne Friedman 
Beth Glascock 
CeCe Grady 
Eileen Grogan 
Michele Hartnett 
Kim Herman 

Audrey Latham 
Anne Magrath 
Lisa Mendelson 
Lacey Merriman 
Robin Miller 
Yvonne Montanye 
Karen Morgan 
Connie Muller-Thym 
Stephanie Paup 
Karen Perkinson 
Kim Phillips 
Tara Purnell 
Kristin Sichelstiel 
Julee Seward 
Kelly Waalkes 
Sally Wagaman 
Debbie Ward 
Lynda Webster 
Gini White 
Vickie Williams 

Orgs, 73 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

1981-82 ZETAs: Anne Bailey, Gina Conner, Kelly Cupka, Terri Delancey, Jill Delconte, Debilee Ferguson, 
Jani Gabriel, Alisyn Hendell, Lucie Hughes, Lisa Laird, Cheryl Loss, Heather McAlpine, Kathy McNamera! 
Mary Madison, Anne Plumer, Leslie Potash, Melanie Pullen, Julie Savage, Loraine Sexton, Dawn Stewart, 
Martha Windson. 

74, Orgs 

SGA Executive Board 


1981-82 Executive Board: Arlene Lee, President; Frank Dirks, Treasurer; Scott Hansen, Assistant 
Social Chairman; Liz Edwardsen, Social Chairman; Sue DeRienzo, Secretary; Doug Brown, Vice 

Orgs, 75 










Security: Director James Quinn, Officer Guy Beck, Sergeant John Williams, Officer Jeff 
Troester, Officer Mike Jones. 

76, Orgs 

'•%' m^ 

J- ^j. -( -. 

80, Candids/Events 


Candids/Events, 81 

SGA Luau 

82, Candids/Events 

:;^- ^y 


Candids/Events, 83 

84, Candids/Events 


Candids/Events, 85 

86, Candids/Events 

Candids/Events, 87 

S » ■ ' 

Candids/Events, 89 




Jack Willis, Steve Frailler, Jim Stevenson, Todd Harmon, Betsy Deaconson, Dave Poin- 
ton, Tom Tansi, Dan Bakely, Ted Mathias, Bob Coale 

1-Kathy Kraus, Kim Phillips, Kristin Sichelstiel, Dorothy Schwartz 2-Lisa Mendeison 
Ruth Chisnell, Judy Skelton, Karen Perkinson, Charlotte Delahay 3-Michele Hartnett 
Valerie Marsh, Teresa Porter, Mary Hussman, Shannon Stewart 

90, Sports 

Sports, 91 

Men's Baseball 

12 Wins 10 Losses 

***^*> igpl ^ . i ll 

1-Greg Dargan, Jim Corey, Tim Fagan, Billy McCain, Bill Gerwig, V.J. Filligen, Glenn Gillis 2-Matt Burke, Pete 
Morgan, Pat Jones, Paul Eckert, Fran Lucia, Tom Davis, Vince Gasior, Carlo Mirabelli 3-Mark Faloni, Tom Clancy, 
Lincoln Karnoff, John Miller, Harry Goodrich, Steve Woods, Ashley Rampapuram, Head Coach Ed Athey, Assistant 
Coach Al Streelman 

92, Sports 

Led by Senior Captains V.J. Filli- 
ben and Bill Gerwig, the Shoreman 
Baseball Team wrapped up a very 
successful season capturing second 
place in their division with a 6-4 
record in league play. 

At the head of the pitching staff 
strode the crafty veteran Tim Fagan 

who compiled the lowest ERA on 
the squad and tallied four victories. 
For both his pitching abilities and 
offensive prowess, Fagan will be 
missed next year. The gap will be 
filled by the man who had the sec- 
ond lowest ERA and won the Most 
Improved Player award, Sopho- 
more Tommy Davis. 

The team's Most Valuable Player 
award was shared by sophomores 
Vince Glasior (third base) and Matt 
Burke (shortstop). Glasior and 
Burke were also tied with Fran Lu- 
cia (second base) for most hits. 

Sports, 93 


2 Wins 9 Losses 

l-Anne Most, Cathy Hofman 2-Kathy McNamara, Jenny Bradley, Christina Ragonesi, Lisa 
Laird, Anne Plumer 3-Coach Penny Fall, Sarah Wright, Kelly Cupka, Chrissy Denayer, 
Lorraine Sexton, Jeff Alderson (manager), Coach Fred Weiman 

94, Sports 

Weathering the soggy spring which 
caused the cancellation of several 
games, as well as the loss of valuable 
practice time out of doors, the soft- 
ball team faced their opposition 
squarely. Losing several matches by 
narrow margins, they wound up the 
season with a disappointing win- 
loss record. 

This season brought freshman Kelly 
Cupka and transfer sophomore Jen- 
ny Bradley to the mound. Both did 
remarkably good jobs for their first 

The team batting leaders were Chris- 
tina Ragonesi with a .437 average, 
followed by Cathy Hofman and Sara 

Wright with .400 and .315 respec- 
tively. Captain Ann Most led the 
team in RBI's with 10, followed by 
Hofman who had 9. For the second 
year in a row. Most was named 
Southern Conference All Star Catch- 
er. Hofman was awarded Most Valu- 
able Player, and Chrissy Denayer 
was voted Most Improved Player. 

Sports, 95 


Men's 4-11 
Women's 1-6 

Scott Behm, Howard Edson, Lucius Sinks, Glenn Laws, Coach Tom Finnegan. Not 
Pictured: Paul Hynson, Paolo Galli, Chris Perry 

T""'t " * 

. . m 

l-Kathy Banyas, Fannie Hobbe, Karen Morgan, Chris Raborn 2-Laura Pierson, Stephanie 
Crockett, Robin Albright 3-Coach Penny Fall, Tammy Wolff 

Sports, 97 

Women's Lacrosse 

7 Wins 1 Loss 

SUCCESS! That is the best way to 
describe the Women's Lacrosse 
Team's first season of varsity play. 
Despite the small size of their team, 
the Shorewomen managed to outs- 
core their opponents by nearly 
200%. The team's leading scorers 
were Jesse Wittich with 40 of the 
team's 95 goals, Amy Farmer with 
21 goals, and Nina Casey with 15 

l-Jesse Fowler, Polly White 2-Nina Casey, Vicky Williams, Margot Woods, 
Jesse Wittich, Missy Combes, Janice Daue, Eileen Grogan 3-Assistant 
Coach Kathy Waye, Amy Farmer, Lindsey Evans, Anne Addis, Eleanor 
Horine, Debbie Ward, Kathy Mathias, Mary Jo Perticaone. Not Pictured: 
Sarah Brooks and Head Coach Nancy Dick. 

98, Sports 

Eileen Grogan, who was the only 
goalie for most of the season was 
voted Most Improved Player. Co- 
captains Jessica Fowler and Polly 
White shared the Most Valuable 
Player award. 

Sports, 99 

Men's Lacrosse 

13 Wins 4 Losses 

Row 1-Georgeanna Linthicum, John Taylor, Dickie Grieves, Dave Michalski, Mike Stevens, Bin 
Sawers, Frank DiMondi, Doug White, Tom Forestano, Kathy Connelly 2-Jeffrey Kaffman, Franz 
Fleishman, Jesse Bacon, Tim Cloud, Kevin O'Connor, Paul Hooper, Pete Jenkins, Joe Clark, Pete 
Hawley, Danny McNeese, Mark Sweeney, Chris Nelson 3-Coach Clint Evans, Scott Brewster, 
Trapper Macauley, Stephen Brewster, Jon Green, Bruce Caslow, Ed Nordberg, Bob Tutela, Eric 
Shealy, Bruce Winand, Greg Baker, Mike Cranston, Craig Boynton, Hugh Weeks, Coach Bill 
Goyal, Head Coach Bryan Matthews 

100, Sports 

For everyone involved, the 1982 WC 
Men's Lacrosse Team was one that 
will be remembered in the years to 
come. They had a very successful 
season, capturing second place in the 
NCAA Division Three. One factor 
which contributed heavily to the 
team's success was the strong leader- 
ship of tri-captains Paul Hooper, Pe- 
ter Jenkins, and Kevin O'Connor 

along with the skill and maturity of 
the other senior members of the 
squad. As well, it was a diversified 
team with many outstanding players 
whose talents meshed together to 
form a well rounded squad. Hooper 
led the team in scoring with 67 
points (30 goals, 37 assists), and ju- 
niors Jeff Kauffman and Dicky 
Grieves followed closely with 63 (49 

goals, 14 assists) and 56 (36 goals, 20 
assists) respectively. The team, ac- 
cording to Head Coach Bryan Mat- 
thews, was one which "took things 
seriously; a team willing to listen 
and learn." Under the guidance of 
Matthews and his coaching staff this 
team did indeed seem to listen and 
learn, and realize their potential. 











1?;- % 






• - 

*■ W 


' \ 



.102, Sports 

Sports, 103 

104, Sports 

Sports, 105 





/%" 4 


••'■' i 







^^ ^% 

ffllvii mmi 




, Seniors 

Seniors, 113 

Seniors, 115 

Andres Custer 

Seniors, 121 

Seniors, 125 



■■^^t Coca Arrivillago 
I 128, Seniors 



Cathy McGuire 

130, Seniors 

> ^^ 1^- i^ Kara Beal j*^ 




Senior Awards tp' 

George Washington Medal Gail Krall 

Joseph H. McLain Prize Gene Hessey, Jr. 

William Gover Duvall Prize Mark Squillante 

Henry W.C. Catlin Medal Mark Simpson 

Gold Pentagon Award Tamara Dubin 

Clark-Porter Medal Chris Lemmon 

Sophie Kerr Prize Peter Turchi 

Writer's Union Award Tamara Dubin 

Steward Drama Award Sally McKenzie 

Wall Street Journal Award Donna Glover 

Emil C. Hildenbrand Medal Tamara Dubin 

Sociology Department Award Anne Kelly 

Senior Women's Atheletic Award Cheryl Loss 

Ann Most 

The Fox Medal Mark Squillante 

Doris T. Bell Award Kathy Kraus 

Thomas Reeder Spedden Medal Peter Jenkins 

Athletic Council Award Paul Hooper 

Joseph Moye 

Colonial Dames of America Award Kathy Kraus 

Eldridge Eliason Award V.J. Filliben, Jr. 



W i 

~' "'^^^^k^.^w^^3bE^IH^h^^^^^H^B^P 

iP|, " 

% V - "^Hv. ^ 

1 1 

.: 7\J< ^n 



,1 ' 


If your alma mater hopes you learned one thing, 
perhaps it would be that the truth can make you free 
and that the truth can keep you free. 

All of you now are about to embark on your own 
personal search for the truth; not only the truth in 
facts but also the truth in love and feelings and 
harmony. Truth is a very small force but it can 
move a very great weight.... 

You are almost alumni now and in a moment or two 
you will each be an integral part of a ceremony that 
has taken place here or near here for almost two 
hundred years, through five generations, eight 
wars, six financial panics, four recessions, and one 
Great Depression. 

To know that you are now participating in virtually 
the same exercise that has been repeated each year 
since the eighteenth century, to know that each of 
you is a beneficiary — however remote — of George 
Washington's gift of fifty guineas, to know that you 
are all linked together with almost six thousand 
other living graduates to carry this proud tradition; 
surely that burden of history will bring you back to 
Chestertown again and again to make sure Wash- 
ingtion College not only survives but also flour- 

Good Luck. Happy Birthday. And God Bless you, 
each one of you. 

-Roger Mudd 



Editors: Christy Holt & Mark Slater 

Special Assistant: Jane Mawson 

Photography: Ted Mathias, editor 
Lori Murphy 
Jon Adams 
Gary Swope 
Mark Slater 
Debbie Kole 
Kevin Kroenke 
Kamie McGlynn 
Nimrod Natan 
Sally McAlpine 
Phil Heaver 
Eleanor Horrine 
Mary Hussman 

Artwork: Vanessa Haight (cover) 
Chris Dixon 

Sports Copy: Jeff Alderson 
Ashley Ramapuram 

Special thanks to Bob Sheridan and Rich Schrenker for their 
help, and to the SGA for monetary support.