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Full text of "The Penal code of California: peace officers abridged edition"

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Enacted in 1872 ; as Akended in 1889. 



Author of " A Compendium of American Criminal Law,'* 
"Federal Procedure," etc. 




bt bumneb whttnet & oa 

Tbii «dltlotk ol tbo Penal Code eontajna all tbe amend- 
meats made tbeteto up to tbe tenniontloii of the Tegular 
MUlon of the Legislatnre of 1681. Tba data of approval 
of eacb amendment li given at tbe end of tbe section 
amended, tbe word " approred " Indicating Ibat tbe 
amendatory act took effect at tbs atatatary time, aixty 
days after pauage, vhile tbe words "In effect" indioate 
that tbe act took effect "from and after Ita pasiage." 

All tho declBlons of tbe Bnpreme Conrt of this State, as 
well as nnmeroiu deciBions of foreign oontta of laat re- 
sort, besrlDg npon the subjecta treated, have been added 
an Dotea to tbe text, given in as terse a form as possible, 
having regard to tbe point decided and ita application. 
Nnmerons cross-referenaes will be foand tbroagliont the 
Tolume, to facilitate tbe comparison of cognate sections, 
and render tbe neceasily of an appeal to tbe index less 

The general statntes relating to subjects embraced in 
tba Penal Coda are given in tbe appendix, and those pnrts 
of the Code of Procednre relating to juries and evidence, 
S3 prepared by Mr. Newmarlc, are bonnd In for conven- 
ience of reference. Tbe wbole l» submitted to the profes- 
sion, with a view to aid practitioners In this Interesting 
branch of the law. 







PART n. 


PART m. 


§§ 1573-1614. 





I 71 




' FkSBOMR LtABt^E TO PUNiaHMEMT, Title I, 5S 2»-T. 

Pasties to Cbiue, Titis 11, JJ 3(}-33. 

Offembes AGADJsr THE STATU, Title iii, SS 37, 38. 




Cbiuss against PrraLio Jdsticb, Title vii, S! 02-1B6. ■ 

Bribery and cormption. ohap. i, {f 92-100. I 

Bescuea, cliop. li, jj lDJ-2. | 

Escapes, ana aiding tberein. chap, iii, 55 105-11. 
ForgiDg, Hteuting. aiid falsifyitig judlaial 
and public rucocda und docuniBnta, cliap. it, §} 
Peijary, and aubomation of perjury, cbap. v, 55 Ut*- 

Falsitying evidenoe. eliap. vL 55 132-.T8. 

Other ofFunsBB agulnst public justice, chap. vU, 5S I^^ 

CoDHpiracy, cbap. Till, 55 182-85. 

MayLem, chap, ii, 65 2(13-4. 
KldnappiDK, chap. Iii, 55 207-- 
Bobbary, cbiaii. iv, §§ 311-13, 

f * 

t Duel) 


Afnaults tritb intent to cotiimit felony, other 

saulla with iotKut to luurder. chap, vi, %% •mO-IO.. 
Duela and challenges, chap, vil, §5 225-^. 



Obdieb AQAiNaT THE Febson — Continued. 
Falts imprlsonnieiit, chap. Tili, S§ 236-3T. 
Aaaautt and battery, cbap. Ix, {{ 210-15. 
Libel, chap, i, i§ 24S-0T. 


ijt, 15 2U1-3G7. 
Bape, abducciou, carnal abuse of cbildren, and HedDO- 

i, 5S 290-7. 
Crimes agaiiist religion and conscieDce, and ocberof- 

fenses against good morals, chap, vii, ^ 299-309. 
Indecent exposure, obaceoe exhibitioDB, books, and 

prints, and bawdy and other disorderly hoasea, 

chap. Till, JS 311-1& 
Lotteries, chap, iz, 5S3I9-2& 
Gamisft, chap, i, {§ 330-a 
pBTrnbrokers, cbap. zi, H 338-43. 
Other injuries to persons, chap, xli, §§ 34&^. 



, CantBB AGAINST PoopEBTT — Continutd. 

False weights and measares, obap. zii, {} SS3-0. 
' Fraadul^nt iDsolvencles b7 corpoiationB. and other 

; frauds tn ibeir management, chap. liii. ^ 6HT-T3. 

' Frsudiileat issue of documents of title to marcbandise, 

I chap, xjv, §S BTT-HJ. 

I Malicious Injurie-i to railroad bridges, hiKhwaya. 

■ biidges. and telegraphs, chap. xt. s§ 58T-9^. 

( Mauciocs Mischibp, Title xiv, H 59t-625. 

JlfflCELLAMlODS Ceimbs, Title XV, §5 620-64. 
, Violation of tlie lawafortlie preservation of game and 

flah. chap, i, 55 fi26-37. 
Of otliet and miscellaneous oSeDses, chap, ii, {f 63S-E1. 

PL PlMVUlOKS, Title xri. H G34^7a 
PART n. 
CKIMTNAI. PHOCEDUEE, ii 681-1670. 

PSELIUINART PllOTiaiOKS, §5 681-1570. 

PaBYBSTlON OF PlTBLlC OPPBWSBS, Title i, §6 692-733. 
I Of IsTTful realatance, chap. I, J§ 6y2-4. 

Of tlio intecventioa of the officers of justice, chap. U, 
I E5 097-8. 

J- Bocurity to keep ilie peace, chap, iil, 55 701-14. 

Police in cities and towns, and their attendance at eX' 

posed places, chap, iv, 5g T1<J-2U. 
Suppression of riots, cbap. t, 55 72a-33. 
Froceedtngs fobthe reuovai. of Pubuo OrFicERS, Title 
ii. 55 7j7-773. 
Of impeachments, chap, i, $| T3T-53. 
Of the removal of civu officers otherwise than by Im- 
peachmeati chap, ii, |5 7^-72. 

ili, 55 777-883. 
Of the local jurisdiction of public oEFenses, chap, i, |5 

The information, chap, ill, £§806-9. 
Tb» 'WMTUit of aa^eat, ehap. i " — 

Pbocxbdihos f 

« iMDicTMBMT— CoTUinued. 

Arrest, bj whom and bow made, cbap. t, {S 831-41. 
"---'-' ' n escape or rescue, cfiap.^vf, 55 SMr-S. 


Procbetiinos AFTsn Commitment and BKroas Indict 
MBNT. Tiiio IT, 55 8a8-a;i7. 
PreliinlQary provisions, cliap. i, §5 8S8-90. 
Porminion of tUe grand jury, chap, ii, §5 8Mr-910. 
Powers aad duties of a grand jury. cbap. lii, S§ 019- 

PreaeatiDODt and proceedings thereon, chap. It, 5{ 

Thb Isdictmknt, Title v, §} 910-72. 

Finding and prasentmeut of the lodlotnieDt, ahftp. 1, Jf 

Rules of pleading and form of the Indictment, chap. 

ii, 51 i>itS-Ti. 


Ti, 55 «7«-1053. 
Of the arraignment of the defendant, chap. 1, 55 97&- 

Setting aside the Indictment, chap. 11, 59 995-99. 

Demurrer, chap, iii, 55 IOO'J-12. 
■v. h lulii-:;.-,. 

^^^^ffiits TO THE ScEBKiiB COTTBT, Title ix, §§ 1235-CG. 
'' Appeals, when allowed, Hud Luw takeu, and tlte effect 

thereof, cliap i, 5§ 1235-*!. 
DiBmJBslDg au appeal for Irregalority, chap. 11, JJ 121fti 

ArKaiueiit of the appeal, chap iii, £§ 12S3-55. 
Judgmeut upon appeal, cbap. iv, s| 12SS-GQ. 
MIBCBLL.AHB0UH Pbocbodinoh, Title x,.§{ 12ti8-1423. 
Bail, chap, i, 55 12C3-131T. 
Who may be witnesses ia crimianl aotiuns, cliap. ii, 

§S 13:il-^. 
CompeUliie the attendance of witnesses, chop, lil, {( 

Examination of witnesses conditionally, cbap. iv, ii 

Gxamination of witneBsas on commission, chap. v> 5t 

Inquiry into the insanitj of the defendant before trial 

._ t. fot 

want of prosecution ot otberwiao, chap, viii, }{ 

Proceedings against oorporatiooa, chap, ix, 5| 1390-T. 
Entltllus aiadavits, cbap. x, 5 1401. 
Errors ami loiBtalEes In pleadings and other proceed" 

Ingf, cbap xi. § UM. 
Disposal of property stolen or embezzled, chap, xii, 5} 

Reprieves, commatations, and pardons, chap, xili, 5)- 


FEALS, Title xi, §5 i42e-7l). 
Proceedings in Justices' and Police Courts, chap, i, SJ 

Appeals, chap, ii, SS ueG-TO. 
SrHcui. PnocGBDKios oir & Cbdui-VjU, Natitbr, Title x 

{{ 14T3-1dI». 

it of bubeas corpus, chap, i, §5 1473-lGOO. 

irs' inquest'i and duties of coronecs, cbap. 

55 1510-10. 

Ot search warrants, chap, iii, 55 ir 

Proceadinga against fugitives fro 

55 1B47-B8. 
WBceUaaeoas provisions raspeetinE aiieciaV 
^^ '"fs of a criaiiuiil uature, cliap. '■■ --~ 

Ihpbisoiibd PcBaoKB 

> CovBT, liUa xIU, I 
FoBnoTOKSi^ TUla xir, | 


Of tkb Stats Prison, Title i, lST3-9a. 

Of tha Stata prison, chap. 1, " ■""* " 

Ot the disotia^a oE pmone 
their Mna of service, cb 
Or OOUMTT JuLa, TiUe ii, K U9T-16t4. 


Art. I, § 1. All men aie by nature frea and independ* I 
ent, and Lave certain inalienable rights, among; trblcll 
Bra tliosa of eDJo;iag aad defending life and liberty; 
acquiring, posaessiug, and protecting property; and pur 
■nlng and obtaining safety and bstpplneaa. 

InoUflnabla righti-^Le|Malatl7a power cuinac reaab thflm eicept 
on flODV&ctLoiL of riline — B Nel>. fl7: &nd no Doraon con badeprlvfld of 

person may i>o restricted Iroiu etercisJns Jila rLgbtB in a mamiBr so u 

Art. i; § 4. * • ■ Ko person shall ba rendered in* 
competent to be a witoesacr juroron account of his opin- 
iotu on matter! of religious belief. 

Art. I, § 5. The privilege of tlie writ of habcai coTpiii 
shall not be suspended, unlosa ^vben. In cases of rehellion 
or iuvaaion, the public safety may require its auBpension. 

see CDDsl. tJ. S. art. I, i n, eubil. 3. 

Art. I, 9 6. All persons shall be bailable by BufBcient i 
Burelles, unless for capital offenses where the proof la evi- 
dent or the presumption great. ExoessiTa bail shall not 
be required, Dor excessive fines imposed; uor shall cruel 
or unusual punishments be inlliated. Witnesses shall not 
ba nnreasonably detained, nor confined in any room 
where criminals are actually imprisoned. 

BbU— ririit to,— A Diiaoner marbe BdmiCtEii Co hall aTter InUcQaenl 
found— W Ala. Mil chargB ana laaieaaeBt diBHngul8liei3-4' '^' *"■ 
"prool" aad "pregampiloa •■ arnilr Lo (lie guilt, not to Ihi 
}QmaSeim-^PiaaliSep.ssi. a'ior,^JitIaaecuroatc 

'e Orsc Uegree— H A. 

Bail after coavlclian.— 

tlce ma/ be proiooua— il CuI. US. 

Who mar ralsasa on baiL— To procure re 
miutni before tha (naglstraia Bho Issued ili 
tratelh tba eome couuFy— M Cal. Ifri; aud ai 


nilajices— 19 Cnl. 6S; U It 

of. — In llibui HBomu. tbe p> 

■bauld ba to cams tbe ttatajaiiceot tceaatA—tlCtLWt •BdoBtlM 
utdlcatlaii for reiIiKtloii.lhe Enllt of aecmad will ba pnnowq— H 
<Nu.n;4i liLHS. TbB conn or jDiIn liiMX uthoilnd to iMarian, 
HDlen tliB boll li ezGndve-ud erMur <IlinnRmrtlanato to *<" ->—— 
— U C*L US: U CaL Tt. FltuentUouuiuluollarauDCenws 
milt to mtinlei— M iM, t»; iior ons lumdr" ~" ' — "- 
dollars for ion dlaclnct lelonles-H CaL 4111. 

n UDCezcaslire foraa 










BO BfleM 
s real nam 

crime, liicludi 
. 4"u'"^cflf'l'it 

ffsaes, failure lo 

may >ffi l>e 



Art. I, § 9. ■ * * Imlictmenta foimil, or iaforoia- 
tion laid, for pnblicationa in newapapera, shall be triad in 
the county where auch Denspapera bavu tiioir publioatfon 
office, or In the county wliere tha party nlleged to be 
libeled realdsd at the time of the alleged publication, un- 
lesa tlie place oE trial shall be cliaiiged for good cause, 

Art. I, § 13. In crimiaal prosecntioa in any court 
whatever, the party accuaed ahall have tba right to a 
speedy aud public trial; to have the process of the court to 
compel the attendance of witneasea iu his behalf, and to 
appeocani] defeodinpecsonaod witbcounsul. No person 
■ball be twice put in jeopardy for the aameoCfense; uor 
be compelled in any oriminal eaaa to be a witneas against l 
liimaelf ; nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property with- | 
out due process of law. The Leeialatura ahait have powec 
to provide for the taking, in the presence of tha party ac- 
cused and hiacounsel, of daposliionsof witnaaaeB, incritn- 
inat oases, other than cases of homicide, where there ia reo- 
■onto believe that the witness, from inability or other 
canae, vrill not attend at the trial. 
eisiIluettlUi>nute9~MCHLfin; bat UiLs tlubt mny Lb walvcil-33 Ala. 

Bight to ooao«aL— In eapltil isiea the court may allow mors than 
t>iiocainisf1 toadOreas the Jury, on cacb Bldc>-4U Cal. 2M, Order of 

By Jail lirekKiaK and csca'pUiE- dctcuOiuit nalTcahls rlalit la'coimsel— 

peison Indicted tor murder, after dtecharno ot luTJ, 

»i 1 M Lean 4M i^bag * B. 

. ( , B la 1S3 Tlie point of ob- 
cord— <aca) 3^ QnleB tliB tbt- 

wltiiOM.— ThlJ pi 

laJoa applies otilr to criminal 
DiDCBev BecillT "CtUuliul 
nt for trime-s ClL I. N H; il 
Bclal mioco duct— I Wood 4M. 

b\s retusal to 
ta.»Ii. Hull 
Dad Ueen i.n 

nllei of practice, nor malLO Ixlm a witueu toJ- 1 
Alt I, § 16. No bUl of attainder, 
latr Impairing the obligatiooa o! 
Bill of attainder.—. 


la a leilslB 

-( Wall.iT; 

Call. 31)0! S PeUiB, 109:17 H(nr.l9il;4 Wall. ITi; Id. 390; but 
cilmlnal proceduce-U CaL IK; 90iBtt.S33; 16 U.Mdo. 19; 11 T 
A law Hllgvrlng counsel lor tlis flOtto to opon and close tbe arg 
IsnoIiMciiir/arfa— local. US! nor taikMatDtepiovldUictMtn. 
— "■I"- '■■' "-'" 'greeny mataa ona guilty ot lelouy— ta IJOL 

J be on oath or affirmatlan, and no person 
shall be convicted without the concurrence cf two-thirds 
of tbe members elected. 

Trial of impeaobmsnt.— To be ellectuil, articles must be presenteil 
to and bs reiTEivea by a quorum of tUe entire Senate— 12 Pla. fis3; and 
If euMeqaently etectsd to tbeSenale— Addlson'a TrJal. 21-11: Pnrter's 
Trial, il. All (be runctlona or tbo governor are Buapended durlnjc bli 

Art. IV, § la Tlie governor, lieutenant governor, 
secretat; a( state, controller, treasurer, attorn ey-gen- 
eial, sorveyoi-geuecul, cljiet justice and associate jus- 
tices ol the Supreme Court, and juilgea of the Superior 
Courts, shall be liable to impeachment for any miade- 
meanor in otHce, but judgment in such casea shall extend 
only to removal from office, and disgualiflcation to hold 
any ofSce of honor, trust, or prodt under the State: but 
the part; convicted or acquitted shall, nevertheless, be 
liable to indictment, trial, and punlabmenC, according lo 
law. All other civil oillcerB shall be tried for misdemean- 
or in office In such manner as the le^lature ma; provide. 

liTerTaic bb opbilon-A<lillsiui'a Trial. 114; « mil. 22ii PorUr'a Trial. 
Aia-aT"" "*" "" '" " " '"*""'"' "*■ "■ ■ 

Art. rv, § 21. No person convicted of the embezale- 
ment or defalcation of the public funds of the United 
Btates, or of any State, or of any county or muuicipality 
therein, ahall ever be eligible to any ofBce of honor, trust, 
or proHt under this State, and the Legislature shall pro- 
Tide, by law, for the punishmont of emboxxlement or de- 
falcation as a felony. 

Art. VI, § 1. The judicial power of the State sliall ba 
Tested in the Senate, sittins ae a court of impeachment, 
in a Supreme Court, Superior Courts, justices of the 
peace, and Buch inferior courts aa the Legislature may 
establish in any incorporated city or town, or city 

xriabj Iv 

, .. .... .. ircaiiit,« , , 

peu In lu ntoceedlDgi to elie II hirtadlettao *>a InnUT ItsjBilciDMit 

moM iHKt tortli DD tbe neta^-MVti. fiL 

Art. VI, § 4. The Supreme Court sball ha.Ye appellaM 
Jurisdiutlon ■ ■ ■ in M criminsl cases prosecated by 
Indictmeat or laformatioD, in a court of record, on qnes- 
tiODB of law alone. • • • Each of the Justices shall 
have power to issue wiit« of habeat eorpat to any part of 
the State, upon petition hy or on behalf of any person 

21 coNSTirnnotfAi. pRovisioy*. Arts. 6-20 

iasus wiita of habeas corpus, on pBtiCion by, ot on belialf of 
any peraou In aotual castod7, io tbeir reapective cc 
Original JoriidicUiiD —Dlstilcc Couna ( Superior Ootini) lii 

Ki.. '.« 

' ntvCourtsciloadatolaqulrlfla^y la 
il Maxell Ist 1M4 u district judge ma] 
I oat appear on tbe uity appulataa— 4! 


Art VI, 3 19. Judges Bhall not charge juriea with 
respect to matteta of fact, but luay atnte tha testimony 
and declare tlie law. 

IiutruotlonB.'-Coart may laAtmct jury tbut testimony tends to firova 

eiureuoplalotiDDwijkbtaCcvldeni^e— llld. lee;; ii Id.2i3i 
IlIiI.eM: i!Tlil.XM! Slia.Ui3: 3Bld.2W. It sbonlO not Instruct oa con- 
troverted [ids— 51 Cal.lS3; ofcIisntetbsttlieailstciiceoInlactnilBei 
wlBsf^fFi'^.'""^'*'"^'''"""''^''''"'"*"^*''*'*' Mld.aiil H 
Art. XX, § 2. Any citizen oE thia State who abatl, 
9fter tbe adoption of tbis Ooustitution, fight a duel with 
deadly weapons, or send or accept achullenge to iig 
duel with deadly weapons, either within this State a: 
of it, oc who shall act as second, or knowingly aid o 
Bist in any manner those thus offending, shall not be al- 
lowed to bold any office of profit, or to enjoy the right of 
sntfrage under this Constitution. 
DialTanchisemeiit I* ni 

Art. XX, § 10. Every person nhall be disqualified 

from holding anyoCGceof profit in thia State who ^'baU. 

bmB beeu convicteiJ ot having given or offered a biritie W 

M^^MT^Ja election or- oppoiutiaetit. 


CAnnrored VelmiMtf 14tli, 18720 

The PeopU<^ih» State ef Cal{fi>rnia, repreeented in Senate 
and Auembly, do enact as foUowe: 


1. This Act shall be known as Thb Pbnal Codb ov 
Oaijfobnia. and is divided into Three Farts, as followB: 

I— Of Obimbs and Punibhmients. 
n— Of Csxmikal Pbocsdubb. 
in— Of thb Statb Pbison and Countt Jails. 


fkelhonaky frovibioits. 

M premrred. 
ID impeacU or remove 
. Authority of coiirtkmwtlol pnMned. CouMi 

^ The rule of tJia common law, that penal fltat 
tltee ara to be strictly constriied, Iiaa no- application t 
tbjB Code. All ita provisloiiH are to be coaBtmed aacord- I 
,0 the fair Import of ibelr terms, with a rlew to effect J 
its object anil to promote jostice. 
□omcnoB-law nils Bbragated— M Onl. 431; 43 Id. TO! Uld.llT. 
ReasonablB canni-notiBn.— Tha raumalilB sense designed b, , 

S. The provisions of this Code, so far as tlie? a 
BUbstBiitially the same as existing statutes, must be co 
Btrued as contiauationa thereof, and not hs new enat 

6. No act or omission commencoil after twelve o'clock, 
Doon, of the dn,y on which this Code takes effect a» 
a law, is crinlnal or puDinbable, except as prescribed 
or authorized by this Code, or by some of the statutes 
which It specifies as continuing in force and as not af- 
fected by ita provisiona, or by some ordiDance, municipal, 
county, or township regulatioD, passed or adopted under 
such Btatates, and in foi.« when this Code takes effuct. 
Any act or omission commenced prior to that time uiny 
be inquired of, prosecuted, and punisljed Id tlio H^ins 
manner aa If thia Code had not been passed. 
Bmot on past DAnsee.— Where, b;'lSLli'^Calfflfi^'bmJL 

wise, nbsre siinistiment ii dlmliil9tied— ^^ N. V. ' 

Chanrt. HHi 1 Blsclif. IBS; TThM-OU. Ideraiwed uuiu. 

sequent aaenss nay Ih> Impused—M C3L (M; 4) Id, Illi sea Desty'a 

feiiM— Peapis v. Siantey, t^ CnL 114. If a stutute U chaniEd Bubae- 
quunt la commlaslon oCoaense. tlie pnnlituuenl In reguUifed tiy tbB 
prior law— I Cb[, I6S; but BUttulns cbiuiglnK the funna ur procedure 
■ra not u toil facta Uwa— 40 Cat. US. Soe Ex fosi Faoto. biiM, 

1. Words Qsed in this Code in the present tense In- 
clude the future as well aa the present; words used In the 
mascDllne gender include the feminine and neuter; tbe 
singular number includes the plural, and tbe p\aTa.\ tbo 
|_^^gnL w,' the word person includes a corporation as ^*VL 
^■■^^r. coDa.-a. J 


as It natural person; writing Includes pitntlns; oatli In- 
cludes aEBrmatloa or declaration j and every tnoda of 
oral statement under oath or afOrmation is embraced bj 
the term " testify," and every written one ia tbe tann 
"depose"; signature or subscription includes mark, 
wben tbe person cannot write, bis name being written 
near it, and witnessed by a person wbo writes his own 
name as a witness. Tbe following; words, alao, bare In 
this Code tbe siRnillcation attached M them in this see- 
Uon, unless otherwise apparent from (be context: 

Finl. TLe word " willfully ." when applied to the in- 
tent with wbich an act ts done at omitted, implies simply 
a purpose or willingness to commit tbe act, or moke tb* 
omission referred to. It does not require any Intent to 
violate law, or to injure another, or to ftoqalre any ad- 
Second. The words "neglect," "n^llgence," "negli- 
gent," and " negligently," Import a want of sncb atten- 
tion to tbe nature or probable consequences of the act or 
omission as a prudent man ordinarily bestows In acting 
in hia O' 


ondertaMng to give any, asked, given, or accepted, with 
a connpC intent to influence, uulanfully, the person to 
vbom It is glren. in liia action, voto, or opinion, in any 
puliHc or oSlcial capacity. 

Seventh. Tteword "vesel," whenuBedwitlireferauca 
to shipping, includes ships of all kinds, Bteamhoata, co^ 
ual-boats, bargea, and every Btritcturo adapted to he 
navigated from place to place for llie ttanspoTtation of 
merchandise or persons. 

Eighth. The words "peace officer" signify any one of 
tho ofBoers mentioned in section eight hundred and sev- 
enteen of this Code. 

Jfinlh. The word " magistrate " signillea any one of 
the officers mentioned in section eight hundred and eight 
of this Code. 1 

Tenth. The word "property" includes both real and 1 
personal property. 

Eleventh. The words " reul property " ate ooextenBiva 
vith lands, tenemeuts, and heTedilamentil. 

Tiee(fUi. The words "personal property" Include 
money, goods, chattels, things la actiou, and evidences of 

Thirteenth. The word " month " means a calendat 
month, unless otherwise expressed. 

Ftnirteenth. The word " will " includes codicils, 

Fifleettlh. The word "writ " signifies an order or pre- 
cept in writing, issued in the name of the people, or of a, 
court or judioittl officer, and the word "process" a writ 
I or Bummons issued in the course of judicial proceedings. 

SixC^nth. Words and pbiaaea must be eooatrued accord- 
ing to the context and the approved usage of the lan- 
guage; but technical words and phrases, and such othera 
I as may have acqoirod a peculiar and appropriate mean- 
ing in law, must be construed according to sui'h peculi. 
and appropriate meaning. 
I Beventeenlh. Words giving a joint authority to tlitee 

^la^B pubJJo aSaera or other persoDS, are aoTtat^poMi 


Sg 8-9 PBEUMINAST paavmom, 38 

giving ftooh anthorlty to a maforlt r of them, nnleM It b* 
otbenrtoe expressed in the act glTing the antborlty, 

ElgMeenth. When the seal of a, court or pnblto ofSotf 
1b required by law to be affixed to anj paper, the word 
"seal" IncludsBBn ImpresBion of Hnchseal upon the p» 
per alone, or Qpon any substance attached to the paper 
capable of recelTing a Tiiiible ImpTeBiton. The seal of a 
private person may be mtide in like manner, or by the 
■croll of a pen, or bywrlting the word "seal" against 
bis name. 

Iflaetetnlh, The word "State," when applied to the 
different parts of the United States, Inclndea the Dlstrlot 
of Columbia and the Territories, and the words " United 
States " may Include the District and Territories. [A.p' 
proved March SOtb, in effect Joly 1st, ISTt.] 

auid, 1. Willfnllr mtua designedly. tatetttloaallT —ST 
*llct.M8:7Cii[freaaenCiyslgDlflesuieTl1 loteat vllliaat ' 

Said. 9. Ada of omlssioa, aa well sa acta ot commlailon. mr l» 
oegU^t— I BlatcU. fiiS; « McLeM. 242. 

Oiimlnil negllgsncs la na imUwIul act done caralewlj or a lawfal 
. ... — • .. .i™ ■. r.. ,>. . «. — .™.. .. HmnpiL iMi 

29 PUEUMIXABT l-RO\'lSI0i:a. §§ 10-IS I 

imposed liy laiv, snd alloired to he recovered or enforced 
in any civil action or praceediog, tor any act or omisBion 
declared puDishable liertin, docs Dot atlect any right to 
recoyer or enforce tlie same. 

10. The omisaion to flpeci/y or affirm in tliis Coda 
any ground of forfeiture of n public ofBcc, or otber ttuat 
or special authority conferred by law, or any power con- 
ferred by latv to impeach, remove', depose, or suBpeod 
Buy public officer or other person holding any trust, ap- 
pointment, or other Bpocial authority conferred by law, 
does not affect Buch forfeiture or power, or any proceed- 
ing authorized by law to carry into effect sncb impeacb< 
meut, removal, deposition, or suapenslon. 

3.1. Thia Code does not affect any power conferred 
by law upon any court-martial, or other military author- 
ity or ofBcer, to impose or inflict punishment upon offend- 
ers; nor any power conferred by law upon any publio 
body, trlbiiaal, or officer, to impose or inflicC punishment 
for a contemjtt. 

12. The HBTeial sections of this Code which declara 
certain crimes to be punishable as therein mentioned, do- 
Tolve a duty upon the court authorized to pass sentenca, 
to determine and impose the puDiabmeut prescribed. 

13. Whenever in this Code tlie punishment for a 
crime la left undetermined between certaiu limits, the 
punishment to be iufllcCed in a particular case must Lb 
determined by tlia court autliorized to pass sentence, 
witliin Buoh limits as may be preacribed by thto Code. 

14. The various sections of this Code which declara 
that evideaca obtained upon the examination of a person 
as a witness cannot bo receirud against bim in any crim- 
inal proceeding, do not forbid such evideoca being proved 
against such person upon any proceedings founded upon 
a charge of perjury eommitied in such examination. 

15. A crime or public offense i« an act committed ot 
^^^EtMl in vlolatloD of a law Eorbidding or commanding 


:. or pm^ ia this S<at« 

17. A f^loDf is a crime wUch Is punishable with 
death, or bj impFisotunent in the State prison. Emy 
other crime is a misdemeaDor. When a crinta pnnlahat^ 
by impcisonment in the Stale prison is also pnniBhaUe 
b; fine or imptisoninent in a. coonty jail. In the discmtioit 
o[ tbe court, it aliali be deemed a misdemeanor for all 
purposes after a jailgment imposing a ponishnwnt other 


31 FBxumnxBM muvisiosH. g§ 20-22 

Jail sot ezceediog six montlis, or hy a fine not exceeding 
fire hnndred dollars, or by both. 

Pnniihnisal for misdemeuior. — 1 Gall, <S8: I Hbtw. ITS. He* 
Deity'» Crlm. law, j si a. 

20. In every crime or public offenae lliere muateKlsv 
B union, or joint operation of act and inteDt, or ciimina' 

Tbare man bs a Joint opeTaUea or iKt nnd IntenE—a) OnL ctdi 
Mid. IBS; 13 A]A.393!!«ld.3uaiDAilE,<2:2B.MDa.41'>;l Dei. <t B. 
I3t,-MGa.MT| ;filll.21Si BiJiii. 2M): S)IJohns.4'>;: 3 Uasa.Ua; M I'a. 
Bt. 10; 10 Vt. 3M. Bee Deacy'e Ctun. Lsw, i S n. See vsii. iiKai 
undKi S 2!!. 

21. Ttie inteat or intention is manifested by tLa cir- 
ciinistancea connected with the offuDse. and tbe sooud 
mind and diBcretJon of tbe aooused. All persona are vt 
Bound mind ^rbo are neitlier idiots nor lilnatica, noi af- 
fected witli insanity. 

IntentinTirrad&aiDuiIa— ;GI11,2]S; 1 CoLo.US; I>a AJa.423: 90 Vt. 
tie. see Duti's Crlm, L 

FTBinmpttoii fo>ia acla,— Ths law presumex tbst Itae nsciml. aeeet- 
inry. aud avHii probabls oonsetjiieucea wero miEUded bj the door ol 
tliB acl.ll of SDonilmliiiL See Desty't Crim. Iaw, ; (i a. 

Eesponalbllilr for crime — »b Deity's Crlm. Law, | !3 a. Teal 
of-ld. 1230. Idiocy. Id wbaccoDsUU-ld. i Ma. Ineantly— Id. i U. 

Bnrdaa e( proof.— Tba bnrilen o( proof ot Insanfty 1." do him who 
pleadalt— Feoplei'. Bell.UCal.US. Boo Deaty'a Crlm. Law. i 29 a. 

22. No act committed by a person wliile in a state of 
yoluntary intoxication is less crimiual by reason of hia 
having been In snch condittoa. But. wlienevcr the act- 
ual existence of an; particular purpose, motive, or Intent 
Is a necessary element to constitutu any particular species 
or degree of crime, the jury may take into consideratliia 
tbo fact that the accused was intoxicated at tba time, in 
determining tbe purpose, motive, or intent with wblrL 

ha committed the act. . 

VolnntarrlntoxlosUon In no eieoso for crime— 11 Cat MB; ZT Id I 
M4iWiiLlf). BaoDeaty'at^rlm. LaiT.SiSB. 

" ired brjnrf] antodHgree of the crime, and In lultj- 

aee Desty'B Crlm. Law, | V l>; 

irufio— aeo Deitya Crlm, TJ.W, 

wbojiJfiaililL-ttCliLUa. 8e«T>enrt 

g 23 psBUMiNABr FKoraiom. SI 

23. Ktitiiliig In tbis Code atteoa tmy of the proriBionl 
of tha foUonlng etatatas, bnt such statates are recOgnlBsd 
as contionlng In force, notnittiHtaading tbe provlsioni d 
tlie Codes, eicepC so far as the^ havfl bean rapealed or af- 
fected ty snt»eqaeDt lava: 

Firit. AU acts iQcorporatiDg or charteiing monldpal 
coipontlons, and acts amendiiiK or anpplementiiig snoh 

Second. All acts consolidating cillea and oonnties, and 
acts amending or Bupplemeutlng such acts. 

TMrd. All acts for funding the State debt, or any part 
thereof, and for issuiiig State bonds, and acta ■ 
or sQppIementing such acts. 

Fourth. All acts regulating and in telatiou to 

Fifth. Ail acta in relation to judges of tbe plains. 

Stxth. AU acts creating or regulaUng boards of vatei 
commissioners and oveiBeers In the several township* 
ot coDDties of the State. 

Swenth. All acts in relation to a biaoob State prison. 

Eighth. An act for the more efFeotoal prevention of 
otDelt? to animals, approved March ttiirtioth, eighteen 
bnndred and sirty-eight. 


FourteetM. An act to prevent the destmotloii of flsh 
la Napa liiver and Sonoma Creak, approved Jannar; 
twentf-Dlnth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight. 

F^/teenth. An net to prevent tbe destruction of dab and 
game in, opon, aad around, the vratais of tAike Merntt or 
Peratta, in the count; of Alameda, approved March eight- 
eeoth, eighleen hundred and Beventy. 

SUteenlh. An act to regulate salmon SaheTios In Eat 
River, In Hamboldt County, approved April eighteenth, 
eight-een hundred and Qfty-nine. 

Secenteenlh. An act for the better protection of atock- 
raisera in the couuties of Fresno. Tulare, ]tlonteref , and 
Mariposa, approved March tnentietb, eighteen hundred 
and Hlxty-Bix. 

EighleenCh. An act concerning oysteir, approved April 
twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred aod lifty-ooe. 

IfiTKteenth. An act concerning oyater-beda, approved 
April second, eighteen bundcecl and aixty-six, 

Tieenlieth, An act concecning gas companies, approved 
April fourth, eighteen hundred aod seventy. 

24^ This act, whenever cited, enumerated, referred to, 
or amended, may be designated simply as Thb Pehai, 
CoDX, adding, when necessary, the nnmber of the section. 

flsfa ^m 

mnary III 




($$ ae-ooa) 



Of Fenona liable to PaaiBlinieat for Grima. 

26. All persons are capable of committinf; ( 
cept Itaoss beloDglDgto the following claBBSs; 

1. Cblldren under tbe age uE fourceun, in Uie c 
clear proof tliat at the time of committing the BctcbsTfced 
against thent. they knew ita wrongfulnesa; 

2. Idiots; 

3. Lnnaticti and insane persons; 

4. Persons who committed tbe act or made tbs omlssloa 
charged under an ignorance or mistake of fact, wbicb dis- 
proves any criminal Intent ; 

5. Persons wbo committed tba act charged without be- 
ing conscious thereof; 

6. Persons who committed the act or made the omission 
charged through misfortune or 1>7 accident, wlien it ap- 
pears that tliere was no evil design, intention, or culpable 

T. Married women (exoept for felonies} acting under the 
threats, command, or coercion of their husbands; 

8. Persons (unless the crime be punishable with death) 
who committed the act or mode tba omission chained 
under threats or menaces sufBclent to show that they hiitl 
reasonable canse to, and did believe their lives would be 
endangered it they refused. [Approved March 30th, in 
effect July 1st, 18T4.] 

MJlPlgw. 19. SeoDamy'aCrlin.'Liw.SSI. '" ' 

Batmnable presniaptlon of iooapaoltr of cIiUdrDn becweia seitn 
and tourteen— 31 Ala.3TJ: 10 Allen. 399: i aalsc. I63i 9 Humph, llii I 
- " 0.)6I; 9 leoiuigi II VLHSi 19Irad.lNi l» Batb, HH; I 


Ltait. C. C. ;i 

li DntTl CrkiB. I*w, 



Bubd. ». Aeclint or 
Mil Wd.tRi SOm.fJI. S«DaCF^' 
$«»<I. T, MuTlad 


iitf jTirpniii of f uiii" ItUnfTjOr 
tnrirt. rto iiot eia»a~U 8t TrL ; 

87. TI10 following p 
(iwlcr thn Um of tbia State: 

I. All psmoiu wbo cominit, in whole o 
^Hnl»wl(ltlnthl« State: 

'.'. All wIiiicommitlafcenyoTrobbarToatof tUaStmte, 
iirc fdiibil witli UiQ propiTtj stolen in, this 

r is part, a^ 

Of Fartiee to Crime. 

2. Acceaaoriea. 

31. All persoos concerned in the commiBsion of a crime, 
whothar it ba felony or misdomeanor, and whatlier tiiay 
directly commit the act conatituCing the ofionsR. of aid and 
abet in its commiaBion, or, not being present, liuve advlaed 
and encouraged its commissiou, and all persona aoun- 
Mling, advising, or encouraging ctiildroa under tlie age of 
foniteen ;eara, Innatica or idiota, to commit any crime, or 
who, b; fraud, coDtiivance, or force, occasion tbedinuken- 
nessef anotlier for the purpoaa of causing lilm to com- 
mie any crime, or wlio, by tlireata, menaces, command, 
or ooeicion, compel another to coromit any crime, areprin- 
clpala in any crime bo committed. 

ninoipala, who are.— A prtnclpal In the peipetmor of Eha o 

114; It Obto SLSK: a Pick. tm. Sea Desty'e Cc<m. law. S M _ 

toklLl-«Pw. 1 

„ _ 's:n 

1; Id. U; eee SHatjt Crlm. Law, S 31 n: 
. _Contederatea ^1n n tamimn •'wpi. or 


,114 Mass.3UI;n 

gg 32-3 FABTOCS TO OUKK. «> 

32. All persona irlio, after full knowleclKe that a fol- 
ouy haa been DommlUed, conceal it from the maglBtrate, 
OT Iiaxbor and protect the peraoa charged ^th or couvlot- 
ed thereof, aie acceMories. 

ADsaiBorieiafMrthB ract,whoare-!SC>L«H; t2 0k.Bl; 1 Swio, 
na; n Ulsi. IK. Wbat mmcleiit to creau U^m[i-«sa Itanj*! Cilm. 
LBw.|44a. LefmlcoaetnicUODOtUabmt;— Held. IMS. 

QDUtTofBaat»tBiiIlncriiDe-«>Cal.H>iSSI<L4Mi«li].I». Sea 

33. Except In cases where a diOerent pnuiahment it 
prescribed, an acoessory is puoiahable by Imprlsonnieiit 
In Che State priaon not exceeding flvo yeais, oc In a conntf 
Jail not exceeding two yeocs, or by fine notexcMdlngOn 
tlionaand dollars. 


Of OflbcBeB agalast the Sovereignty of the Stato. 

I 3S. ULipriBlDa It 
37. Treason against tbia S' 

I conalats oi 

a levying 

kroKaJnst It, adhsdng to Its eaemiea, or eiving tfaem 
^d and comfort, and ciiQ ba committed only by persons 
oniog Blleglauca to tlia State. Tbs punlsUment of tloa< 
Hoa aliall be deatb. 
Treason nssLoHt n SMta Ii an onenio at cot 

OlUzsni of a SHta ( 

, Bee DoatysC 

aiigh itiey t>i 

e alleglimcs 

inch, 82; J 

Adhering tc 

ir. l2Ui II Jatins. U9. Seelwny'iCt 

at It embrncos— Bae DestT'i Criro. L 

ee Deaty'H CHm. Lav. | GS a. 

38. Misprision at treoaoTt is tba kuowledga and oi 

cealment of treaaon, without otherwise aaaenting to 

participating in tbe crime. It is punishable by imprison- | 

ment in tbe Stata prison for a term not exceeding Qve I 


at treaiDD, wlist cooatltaleB— see Destj 


tt CrimBH against tha Elsotlve Fraaoblaa. 

. TlalMIonDtelectlonlawsbrcBTtalii olDoenafeloar. 

, FranduIflDt reElatiBtion afelocf. 

. BcrnultobsiwaraortoBiiBwer boordof JadlM. 

. Beloaal to oIh; somDiDiu oE board. 

. FnudiUeat lotlos- 

. Attempting to vote wltliaiit being qutiUlled. 

. FroCBiliig Illegal voting. 

. CliaiigliigballDtBOralteriagretiuiisbTeMotlaaoflloBn. 

i, Inapeetore uateldlng or martlng tlokela . 

L For^Liig or Blterlng ratonu. 

. Adding to or Bubtnutlng from rotes glTsn. 

L. PoiHona Aiding uid abetting. 

I. mUnUdaUng, corrupting, d - - - 

43 CBiuES AoAiasr euictite fkaschde. §S 42-4 

42. KvBry person wlio willfully oauaes, prouures, i 
allows liimBelf to be registeted in tUe great register of auj I 
county, knowing himself not to be entitled to eudi tegi»- I 
tratlan. is punisbable by a. Him not exceeding one tbou- 
eaod doUara, or by imprison me ot in tliB county jail o 
State prison not exaeeding ono year, or by batli. In all 
cases wliere, on tlie trial of a person ciiarged witb nnj 
ofCenae under tlis provisions of tills section, it appears in 
evidence tliat the accused stands registered iu the great 
register of any coiintr, widiout being qualified for such 
registration, the court must order such registration to be 

S»"u.8.Ts4". =■"•'" emeano 

43. Every person who, after being required by the 
board of judges at any election, refuses to be sworn, or 
being sworn, refuses to answer any portiaont qnestion, 
propounded by such board, toucbiag ilio right of another 
to vote, is gnilty of a misdemeBnoc, [Approsed March 
30tb, iu effect July 1st, 18T4.] 

44. Every person summoned I 
fore any board of registration, 
such summons, is guilty i 

45. Every personnotentitledto vote, who fraudulently 
voles, and every person who votes more tlian once at any 
one election, or knowingly hunds in two or more tickets 
folded together, or changes any ballot after the same ba* 
been deposited in the ballot-bos. or adds, or attempts to 
add, Bny ballot to those illegally polled at any elec- 
tion, either by fraudulently inttoduoing the si 
tbe ballot-box before or after the ballots therein have 
been counted; or adds lo, or mixes witb, or attempts l 
ad J to or mix with, the ballots lawfully iiolHd, other bal- 
lots, while tlie same are being counted or canvassed, or at. 
any other time, with intent to change the reault ot bucU 
^leetton; or oaaiaa away or destroys, or attBinsW ta 




S§46-8 CKQtBs aoa: 

cuiTy a\r^ or deatco;. any poll-Lists, or ballots, or t-allot- 
bui. tor tbit putposa ot breaking up or invalidatiiif snch 
election, tii willfully detains, mutilates or deattoj* any 
election wtums, oc in any mtumet >h> interferes wi \ ths 
olHccn holilios such election or condacting such ca v«s», 
or with the voters lawfully eiercising their riglits oi Tot- 
lDi;attucU election, as to pMventsuoh election or caoTau 
from being fairly held and lawfully conducted, is gnilty 

of A 

Si|h> M TOM, not iWpeadaal oo cltlMDiliIp— we Dsaty^ Crim. Ijiv, 

Bum hit ^^i^IuiItv powi^r to rnmi^ta the light of suffrue— IJ CiL 
•9; I UustM. Wi II ULlMht. M>ili Pa. SL 111; 1 UcAr. IttT 

act muM Iw Una* UMVlnf Cr^u! 

4€L Ever; person not entitled to vote, who fraodn- 
lently nttempia to vole, or wko, belnf entitled to vote, M- 
tempta to vole nior» than once at any election, is guilty of 

t, misdemeanor. 
Atlfinpn la diCrmud— as br pfnoottlnt another who hu IlTsd, 


it, or currioB away or destroye, or knowingly allowa an- 
other to carry away or destroy any poll-list, ballot-boi, or 
ballotH lawfully polled, ia pan iali able by impiiaoument in 
IheBtataprisonfor not less Ihnn two nor more tlioa seven 

49. Every inspector, judge, or cterk of an election, 
who, previous to |>utting ibe Iiallot of an elector in tlia 
ballot-box. attempta to llnd out any name on nuch ballot, 
or who opens or Buffers tba folded ballot of any aloctor 
which lias been handed in to be opened or examined pre- 
Tioua to putting the same into the ballot-box, or wbo 
makea ur places any mark or device on any folded ballot 
-with tile view to ascertain the name of any person for 
tvliom the elector baa voted, or wliu, without the consent 
of the elector, discloses the name of any person wliicli 
■uob Inapectoc, judge, or clerk baa fraudulently or iUe- 
gaUy discovered to have been voted for by sncU elector, is 
punUliable by finu, not teas thaji fifty nor more than five 
hundred dollara. 

SOl Every person who forges or counterfeits returns of 
an election purporting to have been held at a precinct, 
town, or word where no election was in fact held, or will- 
fully substitutes forged or counterfeit returns nf eloctioa 
in the place of the true returns, for a precinct, town, or 
waril where an election was actually held, is punishable 
bj imprisoument in the State |iilaan for a term uot lesa 
than two nor mote than t«n years, 
k uilnlemetuor-ii DuEsiKi S. d IJ Aiu. L^K Beg. 7]'. 

51. Every person who willfully adds to or subtracts 
from the votes actually cast at an election, In any returns, 
or who allets such rucums, la punishable by imprison- 
ment iu the State prison for not less than one nor more 
I than live years. 

' 53- Every person n-louiJs or abets in the oommiBalou 
^^^^^/ tlie oJTensea laeationed in the four preceding ae^ 


§S 53-4 OBOua aoainbt BCBCnrB nuuroam. M 

tlons, Is piulabable by ImprlHonmeDt In the ooanty jail 
for the period of six moathB, oi la the State prUon ttot «x- 
oeedlns two jean. {Approred Momh aotli, In «ffect Jnljr 

53. Ever; person who, by force, threats, menaces, 
bribery, or any corrupt tueatis, either directly or indirect- 
ly, attempts to Influence any elector in giving his vote, or 
to deter Mm from giTlag tfae same, or attempts by any 
means whatever to awe. restrain, hinder, or disturb any 
elector In the free exercise of the right of sufCiage, or far> 
nialies any elector nisblng to rote, who cannot read, with 
a ticlcet, Informing or giving such elector to understand 
tliat it contains a name written of printed thereon di&eiv 
ent from the name which la written or printed thereon, or 
defrauds any elector at any such election, by deceiving 
and causing sach elector to vote for a dififerent person for 
any office than he Intended or desired to vote for ; or who, 
being inspector, judge, or clerk of any election, while act< 
Ing as such, induces, or attempti to Induce, any elector, 
either by menace or reward, or promlsa thereof, to vote 
diUpreptly friini wliat suoli doctor hircu<leil nc ileaireii t< 


or property tor any purposH iatended to pcomota tlie alec- 
tioa of any candidate, except for tbe expenses of lioldiag 
sad condnctiDE public meetiuga for tbe diBcoBBian of pub- 
lic qaeRtioaB, nnd o( printins and cicculating ballata, 
bandbilla, aod otber papers, preTious to aucli electiooi 
— ia guilty of a mlademeanor. 

— STyrv. I3<; or fumlsliTQg llquora— 17 Ean. Ml.' 
I^imlshinE raoney. or property, to lofliienes ToCe-«e DeitT'i 

55. Every person yibo, being a, cundidate at any eteo- 
tlon, offers or agrees to appoint or procure the appoint- 
ment of any particular person to olfice, as an ioducement 
or consideration to any petsoD to rote for, or procure or 
aid ia procuring the election of sucli candidate, is nollty 



QiTlng proiBiui at revud to procnre *ote>— ges DestiT'' Crlm. 

56. Every person, not being a candidate, wbo comma' 
□ioatea any offer, made in violation of the last section, to 
any person, with Inteut to induce him to vote for, or to 
procure or aid In procuring the election of the candidate 
making the oSer, Is guilt; of a misdemeanor. 

57. Every person who gives or offers a bribe to any 
ofBcer or member of any legislative caucus, political ooo- 
rentlou, committee, primary election, or political gather- 
ing of any kind, beld for the purpose of nominating can- 
didates for ofScea of honor, trust, or profit, in this State, 
with inteut to induence the person to whom such bribe is 
given or offered to be more favorable to oae candidate 
than another, and every person, member of either of the 
bodies in this section mentioned, who receives or offers 
to receive any such bribe, is punishable by imprlsunment 
in tbe State prison not less than one, uor more than four 
teen yean. 

SB. Every person who, by threats, inlimiilatlona, i 
mlwrfnl yloleace, wUlfiillx biadera or preTenU e\eeKg»^ 

from aBBsmbliag In public meetlDg for tlie o 
of public qneitlons, is g^lty of a minlemeaiior. 
Tbnats and InUaililatlaa— «« DeitT'i Crlm. Law, ■ 71 1. 

59. Every penon who willfully disturbs or brDsks up 
any public meeting of electors or others, lawfolly b«iDg 
beld for the purpose of cousiJerlng public qaesUoiu, is 
ItuUty of a miademeBnor. 

DlnorbliiB •laoton— tee Deny 't Crlm. Law, 1 71 L 

60. Every person wlio makes, ofFera, or accepts anjr 
bet or wttger upon the result of any election, or npon the 
■access or faiturs of any person or ouidldate, or upon tiM 
number of votes to be cast, either in the BKgrefpte or fof 
any particular candidate, or upon the TOta to ba cast by 
any person, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

ol a preuuloii result ot UiaeTecUoD 'la's Ut^Bi 
61. Every person who willfully violates any of tb* 

provlalonaoftbe laws of this State relating to elections is, 

i SI. Actio; In upuULociiH 

{«S. Aeiaol omcendc/ael: 

. Giving or offering brll) 

atbavlflff qmdlOed. 

. OScen fllegaUf Incerested In coDtiacta. 

. Frasontlne CiaudileDt bills or clBima for aUowiuice or 

. BurlBff appolatmenta to office. 

- Taking TowanlA Cor deputation, 

. BefumJ to •arrcndor books, oto., to sueoeHor. 

. SeotloosCoapply t0Bdnilnlatrat3TeBn{l mlHisterlBlot 

65. Bvery person who exerciseR any function of a pub- 
lic otSee iritliout taking the oath of office, or ffithout giv- 
ing the required bond, Is guilty of a misclemoanor. [Ap» 
proTeil March 30tb, in effect July 1st, 1S74.] 

66. The laat seclion shall not be oonstruad to affect the 
validity of acta done by a peraun oxerciaiag tho fundtiona 
of a publiu olfice iu fiict, whore other persons than himself 
are iJitereated in maintaining the validity of such acts. 

67. Every person who gives or otters any bribe to auy 
executive officer of this State, with intent to influoaco hiiu 
in respect to auy act, decision, vote, opinion, or other pro- 
ceading as such officer, is punisliable by imprisoDineot in 
ibn State prison not less than otia nor more than fourteou 
years, and is disiiuali&ed from holding any office ii 

BuontlTt offican It lalndlctabla to be CDncRmcd In bribing, fl' 

■nempcInK W bribe, a cabinet minlatar—llJnrr.^ls*: ac '—' 

«t Uia ravBuun-a DB1I.JH4; Wliai't.SC. TrI. Uai aallQlU 


.a It niinr4«iit, wltbout tender 

I Fac Coast L. J. 1< 

H. J. L. 1< 

Sm ilesly'B I 

68, Every executive officer, or person elected or &p- 
pointed to an executive office, wlio asks, receives, or 
agrees to receive, any bribe, upon any agreement or un- 
derstanding tbat his vote, opinion, or action upon any 
matter tlien pending, omhicb may be brought before liim 
in His official capacity, shall be Influenced thereby, is pun- 
Isbable by Imprisonment in tbe State prison not leas than 
one nor more than fourteen years; and, in addition there- 
to, forfelta his office, and is forever disqualified from hold- 
ing any office in this State. 

AecoptinEbtltwi — An offer brui ofOeer. Ifl r««lTsa bribe, b 1& 
<llctable-S9Ill.K, SeeDMty'sCrlin.Lan.lTlc. 

69. Every person who attempts, by means of any 
threat or violence, to deter or prevent an executive 
officer from performing any duty imposed upon such 
officer by law, or who knowingly resists, by the use of 
force or violence, such officer, in tbe performanoe of hit 
duty, is punishable by fine not exceeding five thousand 
dollars, and imprisoDmcut !□ tlie couuty jail not exceed- 

— ' "' -^ [ram makiDg or being iatereated la coDtraata, 
bftcoming a vewlor or purchaser at sales, or from 
Dg scrip, or otbsr erldoaces of iTidebCedne9>i. trlic 


' Every officer or person proliibited by the laiWS uf 
tbJB State from making or being iatereated ia coDtraota, 
or from bftcoming a vewlor or purchaser at sales, or from 
purcbanlDg scrip, or other eridoaces of iTidebCedne9>i. trlio 
violate* any of the provisioiia of aucli lawn, in pnaishable 
by a flna of not more tliaa oca thousand dollar 
Imprisonment io the Stalo priHOa not more tbali Hvs- 1 
years, and ia foravec disqualified from holding any offica I 
in thla State. 

72. Every person who, with iutent todefraud,pre9eDts- 
for allowance or for payment to any State board 
cer, or to any county, town, city, wiird, or village board 
or ofBcer, authorized to allow or pay tlia aams i 
any falsa or fraudulent claim, bill, account, voucher, or 
wrilinE, is guilty of felony. 

73. Every person who gives or offers any gratuity or 
reward, 1u consideration thnt bo or any other person shall 
be appointed to any public office, or shall he permitted to 
exercise or discharge the duties thereof, la guilty of a 

BaviDE apsalnlmanti (o offics— a SBTg. & R. 333; M Wis. 213; B 
CODt.L.J.iMi 6 HIU.JJjK Vi. SM; 2 Vs. Oas. laOii aainp. M; II 
Mi«l.SS;;3BiuT.ISS5;*M.atM. Sea Deatr'a Crlm. Law. S 70 h. 

74. Every public officer who, for any gratuity or re- 
ward, appoints another person to a public office, or per- 
mits another person to eiercise or dLteharge bqj of the 
duties of liis office, is punishable by a flne not exceeding 
five thousand dollars, and, in addition ihecuto, forfeits 
h<8 office, and Is forever disqualified from holding any 
office in this State. 

75. Every person who willfully and knowingly in- 
trudes himself into any public office to which he has not 
been elected or appointed, and every person who, having 
been an ext^cutlve ol&cer, willfully exercises any of the 
(unctions of bia oMce after his term has expireil, s.ail 
HUOtiesaor has been elected □raj>pointedandhaAqi; 

" jr of a wiKlenteannr. 

§§ 76-7 CftlXBU AOAl 

76. Every officer whoae office la abolished by law, o 
^liD, after the expiration of tbe time for wtileb be may bi 
appointed ot elected, or after lie lias resiRaed or beei 
legally remoTed from office, willfully and unlawful!; 
wittiliolda or detalnsi from liis eucceeaor, or other peraoi 
entitled thereto, the records, papeia, documents, or otbe 
writing appertaining or bElonging to bis office, or mutl 
latea, destroys, or takes awny tbe same, is punishable b; 
imprisoatacnt in the Slate prieon not less than one no 
more than tea yeata. 

77. Tbe various proviftions of this cbapter apply ti 
administirative and ministerial officers, in tbe same man 
uer as if they were mentioned tberein. 


Of CiimeB against the Legislative Foirar. 

S ai. Preventing Iho ineetlns of ibn Ij^lfllatiirB. 

f U. AlLerlDg diaCC of bni or roiDlutlon. 

i M. AlCcrUiecnrollGdcopyorbillorresolutlon. 

i a. aiiLngorofTciIoebilbestDmemberaof IfaoLDgUlatnre. 

! H. BccoKlzie brlljes by momben ol Ibe LeglsUture. 

187. Vltiie93Ear«Iii3iiistastteDd,etc.,beroroUieLeglslBnire. 

I BB. BrlbeB \>j mcmbecs of Uie LegULBtare. 

I 89. Lobbying. 

81. Every person wbo wilirully, and by force or fraud, 
preveiita tbo Legislature of this State, or eltbar of ths 
houses composing it, nc any of the members thereof, 
from meeting or organiKlng, Is guilty of felony. 

82. Every perspn who willfully ilistucbs the Legisla- 
ture of this State, or either of the houses composing It 
wbila in seHsion, or who commits any disorderly conduct 
in the Immediate view and presence of either house, 
tending to interrupt its proceedings or impair the respect 
due to Its authority, Is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

LcelilallTa bodlea bavs Inhersnt power (a nimUn tor contempc ot 
tholrruIcaa.i.luHlBts-a Wheat. 201; Ild.M; rMcAr.453; 1 Wood. & 
M.*10!9Joilus.3M;Bld.8a7:tPa.t. J.2a»;IJGray.23B;]IB.H.(M; 

cuiuWeilonU heyoriu Uie aesalon-S Wbeat^lSSris Md. «2. ^* "" 

83. Bvory person wbo fraudulently alters the draft of 
any bill or resolution whinh has been presented to either 
of the bouses composing the legislature, to bo passed or 
adopted, witli Intent to procure it to be passed or adopted 
by either house, or certified liy the presiding officer of 
either house, in language differeut from that intended by 

b lioiue. U guilty of felony. 

3 84-6 CKUCBS A 


84. Every person who fraudulently altera the enrolled 
copy of any bill or resolution which haa been passed or 
adopted by tlia Legislature of this State, with iateat to 
procure it to be approTed by the governor, or certified by 
the secretary of state, or printed or published by the 
printer of the statutes, in language diEFerent front that in 
which it was passed or adopted by the Legislature, is 
Kuilty of felony. 

85. Every person who Rives or offers to give a bribe to 
any member of the Legislature, or to another person for 
him, or attempts by menace, deceit, suppression of truth, 
or any corrupt means, to influence a member in giving or 
withholding his vote, or in not attending the house or any 
committee of which he is a member, is punisliable by im- 
prisonment in the State prison not less than one nor mora 
than ten years. 

GivlDg bribe to legislative alUcera— THisrC. Prec. im, 
05br of bijbs.— It la sa much a rrime to offer a brl[» sa to tska 
one— nM.J. L. lOSl BFie.O, L. J. ]«l- Thii nirxniw la nunnlats wbak 

tba oOeMs RiaaHj^ftl^Dugii id a ms 

BoiH"-)! K.J. 1. 


■B. S§ 87-9 1 

d forever disc[UiLlifle(l rrom boMing any office or public I 
lat. pn effect April 6tU, 1880.] 
!80BiviDB brlba — An offer by an olBaer tu receive a liMba lalodlot- 
o-ai lU.m Goo Desty'it Criiu, Law. i) 71 r. 


in leylslnloR 

^j llN?V!Sri8Wct.i;Ji SAHu'rLai a'vn. t?»a. lai. ■""' ' "'™ 
87. Every person who, being summoned to attend ai 
witDBBS before eitlier bouae of the Legislature or anj 
committee thereof, refuses or neglecia, withont lawful 
excuse, to attend pursuant to Bucb summons; and every 
person who, being preaent before either house of the Leg- 
islature or an; committee thereof, willfully refuses to be 
sworn, or to answer any material and proper queatiou, or 
10 produce, upon reasonable notice, any material and 
proper books, papers, or documents in his possesalou or 
under his control, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

68. Every member of the I/egislaturo convicted of any 
crime defined In this chapter, in addition to the punisb- 
meiit prescribed, forfeits his office, and is forever disqual- 
ified from holding any ofGce in this State. 

89. Every person who obtains, or scehs to obtain 
moneyorotlier thiugof vnluo trom another person, upon 
a pretense, claim, or representation tbaC be can or will 
improperly iniluenoe in any manner the action of any 
member of a legislative body in regard to any vote or 
legislative matter, is guilty of a felony. Upon the trial no 
person otberwise competent as a witness ahall boescused 
from testifying as such concerning tlie offense charged, on 
the grounds tbat such testimony mity criminate himself, 
or subject bim to public infamy, but such testimony sliall 
not afterward be used sgainHt him in any judicial pro- 
ceeding, except for perjury in giving such testimony. 
effect April 6th, 1S30.] 


Of Crtmaa against PabUo Jnstloa. 

OSAV. I. Bbibbrt axd Corsuptiom. 
n. BnouR. 



FViiia JiniiaiAi. ahd Publio Bboobim aiid 


i M. RecBJvjDg 
J H. Enartlon. 
I W, [mpropor > 

92. Every parson who giroa or ofEerstogivealjribeto 
ally judicial officer, juror, referee, arbitrator, or umpire, or 
to an; person who may be authorized by law to hear or de- 
termlne any questioa or cnntroTersy, with intent to iufln- 
encB ills vote, opinion, or decislou upon any matter or 
quQstloQ which is or may be brouglit before him for deoi- 
Bion, is pnnlslialjlB by Impriaonmont in the State prison 
not loss than one nor more than ten years. 

Brtherr, what oomUiaiBi — It Is the elvlng or recelYlng ot Maj 

luKurLrouKlitWoreUm— iCul-Uti 14Ala.UKi. 
JnJ.iiilal offlcen.— Tho slatuto ccmnuci (ho olleiue to acthiK mors 

OObring bribe.— TbeoffErota 

Al^lWJi 4 Hurr. :J4^l4t 2CaUjp-7i!p: ;« J.u.nayui. uu: nDr.iuujin 

HiiaiierUMInOiBuowerof UnndBeertocoBBiuniiulo-aaN.J.] 

■nliiDwiUisiiDciit MIDI tbe ameer will cirulpnie— I Tei.CLApD. 
W7 Wli«»P»rtrV«'w thttiha^oHB lowhoinJiBpBBreillho_briB; 

i1.Rayui.13TI; nor.althouglilD 

»l%{bainiHte;l3nntneueiwiry-^Piicb.l.'j. 1631; 1 
B*eIlstT%CrIm. Lair.sTl ti. 


93. Svery Judicial officer, juror, refaree, arbitrator, or 
umpire, and bvbij person aathorized by law to h6ar or 
determine any question or controvarsy, who asks, re- 
ceives, or agrees to receive, any bribe, upon any agree- 
ment or nuderstandlng thut bis vote, opinion, or decision 
npon any matter or question which is or may ba brought 
before him for decision, shall be InSuenced thereby, i5 
punishable by imprisonment In tha Stata prison not less 
than one nor more than ten years. 

Aoccptlne; bribe.— It Is brlberv to seek an imaDe rewwd to InOiKiK* 
beJiBvlor III office-4 Bt. Com. 13»; ancl an offer ta recelTe a brlb* la In- 
dictable-WUl-BS. TDniBl[eacusori)rllMiTBeiiulnlns-NlDd.Uli 

94. Every judicial officer who aslcs or reoeires any 
omolament, gratuity, or reward, or any promise thereof, 
except such as may he authorized by law, for doing any 
official act, ia guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Buortioii.— No (ees can be aiaewa bnC those provided by laM.ttae 
Uoneil by the court, or permltMd byaucleni usage: and where no i» 
Dumeistloii l9 provided; [be officer must perfona tbs datlea nrltliaot 
It— 3S>ny.4Z3i I Sent. A R-SM: 1 Up.Can.Q. B.292; IS Id. IN. Se* 
DMty'BCrlm.Law,sEta,b. IE Is an Indlciable offsnH. Bea ld.u». 

95. Every poison who corruptly attempts to inflnance 
a joror, or any person summoned or drawn as a Juror, or 

Bt rommon law-S'iioT. aJ8. A wlmeBS liu no right to UbUybt a jw]Mr 
cuaJurr,wlUioutdlKcllaiisor Uie<:oiut-6DoHDD.6UI. 

96. Every juror, or poraon (Irawn or flummoned at B 
juror, or cliaaeD arbitrator or umpire, or appointed ref- 
eree, who either— 

1. Makes any promiBe or BgrBemenC Co give a verdict 
or decision for or aitaioBt aiiy part; ; or, 

a. ■Willfully and oorrupily permits any communication 
to bo made to him, or receirea any book, paper, inatiii- 
ment or infonnation raloiing lo any causa or matter peod' 
ing before him, except according to tlie regular course of 

—la puniflhable by flna not BKceBding flvo thousand doi- 
lard, or by imprisonment in Che State prison not OEcaed- 
Idr five years. [Approved starch SOtb, in effect July let, 

97. Every justice of the peace or constable of the same 
township who purchases or is taterested la tbe purchase 
of any judgment or part thereof ou tbe docket of, or on 
any docket in possession of, such justice, is guilty of a 

98l Every ofBcer convicted of any crime deSned In 
this chapter, in adilitioa to the punishment prescribed, 
forfeits his of&ce, and is forever disqualilied from lioldiug 
any offlce in this State. 

99. The auperintendene of state printing shall not, 
during bia contlnUDoce in office, have any Interest, direct- 
ly or indirectly. In any printing of aaj kind, or iu any 
liinding, engraving, or lithographing, or in a, contract for 
furnisbing puper or other printing-stock or material con- 
nected with the State printing; and any violation of these 
provisions shall flubjecl him, on conviction before a court 
of competaut jurisdiction, to impiisonmeot in tbe State 
prison for a term of not less than two years uor more 
tban five jMn, ajid a fine of not less than one thousand 



dollan nor mora than three tboasaud dollars, or bj both 
such fine and imprisoiuiieut. [In effect April 1st, I8T8.] 

100. If tbe said superinteiideiit of state priotiog shall 
eormptly coUade nitli an; peraoa or persons furnishing 
paper or materials, or bidding therefor, or with any other 
person or personSi or have any secret understanding with 
him or them, by himself or through others, t« defraud tbe 
State, or by which the State shall be defrauded or mads 
to Bustolu a loss, contrary to tbe true Intent and meaning 
of this act, he shall, npon conviction thereof. In any court 
at competent Joriadiction, forfeit his office, and be aubject 
to in^risoament In the 6tat« prison for a term of not leM 
than two yean, and to a fine of not less than one thoa> 
sand dollars nor- more than three thousand dollan, or 
both snch fine and ImprisonmenL [En effect April 3rdt 



t 102. RetaUD^ foo<l3 rrom custody of olDoer. 

101. Every porsoD wlio rescues or attempts to reic 
oraiilsaiiotlier peraoo laieacuing or attempting to rest 
aaj prisoner from aay prison, or from any officer or per- 
son having liim in lawful custody, is pnnishable as fol- 

1. IE aach prisoner was in ouatudy upon a conviction o( 
felony punisbable with deatli: b; imprisonment In tba 
State prison not lesa than one nor more than fourteen 

3. If BucU prisoner was in cuatody upon a conviction of 
any other felony: by impriaonment in tbe State prison 
not less than six months, nor more tlian five years. 

S. If such prisoner was in custody upon a charge of fel' 
ony; bya Aae not exceeding ooe thousand dollars, and 
impiisonmBnt In tho county jail not esoeeding two years. 

4, Tf such prisoner was in oust<)Qy otherwise than upon 
a cfaargB or conviction of felony: by Una not esceediog 
ilve hnndred dollars, and Imprisonment in tbe county jail 
not exceeding nix months. 

Snoae la Ida violent dellvepy of a prisoner from lawful costofly— 
31 WediL mW; Hoe ( HI. Com. lal; bvbq iiiuuBh lUo prlsouer takeii no 
pnrtlu tha violeuea— r. CliurlL 13; see 119 Slaaa. L!IT. ItiuiuCliotUe 

sa*. Tlie Imprtuoinrnl iniul bepHina/iKieiast\ltalile—\Tniicb.2K; 
Sea 7 Cunii.^in. Tliera iiiiHt lia lEuawfeclaa liv tlia reaouer tluu Ilia 
DrUDDsrvraa niiiler nrrat-W Md. U9. II umucceBaful, It may Lo iu- I 
OlBtcd M >uj atlemiit-l& Ue. IN. 

102. Every person who willfully Injures or destroys, 
or takes or attempts to take, or assists any person in talc- 
ing or attempting to take, from the custody of any oiBcer 
or person, auy peisuuul properly which sucli ofBcer or 

in charge under any prooeas of law. Is guilty 


S 110. CiUT)'Uis Inla prisou thlnga uaeTul to sId In u Busapo. 

105, Every priaoner conflned in tlia State prison for E 
term less tlian for llfo, who escapes tbersfrom, ia pucisb 
able by impiisoti meat iatha Btate prUon for a term oijua 
In length to tho term he was aorrlng at tlio time of aucl 
escape; said secand term of impriaonniBiit to commenci 
from the time he ivould otlierwisa liace been dischargee 
from said prison. [In enact April IGtli, 1880.] 

the State prison for e 

G3 BBCAPK3, ±trD AIDIHO THXaiOM. §§ 109-11 

exceeding ten yeais, and fine not exceeding ten tbou&HDd 
FenaitUni Sloape, JlabilllT fai^-sse Desty'a Crtnu Law. 

109. Every person wlio willfully saaisla any prisouar 
confined in any prison, or in tbo lawful custody of aoy 
officer or person, to escape, or in an altempt to uacnps' 
from sucib prison or custody, ia punislioble as provided in 
section one hundred and eight of tliis Code. 

Iiiabklitr of part7 aiding eacapa — aeft Deaty'ii Crlm. Ijlw. ^^^a. 

1 10. Every person who carries or senda into a prison 
anytlilng usefal to aid a prisaaer ia making liia escape, 
with intent thereby to facilitate ibe escape of any pris- 
oner confined tberein, is puDiehable as provided in sec- 
tion one handred and eight of this Code. 

AhIsUde 10 break nrisan rendeis the pnrty nuiatlc? an nccesaorv 
— Itu Maw. 297; isMo.lBJ; H Johns. 30; Bnaa* R.i;.ij".4Mi i Car. AM. 

a trtal tut Hlillna n prisoner lo psoapio. anoIUer ptiaoae'r escaplne liy 

111. Whenever a trial shall be had of any person un- 
der any of tbe provisions of sections one Lnndced and 
five and one bundred and six of this Code, and whenever 
ft convict in the State prison shall be tried for any crime 
oommitled tiieiein, tbe county clerk of tbe county where 
such trial is bud shall make out a statement of all the 
coals incurred by the county tor the (rial of such case, 
andof guarding and keeping a ucb convict, properly cer- 
tified to by a superior judge of said county, wlucb Etate- 
ment shall be seat to tlie board of State prison directoia 
for iLeir approval; and after such approval, said board 
sball cause tbe amount of sucb costs to be paid out of the 
money appropriated for tbo support of the State prison, to 
the county treasurer of the caunty wbere such trial waa 
had. [In effect April 6th, 1880.] 


IS 113-14 rORODia, b 


lit. LanmTi 

114. Larcenr. deatnictloD, etfl., or reconli b; otlun- 

lls. Ollerliig totae or forged iniCrumi 

lU. Adding names, etc., to Jnrr lists. 

IIT. FaUUyiiwJuiT lists, etc 

113. Sveiy officer baTiog tbe custody of any record, 
map, or book, or of any paper or proceeding of any oonr^ 
filed or deposited in any public office, or placed in hli 
hands for any purpose, who ia guilty of stealing, nlllfolly 
destroying, mutilating, defacing, altering or falsifying, 
lemoYing or secreting the whole or any part of snoh 
record, map, book, paper, or proceeding, or who peimlta 
any otiier peison bo to do, la punishable by imprisooment 
fa the iitiiU; prUon mit li:a3 lliiiu quo nor more tliau four- 


g lJ.5-17 I 

115. Erery peraon who knowingly procurea or offers | 
any false or forged inatrument to be filed, registered, o 
recorded !□ aoy public office nitliln tills State, wMcli lu- | 
etniment, if genuine, ntlgljt La tiled, or registered, c 
corded under any law of this State, or of tlis United | 
States, ia guilty of felony. 
PatUnEafDrseii deed on record-2; Mich. 387i SAbli.App.Di 

IIG. Every person who adOs any names to the list of | 
persons selected to serve as juiors for the county. Either 
by placing the same in the jury-box, or otlierwiss, or ej 
tracts any name tberefrom, or destroys the jury-box, or 
anyofthepiecesof paper containing the names of jurors, 
or mutilates or defaces sucb uajnes so that the same can- 
not be read, oi changes such names on the pieces of pa- 
per, eioept in cases uUowed by Jaw, is guilty of a felony. 1 
[Approved March 30th, in effect July Ist, 1874.] | 

11.7. Every officer or person required by law to certify 
to the list of peiaoDB selected aa jurors, who maliciously, 
corruptly, or willfully certifies to a false or incorrect list, 
or a list containing other names than those selected, or 
■wbo, being required by law to write down the names 
placed on the certified lists on separate pieces of paper, 
does not write down and place in the jury-bos the sania 
names that are on the certified list, and no more and no 
oa such lists, ia gniilt? of a felony. 


Iia PerJiUT daflnea. 

la). OBtb of office. 

Irregularity Ln sdmlnlsterlng. 

iHcompeCeacy oC nICaeu no tl 
123. Snowledgo of malailallty ol [ 

Making deposLtlons, etc., when deemed complets. 

Statemenl of ttiat vhlcb one doei not know to tw troe. 

ronlsbmeiit of perjury. 

SaUomalloa of pErJtir;. 

Procnrlng the exeeatlon of Innocent pernmi. 

118. Every person wLo, liaviag tnkea an oatli tbivt he 
will testify, declare, depoaa, or certify truly before an; 
oompotont tribunal, officer, or person, in any of tlie ci 
In wbich Hucli an oath may by law bo ndminialerpil, 
fully and contrary lo such oatlij 


t)loillnii-13 Unas. JTI: S Hawks, 458; a Mcirpb. m\3 I 
(Va.i ;34; 2 Id. 791; e Weud. ess; ■• Brul. A fi. m. Sea 

119. Tlie terut "oa.t1i," a9 iiaod in tlii! last acctloii, In- 
clodes an afflnaatioD, and every otlier motla aatborized 
by law of ttttasting the truth or that whicU ia stntod. 

Form d/ oath.— The form of gslh » merely iHrectoiT— II Allfn. !«. 

";;::" :^!5" " " " """" " 

120. So much ot an oatlj of office as relates to the tu- 
CUTB performance of ofScial dal lea ia not aucli an oatli an 
is intended by the two preceding aectiuns. 

Official oalh.— Perjury di 

122. It is no defense to a proaecntiou for perjary tbat 
tlie accused nasnotcompetentto give the testimony, dep- 
oaition, or certillcaCe ol which falsehood ia alleged. It ia 
sofficleot that he did give ancli testimony or make such 
ilepositiou or certificate. 

CompetBncrorlncompBtBiioy ot wIlneM It Immiiwrlsl— 10 Johtii. 
miaalUle-in'N.'V.B5i™t.^O.i.™0S. * " " """"' °^ ' 

123. It ia DO defense to a prosecation for perjory that 
the accused did not know the materiality of the false 
statement made by him; or that it did not. in fact, affect 
the proceeding In or for which, it was made. It Is sufS- 
cient that it was material, and mlijht liaya been used to i 
aSeot such proceeding. 

124. The making of a, deposition or certiii«ate is 
deemed to be complete, within the provisions of this chap- 
ter, from the time when it is delivered by the accused to 
any other person, with the intent tliat it be ulteiei c 

§S 125-a pEajuBx A 

125. Ad nnquailified statament of tbat which one does 
not know to be true ia egulraleut to a statement of that 
whicli one knows to be false, 

Wasl of knovladea.— A false statement ot a tact wlilcb he did not 

tyZsc. roi ™llim. 2(a™iN.''Y^iSi or o" which to faiuokoowf 
ed|[e,Jl'arkerCr.B.t[]i HeUef.n. 

126. Perjury is puuisbable hj impiisoument In tliB 
State prison not leas tlian one, nor more tban foDTteen 

127. Eyery penontrho tvUlfull; piocarea another pei- 
Boa to commit perjury is guilty of Babom&Uon of per- 
jury, and ia punishable in the same manner as he wonid 

be if personally jjuilty of the perjury so prociired, 

Sobomatlon of perjarf Is the procjrlnit, Instlgatlog, Incltliig, « 
peraunliuK luiother lo awear (slaelj— aHo«,<i; a MeuMli ILeaeb, 
m; KirowViisFliisIthewUnesa wouJilIcstiI)rto tbeEact,kaDwliuliia 
heraJMo-S Met. »l: 2-2 Ohio at. tJl; S. C. I Onen C. B. 6«i7nat It 
man lie la a peodlng priKBeding-«9 Me. i]9i a. C. 1 Am. Cr. H. (W: 1 
Barlj.Ht. SeeDeetj's Crloi.LBW.STiJ. 

128. Every penion who, by willful perjury, or suboim- 
tion of perjury, procures the eonviction and exeonttonof 

It person, is punishable by death. 


tin. Oderlag false eitacnce. 

I lU. Deceiving nnllueBs. 

I IM. I-nparlngmaaDriaeiice. 

{ lU. Destrni'lng evIduiicE. 

I IH. rreieiiting DriIl9suail1i;K nICaesB 

[ lar. BiHiiug nluieasea. 

I IK. Receiving or effcrlug to receive bribes. 

132. Ever; person who, upou aoj trial, prooaedlnKi 
laqnlry, or InveaUgallou whaluvor, QUtliorized or penait- 
ted bj tnw, offers in STideace, as genaine or true, auy book, 
paper, docnment, moorcl, or other inatrumeiit iu writing, 
knoirlDK tlia Hame tu have been forged, or fraudulently 
altered or antedated, is guilty of f elooy. 

FaUifyingevldBncB-arjoBHar. (DcDSM; U Mil. JO. 

133. Kvety person wLo practices auj fraud or deceit 
oc knovringly makes ui exkibita any false statement, rap- 
teaeutation, token, or writlDg, to aaj witaesa, or pei'soD 
abooC to be called as a witness upon any trial, proceeding, 
Inquiry, or inveBtjgation wliatever, autliorized by law, 
Willi intent to affect the testiuton; of aucb witneaa, la 
guilty of a misdemeanor. 

134. Every person goilty of preparing any false ot 
ante-dated book, paper, record, imicrument iu writing, oi 
otbermatteror thing, with iu teat to produce it, or allow 
It to bo produced for any fraudulent or denaitf ul purpose, 
as genuine or true, upon any trial, proceeding, or inquiry 
wliaterer, autliorized by law, is guilty of faiony. 

FabricatioD of BvIdDRDa— 3 Hill, IVlj ID Clark. * F. Ibt; 2 East ja3: 
t Xerui.Kep.EIBi 1 Hlioiv, l. See 2 Wbivt. U. L. UUi eO. 1 1334 ; 'J EnsI 

thing, Is about to be produced in evidence upon aoy trial, 
Inquiry, or in vea Citation whatever, autborizoil by Ian, 
willfully destroys or conceals the same, with intent iliere- 
by to prBYent it from being produced, is guilty of a misde- 

136. Every person who willfully prevents or dissuades 
any person who is or may become a witness, from attend- 
ing upon any trial, proceeding, or inquiry, authorized by 
law, is guilty of a misdeuieanoc. 

Dlunading witnsu from BttfndlUE-S Har. (Del.) HZ; .30 Vt-S; II 
Oisy,g7: I SuanKe, eili SUod.Mb. 

137. Every person who gives, or offers, or promises to 
give, to any witness, or person about to be called as a 
witness, any bribe, upon any understanding oragreement 
that the testimony of such witness shall be thereby IdQd- 
enced, or wlio attempts by any otliec means fraudulently 
toinduce any parson to give false or withhold true testi- 
mony, is guilty of a felony. [Approved Uarch SOtb, in 
effect July 1st, 1874.] 

138. Every person who is a witness, or ia about to b« 
called as such, who receives or offeiB to receive, any 
bribe, upoQ any understanding that his testimony ehallbe 

. KeeLilnj liquor vlibla two nUlea of StsM pi 

. Importing rare 1^1 ooQVIctB. 

. BrlngmgChlasse Into the SUte. 

. Sepiuvie and distinct prosi^FQiiDn. 

1179. Omlaslunorilutr by pulillcufllcpr. 

. OttBute far vblcn no penally In unscrlb&i. 

'rorppnttloiu not lo employ GhloeaB. 

59 152-8 ovTKtan x 


142. Eveij Bberiff, coroner, keeper of a Jul, constAble, 
01 other peace officer, who willf nil; lefoaea to leceiTe ot 
arrest any pemoa charged with & criminal offense, is pos- 
iiiLable by fine not exceeding five tboiuaiid dollara, and 
imprisonment in the cocnly jail not exceeding five yean, 

83i; I Veaiffli.tlll; Con(. Eep.ia. ... , 

143, Every person holding Uw office of pablio adminis- 
trator, who willfully refuses or neglects to perform the 
duties thereof, or who violates any provision of law relat- 
ing to Ilia duties or the duties of his oCBce, for wfaicb soma 
other pnnlahinent is not prescribed, is punishable by One 
not exceeding five tbousand dollars, or imprisoniatmt in 
tbe county jail not exceeding two years, or both. 

144 Every person who violates any of tbe provtsiODS- 
of section one tbousand five hundred and flfty-eight ll 
guilty of & loiBderaeaiiOr. 

145. Every public officer or other person, having sr- 
tested any person upon a criminal charge, wbo willfully 
delays to take such person before a maglstrata having 



diacharge any duty of liia office, wbeo do otUer puuisli- 
ment ia prescribed> is paaUbable li; fins not exceeding 
five thousand doilnr.i, and impriaontnent in Ilia county 
jail not exceeding (ire years. 
BeslMioB oflloBr.— ToPonstltntethenlTPnM, thooncfr maat hB«ii- 

XT))(4V[.S9e. Br 

0».M7! nor Href. 
Mil. 430! ai Ohio SI 

:bo rights uf 

i« oinc;aT * 

I gffic^r E 

memsary— 3 \iaeh. C. C. S3S. 6eB bratr's CHin. Law, 1 71 o. 

149. who, under color of authority, 
witbont lairf d1 oecessitx, assaalCs or beats any person, ia 
punishable by fiuo not exceeding five thousand dollars, 
and imprlaonment in the county jail not exceeding fiye 

Aeaanlu by officen.— Where a pnrlah officer, oRiUnflt tho viili of ■ 
al uu-bouse keeper Hpulled luuieceBsurtly sevfirfl ciiBdiUeman c— u <;oau. 
in. BesTIN.C.m. 

150. Every male peraon above eigbCeen years of age 
wbo neglects or refuses to Join the poaae comitaCus or 
power of the county, by neglecting or refusing to aid and 
assist in taking or arresting any person against whom 
tliere may be laaued any prooess, or by neglecting to aid 
and assist in retaking any person who. after Leing arrested 
or confined, may have escaped from such arrest or impris- 
on'^nent, or by neglecting or refusing to aid and assiat ia 
preventing any breach of the peace, or the eommiaaion o( 
any crtmla~.l offense, being thereto lawfully required by 
any aheriJI, deputy sheriff, coroner, constable, judge, or 
justiee of the peace, or other offleer concerned in tlie ad- 
miniairation of justice, is punishable by fine of not leai 
than fifty nor more than one thousand dollars. 

151. Repealed. [Approved March 30th, in effect Jit1y 

lat, I 


152. Ttepoaled. [Approved March 3Dth, in effect July 

S9 153-4 

153. Bvery peraoa v\in, hsThis knowledge of tlie r^ 
taal commiisioD of a crime, takes moaey or propaitftt 
another, or any gratnity or reward, or any engagsment oi 
promiae thereof, npon any atcraement or unileratandlng to 
componad or conceal snch ccime, or to abstain from any 
prosecQtion thereof, or to withhold any oTidenoe thBreaf, 
except in the cases provided for by law In which erimet 
may bs compromised by leave of court, ia punishable ■■ 

1. By ImprtaonmeDt in the State priwm not exceeding 
five years, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, where 
the crime was paalahable by death or Imprisoninent fn 
the State prison for life. 

2. By impTiBODment in the State prison not exceedti^ 
tUree years, or in the conoty jail not exceeding tix 
montbB, where the crime was punishable by imprlBOBment 
In the State prison tot any other term than for life. 

3. By imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding 
six months, or by flne not exceediog five hundred dollars, 
where the crime was a mlademeanor. 

73 oerzssBB aoaisbt i-dbijc iiubtice. gg 155-8 

defrnud, binder, oc delay bis creditors ot theii riEbta, 
claims, or demands, la punlBhable by itnpTlBontuenC In tlis 
coimCy jail not exceeding one year, or tiy lino not exceed- 
lug fire tlioasar-d dollars, or bj botb. 
FrandnlenI coDGOSlEaeDi of property wlUi latent to ilefraad ercll- 

Hry iluC tbs nartlei 'oHempie J to \ie ilelntudea Blionlit Ijr JailinienC 
Giedlura— IS wenil. MU; ZJunda.Cli.U4. An lucent in ilefntuiriamc 
be Blinwn, *n>]. lu cua ut rec<>lveis,a gulltr ktiawledgsormcliIlitOBt 

155. Every peisoa against ^hom an action is pending 
or against whom ajudgmcmtliaabeco rendered for tbe re- 
covery of any personal property, who fraudulently con- 
ceals, sells, or disposes of such property, witli iotei 
to binder, delay, or defraud tlie person Lriugiog such a 
tion or recoveiiog sucli judgment, or witli aucb intent r 
moves such property beyond tlie limits of tbo county ia 
wliiub it may be at tbe time of the commen 
Bucli action or tbe rendering of such judgnuint, is punisb- 
ablu as provided in tbe preceding section. 

156. Every person viho fraudulently produc 
fant, falsely pretending it to have beeu born of any par- 
ent wbose child would be untitled to inherit any real 
BBtate or to receive a share of any personal estate, with 
intent to intercept the inheritance of any sucli real estate, 
or the distribution of any such personal estate from any 
person lawfully entitled thereto, U punishable liy Impri:*- 
onment in tbe Statu prison not exceeding ten y 

157. Every person to whom an infiint has 
Gded for nursing, education, or any other purpose, who, 
with intent to deceive any parent or guardian of such 
child, substitutes or produces to such parent or guardian 
another child in the place of the one so conllded, is punish- 
able I>y impriaonment in tiie State prison not exceeding 

158. Common barratry is the practice of exciting 
groundlesH judieliil proceedings, and is punisliahlo by 
imprisonment in tbe county jail not exceeding six months, 

~ ~ t '^"^ ""^ exoeediag live hundred dollars. _ 



M 199-62 owwxhbb, a 

Bamtrr l> ttie pnetloe of morliig or mBlHngqimrali biitwai oik- 
•r uanoiH, whoUier at IH or oUtorwlH— II nek. 4*1; aad bob U Kk 
KTi lil-lck.u»; »Fa.Bt.M3; IBULtnt A tDUleeot tbepBUcir 
> iiia(litru«— I BalL ni-Mit aa UHinieT Bdriitiis or imfoiiiMlin a 
gTounclLeuu!t]aii»iiiar b« goBty of ttarrury-^ liocLn' 8tta iMiqr^ 

159. No person can bo conviateil of common buntt; 
except upoD proof that be liaa excited inita or piooead' 
lugs at law ia at least three initances, and with » corrnpt 
or mallcioaB icteut to vex and annoy. 

MallcIoBi doslcn.— Tbera most be a maUeiaaailalcii lanunireotail 
by KvenllDiunuaoEoireaiUiig— liHuB.»;i I BiuTlTSj llHek-Mlj 
I CiutL i. TUB dcalHD mini ba to btna tad optna—U ** — ta. 

160. Ever; attorney who, whether aa attorney or at 
coansellor, either— 

1. Ia Kullty of any deceit or coUoBioti, or conaenti to 
UD y deceit or cullaalon, with intent to deceive the court 
or any party; or, 

2. Willfully delays his client's suit with a view to hia 

3. Willfully receives any money ot allowance for or 
on account of any money which be has not laid out or 
become answerable for; 

—Is ({uilty of a misdomeanor. 

§§ ie3-6 

tiSed or promoted aaj action or proceeding in any court 
as dJBtrict attorney or other public pcoaaeutor, afterwarda, 
directly or indirectly, odvisea in relation to, or takes uny 
part in, the defunae thereof, as attoruey oc otberwiBs, or 
vho takes or receives any valuable consideration from or 
on behalF oE any defendant in any aacli action, Qpon any 
understBudlng or agreement wliacever having relation to 
the dufense tliereof, ia guilt; of a misdemeaaor, and in 
addition to the punishment prescribed therefor, forfeits 
his license to practice law. 

163. The preceding Bectlon does not prohibit an Bt^ 
torney from defending himself in person, as attorney or 
counsel, wijen prosacttted, oithur civilly or criminally. 

164. Kvery grand juror trho, with knowledge that a 
challenge Interposed against him by a defendant lias 
been aliowad, is present at, or takes part, or attempts to 
take part in the consideration of the charge against Iba 
defendant who interposed the challenge, or the dulib- 
erationa of the grand jury thereon, is guilty of a misde- 

165. Every person who giroa or otteia a bribe to any 
member of any common council, board of supervisors, or 
boaird of trustees of any county, city, or corporation, with 
intent to coiruptly influeuce such member iu his action 
on any mutter or subject pending before the body of 
'which be ia a member, and every member of either of tlia 
bodies mentioned in this aectinn who reccivea or offers to 
receive any auch bribe, ia punishable by impriaonmeut In 
the State prison for a term not less than one nor more 
than fourteen years, and ia disqualified from holding any 
office in tbia State. 

166. Every person guilty of any contempt of court ol 
either of tbe following kinds, is guilty of a mlademeanor: 

1. Diaordedy, contemptuoua, or Insolent behavior com- 
initted during the sitting of any 


^^^dl^ view and presence of the court, and dkWtlJ^^^I 


tending to interrupt its proceedings, or to Impair the 
xpect due to its authority, 

2. KelLarior of tlie like character committed In t 
presence of any referee, while actually engaged in at 
trial or hearinj;. pursuant to the order of an; court, or i 
the presence of any jury while actually Bitting for tbi 
trial of a cause, or upon any inquest or other proceeding! 
authorized by law. 

3. Any breach of the peace, nolae, or other disturbanca 
rlirectly tending Co interrupt the proceedings of any court 

i. Willful disobedience of any process or order law- 
fully isaued by any court. 

a. Resistance willfully offered by any person to the 
lawful order or process of any court. 

I>. The contumacious and unlawful refusal of asy pep- 
sou to be sworn as a witness; or, when Bo BWom, the like 
tL'tusal to ftEawaif any malPtial queM^tm. 

T. Tl)e publication of a false or grossly ii 
port of the proceedings of any court. 

8. Presenting ti 
;e upon any pri 

It lunlce liHcoulviDpt— Wall 

loiirt— WdIL Sr n ll Ctn C < 
to coon pTOMieiliiigs— s lU-fc. j 

fablliLJiiHrlcnirBBUpoa I 
Ujl CwkQ D U 

OoDTampt, ffbat umatltDto— ft Wli at U Tl ^ To lowing bave 
■en ll liT i.<mt(]niptd UJabetuiTlor by au Difl»r HJS A bI fliln to be 
lUty dT mUpcacUoB--'' Burr 7H, oracleik tofinndalentlxwltldiald 
ouflf IwlonKliiff to an Htatfl — I Blackr Ibfii araii altoraey cntt Log 


^ckt. IW Mind W.. 

enl POI^OE to pqULJ] ror Contrmpfc oe m rujenunu UTiLPra— a 

Umutt— Id Jnnlces of Iha p«Bcs bSkra iha lamo pdver u i 
reconl— ICol 16 17 m 131 Iblud KIT 

167. Ever.T public ofBcer authorized by lav U 
or give any certiUcnte or other writing, wiio inak. 
delivern as true any Buoli certlflcatB or writlug, coutain- 
whicli lie hno^ra to be false, is guilty at a 

168. Every grand juror, district attorney, clerk, judge, 
or otber olScer, who, except by iBsiiing or in oxQi^utitig a, 
nrarrant of arrest, willfully disolosestbo fact of apresent- 
meliC or Indii^tment liaving beeo made for a felony, until 
tliH defendant has been airested, is guilty of a misde- 

169. Every grand jotor wlio, eioept wlien required by 
B uourt, willfully discloses any evidence adduced b 
the grntid jury, or nnytiiiog wliicli be liimaulf, oi; 
otbermemberof the grand jury, laay li,^ve8aid, orlo 

{i-i 170-4 uli-fEN3E3 iCACSir PCi 

lu.uiiii r III' iir :iuy otber grand juror may liave TOted on > 
lu.iili't WU'tv Ilium, in guillj of a misdemeanor. 

i.70. lAcry iit'Tsou nlio malicioDBlj aad irithont jttdb- 
iilil': I'liusu iimi^iireH a searcb-waitant or wairatn of ar- 
ii">l In lilt issued and executed, is guilty of « inisdc- 

171. I'li'i'ry [Hirson, not aathorized by law, wboi, xtiOi- 
ma 111" < iiii>»-iit iif tliu warden, or other officer in charge of 
I III' Stiiiii |irisiiii. oummunicateB nith any conrict tberein. 
>'i' Ui 111^1 iiiliioi ouuveysout of the StMe prison any let- 
irr III' MTiiiti),' to or from any convict, is pUlty of ami*- 

172. I'A'iiry pursun who, within two miles of tbe land 
1>rliiiiUiii)t til tlilH Stiito, upon which the Stata piisoii is 
nllmiliiil, i>r u'llltiu one mile ol the Insane Asylnm at 
Njipii. >ir witlilii ouu luilo of the groands belonging and 
luljiu'i'iit 111 tliti Uiiiveisity of California in Alameda 
I'liiitily, ur III lliu Stiite capitol, or within the limits ol 
1.lii> Kr^ixii'" tiiljitciiiit iiud belonging; thereto, sella, givei 

' i'\]>ui»i» for Hiile, any vinous Of alcoholic liqaon, 


e, person of good chHcaeter, and obtaining from such com- ^^ 
missiouer a permit (IsBciibing sucii porsoD Btld authoric- 
jug the landing, is puniehnbls by a, fine of not Id9s than 
one nor mote than five thousaad dollara, or by imprison- 

nant in the county jail not le&B thou two noi more than ^^^ 

twelve monthB. ^^^H 

X75. Every individual person of the classes referred ^^^| 

to in the two preceding sections, brought to or landed ^^^H 

witbiQ this State contrary to the pruvialoua of such ieo- ^^H 

tions, renders the person bringing; or lauding liable to a ^^H 

aeparate prosecution and penalty. ^^| 

176. Every wilifu! omission to perform any duty en- ^^| 
joined by law upon any publio officer, or person holding 

any public trust or employment, where uo special pro- 
vision shall have been made for the punishment of such 
delinquency. Is punishable as Oi mtsdemeauor. 

177. When an act or omission is declared by a statute 
to be a public offense, and no penalty for the offense is 
prescribed in anyxtatnte, tbe actor omission is pnnjsh- 

able as a misUemeauor. [Approved March 30th, in effect ^^^ 

July 1st, 1871.] ^M 

178. Any officer, director, manager, member, stock- ^^H 
bolder, clerk, agent, servant, attorney, employt', assignee, ^^^ 
or contractor of any corporation now existing, or hereafter ^^^m 
formed under the laws of this State, who sliall employ, ia ^^^| 
any manner or capacity, upon any work or business of ^^H 
Bucb corporation, any Chinese or Mongolian, is guilty of ^^^| 
B inisdemeanor, and is punishable by a line of not less ^^^ 
than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, or 

by imprisonment in the county jail of not ]esn than Ilfty 

nor more than live hundred days, or by both such Tine 

and imprisonment; proalded, that no director of a corpo- ^^^ 

ration aball be deemed guilty under this section who re- ^^^t 

fuses to assent to such empIoylDcnt, and has sucb dissent ^^^^H 

Bl in the minutes of the board of directors. ^^^H 

ery person wbu, liaving been couvioted ioi Ti^^^^^H 

S 179 

latJQg tlia proTisiona of this sectiou, commits anj subs«> 
queni violallon tbereof after sDcti conTiotlon, la pQniab- 
able as follows; 

2. For eacb subsequent conviction, socli penoa Bhall 
be lined not less tlian five hundred not more titan fiva 
thousand doilars, ot by impTiaonmeot not leas than two 
hundred and fifty daya nor more than two years, or by 
both snch &na and imptiBonment. [In eCEect Februaty 
13th, 1S30.] 

179. Any corporation now existing, or hereafter 
formed under the laws of this State, that shall employ, 
directly or indirectly, la any capacity, any Chinese or 
Uongollan, shall ha guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon 
conviction tLereof shall for the flrsl offense be lined DM 
less than five hundred nor more than five thonsaad dol- 
lars, and npon the second conviction shall, in addition to 
said penalty, forfeit its chatter and franchise, and all Its 
corporate rights and privileges, and it shall be the duty 
of the attomey-geneial to take ths necessary step* to 
enforce such forfeiture. [In effect Pebruory 13th, IBBOJ 



t I8S. CrlmlniilCDnipIiscydiiDiiciluiapunlalm: 

1 IM. Ma Dthec CDQf plrsclis punlsbable crUnJaD 

i 184. Overtact,wliBn DcceS9Bi7. 

i IW. Wearing mask or dlsgulia. 

182. I( two or more persons conspire — 

2. Falsely and malicioualj to indict another for any 
cilme, or to procure anotLer to be cliurged or arrested for 
any crime; 

3. Falsely to movfl 
proceeding ; 

i. To cheat and defraud any person of any property by ( 
any means wfiicli are in tibemselvea criminal, or to obtain i 
money or property by fuiae pretenses; or, 

G. To commit any act Injurious to tlie public liealtb, t 
public morals, or for tlie perversion or obstruction of 
Justice, or due administration of the lana; 

— tliey are punishable by imprisonment In the county 
jail not exceeding one year, or by fine not exceedineone 
thousand dollars, or both. [Approved March SOth, iQ 
effect July 1st, 1874.] 

ir more petsoiu 

- — jiurnoiie Iw trimfnal or unlawful DieBns 

— «i luwjr coses ctunl luDesty'a Cilm. Law, i II b. 

SmM. 1. To oomnill on Inilinnble uBeiae-sa Pa. St. 3W: u. to 
tlll-UCBI.mi orlMmli Mlud. ItMi or<:oiiiiiilt bui^lniy—3 Tsi. Ct. 

■ILIT; ■^ow. St. 1T.^: oreatlcBiuidi'inTTolTsffninle-iiRanil.AJ:; 

L<. '«i nr'penDWIe n girl to prDsHmtlan— 4 Fnnl. A F. lUD: fl III 
Tr. 1^; or any offense— 3 Cuup. HT: mn IiImuuit or Inceit— 11 J 
XHi urnliDnioa-BrlBlit.t4l. 
Aahrf. r To ohsTEB one with rr1nii9-!Hiuu.33ai ISIU.TOi i: 
^ AJ.llj; i Hsw.slSiMN. Y. 171; arara. Oi«.S5Tj i: 
r.nii lSslLl7li1L.BepoiUr,Mi4Sam.AC.3U 

^uM. 4. To ebaai' 


s.<19; 9Fa.St.m! 4tll.3ia; 2 Har. (DeL) 

li.uni luuEb.ltUi 4Iawa,!Si iBfkb.IUi 

IZnb-M: 3 Q. B.B2; U COX C. C. »: Id. 
Cowpn.S^B; t DILL to}; * Btnjb.ZBS; 1 tet 

7?; ]ftN-H.aM: l^uau,iiii iw n,<j. i..kTj4; a iiar,Sij. sit it uuaLZHJ 
10Ul<^ail>i4CoiC.C.;«li8ia.SU5. SeeXteBty'sCnm.Lkir.illiL 

Subd. S. PnbUo health— 3 LO. Haym. 11:9. Se« U Conit. Ul. 

Pablioptue-^Camp.USi OTenn Rep. 629. 

Pabllo joatioe-a Uoody, Ui « Mod. ISi; 31 Vt.llS. 

PnbUc tiada-l Met Ul; 8! Uiiss. 231; 7S Id. ISTj 1 SCrann.lllM 
Leacb,3T4i U£a3t,2!S. See Desl^'BCilm.Uw,! ifb. 

183. N^o coDspiracies, other than those etminenited in 
the preceding aection, ore paniahable cilminally. 

184. No agreement, except to coromlC a felony upon 
the person of another, or to commit anon, or bnislary, 
amoQDts to a conspiracy, unless some aet, besida socb 
agreement, be done to effect the object thereof, b7 one oi 
more of tbs portlei to suoh aKresment 

An atreBment to commit an act. If It amonnU to b coTuplnujr It 
In sene -al co np cto wlOioui an overt act-StJ loO. 198, 1 Am Cr K 1» 
«S ir a- ^-' - - .,.,,,. J— .. . „.,.. 



Of Crimes against the Person. 

Chap. I. Homicide. 
n. Mathsm. 


y. Attempts to Kull, 
YL Assaults with dttent to commit Felony, 


Yn. Duels and Challenges. 
vm. False Impbisonment. 
IX. Assault and Battebt. 
X. Libel. 
Pen. Godb.— 6. 


i 192. Hanalaofibier— volnntary and tnTDlimtatT. 

■ ■■■ - lahmeut of manslaagliter. 

. Deceased m; 

. Eicusable 1 

ne lwl!r,T^i her panunon 
munler-^ Janes, (S. O. ) 
SnicidB — AtcomDMn : 



heil hy ilie iHolulk 

trii>ui.:Ji iCai'.A^M.bMi 

iCcaC.C-,3- la 

■,*P.8i4: liiu'.se.' 

Jeet or muiilcr-Ii Cnr. A P. 3i 


A person cUaraeil 

In msnol combat^Wlier 


g^elna couHlcBuiclilpallie 

uUIyor uiunler>ai ^^| 

o"iif,^Vt:'s^'? ■ 

woaiHin, iDtgnllliiff to iiso 11. 


4IreiLM9i'«to prepcrennil raui.'eaiiiivi'iipuD Lx 


to morul coinU^aiid iOllag 



and ktlllna^na or Ilw oomliafi 


Hals retrsMeil and Iha Dtlier 

t^^towBci, overlook »aa sohireJ bJm. it 

In nalMiflE «iTaM.-Wliea 



proeon kills tbe oBser, or ona 
Sk. IIj U SB. 4»iJI Haiuc H 


S.'g.i Green C. u. ^H 

IHiaCoU-aW. WHflraaTMr 

tiBcoiumlBslon of 

(sloDvtha wrong- ^^H 

y Iho DlHccr, who c 
tin blm It l3 iiturU 

rdenlheiatosuT- ^^M 

renSr^t" r nn'upon lui! 

er-21 Cnl.M^. So ^^B 

claniid ItUlndthog 

anl la effect their ^^1 

Ct. App. MJ. IT1» 

vs^ssi. ^ 

meramo nrotirtlo 

can— tl n. St. KS; \ BbiiI F, V. wa, BuC ir ai 

arrest t>B nllhaut 

CaBli?l#: or It ho eiceea hisaathorlty. or if the'i 


-Will. il;S.C.TiOI.3;i lA 

der a warrant without sealT the kUlhie will ho nii 

p. a ch. M 6S. 


; or'If"ihuai™k°a 

olhor wllh inallcB 

Maret)ir^hE.ana he kllU i„ 
when heihot at another ami 

avo 111* "n-N lllp- 

Dev. &B, Wl; or 

ha provDktsa a Bght and kllla h 


188. Snoh malice may be eipresa or 

impliad. It iB ^^1 


anifeatea a deli 

aenite intention^^H 


l9 Implieii, when no considerable provocation i 
when tha circumBtances atteDdJDg the kllllog show 
abandoned and nmligmtnt heart. 

Sialics ezprui or Implied.— Eipreu malice mauufll-wlllaiilB 
fnnon. but la A leital aensa it denotea a wfotHiriil act llane ttllb 
rmtcaii>ear)ixeiue-34ua.4Si Ma cues cU^luDanv'aCMBLli 
|aa; ill llliiniil ml iilliriillj iliiiiii iiililililii liiiiiiii iwaij i niiiiiiiin 
uuMilnftirB BUoUnp-lX FI& IMlliwB.iaC^'^^'^ — .■?f=-i-. 
laanlnnranca dcilDoea Cram jiiitlcn]>rr"*~ 
(Uclallr anenaliua-ieCmm. aUi 4 Jane*. 

Allen?IU(»Iud.SHtlBH,Mi l<Jbt4 

C. 1 1 • Cox O. O. T4i white expnn maUM b ne*er tq I 
mDK lie DTOrga aliiiwf;— 13 fud. t9»: 1 Buleri Wi Keaa, h: u-m. 
MI):«ldriOailCnn.SMiZUuA^.llHj7C>r.4Kia; idu.MI. 
ll«lII«Kli,ll3t|Biiai.&B.G.G.31l>. doamlt,i1.t-^' ' 


MilHeaJ,127l WUi-M . lI.^JI; U I'll. SI. 

nn^rtlBil of pnmerlit.j; ' . '> iiin;' bo iDrcmd 

BlttB— al W. St. i;Wi'4 ]]iimlih. i.BJi "ll>^lL.i"«?i Ashm.BOil 
«Va.C»«.«tj orroncBaJuigoweapon-iri^lsh.TW; orfrora > 
Hi DDTwiwi— I Olilo Bt. ue; gButnpb.itS; iVikCai.M4; or tram 
Mlom U concHU tlis baij>-et Pa. tit. in. 
ter I& thfl fini degree.— T'rciui' J irutLoM I3 presumi-J tram pui^ 
tf DolioaKidputtlEi'.; It I'l 1' ' .' . \t , :■ ^u jud, 

puil.AI'.aM; ftCnr. .1 1 ' " ' i; ■■vim- 

iCaLlliaHLKi; ili I'.i. 



'■.'i."*!-!'!- ' 

. m; B Ala. 3131 VlIet.S3i II8M1I3.K; 7 TfI.Ct,App,i;3 
aiolarr.rape.Dmibberr— MCaLli; HId.III; l»lil.»iJ^ I 1 
SgU a fiL SB. In roblwry— W Cnl. WJ. AlKnipl at i-api: 

dor In tha 

itLeeii "" ■ 

87. I^( 

ds/'in tlia 
boogbt, bal 

tbe flnt deiTKe, ODd tbi 

JtuUflable or u- 

190. Ever; peisoa guiltf of muideT ta tbe first d^iM, 
shall suffer deatli or confinement in the State prisoo foi 
life, at the discretion of tbe jarytiyiog tlie same; or npon 
a plea of guilty, the court shall determine the Bame; and 
ever; person guilt; of murder in the second d^ree. is 
punisliable by imprisonment in the State prison not leea 
titan ten years. [In effect Maiah 28th, 1874.] 

DiKcMton.— Under t&e amendment ot IS74, tbe duty Impoaed a 
tbe court la to exercise the huu* discretion vhen defetulant iilodt 
mmty, eud tbe court dnda tba crime murder lu tbe lint decirce, h i> 
tolM excrelKd by UiB Jurrwben Iherflnd delcndaot jnill& <^miv. 
deTtntbearsir(legTCe--«lCDl.l7S. Tbensnireal tbatdtHcntlasbU 
be Bscenalued tnHn tbe tuiguage ol Uie MMnte— Id. 

191. The rules of the common law, disttDEutshiDg the 
killing of a master by bis servant, and of a Imsband by 
his wife, as petit treason, are abolished, and these ofEenMi 
are homicides, punishable in the manner prescribed by 
this chapter. 

192. Manslaughter ts the unlawful Icilling of a htuuaD 
being without malice. It is of two kinds: 

^^^H BOi 


§ 192 ^1 

^^fcej™ telonloM. the kUlli 

i, „mo5K™«Uloi--(l 

IN. H. I^i »^| 



aucl onp. In Iho beat of tiasslou, 1 

liUi the olhi 

IreJ.430! and tho blayer uopil m 


loloDJ-SU Mlih. 11.^ S. C, 1 Am. C 

■i,- liy Jeslan/^^ 

whll-i'.^ ' ■■ 

;-i. urlnlci.l ■ 








havo 1 



v.ass. oi 

n a mutual ile- 

tl^i I.. 

1 ilFatbci: 






I.I. us;. 




■'■ " '" 












™"^'slalj„^, o'l....^',' L.,L 

Revocation.— >'n prnvorirlnii 






. nonon klllM 

— HGilM: aadlciiiiUuauoUUrt 


or not -21 ilB, «!; 23 MlBI. 32-.'; 4 

1 Midi. a. 1 

308 DcstJ 

•a Criin. Law, 


tntbfl, 1 ■ 

■ ',','",1" 




; i.'Vi;^>V;,^. 

W:i6i-. !'■>!■ ■ 



-iwy. liiti 



!» Up. <:»». Q. 1 
•".ntiial blows, »_ 


IrMli. lod death < 

WUCK) WORlS of , , 

"nin-TilMf iiuiniilmjtitin'-T4Tnrt .It 4 
iHi «>iu>ib>Hi) »ii.i^4w. Bo wberatlwironlBweraaceMDMi 
UymJunrdDuetoilcrcnilaTit''inalieiaanncleut— re. 
Mil Si lia. SH. luBuUlns wDrda »ul cDniluct to ■ (ein*l« nluin 
"Ot ■uDclGDt. nnli'u Ills kllJlusiTia TcnUyan that prorocatlaii, ■■> 
miiea iDUnBiUateW tliEronpon— G Tci. Ct. App. t. 
Ooollnf tlniB.— ItsoScJenttlms eit^te between ttie quarrel siultfw 
oing ouflo liEht Id allow Ua Llooil to cool, Ilia kUllos will be monter; auia.M&j Ulna.Attl! Bawbere 
imeiita we» iniula (or lt-1 l-orker Cr. R. 

il tlmeluu elapsed : 


bcfora tbe flahl mi 
xTy. SW; sOmK. »»: « l 
UlUng be done alter a « 

niatellsaw^>^-l!tGa.4<3: , ..-, ^..»..u„,^.,„.,»^ 

InjI tUueia » aaetllanof law—SH K C. avT: B. O. I Gneii c. R. dll. 
wliera tbera has beca BomclBnl) coollDg tloiL', the killing la manlcr-M 
Uiss. i6:!i ( Dev. A U. lai. 

Thnata anlnn Ufe.— Here threnu asaiast life, or to do gnat bod- 
ily harm, wlD not reduce kllUng to manBlanghier-fl Pac, c. L. J. tfa; 
tfltiia.mi S.0.1 Ureeo U.R.6UI: u Bnic (TeDn.)U3; SG8.i«i; » 

actaac'tbutimeoC tbeklillDE— 17 Cal.SIUj i Helak.KS; 20 Iowa.U!ii 
S4A]a.«T; 47 Hiss. SIS; uLaTln-tM: 14ld.s;i)i liLSZI; oraoineilci^ 
omtratlon mado to carry out tbe ibreatencd purpooe, maotfestliut > 

Soseac Intenclon Co rnnr It out-ll Cal. aiBi til l3. MO; IT lUuTiibt 
AlS-OTi aHelali.37«; H.C. 1 Uioeu C.R.^; 37T«i.tMi Mld.Ulj 
Id.KS: llld.CIO; Sl'Tax.Mi ! Head, 217; 41 klBa-TtS; UTei.«3i 1 

§198 J 
npFlrlfnlallyklllcd 1 

BuiupU 199, 'Lea ( r 
• jHinKiu la belli Duly ui 

II bloct a neiiKm 10 IncllcuneDt t i miuulsuglKer 

So U i) U u 
1 Cur Alt too Jill 

■ler 8 lews T 93' 
Neglnl to proTli 
nriMDiSiilan ofduilt 


L ■.-^'^j g™^'-?' "sdioal practlnoncr h lllrff en ^tPl ly $^J^^^| 

O.MI:1Csr.ikF.)SS:3ld.«3J: s li 
Mi 10 Oox 0. C. tag; i<l. Sli; illd.Si 

193. Manslangbter la punishable by imprisonment In 
tbe StaM prison not exceeciine ten jears. 

194. To make the killing either murder or mtuislaagti(> 
er. it 1b requisite that tbe party die mithin n yenr and a 
day after tbe stroke received or tbe cause of deatb admin- 
istered; in the computation oE irbicb the wbole of the 
day on wbluh tbe act was done shall be reckoned the flnt. 

WiihlnaTearandadar-KCnLini Id. ill); I Da*. lB)SSHo.ISt 
41Tei:.49G. Seeai[u(.U. 

195. Homicide is excusable in the following cases: 

1. When committed by accident and misfortune, in \u,w 
fully correcting a child or servant, or in doing any otlier 
liiwful act by lawful means, with usual and ordinary can' 
tion, and witliout any unlawful intent. 

2, When committed by accident and misfortune, In tlw 
heat of passion, upon any sudden and sufQcient provocft- 
tion, or upou a sudden combat, when no undue advantBga 
is taken, Dur any dangerous weapon used, and wlien tha 
killing is not done in a cruel or unusual n: 


resistance to the execution of tome legal process, or Id 
the discbaTge of any other legal ilaty; or, 

3. When oecesBHiily committed In I'ctaking felons nho 
have been rescued or Iiave escaped, oi wben necessaiily 
committed In arteating persona c!iarc;ed with felony, and 
wlio are fleeing from jiutice ot leiistiDg sucb arrest. 

~ ■ inofnialaftctD™.— TteeieeiitionorBmlefKton 


lITl nUo.KB: 180lifoSt.298: Wlnit^M: SDen. 
(WujuElUvkJlIlnsanotiierDnVtin tbesioiiudol 
perlor. ttblch are lawtuKl WooOs, 4MI. 

Siit<L3. Offloeri irfthelair— wliBiiOnilrnuth 
prison l« reslueO, may uso forca acaiiuiE rorce. «v 

Killing: br an offlisr ot a tulon. Co pnTent hit escape. lalustinabiB 
— D SnsDia.eKtia Ld. Ravni. nil: 1 Car. A K.34]: Lelgb £ D. SM; » 
Cox <;. vXb; a i], B.a^i £ul U he can be taken nltliout audi BevenCl. 

Tex.^i u. of nLantuI aireiC untawfiiiiy executed— see C^ N. H.Jo2^ 

aaM, t. Onanamn.— AnofflHrlajniEIfledCnkUILnaoneacciiBed 

have lieen knonn— II Ala. 41. ISe Blaypr mustshonn Irjonycum- 
miilii/liy offlceis In rontB, rlDta.'and anlantulaisemliites, it neccuary 
10 arreat oSeiiden, U joBtlflsble-S Ulcli. IH. See il Cal. bil. 

197. Homicide is also jtistiflable nben committed by 
soy pereoii In either of the follnwitig cases: 

1. When resisting any attempt to murder any person, 
or to commit a felony, or to do some great bodily Injury 
upon any person; or, 

2. Wiien comroiited in defense of habitation, property, 
or person, against one who manifestly iotendH or endeav- 
ors, by Tiolenue or aurprise, to commit a felony, or ae 
one nlia manifetitiy intends and endeavors, in a vii 
TiotouR, or tumultuous manner, to enter the hnbitati 
another for the purpose of oCferingviolenoe toany p 
therein; or, 

Ltlie lawful defease ot buc^v«v 


SU7 Hnaams. • 

•o::, I'r cf a vife dt hnsbamd, parent, ckiild, mnwiii. ■!•■ 
iren. ii wrruil tif edcIi pcxaon, 'm-lMm that ia tt— fill4l 
(Tc-cod iti apprt^cd ft dtsign to commit a ftikaj', <c to 
jc> Kimi gn*\ Ik^I^ injury, and Tnnniiimii daagv << 
FLcrii utsifs l^ing Bccunpliobod : Ina mcb powat. or Iba 
IitTK.n in tcliusK btlmli llie defeoM: vaa inada, if kcvM 
ihf Jiffl"'i'" </! tngaetid ia mcinal ""^^-at. bum i^lr 
and inguod fkilL Lare eudeaTtind todediiw •bj' fankM 
ttragsle L^fute ilie Lomk'ide iraa cmsmitud; ik, 

L 'Wiies Deccssarilj DomiiulMd ia -"■~"|"iB£. lij 1**^ 
lulvajs acd meuis, u> appreliend aajpetaoB fwaaj 
fe'.on.T oommiiMd. i I in liiifiillj tiijutii wiin iiiji ilal.M 
in lavfu^!; keeping and pronringtlw pewe. 

3bU. ]- l3 pK TBD ti on <rf a falonT^— Tbp taUvy «Cllfeh jaMi^ 
M« otirii iloiie 10 (■n'rait lbs cwtuniiiloa of alMsnr— * mA. CG. 

Tbicli.C.l'.4:ii«Mk:l>.lM:UX. Y.:!.):»8awT-a*-1ba«iaMtMa 
irr^-eroim irii ulirl itiatsfelour liatioiit talWHamltiaa— I Hbb^ 

InMnt-l ObloStSS: HoiTAT.I; Tbacti. 0. O. 4Tli S Oa. Hi 3 Mich. 

ilU. AmuhHartthtladefeDiIliliiMlIuUnnBnidilsnaaduuei- 
seotod MiMllibnt Be Is not Uierafore laaClfled in ilulna hla wwlliiac 
^ Mo. O. L. J. Ml M> AU. 441 1 he luu na rMC to atw bis uwUUmt 
BBMSltbeaUKdnlMlTneosnuT, 10. HomlcUaiiwitwftKineaDDtlia 
SniandDfiunHltTWane— 1 CaiB,(n.J.)mitESTei, III: It Hush. UL; 
aiowB,lH(IWuli.G.CI.tU: IHet.ltli4lDgT. A B. til; "" '" '>"- 
It BBlh, Ml ; Id. W); 18 Fa. sf] ,- bi 

na imntmr.—To ioMtv kSUlag, the detendant mut buTs been In 
i«U or tadttaa duger~ls BiuE. tW: 8, O. I Am. Cr. B. K9| lnunl- 

BUtaDdlmBedlBM^AUkJSOiHon-AT. ti3TMlu.KT|gWub.C. 

-• --^Mis tte tilul Uov-ll H. IC la not ntxessu? Ibtt Ihs 
abosld In But eiMi KtoBl and ml Ouifer to the defendiiDt'a 

"""' ?S^ijnLmi^»o».ii»: id.U( LO-iio! 

t. K U KfltL 4I4| TI III. iMi * iHUer oC 
-~SI Pk. fit. IMj 1 Ajd. Cr. B. 184. HU 

■nlii mnndmsid on tM dnmmnuceaaa Ihey appeind tohlm ■! UiD 
flna— 17 m. ft; ud tf ba bad nagoualila jnoimd lor apurehenilon, 
■Tu tDMUli upeanuioei wen ftdw, the fUlloa will bo Juiunable— 
U CtLmtit&rS^s 4 Farknr Cr. B. Hi > Halilt ITUi S. <f. 1 Green C. 

RW. Be«4TUa.BM:Mtd.UTigillcta. !»; IB Id. Jlt, h ,u. ,«>; h 
nBt.lK; 10Biuli,4Wi 8.0. 1 .Un. Cr. R. 3Kli 'J 
Wrls:bt,lV»; KConn. ». Bee DeEty's Cr. Law, ill b. As to duty to 
■Tola danger, see Dastf's Crlm. Law, □ODTBlIIlco>RZTBKAT,|alc. 

1S8. A bare fear of the comiulsaioii of aay of tLa of- 
feuBea meotioned lasubdWisiona two and tlicee of the pre- 
ceding BectioD, to prevent wbicb bomicide may be luw- 
fnlly committed, la not HufQolect lo Justify it. But tlie 
ciioumatanceH must be sufficient to excite tbe f«ars of a 
reaeonable person, and tlie party killing must bave acti^d 
undeE the Influence of suoli fears alone. 

Faar.— A bare Fear, groundod on tbreals, la not a JuatlUcatlDD lor 
bomlelde, and ueruDiia feaia are no eipuse— 37 Miss. 327; 44 Id. 7aL; 

, pnKlucL'.i .... .;.. .. ... ...■-i.iacil, wyinol olouo lUiUtj 

1£9. Tbe homicide appearing to be Justillaljle 
. cusablo, the petaon indicted must, upon bia trial, be iuWy 
i and discbatjied. 




203. Bvair p«ison who nnlswfnllr and mmUntiwily 
daptiTsa a bnnuui being of » member of his bodf, or dl»- 
ttblea, disflcaies, or lenden it oMleas, oe eat« or dlBttUw 
ths tougae, or pats oat mi eye, or sUta the bom, eu, «c 
lip, la guilty of laayhem. [Approved Macoh 80th, 1b efr 
feet July 1st, 1S74.] 

m Jc 11. "» bum"" '-!""- -■-■n-E-^—''—^^ 
htl (»(ljT""nil wndttlng liliii defer 
.'-•■-J itn^br 

■nee of B puime formed dinliiir ths conllliA— 3 All. 4Kj tf Id-I 

otuiaF-IIred.miTld.fir Aa to «i™™-'~ -*^— -— " 
Crim. liw. tltla MaYhiii. 


Kidnapping deHned. 

', Brery person nbo forcibly Bt«ali, takes, or uf- 
my person In thla Stata, and cartiea htm Into an- 
ooiiDtry, Btate, or county, or 'wlio forcibly takes or 
s any person, witb a design to take him out of this 

■witbout bavine establiabed a claim according to 
,wa of tba United StatsB, or of thia State, or wbo 

persnades, entices, decoys, or seduces by false 
BBS, misrepreBentatlDiia, or the like, any persoa to 
I of tbis State, or to be taken or removed tliereftom, 
e pnrpose and with the intent to sell such person 
iBTsry or iuToluntarj servitude, or otherwise to 
7 him (or bia own use, or to tlio use of anotber, 
]t the free niil and consent of sucb persuaded por- 
I gnilty of kidnapping. 

ippins dBfinsd.— tt li ttie nntswful remoTal, BteallDg, or cnr- 
iFiT Dt ■ penon tfota bia owa StBte or country, BEnlnst his n\ll 
BlA.C.CetbBa.STOi *BL.Coin.219i Bonv. tan Drc-i JMob's 
-S^.H.IW. ThBDffBOSBiacompletsaltliougti ihaehlpbonol 
liathieil ID IWTB llie SMte-la (!iil. M^. Procuring iho loloil. 
a BBBtlar,wltb tlie dtilga Co ihlp blm.t* uuDcleBt— J6 N. Y. 

Dtlon of ohildno.— In California, underan earlier Btatnte.Oia 

IBlnsE tbfl win otltatatlier,IB*iui>BBaalt,thOD(hbattilJie<:1111 

Kidnapping is punishable by ImpilsonmenC 
ate prison not less than one nor mors than 

inC in y 

I 111. Wbit tm nwy be an etemant la lobtMir. 
1111. Pnulslimeae of Kibb«T7. 

211. Bobbery is the felonloos taking of peiaoul joop 
ettj In the possession of anotber, from his penoo or In- 
mediate presence, and against Lis will, accompUBhcd bf 
means of force or fear. 

&«qaliil«( af offeiua.—TtiB property taken ihould beloHB Io>p<^ 
»n otber tban the dcrendnnt—Sl Cal. SM: where dtla la Ihiiia jMi 
claimed b; tbe delenUiiiit the caea tnUa-ii Ark. in; ) Oar. A T.W. 


S'Lwkii.aal. Tberumual 

101 SOBBEBT. § 213 

In the indictment it most be proyed— 6 Bush, 436, and this will be snfB- 
cient without actual force— IDu vail, 150; 58 Mo. 581. Any threat <-aJ- 
cnlatedto produce terror is sufflcient— 12 6a. 293; 2 East P. G. 734; as 
threatening to take and destroy one's child— 2 East P. O. 734; or 
threatening to destroy one's bouse— 2 East P. C. 731 ; or threatening to 
charge one with an unnatural crime— 12 Ga. 293 ; 7 Humph. 45: 1 Leach, 
189; Id. 193: Buss. A B. 146; Moody C. C. 261; even where the fear is 
onur as to loss of character— l Parker Cr. B. 199; 1 Leach, 278; Buss. * 

213. Bobbery ia punishable by imprisonment in the 
Stftte prison not less than one year. 

21& Everj p«noD who, with intaut to UU, a 
ten, or causes or procurM to be admlDisteMd, to mioUmi, 
any poison or otber bozIodb or dsstmotlTe sabatanw <• 
liquid, bat by which death Is not eansod. Is ponishsbl* 
by imprisonment in the State prison not leu than ten 

AdmlplWwlng polww^PoHoo mwat Mg sn titwut whWi fcy Iw 
own Inliennt Qualities li euibla ol dMUoilBgUts. "Ktatotrntrt^ 
rtructlra moMSuum 01 llanuU" Inclndtt lobiuncai wUidi act ^|M 
■yiMmmacliuilcsU7.«>uto<lanraylU«-UOy.UI. l^ndtfM* 
sni wu cbBised wUb sdmliilaMrlDS a lacn qasiitltr of m caMila 
d«MU; pouou called red oxlda of manoiy.I* snflMsu ahuxa aDdw 

217. Every person who assaults another, with Infant 
to commit mnrder. Is punishable by Imprisonment in the 
Btate prison not less than one nor more than fonitaan 


i ZS^ AdmlntstcrlDg stupefy tngdnzgK. 
220. Every person wbo assaults auothar with lotent 
to commit rape, the infaioDus crime against naluio, inay- 
hem, robbery, or grand liirctny, la punishable by imprla- 
onment in the State prison not leas than one nor more 
than fourteen years. 
Auanltlo conUDll T«p«.— AnunulElinplJHCorcs and reslstuet, 

Coi u. C. Il4i 11 III. 130. Tbere must be actual atcempt iTltli force. 
*nil agnlDBt tbo conaeat of Iba f«iiiBt«— W AIb. M ; !2 Wfi, tiW: biillbe 

KeTTUtt orfTDin Idiocy or iDDnliv-se'Up'. Can. Q. D.Vlsror'ntieie oc- 

at: U Id. TH: If 0».2:a: » Biu-t). IH; It Ony.Ui: 17 lawg^ IM: 4 
I.el^««i MHlcb.SH; li Ohio BE. tuj » Wla-OSO; 43 Id. s>i; Utvib. 
Hi! sea I Cox O. 0. W. Sea Desty's Ctlm. Lnn, title Rave. Ii 

e«Mrfyoongglrlsl(liaalBf ■ 

torfsred wlcfi wlttaaat tbelr^ 

maMer, uid ttai 
CM) ecar. A 

JeMy'fl Ctliu. 

I^^m^ben! b nieifl".^ piacai 

remale pmtlen^l Uodi 

LIT of panifli.— All persoEis prCflenE, 

b-'SI Ulob. 1] bat tbey most aid at 

■i)ettinE^l&.j liMl'cb.iiy^LriFn, lUSi i: Aa<i.3t0i a Car. « P. T3Ci lee 
74MMt«>. ApeiBonCBonotbBGonvlpledontiiouacgrrDbiiraxeJte^ 



221. ETerypenoii irho Is gailtr at an aaaaal^ wltb 
fnUnt to commit a,aj felony, except an aBsanlt with in- 
tent to commit murder, the pnniahment for which BBBsnlt 
iB not prescribed by the preceding section, la punishable 
by impriBonmeDt In the State prison not exceeding fin 
years, or in a connty jail not exceeding one year, or by 
)t exceeding five hundred dollars, or by both. 

'" iBlony.— ThB pinpcitratioa ot ■■ 
ny.lsarelonj-^SlMltf.l; nlf«. 

telonr-S BUeU. S7»; a lod. Mi 
ml.ixi: SSld.Wi a4ld.Mt: 17UBt 

■— — aee Iwlwoen Ml M»ull wllb 



inUaC and sn uasnlt irltli an attampt to commit a crinw—U Om. (i; tt 
Ind.:2a. 8eei4Aia.<ii. 

222. Every person guilty of administering to another 
any chloroform, ether, laadannm, or other narootio, as- 
lesthetic, or Intoxicating agent, with intent thatebj to 
enable or assist himself or any other peraoQ to CMumit a 
felony, is guilty of felony. 

AdmlnSitsrinz dran.wltli Inlmt to InSaenee flks n 
Siuult-ll(Kui.lUl^lliBli.lO. MalWlteeLO.a«f. 



JU. Dnel deflned. 

KS. PimlslkMOiiKof DgbClDKaduel.wtaen desttaeniiifs. 

S3J. PnnlibmeDl [01 flghtlog a dael. allbmigli deitbdoeinc 

S18. FeiHua Dgbtlng dusla, elc., dlsqiullfied trom boldlug omse, 

239. FoaUngfornocaghllsE. 

190. iratlnofgfflceratoprerentdnels. 

HL LeavtngtbeSUCe wltblDLenttoemlsLiwBieMiiaCduelliig. 

!il. WlCDeu' privilege. 

225. Aduel banycoiubat nitb deadly weapons, foaght 
tietweeti two or mora pei'sons, by previous HgreemBiit oi 
upon a previous quarrel. 

Doet deflned.— An aureement to flghc wLtli loaded pistols, una net 

._' .. i.'.s,;, .„..!. .^1.^.;... .Ki- =[418, tCe BiBiutB offeuae li com 

226. Every person guilty of ligbting any dnel, from 
whicb doatb eosues witbiu a year and a day, is puniali- 
able by imprison meat in tlie State prison not less tbaa 
one nor more tlian seven years. 

niiea doalll oiUQfli — tn case of dellbemta dueling. If deatli diudih, 
~aLU>.lll; nWeDd.ui. IuCalIIotnla,llljiaiiiBclBloaeii>B_ltCiiL 

227. Erory parson wbo figbts a duel, oi wlio sends oi 
accepts a cballenge to light a duel, is puniababia by im- 
ptisoDment ia (lie State prison or in a county jail not ex- 
ceeding one year. [Approved March 30th, in effect Jnly 
iBt, 1874,1 

22a Any citizen of tbia State wbo shall figbt a duel 
with deadly weapons, or send or accept a cballeuge to 
light a duel with deadly weapons, eitlier witbin this 6tat« 
or out at it, or wbo shall act as second, or knowingly 

ur aaiiat in ucy mumei ihote tbni oSendinc ahsll not to 
alluwed t(j liold uiy office of profit, or u> enjoy the right 
vt luSnfe, uid sli&Il be declared so disqualified in iht 
iaAgmtai uiKia conTiciioo. [In effect April 6th, 1880.] 
DitqumliflcitioiK.— AmiDiPvtilcfaiiniTldmliiiciiroffaidtrilull 

229. Kvi-17 peraoQ irho posts or pabliatasa BnatLw for 
ijul li)[liliUK * iluvl, or fot Dot Bendinc or accepting % dul- 
li^uKo to liiclit a doel, or vbo usea any reproachful or ooit 
l«iu|i(u<iuil luDtfuage, verbal, writteti, or printed, to or 
ciiuceruitiK uaoiber, for ootaendioK or accepUnd aehil- 
lHii|[e to II|{ht a duKt, or witb intent to ptoroko a doel, to 
KUJltjr of u uiindvineanor. 

230. Kvcrr jud)[«, justice of tbe peace, aberlS, or otber 
■itllnnr buuud to preserve tbepnbUo peace, who haa knowl- 
eUipt of tUu iuteution on tba part of anj persona to fight a 
diiHl, and wlio dues not exert hU official anthoritr to ar^ 
rent ihu |Kirt J and pTOvent tbe duel, is punishable bf Aim 

II m. False Impi 
j sn. False Impi 


16. Palss impiiaoomeQt is tbe ualavful TlDlnCion of 
personal libecty of anothar. 


DrMiii.uidiiiiTawtiilneuDllbs Jetentlon~13Plt.e;9i S.C.16r*ea 
Kl; ana the dolentloB will bs pccannied unlawlnl— t Tei. CI. 
eo. IC Is not JieCBiunr to be touchnl or sctuall; umtcil--BHld. 
1 iIstentlDa thronKb tbieali la snfflclent— 3 Tex. Ct. Apii. lUi ta 
m n perwiD. by tbreata, Iram proceeiUDg on a lilgbwu'— 3 Saeca, 
r to pieveiit a man from movla^ u ba awi proppr— ; Uuinpli.Hi 
;. I'c App.ilH; Id. IW; stcLU^: or to forcibly detain Bpenonon 
trsel^B Arit. «. 

17. False impriaonmetit is punishable b7 fine ant ex- 
ing five tliDaumd dollara, or by impiiaomnent in tlia 
It; jtii] not mote than one fear, or both. 
ilihment— Fat» UnpflBonmenl " 
A tI<:a.3W( : V. a. fiU s Wend. 



Batterj, bow puntahed. 
iUianIU with c&ustla ol 
.Usanlla vUb dcodlr weai 

240. An assauU is au unlawful attempt, oonpled m 
a present ability, to commie a violent Injurf oa 
Bon of aDother. 

Auanli deSnad,— An Muuill U an anlawfu! attempt, conplsd wl 

— SwulL C. C. Wl tl'i Ala.39J: an appaKnfatteniDtby TlDleacetadv 
Dorporal hart tDBnoUier-l Bill, !A1( riied.m: gia.lH; ll«Mut.«II: 
lIl1bn.a2l;S Tei.0t.App.2M; 1 HnutL WC) ) Wuk. O. U. mill 
Tsi.trai 1 Cmr. AK.DNi imiBDltealatlaDbyacUinapTeMint purtna 
(0 do unlBwtDl Tlolenoe on ftnottaer— II Up. Can. C. P.iai an tuiiiid 
tooommltabBllerJ— MTeI.43i B.C. I Am.Cr.K.4Si tonrbera'tbci* 
Is not ma anDBrsnur feal upprDSchlDg Inlun', there b no r— «nlf tf 
AlB.IM;IJUIen,Wii9MlS3.iUI{ I')ilQ.(l].<li ui; M Tex.iU. It ta 
enoDHta U Uie sUaputlwi Dt tlia menu tothsend tauparent aowU 
Imnnga ilBrmaii penaiuo[DnUiiarrnani>— UAtoTwiTu 10.41:11 
InS.2SDi elN. O.Gldi 41 Tei.WSilDOi.aM; t Cuh. Mil M Oa. GU; ■ 
N. C. at. It appHrent.leadlns another to ■uppoaa tint ha will do wW 
be apparently Biicmpti, [C Is BufficLeut-ll TL2H: 4 Car,* F.HV;ii 
oBerlDirloaErllEe,an(rniBb[nEatone— nCsLBUi Ilied.ll&i llVcM; 
«IN. (;.U;MI(].G3Ji IIMevTiM: 4 i;ar. * 1'. M,1i DrawumlnBatbnat- 
enlDK attitude, and tba elTeet Is to tenU]r~49 AIa.4Ii lHuinpb.4»: l> 
Ian>, m-, lll)Ma>a.4ilIi riil]L(M. O IHii H Tex.tri; 41 liL Jul; n tV. 
AP.4S3I as,poliitliiEiLEUiiorputalBtaDatber-^Btimpli.<$;: 10 Iowa. 
lM;llIred.£7fi|;i ll«H»a.4ni wtaelbcr loadRl 
ornot-3 Hunpta-UTi HAla-tia. ThiTB martai an asaault witli0ut 
pemmal Injury— is Iowa. (IIi asvfaeia befaUa toeominli: ibe iDiurr 
tnundect-^ tex-m-. aa Btaootbig at anotbei^a Qa. US; Dl LU. 7iJi A 
Id. 431: 10 Id. MW: nUKlugaBtKrlineBreuoughloitrlke-lS Aia.W3i *l- 
... — ...^__„_,i. — .?_.._„,. „-. ..^ nCaLflM; » Kan. 

aBMI— rbtlLi 

be dDOB on ttptrm 

i aawoItB— Ma DbMt'b,, 

lW«h.C, C.435. 
Intent— There mnst be bd 




at he will 

It Is sulDclsntl tliODtb ha Iw 

riraDeaty'a^rim. Tjiw.'uiie'A^HJLT. 
jt net aa •aMttlt— Here word) 

HI; n H. V. K»| H WU.1K: U ivx. mi; uu> uiDF lUBT n in- 
il InerlilCDroM abow Ills luEsnt— «f If. CHI; us IBo^' AK. 

AdU tlicy *ei»inpB<)y on Mt attoirlng an Intent not to eonuBlt 
icB. tbe Mtlanatui uuulci u > thmienlDfl act acoampBnled 
B word "ir"-9 Allen. TUjllrwL 12S; I BaST* B. «7! TBbbbiI, 
^ Go. 2n; a IreiL IH; I Id. 171; (I Car. A P. cas; 1 Hod. t. Hgb- 

T lo InUct the injury Ihns 
AU. 1; »i lei. Ml; 3 T«] 
: 34 id. mi UT«| S.t 

1. Aq asaanlt ia pnoiahable by flue not exceeding 
Iiuiidred dollars, or bj imprlBomnonC la the oountr 
lot exceeding three months, 
Smant.— The narl; any be Imprlioned lor the One, but not for 

2. A battery ia any willful and luilairful use of 
LOT Tiolence upon the peraoQ of another. 
|gydaAiisd.»A battoiT la on unlawiiil touching of The pcni 

rtK'caQ.' Q. ^ m\ ui iinjS" -''"— ""-° ""--^■- 

ibowBTer allirht-l (Iras. HI: G 

!t App.4U; If dona without e 

Mil Id. 13: Sll On. Can. Q-K. f.U ] 

lng,wlll[uUy or 111 aniBr-^Bald. «li .... ., ., 

sal. - Fenon " InrludsB vearlaK appsrel, or a cane far 

orahounlawliii^bCbepDnourusldes-iUlll.tS. C.I4 
■nit and bsttmr,— Whtre [no persons iDutasIl; Rght 

KibalueMOUoHLuT: BU 

(Teim.]M: Dt.nuiioutaivarrant, utampOu 
■naaotiUaiulbuierf— ;9N.c. boj. 

What not maunlt and batUiy.— When one. In dolni ■ lairtDl act. 

•eddantillrliiloreaiiBother— I Strange. If - ■ 

oUiST In Insnuir aibieilc eport~ll N. U. , „. ..._,^ 

penon'iluuid— IJ Cuiih. 2TDi DiarreailngnmBn unporcutli 
nUDStaauaaalCandbUKry— KCraj-.Ui l:lJ uoss. uil. 

Enloiclng dliclpUao.— Tbe nuwUr ot b vesul nuy ell 
man moflaracely— 1 WarB,83i Id. NOj 3 Stotj. 1" " 

.... oofflopf onaBlynmy ct . 

— ISN. C.24fi; iiTei.93; ] Tei. Ct- Apu. tell uUia BupwlnteiidMittt 
■ p(Kr-taoiue-UIna.Slei S.C.^Ajn Cr.B. IIU; HCodil1X£. 

PaiBDt Biid cMId, elo.-ETery piren ( may duutEw hla tUtUa taaaStt. 
•tloa— 3 Humph. !83i IdlUus.cei lBTeI>sI.all:HGa.»llaBwd,«ltj 
M 111. awi m 111. KHi 19 lows, tU: see B Tex. Ct. App. 13a. So *> to 
cuuaUiu-43 Tex. In i or persons » loca formlu-MS. O. SO; Id. 
1j 10 ai CO toaclien-2 Dev. * B, 3Uj t ma. 290; 4 Id. Nit 1 cHd B. 

TBiMBarb.Mli '» VC. lU; jHesd, US. A. muUr wlio etaudi In iso 
BiirciiIifUiHrcbiisllssIila apprentice moaeraHlj~A(l(lla.«M( ira.8C 
ifti; I Aahm. SWi « Tet CI. Spp. 133; I WHoel. C. C. I6B. A teacfaerh 
guilty of aasault and battery la excesalTBlrcliutlBliigapiipl] — 4 OtVp 
SB; sXdw. Can. Jar. 179: a master bas no rigbc ta wUp a Ured Mrnal 
^1 Afbni. 2971 10 Conn. <S7{ S Tex. Ct. App. 133; 2 Otllt. IW. 

243. A battery is pnaisliable hy fine of not ezcsedins 
one tbouaand dollars, or by imprisonmeDt In the coonV 
jail not exueedlDg six moalbs, or bf batli. [Approred 
February BGtli, 1881.] 

Fmi Bhm Bat —An auaulc wUbout a deadly weapon li a inlideaiei» 

244. Every person who willfully and malicioiuly 
places or tlitows, or causes to be placed or thtona, apon 
the person of another, any vitriol, corrosive acid, or CMU- 
tic chemical of any nature, srith the intent to injoie tha 
fleah or disHgure the body of such person, la puniahablfl 
by imprisomneDt in tbe State priaou not lees than ona 
nor more than fourteen years. 

245. Kvery person who commits an asaaiilt uponll 
persoa of another witb a deadly weapon or instrument, d 
by any means or force likely to produce great bodily I*' 
jury, is punlahable by ImpTtBoument in the Stata ptlsl 
or iu a county jail, not exceeding two years, or by t 
not exceeding live tliousand doliais, oi by both, 
proved Uaich 30tb, in eSect July 1st, 1874-1 

Aignalt with daadlf mapon.— An MsiiUt witb Intent not ta do 
mnraer. imt » Itaaer bodily lurm. U not » felony. imlDH resoil is bad 
toincaiUDOideadlruiCiire— »cal.333i Sld.MS) i2lU.SW. "Toilo 
bCKllly Uum OQ k penon," and " to Inflict oa Itia pennant uiotbera 
bodily tojurr," are Dl ibeume Impail— M Cal. 94, dlstlDguliUing ft Id. 
MO. It la a ilntlDCt offeiLie frotn uu xuult to do murder, but Ei ti<ic- 
esaarllr lodadea la Uiac <:tuuKe la tbs Indlclmeiit— M CrI. H ; Sid. 193; 
4i)ld.tiS. B>' lOCal.Via. 'Ibe ladlccmBnt sbould cbu^a tne oiTeuia 
Id (be lugiufn ol ttw suniia, and aliDUld allege tbat tbe weapon ww 
deadly, or nutt fuH as DemaaHrUy aliov that It wai deadlj— 39 CaU 
sn. AD BTenuBDt tbM deCenduit was aimed witb » deuUj weapon, 
aDd made ao aaaaolt, la not aa aveimeDt tbat tbe uaBtut wai made 
witb BdeHUrweapoii— tH OaLWI. Tbe nunsol tbeweann liDota 
DecanBiyfngredlent, tti nature aloa« Ii liDpDrtant-44 Oab M. Bee t 
CbL ua. Wbere defeodant wai convloted and wna aeDtenoed to bn- 
prlaoomeat bi tba coubtyjall, no appeal Ilea trom (be ]udgnieiit--A3 

enerall)'.— TbB danger ta life must be a real daniter— S 
. J...1. , "aloalated to produce deaih. or 

.11 111. iBSj'weljbu and atonen— 

t^lns deatb or ffreat bodily baJiD 

Oa^nae ngnan 
Cnrt. HI. A dead 
great bodily brum 
Qa. 2^i aplsiol u 


Xal. SKi ■a Id. tU ; 1 Tei. Ct. A 


TnU ma) b* (in* Id nMne*. J«irt><i 

rubllcMloa deflsad. 
I.MllliT of edllsn ud pttbUtbrn. 
I'liUlldilnttklnie nport oC pnbUe oAcW pr 
KilentDr priTllcgs. 
ilinnr prlTUeged CO 

2411. A llUcl is a mslicioos defanmtioti, expraned 
vtilinr liy wrliinn, piiDtiug. or bj signs or pictoies, or tiM 
liko. ii'tiilliiK i" blHckcQ tbe memor; of one who ia dead, 
>ir III hii|iritcli lliu Jiuncsty. iutegritj, virtue, or reputation. 

113 LIBEL g§ 250-3 

tbdnsand doUars, or impriaonnieQt in the county jail not 
exceeditiB one jear. 

250. An iDJurioits pnblicatlon is presnmeil to Lava 
been msUcioLis i! no juHtiflable motive for makiag It is 
alio WD, 

Malice in law.— On the iDtentlonal pubUratlon bT Bnather of inat- 
UvealnliMCiuay lje-^I'lcl[.3Mi9U«t.llC! UFIciJsJ;; ICawea.mi. 

251. In all crimioal prosecutions for libel, the tinth 
may be given In eridcnce to the jury, and if it appears to 
the jury that the nititter cliacged as libelous is trae, and 
was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, 
the party shall ba acquitted. Tlie jury have the right to 
datennine tbe lavr and the fact. 

JnMlfloallan.—To conttttnce a loBtiacatlon. the siuwer must iwer 
thetratHot tberubllcittion-gCaJ. 036; 41 id. 379; ii lIUl,Ud; s Mgt. 
41Di lii Plrlt. mci IreO. IBOj but It tke libel sMcrt the defamaiory 
plelOD. It cannot be losilflcil by proof ihat (bo nutnorliellBvoilIi to ba 
tcne— tl OsL nO; 4 Coun. tm; a alS; II Price. !39il ilolr. M: 

In nilt'lntioB et puiUBlimcat— 9 Ala. UTi 1 Uaa. £ E. SSi 1 Bsra. « 
AllL 3lJ: 

252. To Bustaiu a charge of publishing a libel, it U not 
oeedful that the words or things complained of should 
have been read or seen by another. It is ennugli that the 
accused linowingly patted with the immediate custody of 
the libel, under ciioumstances which exposed it to ba 
road or seen by any other person than himself. 

Fablieilloit defined.— The olTense Is cammUled by tending tbe li- 
bel t» the one libeled, thougb U teaehei the ear o( no third penon— I 
Conn. KB; a Yen;, nil. Tlie iraosralsaioii of a aealeil letWr camalnlni 
UiielDua matter la iudlctsble—:! Humph. 112; GGa.27S- 

253. Each author, editor, and proprietor of any book, 
newspaper, or serial pablication. is chargeable with the 
publication of any words contained in any pait of such 
book, or number of such newspaper or serial. 

IJl»ertyof ilie preis.- Every elMien list the rlehl o( Invastlgstlnj 
Iboeouclnctor thaae who sraiuiriutoa with public bu»lnesu-TDal£ 

— "ulngTeinonslWBfortheabiiseoCthallllwrty— STesf ■■" 

.. iKfteU.bup.4Jfl. Themaranteaotfraedoinotapeo. ,.. 

Bids spMisn orpnbllsfaed Li rennl lo lodltrial conduet or euunuu 
IBIU.M. BH Cauat. Osl. HTtrT, eec. n. Nut otdy the liberty ot tt 
tftwrntat be meBBrrthl, butjlboity of — '•■- — " — -— • ■" 


written under ancti a duty goes no further ttian duty deoudi, B^l 
nollndicbtblBuolHseipteiumiillFa lualioini; aiberwliie if ICnKatlH 
iDDdtliB lige Dt duB'— ^ Bosw. M7; I DvdIo.41: b Ony.M; II am. 

T EI. a 
irithoul Ills ordGf sad sgnliist Ua Mill— Ibactl. C 

254. No repoiter, editor, or proprietor of stay nem- 
paper ia liable to an? pcosecutioa for a fair and Iroem- 
port of an}' judicial, legislative, or other public official 
proceedioga, or of any BiatuniBnt, speech, arftumeat. oi 
debate in the couraa of the Banie, eieept upon proof of 
inAlico in making aach report, trbicb sball not lie implied 
from the mere fact of publication. 

BopDrt* of offlelal procoBdlngs.— Wlore a report of Jadlctal pre- 

tloBS loasne™ n'ni'iui" characiei>Sls UtiBloua-S Plok. IS; J Jol "*' 
ZutiBcs:! Pick, 113; I Burn. A Alil. 379. CoDUselare protectad wl 
ttacyhcep wllhm wbiil Is materia""*'" '■•■'•• >">' — ■ — ■ — - 
overBtop ijilsljonoa— 3 Smflh J.P.4 
Aid. 3711. WHBre upon a&uul trial < 
•r loiitt torUmdlnKnnypubllcMlo 

ItBi t Term. Rep.3iUi Uoodr A M 

255. Libelous leniarks or comments conuected n 
matter pririleged by the last aeetlon receive no pcivileg 
b; Te&9on of their being ao connected. 

nication made to a person iuteiested In 
s also interested, or 
who stood in such relation to the focmer as to afford a 
leasonable ground for supposing Lis motive innocent, is 
not presiuned to be mailclaua, and is a privileged com- 
FrivlIeEed oommonlcstlona — PrlTlleged conuatmlca 

my Iw anawsred 
H.IH. AaosB. 

iiKl)o"wcr-SJohn»,M8j iVi 
f Car. A P. m. BaaTftibk 

Wl!3PlHsl>.Rep.MD;l!)N.Y.l:3:8Jlii>n. lMiiUp.C«n.Q.B.Wlii; 

2111 Bee I Up. Cbu. L. J.lM!orleiterai>rreparCilnn>1iiiM|oEBuHKii 

Bvttt la Dia ordloUT coiine of tlieir duty— Law R. s Q. B. Uti U- 
Ml SHurl. *N.S3a: lKap.!3S. Satoni/'ilBeouiinnnlcuToMHUlM 
aflaracmotesnaiilatwtorpiBeBarBprlvilaged— ilCar. AP.HS; MBodT 
AU.UIi S Scott, IHi Law B. 1 Q. fi. SWAutieall How. xin. BbI 

aCST*! — , 

._. _ ... .. iUuyp*. 

LIBKL. § 257 

. 288; or of a master In giving a correct cbaracter of a servant 

iqi^ry made of him— ^ Man. & R. 101; 4 Id. 338; 4 Burr. 2425: 

P. 8: but otherwise, if false answers be given— 4 Bam. 'S 

10. Other privileged conmiunications, see Desty's Grim. Law, 


. Every person who threatens another to publish a 
!onceming him, or any parent, husband, wife, or 
)f such person, or member of his family, and every 
L who offers to prevent the publication of any libel 
mother person, with intent to extort any money or 
valuable consideration from any person, is guilty of 

Of Climes against tUe Feraon and against Pnblio 
Decency and Good Morals. 

OUAP. 1. Raj-k, Arductioh, Cashai. Abuse of Chil- 


U. Abandonment, and NEai.BCT or ChiliikiiIi 

5§ 270-3. 
in. ABURTIONa, §i 2T1-C. 

V. Bkiamt, Incest, and tbe Cbiiuc Aoum 
NATtiBa, §S 281-7. 
VI. VtOLATINO Sbpcltuiib akd thb Rkkaisi 
or THE Dead, }{ 290-7. 



26X. Hape is an act of sexUBl Intercourse accompliBbed 
iritli a femtile, not tbe wiFe of the perpetratoT, ander 
either of the follDwinK clroumsCaiiiceB : 

1. WlierH tliB fenuile in uniler the Bge of foartesn years. 

3. Wliere »he ia incapiible, tlirougl] lunacy orotljer un- 
■oaudnesB of millfl, wlietber temporary or permaaent, of 
giving legal consent. 

3. Wbare she resiBts, but liec resistance ia ovsrcome by 
force oFTiplenee. 

4. Where she Is prevented from resisting by threats of 
imniediate and great bodily harm, aecompiinied by ap- 
parent power of execution ; or by any intoxicating, nar- 
cotic, or ana>stbetia substance, administered by ai with 
U>6 privity of the accnsad. 

It tbe 1 


CFf the act, and this is known to the uecuaed. 

e>. "n'heru alie submits, under a belief tlial the peraon 
committing the act is her husband, and this belief in in- 
duced by any artifice, pretense, or concealment practiced 
by tbe accused, with intent to produce such belief. [Ap- 
proved March 6th, 1S80.J 

Baps dcflnad,— Ruixlitbeuiiiawrutcaniil knnwledae n 

" -"^ArkTaw* j" G». sS: IB «p. ii: M MVrh"\»>r'- 
. — .__ _ . . . . „.,rtUs« 

1*1. Jn;'. - C^u^Al knovlAln" 
;u£ ^i) liad against out 


i .-.iiiiits lutiieouiiaga 
^ ';::i^'.«. Any «<;:cuill 

m'6 K"ai;" iluCseA'Leigh'lHB'^Baii! la ^"^ 
4 4. FnvantliiE rsalauncio —Ceasing realstanci 

ArE.M.»KaD 13S Jbnsn 3<M 41'usta.rfii. 

dauBciit wu foreeti by feiLr of ilBiiUi or1>v(liuc» 
ipb IM BCar AP m It I 

na Isanaa- 

IH Mass 503 SMlcll-lO MfllWf 

BeL C C 40 


tburwlse at 

ontow-MIna I'D ICoxC C aS2 

ICai i.&. 


Ing sleep 19 


C B1I B ( t Orecn C It. 3 U 

la. ■as or 


«steil-MHB '* iUUasB rs 

d. «. AitlOca and Inad.— Acqnles 

enca bvaii 

■«.«"%; wwsPs'fc' 

asi"i^''. Wh 


cli luipreis 

Jialned under circiuiutiiiiceawlilcli 

Induced «f 

'"■-'? "Jfc 

zii 1) rp. Can. q. B. ll6i 11 Cox d 




■r^ wooUl ba lAble tor' an Hanlt-n Ou. <fc F 



oOation,— WhBo commlrteii f DKlWy aad unltuC th 


mnla. proof ot actualjwnelTallon l! 

auBlcli;Dl-40Ala,.»), The 


265. Every pfcson who t;ikc3 
against lice will, and by force, menace, ordutes*, c 
li«rto many lilm, or to tnair; itn; otiier person, ( 
dcMed, is punishable by im-priaonineiic in tbe State p 
not less than two nor mora tlian fourteen yean. 

.— Abdoclloa for nacriage l]>- sor *1 

mum, either tiy y1d1cui:o, dcci^it.cauaplnu)', oruy ci 
proner prncUies for tbe purpoM ut maniiga. is an oaeat 
bw-3 HUite Trl. filSi aoil pBy^CDl force or virdence Is ui 
8 lows. MTi and consent enotted br UireaM, frEuit, or oU 
connuC— '^ IIL llSi see at Tei. m. If llie ttoiale bo i„„„. . 

Ceus or sgfl, and iiltlmnt iiuentg or legal gnardum, tbme wbo 
oruiiilcr^lieirore areUeomeil Id ]uve Clio legal cosuwly oil 
Jowa, M7! suit. IWl-a, USD. 

266. Every person wbo Invsigloa or entices a 
tnaraledfemalu, of prerloQB chaste charaoter, uttdertliei|l 
of cigbteeD years, Into any house of ill-fame or i>[ tMif- 
nation.or elsewhere, for the purpose of prostitnlion; or la 
have Illicit carnal connection -vrith any mau; and nvity 
liecson -wbo aids or assists in such inveiglement or eatlw- 
uent; and every person who, by any false pretenses, (alM 
representatiou, or other fraudulent metuiB, procures aaj 
luinalH to havo illicit carnal connection with any toan, is 
punisliablD by imprisonment in the State prison not rt- 
octeding live years, or by imprisonment in tha county j«U 
not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding oM 
thousand dollars, or by both sucli line and inipri^ni- 
ment. [Approved MarchSOtb, in effect July 1^[ . i 7t . 
AbdaotleBforpiiTpoMBOf preBUtnlien.— ItaBtaklnj ■■ 

■||lnii!njn»«-MlllM,'j;" ' . 

am ar ot nnurio^e trill nM lie Implied wbere Itae man li slnBilj mar- 

tna»(B up to IBo cDinoientenienl of lUe »ris of defendant— 8 Barb! 
CWi IS alatiDtulshed troiD euDil i-GpuCc— s..' Iiid. I2S! B.C. I Am.Cr. B. 
IB; ZiiN. Y.-iUJ; SI lowa.BJ; B Id. iw; III. 430. '1 118 proaccullon must 
•liego antl prove til chiMe chamettrof lliB fciiialt—W cal. ID; ud 
mima/acit proof, li; presunipcloo Ironi other facia. la Buaiclei)l-« 

IflcBtloDof tbe paJslonof lEwUnesi In snollier— IH taL II. IndccEDt 
liberties nltli femoleBUraMtscluIeU UBBOllcllatloiu '" ■""!["'■'''"> 

AdolMrr.— Proof of notmlBCr la u nuWrUI » proof ol the tut ot 

Unltsn- Bt gonunon law.— Adnller; >a the UUdt commcrco of two 

j^riaJiin. vSf-i BUM! ™il8°"e CnTu™!!'! I l*Ua. Mfll Qiltt. Wi ; t 
JL Kt: m lU.ta: B. V. I Grern C. It. liU: h lowo. teJ; 43 He. 219: U 

. m 1 luei. 190: s. c. s he^a. c. c. w; -h rick, tm: aa Fa. Bt. «J! « 

H. Mi; 1 rill, iwia.) HI; K Iiid.:»^: I Hsr, lUPl.) 330; (Hlnn. Ul. 
>e UWnftloii var fa Willi Ihe local sintme»-7 Coon. 66T: »N. H. ■'- 

ll^lu. CWU-jW. 'seBDeaty'BCrlin. L 

„ ... „, .,- ■„ ,.., „ ., .,°-i':i*'.' 


See" Acl topuDlsb aadactton." 1B13, Appenllli,p.iift, anil *■ Act to 
pEiDlBti Ailoltei^.'* 187?, Appendix, p. 711. 

267. Every person who takes away any female under 
tlie age of eighteen years fiom her fatber, motlier, guard' 
ir other person haring the legal charge of her person, 
nithout their consent, for tbe ptupose of prostitution, is 
punishable hy impriaonment iu the State prison not cs- 
ceeiling live years, and a line uat exceeding one thousand 

AbdDctiaai.— THb ebltd muatUe takeu fram aome person bating 


'" aed 

270-1 AllANnONMESt-OFrHrLDREK. 131 

I. Every person who, under promise of tuarria^. 
seduces and has sexual InteTcourse with aa unmarried 
female of previaua cliaste character, is punisliaLle by im- 
priaonmeDt in tha State Prison for not more Ihaa five yean, 
or by a line oC not more than Ave thousand dolIaTH. or bj 
both such flnii and Imprisonment. [Approved Feb. ISth, 

269. The intermarriage of the parties subsequent te 
the commiBBion ot the oAeuae la a bar to a prosecutioD {or 
aTiolalion of Che last SBction ; provided, such marriage 
take place prior to tha fitidlnK of an indictment or Ilie fil- 
ing of ao Inforiuation charging such oRenBC. [ Approved 
Feb. 15th, 1889.] 



270. Every parent of any child who wilifally omits, 
without lawful excuse, lo perform any duty imposed up- 
on him by law, to furnish necessary food, clothing, shel- 
ter, or medical atteudance for such child, Is guilty of ■ 

lybeadefSDM « 

iijenMotpirBiiHuaiio'— leCoiC. " — " ■"""' " 

ty to sopnly one— if Coi~C. C. 123; 3 Al'ejii.lMi gnil 
takeaexsliulvsellBrffa-SGuiG. C.I2S; ICar. *P. n 

B« Cl»llC~if , {( iB»-'ilJ,nd[9 TelMinK to nbwiaoBefl chJldren. W7«. 
AppendW p.TJB; ISTS.f.n-imiifeilonot cMl^™ *•——'- - — 
108. mcuHliant initlneis, Apiieiiiali,p,7! 

OF tHlLORKV. g 272 

; child uudurUie age uC si 
rbom an; BUcb child liBflbeea J 
contldeil for nnTture or education, nho deaertB such child | 
in any plitae whatever, with intent wholl; to abandon it 
Is piinjeliable by impriBonmeat in the State prison not ex 
ceedioE seven years, or in a cooitty jail not exceediDg; oni 

Al Dommon 1bw,-To desert a helplesi chlM with Intent tn Will; 
C?C."4»fi"c«r"tK. BMi Vmaa^mTt iaii"c. asis? l"T™Mi:'l1! 
ora'iotliowBailier— "car. * K.1H. 

273. Auy poraon, whether aa pareut, relative, guard- 
ian, employer or otherwise, having in hia care, custody, , 
or control any child under the aga of sixteen years, who , 
shall sell, apprentice, give away, let out, or otherwise dis- 
pose of any such child to any persoD, under any nume, li- 
ir preteDse, fortlie vocation, use, occapatlon, calling, 
service, or parposeof singing, plajing on musical Instru- 
tnents, rape walking, dancing, hugging, or peddling, in 
any public street or highway, or in any mendicant or 
wandering business whatsoever, and any person who shall 
tahe, receive, hire, employ, use, or have In mistody i 

child for SI 



either of them, is guilty of a 

]3d, 1 




{ 170. SobmlRliig to an 

274. ETery person "vho provides, supplies, or admin- 
istera to an? pregnant woman, or prooutes a,aj saah wo 
man to take uny medicine, drug, or substance, or aaM at 
emploja any instritment or other means whatever, with 
iDient tbersby to procure tbe miaconlaga of such womad. 
unless the sama U necesaary to preserve her life, is pon- 
ishable by imprisonment in the State prison not less than 
two nor more tlian Ave years. 

AbomoD.— Tbe offeow roav bs oommitteil K Niir tlms duiine tht 
period of KHitstlOD—lOliIaSt 118! 49Ions,lSDi sad tbe momenc lb* 
wamlils Inttlnctwltb cmbrTo lUe antatlaa lui bwiu— Is Urair. lUi 
tHauWIj 13FL St.«31ieFLl~J.»iseelZab.a. TbealenHM 
conimltted when n psnon gives medlcloe lo a woniui Id procura u 
Kborilan. wbetiier Ilia dnig wu lljcaly to pmduoa (ba ■boitlaa otngl 
ent wbBB tba madlclas Ib* lak'an— l Dams. A B. in. *""' 

Adv anlawfal nla or Inv lutnnnent tor [be purpOM et iiiuuBhw 
Miabanlon, la mmlDal-^Cal. 4MI; 13 Allen. iSl; los Hiss. «U; B 

1(j^U.*II°i'sfa S Am. Cr. ™Sj iba dratb ol tbav^^iTuMS^ 
BeceMonr litgredlent, that of the child b«lni| saOcMal [a niate a» 
•SnuHafakmy— UN.X.INti It only Increuea tbs dcgres ol tlieciliM 
■ud il» pnnlaluiieDt-ia. Ttag e*ldcDce ot tbe ciima is tuusll* dnm 
trm Oie olnanuniuia-n Til. >lli B. C. 1 Am. Cr. R. M; « 1U. 
«» III IbuiLSli la Id. HI; I3t Id. 44: It Coi 0. 0. HI: 8. C I 
Qnta O. Rv>*^i ■ ixnob ouinaE ba canricted on tba mteairabonM 

MlHanla(s.— Admlnliterlng lo ■ pregnant wonuui any dni'- -' 
emnloying uit iueum io produce » mliuiTlife, unleu uereuj 

Ert«!rvenfe,UaciinilnaIolIeiis«-41Ind. WJi ICamp. Is. Toe 
JU> an adralomcclUK Ic la odC necenuy Ilut tbare sboulil In 
lIveirbrbiutl-tUar.AP.MS: Lut uiera muit b« an aoioal *w^,u-. 
Init or tba aniR-Kiran ± M. lU; HIdd. ^39. I'roororUa 

^-iSv.Y.tX; Uietaet tbat Ibe suUiEanca nould uoc p^lSuca s'r^ 

ta^^Hlul St; and an Bftei^p! Is Indictable lUguaSftaa'waDiu 
was not pruDuit at tba tlmc>-a3 Vt. 3Wi 3 Ohio St. US; II Oiar, M 
BKDcMT'lllilm.Iaw.lHii. ^' 

12() ABOBTXON8. 8 275 

275. Eyery woman who solicits of any person any 
medicine, drug, or substance whatever, and takes the 
same, or who sabmits to any operation, or to the use of 
any means whatever, with intent thereby to procure a 
miscarriage, unless the same is necessary to preserve her 
life, is punishable by imprisonment in the State prison 
not less than one nor more than five years. 

See Act of 1880, relfttlng to tale of poisonous mMUmo^p Appendlju 

Pi 749. 


27BL Ererj penon vho malicloiuly, f orclblj, or trwid* 
□lently takes or entices atraj any ohUd onder the ago ot 
twelve 7ean, niib Intent to detain and eonoeal socli 
cbild from its parent, guardian, or other parson Lavhig 
the lawful charge of such child, Is pnalshablo by Imprir 
onment in the State prison not exceeding ten yean, or hj 
imprlBoDment in a conntj Jail not excMkding oim tmCi 
and a fine not exceeding five hundred dollan. 



ID ie;3L n^ uC LnusQnt, una cobabltLi 
eilst'i— 20 OblD, 1. Sui^li'iDLUTliiea Is only volditlile— u AIu. U 

) ML BIgamj deOneil. 

I m. EiceplIODa. 

I SSI. Funlibmentof blgamr. 

IIH. HuT7lngaliiubmiulorirU«olBiu>aier. 

I ISO. Incest. 

i las. CiUae aEOlnat nstare. 

t KT. FenetiBtlOD lolDcleDt to eomplets the crlms. 

281. Every pecsoa having a husband or wife llTing, 
who marries any otlier persoD. except In the caaea speci- 
lied in tlie next section, is giiilt; of bigamy. 

,._!■„■„„■ ..-H„ .h„ ,.,„. .™ .,F .-..sent, ana cohnbllLntt togeilier 
sgiln wblle thD Qr^ttnuTlaga 

, ^-..-^klek 

isi. A mairlHge ronttaned tbrouRb leae amy. anifc sooie cIrcuDt. 
ItanceB, bo volQ— 44 Ala. 24. A nuitrlnge la fact in a forelen ]urle<llc< 
Oonljprtma/nrtsevlilfnca o( a vallilniaiTlago-M N.H.4Mi B.O.I 
rp. Cjm. Q. B- iS3. Tct. A marriiiBO which clie law of Ihoplafamu 

GiatCeW. ha llmBJ be lielij vallil thniijjbTiotaoleiiinizcaiiyan'or 
dalneamlnlalar-SSN.T.JSU. 11 l.i a cWil contnirl, aoadoea noire. 

Bs^-I Cal. M3i°«e''clv. uode. S ts 

oalred— a Cal 603. Aji agrpement bi .,__. 

eolubltatlon, U BuCBcleiit— U N. V . 3M). 

'iBgaa Tba Elsl of I be oaflnse 

rhOe s taua one a.lsts-M N. I. j 

■" ""■ "rv, 

jolemolnnl— lavtBTU: aCuah-ft.. : i Tbomp. 

* C.iii JPaikerCr.fe. IW;6 II..- m.',; lU. wS; 

U AbL IW. The offense la rniiiLii. : . . . i iLiarrlyo la 

Irca. WBi'alchDugb such niBrrliBo' i.h' iiivalj;i ify i ts^"" o' somoleiiol 
dWabiUtr ot Iba g^nlea-M Mltb. asa-, S. <J. I Ajn. Cr. E. 73; I Car. * 

' Bldlngaad asslatlM are wj- 

MGB.%t. igDoiimSa otim 

TliB laat sectioD doea m 

1. To aoy person by roBSon of any former mArria^. 
wlioae Lusband or wife by Buob inarriHge Las beeo abseci 
for Ave successive years, witbouC being known to such 
person witliin tliaC lima to he living; n 

2, To ftuy iieraon by reaBon of any former maniajjs 
Avlilcli liaa bevu pronoooced void, anouUed, or dissolved 
by tbe judgment of a competent conrt. 

3ubd [ Abspnec If llirxii-irtyknowilheabsenlcobBrondiieMle 
K" ^ I 1 1 C ITJ Being InanoaerllMMof 

u\ ■=eBna».ai,atKa.m mSSSt 

Ln I v.on nlllioat kUOTdMnotbUbcM 

■ll\ l» Muuchiueua, ttialagMtr oTM 

■eci < ■- IsiiiiiigtIOLa .lOUlepenamtliBlf- 

norm i,i. - __ i iH"! ■■> 1 'ii"f ' (liH rtratS-JMa. 

Ki Inl i.nns\1i.iiila un> r^i loiitacctlne, 

knit mode ol Uuilli, In apiK. r ilrBtli of Ibg 

1I7| JCliiltt P M7 lo El> 10 comiilaluaM 

jUeistiiiuBi 1.0 ilDmlcueif lull duul «.iiiu itia gr nicd-a Midi. 

party ko" til a Stiio liiLreiy to obtain a UifoFCB,' SU voU^^AJo. It 
In ei-bsii Uiiiictts iliu Eulliy party canuot nurry again— 138 llvi. SI4 

*' "■ "^ "■■ — ■-"■'^^"-■'^"it^^BotlioiM! 

fon Iba icEDuil iDBn-lMB,ltlsanw<l 
Utter too imuTliigo— J Hill, KI 'uilioi 


13 ussa 158, 8 rick tn «ee la Ala. era. tTPa.Bt.»0^ Yui, 

M Tin Uttriwrea to oiiidnBii™ 

I l>ceii grsuteil l9 DO tletmuB-^) Bnab, tIB: S ( 
<» iuIiuUana.ltlaain»adB[eB>a— UtniL 
. .... ■--,ud«nTmiut 

a deUaae la 

2C3. Bigamy ia punishable by fine not exceeding t< 
tbouaand dollars, and by imprisonment in tbe State prisd 
not exceeding tbree yeant. 

284. Every person wlio knowingly and willfully n 
ries tlie Imsbiind or wife of another, in any casa iu n-lid 
■ttoli liUBband or wife would be punisbable under llie p 

UB BiiUHT aud nciBT, § 28S-T 

visioiiB of tills chapter, Is punishable b; fine not less tbiui 
two tbousaud dulUrs, ot by Imprisonment in the State 
prison not eiceedinft three years. 

285. Persons being within tlie dei^ees of coaaangulD- 
ity within which raartiagos are deolarEd by law lo be in- 
cestuous and void, who inlermarry with each other, or 
who cotnmit fornication or adultery with each other, ars 
piiniababia by imprisonment in the State prison not e 
ceediugten years. 

InceBt— tnc;9t la n lUtatoiT offense-It Cal. KB; 1 MorrlB, n», . 
Met. lEKi: notiLoBLKB: ILOB.U. It l9 njninl DBense-U Iiid.H(: S. 
C. I Aoi.Cr. R.U4. Ana ttie la foH srb(tnilE9 u to tbe rolntiooshlp 

Pa, St. S09[ W Mms. <"||. In Qdllomia, the »g™P' ."["",&" fS*" 
veotloa ot clrcumsLSDoei, Indepfiml 
Col. Ift9. But Benalng f or a mstdstnl 
laoestiuma uarrlagc— 14 Cal. UU. 

ProhibiMcl dBEiBBB.— Criminal Intercoojaawllli a rtaogbtor Is Incest 
■3 a (egltlmBte dauzbter— II Aiu-^RH; lOlil. 2.M, It 1b due luces! lura 

>lei>daiigliter ana sten-fallier ceases to nlsc on lis terminallan by 
deatb or illvqrca— 2'j Ohio St. SIU S, C, 1 Grcon iWJ. BroUiernnd 
lister mwil tlie olTsprlni of tbn same pare nts j Itc^ dn not nocDBsailJy 
8eo JiY^^O^^. o , . eo es J r m. w, 

286. Bvtiry person whoia guilty of the infamous crime 
against nature, committed with manliind or with any ani- 
inal, is punishOihla by imprisonment in the State prison 
not leas than Sva yeani. 

Orlma agalnit natoro.— Sodom)' la tbe cumsl knowledge eomiaictsd 
WBluBt Ibo ordDT or uatnie by man wKb man, or bjr man Willi wi.-"!" 

Cr. R-Mlt. Consent or non-oonaent la liuma ■ "- * "- ■ 

Cox u. (i, an; tbs uarty coi 
See Rose. Or. £<■ 914; unlc 
DenliuKi. SH; Law B. 1 " 

wltu towl-1 Wtoart. O. I . -.-. 

nilc tba oSenae are Indictable— a <J. B. i 

287. Any sexual penetration, 
Rcient to complete the crime against 

Psnetiaaon Is eiBentiBllo ttiB oeease-Rnsa. A B. O. i 
ftl'.ijdli. and wlUiout emUnlou it la sufflclent-l Va. 




Jnliwrul remgyal of duj 
Wbo aro chargEd nUh lb 

290. Every penioa who matilates, diftstera, .or is- 
moves from the place of aopulture the dead body o( a 
humAD beiag without authority of law, ia guilty of fel- 
ony. But tha pTOvislona of tliiSHoctloa do not apply to 
any person who removes tbe dead body of a relative at 
friend for reinterment. 

VloUUon of >epnltaro.-It 
UlBgilly cllstur'- " 

17 tbut all c^nsajea sboulil lie acloaU* prosM, 

291. Every person who removeB any part of the dead 
body of a Imman heing from any grave or otlier placa 
where tbe samu has been huried, or from any place nUeca 
the same la deponiled while awaiting burial, with inteat 
to Bell the same, or to diaaecC it, without authority of law, 
01 from niallce or wantonness, is punishable hy Impriwin- 
meut ia the State prison not oxoeodlng Ave years. 

Badf4na1chiDff.— It l» a crlmD to cliff up and ren]OT«ad«ad bodj 
for gUa or for dTjHcelon— 1 BlacU. Iffl; IS Plot. 3M; 10 W. tl\ QovL 
AR. I3|. I Leai:b.lUT| aCoiC. C. IH; or to sell a ileail body for dUwH 

tioo^coic.o, la. jl 

292. The duty of burying the body of a deceaasd pi^| 
■on dHTolves upon the persons heioinafler apaoifladi ^U 

1. If tbe decooned waa a msrtied woman, the duty of I 
burial devolves upon ber huBbaod. 

2. If the deceased whs not a marrlBd woman, but left 
Hny kindred, tbe duty of burial devolvea upon the peraoa 
or peraoDB iu tbe same decree nearest of kin to the de- 
ceased, being of adult age, and within tliia State, and poa- 

3. If Che deceased loft no husband uor kindred answer- 
ing the foregoing deseription, the duty of biulal devolve* 
npon tbe oorouer conducting an inquest upon the body 
of tbe deceased, If anj such inquest is heldj if there ia 
none, then upon the penons charged with the support of 
tbe poor in the locality iu which the death occurs. 

i. In case tbe person Qpon whom the duty of buiial 
Is cast by tbe foregoing provisions omits to make aucb 
burial witbin a reasonable time, the duty devolves upon 
the person nest apecilled; and if alt omit to act, it de- 
volven upon the tenant; or if there is no tenant, upon 
tbe owner of tbe premises, or monter, or if there la no mas- 
ter upon the owner, of the v&ssel in which the death o> 
cms or tbe body is found. 

DBfr of bnriaL— At eammon tsw, It U a aladsmeaaar for 0Ds,irtagaa 
Oats It la to h»Ta ■ dead Indy burled, to reluae or oegliKC to bary It 
^TMo. 586, U ha hava aufflvreuC mesna to do ao-i 0di C. 0. ni; t 
DenUon.tiS: ortDproTiui tlia tniTlHl-WUla.UI: or lo wUiruUy ob- 
■truct and Interrupt tbe borliil Hirvlce— 1 HiirD. A C. BI/2: 'J Slranga, 
Htii or to bury B boilj ot due wbo died a Tlolenl destb before or wlln- 
oai a coroacr'q liiYt»t-l SaU, IHi 7 Hod. ID; or to throw ■ dead 

■taiiiie. whicb emponen boardiof beslch loreguli.le burisl-Kcaiuidt 
ThD Hlataca applies otdy to borlal-placei JedlcUed In [he mode p'olat^ 

293. Every person upon whom the duty of making 
burial of the lemains of a deceased person is imposed by 
law, who omlta to perform that duty within a reasonable 
time, is guilty ot a misdemeanor; and. in addition to tbe 
puuishmeDt prescribed therefor, is liable to pay to the 
person performing the duty in his stead, treble the ex- 
penses incurred by the latter In making the burial, to bft 
ncoveied in a civil action. 

294. The peison chained by law with the duty of liutr- 
iDg the body of a deceased person Ib entitled to the cm- 
tody of such body for the puipoM of btuying it; oscept 
that in the cobb in wlilch an Inqneit ia lequired by Ian to 
be held upon a dead body by a coroner, saoh ooroner i« 
entitled to ita coatody until such inquest has been com- 

205. Every person who aireats or attacliea any dead 
body of a human beioK, npon any debt or demand what- 
ever, or detains or claima to detain it for anf debt or de- 
mand, or npon any pretended lien or charge, la gnilty of 
a mlademeanor. 

296. Every petaon who willfully and mallcionsly de- 
faces, breaks, destroya, or removes any tomb, monament, 
or gravestone, erected to any deceased person, or any 
memento or memorial, or any ornamental plant, tree, or 
ehrub, appertaining to the place of burial of a human be- 
ing, omhoshallmaTk, deface, Injure, destroy, or remore 
any fence, post, rail, or nail of any cemetery or srave- 
yard, la guilty of a misdemeanor. 



1 m^ SDndmr mmiHainio, wbm Uqnor* u« Mid. Bepodsi 

"1. Kr»pln([0[WQp(»c«or" _ . _ . - 

.. LlmlUllon OD opcnUo 

!. IHslurblns KlIsLommi 

1. fan- of liquors it tli« 

. anliiig llquoniL»mp-mMttB( 

id dBploTtnc wooMn UtmMt- 

ig 303-S ^H 

mntUig— « ^^H 

Bait.(Taim.)ISJ| ork Blnglng^duHl lor InaD 

— WCBLUIiUlinX. Ttaei«niiulbauB«iiaiaistiirbBDGB,bruol», 
■r rndeBDilhidecaiitociaducCkt or near tlis plica Dl waisbiD— n AU. 

IH; Mid. Kb. HodbturblDgacaBgreEaUoD.ilioagbiiotln acbiinti, 
ctaapsl. ormMIliig-luiiiH.SODatitutea'Uieoirense—lOev. AB.Mei aax 
dlanrbUDB mwls aBaaiDi»«iauad— J Oni;:.<U4; cimira,33 Mo. Mai 
ua»s»iAJb.L.J.t2(: tniCiiDtwtaenttiseierclseau'a at^t—i IrtiL 
111. It la tulBcUat U Ilia ilUtnclUdica occnl a leajtoanlile tiaa beton 
tbA dldpanljw of tha eougregHUrja—SS Ala. ?^4; 63 Id, awi 3 SaaeO, 
>J3; Sid. SIB. ItdapfiiidB an usage and prsctice--SI Ala. ssai I DraT, 
liB: S3 Mo. IMi 1 Ct»w. « D. 1S1; anil la agueBtloD of (act for tha iioy 
_14lDd. 12); IS Id. laij iBCaiui.2». iioa Deat/'a Crlm. Law, | Mb. 

303. Every peraon who sella or furnialiea any m&lt, 
TJDOUB, or apirituoua liqaocs ta any person In the auditor 
llum or lobbiea o! an; tlieater, melodaon, muBeum, uiroua, 
or caravan, cr place wbere any farce, comedy, tragedy, 
ballet, opera, or play is being performeii, or any eiUibi- 
tion of danciDK, juggling, nax-noik Sgurea anil the like 
is being given for public amuaoment. and every person 
who employs or piucuras, or causes to be employed or 
procored, any female to aell or fumlsii any malt, vinoua, 
or spirltiuous liquors at Buch place, is guilty of a misde- 

OoniUtalionsl law,— Legislative enuRoenta or Diunlclpal ardk 
luineua " to prohibll noisy amuHemenla and to jirfvpot Immurallly/' 

Siata of CallCoi^iit-sa CaL 703. Sod U (Jal. 43«. 

Sale of UgDora to minora, Act of lSi3. Appendix, p. 7I«| on eleclloa 
aaya. Act of 1874, Apurnilii.p. 7l;j al Slnto Copitol, Act of IBM. Ap- 
peudli, p.7H. iniwduitloo of oiOcen, Act of IwM. Appsudii. p.ue. 

304. Every peraon who erects or keeps a booth, lent, 
Btall, or other contrivnnce for tha purpose of Galling or 
otherwEae dtapOBiog of any wine, or spirituous or intozi- 
cating liquora, or any drink of which whies, apliitnoui 
or IntDxicating liqnois form a part, or for selllus or other- 
wise dlflposing of any article of merchandise, or who ped- 
dles or hawks about any such drink or article, within one 
mile of any camp or Held meeting for religious worship, 
ditriog the time of holding aueh meeting, is punishable by 
fine of not less than five nor more than live hundred dol- 

305. The provisions of the preceding secUou flu tic* 
^uja.tD juy pervoa cirrjitig oa a regular buaineaa 



tho Bala of liqiioia or other aitiolM, wliloh biuiiMM nm 
establisliAd prior to tlie appcdntaBttit of Um "'*«**ig t» 
femd to In iuch tectiou. 

306> Ever; peiBon irho udsm, ptoonMi, or emploi* 
any femalo for hire, drink, oz ealn, to play npon maj nut- 
sicBl iustrameiit, oi to dance, promenada, or otherwlM cs- 
hiblt hersslC, iu any drinking saloon, daiUM-oellar, ball- 
room, public garden, public higbway, common, park, or 
■treet, or in any ship, steamboat, or nUlroad cax, or In any 
place wbatsoerec, if in such place there la conneoMd 
therewith the tale or ose, as a beveHtge, of any intozleat- 
Ing, spirituous, vinona, or malt liquors; or who ahall it 
low tlie same in any premises under bis control, nheia 
iutvzicatiog.spirituoaa, vinous, or malt liquor* are sold M 
used, when two or more persona are present, is punisliabla 
by a tlua not teas than fifty nor mote tbau five bnndrad dol- 
lara, or by impiiaonmant in tba county jail not eseeeding 
Uitee months, or by both; and every femala ao playliif 
upou any musical lustrumeDt, or dancing, promoiMdlnc 
orexliibitingberaelf.BH Lerein aforauldiispiinialisblebT 
a line not exceeding ona hundred dollars, oi 

Ifl7 OBIMES AGAINST RKLiaiQ2r« § 309 

person having the control of any house of prostitution, or 
any house or room resorted to for the purpose of prostitu- 
tion, who shall admit or keep any minor of either sex 
therein, or any parent or guardian of any such minor 
who shall admit or keep such minor, or sanction, or con- 
nive at the admission or keeping thereof, into, or in any 
Bach house or room, shall he guilty of a misdemeanor. 
(In effect April 12th, 1880.] 



Ir character Co be iimunully detcrmbuML 
114. XbelrdegtmctlDa. 

Keeping or reelitlug In a bome of llMune. 
KaeplDg dleoideri; hoiues. 
Advertlilng to prodace mlecurUgo. 
EDllclDg lo plica ot gsmliUng or proatltatlaii. 

311. Every person who wilUuli; and lewdly, either: 
1. BxpoBes bia person or the private parts thereof, fn 
an; public place, or Id any place wbere there are preient 
other petsoDS to be offended or annoyed thereby ; or, 

Z Procures, counsels, or assists any person «o to ex> 
pose bimself, or to take part Id any model artiat exhlU- 

misilemeaiior. [Approved March 3IXL, in effect, July lat, 

Indsoanl eipaitus.— Atir public exhibition, which ontiBgM (I*- 
Cfncy, sliockB liunmnln', or la rantrary lo nood monils-l Day, IH; Kt 
view Ill's pubiiniilnce—fDev.i li.'iWn urtbut II li bucli_M Id reader 
diKauoc dEpeiidon Uieauinbecoipersuiia to nbam llie eipoiu'e It 

uskeri bmly'ln' n public ptaca u U ealciUitecl lusbbcli Uiateellugtut 
cbaetftT oc to cchtddC foe roortUs— a Day. lis; n Mo. MDi It Be. Trl. 
App.i?; ISkLleS! llKeli.ffiU; or Bucbna tends tuBcanimiM.or tODi- 

& CmTiawR- 1 C.G.'te; wiiIlD light or olben-SH N.C.IM; lOArtL 
JWi 3 any. 73: 28 ltd. 01; fa Id. IM. Aarliial In ttie loarket'iilKe 11 • 
public Dl«»-8 Conn. ITIi or a pabllo pBIb, or hlxbnsy-mta.Slilli II 
voiu.c.ei9: ICsmp.Uj arBMia.tietuibfl9ibleIrDiDiuliabiiiMl Ikhuh* 

BubA. 3. Obmeaa pnblioi 

olloii, tendliw to coiTBpl t ., ..— — — 

nancy, mon]l[)>, *Da n»d orttsr, la pniilahuUle as a inlKlemeaDop— IT 
Vasf,USjJtBat.AR.ali 1 8wan.42iuei Atk.Mi mHo.9li»! It ft, 


KUB. IW-. 1 BCnuifiB, 7SH: UCoiC.0. 118: t FoK. Ar. ?ti orDrta^ 
XS«S. ftB-Uli l£l* B.«IS: «Fost.*F.13; or psapliluto— Id* : 
irriC]nai-IHltt.fim:8Phlli.tUi 4 Foit. 4 F, la. it liu beeu <]«UI 
(bat tbs eihibltlDD ol obsdeue prbits need not be lu ptitillD^a ^n. 

ItBdbrCouKTOBi-llBlalehf.Sai. Bob b'bt. StM. O. B. ( *<». 

SaM.S. ObKODi long*.— Two penonamay be Jointly Indlctod t( 
etaglng an obtceuoaong lu pnliUc— J ilnrr, VBU. 

312. Every perBon who is authorized or enjoined t 
arrest any person for a violation of sabdivislon three of tlift 
lost Bectioo, 19 equally antliorized and enjoined ti 
any obHCene or Indecent writing, paper, book, I'ii^ti 
print, or ftgure found in posBeHSion oc under tba control j 
of tlie person so arrested, and to deliver tLe 
magistrate before wiium the peraon so arrsated is retiulred 1 
to be taken. 

313. The mai^lrate to whom any obscene oi 
writing, paper, book, picture, print, or figure 1* ileliver 
pursuant to the foregoio^ section, must, upou tli* e: 
inati^ of lie accaaed, or, if the examlnatluii la i 




or prevented, without awaiting auob examinittion , de- 
termino tlie cliaracter of auili writing, paper, boob, pic- 
ture, print, or figure, and if he finds It to be obscene or 
initeaent, he must deliver one top; to the district at- 
torney of tlie county in whicli the accused is liable to ia- 
dictmant or trial, and must at once destroy all the other 

314. Upon the conviction of the accused, such district 
attorney must cause any ^writing, paper, book, picture. 
print, or figure. In respect wtieraof the accused stands 
conTl(>ted. and wbicb remains In the possession or under 
the control of 8Ucb district attorney, to be deatroy^id. 

315. Ever; person who keeps a house of Ill-fame in 
this State, resorted to for the purposes of prostitution or 
lewdness, or who williully resides in such house, is fiuilty 
of a misdemeanor, 

SoQM of ilt-f^ma.— A hoDBe Of in-Caras la ■ ,- 

lAWll. I C. C. 21i kept [or UiB IBMTt and thenuUwtuI cc. 

Jewd neonle or both sexe*-3) Conn. BIi ft Ired. MHi It risk. H. u 
mOBt bo tliB reran of otber vonuD tfutn ICa kiieper. vben U» koraor 
Is Hnoinan-13 Allen, ITTi ITConn.W; si Itl-STii WK.H.fil. Tbefiit 
oE the oaeoae la, tbix it la kept for lewdjiurposeB. mill reaorted toIOr 
lewUnesa-U4 He. mi B. 0. 1 Am. Cr. B. »lt uid If letiilnera la carHcd 
oupt1vat«lf,ltlaaufflelent~nOa.aM. Tberanged ba no uutminlln- 
deecncr— <j Tex. 4M: S.IM Ani.c:r.H.aHI; nor dliorder-Law E. I 
O.ail. BeeDsaty'aCrlm.lAw.f IHa. 

LUdlUtTofpoitiBB.— Tbepeinltyla dOBhraed forf«perj. wba mar 
I>enra9«iitcinirlnaliitnienl--13 aVitI: lllMaas.1.1; tA 
Id. Hi 7GrnF, tk; I Hec Ifili J7 Flck. eO: It Ho.!<! < DcdIo. IMi ( 
<»aaJta CO. sill II conB.uf; e B.Moa. tti ellu]i,t3<i id id.u;; ( 
IreO. Wi IDMDI1.C1; L>wR.I O.U. II, Kvery one In any Hay eon- 
cecBCd In tba keeplnir Is llBbia ellBer aa prUicltHU or aiiliuic and aailit- 
fii*— II HiBb, BI01 I Allen. T. Aliuabanu anilwUs luaytie Jolnlly or 
aefenllycouTleteit— oiMaaa. £Ui IVet-lslj LUHaaa-Slili II Mo.flj 
II Buab, SID. In certain eiatea ibo ovner of tbo Iioiue rented tor thi* 
pnrpOHlI Uable-4ea Duaty'n Urlin. Law, I IVSb. 

316. Every person who- keeps any disorderly house, 
or any bouse for the purpose of assignation or prostitn- 
tlon, or any liouse of public resoi't, by which the peace, 
comfort, or decency of the immedlala neighborhood is 
liabltually disturbed, or who keepH any inn in a dlsoi^ 
derly manner; and urery person who lets any apartmeot 
orleDeinent. knowing that it is to be used for the puf> 
pnsrf nf amigaaclaa oi prostitutloa, ii guUtj of a 


meanar. [Approved March 30th, 

ETC. §§317-18 , 
. efiect July 1st, 


I. Ana'a'llceiue wul J 

317. Every penoa who nillfnlly writes, compnBes, or 
puhlislles any notice or advertiaemeDt of any medicina 
or meaiia for productag or facilitating a miscarriage or 
aboniou, or foe tlie praventlon of conception, or wlio of- 
fera liis services by any notice, advertisement, or other- 
wise, to tuaiat in the accomplishment of any such pur- 
pose, is guilty of a felony. [Approved March SOtb, in 
effect July Isi, 1B71.] 

318i Whoever, through iovitotion or device, prevails ' 
upon any person to vlait unj room, huililing, or other ' 
places kept for the purpose of gambling or prostitution, 
is guilty of a miademennor; and, upon conviction thereof, 
ahull he confined in tlie uounty jail not exceeding six 
months, or fined not exceeding live hundred doUara, or 
lie punished by both such line and imprisonment. [In ef' 
tBOt April lUlh, 1880.] 

BS 294-7 •noiama 

294. Tbe person cliargied by law with tbe iluty o( huij- 
log the bod? of a deceased person ia eotitled to tUe cus- 
tody of Bucb body for the purpose of burying itj except 
tbat iu tlie case in wliich aa inquest is required by luw la 
be held upon a dead body by a coroner, sucli corooer is 
enticied to its custody until sacii inquest baa been com- 

295. Every person whg arrests or attaclies any dead 
body of a human being, upon any debt or demand wliut- 
ever, or detains or claima to detain it for any debt or de- 
maud, or upon any pretended lien or charge, Is guilty of 
a mIsdemBanor. 

29€. Every person wlio willfully and maliciously Je- 
faoes, brealcB, destroys, or removes any tomb, monumeat, 
or gravestone, erected to any deceased person, or any 
memento or memorial, or any ornamental plant, tree, ot 
elirub, appertaining to tlia plxce of burial of a human be- 
ing, or who sbalt mark, deface, injure, destroy, or remoTS 
any fence, post, rail, or wall of any cemetery or grave- 
yard, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

tomus. luuiiuiueiiu. griVM, IjuitiiMota, etc.— a Coks line. WJi s Biib. 
U, L. etheil. i liKI. It a iiloca lua onns acqiUrad tba clianuitsr ot > 

Bsa FcL Code, ii SOTt-JUSl. ™' 

297. Every person who shall bury or inter, or cause to 
be buried or interred, the dead body of any Luman being, 
OF any human remains, in any place within the corporate 
limits of any city or town in this State, or within the cor- 
porate limits of the city ulid county of San Francisco, ei- 
cept in a cemetery, or place v! burial, now esisting under 
the laws of this State, and in which interments liave been 
made, or tlial in now or may hereafter be established or 
organized by the board of supervisors of the county, or 
olty and county, in which such city or tovru, or city toA 
couuiy, is situate, shall ba guilty of a misdemeanor. [In 
effect March UOth.lSTLl 


§§ 325-S LOTTEUlEa. IM 

draWQ witliiu tills Stale or not, or who receives any valu- 
ntile ci'Osi deration upon any agreeroeat to repay any 
sum, or (leliver the Hame, or any other property, if ao; 
lottery ticket or number of any linket in any lottery bIiuII 
prove fortnnate or unfortunate, or shall be drawn or not 
be druwn, at any particular tinje or in any particulsr 
order, or who promises or agrees to pay any sum of 
money, or to delirer any goods, things In action, or prop- 
erty, or to forbear to do anythlDg for tbe benetit of any 
person, with or without consideration, upon any event oi 
contingency, dependent on tlie drawing of any ticket !n 
any lottery, or who publishes any notice or proposal of 
any of tbe purposes af ocesaid, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 
Ininring tlckati.—A Kuusnt; , bJnilInK the goantnlDr to pay Uw 
prlie, If a lottery ticket, thaugU not 1u itae torm at cue-s Bmiil. ;u. 

325. All moneys and property offered for sal« or dis- 
tribution in violatiou of any of tlie provisions of tliii 
chapter are forfeited to the State, and may be recovered 
by information filed, or by an action brought by tbe at- 
torney-general, or by any district attorney, in the uiune 
of the State, Upon the tiling of the information or com- 
plaint, the clerk of the court, or if tlie suit be in a jus- 
tice's court, the justice, must issue an attachment 
against the property mentioned iu tbe complaint or is- 
[otmation, which attachment has tbe same foroe and 
elTect against such property, and is issued in the saoia 
manner, as attachments issued from the district courts in 
civil cases. 

326. Every person wlio lets, or permits to be used, 
any building or vessel, or any portion thereof, knowing 
tbat it Is to be used for setting up, managing, or drawing 
any lottery, or far tbe purpose of selling or disposing of 
lottery tickets, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

LottMT offiosi.— In New Yoili, It U uol an IncUntablB otfanK to keep 
s roan for lUa ule at lotMry Ucliet>'-a Deolo. IIU. 


330. EveryperaoDwlioilealB,play9.orcarrieson,opon« "■ 
OT caoiea to be opened, OF who cooduuts Hitlier 
orempluyi^, wliether for liice or not, nay g;ime of faro, 
monte, roulette, lansquenet, rouge et iioirn, r 
/on-(nn, ttnd-hortepaker, seuen and o half, hoe; 
any banking nr percentage game played with eards, (lice, j 
or any deTine, for money, checks, credit, or ony otlier rep* -t 
ressnlatlve of value, \a punishable by fine of m. 
two hundred nor more than one tlioiia ind ilol'ars, and bUuU ^ 
be imprisoned in the county jail until siiuli fine and c 
of proaecution are paid, such imprison meat not tu exc 
one year ; and every per/oii who plays or belt at or against ' 
ony 0/ said prrA ibited !/ame or gurnet, is giiilty of o miide- 
meanor. [Approved March 14th, 1BS5.J 
■ Mine tor i7io,i...!-l4 Cal,M. Tlin statuto In rplatloii lopiTi 

8 331-4 


U coniMtute the offensi 

Ml: IM-IM; Slil.49i ld.l)Z. &lnel« 
l.tvt; laUo.lUi I&Ala.3SSi 

nmeiHtonsfllttlngcousCltDtooneoucubc— jjT7».a3Q^ cviu. loo. -loo 
Else of tlie o&enaa Is Uio obtalntDs of properly of anoiiier by tba 
fruidulent use of cuds or other devices— 76 111. ail; and tbepublldlf 
ortheM^-UAlA.23. 8m 14 Gray. ^: Id. ^d. 

Bttdiic.— AIwtlaawager.Bnd tha'bet li coinplete wben tiMoSar 
ioli«t Uebmplct*, bIUioukU tlia aiifa l«< u< Itlier IdbI nor won— T Port. 

UL lBCi]Hraiitt>iUMi>luib«uattaio li UM ■ecounr totneetuis 
otamlng-U^WsiiAafBMt.U. An teUw Mmtatn <K odSr 
Btfliiii B » De t T't mm. Lwt. 1 101 a, tl m». Visen mSSethiK thM 
pBiKaii or tba Bdbllc DHee, moral*, or pulilio doUitji. u conmuai ln> 
ara dm rMovenble-ToiL SWi n Id. cni; andTiat U Id. <M; btt 
tbey mu ha dtstUBrroed before ths nnilt Is known, tnd Uie inmaT Id 
haadTot ft stakeholder he recovered-3T Cal, 6711. See Deitr's Crtm. 
I*«.SSTUg,iMc. BetUne at races-see Id. S »1<1. 

33X. ETH17 person who knowingly permits any of tbs 
games mentioned in the preceding section to be played, 
conducted, or dealt in any Louae owned ot cented by sucli 
person, in whole or in part, is punishable aa prorided in 
tbe preceding section. 

liabiUty.— The owners are llableonly when thegamlngta done with 
their knowledge-? Cal. 20& Gee I>esty's Crlm. Law. i 1(B c 

332. Everj person who, by the game of "tbree>catd 
monte" so-caUed, or any other game, device, sleigbt of 
hand, pretensions to fortune-telling, trick, oc other means 
whaterei, by use of cards or other implements or Inatm- 

147 GAMING. §§ 335-ff| 

Inate himself; but no prosecution chu afierirardi be bad '■ 
Bgaiusl) liim for any ofCenauuoticeriiiiiK wlilcb beustifieJ. 

335, Every cliatcict attorney, aberitt. constable, or 
poliuH officer miiRt Inform agalusc aad diligently pro»- 
ecuta persons whom tbey bare rea^ooalile oause to be- ■ 
lleva offendecB sBaiust tbo proviBiona of tliia clmpler,,* 
and every slicli officer refasiag or neglecCrng bo to Ho, iaU 
gnilty cif a miademeanor. ^ 

336, Every owuar or litsBee, or keeper oE any houBS 
used ill whole, or in part, as a saloon or drink log-place, 
wbo Imuwingly permits any person under twenty-ons 
years of aga to play at any game of ehanua therein, iv 
guilty of a mlsderaeauor. [Approred Marob 24th, 1874.] 

337, Every State, county, tity, eity and county, town, 
Di township oMcer, or other peraou tvho aliall ask for, re- 
ceive, or collect any money, or other valuable Rooaidem- 
tion, eitber for bis own or the public use. for and with tliA 
undeiB landing timt lie will uid, exempt, or otherwisa 
Hist any peraou f ram arrest or conviction for a violation of 
SBfltion three hundred and thirty of the Penal Code; 
wbo aliall issue, deliver, or cauBe to be given or delivered 
to any person or persona any license, permlC. or otiiel 
privilege, giving or pretending lo give any anthorlhy oi 
riglittu any person or peraona to carry on, conduct, opeu, 
or cause to be opened, any game or games wlduh are for- 
bidden or prohibited by seutiou three hundred and thirty 
of said Coda ; and any of aucb officer or officers wbo sb^Ul 
Tote for tbe paaaage of any ordinance or by-law, giving, 
granting, or pretending to give or grant to any person or 
peraons any authority or privilege to open, carry on, con- 
duct, or cause to be opened, carried on, or conducted, any 
game or gamea prohibited by said aection three hnndred 
and thirty of the Penal Code, ia guilty of a felony. [Ap> 
proved Maich 12th, ISSS-l 



I an. PwnlnoUiig wICIiouc Ilcsun, 

i m. FalllncM keep ft register. 

i Me. ChaisUig onlawdU laCe of Izitcmt. 

i Ml. BtlUoStiaearetlmaot redemption liuaxpln<,«rirtaaBtB» 

i U^ BeluslDg to dlBclOBe putlcuUra of ula. 

I Ml. Betnslng to allow in olBcar wltb Hareh-mmat to ImjiiM 
regluer of pledged artlclea. 

336l Every peraon who carries on the biuliieu of » 
pawnbroker, b; receiving goods in pledge for loan* at 
any rate of interest above the rata of ten per cent, per an- 
num, except by authodtj of b. license, is guilty of a mil- 

DiaylwctaaraMonloaui, IsiiDt repugnaac to art. Li I (< 

iBtflul1oii-29Cal.m. SeeiSUl.jHiiCiadueclT.Oiiita, 

119 PAWNSnoKBKS. §S 341-3 I 

341. Everj pawnbrolter who aella any article pledged J 
to him and unredeemed, until jt lias remained in bis po9< I 
aesaioB sU monthB after tlie laBt day fixed liy contrac 
Tedemption, or who makea any sale without publishing | 
in a newspaper printed in Iba city, town, or county, at 1 
leaatfive days before such sale, a notice containing a ~ 
of the artieleB to be Boi<l, ami specifying the time i 
place of sale, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

343. Every pawnbroker who willfully refnaes to i 
close to the pledgor or bis airont thu name of the pur- 
chaser itud the price received by liim for any article 
received by Mm in pledge and subsequently sold, or who, 
after deducting from the proceeds of any sale the amount 
of the loan and Interest due tlieroon, and four per cent on 
the loan for expenses of sale, ref uses, on demand, to pay 
the balance to the pledgor or his agent, is guilty of a mis- 


343, Every pawnbroker wbo fails, refuses, or neglects 
to produce for inspection hia regiater, or to exhibit all 
articles received fay him in pledge, or his account of 
sales, to any officer holding a warrant authorizing him to 
search for personal property, or Che order of a committing 
magistrate directing such officer to inspect such register, 
or examine such articles or aoaonnt of sales, ll guilty of a 

9 346-7 OTBEB IHJCfttSB I 


QnteifeltUig trade-miulLi. 
i Ml. Selling BOOdawWoliljesr conn 

. DeraclDg markB upon wrecked pTopflrtf 
•. Defacing marka npon logs, ti 

Bud destcorbic UDl l< 

ISl OTuiR iiMimiBe TO PBitaciN». §g 348-9 

and every person wlio willfully poisons any sprinE, well, 
or leseivolr of watsr, is punlaliable by ImpriBonment In 
tlie State pcisoa for a term not less than one not mora 
tlian ten years. 
PnliUo heiillh.~CrME3iigniD<il nuuuc ticalt.h nre [hose by wblchtbe 

Dn vholeieiDii pniidoiu.— SElUnv, eipmAag rorsUa.DrglvLng awtr 
f DO'l rEtuldTEil imwliDlpiioiua by ultulitiire oC iioilous aubBtuccs li an 
biilktiiUle offense— d Hank). tU; Fuse * F. IMiior ciDogluiiCoTeiila 
■nytirUcLB UDfltfurbuuuu (ihhI— 3 Havka, 31S; I UnM, IWi or IdJb- 
riouj 10 liealih— 3 Ireil. id; 83 H. T. SS; a l-arlfer Uc. B. 02JI S. C. liiM. 

348. Every captain or other person baring charge of 
any steamboiit used for tbo coDVeyance of passeugurs, or 
of tlie boilers and engines tberegf, who. froai ignoranoa 
or K"!^ uegtecti or for tlie purpose of esoelllng any other 
boat in speed, creates, or allows to be created, bucU aa 
uuduo quantity of steam as to burst oi break the boiler, 
or any apparatus or macliinery connected therewith, by 
whlcti bursting or breaking buman. life is endangered, Is 
guilty of a felony, [Approved Match 30tb, in effect July 
iBt, ISIi] 

OrimiDBl nflgllg«»».— Otc»9 carelnaanesa resulclnff la Inju^ to 

i:u: 11 Hiunub. 13U: 4 Uuao. DMi i Car. A P. aWj 3 Id.'uJtJi ? Id. 4U9t 

liml— JIIUtcliC.KS;aH^.esn.!43i 4 CmO.i;. tlSj ^Car.A K. 133 : I 
Oux C C. Uii a Car. * tC KS; t FfUt. « F. W4( m UxB dQccc uf k 
MsMnboat, Ummgh vboaa ueKJjceace on raplnslDa lakes place— II 
MGl.iau,ll2. Bve Deaty'a Crbn. Law. n s. Soa peil, uoieu la a m, 


349. Every engineer or other person having ch^irge ot 
any ateam-lioller, steam-engine, or other apparatus for 
generating or employing Bteaui, used in any manufactory, 
railway, or otlier mechanical works, who willfully, or 
from ignorance, or gross neglect, createa, or alloiva to be 
created such an undue quantity of steam as LoVural qi 
break l^e boiler, or augiae, or apparatus, 



other accident whereby human life is endangered, ]m 
guilty of a felony. [Approved March 30th ; in effect 
July lat, 1874 ] 

As (o peraooal [njurlen. see Civ. Corte, {} A i™, mt, 1838, and MH 
350 E\ery person who willfully forges or counter- 
feiti, or procures to be forged or counterfeited, any 
trade mark usually athxed by any person to his gooda, 
w hich has been duly recorded In the office of the Sec- 
retary of State, with intent to pass off any goods to 
Vhhiih such forged or counterfeited trade-mark Is 
affixed, or intended to be afPxed, as the goods of such 
person, is guilty of a misdemeanor. [Approved March 
10, 1885.] 

See Trade-marks, civ. Code, tfSSs.sai: and Pol. Code, (I^W-am. 

SSI. Every person who sells or keeps for sale, any 
goods upon or to which any counterfeited trade-mark 
has t>een affixed, after such trade-mark has been re- 
corded in the office of the Secretary of State, Intending 
to represent such goods as the genuine goods ol 
another, knowing the same to be counterfeited, la 

334. Evory person who haa, or uaes, any cask, bottle, 
Teasel, case, cover, label, or othec thing bearing or liaving 
ia any way connecled with it tlie duly filed trade-mark 
or name of another, for the purpose of diaposiag, with In- 

which such cask, bottlo. vessel, 
thing originally contained, or 
the owner of sueh trade-matk o 

ly article other than that 
coTor, label, or other 
connected with, by 
le, Is gailty of a niiH- 

3a a at 


355. Every person wbu defaces or obliterates the 
marks upon wrecked property, or in any manner disguises 
thu appearance thereof, with intent to prevent tbe owner 
troin diacoveriug its identity, or who destroys or sup- 
presses any invoice, bill of lading, or otlier document 
tending to show tlie ownership, is guilty of a mlsde- 

Sm PoL Cod«, li 2101-3118. 

356. Every person who cuts out, alters, or defaces any 
mark miule upon any log. lumber, or wood, or puts a 
false mark Uiereon with intent to prevent the owner from 
discovering its identity, is Ruilty of a misdemeanor. 

See Pol. Coile. Si S38D-2tM. 

357. Every person wlio marks or brands, alters, ot 
defaces tbe mark or brand of any Iiorse, mare, colt, jack, 
jennet, male, bull, ox, steer, cow, calf, sheep, goat, hog, 
shoat, or pig, belonging to another, with intent thereby 
to Bt«al the same, or to prevent identification thereof by 
the true owner, ia punishaiila by iroprisonmeut in the 
State prison for not less than one nor more than five years. 

Sn FdI, Code, H 316;-3I72, 3131-3ISS. 

358. Every member of a special partnership, w'hn 
commits any fraud in the affairs of the partnership, Is 
guilty of a mtsdemeanor. 

359. Every person authorized to sotemnlze m&ii\&^6, 
•^^^fnlly aad knowingly solemnizes any Laceat.'o&wJ 


or other marriase forbidden b; law. is puDlshable by One 
of not teas Ctiaa one liundreil nor more tbaa one thousand 
dollftra, ot by impcisnameQt ia the county jatl not le9i 
than tliree months nor more than one year, or by both. 
See Civ. Ooile, 5 M. Authority to solemnl» inftrri^— Id. ) m Se* 

3S0, Every person authorized to soleoluizB any mai- 
liage, who willfully makes a false return of any lULLciaca 
or pret -uded marriage to the recorder, and every peraoo 
who willfully makes a falne record of any marriage re* 
turn, !9 punishable as provided in the preceding section. 
See Civ. Code, SS U, 74, 76. 

361. Every person guilty of any harsh, cruel, or un- 
kind treatment of, or any neglect of duty towards, any 
Miot, lunatic or insane person, Is guilty of a migdemeanor. 
Pablio dntf.— WhsreTur a party ow»s the piiblte a doty, he la Indln- 
■Wa tvr Dreuf h of ilul duty-3T iln, 123, So, csposlnn ielplMs i^i. 

& P. liS. ' Bee beslj'a'crlm. Law, S 87 a, ' ' ' ' ' 

362. Every officer or person Co whom a writ of habeas 

159 OTHBR IKJTItlEa TO FESSONS. g§ 365-7 

a him witboat Uie jurisdiction of the < 
judge issuing tliB writ, iagullty of amisdomoanor. 
See Habeas Corpon.jHHl. M 1473, el laj. 

365. Every peiBoii, and every agent or olGceT of (1117 
corporation, carryitig on liufliness as an innkeeper, 
common carrier of pasBengera, ivlio refuses, without jost 
caase or escose, to receive and entertain any guest, or to 
receive and carry any posseoger. is guilty of a misde- 

ITtielaot of dBtT.— An Innkeciier. baling room In hli lioou. wbore- 

P. 0.7 

366. Every person wiio counterfeits, or who willfully 
uses tlie counterfeited seal or stamp of any parson en- 
gaged in manufacturing or selling quicksilver, is guilty 
of a. felony, 

See ante. iiM9.»0. 

367. Every person who willfully sellB, or offers for 
sale as pure, any debased or adulterated quioluUver, ia 
guilty of a 



Of CiintM againat tlie Pablio Baaltb and t 

1 M. DeaUi fnm u 
t 3K. DeaUi trom co 
I no. "FubUo DUlswicea 

keeping paeUboDSH wntilB altlai, to 
PatCIag dewl uilmali m ■tresU, rlTcn. ata 
Keeping gunpavdeT, etc.uiiIawtaUT. 
VIolUlDD at qnarantlne Uvi by nuuMn ol T«wlii 
triuful vlaUtlon or hesim Uwl 
Neglecting to pertorm datlea onder batth t»r. 
Unlicensed piloting. 
ApotbecBiT omitting to lalMl drnga, or labeling Um 

folly, etc. 
Patting eitraneoDi lubittacet In pickage* of goo 

eold by n¥lglit, with intent to Increue wet|^ 
Adalteratlii; tood, dingi, llqaon, el& 
Disposing of ■ ■ -- - - 

, CihlbttUisaFCoriolIJesor. 
. Vaias or eipoalag Dalmal - 

368. Every person having cLargo of any steanj-boilei 
or steam-eDgiue, or otbec apparatus for geueratiag oi em- 
ploying steam, naed In any roanu factory, or on any rail- 
Toad, or ia aaj veasel, ai iu any Idnil of mecliaiiical work, 
who wiUfiUly, or from ignorance or tiBgleot, croatea, or 
allows to ba created, sucb an undue quaotity of staam as 
to burst or break tlie boiler, engine, or apparatus, or to 
cause any otlier accident wliereby the death of a human 
being is produced, ia punishable by impiisonmeot In the 
State prison for not less than one uormoiettiun ten years. 

I1'«BU!I"<"^> — CoreleuDesi la criminal, and nltbln llinlu lupplles 

BlBlctiC. ia: fi NtLcuD, St!. So wliere an eo^nefr ]i:fc lila VDuine In 
charguotanlQcoaipeleacpBrionpiuid iloatli ensued , lio waa ffullly of 

(tcainliDal tlirouili wlioaB nogUaones ui explosion tuKea pluta wbith 
deatroya II10— & ucLenD. 242; or onglnecra niifk otlier oUccra gonerally , 
IT Injury eosuefl. as a regalar and usual eouaequeace, troui toelr oai&. 

369. Every conductor, engineer, brakemau, switch- 
man, or other person having charge, wholly or in part, of 
any railroail car, locomotiTa, or traiu, who willfully or 
negligently suffers or causes the same to collide with an- 
other car, locomotive, or train, or with any other object 
or thing whereby the death of a human being is produced, 
is punishable by imprisonment in tlie State priaon fornot 

370. Anything which is Injurious to health, or is in- 
decent, or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the 
free use of property, so as to interforo with the comfort- 
able enjoyment of life or property, by an enti 
nity or neigliljorboodi or by any considerable number at 
persons, or unlawfully obstructs the free passagi 
iu iLe onstomary manner, of any navigable lake, 
bay, Btream, eaaal, or baala, or any public pai^, vaoAxaa 

Par. a>o*.—n. ' 




itreet, o 
March 30 

hiebway, is a public nuisaQce. [Approicd 

March 30th, in eSecC July 1st, 18T1.] 
Pnblio DoisaacB.— A palillo naisancel^ODewblcbilterta, rquHT, 

»qo right* at xhB n-boLa poiuiannlcj or iiei-UboHiood. nlcliouBli uie ti- 
lt ia an act or omls^iDn vbit-h nnlBvifuUy' oDnoi-s or lojun* Ito 

puUlia lii^cuuiniun. stwl nut merely, bomo lurtlcular pcnira-a llii. 

Iiljnotn«ossiirjribat all tbo'cuiauiuniy "be affecteJ-snaiia.Si!l 
Yere.4Si; iDcv. A II. i;js By ibu staiute. wbrnuver la lajnridaatB 
fh f , "'" l"'if '^™r',<'t oacn!lvo lo ilio Bpnicj. or on ubatrnfiknla 

Uii: BlMmeu, Hn-.'l i)(!uig,4;iiSHsr. (Di'DUT: 8Liil.4.;litliasi.S9: 
UMet-SM; IH. O.JM; M.C. 10rL-.>ui;.E..'i"Kl; IDurr-aaJ; 1 Car.*P. 
«S, It is public If it n^^a Bucb pin at iHe pnLilo as tiec«Mi«T 

caaes of nulaanco, tlio oonmion-law rule la In [orae-M Mo. SZl. 

Pobtis deDeDcv,— It la eddusIi If tbs pabUc nDlaance shocka ra> 
Ufl laatulltf-m Huinpb. VB-. I Evan, e-, Id. IHi 1 Huiopb. aul; td. 
3JU; abl.<l);_li(I.St«; 2 B»lL UO; aVeis^lKj^flPikflt.llJM Unrpft. 

oDib.S«. Whaleveroiieuly HDliaaH 
i.2ft7i l;Mua.^jlDIiid.Ui>; iba^. 

JkR.-j}: l.iivB.aQ.b.aaO; sPItlia. tbi a^ public blaapliE'Rir auil pro- 
raTiubivE^^irliiiF-li 1:^1.400: ^Hiu*. (Dcl.)ii>3: Sired. X8: e Joliiu.eiO: II 

ricS.Jji: inr:i. st,<l-!i l Swun,«; -ON.O. inj IMnnili.aM; Mplck. 
;oo; ui-iliQi>Liijiin iiuifniuco o( obscene laiisuaga— I SwaLi.ti; or tin 
puulli: tsbJiiltlun cir ousl-uuh plcturea, prints, and wrltUigv-II Ha*. 

UCoi CO. I:'u la. llu. ' Bo 'every pnblla abow wblcb ouiraee>d» 
cencT, Bboclm bnmiuilty. or Is contrary to kkkI macaU, U ludltuble- 
aDay.US: aDutal,IMI. 6eeIieaty'sCiiui,lAW,iU»a. 

Obatmcllng hlghmT.— All Injorln or obitnietlaiia to a lilgliwai' 
iwd all acta wtUcli will renacr It leas conunadtini*, are nubile vDl 
saiiceJi-l Ueuio. nil; 3 Iml, ItO; » Id. 447: m WU. MTi fired. M: 
but tbo road must be public—:; Pick. U; \ Stroll. 110; a Kmjift 
and tbe oBeaso must be to (bo public Benenllf-WK. ll. MB; I AA 

ors therton must bu cn?iUe.l-Ljiw B, 1 C, r, WU na nlMlna (**5i 
Horn witiiuiit nuLlinriij-luI M:li^. l'J4. The oiMtrocfioH oFwiFTgad 
l.ilil <i.|l •<•' t:'!...!-.!^ i' :i ,i„i..|i„-^_| MrMuil, 'U:.MIbDI^IIIW 

rt'i ' . ■ ■'.-I..'lw'l:'.-.^.ll,ni."TEeD^ 

»E^M!^M^l'i'^^^'^'l"ltW""bl^3l«',''ll Alb! l" jl aiij -i uiifl 4 i>. li; I 
llam.ft-Adol.tM. eeacnM10BBUD«ty'a(:riBi.taw,j|lIla.b. 

DaDgo' to lifa " pn)paTtT>-niB keeplns or muuinctarlns fit a> 
noslToa, or Inflainmaiao nUMtaneca, bi aacb qnantltlea and placci, 
or bi suoli maunct as toonduurer Ufa or property, la a nulaucs-^IH I 
in; 71 n. SL 3M! 101 HaaailW; M Baib. rt\ 1 iaiaa. ;«i 1 Siraiv^^^ 

TlnctL ac. Mi 3 East, : 
Bunpowiler kf fl in popa 

§ 370 ] 

] ILo'Waliwoy, 
Irlvmff [hrouffU 

.liiali &' 0, )!J: i;i-oJociin3 'liiiriiliHBs Bubjectinn pBsBenBer3~lD , 
— il Cfll, 1*2; 45 lud. til; Ive ii NT H. Mi tlilUKS ovcrlBUintoa' 

... — , .. — iMieTpitririMi J 

dnnger— a . 

tiigli«»y. exposing pUMeiigara to daoger- 

HighiraTj, what are.-A hlgbway U a pubUt 


DedloatlDDia public ui 

>iit, merely icpalrlpg iloes not GODsU- 
ic may tio acccpteilby vole, orony 

. Lwtiy-HIN. H. ;iM. Ic la BUfficfeui ft 

i'uA'ct.^"llBBtB\"&B.51Si dPorl. 

pabllc BtreeC or squira cannot b* 
.;Baia.437; ■JPlint.<4i MVbart. J 
Hunipli.c*]. Koleugiii f 

Stt^ i . .Raul, tt > J'k. >£. 4.J 1 I feUVL 

. _ : ;; J iz;^«»I. r.-i^ir:;^ cr w 
.-M. !• > ...-. ..!^E.;i._j::;_:« u.ui:j 

l.'^.".:ri f'^m. I — £«• Dcacy'i L'llM. 

1. rif-r::* aa e:i::;o cdmmuuitr or 

■:.i:i'.ri'::*t'.;yi;*r<.I p«noD*,M 

--.:. L.:* t : 1t<s i Euisance became 

v:L> :r 'iisij^ i9;!:cir->l U{>uaiii- 


ODe-fonrtU ot a mile of any city, town, or TilliiBe, and 
Hver; person wlto puts tbe curcass of auy ilaad uuimal, or 
any ofTul of any kioO, la or upon tliB bonleis of any 
streaiD, pooil, lake, or reservoir, from w 
drawn for tlie supply of the ialiabit^ots of any city, citj- 
and county, or any town, iu tbis Statu, io that the drain- 
ago from BueU carcass or trffal may be taken up by or in 
Hucli BtniHm, poDil, Idke, or roaervolr, or wUo alluns tlia 
carcass of any dead animal, or any olTal of any kind, to 
rem alp In or upon the borders of any bqcIi atreani, pond, 
lake, or reservoir, 'witblu liio bonndarles of auy lands 
owned or oeoupied by liira, or wlio kseps any lioraeB, 
moles, cattle, swine, sbeep, or llvu-stouk of any kind 
penned, corralled, or lioused. on, over, or on tlie borders 
of any snch stream, pond, lake, or reserrolr, so tliat tlia 
waters thereof iliatl become polluted by reason tbereof, 
Isnpiiltj of a iiiisdemeanor, and upoD conricUon thereof 
sball be paniBlied oa preaoribed in seotioa three bondrud 
and sereDty-aeTen of tbig Code. [In effect Harob 33rd, 

375. Bvery person who makes 
nitro-gljcerine. or other highly eipli 
iu any cily or to^n, or who carries the 
Streets tiiereof, iu any quantity or man 
hibiteil by law, or by any ordinance of ; 
is guilty of a misUemeanor. 

376. Every masterof aveSHHliiubiec 
■visitation by Ibe quarantine otlii:er, arriving in tbe port 
of San Francisco, wlio refnses or oroica — 

1. To proceed vlth and anchor his vessel at the plaoe 
assigned for qnarnntinc, at tlie time of his arrival ; or, 

2. To submit his vessel, cargo, nod passengers to the 
examination of tlio quarantine ofdcer, 
necessary information to enable that officer to determine 
to what length of quarantine and other regulatiooK f^t 
ought, teigiecHirely. to be 

§ 37<-6^H 

iHB, and ^^^1 

or ^^^1 

) any ^^H 


■lty,cit3- ^^ 

r keeps gunpowiler 
live aobatancc, Willi- ' 
IB same tbroug'i the 
inner such as H pro- 
if such uity oi 

3. To tetnain with his vesBel at the qaarantiae dniinc 
tbe period assigDed for bar quarantine, and while stqnai- 
antinetocomply with the tagulationa prescribed bylaw, 
•ndwithauchasany of th8oaiceraoEheaJth,hy virtue of 
authority f;iveD them by law, shall prescilba in relation 
to bis vessel, his cargo, himself, hia paaaengers, or crew; 
— isponishabte by imprisonment in the county jail Dot 
ezceeding one year, or by fine not exceeding two thousand 
dollars, or both. [In efFect Marcli <Jtli , 1878.} 

See Pal. Code, a soot-uaz; Id. fs anil, 3014, 33i;-3ais. 

377. Every person who la charged with a daty relaV 
iog to the resiatratlon oF deaths, under chapter ihres, title 
seven, of the Act to establisli a Political Code, approved 
March 12tli, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, who — 

1. Willfully fails to keep a registry of tbe name, age, 
resideuce, and time of death of a decedent; or, 

2. Willfully fuils to register with the Couuty Recorder 
a certified copy of such register, as is provided for in said 
chapter; or, 

3. Willfully inters, cremates, or otherwise disposes of 
any human body, in any city, county, or city and county, 

103 CBmEa AOAINST PtTBLIO BEAI.TH. §§ 379<S1 , 

lects or refuses to perforoi tlie Bame, is guilty of a, miado- 
See Fol. Cade, si j^B-Wea. 

379. Every person, not tlia maiaCer or oiritHr, 
autboriztul to aol as pilot uader tha laws uE lliia 
■wlio pilots or offers to pilot any vessel to or from any 
poet of this State foi: whicli tliote are conunissio: 
oenaed pilots, or who pilots oc offers to pilot any 
or from aoy port other tbaa that for wlaich lie is 
sioiiBi] or liceosed, and for which there are pilots so ci 
mlsaioued or liceosed. is guilty of a misdenieaQor. [Ap- 
proved March 30th, in effect July 1st, ]tlT4.] 

See Pal. Code, Si U29-M1. 2(97-24W, snt-litn. utd uati 

380. Every apothecary, ijniggist, or person oorcyinj 
ou busloeaa aa a dealer In druga or mediciaes. or person 
employed as clerk or salesmaa by such person, who. in 
putting up any drugs or mediciues, or making up any 
prescription, or fllllng any order foe drugs or loedicines, 
willfully, negligently, or ignorantly omits to label tha 
Bama, or puts aa untrue label, stamp, or other deaignatioD 
cf coQtenla, upon any box, bottle, or other package con- 
taining liny (irugB or medicines, or aubstitntea a UifEerent 
article for any srticle prescribed or ordered, or puta up a, 
greater or less quantity of any article thaa that prescribed 
'jr ordered, or otherwise deylates from the tarms of the 
prescription or order whieb be undertakes to follow, In 
consequence of wbioh human lifa or health la endan- 
gered, is guilty of a misdemeanor, or if doatb ensuea. is 
guilty oE a felony- 
Bee J S-l-WTi CH, CDdB, s!170B,a333,MM. 

381- Every person who, in putting up in any hag, 
bale, box, barrel, or other package, any hops, c 
wo<>1, grain, hay, or other goods usually sold in bags, 
bales, boxes, barrels, or packagas by weight, puts in o 
conceals therein anything whatever, for the purpose of 
increasing the weight of such bag, bale, box, bftriel, o 
pMiksge, -with Intent therebj to sell the gooda t^eieV^t ofej^ 

§§ 382^ CBntBS A 


to «mible another to sell tlia a 
wfllgbt, is punishable b; fine of not less than ttTDOtj-fir* 
dollars for escb oSeiiBe. [Approved Match 30th, la d- 
tect July lat, IS74.] 

382. Every person who adulterates or dilatea any •!>' 
ticle of food, diiuk, drug, tuedicine, apirituona or malt 1^ 
quor, or wiue, or any article useful in compounding Ibma, 
with a frnudulent intent to oftet the same or canee or peik 
mit it to be offered fur sale as unadulterated or andilut«d, 
and every person who fraudulently sella, of ke*pa or of- 
fers for sale the same, aa anadulterated or nndilntMl, ii 
guilty of n misdemeanor. 

Adnlterattoa of food.— To render anwholraome mr food to Ivmd- 
>um«<l isnnliKll'iBUIeiiuJKnDce-lHHuLe AS.llt 4 Cusp. II: 41U11M 

leralKd' llM beeiriioia no a"t° ns&^s Allen, ISO; B Id. «! Is^biM. M 
vr.Ki; lu Allen, I'n^ 103 Masa. 4(4: 10 K. I. IHi ( Fuker CA'. R. Mi 
lonira, Fwrell i- State, H Oblo SC ise. 

383. Every per9on who knowingly sella, or keeps or 
ofiers for sale, or otherwise disposes of any article of food, 
drink, drug, or mediuine, knowing that the same bAs bs> 
come tainted, decayed, spoiled, or otbenrlss unwiiol*- 

nlit to be eaten or drank, with Intent to permM 

1G5 CBI 

386. Ever? peraon yibo demands or Tcceivea compen- 
BatioD fot the um of sd? bridge or ferry, oi sets up or 
keeps any road, bridge, ferr;, or coustTuciod foid, for tbe 
purpose of receiving any remmiecalion fortheuaoof the 
same, without authority of law, Is guilty of a nusdo- 

337. Every person who, baring entered into an under- 
taking to keep and attend a ferry, violates the conditions 
of Bucb nndertaking, U guilty of a misdemeanor. 
SeB U tUO, S3H. 

380. Every peraou wbo willfully rides or drives fastec 
than a walk on or over any toll-bridge, lawfully licensed, 
is puuishable by fine not exceeding twenty dollars. 

389. Every person not exempt from paying tolls, wbo 
crosses on any ferry or toll-bridge, or passes through any 
toll-gate, lawfully kept, without paying the toll therefor, 
and with intent to avoid such payment, is punishable by 
fine not exceeding twenty dollars. 

390. Every person in charge of a locomative engine, 
who, before crossing any traveled public way, omits to 
causa a beil to ring or steam-wliistie to sound at tbe dis- 
tance of at least eighty rods fcom tlie crossing, and up to 
it, Is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Spe CiT. Code, « iV. A hnlilmnl fsllare ta ^ITBwnmlnin niiil Biennis 

391. Every person who Is intoxicated while In cliarga 
of a locomotive engine, or while acting as conductor or 
driver upon any railroad train or oar, whether propelled 
by Hteam or drawu by horses, or while acting as train dis- 
pnlclier. or as telegraph operator receiving or tranamit- 
cinK dispatches in relation to the movement of trains, is 
guilty of a misdemeanor. 

See Pol. Code, tl :9i»-2933. 

392. Every person wbo, in making up or running rail- 
road tralDa, places or runs, or causes to be placed 

■ trei^t car In tha rear of passenger 



misdemeanor; and if losa of life or limb reaults from sncil 
placing oc running, is gnilty of felony. Tlieienn "freight 
car," a.1 uned in this section, doei not iuclade a baggaga, 
express, or mail car. 

393. Eveij engineer, conductoc, brakeman, anitcb- 
tender, or oclier officer, agent, or servant of anj railroad 
company, ivlio is guilty of any willful Tlolatiou or omi*- 
sion of his duty aa snch oCGcer, agent, or BOrvant, where- 
by liuman life oc safety is endangered, the panishinent of 
which ia not otherwise prescribed, is guilty of s miadfr 

394. Every person nbo willfully exposes blmself or 
another afflicted with any contagioua or Lafections dis- 
ease. In any public place oi thoroughfare, except in liis 
necessary removal in a manner the least dangerons to tbe 
public health, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

395. Every person who willfully maliea or publishea 
any false statement, spreads any false rumor, or employ* 
any other false or fraudulent means or device, with in- 
lent to affect the market price of any kind of property, !• 


399. If tliB owner of a mlacliievous animal, knoiring 
ItB propensities, w illf nil j suffers It to go at largo, or keeps 
It without ordinary care, and sacli animal, n-Lila bo at 
large, or wLile not kept with ordinary care, kills any hu- 
man being who has taken all tlie pieuautioDS which the 
ciruumstanoea permitted, or which a reaaonablo person 
would ordiuBiilf take in the same situation, is guilty of 

400. Bvery person wlio deliberately aids, or oilvlBes, 
or euconrageH another to commit auinide, is guilty of a 
felony. [Approved March 30th, in effect July 1st, 1ST4.] 

400. Every person exliihitlng tlie dcforuiilieEi cif nn- 
olher, or his own deform itiea, for hire, is guilty of n mis- 
demeanor; Bud every person who shall tiy any artificial 
means give to any person the appearance of a deformity, 
and shall exhibit suRh person for him, shall be guilty ot a 
mitulemeanor. [Approved Febraary 4ili, I8T4. | 

400. Any person, persons, company, or corporation, 
who Bliftllbcing, orcaiiae to bo brought, or aid iu bringing 
into this State any slieep, hoK. horse, or cattle of any 
kind, or any domeatlo animals of any kiod, knowing the 
same to he affected with any contagious ortofuctious 
diseases, shall be guilty of a mlsiietaeanor. [Approved 
March lith, ISail.] 

401. Every animal having glaoders, or farcy, shall at 
once be deprived of life by tba owner or person having 
charge thereof, upon discovery or knowledge of its condi- 
tion; and any siioh owner or person omitting or refusing lo 
comply with the provision of this section shall be guilty ot 
a misdemeanor. [Ineffect AprillGth, 1880.] 

{01. Every person who adulterates canily, hy using in 
its manuCactare terra alba, or any other deleterious sub- 
Btnnce or substances, or who sells or keeps for snle an; 
candy or candles adulterated with terra alba, ot Wei's 
other lUietetloaa aubataace or substances. La guiUy ol ft 
BUadeweanor. Ha rffaaC March IGth, 1878.1 J 


TrrLE XI. 

Of CtliaM aEOlnat tha Pabllo Pm 

1 4n. UMnTbucB ol pnbUo niHtliiai, other (haa rellg 

I MS. Klot, paiilalimuit of. 
t Wt. " Boat" defined. 
I«0T. •' Unlawful UKmbl J "defliud. 
i 406i Ponlduramt of rant UHl milmwfiil liinn 
nt at plue of riot, et 

acting or nfnslng to dlipane rtotOB. 

. Penoiu pmant at prtie Bghti. 

. LeRTlngtlis State to engage In prlaallBhtL 

. DkstnrbLng (be peace [n night-time. 

i at. Befuslng to dlspene npon lawful oonunaod. 

uc PSACB. g 4(M-3 

401. Any use of force or violence, dlaturbiog the pub- 
lia peace, or an; thceat to use Buch force or violenue. If 
accotnpanled bj iamiediate powec of execution, b; two 
or mora pGisona acting together, and vrltliout autbority of 

Hioi.— H^ot l9 s tumultDOna (Uranrbance of the pence by pnwni os- 
BcniUkilul lli(JrgwnBiiiliDrlty,nlUi. Inleotof pulllBti their cieslEna 

1117:4 Aid. Mil (la 111. 4:ibijnill. 273; lUMnss, SIS; 1 McCoi'J, HI; UN. 

■SbTIISj 11 &U1.234: n Ue-tM; 3 La.Bsym. 13IU: 4 Car. A P. 3711 '^^H 
uil It one MiSDa lie aumuil It U tuae\tul~AIUIx2n; ISnur, Di ^^^H 

toniDltnaD* w to t» Ukelr to omim MihirBul ir iniUvldiaK ara ^^H 
frigllteJifNJ— 1 Rlf^b' A[ I Bpflir, lAi by thtaatBnluff UngmffB or ottm ^^^H 
mlalreliavlur— 7L' X- Cii-, lJItic]ku3;iinauiiiuempiiDC4nmiilEuiiftct ^^^| 


SyK?' flre,"'l>lowiiiK li urns. etc.. or kitiilijua toot-b.iii In angler and 
CaroUbBt vbere tbs Baaembliiee Is lavliu, auluiei^iaat iUi^l uta ot 

eDDCurtucoDtEltul»thBoirBuie~(BlBcliI.7J: einil. td^lUliLUU: 11 
ta.m; GDlockt. a;; a Go. tiS( 9DId. 2!i i Terg. tlS; 3 KlclL 337: 1 
SDBar.mi: I Aitliin.U: I Bay, ^: a UcCDrd, 4li!; Sam.ani: llolt.uai 
»luat, rate: i ho. Barm.iM: ecu. « i-.-ili eeeti ti!i-l.T,3; tl Ok 
mt. A riot may be cammltluil nli«re only two pcrsani aro ocllvelr 
ennireiL U a imra person is preseut :Udlui( and uuuitlug Uiem— 33 Ue. 
air:»aa.7;. cmm. l XonU. m. tub tllaturlaace or tHe publle 

*RklLl37; 23LawBeportor.7W. 

405. Every peniuu trtio parlEcipates in any riot la 
punialiable by impiisonment in the county Jail sot ex- 
ceeding two years, or by fine not exceeding two tbousand 
doUsrg, or botlu 
Liability of panlei Riot si comr 

tiir»ritn)piiD:lpa]!i-M»irb.nW; h Jte.tS 
Sla. Mi,- JS ve £.Ti ddO. stTi SCar.^P.m 

40G. WheuHver two or more peraona, asiembled and 
Boting togatlier, make any attempt or adTanoe toward tlM 
commiasioQ of an act nblcli would be a riot U actuallj 
committed, Buch aaaembly is a root. 

RouL— A dlsturbanoe oF tbe paacB uy Mnona uuembUng wlib lalesi 
to do n rloious aci. and actUHlly muvuia igtrard Its eiecutlon, lit 
n)ut~IWIiBrbOr.I.Bttaad.|lUui I Bu^Cr. eth acL )7e. Aieoaaacm 
Uw at leut tlirm nmonjmrs BBCBMMj to constlmiB tho offeuse-l 
HawtP. O. oti.a,Il. WluratlierequlilCBnamber oC nEimiu mHt 
Maka mtnej, and proposB to vngags la ■ prlie-Sgbc, It la a rouM 
Spear.SSB: auaaUpreMatsliUDHiuiileacaiinzlagitre equally anUtr-' 

407. Whenever two or more persons aasemble togetbsc 
to do an unlawful act, aud aapatate without doiuK or ad- 
vancing toward it, or do a lavrf ul act in a violent, buiater- 
oua, or tuiuultnous manaer, audi assembly is an unlawful 

ZMcCord?";: 3 Barn. ^A^d^MBM' Cs" 4 P. 973?* Id.^W; 9 fd. 4n3 
VB.aan.C.y.n:: {UBnB.iwm1ily tonltness.-v prIibai[Iit--Z Car. AP. 
334; 4 Id. 031; oranassimiiUuia met lo go nlKbt-piHiftUug— 6 Uar. *P. 
nt. TDcausiir.uLatiiDoaeu^enDOTertartiiC vluleoi^et:< iiTinriiiiii T I 
Up, Cmi. C. r. Sll. FBTiona lawCuJIy uncQibleil tuoy become an uibip. 
tul ii3Henii>ly it ihclr i:oii(tur^t becomca inFfi m womIiI bave mada Itm 
an unlnwfulBisembly at <be ouuet— 18 Hu, atS: i UeCord. llTi 1 lOL 
S.Q.*iS^liYBrg.iH; 4 Pa. L.J. U; and see li Uo. I41i J Stan, nil 

408. Every person nlio participates in an; root ornn- 

lawful aaaembly is guilty of a misdemeanor. 
Liability ar parllsi — All preienC Hiding are aquallr gnlltr.~U Ittsa 

409. Every peraon remaining pruaent at the plftoa d 
any riot, rout, or unlawful assembly, after tbe saiiw bM 
been lawfully warned to disperse, except pablia ofllcats 
and persons assisting them In attempting to dispeiSA tb> 
same, is guilty of u misdemeauor. 

Dagi:iLcu[4i or oiLJcur, i^uvtu^ QuiLue oi an iiD- 
loiu asBeinbly, menUoued In this nliapMfj | 


uegiecta to proceed to tUe place oE assembly, or us near 
tliereto as Le can villh Bafetj-, aad to exeruiae tlio autlior- 
itf nitb which he is inTSBteil for supprcss^g tlis sama 
and anesting tbe uffendsrs, lie iagiiiltyof amisdemeaiiai. 

Soppreuion otriolB A justice ot tbe dbbce in liable for not trj-lnit 

tosaiiprcsaarlotEsiuiuaeDie-^see'B 31a. ■ies; Aiiaia.2;;( 1 Car, &K. 

411. A person who, after tlia publication of tlie proo- 
laina.t!Dii autboiized b; aectioa aeveu hundred and tliirtj- 
two. reaiats or aida in realsting' the esecution of process 
in an; oounly declared to be in a state of insurrectioa, or 
who aids or attempts the rescue or escape of OBOthur from 
lawful coatodj or confinement, or who leslsts, or aids in 
rGBiatiug anj force ordered out by the governor to quell 
or Buppresa an iuaurrection, Is punishahlo by imprison- 
meat in tha State prison not leaa tlian two years. 

S«e aalt, i lU; poil, 731. 

41Z Every person who engagea in, inatigates, en- 
courages, or promotea any ring or prixe Ught, or any 
other premeditated fghC or contention, (without deadly 
Trea|)ons) either as principal, aid, second, umpire, sar- 
geon, or otberwiae, is puuiahalile hy InprlRonment in the 
State prison not exceeding two years. 

A&ay,— All Bftmr Is a flghtlua by mutnal conaeut by two or mora 
iienan»lo BgrooDublto nlBi^e, lolha terror of tbu neople-G Danii.2Mj 

AIlL 9KL Ttieci uiiiE baai-tual lliililiuB by at IsssC tno persan9-il3 AlCk 
GIIJj IBlHU.t;7iaTerg.3Kj4 Hum^.Uiii see tHiiwlu,SMi( STeiin, 
IH. II tucludes arauilE aud Iwltery— W Ind. IB! R. O. 1 GieiinC. R. 
t»<;UAls.tl4U)lfiAik.I04. ThenlscBof flebtlnguuBt bepuliUC'll 
AlB.llBiKld.U; llGa.K2i SHeliilc. 2!Si 3StroI>.U; sHumpb.MiU 

Liability of pajtiiii.— All peraona pmenc. Biding and cnooDi^ng, 
areeoiuUWfuiiti'— UOa.EGj IflMaao.MP; lHool.s;S|SMon.2iB: sm 
t Leigli."liM. As to suTKBOiiB— see 'a Hratt. esi. 

413. Ever; person willfully present aa a spectator at 
uiy fight or contention mentioned in the preceding sec- 
lioD, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

414. ETery person wbo leaves this State, wMi 
to t/ntde aay of the provisions of tlie last 

ator at 

ng sec- ^^H 

g 41S oaatxs AaAiHST pubuo ru*X)M 171 

uid to commit any act out of this State, bqcIi as Is joiy 
Libited hj them, nnd who does any act irbicli would b« 
pnnUbable under these provisionB, if comnjitted within 
tbla State, la pnniahable in the same manner aa h« woold 
have been in case auch act had been committed within tUi 

LeavlDg Stals to flE^t > dngL— A. dulleogeto llsht laanothnSIMB 
Is pcnsUy coniiizablo 111 thoB—- '- —'■'-'• •■-" ->•- " ■■ • -■ • 

Cami. aA; nur Is It aeiessaii 

lu Ibe State where (lie' challfuge Issued— Tbach. U. C. SMi 1 BRi. 

lUiMUiL KB; 1 Hawks, «il; see 12 Ala. KSji Camp. MW. 

415. Every person who maliciously and willfully dis- 
turbs the peace of any neigliborbood oT penion, by load 
oi unusual noise, or by tumultuous or ofFenBiTO condiict> 
or threatening, traducing, quarreling, challODging to 
fight or Hgbting. or who, on the public streets of any no- 
incorporated town, or upon the public highways in sncb 
unincorporated town, run any horsa-race, eitbei: for ■ 
wngBrorforamusement, or fires any gun or pistol Id midl 
unincorporated town, or uso any vulgar, profane, «>r IB- 
decent language witbin the presence or hearing of w 

Ohalla»ing 1o fifht-ls tbe IneHlne, or IbtIUdk, or provoking bd- 
otber iiingnC~HDb.:ilB. A cboDenao to fl^bc nitJioM Oeullr vreanoDS 
la Incllctn&Je u na Bttempt. oriH » lirmrh of ILio ihuko— 3 Bvet, )iiit I 



..._ ly bo liirtictnblo— ( DiUia,a2l; 1 Ld. 

Baym. IMl. See Desty's Crlm. Ijiw, i t)i a, 
"M»llDion»lr"and "wiUfliUr-"-aoofln«.S7.8nba.«: lil.mbd.1. 

416. If two or more penoiia assHmble foi tliB puipoaa 
of dlBCurbiug the public peace, or committing aoyunlan'- 
ful act. and do not disperse on being deaiied or com- 
nmndud so to do hj a, public officer, tlie persons so otTend- 
ing are Heverall? gailtj of a misdemeaiiDr. 

417. Every person wiio, nut iu necessary self defeDse, 
in the presence of two or more persoQa, draws or eililbitu 
any deadi; weapou in a rude, angry, and ibreatening; 
manner, or wlio, in any manner, unlatvCuily uses tlia 
tame, in any flgbt or quarrel, Is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Bihlbiling weaponi.— Tbe appearance In public, Brmeil wltb a dan- 
(eroiu weapon, la an luiUcioblo olIenBB— 3 lied. JIB. 

418. Every parson nain|[ or procnring, encouraging or 
assisting anotber to use any force or violence In entering 
upon or detaining any lands or other possessions of an- 
other, eKc«pt in tbe cases and in the manner allowed by 
law. 1h guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Fmeibla oiiBt and ditalner A forcible entry nod tonllile detalD- 

er ■■ mdlrtablo aC comuion 1bw~3 Mo. \tl; ( Cuib. 141 1 aTenaBeD. 
an; aBuiT.1731; BndtbcyBrodlidnctDaeos»-SCowen.2»i IHaD. 
N.V.tMi <J0hnl.l!W: 1 Jniii.s.lN.OWD: 1 Scrg, ft R lil; fiW.SM; 
8 Orait. JW. Indictment Ufi nhenEver lie unlawful entiy la umde 
wltIiror''B-JIlrfi.<iJi 'iCoiifit. s. U 4S3. Tin, nitty iriust bavB been 

^ 419-20 CEtlKBS AQAIH9T F 

419. Every person who has been removed from a 
lands by process of law, or who has removed from a 
lands pnrsaant to tlia lawful adjudication or direction 
any court, tribunal, or officer, and wbo afterwards unli 
fully retums to settle, reside upoa, or take poesesoion 
■nch lands, ia guilty of a misdemeanor. 

420. Bapealed. [laeSectFebmaTy 7th,.18aa] 


F Of Crimi 


; and Froperlrr at 

Offlcera ntglectlng to piy over public raoucys 
" Polillo moneys," aa uaed tu Uia preoeiUDg so 
I «T. Failure to pay am fines »mt Cotteltures n 

, DellvorlDE receipts Tor poU-to^os. otbor Lliaa prea 
laWiOrcollflcUiiBPoU-uiieB, olc, wlOiout giving tl 
prBSCTlbea by law. 

. Hatflng bliiDlc recelpu tor UcsDacs. etc., other tbsn 
BCMbed by law. 

. Rtptalefi- 

. RcIuiiUiE to give Dnme of pereong la emplOTmont. ot 

. CarrylDg Do bualneag nlttiDat llceoae. 

. UnJDwtuUy acting aa anctlonEer. 

UO. Officer cliargfld Willi collection, etc., of rBTonne, reTnjIng to 

penult inspection of lila boofea. 
HI. Board ot eianilnBrs, controller, and treaaorer uegleotlng oep- ' 

M3. GalllogSule anuB.ctc. 

424. Each ofGcer of this State, or pf any cotwity, 
city, town, or district of tbia Stale, nnd nvery other pemon 
charged with the receipt, Bafe-keepiQU, transfer, or dia- 
hurseiDenl of public mnDeys, who either— 

1. Wilhout authority of law. appropriates the aasae, ot 
any portion thereof, to bis ovra use, oi to tbe obq «l Kit- 

g 424 caiHEa ^^ainbt ueveniir. 178 

2. Loans tLa same, or iiny jtoitioD tliereof; or, havinK 
tbe posseaaioa or control of any public money, makes a 
profit out of, or uses tlie same for an; purpose not aatlior- 
ized by law; or 

J, Faila to keep tlie same In liis possassion until dis- 
bursed or paid out by autliority of law; or, 

i. Unlawfully deposits the same, or any portion thereof, 
in any bank, or with any banker or other person ; or, 

6. Changes or converts any portion thereof from coin 
into currency, or from carrency into coin or other cur- 
rency, without authority of law; or, 

G, Knowinjrly keeps any folso account, or makes any 
false entry or erasure in any account of or relatinj; to the 

7. Fraudulently altera, falsifies, conceals, desttoys, or 

obliterates any such account ; or. 

8. Willfully refuses or omits to pay over, on demand, 
any public moneys in Lis ba.nds, upon the presentation of 
a draft, order, or warrant drawn upon such moneys bj 
competent authority ; or, 

0. 'Willfully omits to transfer the same, when such 

[bougli ba uid Ills turetles nr 

Bcl^ljoad-«j M^III 

n OooTvfai m coantj tnaimTer, bnyltis 

par valufli Is tucUctaUle— IT On. 112: 

enUty liiiciit— fl ll.Slon. llTj so. ovoiaears of tliB ™qr nre liiaiciaWo I 

B default Iiuc coilecUir Is punlslinbls for emlwzzlcment oF indnev com- 

Inii&lnliliilHinrtilirTlrlueorhlsotDrv— inUe.73; but hla rnllnrBla 
pair over Ibemaneyg to the rrapEr iiiitUorkr.Bltbouah unoxulolned, 
b not nresumiitlan ol n trloiilniu appniprlallDii— e4 CM. M. RpporM 
of imhlic moui>y« t«elTOil ■pply lo mtnlnterial oBcers-S let. Ot. 
App. fjs, A «ereotnian » a pjliUc nfOepr. auil am} be a rEceiTer ot 

425. Every officer chai^d ivith the receipt, safe-keep- 
tng, or dlabuTBement of pablic moneys, wlio neglects i 
fails to keep sad pay over ttie name in tke niauasr pi 
SCtibea by law. is guilty of felony. 

426. The phrBse '" public moneys," ss used in the tn 
preceding section!), includes all bonds and Evidence of in- 
debtedness, sud all moneys belonging to tlie State, or any 
city, county, tonii, or district therein, nud all moneys, 
bonds, and evidences of indebtedness received or beld by 
State, county, disCiict, city, or town ofllcBia in tbeir oEB- 
ci»l cupacity. 

427. If any clerk, justice of the peace, sberfff, or con- 
stable, wlio Teceives any line or forfeiture, refuses or neg- 
lects to pay over tlie same aocording to law, and wilbia 
tbirty days ufter tbe receipt thereof, be is guilty of a mla- ' 


428. Every person who willfully obstructs or bindara 
any public officer from coileutlug any leveuue, tases, or 
other sums uf money in wiiicii Ilie people of thia State are 
interested, and ^hich such uMcer is by law empowered 
lt> collect, is guilty of a, miEtdemeanor. 

429. Erery person wlio unlawfully retusBS, upon d 
EaanU. to give to any county ;issessor a 1 iaC of Ilia \t 

wrtlw M ft rt'i l W fe'^ *y tpiwear to moll Iiidi.<i 





la or fiandnletttly ref oaes to glTs his true nam* 
r, when demanded by each BBBSBSor In tba 

dlscbarge of bisofficial dntiea,ia gailty of a miBdemsBiuit. 
B«e FoL Coda, f i 3E29, laai. 

430. !Evet7 person who, in making any statement, not 
npon oath, oral, or written, nhich ia required or aatbol- 
ized by law to be made, as the basis of imposing any tax 
or asseaament, or of an application to reduce any tax ot 
assessment, willfully states anything which he knows to 
be f;ilse, ia guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Sea Pol. Code, SS 3(29-3631. x:4. 3S7I. 

431. Every person who uses or gives any recdpt, ex- 
cept that piescribeil b? law, aa evidence of the payment 
o[ an; poll-tas, road-tax, oi license of any kind, or who 
receives payment of such tax or licenae without dellvei- 
Ingtbe receipt prescribed by law, or who Inserta the nuns 
of more than one person tberein, is guilty of a misd*- 

SeePoL Code, LIceaSFS, ;s 333C-33S3i ReTBiiae), SI leDT-nga. 

432. Ever; peraon who haa in hia possession, with 1d> 
o ciiculate or sell, any blank licenses or poll-tax le- 

or carryiDB on of which a license la required by any law 
of this State, wlthont taking out or procuring the Ucanaa 
prescribed by such law, is guilty of a raiBdumeanor. 
Licanas Lav of April 12th, 18B0.— A Ctalnamoa cannot JuitlTj ■ 

If April 121 

436. Erery person whu acta aa an auctloueer ii 
tion of the laws of thia Stato relating to auctions and 
auctioneers, ia guilty of a misdemeanor, 

S«e PgL Code, SS 3iM-3:»3, M76. 

437. [Repealed by Act otAprilflrBt.eigbteeii hundred 
and seventy-two.] 

438. [Repealed by Act of April first, eigbl«an bundred j 
and seremy-two.] 

439. Every petaon who In this State procurei, or agreei 
to pT0curu,an7 inanrance for a resident of this State, from 
any insurance company not Incorporated under thu laws 
of ihla Statu, uuless such company or ila agent has filed 
the bond required by tbe latva of this State relating to in- 
surance, is guilty of a ulBdemeaQor. 

Bee PoL Code. J esi. 

440. Every officer charged with the collection, receipt, 
or dlBburaement of any portion of tbe revenue of tbia 
State, who, upoQ demand, fails or refuses to permit tbe 
controller or aiiomey-ge a eral to inspect bla books, papers, 
receipts, and records pertaining; to bis office, is guilty of a 

441.. Every member of the board of examlnera, and 
eery controller or State treasoier, wbo violates any of 
the provisions of the laws of this State relating to tbe 
board of examiners, or presctibing its powers and duties. 
Is guilty of a felony, 

442. Every peraon xrho unlawfully retains In Ma p 
a^l^m*nr arms, equiomeutB, cIo,tJiin(j, orn 

S 443 oiu 

belongJDgto the State, oc the piopertyof uiy cotnpmnf of 
the Btate militia, Is guilty of a miademeanoi. 

Saa FoL Coda. iS l96>-ia6S. 

443. Every niembei of the State militia wbo nnlair- 
follj' disposes of any arms, equipments, clotbltif;, or mili- 
tary stores, the property of tills Btate, ol of any a 
of tha Slate militia, la guilty of a misdameanor. 





TITLE xm. 

Of CiimeB agaiast Property. 

WSS. I. 

ABaOM, S5 447-58. 





FOAGBRY AND CoCNTBRrBTTlIfa, {9 4lb-«2. 


I^RCENV, 55 484-C02. 


Embezzlbmbnt, 55 503-14. 


ESTORTIOS, 55 B18-2S. 


False Pbbsdxatiok AMD CaKATa, 55 028-36. 



VKsaicLB, 5|6a!)-tl. 


Wbeckbd Propbetv, 55 644-6. 



BUaED, 55 M8-9. 






« 657-72. 



TO Mbecha.VI.WB, 5§ 67T-S3. 



Maucioub Injcbibb to Railroad BaiDOEs, 
HtaawASs. BEmacB, and Telbqbatha, 5{ 





§§ 447-8 

j 447. Arson la tiie willful and maliclooB bumlmg ti ■ 

j boildiog. with intent to destro; it. 

I Ai*on defined.— AisDn l> the vtUful and auUctonB biimlnc of tti 

bonw of uiuiliei^-al Cal.X.>0( llUuiA.Mai tlmLtHi ISJo&SlHi 
llVCUi llUp.Can.C.P.u. It la k crime sennit tlwucaillarXW 
UveUiiiK-bDQse ta such nnd the jnoweMiOB. widTtttt «g«Um ffli SB- 

ISN.y.sal; iIN.C.»i. TlwuklmotUiievngiHrUaatiD-A— — ^^ 
SJAlu-US. HallcB and wlUCuLuesa WB eaJKuKlKTluir— ■ - 
D^llaence and mlachaiKa can nuke ener 
VI, aUaDUBli daw In tba uumiiuii or an in 

therabe B design Id pradnce deat&-41 iktu. IMi IfB 
UWU,U: UaUcelmpUraaiieTlt uidnuUcloQslDtant.- 
enf-aOUt.O.JL. liaC*;!?'!*?*. UMdaum km taniin 


sua. "Buuaine" defined. 

|4M. "Klglit-time" dsaocd. 

t iM, Dwoertblp ot tbe boUiIliiE. 

I 4H. Anoaottbe flrsldEgree. At: 

447. Arson is tiie 

Qf tbe leccmd dt 


KCllOii or.ta'kJM 
avu imunncaeM 

id-32 CaL IMi nld.Z74: 7aN.C.M3i as. an ImunncaJB 
N.H.nei IBN.l.UTi ll-aitierCr.R-Mti audapoaiMS 
la gnlOclffiit— 1 Wbart. C. L. Slh eil. IMX Sea irriiMallrilH 

llDBBd not be to iDjnre ordetiBud ■or parUcular penon— Law R 
O.IM. Tbelntentmaybelnterredfromtlistaetti— filCol.wa: Vmir. 
41 lex.Ke; 41 lu. Hi; 1 Cur. A K.SMi fi Cm C. C. lUi Rum. A U. eg 
nsi and. In piirsuancs of ihs In tent, to set Are touy coubiutibleBiit- 
Saitr'a Crlm. Law. tliie Auaon. 

446. Ad; houBe, cdiQce, structure, TeBael, or otbu 
erection, capable of anurding sbelier foi Imman beiags. 
IT appartenant to or connected witb an erection bo adapf 
4 ^A "building," ^vliin tha meai^a ot M^ chaptw. 

, baildinV-MUp (,'un.Q B, 420: aa 

isii or B !^iil^MB Br'ttfAdn. IK In anonJ^bimixi. sboii. noik- 
Q.°£'(0.&)«li. AiTushonHInesUBnfliaiJdiDiruiedHSDOtlHItw 

■IdBFed us Mwmia buildinjs^ Oonn.aJl See DoIj'iCrim. Uw, 


449. Any building which has usaallybaen oocnpied 
by any person lodging therein at night is an "inhabited 
building," trithin the ineaning of thia chapter. 

BsUtBlian Any linlklInK Is a >] weUii>E-bDU» wlllcb In wbolly or In 

put awiBUTBceuDied In permu tailalnic tberelo at nlght-'l Pirkor 
Civ B. US. EWTlunue for dweOlug lua luuilutloii U uUhhi to lis a 

■ — 1 If..™. HmueiiiBniu not onlytlieUwelUngliatiUl 

--' Uiersor, sDcb u buiia suit slablea— ■ 

td.'^i tmktulmi BDaiueS2AmeT.Bep.2^ wlietetbe'entnocetv 
SfCoan.ttiiaW.'BlaDkrm. CurtUogs meiiu n courtyBnl or iba 
IPMB wltUn any Inclognre rgnnd a ilwolllDa-lioaae— ID Cu8b. 478, ud 
lulildea m sammer-bouae-BoB. A R. ao. ind B DHm with bar and 
■n)nlnll^-E'WatU£H.38Sl 1 AlDodv C. 0. ^39l AiRlill.Sl SL SUSl Ora 
lb Iha dwEmog-i Mlcb. iN: or a banding 
led u a ilormllor; tor Ibe owner's eervaot9-4 


451. To eonatitute a Luming, within the meaning of 
this chapter, it ia not necessary that tbe building Eet un 
Hie should have heen destroyed. It is Buffitinitt chat fire 
ia applied Bo as to take effect upon any jiart of tbe sub- 
stance of the hnildin^. 

Ths bomiBE.-Bumlnjs Is hq oiaentlftl bimdlem uf cbe crime— 29 
al'Bnii.'iiou.lsai 6uciIib house tiaed not Uo'ciiilruly rooaumeil; It Is 
Hiaclxnt iriuT pnrE 14 Irarned— B Irt^d. 3.10; IWMiisB. 1U-I. Tlicoftenao 
la UHUulau.BniiaDgU tlia Are be yut out, or go uiic i/f inelf— 4 tted. 
tU) aid. KB; I) JohnB. MS: lU Mass. Uii. That Kometblng in V\ib 
hBuM nu bunted Is not BiiffideoI—MAIa.HSD; 1 Cnr.&M.Ml. U\> 
WJ«gttWtkM IW Bomlyorii o/ (lie Honaa aluiabl bUuui-Ksau 
yiOfc/Oir. * JEW/; JfUieiroodljechMreaaoBa todeatniMtta 

§g 452-4 ABHON. m 

ntKr It Is sufflclent— « Cat. iM; U Id. MHi 9 Ired. KH; 6 Id. 130: II 
Jobm. Its: 110 Ua». 4M; I Car. A U. Ml; SCu.Ar.u. Tbo luflt 
clency or the bumlnf la i qumcloD of rum— S Caib. 12?- 

452. To coDBtitute alBOD it U not ueceBsary tbnt a pei> 
Bon otbei than the accused should have liail ownetHhip In 
tlic buildlug setoa lire. It is sui&cieDt tbat at tlieliiaeof 
tlie bumiDg auDtlier person was rightfully in poasessiim 
uf, o[ was actually ocoupyiac such building, or any put 

Ownanhlp.— It Is not sraon to Imm ooa'i own property— S QtUL 
vn-, •; ISCp.Cui.O.l'. le>. unleullbCMMomuuledDy a 
« P.llB: 1 autFTC. lOfli Cro. Cm. K7i CbW. ttT: ^ hhv»II.£ 


iiS; iuohiD,6i. en^jii'Mckni 


alliu Imce, be a irullty— 3 Jotma. 
nii.JIJi S(]rntE.&i flOMwH.Mia 
to dower mw ba cnUlj'— S Btewt * 

gullly-M MO. su; ; Si Amer. Bo|i. S88. 

453. Arson is divided into twn dojiraea. 

454, MaliuiouBly buniiug iu thu night-time an inlial 
il«d biiildini; iu wliicb there tB at the time some lititua 
belDK, is aison in ibe llrst degree. All uther kinds of k 
BOD are of the second degree. 

OoBnpMiaii — Occapatlon Is on cisenilsl elcnwiu M tbu offeni i 
BisaD— )I Oit. nt. Bo. an uunnlabed liuUilln» iiot m oceoplMl |> » 

185 ABSON. §§ 455 

Ing occupied, is not sufflcient— 33 Me. 30; 31 Id. 823; 3 Cash. 529: or If it 
was merely casually occupied— 13 Gratt. 763; or if the occupants be ab- 
sent without intent to return— 10 Cush. 478; 13 Gratt. 763. But if the 
house Is burned during a temporary absence, it is the burning of au 
occupied dwelling— 48 Ga. 116; 33 Me. 30; see 31 id. 523: 3 Cush. 529; 10 
id. 4f8; 20 Conn. 245. But It must be usually dwelt in— 53 Miss. 384; 
or occasionally ased— 4 Ga. 342; and it is immaterial whether the per- 
son charged had knowledge of Its occupancy— 1 Parker Cr. K. 252. 

455. Arson is punishable by imprisonment in the State 
prison, as follows : 

1. Arson in the first degree, for not less than two 

2. Arson in the second degree, for not less than one 
nor more than ten years. 


) ue. •• Burglary " deflned. 
i UO. PunlBhrneDt of bnislUT. 
i 4GI. " aouaelireuklDg " defloed. 
{ 4(0. raniabmaat of lianubnaUiiK. 
S 4U. "^Hcht-tlme" deflueil. 

159. Eveiy person wbo enters any bouse, room, ^>ut- 
meat tenemeat, shop, irarehouse, stare, mill, bam, ■!•• 
bla. outbouse, or other buildiag, teat, TesRel, or raUioad 
cnr. tritti iatcDt to commit grand or petit laTcenjr, or any 
felony, 13 guilty of burglary. [Approved Feb. 9th, in ef- 
fect Slay Ist, 1876. ] 

Bnialary deSned.— Buralary Is tbe brcBKlii; i . .i : ■ ■ ■ -hf 
ulgbt-lluie tbe dneU|Dj[o(iUioibei 



6r *" ij 

4M Ik 

6^ OShl 

en ItsDB m ZT 









aaa ll»-«i Ala. 3M i 

n unr 



£=0"" z. 


' J- f- 

bC5 br niacBUi m -41A1 Ula i»: 

hia (N 

po «1 UT li^Etba 


wr an n nal. 




"' ixt 


ij"ȣ. I 



"a K 

"« « A! 

5S:» s^isr^ i^ 


""am "■.„! 


nl « 


„"_ ^.i. 

m Aconaplr* 

Iimy-a TKt Ct Ajip. 

BreaUng onl 

law-6SAla U 




EaatP 4(1 <, 


F! ra 43 Cuhq 




Car *.l 

or tut la> 

(rnCered byllio chLm- 





or Rett ng the head 

But cnterinBla tbo Uay-tlmo 


, 1, 1^ _j 



Am B. IM U AI& IS3. un nt, U Cdho. 193 S 

Am B. bUSi but l[ la 


^iler yean tnhring 




iiaentotdBtemlveaHllioronBcnt of 

DoCBlde whllo otbeii enMr, aU u- 


O. ua; 1 Hole r 


tbaleut entry braOr 

. AVp. Mi Bow. A B. 0. C. UB 

Id. Ml; IHooOj C-Q^^H 

L LutDnt to cDimnlt a telDor Is a material eMmest el 
4JI; 4^Ga.3iJ; 12NcV. iWi m t Bwb, KB; a HIT. 
i,..i. -2 Ti'i.ri.Aiip. liO; iiU.27S[ liLssi; nod mat 

V c.iw; III. na: isiter.n. 

■. .,: U.IT7j t4IU.4^;MSinT- 

I i.ic^uClaklUblm— ICiuohO. 

1 .1.11 ilio eiccutfiS or tlu Id- 

Iran 11:0 Uiralnr.sucliaiiciiiry IsnoliurgLiry.asljBliaiJeiitenijwi 
Tto dwoUing-honn.— A tioiiae,fn llip nrnso of Iba «l»nuo, tej 

k >. 


What within Iha enrtilHee OutliDuaes, atorc-roDDia. iT.iretaoD.ieB. 

bsraH, eu.. nra Included with tho dweUlni!, if ibsy are within tliB cnr- 
tUage. wlitiher [he varil bo liicloaed or ojieu-a Farfcpr Cr. B. »; » 
Uuu.Ma;,S.L-.:i N.V.MI; 1 Di!V.':i53: 1 rfayiv. ITwiu.lJI)?! JiLSiii 1 

SM : 1 MotTi^ McC%'s!ll^or V no J5; '1 1 J, |i" 'i?] o1 imi !■ Vi ['■ V ''.' I ! 1 e nrVn n"'? 

— t Jonai,!!*. O.iaili; imi ii'M'Tiu ■■ if -i-' n li''it ;.i it i l ■! d ft lor - 

1 WiIiaL^.C.}Mo.i;ii: ...-. .if.i I', „,-.■- ., , I .■ 11,1 ,l'i ■\.:r.[- 

aiiilliBiflJIor'slBepiiiii ..■ ■ ■"rmi.ii'i:.i[.''ii- ., ;i .la. ... i.-i,.m.. ■■-:!! .\Iil 

dwell log. will UiBStDra. Willi li Uil.. L\M.juy IlLhQ :lili1 IMl Jiiiiiiu-Uiu- 
«nl»Ild»DOillMyl'>lIioliuiiao,iaiioti)Lirtuf IJhoaivclLlnfj— Bcel JoliJis. 

CBitllwi. miut tia'anclUur; l:o the main liiiiliUiiK, coatlguoiu tliorcUk 

ItvUbeacompletsBlmcturs-lCW. A lLii)3. ' ' 

460. Etot7 burglary comiultted in llie ulght'llme is 
hnrelary of tha first (Ipgrea, and every Ijurglacy cont- 
mlrted iu tbe day-time is burglary uf tbc second degres. 
(Approved Feb. Bth, in eHect May 1st, 187(1. 1 

461. Burglary of tlia first degree Is punlBliablH by Im- 
(iriHOnment in tlie State prison fur not less tliau oue nor 
miirethsn fifteen years, liurgliuy of the second degree ia 
piinlBliable by imprisonmeut in the State priEion for not 
jnore lliaa five jeara. [Approved Fob. tlth, in effect May 

i.t. wall 

Hmne-breBklnS'-BmBliiry itommitted in the nlBht-ilma IstjuTRlarj 
liiiliu JlRl ilHari:?! oiiil buralary tuiuuillterl liilhu iliiv-llmu l.i\u v\rt 
aeoH^mffitS-m UU. iH. mey are lUatlnct o»eaHes-«t dl. VM 




nie mere tact tMt one penon ts wl 
Matia tberefrom, btidrho doei not : 
DotrandcrblniBnUl;— ::TCs1. 4^0. 

— Jsa tTsn^lf ly doUara^M 

Enwrlng, by opeutD^ ■ door (uteqed 

4G2. Section four hundred and sixty-two of tbe PeiuJ 
Code is repealed. [Approved Feb. iKh, in effect May Vt, 

463. Tbe pLraae "night-time," asnsedln tbls cliapter, 

means tlio period between sunset and sunrise. 



466. Every person liavlag upon liiui, m 
slon, a picklock, crow, key. bit, or otiitr 
tool, witli intent feloniously to break ur i 
building, or wlio nliall knowingly maka or Qller. or sUall 
attempt to make or alter, any k^y or otiier inntniraent 
above named, so tliHt tbe Baraa will lit or open iho lotk uf 
a bnilcltng. witliout being requested so to do by some per- 
son bavingthe right to open the same, or who utiall make, 
alter, or repair any instrument or thing, knowing, or liav- 
Ing reason to believe, tliat it is Inlended to be used in 
committing a miademeaiior or felony, is guilty of misde- 
meatior. Any of the structures mentioned in Kection four 
liundred and lifty-Dine of this Code, siiall bo deemed to be 
a building witbln tLe meaning of tbia section. [In effect 
March 3rd, 1874.] 

To procurs, wLIh a orlmlnal Intint, Is mi oRfnai^Ruu. A R. C. C 
MS: I El. A n.iXi: and iHMKaslDa may he sliowu uu n ttuirite of i;n>. 

467. Every person baviiigupon him any deadly weapon 
o aaaault another, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 



S 482. BestATlng 

470. Every person who, with intent to defraud •» 
other, falsely makeB, alten, forges, or couatsTtelta $aj 

charter, letters, patent, dUBil, leaae, Indenture, ' 


power lo receive moaey, oi to receive or trnnafer certlfi-- 
Gates of sUaies of stock or aouuities, or to let, lease, 
dispose of, alieu, or convey any gooil^, cliattels, lanilB, oc 
tenements, or other estate, real or personal, or nnyaccept- 
BQce or iadursement of any bill of escbangs, pTomisaory 
note, ilcafc, order, or assignment o! any boDd, writing 
obligatory, or promissory note for money or otiier proiw 
erty, or counterfeits or forges tlie seal or liandwriting of 
another; or utters, publlslies, passes, or attempts to pass, 
■8 true and genoine, any of tbe above named false, altered, 
forged, or connterfeited matters, as above specified and 
described, knowing tlie same to be false, altered, forged, 
or oounterfeited, irltb intent to prejudice, damage, oi 
defraud any person; or who, with intent to defraud, alters, 
corrupts, or falaifles any record of any will, codicil, con- 
reyance, or other instrnment, tbe record of wbicli is by 
law evidence, or any record of any judgment of a court, 
or tbe return of any officer to any process of any court, is 
guilty of forgery. 
FoTEetir rIoBiied,~Faiger7 Is the tramlulDDt niHklDi or alMratlon ot 

Pr. 3IU™ Ilflira. ii B, m: Law K. 1 0. 0.100; -i Leact, ;;1. It li tils 
raise DuUiliiff.orBiBierlaliyiiltorLiiB.ivith Intent loiletrainl.wiywrlt. 
Eirwliltli7rtK'^iial"c.mU,-ht appartnlly bo ol Icgnl emtlepoy.or tla 
Itounctatlou ofa let'al lla£lllty-M AJe.IBT; aArli.SW;; 13 
m,*li-. Tlacli.(5. 0.167 J J Const, 8.0. a63i* Parker Cr.K,iiJ; s Id. 
Ebi B¥e«.15l; UMass-liW; Aaan.33; I >aniM, S".!. (t li Iho maH- 

I fraoiluleni BpuUcatlon of n falsu -I 1. iiimcHi— i 
Bale l". I.'. (183. Eveaaiuiuhraaili; j:i ■ u-it'ery— 
II.eKb,67. WrlHna Incluilesevcrj !.■ ,- i-iiKrav- 
lnir, or liy prlntlna— 3 *lrByi4Jli ci I ■ — Mi IIL 

Ml as, ByjuuLLiur aname over an. . ■■ ; or, cu- 

niVlnB--lftiiierbr.n.H«l; 7Urar i . ■ . ■■ , i Moody 
E a. Sfli 111. SWj or by nboHigtBplilii inuieis-Li ij^b /c c. 3J0. Tho 

[Boj. aSjS Mass. SSniRiM. ftT{, C. C. 01. Tbe couunon-law offeiiao 

iCatnta li protacllou oI sodety— U OaL SC3. 

mUJeciiuM-..- ■■ A''.'-.- -■- '_'i - 

I . .LI ralltfrr D^ltD^ 

II. " . I < itn liuatmnctt 

III. ■ ..■.:, il t,.l7irilil-»»«Bd>- 

kJaMj latoaeiytlckaU-ieiBT.Ml. ' ' - - ■ 

Wiitiiig* mbjeot of fiHmiy.-Tlio Initmnieiit&aed sotba iBwrli- 
IIlBnorluworili-2nar.<Dfl.)~li; UMe.JUi DCoiC, C. »Hi 110.10, 
, i7ii: saAli-lw. IiatKUiaIr 


j;l'ci.WI;i... lI.eacU. dli Riiu.AB.(l.a 

WiBUplMH... I ' .i.M.i, Itinustlnaii UuuameM 

o.i wiiirii -iL r . , M...iui;»aol*Imrl.C. I.ia»«*. 

ill..;. .Ill ..L-a iui.ijiiroMoiiiBr~isCfll.sttt;; But 

M 1 iiiiiy iirolmttlyor poullily Ledoiie—n All. 

|. ' r.7iii; Bnld.aN! auraaebC.C. <J; z 'nwil, 

;j, . j:/t;ni.iwi;iS[raitira.Mili 1 LU. Riubi. ;b; 

Uu'^.. U. t;....^ ,^^v.iu,T7d;a Barb. MC; « lii£ aw; 1011^kM.lUi 

Oommmtel paper or all kin dilmbjntoIfacgeiT^ Man. ISIi 111 
la.4»li Id.lUOi^MD.MSi llBiMs.AE.2i7; 3 Hoodr * B. ll7ilXut 
P. C. CU. BuCnliill ot cicbanse told by guiulc— M Ala. tea; I Bu, 
IM, orn bill wllbnucasliriiiimre, Uiiot tuLji > [ of forgr-i y-Ru.sjjiB. 
435. CbeckBon<I[lnitt8iu'o«ubl«cwo(forL..]V-imis.;i.;: .1. !■.;»», 
Cr.B. 113:8 111. «.': or negotbiblaFFtiii.. . oius 

St. »; Afldls. «. AjroialBiioiTnolel' ' :ici 

2«jj and Elts DiwimTou border li a part . : l- J- 

™T ■,..i.„n.™7K.™n,™i..™.lnpa«clliiii i .id 

iDbiBci ol toisery— se 

' II sa (£e true uote 01 oDoUier— lulte 

■cptor.lsfoTBBiToIllialiiilui--. - ■-,- - J .„. ■. L^a 

Onlsn for money.— An 
!M;(IBBrU.SM; " " " " 

obiu. HI; ue it) Ala.IMi aj N. 0. 4111 X Hoody I 
J. P. 119; n Up. CflD. Q. B. m: thooaa uo eonali . .. __ 

_iaHdiBpli.4c!i IratnreaaentDrauiBnfiuotan onlrr— M Up. CM 

n 11 IM Hill iirlnrirl-lTiffiitTTirl- -r-"' 1"— '- 'niiaiiiillB 

moDer, U nbWel oF fonKrr— J CoBieli O. a atU 1 1^ iUyia. Mil 
Uplsliied-aHMLlR: IBbiLmI. As ocdw, lEMfli coDplml *U> ■ 
immte, Unil4«ct Of tntery— uUk.n. CtamkiuaorikBiitaH* 

or obUterntlne a receipt Crom a bDiid-O b^a. 
Filling np instmnjeDi — To fill up fraudiile 

£1 «Mfla"^wU^'™iKi''SeHt'Blmed 

Jlooily O.U.US; ICh. 
03; or'lolt^IupabliS 

a of flitilionB namg,— PorveiriniiylisrDDimltled byttwiuo al 
:lUDiiaiiiinia— :2UMtU3. ^U; a Alit. f<;; DoliLSud:^ 1 Cnuieli C. C. 

Di muraivinBoriiccepliiLa i" :llil^llIlulLJ iKiuic— 1; uiuii wtien 
Dstraraeiitiauaedioin ■ji. 1 ■■[.-un Learuw iW 

iiiame— Ruas. d R. C. r 1 > 1 ■ 1 1 . rm Rtn^jiij «,!.''' 
jeBsaicBOItlioor " 

u.u.iai a^.i. J.L.3etL6IVt.]l 

*)0i7Car.*P,M^)j IsTJp.Can 


ValMItT of forged Instrnnnnt. 


.1 L-COI^Ik, 1SU*, Id.TOii 

) H «' ISMlnn r 

kUou il Is sufficient— Bus< « R I, C 33 

SlmilHnda — Foreery ronaisu In slTlns the annE: 
mewducelt-L&w R. 1 1 C ^ f tan reumblai 
the MnuliM uiiul iw snch la mlcht ilecelve ajit rai 

471 Every peraon whQ wiiti mteM to defrand an* 
Other makes forges or allers any entry In any book of 
recoida or ru; mstruiueut purporting to be any Tocoid 
or tetum Bpttcllied in tbu proced ug seLtioQ \a gulliy of 

Fntilio fBDords and docomBota— Jndldfaladilpo Ulmlrecorla nra 

"■sr ■ ■■ - 

nrsUall QnU 


i'ld" jw" "at 

i lip 

P Moatt-i Lut 

' li 

aJli 8 "sut 

Jocumeutfl Icb 




isuffl cleat nui 

a Isiotirotfflry 
twr o( wltncBwn— 

e Yarg igj A 


Is luc utled In 

tbD Un 1 " iher 

nrlllnra undertbe Onltfa 

latute~ll BiBt 

M 911 Futl Ilk 


eon regard Is 


(Avbbo &.»; 

472 Every person who with latent to defniud a 
other [orgHB or counterfeica the seal of th a Stat il 
seal of any publ c olUcer authorized by law the ^eil of 
any court of record or the seal of any corporation c 
otiier public seal authorized or reoagnized by the laws of 
this State, or of any other State, government, or couutrj', 
or who falsely makes, forges, or counterfeits any impres- 
Bion purporting to he an Impression of any aucli seal, or 
who lias in his possesaton any such counterfeited seal, ot 
impiessioa thereof, Icnowing it to he countsTEeited, 8.tA 1 
willfully coDceala the sunie, Is guilty of forgery. 




§§ 473-5 

473. Forgery if 
State priaon for uoi 

474. Every pecsoD wlio knowli^lyniid willfully send* 
by telegraph to uny person a falee or forced meBsaga. 
purporting to tie from Bucli telegraph office, or from aoj 
otiier person, or who willfully dclivecs or cauaea to 1m 
fleliTPrefl to any parson art? uncli TtiesBagt! falsely pM- 
porting to liave been teceiveil by tnlegrapU. or who fof 
nishes, gr eooapirea to funiish, or causes to be fumbhad 
toany agent, operator, oreraployc, tobeflent by telcgiapli, 
oi to be (leliyered, nny bucIi message, knowing tbo same 
to ba false or forged, with the inleot to deceive, injure, or 
defraud another, 19 paulaliable by impiiaonment in tba 
State prison not eiceeding livB years, or In the county 
Jail not exceeding one yea.r, or by tine not exceeding fiTi 
thousand dollars, or by both fine and linpri 

TslBgraphio meMaeea-sa Up, Can. C. P. 410. 


tG. Erery peraon who makes, pasaea, utM», or pub- 
's, with intentioQ to deflmid any otber person, or 
', with Che Uka intention, attempts to pass, atter, or 
IEbIi, or wlio baa ia Ills posseaBiou, with like intent to 
r, pass, or publish, any fictitious bill, note, or check, 
loiting to be tho bill, note, or check, or other Instru- 
t Id writing for the paymcot of money or property of 
a bank, corporation, copartnership, or individual, 
D, in fact, tliere is no suiiti bank, (Corporation, copart- 
btp, or indlridnal ineriatence, Imo wing t ha bill, note, 
\k, or InBtTumeot in writing to be fictitious, is pun- 
blo by imprisonment in the State prison for not leas 
I one nor mure than fourteen years. 
i^agfottBil paper.— Pas^ng a couutiTitit i.i pcidiiiQ it o9 In 


111. MS; 1 Car. A K. TAT. Knowledge Uu 

M praitta by other utleviours— K Cal. ou i • » aau. u. u. i»; ohk 
293; 1<].»9: jAllen.SDS; ll> lU. 1U: 3 BieT. U2i 12 AlL U3: U Ontt. 
MOi aHanb.JW; iHuinpb.;S; <i lU. ISii M Me. U»i ItftotMil 
Le]gli,791; Sia.TiH; UOIila.ll}; JlniLUJi ISlctLlie. Sea Dotr^ 
Crlm. Lav. title FoBoaitT. - 

477. Ever? person who couaterfeits any of tho specie* 
of gold or silver coin carrent in tills State, or amy kind or 
ipecies of golil-duat, gold or silver bullion, or bars, lumps, 
pieces, or nuj^ets, or who sella, passes, or giTes in pij- 
ment sncii counterfeit coiu, dust, bullion, ban, lumps, 
pieces, or nnggets, oi permits, caases, or procures tin 
same to be sold, uttered, or passed, with Intention to de- 
fraud any peison, koowlng tlie same to bo coonterfelted, 
Is guilty of counterfeiting. 

Oonntetfaitlng.— ^rba cangma of tin United State* lua power ta 
puniili rur couinerfi^liJDs-flea Deaty'a Ved-Const-ut.!, !Sjp.9:i b« 

pilBlieafronitlioari'jrdrru/udjjo— ioLawRuponer,4uo: tuiStlie latin 
lany bapuolaheiL livtli" stMt.--.^ Ri.iv.jHi; iHiLKO; SI Cal, 181: 1 Doiif. 
IBlcii.jaiiiailciiil.ji. . ■ ,1 . .v 1 ;!■ imrter, N, 8. S3. Cadnto- 


GJnlHy poMsiaioD.— ThB pillly pirlleipMlon in llinarl may be In- 
fetreafromproofof poaBoailoiiot ii.)!. L_. ,-i : i, nmi Instrn- 

ilonwWitaiowledBeotilio ■ I i I'simd-^l 

OLIN. Boa BUfto ii»y miiiltii il. ■ ■ ..amcrfell 

Hoiliaii doUaiB—io^cl.^W; bui/.'" .""I i'llwiittlavt- 

EvifleneB tlwl*"™ clBfUXi"lh^t]" oiintprtcit (^.'iln fur iulcVan.uLt t 
PlckfjTeMVfW.SS." ^' *" ''^" lu c^avL .Bea 

480. Every person wlio makes, or knowinglj baa in 
Ilia poBBeBSion any die, plate, or any apparatus, pnper, 
metal, macliine, or otber thiiig whatever, made uaa oC in 
counterfeiting coin cmrent in tlila State, or in counterfeit- 
ing gold duat, gold or silver bars, bullion, lumps, pieces, 
or nuggets, or in counterfeiting baak notes or billa, is 
pUDisbabla by imprisonment iu tba State prison nut leas 
than ooo nor more than fourteen yenrs; and nil aucb dies, 
plates, apparatus, paper, metal, or macliine, intended for 
iho purpose aforesaid, must ba destroyed. 
mol'laandtoolaadagitedtDCDuiiurfelttiig— jOrsg.SiL; DntnQtnnlasB 

481- Every person who caunterfeita, forges, or alters 
any ticket, cbeck, order, coupon, receipt for fare, or pass, 
iBBued by any railroad company, or by any lessee or man- 
ager tLereof, d«aigoed to eutltla tlia liolder to ride in tbs 
cars of suoli corapany, or who utters, publishea, or puts 
into circulation, any audi counterfeit or altered ticket, 
clieck, or order, eoupon. reoeipt for fare, or pass, with in- 
tent to defraud any such railroaj company, or any lessee 
thereof, or any other person, ia punishable by imprison- 
ment in the State prlaon, or in tlie county jail, not exceed- 
ing one year, or by fine not exceeding one thousand dol- 
litrs, or by both such Imprlaonmcut and fine. [Approved 
March 30th, in effect July lat. 1871.] 

482, Every person who, for the purpose of restoring 
tu Its original appearance itnd nomiunl value in ^vllO\a oi 
I, BUa up, or obliteiatea, t\w 

§ 482 

cats, marks, paach-boles, or other evidence of cancella- 
tioD, fiom any ticket, cliech, order, coapon, receipt for 
fare, or pass, issued b; any railroad company, or aay les- 
see or manaKsr thereof, canceled in whole or in part, witb 
latent to dispose of by sale or gift, or to circulate tb« 
same, or with Intent to defraud the railroad company, or 
lessees thereof, or any other person, or who, with like in- 
tent to defraud, ofFers for sale, or ia payment of fare on 
the railroad of the company, such ticket, check, order, 
coupon, or pass, knowing tlie same to have been ho re- 
stored, in wliole or in part, is punishable by imprison- 
ment in the county jail, not exceeding six months, or by 
a fine not exceeding one tliousand dollars, or by both such 
Imprisonmeut and tine. [Approved March SOtli, in «Seo( 
Jnly lat, 18T4.] 

I me 


tBI. ■• Lafoonj' ■■ aeBned, 

MS. Lnreanr ot lost piopertir. 

ts j. Orantl and petit laroeny. 

IST. Qnndliucen^iteBiiea. 

, Valna 

491. Seieclog Dnil [emorlng put ot tl 

194. RocBlver of stolun properi:?, 

497. Larctny, ana reBBlvlna Btolen pr . _ 

IPS. Steallug gas. 

109. stealing nater. 

HO. Larceny ol goads laiDd from are In San Franclioa. 

Nl. PnTtbasJn: or receiving In pledge Jonli, etc. 

ma. Aptdle8ii339.31J,iiudUI cojuullileuleci. 

4S4. Lsfcenj la tlia feloaioiis BtealiDK, taking, oarrf- 
Ing, leading, or driTing away tha personal property of 

See Htal. app'd Much Btti. ISTI, and Snt. opp'd Morcli 20Itl. 13T3, 
Ai>|WD(Ui. pp. ;il.;l9. 

Larcsar dsflned — LareenT li tlie wrongful or Fnudntent tailing of 
thB property o( anollier ut some lulrlnsic vnlue. wiihout liia naaent onU 
....... .... , ...__.■ — 'n deprive him Ibea'eorpeonaiieiitly—WCHLabfl: BS 

Crancb C.C. 433; ISlfo. HI; UollL 201; »T^. 
B. MS) 3 LHUb, IMIi altbini^ lie IdIohU ODljr to 
of I(--13N. J. L. m; S.0. 1 Am. Cr. B.NO: and CTOi 


ponndsd of lbs taUng. iba earrybig vmy. anil ttan (^anlDoa Intent- 
is Oal. rl. Tbara moK be Ibe atemant oF msjun la cemplela tb* 
ollniae— 43 M. T. fil ; W Id. 9M. The UreBny or several utldei belong- 

atoaulerentowiien,attheaaiDaItnis,lsonaolIenge~s] Ga.Ul; a. 
Am.Cr.B.MiUOUaSCmi B. G.'10nenG.«.M2: 4STai.77| 
3) Aid. Bep. GU; It Ind. RJ; 1 Tax. CE. App. UiJ la 40; lOHumnb. 
Ml; 7 Ud, U; see 3 HeHdU. ■>]; 2 Mow. 4M. Mien a saaina v&rA 

Ua (oods from Cba llrst tbtefjt U laraNir-t Pm. O. l- 

H; a Id. 
... J.C-IOp 

itike lonporary DH of 
r ha did not Intend to < 

§ 434 TJLOCESY, 2H 

taU°whBOiBr ptiSSBc'o °noM '^i^UtAppf 413*1 lifisir 

SabjeoU of latcsny.— Every tinil oC propsrcr wbldi haa an inB-iun 
TBlup, tioMovor emaU, In sobject o[ Urceny— 3 Hill, IMi near. tip. US; 
aaaboioF inatclies— la Ala. JU: or n pieoa or piper ou whlObaiaM 
Instroment Is nrilleu— KiiS3. JE R. <J. C. ISl; I Drmluni, 69: a conn In 
wblcli a boily ii tumrreil-iia Mo. XM; B. l'. I Am. Cr. B. ran: lllii- 
mlnattngEas—t Alien, sua; lataxicatmi llqnora, Uiougb lioaghttoieO 
UlBiraUy.aiiilllleiTilly transpotled— llOray, IWi ortlioinoDBy obtalsHl 
bv Itsillegalaale-laCusli. 3K: aitlolei kept nud UBsd for HiUnbUiiE-I 
rf. Va. Bflf; cliiuiacllors, ana It la InimBlerlnl it tho »B»arlna^dcmi. 

ofllcB may be a flesk. Irunii, or Uoi. carricjil aWmt a bouse, or [rom om 
bullillizg to anotliec-3 BlalebF. IU9| uiid n post-omca clerk inur b* 
liable wutiauc reuiavlnx iba letter tioiu tbo bajiaUiE— 2 BlalebT. Ui. 
wbera the letter Is obtained wioiuiCully Croia tbe post^oe or III 
carrier, to constitute tbe offeiue of openioa. aecretliig, embn^K 
DrdestroylnicBletier— 'iniatclif. lOt: batif IbaletceriniaoliialiinlS 
an agcDt,n'itblbe content or Clie OHnar. It U iBrccuy— e UCLeta, Ok 
HODcy.RDi(i.fJu>t.miUolliervalasbles.are subjectnDl larceny— De«Ii< 
celvotUeletMr, anarecelveaic. l»lauo«guU»oIamlHiileiueiitiiiiiln 
tbeocl— I L0W.3N; G UcLeuii DM. An emphn* bw no ipecUl prM- 
eitylii tlia letters wbkb will prerentbbBCeallnirnnu Wins Ureny 
-a3Ii:Leaii,tuti: aCoxO-CUl. Btepoii.iiM. 

TlM Inleat— Tbe tittbig mmt lie mvDtif ul and Imndulent. nrlUi Uu 
tnteut tuperuuneatly deurlve Uu ovoer ol blsproperty— l HcAU. Mi 
B 1-ort. Kil: M Ala, Ml : a IIL Will « N. O. W: tluuiG. C C. 47Ti M Tbe. 
t!i{ I Poi't.lJBi V Yerg.3U7i M Ala. Ml; H Id. Ml: «l Conn. JM: 8.0. 
lAin.Cr.B.3uJ! IAiB.k».& 
aim. AnutentnliDliitaUeprlTeUniaclent— HTex.i:i; e.u.i IMS 
C. B. S4Si wltkauC advamoes or nln to bbmair, lueri ciwh, li Hi 
necessary— at tat. Ss): 33 Miss. 3Hr 1u Ala. Hli; W Irt. «li » Car.AP. 

^ N.iT.L.' ITlr: 1 Am.O. TI. l.^i ^ r^ltm^lf, 

iilioutaCeloulonalnUnt^-MAliLSni ntB 
L Mj I 1 1 is tba esaenco o( me oBau«o-M*» 
[.' itia takm; was openi tonoaiuia Milii 


L»»c.«v. g«EW ^1 

U »t > SKTiacO-lllS JUBJ. 

1G9. See DesiT's Crltn. Law, tltla Lab. ^H 

The uMnt— TharB mast 

bo an actum or lODStnictlTO taklnit; and 

ft mere looklus u adcBd Hoc 
witU lesveB, li uol; suffli^leat' 

l^lnEliiacoruprotUiefenoe and covered 


^" m ''uiS^5T° ^^iiK.'l'c.'a IM.'^D^If 

U) trap ii man, Clie owner Icai 
aseiil, ■1I-H09 tLo met m til 

«VMc^7rot'?i"™r%''si aSf^Wc*! 


i'rty'itmsUisvo'l><^^HC[tlier 111 Uis actual 

oreouiiiTucilvo pn-wcsaion of 

lUn owiii-r— Law It. 1 C.U. [M. Tbe tlHjfl 

need uot iieccss^u-Uy Ins aern 

n. artlfiuu. ur fraud— «l Conu. Wt; 8. 0. 1 


VluleuGH Is HUE ueoeaauyi u trtuM msj' 


.^ ■psrm''-i"^r 

Ul la atom TO eeraiT a- 


"£" " TiF" ' 


T ten te»] H BIB ^ 

yfromw m tli p ^H 


':£:pav m 


jua IahB. U A rand- ^H 

U ufflel «cb Mpons- ^M 

ti -^ 

a.*M. "^ ^ 

TaMng It It lit 

utTWU Min tr k ra d 

wlb 1^ m 

or lilam y SU S 

C G ni K , wHF 

o 5I o ami 

'^'""f"" ""'^ "° ' 

lane Al 

walclial ele 




wli orrl 




iT _ 


en wns ul ed 

rates-UIN ^H 

tS^ ^r ■ 


" ";!I 

a. er 





I msT be ]BiceD!-l7 HI. Uiij a 111. 397i 41 N. B. Ul: U OntL 
at If the ovner is deceltul mtunrUu wtth Iha panadw w 
Is alM, IE la not Urceny bot ulM pratnuE*— ■ aun, Wi i 
t;l Fort. IIS; In Tei. »ai 1 TM. Ct. Jt^KS) neither tha iJfr 
'tnaconvenlanlifelDiifDiu-«3 OLin, wkeretliOKoodi'nN 
TTed Bou to crdUeuT tnuC orrlfllit of ncopcrtr, tl» UMr 
winotlioninlnt«iiiea=Tpoit.t»i lliooib C. GiliM: 7 CosO^ 
wljeragiwdius delivered on credH—rLelili, GM; » HUktHi 
ui,!U;l3 sen. ft Bdm. * R. C.U.raS: S Ctr.A T.liL 
mu^tei; Zia.«Mi 1 Moody U. C. ll»', LeltU A C. lil ; i EMK 

nveniiiB Uica, » 

m, HQrmtLHliMMlm.l>H ■AikHrUO. Itoaenkeapaeai 
Ub oifd oertuled check to porebiMHlTeT flurawlth for the t~ 
be DHB the olieck for hit om porpotei. It I* tareenr— si tM 
nieh oue, Uie eheok rsmihied the pioiiertr ot the bank— liL 

TbUiie br ownar^A nan ouuuM be caavletHl f or takluhliMt 
prapert^4CBl.lMi but liBOniiat retake ■tolcnproiiertrbyafitiS 
ol tkeHMse-W Ate. U9i 8. a 1 Am. Cr. R ») rets'muinM 
ntl»n)riaklBSlUaowB[iraiiertrtraiBBtaiUe»-Z|fcaLeil: It iBl* 
ie<i(iMMGbanni«usa,oriii]powBioiaoabim— n (;ai.6ii uld-wl 
iaid.)»liaWeD(LlH|IUlIi«-M3. Bes]Tex.Ct.AiiiLdN)H& 
». It the EeDeinl omwr ol Uticbad propeitT tikta a put of Ui 
property to dalrmad BttacblDK creditors, tt Is larcGuy— ill 
Aulnl owner, or teDanl In cammoo, hi taking tlie white nrooMr 
ouVoF the hwds d1 the MUee, la lIUiIe-'JD Ala. VSi Ut Id. iMii; fT^ci 
App.Z7i BuH*a.t;B; the illletoUie vbole lain theUOM 
init11illvtslenaDd(IeUTeTy-«d ULSUi » Arl.SiS. &eeMAla.Ni> 
K. H. MOi I Tex. Ct. App.^. 

Bjr baUecL— BalllB thefflTlagoruiTpropcrtrtouijrpereanftfM 

EurpoAe— V Low. Cau. J. :I17. UjLUeea uoder tbia aectloa mr« TiiTTiiMJr 
eep. truiaport, anil deliiict-.8 CaL 4i. nnj dbV be taOlmijm 
larueny on converting tbe pnip«tty tolbclroWBnao H CaL iUiSB. 
tw. itlslarcenyUJuteaiiyUiilUiiencoraiKucynatneuia of inM> 
,™ _. ,. _..^ ^. ., ^ ,aSS» 

.^. tiiroperlT wltb loWnt at fibs Uma I< 

appnprlBlell-lHelali. Hi B. C. I Clr«n>C.B.nik V 
sbuUuspoa>e»loa ot prapertr with Inienc taiMU, ami 
farmdl, but merely • traadiUeot cooTcnkiD-eee t.' i 
SAia.dB.H:l|R»(ra, I K«T, ■" —--■-■-•-' 
larceny anil embenleni—"- "■■ 

.lu^iythsgul.i . 
—OB of uejirDiK'i ^ , 

at tulog, bnt >(tcn>srd. ttlseuiue 


r rtl ff art tb ^odiIa Cmatfld 

' -4 Hub. iii4 U. Rura 6 S, C a dr 

A f ^ w re red uul 

Ine who finila lost property, under oi 
vo liiiu knowledRB of or means of inquiry oa to 
owner, and who appropriates auch property to 
188, or to tlie use of nnother person not antilled 
vittiout first making; retisonable und just efforts 
a owner ami restorethe property to Mm, iaguilly 


party.— lAit pTDpnty [a subject ot loreeny— M Ala. *t 
K. ThB Sader at lost properly li EuUty "' Urcanri vbs. 
r hM OiB lueiuiiaf knaviiiiH tlie owner.ui'l no itppnniruucs 
a'fiHUiatolll»owuu«e— ilL-oun.sI7i raiuwft.SKi 'i Mellifli. 

1. ■When tliB properly laken in of a 
fifty dollars. 

2. Wlien the property i.t tuken from tlie person of 

3. Wlien the property takeu is n ijurae. maro, gelUIng, 
cow, Bteei, bull, calf, mule, jack, jenny, Roat, Bbeep, 

exoeedinK ^^^| 
W)n of an- ^^^| 
a, gelUIng, ^^| 

Is an 

rgiatr ncsLGsa u 


M sua 


Idmui fro 

n me^ bea— I«rB. 1C.C 

Ir <nnuin-« BIMdL 

B Ijecnoo aaidilwl» 

M HalBF.atllil 

H and plftWHW la m 

a tank, or coDlBiA 

k orharelDavv- 

11 li O L.«ttbe<l.»;T1. 

oijOj do aaubjeetdlB> 

483 Lat eny a o he caaea is pe t arceuT-. 

489 G and aiceuy 9 pun sbab e by ImprlHonmeDt in 
tb« StoK vtisod foT not lem than one oor more tban tn 

j-BTBalmg Is ftlDuy In Georfcla— M O- " 

sUbKccratainllon— IFnrkerCr, I(.:i3: 4 Id. nee. Sea poll, ItAUOl' 

492. If vhe tiling stolcin oonBiata ot any ovidence o( 
debt, or other written ioatrument, the amount of money 
due tlieruupon, or secured to lie paid thereby, and re- 
maining uusatlBfied, or whicli in BJiy i^ontineenny inlgiit 
be nollected thereon, or tlie value o£ the property the 
title to which ie shown thereby, or the Bum wliieU might 
be reuovered In the absence thereof, la the value of the 
thing Btolen- 

■ 1 Donunon law.sboaes In action, tmnda, bills, qr notps, or otlior 
ldupi'8 ot Uelit, are not dwinijil uubjecca ut laroflDy—* Mason. 3.'" " 
ff. (Miss.) B»j IKotl* McC. BHaSoU— ■'■-"-— =.. .t. 

„ JecurLtfen-l 

yv ~ ■' " — -" - 

l:k"u^.i.''.'ni\-!i.;iJ\ii'^'Vi'rt"A\liJoclflof^uccny at common taw-i 

SEftslV.t^'s-'nii^iu.LLiMi.-JJ). " ' ' " ■ ■ 1 

493. If the thing atolea is any ticltet or other paper or 
uniting entitling or purporting to cutitle the holder or 
projirlelor tlieceol to a paas^e u]>ou any railroad or Tea- 

1 or oLlier public conveyance, the price at which tickets 
ititUng a person to a like passage are usually Bold by the 

proprietors of such convoyanoe is the Talueof such ticket, 

paper, or writing 

494. Ail the provisions oE ihla chapter apply where 
the property taken is aa inatrument for tliu payment of 
uioney, evidence of debt, pubUc security, or passage ticket, 
com pieted and ready to be issued or delivered, although 
the same lias never been issued or delivered by the mak- 
ETH thereof lo any person as « purchnaer or owner. 

495. The provisions of this chapter apply wheta t\iB 
tUi^( iak«ii ia«py tUinre OF pan of the realty, Knd^^ Mn- 




ored at tlie time of tbe laking, in tlie sa 

tbu tliiug liiul lieeu seveied 117 aootlier person at mdm 

prcvtouH time. 

Vropanr Kiroring of ths realty^At caiamoQ i»\7 ttUogi wtklGhnra 
or tlm realty, and am pari ol ilio frcp[io!il, nro not subjects oT lanmr 

iauuirS^ri—l v^Ooltum; n twiun loSt olBdoor^Blackf . AK ■ 

ro (mUJcvl 

onuiaodiira croin nra tKUt of 

■rnJoe-u Ala. 11 

„ . _r and caumttpenooal ^DMttr ta tt 

owiiiuDiltUUinuiy— IICuAilL^dSi ubrttcalUntuiDniuuMtalai 
rrccliolil— 7 Unr. A r. 6U'); niiflnnilrlliTi jHiiilirrrtiniin liiilltllni II 
Biut). a I i oriill rcT-lNiirliui oiv-SKcv.SIt BTc lOnen V. R. iminTlM 

irlilebhurunfVointivHlntolKiita-ILeDClLll. TocomduriatkA 
.i._.>. .„ .>. — uuBti)o»«o»eraijtop»fiitt» 


Men stolen, ia punialiable Ly impriaooment in the 
piiBoa not exceedmg Rve years, oi ia tbo county 
It exceeding six months, or by both; and it shall be 
mptive evidence that HUcli pe^perty waa atalen, if 
une conaista of jewelry, silver, or plated ware, or 
)B of personal ornament, !f puicbsaed or received 
1 person under the age oE eighteen, unless aaid prop- 
I sold by B3id minor at a lixed place of buaineaa cai- 
Q by said minor or his employ ar. [In effect Pebcu- 
th, 1874] 

t preson a b tb rt Init 

liu hb irca UI s o tUlug a he a aiu a 

prupeiti U Ri U y know ilge fs h rtsiI R be— S 

tin L» I WO) nd (1 y b luniali 

ilu not thprPby liecuioe cullly ot lartBiiy— i4 Cnl. II. Bee 8 
K3. T&B roiomon-iaw offeiiao is enlarged l>y inalOng [he re- 
Biiually fluUtf aa tbD tblct— ? Hlc;h. 4^*1, 

my mnit bav» bean Moign.—ItinustbaTe been stolen belore 
vrrconbe I:aiivlvled-.'U Ga. iuGi G3 IniJ. ir.S: t Struh, 30D: see 
(ii7irL«: I Uii. Cau. 1- J.Mi 1) Car. 4 P, 09.5; LawR. 1 0. O. 

7 knawledge — Tba rBCflvcr iniiBt have Imortlodgt thnt tba 

IFoit«l'.ili3Denisoii,2U4. ' 

•—Hie prepeity must bo received from ttie tUet— 1 Ileulv 

IX 0. C US/ 14 M. tilt but receiving from his BBtmfe^a. 

g 497 i,AECBnY. 2M 

TOffldent^lHMBM. iMiSoaBecood Oiler recolrlnj from adnitliitf 
ianretairlng— 1 Car. A tt. 739. Unless thoownprliaa rraiucoa poa»»- 
BlGaprevlous 111 blarec^lTlDff.tas party mtufi receive t&DKOCw. ujl 
aia iudlsposliiE of tbPin-lirtal. im. ^t Is HlUScleDt U_tGa»Hti« 

..-. ._ — -„- .J. II !■ EnnciS 

i.ijv.Mii,v„..L,.'.,„M-,,, jlii^j. Hi! G3 N. C. SB; seeatiar. A F. )Ui U, 

Dart or ma lUKgaie-i Uonsc. 8. C. 2J<. An Intont toaeorelo the glMdl 
&ointha(n>Der&BufflcleDt-9H«l£k.31Si 1 Parker Cr. B. set. 

497. Every person wlio, in another Stota or conntry, 
steals the pioperl y of anatlier, or receives such propartr 
knowing it to bava been stolon, and biiugs the same into 
this State, may be convicted and pnnlshed In tlie sums 
manner as i£ such larceny or reoeivine had been com- 
mitted In this State. 

iLij.i. ,i:i- !,■■.' T ('•■■7i-.'ii-:5ain."B«p.'llBi 

IdClsb IToTlncn Is not larceny In iljig stue-l 

" " ari; n* OLiioSD. mi s.c. 

IHl! 1! Mlcb.Xi;. See Z £aat F. L'. ia 

Si Up. Can. Q. B. (Ml! 

_. 4| Ipnn.jTB.Ma. 1 

['''.nndbroafflii bere, u laranty la tlijil»^ 
r.z-.a: IHu.AJ.MIi llta».]iej llilTlllt 
< Sicwt. 123: Ihe comnaoo-tow nila MM 
<i Ain.tW: Iflla.TTT; I3H0.4M. latbStf 

.i:iiion)urf>nvlt:!erl tor property anileo la 

i!5 LAUCBNT. §§ 

49S, Every peraoo who, with intent to injure or de- 
fraud, makes or oausea to bo made any pipe, tube, or 
othetr iaatrument, and connects tlie same, or causes It to 
bo connected, with any main, Bervice-pipe, or other pipe 
for conducting or supplying illuminating gas, in auah 
manner as to supply illuminating gas to any burner or 
orifice, by ot at wlilcli illuminating gas Is consumed, 
around or without passing through tha meter provided for 
the measuring and registering the quantity consumed, 
or in any other manner so as to evade payment therefor, 
Bud every person who, with liiie intent, Injures or altera 
any gas meter or obstructa its action, is guilty of a mlsde- 

■retly approprlBlIng nas Ly bo 


499. Every person who, with intent to injure or de- 
fraud, connects, orcanses tobeaanneoted. any pipe, tuba, 
«r other instrument, with any main, service-pipe, or other 1 
|ifpfl, oi conduit, or flame for conducting water, for the 
purpoHB of taking water from Buch main, service-pipe, 
conduit, or flume, witliout tha knowledge ot the owner 
thereof, and with intent to evade payment therefor, la 
guilty oE a misilemeaoor. 

900. Every person who. In the city and county of Sbd 
Francisco, saves from lire, or from a building endangered 
by Are, any properly, and for two days thereafter cot^ 
ruptly neglects to notify the owner or flre marshal there- 
of, is punishable by imprisonment in the State prison for 

t less than one nor more than ten years. 

501 Every person who purchases or receives in 
pledge, or by way of mortgage, from any person un- 
der the age uf sisteen years, any juok. metal, me- 
chanical tools, or implements, is guilty of a mladeEa«i%ik> 

902. Sections three hundred and thirty-nine, tbiea 
bnndred and forty-two, and three htindred and fortj- 
tbree of The Pbkal Code ate applicable to penons carry- 
ing on the business of junk dealers, and Rppl^ to th^ 
txansactions of purohaae and Bale, as well aa to Oum« of 
pledge or mortKage. 




-BmlJODliimBnt" ileBnea. 


Whan offlcBr, Btc, ffullty or eiaboule 


When tmstBB, UunkBr. etc.. euKiy of 

Wlien bailee, (enanr, or lodger guUtj- 


Distlncl act or lailug. 


Otalm ol Otle a uroiu'il of aerepae. 


IntcDl to resloro tlie propeii; Is no a 


Actual roBtoratlDD a urgiina (or mlUgj 

f n«. 

503. EmbeEdement is the fraudulent appropriatloD of 
property hj a peraon to wham it has been intTuated. 

EmtiaulemeDt — TliB frauilulenc approprlaUon of Uio propertj at 

awi,M4; aFarkerCr. B. UTS; ; Tei.CC. App. 4JS; i np.Can.L. J. IS); 
_3t vrben propertr Is volunt^lj dellv^rcu 10 a persotj. who haa not 
tteDflral^lUe cam of Jila amploFflr'a property, nud be con 
Oiune, (lowi,) STi 01 N.C. til. )t Imports the rcccptlrm of 

llrBBcfiejljla limids-lo l^^.nui!!-. 1MI7. it iv:n iioEiui ••!!•■ 


property- „ 

fhsaams Elms Iwliin mciBrato cmi 

If bera ft penou is Induced lif fninil to port ' 

■lenwnCHDU not larciuf— 69 Inil.sai; 1 7 IIL 


) Interred bom tbB fafta, ■> 

fllEbt, coDecalmant, and eTaslon-8 Cold. SIT: 7 Tex. Ct. Ann. iUs t 
Cat. A P. wa. It a p«noD In ons conntr la tntrnnad <nthp^ 
U. I>s mnnottii'n'LM la tSe cou ™» wbere'hB recBlTed i" SStn O* 
Intent to embuzle wu CDUceliHl llieiv-M CaL 178. 

504. Every officer at this State, or of aaj eoantj, cUj, 
city and county, or other municipal corporation or inlxlt- 
TlliOQ thereof, and every deputy, clorlc, or Kerrant of 
aay sucb offlcer, and every officer, direotor, trusue, cletk, 
servant, or agent of any aagaciatloD, society, or corpon- 
tlon, (public or private) wlio fraudulently appropriate* to 
atiy use or purpose not in tlia due and lawful executioi 
of his truit. any property wliioli he has In liia pooaitol 
or under bis controi by virtue of hii trost, or secnitM it 
with a fiaudnlent intent to appropriate it to ancli mo ot 
purpoae, is guilty of emlsezzlement. [In affect April 6th 

Oorporsta bodr.— A AtBtnte offSliut enib«Eiremeiit, tram snv to 
"•" '■"'■" '" "ilsBlaM, ilocs_noi IncluUecoriKnatJons^dolniTidil 

506. Erory trusleo, banker, raeroliant, broker, attor- 
ney, ageDt, a^slenee in trust, esecutoi', udmiDistmtoT, or 
collector, or person otherwise intruBted with or Iiaving in. 
Ills coutrol property for tlie use ol any otiier person, who 
fraudulently appropriates it to anj use or purpose uol in 
the due and lawful Hieoution of liia trust, or secretes it 
with a fraudulent intent to appropriate It to suah use or 
purpose, is guilty of embezzlement. 


^nilaaL— EmbezElemeut itj tnutcDS Is a dlfforcDt offonae troiD 
eiubez2LeiiianEbyflgcalS'*ffil'a.Gt^47:J; S. G. 2 VFIkto 
a party receiving monDf lioB n rIMjt to mix It vlUi Iiia QTCn. 1iq Is iiat 

ovsr ID a wHril uuilsr age anil laUTled, slWsetUement of the esuiie. 
[aiiDtntclDnr-l l.eft,(Teiui.}730, A iMraDn vliD appraniiatas to Ills 
own usemontrBeattohlm to be Uevoteil In a uarllcular purpcno In 
prooeaOs o[ irust'propiwtj other lh«i euoii ns' havo acDruBil from Its 


507. Every person intrusted with any property as 
bailee, tenant, or lodger, or with any power of attorney 
for lliB sale or transfer thereof, who fraudulently con- 
verts the same or the proceeds thereof to liis own use, or 
secretes It or them with a fraudulent intent to convert to 1 
bla own use, is guilty of embezzlemetit. I 

Bailse A bnlles is wltbln itao alatote, nnd tho term bailee Is not ' 

llmlteU In lUe ieiiu> ur ii bniloQ, to knep. 10 tratiiler, nrto dellTDr— 19 
CBl.eoO; uvpn'uLliijj S IJ.t:. Tho enavenlon ot a bnllee nmy be cf- 
(ccted liy fuile. whctlicr iiiitiiorizeil or not— 7 Tex. Ct. Anp. <W. It 
money la iuiniEitei] lunficr^on imly to tie k^nt for a ballor.lti coniei- 
■lou IBnoccDil<eizlemoiit-UI!ray.4(il j but tnisruleh^ulxtenmoiUtieOL 
~ ' ■ 'icenrr wbo traudulentlj eon^erta 

g 508 miBKzzLmixirr. an 

111. It li mffleleDt dellTery to la iDnkMjier wbere sheeki for laf> 
gDCeora aeUvered to liim-3B Mich. Xi«! S.0.1Am.Cr.B.nt. Ui 
fnuidulent conversion of property Iit a baUee. or leereUnB: It irttk > 
frautlulenl Intent to couvert It, la enibezileauut-ai Cal. (M: 

SOB. — Everj clerk, agent, or servaDt of any person wlM 
frauditlentl; appropriates to Lia owu use, oi secretM vith 
a fraadulent intent to appropriate to liia own use, any 
property of another wliicli liaa come into bis control vt 
cnro by virtue of his employment as bucU cleric, ageot, or 
servant, is guilty of embezzlement. 

aietk or MTTani.— A clerk or servant ■ppraprlstlngmotHvorfou* 
tntruited to lilm Id tbo course oE bis einpnvmeac 1b nlUy oT mAt* 
tlcmeat— la Wcnil. 117; bo ot maoey received on bUli eoUeetcd-ll 
Hit. an: acnylng M Cal. 877: so. If lie obtains posMBlim cfnoiii 
wltliaatborlty to ilUpose of loom, he may lis ftoU^-^ Abk lIjM 
Iiiil.lid. A (WtSDa osalsiloii lila ruber In hU autlea as curk hw M 
Enllty of eiDMnlement na to bis ruber, for convertlutthomMieTtf 
Ilia EUber^ employers— Law R. 1 C. C. lU^ & U. 1 Am. Cr. BTUt A 

clcrKorierTitDt— Liiw&.2C.L'.34li 8.071 Am. Cr. D. Uo. OlTtet ' 

Krson a watcb to trada off for a waaoo, ^o^lTnlft^■""^■— ■"•^-•* 
paid. Is BnlBctcnt Fmployini|nt— Jflowa. <Mi i 

i-Iiiw B. t C. C. tlli S. a 1 Am. Cr. R. la 
509. A distinct act of takiog is i 

510. Ad7 evidence of debt, oegoCiable by deliTery 
only, and actually executed, U tlie subject of etabetnie,- 
ment, whetLer ll baa been delivered or issued a* a valid 

511. Upon any indictment for embezztement, it ii a 
BuEBcient defence tliat ibe properly nai aiiproprial«d 
openly and aTowedly, and under a claim of title preferred 
in good faitli, even tbougL hocIi claim is untenable. Hut 
tbia proTision does Itot excuse Uie nolawful retcDtiou of 
tbe property of anoUur to ottaeX or pay demand* lield 
ftj^alnst liim. 

Claim ofOOt^U the il tttilim a iip p td he tod * :>gta i 

fuwd he kad * t1)(til a*jmnn--t, 
fftaaaiaj^ iMCMiT&tni Id> 

512. The fact that the ^xntai tnUnded to rcMon: tiie 
property embezzled, i» no pognj of d«fa— or of mitiga- 
tion of pnnislimgnt, if it bu imC been natond btfom an 
Information haabeenUld before a roniWiaw, tfaarKtnt 

5 S14 

of detense, but it anthorizeathe court to mitigate pnobli- 
nient, In its dlacretion. 

514. Every person guilty of embezzlemeDt is ponlsln- 
sLle In tba mnDoer prescribed for feloniously steftllng 
property of tbe value of tbat embezzleil; and wberetba 
property embezzled is »a evidence of debt or right of ac- 
tion, tbe sum due upon It or secured to be paid by it 
shall be taken aa its value; provided, that If tbe embezilt- 
ment or defalcation be of tbe publio funds of tbe DnitAd 
States, or of tbla State, or of any county, city and county, 
or municipality within this State, the offense is a felony, 
ond shall ba puuisbable by Imprisonment in tbe StaM 
prison not less than one year nor mure ten years; and 
tbe person bo convicted shall be ineligible thereafter to 
any office of honor, trust, or profit under tbls State. [In 
effect April 6tb; 1880.] 

Pnnlahnnmt— That s larty to Uablg to pro! - - 
meat ot luuloDal baak-uotei naaer nnlted St 
rellsve blm troiu punWimeDt aDder commoi 
namte— iLsUsu.I. TbepDnlsbmeatlitiu h 

i Statu lEMiita*, doM Ml 

§§ 518-19 


B, "EWortlon-deanBd. 

1. PaalBlmieDtotonortinDlnnertB 

2. Obtaining algnatnro by meaDsol 
1, SemlinB threatsnlDg loiters wllh 
i. Attempts to citort by means ot 




518. Slxtottioil ia tlio obtalnlug of pioperty from an- 
oUier, with Mb couaeDt, Induced byanrDngfuIuBeof foiCA ] 
or fear, or under color of ofBcia.1 right. 

coDinion law. eitni-tiau Is lakliii by t 
thiiig ft raluB tliat Is uoc due— 8 Cowi 
ai»-BCD«Bn.«l; JPlct 570: WN. ■ 
XU IHont-Kl; U Ala. 129; I Lea, (3 

liU'oaiiilal cspacltr—U Ala. \\a; lo Miua. 110. Ibe dedga to CDllect 
fee* ta vhlcli be was not entitled, coosatntet tbe coTrotiC lnt«D( 
whleb la the enence ot Ibe olIeni«-MAtB.!M. Acomiat motli's t> 
«WDtl>l--31IreT.nSi IHara.Ktli ISIiLS^ lltd-tlOi fLel|rh,ieOi 1 
Ho. til 1 Pick. ITl: V Id. I»i U Weud, ilf i eicept vberTlbe bare 
taking li made Indletalile-W N.J. Xu 139; bnt Ebe ■utnmury remedT 
Iiaa Dot taken tiray llis common-Un reinedy-? PIck.'iTP; IJ Bi'iv.^ 
B.«tl. BUenanKbUaiiy vUunliletliluilsreeelieil-aiilackf.liai i 
JJL Rivm. US; bat amere aiireFnienEi toW^not autncleu^lU Ma; 
ij. Raym. i*S, ™e ta^n^iuTbe'wlWul'iuid comipC^'Atal. ilM; 

Who ll»b!e.-A ppbllo officer only can he oonvlchid Df thia offoDW 
H on. SMi liuC tbal lia Is an oOli:eT de/aclo la suacieul— 3 bEiI. 1 
See Dettj'sCrini. IdiW.S S4b. 

519. Fear, Buoh as will conatituto extortion, may lia 
Induced by n threat, either: 

1. To do an unlawful injury to the person or property 
of the Individual threatened, or to any relative of hi 
memberof his family; or, 

a. To Bcceae blia, or nuj rejatlve of Lia or member ct 
hisfsmllx, otanycilme, 


§§ 520-3 

3. To expose, or impute to bim or tbem any defonnitj 
or dlsgrnce; oi, 

4. To uspose uny secret affecting him or (hem. 
EztDTlioii bf others than offlcen.— ObUlalDE tbe property oCin- 

otiicr by lUreota. cuuaJaca In tbe tlireUeolDit. wliellier the tlinali M 
tenseliaiAlclciillyileOnnlliritotDt^-aiad.MR. It li snowA If tin 
IbnUeiiliuc tu ueuio of ErimainB trIUini *iul Inteathnitf-^ IlMK 
») IWIiCiSi tCuGrmi wbatlmthenMr be Innaeeat orstfllTtf At, OmntSqaa acam 
an ol leilDcBba and demoDdliu moDBr to Ist blm golf ajtMiH 
tb«tt-4n Uu^ Ml praniMEijBDM 

stemue B ffKh cblu brldin— liHnn,M' : orBcoivluta naa «fk«» 
&ukiraiinauUsmli&e»-MIiia.MB.a3inirpr.Bru Ki 
BnemtanontlhBta wananta»ai»BBnjMBBaiB»tfii«M UAOit, 
401 mdaQnattDconirtalntDBnaIlos(di«jiBthraMtoaM(Ma 

-^1— '^IMMLU. gn iJnillni l»lT1ttltrtail«lllll|iy llMl iTMHtlltlir 

Ml mmoaiit be mHdabTlDS r — "— — ■— ^=- 

to tha penlUuUa^-W Ulcli.'.^, 

Ki. without eicuae— 12! Bui. 10. 

S20. Every persoD wLo extorts any money or otfaei 
property from aootlier, under clrcnmstanceB uot ainouDt- 
tag to rol bery . by means oC force, or any threat, Bnch 
as is mentioned iu tbe pcecedJDK sectloD, la pnnlahabla 
by impriaonment la Ibe State prison not exceeding fit* 

Id. Thewi 

plj. aay threat sucli as is speciHed in aoction five liuij- 
dred and nlnetesn, ia punisbatile ia tbe same laauncr as 
If Bucli money or property wero actUHlly obtained hy 
means of sucIi threat. 

niA>lu lo IliuuuUy coinproniliu) Lho iiSFn^e-'lil.: 7 Car. A, y. lei, A. 

Sn ADmaalBllUlnl^trF^.i, vflili intent to Qxtort inoiicy, Isauiaulcnt 
coqntTTinaii hy threats ot a rrlmlnnl jiroaccuUon Tor bIIbuM liorae- 
■tealliiK. and by tlireats SR;iUisl <iia lile.u LmlktilUlB— I Uay.SnJ. A 
oonsplracy to eittirt mouay Ia per le aa ofTense a[ commoa law-a 
DavrL A K. 3M: 1 Barn. *C.3tf;S.C.t LbhO. C. <J. 3t Sea Dosty'a 

Thrsatenlng leneiB.~A letter tn deCendBnt's own name, lent to en- 
rorcsiiayraentoru <letit, U uaCvltblu tUeetatnle— ! Barb. t27: eee I 
l.eacli.U'tjaEast P.O. illG. Dronpiivc it letter In a mnn'iiwny Is a 
■eudiUK-Buas. & B. 3i». Tu put a^Hier la a plua vherelCnoulilba 
lllEi^ly lo be Been by tbe person to nbom It U uU^cted Is an uttering.^ 

524. Every person wbo unanccesafuliy attempts, hy 
means of any verbal throat, such as is specified In section 
live bumlied and nineteen, to extort money or other 
property from another, Is giiilty of a, misdemeaaor. 

525. Ever; officer, agent, or employ^ of a railroad 
company, ivho aslcs or receives a greater sum than la al- 
lowed hy law for the carriage of paaaengers or freight. Is 
guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Saa OlT. Coda, a m, Zllt, UK, llBCI-3191. liU-im. 


B talae ctameMr. 

. obtaining monej' by r»liB pratei 

. selling land twice. 

. UarrLed person aelllng lands on 

, Mock BuctLon. 

528. Ever; person wbo falsely per»on«tM KnotiMi, 
•ml in aucli aaaumed ubaractar marries or preteudl to 
inari7, or to Bustaia tbe marriage relation towards anotb- 
ei, \Tltb or wltliout tbe coanivaace of aucti other, !■ gnllV 
of a felony. 

ZS7 VAiatC FKBBOHATIOH. §§ 530-1 

exceeding two years, or "bj fine not exceeding Btb lliou- 
Bsnd dollars. 

Falia panooaUoii,— Aanmlng a flcti tloua nnrae la a filw nrctenss, 
|[ 11 lufluHnoei ina abululn; of moaoy or nwda— mPlck. iiu; 

Cos. 332: fi Coi CCIU&I u All. ft E.3K1 Riisa. A R. c. C. Hl;'7 Car. A 

530. Every person wbo falsely personatea aaoilier, and 
in Buch assumed character receives aoy money or proj*- 
erty. ImowinjE tliat in is intended to lie delivered to tlie 
individaal ao peraonuled, with intent to canvert tbs sBme 
to ills own uaa, or to tliac of another person, or to deprive 
the trae owner thereof, is punitiiialile iu tim snme manner 
and to the flams extent as for larceny of tlie money or 
property so received. 

A fala* ohATHitdr.— AEHIaeraprflBentatLonof lifl]Dgae«nt ora[MkrtT 
lUTluir ampla means iiwIUiln the slutulo— a cox C. C.siSi or tulsdr 
preceudlBato be* certain Btlonicir—T Car. ft P. ini; or ncenaliiclo 
ByiuaaotaUuidluit-41MI».G:<):MN.V.3ai!ar»cDi>BULl>le,»i(t ob- 

B»rb7t*r; «N, T, tro; 4 Hill. B,- of iliKt ha wai nu ufflcer and li«i a 

..r»»> tn .rr«t. n -.««.._«. I...1 sfi- m 1,1 »"1- .uQ inereby ob- 

a mpuitn ot > 


[■liiliil a promissory nat«~G> Id. 317; or tlinc lio 
coui]»ny, uid oijlBlncil money on nn BSsbmnic 
bouiiiy-s IMrkcr Cr. B. 5I-, see B Atl. * E, iTI; 

(iiUcly HnanaiinitBpbyiiciiui.niiaitiereliylDiluclnft (lie [inrtliueal 
» valueleM medicine- Wr. A M-M7j orUy faUelyasauiuLnalbailreM 

Uluea gcuenl credll by preleinllug lo ba luimatilBil— Sayera, 'iH. 

531. Every person who is a party to any fraudulent 
coDVeyance ot any lands, teneoienls. or hereditaments, 
goods, or ohatteia, or any riglit or interest it 
the same, or to any bond, suit, judgment, ( 
contractor conveyance, had, made, or contrived , with iH' 
tent to deceive and defraud others, or to defeat, binder, 
or delay creditors or others of their just debts, damages, 
or demands^ or who, being a party as aforesaid, at any 
time wittingly anil willingly puts in, uses, avows, main- 
luius, justifies, or defends the same, or any of them, as 
true, and done, had, or maile in good faith, or upon good 
coDsidatatloD, ot aliens, assigna, or sells any of tho land^, 
tenements, hereditaments, gooLJs, chattels, or other things 
beforo meotioned. to tiim or ibcm conveyed as a[oTe&a,\4, 
^^^^nv/nert tbereol, ia guilty of a tniademeanor. 


lYaadnlBnlDoziTaTaiiDBB.— SflUlDftmnovlng. or qtbcnrtse dlH^^I 
Ing o( niortragw propertv, wltli inSnil lodetniuJ Ilio llen-liohlcr. H 
lu3lctaJ>l»-%SAla.l2ll; 1 Tei. l.t. App. UJ ; buctbemUoiuusc iicwUi- 
out morutagee's gdhkiiC, sail vltbout uoMee lotbe tmyEr— tw llm. 
He. SD.naadiileiitlyiuDrteitalunpenanal proiwrCr toiireTeiitlul* 
lug UKen on miiDe process-^ H. H. lou, 

532. Ever7 peraoa ^lio knowingly and designedly, bf 
false OT fiBuduleut Tepreseiitatiaa or pretenses, defraaila 
any other person cf money or property, or wlio cuuscs ot 
procures others to report falsely of liis weaUti or uten.'aii- 
tile character, and by thus imposing upon ntiy peisnu ub- 
tains credit, and thereby frsailulently EetB into possewloo 
of money at property, in punishnblo in th« aauie msnlwT 
and to ihe same extent as f >r larcouy uf tlie muni-y or 
property flo obtained. [In efteut Kebiimry Ifitli, 1M80.] 

.„_ ofrrelgbt ODtlic (alia rGprueniM Inn dl _.- 

EaitP.a.nziorarilielrUcllveiy— lEuiiMia-IT 

IvliBise, coUeollng n bill ot Ilia mis emiikirtr-s 

, _. _, iiUtor on a new anil vnlltl consiilenttlan iRtilehli 

never eW«i—s I'STlur Cr. B. lifli or nu emplDver oUtalnliur owMr 
trom & employ^ on a faJse iirecenaa or talrini— 33 K. T. 4ltin fMid 
q,Ui or luduuIiiEDnutlier 10 aUvnTice money ana Joint iHiUucai^ 
XW^Ulior wlieroaiioEnnBii (olselr rniieteDtsd Uut mono* KM 
dDB-lDOnxC.O.aii^i or Colsely rcprvnntlna a certain amount iN*i 
■nd rebUulnsttis luiliinRe In cicess dF llta dm amount (lu»-U !■<, 
Nai llOOaC^.aK; lEusCf. U. sso: oc a unant obtolulns nsMI 
(MmaMoreoutlialiilaD representation tltatll waa lor lila nmiiiFl 
PSUi. «ISi I Buaa. Cr. fll^ or obudnlng pwdi-ll Jolm. j^nift. 
ri: KMiLm: l'iHet.l4Si or wliera ■ bmrower ladDca tba Iniw 
to deliver certain Inok^ilUs by Inuid sad laJsa nratenKs-n OUaK 
It) B.C.lAm. Cr.B.9e: arw&creanB«eDtobtafiiednioneTaner(m» 
driJon ol lUs a«eucy-)l Plct wsi or where an Mtonwr oMaM 
money, belanpig to bis client, by fnuul and tllM vreieaie^^ 
reuiued a parrfor eoaCc-^l tp. Cm. Q. U. MS. 

Obtaining goods by&laa prelansttB.— Four tUngismioceiBiTtB 
connlltuls tiie uBenM I flisl. an Intent to dctraudi second, an act eo^ 
TnltieUi iiilnL n false preletue, and foiutn. tba (nud innai be cn^ 
mUiedbv lUu (alH nretense— luPkk. IIB. Thalrsud most beanrnaa 
mlgbl ilecelveonsot ordinary Intelligence— It Ind.lM: mO-MtiUIft 
tlii miL^^i Gu IJ. ^UA: 4 Hkll. U; orajicnanaCordiiu^prudcjioaaDd 


Me. I.Wi /Met iKy.iijJi liiiiiii. ( LVim.i '•.':: S'i..rkiMt'a.)K^ ; lit 

iDJurHimtotHo persQn or iistaii. ot aiiolli.r.a|;:,(u,i romma 

SoliP™»i! llliLSli I liay.W;; t Iftufc". «h I I Ma». l]':: sliL i»; t 
Id. 721 IMld.KK! !i Coweu.&sai ewcnd.ia;; l Veig.IAi IBkksMit 
Va.CaLUi ilLow. Caa.J.M; iGtrauge.HI. 
ThBlnttni-TheroniQatluiVB been an Intent to defnnd— Is PM. 

HltTK'Y. IMl HAla.«i:SORUl.lli:Ji IT Uun.»M; I Allen,H*; Ml 

actual ilDrnudlaK la not neceBSBiy, If t1 

tbcJt-s Tbx. Cb. App. ihi i rarl. IJifi 1!) '1 ei. 3J6. 
d«r <M3. A aulragont callBClUi)t uioae; due IJio tirlnclpnl.kj 
Uut It WHS Ilio UECiifa IntiJiit luopproLrfato ll.aiiJ jiol naylna i 
la aumclent rvurenco uf luteiit lo ilori;,ml-'.>l J'lck. 6b. lull 
qjiealiou of tacc-a HUl. to; i la. D:MW™4l. aaOjti tCun, (.a 

frainILoEulIlsaclilclll>eraCa]y_pcrfDrincd— laWcad-mi «l Ml 

Uie luicntioa to repay will tloptivo tUe net of lu ciiuilaaUCy— S 
H; ll.ilJ.uil:SlN.J.MilU3UiHa.ie3{ Law IC 1 C. C.4; 19 Ci 

Hw met plifanMd.— It la not neocaaaiT Ilut tliB false pi 
■bna>lbclnliioRl»-UCiiiU.a.41; liLSUi ld.et8. ObUlDlngDii 
PTppere' by tbe nas of > bilaa toksa is ndSGlsiit— Itt Cox U. 
■mfalalMlniaiiieuaiiRllsiiIBlastDkeD— MluJ. 173; seen Wei... — , 
ltld.m: l<t.B7i l3J(iliDa.»l| 3DGV.199. OLHalalae fiaodo on a check 
kBOif IihU wooia Dot bs paid Is (FllUn tbe alatute— lu PlcJi. im; w on 
Bpo*MaC«lc]»ckfalBely(Uclaredlal>eiiood— T3N.y-7»; Ulluii.iit;^! 
S Car. ft V. (SS; or dd n clieck. nlien tbere vera no fundi ta Innk (o 
meetil-llN.t.aiBi Mia.Ml! U Huii,2lg; aeeaCaiop.Klii I MooUy 
O. a. tHi t Term Rep. M»! nr In wlilah be bad ua occaoDC— <} M . Y. 
309! aPtaUa.BU»{ ]l luO-lu^; 3 Camp. STUiBC'or. AP. B2ii laCoiC. U. 
iias,l2iiiaiiiapb.m-AcBiO.(:.'ii1: luia.SUOi or onapuftaiu Wea 
or ccrin.,Jl«IUilnlbeECal;utc-2Mssa,;TLUHet.tlU:flOray,12Sj U 

whattiersDw'touncuiTautblUa depends oa clrcnmaraniTW— 4 Met, ilj 
bnCUieoIleiiBalBCObiplecaaa paaslna a bill at kliroken bank— IHet. 
13; Duia.*It.4t:i. Chcatbiab; false devlccaUwiaifntbDatBtale-2 
CnD^U.0.69ild.B3;31d.ltl:3'JS. y.U3:lBlcb.Ml:aaby tBl» 
dliw— IDall. wi: 1 Up. Can. L, J. IIB. Bo. HlUng by ■ Adae label-S 
CoxC.U.ait orbyafalsoslanipoaasolrtwatcb-llCoiC.C.aTJi or 

BBllh An 



TaUdltrot ■inorWafre-IO Core. C. ST7;0»r. * U. M!li TCaiC.C. 

— JJM8.4!ia; ortbat aparHciilarmongasBlsallretllaii— 5 l-arkMCl. 

li. m. EiMb I ting letter-beads. liuslDera cards, or drafts maklD? a nue 

vupreauntatloiis ot Eolveuty— SI ULK. 
OparatiTB choib.— The tolas prelBoao mort be Uie operatlTB cum 

ortlialnin3[or-lGiub.33! TAilai,H»i IHMUD.MUi 11(10.123; lilt. 

■2ti; 5 Dutcb. Ill ca Ind. 99; i FBiker Cr. R. Iinj T Ufir. A F. jUi t Go. 

I'an.l^ J.N. S.ilj U COX aC.Slj U Un. C«a.C.P.b:3j MUp.Cw. 
>. li.Sl^ii ld.lli9Ad.*£.3ni TCoxCO. IM. Ttia obtetnliw ot IM 
[onsrtT must not be too ramatel* contwctnl wUb tha &■«• nntcMB 
■2 Vp. tm. L. J. l»i Dean. * B.«1i UvB. 1 O.O. Ci. I^ rhsDlM 

t.reteDso ueeil not bo tbe eicttul*o iii(>tlT»~IT Eaa. AC: H,C.t iM. 

Ur. B. ei9( ItltUa DWtal UiamoTlnicaiuaK U ■ufltcleot-S Bvh IT Ka(i.HJie.orilAm.Cr. B.93BI 14W«iiLMI)Ullli^*Bi» 

Mil Bub. U1| » OcMt. MS; U hIu. SIS; tl hi. HI); IT sle.jiL; n 

— ladonn-iori 8'CoiO.&«BTt T Id. Ml; it Id. 13; » Id. IM: 7 Car. A t. 

proVad-iPiirlioiCr.B.lo;.''''"''™'^'" ™'' * "•ncaniim 

533. Every persou who, after once selling, baitering, 
or disposing of any tract of land or town lot, or, Bfler 
executing any boml or agreemeot for tlie sale of auy luid 
or town lot, again wtUfiill; and with loluat to tlefniud 
proviooa or subsequent purchasers, sells, barters, or di*- 
poses of the Hame tract of land or toWD lot, or any palt 
thereof, or willfully and with intent to defraud preTiou 
or subsequent purcbasers. execules aoy bond ur agie*- 
meat to sell, barter, or dispose of the same land oc lot, 
or aoy part tbereof. to any other person for a valtu- 
ble consideration, is puDishable by Imprisoiunent is 
tbe State prison not lesa than oue nor more than lea 

S«Utae land twies.— Cndsi Ibc Btatucs, lellliig land tutce f* u ID- 
formed by Ilia KraatorottboWTmsiBftSBarstaale-kL: bulglwnt* 

534. Every married person who falsely and franda- 
lently represents hitnsetf or herself as competent to sell 
or mortgage any real estate, to the validity o£ which Mds 
ot mortgage the assent or concurience of bis wife or hcf 
husband is necessary, and under such repteitcDtatioM 
willfully conveys oc mortgages the same, ta guilty of 


535. Every II eiBoa wlio obtaioB any money or property 
from another, or obtains tlio slgoature of aaotlier 
written inatrumant, tlie false making of irlijuh would 1)0 
forgery, by meaos of any false or fraudulent Bale of prop- 
erty or pretended property, by auuHou, or by any ot tlio 
practices known as mock auctions, is punishable by im- 
prisoatuent in tlie State prison not exceeding tliree years, 
or In tbo county jail not exceadiug one year, or by lina 
not exceeding oue tliouaaud dollars, or by boib sucli flna 
and imprisonment j and, in addition tlioroto, forfeits uny 
license lie may liold as auctioneer, and is forever disqual- 
ified from receiving a licence to act as nuctioneer williia 
this State. 

536. Every commission mercbant, broker, agent, fac- 
tor, or consignee, who shall willfully and corruptly make, 
or caaae to be made, to the priacipai or consignor of sucli 
commissioD merchant, agent, broker, factor, or consignee, 
a falsa statement concerning the price obtained for, or 
the quality or quantity of any property consigned or In- 
trusted to anch commission merchant, agent, brolier, fac- 
tor, or consignee, for sale, ahall bo deemed guilty of a 
misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be pun- 
ished by lino not exceeding five hundred dollars, or im- 
prisoned in the county jail not exceeding six months, or 
by both such fine and imprisonment. [In effect April 
19tb, 18S0.] 

537. Any person who obtilna any food or noconimo- 
datiou at an inn or boarding house without paying clieru- 
for, with Intenl to defraud the proprietor or manager 
thereof, or who obtains credit iit uu inn or iioarding house 
by the use of any false pretense, or who. after olitalnlng 
credit or aocommodation at auy inn or boarding house, 
absoonds and aurreptltiously removes his baggage ihere- I 
from, without paying for liia food or accommoda.UDaa,l^ H 
guilty of a luisdeniBsnur. fApproved M^irch lat, ia8Ei.^ I 

S37. Eveej peraoa H-io. after mortgaging any <Jf i.Ua»' 
propertj- meiitloneil ill section Iwo thoiiaand nine ImTviieA 




and flfty-five of the Civil Code, except locomotim. 
engines, roUinft stock of a cailroad, steamboat mscblneiT 
in Hctual use, and vRaaela, voluntarily removes or permits 
tbe removal of tlie morlgaged property from the place 
wliere it wan situated at tha time it ivas mortga){ud, witli- 
out tlie written consent of the morlgagee. with intent to 
deprive tlie mortgagee of Lla interest tberein, is {(uiltj of 
a misdemeanor. [ In eCFect Maicb lOth, 1S8T.] 

537f. Every person who shall, by any false or [rand> 
ulent pretense, obtain from any club, association, society 
or company organized for the purpose of improving the 
breed of cattle, liorsus, sheep, swine, or other dotDCMie 
animals, a certitlcate of registration of any animal in the 
HenI Eegister, or auy other register of any such clab, 
association, society or company, or a transfer of any sach 
registration ; and any person wlio sliall, for a IcKal con- 
sideration, give a false pedigree of any animal, vitta 
intent 10 mislead, shall be guilty of a misdemeaDor. 

Sec. 2. Every person willfully advartisinir any of sneb 
animals for piirpuaea of t 

person, Is puntBhable by iiupriE 
not leaa tlian three years. 
Sec I Wuh. C. D. M3 ; ind iue Act 

n the State prison I 
« Bright'!. Dig. pp.fl 

540. Every persoD, otlier than suiOi as nre embraced.! 
irltbln tlie last seotlon, n-bo ia guilty uf any BCt IhereilLB 
■pecifled, Is punlRbablB by iinpTlsuument Jn tlie Sta 
prison fora lerm not exoeedinjj ten yenrs. 

541. Every person gnilty of prBparing, mnkinff, i 
aubaorlblni; auy falsa or rraudiilent manifeHI, liivotc:H. b< 
of lading, ship's register, or protest, wltli intent to il 
ftauil anotber, is punishablo by imprisonment In tbe BtBt» 
prtflon QoC exceeding three years. 


who lieepa any wrecked propenyr 
if, after the aulvuge and ezpeusna 
[1 justeil , and 

544. Every persoi 
or the pioueedH then 
ohsigeable thereon bavi: been agreed to 
tbe amoanL tlieteof has been paid to hi 
\)y fine not exceeding one tliousaud dolh 
onmenc in tlie county }Hit not exceed iug i 

545. Every person who takes airay any goods from 
any stranded vessel , or any guuda oast by the sea u 
the land, or found in any bay nr creek, or knowingly has 
Id bis poHseasion any goods so taken or found, and does 
not deliver the same to the slierifF of the count; v\iG'ce 

e f ouud, or uolilj him ul bii reodlDaaa b 


548. Every person who willfully burns orin aayothei 
matiner injures or ilescroya any properly wlilcli Is at Ihl 
time insured nguiust loss or damage by Are, or by sdt 
other casualCy, with iucent to deErand or prejudice llw 
insurer, wlietlier tlie same be tlio property o( or in |>osu>- 
Bion of suoli persoD, or of auy oCher, is punishable by im- 
prisunuient in the State prisoa not less than one Dor man 
thnn ten years. 

See mlt. noie> Co i% <i;,4S2 ; sn<l me Cl>. Coda.ilUn~ZUI. 

BQmiiiglod8frandln;arera-i._riTi)n;llrL-ibiB often.* jinrtfrtM 



552. A false neight or measare is one wliloh does not ' 
conform to Ilia Htandard established by the lowB of tha 
United States of America, 

553. Every person who uaes any weight or meaauie, 
knowing it to be false, by whicli uae another is defrauded 
or otherwise injutBd, is guilty of a inisderaeanor. 

D»8 of falie weiBlitB.— The use of falsB wBlehta ana jnpMgro 
fliHtmlSDCpraperiylsoheaUDE-iiM&M.r!! l3Johus.291: uWeuil.IS!: 
IJIct.ail; i3.»f: 3Burr.liiU7;Tlllacli.W.!li: STej'uiRep.tH. Folaeiy 
ifbTflseiitLiiEtbfl wfljffht of nrinrtldQln wltbln theitatiite— aOoxG. o. 
3N; 111. n:!; but nut u only aaaa to InilucB to a puicliue— 3 Fuit. & F. 
US: nwn CoiO. O. MO: tola pretcnil to haye welgbed It. sad Ulaelf 
reiimtcallUtf its vcIkIiI, la * false pretense-3 Fost. & F. 838. 

554. Erery person who knowingly marks or stamps 
false or short weight oi measure, or false tare, ou any 
cask or package, or knowingly soils or offers for sale, 
any cask or package so marked, is guilty of a misde- 

Marin and Mampa.— A baker nurkliiK bread at ovcmelgbt l> fni[l» I 

C. I3»: to, sfIIIue w> uticle with it (orgea seal au It— 3 Haxa. Cr. eott I 
or ■ fulss Btuui> or crade-mBrk— 2 East t. C, 8:0. ■ 

555. In all sales of coal, hay, and other commoditiBS, 
usually sold by the ton or fractional parts tliereof. the 
seller mnst give to the purchaser fall weight, at the rate 
of two thousand pounds to tbe ton; and ia all sales of ar- 
ticles which are sold in commerce hy avoirdupois weiglit, 
the seller must give to the purchaser full weight, at the 
rate of slxteeu oances to tho pound: and ati; petsan vio- 
lating this secUoaJs^u^/Ij-ii^siaisdnbieauoi. [,Appio\ei& 
Feb lStb.I87l!.l ^ 



I. nuscondact of directors of stock coiporfltLoiu- 

. Savings-banli officer ovenlrawiug bis (ccoiuit. 

:. Reeelvlnii deposits in Insolvent iNUki. 

I. Frauds In keeping nccouDts in booka ot corjtonOaaa. 

I. omcFrorcorporatloapubllsblngfuUerepDits. 

558. Eyery officer, agent, or clerk of any conwration, 
or of any persons proposing to organize a corporation, 
or to increase tlie capital ittocli of nny corporation, ^bo 
knoningty exhibits any falae. forgeO, or altered book, i>a- 
per. Toucher, Eecucity, or other inslrument oF evidence, 
to any public officer or board autborized by law to exam- 
ine the organization of audi corporation, or to investigate 
its affairs, or to be allowed an increase of its capital, witli 
intent to deceire such officer or board in respect thereto, 
ia puDisbablB by imprisonment in the State prison not less 
than three nor more tban ten years. 

559. Every person who, without being authorized bo 
to do, subscribes tlie name of another to or inserts the 
name of another iu any prospectus, circular, or other ad- 
Tertiaement or annouQcement of any corporation or joint- 
Btouk association, existing or intended to be formed, with 
intent to permit the same to be publislied, and thereby 
to l^id persons to believe that tbe person whose name la so 
aubscribed is an otficer, agent, member, or promoter of 
Bach corporation or aaaociatlon, isguiityof aralademeanat- 3K,293i ana ace OHM, S ue. 

5fi0. Every directorof any stock corporation who con- 
curs in any vote or act of the direntors of such corjiora- 
tiou or any of them, by which it is Intend eil, either — 

1. To make any dividend, eicept from tlie surpluB 
profit! arising frotu the business of the corporation, nnd In 
the coBea and manner allowed bs law; or, 

2. To divide, withdraw, or la any manner, except as 
provided by law, pay to the stockholders, or any of 
any part of tbe capital stock of the corporation ; or, 

3. To discount or receive any note or other evidence of 
debt in payment of any Installment actually called in and 
tec[Uired to be paid, or with the intent to provide the 
meaos of making such paymeot; or, 

4. To receive or discount any note or other eviAcncft <A 
Aefe^^lA tig Intaat to anable oDy stockholder to -wMi* 



draw any pare ot the money paid in by Lim, or his «( 

6. To receive from any other stock corporation, in 
cbangR for til e all area, notea, bonds, or other evideacM ot 
debt of tbeir own corporation, shares of the capital Ktock 
of such other corporation, or notes, bonda, or other m 
dencea of debt issued by such other corporation; 

— la guilty of a misdemeanor, 

SeeClT. Code. "C(>n>oialloiis"i tuAieeimU.ii 309. ISU. 

S61, Every ofScer, agent, teller, or cleric of anyiat- 
ings-bank, who knowingly overdraws his account iiilh 
Bucli bank, and thereby wrongfully obtains tha mens;, 
note, or funda of such bank, is guilty of a misdemeanot. 

Osordrawine accoant— Ijy bank director or ofBcer or > bank, li !► 
dlcUble— 1 Zaii. 478. 

362. Every officer, agent, teller, or clerk of any bank, 
and every individual banker, or agent, teller, or clerk ol 
any individual banker, who receires any deposits, know- 
ing that such bank, or association, or banker is insolvsiit, 

is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

not lees tbao tbtee nor more tban ten y eara, or by iinprlBon- 
ment In a. count; jail not exceediag one year, and a Una 
not exceeding five hundred dollara, or by both such fine 
and imprisoniQeijt. 

Sua anie, i ssa. 

Aeent of corpnratiDo.— An Inaictnent Kes BenlDat aa agent at iki.'a> 

CgmliDii [oriualUTui IiUe eutrlES lu Uie curporale buolu— XI Cid. flla. 

564. Every director, otBcer. or agent of any corpora- 
lion or joint-slock association, who knowingly concilia in 
tnaking.pabliaWng, DC posting any written report, esliibLt, 
or statement of its affairs or pecnniary conilition, or book 
or notice containing any material statement nhlch Is false, 
or refuses to make any book or post any notice required 
by law, In tha manner requirsd by law, otiier than siicb 
as are mentioned in this cliapter, is guilty of a felony, 
[Approved January 2Tth, IBTC] 

E» CIt. Code. I Sia. TUajwrtlau ilaflau Kvetal dlMbiet offeows— 

5G5. Every officer or agent of any corporation, bavlDg 
or keeping an office within tbia State, n-bo has lu his cos- 
tody or control any book, papf-r, or document of such cot> 
poratlon, and who refuses to give to a Htockbolder or 
member of snch corporatioD, lawfully demaoding, duriog 
office hoars, to inspect or take a copy of the same, or of 
any part thereof, a reasonable opportunity ao to do, is 
guilty of a misdemeanor. 

BcBClT.Codp, i{)7>.I7a,)'e, m. Btx^to ImkEpt opn forbupce- 
tloii— S S. T. leL Tliaaatule giru IbD sWcUuiUer not onlj' the rigfal 

566. Every ofBcer, agent, or stockholder of any rail- 
road company, who knowingly assents to. or has any 
agency In contracting any debt by or on behalf of such 
company, nnauthorized by a special law for the purpose, 

! amoanc ot which debt, wit h other debts of the company, 
exceeds Its available means for the payment of its debts, 

its possession, under its coutrol, and belonging 
the time such debt is contracted, incloding ita bona Jlde 
and BvailabJe Block anbacriptioDs, and exclasWe <A lifer 

f egtale, lagnil^ofa ntisdeeaeanor. 



567. The last aection dues not eitect tlie valUUty ot • 
debt created lu Tiolation of itB provisions, aa agKiiut llw 

568. Every director of a cocporatioa or joint-stock s» 
Bociation is deemed to possess such & knowledge of lbs 
aSaira of liis corporation as to enable him to determiui 
whether any act, proceeding, or omiBsion of Ita dizDcton 
Lb a violation of thia chapter. 

969; Bvery director of a corporation or Jolnt-atock ■» 
•oolatioQ, irbo ia present at a meeting of the directors M 
wMch any act, proceeding, or omission of such direct 
OTs, in violation of tliis chapter, occurs, is deemed to have 
concurred therein, unless be at the tlma causes, ot in 
writing requires, bis dissent therefrom to bo «ntned ia 
the minutes of the directont. 

Sea ClT. Code, SI W, 317, SIT. 


572. The term ''director/' as used in this chapter, 
embraces any of the persons having by law the direction 
or management of the affairs of a corporation, by what- 
ever name such persons are described in its charter or 
known by law. 

Pmr.Ck»>&— M. 


Inning ncdtloos bills at luUng. sts. 
lunlBg nctltlong warehDiue receipts. 
Erroneous I1JU9 uf lading or receipts Isaaed In looal ttah^ 
Duplicate receipts most iw muked " dapllcala." 
Belling, stc.. property recelTed Cor traniportatlCHi or itc 
Bin or lading orrecelptlsaned by WBxehoaiemftii. 
Property demanded by procBM of law. 
577. Every person, beiDg the niBBter. owner, or aj 
of any Tesael, or officer or ageat at anj railroad, ezpi 
ot traosportation company, or otLerwise t>elu|{ or re 
aentinganycarrier.whodeliverBanyblllof lading, rec 
or other voucher, by which it appeals that any 
dise of any desdiption hai been ahipped on board 
vessel, oriielivcred to any railroad, expreBS, or trans] 
liauy, or other carrier, unless the artme 

See Ctt. Code, i tSK. 
579. No person cnn bo convicted of an offeiise unile* 
tlie last two Bettions by renaco. that tlio tontems of any ^ 
banel, box, oase, cask, or oUier vessel or paakage mea- 
tioned in the bill of lading, rsoeipt, or other Touclier, 
[ not cotreBpond u'itli tbe deaciiptlon giren in Eincb j 
trnmi>nt oF t)ie meiclinndise lereived, if sucli descrip- 
a corre.iponded subBtBoti.tlly with tlie iaa,iks, labels, | 
brands upon Ihe outside of sucb vesael, or package, 
unless it appears that thp accuaed knew tbat EUcb matks, 
labels, or brands wer 

0. Every person mentioned in this chapter, who 
3 any Booond or duplicate receipt or voucber, ot a 
kind specitled therein, at a tints while any former receipt 
ichei for the merchandiSQ speciUed in sacb second 
receipt is outstanding and nncanceled, without writing 
as the face of Eha same tbe word "duplicate," 
a and legible manner, is puaishahle by imprisonment 
in the State prison not exceeding fiye years, or by 
not exceeding one thoiiaanil dollars, or both 
Ir. Code, i 2190. 
Every person mentioned in tbis chapter 
sella, hypothecates, or pledges any merchandise for wiiicli 
bill of ludiog, receipt, or voucber has been Issued by 
I, without the consent in writing thereto of the person 
holdingsuchbill, receipt, or voucher, is punishable by im- 
prisonment in the State pcisou not exceeding live years, 
>c by a lino not exceediD£ one thousand dollars, or both. 


lo rallroada ind rmlirrad brldgos. 

to blKhnaye, private w&ya, *di1 brlilfw. 

to Ull-housei and Eaten. 


5S7. Every peraon who mallcloaaly, either- 
1. Removea, diaplaces, injurea, or destroys any pott of 
any railroad, wliellitir for steam or horse cars, or mj 
track of any railrond, or any branch or branch-inj, 
switch, turnout, bridge, viaduct, culTert, embankmevk { 
etBtioD-houae, or otber »triictuie or flxtuTe, or any 
(hereof, attached to or connected with any railroad; i 
3. places any obstruolion upon tha rails or track o( 

public liighway or bridge, or any private way laid out by 
authority of law, or bridge upon sncb liigiway or private 
way, la puBlalmble by JmpriBotimKnt in tlio State prUon 
not exceeding Ato years, or in the couDty jail not exceed- 

590. Every person wlio maliciously i 
lures any mile-board, post, or stone, or guide-post, or aoy 
inscription on snob, erected upoD any bighway, is guilty 

' of misdemeanor, 

591. Kver; person wbo maliciously takes down, re- 
; moves, injures, or obstructs any line of telegraph, or any 
I part thereof, or apputlenanco or apparatus connected 

tberewith, or aevets any wixe thereof, is guilty of a mis- 

592. Every person who shall without authority of tbe 
owner or managing agent, aud with iutent to defrand, 
take water from auy canal, ditcb, flume, or reservoir, 
used for the purpose of holding or conveying water for 
Duatiufacturing, agricultural, mining, or domestic uses, or 
who sliall, witbout like authority, r.iise. lower, or other- 
wise disturb any gate or other appurteoance thereof used 
for the control or measurement of water, or who sb.ill 
empty or place, or cause to be emptied or placed into any 

' Bucti canal, ditch, flume, or reservoir, any rubbish, flltb, 
r or obstiuotion to the free flow of the water, is Euilty of 
a toisdemeanor. [Approved April lat, 1( 

Malicious Ulaoblef. 

. Malicious talsch^ef la es' 

otnrtrtotlTB oflMtM 

Valas gunpowder, etc., In deBtrDrlng or 
Uallcloos Injuries lotreebold. 
Llmllatloa upon tlie operatioiu at 
InJUTlfla to BtantUug cropg, etc. 

. DeBtroyIng or Injuring Julia. 
. DftStToylng or- Injuring brldgea,dainji,fltC' 
iocs. Burolog or Injuring rates. EeCUngidrtftTt 

Ihs Injory must lie eucU aa to impnli uUUly— l 

1 lno, Uie (Kt ot Injury mii^c he doiioTiitb a lircacb oC tbe 1 
,3Ui a Tex. 31^; lu IreiL 17: ortatlie scsnilulDt tliepuLu 1 
UU.C.iW) tiiLtBS; ac 1)5 aiMiteil by a malignant cmelg I 

willful.— yelUet neaUKeae lojan', nar iDjacr lankud IE 
rillcojiBtiiuiatheoffeiiae-se'usfi.aM; sTieY.ftB.lMj gg 
lona.US; lMinii.2!ai filMlsa.SSS; i2CoiO.C.607i Um 
wuitully BDil mallclaiulr duus— I Up.Clia. Q. B. liU. 

^^o.^; kl'WisB. 

Ijckiiu lulHlilcr-a DeT. A B. IW| 43 Ala. 3>j j 

n wbll^b 

595. The apeciflcatian of llie acta enumerated in (be 
folluwinf; aectioDB of tLia cbapter la uot iutended to n>- 
Btrict or qaaJlfy the interpretation of tlie preceding sec- 

596. Every person wbo witlfnll; ndministen an; 
poison to an animal, the property of unollier, or malt- 
cioualy esposea any poisonoua Bubstance, with tLa intent 
that the same aliall bo taken or swallowed by any lacii 
Bolmal, is punishulilo liy impriaaiimEut In the State prluB 
not eiceeding llireu years, &r in the county jail not en- 
ceeding one year, and a line not exceedinu five bnndrcd 

HsDS.—TlianRhheDsiin not beuti, yet polaonlna them ta lutlrl. 
ablfl—IWUua. VMi 1 DalL 83B. 

597. Every person vbo malicionaly Itills, malms, or 
wounda an animal, the property of another, or who null- 
elonaly and cruelly beata, tortures or injures any animal, 
whether belonging to liimaelf or another, is guilty of a 

Craolty to animals.— A public and Bcandaloiu cruelty toanlmalflli 
an Indlctalilo oDensa dlsllocl from mallclDua iDlnr; to aninuili-l 
Baml.bau. nbclticr Inflicted Uy tlia owner oraDOiber— ; Alten.A^L I 
Crandi C. C. !W: 4 III. tU; 4t y. B. t»: 3S Oa. IW. 1 Aiken. £»! T Lt* 
nannricF N. K. &. ft tuu iJsru nutdo > itatutorT DneoM, T Allaa, Hli 
1: lDlU*u.MlU9Xl-«HiailIUin.niiKellIUan.M: 
ii.t. B. H a'-i w>.,h_ .Q^giiy to anlmoiB. wlMttS 

.. , at comman b»~l OruS 

O.Q.U9J 1 Aiken, latiTI-aiTBijwrteiN.B.BIj 4 Dnncli O. O. flli U 

UallclanimltoUeC— AmiUcloiulnlnn'tourrbMat.wlilcbmuM 
fiiBpniMrlyoIaaiiDwr.lilndlGtBtde-^anitt.lSli aVblM; UWead. 
4WtJ)utase)Tei.iIBi i Dana, ZIT: M, lor mallclontl* drlvliu «MI* 

_. '_ .t.i ..11...J--7. ■ *-i, ot. App. Mt. CMttolncta4Bi 


geldlngi-l Leacb, I3i plg>-4 LelEb. mi 4fi tolm. HI 1 Bnaa. A 8. (?S 
riiilwa-^Dty.*B.iii-it\t.lSli bogi-lO Iowa, lU; 21Wiir|Mi t 
Lcich,I3j andbonea, miu«, and CDlU-1 Dall. *H) tCoWBoTBIiV 
Vt. M^i n Ho. IMil LcMb, Ti; t Bait F. a. lOItl Tarns liiinfuM 
aro not catOs-U Uo. U7. 

Kallcioni Injnrr to uilaial* — A mallcloui tntarr to ■iitimfc > 
IniUciablc-^^uicliC. C.<S3; vaOa-ISQi M OUlas!.l»: aHeLSkf 
DenlD.aTT! UN. H. BSl. Uatmlni or voundlug an udmal iijillii 
kiuiuallliubcenlieiaiiotluillctable at cammnik law-a Daub. Hh 
TJKTt.SUI; 3£utP.C. lOKi rimlra. 1 Wheel. O. a 111; bntintW 
DDfaseslconuuunlairtoinootar iFonnd nCiiek iMna fnnniiBiif m 
Dn°'3p[<^mlsca-l9mS0. IE Ua dlitlncIooetualnimUuwlllfalM 
■tantonk^liUigDtanhDBlft-ITei.Ct. Apn.IB: 10.0. Tbatt&««iaM 
wero treait^ag ia no <leIonBO'\91U.»i-.\iu<iVbB'maUM tpur b* B^ 
Ured by Baowtai Llm l i'n i 1"1 «")TTn^ -mfiT-Vnn mn niiijtii 

DHll IQED UiefrOEf or B Luuie'a hoot Li a uiiiimlutf, uvea LI cuioble^BuBt 

HaUclaiu kUllni.— It [i Indictable to mnllclaDSYnDlwUiruUrkn' 

Sis?'? i''s'c?'l''Gr\iS C. 'ilSi «'iii^ntoS7ltl?l'^ ^ImSfnhiVf 
tbDrnrii'tlitnilL^tiirii.-iiirl mn^eni n fiunlly— uanCE-IlB. To destraj 

ftalleeeoTi-iitiitr^ iLjo oir«iic, tliuugli there bs no uiiiJIss lowuil Oa 

Aim. ■•■a? 'rJ'i'Sa aru'ipr'pulilnij-lil IroJ Si; -t [nd. STTiMNrn. Kai liui 
nuUnVlrBiiiia-n limit, ull. As to Boufb Carullns, tha qusbllan U 
atiil In duiilji— 14 likli, 3113: liiit BOlim In a pornli uiil Blionlliig a dog, 
to tho terror or tlis pBDple, Is taillcCalile— B GmtC. iOS. WUut a dog 
bos rrcTluiulv iloae la no iicreiiSB larnautoal! killing lilm, tiliea not 

598. Every person wbo, wltLIn any pulilio cemeterr 
or liurying-grouad. kills, woumls, or traps any bird, or do- 
Btroys any bird's nest other limn Hwallows' nestB, or ce- 
moves any eggs or young birds from any nest, isguilty of 
a, taiBiemaaiior. 

599. Tbat section fire hundred and nlnety-niae of the 
Fenal Code Is hereby repealed. [In effect Marcti 12th, 

600. Every petaoa who willfully and inalloionBly 
bums any bridge exceeding in value llfty dollars, or any 
building. SDon-shed, or vessel, not the subject of nraun, or 
any stock of grain of any kind, or of hay, or anygrowing 
or aCnndiug grain, grass, or tree, or any fence, not the prop- 
erty of Bucli person, is panisliable by imprisonment in the 
Stiite prison fornot less than one nor motetlmu ten years. 

Cnminfi.— WTiPfo a Inndlord Inimed sborlta of com on the land ottet 

utiicr iMrBDU'-^'Bmlu, 4u. 

601. Every penoa who maliciously, by tUe expYoaioii 
lotrder or other axplosiva Bubstance, deaWoj*. 



throws dovn, oi Iiijurea tlia wliole or 007 part oF laj 
Ijuilding, b; neaiia oF which the life or nafety of a hnmui 
being is endaneered, la guilty of felony. 

602. EverypersoQ who willfully commits any trespsM 
by either— 

1. Cutting down, desCrojing, or injuting any kind ol 
wood or timber standing OT growing upon the lands of an- 

2. Carrying away any kiad of wood or timber lying M 
loch lauda ; or, 

3. Maliciously injuring or severing from th« freeholdaf 
another anything attached thereto, or the produce theiM^ 

4. Digging, taking, or carrying away from any lot rito- 
ated within the limits of any incorporated city, witlxMit 
the license of the owner or legal occupant thereof, any 
earth, soil, or atone; or 

5. Digging, taking, or carrying sway from any land 1b 
any of the cities of the State, laid down on th« map «c 
piano! Bucli city, or ulhenvise recognized or esluWlBhwI 1 
as a street, alley, avenue, or park, without the license of 

moved or clestcoyed, any stakes, roarks, Cences, or slgua 
Intended to designttte tlie boundarlea and limits of any 
Buclk lands 

— IS guilty CFf a mJademeanor, [In effect Maroh 30th, 
J8 8] 

Ma . . ■ , . \r,[a — Beal ttCats. lU well si nerson»l 

pro L iillctntile loicu' dawn tlia roof unil 

■.hi .iiiloiKHKSslanaCunoUier— SUo.La: 

or ! iiili]tng-fl AlJen, i. In mlaclilBt to 


eutry-fiOray.MS, A 

Wn elreeaorpnntB-lS Wsud.imiSBranne, (f'n.lM^ijcunira.l 

Ucloua mlsctalel to cut it ilawn— a Li'iili, ilft. Woods lacladB ft flsM 
ovtu'^rowu w tiibruBli— d JiuieB.iN. CjS. 

Injury to machlmiT.— An Inaictn 
clous Injury to movablpaHodliDiaovn 
EDBGlilnery Eb prot cted, altbouvh d p 
ISM; or wtifln taken (a iilec«i-ld. 


leanndliDinDyalite*— IDnll.TUi; ISWmd.419i s 
d, altbough D part of IC bo mlBalDE— Dene C L 

the warp preiiwBd for rarill 
working tools of ■ loom, oi 

-_. .., „. .^rralBlnff tlio inlncml^D Gar. 

Injuiy to any mnterlal pLul of m^vclilncry la liidlurnbla^ 
Et. i&li Bapluggineup tbo teed-plpDorBBteani-eD^lnD— tOCoi 

603. Tlie following acts do not conatitute a pnblio 
Oflenae, wltliln the meaning of tlie precedini; section: 

I. Gathering pitch from trees on tbe publio lands of tlie 
State or United States, unless tlie baric from buoIi trees is 
removed for more tban one-eigbtli of their circumference, 
or cut made mote than three inches ia depth into the 
wood thereof ; 

■2. Cutting trees upon the public lands of ;ue %fa\.e dt 
United States, in gaoi\ faiili for tlio purpose ol numoiao- 
turin# tlie Bame into laiaber or firewood, or pTepexint 
aucJr JaaJa for a^ricaltarai or mining rurpoaes". 


§S 604-7 Jiuuaioca macaiSB. ISi 

— tmless suci) ucts ate committed upon swamp aui cvei- 
flowed, tide, salt maish, or school lanils belonging to tin 
Btate, or witlilii tlie limits of tlie lands granted b; th* 
tXnited Slatea to tlila State by Act of CoDgreBS of Jane 
tlilrteentli, eigbteen Ijundred aod sixty-four, relating la 
tlia Yoaemite Valley and Mociposa Big Tree Grove. 

Thu yoMmilo VaUB7Braiitwnsnotlnilioiuitarooratnut-4PK 
tna oambltied artiou or tbe Fedeol anil Bute goienuueuu— Id. 

G04. Every person who maliciously injiireB or deatroji 
any staudiag ciopa, grain, cultivated fniits or Tegetablo. 
the property of aoothec, In any cnse for which a punish- 
ment la not otberwise prescribed by this Code, is guilly at 
a misdemeanor. 

605. Every person who elthar — 

1. Maliciously removes any moaomeat ereoted fottbt 
purpose of designating any point in the bouadai; of an; 
lot or trant of laud, or a place where a subaqueoo* iel»- 
graph cable lies; or, 

3. Maliciously defaces or alters tb« marlcB upon ttay 
such monnment ; or, 

S. Maliciously cuts down or removes any tre« np« 
whicli any such marks have been made for sncli pnrpsM^ 
with intent to destroy auoli marks; 

— ia guilty of a misdemeanor. 

IdnilDiuks-Bee!Hal3t.i:s^ SLelgli,:i9. 

<j06. Every person wbo willfully and intentioinlly 
breaks down, pulls down, or otherwise destroys or inji 
any public jail or otLer place of conlinement, la pnnislw- 
bleby fine not exceeding ten thousanddoUars, and by im- 
prisonment In the State prison not exceeding Ave yean. 
607. Every person who willfully and maliciously coUi 
breaks, injures. or (lestroyaanybridKe.Oam, canal, flonw, 
Qiiuednct, levee, embankment, reservoir, or other stnic 
ture erected to create hydraulic power, or to drain <w n 
claim any swamp and ovcc&awed tide or marsh land, a 
tostore or conduct water tot mNnins. tnmiai»i«,Tutan.tec 

lamalion, or agricultural purposes, or for Uio supply of 
tbe inbabitants of any cily or to^Q, or any ambankment 
necessary to the same, or either oE tliem, or willfully or 
msltcioasly makes or causes to be made, aaj aperture lu 
sach dam, canal, flume, aqueiluct, reservoir, embank- 
ment, leTee, oislructure, with intent to iujure or destroy 
tbe same; ordraws up, cuts, or injurea any pilaafliad In 
tbe ground for the purpose of aecuriiiE any sea-bank, or 
HeB-walls, or any dock, quay, or jetty, lock or sea-wall; 
or wbo. between tbe first day of October and tlie fiftenavl. 
day of April of each year, plows up or iooaena the soil in 
the bed or on the sides of any natural water-course ot 
channel, without removing such soil within twenty-four 
boors from such water-course or chanuel; or who, ba* 
tween tbefltieenthdayof April and tba first day of Octo- 
ber at each year, sliall plow up or loosen tbe soil In tuo 
bed or on t!je sides of such natural water-course or chan- 
nel, andaball not rerooTe therefrom the aoil so plowed u[,- 
or loosened before tbe first day of October next thereafter, 
is guilty of a misilemeanor, and upon conviction, punish- 
able by a fine not less Ehan one hundred dollani and not 
exceeding one tbousaod dollars, or by imprisoimient in 
tbe county jail not esceeding two years, or by both ; pro- 
mded, that nothing in this section shall be construed so as 
to in any manner prohibit any person from digging or re- 
moving soil from any such water-course or channel, for 
tbe purpose of mining. [.In effect April 13th, 1880.] 

Tlie Act or April l2Qi. 1S80. ameailed tbli lectlon liy iDstlnf (bo 
oSciuepunlilulileuiktnltHleineaoDr— 6Pac. Coast L. J.I:!!: but, nut- 
wlUlstandluB Ibe ramsl ot Iha punlsbmeut, a proaecutlon fora Icloiiir 
eommlcted ijcfore the tepciil runid be malu Kilned, nccordliig to naw 
of tbe PoUcjcBl Uode, but iiylniUolmeiiit, nut lutorDiatloa— s l^c.CouC 

608. Every person wbo witlfiilly and maliciously 
bums, injares, or destroys any pile or raft of wood, plank, 
boards, or other lumber, or any part thereof, or cuts Iooho 
or seta adrift any such raft or part Ciereof, or cuts, btea.l*'*, 
Injores, sinks, or sets adri/e an/ Teasel, ibe properly o\ au- 
rthw, t» pon^bable by Sue not exceadlss five banitoi 

g§ 609-15 MAiici 

dollars, or liy imprlaonman C In the county jail not exoMd* 
IdK alx monthB. 
MaliciaaiLf bmiklii: up it bgsl— 19 Wend. UO. 

609. Every person who willfulty Temoves any baoy 
or beacon, jilaced lu any waters within tills State by law> 
f ul authority, U guilty of a. misdemeanor. 

610. Every person who unlawfully masks, alters, at 
removes any light or digoal, or willfully exhibits anf 
light or signal, witli intent to bring any vessel iato dan- 
ger, is pnuiBhabio by imprisonment in tbe State piIuiL 
not leas tban three nor more tban tan years, 

611. Every persou who unlawfully obstructs the nav- 
[gation of any navigable stream, is guilty of a miads- 

612. Every person who throws, deposits, or peTmiM 
auother in his employ to throw or deposit, any sawdosi. 
Blabs or refuse lumber, In any place whero it may b* 
carried or tall Into the waters of Humboldt Bay, witbool 
first having constructed pleis, bulkheads, dams, c 
contrivances, approved by Che Board of Supervisors ol 
Humboldt County, to prsiveut the same from escaping 
Into the channels of such bay, Is guilty of a miademeanoi. 

613. Every person who, wItMu the anchorage of BDf 
port, batbor, or cove of this State, into which veaoels 
enter for the purpose of recoiviug or discharging c 
throws overboard from any vessel the ballast, or ajiypMl 
thereof, or who otherwise places or causes to be plaoaj 
in guoh port, harbor, or cova, any obstructions ti 
Igation thereof, Is guilty of a misdemeanor, 

614. Every person mooring any vessel to or hanfiif 
on with a vessel to any buoy or beacon, placed by « 
l>etent authority iu any navigable waters of ttala S 
guilty of a roiadomeanor. 

615. Every person wbo willfully injutea, <] 
fBinoVfiS any signal, roonu'meiK,,\nul*Jimi,Wi 

G16. Ever? patsou who intentionally (lefaoen, oblitar. 
ates, teaia down, oc dosticifa any copy or iranacript, 
uztracC from or of aoy law of tbe United States or of tliia 
State, or any proclamalioQ, ad vertiBonmnt, or notilication 
set up at any pltice in tliis State, by authority of any law 
of the United States or oE thia State, or by older of any 
Goarti before the espitstiou of the time for wliich Iha 
same was to lemaiu set up. Is punishable liy linu not less 
thau twenty nor mora tb.iu one huudied dollars, or by 
UDprisoninent in the couatyjail not more than one month. 

fil7. Every person nbo maliciously matilates, toars, 
defaees, obliterates, or destroys any written instrument, 
the property of another, the false making of wiiich would 
be forgery, is punishable by imprisonment in the State 
prison for not less thau one nor more than five years. 
MaUcIoai dsstisctioD of racorda -ot a poUce court— 22 Up. Oul C- 

618. Every person who willfully opens or reads, or 
canses to be read, any sealed letter not addresseil to him- 
self, without being authorized so to do, either by the 
writer of spch letter or by the person to whom U is ad- 
dressed, and every person who, withont the lilte author- 
ity, publishes any of the coutentB of such tetter, knowing 
the same to have been unlawfully opened, ia guilty of a 

619. Every person who willfully discloses the contents 

o( a telej^rapbic message, or any part thereof, addressed ' 
to another person, without the peimlssiou of such person, 
unless directed so to do by the lawful order of a court, is 
punishable by imprisonment in the State prisou liot ex- 
cseedlng live yesn^ or lu tbe county jail not excee^vna 
catejeaT, or b^ Haa aot excoedins live thousaud doWata, 



or b; both fine and iuprlsonmeat. [Approved April UUi, 

620. Every person who willfully altera tbe parpoit. 
effect, or meaaiDs ef a telegtapbic message to the injoii 
of another, Is puniehable as proTiiled in tiia piecedlnf 

£21. Every person not connected with any telegrspli 
office who, without the authority or consent of the peraon 
to whom tbe same mny be directed, willfully opens aij 
sealed eovelope inclosing a telegiaphia message and ad- 
dressed to any other person, with tbe purpose of leamiug 
the contents of bucIi message, or who fraudulently repn- 
sents auy other person and thereby procures to be de- 
livered to himself any telegraphic message addresaed io 
Biicb other person, with the intent to use, destroy. « 
detjtin tbe same from the person or persona entitled ic 
receive snch message, is punishable as provided In sectioi 
Bis hundred and nineteen. 

622. Every person, not tlie owner ttiereof, who wiQ- 
fully injures, dlsfieures, or destroys any monument, wort 
of art, or useful or ornamental improveuient vrithin Ik* 
limits of any village, town, or city, or any sbacle tree a 
ornamental plant growing therein, wbethersituated upM 
private ground or on any street, sidewalk, or pubUo puk 
or place, is guilty of a mtsdemeanor. 

623. Every pemon who maliciously cuts, tears, i» 
faces, brealis, or injuras any book, map, chart, picttm, 
engraving, statue, coin, model, apparatus, or other wolt 
of literature, art, or mecUanics, or object of curiosity, i1 
posited in any public library,gallery,maseuui, cotlecUo*. 
fair, or exhibition, ia guilty of felony. 

624. Every person wlio willfully breaka. digs a|k 
obHtmcts, or injures any pipe or main for uouducting gi* 
or water, or any works erected for supplying buildinc 
wilh gas or water, or nu^ a^^''^^^'"'''"^^ oi appeiulfa 

tbemwith conuected, is gviiUj oV li misAfcaumiuit, 


625. Every person who, with intent to defraud or in- 
jure, opens or causes to be opened, or draws water from 
any stop-cock or faucet by wliich the flow of water is 
controlled, after having been notified that the same hsa 
been closed or shut for specific cause, by order of com' 
petent antboxity, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 


HlsoeUoneoiu Crtmoa. 
Ghat. L Ykh^tios o 

t a:iT. Bepealed. 

S 839. Having gamB In poaseasLan 

S 630- Use bf [ihiwphani^ an laiitl 

i Ul. Qiull. partii^iTO. or gti>uso, 

%t!a. TBUcgtroutliyiieLi.cIc.. 

626. Kvecy paraou wlio, Iti (Jib Slatn of California, 1: 
twean tlie flret day of March anil llie tenlli day of Septeni- I 
bar In each year, hunts, pursues, takes, killa, or deatroyB \ 
quail, partridges, or grouse, oi rail. Is guilty of a mUde- ' 
unor. Every person who, in any of tliH uounlles of '' 
this State, ntnoy time taken, galhers, or duatroya the eggs 
my quail, partridge, or grouse, is guilty of a misde- 
aQor. Every person wbo, in tiiis Stati:, between Clie 
first (lay of January and the ilcst day of Judo iu each 
year, hunts, puisuea, takes, kills, or destroys dove.t, is 
guilty of a mlBdemeanor, Every person who. between 
tlie flfteenth day of December In each year and the first 
day of July In the following year, bunts, purauea, takes, 
Icills, or destroys any inale antelope, deer, or buck, is 
guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person in tlia St 
California who has in his posaession any hides (i 
skins of uny deer, elk, nntelopa, or mountain sheep, klVV-^ 
«d between the flftsenlft day of December and tbe fittf^ 
A».y of Jnlj-, is gnilty of a niisdemeaDor. Every \ 

g§ 627-31 

wlio sliall at 

me in the State ot CalltomiB, bnU, 
r destroy any female antelope, elk, 
Q Elieep, female deer, or doe, aliall be guilt; uf * 
misdemeaQOC. Ever; peiaon who shall at SDy time huDt, 
pursue, take, kill, or deatroj any spotted fawn, is guilty s[ 
a misdemeBnor. Eveiy person who shall take, kill, ordc- 
Btroy any of the animals mentioned in this seel ion at any 
time, unless tlie carcaSHof such animal is used or preserr- 
ed by the peraon talcing or slaying it, or is sold for food. 
is guilty of a misdemeanor. Every person who shall bay, 
Bell, offer or expose for sale, transport, or have in liii 
poaeesBioD, any deer or deerskiu ot bide from which eri- 
dence of sex has been removed, or any of the aforeaiid 
game, at a time when it is unlawful to kill the same, H 
provided by this and subHequeot Bections, la guilty of i 
miailemeanor. [In effect March 2ith, 1887.] 

627. Section number six hundred and tweuty-aeTU 
of the Penal Code of California is hereby repealed. [Ap- 
proved March 9th, 1883. In effect July Ist, 1883.] 

628. Sfictlon number ?.i5. ^wnAred niid l-wcut y-ptfttt . 


S61 (iAMK AM. IT-H, §§632-4 

Proof of poaaession of any quail, portriiiKe, i,t gr 
whicli shall not aliow evidenou ot haviiiK been taken by I 
meanjt other than a Del or pnund, Hhall be prima facia 
evidence, in an; prosecutloD far a violation of the pnivia- 
iona of tills sectlou. That ibe person in wIiohb pOBBSBsloa I 
Bucb quail, partridge or grouse In found, took, kilted, o 
deatroyad tlie same by meana of a net or pound, [Ap- I 
prosed Marub Mlh. 188T.] 

632. Every parson who, in llie State of California, i 
any time takes or catchaa any trout axcept with Look ] 
and line, 19 guilty of misdemeanor. Any person ot 
Bona who sliall at any time tnka, proonre. oc destroy any I 
fish of any kind by means of explosives, is S'li'tJ of a 
ID lade meaner. [Approved March !l(.l], IStM, In effect 
July 1st, 1883.J 

633. Every person who takes, catches, or kills any 
Hpecikled trout, brook or salrno-n tront, or any variety ot 
trout, botwaan the first day ot November and tlio flrat 
day of April In the following year, is guilty of n mi 
meanor. [In effnct March 30th, 1H78.] 

634. Every person wbo. between the thlrty-firat day of ] 
Aiigutt and the tirst day of Oeltiber of each year, take 
catches, buys, sells, or bus in hia possession, any fresh I 
salmon, la guilty of a mlsdameanor. Every peiaon whi 
shall Bet or draw, or assist i[i aettlug or druwlng, any ne 
or seine for the purpose of taking or catching SHlmon o 
■had in any of the public waters of this Btata, at any timi 
Iietween sunrise of each Saturday and tutaei of llie follow- 
ing Sunday, is guilty of a miaderoeanor. Every person 
whu shall, for the purpose of CACching shad or salmon, in 
any piiblle aaters of this State, tisii with or uae any seine 
or nei, the meshes when drawn closely together and 
lueaanred, iiiiidi: the knol, less Chan aaven and one-half 
inches In length, is guilty of a mtsdemeanor. and upun con- 
viction shall be fined not less than one hundred doUata, 
orfii.jte^O^ oMJriM tAjuioiieIinndreddayBiD.thB coaur 

§§ 635-6 ttA«K AST. nsB. 

ty jail. One-lialf of :iil moDeja colWleii for fines fur no- 
lation of ttm prorlsions uf tbis chapter sball be paiil Ii 
infonoBr, one-quarter to ih b Diatricl Attorney of that 
tyia which the action ja trieil, and one-quarter shall li' 
paid into the Fish Commiasion FudiJ ; all other costs aball 
ba chSirgHil and collected from the county in. which the 
aotiun is proaecutod. NotTjing iuthla chapter ahall pro- 
hibit the United States Fish Coinuiissioners, or the Fisli 
CiimniissloDeTS of this State, from taking such fish osUiC! 
deem necessary far the purpose o( arCillcial liatobing, *1 
all timen. [Approved Slaich 12th, IBSfl.] 

635. K very person who places or allows to pass lull 
any of the watei^of this St«te any lime. gas. tar. coccnlia 
indlcus. sawdust, or any subatauce deleterious tu fiati. If 
ipillty of a misdemeanor. And every peraoD who 
any poisonous or explosive substances for the pnlpoN 
of taking or destroying flsli, is gnilty of a miBderoes 
Any person who shall oa.tch,liakB, or carry ava; tsj 
trout, or other iish, from any stream, pond, or resenolr 
belonging to any person or corporation, without ' 

t of the owner thereof, which stream, ijond, K 

L udstlDg, extending, using, or coutinuicj; " Chint^se 
a lines," or " Chiaese shrimp or bag nets," or liuHs 
ol Blmllar character, for the catohiai; of fiah iu the 
»E tliis State, is euilty of a mi9<lemeniior. Every 
irbo, by seine or any other means, bIiqII catch the 
shof any species, Hod whoaliail not return t lie Hame 
aterimmediatelyund alive, or who all nil soil, or oiler 
, any Sucb fisli, fresh or dried, ia guilty of umiBile- 
Every person convicted of a violation of aoy of 
rialous of this chapter sliall h»punislied by tine of 
than fitly dollars, nod not mnra than three hnn- 
illars, or iniprlaonment In tliQ county jail of ttie 
irbere the offeoae waa committed, for not less than 
ays nor more tlian all mouths, or by both aucb 

impriaouraent. One-third of all raoneya collected 
. for violation of tbe proviaionsof this chapter to be 
Informer, one-tliird t^i the Dintricc Attorney of the 
nwbich the action ie prosecuted .and one-tblrd to the 
immissionerB of Ihe Stale of Calil- ruia. Nothing 
ihapter shall ba construed to probiblt the Uniliid 
'ish Commlaaionera or tba Fiah Commissioners oC 
e of California, from talcing sucb flsh as they shall 
jcessary for tbu purpose of artlScial hatchery, nor 
lime. It sliall not be lawful for any person to buy 
or offer or expose foe sale, within this State, any 

trout (except brook trout) leas thau eight incliea 
h. Any person violating any of the provialona oF 
:inn la guilty of a luiademeanor. The Board of 
HOTS of the several conntiea of this State are 
ted by ordinance, duly passed, and piibllsbed. lo 
the beginning or ending of tha close season named 
m aix hundred and twenty-aix of this Uode, so as 
I the same conform to tbc needs of their reapectivs 
I, whenever, in their judgment, they deem the 
ivisable. [In effect Haruh -lUh, 1SS7.] 

ETei^ownerof adamorotlier obstTuctlau lutto 
y/tSiffi being reqaeateil ^ly tkuf 


In repair anfficiiunc fialiways or ladilera oa Buch dam or ob- 
Btruction, is guilty of a mi^denieaDOr. 



, NogleclorpoatponBinenlortelegrBplacnieasiges. 
i C99. Emptoyd uslog infonnuLon rrom mesBai[tra. 

. ClKidflatlnely leoniiug tlia conlflnla o[ a telogTMn. 
Brlbinff lelegripli operalor. 

[^oUecUng toUi, etc., at Silh FnncLicD, wtttaont aaUwrltr. 
VIolDttoDS oF police regiilatluiuDt Ban Franelua turtwr. 

BorborJDg ilESertlng Bf uded. 

BoqulrlDg spprenUce) 

63S. Every agent, operaitoT, or emplojrd of anj tel» 
graph otBce, wlio willfully refusesomeglectB to sflnd MJ 
message received at such ofSce for tranamiasioo, or (villTuV 
1y postpones tbe same out of its order, or nillEuHy cefoK* 
or neglects to deliver any messaga received by telt^mpb, 
is guilty of a tnlademeauor. NotliiDg hersiu coQlaJDel 
shall bo construed to require any mesaaee to bo revaiveil. 
transmitted, or delivered, unless tbe ciiargea lliemift 
bare been paid or tendered, nor to require tba aendli^ 
receiving, or delivery of any meaaage couaseling, aidlB^ 
abetting, or encouraging treason against the govenuMBt 
at lliu United States or of this State, orolbsrtoBistaiio* tt 
the lawful authority, or any measagBoaleulatod tofoitter 
aey /ruuduleuC plan oi \iuc^ai>, ot to inatigato or ao- 
eoarage tUo perpetialion ot anj lUiU-sliil a«X. ot \n\Hjl- 

S OrFENHEB, JJ 639-41 

itate the eeetpe of usj erimin*) or penon acauaed nf 

Sas Civ. Cofle, {{ 3161. !1BJ, KDV. 

639. Ever? agent, operator, or emplo^A of any tele- 
graph office, who in any way naes or appropriatee any in- 
formatioa derived by bim from aDy prlTute message pass- 
iug through bia baada, and addceEsod to any other pereon, 
or in any other manner acquired by him hy reason of bla 
trnet U anoh agent, operator, or cmployi^ or tradeB or 
speculatea npon any Bath informatioa so obtained, or Id 
any mPDner tnrDS, or atlcmpte to turn, the snuie to hia 
owD accoDnt, proBt, or advantage, la puDialiabie by tm- 
priaonment in the State prison not cxcoecling Qve years, or 
by imprisoDmeDt in the county jail not exceeding ons 
jear, or by Hoe not eiceediug d*e thousand dollara, or bf 
both Euoh fine and im prison meut. 

640. Every person wbo, by means o! any maohinn, In- 
atrameot, or r'ontrivanco, or in any other manner, will- 
fully and fraudulently roads, or attempts to read, any 
mesaage, or to learn ttie contents tbereof, irbilst tbe same 
IB being aent over any telegraph line, or willfully au'l 
fraudulently, or clandestinely, loams or attempts to learn 
the contents or meaning of any message, nhile the same 
is in any telograpb office, or ia being roceired thereat ot 
aent therefrom, or wbo uses or attempts to use, or com- 
municates to others, any information so obtained, ia pun- 
ishable as provided in section sii hundred and thirty- 

641. Every peiaon who, by the payment or ptomiao of 
any bribe, iuducemont, ot reward, procures or attempts 
to procure any telegraph agent, operator, or employd to 
disclose any private message, or the contents, purptrt, 
auhstance, or meaning thereof, or offers to any such agent, 
operator, or employe any bribe, compensation, or reward 
for the diaclcaurn of any private information received Vi^ 
tiini by reason ot hia trust as such agent, opei^tot, ot em- 


plo;^, or uses or attempts to ose any sncb information ao 
obtained, is punishable as proTided ia section six imudred 
ani] thirty-nino. 

642. Every person who collects any toll, wbarfaife, or 
dockage, or laads, gbipB. oTiemoTes any property upon or 
Irom any portion of tlie wat«r front of San Franciac^ V 
from or upon any of tbe wharves, pieis, of landiiifl um- 
der t)ie coDtrol of the Board of State Harbor Commii^aB- 
ors, without being by sacb board authorized so to do, Is 
guilty of a misdemeanor. 

643. Every person who violates any of tba provUloiM 
of the laws of this State reiatiug to Bailor boardlng^^aum 
and shipping-offices In San Francisco, or who reMim 
any gratuity or reirard other than as therein provided, fn 
vlie perfonnauce of aoy eorvices under a liceose isnud 
pursuant to the provisious of such laws, is guilty ol t 

See Pot. Coile, K 3K3-3WI. 

644. Every person who entices seamen to desert fnM 
any vessel lying in the w&ters of this State, and on 'boKt 
of which they have shipped for a term or voya^o tuws- 
pired at the time of anch enticement, La guilty of a niiid«- 

See Fgl. Cole, | SBOl. 

645. Every person who harbors or secretes any tt» 
man, knowing blm to be shipped, and with a view to |»- 
auade or enable him to desert. Is guilty of a miademBBliiit 


646. Every person who willfully and knowingly kU*. 
assists, or encourages to run away, or who harbtii <* 
conceals any person bound or held to service or labor, >• 
guilty of a misdemeanor. 

647. Every person (except a California Indliuil wi* 
out visible means of living, who has tbe physical atiilJi} 

to work, aod who dosa udA Iot xW a^aiw of t«Q day* Hit 


employment, nor labor when employmeat is nffered Iiim; 
every bealtliy beggar who BoUclts alms aa a buslnesa; 
every pentcm wlio roams about from place to place iritli- 
one any lawful business; every idle or dissolute person, 
or asaociate of kuoim ihiuTes, wbo wtindera about tli» 
streets at lute or uuusuat Iiours of tbe uiglit, or wljo lodges 
in any barn, slied, abop, oulbouse, vessel, oi place other 
tban such as la kept far lodging purposes, without tbe 
p«rmisaio[i of the owner or party entitled to the posses- 
sion thereof; every lewd aud diasoluto persoli, who lives 
in and about houses of ill-famo, and every common pros- 
titute and common druokaid, is a vagrant, and ptitiish- 
able by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding 
ninety day a. 

At comEODii Isv, all Tuisnti inar be taken up and bounil over to 
mod l«haYior-5 AUbh, (Tfi a l.eJi.(Teiin.)lrig; liiSMiisa.nj iMcMuli. 
Shj fi Und. V4D) liiii tliere laoit be leasouable gtouDda or Biupiclon— 
Itiio. m; IM; i Taunt. 14. Avaiiratirla h pemoB wtm 
■- ' — ' -■■» of support— 4 ell; tiaiiid, IIS. In 


IteuBl-l HsUall. HI: 1 Parker Cr. B. sli| and iie<)4ia.elS; SBlnn. 
.... ,. «, — .«,. in. J, — ,-. ». w .- ...... .„ iia. 22; 61 oa,3M; B 

111 vagnjitii may no tak 

Alien, slijjiw Ka8SL._n._ A'?.™"!, ' 

SIS: U ( 


MnJtBl; t ParkBrTJr.'KrSlTaairHSYJTMrVBiriiTifei^iVoray,^ 

meal.iiiBTagrBUtr-49Ind. ITSi 4 rorkerCr, 11,611; bl Ala. 97^; bo. If a 
Mnon babltnally mlBDCDaB ■■'-•' — " ' ->-'— ■ ■"— 'ii- ■"= 

(■Rnn.) IW; I McMulF sua; a Mod. 2«i bat to justll/ net 

moB t be reuoiuliiB gcouiulii uC BiuplcLoii-14 Mn. laa; ^ Ld. Raym. IZMi 

C48. Every person who makes, issues, or puts In cir- 
culation any bill, cbecb, ticket, certiSoate, promisaory 
note, or the paper of any bank, to ciroulate as money, ex- 
cept as authorized by the laws of tbe United States, for 
the first offense is guilt; of a misdemeanor, and for each 
and ovary subsequent offense ia guilty of felony. 

649. Every officer of a fire department wbo willfulVj 
issues, or causes to be issued, aay certll\civte oI exem^ 
o a peraoD not entitled tLereto, ia guilty ot & nuir 



S§ 650-4 

C50, Every peisou who knowinglf and willfully sendi 
or delivers to anotlier any letter or writing, wliether mlf 
Bciibeil or not, tlireatenlng' to accuae liita or anotlier of a 
CFime, or to espose or puliliah any of hia (ailiDgs or in- 
flrmitiea, is guilty of a, misilemeauoc. 

S51. Evecy pciraon having a minor cbild uadet lii« 
contiol, either aa a waid or aa apprentice, who, esc«pt Id 
vinicaltural or hoiticultuxal pursuits, or in domestlD or 
houHehoM occupaiiona, requires such child to labor JDn* 
than eight hours in an; one day, Is guilty of a ndid^ 

652. Every commiBsioned officer of tlie Natimil 
Guard, who willfully fails (o attend any parade or ^ 
campmcnt, and every member of tbe fi'ational Gnul 
who neglects or refuses to obey t!ia lawful commaod it 
his superior on any day of parade or encamptn«Dt, or 10 
perform such military duty aa may bo lawfully ToqnlMd 
of him, is punishable by a tine of not less thaa flra Mt 
more than one hundred doUara. 

653. Every member of tbe National Guard wbo, i4(B 
duly notiSed, fails to appear at a parade, orwbodlBob^ 
any lawful order, or who usoa disrespectful laagoai^ to- 
wards his superior, or wbo commits any act of lllsall0^ 
dinatlon, la guilty of a misdemeanor. 

654. Every patent, guardian, or other person, who up 
braids. Insults, or abuses any teacher of tbe public schooli. 
in the presence or bearing of a pupil thereof, is gtiilty of i 
misdemeanor. [Approved March 30tb, in effect Julj itt, 

654. An act or omisBion wliicli Is loade pnolshable In 
dUfecent ways by dlSereDt provisionB a£ thia Code, may 
ho punished under either of such proTiaions, but in no 
caaa can it be puoished under more than ooe; an acquit- 
tal or conviction and aentence under either oue bars a 
prosecution forthesams actor omiasion under anj crttaet. 
In the cases specified in sectiona six Landreil &qA ioiiXi^' 
eight, Bix hundred Hud sj-vty-seven, and bIk lianatei MiA 

§g 655-8 nana 

Hbcty-elght, the puQlsbmeota tfaereio prescribed maatW 
BubsCituwd for thoBH prescribed for a flrat offense, if th* 
previous convictioa li ciiarged in the indictment and 
found by lbs jury. 

Eiflecl afplea of guilty LiIoconfeSM thenH^naectaargod. whlcbln- 
clndH ths iirevlonsFon>lFtLoTi,and dersBdatit must lie Kntenced for* 
telDUy— «J bal. 3U. Saapail,i IIJH. 

655. An act □( omiHsion declnred puniBbable by thii 
Code 13 not less so because it is also punisliable under tb« 
laws of another Slate, government, or country, unless tb« 
contrary is expressly declared. 
Adjustment or panlihmBDt.—IVhenuiolIdnM la commltceiliuunil 

wlieti piitly twslnat onouid partly agiunsc tlio otUer, tbo sentcnee ol 
Ilia uttaer u to l>e Ukin Into &i:cODnl1nad1u9IlaKlheBentearrB-«i 
Wtisrt. Ct. pi. a Pt. (j HI, 493: sod tbB gmle of dBbosb nil! tM cos- 
*iaareil-ld.i Wliut.CaDfl.otIi. 1930. 

636. Wlienevar on the trial ot an accused person it 
appears tbat upon a criminal prosecution under tbe lam 
of another State, goTemmeut, or country, founded upon 
the act or omiaaiou in respect to whicb be ia on trial, lie 
lias been acquitted or convicted, it is a sufficient de- 


657. A criminal act is not tlie lesa punishable a* » 
Clime because it is also declared to be pnnisbabla as a 

Indaoog*.— AaasulC on a Judg^— 2t Lb. As. KQ; renooM aad eicapM 
— tDut<Ill,M9| idiabeliaYior or mHlprartice or officer— t BIBckTlal;! 
Barr.7»;iiilMonduclDf iDferloriudgsi-BitiKl.ll; lltwioua pabUw 
Hens of eouit nHKeBdlii(a-l8 AcL fiH it IIL va; cansplmclBi u ab- 

Mla<LMl fraud aadcomiptloo ot BOlldtonand OBtoera ot anrl-l 

658. When It appears, at the time of paasiitg wd- 
tence upon a person convicted upon indictment, thtl 
such person has already paid a fine or sufFered an imprit- 
ooment for the act of which lie stands coiiTicted, u 
an order adjudging it a contempt, the court anthoziaedID 
pass sentence may mitigate the punishment to beimpoMd, 
in its discretion. 

iUmratloa a( conit— SmDest]'>Crtot.\Av,\tt\i. 

6S9. Whenevei an act Is declared a. mlsdemeanoT, and 
uo puDlsliment for couQHeliiig oi aiding In tiie commisaloii 
of such BOt ia espreasly preacribed by law, every peraon 

How.Pr.iKjIl'aEk. 1 iji. Atcom- 

laonlBir.kperKiii I'L'i' "i on pmot 

•llowlllHlllDl to IHI mi .■ ■ ■ I ■ .J '; Mill. IM; 

4lllI.a.Mi<LIB: 3.'!.l .i... \,. . .. MLJlJlSUMlM. 

HW:iNBlKMj«N. H-Syit-iN. C.STL'iaiK.J.L.Ii^; S3 111. 1)8: Bum. 
A a. C. G. Uj fl Cm C. C. it- 7 Cur. a P. 575^ I hench. 6li; but tv a»l- 
nta, tba offaoH ]■ DudB mlHtaaUvB and loilependeal— 411 C^ 129: 16 
Qm.«iSIU.HSi4Sia.«10; UlniLS!: Mloira.^i I3KU1.U0; liXe. 
M: l3liUlia.Hl: U OUa St. 4BII: 19 Dblo, 131 ; U FB. St. 331 ; 13 Wis. 
tail Lav B. 1 0. 0. T7| Bell C. 0. 3<a; and In BCales vbgra MX aiejnlii- 
cinals, be may bB Indtetsd ind convicted u nrlnclpal— 14 Bnsh.lfi; 40 
lowB.liS: 4nil.uail7PB.St.10a: Mld.lST: ll9Mlch.l(Nli tbDUgbltaa 

Klme actor be dead or eBcaneO-'! Biev. a&i Mclgs, IH: sod Bee 3* 
0. 471I. In etatei nbers Ibere Is a commoa-law Jdrleolctlna m to 
crimes, thaocct^saocT can only be tried Jolntir with oiittKrcotivktlon 
ot 1 be principal— 3 HBI3. I'M; IS Id. 4^: 3 Fklc. 429: 1^ Msaa. 30: t 
McLeui.Itli Tnicb.O.O.U: I Packer Cr. B. !M : SWaCti A a. IBS: 3 
-Va.Caa.SUigSush.WSi 11 Id. IMi lsFla.aR; 44lDd-«14: and ttaeln- 

Mieeuor7.^^iriN. Aiders iind abettors may' be conilcted. al- 
tboBBH tbeprlnelpBl baa been Bcquined'IOCal.lU; 3SGs. SIfl: !$Uo. 
K;ri.eaGb,1ui|3^baw,3;Ci: Balk. 334; Busa.£R.C.C,]14. Thenrln- 
elpal and BcseBOry may be ladltted togetber or separaielT, wltbout 
Telereuce to preilous conrlctlon or acquittal— ID Cnl. 69; 20 Id. 430. 
Sea anU. I! K.33: and see Dcsty's Crlm. Lan. Ss 40 a, b, c. Punlsbment 

660. In the Tarions cases ia wbicli the Bending of a 
Better 1h made criminal bytliia Code, tbeoffenss la deemed 
coDipIete from the time when such letter is deposited In 
any post-oBlce or any other place, or dalirered to any 
person, with intent that ic ahall be forwarded. 

A.'! to mailed libel«-.we 1 Dall. 3aS: 4 Earn. 4t Aid, M. Posting W- 
deutfnt matier— H Blatcbf. 34tti heb 911 IT. S. 7^. As to diallengei to 
flgbl— 3 Drev. ?<3j esQa. 311; I Uawka. IBT; 1 Const. S. C. KT; Z Camp. 

reaclied Ua dentnatlou— 3 Camp. W«. UalUng offer to bribe— J DaU. 

661. In addition to the penalty aCQ^ed by express 
terms, to every neglect or violation of official duty on the 
part of public officers— Slate, county, city, or township— 
wbere it is not so axpreasly provided, tliey may, in 
discretion of the court, be removed from of&ce. 

?son is puDinliable foe an omisaiun to per- 
liere such acc has been performed by an- 
ting In iiifl bebalf, nnd compeCent by Ian 
to perform it. 

663. Any person ma; be uonvicted of an attempt to 
commit a crime, althougli It appears on tlie trial that Ilia 
Clime Intended or attempted was perpetrated bj aueli 
person Id pnisnance of biic)i attempt, unleaa tba court, id 
its discretion, discharges the jury and directs Huch penoB 
to 1>a tried for sucli crime. 

664. Every person ivlio attempts to conuDit ttaj tabat, 
but fails, or is prevented or Intercepted In tba perpet»' 
tloQ thereof, is punishable, wliere no provision is mode 
by taw for the punishment of such attempts, aa follom: 

1. If the offense so attempted is punishabto by impito- 
onmeQt in tbo State prisoD for five yeara, or more, or by 
imprisonment ia a coiinty Jail, the person guilty of tock 
attempt ia punishable by imprisonment in tbe SaU 
prison, or in a. county jail, as tbe case may be, for a tcini 
not exceeding one-half the longest term of ImprlsonmeDl 
prescribed upon a cooviction of tbe offense so attempted. 

3. If the offense so attempted is punishable by imprlr 
onment in the State prison for any term less than dvo 
years, the person guilty of snch attempt is ptinishable bf 
imprisonment in tbe county jail for not more tban om 

3. If tbe offense so attempted is punishable byafiiw. 
tbe offender convictt'd of such attempt ia punlahabla by 
a One not exceeding ono-liulf the largest fine which mkf 
be imposed upon a conviction of the offense so attempted. 

i. If the offense so attempted is punishable by im|iiO- 
onment and by a Une, tbe offender conTicted of such Ur 
tempt may be puulslieil by both imprlaoament and Ana. 
not exceeding one-hulf the longest term of Imprlsoamenl 
anil one-hatf the largest line which may be imiKised itpM 
» conviction for the oBenae ao attoaipied. 
AtlempM Inelmleil In ^i Hft. in. EO-Tin am o« tafnKu*. ^t Oli 
stctloa. fleeDosty-sCrlni.lji.«.SU. 


66S. The Itust tvro HSctiooa do not protect a person 
wbo. In attempcmg unsuccessfully to commit a, crime, ac- 
complishes tlie commissioD of anolber Hud differeut 
crime, wbetlior greater or Icaa la guilt, from suffering 
tliu punishment preacribed by Ian" for tlia crime com- 

66G. Every peraon wlio, having been convicted of any 
offense puniahablo by impriaoument in tbo State prison, 
commits any crime after such conviction, 19 punUbable 
tberefor aa follows: 

1. If tbe offense of vrhlcli such person is subaeiiuently 
convicted is such that, upon a flrat conviction, an of- 
feni^HT «ould be punialiable by Imprisonment in tbe State 
prison for any term exceeding five years, aucb person is 
puulsliable by imprisonment in the Statu prison not less 
than ton years. 

3. If tbe Bubsequenl offcuao is sucb tliat, upon a flrat 
CouTiotion, tbe offender would bo punishable by impris- 
onment in the State prison for Gve yearn, or any less 
term, then the person convicted of aucb Rubsequont of- 
fense Is punishable by imprisonment in the State prisoa 
not exceeding ten years. 

3. If tbe subsequent conviction is for petit larceny, or 
any attempt to commit an offense which, if committed, 
would be punishable by imprisonment in the State prison, 
not exceeding five years, then the person couvlcted of 
Bach subsequent offense is punishable by imprisonment 
in the State prison not exceeding five years. 

SBOODd osDvlcUon.- A Blatuto prnlidlDS [hat a second f onvlctlini 
forpi^tltlFii-aei]yiE]ak«fltbQi>artyffuilty of n felony i:i not ffbasf /of fd 
— » CaL 433; ii MaES. ill; S OnifL ^SL See Connt. FrovUlous, ante. 


.— IneroMBd punljlune 

d punljlunent 

e3i IB Otai. lU: uj tli[s will not Iw nuttlua tlis iiBrtT twice la 
tomrSy, nnr Is lb BiuJiInnent for tho iTrst oOense— 41 C^. \\t. K 
nere DonvltUou of tlis pMor oOouBS uanfficlent . wtthaat senlmce— \ 
~p,niin»rfra,4BN7.*fi,(9',-Bnasee«JN.T.til; ULO-blli aBim, 

§3 6S7-9 


667. Every peraoa vbo, baving been coavicted d 
petit larceny, ot of an attempt to oomtnit an oSenH 
wblch, If perpetrated, woulij be punlaliable by impriiOD- 
ment In the State prison, commtta any crime after aact 

conviction, is pnnisbabte ai follows; 

1. If tbe subBcquent offense la sucb tbat, upon a flist 
conviction, tbe offender would be punishablo by imprii- 
onment in tlie State prison for life, at tbe discretion of 
tbe court, sucb person is punlsbable by ImptiMinment in 
such prison durii^ life. 

2. K tlse ButiBeqiient oSeiwe is snch that, upon a flnl 
conviction, the ofteader would be puniahablo by imprii- 
onmenC in tbe State prison for any term less than for We, 
BucU person is punishable by imprisoameat insucUpriiioD 
for the longest term prescribed, upon aconviotion for such 
first offense. 

3. If tbe aubaequeut conviction is tor petit, larceny, or 
for an attempt to commit an offunso which, if perpolratwi, 
wouli! bo puniahablo by imprisonment in tbe State pnaou. 
tbeu Hucb person is punisbablo by Imprisonment In auch 

exceeding ilva years. 

nhicL hs bIiaII be adjudged, or at the termination of the 
secoml or other Bubaequent tern of imprisoQinetit, as the 
case raaj be. 

BinlDn or rsvarsa] nl fteoleuce— 11 Met Ml: 9 Nev. U: * Bawle. iSIt; 

G70. The term of ImprlaonmenC fixed ti7 tlia judgmBilt 
In n ciimiaal HCtion conunenceH to run ouly ujion tlia 
actual delivery of the defendaut at tlio place of impriaon- 
ment, and If, thereafter, during sucli term, the defendant 
by any legal meana is temporarily raleaaed from aucli im- 
priBonment, and saiisequently returned thereto, the tima 
duciog which he was at laree muat not ho computed aa 
part of sucli term. 

67X. 'Whenever any peraan is declared puniahabla 
for a crime hy Imprisonment In the State prison for a 
term aot less than any apccified number of years, aud 
no limit to the duration of such imprisonment is declared, 
the court authorized to pronounce judgment upon Bucb 
conviction may. in its discretion, sentence such offender 
to imprieotiment during bia natural life, or foe any num- 
ber of years not less than that prescribed. 

Faalahment forr-TlniDlJianrlDiifljl to bs larvely la the dlBcreUon 
of the ctport-w Ga. NS; as la, awfi una the oiieBtlon aa lo wbat li 

672. Upon a conTictlon for any crime punisbable by 
impriaonment in any jail or prison, In relation to nhicb no 
fine is berelo prescribed, the court may impose a tine on 
the ofiender not exceeding two hundred dollars, in addi- 
tion to the Imprisonment preacrihed. 

673. A sentence of imprisoument in a Stale priaon for 
any term less than for life suspends all [he civil rights of 
tbe person so sentenced, and forfeits all public of&ceA au& 
all private trusts, authoril.T. orpower during Hucb.inijitW- 




674. A pereon senteDced lo impriaonnient in Ihs Btttt 
priBon for life is thereafter deemed civillj dead. 

675. The proTisionB of the lait two preceding lectiool 
mait not be oonBtrned lo render the pereoDH therein men- 
tioned incompetent u nitnessei npon the trial of & crim- 
inti action oi proceeding, or incapable of making and ae- 
knovledgiog a sale or convejacoe of property. [ApproT(d 
Harcli 3Dth, In effect Jnl; let, 1S71. ] 

676. The person of a oonriet aentenoed (o impriton- 
ment in the Btate prison is under the protectiotl of the Uf, 
and any injnry to his persoD, not aathorlted by lair, is 
paniahabla in the same manner ss if he was not oonnclcd 

Wl-.ijar.iia'tni ror'mn; aicsu oc' TioUtlan ot mulltunant Ihw la 

677. No conviction of anj person for crime wotka uj 
forfaltnre of any property, except in oatet in whidi a tbr 
Mtnie la eipreesly imposed by law; and all forfeihms to 

Mae -jieap\ti of this Qttte, in the natore of a deodaod, or 



Pn.Ooi»-S4. ttiT] 



o person pDnlataBble but on legal ooovlooen. 

ess. No penon 

Sea36 prohibited. 

Dnecesearlly reatcslBeil. , 
i en. Nopeiioato b« conTlcled but npoa vecdict orladgmeut. 

681. So peraon can ba punlabsd for a public offenBe, 
except upon e, legal convictioa in a court barmg jucisdlo- 
tion thereof. 

Set]ieil,%iS»i Coiut. I.iia. 

SeniBDce moat bo preoedaa by coavlcHon-W Ark-Mlj 1 CUnM,T2i 
MMo.aM; but ItHoaaDDlalwBya follow eonTlcHon-HPIetM: irid. 
896; B Wand-SM. Snnimary couTittlons am regiilaled Lji Btafuta— I 

dlreelory— 1 Aslini. 410. In summary convifftlons.iurtadlollonal tacU 
mniC afflrmatlTelv appear— 7 Barb, tia; t Jobna. ifi; 19 jDhDS. U; I 

C82. Every pnblio ofieuse mnsC be pioBscnted by ia- 
dlctment or infonnation, oicept — 

1. Wliera procoedlDgs are bad for the remoTal of civil 
ofQceis of tlia State. 

2. Offenaea arising in tlie miUtta wlien in actual service, 
and in the laod and naval foccea in time of nar, or which 
the State may keep, with the conaent of Congress, In time 
of peace. I 

3. OSeuaes tried io Juaticea' aud Police Coorta. fin ef- 
fect April 9th, 1830.] 

PToeeontioii.-NBlther the Conatltntlon nor tbe Codo problblt* tbe 

Ofll. 411, Tbo County Court bud jurisdictino over iniUcttaeQla tot 
oilvlpmeaDin; Jiullcea □[ tbe pejice beluu eicluiiie aa to mladsmeaB- 
omrhnie no ItuUctment was rouoiJ— AJ Col. 413. See Couat. Cil. bA 




683. The proceedings b7 whicb a partj cbarged i 
a public offense U accused and brought to trial and p 
lahment, ia known as a criminal action. 

OrimiMl oMB means ona inTolvlng punishment (or crime— e C». 
L. N. HJ: SI Int. Bev. Rec, HI; or cuana tor omcial mlscoudiut-l 
Woua, *S9. 

684. A criminal action is prosecuted in the Dame 
people of the State of California, as a party, agaioatl 
penan cbarged vlth the offense. 

685. The party proseouted In a criminal 
designated in this Code as the defendant. 

686. In a criminal action the defendant is entitled— 
1. To a speedy an^ public trial. 

S. To be allowed counsel as In civil actions, ortoappMi 
and defend in person and "with counsel. 

3. To produce witnesses on his bebalf. and to be con- 
fronted witb the witnesses against bim. in tbe pressDMoI 
tbe court, except that wbere the charge bas been pr»- 
liminaril; examined before a committing magiBtrate, ul 
the testimony taken down by question and answer In da 
presence of tbe defendant, wbo has, eitherin perBon orbf 
counsel, cross-esamined or had an opportunity to ccoM- 
examine the witness; or where tbe testimony of a witntM 
on tbe part of tbe people, who !a unable to give secoiiQ 
for his appearance, has been taken conditionally In ttw 
like manner !o the presence of the defendant, vtha bM. 
either iu person or by couDset, croas-examined or had sa 
opportunity to croas-examine the witness, the depositkn 
of aucb witness may be read, upon its being satisfactotilj 
shown to the court that he is dead or insane, or canltot 
with due diligence be found within tbe Stat«. 

Suid. I. EiclDdtng jnron siimmoneil for tbe term, but dm ia> 
pminpled. L> iiol deprWiillou oT rlglil to pulille trial— M OLUl. 

STiM.3. Thp dgpoaiiion Liken by thBfoiiiinlttlni[ mugWiai eiiy 

. ' 1410 deposltlDD latwa midir 
.Inst the iIerenilHn,MDd«-tW 
nn. Mill U ocrtia«i aa revM 

§§ 687-9 

iHfHMl, II snntd 1311, and notes. The rerCincatB emit urtfortb nct- 
anl complluice Willi nil letiulrempnts d( IboglaniiM—UCnl.MO; btikts 
Jiintl It not Bilnilsslble-S^ iiLt-.i. Query: Is lliia aerUoa CDnjjilta- 
Uooslr-HCaJ-aTl. Sea ComC Col, art. 1,1 13. 

6B7. No petaan can be snhjected to a Hscond proaecu- 
tion for a public offuuse for wlticL lis ban onca been pros- 
ecuted and coDvioted or acquitted. 

JaopardT'— Jfopanl)' allsches whrn a parts' Is once placed apon lili 
lTliUI>cfDrBacciuipeteotcuart,Dtia v:iii<liTidlrunent,snaniiacqulUM 
belorethe joryormllJClianrBof (be jury without rgnBeiit of prtsonor 
-4 CBl-arS; aid. ITS: 38 ld.(S;i la iif. sm: B Blatdil.M: li Art.SBli 
l^Ball. 641; I BreT. lil: is Conn. M: 3 Cosli. ilii 8 Art, ISB: 7 Ca. 

8n!e(ieiAlll.m-:» Tei. IIS; I'swau, uVs Tyler.Jvi; H'Weod'.Mol T 

688. No person can be compelled, in a criminal action, 
to be a witness agaiDBt himself ; nor can a person charged 
with a public oSenBO, be subjected, before conviction, to 
any more restraint than ia neoessary for his detention to 
answer the charge. 

SefandaDi need not bo e, witnau In bl> own behalC-as Cat. Wtt and 
blsrsfuaal.nottopr«ludlceblicilsfl-S31d.M:Uld.S3Z| and >Ee Const. 

689. No person can be convicted of a public offense 
nnlesB by the verdict of a jury, bccept«d and recorded b? 
the court, or upon a plea of guilt;, or upon judf[niaut 
against him upon a demuirer in the case mentioned in 
eectioa oue thousand and eleven, or upon a judgment of a 
court, a jury having been waived, in a criminal case not 
amounting to felony. [In effect February 25th, 1883.] 

If dofsadant doeinot plead.ludimieEtiiiry be pronounced aealoat 
iani-S8Cal.mjmid.MZ. fiee ;ici7, i ion. and DDtFs. 


Of ttis PreTenUon of Fnbllo 
Obap. X. Or Lawtul RESisTAMaB, {$ 093-4. 

IX Of tbk Iktbbtention or thm Owwuimaa or 

JnsTicB, 64 69T-S- 
m. Seguiuty to Keep the Poack, {$ T01~U. 
IV. PoLica IN CrnBS anh Towtjs, 


i 191. Liwtul retlllance, by nbom made. 

i 699. Bj tti9 port!. In whsC cnsnq anil la nbU eitBnt. 

1 684. By other partlos. In what rasca. 

692. lawful resiatance to the comniisaioii of a pu 
oSenae may be raada — 

1. By the party about to be Injured. 

2. By other parties. 
See Civ. Code. Ss i)-2S; i»-K. 
G93. Realatanoe sufficient to prevent the offense may 

be made by tbe party about to belnjuriid: 

1. To prereut an offense sgaiast liis person, or 
fatnUy, or soma member thereof. 

3. To prevent &n illegal attempt by force to Cake or '• 
lltjuTa property la bia latrful poaaeaslon. 

SuitL I. FDroi and nilRBDCs.-The riglit or reilnCiinea Is b 
curnmibarinoTkj on the jwraoa, tLBbltatlDa» or pruperty of miDtber— t 
Iowa, IBS; 2I> Id. tUU: 11 Id. Ms S BiuU. Ml; 31 AJa. H; S Husb, lUi 8 
HIcb. IH: IBGa. iU: 1 Onio Bt. Wi Tbub. O. O. 411; * Vaah. 0.0, 
S16: 13 Obia Bt tT. ll« niiM tiXenH M ttas retaHoiu of rHrimt and 
flMlil. buBbond nud wife, inuwr kail aervuit. Hnil liruibsr ruid Mitei^ 
laas-TUi I7AU. MT: swell. IW{UIad.4ni Mid. IMi H Hlia.elS; 
ISObloHLKTi I\rj9.l«9. Tbs lot ct teU-i\eteam dDM not rcqnlra 
sna lo (sek ths pivtcrtlon ol tbe law— 3 Umi. <1»: see ;i la Oaj 1 
Hdq, 71G: e Oni. 1SI ; Z3 N. J. Eq, 2ft[ : (S.1 Me. fA. Bee roiiliiiB D#«r, 
■aM.tllk BM£ietti''sCi1m.Ljiw,|lIaiid[u»es.i WIB. '•"-" 

Subd. 1. ProtocUon of propBrty.— ITib law o( reaKtuicB extends to 
ihoilcfBiiMortbBhabllallon-ICiir. AP.BlBj andlbBBWoeriaHj^nse 
jorre necsuary to reuvlAnammull— 8 Cut Ul; ArldlA.S4ii. Bo, hudo- 
weluDuiBTlalUr iDHflKioJeciea by force, withaut caltliig In a muls- 
trala-UDu'b.WlTlMi^t.iS: EIIurt).euS( 1 WsltiftK-UU; lFoa(.«F. 
■ 'B. It eilends to Uio ^tettlou of nroperiy Iwrora tnlien, but not m 

lolence-n N. It S«L IUbkbI olBtlBl aitlon inny be forcibly resisted— 
l^cK. m,- 11 Plica, !3Si see 1^ Uaas. tiO. Sea Duity'i Crlm. lAW, 

r property In pouesalo 
ce cfian H Decessirj— .' 
I. O/.-anaifllfalieta 




WanaQtot arrest. 

1 1« 

Secatity to keeji tbo peace, wbcu leqolred. 

Effect of ijlving or rernslug to glYO security. 


UnderaUiiB to ba Bled [□ clnrli's offlcB. 

Becnrlty required for auwilt commLItei] In cou 

Undenaktag, wben and How to be prosecoted. 


Secuttty (or Ibe peace. 

701. An informatioD maj Le laid before aojr o( thi 
maglstratea mectinned in section eiglit hundred aod eigbt, 
that n person bas tlireateiicd to eommit an offense afiainsl 


ened, ij the person so infarmed Hgitiiiat, tlie magistrate 
must issue a warrant, directed general); to the Hlieriff of 
the county, or any constablQ, manliHl, or policeman In 
the State, recitiug tlia substance of the mformalion, and 
comrnonding tlia officer fortliwivli to arrest tlie person in- 
formed of and bring iiim before the magistrate. 

704. When the person Informed against is brought be- 
fore tlio magistrate, if the charge be cootrovaned, the 
magistrate must take leatlmoiij in relation thereto. The 
evidence must be reduced to writing, and subscribed by 

705. If it appears that there is no just reason to fear 
tbe commission of tlie offense alleged to have been tlireat- 
ened, the person complained of must be discharged. 

last rsaion to fear.— The nueatlon 19 to Just csuss 10 tenr relatn la 
the lime or LislltuLluu or uroueeiUiiin— as laiLJIS: u Id.lW. TbeilU- 
ute Rlveg uo rlglit of uppcal-Ui luil. (38. 

706. If, bowGTer, there is just reason to fear the com- 
mission of the oScnse, tbe person complained of may be 
required to enter into an undertaking in such sum, not 
exceeding Ave thousand dollars, as the magistrate may 
direct, with one or more sufficient suraties, to keep the 
peace toward the [leople of this State, and particularly 
,toward the informer. The undertaking is valid and bind- 
ing [or six months, and may, upon tha renewal of the in- 
formation, bo extended for a longer period, or a new un- 
dertaking may he required. 

707. If the undertaking reqtiired by the laat section 
is given, the party informed of must be discharged. If 
be does not give It, the magistrate must commit him to 
prison, specifying in the warrant the requiremanl to give 
security, the amount thereof, and the omission to give 
tlie same. 

708. If tbe person complained of is committed ioi luA 
giving the uaHertakjag reqaired, he may be diacli&i^eiL 
■by any mngistmte, upon giving the same. k 

gS 709-14 HBCUKiir to keep the fkaok n 

709. The UDdertabing muse be filed by tha maglsbat^ 
in the ofBceof the clerk of the county. 

710. A person who, in tfee pm»mk« wt a wiart or ' 
istrate, assnults or thcuatena to assault another, < 
commit no offense against hia peiaon or property, oi 
contendB with auotlier wilTi angry words, may be ord 
by the court or magistrate to give seourity, as in 
chapter proviileil, aud if be refuse to do so, may be 
initted as provided in section seven hundred and st 

711. Upon the conviction of the person Infonoed 
against of a breitcli of tha peace, the undertaking is bn- 

712. Upon the district attorney's producing evideoM 
of Bucli conviction to the Superior Court of the coUDtf, 
the court muat order tLe imdertaklng to be prosecated. 
and the district attorney must thereupon Dommence v 
action upon it in tlie naDie of the people of this Btate- 
(In effect April 12tl], 18B0.] 

713. In the action, the offense stated In the record d 
conviction must be alleged as a breach of the tiadertat- f 

280 FOUOB IK orriBS and towns. §§ 719-20 




S 719^ Qrgwilxation and regulation of the police. 

S 720. Force to presenre the peace at public meetings. 

719. The organization and regulation of the police, in 
the cities and towns of this State, is goyemed by special 
laws. -^ 

720. The mayor or other officer having the direction 
of the police of a city or town must order a force, suf- 
ficient to preserve the peace, to attend any public meet- 
ing, when he is satisfied that a breach of the peace is 

reasonably apprehended* 
Bee onto.! 701. 


1738. Sfaglstratei and omcon to commimil rioters tD dlipieiM. 
I m. To ureaC rloten if tbej <Iu not dUpene. 

I R8. omcen nlia m>y order out the mlllwr;. 

(TM, Commmaingoffleer and ttoopl to Qlwjrlllo order. 

1739. Armed force to Dlteyordonolwboni. 

t TXl. Oovcnior may declare a coimtT In k iuu at lunmvaiai. 

723. Wben s shertS or otber pabllo officer aathoriisj 
to execute process finds, or lias reason to apprehetid, that 
reslstaDce will he made to the execution of the pioctm. 
be may cummand as maoy male inliabitaiits of his counlf 
as lie may thiak proper to osslBt him in overcoming tke 
resistance, and, if necessary, In seizing, arresting, bbiI 
condnlng the peraons resisting, their aiders and abetlon 

but tae may aulborlze oUii^ra lo imilia tbe arreal. auil may siuhommiII 
Gttlxeajipmeut (orome tDblaald^4Pa.Lk J. 31; S Bam. A AdoLMI^r 
SCae.icP.SM: Sld-ial: and tDreruncoaldaaoiBMi in »5A 
mtmren ■ dot, M m offense- L Bar. tIC: Me > Ho. Mit AtUkksIil 

iMoMad tne lav will i>niiectIhcinln»dolBC-lfMM,4M^3nh 

raplima ao *Draj~4 Car. * P. W7i eliL74l| Biru * K. IC; „__ 
eaonM arreat [orln aSray not doiis in bU BrMM>ee.«IBiMit t^SS. 
— aamacaaea A nrlTala neraoii ta not luBtlflBd lairamlng »■. ■■>iftN 
onlmi tne affrai Is atllf coutlnalng. or Is alioiA bdratn-iiaviZji B.c.lLead.u.c-i;;. AJiy penon BaraHpiinM aa* 
BT, bat hs cBUQDt at hli ana aothorltr arrsM after aa mSrmi Itanr 
— if Jnhm. iM an niHiq>ri>iav 1^11 OB penotts MallltibB Id IlMe» 
HBJt-D.S.Beg.mi I TeatM.Sl| 

SWbart.«3Ti Cnr.« U.. 
Isn.BDtid.3! ii7«].7:ii. 

724. The officer must certify lo the court from whlci 
Cits process Issued, ttie names of the persons reslslil^ 
and tlieir aiders and abeitota, Vi vVo eoS. ^>la,v Uiej ntf 
be proceeded against lor ^lievt conwua^x <A cxnu\. J 

291 BUFFKaSStOX OP BIOTS. §§ 725-6 

725. If It appears to the goTemor tliat the civLl power 
of any county ia not aufBcioot to enable the ahetLff to ex- 
ecutu procesB lie live red to Lim, he must, upon tlie appli- 
cation of the Hherilt of the caunt;, older KUch portion aa 
ahall lie HufBcient, or the irhole, if necesaarj. of die or- 
f^ized National Onard or earolleil militia of the Stat«> 
to proceed to the assistance of the sberiff. 

72B. Whi^re any number of persona, whether armed 
or not, are unlawfully or riotously aaseinbled, the Bberifl 
of the county and hio deputios, tbe officials gororniug the 
ir city, or tbe justices of the peace aud coustablea 
thereof, or any of them, mnst go among tha persona aa- 
sembted, or aa near to them as possible, and command 
tbem, In the name of the people of the State, immudlately 
to disperse. 

727. If the persons assembled do not Immediately 
dispenie, such magistrates and officers must arrest them, 
and to tbat end may conunand tbe aid of all persona 
present, or witbin tha county. 

See aaii. I Ta, mxd note. 

728. When there is an unlawf al or riotous assembly 
^vitb the intent to commit a, felony, or to offer violence to 
person or property, or to resist by force tho laws of the 
State or of tha Dnited States, and the fact ia made known 
to tbe governor, by any justice of the Supreme Court, or 
tbe judge of the Superior Court, or sheriff of the county, 

if tbe mayor or chief of police of a, city, or tho president 
of tbe board of supervisors of the cities and counties of 
Sftcromento and San Francisco, the governor may issua 
,□ order directed to the commiindiug of&cer of a ' 
ir brigade of tha or;^nized 'Na.tioual Guard, or cnroileil 
militia of tbe State, to order his command, or such i>art 
thereof oH may be necessary. Into active service, and to 
appear at a time and place therein specified, to aid tba 

a suppressing violence and eniorciinj 

the tana. [HieaactAprillStb, ISBO.] 


729. The orgaulzed National Guard or enrolled mili- 
tia, or such portion tbereof as bIibII be called iato actirb 
Mrvice, as provideil in section BBTen hundred and twenlj- 
elgbC, must appear at the time and place appointed, tallf 
armed and equipped, and nilh uot less than forty lonndi 
of bitU cartridge to each man, if infuntry or cavalry, snJ 
with not laaa than twenty rounds of giape, canist«r, at 

I round shot, if artlUery. 

' 730. "Wheu an armed force Is called out for [be pur- 

pose of suppressing an unlawful or rlotoun Bssembly. o 

1 acteatingthciofiGndets, aad Is placed under the temponcy 

^ direction of any civil officer, as provided in section sevtD 

hundred and tbirty-one, it must obey tbe orders iu r£l> 

I liou thereto of such civil olQcer, 

I 731, Whenever any portion of tbe National Guard. « 

enrolled militia, shall liavu been called intoactiveserTiii 
to suppress an insturectiou orrebelliOD, to disperse a mob) 
or to enforce the execution of the laws of this State or 
tbe United States, it shall be competent for tbe commaad- 
er-ln-cbief, or for the general acting in his stead, to plua 
sneh troops under the temporary direction of the jnajm 

I of any city, or of the president of the board of Bui>ervi!as 

of the cities and countioa of Sacramento and San Fra> 

L Cisco, or tbe person acting In that capacity, of the sherlf 
of any county, or of any marshal of tbe United StaW; 
and if, in the opinion of such civil oQIcer, It shall b 
necessary that the troops so called out shall fire or cbaip 
upon any mob or body of persons assembled to bi«ak a I 
resist thelaws.BUcb civil afficecshall give a written ord« I 
to that effect to the superior officer present in commaul W 
such troops, who will at once proceed to carry out t 
der, and shall direct the tiring and attack to ceusc oaV I 
when such mob or unlawful assembly shall have bi*g 
dlsperaed, or wheuordnriulto do so by the proper civil M 

or UDlawTol oaaemblage, under peaaltyof being cashiered 
by sentence of a court-miirtial; pcoTlded, Ihat nothii 
ttiia section Bball be construed as prohibiting an; 
troops from firiagorcliarging upon suciimobor asaei 
'Without tbe DTdsra of such cirll oQicera, in case they slinll 
fiist be attacked or fixed upon, or forcibly resisted in dis- 
cbargH of tlieli duty. When the commander-iu-chief, or 
general acting in liis stead, ahail call troops into active 
service for tbe purposes mentioned in this section, and 
shall not place them under the temporary direction of 
any civil officer, the commanding ofQccrsball usebisown 
discretion with respect to the propriety of Dttacking or 
firing upon any mob or unla^ul assembly. 
GovsniDr ascominauder-En^lilcEoImmtla—Coniit.Ca]. nrC. v. is. 

732. When the governor is satisfied tliat tlie execution 
of civil or criminal process haa been forcibly resisted in 
any county by bodies of men. or that combinationa to re- 
sist tbe execution of process by force esist in auy county, 
and that the power of the county lius been exerted, and 
baa not been sufficient to enable tbe officers having the 
process to execute it, he may, on the application of tbe 
officer, or of tbe district attorney, or judge of a, Superior 
Court of the county, by proclamation, published in such 
papers as he msiy direct, declare the count; to bo in a 
state of insurrection, and may order into the service of 
the State such number and description of the organized 
14'atlonal Guard, or volunteer uniformed companies, or 
other militia of the State, as he deems necessary, to serve 
foe iiuch term aud uuder tlia uommaud of such officer as 
he may direct. [In effect April 12th, 1S8D.J 

733. The governor may, when he thinta proper, re- 
voke tbe proclamation authorized by the last section, oi 
declare that it shall cease at the time and in the maua«a 
directed by him. 





Of JndloUl FroomdlDB* f or tb« Rmoval of I 
Offloenb; impeaclimeiitor «**"■ 

OBAX. I- Of lupaiCHMBNtS, 55 ISJ-Bi. 

IT, Of IBB TtEUOT^u. or Civa 

wiax THui BT IxnuiuuuaiT, ] 



Offloeni liable to impcnchm 

AitlcliH, how prepareU. Tr 

81 by a 


Anlcles or ImpeuclimeDt. 


Time ot bearing. Service o 







a deiDurrer la uverrulad, a 


1 7tS 

Two-lblrda aecamn tone 

Jnagmsnt on ooaTlcUDo, bo 




Nature of tbejndgment. 


Effect or JudgmeDl of euspe 

Impeacbmeiit UlsnuBllflea ui 



Presiding officer when Itept 



l» impeached. 

737. Tbe govetnoT, lieitteuant-governor, secretary of 
Bl&te, contTolier, treasurer, attoroey-geDeial, suiveyor- 
geoeral, cliief justice, associate justictia ot tbe Supreme 
Court, and judges of tlie Superlar Courts, are liable to Im- 
peaohmeiit foe any misdemeanor la office. |Ia effect 
Febroary IBtli, 1880.] 

CoOBCItDtlon bas prnilded Tor lbs Impcscbment of certain ntOi'Ert. It 
bu Iprt ail otbcr clTll oincers Co be tried in aucb manner Battle LegU' 
lature may provide— (S CbI, !W, A prealdlnj Judge is liable lor pre- 

guJ icammlo—il Ala. I31. 

738. All impeacbmenta must be by resolution adopted, 
originated in, and compacted tiy managers elected b; tlia 
Assemliiy, wiio must prepare articles of impeach me at, 
present them M tbe bar of tiie Senate, and pToaecule Utb 

It be bsd berore tbe Senate, Bittiag i» ' 

tecltotheeensta.froiuilKiiiROiillie trill fljerool— AadUon^ 1151 
; 1'orter's Trial. U. For Knlmpeactament la b« eScctuil. Uw u- 

leeutlrememberalilp must receive [hem— 1/ FliktUU. Bee Conn. 

39. When an officer ia impeaclied by the Aasemblr 
a iiiisd^mea,nor in office, the articleB of impeacbment 
St be delivered to the president of the Senate. 

740. Tlie Senate mu! 
tbe impeachmeni), and ii 
president of the Senate 
of impeachment, with a 
same at the time andpli 
defendant not less than 
tbe heariDg. 

741. The Bert- ice mi 

assign a day for the hearing irf 
urmtheAssembl; thereof. Tb* 
lust cause a copy of the ariielai 
loticB to appear and aosirer the 
e appointed, to be served on tbe 
m days before the day fixed for 

be made upon tha defendul 
upondiligeDtiiiqairy, be found 
within the State, the Senate, upon proof of that fact, mi; 
order publication to be made, in such manner as it omj 
deem proper, of a notice requlTinghim to appear at aapM- 

29T nupnACBHXHis. §§ 744-9 

744. If the objection to tlie suffictenoy ot tbe articles 
of impeachment Is not Bnstalned by a majority of the 
nieraberB of the Senate wbo beard the acgnment, the de- 
fendant muBt bo ordered fortbvrith to answer the articlua 
of impBacluoeDt. If he then pleads guiltj, or refuses to 
plead, the Senate must reudejr judgment of convictiuit 
against bim. IE he p!ead not guilty, the Senate must, 
al snch time as it may appoint, proceed to try the ii 

745. At the time and place appointed, and before tbe- 
Sanate proceeds to act on the itnpaachment, tbe secretary 
must administer to the president of the Senate, and the 
president of tbe Senate to each of the members of the 
Senate tbeu present, an oath truly and impartially to 
hear, try, and determine tbe impeachment; and no mem- 
ber of tbe Senate can act or vote upon the impeachment, 
or upon an; qneatlon arising tbereon, without having 
taken authoath. ^ 

746. Tbe defendant cannot be convicted on impeach- ' 
ment without the concurrence of two-thlrda of tbe mem- 
bers elsoted, voting by ayes and noes, and if two-lbirds of 
the members elected do not uoncur in a conviction, he 
must be aci^uitted. [In effect February IStb, 1880. 

747. After conviction the Senate must, at such time as 
It may appoint, pronounce judgment, in the form of a res- 
olution entered upon tbe journals of the Senate. 

748. On the adoption of the resolution by n majority 
of tbemembera present wbo voted on tbs queationof aa< 
quittal or conviction, it becomes the judgment of the 

749. The judgment may be that tbe defendant be ana- 
pended, or that he be removed from olBce and disquali- 
fied to hold any of&ce of boQor, trust, or prolit, under tha 
State, [tu effect February IStli, 18S0.] 

-I Leu. Oil. 4M. SeeCu)is"Toi"SJ™lv,^'_l8^ *'" 


750. If judgment of enHpenslon 1« glwD, the defend- 
ant, during the contlnnanca thereof, ie diaqiutliSed fnim 
tecriving the »a\azj, fees, or emolomeata of the oSce. 

751. Whenever aitideB of Impeachment Bgainst «b.j 
offlcec eubjeot to Impeachment are prsBented to the Sen- 
ate, Bucb offlcer Is temporarily auspended from bis office, 
and cannotact In hij official capacity nntil he ie acqoitted. 
Upon such ■uapensioD of any officer other than thegoT- 
emor, his office most at once be temporarily filled bj an 
appointment made by the goTemor, with the adrice aal 
consent of the Senate, until the acquittal of the party )M- 
peached; or. in case of hui remoTal, nntU tha Twmncyil 
filled at the next election, aa required by law. 

AH Uu fnnctlcin* at the eoremar m BnUnlr Hnmudad d«H 

752. If the lieuteuant-gOTernor Is impeached, aoOta 
of the impeachment must be immediately given to flM 
Senate by the Assembly, that another president may b* 

SS 760-7 . 

760. Tbe accuBation most be delivered hj ths fan- 
mail of the grand jury to tlie dUtrict sttortuij of tba 
count;, except when lie is tbe officer accnsed, who innit 
cauHe a copj tliereof to be serTed upon the defeoduit, 
(ind require, by notice in writing of not leaa than ten d*7^ 
that he appear before the Superior Coart of the conntj, 

tion. Tlie original accusation mnst tben bn filed irlUi tbe 
clerk of tbe court. [In effect April 13tli, lt«0.] 

791. The defendant must appear at the time appoinUl 
In the notice and answer the accusaHoa, nnlesa for aoaw 
■ufflclent cause tlie court asaign another dajfor that pap 
pOM. If he doea not appear, the court may i>rooead to 
hear and determine the accusation in hia a! 

762. The defendant may answer the aconsatloii eitbo 
by objecting to the sufBciency thereof, or of mij ■rtlel* 
therein, or by denying tbe trntJi of the same. 

763. If ho oljjeL'ta to the legal safficioncy of the aten- 1 
eation, the objection must bo in writing, but need not U , 


768. Tlie district attoraey aod t)ie defaoilant are Tu- 
epectively entitled to ancli process as ma; be necessar; 
to enforce tbe attendance of witnesaea, as upon a trial of 
an iadictmant. 

769. Upon a conviction, tbe court must, at Buch time 
as it may appoint, pronounce juclgmont that the defend- 
ant be cemoved from office; but, to warrant a removal, 
tba judgment must be entered upon the minutes, and tbe 
cansee of removal must be assigned therein. 

770. From a judgment of removnl an appeal may be 
taken to tbe Supreme Couct, in tbe same manner as from 
a judgment in a civil action; but until such judgment ia 
reversed, tba defendant is suspended from bis office. 
Fending the appeal, the office must be filled as in case of 

771. The same proceadings may be had on like grounda 
for tbu removal oE a district attorney, except that the ac- 
cusation must be delivered by tha foreman of the grand 
JDTy to tbe clerk, and by him to a judge of the Superior 
Court of the county, vbo must thereupon appoint soma 
one to act as prosecuting officer in tbe matter, or place 
the accusation la the bands of the district attorney of 
■n. adjoining county, and require him to conduct the 
proceedings. [In efFect April I2th, 1SSI).] 

772. Wlien an accuaotion In writing, verified by Iho 
oatb of any person, is presented to a Superior Court, 
alleging that any olScer within the jurisdiction of the 
court baa beengnilty of charging and collecting illegal fees 
for services rendered, or to be rendered, in Ills office, or bas 
refused or neglected to perform tha official duties pertain- 
Injt to bis office, ttie court must cite the party charged to 
appear befote tha court at a time not more than ten nor 
less than live days from tbe time tbe accusation was pre- 
aented; and on that day, or soma other subsequenl, da.^ 
not mora than twenty ditys from that on whicb the accn- 

' mMod was preaeated, must proceed lo bear, in a Buift!- 




Buay manner, tba sccuaatlon, and evidanc« offeMd in 
support of the same, and tbe aiuwec and eridanoe offend 
1)7 the party accaned; and i(. on ancb heating. It appean 
that the charge is auBtained, tbe court must enter a de- 
cree tbat the party accused be deprived of his office, and 
must enter a judgment for fire hundred dollars In faTo: 
of the informer, and such costs as are allowed in dril 
cases. [In effect April 12th, 1880.] 

imary procflBdEags.— Tlia I^^laiqre Is 

■rivals DeiHuia bsioa ligUI Co 
[nc&4iolaBiB— U CsL UB. 








Of the ProceedlngB in Cr 

minal Actions Froae- ^^M 

ciited by Indictment, tc 

the Commitmeat, in- ^H 



Oku. I. 

Or THB Local Jdbibdiotion 

OF Pdbuc Oe- ^H 



TiONs, 55 709-803 


CiumNAi. Ac- ^1 



5§ 806-9. 




Attueai, §S Sll-29. ^1 


Abbest, nr whom 


ui>B. S5 g3t^i. ^1 


Eetakino Ai-caa An Escafb 

OB Bbbcub, §S ^H 







OF Defendant, 

□ BOI 10 Ax- ^H 

BWBB, 5S a5S-83, 




. Offeuw committed partly In ona coastr ani] pHtlr ti 

i TO. ConUQlCted on tbe bonudur. etc, ot tm or man mk 

I 78). JulBdlctloncif umffenuonbDudaTSBelDTar. 

I IN. JuTl«Ucllcia tor kldnapplnK or abductton. 

I. JurlHllctloD ot an Indictment Cor Mgamj or IDMM. 

( 7M. PropertT felonlonsly taken In one. oonotr and bro 

1137. Jurisdiction [or eicaplng tiom prlaon. 






Ii ■ aSMa Hon bcnvi^fn n ! 









Mo i 

1 uqitormly 


"V '"i 

3t<'al. 133; 



owtr to trs; 









C^t'pro an" pajo 

Oannoi t» eDnfnTad b? canisni.- 


onfer lorU. 

diction to 07 a paily for onr oilier ol 


an tbat ebanod In tba 

nlnoJ CBED i H 


b> Jujl 

"tinu wii 

■ A/wmladRe.hliftctsu'eviilia-i-Wi^ s"l 

HO thocasnal nn llem- 

warjMencaolMjB of llio JuJgca U 



validity of 

eltate Jurli 

dleUon.miliioinodBlaprtiHainlfor ta 



KnlencBorJudginert-idii Lil 167 1 

Court lias not lurlailLclLou r acrtiulDi 

aUIX,etB.~Mtil M, nor 1133 It nl lies 

-JHO. IM. Id IBS ilU !4^ J n BBjl 

1 rruni 11 B ^m 

*L T 

a uoOu ud ^^1 

BStaee It 

a orlmliial ^^B 


appeal as 

'■"""■ ■ 

Pbww or Legliiatiini-Tlie LegM 

Bture mar esCabI 

b arlmlnal ^^M 

oodtU In Bddlllun [a Itaosa Bpeciaed 

n tbB 


a. and give ^^ 

tUemeoacnneDijurydlcilon-eg Fik S 


Tei. M: e 

IE mar cs- 

tattlUh apeelal courls In cities and town 


K9: as W. 

tl3. So.^eUunlDlpDlCrlmJoalCourt 
tloiuilmurt-WOiiU^lTi41W. 129. See 



page 13. 

ver punlab- 

tnenta lor extortion In olBca-<S Ca!. 

W, 80 


Const. C»L 

art. Tl. CouDtF Courts are courts of 


,7d.ff," S 




offense under tlu Ikir wun 

§§ 778-9 lA 

Ibe IdUDiInn be cipreBsIr declared la the reiX'.Blliift aei— la Cat. IK- 
Tlisl'gllce Court oFEsn Frauiilscu htis Ujbeiuiio I'owen mul JutIhUo 
tluu in crlmlaal acUoua at la GOufsntHl on JiuUcea' Cauna—*T<M. 0. 

ottbe uliue In which tie Una, Bven la cniei ol tntiutu—i Vnat-tl: 
WliBTt HI. Hi. !Uj IJ. lUi IDOoiC.aiMiiioiuianaldent iDiU^ 
IT Cti. (M; 8 PeWra. mSja Wall, 407; IMcLean. Ml; 4 Km. 1"; » 
Ark-iiO; IBtewI. A t. Jhi 1 AUb. n. B. tU; I Woolw. IKj tti/.O. 
tits jVtrB.iiB; I Auu. n. 8. aTT. 

778. Wbeu tlia comiaisslaa of n public aiTense, com- 
meiiL'ed wiLliout tbe State, is uoQBummaled TCltttin lu 
bouDdaiios, tlie defendant is liable l.o punisliiiieDt Llieie- 
for in tliis State, tbougb he was out of tlie State at Ihs 
time of the commisfion of tbe ofCense charged. If liecon- 
eummated it in tliia State, tbrougli tbu iaterveatioa of oa 
iDBoceot or guilty agent, or any otber means proceediag 
directly from Limself , in Buch case tlie jurladicUon la i> 
tbe county in wliicli tbe offense ia oouautumated. 

OAnHB commlttsd abroad.— A penon Is respunBliile p<rii>llT -rtn 
ba IssUruml, to botUlbe FMoral ami binaialo gov erumgn^- litl Milt 
iJalhiHBiUotkia'aietsUi-aHlcb.aiUi iluVn. liUimuaHe^PuMra. 
S.ab. A9ta«oiunl9uuliiilnl8ton resliJeiiC HDnwd-ll ]ilaictit.l3lj 
bat It b UmKeil to penoDB owIhr bIIvkIui'b to tbe UnlUil BiMa-ii 
<tolB.AU.-a«i.«4i Hlncuea of perjury— 1 1^ StUUj tl 10. til! 9 
bimmycommltteaabiMd- 7CaiA.0.l(ai Oeua-Slli (pel IIiiB,la£ 
■1^I(.IU»: UUa.UM. 8DutoTarscrT(iomiiil(tc4al>ravl,tlM^E(H 
may ba cbannd la unj canaty luto irhlcb ttac aSenilEr may coov-l 
Oar. ± T. KSi Buaa. A R. C. C. Il«. So la casei of niunlcr— BiM.1 
ac. C.2M1 tOsT, AK.^; 

Onuau oommjttad out of tbe Statih— Wbere an offeiue mat esB 
mitial by prouurailoti of a reiiaeDC olanaUicr state, Uie uOMviUaa 

IIB; cnurAllN. J.L.U. Sa.iuclclua an ageut in aaoibor couniir >■ 

Xjuicpeijury- II AUeo, :M3i df BTTing pulian lu on" i^in-'f"' 
cao|niate>lUBaM)m-.BOblaB(.l)l; DrirlicreH |; . .1 1. . 
a nulmiae in one doduCit, wlilcU aaaeuaitnam lu ai i. < 
AlI.WI;Ma4DaT0.A Ald.llaiaririianiainiiDn s:i< 
aide ofaiuaadan line, and It tBk« eSeotontlwoibi:!' . 
ap<MiilblalnU»larl*dliillaairhersItU)CllMtlaprodui:. i. 
•IN.J.I-Wl lOLMan-lt ■udaaegeaenUI]'— M CDmi. n-. < 




concerned as second ttierein, out of l.he juriadiction 
this State, anil In tlie duel a wound is inflicted upon 
person, nbereof lie dies in tLis State, tbe jarisdictio 
tlie oSeuse is in the county wliera tbe deatL bappsiiH. 
700. Wlien an inlmbitant of tliia State leaves Clie s 
for (.he purpose of evading the operatioa of the prOTia 
sf tlie Code relating to dueling and challenges to Hght, 
■witb tlio intent or for the purp<iBB of doing any of the acta 
prohibited therein, the jurisdiction ia in the county of 
nhicli the offender was an lubabitaot when tbe offense 
iras committed. 

Dnollne and challeDEei Sdadlne ncballenirG (o flsbCout or tbe 

Etnln l3 liiillctable-ThBlcli. 0. C. S'JUt IBnr.m; 1 ConaL S. D. ]W| I 

wliereibsc'bsJIenKBlwaaa-SHUB.SI:;; I'llawkcta;! ICSDip, AM; nes 
12 Ala. STUi nod Una, whetUer It reutieg its desCinaUoD oi not-^ Camp. 

781. When a public offense ia committed In part in 
one county and iu part in another, or the acta or elfeots 
thereof constituting or requisite to tba consummation of 
theoSense occnr lu two or mora counties, the jurisdiction 
is ia either county. 
OoncDTTsnt jnrisdlctl 



7S2. 'When a public offense ia committed o 
boundary of two or more counties, or within live hundred 
yards thereof, the jurisdiction is in either county. 
Boundarr lino.— A crime ia 

g§ 7B.>-4 i:OCAi. jUBiaDiciioM. xg 

783. Wlien au offense is committei] in this Stale, on 
board a Tessel niLvigatlDg a liver, bay, aloagh, lakr, oc 
canal, or lying therein, in tlie prosccutioD of bei voyage, 
the jurisdiction is In soy county through <frblch tlie re*- 
■el is niivigated in tbo coucae of her voyage, or in tlii) 
county where the voyaga teiminates; and when tb« dI- 
fense is committed in this State, on a railroad train or at 
prosecuting Its trip, the jurisdiction 1b ia any county 
through which the train or car passes in the course of her 
(rip, ur In the county where the trip temsinatea. |.kp- 
proved January 28th 1876] 

•nf «r lorlMloaoa « 

i anheit Ib4 Blatchf. 15. Tanhx* 

I ot pro! ftlleil liy i 

lU control of s canntry II Tlillai 7 Mleb. lei ; t i(L^a 
. C JOreenCr B lU Without BipeolBlM^tatoS» 
Juriei upon tlis High Hu doeB noEeiM tn tbaVSSi 

V .T T. AM 9 Vn. r:mt. 9.m HflA U BUbB. M ; v« UMlma ^ 

I del 

I the 

proveiltliuiJielKniIliatliimHa throufli aaiaanartor UtecBaUM 
hliUh tiia IniUetmsnl iB^ouna-dl Bsrb. i». ^Vliers ntrnidEK* 
Ibe i[rle ebbs and flowi nre lucloseil by a ranee ot lilaiidi tat W 
mahiabDro.tbe^arBwiiblnthO'Conaty-^IwiifrCr.B.tSa. -Orina 
tberelulu tbo prosecutloa ur be-c voyage," coaatned— I HUI.IMl 

784. The jurlsdlctioa of a criminal action— 

1, For forcibly and without lawful authority seiiiog 
kod oonGning another, or iuveigling or kidnapping bin 
with intent, against his will, to cause him to be aecKlty 
confined or Imprisoned la this &tal«, or to be aeut oat rl 
the State, or from one county to another, ot tobe oold* 
a slave, or in any way bald toserrice; or, 

2. For decoying, taking, or enticing away a cbi]d oa- 
der the age of twelve years, with intent to detain and coo- 
ceal it from its parent, guardian, or other person bavinc 
the lawful charge of the child; or, 

a For inveigling, enUaina. ot UMat »w*y an g 

309 LOCil^ JUBIBI>lCTION. g§ 7S5-6 

ried fenuJe of previous cbasta cliacacter, nnder tbe ago 
of twenty'five years, for tlis piirpoBS of prostittitlon; 

4. For taking avaj any female, under the age of s 
teen years, from ber fatber, mother, guardian, or olLer 
persOQ liaTiDg the legal charge of ber person, witbout 
tbeii coas«nt, elllier for iha purpose of cancubicage oi 

— is in the county in which the offense is committed, 
or out of ^blub the person upon whom the ofFease 
vraa commllted may, in the commission of the oftenso, 
haTO been hrought, or ia whicli an act nas done by the 
defendant in Instigating, procuring, promoting, or aiding 
in tbe commlaaion of the offense, or in abetting the par- 
ties concerned therein. [In effect April 9th, 1380.] 

785. When the offense, either of bigamy or incest, ia 
committed in one county and the defendant ia appre- 
hended in another, the jurisdiction is in either county. 

786. When property taken in one county by burglary, 
robbery, larceny, or embezilement, has been brought into 
another, the jurisdiction of the offense is in either couuty. 
But if at any time before the conviction of the defendant 
in the latter, be is indicted iu the former county, the sher- 
iff of the latter county must, upon demand, deiiverhim to 
the sheriff of the former. 

FrupBTlr brought Inta analber co-aniy — Tblaeectlon BUItian»s» 

" """"'.Tt 


^^'i b! 



§ 787-92 


787. The jurisdiction of a criminal action for escaping 
from priaon is in any coantr of the State. Id effect AioU 
9tb, 1880.] 

7B8. The jurindictioa of a ciimlnRl action for treaaon, 
when tlio orert act la committed oat of the State, is in 
any couoty of the State. [In effect April Qth, 1880.] 

789. The jurisdiction of a, criminal action for iteslinc 
In any other State tho property of anothet, or receivisg it, 
knowing it to liave been stolen, and bringliig the aana 
Into tbis State, ia In any countjr into or throngh n-bltb 
•tich stolen property has been brought. [In affect April 
9th, 1880.] 

rHMw."iMi fas: Tti. utjicaSi: mruiuiii^u^i'li »>!««!« 

Ohla8t.l6t. AniIlaeonieBnitmltliihclilnDttDexlitwItliontBitn- 
uti)~ll»lDn.«!>: UUl.An.nN; 2 JoIiib.41;; ld.4»; n H. J. L.Mil 
Hot). II: and buoIi atatutrs nrs constltutlODSl-IHiunpli.W; DIdiL 
nsi 67 Ho. S>; but see 19 10. 181; S Qnr, 4M. Bee «u, I m,tA 

311 LDCdL JUBiasicnoK. §g 793-3 

Buch prlncipBl ia not present nt the commisaioo of thfl 
principal offenae, is in cho same county it would be under 
this Coda if Letreieso present aud aiding and abetting 
therein, [to eiTect April 9Hi, 1880.] 

793. When an act cliarged aa a public oSense ia witliia 
the juriadiction of auotber State or country, as veil as of 
tbis State, n conviction or aciiuittal thereof in the former 
ia a bar to tlie ptoaeoutioa or iuilictment therefor in thia 

Bar to proMontlon.— The dlntrict In which Ihs trlnl la had mtisb 
S60, IVbrre nn dUfobs is commrtuil B^inst tiro BDvErelEDtivs. iha 
parties wrro wronKfully ajreaieil la dae'eiaCe will UMD lo HnoUter— ![; aeBni-atkerCr.a. M7. 

794. When an oSenne is Trithin the jurisdiction of tvra 
OF mote counties, a conTiction or acquittal thereof in one 
county is a bar to a proaeuutioa or indictment therefor in 

<ithBriounty-4aUL3Bij asAto-tWi 7 coid.aai. 

795. The juiisdiction of a, violation of aectiooa four 
hundred and twelve, four hundred and thirteen, and four 
hundred and fourteen of the Penal Code, or a conspiracy 
to violate either of said aectlona, ia in any county, iirat, in 
which any act ia done toward the commisaion of the of- 
fense; or. second, into, ont of. or through which the of- 
fender paaaed to commit the offenae; or, third, where tha 
offender is anosted. [Approvad March Tth, 1871.] 




§9 799-802 COUUENCDiG cruiinaj. 



799. There is do llmitatioQ of time witlOn which * 
progecKtioD for munler must bs commenced. It mif ba 
oeoimeDCGd at any tioie after the death ot the peaoa 

Stanils of limltaiioni applies In offenies neipatntcil bctm » 
pSBiaKe u well u to lubsentiept Dlepan-s UcLeu. »9i Id. <*i I 
biancii. Uiii Ctaaeb C. C. 13: 3 Pan. Cu. IM; »aa to -"rmmTiii B- 
0irenHa-1CnBMli0.C.ia>illiL«}I td. Mf:cgBira.MT«x.NiM 
It It eitendi Uia tlma [or flndlni >n lodlctlnuit. It doM sM mmUt w 

¥. iB: «T U. M; U Id. mi IS Id. MB; » Id. k; a ld.'tti| M&k. 
111. ThaitBtntsbagliiitonui oa Iba ilar at (wnuiiltlliu tfaaoco* 
~^Tei.n. IDti!i*my,ltniiiarnHnUiaM|{BnKiiuDurtla«,iniMita 

HatQteatDDlECthBcrlmecantliiuans— a Pa. BL t28; U Aik. nt. Ci» 
llnDDuawltbboldLptfDt propertTlinot acimlliliiinu al[eius-Hr.( 
IH. TbereUDoUmUmion wltilD wblditopniaaciUerorinuitfai^-M 

SOO. An indictment for any other felony than tniuibt 
must be found, or aa lufurmatioa filed, irlthln three 7«aH 
after its commissioo. [la effect April 9th, 1880.] 

SselJCaJ. ^i44Jd.e9. 

BOl. An indictment for any misdemeanor mnit b« 
fonnd, o[ an information filed, within one year after it* 
commiBSioo. [In effect April 8th, 1880.] 

602. If, when the offense is committed, the defendurt 
la out of the State, the indictment may b« found or an In- 
formation tiled vritLiu the term herein llmileil after lii> 
coming withlu the State, and no time during; which itw 
defendant is not an inhabitaat of, or nsualiy resliiect 
withio this State, \s part uf the Umltatioa, [In efiaei 
A.ptil gtb, 18S0.1 ^ 

mentiDKieiula tberuDDlnff of ttaa scatitie— A Cr 
AT lad. 113; lDay,123; LK nflfld DQt be Hpef tHLJr pi 

at.-aai eontra.iFiaitr'cr. tt. mi'li S. C.m: _„. 

tOi BlDd.tMi llowihtlS. tt deToIlesonllienioserutlaulaBhuwlllc 
oirensewlltalnttiBBatiiloi7TK!iiiHl-l3CaI. M; laiiL. 3S; I Btewt.SIB; 
I Slewt. « !■. 2091 t Diur. lil i 29 Fa- SL UDj Knss._^& B. C. C. Mnj 

mtliLii t^uute-i; WsU. lei: 3 UDt<eu>.4«»i''r 
II: IB Mo. 213; BCowen.eoii 2Pai». Cas. tNi 10 

.pb. Ui ■ Blockf. 

803. Ad indictment is foaod witliin the msaDlDg of 
this chapter, wlien it is preaented by tbs grand jury in 
open court, and tbere received and flled. 

>r le^ prtKoei 


. Complilnc defloML 

. Maglsliate acBnea. 

. iVbD lira aumiatntei. 

. FlUog InrarmaUaa. 

806. Tbe complaint is the allegation In writing mkdi 
to a coatt or outgiatrale tliat a person has been goiltj ol 
some designated offense. [la effect April 0th, ISBO.] 

FroncniiDaE ui Fedonil on-nrti.— Ilia IlultsUoa In tbe Wttn* 
CoiwiiiiLJoji, ut pi-o«-cuHoiia 10 lnaicmieii» bj llie enuuIM, 
sppllc-!iiot'edFnilproaecuiloii>-2t AI».(IT3; I BlcB. U; 3^ Wli,fi:l 
Vi- 61. a-^a CuuiL V. S. Aindt. art. *. Unt srlae* howibi ih 
e^veiive rr.mcLiae «u> bo ptuecuteil liy Intaiiiuktloii— aeeBeT.BM 

convicted' trom beliuia wltuvas—I OaILI: 1 CenL L. j. ^oi: 1£>*1' 
TOIi ITWiUl.tM: lBl£l3S. SraiaWalLUlj JDUI.!;a; ts BaoLM 
m. AiforvlaUHODDltliBreieiiiiaUw— lIlRt.Ksv. Rk.iw. Sct«<a> 
of piinlitiDuac iloBt Dot, bv IihU. nuUu A criiua luUnioiu— s Coka 
7inT awu(ia8.»8i IHaodyCO.H. 

FroiHDtlan In StatB DOnttt.— Tba Coda aolbailae* ■ unem&K 
by Luforuutiou only wtien a dotgadiuK lua been oumlueS^aoaM* 
Diltwa-CiVst. C. 1., J,li.1t. WUera.krcercoiiTlctlaa Bpai IntaBM^ 
tor gruml liirceuy. u inotioa in. tmat of JudgueDI ma mJ a^nBj 

TltblJ^rtUerollUoalCode, butltmiut baby iDdlcunaotuA^ 
tv lufonoatloD-s Pki. c. L. J. TA. 

■KaliBtMi)aii«r-UCal.SlS. SseMCiU.WSi womiAi to*. Uajp* 
nullsiTstaleinarortliKSiiite— <iriK.C.L.J.a% 

807. A magistrate is an officer h.ivlni; povrer to Inu 
e. nanaot for tlie arrest of a person cluirged with a psUta 

608. Tbe following peraons are magiBtrBt«B : ^^| 

1. Tbe justices of the Supreme Court, ^^H 

k2. TLe Judges uf Uic Superior Coutta. ^^M 

J. Justices uf lliB peace, ^^B 

auM.3. SeoSICal. ne. 

Sadd.i. SeaSBCal. !0a. 

809. Wben a defendant has be«u examined and com- 
mitted, nfl provided in seBtion eiglit linodred and Bevent.v- 
two of tbiB Code, it siiall be liie duty of the diBtricl 
attorney, wilbin thirty days thereafter, to file in the Supe- 
rior Court of tliD county in niiicb tlie ofTensQ is triable, au 
information charging the defendant witti such oCfensu. 
The information sliall lie in tbe uami of the People of tile 
Slate of California, and subscribed by the district itt- 
tomey, and abaii be ia form like an indictment for tbe 
same offense. [In effect April 9th, 1880.] 



I; Law It. a Q.B. W. Tbe sHme r 



m or the proieCDtar ud hu 
:. DepoBlHuDa. wtiBt to eoaCKln. 

itemeut □[ tue otliase. 

Uio moglsiraCe Isaolng tbe «i 

1 Is QDt BlVES. Wtaea magistrate wba la; 
Id tildDg deteodanc beforo maglitnts. 

811. Whan a.n iafonmitioD is laid before a 
o! tbe commission of a public nSense, triable wltblA 
tbe county, lie must examine on oath tbe ioformant Ol 
proaecntor, nud any witDesees he ma; prodace, and Uka 
their depositions la writing, and cause them to be m^ 
scribed by tbe parties maltius tliem. 

812. The deposition must set fortb tha facts stated by 
tlie proaeeutor and Ilia ivitDesseB, temllug to estalilisli the 
cDiomlaslou of tlio offense and tlio guilt of tlie defend- 

813. If the msgistrs.ce Is satisfied therefrom that tbe 
offense eomplaioed of hita been committed, and that there 
is reanoaable ground to believe that tlie defeodant has 
committad it, he must issue a narrant of attest. 

814. A vrartant of atcent is an order la writing, in tbe 
name of the people, signed bj a, maglattate, commanding 
tbe arrest of the defeadant, and may be subHtantlally in 
the following form : 

Coomr OF . 

The People of the State of CcdifoTnia to any slierff. eon. 
liable, marihat, or policemon of said Slate, or of ika 
Covniy of ; 

Infoimatloo oo oath Laving been thia day laid befote 

mo, by A. E,, that the crime of (designating it) has 

been committHd, and accuaiog C. D. thereof, ynii are 
tberafore commanded fotthnith to arrest the above named 
U. D. and bring bim before ma at (naming the placel, or 
in case of my absence or inability to act, beCoto the near- 
est OT most accessible maglBtrate in this county. 

Dated at , this — day of , eigbtaen . 

u to iu lagaUty— i WUts,'lU. 

015. The warrant mast rpecify tbe name of the de- 
fendant, ot. If It Is unknown to the magistrate, the de- 
fendant may be designated therein by any name. It must 
also state the time of issuing it, and tha county, city, of 
ton^ where it la isaued, and be signed by the magistrate, 
TTith liis name oE office. 
^BlidJIr of.-lt 19 ioTalld Klt^oca nolstataUifliiii 


816. The warrant must ba directed toBDd executed 1)f 

a peacB officer. 

To whom directed— 19 Wli. XMi ICar. A r.IVL TheaflcCTniulM 
deecrlbea by iiame or klloOlce— I Biro. A G.Ma; JDowLAB-M. 

817. A peace officer ia a, slierift of a. county, or a con- 
stable, mars Lai, or policeman of « townHhip, cityortonn. 

BIB. If n warriiDt i.'-isanp.niyaiiisticeor tlitSuprcnu. 
Court, or judge of a Superior (Jourt, it may be directed 
geoeially to an; aberifl. caoatable, mnrsbal. or iiotic«iD>ii 
)ti tiia State, and may be executed by any of tliose ofHiscn 
to wliora it may be delivered. [In effect April 12ih, 18S0.] 

819. If it is issued by any otber magistmte, it may b« 
directed generally to any sherilT, constable, marshal. •/! 
policeman in the county in which it is issued, and ma; lif 
executed in that county ; or, if tbe defendant is ioRDotliti 
county, it may be executed therein upon the mitten .b' 
iBclian of a magiHtrate of that county, indorsed upon llit 
warrant, signed bylilm, nitb bla name of office, aoddaled 
ot the county, city, or town where it is made, to the iaV 
lowing elTect: "This warrant may be execatsd in tbt 
county of "(naming the county). 

magistrate who issued tbe n 
trate of the aame county, e 
bucdred and t went j-f our. 

inoDlslratB, I 

122. ]f tlis ofFeasa charged is h mitidemeaaor, and tite 
defendant is arrested in another county, tUa officer must, 
upon bsing required hy the defendant, take him before h 
msglstTate in that count;, wbomust admit the defendant 
to bail, and take bail from him accordingly. 

See M Cat, IDS. lu DiLog the Bmount ot Lull, tba Kale purpoM bTiduIJ 
AclinltHion to uJI. in all but caiiltul casoa, Li n rlylic ot ui:cuBea— m ck 

823. On CakinK ttia bail, tbe magistrate must certify 
tbat fact on the warrant, and deliver the warrant and uu- 
(lertahiog of bail to tbe officer having charge of the de- 
fendant. The oBiuer must then discharge tiie defendant 
from arrest, nnd must, withool delay, deliver the warrant 
and undertakiDg to ttie clerk ol tbe court at which the de- 
fendant is required to appear. 

824. If, on tbe admission of tha defendant to bail, tbo 
bail is not forthwith given, the officer must take the de- 
fendant before tbe magistrate who issued the warrant, or, 
in case of his absence or ioabiiity to act, before tlie near- 
est or most accessible maglatrate in tba same couuty, and 
must at the same time deliver to the magistrate the war- 
rant with his return thereon indorsed and subscribed by 

B25. Tlie defendant must in all cases be taken before 
the magi!itrate without unnecessary delay, and any at- 
torney-at-law entitled to practice in courts of record ot 
California, may, at the request of the prisoner after such 
arrest, visit tlia person so arrested. [In effect April 

126. If the defendant is brought before a mag\&t:Ta.tA 
«iCta«t ibam Uteana (riiff isaued tbe warrant, the dBpoaLli 


§3 827-9 

OD -nliiah tlie -vrarraQt wus granted most be sent to that 
magistrate, or, iF they cannot be procured, the prosecutot 
and liiB witnesses must be summoned to Kiva tbeir testi- 

Blebis of prlaoner,— The onTr rights tbat he eu exact are, LtaBtlM 
KlucL.ivlW KhiiU be IninsinlHed. or llinC tbo prosecntor aoil bli irii- 

827'. Wlien an information is laid before a magistrau 
of tlie commissioo of a pabUc offense triable ia Bootiier 
county of tlie Stute. but stLowInf; that the defendant is In 
the county wliere the info'imation is laid, the same pro- 
ceedinfig must be had as presccibBd in this chapter, *!■ 
oept that the warrant must require the defendant to be 
taken before the nearest or moat act^esaible magistrate of 
the county in which the offense is triable, and the depo- 
silions of tlie informant or prosecutor, and of tha wil- 
nessea who may have hecn produced, muat be delivered 
by the magistrate to the ofticer to whom the warroDt a 

828. The olScer who executes tiia warrant must tak» 
the defendant before the nearest or most accessible mi^' 
istrato of the county In wliich the offense is triable, and 


AireBt denned. By nbom mads. 

How an smst M inidB and what raGlralnt allow 

t BM 

Amali by peace olBcen. 

Aireala by prlvaW poraons. 


Wben tlio arreat miky ba made. 

Wamuil tnnst be shown, when. 

WlmD forcB may be used. 

Doora and wlndowi may be broten, when. 

1 Mi 


DulyotaprllaCepenoQ nbohas made an aires 

Doty o( OIBccr arrescldg wltJi vrunaut. 

rer!On arrfsted wLIhoui a warrant to ba taken 

Arrest by telegraph. 

I en 


S34. Au arrest is takiag a person into custody, in a, 
case aud in the manner authorized bj law. Au arrest 
may he made by a peace officer oi by a private persoo. 

Arrew, when iUegaL— An arrest will not bs avoided by mora elerl- 
eU or formal errors In tbB warranC-M Wnss.*: Het9 narb-SS; SRIvb. 
ttiealScer-:iIi.I^36'i: 1 Lcad.O.C.m. Wlien abanlulflj void. the 

day— HMa9i. 324s orwuereit Uaa n'oieal-l Uai'w.tTI; 3» Mo, ami 9 
Ired.TJ: 1 Gut r. C.cb. a,! 58; bnl awafBr or scruU la sufflisieut— M 
»a. SlOj g Watts, all! «9 £d. 181; S Jnr. Wli I «J. B.2K. 

VallditT of uTBit— To make ta oirau valid, tbe olDcer ninBt be en- 
HUBd In thBeieF.uilonDCnduty— ISCoi CCWi. Wtiere nn (ureet 
in made beyond the InrlsdlctlanDt tbe niuglatratewbo Issued tbewar- 
nnt. It U Qlenl-tyN. C, Vt7i T3 Id. Wti or outside Dl Ibe Jliirlct ot 
lIiBO(Hcer-l Oonn.lO; 4 W.lMiTld. 4H; 4 Man. MS. Wheroafugl- 
tHB iva4 arrested In anBther dtatB, tbongh tbearrBsB la la 
nut Ktound far bl8 dlscbanre on liabrmi ™rpBi— IS Pn. St. ST. See 4 
Parktr Cr. B. IM. WheTB tbe offBOKB euarged In tlie wananX \b uol & 
BUliJeftorarroBl.W ta imigal-MAlb.l.,ra!B. WUei ^-- 

a new wurrant-SO Baib. 300. cllskpprotliu e HIIL US; bat ID oflctt 
miy FfMurest a pcraon Btter voluDlsrll} releulDg him—* Uet. W. 

835. An aneBt U made hj e.a actaal reatrainl of tb* 
person of tba defendant, or b; hia iubmiasion to tbe cus- 
tody of an officer. Tbe defendant must not be subjected 
to any mora restraint than is neceasaiy for his arieat and 

Arre'Lhow maae.~No manunl tOBCblnK Is n«ceii3>TT— IS Oa.M; 
ItlaanfllFleuttf the party lie wjtuln the noirer ol tbo officer vidB^ 
mlta to the nrrfal-rwpnji, 215; SO Ga.ijl i IS N. M. issi 1 Car. * F- 
11^ Mooav* H.I41icMji^n^2 N.^n^l8^_rkrp.ja._C.l^*; 

tiac be Is arresied, and to lock Ik* 
aoor, IS anmcieni;— <jiu. i. uaruw. 284; or to Intoim blm, and tc«b 
blm oaty wlUi Ue tiDEer— 1 Salli. 79. 

836. A peace officer may make an arrest in obedlenea 
toa warrant delivered to him, or may, withoat a wsmBt, 
arreat a person— 

1. For a public offense committed or attempted in bli 

2. When a person arrested has committed a felony, il* 
thODgh not In his presence. 

3. When a felony lias in fact been committed, and ha 
has reasonable cause for believing the peTson a 

He oinnot arrest for a ortmo proTert or suspBrteil, nnlf s» Hbo a rclonj' 
— l3Uuti.H6; ld.«ta. CDii(ni,SHar.<I>el.jWa. 

aubd. 4. Oil oharn of fglonr.— ApeMw afflcer. on reasDoablR auM, 
on a thapga vC felonj. cm nrrest wllnout > warrani. but a ]irn-nt8 pec- 

rut nuiely on repreHotalJons ilmt'lie is a, Ibiitl-^ CitT U. Bee. 4. 

H1CI1.2W. KaFunl tonmsE-see Burs,; l(i ^Vaitanl tn bs dlreeua 
to, aail eieculeJ bT, officer— aea ante, E Sia, Wb» ore iii-ai^e oOcen— 1owluitabti\neWa-a«lt,iim.Sla. Duty on aneaE- 

837. A. privatQ person may arrest onotber— 

1. For a public offense comniitteil or atCeinpted it) lili 

2. When tlie person arrested has committed a felony, 
altliough not in his presenoe. 

3. Wheu a felony has been in fact committed, and he 
has reasonablii cause for believing tbe person arrested to 
have committed it. 

aatd. 1. Pri»alo panonB.— It Is the dnty or b1] peraona lo lue oJI 

B.Bh.III; ot sii &Sra;— 1 Root, fili; but liuLiiiut Jii^IU^ witbouEs 
warrant, uulega tbo aSray is BIlll CDntlimluit, ur tUrie la revioDaUe 
ihlouqU to apprehend I la renamd-lO Clark * P. Sfl; 8, C. I Liad. C. C. 
sr 'breach ol the peace— liJabiut. IXB. For mladt'iuraiiur^ after Ihclr 
eammlulon, an amit caa ouly be mails ou a warnkiiC— 3 farlieT Cr. R. 

Jitfct *. For felony.-A prtvato penon may arreat, wlthoDt wm^ 
mnt, aae vho taaa comnlttea ■ telouy-l 'Wheel. C, C. lull * WauiL 
*H: IIJahiu.4SSi 3 Parker Gr. B. 249; 17 Hoir. Pr, IDDi 1'iOB.aUi or, 

mltteiT-ID l/. y. lei! 3 Wend, sioi buC It iiiust be a Felony irhlii maj' 
bouledlnttae Btate— il Darb. 81 ( asroraiiesoBpe— 4liN, a.m. 

auM. 3. Reaaonable caa»-seo 40 K. 1. ta\ 3 Vend. UO. Uar 
BTTesEouptobaWBnuija-KN.J.L.TO; !Wend.3.Wj BSerg.ARTjf; 

an offense musl be in tart roninillted— *ll N. V, 4Mi 61 Fa. St. aM; H 

83S. A magistrate may orally order a, pence officer or 
private person to arrest any one committing or attempt- 
ing to commit a public oSense in the presence of such 
MagisliatB niay, on his own vfew, and wllboiit a warrant, armt a 



Imiioses no obtlziligg 
ilertia olBcai--UMIii, 

840. U the offense charged is a ieiooy, the anest mi; 
be made on any day, aud at any time of tbe day or nigbi. 
If It is a iDisdemeanoT, the arrest cannot be made >I 
uiglit, unleaa upon tbo direction of tlie maftistmte, In- 
dorsed upon the warrant. 

B41. The perBon making tbe arrest tmiHt infonn lL» 
person to be arrested of the inteation to arrest bim. al 
tbe canse of the arrest, and the aatiiority to make il, ei- 
cept when the person to be arrested ia actually SDgtipd 
In the commlssioQ of or an attempt to con^it an oflsaief 
or is pursaed immedlatelj after its commiBalon, or ilut 
an escape. 
Kotico of BireM lUHBt bn Bl»cnemnsalTOr by lmpllc»tlon-)T04 

379. So a iirlvalo poreon airestlnK Bnother molt nottr* the fUril 
biap^irnmr-nti N. C.3'.'7. A couaiatils ihDWlDK btibaOKS ariSlm 
omritUmiffiilentlntlniatLonor blasutborliy-SH. T.fl% lllSS 
--^iCa).";^"^ Orsy.UO; lOMich. III9| lOffend. BUj BBKvSejjjj 

not Hcrime^TS N . chuiJ 1e:^Ct?X^^i^- "ho bSouM' mSuSSn 
blMoinrlal chsnictrr— iHJ^L.M. When a party I> apprebPDdiiiliiiiliE 
conim.sston of od Dannie, nallce of onclaldiuBater orcaiuetitinH 

842. If tbe person makioE the arrest is acting noMt 
the anthodty of a warrant, he must show tbe warrant, it 

MDBt ahov warrant.— A npraoTi arrcated bu a riffht taseAtiLAW 
rant uiiltij be flrel ™ist-]0 Mich. IBS; fl Oray.^M; «) Me. MiU 
Mbs!1.s;I; 1 Ha™ «li lOWend, (1(; and aeo S Hot. jDtL) «i » 
OblD Bt. teik: aiiillt tbB Diaoir li DDCknnnn he la boiUKl la ■)»«** 
autbovHy-atrert.MIilWinst. <N.C.)Na. 1.1M, Wben a iinl«nt» 
nalt la mailB upnn tns DifiiiBr, tiatlce U not minired— z; Cai. attil 
HhuI. 121. The oiIlMiria iidt boond to eiblblcbli wanaat iHnirto- 
blB(Eltrl'e\Ti'docUoiuid Mallow' iS^rocBM-a'H^ 001«r *Uli 

843. 'Wlien tbe arrest is being made by an officeroaiW 
tbe authority of a warrant, after iuformation of tbe In- 
tention to make tbe arrest. If the person to be amnttd 
efCiier flees or forcibly Tes\3lA,t\iB officer may use nJl Ifr 

MBory menus to efiect t\ie atrcM. ^^h 




muiT miut IDDjfe Ike aTnut iritta n UHIS 







t<m exunlBa of lawtalpovier 

UDUSt. MS. A p«UB 
H. 3T7. Sq s prluM 



penon mu armt another o 


nar BnolSi^er.TfUollI 





BtiucUvely under Ibe omcer^ 





844. To make bd Hrcent, a private person, if the offense 
bo a felony, and In all cases a peace officer, may break 
open the door or window of the booso in which Iha pec- 
Bon to be arrested is, or In nhich they liava reasunable 
grounds for believing him to be, after bavins demanded 
admittance and explained the purpose for which admil^ 
tance Is desired. [Approved March 30th, iu effect July 
1st, 18T4.] 

(Del.) iia; II Gray. IM. 'a poilco oiacer may eater nboiuo to Bup- 
pn« illBoider-4 Har. (Del.J 491. 

845. Any person who has lawfully entered a bouse 
for the purpose of making an arrest may break open the 
door or window thereof if detained therein, when neces- 
sary for the purpose of liberating bimaelf, and an otfioer 
may do the same, when necessary for the purpose of lib- 
erating a person who, acting in his aid, lawfully entered 
for tfie purpose of making an arrest, and is detained 

S46. Any person making an arrest may take from the 
pciBoQ arrested all offensive weapons which he may have 
about his person, and must deliver them to the magistrate 
before whom he is taken. 

B47. A private person who has arrested another 
tbe commission of a public offense must, without 
DflcMSaiy delay, take the person arrested beCote 
Wwt^or dehTerbim to a peace officer. 


ither for ^^H 


DntT on making Bcreil.—On BTTestlDE. be may tiJce lbs pi 

B4B. An officer making an arreai, in obedience to • 

wanant, must proceed with the persoa arreated. aa cob- 
Kanded by the wuicant, or aa provided by law. 
Dntr of aSiaet Tbe officer tnuat roUow the stttnce u to tlK dB(l>' 

B49. When an arrest is made without a wairanc by ■ 
peace ofBcer or private paraou, the paraoo arreated nuuli 
-wltliout unaecessary del&y, be taken before the dwiM 
or maat accessible magiatrate in ttie county Id which tbt 
ajTCBt is made, and an InfonnatioD, stating the challt 
against tlio person, must be laid before ench tnagistalfc 

Bee I WliMl.C.C. IDl; awonrt. SSO. The p«nil*ncy of melirfn^ 
tiau IB uo bar to the fretenutlou of aoottaei— t Pac C. I. J. KIL 

850. A justice of the Supreme Court, or a judge <t * 
Superior Court, may. by an ludorsemeot under his luat 
upoD a. warrant of arrest, authorise tlie aervice thereof Iif 
telegrapli, and tliereafter a telegraphic copy of each v■^ 
rant may bo sent by telegraph la one or more peace d- 
ficers; and Huch copy is ne effectual in the hands of iBf 
officer, and he must proceed in the same manner uodciKi 
as though he held an original warcaiit issued by the nuf 
Istrato making the iudersenieut. [In effect April ISA 

Arreat bf tAleerapb.— An oXccr ATTCAtLag for felonr on lelcfntki 

IBuoaal)le Olllgeuce-ld. 

651. Every officer causing telegraphlo copies of *»■ 
rants to be sent must certify as correct, and file In tb« 
telegraph office from which such copies are eent, k uBfl 
of the warrant and indorsement thereon, and ntuat r«tan 
the original with a statement of his action tliorBlludat 

327 BBTAXnra afxbr bbgapb. §§ 



S 854. Maybe at any time or In any place In the State. 

S 8S5. Hay break open door or window if admittance refused. 

854. If a person arrested escape or is rescued, the per* 
son from whose custody he escaped or was rescued, may 
immediately pursue and retake him at any time and in 
any place within the State. 

See ante, S 834, note. 

855. To retake the person escaping or rescued, the 
I>erson pursuing may break open an outer or inner door or 
window of a dwelling-house, if, after notice of his inten- 
tion, he is refused admittance. 



. H^IiQbIs to iDf o 
right to couiuel. 
. Time to gend and uDdlng for coohmI. 
t NO. Emnlimtloo, « bEo to proceed. 

CO Aitnmk 
ot uifl chuBCi, I 

. Depositions to bt read oi 

him, HUd of hia liglit to the aid of counsel in every stage 
of the proceedlnga. 
The oharga mimtlinieil In tlila b«Udd Is not tbe Bamo as lbs cbarga 

Bnil sdiMiittluiliraBrenUks coueiltucod tuHMratea-^ Cat ;bL A 
pretliniutry riaiulnat Ina otnaot ba wjiLrecl— all Cnl. 7H. TUe right to 
cDuuael EtleiiilH ouly to tboiio 111 cii»twly-'U CaL 3R3. On B vrlt u[ 
haliea* corpus, the [rourt may uaCD on InunpiUnCe namlnaiiDa— ]! N. 

859. He must also allow tbe defendant a reasonabla 
time to Head for counsel, and postpone the examination 
for tbat purpose ^ and must, upon the request of the de- 
fendant, require a peace officer to take a menage to aay 
counsel in lbs township or city the defendant may name. 
The officer must, witliont delay aud without fee, perform 
that duty. 

860. If the defendant lequires the aid of coansei, the 
magistrate must, Immediately after the appearanoe of 
counsel, or if, after waiting a reasonable time therefor, 
none appears, proceed to examine the case, 

861. The examination most be completed at one ses- 
Bion, unless the magistrate, for ^ood cuuso shown by affi- 
davit, postpone it. The postpanemeut cannot be for more 
than two days nt each time, nor more than six days in 
all, unless by consent or on motion of the defendant. 

OonUnnaaco — A pprson arrested, diargeii wltha crimo In nnotficr 


otory time— 91 Cal. 'BiS. ic requlilte, tbo beaHng may be wtjoomed 

Ooiaiiiy to day— :£! Mli^tiri; 

862. If a postponement is Iiad, the magistrate must 
commit the defendant for examination, admit liim to bail 
or discharge him from custody upon the deposit of money 
aa provided in this Code, as security for his appeantnce 
at the time to which the examination Is postponed. 

Bee 19 Cal. US; ale, i m, note. 

863. The commitment for examination is made bj &'a 
Indorsement, signed by the magistrate on tUe wacxaiit ol 

■ >t}ia following effect: "Tio within named, k., 'B, 



LariDg been brouglit before me under tlila wmmot, Ii 

committed for examioatioti to the sberiH of ." II 

the sheriff ia not present, tlie defendant may be commit- 
ted to tbe custody of a, peace otBcec. 

864. At tlie examination, the magistrate must fiM 
read to tbe defendant the depositions of tbe witnesses ex- 
amined on taking the information. He mast also isam 
subpcenas, Rubsctibed by him, for nitnesaes vilbin tlM 
State, leqiilcod either by the prosecution or the defenia. 

8£S. The witnesBes must be examined ia tlie ptescuM 
of the defendant, and may be ccosa-«zamiD«d in bis be- 

866. When the examination of witnesses on tbe pHl 
of the people is closed, any nitnesaes the defendant mtf 
produce must be sworn and examined. 

667. While a witness is under examination, tbe nuf 
Istrate may exclude all witnesses who have not been ai- 
amined. lie may also cause the witnesses to be k^ 
separate, and to be prevented from conreraing with asck 
other until they are all examined. 


poae bo may appoint a sliort-haorl reporler. TliB ileposU J 
tioQ or IsBcinioDy of the wituens must bo authenticated is 1 
tliti following form: 

1. It mliat Htsta the name of the witness, hia plaoo i 
of residence, anil lila business gr profession. 

2. It mitat contain the g^ue>itlonB put to tbe wi 
and his unswers tbemlo, each answer beinf 
tinctly read to litm aa it is taken down, and b«in^ 
rectud or added to until it contonna to wbat lie doolaraa 
is tbe trutb: except in caaes where the testimonj is tiiknn 
down In slJOlt-hand, the answer or answers of the witB 
need not be read to bim. 

3. If a question put be objected to on oither e 
and OTetTulecl, or the witness declines anawerlDg it, thail 
fuct, Willi tlie {rround on wbiuli the qnestlon wa 
rated or tbe answer declined, must be stated. 

i. The deposition must Ije signed by llie witnes 
lie refuses to sign it, bia reaaon for rcfuaini^ m 
stated in writing as be gives it: except in cases wli 
deposition Is taken down in Bliort-lmnd, it need 
signed by tbe witness. 

5. It must be signed and ceitided by tbe magistrate 
when reduced to writing by him, or under his direotlon, 
and when taken ilown ia shott-liand, the transcript of tbe I 
reporter appointed as aforesaid, when mitten ont in long- 
band writing and certllied as Ueiug a correct statement of 
such testimony and proL^eodiugs in the case, shall be 
prima facie a correct statement of auch testimony and 
proceedings. Tiie reporter abalt, within ten days after 
the close of auch examination, (if tbe defendant be held 
to answer to tbe charge), transcribe into long>hand wilting 
his said shorl^hand notes, and certify and lite the same 
with tbe county clerk of the county, or city and county, 
in wbioh tbe defendant was examined, and ahall in all 
cases lile his original notea <irith said clerk. [In effect 
March 3rd. IBS].] 

6. The rej>nrler's enrnpenaatiou sliull lie flseA Aij ftvtt 
DiuglstratB bafoiv wiwrn (lie e.viiminatlon ia \iad, BLuCK,\\a&J 


L then 


not esceed tlint now allowed nportem In the Sttpular 
Courts of tliia State, and sliaU be paid out ot the tisuuif 
of the county, or tha city ami county, in which the eum- 
Ination I9 had, on the certillcate and order of thewud 
magistrate. [In effect Match 1 Jth, 1885,] 

^depoilUoniint cartm^ by the nuatntnUi, othenrlu Um bii In tbe ordinuy tgnii.lii InwimiBafble— M D«L B7I. Tbe Mtut- 
oata runiit Bet rorthBttimimtnnlliuHJe Willi all Ibe requlmmeiiuot d* 
sracute-dCBl.lHS. ThHae[>o»iHonlsnot"">""i"— '■*" 

«wl.rn \Von" h'Te'iiftnJiiKCion'-iM'cal. w 
onaiy^icUiiles « .[Uusllou.lllB uoliijut, 

870. Tbe magistrate or hie clerk most keep the depo- 
Bltiona taken on the Informatloii oron tbe examinMbiB, 
until they are rotntned to the proper coart; and nuat nil 
permit them to be examined or copied by any peraon M- 
cept a Judge of a oonrt liaving jurisdiction of the oScwi. 
or authorized to issue writs of habeas corpus, tha attomq- 
general, district attorney, or other pioBecuting attorM}', 
and the defendant and his oouuset. 

871. If, after hearing the proofs, it appears either tbtl 
no public oSense has been committed or that there !■ Ml 
sufficient cause to believe tbe defendant guilty of a pa^ 
He offense, the magistcate must order tlie defendant to b* 
dUchocged, by an indorsement on the depoaitiona and 
statement, signed by hira, to the following e&ect: "Then 
being no stifBcient cause to believe tbe within named A. 
B. guilty of tbe oEfense within mentioned, I order him 10 
be discharged." 

Ordsr of dlacbBrgii.— The order of dlicbiugv abkU be r«diiMd ■■ 
eiicb a iletm as will eniltie him loB discharge on btbna tanat-tt 
OKI. am; SI Id. a:6i » td. 100, tub men Hirdmiiiena»ium ot a ina' 
Jnry.lbal ihu party be dcialneil loan^werbeiDrBHnollierBieBfmr, 

87<l. If, however, it appears from the examituttiOB 
that a public offeuse has been committed, aod then b 
Bufflcient cause to believe the defendant guilty thertof. 
the magistrate must make or indorse on the deposlUaa 
an order, signed by him, to the following effect: " Itap- 
Dg to ma tbat the ottemo Vu ^.^la -wviCBia &«9oij;ijniK 

333 EXAMINATION Or TSB OABS. §§ 873-9 

meutloaed, (or any afFenBe, according to the fad, BtatlDg 
generally the nature tbereof) baa been committed, and 
tliat tbcra is sufficieot oailae to believe tbe witliln named 
A. B. guilty thereof, I order tbat be be bald to aiiBwei la 
the HHine, and coQuoitted to tlie sberiS of tbe couuty of 

." [In effect April 15th, 1880.] 

Oommltmnit— T&era Ib no niiUiopLty In Ibe Pensl Cofla [or tba 
mirer of euuliutJon— fi Pic. C. L. J. Ma. Tba Penal CoJa imtborliBa 
pTOuaoiUnjfB by LuroimAtlon only wben d«fcDdaiiC boA been eiaiuLaed 
Anil coMLiLJ^fEl— Id. In Vlri^liiln. in in^nn of Trloiiy a ijreliiulDury 

«»iirw— 4f t'ul. 'AiO. [f It Bpptira tlut n puWli: oH.niia Uaa been 
DDUuntlteil. uid tliare li BuOlcleuE cslua (o bdloira iletrf iiilant la guUty, 
an DnlBT uuiit ba IndoraiHl on Ilia deposition that ba Iw beta to 
aRBvrer— WCM. nl. ItisnotiiBcessitry tCuttbeblnillng over aball ba 
(dt t ba apeciaD clunfa, If. on beariOK, tbe oSenee takes uiotb^r sbspa 
— UKati.l;!; cDiuni.34Ulcb.zai>. IlomiiiKdeleiiUiuit toiriaiUunlr 
s iteriibin Ibst tliere U a probable cause Diac he ehuuld be uied-U 

Mb. !■.■«;» Ben. a»! Id. JIB: IIIOKI "--"—- --- ■ ■■ . .■ - 

Tba DistrWl Cocrl hasJurlsOlctiDP 

"- '■-■ — ■■ "■' "■' ""•■ "-'- - oiljei ■ pro- 

nrt hasjurfaaii, ., 

_ 4niuBl cbarge-il CaL37a. Tba CoUe ai 

lediuit by inCDiiuatlon only wbeu a defendant baa I 
Ml eonmutltid— « Pan. C. L. J. frW. Set anic. i BM. 

873. If the oSanse is not bailable, the folloning words 
mubt ba added to tbe indotatuneat: "And be is hereby 
committed to tbe Hberiff of tbe county of ." 

874. Section eight hundred and Beventy-four of said 
Code ia hereby repealed. [In effect April IQth, 1880.] 

875. If tbe oSenae la bailable, and the defendant is 
admitted to bail, tbe foUovrinK tvocda must be added to 
tbe order: 'And tbat he be admitted to bail in the sum of 

dollars, and is committed to the sheriff of the county 

of until he givea Buch bail." [In ufFect April IBtli, 



il It not to bo raqii!red-37 Cono. MS. Ste VfmA. 

,^'e 15. IIBJI Is to be laKeii In all ' " " 

]I tbejiniof la Umas. boll nUI ba [eliueit 

I Mop ed la Iks pnli- 

> Aibm miUM^ 

this the nrart It w 

es 4 Q r - • - 

876 b mag ra, a o de he de en an beemi' 

mitted. lis must make out a commitment, aigncd by him, 
wltli Lis name of office, and deliver it, with tlie defendsnt. 
to ths ofBcer to wham be is committed, oi, if tlia.t offlcut 
la not present, to a peace officer, who must delivec tbt 
dafsndant into the proper cnstody, togetlier witli tt* 

Bee 49 CoL (iU SI CaJ. 37$. 

877. The commitment muat be to the following effNl: 

CoDHTT OF (as the case may be). 

The People o/ the Stale of California to the Sher^ </ 04 
County 0/— .■ 

An order baring been tliLs day made by me, that A. B. 
be held to answer upon b. charge of (stating briefly lh« 
uatnre of the offense, and giving as near as may be tba 
time when and tlie place where the same was committed!, 
you are commanded to receire him into your cnatod; tni 
detain liim until he is legally discharged. 

Dated this day of , eighteen , 

87a On holding the defendant ti 
trate nay toite from each of llie material v 

undertaking, to the effect that he will appear and teitlfr I 

at the conn to Trhich the depositiana and atatementi 

to be sent, oi that he will Cocfeit the anm of five hundred ] 

B79. ■When the maglstrHte or a judge of the court !d 
which tha action ia pending la satiafted, hj proof on oath, 
that there ia reasoa to beliave that any audi witness 
QOt appear nod toatif; uuleaa aecuritjr is required, hu 01117 , 
order the witness to enter into a written undertalcing, 
with BureCiea, !□ auch sum as ha maj deem proper, for his 
appearance aa speciHed lu the preceding' section. 

880. Infants and married women, who are material 
witness agaiuaC the defendant, nut; be required to pro 
cure aureties for their appearance, as provided in the !aat 

8B1. If a witness, required to enter iuto an under- 
taking to appear and testify, either with or without 
Eoreties, refuses compliance with the order for that pur- 
pose, the magistrate must rommit him to prison until he 
cumpllea or Is legally dischai^ed. 

882. When, however, it satisfactorily appears liy ex- 
amination, on oath, of the witness, or any other peraon, 
that the witness ia unable to procore aureties, be may bo 
forthwith conditionally examined on behalf of the people. 
Such examination must be by question and answer, in the 
preaence of the defendant, or after notice to him, if on 
bail, and conducted in the same manner aa the examtna- 
tloti before a committing magistrate is required by this 
Code to be conducted, and the witness thereupon be dis- 
charged 1 but chia section doea not apply to an aceomplice 
In the commission of the offense charged. [In effeot 
Uarcb Uth, 1H7S. ) 

DeposltiDD or witness (or tliBpBoplB mar Iw taken whwe to ^nOfc 

883. When a magiitrate baa discharged a defsndMit, 
or has held him to answer, he miut Tetam, irithoat deli j, 
to the clerk of the court at which the defendant ii »■ 
quired to appear, the warrant, If any, the depoaitioiia, 
*nd all tmdeitaklngs of bail, or for the appearance of 
vttneMet, taken hj him. 



Of FrooeedingB after Comxnltanent and before 


Chap. I. Puelzmikaby pBOVisioirs, §§ 888-90. 

n. FOBMATION OF THX GSA2n> JUBY, §§ 891-910. 

HL Powkbs akd Duties of a Grakb Jxjky, 


§§ 931-7. 
Pbv. Codb^AO. 

FRxuHHf AKz FBormoira. 

In what eoBTt tOBtA, 

888. All public offenses triable In the Superior Conili 
must be prosecuted by indictment or iDfomution, exoepi 
•B provided in tlie next section. [In effect April 9tii, 1880.] 

" ■ ~ ~ KlCodeproUHti 

., Indadliv s bI» 

Ulng k tekniT n r» 
could, nsTBTthelat M 


dflmeuior— M Csl. til. When ■ i 


389. WbuQ tlie proceedings are bad for the remoTiI 
of district, county, municipal, or township officers, llie^ 
may be commenced b; an accusation or information, la 
wiitiCK, us provided in sections seven hundred and Bftj- 
n hundred and seventy-two. 



Who mitr chaUcDge tbe panel or an IniUviaiul 




Cbuiw oC cbalteosB ta lui InOlvldusl giaail Jura 


Decistan upDQ ctuOleiiKeB. 



Effect of &lJa>vlnE diBUenge to tu IndlviauU ] 


Objections CSD onJ/ bo lakea by duUlaagB. 


Appointment or a roceman. 

Oath ot otber grand Jntots, 

Cbaigo or tbe court 


KctlreojcntorUieBranaJinT. DliCliaise ot 

Special grand Jury. 


Order lor spedlnl gtand Jury, 

Order, how eiecutsd. 


Special grand Jury, hnw Horroea. 

894. The people, oi' a, person held to i 
for a public offense, ma; cbiilleoge tbe paoe! of a, grand 
jurj. or un itidividuul juror. 

Ri|bt of challenge — U tbe rlelic [o- cballeago tbe psael oC tbe graad 

lime— 18 Col. ^! 19 Id. XI: 11 Id. KtL 'seo as to [ormUloa ol grand 
lury— Code ot Cl>. Proc 

895. A diallenge to tbe paoel laay be ioterpoBed for 
ohh or more of tbe following ca.u9es only: 

1. Tliat tbe lequiaite number of baUota was not drawn 
from the jury-boi of tlio couoty. 

2, That notice of the drawing of tbe grand joey woa 
>C given. 

. That the drawing was not had iu the preaence of the 
ofUcers dtnlgnated by law. 
ObaUoDge io paneL— Irregularity In aelcctln^ 

|H> objeoted 10 by ■ cbBliiuuie to thsarrar— UCal.2B-, Vt I 
Vwie.«t; IsaM-xe; 4iMB».llll3; Uld.ia; Wld.2G3-, U 




Icpge [D tlie uray muat l» Caken Lerois ibeBeoeral Imun <g c»L llli 
(ll a Hlnn. IMi >9 AA. lot. Ai to pracCIcs In Nortb CaRiUn>_7) H. C, 
tif ; In New Toik-M K. T. m; of Hon. IT. am: In tlie latter BUc, 

mecBUd— 180BJ.148! SJIILSi uiil tDsareatrlettliorisli^iTlitaliilU 
power of UiD LeKlalHCore-IS Id. 148, An ebjccllon to tJie toraulhia g( 

Bct aelde tlielndlctineiil-Sl cbL «!; Id. Ci U Id. Ul. Bo, irtb*(«UI 
luiproiH^rlyillrecti tliacoroqertoierYB a ijieclBl lenlra, the MfcaA- 
siifranuof pliB^icDKe Iba pHue] on [Ua gromtd (bat bel*^ar«MMM 
to Bcrvs It— l:i Cal. 17Ai K Id, IM. ThafUwo(Batn,«haN(l^RwN 
tPsElecl IJiB lui-ora,were two or thtea weeks >t It. or tliu dm n* 
tempoiTUliy alHenl:, l» no gronad or cliBLIenae— e Sctb. ft It-iM; bB 
elronp biiu on the put of penoos amplayed to draw maj b* a (sbm- 

OhBllsnga, wluQ taken.-CtaaUeageB to tlie jnnel. It deroidnt ta 
been helilto answer before thic time, musi ba taaea befare tlw nal 
111.93. See as Cal. i»3'j. But If bu ba:i Hlreaily been l'ield*ta annfCfW 
the itraud Jury, be may cbaUenve the panel on hi* nrT«lriiiiimr 11 
Cal.MH. ItmusIbH taken before tlie general ISBue-4SCairTlltnArtL 
laa: ^ Minn. IIH; 45 lllsa.«ri; «SUo,«l; ^3 I11.2WI 30 ObloBLW) 

696, Acballenge to an individual grand juror m^ to 
intarpoBed for one or mare of the following causes onlf: 

1. Thar he ia a, minor. 

2. That lie iB an alien. 

3. That he la luBane. 

4. That be la a prosecutor upon a cbarge ag^nst tlM 

G. Tlint he is a witness on tlie part of the prosecution, 
and iiaa heeo served with ptoceaa or bound by an uoda- 
tuking as such. 

G. That n state of mind exintB on his fiart tu Tefemm 
lo the case, or Co aicher party, which will prevent bin 
fruin acting impartially and without prejudice to Uie sot- 
itantlal rights of the party challenging; but no person 
shall be dlflqualilled as a juror by reason of iiavlng formed 
or expressed an opinion upon the matter ot canse to be 
submitted to suuh jury, founded upon public rumM, 
in public journals, or common uotoriety, pro- 
vided it satisfactorily appear to the court, upon hi* 
declaration, under oath or otherwise, that he can atxi 
will, noCivitbstaudlnB bxiaU o^^nisun, a«K liapaniaUj h< 

fairlj upon llje matters to be submitted to liim. [Ap- 
proved Maroli oOtli, in effect July l8t, 1874.] 
ObaUenEe to jotor^A Jmm mnj' lie ctiiUlEDg?i] For dlsqaallOcBtlon 

iTltbtbe Weudaut^ tS: 

lurorlielonn to an naaocJ 
» BToiioil of ctuilfluge— I* 

lld.sMi Zllar)i.r-'7i lAaliiii. 
Wl Id. iW: US 10. 7Ji M M. H. 

t Id. Till SPuklrCr. 11.113: 
i Sld-Mflj Id, U9; II Tex.»l 
Ir.Y.MB. TllBtniuTcrU.TSI 
BTonnrt tor clnir- ■■ ■ 

tbree xeo- ^H 
ied 1)7 tlio ^^B 

:hallengQ, ^H 

[Approved Jlareh 30th, in effect July 1st, 1ST4.] 

See po.(, §1083. 

899. If a cliallene^ to the pttnel is allowed, tbe grand 
jury ara [irohibiCed from inquiring into Iba charge againEt 
Ihe defendant, by tvliom the ohalleuge was iuterposed. 
If, not witbstan ding, they do bo, nnd find an iudiotment 
against bim, the court must direct it lo be set aside. 

9CX>. If a oliallenge lo an individual grand juror is 
allovred, he cannot bu present or take part in the consid- 
eration of the charge against Ihe defendant who intec- 
poaed the challenee, or the dc liberations lA ^.\le gtatia. 
ythereon. Tftegrand jury must inEormtliotOMrttA* 

ini¥ th erec 


vtolation of tlila section, Bad It la punisliable iy tlie conit 
as B, coDtempt. 

Eflbci of chaUeoES.-Whare Boma of tlia Jurors an rejected, tta 
reiikalEJlaff emiicl Jiirora, IF at Uio rcfiuisllo imniber.conatltDIa tiM 

- ehalletigeilaiiElcKt^JaJpElappeui'j In court wbpii Ihu liiilLruumit upt*- 
out of tLio iHiioen_graJia jnrom inipanueled-arcaf. IM i B W. tM; HIi 
to. SflBjiMi, IS su; lOat. 

901. A person lielil to answer to a charge for n pnblio 
offense can take advantagD of an; objection to the pand 
or to an individual grand juror in no other mode tlian by 

TIjU sertlon applies nnly to caaea wliera derenOant la beU to ■amt 

902. From tlie persons summoaed to serve as gcmai 
jurors and appearing, tlie court must appoint a toremsn. 
Tlie court must also appoint a foreman when the penoa 
atrsad; appointed ia excused or discharged before Uw 
grand jury is dismissed. 

IQlnutua uf tUu I'OurEir tbn l[ia:lctuicnl Is Inilorsoa by bliu, wM (t 

903. The following oath must be admiaistered to lb* 
foremaa of the grand jury: "You. aa foreman of Itt* 
grand jury, will diligently inquire into, and Irao prueat- 
ment make, of all public offenses against tbe peopled 
this State, committed or triable within this county, ol 
which you sliall have or can obtain legal evideiice. Yoa 
will keep your own counsel, and that of your fellon. 
and of the government, and will not, except when re- 
quired ill tbe due course of judicial proceedinga, dSseloH 
Che testimony of any witness examined before yon, Doi 
itnytliing which you or aaj other grand juror may b*n 
iaidi nor the manner in which you or any other grand Jo- 
ror may havo voted on any matter before you. You will 
preaeut no person through malice, hatred, or ill-will, not 
leave any unpresented through tear, favor, or aftectioB, 

far any reward, or the piomlae or Uo^ tfaaraoC; bat It 


all your preafintments you will preaeat the tcutli, tbe 
whole truEb, and nolIiiDB but Clie trutli, according to the 
best of yonr skill and undBrstaading, so help you God." 
[Approved March 30tb, in effect July Ist, 18T4.] 

904, Tl;e following oath must be Immediately tbere- 
npon administered to the otber grand jurors pieseot: 
" The BHUiB oath irbiulj yoar foremaa has dow taken be- 
fore yuu ou bis part, you and each of you sball welt and 
truly oliservB on your part, so Iielp you God." 

Fonn of OBth.~The ronaoEoitli tDthegntnd jnroinalioald baaa)>- 
rc»t »cre iworD, tie majrHJa inom slterwonL— 11 Hihs. 112i uiaiceS 

SOS, The grand jury being impanaeled and awom, 
must be charged by the court, la doing bo, the court 
iDUHt give them such Information ds K may deem proper, 
or as Is required by law, as to their duties, aud as to any 
charges for pubLic odeuses returned to tbe court or likely 

to come before the giaud jury. J 

906. The grand jury must tben retire to a private ■ 

room, and inquire iuto the offenses cognizable by them. 1 

On ihe completion of the busineas before them, they must 1 

Lb discliarged by the court; bnt, whether the busiueas la 1 

completed or not, they are dj»cbarged by the Unal ad- j 

joumment uf tbe court. j 

507. If an offense is committed during the sitting ot I 

tlio court, after Che discharge of tbu grand jury, the couit J 

may, iu its discretion, direct an order to be eutered that ] 

tbe Hlieriil Bummon another grand jury. I 

OSenea miLil Uo coininiUEd ilBrlnff tbe Blttlnn or tbe court, to I 

aiiilioriiHnhji'clnl Etsmljuiy— 54 Unl. «. ItlscuiopetencforajudBa J 

afi.i.TcuuuiienFemeittDtt£eeeB8ion ca orOer s special gtaud Jury LoGa 1 

■ummouBU-tJ Cat Mi *- • ■ 

908. Tiic order must require the sheriff to summon at I 

least cineteeu persona, ijualiliad to serve as gmnd Jnrora, J 

-to appear at a time speclMed, aud a, copy thereof, under 1 

tbB seal ot the court, must by the olerk be deVvoeTei » I 

tb^ aheclB. IlueffscfJUarcIi 16, ISSU.) J 


g 909-10 

903. Till) xhtiTitT must execute the order and letnn i^ 
nitli a list »f Dumca uf the peisous Bammoned. 

910. At tliH time appuinted the list mnst b« called 
over, and tlie names of those in attendance be written b; 
tlie cli^rk on separate ballots and pat lata a box, fron 
wbicb a grand jury must be drawn. 

ImpumsUat; a >p«clal grand Jut In accordanee with !i m tai M 
or lift CiKleiSTIlifllProceUuro&TaUdtiirBT— -■"—"— ^-""-' — 



ury not bound to 


roUiB grind Jury, 
hear evWenoe tor the de(«BdBirt 



must declBTB their Ini 

itwledge as u commli 

ual Inquire 



mprtHDed, etc 

915. Tlia grand jury muBt inquire into all public of- 
fenaea committed or tcialile witbin tlie conaty, and pro- 
Bent them to tbo court, either by preaBntment or by In- 

Fowen of enuid jurr-— The gnci Jury mar luqnlre lolo aL 
lliiiiuillanfr~U ChI. Sit. Tbey niu act od pretent ofreuaes o[ public 
In rluuvs'bjr lbs court, or b^IUs dinrlcl ■ttomi^y-eTl'B'. Gl. JOi a^a S 

916. A presentment la an informal statement in writ- 
ing, by the grand jury, repieseDtiug to tlie court thai a 
public offeose has been committed which ia triable in tb« 
county, and tbat there is reasonable ground for believing 
that a particular iudiridnal named or deBCl\ta<lCL X\ieTG\a 

[ ^conunlttadlt. 


917. An iDdictment is an accusation in writing, pi*- 
■eiited b7 tlie granil jury to a compeunt conn, chatgiDRi 
persnn wicli a public oSense. 

ThBctiBrEnmPiiCloREilln thiij HictloD |9 not tlie saiuB u tba ct) 
inentloueU lu i bib— 1* Cal. iil. 

918. Xtie foreman may adminiater an oath to an; utt- 
nesB appearing before t!io grand jnry. 

PerjoiT may be connnlltcil In proMaainga betoro tha BMndJor 
C11I.6U; VtArlLWl; IBIackf.SUi ZCiiBb.213; HWatta, W; 3B(i1i.i 
IBS; W Conn. 4.^7: 3 WUU, Ui I Car, A K. i\B. Spb 1 Fairer C 
no. TlianlCneratatieaworn.&atlistirblacTldeiicelsralMliBmi 
proseeBlert lur i«r|nry— 18 Conn. 4S7i a Parker Cr, H, SJo. The 
man may Bil.;;lnl8[Er t&B oalh-M Ua. AH; 77iil.*M. fie«MPa.SI 

919. Id the investigation of a obargs for tbo puipcoi 
of either prenentment or indictment, the grand jnrj aa 
receive no other evidence than such as is given bj wit- 
neaaea produced and anoin before them, or f umiabed bj 
legal documentary evidence, or tba deposition of awti- 
neaa in tlio cnsea montioned in the third snbdiTision CJ 
section aix hundred and eigbty-six. Tbe grand Jul; ci 
receive none but legal evidence, and the beat evidence i« 
degree, to the cxctualon of beareay or scconduy et> 

Depaailioni taken beCors a maElitrBtoBiKin eiamitutloii or ace 

may boiuea bctore ita Braiiil Juir— I CaL SIS. Dcfrnilaot iiu»ii» 
tllr bcrnre tho craoil jury -'^a Cat. iK. Naoidence taken brtoniM 
Eranil Jury can be used 10 loTaliUate the iDiUctiueul— le Cona. tH: r 

920. The grand jur; l9 not bound to bear evideooB let 
tlie defendant; but It is their dnty to weigh all tha tn 
denco aubmitted 10 them, and vhen tbcy baTa reaao 
believe that other evidence nltbin their reach iritl expltla 
away ibe charge, they tibould order auoh eyldenca tc ' 
produced, and for that purposs may reqnirs th« ^t^ 

^ issue process for the witneases. 

921. The grand iuiy ought to lind an indlotneni w' 
mU the evidence teloro Vteni, \.ii«itt togpttittt, \' m 

3*7 PowBHa AHD Dnma. §§ 922-5 

plained or uncnntradlcted, wdnltt, In tlieir judgment, 
ranC a conviction hj a trial jury. 
Evldsncato vaiTBnIoonTlctloii.-If nil tbe FVIilenoe hpfore 

olIense-MCaL 2lir^ ' ^" 

922. IE B. member of a grand jury knows, or L 
to Ijeliere, that a public offense, triabie witiiin tb 
lias been committed, be must ileclaro tbe aame 
low-JQiorB, wbo must Cbereupon iurestlgate tbe 

923. Tbe grand jury muBt inquire into tite 
every person impriBoned in tbe jaii of tlie county on a 
criminal charge and not indicted; tntotlie condition and 
management of tbe public prisons witb in ttie county; and 
into tbe willful and corrupt mlacondui^t in office of pnblio 
olScera of every description witbin the county. 

924. Tbey are also entitled to free access, at all rea- 
sonable timoa, to the public priaona, and to the osamijia- 
tion, without charge, of all public records within the 

925. Tlie grand jury may, at all reasonable times, ask 
tbe adviee of the court, or tbe judge thereof, or of the dis- 
trict attorney; but unless aucb advice ia asked, the judge 
of tlie court must not be present during the sessions of 
tbe grand jury. The diattict attorney of the county may 
at ail times appear before the gnLnd jury for tbe purpose 
of giving information or advice relativQ to any matter 
cognizable by tbem. and may interrogate witnesses be- 
fore tbem whenever they or he thinks it necessary; but 

other person Is pi^rmltted to be present during tbe ses- 
s of tbe grand jury except tbe members and witnesses 
actually under oxBmlnatiou, and no person must be per- 
mitted to be present during the expression of their opiu- 
ious or giving their votes upon any matter before them. 
Adiice ofdiitrici attornoy— 1 Coan. 478; 7 Cowen, aiS. 
Fenon* nxclodsd.— No pptsoni aro permlttert to bo preBTOt ^«rt.ttiv 
. . _. isciuollv uniicr eiaoiliiatloo-W * 

ftTAtfjinifjIijpwnf <*ftmmiirt1r«iHiw ^Baft«\tfetflBft 


entlilea lo be pieieat', aad uu qwHtloon of wltnenei^l Codii. ta: <l 


926. Etgi? member o[ tlio graail jur; must ketj 
secret wliatever he himself or aaj (ptlier crand Juror mt^ 
have Baid, or <d irbat maQDer he oi aay other grand jninr 
mar iiavo voted cr a, matter before tliem; but may, bow- 
ever, be required hy an? court to dlacloBe tbe testimony 
of a witaeas esamined before the grand jury, for tbe pm- 
pose uf aBcertuining wbetber it U consistent witli tba 
given bj tbe witness before the court, or to diacloae ilis 
testimoay given before tbem by any persoD, apon • 
obarge gainst such peisoa for perjury in giving bis tMtl- 
mony, or upon trial tlierefor. 

Obligatiga of ■ecncr.—IViniaso omniU take adTunc* ot UU 
otillgntlonlnar-liutnalprineciirlonHsinst Ibom— al Cal.AM: t lit! 

gnuicl Jurr— *a Me. II; MB t Orav. ISS. A Braniiiuror BUW Iww* 
pellsU iolesilfr, nben necnBryfor HbUa IpiUeS, M lovtaat ■wK' 

Ouata-ini 1 Cir. * K. (19) 1 tnuicTW. 0.%M H&mi 11 Unj, 

f TW, lliOtatt.KI)tIUKkI.21;4Ind.&I<ild.tsiriIred.Witi1^ 

(a.c.jimiaauuB.;«t;»ia.u;:iTila.biiisibb,HBii iieinuii 

I i Heiiik. Ill; Ha/ra,l Biait.MI: but tMreaauot ImiKMh tbSrMa 

nnllGtliy affidavit— Cb*tl(.B.BI. I; lHa<rb.H4!»fioriMilIIUa. 
Ml] 4l1toira,*lTi nid.llBj nor dlBClosetbavataan fliidli« ettM» 

' teiHra.*A\Hl.V.V.33i*ce»inet.i2g. SD.tbB Ulnrlct MtoianKt 

— ssluil. IS4: eta I BlblkMSi liiilbs li luauuHtent tattMU*taaIia 
«lili:bwUIUnpiiudiUiaTerdlct-l)Ue.K! »Vt.4»: ILawttQial- 

927. A grand juror cannot be gaestioaed for anytliliif 
be may say, or any vole lie may give in tha grand jufi. 
rnlativo to n matter legally pending lietoro the Jniy. er 
eept for a rerjucy of which he may have been guilty, ia 
making an accusation or giving testimony to his feUov- 

928. It shttll ba tbe duty of tha grand jury annnall* 
to make a, careful and complete examination of tbe Looki 
rccortlB, and accouota of a Li the ofSct'ts of tbe county, ami 
especially those petlaiiuiia toVuo levisauA, and n| 
tlidftton; and if, in tlielt ^uilpaeiAA^vrAu^^j^B 


e necessary, they shall have power to employ one at an 
preed compensation not to exceed five dollars per day, 
^yable as other county charges. The jadge, upon the 
ipannelment of such grand jury, shall charge them es- 
icially as to their duties under this seotion. [fa efleot 
pril 16th, 2880. ] 


Must Iw preaenlcU lo th 

lot be fotwd trithont the a 

F at leodt twelve grand jorors. Wbtm bo fonid, 
It muat be Bfgnsd by the fnremaa. 
SesMCsl. lUi/igif, IMD.UidDOM. 

932. The presenlmeiit, when roand, miut be prati 
ed b7 tbs foreman, in presence of the grand iaiy, to O* 
court, and must be filed with the clerk. 

933. If the facta stated in tbe presentment conctitnU 
a public ofTense, triable In the county, tlie court most 
rect the clerk to Isaue a bench-warrant for the amsi 
tbe defendant. 

934. The clerk, on tbe application of the judse n 
dlBtrlct attornaf , may accordingly, at any time nfter il 
order, whether tbe court be sJttlDK or not, Isaue a b«Dch- 
yrairant, under hU Blgnaturs and the seal of Uie co 
Into one or more counties, 

935. The bench-warrant, upon prcBenTtneDt, most I* 
Bubetancially In tbe following form: County of — - 
The People of the State of California to any sheriff, c 
stable, marshal, or policeman In thia Stst«: A piaent- 
ment having been made o-nttio 4kj<A . ai " 

301 PRE3EKrilIEMT. §§ 936-7 

een , to the Superior Court of the County of , 

charging C. D. 'with the orime oE , (deaignating it 

generally) you are thereforo cominanded forthwith to ar- 
rest the above named C. D., and to take him before E. I*^ 
a magistrate of this county; or, in case of bis abaenca oi 
inability to act, before the nearest and mottt accexBible 
tnagistrats in thia county. Given under my band, tcitb 

the seal of said court affixed, this day of , a. 

D. eighteeu , By order of the conn. [Seal.] Q. 

H., clerk. [In effect April ]2tb, 1880.] 

936. The bench-warrant may be served in any county, 
and the officer serving it must proceed tbereon as upon a 
warrant of arrest on an information, oicept that wlien 
served in another county, it need not be indorsed by a 
magistrate of that county. 

937. The magistrate, when the defendant is brought 
before liim, must proceed upon the charges contained ia 
the presentment, iu tbesame manner as upon a warrant of 
arrest on an information. 



Of tbe Indiotnwnt. 

FlHIIINa AND Pbbsbniueht c 

r, 55 MO-B, 
BdiiSB of Fleaddki AMD Toax or 1 


FrweedlDgs wium Hetendaot Is 

940. An iDdictmeat cannot be found without tlje i 
curreuce of at least twelva grand jurors. When ao found 
It nnat be indoiaed, " A true bill," aud tbe indorasment 
muat be signed by tbe foreman of the grand jury. 

Ooncnmnoe.— Tbis Bectlon abona hov aa indlctmeDt Is toand— M 

.bou'sh tiiB ( 

Kill. ai. An Indlccmeut fur : 
ben ot I lory ot Mxle^ii pti 

)H; 1 Hnnpb. Sia; eea l« Ln. Anf^i 3 OuBbTltl 
IClascHui. tvreZT« are §ufflclf]it— «d Mo.flSl; buf -" 

nlneout ortwentv-ihreewiTB relecteO, it H » If 

Jury— H ObI. WO. IrihBfiniliiHi babrir— ■' 

marbequailiedbyuiociaa Uelorsulw 
IndoTHmsnL— Tbs viaal practice 

■'&D1N" luapeep jicuiHomciPni— HI'S. Dt «4: m w.w; sea 
aMi Bnil In some, lu tots) omlsdon, whera tne BlanMure ot 
man JsKtspn. la belrt aUHclpnc-ia N. H.wSj 11 Cna.473i 41 G 
Mia.SN; olawa.slli II Uliui.l«; 2Hawii,4Mi MN.T. 1: 
Slenamre Where tbe caption and boaj of tba Indlrtmenl i 

§g 942-4 FiNsraa and paBasmustrr, 3M 

answer, tliedeposittons and statemeat, If any, transmitted 
to tijeminitst be returned to the court, with an IndoiM- 
ment tiieieon, signed b; the foreman, to tfa« eSect that Um 
charge ia dismisaed. 

ladorEemeiit.-TlilaBeDtlDn preacrLbfa lion an IndiPtment mmt M 
Inaoraeil mid preacnceU— M Ual. 3«. Tlia objection tUatUielniUciiiioil 

942. The dismiBBal of the cbai^ doea not prerent Hi 
resuljmlEsion to a grand Jury as often as the court may di- 
rect. ButnithoutsuchdireotloQ it cannot be lesabtnittecL 

Diimisaal of DharEe.— Wlieo tbe grand ]nnr has dlnalswd a chatftk 

'■"|<— '■■I'"' "18 Jury at Uioauccoeainitenn'njaj-protf--'"—"— "- 
I'lils BwiUm Is to be cDmldsred la EODnec 

eoe JBoPAauT, 

943. When an indictment is found, the nataea of tb* 
witnesses examined before the giaod jury, or TChose de^ 
oBltiuna taas have been read before them, must be is- 
aertod at the foot of the indictment, or indorsed theteon, 
before it is presented to tbe coort. 

I of wla 

3t Inserted at 

i; MIO. 

lereoD. aad dQieadaut laua te tak« mIihma 

«: n S£ 

Jccilnn to a wlOiHi belDflivom M Um tml, wbon MBS i> iiM<B tM 
luriiiaintni-£i Cal. wT^ lU. iHi » I^Mi HIO. aaai U MMjTm 
a \a. uiu. 3; Id. n. Sea »if, IBM. Wtacarrer, liy aUtnU, lka7 
dDnemeikt of lliB namu of wItiuiBiBfl ureqiiliea,laMiilnloiicia V 

944. An Indictment, when found by tbe grand jlUT< 
must bo presented 1>; tlieir foreman, in thalr preseoe<^ w 
the court, aadmuB^ibeMed^ttithe clerk. 

jHBnteil,— This aertlon proscribea the m 


xa bTUieror»m. 
. Tttfa Inct wlJl 

u; iCoia.lsl;BIreil.«U; Ewesw. ifii.510;MMias.,'aa:ll tie teSj 
Ten. Ct. App. 661; a lU. ll; 8 Yerg. IBB; 7 Hunipll. IM. 

945. when an indiatmsDt is found against a ileCenil- 
Qt not iu custody, llie samB proceedings miiet be bad aa 
ra pceacrlbed In sections nine Jiundrad and aevent;-liii)a 
I nina bundred and eigbt^-four, IncluBive, ajcainaC a da- 
fend ant who fails to appear for ortaignmeat, 
ladlDUneiit nay be found aaabisc one not la castody— U Cal. snai 

LD oTiler U iDdorsed 


Is ludletmeut, or InfoimMko. 

IT flctiUona luutie, • 

, bjf dlffecent n 

. StBlemcnt as to tine vbeu oSeiua 

. BlaUmcntiistopErsoa Injared or InCeaded I 

. ConstiuFtlouof TCordsused. 

. Words used In a Blalule need uot be atrictly ] 

. Indictment or Inrormallon, wben iDnclent. 

. Not Insufllclent for defect ol rorm not taodlt 

. PreamnptlanBOtlair.etcneedDDlbeltiteil 

:, Judgments, etc., bow pleaded. 

I. rriiaiifaUitctts.hDiiilmata. 


§§ 949-50 ^H 

mlnodmost be sought for In ft» 


GlL!06: ISia.W: U ^H 


949. The first pleading 

n tlie part of the people is the ^H 

[In effect Apiii StL, 1880.] ^| 

950. Tlie indictment or 


must CDiitaia— ^| 

1. The titlu of the actio 

a, specifying 

the name of the 


2. A BtatBiQBnt of the ae 

ts constituting tie offense, in , 

na p ra mm 

d ta d 

g k wwha H 

ia d ff A 


pU En 

an uniy ^H 

Hid. Th is 



ma bo edby 

Itrl cuumiuu 

us eec Urn 

f ««ur"« 

M m 

M ia SB 

^£ \Sf 

Crom * 



to 63 « 






-HlON. S 


-> Uicb. IH; 


CluWUil.," 11.-. Ll- 


w. atJUU Mi^. <H. 

Prtaoipal and acoeuorir.-Un 

ntwblcb charges d«- 

rcHilnul lUt ytiufiipal. lio taimot ua louna guilty i 
hliii ID bave been an occeasory— tlCal. till; 90 

on to other matter. 




HO iiiuoe l« InOlHeU lii Iha comity where tlie bc 

milKd-lIGal.atlil ben « Id. Alci. 

11.233; »W, 31 


, , , .-, 1 Blranee, iSi m. „ ™™,_ 

doer, ecu., or anr aaiili Tsaue cbBise— lla SUss. liU j aea 1 Mod. 
BtnnKa.H9ilH>wli.P.u.cta.H,fll3. McU not vRal to tSa K 

pviiri'i ■ -■'■'•■■! ■'!-: ipcnio.fpli DtoiililBa It Is ileacrlbaaii?M» 

iN < --iioflm time It wu KDtDBDr unbmraM 
il. ' i3 Ma. UtS: leATl[.«». A lllWMpi 
„-, r l>u aveiTBil In tu taOlGtmait, bat mm 
h.-.. ,■ ■AsB-ltM.m; B\^mai MI(L>U;»ii 
CM. \. ■■■ . .M.r.wvenlun.DTlbfldolagQta&MnW ijui-i.Mn.. ., .'i.c-MmrrtocoQitltuto th» oBenw, tha In- 
Slccmi-nt iiui^t M.itn Ilium— 111 CuJ.u. An uUegacion tn im laillrnait 
<lBSCrlplivoott_hB^Wanll_[Jof^»^tl>leBftlly OB"--''-' •- -■■- '-- 

951. It may be BabstanCialty in the foQowing tixa: 
Tlia People oEtbe State of CalifoniiaitgaiiiBt A.B., intkl 

Superior Court of the county of , the dajret 

, A, D, eigliteen . A. B. is accueed bj Ik* 

grand jury of tbe couuty of , liy this iiidlctinclU,(«t 

b; lliH district attorney by tliia Inforuiatioa) of tha ut~ 
□C Igiviag Its legal appellatioa, sucli as murdvr, onoa 
tbe like, ordesfgnutingitas fetooy ormUdemeanor), e 

mlttud OS folloiTs: Tbe said A. B., on the daf «( 

A. o. elgbteso , at tbe comity of ,'(!>«• 

set fortb tbe act or omlssioD charged as an otEeau) ec 
trary to the form, tome, aud effect of the Btatuta i&tt 
cose made and provided, ami against the peMiv nad ' 
nity of tbe people of the State of CallEorniii. [In ^ 
April nth, 1860.1 i 

KVUia Of f bEAJ)tN(i, 

ineoJMa.ira. BOjJ'uulnwtuliy'andc 

ilesitniafiDatbs offeose ni n'tRfanS' l.i s>iSciunt-1< Csl. s::. An eiro^ 
iieguBappellulLolioruoappeUa,tluiiQl UisuSeusetiof uoconBeiiueuce, 

la-nea. the uiulin otiismtonani dues not spplr to ui ladliitmeiit 
chaiglog ■■ larcEy " (orUrneuy—uPae. C.L.J. Ii2. 

952. It must be direct aad certain, as it regards— 

1. Tbe party charged. 

2. Tbe ofFense charged. 

3. The particntat clrcumatances of the offense charged, 
nhen the; are necessary to constitute a complete defense. 

Mnit be direct and csTUin il Cal. 3:3; 20 [d. W. U tlie langDBge 

IscajiablB or two Inlorpretaclons, oiilj- one or whlcli imporls a iliHrge, 
ths fntUctnisui Is not eootl— 31 Uol, liTl. Ilie law does cot reanTre 

JuM. 1. ABtopartychareed— KCbLH: Mld.iN: GlOaLUfi. Bee 

"Whrre tbfllntllDtmeiit ciLargmltbHoffeti&eaB " 1ui^ey,"lixatfiador "lar- 
Ttto enb<t»nllal taeti mual appear irllli autb certain ty as will enable ■ 
tuanol erdUiuTlntPllUience to understend vlutLi itilendiid.aadto 
enable the court to pronounce aprupar judgment— tCsL SHU: » Id. mi 
»ia.U; Mla.133) fild.inl: MCd.iS. 

Subd, a. As IS the cirenm mmic bm—U Cat. a>i wben neceisaiT to 
constltDte B tomDlece otlense— 31 li). ms; n Id. ID:; 19 Id. 999. II It 

MuUniUl diuully wrapoii-1!! CaL KU™^eo''note»^dpr IS USO, M9. 
Wliere an ace cotiCaina bovbhiI proTlalonB. an IndlctnicDl for vlotatlng 
It tuiisC itate tbe peculiar provisions nblcb ttio pet^ion Intended to 
violate-^ Col, !III1. SeeanIs,S9»,n01ei uidjiui/, S UW and note. 

953. When a defendant is charged by a flctitioas or 
erroaeouB name, aud iu any stage of the pruceedinge his 
true name la discovered, it must be iDserted in the subse- 
quent proceediDga, teforritiE to the fact of hia being 
charged hy the name luentioued in the indictment or in- 
formation. [In ellect April Bth, IS80.] 

□ onBtinitlonBlit^.^Thi3 xertlOR m not In vlotatlDii ot art. 1, i 11, of 



feient forms aDdeTiliffHcentcouDta, and, wLea the offeiMa 
may be committed by tlm uae of diSereD t moang. the meaat 
mn; be alleged ia the nlteraative ia tiae same count. (Id 
efCoot April 'Jtb, 1880.] 
Indlolment roust charge bot on* dB^iih— 4B CaL ttailt Id. «U. 

Ult^tmcnC wblcU clLargea burElavT, mlxva with luvMiy, AHCmRvv 
oOcuies— £J Gal. ISii; or ctaBrgrog A. wlUi tha tareeaj tat csfUUMn 

couDt'ltcbirgestlisgooas tokea tolwtlis praper^ of A.7uit ta «■ 
oibur to IH) tlio property ot D., aod In >Ililra coiuU to Iw tba u tO Mnf 
ol U.. It does not chargs different oSenns-IT CaLML Wbo^nAiS 

conBtltute but ono utIeiue-31 CaL «01 ) 4 iSuuL BUI) I Bar. irTtibt 

Bill, (9.c.)ii6rort.40! itri<ik.ntiMiiiJmi«iiii.i. 8o,«k3a 

tsi-coUeclof reculvea mooey to-r Ucinia doe tlio StaM, ud Mkv 
mane/ far Ucenaes due tUe conDtTt Dud ainbudoa Uia kIwIs, It bMt 
one oiTeuu— 2S Cai. UI: eo, an ludlciDuiDt wblch ohoise* wltt tt* 
IpR aiiil mlfrlng dopanoc chaiso two oDenKi-KL; hw nid.Mlja» 
au iHiilciiuBiii wbicb cbarRea odd wHb l>DyUi« and reoHTlna ifilfi 
properly. cliaivea but ojio offensB-W Ifl. »i or clianliiK ooawkkllB- 
lag and circulating lli:Bii3Bgoibertliiiattio«eaiiOiorUeJbylaw,LlaMi 
liutoiteoneiiaa-31 Id.uo. RecltliiR an BcciUHtiau oI Msault wiAV 
wlUilDicuttoklll-MCnl.M; or Bbarglng M aattult ana battcA artr 
u ]>art gf, or inuae ot eiFcutlDg:. a furciUIo ureat Or >bdnctloii--Jlll 
OH; or cbargiiiz rape, and asau]t (o commit It, la not fdiaisiivtni 

AltamatiTS aUgealions.-AUeEalloni In the altenMlTa iw ty 

ottBMo,'aiiddonot'tOLii;h''t£oo^^B°lts'll-^4i».6»l lAfT^SaE 
■I deBcilbiai D liorsu eiuiea as bplDg"e]ttierabrownor ■ baaMr 

liDiderDrilrtualei"-: HeL 119; G l<L:i«: or, "la a certain puK .r 

Mrtiiiouion"-^ ''■°S?^.^„?Si'ii5'„?iSff~r.5Sf!5?_!?.^'! 

KiLeaB.lM: HetMo.Hlior ldlqiliwBIliiInDBatobe€HItba'■M*■ 
u2ia.UliHa.tTI. TlHti«ofor"lnaaallewloiiUIatalw^i 
ranSSn * naumetit onwrtalD-S Ww. «i: l aiar, MI; 1Ma.fifcI 
nttar Or.R.»t tein aatt.lia. Wben t&a wopla M ■ Muaua* 
)H|THo,4!ii«4ia.a!lil: 4STei.SlB| Ha«Blnii.9Mi an, ~ or^- mB M 
lulnKluceillaeDumeratuurnesat4vDavarmeat« toexolade eEcvMkv 
lDaMatute-20N U.U07Ewrva.MB. Wben the aiatuu cubb^S 
MTenI acts disjunctively, the lodlctmenl ■Uoulil cbarco tliau laOa 
oamiuicU>e~»CaL!wru.tllj UliLMB. 

95a. Thapreciaa time at which the offense inuoem- 
tnitted need not be stated in Clie indicCmeot or lafoi^ 
tion, but it may bo alleged to bave been commuted M Mf 
time before tbe finding at filiag thereof, exvepc wbentlb 
tllaa Ib a material ingieawn.^ \^x'a« obnafc. ^S^tlBj 

ipru nil. isao. ^H 

67. w'lii"'' ■■ 1 LuiiuiutD » cliijr, or frao^ 

£lon-12 UU. E* Matter uraldlmdhostatuio must Lo mc out when- 
eTer It voultl oibenilae auuear cnac tliBDiIeuBa U barred— J9 Cal. 3& 
BSD anle, ii SHH. im. 

956. Wlien an ofFeuse iavolves tbe coimnisaloii of, or 
an attempt to cominlt, a private injur;, and ii described 
-with sufiicleiit certainty ia otbei respecta to identify tbs 
act, an erroueoua atlegatian 09 to tlia petaon injured, or 
intended to ba injured, is not materiuL 

Statnnmt u to panon Injured, and tliird psniei — Wben ■ tlUrd 
petioo la uojuiown, It U suflleleDt to cbaiita aa to niin " a sertala pat- 
ua toltieinrgnautaawu"— ^CnolL ttlOl Ld.l3T: i Ailan.SBOi laid. 
:4Bi a UUcU. Ml; U IniL IMj 3 IlL HWi SO Iowa, 61i: 14 ko. MOi I 
packer Cr.B.fl21. SD.otndoci!iiiHdp(!r»ii-16 ArLlMi aHirw. thi 
1 Car. AK.B1; or the owner 0tBiHKlaBtDleu-14MaB&:il}il2rick.lIli 
»Uum.*Uil.liSai ir bowaiaCtlieEliasiuilciiowatotlLsiiirr— 3Qnkr, 
DUi liauaas.!!} iL' bat Dtfaeiwliell tiabareaUrtaiinni 
tott»]arr-WC:aua. WOiUM.V. W»i 1 Otiko BC 01 1 B TexTtt. Add. 
3H|OritUiejDryLwlnotli!a-ia Allen, «Ui 111 lIasa.Mli )lB>ir4«] 
HoItM.r-Wi^liutlliabunlenlaou liaTaDdaDl u proTS knowladCB at 

ooeiilly ISpliowovcr.DOKroimdfaracquittal— II uaati.lS7: 2Gn^,ont 
»Alii.iil: Tiud-tSB; MMo.Mlli I Car.* K. 83: 1 Moody C. C. 401) 
or ureal oC jiiUsmeat-U Bull. SM; S. 0. 39 M. T. 4I>5. A chrlatlaa 
naniDioay bn averrea to ba UDknovn— W Ala. r.ii: SJ La. Aii.SSi see I 
Grar.lOJi liaMa»i.21. Ibeiaetsoinluloaol tlia inlilal o[ Ibeuxld- 
dla nains J9 no error— fl Pac. C. L. J. GIO. II the rooiiiaa/ name 1> the 
name or style of D Arm. the namm of tbe eeveral lutuiuen ehould be 
stated 1 but If lUenamebeDtncDrparailon, tbaluUlciiumtiaBuotl if 
UslaleUiatIaet-»CAIU! ma.liMi BaiiliaO; 930: 

SVLIU. Tbeafermeut Is aecaBjarynbeD made so by statute— id 
«!.{»; 1810. nil S Barb. WflBParterCr.B. 87: Id. 33); Mlud.aW; 
4aH.iF.Ii.H»i 4Ba«la,4S4, An ormaeoui allegatlou aa to Ilii- uarty 

aur«t l« not uuLtarlal-41 Gal. SH. U tho a.inyatlou lu wblrb ilis 
Bflbraar appcara la inat«na], It may ba rej«i:tad aa aurplTioago— 4 
Flak.lU( SSdui. 12i 4aOa.M. Wb;re tbe pleader undertalies to ieI 
OBtthaDaoieBof afirm, Bvarloncuiii tlio proof Is fatal— :^ lod. tot. 
id to obaerveand enforce tbe testa of tbe validity 

nwd. It li good on Hcnsral demuiTer— e Fac, U. L. J. OlUi S Cuah. j.^ 
described in olber reipeoia -with BufQcleni ccnoUniy— II CsL !3ii; IT lii. 

957. Tiie words used in aa indictintiiit or infuriuatiua 
an) construed in tUeir ueuut acceptaoca la SSI 
gaage, except aaah word» anil f bi 

J'JfA. CODS,— Ml. 

958. Words used in a statute to delina a public ofleliM 
need Dot be strictlf pursued ia tlie iadictmeot or latiicmii- 
tioQ, but other words coovej'iDg tlie aame meaning maj 
be used, pn effect April 9[li, ISSO ] 

Ststatorr oSfanasB.— Tlie ladlctment Is sulBcloat It It cbnim (M 
BflBusa 111 tilt iMirnnga ol tlieilaluU anil fnllr comply KiUitUKl 
tiieuud«-u<^Oaii«id.iM^id.Hiiiaiii.m; tot<i.Mi9i ahiM 
liLXiSj 13BlBCcIiI,4ulifiBiuli.SI6i IJliLtlS; It cWi. *ai-.tit huku 
1 Call}, lit; 1 eau. I; » oran. bm: 1 dntniB, 4M; -i iS. m: I 
Hal't. XMi S omt. tN; eilll.i»«i Mia,3ltj*ltirn, eaj-. i iia. c; i 
ltiinH.41iiII>]IUB.t47:ZJHllin.T71:CIHi>.ll: ltT<.'_-<1. r -V 

3riMilVtnl:UVt.«r:)3Ve>u«,ttlitwiuui.4:;^ I. V. . 

i 8mi,iGe:aStrab.<74. HU — ~. *. ■ 


Nligra (Utliii aaa or faeti wbl 


■as u eoDitlEiulD* tliB oSensB, all 1001 Mrti nwy iio ciiumJ u i 
BliiEls Caiint— X9 CnT. lt«i iriteniimeisEeitbom dlajun<.'tivcty uid iM 
ItHlli'tnieDC oliargea nion thin ana of tlmm. It muit cbuse tbim <■»' 
lBuuiivei)j mii™* rtswiw^ uwrt^ dlsJuneijToly m ■ vno nymow^ 
been ■I'olWail'-K! Col. Ml. 

959. Tbe iudlotment or iufonOHtlon is Hufflolent. U II 
can be UDdenitond tbcrefri 

1. Tbat it ia entitled tu a court linving aotbority to tv 
celve It, tliougU tlie name of the court be not stated. 

2. If an iudiatmenC, tbat it was found by a grand jni; 
of tlie count; in wbleh the court waslield; or if an info 
atiou, that it waa aubacribed and preseated to the a 
hs tlie district attoruey of the county la niiicli tbe a 
vaa held. 

3. That the defendant ia named, or, If hla name castwl 
be diacoveced, tbat be is described by a Hrtitio 
tritb a Btatutaeot that hia true uajne ia to ihu ju 
trict attorney, aa the oa<ie may be, unknown. 

4. That thn offense was conunicred M «i>me p|«c^^ 
lu llio Jurisdiction of tho court, extpjit iTtierF 
tliough diiati w\thoul\beVncaliaii(.diutiotti^ 

is (rial>lti tUureiu, 

5, That lliG offense waa coiotoittecl at some time prior 
to tbetime of lincliDgthB iniilctmeDt or filing of the in- 

6. T]iiit tlio auC or omlasiou charged as tlie oEtense !■ 
clearly aod diBtinctly aet forili id ordtuar; and ounclse 
language, wttliout rt^petitlon, anil iu aueli a mauner aa to 
enable a, person of cummoa uiideFataading to know what 
is intended. 

T. Tliat the act or otaiasiou charged aa the offense is 
■taCed with Buch a degree of certainty as to enable the 
court to pronounce judgment upon a conviction, aocoid* 
ing to the ilgbt of the case. [In effect April 9tb, 1880.] 

Satd, I, Bntilllni indictmenl.— An Indictment mar be snatlod 
BliliBr"county"Dr''ciwaiiclcoQnty"— 14Cal.B73: lilil.3M; SiiiatO. 
Tlio cBptlQn In no part of thB Inaicinient-U HHlal. 2*1; 3 Har. (Del.) mt 
lHaHli«,3Miai.LJiil:24AIa.ij(2i au N.H, aMj 37N.Y, 117: la Vl.wJ 
BttW.KIOi 3WeDd.3IBl SZflb.fl. SflO aBmC. WU; B All. *B. 447: 4 AllU. 

ai4ti. i. riudine of Indictmem.— Tba Indlctmest must aUese tlis 
Suhd. ». Wrong namsi.— It a derendant Is InUlcted by ■ wrong 

^^AuMJI. ^WhsnthsdaToantilcblbeladlcQoeDtnBatouudJaalvc^ 
a. ealxL 1. 



S9S9 S 

CDterlug In (bo ilay-tlmo— 3 Colrl. ?7. It Is 


bagolnti'Dt ^^1 

asssASS^i'Bfir&a-?!™ s" -s 


ot bB taby BO 

tha lu nor a y hargeU u o w 

andkuowngydidba o a Iiis posbeulD 

liidl m Bb 

uldipa Uy 

EllOlur lar n y diuu oli o and li 


stau uc dtna o'^j BB 11 -M fl b 

ils andaot 

maaon aL cd ry V »li liT^o u ly 

appears ba 

be asboQ 

liau B ho DIUDJ a om D o( tha Oa; 

Bedsam ta 

iiisuffi D-Ki ^ S. Besan ieuJ 

Forgery An Dfll tmen to lorgory i 



knon E ti BromaKlnE meaaatlui 


dsa "I al 1 

It Ua iag 

Dw beaoCei 

were ol^ymaU -9 Mass m" see 3»Utl uS. lliBpoaieu 

nolH eai 

em b u aas ha h yib ililbeal bualfb Us-a 

is DO a 3^317 oaU^ettaatli bmiking 


u orporacad ^H 

BUs'*f n a M Ky B Gray 

b ba ^W SeBonM, ^H 

Tha ndl lo n 

ba abeea ^H 

Head ^P 




ik§ ■'<. H ii 


nntler ical-it Pack C 1 WI3 Qai.a 

tolled Of talueil aU be fa td ne esury 



ronsla oa 


i£ J 

ud^tbS ^1 

om£a u J 

uaio.^" ■ 

ettcn ^M 



:vS ■ 

Oambine AbIdOI m t 

CO ra H b oB B9H « h 

p -UKU Ui m sua bo Uk 

Mtudo TboTnaoma 


WAX g ran u Uuraph «3 

■n, ■mo 

ctUbS must bo M. Bd dll« 



LiEit Jt wiwcommlttBiJ before the I 
inmcimcni--ui,ai.iiui id.MT. TbotUyouwlilell O"" ■ 
tuU.sjiduot tliBdny on n'jlch tbs remie at Iba act ..i., _.».....«„,_ 
tUaprojir^rdaytachnrgc-UCnl.mi 3 OrUt^M. K miut alticBlk 
ptacH uruia tlcatb'.ILa. An. SMs ueM Ala, e!3; Bod Uuitft mMk 

ui of Its j>erpetnUon--B Diuli. m: 
U. A.39I; and D iMteBtol of *- 

■} l.y II sljoK-un [, baa. [orliSa 

e PorlUJt Cr. B. 171. 

idarB and abonon.— Vbere aeTeral wen nldlliic 

otinMorliawlio««nKklliaUlow-aBrfl».aWi sfiii . , .„ 

E. 710; aa )l tow fhftrgo <Ha »«» dono by nil or by one.aMOol l| 
?r8^Atl[.aj. It loifir cbarae In oas cdudi. one M prlBd^LaS 
U\cr 03 accessory , ntidln nuoclier conot Uw Litter_as rMOflS^ 
h SliIiQti.t of nu nccsssory before the (act.' it most'iJleKe tinlUk 
CaV^S"" "**""*"■ """ '"■* ""' "'"^ "' """■^" '™* CBBoiHH 
eatlt.- CbarglngttiB death ol tlu«e penona ehuws Om^^ 
li.tii. KlUlDg sevenllatlbenniBaot l*iuteulIenie.M 

. .„„-3i jpj '"™!S7iiH5'!si!^.".""^C?''' 

xii Diid huy'allege Ucatb asTMna 

BIS. Wbere It 1139 cbargeil llcU acenaed. ■ 
aforesaid did leloalonsly, —'"•-"" — ■ — 
atoreihoDsbi, etaoot. kill, ai 

dMttt-«^d.ll:Ulil. lU;iuia.»ii. 

dnnlbc ih» d 

I S3 

K Do 


RULES OF rLE,U.lNO. § 959 



■a Ea to lenWJi. breadth, and doptH-M Me. 79: I 



liey veie tiillcted.aro not necessuy-g Cul. :i;j; 


Ui.t..,t .m^r L. ^vrm.1-8 ,M,,o S.. .,^M.I;^«J 

ui"l"r;' .. 

■ 'i':'^ 

IJjSUWi- . 



IL IMi buEN 


=S2t?'r,S.'e'S^£Tr-^M"£f>^Ti t ist. 


iglifroulii'rl>^kau<lBttemi>tInK to taavo fieiiuil iuterrouise 


Id. but It I 

gooa If It Blleco tlinl tlio pLiaamiwiwraailoiiltli 


act t u mil T te nn by t and 1 1 c« 
nil Ln galii 

ki, dge 

pS" "" 

Th tb 


U en 

di im 

rB to rton^ "^ ""^ 





I in 

ilui mi^K 


■Se "B- 



lorci a ngaln^t tils wlU-MD* 

*!«:o una bill nui talooMMt 

>nu V nsly leliBt tita>Ml 

tnuj ma olleKe UiatliiV 

cumi 234. ItnuutBUMM 

lliiii an er— astJ^M. il 

'-fuio iirt taetbatltnitlM 

from eed not >llf|n* 

kliin B3 DC descrlUackr 

" It'll Uoi urrelicT." wu Sold M 

Indtfl <^-i allege tlut itaepraprnt 

lakeu aa w limo tlie defciKlul-it 

Ca1.3l Ov\ I art b dcwriiiiliaiotili 

oSeme— aLt44 must ci ec li wnenbJp or tlis rin» 

ertT take , u ir aa nam m roia «bom tt wm caten-B 

CaUM, H Ita UK m M to aver iIh> cUp 

not lu al ^H An tm aminac an accnHin «■■ 

conla all m smr aosliu tb prlnc:i]iM, anit iM 

tba crLmB or tbo prluu|niil was coainiltlea berora Itwiu tonudB 

Eo™yl«guiliyQ(ai!uth?ruH"Mo-ll'o£^ Sro^rt^SBu? 
960. No indirtmeDt or infomiatioa is insufficient, W* 
oan cko trial, judgment, oj otbet proceeding Ibcieoa 1« 
aSucted by reaaoa of any defect or imperCr^oUou in msi- 
terof form wlitcb does doC tend to tlie piejadice of •h> 
atantial right of the defeodaot upon its merits. [Ib d- 
feet April Slh, laSO.] 
Valldttf ol tndlDtmant— Nt 

3C9 RfLEB OF PL^iMNQ. §§ 961-4 ' 

376: e Infl. 333! 10 LiWil, r.H'J: B IrPil, ISIll 11 Mo. 971; Si Ml9>. «Mj M N. 

T.si7;7. -.iiti.aMj rata.aM; iP».st.4»i«Tei. 

Ci.A|i'i - '-.^JTj.iieelal^St.M. G«utamare 

iQCTiL-l . <j; lUUkSJi. laSillBicb. IsS The 

oiDh>:ii ' iM faCnl— 21 Mo. til; 11 Vt. UL So, 

erssur.-.'! I.. HOC vlLlBIe— It Qrv.lMi 101il.1«( 11 

Soffloioncy, hov («srsd.^TliQ flnflleleQcy of ut ImUetmnit Is lo ta 
determined by tbe ruin preserlbea bj tbls Code, lad U BU iDdhit- 
meDt, npoD a fair readlnn, will itauil tnJs tuEt, It ia suOleienI, ttaonOl 
not EoodBt common lair-SSCal.aiO; niil.iMIt liltil.alVi lYliLltti 
8I<l.S9i tlil.SM. UersfonnBldeEeeta,!)? tvblclinasiibitiuillalMKtaU 
or delenilaiit nre preJndlcHl, irlll notJaaUCyauumstoMiidgaeiic— 

Nam lien ma aBCesfdreii In njuraa nad »til>ievtmioiu. IiibImh) ot ueUu 
rnineu mt— I Vi. 401 : 2 Aslim-TO; Dr. the omluJon nt bCivdiiiI «oia 
— ]IVt.3»i 21UD.til| aDeT.ISfilaUa.mlj eo,of eHBureDand tn- 
terllneBtlons, iTbere the Indictment Is othecwlaelaKible— IsOrw.Mi 
14ld.3Te; 1Ild.4i IIInd.(i70i 14 Oblo, IG1 ; 1 Cu. jn>. 31B. 

961. Neither preanmptioos of law, nor mattecs o( 
wbich judicial notice Is taken, need bo Btatecl in an in- 
dictment or iaformntloa. [In eScct April 0th, ISSO.] 

One 3113. a. SU; Kind. lOT; llQMuis. lei! SCrandi C. C, OIB. 

963. In pleading a judgment or otiier deter mination 
of. or proceeding before, a. court or officer of Hpeoial juris- 
diotion, it is HOC necessary to state ttie facU constitntiug 
jurisdiction; but tbe judgment or determination ma; be 
stated as given ot made, or the proceedinga bad. The 
facts coDBtituting jurisdiction, liowever, must be sstab- 
lisbed on. tbe trial. 

963, In pleading a private statute, or a right derived 
therefrom, it is sufBcient to refer to tlia statute by iti title 
and the day of its passage, and the court must tliereupon 
take judicial notice tbereof. 

l^^toc. AbriOg. ■■ luciictmtiit," p. i 

964. An iudictment or information for libel need not 
act forth any uxtrinaio facta for the parpose of showing 
tbe application to the party libeled of tho defamatory 
natter on whlcb the IndictmcDt or lufoimatlou is found- 
ed; but it is Bufflcient to state generally tbat \\\eeeLQW 
ym published conaeruiag him, and tbe fRct Qia.1 \t ^m 


BO published mUBt be ostablUbed onthetii»l. -J 
AptU 9tb, 1880.] 

Bumnb.M: 1 Cush, Wi 3 Halsl. Ui; S Hawlut, ^mTuT^ 
M: llf £!; iil-Ki 9aoutb.;4»! T Benf. AR.Wl l« H. IT*. ItniusCtBBetc,Lit,ir'iu-|ii!.ij---- ■ 

prflCDcJetl by IbB wi 
worda lUid Sipiies 1 

^11 be raoo-ea lu. 


Tlw tBdiomiBiit 

noEaltrrtliunii'mjiuif uta 

L,. 0.». WlierepKtsmi — 

r'lu ihe«8»ocd«,"or'' 


969. When an instrument wblcli la the sn| 
Indlctnient or inCuimatioa for forgarf liaH b«a 
or witlilield b; the h.cC or tlia procurement u( 
auc, and tlie fact of ench destruction or witlih 
leged iu tlie iodictment or information, and i 
on the trial, the miadeacription ot the inrtn 
material. [In eHecl April 9tli, 1880. | 

^; a "I'm?' iV "* ^'kV^' 

uaiag'tmih wllJ i- 
-ICuab.H. Anou-i- ■ 

I ttrpnnecutOT^uoK^lti'.^.'- 

iriisiwj!(iii<— WA1«.I»»- j 

,;■.;■ »,!!^ 

966. Id an ladictmGDt or iaformation for perjury, i 
BuboruatioD of perjury, iC Is BufBcieut to set forth tlia 
Bubatance of the controversy •r raarter in reHpect to which 
tba offenaa was committed, and in what court and before 
whom the oath alleged to be false nas taken, and that the. | 
court, or the person hcfora M-liom it was taken, had a 
Uiority to admiuister it, with proper allegatious of the 
falsity of the matter on wliiuL the perjury is assigned; 
but the iudictmeat or iuformatioD need sot set forth the 
pleadings, recuidi or proceedings with which the oath la 
connected, nfr the commission or authority of the court 
or person before whom the perjury was committed. [In 
effect April 9tb, ISSO.] 
Peiinry,— Au Indictment rhnrglng the offense In the words ot lbs 

ing tlist sfiruiied did nilltully, conupUy, and tatsejy 
Inii tlio nroterdinel Old wllilully, cartup 

tElns"'cIuoloiialy,"Uautfcleiil— e'Ca[:497. Ttuit lucniea {daicrlb- 
' uio pi "" — '""^ * — .-*- —..*_,-_. ^ _-_ 

Inii uio proterdinel Old wllilully, cartupthi, and falsely iweac. ete„ 

.__... ...._.„,_ ■isnificleiit-fCaLMJi illd.6l. UikaoH 

material '- ■' 



BUI B lS\M!tt. TS 

M Uft. IK; ica li M^[. L-i^ -1^ MUrljJ; L lluU:h.M4; 3h1lirpll. :j2tiLl4 

Of tbe miUt« aiipcus trum the BCncetuenti. nti eipreaa kUcubUqudI 
maWHaUWUuuQMisKirT-lIHackr, ID; KMet.*5ii 8 -Wen*. Oft-, » 
•i^.. M. ■ UMI. US: l» ilUL WI; iK iiL UJ; 47 Ull. 17H. SU OMC. ^ 

g 967 BOLEa OF I-l-KAUINO. 

967. In an iadlctmeot or iDfornmliou for the lato 
oi embezzlemeiit of monay, bank-notes, certificutMJj 
stock, or valuable aecuriliss, or for a conspiracy to d 
or defraud B peraon of any such property, it ia ll 
to allege Che larceny or emlffizzlemeat, or the conspln 
to cbeat and defraud, to be of money, bank-ootea, o 
oatea of stock, or valuable aecutitlea, without specifjll 
the coin, number, denominatioD, or kind thereof. [IsM 
feet April 9lh. 1880.1 

Iiuemr.'tt U not nncsnrr to atste fecti ibowlRg a 
ol Va oScnH Id uoUier conatT— M Ctl. SU. Tbe vem 
In tay county Into whicb tbe U«lDn propertv Is co- 
there is 4 reinigDuicr between tbe npuon adu tbe et 
bud* of the luulFimentutotbevenns,ltl9liaa for ■ _ _ 
nneertiiLnty-la Tei. 9itl. It must allege tint tbe tnvtaammm 
uiltteU Id lbs caunty nhere tbe luiUctment was fauml — i;1IIb.|^ 

emcb>|MdE5orpiutlciiluil[lad— IIHamvb.lS; eired.lsa. 

An Indictment rorlareearor a piece ot pe(ierD»r slaHitiri 
nhie, wltliDnt tintbu deimption-IM Urn. M; IM MuL , 
■■ to pruDlilmT wite»-t BOT. * B JM ; flConn. ate. ao, Mr <■■ 
■ pantel Dt mU" la inllcleBt-l Der. UI. Cbanlu Ow M 
■•one Uotulml and tidrty doUus"irIUuiiitaniacliiai|esvMBBB 
raoiitT.I>1>ad-^AA.AlS.C.:Aiti.Cr.B.t6. TheaMetaT' 
alelen luiut be alleged— U Cox C U. UIi 8. C. I Oreea vTSTt 


aesc'rlpMon oI wllkb Iha Jnrora cnnnot give, M t beVba*?! 
kiiDH leiliie. Is Buffii:1?iic— 11 Ciub. lU; ot eundnr 1iBnk.4iti 

III flii''Arti,iiri.,-ijiii li.itoia— 10 oniy. »;», An liitiiniiaUea~4VV 
ili."ii<! ' 'iii'iiundreiianatblcij'.iliBaolliri. -ollM I 

i";.'. ■ '.;>' 

Aisriw^a'Sfss: i 

nnii)' ulecea of CQirent Ralilor>li'<F ■ 


particular iii.'11-rVnif oil uMbe<:diu arhaok-^lUa, laoonoimd'Hf HP* | 

DC^IM. DeaeribbHlaaanli^tnihaUtenntlreuMiSiTSTEl 

to net m latal vrrop-ti IM. 4US. 

Where tbe ludlmarat drsrMbH W ■ 



X saefflssanr 

Ers, It ne«d not arer thai iticr •* ■ 

i!rci'ii(;.ILmiID«L<-b ii-.'iial 


ffood for simple larceny 


Owuenhip.— An atlefnUon cpC ownership is essencliil, 
rffeuso is BufflcloQtly descrLliccl — 41 Cal, ■2'Jt,: rir witri-u [liu 

rei. 7sni so. o( Clio sepataiB 
iivner o( the Roodalt known 

Jirl'iClnn nune Is Iniinaterlal— 9 How. (kiss.) Si) 
lu'bIi:inuiiuioiu'<iBulllclcnl— 91 Tei.Mitl; nucli 
DltlBls Is ImnuCerlol-ai Tex. 1^ 

ITAomo otUcrpoTBon Uian tCo prlsonifr— 1 Curl 
HujlE-ooteB OS Ilia propecn ol the person torwoi 


Dflnhip.— Wliere tbera Is a Bpeolal ownenTiIp, the In- 
lay Uia oimersblp in BlUiertbe special orgcQctnl owner 

, siflDini,=03: l»lfnir,wgi lHe«t.t54. Bo. where Kpoib 

lagbt tor tbe poor, they may iw allegea aa ilie property at the 
-JtN. Y. 117. ItmayboaUegodas iha properly of Uie guanl- 

~iay be alTeff 

iSAItlfiJ; u., 

ord— a! N. H. Ml; i 

''tTtr-nt T'^^^na— The apoUj at a single larceno' 


ian ia 'M ti 

ijnjrtygt peraona, 11 onshtnotto' 
. LLM^i; laVeenCr. B.M 

-':i' ij»nt9l)incntdepends 

An IndlctmcatcbaqcJDBiTlCfattialirecayaf twofei 
Bbecn. d[ tliemlne or <ma Ib<iusiudilotlsra,lsii(itra 
tlio y3iaB uf PuU ebBen Is nut aenarMxIy ntatBil-^ Ca 
BiiUuD ol valuo la "iloll[irs,"wllhoul Bdillng •• tawft. _ 
UiiUFil EtitFii," Is mmclnut— D Cnl. ^'14. TUe sllegatloi 

senEnl ilcacrijitlon'ot tbe propcitrlbeiluteDduit luu 

OoUtr knowledEs uid lntsnt.-iK mnat aD^e Ibk 

all uil UuU It mia tfllieD without tbs consent s( Hi 
M; but tills li DDnecesauy wtiero hi bod pouciMoDWi 
property— U Id. 731; sea iJ Id. lU. An ATcnnent t 
broEs Into B boose vilb Intent to steal or cotaniK a 
^raud bmeny— 4S CaL eat] B. 0. 3 Oreeu U. B. a); I 

Jolndar.— Where iSTenil nere Joined Ina ehirse of « 
nUuiuir boconvlctFd tbausli only one did tbe act— IW __^ 
It |9 Immaterial whetlierllidy were preilooily MOMlI 
eonreil'iatod for ■ felonious purpoBC-lsni. »W, tVai 
receiver Humot bo JolutlyloOlctad-M CaL IM; tmUra, 


em1»iileaieut, luid ate^Iivg— Het. US. 

Cbarcing in diflferenl wara.— An bicUctBwnt "^'n'jff ni 
Inf.tnlitnii. and leading or OiiTlniavair "Is not ta^aj 
fBuHbitI>eai^nucilve-LBCa].«i. See ante, 

Ssoond DiftDae.— Tbe tndtctneBt must sBis tk« 
had. prior to Inst oHi-nse. Ixien ronvlcied oC a prenc— _— 
Hine3PiirtarCr.B.m)j IHUI.IOl: I Farter Ci. & «• 
I»Ji tHlll.ttr. 

Ualerlal arennonta.— The word " Mml_' Is not HM 

■rrHit ot'indKBient^ ULackf. MT. Whiiii the ludle(__^ 

(uteri, ud l"o li.cMttmeiit chnnins ti" pII- ri,p— a"-*,."^ 
■■CanT/'omlUlnBihe word"aw!ij. I .,■,, 

ling tbe vurilB " ULwTuI money ol i!i ' ' .,j| 

Charfinf attempt.— XehBidoi.I ... o 

Ing (bo Blander In whlcU Ilia eVV'-MW ' • . j*( 

tag (liat defendanl toolt lliu \oivr>:=»i"' "^ ■• --^i . -ui w^m 



puuntsa. § 9GS ^| 

keylonnlnrk thodoo 


i-nirn rtoslMl 2Sa».«a. So, ^H 


105 Han. 166. ^^ 

"OWnnlMrfmiyai 1 


bwveor ttas ponou a 

C. I. J. m Jit I-.- 

111 "al %2!"*Tliat dfr 

^^i. .'>' '. ' 

s I'.Dt detect- 

Ive lui < 1. ' 

4 It SOBStSB. 


ceHali. ; 

a a completB 

oaciii'-. 1 ' 

t ui_pDrtywiiaoI 
t i n.( (Hii of the United 


^ Iilf uCemiiUKa ld.43. Ibg 




TCHaion ol aclcnaunti 


elmkOTSCTnuilof 11. 

kT^cn^H.^^. It 

nitast descKbe IIiuiil " 


'' r'''^''um.ifK 




Ciant-SLIAI:!. a^. n i. 

— 4rarktr<.r. ILdi.J. 


certaliily — ]U L:i. Ai 


in. Ii«. U 


1 ^U[a tlie 
. : ciMitaln- 

I lll'Id. DOT 

■flionut DO anollii^r d-M 


1 nuutorllceiucsTiiieilia State, a 

I S^i^TMaTore*^™ 


WO aia(lDctoatuu>eg-31 10.4111. See 

Prorion- :--^- 


SSS.;".'" ■ 

tlmi. all 

. I'lirkerUr.K.^nD: but 



^ ,^ ,,.,^ 

■ ■ ■. - -I'LVenre'ls'siifflP^ciit-i 
iL iiiLi^L tliiit the prior tou- 

' Gratt. 738; null n'forals 



jnturmation Eor exli\'\iU,Va&, 


or ofiering to aaU, oi ■bB.■v^al4 — 

5 969-71. 

in paasesslon, with aucli intent, any lewd or obscene 
pamplilet, picture, priot, CBCd, paper, or writing, netd 
not set forth any portion of tLe Lmeuage used or %uni 
shown upon such book, pniinphlet, picture, print, c*id, 
paper, or writiug; butit ianufficlenttostate generally Um 
fact at the lendneaa or obscenity thereof. [In efFect Apdi 

ObKaus pQblicatianB.— The Indtctaneut need not so fnllT dooIM 
them » ID spread Uieai out oq the records— 1 Mann. iMkb-iKin 
lu-nud 9:U[. ItiiriPflpt.niir ir. inii4T: lin In Elm vpi-v words 01 vblCD tt ■ 

11 dcBcrtpttoa nuj H 

oeMWiary to allefffl that tJieexblUUtou fit an ob3Cenoptcturo wvtti 
publlo place, if eibllilted to Bundrr eersaws tot money— 1 Mf.* 

! stated - 
_-.*wiary loaiieirflinatineciniiiinouoi&iiDiv*- ' 


969. Section nine hundred and nixtir-tiine of nU 
Coda la hereby repealed. [In effect Apiil 9tli, 1880.] 

970. Upon an indictment or information against ati- 
cral defendants, any ono or more may bo convicted « 
acquitted. [In effect April Otb, ItiSO.] 

Sevsraltv.— Conriptlooi of iwdefeiuluits nre ■eveial— n UlK # 
TIiH uluuvB iigBlnsI tbEiu la uvcml aavell u loini— i lr«t. WliJilV 
4S7: aiidujoJnt vcTdlct la a dlatluct veiulet adatnst eacb— 39n>% 
ta. Ba,oiiB mnylie round gnllty ■"Iths ottrns acquitiwi— 1 (» 
thBDTaalgoea'oiilytoon^^lPIcli.KIilUlllaw.MS: loild-^tw. *•» 
Bilurti^ry,iu.'e7Juii<w<N.U.)Un:l<Uis)-.n)Uiascel)oiil>>.»«. «k« 
KVcnil jiErnons are Jointly IniUoled nnd C(mvlct«l. thry abonU 1" 
SEUti;uc«<lHver lly— liiAili.];: M a.Uan.Snui S Wla. IsS. and Ln "■ 
eniuy flii«tl-10 Mo. 4Wi; Blld. Wi. 

971. The dlBtinelion beeween an accessory before Ito 
fuct and a principal, and between principals in the IW 
and second deforce, in cases of ftilony, is abrogBtod; bdI 
all peraona concerned in the commission of a tdusf, 
whetlier tliey directly couunlt the act coDstltutlni Oa 
offense, or old and abet in its commission, thougU M 
present, shall hereafter bo prosecnted, tried, and pn- 
islied as pilncipais, and no other facts need be sll«g«dM 
any indictment or information against such an uc 
llisn are required In an indictment or information 
bin principal. [lu effect April Bth, 1880.] 

L "1 

L iiidi 
■ UmJ 

idlcled. tried, uitl yuulsUedas iirlnolMi^8CBl.eti M Id. Mil i^ 

be fart Is oi 


commit Uie crbi 
2 OUIa 61 ^ 4 

crowil WMHto 8B olBeer, ia Builty of UioaBSBiilt-MMass.«»i SiCil. 
•Ml «o procuring, oonmellng-^ Incltlni a olerk or neeiitjrenuers tlio 

iUStl^;irr.,- - !i ■';. "-■' ■ ■ ---,'--,-■■—.--■""--■ - ■-.■■c^— 3LN.Y. 


Ldabllitr of accesaorlH.— The oStei 

but In Biat*« wlMro kII ura print [pols, Lo uiav lio InQli^ieA nm\ cou- 
yittoil as iiriucliai^-W LUt JSO: « Jci: 4:^; aliia.T^; is W,1U4-, SiWA^V-. 
e 111. :si ft Dueh. 232; m Ga. il; *V lav/n.ioi; tlll.aua-, ilU.a'U'i*MB 

Id. ISIi n Iiuai. IM. All >«(» 
., — , jaunlned, unlCMhUKUm- 
rblmliitUeai^elnl— IWoud.&U.m. OnseHnMtiUU,lta 
QTlcUoa of th> prlDclnl la ouly prima ta^t cTldencs ot (utlt <■ 
IMoTuewC^M^.MinniybacaUMenllyiUqinted— SCIlf.2!l; • 
util.ail nilB.M| UN.H.m; iaPlck7l?7: iIkulM; DWtikd. 

Ei lOSmeiteaAHllKi I Uowly C. G. MI. Aldenatiil abettODBur 
ronvteteil, alitaooEta the prluclpal has l>e«n acnnUud— ;» Oi. IK: 
39Ho. 33{ 10 Cal.ffli 1 Leub.IW! 2 SIuH. 37(1; Riua. « B-CC-Ut; 

972. An acceaaoFj to tlie commissioii of a felony msT 
be prosecuted, tried, and punislied. though tbe prindp*! 
may be neitlier prosecuted nor tried, and though the prin- 
-clpal may have been acquitted. [lu effect April 9tb, 1880.) 
~ ilhe principal and accBtSDryma; be indicted togetlwToriEV' 

!■'* -°" Kr^Td.4Si:\n™«o™™re'rereMe't'^dn«»d 
^cesaorlea betore the (act majr be tried •ee«nletT-a 
;: 4111. 368! 4»l(l.tl0l 14Ipd.Kl) 48 lowm. iCSi It laa, 

.t — „.. i8 0iaoet4Mi,iiohio,m; &p*.m. 

Both the p: 

^.i- IS';,' 


louffQ tbe niime act< 
sad Me £1^0.113. 


55 976-00. 

ni. Dbmubhbb, S5 1003-12. 
IV. PlbA, 55 1016-25. 
y, TsANBHiaaioK OF GSETAiN Indictubntb mou 


San Foancisco, §5 1028-30. 
YI. Reuovai, of the action ebfo&b Tbial, §S 

VH. Thb Mode of Trial, 55 10il~3. 
Viii. Fobuahok 07 ibe Tbiai. JuRr and the Caic 




Personal pre«e' 

Inn case ot misDeioeanur-is CaLWS; 42 Cal. 16B; UI Maw, i 

97S. Wlien his personal appeurauca is ueceBsar;, iE be 
is iu custody, the court maj direct, aud the officer in 
-n-Loae custody lis is must bring him before it to bs 

RiehtB of defeDdanB.— Tbe dereDdiuit hoa s rlgbt to »ppe*r uid 

979. li tlio defendant has bocn discliarged oq bail, oi 
baa deposited money instead thereof, and do not appear 
to be arraigned when Ida personal attendance la necessary, 
the courl,!n addition to the forfeituie of the undertaking 
of bail or of the money deposited, may direct the clerk to 
issue a bench-'wariant Cor his arrest. 


9B1. The bench-nanant upon the indictment or in- 
formation mliat, if the oHenseia a fclonj', be substantially 

iu the tollowinB form: County of . The people of 

the State of California to any ahertif, constable, marshal, J 
or i>oI iceman in this SCato: Au ludiutment having been fl 

found lor information liled) on the day of -, A. d. I 

elglileen . in the Superior Court of the county of , J 

charging C. D. with the crime of (deaignullng itgener- 

alty); you are, therefoie, commanded forthwith to arrest 
Ilie above named C. D., and bring Mm before that court, 
(or if the indictment and information has been sent to an- 
other court, then before that court, uumlug it ito answer 
said ludictment (or information); orif the court be not la. 
Beasioo, tbut you deliver biio into the custod.'j ot Va« 
I of the coaiitiy of . 


8§ 983-5 ABOUailUENI o 

Given under my hand, with tha seal of said cout 

affiled, tbis day of , a. b. . 

By order of said Conrt. 

[SEAI.] B. 7q Cluk. 

[In effect AprU 9th, 1880.] 

Olted— &iCal.»9i MCbL 1I». d rfinnTil ilinnrliitlnn nf tlii i<riM»> 
■QfflcleDI—S lis. IS. 

982. The defendant, when arrested under a wanasl 
for an offense not bailable, mnat be held In custody by 
the aberiff of the county Id which the Indictment la fonnl 
or infonnation Hied, unless admitted to bail attar u 
examination upon a ^rit of habeas corpna; Imt II tb* 
offense is ballatile, there must be itdded to the body of 
the bench-warrautadirectionto the following effect: "Or, 
It he require it, that you take him before any maf^stnt* 
in that county, or in the couuly in which yoii arrest Lim, 
that bo may give bail to answer to tlie inilictment, flt 
information"; and the cotirc, upon direcHug it lo Issue, 
must fix the amount of bail, and an indorsement mnst ba 
mads thereon and signed by the clerk, to the following 
effect; " The defendant la to ba admitted to bail In ib« 

§§ 986-9 

gifen bail for liis appearance to answer tlie charge, tbe 
court to which tha Indictment or information iapreaented, 
or ]a which it is pending, may order tlis defendant to 
1)6 committBd to actual custody, unless he gives ball in 
&□ increased amount, to be specified In the order. |Ta 
effect April 0th, 1880.] 

986. If the defendant is piesenC when the order U 
made, he must be forthfrith committed. If ha is not 
present, a bench-warrant must he laaued and proceeded 
upon In the manner provided in tbia chapter. 

987. If the defendant appears for arraignment with- 
out counsel, he nrnat be informed by the court ibat it to 
bia right to have counsel before being arraigned, and must 
be asked if he desires the aid of counsel. If ho desires 
and la unable to emploj' counsel, the court muat assign 
counsel to defend him. 

CttBd-U Cal. 2SB. Seo 18 Cal. 3S1 ; Const, ot Cal. art I. [ W. 

988. The arraignment must be made by the court, oi by 
the cleik or district attorney under its direction, and oon- 
eists in reading the indictment or informatioD to the de- 
fendant and delivering to him a copy thereof, and of the J 
indorsements thereon, including the list of witnesses, and ■ 
asking him whether he pleads guilty or not guilty to tho I 
indictmeot or information. [In eSect April 9th, IS80.J | 

Maimer of airalinmeiit,— Wtaiirs the Inrlletment irnn nnt rDad to 
tbe iietODilBnC n copy of ii wlib tlie iDdorsemriitB itbs nelLher dellv- 

vbetbertae would plead iniUnornoC^llnillierBVRi!! no uralgduiinC 
— iSUkLaiD. It ttae detendsat wlien artalgaed uka for >nd obtBlns 
time 10 plead, lie Tfalvea any detect In iQe acaiulory delnita ol the 
■rralriuncal.BiIctiltitliaraUDretojriTnbimacopyor Clio Indictment 

tho nrat Blon Is lo call iipoabiia bj name to answer tlie matter cbaraeii 
wiluBt lilm. Sea I Bate, mj; 2 Hala F. C.119i see anM.tit ISs-m- 
gfit. and Dates; uhIikuI, ) W. uU uoLeg. 

989. When the defendant Is arraigned, be muat be 
Informed that if the name by which he la prosecuted la 
not his true name, he must then declare his true name, oc 
be proceeded against by the name In the mdic^ttoeiA en 

nfonnaaon. Uhegtvea no other name, tba ooarV maj 



g 990 ABaMOintBKT or asFKsaxKT. M 

proceed accordingly; but tf ha alleges that another name 
Is his trae Dame, the court must direct an entry tbereof In 
the minutes of the arraignment, and the sabseqaent pro- 
ceedings on the information or indictment tnaj be hsd 
against him hy that name, referring also to the name bf 
which he was first charged therein. [In effect Af^ 9lh, 
Hame nnknowD.— It, wben m^lgMd, the Jetenillit tMbtoCtfJ 


It be oiteTed m tka Bis- 

990. If, on the arrafgnmaat, the defendant reqnina It, 
be must he allowed a reasonable time, not leas than MM 
day, to answer the Indictment or Information. He may, 
in answer to the arraignment, more to set aside, demn^ 
or plead to the indictment or Information, pa aSsat 

April 9th, isea] 



Mfi. tmllctmeDt, irliEa set oslils on motloD. 

W9. OnleriialiarlDaiioltifrprtMecDtlaD. 
995. Tbe Indictment or infonnatloit must be set aalda 
ly the court In which the defendant la arraigned, upon 
lis motion, in either of the follo-niiig cases: If it be an 

1. Where it la not found, indorsed, and presented as 
ireacribed In this Code. 

2. AVliea tlie names of the wltnesaea oiamiiied before 
lie grand jury, or whose depositions may have been read 
leforo them, are not inserted at the foot of tbe indict- 
aent, or indorsed thereon. 

3. When a pecson is permitted to be present during the 
ession of tbe grand jtirjr, and when the charge embraced 
a the Indictment fs under consideration, except as pro- 
'id.ed in section nine hundred and tireuty-Qre. 

4. When the defendant had not been held to answer 
lefoie the Undingof the indictment, on anygroynd which 
rauld have been good ground for challenge, either to 
be panel or to any individual grn.lid juror. 

If it be on inforinatioQ — 

1. That before the llUng thereof the defeadaat had not 
)een legally committed by a magistrate. 

2. That it was not subscribed by the district attorney 
if the county. [In effect April 26th, 1880.] 

Motion .—Maklnit out will fliinjt awrlt[enB|ipllcstloni» not «uWe\Bin. 
oconnlltnleniuutloii, 'JliB siii-wto" of Iba coutl luuav \>e BnH'fl to 
t,aadtbeeourlliBaiaredcogtiiiiS It— )1 Cal.BW, WliMBina B^\Qeiic6 

§§ 996-7 SBTTJKO i«D« IKDIOTMraT. » 

li conHlctliig, ttie conn nur nfms to Kt utiln ths tndletoumt-M 
CM. S99. AQ onler Betting uide an IniUctmeni !■ not ui iDUriocaucj 
order, but » Dnal order ind appealable— 31 UaL IM. 

iSvM. I.-See H Cal. M; t? Id. &M; 91 Id. MS. This nibdlTliloii rcfeti 
to nrovUlons of tbe Codeprescrll^gtlie mode at flndluii, indonlH. 

Sutd-i. SeeSCaLK;! 
AoM.1. SeeMOal.WOi 

, Ohallenge la giaad jtUT-— I 


. . If tbe deteii<l>Bt «h licUW - 
dosiTet before ths graoil juir met, aod ma Infarawd UutbecoU 
InterncuncballengstatliepaDelortaaDlndlTldiial srand inror.uiil 
l»declliWB(odai»,IM«alireslil>i1fUtodoaoiifMrlie ti ladlrtol- 
49 OLSMi ■HMCll. ttilald. fi31iM«19 1d. nag but II be vaiBM 
IicUtoMnrwwMtlietlma, bs mv IntapoMBcbnlleunitoUwpaa'l 
er *a ludlTldniil Mror ob Ui anmlnmeiit— ll Gal. Rl. a piwib 
■ccnnl bufore tnatetment niBr eUisDC* any one rctumeil on lit 
■iwlfiuT— iBlark,llI:SldTA9;lBrawi»7^Pa.)237; IKHilaSLM 
Gni It u too lata atur iniUctnient I* taaaA aod aennted— u uu. K.'; t 
PoTt.lW;ITSm«leift ILaijftBiir-njid.Tlia Waiid.111. So-n 
oblMtloD to tba fonaitlaa uftbaimmdjnnremiipt ba nnaniedo 
motloa to Ht aside tbalDdlatnait-MOirfc|MliL ua;'MiiMb ■» 

I a petit I ur 

liuy, li Ule^— u CiLS, 

3ST SBITDIG AfllDB nTDlCTlUEHI. g§ 990-9 

■y; provided, that after siicli order of reBUlnnisaion tlis 
defendant may lis esamiaed before a maglatrtiCe, Hud 
disc^haiged or committed by Eiini. as in otber caeea 
before indictment or iuforniation filed, ho lias uot been 
examined and committed bj a magiBtrate. [In effect 
April 0th, 1880.] 

99S. If the court directs the caae lo be resulimltted, oi 
an Information to be fiied. the defendant, if already in 
custody, must BO romaia, aulesa be ia admitted to ball : or, 
If Hlready admitted to bail, or money has been deposited 
instead tiiereof, the bail or money ia nnswerable for the 
appeamnce of the deieadant to answer a new indictment 
or information; and, unless a new indictment is found, 
or Infonaation filed before the next grand jury of tlie 
county is discharged, tbe court must, on the discharge of 
such grand jury, malie the order prescribed by the pre- 
ceding section. [In effect April 9th, ISSO.] 

993. An ocdep to set aside an indictment or informa- 
tion, sa provided in this chapter, is no bar to a future 
prosecution fot the same offense. [In effect April Stb, 


1 1002. FleuUng OH part of deTenduiE. 

. oyettiona, tormlDK ffrpuud ol domutrer, »1 

1002. Tbs only pleadiag on the part of the defendam 
ia either a demurrer or a plea. 

1003. Both tliQ demurrer and plea must be put In, i» 
open court, cither at Che time of tho Dnaigiiiiiient orlt 
such other time ns may he allowed to the deCondnDt to 

3S9 DBMUfiHEE. §g 1005-7 

nient of sections nine liuudred and ilfty, niue liuudred 
and fifty-one, and nine liundred and lifCy-two. 

3, That more than one offense U charged. 

4, That tlia faocs stated do not constitute a public 

5, That It containa any matter wliicli, If true, ^ould 
constitute a legal jaatUlcatiou oc excuse of tha offense 
cbarged, or otbec legal Lar to tlie prosecution. \la effect 
April MIj, 1880.] 

takrM'C'"' ■'■'i.'-t oOudff- 

Btini^p'i.'i I ■■11 1 1' - irlwrilSotU* 

aaW. I. If ilappe'arii(roniriieca|itlU"tMntil.,..nnrtl,n,lnn 
dEcItoa, (lielndletmedtwIU lis nujniiired 


i:oLiit luLd nolDili- 

Dl tlie regularity Dl tUe iiioceed- 
9 not contain ttB partlonliiT clt» 
Beeanle.>|eW,eM. miere(li«Ta bib two nauala uicl oneoCtbimli 
detniureiAai;^.17fi Mia.^tiiao, ItwtU not lie rorafiJ^laglrB 

BuM. ). Charging Iwo offenHi Is ■ itrounil for demumr— 41 CaL 
SaHl.t. see anil, tasQ. 

1005. Tho demurrsr must lie in writing, signed eitber 
by the defendant or Ills counsel, and Gled, It must dls- 
tiuutty specify the grounds of objection to the indictmeat 
or information, or it must be disregarded. [In effeoi 
April Sth, 1880.] 

1006. Upon the demurrer being filed, the argument 
upon the abjections presented thereby must be beard, 
either immediately or at such time as the court may ap- 

X007. Upon CDUsidermg tbe demurrer, the coun tavu.^ 
give judgment, either aliuwing or disallowing it, aoA ai 
order to that eject must be entered upon tiie miiintBa. 


N.Y.U; ■i'i'a.ClLl.WJj 2 11U1 

;-<*!!; S L 

1008. U lbs demurrer is alluneil, ilie Judginei 
tinal uptmihe indictmeut or information dotuurred to, 
IB a bar to another prosecution for tbemmuuffease.!)! 
the court, being of tbeopinioQ Chat tbe utijection aavi 
tbe demurrer is allowed mity be avoided in a new la 
ment or inrormatioD, direotB Ilie case to bs subaiitU 
another grand jar; , or directs A new iDformallon I 
liled; provided, that after Bucb order of resubmia^on 
defendant may be examined before a magistrate, and 
cLarged or comioitted b; liim, ai in otber casea. |E 
feet April Utli, lS8a] 

AJudgmanl nEHfnst Uie pmsecatlon on ■ipeclil deuairar I 
Bnal ivlicn [be detivu UBinurTea lo are nnvl/ tainul. A nr 

1009, If the court does not permit tbe inf omuLtic 
be amended, nor direct that au iuformutloD be filei 
tbat the case be resubmitted, as provided in the preca 
section, tlie defendant, if in custody, must be disoliai 
or if admitted to bail, his buil la oxoDernted, or if b< 
dfitioBlted money in atead of bail, the moDeT muat fc 

smarrer □remilBiL—'Wliere Uisro la on ttiD laeo of the pleaOL 
ulmlDBlonof criDiJnuJltToiitbopBrtoI aateadaBt, liowUlbo pc- 
tcil to Ulead- 19 Mass. iXi ar(ia.& W. 2iUi aWana.TTi It Mo. unt 

SHuliV-U; 11 Mo. seSilJ, setl;UUlBa.M8iSHet.iJL la -»"- 

iuiisitlc'iiiuLiiienmuDt Lio permitted Bs amUMroI rlglic, but 
by euiVeleiit iirounds beFara Benulalon wlU l>a gnmua- ' 


beFara Benulalon will ba gnmu3-!8C>t. StS: 
filia.aeii; ITVtlM: l7CaDa.(W; a YSTE. 473; t 
3!j{Eee3benl(i,sl;iN.T.l. mere lUa Indicts 

Mljinltjed HOoU on ilemurrar tha prisoner mw cic , 

Iilkm la9UaaiJneajuiltriiientui» ba reaiiersd In Iiia ravur: 



1012. When tlie objections meDtioued in Bection 
tliousand and foiu- appeat on tbe face of The IndiaCn 

r informatioQ, tliey can only be tnken by deiuiirrur, 
ccpt lliaL ILu objectiou to tlie jurisdiction o! tlid Ci 
:r lUu subjei:t of lliu ludictmeut or iufonnation, oi : 
liie facta stated do Qoi couslitiile a iiublic ofFunaB, may 
lie taken at the trial, under tljc plea of not guilty, or after 
tliati-ial.inarcestof jadgmeot. [la effect April Otb, 1880, 

Wlian oWeotionn innsl bo laken.— Objoctiona nppoartnfl on tli, 
[acu oC tha IliillctujSDt caa only Ua tolceu advauta([e ol lijr OemluMr— 

ter ^^H 


il»l». TbedUtennt kinds otpleu. 

I VH1. pl'is.liowpuClD.BDaitiCarm. 

i IMS. I'leiiotguLlcr.Iiairputln.aiidwbaawttbanwn. 

i ]«]9. Wbsl plea or noC gaUtj pnU In laaas. 

a tormer >cqalCt>L 
iimer acqulCML 
or iicqultul tot n higher of 

1016. Thers ara four kinds of pleaa to an iadleta 
or Infoimatiou. A plea of — 

1. Guilty. 

3. Sot guilty. 

3. A formeijudgmeDt of conviction or acquittal of 
offense charged, whicli may b« pleaded either wit! 

ABV.xaibutammmu.tSnaaS.'S. 1M; unhera cbe prosccacli 
oAoer, uCer eaiiTlDtlOD, eoncMm UiBbadDBsa oC tba ludli^umit nu 

WBIndlboiwalWMitolBBiifttir'. , „ 

m>; bnC DidliiartlT, a rerolcC at gaUtr will suataln Um plea- 
na; Bee411la.lU. AplHiof tanner ooavlaUoii, to beatnr, n 
TonuifcaapleaoffonBaraoquUtaiorrDrnioreDnv'— ' ■"- 

Atll.Sn: t Dlukl. 136; 13 IlllL3lilli U 'laX-SHT; 4 t 

'^-5U, A poUoB ■ommaiy ODQirlcElim 

1 recaTsr a penBlEr alrar Jo an tn- 
0-lOOaaE.L. J.SI. FroceedlDga tor 
itloD (or tbe amiiilt— 3 Stnoie. llOTj 
>r. Law Ban. GIB; UOp. An^Oen. 9H. 
ly bo puDlsBed br tbs Stule aa a cbeat 

SDverameDtoj loracry— a How.HO: 
ea In bar DC tbo otber— 11 Hotr. !■) 
Ala. tSUj 14 Mil IM n. Wbern tbe 
.1 Bcateaco on copilctlQD.wliBre there 
conviction Ugmd— it N. T. WIj lea 

nben a putf fi not bis , 

laiuiyunuD all dl loe and 

r if tbo )nry baiv w at 

-aCuX-fa: i a. 3a a. 







imi 1 fuiy. iDSi 3 li. at: 1 

4. iWeadantmajrwalvBhlBi 

ao tbe tUsolune of ibe Jury-^ Cal. tUI ., 

' new tit 

id— 4 Busb.aGS; StAji. li 
'"'— Pr.Mli Tba^L C.( 

9 Wheat. £79: 
r doesDMr^ta ^ 
JojIHii, ''■7r"n-V'~'-'-r"tlT'''|"r'" ■"'"'■n-ifM frmnnnriMill 
979: 2 Sam. Is i S Si>n(- * l!~ BTT ; Bald. «£; I KOLhSSTSB 
In a c^ttiil caAfl aa itfil] na tu a mlsdomoBaor — IWniBa.C#,1 
■cdounc ol abseoss of iiiinessEs— 20 HiL i^i tee S l)m, ] 
ctiargo o[ tlia Jury on accauuC of slclcaeu oF iiefmidiafe 
will Ca linpUed^ai Ark. m I Bull. Ul: U JoIiQ*. inHoE 
ian.a.£i; ICraw.AD. IMilOIr. Af.tl3i.9I«adkAfl 
becomes IlldnrlnEtlie alaL mnlniTiiutr iM uuebamXl 
onnr tried anaw-Ataa.4miMjl£riMja Mo. latilt^JM 

iiuraue— 1 Wosli. C. U. tOi. ''I.(iga]iieoeisltT"liiioCDaBni 
ot death, ncnlien Ibe dbctiaige liecDiaos Inaricalile- 
Xbo escapa of a Jiurman "HI wanaut Oie dljeliar([B of 
ffiL aocouiit oF iDiLblli^ toaErafliDiid (bJa (I<wa not woiIe , 
— 4gCal.S21) 33&.I.G3III fitKo. 17Si<iai(l. 197; men. St. a 
Sii: ISJobus. is:; II ttaey fall to isreo alli^r ft reasonalilv i 
3i»: 16 Id. tm, DuC see iiS. O. 9H; 3 Bsnie. 438iM aOb. « 
IbBT do not BBTse ontliBlutilar ol tbeuim— Watt. Qu 
IK; at Ala. iJSi ThMb. O. 0,1, A '"^JJonr '^J^l 
K3 ; 3 WlieaL C. C. lists^d, Ktil to. Oa*. 91S: S^^ { 
ForCini 7 Ate.U9: lU Id. MT; 1 Walk. (Mlu.|lHj MltUi 

doss oat retlevf a dstflndant from a second tilii-SB Cnl. 4in: 4 AU. 
a;ajlSCain.*P.7ai UlmLMO: or from mi inaictnipiii, ror umlmle- 
meuHir— Id. aaesaCt3.4a. Uuconduccof tka jurgrini>re.iKluKUD 
ttieCrls)-4asin.!Uj 10 cox 0. G. s;!; unil lnterme[lule uhcovciTof 
erMeiuiBUralnror^blu.lagnniarlforvi'libdiiiivaluirijutur, uiilllu- 
etawmol the jj;uT— I Curt.TB; seo ISWeinl. aril; Bm.aL'S; nee Blso. 
« Waah. a. C Wiyjl ^°"^-°- '^' '"" "'"' """^'<'< "!""> 'ii>|ill<^alJc>u<j( 

Obto^.IKi asiirii.'AC.tni'aAil.'AlLia'k'car. ^V. liJt!'\'liQi'eo- 
onl OTlilenceoC pracsedlngs at a prevloitsmal U noC ailmlaKiUls to 
ptOTetonDBrleopBcdf— M Ual.6M. See Conat. Prov. onf ;, p. i;. 

1017. Every plea must be oia], and sneered upoa the 
miDutea of tbecouit insubstantiatlj' tliafoltowingform: 

1. If the defendant plead guilty : "TliedefiindaDt pleads 
tliat lie is guilt; of tlie ofleaae cliarged." 

2. If be plead not guilty: "The defcndSint pleads that 
he is not guilty of the offense oliarged," 

3. If he plead a former coD7iction or acquittal: "The 
defendant pleads that he baa already beeu convicted (ot 
acquitted) of the ofFouse charged b; the judgment of tba 

coivt of (naming it), reni]ere<l at (naming the 

place), on tbe day of ." 

t. If he pleadonce in jeopnrdy: "The defendant pleads 
that be has been once in jeopardy for the offense ubarged 
(speoifyingtbe time, place, and court)." [In effect April 
20th, IS80.] 

Pica.— Everr plea miut be mat— 47 OaL 1141 Mid. 998. Tba ouImIod 
to plead Is (aial lo Uia judgnwiit.even after venllpt— K C»l. lul; G3 

Allen,:.. tinii,344: 9 

HelsU.^... , . . . n.-iiotbeen 

drawn, Mill.' ■ . ■ ; ,._-,' - .■'■'o'."'anS?'s 

IsS^.iMi bamudi;aiM.(ii. ic'la tui)Ulo''[ui,ilHii'LUcoUJe«tlou lii 
*^mn&te eonrt-sl Ala. «»( Xila.6Ui tut aeettDlnckriai: al^irker 
r'n-iTSl UN.Y.308il7A]a.M; SASbm.lKI, ATlerlbslmpanDellnK 
-id(wsai(a>olHTeiBlMaljiin>ni, It ia la Uie discniliOD at ihecourE 
, euItrtaUUa obJecUoa— t) H. Y. IS. 
,«aM.I. Basis Oil. 339. 

3.018, A plea of guilty can be put in hy the defend- 

it himself only in open court, unless upon indlcUned tn 

ti i^iuiit a corporatjon, in vrblcb ctkse \\, lax^ 



g§ 1019-2C 

bo put in bj counsel. Tlio court may, a% nny ti 
judgment, upon a plea of guilty, permit it t 
drawn, and a plea of not guilty anbatltutecL 
April Otli, 1S80.] 
Pica of gniltf.— Tbe pica of luDtr should not I 


cni:a, ana iiialnlv tram IhsliDJHitbst punlitUDenC wo^l'd i^'miiU 

UierouriBiiuulilpetuiiclttaliewLitiaiawn— 41 CaX.mi; buttMn 

eboiiJJ uoc ba uetioliwd to trifle, by eiiiarlng s plea — ^^ 

Mtirklously wItuJiiwLng It tlio ueit-lil. Tlje Sunrei 

not reverse an order reiualDg to benalt tar> plea of no 

wltbdiawn-n C«l. 7S. 

See aau. I ICia, DOte: « CbL JU. 

1019. Tbe plea of not guilty puts Id issua avt 
tlal allegation of tbe indictment or informatit 
feet April Sth, 1880.] 

Fle> of not ^illr.— Tha Tilen ot not guilty nuti In In 
ijoioi.pi™nut»,luciudlngt£iato[tho/«iiid«ielt— WCl_.,™ 

™111|_ puts la 

istabliab « 


ment ol jilora where tbe (rime wis commltteil, una Inipoaexl 
pnueeutluu the oeoeElty oE iiioiios tbe locw iMicfi— 4J Cml. «1 

1020. All matters of faot tending to establiab t 
fense, other than thftt specified in tbe third a 
BubJlTisions of sectioQ one tliouaand and s 
be given in evidence under tbe plea of n 
effect April 2fith, 1880.] 

iDTolanlarTintOKicBlloii.— It ■ permn be nuda Onnitlif-d 
KrmtsgFin.iirliy the uaslilllfuliieuDr n pbjilcbui, be Is not i^ 
bio lor lilBilcls--^' PBEkHT Cr.B.lUi II Ua.^; He IB UlcblMin 

Wl; bUltaT'i.-im; tjId.'.Tl; ^Packer Cr. It. Lwi ivuri. i; lu^ 
«i}iijltud.41-i; tld.M3;aild.lM!3Jonva.(lJ.C.IlU:&it.7fc 
BUUDIi.SS: lUUlcll.401jtfUD.4M: l»S. I.Si tObloet. Jl; Bl 
Mi ormaxiaaiMlM-ailBr. (DeLIUI. 

IntoxiMUoo.-VoIiiniaiT IntoiicBllon Is no exnM for ntm 
CBl.M7iWM.Uli491d.48i: T Abb.l'r.sil: »AI».tl]; M lIaMi.M 
Id.r.'OiailMwst.Mei 8niiiJi,4Mi CraWwA--: ■.Ml-" ■-'<- ?i'nte 
C. isail Con. I; S IiLlOi IDaU. BS; l I'l/ .. I. -■ 1 ■ J ■ ■iiit. 

ld.lU|«ijU.ll|:«fn(Lim:Mld. 1- 

Aa.»ii 19ld.ufilUann,ffll.Sld.J' 
M N. B. M; 11 H. ■?,»; « Via«t t; 
SmadeaAU. SUiU i:ei.HM-,U ^' 




IntailDalioii.— Tbtnigb Intoxldtlon dOBi not gitenaats or Bicuia 
9ine, yei It may beraceliBble la evlOuace Co aeterailas tbo degres 

iOB wliac speciaD olTeniB wu comminCBd— 31 (;al.(il4': 31 la. an: 4i 
I.S»;&iia.MI:l3Ala.<Ui3:)M.4iai2Drensl. filSi 1 Dalai, iAi i 
„ leai li Ga. Hi; s td. m; 31 Id. «49; a Uompb. «b3; 1 10. IHi |» 
Jcti.4gii II Ulun. IH; ISluit.4;'9i Vl-ei, (Tean-Iiiig: 1 Speuf.Hli H 
tx-MO; !Tei.GcApp.a;DilliL»a; 111. iul; ortnteiCtbocDiKJUlon 

rt ISok-l^! UIt.T?iu^Drtasta^tSMlio°igunot<apalils'at He- 
'~allaa, or of attack i)rdeteiiu~4i)Dona.l9ai 9Kua.U9i orlnn- 

k ettfTn MiolL HI; 11 HmniS^IUi « td. IMs ■ liLSHi Btd. 
I a~» )g(, II ,Biy ije Bbmm In mltliMion ormuilibuiiuiC— 1 


i: T 10- S3>: 8 Id. M; 1 DhtbI. 231. J 

^ M noBlrea wlcli RceM tuiutlan. tori, .»_»». »~> 

ty act wlcli iiremeaitatlDii u irell M uiotlier— 4S CaI. HI. Sea 

30 glronlDovliloiico— ^ CaL 411 ; 

npuntryurBpaioiodlcltiaauitj' njies tbe leEai preaumptlon ol iu 
liluuuice— M <JaJ. lUi liuai.l^t. lao insunUy □( U^It^Dilaai'a par- 
La may da shown wlien UierB appears la t>a tia motive far tue act. or 
,ere Iliera Is e^iilence ot Insuirty ol Ibe aeteaUaa t-31 cut. wa. See 

itBtnts of limltatioiii.— The acacate Oif IlmlUtlaai need ddC Iw 
IcIaUvpteBded-lI Wall. 109; 4Dar,I!l; SOnucliO. 0.111i«lil.73: 

C.aU:{ IVBumplLU; aia<L4»4; 7IowaL. 409. 
IxonM imd JottiflsatiDii.— HMortoDe or occldenc at ■nexcoie— 
> I>eB[y's Criui. Lav, Si 9(1, ». Iij and, i IS. sulid. li. Acts doae under 
npulalou or duress— Id. S! 19, a. lii anlciSS, anbd. B. ConsepI of 
rtyluiure<I,ns»ueieius— KB Dnty'sCrlra-lAvrJiaa.a. u. Ignor- 
M or mlstate ot law, u an cxcnae-ld. 13 U. a, b. Ignaranse or mii- 
■' it fUI-IU. Si 33, a, b; mte, 1 », BubL 4. 

lie right ol aclMefeiue li baand on aeceulcy— 37 
er o[ a honso may nse (orca iieOHasary ta repel an 
AMU^W. ^The act o( ralalui[l!iow[naow In the 

int flrat wanilns Iha Id Cmdor 
[ed IB juiuaeinn luinjsncli 

*nar»T^^™"""™"""""" "" """" 



r. 0)00—84. 

It dauger, although It alterwud. bvi>Bisa 
Uf tbey appear to 

K. Y.H)9:Bndir. wlth( 
ju^lllablD, altbaiigli tlu 


See Deny'! Crlui. Lair, tltla — 

U Cat. nT. Uera antsceilini UiTMCikL. 
" — ' 10 <icmflBBl.ratiiHi li nmhi tofi' 

1021. If tbe defendant iras formerly acquitted oa tbt; 
^ound of variance betneea the indictntent or iufonX' 
tion and tbe proof, or the iudiotmeat or iaformatioa <n) 
dismiased upon an objection to il3 form or subsiaaM, ' 
In order lo hold the defendant for a higher oSenae, will- 
out a judgment of acquittal. It la Dot an acquittal of 111 
sanis oSensQ. [In effect April ilch, 1380.] 

Aejii!ttal,whonnotBbm,-ArorraerBBqWttal or coarlmrngv- 
ciire^bvlraadlsDalaF-«Mass.4ITi llUcLIM! MHo.70; UAit.3 

eHen.uo. AiiBoquAulel BBCslVrtWltlilQteDl toalcKi.uuMiM 
to a ni inW - UU Ba tor l»r<!«nr-aro»l.iat 14 Qm. B; aBaKk3.!ei aik 

117: i4Ind.S71) ■a,adl>charnoDapi«&fninu7ciiunIuncian-UE* 
IK; ■iaraillicliari»li)'agi>iul]iuT— lABliiB.eli ■ Mou-ly * R. WJiO* 
HO SOB. eh orwhsra Eoa ludTcDnentmiquwIiod— l^.'f Uus. At 
Ait.iJU Eilitenca ttint a fotmer Indlctneot bad lir — ------ 

the gtounil thai ibB gnuiil jury ■— " — "■ — ■-—■■- 

that Iho eoori Lad onlereil tbe i __„v. .. ., 

tiriJliioc>ii9Uilnni>leaortuniierBC4iaiEal-UCaLS»). Aforuit 
InBlDillciiueiitliinaDarloatrEal od Uib ucand-^ Crancli C. : 

UBi 1 DsT. A B. IW) ;a iTC. US; t buL m; U in. MT; NMKI 

TariaiiijB.— ImmatortalTKlMicBSho-'-'*--"' - -■■ 

U ttiB ilBtEnOiial M ia rut ■irquniac. „-.__ „ .^ 

THTlaneB, bo cAjiiiet bH vnbi pnueflutaa tor tbanhiDooflttw 
IWl i>»ilttbBViTlancsbaiiiat«rlBl,ltUnotnlar~-4i CUTST 
Uie IndlcUiiEii t obarged Uealbig of tlfe carliacuei of jti»— > , 
ot tboKD.lWU.BuiltbeiiroatB&o'niatbiirawubut one auchw 

1022. WheneTBT tbe defendant is acquitted ob A 
merits, lie ia acquitted of the same oiTaiiBe, notirithll 
Ing any defect In form or aulntance in tbe indietn 
information on which the trial was had. [In effect jl 
»th, 1380,] 

Former Bcqailtal.— IVben a pnson la put on trial ona n 
_.„. i.„Fn™'. i.,....~«sr.> ...«.n •wlMry. a dlKbann w 
MToiibble MMMa A er 

]M|t41<l.«L -- -"- 

FM vrsMriM ■ItBrtlw Juir 

otiw KB^udiotwl far lb- _„ 

,HliUU.-|M-,U^{l«M.nilSSfak Mi 
t Id. Mft(*CiBU^Q>Q.<aail<:alsiaa,Mit f i 

I huTrlTo t'Le^n'll' 



1023 ^TlIeIl the defendant IB convicted or acquitted 
or has been ones placed la jeopardy upoa an mdiotmenC 
oi infoimatioD, the coavictioa, acquittal, or jeopaidy Is a 
bar to anothoc indictment or informfttion for tlie offense 
charged in llie former, or for an attempt to commit tlia 
same, or for aa offense peceasarily included tliecein, of 
which lio iqlght have been convicted under that indict- 
ment or informatian. [In effect April 26th, 18S0.] 

nisher oSaasa.-Oa aa Indlctnient tormnnler, ctetendimt nsa Fouud 
polity oniiiin'.^iij!liUT,.™rtm^aJ^i'.j..ii.Uri.lkum(v^^^ 

lEaahl''r' i'lloltenaei 

lnciu.i..i h.-icafor 

£ll!y'"r'h, ..iluiimSe 

Ki!5?r'^"'-'--" -■- •""'■'""'■ 

1024. If the defendant refuses to answer tlie indict' 
ment or iuformatlon by demurrer or plea, a plea of not 
guilty must be entered. [In effect April Uth, 1S80,] 
CMUil)Ocutereaiiyoraopoteoiirt-l:!DMaa3.3S7; 7BPa.St.ai9;imar{. 

H orVmled— a< Cal. !n< ; i» Id. K3. A lelusal to plead does not udmlt 
u JiirUdlotlan~ai UIcli. 371 . 

1025. Section one thouaand and twenty-five of said 
I Code Is hereby repealed. [In efiect April 0th, IsaO-l 



i from ths CtiaaXf b 


1028. Eepealod, [In offoct Marcli lath, 1 

1029. When an iDdictment larouod.oraniQfoniutlii 
Qled in a Superior Court againat a judga thereof, a aalA 
cats of that fact muac he traDBmitted bj the cleik lo 
goTemor, wbo shall thereupon deaiguate and direct I 
judge of tlie Superior Coart of another county to ptoi' 
at the trial of Euch iodiFtment or InformatioD, ami In 
jnd doteruiine nil pltias and motiona atTectiag the deta* 

3.033. A crllniiial action taay be removed from tbe 
oonrt iu wliidi it Is pending: 

Firit—On llie appHcaliou oC tlie (lafondant, o 
ground tbaC a fnlr and Impaitlat trial cannot be had iu 
the count; wliere tbeaution Is pending. 

Second. — Ou the application of tlie District Allomey, on 
the jiround that from any causa no jury can he obtHined | 
for tliB trial of the defendant in tbe county where tlie i 
tion is pending. [In effect Marcli Btli, 1B8T.J 

les; i4".f.?" °8Li Uh' I'l ?5!'i!l!'*l'IIiiFiho judiT/preTlSiuly I'li 

1034. Tlie application must be made in open court a 
in writing, veilfled by tlie aflidBVit of the defendant or of 
tlie district attorney, as the caae may be, a copy of w 
application mast be served upon the attorney of the ad- 
verse part; at least one day prior to tlie hearing of t' 
application. Whenever the aifldavit of the defendant 
shows that be cannot aafely appear in peiaon to make 
snch application, because popular prejudice is so great aa 
endaDKer his personal safety, and anch Rt^temeut is 
sastained by otber teatlmony, suob application may be 
anade by his attorney, and shall be heard and determined 
ia the absence of the defendant, notnitbatandlnK the 
diarge then pending against lilm be a lelonj, audita \iBa J 
loot at the tlma of tach appJieatlon been ariesteA. qi tf 

bull, ot been arrsigneil, or plouiled, or demurred to III 
iudiutmeDl or iDformatloD. [ In effect Irlarch 9tb, IS^.] 


AppUoatlui for reoiDTaL— Thi sBdaTlt nnut 

duUhI irlftl (umoot ba bad In tbe couiiir when 

Euna-l C»L»7!i!S|[l.4rj. ThB ■ffldiiYli tlMi I. ,^ 

18 C»1. Ja^nor'li Ih" mmVl (but Uilny or'rortr p"n(M» In ttai m 

lylmdinbeerltiri money mprnqgronimwytirloaia tbeprowcaltaiil- 
lomoy— SlCal.2W. ilaBSl[onInBSO«liM. A more opinion ur br I Mm 
ronlila(]iajiffldavJL,(babA fair trlftl cannot be had. La not snfflFtfd- 

91; J Id. 4111: Uieeii^rclM oT irhlctamnil be'reuonatile—Sl Id. W: ■ 

Id.lW; Id be dlii;i>'<eil arinriirltaenknctarjunics— II Id. H; SId.M 

1035. If tbe court be SHttsfled that tbe repreaeataliiM 

of tLs applicant are true, an order must be made t^sIut<^ 
riuf! tlm actioQ ta tbe proper court of soma convenlM 
county, free from a like objecCloa. [[n<?fTect Msrcli ni. 

403 HODB or TRUI. §§ 1041-2 

ooort, the court from whicb tbe aatlon la removed most at 
any time, Qpou applicatlau of tbe dintrict attorney or tbe 
defendant, order auch papera oi pleadings to be traoa- 
mitced by tbe clerk, Si ceitiHed copy thereof being retained. 
Anslnimgnt—lf nirslEnmont Imd be* d tnule in ihe pJacs Ktiera 
•&? J?."!?.???"*.!!?^ ''HRi^."'.??''? H?,'. ''S,i"y S.""^^ piacB to wblcli 


IIML tuna or tact' 

I tm. Bow tried. 

{ tftU. When [inBaiice ot delendsnt la neeesnrr on tlie trliL 

1041. An iaaue of fact arises : 

1. Upon a plea of not guilty, 

2, Upona pleaof a fonnei conviction or ncqnittalof tba 
■ame oSensa. 

8. Upon a plea of once in jeopardy, [In effect April 
Setli, 1880.] 

SuM-l. If tba tndiatnisnt cbBTged onlr nuuutaughter, Bud word! 
an InlaTpolalad, makiDE It cliuge murder, and ilefeaiSimt nlDadi 
rnUlyuidpia totrtBl.Se may t>rovB tlie luEeruolallon.aiid nuulis 
bledtor maoBlangliMT only— M CaL 448. Conient caoDot coaler turls, 
3iiiUontati7(orHiyoSeaBsaitaeriluuitliBtcliarged— MCaL44a. Sea 
■■It, i UlSi t^ ■!«>!» oal. 41)3. 

1042. Issues of fact must be tried by jury, unless a 
trial by jury be waived in crlninal cases not amounting 
to felony, by tbe consent of both parties expressed in open 
court and entered in its minutes. la cases of misde- 
meanor the jury may consist of twelve, or any number 
less than twelve upon wlilch the parties may agree in 
open court, tin effect February 2oib, 1880.] 

THal by J nry.— Ttie right of irlalby lury Iss sacred right, and odb 
iecoreaby [haeaonnceeaol tba UonstltuElan— Ileal. 14B. SoeCooat. 
rrov. an", p. IS. Adeleadiuitcaiiuol.v'ithaut express Btatuiory au- 
thority, wsItb his right to atrial l>r mry on a pleaof noceuUty— n 
Conn.ili 18 lIlch.T61iJJ MOj_4Mj_B|AA.^1^^0blo Su &■,*«- 


coniiuoii lan-Huu LiiB iuiuur» LUDTVioEV. IS aob cnoiiea 
lurv— 'VI C:il. MO. Allen-iatenot enUOedtOk JiUTOt oi 
— »l Cal. MIT. See onle. page U. 

1043. If Che prosecution be for a felony, the defendant 
must be personally present at the trial ; bnt if for mixle- 
meanoT, cliu trlai may t>o had in the absence of tha d«- 
fnndant; if, lioirever, hia presence la necessary for tb* 
purpose of identification, the court may, npon application 
of the district attorney, by an Older or warrant, reqoin 
tbe fietHODHl attendance of llie defendant at t' 
I In effect April nth, 1830. ] 

Highllaspmiarin perion-43 Csl. IM. Ben ConM. Ptot. 
It ijciTOnoilpilarB a bond forftlted becuiK acfcndiuie lallea lo i»- 

E'arpcnoiullyBilbetrlul-flPac.C.I..J.UO! lacal. IIS. BetamltM 
B, 1016. DLillniclDQ between IdonleB aotl mlsdemeaDors-ws vu. 
tali, the court abauld ai Ibe commfnciiieiit St the Mai, aider bk 
Into utual oouodr— 49 CaL U. 



1 1M6. Formation oC triAL Jury. 

I IMT. Clerk to preparo a caleni 

I 1HB. Orderot dlspoalDgot tw 

I l«9. Dalanduil; entlllea to r 


Trial juries for criminal actlaca are formed In the 
aauer as trial JiuleB in civil actions, 
isllng nlBl Jnrort^ea Ooda OlT. Proo. IS ]U,«I| naiiMf, 


e"nr:i:vf caTiSri BtatchrsST^^dT 


aner ttiB Bom- 












7T. The 

omtsalon of the c erk 



1 ratal orroF-* 



1047. Tbe clerk must keep a calendar of all criminal 
actions pending in tlie court, enumerating tlieni according 
to the date of tbe flliog of the indictment or informatioQ, 
Bpecif;ing opposite tlie title of each action whether it la 
for a felony or a nilademeonor, und whether the defend- . 
ant is in cuatodf or on bail. [In effect Apri! Qth, 1S80.] 

1048. The Issnea on tbe calendar muat be dispnaed of , 
In tlie following order, unless for good cause the 
eball direct an action to be tried out of its order: 

1. ProsecQtiona for felony, when the defendant 

2. ProaecatioDSformlsdenaeannr, when the defendant Ib 
In custody. 

3. Froaecutions for felony, vhen the deEenlant \& q 

• § 1049 TBIAI. JUBT— ISaOKS. i 

4. Proaecutions for misdemoaaor, whan tbe dafenila 
is on bail. [In elEoct April Bth, laSO.J 

Deuy'B Crioi. Lnv.'il.aDdnolei aea ilw ante, s IT. 

1049. After his plea, the dsfandant ia entltlsd to 
least two days to prepare for trial. 



1053. WlieQiiiiactioniscalledfortrlal, or at anytime 
prerioua thereto, the court may, upon auacient cause, di- 
rect the trial to be postponed to another day. [In effmst ' 
April 0th, 188a 1 

PoatpdDSineQt (Atrial.— Slctmesa ot defeadaat's i 
or BurpclBs ac Uia wiUulnval of * «IUi«s Is u grou 
Ga.%a> TbB Bucprlie must bo abawn liyafSilnvK. 
proper form— SI Cal. SIS. Tbs abuDoe ol wiUiejiiii 
eoDllmwnce-e Cal. MVj » Id. 4U. A moUon on il 
dlstlQcUr BtatB Uiat to wblcb ttaev would teatUy— < 
there li aaufflc1«nl tbatrtng as to Ihelr inaterlalJ ty 
Uck or dOlgeace, Iba motlDD should tin graateil—lii • 
nid, tllTltaacaurt will notgnmt tlia motion wbi 
neascs are bej-Dad Its procasa— 49 Gal.GStli I Const. 
KUi a Halst, 2-^0) 1 B BrBtt.eLU: i Sum. I'i 
tad made depoaUioos before tba oiamlnlus coun 

faith o[ I'be apDUcuit—M CoL >2ai nor, wbero lis 
snd delDtB-SS to. MI: IASlun.28]; ODana.MJi l'2 E 
UontLtM: !aid.uai HMo.3;4i esiil.lMjSBa 
] Ta. Cat. Ufi; dot. of txa UHmliBOca— ID Gmtt. <Ai 

QarmillTsx.nT{ umiM: ALelgb.THi oor.m 
rarer coniMdMUa ^olijcoii^ht to Jw proved— m G: 

at JMloe, and tluic Ibeh' at 

the [Unotowblch"""!'! ' 

1* L Challknoino thr Jcrt, 55 IOCS-SSl 
n. Thb Trial, 5S 1093-1131. 


BITTED TO TBBB. §5 1135-13. 
IV. THS VEllDICT, 5^ 1147-fiT. 

I 409 



DeBnlUonaDa divlalon of cHallsiiEeiL 

1 lOM 

Fimel dcflacd. 

Upod ITbat rdnnaril. 

When and how Ukeu. 

EKceptlon, i( safBclBaor of tho chaUeDsa be dcnW. 

ir etceptloQ ovcnuled, court may allow dsalal. et 

Dental ot cbalknEO. Iiow maac and trial thereof. 

ProceedlnBa, If challeDge aUowed. 

DefeDdauI to ho hiformcd ot his right to ctaaUinigi 

Khids o( chaUcDsea to hidlyldual Juror. 

« 10^ 


Qeneral etuaei of ehiUeoge. 

Particular causa of challengB. 

Ground of chaUenga (or antual blaa. 

Eiemiitioo not a ground of cbnllcDEe. 

Causes of phallengo, how Btalod. 

! ion 

EicepUons to challengB and denial thoreot. 

Challonge.hom tried. 

t lora- 

Triers, how appolnwd. Majority nuij decide. [K. 

f ID« 

Oath of trlera. CKepealed.] 

i iwi 

Rule* of ovldancB oo trial of oballenBe. 

DacWon or court 10 ho entered. 

iMtnictloDa on trial (or ocCual hlia- [Eepealed.) 

Venllctoftrien.mdHsettoet. tKepciileil,] 

ChallQQRes, flret I>y tho defendant. 

Order of chailfliiBos. 

1 loaa. 

Pertimptory challcngsB, when may be taken. 

155. A cUnllsii^s is na obieotioa made to Iba Uiiik J 
Jurtris, and l3 o{ two kioda: 


5-61 cnjjMOiaaa. 

the panel. 

an individual juror. 

leei.— The court may. of Iti own : 

[?uMaauilLaea|argT-32ClL49j Ma 

K IM: iDov. ft B. -Jii. ThoreJeoWoQ 

ireJuilLco tUo dcreDilaac, andb notm 

«; 17 Id. 80^ ;i<I.14D;(Clray. 19. 

'When Beveial defendauto are tried togetlui. 

iDot sever their chaltenges, bat must join therdi. 
,g chBllsneei.— Where Oefendaiita elect to bs trtedWaUT 
loIsevirtUelrcluaiengM-aCal.aOl; S8A1«.1I)T; IttuCtt 

Juror bftlw can 

il is a list of juioni retomed br a ahaif 
to serve ata particular court, oi tor the trial of apMticnlll 

1058. A challenge to the panel is an objection nudtli 
all the jurors returned, and may be taken by eithei pwlT- 

1059. A cliallenge to the panel can be fonoded (mIT 
on a materliil departure from the forma preacritMd k 
respect to the drawing and return of the jmy in dil 
actions, or on the inleatioaal omission of the abeiifl ■ 

□re of tlie jurots drawn. 

In wrttiog.— It «1 

la &u3 riejudloe may be Inferreif Is a<i 

led an aaUTOnlblB opiuiuu uf tlia dereadSiat— VBarli. 216; sea pail, 

0B2. If, OD tlia exception, the court flnds tbe ciial- 
lenge sufflclent, It may, if justice requires It, permit tlio 
party excepting to witbilmsr Lis exception, and to deny 
the facta alleged In the cballeuge. If the exception is al- 
lowed, the court may, in like mauuor, permit au amencl- 
, tnent of tlio challeiige. 

orlglDiil-4a Cal. 'Oe. ' 

1063. If tliQ cballenge la denied, the denial may be 
oral, and must be entered on the minutea of the court, or 
of the phonograpblc reporter, aoi the court must pro- 

1 to try tbe ciaestioii of fact; and upon such trial, the 
officers, whether judicial or ministerial, wboao irreglilar- 

la complained of, as well as any other peraona, may 1>b 
examined to prove or disprove the facta alleged as the 
grouDd of tlio challenge. 

Evidenoe on challsags,— Tho deCemliint csDDOt oaer hia u parte 
■ladBtit in Bvldeucs In support ol tbs ctiallenge— IS CaU 2M. 

3.064. When the panel is formed from persons whoaa 
I names are not drawn aa jurors, a challenge may be taken 
to tbo panel on account of any bias of tbe ofiicer who sum- 
moned tbem, which would be good ground of challenge to 
s juror. Such ohalleuge must be made in the same form, 
and determined iu the aame manner, as if made to a juror. 
Bias DD inmmonlng.— This eactlnn nnl^alJDniiictinllenKe of Iho 

, Tonire. bb Ib meutionod In i lu;]— lo ual. i:h. Where tUB BbKrllf sot- 
k lOB. bull Tonnecl wiil expreased an upluiun that dEteoiIant vma guilty, 
I tlwcIuUletijp. on ibe Brauna uf lilu,ouiilit to baio boenaUowsd—til 

106S. If, eitlier upon an exception to Ibe c^aUenge ox 
I s deoinl of the factn. the chnJIenga Is aUoweiX. Uie coa-rt 

g§ 1066-9 

must diacharge tbe jury so tar as tlie trial In qaestloD 
cont-erued. If it is disalloived, tbe court roust direct Iba 
jury to be impoJiiieled. JIq effect April 9th, ISSO. | 

1066. Beforo a juror is called, tlie defenilaot masl In 
Informed by tliecourt, or under its clireotiOD, that if bo IB- 
tends to cballonge an ludiTtdual juror he muat do so nbea 
the juror appears, and before be is sirorn. 

1067. A cballeoge to an iudlvldual juror is either- 
1. Peremptory; or, 

SaW-l. SeelOCul. I23i BTIiLSra. 

1068. It must be taken wlieli tbe juror appe»n,ni 
before be is sworn to try tlie cquso; but tbe court may!* 
cause permit It to be taken lifter tlie juror Is stroni, a 
before tlie jury la completed. 

ChaUange. whgn takan — A percmptaiT chBllense oamiM ta ittB 

faceeut uy six 


big rub aom1iii[ (a bia knowladge, a demand or offer ta clwlledgo 

ntnged— 10 Oil. IS. Ths dslondjuit tma eYuilBafi perempforl? M 
time >Rer thB mma Is drawn and betore (be iDtoc li tnora U> dy 
caaae-n OaL Uli M Id. 19i 10 Id. G»i « Id. 199. On doe uuaa 
, _ - HD, Iha cOBrt, at any moment Dflfore the cus is opened or [ba 

luroclsinam.viillDgruiltapBnuiptDryeliBUeiige— (9 CiL^lli SI Ala. 

lit) auigh.ios; 

1Q70. If tliaoffenae cliatgedbe pimtijIiBble iritb death, 
or with impriaoninenl in the State prison for life, the de- 
fendant is entitled to ttrent; aud the Slate to ten peremp- 
tory challenges. Oa a, tiinl for any other oSense, tba 
defendant Is entitled to ten and the State Co live peremp- 
tory challengea. [Approved March 30th, !□ effect July 
Ist, 1374.] 

1071. A challenge for c 
party. It ia aa objection 

1. Qeneial — that the juror is disqualiiied from Bervlng 
la any case; or, 

3. Particular— that he ia diRqualified from serving i 
the action on trial. 

1072. General causes of challenge are^ 

1. Aconviotionfof felony. 

2. A want of any of the qiialllicatlans prescribed bj 
lav to reader a jwrson a competent jur 

3. Cnaoundnesa of mind, or such defect In the facaltiea 
of the mind or or£an3 of the bi>dy as renders him incapo- 
blB of perforioing the duties of a juror. 

1073. Particular causes of challenge are of two kinds: 

1, For anoh a bias aa, when the existence of the facta 
iB Bscerttlned, In judgment of law disqualifies the juror, 
aad whioh is known in this Code as implied bias. 

2. For the euaCence of a state of mind on the part of 
the juror in reference to the case, or to either of the par- 
ties, wbioh will prevent him from autlug with entire im- 
paxtiallty aud without prejudice to the aubstanUa.! T\^te 
of either party, which ia bnowu in thia Coda aa aiAiVual 
bias. /-ApiiroredJlrarcfiJOth, in effect July lat,lBn4,\ i 

Partionlar oflnsea of chaUonEO nre of two kIn(U-49 Cnl. la 
Siiiii. 1, Tliat hs had fbrmsd and «xpre«ed an oplnton uta Of 
KPtJI at Iba prlBonw.or Uu bIiowu fceUos* ol bwUUIr tutUn.lti 
good groima u[ <:buUeiure-^ Wiaid.311; MOUOOI. US. 

Subd. t. TbameTsfomutlaiiof lin>otlistlo*l opinion) rnndM IB 
bmr^vorlhfonnarlDnirouiiliinbitiijiportncbatlenge— 4ACil'l«iilw 

lioinadBioluiv'otHeiaiippQliiMil— llCsl. ». eaepuij.i tOTsl'uou-. 

1074. A cliallpDge for implied bloa raay bo tatea fur 
bX\ or any of the following caasoa. and tor □ 

1. Consanguinity or nfflnity within the foarlli ilejiw 
to the peraon alleged to be injured by tlio offense tluuswl 
or ou wliose complaint tlie proseoutioa waa instituteil. u 
to the defendant. 

3. Standing in tlio relation of cuardlan nnd ward, aaet- 
nej and client, master and servant, or landlord uod us- 
aat, orbein;; a member of the family of the defendaiu. •" 
of llio person alleged to be injured by the offense cbalgsL 
or on whose coioplainC the proBGCUtion was instltated. oi 
In Ilia employment on wages. 

3. Bulng a parly adverse to the defendant in a ciril v- 
tlon, or haTing complained against or been accnsed i! 

Bvlilsnue la a good gtaui 


■: dea? 


1076. In a cliallenge {or implied biai, one or more of ■ 
the causes Btttted In seatioii one ILousand aud seTent]'- I 
four must be alleged. In a. cliallenKe foe actual bias, tlia 
cause stated in the second s-abdiWsion of section one 
thousand and saronty-tbreo must be alleged; but no per- 

<n shall be disqualllied an a juior by reason o! havlag 
formed at espcessed an opinion upon the matter oc causa 
o be submitted to sucli jur;, founded upon publiu rumor, 
Btatenienta in public jonruHls, or common notoriety; pco- 
■rided it appear to tbe court, upon hia dcclaratioo, under 
oath OT othenrise, that Le can and will, not withstand ing 
Boch OD opinion, act impartially and faiily upon lUe nvBlu 

rs to be submitted to bim. The challenge maj \iB oTa\, 

ttmiut be euternl la tLe minutes of the cotin, ot ot ^'ba 

[Apptoved March 30th, Id 

pLouuHrapliic reportt 
July Xst, 1674.] 
Challongsforimpllsdblaa.— TtiecliaUsnso 


5. «J'i la. 57" 7'iii?27J 

1077. The adverse party may except to tbe chalk 
in the sums manner aa to a clialleage to tlie panel, | 
the Banie proceediuga must be liud tbere 
Bcribeil in aection one thousand and sisty-o 
il Ibe exception be allowed, tbc juror idubc bu ezctat 
The advecao party may also orally deny tho facta ollaf 
aa the ground of challenge. 

1078. If the facts are denied, the cliaUenge 
tried by tbe court, [Approved Maroh 30tb, la eSecl 1 
lat, 1874. 1 

If a obHllenes ia InterpoHd, and tba opposite 

( uniBlsnkUei], and lbs Juror cui befartberi 

other wituoBBea calleil, UKl tlis inatter Uionsubmltud Eo ttaanwl- 
U C*l. ISI. Bat the duniuUflcMloa inoBt ba divhI nc tbe properM* 
—t UdL va. The campetencT ot a Juror Is detenaiued by IM nal 

SMd.3. A ohBlleniB tor "actual btu" mnitatateaottuMal^ 

iiulU urabut delendwit. It most lis 10 MMeO-n CaL ZI£ 

,v eoDtempIates that CTery Imot vM 
Ires from all bias or pi«jiidlca«IM 

Oampstaiur ot It 

■ItalnarameBliaU I ... i...^jwu 

Uud-^Col.Sti. TtiBbunlsaoIproof aEI>if»Qipetencylaaiii,_— 
anertiiiK It— 4T Cal. KO. Ttaa laqnUr sbDnlil not tie llmlMd Hi 
laoUteil qaeMlDTi oC a axed and attsolnts oplnlaD— 1 I>siiio,j«< ■ 
1S4. EWSenco tendhigtoBlio«l.l»aH»dnilBrtWe— WM^.i-^'- 
kerCr. B.l^lDsnLo.SBI. A nneral linpreulon ot dtf (IB 

, Mneral Impreulon 01 ,„, 

_. ,.19 notndlsqnaUBcatliia— lacaLM-r 
, andliBvLnga Ksaeral badfrntnloawMip 
vaUd oiijfctlon. If oltamrlae ba U OM^ 

ooncbulona to dluqoalif y muse aniouutto ut 

£1111 havs benn einresud— 1 Dcnlo, 3K; 71 1 
im laid. IN. 
2079, 1080 ot said Code aie te^atfaA. y 
MU, In effect July Isi. 1«I4.A 

41T CTUci.Biroiira. 

TrlCTB.— Objection to tbe sppolnlinenl of tiiei 
IliuH.iiucltliflKrouinlsofobJectlaD, t( overmlci 
bouuil byUio declBlon ot the rourt— ISAllt, 731 
4WcDd.%!g; Illd.tlW. Tbe trial sliOD'" ' 

1081. Upon tbe trial of a challetige to an iadividnal 
juror, the juror ctmlleuged may be examiDed 09 
to prove III diapTOve the cLallcnge, uod mast answer 
ever; queation pertinent to tbe inquiry. 

posed Jurur nlitllier'lio noul'l aa reiulJIy lipllevo ChlnsBe teBtlraony u 

1082, Otlier niCnessea may also be cxanuned od eltbei 
Bide, and tliu ruloa of Gvldenca applicable to the trial of 
other issues goTem the admission or excluaioD of eTi- 
dence on tba trial of tho challonge, 

1033. The court must allow or disallow the challenge, 
aad Ita decision must be eutere<i iu tlie minutes of the 
court. [Approved March 30tli, in effect July 1st, 187*.] 

OetannliiatiDn of shallniEa.— Tho action ol tbe court In aliowlng 
k cluUen«a for Impllea lilu U not lbs enbiect of an ewepllon-M CbC 
406; 491d.GT?i OS ulHtbiBUlabeil Irom dJaallowlnff tbfl cbaJJeoB&— 49 Id- 
IM. Tba Buprcmo Court vUl not OTerrula Ibo iictlon of the loirer 
court In denying B cballepgB, naless It la apparent tbat It aboaedlta 
discretion— 4T CaL 306. VIbfa the court oremileB a chaUengo. End tbe 

erlsoucr ciccpis, tbe oxccpUon is to the declalon nTOrrallnv tbe chal- 
ingc— tl CaL 39. 'Ibo dcclilon ot tbo quetUoii of fact raieed by Uie 
challenRs li flnal. aoU dd( anliject to revlev on appeal— ta CM. ise. 



10B4, 1085 of aaid Code are repealed. [Approved Alarch 
SOtb, iD eCect July 1st, 18T4.] 
See 48 CaL le^i and an», i^ 10;4-lu;i>. 

1086. All challenges to an Individual juror, except J 
peremptory, must be taken, tlrat by the defendant, and I 
tben by tile people, und oai^h party must exhaust all his .] 
cbnllanges before tbe other begins. 

1087. Tbe cbaltenges at either party for cause need \ 
not all bo tukeu at once, but ttiey must be ta,^eii f.«^^ I 
aratuly, in the following L>n2er, Includint; iaeacU cliaWcaSt 
till lite caoBeB of cbAlIeage belonging to tlie aaiue c\a&%'> 

I. To the panel. 

3. To an inriiirtdiial juror, foragenetal diaqaaliacaticn, 

3. To an iadifidual juror, for an implied bias. 

4. To an individual juror, for an actual bias.; «id.323. 

1088. If all challenges on both aides are diaallowrt 
either party, first the peopla and then Iba defendant, mo!' 
tnptory cbalieoge, unless tbe panics' pci- 
emptory challengea ara aihauated. 


1 Ilea. Order oC trial. 

. Rcisanaibla iloubi as V> itegiee c 
, DiicbarslDg deteo^laat IbBt bo c 
, Effect o[ BDcb dlscbuge. 

lappUoablfl t 

. Erideneo ot faba pretenaea. 
■ GobilctlanODteatlDiODjDf occampllce. 
f UU. ProceedlnflS, it evldeace ibow bJgber oflenBe Hum ehuiML 
. DliGbiuSQ Jury for lock of jniis diction, etc. 
. Proceeding. )[ jiuy [llscbargHd lor waat ot JnrUdlclloD ot 

. View of pMiulaes, when 
. KnowledBB of Juror ic 

I 1I2T. CbarRlni? tha Jury. 

of law arlslDK dnrtDg titaL 
ry to dpiermlne law tad tact. 
Ueelilc qaeBtlans ot Uw. 

or nan In cnatodr ot onccn. 

( im. Defendant appearing tor Iriil mar bBcominltteiL 
i 1130. If dlslrlclattoniEytallaloBltenil.cOBrlinarappolnt. 

1093. TLo jury havlog been impaaneled ODd Bwuii. 
Clie trial miiat prucecd la the folloirinK order, tinleaa mt 
erwiae (]irect«tl b; tlie court : 

1, If tbe iadictmeDt oi informatioa be for feloDj, tbt 
clerk must read it. and state the plea of the defendaDt la 
the jury, and 'in cases where it cliaigeB a preTlaai con- 
TictioD, and the defeodaDt bas confessed the same, Ibt 
clerk Id rcadiQE it shall omit therefrom all that relatMla 
such previous convictioD. In all other cases this foUMt 
Ity may be dispensed with 

2, Thedistrict attorney, or otherconusel for thepetqih. 
must open the cause and offer tbe evidence Id aapport i' 
tho cltar|>e. 

3, Tbe defendant or his counsel may then open tht 

IBUt. 3 1093 

BitiiML—Aii otiet GiclDdlng: ladb at tiie iuroniisweraiioC 
■And to Iiy the caso t9 uotiidepiivatlDa at CUo rigbt ot pablla 
CaJ. 194. renoDiiLCGaaaa or crlmca silcgea ta liavebaeu com- 
lotoraOio PenalCodatimltoBectarDloEalTlBcllHwconlauca 
i[orinaolprocodnroproiiidedliithoCo(;. Tboiigh 
liremeau ot tbu Col^ sboulil sp])rar nboUy Imiaaleilal, u foil- 

1. Thafallnre of Ibo olerk toTeaUlho IndlctmnaCls noC a 

2. The opeolag of itascaaa by tlie proMCUtlon l9 n simple 
Introduction of prooti neceiaorr w mippon tlia Indlciment— 

3. Theoonrtni 


nil, « MTi and at any period of tlio coae^l 
neat In duobedleoce to tbo crdcr eicludlog 


B.— Tbe proBflcuWou caonoc be compBllea to 

-A def eodiuit Dugkt not to be deprived at tbs 
Bimeas Bliicli may bo Had « tbe trlaL-ffl Cnl. 


imonr ol tbe proHcutlon— 3S 
DtI dsUuw tb P nal Ood t 

See tb dls> 

SaM. B. Ohirgo of oonrt— A wrlttoo ehM^ ma; be ■ 

Rfladtng B ddposltloa ta tha Jury Id the absence or i ) 
either boforo or after rotlrtna. ii Biror lorwblcha iv„ 
BtMitea-SCal.iS. Seopml.jUU. 

The ODnititatltin dOPi not prohibit ludgn from ' 
chariilngnliirrwboOiBnherBlaanyevliienco wliL r. 

JtuT bollBTB deten.lant kUled dogBMnI, ma th»[ boronTdi 

ilec'inil It lobHiilaluleiit tosdlLUia UUIng « • 

nuUlcBuidaeUbeialloD-liCa' -^ 

The oharBB Blreobrthoco__. , 

InilgmBnl roU. ami cannot liBreTlawea on appeal rrom tba n 

-ffcal.Ke. KthBeourtrtfii." ' ' -■—-•- 

dliilncily inform ibe Jury that 

InnraEllaiu Ad IntCruflli 

ll7f, 'if au iMtiuctlM \is w 

that ilerenduit mu ni 

§§ 1094-6] 

1094. When tbe state oF the iileuillngs requires il 
ia any other case, for good reasona, nod in the sounflj 
tliBcretion c£ tlio court, tlin orilor iiieNcribsd la the liM 
a may be Ueparted from. 

.a aopart from tlw oi 

2095. If tbe iadictmeat or inforiui 
fense pucisliable with death, two counsel on eaah tiile 
mar argue the cause to the jury. If it be for ftnjr oUier 
offense, the coort may, la its diacFetion, restrict ilie »t- 
gument to one conosel on each Bide. [In eflect Aptll ttbr 

t, tbe cnnrt may sUoi 

._, ,_., ettch »iilB— W Cal. S3 

Pro». OBiMHip 17. Sea obK, i 1033. su 
gnniBnt 1* Bulijecl to llie lUscretloa of 
note! aoil see SS Cal. :!B9. 

1096. A deEendant Id a criminal action is pi 
be innocent antil tbe contrary ia proved, and in case of k 1 
reasonable doubt nbetber bis gollt U sotisfsctotay tbovrn, 
.0 an acquittal. 

)I ptoot— Id CTUnJitil a 

It tbe pro MC HttoB li reqnlml U> 

tili^Mir m^- lo Aowi&uacMmcbMtacacooi- 
liii'i iilij ■^■niaiiilirmlmiiiiiil Miiii 

111 .ii <i€^eBMBIUIMd,eBmM baprar^W 

....s'l'.'u'''''.''''' ''.'iiii!iia>b«(aeoaBiU(d-3iCM.igai It 

EW.ail Hfclj Wenil. ]«; »> UIM. IS; U U. «M: IJW— " " 
ai». Whiro tUcta Is nu cuUrQ mBt at erUcaes or tb 
_ except 8UiKm?acaiDadBbrUapd«anEr.IbecaDn>li 

5 Joi-r to ai:i|iil[~ll C^ HI Tb* erUeace nut be conOiiaV U. __ 
S criiDBOtiarEecl-UCil.S»; »liL*J>i UiO-N. CoUtr kiMXHUulg^ 
E aneawniLaTclrcunuaBfaliiBtvre— UCaLM; bat itmniMirtat ««■ 
b mflnts.iTjTJf^id^M Afttroi A*«tfifriujjre, aicol pot bo H^"*^^"^ 
■ XS.m; 7Iawa,SUL Baiilen at proof, <Aea 


I I'l IM: ai I(L dh: ll« Hal I 
-.'■ na Bbnlntely liieanai| 

M3i ladk-W: »iDBa.sHii siiiacti^Ri; abiatcbr. joTi stain.' 

If > jaror gota lata the tcUl vltb hit mlDd uniirejaillced, Isoalfl 

noUiliig ot tSe IHcCi, and becomei ntUllea wltboat aaubl Om Ik 

teMlmoor UiM tho nrlaoner !■ gBUlj, tbera can b — 

doubt la bis mint]— 37 Conn. 3M. 

Aa anlnst Qis defendant, tba beta mnat be proved bef<a< * 
Tcumi^ls dmibc-g Csl. l^i wblle on tba part at ibe iliFiailWl 

SenanilBntlnK nrcDC ti euIDclonCto HtHtiUsh a Kict— sCaL MiU* 
I; idtLaWi tiietiCiU.14. PmnmptlDn— seapoif.S IIK.doco. 
norlnoa ofinrv.-lt 1^ ilio rculUir wovlnco o( ttaeliDf DM. 
thecomlniilOTi-f— " ■!--■(■■.■., i,.,,,-,.. (,.wfin-i, tlieyaro not M li«Bi» 
feredw[tli.ii"i- [.,. ■■ i 1 I'y ihBcouit-Beo ITCH-BB* 

mim: Wi<l.;:i I. -'I3< BiMtbi UieltMwr— 

to flnJ mailer- ^^ <3C|>roi.eny-M|3,e | 

tan. Tbo cli ' riiuclDiilotia. but sM la* 

Eesalona llitu, -r uroor-SOaLSMi Ml' 

p*niilltlnii 1 ■ iiin to go (o Ibo Jair.M 

cu»U bjr BD-lUiiU ,i>.i...,....a...= ..utai.,( UiBjury lu re——' "■^- 

Saaaoutila dirabt 1i tbat state irtilcb, K 

xiTilm ondentatHKntfi ■ 

tbeir cannat Mj tin; f oel an abtdlDc oi 
Df tna IruUi DrttiB cbanB— 4T CuTvYj 


upoa It— H Cal. ZCI 

Tba jnrr touat ba aatlaSed bermd ■ reaaoaatila di 

taaCeiBeutlallocarutllalalbDaBeDMliaa been praTcd-^ " 
Id. 4M| Q m. LS7; 6 W- 2Ui id, <10; S K. T. Supmoe. MB; UA^I 
ld.ia. Tlierinua(beiatliIledbi!Tinidai«B>oualila(loulitUMB 
ant and no Dtber penon CDtamlttad UM ciinja— ^ Cal. Uai a| 
41 Id. tw. Ibef ciumot cDiiTlEt atrOj becaiuB ttiej bafl^ 
aTtOeocB li sncb tbaC ■ nam ot prndanca irould Del upon tt tn 
afEalnoFereacaninpartinca—JIGaLini acaSKer. W; iaiCi_ 
U ld.!l)B: «l Ind.4el nrr rrrn-rl-tlin irhni''' '-i hnij iiiilipjM 
an sntirslrwaallai], trom Ibe eildBOM, tbat Ilie detfadBKifaa 
»Cil.a». " 

Whara tmjiaiaani at Ibe eameUmellr ...i. , 

ioevlUencootconiiplracj'.and ibejory are la dqnM ■> 

It the -whole teaamon^. Ukten tocMber, !«■*•■ no n 
nwoaable doubl on U.e volitt •* i«mfc -i* -wbt- - - 
I>raveU-4S Cal. 318. 

1097. "When it appears that tbo aoftiiaant li 
mitted a public oSeiiGe, and tlicTe is reasonable Kround oF 
doubt in wLicliof twooroiDre degrees lio is gnilty, lie i 
be' convicted of tlie lowest uf sucb deforces only. 

InstsaceB ot ponvlctlon o( luwrr oireoM— 4 Cfll. aTO; S iiU !7Bi i 
HI; 17 ill. «I2; a m. 991. tico win. i lOlU, uate 0. 
1093. "When tivo oi moru defenaants tire jointly 
I cborged witb a felony, any defendant requiring it must Lie 
tried separately. In other cases tbe defunduni 
charged may be tried separately or jointly in tiie discre- 
tion ot tliB court, [In offeet April Ot!i, ISSO.] 
Ssparats trials.— A iletendant Ina jalnl iDdli^lTDODt bu a rlnbt lo 

Wbero ilofeniluil) waived iKnaiane triain. lint beTora tbo JuryTriui 

■worn moved W8S uioioaupr-""""'"'— -— ■-■ — 

reiniotlionppllcatiiiD-uCal.HV. On ckcclnsti 

ras tried, one mu be a wltneu for tbe other—' ' 

1099, "Wlien two or more persons are included io tlio 

Baina cbarge, tlie court may, ai any time befora tlia (le- 
I fendants bave gone into tbeir defense, on the application 
I of tbe district attorney, direct any defendant to be dla- 
loliarged, that bs may be a witness for the people. [In 
iffect April mb, 1S80.] 

I Dlsohargs.— Tbe dtBeliarira must IM at Ilie trial, beton dcTendsnt 

e othei^-} CbI. 1, 

I at II' 



[lOO. When two or more persons are included In tlia 

e indictment or inforraatloii, and the court ia of opin- ' 

Itbat in regard to a particular defendant ibere Is not 

Iclent evidence to put tiim on his defense, it must or- 

be discharged before the evidence is closed, 

Bhe may be a witness for his codefendant, \lii efiew 

I 9th, 18W.J 

r§ 1101-2 TBIAL. 436 

Wbca ialoidefcDdanls Ere ec-pai»tcly tried, cocb may bo i wHsw 
fnrlbuoUier-SCiil. 181:20W.'Hl);3Hiiinpli.B9; H Mo. Ii 1 0».«t;i 

1101. Tlie order menliouetl iii the last two aections ii 
SQ ucqiiitlal of the defeDilanl diacbar^jeil, and in a barlii 
auotlier proseciilioii for tlie sama offense. 

DlscbargB&omindictmoBt-annciiultliil-Jlc.iHOi icoBliSt 

1102. Tlie rules of evidence in civil actions are apjrfi- 
cuble also lu ccimiuul actions, except aa otliervrise jtf 
videU in lliis Code. 

Bams of defandBQt-IlmsybBiiroictlUiat dcfcnduiE vu bwiD 
M Uio uniuo mcutiuucil lu lUo Inillcnnoiit^ii bUo by mioUuTBWt 

r iT TMAT, 


N Sf 




lutlu. t> 
J dl lal 



■ UaUoaiipreniD d «>miiDiisi 

■ pro nth. Id bs 






BDce of gnUt C9 

wusia asoDBcd !■ to 

JO iirvsuiuctl lliaC l^ ] 
ffouiatCLd " ' 

be drftim (rom tba nrlMnwr dec 

CaU W3 : as Id. TM : * VU iS); «■ 
!■ Sill 6,i Id. 2S8j lint where ito. 
ieiimi» rnlLa to ezploln a motflla 

werEoBiVo It-^aafjfY.'aiy'^ '' 

DBted tbat lie could cipUln ihi 

iJcoot, 1[ l>rodu(jeil by I-'— ■ ■- 

m ft certain da 

> eviilcnco sliowliiTt 

- -. _ - . ^ ' l>ossesscd ot o cire 

amany, nr oUicr naipcni, li ihjI voncluslvo aimlnst hSa. i 

-"-wtcrUm. whan ho cDUlU have ]>robalily cinlaincU inn 
bcftrliucs0UiBt him, la a iiroper subjoct tor Uio c— " 
nr— liQntf.aoi. 

wot poiBasBloii.— becant posacBAlon of stolea 

, oa 1 Pt tF« cn'i 

ei .Ud ree lupt eoco rdu ■« 

e». h -ha. 


SSid tDBlve cnual credlb Id all pans ol Uia BatsnieDt~32 Vt.3JI; 


8 00.4 



oprrfo tie I 
y Bgaliut tl • 

wards spDlien lu 
if htHband own 

le dEClaistlons ol 
S]llloai:;Liik^tl.nmkLiiiDiiuu^L:ruu-'if^ Thrt ffxnlnwlrtu „ , ,, 
wiii'h j>Li>iicrly uiads tuid no Biiv^tage to Uie tiutiulH of da 

aOt Intt 


S 1102 

^^^^i?m^ *^'^ *° <>«alP»» mo prisenw 


rtliru Mttltlea to call out bU lb* 

l^kptoMlaaMiunjtv | 

Hi l?;™"i'?mw"U™un" ii'.u.'.'il 


1l .■■. ■ 

'BE^:ii.;s,jir:5,xKiUf&^ ! 




irftoJe pnfM 

mnSlalratB was reiluBeii to wrlllng, 1) 

are ftdinlBslLito. i 

«!. AcmteisLon I'mde tD«?e_. 
G.)447- PrlsouerBlwIiiylQcuiilaily] 
Wiieveral o( Uio JiirviUitlhel'-' 

thogulitof tlio actcMors— 

elm, nuule umlcr n iironm 
tried, S3 wlmlwltiiB— u; 

nmaiaqce.lbucaLJj^Ly i " 

Tr. 411 i'n Gt a^rii'lto i JU5 ; 4 I 
lOonftnionB volontBrDy nrade ntt 



'i;li obtalnea byaiti- 
ureenO.B.tfc; 14 


ODU JDUuenceu uy cue same napes una icDra as the flret m 
burden h DO tbs proaecntion to eatBtillsb Iliat bdcIi InOlMMU 
ccaeea to ouerate before Ilie subaequeac canteuloa — II Cat (it: 11 
239, t Smedea A H 31, B aalsL lis. 1 Rneed. 7a; SSMiLHt- Si 

ObjeulioQB to thslr admlarfon — 1 

k third B 

.raS Bdlllb.»ir- 

lacopfenkm (hMtbaA! 

I underaWnd wl 

,_ lered on that gTab£3: d^ 

or cQinpulfllcm. to avoid tiuni — 10 CaL Afl 
EBbct of coofsMlaaa.— Tha oonteuloiu oF > 

EBbct of coofsMlaaa.— Tha oonteuloiu at > partr not ^M 
open court, or anaa c^uuDinMion befoivaniiglitrMe, iiiii ni iiilS 
Justify a convlellon-M C«L *Uli *1 Id- US; U WraiLMjf^fi) 
Wheel. O.C.LO;; 11 Qb. 129; T tred. zaiijfi Ind. »{ bat tU> tdtE 
sppUeablo to lower gndee at crlmei-4S Vt. lU; nor towaTS 


§ 1102 


:r3- 29 Id. 

BfOi SOtd.V.,".. 

. . :.,.Hi.;!llttlia 

■amy etc, ■ 

. ifiynnEbs 


■ ■s-SICbL 

m. win 

■ noquallr. 

WbOlii". .. ■; 


- mtJiil evl- 

ce tn rare cases of 

inhtn mi attempt 

'i".,.if the Juryas 


■■i to tboyr 

■ LioLTwur^ 

.. Iulu-i1 111. «7. 

1 Rilspliooil.cvnbioLi,ora.itucuuiilht|iiirt..£o.ii.a 

SllCtled of Cl'lHlB Is 

uestlon or enllti-K 

1 thB pan of ono 

lAuiniluparticlpBiit.atorabaLt thotlniDof th 


■nalDgT to UlB qMh 

(ore and iwt bIIbt Uio commlsaiou of tbe ol 

Plclt.SM. ApononBieusertoterl 

a chaiacteT of ordliiary f.-vimeaa, 

nnleia lis blmBBlf elecM lo put i. 

lad clumclicr at doreoilant idbt only bs bIvc 
■ - - ir la ttas chuacMT 

atumptea to bo sbomi, m 
tlio U'lBl (or munlBi^-w 

Deuloliw; aeotoSe!* 

AdmlsiibUily at 
possessLoD ot tr ' 

..,. , — .^. oSglnU.Wtono^o 

II ucc-iuDMV'^ — n> ■.!->. ><-» fbosiUtenea ot m 
roved \if KpuUilDn_4I CoL «Eil: TbBeb.O. C 
teaileocy to prove a particuUr coacve, U !■ ftdzL^ 

Wbgra evidence IB oBferad on the put of tbo defe 
o[claiibtfaliidiDluimiin,ibebenrrpn>cUce la to « 
cbsnce a reveniU— la Cnl. in. Kvliltnce oi the prfsoa 
tlclpotlon la tbe camnLlHlon ol a tiuas irhollr dlM 
tbaEtorwblcb lie la on trial, Imat.uaeenenrnile, 
tea 1 WbeeL C. v. U; > Bunipb. ». ^* 

Ttaan la s wlds diiUnetloa betweon ImmMeiiai 
cvldence-4B Cal. SM. Icmarlwmaurlal.BndMU L__ 
49 Cal. 338. Wbeis IrrelevaiKi i«tlmaiiT la calimlated 
pisjudlca tbe mloda of tbe lurr, 1( la error to reoeiTB 1 

Rolics onl artdeDoa. Snlei of e' 
evlduncB are the airae bi bolb civil 
Immnlertal and brelevaot testlmouy i 

esl: Id. LO^I. TtaeoblBCtloatliateilili. ^^ 

the point, nbetber it Uiuluilaslblo to Impeacb a witoa 
tDgotoblavrelllbllltv— iBCaL IM. AlUunwIi iotoia 
Immalerlal. vet II ddTenilaDt la not prejudiced, taOmi^ 
dlaturbed-45cal.S5. ^^ 

A parlF ouinot be preUnded from rIvIiw erldci 
pear wit£ cHtalntr tbBE ancb nutctora InTDlVMl &snl 
acalnat blm by oeuipeteDl JuiUclal auiluintr-.3S CbL I 

A. partr objectlni to tbe adtnlulon ot «T i a— i 
ETDDBd ot bla obleUlDn. or bla objeedoo will ba «ai 
1^1.338: 381d.Hr. ulaeampeteuffortlMdeCaMM 
'elanr.taEDiuenttolboiutraduotloa olt^tmttnta 
itbenrlse have obJecEed— l) Csl. Til. EawulroiinliijJ 

If DTld*noe flompetan 
■llf . ID j^detendaiicrBlla 

TBiic. § iioa 

JTDOD suUBEgueatly rene«iid,aii{l do effort mivle 

ta (^vlDg 11, or bl9 rejeclttl Kt 

TeMlmonr os former trial.— ttie acciueil oaf wiUve bis coiuUtu- 
ttonal r gbt o be cent ODled b; wlOieiaeB. nnd testlini>a]r on a lonnw 
biilmBybeieiWlasti aeoce— JSIawa, 13J. Tb3tnblcta>wlni<siiiteiit!- 
Sed o on a (am la of Uieeiune uue mmy bs given In eviileaca 

OSeTg SiR. 17. ItlapraducJoKUielestlmdi^ 


Rrana juiT-W Cratl. 'M; ao Ibe testlmonT 
a a p Uuilnary fliamiuation-Sl UL 326; ft 
Pfl. & I but II la uot proper w nsk a wluiesi 
onofblaieatUnouybeforBlbo gnma Jury— 11 

^m g 1102 


■ ^,is;?sf^£S?v^^5, 


BlalcW.aM. lnthBCB5 

or dcefls or napCHiiS old tliU ibHT 

^"zSS-^star ■"""'■"' 

^ pnreed W romiMirtiion. (he orliHn«t 

COl'Jlufflirr' ■-'-:■-■- 


irtUta';-"!:' . 




tBtemmts ol detendant.fakm from bt 

™ew" YErcSSmltSi" 



.<u S. H.tlJ7. *^ 

crediC of Uio wltnoasTt 

bo nuul to tbe Juir, In order to 0i 

"oV"bW&sss r^d^".' i^ 

Allen. 173. ThocTtflDE 

OTUon^wlth the cDiirt^l_otan.d. mil aray. Bii m^ 

Words Britten on the 

Ubss. Ui. Wben & wrlOae contains botb legal and lUc^^ 


to bipungs tbo lUegal. but onlir I«1H 



Bd^wrv'^i ; ■ 

;■■;■' ■;■. . ■'.-''vrtr'^^r 

^f li^.v . 



Ol'lKlUlt...-, .. ■. . 


Jiicii. ^(j; ;irnk.M:i'-';Gra;^''.^1; 


f ^1itmlci'4iih"ni»^' b" iJ^SJ 

mlsalblD-n U>. CI!G: 

o HiiSplflons Dl ttu. vrllo Mid^^Sl 



I t,nH«.SK * Mlnn.S», u Wwi 

IT lows. JX. 


TboLntpntm T nlnf 

T tnmfaci 1 Cal (w B \lija 


,. ID-S * IIT T S orlroo. 

^ ro't'i 


^^ nimc 

^K IBs but d 


ABBaoIl — TI18 bnnlan oT proof la on 
bejrenilnreawiiitliledaubc— I uiar si 
UOD inuBt prove tbe time oDil pla<e~' 
Sold 436 Bia KM S All VS bl 

UiG party assaultecl made Imi 
;ib e US part of tbQ ru aes x- 

B a (liort t me liefnro— Intl Us a Ala. 603. 
u Bi^mllhe ieSeaiUM—JiAla. U. 

I nalico la a qncaUoB of fact tor Oia jury— Bl Gt. 1 

I I isecuMns witness retreated and was followed I17 I 
h toctorroil at the plane wliera Bbe look ijtiige& | 

noof ef liitoxiBition la M 

"" -"-■---- - '- --linn ol f[ict for l„« j«., _,^,«. -,„, ,■ - 

wait la tlellberata b a ' 

FiDof of attempt oc oirer to atrlkanlll notsiutaluBCtuinat* 
udlE by strlkliiK^^ Alx ica, Wtioro the clccnmsMiiciH On » 
auauiloiicd. snil miDlgnniiC heart, *d ssshuIC with k dctdlT mta». 
wllb lutrut tu liiilii:L Ludlly IziJuT- bu iKwii proved— IB Cit/GXi 

T' i in [nr BnBfflomltwlaitntentlokHl.tliei 

4- ' ''.':;''l9Ala.'NI3; but Ui« Wr i^iut ^i 

11 <i»ut:(-3S Ala. 603: H H. i. su: aM 

i.\ I I liLo trial. IS to tbe looitliiD, rhirarur. 

Intent-ITIiomp.&C. 3J3i iaN-T.41. ^ 

JLanoRtsmnidBT.— Oaatiis)tOT>nB«iBiiltw1i)i Int 



TDbonitlog Gvldenco miut go direclljr 

BribetT.— Wboro the itarajH reqnlKii^eomiboratltis ti" 


Pd siiitaln an Indlctiiwnt for bnnrtary of ■ dngb* 
_. J be iirovcd thsi aoniB ope lived In Oio liou»>— u juain 
Irrvblcli tbo occupier hold* thB prnolses. U Immauimi' 
WberalCwBi proved tbal ths oceuBler lioil arJxiuJl* 
«" •—'-" It Is no vorlBDCB— in Vut. 80,1. j i ir — •• 

fttoillr two -woeks bsfore, 
prflsumpLloQ of law tbat ^ t^i^mvur ■*■< 
WMCDuunittea In the BlcHt rather tbai 
0.)H9, Ttiei|uestlonutaIlMtliae or ] 
ol Tact, lor tlio Jury— 3S Conn. 813. T(]. 

ut light 10 dlatlasulBta ■ : 

ni-s AHOD, «im U BMl 

< .ipproprlatcBlij minntiij* 
lun on eacli of ina janttg 

1^ ('iiarBell In tha 

■•-■n tlie aefenaaot >n< 
HI, oudoantlns for tlw 

GambUne^The proof at gnmbUng la necesnultr InfenotlA > 
from possewloa bdiI uao Dt ImpioiUEnurorBiuDliliiii;— li Mo. ni* 
TCI. J5 J from tliB use of whlth tUo Kisnter mar bo lo(cma-l D» 

418. Owneralilpiii!U'«»proveai>7Wlmlaslon- — ■ ._...»— 

orlir ramnl— R. It CBarl. B. It raonot tia 


rpoB elloU The pnuecuElni miu nro tbeeoniutftfMtl 
dine nro nttli oitb imlnal Hgnncv b )<*»■• 

n ol idenotyla one or 
id instrnmenW —The f ' 


Ohara d ndant— On Mn murHGr t 

S TEildiirae eniiBn la connnedtt-Min 

ill aw bora --* 33 a BnKdeBVB-Wi 

p Inl^-OfM C I^J 

. _ ' nUrv crWi— 

ha tb d ceuea emM a to fnimi li 

a tb d ceuea emM 

ii. r « a e7 ifin 

Ity UnoirHMlge Mjg 

branu decesMa ore tntrod ee b del ila 
deduiui Oeoeucd of petUMabl InUati na— « Pkc C 

Crl glsili D rsns m llXft- 

■a Orfw 



la of Oefendatit ste sufflc ei 

pmoybepro d 
Jio a t clwm il— 3 M di JtU I 

aBDT wfaHt must bo si 



a Ho- 





Ml-'"" " ° 

'V " ifraro Ilk 

^a% " " 



ae ulOD 

z lcu4 He 



of prior convi 
d tlio ECO 

tion The 

DT oavletlo 


tKr> BM « BaFb 

13 : entulneil by nraot ot Idcnllcy of Ilia DBTty on trial 

1 the forme 


Gu. HM; 14 


7M(I.49T. It 




riueoco III . 





a VBtOIrt ^g^w at larcsny It 

lary lo proyo tb 

at tfio moil 

Dil in lIiD luf om 

]ntlou-SFiui.U.L.J.4a3. t: 



jtes. LliolmnltnOldi lasuo 


.hsneiaonto wb< 






in lil9 cI^Flaraiion OS ta^b InAntloninaileBlllia tlnifi ot taklns tbe 
, property. l3!«uto(tbBrfjpa(3-«i TBi.aoSi JKw-.Ts;. Tbejurynre 
tbe Juilgea aa to llie title of the properly, tho takliiB Had cartylug 

TJiBcorpna delicti mu't tw provBil othorwlsa tUsn by contosslouB 

buried It ill tliH BtUDnd'ttore "-^ CaT lil 
property Btolenifl not a '■'*■'''■'*'"■* "^■"'■ 

Ubal.-Tbe post-marl 
WatlSpMl. Tbo circalatlDQ of ollteila proof "oTpiiblleaUD^jri 

It tbe place marked 


ilbie-'J-: ■■ 

Kik bis eotporoU oatb— ll N. H. ars. it la suae 
oatbwsfliuUnliilatered by nii omeer de /iicio— S 
luite or tbe uuigliit»u« Mfote wliumlbeuUes 



ilega- ^H 



moilv,.';ot',li;i:i.»;iMti«roc™-'ropt-« N H.'aS ThMSfSS 
was lalicii ivIiifLiiy anil dLjmipirr ransc Lo establUliod br Ht 
Alii.dl. TlipfiihUyurmaltHcewpratomnyljepnHBil tnlifS 

tin ™mier W rovo su" rlw "u3ven """' '^toS!^? 

bni it la entitled tahnliiiTfllgtit— ItUa.6(ll. a nerj'unr'bi cbna 
Iwvliur been cuuimitted on BiunioMloa beCore tSo coiiunitri_S 
tniiByilio proseencion on tbotrliil may nrOYB liy ji^ZjSl^.'xSX 

WbwB the IndiotniBnl »il.-.-i 
383; SBalRirliort.Y.B.3i;. A 

ralwoadi laBllHBeil lo ImviJ L'.; i 

Df ueiluiT, ou IIiB tatluiany afn tloslB vrltneu— . 
NnUuiOBi^Niilaunie may Ije pnrBd Inferon 

77b Ih ar y to UMd la irltn 

!a|Hinyo8iiartott68re., , . 

.I4il: SJducsiM. U.) IV: MB y Cono. Slj BOtalat 
._ ..1. o If unjnii, S4(. (,m — ■- --■' - 

'Dbalbla inCitly 
IX. Ito. CouriG- 


proof that tbfl ffoo<1 

'■teallng niny e 

RobTwcr ITio oropetW- a* ilesfr i 
proYtaaiilmla— tLaiu Ml ThaiH.c9i 
to nrovB hs Wfl* terrtBeQ 1 Ga, a- ... » . 
mtuBl fear— IS G*. "BS^^Tha Jftcts Ilml thB nri^ 

§§ 1103-S 

ihonutsr tor ohutltr, 

in may prove (lint she hail a eood cl 

\i ibe florendaiil. Bbo wai cansiaereir vfitTiaD»^~3 linnu 

.„ hlniriippeBntathni^onciin7,de[eml3ntwilI liedeBDied 

'toIiaTeUetaol lull a(e, DO tac DS nui/ AS<Ht bu promlas— SB N. S. ST- 

1103. UpoD a trial for treason, the defendant caanot 
be convictnd unlesa upon the testlinotiy a! two wltnesHsa 
' " lame overt aol, or upon confession in open court; 
1 evidencB be admitted of an overt act not ex- 
presBly clisTged in tlia indictmsnt orlaformatiou; nor <^aa 
[ttia defendant be convicted anless one or more overt ncta 
a expressly alleged thBreln, [In effect April ath, 1880.] 
IV iwBlvtDot overt nets III ttnoUiBr 

'■- ™ "■'■^■iir'ii-2 D:ik! M9. Whera'NtniEin'sitorlUa 

X3.04. Upon a trial for conspiracy, In a case where an 
,e the olTeUBe, the detend- 
ited unless one or more overt aots are 
BXprei*sl? alleged in the Indictment or information, nor 
bnless one of the acts alleged ia proved; but other overt 
Eicts not alleged may lie given in evidence. [In effect 
&.pril 9th, 1880.] 

E OonspiTaaj. — The tact of conaplTftov may ba Inferred from Tacta 
t — . _i-.?;...i.An^,.._3ii|ii.Mli i» Blalcbt. 88li sMclean.MSi MN.Y. 

' XIOS. Upon B, trial for murder, the commission of the 
lloiiUcida by the defendant being proved, the burdHU of 
txovins ciicnmatances of mitigation, or that justify or es- 
luae it, devolves upon liim, unless the proof onthe ^n <A 
oaecution tends Co slioiv cliat the oriioe 

□slai^hter, or tliat the dafendut 

rotlioeiiljjoe ^-nuuter o{ » u 

_-—.__ ...-haUy, or U , , . 

one oE the i-ansplnuon wus hi' a ^Unnilou )d wlildi be milbt 
glTOn Bill to tho ucrnetrntor of tlio UDiiilcWe. tlio bnrdenlluiiti 
rebnt Uio prMuiuptloii-u CaL tm. Where bomlclilo Is praff^l 
mJtWlDu— IVCul.^M; BubJeuCco Iho quBIlQcatlon tbktUMbta 

wound is LuniulQil w[[b a deiull^ veipan. on allgbC proTaaUa 
bnrdenor proof Ijoii tlio clef en Uaut to sliow the mmt of ddHia 
uid prDmeaiuilloii— I Uratt. &9I ; leo S Uuiopli. elli •lia. «a. 

1106. Vpun a trinl for biKBtny, It is not necesH 
prove eitber of tlia marriages by tbe reKister, certUI 
or otlier record evidence tliereof, bnt the same m 
proved by Biich eTideoce hb Is admisBible to proTe ■ 
Tlage in otber cases; and when the Hecoud manltge 
place out of tills State, pcoof of that fact, acconipi 
nith proof of cohabitation tliereafter in this Stat«^ 1: 
flcient to siiBtain tbe chains. 




wnk or company by the charter or act of incorporation, 
Ifkll mte -ease h hbl 




(Am Ul 



LL3i08 ocurmg temp 

^ n rt d B 

Me g g e mar 

I previooa cUasie cliarRcCar, under tbu ugu of twenty -iive 
teirB, for tlie puipoae of prostitution, or aiding ur ussist- 
j^ tlierein, tbo defendaui cannot be convicted upon tlie 
jetUnony of tbe woman upon or witb wborn tba offense 
be committed an ess sbe s oirobomted by bei av 

R" _ . _,. 

§9 1109-10 TWAi. 

al Drrgiumci', but all elRDiDi(lHD«ea MqiUdb taBbow lt-4l<Mill| 
IbouKB the festlmany of k witDMa wan Improperlir •dntttM,^ 

noHnhPT right mind wlwu ebe mado iBo (ferlmntlMI* MT-^ 

PukM Ct. B. safl. EvWeneo ot procurlue au rnwrti 

tliepro»cutrliislnultaUBlt>le>«LBna.41i2; 63 Bsr 

1109. Upon a trial for tLe Tiolation of any of tt 
Tlsions o! oliaplernine, tillc nine, part ono of this C< " 
aotneeesBarytoproTelliBexiateiicBof BuylolWrrtD^ 
any lottery ticket purports to have been issued, o 
the actual sigulnR of any Buch ticket or ahare, <t 
tended ticket or abare, of auf pretended lottery, □ 
an; lottery ticket, ahare, or interest was signed ot 
by tlia autliority of any inauager, or of any person d 
ing to Lava authority as manager; but in 
of the sale, furnishing, bartering, or procuring a 
ticket, sliare, or iutereat the rein, or of any iiulramsi 
porting to be a ticket, or part or share of any aach d 
ia evidence that such ahare or interest was signed a) 
sued accoriiiuK to the purport thereof. 

1110. Upon a trial forliaTiug, with an intent uxtttM 
or defraud another designedly, by an; false prelena 
tainud the slftnalure of any person to a m-ltten il 
nient, or having obtained from any penioQ any m 
personal property, or valuable thing, the defendoni^ 
not ha oonTicted !t tlio false pretense was exprcmrf 'I 
language unaccompanied by a false token or 
less Iha pretense, or some note or meujoraDd II n 
in writing, subscribed by or inthehandwrithi 
fendant, or unless the pretense be proven ) 
mony of two witnesses, or that of one witness 
orating circumstances 1 buttbls section shall n< 
prosecution for falsely representing or peraonalingal 
and, in such assumed character, marrying, i 
any money or property. 

Falsa pntaniH.— The burden ot pn»t !■ on Ib« ■ ■— 

■hDvr ttaapreuuiei wera Mae. un1«i Ibe tsct Ilea perullaclT *M 
thefcnowloiliio of cboMcused— lllUM.»i«. It u compeisM l«9 
sliUNtlll tote>Ut7l,\u«beTC\\t&™U»< nwainituluni of tMM 

fcSe lliubsbuillvi! BMlol (.be oaeuie.aW bi'b.'.\b ^Prtui^^* 


§ 1111 



■BTlUClLl. C to 

Mass 49 E deu 

u of theowne ta 
DW to BUoro bn gavfl 

to^ bo a 
capnotyof UepB, 

It/ aBCruudoiJ to ileU 


cl tbeni t Ui MB. 

A convict on cannot be 1 nd do the test raDoy t>l 
mpliee nnless lie is corroborated by other evi 
vhicb in itself, and w thout t e a d oE tbe testl 
[ tha accomplice, tends to connect tlie defendant 

or tlie oircumstanees thereof. 


flbi li ■! iwlf 0. 

rwi>e w U> a fe)^ | 




Wliereaii nrcDniplics. on cn)8S4mnlliBtIan.Is 

tntw, Die lestlTDonr of tho magititnilBlH (Mimlaa 

Btlilonto— 23 Pick. Sm. The lejllmony o( an i „_. 

GorroUoiateil by Hut of soottier auum^iUce— < GreenaTn 

1112. Eepealed. [lu efiect March ]2tti, 1 

1113. Tiie court ma; direct the jury ti 
where it appears that it has noC jurisdiotion of fl 
or tijnt the facts charged do not uoustitute an 
ishable bylaw. [In eSect AprU 9tli, 1880.] 

1114. If the jury be discharged because titJi 
not jurladictioii of the offense charged, and it M 
itwas committed out of the jurisdiction of tti^ 
defendant muEt he discharged. [la effect April 

1115. If the offenae was committed witliia 
Bive jurisdiction of another I'ounty of this Stai 
muflt direct the defendant to he committed folj 
BH it deems reasonahle, to await a iratrant fro 
county for his arrest ; or it (he offense ic 
only, it may admit tim to bail In an u 
suSlcient sureties, that be will, within sncb t 
court may appoint, render himself smenable u 
for his arrest from the proper county; i 
arrested thereon, will attend, at the office of tl 
the county where the trial was I 
ticularly specified in the undertaking, to e 
self upon the "KaTtaQ*., iS- Nsaiiai. ot ^^l»l bia \ 
feitsuchHumaitha covn^nia-j fti.,\B'\»Ti 

§§ iix6-ia 

mdertaklDgi and tlia clerk muat forthwith trnaainit a 
MTtitied copy of ibo indictnieDt or infonnatlon, and of alt 
llie papers filed In the action, to the district attorney iiE 
" a proper coonty . tbe expense of which tlanaraiaaion ia 
tseable to that county. [In effect April 9th, 18X0,] 
I WtteK ■pttlyUgntltrofracclylDeatQlen properly brnughtfrom 


\ UIG. If the defendant ii not airesCed on a warmnt 

a tbe propel county, as provided in Bection one thou- 

le hundred and fifteen, he must be discharged from 

', or his bail iu the actioa 19 exonerate, or money 

Mslted iDBt«Bd of ball must be refunded, as the case 

IISl7 be, and tbe sureties in the undertaking, as mentioned 

ta tbat section, muat he disubarged. If he is arrested, tbe 

IIMme proceedings muat be bad thereon as upon tbe arrest 

j-ft a defendant in enother count; on a warrant of aneat 

^^ued by a magistrate. 

y 1117. If tbe jury is discharged becaase the facta aa 

k nbOTged do not constitute an offense punisbabie by law, 

I Jbs cotut must order that the dtiiendant, if in cnstody, be 

UlBcharged; or If admitted to bail, that hia ball be exon- 

CsMted; or if be baa deposited money instead of bail, tbnt 

Q3>e money be refunded to bim, aniess in its opinion 

K new indictment or ioforniatiou can be framed, upon 

Vllich tbe defendant can he legally convicted, In which 

HO it may direct tbe district a 

Iraation, or ( if tbe defendant baa not been committed by 

.uagiatrate) direct that tbe case bo submitted to tbe same 

F Bnotbur grand jury; and the same proceedings n 

A bad tbereon aa are prescribed in section nine hundred 

nd ninety-eight; provided, that ufter such order or 

■lasion tlie defendant may he examined before a ui 

iwCe, and diacUaiged or committed by bim as In olbet 

uses. [In effect April Bth, 1S80.] 

UlSL If, at any time after the evidence oa el^^er e'i&e 

I dosed, tbeeourf deems it/nsufflclent to yiaxis.'oX.^ 

jxT. cooe.—ao. 


1119. WbeD, in tlie opiQiou of the coun,ittiFi4 
Ihat the jury should view tlie place in which the ofl»» 
1b charged to have been comniitted, or in nbichsnyoti 
material tact oooiured, it uiay oider the jury to be « 
ducted in a Ijody, in the custody of the sheriil, to ' 
place, which muat be showa to them by a person a]q>iu 
ed by the court for that purpoae; and tha sheriff Bum 
sworn Iji anffer no peraon to speak or couuaunlcats* 
the jury, nor to do bo himselt, on any subject codbW 
%Tith the trial, and to return them into coort witluiU i 
neceHsary delay, or at a specified time. 

ViHW ol premlim.— Ho peraon can bBMlowed Ed taUUWj 
dnrlDB tlielr viewing the place nliere tbe crime was conunKB* 
Cal. fll. TlslUng the Hcono of tbe r-u0iufjsb]ra part of the mill 

laid. ITft: A Parker Cr. R. 25; olherwlae IT l£bQ merely osuiJIt-A 

1120. If a juror has any personal knotrledKe mf' 
ing a fact in coutroveray in a cause, he must declsn I 
same in open court duiingtbe tciaL If, diiriogtbeitll 
mentof the jury, a juror declare a. fact which cohU 
evidence in the cause, as of his own knowledge, thi )> 
must return into court. In either of these cases, (b«i* 
making the stateuieut must be sworn as awitaan* 
examined in tbe presence of the parties. 

1121. The jurors sworn to try an action may, it * 
time before the suhmiBsion of the causa to the jaif- 
the discretion of tlie court, be permitted to sepatste W' 
kept in charge of a proper officer. The officer miiB I 
sworn to keep tbe jurors together until the next dim<' 
of the conrt, to suffer no person to speak to them oro* 
municate with them, nor to do so himself, on any nl^ 
connected with the trial, and to return tliem into coodi 
the next meeting thereof. [In effect April 9tfa, IBSt.) 

— An order of oonrt mnilB by cooaent of deCendul. aalkMK 

^^ Bberia to receive IiomUie Van a»:ai»l verdict. >iui<u,^naH 
^^H sUow tbe Jury to wparalo aoift vlia iciKiQn. iv-aia •amzt, mi diiH| 

1122. Tho jory must also, at eacli aiijoornmBnt of 1 
eouTt, irbether permitted to separate oc kept ia cbarKO 
Officera, be admoDiaheil b7 llie court that it la tbelr du 
not to ooDverac amutig tbeiuaelves, or ^Itb any odb eli 
on any subject coanected witli (he trial, or to Form oc ( 
, press uny opinion ihecaou until the cause is finally au 
, mitted lotbem. 

a 1123, If, before the cooulusion of tlia trial, a jai 
10 becomes sick, so as to be uuuble to perform bis daty, I 
^ eonrl may order hint to be discharged. In that case, 
^ sew juroc ma; be sworn, and the trial begun anew, or I 
Joey may be discharged, and a ne^ jury then or att 
Vrnuds impannelod. 

1124. The oouit mnat daolde all qneaclons of li 
Which arise in the <:oucse of a trial. 

Ooort Codw^idB quBstlong ol ol eddsii 
ar.aserenknca ot ilFtBniliiiits on Ibe triul— u AJik I3i) SjUbm. 9lj 


Di^erfiu'ctiance In tbe In 

" 1125. On a trial for libel, the jury has the rlglit 
^ determine tha la^ and the fact, [In effect April 91 

" iBsa) 

1126. On a trial for any other offense than libel, qui 
tlODs of law are to be decided by tbe court, questions 
fact by the juryj and, although the jury hare the pon 
to find a general Terdict, which includes questions of la 
aa well as of faut, they are bound, nevertheless, to recel 
as law what ia laid down as such by tbe court. [In effc 
AprU 0th, 1880.] 

Qn««llOQ» of law,— Tholur] 
■TWoBceMiinoilweubinLtleatiTihi) jiiir— tSCsI, W; rior"tlia~ijiplli 

tativ uro Uoimil by Ibe Itulmcliona u( th- - — ■ - — ' ' — 

Srlmliulcuu-Ke»JHa,n«.* ItlNS; Id. . . 

IMi 7 Ma m,- «■ On. -uc: tu UiiticJ StaWH Cou 

wlthoat refereDM a 4e 
I'h y are to dFcLde u u 9 

[7 to Oeteniliie ■In)' 
m Dta to|d:iurof tbttt 

i Cal m. OdiWdWI 
w li the Diiuir pna J 

a ntUuiI— II QlLEI. t 

1127 III ha g Dg e urj he court must tiM 
h m all ma eis aw nMeasary fo their infonnUii 
r b artrmajpeaen be urtaa; nrritteaeli^ 
and request tbat it be given. If the court thinksit coo 

and pertinent, it must be given; if not, it mustbefsfi" 
Upon eacli charge presented and given or refused,! 
court must indorse and sign its decision. If partbegH 
and part refused, the court must distinguish, Hhowinc 
tlie indorsement what part of tlie charge was given 1 
wliat part refused. 

'401 TRIAL. 

§ 1127 

eE^^SH'^ '''^^''' '"''"" ''"■'"' 


^M ' 


W' uilnii' V Vlji'i Wtii IL ai a wWo—U Ai'k.3lBi U FU. (iUi a loin, 
I MIIL.1HB! lirHf«s.h 8|tHD.IIUII|SI^Me^HTilOSmedeaAliLJH. 


iDtiou mmt ba sappoited by tbe e\ __ 
— 1 imtrncHoB nolei* ibers 1» so 

of lacCB nUch imold Initl' 




lElmaur slmcellier,'' ih|>' 

Afiilum to iTjitrocI the lunr Oat itatenieiita nmde to tha ut i^ 

qncBtea to be glv?n-iS C»l. «»: 33 Id. 88; 4S Id. l^l^^m^lTJ. O* 
UBiUctarylDHtrufUonBBrenot to be tolerated — iscaLKI, Tomiv 
aC Ilie DieaDjQs at >D IniCniotlDD. all tha InUmctloni on itn^ 
point most iiB Fonsiaered-^sl Cul. Itll. An erroaeoua juiminui 
cored by aiotber Instruction. -wlierebyajiiry was presenwllron" 
log inl^lea by tlie erroiv-QS GiU. 103. A3 to oral iDatrucUooi-m^ 
S 1993, eutHl. 6. uoEe; I ms. 

1128. After hearing tha ahaige, the jury niajei^ 
decidQ In court or may retire for (lellberation. It thejil" 
not agree without retiring, an officer must be sirora > 
keep them together in some private and couTsiiieiit pliM 
and not to permit any person to speak to or commmuiW 
with them, nor to do bo himself, anleaa by order atH* 
coDFt, or to nsk them wliether they have agreed upon ■ 
verdict, aod to return them into court when they hateH 
agreed, or when ordered by the court. 

1129. When a defendant who haa given bail appian 
for trial, the court may, iu iti discretion, at any li* 
after hia appearance for trial, order him. to be commint 
to the custody of the proper ofGcer of the county, lo tHll 
the judgment or further order of tha court, and be m' 
"be committed and held in custody aocotdingly, 

1130. If the district attorney tails to attend si U" 
trial, the court must appoint some attorney-at-iaw te P» 
form the duties of the district attorney on auch trial 

1131. Upon a trial for larceny or embeszlemenl * 
money, bank-notea, certificates of stock, or vtloaC*' 
Becurlties, the allegation of the indictment or infon*'i 
tion, HO far as regards tie description of the property,* 
sustained, if the offender be proved to have embeuleJ*! 
stolen any money, bank-notes, certificates of sioet ' 
ralnablo secuYiiy, ttU\ioQa\\\.\w>^!an;«M.\»,ta5eci» 

TUIAL. § 1131 

her money, or the numher, denomination, or kmd of 
>notes, certificates of stock, or valuahle security, be 
proved; and upon a trial for embezzlement, if the 
der be proved to have embezzled any piece of coin 
iher money, any bank-note, certificate of stock, or 
able security, although such piece of coin or other 
3y , or such bank-note, certificate of stock, or valuable 
city, may have been delivered to him in order that 
I part of the value thereof should be returned to the 
J delivering the same, and such part shall have beea 
ned accordingly. [In effect April 9th, 1880.] 


»NDt7Crr or raa jhbt aptbb tkb cahbk ib sen 

i IIU. Boom, etc., for )iu7 after Tetlnment. 

11136. AcconaaoaaaooatoiiaTjwheakeptUigetlMr. 

1 1117. What papen ths Jdit nuf take with tbem. 

I IIM. Atlar isUrameiiti naj Tetam Into court for liifiwHill 

[ 1139. irjiuoralMrreUremenC becDme alck, eta. 

[lltO. Not to be tllBCbuseil nnlua tben la no probabOlCr ( 

1 1141. Wben dlHhar^d irltboat lerdlet, caow to t» tgtia 1 
I llu. Contt m>7 adjoum during absence, bnt deemed open. 
1 liu. Final *d}imninieDtdlichiiseg loir. CBepealed.] 

1135. A room must be provided bj the snperr: 
Bflch county for tlie use of the jiury, upon theil reti 
for deLiberatlon, with sultalili3 funiiture, fael, ligb 
statiouery. If the Bupervisors neKlect, the coo 

order the Bheriff to <lo so. and the 

with Uiom the writtan Instructions giron, ami notes of the 
testimony or other proceedings on the trial, taken by 
tUema IvHH or any of tliBin lutnooa taken hj any other 

Ten ea OK 

; Ue ro na li 

thins BTO iiske I Uy n n la 

Bsnun for InformatllHi Attar reCIrtac' lbs lor) 
court for InrarmUo — UCil 19 Ttali asctlMi ilae 
anlcbarge— U cm G G see an e 1 NI MtHl esiul note iiisnuiiiu 

Erro ajtyiorctnn nto coart sni reee ve Ins uet am In the 
a Bol aeiendsnt a sEComey orwUbouC prooC ol notice to blm ol 
: return sliM-TiH. 

1138. After the jury have retired for deliberation, if 
(here be any disaKreemeut between tbem aa to the testl- 
nuray, or It they deaire to beluforinud ou any point of law 
falBiog in the cause, they must leijuire the oQleer to con- 
duct thein Into court. Upon being brau|{ht Into cooiti 
the information required must be given iu the presenoe 

, 9f, or af t«r notice to, the district attorney and the defend- 
ant or his counsel, or after they hare been called. [Ap- 
prored Matuh 30th, lu effect July 1st, ISli.] 

1139. IF, after the retirement of the jury, one of them 
lie taken so sick as to prevent the continuance of his 
dtlty, or any otbei accident or cause occur to prevent 
tbeit being kept for deliberation, the jury may be dis- 

DiHoharefl of jory-— A (llacbancfl of alury Tram a]{;lEDe!» cir an; other 

C>S. ii5; '*8 W. :<26, 'itiB dlsureilon of iHa oourc to dlKluinio iLe lory 
oiuut BtaouJilbaoxpreAiaUlniama tormoDllierflcora— Id^CnLSnifoe 
^e, i lOi;, lubd. 1 uia nota. 

1140. Except as provided in the last section, the Jury ^_ 
CKUDOt Im discharged after the cause Li submitted totbam ^^H 
until they have agreed upon tlieir verdict, and rendered ^^H 

Kn court, unless by consent of both parUes, eiLXexe^^^^ 
e minates. or unless at the expUiitloa ol aw3^^| 


SS 1141^ GOBOUOI or JTOY. I 

tima aa the court nur d««m praper. It Mtblbdnril 
appears that than is no reasonable probabllit; that il 
Jury can agree. 

Ditcbargs br coQMQI.— ir Ilislary Is diKharged wllli (be«nv 
rcndint— 41 CaL llii uid Uis prlsoaerlsnot cDCIUed tooiagtiii!! 
lub«ABCumu3liiAmJi>caBe— 41 Cal-219, to ckao of rnUarg of Uh]> 
to ftgree. IBo proper coorsa Is to cwl Ibem into court kuU haie « 
kUDOuiicecbclrliiabllltr toigrae.widtbea dlw-bUKe ttiPm— I9C>I-: 
TbBiury ni»y b« discharged without ran daring a venUct. on coB 
of boCH iHUIlH-M Cal. !». S(«aM(.iiai7,saBd.4,uoU. 

1141. In all cases where a jury is discharged or [ 
ventsd from giving a rerdiot tiT- reaaoa of an accideU 
other cause, except where the defendant Is diicbMi 
during the proEreas of the trial, or after the came is i> 
niltted to them, thecanso maybe again tried. [In el 
April 9th, 1880. 1 
B«e 41 Cal. Zll! udfespiuf,{1181. 

114Z ^Vhile the jury are absent, the conrt nuy 
Joum from time to time, as to other bnsiiiess, bnt it m 
neTeTthelesa be open for ersiT puiposa coimected « 
the cause submitted to tbe Jury, tuHl m Teidict ia i 
dered or the jury diBcharged. 


BUtl. Qeiufml 

Bttnra oEJmy. 

AppeuaneB of deFendBiit. 
Muuwr or tafclng Torillut- 
Verdlcl mmr be gnural or ipedaL 

. gpecUlTcrdict- 

. Special Tordlct, 6ow readercd. 

. Form ol »peeial reiiUcC. 

. Judgmcmuo special re-rdlot. 

. Whenipeclal vetakldereoHTe.nowtrial to 

. Jury to flBd degree ot cMmH. 

. Jury may Odd upon cbatgi' of pro 

■ Jury DUiy ronvlct of leaser oSeus 

. Verdict as to some dafendanta, ne 


olllng the Jury. 

lUU, Defeodaacnbenlabf 
i uca. prooeeiUogi upon Goai 
I i IIH. Pcoceedlng! OD Rcqultlal oa ground Df liuaolCy. 

1147. 'When the jury have agreed upon their verdict, 
the; must be conducted into coiiit b; the officer having 
tbem in charge. Tlielr namea muBt then be cnUed. and U 
all do not appear, the rest must be discharged without 
giviiig a verdict. lu that caso the action may be again 
tried at the xame or aaotber term. 

BeniRi of ]nror» Into conrt.— Irtogulsrtt)' In nolflciil cslllag otm 
tbelr nsoiea.UoeB not urejuillce the defendaal, ft tlie Jutora are Bll 
present imd hod agreed— 44 Cal. U2. 

XX4S. IE charged with a, felony, the defendant must, 
before the verdict 1b received, appear in person. It tor 
a misdemeanor, the verdict ma; be rendered \a \iS& e^j 
[In effect Aiirili>th, ISSO.] 


Appearanoe.-At Uie tlmo fit tho rendition o 
W(Ja.".\!fji'lMlia.71S;Sllrl.3illi'8Pn. St.aSS; fa) Id'sMTiiSr^ 
5Bl!l[t[l(!lwfs™a!l lows, -iff: L«IJ. Y..M!l; -JS i'o. St. »!li » 

Bn'l?i™r'H'thB(urj*[a ul9cbMB»<Mt will uot £"1-^"- ■— " -^ 
lew lilB rigtati are prejudioed-iu Cal. 99. 

1149. When the Jury appear, they n 
tho court, or cletk, whether they have agreed upfl 
TBidict, and it the [oteman auswera in the a 
they muBt, on being required, deciar 

1150. Tlie jury may render a geceral verdiot, 01 
they are ia doubt as to the legal effect of the fnotHtl 
they may, except upou e, trial for libel, find > l| 
verdict. (In effect AprU 9lh, 1880. 1 

"ur BpefM viTdlet-^'"ciU,"*t 


lo readct imdcr tlte ban or Loulsiaaa li 

1151. A general verdict upon a plea of not g 
either "guilty" or "not guilty," which impoitu J 
victlon or acquittal of the oSenae charged in tba J 
menu Upon a plea of a former coaviction 01 
the same offense, it la either "for tho peuple" 
defendant." When the defendant is acqaitted i 
ground that be was insane at the time of the ci 
of the act charged, tbe verdict must be "not guilty b] 
leaaon of inaauity." 'When the defendant ia acquitleda 
the ground of variance between tbe indictment and tb 
proof, tbe verdict roust be "not guilty by reason of twi 
anoe between indictment and proof." [Approved U»id 
30th, in effect July lat, 1874. ] 

SeoeralTflrdicl.-Tlin verdict "giilltJ,"l'»M'>tned tonrer loUi 
linliclmeBtto*lilchlllsftre>pon98-39Ill.ia. When BlmT itIm*. 
Bi!iier»lYBrdlctiiponanlnd1rtimiil cDiHalnlna Mtrerai ■! 
teDmnmedltaUIlin' tauadiLiaMH"i«BuUtTOQ aJI-ai i:<iiul.9 

Mni. IM) IWrVll. 357; ur Ibnt [lie fliidliijwM 011 iho coal 

wbBM tun Mber count vu lw1-3 CUS.jSi a HcLcau.fiU} < 
WjUAJa-SlO; " — "- — ""-" ......a 1. j. . 

'£r H tar«VV^=i--K^ri'^sr 


«K) raimicT. § 1152 

Anenenil Terflct win ho prMiunocl to bayp bcpnclvrn ontho count 
I M wlilGti Uu uatlmoii]' oppUeilr-T Joaei, (N. Cl94i sen «9N, c. aut. 
L^Bie retillit need nuc atne on nhkh cdbiiC 11 nos tanna— 3) Miss. 
tmLM N. r. 11- It ia epod JC an* DOB of tbe eoama la ROOd-I 
l^^iAMi.tK: tCUir.38:^^t.!3S)irPlck.Ba; ids Hafui. :;iti 4£ Barb. 
■■iigiTa.St.Glli llreiLaiS; aBlctuXn; U Ala. 310; 14 Smodea A TO. 
Bb^n4:ni^S^WilSnei!il,«ll:MAl_>.!5a: 13OTay,lli:201iioSt. 

m loaicliid m'piliiclpM ciDDOt be convioted aa eVldeace shonlui: 
tk ha -waa aciniaBaiy bedire tbe tut— M Ca). ITS. 
L Tudiet of eniltsr on ons eomit, njrlnjiiatliliiKas to otlier caiuid, 
•qnlraleat to a vetaict ol not KDliey u to tbe riaier counts— Deuly, 
irSAUsa,M4:lBluU. lKi«Sl».flK:BlJil^, ei7; U taO. taS}ili 
.Ul; U li. tA-.m Id. tUii m. lUt «iMsT%ii«ltHcLi3):«9ile. 
l)»H.Y.I(HI;!:!Fa. 8u m-.i'i Id. 4114 1 S Smedn A ILIi^jlVa. 

Mmt— >' CbL ID. II lacODcliulTeHslotlie vennahavliin beeaproveil, 
Mmh it leads, "gnllir as obuged In the iadlotmeac "—It CbL 130. 

Et SDiiuilUnE deCeadant ol Targliig and atteting an Indiwse- 

who It noE named lu Efas LmllctineDt la au acquittal oT (be 

rbe pncedon 

rdlat fi Inwolir. and Xbe conrt mav lenutre 
Uara-anru M^ IM: Id. TUi l<iN. Hiaai; 
iBt-tn. A geaoml verdict Implies tltat all 

, «; Bcs 17 ObLo St. 304: and tbe wordi "ai 

liittaaludlctmeDt''ani mere surplusHge— 13 lonn, 4:111. An; 
to a BBoeial lerdlst mu be rpgnideil as Eurplusoife— 34 cai. 
iL wf: MS 3 Va. CasTtll: IS lid. SM; 4 YcUEsTlll. So. a 

endatlou to raerey is no part of tbo verdlcc, and tho court 

iri>rderlttoMimanUUwUlioiitsncbr«ammendatlaii— ITCaL ISi 

*- —u3jiiia».33s. 

TMrlict^Ibe court may. wlib tbe defendant's consent, oeiv 

— •- eeparuteaod brma In a sealed venllct— 411 Cnl.SH: 1 

11. !K: ailDd.4D2;llGHBSs.3T: S3 Us. IM : fi UcLean, 

sTAanrndlLlon^ McLean. IKi 33IU.4Mj; 3L>aich.e3. 

1152. A epecial renliot 1b that by wliicli the jury find 
'nii« tatta only, leaving tUo ju-dgmunt to tho court. It 
nioB^ preaeot tlie coDclusioiis of fact aa establislied by tbo. 
erldence, and not tbe evidenca to prove tbem, and these 
iBcnicliiBioiia of fact must be ao pieseDted us that natbing 
o the court but to draw conclusions of law upon 

£'WibntiieafllOhiaBt.e7ft.~ lABenoiarvcrdlct rmpiies'tlrat all 
well pleaded are round In manner — ' • ■■ ' '" "— ■ 

§§ 11S3-S VEnnrcT. 

1153. The specinl verdict must be rsducaj 
by the Jacy, or in their presence entered tipon | 
lit the court, read to tlie Jury, and agreed t 
before tliey are djacbarged. 

VoTdicI, how rendsred.— If t!io Jozy la dlflchajvetl b 
aict Is tnlerea, t ho nrlsoncr ousbc to be dlsdmrgea— f ^ 
Sen axle, \iM; Hnil jnmc,« USl, anil notos. ir. viliIlB ^ 
dfllbcraiing, tlioJudSe.wiOioat CiUllnelliojiiryloto i 
tliBtenD, If beqniTiilEDt to tin acqalniil—irCaL as. i 

1154. The Bpecial verdict need not be Id 
lor form, but is suEBcient IE U preseat InM 
facta found by tbe jury. 


fl Pu. O.I~ jr. ta. In a proaeauddn (or emliezilem 
" We. (lie jBTTjIlnil aeCennitiC guilty. » IndletML to I 
J. e^ Where there are a? 

1155. The court mnst giTB judgraent upon' 
verdict as follows: 

]. If the plea ia not guilty, nud the faclfl 
defendant guilty of t be olTeuae charged In the J 
or of any other oSetisa of which he could b 
tinder tiiHt indictment, judgment must be girei 
]y. But if othemiso, judgment of acquittal van 

S. If the plea is a former conviction or acgv 
aams otEenaa, the court must give judsment i 
or conviction, as the facts prove 
mer conviction or acquittal. 

jodgioBnt.— A Joilitnitiit ol convlcMoi "•»• 

" -■■' " "" '■■'■■■" ■'—'""" "- CDBttaiteBBr^ 

nrr iimiiiiiliii |[ 

joitiKjked lu the jud^rmeDt, I 
:-al.!»: 43i>LlSI. A-Jiulemsi 
tha reBiaao— M »:oim. «l-. 

§§ 1156^7 

offPELBfl lif nn acqnlttal of eveir other ofTeiiBfl of a lilffber srarlfl luclod- 
cd in tbo cburgo^a CoL. £43. Soo ]msl, 3 L159; isffe, n^l^p AuUd.3. 

1156. If the Jmy do not, in a speciaJ verdict, pro- 
nounco afBrmatively or nugatlvcly on tlia facta ceceBsnr^ 
to enable tbe conit to give judgment, or if ttiey lind the 
evidence of facts raerelf . nnd not ttie conctusiona of fact, 
from tbe evidence, as established to their satisfaction, tbe 
court must order a now ttini. 

Defective »Brdict,— A TPtcltrt (ulally detettlTe Is a nallitr-lJ W, 
Tk. SW; :l Ficlf. HOt U AU. 3W. Wbon il» venlJnl la InMmiUB, In- 
■nnclenl. or contnuy to thB CTlfleuee. the nnwllua la to set It aalde, 
impdnnuciiiiewirUl— ^; 3IIotn,ilii lIRIob.MB; ISSerg. 
Ss.%: Bee3D.HD.«S; 3101i1o.3a( S GraU.Gia; MUJss.aat; G31c1,77Ti 
At mere eJaricaJ erron will not make uienllct lusenslMe-K) Cal. 43'i) 
It Go. 8. 

Verdict riTTtrTT— -'■■!■'---- ■, ■— v r'lr- welgliHit 

, BTlilcntJ'v.1,1 i. ..; U'j; fudl. 

■, recehfiij',-. .L.L;Lii)li."M«: 

, .oonrliiLEi"^ "I ' ' i< : >' ' .1 , ' : < I ili'rrnaaat 

knd lliq iiupatlou bo ono of iloal)t, tlie renJIel wlU aenenill)' lie par- 

Sltttrt (oslflml-seowCsLSM; 10 Id. »l : * Ki*. «S H NeV. wti I 
Lnckf.a'j.i; Una. MD; UlO-m: llonn,^! lftli].T3: >Ilqiiil>I>'^ 
Itld. 114; ^B.ilJ.?!ili !i3 0a.!t; 10.^9: u M.4T: lO.Mt; gillo-MiTt 
Xcnt. IK!; l»Mo.343i J3 Ark.«H; UMn.!^ 13 Aik.iMi l£aa.4Hi 
|MTei.'21l){ aao cmlra,T! III. tl. Sea NKW IniAL.^if, I IIBI. 

1157. Wbeneveracrimeisdistinguiaiied iatodegreea, 
, tlie jury, If tbe; convict the dHfendaut, must find the 
i defpes of the crime of which ho is guilty. 

™ "fl.l. snj^xll i«9: 

,ijr"irttl>'lii'^o"proviDr'a of'tho'luVylja'caPTael'' If ilie"]iiry^lo 
enmlna tlie dSEreF. tlio rourt ought t o order ih?ni lu inuko tlie 
a soKlOe—li Cal. H; IsCiil. tm. it is ibu duty of tlio Jury to 
Ba OMTMiof jmllt. anil, ihougb Om Inrtlnnicin chario innrocr In 
"cinaaeama,thB jury diat fuja Bverdlc'' ■- ".- -— • j — — •- 
; KB U 10. Ha. Ttait ttievenllctmiul 


the deal 
Id. 914 O 
Ohio El 

Alih el9: « Id. B9S: H Id. SKI: S Ho. 4Ui M Id. Ie7| ll 

EBpeclCj the degree— aea 

3i 9 Ohio St. M| Id. 101: 8 Id. rii ID Ohio St. aa-.i 

^.KB; 17 AhhelS: « Id 

Whan a MatdtB raqoires In tbe vErdJot a deilffoatlon of the decree, 

lOrtheapeclfleasiessDlCDi of h, [iimlshni'^nt, n nuiioral vcrOlot -without 


fegilnnla maybe canvLctGdot fHfTerent degreea — SB 
32^! acusb. JM; lOlMiUs.lll 3SMUB.409. 

1158. WljenBver the fact of a. previoua 
anotber ofFenso Is cbarged in aii Indictment or infoma^ 
tlon, the jury, if tliey find a verdict of guilty of thaoBen* 
'n'itL wLicli he is cliarged, mast also, unless the atiivK 
of the defeodaut admits the cbiirge, find whether at nK 
he has suffered such previous convictiou. Tlie verdict (! 
tbe jury upoa a, ehaige of previous coaviction may Ik: 
" We lind the charge of previoua t 
" We lind the charge of previous ci 
they lind that tbe defeodaut has or has not suffered kc^ 
conviction. In effeet April 9th, 1880.] 

Frgtioai conviction.— Thojiirymu' find npaatliochHnie a: 
Ona fOnviPtlon-1 Cill. na G ld.2TSj 49 10. iili. ThQ IdeoUl 

vlDtfon, 13 B question o( taot for the ]iiry— «7 Ma. 497; It Sen. * B-ft 
aiUa.(ill. See unle, SS 6eii-l»r. 

1159. The jury may find the defendant guilty o! iHJ 
offeDse, tlie commission of which is neceaaaj-ily incioded 
iu that with which he is charged, or of im attempt to 
mit the offense. | la effect AprU Olh, 1880, ] 

473 v-EBDicT, §§ liei-3 

coidiag:l7, and the cnas as to tliB others loaf ho ttiod by 
jmotlier jury. [In effect April Btli, 1880. | 

Verdict aa to Dodafandaot— Convictions of DodBfeiutiuiM aie bbt- 
oral-S ired. AK; 93 Misa. VM: 4l) Ve, u;, A CDOviotlou of a JdIoC 
ottensB tan only be aa t/lclauce at Join i aullc— sub U Ohio, 3*: 14 OnauiBy boconvktoil anJ ilia oilier oequltioa-S eera. « 
S.fll7: l3M.i8s.W3i IBADU.Pr. UIjB Bluett. SMilU Ten. JMiirao. 
5l:»Pa.BI.tWLllB.Jb)n.3ie. fnciaMaorconsiHiaoyiuidriot-aM 

■Joint lu^cOncDE agaliui tm>, nnot tbnttlieoSensBirutKiauiimed 
■Ainlly will iioC Biuuin n cddtIeHod dI either or twth— 44 All. tl4. 

U61. When there is a verdict of oonviotion, in wliicli 
It appears to the court tbat tbe jury liave mistaken the 
law, tlie oouTt may esplaiu tbu leaHOn for that opinioii, 
&nd OirecC tbo jury tu reoonaider their verdict, and if, 
after the rcoausideraliou, they return the Hame verdict, it 
must be eotered; but when tb-ere is a verdict of acquittal, 
the court cannot require the jury to reconsider it. If tbs 
Jury render a verdict which ia neither geueral nor special, 
tbe court may direct tbem to reuoosider it, and It cannot 
bo recorded until it is rendered in some form from which 
It can be clearly understood tbat the intent of the jury 
either to render a Eeoeml verdict or to Hud the facts spe< 
telly, and to leave the judgment to the court, 
" AmendmentofverdloL— WheretfcBTerdlctlsnotnBpoiniTBiouie 
1 aBeuBB charwd, It will bo Bont back, ami a TerdlRtreaponslvBWIll be 
j'^Hertti—latt.C.U. UutU IhB Jiirr nro dlBcbuiM n verdlat nutybB 
^^^ jpnaniiud, but uot sfMr their dlBchiUEc— tl Cid.461; II 0IiId>4;Si see 
HOrajr. II; xOiHCt.aiS: 2:f Uit,itl; SJ.J. Hnr.ii;}! snit kuy tof ormal- 
rtjtr, uiicertiifDtr.DrlmuronrlBtyinBrbeiuneiiileiibelaretberseuamla 
JUca].4»! iKEf.M^fi^Ga. Wir 3<in>tC. »a{2A9lun.tir;»ruiu. 
tK. Bee <mlc, « )iai, note. 

1163. XT tbe jury persist in tinding an ioformal ver- 
dict, from which, however, it cnn be clearly understood 
tlwt their intention is to find in favor of the defcudiint 
npon tbe !&siie. it must be entered in the terms in wblcb 
It fa found, and the cotut must give judgment of acquit- 
(aL But no judgment of oonvictioa can be given unless 
^e jury espreasly find against tbe defendant upon the 
judgment is given against him on a special 

1163. 'Wbon a verdict is randered, and'bQioTe \^ \% "tc^ 
L, the jurj' may be polled, at the requeati. 



o» ll 


§§ U64-^ VKBDICT. 

party, in which case tbejr mast b« sev«nU 
tvtiethpF it is their verdict, and tf any one a 
the negative, the jury must bo Beat out for ft 
liberal ioD. 

PaiUns InTT.— EIU]«r partr mar require tbat the lurv I 
HcL«ii. 10!; niiid.aGajliIred^3Nig:iOB. i^m ii Oblo,« 

IM.' II nn; jurymaa dluent/ths verdict 1b & nuUItv. n, 
miut lumlu retire rer delWeiatlou— Brecse. l<n; I Bail. 3: 
(J, J.Hiir.«7<li bnlnot jr theaiuent be wlttidraWD-ii Te 
131i ■iiiJsee«MeLeiui,S<i{ II iDd.MS) 

1164. When the verdict given is Buch ax I 
may receive, the clerk must immediately record 
upon the minutes, read ittotbe jury, and inqulr 
whether it is tlieir verdict. I£ any juror diat 
fact must be entered upon tlie minutes, and 
again sent out; but if uo diatiEreeiiient is espre 
verdict is complete, and the jury must be di 
from the case. 

Sacordiag verdict.— UqIdss Jl appOM? tliat ilefeuflaat 

<T6 VERMTT. §§ 116&-7 ^H 

116S. If a gBneral verdict ia rendeted against the ^^B 
dsFeadaut, or a special verdict ia given, he must be le- ' 

madded, if in custody, or if on bail, lie may be committed 
to the proper oiScer ut t.lie county to awuiC tlie jiidgmect 
■ of tlie court upi>a tlia verdict. Wlien committed, his ^^J 
ball la oxonerated, or if money iH deposited inatead of ^^H 
bail, it must be refunded to tbo defendant. ^^^| 

Sea BAlupoil. i limB. ^^H 

' 1167, If tlia jury render a Terdiut of acquittal on the ^^H 
r^jtonnd o( inaanity, tlie court may order a jury to be ' 

! nunmODeii from tbe jury list of tbe county, to inquire 
V Vtaetbcr tlie defendant contiaues to be insane, Tbe court 
■ 3HAJ caoae tlie same witnesses to be summoned wbo tea- ^^^ 
Elffled on the trial, and other witnesses, and direct tli0 ^^H 
VStetriaC attorney to conduct the prococdiugs, and coansel ^^H 
B,%uty appear for the defendant. Tbe court may direct ths ^^H 
IVkbetlff to take tbe defendant and retain him !n custody ^H 

' Vntil the qaestiou of continuing insanity is determined. 
E' JS the jury lind the defendaut insane, he shall be com' 
K piitted by tlie sheriff to the State inaane asylum. If the 
I Jnxy find the defendant sane, he shall be disoharged. ^^ 
t {Approved March 30tb, In eSect July 1st, 187d.l ^^M 

I ZI 1 

r xxosmoN. 

)ii;ls of xxobptioh. 

. iVbeti to be settled and signed. 

. ExceptlonstodeclBlonorcoiirtlirelUwrputT. 

:. Exceptions lo dfclBlon of tbe coort bftha dcftt 

1170. On the trial of an indictment or Infotmitki 
exceptions may be taken by tbe defendant to a dedm 
of tlie court- 

1. In disallowing a challenee to the panel of Hie jm 
or to nn individual juror for implied bias. 

2. In admitting or tejectinff teatlmonr on the trial o( 
ithallenge to a juror for actual blaB. 

3. In admitting or rejecting testimony, or in deddii 

Ca K 'T nn qu« muosk tb nuig *!■ 

<2 See nf W3 luML li~ lUi tea. 

Vh nap rty d ;re3 to h li p 

t tlie trial settled In a, bill of exceptions, tlie draft 
must be prepared bj him anil preHented. upon uo- 
It least tvio days to tlie district attonie}', to tlia 
ir settlement, within ten days after jndgment has 
adered against liim, unless further time is gmnted 
Jadge, or b; a justice of tbe Snpreme Court, oi 
that period the draft must be delivered to tha 
the court for the judge. When received by tha 
e must deliver it to the judge, or transmit it to 
:he eBtllcst period practicable. When settled, the 
!t be signed by the judge and Hied with the clerk 
lotirt. [Approved February J8th, 1881.] 
lenl sf bill of einapliaiu.~TliIs toctlon li illreccon — II CaL 
iteroenc u I um or uccrpciotii on ihis snbjen ii Ean Ilia some 

BlhB nMlonlornii"w1r( C ^SCftl f 1 <■ s rlrl J Ice 



§§ 1172-3 BILLS OF BXnEPTIOir. 

Ibe ceitlflcaCe oC tbe Jndee to a bill o! exceptions— 17 CiL CI; 
Ullia dafsDdant shDnId Fall to prepare and tender a bDI at Q» 

Absolutely, but f o Bleu tne AHfDo niter it Ib tlufy settled— L4 CiL i- 
Whprelt IsnblBhown tbftt tberBarerHaaotiablegroundaforttental 

After tb« reEusBl ot the courK to lict, mondanms miif^t be dtoji^ 
Cal. M3, AlilU □[ eiceptlons Dot BbmEd by Uie Olstrlct juOj^irill* 
aisreaiu'dc^d on Kppeiil— M Oil. K7. Ttie court will DotluquUDlnuA 
reanon wbldi lauDced the ladEe to sign the bill after tue tCuiW 
perloil. iJBt wUI picBume thuy wore aufflclant— H Cal. wi. SM|* 

1178. Exeeplioiis may be taken by either jwltj^" 
llie declsidii of » Court or J udge iipnii a mattpr of (»•' 

1. In gmntirg or ri'fiiHing a motion to set nsiil* • 
indictment (»r information. 

3. In allowinp; or diaallowinB a demurrer lo»a*' 
diotiuont or information. 

3. In granting or refusing a motion in arrest oi Hi 

4. In frrantinK or refiiaing a motion for a new li*l 
a. In mskintt, or refusinpt to make, an order «l» 

ludttnicnt (iflePtiiiB any Bubstantial right of tlie puM 

[Approved Miirfh 1(1, ISR'i.l 

lieafflcfivltin tUeliUI, OTin soidb niocio cloai'ly laentlfying Itu 
Dg lisen rcwl on tlie heu-lutf ot Ibe luutEou— <I CU. IW. Bes onK, 

L74. Where a party desirea to have the exceptions 
itiooed in the lost two aectiotia settled in n till of 
aptions, the draft of a bill must be prepared by liim 

pieBeated, upon notice of at least two days to tbe 
eras party, to tiie judge, tot setiiement, witliin ten 
a after the order or rnling complained of is made, DQ- 

furthec time is granted by the jndge, or by a justice 
ihe Supreme Court, or witbin tbat period the draft . 
It be delirered to the cleric of tbe court for the judge. 
en received by the clerk, ho muat deliver it to the 
le, or transmit It to him at tbe earliest period praeti* 
le. 'Wlien settled, tbe biJl must be signed b; the 
je, and Sled with tbe cleric of the court. If tbe judge 
nj case refuses to allow an exception in accordauca 
li tbe facts, tbe party desiring tbe bill settled may 
ly by petition to tbe Supreme Court to prove tba 
le, tbe application may be made in tbe mode and maa- 
, and under such regulations as that court may pro- 
be; and the bill, \Then proven, must be certiQed by 
chief justice as correct, and filed with the clerk of the 
rt in \Fhich the action was tried, and when so liled, it 

tbe same force and effect as if settled by the judge 
) tried the cause. If the Jndge who prealded at the 
1 ceases to hold olBce before tha bill is tendered or set- 
, be may nevertheless settle atich bill, or the party 
f, as provided id this section, apply to the Supreme 
irt to prove the same. (Approved MitruhSflth, in effect 
7 Ist, 1874.1 

.. J „ u'thejiiilga wBo 

Id ilatenuliie tbs moUaa for anew trtaL In tba coiutninlOBM 
jnUcuaus lUtuW, susb a MmnniUlon Bbonld not ba Rl^en ■> 
Id deprive a party at Uis rla^t in be Ueanl on a UUl wUo^tan^c^ 

ililUor ciceplions or statement lOBy lis delivered to 
cDuri orjudsB, vtaamiutDoie ttia duto oC I' ' 

IBttmedbrHujiiJlB will) lieardBod ruled upon tb«m 

X175, A bill of ex.cepUoiiB mast cx>ataia so I 
tlio eTidenCQ only as ia naeessary lo present the^ 
o£ law upon wliicli tlia eiceptiona were takenj I 
judge must upon tbe settlement of ths bill, 'l 
agceed to by the paitiee or not, Btrike out all Qtt 
tBTB contained thetein. 

BlU , wbai to GonlBla^The tdll otsi 
tlie oyiJenco.only.MlanuceasaiTtoDreM 
which tliueiceprfonaworo taliofr^l Cal^a 

t^lestlmoiiy— luVera.Blil. uisBtTlnMeiBHttTiniirSiiiSS 
apecifythaiesncctsijiwUlchthoevldcneoisatloged^ '-^ 


.J i]niieR>liUla>Kieti>SL 

St tha pari;; preWDUug tlie bill ol excepUuu— tt OiL j 
If It doMni 

g 1176 

U76. Vbeu written charges Lave besn presented, 

ir refused, or wlien tlia charges liayo been taken 

Hoim by tbe reporter, tlie questions piesented in Bucli 

larges need not be excepted to or embodied in a bill of 

ixceptions, but tlie written cbarges of tlie report, with Uie 

IndOTsemeuts sbowing tbe aetioa of tlje court, form part 

iit the record, and any error in the daoision of the court 

I! mn.7 be talcea advantage of on appeal, in like 

la if presented in a bill of exceptions. 

E OiUTUi Eirea or refoHd.— Tblsiecllou refers to cliuvu and In- 

baetl^ wUicb ciclicr panj may present, aiid ask Ig Gs ' 

^ with i nil of [Ma CcHlo, aud nr ■ ■ ■ 

aD(Ion-~44CaLS3a. An&ll«gsi 

tborccortl— SOFIclL^Ob; HfijaodesAH- 
Q to tbDcbargg, without Bpocifylnn auy 
' a pU'tlciiJU' cluirse. Is not vnil UAsn— 





cliBTjo was Kive 

II laalter not Decesfiary or 
m appeal sbonld be ejiml- 

JoDR^boail from tbe reporter'a aatfla Ls only 

verily— t! caL 



w trial defined* 

U.79. A new trial U a. te-examina,tiDii of tlie isao 
the Bune court, before another jury, after a verdlel 
been given. 

Hev trIsl.~A new trial la a re«iamliiatloD after TflnUft,(i( 
BDdlawtiot or reDord-aOa.310; bat an eiTorwbleb li mpiMR 
the reconl,»BJ which can Unnoticed Id arreBt or lodBmenCiil 
ordluadly be Hround for a new trlaW Conn. iBBiiMt the omUai 
—I Bay, 37J. Wbera tbe iiinue of B witness waa Indoramiot^ 
dlctment sllgbtly variant Crom Ins nial name, tbe misnitmer ~ 

ObJfic^Diia to dravlne aitd Impanneling; 
.__ . nowtrlil. T- -■ 

Tbey firs deetnad walred U not nt 

at ibD Ilms oT the trial. In Ilie eommDnlly nt l^eT^oola^Dai 
a new trisl-7 WatU A S. 4131 bat If sued eiultement b£S 
jiuy-bDi. aad worlu to tlia pnjsdlce ot the def etHlmBt.^M ■■ 
oughtlobBsecaaldB-lOCaLliii. It Is no eronnd tor^Sma 
on a rliatlenBB (or actual bias one of tbe trfera la. on tbe pHd 
jury, lu allendanoD In tlia nie— 4) GaL 147; Id. lOT. The motio 

tlDDS, and d 

mlloBS of Uk I 

wv^rwOai ' ■"~-' ' 

1180. Tbe granting of a new trial ptacea tlie paitii 
the same position as if no trial had been had. All the 
timoDy mast be produced anew, and the fonnec tb 
cannot be used or referred to either in evidence « tl 
gument, or ba pleaded, in bar of any convictioD «l 
night have been had under the indictment. [Apl 
March 30tb, in effect July Ist, 1874.] ^ 

1181. When a. verdict has been rendered 
defendant, Ilia court ma^, «v"i \i^ appUoai 
new trial, In tlio IpIV 



483 >CW XRU.L3. § 1181 

1. Wlien tbBWlalliaabouuliuiliu hIaabaBnce, if the in- 
dictment la foi a felony. 

3. When the jury has received any evidence out of court 
other than that reaultiog fcom a view of the promises, 

3. When the jury haa separated without leave of the 
soart, after retiring to deliberaCe upon theli verdict, or 
been guilty of any misconduct hy which a fair and duo 
joQsideration of Che case haa been prevented. 

i. When the verdict baa been decided by lot, or by any 
meBna other than a fair expreaaioa of opinion on the part 
it all the jurora. 

D, When the couit has misdirected the jury in a matter 
yl law, or has erred in the decision of any (luestion of law 
Ulsing during the course of the trial. 

6. When the verdict ia contrary to law or evidence. 

7. When new evidence is discovered material to the de- 
[endant, and which he could not, with reaaonable diligence, 
lUve discovered and produced at the trial. When a mo- 
Sbaa for a new trial is made upon the ground of newly-dla- 
Mvered evidence, the defendant must produce at the bear- 
ing, in support thereof, the alfidavita of the witnesses by 
trliom such evidence is expected to be given, and if time 
Ib required by the defendant to procuro such affidavits, 
Sle court may postpone tlie hearing of the motion for 
inch length of time as, underall the circumstances of the 
Mse, may seem reasonable. 

tr trisl.— This nectlim cleiirly amludci all other 
,,._i.r.., ..:>o •—.—■•-( appoallnn from 


It hoi 

13 Cat 


idant to K uew trUl. iuSeiB It' is sbowa i£m Iw i 

Tba prenunptlm of piajudlca to defonOaot from 

tatKl ninntlon of tbe Jury, mar iJo rebnett - ~ - 

U la not eronna, under this BubiUi 

lurora llflod up it lalntlps wlme „,^ „^ 

BliDria being preaEaC— 17 Ual. 7B. The ictiremont of Oitf 


■ '^lu^ 




3 ilulT ukcD at ibe Mul—lil ChL 
Lmioaiertai Bailmony, wUtcli Oiie* 

rt lsi;a'«'i',?',s?rV^^'5i 

groaua for new tiiil-IO CaL ^l«. 

e!l3ui%!u, RUlt tllO tlCt<!II(LulC lUUl lUI oppo 

eicHulDQ aC par- 
nuiltv to offer it- 

.M. Seflmlcj im.nate. IE b noc andi Irregularity na la 
a ■ new trial, for a Judge, otber ilian ilio oiio Slio trliKl ilio 
HBueDt, to duree tltojuryaiulrocelvethevewli:!— ^BCal.i.U 
loell airor for iGo judue ot tbB lUaulct to rL'SUUio liia seul uud 



Id oa the ETOan 
u'tiairirri iil. s 
--uniltlmtlclJ """ 
u tlie onler. 11 


t only lis spusteu 

vrepauilenuicfl ai 

:vi(li-utL\ I1 11 

iii= Liji,,iT.', II' ;■!.■■. liik-ncBlsnoCBulBclentto 

if nan w trliil'-49 Cnl. 429. Tbs vcnlirt vMnoI^lie (LUnrti^a 

ilti^-iacal.sse. IttherebecanflJfliiiiKai 
Iho ciueHilDa Laooa ol doLilit, tho venlJct 

III 10 1 

is'ir^ 4'ileb ia TVamASi i' tYeTB-Ua. See 

Satd. A nevtrUlwUlnotbasTvitadaii the sromia at • 
dliwo erml BTlfi™ i^ h ta nconB ^t with thoeviaeneiKii 

b (o auewtrlnl— JI Cal.lJa: U 

u * d. bJ: J Watts * S. i\i: a 


UBS. A motion in arrest of JnilKment is an application 
I the part oF tlie defendant that no jadgmsnt he reade> 
1 «n a plea or verdict of guilty, or on a. Tordict against 
le defendant, on a plea of a former conviction or acqolt- 
tl. It may he founded on any of the defects in theindict- 
tent or information meationed iu section one thousand 
til tour, imieas the objeutlQu has hoen waived by a fail- 
ra to demnr, and muat bo made before or at the time the 
pendant U culled for judgment. ^In effect April eth, ISBO. j 

It of JadEmenl.— A motloii In arrGn of ladftrnint U n proceed- 


Jio enninib upon nWcU lodgment;: i!tiil,3»). ICran 
'■a entHiidoea lor mMtsruinrenC upon su tuapFiitJon of Ilia 
J^a>.IIBl UUcDMi tiilOS; aoaToriDnHlofwts.notBirect- 
Utoliol mhtt,ao UDl >Dttaorl»sn bcthc or Ju{l)iuieut-3T Out. 
i.tliavenlct cures InformaJLtlei In tlis lntlJcijiiciii-4<i Id. KS: 
t.Mll MPUK-Ue; BHUI,(B.C.>1: 9 Tex. Ct. App. Ul, 

ipTf ma Court — 37 1 


" " OljBllffllK 

, on the nvuDd tlmt Ibo facu ststDd In the luiucwuin 
uts apuGUa offense, even It luOgmcnt U pinnu)anc«Ltts . 
w-tfQiLJM, iriaeoti;iscQoa,tliUnionUiBiL<m««^ 



An indiclment irtalcb cbmrca ttiat delendaat was to Oa nM 

lien UKl tUere lelonlomlT banud ■ MBM 

la onenae wu commlueil >t a dIu «■>■ 

_ . — ■ ._. neoCtSetmB^ 

. a BnHuuI w vlf 
31 juoameiiL— ^ vdj-£4i^ aj lu. loj. rk.u uruvF BranUaff B ^SSw* 
Itier iiot ft(iIKlllBbli>-Jjair SSlj BC0421 


oDnimliiea I'lanly In uau FDiuiiy oud partly ha aoeUier.Midina* 

proiiilBDs n person tlint. if ho wlU liooomo n wltooa* for Uu »"^ 
SEBLiisloUicrs, LiDelnilllioncqnltlicil.aDa Inilucea Ly lutb IKrm«i 
liD toBDlfle? nnil Impllcnioa hlmsolC and Is of ternai^l lailicwl. 0* 

1186. Tlia conrt may also, on its own view of aaj'l 
these detects, arrest tiia judgment witliout motion. 

npou nppUcntlon ot a lArly loteresleil, moQityoT set ml'Ioanorsa- 
ousorilcri HO tUe court ni&y.nponlta own Tlcwoi fatal defecnLm" 







verdict be a bar to anotli 

r prosecution. 

But if DO cvl- ^H 

dence appear 

Eufflcleat t 

cbarge Lim witb SI17 offenae, 

he must, if In 

if admitted to 

bail, Ills bail 

9 exonerated 

; or i£ money 

lias been depos- 

teed instead of bail, it mua 

be TBfunded t 

tho defendant; 

and tlie arres 

of JQdgineDt shall operate 

aa an acquittal 

«t the cbB ge upoa wb' 1 

the ind' tmen 


was fonnd d 

[In effect April 9th 880] 



ro (If d Ly stnruu 
bPllevo ILortB- 

hn court llien 

\ &°iS; .au. 

Uargo QbaUeas 

c^us-»Oal ^ l^-SVS^T.H ^ 

a BMi»".i i^ 



Of Jndgment and Bxaontton, 

OiUP. L Tbb JmMuiBirr, {{ 1191-120T. 

IL Tbb Sutccnoii, {§ 1213-30, 


low brought liEtoro Ihe court when on t>all. 

furaut, bow aerrfld. 
LireBt ol delenduit. 

nut CBuae may be alionn Bgiiliut Iha Juilgmetit 
roocmuBihoim, Judgment to ba pronouEootL 
Ircbmstoncej In SKgraTUlDD or mlllestlon o( pnnlabniBnL 
Toof ot formet conviMion. eto., In mlUgation, bow msde. 
HinilloB of Imptlsonment on Judgment to pay a flas. 
udgmeat to piy a ana v anstUutea a lien, 
innr o( Judgment and judgment roll. 

After a plea or verdict of guilty, or aitet a ver- 
QBt tbe defendant on tlie plea of a former convic- 
»iuittal, if tlie judgmeut be not aTrestud or d nem 
Med, the court roust appoint a time for prououao- 
ment, wliicli. iu cases of felony, inuat be at least 
. after tbe Teidict, if tlie coort intend to remain in 
o long; but If not, tlieo at aa remote a time as 
snably be allowed. [Approved Marcb 30tb, in 
ly lEt, 1S74.] 
iBettinsfcirjndeaisnt.— A]ail,ni>eatciuinotbBproaoauce(l 

It I* not error (or tlie court to namo tbe day tor liamliip 

d immtrdlntaly—l? Cil. M; u a puty may wnire n rlglit 
hn.,™.«;rvcrdiot-ld. Itl8doubtfiiliibfihF[i\YOlli[iM-ar 
le Coda oppIleB Iu euae ur a JuiJkiiuunconav^Bt 
Judge wfio did uot prealdo BX cho tvlol, mas . * 
I Una flied, prououueo Juilipnont—aa Cai. " 

'iot. J 

1192. 1J[)D& a plea of guilty of a crime diatingnilM I 
□r divided into dugrees, the court must, before pudil I 
HQDtence, determine the degree. 

Oonrt to delBnnta* dBgrBe.— Cpon the plBB of Bnllcy.iMMW 
to delpnolne tbe riDgtee-.ia CaL 4Mi 4V Id. I7B: W 10. IMi tat IH 
must bo doDB butarn puaing eenlenca— S2 Cal. if "- - -'-' 

nounclnK oC tliB Jucljmeut— M Ca . 

iiliould lie expTenea In mnr ptutLonlar' 
ment vrhlcb&bovfl tbeoenciralinwilerli 
compUuire wllh the ■UtuU'-W CM. IBS. 

whole tn'UlutmeqlcDlitalniiigseveralcouuHi for offenf— -^^^ 
nDiiF9, a senteuce oa tbe count (or tlie lilKbeat grade i 

1193. For tlie purpose of judgment, if tlie 
ia for felony, ths defendant mnat be personally p< 
it for a misdemeanor, judgment may bo pronoun 
lii9 absence. 

Frssence of defandint- 

^ena.Stli IsFlkSt. [29; sinus. Ul; U 

1194. Wben tbe defendant is in custody, tl 
may direct tbe ofUcer in whose cnatoJy lie ia t« In 
before it for judgment, and tlie olHcer maat do m 

1195, If tbe defendant lias been dischaiged mtH, 
has (lepoaitEfl morits TOWea4t\\MeQf, and doc«iiotJI 
f or j udginellt Ttea fc\a peTaoTiaX a^¥<!jiaanK»^„ 

§§ 1196-^1200 

1q addition to tiio forfuitura of tbe uodertaMag 
of bait, or oE the moaey deposited, may diieot the cleilc to 
issue a beaoli-wiirTant for tiis arrest. 

1196, Tlie clerk, od tiie sppliratioo of tlie district at- 
torney, may, at any time aftyr tLe order, wlietber 
court be elttiog or not, Isaue a "bene b- warrant into on< 

1197. Tlje beaoh-wnrrant must be aubaiantiaily in ths 

following form: " County of . The People of the 

State of California, to any aherifl, constable, marshal, or 

policeman in this State; A. B., baring been on Ibe 

day of A. D. ei({bteeQ bundred and , duly 

OOHTicIed io the Superior Court of ttia County of- — , 

of tbe crime of (designating it generally), you are 

therefore commanded forthnitb to arrest the aboTe named 
'lit. O., and bring him befora that court for judgment. 
QItsq nnder my hand with the seal of said court afBjLed, 

^^lii day of , A. D. eighteen hundred and . 

By order of the Court, [sbal,] E. P., Clerk." 

pn effect April 12th, 1880.] 

1198. The bench-warrant may be served lu any 
coonty ill the same manner as a warrant of arrest, except 
tbat when served in anotbar county it need not ba 
Indorsed by the magistrate of that coauty. 

3.199. Whether the bench-warrant is served in tlie 
county io which it was issued or in another county, the 
lust arrest the defendant and bring liim before the 
^^urt. or commit him to the ofBcer mentioned in the war- 
according to the command tliereof. 
1200. When the defendant appears for judgment, ba 

be informed by the eourL, or by the clerk, undi 

iQirectioa, of tbe nature of the ciiarge against him, and of 
Ills plea, and the verdict, if any thereon, 
l^sked whether he has any legal cause to abav whj \i 
_ieiit Hbouldnot be pronounced agaiast hiiu. \.^ ~ 
April Otb, im.} 


id of ^_ 

>t be^^l 

1201. He may show, for causa against the jadgi 

1. That he is InsBue; and if, in the opinion of the i 

there is reasonable ground for beUeving him to be iit 
the qaeatloQ of insanity mnst be tried as pcDvidi 
cliapter six, title ten, pan two of thla Code. If, npo 
trial of that qnestioa, the ]ary And that be Is tans, 
ment must be pronounced, hut if they And bim insai 
must be committed to the State lanatlc asylum niil 
hecomes eaue; and when notice is (^ven of that ftu 
provided in section one thousand three hundred 
seventy-two, he must be brought before the com 

2, That he baa good cause to oSer, either in am 
judgment or for a new trial; in which case the court: 
ia its (liscretion, order the judgment to be deferred. 
proceed to decide upon a motion in arrest of judgmei 
for a new trial. 


1202. If no Bufflcient canse is alleged or appn 


emeiiuo whloh »UJiiiig« Imp isoatnent lu bit Btace piIioD siad 

1203 After a plea or enl ct of grmlt; where a dia- 
retion la oonferred pon the court as to ths e\teDt of the 
itmialiment. the court, upon the oral suggestion of eitlier 
BTty tliat tbere are ciccuiostances wMoL may bs properly 
aken iuto vleir either io ag^avatioD or mitigatioii of 
Im punisLmeDt, may, ia its discretioo, hear tlie sama 
H tnTnnr ily, at a apecllied time, and upon Hucb notice to 
^e adverse party aa it may direct. 
Dlunsilon of coon.— WlicD tbo verdict Is Bulity, Ilia oourt nuy.Df 

Btuis. 73; ■iVlek. -ifti. SuitliliiB rrovfilini; for aw inoreaHBU pmiish- 

ptcnca trhuii (ilipoica by li noucl ol rcconl U niUilii tlio power at 

K t Bui)' loi; sa 0&. 231l' Thli Judgiutiiic may lia ODrrectad at uir 
ifafliirliis tbe term— 1 PukerOrTB.s;!; iwtmrt. 3:9; s OracusKt. 
nOa^oonrt. itfter (tmiYlcUoii ^oT^ mnnlBr, BenUncecl tbe prli- 

lSO«. The 

)nt when a 

Itanil, Ills deposition may be taken by a magiatrate o£ 
>e county, out of court, upon bucIi uotico Lti the adverse 
irty aa tLe court may direct. No affidavit or testinum^. 
[jepresentatiou of any kiod, verbal or wtlUgq, ca.a,>ie 
' Ip or leeelred by the court, or a judge theibot, \n. 



1205. A judgment that tho defendant pa.j a fl 
also direct that be be imprisoned until the One 
Sed, specifying tlie extent of imprtsonmant, nhi 
not exceed one da; for every dollar of tbe &d 
proved Maccli Tth, 18T4.] 

Imnlionawat to aatitfr flu* — Tbe dstandaot may be 1 
toeuotco tbepafmeatofallns—T Gill. Its. Tlie nrUoner 

be Imprlwucil not eiueadins tbree boDilred cisn. 
coiiiplbDoaiTitbtlitoHeUoa-MCiLloe; 2sid.4U. 

1206. A judgment tliat the defendant pay a . 
Btltutca a lien, in lilte manner aa a judgment fo 

1207. When judgment upon a conviction ia r 
the clerk muat enter the sbme in tbe minutes 
briefly tlie offense toEwhich the conviction was 
the fact of a prior 


'(1315. JudgniBncorflDBBQilli 
S i:i«. JudsniciiE or Imprlsom 

f ISll. EXI!CUllDDUpODJUl]g111( 

ir than ot Oeath. 
onincnt, how eieentBil. 


aeCeudant, hoiTilEterinLn 

-l 1330. ' 

Ulisa. : 

'f)Za. Inqulslt]iia,lioiT«QlHe(UD<iaiML 

,| 1331- Proceedloga ujwq fladLnjT al jury, 

!1S24. iTwpeaiugswUen remalelsauppowd lo bo pregnant. 

ISM. FroceMldg] upOD tbefliullngof tlin]ury. 

1127- JililBinenl of Jeatli remalnlna In (ores, iiol cipcntml. 

r Ism. Pualaluuoat of deaLb, liow iDfllcted. 

. 1213. ■Wlien a iuilgment, other tlian of death, baa 
^t>eeD proQonnceil. a certified copy of tbe entry thereof 
'.upon liie miaiites must be fortlinitl] fuToislied to Uie 

Efflcer wliosB duty it is to execute tlio jmlgment, and no 
Clier warrant or authority Is necessary to justify or re- 
^ftulre its execution. 

I BxscDtlonatjndgiiignt.— Acominltninititblr^tidoeSDOtcetitiilD a 
t-^-- qf (ha jadgDieut. ImlinerRly rGciLe^tlioblstory of tbe DftLou. la 

ui'rirsrcllliift <iopy it tbe luilgment leDdered Bgaimc bim— il Cal.!81d.li7. 

' 3,314. If the judgmeut is for a tins alone, exeoutloQ 
may be issued tliereon aa on a judgment in a civil 

li =• 


2215. If tho judginetit is for imprisonment., 
id imprtsoiimeat unfil it lis paid, the defcni 

foctliwith be committed to tlia custody of the prtrf 
ofQcei, and b^ bim detained until tbe jadf^ment is at" 
plied with. 

1216. Tf the judgmeiit i!i for impriau 
State ptiHOD. tiia Bbsriff of the coauty musl, 
of a certified copy tbereof, take anil deliver tlie dnfendiB 
to the warden of tbo State prison. Kq raust alaa deli«r 
to the warden the certillad copy of the judgment, 14 
from the ■warden a receipt foe tbe defendant. 

1217. Whenjudgment ofdeath is rendered, a waiun: 
siBoed by the judge, and attested by the clerk undfrlii 
seal ot tbe court, must be drawn and deliv 
sheriff. It must state the conviction und judgment, tU 
appoint 0. day on which tbe judgment ia to be eiecnui 
■wliich must not be leas tlian tbirty nor mora tLan aSI 
days from the time of judgment. 

Exscntian of dsath laatanaa.— The ter tor . 
t«a<:e fihoulil uot bo di^lffuateil la tlio JailF^eiit, 


BbehJ of tlie county, witb tbe concorreDce of tlie jadge 1 
of tLe vault b; wbich tbe judgment vaa rendered, may 
■aminoii from tbe list of jurors delected by the Buperviso 
for tlio year a jiicy of tweivs persons lo inquire Into the 
■apposed fnssoity, mid must give uomediate notice tliere- 
sf to the district attorney of tba county. 
' 1232. The district attorney must utteud tlie loqulai- 
tton, and may produce nitncsses before Die jury, for 
Whicli purpose be may issue process it 
•■ for witnesses to attend before tlie grand jury, and dis- 
D^iedieDce thereto may be punished i 
diaobedience to process issued by tbe i 
' 1223. A certificate of tbe inquisition must be signed 
1^ the jurors and the sheriff, and filed with the clerk of 
itlie court in whicli tbe con^'iction was had. 
I 1224. If it is found by tbe inquisition that the defend- 
it is sane, tbe sberifT must exenute the judsnent; but 
f it la found that lie is Insane, the ebertEE must suspend 
in of tbe judgment until lie receives a war- 
iBt from the govemor or from tbe judge of tbo court by 
Fbieh tbe judgment was rendered directing the execution 
k tbe judgment. If the inquisition Hods Ihattbedefend- 
ne, llie sberlS must immediately trftnamit it to 
B govemot, wbo may, when tbe defendant hecomes 
1 warrant appointing a day for tbe exeoation 
Bthe judgiuent. 
1225. If there ia good reason to suppose tbat a female 
m a judgment oE death is rendered is preg- 
k. tbe aberifE of tbe county, with tbe concurrence of 
■ndge of tbe court by which the judgment was ren- 
summon a Jury of three physicians to inquire 
le supposed pregnancy. Immediate notice thereof 
Ibe gifen lo tho district attomey of tbe county, and 
iroTisiona of section one thousand two Imndred. ait& 
nnd one tboDsaud two hundred and vnenl?- 
fcjViJj- u. tbe proceedSngs upDn the inmiialUon. 

g§ 1226-9 EXEODTTOX. 

1226. If it is found by the inquisition that 

la not pTegnaat, the sheriff miut execnto the j 
It is found that the troman la pregnant, the i 
HUBpend the execution of the judgment, and i 
inquisition to the governor. 'When the govi 
islied that the female Is no longer pregoaat, t 
Ilia warrant appointing a day for the exoci 

1227. If for any reason a judgment of d^ 
been executed, and it remains in force, the coi 
the conviction was bad, on the application of 
attorney, must order the defendant to be bro 
it, or, if he iaat large, a warrant for Lis apprel 
lie Isaued. Upon the defendant being brough 
court, it must inquire into the facta, and If n 
sona «xl»t agaiuBt the execution of the jud{ 
malce an order that the sheriff execats the jui 

The sheriff must « 

901 sxECUTion. § 1230 

tioned in this section can be present at the execution, nor 
can any person under age be allowed to witness the same. 

1230. After the execution, the sheriff must make a 
return upon the death-warrant, showing the time, mode, 
and manner in which it was executed. 



EfToct ot an appeal by the people. 
I Utl. BfTeeCoCiuiBPpBallif (heilerenOnDl. 

{ 12a. Same. 

Duty at clETka npDn appeiL 

L235. Either party in a criminal action amounting to 
'elony, nxay appeal to the Supreme Court, on queaticniH 
law alone, aa prescilbed in this chapter. 
Lppaa], vhen allowed.— Tbe Suprsma Gaurt. under tbs OunstlCa- 
Pbhadjiuisdtctlon on qoestlons ot Law alono— u Gil. lu. An bp- 
il dues uol lie In cases ot iutsaDmeaaur-4a Cal, 4:17. Au anpeal U« 
ID B JudgiBenl for con lempc, when tUa nue Is tor Ibrceliuuili'eil 

tued of u beli'is coiilrsryto tha eilJeuce, wliL-n llicie Is iioevl- 

va It— U Cni. isi. TtsuappHil tuulier'iiBlveii In all cnuswioiin 
jnriidietion ot ihe court, and Bflsrimra IM jiirl^lhrtlnu u ei- 
ded ta new chc*, su appeal will llo Id cIidw new eaaea — I Moss. 403. 

L33G. The party appealing is known aa the appellant, 

a the adverse part; as the respondent, but tlie title of 

I action is not changed in consetiuence of the appeal. 

L337. An appeal may he taken by the defendant; 

,. From a, llual judgment of conviction. 

I. From an order denying a, motion for a new trial. 

L From an order made after judgment, affectiDK the 

betantial rights ot the party. 

jjpjptcaaBa dsfeDdaar may taks.— Wlien the utVon ol tbe eouA 


Aicts. tbB Supreme Coqrt will mrtew the caaa, oofwIttMBnl 

MS) »1<1-Br ni<I.nit Ul^lM- it^sirMOTdaiMl ~-'^ 

kTilMmliiMnimiatlottcidacedr " 

■uylw nlMd for tlwlbrt^tlma 

TbflBctlcmer the court In dtMbuxliic k%., 

cuneot lit IniUUurtoaciM, liniUecttonTlMrbr tkemt 

auid. 1. 0ader ihls Beotloit an appesl can l>e taken fnn 

prni canuoc bo taken from aa ordar made after a v'erdJct of (i 

. TtM qavnlon wbetbcr a defendant In a crUolBil a 

Said. 2. Ttw qavnlon wbetber a defendant In a crlin 
entlllPdtoaiiewirlal,oatt«Sroaiul tbot tbe Tnaict la 
ttaaevlileuee-liauaoT lair-arCu.Ml. The nneTal rale 

conrtwIUnoinTlewaJiidgiaeiit on tbia -■ — ' — 

conUlD* a atatemnit HtUuftF'^ ••'• "■• 


on tfia partof tbe Btat«,''lt III 


nblcli could not In 
or modifying an ci 


made otter flnal )a 

t. L Bitot In uMnE Bilda or mcxlllrlng an cndneoiiB order 
B nranad In m proper oue on aCpUcatloa. liat It cauool be 
oaeU on lubeu GorpiU'44 CiUj 34. ^u appeal JLcsfroinaaonler 
luff ■ vJiKrge 01ICO Ignore to bo rflsubiiutced to BDOlhor grand 
TUQ only orderd from vblcb appeals IJo arD,onlBranijKfe after 

4; 44liL:SB&. No Hpponl UBS Troiiian orylor ot tho Juil^o admlli' 
party to boil UDder tbe prorleloua relaUo^ to babeaa corpiu— tf 

39. An appeal from a judgment must be taken 

ID one year aEtdr its rendition, and from an order, 

In sixty days after it is made. 

Un what time taken — An appeal from an order denying a new 

rUllHidlanilaBed if taken mora than ^utydayd orter Uie order 


to. An appeal is taken by Ming witti tlie clerk of 

onrt in wbicli tbe jadgment or order appealed from 

.t«red or filed, a notice etating tlie appeal from tlie 

I, and serving a copy thereof upon the attorney of the 

tse party. 

xal, how takan.— A notice ot appeal mint be flled Ttllh tha 

'pemanallror by uubUcatlon, as directed in Clio Caae-19CaI. 
jvbfiroltappcara tnacilLo notice vasllJod on m certain day. and 
rrloe admitted under tbe ludonement of flllng, It will be pre- 
IHrrtoawumadaan tliadayoIllllng'-ePac.O.I.. J.4U. A 
lOranpelilnacrlmlnalcaaeinHy tH algned by any atConiey au- 
ad Iv duendanl to take an appeal-^ Pao. a £. jTioII. 
tsKal tbat notice or npUsatlon has 1h«i serred and flled, Is no 
ua Uai an appeal haslisea taken— U Cai. U. The recorumuBi 
Uutao app^ baa In face been taken, or the conrt will not be 
red to look Into the rue II Cal. 49. In the abiOQca ot italuuiry 
Inery for appeal, a case may be broiigbt toUia Supreme ConrC by 
« emr-Si CaL 2a); « IdTlM; 3 laT^^T: !1 Id, saf: Uula writ ol 
irtll not Ub whea an appeal la glTea— 34 GaL 3M; teeii Cat. M. 
U. If peiaonal service of the notice cannot be made, 
adge of the court iu which the acttou was tded, apon 
( thereof, may make an order for the publication of the 
IS in some newspaper, for a peiiod not exceeding thirty 
. 6uch publication is eqnivalent to pecsonaL service. 

42. An appeal taken by the people 
[acta tho operation of a judgment in fa-vol di Qui 
uttU^m^gmaat is reversed. 

rf ,»s«s«. "™»r«' ~'«'"'-- ' 

J"»«'rt£es'«miI^^^S«^ MOP" . ,^.-™ 

court wrtHwUOf^r, it o";*'^ ^^^ gi^W*! 

ippellate court must file tlie oriEinal, aori (iisposo of the 
copies as lie Is required to do in the ciLsa of tiaoscripts on 
appeal in civil cases, aad all his services as provided 
herein muxt be witboat oliarge. Tlie alerk of tlie lower 
also wlcliin tlie time above specifled si 
!S of the above named papaiB, without charge, 
upon t)ie defendant's attoroey, and upon tba Attomay 
General. The printing oC tbe above named papers is e. 
county charge. [Approved March I'.ltli Ivs i 1 
~ rolerts.— Tbedeitirtlii 11 ii ■ ion ( 

m iliya aTWr. wltlioiit i li . r i 

MIL ThatimiuorlpCmHTUufli' a 



I ISta. For what IrrcunliTltr, and bi 

1248. If tlie appeal is IrrcKular ia any snbstailti>1pt> 
ticular, but not otherwise, the appellate court may, * 
any day, on motion of tlio respondent, upon fiva daji' ■»■ 
tioe, accompanied witli copies of the papers upon 'losi 
the motion ia founded, order it to be dismissed, [lu^ 
feet April Mi, 1880.] 

1249, Tlie court mcy alao, upon like motion, di 
the appeal, if tlia return is not made aa provided in wcW 
one thouBand two hundred and fortf-six, uulMt !* 
good cause they enlarge tlie time for the purpose. 


1252. All appeals in criminal caaea must be heard 
aojd determiaed by tbe appellate (?ourt, wlthlnalxty days 
after tbe record is filed In said appellate court, ualesscon* 

ed OD iDotion or with the consent of tbe defendant. [In 
effect April Sth, 1830.] 

1253, Tbe judgment may be afEnned if tbe appellant 
fail to appear, but can be reversed only after argument, 
tbougU tbs rtispondoDt fail to appear. 

1254, tJpuQ tbe argument of tbe appeal, if tbe oSensa 
la ponishable irith death, two counsel must be beard oa 
«»ch side, if tbey reqoite IC In any other case tbe court 
may. in ita discretion, reatrlot tLe argument to one oouo- 
■el on each side. 


1255. The defendant need Dot personally appear in 
tbe apptilhite court. 

aimciiizMT UPON appkax. 

I Utft. Jadcmsnt wlUonC legud to lectuilcsl enoi 

) 1I3>. Wli»tBiarliara»leweilonM 

1 lin. Utir reTene.uaim, or mwUfjtlie Judgment, and a 


I12B1. Nev trial, where to be tuul 

i I2ffl. DefeniUDtdiBcluisedoaieTeraalofjuasinBiit. 

I uai. Jadgmeat to be eiecated OD aOlrmance. 

1 12M. Ja^ujeac ot appellate ooort, bow entered aod rend) 

I UU. Juriadlctlon ceases alter ludgnwDtnmlttwL 

1258. After hearing the appeal, the court mt 
Jndgiueiit wttbout regard to technical errors or del 
to exceptions, wMch do not affect tli« anbatantis 

of the parties. 
~ ■ ■ ..-.*.. hearioB on ,p. 

VMntinlisae.iinlen lie atlied *nd wu tetuu 0— M Cikl. !91: Mia 
301 imr on ref luiug an InscrnctloD is durcil <l Uis toMniclum la i 
^n]Ulyg[ii!iibilGacliiiTBeIaI)ialury-s)Cal.«II);UliLli30:»l . 

Mill. ISl." See M(^M. " """ ""P""" ool>»r80-l . 

1259. Upon an appeal taken by the defendant from a 
Jlldgiiisnt, tliG court ma; review any iutermediata order 
or nlliDg iavolvisg tlie merits, OT^bich may tiaTS affected 
the judgmeat. 
fiariiv on appBal ^om jndEmsat.— TMi senlon yna clearly la 
nK»~41 Csl. g2I>. Any actloa of tno couit wlil'fh ili'prives ilelsuil 


Oieroon . signed by IhaJ uOgB, ai 
m tbelr nuUiorll; to limit tbo aaaltl 

tun preaumptlon thai ttio iiiacreiiouoi ma court »«■»« 
^^ a«tiaa ol lofarlor couiU-^ civ.Ka. ^^^^^^1 

APPEAi. §§1261-4 - 

■ tbe iniiulrea lllld— t* CoUeSo! 

Ka^o reaVilf psrniiy e rrir" c oiiiiuufed nr"^^ 

St^4«[a.M: llnlU.tlT. Intinilnieungo to tbo aiippon ol the actloD 

jMnuiT nilEtal liava Uesn iDlrodiuwd irlilch vould tiam mnuusd 

■■^ ifaar frini — wh^rD huIrdoHciis Br« tonttidlitow on a materUl 

Id.3M. Wherstbo VBi^li:lliBgiilN'>^UieeviaBuce, 
■•- -p»c.C.I..J.aifl, irtharBlsftButt- 

i^^ Jn^nnenl iiliODld M get oslilB— a Tac. O. h. J. a^. It Ihare Is a n 

'ffif WiS"'""'' in^.-."4i;, «?..l!.,,'.'|"i,n\,.,.!|".,l ",m„"H„ntcleMS 
auOUru':! I . .'..'' I.. ' . ' .. . J MCal-M. 

1261. Wben a newtrlal is ocdered, It must bedirected 
I \)ti bad in tliH court of tlie county from wliiah tlie ap- 

peai was taken. 

1262. If a jadgment againat tbe defendant is reversed 
Vitbout otduring a new trial, tbe appellata court must, if 

la Id custody, direct blm to be discliarged tlieTofrom; 

If on bail, tliat his bail be exonerated: or if money was 
^aposiled instead of bail, that it be refunded to tbe de- 

1263. If a judgment against tbe defendaut la afBimed, 

Klglnal Judgment must be eufori'ed. 
t, Wben tbe judgment of tliu appetlalfl £ 
ijt must lie entered io tba minutes, 
i tbo entry foribwilb remitted to t 
apa vbicb the appeal wan takuu. 

nqalred to be osniflsd to ths Idwbt court, tb»t Uis origlinlj*' 
meat may be curled Into sSect, as dlreotsd by tlu upelua Dna 
-41 GuTlll. ^' 

1269. After the ceitificate of tli« jndgmeDt liu 1>» 
remitted to the conrt below, the appellate court hai 
further jurledictioa of tlie appeal or of the proocdii 
thereon, and alt orders aeceaaary to carry the jndgw 
into effect must be made by the conrt to whkb thee 
tificate is remitted. 

JnriBdioUon, vhu e»ML-.Uter remlttitor, the Si 

losee RUMrlMlkiUw.aiidttae lowvooort er ■ — ■■ — ' 

to canr tba ludgmant lata maaitlon Ivpr 
—41 OO. '"■n,'gP°°|ffg I'SSSiSSrf'iiiSiM iT 
»>TGe]a!^lrat^0sl.l^^S5^Bd«DeiL. __,...„,_„.„. 
mltnunt Deed only lectta the Indcueif of convlcUon, Ihu irtal 
sppsaled, and Jadgmeiit w» alllrmed. It neednoC i«<:)M tlu f 
neat or ths lower court, or (hat tna remittitur bad been lsuied-4l ' 
310. Silt priua courts cannot set aaide or dlsr^zBrd dccluitlDi^ 
the Bupieme Court, becauM It mayae-™ t-.»h.:? a ..r,. 


— J 


TITLE X. ^3^^H 

MUcellaneous Prooeedlnga. 

Obu l 

Bilt, 55 1368-1317. 


"Who mat bb WrrNKBSKs is CBjmsu. 

AcnoHB, S§ 1321-3. 



MEHHKS, 55 132a-33. 


EiAMDJanoK OF WiTtTMSBa CosDmou- 

ALLT, 55 1335-46. 


ExiUDJATroN oT WiTNKsaM OS CojonaaioN, 

55 1M9-C2. 

^_ yi. 

iNQonir Ddo THE InsiBrrr off the Da- 




VICTION. 55 1307-73, 




BT LBAVK (IV THE COCRT, 55 1377-9. 

1' vm. 


CCTION OR OTHBBWI9B, {5 1333-7. 

^ IX. 




^B. ^ 

Entttlisq Apfida^itb, 5 1401. 




oraBB Pboceedimqb, 5 14«. 

f HI. 


EI.BD, 55 1407-13. 


Bbfbieveb, Comuotationb, and Pabdokb, 


55 lUT-ai y 


AsT. I. In what catet th« d^endant may he a 

n. Bail tipon being held to atuteerb^or» in 
m. Baa upon aaindUstnunt b^fbrt ofMvletiM. 
IV. BallonappeaL 
T. J>fpo$lt intteadof bail. 
Yl. SuTTender of Che drfendant. 
■TO. ForfeituTB of the vndcrtakit^ of bail orafOiit 

poilc of money. 
VUL EecommUment of the d^endant after hatiing-ji"' 
bail or depotited money iruuad o/baiL 

Abticlb t. 
•4 the defendant may be admitted to *oU. 

king to ibe terms of the aQdertakiug, • 

|I>ay to the peoplo of this Stats a speci 

Taking bail dsODod.— A priianer lureatnl t 

"b nrocuTB U»ll, iiB token bi^torB the nuglatri autns gllier luuiUtrite la Iba uuuii 

■eusncu uf tlie aceuaed to miiswec Ibe cbsrf 
Vn»TO been t&lE«D hy tbo prisoner bf rea^oQ 

' tliat tlia bail will 

1270. A defsDdaiit cltarged with an oSease pauish- 
L able with deatli cannot be admitted to boil, when the 

r proof of hia guilt Is evident or the presumptiOQ thereof 
great. The findliig of an indictment does not add to the 
I strength of the proof or the presumptions to be drawn 

Dt baUable.—AdnilsslDn to ball Jn capital oaes, vbcre t)i« 
'^Iddenb'ylcirlf^lUia^^Cal.Ml; H Cat. 103; 

1271. If tbe chugs is for any other oSense, he losy 
be admitted to bail before < 
I light 

rbl, tontemnlatfa uti)T tliusBi;LSi>ai 
BricteU— tltw. Hi 7 i'eua, sbB. 


1. As a mutter of right, wbea the appeal ts from a i 
[ndgment imposing a fine only. 

2. As a matter of discretion io all other cases. 
t Admiulai (a baU is a matUr In the dlicre tloa of the jDdsa-U Cl ._ 
'' '•-— -court orJuOm who trleiitbecaw-JSCal.i^Kffil 

Uie auajocles oC the U' 


§§ 1273-4 BAn.. 

1273, If the ofEenseis bailable, tbe dafendaBtDKr** J 
admitted to bail teforo conviction — 

1. For bis appearance before tbe maglstratfl, la Ai I 
examinatioD oC the charge, before being held to 

2. To appear at the court to which tbe magistnlt )i I 
reqaired to return the depositions and statement, np« I 
the defendant being lield to answer after examlDBlian 

3. After indictment, either before the beacb-nama'* 
issued for his arrest, or apon any order of the coiltta 
mitting him, of enlarging the amount of bail, o 
being surrendered tj bis bail to aoswer tbe indico 
the court in which it is found, or to which i. 
transferred for trial. 

And after conviction, and upon an appeal — 

1, If the appeal is from a judgment imposing » 
onlj, on thanndertaklngofbailthat ho willpay thefl 
OF such part of it as the appellate court may direct fl 
judgment is afBimed or modified, or tbe appeal 1| 

2. If judgment of ImprlHonment has been givieo, fli 
will surrender himself in execution of tbe jadgmen^fl 
ita being affirmed or modified, or upon the app 
dismissed, or that in case the judgment be revem 
that the cause be remanded for a new trial, t] 
appear in the court to which said cauae may be n 

EuM. 3- If A partf bfl GommlTtBd Cor arx Mli 

Indlclmenl be found naalnstlilra. In a proceedlni 

dlmlijIdtiinffblaball.msDuUtwm be preBumed—u cal. u 
Wi ly Id. aSi and »e a*U. i IZTO. 

1274. When the admission to bail is a moti 
cTation, the court or officer tu whom the applici 
made must require reasonable notice thereof to IM 
to the district attorney of the conoty. 

Abticlb n. 

Sail vpon bting held to answer be/ore iadictmenl. 
i 1277, Wlist magiatrates may BilmIC to ball. 
i Wi. Baa.hoa paila.UD'ltaTiaBtibitaaiiertailas. 
i U79. QuallflCBtloiu or boU. 
11280. Ball, how Id Justify. 

1377. 'When the defendant has been held to answer 
upon &a examination for a public offense, the admiasion 
[o bail may be by the magistrata by whom he ia so held, 
n by any magistrate who has pawer to Issue tbe wiit of 
babeaa corpus. 

1278. Ball is put in by a written undertaking, szaoa- 
led by two sufficient sureties, (with or withont tbe de- 
^Ddaat, In tbo discretion of tlic magistrate) and aoknonl- 
Mlged before the court or magistrate, in substantially the 

' "An order having been made on tbe day of , a. d 

tigbteen , hy A. B., a justice of tbe peaue of 

fonnty, (or as the case may be) tliat C D. be beld to 
Uiawer upon a cliarge of (stating briefly the unture of the 
itrense), upon r.hich lie baa been admitted to bail in tbe 

mn of dollars; we, E. F. and G, H., (stating tbeir 

tlace of residence, and oucupatiou) hereby undertake 
bat tbe above named C. D. will appear and answer tbe 
liaige above iDeutloneil, In whatever court it may be 
lt«seouted, and will nt all times bold himself amenable 
9 the ordem and process of the court, and if convicted, 
ffll appear for judgment, and rcudur blmself In execu- 
toli thereof; or, if liu fulls to perform either uf these con- 
ifloDB, ibat we will pay to tlie people of the State of 

^^ifomla the sum af dollata" (insertinR tbe sum in 

rbich the defendant is ajlmtited to bail.) 
Bail-bond.— Bill Ih taken by n rentmlziuicD ciiKaiMbv t.mrXiiei.taA 
aoBCCMsFillieniliiutalm It, and uiwu lorfclCoro lUo utm:eo4tam«ifc 
iZ recognlnoeo ran onlr bebynciloH ugalnst lUo anireflea— W CjS.'iW. 
■|,»|l-bDud BueilaoiKiate la wharcourt ilttcudant BiJaHapp>;ar ,»sXi« 

iMrnoTtdMlBWbUcourt haaluU betrled— TCaL«R. 1 
MH>n«to ditbODatoba glTen for anpeaiance befonttht 
oneauntnutlon-MGM.Ml. XheredtallntlistialMHnull 
oaHiBob' ■'"-• "" "*-■■-*•"■■ -■■- --- 

KejuxllRcniioirfL -.. ., 

dorsemenl of approvil ou tberecOKnlBUKialBDeinsHiT-I 

1279. The qualifications of bail aro as follon 

1. Each of tbem must be a resident, boosel 
freeholder within tbii State; bat the court or n 
may refuse to accept any person as bail who is i 
dent of tlie county where bail is offered. 

2. They must uacb be worth the amount Sp 
the imciertakiDg, esclusive of property exempt 
cution; but tlie court or magistrate, on taking 
allow more tban two sureties to justify sei 
aiDoiints less than that expressed in the undei 
the wbole justification be equivalent to that of 

1280. The bail must in all cases jaatUj bj 
taken before the magistrate, that the^ each p< 

1 provided in the preceding a 

Akticlb m. 
[ Sail upon on indictment before conoiotlon. 

i 1S89. WbetiUieDSenHj IscapltaL 

S 128E. BailaDltabEBacorpaa. 

i llSi. Form ur uDOoitoklnB. 

i 1289. Sections aiipllralilo Co qunUflcatloiui, etc 

i i3SS. Isorease or reductioD of balL 

13M. Wlieii tlie offeusa cliaTgcMl is not piinlslutlile 
-With dentil, tha officer serring tbe bencL-warrant mnst, if 
required, take the defeodant l>efore a luagiBtTBte in the 
countj in which it is isautcl, or iu whicli he ia arreBted, 
ifoi tbe purpose of giviag bail. [In effect April 9tb, ISaO.] 

1285. If the olTease charged is puoialiable with death. 
tlieofBcerorreEJtitigthedefeiidaQt mast deliver bim into 
imiBtody, according to the commaod of the beocb-wartant. 
[In eflect April 9th, 1880, 1 

1286. When thedefendant 13 sodelivered into cuBlodr, 
lie must ba held by tbe sberiCF, unless admitted to bail on 

■Ifynminntinn upOQ a Wilt of habeas COfpUS. 

1387. The bail must be put in by a written uttdertak- 
Ingi executed by two sufficient sureties, (with or withonC 
tlie defendant, in the diacretioti of the court or magis- 
trate) and ac^knowledged before the court or magistrate, 
1x1 substantially the following form: 

" An indictmeot haviDg been found on the day of 

-, A. u. eighteen , in tlie Coonty Court ot the 

BOimty CFf , charging A. B, with the crime of , 

[d6sig'>"t'''gi'' KBl'B''i>l'y) and lie having been admitted 

■bail in the sum of dollars, we, G. IJ. and E. F., of 

-{stating their place of residence and occupation) liere- 
nudertake that tbe above named A. B. will appear 
ind answer the indictment above mentioned, tn whatevcT 
mny be prosBculjjd, and will at all times icnaacr 
and process ot l\i6 c< 

S§ U8B-91 BAH,. 

and, If convictad, will appear for jadgment snd 
bimsalf in execution tlieieof ; or, if he fails to ; 
either of tliese conditiona, that we will pay to the 

of tlie State oE California tlia sum of dollan " i 

Ing tbe eum in tvliicli tlie defendant is admitled t 
_ DnderWktog.-ThaJu'HnratI on forms no part or t&spoMi 

1288. The provisions contained in acctlons tweln 
led and seven tj-nine, twelre hundred and eigbt 
twelve liunUred and eiKlity-one, in relation to bail 
indictment, apply to bail after indictment. (Ap 
March aotb, in effect Jul; iHt, 1871.] 

1289. After a dafendant Iiaa been admitted 
upon an indictmeri oi information, tbe court iu 
the charge is pending may, upon good caase slioim 
increase or reduce tlie amount of bail. If the amd 
increased, the court may order the defendant to b 
mitted to actual custody, unless he give bail in si 
creased amount. If application be made by tbede!< 
for a rednctiou of the amount, notice of the appl 




gg 1292-7 


to thi 

, „_p^g 

A men 

) dUterencB 

BQ^ Wld tbfi MHDinltLlTlff UlOgJa' 

Cratn IS] 

not tuffldeD 

tio oaMty-M 


iilou to 1 


JtBriin ludlct. 




MkLUt. BM 





idlne sppeal 
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1292. The bail must poasesa the quail fiaationB, and 
nnot lie put In, in nil luspecla, as provided in artlcls tiro 
S thia chapter, except that the uodeirtakliig most be 

j^ditioned aa prescribed in section twelve liundred and 
r-three, for uodertakings nf bail on nppeaL 

D^oiit iTUUad of bail. 

, vbea uil how tnada. 

ia HUd before lorleltnre. 

1295. The defendaut, at any time after an order ad- 
poitting him to bail, instead of giving )>ail, ma; deposit 
trilb the clerk of the court iu wliich he is held to answer, 
tbe sum mentioued in the order, and upon delivering to 
■be officer in whose custody he la a certilicate of the de- 
tosit, he must be diecharged from cuatodj. 

1296. If the defendant has given bail, lie may, at any 
Jme before the forfeiture of the uudertuking, in like man- 
ler deposit the sum mentioned lu the recognizance, aod 
Ipoa the deposit being uiade the bail la exooerated. 

1397. "When money has becu deposited. iF it romaJ.'MV 
n deposit at the time of n judgmeDl for llie pasmeiA di ft .^ 
100. the county clerk moat, under ihe direcUoti ol 1ii»^ 

court, apply tbe money in stitiafaction tbereof, ind ^ 
aatisf ;ing the fine and coats, miut ref and the taiji'i 
bq;, Io the defendant. 

Surrender of the d^eniiant. 
i UW. Surrender, by whom, when, and hoir made, 
t INI. SeleDilant. how gnrreiiiiered. 

1300. At any time Ijefore tbe forfeiture of theimnt 
takiuK tLe bail may surrender the defendant in tbeir 
oneracioQ, or lie may snrcender himself, to the office 
whose custody he was committed at tbe time of pf 
bail, iu tbe following manner: 

1. A certified copy of the nndertakiug of the bail a 
he delivered to the officer, who must detain the defends 
in bis custody thereon as upon a commitment, and b; 
certificate in writing acknowledge the BurrcDder. 

2. Upon tbe undertakini; and tbe certificate of ' 
officer, the court in which the action or appeal i! 

rto the defendant, upon pToducing the certiflcnte of the 
I' officer showing tbe surrender, and upon a notice of £ve 
; days to the district attorney, witha copyof Ihecertifloata. 

fbr/cUvTC of rfte Mn^rtaking 0/ bail or of (fte depojit o/ 
S UW. mnr Corleltert, and how foTfiitare discharged. 
I IW7. Deposit, when forfeited, how aiaposBd of. 

1305. If, without sufficient excuse, the defendant oeg- 
locts to appear for arraignment or for trial or judgment, 
or upon any other occasion wben hia preBence in court 
tsaj be lawfully required, or to surrender himself in exe- 
outjon of Iho judgment, the court must direct tbe fact to 
Im entered upon its minutes, and the undertaking of bail, 
or the money deposited instead of bail, as the case may 
Im, ts thereupon declared forfeited, Rut if at an; time 
before tbe final udjourninent of the court, the defendant 
or his bail appear and satisfactorily excuse his neg- 
Isot. tlie court may direct the forfeiture of tbe nndertak- 
llq> or the deposit to be discharged upon Bucb terms as 

1306. If tbe forfeiture Is not discharged, as pro'/ided 
In tbe last section, the district attorney tna.y at any time 
.After tbe adjournment of the court proceed by action only 
■gainst tbe ball upon their undertaking. 

J.307. If, by reason of the neglect of the defendant tc 
appear, money deposited Instead of bail is forfeited, and 
tlie forfeiture is not dlscbargedor remitted, tbe clerk witli J 
Wbom it is deposited must, immediately after the final J 
^journment of tbe court, pay over the money deposited 1 
to thd-connty ti 


I laio. iDnhstcuei. 

1 1313. Defendant ma; be arrested la any coimtr. 

t mi. If for failure to appear, defendant man be emamiOaL 

(1311. It lor otbercaius, be mar be admitted to ball. 

S 131.V BalUnBucbcue.bywbomtaken. 

I 131ft. Form ot tbe nndertaklng. 

i lin. Ball must possess what qoallflcatlons, and bowpntla. 

1310. The court to which the committing magida 
returns tbe depositioDS, or iu which an indictment 
forjnation, or appeal is pending, or to which a jml|W 
on appeal is remitted to he carried into effect, may, br 
order entered upon its minutes, direct the arrest of i 
defendant and bi9 commitment to the officer to ob 
custody he was committed at the time of giving baD.s 
his detention until legally discharged, In the foll<i<r 

1 82T BAH,. §g 1312-16 

1312. Tbo defendant may be arreated paranant to ttie 
erder, upon a certified copy thereof, io any county, In the 
earns manner as npon a warrant of arrest, except that 
wfaen arrested in another county the order need not be 
Indonted by a magiBtmts of that county. 

1313. If the order recites, as the ground upon vrhichit 
ia made, the failure of the defcDdaat to appear for judg- 
Tnent upon conviction, the defendant must bo committed 
sccording to the requirement of tbe order. 

1314. If the Older be made for any otber cause, aud 
the offense ia bailable, the court inar fix tJie amount of 
bail, and may cause a, direction to be inserted in tbe order 
that the defendunt be admitted to bail in the Bum fixed, 
which must be speciiied in the order. 

1315. When tbe defendaut is admitted to bail, the 
1)all may be taken by any magistrate in the county having 
authority in a nimilar case to admit to ball, upon tbe hold- 
ing of the defeadaot to answer before aa indictment, or 
by any other magistrate designated by the court. 

1316. When bail is taken upon the recoaiinitment of 
the defendant, tbe undertaking must be In aubatantially 
tbe foUowiog form: 

"An order having been made on the day of ,a. 

It. eighteen , by the court, (naming; it) tbat A. B, be 

admitted to bail In the sum of dollars, in an action 

landing in that court against him in behalf of the people 
of the State of California, upon an (information, present- 
■nent, indictment, or appeal, aa tbe case may be), we, C. 
E>. and E. F., of (stating their places of residence and 
DCCUpation I, hereby undertake tbat the above named A. 
B, will appear in that or any other court in which his 
tppearance may be lawfully required upon tbat (informa- 
tion, presentment, indictment, or appeal, as the case may 
t>e), and will at all times render himself amenable to 
■dera and process, and appear for judgmeul wuL 
~ IT himself In execulJon thereof; or, lEhelnUA' 


nay ^H 

1 1317 BAIL. m 

form either of these oon^tioiiB, that we will pay to Ita 

people of tbe State of California the sum of dollia,' 

(inseit the Biun in which the dofendotit is admittad V 


1317. The ball must poMesa the qoallfioatioiu, ul 
nmgt be pnt In, In all respeota. In th« th^wht pntolM 
in article two of thia chapter 

^ WHO 1 


1321. Tbe rales for determining tba competency of 

^tnesses In civil actions are applicable also to crimliuil 
WStioiia and proceedings, except SiS otherwise proTided in 

I this Code. 

I WlmsBHB.—Rules far [letermlQlng tha competency of witnesses— 

rlr own liebaff, bad no uipUoatlon to eumlDatloDS tie- 
S nagJstroMa— 13 Cal. Sail; UnClblaact iiMijepnabol- 

oa anJiut bim tm his trial— Ul. 'Tba restrktAm upon 

, f ot ■wItnBM njuM bB BtrtdOy cimscniBil in (»»or o[ 

E^Ubn^, and pnbUa Jiucloe-n CaL ew, 

ITMnMna, who oompatant— All penom wba ore lUalpterened 

iQiiDt Innunona, are competent wl meiui, aad nra presumed to he so 

SS..i..-~...™i-.i,„,TO_jEng. 7M. Tba Wtomay wbo Kted ror 

ilDUT axainlllBUDD, bnc not retaioed it (be 

eflfr-14 Grmri4ftf. A panon deaf and dtunb 

|]nfepn)p«rcuc»ba£bc canaol unpmch tUB 
InnaUa haa anch a Bhnrs oC aDdentandln? is v nnblss blm to 

™. ir acbUdUF"l"lhB>urj.<if iif.vr.n icoVj hM 

of tbe nature an 

wiUHW— S Ala. !;..„_ , 

;2AUen,199: aee(7t)a.a;'l; ailnd.!»i 3 
a boT nlnB Teazm of Bfffl Btmted tbnt b 
na OBtb, ba l9 not competeiili— A Parkc-i ^i . ■<.. <«>. u<?.uk 
74nB fesn Dt iga la not lacb pnior of inoiner'a conlrol 

„ ^ n trlu tor lareonf — Sa Cat 411. The officer ivbo armsied 

AiniiaDer li a competent wltneia—Thach. U. C, I. So, nrnper^n 

liBS»ie-Waft.1f liu't iea sDmin, rs. Aperion 
blaibe value oTlbB 
oompBtcnt iiVEaBtt 
tbBielora iaeamiHCeat^ Ala. ti; G OtaU. 1W> . 


Ttcled DtpetlC Urcanr ; 
all. In M«nim-''nr-rfr ' i 
Id UMUj-S Hat. Ul. 

In E*ii*ral. a codFrendai 
to M > Dirty, br acqultu 
otbenrLu— ii Joniia. M: 1. 
dmnrs must iw aC ttiB trial 

ney— 4§ Cnt. ZU. A Eodefe 

In New York, a p, 

Mo. li i 

cteU wig uioOwr l*'o< 

loiild DDE tn made a trltn 
tUoa, Bhowlna that tber 
n be proved— 1 Iowa, iig; 
. Ha may lie a 

Jtry of nolte proteani m 
»<: tOld.SSS; KS.JLa 
•leteaaautlaacane InML 
; OD &ppllRBtlon DCttoV 


Is iiot djatUMmMl Irpm punlsbmeM n 

the tauabanclof ouaiAaoC aroEowtCDt witness Tor tH< 
oonTloUon or acflHJttal— J i Wis. f" -^ 

"" ° ■*■ — "---- "'---lal— IWUee.. _. 

— — -o teOitf 

Fiction or ocqiiJl 

-■~'alinBb«na 01 wife lusV'be'e 
A State may legislBte ai 


of bipbHi.— Thera h no m _ _ _ 

—- ■ deirreoof skill iiecesjour te 

..«iiou8 of skill ora.!'™-^ 

leo a vtUnasK U iiamiDed u ad expert, the olber party nuw 
QBafucUiUruBiiTij-putbetLialcaaa— 351ml.4no. Medical oiperts, 

tloiiDiLliy tbB prlsDDer la test [heir aklll uid capacity, 'ami tbs 

icuuss of tbelr caucliutoas— 13 N. Y. 3aH. 

lalon of witneaisa.— A wltoBsa, tboosh not an Bipert, nuv 

mV b« aikeil wbeUer uitcmiiuua ur vi-o^uri^ iail beeu uuule la 
tain piper-Sm. UM. 

[>kaofaAl«iiQe, aa medical lH>DkB, are not a^lmlBslble In flTldencfl, 
-'"lualabiorcoatrfidlcb tbaoulalonuf Awttnosa— SBMd. 16: 117 
-" ■ "■■ ■ r...._. -bo wolgbodbyliift 

jtaluedtUvreln— 3Natt.«UcC. (L.. 

I racullection from a uemanuiaiun made bT 

Iff blm-ll Wig. ttli. A irrltten memorao^ 

a br bU mark, Bbaala flnC Iw raw! U tiUa 

ray, MS. Wbera tha wltnau. iiltet cmUftas 

brum, anted IbM ba could oM nnu ttwck 

F § 132J. 


■ KcallecUoi 

1. but tlut ths mamorandnm la trus. bis M 


.n of docomBat*,— OpposiDB ooimsel fi enCH 
oilcW-M CbI.«T! *1 vc 628- '^ 





"TO rosMxaoi to^^ 






Im hi gwla HI A nrl^iBBO aUowta U, oomOl 


^-^ ^^m^ 





liroaefu nn_^M 


..■!,., 'act. 

lotnn .1 






-1-:. SLI N.Y. 3M. 


lUo. 1... 


-BMo.lj'JSOLiufit.iw. WLeuinv 


rei Iliac wliuli bo swuro to was talso 


atlou Is ovi deuce 

pes^ lilm^ W Womj. m^^ Mo^iun 










irnaaltieriiiirDiHS-ftHDVF. Hi 4Pa.SC.3B9: 

t.B.m. Tib^iiaiiLMUholaam 



-IBMIcb.M?; M> 

utile HKB 



ibe wlDiesa, wHbd 

umtwr of the gnma joir "osy bo ralleil w 

ontrndlct Ulat-M 

Jit. Ai.[taBsam»fCa«onlr»iUctfl Bo, 

c a nltncB 

aberoTfl tbsm-ll 



r Ob B foimer lienrlDs-M N. U. tes; 

bdO. Kbe 

JmUoe.B^wia Juror niBj Ho compalJeii tote 


1 Meigs, 




efoFB tbB 




§ 1321 WHO MA 

■1 cbaiBctei^m Ir 

of ndaoonduot on Uo J 
jaouuwuuj n*kjr v^ IiDpooctuneiit— W CiLln. 
idoiry ia vhst la his gencr&l duntcKr la tttfl)* 

a.Iromiritnen'lniowlediTe?— 3 McLean. JUi NS<-Di 
ntt. TMiiuiil wbetlier be woaJd lielleva liln m <^t- 

1 bedet onpenoniiiluiowleiigB'HsdlBUniinLilMltra 
loii— U CaL Ha. He sbould flrat sate thil hi • •■■ 
.lat L>enon'H iniiem] cliBracter In tbfl ptrtM^I* 
a~^Mn.a. llilsnatiGaiii|)eteatiop»v#biiBna)I 
.. TBraoltjr— 2 McI,eiui,«Ui *lK.:i. 

may aliownny clrcuuiBlaucD whleh will tend to robiit il«r»» uu g 
tlous-l H. Y. 3Ta. At n ganiTal rule, ii Imot campeteni tor&a !■• 
to prove ttaalUi? wlinesa Iins muUe dcclarsUansoaCDf «MK«an* 
nonainiiwiui lila tistlinony. bub tills rule has Ita cxcopUob-mI;; liili-eO-iLe; l*Qtay,«»»: a4Iow«,S!o.^^ 

A peraon ealled lo sBSlaln t&e chanKterorawltiissil 
tliatliewoiylilTjdli'i.-tiliuunJeromh— 2l"Weiid.»(B; ud 1 
iii^v^r tir:;.-,! hu riLii^itct railed In question— 4 HT. Vi. ; 

lij ■ ■ . !■ ■ II ■■■.iiii^notconipfltenttote»tliy«i 

n. ■ ■ ; i.iiiiohaaknoiraiifmforyiwn- 

i'.'! < ti Is admlaalble to abow ttwt 

il,.., .- Is t^ix>cl In the conuuiuxiET whe 

(,-, . " i~'nrniwItnisauatlltcliul>eeB 

'!,<., Ill .■'"JiF" "C Ma cWacJ 

innntbo aualalned by or 
1..- ji-sUeao»awlHiesatao 

\,l L, tin I ■ill- -41 i.ii.iu.'llieiiiipiiliidhQsUllty o( a,„u^ .^ 

iick-iyuviil lijiL-il.iiiuhlm «!if>tbtrho fBeUaonnrrlendtf WWM** 
tJ.Y.STII. If eHJeiicolslDtruLln.ud >tiiUlngtanliowltiMe»((« I 
prvupiutor'B mllutsws wiU aiibonieii. tlioproaomiilon IBulilM* ■ 
vklouue to cstaUliali the goud <:luuai:l«r ot t bo nitliEia^ ClLM J 

a-enmlnatlon bd Biada' 
ibbUMtlmony , the eli 


crodibmty, for a 

id asking "liTmfft 

WELitiurreoonl by pBTo/i) "— ta C»l. 1S4. 

1322. ExcDpC witb tlie consent of both, c 
oTimiDal violeDce upon one bj the other, neitlier liusband 
nor vile is a competent witness for or against the other in 
B, criminal action or proceeding; to whlcL one or both are 
partita. [Apiiroved Jlarcli yOtli, in tffect July Ist, 18T4.] 



„ ..liSS 

ro Ij im K^atiinoD? to 
lew-ldi CuL lU: Hi to. 



nraliisi Iicr hiuband— 




joiid, thfl Jury ■ 

A defendant in a criminal actioD or proceeding 
cannot bo compelled to be atvitness against himself ; but 
It he offer himself as a witness, ha may be cross-enam- 
/aed by the counsel tor the people aa to all matters about 
r Jiich lie was examined in chief. His neglect oi 
yft^ be a witness cannot in any manner prejudice him, lu 

on tba trial or ptocewViait \.^>^9*J 
n effect July iBt, l&Tl.^ 

L dctcndaQt ban s right to lostHl 10 W 
1 UetenduBt need not testtty tn iU" ™ 
iiiH rail bo drawn from hLsfclJliir»ioili 
■ icin-ot BO arsue agnlnst dclfoilJiii'' * 
•::. The tocftliai defeiiilintoilrnt" 
• \rif nrmodLfy the mlesotpiaflW 

..t«^ «r, [,[11 own heliaK, ti 
ii8creillblUlJ>— MCi 


.—A aelBniUnt »^ Jj-J 
i not «nl^«d DD Uh IuO* 
t'6; taut It mas bOE^^^ 

iMi-.!! )ni<lt.>ui<l counsel 'iniutDotHW 
.lilt's eomuel-MCaL 671 3eid.l& 

1326. Tlie process hy which the ntMndanoe of a wit- 
s before a court or mni^trate ia required is a su1>- 
pffiDB. It may be siEued and iaaaed l>j— 

1. A magistrate before wbom a complaint ia laid, for 
wItneBsea In tlis State, either ou behalf of the people m 
f the defendant. 

:. The district attorney, foe ^tneaaes in the State, ii 
blpport of the proaecuClon, or for such other witnesaea 
■ the grand jury, upon an inveatieatlon pending befora 
,j direct. 

i. The district atromey, for witnesaes in the State, in 
■>poit of an indictment or informatinQ, to appear before 
■ court in which it ia to be tried. 
\ Tlie ulerk of the court in wliich an 

.o be tried; and be must, at any time, upon 
■icatlon of the defendant, and without charge, ii 
my blank BubptBnas, subscribed by hiin us clerk, for 
n the State, as the defendant may requin 
■effect April !)th, IBSO.] 
I, priKiuinc «f ' 

■ sh. _. , 

19 lu tba ilUtntJoii 

§§ 1327-9 

1327. A BubpiBDEi authorized by the last Hectic 
be substantially lii the foUawing form: 
"The people of the State of California to A. B.: 

"You are ooninianiled to appear before C. !>.,» 

of the peace of township, in coanty, (or 

case may be) at (naming the place), on (stating ibe 4iJ 1 
sad houi),aaawltneBa in a criminal action prosecuwdtj 
the people of the State of California assiiiist E. T 

" Given under my band this day of - 

eighteen . G. H., iustico of the peace," [or "J. S, | 

diatrict attorney," or "By order of the coutl, 
clerk," eras the case may ba). If books, papers, or aoc»- J 
ments are required, a direction to tbe following eT " 
muBt be contained in the Bubp<ODa: "And you ittM 
quired, also, to biiug with $ou the following" (iIkm 
log lulelligibly the books, papers, or documents reqnii 

132S. A subpcena may be Berved by any peison, li 
A peace offloer innHt serve in bis county any bo^oV 
delivered to bim for service, either on the part i^ ■ 
people or of the defendant, and must, withoal di' 
make a written return of the service, subscribed bj 
stating the time and place of service. The service ll 
by showing the original to the witness persooallf, )■ 
informing him of its coatents. 

1329. When a person attends before i 
grand jury, or court, as a witness in a criminal a 
a Bubpcena or iu pursuance of an undertakuig. and Kf I 
pears that be baa come from a place outside of tbe coir 
or that he is poor and unable to pay the expense* of » 
attendance, the court, at its -discretion, if the atlcDdtf 
of the wituoBS be upon a trial, by an order upon Ua tf 
utea, or, in any other case, the judge, at Uia diuiBti<a.lf | 
a written order, may direct the county auditor lo 
his warrant upon the county treasurer in faTor vliti 
for a reasonable sum, to be specified in the orier, bit' I 
necessary expenaes atVae ^iXnoM. ^fi-s^roved HankH ■ 

i 1876.J 


1330. No parson ia obliged to attend as a witness 
l«foie B, court or mngistrata oat of tlie county where tha 
ritness resides, or is aerred \ritl] tlie sub|KBna. unless the 
adKe of tlie court In nbkli tlie offeuse is triable, ot a 
iUltice of the Supreme Court, or a, judge of a, Superior 
lourt, upon an affidavit of llie district atloruey or prose- 
utor, or of tbe defendant, or liis uouosel, stating that be 
>elleTea tha avidanca of tbe witness is mai«rial, and his 
tMndance at tha examination or trial necessary, shall 
^oise on tbe subpoenii an order for tbe attendance of tbe 
ritness. [In affect April latb, 1S60.] 

1331. Disobedience to a subpcena, or a refusal to be 
worn or to testify as a witness, may be punished by tbe 
ourt or magistrate as a contempt. A witness disobeying 
I snbpcBna Issued ou the part of tbe defendant, unless be 
bow good cause for liia non-Bttendance, is liable to tbe 
iefendaat in the sum of one hundred dollars, which may 
e recovered In a. ciril action. 

' OonlBBint.— Ths r^ruul ot n wicnesa to teallCy . or to anawet a prop- 
rquucloiiitoacgnteiDpl— I tnd. lul. 

1332. When a tvitneas bas entered into an undet- 
Bldng t« appear, upon bis failure to do so the undertabing 
I forfeited in the same manner as andertakings of bail. 

1333. When tbe testimony of a material witness for 
ha people is required in a criminal action, before a court 
{record of Ibis State, and such nitaess is a prisoner in 
ttfl State prison, or in a county jail, an order for bis tem- 
lorary removal from sucli prison or jail, and for bis 
xoduction before such court, may be made by the court 
ji wllich tha action is pending, or by tbe judge thereof; 
lat in case tbe prisoQ or jail is out of tbe uouuty iu which 
tie applli^tion is made, sucli order shall only be mode 
you tbe affldavitof tbe district attorney, or other person, 
a behalf of tbe people. showiuf( that tbe testimony is 
latetial and necessary; and even then the grauting of 
ia order shall be in tbe discretion of tbe co 
'.« order aball be executed by the sberifi ol ttA o 


iuTThich it stiall 1>e made, whoae daty it shall bsloM 
the prisoDec before the proper coort, to aafelj keep ^ 
and yiitea he Is no longer reqaired as a vrltneu, to teet 
him to the prison or ]ail whence he was taken; the* 
pense of eseouting sach order shall be paid "bj the com 
In which the order shall be made. [la eOeot April i 


w taken KVl mutbeallcaled. 
. OBJeeclo 

)r after 

i IIU. DupmiUaa of irltaeu Imprle 

1335. When a defeDdant ha^s been held t 
eharse for a public offense, he may, either before o: 
KB Indictmeiit or informatioii, have 
oondltioually. on Lis hebalf, as prescribed in tliia chapter, 
and not otherwise. [In effect April 9th, iB80.] 
I 1336. When a material witoeas for the defendant la 
laboQt to leave the State, or is ao sit^k or infirm as to afford 
Reasonable gromida for apprehending tliat he wUl be 
jonablB to attend the trial, the defeadanC maf apply for 
jUi order that the witness be examined conditionally. 
' 1337. The applioatioa must be made upon affidavit. 
I 1. The nature of the ofEenas charged. 

2. The atate of the proceedings in Cho ai 

3. The name and residence of the witness, and that hla 
testimony is material to the defense uf the ai 
* 4. That the witness is about to leave the Stdte, or is so 
kick or inflrin as to afford reasonable grounds tor s^t^- 
^^^teglbat he will not. Iienblo to attetidllioU' 


'"•Uon „," "" ■»». or „ '"' i&r, 

tinuuil absence from the Stale. Upoa reading tbe deposi- 
tion in evideace, tlie aaiDB objections may be taken to a 
qnGBtJoQ or iinsweT eontaiued tberein as if tbe witness bad 
been examined 01BII7 in court. 

The Draper practice Ib to tBhB thR teBtlmnnf ot the nltaeis«i In 
imUnK, uid retuTD IC (o tbe DKCrlct Court as nqDlred by BUtute— M 

SeposltlDiu in evid*DC< — Depoaltlona ere aUmlistble In evidence 

.. <._. .... The ileposlilon ot a vfllnoM, gdTan betoTS tliopoi '- 

llfled »nd ralurneil hj lietoroiier aa requlreil W et 


M^Molillrpnnidetl by Elie Coav, a 

1346. 'Wben a material witmsss for a defendant, uuder 

4 ft orimlnal charge, is a prisoner in the State prison, or in 

|| tfee county jail of a count; otlior than that In which the 

Hd«fendant is to be tried, his deposition may be taken, on 

llltebalf of the defendant, in the manner provided for in ths 

UMtBB of a witaesa who la sick, and the provlsloDB of the 

p-Xonal Code, commencing with section thirteen hundred 

lUld thirty-five, and ending with section thirteen hundred 

(Bd forty-five, shall, bo far as applicable, govern in theap- 

piliottion for and in tlie taking and use of such depositiou. 

^ich deposition may be taken befure any magistrate or 

public of the eouuty in which the jail or prison is 

ed; or Id case the witneaa is condned in the State 

I, and the defendant ia unable to pay for taking the 

lepoaitioD, before the wacden or clerk o( tbe board of di- 

«ctata of the State prison, whose duty it ahaU be to act 

ritbout compeDSation, Every officer, before whom testi- 

lony ahatl bo taken by virtue hereof, shall have authority 

0«lminister, and shall administer, an oath tt>tbQv«\\.Qfi«a 

iK Ills testimony shall be the truib, the wtwW UvU-U, «,adi. 

ip&iiiD^ bui tZH. uatb. [lu effect April Bill, 1880.1 d 


S X34^S2 azAUitATioM o 

r OF 'wmrsasRS oi 

I ISfit, CommluIcHi defined' 

. AppUcatlon maae on ilBdavlt. 

. ApplEcMlon. to vhoin nuule. 

. Onler lor commtoilon, when granted, mtaj o( pn 

. Interti^iMiacui, hoT Httled and alloWBd. 

lo tbe retain of the eoauntaslod. 

I IJH. DlrecOoDM 

. Commlulon. bOH eiecdted. 

. TThMi »na bow fllBd. 

. CommWloa Bad return, ODCQ for Inapeetlaa. Ga*W 

. Depoaltlam to be Ttad la evldance. Objeetkn*. 

9. When an iatue of fact ts Jolnad upon u t 
or iDfoimatioD, tbo defendant tnar luTeuT 

g§ 1353^ 

rbe state of the pcooeedings in the actioD, and that 
lie of fact baa been joined therein, 
lbs Maine of the witness, and tbat bis testlnioii7 it 
lal to the deEense of the actiao. 
That the witness cesidea out of the State. 
3. The application may be made to the court, or a 
tliereof, and must be upon clicea days' notice to tlie 
;t attorney. [In effect March 12tb, 1S80.1 
i. If tlie court to whom the application is made is 
ed of the truth of the facts stated, and that the ex- 
Ition of the witness In necessary to the attainment 
itice, an order must be made that a commission be 
I to take his testimony; and tlie court may insert In 
der a direction that the trial be stayed foraspeciiled 
reasonably sufScient for the execution and lecura 
) cotnmlssion. [In effect April Dtb, IS80.] 
S. ^Yljeo tlia cammission la ordered, tho defendant 
serve upon the district attorney, without delay a 
of the interrogatories to be anuexed thereto, with 
ays' notice of tbe time at which they will be pre- 
1 to the courier judge. Tbe district attorney may 
9 manner serve upon the defendant or his counsel 
iutelroeatories, to be annexed to tlie commissioo, 
ibs like notice. In the interrogatories either party 
na«rt any questions pertinent to tbe issue. When 
terrogatories and croas-interro£atories are presented 
I court or judge, according to the notice given, the 
or Judge must modify the questions so as to con- 
ihem to the rules of evidence, and must indorse 
them his allowance and anaes them ti 

iG. Unless tbe parties other 
tnent upon tbe commission, the court or judge n 
le thereon a direction as to tbe manner in which it 
bereturued, and may iu his dl&ciellQti, iV 
Mgurned by mail nr olher^ "' 



■k o£ the court in whicti tLe action S poniiiiig. ie«p 
Ing Lis name and tlie place -where hia oSSce is k«pt. 

1357. The cotamlssioiier, unlesa otlierwiw spediDf 
directed, may execute the commission as foUowi 

1. He must publicly actminiater an oath to tbi 
that his ana wets given to I tie interrogatories «!iall bstl* 
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

2. He must cause the eaainination of the wilne» Wt« 
reduced to writing, and Bubsoribcd by Lira. 

'6. He mast vrltetlle SDBWers of the nitnessa* amu 
possible in the language in which he f[ivea them, aod t^ 
to him each answer as it ia taken down, and correct (tf>il 
to it until it conforms to what he declares Is ibe tntt 

i. If the witness decline aoewering a question, tit 
fact, with the reason Hsaigned by him for decliniiig. bM 
be stated. 

6. If any papers or docoments are produced before li» 
and proved by the witness, they, or coptcsi of them, nra* 
be annesed to tbe deposition siiliacribed by the wimM 
and certified bj the commissioner. 

6. The cammlasloner m.llBt subscribe hia name UKtd 
sheet of the deposition, and annes the deposition, y^ 
the papers and documents proTed by tbe witness. « 
copies thereof, to tbe commission, and must doss flQ 
under seal, and address it an directed by the indoiMOHt 

7. H there be a direction on tbe commission to ret»a 
it by mail, the commissioner must immediately dfpM 
it in tbe nearest post-office. If any other ditectioa *• 
made by the written consent of the parties, or by il» i 
court or judge, on Ibe conunlsslon, as to its retim, H* 
commissioner must comply with the direction. 

A copy of this section must be annexed to tbe aciaasl^ 
Bion. [Approved March 30th, in effect July 1st, Wi] 

1358. If the commission nnd return be delirmd f^ 


519 KtAJi:SATIO.V ON COMMHaiON. gg 1359-62 

. to tLa clerk to wiiotn it is directed, or to the jiidga of the 
court in whiohlha action is pending, by wliomit maybe 
received and opened, upon the agent makinj; afSdavil 
tliat he received It from the hands of the coinmiitsioner, 
mad that it has not been opened or altered since lie ie> 
'celved it. [Id e&eut April Qtb, 1880.] 

1359. If tbe agent is dead, or from sickness or other 
casualty unable personally to deliver tbe commission and 
Iretum, as prescribed in the last section, it may be la- 
jceived by the clerk or judge from any other person, upon 
'llis making aa affidavit that he received it from the agent- 
that the agent is dead, or from aiekness or other caaaalty 
Qtlable to deliver it; that it lias not been opened or 
altered since the person making the affidavit received it; 
snd that he believes it has not been opened or altered 
■inco it came from the hands of the commissioner. 

X360. The clerk or judge receiving and opening tha 
coDunisaton and return must immediately tile it, with tha 
affidavit mentioned in the last two sections, in the oCBce 
of the clerk of the court in whicb the Indictment is pend- 
ing- I f the commission and retu m is transmitted by mall, 
itbe clerk lo whom it ia addressed must receive it from the 
pOBt-olUce, and open and file it in his oflice, where it mail 
Xsmain, unless otiiervrisa directed by the cuurb or judge. 
13GZ. The commission anil return must at all times bs 
■q^ien to the inspection of the parties, nho must be fuc^ 
lUshed by the clerk with copies of the same or of any part 
khereof, on payment of his fees. 

1362. The depositions taken under the conuniaiion 
inaiy be read in evidence by either party on tbe trial, upon 
11 being shown that the mituess is unable to attend from 
■ny cause whatever; and the same abjectious may bo 
^ken to u question in the interrogi 
ka the deposition, as if the Tvitues 
Vally la co 




^ DefeDdanC dat&lned ID 

1367. A person caauot be tried, adjudged to poH 
II paDiBhed for a puliiio offense, while he ii !■■ 

T Cnl. IM; ?4 Id.SId! 40 Conn, im-, 1 Curl.8: UConn.flO 
< 01.319: aild. «4; ti lil.Ui Mia. Mi 111. leo: Id. MO] 
a.sMi uMcLoan, 1^1; 7MeE.3W: STHs. iit; ll Oiav.i 

1 ZaU. 1U6; WrlataC, IB3{ iWa. Gtu. lu. E 

I 3.368. When an ai 
e during the trial, 
np fur judgmeaC 

ion Is called for trial, 

ir when tlie defendant is brought 

ivicCiOD, if a doubt arise as to tha 

unitf of the defendant, the court muat urdsr the quesliun 

M to h!a BBDity to be submitted to a jury] and the trial 

ttr the pronouncing of the judgment muat be suapiuidud 

until tbe qnestion is determined by tbeir verdict, and Ibe 

lal jury may be diachargcd or retained, according to tbe 

letion of tJie court, during tlie pendency of the issue 

[In effect April 9th, 13W).] 

Invofoflnunitr.—Aa often umuf doubt ot tbe HiDltjroF the il&- 

impol uie flouit to entor upou tl» tnQuLry wtifln 

tcni'dmiiixtLa praoMillai^'a (iovhi arlm. II la tUeu tbe dut* 
_.. counot its ann motluQ to Biupeu 1 la Uier urusecutlDu nulu 
MMmunDln llrliubeeadctermlned— 4 GbI ■'1 lUe burdsuof 
iAuaotliapiIs(Hiar— tJ0iL4^ lltiLiW JUid-UK 

Tond IS a sutHtmi tn t by the jmrty kHmIiw 
fi ra Sfl3 AbOjl 

St be'cleariy' Lal Ut 






bo 9 la Ted to BhlEld UiB detenOuit 
aflUH&Lt— liCaLU 

The trial of tbe question of insanity luuat pro- 

d in the following order : 

\ 1, Tbe counsel for tbe defendant must opea the case, 

d offer evidence in support of tlie allegatlou uf Insanity. 

!3. The counsel for the puuple may then open their case, 

p^ o0er evldenue in support thereof. 

S. The parties may then respectively offer 

y tmly, nnlBM tha conrt, lor g 

§§ 1370-3 urumry o 

therance of Justice, permit them to offer evid 
their original causa. 

4. When the eTidenoe ia concluded, unleu ■■ 
Bubraltted to tbe jury on either or both Bides i 
gument, the counsel for the people most comi 
the defendant or bis counsel iaa.y conclude thi 
to the jury. 

D. If tbe indictment be for an oQense punii 
death, two counsel on each aide mar argue ll 
the jury, In ntiich caaa they must do so alter 
other caaes, the argument may be restricted t< 
Bel on each Bide. 

6, The court must then charge the jury, stat 
all mattecB of law necesaary for their info 
giving their verdict. 

1370. If the jury find the defendant san 
must proceed, or judgment be pronoonced, i 
ma; be. It the jury find tbe defendatit insar 
or judgment must be BUBpended until he bee 
and the court must ordet that he be in tb( 
committed by tbe sberiS to the State insane a 

I DfSAinTY OF DBFSNDA17T. § 1373 

L373. The expenses of sending the defendant to the 
7lum, of keeping him there, and of bringing him back, 
9 in the first instance chargeable to the county in which 
e indictment was found, or information filed; but the 
onty may recover them from the estate of the defend- 
t, if he have any, or from a relative, town, city, or 
onty bound to provide for and maintain him elsewhere, 
leffect April 9th, 188a] 

Pnr. OoDmr-Av* 





I lOTT. Compromlae of olIunBH 


I ISTS. No public nffensB to be eompromlsod except. i 

1377. When adefendaut 13 held to answer on idiup 
of miBdemoaDor, for which the person injured bytbo* 
constituting tba offense has a rsiuody by civil BctlDii.1^ 
oSensB may he compromiaed as provided in the next •■' 
tlon, except vrben it is committed : 

1. By or upon an ofSoer of juatica, irhile in the exa* 
tion of the duties of his office. 

2. Riotously. 

3. Withaniutenttocommlt a felony. 

Tjninin in nrninun Inn ri — r' t""* "Tilthnrn !■ iiii ini il W I 
press the prosecution. It loM bo compromlBed— M 0>.1M. TJnM J 
tUdni oF one's goods tiaolt agUnar HcelTlng repanilaa liBBaBP 1 

— DN.JLSU. Til riiiliiillfiii Mill iiiiiiiiiiiriii iiiliiMiJilirl 

expensRS, as, lor surcta of slolen propertr— IS UL Mj •IM.flMEK I 
tbB purpuaol settling tliemiAter.lhiretieluK no riiwuiljili*! 1 
foot, uid no utreemeut not to prOBBcDte. la not «<»D|igaBU^M>* • 

137S. If the party injored appears bofon tha com* 
which the depoBitioDS ore required to be retnnwd. itaf 
time before trial, and acknowledges that be hasneri*' 
satisfaction for the injury, the court ma;, in is ilW* 
tion. on payment of the costs incurred, order all piuB>^ 
mgsto be stayed upon tiie prosBcation, and tbedete»W 
to be discharged therefrom ; but in such case the ttMM 
for the order must be set forth therein, aodet>tendoBil< 
minutes. The order is a bar to another ptoaecinin " 
the same oSense. ' 

The consent ol <lm ooim ciusnAmtftftiaiiraeeniontcotli^iH 

XLe>d.0.c.iLi. ^H 

jj 1382. The court, unless good 
W Bbown, must order tlie prosacutian to be dismissed in the 
.i folloning case.H; 
"* 1. Where a puraon lias been held to answer for a public 
offense, if an indlctmeut is not found or an infoimatioa 
. Sted Bgatuat him, witbin tlilrty days tliereaftei 
^ % IC a, defeudant, wbose trial has not beeu postponed 
^ npon his iipplicatiou, ia not brought lo trial within Bixtji, 
«layB after the fluding of the indictment, or llUng of tt 
Information. [!□ effect April 9th, ISSO.] 

77, oi aiUMBedMg term, may properly ImUtttblit-eW 

§g 1383-8 

1383. If tlie defendant is not charged c 
provided in Uie 1^1 section, and 8ufti(^ient^ea<loatben(a 
la bIiowq, tlie court mny order tlie action to be contiiuKd 
froni cima to time, H,nd In tlie lueua time may ili9cliiip 
the deEendanl from custody on his owu uDtlerUkinj d 
bail for Iii3 utipearanco to answer the charge at tlie nun 
to wliluli the actioQ Is contiaued. [In effect April M 

1384. If the coart directs the action to he distniBcd. 
tlie dufendant must, if in cuatody, be discharged ili'* 
from; or if admitted to haii, his bail is oxoiier»i(d. o 
mooey deposited ioslead of bail must be refunds! (i> liw 

1385. The court may, eitlier of its own motion oi n?J 
the npplitatiou of the district attorney, and iu iuni"'- 
ance of justice, order an action or indictment to be il>' 
mlascd. The reaaons of the dismissal must be Ml l<^ 
in an order entered upon the minutes. 


ntocecdiuj; is pending lliore is a reiiaouiLtjle Kroliad to 
^ye tliat sucti lainor ma; be reEoFmHil, and that a a 
Miitmeui: ii> pclsou would work luauifoBt injury in the 
prsmises. Such HiiHpetiNinn may bo fur as long a pe* 
nod aa tlic uircumsiaQcoa of tliu caau may HBaiu to war- 
"Uit, aud Hubjdut to the foUawin); further prorisious: 
iDiiiiB the period of hucIi Huttpansloii, or of niiy extHUHloa I 
lereof, tbc court or jiidRe nifty, undai aiich limLiaiioiia J 
s may seem adviaablu,coiuiiiitsuch minor to the custody | 
of the oElicers or manaeers of ntiy strictly non-saotaria 
Ollarilnble corporatiou coDducted for the purpose of n 
claimkig crlmlual miaoiB. Sucli coiporatioo, by its oB 
eers or lUHimgerB, may accept tlie cuatudy of auuli minor 
[or a period of two months (to l>e further exteuded by tlie 
court or judge should it be deemed advisable), and 
■bould said inioor be foiuid iocorriKiblK aud incapable of 
setormntiou, he may be returned before tlie court for 
jfinal Judgment for liis mlademoanor. Sucli charitable oof- 
poration shall accept custody at said mioor as aforesaid. 
npoa the distinct agreement that it aud its oBlcera shall 
oaa all reasouable means to effeut tho reformatiou of such 
minor, and provide blin with a home and iuatruction- 
JSTo application for gnardiansbip of such minor by any 
OeaSoa. parent, or frieud shall be ent«rtiilned by any 
OOUTl during the period of sue Ii suspension aod ou^tody, 
■BTe upon recommundation of the court before vrliioh tha 
'Dlimiaal proceediaga are peniling first obtained. Such 

conrt may further. In ita discretion, direct tlia paymenC 

Ot tbe expenses of tbe maintennnoe of such minor during 

BDch period of two months, not to eiceed, 

gate, the sum of S2a (twenCy-live dollarsj 

■hall include t>oHld, Clothing, transportation, aud all ' 
other expoDSHS. to be paid by tbe county wliere sui^h ctlru- 
Knal proceeding Is |>eudlng. or direct outioi 

Mted for the reoovery thereof out of the estate at said. 

aainor, or f rem hia parents. Such court m&y b.\ao tt 

Mich order of auapejusloii at any tima. \,A.ppToyeft.lill 
gebj 1883.] ' ^ 

§8 1389-91 AOAi 

13S9. That no minors in the employ of »nj teleplw" 
company, special delivery company, or association, oiM! 
othM corporation, or person oc persons, engaged in tbeJr 
livery of packages, letters, notes, messages or othermi' 
ter, shall be Bssipied by such corporations, or penci'' 
persons, to hire such minors to the keepers of home.n 
tiaty theaters, or other places of questionable repow, * 
to other persons connected with such places of qneitioo 
able repute, nor to permit them to enter such plicas 
Illegal oc questionable calling; that this lanshilUppi; 
alike to managers, BuperintendeDts, and agents oF bo^ 
corporations, and to be enforced asaiost them. [latflM 
March 16th, 1887.1 



§§ 1392-7 

iwer a charge made aguinat you upuu thtiiufdmiatloQ 

A.. B. (or the preBentnient uf the gntud jury of tha 

onntji BB the case may be), far ( design atliig the olTenSB 

nerally). "Dated at the pity (or township) of , thiB 

-day of , eighteen "G. H., JuBtlce of the 

tace." (or as the ease may ba). 

i2. The summuns must Iw aervod at least five days 

^ore the day of appearance Hxed therein, by delivering 

copy thereof aud sbowing the original to the president 

other head of the corporation, or tu the secretary, 

tflhiei, or inanaglng agent thereuf. 

3. At the appointed tlmu to the summons, the 
lagistiate must proceed to Investigate the charge Id t)i« 
line manner as !a the case of a natural person, so far as 
e proceediuga are applicable. 

194. After hearing the proofs, tiie magistrate must 
mify upon the depositions, either that there is or is not 
IQcient cause to believe the corporation gnilty of the 
BUBS chained , and must return the deposition and oet- 
eate, as prescribed In section 1883. 
X395. If the magistrate returns a certilfcate that there 
BUfiiclcnt cause to believe the corporation guilty of the 
IB charged, the grand jury may proceed, or the d Is- 
^t attorney tile au information thereon, as in eaae of a 
ttnrBl peraouheld to answer, [in effect April 9th, 1880.] 
1396. If an IndlctmeDC is found, or information filed, 
be corporation may appear by counsel to answer the 
pme. If It does uol thus appear, n plea of not guilty 
Kiat be entered, and the same proccediogs had thereon 

in other caees. [In effect April Otli, 1H80.] 
H.397. When a fine is imposed upon a corporation on 
KavicttoD,itmay be collected by virtue of the order im- 
^iugit,by thesherifl of tlie connt.y, out of itaTbB\B.aa. 
b|onsl property, in the same mauDer aa upon. a« «xAW^ 



. AffldaTltidefectlvelireiitlUed, 

1401. It Is not necessary to aatltle an affldarit oi < 
oaitlon in the action, wlietber taken before or «fta 
dIcCment or information, or upon an appeal; bntif d 
wiiliout a title, or with an erroneous title, it is as valid 
effeotnal for every purpose as If It were duly enlillrf- 
Intelligiblj refer to the proceeding, indictment, info 
tion, OI appeal In which it ia made. [In effect Apll 

901 SBB0B8 AND MISTAXX8. § 1404 




S 1404. When not materiaL 

1404. Neither a departure from the form or mode pre* 
■cribed by this Code in respect to any pleading or pro- 
4) »dlng, nor an error or mistake therein, renders it invalid, 
imleas it has actually prejudiced the defendant, or tended 
^o bis prejudice, in respect to a substantial right. 

Snron in pleadings.— An error most actually prejadlce the de- 
■iHidant— 44 Cfal. 542; see 49 id. 390. A failure to read the indictment, 
■Bfl to state defendant's plea, is not a fatal error-M CaL 494. Teclfr 
jucal errors or defects are disregarded on appeals-^ CaL 494. 

M 1407-11 miFOBAi. or 

tmtoBij. or rKOTEKTT troixK OK irMTrrmir* 

) 1417. FeKeaSleBtmarttuilil propgrtymbjeot tothaorin^VI 

1 1410. Caon Is vhlcb trial li 

1407. TThen property, alleged to bare been ttol* ' 
embezzled, comes Into the oustod? of a peace dSoK ' 
must bold it subject to tbe order of tbe iiiagiBtrataUl)> 
ized by tbe next Hectiaa to direct the disposal ttienot 

1408. Go satisfactory proof of the onuenhip <f <> 
property, tbe magistrate baforn whom the InfonnitiM 


eonylotlon of a person for Btealing or erabezzllng it, 
naglstiate or otber officer liaving it in custody must, 
he paymeuC of the uecessary expensed incurred ia ita 
lervation, deliver it to tlia county treasurer, by whom 
luet be sold and the proceeds paid into tbe county 

112. When money or otber property is talien from a 
ludaat, arrested upon a charge of a public oCEense, the 
er taking it must at the time give duplicate reoaiptB 
efor, specifying particularly the amount of money 
le kind of property taken; one of which receipts ho 
t deliver to the defendant and ttie otber of wbioh ho 
t forthwith file with the clerk uf the court to which 
depositions and statement are to be sent. When 
I property is taken by a police ofScer of any Incorpo- 
i oity or town, he must delirer one of the cBceipts to 
iefendant, and one, with the property, at once to the 
£ or other person in charge of the police office in such 

il3. Tbe clerk in, or person baring charge of, tba 
w office in any incorporated city or town, nmst enter 
suitable book a description of every article of prop- 
alleged to be atolea or embezzled, and brought into 
office or taken from the peno'n of a prisoner, and 
t attach a, number to each article, and make a corre- 
iiding entry thereof. 

KIT. ODTemor mHr gT«nt ntirievt 

1419. To commuolcate to tbe LeglAlatiu^ 

lUO. Report 0( case, how imd from whon 

1«3I. NolicBtoaistriceBtloniayofappUci 

1422. PnbllcallDD or notice. 

X417. The goverDor has power to grant It 
commutationa, and pardons after couTiction, T 
fenses, escept treason and coses of impc 
sucli conditions and witb such restrictloas and 18 
as lie ma; thillk proper, subject to tlie regold 
Tided in thia chapter. 
Fsrdonlng power.— Thn pardotUn? power, i 

,__.^_ ...... — . — n„._.~ — ■ItallOB, la too > 

reiireaematlves of ttw B 

'— — "»U«». BmM -^ 

A. paidm law MM 

Hit pDwar to leprttie 
to pardoa, the oeuio^UD 

igiaaiai. Qt UiB u^'i'o tot wni liiiiKritH^^M 

X4ie. He mar Buapend the exeoution of tbe i 
pon a conviction for treasoD, untii tliB cose can be 
ported to tbe Legislature at its next meeting, wlien ftia 
legislature may eitlier pardon, direst tlio execution of 
■o sentence, or grant a furtbei cepriere; provided, tbat 
Bltber the govemoi nor tba Legislature shall have poner 
> grant pardons or commutations of Bentence in any case 
rbera tbe convict has bstin twice convicted of felony, 
EteTtbeHrstday of Jnniutry, eighteen hundred and eighty, 
pleaa npon the written recommendation of a majority of 
pe judges of the Supreme Court. [lu eEfect February 
kb, 1B60.] 

1419. He must, at the beginntng of every session, 
tnmnuDlcate to the Legislature each case of reprieve, 
ammutation, or pardon, statins' 'be name of the con- 
llcl, tbe crime of which he was coavicteil, tbe sentence 
lad its date, and the date of the oommutation, pardon, or 
kiplieve, and the reasons for granting tbe same, [lu ef- 
hctFebiuaiy ISth, 1880.] 

^420. When an application la made to tbe governor 
EV a pardon, he may require the judge of the court be- 
^e which the conviction was hod, or the distxVcX e,UjQT- 
hy by wliom tbe octioa iras prosecuted, to [\im\K>'\^^iVia> 
ihoat delay, with a statement of the tftcla pTCiVoi o°- 
fMx. Cod*.— ^9. 

3§ 1421-3 KKPBIKTSB, KTC. 

the trial, and of any otber facta havtB2 MteKBce t 
propriety of giantii^ or refusing the pardon. 

1421. At least ten days before the goremor acti '■ 
an application for pardon, written notioe of tbe inui 
to apply tberefor, signed by the person applying, rnu 
Herred apoQ tfae district attorney of the connty ■ 
the coDTlctlon was had. and proof, by affidavit, id 
serrice mnst be presented to the governor. 

1422. Unless dispensed with by the govemor, > 
of the notice mnst also be published for thirty dsji 
the first publication, In a paper in the county in wblcl 
conviction was had. 

1423. TbeprovlBlonsofthe two preceding section 
not applicable — 

1. When there is imminent danger of the death o< 
person convicted or Imprisoned. 

2. When tbe term of impiiaonment of the appllw 
within ten days of its axplzation. 



f Froceedinga in Juatioea' and Police Conrta 
and Appeala to Superior Conrta. 

BAP. I. Fbocbsoings m Justices' ajxd Poucb 
GouBTS, §§ 1426-61. 
n. Appeals to Sttpbsiob Coubts, $$ 1466-701 

jirsTic»r ixa pouoh vouaam. 


I Ins. froceedlngB mint be commenced by oompIaliiL 

rbe plea, and how put In. 
L Isaue, bow tried. 
. Ctunge ol Tenoe, when gnnt«d, 

I. Jury trial, bow miveo. 
I. Cballengea. 
'. Oath of Jiiron. 
~ ■ J, bow conanoted. 

rt 10 decide qaeatlon* ef Inr, but not Of tt«L 

S 1426-9 

1426. All proceedlnga and acttona before a ■rustices' 
or Police Court, for a public offense of whicli sncb ooiirta 
Ijave jorisdiocion, nmst he commenced by complaint un- 
der oatb, Betting fortli the offeiiati cljarged, wltli such par- 
ticulars of time, place, peraan, and propert}'. as to enable 
tbe defendant to andecstand distinctly the character of 
the oECensa complained of, and to answer the complaint. 

ProcaediniB, how commenced — The aUdltlon " Jr." need not be 

rhe Venal Code works the siniB cLaiiifa fu tflmlual aciluiia'wldcli ho* 
^eo wroiigbi by UieCode or CWll Pcouvdure lu nWll ocllaae-SI CtL 

1427. If thu justice of the pouce, or police justice, is 
mtisfled therefrom that the oflense complained of has 
been committed, lie must issue a warrant of arreat, which 
lanBt be substantially in the following form: 

■ " County or . 

"2^ People of the Slate o/ Coil/omia to any tlurlff, con- 
liable, tnarshal, or policeman in thU State: 

"Complaint upon oath having been this day made be- 
fore mu , (justice of the peace or police justice, aa the 

BBSe may be) by C. D., that tlie offense of (designating it 
lenerutly] has been committed, and accusing E. JT. thcre- 
»f ; you are therefore commanded forthwith to arreat the 
tbove named E. F. and bring bim before me forthwith, 
It (naming the place). 

"Witness my hand and seal at , this day of 

. , A. t>. . A. B." 

tWaiTSnt— Where tbejDStlcs who Inand tba mirAiit Is BtaBBnt or 
lable tu act, the party arresied inn; i>q tokeu Uetare some oUier jus- 
BB In the Mine county for eiAminulon, etc.— 19 CiU. 113. A partr 
nay liewTeateaidtbiKitBiViuraiii— n CtLSli. 

X428, A docket must be kept by the joatlce of the 
^eaoe, or police justice, or by tho clerk oE tlie courts held 
>7 tfaem, if there la one, in wliich must be entered each 
letiOD, and Che proceedings of the court therein. 

See u Col. :2a; 19 id. 133. 

J429. The defendant may make the same ple^wm^oik 
3 provided lu secLioii un. 1 ~ ~ 

5§ 1430-2 justices' abu fouck cxidktb. i" 

iisteen. Hia plea must be oral, and entered id tli« imD- 
Dies. If llie defeodant plead gailcy, the court m>;. 
befoio enteriug such plea or pronouncing judgmenl. ti- 
amine witneaaes to ascertain the gravity of the offew 
ronimitted; aod if it appear to the cgurt tbat a bt[licl 
oSeuHe liaa bueu committed tlian tbe offense cbaiEn) ii 
iLb complaint, the court may order the defendant to ta 
committed or admitted to bail, to ausirer any iudictmul 
which may he found against him by the grand juij. n 
any information which mny be filed by the diatricl aWB 
ney. [In effect April tth, 1880.] 

1430. Upon a plea other than a plea of Kailty, if 0" 
parties waire a trial by jury, and an adjoumnienl « 
change of venue is not granted, the court mustprocNd 
to try the case. [In effect February 25th, 1880,] 

1431. If tlje action or proceeding is in a JualM'l 
Court, a change of the place of trial may be had al uf 
time before the trial commences — 

1. When it appears from the affidavit of the dBfeDilMl 
that lie has reason to bcHevc, and iloea believe, tlat fa 

certified cop j of tlia minaCeSi of liia procaediugs; and 
upon receipt thereof, tlie Jostica to whom they sre deliv' 
•red muHt proceed with the trial in the auma maimer ils 
the proceeding or action bad been originally coin- 

2433. Before tbe commeneemcnt of u trial in any of 

te courts mentioned in tbis cbapter, eitber party amy, 
npon Eood cause abown, liaTO a, reasooable postponement 

Bee mlc. S 1053, nola. 

1434. The defendant muat be personally present be- 
fore the trial can proceed. 
fi^meazt of defondant,— Tbs plea or " non enlltr " las; be entered 

3.435. A trial by jury may be waired by the cotueat 
'. tiotb parties oipresaed in open court and entered in 
le docket. Tlie formation of the jury is provided for 
I oliapter one, title three, part one, of the Code of Civil 
Ptttcedure. [In effect February mh, 1880.] 

JL436. The same cballeugea may be taken by either 
«rty to the panel of jurors, oV to any individual juror, 
on the trial of an iudictmeut for a, misdemeanor; but 
he challenge must in all cases tie tried by the court. 
aiwUsngaB.— aeo unle, ji im»~8Si groanda ot challoDBH— sea anic, 

X437. The court must admialater to the jury the fol- 
»Vfliigoatb: "You do swear that you will well aud truly 
(f tbis issue between the People of the State of Califor- 
^ SI"! -A- ^-1 'lie defendant, and a true verdict render 
boording to tbe evidence." 

1438. After the jury are sworn, they must sit tOKether | 
ltd bear the proofs and allegations of the parties, which 
taat be delivered in public, and in the presence of the I 

X439. The court must decide all questious of law 

OJcto may arise in the course of the trial, but i»ni sV^%;fl 
ffil^alne with respect lo matters of tacb 

S 1440-3 jrsTiDEa' i 


1440. After liearlng the proofs and a11eg»ti( 
Jury may decldo In court, or may retire for consid 
If tljey do iioc immudiaCely agree, an ofBcer miK )* 
Bwota to the fgllQwing effect: " Yovi do swear (bKl r* 
will keep tbU jury togetlier in aatao quiet and cooveDiul 
place; Ibnt you will not permit any person to ijeti « 
tlieiB, nor Rpeuk to them yourself, unless by order of tl* 
court, or to HSk tliera wbetber tiey have agreed npos* 
verdict; and tbat you will return them into court ni«' 
they liave so agreed, or when ordered by tlie conrt" 

1441. The verdict of the jury mu 
era). When the jury have agreed o 
must deliver it pablicly tathe conrl 
cause it to be entered, in the minute 

tin all cases be ps- 
1 tbeir verdicl. diij 

1442. When several defendants are tried togeiie.l 
tha jury cannot agreo upon a verdict as to all, tber bV 
render a verdict ns to those in regard to wbom thtf * 
1 which n judgment must be entered accordlaelj 
It may be tried by anothei 

} poucE ooDRTa. §§ 1446-51 

6. A jodgmenC tbat tlia dafeadaut pa^ a fine, may 
irect that he be impiisoned until tlie Una ba satis- 
a the proportiOQ of one da^'a impel soam en C for 
dollar of tbe fina. | Appcovod Marcli Tth, 1S71.] 

7. WIieD the defeodant la acquitted, eitlier by the 
orby the jury, ha must baiinaiediately disoharEed; 

tha court certify iu tbs mlnutas that the prosecu- 
raa maliciouB or nltbout probable cause, it may 
the prosecutor to pay the costs of the action, or to 
atiafactory saourity by a written undertaking, with 
' more sureties, to pay the sauia wlthlu thirty days 
;he trial. 

8. If the proEBcutor does not pa; the costs, or give 
ty therefor, the court may enter judgment against 
II the amount tbeceuf, wbicli taay be enforced in all 
its in the sauna manner as a Judgment reodered in a 

9. After a plea or verdict of guilty, or after a rec- 
jainst the defendant, on a plaa of a former convio- 
r acquittal, the court must appoint a time foe ren- 
; judgment, which must not bs mora than two days 
13 than sis. hours after the verdict is rendered, un- 
je defendant waive the postponement. If poat- 
, the court ma; liold the defendant to bail to appear 
Igment. [Approved March 30th, in effect July 1st, 


L. A new trial may be granted in the (ollowing 

rhen the trial has been had in the abaonue of tha 
lant, unless he voluntarily absent liimseif, witb 
lowledge that a trial is being liad. 
rUea the jury baa received an; evlilQiv» (ra,^ d 


3. When the ]iuy has separated Trithout Iran oti" 
coort, after having retiired to deliberate upon tkcir"' 
diet, orbeeiigailt7 of any misconduct tending to pn"* 
a fair and due coosideratlon of the case. 

4. Wheuthe verdict basbeeDdecidedbflotiOrbj'Q 
meanHotbertliauafairexpreBaioaof opinioaontlwF'' 
of all the jurors. 

0. When there has been error in the decitioQ of di 
court, given on any question of law aclaing duniflk 
course of the trlaL 
6. When the verdict is contrary to law or endence- 
T. When new evidence is discovered material to Oi 
defendant, and which be could not, with reaaoosU*^ 
geuce, have discovered and produced at the tnil;W 
when a motion foi a new trial is made upon tbla fETootl 
the defendant must produce at the hearii^ the aSiV^ 
of the witnesses by whom such newly-discovered eTida> 
Is expected to be given. 

See aoK, ;nii»-B2- 

1452. The motion Inarreat of judgment may be fooi^ 
ed on any substantial defect In the complaint, and tbe i- 


§§ 1456-61 

II otlier officer, whlcb la a BulQciont n 

56. Wlien a judgment la cnterod impoaing a Rne, or 
ring the defendant to be Imprisoned until the fins is 
, bamuBtbelield In cuatodj dntlng tbotime specified 
a judgment, udIcbs tfaa fine Is aooner paid, 
gmant.— A Imlinaent that detenilBnt 1>o Kneil three liiinared 
-9, Slid that luiJeCuuU of pBfmenlliaUD luirirlMDiierl til Iho county 
at EiceHlLnii tliree Imnilreil Ubi^ U a buUaUunlal cniupllouce 
iBOUou 12W rt thia CoUe-M C»t. 3U5. 

57. Upon payment of tbe line, the officer must dia- 
£B tbe defendant, if be ia not detained for au; otliec 
. couse, and apply tbe money to tliu imymcnc of tbe 
iQses of tlie pioseoution, and pay over tbe residua, it 
wltbln tendaya, to tlie county or city treasurer, ao- 
iDgas the oEEeusa is prosecuted in a juatice'a or police 
t. If a fine ia impoaed, nnd paid bafore commit- 
;, it muat be applied OS prescribed Intbla section. 

■ leolkin lad Beclioa ISn, pal, art to lie conBtmea togeUier— ts 

58. The defendmit, at any time after his arreat, and 
n conviction, may be admitted to balL The provia- 
of tbla Code relative to bail ara applicable to bail in 
Icea, or Police Courts. 

laiu, a S2:-<s, li«s-l»7. 

59. Tlie justice or judge of eltber of tlie conitF 
rloned in tbis cbapter may laaue aubp<Bnas forwlt- 
:3, as provided in section tliirteeo hundred and 
ty-six, and punish diaobcdience thereof, as provided 
ctloD one thousand three hundred and thiny-oue. 

60. The provisions of aection one tliouaand tour 
Ired and one, in respect to entitling affidavits, are 
icable to proceedings in tbe courta meutioned in this 

Bl. The term "Police Courts," aa used in this and 
lucceeding chapter, includes Police Judges' (jontta, 
ACourts, and all courta held by mayoia oi toccA&BSk 

HgMMMd cities or loiVDs. _^^^^ 

§§ 1466-70 APPE*i.a to eupebiob c 


I fl«8. £ 


1468. AppsBlB, wben allowed. 
14GT. Appenls, bow taken, beud, Bjiil del 
Statement on appeal. 

vr trial tnatetX, In vbat conri 
I K'D. Proceedlii|[i. U spiiealls dlamluod 

1466. Eittier part; may appeal to ths Superloi Q 
of the county Etom a judgment of a Justice's 
Conrt, in like caaes and for like causa as appeals °W '*! 
taken to tlie Supreme Court. \Jbi effect Apiil 12[Ii. W" 

1467. The appeal is taken, heard, and detei 
provided in titJe nino, part two, of this Code. 

See onfi. a 123y«S. 

1468. The appeal to the Superior Court froiotlieji 
mentof a Justice's or Police Court is heaid apon>< 
ment of tLo case settled by Ibe justice or polios]! 
emhodying such luliaga of the cr 
-which Btatemeiit must be filed with and settled t| 
court within ten days after filing uottca ot appeiLl 
effect April 13th, 1S80.I 

1469. If B, new trial la granted npoD appeal, ltd 
be had in the Superior Court. [In effect April I2tli, f 

8ea 2B Cal. 635. 

1470. If the appeal is dismissed or ths j 
aSinnod, a copy of the order of dismissal or jud; 
alSrmauce must be remitted to the court below, 1 
ma; proceed to enforce its sentence. 

JuriadlctLon.— "nie&xiVeTVQTCaumutJiulsdletianoDt 
to Issue Bnyandnnv'MosMieMwarivo&BMiBof — -"' 



' Special Prooeedings of a Criminal Nature. 

p. I. Of thb Writ of Habkas Corpus, §§ 1473-1505. 
II. Of Coroners' Inquests and Duties of Cor- 
oners, §§ 1510-19. 
m. Of Search-warrants, §§ 1523-42. 
rv. Proceedings against Fugitives from Jus- 
tice, §§ 1547-58. 
V. Miscellaneous Provisions respegtinq Spe- 
cial Proceedings of a Criminal Natxtbe* 

PXV.CODB^— 49. 

VBtT OF ^"fKA- COKpua. 


B WBIT or Tt-gfAff 

Proceedings npOQ dlsobedltnce to Hie i 
Return, nhu to coutatn. 
BoOy must be produced, wbaiL 
Hearing witliDnl producMoa at Oia lM# 
. Hearing on return. 

iceedlnga on tbe lienrUig. 

len court mar dlscharje the ptrtj. 
to remand party. 

ouncls or dlicbarge tn csrttlo osml 

<t to Ije dLscliarged Tor defect or form 

Application lor the writ is made by petition, 
iitber by tbe party for wbosa relief it is intended. 
B \>j Bome person in liis tieliaif, a,nd must specify — 
1, Tliut tlie person in whose bebalf the writ is applied 
>r restrained of liis libertj-. the officer 
IT person by wboni he is so confined or restrainBd, and 
t* place where, nanitng all tlio parties, if lira? 9R« 
(awn, or describing tliem. if thpy nte not knnwtt. 

Btioii of the party making tbe appllcatioa. 

how Diids — The writ will not be en 

i.„_„_T f.„.i. ia-. — '• ^ugat^l^J■— T 1 

ari™iiin'n^'rBiii'e^e'«' ft M. iw. The p-mioo sb^ 
whleli Ua churna of iiu-j'ii ii-^tr:iiric i-i-:«_s Kbo. 1 

S,"^" £iE."'i'.'?i^'7""^''i'i" '''"'■'''■'■"■''"'-'* ^en^^ 
Pick. MT; »ia. i;i: ii>. N ii.--'. i'.i,, 4-' Iowa, ossi 
sti-nnger— 21iIcAr.«U; I i;ud1i.;j3^. Wliera ic uidbh 
tloner wm In cnsCoay iimLer a conunlmienl sfwr 
teloay.ItiewilCivaireCiiaEa— «> Tei. Ul. Wltera til 
thnt the jnetLtlaDur, If bnugbt bflfOFe tbc ooartt c 
cbuT^eil, tuo writ will not bo gTanted— 7 Cuab. SSd. 

Tba docDine of Tea odjudieau does not apply u 
bsbeas conms—as Col. S17{ 3 Id. 4M. Tbe dedtlon 
ImlEB retndnKto dttehaTga oa babeas corpuB la not i 
aiipUcBtliKi btf oia uiottaer coun or Judge^-;M CbL MT 

Br wbom iBKiBd.— Tba Judlelarj bave jurlwUctlo 

Ity ta rclenBB n prisoner on b&bcas cDrniu, 
or III!) nulhorlcTcs nr tbe UnUea State!, bi 

by n ieflilVJi'lriuuDflTbiiViiw luriidicHoit 


irpiu. ■mSta 

piive SWle cootU aflnrtedlctlon on liabei 

;n ctprKiBli'BnrrBnilerBilliyibeSiato— TOowt 
13 unluwrully belJ niiilcr siDdgmentof » Fi 
hi^rt wlLl cxumino tba reconli ami upoa Aaca 
hBTEB blni—tSlVBll. lea: but a State court wU 


§§ 1475-a 


^^^^1^75. The writ of habeas carpus may be granted — 
^^^^Lsf the Supreine Court, or aaj ja9tic« tUereof, iipaa 
^^^^^■m bf or on belialf o[ aoy person restrained of liis 
^^^^Bly in tbis State. When bo issued it may be made 
fPIHmable before tlie court, or any Justice tliereof, or 
'birfore any Superior Court, or auy judge thereof. 

3. By the Superior Courts, or a judge thereof, upoupeti- 
tioii by oronbohttlfof anyperBouroatralnedot hiHliberty, 
' In their respective counties. [In eCfect Februvy 18th, 


M76> Any court or judge authorized to grant Uia 

HWdt, to whom a petition therefor is presented, must, if it 
Wpear that the writ ought to issue, grant the name with- 
in out delay. 

~, 1477. The writ roust he directed to the peraon having 
jOQstody of or reHtralnIng the person on whose behalf 
etile application is made, and must commaod him to have 
_ tbo hody of such peraon before the court or judge before 
H/Miom the wilt is returnable, Oit a time and place therein 

1478. If the writ is directed to the sberlft or other 
iterial officer of the court out of whlcli it issues, it 
be delivered by the clerk: to such officer without 
^ JBlay, as other writs are delivered for service. If it is 
'■^^ctedtoanyother peraon. it must be delivered to the 
m^mKitt, and be by him snrved upon such person by deliv- 
^^Srina thn Hame to him Without delay. If the person to 
it is directed ca.unot be found, or refuses 
the officer or person serving or delivering 
may ba served or delivered by leaviug It 
1^3^ the residence of the person to whom it is directed, or 
P^^ affixing it to some coiLsplcuous place on the outside 
■ptti«r of his dwelliDg-bouse or of the place where the 
is confined or under restraint. 

id.— ThB writ must bo airpptcQIo the petson lia.i\ni ta»- 

§§ 1479-80 mtw or HABB>ip«mptr». 

nreu or ImpUsd'-O) 111.990; Bnil dne notiee to bs glTeau 
cutlnE oncer luilnjtliirUillctlanal the oBensB— 3 KDIclii 

2S-J: llwend.lS. WSerBtliowrlf ■ -■ ' 

to ttie Tftlalor, iMm wh jmHin i 
eiiBr,Iilar>UDtaUtMk torUiawi 
tuni. w» u aenptaBBa «( mtvIc 

— wnLm. WhenaponanlaL ,,.„_,. ,, 

trlsl on ■naDm uluiss, Uw wm sboiild ba Imud, abac 
kHp«r o( tlM pitanii MUUg ths oWeot ror whlahba ti i 
cMimmaDdlng IhB keeper topTOdooeuiuliiooiin—aS' 

1479. If the person ta nfaoni tbs writ la dii 
fuaca, after service, M obey the same, the oonrt' 
upon amilavit, iniiBt issue an attachment agai 
[jerson, diraated to the sheriff or coroner, 
him toTthwitb to ttpprebend such person, and b 
immediately before BUch court or judge; and uf 
Bobrought, benmetba committed to the jail of tb 
until he makes due return to aucb writ, or 1 
legally diiehaised. 

PlHihrilMV of vrlt.^nbero than la a dBl» In ab 

writ, u MndUDeut mil bu icrantiiil to enfone obedlen 
ur>lM0ttMnrlC-3ClUr.e!l:HIU.IIWi HJotUM.lHi« 
SMl MFft.St.'USiS&OUtlliMl. 

1480. The peieoQ upon wbom the writ la e 
Btate in bis return, plainly and unequivocally. 

1. Whether he bas or bus not the party In his i 
or under bla po\rer or restraint. 

2. IE be lias the party In his custody or power, • 
his restraint, bo tauat state the authority and i 
such imprisonment ur restraint. 

3. If the party is detained by virtue of any w 
rant, or other ivritten antbority, a copy thereof 
annexed U> the return, and the original produced 
hibited to the court or judge on the hearing of 

4. If the person upon nbom the writ Is served 
pa,rty in bis jiowec or custody, or under his rest 
any time prior or subsequent to tbe date of Uh 
habeas porpus, but has trnnsforred soch c 
Btralnt to aootbai-, the return must M 
whom, at wtat lAow xai. \J«Mi6, for n 
wliftt aattioiU5iavic\iVTa.i ' ' 

s of tb« 


183 n BIT OF HABEAS COBPUB. §g 1431-3 

B. The return rnust bo signed by the poraoQ makiug tliB 
ttme, and, except when audi person is a Bworn public 
)fBcec, and makes such return in bia official capacity, It 
puBt be Terilled by Ilia oatli. 

' ~ mm of writ.— Tbe Elclmeu ot ttiB psati must be speciBUy ts- 
KlwidverifleabyiheafflilBVltDl amdllcalnmrnuntornr — " 
' tm. AcupvuftUacoiBmUmsBt, i( not filed wiaibo pb 

w Drodueed— 2 Uau. M9, Tlia vuise of iletendDD -' 

(-flWH-Wj aoarMtsJuatlfylnff itiouatlia aetfo 
-* THauiBDerUlrflctaodlioratunii 

le PBtittDH 


■ouTt iTjkHUD wmsivB a reasuaiiLilo tluie to procorfl 
lined, will quash tbe writ— 29 CiL M7. 

I 1481. The person to wham the writ is directed, if it ia 
leired, must bring tbe body of the party in his custody or 
tnderhla resCraiut, according to tbe command of tbe writ, 
Ucept Id the cases specified in the next section. 
h 1482. When, from sickness or inttrmity ot the penoa 
prMtad to be produced, lie canuoC, witbout danger, be 
bought before tbe court or judge, tbe peraon in vrhase 
balody or power lie ia IQ ay state that fact In his return to 
'p6 writ, veilfyiDK tbe same by aeBdavit. If tbe conrt or 
idge ia satisfled of the truth of such return, and the 
i the writ is otherwise sufficient, the court or 
lemay proceed to decideouaach return aud to dispose 
ir as if such party bad been produced on tbe 
ir the hearing thereof may be adjourned until such 
irty can be produced. 
~ u-pjrodactiDa of badf. — The eTCKBC for Jion-productlon oC the 

tLla nosAesaluij, custody, or power— 5 Craiich C- U. u^i Jtl 
aiiiTwhea IE lioqjJlcibBJid la not Imputed. tUD writ Eitiould 

[0,483. The court or jodgei before whom the writ is 

cued must, Immediately after the return, proceed to 

return, aud such other luattei 

y be properly submitted to their bearing and couBlder- 

tbe court trauBoenila the BUtuIory limiti of ita autboj 
The wtitof babau oorim IsnoCEiTealorOieDiii 

lug iBflgitt--' " — " ""' 

leut turlidlcuoa— a UcLeui, Upt QrmO. ess; a Huluc 

meac nu Id dun rorm-a I C*I. OUi UldTltil: i BanCi 
ruiter Ci. a. i\i HUl, I07; I Abb. Fr. at. if cIib oo 
mcuc is aanaUca bo one of compownt lorlBiUctloii. t 
will bs wbeilier tbe luUimiatit. as mutered, la. ou I ti fi 
ilBOnlto ill tcini9-4ICal. 4n : aad ilila rule BouUes to 
police eoun—lS Csl. <SJ; <7 IcL IM. 

a writ oC luUKOS corpus UQleaa ImneocluLble (or [raf"i 
vBul of JaciS(llclloa~43 Cal. tU: H la. lea; B3 n. S. 
AUen, lUl: II OnBt. BM; 15 '■- '■■ - '■' ■'•- • "*" 
lil.lM; tPari[tirOr.R.fl: » 
UMa.mi tgTei.Ut. 

A attla coon nurdetennlDe ntaetlwr tbe Feiienl 
4?Barb.<79iBrlBht^.F^ia.SWl JCosh.lWS: s On 
(t;i Ta. SC. 3M; S oW SC 
But), IW; UiiLlU) 2<How. Fr. U7:^ id. 14.1: tmun 
id.SV); 4lHow.Fr.2D4i lulaeo 107 Kara. ITli leiom, 
luil.MQ; 11 lllBlcbf.79. TbsCIClsUiedatyoItbaFef] 
resisCBUcn iirocesa-Sl How. W; 19 Will. ajT; i Kelia 

When a court of rSDOrd bKi joTlsdlMMin, Its aeuaa 

'•"'T '■"—"■■■ TTf Ti "ii liiiiiwi fflili 

ty Inquiry &, qucuiiu- tua ^tiu-nuih uu t 
at bs bos Ijoan d«iiuindecl by tUo exoai 
]Q U Glur^cl ta bara flQd» aaii chut n < 

rlilg .j( I ■ . . . 'In- Uw antliorlilag 

4. Tbe party brought before tlie court oi jmlgo, on 
torn of the writ, may deny or controvert any of the 
lul faoia or matters set foctli io tlia rotura, or except 
sufficiency thereof , or allege any fact to abow either 
is impiUoooieat or detention ia unlawful, oc tbnt be 
itled to his tlischftrgo. Tho court oc judge must 
Ipon proceed in a summary way to bear Buuh proof 
J be pcoduced agaiust aucU imptisoDment or deteu- 
>v in favor of the same, and to dispose of suob party 
i juatica of the case ma; require, and have fuU 

andautbocity to require and compel the attendanca 
Besses, by process of subpcsua and attachment, and 
ind perform aU otbcr acts anil things ueceHsary to 
and fair hearing and delermtnatiun of tlie case. 

5. 1[ no legal cause is abovrn for such imprison- 
oc restraiol or for tbe contiauatiou thereof such 
or dg mus di org p rt m s- 



teac'a and ■ont'lo tbe S ™pM'aou: lo o^ec blm bn 
momidjQrliHdlachawBfrum custody onliabeM CO 

I486. The court or judge, if the time 
BxplrtMl. must rewtuid bdoIi put;> ilU^i^fq 

uu. iiiLi a Znb. jtl. I 
prlioa u void, and, f i 

iVa probabi 



I 3>487. If it appears oa tbe leturu of the writ that tho 
IriBoner is in castod j by virtue of process from an]'' court 
|f tlUs State, ur judge ot officer tbereof, such piisouer may 
la discha^ced in aaj of the folloniDg coses, subject te the 
bttrictioos of tbe last suction — 

1. When tbe jurisdiction of such court or officer has 
jMD exceeded. 
I 2. 'V71ien the imprisonment waa at first lawful, yet by 

ttae act, omission, or event which baa taken place 

ItbrnaTOs, the party has become entitled to a discharge. 

A When the process is defective in s 

required by law, rendering such process void. 
1. When the process, tbough proper in form, lias been 

it allowed by law. 
B. When tbe person having the custody of the prisoner 

the person allowed by law to detain him. 
Ift, Where the process is not authorized hy any order, 
moment, or decree of any court, nor by any provision of 

7. Where a party has been committed on a criminal 
tauge without reasonable or probable cause. 
IL468. Xf any person is committed to prison, or Is in 
tatody uf any officer oq any criminal charge, by virtue of 
v- warrant of commitment of a justice of the peace, 
pll person must not bo dischaiged uu the ground of any 
^Ke defect of form iu the warrant of commitmeaX. 
for tonaa] dofocts.— Wliero a \a.tVs l! 

DEnC (DSiipesr berore Uie grana Jury la 
tie [be puty to dUcIiarge oa bttbeas uoii 
The BcUonof tta ccmrt oo a vrtc ot habeas corptu 
oacrroi^':! Cil.131; lOOrBy.zU; e Joluis. tlSt *Vtx 

Inlury'Diiw be Oon'e-i* Pe'tBra. M(l; IB^Howf^j*!? 
w?e93 Conn. 831:31 Ha. 929: 39 Ala. SMi STejLCt 

TbedaolidDnDtaa oSlcer hBTins power to Isanei 
writ o[ Imuena ccitpua upon any subsaouent mpplica 
becween the same partita wScq tlia Hniijeol-iniriter 

clslon uuaet n prcTlous wrltw Dot coneluslve n-tiere 
cannot ue reTlBwed by tlie writ or error— 6 id. K*. 

1489. If it appears to the court or judg 
€>r otherwise, or upon the inspeolion of t 
trairant of commitment, and sucli other 
proceed ingB as maybe shown to tlie court 
the part}' ia guilty of u criminal ofFenae, oi 
he diBcha^ed, such court or juUgo, alttaougt 
defective or imsubatantially set forth I 

of c 

other iiEiceaaary nltaessea to be aubpmnaet 
budIi time aa ordered, to testify before the a 
and u[)on the examination he may discbarge 
let him lo bail, if the oSenao be bailable, od 
taonatodr. aBmaTbelortandlHsl '. 

WBIT or UABBAS CDBPUB. §§ 1490-3 

lecuHLy fo( lild appearaiics, lliB court may Vttinit 11 laeDuldi 
Ibn court may order Llm luLocnsludy.eliher fur lUe Burpdio 

klany crLiulimroa«iiae,bDmu5t be cUM:£Brged-H:> CaL 437 ; aea 

0. When a, person is imprisaned or detained In 
If oa an; criminal charge, foe nant of bail, such 
1 is entitled to a, writ of habeas carpus for ttie pur- 
<f giving bail, upon averring that fact in Iiis petition, 
at alleging that ho is Ulegall; confined. 
forpiupoBa of balL^WberouppllcaCloa iamadetD Inadmlt. 
lUl teCora IniUctmeDt.laqnlry m to guilt or inuoceiicD muaC be 
d to tbfl proot ou wtileli tUa coaualunaat nai ordcrea-l IIIJI, 
■wkerCr.B. 71. The liuU«(ment UeoDClUBlvo in to Ilia unauac 

-1BC»LSS11; IBlUI. Trl.ll»l»WllSll.0.aElj 41'!'rkfr|-r. H. 

ti»MAU.2»j: tam.UTi HN.H. UOi 3 PhIu 

'•"■"I.U. KoBppB»lllM(roinuir-' '-' 

(OCaLSa; aeeMlil. 

Z. Any judge before whom a peraon who baa been 
itted on a criminal charge may be brought on a writ 
jeas corpus, if the same is bailable, may take an un- 
dug of bail from such person aa in uthur coses, and 
e same in the proper court. 

2. If apaily brought before the court or judge oa 
turn of the writ is not entitled to his discharge, and 
bailed, where sucb bail is allowable, the court or 
must remand him to custody or place liim under 
straint from which be was taken, if the person under 
) custody or restraint he was is legally untitled 

4 CU. 1«3. 

13. In cases where an? party is hold under illegal 
.int or custody, or any other person ia entitled to the 
lint or cnstody of such party, tlie judge or court ma; 
aucb party to be comtaitted to the realiaHB. oi csaa- 

}f such person aa ia by law entitled tlnateto, 

Br. cuz>c— £0. ^H 

custody as liis age or cltciunstaiicea may le 

1495. No writ of habeas corpus can b« 
detect of form. If it Buffloiently appear then 
cnatody or uniliT whose restraint the parts 
roatrained Is, tlie officer or person iletainlii 
court or judge hefore whom he la to ba broi 

1496. No persoQ wlio has been dlacbarg 
of the court or judge upon habeas corpiu 
imprisoned, restrained, or kept in custodj 
cause, except in the followlugcaaes: 

1. If heLasbeeadischargedfromcustod, 
charge, and is aftemards committed for tb( 
by legal order or process. 

2. If, after a discharge for defect of prt 
defect of the process, warrant, or commitn; 
inal case, the prisoner Is again arrested 
proof and committed by legal process foi 

1497. When it appears to any conrt or 
Ized by taw to issaa the writ of habeas cot 
oue is illegally held In custody, conflnetneni 
and that there is reason to belieTC that ana 
be carried out of the jurisdiction of the < 
bAfnra vbain the BnnUoattan it ttad*. iVbiI 

)1 mUT OF HABEAS COBPCS. §§ 1498-1505 

1498. Tha court or judge may also iasert ia such 
'ananC a commaiid for tha apprehenaton o( the person 
iiatged with sacb illegal deCeutiou and restraint. 

1499. The officer to nhoiu sucli warraDt is delivered 
inst execute it by bringing tlia person tlierein named 
afotd tbe court or judge who directed tlie issuing ol such 

1500. The peraon alleged to have Buoli party under 
legal confinemant or resCraiiit may make return to sncli 
arrant, as in case oE a writ of liabeas corpua, and tbe 
sue ma; bs ilenlQcI, aud Ulta sIlegatioQB, proofs, and 
lal may tbereupou be liad as npon a return to a writ of 
tbeas corpus. 

1501. If Huch part; is lield under Illegal restraint or 
ustod;, be must be discbargedi and ii not, lie must be 
•toi:«d to tbe care or custody of tbe person entitled 

1302, Any writ or process authoriied by this chapter 
By bti Issued and aervud on any day or at any time. 
1503. All writs, warrants, process, and subpcenas Au- 
odzed by the provisions of this chapter must be Issued 
rtbe clerk of tlie court) and, except subpoenas, must 
IHaled with tbe seal of such coatt, and served and re- 
jtneS forthwith, unless the court or jndge shall specify 
BKnicnlar time for any siich retucn. 

All such writs aud process, when made return- 
ie before a judge, must be returned before him at tbe 
I, and there heard and detennined. [In effect 
larylSth, 1B80.] 

If any judife, after a proper appllcatiouis made, 

o grant an order for a writ of habeas corpus, or 

w officer or person to whom such writ may be directed 

lence to tbe command thereof, he shall fot- 

pmd pay to tbe person aggrieved a sum not exceBd\a% 

Vtkousand dollars, to bo recovered Ivy Bcttoa \ti a-n-j 

rt of cojD/feienl jurisdiction- 

DtqoasTs anh DirriKa ow coBcrat 
I luinmoD Jury to laqolre Into csbb of Wl 

^^ia. witnesses cDinpellsd to atteod. 

i ISM. Verdict of Juiy In nritln?' Wliat to 

1 ISIS. Teailmonylnwrlclug.aiidwberemc 

1310. Wben a coroner is informed tbat & peiaot 
been killed, oi has committed Boicide, or has saUt 
died under such circumstances as to afford a nasM 
ground to suspect tbat bis death baa been o< 
the act of another by criminal means, he 

§§ 1512-17 


JL 1512. CoroDerB may isaue aubptBnoB for witDOSHOS, 
Lretumablo forthwith, or at auch tima and place as the; 
unay appoiut, wliiuh may be served by anj competent 
MSrsoD. Tbeymust summon aiLd esamiue aa witnesses 
tivery persou who, in tliolr opinioo, or that of any ot the 
1' jtuy, bas any knowledge of tbe facta, and may summoii a, 
RDigeoQ or pbysician to inspect tlie body, and give a pro- 
JeaaiDual opitiioa as to the causa of tha death. 
I, 1S13, A witness aorved with a subpoena may be com- 
' pelled to attend and testify, or puuished by the coroner 
j^or disobedience, ia like manner as iipoa a aiibp<Bna iasasd 
^sf ft justice of the peace. 

I 151.4. After inspecting the body and hearing the testi- 

ncmy, the jury must render their verdict, and certify tbe 

r 19100 by an inquisition in writing, signed by them, and 

' ■tting forth who the person killed is, and when, where, 

^iBd by what meaua, became to liisdeutli; and if he was 

dUeU, or his death occasioned by the act of another, by 

^nmlnal means, who ia guilty thereof. 

1 .1515. The testimony of the witnesses examined be- 

^|k* the coroner's jury must be reduced to writing by tbe 

Cy oner. or under Uls direction, and forthwith filed by 

Qlll, witb tbe inquisition, in the office of the clerk of the 

j^lMlioT Court of tbe county. [In effect April 12tb. 188a} 

2.S16. If, however, tbo peraon cbaiged with the com- 

llon of the offense Is arrested before tbe inqulsitioa 

be filed, the coroner must deliver the same, with the 

tbe magistrate before wliom such 

ton may be brought, who must return the tiame, with 

depositions and statement taken before liim, to tbe 

« of the clerk o£ the Superior Court of the county. 

effect April 12th, mSO.] 

kl7. If the jury dud that the person was kilted by 

ler, under circumst-incea not excusable or juatifiOihla 

LWj or that his death was occasioned \jy UiB a 

by eeiiniD»! means, aud the party c 


th« set iB McertaliiAd b^ tbe inqtUeition. and ii 
cnstody, tbe conmer mast issue a warrant, signed 
with his name of o(9ce, into one or more counties, 
b« neceaaary for tbe arrest of th« person charged. 

1518. The coroner's warrant mnst be in subsb 
the followii^fonn: 

" County of — . 
"7^ People of the State of California to an<j (An 
ttable, mar$)ial, or policeman in this State: 

"An iDqnisltion having been thfs day fonod b 
oner's jm? before me, stattng tliat A. B. has com 
4eath by the act of C. D., by crimiiiul means, (oi 
case may be, as fonnd by the inquisition) yon ar 
fore cODiDUinded forthwith to arrest the abore m 
D, and take him before the nsareet or most ac 
magistrate la this connty. 

"GiTen ntider my hand this day of — 

eighteen ■ E. F., Coroaei of the county of — 

1519. The coroner's warrant may be served 
county, and the officer serving it nioBt proceed l 


|UUT. DepoBltloDii. I 
. WbentDlani 

t exitmlne, oa oMli, oi 

ID MUng la bli tii. 

cDtorr of prQpertj LaJ 

raltlaoa. wammu, etD.. ta bs relunicit by mtglrtate to 

■ ^M^ Surcb ot ileleuilBiit bi prearaoa 

I' X523. A search-warrant la an orilei in mitiog, In the 

le of t!]» peoplu, signed by a, maBiBtrnte, directed t 

5 ofBcer. toQuuunding liltn to search for personal 

pertf . and bring it before tha magistrate. 

■1524. It may be LsBaed upon either of the following 

. When the property was stolen or embezzled; In 
Klch case It may be taken ou the warrant, from any 
~n which It la concealed, or from the possesalon of 
■ person by wbom it was stolen or embezzled, ot tuna. 
1 person In whoso [Kisaesslou it may be. 

] if wan used as tlia meaua liI cotmoXttKos * 

possessiau it may b&lV^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 
3. Wbeu it is in tlie possession of any p«m 
iotent touae It aatbe means of committing i 
feDse, or in. tlju poaaeasion of anutlier to wbl 
liavu delivared it for the pnrpose of conecalini 
veoticg ita beiog diacovered; in. wLioh case 
talieii on tbe warrant frtuneucli pei'sou, orfcoi 
ocuupied by him on under liis control, or from 
sioQ of tiiQ person to wliom he may bave so d 
1525. A aearcb-warrant cannot bo issnei 
pinbablu cause, supported b; affidavit, nan 
scribing llie person, and particularly describin 
erty and the place to be searched. 

1S25. The magistrate muat, before IssDii 
rant, examine on oath the complainant, and an; 
be may proiluce, and take their depositions 
and cause them to bs subscribed by tho part 

Oath.— A starch-warrant mfly be Issued on oa^ wbera 
be>;nb>.'crelEi<l-IDowl.AR. ilf. See oale, {IKM. 

1527. Tbe deposftions muat Bet fortb th« fa 
to establiali the grounds of the application, v 
cause for believing that they exist. 

1528. If tbe maglstcsta ia OerBviMia mmIi 

197 SBARCH-w.maijJTS. §§ 1530-1, 1 

"CoiraTT OF . 

' The People of (Aa StoW of California lo any iheriff, con- 
stable, marthal, ot policeman in the cov.i\ty of ■: 

"Proof, by alSdavit, baviDgboen this day made before 
na by (namltig every p«rsou wliose affidavit has been 
akea), that (stating tbeBrounds of tbe appllcacloii. ac- 
«rdiDg 10 section one thousand live liaodred and tiventy' 
[ve, OT it the affidavit be not positive, that tlieio is pre ba- 
de cause for believing tbat (atating the ground of tlie 
ippllcation ia tlie same manner), you are therefore com' 
oanded, in the day-time (or at any time of tlie day 01 
light, as the case may be, act^ordinK to section one thoU' 
snd five bundled and Ibirty-three), to make immediate 
eiuah on the person of C D. (or in tbe boaae a 

Jed , (daacpibingit or anyotberplaoe to be soarched, 

ritta reasonable particularity, as tbe case may bo] for tbe 
oUoniug property (describing it with reasonable par- 
loularity); and if you find the same or auy part thereof, 
b bring it fortUwiUi before me at (stating the place), 

"Given uuder my baud, and dated ibis day o 

eighteen . 

F'E. F., Justice of tbe Peace" (or as the casa may 

:.— It ahonia apucltF [be place, the ponon, anil the thing 
iHe.Wj lIN.U.olli i^vum-. /Alleu.SlU; sm.wn 
t,m; Llia.(M; lC0DU.4lli 21awa,lei. 
UBtelripscUyilie biUldlng to bo aearGbed-KO Hsu. 
iw-nm nUe.dO: M N.U.IIII1 w« 1 Imn, 109. It «utb«MiT ii 
k to wmitiBipeulflo Uullilliu, uo oiber caii lia aearcUcQ— <IB Us. 

'nr Otlier wticls than that ■pealAsU ho >l^anlll>a for, iiii'les- ■" 
iHtlate proof or Ui« (eluiiy— u DowL 4 R. rJ4 ; bllaru. A tl.S 

A searcb-warrant may In all cases be served by 
L( the oQlcers muntiuned in its directions, but by n 
■ person, exuept in aid iii tbu officer ou bis requiring 
Ibeing present aud acting in. iI3 exccittioD, 

The officer may break open any outer or inner 
Ir window of a house, or uuy part of a bouse, or a ^ 
^herein, to execute tbe wi>rTant,tf, tiUet ao\,\<tA <A, 
Bbiirilj'auJ puipoae, he ia rufusud admiU-awio. 

1532. He may break opea any outer or Ennerc 
window of a house, foe tUe purpose of liberating a; 
wbo, having entered to aid him la tho eseculion 
warrant, is detained therein, or when necessaij I 
own liberation. 

1533. Ilie maglattatfi must inaert a direction 
warrant that it be aerved in the daj-time, unless t 
davita are positiTa tbat tlia property is on the pei 
in the place to be searched, in wblch case he ma; ii 
direction that it be Berved at any time of the day or 

1534. A Bearcli-warrant must bo executed a 
turned to the magistrate who iasued it within tei 
after its date; after the eipiration of tbis time lb 
rant, unless executed, is void. 

1535. When the officer takes property under tli 
rant, he must give a receipt for the property taken 
f jing it in detail) to the person from whom it w«s 

§§ lS38-«a'| 

Uie pcTSOQ from whose posaeasion it was taken, and of- 
Bpplicant for tbe wnrcwit, if they are presHnt, verified 
ba affidavit of tbe officer Kt tha foot of tlia inventory, 
taken before tliemai^trateat tbe time, to tbefollotr- 
offeot: "I, E. S., tbe ofticer by wbom thia warrant' 
;ecuted, do ewear tliat the above inventory 
tainsatrueanddetailedaocouDt of all the property taken. 
by me on the warrant." 

153a Tha magiatrate must thereupon, If required, de- 
liver a copy of the inventory to tha person from whoaa 
poBsesBion the property was taken, and to tbe applluant 

1539. If the erounda on wbich tlie warrant n 
_ _| -'i>8 controverted, he must procoed to talto teatimony in ro- 
^^tion thereto, and the testimony of each witnesa must bo 
Vfeduced to nriling and aathsnticated in tbe manner pre- 
scribed in Hcctlon eight hundred and sijEty-nine. 

■ 1540. If <t appears that the projwrty taken is not tbe 
'.Wme as that described in tha warrant, or that there is no 

probable cause for believing tbe exiatence of tbe grounds 
4M1 n'hich the warrant was iasued, the magistrate mast 

■ canse It to be restored to tbe person from whom it was 

1541. The magistrate musiC annex tosetber tbe dep> 
'fWltiona, the search-warrant and return, and the iuveo- 
l%B7, and return tbemto the next tetinof the county court 
'ftftTlog power to inquire into the offenses In respect to 
i4Aich tha search- warr.i at was issued, at or before its 
^■j^pening on the lirst day. 

'' 1542. When a person charged with a felony ia aup. 
'IKAod by the magistrate before whom be is brought to 
tave on his person a dangerous weapon, or anything 
IMUob may be used as evidence of the cominisaion 
the offense, the raagistrato may direct him to be 
:bed iu his presence, and tha weapon or otboi X\^xi:K 
ined, subject to his order, or %a t\iQ otAm tA. \!ci» 
bich the defendant may hu Iciei. 


{ lUT. 

( IMS. 

FugltlTei [rom anoUiBr GtatB, wbeii to be dellTan 

MaglBtTBto to laaoe wamuit. 



Wbca anafor what tlmo to bo oommitted. 

Bl9 admission to balL 

HiglBtrate moat notify dlstrtct aCtoniey ol tlia un 



Maglalrate lo return hli procecdlnga to SapeiloT O 

Fugltlvm (ronj lUla StatB-Bocoimta. 


1547. ThcgOTBrnormayofferarewatd, not a 
one thouaand dollsra, payable out of the general : 
the oppreliension — 

1. Of any convict who bas escaped from t 
priaon; oc, 

2. Of anypersoawbo liascommirted, oris obai 
n offense panishabla with de 

1546. A peiBoo charged in any State of Uu 
States with treason, felooy, or other crime, wbo II 
jostice and is found in this State^ must, c 
ni-nti-ap, anthnHtir nf ttin flteUL frnm 

Foonrrua roou juaxicn. § 1549 

> referrea Co Id tbe wrlt-I la<l. Ml ; 30 Id. III. ' 
' TcquiiMoii 01 ivacMdlDE moat abaw thu tbB allesed crtma 
uunlltetl irlifabi tbs Jiuladlatjim of the State nuklnc tlis a^l- 
1-3 UcLean, Ltl; isi) tbfl_G]iarin must Iw iKWIttie.QOt on in- 
iClea or ballBf— Id. Tlie ulSdavlt miuE show Uiil tbe nappDRea 
t haifleil rnjiB joMlce In one Btue. ui'I boa tnken niriiae, erB 
, la aooUiPr-I UfLeaa, 13]i II West. Jur. IB. II la uuf neoea- 
nac (he aSilivll.iiiiDn vlikh ibo requisition Issucil, Bboiilil ut 
Ibecrlma clisraeau'ilbail legal eiai'taoss—SCal. 237; uor (bU 
riaoner Is "n fiiclllve (rumjnslko "i ttiat ha coimnltceil Ibe 
, uid [hot! Bflcret& ilo J, la suIBcieul-^ Cau i3T. 
BQ lbs roqnliltian certlfles Ibnttbe afflOaiVitls-'aQlrButbeDtl- 
BccDnUDa to ihD lBni"ot Bald Bute, It U nUBdeut-S i:aL ilT. 
Dveniorot asutla Isaulns tboienuUdcionranbo tngUlVBliUia 
iropcr JuflgB o[ Iba aatbantlclly ot thB andavit— 9 OaL HT, 
TBtBte extraditiDn.— Certain or tbe tralontes, before Hb iMtUar 
I ladepeaileace, pleilsea lUelr (^ tb to eacbctbcr Ibaloo tba an. 
I. uiion Ibo cci;liB.'ato ot two maglstmtoa or tho JnHsdlctloB 

lliu pruvLsloJi or 


10 latv! o( the Sme wbera IbB act 
retloQ witb'tb'e SUM Ba whfcb tbe 


an are nat latcnrted for the UcneflJ 

W;"* Id. M». ^° 

i3. A magiatrate may iBsue a, warrant for the ap- 
la^D of a per3»Q so charged, who flcea fium juBtlcu 
I found Id tbis State. 

taut tar amn.— Tbo prooeedlao; must bs aacb as Is aaoal In 
• Btaargca agnlusl residents, luil tbo iiomnt. iDdiotmeai., tiOO, 
d iniut spoclt)' thn Uttlura u( ibocclme ■' -' ■" '■-' ■■'°- '" 


1550. Tbe proceedings for the arrestand i luiiiiilliMt 
of a person charged are, in allieapects, Bimil&rulM 
provideil In tliis Code for the arrest and comminDOA^ 
a person cliaiged ^th a public ofTease committed in lis 
State, except that an exemplified copy of an indioaM 
fonad, or other jodioial proceedings had against bfe^|>j 
the State in which he is charged to have 
fense, ma; be reoelTed aa evidence before tbi 

ProcBedlng tor aimt.— A S»te mny provlda for Ob — 
detent Lon or fnRltlves trom Jiutlce before tba requialUini hu 
aD<l may nccampnny lbs ut for tba ureac by ■■ many coDdJII 
[tiDiuiKie dI srri^sl slid sismliiaUoii ai It aEeBfltiUidintill 
be Btrlctl]' GOmnllta nitti— 91 CaL 9*7. An omccr aimed ~' 

6rocea cmmoc laho a person from tba bands or oaotticr >~ 
olds bim on a warrnat IHDed on a oclnUnal oliaiBe-al CaLM 
Tba court* poaasB* no power to ramtrol the exvci 
[neurreDderlDefUEltlTeatroDi Jiutlce, yet. tiSTlDgael 

Hubjecltls invaWed—s C:U. 231. The lofflcli^ucy or t 
regulartty ot tbe procepdlntra may bo enunlned into on 
-SCaLai; H N. Y. 1K| sTCei. 6Mi 11 Abb. Pr. N- S 

1551. If. from tbe examinaCioD, it appear t1 
accused has committed tbe crime alleged, the ti 
by wairant reciting the accusatiOD, most cammit If 
the proper custody in his connty, for sach t 
Hpecifled in tbe warrant, as tbe luagisttate ma; ■ 
reasonable, to enable the arrest of the fugltiT 
warrant of the execuDire of this State, oa the reqitli 
of the executive authority of the State iu vrhiob b 
mitted the offense, nnless he gives bail as prorided k'l 
nest sectioD, or until be in legally discharged. 

aDminltm«Dt.~-TbB law autborlitbg tbe arrest of ■ rugi 
a denuibil lot bla surrender, aua his ifelentloo Tor a rea" 
to afloni an oppoilunWs lot eiseujiieQeinanil, Is u»t In 
art. 4, S 2. otliBGon«,\waonolft>a^o\«.i%™H»-*aCi 

offFniesHssln^CadDiber Suta oiaaverelgDty— 10 WtaGnt. M: Id. 1;j: i« i 
AiiDt.a39;iiI>aMb.tBBi IT Moss. MS. lUi iK/h (N. O.) Ui 14 VI. Kl; I 

1592, Tbe magiBtrate may admit the person arrested 
to bail by an UDderCakiog witti suiScient securities, 
in BDcb BumBi he deems proper, for Lis appearance be- 
fore bim at a time apeciSed in the undertaking, and for 
bis iutrender to arrest iipoo the warrant of tbe governor 
ot this State. 

1553. Tmmediatol? upon tbe arrest of the person 
Bharged, tbe magistrato must give notice tbereof to 
liatrict attorney of tbe county. 

1594. Tbe district attorney muat Immediately tbere- 
»ftar give notice to the eiooutiva authority of the State, 
or to the proBeoutlng attorney ar presiding judge of tbe 
gouTt of tbe city or coauty within tbe State baving juris- 
Jlction of the oSense, to the end that a demand may ba 
~e (or the arrest aiid surrender of the person charged. 
1 1555. The person arrested inust be discharged from 
istody or bail, nnless, before the expiration of the time 

iBlgnated in the warrant or undertaking, be is arrested 
Ifder tbe warrant of the governor of tbls State. 

a dlichafgBil.— When a parton It nnwlert betore ado- 

Tbe magistrate must return his proceedings to 

erlor Court of the county, wbiuli must Ibereupon 

^ire into tbe cause of tbe arrest and deleution of the 

n charged, nnd If ha Is In custody, or the time of li!» 

)t elapsed, it may diacbarge lilm from dsten- 

Bor may order his undertaking of bail to lie canceled, 

;inua his detention foe n longer time, or re- 

o bail, to appear unil iiurreuder himself with* 

lime speeilied In the undertaking. (In eCe<A A.'^A 


^nBlMe of tlie UlUimI States, or of any fon 
tliB aurrender lo lUo aulliotitiea of tliis S 
from justice, win.- lias beeu foand and 
State or foreign govermnent, the accoui 
employeil by !iim lo bring back such I 
audited by tlie boaiil of e 

TbBlut thai a IbBillverrDm Justice hu not I 
boim" Vor^B a'' ec^fifd' mrt^ •i™liBl'***i^S'" "' 

1558. No CDmpenBBtiou, fee, or reip 
can be paid to or received by a public ofi 
or other person, for a, service rendered ii 
tbe governor tba demand mentioned in 
or the surrender of tlie fogitire, or for c< 
this State, or detaining him therein, a 
for in such section. '^^ 



iceOlnga, ben deilgDatcd. 

362. The party proFiecuting a appcial proceeding of a 
nlDal nature I9 designated In thia Code as the com- 
inaDt, and tbe advene part? aa the defendant. 
.563. The proTlBiona of section one thousand four 
Itdred and one, in respect to entitling affidavits, are 
>Ucable to aacti pioceedinga. ' 

564. The courts and magistrates before whom such 
loeedinga are prosecuted, may issue Bubp<Bnas for wit- 
8es, and punisli their disabedience in the same manner 
in s criminal action. 


I for biiag^ng Persons imptiaoDcd U 
tha State Prison, or tbe Jail of snotlieT CovS^. 
befoiv B Court. 

haye a peison be^ 
bmngbt before aoycoiotKi 
aatj jan brooght before ■ mX 
an order for that pnrpoM ml 
exscnted by Uiaahoiiff ef*l 

taposIUoD of rinea and ForfsltoreB. 

n Hnd forreLtoroa-, Ijovr dispoeed of. 
. All fines and foTfeltores collected in any court, 
_<t Police Cauns, maBt be applied to tlie payment ot 
Ite costs of the case In wblcli the fine la imposed or the 
brfcftnre iucorred; and after anch costs are paid, tba 
latduemaBt be paid to the county treasurer of the county 
[which the court la held. [Approved March 30th, ISIi; 
% efteot Jalf 1st, 1874.] 

ITbe msanlngof ssMlt. IMT.aDdthlsBectloa, eonitmedtoiceaiei', la 
MC for Ills crime of nsiiBult Iha ili^rendaiiliDiBybe aaeduat eicmduut 
E^liuDilrail (lollsn.HudiaaililltJoaliB >d|uiked to niiy cbe conaca 
ii^_. ._,i.i '-'tliBflne, botnotoruiecoMniiiy 

f AnJorcBd by impiiioa 





fhe State Prison and the Disoliarge of Pxla- 
»ner8 therefrom before their Term of Bervloo 

Af . L Of thb Statb Paisoir, §§ 1073-^. 


or TBB BTAI* PBnos. 

I U7X TJnder ttas cbirgfl and contrnl ot B bovd s( dliM 
"~~, PTO^iAealpr^temot SenAEe.irheiitaActMdlrMli 

. Bourd miuC adopt ruiea and regtiSatliMm. 

. Board may appoint mrden Mid otlur offleai. 
i 1178. SutiogoIcJerkandottieroScen. 

, MonUUyreporoofofflcBrt 
i wa. Board musl teep accouau lod Mport to tba nm 
Fenona convlclcd of effMUM aoktiut tto Vtml tt 
t USJ. DlspoaiUon of lomoi 
I Un. Btata prtaon fasd. 

. But* prlsan toiid. k 
^ 1W3. IlMTd noDot vontniot Aniiti. 

CompeusatkoD for tnaoiportatioa of codtIcQl 

3 STATE PKISDN. §§ 1577-81 

riBon, which rules must ba printed, and copies theceof 
irnisbed t« every ofBcer appointed by liie hoard. 

1577. Tbe board may appoint a warden, clerb, and 
ich otlier offlcprs as may be necessary for tliB manaee- 
.ent and safe-ktiepiug of tliti prisoners. 

1578. The clerk must keep a record of the trassBO- 
ons of the board, and he and the warden and other 
Beers appointed must perform such other duties as are 
iquired by the board, or the rules and regulations 
jopted thereby. 

1579. The warden and other ofhcers appointed must 
ake a monthly report to the bourd, which must contain 

statement of business done and transactions had in 
leir several departiututs. 

1580. The board must keep correct accounts of all 
ilids received from proceeds of convict labor, and appro- 
iate Buch funds to the maiateuanca of the convicts and 

the payment of prison espensea, and must make a, full 
port to the governor on tlie first Monday of each Au- 
ist neit before the assembling of the Legislature, wliicl) 
port must contain a complete statement of the number 
id condition of the prisoners at the prison; the nttui- 
ir and character of officers they have appointed, and 
le monthly pay recuived by each; the amount of ex- 
luses incurred, aud for wbat; the amount and condition 
' peieonal property, belonging to the State, connected 
lib the State prison; nod the actual condition of the 
lUdings and property. 

1581. The authorities of the State prisoamust receive 
iCo the prison any person convicted of an offense against 
IB United States, aod keep sucli person In solitary con- 
nement orat bard labor, or inconlinementwithorwith- 
at bard labor, as provided in the order of the court 
ronouncing sentence, until legally discharged, the Unitedk 
istes supporting such convict, and pajinit t\ie ei^jQiDACA 


1585. Wf'.Ml.UiaiM'"" „,t WS" 

613 STATE PBiaojj. 5 1587 

cmea, furage, fuel, and other supplies for tlie prison, foe 
any period of time not eiceeding one year; aad such con-, 
tract sball be given to tlie lowest Llddtir, at a pulilio let- 
ting tbereof, if tbo pi'ico Lid Is a fair and reasonable one, 
and not greater than the iisuaL market Tatua and price. 
£ach bid aboil be accompanied by a bond, in such penal 
Bum as said board shall determine, with good and suGl- 
cient sureties, cooditioned for the faithful performanue of 
ttae terms of such contract. Notice of the time, place, and 
conditions of letting of each contract shall be given, fur 
;Bt least four consecutlvo wooiis, in two daily newspapers 
'in the cities of San Francisco and Sacramento; and also 
Lfotu insertions in a weekly paper published in tiie county 
jin^hich the prison isiiituated. If all tbo bids mude at 
WElch letting are deemed unreasonably high, the board 
Koay, in their discretion, duclina to contract, and may 

US^" advertise for proposals, and may 
%I$1T (hu ndvertisement until aalisfactory contracts may 
^B Lad; and in the meantime ibe board may contract 
"^th any odd whose offer may be regarded just and 
iperi but no contract thus made shall ba let to run 
re tbun sixty days, oc shall in any case e^^tend beyond 
public letting. So bids shall be accepted and a con- 
entered into in pursuance thereof, when such bid la 
it than any other bid made at the same letting for 
same article, and where a contract can bo bad at such 
«r bid. When two or more bids for the same article 
eqoal in amoimt, the board may select the one which, 
things considered, may by tbem be thought best for 
tereat of the State, or may divide the contract ba- 
the bidders, as in their discretion may seem proper 
right; proulifed, no contract shall be given, or pur- 
made, where either of the board, orany of the offl- 
>f the prison, is interested. All cotilraata or pui- 
B made in violation of tliia section aball be -^oVA. 
iproved Feb. Slth, 1874.J 



>r PKifioiriEBa bsfokx ti 

t UM. Cndlla for gooA belUTlor, how ud wben HIdi 

tIMl. Ctedlls.wlienrorfeitBiL 

I lS9t. Baud to mate nilea anil resnlsUoDB. 

i 1391. Boaid, when to report credica to goTemar. 

1 19M. Further powers ol tbe boanL 

I law. BecommendatloDi lor pardon reimrtBd to Jjg 

1390. Ths lK>aid of State priaon directorsof t1 
flball reqaira of every able-bodied convict confiaei 
prison as many lioura of faithful labor, in eacbai 
day during his term of impriBonmeitt, aa shall 
scribed by tbs rules aad regalatioDs of tbs prii 
every convict faithfully performing such labor, ai 
Id all respects obedient to the rules and regulatio: 

§§ 1591-2 

ict who attempts to escape, after tba passage oE tbis act, 
ttall be sent b; tlie State priBoa officials to the governor for 
16 commutation lierein proyliled; providedfuTlher, tbat 
t tlioae priaoaura entitled totbeir dUcbacgo at the data 
I tbe passage of tliis act, by virtue of tlia proviHioas 
Bieof , uat more thaa one sball be discbarged on any one 
ayi and tbe dlscbarges sball be made in tlie ocdar in 
'Ucb tbey would Lave occurred if tbis act bad been 
used April, eighteea liundred and Bixty-fonc. £Ap- 
coTsd March 29th, in effect April IStb, 1878.] 
DBdnotiozi from faim of ■errlce.—Whfin a par^ Is aencenCBd Id 

umibsenaot tliaenlLrslsria IncJudoiIln liaUtnutODCug. TbBeo- 
repsrlDd or bDib la bai DOS una— to Cal. 4GI. 

1591. Tbe rule of cammntatioa fixed in tbe preceding 
otlon is to lie so appiind as tbat any refuaul to labor, 
breach of tbe prison rules, or other misconduct, works 
forfeiture of the credits of time tbua earned, or such 
irt of itaa tbe warden or resideat director may deter- 
tnfl, subject to conHrmation or rejection by the boardof 
rectors, on appeal by the prisoner. Unless the board, 
I appeal, at its iirst aeaaion thereafter, rejects tbe for- 
ttnre, it is conllrmed. Credits once forfeited cannot ba 
■tored except by tbe board, and then only when cir- 
matances render auob restoration urgently nucesaary. 
le above ptovisions apply to all persons now impris- 
led In tbe State prison, and the commutation must ba 
mputed from April fourth, a. d. eighteen hundred a.iid 
15S2. Tba board may make such rules and regulations 

Siay be necessary to carry into effect tbe provisions of 
chapter, and may declare and establish a proper scale 
nate of debits and credits for good conduct or miscon- 
kM, which shall accompany the rules of discipline of the 
ban, cind, in a book to be kept for tbat purpose, must 
me to be entered up, ut the end of each motxOx, "lA^i^ 

■of credits to which each prisoner maj '^ «a^^^.\e&1 
JiuSiattlay of each laoutb aaaoance &\u\iT>«'aN-^ 

I §§ 1593-5 

to ibe piisonera. Every contractor employing « 
labor must keep a similar record of tlioconiluctofaU}ii» 
oners employed hj him, nad submit tlie same for iiapw 
tlon to the board at the end of each month, nbomnslt^ 
tlie same into consideratioa ia niaking up theiidecijte 

1S93. At tlis end of every month the board dM 
report to the governor of this State the names of all (W 
ouers whose terms of imprisonment are about lo eiftl 
by reason of tiie benefits of this chapter, giving in sri 
report tlie terms of tlieir sentences, the date of inpri* 
ment, the amount of total credits to the Oale U Nd 
report, and the date nbea their service ivould djMlf 
limitation of sentence. Tbe governor, at the eipinM 
of the term for which any prisoner has been sanUool 
iess the number of da;a allowed and credited (o Mt 
must order the release of such prisoner, by anoideKn" 
his hand addressed to tbo warden of the priaoo. la ist 
mode and form as ho may deem proper, and witbor"* 
out restoration tocitizenahlp, according in his dlsadJ*- 

i.594. The board must grant and enter up in f*i«' 
euch prisoners whom they may deem worthy, bj w*> 
of good cooduct and industry, dtiring the twelve ■■•' 
prior to the fourth day of April, a. d. eighteen bmt^ 
and atxty-fonr, the credits authorized by section onelM 
sand five hundred and ninety, not exceedins ihirtj 10 
tbe same to be deducted from tbe term of their tnpt* 

1595. Tbe board must report to the LegtsUIB«4 
eaalj regular session, tlio names of any persons f***^ 
in tbeState prison, whu, in their judgment, ougU*^ 
pardoned and set at liberty on accciiint of good M 
or unusual terms of sentence, or any other c 
in their opinion, should entitle such priaoneMtn 
Whenever X\ib Legislature, by a majorit? of bo 
recommettd l-o t.\io ao^emot xlatt. Ktay or all of tl 

I reported ba paTdoal=4^)3^lil».■>l«ma.-3 ■Cq^ 

Uuch prisoneia. 


Of County Jails. 

County Jiins, by whori kepc null tor what userl. 
Booms required Jo CDiint]' Jatls. 
PilBoaento bs clasalfled. 
riisoHCn commltlaa must lie ac tuoUy coaanoit 
Bberin to recelffl prljoiiers tomnjitlerl by coui 
Bhertlt aDSWcrabiB forHate-keepInffofsncli pri 
nHfD Ji^l ofn CDDtlguoiu coimty may iieiued 
Keeper or jail la coattsnoiis county- to racelVB 
WbenJaU Incontlijuoiis county to cease to 1» used. 

Prtsoneia may be removed in case o( Are. 
Prtsoueia uiay be removed In caao at postllancB. 

Onord [or Isll. 

Blieriff to receive all persons duly committed. 

Prisoners on elvU process, vbennoi to bo received* 

E'risonen may be re(;ulred to bibor. 

Bnles ud regulations tor Ibe perCoimuice of labor. 

7. Tbe t:ommoQ jails in the several conntles of 
Bte are kept bj tlieslieriffsof tliocoumieBin whicli 
re tespactivelf aitaated, aud are uaed as follows: 
or tbe deteation of peisous committed !□ order to 
their attendance us wltueasea iu uriminal cases, 
or the detention of persons charged with crime and 
tCed for trial. 

orllio coufinemenl of parsons committed for Con- 
or upon civil procesH, orbyothor aiitliority of law. 
or llio coDlinemont of persons Bentenced to Im- 
ment therein upon a convictiua for crime. 
J. Each county Jail must cootiiin a sufflcwQlj Tsom.- 
rooma to allow nil persons belongina to eW.\iei oca 
tollowias classes to !je confined soipOitaloVs Mi^ 

mtS 1599-1603 COUJtTV JAILB. 

distiDctlf from peiaous belongmg to either of U 

1. Persons committed, on cTimmalpTocesaaDddi 
for trial. 

2. FerBons alraadr canvicteil of crime andlielda 


3. FerBoua detained am witaeaaea or held nndei ci*^ 
proceaa, or under an order imposing ponlshmeiil fv I 

4. Males separately from femalea- 

1599. Persona committed on criminal proceas i 
tained for trial, persons convicted and under tat 
and persons committed upon civil process, miut . 
kept or put In tlie same room, nor ahall male and 
pilsoQers (except husband and wife) be kept or pU 

1600. ApriBonercoiDiDittedtothe countyjalll 
or for examination, or upon conviction for e. pabliec 
must be actuall; confined In the jaii until he is 
discharged, and if tie is permitted to go at large otf 
Jail, except by virtue of a legal order or prooca*,' 

1601. Tbs sheriff must receive, and keep I 
county jail, any prisoner committed thereto by pn 
order issued under the authority of the United 
until ho is discharged according to law, as if he ha 
committed under process issued under tba antlM 
this State ; prorisiou being made by the United Su 
the support of sucb prisouer. 

1602. A sheriff, to whose costmly a prisoner I 
mitted, as provided in tlie last section, ja ansnea 
bis safe-keeping in the courts of the United Slal 
cording to the laws thereof. 

1603. ■Wlieiitiieta\aTio^B.\\.lai«\econnty,oTiH 
jail booomea ttufit ot Mnas-^-o i™ 'v'aa ut'a.%&»asase,< 

831 conMTT JAILS. g§ 1604-a 

oners, tbe county judge may, Ly a, written appointmeut 
filed witli the county clerk, designate the jail of a contig- 
nons county for the confinement of tbe pilsonors of hia 
oounty, or of any of them, and may at any lime modify 
or annul the appointmunC. 

1604. A copy of the appointment, certified by the 
eouDty clerk, must be served od tbe eheriif or keeper of 
tbe Jail designated, who must raueire luto bis jail all pris- 
oners authorized to be confined therein, pursuant to tba 
last section, and who is Tesponsible for the safe-keeping 
of tbe persons so committed, in the same manner and to 
tiiD same extent as if ba was Hberiff of the county for 
^rbosa use hia jail la designated, and with respect Ii 
persona so committed he ia deemed the sheriff of the 
oouQty from which tbey were removed, 

J£05. Wlien a jail Is erected in the county for the use 
of which the designation was made, or its jail is rendered 
Bt and sate for tlie confinement, of priaoners, the county 

Kdge of that county must, by a written revocation, tiled 
[th the county clerk thereof, declare that the necessity 
tor tbe designation has ceased, and that it is revoked. 

1606, The county clerk must immediately serre a 
^pyof tbe revucatiou upon the eberlff of the county, who 
ll^psc thereupon remove the prisoners to the jail of the 
Wmn^T from which tbe removal was had. 

1607. When a county jail or a building contiguous tl 
k Is on Are, and there ia reason to apprehend that the 
■rtsonera may be injured or endangered, tlie sheriff c 

bller must remove tliura " '~ "' ' "-' ■'-■■ 

^Btl there confine them a) 

rroi<l t^B danger. 

I X608< Wbeu a pestilence or contagious disease breaks 

biut Id or neat a jail, and the physician thereof ceTX.'&«j& 

IhpE it is liable to endanger the taeaUh ol ibe 7ti&oi^e>T%, 

^^^n^ judge may, bj a written appoVuWn.«A, a»B\«r 

§§ 1609-12 oonrcr jaiu. 

nate a uaf a and cooTenlent plaoe tn tlia oooutf , a 
jail Id a contiguoiu coonty, as Uxo placa of tb^ co 
meal- The appomtmeiit muat ba filed in the offlu < 
county clerk, and autborize tbe sheriff to nmor 
piiaonera to the placa or jail designated, and tben 
ItOB tijum until tbe; can be safely returned to tb 
from wliicb tliey were taken. 

1609. A slieriS or JaUer upon ^vLom a paper inl 
clul proceeding, directed to a prisoner in Ills casto 
served, must forthwith dellTer it to the prisoner. ' 
note thereon of the time of its service. For a aes>> 
do BO he ia liable to the prisoner for all damage* 
eloned thereby. 

1610. The sheriff, vben necessary, may, trtt 
assent in writing of the county Jndge, or In a city, i 
mayor thereof, employ a temporary gnsrd for thi 
tection of the county jail, or for tbe safe keepingol 
oners, tbe expanses of which are a county charge. 

1611. The sheiifE must receive all persons coma 
lopetent authority, and pro 

couinrr jails. §§ 1613-14 

i. Persons confined in the county jail under a 
3nt of imprisonment rendered in a criminal action 
needing, may be required by an order of the board 
3rvisors to perform labor on the public works or 
n the county. 

L The board of supervisors making such order 
prescribe and enforce the rules and regulations 
which such labor is to be performed. 

roved February 14th, 1872. 




09 TBS 

Code of Civil Procedure 

BEL^vmca vo 



a ^EKFTTom o* Jm 






n returned from ths 
„ p . a court or officer of j 

compBtent jiiriBdiction, and sworn to try and determine, 
'by vcrdiuti a qaestioa of fact. 

Tiial by jory-Becs. BOO-aiB. 

Terdicl— when need not be nnanlmoaa, Conat. Cal. lit. i, see. I. 

4194. A trial jury shall consist of twelve men; 
d, tliBt in civil actions and cases of misdemeant . 
ma; coBBistof twelve, or of any numberless tban twelve, 
upon wliicli tlie parties ma; a^^e in open court. 
Iiau UiBD Ivelre— Coosl. Cal. ort.l.acc. 7i aad ue 19 OM. 410 
§ 195. A jury of iniiuest Is a bod; of men summoned 
from tbe citizens of a particular district before the Sheriff, 
..jBoioaer, or other ministerial officer, to inquire of partio- 

^ r Who 
n^tii« pit 

IM. Who may L 

L A person is competent 

jitizen of tho United States ul uuu ui bwtmi 

B years, who shall have been a resident otthe State ol _ 

year, and of the count;, or cit; and count;, ninety days , 
before being selected and returned: 

!!. In possession of his natural faculties, and of oidi< 
Ijaiy lntelll(i;ence, and not decrepit; 

3. Possessed of suiGcient knomledee of the English lan- 

4. Assessed on the last assessment-roll of the county, o: 
|-4ity sod coanty, on property belonging to him 

BOBDivieiaN 1. Aligns— not competent, I7 i:al. X 

Boiidsnce, gsngnllr-seB Const, Cal. ait. 1, ttc. i. 

9iBlltlca1Cale,sed.K:lCBl.lTaieCal.1IO;;Cal.01; IS 


^ BleetBT— Juror formerly b^id to be— a CaL Ida. 

200. ApeTBoaisezempt from llBldlltrtomctt 

if he be ; 

1. A judicial, civil, or military offleer of ik 
States, or of this State; 

2. A nerson bolding a county, city find oonuty, 

3. An attoraey-at-law; 

i. A minister of the gospel, or a, priest of anyd 
tioD, follovrlng his proteasion; 

5. Ateacberinauniveraity, coUegfe, academj, < 

C, A practicing pliysician, or druggiBt, aotaaUj 
in the buaiuesB ot atspettaitig medicines: 

T. An officer, keeper, or attendant of aa s^U 
bospital, asylum, or otiior charitable ioBtitutioii: 

S, Engaged in the perConnance of duty as offl 
tendaut of the State Prison, or of a county jail; 

9. Employed on board of a vessel navintuu t 
ot this State; 

10. An expreBB agent, mail-carrier, SDperlnten 
ploycS or operator of a telegTBpli lino doing agei 
graph business in the State, or keeper of a piibU 

" '" ■ -'~e member of the National Giun 

I JL-BOHS. §§ 202-S 

I 202. If a peraoQ, exempt fiom liability to act oa a 
or, at pcaviaed iu section ttro liundred, be Hummotied 
s, juror, lie way inako and transmit liis afBdavit to the 
rk of the court for wbioh lie is Bnionioned, xtatiiiR hia 
ce, uccupatioQ.ori^mployment- SiDd bucIl afHdavit shall 
deliTereil by thit Cleric totlie Judgoof tb<i court wheiii 
name ot sucli person is called, aud it sufSoient in sub- 
Doe, shall berecetved. aa an excuse for nou-atteDdance 
person. The affidavit shall then be filed by tito Clerk. 

II make aa order desigDating tbe numbeT of gtAoi 
ns, and also the number of trial jutora that, ir "" 

oionof SAid court, willbeieqaired fortbe tranac 

;he business of said court durina tbe year endiLiz ou 
fTBt day of January, oiKbt«ea hundred Bad ei^ty- 
j mhI thereafter, in the month of Janaary in each year, 
ball bo tbe duty of aaid court to nutko an order detig- 
iBf; the estimated nnmbetoEcrand iuroia, audalsotba 
idMi of trial jurors, that will, tn the opinion of said 
K, be Tsqnired for the transaction of the business of 
conrt, and the court and the trial of causes therein, 
lug tbe ensuing year. And immediately after said 
BT shall bemade.tlioBoardofSiipcrviBors shall select, 
iroTided in tbe next section, a. list of persons to serve 
nand jurors and trial jurom in tbe Superior Court oC 
[ county dnriog the ensuing year, or until a new lial 
nrors shall be provided. In cities and countjes bav- 
over one hundred thousand inhabitants such seleo. 
I sbaU bo suule by the Judaea of tbe Superior Court. 
SOS. They shall proceed to select and list from tboaa 
losed on the last preceding Bssossiuent roll of such 
aty, or city and county, suitable persons com[tQtAat,\n 
reaBJaTors; and in maldnK audi Beleol^roi Xta.B'3 ^ta aS. 
rttte names at sucli only aa are not ex.enc^ trnm 

g aUb. The list to be made stall i; 

?Brsona whip.h ahitll have been designated 
he names for BUch list Ehall be nelected £i 
ent wards or town3hip» of the respective cc 
portion to the numberof inhabituDts ttioreii 
Die same can be estimated by the persona 

% 208. Cectified lists of the persona sel' 
H8 jtiFoca shall at oace be placed in tbe poi 
County Clerk 

§ 209. On TeceivinK such lists, the Couu 
file the same in his oftlce and write down tl 
tained thereon on separate pieces of pape 
size and appearance, and fold eoicb piece so 
the name thereon. Ha shall deposit the p 
baTing on them the oanies at the persona 
box, to be called the "juryboi."' 

§ 210>. The persons whose names are so i 
be known aa regular jurors, and shall serv 
and uuill other persons are selected and ret 

§ 211. The names of persons, whether 
trial jurors, shnll be drawn from the "jury 
a( the end of the year, there shall be tba 
sons in the "jury boi" who may not havi 
during the year to senre as jurors, tfa« hbim 
sons may be placed upon the list ol ji 
eucoeeding year. 


Or DBAwnta JirMitt- 

Jie list ol Jb^i^m 


;iCLE i^^^^^^l 


^ iUBes at iasae in aaid court, and 

B In atteadance, the couit may make qq order dl- 
trial jury to be drawu, and sammoned to attend 
Id court. 8uc1i order sliaH specify tlie number of 
be drawn, and tlie timii at wbicn tbe jurors are 
to attend. And tbe court may direct tbat aucli 
ither criminal or civil, in which a jury may bo 

Immediately u[>ontl]e order mentioned in tUe 
; section being made, tbe Clerk sbatl, in tbe pre»- 
be court, proceed to draw tlie jurors from the 


nitat abuke the box containing tbe names of ju- 
iB to mix the slips of paper upon which such 
e writteuas well as possible; he must then draw 
box aa many alips oilpaper as are ordered by the 

inute of tbe drawing shall be entered in the min- 
ke court, which muat show the name contained. 
alip of paper so drawn from the " jury box." 
le name of any person is dratm from the box who 
ed or insane, or who may have permanently re- 
om the county, or who is exempt from jury serv- 
ile fact shall be made to apipear to the satisfac- 
le court, the name of audi person ahall be omit- 
tbe list, and the slip of paper containing aucb 
destroyed and another juror drawn in bis place, 
'-at shall be entered upon the minutes of the co — ' 
proceeding shall be had as often as may be 
Dtil the whole number of jurors required 

he drawing shall be completed, tbe Clerk ahall 
Dpy of the list of names of llie persons so drawn. 
fy the same. In his certlflcate he nhall state tV" 
id order and of the drawing, and the number 
awn, and the time when and the place whem 
rs are required to appear. Such certificate and 
be delivered to tbe Sheriff for service. 

for wliich the a.ia.irttttt'wa* 

Iiad, be shall replace in the proper boic from vr\ 
weie taken all ballots which have od tfaein tho 
persons who did not serve as jurors for the 
sious aforesaid, and who are not exempt oi 


§ 225: The Sheriff, as soon as he receives the liKo 
lists of jurors drawa, sball aununon the peiBona nioa 
thereinto attend the court at the opeolng of the ntala 
session thereof, or atsui?h session or time as the caarUBM 
order, by giving personal notice to that effect toead' 
them. orbyleaTiiiE ti irTittea notice to that eSMt-HH 
place oE residence, with some peison of proper ■se.M 
Shalt return the list to the court at the openiiw of tnai^ 
ular session thereof, oc at suoli sea&ion or time a« th> ^ 
rors may bo ordered to attend, Epecifyjog the naoHf*' 
those who were summoned, and the moaner in whiebwt 
person was notihed. 

Objeollon lo Jaroi— Dsme not oa vsalre, s QiL m. 

BBtnm"tIniofoF. L>i<]tnw(ar7 merely, 4 CaLTTS. 

flcient number of joTOra tail tL _,.^ ,-«,.« _„ 

order a sufBcient number to he foithwith drawn m 
moned to attend the court, oritnwy, by an imlci 
in its minutes, direct the Sheritl, or an elisor ci 
the court, forthwith to summon so many good a: 
men of the county, or cit^ and county, to serw i 
as may be lequiredi and in either case aach jut 


§ 227. 'When there are 
resent to form a panel th 
□r an elisor chosen by the ijuiir 
I aumber ol ■\M;TMnia bvdiii the 
' oomplelii tlie ^a^u^V ii«™ji»> 
Ukd coutttS. Bui""* ' 

io ortlered accordingly 

g 228. An elisor who shall, by order of a court 
record, summoQ peraons to serve as jurora, stiall be ei . 
Tied to a reasoDalile compessatloti for his Horvices, whicli 
must beDxed by tlie court and paid nut of tlie coiiaty or 
city B,nd county ti«asiuy, aad. out of the general fund 


Ov BfHVOirrao Juboss por Coitbts hot of Reoobd 

g 230. When jiiroTBarerequlrad inanyof the JTiisticea' 
■ ConrtH, or in any Police or other inferior court, they shall, 
' npon the order of the Justice, or any one of the justices 
Where there is more than one, or o£ uk ' ' " "' ' ' " 


. , Judge thereof, he 

loned by the Sheriff, constable, marahal, or poUce- 

iu of the juxiBdiotioD. 

g 331. 8nch Jurors mnst he summoned from the per- 
tOUB competeDt to serce as jurors, reaideatH of the city 
" county, township, city, or town in which auoh court 
__ iurladiution, by notifying theni orally that they are 
lommoned, and of the time and place at which their at* 
'Uldance is required. 

>| 232. The ofiicer summoning such jurora Shalt, at tfas 
«"« flxad in the order for their appearance, retnin it to 
fba court with a list of the persons summoned indorsed 


■ city and c^ouiity, by noulsvaftOicn 

S33& An; juror Bummoiied, who will 
reasonable escuss fails to attend, m 
and compelled to attend; and the court n 
B fine Dot exceeding fifty dolliirs, upon i 
may iaaue. If tlio juror was not pcrsoni 
fine luiutc not bo impoaed until upoo an 
__ opportunity baa been offered 1 



and ]an, nlK 

g 241. Bverv Superior Court, whenevei 
of the court, tbe publio interests may n 
make and tile with tlie County Clerk of t 
connties an order directing a jury to be dn 
Bating tbe nuraber, wLicb, in caae of a gr 
not be less tlian twenty-Ave, noc more tban 
counties baving less tbau tiiree Superior 
Bhali be one grand jury drawn and Impal 
year, and in all counties having three or 
Judges, there shall be two grand juries drn 
neled in each year. Such order must desi 
at whluh the drawing will take place. Tb( 
jurors shall be drawn, the list of names cer 
moned as proTided for drawing and au 
jurors, and the names of any persona dn 
not ba impMineled ^on tlw gmna JWy; 

«3B , JDBOM, §§ 243-SO 

nineteen of anch penons are present, the panel may be 
fllled as provided in sectioa two Luudred and twenty-six 
of tliis Code. And wheaever, of the persona summoned 
to complete a, giaad jury, mors eball attend than are re- 

a aired, the requisite number sliall be obtained by writing; 
le names of tlioaa summoned and not excused od ballota, 
depositiug tliem in a box. and drawing aa above provided. 

Spsdal grand jarr— IT Cal. IM. 
' § 243. Tlierenf Cer such proceedings shall be had In tm- 
BanneliuK the graud jury as are preacribed in part two of 
B)e Penal Code. 
1 8M Penal Code, bbcs. BH-MI. 

. moned to appear, the Clerk shall ci 

w of tbose summoned, and tbe coort may tbea hea> 
of jurors summoned. Tbe Clerk shall then 
imes of the jurors present and not excused 
te slips or ballotsof paper, and fold such slips 
uames are concealed, and there, in the pres- 
_ ._ court, deposit the slips or ballots in a imi, 
^must be kept sealed or locked until ordered by the 
R to be opened. 
K 347. Whenever thereafter a civil action is called by 
conrtforlriul, andii jury is required, such proceedings 
Ube bad in iinpanneling the trial jury as are prescribed 
^tn two of this Code. If the action be a criminal 
\ tbe jnry sbal! be impanneled as prescribed in the 


Mi"fliK. " 

i miut be called, and the 

tendiDB and not excused must be written upon wpanl 

Blipa of paper, folded so as to conceal the namei.u 

placed in a box, from wbicli the trial jiuy must be dnn 

§ 251. Thereafter, if the action is a crimmal 

!(uy must be impanueled an provided in the Peiul Coih 
f a civil one, as provided Id part two of tbia Code. 


uig to aiuh inqueatit. 


imiiMry cbUleneea. 

). When the action is called foe trial by jury, tba 
lust draw from tbe trial jury box of the court tbe 
contalnlne Ilia namea of the jurors, until tbo jury 
letad or tlie ballots ace exhausted. 
[tDBnlly. see. IM, mnd ddm: trial Jury, Hca, U3, IM. 
Tiiiiy-tondiictiK.aeo.607t(Kj..- wilyer of, mcMI; tm- 

tber party may cballenge the jurors ; but where 

reral parties on eitber side, ttiey must joiu In 

before it can be made. The cballensies are to 

iial jurors, and ore either peremptory or 

I. Cballenges for cause may bo taken o 
tbe following Erounds: 
mint of any ot tbe quaMcBtioos pieacx^^iiA V^ 

totorenderaporsoncompetcnlaaa-^OSW't ' '-" 

QSSk TBtAL BT J7ST. !<■ 

2. Consnngulnlty or afSnit? vritWn the f ©ortli fltpw I 
any patty; 

3. StaadlDK in tho relation of gaardian and wud o"- 
ter and aervHtit, employer nod clerk, or principii M^ 

3[ent, to either party, or being a member of ibe familja 
tlier party, or a partner iu liiiHiuess with either panj. "^ 
Buraty oa any bond oroLligatioa for either patty; 
i. Having served as a juror or Iieeu a, witness c 
" a the same parties, for the 


IS the jury is completed, an oath it 

niQiarered to the furors. In substance, tbnt tbe; 
icli of them will well and truly try Ibe matter in 

etween . the plaintiff, and , defendant, and 

verdicC render, acuordinR to the eTideuce. 
adminirtraiion o(— see sees. 51IB5-;()97. 

li ry 4re abae rt m ndl u 

Sana r » ur m £ L 

7. When the jury has beeii swoin, the trial inuHt 
1 ia the following order, unless tba judge, for 
reasons, otherwise directs; 

be plaintifE, after sCatin^ tba issue and his case, 
roduce the evidence oa his pait; 
le defendant may theu opeu liis defense, and offer 

' 'n support thereof ; 

a may then respectively offer rebutting 

;e ol iuB 

rlglnai ce 

lien the evidence is concluded, unless tbe case Is 
ted to the jury on either side, or on both sides, 
t argument, the plaintiff must conunanco and may 
le the aremnent; 

eeveral defendants, having separate defenses, ap- 
r dlSerenc counsel, tbe court must determine their 
a order in the evidence and argument; 

rt may then charge the jury. 
at prooT, dlureiion of oonrt, u la-gcaetaUy . KC. 'AC-, in 
Htiil.tes: party.coiilrolof.ove^BCal.SO; tsCB.\.»M-, «»!»*- 
nacy oS erldeate. sees. IWit-IH7l>. 

laiOK 1, FlglBtHTs BTidonce— proot ten«"^*i ""> "" 
iBwf * BeHmlanifs ovldoDis— seenotcto svAft-^- 

„,«. »'■ »"■ 

, in writing, of tlio points of law c( 

tlngteatimonr-WCal.mi fi Cal. Si: coasCltDtlaiut praTlsloii, 

eitlona of fut— jury eirlsslta jadgvH ol. CoDBt. Onl. art. & sec 
cc. 'iW. alta sec. lUUl; 17 Cal, MM. anil MS uuOor ChabqB to 
ir.iii/rii. laa alia, [grjarj'. In IIIi«I,sea UODSt. CM. art, l.see. S- 
Birs Ii iarr—Seapi </, BM Initrtiotiinii, nmarallri Wa^ uul 
iBlliuInicUoiia, aec. liOSH. Cmulruetiiiaiif.t CiH.r,ti K Cai-tt; 

bMHOCBLEtS. L<mmaHtn,on,»Mti<lta,iu9ra,iLaA1 CtLiUt 
aaiim; mt^.KB^ u csL mjiii caLOUi iemJev.Vimiii 

KIW. lofb, ISW, 4 ^ae, C.L. J.tiU: M^Viiil^ena.WltclieuTApiU 
(IS: W Cal. tej, ana see AaaoHtSQ Faot, on.lec InslmotloBa 

1-23 ca. 

dni— aea spKlBl Instnti-timH, ace eoDn, Am 

II CbI.S03| 20 cat. is;; lU Col. Clll 93 Cal, :i^; m i,d>, ^«: 0j 1.IS1. 
at. Ohaiga in— ue CuAnajB to Jurt, noM inpro. OoiuUGt- 
WB OOHTBADICTOBT. Oontndiiitarf— or iHBOUUteDt, H OL 
IB CsL gn; 41 cm. M^i 44 CiL U, iia^ U (W.tU; M CaLMTie. 
got— «ee tBoPSs. Bqiuty— jpecul Issuoa, T Cal, 424. £xTaiu- 

£ ULUS; 43 CaL 34, ilh; a UL 9M. MA. W. au, 7a>< Bluk ■- 
|beri<0>"1> Stb, UW, t Piw. C. L.J, S!; KnFwiaeD >, UltebalU 
FtelU^BlU.C.l.J.M;Sirscntii. Linden a.lLCa. Hnr 
t^r^.n,.. ^ . r .... - — le e.litiBB, May Wtli. 1880, BPae.O. 





WCtLSga. Faol, onqBat- 

iAjiTUiaiHt.lSM.til-K.C.KJ.IM: Faitev.Bar- 
e Poc, C. L. J. iM. OeneraL too— I CaL HA. 

" Ai. iHSTHtroTiOHB, »er. OWb. Aioontlt- 

.., '. IrrSBanailsblB-HieCoKTBADiOTOBT- 

r>of-aBouote,«jira. Libel-Const. CuLsrt.l.sao.fl; 

LlH. MalisimiBpnnwcatioa— 3>Ca].8H! KICHLHBi saCoLUO. 
jMona to-flee Ezobftiohs, niuler Bpcdal Inatnictiona, sec. 
mni-M Cal, S74. Fiatfiic(Ha~«e«aiider Special laitraoiianB. 
IJH, Vaitlnanay at aTidsnos— sulnuittiiiit. 4 


S 609. \Ybere either part; asks specia.1 fiistniettartli< 
be Eiven to tlie jury, tlio court must oitbet gi« tad 
instcuction, aa iec[iieatea, or refuse to do so. or gid ))■ 
ioatiuction. nitli a modiflcatloa, in such ma,noer ihu <t 
may diatlnctly appear what iQstructions were glrt» M 

Addinglo— 41 ObL M. Askine-OCal. 197; 16 CaLTS: WClLS.f^ 

BSCiLGia: ■Wllltamflii. HMtloni Fire Ins.Co. Manrb tttb.lM 

0.L.J.2-S. Dlmganllag-* CBL !«. BsceptioM - --- 
notes. Grrantins—aCii.seOi ISCaLmi 17 CaU 143' 4 
itring-^e ADOina to, Geantiko, PASsnta on, b^UDN 
AHKiHQ. Faaajng oa-mumeroC,! CM. i;ji a c^. wti^^ 
683; SSCm-MO; H OiiL JW: 91 Cal. 101-. »7 cm. IM; 40 CU.K 
ieE:HGal:aAi>KKi>7o.aRAiiTiBa.inoiiipnt(o, EUin 
HntiaE-asB AsEiaa. FraiHjwd—a CtJ. 187; SB CBLHt. 1. 
time [)[, !9 CaL ^'>«. B«(iual of— proMr. S Col. 471- ■4V. ■ 

2a,3stti SOI. U3i uciLEW; 'iBOBlu«inm.»i^a 

Miijr Ijil.. ISSI): luiptoper, a oil. Ml; 9S Cal. ei T: J™"" •-" "* 
TurlDg.SCaLS;-, Sf Cal. tni; W CnLtiO; reapie n. aii < 
:^d,le80.SI'iic. C.L.J. S18:8)einenii>. Klwn, Marcli Si 

§ 610. When, ia tbs opinioa of the conrt, it li 

for the Jury to have a view ot the property whl ' 
Habjecb oC litigation, or o( tbe place itt wbicli any 
fact occurreif it may order tliem to bo conduett 
body, under tbe cbatga of an officer, to tbo p" 
shall he shown to tliem by aomo parson appom 
CO lire for that purpose. While the jury are tb 
no person, other than the person so apnointod. r i 
to thum oil any subject connected wlta the trioL 
VlowoCpremi»»-lSCaL127i *9C»l,Mr; MCl»LUi 
§ 611. If the jury are permitted to sepi 
during the trial or after the case is submitteil K 
they shall be admonished by the court that ii 
not to converse with or suffer tbeinselvos to 
by any other person on any subject ot the triiU, ai 
it is tljelx duty not to form or oipress an o]"'~" — * 
until the case la Anally Biibujittoil tr " 

mporaiy receu— qneitlou u to applia 
3 G12. T3Y«n\-jeUTliistordeIibfl 

denco io the cause, except deposition 
papers as ougbC not, in tbe opinion _. 
taken from tuQ person baving tbem ii 
tbeymay alsotake with tli 


I S ^3. Wlien tbe caae is flnallr submitted to the J1117, 
Ithey may decide in court or retire for deliberation; if they 
__..__ -,. — jaaat be kepi together, in some convenient 

.., r cbarse of an officer, until at least tbree- 

TthB of them agree upon a verdict or are disclmraed 
.. tbe courr,. Unless by order of the court, tbe i^ier 
BTiog them under hia cbargemuat not suffer any com- 

' ation to be made to them, or make any bimself, ei- 

„. .0 ask them i£ they or tbree-fourtbs of tbem are 
^ed upon a verdict; and be must not, before their ver- 
it i» rendered, communicate to any person the state of 
1r deliberations, or tbe verdict agreed upon. [Id effect 
hlOtfa, 1880.1 

WCal.tXl; :iCBl.3ni22Cal,^l4S. Ja/luniao/jadgt.iaCal.lie. 
fxkrH>foiinhB— agreement of, amilt, IBBO; see ConsL Cat. art. l.secT, 

LS 614. After the jury have retired for deliberation, if 
"— e be a disagreement between them na to any part of 
UfUimony, or if tliey desire to be informed of any 
l^pf law arising in tbe cause, they may require the 
■' tn fiiMiriiiKi. ritiifi^ into court. Upon their being 
. information required must bs 
a the presence of, or after notice to, tbe parties 01 

1 noa-Jiicllcliil dityi, sec 
37 Cal. Z7t. 
5. If, after the impanneliag of the jury, and before 
. a juror become sick, sO' as to be unable to per- 
is duty, tbe court may order liim to be discharged. 
. case the trial may proceed with tbe other jurors, 
lotlier juror may ba sworn and tbe trial begin anew; 
e jury mriy by 'iischargcd and a new jury tben or 
vard impaun.-l«l 

ill! 1 I lit! d is charged, ot 

I of at 


ie Hubiiiitted ti 

KL... _.._ 

„ d verdict, a ^ ^ 

case of an ajjceemeut duritig a recess or » 
the day. [In efiect AUicli lUth, LS80.] 

Sealed verdicl— lirlnglniln, 13 CaLWI. 

Aclioamannl for term— effnct of, betore amdt. 
Cal,l>t-I: iilHiJlllDii of [eniiB.ti]rGoiut.IgT9.8eessa.1 

their names ualled by tlie clerk, and the v 
by tlieir foreman; the verdict must be in 
by the foremau, and must be read by tb 

jury, and the inquiry made whether ii 
Slither party may require the jury to bi 
done by the court or clerfc asking each Ji 

TordicC; if upon sucb inquiry or polling, i 
fourth of tlie jurors dia^ree tliereto, the 
Rent out again, buc if no such dlsagrsemeii 
tlie verdict is complete and the jury dischj 
case, ila efTecC March lOtb, 1380.] 

Thns-foanlu— Bgreeineut al. see see. elan. 

TBrdictrecciTed-oniigD-Jud!claldiT,UG. IM. 

PollioB jury—™ CiL 69. 

DlsBsnliQE— more Unm one^auitli, aoulC. leat; gi 

L ^iKmaffener^or 

Ferdlct Jn Mliooa toe Ibe i 

very of speclQc i^ernmal prop- 

I § G24. Tlie verillct of a juiyiaeitliei general or special. 
A general Terdict it that b; wLicb tbey pronounce gener- 
, ally upon all or any of the issues, either in favor of tha 
L plalutiff OF defendant; a special verdict is that by which 
' (he jury find the facts only, leaving the judgment to the 
■ court. Tlie speuliil verdict must prHsent the oonolusioaa 
of fact Q9 established by the evidence, and not the evi- 
j dene e to prove them: and those conclusions of fact must 
,o jircsentcd, as that nothing; shall remain to the court 
to draw from them conclusions of latr. 
Tvnlict, Boopo af--i:oDBiieclbf p]paillasiaudIS9uca,3CBl.l93. 2«1| e 
u ..n. -.^, .r^. .. .■^_ y,j. sEilBclent form.M CaL179; MCaLBKi 
ipc. )T3; 3 ChI. in: Plffctmentln,iio(™.7tlt,T«! 
-, -. - ..EDCrall)', INTENDMKNIB.KSC. Ma: Dew trUll 

Sectlnic, sec. 1117. snbd. 1 aoil note: lolnt itefeniUmta, 
i 11 ca. :!Ii M Ckl. 123: waiver of Infdnnslliy Id, H 

verdict or Anding m 

action for the recovery of money only, at 

jf_nal property, tbe jury, in their discretion, may 

. general or special verdict. In all other cases 

_l may direct the jury to find a special verdict 

ing, upou all, or any of ttje issues, and in all 

_iay instruct tliem, if they render a general ver- 

P to find upon particolar qaestiooa of tact, to be stated 

pgrriting, and may direct a written tliidinK thereon. 

. ,_. _..... .l-J.- . V^ m^J ^^ig ([,g g,g,]£ 

ivTi! a special finding 
i-TiCTal vocdipt, the 
n. must fiivejudg- 


lisbed, esceeding the 
established, the jury 

§ 626. Wlien a verdict la found for the plaintifE, in 
action for tie recove^ of money, or for tha defenJ 
for the recovery of money is eji 
amount of the plaintiS'a clain 
must also find the amount uf 

Amoant at reconry— Watson r. Dunon, Marcb Stb.1<«C,i Pa 

§ 627. In an action for the recoTetv of stiecific : 
aonal property, if the property has not Wen deliverf' 
the plainiiff, or the defendant, by hia answer, claim » 
turn thereof, the jury, if their verdict bo in favoro: 

Slaintiff, or, if beina '" fa^or of the defendant, thev . 
nd that lie ia enlicled to a return thereof, must find 
value of the property, and, if bo instructed, ihevaln 
Bpeci lie portions thereof, and may, attlie same rime, is 
the damages, if any are claimed in the complaint ct 
Bwer, nhich the prevailing; party lias sustained by Its 
of the takinic or detention of such property. [In el 
July lat, 1B74.] 
TurdictiiiTeplaTin-TCal.MSi BCU.uSi aCaLZIlj MCd.1C 

g 628. Upon receiving a verdict, an entry most ban 
by the clerk iu the minutes of the court, specifyinti 

time of ttlal. the aamt^s of the jurors and wilnena,! 
aetliag out Ihe verdict at length, and vrhere a speciil « 

-"-- ia found, either the judRiaent rendereii '' — -"" ** 





j g 36. From and after tbe takiOB effect o( this act, it 
ftny debtor or iiisolveot sbsll, aftei the commeacement oE 
procesdings in insolvency, secrete oi conceal any proper- 
W belonging to Iiia estate, or part wJii, conceal, or de- 
JKroy, alter, mutilate, or falslf7, or cbuho to bo concealed, 
destroyed, altered, matliatcd, or falslQed, any book, deed, 
dociunent, orTrrltlngTElatlng thereto, orromove, orcaoea 
to be removed, tlie same or any part tliereof, with intent 
bo prevent It from cominE into the jiosscMion of tbe aa- 

*"■ '". insolvency, or to liloder, impede, or delay bis 

n recovering or receiving the same, or make any 
, gift, aale, assignment, transfer, or coaveyanca 
Any property belonging to bis estate, with like intent, ' 
flliall spend any nfirc tliereof in gaming; or shall, witii 
. — . to fliifraud^ willfully and (mudulently ct 

E anyperson havlngto hia knowledge or belief proveda 

Ibo or fictitious debt against bis estate, lie ahall fail to 

•close thu same to his assigDee witliin one montb after 

D the knon'ledge or bfUet tiiereoFj or sball at- 

aecount for any of Ilia property by fictitious lo&a- 

f expenseai or sbalt, withia three months lieCore tbe 

unencement of proceedings in insolvency, under tbe 

,a pretense of carrying on buHiness and dealing in tbe 

Irf y course of trade, obtain on credit from any pei' 

fsny goods or chattels, with intent to defraud; or shall, 

Bhintentto defraud his credltom, within three months 

:t before tbe commencement of proceedings in insolv- 

V, pawn, pledgL', or dispose of ©tberwiso tban by bona i 

■transaetions in the ordinsK """ ""■" ' — "' * 

' ir chattel* v" - ■ ■ 



and remain unpaid tor, lie shall be deemed guDty of aa- 
demeanor, ancl, upon conviction thereof, shall bo pui- 
ished bylmprtsuiiment in the cauQtjr iatl for not leanhu 
three months nor more then two yeara. 

Concealing propoTt7, Qto.—Bfie Feiul CoUe.fiec. in, 

Fnadnlaat deBliog iTitli baol 

EVand— iwc, 49ii ; IPCal.UI 


§ 57. If any debtor sliall die after the order of » 
MioD, the proceedings shall be cODtltmed and cone— . 

tn like inanner and with like validity and effect ai if % 

had lived. 
Cgntlnaanos of prooMdiDgs— alter OesUi oC p 

8 58. Pending proceedings by or aKtunst a^, , 
copartnership, or corporation, no Statute of Ijmilal 
this State sliall run against a claim which in il 
provable against the estate of the debtor. 
Llmttalioos generally— aee Code Civ. Proc. sec. Win. 
§ 59. Any creditor, at any stage in the p 
> may be icpreaented b; his attorney or duly anilil 

I Taltamiy'-aeeCDdeClT.FrDC.He.nSed 

f g 6a It shall be the daty of the court havios ia 
Hon oflhe proceedings, to exempt and aetapM^Uut— 
and bRoelitof said iaaolvent Buch real and person^ ll 
erty as is by law exempt from execution; and atsoar" 
BteBid In llie mauner as pmvidod in section one '■ ' 
four hundred and sixty-five of the Code of C 
Properly exempt Irom BiBontion-iiee Code Clr. I'loc. ■ 

g 61. The filing of the petition by > 

upon which an order of adjudication ,_. 

he made by the court. Bhafl be deemed Is 
mencemeut of prooeedlnES '- ' — ' — 

g €2. TVorda used In this act 

■■- -iluTa\,aii4m V\iB \>Viital,''~ 
itor" iiii;\M4ea 



QaNBSAL Dbftnitioks. SS 1823-1839. 
Xlfl L Or Qene&al Fbikciplgs. S{ lS4^18Ta 


m. PHODrcTioN OP Evidence. 5S 1981-20M. 
XV. Effkci of BTiDaMCE.S 2061. 


VI. Etidencb in PABTicin,AB Casks, ams Gxxrbai. 
FBOvisioKa. {} 2071-2103. 


HeveraLdf.-gr?Bac}C evldcoca specUlHd. 
Bt^coniLitT evidence deased. 

I nai^^ae«»renCB defined. 

go. prinuureviiieQCB defined. 
BM. Partial eTldeui!S defined. 
83t. BaUsractoiT enldenca defined. 
BSe. Indlapemobls evidsQCB defined. 
837. CuncriLiiTSeviaEncBdefined. 

ua.' (iQiroboratlveeTldence deODBd. 

g 1823. Jadiciat eridence ia tbo moans, a&nctlooed 1>7 
ftw, of Etscertatning in a jadioial proceeding the tiutli 
Mpecting a qneation of fsct. 

Brtdenos-lawof.Eec.lSU: kinds or.8«-.1327: deiiiBeiof.gec. IH29ri 
H.: nlDTuicT ot, BBF9. iBM.lgTIi: RTOilnctlaD oF. ue aec ISH, subd. 3, 
Me: value and esecl or. IBS BBC ]SJ9, s ntid. a. uote. 


L825. Tbe law of evidence, wliich i» tlie anbjsct of 
.„ pare of tlte Code, ia a collection of general rules 
ItalJIbhed by law: 
1. For dectaiing nliat is to be taken as ttuB without 

a, For declaiint 

b aia dispulai 

V tbe ptoduction of 1eg;at evideDce; 

s«? „i..,; 1 _i...,,ror ia not legal; 

cases, the value and effect 

SDBDivjstOH !. PTsmmptlonB-secs. 1S9S, IMl-iBOuHlnain. 

SUBDIVISION 3. Prodnation of STidenc*— sera. im-^WL 

SrsDivisioir t. SiolnUon of avldenoe— sees. MST. UN. 

SC^iviaiONS. Vilne and aUct of aTldaaoa-^ecStliilKn 

§ 1826. Tbe law does not require demonstratioii: IbB 
^ is, such n decree of proof as. excluding posilbilU!' °f 
error, produces absolute certainty, because aucb pnwf i* 
rareiy possible. Moral certainty only is roquired, occlul 
de^ee of proof wbicb produces conviction in aa auiiv 
udiced mind. 
Proof— SBC. l«H arid note. 

§ 1827. Tliere arc four kinds of evidence- I 

1. The knowledge of tho court ; 

2. TliB testimony of witneBaes; 

3. Writings; 

4. Other material objects presented to tJie senses 
SuEDiTiaioN 1. Koo»ledg« of ihs conn— aoo. 1875 udii 
SUBDIVISIOK 2. WilneajBB-MCS. 1878-1884. 

g 1828. There are several degreea 

1. Primary and secondary; 

a. Direct and Indirect; 

3. Prima facie, partial, satisfactory. indispeiisHbif, » 


fiidireut cTidence is that whicli tends to eatab- 
lact in dispute by pto^Idk anotber. and which, 
rue. doea not ot itaeU conclusively eaiabliBli tliat 
. wlitcli (iffords an inference or pceaumption of its 
e. for example : a witnass proves an admission 
arty to tlie fact in dispute. Tliis proves a. fact, 
ilcli the fact in dispute is inferred, 

3. Prima facie evidence is that which suffices for 
f of a parliuutar fact, until contradicted and utst- 
other evidence. For example: the ctrtiUcate of 
ing ofiicer is prima/aele evidence of a record, but 
CCeFffard be rejected npon proof that there ia no 
Old. I In effect July 1st, ]8I4.| 
uiis BvideaoE— sul of corporatioa u, K CiL 19!. 
bl* prasumptiDn-sec. 19BI. 

i. Partial evidence ta that wliich goea to establish 
ed fact, in a series tending to tlie fact in diapala. 
lo received, subject to be rejected as incompetenl, 
ouneoted witli the fact in dispute b^ proof ot 
cts. For example: on an issue of title to real 
, evidence of the continued possession of a re- 
cnpant Is partial, for it is of a detached fact, 
ay 01 may ttot bo afterward connected irlth the 

tM i^Ul th« tact in diipats-Bec. 

5. That ovidencB is deemed aatisfactory which 
y produces moral certainty or conviction In au 
lined mind. Such evidence atone will .iustiCy a 
Evidence leaa than this is denominated alight 

to JDitltT verdlflt, see. IWI, silbil. t. 
i. IndiapensabLo evidence is tlutt wiChont nhich 
' " " It be proved. 

t. Conclusive or unanswerable evidence is that 
n lair does not permit lo liu contradioled. For 
\i the TBCord of a court of competent! jurisdlotion 
m MMradliBted by the partiea to it. 


^n "S.'SSSS 

~ SfA. "" " " ' ""S^S 

«■ FaorawhlcHma l»pn> a atrl»L 

g 1844 T direc e d n e of one wib 

itfed to full credit is auffioient tot proof a 
cept perjuiy ami treason- 
ous wtUHK-wltneu. deflnitloD, sec. inS: nib 

srT-"-st ""'"""--if 

§ 1BS3. Tbe declatatlon, act, or omiai 
dent, having sufficionC knuwledge of the i 
liis pecuniary interest, ia h,1ho attmiasible 
lliut extent ogaiast liia successor in ioterea 
Oecedenl's dscUiatl 

§ laS4. When part o£ an act, declara 
tion, or writing is given in evidence by 
wliole on tlic s.imo subject may be inqulr 

3. When tlie original i» in the pusseaaiua of ibe | 
SKiuiisC wliom ll>o EvidBDce is olTcred, unil lie fails U: 
duce it nfter ruauoaHblci noticei 

: 3. '\Vlien tli» origitial 14 a rcconl or otliei docume: 
Hie custody of a public olGcc 

r . „- 1 — al!iaali._ 

made evideuce by tliis Code or c 

r B> Wlien tlie original oonsista ol . .._. 

""f dooumetits, wllicli cannot be exmnlned ii. . 

It ftieat loss of lime, anl t.liQ evlilcnce aought froin 

s only tlio eeneral tHsult of tho wliola. 

■rln tlio coses meiitioneil in subdivisions three and four, 
ipy ot tbo original or of tbo record must be produced; 
■'■ i«B menlionod ia subdiriaions cue and two, oithet a 
)r oral evidence of tbe conte-nta. [In effect July 1: 

'^ ~ \ ot pmitisn—9 Col. tSU', l0CaL1%. 

dudes deeds and willa, as well as coau 
Parol evidence iaadmlBBible-COTarvorcoi 

4JCnl."j51:'l,iPCri,l, Mli il Cal. S4liis ( 

§1857. Tl:ol;insii!ig,>*.f a AvriUDg Ig 
according to tlie meaning it bears in til 
-— ■ — uiileaa tlio partiea have referee 

§ IBSa. Iq tlio conatiuMi 


iBiatent, tlio latter is paramonnt tn tlie former. S« a. 
uular imeut will coattal a geuural one, that Is IncoD- 
It with ie. 

Uiafiiciiif Cal.4i4: <Jvd?s.£iCiil.lui: iitiil conaictlnK 
bs/b«. iSn. CWnj«((.fi™o;W!(. se.ieinUy. la Cal. 17J; 2J CH. asS; 
I. S39i 26 Cal. 135i 3B Cal, !T I; 4fCal. US; <7 Cai. tii; 43 Cal. in: 

WT: IJ L'aMo;i,'5i'''; II ^J^i^ iy/nji;;'lfl Clj,*29j IS CaJ.'fia: w'cal! 

J.*M,4V'lV'.):<!i.'-i:,"'.-ji'i'ia'. "^ii:'l'-i cJ. W, Iso, 26^, M2, Ml jsi 

T^o, C. U.i.'i'iT; 111'.. H!,v. i L.aoi!.B.Jorilan, Mw 1B01.1S«, 
C.L.J.Sal:iiuilctcooaL.Cal. u:a,i3 Cal.IUi WdUn. KeaflflO, 

Bd, USD, 1 Pbc. G. L, J, B'.'^: HrDonaUl e. Fatteisod, Hircta ^<l, 
PicG.j4. J.41|£i pans Tolancl, Uanh IMb, Uao, s Pao. C. I~ 

l^«t V.AllDn, HkrcbHril, ISSO.S PacC.L.J.IiM: Swing n. 

ign^. jDiie ub, 1980, B rac C.L J. £23; Denuaiiil ■. Dunn 

lliblSM,BPw:.U.i..J.Bn; S.F.c.B. V. W. Co.. JuneSlind.iesO, 
0.1>J-6»| Ouklatid TBXt-Book Oue.Juna SSud.iesO.S roc.C. 

BX. Camlallce Ualfita. tee. Kn; W Cai. m. Caralivs ocli, a 

.Sit: XICsLtW; all Cal. OH; is Cal. Uu: paxtleular In^lancea, 4 


mlOMla. mI I 

dDds,aeeHO.Y"i>niil~iliUv/ci,^ii I -Iji'ilbr 

[FlBhbecki-.l'hu.'iiiiJTj.-.. <\i,M;i«Ii;4il.,l-il},0Viii.C..I..J.':^-. 
BM B. ILiri/ivJ >■. iij.-. cv., Jidi- li j:iik, i^.-u,i. i'i..M;.1^3.ra; 

El«?iS''j?'i ""/Code, WC6. isM-iwi. n3i.na3,na*j3ata.»«*- 

W.3!U! a^ Cal. .17li; 60 Cai. sVl.VVI. **■>:• 
^'M-'BMSlf'^- MO.-ii.Mii. (ii4;*B-.leaS:**^S3 
•y« ISsa S fac. C. 1. J. •>: iUiulitioii, 


g 18CO Tot Oie proper constractioa of an taOm 
tbo eircnintt nceaiudCTwliioliifwaa madt inolndtt 
Bitaation cf tl o ^ ib ect of fl o mstmnuttit, an I o[ U 

ma r 4t 23cal.>i9 BOi 

§ 1861 h rm i wr Hng are presamed » 
l)eeu used in their primary and Kenerai ticeatalim 
evidence is uoTertbelrasadnrissibTe that tliey&veal 
Eechaical, oc OTtierwisa peculiar itiitnification, uri M 
useil iluil uu<lontoo(l in tlie particiaJar iustanC*^ la* 
caso tbu ogrcemerit must be construei] aceoRUn^ttM 

§ 18C2. Wlien an instrument consists nutljd 
woF'ls aud partly of a printed form, naif tlie M 
ouusistcat, tlie former controls tlie Intter. 
CoinpiiTo— CIiII Code, Bes. lUI. 

. „ i undecstiiod by the ei,, 

dencQ q! peraons skilled in deciplierfng the cL_- 
v/bo iindctstaud tbe languajre, ia ndmissible Utit 
cboractfirs or the meaning of th 

§ 1864. Wlicn the terms of .^ ~ 

intended in a different senae by ibo doioi 
lliat BonSB Vft X.Q "CTft-^SkW mwinst eltL4i ran 
Biippoaei t\io oftiM M.vAgWKA'o^Ma. yhai 

\>o taknii wbicli isinost faTijral>la to tlio party ii 
ror tbe provision was mode. 
-Civil Code.seoi. lM:i, ICM. 

s terms. Ilias, a iiatico to the drawers or in- 
I ii bill uf excLan^o or promlEsory note, that it 
protostotl for wunt of acceptanco or payment, 

« import tliitt llio Ham« baa been duly pro- 
r acceptance or paymeot, aad tbo sama Tcfiisi-d, 
lbs liolder looks for payment lo the person to 
a notice is given. 

':. 'When a. statnto or instritmeiit is equally sua- 
jf two iuterpreta lions, one in favnr dI 

the other aj^inst it, the former is to be adopted. 
. None but a material allegation need bo proved. 

Blicgatian— <1eflneil. sec. 4U: In cnmplilnl. aw Ood^ 
tx.iiUif, UCal.lSJi not cODtrovuited, BCD. «U. 
L Evidence must correspoud with the substance 
Cerial allegations, and be relevant to the ctucst Ion 
\ Collateral questions must therefore be avoiil- 
, however, wltliin tho discretion of the court to 
qnlry into a collateral fact, when such fact is dl- 
uiecte<l with the question in dispute, nud Is es- 

its proper detfirminutton, or when It affects tho 
~ a witness. 


(Tldaiio«— rsnalnd, ( Ckl. ZS9: 31 Cil. 
C»L«M,M9: Bmltnt-.^^Brsr-^ " '■- 
FTnQ: wloilMlUla urlileui^e uiidi 
Ml or exocpUon to oir lOenco, 

M CiLTu/ciBdltiUltr 

i Each party mnat prova hia 
Evidence ueed not be given 
Ration, except when such neEati^ 
utlpart of ttioBiatemont of the ~ 
t cause of oatioa or defeoM ia f r 

r 1S70 


of a document, the eustocly of whicli beloncs to itol 

AffiriDBtiTe allaeatioBs—kdialtled facts neefl not tiepntnLW 

- " lI,lM;*3Cal.K.1;47COI,ai,a«ir ■ ' 

lu.uuii s. va^ IWj (:n;iU. a Si I>oii»[her'- - ■ 
»1W1. C.L.J. 81: EaUmlsBlon on pli.'adlii 
.... „., sfc^j^ 

- rraud-W CU. 3SS, HI. (__ 

i^ri'.'^ L.fivii.j ,^.|■. 1-^'B « jM.innjor required, •««. UdH 

MaiTiagB-sro. 13W, aubcL Mi 4f Ml. B3I: breach of u 
llist htiud, juora. MoaBF paid— actliMi for, &■ "-■ *^ 
WagllgenoB-Slcai. [l7B|«li_WC^,«"- — >>-■ 

S 1S70, In conformity 'n'ith tlie precedinc {Tcn^ 
ovidence may he E'Ven upon a trial of lie fdk^ 

1. The preciaB fact in dispute: 

2. Tlio net, declacatioQ, or omiasion of a party, m4 
ilenco ngaluBt such p:;rty; 

3. Au net or deiuuration of another, la tlie jifW 
and wilhin the oXiBstvatlou of n, lurty. aail liU cooJ^ 
relation tlioreto; 

i. The net or declaration, verbal or tctit! 
ceased person in respect to llio telationsiii 
-- " -■' ■' any person related Lv i 

,,..^ wd per.tnn; tlio not or ji 

deceased ]icrsun dniia or inado ugrtin 

Bcopc of tJifl partnerabip or ngency, and dnriDg ils 
enca. The huius rule applies to tiio act or ileuara 
a joint owner. Joint dBbWr, or other person joimly later- 
«Ble(l nitli tlie party; 

0. After proof of a conspiracy, Ilio act or doclaiatloD of 
a cooaplcalor ogaiiiat liia coconspirator, and relating to 
the conspiracy; 

7. The act. declaration, or omission forming part of a 
transaction, as osplalned in section eieliteeu liundred anil 


f .JiaBdwi....^ . ., 

[I nanon or liandwnting; Jiis opinion ., 

' MKB, act, or trade, when lie is aliiiled therein ; 

, 30. Tho opinion of a aubscri Ling witness to _ „ 

He Tulidity of wliicli is in dispute, respecting; tlio inent;Lt i 
aidty of UieBigner; and the opinion of an intimate r.c- I 
^~ - '-"■ — ^0 respecting tho mental sanity of a person, tho 1 

for iho opinion being given ; 

11. Common reputation existing previous to the eontro- I 
r, respeciiog facts of a public or general interest mora J 
thirty years old. and in cases ofpedigree aod bound' 

Usage, to explain the true chacac 
'nRtmment, ivliero such true 
plain; but usage is never adi 

■ J3. Monumenta and Inscriptions in public jilaces, a . 
Mice of common reputation; and entries in family bi- 
Jm. or other family nooks or cbarts: engravings on rings, 
l^liy portraits, and tho like, as evidence of pedigree; 
' 14. the contents of a uniting, when oral evidence there- 
il ifl adtnissiblc; 

■ IB. Any other facts from wliicii the facts in it 
nK aa ^une<l or are logically inferable; 

■ 18. Such facts as serve to shaiv the credibility of a wit- 
explained in section eighteen hundred and farty- 

I ariience required— mo. 1868 snd nnt*9. 

Freolu bet— In dl^itt, hinils "t i ' 

rosudBEiaiid k 
ULai M.Vt (.: 
PoUtlcal Codo a 

4 10 Cal B" Ootporalion jO bI 

DoEiaEiiH— 1 Cal U4 A Cnl 4 < t ru 

IS Lai (73. Dstms-lS UO. 4a0 Eb 

Exsmptioiu— ID CaL log Forcible 

t^ I^and-7 cm 3»l » GoL MS 16 

Innprofti Hetlnjhl, Feb 4lb ]8W * 

5 J 1 Land oasea— ojectmmt. 

1 SlCaLlM JB Oiii.slO,:a 

ua WCal M9 «TCa1 m 

IB, fil ciL » US. Fcncl- 

-I ill CbBpnuui ii Qnlnn 

aUOag c B mB, H CaL "It 

w 1 rn^*t "scoi aoi 

tm Hota-^C: 

Marriage breach of 

Ij CaL ill 6U U CaL 

H cm, M», A Cal. ^j» 

^ WC^HS <5 CaL SM UCaL 

HCa}.a3t. £raspau-WCil.Hi). 


Of the Kinds and Degrees of ZMdesi 

Chap. I. Knowledge of the conrt, f 1873. 

n. -Witnesaea, 6§ 18T8-1S84. 

HI ■Writings, 55 1887-1951. 

rV. Material objects presented to tbe mumi, e6 
than writin([3, S 1991. 

V. Indirect evidonee, S§ 1957-1963. 

VT. In dispell 5 ahip grid enm, ^j I!i6^-I'v:4. 



L875. Conita take judicial iiottce of the foUowiut* 

The true aiKnillcBtian of all English words and 

sea, and of all luRul expreHsluiia; 

Whalercr is estnblislieil liy law; 

Fublio and privalo olticial acts of tlie legislative, ex- 

Its, aod judicial departments ot this State and of the 

ed Slates; 

Tbe«i:alH of uU the couits of this State and of the 

ed Stales; 

The accession to ofBce and the official Hignaturea and 

I pf olBceof the principal oflJcera of governmeDt iJi 

^IslatiTe, eKeculire. and judicial departtnentB of this 

9 and of the UutK^d Stales; 

Xhe existence, tillo, uational flag, and senl of every 

) or eoTCreign TecoRnlzed b; the executive powur of 


Xlie Mala ot courts of admiralty and maritime juris- 

on, and of notaries jmblic; 

The laws of uatuce, the measure of time, and tlie geo- 

hiCBl dlvlgioDa and political history of tlio world. 

all these cases tho court may resort for its aid to ap- 

ciate boohs or documeuts of reference. 

itabJJclkpd br iaw~iitutever la 

' ail w. stm/u g 
nu. C. L. ^. IXL M 

J IBIS. Wltnefaea deBned. 

i ims. Ail pcmnscaiiableof peiccptionsandcamia 

! m. Persons uhorannot test Lty. 

S m. PcrsonsliiieniUiircliilloiislo parties proUl,! 

« aw. IVIicn iivWlJesca jietsopu iniut testily.*^ 

S mi. .liKiKO.iraJui-onnayiflWUnesa, 

1 as*. WtteoaiiiaKmreiettobBawoni. 

§ 1878. A witness ia a person whosadec] 
oath is received asBvidelicefor any purpose, 
declaration be made on oral esammatioa ot 

Compare-sec. 2003. 

Oral eKamiiialioii— BBC. 1844! genetal ruios of, »ec. 

Depoaidon— Sf FS. acl^SDH. 

§ 1879. All persons, withont exception, c 
I^ speciU'CiI in tuo uexC tiro sections, who, I 
of sense, can pert^eivo, and, perceiving, can 
their percepllonH Tool hers, maybe witnesaes 
neither parties noc oilier persons who Lave i 
llie event ol ao action or proceediDK are i 

account of tbelr opinions on matters of rol 
altliouRh, in every case, the credlbUity ol 
may bo drawn in question, as provided in S6. 
hundred and forty-aaven. 

irg: not for usOooaUty or color, (i CuL ST- yomem 


?lalm OF dranani.! against tlie eatnle of n decesseil 
as to any matter of fact occurring before tli- 
auoli deceased persoii, [In effect April IClli, 


L There are particular relationa in wlilcb it [9 the 

' tl3e law to eDcourage conlidence and to preserve 

(te; thereforx, a person oannot be exumined aa u 

In the f olloTrlDg cases : 

luaband canuoc bo examined, for or aj^inst hia 

thoat ber consent; nora wife for or aeuinst her 

, without bis conseut; nor can either, ilurine tlie 

! 01 afterivard, be, witbotit the consent of the 

amlned as to any commuQication made by one to 

T during tha marriage; but tbla exception does 

y to a civil action or proceediEg by one against 

r, nor to a criminal action or proceeding tor a 

ramitted by one RgttlDst the other. 

attorney caonot, without the consent of lii.i client, 

ined as to any coronmilicatloii made by tho client 

ir his advice given thereon in the caarsa of pru- 

. employment. 

iGqtyman or jiriest cannot, iTitliout the consent of 

)Q mufaiiig the confession, bo examined as to any 

>u made to liim. iu bis professional character in 

IB of discipline enjoined bytbe church to which 


Censed pbvsician or surgeon cnnnot without tlio 

8. Pablic writings are: 

I vrrittea acts or tecorda of ilie acta of the aover- 
horitf, oE official bocliss and IcibuDnla, and of pub- 
SB, legislative, Jadlcial, aod executive, wlietber 
itate, of tbe United States, of a aister State, or of 
1 country ; 

)lia recoidB, kept in tl:is Statu, of private writinita. 
iBiOK !. Oenified cony from recorfi— as primary art 
C»l. ilOi 62CaLl!l. 

9. All other ^Tritings ate private. 

§ 1892. Every citizen has e, Tiabt to inspect m 
copy of any public writing of tliis State, except M 
wiao cspresaly provided, by statute. 
Public rocordi, ate, epea to inipecUon— PoUlioa Cn*. ■■ 
g 1B93. Every pablic officer Imviag ilie cosmtj^* 
poblic writing, which a. citizen has a right to IbomK* 
bouQil to clve him, on demaad, a cettilied copru M 
payment of tllQ legal fees therefor, and sucb cop*!** 
miss ill] e as evidence ia libe cases and with likeUbi* 
the original writing. [In effect July Ist, ISTl.] 
Oertifled oop7-from recorrta, as prJmaty i™i(lenee,«»C»l.a» 
§ 1894. Public wrltingaare divided intofoordM 

2. Judiciai records; 

3. Other official docnmonta; 

i. Public records, kept in this Srnte, of priTMevdl 
§ 1895. Laws, whether organic or nrdinai?, lu 

§ 1896. A written Iciw is that which ii 
WTitiog, and of which a record it ' 

g 1897. The organic law Is the coDstitalloa «l 
meat, nod In altogether written. Other tnitu 
denominaited statutes, The writtea law of tl 
thetutoin coiAaiiKA'HiWA Constitution and SC- 
in the CouatvvmiQti a-oa teMa.'ua (S. -lia, tlaiied SI 

§§ Z899-I904 

§ 1699. Unnrltten law ia tUe lairnot promulgated and 
recorded, ax mentlooed in section elghtaen hundred and 
ninety-six, but wLich ia. nevertheless, observed and ad* 
ministered in tbe courts oF the coaatiT. ll lias no cer- 
tain repoajtury, but is collected from the reports of tlia 
decisions of the courts and the treatises of Itiariied mf~ 

§ 1900. Books printed or published under the a,. 
tboritf of a sister State or foreign countrj. and purport* 
laj; to contain the statutes, code, or other written law ot 
such State or country, or proved to be commonly ad- 
mitted in the tribunals of such State or country, as evi., 
deuce of the written law thereof, are admissible in this 
State as evidence of such law. 

' Books— bisianeal. eto., tec. 193e: tesort to, »o. 1879: autborltr oI> 
■ fllBl*r SlBtB— scopa o[ etpraralon, lec. IK*. 

t ■ 1901. A eopy of tbe written law or otber tniblla 
ir^tlng of any Btato or country, attested by the ceruflcata 
■( tiie officer having charge of tlie orisiaal, under the 
Miblic seal of tbe State or country, la admissible as eri- 
lenceoE such law or writing, fin effect July 1st, 1874.] 
j OoitUleiiM-^BqulsUes of, sec. 11123. 

[S 1903. The oral testimony of witnesses, skilled 
^lerein, is admissible as evidence of the unwritten law 
t B sister State or foreign country, as are also printed 
aff published books of reports of decisions of the courts 
fiuoli State or country, or proved to be commonly ad- 
' itted in nuch courts. 

I 1903. Tljo recitals In a public statnte are coDcluslve 
Hence of the facta recited, for the purpose ot carrying 
" " effect, but no further. The recitals in a priTale 

.^e are conclusive evidence between parties who 

a under Its provisions, but no further. 

»„„ ^ „ „ ^„„.. of justice, or ot lliB otaiAaV 

t> of a Judicial oMcer, ia an aocionor epeclaV proceedins- 
maiBl^ racordt-iaOgiaeatroll, kc. 670; papers \n \UBO\?eioCJ,W 

g 1905. A judicial record of tl_„ , .. 

United Slatea, may be proved by the production — 
original, or by a copy liiereoE certified by the clerit . 
other peraoo naTing tbe legal castody tboreot. Tliui' 
Bister State luay be proved by tlie attestation o( '' 
clerk, and the aeal of lia court annex^, if tben b 
clerk and aeal, together with a certitieate of l*-' 
judgo or presiding maftiatiate, that the a 
duo form. 

Jndlcisl IBCOTd of tlUi Stale, itc— need 

13 Col. Mil ul Vollea States . 

dtm ■ 

leritof i| 

§ 1906. A judicial record oE a foreign coaotry ■ 
proved by tbe attestation of th© clerk, with the k ' 
court annexed, if there be a cleric anrl seal, ( 
ieeper of the record, with the seal of hia of 
it there be a seal, tteetbcr with a certificalt .. 
JQdgB, or preaiding magiMcate, that the n«isoQ n 

I «ei 

Q ia the clerk of the coiut, or tjje loral h- 

1 record, and, in either case, Uiattbasignatmaff 
■■i=raon is genuine, and that the attestation ia in ^~" 
ICbo signature of the chief Judge or presiding n 

must beautbentieatedhy tliecertificataof tham— . 
uinbassador, or a consul, Tice-conaul, or consnlarif 
the United States in such foreign oomttrv fin eT 

1st, 18Ti.] ' '■ 

roreign jodgmtni— SB Cal. «S. 

§ 1907. A copy of the judicial recotd of » 
country is nlso admisaiblo in evidence, upon proi 

1. That the copy offered iias been compared bi 

nesa with the original, and i? "" ' 

-whole of it; 

2. That such original was In the custody of lb* <i 
tlie court, or other legal keeper of the same: and, J 

3. That the copy is duly attested by a mU r 

proved 10 bo the seal of <he ootot wLa ' " 

mains, W it 'be ftie "cecOT4.«J. &caan; or U 
«ea\ or U it ^i" tw>t aieiani^S. « -— ^ 
o£ the iBgaWcB^et dl \iw at*"'- 

lie, or of tbe United States, liiving jurisdiction to pro- 
uoce tlie jadcment or order, is as follows : 
1. la case ot a jadgmeDt or order against a speciQa 
IDS, or 111 respect to the probata of a, will, or the admin- 
mtion of tlie estate of a. decedent, or in respect to the 
rsonal, political, ur legal cooditioiior relation of apar- 
ular person, tlie judgment or aider is conclusive upon 
-.1.1.. ._.u.*i.! — 4.1 ill ir (Mjniiiiisiralion, orthe cott- 

)r order is, in respoct to 
..J, concluaiVB between the 

.a interest by title subsequent 

jtot tlio action or special proceedine, 

igatJDK for the Hame thine under tiie same title and la 
) same capacity, provided tbe? have notice actual or 
[iBtruotlve, of tbe pendency of tlie action or proceeding. 
I effect Jul? 1st, lli7^l.] 

). In other cases, the judsD 
) loattar direc^ '" ^ 

IS, the judgment 
:tly odjutnred, i 
successorala inl 

iwj n cai. nx: whi 



order; Fiimtily, deflned, M Cal. < 

■ullsralsaecl.JICal. K 

idJHiVrata. U Cal. ex 


required, SI 
er of.43 CbI. ai9: reforda ot Boird oC 

yHUIti^(^U7;U ^JlU-Ktt^ <1iamliml 

^: llCal. Ki 44 OKI, i^lti « CaLug. Mil 40 CbI. CMj U Ol. in, 
1fCi.'-iiir-.i «w. .1 f.i ,in. ii.,.h... _ ii~«iiiiiriy, Marcb M, IM, 
I or Inierlor Conrti, U 


o^ervlaa or In 

lUon-collatentl BttKk en 

■ ■ — ISli HCal- 


8 1909. Oclier judicial orders of a coart o 
tub Stnte, oT of tba United States, create a dUpana 
uresumption, aecordinjtto the matter directly dctena* 
butirepn tlio same parties and tbeir representatii^M 
mi:Dtof tlie iictioD orRp^L'iul proceeding, litigating !«(■ 
BtiDie thing under tlio esimQ iltte and ia the same ofwV 

Qlipotabls piD9iUDptloiu— sea aeo. Ises ana notta. 

Patiien and priTiaa-eeo ae-c. 190B, taba. 9n. sec. Uit. 

§ 1930. Tlie parties are deeuied to ba tbe Motf <M 
tlioso between whom llio eridence is oRered wen* 

SOBite Bides in tlie former cans, and a judgmentti "' 
ctcrmlaation coaldin tiiat case have been made be 
tliein aloao, tliough otber particB were joioed wakP 

g 1911. Tbnt only ifl deemed to have been wi, 
a, formec judgment wiiicii appears upon its f ac« UHj 
been bo iidjud^d, ot whilcli was actually a " 
iueludcd tbercm oi necessary thereto. 
See matter directly adjadgad- 

§ 1912. Wlienevsr, pursuant to the lost foutM 
patty i9bouTi4\i3 a. record, and aach partyeui' 
relation ot a autcv^ \ot ■fl.-oE««™,v^ Wmt H »L„ 
trotnllielvmo l\va.<."ViB>«»xi^™*nft -itsia^eaafc^ai 

Iho detenae. 


§ 1913. Tho effect of a judicial ractird of a sister State 
Is tboBLime iotliis State aaiotboStata where It was made, 
'«xc(spt tliat it can ociybs enforced here by an action or 
{^pecIel pn>ceedliiic, aiid except, also, that tbo aathority of 
!% guardian or commlttuo, or of un cseciitor or adroiaistra- 
^r, does not extend beyond tbu jurisditiion of Ilia gov- 
emcoent under wblcb he was invested with bia authority. 
Jadgmaiif Dbtained in another State— by pubUcatlou ~' 

. fi 1914. The effect of ibo judicial record of a court of * 
amolralty of a foceiga country is the same as if it wete 
.th« Tecoid of a court of admiralty of tbu United States. 

ir tribu- 

tryh ■ " 

a judgment ogainat a specific thing, the 
^.tdgment 19 canc1ui<lve upon Ilia title to the thine; 

S. In case of a judgment against a penoD, the judeTnent 
|l presumptive evidence of a right aa between the partiea 
Uul tlieir Hucceesoia in iutereat liy a subsequeut title, and 
gBnonlybe repelled by evidence of a want of jurisdic- 
'""1, want of notice to the party, collusion, fraud, or clear 
— '".e of law or fact. 

. g 1916. Any judicial record may be impeached by er- 
'"-nee of a want of jurisdiction in the court or judicial i 
er, of coliusioa between tho parties, or of franu in the , 
; oSering the record, la respect to the proceedinss. 

Oj.i J . ti — — . . ^ ((j,_ ijj. ijy giiHol, 




* 1917. The jurisdiction anfflcient to sustain a record 
jurisdiction over tlie cause, over the onrties, and over 
~' ' ;, when a specillo thing is the subject of the judg- 

I 1,918. Other official documents may be proved as fol- 

„ Acts of tbe eiecutlvB of tills State, by tbe lecorfti ot 
^ Btate Department of tbe Stale; and, o£ the "UiiVeaL 
,^ea. hy ibe reaortls of the State Benattmenl ol tbo 
Sam Sates, cert med by the (iea.l9 of iheiae aepaTtmeiaXs 
'— */FB;jr. Th«jr laay ttlao b:i provcil \)y piAiUo Aoc^v- 

t printed \>j the order of tLe Legislattin a 
TT either bouse thereof; 

le proceedingH of lUo Ijegislature of this StaU 
T, by tlio Journals of tUosa bodies respective 

Csof tbe executive, or tbe proceediitgi 

wof a sister State, in the same manueT; 
[ I lie executive, or tba proreediogi 
\ foreign conntry, by joartuiis pol 
irwitbority, occommonlyreceiTedia tfanto 
^ or by a copy certiaed ander the eekl 
IfoiBovereigD.orbyarecoepitiontheTeuf il 
- ot the executive ot theTJnited States; 
of amaniolpal corporation of this Slal«i 
■ department thereof, by a copy, certified *" 
ler thereof, or by » printed book publii'' 
ritr of such corporatioo ; 
._jt9 of any otliet class in this Stata, ^ 
by a copy, certilied by tbe legal keejier 

of any ofber claes in a slater I 

vtati^ jndgM of tUe supremo, HI 

najvi* of » city of such Blate, inai tno copy is am 

itr.1 by tbe officer Laving the legal costody of U 

S rvionments of any other class in a foreign e 
Vj tJio or^nal, or by a copy, certlBed by tbeTeg*! 
tti«m>f. with a certificate, under seal of tbe oon 
niiTJvigu. tliat tba document is a Talid and sbI 
d.vnmentof euch country, and that the copy ii di 
lili«4 fay Ibe officer Laving tbe legal custody of ill 

Ueroof. [In effect July iBt, lET-1.] 

SCBDtTtBIoa' i. Maalslpal corpontina—u c 
SrutTVUtOs «. OerA&tA. «i«— or document 

war r m og. §§ 1919-23 

pablic record nf a private writing may bo 

I oclgiDBl record, cr by a copy thereof, cectl- 

legal kaep«r of tho record, 
■•ooid of a pilTala wiMnj — certlllBd topy ot: ilinlds 
C«I..W; fal.JlU: eipedlenta of Meilcan gmnt.Sl 
conaolUliulo'a, ai Cil. 3U. ' 

). Sotriog In public or otber official books or 
mode in Ibe perfotmanco of his duty by n pubtio 
lliis State, or by UDOttaet pexsoD In ttio peifonn- 
1 duty apeclallf enioined by law, are prima facia 
I of the tacts stated therein. [In effect July IsC, 

m, of ilie proceediues ia the action before tlia 
it, of tlie executlou nnd retam, if any. subscribed 
istice nnil yerliieil in the manner prescribed in 
section, la admissible evidence o{ tbe fucU stated 

urtlior certiflcate o( the clerk or prothonotary of 
ity in whicti the justice resided al the time of 
g the juilcmeut, under the seal oE the county, ot 
of the court of common pleas or county court 
certityinf! that the person subacribing the tran- 
is, at the date of ttie judgment, a justice of the 
tbe county, iiud that the signature is genuine. 
Igment, proceedings, and jnrisdiotion may also 
d by the justice himself, on the production of bis 
ir by a copy of the judgment, and his oral exam- 
.a a wittteas. 

3. Whenever a copy of a writing is certified for 
ose of evidence, the certificate must state in aub- 
lat the copy is n correct copy of the otigiiiai, ot ol 
3d part thereof, as the case may be. T\i6 cort\ft- 
st M under tbe official seal of lite cer\iit^Va% 
' tbem be aay, or it he be tbe clevt ot a coatt 
aaal, under the seal of suci) court. Vln. oOocV 


isof the pre cedine seel 
cIb applicable to the public writinEa of a si 
equally — "— i-i-*-.' 

§ 1924. Thepoviai 

rticle applicable to tb 

ttreequallyapplicableto thepul . . 

Btaie3 or a Territory of the United States. [In eB«cl Jolj 
1st, 1874,] 

§ 1925. A certilkate of pu^(^llB.1e nr of lacation of uj 
lands in tliis State, i«>»ueil or made In pursuauM at of 
law of the Uniied States or of lliia State, is primw; •"■ 
itence tbat llie bnlder or aasisaee of such MrUficatelidi 
owner of tlie laud, doscribed tberein; but this eridHM 
may bo ovcireomo by proof tbat at the time of iba h* 
tion. oriime of filing il linverapllon claim on whid* 
a,te may tiavebeeii issued, tbe land tros in tiitv 
verso posaeBsion o£ the adverse party, or tho» iBi* 
whom he claims, or that tha adverse party is Iioldiof ■)■ 
land for mining purposes. 
I , OeiUflcBla ofpnTsbBu-adTdnepomeBaloii, detendialdi 

iTBte wrltlnEs nckDOnleUgeil and certlfled. 

rrivate writings are either— 


Uon— betweeDeenledaud unaealed wrlOms, aec 19K, 


A public Real in this State in a atamp or im> 
ade by a public ofllccr with an instrument pro- 
iw, to attest the execution of an affltial or pub- 
iQt, upou tbe paper, or upon any substance at- 
bb paper, wblcbla capable of recelviug a visible 
I. A private seal may bo luado la tlie same 
Y any instrument, or it may be m»de by the 

pen. or by wrltine the nord " seal" against 
are of the writer. A scroll or other sign, mado 
State or foreign country, and there recognized 
aunt be so regarded In this State. [In etCect 

a of hbI~CIvII CoQe, mc. lEK ; i Cal. 7311, 3\S. 

There shall be no difference hereafter, in this 
nceu aealod und unsealed writings. A writing 
I uiay therefore be chaaged, or altogether dla- 
y a writLug not under seal. [In effect July Ist, 

The execiiiioQ of an Instnunent la tbe sub< 
3d delivering it, with or without affixing a seal, 

■a?, *Sf):^°lo"i^Sig.6 c"l?blTi; II Cii'.'bk-. i.\ CaV-^ll'. 
1, beluro UUtiocEJou alwIMieil, lij Cal. AM. 

An agreeinent in writing without b. aea\, ^oi 
miM or Bettleiaent of a. debt, ia &a oWigaWjrs 

le parties, are prima fat 

ODd Ufty-liTe and uinateen liundred and i 
has Iweo 3osl, proof of tlie Icisa must ilis^ | 
evidence caa uo giveii of itd conteata Ui 
lieing made, together with proof o£ the da 
the writing, Its contents may be proved bi 
a recital of its contents in some authentic S 
the recolleocion of a witness, as prorld 

§ 193S. If the writing be in the custody 
barty, lie must first have reasonable notic< 
If he then fail to do BO. iJie conteuls of Ih 
be proved as in case of its loss. But the 
duce it is not necessary whore the writi 
aotioe. or wlieco it has been wrongf aliy ubi 
held by the adverse party. 

X the Bnbscriblag nitneaa denies or does u 

rfid eiecution of the writing, it- *■ 

Dved 1)f other evidence. 

Where, however, evide ._ 

YlBt whom the wrillDgla offered li ^ 

its eiecuiion, nootlier evidence of tUeexecntion 
iren, wlien llie ioslnimeDt is one mentioned in 
neteen liuudred and iortj-R-ve, or one produced 
;u9to<ly of tho adverae party, and liaa beon acted 
im aa genuine. 

The handwriting of a nera' 
e who U«lleveB It to ha Ills, 
, ot lias seen writings pucportioB to he his, upon 
lias acted or been chained, and who has tJiDS 
I knowledge of bis hand writing, 
on orhandwriUng— lICul. :Mt c iperU, M Cal. 4S3. 

Evidence respecting the handwriting may also 
by » comparison, raada by tlio witness or tho 

writings admitted or treated as genuine by the 
inst whom the evidence la offered, or proved to 
le to the satiafaclioQ of the judge. {la effect 

"Where a writing is more than thirty years old, 
rtBona may be made with writings purporting to 
le, and generally respected auif acted upon aa 
lecsons having an interest in Itno wing the fact, 
ion— IbM anclDnt nrlling [a genaine, sec. 1P63, solid. 34. 

The entries and otber writings of a decedent, 
r near the time of the transaction, and in a posl- 
low the fofts stated therein, may ha read as 
e evidence of the facts stated rieruin, in the fol- 

1 the entry was made against tba interest of tho 

1 it was made in a professional capacity, and in 

iry course of profeaaional conduct ; 

n it was made In the performance of a duty 

snjoined by law. [In effect July lat, 1874.] 

1 books— reprated, MO. 1M7 : as evidence In Iwoiottmit) 

Whoo an entry ia repeated in the losola* 
maeaa, one being copied from anoUie^ ■» p' 

near the time of tto transaction, all the entdei 
equally regarded as originala. 
Entry copied-ltom alate, IJ CaL JI73. 

in tlie 1 ^ „ 

otconvcyanoesof real property, and the certJficMerf 
ackDowledBment or proof ia prima facie evideiHe« 
executioa of tlie writing in the Bama maittier as if " 
B conveyance of real property, [tn eCecC July Ii 
Coaveyancfl of real propflrty— as ei ' 

g 1950. The record of a conveyance of rest n 
or any other record, a transcript of which is adia^ 
evidence, must not be removed from the of&ceW 
kept, except upon the order of a, cour^ ii 

inspection of the record ia shown to bi, 

just determination of the cai;3e or proceeding pi. 
._i .1., . ;, t..,. :_ •! ^ bnildiog n 

i.ucuin the Civil Code, niay, together with the ctiu 
of acknowledgment or proof, be read in evidence. 
action or proceeding, without farther proof; HBd • 
tlfied copy of the record of such conveyance or ii 
meat ttiua acknowledged or proved may also tM R 
evidence, with the like effect as the original. "" "" 
affidavit, or otherwise, that the original is n^,, 
session or under the control of the party pro 
certiHed copy, [In effect July Ir* •*" ■■ 


5 1954. Wheneveran objacC coKaizablo by tLe Mnsi 
has Buoli a n^lation to tbe fa(^c in illgputu as to afford tt 
•onftblogrounds of belief reBpactiDK il — ' '-■ — "■■ 

^ the jur3-, L 

JWprOTBd by witnesses. '. 
taaat be regulated by tlie i 

, _r character may 

iduussioa of tiuch evidence 
(I discretiou of the court. 


L Preaumpti 

( fi 19S8, An inference is a deductioa which tbe reason 
if the jury makes from tho foctH piovitd, witboul on ex- 
pus diiectioD of law to that effect. 

g 19S9. A presLimption is a deduction which the law 
^cprewly directs to be made from particular facta. 
t S 1960. Ad Inference must be founded — 

J, Ooafactlegnlly proved; and. 
'3, On snrh a deduction from tliat fact a» \a\lt.rt«iMA, 
If B conBideratJoo of tbe itsual pxapeusitlea or pa^aawna ot 
*— tbe partlcalar propensities or pa&Bioo» at thopciso^ 
■ -"' '- '" guest/on, the ci>urBe of busineBs, of ^"^ 


commiSiSion of an unlawful act, for tbi 
iug another. 

2. Tbe tratb oE tbe facts recited, from 
written instrument between tbe parties t 
Biiccesaors in interest by a anbaequeTit lit! 
aoea not apply to tbe recital of a considen 

3. Whenever a party has, by his own i 
or pmisaiOD, intentionally and deliberateli 
believe a particalar thing true, ood to ac 
lief, he cannot, in any litigation arisin 
declaratfoQ, act, ot omission, be permitted 

A * 'isnot percnitted tofleny the* 

le of the commencement of 1 

e of a wife cohabitine ■will 

E impotent, ia indisput^ly p 

lord al 


6. The judcmentoT orderof a court, vrh 
this Code to be conclusive; but such jn<J 
must be alleged ia the plead inga, if there 
nity to do bo; if there be no such oppom 
ment or order may be used as evidence. 

T. Any other preaumptiOD vrMob, by 
pressly made conclusive. 

uvmaivcE, etc. 

a cbl m [fit Gal. 

4M SCll 

Col OO Bu <] I oL s 9 

1 Tenanf I dsnlal of iandlord ■ ntla— nlB ualnft, 
m BCsJ S9g.GH SCaLfiS ClJ. 33 3GbI»0 t 

£ln u Cal. St, 4 Cal 4M, « i n (M.^ gtoot at re 
CtH: rnJe Inapplioble, 3S C*L IC 

] g 1963. All otlier pTGSumptlona ate satiEfactory, if UO' 
nntiadictud. They are deDomlnated disputable pr&- 
ttDptious, and may bo controverted by otber evidence. 
mBloUoiring am of t)iat kmil: 
JX Tbat a person 19 innocent o{ crinte 01 mons- 

{ S. Tbat an unlawful a< 

IS done witli an uiilairtMl tai' 

t, ^a'^jwraooiuteudstlie ordinary conaoq.ttemsaot'Xi 


4. That a penon lakes ordinary cate of bia om n* 

5. That evidencowlllfullyaappresBefl would be >iTB» 
it produced. 

6. That higher evidence woald be adverse from iuJEr." 

I, Tliat money paid by ooe to ttnotlier was dne \« <■'• 

8. That a thing delivered by one to another belonpJ » 
the latter. 

0. That aa obligation daiivored up to the debtor la> 
been paid. 

10. That former rout or inatallmenta have beta pu 
whpn B. receipt for latter is produced. 

II. That things which a. person possesses are ovwd V 

a is tha owner of property from (i» 
-„ . ership over it, or from common rtja* 

kiun of his ownership. 

13. That a peraoQ in posseasioa of an order on bii 
for tha payment of raoney, or the delivery oE a thiefr 
paid the money or delivered the thing accordingly. ^^ 

14. Thot a peraon acting in a public office wm regni* 
appointed to It. 

I IS. That official duty hta been regularly pcrfonaol 

lli. That ii court or judgR, acting as such, whethwli'' 
State ornny other StatBorcountry, 1 . . ■. 

lESCE, ETU. S 1963 

bat u person not hoard from in serenycarsisdead. 
lia.t Bcqnic9(?enco folloired from a bdltif tliat the 
cquiesced in woa confortnablp to the right or fact. 
bat things have liappened accordiuK to the ordi- 
nrso of n;iture and tlie ordioary habits of life, 
hat peraona acting as copartners Lave entered into 
t of copartneisbip. 

iiat a man and wotnan deporting themselvoa as liua- 
ad wife have entered into a lawful contract of 

Liat a child horn in lawful wedliKk, there heing no 
from bed and board, is legitimate, 
bat a thing onco proved to exist continues oa long 
ual with things of thai nattire, 
bat the law lias been obeyed, 
bat a document or writina more than thirty years 
[ennine, when the flame has lieen since generally 
pon as genuine, by persons having an interest la 
Btion, and its custody has been satistaetorlly ei- 

bat a printed and published book, purporting to 
ited or pubtiahed hf public authority, was so 

or published, 
hat a printed and published book, purporting ti> 

reports of cases adjudged in the tribunals of tba 
r country where the book is published, contains 
reports of saeh cases, 
bat ft trustee or other person, whose duty it was to 

real properly to a particular person, has actnollf 
ftd to him, when such presumption is necessary to 

the title of such person or his successor in inter- 

be uninterrupted use by the public of land for a 
ground, for live years, with tbe consent of the 
tod without a. reservation of iiis rights, Is jiresump- 
idence of bis intention to dedicate it to the publio 

; purposi 
bat tlicii 

bat tlicie WHS a good and sufficient considera 

rhen two peraoDs perish in the same calamity, HncL 
eck, a battle, oracon1]agration,,iDditi3iiotshown 
jdjlrst, and tbcronreno particular circa mstaneea 
hich it can be inferred, aurvivorsaip is presumed 
le probabilities resulting from the strength, age, 
:, according to the following ruleii: 

vived. If the bl , „ 

FiftJi.—It one he under fifteen or ove 
other between those ages, the latter Is pt 

Pisinmptioiu— when railed. 21 CsL tse-. of km 
M^CaLaj;:robaninB,MCal.lJS«(: wbore two emul 

SCBDiTiflioif I. Innooenoe — ot crime or nton 

BcBDiriBiOii & HigiiBr erideaDa uO.'rant—a 
STTBikiviBioa 8 Thine deliversd ate — deed 
ICBiFins OH Title from pouaasiaii pr 

t OtSen dsamtd resnlwlT a 
SMiA IS. Beenlar paforma 

I, roKlgnlawB-Ilt 


DUsry— <1 Col. 1V7, Ancient wrltlcG^vIien deemnd 
Wg, Hubd. 34. Aultunticitr of booli— wLcu pra;uiued 
. U. Burial Breond— dFiUvaUan to pnbllo, ate Ities. 
fe— <9Cal. ii% Oammunitf preperlF— 1^ CaJ. usl- Oc 
BnpUDni— apc lBi!i and noica. OontiaQaas 
UKI, tulhl. 32. ODnmot— consldonitlon for,iec. 
rnniiica of a»cai<>r, sto.— sec. liMI. Dau— ol wi 
lO, nibd. a mil nule : oC lodo 

uon— piid, 



M) of biuinesi 


Ifiauiit-Mii. 19e>, anbd. 

■"TBDt mlU.BSc.lMS.s 

~ 9,Hc. lllG3,suUd.7: IncDoiilytreiuaiTgll 
WTiSSCol.KTi *4Cal.e3. Motary'imt- 

Obiljation doliTired back— lias lioeii 

I. Offiaer regnlarly appointed— «c. IDM.suIhI. 
. and JDdicial dotr ngnlarl)' parfomiod— nee. 

Bcea— fnlflnilW, sec. ]X3, euUd. I. Ordiiiaiy 
f ollonEd. SCO. isei. EubO. it and note. Ordinaiy 

»» Di iMinrBiOH:.— soq. Wia,silba. 3S. Ownarihir — "- 

l4V He 1B6D, Bubd. l"" from DWaflSfllon, Efcc 1963 ~ 
lanMp— naeuos pnaumcd seo ma euDd. U 
OMe,nc, "m nieDtflctltlamDuiioilu ClT 

p0r»DanatliaardfroT~ ■ '■ — 

.K and note fMaeaa. 
a note. Foarauor of . 
PtivatB liaiisict □ . . 

Otnat otdei^tor 4 * Promisi 

ptfto. — ImportaCDn ti ole Bee 

W.IIMOrtaiirBvlc i atypnaj 

BnrvayB 1 i butiWunioa 



rs ownership— sec 1 «a n 



olw 111 writing. 

^BdltTir writing. 

§ 1967. The law makes c 
tha Taliditf of particular ac 

S 1968. Feijuiy and treason i 
mony of mora than one witness, ^.^..ouu „, ..^ — 
mony of two witnesses to the same overt act; sndpsi*! 
hy the testimony of two witnessea, or one wilnes* * 
Corcoborating circumstances. 

of sectioii— application rssCiicted by, si 
. . _ nmnding proTiBion— CiTil Code, aeo. IM 
Beal pTDpeitr— i^BtatBi laLemt. etc., Id, conpi 

Ml of u]elDnitaclenb,IK 
bywrlUng, M CaL eI7. 
^ftiui-dvU CcKle, sac. 


3 1972. The preceding section must not be coil9CTned 
to affect the power of a testator In iho disposition of liis 
nal property \>y a last irill and testament, nor to prevent 
M^ trust from arising or being extinguished by impiica- 
Uon or operation of law, nor to abridge the power ot any 
irt to compel tbo specilicperformaocoof an^reement, 

of part perfonuauco thereof. 

»n«t«— imr - - - 

'tgiperton-. ^ __. 

I. IMi K ClI. M7l !4 Cal. 14-.>; SS Ca;. 6B] 3* Cal. 103; M Cl , „ 

..IN: eieculeiL parol i^fceement tucsiivByUiiil,iiaiitulilnBts(uHi, 

' ft 1973. In the foilowiag cases the agreemeat is in- 
(uld, unless the same or some note or memoraiKliim 
iSKof be in writing, and subscribed by tlie party 
piged, or by his agent; evidence, tiierefore. of the Qgree- 
0a% cannot be received withoitc the writing or secood- 
f evidence of its couteuts: 

%, An agreement that by its terms is not to be pei- 
' — aed within a. year from tho mulcing thereof; 

A special promiso to answer for tlia debt, defaalt, of 

, oarriago of another, except In tbe caaes provided for 

i, Section twenty^even hundred and ninety-four oE the 
'^l Code; 

Au agreement made upon consideration o( marriage, 
„ar than a mutual promise to loanyi 
A. An ogrecmeut lor the sale of goods, chattels, or 
-'-■(Bio action, at a price not lass than two hnDdreddol- 
uiileas tlie buyer accept and receive part of saeb 
s and cimtteis, or the evidences, or some of them, of 
_ things in action, or pay at tile tlmo Borne part of the 
pichase-money ; but when a sale is made by auction, an 
rt^hythe auctioneer ] a biasalo-boolf, ucthullme of tlie 
10, of the kind of pronerty solil, tho terms of sjie, the 
iw^ and tho names of the x*""!'""'"^ '^"t' person on whose 
KUDtthesnIaismade, laaeuilident memomnduni; 
H, An agreement for the leasing for nlougerpcriod.^.^twQ. 
Mfcar, (>c fur the sale of real property, or oi auiiAfexea^ 
Ibi«ui; anil eucIi agreement, if made by an Ble^'IiI ot ^^ 
tt^aoagbt !o be cbarged, is invalid, unless Uio wA^o"'*^ 
'af the agent be In writiDe. anbscribed tiv tbe T™ 

MherwliB.BCaLEU; iciLKB; VCal.n 
conaWemXloa lor larlieiuance, i CM. M 

al. ni: » 

ic.sni: exception. CM] C( 

Mlon *~ *"'" 

iioM, t IW. 4B 

BcBSinsiOH t. ARsemeot for sala of eoodi, 
BnBT of. «a 1 Cnl. llfi ^«>. Ciyil Coae, seoSnSTl 
3-KH: cDdtespondliigpronsron, Civil CodB,s«.lOT,j 
BM. l;4U: coiitraFtln writing, when proaomca, 1 i 

EooQi and chntteU, mwliiff crops are not. e Qal 
Bi«cki bouElit on Duugln. 41 CaL Hi. 

BTTBDiTTaion i, £.rneiaeo.t aa to rsal Dmnu 
ICjr.Jl CbLB^K CaLMOi<T cm. SIS: HuctJonlmi 
Code. B^ 1141: GOt^ful'sbj, not wIOi^^^m i 
wol icrs^^uiit to convey lauds, not wl tbln atant 

pal- 113; M CtL d 

Itl: BflrvtcMtn selllni land.n Coi: asnTnf 
^Ipojwrtominee o( voihal contraf t. 24 CaL in : 

noC to oppOH pi 

spccian p«i - -..,„. ,™„i 

90: verbal agreBinent to rEPonyP)' land. 4B Cal. 4iu< eutlrscaBtraotlnvalid,KCaL89' writliiKii 
ll CaL 210. ^ 


Of the Prodnction of Eyidenoe. 

'• I. By whom to be produced. §§ 1981-1962. 
XL Means of prodaction. §§ 1966-1997. 
m. Maimer of production. $$ a002-206(k 


r PBODCcnos. 


§ 1981. ThB party holding the afGrmntiT-e _ 
must produce tUe eTidence to prove it; tkcrctllC 
burden of proof liea on tba party wlio would be 4«ffll 
it no evideoca were given ou eiilier rIiIp 

less™ : nfflnMilTo mstwr In ■^wer, -wbaro. 8 CU. )1 i n C^W 
iDi^nt In. 51 CaLM; lomnlly ol. 17 Cal. IH; nioner lalil i^m 

51982. The party produclaj; a writioe •• i 
ich lias been alterad, or appears to have bMK 
after ita execution, in r part material to the q« 
dispute, BiiBt account for the appearaues or 
He may showtliat tlie alteration was made It 
■wilbonthisconcmTeiice, or vraa madetritlitlM 
the parties afEeoled by it, oc ottierwtee pKOiall 
centl^ made, or that the alteration did not « 
meaning or lannoaga at the instrnaient. It b 
ho may givethe writing in evidence, but boI ov 

AlMiatiaii— effect ol, M Cal. SlI: jmp?sc]iiiia cHnuUM 
l;i : In inillBOne|.[,B0cnl.M7: Heed ot acccnmiliwl«,n( 
clontly eiplained, H CnL wt. ^^" 

I'Tinted farm-ensoro in, 32 GhI. 88: 



eoted to a person and reqniritiB; his attendance at a par- 
icular time and place to testify ns a wlcneaa. It may 
lBoret]Diie liim to bring nrttli limi anybooka, documenis, 
r otlier tMoga under Tiia control, wnich he is bound by 
iw to produce in evidence. 

11986. Tlie subpcnna is Issued as follows: 
To require sttendaneo liefora a coQtt, or at the trial 
I! *ii issue therein, it is Issued undec tlie seal of tlie court 
(tfnte whicli the attendance is required, or in which tl^e 

SOB la pending; 
.-!. Toreouirea 

attendance out of the court, before a judge, 
uce, HI uiuvr oEBcer authorised to administer oatba or 
'.0 teBtimony in any matter under tlie lawa of this 
ite, it la issued by the judge, justice, or any other officer 
ire -wLora the attendance ia required; 
To require attendance before a commissioner ap- 
ted to take testimony by a court of a foreign coun- 
or of the United States, or of any other State in tlie 
*"'' o>~'"s, or of any other district or county within 

, __ before any oCBcer or ofBcers empowered by 

1«WB of the United States to take testimoay, it may 
' hy any jud^e or justice of the peace in places 
a tbeir respective jurisdiction; vitfi like power to 
tirce attendance, and. upon certilicate of contumacy to 
i court, to punish eootempt o( their procesa, OS auch 
jge ot justice could esercise if tbe subpcena directed 
•'attendance of the witness before their courts In i^ 
' ' sr pending therein. 

1967. The service of a subpinna Is made by Bhowln^ 
. original and deliTerlng tt copy, or » ticket containing 
enbstance, to t)io witness personally, giving or offering 


J entitled for travci to and from the place 

inat«d, and one day's attendance there. The serv- 

S.niast be made so as to allow tbo witness a reaaonabla 
B for preparation and travel to the place of atlend- 
- Buch service may be made by any person. 

I> If a witness is concealed In a building ot vessel, 

o prevent the service of a anbpcBna upon bim, ao-i 

or judge, or any officer issuing a. BobpiSTia., xotn- 

proof by affidavit of the concealmenl, ani ol v — _ 

ftlityof the witness, nnke an order t\iat, Oqq aUaxV^I 

..._ county eerre the subt . . . • — 

vitsocordingly, and lor ti 

li baHdwpr or vessel wlier 

11* Ai, ^/■pjwDn.— SB. 




„ — 89. A wilnesg is not obliged to Btt«Dd u i 
tetore any court, judge, justice, or any other ' 
of the county in wliich Lo resides, unfa ' 
leas tian thirty miles from hia place <•: 
place of trinl. 

§ 1990. A person present In court, oi 
jflicer, may he requirefl to testify in the =™uu __ 
f h& were in atteodAUCe upon a sabpcBna isaiMd 

§ 1991. Diaobodience to a subpisna, or 

hwom, or to answer as a witQess, or to aubscfil 
davit or deposition when requited, may be pt 
contempt by til a court or officer isaaine tlie . 
requiring the witness to ba sworn; ana if the .._ 
a party, his complftlnt or answer may be alrickam 

Disobsdienog Id nibpiBDa—te Cal. 83. 

Refusal to answer-^cc. S0B9; 39 Cul. m. 

§ 1992. A witness disobeying a Bubpcena 

to the party aggrieved the sum of one hundred 
and all damages which be may sustain by thi ' 
the witness to attend, -which forfeiture aad dai 
be recovered in a civil action. 

§ 1993. In case of failure of a witness ~ . 
courtorofflcetissuingtliesubiKBna, upon proof I 

Ico tliereof, and of the failure of the v' 

warrant to thu sheriff of the county ti 

and bring liim before the CDtlrt or officer wheM 
tendance was required. 

g 1994. Every warrant of conunltmeut, IsM 

court or officer pursuant to this chapter, miut 
therein, particularly, tlie cause of the commitv 
if it be for refusing to answer n question, such 

iri; lui- rciuaiu^ tu auanci- u quesnon. BUI 

ba Btoteii in the warrant. Aad every 
urtest or comrait a witness, pursuant to Uu 
must be directed to the sheriff of the connlr 
witness may be, and must be executed by 1 

eame manner as process issued by the " 

[In eSect A-ie^WSvV., va«l,\ 

8 1995. \i ft6-«V.iiM*'^<'^!*»HOB.,™„an, 

Q87 M£ANS OF PBODUOnOK. §§ 1996-7 


{mrpose of being orally examined, may be made as fol* 
-; 1. By the court itself in which the action or special pro- 
I ceeding is pending, unless it be a Justice's Court; 
g 2. By a justice of the Supreme Court, or a judge of the 
Superior Court of the county where the action or proceed' 
ing is pending, if pending before a Justice's Court, or 
^ 'before a judge or other person out of court. [In effect 
Apnl 16th, 1880.] 

§ 1996. Such order can bnly be made on the motion 
^iot a party, upon affidavit showing the nature of the ac- 
lb tion or proceeding, the testimony expected from the wit- 
• x&ess, and its materiality. 

^ 8 1997. If the witness be imprisoned in the county 
!^. vrheTe the action or proceeding is pending, his production 
^c TOBSf^ be required. In all other cases his examination, 
inrlien allowed, most be taken upon deposition. 


SS 2003-4 HANKKB or PBODOmKW. 




HODS OF Taking tus Tsstihovt or Winnua. 
I ion. Testtmony. in nbat mode taken. 
i WM. A iLepoaitloa deSned. 
iwa. Oral examination deaned. 
i 2MH. Sepoaltlan, bow taken. 

§ 2002. The testimony of witoeaaoB is taken, in lb 

1 MOB. AfflaaTllsanddeposltLoDs.hirwtiiJ[»n. 

1 1010. Evideoce of pubfliAtloD. nbit. 

iXU. Ami]aTll3 1n1>BD9ediaIiil9 SUte.bcroni 

Iieia. It made luadoitii 

nnlted eiatei. before wliora 

S 2009. An affidavib may be used toTerify apleadinK' 
er a paper iu a, special proceeding, to prove the service of { 
A summouB, notice, or other pupur In an action or special I 
proceeding, to obtain a provisional remedy, tlie eiamina- ' 
^on of a, nitne99, or a Rtay of proceedings, or upon a ' 
motion, and in any oLlicr case expressly peimittcd by 
acmie other provision of this Code. 

ITm of affldaviia-SI Cal. M3. 

StpiaiDre— not esatnllal, 15 C*L M. 

In foreiEn lasEDaEa-<'l<:luded, » Csl. (] 

ExtanI of affidavit-Si Col. sse. 

S 2010. Evidence of the publication of a document or 
notice rennired by law, or by an order of a ootirt or iudee, 
to be published in a DewspapeT. may be given by tue afll- 
davlt of tbe printer of the newspaper, or hia foromaa or 
'j^fncipal clETk, annexed to n copy of tbo document o 

) pubflcati 
Affldarlt af pi 

•.a when and tbe paper ia which 

g soil. If Bucb affidavit be made ia an action or special 

iding pending in a court, it may be filed witli tha 

or a clerk thereof. If not so mode, It may be flled 
tbe clerk of tbe eonnly where tiiu newapaper ia 

jd. In either case, the original affidavit, or a copy 

leceof, certiQed bv the judge of the court or cleik haviQ(~ 
I» custody, is jjfimo /aeie evidanca of the facta t 
— '- [lu effect Jnly Ist, ia74.] 

„ 2tKLZ, AnaflJdavittobeusedbeforeanycourt.l , 
officer of this State, may be taken beEoie auj V^&gv 
:kof an:^cpurt, or anyjuslice of the puacH ot iitA-Kt^ 

opy ^^ 

before any judge or clerk of 'a court of 
seal. [In eftect July 1st, 187*.] 

S 2014. An HfficUivit taken In at foreii 
used in Ibis Stale, mfly be taken before 
minisler, consul, vice-consul, or consul 
United States, or before any judge of a 
liaTioR a seal, in aucb foceigu country. 

§ 2015. -When an affidavit is taken be 
court in anotLec State, or in a foreign o 
uLnoueaa of tlie Bfeoaturo o£ tlio judge, 
the court and tlie fact that aucb judge is a, 
muat be certified by tlie clerk of the coui 

if; SHSSir "'"-«« 

§ 2019. In all rases otUef tliau those n 
tion two tbottaand and nine, where a wri 
under oatli ia used, It must be a depositii 
by this Code. 

§ 2020. The-teslimony of a witnesa . 
may he token by dciwsition, in an act! 



r 4 

3, When the w 
a. When then 

oE tbe witness 

tncsg resides out of tlie county in wliich 

tiiesa is about to leave the count? where 

. e ttied, and will probably continue ab- 

■eut wlien lUo testimony ia required. 

4. "Wtien tile nitDeaa, ctlierwlae liable to attend tlie 
ttial, is uevertLclcas too intina to attend. 
B. Wheu tlie teBtimony is reiiuired upon n motion, 

my otlier case wLere tlie oral eif"' — *' ' " ' 

■> not required 
'Q. "Wlien the witneM is the only one who can estahliah 
teta or a inct inatcrial lo llie issue; proi-ided, that tbe 
^wsition of sncli witness shall not bo used if his presence 
IB be procnred at the time of tbe trial of the cause. 
UeSect March 9th, 16TS.] 

'>BpoBlti(Ri— mode oC tKkln;, sce.Sm ; nha may lake, 2 CiL fS; aec 
hmbd.3; lnlbL5statc,tmnnproftnliine,aec.20111c(«f5.:nBmopBrt 

n — „ ,„,-,. -8J; Bcrilrnof,(7 l;iI: Ml; strict conatruotlOaSi. 

1 : omeadlDg ouiiWer after, « CaL ITt. 

^ . __t of this State 

liy be taken upon commission issued from tbe court, 
0«r the seal of tbe court, upon, an order of the court, 
* judge thereof, on tlioupplicationof either party, upon 
i» daj^B* previous notice to tbe other. If issued to any 
hos within the United States, it may ho directed to a 
moa agreed upon by the parties, or, if they do i 

ree, to any judgs or justice of tbe peace, c 

ner, selected by the court or judge Isauins il. 

r country out of tlio tTnited Stales, it may be di- 


tl>e qiicstioi 

to tliat nioile, the exan] 

lu iuterrof^toTiea. 

InTerro^tDriea— '^uesUon ud<1 onswor lu depot! 

§ 2026. The commission must authoi 

ioD^rtondmlulBter nil (latli t.n tlin uirni 


Ilia iateiraK) 
> hu wit.liout int«R 
n dispute, and to o 
ti Healed eUTelopo, 
i-sieuated or agreci 
>i otlier usualclia 

CeniflcaW-a _,_ 

§ 2027. A trial or otber proceeding mi 
poneO by reasoa of a commiEsion not i 
iipcm cvjdeacB, salisfaolory to tlie coiirt 
niuayoE llie witaeaa ia necessary, and t 
gcucolioa lieea used, to obtaiait. 

"antinnance— none. wbBro no aiUseoce In olital 

g 202a The depoaitton mentioned In 

b« uaKllllyel^he^ party on tho trial p' -"^ 
against any otlier party givin 
Bubject to all just esoeptions. 



Ltlie advetae |iarty previous notice oE Iho timo nud nlaos 

"-* exBminatiou, together wjlli acopy o£ uualUdavlt.suow- 

g that tlia cose is within tliat aectiun. Buch notice musb 

jat leoBt liva do ys, aildiog also one day for every t wenty- 

^ye miles of tlio dii^tanco of tlie place of examlnatloD 

o the Tesldcnco of llio person to whom tlia notice ia 

<fD, -mileas, for a causo aliown, a, juAse, by order, pre- 

"" ' " — is preacriCed, 



proof of 

I. Either party may attend the examination and 

km Hucli gucstioDB, diruct ond cross, aa may bo proper. 

|ni« depiwition, when tomy^leted, mast be eaietiilly read 

6 ttae witness and corrected by liiin in any particular, if 

'~ >Iredi it must then be aubsrrifaed by the witQOsa, certi- 

il by the judge ocof&cer tailing l lie donosition, inclosed 

Itn enyelopo or wrapper, aeuli^ and directed to tlie 

SVk of the court in which tha action is pending, or ta 

~ifa person as I be parties in writing may agree upon, and 

~ IT delivered by thajadga orofiicerto tho clerk or such 

1, ot transmitted throaehtho m=i!, orby someaafo 

» oppor:uuity; and there ujion such dfpo!:itlr)n may 

il by either party upon the trial or other proceeding 

. t any parly giving or receiving llio notice, snbjecc 

U legal eiceptiouB ; but if ihu parties att«ad at Uia ei- 
Itstion. no ohiection to the form of an iuterrogatoty 
t be made at tha trial, unless tha same was stated at 
'Imeof the e:camiDatiDii. If Iho deposition be lokea 
C Bubdivlaions two, three, and four, of section two 
land and twenty-oae, proof must be mada at the trial 
ik tba witness coutinues absent or infirm, or ia dead. 
B deposition tims taken may be also read in case of the 
Jiof tba witness. 

iltlon-atlcr noHoc, 9 CaL IT. 
M. U9! 19 Gil. iXi Si Cal. U. 

*■'- igalam exetotor, Bl CiJ. 101. 

33. HotVPitliBtandiiiRthe taking of a deposition, It , 

T l>e excluded from tho case upon proof that sufflcienE 
it given to tho party aguinst -wliom tt \a 
l)le him to attend tJio taking tlieieot, ot WwX j 
I not ia all respectB fair. 


§ 2035. Any party tooS^ictlon or m 

iu n, cmirt, or before a judRe, of n Btater 1 
ttie testimony of a witness residing ia 
" *n Euch action or proceeding, in tliB 

n tlia HI 

1 take s 

g 2036. If n, c 
l)i'6n issued fcotn tUo c . , 

irhieii Buch action or proceeding ia pen<l, 
tlie coromission to a jiidco of the Super! 
affidavit sotlstaetory to Iiim of ilio mate 
timony, lie may issue a Hal}pc&na to tbo i 
him to appear and testify before the con 
in the cpnunission, at a Bpecttled. tima 

effect April lULli, u 


§ 2037. If ft comtnission has not be 
appear to a judRe of the Saperior Court, 
tbe peace, by aijduvlt satiafaetory to liu 

1. Tliat tlio tesciniony of tlie -n^itnet 

2. Tnat a commlBalon to take the testii 
ness Iiaa not been issued ; 

3. Tliat, accorilinB to tbe law of tbe 
action or sirecEal proceeding ia pending, 


30(fl. LeBcUng qniist 

■BM. EvWenca at good chataetet, ithea alloBPil. 

Sh. WllUos sbDwntovitne&i iiur1ieluspecleab;iidTST»Iiirtr. 

S 3M2. Xbe order of proof must Tao regulated by the 
aund discretiou of the court. Onlinaril)', the party be* 
Ointllg tliB case must exbauat his eyidence befoia the 
»er party begins. 


_B from the c 

br. Dot at the time under c 

iiear the testimony of other witneaaea. 
Bxcliulo& of wimsues— pmpeT, fiJCiil.lll: discretion af couit,!) 
^m : eUea or itisolwylng urdec lor, Cal. MO. 

'S SOW, TbB court must exercise a reasoDable control 
~ec the mode of interrogation, so as to malie It as rapid, 
distinct, BO little liQnoying tu the witness, and as effiict- 
» for the extraction of the truth as may be; but subject 
-UtiB mle — tbe parties may put such pertinent and legal 
^BBllons as tbey sue fit. Tfie coart, however, may stop 
(S production of further evidence upon any particolar 
Otxa vbon the evideaca upon ic Is already so fall as to 
Ceolnda reasonable doubt. 

1 of eonrt— nveroinmloaMon.-tlCal. IM: mumerof wltnem, 
, KM: HappiuB tontisr icslimouy, 39 Cut sa. 

^ 304S. Tbe esamlnation of a wltnesa by the party 
VOducing him is denominated the direct examination; 
1 esaminatiou of the same AriCness, npon tbe same 
itter, by tbe adverse party, the cross-examination. 
« direct examination must be completed before tha 
jsa-examinatiun begins, unlees the court otherwise 

*6. A question wlilch anggeats to the witnaaa tVio 
ch the eiainining part y doaireB, ia 4cTionBon.yi&- 
E^eadins or su;jge9five question. On. a&itec% Bxaia^aii^ 
foa, le^i ' — ~- --- -" ' "■ '•'" ''^" 


'ing qaestSoaa are not allowed, e'soo'(A, V 

dJaoredon ol the conrt, under specla\ o\rc\Ki»X»xie«» _ 
'"appear that the interests of iuatioe tcjiom* ^ 


■ % 2047. A-witnesa 13 allowed to re&ieak kit ■- 
TeapectiuEafact. bfanytLintr written by faiaadttia 
liiadinotioaattlio time wliCD the fact octatmi^f 
diateW Ibereaf tei, or at nny other time -wbeuUiata 

freali in Uis memory and be knew that tbemiwn 
rectly stated in the nritlDe- But in sndi cast, i' 
iag mOHt be produced and may be aeen lir tbc 
party, wlio may, if lie choose, cross-esamide iha 
upon it, and may read it to tlie jiuy. So, bIso, a 
may teBtiff Irom such a writing, tbongh be n. 
recollection of tiie particidar fact?, bnt audi ci 
~~ — ■ be received witli caution. 

eihing memary— 4 CuL 1w. 43 CaL IK. 

eclion of writing— bUowh tg nrltuesi. u 

[^ 5 2048. The opposite party tnay cross- 
-witness as to any facts stated iu bis direct e: 
connected tberenitli, add in so doing i 
questions but if bo exaDune bun as I 
Huch examinatioa is to be subject to tbt 

chl 4M, 7 ciii hi It Cai id sa Caj tm stoppiiw ft 

sen tUM itopplns Dae ■ own wlueu, H Cal !£k^ 

S 2049. Tlie party producing a witness is not d 
to impeach his credic by evidence of bad cbaiactMi;!^ 
may contradict lilm by other evidence, and maytlwfl 
that he baa made at other times statements Ir — 
with Ilia present testimony, as provided in 
thousand and fifty-tiro. 

Scope of pn)Tiaicin-3« Csl. 3H. ' 

DiBcieditiDganD'EownwlIneia— i!1Cia.»Mt wben 
MCtl.see: nouscJor fontnullclln^ot time, 2; C»LS 

3 2050. A witness once examined cannot 
ined as to llie aaioB -maWn ■w'a.^siwit teavo of il 
he mav be Ic-esa^x^IlWl»»^o■Ba.■s i>»™ vmmk . 

IS granted or withheld, i 

51. A wituesa may be impeached by the party 
t whom he wus called, by coctiadictory evideuce, 
iVidence that his genyrnl reputation for truth, hon- 
r integrity is bad, but nut by evidence of particular 
'ul acts, except thaC it maybe Bhawn by tbe exam- 
L of the witoeaa, or tlie record of tbe juagmeDt, that 
been convicted of a felony. 

inictorifiiiowlBgaCcer JmpeKtiineilt,4ec.WS3n: Uf Joir founctk- 

S3. A witness may also be Impeached by evidence 
B has made, at other timen, Btatementa inconsistent 
is present teBtimony; but before tbia can bo done 
temenls must be relikted to him, with tbe oitcum- 
I of times, places, and persons present, and he muaC 
ed whether he made such statements, and if so, 
d to explain them. If the statements bo in writing, 
out be shown to tbe witness before any question la 
him conceminK them. 

iWmt i ia taman ts of wimen— Impeafhineat liy nftowlng. S 
WCaLlII.aji: I7L'11L60S;21 Cal.aa; 26 Cul. S9I: 21ICaLi2l, 
^KHlUCal.leJ: 41 CaL 4U; 47 Col. IM; tl CbI. B9, lU; 49. 


t93. Evidence of the good character of a patty is 
Dilaaible in a civil action, nor of a witness In any 

nntil the character of such party or witness haa 
npeaobed, or unless tbe issue involveB his cliatacter. 

54. "Wbenever a wtitiDfi ia shown toa wttneaa, it 
! inspected by tbe opposite party, and IE prov^Vj 
oess must be read to tho jury bafore hia vcbViiooiv^ 
iS, oritcHonot be read except on recaUing t\iB wV^.- 

I iMpectlon. whetB m*"^ 

lagpi of effect oi 
' polaLa. 

§ 2061. TLe jury, subject to the con 
ill tlio cases Bpecified iii tliia Code, are 
effect or value of evidence addressed 
when it is declared to be conclusive. Tl 
to be Inatnicted by llie court on all prop 

1. That tlieir power of jud^ng of tlio^ 
la not arbitraiT, but to bo exercised -witl 
and in auboniination to the rulea of evid 

2. That tlioyaronot bound to decide it 
the declarations of any number of witnei 
produce convictiou in their mlDda, agaii 
or agaiDst a pceamaption r- — ■ — — ' 
tlioir miniJB. 

3. That a witncHS falae in c 
be distrusted in others. 

4. That the testimony o£ au aj^compl 
Viewed "with distrust, and the evidence o 
eiooa of a party with cautloti. 

G. That m clvlL coBea the afSrmative o 
be proved, and when the evidence is c 
decision must be made according to tbs] 
evidence; that in cltmiiial cases mgi^^H 
beyond reasonable doubt, ^^^^| 

part of li 


•^ most posltiye testimony may be rejected, 15 Cal.638: Jury are judges 
of credibility, see under Provikcb of Juby, note supra. 

Subdivision 3. Witness, false in part— to be distrusted in all; 
willful falsity requisite, 53 CaL 491 : disregarding testimony improper, 
30Cal.l51; 53Cal.354. 

SiTBDiyisioir 4. Accomplice— distrusting testimony of, etc., see 39 
CaL 614 ; 53 Cal. 601, 604, corroborating 30 CaLS16; 39 Cal. 403 ; 50 Cal. 450. 

« Admissions— see sec. 1870, subd. 2 and note. 

Subdivision 5. Civil cases— afiftrmative of issue to be proved, 
.I0ee sec. 1981 : preponderance of evidence, 50 Cal. 633. 

^ Criminal cases— beyond reasonable doubt, 51 Cal. 372; 52 Cal. 446; 
^U CaL 67 : same on justification of truth in slander, 50 Cal. 631. 

' Subdivision 7. Weaker evidence offered— 5 Cal. 249; 9 CaL 430. 


It when •tmnUng. a 

§ 2064. A witness, served with a enbpcena, i 
tend at tbe time sppoiated, ^th any papeis a 
control required b; tee 8ubp<Biia, aod answer all f 
and legal t^uestiona; and, iinless aoonet dischaig 

ain until the testimoay is closed. 

1S7S-18S( : examinMM 

judge, commissioiier, referee, or otlicr peraon, in a 
. Oiere the diBobedience of the witness maj; be pun- 
[Bbed aa a contempt, is exonerated from arrest in a civil 
action wbile going to the pUtco of al.teudanae, neceESHxily 
cenaaimog tbeie and returniog tberefrom. 
^Examptlon from aireat— but not tioin obeying ordliiarj process, 6 

B 2068. Tbe arrest of a. witness, contrary to tbe pre- 
i^ing section, ia void, and wben willfully made, is a eon- 
emnt of tbe court; nnil the nersoa making it ia responsible 
O tue wltnuss arrested for iioublo tbe amount of tne dam- 
— whicb may be assessed against bim, and is also lia- 

an action at tbe suit of tlie party serving tlie witness 

tdtbaEabpcsna, for tbe damages sustained by him in con- 
leqoence of tbe arrest. 
OoBtamplof ccnii1-Beesec9.:W9-l:3S. 

82069. An oflioer is not liable to the party foe making 
haalresl in ignorance of the facta creating the eitonera- 
BUi but is liable for any EubG«quent detention of the 
AKy, if such party claim (be exemption &nd make an 
^davit stating— 

1. Tbat ha has been served witb a Bubpiena to attend an 
\ritnesB before a court, officer, or other person, apecify- 
lf( tbe same, the place of attendance, and the action or 
|!O0eedingin which tbe subpana was issued; and, 

2. Tbat be has not thus been served by his own procurL>- 
lent, with the intention of avoiding an arrest; 

S. Tbat be is at tbe time going to the place of attend- 
ttee, or returning therefrom, or remaining there in obe- 
letice to tbe subptBoa. 
P^Ebe affidavit may be taken by tbe offlcsr, and exonerates 
|Ba from liability 'for discharging the'wltneBa when ar- 

B 2070. Tlie conrt or ofBcec iasuing the subpcena, and 
JB court or officer before whom the attendance is re- 
vired, may diacharee the witness from an arrest made 
_ ^_i„.; — „t — ctlon two thousand and siity-seven. 

„ idjoumed before the arrest, or before 

PplioatiOD tor tbe discba»e, a judse of tbe c 

wt the disctiarge. [In effect Apririiith, 1 



„ „ H209SS. ~*i» ■« I 


S WTl. An Offer eqniralentto payment 

I 2076. OiuwiloimoiRiiiLenniiMtaipiioiaed. 

I :| 2074. An offer in writing to pay a particalar Bum ol 
TDoy, or to deliver a nritteii instrumeat or apeoiflo per- 
m1 property, is. if not accepted, equivalent to tba 
Cnal production and tender oi the money, icstnuDeiit^ 


ndar-alt^nc.ltCsl.nre: HCal.el«: attomiTla rict,bT. 1 c>I. 
i^cai.sao: c'tfHciot. uLaLvDi siCBi.tiiiiijicai.imSi sufflcieQcr 
iCsl.adS^ lfiC3J,2IIS; 3^CflL.U'«: HerinancBsSauegger, Feb. lith. 

K 2075. Wtioever pays monef, or delirers an Inatm- 
mt pr property, Is entitled to a receipt therefor fionl. 
El pereon to whom the payment or delifery is made, 
d may demand a proper signature to such receipt aa a 
~^"'-n of the payment or flelivery, 
g 2076. The person to nbom ^ tender is made, inuHt, at 
- '-~ a, specify any objection he may liave to the money, 

lent, or property, or he must be deemed to have 
It; and if the objection be to the amount of money. 

ma of the iDBtriimeut. or the amount or kind of 

"■icb he tequirta, v. - 

kg 2077. Thefollowin 

"^"iriptivo pari of a cc ^ ,..-, ,. . 

. construction is doubtful and there are no other autli- 
-JO-t clrcumHtaaces to determine it: 
it. Where there are certain deflnito and ascertained par- 
^nlars In tbe description, the addition of others ■wUicli 

e indellntte. unknown, or false, does not, tTtuittB.\a Vue> 

pveyance, but it is to be tonatcued Vj tbe 6tM. -oiaM- 

aa^o panic ulars; 

^^heapermaneat and visible or aaiioiVain' 

-OlindarT, tlia riRbta of tlie grantor ta tbi 
road or tbe Ihread of the Btreani are inclu 
veyance, except where the road or tlireat 
ii lield iindeT anol'ber title : 

0. When tid&water is the boundary, t 
Brantor to ordiaary high-water-mark ara : 
conTi^yaiice. When a navisa.ble lake, wl 
tide, is tlie boundary, the rlgbts of tho | 
water-mark are included in tbe coSTGynnc 

6. When tbs deBoriptlon refers to a ma] 
erence is inronalalent with otiier parties 
them if it appear that the partlea acted i« 
tbe map; otiieririse, tbe map is subordiiu 
niteandaacerMiinedpartiouIars. [laeSeo 

Ddcrlptloa In Doaveransa — constmction at, n 
ia!,U»9: a? Cal.4M; SiCai. IK.SMi 4iCftl, 136: « t Bltcnnmn. UcCir^y, March iRl. in 
B1uk>.8pnwaD,MsreItCtb.]BW,a Pap. o. 1_ J7l 
InstnimcBU, geoanUV, sco. lUl uuluota. 
BuBumaion 1. SBflolti pudcnla* pmail-' 



2083. EildoncB may lie porpptiateil. 
SOW. Maotior o( ttpDlicatlDi 1 lor orilor, 
20BS. Nollta of Ume aiiilj)lace JO bfl giTen. 
lim. Haancror liililuiIliutle''<Hi»'<n 
9197. Depoaitlon to IidIiIci]. 

2«BU. EEeut at Uie deposlcioQ 

g 20S3. T)ie testimony of a witness may ba taken and 
irpetaated as piovided in tliis cltapter. 
g 20S4; The applicant must rrodiiee to a juds^ of tbo 
iperior Court a petition, voriHed iiy the oatli of llie appli- 

L That the applicant expects to be a partj to an action 
ft court la this State, and. in su(!b case, the names of 
aperaons whom lie expects will beadverso parties; or, 
L That tlio [iToof of some fact is aecessary to perfect 
' "" ■ in which lie is interested, or to eslab- 

nt. heirship, or any other matter whicli 
aj uHmiiiuir ucuume material to establish, tbongli no 
it DI1I7 at the time be anticipated, or, If anticipated, he 
ftfnot know thenarties to such suit; and, 
i. The name of tlio witness to be examined, his place of 
tideiice, and a general outline of the facts expected to 
I proved. The judge to wliom such petition Is presented 
liU make an order allowing the cxamlna.ti(m. and deilg- 
l^ngtlie o dicer before whom the same must be token, 
aprascriblng; the notice to begiTen, wblch notice, if the 
jtUes expectant are knowu and reside in this State, 
wtbe personally serred, and if □uknowu, such notica 
lat be served on the clerk of the county where the prop- 
gf to bo affected by such evidence is situated, or the 
'^a making the order resides, as may he directed by 
U, and by publication thereof in some nowspe.^i,^n w 
pigoaled by the judge, for the same iieriod tei\M\teAl«t 
» publk^lioD of siimmoaa. The judge munt, tAu>&«^%- 
-B Ja Ilia order tlia cJerk of tlie county W> '"^'^^'^r^^ 

^turned wliea tak^a. Vtn- «*«*§ 

1, on receiving tbe i 

.. section, with proof of 1 , 

, notice— tolake the deposition of the' 

tUe order of the judge, or in the commi! 
tLaD one witness is thas named, of &uct 
pear before him, at tbe time dmtignated 
of the same ma; be continued from tii 
i^tEsKt July 1st, 187*0 

§ 2086. The examiiuition must be hy 

BTver, aad if the teBtlmonyia to betaken 

it mu3l be taken upon a commission to 

jutlge ailowiD^ tbe esamination, under 

-)S h'ch ho is judge, and upon inte 

I a he same manner as in case 

under commission in pending ac 

a e expectant, if known, otherwise 

a as a e unknown, notice of the settli 

rr [, a shall be pnbtished In aoia 

uu h me as tbe judge may designate. 

a m eted. must be carefully read t 
by he w oess, then certified by the offic 
ng he s me, and shall then be sealed up 
traDBinitted to the clerk of the county d 
order of the jndge allowing the exainiE 
■"■ ■' when received. Tbe judge 

>F tlin order oiicl r 



the depositions or copies thereof may be used by either 
party, subject to all legal objections; but if the parties 
attended at the examination, no objection to the form of 
S': an interrogatorv can be made at the trial, unless the 
^\ same was stated at the examination. [In effect July 1st, 

-:•: 1874.] 


fi ^ 2089. The deposition so taken and read in evidence 
-:} has the same effect as the oral testimony of the witness, 
^'^ and no other, and every objection to the witness or to the 

\i. relevancy of any question put to him, or of any answer 
^ given by him, may be made in the same manner as if he 
^1 were examined orally at the trial. 


SMM. JumclalanilcorB«oomceraBi«liorl«dto« 
i 209*. Form msj' ba virled to soit witoe^- belief. 
! 20M. Same. 
{3097. Any pcnonwlio preteis It mar declare ori 

§ 2093. Every court, every judge orclei 
every j ustice and every notary public, »di 
or person autborized to take testimony in 
proceeding, or to decide upon evidence, hai 
luiniEte r oatlis or afiinuatioDB. 

AdmlDiftiatloa at oaUu-bT-wbom. eec in. nlM 
*; PDlitlralCotle.seM.H/itt.tllBi by clerk lorcourt,' 

§ 2094. An oBtli, or afDnuation, In an 
ceeding, may be adminiaterod as foUows, t 
Birears, or ilffirtas, expressing bia assent n 
in tbe fotlowing form; "Vou do Rolemnl' 
firm, as the case muy be) tliat the evideoci 
in this issue, (or matter) peodin); betweei 
Hball be the trutb, tbe irbole trutb, and n 
truth, HO help you God." [In effect July l 

§ 2095. "Whenever the court before wti] 

^^P CHAPTER rr. 

I^^ amntRAi. provisions. 

aiOI. Qaesllousot t«t ta be UeDldea by Iha jurj-, auii iho ovidenco 

lUe. QuesilonaodBwadiliiased to tie court. 
HH. aueaUousodiwltiycourtorrBloriH:. 
tIM. UDdeys paid lota coun. 

g 2101. All qnentloDS of fact, where the trial la by 
ats, otbertlian tliose mentioned in the next section, are 
e be decided by the juxy, and all evideuce tbeieoa Is to 
n addresaed to them, except when otberwlss provided 

J...... ^_j. rr.. -«... j^,-y J.. ,0—-. 

If this Code. [lu effect Jul; Istj It 

WiD(l«l.'ui nieiaiuptSuiiB uc'fact, ai C«L MB. 
atj 210Z All questions of law, including the admisai- 
fSBij III testimony, tha facts preliminary to Ench admis- 
itm, and the conatTuction of statutes and other wrltiiws, 
M. other rules of evidence, lire to be decided by tba 
enit, and all diacusslnas of law addressed to it. When- 
(fei the knowledge of the court is, bj this Code, made 
sidenceof a fact, the court ja to declaTesuch knowledeo 
p tiie jory, who are bound to accept it. 

ISw^M' ■°- ™'""- ■"' ■■ -■■■ ■'-*-'---'—' ■ 

I— BCopBorjaiUclaloottce.sec, is;s>ndaac«9. 


8 2104. ■Wleneper moneys are paid into or aepcnfMA. 

■ wjnrt, lie same siall be deliveretl to t\ie eYeiV. \o. V''" 

, or U/eucb of liis deputiea os shall lie apecialls **^> 

Or Ma appoiatment ia ivritinj; to rece'we Xuo «w 

-"-/, uafesn ollierwise directed ty law, " "" 

with the county treaBnrer, to bo held by bim snb;K" 
llie order of the court. The treasurer shall fce*p •^^ 
fond distinct, and open aa account with each. Sof- ' 
pointment shall be bled ^-*'- •'— " • — ■"'■■ '' 

py of t 

1 in writing is filed f 

treasurer, who shall thereupon write " revoked, ' it 
ncross the face of the appointment. [In effect Ju:5 





mtiiTe reUtiiig to Crime*, enaoted ainoa the Code. 

. jtate or the nniltil Btales, TiiUiin tliiu state, cr ui bjit 

from whiub fira bIibII ba Gumaii:iiicittt.d to anj' Bucli 

DlTT or forest, orirhu slioll occiduutally Hctflrs to 

loudcd country or forcat. or to Bu; jiloco from 

rli fire shiiU bo rommunicated to any aiich woodi d covmtry 

■ — ■■■'- ■'— ■— UBB eveiy 

IbrcBt, and bIiilII nut eitiDguiah tlio b, 

tJiiib end, iir wba abajfbuiJd anv Ore, for lan'rnl par- 
,- otliErwiee, in or near v^y GDua wood(!i(l country or 
ill auii tlirongh ciirelessiieBS or neglect sbaU pemiit said 
to extend to snd burn tliraugh HiichwcKidtd country or 
it, ahollko deemed guilty of a miiuleineBDori andoQCaa- 
— V. c — _ . ,1. ipetent jnriBdiolion, shall be 

by find not exceeding oua thousand dollara. o 

nC not eiceeding oua yuir, or by both such fine 

; pioBidMl, that notbisg herein contained 

.... _ _ .. t tball bo paid ii , 

sur? for tbe benefit of tbe common echool fund of tba 
i trln ghirli tliey are collected. lApproTed February 18, 
Iffia. Stats. IST1~3, p.ENJ.1 

Aot to prevent Oie oaplure and tkatniciion of (nocjttnq bird! 
in ttia State. 

BKcnon 1. Anjperwn or 

sfitrttinglyboot, ironnd, trap, 

'Vboraptaroaiiytauckiag bird 

mball toowinsly take, injure, ■ 

the stale ot CaWto™*™ 
destroy liie -oe*^ o^ «" 

ETATDTES. 1S71-3, 

fihall take, injare or destror ut mr^iEf 
" "^t or ot]""*^'"'^ ^'" ''>j-i -*-'» 'ton rm 


mocking bird, or 
bird'acgpi. in th 

deemed guilty of 11 miatlemeauor, and npon convictiflii Itan* 
bcfmrouiy jiistiL.13 of tlie peace cif the tomisliip in vtikli <ii 
offuDiio Bliall have been committed. abaH. ba flm.'d in >Eia ■>* 
k'GB tiian jivu dull&rB nor excei^linj; ten (t'lUarv. uiclfwlofb 
action tor vaiih oefenne, or maybo iropriaoucd nollmto 
fivodayntior nioru tliuii tendajH, or by liotli unch finoinip- 
priaoumtnt. bb tUo Judgment of tha court inaj dinxL 

Bec. 2. All GneucoUeulGa under the provisious oT Itiiitf 
alioJl bo paid iuto tlio comity treasury Itir t!ip btucfil <i( 1* 
common Buliool fund. [In eSbct FebruATV 14. 137J. SI* 
1871-2, p. lOa.] 

An Act to more fuRy define thf crime o/ (lowij- 
Section 1. ETfry pereon who ehall oonyert uit miiat' 
real estate, o[ tlio viiluo of fifty dollars and npirards, inlo ]• 
Honal property, bvwvcring tlie samo from Ilia rcilBon* 
other, viui fuloniooa intent to and ehall eo «tetl. tiU.ta' 
cany away tliBBame, Bhallba deemed guilty of gniilill"'^^^ 
and. npoa conviction tliereof, sliall bo paniB>ialilabjln(<M 
— ^ti^ltliOBtuto prison for any term not Ivsa tianc"^ 
■a than fonrtucn years. 

I. EyCFTpL-rBOnivbOBliiiIl convert any manDfrofiJ 
. if thQ Vnlno of under filty dollars, into p. rpOMl?*! 
crty.byROverinj the EoraB^froni t!io n-alty oi anolL(r.'*| 

ing Viam open, otuS tearmg doain /ences to make paasagr 

tnrougli, incloiures. 

Bbotioii 1. Aof person paflBiu^ tbraugh BQ inclosnTD of an- 
Diher uiil lesvmg ths same opoa. is guilt; "f A mixilL-meaDoi', 
ttti pnniHliable by a fine uot lass ihaa tnuit; daUaj^ nor nion 


gr ^^H 

10 uot loEH IhaD fifty d 

-B tlum five Jiiindreil dollRr,. 

■^ Beo. S. All fines cotlccttil uudtv the provieioiis of this act 
■ndnllbe pajd into tbo cuunty hcIiooI fund of tlio fonnty where , 

iiitted. |Id cffi>ct Mftrch li 

■ '^nActfupplmnentari/ tt 

■'An Act conemringH 

_ SzBnoN 1. Every peiBon who tboll feloDioosly bIoI, take, 
~ d carry STTay. or attempt totthe, steal, and cairy fiom any 

claim, tuDDcl. sluice, umicrcurrent. I'lfile box, oi 
macbiiie, an; gold dust, amalgain. or qmchsllrer, the 

i^jf* Ad lo protect 

r, eholl be diiemed giiiltir of enrnd larceny, 
~u thereof, sball be miiiietied liy imprison- ■ 
.to prJMia for any term of not le^s than one year I 
1 luurleen yeai-s. [In effixt March 20, 1873. f 

-i/™. I 

Every person iLTho employs laborera apon fha J 

, aodwha lakes, Jteew, or reecivia any part or ■ 

_. B o( tbQWBSTB due to Buoh laborera from thu state tn 
Dicipol corporation far wliich such work ia doDe, is gnUlJ' ■ 
ft felony. " 

BO. 2. Every officer of the state, or any ecmut^. c\^, • 
nship liercfn, rbo teens or ri'taina any part ov ■oorfeon. -- 

_.. :r Ibea allowed hy law to Iub deputy, cVetV, or ^wa- 

-----ff'-.'SBailtyof a felony, l^ln eSict &.Et"A1..'«>l'" 
f. ItfflSt p. ffjl.j 

SEDITOTIOM — KntOBS. 1871-2. 


o pm^ah aabtcHen. 

Bbctioh 1. Ever; peison who inreiglea or eaSaam 
nuurledfeiDale, of preTionachtuto character, nndeilliBie 
eighteen years, into ac? hoiiBQ of ill fame, or of uaigiBi 
or elaewbore, for the purpoao of prostitution, aDil BftrjtB 
who aids or aseiatB ia Buch abduction for encii parpon. 
every peraon wlio liy any false pretenBca, falstj represHiBt 
or ether fmuduleot meaoa, procorea any fomalo tahiiait 
carnal conuectloa nitU any man, is panisbiblo byimjn 
dent in tliQ Blale Prison not exceeding one year, or bf i : 
not exceeding one thousand doUara, or bybiith- [iVP' 
Uaroh 1,1673. SUls. 1871-2, p. 1S4.| 

Jn ^ct to prment Ois aula of inioxUiating drinla to *>" 

BioTioR 1. Every person who sells or Kim U M* 

nnder the age of sixiecn yearv, to be by him drank U lit t) 

dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail _. 

three mouths; provided, that nothing In this Ad dial 
deemed to apply to pareule of snch children, or Koudv' 
tbeir vards, or phfskduis. [ApproT«d Hatob 4 ISH * 

CBDEUT TO ahuuls. 1873-4. TIT 

H .Aet to freveriC the sale of intoxicating beveraget on eleeliim 

BBtmoH 1. It shsU Dot be lairfiil for but person or peraona 
Ming a pnblio boose, saloon, oi drinuittg plaoe, either 
leased or tmlicenetd, to sell, giveanay, orfnrmnliepu^tnoas 
jjnalt lignOTB, wine, or an; other intoui:BitLiig LeveTBigEa, on 
to jsrt of my Caj set apart, or to bo set spacti for anjr gen- 
n or apedol election by the citizens in anj election district 
~]pFecmct in any of tlie counties of tlie state vliere an 
Kffion is in prepress, daring tba boms wl^en by law, in said 
Mtict or preainct, the elections polLi are required to be kept 

bbo. 2. Any p3rson or jiersona violating the prorisions of 
b^ct shall lie deemed gnilt; of a misdemeanor. Iln effect 
Soli 7, 1971. Stats. 1873^, p. £97.J 

tji^ for the Toore t^eciunl precenlion, of craelti/ to afamaia. 
■KmoH 1 Any three or more citizenH of the state of Call- 
Bai irho huTU heretofore, or yiho Hhall bcreaftcr, inoorpor- 
SA & body corporate, under tlis general laws for inctHrorsi- 
S^ in llua statG, for Ibo purposa of prcrcntiu^ cruelty to 
[tatils. may aviiil thcinEclTta of the priylk-gea of tiila act; 
Vcided, tliit tlio corpuratJ body first Kjrnied as afores^d in 
tr county, shall bo tlia only one so entitled to tbo benefits 

_ privileges of this act in Hiiil coauty. 
^f£a. a. The naiil sociedts mriy mate and adopt by-laws gOT* 
ling tbo edmis^ioD of associates and mombera, providing for 
.'meetings, and for assistant and district or local oSlcera ; 
nidlng, also, for means and eystems for the effectual attain- 
nt of the objects eonli:mplated by this act; for tbo repnla- 

cr..«j .»..»^....w.,.-i „ff :x. I — :^- *,:_.- — J '"" llnj ofTect- 

) duties of 
10 auditing 

BB tbo laws' ^ tiio state of CajifotDia or of tiio United States, 
Mth anvproTiaions of this act. 

_. n D-.::, „..i...=„ _,._„_._^(g^p^^ 1^^ fllivacimoiBs 
.... ir by-laws. 
. . constables, police and peace ofBoen 
ipowered to raeisB arrcsti for the violation of any of (he 
- — of this act, whicli by this act is denominated a mia- 
r-»-'»' , in the samo manner as ia by law provided for ar- 
:ln all casf s of misdomi'snors. 

ttc B. All members and agents, and all officeia ot eac\iat 
*lf the societies fioincorjiorated.aa HliliUbj Uio ivaatat»trt 
^■~"-'"» he daly autJiorizcd in writing, apptoveO. \s^ Sa* 




berein proTiiIed tac other officers; and' 
weapoQailiBtBuchofflcera bto aathorized 
tbnt nil each members Bad agcata bIibI! 
anesU. exhibit and expose a suitable bad 
Mid Eocict;. dil persons reaiaiinc said 

nmns-n nn ancli, Bhldlr UpOQ CODViCtlOll, b 

, -rked, tortHTBd, tormented 

Barf Bastenauce, cruelly beatoit, nmttl&tc 
any animal ; mid wboaver, bavins the cha; 
animal, cither aa owner or otlierwiae, inflj 
elty npOQ Hio eame, or foils to jprorida ti 
food, drink, shdlcr, or proteetion tronx 1 
oniellj dii¥eB the samo when unfit for hH 
Ticlion, be deemed gnUtj of a loisdemealii 
Sbc. 7. If noy person ahidl caj'iy, or ca 
or npoa any TelncIOi or othcrviso, any do 
oniei or inhuniail manner, or knowing^ 
IzeB or permila tJie same to be subjected 
nre. Bu&ring, or crnel^ of any kind, ehal 
be deemed Guilty of a iniiidemeajior ; and 
ptrsoutihairbotalien into custody tbereTor 
officer may take charge of aucb vebjcia ■ 
gethet with the hoiae or leant attacked I 
depodt the same in some boTs ^plaoo of ciO 


3, with Vbe inteDt tliat such bird or a n'mal bIuU Le en- 
linsneibibition of fighliiig, or ia present at anyplBCO, 
ling, or tenement, wliere preparationa oro Ireing wule for 
Jiibltion of the flghtingof liiriU or Bmms.[a, nitli the in- 
to be present as encli cxhibitioD. or in present at tiucb 
lition, shall, □ponvouvictioii, bu deemed guilty of a mi3- 

1. in. Wben complaint is made, an oath, tounymagiH- 
Btithorizcd to iesna irai-ranta in criminal coece, Cbal Ihb 
iUinant btliuvcB Oint any of the provisions of law rtladnj 
In aayvij affecting dumb nDiinala, are belns or aro 
Ito bo vidlit«l in an y particular buildina or place, Bncb 
itatte aball Issue and deliver immediate!^ a tramint di- 

1 to any sheriff, conatablo. policB or plmk 
- "'*"""ncorporated eaaoclatioii qonlified, as ^ . _ .. 

n of this act, autboriidngtiim to enter and search 

hnildins or place, and to arrest miyp: , .. . 

prcecDt violatinR, or attempting io violate, any law relit- 
I or in any way aObcting dumb auimala, and to uriDganeh 
D or persona bcforo some court or magiBtrato of compe- 
Qrisdiction, within tlie city or township within whicb 
ofienee has been commllted, to bo dealt with accDrding 
r, and Encb attempt sliall bo held to be a violation of 

I, 11, Any Bboriff, eonstablc, police or psacs officer, or 
r qnaliflcd, aa pi'ovided in Bccfion five of this act, may 

,___ l..M^; — ir tenoment, whero there ifl an eihl- 

. . . - ^ -. .lirdB or animola, or whero preparii- 

>u« being made for such an exhibition, and, without a 
nt, arrest all persona there prceeoL 
. ]3. Any person icbo sh&Il impound, or caiiao to be im- 
ted in ajiy pounil, any domcatia animal, Hhldl anpply Iho 
during BQch confinement with a, Hufflcient qnanlity of 
and wholcBOmo food <utd water, end in deAinlt thereof, 
upon conTiction. lie deemed guilly of a misdemoonor. 
9 anj domestic animal shall bo at any tlms impouDdcd. 
t-esaid, and ehall continue (o be without nec^BaJ7 Tood 
Iter for more than twelve cooitecutiTQ lionrs, it ahaJl bo 
*or any person, from time to time, an it shall bo deemed 
uiy, to enter into and upon any poiuid in which any such 
io animal shall be confincii.anilHuppIyit with neoesaair 
■1 watorBOlani; as it ahall remain sn confined. Suoh 
^hall not bo liahlo to any action for such en^r^.imSLSMi 
-"bla coat of eu^h fooil and water Jnaj \)o couec\£&\« 
W/ieorrnffFofffuch animal, andthu aula aiamni i^ii^ ^^^ 
)nt {rom levy and sale upoa esoculioii isatioi av"^ * 


owner, driver, or posaeaaot ol ens ' 

thereof, ahall. od conriotioa, bo deemc< 
TDCuicir; pmvi^pd, that this Rhall not 
lEEpinS any old or diseoaed oniniaJ beloo; 
premises nith proper care. Evary aick, 
crippled horse, ox. mule, cow, or ouier do 

Bhill bo nbandoned o" "" 

:atyor t_ _._ 

therefac, bii Irillcd by snoh officMir ; and il 
nil pioce end pnblic offieera to causo the i 
mformLitioii of EaclirLbaDdonmcnt. 

Seq. 11. Every jjcreou convicted of ani 
this act, ehnll lie pucishod as ia br linr t 
ishment of imadcmeanorH ; ancT all fioos 
in imy coimtj'. undectbo proviaions of tt 
iho BOelcty in baid counW. orgimi2e<l j 
herein providMl, in aid of tlio benerolent 

Bed. 15. All proBecntiona for the vioj 
provisiona of tbia not h1ui]1 be e^ndncted 
court of competent JmiGdiotion, and any HI 
ButLorizEd, aa provided in section five of 
and p'osecuto fii djij o( Gaid coaita, for sn 
Iho proiiBioDS of tlua set. wLetlicr or not 
counselor at law ; prodded, that all such ■ 
conducted in tlio uamo of tLo people of tlj 

" ), 10. In thia act tbo sii^ular shall 


Lfltfe liereb' 

3od, or ivltb any properly condiictod eclentlflc eneri- 
invtstigationrt, wliicli tsperimtnta or jnTestiealiooS 
ert'onucil only iindor tlie naUiority of Oia facaJly of 
ilarly ini'orporated mediod college or uniyereityof 

AH for the prolsction of baoya and beacont, 

—^ , ,._ 1. Any persmi or persons who ahall moor uiy Tea- 

1*1 pd or boat of any kind, or DJiy n.St or bcow, Io any buoy or 
■* BMcan placed !□ the watcra of California by antboiity of t)ie 
I Vnited ijtatea Liglitbouso Bauid, or sliall in any manner lians 
t'm to tho aame, with any veaael, boat, raft, or bcok, ur ahall 
^*,»ilfQlly remove, damsEO, or destroT any such buoy or beacon, 
1? W my ptut of tlie name, or shall cut down, Tumava, damage, or 
""itroy any bcaton or beacons erected on land in this Gtata bj 
l»nthority aforesaid, sliall, for everysuchoflinsc, bodccmea 
"t^ of a miBdcmeaiiur, nud u^n coovictioa tlieceof before 
conrtof competent jurisdiction, be piiniebed by afiua uot 
-■■- - gyg hunted UoUara, or by imprisoututnt uot ci- 
. __x montha; one third at the fine in aucbcaaa tu be 
the inlormcr, and two tbinla thereof lo tho Idghtbouse 
' ~ 1x9 uBcd in repairing said buoys and beunaB. 

The cost of rtpaivin^; or replacing any such boajOI 

. jich may bave h^eu nuaplacca, damaged, OT destroyed 

inyTesatI, boat, raft, or scow beinE made fast to the earn*, 
-'i,iithen said cost shall have been legBlly aacertaJned, be a 
upon Bucli rcssel, boat, raf I, or scov, and recovered a^ainat 
.._ 1 .,. . . ... thereof, in any action of 

Jcourt of competontJuriMliction in tliis state. [In 
26. 187i. Stata.l87a-4, P.610.J 

U Mbot Maiel 

Mi Act to enfoTfe Vie educalional rip'iU of children. 
BaoTioK 1. Every parent, gnardian, or other person in the 
_-». ,^te of California havinK conlral and charge of any cLild Or 
fjiildrenbetivppn the atta of eiglit and fourteen ycara, shall be 
"■' leqnircd to Hcnd any auch child ur cliiidrtn to a public ecliool 
*-T a period of at least tivo thirds of the time duriuK B\iWn » 
iMio iwdiool shall bo taught in each city, ur oWy mA cintti'.'^ . 
•ehool difltriefc in eaoJj school year, commuticVnft <« 'i^'o Wn* 
-etJal^ in tie year of onr Lord one tl>ouBui&. c\s\A \j>^ 
^»nif Mraij^y-fonr, at leaat tivelvo weel» dI ^^liiiiiiiAiw^ "^ 
JW«J ■'JvmaDis.—ct. 

tonsacntive, imleBa such ottld or childreQ 
ih »ttead»iicB by tho board of educ&tion 

or of tLe— ■ - - - 

r ub «?"j 

and oounty, or of tLe trUHteea of the „„„„ , 
euoh parents, puwdians, or other perwiDiirraidi; 
aliown to thBir Batiataiclion that Iiis or ber bmUjiJ 
oundition hSB betn Hucb aa to prcventattcnduiMtl''' 
applieatidntoHhidyforthe period required. crthil" 
or fiiiardiana aro eitremely poor, or wck, or lliit ti 

thildttn ore laaglit iu a. pi-ivato gchool, or tc Lou 

broDcbeeu am miTiLlJT taught in tlio priinUT ■^wk ^' 
stute, or havo already a«iiiired a pood knoidallt ■" 
bi-ancbra; proi'Weii, in caao a public BChool abltUtlMl 
for tUrea montlw durma tlio juar, irithin on- —"•■ ■-' 
est traveled road, of tho residcnca of any 
Gcbooldiubrictiliaslialliiutbc- liable to tiic prituiwibh 

Seo. 3. ItBliallbathoduty of the p^efudta^er^■_- 
ofedul!atioQ,ond^)f tliBCler];: of cacli b<urd ufdiiBian 
iu the state of Califoraia to causa to be nOKted llinn "^ 
lliia law in the luoat puhlio placca iu iLo dtr. • 
county, or In theBchooTdiMtrict, or pnbliabed iaoM— 
tberein for Uueowoaks, in tlie month of jono inO 
till? expemie of each pnblicutioa to bo paid out uf Ci 
fuQda of sucli citj;, or city anil county, or tchDol ili 
tbo coae may require. 

Sec. 3. la case any parent, ^tardion. or otber t«MI 
foil to comply with tUe proriEiouB of this act, aUp 
guardian, or other person aliaJI bo deemed guilQ of «r 
iDEaaor, and sliall bs liable tu a fine of — ' ' — -^ ■^~' 
dollarB ; and for the eecund and each 
fine h)ibU not be le«a than twenty doUi 

Uollare; and the parent, guardian, ot 

(ialcd, aball pay all co^M. Each BUch fine >ju 
clerk of the proper hoard of education, or of i 

8eu. 1. Anditslnllbedaty of the oleik eft 
eilutation and of each board of district tniBteea, 
olaiiy teacher or laxpajer, to [jroaecuta nil offea 
under the provii-iona of this act ; and any cleik 
prosecnte anch oScnae within tea dayh after % -<— 
liaa been served an him by any teacher or tupHtCl 
limitaof the aulhorily of said board, nnjeias thr^ 

tlainidofshnllbeexcDBeil by the proper adi 
imaelf be liable to a One of not less Qian tw 
more tVian ftlvj aoWKn.iihicli ftna ahall be p\ 

HO ooUecteA a^^aW \» 'S^^^^^^^^ ,<S«!<i A *»>« 

.J. _. ai^hooldiatiict, — , „_ _ 

I. 6. AikIUbUbU be tbadatjof the census mursbal to 

eik eoeli board o[ education Bad of district trustees, with 

^oomplete liist of all cbildreu living witliin tliu jurisdietiou of 
1^ booi'd, uid to iioto uii such lists all cliildctn uut atl-zmding 
Judges, college sulioold, iirivato ncliools, ur lieing taught at 
Opta, vho Bi-o lialile to the provisiunx or this act ; aud cacli 
■ ir tuaching within the limits of tlia jnriadietion of suoh 

,. , shall l.o Bnpplied witii B list qf all childereu Ttitliin his 

f her depactmenc or school, aud abiill call such list each 
'VnlnifDD the opeDing of school, and note the ubscDlt^s, and 
B masao of such ahscnce. if any, and at the clusa o( each 
,jtn of tnelve wcelu, eboll make a full r^'port to thti board 
r education, or of dialrict tmateea, of all such coses of r*- 
pee. with the names both of ciiildren aud parcTifs. g\iardiai 
other peraous having' such children in clmrga, and sl.- 
ild shall thermipon forthnitli proceed to prosecute suoh 
rmita, guardians, or other persona, aooordius lo the pro- 
■Eon* of this act. 

Ban. G. And whereas, the state has provided an Institution 
F tha gratuiUous instruction of all resident deaf and dumb 
Ubd aluldren between Uia agea of eix and ttvonty-ano vears, 
roryparoDt or guardian of any child or children aiSictea wltli 
^mesa or blindneuBi shall bo required, uuiler the punoltics 
^tinbefore apeciAud, to seed sucli uhild or ohildren to said 
■iitution for a period of not loaa than 1GvB years, nuliffla soch 

n t2ie grounds specified in section oi 


o Bucowo^fl the planliag and tvUivailon of oysters. 

M I. Any citizen of tho United SlalCH may lay down 

A plant oysters m any of tho haya, rivers, or publio waters o( 

_b state ; and thn owneiEhip of and the oxcIubIvd right to (aka 

P aod carry off Iho same shall be continued and remain in 

' person or persoos who shall bavu laid down aud planted 

D. 3. Any person or persons who now Ii&tb ot wto mas 
ifter 1^ (foiTO BDil pitas t oysters, as liertinbelDiQ ;et °"'^^™> 
-'-•"J or Ibocs off the land on whiditho same \a ot \*ite- 
be laid domi aad plautcil, and socVi ataie* Qi ibqch* 


iJiall be iiaffidpnt mnrkB of the boandarieB rad Umfl. "* J 

jBHclipcr80uoi-iK.-rson8 to tbo cxclnsive 

'Jiereot foe Ilia piiriioHcs proscribed 
notliing liurein cuntainert hJ " " 


be dcemol to iutijo(Si> I 

SEa.3. PiU'iua i.lttiiUus "r laying ifcwu Sttcli oyJu W 
BliaUrocorQ a inll disonplioQ of said bed oc led*, ia (l»o«l , 
rccordcr'a office in tUu count; nbm'o tbu wino is &iBi>aii V I 
recordur abatl record tho dusoripUon bo fumUboJ.tD " ' 
to ba kept b; bim (or Uiat pnrpobo, to be entitlal > " r 

A117 person or poraoQsiTbaHhalleiilc. ,,-..- 

n wliicu tUere BbaJl be oyaters laid down iiJ[*" 

■'■"'""■ ""10, of BiehentryBlialllwfcncBlorn* 

" 'a act, and vbo ikilltii 

of 111 

whicliat Hiotinioof B ^„„, 

.... . -s of tLia 

and cany off tlituu from, snch ovBtei _ 

SrmiasioQ of Ibo ououpan ta aad owners thereof, ti 
lly di'atroy or rcmoTc, or cmiso to bo remoTid W _ 
any atakea. mnikE, or fnncoB intended to deslRnate Ik hi 
rieB Djtd limits of imy land claimed and sbil»d or f-" 
piirsDojit 10 tbe pronsioua of Cbis act, sliall be gniltrilli 

Bfo. 6. Tbe pcnaltioB of t!ie peiial code idutnaJ 
meanora ara bercby made applicable fa any tioT 
pcoTiaiona of tbis ooC. 

Sec. 0. AUfinsaandpcoalties collected fix a 

any at tlie provisioua of this act, over and tbotv fh 

euit, Khali bs p^d into the commoo scbool fiuul ol fbtH 
nluiro tbe ofteose ivas committed. 

Seo. T. All parties availinc tbenaelTee of the p.- 
Una act shall erect, or cause to be erected, on somes. 
oua part of the groundB devoted to tbe planting o( ej 
BisnuotlesatliBu sis feet in length and one foot to wi 
irbich Bball be painted in blaok t~" 
tho words "oyster beds." 

Beo. e. All acts and parts of acta in conSJet iritk Alfl 
Tiaiuni of this act. and especially "an act entilltdiB 
ccruing oysterB," pasaed Apiil twenly-eigLt, one II i i i 
buDdred and Gftv-one, as ahio the act entitled -aawKa 
ing ujHler beds, approved April accond. od 
hundred and Biity-Bix, are hereby repealed, 

Beo. 9- Thia act shall not apply to any tide laafcal 
Blato raav have sold to privata [arti^ ; j&miOfL /*<* 
aotbiagaovclnBbftllbe eo construed aa to interba ^m 
right ot tUe Rta(« \o wia una. ffiwetiM, ot Mw of Uw MbM 
nor to aEtec^ in ain mmom ■Cue Titfuta ' "r' ^ 
flalo Of tide \mx^ i>; ■^^" *^'«'- \Viv . 
Btat3. 1873-4. p. ^^A 

An Aet to jirofcrt lumbpr Toanufadwerv. 
yn 1. Eyery person vho malioioualy drlvea Into, or 
rilMn an; siw-Iog, Bbln^s-bolC. or otbor wood, any 
- llier BabaUQ0OBOffl"ii;nay hard to ininra BttWB, 
LH BSid Baw-ioR, Hhingio-bolt, or otber wood, is 

A by tho owner thsraof to lie manafaptured info anv 

cl of lumber, is gailty of & felony, uid aliall ba punished 
'mpris inm^nt in tbe state prison ni^pt leea than one nor 
e (ban flTs years. [In effect Febmary 9. ISTG. State. 

»Acl U 

mid hiintiag 

1. Every person who sliall open any gote, b«ra. 

t fenca of anothnr, For the pncposu of pa-sing throngb, ami 
^'U willfully leavB the samo open, without tbb pormituiEon of 

Every |i 


folly ope 


lu other. 

destroysauy fence 

Aly of aiai-dem iLiior. 
Iwi. 3. Every iJeraonwhowillfDllyeDiBraupoii IhaiDCloBOd 
Aol another for tho purnoae of haating, or who discluv^es 
MmiB, or lights camp-fires thereon, llrat haTiog 
tkinail permission of the owner or ocanp«Dt of BOid 1a,ud, i> 
"'~ )[ a miademennor. 

*. Every peraon whi willfnlly, carelessly, or necli- 
wliilo huDllDgor camping upon the Incloaed land of 

r, kUla, malula, or wounds aa animal, tho property of 

Iher. is Ruili7 of a miBdemeanar. 

— . u _!. j^ „pu„ departing from camp. 

B burning or uneitinguiahed. is 


. u fifty ilallara. and Bha'l bs impriMjued ia the 

jnlj jail until such fluj ho aatialiud, not oicocdiug one day 

-■/ twodoUara tbcrmf. 

7. All acta and parla of aota in conflict herewith ore 
id; provided, hojBimer, notliing herein contained Bhall 
.-straodas I'epeaiing aeution Are liundred and nlue^-four , 
|M)>e penal code. 

""" S. Section three of Ihia act shall not apply to tho ■ 
not Lob AngGlos, San Diego. Sutler, San Benito, Dal 
El Domdo, Coloaa. Yuba, Humboldt. Xmajlot. 'Sim' 
San Luii Obispo. FJuinaB, LaBsen. tiislusoii,. llLai\ 
TrimlY. Sierra, PIttoer, lln e£Eeot Maro\i l&.V 
SlS-a, p. *0i.] 

1 7i-6. 

< and ikepbtj tl 

An Act amesmmg lodgin-j houspi 

SBonoN 1. E»ery persnn wiio < 
to any peraon or peraons, any room or u 
buiiaiig. honso or other BtrucCore, wiihla fl 
iocorporeled ci^. or city and connty. within tbs m»if< 
fnrnia. (or the purpose of k lodging or Hlc«pto(ip ~ 
wliioU room or apartmeat coTitalmi le«i «>■.■. sn 
cabEofeetof apace. IT (lie clear, for eacli penoa « 
Buch room or apartment, shall bo deemed gaUtj i 
meanor, and shall, upon uonviction thersof.lwpa' 

fine of not lasa thiui afty (50) doUara or more Oa 

dred (500) dalhra.or li; impriBonment in the eo«an ■ 
by both auch Sue and imprisomaent. i 

Bbo. a. AnypBrsoQ or peiaons fonnd Bleepiasorl " 
or who hlrcB or uses tor the purpose of BleepiDS in. « 
in, any room or apartment which contains loo thul 
dred (500) oubiof<«tof Bpaoe, in thsclear. forc^n 
oocupyins suoh room or apirtmenD, bIibII ba <!< 
a misue meanor, and Bhall. upon convictiuD. U 
finoof not leaa thanlen (IDj or more than fifty ,; 
or by bo^ ench fine and impriDonment. 

Sea. a. It Bhall be the duty of the chief of paUn )■ 
other poraon to whom the polios powcra of ad*- -~ 
-ited) todotMl acornpetontandquaJifiod (iffloere. 

,e ri'^iular force to oiamino into any violatiou o/'i. 
pioviBiona of this act, and to arrest any person e*M 

Seo. i. The provisiona of tliia act ahaU not be n— 
taanply to ho'pitals, jsiU, priaonB. insane U7]iimt,0 

Sco. 5. All acta or parts of oola in couflicl with A 
-^-'—isot this !ict are hereby repealed Hn bT 


1870. Htate. 18T5-8, p 


An Act for the incorporation afaoeMiea for 
cruelly to ehOdren. 
Seotios 1. Anyfiveor moropersoiiBof 
of nhum shall bocitizena and resideaCj wiiliia \' "' 
Bhall desire to aaaociate themselrea togethicr for 
preventing cruelty to ciiildren, may inak«, ain, 
edge, before any person authorized to taki 
of deeds of tbia state, and file in tha office .« ■» wn. 
stale, and. also, in the offica of the clerk of lia a 
which IhobnamoBBOf the aocietyis to bo rfiriiTuiitiiT. 11 
cata in wtitog, Vq "rtfl"?!! sV*l\ >» itufajt^ ■4«, ,^1™ iv 4 
wluoll aaii B00U:^,7 al»a \» toiwn S5i\m« , < 

(Eiaaot, bun, bodj poUlio Bndcorporabi by ita nuns alaWI la 
"laoh certiflcate, aiid at snch abill have power r 

JSTrol — To liaTC perpetual snccesaion by iU caqiorate name. 

9, and the nameaof 
>r tbo Beat 

it'iety f.>r 1 
.b^ not I 

..._ ind appcobati 

^dgs of the district in wbich tho place of buBlnen 

. of lawor (jquity. 

^Xhb'd— To make and nse a common seal, irbicb ma<r bs 
"""'T by making nn impression directly in tbe paper, end 

Ih— To appoint siicb offlctors, mojiagcra, and ogenta, as 
-inesB of tlie corporation may require, 
!7i — To make by-lawn, not tnoonaislenl ivitb tbo lawaol 

" of tlie united States, for the manaeenient of its 

„, _, 1 tbaregQladon of itaaftirs. 

iSizt/t— To contract sad be contracted irith. 
StvtnOi — To talia and hold by gift, purcboBe, grant> deviBSi 
' bcquQBl. any piopertr, real or personal, and the same ta 
— K of at plcouui'e. But such n corporation Eball not, in 
irporate capacity, bold real cstatu the ycnrty ini~om6 de- 

fi-om which shall eicecd thoHum of fifty thousand dollars, 

,BI(^i— To ejteroi-e any corporate powers necfpssary for the 
~"roi»e of the powers above enumerated and Biven. 

Eo. 3. Any society so ioeorporated may prefer a nom- 
._lit before any court or magistralo haviuF; jurisilictiou, for 
_e violation uf any law rolating to or affecting children, and 
najaid in bringing Ibo fact before such court or magistrata 
■iBiny jirocecdiug (i^en. 
'^ Bec- i. All magistrates, constables, sberiffs, and officers of 
police sLall. us occaaiou may req^niro, aid tlio society k> Lacor- 
MOnlad, ita offlcers, members, and agents, in tho enforcement 
of All Uws which now aro or may hereafter be enacted relating; 



^.or atkctinschildron. 

" — ' Tbo proviaiona of this act shall not extend or apply 
■r individuals who phall. in the eertifloato 

ifa «iy -- 

filed aa heieinabore provided, use or specify a dmob or **^\si 
^e same, or aubatantially the somo, as th&t of any \mb^\(»uA3^ 
«ldBlinf iDonrporated society'" ""'° -'-•" n- -f^of''- ikirfift 

jswrstito. xa75~6, p. fao. ] 

.iliiiilhia Slate; tbert 

1 nmlLing the sn-esfc, immed»te 
I |.trBi.n or peraoim eo arrested ; 
«pt liflec Buch conviction, [In 

19, 1S75-6, p. R5j.| 

upuit of iho lunil Qpou which micli t 
ctiuatH, permits, oc HiiflerH Bucb pnblio no; 
permits it to n.tiioiTi or continnB, la gitil^ i 

8eo. a. Anypuivoii owning, posBauiiijg 
laikd upon wliicli ia Bittul^Ll aa arlBHiaa wc 
fare, uv permits thu water to mineoeBHarjly 1 
or to go to Tfobtc, ifl ^ilty of a miadememic 

Bec. 3. An BrU'iiun well in deiiiied. for I 
&ct, to Lu Miy artifld[il veil tlienati>r9 or* 
tinnOins)} over t)ie noturtil surface of ttiD i 
Hucli -viiiSl at any Heaaou of the yi 

"Yarn oLDBs." 18TJ-8. lis 

n or more than fifty dnUars, Tbcm sball, also, tipon oon- 
iotitni bad, in addition to euch fine, be tui^il aguiiiat Bach 
■rlf the cost of prascmtioa. SucJi fiuo gj;d costs raay be 
Bllected HS in atlicr rriiuiual eseea, and tlii) jni^tico may also 
me en execution upun tliu mdjnnent tberciii rendered, and 
tSMine may be'cnfurctd and collected as in civil ciutes. 
Sec. 6. It shall bo tlio duty of llie BuperviHon or road- 
khAcrs, on complaint of any citiie]i within Uitir rcBpective 
Mricte, and for tliat purpoie m&ji at all proper titnai enter 
E^ the premises wlicre BoclmLll ia Biloaicd; and itsliBl] ba 
bflolj to inatitnte, or cauue to be instituted, oriminal action 
tt all Tiolatitina of tbe proYigiona of tliisact, or for allpuUlo 
ptuBes duSnL>il in tliia act^ eoni'"'**"'^'' "-^*i"" ^-««i. ^ii»*«...» 

M'wellH, and to prevout tha w _ _ 

lataClu'A sod Lob Anaolts conn tics," approved March eight- 
''lih, Gigbte:.D bundrcd luid Hen.iit;-Biii. and sU otbcr acta and 
' * '?ta in conflict with the proTisinas of tbia act, are 

, . Thin Bot ebidl not apply to ai'tcBiaii ndlB in the 
V of San Beniardiuo. lApprovcd Uikrab 9. 1ST8, In 
tJttly 1. 1878. Stats. 1877-8, p. 105.) 

I'ohibil " PiwB Chilis," antl !•> preveiU ntcriion 
from candidatfB for officr. 

_. All pivmenta and Contributions of money for 

, ^n cxp:^nicB. niudB Ly umdidaln^a lor office in this etate, 

Q bcreaftcr lie aesessoil and matlo by Bucb candidates b7 
^Oltaiy assessment among thcmMilvea, and not oUiemise, 
|ft M meetinga to be callcil fL^r aucli porpose, at wtiicb meet- 
-Is Bona bat cimdidatca for office at the next eusniug election 
ll be preaent or participiitc. 

''U. 3. Any peraon beini; a candidate for office in this 
3, vho shall (Urcctly or indireoUy pay. or knonlugly oanse 
M paid, auy money or other yalnable thing to any person, 

- ' .-M....:— ,...,.. lea of tSe eleo- 

u M wuuvn ancu person or canaiunto la to oe voted for, ei- 
n tine coatributioa or aESOsBment so agreed upon by soali 
Bfltinj of candidates, ahall ba deemed guiltj of a miade- 
Mliiiii and, npou conviction, nimiahed accordingly. 
Bao. 3. Itahall not bo lawful for any ciimmittce, conven- 
in, or other association, formed for tbo purpose of noniinab 
]g » candidate or cnndidauia for office in tliia state, (a Ibtj , 
^eaa, collect, demand, or roeeivo, directly or iiiiiixc.ft'j, ttttj 

r oOifr raJnalils thing from luiy cant^ftite o — ' — 

-—■--'-' '-- ""-0 bjBiieli c ■■-- 

wotliorize, aasiel — „ 

coUiictinn from any candidate or caadu 
eililt; of d mindemeaiuir, and, on convic 

" — = Any person who Bhall deniK 

, ,„ , grouad tliab bucIi moneyed 

Imabecii iwscgsed to auch candidate or ci 
ilemimded, of reqairud by Hay person, d 
committee, orotuur jioUtical Hssociatim 
prinltn.^ <ir diRtribiitmg ticketa, or for tl 
-pc.u,L..ufaiyl,JiHior- - -■ - 



-jirt-'li oiToDBo, bo dcemi 
toiiTiction. eball ba j 
,,. n,,„i,.. — .1 ~i,im ppg. 

but nutliioi,- luiCLhi contained 
any elpclion from aaatmbJing 
ing themselveB for any expenai 

ion gooil uf tlia tiPlK-t. ana to coL 

by ageuta appointt'd for sncb pornt 
□. 6. A'jy person who shall volnnt 
to work for and assist, or in ajiy nu 
tntmte to tbe nomiajition or olectioD of ■ 
paraou to luiy oaiua in tliis atate, for the 
mteut to liava such candidate or pong 
manner com pensata Hm:hper>uii> •n«SEj 
■ervices, aliall be deemeaj^ 

|8ia1a)e ^^y impriannmcnt in tlie oounly j li] for a terrr 
|un &ftj DDrmoretlinntH'tilinndred daja.orby&liiibiiuvicBo 
likil fifty nor mora tta&n iwn hundred dollu-i, or bv botli each 
Eie And imprieoameiit. [In effect MiLrch 26, 1878, St»tB, 
T7-8, p. 535.] 

I Aet to punu/i and prohUiit the sale of aihditrated tyrvp. 
noN 1. An; poreoD Kho shall kiioningly sell, or keep, 
irfoi sale, or Olherwiae dispoae of my Bymp. orgoP- 
M BfTup, BiWer dripB Bfrnc, or mniasses, containing m 
' or anlphnric &cida, or kiucobs, oi adulterated with any 
^rsnlistance to impraTS the color thereof, Bb&ll be gnllty of . 

"1, 9. AnypBTBon violatinB the prOTisions uf Beoiion one 
ia act Bbail be [mniahed, and imprieonei) in tlie county 
Bof the conuTT in which the oBenue vui committed, for a 
~' ' not exceeding BIX moiitbs orbyattneDotexfpediiigfiTe 
d dollars, orlioth. [In eCTect March S9, IBT8. Slats. 


n dealing vAUi 

\0 protect fitOckholdertt tii 

poratfons in irn^ i^caur. 
,. TON 1. Any snperiiitendHUt, director, Beoratary, 

tvaseat, or other officer, of any oorporatic- ' ' ■ 

" ]1b<tb of this state, or transac ^ 

S person pretciidlng or holding himself i 
!nt, dlreotar, Becr*l«ry, man — 

_ la shall wilfnll^ BDbscribe, sign, . . . 

berwise afisent to the publication, either generally _. 
" to thaslookboldera or other persuns dealing with 

nwcation, or iU stock, any nntrueor nllfnliy ai 
»*y eiaggerated repnrt, proE.pectns, aoi-oont, staie 
fOBiions. Tslaes, buBinees, profits, eipenditures, i 
^, oroth?r paper or douumeot iu tended to prodnoeot 
jMTing a tendency to produce or give, to the shares of 
jIBch corporationB a itrenter yalue, or leas apparent or market 
tlia than they realiyposseis, or with the intention of defraud- 
t MIT particular pereon or persona, or the pnlilic, ni pereona 
iMMlly, shall be doetned gnilly of a felony, aad on conviction 
bceof.shaU be punished hy imprisonment in the state prison 
flono^jailnDteiceedingtwo years, nrhyaHnenoteieeed- 
f Bye thousand dollars, or by both ; promiied, that this act 
If I t>e Oonstrued to apply only to cuiiiorLitiuns vhoae caxiv\al 
UfetiBibeen or shall berpofier bo lioted at a slnok'bna.ii o' 
ip^ exebaoge ia this stale, or whose sharefl be tc£KA>it'^ 
i^t And told in tlie stock marke t uf thie state. V^'^?^'*'^ 

733 pBoiEcnoK or cdxliibxk. tSTT-8. 

An Act /or Oie protection of children, ar^ to ftmt^ 
punisli certain wrangs lo chlijn 
SfffTion 1. No minor, under tha age of 4L. 

o, or pcrmitlEd lo rt 
saloon or plaro of cnlei-taiiiment whirrs anv BpitiWow''* 
orwinoB,orlntoxicatiD« tr^ malt liiiuorgr '■■ — *" 

hoDsea Bnd concert eaum „ _ _ 

gnucdiau. Anv propnetur,' keeper. or'ii)Jii»«cr of "= 
ploiia vruo BuaJl Bdmit Bncli niluur to, orpinuilliuiKl 
remain in any iuoh place, unless accompajiitd lij W 
guardian, sliall ba EUilly trf a, niigdemeauor. 

Beo. 2. Evrry peraoa lia-viug the tmv.tntloit.i- 

of anychild miller tho age of Bix' '-" — — 

child from beggine, ■wlietlier a... 

preteitofpsddlaig. Any person oL^u. 

Bball bo itrealtd and Iirougli t before 11 ci _ 

for tliafirBtoCfenaeEluJl bo I'cpriDumdcd, knd fn; la 

qaont oflfensBBliallljeeuilty of muisdcnieanor. 

Beo. 3. Ally cMld, appoxciitly under tliu (£> it4 
conrR. i.tit MiniBu within any ot the foUonimj J— *^ 

yeaiB, that ci 

(wheUicr actually bcggiiig, o 

oBbrine for Bale, anytliingl, _, ^.„^ , 

publio place for the purpoae of eo I 

(b) Tliac is fonnd wandering and cot luiTiitfM 
BBttlcd placa of abode, or proper gnardioasliip. or — 
of BabgiBtt'Qcc, 

(c) Thatia found deatilnto, cither being»BO_ 
fng a Ticiona parent, who ia tmdergoing peoal'a 

{d) That freqaentB the company c 

Erostitulcs. or Loiuea of prontitalion — 
Duaes, concert aaloona, theattra, anil ._ , 

fled iu Iha first aection of tLia att, uitliout p4ivi 
Bhall he arrested and brought before « (»anor i 

Wbe-j, u[}on exainiualion bc-fors a courl < 
ehall appear Ibat BJiyBuch cliild haa been «■ ,■ . 
tbe ftfortmaid acta, or comes within any of (Ii* tl 
Bcripliona, auch coart or niagiatrate. when if ' 
expedient for the welfare of the child, may « 
to aa ot^ban asfstam, aooietY for the pi-event 
chttdtcn.c' ■ ' -■■ - 

_. r receiving, 
r under tbo prel 


aziATilia TO chujixeh. ISTT-S. T3.1 

BVIVacIiild under reatrafnt or cooTlctiDit, apparenll; 
ttettgoafBiiteLii ycBia, bLoII bo platiKlin Buypciiion. 
•eof conflnsment, or in any conrt-rDoni, or in any voLi- 
: ti'iuuporlation tu ajiy placs;, in couipuiy \Titli adulta 
>(1 irith or coiiTicted oC cnuo, ciucpt in the prcEtmcu of ft 
'offlclol. IIneflbotHai.3a,iaTB. Sui,te.l87T-«, p, 813.] 

An Act relaling to children. 
7IOK 1. Any parson, whether as parent, relative, guard- 
nploynr, or otiicrwiso, lisTiug tlic care, cuntody, or con- 

B of any buuIi child io any pcraon. under any name, title, 
teBBB, inorfarthovocaUou, occupation, strriee, orpup- 
f Ein^ng, playing on musical inulrumeiitB, rupeoririre 
Ig, dajicing, begging, or pedillins. or an a gymnast, aoro- 
DtortiouiHl, or rider, in aiiypliteowbatsouv<.r, or for or 
' obscene, inducent, or immoral pnipose, exlilbition, or 
ya irhatuMvtr, or for or iu any menaieant or wandoiing 
iH wbalnocTor, or for or in any busiaesi> ciLibilioa. or 
3a injurioua to tlie health, or (langirooa to the life or 
Dttiwh child; orwhualioll cause, procare, or cncouraM 
fih child to engage tbcrein, bIioU be guilty of a miod^- 
ir, and upon conviction tliercof, ehall bo pnniahed by & 
'not Ji:sa tban fifty nor mora thati two linndred and flJlJ 
t, ot by imprieonmcnt in thn cauoty jail for a term not 
ingtiiiDODtiia, orby bothttni^hfinHand iiupnsoiuaenl; 
«fi, tliatnotliingin this Bi-ctioncontafni.'d shall apply to 
lOttheemploymentoruaeorony such child, as asin^r 
uoiBnin any church, school, or aciulLmy, or tho teaobing 
rning of tlio Bcicnce or practice of niuaio ; or tho cm- 
ent of any auch cliild an a mueiciaa at any concert or 
moEical entertainment, on tbo tirittca conicnt of the 

of Uiooityorprcwdunlof tlie board of Imsteea of the 
rberu inch concert or cnttrttdnment shall talio pliice. 

3. Every purson who shall take, receive, hire, employ, 
Lhibit, or have in auatody, any child lutdcr the ago, and 

y of uie pnrpoBca mentioned in tbo prccedin 
10 gniltjr of a like o&bnso and ponisbed by a 111 
la tlienin prorldcd. 

8. When.uponesaminalionbeforannycourto, „_ 

It shall app:;ar that any cliild, ivitliintbo aga ^vB^ioiiid.'j 
inedin tbia act. was cngBged, crowed tot uv mral.^\la»^- 
>T vxbibiticai, or vocation, or purposo deaisnatfiil, oai »* 
aal la this act. and trlien upon tliQ cou-iiotoon ot mvS 

Klio cueiotlj'oi'ttdiililof aciimiBal aaaauit'O-^** 
EVDIX.— U». 

luu oi uruHiijr lu (.■uuiiren, cliaritabl 
IT make sucb otber disposition tlieri 
'' ' % iiroviduU bylaw iu uai 

iHKKly of aoy eiiild. sliall wilful 
iiiu or limb of hucIi cliild lo bo enda 
oE aucli obild to be injured, or any 
fully cause or permit each ctiild to I 
iittCiontbat its life or limb may be eu 
Bball be likely to be injured, bIuII 

of this and uvery Hi .^ , ,.^„ 

luting to or affeuting cbildren, in < 
proseciuion was inatlcuted or coadn 
corparated piirauantto tlie provisjoi 
([red HDd forty-niiie of tbe statute* 
April 3d. IHia, being an att eiilltled 
liorution of aocieties for tlie prev-em 
ilren," aball, eiuept wliere ocUerwi 
Hucli aociety io aid of tiie purposes f< 
porated. llu effett Matob 30, 1878. 

[wr thejiaj/ment 4/' (A 

pBicnce OF KEDlcDtl. 1877-8. 735 

■tflOn has been Hitiikted, shall be certiSed tn hvOis conntf 
erk of Bsul oimnty wherein eaid triala ood iniiiieBtfl Uhtq been 
ad to tbe boKcd of et&ts priHon directom tar tliEir gpproral, 
kd after Hnch approval Ehey aball pay the dame out of ths 
lOney appraprlalcd for the support of llie xtate priaon, to (he 
inu^ treaauier of uaid caiiiiny »li«ro Bud tiiulit Imve been 
bd i "pitwided, that thia act shall not apply lo any foats or 
ipeasea incurred aiDce January first, uighWen hundred and 

'Ebco. a. Thia not alisll only apply to caaea which hare nol 
ftM settled fur by ths atale. 
jBllo. S. TliiaactabaUtakeBfibatimmcdiately. 

^Aet MupjAemental to and amendalnri/ of an Act enliUf^ "An 
'JLet la rfffulnCs Vie practice of tnedieine in tlie State of Caii- 
^/bmia," approneil April 3d, 187G. 

"~ Eo. 7. Any peniou pcBOticing tnedioino or sui^ryin tliia 
9, without flrat haviug procured a certificate to ao practice 
~ ~ne otthokoGjda of evamineis appointed byoneof tlie 
_>a mi.'ntioni'd m Htction two of tuia act, ahall bo deemed 
uiln'of Binuidcinaanor, andaliaJl be anbjeet to the pi^naitien 
^»ld<4 iu Hection tliirtecn of tbo ant to wliich thia aet ia 
idatory aud Hupplemcntal, but u o person who balds a cer- 
ts frotn one of'sueh boajrda of examinera, or who bolda a 
ioatoLerotoforo ^ronlitd byiho board of oxaminera lierc- 
• (Mlating by virtue of appointment by the Calilbmia 

ra created by this act. 

ling loact as a member of a board 

. . _ia Bitter under the act to nhieh thia act 

t BupplEmontal and omeiidatory, or who shall Bigo. or snb- 
Ribo, oriwue, orcanaa tobeiaaued, or seal, or caused to ba 
Htledi a certificate authorizinj; any person to practice medl- 
Bs or Kurgery in tliis atate, except the person ho octjns and 
Vlog be appointed 1 ly ouo of thosocietioa mentioned ui aeetion 
roof tlilauct, or be autliorizcd so to do by aboard of eiani' 
tDH appointed by onoof (aid sociHtioa, shall buduemed guilty 
\m mtodemeonor, and shall be puniflbcd by b fine of not lew 
pn fifty dollars, or by impriaonnieat in the county jail for a 
iriod of not leas than thirty nor inoro llian Uiiee ^ixn&.Te&. 
|d Bitir-flye AijB, or b/botli such fiue aui\ ani iurarootk- 
■nt /la i^ect April 1, 1878. Btata. 1877-8, pp.,"\ 


An Act In relation to loarehoute and ahatjtngir : 
other matlem relating thereto. 
8bc. 10. Any MarebaiiBeiiiiui, irbufinsBt. 

■ona, wlia sliall violate any of tLe foregaine pniil 
act, is goilty of felony, Hb&ll bo Bobjeclto ioflk 
-jnvicrioQ. ehall tm fined ii 

IbonsaDcl dolkra (35,000) , or imprisonment in lit 
ol tliia alato not eiueediiiH five years, ur Iwttu i 
BveryperBoii BsgnoTeil by tlie TiolatioQ of «Bjot 111 
of tiiiH act may Lava antl ""^^'Ttnin ftn action iCftil 
Bon or persons Tiolating any of tliQ forMoiiur raofll 
act, to recover all damLges, immediato or oufucq 
he or tlie^ may liava BOBtainetl by leosoQ of my 
don BB atoroaaid, befora ajiy court of competeatt 
nhethur each person qliall l^re beeu coDvictnl m 
oc not. [Approved April 1, 1978. Stats. 1877-8, p. 

An Ad in relation to tJie JTouse of Coirwrtion of 
Oo<inhj of San J-ronpuwo. 
Bbctioh 1. Iheboardof saperTisoraof tbeeily 
of Han Franoisco are Isereby nuthorLeed 10 miiBtt 

Eirl in aaid uity and comity tl)o iuHtitation now eti 
, and loionii OB tbo liouBO of correction, ami U 
tiona tbereto sa tUe wiuo may lie reqnuvd. and i 
all proper rules and regoliitionB for thodiscipiine.iB 
aad employment of pi>VEons commitlcd fo'nid I> 
rccUou, oy any court of aaid city nod. 

far as possible, lo preren t crime, reform i 
tlie houaa of correction Bclf-snpporting, 

Bec. 3. All persona ajipoai'ing for bc^^imv. 
Jadgo'a court, tEo ei^ criminal conrt, or Ulo n _ 
nsl court of tbo ci^ and county of Baa Tntusae^, 
be Bentenoed to impriaonmcnt m tbs cotmiy jail, oc 
priiion, may, instead thereof, be by tliaproporur' 
to impriBonmeul in tlie boose of corrcctionT in 
Bounty, subject, Lowerer, to the provlsiotti of 
tion ; and no person shall be sonteaccd to impria— -_ 
bonae of correction except nndertiiQ proTiaiuMOf 

Seo. i. No person ahull ba santtmced to inwl 
tho lioosu of correction far » Bhorter or lonccrW 
for whifh 1)0 migbl bo eontenccd in tho cooSWji^^ 
statu prifon, and in no cbbo wfaatever for ■ ^^ 
tUrea monttiB, nni im •.\oa^ Vena ttv^n tl 
perfion -wbo nda'ii'i 'Vw »^™?^ Jie «ii\>nwii>Bm ^m 
prison Bliiill\3eaBO.toic»l-v)T™yn»n«aBn>.'te,,*»" 

■ection, if he ia more tlian twenty-fl'H yesre of age. if lie lias 

Mien once before cooTicted of n felony, or twioe liefore coo" 

xl of petit larceny, nor nnleas, id tbe opimon of tii 

J ■■=T the Iioup" "'"■—"*!'■•■ "'" '— '"'"■'' 

itroducaKl at tlie 

■ of tlio 

txf lie found by thu uourt upon cvidetii 
jne of HCntcucB. 

Sec. 5. rei-BonB impriBoned in Uie Iidq 
HB put to work on tho pnljlii! works and otbcr proptrtj of f. 
jjr and countj of Ban Fiuocisct), or may lio cmpioyeJ at ai ^ 
Ter work, as tbo boaril of mipcrvifiorH ul eaid oily and county 
ly direct. And tlie Bsid board of eapi^n'fsors may, eo for na 
tdne regard to economy ViilL permit, plovidofor tlio Jeanifncr 
■— 'a by persons wlioee fcrmi" "" - - 


if bis office, c 

of snfficicnt k'ngtii. andwholiavo the 

iqnisito Ilicrcfor, and ivill -norii iuduBtrioosly tbereak 

Tbo aupcrinlcndcnt shall civu bia pcrsouij ntten- 

■ -.„ei:.„<^„ — '■'-'i--5ii]oatlbaLonEa of 

lall prtivida tberein 

duiates whosu prcs- 

ci»oii labor and cavern tbo bouse of correction of tlie 

county of San Francisco," approved Mnrcb tliirty- 

ejghteen bundrcd and BsvGnty-Bii. and all acts and pirn 
'~ 10 far aa they aie ioconeistcnt witli tbis act, are Itereliy 

1 provided, tbat all offenses committed before tliia auC 

cOCcctsliall bo intmirGd of, prosecuted, and puniBbcd in 
uno manner as if thidacthad Dotpasscd. 

Every wraon wlio shall, at tlio timo of the psBaij^ 
bo connned in tlio Louso of correction nndor or by 
Bontonco of impidsonment In tbe connl; jail, may 
Jieiicinsuof cori'L'c lion till Ilia tenn of impnaonment 
!. and, ao far aa relates to bbn, the house of cor- 
ill be deemed to bo the county jail, ami be Hhall ba 
.'ge and kuepinh- of the Buperia linden t, who nholl 
imo power over bini that tbe slieriff might oxerciBa 
s fact in the county Jail. While any Buub peiBoa 
lall be in cbargo of the anp^rinlendont as abovo pruvided, 
aherilf Bhall bennderno rtianonBibility in ro)^rd to him; 
it Dotbing Iiurciu shall preventtlio BheriiT from removing si 
Umoanyauch paraon from the liouflO of correction lo tbe 
n^Jall. Nothing iu this act abal! be conatiued to aboUab 
n •ny way to interforo with tho 


-7 jailB oE Buid city aniV coos 

Jid county. [Approviil fc-priV. 
a eilixt thirty days after •g»BX»^ 


X the qPm of OonmiaHtmer of Iransportatian, 
'b iia poaera aiul duties ; to Jlx Vie maarfmun. 
ramportiiu/ paaiengera and freiijJits oit certain 
dtoprecent ezioition and unjust incrimination 

L A- rnilroad compui; Hboll be deamed fpiilty ol 

■be following cihib ; 

BB it eliall nllfull; chitrgi>, demcud, or niCLiVi- 

benger, an Lia tUro from odQ Etutioo or place to 

renaler Earn tliaa ia HpeciQed us tliu faro iK^tnecn 

B or pUccH. for the bsiuo class of piusngu mid in 

bctioii, in iU tariff of fares on file.iritli tliu coni- 

* troiuporlatiuD. 

tlicn iC tliall iviirnllf cliarge, demn.'nd. or receive 

^iity ul gouda ( 

u tiiiui is spec 
mc^rch&ndi^u i 

m, tliou it uitail at tl^o saiue tiiuu oliarge, colk-ct, 
^m an; otlior peraoiis for recuirlu};, hitudling, 
[vlifuriug freight of tlie same class uiil like qiian- 
une pluoe, 

Wbea it shall wilfull; charge, demand, or receive 
arson or persona any ercal^i' i^u"' 'o^ paiisagc or 
I from any other iieraoD or peruona, betneen tbs 
, in the same dircclioii, for tho sama class of powt- 
lio lika quautit; of goods of ihe same clu<s. 
hen it Bbull nilf ull; charge, donrnad , or ncelTa u 
in for reetii-iug, Htai-iog, haodling, or dtlivuring, 
[larting any lot of goods or merchandise any greater 
sliaUi 07 or through any of its autliorizod sgLnls, 
tiuted, haTB agreed to charge for such services 

the performance tliereof. 

^ riulroad compuuy sbolt be deemed guilty of uu- 
lliation intlie lollotFlngcaacs: 
ion it shall directly or indirectly wilfully charge, 
receive from any purson or poiHons any itsa Kum | 
ST freight thao from noy other pcrBiin ur pcrsouj 

1 tbinact herein provide.]]. al (lie tame tCiao,\»:- 
aao places, and thu same dlrcctiou. !^)t xWW^ (i\iii« 
jr/(U-(Jbe/i/io quantity of cooJa oS ftio kmou e\«*»- 
ritenitabuJl ihtccUy or iudireoHy -waSoas cVnsBP- 

w thi th 

fflocrs ag nts and 

as efl cd m re ™F^ 

p y til p-reo p rsona acg 

aiuuiml of the damages suBtuned bjb 

nith the corttu of auit, to be recovered i 

Sec-. Q. If aur nuch railroad compsDT 
jliHl di3<!nmiHikllnii, aa d<.'fiiic?d in eecljoa 
Bliall furfeit and pij the sum of one Ulon 

, for the completion of thowork reqnired nntil 

work sfaiLll be iictually completed. 

~ " If Doy BDch inilroiul corporatjon n^kcta or refiueB 

tariff of fit-'ightu and farce, as proviGetliu ecctkiii liixg 

uuiuDl ii'poTt, as provided in stctiun evvia of 

r thiB act. h fihtdl fuiftit not lexii Uiau u 

llioosanil (lollurti pet day for cauli uiid i 
Cty day of eucIi neglect or refusal. 

BXQ. V, Any pSTBOn aggrioTcd theroby, vbo may bu uiiabls 
O Dtitun Bitiafaction from [ho proper officeva of nny railroad 
this Slate, may report to tbe commiasiuntr of trunaportaliuu 
/ Tiolalions of tLe proviaionB of ttiia wt by any mUrond 
mpany doing bueintss tliercin, or by any uf ita afiici:n), 

or tniploycc-a, and it Blinll be tlie duty of tlie conlmlB' 

;o mukii a prompt invcEtigatian ofench cbargea. 
ID. WlicnuTijr it hIikII romB to tl>e knowledge of tbe 
lasioDer that the proviaiooa of (Mb actliavobueuviolati.'d 

. _.-i — ,1 uny^ oy J (ijy fg^f^ j„ [|jg judgiiicut wtil'- 

lerefor, be sboll immedialilj givo notica 

tbe district attomuy of Ike conntrlo wbicb soch 

occmred, and it ia liercby made tbe duty of hUL-b diit- 

Ktlomiiy to commtpce and pi'osccute, in a voort of com- 

_it Juriadictioii, >u aotion against any laUroad company 

>ilull Lave U?cii guilty of aiuli violation. 

■-. 11. All finea, forfeitures, and iKHalties for violations 

■_proyJaionBof thiaaetlierein. provided shall be neovcrtil 

— ;.. .1 — jyjQ 0[ the people of tlie atate of Calii'omia. 

be brongkl arid prosecntcd upon oomptalut 

tLo ncraon agcriuvcd, by tlie dutlrict 

I nluch EDCb violatian ocmiTOil ; and 

L'eeovered Oa account of eack OIK'S, pbnal- 

Kkidl bo reqncfltL'd 
tiona, prnctedinga, 




Kilmer cm, mud if tiiey oranj-of themahiUbe ajtBif 

'"' T asenl who &a dirocted, or who knotnag-Jica 

ituf cara. and the conJiielorirf llBirii.!-* 

_ _. . ^ — y operatiiij aiiy iiiinuJ in It3-s« 

imarrjing and traniporuos cattk>,iiiiMp.« •»»-* 

car l-iod loia conflnc the b^uoo iu cars Tor a 101131* p3»i =* 
tliirtr-eiK cuoftjcativo haum, niUiont nnloidiDS forrtst* 
ftnilfudiug, furaptriodof at Ica^t ten cuusifutive boA ■ 
aitimiUiuzeQt.'htiuiuof coufiaemtut. the pcrioJ dnriW*** 
(iuiuiiuuil» Lavo bi^cn condncd withoat each nat Ml e^if 
iag nmla from which they arc receirc-H Bhall bo coniJKtii ■ 
Ca0e the uvmer or ptrsoa in ch^ir^j of eucU anioul^ ^^^^ ' 
Dcdoct) lopjyfor thecara oud feed of aniiiutl* bj mM * 
niiiuul canipdOT may cLai^ tLa expense tbi-teot la It><^ 
or £Dii2^igim^ Aiiu retAiu & hen npon the at>>m>i-a thtu^ ^ 
thnsiuuc idjBiiL 

3. 3. Wlien any freight train on 

in Buch k ptHition an to ohstmct the 

lughnay, lor a longer p^iriod than U 

hsring ciiarge of BuchtraiuBliall cause it lobe 1? 
toleaTBonoktrretor liighway open t ' - ■■ 
modato tlio publia tniYtl ; and ajiy ra ™.„ , j — 

1iluymi;nt aiiy p^csan shall bu. nlio shall yioUlo UiiiM 
1 lurreitand pay Uie Bum uf twenty-five dutUn if 

Midi byTeiatm of BiiohiiitoxirB,tlon,shaUdonn7ru?t, ornegli 
jf tar duty, wlticli not or □eg'lect slifttl caiK'c tUo death of, 
, booil? mjnry to any poruun or pciBons, l^i- bIiuII Lxi 



# wis. Thu company ilcsignaling aadh T'^noa Bball be rosponi^ ^^^M 
fttflo ciTilly far any aliuao o( liis mtlio" ty. ^^^H 

P^Sto. B. Eti'I^bucIi policumn'i Bl'di:, Trlionon flnty, ira>r!ft:^^^H 

. guillj of a. ftlony. 

' 8bo. 7. Tho eoTemor may, from time ' i tim 

, ■pplicftUon of any raUiafldoraitBrnboatot^jpauy. 

Lgnalod bj Bueh 

^ , intU tlia 

prcmiaca lucd by it in its 

J. Thu company dcsignaling Bucb r-^rMia Bball be rosponi^ i 
ciTilly for any aljuao of bis piitlio- ty. 

^bIkEh Tiow 0, Bhiolci lieariiig tbo wo- U '-railroad p:>llffl;" or'' 
f "Vteunbodtpolico," Bs thecasa ma' lie, and the name of lUa 
^'fompany for ivbicli be ia commin-io' >d. 
J Bio. B. Evury pereon who el|/'.i fraudnlcntly itwIi 
' tDtupt to evade tiio payment of 'jis fani for InxTclinK 
,' KdlnMul slmll be fined not leev Uian fire nor moi-e tliau 
V dollara. 
>ti' Beo. 10. An actentitkd "an Etct loprorlde Cor the appolnt- 

K> iiani of commiaBioncrB oi' iniDKpurtation, '~ "- " 

i« ahar^ for freights and faree, anil to p: 

Elixhteeu tiuDdi . . , , 

Uboiactd and porta ci'ocls in conflict with the 

' Ma 


effeot April 1, leii Slata. 1877-8. pp. 683-8G,) 

^ ' to Ad to pro:ed publw liealth from infection caused l/y «e- 

" Ituma&mnndTirmoDal oftiierenvaini ofOrctaKd pfrtam. 

Smotiox i. 11 shall be nulairfVil to disiuter or exhume tram 

> ', t Bnvo, raull or other burial place, tbu body or rumaina of 

■J nr deceased joraon. ualoaa the p.rBon or piirBona bo doing 

W Oull fijBt o^Eoia, from tlie board of healtb, Lualdli ofllaer, 

other head of t)io maoicipiil eOTemment of thu city, 

litj and county where tlio bame are dijposittd, a per- 


r£iBd.oi).amcii. or taken from any grave, vault, or otlii:r place 
■ Iffanrifi' ord>;pD3it, bu romuTod or tcaonpiirtul in i>r throosli 
' li^ 8ln*ta or highimyB of any ctty. town, or city anil cuonfy, 
Lanlcas tho person or pursona removing or tranapurting audi 
r aoJy "".r reEmiaa bhall first obtain, from tliu boarj of bLaltli or 
'i officer lif Bueh board or offl3crtliiirab.!|, and f tooi Cab 
r or otlier bead of the municipal j;ov<;mi.uuul cA 'i^w c^^-l 
pn, or cjtj aad Bomity, n jH.'rmitin wtitlus, so Vi usttuj^* 
. mpcirt goah body or re/naiua ill and lliroagh auub. litre*^ 



a. Fermibi to diaii 

of deceased perso"" 

granted, prorided tha p^ 

a applTiasthurefurdHltMrl 
r, tlio pbyaicisn vho ilkaMM | 

of tlio fiuts. wliich CI 

tiflcata Bbku atAte UlO CHW ■''■'^ ' 

dUeuo uf ^hioh tha perHua <^»I, and ■iMltwW"'*'''' I 
■nch aoccased ; and jn-ooirfpd. fitrtlier, OM lb) Mf IT*' I 
maiuaof decuued sliall bo incluted la &iiiclaIii)CM*vMB ■ 

loaltd in such mannf ^ ._ 

iiiwidUB or oScnaive odor or c-ffluvia cscar 
tliBtBUob case or coffin eontiuua Iho body 
onupcraon, except where infant cUildrcn. i 
or parrntg, or pareQC and ohildren are coa 
or coffin. And the pcnr-' -' -■■ - ■ ■ ■■ 
utd the words "pErioit 

truupolt tkfl ti 

of IheaitjfortowD, orcity BJid connty, tcmntingtiiclirt 
Bhatl req^uirotobo paid fur each permit uulMun of Mai 
to bo kept aa a Beparate fund by the trcjannrr, Mtil ■I''*' 
ho used to dofrajing cxptnea of and In i-«n«-i in aiA 

KDilfer the iiiBp«ido« of the metalic ci. . 

ing boxes herein required ; ontl cm acraaal «( end) 
Bhall be embraced in tlie accoonta and stutemi-uts of )' 
Ocer liavin^ the cnatody thereof. 

Sec, 3. Any person or peraoas who shall illeitilft. 
or remove, or cavisa to be diainterred, eihumni. or 
from a grave, yacdt, or other receptacle or bliriii 
body or reBuaiDBof a deeeased peraop, without. 
for, Hhall bo guilty of a miktenieaiior, and lie p 
not less thin flf^ nor more than flvo liandm 

imprisonment in the county ]ai] for not U-aa lb 

nor moro than six months, or by both euoli flnoaBl! 
ment. Mar shall it be lawful to rcccivo suel) bajj. 
remaina on any vehicle, cax, barge, boat, ahlp. ft _ 
attsmboat, or Teasel, fur tranxportation in or fKiiB )!«■ 
unlesa the permit to transport the same is f 
ia retained in evidence by tJio owner, drive 
tondent. or mister of tho veljicle, car, or xsimcV" 

Sec. i. Any person or persons who shaU niov« < 
T caused Co lie moved or transports, 
hivayaof any "■'" 

slialV\i!iiVe\iE6Q i^sui\atiw\. tii 
d escribed, in aecvioa wo o^ W 
nieanoi, aua\ie ^fQii\^itfo\o . 

E person who eboll givD infomiBtion W secura 
of any person or p^moiiB far tho vialatian uf 
^aloDB of thid act. shull be entitled to receive tbe Bum 
itf-firo iloIlMi, to be pavl frum tlio ftind collected from 


ILHI BJldoC ^ ._ 

contained shall ba taken ti 
.Bins of deoessed peraooB 1 

1 effaot iir^ diya uttor pnaiigo. 8ta,'tB.')S7M7prio50ri 
to prvmoU Bmigration from Wis tiate of Oalifomia. 
on 1. Tt ahull b^ an'awtul for the ownera, oXoera, 
or emplo jeea of luiy sleimahip compnny. Hailing yc»- 
I'QJlrooil company, or firm, or oorporatioo thut msi; ba 
1 Li this Btiito ID tbe traosporCiLtiQa of pasaangarB to 
<m anj foreign port, to withholil or rtfnw &ny peraon 
ina (ho right to purchass a pasaago ticket or iicketa to 
. „anlry. far tbo toaaon tha.b be oc they bsve not 
n oectiflcato, card, or other dooament whatsoever, 
[ Umt Bucb person baa paid in full, ur in part, any nr 
i, dobia or demands, or otberniiHi. or any Btini whatso- 
»nj sooiety. company, corpoi-ation, Bflfloetation, or in- 
1, or Qrm^ and any pcraon or corporation who elinll 
the proviaiona of thia ((action, or in pursuance of any 
£n(, oral or written, refuae to sell a paaaage ticket lo 
aon to any foreign country, shall be gnil^f of a misde- 
, and, npon conviction, sh^l be paDiabea by a flns of 
UuDonebonilrsd nor more than fiiobundred dollarB; 
A (habnotbingintbiaaection bIibU be conetrited in any 
to apply lo any paaaporlor other document reiiuireil 
to bo presonteil, hivinK the Bignature or aeal of any 
ooDBol resident withiu this stale. [In effect llarcb 26. 
Itats. 18B0, p. 15, Daa. Ed. 60. ] 

'or the eipBnSES of Coroner inque»t» lit laid prison, 
oir 1. The coats and eipenaea of all tilala nblch hare 
>Fa been had in the county in thla atats where tba a^^A 
a sitnatcd, foe any ciTmo oommilled by auj couflM'ui 
t prixiii. Mad tbo coeta of gna.riiia'i an \ kuepiug aae^i 
Moii tho fxooalioa of tbo sentenco o[ sail conNio^ ^1 
(r, and the coata uul ezneiiees of aU ttULa iiaiiAoto^ 

nan. is;o. ^^'' 

_ Tiolatiog the proviflionB of tbia aot 
-isdemeaiior. and uiall be piiiiialtal)lB br 
cotmlf Jail »oC loaa than one month nor 
liH. nr i>ya fiao of not lesa tliui twenty- 
.n tno himclred dollara. OF bj both 
In effect April 10, 1>^0. Stats. 18BU, 

I o! this stjte, except bj means of L 

Anj petBOn Tiolating any of tba proviaions of lbl< 
^e RUil^ of a miBcloniGaDori sldcI. upon < 

aitj dollara, o 

3Dt in Uiscoant; 

^ . impel 

bt lesB than fifty HiSf, or bath Bueh fine and 

FfbE iho seoond, and eBoh eubstiquent otfens<i, 

e; -■' ■"-■■"'■ 

leu thun Mo liuudred and &tty dQlliuti, a 

t in cimnty Jail for a period of not less than two 

land llfv d'Aja, or both Buoh flao aod imprlBonmeDt. 
t Aiy poraon RiTin^information which Icada to the 
n of an; person or persona for violating the pravia- 
plia »ct ahall.upou tlioooaviotion of anoh pereoa or 
bo entitled to racuira one-half of {ha flna jmpoaed 
diperaonocpeTson-i. [In effect April IG, 1360. tJtala. 
la^ Ban. ££315. 1 

imviiie/or tke mustniclion. ntainlenanne and rtgu- 
liAumj/s instreiona iialuraliy frequented by ealmon, 
I oltirr migraiory fisk. 
1. 11 ehull bu the duty of tbeatate board of GbIi 
lera to eiamine, from ticno to time, all dains and 
istrQCtioQauiallriYBrsoratcBains in ih is state, nat- 

n uieir opinion, tbeio is not free piaaage for fish over 
td any dun or aTliflaUl obstroctioD, to notify the ami' 
Mnipanta thereof to providetheaame within napecified 
Stt a dorabla and efflcisnt flahway uf Bucb form and 
' and in such location aa shall bu determined by the 
imiaaioners, or peraon nntboriifid by thom. IE atui'tt. 
la not completed to the eatiafaotiaa ut eaiiV co\nmiti- 
wiUmi tiliel/mi) HpeoiUcd, Uio owaecsoi iKCU'^aaUi ^^ 

1 bo fined two haadred aud BflJ Joll"^ * 

the p'aintiS aliall recover fiill cos 19 ; anil not-tail li ^ 
BueHbiiilbefor tliebeneSb of and b hall bepul ~ 


. - Jtber Lilf (lull be ^» 
tho benefit of tho fnnii for "in** 
- - - - ,alJi»» 

a Pf fiflb. 

Bflb." and may be eijKsJid tj • 
lasioneni. in &eir ducmlKii.l'* 

Hon iind ro 

.--JBof fi,liwayB. 
Bkc. a, II ehalJ bo inonmbonl npoD tho o* 

Cmta of all dauia or artiBcial ubatmctioiu, "I — 
ounlof fith commiHsionerH require sach fisbwinl*'*^ 
.—»; r.andopen. '■'-—*■ 

Tided, to keep tUe BB 

UeglECtsor rciiiwa in h 

and freafvoniobatmetii 

r, and 8ubje< 

jd (!»[«■* 

^ „,i4isj«^ 

any BUcU dam or arlificial oIbLTOSI** 
^p each fiahwayin ttpJt-«^^* 
*" tlie pasaagD of fiili, iliiU I* n 
jact to tha nam fine.ud^ 
Bliall be recovured m the Bams mumer. aad ipjilid"* 
umu purpoues, aa provided in Bectioa one at -"-' '* 

Seo. 3. Auy pereon who shall villndly .. 

Blcoy, iujaro or obstruot any aucli fiabway, or any] 
£b&llaLaiiytimetal(o«r cauthanv salmon. abidls 
eratury flaliar tront, except by hook anj lOMiT 
hundml feet of any fishnay required hj Um it 
tub conunisuonera to be provided nod ftepCopeBii 
or catch any sucb fisli in any manner, vrith^ ifb 
Siibway. libaU boEO'K^yof a. misdeiaeanor. aod •■ 
eiiiuu flue, aud ivbich Bhali be rccovei-ed in tlie na 
Bud appKad to tbe uarae purpo:jeB as providiiJ in «0l 
tbiH oBt. |Iu effect April Ifi, la.O. Stale. 18^ a 
fid. 397.1 

An Act relating (o fieldag in ifig icc 
SEcmon I. All alieiiB incapable or uecumin ■ 
thia Htato are hereby probibik'd from AsliiuK.<c B 
fijh. lobster, Bhriinpa, or BbeUflsb of any kiud. tm ia 
of Belling, or BiTiugtoanolheriierBootoBeU, JEvwrtil 
the protisinns of tliia act Bhali be « mi * 
upon oanviotiou by n fine of not less tlmu tm 
or by impriaunmimt in tlio county jail for a t 
tbaathlrlvdayB. Lbi affect April Sj ISao I 

regvbUe Iha tait of cerUiia jmlionims svhitaneet, 

[Approved April 16, 1880.] 

N 1. It shall ba unlawful for any parson to retail any 
baUncea paiaocoa^, and by rcaeoii thereof dangeroos 

1 life, nitliouldiiitinaUy lubcliDK the bottle, box, yee- 
ukage, and the wrap>ier or cover thereof iu vrhlcb 
itjnca in coDtained, with tlio oomniou or uaual nama 
jugctbcrnidi the vronl "poison," Budtbfl name acd 
lusineBH of tha HSlldr. Nor shnlL it be lawful for an; 

retail any of the BubatmccB cnnmeraled in either of 
dulea to any person, unlees, on due inquiry, it is 
it the person recelTin^ the eame ie Bware of ita poi- 
liaracter, and that it ia to be used for a le^limata 

lb Bbatl be nnlanful for aoy pereon to retail any of 
ances eoameratcd licrcio, unless, bafore dtlivoring 

BDCh poraDn ehall make, or cause to bo made, in a 
t for that purpose oot;, an entry Htatiflg the data of 
ihoaameandadiireBaof thoporchnaer, fiionamoand 
of the Babstauce sold, the purpoee for nliich it is 
Ihapurcba-ser to bo reqnirEd, and the name of the 
i lUia book required by this Act ahull be oiwaya 
llpeotion by the proper anthorities. Itehall also be 
lithe perfiDQ diflpenaing any of lbs aabstannea enn- 
In either of a^d acbedalea to sacertain, by due in- 
efiier the name and address t;iv«n by the person re- 

Iiix troe name and address, and lor that 

iDCb parson to be ideoUficd. 
who shall dispcuBo anyoltlia anbstaoeeB 
Du IU siuii;!' of said aabadiiles without complying 
Tognlatious herein preBcrit>ed, shall, for every auch 
) deemed guilty of a misdemeaDor.snd, upon couvio- 
lof. aliall be punished by a flue not eioeediue flve 
lollars, or by impriBoumeiit in the count; jail not 
: ill months, or by bolh auch fine and impriaODment j 
that nothing in this Act ebsll be bo construed as to 
hepTGECriptionaof onypliysiciaD authorized topiao- 
dne under the laws or this Btate. 

This Actsfaall take efliictaud tie in force from and 
) flnt, eighteen hundred and eighty. 


I Tomic&t honbau&i 


iSTio, el^t, cotton root, digitalis, cMorofotm.dilw 
and all proparatioDE. compoaiida, ealM, elutcU.a 
' anch Bul)»eaDce9, ezaept preparatiDiui of oplom i 
■' - ■ ■ — ■"- "a Said onniie. 

lesB than two grains tc 

ite, ri?ii and gresl b 
u). <ui>^uit,uitt, i.itiiLLiajiuca, oxsiie aoid. craBr 
pliatii of ziac, sugar of lead, carboUo Kid, sulpfal 
muriatio acid, Ditrjo acid, pbosphariiB. bdiI all pn^ 
onmpoimds, salts, extracts, or tinctures of soeh ti 
[AppTOTsd April 16, 1B80. Stata. isao, p. 109, Bm. 

(Approved AprU 12, 1880,1 

Beotioh 1. No liDenee to tranBact any bminen 
tioQBhallbesranledorisBaed by tlio SCdte. or M 
oity.oc city nod eouniy, or town, or any monici 
tion, to any alien not eligible to beuoniB an el 

Sso. 3. A violation of tlia proviaioiis of wotioi 
Act sball be deemtd a misdemeanor, and be pan 
iB^. [Btet8iSaO,p.39.Ban. Eld-iU.] 


BxFviiTmiA J.: 

* • • * ItrennltithattiieActin^ -^ 

a prohibition directed BgDJiiat the Chinose, taoxt M ■*! 
eround, aod bo coaeldcred void, because itTJoUMM*^ 

ition and the Caostitutioa of the Uoitol 

_„^ ilawof IhelBBd. "This rouatitutiua,aBdi« 

tba United Btates which eball be mads ia pnnnaBM 

and sil treaties made, or which shall ba rnade. »•»■ — ^ 
thorltyof tlia United Btalea.eball be the sapccma UvW > 
laud; andthajuc1t;oiiueFery&lata sliall bs tK-mit^ 
auythingin tLaConatitation or lavs of anySlaMMfl*^ 
traryiicEwithstandme-" [Art. VI. Sea. 9. i;ooaunl«tf* 

The deIfcni\fttitcms*.^i>.-5 <hAVoESDMk,^(ik -wwerib^ *J^? 
3381 ot the roUliaACoiio-, ea4.^c»jaiK)v«He*i>uMrfJ» 
tLs Aot of tUe ft«.W-t«^.iwi^« ta^ -(»»««**-«-* 

4 to define, remdalB a-ad ooupm (he slate priionn of 

10H I. The prison horetoRira Imowniis tUB "bcaDch 
liBOn " eball ha koonii Lerciftor ildcI dosigiiBted ub the 

prison at I'Dlsom," soil nJl ito iliianees B.nd other aa- 

eliiiU be kspli sepBralA I'ram thoaa of the sU B pri^a s( 
lentin, uud iCebitll hive an Dfacial staff confnriuablo to 
nut the Htate ia relation to state piiHons; and itiJisll 
Inl for com-u to aentdDce cunv^cCii to liia stute priBon at 
icntiu, or to tbo atiilo prison at Folsom, in their duKii'u- 
nd tlio board of dirwjtora shall havo puwur to traniiftr 
in from either priuon to the other one, when, in tlieir 
ent, encb translbr in for the best iolensls o! (he ntate. 

il. For the goTemuimt oiid muiaseuieDt of tlis Cali- 
■tate prisons tbere shall be appoinlHl bj the guvemor, 
iTlth tliQ ad rice au 1 cousent of (lieaeDale. on or belbrs 
Bond Monday in Janii.ity a.d. eighteen liundred and 
, five directors, who Hliall hold tbeir office for the (firm of 
irs from and after said second Monday in January. A.D. 
SQ Lundred and eightj, and nutil their snoceauora are 
ited and qoslitiBd ; proBided, that said direclora bo ap- 
il aball. at their tlrEib meeting after the pafisago oC tiiia 

claaaify tbemaiiilrea by lot, tbataue of thuuihliaili^aoot 
se iu two years, ouo of them in four ycoi-.s iinu ol tliein 

years, one of (hem in eight years, and oqo of them iu 
ara after said eecond Monday ie Jaounry. a.d. cigh.oen 
B.I and eighty ; nnd an enUy of euch ciassitii^aliou shall 
Sein the minuCeaof aoiddirectoi:^, signed by them, and 
icatu thereof shiUJ bo filed Iu the office of the eecretaTy 
te. Ajid on or before the second Monday in Jaaiuur, 
ghteea and cightj-tno. and at the same time liieaniaily 
Iter, the governar shall appoint, by and with the odvico 
lusent of the senate, one diieetor, whiisa term of oEBoa 

a bin oommidsioii. 
, 3. At the fimt meeting of the directors after the pos- 
S this act, and at their meeting in Jinuary. biennially 
iter, they shall elect one of tl^r number president of 

. 4. A majority of the board shall oonstilute a qiiomm 

IS transaction of buaineivi, but no order of (he board 

Iw valid uideaA it is catered on Che journal, and is con- 

1 in by thrco members. 

. 5. itHholl bethedutyof the tliiectim» -. 

ri—To detErmiaa the neceBsary officeva ot ftua ■¥^™^^^ 

Uaa tlioso of wardens and elerka, Bpeuitjinft iIibvt fiaVis* 

ftl*lMi dxiiig their sal&nea ; lo praBoiVba y\imu 

tJTu ptiaoni 
CQcli months 

Second — Tlie directors ahall meet at the i 
lliofirBttcndBjBm Janaary, April, Jaly, i 
year, aaH. in iidilitiaQ to the diitiea abova i 
eitttnine tha boi.lsa naH accounta of the wu 

TliiT.l—To outer on their joumal tlio i-ci 
tioiis, aiid nf nil otbor official acta, which 
thB metubeTB present. 

Fuurth—Ou or before tho flrat day i 

eighteen hundred e 

id eighty, and tuiDU4l 

- the conditioa of th 

aent of tlieir receipts 

1 teres ta ma] 

with IL deCtUtit Bi 

and euoli Bungesti . „_. 

Beo. 6,_ The hoard of directors eliaU hi 
■z. : ^p,^ 

__ ill Ban Francitioo, aiideA««,«, 

S^o. T. The directors ahnll appoint a 

aisoD, nho Bhall take ard subscribe an i 
ilbfiUl? to disfhorgB the duties of Lis od 
a bond to the etate of Ooliroriiia in tha 
thouaand dollars, with two or more surcU 
by the directora arid the attorney'^Deral i 
tioned for tho failliful performanco of tbi 
dovoive upon him an such officer, and he ai 
for four yeors. 
Bec. e. The wardens Bhall reside at tl 

Fifth — To report la often as Ibey may ho required to th« 
I (Hrectora, the uamber of guards employed, tbeir luuneB and 
1 duties, and such other matters us may bo required. 
r Siltli — To hare general clmrgD of all department of the 
pt^aooi. and of (he ofBcers. 

\ Seoejifft— To bring any and all Buita at law or in equity aris- 
ing in his department that maybe neiteBBBry to prolect the 
rigbtd of Die state in mattei'H conaected with tho p'''^<" '"'^ 
tiwir management, ia the Dame of tho board of slate prison 

tdlrcctovB. and ta prosecute the same with the consent of the 
board of directors. 

~. Tho hoard of direciora shall appoint a clerk for 
ion, who shall toko an oath of offico, nnd onler into a 
Ibe Btat;, with surelies aatiafactory to the board, in 

of fiye thousand doUaiB, that they will foitbrully dis- 

tffasTga the duties tvliichdevolTO upon them. The clerks shall 
Sfold their office for the period of fonr years, unless sooner 
nmoTcd by the hoard for misconduct, incompetency, or neg- 
iMt of du^. 

' fiuu. ID. The clerks shall keep the accounts of the priHona 
toVliicU tliey are severally nppuLnlcd lu such msniier as to 
oshitnt cleaiTy all its anancianransBCiloiia. Aregiater of oon- 
l4oU shrill bo kept, in which Bhnll ba entered tho came of 
jfleh convict, tha crime of which he ia convicted, the period of 
^Mteat^nce, from whut county, by what co.ut iiontcncedi his 
pH ivi^, to what d^ree educalsii. at what iD''tim.Doii, and 
lender what system ; on accurate description of hia pcrHm, 
ijnid whether he haa been proTJausly ounflned in a state prison 
lin this or any other state, and if so, when and liow he was 
^behorgid. Tho cli rks ahall also out as secretaries of ibs 
•IXmnI wh.h) in Besaion at the piiBOn?. 

Sao. 11. Tho board of direolnrB are hereby anthorlwdand 
Vaquired to contract for provisions, clotlim^, medicines, for- 
a(ps, Inel, and all other siippliL'S needed for the support of llie 
^Roiis for any period or time not exceeding oiio year, and 
■neb coniracts shall be limited to bona fldo dealers in the sev- 
ei«l classes of artieles coDtrac;cd for; fncheontraeta sliallbe 
j^TEU to the lowest bidder, at a public iL'tting tbtfcof, if the 
vrfoa bldia a fair and resaonahle one, and not greater than the 
Banal market voluo and prices. Each bid tbol) boaecompa- 
ttfod by such aeouiity as the board may require. I'onditioDed 
VOon the biddiT entering into iv con traet upon the terms of Mt 
Udi on notice of the acceptance thereof, and fumiahing a 

Enal bond, with good and sufficient sureties, in ea^ t.o.ta.^fc 
a board mavdii-BCt.ond to their BatisfacUoTi,ti«A \ib «"™ 
tKiibra].F perform hia contract. Notice ot liio tTae, '^l*^^ 








pHntedaDdpiibUBhediQ tbeoityof'* 
newapaper printed and pablialieil in the oilt of bawM 
ind in one newspaper printed and pnblislwd in Ikoaf ■ 
where tbo nrieou is Bitn&ted. If allOie bid* nub ** I 
lettine are deemed unreoaoiiably hiftli, tho board na?.l«»* I 
discretirn, declino to coatraot. oad maj train ad'W'* !■ I 
pioposals, and may bo continue to renew Qio •* ' "* 
until Bitiirnclo^ oontracta are made, and in tto 
tliobonrd may contract wilL any one who6eo8u ii nf 
jnutandequilable: but no contract thas nude iliaUr 
Ibon sixty d.iys, nor in any ease extend bcToitd Iti 
letting. No bid fball bo aceeptej. nor a. conttltt — ' 
iu nuraniincL, thereof, when rnich bid is higbtr lb 
bidattbeBaniB letting for tbo eamo class or Mbt— - ^ 
clen, and wlicna contract can he bad at BnchloowUl. 1 
two or more bids for tlio same article or arlietotw* 
amouut, the board may select the one -whicli, ail lU 
BJdoroil.maybyUiembothooeiit beat for tlie iuWnl 
stjte; or they may divide tbe contract between 0»t*_, 
in tbeir Judgmoiit may seem proper and ri^L lb 4 

See. 12. Tlie board of directors shall haw j-am 
discretion, to purcbaae any clay lands suitable Jiic _ 
ing that ma; lio contiKnouBtotbe tJanQuentiu mMBI 
not to eiceed in value the su m of firieen llioaaind *• 

Bec. 13. Nn peraoQ Shalt be appointed lo«ii]fi_ 
employed in Uie priaona on behalf of the stats. wb»lil 
tractor, or the agent or employee of a contnctor. ■ ■ 
iQlerealed directly or mdirectfy in any busin€« 
tbereiii; and no male peraon who is not a qu^iSe^ 
the slate of California shall bo appoinred by the 
any oGlco in or abmt tbe prisons, nor ahaii any 'M 
ployed or appointed by Tirtae of this act who n in Ik 
of intomperalo nee of intoxtcatiag tiquots. A a^ 
intoniealion shali j nBtlfy discbarge or remoTaL 

8eo. 14, Tlie governor shall have *'•- -'•— •" ■ 
eitliop of tbe directord for miscondncl, 
lect of duty, upon proper notice to him or tlien 
by copies uf written cliarges, be or UieyhavinK. 
to bo bearU thereon. 

Seo. 15. if the ofBoo of director shall boot—- - ■ 

dealJi. renignatioa, removal by tbe eovemor. or lO)^ I 
CBuse, the vacancy shail bo filfed for the unelpitnl ■*' I 
tbogovernoi:, bj and with theadTico and eonaeotaribi^ 1 

bourirf flirvcWriati.^l'ioift ' -- — ■ 

or ne^ect ol 4o.tV". »ii* "^J* 
ha remoYBa at ans ^™'' "^' 

L- The directora sfasll receivsno coupensntinn. otber 
"" " " ir traveling eipeneeB, and or- ■ - 

Uus {llOfl) DOT mniith for oilier eipenneB inoarred 
nSBged in tua psrfonnanoB ,-"-■'- ™ 
jliall re 

W) POT m! 

a tua p;rl 

idrej dollurB (iilOOj'aad not ta exceed three tliaiuand 
.tStXIO) per annum, in the disorotion of the dircoton. 
kaalul rcueiveonu thauaimd sad fire hundred dollarB 
per armitm ; and all other oCGeoiii and cmijloyuea Hhall 
lucli compenBiilio J an the boardof dinxi.orBshiill deem 
oquitablo in each caao. iln cffoot March 11, 18B1. | 

18. All raoneja r^^oeiTed or ooUecled by the wardens, 
leot this act, ehail be paid by them into tho etate 
', Co the credit or a funl to be Known ax tho slats 
'nod, at least as often at anee per month, c^icGptlng bo 
lereof aa may benecGBsarftopii; tho currant GxponxeB. 
cilena Hholl roquirD VDucherit for all moneys b; tliem 
id, and safely Mpp tha Biuno on file in tUeir respeutivo 
ht the priaona. for all euma of money requireLJ to bs 
ler than for the uaea abore named, na nell aa fur Baid 
Then there iB not euCflcient muuey in the lianda of the 
I, drafts shall be diawu un tlie controller "t atata, 
by at least throe of the stato priBon direetora, and 
si^ed by the \v,:rdeus, and the coutrollur cC stais 
aw hia warrant on the state troaatirBr. who ahall pay 
lu onl of any moneys belonging to the Etalu prixoD 
r ap;iropr[aled for the uao or Bupport of the eCata 

[IncffEctMarchll, 16:1.] 

19. All rovennes of the priaona. unless herein other- 
3vided. shall be [>aid to the wsrdena, who alooe are au- 
Ito receipt for the same and dischnrge from liahilin. 
jiy sum of money la paid to tha wardena, thi'y shell 
.oaamo to be properly entered on the books by tliedorlis. 

20. Onpaymentof any monejaioto the stile treasury, 
ided in this aeC, the wardens and Btate treasurer abut 

Che controller of etalc the amount bo paid and the 
usurer shall eive the wardenan receipt therel er. which 
shall be filed with the contraller, Ibe wardena Khali 
ti the controller of state the Eunount of mnoey paid 

1 taid treaanry by them duriog each montli ; and aliall 
K)ct to said controller of state the amounts reorived 
ibaraed by t^em every three months, and durius (lie 
Tor which such report ahall be madu, which quarlerly 
ilull be eiinied by the warden and at least thico ot Ua 
■a. (InelJeotMarohH, 1881.1 

ai. A2] cvovicta not emptoyea ou conttaMa nw.! '^^ 


1 the performaoca of work for til* *We,«rBl 
luractiira uf an; artiide or Brticlea nhioli. in Uwtf ~ 
tliu botudi may inura to tbo bott iulei^stix^ Ibl M 
tl>o boaiduf directors are hereby autlioriaedtuIiuKh 
uuiu (o time. Hiioh tools, maohindr;, uid miteflaii 
direot Uie eraploymeDt ol biicIi t<kl.]>;<I (oiemED md« 
ot-iuury to cur^out the prciviHioua of tliis H«ii(a.iU 
pose of tl>(i ar^icl{« mBiiufaatai-ctI and iiutiuii^«llV ■ 
lar cwli. nt public aactioa or odiervTitm. If liy uM 
littYinyflnitBivon notice of siieli a^o by ■dfrrtiiing IB 
na.l plucB thoreof, towther witli & ligLof tbe uwa 
sold, iu tcncousccutiveidHucaof tno ofmoroiliu]yiw<4l_. 
of RcnerU circulation publiabed in UiociCviod cuuuiyif * 
Fr^iumto. 'Xbe monuy reoeivtd fi-oni ific aOa aiyful* 
■osoldslul] be pud into the Bt&te treaenry. bjtbewvte* 
Ihupriaou, to Iho credit of tbefimdof widpnwjn. 

Sec. 33. In the treatraent of the prisooen' '" '-"^' 
Kencrol rules shall be oheerved: Xlacn ooDTk 

ibedof straw. or otherBoitablsma-. ,- 

iringor blanketa, and ghaU be lapplnlBi 

floiant _ . 

anbntantial material, of diituiotim 
tmo, and with aufficient plain aad wboIcsomB find 
Tatiet? aa ina;r be niii«t conducive to good benltb. 

8eeo7id—lto puuiBliment nhajl be infliclal, a 
Jcr andnndertiuedirectioa of tlio nardena. 
Tliird—Tbe warden ahaU keep a c 

Q the priaoner when 
priTOn, and aliall pay UioanioTint, or tbe prncesda I1-. 
roiiirn tiieaanio totlie convirt when discharged. orlaU 
rcpreaenlatives meaaa of hisdeatli; and inoi — "^ 
of ancli convict witlioat being released, if no h 
ttyoBliall dumaud Buch property within Bra 
■ligJI be raid i"^ 'lis stat« pFiaon fund. 

«)uiyi— The roles and rcgulalions pnaoribiDg * 
and iibligatiooB of the priaonera sball bo piiitiedaii' ' 
In each oell and aliO{i. 

Fiflh—Euih convict, when ho leaves the nrina. M 
anpiiliKd Rlth the mnney taken (Voin kim whes ImnI 
vid which he has not disposed of. uigether wilt M'' 

ly bai 

a by 

been earned by him for bia o 

" *-'-'— — -■ londnctCR' tl 

from aaj K 

or may have been preaanled t _ 

case to prisotier ha« not f.indasiifflcieiit fo, ,.™™ 
be shall be furnisued ivilh live dollora in mrf j 
clolhca coBlinR nM mava «!»& Sjni. fliiUata. uti a 
tiukut to tba ¥\bc6 ^■\i«6 WD.\BTifctft.,\v Sn» -lawni 
rfii urn there, ov W »W3 ola^i -V^aoBtr " ^ 

STATE PBIBOH. 1930-81. 'O* 

hair cot. or from being BhsTcd, for three mleiiilar nontlm im- 
Emodisiely prior to bis diachar^o. It aluill not ba lawfal for 
'theoffiiors of tlio priaoa to Inrnish. or permit to be funiiabed, 
Jto liny one, for piiblicalinn, tlie name of any priaonor abont lo 
If he diHChari^il. When Che tranlea.and aueh other afficorBoB 
■may be ik^iiiitialcd by the directors to act with Lim In such 
■- .■ . ..... - o.tbeyshjll 


m, anil if they remain of the opinio! 

'arden Bliail certify tho fact to 
IWBnperiuteiidentuf one of the Bl'ato aHyluma for tlio insane, 
nil shall fortliwitli send Bucli convict t« eaid asyhini for cai'o 
nd treatment. It Bbitll be the daty of the warden, aluo, to 
and to tie direclora a copy of Bucb cartificata. and thereafter 
atalement as to liia BuliBcqtientactBrcgBvding tho Baid Insane 

'-• ■-■' '- .liall be the duly ot ths euperin teamen t of 

_ ..._ .. , to receive Buch insane convict and keep him 
itil oureil. It ehall be hlB duty, upon the receipt of sneh 
"DO convict, to notify the directoraof the fact, giving name, 
I, and where from, and from whose hands received. Wheiii 
Uie opinion of the Biiperinlendrnt, Bocb itiHane convict is 
hnd of Insanity, It shall be liis duty to immediately nr.tlfy 
H directors therenf ; and it shall bo hia dntf, alao, to notify 
"So warden of t)ie pnson from whence he was received, who 
Ull immediately send for, take, A' d receive the said convict 
■ok into the prison, tho time passed at tho a^f'nm conn ting a> 
part of mob convict'n sentence. Before dischnrping anj 
n^Tiot who may bo insane at the time of the eipii'atiou otliia 
■antence, tlie warden Bball first give notice, in writing, to a 
Bdge of the BU|>erinr court of the county in which the state 

a may be located, over which ba bos at 
"' ■ aoitj I whereupon BBiil Court ahai 

[id deliver the same to thaahenff of said o 

naon — , .. 

if Hnch insanitr ; whereupon saiil Court ahaO forthwith m 
1 order, and de ' ' 

mmandinH him 

Upon tliB ret£iptof bucIi order, it shall be 
« duty of said sheriff to whom it is directed to execute and 
turn the same forthwith to the court by whom it was issued, 
lA thereupon the said court shall oanse proper einminitiou to 
— 'a by medical cxperta. aadif it shall aatlafactori y ap- 
.>„ — K ^ — i"»ia inaiue, said ennrt shall order him to 
. .he insane aaylnms. The sheiiiTBh 1! 
le cempenaation as fur transferring a prisoner 
.son, and to be paid in tlia same ma'-ner. II 
.r having been sonoCiSed by tlie warden, shall 
_ foBueh order tiho made as herein pciiirtdda. , ca 

U17 aocb sheriff shall ueelcot to romovo Bncli \ti»b,tib otiW^wV, 
w required br tho prorisiona of this Ktct-ion, \t, Bba\\ \i" 'i'™ 
la^of tlie warden tocause such inHannooi\viclto\iote«ior"» 
-*-T9 a miparioTDDurt of ft county in vMc\i \lia»X*te^nwn» 

I Inohncgeof an officer of the pri«m,orotoP 
_j« pereon, far Ihe purpoBe of examinalioa ; luJ ll» •* 
inch removsl shall be paid out of the eUte IraMiiqr.B 
asme matmersa when removed by tlie shcnffm IioteinFr'ili 

8eo. 23. The board of atatc prise ' --V- — 

aboU require of every able-bodied co: 

. - -uitj,f„i labor, in each mil •"T* 

' ■■ 'jo pwoili"' 

fai'thfoiiy performing Buch" labor,*'aioa"litina iuSl «•" 
ohcdienl lo the rules and regulations o( the prtwn, « if «■ 
ble io work, jet faitbfal and obedient, iOiail Tk liioni I " 
liisteiin, ioflteadandinlieuof the credits bereloIwi»» 
by law, a dedncbon of two months in lacb of lb« 6* ■ 
years, four months m each of the next tno ywi. ^ * 
months iu each of the remainiiiB vearsof aud tam-.r"-^ 
that any Budi conyiotwho shall commit an uuiilia 
keeper, or acy foreman, officer, or aunviet, or oltatW- - 
danger life, or by any fl^rant disresaid of the rafci"''' 
pnaon. or any miadomeaaor whatever, shall IiMtOltli •** 
tioDS of time earned by hina for good conduct tofon fc**" 
idiflaion of such offense ; such forfuitnre, huaenr.riid^ 
be made bj the board of directors, Bftar doe tmiot rf** 
fsnse, and notice to the offender ; nor shall sDCli trxMlalk 
imposed when a party has violated any rule or nj(»«l** 
violence or evil intent, of wMoli the directors ihjU tatt»* 
JndgeB. The namo of no convict wbo attempli to B "" 
thopaBBagaof thisict,bIiBll be sent by tbe state on 
to the governor for the oredila herein provldtd. 

Seo. 23. All criminals aentenced to the state piwDl 
authority of the United Stales shall bo receiiediDl H 
cording to tha aentenoe of Ibe court by whieli ihcfvnl 
and the iiriBoneis so conuned shall bo subject, in ill ~' 
to the same discicline and treatment as tb — *" " 
tate. The wardens ai _ 

id to charge anil receive from tbe Dniled '^tals.tib* . 

theatata, an amount sufficient for the eupinrtuf^P* I 

~ the coat of all i:lothiDg that mjy be furniiiW ' ' 

an J BVMi\i \a\ 
Mid eigWS-Wo.'' . 
tiided, tbatniWc tiaa 


to. 25. After the first day of January («sUl«l^ 
eighty-tno, the labor of convicts ahall cm taM^ 


, . I iierotofore entereS ir 

26. The bosri] of ilirtictorii Bliall have power to cod- 
'or tba supply of gaa aad vraUir Tor mid prisouB. upon 
irma aa aaid boiud Bhdi [Icem to he Tor Ihu !)>:)>( Interest 

Blalo.or to manufiictnro gas or fni-niah watur Ihera- 
At their option, 

27. Ko officer or omijloyee ahall recelTo, dlreotly or 
Itly, any componsatioD tor hia HBnlces other than that 
ibed by the directors ; nor slisll he receive say eooipcQ- 

«ha.teTei', direclly or indirectly, FDrsnvact or aervice 
hemsy doorp<:riiirin for orenbehalf of Boyoontractor, 
at. or emplojBB of a contractor. Por any yiolalion of 
OTiaiooa of this gection, the officer, agent, or eoiployes 
state shall he discharged from bis ofhca or aervlce ; auil 
conlractor, or employee, or agent of a. contractor cn- 
therein, shall he eipcllod from the priaon grounda, and 
lia poimitted nitbln the aame aa a. contractor, agent, or 

SB. So officer or employse of Qui atate, or contractor 
>ioyee of a coctiactor, sbiUl, without permission of tbe 
of^direclora, make any gift or present to a coDvict, or 
lany Srora a convict, or bare aay barter or dealingswith 
ncr. Foievery Tiolatioti of the proviaioas of t^ sec- 
B party cugaecu therein shall incur thi.' same penalty as 
ibed in section tncnty-Heven. 

23. No officer or employee of the priaon shall be In- 
d, dirrctJy or inilireclly, in any contract or naichasB 
IT authorized tu bo made by any one for or on behalf at 

Sa 'Bapealed. JId effect Mtirch 14, ISSl. ] 

SI. There ahali ba printod annually. I'or Iho use of 
sons, five hundred cnpica of the annual icport of the 
jf directors, and thi-. clerk shall annually Iranamit to each 
slats prisons in tbe DnitedStatesonecopy of such rtport. 

33. All tbo bonds of ofBo-m and employees uodor thia 
U be dopoBited wilh thosecrctaiy of stale. 

S3. Ii any of the shopa or buildings in which con- 
re employed are aeatrojed in any way. or injuixsl by 

otherwise, tiieymaybe rebuilt or repaired immediately. 

the dirration of the board of {lirecloia, by and wiHi 
•ica and conaent of the govemur, attorney-general, and 
ry of stale, and the expenses thereof poiil mAat VD.'j 
n the stale treasury not othtrwiae ap^ioptiaSfci^i'V'™- 
Si. Xbe board ol directors mnat tnpot^ W> '^^ W"" 
hjm timo to timo the namea o£ ajij «,nii B.\'i. ■?■■■'"?'. 

A) Ibesbto prisons wfao, in their jTiagiiimi*. <^'***'*** 

( la creata rm addUtoTuit police ii 
cauids of Sail Fraiiciaa,, hi i 

TO' 1. The™ is hereby created J 
I city mid oouiHyof Sua Fraacisi 
B cuiirl. to be Irn .wu and dosi' 
!u« ojan. nnmbsr 2,"- ivliicb court 
iiioH .uofall pralimiiiaiy osa^mtl 
f lo ly. and (f aH talaifjinaanora ■ 

laSO 8tst8. 18 0, n.~67 
or March 14, la£L 1 


ivbicli tba w 

Heo. 8. " 

the polioa j 

emed by tl 

««li t 10 ly. ami jl an taiailjinsimora ■ 
and cuiiacy ordmaiices, and all other 
polieo jkiilgB-B court of saLI city and < 

SEO.B. TlisreBhall be, as far jw p„ 

tribuUou of oaeee between tLe said coi 

be alternAtuly Bet dotm Tor trial to each 

ivbicli the WBiTantu are issued. 

""'■ t. Tba mode of ezamiaatioD. ti 

08 indgs'B court iiumbi-r a ehal 

' tiie same nUea proacrtbed bi 

^ similar cases. 

BO, 4 Ajndaaof thapolioojodie's 

alE^ted at tbe saiae timo and id a lijtc 

ga of tbe polioejadge's court of i 

aodwbjBotoroiof omcoBbaU batbaaai 

tlioBttttoof Calitorniaahall, wiUiia tUirl 

■aE;e of tlii^ act, appoint some oattabla n 


JudgD'H court of aaid city and county. And said boiud of 
llii|i3TTi8ori! tdiBll eleot a clerk of couit. ftt a bbIiit of one 

uid eight hundred doKarJ per uuiiim, pnjruble in the 

miuiDfr m the xalariea of the ju-Jgu uuJ clerk of tUo 
oeJiidj^d'H court of aaidcity tad ooim^ nro now paid. 

.. „ m._ !_j f jjig poUoa jndge'a court number 3 

.... tliupsaoa ia said city nod county', ami 

n exercise all Iho powers Doaferred bj law upon tlis police 
ga an lua^trate. 

■o. 7. The judge of naid oouTt ahall appoint a luitabls 
"a to acta^ bailiJT of eaid Court, whoekall rdceive a like 
_^aiisatiDu fir aucii Berncea as is now paid to tha bailiff of 
_j8 police judge's court for said cityand eaunty. Iln alleol 

ItjtAolta pment fraitd nnddecfpiionln the maniifacrtxre and 
j sale lifbiiUeranl cheete. 

i BaoTios 1. Whuormr manntactiu-ss. Bolls. or ofTara forsale, 
tt eauaes tlio same to bo done, any Bubatanoe purporting to be 
»iitOr or cheese haying V\a somblaooe of builer or cheaae, 
Iriiich BubataDce U not made irhoUy from pure cream or 
IBilk, onless the same ho roaaafaotured under ita true oiid 
^ipropriate name, and nnleaa oach pack^e. roll, or parcel of 
Inoh aabstauce, and each Teasel, cautaininR one or mora 
packages uf such uuhstaiioe haa diatinctly and durably puoted. 
rtkinpedi or marked thcreou in English the true and appro- 
fbte name of sncli subatanco, io ordinary bold face capital 
gtlorj. not loss than Svo lioea pica, atiall oe punlBlied as pro- 
Hded iD sectloQ three of this act 

ISeo. 2. Whoever shall sell any auch substance aa ia nen- 
Bpoed. in section one of this act. or causes tho aame to be 
blis without baring od each package, roll, or parcel sc solil 
I label attached thereto, on which ia plainly and Ijgihly 
tointed in Eogtishin romaa lettera, the ^ue and appropriau 
umeof such suhs lance, a hall be puiiislied w is provided in 
iwtioo three of this act. 

' Bbo. 3. Whoever shall violate aeotion one or aection two of 
jUiaotBhall be gnilt; of amiadem^anor, and shall hi.- Sued in 
^^BQin not leas itian ten nor more than five buodred dollars, or 
ftBprisonedin the county jtiil nolle-^s than U 
j.^._ J — — K.. I,...!. — 1) jjna nQij inipr 

. mdtiit. that nothing oontained in 

3n9trned to prevent the ua^i of skim—"' 
ir harmless coloring mttlter vi '' 

acta and parts of acta in coDft\c>. «"ifti ^^ 'V™ ■■ 
ly repealed. \lii BSe^*- »»-'i™*J 


Sbctjom 1. In all cities and cities and couuUaif 
one bundled tliuusatid inhabitants, wLue ai 
of the ItftHan luuguMte is necessary, itshal 
of tlia Mayor and Police JudKe of sncfa ci(;,»i^<v 
couuty, andof tlieSoperlor Judge of said city aoilMi 
or of tLeoouDty inwhich said city is situaiMl. st ' 
there are inure Judges tlisa one, ih^ii it slull Wlh 
of tha presidiiiK Judne of said Saperior Court, ii 
"'■'■"'■ "ind Police Judge, to appoim aa in 

als _ , 

gliali lanBuage, to be employed ^..«,„..,. , 

wlien neoBBaary, iu said oitiea, or cities and Ot 

Sec. 2. The Bald interpreter sb^i receire All 
fifteen liandred dollars per annniii, whivh s' ~ ' 
out of the General Pond of such city, or city 

Sec 3. This Act shall not repeal any A 

made and n"™*" r^^m^ t^^ ,h^ 1_-____- 

ers, except .. 

this Act in the appointni'ent of Itoli 
effect March 12th, 188B.] 

Aa act to proviilf for the commilmtni of penatu 
o/crime (o the Houae a/ Ckirrection. 

Sectioh 1. Any Court.or judicial officvr ■ 

by law to commit persona to the cauntyjajlin any ea 
or city and county, of this State, wherein llirrs is ~^ 
a HuusB of Correction, luay commit to a lid Uoai 
tection, instead of to the county jail, any w 
of crime, the punisbroent (or which now ts 
in tliesaid jail;butnoperaonsha11beBenlc_ 
olVroeD^ fV^GT^iL^fiT bVna'AATQc longer teim tiuBlk— ^ 


-Jel to providnftir the Pnliiv Caiirltin cUleihavinn Ihlr- 
Aoumnd iin<f under one hvmlrtdlhuuiaiid inltabilaixti, 
' toprofide/ar qgtcers thereof, 

Tlie iiidlcial power oE every city having 
jy thouinnd and uiidtr ong hundred tliuusaud Inhnb- 
„is, Bliall lin vear^d in a FaHce Cnurtto be lield tliereln 
the city Justiuea, or one of them, to be draignnted by 
Unyiir. buC either of anid ally JubUccb muy hrildBncn 
-t Wllboiit Bueh dPHignalion, and His liereby made lh« 
of Raid city Just.iues, in addition to the duties now 
" ' ' ' ' 'if law, to liold Haid Police Court. 

Fetlt iHTceny. 

Assault or battery not charged to have been com- 
)d upon H p iblic officer in the diauharge of offlcl&l 
■ or witli intent to kill, 

Breaolies of the peace, Tiota, affrays, committing 
!nl injury to pntperty, and »11 miademeanora nunish- 
iby tine or by impriaonment, or by both sncli line and 

M. 3. Said Court Bhall also liave exclusive juiisdic- 
at all proceedliiga for violation of any ordiuanoe of 
.city, both civil nod ortmlnnl. and of an action for tbe 
Xnion of any license requir&d by any ordinance of 

■» J NeitLer of said Justices shall sit in cases in 
ell lie ix a party, or in wliii^h lie is interustod, or where 
tXBlated to either party by conaansninity or afllnlty 
^ tlia third degree: and in case of tlie sickness or 
itiity of the eltyjustieas, either of them may call in a 
(Ice of llie Peace residing in the county to act in liia 

njay conunit and bold tlia offender to bail 
proper Court, and may try, couilBm-a, *« 
lit, and carry his judgment into ei;eoux^T\,»av\w,tiMift 
Tt^iilrSj accordlag to law, and puQiata peTSima gavW^ 
DMiujieo/ConrC, and Bhall have paweY 1,0 \a»'A'' '™*Jr 

.__« of tliB criminal taw of the fiiaii-- ■■ 
Ipd nU other procues^ iiGce&.^.H 
[:ise of h'n powers and jm 
;rt3eHenumijrs.tediatliiBsi-i ; 
it secured by tlie Constiuii 
['■fil tu judgment in tJie rirsi ■: - 
in appeal tliedefen'tant sliull be e 
in tiiB Snperior Conrt. 
r. H, The PoUcb Court ohnli bav« „ , ,...^ 
[jMliited l>y die City Conm-il upun tfie nominnli 
^ayor. wlin almll hold office dndng the pleam 
touhiTil; lie shall receive an annual salary of t» 
dred dollars, pnyable monthlv out of l 
city, which snlary shall bo full comM 
TipsB reudered by him. The Clerfc shall k««p*iM| 
the proceedings of snil iasue all processes cndtnd ■ 
ily Justices, or either of them, or by uid Follmfl 
,d receive Hnd pay weekly into the cily ireaMITril 
Lposedby saldOourl. He shall also.eaclt ■&(«»,■_ 
the City Uoundl an enact and detailed m!««bdlH 
ith, of all fl.nes Imposed and collected, nud of *■■ 
ipoHed and uncollected siaca Lis last report. Hll 
-jpare bonds, justify hail, when the amoaut hp*! 
-id by aither of the city Justices, or said CoDit, ll, 
exceeding one hundred dollars, and niay mIvI 
: certify oatlis. The Clerk shall re---" " •>-' 
toota of said Court durinf; business Iidui 

reaaoDahle limes thereafter as may be , 

ohactcing his duty. Before reooiving his sHUry, 
any month he shall make and file with the A« 
affidarit that lie has deposited with the Ciiy T 
all moneys that have r.ome to his hands beloogtjvfl 
city. Any violation of tliis provision shall b* »W 
nieanor. He ahstl rIvb a bond. In the a - - ^ 

saud dollars, with at least two enretiHS. ii , , ._ 

-' e Mayor, conditioned for the faithful dlsclisi|*4 

duties of 1: 

ill fines and other moneys coIle«tMl « 
- ■'-- «~i=- (tourt, shall Iw [Mid inloi 

i furuial 

of the city In ._ „.. ^ 

(reaaory on the first Tue day of each nL„ 

fur fees and coats due the olScera of snij t 
reported to tlia City Council eaoh month. 

SttCft. Sjhitoh tLivl UockMs. The City CiHIDnll 

One docVet ■ft\i*\\ >»? "i^^i^V":^ S^^SJT " ' " ^ 



tHliatl bBBtjlfld, "The City Civil Docket." and it 
MDtaia eaeb anil nvBty civil cnne In which tLe city 
irty, or which ia riTaBecute<1 nr defaiided for \uit ia- 
1 ami eauti case buhII be properly indexed. 

9. The Police Court shHll be alirava open, except 
uon-jndiclal days, and llien fur aucli purpoBes ouly 

law permitted or required of otiier Couita of this 

10. Appeals may he taken from any ]ndf{inent of 
'ollce Court to the Superior Court of thu county in 

iuch city may be located, In the same inaouer in 
appeals are taken from JiiBtloes' Courts in like 

11. Tu all ctses of imprUonment of persons con- 
in said Folice Coart of any offense committed lu 

■,y, the peraong so to be imprlEtoned, or by ordiusoFe 
ia to labor, shall be imprlsnni-d in the city jail, or, 
[lirad tu lalior, shall labor in the city. 
19. Stkid Courts shall have a seal, to he furnished 

13. City Cases. The city Justlceii shall, on the first 
By of each month, make to the City Council a full 
Hnplnte Tppurl of all the oaseB, civil and criminal, 
Ich the oily bus an interest, or which arersquiriHl to 
«red in the City Civil Docket, or the City CriiQlnal 
It; Ruuh Tiiport to be made upon blanks fumisbt-dby 
ty Couocif, and iu such form an they may require. 

14. CeTtined trRn.tcripta of tbe dockets, mads bf 
erk of the said Court, undertlie seal of said Cuurt, 

it said dotket, and nil wntranis and other process 
out of said Court, nud all at^ta done by Bald Court 

rtiflednnder its Beikl, shall have the saute force and 
■J Id any part of this State as though issued or dons 
r Court of record of this State. 
IS. This Act toco into effect upon the expiraUun 
letro of oftii-'O oftiie present Police JmlBe of said 
~ "When a vacancy occutB therein. lApproved 

and kuowiujjly about, iroiiDdfM^ 
manner catcli or capture any bine 
Califuniift, iir sliall knowingly take, 
nest of Bujr wliitn or Hue crane, or 
d-estro; any blue crane's eggH, jn the 
said State, slia.1t 1)D deomed (guilty ot 
upon coDviction tltereof before anf 
of tbe lovrnxliip in which ttie offense 
Tuitted, slmll be lined in a sam not li 
nor nxteediug ono Imodred doUars, i 
fnr flooh ofFenie, or may be iniprisoni 
djiys not laoce than one liundred dayi 
impiiaonment as tbe judgment: of tl 

Sec. 2. Of u!l flnes eollbctcd und 
this Act ono-lialf sball be paid to the 
ers, and one-hall abalt be paid into t', 
for the benefit of tbe Common Scboo 

Sec. 3. TblB Aot shall take eSeot « 
and after its passage. [Approved Mi 

is Aut slidll take efFaot aQcl bu ]□ furce from 
iiafter tLe datfi "f ila passage. [Approvsd March 10, 

Knov 1. It is Ibe (luty gf each and stcij person, 
Brarutor, flrm, aBsocIatioD, Joint stock company, and 
perJtioQ, manufaoturlng, storing, selllne, traDBferrinK, 
(ieetiig of, or in nnj manner dealing In, or with, or 
r, ttr Civing out nitro-glycorinu, dynamite, vigorilB, 
lales powder, giant powder, or oclier high explosive, 

r hook of record, in wblch must be entered, 

jt time to time, as they are made, eauli and uvery sale, 

transfer, gift, or other disposition made by anoh 

1, Arm, aABodatiou, joint stuck com pun;, or oorpora- 

i. In the course of bosincaa or otherwise, of any qiian- 

i snch explosive substance. 

Such journal, or record book, must show, in a 

ftle handwriting, to ho entered therein at tho time, a 

a history of each tra.Dsac1.iaii, stating the nanu 

Bquantity of the explosive sold, delivered, given away, 

■ferred, or otberwlsa dispoxeil of ; tite name, place of 

ir business of Che purchaser or transferee ; the 

MOftheindlvidual to whom delivered, with liisor her 

s, with a description of such individual aufitoleut to 

l^iur Identification. 

Such journal or record book must be kept by 

1, film, association, joint stock company, or cor- 

feiBO Belling, delivering, or otherwise disposing of 

qtlMlve Bubstanue, or Biibatances, In Ills or their 

Jpal office or place of business, ataUximea 6ijNsi^«ft- 

IV laitpectli/n and examination. oE the peace o&c*«*o' 

ffollcs aathorltics at tlie Stale, counts, '^'-3 ^'^ 

mlcipality ^i-here tin 


punialied accordinBly. 

SKC.i. la addition to Buclipuni; 
latiTB penalty, such peraon, flrm. 
company, oc corporation su offen 
each offense, iIib sum ot two hand 
be racovered in any Court of con 
action at law. The party ao instill 
not he entitled to diamias tLo sama 
Court betoce wliich the sait has boo 

charged, save by order of such Coi 
into Court, and all moneys so col! 
the party bringing the suit. 

Sec. 6. Any person who io tli« 
highway of any county, city and C 
city, or at, in, or near to any tl 
private school, or college, ehurch, 
buUdlng.orat,in.ornearto anypi 
on board of, or near any railway p 
_- or train, or rable road, or <mr of ■ 
B_- other vcaael, encaeeii in carryiliKps 

lAcI, slinll Le preaamed (prima t.icte) to be gulUy 
ickleaa and malicious tiossossion tliGrcDf, nitliia tlie 
□gof tlie foregoiiiD; Becclon, if any such substance 
nil apna liim, or in his possession, in any (>f tha 
or under suy rf tlie clicumstanccH speclliuil in tbe 

7. No poracm may knowingly keep oc liavu in Ills 
posseiiaion any ily namlte, vigorlto, nitro^giycerine, ' 
powder, liercnles powder, or otlior high enplosive, 

I Inthe regular conrsB of business carried onbysucli 
, either as a, luauufaaturer thereof, or niercbant 
f in [he same, or for use iu legitimate btaaCing op- 
Is, or in the arts, uc while engaged in transporting 
Bin for otliers, or as the agent or employe of others 
id in the course of hucIi buslDeM or operations. 
Jier jiosaeeBion of any anch explosive substances as 
med In this Act is unlawful ; and the person bo un- 
]y possessiiig It shall be pnnlaLeJ by imprisonment 
State Prison not eiceeding five years, or by floe 
aeediiig Tivu Ibousaod dollars, or by both such flna 

8. Any peraun who maliciously deposits or ez- 
I or who attempts to explode, at, in, uudor, or near 
.tiding, vessel, or boat, railroad, tramroad, or i;able 
X any train, or car, or aay depot, stable, car-bouse, 
:, BChooi-bouse, church, dwelling-house, or other 
where human beings usually Inliablt, assemble. 
It, or pass and repass, an; dynamite, nitrogl;- 
vlgoiite, giant or heroules powder, guupo\yder, oi 
ihemical compound, or other explosive, with the 
to injure or destroy such building, vessel, boat, or 
itructure, or with tho Intent to injure, iutimldata, 
Ify any human being, or by means o^. ■wVviJa. ko.'^ 

being la injured or endangered, \a awW-^ tA aV^ 
ivlctiou tliereof , sliall be pu'oiaVeiS.'ta'S "k^"' 
3 Prison not leas IbAU optt -g«»*- 

lluiila of, or througli, or across any 
townot tills State, or into, tlirougli, i 
for abipiiing, in any nmuncr, eondit 
otherwise, in violation of tlid laws oi 
city or town, or of tlie laws or regulai 
harbor, shall, la addition to the peaa] 
posed by bucIl lawB, ordinaaces, or re 
the 8[a.t« of California all such expU 
well as tha casea Inoloaing tli« same. 
be HQed for by any citizen of tba Sd 
the Btate ; and tlie gooii^ or properC 
ed Bad recQTered by judgment of tlie ( 
and tlie proceeds divided, the citiseii g 
lialf to hiinaelf for liiti own lieneflt, am 
half into the State Treasury. Buch a< 
tulned la any Oourt of DDinper-ent jiir 
tliat the State Bhall never be liable to a 
fuc any such Bait or proteodlng. 

Sec. 10. Any of tbu forfeitures proT 
may be taken advantage of, and sued 1 
by any peace officer or policeman, mei 

^titabUih aPaUce C>urt in anlfoi- ria City of 

ITOS I. A Polioo Cunrt is heretiy established witUn 
>r tlia Citf of MarfBTille, In aaid State ot Califurnla, 
glial! be preaided over hy the Police Judge. Tha 
Court aliRll have cxL-tusive jurlBdli^llon of allviola- 
f city ordlntinue, and may Ki'But bail, try, line, ut 
it to prison any offender iu accordance with Ihepro- 
s of BQch onllnaores, and paaa judgtueut lliat tho 
laut pay a tine ; may also ditedt that be be Im- 
ed until ilie fine be satiaded In the proportloa of one 
impriaomneaC lor every dolliir of the line. Said 
shall also bave juTisdlotion of all iniHdemeaaim 
Itted in the City ot Maiysvilie, punishable by a. flue 
ceadiug five hundred dollars, or iniprlsonmaut not 
ling six months, or by both slieli lino and linprlaon- 

ond Bliall alao have iucisdlotiou of the ciicue of 
y committBd within the City of Marysviilo. Tha 
Judge shall have and exercise all the jurisdiation 
)wera of a. Justice of the Peace, as to ofFenaes com' 
; within the City of Marys villa ; may administer all 
known to law. Whenever Bentance of impriaon- 
s passed upon any offender, the Police Jud{^ may 
e in such judgment thatsuch oCFender siiall be sub- 
labor under the custody of the Marshal of the city, 
[etk: of the Police Conrt shall keep a record of the 
dings in tba Folios Court, receive, and pay weakly 
Treasurer ail the moneys collected by him, and ran - 
the Treasurer monthly a detailed account, under 
)( all Anes imposed and tha moneys collected since 
t account. The Clerk of the Polioo Court shall not 
I or receive for his own use any fee or petqulaWaioT 
KjliargB of tliB duties of liis oFlca ; \n\l, aVV ii««wi'3» 
ed by Mm aball be paid into the Cits 'Stea.aQ.'t^ 
Ifco Judge Mhall receive for the seivices ^vateto,' 
DBDoUBisafBryof (ivohmnireil doWata, 

An -I'll la create a Poliee Court in 
Counl'j of Sua Francisco, Stat 
Skctiun L ThHtB is herebf creal 
and for tlie City and Count j ot Sa 
California, a (loort, to be known aa 
tha Citj and County of Sad Franciac 
consist of thTsa Judges, who shall 
eral electiona held accoiding to 
hold office for tlia term of two yet 
of whom may bold Court. The Coui 
to departmonta knotrn bs Departnic 
]iarCmenC Numbec Two, Uepartnt 
TItHiHmay beaa maay sessions of sai 
tioie, BS there are Jadeea thereof 
trliooae (routtlifllr number a prssldiu; 
remavad svl their pleasure. He aha! 
to tlieir respec'iTO departments; pr 
Hither nf Chii .Tudcres mav iirasiiln in 


Bcortd— Of all miBdameanocB punishable by flnenotex- 
diuKODe tlioagaml dDlliiFii,or by i mpciHomneat natex' 
diug one vear;orby bothanch Sue and impriso anient. 
"kini. — Of all examimttiuDa of felanlea committeil in tlie 
f and Count; of San Kranciaoo. 

'cntrlh — Said Conrt, oc any Judge thereof, nhall have 
same pawon In all criminul atitlona, casea, elamlca' 
IB, and proceedings as nre now or hereafter cDQfarred 
law npon .Iiiaticua of tlie Peaoa. 

ic.3. ProoeediajtsiasaidCourtBlntllboconductedin 
formlty with tills laws of tbis State regulating proceed- 
li Jn Joaticea' and Pollco Courts, and appeals to the 
keilor Courts. 

fcO. 4. No person except a llcenacd attornuy of tlie 
HFior Cooit of tills St-tto xbaU practice lawia said 
Xtt; provided, Aoice-ti-. tlint n poraon aocused of crimo 
11 liftve tbe right to defond liimself. 
fX- B. There sliall be appolntuil for aacli of the depart- 
btH of tliis Court, in the manner now provided by Lr.v, 
ittomey, whose duty it shall be to attend to tlio pm^- 
tlon of all cusea coming before the department for 
tbh lie shall have been appointed, and who shall reoulvu 
tiary of two hnndrud and fifty dolIaiH per monl'i. 
)M ahall also be appointed by each of the prosecuting 
ttneys aforesaid a clerli, who sliall raoeive a salary of 
iliundred and twenty-five dollars per month, \v1iuf<u 
(fit shall be to bein attendance in the uilico of tliu 
MdutiuK Attorney from nJae o'olouk A. m. to twelve 
lode M., and from two o'clock p. at. to four o'clock p. ;.i, 
fldaya and let^l holidays excepted), for tbe transau- 
) of the business of the ofBce. 

IK. G. Thero shall bo appointed a l~:lerk for each de- 
(ment of tbia Court, in the manner now provided. Xi-j 
r, who Hball recei ve a salary of two hundieA. &.a\\B.iA f)eT 
lull, wAo shall transact the buaineaa ol (l\eTV o^ »«*A 
j^aaprovliletl by law. 
^^Xitero sliall be appointed \>y Uie .IvuVBa. 

Sec. 8. Tliera ahull be appointed t 

ceiTB for his services tlis pay now nil 
Sec. 0. Tba Chief of Police shall t 
police officers to attend conatantly i 
satil Court, to esecute the orders a 

Heo. 10, All fioBS and forfeiturei 
Court shall bo paid Into tlie Ireasui 
(ounty liy the Clerk of eatU depart 
tlie Clerk, at tlie time of making si 
with liia City and County Auditor a ! 
Ills return to the City and County Trej 
slntementof all fines and torfelHiresra 
ing the preceding week. 

Sec. 11. Nothing Ifl thia Act slin 
affecting the two Judges at present au 
ts in the City and County of San I 
aliBil, iromediotely after tlie paasage < 
JndEes of the Police Court of the City 
rianciaco, and hold ofBoe fortbe lenff 
.1,^^ imvn elected. Withlnthirty 


Sbc. 12. All salaries mentioued in this Act shall be 
i. »aid in the same mannQr that the salaries of the other city 
' Ad county officers are paid. 

Sbo. 13. All A cts and parts of Acts that are in conflict 
.'^ith the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed. 
; Sbc. 14. This Act shall take effect from and after its 
[Approved March 5, 1889.] 


[Tbe referenoee ire to the Beotiani.] 

baadonmeiit— of child, 4 271. 
bdnotion— of women, 265. 

of females, forpur^ioaeBof proatitatioa, 267. 

juriBdiction of indictroeDts for, 7S1. 
baitlon — administermg drnga to pioonre miBoarriaee, 371. 

■abmittiag lu ±a attmapi to piooora miacorriagei 375. 

advBrtlaeroent for, 317. 

evkieoce on trial for, 1108. 

paDiBhrnene of, 33. 
vloludon of oiectioQ lavs, B3. 
In a duel. 228. 
to a lottery, 323. 

erlsdicLuQ of indictment against, 791. 
fore ths fact, Bams aa principala, 970. 
•nd prindpalB, du,anctlDii abrogated, 971. 
pjroeecated, tboagli piinoipal lias not beenr S73. 
oddant— act committed bj, 20. 
oaamplioe— evidence of, 1111. 
noimts— falsiScation af public, 121. 

of corporatioDa, frauduleatlj kaaplng, 563. 
fatee, by conuiguee, 636. 
MOMitlcin— againat offioers, to be pressnted br gnod Imj, 
form of, 759. 

liow traoBniitted and served, 760. 
proacoiiting, if defendant doea not anpeai.^Sl. 
oefendaiil laaj demur or anawct, 762. 
form ofdamuner to, 763. 
manner of Jenial of, 764. 
if demurrer overruled, defeadant n 

itproaecutjon must be W, mfk 

„ .rhitconrlfonnd, 890. 
Aoqvittal— forevgii, fiSfl. 

formar, in enrtein caaca bar to indJ 

wh&t is DDl former, 1021. 

wbst 19 former, 1022. 

eObotof, for higher aOenae, 1033, 

defendant discharged or not, on, i; 

erooud for, 1096, 

It— diamiasal of, 1382. 

doutmuBnoo of, 1383. 

□D undiirCaking, 712. 

defending in cert^n caaes, 163, 
See Cbqidiai, AcnoM. 
Aon — commiasion of, prohibited. 177, 

— .1 ■thabla by diflarent prorll 

certain, continned in force, 23. 

not retroaclire, 3. 

ennraeraled, whicli are not repealed 
Alionrnment — coori may have, trliile 

flnal, diachfti^eB the Jury, 1113, 
Adslteiy — wtiat, arid hav nomBhed, note 

cohibitation in — see Btatdtbs, p. 7] 
Adnlt«r(itian — of food, drugs, liquars, etc 

ilinsli — Continued. 

Jdlllng, mfliml ng, 

cmd^ lo— aaB St 

who mat 

ta candoued in foroe, Babdiridoa 

, „ ._ or TfTongflilly labeling dima, 380, 

lOW taken en Judgment of comoval from office, 770. 

lay take, 1235. 

^ 1, Low dosi^atcd oa, 123S. 

whan may bo taken by dBfendant, 123T. 

trliea may be taken by the people, 123B. 

wben taken, 1239, lllj6. 

hoT token, 1210. 116T. 

notice of, bow aerved, 1211. 

affect of, by the people, 1242. 

effect of, by dtfeodsjit, 1213. 

dutyofclerkHnpoQ, 1246. 

oer6£cate of ■ppellata Ooort to bs filed, 1213. 

dntyofeheriffiliertoQ, 12M, 

tonstorothodefendnDt, 1245. 

dUmiual of, for jmigulBrily, 1248. 

diBinisaBj of, for want ot rGtnm, 1249. 

wbea to be beard uid detenuined, 1252. 

u^mneut of, 1253. 

ntiiBber of ooansel to be heird on, 1361. 

ra of defendant not neaeesary on, 13GS> 

I power of appellate Court on, 12flO. 

where nan frial to be had on, 1261, 1169. 
1 buion, 1273,1291. 

■tatemenlon, 1168. 

proceedingB, if dismieeed, 1476. 

qoaliScalionii, and bow putin, 1292. 
MMnnoe— ofdefendanConimpeaahment, 712. 

of defendant to answer aocuBation, 761. 

of defendant for arrajgnment, 977. 

of dsCendant OD trial, 1U43. 

Of defendant when jury renden verdict. IIIS. 

of defendant on appeal not rGquiri.>d, 12&5. 

of corpotaiionsloaoswercbarge, 1396. 
9iUU» Ctfiirt— pj'ceeDce of defendant nob rec^iuie&^nt'Uoai 

ci-ed aail renulted, \2&L 

Appandlz— «ee Statutes. 
Appi^tiiMiit— bajlDg, to office, f 73. 

reoelTing Tewud for, 74. 
jtpptuUieeB— Hudin^ to tleeert, ud hnrboriag, 
Aqnadnott— destrojingoriDjaring, 607. 
AibiUktoi— improper attempts to iixfluelioe, tt 

miadODdnct of, S6. 
Airnmant— tojaty, 1-095. 

OQ tupeu. 12M. 
_ luTiug unUirful poeoesaion of, U2. 

■ellinRfitate, UB. 
gn-deflned, 447. 

□waenhip of the bmldJag, 4S3. 

degtwn of, 453, 4M. 

poiuabiTLeiit of, 455. 

■'butoins"defined. 451. 
AmigiUMint—of detauduit, whsn ladiatnuot W 1 
filed, 976. 

dsfendont, vima to be preunt at, DTT. 

ifiDcoBtodr.mnstbe prodnoed. 918. 

if diaebarged, lieiich Wkmnt to iaone, EfTL 

maat be injbniied of hia rights od, OBI. 

for iuderaeal, 1200. 
lirest— oacera refusing to miLks, 142. 

mokiaij'nitiioat Uirfnl aothori^, 146. 

deQned, ti34. 

deftndaut takea before mogiitnte. 82S. 

hov mado and vrbat reetraint aUoved, 8Mi 

bj peace oEBcurs, B3S. 

l^ privata poraona, 837. 

ni^trates may order. 838, 

pecainu making, maf auminoa aid, 838, 

vbea may be made, 810. 

1. 311. 


n warrant, il most be ahows, Btt 

what force ma; ba uaed, 843. 
doora and windows may be broken, M^ ttt 
ireapona jna; be tataen from person >! ■—««*■ 
datf of prinle pemm maJoo^, 847. 

<bifjntiffi£eiDiiJDiUK.mth wi * 

utoa ma&Q -^'Ax -ntima, «^. 

toin^^ . *&V- 

■eetof, 1187. 

ounda of motJOTi in, ia Jaetice'ti Court, 1462. 
1 WellB-'mete of vratur from, eeo Statui'K8, p. T28 
—by public otBcer umlutulor of autboiitv, li9. 
ikinteuttokill, 217. 

th intent to commit rape, robbery, etc., 220. 
th Intent looommitotbci felonies, 221. 
' adminiatBtiuB dragB, 222, 
fined, 2iO. 
iniBhment of, 211. 
th oaustio obemioaJB, 211. 
th deadly weapoD 9, 215. 
iTing ilfitdl; weapoos wilh intent to, 167. 
presence of court, TIO. 
j—aaoHnnTinaBi UHUwroi. Absbmsli. 
ent— falaa gtatement aa to, 130. 
i— lefaBiBgtogifeliat of property to, 129- 
— to ooomiit criiaea, irlien puuialislilei 663. GS5. 
commit crimes, liow puiiia^able, 661, 666. 
■ ta EiU-bjpalwa, 216. 
'■nault with deadly neapon, 217. 
DM-of-witneGaeBmarbecampelled, 1326, 1380, 1613. 
f — mlscondact by, 160. 
lyiDg damSiUda tn anit. 161. 
reDdJCg cwtain pr 
ij def^ himaelf. 
Bea CocsaEi.. 
SOT — unlawfully acting as 
»— moct, ess. 
-eea FrsuBBEB. 
Imissiun to, on charge of 
t>ceedtnga on taking. S23. 

rtificttle of, taken. 871. 

der for. on commitment, 875. 

cefltlom, vlien bailable, 962. 

ooeediagH on giving, in anolbef connty, 9S1. 

len may be Increuted, 985, 

fendant on. wboii appeals for trial, mav baoEmaii^ 

ted, 1129. 
mission to. deSned, 1268. 
ang of, 1389. 
oaeK not laiiable. 1270. 
uBoired bflfora .)OQviotion, 1271. 



it purposes, 1373. 

taSX — Coniinited, 

wbsD allowed, pendiitg'&ppeal. ( 

nitnreofaniifor what rnirposes, 

bafore coBvichon, 1373. 

after conviction, 1273, 

whan matteror diBcretion, what notica tobsi 

what magiatratea may admit to, 1277. 

how put 111 and form of undertaking, 13TS, 

quolifloationa of. 1279, 1288, 1317 

HowloJoBtifj, 1380. 

OQullowuQoeof, defendant to be disctMrmd.: 

when offunsB la capital, 1285. ^ 

wbenoffeoBe in not capital, 12 

□Bhabeanoorpua, 1286. 

form of nnderlalcing. on fcabefts corpns, I38T. 

lecommitment. in what oaeeB, 1310. 

on appeal, 1391, 1292. 

dl^sil instead of, 1295, 1296, 1397. 

ni»y BiuTEndcr defendant, 1300. 

increase or reduction of, 1289. 

on order for nconiiiiitment, by whom ti 

form ot Dndertakiiie', 131G. 

when exonerated, 1371. 

writfoc thopurpoaoof taking, HflO. 

Judge rany take, 1491. 

admitting fugitives froni Justice to, IKS. 
See BEonBiTY. 
Babei — see Sumsai. Slatules, p. 746 
Ballaat — throiring overboard in harbora, elS., (OX 
Balloti— altering, chan^ng, destroying, etc, tS, A 

Ballot Box— see Ei-EonoK, 
Barber— see Sundat. 
Barratry— defined, IBS. 

try — defined. 

wlint proof renuired, 1B9. 
Battery— defined, SO. 

Bawdy HoDse— keeping or raaidiDg In, S15 

Sea IUi-Fakb. 
Beaooaa— removing, GIB. 

mooring veeeeU to, GU. 

BenstL War: 

b WMTftOt— OonHnued, 
oe of. J 1198. 
ID elections, 60. 
oEBoer BummoniiiB JnT7. 1061, 
I aioaDil of ctmllEmge for iiapiied, 1071. 
rtcUlfuriLCtiml, loai. 
ny— deflned, 281, H82. 

finnislunenl of. 383. 
arisdlctlou of indictment fiii', 785. 
eTidcDcs on trial for, 1100. 

■r uttering flctiliouB. 476. 
Lg falae, to pablio olficer for payment, 7X 
IteringdraiCcif. inXegiulBituie, 83. 
Jjtoriag eacollod oopjof, Bi. 
Xsceptians—in nh&t ca»es may bo token, IITIX 
'^— lo bo aetUed and aimod, 1171, 
lo contttin, 1175. 
_ „ . lettlBmont of, UTi, 


f Lading— deatroying, 355. 

mtklag nlfle, 541. 

ilMiiiigflctiUona, 677. ' 

WTODeoua, issued in good futh, ST9. 

Iwned l;ry -aaiehcniae, most be MOCeled, 'wbea, SSJU 

-^iUiDg, tTHifdne, eto., in cemeteriea, 69B, 

kiUinsmockui)! btidH, out of 13'^, note to, 629. 

Bee Qaicb L&ns, from section 623 to G2T. 
ef Ohild— fraudulent pretenses u to, 166. 
~ -eee BnuioioATB. 3^9. 
forgery of, 470. 

See Sj^Dnnr; Bail. 
ibwene. etc.. fromacotion 311 to 313. 


. Jtering or defacing, 357. 

'J — of mamlwra of leEislative cuunma, 07* 

of eiecaytie offioera, 07. 

of mumbera of the LegisUtare, B6, 8S, 

of jurora. Jadiciiil officera, icfacees, eto., BS. 

„t~^ ■-' "-■> 

ir receiTing, GS. 
tainiDg. uniani^i 

bilarjki ra^irmd, 5 
Injury 10. 5SS. 
baraiag. ftW. 


BBisaE — f^mivyrt. 

" deBtroying or injuring, ^ 607. 

Bttgwry— Sob CnnaE aaAiNBT Natubx. 

Bntlding — what doemed. in bnrglair, 488. 

loItinB, for lottery pnrpows, ffiJS, 

defined, US. 

•■inhaljited," defined, 449. 

ownoTBhip of, in caeo of ai»on, 453. 

burning, not aubjoct of arson, 600. 

nsiag gunpowder in destrofiag or ii)]iiniig,l 
Booyi — ritiaoviiig, 609'. 

mooring vcasfLs to, 614. 
Buoys and BsaconB— piotection of, eee&UTm^ 
"ardf *~ * ■ - -" ■ ■ ■ ' 

a of Proof— when, Bhifta o 

Burglary — defined, 419. 

dcgreCB of, IBO. 

> for. 4ei. 

IB bnigtuB* tools ■vn\h intent t( 

penult ft 
tuiTine bn 

ning — aoim«i. ua, 

buJlQing liol subject to a: 

bridge, GOO. 

Butter— frnnd Ju sale of, Boe Btatutes, p, 76L 
Buying Demands— in unit, by ftttorney, Mt, 
Calendar— (0 bo prepared b; clerk of coart. tMT< 

order of, diBposingof issDeB on, IMS, 
Camp Meeting-selling liquors at, 804, 90S. 
Canifl— aco Vf iTKB, 593, 607. 
Candy— ndnltt ration of. 401. 
Capitol— kaeping liquor in, 162. 

sale of !□. see BrATcns, p. 748. 
OaiEaaa— Bee Kotbancb, 374- 
Cards— Bee Oakbush. 333. 
Carnal— procurioK inlenxratB*, 266. 

abusa of children, 267, 
Carriers— rofoMUB to receive pasacngBta, 865. 
Cart— ninmng freight, before puaenger. 393. 

Bee Railboaih. 
Caaki— reflllinB. biarLng trade marks, S64. 
Comoterifls— defacing lombs, etc., In. 396. 

tiJUng birds in. 698. 
Ceili6ci»— ^vpttliiiaVlhyTnbUeofBoe™, 167. 

^, lo frauil juror, 300. 
obJAUtloiid to gntDil j my tan onJy be taki 
dofiuittoiianddiviirioiiuC, 10S5'. 
defeuduitB must join in, 1053. 
"a panel deflued, 1058. 

to paoel, vl _ 

if Bofilcienuy 

if OTcrriilnd, court may alios 

deniid of, how made and [I'ial of, Iui». 

vho may ba eutuiiaed ou Uial of, 10U3. 

for biaa, when jury in summoutid but not dravm, 1061. 

If allowed, jury to budiauliargHi, 1066. 

idverea party may except) lOGI. 
aUow ddmaf, lOlk 

defenditDt k 

right Co, 1066. 

when lakeu, lOtiB. 

peremplorr, what and how taktni, J069. 

number of perL-mptory, sEowed, 1070. 

for cause, dcliuiUon aud Mnda of, 1071. 

general caUHea of, 1012. 

wticolar cauBGS of, 1073. 

lor implied bias, gronnd of, 1071, 

csemptton Dot a t'Tound of, 1076. 

oiuca of, how atated, 1076. 

Imw tried, 10TB. 

ttien of, how appointed, 10T9. [ItepeBlsd.1 

oath of tricra uf, 1U80. IRepcoJod-l 

juror as witness on, 1081. 

lules of evidenae on trials of, 1083. 

liow determintd ami entered. 1083. 

foractualbiaa.iQatructioastatrieTsof.lOSl. [BepeaIed.J 

Terdiotof trieciof, anditaeflect, 1085. [Bepealed.] 

first by defendant and then by the people, 108S. 

order of, 1087. 

wUengs — see Ujho. ; Puizi Fianr. 
Wraproty— seo IJuvLNQ Dkmaj — 
i^e of Vean«— sue Tekue. 


Oheok— forgeiy of. 5 470. 

makiQg or uttering fictitious, 476. 
CheMB— f riiuii in sole of, see SiiTDraa, p. T6L 
Child— incsFDibla of comnuitiDg crime, 3fi, 

Wine protanBoB B» to birtE of, 156. 

Rubatitutiugono, for aoother, 157. 

omilttng to provide with necesBities. VtO. 

emploimeiit of, in mendiuaiit bnsiiKBS. 213. 

dctieFtiDR, ISi. 

oarnal nbuBe of, 267. 

Child Staaling— penalty for, 2TB. 

joriediction of iDdietment for, 78i, 
ObildtBD— edncLtiouiLl Tighla of, eee Sr&Tum p>' 

Crueltf to, BBB tiTATUTEa, p. 728. 

admiBaioii to ealotinHi etc., nea Briixrna, f. 

deutilule, nHndErlag, or mcndicaat. see Sun 
CLineB*— briogjoB into the State, 174. 

ill-fuDerLousea of, sftsoou tinned is forcctn 

oorporatious not to employ, 178, 110. 

employment of, a misdemeanor, 179. 
CitiM and AinntieB^-coiuolidattng acta conttDno*,! 
Civil Oeatb— of conviot, 673. 
Civil Eemodie*— prtwETved, 9. 
Civil Eighta— ofcoQiTot Buspondod, 673. 

UiSiuiion on Biune. 6757 
Cleiki — tmbi^zzltiuient by, SOB. 

to prepare calandac of iBaurs, 1017. 

to record witb Judgment, what, 1^07. 

datj of, on appeal, 12U. 

of Blate Prison, daly of, 1578. 
Code — vhea takes effect, a. 

not retroootive, 8. 

conatmcUon of, i. 

effect of, on past ofibusee, 6, 6. 

sojiie oonstmed, eeelioa HIS to USi. 

piibllMtiDii of. U9t. 
Co- Dalsndanti— must unite in challenge, lOSB. I 

aa wimtwufl, 1099. 1 

Coereioii — married women, S6. I 

Cohabitation— in adulter?, we STAitrixs, p, Tlfc I 

Coin— counterfuitlng, 477. ■ 

posseaaiDKorrrixdviDgoouDtorfeil, i19. m 

Cotomituon — tnD.Tauu.'oBa c^'«^ttKs»B,im.Utt. ^M 

defined, \^V. fl 

diieclioos aa W ™™» ™' ^^'*- B 

r, 873. 

oidur fur Ixiil ol, _ _ . 

bair mado &□!! to iTham delirered, ST0, 

Tecommitted, nben, 1188, 1310. 

toaajlum. when in>isds, ISIil. 

of Cusilives fiom justice. 155(1, 1561. 
mun Barratry— BCQ liA£iuTB3. 
iiDDa Carrietg— aeo CaBimKa. 


not ■pplicable, i. 

gtd. 256, 

nviotB. ni. 

(BUnTLtation of 8entsn<ie—pover of QoTemor to grants lUTi 
priuouers may eiim, 1590,1691. 
Sue Chedits. 
It— ditfiiipd, 806. 
of ilmfSEi'Di:!! uS^nee mnat bo cxarniiKid, 702. 
on npplianiiun lor Bearoii WBTraat, 1526. 
RBpUnt-^rore magia Crate. 701. 

before juuuce'aaiiil pulice court, 1126. 

npoDnding Cmnes— penult; for, IS3. 

IftftOiaiM—ot certain ofieuBCB, may be mude, 1377, 1S79. 

to bo by permujsiQQ of the court, 1378. 
, oriler tDereun biir to another prosecution, 137S. 
MWOliion— iKie Di'BEBe. 
tKlust of Jury — af Icr cause Bubmitted, from sec. 1135 to 1US> 

kuianinwi— autoummittGdnithout, 2a. 
■Ug^OJ— urimiDBl, dijflut:d und pnniabed. 183. 
none ctber pnnishabla criiQiuiLlly, 183. 
overt BCl, wlien iitcusBarj, 181. 
eridunce on trial for, llUl. 
KBtabl*— purcboaing juilgiaent, 97. 
BoBbriiig prisoner to eticape, 109. 
tefoaing to amint or receive ocansed p&rtiBB, UL 
ace PeioE Offices. 
ufcude, i. 
of leima used in thia code, 7. 

Sljo Kmj. ew., KecUoa 4118 to VOL, 
' imbUahiiig tiiia codia, 2A, 
™ criiuiiisl, 168. 
Lsha hlu. (J57. 
jiistico toiiuuish for, la. 

Contiimance — eee Postponement. 
Controller— violaSoK B taui JJuard of 
keepiiigfiilse '- ■- '" 

importing focfcign, 173. 

oinl rigliu of, Biiapended, GT3. 

fcxam of, pruCested, GT6, 

eitildeatbof, eii. 

imprisaOLil for lire, GTI. 
Sao mav Ih) addit], G72. 
whuuiiiBaiio, 1221.132*. 
irlieu eucieate, 1225, 1226. 
traoHpoitalioii to HMo Prison, 1566. 
dedJBi for eood bEhnvior, 1590. 
cost of triidii of, ebs SrAiirrBa, p. T15. 
Otanlotiou— foreign, 666. 

foreign, for former offense, 668. 

no person to be ponisbed except od lep 

hov oblaint.-d, 689. 

on impeBCbmenC. 716. 

of publio officers, Temorol, 769. 

autrefois, in cvrtaia cose, bar to indicCB 

of biglier ollbniie, e&ect of, 1023. 

Then doubt eiiBtdSfl to degree, 1097, 

on nn'coiroborBted testimony of aoa 

of lesser ofttnuB, or ittempt, 1150. 

proceedings upon general nrdict of, llti, I 


Judgment on, 1207. 

of oorpcrations, 1397. 

previDua, Low pleaded. 696. 

yBTiouB, to bo found in verdict, IU8. 
-duties of, 1510, I61T. 
■ IniinaBt— proceedings on, 1510. 
rorutobeswoin, ISll. 
tuesBea to be BUmmoned, 1619. 
tnGBsca compelled to Ulend, 1S1& 


med, ISia. 

Ulend, 1613. ■ 

'b Jnry — see Cobomer'b IstjoiBT • Jubt. 
__. BoM-iribiiiR traataes ot, ) 165, 

embeEzlsment D^ ofBcere of, S^ 

bands in HnbscTiption of stock of, SST. 

bandB in orgauizition or increasiog cspilOl, 6SS. 

unaatliadzul use ut nuneg in prospeotQa, 55S. 

miscondact of ditectora of Block, 660, 

officer of saiioga bank Orerdnwing oocoaut, SSL 

Cnoda in kBoping nocounts, 603. 

publishiogfaliierepartd of CDDHlitioii, 581. 

musCyi'^rimtiDspi^ction of books, SSS. 

iBilwaf , coiitraciing dtl>t bejond iCB meuis, 666. 

debteo contracted not inralid, GGT. 

director of, presumed to know its condition, S68. 

director of, lit mesting, when presomtd to BBScnt, 66B. 

director of, nlion absent, nlieu pieeoined to ssseul, 670, 

foreign, B71, 

direolor of, defined, 673, 

prOCeedingB afe'Riost, 1390. 

Humiiioos on, IS'JO. 

form of eummoua, 1301, 

Bnmmoiis, bow and wlieu served ou, 1393. 

exanunatiou of cbiirge aeaiiiBt, 1393. 

gnmd jury, to iuiesiigala cliatge ogainiit, 139S. 

ftppennuiCD nud plLU, 13116. 

£ie on convictiOD. bow collected, 1397. 

Bote for orgauLf:alton, not repealed bat oODtinned in 
|< force, subdiviuioQ 1, 33. 

' mlsrepreBcntutionuf ofQcerBot, seo SiATurmjii. T3L 

tax on, ti'iuufer of atock, see Sutdteb, p, 738, 
lllion nrn Bead Bom. 
IB^Uy— dt:<i>ieJ, 7. 
BIB-Iordcrfurpfosccntor to pay, 1M7. 
i( when prDBiiUuturtopay, 1438. 
liiBiel^^igbt of dol'cndout m reguxlB, 858, S69. 
I, uumburof, toarHuetojui?, 1U95. 
r number of, to argue on apical, 1'261. 

Soe kTlonnEi. 
lintarftiting — coin, biUlion, eta., 477, 
. punisbtucnt of, 473. 
') pusauiaion or receiving cuunteifcit coin, 479. 

maiint; or iioastshiug dica oc plaiea for, 180, 

tcado mu-ks, 3^. 

quicksilTLC stamps, 366. 

k-ttavance— ivj^eii and Jiow ordered, 13S3. 
tM^ Cbart—iippaiti to, 1466. 
e. Se uoisxtT; Ai'J'El.l,,rti5 Cotjke. 

■fi^lUa— b/ iFbom I«;pt aud for ^v\lft^. uaeil. "U^Im-^^— 

mly, nlieo ti 

pruocera to be returned to propei 
priaoaers niBy be tcmoved in case 

160T, im. 

prUonera, wben not to be receiree 

piisanera in, t«iaired to labor, 1( 

rales uid rcgolationa tbercfcr, US 

SaeJuLa; Juxxa; Keeps 

Ooont; Judge— indictment agaiuat, whe 

Bee MillSTBATE. 

Oamrt — dimiiial, coDifiuptof. IC6. 
assault iu pmacDce of, TIO. 
charge of, toerand jury, 90S. 
auUiorit; of, od removal of aclioii 
irliDilluuiiatjuriBilictiDn, tuavdii 
proCGcdingB in stich cuscs, 1113, ii 
to decide queationa of Uw, 1124, i: 
oluTgeof.toinT;, 1127. 
may adjoiim train tiina to time wl 
irhen may order reconsidcniEioLi ol 
may arrest jnd^raenCwitbaitt mol 
when to dttcrmme degreo of crinu 
may maku summary inqitiry for m 
iBluDQit. 1203, 
cbaiga ot, (ojury, oa trial ; Inaanl 

coaspiiaer to commit, IS2. 
■ttempUlo commit, tm. C61, C6B. 
iiooiiap[uuB>uibletor,exccptoucanvlation, C81. 
how progeeuled, C" 

inrisdictioQ of, camiuittcil on a veeael, 7l 
Dl-y taBncIdegrceor. 1I5T, 
Derittin, may La compromised, 13T7. 
Ues Felom ; IIihdeke&iiob. 
IbnlBU Action— dbOncd, 683. 
bov proBeouted, 684. 
puty prostcutcd, bowkiiom]. 6SG. 
lights of defenduit in, CSfl. 
nu penou to be a wiIduh AguDBt liinuelf, 688. 
lindt&Uanor. 709, 800, 801, 802. 
removal of, l>etora ttiel, 1033. 
■pplicatloD for removiLl of, 1034, 
applicution for rEmoval, wiicn gcanted, 1035. 
raIe8ofe.idtD0ain, U02. 
nbuiiiuybewitiKsaeB in, 1S20, 1331, isaa, ISSI. 

nwlR to Aniniali— see Btatctim, v. 717. 

to oliildrin, eeo STiTims. p. 736. 
■UoAir— uce tiTATtrrxa, p. 726. 

«•— eiril remi-dy for, 9. 

,, -Injuring or destroying, 607. 

Mil ii"r Ktatdtes ; Disintriint; p. 74S. 

Hd Body — Qulunful mutilation oc remoiol of, 390. 

unlawful remocal of, for dissection, 301. 

vbo oro clior^fd with bnirijig, 292. 

ponislunent for omittingfo bury, 393. 

who 18 entilleil to custody of, 2111. 

BireatiDK or utCacLjiiK, 295. 

\y Waafons—cihiljiijngia a nide mmuier, un. 

baring la posuSBBiou with intent to asswAt, WH* 

"V '*^''" ''■<"" i>ersoii BiMated. SU. 

genlGDca id Iotco l>ut not uiecuted, 
pimishnienlof, bow inflicted, U28. 
punlBliment. wbi'n to tako place and 
from Giplosion, 368, 

fi'om □uscliibvoiiB animaJ, S99. 

aiTil. of convict, 674. 

iodcment of. auapended only by ord 
or judge tliertof, 12i3. 

when ooDTict insane, eectiona 1221 I 

vbeQCDDTict "endente," 1226, 123 
DMtli WBirant— on Judgmentof death, . 

retora upon, after execution, 1:130. 
Belrt — oprCain. illegsllf con traded, not in' 

evidence of. subject of embejmleniei: 
Debtor— fraiidnlentl J coQcealing liia prope 
Dooeiving— wiLness, 133. 
Defecta — in indictments, 960. 

in form of writ of Labeas corpuH, 14 
Defendant — fraudulently coacetiiag bis pi 

, _. :t proBMiult'd tnoivQ as, (!o5. 
righta of, in criminal Kclion, 666. 
not to be unnecetisarityri^ trained be 
"--—'— -18 again Bt hiniBelf, G| 

bait, f sea. 

depoaitioii must be read to. 863. 
mtuenteaiautit be examined in presence of, 865, 
may produea iTitDeeHi.'a, H66. 
wben uid bow diaclmrged, STl. 

pTBaenco at ttrroigi 


. 990. 

nujBliD'F all (acta 

tending to defense, 1020. 

Eefueing to plead 


trial, 1013. 

mtiUed to twodu; 
vhen (here uie a 


for tniU. 1019. 

wiDot saver in dwUenff- 

ing. 1056. 

■niut be imonoed of bis right 

to chaUeoge. IOCS. 

preanmotioQ (if in , 

leftHDnallo doubt aa to guilt of, 1096, 1097. 

dlBOliorgiug one of aeTerol, before verijict, for trltnesB, 

lOU'J, 1100. 
discbargod, n-hen action does not cooatitnte offense, HIT. 
on bail, oppDBra for trial, may be committed, 1139, 
1 of, on rooderLug verdict, 1118. 

ferdkt a 


when to bo Li'ldur discharged, 1183. 

presence of, at judgment, 1193. 

bow brought before court for j udgmont, 1191, 119S. 

•ireat of, 1199. 

arraignmi'Ut for judgment, 1200. 

may uhow CttUBo why Judgment not ptononnoed, 1201. 

In wbat causa maj opptal, 1237. 

picscnco of, not uecca^ry on appeal, 1259. 

when la ba discbarged on cevenial of judgment, 1363. 

mrreuder of, by bail, 1300. 

I17 wbom arrested for purpose of surrendeT, 1301. 

•B witneiis, 1323. 

tight of. biconditional examination of witnesses, 1336, 

muBi bo ihscbvsed. It nation diacbarged. ISSi. 
wben nay be searcJied in presence of nu^tctW 
*—"■'"' of, 13ti7-73. 

■ terms employed in the ood«, 1. 

delenuine, npcm jSHn! 

of mnTder, 189. 
of borgluy, 460. 
Denmnnr — to arnolea of impeachnienl 
if loJaipeachmeTit, OTerrnled, m 
to lOQiimtion ^unat ofticerH, 7fi 

EleadiDgon p&rtuf defendaat, 1 
) mdicODeDt, nheii put in, 1D03 
Canada of, lOOJ. 
bow put in. uid its form, 1000. 

irheadeti^udajibdlsabsnedon, 1 

if disallowed, 1011. 

nhen grousdH of, most or insj In 
Denial — of scaueatiOD, 762. 

farm of, 763. 

Duumur of, ISi. 
Depota— embracer eTer^ mode of writtc 
Depodt— officer receiving, in insalveat 

instead of ball, vliea and how mi 

hoT to be applied, 1297. 

Then forSsiCM, lioT disposed of, 
Dapodtion — when deemed complete, IS 

talnsT— unlawful, 4^8. 

M — nuldng or paaBtssisg, for coun-Cerfeitliig, 4S0. 

rector — of uorpuratioiiB, defined, 672. 

8eo ContamTiONa. 
isbBTKa— otmofBeTcraldefendaDU, forvituesB, 1099, IIOD 

eSbct of EUch, 1101. 

of jiUT ia certain coses. 1113, 1139, 1110, lUl, 1143. 

of dejenduit, 8S3, HU, 1164, 1189, 1262, 1334, 14B7. 1488. 

of fugitives from juaticc, lij55. 
ISBBo — cwlio onkjaure of persons jLtSioted mtb contagioiu, 

tennobinment— of legislator, 86. 

forembezzlGmonbuF fslsifjiiiig accooutB, 121, GIL 

fighting duel, 2-23. 
IgTliM— wEBTing of, 185. 
(Uitertnent of Boiiies~Bf e Siitdtxb. p. T43. 
OniMal — u( charge hy grand juiy, efibit of, 942, 

of aa Bppmd, 1248, 1249. 

of action, vfhvu ma; occur, 1383. 

of action in miBdumeanor, bar lo koother proseoaUou, 
lordarl; Eonse— keeping, 316. 
■ponal— of unlawful ossoinblr, 4DB, 410. 

of fines and fari>.ii,iu..-a, j.uui, 
I' of iasutsoncalKodar, 1(H8. 

Hriot Atlorney— diadoaing fact of indiotmeul found, IGS. 
r xauHt bring actJoa on undertaking, 112. 
'I prousedings for I'emoyal of, 7T1. 
I must open cause, 1093. 

if fails taatteud court, it may appoint, USD. 
I dntyof. on an inquidltion, 122S. 

diimissal of action ou applicutioD of, 13SS. 
1 dnt; of, when fugitive tram jiiBtice urestod, 1661. 
ttBrbsnce— of religioua meetings, 302. 
I of lawful moo lings, 69. 

of certain public mcetingai 403. 

of legislature, 82. 
I of court. 710. 
' of the peace, 415. 

" •JoBticoandpoUcD court, tow kept, 1128. 

hTU— OS to guilt of defe'ndant. 1096. 
~ ".o deiTue oC crime, 1097. 


' lisceriug stupefying, witli evil intent, 2^- 

_, rjoautf — ' — "■ -"— i-i—ii— ~ «■" 

Rew. Codb, — 68. 

apotluxarj omitting to or wronatuil ll 

Pes'. r.Vinff - iia ^** ^^^ 

Drugs— Continued. 

adulterating, 5 -■'— 
DrunkBiinBsa — nco I>~ToxicATtiMi. 
Duel — deliucd. 225. 

puniDlimciit lorfigbiing, with &lal nmlt.! 

piiui:^hiiti.'iit for li^Iitm^, orcbftUcnge- 331. 

pcrnoufc li}^tiu); dlsli-uidiued, 228. 


leases, jiirimliotioii of 

Dniew — nlieo ftdtftame for crime comnutMd, M. 

Editom—lLabili^of, for libel, 253. 
£al Bivei— net tu regulato Relmnet I 

EubdiTiHion 12, 2a. 
Elwtiaii— violacinn of laws of, by office 

falHO i-cgiiilrnilioli, i2. 

Tefusal loLsBiruiTi b; of to uiBwer ludgM<l 

m^ votius It, 15, is. 

procuring iflogal yotea Bt, 47. 

miacondiictby inspculors of, 19, 

chaneiiig or BJtoriu]; bnllols or return 1 

forging 01^ aHerluSTelums, 60. 

adding to or Bull tr>c till); from rotes Bin 

wceb!ioriea lo violationa of latre of, Si. 

intimidating and cormptiag eic«Kin, SS 

ualawfuilfturniBlung money for, H. 

oSbm to pioiMiro oSiueB for eleolon, 5G> 

EIsDtioii — eitortlon from oaadidatG, i 

Embezzlemeat — ofaccoimU by public oSioa, 1M. 
dtiiued, 603. 

wben officer giiilty of, BM. 
nbuiicu'riurguilCTaf, GD5. 

clkim of tiLlu giuuiid for deCense, $ 511. 
inteiic to reHturo pi'operl; no dcfensB, 613, 
BOtual rcHtontioa groniid fur mitigatioa of 

fiunUlinieDb of, bU. 
uriwlktion of indictiDeiit for, iDcertain caae, 783. 

jdtisdiuB in &□ indictment for, 9liT. 

ftUegaliuQ of iiow Buul&Iued, 1131. 
diCMwry— {iiuiiHlimeut of. W'i, VS. 
ibrntiini— teltual to sell tiokets tu pasaengers, see Btatalca, 

p. 71o. 
f^ — In mdiutment, dooa ddI invaJidatei 960. 

in pleadinu, 1404. 
■■pS— <it prisoutr from Statfl Priaon, IDS. 

ftttempC to, 106. 
• fcom other tlum a Btate Prison, 107. 

officers BulTeriDg convicta to, l-US. 

•ssiatingpi'iHOtier to, lOD, 

oarryiDi- mtu prison implmnen tu for aiding, 110. 

oosta OD trul for. 111. 

rec^iture of person arreatei]. bavingniade, B6L 

doors and windowa mny be broken, wben. BBS. 

joriHdiL'tion of iudictmeotfor, 787. 
IdeOM— offcriUK falBo, 1S3. 

prepariDg fuse, 134. 

deatrojiug, 135. 

Klmt rect'ivalile before gnmd j aij, 919. 

CTaud JU17 not bound to lioar certain, 920. 

oogree of, to warranC indictment, 921. 

wlmt mav ba introduced to sualain pleaof notgniltj, 1020. 

rules of, on trial of cb&lleoge, lOaS. 

laiem of, in criminal octionB. 1102. 

on trial for tFeaaoo, 1103. 

on (rial fiir oonapiracy, 1104. 

on trial for bigamy, llOlt. 

on trial fur forgery, 1107, 

on (rial for aboi don and seduction, 1108. 

on trial for Bulling, olc., lottery ticlicta, 1109. 

of falae prctenaea, 1110. 

it, abowa luulicr offense, proceedings thereon, 1113. [Re- 
pealed. T 

wbenclueed on utJier side, caortmay advise acquittal, 

dopositians ofwitneaaea, vbeu admitted aa, 13^. 
Iltiiii I jiiiti'i iiit III iilii f T . Ifi'n iL^i¥on5J:x- 

pniar, ill. 1824. 
•wr o/'oTiIcuics 

', id. 1825. 
n)/cer(iuntj-re(jujred. id. 1828. 1*V-' 


iuditt^t bvidenoe closeiQed, 
primiLry G\'idoiics, id. 183" 
partial evideuce, id. 1834. 
satisfixitorv evidence, id. 1836. 
indispeumbie ovidcnce, id. 183G. 
ooDcTuHiTe evidence, i(). 1^7, 
oonctiulve evidence, how i-sBtrloted. 
cnmulutiTa evidencD, id. 1838. 
oorrobontiva evidenco, id. 1839, 
inferenoe dtzflned, id. 1958. 
pTGSumntiou defined, id. 1B59. 

Dbobez or Psoor— what required (o ««t 
ia2G. Appendix. 
fciadsofevidliioB, id. 1827. 
degrees of eridence, id. 1828. 
one witness, when Bofficient to proof 

GENzau. TamoieLxa—dirixt evidmiae, 
jirovo a. act, 0. 0. P.. 184*. Ax 
tettnnony conQned to peiBon&l knov 
ieBtimoD; to lie in prei«nice of peiHo 
witiiesB presnmed to apL-ak the tmtlt 
presumption, Low tepelled, id. 1847, 
one person not &fibcted by boM of ta 
dccl&mtions of prcdcceBBors in title ■ 
dedariLtiouH wbich are put ttt trmxaai 
dilating to tliird pereoo, wl 


of decedent, 
18 of ■ ■ ■ 

rUenee — (Continued. 

evidence to be relevunt to qnestionsin dispute, id. $ 186S. 
evidenixi on collateral queations !□ diHCretioQ of oonr^ 

. will tiike, id. 1875. 

pcraouawliocaiinnt tislily. id. 1880. 
rane Auu DEiiiiF.E.'i oif EvmiiNCE— ImunledgB of oonrt, tiuta 
witllin, L'. C. P., 1S75. AppGuiliii. 
ooknoivleiiged nriringa us cvidcucc!. Id. 1901. 
entry iu court miiiutea, id. 1376, 1129. 
of material objijeta preseuttd to tbe BeneeB, id. 195L 
when an iafereiicu aiista, id. 1060. 
p-fiHiiinpluiu, when may bu controverted, id. J961. 
Bpecillailiou otconcluBiTepruiuniptionB, id. 1963. 
BpeciUcatiou of coulrovurtiblapiiaumptiDiia, id. 1963. 
what evidence indiapcudublo, lil. 19UT. 
perjury andtreaaon.ovidtDOoreqiiiredto prove, id. 1968. 
— — ..- Eitiupft— will, to be writing, 0. C. P., 19(10. Ap. 
.U.UWU.UOU of tvill, wliat required to provo, iiL 1970. 
transfer of real proparty, evidence rtquired, id. 1971-72. 
ngreement not iu writing', wlitn invalid, id. 1973. 
repregeatatioD OS to credit of third party, id. 1974. 
boDDOTiOH or Etldence — by wliom to be produced, 0. 0. 
P., 1981. Appeutlix. 
initing altered, nuu to exploJa, Id. 1992. 
mrrants to commit witnoases. id. 1991. 
when witnetut prisoner, id. 1995. 
manner ufpi-oduotion—teatimony, how taken, id. 3002, 
testimotiy of viiaeee in State, id. 2031. 
testimoiiy of witness out of State, id. 2021. 
how to procure testimony on conunissian, id. 3036. 
djachoreuof witneiia, id. 2070. 

Sea Affidavit; DEPosmoKa; EuaoHinos of 


meanaof production — see Siibpiesa ; WiTBEsaES. 
ElFiCT OF KviDE^cE— jury to Judge of, O. C. P., 2061. Ap. 

cancluaive evidence, jury nut ta judge ffCCct of, id. 2061. 

lo boinstmotedby oourtoatn irl 9i«l 
KlKillXiJtEous Piuivtaio^ia as ix 

not odmiaaible, C. C. P.. 154. AnpeiidiX- 

>n oilisr oqaivnlenl to pByment, id. au74. 

whoever paje ia entitled to a receipt, icl. WIS. 

pUon of laud, ii. Ml .. , 

-_ — ^™„„, onadmiaBiiinotdEbt.wi-jWl*- ' 

eoafeasioa ofadaltery, cflbct of in divorcB, iS. ISJl*. 
proeeedtasa to perpetuate testimoiiy— bbo 'E^i^i^a**^^'^ 

mLeu euniplBted, 8GI . 
poBtponi^miait of, tiOS. 

depOBiElona of coiupliuQaDt andlrit 

defBDdiuit untitled to produce iritm 

who dib; bo prosent at, atitl. 

tssdman;, liow tuben and autbeotic 
Or 'WiiKssiiEa Cokoitionai.i.1 — defenda 

in vbat ciuea luilcr may ija apidjed j 

»pplic»tiou for, how made, i5b7, 

appliuaiiunlor, towliDiu made, 133 

ordur fur, «hi.a cnuiltid and what to 

mast proceed, when, J3iO. 

vbea Diiut not proceed, 1311. 

dopouiUoDa of ivimeuB to be trsoamil 
On ComussioN — of nimeBiieareBidiago 

orilec fur, uben and by ivbom ouy 1 

commiaaiou ileflned, 1351. 

applicitiou for Buah order, how Qud 

applicaCion, lo tvbom made, 1353. 

order for. whcnEranted, 1304. 

luterrogalorieR, uow settled aad alio 
See CoMKiestOK, 1357-1361. 
itlon of WiciwBifli — oral ht«ih.ti-^ i 
SOUS. Appnadix. 

order of proul, how regnlated, id. 20 


UVftiioa—ta challenge, luid denial of, $ 1D7T. 

not taken on triiti, butwhieh laty 1xi taken by both, 11T3. 

not takoii on tiiul, but irliich ina;' be taken b; deft., 1173, 

sucli, trben and bow oettled, 11T4. 

need not bs taken to wrilteo cliorgeB, 1170. 
Bi^e Bill of Exceptionb, 
[•eation— pr>iourins. of iiinooentiieraoiia, 138. 
Of Jud^i:nt~iutl]orit; for, 1213. 

oC fina and imprisooment, 1215. 

of death. 1217. 

■□apcnsion of capital, 1220, 

Bnapended on appeal bj order of Supreme Ooort or 
Judge oolT, 1243. 

if insane, notexecuted, 1224. 

it "ciu:ii<nt(!,"pr(iceediDgH, section 1225-26. 

oertifiaLtaofappealatdYB ciesutioD, when Sled, 1213. 

dnlj of BbEriff under, ]3«, 

to restore diifcnduit, 124i}. 

of dcttli sentence, bow completed, 1223. 

of death Benteuce, where lo tabe place, otc., 1219. 
wrotiTs FowBT of tha Stats — all ouonBea agunst, ennmor- 

■ted from aectiou 65 to 77. 
Emnptton— issuing false certiflcfttcB of, 619. 

notagrouud of challenge to juror, 107S. 
■nwiation of Ball — see Bul. 
q^wta — lu witnesaeB on trial for forgery, HOT. 
rploaloD — death from, 31)3. 
»eiiMi — of iiiEnuQ defendant conmiitted to •aylom, vbo 

pajB, 1373. 

of orreating „ 
^Mnre— of persona aSeclcd 


ttortiiui — by executive or minialerial officeia, 70, 
I defined^ 518. 

wbat threats _. 

punishment of, 520' 

obtaining Hignalore by extortionate 

gending threatening letters with iot 

attempts lo commit by Torhil thrcata, 531. 

from CiLndidulCi Bee btatatos, p. 729. 
iCt-aee ibsues of, 1011, 1D12. 
ilM CertiflCGate— by imbEcufllcer, 167. 
Ibo Olaimi— presenting to nubile offloer for payment, 73. 
JM ImpriBonment — deQtieil, 23Q. 

puniBlinifnl of, £37. 
JM Feraonation—marTjiog unQeT, G' 

\iMTiag propertj oader, 630. 

£UBe siaiemeni— 10 aneci mukM pnM 
TbIm WeightB ood Mbbbiu«s — defiaed, 

Dfiing. 553. 

Btsjanins on caalte or paekftses. 5G 

in bdJl'S h; ton or pound, 5^. 
Falai^^iiig — evidence, from ecctioa 132 1 

risorda ftucl dDcumentB, frooi seob 
Fear— Ib9 an elumiiiit of robbery, 212. 
Fboi, Eioossiva— public officer reoeivinj 

Fe-looy— di^ti 

■, 18. 

jQ for, 800. 

pcraoaoUtLrgedwitb, must betakei 
peraoiia ioiully charfied, 1098-1100i 
fTHAt A"« Felohib? — Bbdaction of w 
abduction for prastitQtioii, 367. 
abdaction of obildren. 278. 
abortion, 274. 

»ddiiig to or BObtnujting votee, BL 
Bdminiateriog poison, 216. 
BdmimateringEtupGfjingdmgB, 25 
aidiog violation of eleotioD Inns, G 
aifcrine draft of bill or n^olation, 
alteiiDg enrolled cop; of either, 8j 
alteiisg brands, 351. 

sakiiig or receinng' bribes by offia 
asBanlts to murder or kill, 217. 
asaaults to rapa and otbev oilmM, i 

Iday— I 

..ibra, receiTing bj Judges, eta., i 93. 

buTgUry, 460. 

InimulK iuBured property, S48. 

tniTning building aot Btibjcct of arson, 6( 

cuT^nng into prisou cidB te escape, 110. 

ebAuging ballots or returns, 48. 

eUIa HlBOling, 278.