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PriASKTs BANNER. m<>Y<Ts<- 

In Possession ol'the Maryland Historical Society 

PULASIU'S BANXEJl. (Obverse.) 

In Possession oftlio Maryland Historical Society 

Reprinted under direction 

of the 
Secretary of the C omiu o nwe alth , 

Edited by 




Clarence M.Buscli, State Printer of Pennsylvania. 






















JANUARY 13, 1779 JANUARY 17, 1781. 




[HE resolutions of Congress organizing this regiment 
are fully referred to in the note to Col. Hartley's, 
ante / and it was considered proper to publish, in con- 
nection with this, what little material remains of the 
independent companies. Malcolm's and Spencer's regiments 
were of the sixteen additional regiments, and included com- 
panies raised either in part or whole in Pennsylvania. 

A return of the state of the regiment, made June 25, 1779, at 
Sunbury, by CoL Hubley, gives the following data: "Present, 
lieutenant colonel, major, four captains, one captain lieutenant, 
eight lieutenants, three ensigns, paymaster, adjutant, quarter- 
master, surgeon and mate, sergeant major, quarter master 
sergeant, drum major, fife major, twenty-two sergeants, eight 
drummers and eight flfers. 

Lieut. Col. 's company, effective rank and file, 33 

Major Prow ell's, 36 

Capt, Bush, light infantry, 52 

Capt. Forester's, 35 

Capt. Walker's, 32 

Capt. Claypoole's, 33 

Capt. Sweeney's, 35 

Capt. Carbery's, 36 

Capt. McLean's, Delaware regiment, 21 


"Absent officers: Capt. Kearsley, with Col. Spencer's regi- 
ent ; Capt. Carbery, doing duty with light horse ; Capt. For- 
ester, in Maryland, on furlough, since February 1, 1779; Capt. 
Bush, in Philadelphia, on command since June 12. 

"N. B. The independent companies, in Col. Spencer's regi- 
ment, have not yet joined, the whole amount to about seventy- 
five men. " 

The following correspondence and memoranda, together with 
Lieut. Col. Hubley's journal, and such of his letters as have 
been heretofore published in Penn'a Archives, O. S., vol. vi/i\ 
make up the record of this regiment so far as it has been pre- 



served. Lieut. Col. Hubley's order book, recently discovered 
and placed in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, 
has added much to the larger portion of what follows. A few 
letters of Col. Hartley, from the Hand Papers, are prefatory. 

Col. Hartley to Gen. Hand. 

YORK, May 10, 1770. 

"* * * The following Persons are brave Soldiers and good 
Woodsmen : Captain Hawkins Boone, Lieut. Robt. King & 
Win. Simms, and they have good Knowledge of the Country to 

"If Col. James Murray will go with "you, he will be very use- 
ful. He is well acquainted with Indian affairs, and has a good 
Idea of the Indian Country. More persons you will hear of at 

" You should engage Captains Ferguson, J. Camplin, & Lieut. 
William Campbell. They are excellent woodsmen the latter 
you should have near your person. Colonel Hunter can tell 
you where you may find them. 

"As Guides (besides those which you will be able to hear of 
yourself), you should take one Fox, & one Rummerfield, of 
Sunbury. Colonel Zeb. Butler, and Capt. Spalding, of Wyom - 
ing, can inform you of others. " 

Col. Hartley to Gen. Hand. 

"YORK, June 3d, 1779. 

" Fletcher, a private in Col. Hartley's regt. 

" Ippie, (a Dutch Lad.) 

" In addition to the Persons who 1 have mentioned before, I 
must mention a Robert Crownover to you he lives at Muncy 
he is well acquainted with the country to Tioga, & is an in- 
telligent, sensible young man and a soldier. 

"You will find the Back Woodsmen upon some occasions very 
cautious. Perhaps it may be proper often, but seme Times it. 
may be necessary to make bold pushes, I would tell you Severn 1 
good officers, their own good Behavior will doubtless recom- 
mend many of them to you. Nevertheless, I shall mention 11 
Mr. Houston to you ; he is adjutant of my Regiment. He was 
Sergt, Major of Grenadiers in the British Army he had u 
brother, an officer in our army, and came and joined ns. He 
is the best adjutant I have seen he is very bold and enter- 


prizing as soon as you begin your march, I recommend him 
particularly to you. If General Sullivan commands, you will 
please to mention Houston to him." 

Col. Hartley to Gen. Hand. 

"YORK, June the 3d, 1779. 

"SIR: As I understand, you have no Horse sent you from the 
main army, I would give it as my weak opinion, that you 
should at least preserve the number which Captain Carbery 
took up. If one Corps should think it hard they should furnish , 
the whole of the men ; they ought to be pick't from the whole 
Troops of the Command, and you will lind no officer more fit to 
command them than Mr. Carbery. " 

"1779,13th June, James Crawford, of Northumberland, former 
major of the Twelfth Pennsylvania regiment, offers his services 
to Cfen. Hand." 

Lieut. Col. Hubley to Gen. Washington. 

"CAMP MILLSTONE, May 19, 1779. 

"SiR : By the resignation of Col. Hartley , of the llth Penn'a 
Regt. , I, as eldest Lt. Col. of the Line, considered myself en- 
titled to the same, and accordingly wrote to the Honl. the 
Executive Council of the State of Penn'a, requesting they 
would recommend me to the Board of War, and procure the 
appointment to which I was entitled. 

" The Council, in consequence of a certificaate, signed by 
(renl. St. Clair, as commanding officer of the Penn'a Line, 
certifying my pretentions, Resolved that I should be recom- 
mended, and'accordingly did recommend me as being entitled 
to the command of said Regiment. Previous to this Resolve, 
His Excellency, the President of Pennsylvania, informed Col. 
Connor (present Lt. Colo, of the Regiment) of my claim, and 
requested to know whether he had any claim prior to mine. 
Colo. Connor informed his Excellency he had not, and in- 
sinuated that he had no objections to my being promoted. 

"The Resolve being accordingly handed to the Board of War 
not doubting but a commission would be granted on the 
delivery thereof, the Board objected to the granting of the 
Commission, and informed me that Col. Connor claimed rank 
of me. I informed them of what had passed between the Pre- 


and Colo. Connor, and believed that jnatter was fully 
settled, but requested before they issued the commission, they 
would send to Col. Connor for further information in the 
matter. This they did, and received a letter wrote by your 
Kxrellency to Col. Connor, in which it appeared he claimed 
rank of me. The Board accordingly concluded not to interfere 
in the matter until they had heard from your Excellency on the 

"I am a total stranger to Col. Connor's pretentious of claim- 
ing rank of me, unless it is because he went out as Lieut, of the 
1st Penn'a Regiment, and considers himself an elder officer on 
that account. If that be his claim, he might, with the same 
propriety, claim rank of Gen. St. Clair and every colonel in 
the line. 

"All that I shall say on my part is, that I was appointed 
(being then out of the army and in a private station), a major 
to one of the additional regiments raised in 1776, for the pur- 
pose of filling up the quota ordered to be raised in the State 
of Pennsylvania, and in regular course, promoted to the rank 
of lieutenant colonel (my commission bearing date as such 
October 4, 1776). I served in the same brigade with Col. Con- 
nor for a considerable time ; he ever submitted to my rank, 
and never intimated he thought himself injured by my rank. 

"Several gentlemen in the line claimed rank of me upon the 
same principles. As well a Board of General Officers, (met at 
the Cross-roads in Pennsylvania for the purpose of settling the 
rank of the Pennsylvania Line), as the Board of Arrangement, 
convened for the same purpose at White Plains, determined 
in my favor. 

" I beg your Excellency will look into this matter and take 
such steps for the settlement of the same as you shall think 

"I am, with the greatest respect, your Excellency's, 
"Most obedient servant, 

"A. HUBLEY, Lt. Col. 
"His Excellency GEN. WASHINGTON." 

Lieut. Col. Habley to the Board of General Officers. 


"GENTLEMEN: Having acquired some knowledge of Colo. 
Connor's pretentions since my writing to his Excellency on 
that subject, I beg leave to make some few observations there- 


"Colo. Connor, I think, in his claims, observes that he ought 
to have been appointed commandant of the 11 th Regt. previous 
to its being taken into the Penn'a line upon what principles 
he founds this claim, I am a stranger to. He certainly must 
be totally unacquainted with the time of Col. Hartley's resig- 
nation. Had he resigned his commission, previous to the Regi- 
ment being taken into the line, there might have been some 
show of propriety in it ; but this not being the case (Colo. 
Hartley's resignation being some considerable time after the 
Regt. being taken in the line), I cannot think his pretensions 
upon these principles can have any weight. 

"With respect to his being a Senior officer in the same line, 
formerly with me, I beg leave to contradict. Its well known 
the Regiment he alludes to, formerly commanded by Col. 
Thompson, was not considered a Pennsylvania Regiment, nor 
was it taken into the line as one until Sometime in 1776. The 
Regiment to which I was appointed being raised in 1775, and 
then called the first Penna. Regt.* 

" Col. Connor further says that some time in 1776, he was 
ordered on Command to the Southward, as Brigade Major to 
Grenl. Armstrong, and held the rank of major, and after his 
return from the Southward he was appointed a Lt. Col. in 
Col. Hartley 8 regiment. In order to throw proper light upon 
this matter, as Colo. Connor has been by no means explicit, I 
beg leave to add, that before his arrival in Philadelphia from 
the Southward, he stood, through the interest of his friends, a 
candidate for the Majority in the Regiment to which I was ap- 
pointed ; that agreeable to the mode of appointing officers, we 
were voted for, when I was almost unanimously chosen Major 
to the 10 P. Regt. and in regular turn promoted to the rank of 
Lieut. Col. in Col. Hartley's regiment, being some consider- 
able time after my promotion. 

"He has never taken notice that in his leaving the Regiment 
and going to the Southward, it was considered as giving up 
his commission in the same, and, in consequence thereof, 
another officer appointed to fill up his vacancy. And further, 
he does not tell you that he was appointed a Lieut. Colo, in 
Colo. Hartley's regiment, in room of Lt. Col. Wilkinson who 
resigned, but says he was appointed a Lieut. Colo, to one of 
the additional regiments, which implies as if he was appointed 
at the original constitution of the Regts. 

"As much has been already said in this matter, I shall con- 
clude with my pretentious of rank I now hold in the line of 
Penn'a. I totally claim my rank as an appointment -(and not 

*Quere1 First Penn'a battalion, Col. de Hass. 


as a promotion, being then out of the army as an officer, and 
in a private station for some considerable time and served as a 
volunteer). When 1 received my commission as Major. I con- 
sidered I had received it from a body, who were vested with 
power to appoint and arrange the officers ; so have two distinct 
Boards since considered it, and determined in my favor. 

" I beg leave for further particulars respecting my rank, to 
refer you to the letter from me to his Excellency (which no 
doubt will be laid before you) on the subject. 

" I am with the greatest respect, Gentlemen, 

"Your most ob't Humble Servant, 

"A. HUBLEY, Jr., Lt. Col. 

" To the Hon. the Board of General Officers, now sitting for the 
purpose uf settling Hank. " 

"The Hon. the Board will observe that I don't mean to claim 
rank from my first entering, but that what has been said with 
respect to my first appointment, is to answer Colo. Connor's 
observations thereupon. " 

"PniLAD'A, JuneS, 1779. 

" In consequence of the resignation of Colo. Thomas Hartley 
(I being the Senior Lt. Colo, in the Penn'a Line), I was this 
day commissioned Lt^ Colo. Commandant of said Regiment, 
to rank from the 13th day of February, 1779. 

" Colo. Comt. lUh Pa. 

Col. Hubley writes to Gen. Hand from Sunbury, under date 
of June 15 : 

" This day arrived, and took command of the following forts : 
Muncy, Jenkins, &c. , and this place." 

Col. Hubley writes to Gen. Hand from Sunbury, June 17: 

" A Board ot General Officers to determine the dispute of rank 
between Major Prowell and the Captains of the Penn'a line de- 
termined in favor of the latter, in consequence of which he will 
be removed from the rank he now holds, and a Senior Captain 
take his place. * * I am extremely sorry for the loss of Major 
Prowell ; he is a worthy, good officer. " 

Lieut. Col. Adam Hubley to Gen. Hand. 

" SUNBURY, June 22 nd , 1779. 

".DEAR GENERAL: Your favour of the 19 th came safe to hand 
last evening. I'm extremely happy to find I shall be under 


your command this campaign. I have communicated this 
agreeable piece of news to a number of my officers, who equally 
express their happiness on the occasion, and what adds to the 
happiness is, that your corps is to be a select one, to act as 
Light Infantry. 

"Agreeably to your orders, I have given directions for the 
Regiment to be in readiness at a moment's warning. 

"Gen 1 . Sullivan, it seems, is to determine on the continuance 
of the Dragoons in my Regiment. I must beg you will use your 
influence with him to have them dismounted, unless they can 
be annex'd and do duty with us. 

"A few days since Capt. Kearsley, late of my regiment 
arrived at this post with intent again to take the command of 
his comp*. It appears, by the inclosed letters (the original of 
which is in my hand), that he had absolutely resigned his com- 
mission and left the army ; upon what principle he claims the 
company, I know not. I cannot think of giving him any com- 
mand in my regiment, unless the matter is properly settled. 
The officers are determined not to submit to his taking com- 
mand. I dread the consequences, unless something is done 
speedily. Capt. Kearsley leaves this to-morrow for Wyoming. 
I beg you will state to him this matter, and the consequences 
that must attend it should he persist in claiming rank in the 

" We shall be able to load the greatest part of the boats at 
this place. I expect they will be at Port Jenkins about the 
25 th , at which place the officer commanding them will wait your 
further orders. 

"The remainder are on their way to Cox's town; those, with 
what new ones may be finished, will be sufficient to bring up 
what stores are at present there. Every step is taken to expe- 
dite the forwarding of the stores, &c. 

" I anxiously look forward for the moment when I shall have 
the pleasure of seeing you. 

"And am sincei-ely, your most 

"Obedient humble servant, 


"Lt. Col. Com*. 11 th Regt." 



WYOMING, July 30M, 1779. 

Wyoming is situated on the east side of the East Branch of 
the Susquehanna, the town consisting of about seventy houses, 
chiefly log buildings; besides these buildings, there are sundry 
larger ones which were erected by the army for the purpose of 
receiving stores, &c. , a large bake and smoke houses. 

There is likewise a smail fort erected in the town, with a 
strong abattis around it, and a small redoubt to shelter the in- 
habitants in cases of an alarm. This fort is garrisoned by one 
hundred men draughted from the western army and put under 
the command of Col. Zeb n . Butler. I cannot omit taking no- 
tice of the poor inhabitants of the town ; two thirds of them 
are widows and orphans, who, by the vile hands of the savages 
have not only deprived some of tender husband^ some of in- 
dulgent parents, and others of affectionate friends and ac- 
quaintances, besides robbed arid plundered of all their furniture 
and clothing. In short, they are left totally dependent en the 
public, and are become absolute objects of charity. 

The situation of this place is elegant and delightful. It com- 
poses an extensive Galley bounded both on the east and west 
side of the river by large chains of Mountains. The valley, a 
mere garden of an excellent rich soil, abounding with large 
timber of all kinds, and through the centre the East Branch of 
the Susquehanna. 

WYOMING, July 31st, 1779. 

Agreeable to orders, marched the western army under the 
command of Maj. Gen. Sullivan, in the following order, from 
this place to Tioga : 

Order of March. 

The army being composed of the following regiments and 
brigades in the following manner, viz : 

i^k-n-f c 

Light Corps. 

Hand's J 

Gen. Maxwell's 




Ind. Corps. 



From main body. 

(- Cilley, 

Gen. Poor's brigade, -j Reed > 



Took up the line of march about one o'clock, p. M. , viz: 
Light corps advanced in front of main body about a mile ; van- 
guard, consisting of twenty-four men under command of a 
subaltern, and Poors' brigade (main body) followed by pack- 
horses and cattle, after which one complete regiment, taken 
alternately from Maxwell's and Poors' brigade (composed the 
rear guard). 

Observed the country to be much broken and mountainous, 
wood chiefly low, and composed of pine only. I was struck on 
this day's march with the ruins of many houses, chiefly built 
of logs, arid uninhabited ; though poor, yet happy in their situ- 
ation, until that horrid engagement, when the British tyrant 
let loose upon them his emissaries, the savages of the wood, 
who not only destroyed and laid waste those cottages, but in 
cool blood massacred and cut off the inhabitants, not even spar- 
ing gray locks or helpless infancy. 

About 4 o'clock, p. M. , arrived at a most beautiful plain, 
covered with abundance of grass, soil excessively rich, through 
which run a delightful stream of water, known by the name of 
Lacka wanna ; crossed the same, and encamped about one mile 
on the northern side of it, advanced about one half mile in 
front of main body : after night fell in with rain which con- 
tinued until morning. Distance of march this day, 10 miles. 

SUNDAY, August 1 st . 

Continued at Lackawanna waiting for the fleet, which, by rea- 
son of considerable rapids, was detained until nearly 12 o'clock 
this day before the van could possible cross there. In getting 
through, lost two boats, chief of their cargoes were saved. 
About 2 o'clock, P. M. ,the whole arrived opposite our encamp- 
ment, in consequence of which received orders for a march, 
struck tents accordingly, and moved about 3 o'clock, P. M. 
About one mile from the encampment, entered the narrows 
on the river, first detachment and left column, under command 
of Capt. Burke, to join the right column of light corps, and 
cross the mountain, which was almost inaccessible, in order to 
cover the army from falling in an ambuscade. Whilst passing 
through the defile, found passage through exceeding difficult 
and troublesome, owing to the badness of the path; v/e passed 
by a most beautiful cataract, called the Spring Falls. To at- 
tempt a description of it would be almost a presumption. 


Let this short account thereof suffice. The first or upper fall 
thereof, is nearly ninety feet perpendicular, pouring Trom a solid 
rock, uttering forth a most beautiful echo, a,nd is received by 
a cleft of rocks considerable more projected than the former, 
from whence it rolls gradually and empties into the Susque- 
hanna. Light corps passed and got through the defile about 
6 o'clock, P. M. ; arrived about dusk at a place called Quiluti- 
in unk. and encamped one mile in front of the place, occupied 
that night by the main army. 

The main army, on account of the difficult passage, inarched 
nearly all night before they reached their encamping ground. 
Great quantities of baggage being dropped and left lying that 
night, obliged us to continue on this ground. All the preceding 
day numbers of our pack horses were sent back and employed 
in bringing on the scattered stores, &c. ; distance of march 
this day about 7 miles; fine clear evening. Quilutimunk is a 
spot of ground, situate on the river, fine, open, and clear ; 
quantity, about 1200 acres ; soil very rich, timber fine, grass in 
abundance, and contains several exceeding fine springs. 

MONDAY, August 2d. 

In consequence of the difficult and tedious march the pre- 
ceding day, the army received orders to continue on the ground 
this day, in the meantime to provide themselves with five days' 
provision, and getting every other matter in perfect readiness 
for a march next morning at six o'clock. Nothing material 
happened during pur stay on this ground. 


Agreeably to orders, took up the line of march at 6 o'clock, 
A. M. Took the mountains after we assembled ; found them ex- 
ceedingly level for at least six miles. Land tolerable, the timber, 
viz : pine and white oak chiefly large. About three miles from 
Quilutimunk, we crossed near another cataract which descend- 
ed the mountain in three successive falls, the least of which is 
equal if not superior to the one already described. Although 
it is not quite so high, it is much wider, and likewise empties 
into the Susquehanna, seemingly white as milk. They are 
commonly known by the name of Buttermilk Falls. 

About 12 o'clock we descended the mountains near the river, 
marched about one mile on flat piece of ground, and arrived 
at Tunkhaimunk.a beautiful stream of water, so-called, which 
empties into the Susquehanna, crossed the same, and encamped 
on the river about one o'clock, p. M. Nothing material hap- 
pened this day, excepting a discovery of two Indians by the 
party on the west side of the river. Indians finding them- 


selves rather near the party, were obliged to leave their canoe 
and mike through the mountains. Party took possession of 
the canoe and brought it to their encamping place, for that 
evening, immediately opposite the main army. Distance of 
March this day, twelve miles. 


The army was in motion 5 o'clock, A. M. , and moved up the 
river for three miles, chiefly on the beach, close under an al- 
most inaccessible mountain. We then ascended the same with 
the greatest difficulty, and continued on it for near seven miles. 
A considerable distance from the river the path along the 
mountain was exceedingly rough, and carried through several 
very considerable swamps, in which were large morasses. The 
land, in general, thin and broken, abounds in wild deer and 
other game. We then descended the mountain, and at the 
foot of it crossed a small creek called Massasppi, immediately 
where it empties into the river. We then continued up the 
same until we made Vanderlip's farm ; discovered several old 
Indian encampments, one of them appeared to have been very 

The land, after crossing Massasppi, was exceedingly fine and 
rich, the soil very black, and well timbered, chiefly with black 
walnut which are remarkably large, some not less than six feet 
over, and excessively high. It is likewise well calculated for 
making fine and extensive meadows. The main army took 
post for this night on Vanderlip's farm, and the infantry ad- 
vanced one mile higher up, and encamped about 1 o'clock, P. 
M. , on a place known by the name of Williamson's farm. Dis- 
tance of march this day, 14 miles ; fine clear day, very hot. 

Thursday, 5th.. 

In consequence of orders issued last evening, to march this 
morning at 5 o'clock, we struck tents and loaded baggage. But 
the boats being considerably impeded by the rapidness of The 
water some miles below our encampment, could not reach u.s, 
and we were obliged to halt all night, Did not join us until 9 
o'clock, A. M. , all which time we were obliged to halt. On the 
arrival, the whole army was put in motion, and as more danger 
on this days' inarch was apprehended than any before, the fol- 
lowing distribution of the army took place, viz : The right and 
left columns of the light corps, conducted by Gen. Hand, moved 
along the top of a very high mountain ; main oody of light 
corps, under Col. Hubley's command, with an adavnce of 
twenty-four men, moved on the beach several miles on the 
edge of the water. The main army, followed by the baggage, 


fec. , flanked on their right by four hundred men, who had 
likewise to take this mountain. Thus we moved for several 
miles, then arrived in a small valley called Depue's farm ; the 
laud very good. Observed and reconnoitered this ground for 
some distance, it being the place on which Col. Hartley was at- 
tacked by the savages last year, on his return from Tioga to 
Wyoming. The country being fine and open, some loss was 
sustained on both sides ; the savages at last gave way, and Col. 
Hartley pursued his route to Wyoming without further moh-s- 
tation. Continued our march for about one mile, arid formed 
a junction with the parties oh the right flank, ascended a high 
mountain, and marched for some miles on the same. Land 
poor, timber but small, chiefly pine. After which descended 
the mountain nearly one mile in length, and arrived in a fine 
and large valley, known by the name of Wyalusing. The main 
army took post at this place, and the infantry advanced about 
one mile in front of them, and encamped about 2 o'clock, P. M. 
Clear, but very warm day. Distance of march this day, 10 

This valley was formerly called Oldman's farm, occupied by 
the Indians and white people ; together they had about sixty 
houses, a considerable Moravian meeting house, and sundry 
other public buildings; but since the commencement of the 
present war, the whole has been consumed and laid waste, 
partly by the savage%and partly by our own people. The land 
is extraordinarily calculated chiefly for meadows. The grass 
at this time is almost beyond description, high and thick, chiefly 
blue grass, and the soil of the land very rich. The valley con- 
tains about 1200 acres of land, bounded on one side by an almost 
inaccessible mountain, and on the other by the river Susque- 

FRIDAY, August 6 th . 

The boats not arriving before late this day, the army received 
orders to continue on the ground. In the meantime to be pro- 
vided with three days' provision, get their arms and accoutre- 
ments in perfect order, and be in readiness for a march early 
to-morrow morning. A sub. and twenty-four men from my 
regiment reconnoitered vicinity of camp ; returned in the even- 
ing; made no discoveries; rain all night. 

SATURDAY, 7 th . 

The heavy rain last night and this morning rendered it utterly 
impossible to march this day; continued on the ground for 
further orders; a captain and thirty men foin my regiment re- 
connoitered vicinity of camp ; made no discoveries. 


This day received a letter (by express) from his Excellency 
<jren. Washington, dated Head Quarters at New Windsor. 

Sunday, 8 th . 

The army moved (in same order as on 5th) this morning at 
5 o'clock ; crossed Wyalusing creek, and ascended an extensive 
mountain, the top remarkably level; land poor, and timber 
small; arrived about 10 o'clock, A. M., at the north end, and 
descended the same close on the river side, and continued along 
the beach for some distance, after which we entered an exten- 
sive valley or plain, known by the name of Standing Stone; 
made a halt here for about half an hour for refreshments. This 
place derives its name from a large stone standing erect in the 
river, immediately opposite this plain ; it is near twenty feet in 
height, fourteen feet in width, and three feet in depth. This 
valley abounds in grass, the land exceedingly fine, and pro- 
duces chiefly white oak, black walnut, and pine timber. After 
refreshment continued our march along the same valley ; land 
not quite so fine. Arrived about 3 o'clock, p. M. , at a small 
creek called Wescuking ; crossed the same, and encamped about 
one mile beyond it, and immediately on the river. 

F< tn i- o'clock, P. M. 

Since our arrival at this place, some of my officers discovered 
a small Indian encampment, seemingly occupied but a few days 
since : found near the same a neat canoe which they brought 
off. This morning the scout (of three men), sent up to She- 
shequin some days since, returned without making any dis- 
coveries. Gen. Sullivan, on account of his indisposition, came 
on in the boat. 

^1 ox DAY, August 9t?t. 

The boats not being able to reach Wescuking, the ground on 
which right corps encamped preceding evening, the main body, 
in consequence thereof, took post and encamped at Standing 
Stone, about three miles below light corps encampment, for 
protection of the boats. 

The light corps, on account of their detached situation from 
main body the preceding evening, and apprehending some 
danger, being considerably advanced in the enemy's country, 
for their greater security, stood under arms from 3 o'clock, A. 
M. , until daylight, where they dismissed with orders to hold 
themselves in readiness at a moment's warning. Previous to 
their dismissal, my light infantry was sent out to reconnoitre 
the vicinity of encampment ; returned about 7 o'clock, A. M. 
made no discovery. 
2 VOL. "XI. 


This morning, 9 o'clock, boats hove in sight, in consequeiK-e 
thereof received orders to strike tents and be in readiness for 
a march ; main army, in the meantime, arrived about 10 o'clock ; 
the whole was in motion, marched through a difficult swamp; 
at north of same crossed a small stream, and ascended a hill ; 
lands poor, and wood but indifferent. About 12 o'clock, p. .M. , 
descended the same,and entered a small valley ; continued about 
half a mile, when we asceded a very remarkable high mounain, 
generally known by the name of Break Neck hill. This mount- 
ain derives its name from the great height of the difficult and 
narrow passage, not more than one foot wide, and remarkable 
precipice which is immediately perpendicular, and not less thon 
180 feat deep. One mis-step must inevitably carry you from 
top to bottom without the least hope or chance of recovery. 
At north end of same entered a mountainous and beautiful 
valley called Sheshecununk. Gen. Sullivan, with a number 
of officers, made a halt at a most beautiful run of water, took 
a bite of dinner, and proceeded on along the valley, which very 
particularly struck my attention. Any quantity of meadow 
may be made here ; abounds with all kinds of wood, particu- 
larly white oak, hickory, and black walnut ; the ground covered 
with grass and pea vines; the soil in general very rich. About 
4 o'clock, P. ai., arrived on the bank of the river; the whole 
encamped in a Itoe on a most beautiful plain, consists chiefly 
in meadows ; the grass remarkably thick and high. On our 
arrival here, made discoveries of some new Indian tracks, places 
on which fire had just been, and fresh boughs cut, and appeared 
as if the place had just been occupied a few hours before our ar- 
rival. Distance of march this day, 9 miles. 

Ti KSDA.Y, August 10 th . 

Set in with rain, and boats not reaching this place before 
9 o'clock this morning; army received orders to continue on 
the ground until further orders; men drew and cooked two 
days' provisions. 

One regiment from each of the brigades attended General 
Sullivan. The general and field officers of the army, whilst 
they were reconnoitering the river and ground near Tioga 
branch, about three miles above this place, returned Avithout 
any discoveries worthy of remark, about 4 o'clock, p. M. 

WEDNESDAY, August 11 th . 

Agreeable to orders the army moved thismorning at 8 o'clock, 
A. M. , in the usual order. Light corps moved half an hour be- 
fore the main army, and took post on the banks of the river, 
near the fording place. On the arrival of the main army and 


boats, Col. Forrest drew up his boat at the fording place, and 
fixed several six pounders on the opposite shore, in order to 
.scour the woods and thickets, and prevent any ambuscade from 
taking place. In the meantime the light corps marched by 
platoon, linked together, 011 account of the rapidity of the 
water, and forded the same, and effected a landing about 9 
o'clock ; they immedfcitely advanced about one hundred yards 
from the river, and formed in line of battle, in order to cover 
the landing of the main army, which was safely effected about 
10 o clock, A. M. , after which came on pack horses, cattle, &c. , 
covered by a regiment, which composed the rear guard. About 
half past ten o'clock, the whole moved in following order. 

Previous to our arrival on the flats, we had to pass about one 
and a half miles through a dark, difficult swamp, which was 
covered with weeds and considerable underwood, interspersed 
with large timber, chiefly buttonwood. We then entered the 
flats, near the place on which Queen Esther's palace stood, and 
was destroyed by Col. Hartley's detachment last fall. The 
grass is remarkably thick and high. We continued along the 
same for about one mile, and arrived at the entrance of Tioga 
branch into Susquehanna ; about 1 o'clock we crossed the same, 
and landed on a peninsula of land which extends towards 
Chemung, and is bounded on the east by Susquehanna and on 
the west by Tioga branch, and continued up the same for 
about two miles and a half and encamped. This peninsula is 
composed of excellent meadows and upland, grass is plenty, 
and timber of all kinds, and soil, in general, good ; distance of 
inarch this day, three miles. Since our arrival a scout of eight 
men was ordered up to reconnoitre Chemung, and endeavor 
to make discoveries of the number of savages, and their situa- 
tion if possible. 

THURSDAY, August 12 th , Tioga Plain. 

This being a plain calculated to cover the western army dur- 
ing the expedition to the northern part of it, a garrison for 
that purpose is to remain until our return. Sundry works for 
the security of the same, are now erecting about two and a half 
miles distant from where Tioga branch empties into the Susque- 
hanna, and where the two rivers are about 190 yards distance 
from each other ; these works to extend from river to river. 

Captain Cummings with his scout (sent out last evening,) 
returned this day, 11 o'clock, A. M. , made several discoveries 
at Chemung, an Indian village, twelve miles distance from this 
place in consequence of which a council of war sat, and deter- 
mined an expedition should immediately take place for the re- 
duction of the same. The army (two regiments excepted) re 


reived orders to be in readiness for an immediate inarch. Eight 
o'clock, P. M. , the whole were in motion, and proceeded for 

Atit/nxt 13M, 1779, eight o'clock, P. M. 

The army having marched last evening in the following 
order, viz: Light corps, under commancrof Gen. Hand, led the 
van, then followed Gens. Poor and Maxwell's brigades, which 
formed main body, and corps de reserve, the whole undter the 
immediate command of Maj. Gen. Sullivan. The night being 
excessively dark, and the want of proper guides, impeded our 
march, besides which we had several considerable, defiles to 
march through, that we could not possibly reach Chemung 
till after daylight. The morning being foggy, favoured our 
enterprise. Our pilot, on our arrival, from some disagreeable 
emotions he felt, could not find the town. We discovered a 
few huts which we surrounded, but found them vacated. 
After about one hours' march, we came upon the main town. 
The following disposition for surprising the same was ordered 
to take place, viz: Two regiments, one from the light corps, 
and one from main body, were ordered to cross the river, and 
prevent the enemy from making their escape that way, should 
they still hold the town. The remainder of the light corps, 
viz : Two independent companies and my regiment, under 
command of Hand, ^vere to make the attack on the town. Gen. 
Poor was immediately to move up and support the light corps. 
We moved in this order accordingly, but the savages having 
probably discovered our scouting party the preceding day, de- 
feated our enterprise by evacuating the village previous to 
our coming, carrying off with them nearly all their furniture 
and stock, and leaving an empty village only, which fell an easy 
conquest about 5 o'clock, A. M. The situation of this village 
was beautiful; it contains fifty or sixty houses, built of logs 
and frames, and situated on the banks of Tioga branch, and 
on a most "fertile, beautiful, and extensive plain, the lands 
chiefly calculated for meadows, and the soil rich. 

The army continued for some small space in the town. Gen. 
Hand, in the meantime, advanced my light infantry company, 
under Capt. Bush, about one mile beyond the village, on a 
path which leads to a small Indian habitation called Newtown. 
On Capt. Bush's arrival there, he discovered fires burning, an 
Indian dog, which lay asleep, a number of deer skins, some 
blankets, &c. ; he immediately gave information of his discov- 
eries, in consequence of which the remainder part of the light 
corps, viz : The two independent companies, and my regiment, 
under Gen. Hand's command, were ordered to move some 


miles up the path, and endeavor, if possible, to make some 
discoveries. We accordingly proceeded on in the following 
order, viz: Capt. Walker, with twenty-four men, composed the 
van, the Eleventh regiment, under my command, after which 
the two independent companies, the whole covered on the left 
by Tioga branch, and on the right by Capt. Bush's infantry 
company of forty men. In this order we moved somewhat 
better than a mile beyond this place. The first fires were dis- 
covered, when our van was fired upon by a party of savages 
who lay concealed on a high hill immediately upon our right, 
and which Capt Bush had not yet made. We immediately 
formed a iront with my regiment, pushed up the hill with a de- 
gree of intrepidity seldom to be met with, and, under a very 
severe fire from the savages. Capt. Bush, in the meantime, 
endeavored to gain the enemy's rear. They, seeing the de- 
termined resolution of our troops, retreated, and, according 
to custom, previous to our dislodging them, carried off their 
wounded and dead, by which means they deprived us from 
coming to the knowledge of their wounded and dead. The 
ground on the opposite side of the mountain or ridge, on which 
the action commenced, being composed of swamp or low ground 
covered with underwood, &c. , favoured their retreat, and pre- 
vented our pursueing them, by which means they got off. 

Our loss on this occasion, which totally (excepting two) fell 
on my reg'iment, was as follows, viz : Two captains, one ad- 
jutant, one guide, and the eight privates wounded, and one 
sergeant, one drummer, and four privates killed. Officers 
names : Captain Walker (slight wound), Capt. Carbery, and 
Adj. Huston (I fear mortal). After gaining the summit of the 
hill and dislodging the enemy, we marched by the right of com- 
panies in eight columns, and continued along the same until the 
arrival of Gen. Sullivan. We then halted for some little time, 
and then returned to the village which was instantly laid in 
ashes, and a party detached to cross the river to destroy the corn, 
beans, &c. , of which there were several very extensive fields, 
and those articles in the greatest perfection. Whilst the troops 
were engaged in this business, Grens. Poor and Maxwell's bri- 
gades were fired upon, lost one man killed, and several wounded. 
The whole business being completed, we returned to the ruins 
of the village, halted some little time, and received orders to 
return to Tioga Plain, at which place we arrived at 8 o'clock 
considerably fatigued. Lest the savages should discover our 
loss, after leaving the place, I had the dead bodies of my regi- 
ment carried along fixed on horses, and brought to this placo 
for interment, The expedition from the first to last continued 
twenty-four hours, of which time my regiment was employed, 


without the least intermission, twenty-three hours; the whole 
of our March riot less than forty miles. 

SATURDAY, August 14 th . 

This morning, 10 o'clock, A. M. , had the bodies of those brave 
veterans who so nobly distinguished themselves, and bravely 
fell in the action of yesterday, interred with military honors, 
(firing excepted). Parson Rogers delivered a small discom--.- 
on the occasion. Was employed greater part of the day in 
writing to my friends at Lancaster and Philadelphia, which 
were forwarded the same evening. 

SUNDAY, 15 th . 

Agreeable to orders of yesterday, seven hundred men were 
ordered to march on the grand parade for inspection, and to 
be furnished with ammunition and ejght days' provision, for 
the purpose of marching up the Susquehanna and meeting 
General Clinton, who is now on his march to form a junction 
with this army. 
Two o'clock, P. M. 

A firing was heard on the west side of Tioga branch, immedi- 
ately opposite our encampment. A number of Indians, under 
cover of a high mountain, advanced on a large meadow or flat 
of ground, on which our cattle and horses were grazing. Un- 
fortunately, two men were there to fetch some horses, one of 
whom was killed and scalped, the other slightly wounded but 
got clear. One bullock was likewise killed, and several public 
horses taken off. My regiment was ordered in pursuit of them ; 
we accordingly crossed the branch and ascended the mountain, 
marched along the summit of the same for upwards of two 
miles in order to gain their rear, but the enemy having too 
much start, got clear. After scouring the mountains and val- 
leys near the same, we returned, much fatigued, about 5 
clock, P. M. 
MOXDAY, 16 th . 

The detachment under General Poor's command, agreeable 
to orders, moved this day, 1 o'clock, p. M., up the Susquehanna, 
for the purpose of forming a junction with Gen. Clinton. Sev- 
eral of our out continentals alarmed the camp by firing off sev- 
eral guns about 1 o'clock in the morning, in consequence of 
which light corps stood under arms. Several patrols were sent 
out to reconnoitre the front of encampment, returned near day- 
break, but made no discoveries alarm proved premature, 
''fen. Hand being ordered with the detachment under Gen. 
Poor, the command of light corps devolved on me during his 


TUESDAY, 17th, seven o'clock P. M. 

A firing was heard about five hundred yards immediately in. 
front of light corps' encampment. A party of fifty men was 
immediately detached to endeavor to find out the cause of it; 
returned at 8 o'clock, P. M. ; reported that a party of Indians, 
eleven in number, had waylaid a few pack horsemen who were 
just returning with their horses from pasture; that they had 
killed and scalped one man, and wounded another, the wound- 
ed man got safe to camp, and the corpse of the other was 
likewise brought in. 

An alarm was fired by a continental about 11 o'clock, p. M. , 
but proved false. 

WEDNESDAY, 18 th . 

In order to entrap some of those savages who keep sneaking 
about the encampment, the following parties ordered out for 
that purpose, and to be relieved daily by an equal number until 
we leave this ground, viz : One subaltern and twenty men on 
the mountain opposite the encampment, one subaltern and 
twenty men on the island about a mile and a half above the 
encampment, on Tioga branch, and one subaltern and twenty 
men in the woods, about a mile and a half immediately in front 
of light corps encampment, with orders to waylay and take 
every other means to take them. 

This day, by particular request of several gntlemen, a dis- 
oure was delivered in the Masonic form, by Dr. Rogers, on the 
death of Oapt. Davis, of the llth Penn'a, and Lieut. Jones, of 
the Delaware regiment, who were, on the 23d of April last, 
most cruelly and inhumanly massacred and scalped by the sav 
ages, emissaries employed by the British King, as they were 
inarching with a detachment for the relief of .the garrison at 

Those gentlemen were both members of that honorable and 
ancient Society of Masons. A number of brethren attended 
on this occasion in proper form, and the whole was conducted 
with propriety and harmony. Text preached on this solemn 
occasion, was the first clause in the 7th verse of the 7th chap- 
ter of Job, " Remember my life is but wind. " 

THURSDAY, 19th. 
Nothing remarkable this day. 

FRIDAY, 20th. 

This day arrived Lieut Boyd, of Col. Butler's regiment, witl. 
accounts of Gren. Clinton's movements on the Susquehanna, 
and that a junction was formed by him with Gen. Poor's de- 


tachment at Chokoanut, about thirty-five miles from this place. 
Rain very heavy chief part of the day. 

SATURDAY, 21st. 

The detachments under Gens. Clintoonand Poor, on account 
of the very heavy rain yesterday, did not reach this encamp- 
ment as was expected. 

SUNDAY, 22d. 

This day, 10 o'clock, A M. , Gens. Clinton and Poor's detach- 
ments, with about two hundred and twenty boats passed light 
corps' encampment for the main army, about one and a half 
miles in their rear. On their passing, they were saluted with 
thirteen rounds from the park. The light corps being likewise 
drawn up, and received them in proper form, with Col. Proc- 
ter's music, and drums and fifes beating and playing. 

MONDAY, 23d. 

This day a most shocking affair happened, by an accident of 
a gun which went off, the ball of which entered a tent in which 
was Capt. Kimball, of Genl. .Poor's brigade, and a lieutenant. 
The Captain was unfortunately killed, and the Lieutenant 

Gen. Clinton having formed a junction with the army at this 
place yesterday, the following alterations in the several bri- 
gades were ordered to take place, viz : Col Courtland ' s regiment 
to be annexed to Gefteral Clinton's; Colonel Olden, to General 
Poor's, and Colonel Butler's regiment, with Major Parr's corps 
to General Hand's brigade. 

TUESDAY, 24t7i. 

This day employed hands to make bags for the purpose of 
carrying flour. ' Hands employed all day and night in this 

Agreeable to orders, a signal gun was fired for the whole 
army to strike tents, 5 o'clock, p. M. , and marched some small 
distance, in order to form the line of march. Seven o'clock, 
p. M, another signal gun was fired for the army to encamp in 
proper order, and to be in readiness for an immediate march. 
Col. Butler's regiment, with Major Parr's riflemen, joined light 
corps, and encamped with them this day 7 o'clock, P. M. 

Col. Shreeve took command of Fort Sullivan this day, agree- 
able to orders. Flying hospital and stores were removed this 
day to the garrison. 

WKDNKSDAY, 25 th . 

This morning was entirely devoted to packing up and getting- 
every thing in readiness for an immediate march. A heavy 


rain fell at 11 o'clock, continued greater part of the day, which 
prevented our movements. 
THURSDAY, 26 th . 

The army not being perfectly ready to march at 8 o'clock, A. 
M. . agreeable to yesterday's orders, the signal gun for a march 
was not lired until 11 o'clock, when the whole took up the line 
of march in the following order, namely : Light corps, com- 
manded by General Hand, marched in six columns, the right 
commanded by Colonel Butler, and the left by myself. Major 
Parr, with the riflemen, dispersed considerably in front of the 
whole, with orders to reconnoitre all mountains, denies, and 
other suspicious places, previous to the arrival of the army, to 
prevent any surprise or ambuscade from taking place. The 
pioneers, under command of a captain, subaltern, then followed 
after, which preceded the park of artillery ; then came on the 
main army, in two columns, in the centre of which moved the 
pack horses and cattle, the whole flanked on right and left by 
the flanking divisions, commanded by Colonel Dubois and 
Colonel Ogden, and rear brought up by General Clinton's 
brigade ; in this position the whole moved to the upper end of 
Tioga flats, about three miles above Fort Sullivan, where we 
encamped for this night. 

This day disposed of one of my horses to Mr. Bond, captain, 
on account of his indisposition; obtained leave to continue 
either at Port Sullivan or go to Wyoming, until the return of 
the regiment from the expedition. 

FRIDAY, August 27 th . 

On account of some delays this morning, army did not move 
until half past eight o'clock, A. M. Previous to the march, 
the pioneers, under cover of the rifle corps, were advanced to the 
first a,nd second defile or narrows, some miles in front of our en- 
campment, where they were employed in mending and cutting 
a road for the pack to pass. The army marched in same order 
of yesterday, the country through which they had to pass 
being exceedingly mountainous and rough, and the slow move- 
ments of the pack considerably impeded th ~ march. About 7 
o'clock,?. M. ,we arrived near the last narrows, at the lower end 
of Chemung. where we encamped in the following order : Light 
corps near the entrance to the defile or narrowband in front of 
some very extensive corn-fields, some refugee Tories now acting 
with the favour of the main army, about one mile in our rear, 
and immediately fronting the corn-fields. After encamping 
had an agreeable repast of corn, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, 
watermelons, squashes, and other vegetables, which were in 
great plenty, (produced) from the corn -fields already mentioned 


and iii the greatest perfection; distance of march this day, six 

SATURDAY, August 28 th . 

Fore part of this day being employed by the general and 
principal officers of the army in reconnoitering the river, and 
finding out some fording place for the artillery, pack horses, 
and cattle to cross, to gain Chemung; the defile or narrows 
mentioned in my yesterday's journal being so excessively nar- 
row, and, indeed, almost impracticable for them to pass. 

The following disposition for the marching of the army took 
place accordingly, namely: The rifle corps, with General Max- 
well's brigade, and left flanking division of the army, covering 
the park; pack horses and cattle crossed to the west side of 
the river, and about one and a half mile above re-crossed the 
same, and formed a junction on the lower end of Chemung 
flats with the light corps, Generals Poor and Clinton's brigades, 
and right flanking division of the army, who took their route 
across an almost inaccessible mountain, on the east side of the 
river, the bottom of which forms the narrows already men- 
tioned. The summit was gained with the greatest difficulty; 
on top of the mountain the lands, which are level and exten- 
sive, are exceedingly rich with large timber, chiefly oak, in- 
terspersed with underwood, and excellent grass. The prospect 
from this mountain is most beautiful ; we had a view of the 
country of at least twenty miles around ; the fine extensive 
plains, interspersed with streams of water, made the prospect 
pleasing and elegant from this mountain. We observed, at 
some considerable distance, a number of clouds of smoke arising 
where we concluded the enemy to be encamped. 

Previous to the movement of the army this day, a small 
party of men were sent across the river in order to destroy some 
few Indian huts which were immediately opposite our encamp- 
ment. Before the business was quite effected, they were fired 
upon by a party of Indians, who, after giving the fire, immedi- 
ately retreated ; the party executed their orders and all re- 
turned unhurt to the army. 

The scout sent out last evening to reconnoitre the enemy 
near Newtown (an Indian village so-called), returned this day 
and reported they discovered a great number of fires, and that 
they supposed, from the extensive piece of ground covered by 
the fires, the enemy must be very formidable, and mean to give 
us battle. They likewise discovered four or five small scouring 
parties on their way towards this place, it is supposed, to re- 
connoitre our army. Since our arrival here, a great quantity of 
furniture was found bv our soldiers which was concealed in the 


adjacent woods. After forming the junction above mentioned, 
\ve took up the line of inarch and moved to the upper Chemung 
tvii,and encamped about 6 o'cock, p. M. , for this night, Dis- 
tance of march on a straight course, about two miles. 

From the great quantities of corn and other vegetables here 
and in the neighbourhood, it is supposed they intended to estab- 
lish their principal magazine at this place, which seems to be 
i heir chief rendezvous, whenever they intend to go to war ; it is 
the key to the Pennsylvania and New York frontier. The corn 
already destroyed by our army is not less than 5,000 bushels 
upon a moderate calculation and the quantity yet in the ground 
in this neighbourhood, is at least the same, besides which there 
are vast quantities of beans, potatoes, squashes, pumpkins, &c. , 
which shared the fate of the corn. 

SUNDAY, August 29 th . 

Thismornng, at 9 o'cock, the army moved in the same order 
v)f the 26th ; the riflemen were well scattered in front of the light 
corps, who moved with the greatest precision and caution. On 
our arrival near the ridge on which the action of the 13th com- 
menced with light corps ; our van discovered several Indians in 
front, one of whom gave them a fire and then fled. We con- 
ii nued our march for about one mile; the rifle corps entered a 
low marshy ground, which seemed well caculated for forming 
ambuscades. They advanced with great precaution, when 
several more Indians were discovered, who fired and retreated. 
Major Parr, from those circumstances, judged it rather danger- 
ous to proceed any further without taking every caution to 
reconnoitre almost every foot of ground, and ordered one of 
his men to mount a tree, and see if he could make any dis- 
coveries. After being some time on the tree, he discovered 
the movements of several Indians (which were rendered con- 
spicuous by the quantity of paint they had on them), as they 
were laying behind an extensive breast work, which extended 
at least half a mile, and most artfully covered with green 
boughs and trees, having their right flank secured by the river, 
and their left by a mountain. It was situated on a rising 
ground, about one hundred yards in front of a difficult stream of 
water, bounded by the marshy ground already mentioned on our 
side, and on the other, between it and the breast works, by an 
open and clear field. Major Parr immediately gave intelligence 
to General Hand of his discoveries, who immediately advanced 
the light corps within about three hundred yards of the enemy's 
works, and formed in line of battle. The rifle corps, under 
cover, advanced and lay under the bank of the creek, within 
out- hundred vards of the lines. Cren. Sullivan, having pre- 


vious notice, arrived with the main army, and ordered the fol- 
lowing disposition to take place : The rifle and light corps to 
continue their position, the left flanking division under com- 
mand of Colonel Ogden, to take post on the left flank of the 
light corps, and General Maxwell's brigade, some distance in 
the rear, as a corps de reserve, and Colonel Procter's artillery 
in front of the centre of the light corps, and immediately op- 
posite the breastwork. A heavy fire ensued between the rifle 
corps and the enemy, but little damage was done on either 
side. In the meantime, Generals Poor and Clinton's brigades, 
with the right flanking division, were ordered to march, and 
gain, if possible, the enemy's flank and rear, whilst the rifle 
and light corps amused them in front. Col. Procter had orders 
to be in readiness with his artillery, and attack the lines, first 
allowing a sufficient space of time to Generals Poor, &c. , to 
gain their intended stations. About 3 o'clock, P. M. , the artil- 
lery began their attack on the enemy's works. The rifle and 
light corps in the meantime, prepare I to advance and charge, 
but the enemy finding their situation rather precarious, and 
our troops determined, left, and retreated from their works 
with the greatest precipitation, leaving behind them a number 
of blankets, gun covers, and kettles, with corn boiling over the 
fire. Generals Poor, &c. , on account of several difficulties 
which they had to surmount, could not effect their designs, 
and the enemy probably having intelligence of their approach, 
posted a number of troops on the top of a mountain, over 
which they had to advance. On their arrival near the summit 
of the same, the enemy gave them a fire, and wounded seveial 
officers and soldiers. General Poor pushed on and gave them a 
fire as they retreated, and killed five of the savages. 

In the course of the day we took nine scalps(all savages), and 
two prisoners, who were separately examined, and gave the fol- 
lowing corresponding account : That the enemy were seven 
hundred men strong, viz : five hundred savages, and two hun- 
dred tories, with about twenty British troops, commanded by 
a Seneca chief, the two Butlers, Brant, and McDonald. 

The infantry pushed on towards Newtown; the main army 
halted and encamped near the place of action, near which were 
several extensive fields of corn and other vegetables. About (5 
o'clock, P. M. , the infantry returned and encamped near the 
main army. 

The prisoners further informed us that the whole of their 
party had subsisted on corn only for this fortnight past, and 
that they had no other provisions with them, and that their 
next place of rendezvous would be at Catharine's town, an In- 
dian village about twenty-five miles from this place. Distance 


of inarch (exclusive of counter-marches) this clay, about eight 

MONDAY, August 30M. 

On account of the great quantities of corn, beans, potatoes, 
turnips, and other vegetables, in destroying of which the troops 
were employed, and the rain which set in the after part of the 
day, obliged us to continue on the ground for this day and 
night, The troops were likewise employed in drawing eight 
days'provisions, commencing 1st day of September. The reason 
of drawing this great quantity at one time, was (however, in- 
consistent with that economy which is absolutely necessary in 
our present situation, considering the extensive campaign before 
us, and the time, of consequence, it will require to complete it) 
the want of pack horses for transporting the same, and in order 
to expedite this great point in view, are obliged to substitute 
our soldiery for carrying the same. 

From the great and unparalleled neglect of those persons em- 
ployed for the purpose of supplying the western army with 
everything necessary to enable them to carry through the im- 
portant expedition required of them, Gen. Sullivan was, at 
this early period, under the disgreeable necessity of issuing the 
following address to the army, which was communciated by 
the commanding officers to their corps separately, viz : 

"The com mander-in -chief informs the troops that he used 
every effort to procure proper supplies for the army, and to 
obtain a sufficient number of horses to transport them, but 
owing to the inattention of those whose business it was to make 
the necessary provision, he failed of obtaining such an ample 
supply as he wished, and greatly fears that the supplies on hand 
will not, without the greatest prudence, enable him to com- 
plete the business of the expedition. 

"He, therefore, requests the several brigadiers and officers 
commanding corps to take the mind of the troops under their 
respective commands, whether they will, whilst in this country 
which abounds with corn and vegetables of every kind, be con- 
tent to draw one half of flour, one half of meat and salt a day. 
And he desires, the troops to give thoir opinions with freedom, 
arid as soon as possible. Should they generally fall in with the 
proposal, he promises they shall be paid that part of the rations 
which is held back at the full value in money. He flatters him- 
self, that the troops who have displayed so much bravery and 
firmness, will readily consent to fall in with a measure so essen- 
tially necessary to accomplish the important purpose of the ex- 
pedition, to enable them to add to the laurels they have already 


"The enemy have subsisted fora number of days 011 corn 
only, without either salt, meat, or flour; and the general can- 
not persuade himself that troops who so far surpass them in 
bravery and true valour, will suffer themselves to be outdone 
in that fortitude and perseverance, which not only distinguishes 
but dignifies the soldier. He does not mean to continue this 
through the campaign, but only wishesit to be adopted in those 
places where vegetables may supply the place of a part of the 
common ration of meat and flour, which will be much better 
than without any. 

"The troops will please to consider the matter, and give their 
opinion as soon as possible. " 

Agreeable to the above address, the army was drawn ii(> 
(this evening) in corps, separately, and the same, through their 
commanding officers, made known to them, and their opinions 
requested thereupon, when the whole, without a dissenting 
voice, cheerfully agreed to the request of the general, which 
they signified by unanimously holding up their hands and 
giving three cheers. This remarkable instance of fortitude and 
virtue cannot but endear those brave troops to all ranks of 
people, more particularly as it was so generally and cheerfully 
entered into without a single dissenting voice. 

TUESDAY, August 31 st . 

Took up our line^of march in usual order at 9 o'clock. A. M. ; 
marched about four miles and a half through a broken and 
mountainous country, and an almost continuous defile on the 
east side of Cayuga branch, the west of the same for that dis- 
tance was an ecxellent plain, on which large quantities of corn, 
beans, potatoes, and other vegetables stood, and were destroyed 
by us the preceding day. We then crossed Cayuga branch, 
where it forks with a stream of water running east and west, 
and landed on a most beautiful piece of country remarkably 
level. On the banks of the same stood a small Indian village, 
which was immediately destroyed. The soldiers found great 
quantities of furniture, &c. , which was buried, some of which 
they carried off, and some destroyed. About 2 o'clock, p. M. , 
we proceeded along the path which leads to Catharine's town, 
(an Indian village,) and leaves the Cayuga branch on its left. 
About 5 o'clock, P. M., we encamped on a most beautiful plain, 
interspersed with marshes, well calculated for meadows; wood 
chiefly pine, interspersed with hazel brushes, and great quanti- 
ties of grass; distance of march this day, 10 miles. 
WEDNESDAY, September 1". 

About 9 o'clock, p. M. , whole army moved in good order, 
on a level piece of ground. About 11 o'clock, A. M. , we entered 


an extensive hemlock swamp, not less than six miles through ; 
the path through almost impassible, owing to the number of 
defiles, long ranges of mountains, ravine after ravine, inter- 
spersed with thick underwood, &c. The infantry, with the 
greatest difficulty, got through about half past nine o'clock, 
i. M. The remainder of the army, with the pack horses, cat- 
tle, &c. , were chiefly the whole night employed in getting 

As the infantry were approaching Catharine's town, we were 
alarmed by the howling of dogs, and other great noise. A few 
of the riflemen were dispatched in order to reconnoiter the 
place. In the meantime we formed in two solid columns, with 
fixed bayonets, with positive orders not a man to fire his gun, 
but to rush on in case the enemy should make a stand ; but the 
riflemen who had been sent to reconnoiter the town, returned 
with the intelligence the enemy had left it. We then immedi- 
ately altered our position on account of the narrowness of the 
roads, and marched in files through the first part of the town, 
after which we crossed the creek ; in a field immediately oppo- 
site, where there stood a number of houses, also where we en- 
camped, and substituted the timber of the houses in room of 
fire-wood. On our arrival, we found a number of fires burning, 
which appeared as if they had gone off precipitately. Thi& 
day's march completed 12 miles. 

THURSDAY, Sept. 3 d . 

The dismal situation of our pack horses and cattle, of which 
several were killed by falling into ditches, and several other, 
wise disabled in getting through this horrid swamp last even- 
ing, prevented our march this morning. The fore part of this 
day was entirely employed in collecting them, which, from 
their scattered and dispersed situation, was attended with the 
greatest difficulty. 

We, this morning found an old squaw, who, we suppose, by 
reason of her advanced age, could not be carried off, and there- 
fore was left to our mercy. On examining her, she informed us 
that the Indians, on our approach last evening, went off very 
precipitately. That the women and children had gone off in 
the morning, to take shelter in some mountains, until the army 
had passed them. That Colonel Butler promised he would send 
back some warriors, who should conduct them by bye-ways to 
some place of safety. She further adds, that previous to the 
squaws going off, there was great contention with them and 
the warriors about their going off. The former had determined 
on staying, and submitting to our generosity ; fhe latter op- 
posed it, and informed them that, by such a step, the Ameri- 


cans would be able to bring them to any terms they pleased ; 
whereas, did they go off, they would have it in their power 
to come to more favorable terms, should a treaty of any kind 
be offered. 

Catharine's town is pleasantly situated on a creek, about 
three miles from Seneca lake; it contained nearly fifty houses, 
in general very good, the country near it very excellent. We 
found several very fine corn-fields, which afforded the greatest 
plenty of corn, beans, &c. , of which, after our fatiguing inarch, 
we had an agreeable repast. After getting everything in per- 
fect readiness, we took up our line of march at 7 o'clock, this 
morning. The roads from this place for about one mile, was 
rather difficult and swampy. We then ascended a rising coun- 
try, which was in general level, excepting a few defiles which 
we had to pass, but were by no reason dangerous or difficult. 
The lands are rich, abounding with fine, large and clear timber, 
chiefly white oak, hickory, walnut, and ash ; abounded on the 
left for about three miles with excellent marsh or meadow 
ground, after which precedes the beautiful Seneca lake, which 
abounds with all kinds of fish, particularly salmon, trout, rock, 
that which resembles perch, as also sheep-head. 

We proceeded along this beautiful country about twelve 
miles, and encamped near a corn-field, on which stood several 
Indian cabins ; having between the light corps and main army 
an advantageous rapine, and bounded on our left by Seneca 
lake. Previous to our leaving this place, the squaw which was 
taken here, was left, and a hut erected, of which she took pos- 
session. A quantity of wood was also gathered, and carried 
to the hut for her use. She was also provided with a quantity 
of provisions. All these favours had such an effect on her, that 
it drew tears from her savage eyes. It is about three miles in 
breadth, and about forty miles in length. Upon the right, 
though considerably up the country, is another delightful lake, 
called Cayuga lake, abounds with all kinds of fish also, and 
about forty-six miles in length. 

Previous to our arrival here, the Indians who occupied the 
cabins already mentioned, probably discovered our approach, 
pushed off precipitately, leaving their kettles with corn boiling 
over the fire. During our march this day, we discovered sev- 
eral trees with the following characters newly cut on them, by 
those savages commanded by Brant and the Butlers, and with 
whom we had the action on the 29th ultimo. 

SATURDAY, September 4th. 

On account of the rain this morning, the army did not move 
until 10 o'clock, A. M. We passed through a delightful level 


country, the soil of which very rich, the timber fine and large 
interspersed with hazel bushes, fine grass, and pea vines. On 
our march we discovered several fires burning, which fully in- 
timated some of the savages were not far off in. front of us. 
We destroyed several fields of corn, and, after a march of thir- 
teen miles, we encamped in the woods, in the front of a very 
large ravine, and about half a mile from Seneca lake. On 
account of some difficulties with the pack-horses, &c. , the main 
army did not reach so far as the infantry, and encamped about 
two miles in their rear. 

SUNDAY, Sept. 5th. 

About 9 o'clock, this morning, the army moved through a 
country much the same as yesterday. About 12 o'clock, we 
arrived at Canadia, about three miles from the last encamp- 
ment, where we encamped for this night. Previous to our 
arrival, we entered several corn-fields, and furnished the men 
with two days' allowance of the same. The riflemen who were 
advanced, re-took a prisoner, who was taken last year by the 
savages, on the east branch of the Susquehanna. An Indian, 
who lay concealed, fired, but without effect on our riflemen, 
and immediately fled. On examining this prisoner, he informed 
us that Brandt, with near a thousand savages, including But- 
ler's Rangers, left this town last Friday, seemingly much 
frightened and fatigued, that they were pushing for Kana- 
dasaga, an Indian village, where they mean to make a stand, 
and give us battle. He further informs us, that exclusive of 
a considerable number of savages killed and wounded in the 
action of the 29th, seven Tories were killed. That all their 
wounded, with some dead, were carried in canoes, up the 
Cayuga branch. That they allow they sustained a very heavy 
loss in that action. 

Canadia is much the finest village we have yet come to. It 
is situated on a rising ground, in the midst of an extensive 
apple and peach orchard, within half a mile of Seneca lake. It 
con tains about forty well finished houses, and everything about 
it seems neat and well improved. 

MONDAY. Sept. 6th. 

The forepart of the day was entirely employed in hunting up 
our horses and cattle, a number of which were lost. About 
two o'clock, we took up our line of march and moved about 
three miles when we encamped on a beautiful piece of woodland 
(interspersed with vast quantities of pea vines which served for 
food for our horses) our rear covered by the lake, our flank by 
considerable ravines. 
3 VOL. XI. 


On the fourth, whilst on our march, several officers' waiters 
who had delayed in the rear, lost the path along which the army 
moved, and towards night found themselves near an Indian 
village which had been previously evacuated. They found a 
quantity of plunder, which they brought off, first putting the 
town in flames. A captain and a party, on missing, being sent 
in pursuit, and fell in with them as they were returning to the 
encamping place occupied by the army the preceding day, and 
conducted them safe to the army at Canadia. 

An express from Tioga, with packets, &c. , for the army, arri ved 
this day at head-quartersreceived several letters from my 

TUESDAY Sept, 7th. 

At half past seven o'clock, the army moved, and arrived at 
the head of the lake about 2 o'clock, P. M. The country we 
passed through was exceedingly fine, and chiefly along the 
water for eight miles and a half. 

About 3 o'clock, P. M. , the rifle and infantry corps crossed 
at the mouth of the lake about knee deep, and not above thirty 
yards wide. On our arrival on the opposite shore, we immedi- 
ately entered a dangerous and narrow defile, bounded on the 
left by the head of Seneca lake, and on our right by a large 
morass, and flooded at intervals, well calculated to form an 
ambuscade. From every circumstance, both as to intelligence 
and the great advantage the enemy might have had from its 
situation, we fairly expected an attack. However, we moved 
through in files, supported by the two flanking division.*, and 
gained the other side. The main army then crossed and took 
our place. We then moved through asecond defile, as difficult 
as the first, and formed again, until the main army possessed 
themselves of the same ground we had just left. We then 
marched, and passed a third defile, and formed in a corn-field, 
near a large house, which was beautifully situated on the head 
of the lake, and generally occupied by Butler, one of the savage 

The light corps, flanked by two flanking divisions, received 
orders to move and gain the rear of the town. The main army 
took the path and marched immediately in front of the same, 
but the enemy, no doubt, having previous notice of our move- 
ments, had abandoned the town, which we entered about dusk, 
leaving behind them a number of bear and deer skins, and also 
a fine white child of about three years old. This town is called 
Kanadasaga, and appears to be one of their capital settlements ; 
about it is a fine apple orchard and a council-house. There 
was in the neighbourhood a great quantity of corn, beans, &c. , 


which after taking great quantities for the use of the army, we 
totally destroyed ; burned the houses, which were in number 
about fifty, and girdled the apple trees. Distance of march 
this day, about 12 miles. 

WKDJJ ESDA Y, Septt mber 8th. 

This day we lay on our ground ; the rifle corps, with severa 1 
other parties, were detached down the lake to destroy a small 
village called Gaghsiungua, and a quantity of corn, &c., in this 
neighbourhood, and the army prepared for a march early to- 
morrow morning. 

Various opinions prevailed between many officers about our 
proceeding any further on account of our provisions, but Gen. 
Sullivan with a number of officers nobly resolved to encounter 
every difficulty to execute the important expedition and de- 
termined, notwithstanding the horrid neglect in not furnishing 
us with provision, horses, &c. , sufficient to enable us to carr.y 
through the expedition, even to proceed on with the scanty 
pittance and accomplish the arduous task of destroying the 
whole Seneca country. 

THURSDAY September 9th. 

On account of a number of pack horses which had gone astray 
and could not be found, the army did not march at G o'clock 
agreeable to yesterday's orders. A command of fifty men under 
a captain, returned from this place to Tioga to escort the sick 
and those who were not able to proceed without retarding the 
inarch of the army, which is now under the necessity, on 
account of our wants, to be as expeditious as possible to com- 
plete the expedition ; all those pack horses which were lame or 
otherwise reduced, likewise returned. 

About twelve o'clock the army inarched ; their first route was 
over bushy land, interspersed with remarkably high wild grass, 
and appeared to have been formerly cleared. We then descend- 
ed into an extensive maple swamp, which was very rich and well 
calculated for meadow. After marching seven miles, we came 
to a creek known by the name of Flint Creek, which the whole, 
excepting Clinton's brigade, crossed, and encamped on a plain 
which had been occupied by the enemy but a few days before 
for the same purpose. Distance of inarch, seven miles. 

The rifle corps who yesterday went to destroy Gaghsiungua, 
this evening returned. They report it was a fine town, well 
improved, with a great quantity of corn near the same, like- 
wise, an abundance of beans, watermelons, peaches, and all 
kinds of vegetables, the whole of which they totally destroyed! 


FRIDAY, September 10th. 

At 8 o'clock this morning the army took up their line of 
nmrcli in the usual order. Their route, about four miles, con- 
tinued through theswamp, which in some places \vas miry and 
difficult for pack horses, otherwise the foot would riot have been 
much retarded. We then arrived on very fine ground for 
marching, which, to all appearance, was old cleared fields, as 
they contained a great quantity of wild grass as high as the 
horses in many places. The land continued in this manner 
(alternately having a strip of wood between), for about four 
miles, when we arrived at a lake (the name I could not learn), 
which appeared to be a mile wide, and six or seven miles in 
length. We marched half a mile along this lake, and came to 
the mouth, which we crossed, the water was not knee deep, 
and about thirty yards over, but it narrowed so fast, that, 
about twenty yards from the mouth, it was not in width more 
tlian five, but much deeper. We then moved up a fine country 
from the lake, and in half a mile came to Kanadalaugua, a 
beautifully situated town containing between twenty and thirty 
houses well finished, chiefly of hewn plank, which we immedi- 
ately burned, and proceeded about half a mile on our right, 
where we found a, large field of corn, squashes, beans, <. At 
this place we encamped, but were very badly off for \\ater, 
having none but what we sent half a mile for, and that very 
bad. The Seneca ountry, from its extreme flatness, has no 
good springs, which is extremely disagreeable for a marching 
army. Distance of inarch this day, 9 miles. 

In this town a dog was hung up with a string of wampum 
round his neck on a tree, curiously decorated and trimmed. 

On inquiry, I was informed that it was a custom among the 
savages before they went to war to offer this as a sacrifice to 
Mars, the (rod ,of War, and praying that he might strengthen 
them. In return for those favours, they promise to present 
him with the skin for a tobacco pouch. 
SATURDAY, September nth. 

Agreeably to orders, we took up our line of march this morn- 
ing precisely at 6 o'clock. We moved through a thicket and 
swamp near one mile before we gained the main path. The in- 
fantry, on account of this difficult swamp, could not possibly 
march in the usual order without being consideraby dispersed. 
We moved along this path for about three miles, after which 
\ve ascended a rising ground ; the country remarkably fine and 
rich, covered chiefly with pine, oak, and hickory timber. At 
intervals we crossed considerable clear fields with remarkably 
high wild grass. About 1 o'clock we descended into a most 
beautiful valley, within one mile of an Indian village known by 


the name of Amayea, situate ou a fine plain within half a mile 
of Aiiyayea lake, which is but small and very beautiful, and 
abounds with all kinds of fish. This town contains about 
twelve houses, chiefly hewn logs. About it are several large 
corn fields, and a number of apple and other fruit trees. We 
encamped about two o'clock for this day, after completing a 
march of thirteen miles. 

SUNDAY, Sept. 12th. 

In order to expedite our march, and prevent the enemy from 
making off with their effects from tfenessee, their capital, and 
last town in the Seneca country, it was determined a garrison 
of fifty men, with those soldiers who were not very able to 
march, should continue at this post, in order to guard our 
stores, viz: ammunition and flour, until our return. 

The rain having set in very heavy this morning, we could 
not move until about twelve o'clock. We then began our 
march, but on account of a defile which we had to cross, could 
not march in the usual order. After passing the same, we 
took up our line of march as usual, and ascended a rising piece 
of ground. After marching about five miles, we came to a 
lake, which we crossed at the mouth, being about knee deep, 
and about ten yards over. We then ascended another rising 
piece of ground, composed of exceedingly fine rich land, with 
large oak and hickory timber, and at intervals, with marsh or 
swamp, well calculated for meadow ground. After arriving 
within half a mile of Kanaghsas, a small Indian village, which 
was previously destined for this day's march, night set in, and 
the main army being at least a mile in our rear, we received 
orders to encamp for this night, which was in the woods, and 
exceedingly ill-calculated for that purpose, no water being 
nearer than half a mile. This day's march completed twelve 

After we encamped, Lieut. Boyd, of the rifle corps, some 
volunteers, arid as many riflemen, making six and twenty in 
the whole, were sent up to reconnoitre the town of Genessee, 
having for their guide, an Oneida Indian, named Hanyost, a 
chief of that tribe, who has been remarkable for his attachment 
to this country, and served as a volunteer since the commence- 
ment of the war. 
MOXDAY, Sept.. IWt. 

This morning, before daylight, we left. The general beat, on 
which {he tents were immediately struck, and in half an hour 
the army marched into the town of Kanaghsas, which contained 
ten houses, situate on a flat near the head of a small lake. Th 
flat contained a great quantity of corn, and vegetables of all 


kinds, which were remarkably well tended. At this place we 
halted to draw provisions, viz: Beef, (half allowance,) and to 
destroy the town, corn, &c. Four men of Lieutenant Boyd's 
party, this morning returned, bringing information of the 
town of Graghsuquilahery (which they took for Crenessee) 
being abandoned. 

About 12 o'clock, we were alarmed by some Indians firing, 
and giving chase to Mr. Lodge, and a few men who went for- 
ward to survey. They wounded a corporal, who died next da\ , 
jin.l chased them, until one of our camp sentinels fired on Them 
and stopped their career. Lieutenant Boyd having retired 
from the town of Graghsuquilahery, to wait for the arrival of 
the main army, which was detained longer than he expected, 
he sent back two men to know the cause. These two men had 
not gone far, before they discovered a few Indians ahead. 
They then retired, and informed Lieutenant Boyd, who imme- 
diately, with his party gave chase, and followed them within 
about two miles and a half from the main army, where a body 
of savages, of at least four or five hundred, lay concealed and 
probably intended giving the main army (the ground being 
favorable on their side), a fire, and push off according to 
custom, who immediately surrounded him and his party. He 
nobly fought them for some considerable time ; but by their 
great superiority^ he was obliged to attempt a retreat, at the 
same time loading and firing as his party ran. 

The Indians killed, and, in the most inhuman manner, toma- 
hawked and scalped six that were found. Nine of the party 
have got safe in, but Lieut. Boyd, and Hanyost, (the Indian 
already mentioned), with seven others are yet missing, one of 
whom we know is a prisoner, as one Murphy, a rifleman of the 
party, who made his escape, saw him in their possession. This 
Murphy is a noted marksman and a great soldier, he having 
killed and scalped that morning, in the town they were at, an 
Indian, which makes the three and thirtieth man of the enemy 
he has killed, as is well known to his officers, this war. Thevo 
being a swamp or morass totally impassable for our horst- i i 
front of Kanaghsas, the infantry and rifle corps passed over ami 
ascended the hill wherein Indians lay, in hopes to come up v i , h 
them, but they had fled, leaving behind them upwards of ono 
hundred blankets, a great number of hats, and many other 
t -lings which we took, and then halted until the main army 
arrived, they having first been obliged, in order to enable them 
to move, to throw a bridge over the morass. 

The whole then took up their line of march and proceeded to 
1 he town of Graghsuquilhery, through the finest country I 
..Imost ever saw, without exception. Before dusk we arrived 


within sight of the town. The Indians having thrown them- 
selves in a wood on the opposite side, the following disposition 
for an attack was immediately ordered to take place, viz : The 
infantry, with the artillery, to push on in front; Gen. Max- 
well's brigade, with the left flanking division, to endeavour to 
gain the enemy's right ; Gen. Poor's brigade to move and gain 
their left ; the right flanking division, and two regiments from 
Gen. Clinton's brigade to move round Poor's right flank ; the 
infantry to rush on in front, supported by the remainder of 
Clinton's brigade. We then moved forward and took posses- 
sion of the town without opposition, the enemy flying before 
us across a branch of Genessee river, through a thicket, where 
it was impossible for us to follow, we not being acquainted with 
the country,and night having set in. We received orders to en- 
camp after making a march of eight and a half miles. 

THURSDAY, September 14th. 

Previous to our march this morning, parties were ordered out 
to destroy the corn, which they did, plucking and throwing it 
into the river. About 11 o'clock we took up our line of march 
and preceded for Genessee, the last and capital settlement of the 
Seneca country ; the whole crossed a branch of the Genessee 
river, and move through a considerable swamp, and formed on 
a plain the other side, the most extensive I ever saw, contain- 
ing not less than six thousand acres of the richest soil that can 
be conceived, not having a bush standing, but filled with grass 
considerably higher than a man. We moved up this plain for 
about three miles in our regular line of march, which was a 
beautiful sight, as a view of the whole could be had at one looki 
and then came to Genessee river, which we crossed, being about 
forty yards over and near middle deep, and then ascending t\ 
rising ground which afforded a prospect which was so beautiful, 
that to attempt a comparison would be doing an injury, as we 
had a view as far as our eyes could carry us of another plain 
besides the one we crossed, through which the Genessee river 
formed a most beautiful winding, and, at intervals, cataracts, 
which rolled from the rocks and emptied into the river. We 
then marched on through a rough but rich country until we 
arrived at the capital town, which is much the largest we have 
yet met with in our whole route, and encamped about the same. 

At this place we found the body of the brave but unfortunate 
Lieutenant Boyd, and one rifleman, massacred in the most 
cruel and barbarous manner that the human mind can possibly 
conceive, the savages having put them to the most excruciat- 
ing torments possible, by first plucking their nails from their 
hands, then spearing, cutting, and whipping them, and mang- 


ling their bodies, then cutting off the flesh from their shoulders 
by pieces, tomahawking, and severing their heads from their 
bodies, and then leaving them a prey to their dogs. We like- 
wise found one house burned, in which, probably, was a scene 
as cruel as the former. 

This evening, the remains of Lieutenant Boyd, and the rifle- 
man's corpse were interred with military honors. Mr. Boyd's 
former good character as a brave soldier, and an honest man, 
and his behaviour in the skirmish of yesterday, (several of the 
Indians being found dead, and some seen carried off), must 
endear him to all friends of mankind. May his fate await 
those who have been the cause of his. Oh ! Britain, behold 
and blush. Grenessee town, the capital of the Seneca nation, 
is pleasantly situated on a rich and extensive flat, the soil re- 
markably rich, and great parts well improved with fields of 
corn, beans, potatoes, and all kinds of vegetables. It con- 
tained one hundred and seven well-finished houses. 

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 15th. 

This morning, the whole army, excepting a covering party, 
were engaged in destroying the corn, beans, potatoes, and other 
vegetables, which were in quantity immense, and in goodness 
unequaled by any I ever yet saw. Agreeable to a moderate 
calculation, there was not less than two hundred acres, the 
whole of which was pulled and piled up in large heaps, mixed 
with dry wood, taken from the houses, and consumed to ashes. 
About 3 o'clock, P. M. , the business was finished, and the im- 
mediate objects of this expedition completed, viz: The total 
ruin of the Indian settlements, and the destruction of their 
crops. The following is a part of the orders issued this day, 

"The commander-in-chief informs this brave and resolute 
army, that the immediate object of this expedition are accom- 
plished, viz: total ruin of the Indian settlements, and the de- 
struction of their crops, which were designed for the support 
of these inhuman barbarians, while they were desolating the 
American frontiers. He is by no means insensible of the obliga- 
tions he is under to those brave officers and soldiers, whose 
virtue and fortitude have enabled him to complete the import- 
ant design of the expedition, and he assures them he will not 
fail to inform America at large, how much they stand indebted 
to them. The army will this day commence its inarch for 

Previous to our leaving Grenessee, a woman with a child came 
in to us, who had been taken prisoner last year, near Wyoming, 
and fortunately made her escape from the savages. She, with 


her bantling, was almost starved for want of food. She in- 
formed us that the Indians have been in great want all last 
spring ; that they subsisted entirely on green corn this summer ; 
that their squaws were fretting prodigiously, and continually 
teazing their warriors to make peace; that by promises by 
Butler and his minions, they are fed up with great things that 
should be done for them ; that they seem considerably cast down 
and frightened, and in short, she says distress and trouble seem 
painted on their countenances. Distance of march this day, 
six miles. 

THURSDAY, Sept. IQth. 

After destroying several corn-fields, we took up our line of 
inarch about 11 o'clock, A. M., and proceeded towards Ka- 
naghsas. Previous to our arrival there, parties were ordered 
out to reconnoitre the woods, and gather the bodies of those 
soldiers who fell in the skirmish of the 13th. Fourteen, includ- 
ing the six mentioned in my journal of the 13th, were found, 
and buried with military honours. The sight was most shock- 
ing, as they were all scalped, tomahawked, and most inhumanly 
mangled. Amongst those unfortunate men was Hanyost, the 
volunteer Indian, who fared equally with the rest. About six 
o'clock we arrived at Kariaghsas, and encamped. We found 
several corn-fields, which were immediately laid waste. Our 
inarch this day, nine miles. 

FRIDAY, September \lth. 

About 5 o'clock this morning the general beat, the tents were 
struck, and the line of march taken up about 6 o'clock. We 
arrived at Anyayea about 12 o'clock, being the place our stores 
with a garrison was left. It was not with a little satisfaction 
that we found everything safe. We were not without our ap- 
prehensions about them, on account of the intelligence we were 
fearful the enemy might have collected from the unfortunate 
prisoners who fell in their hands on the 13th. We encamped in 
the same order and on the same ground as on the llth inst. 

SATURDAY, September 18th. 

This morning about 8 o'clock, the army moved ; the rear was 
ordered (before they left the ground) to kill all such horses as 
were unable to move along, lest they should fall into the 
enemy's hands. On our route we fell in with several Oneida 
Indians, (.our friends), who seemed much rejoiced at our great 
success against the Seneca nations. We arrived about (i o'clock 
P. M. , at the east side of the Kanadaugna lake, where we en- 
camped, after completing a march of thirteen miles and a half. 


SUNDAY, September 

The arm}' moved at eight o'clock this morning in the usuaj 
order; excepting a few obstructions they met with passing 
through several swamps, they inarched remarkably steady. On 
our route we were met by an express from Tioga, who brought 
a number of letters and papers informing us of Spain declaring 
war against Great Britain. They also brought us the agreeable 
intelligence of a good supply for the army having come on to 
Newtown, (about twenty miles above Tioga), to meet us. This 
agreeable intelligence conspired to make us exceedingly happy, 
as we had riot only been a long time entirely in the dark with 
respect to home news, but the disagreeable reflection of half 
allowance was entirely dispelled. 

\Ve pursued our march until we arrived at Kanadasaga, which 
was about dusk. When the infantry got up, we encamped on 
the same ground and in the same position as on the 7th, after 
completing a march of fifteen miles. 

MONDAY, September 20th. 

The greater part of this day was employed at head-quarters 
in holding a council in consequence of the intercession made by 
some Onieda Indians, (our friends), in favour of the Cayuga 
tribe, who have been for some time past in alliance with the 
Senecas, and acted with them, and are now desirous to make 
peace with us. Ihe council determined no treaty should be 
held with them, and a command of five hundred infantry with 
Major.Parr's rifle corps, were immediately detached and sent to 
Cayuga lake, on which their settlement lay, with orders to lay 
wait and destroy their towns, corn, &c. , and receive none of 
them but in the characters of prisoners of war. 

Col. Smith, with two hundred men, was also dispatched down 
the north side of the Seneca lake in order to finish the destruc- 
tion of Gausiungue, an Indian village about eight miles belov 
Kanadasaga. Col. Gainsworth, with one hundred men, was 
likewise detached and sent to Fort Stanwix for some business, 
from whence he is to proceed to head-quarters on the North 
river and join the main army. 

About 4 o'clock, p. M. , the army took up their line of inarch, 
and moved steadily. About half past five they reached and 
crossed the outlet of Seneca lake, and encamped about one 
mile beyond the same. 

TUESDAY, September 27th. 

The army marched this morning about eight o'clock, and 
continued moving steadily until we passed Canadia about two 
miles, where we encamped near the lake. Previous to our 


marching this morning, Col. Dearborn, with a command of 
two hundred men, marched to destroy a town on the north 
vide of Cayuga lake. Distance of march this day, 13 miles. 

THURSDAY, Sept, 23rZ. 

About 8 o'clock this morning, the army marched, and arrived 
at Catharine's town about two o'clock, P. M. , where we made 
a small halt. We found at this place the old Indian squaw, who 
\ left here on our march up the country. General Sullivan 
gave her a considerable supply of flour and meat, for which, 
with tears in her savage eyes, she expressed a great deal of 
thanks. During our absence from this place, a young squaw 
came and atteneed on the old one, but some inhuman villain who 
passed through, killed her. What made this crime still more 
heinous was, because a manifest was left with the old squaw, 
positively forbidding any violence or injury should be com- 
mitted on the women or children of the savages ; by virtue of 
which it appears this young squaw came to this place, which 
absolutely comes under the virtue of a breach of faith, and 
the offender ought to be severely punished. I went to view, 
in company with a number of gentlemen, a very remarkable 
fall of water, which is about one mile above this place. Its 
beauty and elegance surpass almost anything I ever saw. The 
fall is not less than two hundred feet. About three o'clock, 
the army moved about three miles further, and encamped on 
a plain at the entrance of the great swamp, after completing 
a inarch of thirteen miles and a half. 

FRIDAY, Sept. Mth. 

This morning, precisely at 8 o'clock the army moved, and 
continued their route through the hemlock swamp mentioned 
on the 1st inst. , meeting with much fewer obstructions than 
we expected, owing to the very dry weather which we have 
had for this month past. After passing through the same, we 
came to a fine open country, and soon arrived at Kanawalu- 
hery, where there was a post established with a reinforcement 
of stores, which was a most pleasing circumstance^ as the last 
was issued, and that at half allowance, at Kanadasaga. On our 
arrival, the garrison saluted with the discharge of thirteen 
cannon, which compliment was returned by the army. 

SATURDAY, September 25th. 

In consequence of the accession of the King of Spain to the 
American alliance, and the generous proceedings of the present 
Congress in augmenting the subsistence of the officers and men 
of the army, Gen. Sullivan ordered five head of the best cattle, 
vi/. : One for the use of the officers of each brigade, with five 


gallons of spirits each, to be delivered to them respectively, 
thereby giving them an opportunity of testifying their joy on 
tliis occasion. In the evening the whole was drawn Tip and 
fired & feu-de-joie, thirteen cannon being first discharged. The 
infantry then commenced a running fire through the whole 
line which being repeated a second time, the whole army gave 
three cheers, viz : One for the United States of America, one for 
Congress, and one for our new ally, the King of Spain. The 
army being then dismissed, Gen. Hand, with the officers of his 
brigade, attended by the officers of the park of artillery, re- 
paired to a bowery erected for that purpose, where the fatted 
bullock was served up, (dressed in different ways), the whole 
seated themselves on the ground around the same, which 
afforded them a most agreeable repast. The officers being very 
jovial, and the evening was spent in great mirth and jollity. 

After dinner the following toasts were drank, the drums and 
fifes playing at intervals : 

\st. The thirteen States and their sponsors. 

%d. The honourable, the American Congress. 

>i/. <reii. Washington and the American Army. 

4tft. The Commander-in-chief of the western expedition. 

iith. The American Navy. 

tif/i. Our faithful allies, the united houses of Bourbon. 

7th. May the American Congress and all her legislative rep- 
resentatives be endowed with virtue and wisdom, and may 
her independence be as firmly established as the pillars of time. 

St?i. May the citizens of America, and her soldiers, be ever 
unanimous in the reciprocal support of each other. 

Wi. May altercations, discord, and every degree of fraud, be 
totally banished the peaceful shores of America. 

Wth. May the memory of the brave Lieut. Boyd and the 
soldiers under his command, who were horribly massacred by 
the inhuman savages, or by their more barbarous and detesta- 
ble allies, the British and Tories, on the 13th inst. , be ever dear 
to his country. 

lltfi. An honourable peace with America, or perpetual war 
with her enemies. 

l%th. May the kingdom of Ireland merit a stripe in the 
American standard. 

13tfi. May the enemies of America be metamorphosed into 
pack horses and sent on a western expedition against the In- 

An express with dispatches for Gen. Sullivan, from Philadel- 
phia, arrived this morning, by whom I received a packet en- 
closing the commissions for my officers. 

About 11 o'clock, A. >i., the command under Col. Dearborn, 


who jeft us the 21st of June to proceed to Cayuga lake, returned, 
bringing two squaws prisoners, he having, in his route, destroyed 
several towns and a great quantity of fine corn. 

MONDAY, September 27th. 

The detatchment ordered to march yesterday, moved this 
morning up Tioga branch to an Indian village, about twelve 
miles from this place, with orders to destroy the same. Cole- 
man and CaldweJl, two of my soldiers, who by some means lost 
the regiment at Kanadaugua lake, on the eighteenth, after 
wandering for seven days in the wilderness, found and joined UH 
JIT this place. They subsisted, during their absence, on the 
hearts and livers of two dead horses which they found on the 
path along which the army had marched. At dusk this 
evening, the detachment which inarched this morning, re- 
turned, after destroying a considerable quantity of corn, beans, 
and other vegetables, sixteen boat loads of which they brought 
with them for the use of the army; they also burned a small 

TIKSDAY, September 28th. 

Several commands were ordered out this day, viz : One up 
and the other down the Tioga branch, for the purpose of de- 
stroying corn, &c. , of which there was a quantity left on our 
march towards the Seneca country. 

All the lame and sick soldiers of the army were this day 
ordered to go to Tioga in boats, and the pack horses least able 
for other duty. 

Colonel Butler, with his command, after laying waste and 
destroying the Cayuga settlements, and corn, &c., of which 
there was a very great quantity, returned,and joined the army 
about ten o'clock this morning. 

WEDXESDAY, September 2QtJi. 

The army marched this morning about eight o'clock, and 
continued, moving steadily until we passed Chemung about 
one mile, where we encamped on the same ground, and in the 
same position as on the 27th. The two commands ordered out 
yesterday morning returned, and joined the army at this place 
about 9 o'clock, P. M. , after destroying large quantities of corn, 
beans, and other vegetables. 

TUTKSDAY, September 30M. 

This morning, about 8 o'clock, the army moved. About. 
2 o'clock they arrived at Tioga plains, near Fort Sullivan, where 
the whole formed in regular line of march, and moved into 
the garrison in the greatest order, when we were received with 


military honours, the garrison turning out with presented arms, 
and a salute of thirteen rounds from their artillery, which com- 
plement was returned them from the park of artillery with the 
army. Colonel Shreeve, governor of the garrison, had an 
elegant dinner provided for the general and field officers of 
the army. We regaled ourselves, and great joy and good 
humour was visible in every countenance; Colonel Procter's 
band, and drums and fifes played in concert the whole time. 

FRIDAY, October 1st. 

This morning the horses belonging to the officers of the bri- 
gade were forwarded to Wyoming. We also sent our cow, 
which we had along with us the whole expedition, and to whom 
v/e ars under infinite obligations for the great quantity of milk afforded us, which rendered our situation very comfortable, 
.Mid was no small addition to our half allowance. 

This afternoon, Colonel Brewer, General Sullivan's secretary, 
set off to Congress with despatches, which contained a relation 
of the great success of the expedition. 

SATURDAY, Oct. 2d. 

This day, the Commander-in Chief made an elegant enter- 
tainment, and invited all the general and field officers of the 
army to dine with him. 

In the evening, to conclude the mirth of the day, we had 
an Indian dance, ffhe officers who joined in it putting on 
vizors, (alias Monetas). The dance was conducted and led off 
by a young Sachem of the Oneida tribe, who was next followed 
by several other Indians, then the whole led off, and after the 
Indian custom, danced to the music, which was a rattle, a 
knife, and a pipe, which the Sachem continued clashing to- 
gether, and singing Indian the whole time. At the-end of each, 
the Indian whoop was set up by the whole. 

SUNDAY, October 3rZ. 

Agreeable to the orders of yesterday the garrison of Fort 
Sullivan this day joined their respective corps, and the fort 
was demolished. The stores and other bagagge, with the park 
of artillery, were put on board the boats,and every other matter 
put in perfect readiness to move with the army, on their route 
to Wyoming, to-morrow morning, at 6 o'clock. The young 
Sachem, with several Oneida Indians, relatives and friends of 
the unfortunate Indian Hanyost, who bravely fell with the 
party under command of the much lamented Lieut. Boyd, on 
the 13th ulto. , who faithfully acted as guide to the army, left 
this day, well pleased, (after bestowing some presents on them), 
for their native place, the Onsida country. The German regi- 


meiit, which composed a part of the flanking divisions of the 
army, was this day ordered to join, and do duty with, the 
third Pennsylvania brigade, commanded by Gen. Hand. 

MONDAY, October 4th. 

This day, about 8 o'clock, the army took up their line of 
march. We arrived at Wessaukin about 6 o'clock in the 
evening, after completing a march of fifteen miles. On account 
of the rain, marching was rather disagreeable this day. 

On my arrival at this place I received a letter, with some 
newspapers, &c. , from his excellency President Reed, which 
contained agreeable news, &c. 

WKDXKSDAY, October 6th. 

About 8 o'clock this morning the whole embarked again, and 
moved, paying no attention to order, down the river. 

THURSDAY, October 7th. 

Embarked about 6 o'clock, and kept on steadily until we 
arrived at Wyoming. About 8 o'clock p. M. the whole army 
landed and encamped on the same ground and in the same order 
as on the 30th of July. Thus by perseverance, good conduct, 
and determinedresolution of our Commander-in-Chief, with the 
assistance of his council and the full determination of his troops 
to execute, we have fully accomplished the great end and in- 
tentions of this important expedition ; and I flatter myself we 
fully surpassed the most sanguine expectations of those whose 
eyes were more immediately looking to us for success. 

The glorious achievements we have exhibited in extending 
our conquests so far and at the same time rendering them so 
very complete, will make no inconsiderable balance even in the 
present politics of America. Its future good consequences I 
leave to the eloquence of time to declare, which will in ages 
hence celebrate the memory of those brave sons who nobly 
risked their lives, disdaining every fatigue and hardship to com- 
plete a conquest, the real good effects and advantages of which 
posterity will particularly enjoy. Whilst I revere the meri. 
and virtue of the army, I am sorry I am under the necessity of 
mentioning that there was an unparalleled and unpardonable 
neglect (and which ought not to pass with impunity), in those 
whose business it was to supply them with a sufficient quantity 
of necessaries to carry them through the expedition, instead of 
which not more than twenty-two days' flour and sixteen days' 
meat was on hand when it commenced. And although the 
army possessed a degree of virtue perhaps unparalleled in the 
annals of history, in undertaking an expedition on half allow- 
ance, which was in every instance hazardous and imperilous; 


yet had we not been favoured with the smiles of Puovidence 
in a continuation of good weather, the half allowance itself 
would not have enabled us to perform what, from that cir- 
cumstance, we have. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, September 15, 1780. 

SIR: I am commanded by his Excellency to desire that you 
will deliver to Colo. Hubley's order, any men with your regi- 
ment that belonged to Capt. Kearsley's and Capt. Calder- 
wood's companies which now compose part of the Eleventh 
Pennsylvania regiment. 

I am your most obedient servant, 


A. D. C. 
To the officer commanding Colo. Spencer's regiment. 

Capt. Henry Carberry was retired in January, 1781. In June, 
1783, he was concerned in a riot instituted among the soldiers 
of the Pennsylvania Line, (see Penn'a Archives, O. S. , vol. x, 
page 61.) and fled to Maryland. (Ibid., page 291.) In 1817, 
he applied for admission into the Pennsylvania State Cincin- 
nati, and his admission was recommended, but his name does 
not again appear on the records. 




Capt. James Calderwood's independent company was raised 
principally in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, and attached 
as company No. 1 to Col. Christian Febiger's Eleventh Virginia 
regiment, as it stood in May, 1777. The Eleventh and Fifteenth 
Virginia were incorporated under Col. Daniel Morgan. 


Calderwood, James, commissioned January 19, 1777; mortally 
wounded, and died on the field of Brandywine, September 

11, 1777. 

First Lieutenant. 

Lucas, Thomas, commissioned January 23, 1777; died in Frank- 
lin county, 1823. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Bard, Thomas, commissioned January 23, 1777. 

Hood, William, commissioned January 23, 1777. 


Rippey, Elijah, appointed February 11, 1777. 
Weir, James, appointed February 20,1777 ; discharged in Janu- 
rary, 1781, and died in the same year in Paxtang township, 
now Dauphin county. 
Kane, William, appointed May 6, 1777. 

Foster, John, March 20, 1777. 

Shields, John, May 4, 1777. 


Abell, Matthias, February 15, 1777. 
Barton. James. April 27, 1777. 
Bassett, Philip, February 23, 1777. 
Bates, Joseph, May 3, 1777. 
Brainford, Joseph, February 16, 1777. 
4 VOL. XI 


Brittian, John, May 14, 1777. 

Connelly, John, February 14, 1777. 

Cotton, George, April 29, 1777. 

Davis, John, April 4, 1777. 

Dempsey, John, April 1, 1777. 

Doyle, John, February 5, 1777. 

Ellerton, Joseph, April 18, 1777. 

Fiely, William, April 30, 1777. 

Gorman, Bernard, May 4, 1777. 

Grew, Michael, May 4, 1777. 

Haines, John, May 14, 1777. 

Halley, Daniel, May 4, 1777. 

Howell, William, May 19, 1777 -see Eleventh Penn'a. 

Hutchison, Richard, March 29, 1777. 

King, Samuel, February 17, 1777. 

Lucas, William, March 26, 1777. 

McDowell, John, February 20, 1777. 

McKay, John, February 26, 1777. 

Mitchell, Peter, March 20, 1777. 

Mudd, Richard, February 10, 1777. 

Nevin, Thomas, April 24, 1777. 

Neyland, Thomas, April 1, 1777. 

Ogleby, George, April 25, 1777. 

Richison, William, February 20, 1777. 

Robinson, Daniel, April 20, 1777. 

Ryan, James, February 28, 1777. 

Ryan, John, May 4, 1777. 

Sheridan, Thomas, April 25, 1777. 



Steele, John, 1776-8. 
Kearsley, Samuel, from first lieutenant, February 18, 1778. 

Capt. Kearsley was arranged in the new Eleventh (see Col. 

Hubley's letter, ante). He died March 22, 1830, aged eighty, 

and is buried in Middle Spring church-yard, Franklin 


First Lieutenant. 
Kearsley, Samuel, promoted Captain February 18, 1778. 


Second Lieutenant. 
McGuire, Archibald, transferred to Invalid corps. 

Of Capt. John Wilkins' company no roll has been found 
*Capt. John Wilkins, Sr., of Carlisle, died at Pittsburgh 
December 11, 1809, aged seventy-seven; buried in First 
Presbyterian churchyard. Capt. Wilkins' company was 
originally annexed to Col. Spencer's regiment, though an 
independent Penn'a company. Hubley' s letter, Archives, 
O. S. , vol. mi, page 554 



Roll of the field and staff officers, and other commissioned officers 
of the Eleventh Penn'a regiment, in the service of the United 
States, commanded by Lieut. Col. Adam Hubley, Jr., Wyom- 
ing, July 20, 1779. [From Hubley' s Field Book.} 

Lieutenant Colonel commandant. 
Hubley, Adam, commissioned February 13, 1779. 

Edwards, Evan, commissioned December 16, 1778. 


Captain- Lieutenant. 
Jackson, Jeremiah, commissioned April 23, 1779. 

Thornbury, Francis, commissioned October 2, 1778. 


Burke, Edward, commissioned October 4, 1777. 

*Capt. Wilkins was the father of John Wilkins, Jr.. surgeon's mate of Fourth Penn'a ; 
afterwards quarter-master general. Denny's Memoirs, page 224. 


Allison, Robert, commissioned October 1, 1778. 


Bush, George, commissioned January IB, 1777. 


Lemmon, William, commissioned July 23, 1778; resigned March 
11, 1780. 

Weitzel, Jacob, commissioned April 2, 1779; doing duty of en- 
sign, rank and pay of lieutenant. 


Keene, Lawrence, commissioned January 13, 1777. 


Street, Benjamin, commissioned November 30, 1778; resigned 
May 25, 1780. 

Burley, Henry, resigned March 10, 1780. 



Forrester, James, commissioned November 12, 1777 ; died March 

16, 1780. 

Mahoii, John, commissioned June 1, 1778. 

Reed, Samuel. 


Walker, Andrew, commissioned January 23, 1778. 

Pettigrew, James. 



Claypoole, Abraham George, commisioned June 10, 1778. 

Morrison, Samuel, February 13, 1779. 


Sweeny, Isaac, commissioned July 23, 1778. 


Davis, Septimus, commissioned July 7, 1777 ; resigned February 
24. 1780. 


Huston, William, commissioned June 2, 1778; doing duty as 
adjutant, with rank and pay of lieutenant. 


Carbery, Henry, November 30, 1778. 

McCurdy, William, November 12, 1777. 

Bush, George. 

Quarter- Master. 
Mahon, John. 

Huston, William. 

Wiggins, Thomas, July 1, 1779; resigned J anuary 23, 1780. 

Surgeon' 's Mate. 
Wharrey, Robert. 




Hartley, Thomas, resigned February 13, 1779 see Hist. Note, 
ante, to Hartley's. 

Lieutenant Colonel commandant. 

Hubley, Adam, Jr., June 5, 1779, to rank from February 13, 
1779; retired January 1, 1781; appointed one of the auction- 
eers of Philadelphia, and died there of yellow fever, in 1793. 

Lieutenant Colonel. 

Connor, Morgan, from Hartley's: promoted lieutenant colonel 
commandant of the Seventh Penn'a. 


Prowell, Joseph,* from Patton's. 

Edwards, Evan, from Hartley's; transferred to the Fourth 
Penn'a. January 17, 1781. 


Bush, George, from Hartley's; transferred to Sixth Penn'a 
January 17, 1781. 

Keene, Lawrence, from Patton's; transferred to Third Penn'a, 
January 17, 1781. 

Davis, Joseph, from Hartley's ; killed by the savages, near Wy- 
oming, April 23, 1779. 

Forrester, James, from Hartley's; died March 16, 1780. 

Kearsley, Samuel, t 

Walker, Andrew, t from Hartley's; transferred to Second 
Penn'a, January 17, 1781. 

Claypoole, Abraham G. , from Patton's; transferred to the 
Third Penn'a, January 17, 1781. 

Sweeny, Isaac, from Hartley's; died Octobers, 1780. 

Carbery, Henry, from Hartley's; wounded August 13, 1779; re- 
tired January 1, 1781 see note, postea. 

On a paper stating the arrangement of new Eleventh Penn'a, see remonstrance 
against by captains of Pennsylvania Line. Archives, 0. S., vol. vii, page 306. lie was 
retired see Col. Hubley 's letter, ante. 

t On the paper styled arrangement of new Eleventh, Capt. Walker ranks from June 
1 , 1778. In Col. Hubley's orderly book he ranks from January 23, 1778 see letter of 
Ilubley's, ante, as to Capt. Kearsley. 


Jackson, Jeremiah, from captain lieutenant, March 16, 1780; 
transferred to the Sixth Penn'a, January 17, 1781. 

Burke Edward, from captain lieutenant, October 2,1780; trans- 
ferred to the First Penn'a, January 17, 1781. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

Jackson, Jeremiah, from lieutenant, April 23, 1779; promoted 

captain, vice Forrester, March 16, 1780. 
Burke, Edward, from lieutenant, March 16, 1780 ; promoted 

captain, vice Sweeny, October 2, 1780. 
McCurdy, William, from lieutenant, October 2, 1780; died in 

Lancaster county, 1822. 


Jackson, Jeremiah, from Patton's; promoted captain lieuten- 
ant, April 23, 1779. 

Davis, Septimus, from Patton's; resigned February 24, 1780; 
resided in Clark county, Kentucky, 1833, aged seventy- 

Burke, Edward, from Patton's; promoted captain lieutenant, 
March 16, 1780, vice Forrester. 

McCurdy, William, promoted captain lieutenant, vice Burke. 

Mahon, John, transferred to the Sixth Penn'a, January 17, 

Lemmon, William, from Hartley's; resigned March 11, 1780. 

Street, Benjamin, resigned August 25, 1780. 

Morrison, Samuel, from ensign, February 13, 1779; transferred 
to the Sixth Penn'a, January 17, 1781. 

Pettigrew, James, from ensign ; retired 1781 ; died at Shippens- 
burg, December 24, 1831, aged eighty. 

Huston, William, from ensign, February 24, 1780, vice Davis, 

Weitzel, Jacob, from ensign, March 11, 1780, vice Lemmon, re- 

Allison, Robert, from ensign, March 16, 1780; transferred to 
Third Penn'a, January 17, 1781. 

Thornbury, Francis, from ensign, May 25, 1780; transferred to 
Third Penn'a. 

Reed, Samuel, from ensign, October 2, 1780. 


Morrison, Samuel, promoted lieutenant, February 13, 1779. 

Street, Benjamin, promoted lieutenant. 

Pettigrew, James, promoted lieutenant. 

Huston, William, promoted lieutenant, February 24, 1780. 


Allison, Robert, promoted lieutenant, March 16, 1780, vice 

Thornbury, Francis, promoted lieutenant, May 25, 1780, vice 

Reed, Samuel, promoted lieutenant, October 2, 1780, vice Mc- 

Weitzel, Jacob, of Patton's, April 2, 1779; promoted lieutenant, 

March 11, 1780. 
Burley, Henry, July 19, 1779; resigned March 10, 1780. 

Bush, Greorge, May, 1779. 

Quarter- Mat ters. 
Mahon, John. 
Morrison, Samuel. 

Huston, William, wounded August 13, 1779. 


Jennings, Michael, from Hartley's. 

Wiggins, Thomas, July 1, 1779; resigned u anuary 23, 1780; died 

in August, 1798, in Dauphin county. 
Beatty, Reading, *May 1, 1780, vice Wiggins ; transferred to 

Procter's artillery. 

Surgeon's Mate. 

Wharrey, Robert, transferred to Third Penn'a, January 17, 




[Age. height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

1st in the Sec 
y escheated i 


Thornhury, Francis. 

[Those marked (e) are taken from a list in the Secretary's office, of soldiers whose de 
preciated pay escheated to the State.] 

Burke, Edward. 



Duffy, Terrence, twenty -four; five feet eleven inches; shoe- 
maker; Ireland. 

Denny, Edward, twenty- four; five feet four inches; tailor; 

Ashly,, Michael, thirty-one; five feet six inches; weaver; Ire- 


Burgess, John, forty-six; five feet nine inches; laborer; Eng- 
land ; May 1, 1777. 

Mitchel, Henry, twenty-six; five feet nine inches; weaver; 
England; July 1, 1777. 


Cunningham, Thomas, eighteen; five feet four inches; Ire- 
land ; April 3, 1777 ; resided in Brown county, Ohio, 1834 


Shi vely, George, nineteen ; five feet four inches; cabinet -maker; 
America ; April 21, 1777. 


Barney, William, twenty-one; five feet nine inches; laborer; 

America; March 10, 1777; resided in Seneca county, New 

York, 1818, aged seventy-five. 
Bloomenshine, Martin, eighteen; five feet five inches; laborer; 

York county ; March, 1780. 
Boyles, Stephen, died January 13, 1780. 
Brown, John, twenty-five; five feet seven inches; farmer; 

England ; May 13, 1777. 


Connally, Patrick, twenty; five feet two inches ; weaver; Ire- 
land ; March 20, 1777. 

Oox, Benjamin, thirty-five ; five feet three inches ; ropemaker ; 
England ; February 12, 1777. 

Ooldsberry, John, (e), twenty ; five feet ten inches ; sadler ; 
America; March 5, 1777. 

Harris, Daniel (e), thirty-three ; five feet eight inches ; carpen- 
ter ; America ; January 16, 1777 ; discharged March 2, 1780 ; 
died in Switzerland county, Indiana, June, 1821, aged 

Kirken, Patrick, twenty-three; five feet three inches ; farmer; 
Ireland ; May 28, 1777. 

Linkamore, John (e), twenty-one ; five feet three inches ; pot- 
ter; America; March 20, 1777; discharged June 24, 1780. 

Longstreet, Bartholomew i|e), died April 10, 1780. 

McCann, Marmaduke, twenty-three; five feet ten inches ; far- 
mer; Maryland; December 10, 1776. 

McClellan, Samuel, thirty-two ; five feet six inches ; staymaker; 
Ireland; June 23, 1777; discharged June 5, 1780. 

Meadows, William, forty-eight ; five feet ; silversmith ; Eng- 
land; February 17, 1777. 

Miller, Jacob, thirty-four ; five feet seven inches ; cooper ; Lan- 
caster ; February 6, 1777. 

Morgan, John, twenty- four ; four feet five inches ; farmer ; Eng- 
land ; July 15, 1*77. 

Murray, David, five feet six inches; shoemaker; Chester; April 
25, 1777. 

Murray, William, twenty-two ; five feet seven inches ; car- 
penter ; Ireland ; April, 1777. 

Notneo, Michael, deserted April 22, 1780. 

Parker, Isaac (e), twenty-three ; five feet ten inches; farmer; 
England; May 17, 1777. 

Pendle, Philip, transferred to the Maryland Line, March, 1780. 

Pillmore, William, forty-four; five feet four inches; vintner; 
England ; February 4, 1777. 

Porter, William, thirty-four; five feet seven inches ; carpenter; 
England ; March 10, 1777. 

Seager, George. 

Seprile, William, discharged Jaunary 28, 1780. 

Shoemaker. Peter, twenty-one; five feet six inches; hatter; 
Germantown ; April 11, 1777. 

Smith, Joseph. 

Steel, William, twenty-one; five feet eight inches; barber; 
Ireland; April 1, 1777. 

Sweeney, John, died March 2, 1780. 

Taylor, Robert, discharged March 23, 1780. 


Trimler, Henry, thirty-eight; five feet three inches; hatter; 
America; June 9, 1777. 

Trookey.John, twenty-one; five feet eight inches ; shoemaker; 
Ireland; March 5, 1777. 

Welsh, Garret, twenty-eight; five feet eight inches; carpen- 
ter ; Ireland ; April 29, 1777. 


[Age, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

Ensign. - 
Allison, Robert. 


Oeorge, William, thirty-four ; five feet six inches ; tinker ; Eng- 
land ; February 3, 1777. 

Pendergrass, Robert, twenty-two; five feet eight inches; hat- 
ter; Pennsylvania; May 22, 1778; resided in Cumberland 
county, in 1821. 

Dingley, William, thirty-seven ; five feet eleven inches ; bar- 
ber; England; November 9, 1776. 


Coyle, Edward, twenty-one; five feet nine inches; distiller; 
Pennsylvania; April 1, 1777. 

Donaly, Ephraim, thirty-five; five feet seven inches; mill- 
wright ; Pennsylvania ; May, 22, 1778. 

Wright, John, thirty-eight; five feet eight inches; stocking 
weaver; Scotland; May 23, 1778; promoted sergeant col- 
onel's company; died August 26, 1825, in Mifflin county. 


Williams, David, seventeen; five feet four inches; farmer; 
Pennsylvania ; May 3, 1777. 

Reese, Greorge. 


Austin, Israel, nineteen; five feet eight inches; shoemaker; 
Pennsylvania ; April 24, 1777. 


Beatty, Peter, twenty-seven ; five feet four inches ; laborer ; 
England ; April 25, 1777. 

Boyd, Joseph, twenty ; five feet six inches ; blacksmith ; Penn- 
sylvania ; April 24, 1777. 

Boyer, Philip, forty-two; five feet seven and one half inches; 
butcher ; Pennsylvania ; May 20, 1777. 

Brown, John, fifty-four; five feet six inches ; farmer; Ireland; 
February 6, 1777. 

Campbell, Michael, fifty; five feet six inches ; tobacconist; Ire- 
land ; March 31, 1777. . 

Dickey, Charles, seventeen ; five feet four inches ; saddle-tree 
maker ; Pennsylvania ; May 1, 1777 ; died in Montgomery 
county, August 26, 1823, aged sixty-three. 

Flynn, Simon, April 1, 1777. 

George, William, February 3, 1777, 

Gordon, Archibald, thirty-nine ; five feet six inches ; shoe- 
maker ; Ireland ; April 5, 1777; resided in Cecil county, 
Maryland, 1834, aged eighty-four. 

Hadlock, Robfert, thirty-three; five feet nine inches; watch- 
maker ; Ireland ; January 2, 1777. 

Haminge, John, twenty-two ; five feet six inches ; blacksmith ; 
Pennsylvania ; April 21, 1777. 

Hastings, William. 

Hopper, Cornelius. 

Johnston, Thomas, deserted July 1, 1780. 

Kenny, John, May 1, 1777 ; prisoner. 

Lewis, James, deserted April 22, 1780. 

Lock, William, deserted January 28, 1780. 

McCullough, Arthur, forty-eight ; six feet; laborer; Ireland; 
March 10, 1777. 

McNabb, Andrew, forty-six ; five feet eight inches ; farmer ; 
Pennsylvania; April 0, 1777; discharged January 26, 1781. 

Maypowder, William, May 1, 1777. 

Oldis, Robert, twenty-eight ; five feet two inches ; weaver; Ire- 
land ; February 19, 1777; discharged January 28, 1781, at 
Trenton; died in West Uwchlan township, Chester county, 
in 1824, aged seventy-four. 

Quickley, James, thirty ; five feet seven and one half inches ; 
laborer ; Ireland ; March 3, 1777. 

Reynolds, John, March 6, 1777. 

Rogers, Allan, twenty-nine ; five feet eleven inches ; soapboiler 
Ireland ; March 13, 1777. 

Ryan, John, thirty-six; five feet eight and one half inches; 
laborer; England ; May 17, 1777; deserted July 6, 1780. 

Shaw, Samuel, forty; five feet five inches; tailor; Ireland; 
June 17, 1777; died in Adams county, Illinois, July 1, 1823. 


Stains, Edward, twenty-four ; five feetrsjil and one half inches ; 

barber; Eiiglan/1 ; J une 4, 1777. 
Todd, James, sixty ; five feet eight and one half inches ; sadler ; 

Ireland ; April 1, 1777. 
Unbehand, John, sixteen ; five feet three inches ; book-binder ; 

Philadelphia; April 15, 1777. 
Winters. James, twenty-eight; five feet four inches ; silk-dyer; 

England; April 5, 1777; resided in Washington county in 

18o5, aged ninety-one. 


[Ape, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted. 

Bush, George. 

Lemmon, William. 

Weitzel, Jacob 


Connell, Daniel. 

Gothrop, Samuel, twenty -nine; five feet three inches; pin- 
maker; Ireland; January 27, 1777. 
Conner, Thomas, January 20, 1777. 


Byrnes, James, January 1, 1777. 

Newgent, Thomas (e). 

Daily, Joseph (e), April 19,1777. 


Jefferies, Benjamin, fifteen; five feet seven inches; carpenter; 
America ; April 22, 1777. 

Hughes, George (e), discharged August, 1780. 



Barr, John, April 13, 1777; resided in Lycotning county, 1821. 

Bradley, James, twenty -two; five feet three inches; black- 
smith ; England ; May 7, 1778. . 

Callahan, Daniel. 

Cartwright, Phineas. 

Clack, Jonathan (e), April 16, 1777. 

Clandenan, Adam, discharged January 15, 1780. 

Clare, John, April 16, 1777. 

Conden, Redmond, twenty-two; five feet four inches; farmer; 
Ireland; May 17, 1777; died in Ross county, Ohio, January 
8,1830, aged eighty-one. 

Dean, William, June 6, 1777. 

Douglass, Robert, twenty: five feet one inch ; carpenter; Penn- 
sylvania; March 2, 1777; resided in Lancaster county, i:i 
1835, aged seventy-eight. 

Foster, George, April 20, 1777. 

Fullerton, George, July 10, 1777. 

Gaisby, Ralph (e), May 1, 1778. 

Gardner, Henry. 

Gilbert, John, April 19, 1777. 

Gray, Joel, October, 1778-1781; resided in York county, 1818, 
aged seventy-five. 

HawKe, George, May 2, 1777. 

Lute, Jacob, ApriP20, 1777. 

McCalvin, Thomas, twenty-one ; five feet seven inches ; farmer; 
Ireland ; May 22, 1777. 

McCutchin, Foi-est, April 6, 1777. 

McDowell, John. 

McElroy, John. 

McManamy, James, discharged February 15, 1780. 

Newingham, Daniel, tweny-five; five feet six inches; black- 
smith ; Ireland , April 30, 1777. 

Ricker, Martin (e), twenty-four; five feet three inches ; farmer; 
Germany; March 5, 1777. 

Russell, William, July 18, 1777. 

Scott, John, March 26, 1777; died in Harrison county, Ken- 
tucky, March 3, 1827, aged seventy-six. 

Seppril, Nicholas, May 21, 1777. 

Shannon, Saumel. 

Sherter, Williaai. 

Slautry, Thomas, May 26, 1777. 

Smith, William, discharged January 15, 1780. 

Stupps, Robert, April 21, 1777. 

Sullivan, Daniel, thirty-six; five feet five inches; carpenter; 
Maryland : February 12, 1777. 


Susong, Andrew, March 25, 1777. 
Ten-ill, Lawrence, May 5, 1777. 
Thompson, James, July 17, 1778. 

Woodside, Abraham, thirty-four; five feet six inches ; tailor ; 

Wulgar, or Welker, Daniel, twenty-one ; five feet four inches ; 
tailor; Germany; April 22, 1777; wounded at Ash Swamp, 
New Jersey ; discharged January 17, 1781 ; resided in Frank- 
lin county, in 1813. 


[Age, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

Keene, Lawrence. 

Street, Benjamin. 

Burley, Henry. 


Gilbert, William, twenty two; five feet seven inches; clerk; 
England; May 18, 1777. 

Shaw, William, thirty-one; five feet seven inches ; mason; Ire- 
land ; May 12, 1777. 

Davison, Wliliam, twenty ; five feet four inches, farmer ; Car-- 
lisle ; April 1, 1777; discharged 1781 ; reenlisted in Capt. M. 
Irvine's company ; resided in Erie county, 1817. 

Beatty, James, twenty-four ; five feet seven inches ; tanner ; 

Ireland; April 12, 1777; resided in Cumberland county, in 

1832, aged eighty. 

Robeson, James, discharged April, 1780. 
Allan, John. 


Reemer, Philip, seventeen; five feet seven inches; farmer; Ger- 
many ; May 25, 1777. 
Fry, Lawrence, resided in Dauphin county, 1835, aged sixt^- 



Radtiock, James, sixteen; five feet two inches; weaver; Ire- 
land ; February 27, 1777 ; discharged August, 1780. 


Alexander. John, twenty-five; five feet eight inches ; farmer; 
Ireland ; May 25, 1777 ; discharged May 6, 1780. 

Bohannon, Robert, twenty-two ; five feet three inches ; farmer; 
Ireland ; March 10, 1777; discharged in 1781, and reenlisted ; 
resided in Cumberland county, 1813. 

Byens, John, twenty-eight; five feet four inches; farmer; Ire- 
land; March 10, 1777; resided in Miami county, Ohio, 1833, 
aged eighty-one 

Calaghan, John, discharged March 20, 1780. 

Carman, Richard (e). 

Colter, Nathaniel, eighteen; five feet eight inches; farmer; 
Pennsylvania; June 11, 1777; discharged in 1781 ; reenlisted 
under Major McPherson ; served in war of 1812, and wound- 
ed in boarding McDonough's vessel ; resided in Lycoming 
county, 1822. 

Conner, John, forty; five feet eight inches; farmer; Ireland; 
April 7, 1777. 

Crow, Jacob, discharged March 21, 1780. 

Foster, John (e), se>ienteen ; five feet two inches ; farmer; Eng- 
land; April 11, 1777. 

Fry, Michael, forty-one ; five feet eight inches ; farmer ; Penn- 
sylvania ; May 1, 1777. 

Hanley, John, twenty-five; five feet six inches; shoemaker; 
Ireland; March 6, 1777. 

Hunter, John, twenty-two; five feet six inches; glazier; Ire- 
land ; discharged June, 1780. 

Hutcheson, Richard, quere. 

Kinch, Jacob. 

Louke, Abraham (e). 

McClahan, John, thirty-four; five feet one inch ; weaver; Ire- 
land; March 15, 1777. 

McHenry, Edward, discharged February 22, 1780. 

McMullan, Michael, twenty-five; five feet four inches ; farmer; 
Ireland; March 10, 1777; wounded at Monmouth. 

M.'ilvany, John, nineteen; five feet six inches; farmer; Ire- 
land ; May 9, 1777. 

O'Neal, James, discharged April 11, 1780. 

O'Neal, Nicholas, twenty-two ; five feet two inches; farmer; 
Ireland; May 22, 1777. 

Rea, John, discharged April, 1780. 


Rippey, Elijah, discharged February 21, 1780. 

Rodey, Patrick, twenty-live; five feet seven inches; Ireland ; 
discharged May 6, 1780. 

Rossett, Robert, thirty; five feet four inches; brass founder; 
England; August 11, 1779. 

Scott, William, discharged April 11, 1780. 

Stewart, James, eighteen ; five feet five inches ; tailor ; Lancas- 
ter; March 15, 1777: resided in Adams county, 1824. 

Sullivan, John, twenty-one; five feet five inches; farmer; Ire- 
land ; March 15, 1777. 

Tapley, John. 

Weir, James, twenty-seven ; five feet eight inches ; brush- 
maker; Ireland; February 20, 1777; promoted sergeant. 

Willson, Robert, May 1, 1777; transferred to Sixth Penn'a, 


fAge. height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

Walker, Andrew 

Pettigrew, James. 


Johnston, James, twenty-two; five feet six inches ; carpenter; 
Philadelphia; May 22, 1778. 

Carny, Barnet, twenty-four; five feet seven inches; Ireland; 
March 5, 1777. 

Robeson, James, thirty ; five feet seven inches ; Ireland ; Jan- 
uary 19, 1780. 


Jefferies, Robert (e). 
Limerick, Patrick. 

Wiley, William, twenty-nine; five feet nine inches; miller; 
America ; January 22, 1777. 

Thornton, James. 
5-VOL. XI. 


AVolfe, Frederick. 


Benson, James, thirty; five feet eight inches; England; June 
2, 1777. 

Boe, William, thirty-one; five feet nine inches; cooper; ire- 
land; April 11, 1777. 

Brown, William, twenty; five feet six inches; Ireland; Feb- 
ruary 1, 1777; resided in York county in 1805. 

Buckley, Philip, forty-five ; five feet eight inches ; Ireland ; June 
1, 1777. 

Byrns, William, promoted sergeant,. 

Casebolt, Robert, twenty ; five feet six inches ; York county ; 
April 7, 1777; resided in Greene county, Ohio, in 1832, aged 

Coleman, James (e). 

Douglass, William, resided in Buffalo township, Union county, 
in 1796. 

Gallacher, James, seventeen ; five feet five inches ; Lancaster 
county ; March 7, 1780. 

Grant, Robert, twenty; five feet eight inches; farmer; Eng- 
land ; February 15, 1777. 

Gray, Alexander. 

Grier, James. 

Herrington, Isaac. 

Horner, John, twenty-two; five feet nine inches ; weaver; Ire- 
land ; April 15, 1777. 

Keating, Edward, twenty-three; five feet seven inches; Ire- 
land ; March 15, 1777. 

McCoy, Nicholas, twenty-seven ; five feet seven inches ; New- 
foundland ; May 11, 1777. 

McCullough, Robert, prisoner; died March 7, 1807. 

McDonough, James, twenty-six; five feet nine inches; tobac- 
conist ; Ireland ; May 1, 1777. 

McEntire, James, thirty; five feet three inches; Ireland; May 
17, 1777. 

McGeary, Neal, from Hartley's regiment ; transferred to Third 
Penn'a, 1781. 

McKimins, John, twenty-four; five feet six inches; Ireland; 
March 1, 1777. 

Mummart, William, eighteen; five feet four inches; Lancaster; 
February 10, 1777; transferred to German regiment Sep- 
tember 15, 1780. 

Murray, Daniel. 

Nixon, Marion, thirty; five feet six inches; barber; Ireland > 
April 17, 1778. 


O'Bryan, William (e), May 12, 1778. 

Patton, Anthony, eighteen; five feet eleven inches; black- 

Peters, Henry, twenty-one; five feet six inches; tailor; Ger- 
many ; May 1, 1777. 

Savage, William. 

Shaffner, Francis. 

Simmonds, William, March 1, 1777. 

Smith, Edward. 

Williams, William, May 7, 17781781. 


[Age, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

Claypoole, A. G 

Morrison, Samuel. 


Alexander, John, twenty-seven; five feet seven inches ; hatter; 

England; January 20, 1777; discharged July 28, 1780. 
Curtis, Thomas, discharged May, 1780; died in Hunterdon 

county, New Jersey, September 26, 1823, aged seventy-one. 
McLane, Allan, thirty ; five feet five inches ; farmer ; Scotland ; 

February, 1777. 


Cable, Jacob, twenty -four; five feet six inches; blacksmith; 

Pennsylvania ; September 16, 1777. 
Shockey, Christian, twenty; five feet seven inches; farmer; 

Pennsylvania; April 7, 1777; from Hartley's regiment. 

Kearsley's company ; transferred to Third Penn'a, 1781. 
Reily, John. 


Nightlinger, Samuel, sixteen; five feet three and one half 
inches ; Pennsylvania ; February 3, 1777. 


Brown, John, fourteen; four feet seven inches ; Pennsylvania; 
February 1, 1777. 



Bergenhoff, Nicholas, twenty -four; five feet eight inches; 
weaver; Pennsylvania; April 10, 1777. 

Boden, James, forty; five feet ten inches; fanner; England; 
March 24, 1777. 

Burke, Jaines, twenty-four; five feet six inches; farmer; Ire- 
land; March 9, 1777. 

Carroll, Henry (e), nineteen; five feet five inches; waiter; 
England ; April 7, 1777. 

Coleman, John, thirty-two ; five feet seven inches ; shoemaker ; 
Ireland; May 0, 1777. 

Cookson, Jacob, thirty-two; five feet eight inches; weaver: 
Pennsylvania ; January 6, 1777. 

Dagney, Patrick (e). 

Denny, John, forty-nine ; five feet five and one half inches , 
farmer; Ireland; February 25, 1777. 

Dero, Michael. 

Dolver (Dolvin), Richard (e), seventeen; five feet two inches; 
bricklayer ; Maryland ; May, 1777. 

Fitzgibbons, James, discharged April, 1780. 

Frost, James, five feet five and one half inches ; mariner; Eng- 
land ; February 24, 1777. 

Hagabough, Hans. 

Harpole, Henry, forty-nine; five feet six inches; brickmaker; 
March 11, 1777. 

Harrington, John. 

Harrison, Horatio. 

Kisheimer, Peter, twenty-four; five feet five inches; miller; 
Germany, May 4, 1777. 

Lewis, John, twenty-nine ; five feet eight inches ; England ; 
February 24, 1777; promoted sergeant; resided in Bucks 
county, 1816. 

McCalla, George, twenty; six feet; farmer; Maryland; Feb- 
ruary 27, 1777. 

McCalla, Thomas, twenty-four ; five feet seven inches ; farmer ; 
February 27. 1777. 

McAllister, James, fifty three; five feet five inches: miller; 
Pennsylvania; October 1, 1777. 

McLaughliri, Felix, fifty; five feet three inches; farmer; Ire- 
land; February 1, 1777. 

Mansfield, John, twenty ; five feet four and one half inches ; 
hatter ; Scotland ; May, 1777. 

Rightmyer, George, seventeen; five feet three inches; baker; 
Pennsylvania; M^y, 1777; discharged January 28, 1781, and 
reenlisted; died in Philadelphia, November 8, 1823, aged 


Salmond (or Solomon), William. 

Shaw, John. 

Sheyhey, Daniel, twenty-eight: five feet six inches; cooper,' 

Ireland ; Feburary 22, 1777. 
Stoner, John. 

Struble, Nicholas, five feet four inches ; turner. 
Wheelan, Edward, March 1,1777; promoted sergeant. 


I Age, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted. ] 

Sweeny, Isaac. 

Davis, Septimus. 

Huston, William. 


Willson, Thomas, discharged April 10, 1780: resided in Orange 
county, New York, 1818, aged seventy-four. 

Gray, John, twenty-five ; five feet five inches ; cabinet-maker ; 
England ; September 2, 1778. 

Clemens, Patrick, discharged April 10, 1778 ; resided in Phila- 
delphia in 1835, aged eighty two. 


Miller, Andrew(e), twenty-five; five feet six inches ; shoemaker; 
Pennsylvania ; March 22, 1777. 

Blake, Edward, twenty-five; five feet seven inches; stocking- 
weaver; Ireland; March 5, 1777. 

Smith, John, thirty-one; five feet eleven inches; breeches- 
maker ; England ; June 28, 1778 ; disabled by rammer of 
cannon at a rejoicing at Sunbury July 4, 1780. 


Hunter, Robert, forty; five feet two inches; shoemaker; Ire- 
land ; February 29, 1777. 


McElroy, John, twenty; five feet eight inches: farmer; No- 
vember 15, 1776. 



Carman, George, May 2, 1777. 

Edgar, John, discharged April 10, 1780. 

Fields, William, twenty-one ; five feet three and three-quarter 
inches; farmer; England; April 16, 1777. 

Forsythe, Hugh. 

Hines, James, seventeen; five feet three inches; tinker: Ire- 
land ; April 20, 1777. 

Kelley, Andrew (e), twenty-one ; five feet seven inches ; brick- 
layer; Ireland; April 17, 1777. 

O'Bryan, Roger (e), thirty-four ; five feet three inches ; farmer; 
Ireland ; June 10, 1778. 

Stickle, Valentine, twenty-five ; five feet four inches ; farmer ; 
Germany ; April 9, 1777. 

Swords, Hugh, twenty-two; six feet two inches; bricklayer; 
Ireland; March 27, 1778. 

Wilson, William, twenty-five ; five feet nine and one half 
inches ; weaver ; Ireland ; March 10, 1777. 


[Age, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

Carbery, Henry. 

McCurdy, William. 

Campbell, John, from Capt. Mackey's, April 11, 1778. 

Cusick, Matthew. 


Anthony, Daniel. 
Barker, John. 
Barden, William, twenty-three ; five feet five *nches ; farmer ; 

Ireland; January 29, 1777. 
Black, - , twenty-one; five feet two inches; wheelwright; 

Pennsylvania; April, 1778. 


Caldwell, William, forty-five ; five feet six inches ; farmer ; Ire- 

Everitt, James. 

Grew, McD. , twenty ; five feet three inches ; weaver ; Ireland ; 
May 4, 1777. 

Harrison, Samuel, deserted April 17, 1780. 

Harris, John, seventeen; five feet ; Ireland. 

Hathorn, William, thirty ; five feet eleven inches ; shoemaker ; 
Ireland; April 27, 1777; discharged January 1781; resided 
in Richmond, Virginia, 1831 ; died in Goochland county, 
July 14, 1832, aged eighty-two. 

Horine, Jacob. 

Keller, Matthew (e), discharged April 28, 1780. 

Kitwell, , twenty-five ; five feet six inches ; Ireiand. 

Lipey, David. 

McCluskey, Andrew, discharged llth May, 1780. 

McDonal, Edward, eighteen; five feet five inches; Ireland. 

McElroy, James, twenty; five feet six inches ; farmer; Ireland; 
April 29, 1777. 

McGarity, Arthur, seventeen ; five feet three inches ; weaver ; 

McGinnis, James. 

McMuling, Cornelius (e), died in Trumbull county, Ohio, July 
21, 1824, aged seventy-one. 

Mealey, Edward, twenty-nine; five feet seven inches; farmer; 
Ireland ; May 21, 1777. 

Miller, George, sixteen ; five feet four inches ; Pennsylvania. 

Morrison, McD., twenty; five feet five inches; England; Au- 
gust 20, 1777. 

Murphy, Joseph, twenty-seven ; five feet ten inches ; Pennsyl- 
vania ; discharged May 3, 1780. 

Nicholson, George, twenty-six; five feet six inches; weaver; 
Ireland; March 29, 1777. 

Noles, Joseph, forty-two ; five feet one inch ; shoemaker Penn- 
sylvania ; April 20, 1777. 

Nugent, Thomas. 

Pry, John. 

Renall, John, forty-two; five feet four inches, oarber; Ger- 
many ; May 22,* 1778. 

Riley, Peter, forty; five feet eight inches; currier; Ireland; 
February 20. 1777. 

Robeson, Daniel, forty; five feet five inches, tailor; England; 
April 15, 1777. 

Romander, John (e). 

Sharer, Robert. 


Smith, John, twenty-five; five feet seven inches; blacksmith; 

England ; February 5, 1777. 
Snyder, Frederick, twenty; five feet four inches; farmer; 

Pennsylvania; March 15, 1778. 
They, William (e), resided in Columbia county, 1835, aged 


Vandiver, Jacob. 
Woods, Thomas, twenty-four ; five feet nine and one quarter 

inches; farmer; Maryland; May 1, 1778. 


[Age, height, trade, where born, and when enlisted.] 

Jackson, Jeremiah. 


Terrill, Jeremiah, twenty-two; five feet ten inches; cooper; 
Maryland ; July 14, 1777. 

Barber, John, twenty-six ; five feet eight inches ; tailor ; Eng- 
land ; April 4, 1777 ; resided in Washington, D. C. , 1834. 

Judge, Thomas, twenty-three ; five feet nine inches ; died. 


Pearson, Matthew (e), thirty-two ; five feet five inches ; shoe- 
maker; discharged. 

McDonnai, John, thirty ; five feet six inches ; farmer; England; 
January 1.2, 1777. 


Harrington, Thomas, tourteen ; four feet eleven inches ; bio. 
maker ; England ; April 28, 1777. 


Stephenson, William, fourteen ; four feet nine inches ; Penn- 

Holmes, James, twenty-one ; five feet one inch; cooper; Penn- 
sylvania; May 15, 1777; discharged January, 1781 ; resided 
in Carlisle, in 1835, aged sixty-nine. 


Allan, James, fifty-three; five feet nine inches; carpenter; 
April 1, 1777. 


Bell, James, twenty ; five feet ten inches ; Maryland ; February, 
1777 ; resided in Gloucester county, New Jersey, 1820. 

Borrage, John, twenty-four; five feet two and one half inches; 
barber ; England ; March 1, 1777. 

Brett, George, twenty-three; five feet three inches; farmer; 
North Carolina ; March 26, 1777. 

Burke, Walter, fifty-two; five feet seven inches ; Ireland; Feb- 
ruary, 1777 ; discharged. 

Chambers, William, twenty-four ; carpenter ; Scotland ; died. 

Clark, Robert, twenty-three ; five feet eleven inches ; farmer ; 

Connor, Thomas, Dublin, Ireland; discharged January, 1781; 
reenlisted February 21, 1781. 

Craiigle, James. 

Dimpsey, Lewis, thirty-two; five feet five inches; Ireland; 

Dorran, James, twenty-six; five feet eight inches ; farmer; Ire- 
land ; April 1, 1777. 

Emly, James, discharged. 

Farewell, James, thirty ; five feet four inches ; England ; June 
2, 1777. 

Frazer, Daniel, nineteen ; five feet four inches ; Scotland ; Feb- 
ruary, 1777. 

Gichan, Peter, twenty; five feet nine inches ; bricklayer; Ire- 
land ; May 2, 1777. 

Glaze, Adam, fifty-five ; five feet two inches ; Germany ; March 
4, 1777. 

Gordon, Charles (e), twenty-one ; five feet four inches ; Ireland , 
February, 1777. 

Goudy, John, forty-two : five feet five and three quarter inches ; 
March 20, 1777. 

Croigill,John, twenty-seven ; five feet three inches; carpenter; 
England ; February, 1777. 

Harper, Richard, thirty-five ; five feet nine inches ; shoemaker ; 
England ; May 6, 1777. 

Hickey, Charles, forty; five feet three inches ; farmer; Ireland; 
April 1, 1777. 

Hines, Adam, fifty-three; five feet six inches; farmer; Ger- 
many ; May 26, 1778. 

McCatheran, Neal, fifty-six; five feet four inches; Scotland; 

May 2, 1777. 
McCooney, George, eighteen; five feet six inches; farmer; 

Maryland ; transferred to Second Maryland regiment. 
McGinnis, William, thirty; five feet four inches; farmer; Ire- 
land; March 14, 1777; resided in Adams county, 1835, aged 


McGrill, Henry, twenty-five; five feet five inches ; farmer; Ire- 
land ; February 1, 1777. 

McManamy, Samuel, twenty; five feet five inches; farmer; 
Ireland ; March 10, 1777. 

Manson, John, thirty-six; five feet two inches; Ireland; May 
10, 1778. 

Marquiss, William, twenty-two;* five feet eight inches; Mary- 

Messam, Benjamin, forty-five ; five feet four inches ; farmer ; 
England ; May 6, 1777. 

Miles, William, seventeen ; five feet five inches ; farmer ; Eng- 
land ; February, 1777. 

Morgan. Daniel, nineteen; five feet five inches; Ireland; dis- 

Morrow, Thomas, five feet ; hatter ; discharged ; died in Casey 
county, Kentucky, August 30, 1830, aged seventy-nine. 

Roach, Patrick, twenty-five; five feet three inches; farmer; 
Ireland ; April 1, 1777. 

Webb, Andrew, forty-five ; five feet five inches ; blacksmith ; 
Wales; promoted corporal, Eleventh Penn'a. 


List of men enlisted for seven months in the Eleventh Penn'a, in 


Bucher, John. 
Davis, John. 
McGrahan, John. 
Raner, Rowan. 
Russell, William. 
Weir, Andrew. 

Capt. Andrew Walker's company. 

Newring, Nicholas. 
Preston, John. 
Sink. John. 
Weaver, Baltzer. 


JULY 12, 1776 JANUABY 1, 1781. 



[HE German regiment originated from a resolution of 
Congress June 27, 1776, directing four companies of 
Germans to be raised in Pennsylvania, *and four com- 
panies in Maryland, to compose " the German battal- 
ion," the companies to serve for three years, unless sooner dis- 
charged. Nicholas Haussegger, major of the Fourth battalion 
(Wayne's), was commissioned colonel, and Pennsylvania fur- 
nished by far the largest number, both of its officers and recruits. 
None of its regular rolls have survived, and the list is made up 
from returns of those who belonged to Pennsylvania as found in 
the Secretary 's office. The regiment was in the field and engaged 
at Trenton and Princeton, and in May, 1777, was in Deborre's 
brigade, Sullivan's division. The colonel left the army after 
the battle of Monmouth.and returned to his farm near Lebanon 
Pa. Lt. Col. Weltner succeeded to the command. The regi- 
ment took part in Sullivan's campaign against the Indians. 
In the spring of 1780 it was stationed on the frontiers of North- 
umberland county. By a resolution of Congress in October 
the German regiment was reduced, and ended its organization 
January 1, 1781. All the correspondence relative to this regi- 
ment found in the Secretary's office has been published in the 
old series of Archives, except the following orders found among 
the Hand papers : 

Gen. Hand to Major Burchardt. 

"MiNisiNK, 5th April, 1779. 

" SIR : Agreeable to the orders you yesterday rec d , you will 
proceed to Wyoming, on the Susquehanna River, with the Regi- 
ment under your Immediate Command, Col. Armand's and 
Capt. Schott's corps, the former is commanded at present by 
Major Lomaign & the latter by Capt". Selin. These corps will 
join you at or before you reach Col. Stroud's, at Fort Penn, 
as you will see by their Orders, left open for your perusal, & 
which you will have delivered. You must take with you from 
here all the flour now left in store, and Beef sufficient to carry 

* Subsequently increased to five. 


the Detachment thro' to Wyoming; you will receive an ad- 
ditional supply of Flour at Col. Stroud's. Take care that each 
corps takes with them the provisions they have respectively 
drawn. You will receive a few Camp Kettles for the Detach- 
ment at Col. Stroud's, and may draw 20 Axes for your Regi- 
ment, 6 for Armand's & 3 for Schott's here. 

"It will take you four days from Col. Stroud's to Wyoming ; 
you will, therefore, regulate your Provision accordingly. Capt". 
Alex r . Patterson, A. D. Q. M. , will send express to Col. Zebu- 
lon Butler, commanding at Wyoming, with notice of your Ap- 
proach. From Fort Penn you will march to Lardner's ; thence 
to an Incamping Place in what is Commonly cal'd the Great 
Swamp; the third day to Bullock's, which is within five miles 
of Wyoming Garrison, where for the present you will put your- 
self under Col. Butler's directions. 

"I am thus Particular, as It will be necessary to make eusie 
marches in order to reconnoitre the Country well and examine. 
every thicket & hollow way, or swamp before you enter it, 
which I desire you may be very particular in doing to prevent 
being Surprised or led into an Ambuscade or attack' d without 
previous knowledge of the Enemys being near. You will lie 
particularly attentive to keep the Body of the Troops compact. 
Suffer no straggling on any account ; keep a proper advance & 
rear Guard, tho' not at too great a distance, and also small 
parties on your Flanks, observing the same caution. Should 
any enemy appear, you must take care not to advance on them 
precipitately before you know their numbers, or until you have 
sufficiently extended your front to prevent being out-Flanked. 

"By a steddy adherence to the above directions, you will 
have little danger to apprehend double your attention as you 
approach the Fort. As the badness of the Roads at present 
arid the scarcity of horses will prevent your carrying your heavy 
Baggage, you must leave it at Fort Penn with a Guard until 
you have a more favorable opportunity. 

"Relying much on your Steddyness, Industry, Zeal, and 
Activity, I wish you a Gfood march, and 

"Am sir, your obed' serv', 


" Major DANL. BURCHARDT, German Reg*. " 




Haussegger, Nicholas, from Fourth battalion, July 17, 1776; re- 
tired from the army in 1778, and died on his farm near 
Lebanon, Pa. , in July, 1786. 

Lieutenant Colonels. 

Strieker, George, July 17, 1776. 

Weltner, Ludwig, from major, April 9, 1777. 


Weltner, Ludwig, of Maryland, June 17, 1776; promoted lieu- 
tenant colonel. 
Burchardt, Daniel, from captain, April 9, 1777. 


Burchardt, Daniel, of Philadelphia, July 8, 1776; promoted 
major, April 7, 1777. 

Hubley, George, of Lancaster, July 8, 1776. 

Bunner, Jacob, July 8, 1776; retired January 1, 1781. 

Weiser, Benjamin, July 8, 1776; resided after the war at Selins- 

Woelppor, John D. , July 17,1776; transferred to Invalid corps, 
June 11, 1778. 

Boyd, Peter, of Philadelphia, May 9, 1777; from first lieutenant ; 
retired January 1, 1781. 

Rice, Frederick William, from first lieutenant, January 4, 1778; 
retired January 1, 1781. 

Hubley, Bernard, from first lieutenant, February 24, 1778; re- 
tired in 1781 ; brigade inspector of Northumberland county, 
&c. : in 1807, published the first volume of his History of 
the Revolution ; died 1808. 

Captain Lieutenant. 

Shrawder, Philip, February 8, 1778, from lieutenant; retired 

January 1, 1781. 

First Lieutenants. 

Rowlwagen, Frederick, July 12, 1776. 

Boyer, Peter, July 12,1776; promoted captain, May 9, 1777. 
Rice, Frederick William July 12, 1776 ; promoted captain, Janu- 
ary 4, 1778. 


Bower Jacob, July 12, 1776. 

Hubley, Bernard, August 15, 1776; promoted captain February 
24, 1778. 

Shrawder, Philip, of Philadelphia, May 13, 1777; promoted 
captain lieutenant, February 8, 1778. 

Weidman, John, from first lieutenant, May 14, 1777; retired 
January 1, 1781; died June 9, t 1830, aged seventy-four; 
buried in Lutheran cemetery, Reading. 

Cremer, Jacob, from second lieutenant, January 8, 1778; re- 
tired January 4, 1781. 

Swartz, Christopher Godfried, February 12, 1778; retired Janu- 
ary 1, 1781. 

Young, Marcus, March 12, 1778; retired January 1, 1781. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Hawbecker, George, July 12, 1776. 

Landenberger, John, July 12, 1776. 

Schaffer, George, July 12, 1776. 

Yeiser, Frederick, July 12, 1776. 

Shrawder. Philip, August 12, 1776; promoted second lieutenant, 
May 13, 1777. 

Smith, Adam, resided in Huntingdon county, in 1835, aged 

Cremer, Jacob, from ensign, May 13, 1777 ; promoted first lieu- 
tenant, Januai^ 8, 1778. 

Swart/, Christopher Godfried, from ensign ; promoted first 


Weidmaii, John, July 12, 1776; promoted lieutenant, May 14, 

Helm, Christian, July 12, 1776. 

Cremer, Jacob July 12, 1776; promoted second lieutenant, May 
15, 1777. 

Swart/, Christopher Godfried, July 12, 1776; promoted second 

Cleckner, Christian, Philadelphia, July 23, 1778 ; retired Janu- 
ary 1, 1781. 

Dieffenderfer, David, of Lancaster, July 23, 1778 ; resided in 
Lancaster county, in 1832, aged eighty. 

A djuiants. 

DeLinkensdorf, Lewis, August 9, 1776; formerly lieutenant in 
one of the king of Sardinia's Swiss regiments. 

Weidman, John, lieutenant, June 20, 1779 ; captured and ex- 
changed in 1780. 



Michael, Eberhard, 1776-7; died in Lancaster, Pa M July 16, 1778. 
Hubley, George, captain, 1778. 
Boyer, Peter, captain, June 20, 1779. 

Quarter- Masters. 

Myle, Jacob, October 24, 1776. 

Raybold, Jacob, of Maryland, July 24, 1778. 


Peres, Peter, of Philadelphia, September 1, 1778 1781 ; retired 
January 1, 1781. 

Surgeon's Mate. 
Smith, Alexander, of Maryland. 


x Sergeant Major. 
Francis, George, Lancaster, December 15,, 1777 


Benickler, John, from Thompson's. 

Gabriel, Peter, Philadelphia, July 13, 1776 ; transferred to First 

Penn'a, 1781. 
Gleim, Philip, Lancaster; Rice's company, August 7, 1776; 

wounded at Germantown, through left shoulder. 
Hauss, Michael, Philadelphia, August 2, 1776; transferred to 

Invalid corps, 1780. 

Johnston, John, Philadelphia, October 21, 1776. 
Linderman, Frederick, August 20, 1776; resided in Limerick 

township, Montgomery county. 
Luff, George, Philadelphia, July 10, 1777. 
Moser, Henry, Philadelphia, July 10, 1776; died February 21, 

1825, aged sixty-eight, at Philadelphia. 
Mulls, Francis, 1776 -November 1, 1780; transferred to Invalid 


Reichly, Lewis, Philadelphia, August 26, 1776. 
Shrider, Israel, Philadelphia, November 13, 1779. 
6-VOL. XI. 


Weissert, Jacob, Capt. Bunner's company ; July 20, 1776. 

Wentz, Jacob, Philadelphia, July 23, 1770. 

Wiand, John, Lancaster, Bunner's company ; August 24, 1776. 


Brownsburgh, Lewis, Germantowii, July 14, 1776. 

Cypril, Frederick, Philadelphia, August 18, 1776. 

Deal, Adam, July 16, 1776; transferred to Invalid corpe, Octo. 
ber 16, 1779. 

Fesmire, John, Philadelphia, September 4, 1776; died Septem- 
ber 2, 1821, in Philadelphia, aged sixty-nine. 

Funk, George, Reading, October 19, 1776; resided in Lancaster 
county, 1835, aged eighty-three. 

Gohoon, James, Berks county, August 6, 1776. 

Kline, Philip. 

Rifferts, Christian, Philadelphia, July 25, 1776; residing in 
Philadelphia, 1835, aged eighty-five. 

Shrider, Philip, Philadelphia, July 20, 1776. 

Sipperel, Frederick, Philadelphia, August 18, 1776. 

Wilbelm, Frederick, Lancaster, August 3, 1776; resided in 
Philadelphia. 1835. 

Drum Major. 
Hart, John, Philadelphia, July 2, 1776. 


Alexander, Joseph, Philadelphia, July 12, 1776. 
Brown, John, Philadelphia, November 12, 1779. 
Borgignon, Francis, Philadelphia, October 4, 1776. 
Fortner, Peter, Philadelphia, May 11, 1779; Burchardt's com- 


Baker, Christian, October 12, 1776. 

Banig, Dedrick. 

Bantzey, Detmar, or Bonsa. Betmire, October 12, 1776; trans- 
ferred to Second Penn'a. 

Belcher, Benjamin. 

Beyerly, Christopher, Lancaster, enlisted September, 1776. 

Bloom, David, Berks county. August 8, 1776; for three years. 

Botamer, Jacob, Berks county, August. 1776; of Capt. Peter 
Boyer's company; wounded at Trenton, New Jersey, Janu- 
ary, 1777; resided in Westmoreland county, in 1813. 

Bowers, George, died November 24, 1827, in Allegheny county, 
aged sixty-seven. 

Briningen, Frederick, Philadelphia, December 29, 1776. 


Brodbach, Michael, Philadelphia, February 25, 1779. 

Brookhaus, Rudolph, A ugust 20, 1776. 

Brunner, John, Burchardt's company; Philadelphia; August 

18, 1776. 

Calhoun, James. 

Cantw ell, Richard, Boyer 's company; deserted November, 1780. 
Carles, Frederick, January 1, 1777. 
Casner, Christian, October 20, 17791781. 
Christman, Charles, July 28, 1776. 
Clifton, Thomas, died in Ross county, Ohio, September 30, 1832, 

aged eighty-seven. 

Cline, Philip, Germantown, August 18, 1776. 
Cockendorf, John. 

Cook, Philip, Philadelphia, September 30, 1776 178L 
Coon, Christian, Lancaster, August 23, 1776. 
Coon, John, October 23, 1776. 
Coppas, Peter, December 10, 1776. 
Copple, Daniel. July 28, 1776. 
Crane, John, Baltimore, October 23, 1776. 
Deetz, Frederick, Philadelphia, July 20, 1776. 
Deperung, Henry, July 28, 1776. 
Dillinger, Frederick, Chester, August 21, 1776. 
Dominick, Henry, Philadelphia, October 23, 1776. 
Donahoo, Robert, October 21, 1776. 
DoyJe, Maurice, March 3, 1780; deserted. 
Drank, Peter. 

Drexler, David, October 10, 1776. 
Dunkin, James, Capt. Weiser's company; blacksmith; served 

three years; resided in Huntingdon county, 1818, aged 


Eirich, Michael, April 15, 1776-1781. 
Ferraugh, Michael, Philadelphia, July 20, 1776. 
Fleish, Christian, August 15, 1776. 
Flock, Matthias, Philadelphia, October 23, 1776. 
Flowers, Philip, killed October 4, 1777. 
Gable, Henry, Northampton county. February 26, 1779. 
Gerhart, Abraham, Philadelphia, 17771781. 
Gerhart, Charles Conrad, Philadelphia, January 20, 1777. 
Gerlinger, Lewis, July 20, 1776. 
Gruber, George. 

Haag. Christian, Philadelphia, October 23, 1776. 
Hagar, Andrew, Berks county, December 9, 1776. 
Halfpenny, James, Philadelphia. December 27, 1776. 
Hammereich, Henry, July 17, 1776; Bunner's company ; resided 

iu Philadelphia in 1835, aged ninety-four. 


Hantzel, George, Philadelphia, October 24, 1776; transferred 
to Invalid corps. 

Hargood, Henry, Lancaster, December 29, 1770. 

Harper, Jacob, Philadelphia, Augusts, 1776. 

Hart man, Michael, resided in Armstrong county in 1835. 

Hart man, Theodore, Banner's company, July 15, 1776. 

Hawke, Andrew. 

Heffner, Jacob, resided in Richland county, Ohio, 1834, aged 

Heidler, Martin, Philadelphia, August 20, 1776. 

Heims, William, Philadelphia, July 16, 1776. 

Herts, Frederick, Philadelphia, July 20, 1776. 

Hess, Michael, Philadelphia, December 29, 1776. 

Hess, Tobias. 

Higgens, Patrick, Lancaster, August 18, 1776. 

Hiles, Conrad, died May 17,1821, in Fayette county, aged sixty- 

Hilter, Philip. 

Huhn, John. 

Isaloo, Casper, August 8, 1776. 

Janson, Jacob, resided in Gfreenwood township, Columbia 
county, 1828. 

Johnston, Hugh, Sunbury, October 20, 1779; paid at Carlisle 
in April, 1781. 

Judy, Martin, Philadelphia, October 4, 1776. 

Kappais, Peter, January 1, 1777. 

Keen, Thomas, Philadelphia, February 1, 177.7. 

Keyser, John, Philadelphia, July 27, 1776. 

Keppard, John, Philadelphia, October 23, 1776. 

Kerhart, Conrad, January 1,; 1777. 

Kerls, Frederick, July 21, 1776. 

Kerls, William, Philadelphia, August 10, 1776. 

Kerstetter, George, Burchardt's, company, July 29, 1776; in 
the battles at Brunswick, Trenton, Brandywine, and Ger- 
mantown ; in Sullivan's expedition ; discharged at North- 
umberland, 1779 ; resided in Perry to .vnship, Union county, 
in 1821. 

Kettle, Cornelius, Sunbury, February 25, 1779. 

Kettle, Jonas. 

Kleich, Cornelius, January 1, 17771781. 

Knowland, Joseph. 

Kochenderfer, John, Lancaster, August 26, 1776. 

Kremer, Jacob, Boyer's company, July 19, 17761779; resided 
in York county, 1818, aged sixty-two. 

T,ash, Philip, Philadelphia, July 14, 1776; died February 8, 1822, 
aged seventy-nine, in Philadelphia. 


Leaf, M., July 11, 1776. 

Lehman, William, Philadelphia, July 29, 1776. 

Lehr, Henry, Philadelphia, July 21, 1776. 

Leidy, Christopher, Philadelphia, July 20, 1776; deserted No- 
vember, 1780. 

Leonard, John, Philadelphia, October 23, 1776. 

Lynn, George, Philadelphia, October 23, 1776. 

McClean, Jacob, February 25, 1779; Capt. Weiser's company; 
died February 18, 1834, in York county, aged sixty-six. 

Marideville, Philip, September 1, 17781781. 

Marsh, John, Lancaster, August 15, 1776; Bunner's company ; 
left the army September, 1780. 

Mast, Joseph, Lancaster, July 24, 1776. 

Mayer, Eberhart, Philadelphia, February 25, 1777. 

Myer, Philip, Philadelphia, September 3, 1776. 

Menges^ Christian. 

Meyer, Peter, Heidelberg, Berks county, March 17, 1780. 

Miley, Jacob, resided in Lancaster county, 1835, aged seventy- 

Miller, Mark, Philadelphia, August 18, 1776. 

Moore, Thomas, Northumberland, May 7, 1780. 

Myer, Jacob, Philadelphia, July 16, 1776. 

Nuble, Adam, Germantown, October 23, 1776, 

Ottenberger, George, Philadelphia, JuJy 28, 1776. 

Phile, Philip, transferred to Invalid corps, July, 1778. 

Pifer, Henry, Philadelphia, August 18, 1776-1781; resided in 
Philadelphia, 1835, aged seventy-nine. 

Portner, John, February 25, 1779. 

Price, Abraham, Easton, February 25, 1779. 

Price, George, Berks county, July 12, 1776. 

Rankey, Frederick, Philadelphia, July 23, 1776. 

Rauch, Conrad, Philadelphia, July 17, 1776. 

Reffetts, Christian, promoted corporal. 

Reigel, Michael, resided in MifHin county, 1835, aged eighty- 

Richcreek, John, Dover township York county ; Capt. George 
Hubley's company; wounded at Germantowu, and trans- 
ferred to Invalid corps. 

Rinehart, George S. , resided in Cumberland county, 1835, aged 

Rively, Frederick. Philadelphia, July 21, 1776; resided in Dela- 
ware county, 1835. 

Roop, Nicholas, of Capt. B. Hubley's company. 

Rummell, Michael, Philadephia, April 9, 1776. 

Rybaker, John, August 17, 1776; shot through the hand anti 
shoulder at Germantowii. 


Sailor, Jacob, died February 25, 1833, in Philadelphia, aged 

Saine, John, Philadelphia, August 20, 1776. 

Schroyer, Matthias, resided in Butler county, 1835, aged eighty- 

Shearer, Philip, Philadelphia, July 21, 1776. 

Sheppard, Jacob, Philadelphia, August 10, 1776. 

Sherrick, Jacob, Lancaster, October 23, 1776. 

Shiers, Peter, resided in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, in 1835, 
aged eighty-eight. 

Shudy, Martin, Philadelphia, September 4, 1770. 

Shuler, Henry, Philadelphia, July 21, 1776; died in Mifflin 
county, January 10, 1820, aged sixty-nine. 

Shirk, Joseph, died in Franklin county, February 19. 1826, aged 

Smiltzer, John, Tulpehocken, February 13, 1780; paid at Car- 
lisle in April, 1781. 

Smith. Creorge, transferred to Invalid corps. 

Smith, John, Philadelphia, December 2, 1776. 

Snider, John, October 23, 1776, wounded in the head at (ier- 

Snyder, Henry. Reading. July 25, 1776. 

Specht,Adam, Schafferstown, 1776; discharged at Northumber- 
land, 1779; shoemaker; died at New Berlin, Union county, 
Octobe^ 4, 1*24. 

Stonebreaker, Adam, Hagerstown ; Capt. Weiser's company ; 
died in Franklin township, Huntingdon county, November 
1, 1827, aged seventy-seven. 

Stoll, Adam, July 21. 1776. 

Stover, Nicholas, July 20, 1776, 

Stoule, Henry. 

Stroad, Philip, October 21, 1776. 

Stroub, Henry. 

Strouss, Cfeorge, Philadelphia, September 5, 1776; died in Phila- 
delphia, February 10, 1820, aged seventy-five. 

Sunliter, John, August 17, 1776. 

Swetzgay, Henry, died July 20, 1825, aged seventy-seven, in 
Berks county. 

Sybert, Henry, Lancaster, July 27, 1776; Bunner's company; 
died July 27, 1830, in Philadelphia, aged seventy. 

Teats, Frederick, Philadelphia, July 20, 1776. 

Treartz, Conrad, Capt. Weiser's company, August 15, 1776; 
discharged January, 1781 ; resided in Union county, 1822. 

Turnbelty, John, Northumberland; Burchardt's company, 
February 27, 1780. 


Turner, Thomas, Kensington, October 23, 1776; resided in 

Philadelphia, in 1835. 
Wagoner, Jacob, died in Clarke county, Ol io, November 4, 

1823, aged sixty-eight. 

Waggoner, Henry, wounded in the leg at Germantown. 
Wagner, Casper, Philadelphia, November 9, 1776. 
Weidman, John, Berks, August 10, 1776. 
Weigel, Christopher, Weiser's company ; wounded in the ankle; 

discharged at Valley Forge, 1778; resided in Berks county, 

1833, aged seventy-nine. 
Weisler, Jacob, Reading, October 23, J776. 
Wheeler, Frederick, Philadelphia, August 10, 1776. 
Wheeler, Thomas, Philadelphia, August 10, 1776". 
Wilhelm, George, died June 21, 1821, in Fayette county, aged 

sixty -six. 

Williams, Frederick, resided in Philadelphia, 1835, aged eighty. 
Williams, William. 

Wincher, Christian, Germantown, October 23, 1776. 
Winckler, John Henry, Philadelphia August 1 1776; died in 


Yaple, Henry, of Northampton, February 25, 1777. 
Yackle, Philip, of Northampton, February 25, 1777. 
Yiesely, Michael, served eighteen months in Capt. Weiser's 

company, resided in Union county, 1822. 









RMAND'S Legion (see record of, postea) was origi- 
nally recruited by Baron de Ottendorff as a troop of 
light infantry, but on account of the scarcity of well- 
disciplined cavalry, it changed into a dragoon corps. 
from Lusatia, Saxony, and had served inthe" Seven Years' War," 
as a lieutenant, under Frederick the Great. Upon the close 
of that war, he went to Paris, where he associated with Kos- 
ciuszko and Roman de Lisle. At the breaking out of the Revo- 
lution, these three warriors came together to America to assist 
the colonies in their struggle for independence. Kosciuszko 
entered the staff of General Washington, De Lisle was made 
captain of artillery, and Ottendorff, at the request of Gen. 
Washington, by a resolution of Congress on November 8, 1776, 
was "appointed a brevet-captain in the service of the United 
States. " By a resolution of the day subsequent, he was "ordered 
to repair to Head-Quarters, near the Great Plains, and put 
himself under the command of Gen. Washington.'' On the 5th 
of December following. Congress "directed Capt. Ottendorff 
to raise an independent corps, consisting of 150 men, sergeants, 
and corporals included ; that the same be divided into three 
companies, the first to consist of 60 men, light infantry, to be 
commanded by one captain and two lieutenants; the other 
two companies of hunters, of 45 men each, to be commanded 
each by a captain and two lieutenants ; that captain Ottendorff 
have the rank of major, be captain of the light-infantry com- 
pany, and command the whole ; that an adjutant be appointed 
for this corps who is to act as quartermaster and paymaster, 
with the rank of lieutenant and pay of other adjutants " Major 
Ottendorff began the recruiting with great energy, and in the 
spring of 1777 the complement of the corps was filled. The three 
companies were all raised in Pennsylvania, and continued in 
service until 1780. Of Ottendorff's subsequent career little 
is known. Upon the merging of the corps into Armand's 
Legion, Lieut. Henry Bedkin took command of the first com- 
pany and it is probable Ottendorff had previously left the ser- 
vice and returned to Europe. (See Ratterman's Pioneer, vol. 

mii, p. 449. ) 





Von Ottendorff, Nicholas, Count, November 8, 1776; promoted 
major of the corps. 

Bedkin, Henry. 

Schuh, John, February 17, 1777. 

Thompson, John, February 17, 1777. 


Ansbruck, Jacob, April 25, 1777. 

Bagal [Begel], Christopher, January 30, 1777. 

Bartholomew, Henry, March 1, 1777. 

Bengell, Andrews, February 10, 1777. 

B'engell, John, February 20, 1777. 

Beattz [Betz], Henry, March 1, 1777. 

Berry, [Berg], Michael, February 10, 1777. 

Blum, John, January 14, 1777. 

Brooks, James (Jacob), February 7, 1777. 

Casseau, Christian, April 7, 1777. 

Darrell, John, January 27, 1777. 

Donich, Henry (1st), December 10, 1776. 

Donich, Henry (2d), February 24, 1777. 

Dorn, Wilhelm. Philadelphia, March 22, 1777. 

Dreiskoll, James, February 10, 1777. 

Fels, Christian, February 8, 1777. 

Ferngold, Jacob, February 3, 1777. 

Fill, George, February 22, 1777. 

Geisinger, Charles, January 13, 1777. 

Geisinger, John, March 16, 1777. 

Gentzell, Matthias, March 1, 1777. 

Green, John, February 8, 1777. 

Gruver [Gruber], Peter, February 24, 1777. 

Groselius, Adolph, March 1, 1777. 

Grimm, Philip, March 11, 1777. 

Haal. Isaac, February 8, 1777. 

Hawkins [Hagens"), John, January 10, 1777. 

Hess, Jacob. April 25, 1777. . 


Hoffman, John. April 27, 1777. 
item. Jacob, December 23, 177(5. 
Keyser, Valentine. January 17. 1777. 
Klein, John George. April 21. 1777. 

Koch. John Michael, January 25, 1777; died in York county, 

Langharnmer, George, January 23, 1777; promoted sergeant of 


Loos, Arnold, December 21, 1776. 
Lynch, Edmund, January 10, 1777. 
Marks. George, of Reading. January 24, 1777. 
Mitchell, John, April 20, 1777. 
Morgan, John. January 19, 1777. 
Murden. Samuel, January 27, 1777. 
Neimrich, John G., April 26, 1777. 
Orner, Jacob, February 21, 1777. 
Outbridge, Joseph, April 25, 1777. 
Phillips, John, January 17, 1777. 
Ridgway, James, January 6, 1777. 
Rex, George, January 3U, 1777. 
Roch, John, January 25, 1777. 
Shaffer, Henry, November 1, 1777. 
Borfel, James, January 28. 1777. 
Stepper. George, April 27, 1777. 
Stuart, Robert, April 24, 1777. 
Sturnburt, Andrew, April 6, 1777. 
Schwartz [Black], Alexander. February 9, 1777. 
Toliver, William, February 1, 1777. 
Trow, John, March 22, 1777. 
Triest, Pierre (Peter), February 7, 1777. 
Walter, John, January 18, 1777. 
Weber, Philip, April 28, 1777. 



Dreisbach, Yost. Northampton county, March 3 1777, to rank 
from Feburary 22, 1777. 

First Lieutenant. 

Latur, Conrad, of Philadelphia, March 3, 1777; twice wounded 
in the service; broken of rank for some misbehavior, and 
enlisted as a sergeant in the French army. 


Second Lieutenant. 
Glaeton, Jacob, March 3, 1777. 


Betz, Henry, March 1, 1777. 
Woible, Daniel, February 16, 1777. 


Arner, Jacob, February 21, 1777. 

Arner, John, April 20, 1777. 

Brechel, Martin, Philadelphia, March 15, 1777; discharged at 
Wyoming, April 26, 1780. 

Brandhefer, Adam, York. February 26, 1777. 

Frey, Jacob, Northampton county, March 15, 1777 ; resided in 
Northampton county, in 1819. 

Gruber, Peter, February 24, 1777. 

Hahl, Eberhardt, April 29, 1777. 

Hess, Jacob, February 26, 1777. 

Keck, Henry, February 26, 1777. 

Kearn, George, April 5, 1777. 

Keisty, John, April 1, 1777. 

Kinkings, John, April 2. 1777. 

Koad, Daniel, April 10, 1777. 

Kohler, John, Philadelphia, March 1, 1777; discharged at 
Wyoming, September 1, 1780; resided in White Hall town- 
ship, Northampton county. 

Long, Jacob, February 25, 1777. 

Miiller, Jacob, March 3, 1777. 

Moles, Oliver, March 1, 1777. 

Reitz, John, February 21, 1777. 

Reutty, John, March 15, 1777. 

Richardson, Richard, February 21, 1777. 

Shiitz, Christian, March 2, 1777. 

Shutz, Daniel, March 31, 1777. 

Weirick, Michael. 

Wintz, John, April 2, 1777. 




Selin, Anthony, December 10, 1776; died in Selinsgrove, now 
Snyder county, in 1792. 


Myers, Lawrence, of Maryland, April 8, 1777. 
Froelich, Christian. 


Bartholomew, Henry. 
Blum, John. 

Keyser, Valentine, from Ottendorff's. 
Seiders, Henry, from Schott's. 


Marks, George, front Ottendorff's; died January 16, 1782, 
while attached to Hazen's regiment, on return from the 

Walter, John. 


Schuh, John, from Ottendorff's. 

Marks, William, Reading, March 21, 1777; probably from Ot- 


Thompson, John, from Ottendorff's. 


Bartholomew, Henry, from Ottendorff '& 

Bengell, Andrew, from Ottendorff's. 

Bengell, John, from Ottendorff's. 

Blum, John, from Ottendorff's. 

Croselius, Adolph, in muster of June, 1778, 

Darrell, John, from Ottendorff's. 

Dehn, George, April 25, 1777. 

Donich, Henry, December 10, 1776. . 

Dorn, Wilhelm, Philadelphia, March 22, 1777. 

Drisnall, Thomas. 

Eberts, John. 

Eirach, John, York, March 9, 1777. 

Eirach, Michael, March 9, 1777. 


Fetzler, John Adam, enlisted July 5, 1777; deserted July 9, 


Green, John, from Ottendorff's. 
Gentzall, Matthias, from Ottendorff 's. 
H.-I.-I I. Isaac, from Ottendorff's. 
Hanley, Patrick, discharged June 7, 1778. 
Hiller, George, March 29, 1777. 
Hultry, John, February 11, 1777. 
Keyser, Valentine, from Ottendorff's. 
Kirk, Henry, Northampton, March 5, 1777. 
Klein, Daniel. 
Kline, Gabriel, Philadelphia, May 8, 1777 ; discharged May 10, 

1780, at Wyoming. 
Loos, Arnold, from Ottendorff's. 
Maul, George, June 1, 1777. 
Murden, Samuel, from Ottendorff's. 
Phillips, John, from Ottendorff'a 
Rex, George, from Ottendorff's. 

Reaberg, Andrew, in muster of June, 1778, for three years. 
Ridey, John, in muster of June, 1778, for three years. 
Ridgway, James, from Ottendorff's. 
Roch, John, from Ottendorff's. 
Steinheiser, John, July 27, 1777. 

Till, Henry, Chester, June 17, 1778 ; discharged June 15, 1781 
Trow, John, from pttendorff's. 
Walter, John, from Ottendorff's. 
Ulett, Samuel, March 8, 1777. 

[The above names are taken principally from an alphabetical 
list of musters of the Independent corp of Capt Anthony Selin 
for the month of June, 1778. ] 



Schott, John Paul, Philadelphia, September 7, 1776 ; captured 
at Short Hill, June 22, 1777. For his history, see his letter, 
Penn'a Arch.,O. S.,vol. viii, page 24, also American His- 
torial Record, 1873, page 369, and Rattermann's Deutsche 
Pionier, vol. viii, page 49. In Prof. Ssidensticker's Ges- 
chichte derDeutschen Qesellschaft von Pennsylvanien, a brief 
biography of Capt. Schott is given. He died in Philadel- 
phia, June 18, 1829, aged eighty-five; 


First Lieutenant. 

Maneke, Christian. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Shaffner, George. 


Dean, George, March 27, 1777. 

Liebe, Frederick, Philadelphia, March 22, 1777; discharged 

May 22, 1780. 

Langhammer, George, from private in Ottendorff's. 
Singer, Henry. 


Bargman. Frederick. 
JBreckle, David. 
Oedeke, John, February 19, 1777, from Manheim, Lancaster 

Sheetz, Daniel, Northampton county, March 19, 1777 ; discharged 

at Wyoming, May 8, 1780. 


Burwell, Johnson, Lancaster, March 10, 1777. 

Cooly, Owen, York, March 25, 1777. 

Corbach, Peter, Lancaster, February 27, 1777; discharged at 

Lancaster, 1783 ; resided in Dearborn county, Indiana, 1830. 
Cromwell, Hugh, March 1, 1777. 
Frank, Daniel, April 22, 1777. 
Francher, Henry, Philadelphia, May 9, 1777; discharged July 

12, 1780. 
-Genner, William, November 24, 1777 ; discharged November 24, 

1780 ; resided in Northumberland county, in 1814. 
Haal, John. 

Hilps, Jacob, Philadelphia, August 9, 1777. 
Humberry, Andrew, March 29, 1777. 
John, Nathaniel. 
Kehler, John. 
Kearing, George. 

Kinert, Jacob, Lancaster, March 10, 1777. 
Levering, John, Chester, March 15, 1777. 
Leopard, Anthony, March 20, 1777. 
Lewis, Basil, April 14, 1777. 
Moles, Oliver, from Ottendorff's. 
Minks, Henry. 

IfcGauran, Francis, July 18, 1777 
7- VOL. XI. 


Phalzer, Jacob. 

Plesch, John. 

Poorman, John, Philadelphia, August 6, 1778; discharged at 

Wyoming, April 24, 1780. 
Reinerd, Jacob, March 10, 1777. 
Riddes, John, Philadelphia. 
Ritter, Tobias, Lancaster, February 23, 1777. 
Seiders, Henry, April 15, 1777; promoted sergeant in Selin's^ 
Swanheiser, Christopher, served three years; discharged at 

Wyoming, May 15, 1780. 

Singer, Henry, Philadelphia, August 9,1777, promoted sergeant. 
Sybert, Henry, March 28, 1777; discharged August 18, 1780. 
Wells, Charles. 

[The above names are a "list of Capt. John Paul Schott's in- 
dependent company, being the muster for the month of Octo. 
ber, 1778."] 


Bauer, Jacob, April 8, 1777. 

First Lieutenant. 

Uechtritz, de, Lewis Augustus, Baron, April 29, 1777; captured 
at the head of Elk, September 2, 1777, and remained a. 
prisoner until 1 1780; promoted captain in Armand's in 1781 
and served therein until the end of the war. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Sharf, John, of Philadelphia, applied for captaincy in 1778, 


Bamburg, George. 
Young, Jacob. 


Hornberg, Andrew. 
Mannerson, John. 

Ransier, Andrew. 


Bulner, Charles. 
Eirich, George. 
Feidler, Charles. 
Fernecorn, Jacob. 
Geisel, John. 

Klein, John George, from Ottendorff's. 
Lynch, Jonathan. 
Mitchell, John, from Ottendorff's. 
Neimrich, John G. , from Ottendorff's. 
Pattis, John. 
Rebourg, Andrew. 
Roch, William. 
Shafer, Jacob. 

Sypert, Adam, Berks county, March 28, 1777. 
Shepherd, John. 
Walch, John. 

Return of Captains Selin and SchoWs companies, whose deprecia- 
tion has been made up at the treasury of the United States, 
and their pay from the 1st of January, 1782, to their respec- 
tive discharges from the service in Col. Hazen's regiment. 

Selin, Anthony. 

Hilpe, Jacob. 
Steinheiser, John. 
Singer, Henry. 
Lantz, Martin. 
McGauran, Francis. 

Marks, George. 
Ulett, Samuel. 

Baizer, John. 
Brechel, Martin. 
Bryoii, Thomas. 


Cooly, Owen. 

Pels, Christian. 

Eirich, John. 

Eirich, Michael. 

Karsh, George. 

Levering, John. 

Lewis, Bazley. 

Poor man, John. 

Rid g way, James. 

Seiders, Henry, sergeant, reduced January 11, 1780. 

Swanheiser, Christian, February, 1777. 

Sypert, Adain. 

Richard Humpton, Col. old nth Penna. 

Marien iccmar, Majnr 4th Penna. ; killed at Raoli. 


Thomas Hartley, Col. new llth Penna. Tliomas Church, Major 4th Penna. 

Kudolph Bunner-, Lieut. Col. 3d Penna.; killed at Mowtnovth. 

Persifor JFrazer, Lieut. Col. 5th Penna. 

Joseph Penrose, CW. 10th Penna. 







lOL. MOSES HAZEN'S regiment, known as "Con- 
gress 1 Own" and Canadian Old regiment, was raised 
under the authority of a resolution of Congress of 
January 20, 1776, to enlist one thousand more Cana- 
dians tor one year (one having already been established under 
Col. James Livingston). January 22d, Moses Hazen was elected 
colonel, and Edward Antill, lieutenant colonel, by Congress. 
It went by the name of " Congress' Own," because not attached 
to the quota of any of the States. During the spring of 1776, 
about five hundred men were raised, but on the evacuation of 
Canada, the number so decreased, that when the regiment ar- 
rived at Albany, in August, 1776, it was reduced to less than 
one hundred. Hazen and Antill then went to Philadelphia to 
lay the state of the regiment before Congress. It was decided 
to continue it upon its original foundation ; the men to serve 
during the war. The officers were authorized to raise the men 
in any and all of the United States. Lieut. Col. Antill super- 
intended the recruiting in Pennsylvania and the Middle States, 
and the recruits chiefly consisted of men from those States, 
Col. Hazen meeting with no success in the Eastern States and 
New York, on account of high bounties there offered. 

For a detailed history of this regiment, see autobiography of 
its ad j utant, late Benjamin Mooers,of Plattsburg, New York, in 
Historical Magazine, February, 1872, page 92. The winter of 
1780-81, it remained at Fishkill, New York, thence it removed 
to West Point, from which place it moved down the Hudson 
and joined the army en route to Yorktown, where it took part 
in the siege, after which it was ordered to Lancaster, where it 
lay ten months guarding the prisoners : thence it removed to 
New York ; began to be f urloughed in June, 1783, and was 
finally disbanded at White Plains, in November of that year. 

In Col. Hazen's memorial, printed on pages 17, 18, 19, Penn'a 
Archives, old series, vol. mil, will also be found a very interesting 
history of the regiment up to November 30, 1779. By a letter 
from the officers, noted in proceedings of Executive Council, 
December 29, 1779, it appears there were one hundred and flfty- 



three, officers included, Pennsylvanians in this regiment at that 
date. See, also, Capt. Andrew Lee's diary in the Penri a Mag- 
azine of History, 1879, page 167, for an account of regiment in 
Sullivan's expedition to Staten Island, August 22, 1777. 



Reid, James R. , of York county, from captain, September 1,. 



Reid, James R. , November 3, 1776, from Fourth battalion ; pro- 
moted major, September 1, 1777. 

McConnell, Matthew, November 3, 1776, from Thompson's 
rifles; had his leg broken at the battle of Brandy wine, 
and was transferred to Invalid corps. 

Burns, Robert, from second lieutenant of Miles' battalion,. 
December 21, 1776. 

Chambers, William, December 9, 1776. 

Heron, James Gr., from lieutenant; captured August 23, 1777V 
and exchanged. 

Pry, Thomas, from lieutenant, February 1, 1776; retired No- 
vember 3, 1783 ; died before 1791. 

Duncan, James, from lieutenant, March 25, 1778. 

Lee, Andrew, from lieutenant; died at Nanticoke, Luzerne- 
county, June 15, 1821. aged eighty-two years. 


Heron, James G. , promoted captain ; he belonged to New 

Jersey. Striker's Register, page 60. 
Pry, Thomas, Novembers, 1776; promoted captain, Febiuary 

1, 1777. 
Duncan, James, November 3, 1776; promoted captain, March. 

25, 1778. 

Stewart, William, and adjutant, February, 1777. 
Lee, Andrew, from ensign; promoted captain. 
Manning, Lawrence, from ensign; transferred to Lee s corps. 
Campbell, Robert, from third lieutenant of Miles' battalion, 

December 21, 1776; wounded August 22, 1777, and lost his 

arm, and transferred to Invalid corps. 


Ensigns., Andrew, from Paxtang, now Dauphin county, November, 
1776 ; captured on Staten Island, August 22, 1777 ; exchang- 
ed ; promoted lieutenant. 

Manning, Lawrence, from sergeant major, September 19, 1778 ; 
promoted lieutenant. 

Stewart, William, wounded. 

Sergeant- Majors. 

Manning, Lawrence, December 10, 1776 ; promoted ensign. 
Hawkins, John H., January 16, 1777; from sergeant. 

Quarter -Master Sergeants. 

Jones, John, December 9, 1776. 
Thompson, James, April 8, 1777. 

White, Moses, captain. 




[Those marked (e) are taken from a list in the Secretary's office, of soldiers whose de 
predated pay escheated to the State.] 


Hawkins, John H. , December, 1776; promoted sergeant major, 

January 16, 1777. 
Duffy, James, December o, 1776. 
Dixon, James, December 14, 1776. 
Doyle, Henry, December 14, 1776 
Sharp, Thomas, January 22, 1777. 
Bradley, Edward, February 19, 1777; wounded in the arm at 

Germantown; discharged April 23, 1782, died at Carlisle, 

February 7, 1786, leaving a widow, Sarah. 
Bostick, John, December 12, 1776. 
Donaldson, Thomas, March 3, 1777. 
King, Benjamin, January 18, 1777. 


Berry, Edmund. 
Gardner, Robert. 

McAuley, Daniel, resided in Mecklenberg county, North Caro- 
lina, in 1834. 


Hanna, John, December 3, 1776. 

Collins, John, December 24, 1776. 

Reid, Peter, January 6, 1777 ; promoted sergeant. 

Barnett, Hugh, January 12, 1777. 

Dowling, Lawrence, January 16, 1777. 

Gregory, John, March 1, 1777. 


Fulmer, George, March 1, 1777. 

Wright, John (e), December 13, 1776; deserted to the British. 


Burchell, John. 

McClain, Thomas, February 1, 1777. 

Parr, William. 

Salter, Michael, resided in Garrard county, Kentucky, 1834. 


Ackley, Samuel. 

Ackerman, Francis, December 13, 1776. 

Albright, John, December 13, 1776. 

Aldridge, Joseph, March 3, 1777. 

Alt'ord, John. 

Armstrong, Robert, May 1, 1777. 

Banks, Joseph, February 3, 1777. 

Barr, John. 

Beard, Robert. 

Biddle, John, January 15, 1777 ; sick at Albany ; transferred 
to Invalid corps. 

Bomgardner, Henry, resided in Franklin county, Ohio, 1834, 
aged seventy- nine. 

Black, William, December 21, 1776; served during the war, and 
discharged by Gen. Washington 's order ; resided in Frank- 
lin county, in 1817. 

Blake [Blade], James. 

Boals. Thomas. 

Bohan, Dennis, April 13, 1777. 

Bran nan, Richard, February 1, 1777. 

Brian, Dennis, transferred to sappers and miners. 

Brooks, John. 


Brewer, Henry, resided in Adams county, Ohio, 1819, aged 

Bro lerick, David. 
Brown, John, April 21, 1777. 
Bridge, Benjamin, resided in Butler county, Ohio, 1834, aged 

Burns, Julius. 
Butcher, John, December 11, 1776. 

Butts, Thomas, February 3, 1777. 

Byers, Peter. 

Carrol, James. 

Calder, William, died in Rensselear county, New York, Febru- 
ary 18, 1832, aged seventy-six. 

Casey, Morris, May 1, 1777; discharged September 1, 1780. 

Cast-white [Geist white], Henry. 

Chambers, John, December 7, 1776 ; killed in action. 

Chesnut, Robert, December 17, 1776. 

Cln,y, Greorge, December 17, 1776. 

Cloud, Joseph, May 28, 1777. 

Clendennin, John William, resided in Lancaster county, in 

Crayton, John,- January 10, 1777. 

Collins, John, died in Allegheny county, January 18, 1833, aged 

Curtis, William, December 1, 1776; sick at Albany. 

Cramer, Jacob, died May 19, 1832, aged seventy-eight, in York 

Davis. Thomas, February 6, 1777 ; killed at Yorktown by burst- 
ing of shell, October 17, 1781. 

Demullan, John. 

Dick, Jacob, March 15, 1777. 

Dobbins, Alexander. 

Doaly, John, died July 19, 1824, in Allegheny county,aged sev- 

Dodridge, Jacob, December 4, 1776; discharged June 20, 1783, at 
the end of the war, with two wounds in the arm ; resided 
in Berks county, 1835, aged ninety. 

Dougherty, Edward, December 14, 1776. 

Downey, Edward, December 7, 1777. 

Duff, Daniel, April 17, 1777. 

Ermis, Richard, April 16, 1777. 

Ewing, David, January 1, 1777. 

Faghead TFlayhead], Thomas, January 16, 1777 ; killed October 
1* 17S1. 

Faveman, Benjamin. 

Fennon, Simon, May 1, 1777. 


Ferguson, Joseph, January 18, 1777. 

Ferguson, Samuel, died in Indiana, August 17, 1834, aged sev- 
enty -two. 

Fitzgibbon, William. 

Foglesong [Vogelsang], Henry, March 28, 1777. 

Fry, Jacob, resided in Northampton county, 1835, aged sev- 

French, Arthur. 

Galloway, Robert, April 6, 1777. 

Garrathy, Richard, December 15, 1776. 

Gibbon, James. 

Gordon, Peter, January 12, 1777. 

Gordon, Robert, January 12, 1777 ; served six years ; discharged 
at Pomplin Plains, New Jersey, June, 1783 ; resided in 
Centre township, Indiana county, in 1835,aged seventy-two. 

Grady, David. 

Grant, Joseph. 

Hannegan, Joseph, died in Indiana, March, 1833, aged seven- 

Hartman, George, December 14, 1776. 

Haslett, William. 

Hays, James, March 1, 1777; Duncan's company; discharged, 
1781 ; resided in Adams county, 1808. 

Herman, John, resided in Berks county, 1812 

Heath, Samuel, December 25, 1776 ; deserted to the enemy. 

Henry, John, January 11, 1777. 

Higgins, James, April 8, 1777; died July 17, 1778. 

Higgings, Patrick. 

Hilands, Michael, March 2, 1777; died November 11, 1780. 

Hilyer, Henry, August 2, 1777 ; resided in Lebanon county, 1835, 
aged seventy-nine. 

Huffnagle, George, resided in Lancaster county, 1819. 

Hughes, James, November 15, 1776; (in the General's guards). 

Jordan, William, December, 1776; died January 15, 1778. 

Junes, Richard. 

King, Benjamin. 

Kerbach, Antoine, died in Beaver township, Union county, in 

Keife, Daniel. 

Kelly, David. 

Kelly, Robert. 

Kelly, Timothy, January 18, 1777. 

Kendall, James. 

Kenniston, Winthrop 

Kirkwhite, Henry, December 10, 1776 ; sick at Albany. 

Leary, Michael, March 29, 1777. 


Liggons, William, January 1, 1777, at Albany. 

Lilley, Hugh. 

Liindsey, David. 

Linton, Joseph, March 6, 1777. 

Lowrey, John, November 13, 1776. 

Lyon, Stephen, December 12, 1776. 

Magraw, Patrick. 

Martin, Arthur, March 29, 1777. 

Martin, John. 

Martin, Samuel. 

Mason, William, Capt, Pry's company; enlisted at Philadel- 
phia, April 3, 1777 ; in battles of Brandywine, Germantown, 
and at Cornwallis' surrender; served six years three 
months; resided in Spring township, Centre county, in 
1820, aged seventy. 

Mays, William, December 9, 1776. 

McCann, Moses. 

McClean, Thomas. 

McClelland [McClennan], Hugh, November 24, 1776. 

McClennan, John, 

McConnel, John. 

McCune, Charles. 

McGlaughlin, Owen, January 18, 1777. 

McGlaughlin, Patrick, December 23, 1776. 

McMullan, James. 

McNeal, John. 

Mahew, Elisha, died in Greenup county, Kentucky, November 
2, 1819. 

Mertz, Clement, December 20, 1776. 

Miller, Nicholas, resided in Nicholas county, Kentucky, 1834, 
aged eighty-six. 

IMiller, John, April 4, 1777; died November 3, 1777. 

Miller, John (3d), died in Luzerne county, August 9, 1824, aged 

Mitchell, Michael, May 14, 1778. 

Mitchell, Robert, December 20, 1776. 

Morgan, James. 

Myers, Conrad, resided in Lancaster county, in 1833, aged 

Neely, David, May 4, 1777. 

Nichols, Hugh, February 4, 1777. 

Nider, Henry, died January 3, 1832, aged eighty-seven, in 
Berks county. 

Norton, James, June 9, 1777; resided in Lancaster county, 1835, 
aged ninety-five. 


Norton, William, June 5, 1777 ; resided in Columbia county, 
1835, aged one hundred. 

O'Brien, Dennis, October 7, 1776. 

Owens, Robert. 

Palmateer, William, resided in Lancaster county, 1835, aged 

Phile, George, resided in Cumberland county, 1835, aged sev- 

Parker, James. 

Paulin, Samuel, December 11, 1776. 

Pearson, John, December 20, 1776. 

Percey, John, December 20, 1776. 

Powder, Tobias, January 14, 1777. 

Pullen, Samuel, served to close of war ; resided in Franklin 
county, 1812. 

Roach, Morris. 

Roberts, Griffith, January 30, 1777. 

Robinson, Terrence, May 19, 1777 ; from Sixth battalion, De- 
cember 16, 1776. 

Rennison, John, promoted sergeant in 1777, and transferred 
to the Seventh Penn'a. 

Rogers, Matthew, November 20, 1776 ; taken prisoner. 

Schneider, John, from Sixth Penn'a Battalion. 

Schriver, Frederick, December 30, 1776. 

Sellers, Fancis, December 12, 1776 ; killed in Virginia, under 
Lafayette, October 14, 1781. 

Servine [Serven], William, December 10, 1776 ; killed October, 
4, 1781. 

Shaddow, Dedlove, 17761783, Capt. Duncan's company; died 
January 24, 1825, in York county, aged sixty-nine. 

Shields, James, May 26, 1777; in Capt. William Chambers' com- 
pany; wounded, and discharged 1783; resided in Blacklick 
township, Indiana county, in 1835, aged ninety. 

Sharp, Samuel. 

Shepherd, William, resided in Putnam county, Indiana, 1834, 
aged seventy- five. 

Smith, Samuel, January 4, 1777; died June 28, 1777. 

Snyder, John, died August 11, 1827, in York county, aged 

Spence, James, December 12, 1776. 

Standley, Francis. 

Stoner, Jacob, died August 4, 1827, in Somerset county, aged 

Stead, John. 

Swartzhausen, Christopher. 

Sweeney, John, taken at Brandwine, and escaped. 


Thompson, Edward, December 1, 1776. 

Thompson, Isaiah, December 16, 1776; killed October 14, 1781. 

Thompson, Joseph, January 12, 1777. 

Thomson, John, from Col. Miles' regiment ; served two years in 
Hazen's; joined rangers. 

Tibbins, Henry, December 3, 1776. 

Ticount, Francis, wounded in the left arm, at Brandywine, 
September 11, 1777; Pennsylvania pensioner at Philadel- 
phia, September, 1778. 

Traynor, Michael, December 6, 1776. 

Turkentine, Manly, April 19, 1777. 

Vickry, Memfield, musician ; resided in Clarke county, Ohio, 
1820, aged seventy-two. 

Wall, Isaac, died May 31, 1835, in Centre county, Pa. 

Webster, John. 

Welch, John, March 10, 1777. 

Welles, Henry. 

Welsh, Thomas. 

White, Alexander, December 12, 1776. 

White, Isaac, December 18, 1776 ; promoted corporal ; killed in 
Virginia, under Lafayette, October 14, 1781. 

Wilson, Robert, November 30, 1776 ; waiter to Gen. Hand, and 
absent when Col. William Henry paid his regiment. 

Woods, Cornelius, January 13, 1777. 

Wright, John. 

Young, Henry, December 16, 1776. 

Young, William, May 4, 1777 






8 VOL. XI. (113) 


URKEE and RANSOM (who both fell on the 3d of 
July, 1778), raised their companies, expecting they 
would be retained for the defense of the Valley ; but 
the emergency of the main army, at the close of 
1777, required their presence in New Jersey. They obeyed 
orders, and did good service at Millstone, Bound Brook, Mud 
Creek, Brandywine, Germantown, and other points. 

Rumors of the advance of the horde which desolated Wyom- 
ing in 1778, caused such a depletion of those two companies by 
men and officers who hurried home to protect, their families, 
that Congress, June 23, 1778, reduced the two companies to 
one, under Capt. Spalding. They numbered sixty-nine, but 
did not reach Wyoming until the battle was over. 

Just before the battle, Congress also authorized the raising 
of another company under Capt. Dethic Hewitt. He had secured 
about forty men, when the battle occurred, and if any record 
of his men was ever made out, it is unknown. Nathaniel 
Gates was a sergeant under him, and that is all that can be 
said of this third or fourth Wyoming independent company, 
whose captain and many others fell on that fatal Friday in 

Before the first two companies were formed, Lieut. Obadiah 
Gore, Jr. , had enlisted twenty men under Capt. Wisner, of 
Warwick, New York, and Lieut. Jameson had brought nearly 
as many more to Capt. Strong. Out of an estimated population 
of two thousand to five thousand, at least two hundred had left 
Wyoming for the sea-board, not counting some under Captains 
Spalding and Hewitt in the Valley. 

Among those named above, Capt. (afterwards Gen. ) Spalding 
was the true hero of the Bound Brook affair in New Jersey ; 
John Swift served as general on the Niagara frontier in 1812 ; 
fifteen or twenty fell in the massacre of Wyoming. Of many 
others, interesting notes might be added ; of others we have no 
record. O. N. Warden, Esq. 

The two Independent companies, commanded by Capts. 
Samuel Ransom and Robert Durkee, were mustered into thj 



service of the United States September 17, 1776, arid were cred- 
ited to Connecticut. The locality whence they were raised, 
was within the bounds of Penrisylvania.and the men afterwards 
recognized the auhority of Pennsylvania. The companies were, 
therefore, really Pennsylvania companies. Steuben Jenkins, 

A* is attached to the names in the following rolls for those 
killed at Wyoming, July 3, 1778, as appears from "A list of 
the officers and Soldiers that were Slain by the Indians and 
Tories in a battle at Westmoreland, July 3. 1778," taken from 
the manuscripts of the late Col. John Franklin. Hazard's 
Penn' a Reg., vol. x, page 14. 


Durkee, Robert,* August 26, 1776. 

First Lieutenant. 
Wells, James,* August 26, 1776. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Buck, Asahel, August 26, 1776. 

Swift, Heman, August 26, 1776. 


McClure, Thomas. 
Gardner, Peregrine. 
Baldwin, Thomas. 
Hutchinson, John. 

Setter, Edward. 

Hyde, Azel. 

Coleman, Jeremiah, Jr. 

Clark, Benjamin. 

Baldwin, Walter. 

Baldwin, Waterman, January 7, 1777. 
Bagley, James. 


Bennett, Charles. 

Brown, Asa. 

Brown, David. 

Brown, James, Jr. 

Brown, Moses. 

Buck, William, Jr. 

Butler, Eleazar. 

Carey, John ; d. July 22, 1777. 

Cole, Samuel. * 

Coleman, Jesse ; d. Sept. 5, 1777. 

Cornelius, William. 

Davidson, Douglas. 

Davidson, William. 

Deiiton, Daniel.* 

Dewey, Josiah. 

Dunn, William, Jr.* 

Ensign, Samuel. 

Evans, Nathaniel ; d. Oct. 26, 1777. 

Follet, Frederick. 

Foster, John ; d. Jan. 1, 1778. 

Frisby, James. 

Frisby, James, Jr. 

Fry, Nathaniel; d. Feb. 10, 1777. 

Garret, Elisha. 

Garret, Titus. 

Gould, James. 

Gardner, Mumford ; d. June 12, 1777. 

Hemester, Abram ; deserted March 2, 1777. 

Halsted, John. 

Halsted, Richard. 

Harding, Harry. 

Harding, Isaac. 

Harding, Israel. 

Harding, Oliver. 

Harding, Thomas. 

Harding, Stephen, Jr. 

Harvey, Benjamin. 

Hill, Thomas. 

Jerome, Asahel ; d. July 31, 1777. 

Johnson, Solomon. 

Kelly, Job ; d. Oct. '26, 1777. 

Marvin, Seth. 

Munson, Stephen. 

Nelson, Martin. 

Pettibone, Stephen. 

Perkins, Aaron. 


Perkins, John, Jr. ; d. July 6, 1777. 

Philips, Ebenezer. 

Porter, Thomas. 

Preston, Stephen. 

Robinson, Asahel ; d. Sept. 25, 1777. 

Skinner, Ebenezer. 

Sharer, Robert. 

Sills, Elisha. 

Sills, Shadrach. 

Smith, Asa 

Smith, Isaac. 

Stevens, Ira. 

Swetland, Luke. 

Showers. Adam. 

Swift, John. 

Terry, William. 

Torry, Ashal, Jr. 

Tubbs, John. 

Tubbs, Samuel. 

Tyler, Ephraiua. 

Walker, Edward. 

Walker, Obadiah. 

Wells, James, Jr. 

Williams, Nathaniel. 

Wilson, Thomas. 9 


Ransom, Samuel,* August 26, 1776. 


Ross, Perrin. Aug. 26, 1776. 

S paid ing, Simon, August 26, 1776; promoted captain. 
Pierce, Timothy, * from ensign, January 17, 1778. 
Jenkins, John, Jr. , July 6, 1778, died March 19, 1827, in Luzerne 


Hollenbach, Matthew, August 26, 1776. 

Pierce, Timothy, from sergeant, December 3, 1777; promoted 
lieutenant, January 17, 1778. 



Wilson, Parker.* 
Pasco, Josiah. * 

Alden, Mason Fitch. 
Atherton, Caleb. 
Benjamin, Isaac. 
Bennett, Oliver. 
Bennett, Rufus. 
Bezale, Jesse. 
Billings, Jehial. 
Billings, Samuel. 
Burnhara, Asahel. 
Church, Gideon. 
Church, Nathan. 
Clark, Benjamin. 
Oole, Benjamin. 
Cooper, Price. 
Corning, Josiah. 
Franklin, Daniel. 
Gaylord, Ambrose. 
Oaylord, Charles. 
Gaylord, Justus. 
Hempstead, Benjamin. 
Hopkins, Timothy. 
Kellogg, William. 
Kinney, Lawrence. 
Lawrence, Daniel.* 
McClure, William. 
Marswell , Nicholas. 
Mathewson, Constant. 
Mathewson, Elisha. 
Nash, Asahel. 
Neal, Thomas. 
O'Neal, John. 
Osterhout, Peter. 
Ormsbury, Amos. 
Pickett, Thomas. 
Roberts, Ebenezer. 
Sawyer, Samuel. 
Sawyer, Asa. 
Satterly. Elisha. 
Searle, Constant.* 
Skiff, Stephen. 
Smith, William, Jr 
Spencer, Robert. 




Swift, John. 
Van Gordon, John. 
Walker, Elijah. 
Worden, Caleb. 
Worden, John. 
Williams, Thomas. 
Williams, Zeba. 
Woodstock, Richard. 


This company was formed under the act of Congress of June 
23, 1778, uniting the remains of the two Independent com- 
panies of Wyoming, originally commanded by Capts. Sam- 
uel Ransom and Robert Durkee, of Westmoreland. 

Spalding, Simon, appointed June 24, 1778. 


Pierce, Timothy, Jan. 17, 1778 ; killed at the massacre July 3, 

Jenkins, John, July 6, 1778. 


McClure, Thomas. 

Williams, Thomas, consumptive. 

Witman, Lemuel, sick. 

Hutchinson, John.* 


Alden, Mason F. 
Armstrong, Amos. 

Austin, . 

Bagley, James. 
Baldwin, Thomas. 
Baldwin, Waterman. 
Beach, Nathan. 
Benjamin, Isaac. 
Bennett, Charles. 


Bennett, Oliver. 

Bennett, Rufus. 

Bidlack, Benjamin. 

Brown, David. 

Brown, James. 

Brown, Moses. 

Burnham, Asel. 

Carey, John, wounded. 

Carroll, William. 

Church, Gideon. 

Church, John or Joel. 

Church, Nathaniel. 

Clark, Benjamin. 

Clemen, Jeremiah. 

Cole, Benjamin. 

Colton, - . 

Conover, William. 

Cornelius, William. 

Croutch, David, fever. 

Denton, Daniel.* 

Evans, Nathaniel. 

Eveland, Frederick. 

Follett, Frederick, wounded and scalped. 

French, William. 

Franklin, John, volunteer ; putrid fever. 

Gardner, Peregrine. 

Garret, Elisha. 

Gay lord, Ambrose. 

Gaylord. Justus. 

Halstead, John. 

Halstead, Richard. 

Harding, Henry. 

Harding, Israel. 

Hopkins, Timothy. 

Hyde, Azel. 

Jones, Grocer. 

Kinney. Lawrence. 

Kellogg, William. 

Lawrence, Rufus. 

Matheson, Elisha. 

McClure, William. 

Neal, John. 

Neill, Thomas. 

Parks, Ebenezer, sick with flux 

Parks, Thomas. 

Patterson, Nehemiah, sick. 


Pell, Josiah. 

Pickett, Thomas. 

Pierce, John. 

Pierce, Phineas. 

Porter, Justus ; killed Jan. 20, 1777. 

Ransom, George Palmer. 

Satterlee, Elisha. 

Searle, Constant. 

Sill, Shadrach. 

Skiff, Stephen. 

Smith, Asa. 

Smith, Isaac. 

Smith, James. 

Smith, William. 

Stark, James. 

Stark, John. 

Stark, Nathan, lame. 

Stephens, Ira. 

Stephens, Roswell. 

Still, Stephen. 

Swift, John. 

Terry, William. 

Tubbs, Samuel. 

Tyler, Ephraim. 

Underwood, . 

Walker, Elijah. 

Walker, Obadiah. 

Wells, James. 

Williams, Nathaniel. 

Williams, Thomas, promoted sergeant. 

Woodstock, Richard, sick with fever. 

Worden, John. 

The remarks above are taken from reports of William Hooker 
Smith, surgeon of the garrison at Wyoming, June 14 and June 
21, 1779, to Gren. Hand. 

Constant Mathewson, of Ransom's company, was blown to 
pieces by a cannon ball at the bombardment of Mud Port, in 

Two brothers, Asa and Samuel Sawyer, died of camp dis- 

Thomas Porter was killed by a cannon ball. A Spencer and 
a Gaylord died. 


It may be here remarked that among the officers who fell at 
the battle and massacre of Wyoming, July 3, 1778, in addition 
to those noted, were : lieutenant colonel, George Dorrance ; 
major, John Garret; captains, James Bidlack, Jr, Aholiab 
Buck, Rezin Geer, Joseph VVhittlesey, Dethic Hewitt, William 
McKarraghan, Lazarus Stewart, and James Wigton ; lieuten- 
ants, A. Atherton, Stoddart Bowen, Aaron Gaylord, Perrin 
Ross, Elijah Shoemaker, Lazarus Stewart, Jr., Asa Stevens, 
and Flavius Waterman ; Ensigns, Jeremiah Bigford, Asa Gore, 
Silas Gore, Titus Hininan, John Otis, and William White. 
Many of the foregoing were probably officers of companies 
raised for the defense of the Valley. For a list of the privates 
killed in the same action, see Stewart Pearce's Annals of Luzerne 
County, p. 538-9. 









[HIS corps was organized by Gen. Washington in 
1776, while the army was at New York, and consisted 
of a major's command, one hundred and eighty 
men. Caleb Gibbs, of Rhode Island, was its first 
chief, with the title of captain commandant. By an order 
dated at Valley Forge, March 17, 1778, one hundred chosen men 
were to be annexed to the guard, for the purpose of forming 
a corps "to be instructed in manoeuvres to be introduced inta 
the army, and to serve as a model for the' execution of them. 
As the General's guard is composed of Virginians, the one 
hundred draughts will be taken from the troops of other States. 
Height of men from five feet eight to five feet ten ; age, from 
twenty to thirty, and men of established character for sobriety 
and fidelity. They must be American born. "See Stryker'p 
Neio Jersey Register, page 60, for copy of the order. 

In 1779, William Colfax, grandfather of Schuyler Colfax, late 
Vice President of the United States, succeeded Major Gibbs in 
the command. There are two returns in the archives at Harris- 
burgone by Major Gibbs, and the second made by Capt. 
Colfax. The following list is collated from both. Capt. Col- 
fax's return, dated New Windsor, April 8, 1781, embraces all 
"the names except those of John Arundell, John Berry, Thomas 
Blair, Hugh Hagerty, Isaac Howell, and John Pillar. He cer- 
tifies that all on his list are present except William Simmons, 
sick at Norristown. 

For an exhaustive notice of the guard, see Dr. Lossing'& 
article in the Historical Magazine, New York, May, 1858. 




Arnold, John, corporal, Fifth regiment, April 19, 1777; reenlist- 
ed November 28, 1781. 

Arundell, John, Chester county. 

Bellow, John, Second regiment, October 11, 1778. 

Berry, John, Philadelphia. 

Blair, Thomas, West Augusta. 

Craig, James, Fifth regiment, January 5, 1777. 

Craig, Samuel, Fifth regiment, Januarys, 1777; reenlisted No- 
vember 3, 1781. 

Cull, Hugh, Seventh regiment, December 27, 1776. 

Dother, John, of Marsh Creek, York county, First regiment, 
September 1, 1776. 

Eakin. Robert, Sixth regiment, February 23, 1777; reenlisted 
November 27, 1781. 

Desperate, Henry, Sixth regiment, February 5, 1777. 

Dougherty, George, Ninth regiment, Chester county, Tredyf- 
frin township, May 1, 1777. 

Dougherty, James, Twelfth regiment, Lancaster, December 
15, 1776; reenlisted November 28, 1781; discharged June 3, 
1783 ; died in 1846, near Franklin, Venango county, Penn- 

Erwin (or Irwin), Jacob, Philadelphia, Ninth regiment, Janu- 
ary 22, 1777. 

Finley, Robert, Second regiment, December 28, 1776 ; reenlisted 
November 30, 1781. 

Fischer, George, Third regiment, March 1, 1777 ; reenlisted Nov- 
ember 30, 1781. 

Foutz, Adam, Second regiment, December 1, 1777. 

Frazer, James, sergeant, Third regiment, February 1, 1777 ; re- 
enlisted November 25, 1781. 

Hagerty, Hugh, of Northumberland. 

Hetton, Joseph, Second regiment, November 16, 1776. 

Howell, Isaac, Philadelphia. 

Hyner, Daniel, Philadelphia, Fourth regiment, January 9, 
1777 ; reenlisted November 30, 1781. 

Hunter, William, sergeant, Fourth regiment, March 11, 1777; 
reenlisted November 3, 1781. 

Hughes, James, Third regiment, November 13, 1776; reenlisted 
December 27, 1781. 

Justice, John, sergeant, Second regiment, May 1, 1777. 

Kernahan, William, York county, First regiment, September 
5, 1776; reenlisted December 1, 1781. 


Montgomery, John, Carlisle, Tenth regiment, March 6, 1777. 

Moriarty, Dennis, First regiment April 9. 1778. 

Patten, John, First regiment, July 27, 1777; reenlisted Novem- 
ber 29, 1781 ; resided in Philadelphia in 1806. 

Pillar, John, Westmoreland. 

Reily, William, Lancaster, Third regiment, November 18, 1777. 

Smith, Francis, Ninth regiment, December 22, 1776. 

Simmons, William, Eleventh regiment, March 1, 1777. 

Townseiid, Solomon, Tenth regiment, March 1, 1777. 

Whalen, Edward, Eleventh regiment, March 1, 1777. 

Wells, Enoch, Third regiment February 1, 1777 ; reenlisted De- 
cember 3, 1781. 

[In a return, dated November 27, 1781, William Colfax, lieu- 
tenant commandant, certifies that Adam Foutz and George 

Fisher are cooks to the General. ] 

Members of Chiefs Guards from Pennsylvania, no included in 
foregoing returns. 

Bart let t, Jacob, died April 16, 1828. 

Bodine, John, sergeant, died in Ross county, Ohio, September 
2, 1822, aged seventy -eight. 

Boyd, William, died in Fleming county, Kentucky, December 
30, 1828, aged seventy-four. 

Fenton, John, Fourth Penn'a; reenlisted December 19, 1781. 

Finch, John. 

Forrest, Thomas. 

Hounspey, William. 

Miller, John, first sergeant, resided in Northampton county, 
1835, aged eighty-two. 

O'Brien, Andrew, died April 16, 1824, aged seventy-one, in 

Wilson, Cornelius, drummer. On return June 4, 1783. (Loss- 
ing. ) 

Zeller, Peter R. , resided in Montgomery county, in 1825. 

9 VOL. XI. 









|OL. STEPHEN MOYLAN was born in Ireland, in 
1734, and upon the recommendation of John Dick- 
inson, Esq. , was placed in the commissary depart- 
ment in the army before Boston, in 1775. On the 
oth of June, 1776, Congress elected him quarter- master general, 
with the rank of colonel, which office he resigned October 1, 
1776. He then raised his cavalry regiment which was an inde- 
pendent organization, the Officers of which were not all from 
Pennsylvania, but the men were all raised in Pennsylvania. 
General St. Clair's letter, Archives, 0. S., col mi, page 666. 
They were enlisted in 1777, their term expiring the last of Sep- 
tember 1780. when only eleven men were credited as its quota 
for the war. In the spring of 1781, its ranks were recruited tt> 
eighty men, who went southward in detachments to join Gen. 
Wayne. See correspondence in Archives, O. S.,vol. ix, pages 267, 
321. For an interesting notice of Col. Moylan and Capt. 
Heard, see Chastelleiix' s Travels, vol. i, pages 142 and 155. Col. 
Moylan retired at the close of the war with the rank of brevet 
brigadier general, and died in Philadelphia, April 11, 1811; 
buried in St. Mary's church -yard, south Fourth street, Phila- 





Moylan, Stephen, January 8, 1777; November 3, 1783, brevet 
brigadier general. 

Lieutenant Colonel. 
Temple, Benjamin, March 31, 1777. 


Fauntleroy, Moore, Augusts, 1779. See Gen. St. Clair's letter, 
Archives, 0. S. , vol. ix, page 752. 


Hopkins, David, January 21, 1777. 

Heard, John, of New Jersey, February 8, 1778 ; resided in Mid- 
dlesex county, New Jersey, in 1820. 

Craig, John, December 22, 1778; from Third Penn'a; resided 
in Northampton county, 1813. 

Manifold Peter,' May 1, 1778, to August 1, 1780. 

Pike, Zebulon,* ofcNew Jersey, December 25, 1778. 

Smith, Larkin, August 1, 1779. 

Willis, Henry, December 22, 1780; resigned April 24, 1781. 

Gill, Erasmus, from lieutenant, 1781. 

Overton, Thomas, from lieutenant, April 24, 1781, vice Willis 

Frank, Lawrence, from lieutenant, 1782. 


Cross, William, from Thompson's battalion ; promoted captain 

Fourth Penn'a, Butler's. 

Gill, Erasmus, December 25, 1778; promoted captain 1781. 
Anderson, James, captured ; exchanged December 22, 1780. 
Overton, Thomas, July 1, 1779; promoted captain, vice Willis. 
McCalla, Thomas H. 

Frank, Lawrence, October 1, 1779 ; promoted captain, 1782. 
Hallet, Jonah, October 2, 1779. 
Robins, John, October 1, 1781. 
Guthrey, George, resided in Huntingdon county in 1792. 

Subsequently major of infantry United States army ; father of Gen. 7, M Pike, 
killed < Toronto, April 27. 1813; died July 27, 1834. near Lawrenceburg. Indiana, aged 
eighty- thrie. 


Sullivan, John,- October I, .1779. -See Col. Moylarix letter 
Peuu'a Archives, O. 8., vol. mii, page 184. 


Bedkin, Henry, 1777-1778; promoted captain in Pulaski's 
legion, April, 1778. 

Henderson, William, of Philadelphia, February 22, 1777. 


Cathcart, William, of Philadelphia, April 1, 1777. 
McCalla, Thomas H., from surgeon's mate, June 1, 1780. 

Surgeon's Mates. 

McCalla, Thomas H. , May 1, 1778 ; promoted surgeon June 1 

Thompson, Joseph. 





[Those marked (e) are taken from a list In the Secretary's office, of soldiers whose de- 
preciated pay escheated to the State, ] 

Riding -Master. 
Thompson, William. 

Coon, Christian. 


Haler, George, resided in Lebanon county, 1832, aged seventy- 

Spickett, Samuel, died in Cheshire county, Massachusetts, Janu- 
ary 4, 1823, aged seventy-two. 

* Sullivan was one of the officers who Insulated the riotous conduct of some of the 
soldiers of the Pennsylvania I>irip in June. Kas, at Philadelphia. As late as January, 
1788, the government made efforts for his apprehension. See Col. Harmar's letter in 
Gen. Knox, Penn'a Hist. Transactions, vol. vii. page 426. See page256, tbtd., jorafiM 
account of thin riot.. 



Brown, Sabritt, June 10, 1777. 
Austen, Thomas (e). 

\.bbey, Edward. 
Acton, Thomas, July 18, 1777. 
Adams, Jonathan, June 5, 1778; died in Harrison county, 

Virginia, April 21, 1885. 
Akeley, John, March 13, 1778; Capt. Plunkett's company; 

discharged, 1783; resided in Greenwood township, Mifflin 

county, in 1814. 
Alburtis, John, June 12, 1778. 
Anthony, George, June 12, 1778. 

Baker, Jacob, transferred to infantry August 19, 1777. 
Balitz, George, May 6, 1777. 
Barney, Thomas, March 23, 1777. 
Barry, John. May 11, 1777. 

Basl'ord, James, August 1, 1780 ; Second troop. 
Bassett, William, resided in Ripley county, Indiana, 1834, aged 


Beach, Roswell, January 15, 1780. 
Bedell, David, October 15, 1778; resided in Burke county, 

North Carolina, in 1834. 
Benson, William. 

Birch, Samuel, March 12. 1779; Second troop. 
Black, Michael, April 23, 1778. 
Blairie, Allaim, June 12, 1778. 
Bonham, Moses, June 5, 1778; died in Virginia, November, 1782; 

left a wife Rebecca. 
Borlis, John. 
Boyd, Alexander. 
Brad burn, Alexander. 
Brewer, Daniel, May 11, 1778. 
Broom, Samuel, June 2, 1779. 
Brown, Archibald. 

Bryan, Charles, corporal, April 1, 1780. 
Bunhill, John. 
Burchall, John. 
Burtry, AVilliam. 
Burne, Lawrence, corporal, Craig's company; transferred to 

infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Busby, Benjamin, February 13, 1777 ; farrier. 
Busby, George. 
Button, John. 
Camp, Casper. 


< 'a r roll, John. 

( 'asry, .Morris, February 4, 1781. 

Christian. Jacob, March 12, 1779. 

Clarke, Naylor, August 1, 1778. 

Coakley, Robert, May 23, 1777 ; promoted corporal 

Collins, Robert, April 27, 1779. 

Cruin, William, June 18, 1780; Second troop. 

Crycler, David, July 10, 1777; trumpeter. 

Cunningham, Robert, January 26, 1781. 

Curtis, John. 

Dailey, Daniel. 

Danbury, Nicholas, paid from June 12, 1778, to August 1, 1780. 

Danbury, William, June 12, 1778. 

Darling, William. 

Davis, John, corporal, February 1, 1782, to October 31, 178& 

Demund, Peter, March 13, 1778. 

Denton, William, August 1, 1780 ; died in New York, in 1794. 

Dickey, James. 

Dicksori, John, Feburary 9, 1779 ; resided in Dearborn county, 
Indiana, in 1834. 

Diddy, Jerry, discharged June 28, 1780. 

Dowling, Michael. 

Duffield, Felix. 

Dull, Abraham, sergeant, discharged October 7, 1780. 

Eaton, Micajah. 

Edwards, Charles, June 5, 1777. 

Ent, William. 

Estell, William, August 1, 1780. 

Farshiers, Thomas, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Field, Charles. 

Ford, John, March 6, 1781. 

Franey, James. 

Franklin, Philip, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Fuller ton, Robert, February 12, 1781. 

Gaines, Frederick, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Gardner, Caswell, resided in Chester county, 1835, aged seventy- 

Garvin, Thomas. 

Gassmyer, Peter. 

Gibbons, Isaac, died in Shenandoah county. Virginia, Decem- 
ber 2, 1826, aged seventy-seven. 

Gilbert, William, corporal, resided in Louisiana. 

Glauser, Michael. 

Gold, Levi, August 1, 1780, 

Grace, Aaron, Capt. Gill's company, Fourth troop, Col. Moy- 
lan's regiment during the war; in February, 1819, he was 


a resident of Philadelphia, aged sixty-six ; Pennsylvania 
pensioner, 1819. 

Grace, George, March 1, 1778. 

Graham, Edward, discharged April 23, 1780. 

Gray, Lynch, died in Baltimore county, Maryland, September 

27, 1826, aged isixty-seven. 
.Grammer, Jesse, February 12, 1779. 

Green, John. 

Grinder, George I. 

Grover, Francis, February 12, 1780 ; deserted. 

Hagan, Francis. 

Heard, Bennett, April 4, 1777, Fifth troop. 

Henderson, William. 

Hewitt, Caleb, June 14, 1777, sergeant, Fourth troop. 

Highlands. William, formerly of Ninth regiment, .Virginia, 
Col. Muhlenberg ; with Col. Morgan, 17771779 ; 1779 en- 
listed in this regiment; discharged 1783; resided in Alle- 
gheny county, in 1820. Pennsylvania pensioner. 

Hilbert [Hilworth], John, trumpeter, February 12, 1780, Fifth 

Hoagland, William, April 20, 1778. 

Holland, Jacob, resided in Monongalia county, Virginia, in 
1832, aged eighty-one. 

Holtz, John. 

Hooffnagle, Georgt, December 26, 1780; resided in Lancaster 
county, 1835. aged seventy-one. 

Hopkins, William, Febrary 5, 1777. 

Housley, Jesse. 

House, George, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Hyner, Joseph, April 11, 1779. 

Impson, Henry, August 1, 1780; discharged 1783 ; Pennsylvania 
pensioner, 1816. 

Jones, Godfrey. 

Jones, John, August 1, 1780; Second troop. 

Kainking, Daniel, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Kelley, John. 

Kelly, Thomas. 

Kencade, Andrew, corporal, March 15, 1778. 

Kendle, Clayton, June 12, 1778. 

Keys, Price, sergeant, March 4, 1777. 

Kilpatrick, George, sergeant ; transferred to infantry, August 
19, 1777. 

King, John (1st) . May 23, 1779. 

King, John (2d) , trumpeter, May 23, 1779. 

Kuhn, Christian, trumpet -major, February 4, 1777. 

Larkins, James, sergeant, May 25, 1777. 


Lawson, Caleb, corporal, June 1, 1778; Fourth troop. 

Lelancl, Patrick, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Leagon, John, April 2, 1779. 

Legore, John, April 2, 1779. 

Lie George, John. 

Lewis, Charles, May 1, 1780. 

Light, John, corporal, April 8, 1778 August 1, 1780; acted 

afterwards as forage-master; resided in Lancaster county, 

in 1832, aged eighty. 

Lippincott, Stephen, June 12, 1778; Third troop (Pike's); dis- 
charged September 22, 1783. 
Little, Thomas, January 18, 1778. 

Longspit, Christian, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 
Lott. Jeremiah, trumpeter, March 18, 1779. 
Lucas, Richard, sergeant, July 4, 1777. 
Lynn, John, Gill's company, January 1, 1780; served until the 

end of the war ; resided in Union county ; in Pennsylvania 

list of pensioners 24th March, 1818. 
Maloney, Timothy. August 1, 1780. 

Malone, John, resided in Washington county, 1820, aged sixty. 
Martin, Abraham, November 14, 1780. 
Martin, Charles, sergeant, transferred to infantry, August 19, 


McCarty, Dennis, farrier, February 19, 1777. 
McCarty, William 

McCarty, Daniel, transferred August 19, 1777, to infantry. 
McCrea, Gilbert, June 16, 1778. 
McFarlane, John, May 9, 1777. 
McHenry, Edward. 
McNolt, George William, farrier. 
McLaughlin, John, resided in Rowan county, North Carolina* 

in 1888, aged eighty-one. 
McQuaid, John, farrier. 

Moore, Michael, July 4, 1781 ; from Cork, Ireland. 
Montgomery, John, February 25, 1781. 
Morris, Benjamin. 
Morris, John, September 20, 1780. 
Morris, John (2d; , June 12, 1778. 

Mortimer, Robert, sergeant ; discharged April 23, 1780. 
Mullan, Jacob, died in Franklin county, Tennessee, November 

4, 1833, aged seventy-five. 
Murray, Thomas. 
Nogel, Henry. 

Oldwine, Barnard, trumpeter. 
Oldwine, Charles, March 12, 1781. 
Orles, Thomas, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 


( >rgan, Cornelius. 

Pattern, James, January 80, 1777. 

Pattern, Thomas. 

Perrein, William, June 10, 1778 ; Sixth troop. 

Perry, Thomas, May 1, 1777. 

Pierce, Thomas. 

Pitt, Richard. 

Quail, John, December 22, 1777. 

Quarrell, James, February 20, 1777. 

Rarishaer [Renshaw], Bennett. 

Rex, Adam, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 

Riblet, Peter. 

Richardson, Robert, June 12, 1778. 

Roberts, Thomas, July 5, 1778; in 1781, captureel ; resided in 

Lancaster county, 1812. 
Robertson, James. 
Robeson, George, June 24, 1777. 
Ruimals, Thomas. 

Satwell [Setwell], Solomon, February 17, 1780. 
Saylor, John. 

Scott, John, discharged September 1, 1780. 
Searles, Reuben, June 3, 1778. 
Scott, Jeremiah. 
Shannan, David, trumpeter, September 11,1777; dischargeel 22d 

August, 1780. 

Shell, Adam, taken prisoner anel died in New York. 
Sheppard, Robert, quarter master sergeant. February 22, 1778; 

resided in Northampton county, 1835, aged seventy-six. 
Shetz, Casper. 

Shields, James, August 1, 1778. 
Singleton. John, February 24, 1777. 
Smith, Daniel, January 20, 1778. 
Soiial, John, September 17, 1780. 
Speedier, Jacob, May 1, 1777; Craig's company; resided in 

Adams county, 1811. 
Sprackett, Thomas, April 12, 1778. 
Stephenson, William, Philadelphia, loth August, 1782; Pike's 

company; resided in Philadelphia, 178(3; Pennsylvania 


Stout, David, June 5, 1778. 
Straune, John. 

Sutton, John, September 29, 1778. 
Swan, Joshua, May 6, 1777. 
Sypher, Peter, discharged August 16, 1780. 
Taylor, John, corporal, May 4, 1777 ; living in 1792. 


Taylor, William, resided in Trumbull county, Ohio, in 1824, 

aged eighty four. 
Thomas, Edward, June 12, 1778. 
Thomas, James, June 14, 1777. 
Thompson, Ebenezer, August 9, 1780. 
Thomson, James. 

Walner, Nicholas, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 
Watts, Francis. 
A Vat son. Thomas W. 
Wear, Ralph. 
Wells, Enoch, corporal, transferred to infantry, August 19, 


Welsh, Patrick, November 1, 1780. 
Westvelt, Caleb, sergeant, June 14, 1777. 
White, Joseph, at Chester, Pennsylvania; in Capt. Moore 

Pauntleroy's company, 8th September, 1777; at Monmouth; 

discharged at Hackensack, September 15, 1780 ; resided in 

Boggs township, Centre county, in 1830, aged sixty-three. 
Wilson, Thomas, sergeant, August 1, 1780 ; resided in Orange 

county, New York, 1816. 

Winer, Henry, transferred to infantry, August 19, 1777. 
Wycoff, Cornelius, June 12, 1778. 
Young, John (e), May 1, 1779. 
Young, Joseph (e), March 18, 1777. 
Zell, John. 








JONGRESS, on the 10th of May, 1777, commisioned 
Arinand, colonel, and authorized him to raise a 
corps of Frenchmen, not exceeding two hundred. 
On the 5th of February, 1779, he applied to Con- 
gress, and received leave to return to France, where he largely 
recruited his corps, and returned. October 3, 1780, Congress 
determined that on the 1st of January, 1781, such of the six- 
teen additional regiments as had not been annexed to the line 
of some particular State, and all the separate light corps of 
the army, both horse and foot, should be reduced except Col. 
Hazen's regiment, Col. Armand's legion, and Major Lee's 
corps. With the exception of the incorporation of Pulaski 
legion with it, it therefore remained intact until the close of 
the war. Charles Armand was Marquis de la Rouerie, who 
concealed his rank, combatting an unsuccessful love, by throw- 
ing himself headlong into the channel of war. (Lafayette' s 
Memoirs, vol\i, page 119.) He was prominent in the fight at 
Red Bank, in 1777, and opposed the Tories in West Chester 
county, New York. Was stationed in Ridgfield, Connecticut, 
in 1779 ; under Grates in the south ; pursued Cornwallis to York- 
town ; made a brigadier in 1783, on Washington's recommenda- 
tion. He took an active part in the scenes of the French revo- 
lution, and died in 1793. For more extended biographical 
sketches of Col. Armand, and a brief resume of his services, see 
Rattermann's Deutsche Pionier,vol. mii,page 437,and The Penria 
Magazine uf History, vol. ii, page 1. 

A return among the Hand papers, entitled "Return of the 
Independent Corps of Cavalrie and of Foot, commanded by 
Col. Armand, Minesing, December 28, 1778, "gives the strength 
of the corps as follows : 
Light dragoons, Capt. Marckle, ...... . ..................... 19 

Shaff ner, ............................ 34 

Sigoigne, ............................ 23 

deBert, ....................... ..... 19 

Total, t ............ ..... . ,; -< 

10 VOL. XL (145) 



"A general return of the First Partisan legion, commanded 
by Col. Armand, Marquiss De La Rouerie, with the altera- 
tions that happened from January 1, to this 1st July, 1782."" 

Armand, Marquis De La Rouerie. 

Lieutenant Colonel. 
Ternant, John (inspector detached to the Southern army). 

Shaffner, George. 

Morris, Gottleib. 

Surgeon's Mate. 
Gruiyer, . 


(Vacant by resignation of Capt. Lewis De Sigoigne). 

Fontevieux, Chevalier. 

vritling, William. 


Clark, Hezekiah, New Hampshire, drafted and joined Novem- 
ber 2, 1781. 

Helmdorff, William, Massachusetts, March 19, 1779. 
Rose, Herman, Connecticut, drafted and joined November 2, 

1781. . 


Butler, Benjamin, Connecticut, drafted and joined Novem- 
ber 2, 1781. 
Lewis, Isaac, Connecticut, drafted and joined November 2,. 



Smith, Eliphalet, Connecticut, drafted and joined November 
2, 1781. 

Tenant, Franklin, Rhode Island, drafted and joined Novem- 
ber 2, 1781. 


Halbert, John. Massachusetts, deserted and joined September 
15, 1781. 


As pel, Thomas, Maryland, drafted and joined November 2 



Abner, William, Virginia, January 1, 1782. 

Alexander, Solomon, Virginia, May 22, 1782; died June 18, 1834 
in Lancaster county. 

Anger, Jesse, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Bell, Phineas, New York, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Bisterfleld, Andrew, Massachusetts, March 17, 1780. 

Breider, Henry, Virginia, March 25, 1782. 

Cagon, Solomon, New York, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Chevalier, John, Massachusetts, April 18, 1778. 

Christian, Peter, New York, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Closson, Nathan, Rhode Island, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Collins, John, Virginia, February 26, 1782. 

Davis, Thomas, Virginia, February 8, 1782. 

Fellows, Samuel, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Glasby, Nathan, Virginia. Marcn 13, 1782. 

Harris, Andrew, Connecticut, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Harthien, John, Massachusetts, March 25. 1778. 

Justice, Jesse, New York, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Knight, William, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Lamb, Asa, Connecticut, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Lambert. Abraham, New York, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Lawrence, Jacob, Virginia, March 14, 1782. 

Leitheiyard, George. Pennsylvania, October 11, 1781. 

Lemee, Nicholas, Massachusetts, May 9, 1778; reenlisted Octo- 
ber 17, 1781. 

Lively, Godwill, Virginia, April 0, 1782. 

Livingston, William, Pennsylvania, September 25, 1781. 

McLaughlin, William, Pennsylvania, September 25, 1781. 

Nett, Lewis, Massachusetts, April 3, 1779. 

Piles, Richard, Virginia, March 28, 1782. 

Rock, John, Virginia, drafted December 5, 1781. 

Sergeant, Valentine, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Shindler. John, Massachusetts, May 8, 1778 ; reenlisted Febru- 
ary 15, 1782, for one year. 


Shuinan, Charles, New York, drafted and joined October 25, 

Simler, John Henry, Paris, Prance, December, 1780 ; resided 
many years in Phillipsburg, Centre county; died in Phila- 
delphia, October 6, 1829. 

Smith, John, Virginia, May 14, 1782. 

Somerset, Thomas, Virginia, March 1, 1782. 

Spencer. William, Virginia, March 1, 1782. 

Statham, Robert, Virginia, April 8, 1782. 

Stofer, Henry, Pennsylvania, March 27, 1782. 

Thompson, William, Virginia, March 1, 1782. 

Ulrich, John, Massachusetts, April It, 1778. 

Walker, Peter, Virginia, March 25, 1782. 

Williamson, Henry, New York, deserted and joined October 
25, 1781. 

Wooster, Moses, Connecticut, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Young, Samuel, Virginia, drafted December 25, 1781. 

Zimler, John, Massachusetts, May 12, 1781. 


Bedkin, Henry. 

Verdier, . 

Head, Richard. 

Sergeant Major. 
Martin, Charles, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1781. 


Bancut, William, Virginia, to serve to January 1, 1783. 

Cook, Joseph, Pennsylvania, May 24, 1779; died October 26, 


Jey, Cfeorge, New Jersey, to serve to January 1, 1783. 
Martin, William, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1781 ; from Third 

Penn'a; discharged at York, November 15, 1783; resided in 

Milford township, Mifflin county, in 1813. 


Berry, Peter, Pennsylvania January 26, 1781. 
Johnston, John, New Jersey, drafted November 3, 1781. 
Toy, John. Pennsylvania, -January 26, 1781. 

Loyd, John, England, drafted ; died April 20. 1782. 


Miller, John P., Pennsylvania, October 26, 1779. 


Antrim, John, Pennsylvania, drafted from Line, 1781; two 

years to serve. 

Beagall, David, New Jersey, December 6, 1779; three years. 
Bennett, AVilliam, Virginia, April 18, 1781. 
Bodwin, Henry, Maryland, May 21, 1781 ; discharged May 24 


Brown. William, Pennsylvania, drafted in 1781. 
Donnelly, Edward, Maryland, March 17, 1782. 
Ernst, Christian, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1781. 
Flood, Timothy, Pennsylvania, November 1, 1781. 
Follet, Joseph, Maryland, July 18, 1782. 
Fulmer, Casper, Pennsylvania, May 1, 1780. 
Gill, John, Pennsylvania, drafted 1781. 
Gray, Joseph, Virginia, February 23, 1782. 
Green, Thomas, Pennsylvania, drafted from the Line ; two years 

to serve. 

Griffin, James, Pennsylvania, April 1, 1782. 
Harrington, Jacob, Pennsylvania, February 23, 1781. 
Heany, David, Pennsylvania January 1, 1781. 
Jones, Joseph, New Jersey, to serve to January 1, 1783. 
Laffetty, Daniel, Pennsylvania. January 1, 1778. 
Leland, Patrick, Pennsylvania, March 17, 1781. 
Louderbach, John, Pennsylvania, October 13, 1781. 
McCormick, James, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1781. 
McFarlane, Andrew, Pennsylvania, to January 1, 1783. 
Marian, John, Massachusetts, drafted from the Line ; two 

years to serve. 

Moore, Thomas, Virginia, June 8, 1782; deserted June 12, 1782. 
Munson, Daniel, Connecticut, August 1, 1779; died November 

15, 1781. 
Musketmuss, John, Pennsylvania, March, 1781 ; died April 12, 

Myers, Matthias, Pennsylvania, June, 1779; deserted March 

19, 1782. 

Palmer, Joseph, Pennsylvania, February 23, 1781. 
Putnam, Thomas, drafted from the Line ; two years to serve. 
Reynolds, William, New Jersey, May 24, 1779 ; discharged May 

24, 1782. 
Ririn, Daniel, Rhode Island, drafted from the Line; two years 

to serve. 
Rock, William, New York, drafted January 1, 1781. 


Sally, Thomas, drafted 1775, during the war. 
Sheller, Lewis, Pennsylvania, December 31, 1780. 
Wells, Saimiel, Virginia, May 24, 1780. 


De Bellecourt, Le Brun. 

De Couteria, La Hoye. 

Murdock, William. 


Einerie, Samuel, Maryland, May 7, 1778. 

Minnely, John, Virginia, drafted December 17, 1781. 


Farmer, Jesse, Virginia, October 25, 1781. 
Logman, James, Maryland, May 15, 1778. 
Sept, William, Maryland, May 23, 1778. 

Harold, John, Virginia, April 7, 1782. 

Teates, Robert, Virginia, May 6, 1782. 


Auderweek, Presley, Virginia, October 26, 1781 ; dead. 

Beaumaster, John, Virginia, October 26, 1781 ; deserted. 

Bowman, William, Maryland, October 31, 1781. 

Brown, John, Pennsylvania, April 8, 1782. 

Brown, John, Maryland, October 30, 1781. 

Brown, Thomas, Maryland, February 11, 1780. 

Busby, James. Virginia, October, 26, 1781. 

Butler, Joseph, Maryland, March 31, 1782. 

Buzby, John, Virginia, June 1, 1782. 

Carlisle, Bazil, Virginia, October 31, 1781. 

Cavin, John, North Carolina. August 4, 1780. 

Collins, Thomas. Virginia, May 23, 1782. 

Cortes. Bowlin, Virginia, drafted December 17, 1781. 


Davis, William, Virginia, October 28, 1781. 

Dutcher, John, Massachusetts, drafted November 1, 1781. 

Eagle, Michael, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Everton, Benjamin, Massachusetts, drafted November 2. 1781. 

Glen, John, South Carolina, June 12, 1779; dead 

Farmer, Nathan, Virginia, February 1, 1782. 

Handwood, Robert, Maryland, April 8, 1782. 

Hart on, Joseph, Virginia, July 12, 1782. 

Higdon, Joseph, Maryland, October 30, 1781. 

Jordan, Jonas, Virginia, February 1, 1781 ; desert 

Howard, Henry, Virginia, February 24, 1782. 

Limer, Peter, wagoner, Maryland, June 6, 1778. 

Lowe, Bazil, Maryland, February 9, 1782. 

Major, George, Virginia, February 1, 1781 ; deserted. 

Mercy, John, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Miller, James, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 178' 

Morris, Alexander, Pennsylvania, April 3, 1782. 

Murray, Matthias, Maryland, October 30, 1781. 

Nash, James, Virginia, October 22, 1781. 

Ovide, Ebenezer, Massachusetts, drafted November 2, 1781. 

Parvin, Thomas, Pennsylvania, July 10, 1778. 

Ramsay, James, Virginia, March 6, 1782. 

Ramsay, James, Virginia, October 29, 1781; discharged; unfit 

for duty. 

Sanderson, Israel, Masssachusetts, drafted November 2 178L 
Shee, John, North Carolina, August 4, 1780. 
Smith, John, Virginia, October 26, 1781. 
Steele, Elisha, Maryland, July 5, 1782; deserted. 
Steele, John, Maryland, July 5, 1782 ; deserted 
Steel, John, Maryland, February 11, 1782. 
Thompson, John. Maryland, February 27, 1783. 
Walker, George, Virginia, June 12, 1782. 
Watts, John, Virginia, May 22, 1782. 
Wentrie, Francis, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1778 


Be Bert, Claudius. 

Swartz, Go(tfried. 

Reidel, Henry. 


Hilff, Jacob, Virginia, November 4, 1781. 

Dralle, John, Massachusetts, June 18, 1778. 

Glaass, Grottleib, Virginia, February 11, 1782. 


Hubner, Frederick, Massachusetts, May 12, 1781; died at York, 
Pennsylvania, August 17, 1828, aged seventy-four. 


Bellboose, Lewis, Virginia, December 15, 1781. 

Bryan, John, Virginia, November 1, 1781. 

Burdoin, John, Virginia, March 28, 1782. 

Callighan, John, Virginia, March 29, 1782. 

Carr, William, Virginia, December 7, 1781. 

Chapman, Richard, Virginia, March 19, 1782; deserted. 

Connor, John, Jr., Virginia, January 17, 1782. 

Dennis, Andrew, Pennsylvania, March 9, 1782. 

Dove, Thomas, Virginia, March 7, 1782. 

Duchene, Matthew, Virginia, May 16, 1778. 

Elliot, John, Virginia, March 7, 1782. 

Ettling, Bernhard, Massachusetts, July 13, 1778. 

Green, Clement, Virginia, October 30, 1781. 

Jackson, Peter, Virginia, May 12, 1782. 

Jacobs, Henry, Virginia, March 8, 1782. 

Key, James, Virginia, April 15, 1782; deserted. 

La Barre, John. Virginia, January 12, 1782. 

La Forme. Lewis, Massachusetts, May 18, 1778. 

La Libertee, Peter, Pennsylvania, November 8, 1781. 

Le Brunn, Andrew, Virginia, January 2, 1781. 

Melvin, Peter. Pennsylvania, July 23, 1781. 

Miller, John, Virginia, December 29, 1781. 

Newton, Edward, Virginia, March 25, 1782. 

O'Bryant, John, Virginia, wagoner January 19, 1783, 

Olivier, Peter, Pennsylvania, March 8, 1782. 

Paul, James, Virginia, March 10, 1782; deserted 

Sansgene, Lewis, Virginia, September 23, 1781. 

Starr, James, Pennsylvania, March 19, 1781. j 

Tollman, Benjamin, Virginia, March 27, 1782. 

Wood, Mark, Virginia, February 17, 1782; deserted. 



Sharpe, John. 

Bennet, Ignace. 

Schrader, Israel, Pennsylvania, drafted November 4, 1781. 


Dupont, Lewis, Virginia, February 8, 1782 ; deserted. 
Wartzbach, Frederick, Virginia, October 11, 1781. 

Scheller, Lewis, Massachusetts, May 17, 1778. 

Rammier, Matthew, Pennsylvania, December 26, 1779. 


Adams, James, Virginia, October 30, 1781. 

Barvias, Stephen, Pennsylvania, November 2, 1781 ; deserted. 
Conner, Barney, Virginia, June 9, 1782. 
Conner, John, Sr. , Virginia, June 16, 1782. 
Davis, William, Virginia, May 22, 1782. 
Douty, George, Virginia, January 15, 1782. 
Geiidell, Stephen, Virginia. October 30, 1781 ; deserted. 
Goodwin, John, Virginia, March 28, 1782; deserted. 
Hall, Adam, Pennsylvania, April 1, 1782. 
Hartdorffer, Michael, Pennsylvania, April 12, 1782. 
Kunias, Jacob, Pennsylvania, January 16, 1780. 
La Flesche, John, Massachusetts, May 18, 1778. 
La Rekonisarice, Arnold, Virginia, December 20, 1781. 
La Rochelle, Michael, Virginia, Septmber 23, 1781. 
McDonald, James, deserted from Count Pulaski's legion, and 

taken up in March 1782. 
McKlean, James, Virginia, June 23, 1782. 
Marshall, William, Virginia, June 11, 1782. 
Morrits, John, Virginia, June 23, 1782. 
Parrissien, John, Pennsylvania. February 6, 1780; died. 
Salequer, Augustin, Massachusetts, May 18, 1778. 
Sansquartier, Augustin, Massachusetts, May 7, 1778. 
Shepherd, John, Pennsylvania. October 28, 1781 ; deserted. 
Sigard, Frederick, Pennsylvania, January t3, 1782; deserted. 


Sheidner, Philip, Pennsylvania, November 5, 1781. 

Smith, John. Virginia, July 1, 1782. 

Torrent, Henry, Pennsylvania April 1,1782; resided in Green 

county, East Tennessee, in 1835, aged eighty-four. 
Ville, John, Virginia, September 23, 1781. 


De Uechtritz, Baron. 

Briffault, Augustin. 

Raffanear, - . 

Giesetcus, Bieterich, Virginia, May 13, 1778. 

La Tulipe, Lewis, Massachusetts, May 18, 1778. 

9 Farrier. 

Gonter, John, Berks county, Pennsylvania, May 27, 1782, for 
eighteen months. 


Bosoleide, Oliver, Massachusetts, May 18, 1778. 
Burns. James, Massachusetts, May 27, 1779 ; died. 
Coquet, Nicholas, Virginia, December 10, 1781 ; deserted. 
DeCourt, Joseph, Virginia, October 24, 1781. 
Dowling, William, Virginia, January 18, 1782. 
Felix, Lewis, Pennsylvania, February 6, 1780. 
Fleury, Francis, Virginia, November 10, 1781 ; deserted. 
Francour, Monsel, Pennsylvania, August 10, 1780. 
Goodfight, , wagoner, Pennsylvania, enlisted by quarter- 
master general at Philadelphia. 

Jenkins, James, wagoner, Virginia, January 2, 1782 ; died. 
Lamotte, Michael, Virginia, February 8, 1782 ; deserted. 
Larue, Anthony, Virginia, October 24, 1781. 
Light, Benjamin, Pennsylvania, October 19, 17^1 ; deserted. 
Millings, Charles, Virginia, January 2, 1782. 
Nolton, John, Virginia, March 25, 1782. 
Rendorff, John, Pennsylvania, March 23, 170. 


Hansquartier, Peter, Virginia, December 18, 1781. 

Secris, James, Pennsylvania, November 24, 1781 ; deserted. 

Shrader, Christ., Virginia, March 25, 1782. 

Slicker, John F. , Virginia, January 1, 1782 ; resided in York 

county in 1835. 

Smith, Nicholas, Pennsylvania, November 14, 1781 ; deserted. 
Wright, John, Virginia, April 27, 1782. 
Young, Duncan, Virginia, March 14, 1782. 
By Col. Armand's orders, 

Captain and Paymaster of the Legion. 

On this list is indorsed in Mr. Nicholson's hand writing: 
" Received of the Secretary of War, and to be returned. " 


Morris, Gottleib, surgeon, was promoted from surgeon's mate; 
resided in York county in 1808. 

Baumgartel, Leonard ; resided in York county in 1835. 

Bealor, George, resided in Somerset county, in 1835, aged 
seventy-six years. 

Colby, John Christopher ; deserted from the Hessians, and en- 
listed at Boston in 1778, in Capt. Shaffner 's company ; wound- 
ed at Camden,N. C. , under Gates ; resided in Centre county 
in 1825 ; buried at Tylerville, Clinton county, Pa. 

Gady, William, of France ; wounded at Yorktown ; resided in 
Lancaster county in 1811. 

Glehmer, John, , resided at York in 1828. 

Hartge, John, resided in Philadelphia in 1835, aged eighty- 

Hartlein, Jacob, residing in Franklin county in 1835, aged 

Kei/enzeders, Martin, died in Crawford county, December 15, 

Koch, Adam, resided in Berks county in 1826. 

Martin, John, 1780-83, died in Franklin county, June 3, 1824, 
aged eighty. 

Mosser, George, died in Lehigh county, January 19, 1826, aged 
seventy -eight. 

Pudding, Conrad, Capt. Sharp's company,died in York county. 
April 30, 1828, aged seventy-four. 

Shaffer, Philip, resided in York county in 1828. 

Shelly, Lewis, died in York county in 1825. 


Stengle, Conrad, died at York, Pa. , ante 1826. 

Waissman, Martin, enlisted in 1778 ; discharged November 15, 

1783; resided in Georgia in 1811. 
Wilhelm, Jacob Michael, Berks county ; died in Rockingham 

county, Virginia, July 8, 1884. 






|Y a resolution of Congress, passed the 28th of March, 
1778, Count Casimir Pulaski was authorized to raise 
and organize a corps of sixty-eight light horse and 
two hundred foot. This was known as Pulaski ' 
Legion, and was recruited chiefly in Pennsylvania 
and Maryland. For extended notices of that eminent patriot, 
reference is made to Spark's American Biography, vol. iv, p. 
369-446; and Lossing's Field Book, vol. ii, p. 529. According 
to the Bethlehem Diary, Pulaski arrived there on the 16th of 
April, 1778, and mention is made of him on the 18th of May fol- 
lowing. It was during this interval that the banner, which 
forms a frontispiece to this volume, was made. For years it was 
received as a fact that the banner had been presented the gal- 
lant Pole by the Moravian single sisters of Bethlehem, as a token 
of their gratitude for the protection Pulaski had afforded them, 
surrounded as they were by a rough and uncouth soldiery, but 
recent investigations go to show that the General, on visiting 
the Sisters' house, saw their beautiful embroidery, and that 
he then ordered them to prepare a small cavalry banner for his 
legion, and that the whole transaction was a simple business 
one. Be this as it may, the banner is one of historic interest 
and value, and the truth does not detract from the romantic 
associations clustering around it. When Pulaski fell mortally 
wounded, before Savannah, in the autumn of 1779, Paul Ben- 
talon, of Baltimore, one of his captains, was beside him, and 
was carried with him on board the United States brig Wasp, 
and was with him when he died. Pulaski was not buried on 
land, as Lossing says, but, according to Bentalon, who was 
present, was consigned to a watery grave. The tanner was 
secured by Capt. Bentalon, and for more than forty years was 
hid from the public eye. It subsequently passed into the pos- 
session of the Maryland Historical Society, where it now re- 
mains. The editors are indebted to the Rev. E. A. Dalrymple, 
D. D. , of Baltimore, for the following description and present 
condition of it : 

"The Banner is twenty inches square and was attached to a, 



lance when borne on the field. Externally it is of a dingy 
brown on both sides. It is composed of two pieces, and by se- 
parating them, which is easily done, inasmuch as the sewing 
has ripped asunder, the original colors are very readily and 
certainly determined. 1. The ground, or piece of silk for both 
sides, is crimson. 2. The exploding hand grenades in the four 
corners of the banner are bright yellow silk, relieved with 
white, to show distinction in the flames. 3. The ball of the 
eye is light bro wn ; the pupil is dark brown. 4 The raysaround 
the eye are bright yellow. 5. The letters are yellow and shaded 
with green, that is the letters are two thirds of bright yellow 
silk and one third of green silk ; the"U. S. "the same. 6. The 
bordering near the edges of the banner is bright yellow and 
green, exactly like the letters. 7. The fringe was of silver, or 
some white bullion ; it is (or was) metallic, though now tar- 
nished or dark. 8. The stars are bright yellow. " 

As will be seen by reference to the banner, on one side are 
the letters "U. 8. "and, in a circle around them, the words 
" UNITAS VIRTUS FORCIOR. " " Union makes valor stronger. " 
The letter c in the last word is incorrect ; it should be a T. On 
the other side, in the center, is the All-seeing Eye, with the 
words "Nox ALIUS REGIT. " " No other Governs. " The poet 
Longfellow has thrown around this banner of Rulaski such 
a charm and beauty, that, were not his verses so wanting in 
historic truth, w% should be tempted to quote them. 

With the death of Pulaski, his legion was merged into other 
corps. On the 29th of November, Congress voted a monument 
to the memory of the Polish patriot, which 'was never erected ; 
but one was subsequently raised by the citizens of Savannah, 
of which Gen. Lafayette, during his triumphal progress through 
the United States, laid the corner stone. 



Bedkin, Henry, from adjutant of Moylan's, April, 1778. 

Quarte r- Master. 
Shrader, John. 


Laird, Richard, died in Middlesex county, New Jersey, May 6, 
1828, aged sixty-eight. 


Andrew, Isaac, resided in Middlesex county, New Jersey, 1834, 
aged seventy-two. 

Bentley, John, enlisted in Fifth Penn'a, 1779. 

Bond, Thomas, Depey's company, 1778; wounded at Egg 

Boyer, Frederich, 17781783; resided in York county, 1835, 
aged eighty-seven. 

Cheney, Richard, resided in Chester county, 1835, aged sev- 

Coram, William, from Twelfth Penn'a; died March 15, 1821, 
aged seventy-six. 

Cook, Frederich. 

Furnshield, William, resided in Lancaster county, 1835, aged 

Fogg, Joseph, resided in Warren county, North Carolina, 1834, 
aged eighty -one. 

Formshell, William, discharged at York, in April, 1779. 

Gale, Joseph, resided in Burlington county, New Jersey, 1834, 
aged eighty. 

Johnston, Benjamin, died March 19, 1832, in Philadelphia, aged 

Miller, Martin, resided in York county, 1835, aged seventy-one. 

Miller, Peter, resided in Bradford county, 1835, aged seventy- 

Myer, John, died in Franklin county, September 6, 1828, aged 

Rolls, James, resided in Livingston county, New York, 1834, 
aged seventy-three. 
11 VOL. XL 


Ruger, Frederich, died in Allegheny county, June 17, 1831, 
aged seventy- six. 

Snyder, Peter. 

Suiiih, Edward, died June 26, 1832, in York county, aged sev- 

Smith, John (3d). 

Sommerlott, William, 17791783; from Montgomery county; 
resided in Bradford county, 1835, aged eighty-three. 

Walker, Henry, died November 9, 1820, in Schuylkill county. 

Ziegler, George, died July 9, 1825, at Harrisburg, aged eighty- 

Yohe, George, resided in Philadelphia, 1831, aged seventy- 

Shuler, John, resided in Lehigh county, in 1826. 








JEE'S PARTISAN LEGION, so called, was a sep- 
arate corps of cavalry, under the command of the 
celebrated Maj. Henry Lee, of Virginia, the "Light 
Horse Harry" of the Revolution. The legion dis- 
tinguished itself in the south and was the scourge of Tarleton 
and the loyalists of the Carolinas, serving until the close of the 
war. Dr. Matthew Irvine was the principal Pennsylvania 
officer connected with it, concerning whom, in Lee's Memoirs, 
vol. ii, page 13, there is the following reference : 

" Such was Dr. Skinner's unvarying objection to Irvine's cus- 
tom of risking his life whenever he was with the corps going 
into action ; that kind and amiable as he was, he saw with 
pleasure that his prediction, often communciated to Irvine to 
stop his practice (which, contrasted with his own, Skinner felt 
as a bitter reproach), was at length realized when Irvine was 
brought in wounded, and he would not dress his wounds al- 
though from his station he had the preference, until he had 
finished all the privates; reprehending with asperity Irvine's 
custom, and sarcastically complimenting him every now and 
then with the honorable scar he might hereafter show." 




[Those marked (e) are taken from a list in the Secretary's office, of soldiers whose de- 
preciated pay escheated to the State. ] 


Irvine, Matthew, resided in Charleston, South Carolina, in 



Armstrong, James. 

Manning, Lawrence, from Hazen's. 

Roth, Philip. 

Trumpet Major. 
Cryselius, Adolph. 

Power, Robert, died January 20. 1811. 

McCrum, Michael, resided in Huntingdon county, 1833. 


Brown, Archibald (e). 

Brown, Benjamin. 

Burd, Isaac, resided in Sussex county, New Jersey, 1829. 

Chambers, James, resided in Monmouth county, New Jersey, 


Clouzier, Matthias. 
Cogler, Adam, January 10, 1778. 
Collins, William, resided at Old's Forge. 
Cutler, John. 
Ford, Archibald. 
Ford, Benjamin. 
Golding, Benjamin. 
<rray, Samuel. 

Grinder, Jacob, of Philadelphia. 
Hoagland, John. 


McDonald, William, resided in Baltimore county, Maryland, 


Mayes, John, resided in Gloucester county, New Jersey, 1834. 
Meredith, John, resided in Franklin county, Ohio, 1834. 
Morgan, John. 
Page, John (e). 
Rosamond, Robert. 
Teace, Joshua. 
Thomas, John T. , resided in Bracken county, Kentucky, 1834, 

aged seventy-four. 
Welch, William. 
White, George. 
White, James. 
White, John. 




JUNE 1, 1778 NOVEMBEE 3, 1783. 




ON HEER'S troop was organized under a resolution 
of Congress of May 27, 1778, establishing a Provost, 
to consist of a captain, four lieutenants, one clerk, 
quarter-master sergeant, two trumpeters, two ser- 
geants, five corporals, forty-three provosts or privates, and 
four ex-carboniers ; they were mounted and accoutered as light 
dragoons. A summary of their duties was included in orders 
dated October 10, 1778 (see orderly book, postea) ; they were 
to apprehend deserters, rioters, and stragglers. In battle they 
were posted in the rear to secure fugitives. In short, their 
duties were the usual ones of a provost guard, and the corps 
was styled the Troop of Marechausse. Capt. Bartholomew 
Von Heer resigned from Procter's artillery to take this com- 
mand, and in some papers he is styled "Provost Marshal of the 
Continental Army." The men were all recruited in Pennsyl- 
vania Washington's letter, Penn'a Archives, 0. S. , ix, page 486. 



"State of a troop of light dragoons, having been raised in the 
Pennsylvania State, and commanded by Capt. Von Heer, 
September 16, 1780 (at Tappan, New York)." 


Von Heer, Bartholomew,* Reading, from captain in Procter's 

First Lieutenant. 
Mytinger, Jacob. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Strubing, Philip. 


Harker, Franz, November 1, 1778. 

Hess, George, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

Mutter [Nutter], John, July 1, 1778 ; promoted lieutenant. 


Wolf, Lewis, Pottsgrove, July 1, 1778; died in Philadelphia, 

August 20, 1830, aged eighty-three. 
Hiller, John George, Reading, January 1, 1778; resided in 

Jonestown, Lebanon county, in 1832. 


Ekstine, David, Philadelphia, July 12, 1778. 

Effinger, John Ignatius, Pottsgrove, August 1, 1778 ; discharged 
July, 1783; resided in Woodstock, Shenandoah county, Vir- 
ginia, 1834. 

Wachter, Anthony, Philadelphia, July 10, 1778. 

Shafer, Jacob, Philadelphia, July 1, 1778. 

Smith, Philip, Philadelphia, July 10, 1778; resided in Berks 
county, 1835, aged seventy-eight. 


Adam, John. Philadelphia, July 12, 1778. 

Barth [Bard], Stephen, Lancaster, May 15, 1779 ; resided in 
Berks county, in 1835, aged eighty-one. 

* Capt. Von Heer removed with his family from Berks county in the spring of 1785. to 
near falls of Schuylkill. Philadelphia county. 


Baumann, John, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

Cunitz, Sebastian, Reading, April 1, 1780. 

Dansler, Christian, Hessen, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778; 
died July 20, 1821, in Lebanon county, aged seventy-one 

Durie, John, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

Eicholtz, John, Somerset, February 15, 1778. 

Engelhaupt, John, Ht. Pleasant, July 1, 1779; promoted cor- 

Frank, Henry, from Hessen, November 15, 1778. 

Frankforter, Henry, Lancaster, August 31, 1778; resided in 
Dauphin county, 1835, aged eighty-one. 

Gerlach, John, Pottsgrove, July 1, 1778. 

Green, Casper, Philadelphia, August 1, 1778. 

Gruber, Valentine, Pottsgrove, March 16, 1779; resided in Bed- 
ford county, 1835, aged eighty-three. 

Grulich, Philip, Pottsgrove, August 12, 1778. 

Hauser, Casper, Philadelphia, August 27, 1778. 

Howe, William, November 1, 1778. 

Kaiser, Lewis, Pottsgrove, March 16, 1779. 

Kratzer, John, Philadelphia, January 1, 1780. 

List, Lewis, Hessen, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

Miiller, Frederick, Reading, August 1, 1780. 

Miiller, Jacob, Pottsgrove, August 1, 1778. 

Newman, Philip, Pottsgrove, August 16, 1778. 

Pfaffenbach, Andres, Hessen, November 1, 1778. 

Picard, Philip, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

Reiss, Henry, Hessen, Pottsgrove, August 1, 1778. 

Shumann, Charles, Reading, April 1, 1780. 

Swartz, Leonard, Pottsgrove, July 24, 1778. 

Slevoigt, John, Somerset, February 1, 1779. 

Stadelmann, John, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

Stapper, Andres, Lancaster, August 20, 1778. 

Strauss, Diedrich, Pottsgrove, July 24, 1778. 

Tisius [Tecius], Frederick, Reading, March 15, 1780. 

Turk, John, Jersey, July 1, 1780. 

Ullick, John, Philadelphia, September 1, 1778. 

AVilhelm, Baltser, Hessen, October 15, 1778. 

Willhausen, Henry, Reading, April 1, 1780. 

Woolsey, Isaac, Philadelphia, August 1, 1778. 

Zabern, David, Philadelphia, July 20, 1778. 

Zapz, John, October 1, 1778. 

Ziegler, Henry, Reading, May 1, 1780. 

Zink, Abraham, Pottsgrove, August 1, 1778. 

Zullick, Henry, Hessen, Philadelphia, August 1, 1778. 


WAR OFFICE, January 12, 1781. 

I certify that the above return is exactly conformable to a 
return of Capt. Von Heer's corps, filed in this office, under the 
resolution of Congress, of March 15, 1779, by which it appears 
that one lieutenant and forty-two non-commissioned officers 
and privates belong to the btate of Pennsylvania. 


Return of a troop of Light Dragoons raised by Capt. Bar- 
tholomew Von Heer agreeable to the old establishment in 1778, 
for the American service : One captain, four lieutenants, one 
clerk, three sergeants, five corporals, two trumpets, forty-three 

Men remaining in the Troop. 

Buob, Joseph. 

Cunitz, Sebastian. 

Hiller, John Cfeorge, trumpeter. 

Kratzer, John. 

Miiller, Frederick. 

Titius [Tecius], Frederick. 

Ziegler, Henry. 

Men whose time will expire before the 1st of November, 1782. 

Barth, Henry, July 1, 1782. 

Barth, Stephen, May 15, 1782. 

Engelhaupt, John, corporal, July 1, 1782. 

(jrruber, Valentine, March 16, 1782. 

Howe, William, time expired, and not reenlisted. 

Saugarat, Joseph, clerk, May 15, 1782. 

Slevoight, John, February 1, 1782. 

Men enlisted who have not received their bounty. 

Lattelof, Henry. 
Morris, John. 
Pape, Robert. 
Reiss, Henry. 
Robert, George. 
Roster, Frederick. 


Strouss, Diedrich. 

Thum, Peter, August 1, 1778; resided in Ross county, Ohio 


Weikell, John. 
Wilhelm, Balser. 
Yachter, John. 

To the above establishment to com pleat the Troop are want- 
ing 47, whereof are eleven enlisted, but not received bounty. 
For the complement, are forty-five horses wanting, as the 
horses having been deliv'd to the Quart. M r By order of the 
Board of war when the men had been discharged last year. 


Capt. L. Dr 
March 1, 1782. 



Anthony, G-eorge, died in Jackson county, Ohio, August 16 
1833, aged seventy-one. 

Baclet, Jacob. 

Boyer, Lewis, resided in Miami county, Ohio, 1834 ; died in 1843. 

Burkhardt, John, November 1, 1778. 

Brown, Peter. 

Campbell, Alexander. 

Cryolick, Peter, died June 21, 1822, in Berks county, aged 

Eisnack, Andrew. 

Fox, Andrew, resided in Berks county in 1835. 

Fox [Fuchs], David, Reading, 1778, trumpeter, resided in 
Berks county in 1835, aged sixty-nine. 

Fox [Fuchs] , Jacob, Reading, 1778 ; resided in Pleasant town- 
ship, Fairfield county, Ohio in 1834. 

Fox [Fuchs], Frederick, 1779 ; brother of the former, resided 
in Shenandoah county, Virginia, in 1829. 

Fricker, George, resided in Reading in 1787. 

Fricker, Peter, died December 26, 1827, in Berks county, aged 

Ginser, Henry. 


Graff, Frederick, resided in Berks county in 1786. 

Koch, Adam, died May 27, 1827, in Berks county. 

O' Bryan, Andrew. 

Ox, Peter, 1782, resided in Huntingdon county in 1818. 

Richtmeyer, Daniel, Reading, 1778. 

Ruppert, Jacob, August 1, 1778; resided in Berks county in 

Sechler, Michael, 1781 ; discharged at Philadelphia, December 

31, 1783 ; resided in Lycoming county in 1825. 
Sheyman, Philip. 
Taylor, Matthew, died in Baltimore county, Maryland, in 1818, 

aged sixty-seven. v 

Trischer, Thomas, August 1, 1780. 

Wagner, John, resided in Sandusky county, Ohio, in 1834 
Wolf, Ludwig. 
Zopple, Peter. 



OCTOBER 21, 1775 OCTOBER 27, 1776. 

13 VOL. XI. (177) 


|APTAIN Thomas Procter's artillery company origi- 
nated from a resolution of the Committee of Safety, 
dated October 16, 1775, for raising an artillery com- 
pany, to be placed at Fort Island, to consist of one 
captain, one lieutenant, one drum and fife, and twenty-five 
privates, to serve the Province twelve months, unless sooner 
discharged. On the 27th of October, upon his own application, 
Mr. Thomas Procter was appointed captain. On the 3d of 
November, his company was received into the barracks at 
Philadelphia, and furnished with the bedding, "late belonging 
to the Royal artillery company," <fcc. The rules and regula- 
tions governing the company, will be found in Colonial Records, 
vol, x, page 391. On the 8th of December, Capt. Procter, and 
Lieut. Francis Procter were dismissed the service, on account 
of a difficulty with some officers of Col. Bull's battalion, and 
on the 27th, Lieut. Simonds was put in command, and the 
company ordered to Liberty Island. On the 28th, however, 
Capt. Procter was restored to command. Early in April, 177<>, 
the company being stationed on Fort Island, was increased in 
number to one hundred and twenty men, and on the 14th of 
August, his force was augmented to two hundred men, to be 
formed into two companies with one commanding officer, with 
the rank of major, each company, to have one captain lieu- 
tenant and three lieutenants, and Capt. Procter was promoted 
major. On the 5th of October, a detachment of fifty men under 
Capt. Strobagh, was ordered to Fort Montgomery, Lieut. 
Procter, of Forrest's company, to accompany. On the 30th of 
October, 1776, the terms of many of the men expired, Maj. 
Procter was directed toreenlist them for the war, arid a bounty 
of ten dollars was allowed therefor. The company remained 
at Fort Island until about the 25th of December, when part of 
it was ordered over into New Jersey, with Capt. Forrest and 
Lieuts. Duffey and Ernes, and took part in the capture of the 
Hessians at Trenton. See these letters, Penn'a Archices, O. 8. , 
vol. v, page 142. Maj. Procter joined this command, leaving 
Lieuts. Courtenay and Ernes in command at Fort Island, and 



took part in the battle of Princeton, where he captured a brass 
six-pounder, which he presented to the State of Pennsylvania. 
He was joined at Morristown on the 16th of January, 1777, by 
Capt. Strobagh's company. On the 17th, Gen. Knox left for 
New England, leaving Maj. Procter in command of all the Con- 
tinental artillery. On the 20th of February, Maj. Procter re- 
ceived news at Morristown, of the resolution for the establish- 
ment of a regiment of artillery, and of his appointment to the 


Monthly return of the First company of Pennsylvania artillery, 
commanded by Capt, Thomas Procter, at Philadelphia, 
November 27, 1775. 

Procter, Thomas, October 27, 1775. 


Webster, John B. , October 30, 1775. 
Burke, Thomas, October 30, 1775. 


Turnbull, Charles, October 30, 1775. 
Turner, Thomas V., October 30, 1775. 


Duffy, Andrew, October 30, 1775. 
Ferguson, William, October 30, 1775. 
May, Peter, October 30, 1775. 
Parker, Jacob, October 30, 1775. 


Adams, John, October 30, 1775. 
Burke, George, October 30, 1775. 
Burr, Nicholas. 
Feck, David, October 30, 1775. 
Fisher, Jeremiah, October 30, 1775. 
Hall, Samuel, October 30, 1775. 
Magher, Andrew, October 30, 1775. 
Shedaker, David, October 30, 1775. 



Climer, Jacob, October 30, 1775. 
Gordon, Andrew, October 30, 1775. 
Haley, Thomas, October 30, 1775. 
Jordan, Phenix, October 30, 1775. 
Newbound, Thomas, October 30, 1775. 
Procter, Francis, Jr. , October 30, 1775. 

Crosley, Jesse. 


Coleman, Christian, October 30, 1775. 




Procter, Francis, November 29, 1775; dismissed December 8, 

Simmons, Jeremiah, from lieutenant of armed boat Warren, 

Februarj 24, 1776; May 28, 1776, promoted captain lieu. 

tenant, to rank from February 24, 1776 ; subsequently to 

captain of the Arnold Battery. 
Strobagh, John Martin, May 13, 1776 ; appointed June 28, 1776, 

third lieutenant from lieutenant of marines on board the 

Hornet ; he to produce a discharge from Congress before 

entering the service. 

First Lieutenant. 
Courtenay, Hercules. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Strobagh, John Martin. 

Lieutenant and Fire- Worker. 
Procter, Francis, Jr., June 19, 1776. 


Garragues, John, December 5, 1775. 
Hayes, John, December 1, 1775. 
McConnell, Robert, December 12, 1775. 


Coleman, Nicholas, December 15, 1775. 
Cross, Daniel, December 14,1775. 
Fling, William, December 12, 1775. 
Harkesheimer, Jacob, December 12, 1775. 
Newton, Samuel, December 14, 1775. 
Roney, William. 
Saunders, Henry. 

Turner, William, December 14, 1775. 
Williams, Owen, December 13, 1775. 

(Jockburn, William. 


Pay list and muster-roll of the First company of Pennsylvania 
artillery, commanded by Capt. Thomas Procter, com- 
mencing June 30, and ending July 31, 1776, both days in- 

Procter, Thomas. 

Captain Lieutenant. 
Simmons, Jeremiah. 

First Lieutenafr- 
Courtenay, Hercules 

Second Lieutenant. 
Strobagh, John Martin. 

Lieutenant and Fire Worker. 
Procter, Francis. 

Quarter-Master Sergeant. 
Webster, John B. 


Turnbull, Charles. 
Parker, Jacob. 
Stephenson, John. 

Corporal and Clerk to the Company. 
Duffey, Patrick. 


Ferguson, William, 
Healy, Thomas. 
May, George. 


Bourk, George. 
Burr, Nicholas. 
Coleman, Christian. 
Pick, David. 
Holden, John. 
McConnell, Robert. 
Shedaker, David. 


Bell, Francis. 
Bunting, Isaac. 
Clayton, William. 
Climer, Jacob. 
Coakley, James. 
Cressman, Andrew. 
Fitch, William. 
Forbes, Daniel. 

Harkesheimer, Jacob, sick in town. 
Jeffries, George. 
Kennedy, Thomas. 
Love, Henry. 
Newbound, Thomas. 
Newbound, William. 
Newton, Samuel. 
Norris, James. 
Overlin, Michael. 
Reece, Ephraim. 
Reynolds, John. 
Sutter, Henry. 
Whiteside, George. 
Wiggans, Thomas. 
Williams, Owen. 
Willson, David. 


Adams, Joseph, on furlough. 

Baggs, Robert. 

Ballard, William. 

Bennett, James, June 10, 1776. 

Brittain, Thomas. 

Brogan, Solomon, discharged, being apprentice. 

Bunting, Thomas. 

Butler, Samuel, June 10, 1776. 

Corbin, John ; killed at Fort Washington.* 

Couslin, James. 

Craft, James. 

Cross, Daniel. 

Davis, Thomas. 

Dunshee, William, discharged July 1, 1776. 

Fitzsimons, James. 

Fling, William. 

* See Colonial [Provincial] Records, vol. xii. p. 84, when his widow received a dona- 
tion from the Supreme Executive Council. She was afterwards pensioned by the State 
of Pennsylvania. 


Fox, Jeremiah. 

French, Alexander. July 27, 1776. 

Fullerton, Andrew. 

Furnace, Abraham. 

Gordon, Andrew. 

Grimes, James. 

Grimes, John. 

Hathorn, Daniel. 

Hamilton, James. 

Henderson, George. 

Holton, Benjamin. 

Jordan, Felix, discharged June 6, 1776, by request of Col. Ross, 

Kelly, George. 

Kipp, John. 

Knight, Charles, July, 1, 1776. 

Knox, John. 

Lesher, Jacob. 

Little, William. 

Love, Robert. 

McCleery, James. 

McGee, Charles. 

Malkhn, John. 

Man, Thomas. 

Mason, Richard. 

Milburn, Joseph. 

Monro, John. 

Morton, Joseph. 

Murdagh, Robert. 

Murphy, Thomas. 

Pratt, Gideon. 

Price, Evan, discharged, being apprentice. 

Reed, James. 

Rich, Isaac, July 23, 1776. 

Riddle, Edward. 

Robinson, George. 

Robinson, James. 

Rolph, Lawrence. 

Roney, William. 

Sewalt, Lewis. 

Shane, Casper. 

Shaw, Simon. 

Sheerer, Jacob, July 23, 1776. 

Shepperd, William. 

Smick, Reynard. 

Snell, Jacob. 

Snyder, Christopher. 


Statzer, David. 

Syfred, Conrad. 

Syfred, Daniel. 

Towling, Hugh. 

Watson, John. 

Weaver, George, July 23, 1776. 

Weir, James. 

Wheeler, Peter. 

White, John. 

Williams, Elias. 

Williamson, John, June 8, 1776. 

Coon, Christian. 
Crosley, Jesse. 
May, Peter. 
Menckle, Thomas. 
Strurabach, Jacob. 
Wilkins, James. 

Dennis, Daniel. 


Coleman, Christopher. 
Stewart, James. 


This company of matrosses as it was called, was raised in the 
Province of Pennsylvania, under the authority of a resolution 
of Congress, for the service of the United States in Canada, 
(Minutes of Council of Safety, January 29, 1776, Col. Records, 
vol. x, page 470), and its officers appointed by the Council, 
ibid., 479. It afterwards went by the name of Gibbs Jones' 
company, but no records of it have been found except the roll 
hereafter printed, which seems to have been furnished the 
Council, in pursuance of a resolution of March 21, 1780, ibid., 
vol. xii, page 286, which embraced, of course, only the names 
of the officers and men at the latter date. The matter in 
brackets added from scattered memoranda in the Records and 



For pay and subsistence, June 1, 1778 August 1, 1780, and ar- 
rearages of pay, September 1, 1779 August 1, 1780. 


[Romans, Bernard, February 8, 1776. ] 

Jones, Glbbs, from captaia lieutenant, June 1, 1778 ; resigned 

April 16, 1780. 
Freeman, Jeremiah, June 1, 1778; retired January 1, 1781. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

Jones, Gibbs, Feburary 9, 1776; promoted captain. 
Feck, David [from ensign in Ninth Penn'a, June 1, 1778;] re- 
tired January 1, 1781. 

First Lieutenant. 
[Whitlow, Matthew, February 12, 1776.] 

Second Lieutenant. 
[Donnel, Nathaniel, March 25, 1776.] 

Lieutenant and Fire Worker. 
[Barr, Thomas, March 29, 1776. ] 


Bromhead, Joseph. 

[Colburn, Jesse, resided in St. Louis, in 1834.] 
Collins, Baltis, wounded in left arm and leg at Monmouth ; dis. 

charged May 30, 1779. 
Dickson, John. 
Foster, Andrew. 

McCalla, Hugh, discharged November 13, 1780. 
Pollard, Robert. 


Montgomery, John, discharged October 7, 1780. 
Rockey, John. 


Bryan, John. 

Chambers, David, of Lancaster, wounded at Brandy wine. 

Doyer, Francis, wounded and captured, September 11, 1777; 

died in hospital in New York, 1779. 
Fox, Jeremiah, died July 14, 1780. 


Freeman, Thomas, deserted November 25, 1770. 
Gill, John, deserted, September 11, 1780. 
Griffith, David. 

Hamilton, John, deserted September It, 1780. 
Jones, Joseph. 

Kershaw, William, transferred January 1, 1781 
Lilly, John. 
Me Gill, John. 
Mullen, John. 

Read, John, deserted September 11, 1780. 

Ripley, Peter, had his skull fractured in 1779, by a fall from 
the barracks at Fishkill, in attempting to extinguish a fire. 
[Shibe, Matthew, resided in Lancaster county, in 1807.] 
Vincent, John, discharged July 1, 1781. 


Pay-roll of Capt. Wingate Newman's artillery company, who 
joined Gen. Washington at head- quarters, in Bucks county. 
Pay due the 9th of January, 1777. 


Newman, Wingate, entered service December 2, 1776, from 
command of privateer Hancock. 

Captain Lieutenant. 
Barton, William, December 2, 1776. 

First Lieutenant. 
Rue, Benjamin, formerly of the armed boat Fire Brand. 

Second Lieutenant 
Wallace, Nathaniel, December 2, 1776. 

Flood, William, December 2, 1776. 

Ma trosses. 
Banks, Samuel. 
Dunlap, Samuel. . 


Gray, Thomas. 
Grwinnip, William. 
Hardy, Joseph. 
King, Hugh. 
Lane, Robert. 
Newman, Joshua. 
Pocale, Charles. 
Syrtic, Michael. 
Thomas, Heber. 
Thompson, John. 
Till, Greorge. 
Tall, James. 

Passed in Pennsylvania War Office, March 18, 1777. 



Roster of Maj. Thomas Procter, command increased to two 
hundred men, under resolution of August 14, 1776 (CoL 
Rec. , vol. #, page 685). No rolls have been found. 

Procter, Thomas, August 14, 1776. 


Strobagh, John Martin, October 5, 1776. 

First Lieutenant. 
Ernes, Worsley, October 5, 1776. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Turnbull, Charles, October 5, 1776. 

Tfiird Lieutenant. 
Ferguson, William, October 5, 1776. 



Forrest, Thomas, October 5, 1776. 

First Lieutenant. 
Courtenay, Hercules, October 5, 1776. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Procter, Francis, October 5, 1776. 

Third Lieutenant. 
Dufley, Patrick, October 5, 1776. 

Oath of Allegiance of Artillery Officers. 

I do swear, that I do not owe allegiance to George the Third, 
King of Great Britain, and that I will faithfully execute the 
commission now granted me. That I will, to the utmost of 
>ny power, defend and support the liberties of the United States 
of America, agreeably to the resolves of the Honorable Con- 
gress and of the late Convention of this State. That I will 
obey the orders and directions of the Council of Safety, or 
other executive power of this State hereafter to be appointed, 
and that I will obey all orders and commands of any superior 
officer, and submit to all such rules and regulations as are or 
may be made for the government of the army of this State. 
PHILADELPHIA, November 1, 1776. 





First Lieutenant. 




Return of the officers and privates belonging to the State of 
Pennsylvania, in the Second regiment of artillery, (Col. 
John Lamb's, ) under the resolution of Congress of March 
15, 1778. 


Lee, James, Philadelphia. 
Porter, Andrew, Philadelphia. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

McClure, James, Philadelphia, January 1, 1777. 
Power, William, Philadelphia, March 12, 1777. 

First Lieutenants. 

Ashton, Joseph, adjutant, Philadelphia, May 1, 1778; second 

lieutenant, January 23, 1777. 
Doty, Samuel, Philadelphia, second lieutenant, February 13, 

1777; first lieutenant, November 9, 1778. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Howell, Ezekiel, Charlestown, Chester county, February 1, 


Patterson, Ezra, Tinicum, Chester county. 
Parker, Robert, Philadelphia, April 28, 1777. 


Benson, Reuben, matross, Norriton. 
Bennington, John, matross, York county. 
Broom, Leonard, sergeant, Philadelphia. 
Caldwell, John, matross, Valley Forge. 
Dunn, John, matross, Philadelphia. 
Ellis, William, fifer, Philadelphia. 
Esling, Rudolph, gunner, Philadelphia. 
Essop, Samuel, bombardier, Philadelphia. 
Fluther, Joseph, gunner, Philadelphia. 
Gadsby, George, bombardier, Philadelphia. 
Gardner, Peter, matross, Philadelphia. 
Gill, William, matross, Philadelphia. 
Higgins, Thomas, matross, Philadelphia. 
Hyer, John, sergeant, Philadelphia. 
James, Isaac, fifer, Philadelphia. 
Jelf, Robert, drummer, Philadelphia. 


Johnston, John, bombardier, Fawn township, York county. 

Jordan, Peter, matross, Philadelphia. 

Kelly, John, bombardier, Fawn township, York county. 

Kinsey, Samuel, matross, Philadelphia. 

Kyall, Michael, sergeant, Fawn township, York county. 

Laughlin, Samuel, matross, Fawn township, York county. 

Learner, Robert, matross, Philadelphia. 

Little, James, corporal, Philadelphia. 

McCaffry, Patrick, matross, Philadelphia. 

McCarty, Owen, corporal, Philadelphia. 

McDonald, John, corporal, Philadelphia. 

McGregor, Abraham, sergeant, Philadelphia. 

McMath, William, matross, Philadelphia. 

McNulty, Patrick, matross, Philadelphia. 

Mark, John, matross, Charlestown, Chester county. 

Martin, Alexander, matross, Fawn township, York county. 

Miller, Henry, matross, Philadelphia. 

Hoffat, Alexander,* 1776; served three years; enlisted at New 

York, under Capt. Andrew Moody ; resided in Washington 

county, 1821, aged sixty-seven. 
Nevill, John, corporal, Philadelphia. 
Oliver, Joseph, corporal, Philadelphia. 
Paschall, Jeremiah, bombardier, Philadelphia. 
Phipps, Benjamin, matross, East Cain, Chester county. 
Proud, Charles, gflnner, Philadelphia, March 3, 1777; wounded 

at Fort Mifflin. 

Reilly, Patrick, matross, Philadelphia. 
Robinson, James, matross, Philadelphia. 
Robinson, William, matross, Philadelphia. 
Ryburn, James, matross, Fawn township, York county. 
Scrouse, John, drummer, Philadelphia. 
Spagel, Jacob, sergeant, Philadelphia. 
Stewart, Francis, sergeant, Philadelphia. 
Stewart, George, matross, Fawn township, York county. 
Wallace, Edward, matross, Philadelphia. 
Williams, Joseph, gunner, Philadelphia, 
Wilson, James, matross, Philadelphia. 

War office, February 14, 1780, certified true copy of return. 


Served one year in Col. Livingston's [N. Y.] regiment. 



Barr, Thomas, Philadelphia. 

First Lieutenant. 
Kernper, Jacob. 

Jackrnaa, John. 


Afterman, Matthias, matross, Philadelphia, 
Franks, David, matross, Philadelphia. 
Lewis, Emanuel, matross, Philadelphia. 
McCoy, John, matross, Philadelphia. 
MeDermott, Patrick, matross, Philadelphia. 
Moder, John, Jr., matross, Philadelphia. 
Moore, Michael, matross, Philadelphia. 
Nelson, Archibald, matross, Philadelphia. 


[Gordon, Henry, lieutenant of Capt. Lee's company, resigned 
on account of epilepsy ; served as waggon-master; retired 
again in 1779; resided in Montgomery county, 1809.] 

Broom, Leonard. 
Nevill, John. 

Febrough, Peter. 

Littel. James, 1776. 

McDonald, John, April 21, 1777; promoted corporal, Septem- 
ber 1, 1777. 


Murphy, William, April 18, 1780. 

Conrad, Charles. 
Croud, Charles, March 3, 1777. 
13- Vou XI. 


Ditcher, Robert, resided in York, 1818, aged fifty-seven. 

Dunn, John. 

Esling, Rudolph. 

Fierciier, Joseph. 

Gadsby, George, January ], 1777. 

Garvin, Bartholomew. 

Greatinger, John. 

Hartman, Conrad. 

Little, John, May 7, 1776; died October 12, 177a 

McCombs, William, 1776. 

McFarland, Thomas. 

Paschall, Jeremiah, May 15, 1777. 

Rickey, John, March 28, 1778 ; promoted corporal, January .'., 

Robinson, William. 



Kelly, John, May 9, 1777. 
Koyall, Michael, discharged July 4, 1780. 
Stewart, Francis, 1776. 
McNair, Archibald, resided in Lancaster county, 1813. 

Wilson, James, 1776. 


Bennington. Job, May 9, 1777; transferred to Corens. 

Benson. Reuben, May 30, 1777. 

Dunn. John, 1776. 

Ellis. Reuben, August 16, 1776; killed at Monmouth, June 28 

Gillass, Arthur, May 12, 1777. 

Laughland, Samuel, May 15, 1777. 

Marks, John, enlisted at Charleston, near Yellow Springs, 
. Chester county, by Lieut. Ezekiel Howell, 1777; at Braiidy- 
wine, Germantown, Monmouth, and in Sullivan's cam- 
paign; discharged January 10, 1781 ; reenlisted in Procter's, 
1781 ; resided in Mifflin county, 1813. 

Martin, Alexander, June 13, 1777. 

McGregor, John. 

Reyburn, John, resided in Chartiers township, Washington 
county, 1820, aged sixty-eight. 


odfc^ rrcr. j 

Position of Ifif Britis 
;rcvin/4- In the RaHlf -^ * ui 
J-'riiiFtfuil matin 


FEBRUAKY 6, 1777 NOVEMBER 3, 1783. 




ROOTER'S artillery regiment, as it was usually de- 
nominated, was a regiment of artillery raised for the 
defense of the State of Pennsylvania, under a reso- 
lution of the Council of Safety, dated February 6, 
1777, to consist of a colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, eight, 
captains, eight first lieutenants, eight second lieutenants, eight 
lieutenant fire- workers, paymaster, surgeon, &c., thirty-two 
sergeants, thirty-two corporals, eight drummers, eight fifers, 
twelve musicians, and four hundred and eighty privates. See 
Col. Records, vol. xi, page 116. By a subsequent resolution, 
February 28, 1777, ibid. , page 136, it was to serve in any part 
of the United States during the war. Maj. Procter's com- 
mand, which was its nucleus, was in service, and had its first 
disaster at Bound Brook, New Jersey, April 13, 1777, where 
Lieuts. Ferguson and Turnbull were captured, with twenty 
privates and two pieces of artillery. Its next disaster was at the 
battle of Brandywine, where Procter bravely maintained his 
position at Chadd's Ford, until the defeat of the right wing 
forced his retreat, with the loss of some guns and ammunition. 
At (rermantown, on the 4th of October, 1777, a portion of the 
regiment was engaged under Capt. Lt. Brewer; Lieuts. Barker 
and Ritter, having charge of the guns. According to William 
McMullen's statement, Barker had a six-pound cannon sta- 
tioned on the main street, nearly opposite Chew's house, "the 
report of which was so sharp, that it caused the blood to run 
from his ears." No regimental returns have been found prior 
to September 3, 1778. when, by resolution of Congress. Proc- 
ter's regiment was made part of the quota of troops to be fur- 
nished by the State of Pennsylvania, which was to be credited 
for the men now in the regiment, and also for any that should 
thereafter be recruited therein. From its necessarily detached 
service very little of the history of the regiment has survived ; 
but detachments from it were engaged in nearly all of the 
operations of the main army, subsequently notably at Mon- 
mouth and in Sullivan's campaign of 1779. The following 



data are gathered from such returns as were accessible, sup- 
plemented by the correspondence of Capt. Isaac Craig, fur- 
nished by his grandson, Isaac Craig, Esq., of Allegheny city, 

Qen. Gates to the Artillery Officers. 

WAR OFFICE, April 28th, 1778. 

GENTLEMEN : The Board have been favored with your Cer 
tilicate of yesterday, in Favor of Capt, Coren's Conduct, with 
Regard to you. We are always happy when Enquiries into the 
Characters & Behavior of Officers in the Service of their Coun- 
try, turn out favorable. We deem your testimony fully satis- 
factory as to Capt, Coren, but are sorry any Officers under his 
command are in a Situation to be under the Necessity, by 
any Appearance, " of concealing their Itjnorance. " Either Mr. 
Coren has not been so communicative as he ought to have been, 
or they have been inattentive to Matters daily passing before 
them. Perhaps, too^they have been indolent or too much 
above their Business to employ themselves, Manually, in it. 
Practical Arts are not to be learnt by Speculation. No Person, 
in our Opinion, by merely viewing a complex Machine, altho' 
he should attend to its Parts never so minutely, either in the 
whole or by Detail, could at once produce, of his own Manu- 
facture, a similar one. Practice must complete what Specula- 
tion only begins. The Knowledge you have gained, it is ex- 
pected, of the Laboratory Art, as well as your Experience in 
Life, must convince you of the Truth of these general Posi- 
tions. And as you are sent to obtain a perfect Knowledge of 
the Business, not only on your own account, but to promulgate 
it thro' the States, the Board make no Doubt of your diligently 
& manually applying yourselves to the Task you have under- 
taken. We have too good an Opinion of you all to suppose it 
will be necessary to impress this Sentiment upon you ; because 
should there beany who are negligent or averse to being taught, 
the Board are Satisfied, as Men regarding the Interest of your 
Country, you would i-eturn to your other Duty, & put some other 
IVrson in a situation so desirable as that you are now in. The 
time you have been at Carlisle was one Argument with tin* 
Board, added to their anxiety to have the Laboratory Art more 
generally Known, which induced them to write to Capt. Coren 
on the subject, & we shall be happy to hear, on your Return 
to Camp, as we no Doubt we shall, that the Knowledge yon 
have gained by your Residence at Carlisle is equal to the E"x- 
pectuti >n formed when the Measure of sending you there was 


to,.j MCA^P^ 





October, 17 77. 


adopted. If there is any Inequality in your Acquirements, it 
will be found that those know most who have done most Work. 
The greatest military Characters have thought Nothing too 
minute or too laborious. The great Tureiine carried a Musket 
for a twelve month, and the Czar Peter was not satisfied with 
wing a ship built, but employed himself as a common labourer 
in the lowest and most laborious Parts of the Business. We 
have, from an anxious Desire that you should gain every possi- 
ble Knowledge of the Laboratory Art, gone farther into this 
Subject, than was necessary, more especially as you were se- 
lected by his Excellency General Washington's express Direc- 
tions, as Persons who would diligently attend to the Matter you 
have undertaken. The Board, therefore, can have no Doubt 
but that you will use every Exertion, as the Eyes of so many 
are upon you. 

I am, with Regard, your obed. Servant, 



Capts. CRAIG and PROCTER, Capt. Lieut. PARKER, and 
Lieuts. COOPER and PARKER, Carlisle,. 

A general return of the Pennsylvania State regiment of artillery, 
commanded by Col. Thomas Procter, December 21, 1778. 

Present in command, colonel, major, and Captains Craig, 
Rice and Procter, Jr. ; Capt. Lieuts. Duffey, Brice and Coult- 
man, and Lieut Ernes. 

Total effectives, including officers arid men 144 

On command H> 

Sick, present 34 

Sick, absent ~ 

On furlough ? 

Total - 208 

On command, Sergt. Donnelly M. Ludwig, privates Butler, 
J innings, Smith, Siiell, Reed, Craft, Fairclos, J., Dunn, Devin, 
Wetherly, Conrod, Hannah, Louge. and fifer Crutcher. Sick, 
absent, Garvin, Coiiikle, McDonnell, Thornton, Blair, Bunns, 
Bryan. Resigned, First Lieut, Morris. On furlough, Capt. 
Wilidiison, Sergt. Wilks, Corp. Toy, privates Orne, Miller, 
Rxlgers, Sims. Deaths, Lieut. Col. Strobagh, First Lieut. 
Newbound, Serg. Leonard, privates Pettit, Matthews, Bel), 
McCay, McCoy, and Murray. 

March 19, 1779. total effective force, officers and men, one hun- 
dred and forty-two. 



Instructions to the Artillery. 

MORRISTOWN, January 14, 1780. 

SIR : You are to take the direction of two 5 howitzers, and 
four 0-pounders, which are to be taken from the Park. As the 
ammunition for the howitzers is in your possession, you are to 
take the whole of it agreeable to the return you made to me, 
and ten case-shot for each and flannel cartridge must be added. 
If you have no case-shot, Sergt. Briant of the 3 d batallion has 
the charge of some, which are in Lieut. Elmer's hns. It must 
be equally divided, and put into two sleds or waggons, or 
tumbrilles if sleds cannot be provided. Each 6-pounder must 
have 70 round-shot fixed, and 20 case, with a full proportion 
of tube, port-fires, &c. , also an ax. 

You will have delivered to you some fire-balls for the how- 
itzers, and some bavins or reeds which you will use, if you are 
ordered to set fire to any buildings. There are to be two officers, 
and twenty-two non-commissioned and privates to each piece, 
which is also to hav% two setts of drag-ropes. You will have 
drawn immediately three days' baked bread and salt provisions, 
and rum. If sleds can be provided, the ammunition waggons 
(one for each piece), are to be placed on them to transport the 

The cannon also are to be placed on sleds and drawn to the 
place of action, and there taken off, but as soon as the firing 
shall be finished, to be put on again ; for which reason the sleds 
must be used as limbers, and put in the charge of a trusty 
sergeant. If this method should not be thought to be the best, 
the horses must be put to the cannon at the place you shall 
receive your further orders from Lord Stirling. Sleds will also 
be provided, if possible to transport the officers and men, in 
order to prevent their being too much fatigued. 

As soon as you have everything in readiness, which must be 
by twelve or one o'clock this day, at farthest, you will proceed 
to Elizabeth Town, and wait on Lord Stirling, who will be 
there, or Grwn. Irvine, for further orders. * 

You will easily perceive, by the tenor of these instructions, 
that the service you are going upon is a secret. You must not, 
therefore as you value your reputation as a soldier and a man 
of honor, give the least information, directly or indirectly, 
either to officer, soldier, or any other person, of the place of 
your destination or your suspicion of .the service you are going 
upon. If you are asked any questions, you may tell them it 

* Your march must be so regulated as to be at Klizabetb Town by ten oreleven o'clock 
this night. 


is expected the enemy are coining out, and you are going upon 
the line to join the troops, to be in readiness to receive them. 
You will inform Lord Stirling or Gen. Irvine that you have 
the combustibles before mentioned. 

It will be highly proper, if there be any public forage at 
Springfield, tnat you should put some on your sleds to feed your 
horses when you halt. 

B. G. Artillery. 

From a general return of the Pennsylvania regiments of ar- 
tillery, March 29, 1780, signed by Samuel Storey, lieutenant 
and adjutant, it appears there were on the rolls the colonel, 
lieutenant colonel, six captains, six captain lieutenants, two 
first lieutenants, pay-master, quarter-master, surgeon, sergeant 
major, quarter-master sergeant, clerk, fifer major, drum major, 
nine in band, ten sergeants, eleven corporals, nine bombardiers, 
fourteen gunners, nineteen drum and fife, eighty-two matrosses, 
total one hundred and eighty-nine. 

Return of officers in the Pennsylvania State regiment of artillery 
in the service of the United States, 29th March^ 1780. 

Procter, Thomas. 

Lieutenant Colonel* 
Forrest, Thomas. 


Craig, Isaac. 
Rice, Joseph. 
Procter, Francis 
Duffey, Patrick. 
Brice, John. 
Coultman, Robert. 
Turnbull, Charles. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

Emes, Worsley. 
Douglass, Thomas. 
Lloyd, James. 
McConnell, Robert. 
Crossley, Jesse. 
Strieker, John. 


First Lieutenants. 
Shute, John, resigned. 
McGruire, Matthew. 
Webster, John B. 
Armitage, Shubert, resigned. 
Story, Samuel. 

Adams, William. 

Storey, Samuel. 

N. B. Capts. Turnbull and Ferguson exchanged and in 
camp. Capt. Lieuts. Martin and Smith prisoners with the 

Board of War to Capt. Craig. 

WAR OFFICE, April 20, 1780. 

SIR : In answer to your request of this day for sundry matters 
relative to your march to Fort Pitt, we have to inform you 

Forage is to be obtained in the usual way at the several posts 
by application to the quarter and forage-masters. 

You have herewith an order on the several quarter-masters 
to supply you with the necessary teams and carriages for con- 
veying to Fort Pitt the artillery and stores under your care, 
and a particular order on Col. Davis, at Carlisle, for that pur- 
pose, and the supply of horse shoes and any other articles nec- 
essary for repairing the carriages on the way. 

The eight men of Capt. Coren's company at Carlisle and Fort 
Pitt or other place westward of Philadelphia, you will take 
with you, and cause them to do duty in your company, sub- 
ject, however, to the future orders of the board or of the Cqm- 
mander-in- Chief. 

As we expect, in a few days, a complete arrangement of the 
artillery, we think it inexpedient, at this time, to issue a com- 
mission to Capt. Lieut. Lloyd. As soon as we get the arrange- 
ment we will make out and transmit his commission. 

We have no money, nor can we get any to defray the ex- 
penses of your inarch. If Col. Flower, C. G. of U. 8. , thinks 
it reasonable to make you an allowance for conducting the ar- 
lillery and stores to Fort Pitt, we shall not object to it; the 
money so allowed you to be applied in the same manner as if 
given to a conductor of military stores. 

We are, Sir, your most obed 1 servants, 

By order of ye board, 



Board of War to Capt. Craig. 

f WAR OFFICE, April 20M, 1780. 

SIR; You, having under your charge a quantity of artillery 
& artillery stores destined for Port Pitt, all quarter- mast era 
and forage- masters on the route are hereby directed to furnisji 
you with the necessary forage for your horses, and also with 
horses to replace any that shall fail on the march. We expect 
you will use this order with great prudence & economy, that 
the distresses of the public may not be increased, but in case 
of absolute necessity. 

We are, Sir, y r obed' Servants, 

By order of * e board, 


4'* reg'. artillery. 

Order s o/ the Supreme Executive Council. 

To all concerned: 

Capt. Craig, ordered by his Excellency Gen 1 Washington, to 
Pittsburgh, with artillery and stores, applied to the Council for 
aid and assistance therein ; on consideration, 

Ordered, That the Lieutenants, Sub-Lieutenants, Justices of 
the Peace, and others of the respective counties thro' which 
Capt. Craig shall pass, do give him such aid & assistance in tran- 
sporting the said stores & artillery as the occasion may re- 

Extract from the minutes: 


Col. Brodhead to Capt. Craig. 

SIR : It is some weeks since his Excellency, the Comrnander- 
in-Chief, and the Honorable Board of War wrote me that you 
were ordered to this department with a number of cannon and 
military stores. I am aware of the difficulties you must meet 
with in obtaining carriage, &c. , to enable you to proceed ex- 
peditiously, yet as the enemy are verv troublesome to the set- 
tlement, and it is become highly expediant for me to counter- 


art their designs by some offensive operation, I must request 
you to exert yourself as much as possible to reach this point 
before the 1st of June. It will be very hazardous to come up 
the Pennsylvania road, wherefore you are to come up the 
Virginia road, and if you find that the artillery and stores will 
1*> too much exposed upon any part of that road, you will halt 
and jrive me notice, so that a sufficient convoy may be sent you. 
I wish you to send me by the first conveyance a return of your 
strength and of the number and calibres of your ordnance, and 
the quantity of stores you have with you, or expect to be for- 
warded, that in case of deficiency I may make further appli- 

I have the honor to be, with respect, 

Your most obed 1 serv', 


Colonel Commanding. 
To Capt CRAIG. 

Memorandum of Capt. Isaac Craig's march from Carlisle to Fort 
Pitt, in command of a detachment of Procter's artillery and 
stores, in 1780. 

May 23, Left Carlisle McAllister's. 
24 and 25, Shippensburg. 
2(5, Little Conococheague. 

27, Pauling's. 

28, and 29, Jacquese's Furnace. 

30, Licking Creek. 

31, Old Flint's. 
June 1, Sidelinghill Creek. 

2, Feeding Rock. 
3 and 6, Old Town. 

8, Fort Cumberland. 

9, Hall's. 

10, Tittle's. 

11, Tomlinson's. 

12 and 13, Bear Camjx 

14, Rice's. 

15, Big Meadows. 
16 and 17, Gist 'a 

18 and 19, Blackstone'& 

20, Ralph's. 

21, Hugh's, 

22, Near Waltours'. 

23, Widow Myers'. 

24, Bullock Pens. 

25, Fort Pitt. 


Col. Brodhead, in a letter to Washington, dated Fort Pitt, 
April 24, 1780, writes, "I am honored with a line from the 
Honorable Board of War, informing me that an officer of Proc- 
ter's regiment with some stores and cannon, were in readiness 
to be sent down as soon as the roads would permit and the 
means of transportation can be procured." Penn'u Archives, 
O. 8., Vol. xii, p. 223. And May 13, 1780, "I have wrote to 
the artillery officer fCapt. Craig], to hurry up the artillery 
and stores, but I hear he is badly furnished with cai-riages and 
forage, which must prevent his inarching with expedition." 
Ib. 234. And June 29, 1780. "The artillery has arrived, and 
the military stores are safely lodged." Ib. 243. 

Orders for Major Craig. 

FORT PITT, November 11, 1780. 

SIR : I have received intelligence, through various channels, 
that the British have established a post at Lower Sandusky, 
and also information that it is suspected they intend erecting 
one at either Cuyahoga creek or Grand river. But as these 
acounts are not from persons of military knowledge, nor to be 
fully relied on in any particular, arid I am anxious to have the 
facts well established, you will, therefore, proceed with Lieut. 
Rose, my Aid-de-Camp, and six active men in order to recon- 
noitre these places, particularly Cuyahoga. As your party is 
so small, you will use every possible precaution to avoid of 
being discovered, which service I expect you will be able to 
perform, as they will probably be relaxed in discipline at this 
ad vanced season of the year. When you have reconnoitred these 
posts (if any), you may try to take a prisoner, provided you 
find it can be done without much risque of losing any of your 
party, which must be guarded against at all costs, as it is not 
your business to come to action. My reasons for allowing you 
so small a party being to avoid discovery. I know your zeal 
will excite you to go lengths, perhaps even beyond your own 
judgment, in order to effect the purposes of your excursion. 
But, notwithstanding my earnest desire to obtain accurate 
accounts of the matters mentioned herein, you will please to 
keep in view that I am extremely solicitous that every man 
may be brought back safe, and that one man falling into tin' 
handsof the enemy, may not only ruin your whole present busi- 
ness, but also prevent future discoverys. 

As it may become necessary for you to detach or separate 


from Mr. Rose, it will be proper for you to give him a certified 
uopy of this order. 

I am, sir, your obedient Humble servant, 

B. (jeneral. 

Major CRAIG. 

Gen. Washington to Capt. Craig. 
SIR : I have received your favor of the 15 th . The present 
State of Col. Procter's Regiment does not admit of your Com- 
pany's being made up to its full complement, but I have, by 
this conveyance, desired General St. Clair to let you have as 
many men as will put you on a level with the others. This is 
all that can be done. I have already desired the Board of War 
to send six Artificers to Fort Pitt ; you may wait upon them 
yourself with this Letter, and ask three or four more if they 
can be spared. I would wish the enclosed for Gen 1 Clarke and 
Col. Brodhead, to read! them as speedily as possible ; you will 
be pleased to take charge of them yourself, if you do not meet 
with a good opportunity previous to the time you intend set- 
ting out. 

I am, Sir, Your Humble servant, 

To Capt. CRAIG. 

From a return, dated March 22, 1782, signed by Andrew Por- 
ter, major commanding Pennsylvania regiment of artillery, 
there were stationed at Lancaster and Carlisle, two majors, five 
captains, four captain lieutenants, two first lieutenants, pay- 
master, quarter-master, surgeon, two cadets, one surgeon's 
mate, quarter-master sergeant, drum major, fife major, four 
musicians, four sergeants, three corporals, one bombardier, six 
gunners, seven drums and fifes, twenty-five matrosses; total, 
seventy. At Fort Pitt, two captains, one second lieutenant, 
&c. ; total, thirty-four. In the Southern army, two captains 
four captain lieutenants, one second lieutenant, adjutant, 
non-commissioned officers and privates, one hundied and 
twenty-one; making total strength of the regiment two hun- 
dred and thirty -five. 

The return from Fort Pitt is dated July 26, 1782; the return 
from the Southern army, November 10, 1781. 

After the surrender of Cornwallis, three companies of the 
artillery were detached to the Southern army, under Gen. 
Greene. A return, found among the Hand papers, dated at 


James Island, S. C., January 31, 1783, indicates the strength 

of this detachment as follows : 

Capt. Ferguson's company 21 

Brice's 14 

McClure's " 35 

In Jane, 1784, when Congress called for a regiment partially 
infantry and artillery, Pennsylvania immediately furnished 
its quota, and on the 13th of August, Thomas Douglass was 
appointed captain, and Joseph Ashton, lieutenant of the ar- 
tillery company, by the Supreme Executive Council of Penn- 
sylvania. The following year, Capt. Thomas Douglass was 
dropped, and Capt. William Ferguson superseded him, Octo- 
ber 20, 1788, apparently upon a claim of rank, (Cul. Records, 
vol. xiv, pages 559 and 621), which gives some ground for the 
claim made by the descendants of Major William Ferguson, 
that he was never out of the service of his country from the 
day he entered the ranks as a private of Procter's First com- 
pany of Pennsylvania artillery, until as commandant of ar- 
tillery of Gen. St. Glair's army, he fell by his guns in the dis- 
astrous battle of November 4, 1791. 

According to Prof. Asa Bird Gardner's letter to the Editors 
the artillery of Lieut. Col. Harmar's "1st American Regiment 
was organized into a battalion by itself; in 1786, two new com- 
panies, from Massaelmsetts added, and Capts. Douglass' or 
Ferguson's company is still in existence as the Second Com- 
pany of Artillery of the present United States Army. " 



Procter, Thomas, from major. Feruary 6, 1777, to rank from 
February 5, 1777 ; resigned April 9 , 1781 ; died at Philadel- 
phia, March 16, 1806. 

Lieutenant Colonels. 

Strobagh, John Martin, from captain, March 3, 1777 ; died in 
service, December 2, 1778. 

Forrest, Thomas, from major, December 2, 1778; resigned Oc- 
tober 7, 1781; member of Congress, 1819-1823; died in Ger- 
inantown, March 20, 1825, aged eighty-three. 


Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. 

Porter, Andrew, from major, to rank from January 1, 1782 ; 
appointed Surveyor General. May 10, 1809; died at Harris- 
burg, November 16, 1813, aged seventy. 


Forrest, Thomas, from captain, from February 5, 1777, promot- 
ed lieutenant colonel, December 2, 1778. 

Eustice, Benjamin, of Massachusetts Line, December 2, 1778; 
died October, 6 1781. 

Porter, Andrew, from captain, April 19, 1781; promoted lieu- 
tenant colonel, December 24, 1782, to rank from January 1, 

Craig, Isaac, first major from captain, to rank from October 7, 
1781 ; died near Pittsburgh, June 14, 1826. 

Procter, Francis, Jr. , second major, December 24, 1782, rank- 
ing from January 1, 1782 ; retired January 1, 1783. 


IMrcks, Gerard Jacob, March 3, 1777; resigned July 16, 1777. 

Craig, Isaac from captain of marines, March 3, 1777 ; promoted 
first major, see ante. See Arch. , O. S. , vol. ix, page 497, 
for a statement of his services, and claim of rank. 

Wilkinson, Amos, March 14, 1777, from first lieutenant, First 
battalion ; resided in Beaver county in 1835, aged eighty- 

Courtenay, Hercules, from captain lieutenant, March 3, 1777; 
dismissed March 3, 1778. 

Rice, Joseph, from the floating battery, March 3, 1777; re- 
signed August 1, 1780. 

Procter, Francis, Sr. , March 3, 1777 ; dismissed April 14, 1778. 

Von Heer, Bartholomew, March 3, 1777 ; resigned June 1, 1778, 
and appointed captain of provost. 

Procter, Francis, Jr., from captain lieutenant, July 16, 1777; 
promoted second major. 

Turnbull, Charles, from captain lieutenant, from July 16, 1777. 

Duffey, Patrick, from captain lieutenant, February 29, 1778; 
dismissed the service, October 12, 1781. 

Ferguson, William, from captain lieutenant, April 14, 1778; 
major of First regiment United States artillery ; killed at 
St. Clair's defeat, November 4, 1791. 

Brice, John, from captain lieutenant, June 1, 1778. 

Coultman, Robert, from captain lieutenant, June 1, 1778; re- 
ti.ed January 1, 1783. 


Ernes, Worsley, from captain lieutenant, September 26, 1780; 

retired the service, J anuary 1, 1783; died in Philadelphia, 

July 9, 1802. 
Porter, Andrew, transferred from Lamb's regiment, January 

1, 1781, promoted major, April 19, 1781. 
Siraonds, James, transferred from Lamb's regiment, January 

1, 1781 ; he was not a Pennsylvanian, but his company was 

raised in Pennsylvania. See Gen. Washington's letter to 

President Reed, Archives, 0. &, vol. ix, page 121. 
McClure, James, from captain lieutenant of Lamb's regiment. 

April 19, 1781 ; retired January 1, 1783. 
Power, William, from captain lieutenant of Lamb's regiment, 

October 7, 1781 ; retired January 1, 1783. 
Martin, "William, from captain lieutenant, January 1, 1782; ie- 

tired January 1, 1783. 
Douglass, Thomas, from captain lieutenant, October 12, 1781 ; 

retired January 1, 1783 ; served under Gen. Wayne, in the 

campaign of 1794, against the Northern Indians. 
Patterson, Captain AVilliam Augustus, served as engineer in 

Procter's regiment, by command of Gen. Washington, from 

April, 1777, to July, 1778. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

Procter, Francis, Jr. , March 3, 1777; promoted captain, July 10, 

Turnbull, Charles, March 3, 1777; captured April 13, 1777, at 
Bound-Brook ; exchanged April 3, 1780 ; promoted captain 
from July 16, 1777; paid as full captain from April i, 1780. 

Duffey, Patrick, March 3, 1777 ; promoted captain. February 
29, 1778. 

Ferguson, William, March 14, 1777 ; captured April 13, 1777; 
exchanged December 1, 1780; promoted captain from April 
14, 1778. 

Brewer, Jonathan, March 14, 1777: resigned February 9, 1779. 

Brice, John, from lieutenant, March 14, 1777; promoted cap- 
tain, June 1, 1778. 

Cottram, George, March 14, 1777; resigned September 9. 1778. 

Coultman, Robert, March 14, 1777, commission dated May 8, 
1777; promoted captain, June 1, 1778. 

Ernes, Worsley, from first lieutenant July 16, 1777 ; promoted 
captain. September 26, 1780. 

Douglass, Thomas, from first lieutenant, April 14, 1778; pro- 
moted captain, Otober 12, 1781. 

Martin, William, from lieutenant, June 1, 1778; exchanged 
December 4, 1780; promoted captain from January 1, 1783. 
14-VOL. XL 


Lloyd, Jam s, from first lieutenant, February 9, 1779. 
McConnell, Robert, from first lieutenant, Juns 3, 1779. 
Smith, James, from first Jieutenant, June 3, 1779; exchanged 

December 4, 1780. 
Crosley, Jesse, from first lieutenant, February 11, 1780; woun 1- 

ed through the hip at tfreen Springs. July 6, 1781. 
Strieker, John, from first lieutenant, February 11, 1780. 
Maguire, Matthew, from first lieutenant, September 26, 1780; 

retired the service January 1, 1783. 
McClure, James, from Lamb's regiment; promoted .captain, 

April 19, 1781. 
Power, William, from Lamb's regiment ; promoted capta : n. 

October 17, 1781. 

Ashton. Joseph, from first lieutenant, April 19, 1781. 
Doty, Samuel, from first lieutenant, October 7, 1781. 
Story, Samuel, from first lieutenant, October 7, 1781 ; died 

October 4, 1782, in service in South Carolina. See notice 

of him in "Gazetteer" of December 5, 1782. 
Webster, John B. , from first lieutenant, October 12. 1781. 
Parker, Robert, from lieutenant, October 4, 1782, vice Story, 


First Lieutenants. 

Ernes, Worsley, ranking from October 5, 1776 ; promoted cap- 
tain lieutenant, July 16, 1777. 

Montgomery, Hugh, from lieutenant of marines, March 14, 
1777 ; died May 15, 1777. 

Allman, Lawrence, April 1, 1777; resigned February 14, 1780. 

Douglass, Thomas, April 1, 1777; promoted captain lieutenant, 
April 14, 1778. 

Ritter, William, April 1, 1777; resigned March 11, 1779. 

Martin, William, April 1, 1777; captured March, 1778; promoted 
captain lieutenant from June 1, 1778. 

Wells, James, April 20, 1777; resigned March 1, 1778. 

Lindenberger, John. April 20, 1777 ; resigned February 3, 1778. 

Morris, Jonathan Ford, from second lieutenant; resigned No- 
vember 28, 1778. He was still living in 1819. 

Lloyd, James, from second lieutenant ; paid from March 14, 
1779; promoted captain lieutenant, February 9, 1779. 

McConnell, Robert, from second lieutenant ; promoted first 
lieutenant, June 3, 1779. 

Smith, James, from second lieutenant; captured March, 1778; 
promoted first lieutenant, June-3, 1779. 

Crosley, Jesse, paid from 1st February, 1780. 

Strieker, John, paid from April 1, 1780. 

Shute, John, paid from 1st April, 1777; resigned March 10, 1780. 


McGuire, Matthew, promoted captain lieutenant, September 

26, 1780. 
Story, Samuel, May 13, 177&, promoted captain lieutenant, 

October 7, 1781. 
Webster, John B. , May 11, 1779, promoted captain lieutenant, 

October 12, 1781. 
Armitage, Shubert, resigned March, 1780; died in Philadelphia, 

Decembr 27, 1823, aged sixty-nine. 
Ashton, Joseph, from Lamb's regiment, promoted captain 

lieutenant, April 19, 1781. 

Doty, Samuel, from Lamb's regiment, promoted captain lieu- 
tenant, October 7, 1781. 
Parker, Robert, from fist lieutenant, January 1, 1781, promoted 

captain lieutenant, vice Story, October 4, 1782. 
Howell, Ezekiel, from first lieutenant, January 1, 1781. 
Ghreer, Henry, by arrangement of 1781, July 1, 1781. 
Porter, Robert, by arrangement of 1781, July 2, 1781. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Morris, Jonathan Ford, March 14, 1777 ; promoted first lieu- 

Boude, Samuel, from ensign Tenth Penn'a; killed September 
11, 1777. 

Lloyd, James, March 14, 1777, promoted first lieutenant. 

Paschka, Christopher, March 14, 1777: resigned September 25. 

Barker, Joseph, March 14, 1777; resigned March 1, 1778; re- 
sided in Pittsburgh, 1817. 

McConnell, Robert, March 14, 1777 ; formerly sergeant ; pro- 
moted first lieutenant. 

Smith, James, March 14, 1777, promoted first lieutenant. 

Blakiston, Ebenezer, March 14, 1777; resigned June 14, 1778. 

Crosley, Jesse, from third lieutenant ; promoted first lieutenant. 

Strieker, John, from third lieutenant; promoted first lieu- 

Shute, John, from third lieutenant ; promoted first lieutenant. 

Norris, James, from third lieutenant; resigned October 1(5. 
1779. on account of varicose leg; died in 1819, in Philadel- 

Story, Samuel, from third lieutenant ; promoted first lieuten- 
ant, May 13, 1779. 

Armitage, Shubert, from third lieutenant ; promoted first 

Parker, Robert, from Lamb's regiment, promoted first lieu- 
tenant, January 1, 1781. 


Howell, Ezekiel, from Lamb's regiment; promoted first lien- 
tenant, January 1, 1781. 
Gamble, James, April 1, 1782. 
Humphreys, John, April 2, 1782. 
Vanoourt, John, April 2, 1782. 

Third Lieutenants. 

Crosley, Jesse, April 1, 1777, from sergeant ; promoted second 

Newbound, William, April 1,1777, from sergeant; died Septem- 
ber 14, 1778. 

Strieker, John, April 1, 1777; promoted second lieutenant 

J-iyon, Archibald, April 1, 1777; resigned March 1, 1778. 

Shute, John, April 1, 1777; promoted second lieutenant. 

Fox, Jeremiah, April 1, 1777; resigned July 31, 1778. 

Norris, James, April 1, 1777 ; promoted second lieutenant, in 
Von Heer's company; injured at Nescopec Falls, on return 
from Sullivan's expedition. 

Armitage, Shubert, May 12, 1779 ; promoted second lieutenant. 

Story, Samuel, May*13, 1779; he was an Englishman, who joined 
our army after the evacuation of Philadelphia; promoted 
second lieutenant. 
There is a memorandum of a Samuel Finlay, lieutenant of 

Procter's regiment, exchanged December 2, 1780, but we do not 

find his name in any of the returns of Procter's. 

Lieut. Simonds, in a letter to Major Armstrong, dated July 

11, 1781, states his promotions as follows: "Second lieutenant 

in artillery, May 1, 1775; first lieutenant, January 10, 1776; 

captain lieutenant January 1, 1777 ; captain, September 13, 1778. 

The company I commanded was raised in Philadelphia, and 

annexed to Col. Lamb's regiment; annexed to Pennsylvania 

regiment of artillery by general orders, January 1, 1781." 


Hoffner, George, April 14, 1777, from sergeant major of Miles' 

Story, Samuel, February 13, 1780. 


Maguire, Matthew, March 3, 1777 ; paid as first lieutenant, from 
December 18, 1778; retired January 1, 1783. 


Adams, William, April 1, 1777; resigned February 9, 1779, on 
account of ill health ; returned to regiment, October 1, 1779; 
paid to July 31, 1780. 


Beatty, Reading, transferred from Eleventh Penri a, February 
10, 1781; paid from June 1, 1780; served until the end of 
the war. 

Surgeon'}, Mates. 

Gilbert, John, resigned October, 1777. 
Morton, John, February 11, 1778. 

Quarter- Masters. 

Few, Joseph, April, 1777 ; resigned October 31, 1777. 
Webster, John B., from quarter- master sergeant, November 
1, 1777, 

Quarter- Master Sergeants. 

Webster, John B. 

Patterson, James. 

Forrest, Thomas, clerk, January 1, 1777. 

Maloney, John, April 23, 1777. 


Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. 
Porter, Andrew. 

Craig, Isaac. 


Turnbull, Charles, resided in Kings county, New York, in 1791. 

Ferguson, William. 

Brice, John. 

Simonds, James, resided in Philadelphia in 1809. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

Lloyd, James. 

Smith, James (e), died in Philadelphia, January 14, 1835, aged 

McConnell, Robert. 
Crosley, Jesse, died in October, 1791. 

First Lieutenants. 

Strieker, John. 
Doty, SamueL 


Ash t on, Joseph, paymaster. 

Webster, John B., quarter- master ; died in Somerset county, 
March 19, 1834. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Parker, Robert, adjutant. 

Greer, Henry. 

Howell, Ezekiel. 

Porter, Robert, served as cadet, from January 9, 1779 ; president 

judge of Northampton couny in 1831. 
Gamble, James, from Fourth Penn'a. 
Humphrey, John, from Sixth Penn'a. 
Van Court, John, from Sixth Penn'a 

The three last, the first a lieutenant, and the others ensigns 
in the infantry, there being no vacancies for them, are trans- 
ferred and commissioned as second lieutenants in the artillery. 


Beatty, Reading. 

Lambert, Chevalier* Joseph E., appointed second lieutenent on 
recommendation of Gen. Lafayette, January 11, 1783. 


Muster-roll of the Third company of Pennsylvania artillery, 
commanded by Hercules Courtenay ; mustered March 10, 
1777, by Lodk. Sprogell, commissary general of musters. 

Courtenay, Hercules. 

First Lieutenant. 
Ernes, Worsley, October 5, 1776. 

Webster, John B. 
McConnell, Robert. 
Forrest, Thomas. 


Bunting, Isaac, promoted sergeant. 
Shedaker, David, died February 28, 1777. 
Bell, Francia 


Adams, John. 
Allice, John, died. 
Andrews, John. 
Ballard, William. 
Barginhoff, William. 
Bartholomew, Benjamin. 
Bentley, John. 
Brown, John Campbell 
Bunting, Thomas. 
Burcham, Richard. 
Colligan, Neal. 
Conyngham, Barney. 
Corvan, John. 
Craig, David. 
Devo, Francis. 
Donnelly, John. 
Dougherty, MichaeL 
Dyar, Patrick. 
Felty, John. 
Fitzsimmons, James, enlisted for three years or the war ; was 

with Maj. Craig's detachment, and discharged at Fort Pitt, 

November 1, 1783. 
Forbes, Daniel. 
Forrest, John. 
Galoone, Roger, dead. 
Garland, James. 
Grace, Jacob. 
Graff, John. 
Grenewalt, Nicholas. 
Hanlen, John. 
Hall, Philip. 
Hayes, Patrick. 
Henderson, John. 
Henderson, James. 

Hepp, John, enlisted Feruary 12, 1776, for one year. 
Hector, Edward, resided in Montgomery county, 1827. 
Hunt, Glover. 
Huteheson, George. 
James, Daniel. 
Johnston, John. 
Joyce, Michael. 
Kelly, George. 
Kretsinger, John. 
Knox, John. 
Lane, Timothy. 


Leary, Abijah. 

McGinnis, James, promoted corporal. 

McKown, John. 

McLoud, Norman. 

McMullen, John. 

McMullen, William, enlisted April 17, 1777 ; served three years ; 

resided in Lack township, Miftiin county, in 1817. 
Malcolm, John. 
Man, Thomas. 
Marrie, John. 
Monnet, Joseph. 
Moore, Francis. 
Moore, Thomas. 
Mull, John. 
Murray, James. 
Myars, Bostian. 
Myars, Michael. 
NeWbound, Thomas. 
O'Harra, Timothy. 
Orchard, John. 
Owens, Terrence. 
Parkhill, John. 
Patterson, James. 
Pike, Joshua. 

Pillier, James, promoted corporal 
Pratt, Gideon, 
Riddle, Edward. 
Rogers, John. 
Rolph, Lawrence. 

Sheerer, Jacob, promoted corporal 
Smith, Patrick. 
Smith, William. 
Snead, William. 
Stafford, John. 
Slatzer, David. 
Stewart, William. 
Stover, Valentine. 
Taplin, John. 
Taylor, William. 
Tennell, Daniel. 
Truck, Thomas. 
Walker, John. 
Weaver, George. 
Williams, Elias. 

White, John, promoted corporal. 
White, William. 




Drum Major. 
Norton, William, April 5, 1777. 

Master Musicians. 

Hoffman, Charles, June 1, 1777; died in 1779. 
Shippen, William, April 23, 1777. 


Cross, Daniel, March 1, 1777 ; resided in Philadelphia, 1814 

Ebener, Casper, September 1, 1778. 

Hockkugoi, Samuel, May 1, 1778. 

Hoover, Henry, August 30, 1778. 

May berry, William, Jr., July 8, 1780. 

Minckle, Thomas, January 1, 1777. 

Moore, William, October 24, 1778. 

Patterson, Robert, April 22, 1777. 

Thomson, Ofeorge, April 21, 1777. 

Thurston, Michael, June 1, 1778. 

Drummers and Fifert. 
Chace, George. 

Clark, John. 

Graff, John. 

Lary, Abisai. 

Mitchell, John. 

Moore, Francis. 

Pike, Joshua. 

Snead, William. 

Tot ten, William, fifer, Brice's company, July 9, 1777. 


[Those marked (e) are taken from a list In the Secretary's office, of soldiers whosn de- 
preciated pay escheated to the State. ] 


Adams, Joseph. 




Ackerly, Jeremiah. 

Aiken, John. 

Aill, Christian, November 1, 1777. 

Alexander, William, transferred May 27, 1779, to ship " General 

Greene. " 
Ayres, Joseph, May 2, 1779. 

Sergeant Major. 
Benner, James. 

Fife Major. 
Broderick, David. 


Baggs, Robert. 

Bearsticker, Andrew, June 28, 1777. 
Bever, John. 

Bennett, James, January 1, 1777. 
'Blackwood, Samuel, April 17, 1777. 
Bourke, George. 
Brown, Leonard. 

Brogden, Thomas. * 

Burket, Peter, April 28, 1777. 
Byerly, Frederick. 


Baker, William, May 10, 1777. 

Baggs, John, April 8, 1777. 

Bell, John, April 18, 1777; paid at Carlisle, April, 1781, 

Bierly, Frederick, May 27, 1777. 

Bush worm, William. 

Bryan, Jacob. 


Baker, James, July 2, 1777. 

Baker, John. 

Ballard, Stephen. 

Baptist, John. 

Barker, John. 

Barr, James. 

Barnsy, John. 

Beakley, Daniel (e). 

Benedict, George, May 7, 1777. 


Bennington, Job, May 9, 1777. 

Benson, Reuben, May 30, 1777. 

Bergenhoff, William, resided in. York county, 181(i. 

Berry, John, May 6, 1778. 

Blackwood, Samuel B. 

Blair, William, June 4, 1777. 

Bloom, John. 

Blundell, Francis. 

Boone, Peter. 

Bowman, Elijah, July 31, 1777. 

Bower, Michael, promoted corporal, January 2, 1777. 

Boyer, Peter, resided in Payette county, New York, 1829. 

Brainer, Lewis. 

Brooks, Thomas R. , resided in Montgomery county, 1826. 

Brown, James (e). 

Brown, Leonard. . 

Bryant,: John. . . 

Bryant, James, May 23, 1777. 

Bryan, John. 

Buckley, William (e). 

Burge, Israel. 

Burket, Peter, promoted sergeant. 

Burns,- James, Sr. , May 13, 1777. 

Burns, James, Jr., April 29, 1777. 

Butler, John. 

Butler, William, February, 1781. 

Chapman, George, May 3, 1778. 


Clark, William, May 15, 1777. 

Copple, Nicholas, wounded and lost his eye sight at German- 

Cowen, William, February 26, 1777. 
Crawford, Andrew. 


Chace, George, March 23, 1777. 
Connelly, Thomas, May 8, 1777. 
Campbell, William, March 1. 1777. 


Callahan, Edward, January 1, 1777. 
Camp, George, May 1, 1777. 
Camp, Matthias, August 1, 1778. 


Campbell, George. 
Cannon, William. 
Cassell, Andrew. 

Chilcot, Thomas, February 1, 1778. 
Clark. William, January 1, 1777. 
Cline, Philip. 
Clinger, Michael. 
Coldwater, Philip. 
Coleman, Christopher. 
Cummerford, James. 
Conchet, - , gunner. 
Conckle, Henry, January 1, 1777. 
Conrad, Charles (e). 
Conbia, Peter. 
Cook, Thomas M. 

Coombes, William, Capt. F. Procter's company, March 24, 1777. 
Cooney, John, April 25, 1777 ; wounded and transferred to In- 
valid corps. 
Coons, William. 

Corbia, John, residedain Holmes county, Ohio, 1833. 
Craige, George. 
Crawford, Patrick. 
Crawford, Andrew, April 2, 1777. 
Craig, John (e). 

Craft, Joseph (e), April 2, 1777 ; Capt. Duffey's company. 
Crofts, William. 

Crowley, William, February 16, 1779. 
Crisenmore, Godfrey, May 1, 1777. 
Crutcher, James. 
Cunningham, Barney, January 1, 1777. 


Dickson, John. 

Donnelly, Francis, January 1, 1777 178t 


Davison, Robert. 
Duffleld, Thomas. 


Daily, Bennet, resided in Marion county, Kentucky, 1833, aged 

Davis, John, April 13, 1779; wounded in South Carolina, and 

transferred to Invalid corps, 1785. 
Davis, Phineas. 
Davis, William. 


Davidson, Robert. 

Davison, William, March 2, 1781. 

Degan, Jacob. 

Delap, Thomas. 

Devling, James. 

Dickinson, David, December 15, 1778. 

Dickey, John. 

Dignam, Nicholas (e). 

Digker, Edward. 

Dingtfell, Conrad, June 1, 1778. 

Diver, Patrick, March 1, 1777. 

Dixon, Patrick, January 17, 1777. 

Doan, Thomas. 

Donley, John. 

Donley, Stephen, resided in Kings county, New York, 1830, 
aged seventy- two. 

Douglass, William, January 1, 1777. 

Down, Michael, served one year; resided in Washington coun- 
ty, 1820, aged sixty-six. 

Dundy, Samuel, January 28, 1781. 

Dunlap, Thomas. 

Dunn, John, January 1, 1777. 

Dunn, Joseph. 


Engle, Michael, resided in Morris county, New Jersey, in 1832, 

aged eighty. 
Evitt, Richard, January 1, 1777. 

Essop, Samuel, Porter's company; served to end of war. 

Ebener, Casper. 


Edwards, James. 
Egar, Thomas. 
Elder, James. 

Ellis, Reuben, died in service. 
Ellis, William. 
Elmore, John. 
Elwell, Thomas, djed in Knox county, Ohio, May 21, 1825, aged 


Emberson, William, January 1, 1777. 
Evan, John. 


Kvans, Ezekiel. 

Eyres, Joseph (See Ayres). 


Forbes, Daniel, 17771781. 

Forrest, Thomas, sergeant and clerk, January 1, 1777. 


Parrel, George, transferred to ship Gen. Greene, May 27, 1779. 

Farmer, John, Sr. 

Fennel, Daniel, January 1, 1777. 

Fine, John, May 7, 1779. 

Fitzsimmons, James, served through the war ; discharged at 

Fort Pitt, November 1, 1783. 
Fleming, John, August 1, 1778. 
Fleming, Thomas, August 1, 1778. 
Ford, William, November 1, 1777. 
Forrest, William. August 1, 1778. 
Forsythe, Caleb (e). 
Freeborn, George. 
French, Alexander. 
Frost, James, resided in Middlesex county. Massachusetts, 

1818, aged sixty-six. 
Fulham, Thomas (e). 

Green, Peter, April 7, 1777. 

Geer, Henry. 


Gralinger, John. 

Grimes, Jacob, January 1, 1777. 

Gabel, Henry. 
Garvin, Bartholomew . 

Garvin, Henry (e), Capt. John Brice's company, 17771781. 
Gadsby, George, January 1, 1777. 
Gaines, Peter. 
Gatzelman, John. 
Gibbons, John. 
Gill, James, January 1, 1777. 
Gill, William 
Gilor, Henry, May 17, 1779. 


Gillup, Arthur, recnlisted February 11, 1782. 

Glenn, James. 

Godfrey, George, April 24, 1777. 

Goff, Patrick, transferred May 27, 1778, to ship Gen. Greene. 

Gregg, John, August 19, 1777. 

Greenwell, Abraham. 

Griffiths, David. 

Grimes, James. 

Guiger, Henry, May 2, 1777. 

Guiter, Henry, May 5, 1779. 

Guthrie, George, resided in Huntingdon county, 1792. 

Sergeant Major. 
Hathorn, Daniel, January 1, 1777. 


Hambright, Abraham, February 8, 1777. 
Hays, John ;* wounded at Monmouth. 
Henderson, George, January 1, 1777 
Higgins, Thomas. 
Hyer, John. 


Hannon, William, May 1, 1777. 

Help, Ludwick, February, 6, 1777 ; paid at Carlisle, April, 1781. 

Holly, Samuel (e), died September 1, 1780. 


Habert, Christian. 
Hall, John. 
Hall, Joseph. 
Hall, Philip. 
Hamilton, Adam. 
Hamilton, Andrew, March 2, 1781. 
Hamilton, William (e). 
Hamilton, James. 
Hamrnon, Thomas (e). 
Handel, Francis. 

Hannah, Archibald, April 23, 1777. 
Hannah, John. 

Hardeck, John, resided in Montgomery county, 1794. 
Harrcot, Reuben, died in Livingston county, New York, Feb- 
ruary 15, 1826. 

* Sergeant Hays' wife was the celebrated ' ' Moll Pitcher, " who distinguished herself 
In the battle of Monmouth. For this service she was pensioned by the State of Penn- 
sylvania. She died at Carlisle In January, 1832, aged 89 years, and was burled with 
military honors. 


Harris, John, late of Invalid corps. 

Harvey, Charles. 

Hartsinger, John. 

Hardest, John. 

Hardest, George. 

Hathorn, Daniel, promoted sergeant. 

Hat horn, John. 

Hathorn, William. 

Hartman, Conrad (e). 

Hartzinger, John. 

Hawkins, Francia 

Hayes, William, discharged January 24, 1781 ; reenlisted July 

27, 1781. 

Heavins, .Thomas. 
Hennion, Joseph. 
Hiney, Jacob. 
Hi land, Nathaniel (e). 
Hinell, Philip. 
Holies, William. 

Holly, Samuel, April 10, 1778; died September I, 1780. 
Holmes, John. 
Hopkins, Charles. 
Hopkins, Jeremiah, from Second regiment ; joined Coultman's 

company, March, 1780. 
Horts, John. 

Hubert, Christian, June 7, 1777. 
Hnnter, Benjamin. 
Hutcheson, George, March 8, 1777. 

Her, Philip. 

Irvine, James. 

Johnston, John, Sr. (e). 


Jennings, Thomas, January 1, 1777. 
Jeff, Robert, reenlisted December 27, 1781. 



Jacobs, John, April 1, 1779. 
James, John. 
Jay, William. 


John, Charles. 

Jones. Charles (e). 

Jones, John. 

Jones. Robert, Marcn 2, 1781. 

Jones, William. 

Jordon, Peter, May 3, 1777. 


Kelly, John, May i, 1777. 

Kennedy, Thomas. 


Kain, John. 

Kearris, William. 

Keis, William. 

Kelly, Thomas, from Fifth regiment, January 1, 1777. 

Kelly, William, reenlisted December 27, 1781. 

Keller, Charles. 

Kill en, James. 

Kiriney, Samuel. 

Kirk, Nathaniel (e). 

Knight, Howard, May 3, 1777. 

Kotts, Charles, April 30, 1777. 

Laver, Michael. 
Leonard, - , died 1778. 

Ludwick, John Martin, from private, March 13, 1779; rup- 
tured and transferred to Invalid corps. 
.Lower, Philip, January 1, 1777. 
Lower, William, 'February 8, 1777. 


Little, James, January 1, 1777. 

Lamb, Joseph. 
Layman, Michael. 
Langland, Samuel, May 15, 1777. 
Lane, Timothy, April 1, 1777. 
Lattimore, William (e). 

Leader, Frederick, resided in York county, 1834, aged seventy- 

Leenner, Robert, May 2, 1777. 
Leek, James. 

15^-VoL. XI. 


Lelaml, Francis. 

Leonard, Thomas, died in hospital. 

Lilly, John, January 1, 1777. 

Lirk, John. 

Little, John. 

Lochert, John, Duffey's company, 1776-1779; resided in 1 

county, 1818, aged sixty-eight. 
Logue, Thomas, July 19, 1777. 
Love, Henry, January 1, 1777 ; lost his left leg at Yorktown ; 

discharged November 1, 1783. 
Love, Robert. 
Lynn. Michael. 
Lytle, James. 


McCarthy, Owen, Pennsylvania pensioner, 1817. 
Morgan, Joseph, April 25, 1777. 


McDonald, John. 
McCasland, Mark. ' 
Maginnis, James. 
Mast on, Andrew. 


McCook, Thomas, June 2, 1777. 

McCoy, Daniel, January 1, 1777. 

McCoomb, William, January 1, 1777. 

McCarthy, John. 

McCracken, James. 

McCherry, Peter, March 2, 1781. 

McDaniel, Christian (e). 

McDaniel, Christopher, May 1, 1777, of Capt. Brice's company. 

McDermott, John, May 8, 1778. 

McDonnell, William. 

McDonald, John. 

McEnnelly, Michael. 

McParlane, Walter, April 6, 1778. Pennsylvania pensioner, 

McFarlane, Thomas. 

McGrill, John. 

Mcllver, James. 

Mclllain, William. 

McKinsey, Alexander (e). 

McKinsey, James, resided in Philadelphia, 1833, aged seventy- 


McKee, Junies. 

McLain, Allen. 

McLord, Ferguson. 

McMiller, William. 

McMinn, AVilliam, July 18, 17?a 

McMahon, Michael. 

McMahon, William, April 11, 1777. 

McMullen, William. 

Mc'Neal, Robert, January 1, 1777. 

McNulty, Patrick. 

McVough John. 

Malone, John. 

Malone, Patrick. 

Malone, William. 

Malony, John, Sr. , March 1, 1777. 

Malony, John, Jr. 

Mason, John. 

Masson, William (e), of Capt. Joseph Rice's company. 

Marks, John, from Porter's ; reenlisted March 9, 1781. 

Martin, Alexander, June 13, 1777. 

Matthews, Joseph (e). 

Maybin, David (e). 

Maybey, David. 

Mayberry, Thomas, May 15, 1777. 

May berry, William, April 15, 177& 

Miller, Christian, January 1, 1777. 

Miller, George (e). 

Miller, Henry, January 1, 1778. 

Miller, Martin, April 23, 1777. 

Miller, John, July 7, 1778. 

Mills, Christian. 

Mills, Henry. 

Mills, David. 

Mitchell. John (e). 

Moore, William (e), Rice's company ; enlisted March 30, 1780. 

Morgan, Joseph. 

Mullen, Thomas, April 27, 1777 ; reenlisted March 2, 1781. 

Mullen, Daniel. 

Murdock, Robert, 1777. 

Murphy, James. 

Murphy, William, April 18, 1780. 


Murray, Matthews, and McCoy, died in 1778. 


Drum 3f(t /<>/. 
Norton, William. 

Hf r(/c< i-nts. i 

N.-vill, John, May 28, .1777. 
.North, Daniel, January 1, 1777. 


Nagel, Jacob, 1777; resided in Dauphin county, 1828. 

Nathan, Jacob. 

Newman. Philip, resided in Montgomery county, 1832, aged 

Nugent, John, May 1, 1777. 
Noel, Lambert. 


O'Harra, Timothy. 
Oliver, Joseph. 


Oile, Nicholas. 

Olinger, Peter, April 23, 1777. 

Orne, Frederick, July 1, 1777. 


Patterson, James, quarter-master sergeant, January 1, 1777. 


Pendegrass, Lawrence. 
Pillars, James. 


Pair, Joseph (e). 

Parks, Thomas, March 2, 1781. 

Parry, John (e). 

Pasehall, Jeremiah, May 15, 1777. 

Patterson, (feorge. 

Pauper, Robert, April 28, 1777. 

Peltear, Lewis. 

Pelar, Nicholas. 

Pennymore, Jonathan, June 2, 177a 

Perry, Francis. 

Peters, Michael (<?). 

Peterson, Joshua (e). 

Pettit, , <lied in 1778. 


Pine, John. May 18, 1770. 

Plane. Solomon. 

Proud, Charles, from Lamb's artillery, 

Pimloe, Joseph, 1781; in Webster's; discharged November, 
1783; resided in Sussex county, New Jersey, 1810. 

Ring, Michael, 177(5 1782; resided in Bucks county, 1815. 


Rushworm, William, January 23, 1779. 
Rickey, John, March 28, 1777. 
Rutledge, James, April 1, 1777. 


Reed, David. 

Redhair, Frederick, April 28, 1777. 

Redman, Joel. 

Reese, William. 

Reindecker, Samuel. 

Reily, Patrick. 

Rehstite, John. 

Riley, Edward (e). 

Rich, Isaac, 1777. 

Ripley, Peter, from Gribbs Jones' company, 1781. 

Robinson, George. 

Robinson, James. 

Robinson, William. 

Rogan, Thomas. 

Rogers, Matthew (e). 

Ross, Thomas. 

Russell, William. 


Spiegle, Jacob. 

Stafford, John, January 1, 1777. 
Stewart, John, September 3, 1778. 
Stewart, Francis, May 1, 1777. 
Stuart, William, April 1, 1777. 
Sturges. Jonathan, June 24, 1778. 


Sewalt, Lewis. 
Shane, Casper. 
Sheerer, Jacob. 


Stamlbury. John (e). 
Spade, John, May 1, 1777. 
Smith, Jacob, May 1, 1777. 


Sailheimer, Nicholas, enlisted in Von Heer's; afterwards in 

Coultman's; served three years six months; resided m>ar 

Shippensburg, in 1817. 
Sebord, Peter. 
Sellers, Francis (e). 
Servuse, John. 
Sevey, Isaac, April 1, 1779; resided in Merrimac county, New 

Hampshire, 1828, aged seventy. 
Sennatts, Frederick. 
Shaffer, Charles, July 1, 1777. 
Shaffer, Daniel. 
Shaw, Michael. 
Sharp, Joseph. 
Shaw, Simon. 
Shephard, Charles, resided in Schenectady county, New York, 

in 1818, aged seventy-four. 
Shubart, Frederick, July 5, 1777. 
Simms, William. 
Sisk, John, May 13, 1777. 
Singleton, John, May 2, 1779. 
Smick, Reynard, January 1, 1777. 
Smith, Edward, 1777; Brice's company ; wounded in the battle 

near Savannah, Georgia. 
Smith, Frederick, Sr. 
Smith, Frederick, Jr. 
Smith, Lawrence. 
Smith, Patrick, June 28, 1777. 
Smith, Samuel, (e) 
Snell, John. 
Stacks, Nathaniel. 
Stein, Frederick (e). 
Stephens, John. 
Stephens, William, resided in Brooke county, Virginia, 1832, 

aged eighty-one. 
Stevenson, Joseph (e). 
Stewart, (ieorge. 
Stort/,, John, May 1, 1777. 
Sturgeans, John. 
Swartz, Jacob, Rice's company ; deserted. 


Sweetmaii, Richard, August 1, 1778. 
Syphen, Daniel. 

Tebrough, Peter (e). 

Tot ton, William (), July 9, 17761781 ; died 1785. 

Thomi>son, George, April 21, 1777. 


Talbot, William, April 25, 1777. 

Tame, John, April 2, 1777. 

Taplin, John, January 1, 1777. 

Tarbutt, James. 

Tattom, William. 

Tawley, William, February, 1781. 

Teaf, Henry. 

Tegan, Hugh. 

Thompson, George. 

Thornton, John, May 13, 1777. 

Thornton, Hermanus, run over by a cannon wagon, October 

4, 1777; transferred to Invalid corps. 
Tinks, William. 
Tolbet, William. 
Tool, Edward, March 3, 1777. 
Toy, James, 17771781. 
Toy, William. 
Treakle, Jonathan, April 28, 1777; discharged September 30, 

1783; resided at Chambersburg, 1813. 
Tripler, Andrew. 
Truesdale, James (e). 
Turner, James, June 26, 1778. 
Tweedy, Thomas, May 11, 1777; shot through the right leg, 

at Newtown, August 29, 1779, and through the left leg, at 

the Block House, July 1, 1780: resided in Chester county, in 


Vanhorn, Abraham. 
Vanostrand, John. 
Vanosden, James. 
Vercloss, John Conrad, wounded in left knee, at breast -works 

at Chadd's Ford, September 11, 1777; discharged May 6, 



Wall, John, April M, 1777. 

Wliite, William. 

Whitlow, Benjamin, May 1:>, 1777. 

Wiggins, Thomas, January 1, 1777. 

Williams, Elias, January I, 1777: discharged September 

1788, at Fort Pitt. 
Weit/.ell, Philip, May 15, 1777. 

Wolf, John, February 1:5, 1777. 
AVhite, John. 

Pr inn-tea. 

Wallace, Edward. 
Wallace, James, March 11, 1777. 
AValker, James. 
AValters, Jacob. 
Walsh, Richard. 
Walters, Jacob, August 2, 1777. 
Warwick, Alexander (e). 
Watson, Benjamin. 
Watson, Samuel, May 20, 1771). 
Weatherby, William, October 1, 1777. 
Wear, Philip. 
Wilks, George. 
Wennett, Alexander. 
AVert/., Ferdinand. 
AVest, Peter. 

AVhister, Jacob, discharged 1783. 
AVhitmer, Peter, May 1, 1777. 
Wilson, James. 
AVilliams, Owen. 
AVilliams, Elias. 
Wilks, John, January 1, 1777. 
Winded, David. 
AVindright, John. 
Wind, Robert, 

AVinkler, Frederick, September (I, 1778. 
AVitten, Samuel. 
Wooden, John. 
AVrigh, Alexander. 

Young, Robert, July, 1778 ; from Second Penri'a ; died in < Vnrre 
county, November 19, 1824, aged seventy-four. 



< ' Patrick Duffey'x company. 

Davis, William. 
Frye, Nicholas. 
Livingston, James. 
Maxwell, Robert. 
Miller, Andrew. 
Turr, Woolbury. 
Wagoner, John. 

Capt. Worsley Ernes' company. 

Justice, Thomas. 
Kelly, James. 
Miller, James. 
Oaken, Jesse. 
St. f!lair, Andrew. 
Triverr, Michael. 
Winter. James. 

Capt. Robert Coultman's company 
Lawrence, Joseph. 

Capt. Francis Procter, Jr. X company. 

Arnold, John. 
Boyd, James. 
Brady, Richard. 
Conkey, John. 
Donelly, Barney. 
Dunn, Peter. 
Ewen, John. 
Firman, Michael. 
Lowry, William. 
Mason, Richard. 
Ponton. Daniel. 
Steuart, William. 
Thurston, Thomas. 
Williams, Isaac. 


U-turn of seven months' men who served in Col. Procter's retri- 
nient of artillery, in 1780, not made upon the first return. 

Heard, Thomas. 

Boyd, James. 

Bryan, Jeremiah. 

Chillcott, Thomas, served from 1st August, 1780. 

( 'oombs, William. 

( 'ooney, John. 

Crowley, Michael. 

Dehuff, John. 

Devon, David. 

Donley, James. 

Donley, Steplien. 

Donnelley, Barney, enlisted February 15, 178L 

(rtithrey, Creorge. 

Henry, Richard. 

Lowrey, William. 

McMurdy, Robert. 

Mullen, Thomas, supposed to be the colonel's servant; if the 

colonel's servant, he is an old soldier. 
Nowell, John. 
Penting, David. 

Shafer, John, enlisted June 18, 1781. 
Steward, William. 
Thornton, John. 


Musters of a detachment of the Fourth Penn'a regiment of ar- 
tillery, and a detachment of artillery artificers, commanded 
by Maj. Isaac Craig, for February, 1782, December, 1782, 
and March, 1783, stationed at Fort Pitt. 


t'raig, Isaac. 

Captain Lieutenants* 

Martin, William. 
Lloyd, James. 


First Lieutenant. 
Hmvell, EzekieL 


Williams, Elias. 

Broome, Leonard. 

Dickson, John. 

Smick, Reynard. 

Hiackwood, Samuel. 

Wiggins, Thomas, appointed December 15, 1788. 


Clock, William. 
Lane, Timothy. 
Tebrough, Peter. 
Robinson, William. 

Harris, John. 

Burnside, James, enlisted February 4, 1783. 

Cross, Daniel. 


Burns, James, Sr. 
Pitzsimmons, James. 
Jones, Joseph. 
Trickell, Jonathan. 


Burns, James, Jr. 

Conrad, Charles. 

Crawford, Patrick. 

Cunningham, Barney. 

Dunn, John. 

Evans, John. 

Grarvan, Bartholomew. 

( Jratzsinger, John. 

Hartman, Conrad. 

Killen, James, enlisted February 7, 1782. 

Kitts, Charles. 

Leonard, Patrick. 

i:ji; . CONTJ.NKNTAL L13JE. 

McKee, James. 

Mcgill, .John. 

Moore, John, enlisted Februry 15, 1783. 

Murphy, James. 

Reily, Patrick. 

Richards, Richard. 

Smith, John. 

Tame, John. 

Thompson. George. 

Tool, Edward. 


Baker, John. 

Hiney, Jacob, enlisted February 1, 1783. 

Kinkead, John. 

McKinney, Andrew. 

Peters, Jacob. 

Stoner, Jacob. 

Thomas, John. JOHN FINLKT, 

Sub -Inspector. 
Sworn before me, 

Brig. Geti. 







COREN'S company was enlisted as uri 
independent company of artillery, but seems to have 
been for the most part employed in the laboratory 
for fixing ammunition for the Continental army. 
Under a resolution of the Assembly of April 5, 1779, it was to 
be considered part of the quota of the State. Though employed 
as artillery artificers, Capt. Coren refused to acknowledge him- 
self under the direction of Col. Flowers. Penn'a Archives, O. 
IS. , vol. mi, page 294 ; ibid. , vol. viii, page 469. 

By a general order, dated at head-quarters, New Windsor, 
January 1, 1781, Capt. Coren's company was incorporated with 
Capt. Porter's company. Penn'a Archives, 0. 8. , vol. viii, 
page 695. 


A return of Capt. Isaac Coren's company of artillery, com- 
manded by the Honorable Brigadier General of Ordnance, 
Henry Knox, with the State, county, and, town where en- 
listed, April 2, 1779. 

Coren, Isaac, Philadelphia, February 1, 1777. 

Captain Lieutenant. 
Godfrey, William Egerton, Philadelphia, July 1, 1777. 

First Lieutenant. 

Wright, Anthony, Philadelphia, March 1, 1777; living in 1793. 



Second I, it-lit' iHiut. 
Caldwell, Andrew, Philadelphia, April 1, 1777. 

Third -Lieutenant. 

(.freer, Henry, Carlisle. 

Strong, James, Carlisle. 


Beersticker, Andrew, Carlisle. 

Brown, Benjamin, Philadelphia. 

Dulzell, (j-eorge, Newtown, Bucks county. 

Hambright, Abraham, Philadelphia. 

Hartshorn, James, Philadelphia. 

Vanosten, James, formerly of Col. Procter'a 



Chapman, (reorge, Lancaster county. 
Hasselbach, ^Nicholas, Philadelphia. 
Hindman, John, Philadelphia. 
Loner, Michael, Philadelphia. 
Rutledge, James, Philadelphia. 
Wolff, John Philadelphia. 


Benedict, George, Carlisle. 
Bowman, Elijah, Philadelphia. 
Cowan, William, Philadelphia. 
Crawford, Andrew, Philadelphia. 
Pendergrass, Lawrence, Carlisle. 
Wallace, James, Philadelphia. 


Baker, James, enlisted in July,1777 ; servant of William Waugh, 
Sr. , of Hamilton township, York county; resided in Hamil- 
ton township, Adams county, 1814. 

Bryan, John, Carlisle. 

Caick, Frederick, Carlisle. 

David, David, formerly of Procter's regiment. 

Hastings, Samuel, Carlisle. 

McLaughlin, Francis, Philadelphia. 


Ackerly, John, formerly belonging to Col. Harrison's regiment. 
Aile, Christian, Carlisle. 


Barry, John, Carlisle. 

Boggs, John, Philadelphia. 

Brown, Henry, Northampton. 

Brown, James, Carlisle. 

Buckley, William, Carlisle. 

Byrney, Nicholas, Carlisle. 

Christ-more, Godfrey, Carlisle. 

Cockelar, Frederick, Carlisle. 

Culbertson, Richard, Cumberland county; belonging to a regi- 
ment of foot sent to us by order of Board of War. 

Cummings, William, Carlisle. 

Dignan, Nicholas, Carlisle. 

Dixon, Patrick, York county. 

Douglass, William, of New York ; formerly belonging to Col. 

Finneinore, Jonathan, Lancaster county. 

Fleming, John, Carlisle. 

Fleming, Thomas, Carlisle. 

Fowler, Robert, Carlisle. 

Graham, John, Carlisle. 

Hamilton, William, Carlisle. 

Hammond, Thomas, Carlisla 

Hollis, John, Philadelphia. 

Hornkeith, Jeremiah, Carlisle. 

Hughes, David, Carlisle. 

Hyland, Nathans, Carlisle. 

Irwin. James, Carlisle. 

Locksley, Joseph, Carlisle. 

McDearmot, John, Carlisle. 

McFarland, Walter, Carlisle. v 

McWilliams, Jeremiah, Carlisle. 

Miller, George, Carlisle. 

Miller, Henry, Northampton county. 

Mitchell, John, Carlisle. 

Moulton, Joseph, Carlisle. 

Newman, Daniel, Carlisle. 

Roads, John, Carlisle. 

Sheetran, Jeremiah, Carlisle. 

Story, Robert, belonging to a regiment of foot sent to us by 
order of the Board of War. 

Turner, James, Carlisle. 

Wall, John, Philadelphia. 

Walters, Jacob, Jr. , Carlisle. 

Weightner, Peter, Carlisle. 

16 VOL. XI. 


McCollum, James, Carlisle. 


Tracy, John, Lancaster county. 

WAR OFFICE, July 13, 1779. 
The foregoing is an exact copy of a return of Capt. Coren's 

company filed in this office. 



Registered agreeably to a resolution of Congress of the 15th 
of March last, arid the State of Pennylvania credited in its 
general quota for the number of men specified therein. 



Jones, Thomas, from Second battalion, St. Glair's, April 8, 
1777; in Capt. (5bren's; transferred by the Board of War to 
Capt. Irish's artificers. 


Muster-roll of a company of artillery now under the command 
of William E. Godfrey, captain lieutenant, stationed at 
Philadelphia, for the month of June, 1780. 

Coren, Isaac, cashiered 30th inst. 

Captain Lieutenant 
Godrey, William E. 


Beersticker, Henry. 
Dal/ell. George. 
Ham bright, Abraham. 
Irwin, James. 

Stewart, Francis, transferred by Gen. Knox from the field. 
Vanosten. James. 
Wall, John. 


Chapman, George. 
Crawford, Andrew. 
Lower, Michael. 
Pendergrass, Lawrence. 
Rutledge, James. 

Boggs, John. 
Bowman. Elijah. 
Cowan, William. 
Craig, John. 
Wallis, James. 

Baker, James. 
Caick, Frederick. 
Fleming, Thomas. 
Hastings, Samuel. 
Highlands, Nathan. 

Ackerly, John. 

Aile [or Ehle], Christian. 

Bennedict, George. 

Bennington, Job, transferred by Gen. Knox, March 7, 1780L 

Berry, John. 

Brown, Henry. 

Brown, James. 

Buckley, William. 

Copple, Nicholas. 

Christmore, Godfrey. 

Cummings, William. 

Dickinson, David. 

Dignan, Nicholas. 

Dringfelt, Conrad. 

Dixon, Patrick. 

Douglass, William. 

Finnemore, Jonathan. 

Fleming, John. 

Hamilton, William. 

Hammond, Thomas. 

Hornkeith, Jeremiah. 

McDermot, John. > 

McFarland, Walter. 

McKinsey, Alexander. 

McWilliams, Jeremiah. 

Matthew, Joseph. 


Meek, James, transferred by the Board of War. 

Miller, Henry. 

.Mitchell, John. 

Road, John. 

Turner, James. 

Walter, Jacob. 

Whitmer, Peter. 

Wclf, John. 

McCollum, James. 


Tracy, John. 

Mustered before me, this I0th day of July, 1780. 

C. M. P. T. 


Muster-roll for a company of artillery under the command ,>f 
Brig. Gen. of Ordnance, Henrj Knox, now under the di- 
rection of Lieut. Benjamin Hoey, stationed $t Philadel- 
phia, for the month of November, 1780. 

Hoey, Benjamin, August 1, 1780. 


Beersticker, Andrew. 
Chapman, George. 
Hambright, Abraham. 
Lower, Michael. 
Wall, John. 

Copple, Nicholas. 
Coan, William. 
Wolf, John. 

leaker, James. 
Fleming, Thomas. 
Hastings, Samuel. 
Hy lands, Nathan 



Ackerly, John, at Dr. Duffield's. 

Aile, Chiistian. 

Barry, John. 

Benedict, George. 

Brown, Henry. 

Brown, James. 

Buckley, William. 

Christmore, Godfrey. 

Crawford, Andrew. 

Dixon, Patrick, at Col. Flowers'. 

Dickinson, David. 

Dringhfelt, Conrad. 

Dignan, Nicholas, deserted* 

Hammond, Thomas. 

McCullum, James. 

McDearmot, John. 

Matthew, Joseph, deserted. 

Miller, Henry. 

Turner, James. 

Walter, Jacob. 

Whitmer, Peter. 

Sergeant Francis Stewart and matrosses William Douglass and 

Job Bennington, transferred by Gen. Knox. 
A manuscript letter of Samuel Hodgson, commissary general 
of issues, dated June 10, 1782, recommending Lieut. Hoey for 
appointment as officer to receive artillery recruits at PhiJadel 
phia,says : "he is now in charge of the men left behind when the 
main body inarched to the Southward. That he was commis- 
sioned by the Board of War, on August 1, 1780, arid annexed 
to the Company then employed in the Laboratory, where he 
was to act as directed ; that the company has since been an- 
nexed to the Line of the States, and an officer there not being 
necessary, he lost his command, &c. " 


A return of the men's names in a company of artillery formerly 
belonging to Capt. Isaac Coren, now under the command 
of Capt. Andrew Porter, of the Fourth Penn'a. who re- 
ceived the bounty of twenty dollars; also, the time of their 
enlisting, [no date] " Those marked* are discharged Feb- 
ruary, 1781." 



BeerBticker, Andrew,* June 23, 1777. 
Chapman, George, May 30, 1778. 
Hambright, Abraham,* February 8, 1777. 
Lower, Michael,* February 8, 1777. 
Wall, John,* April 8, 1777. 


Cowan, William,* February 26, 1777. 
Copple, Nicholas, April 6, 1780. 
Wolf, John,* February 13, 1777. 


Bowman, Elijah,* July 81, 1777. 
Wallace, James,* March 11, 1777. 


Baker, James,* July 2, 1777. 
Fleming, Thomas, August 1, 1778. 
Hastings, Samuel,* August 2, 1777. 


Aile, Christian, November 1, 1777. 
Barry, John, May 6, 1778. 
Benedict, George, May 7, 1777. 
Brown, Henry,* October 1, 1777. 
Christmore, Godfrey,* May 1, 1777. 
Crawford, Andrew, June 15, 1777. 
Cummings, William.* May 12, 1777. 

Dickinson, David, December 15, 1779. 

Dringhfelt, Conrad, June 1, 1778. 

Douglass, William, - , 1776. 
"Finnemore, Jonathan, June 2, 1778. 

Fleming, John, August 1, 1778. 

Hammond, Thomas, July 30, 1778. 

McDearmot, John, May 8, 1778. 

Miller, Henry, January 1, 1778. 

Walter, Jacob, August 2, 1778. 

Whitmer, Peter,* May 1, 1777. 

Walters, Michael, Coren's company, 1778; discharged 1781 ; died 
in Philadelphia, in 1825. 







[HIS corps, as it was called at first, was raised by 
the directions of Gen. Washington, in the summer 
of 1777. Benjamin Flower, formerly commissary of 
military stores of the Flying Camp in 1776, was made 
colonel and commissary of military stores. Very few of its re- 
cords remain. Capt Jesse Roe's company was one of the origi- 
nal companies. Companies were stationed at Carlisle andPhila- 
delphia, and their duties were to cast cannon, bore guns, and 
prepare ammunition for the army. 



Flower, Benjamin. January 16, 1777; died April 28, 1781, aged 
thirty-three ; buried in Christ church, Philadelphia. 

Lukens, Charles, of York. 


McCoskry, Samuel A., July 16, 1778; retired by resolution of 
Congress, May 3, 1782 ; resided at Carlisle. 

Surgeon's Mate. 
McCoskry, William. 


Livingston, James, of Philadelphia. 


Roe, Jesse, February 3, 1777. 



Irish, Nathaniel, February 7, 1777; died at Pittsburgh, Sep. 

tember 11, 1816, aged seventy-nine years four months; 

buried in the First Presbyterian church-yard. 
Pancoasfc, David, February 10, 1777. 
Wylie, Thomas, from captain lieutenant. 
Jordan, John, from captain lieutenant ; retired January 1, 

1783; resided in Botetourt county, Virginia, in 1829. 
Parke, Theophilus, dismissed the service, 1780. 
Gibson, James, from lieutenant. 

Captain Lieutenants. 

Wylie, Thomas, February 17, 1777; promoted captain. 
Jordan, John, February, 1777; promoted captain. 
Hoffman, Valentine, February 12, 1777. 
Dow, Alexander, from lieutenant. 


Beakley, Christian, February 3. 1777. 

Nor r is, George, February 8, 1777. 

Gibson, James, February 17, 1777 ; promoted captain. 

Sweeney, James, February 22, 1777. 

Preston, William, April 7. 1777; of Roe's company. 

Dow, Alexander, promoted captain lieutenant. 

Livingston, James. 

Stroop, Henry, May 1, 1778. 

Sprouls, John. 

Hoey, Benjamin, August 1, 1780. 

Return of officers who have served in the repiment of artillery 
artificers since April 10, 1780. 

Flower, Benjamin. 

Irish, Nathaniel 
Wylie, Thomas. 
Gibson, James. 
Jordan, John, paymaster. 

Captain Lieutenants. 
Dow, Alexander. 


Stroop, Henry. 
Sprouls, John. 
Norris, George. 

Quarter-Mai ter. 
Power, Alexander. 

McCoskry, Samuel A. 

Surgeon's Mate. 
McCoskry, William. 

I certify the above named persons were citizens of the State 
of Pennsylvania at and before they entered the service of the 
United States. 
Given at Philadelphia, this 8th day of April, 1782. 

Capt. Com. corps of Arty. Art. 

Return of the officers belonging to the Pennsylvania corps of artil- 
lery artificers, Philadelphia, September 23, 1783. 

Wylie, Thomas. 
Jordan, John, deranged January 1, 1783. 

Hoey, Benjamin. 



Return of the men who belonged to the company of artillery 
artificers under the command of Gen. Knox, and belonging 
to the State of Pennsylvania. [Endorsed "Muster-Roll of 
Capt. Patton's late Jesse Roe's company.]" 


Engle, Michael, Reading, February 13, 1777-March 24, 1781. 


Taylor, Joseph, Providence, Chester county, February 17, 1777- 
February 17, 1780. 


Adams, John, Philadelphia, February 8, 1777 March 24, 1781. 
Adams, Samuel, Philadelphia, February 12, 1777 March 22, 


Austin, William, Philadelphia, April 14, 1777-March 22, 1 
Barger, Adam, Lebanon, Lancaster county, December 20, 1777 

March 22, 1781. 
Bitting, Henry, Philadelphia, February 23, 1777 ; sent to the 

Laboratory at Philadelphia, January 5, 1780. 
Blakley, Daniel, Philadelphia, February 8, 1777 February 8, 


Bruce, James, Philadelphia, April 26, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Carr, William, Philadelphia, March 3, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Collins, Edward, Philadelphia, February 11, 1777 March 21, 


Dalton, John, Philadelphia, February 14, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Diddy, John, Lancaster, March 21, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Dowdel, James, Philadelphia, August 12, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Ellis, Richard, Philadelphia, March 3, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Engle, Thomas, Philadelphia, March 20, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Garrick, Adam, Philadelphia, February 12, 1777; discharged 

by Judge McKean. 

Goodman, Michael, Philadelphia, September 12, 1777; dis- 
charged by Judge McKean. 
Jenkins, Josiah, Philadelphia, February 19, 1777 March 22, 

Kirker, John, Philadelphia, December 16, 1776 January 16, 

McCowing, William, Philadelphia, May 11, 1778; sent to the 

Laboratory at Philadelphia, March 15, 1780. 
Miller, Francis, Lancaster, May 27, 1777 March 21, 1781. 
Roads [Roth], Christopher, of this company, enlisted in 1777; 

discharged April 17, 1780; settled with, March 9, 1785. 
Roe, John, Philadelphia, August 6, 1777 July 28, 1780. 
Steel, James, Philadelphia, February 10, 1777 March 22, 1781. 
Sullivan, James, Philadelphia, February 12, 1777; deserted 

April 10, 1779. 
Umstead Abraham, Philadelphia, March 17, 1777 ; left service 

March 20, 1780. 


Wenn, Patrick, Philadelphia, February 15, 1777 March 9, 1781. 
Yearhouse, George, Philadelphia, February 14, 1777; deserted 
July 9, 1780; it appears he was entitled to his discharge, 
and obtained it in August, 1781. 

This may certify, that the above is a true state of the men 
that, were returned to the State of Pennsylvania, according 
t > the best, of my knowledge. 
Capt. Art. Artificers. 
BURLINGTON, June 1, 1782. 


Kinnard, William, carpenter. 
Marshall, George, carpenter. 


Livingston, James, Philadelphia. 


Engle, Michael, Reading. 

Taylor, Joseph, Providence, Chester county. 


Adams, John, Philadelphia. 

Adams, Samuel, Philadelphia. 

Austen, William, Philadelphia. 

Blakley, Daniel, Philadelphia. 

Bitting, Henry, Philadelphia. 

Bruce, James, Philadelphia. 

Burger, Adam, Lebanon, Lancaster county. 

Carr, William, Philadelphia. 

Clarke, Andrew, Philadelphia. 

Dalton, John, Philadelphia. 

Dowdell, James, Philadelphia. 

Ellis. Richard, Philadelphia. 

Engle, Thomas, Philadelphia. 

Garrick, Adam, Philadelphia. 


Goodman, Michael, Philadelphia. 
Jenkins, Josiah, Philadelphia. 
Kirker, John, Philadelphia. 
McCowen, William, Philadelphia. 
Miller, Francis, Lancaster. 
Ormsted, Abraham, Philadelphia. 
Rowe, John, Philadelphia. 
Steel, James, Philadelphia. 
Sullivan, James, Philadelphia. 
Wenn, Patrick, Philadelphia. 
Yearhouse, George, Philadelphia. 

On the back of this return is a memorandum, in the hand- 
writing of Stoddert, as follows (which probably indicates the 
number of soldiers Pennsylvania had in the field at that date- 
February 14, 1780) : 

Line 3 

Hasen's corps, 

German Batt. , 

Moylan's Horse, 

The within corps 

Invalids, ? 



[NOTE. Those marked war were enlisted for that term, the others are marked ' ' en- 
listed for three years. "] 

Return of company late commanded by Capt. Nathaniel Irish. 


McClintock, James, enlisted and appointed March 18, 1778. 
Paulhill, James, enlisted and appointed April 11, 1778. 
Denning, William, enlisted and appointed March 8, 1778; died 

in Newton township, Cumberland county, December 19, 

1830, aged ninety-four. 


Ernfighter, Jacob, enlisted and appointed March 13, 1778. 

Harris, John, enlisted and appointed March 14, 1778; with Maj. 
Craig's detachment at Fort Pitt, and discharged Novem- 
ber 1, 1783. 



Allen, Samuel, July 30, 1778; appointed April 28, 1779. 
Alexander, Thomas, July 18, 1777; appointed April 28, 1779. 


Stansberger, John, July 25, 1777; resided in Montgomery 
county, 1811. 

Thornell, Robert, August 21, 1778. 


Baylie, Jonathan, May 1, 1778. 

Boggs, John, April 25, 1778. 

Chambers, David, January 15, 1778. 

Ernfighter, David, July 22, 1778. 

Ferguson, William, April 13, 1778; resided in Cumberland 

county, 1835, aged eighty. 
Hancock, Thomas, July 30, 1777; war. 
Kinaston, John, January 22, 1779. 
Kinkade, John, October 8, 1778. 
Leech, Joseph, July 13, 1778. 
McAvoy, Patrick, October 5, 1778. 
Nelson, Robert, served three years. 
Padden, Pashem, January 24, 1777. 
Pembi-ook, Thomas, November 3, 1778. 
Richardson, George, April 29, 1778. 
Rose, John, May 11, 1778. 
'Scull, William, January 31, 1777. 
Sherer, John, April 8, 1778. 
Shryock, Christian, September 19, 1778. 
Stilie, John, August 19, 1777. 
Thornell, Israel, August 3, 1778. 
Thornell, Joseph, July 1, 1778. 

'Wall, Issac. October 9, 1777; resided in Centre county. 
Wills, William, August 11, 1777; war. 
Warner, Jacob, gunner, March 17, 1778; appointed March 1, 

1780 ; resided in Beaver county, 1812. 
Wilkinson, Angus, January 14, 1778; appointed April 8, 1779. 

I certify the above men were inlisted in the State of Penn- 
sylvania, and were in the service the 10th of April, 1780. 

Capt. now Com. ye Core Arty. Art. 



Muster-roll of Capt. Thomas Wylie's company 01 artillery and 
artificers stationed at Washington, [near Carlisle, PennsyL 
vania], commanded by Col. Benjamin Flower, for the 
month of April, 1780. 

Wylie, Thomas. 

Sprouls, John. 


Parker, William, carpenter, appointed December 1, 177& 
Scranton, James, shoemaker, May 1, 1779. 

Armitage, Joseph, appointed April 26, 1779. 

Bombardiers and Gunners. 

Badlock, Benjamin, March 16, 1778. 

Bernard, John, July 8, 1778. 

Bonner, Barnebas, May 3, 1 778. 

Center, Jonathan, July 1, 1778. 

Cleaveland, Amaziah, July 1, 1778; discharged April 1, 17501 

Crookham, James, November 1, 1778. 

Davis, Elisha, J uly 6, 1778. 

Dely, John, March 18, 1778. 

Diggin, Edward. May 12, 1778. 

Espy, William, May 12, 1778. 

Grilmore, Jonathan. July 4, 1778. 

Gross, Ebenezer, March 16, 1778. 

Greenawalt, A brain, November 8, 1778. 

Hanuing, Conrad, March 1, 1778. 

Harriot. Azahel, fifer, -October 1, 1778. 

Harriot, Andrew, April 5, 1778. 

Harriot, Reuben, foundry boy, July 1, 1776. 

Hattin, Henry, appointed gunner, April 26, 1779. 

Hurlbut. William, March 11, 1778. 

Jones. Charles, March 7, 1778 ; appointed gunner April 26, 1779. 

Jones, Thomas, May 6, 1778. 

Killin, William, May 13, 1778. 


Kilburn, Benjamin, June 8, 1778. f / 

Kisselbach, Oswald, August 23, 1778. f 

Leary, Cornelius, March 19, 1778. I 

McCaffrey, Neal, November 7, 177& 

Mason, Charles, February 27, 1778. 

Maybud, David, July, 29, 1778. 

Moor, Ralph, September 30. 

Moore, G-eorge, fife major, June 9, 1779. 

Newton, Jonathan, April 10, 1778. 

Patterson. Andrew, appointed gunner, April 26, 1779; wounded 

in the wrist ; discharged after three years' service ; resided 

in York county, in 1807. 
Poor, William, June 3, 1778. 
Reimer, David, September 27, 1778 ; resided in Dearborn county, 

Indiana, 1833, aged eighty. 
Reily, Edward, shoemaker, July 19, 1778. 
Simpson, William, shoemaker, October 7, 1778. 
Skevington, William, July 8, 1778. 
Stephenson, Joseph, October 24, 1778. 
Trariks, Casper, June 20, 1778. 
Tully, James, March 27, 1778. 
Vester, William, June 3, 1778. 
Walker, John, March 27, 1778. 
Warwick, Alexander, April 16, 1778. 
White, William, June 8, 1778. 
Wilson, James, October 15, 1778. 
Wright, Elijah, November 23, 1778. 
Young, James, June 24, 1778. 
I certify the above men were enlisted in Pennsylvania* 



A muster-roll of that part of Capt. John Jordan's company 
of artillery and artificers belonging to Col. Benjamin. 
Flower's regiment, commissary general of military stores, 
now stationed at Philadelphia, and emolo^ed as specified, 
for the month of April, 1780 
17 VOL. XI, 



Stroop, Henry, carpenter, commissioned May 1, 1778; resided 
in Delaware county, 1835, aged eighty-two. 


Trested, Richard, April 15, 1778; United States armory. 
Reegan, John, carpenter, May 26, 1778 ; ordnance-yard. 
Rodes, Mark, carpenter, May 26, 1778; ordnance -yard. 

Jones, Thomas, June 9, 1777 ; office at ordnance-yard. 


Allen, Peter, sadler, June 10, 1778; leather accouterment fac- 

Brown, Thomas, .carpenter, May 26, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Carteret, Daniel, September 14, 1778; United States armory. 

Charlton, James, November 18, 1778; United States armory. 

Clark, James, October 31, 1778; United States armory. 

Cobham, Robert, carpenter, March 30, 1779; ordnance-yard. 

Davis, James, September 1, 1778; United States armory. 

Ferguson, Jacob, cooper. May 28, 1778 ; ordnance-yard. 

Fottrell. Patrick, April 3, 1778 ; United States armory. 

Fox, Patrick, blacksmith, June 15, 1778 ; United States armory. 

Francis, William, blacksmith, August 14, 1779; ordnance-yard. 

Hood, Nathaniel, turner, October 1, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Hudd, Thomas, blacksmith, December 1, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Huggins, Thomas, April 10, 1778; United States armory. 

Hunter, John. October 2. 1778; United States armory. 

Her, Philip, blacksmith, April 12, 1778; ordnance- yard. 

Kent, William, carpenter, March 27, 1779; ordnance-yard. 

Lane, Christopher, blacksmith, April 13, 1780; ordnance-yard. 

Lard, David, blacksmith, May 1, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Long. William, drum maker, March 23, 1778; drum maker shop. 

Martin, David, blacksmith, July 25, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Miller, Alexander, carpenter, May 26, 1778; ordnance -yard. 

Nicholls, Isaac, brass founder, January 20, 1780; United States 

Schreder, Jacob, painter, November 19, 1778; paint-shop, ord- 

Stagg, John, carpenter, June 5, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Thomas, Richard, brass founder, July 3, 1777; United States 
foundry; discharged January 23, 1781. 


"Wagg, John, brass founder, March 30, 1777; "United States 
foundry ; resided in Ash county, North Carolina, 1834, aged 

Walters, Thomas, carpenter, May 26, 1778; ordnance-yard. 

Wilson, John, April 3, 1778; United States armory. 


Haggerty, James, blacksmith, Invalid regiment, October 4, 

1778 ; ordnance-yard. 
Hunter, Edward, cooper, Grerman regiment, February 10, 1780; 

ordnance- yard. 

I certify that the men inserted in the above muster-roll, were 
enlisted in the State of Pennsylvania. 

Late Lieutenant of A. and A. 

Mustered the above detachment, under the command of 
Lieut. Henry Stroop, May 5, 1780. 

0. M. v. t. 


Muster-roll, John Jordan's company, in Col. Benjamin Flower's 
regiment of artillery artificers, for the month of April, 
1780, (that part stationed at Carlisle). 

Jordan, John. 


Rutter, Moses, carpenter, appointed April 1, 1778. 
Nelson, Robert, blacksmith, appointed November 11, 1778. 


Johnston, John, carpenter, appointed May 1, 1779. 
Marshall, John, harness-maker, appointed May 1, 1779. 

Drum and Fife. 

Harriot, B. , August 1, 1779. 
Bryan, John, March 1, 1780. 



Armstrong, John, carpenter, June 11, 1779. 

Baker, John, wheelwright, July 5, 1779. 

Barlow, John, armorer, June 9, 1779. 

Boone, Moses, blacksmith, July 29, 1779. 

Bryan, Edward, nailer, June 8, 1779. 

Cartright, Charles, March 17, 1778. 

Caveny, Patrick, stone-cutter, June 24, 1779. , , 

Chatwin, William, brass founder, September 17, 1777. 

Dixon, William, shoemaker, August 11, 1779. 

Forsyth, Caleb, blower and striker, June 28, 1778. 

Gallaway, John, cooper, April 13, 1778. 

Hatton, James, armorer, April 3, 1778. 

[Heney, Jacob, March 29, 1778]. 

Holdcraft, Sylvester, armorer, June 9, 1779. 

Huston, Hugh, tailor, June 10, 1779. 

Kidd, Benjamin, carpenter, October 1, 1779. 

Kirk, Nathaniel, blacksmth, June 10, 1779. 

Lowe, W. , file cutter, June 10, 1779. 

McGinnis, La wrench armorer, March 22, 1778. 

Nibard, Samuel, blower and striker, August 10, 1779. 

Parry, John, nailer, June 7, 1779. 

Peterson, Joshua, wheelwright; transferred on furlough, ' 

Pool, Henry, blower and striker, August 2, 1779. 

Reed, Daniel, blacksmith, February 16, 1778. 

Riley, Dennis, shoemaker, August 2, 1779. 

Scott, James, carpenter, June 11, 1778. 

Shey, Timothy, armorer ; deserted. 

Shine, John, carpenter, June 11, 1779. 

Stein, Frederick, brass founder, June 6, 1778. 

Stoner, Jacob, carpenter, June 13, 1779. 

Swindles, John, blacksmith, June 9, 1779. 

Taylor, Isaac, carpenter, April 9, 1778; discharged March, 1780. 

Thomas, George, carpenter, January 29, 1778. 

Thomas, John, carpenter, November 29, 1778. 

Wilson, Andrew, blower and striker, May 12, 1778; resided in 

Lycoming county, 1823, aged sixty-three. 
Wall, James, December 28, 1778. 
Wilson, William, blacksmith, April 13, 1778. 

I certify that the above men were enlisted in the State of 

Capt. Arty. Art. 

Sworn before me, 21st June, 1780. 







Wylie, Thomas, New London, Virginia. 

Marker, Andrew, tailor, New London, Virginia. 

Carty, John, Southern army. 


Cahill, John, laboratory, Philadelphia. 

Carothers, Thomas, laboratory, New London, Virginia. 

Clarke, John, laboratory, New London, Virginia. 

Coats, John, harness-maker, New London, Virginia. 

Farow, William, armorer, New London, Virginia. 

Hampton, John, laboratory, New London, Virginia. 

Hancock, Thomas, laboratory, New London, Virginia. 

Hartman, Conrad, laboratory. Fort Pitt. 

Hudson, James, harness-maker, New London, Virginia. 

Kincaid, John, carpenter, Fort Pitt. 

Kiselbock, Oswald, laboratory, New London, Virginia. 

Ligget, Thomas, carpenter, New London, Virginia. 

McCloud, Daniel, laboratory, New London, Virginia. 

McKinney, Andrew, turner, Fort Pitt. 

Miles, Isaac, laboratory, Southern army. 

Strickhof, Ludwick, laboratory. New London, Virginia. 

Vicker, William, drummer, New London, Virginia. 

Wright, Alexander, tinman, New London, Virginia. 


Jordan, John, Southern army. 

Willis, William, August 11, 1777; New London, Virginia. 


Privates . 

Armstrong, John, carpenter, Southern army. 

Baker, John, August 5, 1779; wheelwright, Fort Pitt. 

Beam, Frederick, July 1, 1779; waiter; drummer, February 
1, 1780; Southern army. 

Boone, Moses, blacksmith, Southern army. 

Bryan, Edward, nailer, Southern army. 

Cochran, Edward, June 8, 1779; harness-maker, Philadelphia. 

Dixon, William, harness-maker, Southern army. 

Francis, William, armorer, New London, Virginia. 

Gwillam, John, May 26, 1779 ; harness- maker ; appointed bom- 
bardier, March 1, 1780 ; Southern army. 

Her, Phil., April], 1778; blacksmith, Southern army. 

Low, William, file cutter, New London, Virginia. 

Mounty, John D. , July 1, 1779; nailer, New London, Virginia. 

Peters, Jacob, April 1, 1779; armorer, Fort Pitt. 

Shine, John, carpenter, Southern army. 

Stoner, Jacob, July 31, 1779; carpenter, Fort Pitt. 

Swindles, John, blacjcsmith, Southern army. 

Thomas, John, November 29, 1778; tinman, Fort Pitt. 

Will, Philip, May 1, 1779; harness-maker, Southern army. 

Wirt, Peter, April 1, 1779; carrier; gunner November 1, 1780; 
Southern army. 


Capt. Com. Penn' a Corps Arty. Art 
NEW LONDON,* VIRGINIA, November 1, 1782. 


Muster-roll of Capt. Parke's company in Col. Benjamin 
Flower's regiment of artillery and artificers, for the month 
of April, 1780. 

Parke, Theophilus, dismissed the service. 

Dow, Alexander. 

North, Samuel, July 28, 1778. 

* Now In Campbell county. Virginia. 


Hodgson, William, March 1, 1778. 
Adams, John, September 8, 1777. 
Beck, Jacob, August 10, 1776; appointed January 1, 1780. 


Hollie, Samuel, April 10, 1778; appointed August 1, 1780. 
Arnold, Jonathan, September 1, 1778. 
Yeoman, Richard, April 2, 1779. 
Gwillein, John, May 26, 1779. 


Foster, Thomas, September 8, 1777; promoted corporal, Feb- 
ruary 1, 1780. 

Stoay, Peter, September 8, 1777 ; promoted corporal, February 
1, 1780. 

Wilson, Alexander, March 10, 1778; promoted corporal, Feb- 
ruary 1, 1780. 

Parr, Joseph, April 2, 1778. 


Dennis, Philip, September 20, 1778. 
Backmire, Daniel, April 11, 1779. 
Trout. Baltus, April 1, 1779. 
Spilerback, John, April 1, 1779. 

Foster, Jonathan, August 1, 1778. 


Beam, Frederick, July 1, 1779. 

Brown, William, shoemaker, February 1, 1779. 

Carothers, Robert, November 4, 1778. 

Coats, John, August 1. 1779. 

Cook, George, February 1. 1779.. 

Fullam, Thomas. November 13, 1779. 

Hime, Jacob, March 29. 1779. 

Horss, Valentine, October 19. 1778. 

Latimer, William. April 10, 1778. 

Lavers, Richard. November 1, 1778. 

Miller, George, August 1, 1779. 

Mounty, John David, July 1, 1779. 

Mevel, Christian, November 2, 1778. 

Peters, Michael, August 13, 1778, 

Peters, Jacob, April 1, 1779. 

Sides, Peter, April 1, 1779. 


Strethoff, Ludwig, November 30, 1779. 
Truesdale, James, July 1, 1779. 
Vicker, William, June 1, 1779. 
Wert, Peter, April 1, 1779. 
Will, Philip, May 1, 1779. 
Wiggens, William, October 1, 1778. 


Dalton, William, aged twenty-eight ; whitesmith ; August 1, 
1778; Ninth Penn'a regiment. 

Gorman, Lawrence, aged twenty-seven; shoemaker; Septem- 
ber 21, 1778; Tenth Penn'a regiment. 

Byars, Andrew, aged twenty-four; shoemaker; April 19, 1778; 
Col. Moylan's. 

Lyman, James, aged twenty-six ; shoemaker ; December 23, 
1778 ; First Penn'a regiment. 

Ambrister, Matthew, aged twenty-seven ; shoemaker ; April 
19, 1779; Tenth P^nn'a regiment. 

Warup, Christian, aged twenty-four ; shoemaker ; April 19, 
1779; Tenth Penn'a regiment. 

McKim, John, aged twenty-four ; sadler ; October 7, 1778 ; In- 
valid corps. 

Miscellaneous List. 

Anderson, Thomas, ordnance sergeant ; discharged, 1783 ; re- 
sided in Dearborn township, Bucks county, in 1813. 
Alexander, Thomas. 
Baker, John. 
Dennis, Phillip. 
Dixon, William. 
Hudson, James. 
Kincaid, John. 
Lowe, William. 
McCloud, Daniel. 
O' Bryan. Richard. 
Stoner, Jacob. 
Strithoff, Ludwick. 
Willis, William. 

Regiment net known what the following persons were attached to. 
Baker, John. 
Coin, Bartholomew. 
McLaughlin, Felix. 


Schnider, Andrew. 

Belnap, Jesse, resided in Erie county, 1835, aged seventy-one. 

Ford, Christopher, resided in Ashtabula county, Ohio, 1833, 
aged seventy-two. 

Broadbeck, Michael, February 10, 1781 ; substitute for William 
Brown, to serve the balance of his term. 

Gibbony, Alexander, resided in Mifflin county, 1834, aged 

Gramley, Adam, resided in Berks county, 1835, aged seventy- 

McDonald, William, February 2, 1781 ; substitute for Daniel 

Munebeck, William, resided in Berks county, 1835, aged seventy- 

Raymond, Isaac, 1778 ; stationed at Carlisle ; resided in Mont- 
gomery county, 1810. 

Smith, Samuel, armorer. 

Reagan, John, resided in Philadelphia, 1832, aged eighty-four. 

Zane, Andrew, blacksmith. 


Matthews, Henry, March 20, 1780: died January 25, 1781. 


Yeates, Thomas, March 20, 1780. 
Hutton, James, March 20, 1780. 

Baird, Absolem, March 20, 1782. 


Gordon. Benjamin. 
Newberry, Nicholas. 
Richards, Noah. 
Saemons, Sylvanus. 
Worden, Paul. 



McMurray, William, Tenth Perm 'a. 


Green. John, of First Penn'a; reenlisted December 26, 1781. 
Lovely, John, Tenth Penn'a; reenlisted Decembers, 1781. 


Briggs, William, Third Penn'a. 

Brown, Michael, Seventh Penn'a; reenlisted December 3, 1781. 

as of Fourth Penn'a. 

Butler, John, Third Penn'a; reenlisted Decembers, 1781. 
Clarke, Robert, Eleventh Penn'a ; reenlisted December 3, 1781, 

as of Sixth Penn'a. 

Decker, Adam, Sixth Penn'a; reenlisted December 3, 1781. 
Decker, [Ducher], David. 
Hagan, Peter, First Pennsylvania ; served until the end of the 


Lewis. Stephen, Second Penn'a; reenlisted December 3, 1781. 
Low, Ebenezer. 

Miller, Daniel, Fourth Penn'a. 

Murphy, George, Tenth Penn'a; reenlisted December 4, 1781. 
O'Brian, Dennis, Hazen's regiment ; reenlisted February 20, 1782. 
Perry, Joseph, Fifth Penn'a; reenlisted November 30, 1781; 

resided in Chester county, and Pennsylvania pensioner, 


Smith, John, Ninth Penn'a; reenlisted as of the Fifth Penn'a, 
December 3, 1781 ; discharged February, 1783. 

Robbins, John. 
Richardson, Abiather. 
[See Gen. Du Portail's letter, Archives, O. &, volix, page 210.] 

Bailey, James. 
Clark, Ebenezer. 
Clark, Robert. 
Decker, Adam. 


Elliott, Henry. 
Foster, John. 
Ingraham, Prince. 
Jones, Josiah. 
Knapp, Thomas. 
Matthew, Robert. 
Prescott, Charles. 
Snow, James. 
Thomas, John. 
Tobias, Job, 
Tuttle, Thomas C. 




JUNE 20, 17771783. 




IJHEN Philadelphia was threatened in the fall of 1776. 
and all her able-bodied citizens were enrolled in the 
militia, the Council of Safety of Pennsylvania, al- 
ways happy in expedients, resolved to form a home 
guard of all such persons as were not fit to march with the 
militia, and on the 2d of December, appointed Lewis Nicola 
(who had been Barrack-Master since the 20th of April) Town 
Major, and directed companies to be formed to guard the 
powder magazine and to patrol the streets, for which they were 
to receive Continental pay. This office he held in connection, 
subsequently, with that of colonel of the Invalid regiment, 
until he was dismissed from the service of the State as Town 
Major, February 5, 1782, with the thanks of the Executive 
Council, there being no further duty for such an officer as Town 
Major. He was a faithful, competent officer, and the Archives 
teem with his suggestions for the good of the public service, 
and his correspondence, beginning with his plan for the defense 
of the Delaware, as early as July 6, 1775.* It was Major Nicola 
who formed and offered to Congress the plan for raising a regi- 
ment of invalids, which was not only to be a retreat for those 
who suffered in the service, but .also a recruiting corps and 
military school. Pa. Arch., O. S. vol. vii, page 255. In April, 
1779, by the directions of Gen. Wayne, with the approval of 
the President and Board of War, the regiment was appointed 
to recruit for the Pennsylvania Line, in Philadelphia and its 

The following resolutions relate to its establishment : 
" On Friday, June 23, 1777, Congress took into consideration 
the report of the Board of War, of the 21st of April last ; where- 

"Resolved, That a corps of invalids be formed, consisting of 
eight companies; each company to have one captain, two lieu- 
tenants, two ensigns, five sergeants, six corporals, two drum- 

* NOTE. Col. Nicola, unfortunately, pilloried his own memory by one suggestion 
that does not come within this category It was he that proposed to Gen. Washington 
that he should take the title of King, which drew from the latter a letter vivid with in- 
dignation and scorching rebuke Losslng. vol. i. 673. 



mers, two fifers, and one hundred men. This corps to be era- 
ployed in garrison, and for guards in cities and other places 
where magazines or arsenals or hospitals are placed ; as also, to 
serve as a military school for young gentlemen, previous to their 
being appointed to marching regiments; for which purpose, 
all the subaltern officers, when off duty, shall be obliged to 
attend a mathematical school, appointed for the purpose, to 
learn geometry, arithmetic, vulgar and decimal fractions, and 
the extraction of roots ; and that the officers of this corps shall 
be obliged to contribute one day's pay in every month, and 
stoppages shall be made of it accordingly, for the purpose of 
purchasing a regimental library of the most approved authors 
on tactics and the petite guerre. That some officers from this 
corps be constantly employed in the recruiting service in the 
neighborhood of the places they stationed in ; that all 
recruits so raised, shall be brought into the corps and drilled, 
and afterwards drafted into other regiments as occasion shall 

" Congress proceeded to the election of a colonel of the said 
corps of invalids, and the ballots being taken, Lewis Nicola, 
Esq. , was elected. 

"On Wednesday, July 16, 1777, Congress took into considera- 
tion the report of the Board of War, of the 23d of June last ; 

"Resolved, That for carrying into execution the resolve re- 
specting Col. Nicola's corps of invalids, the following plans for 
raising one company, be adopted for raising the whole of the 
said corps : 

" 1. That the director-general of the Continental hospital be 
desired to give directions to the physicians and surgeons in the 
different departments, at a reasonable distance from Philadel- 
phia, that, before they discharge any sergeants, corporals, or 
private men from the hospitals, as unfit for service, they con- 
sider whether such men are actually, or likely soon to be, 
capable of doing garrison duty ; and if thought so, to mention 
it in the discharge, that they may not be entirely discharged 
from the service, but transferred from the regiment to which 
they actually belong, to that of invalids ; and in case such men 
ure at a distance from their respective regiments, that the di- 
n-r tor or steward of each hospital send such men to Philadel- 
phia, in the best manner circumstances will admit. 

" 'I. That notice be sent by the Board of War, to the generals 
commanding the armies, of the raising a corps of invalids, and 
they be desired to give orders to the officers commanding regi- 
ments, that in case they have any sergeants, corporals, drum- 
mers, or private men, deemed incapable of doing field duty. 


such men be examined by the director of the hospital or some 
other physician or surgeon, and if judged fit for garrison duty, 
that they be not discharged but transferred to the invalid 
corps, and sent to Philadelphia as soon as possible. Men having 
only one leg or one arm each, if otherwise capable of doing 
garrison duty to be deemed proper recruits for this corps. 

"3. That the following advertisement be published in the 
several newspapers as soon as possible, viz : 

"WAR OFFICE, June, 1777. 

Congress being desirous to make provision for such men as 
suffer in the military service of the United States, have directed 
a regiment of invalids to be immediately raised for the recep- 
tion of such as have already been, or may in future, be rendered 
by wounds or disorders incapable of doing field duty, but are 
yet fit for garrison service. Notice is hereby given, that all 
persons in Philadelphia or within 20 miles round, who are 
under Continental half-pay, on account of incapacities con- 
tracted in the service, must, within fifteen days, repair to 
Philadelphia, and shew themselves to Col. Nicola, in Front 
street, four doors below the Coffee house, that if judged capa- 
ble of duty they may be put on full pay. All other persons 
who have served in the armies of the United States, within 
the above description, though not on half-pay, may present 
[themselves, and, if judged capable, they will be immediately re- 
ceived. All such as are above 20 miles from Philadelphia, must 
apply to the nearest Continental general, field officer, physician 
or surgeon, who are desired to forward such as they judge fit for 
the corps of invalids. Officers, who, from wounds or disorders 
contracted in the service, are rendered unfit for field duty, 
must signify their pretensions with certificates from Continen- 
tal physicians or surgeons, to the Board of War. As this corps 
is intended not only as a provision for disabled officers and 
soldiers, but as a school for propagating military knowledge 
a*nd discipline, no officers need apply but such as produce 
ample certificates of their having served with reputation, and 
having supported good characters both as citizens and soldiers. 
Officers and soldiers who have engaged during the war will be 

The customary process of transferring invalid officers to this 
regiment was upon the order of Gren. Washington or of the 
Board of War; there were no promotions of officers so trans- 

The regiment was directed to be disbanded in April, 1783, but 

it will be seen by reference to the roll herewith presented, that. 

many of the men were not discharged until the close of the 

year, while most of the officers were paid up to December, 1784. 

18 VOL. XI. 




Nicola, Lewis, June 20, 1777 December 30, 1784,. Col Nicola 
removed to Alexandria, Virginia, in 1798, and died there in 


Maus, Matthew, October 9, 1780 December 3, 1784 

Surgeon's Mates. 

Weaver, John, October 9, 1780 October 31, 1781. 
Taylor, Christopher, May 1, 1782 November 4, 1784 


Campbell, Robert, August 5, 1778 October 5, 1779. 

McConnell, Mattheav, from Hazen's regiment; February 12, 
1781 December 12, 1784; died November 11, 1816, aged 
seventy-three, in Philadelphia. 

McGowan, John, Fourth Penn'a, Februarys, 1781 December 
3, 1784 ; died November, 1805. 

Reily, John, from Third Penn'a, August 12, 1780; discharged 
June 24, 1783. 

Woelpper, John D, from German regiment, June 11, 1778 De- 
cember 3. 1784. 

Campbell, Robert, from Hazen's, in 1777. 

Captain- Lieutenant. 

McElhatton, William, July 6. 1779 December 3, 1784; died in 
Kentucky, April 28, 1807. 


McGuire, Archibald, from Capt. John Steele's independent 

com pany. 

Honeyman, William, July 1, 1778 December 15, 1784 
McLean. James. February 3, 1781 November 3, 1784. 
Pugh, Jonathan, Fifth Penn'a, October 6, 1778 December :!. 

Boss. George, Fourth Penn'a, January 29, 1781 September 13, 

Wood, Abraham, Fifth Penn'a, October 6, 1778 January 2. 




Walsh, Enoch, (e), July 17, 1777 October 8, 1780. 
Russell, William, from Third Penn'a, September 17, 1779; died 
March 4, 1802. 


[Those marked (e) are taken from a list in the Secretary's office, of soldiers whose de- 
preciated pay escheated to the State. ] 


Bostil, Philip, Fifth Penn'a, October, 1779 November, 1781. 
Clark, Joseph, Eleventh Penn'a, August 2, 1779 July. 1781. 
Sullivan, John,* November 13, 1778; discharged May 8, 1783. 
Swaine, Edward, February 15, 1781 ; discharged September 1, 

1782, on account of wound received in service. 
Wood, John, Eighth Penn'a; died in hospital. 
Worrell, Mark B. , December, 1779--March, 1781. 

Quarter -Master Sergeants. 

Brocks, Lawrence. 

Johnston, Joseph, Fifth Penn'a, August 2, 1779; discharged 

December 31, 1781. 
Savell, George, Fifth Penn'a, December, 1777 March, 1780. 


Craig, Jared, March, 1780. 
Deal, Andrew, German regiment, October 6, 1779 November, 


McDonald, Godfrey, Third Penn'a, July, 1780 November, 1783. 
Sweeny, James, Third Penn'a, April, 1782. 
Veech, Henry, November 1, 17791782. 

Drum Majors. 

Harris, John, enlisted in Procter's artillery regiment. 

St. Clair, Daniel, September, 1779 February, 1781 ; from old 
Eleventh ; discharged by Baron Steuben, inspector general, 
November 11, 1783; resided in Northampton county. 


Connor, John, discharged October, 1777. 
McElhatton, William, discharged January 1, 1785. 



Aaron, Christopher (e), March May, 1780. 
Adams, Pitt (colored), September, 1778 April, 1779. 
Alcorn, James, from Eighth Perm'a, July, 1780 September, 


Alford, George, Ninth Penn'a, May, 1779 July, 1782. 
Allen, Samuel (e), July, 1778 November, 1783. 
Amos, Matthias, Fifth Penn'a, April, 1780 November, 1780. 
Anderson, Robert, June, 1777 December, 1777. 
Anderson, Robert, May, 1782 December, 1782. 
Anderson, John, First Penn'a; discharged October 20, 1783. 
Armstrong, Edward, May, 1780 June, 1780. 
Armstrong, William, Sixth Penn'a, May, 1779 September, 


Baker, Jacob, September, 1777 May, 1779. 
Barcase, Christopher, from Tenth Penn'a, 1778. 
Barns, David, January, 1779 April, 1779. 
Barnes, John, June, 1779 August, 1779. 
Barros, Christian, March, 1783 November, 1783. 
Baxter, Thomas, Fffth Penn'a, April, 1779 April, 1779. 
Beatum, Jacob, May, 1780 July, 1780. 
Bedwith, William, Twelfth Penn'a, April, 1780 November, 


Berry, ^James, March, 1780 May, 1780. 
Berry, Michael, Second Penn'a, April, 1779 April, 1783. 
Best, Abraham, December, 1778 September, 1780. 
B^zo [or Bayersee], Nicholas, Third Penn'a, May, 1779 April, 


Be/,o, Nicholas. September, 1780 September, 1782. 
Black, Malcolm, March, 1783 November, 1783. 
Blackburn, Samuel, August, 1777 April, 1778. 
Blakeney, John, Second Penn'a, June, 1780 May 1781. 
Boswell, Grervais, March, 1779 May, 1779. 
Brewer, Jacob, July, 1779 November, 1779. 
Brennan, John, Third Penn'a, September, 1780 January, 1783. 
Brown, Abraham, January, 1779 February. 1779. 
Brown, William (e\ Fourth Penn'a, October, 1779 October. 


Bryan, William, April, 1780 August, 1780. 
Hullington, Henry, October, 1780 October, 1780. 
Burns. Luke (e), April, 1780 September, 1782. 
Burns, Pearce, Eighth Penn'a, August, 1777 March, 1778. 
Hums, Pearce, Eighth Penn'a, July, 1780 September 1, 1783. 
Butler, Edward, March, 1780 April, 1780. 
Caldwell, David, Tenth Penn'a, August 2, 1778 September, 



Campbell, William (e), November, 1778 May, 1781. 

Carney, John, April, 1780 April, 1780. 

Carrier, James, August 1777 June, 1779. 

Carr, William, September, 1777 November, 1778. 

Carvin, Stephen, November, 1778 November, 1778. 

Casey, Roger, November, 1778 June, 1779. 

Ceely, George, Third Penn'a, September, 1777 November, 1783. 

Clark, William (e), Fifth Penn'a, October, 1779 July, 1781. 

Coghlin, John, Tenth Penn'a, January, 1779 March, 1780. 

Colbert, William, JS T inth Penn'a, August 2, 1778 October, 177!\ 

Coldwater, Philip, Tenth Penn'a, August 2, 1778 November, 

Collins, Patrick (e), September, 1779 May, 1780. 

Connely, John (e), October, 1779 May, 1780. 

Connely, Simon (e), June, 1778 August, 1780 

Connor, Cornelius, May, 1780 June, 1780. 

Connor, Dennis, August, 1778 May, 1779. 

Cook, John, September, 1777 September, 1778. 

Cooney, John, from Procter's artillery, October, 1783 No- 
vember, 1783. 

Cooper, Derrick. July, 1777 January, 1778. 

Coughran, John, Tenth Penn'a, October, 1777 November, 1777. 

Coyle, Patrick, Tenth Penn'a, November, 1778 October, 1779. 

Crowley, David, Second Penn'a, November, 1781 November, 

Ciiffee, John (e), August, 1779 May, 1780. 

Cu^ket, John, Tenth Penn'a, August, 1778 October, 1780; re- 
sided in Huntingdon county, 1810. 

Cunningham, Barney, November, 1780 January, 1781. 

Cunningham, John, Sixth Penn'a, June, 1780. 

Curtin, John, Second Penn'a, June, 1777 September, 1777. 

Dauberman, Henry, February, 1779 August, 1779. 

Davis, Phineas, August, 1777 September, 1782. 

Davis, Samuel, April, 1779 November, 1783. 

Denipsey, Patrick, from Fourth Penn'a, July, 1777 January, 
* 1783. 

Desmond, John, July, 1781 November, 1783. 

Deter, Michael, Fifth Penn'a, July, 1779 November, 1783. 

Divers, William, Eleventh Penn'a, July, 1777 -September, 1777. 

Donavan, John, Sixth Penn'a, March, 1779 November, 1783. 

Donnely, John, April, 1779 December, 1779. 

Doud, Michael, Third Penn'a, July, 1779- January, 1783. 

Dougherty, James, September, 1778 March, 1779. 

Douglass, G-eorge. Ninth Penn'a. July, 1779 May, 1781. 

Douse, John, October, 1778 .June, 1779. 

Doyle, Samuel, October, 1783 November, 1783. 


Drury, Michael (e), Third Penn'a, February, 1779 June, 1780. 

Duke, John, October, 1777 November, 1777. 

Duffy, Michael. Fifth Penn'a, discharged December 15, 1782. 

Edgar, Peter, Ninth Penn'a, May, 1779 June, 1782. 

Egan, Thomas, July 1778 September, 1778, 

Evans, John, November, 1780 December, 1780. 

Fabre, Joseph, May, 1779 May, 1779. 

Fagan, Garret, Second Penn'a, January, 1778 February, 1782. 

Faircloss, Conrad, February, 1779 February, 1780. 

Faucet, John, May, 1780 September, 1780. 

Ferraday, John, Thirteenth Penn'a, April, 1778 September, 


Ferrion, James, September, 1781 March, 1782. 
Finn, James. Eighth Penn'a, discharged December 31, 1781. 
Fitzpatrick, Peter, Fifth Tenn'a, April, 1780 November, 1783. 
Flanagan, Patrick, Twelfth Penn'a, March, 1778 May, 1780. 
Fleming, Edward, June, 1777 September, 1777. 
Flinn, John, Seventh Penn'a, September 1, 1778 August, 1779. 
Flood, Barney, April, 1 778-- January, 1779. 
Foster, Charles, Fourth Penn'a, June, 1780 November, 1783. 
Fox, Francis, September, 1777 April, 1778. 
Francis, William, October, 1777 - 1779. 
Fulham, George, October, 1780 November, 1780. 
Galagher, James, Fourth Penn a, October, 1779 January, 


Galant, James, Twelfth Penn'a, December, 1778 July, 1780. 
Garway, David (e), February, 1779 September, 1780. 
Garway, William, September, 1780 August, 1781. 
Gheoghegan, Joseph (e), Fourth Penn'a, September, 1777 

August, 1780. 

Gibbard, Henry, September, 1779 September, 1781. 
Glynn, Robert, August, 1777 August, 1778. 
Glynn, Hugh, August, 1778 April, 1779. 

Goslin, John, Seventh Penn'a, July, 1780 November, 1783. 
Gough. Archibald, October, 1778 November, 1778. 
Goiigh, Roger, March, 1779 November, 1779. 
Graham, Amos Adam, March, 1783 November, 1783. 
Griffin, Edward, April, 1779 May, 1779. 
Gryon, Joseph, July, 1777 December, 1777. 
Groves, John, Tenth Penn'a, August, 1778 November, 1783. 
Guy, Jonathan, September, 1777 January, 1778. 
Haggerty, James, Third Penn'a, August, 1777 August, 1780. 
Hannah, Archibald, October, 1781 November, 1783. 
Haines, James, October, 1777 February, 1782. 
Haines, John, July, 1777 September, 1777. 


Hainea, William (e) Twelfth Penn'a, August, 1778 February 


Halleran, Morgan, Sep ember, 1777 December, 1777. 
Hamilton, John, January, 1779- September, 1779. 
Hand, Patrick, Third Penn a, June 2, 1778 October, 1779. 
Hantz, Michael, October, 1780 July, 1781. 
Harris, Thomas, discharged November, 1777. 
Harrison, John, August, 1778; died September, 1781. 
Harper, Edward, June, 1777 April, 1778. 
Harrold, Thomas, Fifth Penn'a, April 30, 1781 ; pensioner at 

Philadelphia, in 1788. 

Harvey, Samuel, July, 1780 December, 1782. 
Hartzel, George, October, 1780 November, 1788. 
Hawlies, Jacob, September, 1777 September, 1778. 
Hays, Patrick, August. 1777 September 1777. 
Hazen, John, June, 1777 -October, 1779. 
Hawkin, Edward, March, 1783 November, 1783. 
Heard, Richard, July, 1778 -March, 1779. 
Heart, John, September, 1777 September, 1777. 
Heny, Philip, First Penn'a, 1777 ; discharged November 1, 1783. 
Hewit, John, March, 1779- September, 1779. 
Hillyard, David, Sixth Penn'a, April, 1780 -November, 1783. 
Hilt, John, March, 1783 November, 1783. 
Hogan, John (e), June, 1779 October, 1780. 
Houghey, Patrick (e), Third Penn'a, May, 1778 April, 1780. 
Bowel, James, March, 1780 April, 1780. 
Hoggins, John, Third Penn'a, August 2, 1779. 
Hughes, Richard, Twelfth Penn'a; died in 1782. 
Hulet, William, Third Penn'a, June, 1779 December, 1782. 
Hungarius, Gabriel, Sixth Penn'a, March, 1783; discharged 

November4, 1783. 

Hunt, Thomas, October, 1780 January, 1781. 
Hunter, James, June, 1777 October, 1778. 

Hunter, James, Tenth Penn'a, January, 1781 November, 1783. 
Hunter, Robert, January, 1781 November, 1781. 
Hutcheson, John. September, 1777 December, 1777. 
Isaacson, William, October, 1778 February, 1779. 
Isminger. John, March, 1780 May, 1782. 
James, Thomas (e), Tenth Penn'a, August 2, 1779 February, 


Jarvey, James, May, 1780 August, 1780. 

Jobe, Andrew, Fifth Penn'a, November, 1780 December, 1780. 
Johnston, Ezekiel, Tenth Penn'a. November, 1778 October, 


Johnston, Joseph, Fourth Penn'a, July, 1777 November, 1783. 
Johnston, Thomas, October, 1778 April, 1779. 


Johnston, William, Fifth Penn'a, August 2, 1779 December, 

Johnson, William, October, 1777 October, 1778. 

Jones, Lewis, {September, 1777 February 1778. 

Jones, Philip, First Penn'a, August 2, 1779. 

Jones, William, April, 1781 June, 1781. 

Jordan, Mark, September, 1777 April, 1778. 

Kearns, Robert, sergeant, Twelfth Penn'a; discharged Sep- 
tember 2, 1780. 

Keasy, Roger, September, 1778 June, 1779. 

Kelly, Dennis, Sixth Penn'a, August 2, 1779; died July 14, 1781. 

Kelly, Matthew, Second Penn'a, December, 1780 April, 1783. 

Kelly, William, August, 1777 December, 1777. 

Kennedy, Cornelius, Fifth Penn'a, October, 1778 June, 1780. 

Kettle, George, Second Penn'a, October, 1780 November, 1783. 

Killpatrick, James, Ninth Penn'a, May, 1780; discharged De- 
cember 5, 1781. 

King, Elias, Fifth Penn'a, August, 1778 January, 1781. 

King, John, December, 1778 June, 1779. 

King, Joseph, Augu*, 1777. 

King, Peter, First Penn'a, August, 1777. 

Kirwin, Stephen, Tenth Penn'a, August 2, 1779 October, 1780. 

Knight, John, First Penn'a, August 2, 1779 January, 1783. 

Koons, Francis, November, 1778 September, 1782. 

Koutsman, Nicholas, Sixth Penn'a, August 2, 1779; died in 
October, 1782. 

Langlen, Richard. April, 1779. 

Leddington, Peter (*e), May, 1779 November, 1783. 

Lee, Fergus, Seventh Penn'a, August 2, 1779 February, 178L 

Leland, Patrick, Third Pemra. August 2, 17791780. 

Leo, Edmund, January, 1780 March, 1781. 

Lesley, Samuel, Tenth Penn'a, July, 1779 September, 1782. 

Levers, Frederick, sergeant ; discharged November, 1777. 

Linn, Robert, sergeant, Fifth Penn'a, August, 1777 April, 1783. 

Little, Nicholas, August, 1777 September. 1777. 

Love, Henry, October, 1783 November, 1783. 

Lyons, William, Fourth Penn'a, January, 1779 February, 1781. 

Ludwig, John Martin, from Procter's; discharged January 21, 

McAllister, William, Ninth Penn'a, August 2, 1779 November, 

McCaragher, James, Ninth Penn'a, May, 1780 November, 1783, 

McCarty, John, August, 1777 February, 1778. 

McCarty, Felix, August, 1778 April, 1779. 

McClean, Hugh, June, 1777 September, 1777. 

McClean, John, February, 1780 June, 1780. 


McConnel, John, * October, 1779 November, 1783. 

McCook, Thomas, September, 1780 March, 1781. 

McCord, Richard, (e), July, 17781781. 

McCord, William, September, 1777 November, 1777. 

McCullough, Roger, Tenth Penn'a, August 2, 1779 November, 


McDaimond, John, August, 1777 November, 1777. 
McDonald, Charles, Third Penn'a, July, 1780 November, 1783. 
McDonald, Donald, May, 1779. 

McDonald, Edward, August, 1779 ; died December, 1780. 
McDonald, Godfrey, Third Penn'a, July, 1780 November, 1783. 
McDougal, William, First Penn'a, August, 1777 July, 1781. 
McDougal, William, Fifth Penn'a, August, 1777. 
McElhatton, William, January, 1780- November, 1783. 
McEwen, John, September, 17801783. 
McGill, John, July, 1778 June, 1780. 
McGill, John, October, 1780 November, 1783. 
McGreby, Lewis, August, 1778 April, 1779. 
Mclnrue, John, June, 1777 September, 1777. 
McKenney, Peter, August, 1778 September, 1778. 
McKey, John, February, 1780 December, 1782. 
McKimm, John, November 1780 -November, 1783. 
McLamar, Thomas, January, 1779. 
McLaughlin, Samuel, August, 1778 March, 1779, 
McMullen, Hugh, July, 1777 September, 1782. 
McOwen, Archibald, August, 1777 April, 1780. 
McX)wen, John, December, 1778 September, 1779. 
McReavey, Hugh, October, 1780 July, 1781. 
Mahony, Flor., August, 1777 April, 1778. 
Male, Benjamin,* Tenth Penn'a, August, 1777 July, 1781. 
Martin, Baptist, August, 1777 September, 1777. 
Maxwell, James, March, 1779 October, 1779. 
Maybury, Thomas, October, 1783 November, 1783. 
Merchant, Peter, October, 1780 May, 1781. 
Meyer, Peter, Ninth Penn'a, August, 1779. 
Mile.s, Edward, February, 1779 February, 1779. 
Miller, Jacob, September, 1777 January, 1783. 
Milnor, Francis, August, 1777 November, 1778. 
Mills, Daniel, August, 1778-September, 1782. 
Mitchell, James, August, 1777 November, 1777. 
Mitchell, Robert, September, 1780 March, 1781. 
Moore, John, July, 1778. 

Moore, Thomas, March, 1783 November, 1783. 
Morrison, Larkin, March, 1782 November, 1783. 
Morrow, William, Eighth Penn'a, August, 1780; died January 

28, 1784. 


Mull, Francis, Tenth Penn'a, October, 1779 January, 1781. 

Mullen, Daniel. 

Mullen, Patrick, November, 1779. 

Murphy, Lawrence, October, 1778 November, 1783. 

Murthwait, Richard,* July, 1778 November, 1783. 

Murray, William, Second Penn'a, June, 1780 May, 1781. 

Musser, Francis, October, 1778 November, 1783. 

Myers, Henry, July, 1777 June, 1779. 

Myers, Jacob, September, 1780 February, 1781, 

Neagle, John, September, 1777 September, 1777. 

Newcomb, John,Second Penn'a, June,1781 ; discharged July 22, 


Newland, William,* December, 1778 November, 1783. 
Nicholas, James, January, 1782 November, 1783. 
Norton, John, August, 1777 November, 1777. 
O' Bryan, Dennis, First Penn'a, September 17, 1777 August 2, 

O' Bryan, Francis, Eleventh Penn'a, June, 1777 September, 


O' Bryan, Paul, September, 1777 November, 1777. 
O 'Bryan, Philip, Sixth Penn'a, September, 1778 November, 


O'Connor, Cornelius, May, 1780 June, 1780. 
O'Connor, John (e), July, 1779 October, 1780. 
O'Neal, Edward, October, 1783 November, 1783. 
O'Neal, John, May, 1780 June, 1780. 

Owens, John, Fourth Penn'a, May, 1779 November, 1783. 
Paris, Peter, August, 1778. 
Parks, John, March 1783 November, 1783. 
Payton, James, Fourth Penn'a, May, 1779 November, 1783. 
Payton, William, August, 1778. 

Pencil, Henry, Fifth Penn'a, December, 1778 October, 1779. 
Perry, Simon, Eighth Penn'a, September, 1778 August, 1779. 
Perry, William, Second Penn'a, March, 1780 July, 1783. 
Peters, William, June, 1779 December, 1779. 
Phile, Philip, from German regiment, July, 1778 January, 


Pimple, Jacob, August, 1778 September, 1778. 
Pinyard, William, Ninth Penn'a, October, 1780 November, 

Polsten, Robert, Third Penn'a, February, 1779; discharged 

December 21, 1780; reenli&ted in Sixth Penn'a, in 1781. 
Pond, John, December, 1778 Octobe^ 1779. 

Powel, Lloyd, Fourth Penn'a, January 17, 1779 June 11, 1783. 
Prowel, Charles, October, 1783. 


Primmer, Henry, November, 1778 December, 1778. 

Pugh, Henry,* February, 1779; died October, 1780. 

Purdue, James, July, 1778 May, 1779. 

Pursell, John, Eleventh Penn'a, August, 1779 December, 1780. 

Purtle, John, Fifth battalion; wounded at Fort Washington, 
November 16, 1776 ; April, 1782 November, 1783. 

Quillet, Joseph, January, 1781 ; discharged July 22, 1781 

Rauby, Henry J. ,* June, 1779 July, 1780. 

Reading, Nicholas, * Fifth Penn'a, May, 1780 October, 1782. 

Redman, Michael, Second Penn'a, May 4, 1778 March, 1781. 

Redman, John, Third Penn'a, discharged October 22, 1783. 

Reeves, William, October, 1777 October, 1777. 

Reiley, James (e), November 1, 1777 November 1, 1783. 

Reynold, Richard, Twelfth Penn'a, August 2, 1779. 

Richard, Thomas (e), May, 1779 January, 1781. 

Richards, Matthew, April, 1778 June, 1781. 

Richards, William, April, 1779 April, 1779. 

Richardson, William, April, 1778 January, 1781. 

Richcreek, John, from German regiment. 

Roberts, Clement (e), Ninth Penn'a, April, 1778 May, 1781. 

Robinson, Richard, August, 1777 November, 1777. 

Robinson, Peter (e), December, 1777 May, 1781. 

Rogers, John, August, 1778 January, 1779. 

Rourke, Timothy, June 7, 1778. 

Rowland, John,* March, 1778 November, 1783. 

Ruddeau, John,* Tenth Penn'a, November, 1778 September, 

Rikssel, John, July, 1779 October, 1779. 

Sac^ier, John, Eleventh Penn'a, May, 1778 November 14, 1782. 

Sadler, Benjamin (e), Second Penn'a, October, 1777 Decem- 
ber, 1780. 

Sadler, John (e), August, 1776 December, 1780. 

Saunders, John, July 14, 1779. 

Saylor, John, Fifth Penn'a, January, 1781 July, 1781. 

Scott, Francis, January, 1781 March, 1781. 

Shanley, Michael,* Seventh Penn'a, May, 1780 September, 

Shaw. James, Second Penn'a, January, 1780 July, 1780. 

Sheef, Balthaser, August, 1777 September, 1777. 

Sheridan, James, * April, 1780 November, 1783. 

Shillingsford, William, June 1777 July 1779. 

Shoebrook, Philip,* April, 1779 November, 1783. 

Sibbet, James, December, 1777 April, 1779. 

Simson, John, Fourth Penn'a, August, 2, 1779. 

Sloan, John, corporal, Second Penn'a, November 12, 1783. 

Smith, George, from German regiment. 


Smith, Jeremiah, August, 1778 September, 1778. 
Smith, Matthew, Seventh Penn'a. 
Smith, Samuel, Fourth Penn'a. 

Smith, Samuel, Eleventh Penn'a, October, 1778 September, 
1783; resided in Chester county, in 1785. 

Smith, William, Ninth Penn'a, August, 2, 1779; died in Cum- 
berland county, September 12, 1786. 

Smith, William, Tenth Penn'a. 

Sneed, William, August, 1777 May, 1779. 

Spencer, James,* August, 1777 ; died February, 1782. 

Stephen, George, July, 1780 December, 1780. 

Stewart, Charles, September, 1778 August, 1779. 

Stewart, David,* Tenth Penn'a, August, 1777 September 15, 

Stewart, Francis, Eighth Penn'a, August,1777 December, 1777. 

Stewart, George, wounded in leg ; discharged March 23, 1783. 

Stewart, John (e), Eleventh Penn'a. 

Striser, John,* July, 1778 October, 1780. 

Sullivan, Martin, May, 1783 November, 1783. 

Summers, Matthew (^), First Penn'a, July, 1779 August, 1780. 

Swaine, Edward, Sixth Penn'a, discharged 1782. 

Sweeney, James,* August, 1778 April, 1782. 

Taggert, Patrick,* January, 1781 December, 1781. 

Taggert, William,* Eighth Penn'a, July, 1780 November, 1783. 

Taylor, John* (1st), January, 1778 April, 1780. 

Taylor, John (2d), Eleventh Penn'a, October, 1779; discharged 
August, 16, 1781 

Thompson, John,* Tenth Penn'a, August, 1778 November, 

Thompson, Joseph, December 1, 1778 April, 1779. 

Thompson, Samuel,* Fifth Penn'a, October, 1780 November, 

Thornton, Hermanus, from Procter's, March, 1780 February, 

Tomlinson, William * March, 1779 November, 1783. 

Tompkins, Thomas,* February, 1781 March, 1781. 

Towers, Benjamin. 

Tracy, Moses. 

Twiiiey, Benjamin, Fifth I enn'a, discharged November 1, 1783. 

Vanlovering, Joseph,* Tenth Penn'a, August, 1778 November, 
1783; afterwards in Capt. James McLain's company ; dis- 
charged in 1785. 

Verner, Peter,* Eighth Penn'a, September, 1779 June, 1781. 

Wade, William, August, 1777 June, 1779. 

Walborn, Major, May, 1779 December, 1781. 

Walker, Edward, April, 1780 October. 1780. 


Warner, Philip, Fourth Penn'a, August, 1777 September, 

Warren, Thomas, January, 1779 June, 1779. 

Waswell, Grervais (e), May, 1779 December 1781. 

Watson, John,* April, 1780 July, 1781. 

Weyland, Michael, February. 1780 February, 1780. 

White, John, August, 1779 November, 1779. 

Wilhelm, John Adam (e), November, 1779 ; died December 5, 

Williams, John (1st), Eighth Penn'a, September, 1779 Novem- 
ber, 1779. 

Williams, John (3d), November, 1778 November, 1779. 

Wilson, Adam, August, 1777 May, 1778. 

Wilson, James, September, 1778 September, 1778. 

Wilson, Josias, * Seventh Penn'a, March, 1779 December, 1781. 

Wilt, Frederick,* Tenth Penn'a, April, 1779 -February, 1781. 

Woods, Hugh,* Fourth Penn'a, August 2, 1779 December 15, 

Wright, James, March, 1780 April, 1780. 

Zook, John,* October, 1779 December, 1779. 
The men thus marked,*, enlisted for and at the expence of 

Invalids; old men discharged at their own desire, being fit for 

service, were given to the Pennsylvania Line, and their enlist- 
ments with them. 

Br. G'L 

The foregoing data are taken, principally, from a paper in the 
hand-writing of Col. Lewis Nicola, without date, entitled "A 
return of the officers and men belonging to the Pennsylvania. 
Line, in the Invalid regiment from June, 1777, to November 
15, 1784. " The discrepancies in dates of discharge with the fol- 
lowing paper, also in his hand-writing, cannot be accounted 



Arnold, Thomas. 
McFarland, Moses. 
Hills, Ebenezer. 


I ^ihert, Philip. 
Williams. William. 
Cooper, Leonard. 


Gibbs, Samuel. 
Barnett, Robert. 
Maynard, William. 

Lieutenant and Quarter Master. 
Carleton, Osgood. 

Lieutenant and Paymaster. 
Hall, Talmadge. 

Sergeant Major. 
Sterors, Eli. 

Quarter Master Sergeant. 
Hillyard, David. 

Drum Major. 
Hunter, Robert. 

Privates and others. 
Abbott, Thomas. 
Abro, Ben. 
Alexander, Peter. 
Allen, Gribeon. 

Andrews, Jonathan, corporal. 
Andrews, Thomas. 
Babb, Peter. 
Bachelor, Benjamin. 
Baily, John, drummer. 
Baker, Robert. 
Barkhill, William, sergeant. 
Barklor, James. 
Barnes, Amos. 
Barnett, Daniel. 
Barns, Moses. 
Bartrum, Nicholas. 
Bates, Edward. 
Bazel, Michael. 
Beardsworth, John. 
Beers, Joel. 
Belcher, Jeremiah. 
Benford, Anthony. 


Berry, Michael. 
Bills, Judah. 
Bliss, Elijah, sergeant. 
Boardman, Frederick, fifer. 
Boardnian, Moses. 
Bond, Joseph. 
Brackett, Josiah. 
Brackett, Thomas 
Brady, Luke. 
Bragden, Daniel. 
Braman, Josiah. 
Brannon, John. 
Bristol, John, sergeant 
Brown, John. 
Bryington, Joseph. 
Califf, Stephen. 
Campbell, William. 
Cambler, Michael. 
Campbell, John. 
Cannon, John. 
Gappy, John. 
Ceely, George, sergeant- 
Chapman, Stephen, corporal. 
Chellas, Timothy. 
Cheshire, Benjamin. 
Cheeney, Joseph. 
Clark, Robert, 
dough, John, corporal. 
Clues, (Thomas. 
Coe, Ichabod, fifer. 
Cole, Elisha. 
Collar, Phineas. 
Collins, Peter. 
Conner, Timothy, corporal. 
Coombs, William, sergeant. 
Corbett, John. 

Corbin, Margaret ; see note, page 184. 
Corwin, Gershom. 
Craig, Gerard, corporal. 
Cross, John. 
Crow ell, Edward. 
Culver, Timothy, sergeant. 
Curtis, Enoch. 
Dager, John A. 
Dakin, Thomas. 
Danforth, Jesse. 


Davidson, Barnabas. 

Davidson, John. 

Davis, Elijah. 

Davis, Samuel. 

Deal, Andrew, sergeant. 

Delaguin, John. 

Demmon, John. 

Dickey, Alexander. 

Dismond, John. 

Dougherty, Barnabas. 

Drake, Michael. 

Dunlap, Andrew, sergeant. 

Dunnovan, John. 

Ebbert, Isaac. 

Farrer, Samuel. 

Feagan, William. 

Finney, Cash. 

Fitzpatrick, Peter. 

Foster, James. 

Frankinson, Enos. 

Franklin, Edward, ^rgeant. 

Frazer, Duncan. 

Freelove, John. 

Freeman, Cato. 

Freeman, Joseph. 

Freemoult, Robert. 

Fuller, James. 

Fuller, Zebulon. 

George, Moses. 

Gerald, Thomas, sergeant. 

Gibbs, Clark. 

Glawson, Thomas. 

Goldwaite, Jonathan. 

Goldwaite, Thomas. 

Gongon, Joseph. 

Goodenough, Ephraim. 

Gray, Joshua. 

Greene, Michael, fifer. 

Greenleaf, Elias. 

Groves, John. 

Hackett, John. 

Hadlock, Samuel, 

Hall, Caesar. 

Hamlin, Bazaliel. 

Hancock, William. 

Hansell, George. 


Harrington, Rufus 
Harris, John. 
Harrop, Joseph. 
Hays, Asa. 
Hazard, Richard. 
Heath, John, corporal. 
Hill, Richard. 
Hill, Tower. 
Hodgins, Samuel. 
Holden, John. 
Holmes, Samuel. 
Howard, Timothy. 
Howe, Jeremiah, sergeant. 
Hubbard, Jonathan. 
Hubbard, Richard. 
Hubbard, Southwick. 
Hunter, James, corporal 
Hunt, Samuel. 
Hutchins, John. 
Jamison, Matthew. 
Jewett, Epes. 
Johnston, William. 
Jordan, Martin. 
Keating, John, corporal. 
Kelly, Matthew. 
King, Charles. 
King, Ezra. 
King, Thomas. 
Knowlton, John. 
Krottle, \ George. 
Langmarh Thomas. 
Lawson, Henry. 
Leigher, John. 
Liddington, Peter. 
Lincoln, David. 
Lipscomb, James. 
Lord, Jeremiah, sergeant. 
Lovejoy, Isaac. 
Loveland, Thomas. 
Ludaman, John. 
Luddleton, Stephen. 
Ludlow, Stephen. 
Lynn. Robert. 
Malting, Jonah, corporal. 
Mansfield, Dan. 

19-VOL. XI. 


Marr, Patrick. 
Martin, Mark. 
McAllister, William. 
McCaragher, James. 
McConnell, John. 
McCoy, John. 
McCoy, Peter. 
McCu Hough, Roger. 
McDonald, John. 
McDougal, Daniel. 
McGruire, Andrew. 
McGunghey, John. 
McKewing, John. 
McNeal, Henry. 
McTall, Paul. 
Messer, William. 
Moffet, Batley. 
Molton, Elisha. 
Moore. Seth. 
Morgan, William. 
Mundin, John, sergeant. 
Mundin, John, drummer. 
Mundin, Peter, drummer. 
Munsell, Elisha. 
Murray, John. 
Murphy, Lawrence. 
Neal, John. 

Needham, John, sergeant. 
Nevica, James, corporal. 
Newport. Rufus. 
Nicholas, James. 

Nichols, Thomas. 

Noble, Gideon, corporal 

Nutting, Elijah. 

Nutting, John. 

Oliver. Russell. 

O'Neal, John. 

Orcutt, Caleb, sergeant. 

Osburn, William. 

Owens, John. 

Patten, Richard. 

Patterson, Robert. 

Perkins, Charles, corporal. 

Perkins, John. 

Phillips, James. 

Pierce, Willard, corporal. 


Pike, Samuel. 

Pinnard, William. 

Pith, Samuel. 

Pitts, William. 

Pollard, Francis. 

Porter, Asa. 

Pottage, Samuel. 

Potter, Samuel, sergeant. 

Powell, Lloyd. 

Powers, Christian. 

Powers, Edward. 

Price, John, sergeant. 

Putrin, William. 

Rankin, James. 

Reeck, Owen. 

Reynolds, Thomas. 

Richardson, Philip. 

Richardson, Robert. 

Rich. John. 

Richmond, Sieby. 

Rider, William. 

Riley, James, fifer. 

Robins, John. 

Robinson, Bartlett. 

Rowland, John. 

Ryan, William. 

Sawyer, Landon. 

Serdon, James. 

Seymour, Asa. 

Simmons, Oliver. 

Smith, Hiber, sergeant. 

Smith, John. 

Smith, Lawrence. 

Smith, Robert. 

Spencer, John. 

Spry, John. 

Stacey, Joseph. 

Stiles, Nathan. 

Stone, Zubil. 

Sullivan, John, sergeant. 

Sumner, Samuel, drummer. 

Taylor, Elijah. 

Taylor, John. 

Taylor, James. 

Thompson, Peter. 

Thompson, Samuel. 


Tobin, Edward. 
Tomlinson, William. 
Ward, Benjamin. 
Warren, Seth. 
Waterman, Ebenezer. 
Waterman, Joseph. 
Watrous, William. 
Way land, James. 
Wayman, Cato. 
Wear, William, sergeant. 
Weasel, Nicholas. 
Welch, Edward. 
Welch, Joseph. 
Welsh, William. 
Wheeler, Joseph, corporal 
Whitney, Samuel, corporal 
Willard, Peter. 
Wood, Jotham. 
Woods, Caleb. 


Pay-roll of the Pennsylvania Invalid guards, disabled in the 
service of the United States, commanded by Capt. James 
McLean, for the month of August, 1783. 

McLean, James. 


Brookes, William. 
Glover, James. 


Barry, Michael. 
McCarty, John. 

Alsop, Samuel ,. 

Buxton, John. 
Crowly, David. 



Cusick, John. 
Dumtvan, John. 
Dempsey, Patrick, 
Deel, Andrew. 
Harrall, Thomas. 
Kettle, George. 
Kelly, Thomas. 
McGaghy, John. 
Purtle, John. 
Proud, Charlea 
Redman, John. 
Smith, Lawrence. 
Simpson, Joseph. 
Tiller, Jacob. 
Verner, Peter. 














JULY 26, 1778 DECEMBER 6, 1778. 




WHITE PLAINS, July 26, 1778 

B. 0. The Brigade to assemble at Eleven o'clock for Divine 

Co 1 Comd 1 First Penny 1 " Brigade. 


Major Gen 1 , to-morrow, Barron de Kalb. 

Brigadier, Parsons. 

Field Officers, Co 1 Willias, L' Co 1 Cropper, and L l Co 1 Little- 

Brigade Major. Hitchcock. 

Co 1 Wood's Reg 1 of Militia, are to be Employed in Collecting 
Forrage until Further orders. Col. Wood will Receive Direc- 
tions Where and How to employ his men from the Forrage Mas- 
ter Gen 1 . Additional pay will be allowed them whilst on that, 
Duty. One Man from each Brigade who is acquainted with 
Burning coak to be paraded on the Ground parade to morrow 
morning at Guard Mounting. 

The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Col. Putnam is president, 
is Dissolved, and another Gen 1 Court Martial of the Line to as- 
semble to-morrow morning at nine o'clock, at the New Dining 
Room at the left of the Park, Nigh Gen 1 Morris' Quarters. Co 1 
Stewart will Preside. 

As it is nectessary, for the sake of Regularity, that there should 
be some Fix' 1 Gen' Rule for arranging and Disposing in the lino 
of the army the troops of the Different States, During the pre- 
sent Campaign, they are to take post, so far as Circumstances 
will permit, according to the Relative Geographical Position of 
the States to each other, supposing their front to the ocean ; 
this arrangement is not to establish any Point of honour or 
precedency between the troops. All Guards and detachments 
are to parade agreeably to this Roll. 

L l Co 1 Bull, Major Furnald, and a Captain from each of the 
Following Brigades. &c. : North Carolina. Woodford's, First 
and Second Maryland, Second Pensyl*, Clinton's,' Parson's, 
Hundington's, Nixon's, Pattison's, late Learnard's, Poor's, all 



persons concerned to attend the Court Martial. The Court is 
to assemble to-morrow Morning at Nine o'clock to try all 
persons Brought before them ; an Orderly Serg 1 from each Brig- 
ade to attend the Court. 


Detail Guard. 

L' C. S. S. C. P. 

1 1 5 


Major Gen 1 to-morrow, McDowgal. 

Brigade Gen 1 , Clinton. 

Field Officers, Co 1 Hall, L l Co 1 Millen, Major Sumner. 

Brigade Major, Barrian. 

The Gentlemen who held themselves as Candidates for Com- 
missions in the Companys of Sappers and Miners, are Requested 
to Wait on Gen 1 Deportail, Chief Engineer, who will examine 
their Respective Pretentious and Qualifications, and make a 
Report to Head-Quarters accordingly. 

A Hogshead of Rie will be Delivered to each Brigade for the 
use of the sick. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, July 17, 1778, Co 1 Putnam, Presi- 

Mr. James Davison, son of Co 1 James Davison, Livingston s 
Reg', Tryed for Defrauding the soldiers of their Provisions, 
Ernbesseling Cont 1 Property, and Disposing of several articles 
Belonging to the United States, found guilty, and sentenced 
to be Cashiered. The Commander-in-Chief approves the sen- 
tence, and orders it to take place immediately. 

At the same Court, Henry Scott, a soldier in Col. Sherburn's 
Reg 1 , was tryed for Desertion, found Guilty, and sentenced to 
receive fifty lashes, and to be Confined in some Goal untill he 
can be put on board the Con" Navy, there to Remain During 
the War. The Commander-in-Chief orders him to receive his 
Lashes to-morrow morning on the Grand parade at Guard 
mounting, and then Return to his Reg 1 . 

Likewise, Alexander Grier alias Smith, Soldier in Col. Megg's 
Reg', Tryed for Desertion, Unanimously found Guilty, and 
sentenced to be shot to death. John Craig, of the 4 th Maryland 
Reg', at a brigade Gen 1 Court Martial, July the 10 th , 1778, was 
tryed for deserting to the Enemy, found Guilty, and unani- 
mously sentenced to suffer Death. His Excellency, the Com- 
mander in-Chief, approves the two last mentioned sentences. 

Adjutant of the Day from the First Reg 1 . 


Detail for Guard. 

C\ S. S. C. P. 

1st Reg 1 1 7 

7 114 

10 2 1 9 

2 d . . 1 1 14 

Total, _0 _5^ 2^ 34 

HEAD-QUARTERS, July 28 lh , 

Major Gen 1 To- Morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Wayne. 

Field Officers, Co 1 Humpton, Lt. Co'Maybern, Major Adams. 

Brigade Major, McCormick. 

The Commander-in-Chief Desires that the Officers who Did 
not Compose part of the Grand Army last Winter and Spring, 
and who* may be unacquainted with the Gen 1 orders Relative 
to the Duty of the officers of the Day, as they are pointed out. 
will have Recourse to one Issued the 9 lh Day of June Last, at 
Valley Forge, and Govern themselves thereby. 

The Commander-in-Chief also begs leave to Inform such 
Officers as may be unacquainted therewith, that it is his wish 
and Desire, with the officers of the Day, when they are RelieV 
from their tow r of Duty, will Dine, with him at Head- Quarters, 
and where there is no particular Reason to prevent it, He will 
take it as a favour from them to be punctual, as it enables him 
to Invite Company accordingly. The Inspectors and Brigade 
Majors for the Day are meant to be included in this Invitation. 
And the Gen 1 further Requests that the Chaplains will also 
Dine w th him in turn, Each Coming with his Brigadier, when 
of the Day. For a week command, Major Fells, the men 
ordered to go uWn Detachment to-morrow, are to be furnished 
with Three Days' Provision this afternoon, one half salt, if it 
can be procured. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, July 28 th , 1778. 

At a Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Coi. Stewart was 
president, the Court proceeded to the tryal of Patrick Grant, 
of the First Pennsyl a Reg', charged with Desertion, and Deny- 
ing that he belonged to said Reg 1 , pleads Not Guilty. The 
Court Considering the evidence and the prisoner's Defence, 
Do find him Guilty of absenting himself from his Reg' without 
leave, and doth sentence him to Receive fifty lashes on his bare 
Back, and to serve out his time in the Reg' that he has been 
Driving team. 


The Court then proceeded to the tryal of George Lucas, a 
Sergeant, Belonging to the seventh Pensy'a Regt. charged^with 
Desertion, The prisoner Pleads Not Guilty. The Court having 
Considered the evidence, and the prisoner's Defence having 
Nothing of Consequence to say, are of opinion that he shall he 
Red need to the Ranks. The Court would add Corporal punish- 
ment, But from the character Given of him by his Capt". 
Formerly, are willing to use mercy on this occason. The Co' 
Comd 1 Confirms the above sentence and, orders Grant's punish- 
ment to take place this evening, George Lucas to Return to his 

Co 1 Com 1 . 

DIVISION ORDERS, July 28 lh , 1778. 

The Comissaries are Imediately to furnish the Soldiers with 
Soap, a Considerable Quantity of that article having arrived. 
It's expected that the Comisaries will take care to have a suffi- 
cient Quantity of that article to supply the troops from time 
to time. 

The Commanding officers of Brigades are requested to be 
very attentive to the Maneuvering of the troops, whenever The 
weather will permit. 

The Whole Division to parade the Day after to morrow, at 
six o'clock in the morning ; men, arms, and accoutrements to 
appear in the most soldierly order possible; the Officers will 
be punctual in their attendance, and be careful that every 
man fit for duty appear on the parade. 

Major Ryan will furnish the Commanding Officers of Brigades 
and Re&ts. with a Copy of the several Manuveres, which he 
will I mediately Mate out for the Occasion. 

B. G. 

Adj 1 of the Day to morrow from the 7 th Reg'. 

Guard 3 Days Com*. 

1" Reg* C. S. S. C. P. 


Weeks Com*. 

C. 8. S. C. 



Manoevres to be Performed by tieu 1 Wayne's Division, July the 

30 tu , 1778. 

The Battalions properly told off. Officers posted & formed 
for a Charge. The Divibion marches by the Right to the Ex- 
ercising Ground in one Column, & the following Words of Coiii- 
mand will be given : 

1 st . Close Column. The Column Closes, the Light Infantry 
Advance 100 paces in front of the Points of View, & keep up a 
smart tiring. 

2 (1 . Display Column. The Column Displays to the Left, <S: 
the Light Infantry retreat thro' the Intervals, forming in the 
Rear of their Battalions; the firing Commences as the Column 
Displays, & each Platoon fires four Rounds. 

3 d . Forward March. The whole Line marches to the front to 
an Assigned distance, each Battalion Dressing by its own 
Centre, the standards on the right. 

4" 1 . Halt. They will Halt, and dress by the right. 

5 lh . To the right about face. They'll face to the right about, 
& march to their Ground ; this will be repeated several times. 

6 th . Forward March. March. March. Charge Bayonett, Bat- 
talion. The whole Halt, dress by the Right, & fire two volleys. 

7 th . To the right about face, &c. This will be repeated. 

8 th . By Platoons, to the right Wheel, march. 

9 th . March. 

10 tA . Form Divisions. 

11 th . Form Platoons. 

N. B. Whenever a Gen 1 word of Command is given to the 
Division, its necessary that the Officers Commandg Battalions 

should repeat it. 


Major Insp c 


Major Gen' to-^morrow, Dekalb. 

Brigadier Gen 1 , Vattison. 

Field Officers, Col Grayton, L' Col. Wisinfelt, and Major 

Brigade Major, Alden. 

For Detachment, L 1 Co 1 Neville, L* Co 1 Loring, Major Gros- 

The Regimental Q r Masters are to be Punctual and Exact in 
having vaults sunk for necessarys, and that they are Regularly 
covered every morning ; they are also to pay a strict attention 
to the cleanliness of the Camp, Covering all ofalls; Putrid 
flesh and Bones are Buried also. This is the Particular Duty 
of the Q r Master ; it is expected that the Commanding officers 


will know that the Duty is performed, as the sweetness of tho 
Camp and the Health of the men Depend upon it. Parti- 
cular attention, agreeable to former order, is to be paid to the 
Slaughtering Pens, that no offensive smell may proceed from 

Col. Baldwin is appointed by the Q r Master Gen 1 to the Com- 
mand of the Artificers and Superintendency thereof, Belong- 
ing to the army. All officers Commanding Companys of Arti- 
ficers are, therefore, to make Returns to him as he shall Direct. 

In the Monthly Returns which are to be brought to the Or- 
derly Office next Saturday, and hereafter, the last Saturday in 
every Month, Particular attention must be paid to Insert the 
Monthly alterations Regimentally, Distinguishing between 
those Discharged by the Muster Master Gen 1 or Surgeon, and 
those whose terms of service are expired. 

Adj 1 of the Day to morrow from the 20 th Reg*. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 29, 1778. 

The Quarter master is immediately to see that the Camp 
Culler men has vault s sunk in front of the Camp, and have 
the Camp, within the Limits of the Reg', Cleaned of all meat 
or Bones Cast away by the Soldiers, or any other stuff that 
will occasion a bad smell. The Recrutes Lately brought to 
Camp by Capt. Buchannon, is to be encorporated in to Capt. 
Craig's Company. It is expected that every officer, for his own 
honour, will Endeavor to make his men appear to morrow on 
the parade as desent as possible, with woodden snoppers. 

CV 1 st Regt. 

CAMP WHITE PLAINS, July 30, 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-morrow, McDugaL 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

Field Officers, Col Bruer, L' Col 8 . Ord, Ma r Thompson. 

Brigade Major, Nerskin. 

The Guard at Taratown, is to be reinforced with a Capt, !i 
L, 3 S, 2 C, Drum and fife, 55 Rank and file and to be com d by 
a field officer ; the Guard at Burtases is to be reinforc'd by 1 S, 1 
C, Drum and fife, and 13 Rank and file, and to be Com d by a 
Capt. , and the Guard at Sawmill River bridge is to be reinforc' d 
by 1 C, 2 S, 3 S, 3 C, 40 Privates, and to be Com d by a field officer, 
from this guard 1 S, 1 S, C, 20 Privates is to be detailed to 
Pressley's. A Detachment of Artillery to be sent to Taratowu. 
The field officers, in performing their rounds, are to examine 
whether the guard, upon the Communication between Dobses 


Perry and Maranic, can afford a Chane of Centerys, if not, they 
are to Inform the Patrolesto pass at such time and such manner 
as to secure the Communication perfectly. One light Dragoon is 
to be at each of the following guards till Col Mitins arrives, 
after which two to plac'd to each, namely: Taratown, 
Dobses ferry, Sawmill river bridge. 
1 1 C. 


Prissley's, Aplebay's, Burrtise's, Tumpkin's, two Mile Cro- 
nels, and Maranic. The Noser guard at Pugsley's may 'be 
with drawn, and aid in this service. The Dragoons attending 
these Picquets, are to keep their horses constantly saddled by 
night, and ready to mount at a moment's warning ; the day the 
may go to grase. 

Detail Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1 1 1 7 

2 2 1 14 

7, 1 1 6 

11, 2 1 10 

Detachments to this afternoon. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 18 

2, 1 1 1 2 33 

7 t ..... 2 1 1 14 

10! 1 1 1 29 

Detachment 3 Days Com*. 3 Days' Provisions. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

Three Days Com*. 

C. S. S. Co. P. 

() 2 

2* ' 3 

7 ' ....[..,....,. 01001 

lo' 1 1 2 

1 6 .11 

Guard to-morrow. 

C. S. C. P. 
I 1 '7 

20 VOD. XI. 


Detachment 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. 

C. 8. IS. C. P. 


Major Gen 1 to-morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Nixon. 

FielJ O-ficers, Col. Jackson, Lt. Col. Harman, and Major 

Brigade Major, Bannister. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial of the line, July %2\ 1778, Col. 
George Gibson, President. James Jenkins, E/ekiah Ward, and 
Richard Bush, Mich 1 Carmans, W m McGlaughlan, of the 6'" 
Maryland Regt. and Nicholas Fitxgerard, of the 7 th Maryland 
Regt. were tryed for Desertion, and attempting to get to the 
Enemy. All found Guilty,and xmanimously sentenced to suffer 

John Day ley, of the Seventh Maryland Regt. , Tryed for De- 
sertion, and sentenced to Receive 100 lashes. At the same 
Court, July the 23' 1 Soliman Lyons, of the 2 d Virginia Regt.. 
trye:l for Desertidh, and found Guilty, and unanimously sen- 
tenced to suffer Death. Likewise, David M. Colemens, of the 
Delaware Regt, was tryed for the same Crime, and acquitted. 

His Excellency, the Commander-in Chief, approves the fore- 
going sentences : The sentence against John Daily, to be put 
in execution -to-morrow morning at G o'clock, at the Head of 
the Regt., to which be belongs. David M. Colemens, to be 
Immediately Released out of his Confinement. 

For 3 Days' Detachment to parade at 3 o'clock to-morrow 
afternoon, Lt. Col. Sims, Major Merry weather, Lt. Col. Hay, 
Major Clark. 

B. Adjt. of the Day from the First Regt. 

A Detachment of ten men from the Brigade to Join Col. Cov- 
inefton, of the Artillery, till further orders. 

Col. Comd 1 . 

HEAD-QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Aug^ihe 1 st , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-morrow, Baron Dekalb. 

Brigadie r Gen 1 . Parsons. 

Field' Officers, Col. Desbough, Lt. Col. Miller, Major Burk- 

Brigade Major, Marshall. 

At a Division Gen 1 Court Martial, held at peekskill, July 16 th , 
'78, Lt. Col. Hay, president, Lt. James Armstrong, of tho 3 d 
pennsy !l Reg', Tryed' for Behaving in a scandalous manner in 


beating a Number of persons, Breaking windows, and being- 
Guilty of other abusive treatment, after Due Consideration, 
the Court are of oppinionthat Lieut. Armstrong was Guilty of 
Beating Q r M r Bradford, but think that the provocation was,. 
in some Degree, Equal to the Offence; that he was Guilty of 
Breaking Seller Windows, and of other abusive treatment ; but, 
upon the Whole, Cannot pronounce his Behaviour, though un- 
justifiable, arid notwithstanding his good Character as au 
Officer and Soldier, is sentenced to be Reprimanded in Gen 1 Or- 
ders. At the same Court, Capt n " James Christy and Thoma* 
Moore, of said Regt. , was tryed for said Crime. The Court 
are of oppinion that they are not GuiJty of Behaving in a scan- 
dalous manner, in Beating a number of persons, Breaking Win- 
dows, But find them Guilty of Abusive treatment, and sentence- 
them to be Reprimanded by the Commanding Officer of the 
Brigade. The Commander in Chief is sorry he has a Reason to> 
Declare that Capt" 3 Christy and Moore, and Lt. Armstrong: 
wer^e, through the whole of this affair, in Circumstances that 
did them very little honour. He Laments they should suffer 
themselves so far to Deviate from that line of Delicacy and 
Decorum which owe to their own character, as to engage in 
Riot and tumult of singularly complexion, espesially as it) 
Rather appears by their own Defence, that they left their Reg 6 
without leave. Capt ns Moore, Christy, and Lt. Armstrong, they 
Brigade Majors, and Adju ts of the Day, are to be very alert in 
telling of the Guards, so soon they are assembled on the parade 
that the men may not be Fatigued by long standing ; they are 1 
also to see that the men stand firm, with their Heads erect, 
and observe the strictest silence. While this is Doing, a chain 
of sentinels are to be posted along the front of the parade, at 
forty y ds Distance ; within, none but the Gen 1 , field, and other 
Officers of the Day are to be admitted. 

As there is something that is extreamly awkard and unmili- 
tary in Officers saluting at Different times and in Different 
manners, the following Gen 1 Directions are to be observed : 
The saluting officer is to look full in the face of the officer 
saluted, his body up Right, and his step firm, and to begin at 
such a Distance as to finish the salute when opposite the person 
for whom e it is intended; the motions of the sword or Fuxee 
and the feet ought be in Concert, in order to which and for 
the Graceful! performance of salutes its expected that officers 
will spare no trouble or pains to perfect themselves, and arrive 
at Dexterity & Uniformity, as it is a matter that forms no Un- 
essential part of their Duty, and will highly ornament their 
Military appearance and character. 

When the Guards are ordered to march off, the B-igade 


Major is to see that they all march off at the same time with 
their left feet, and the officers of plattoons will be particularly 
attentive that the step is afterward preserved as the plattoons 
pass in Review before the Major Gen 1 or the Officer Command- 
ing the parade ; the men are to Hold up their Heads and look 
full in the face. 

No Officer that has Regimentals are to mount Guard in any 
other Dress, and when men are warned for Guard, they are to 
he Directed to Come on with clean hands and faces, with hair 
Corned and powdered, and are to appear in all Respects as De- 
sent arid Soldier like as Circumstances will permit. Brigade 
Majors and Adjt" will Recollect that it is an Indispensable .part 
of their Duty, and to see that their men's arms and amunition 
and accoutraments are continually in the best order. 

The Major Gen 1 of the Day, through the field officers of the 
Day, will have a carefull Inspection made into these matters, 
and where there appears to be any Deficiency, will call the 
Brigade Majors and Adjutants to any acct. on the spot, and 
either Reprimand, arrest, or acquit, as circumstances shall 
warr't ; these are tjp be considered as standing orders which it 
is expected that all officers and soldiers will be made acquainted 
and punctually observed. The whole army to be under arms 
at five o'clock to morrow morning, precisely, with their tents 
struck and Rolled up, and their packs slung ; further orders 
will be given by the Adju 1 Gen 1 . The troops of the whole line 
will exercise and maneuvre on the principles heretofore estab- 
lished for the main army twice a Day, from five to seven in 
the morning, and from five to seven in the evening. 

Brigade Inspectors will perform the Dutys of their office as 
heretofore Directed by the orders of the 15th of June last. CoL 
Davis will superintend the Right Wing and three Brigades on 
the Right of the second line. Col. Brooks will superintend the 
left wing and two Brigades on the left of the second line. -Con- 
formable to the spirit of the Same order, the Commanding 
officers of those brigades who have no Inspectors, are appointed, 
will Recommend proper officers for that purpose to Head- 

Adj 1 of the Day from the Seventh Reg*. 

Detail for Guard. 

C. S. S. C. >P. 

!. 8 

1 * 13 

3 2 8 7 

10 t 1 .10 

4 2 38 


HEAD-QUARTERS, August 2, 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to morrow, McDougall. 

Brigadier, Wayne. 

Field Officers, Co 1 Silley, L l Co 1 Sherman, Major Minzer. 

Brigade Major, Porterfield. 

A Return, as Usual, of all the sick in Camp to be made to the 
Surgeon Gen 1 to morrow morning, Nine o'clock, and every 
succeeding Monday, at the post office near the Artillery park, 
where attendance will be given to attend them ; where a Sur- 
geon is absent, the Surgeon who attends the Reg 1 will make 
the Return. 

Returns of Arms, Ammunition, and Accoutrements, Good, 
Bad, and Wanting, to be made and Delivered in by the Brigade 
Q r Master to the Orderly Office, to morrow morning, at Guard 

A Like Return of Clothing and Necessarys to be delivered in 
at the same time by the Majors of Brigade. 


The Brigade and Regimental Q r Master, are Imediately to 
cause vaults to be made, arid every morning six Inches of Fresh 
Earth to be filled in ; they will also procure straw for the Sol- 
diers to sleep on, for which purpose the Respective Corps will 
furnish as many Fatigue men as may be necessary, either for 
threshing or bringing it to Camp ; they will likewise furnish 
the Reg 1 with firewood, and take every possible care to preserve 
the Camp pure and neat ; they, the officers, will likewise be 
carefull to prevent any Rails from being burnt, as the farmers 
have already experienced but too Great a Loss on that account. 

Each' Regt. will clean away the Stones on their Respective 
parades this evening, and cover the front of their tents with 
Green Boughs. 



A Regimental Court Martial, to sit to morrow morning, at 
9 o'clock, for the tryal of such Prisoners as may be Brought 
before them. 

Capt. Comd'g P. R. 

Major Gen 1 to-morrow. Gates. 
Brigadier, Pattison. 
Field Officers, Col. Smith. Lt. Col. Bufford, Major Murphy. 


Brigade Major, Passham. 

Officer for Day's Detachment with a Day's provLioa, Lt. 
Col. Harney, Lt. Col. North, Major Haws. 

Connecticut Maliiia Light Horse, are Discharged. His Ex- 
cellency thanks them for their Good service. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Col. Stewart was presi- 
dent, July 29 th , 1778, Lt. Col. Rignier, tried first for leaving 
his Regt. when alarmed by the firing of the pattrolls upon the 
lines, upon the morning of the 29"' of June last, and not .Toin'd 
it again until the alarm was over. 2 dv , for purchasing a Horse 
from a soldier, which properly belonged to the Continent. - 
3 rllj , for treating Adjutant Sacott in an unofflcer and ungent- 
4 eman-like manner, & t he Court having considered t ho Charge 
And the evidence, are unanimously of oppinion, that Lt. CpJ. 
Rigonier is not Guilty of either of the Charges exhibited against 
him, and are further of oppinion that they are Groundless, 
vexatious, and dictated by private picts and Mallice, and Do 
.acquit him with Honour. 

At the same Court Martial, July 21 st , Capt n Celleran, acting 
;us a volunteer in ^;he fourth New York Regt., was tryed first, 
for Calling Capt. Pachott a Lyar, and Drawing his sword on 
hi in when unarmed. Secondly, for Insinuating that he was a 
Coward; and Chalenging him to fight a Duel. The Court hav- 
ing Considered the first charge and evidence, are of oppinion 
that Capt n Sellerren is Guilty Thereof ; but as the abuse was 
Reciprocal, and as Capt n Sillerran Could not mean by Drawing 
his sword to take advantage of Mr. Pachott's being unarmed, 
and The Court think the punishment of Lying underan arrest, 
the punishment pointed out in the Articles of War, of which 
his crime was a breach, and which Capt. Celleran has already 
.-suffered, is adequate to the fault he has Committed, they are 
likewise of oppinion that Capt" Celleran is Guilty of the second 
charge exhibited against him, but as the challange was Given 
by him Immediately as it proceed from the Instantaneous Re- 
sentment of an Incensed Gentleman, and was not sent on Cool 
Reflection, the Court are oppinion that Capt n Celleran has not 
*>een Guilty of a Breach of the Articles of War, what prohibits 
wending challenges, and do determine that he do not men-it 

Likewise, Lt. Norton, of the 2 1 pensyl a Regt. , tryed for enter- 
ing the encampment of the 3 1 pensy 1 Regt., in Company with 
.several others, in a Riotous and mutinous manner, & with at- 
tempting to enter Col. Craig's House, Between the Hour* 
Again twelve and one in the morning of the fourth of June, 
with a Drawn sword, unanimously acquitted of the charges 
Exhibited against him 


His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, approves of the 

Col. David Hall is appointed president of the Court Martial 
now sitting, Vice Col. Stewart. Major Oliver is appointed In- 
spector in Gen 1 Nixon's Brigade, and is to be Respected accord- 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from the second Reg 1 tomorrow 


A Detachment, exclusive of yesterday's Detail, To parade at 
3 oclock this afternoon, with 3 Days Provision, and 40 Rounds 
p r Man. 

















. 7 


1 2 2 3 45 

HEAD QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, August 4 th , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 To-morrow, Dekalb. 

Brigadier Gen 1 , Nixon. 

Field Officers, Col. Parker, Lt. Col. Frazer, Major Heath. 

Brigade Major, Haywood. 

The 6"' Virginia Regt. ordered to Join the tenth in the ar- 
rangements of Brigades was a Mistake ; it is to Continue in the 
3 d as usual. All Officers Commanding Regts. having men who, 
from theijrState of Health, will not be lit for active service in a 
short time, are Desired to make a return of them to the Orderly 
Office, that those proper for the purpose may be Drafted to Join 
the Inva. Corps, under the Command of Col. Piiilad". 

Several Regt' mental paymasters are Desired to make lists of 
the prisoners, Deserters, and Deadmen Belonging to their Re- 
spective Reg 13 Imediately, together with the sums due each and 
finally, the same with in what manner their accompts may be 
made, but in order that their accompts may be ad justed and set- 
tled without delay. 

Wanted, for the Auditor's Office, two persona That can write 
a Good Hand, and are Well acquainted With accompts; none 
need apply, but such persons as are well Recomended ; a Hand- 
some Salary Will be Given. 

For Detachment, Brig dr Genl 1 Mulenburg, Col. Vanscoik, 
Lt. Col. Allison and Russell, Major Adams and Torry. 



C. 8. S. C. P. 
First, 00106 

1 1 13 

2 1 10 

Week Com d . 



S. O. The Q r Masters of the Different Reg" to see that all 
the Bones, pieces of Flesh, and every other thing that will give 
an offensive smell is Imediately Buried ; it is hoped they will 
not, for the futer, give ocation to put them in mind of so 
Necessary a part of Duty, as a neglect of it will not be passed 
with Impunity. 

Co 1 Comd*. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, WHITB PI.AINS, August 5 th , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to morrow, McDougall. 

Brigadier, Clinton. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Putnam, L l Colon 1 Vandyck, and Major 

Brigade Major, Hitchcock. 

The Commander-in-Chief in very Express Terms forbids sol- 
diers to remove, burn, or otherwise Destroy the rails Belong- 
ing to the Inclosing in and about Camp, and he expects that 
officers of all ranks will use their Utmost exertions to prevent 
this Wanton Waste of Private Property, and to Bring to severe 
Punishment the offenders. 

The Adjutant General, in Ordering Detachments forrageing 
on Scouts, is always to mention the Number of Days for which 
they aro to Draw provisions. Notice whereof being Communi- 
cated to the regimental Q. Masters through the proper Chan- 
nel, make responsible for the men of their respective Regts, 
that they bring the Provisions ordered. The Commanding 
Officers for a Detachment, More than a Day before he marches 
from the Parade, to Enquire if the men are provided for agree 
able to orders, and if they are not, to Lodge the Number of 
the Deficient Men and the regt. they belong to with the Adj 1 


Gen 1 , who is positively to arrest and Bring to Triall the Delin- 
quent Q. Master, and if the Commanding officer of the Party 
Neglects to make this Enquiry befor he Leades the Parade, he 
makes himself Responsible, and Must answer accordingly. This 
to be Considered as a standing order, and all officers are to pay 
strict obedience There to, as it hath been found in some Inst- 
ances that a Neglect has frusterated and Defeated the end of 
Detachments, in others, that the Countrey People has suffered 
Greatly in having their Provisions forced from them to support 
those Partys. 

Major Pish, Late Inspector in General Poor's Brigade, is ap- 
pointed to Do the Duty of the same in General Clinton's, and 
is to be respected accordingly. A Return of the Drums and 
Fifes, Drum heads, Snairs, Cords, Sticks, Slings, Catts, &c. 

Adjut. of the Day to morrow from the 7th Regiment. 

For Guard the 6th Instant, Aug^ A. D. 1778. 





















Total, 5 3 35 


Major Gen 1 to-morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Wayne. 

Field Officers, Col Courlton, and L' Col Woolford. 

The officers-Qomdg. the several guards are to be pointedly 
exact in reporting in time the occurrences of the Day ; at any 
rate, they are not to Delay in doing this beyond twelve o'clock, 
that the whole may be drawn into one and presented to the 
Major Gen 1 before three. 

That the whole army may be served with the same Rations, 
the Coins* Gen 1 is to further orders to Issue as follows : 

1 Ibs. flower or soft Bread, or 1 Ib. of heard bread, 18 ounces 
of fatt or fresh Meat, or 1 Ib. of Pork or fish, & 2 ounces of 
Butter, a Gill of ruin or whiskey, when to be had the usual 
allowance of soap & candles. 

The Major Gen 1 , with the Brigadiers Comd'g Brigades under 
them, are to examine the Ground well in front and round about 
their Respective encampments, & assign each Brigade its alarm 
post; in doing this, after the ground hath been previously ex- 
amined, they are to Cause the Brigades to be drawn up on 
/such as shall be respectively intended for them, that the space 


Required for each may be ascertained. A discharge of three 
Pieces of artillery from as usual is to be the signall for an alarm. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, July 27"', '78, Col Stewart, Presi- 
dent, Doctor Brown of the 14 tb Virginia R3gt. , tryed first for 
going home without his leave, but against the express Con- 
sent of the Comd'g Officer, and that at a time, too, in the Dis- 
tress situation of the Regt. Required the Doctor's Perticular 
attention. Secondly, for neglecting to have a furlough, which 
he said he obtained from Doctor Coehran, Registered as it 
is Positively directed. Gen 1 Orders of 22 December last. The 
Court having Considered the Charges & evidences, are Unani- 
mously of opinion, that Doctor Brown is Guilty of the Charges 
against him, being breaches of the 5 articles, 18 Sextion of the 
arrickles of war, and of a Gen 1 order Issued 22 December, '77; 
but in Consideration of his very bad state of health at the time 
he left his Regt. .and his Conceiving that a furlough from Doctor 
Cochran was entirely Sufficient., The Court only sentence him 
to be Reprimanded in Gen ! orders. Though the fact stated in 
the first Charged is proved, yet the Commander-in-Chief Can. 
not think that it contains any Imputation of Guilt, because 
by the establishment of the Medical Department, the Surgeon 
Gen 1 had a right to give Doctor Brown a furlough in the 
nanner he did, and it appears besides, that the Doctor's state 
of health did not permit his attendance on the Reg. ; his Con- 
duct was certainly blamable in not having the furlough Re- 
gistered, as Directed by Gen 1 orders, an Ignorance of which is 
the worst of all Possible excuses. 

For three Days' Detachment furnished with two Days' Pro- 
visions, Ready Cooked, Lt Col Regnear & Starr, Majors Ly- 
dard & Winslough. 

For two Days' guard, to be furnished with two days' Provi- 
sions & 40 Rounds p r Man. Lt. Col Smith, Major Sumner, a 
non-Commissioned officer and seven Dragoons from each of 
the following Regts. : Blairs, Sheldon's, & Moilens, to be 
Paraded on the Grand Parade to-morrow Morning, furnished 
with two Days' Provisions. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day to Morrow from the 10 th Regt. 

S. C. P. 

1 1 7 

2 1 12 
1 1 6 
1 1 10 

Total, 1 5 3 35 

Detale. Guard. 







7, , 


10, ...... 






































HEAD QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS. August 7 th A. D. 1778. 

Major General of the Day to-morrow, Dekalb. 

Brigadier, Patterson. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Nixon, Lt. Colon 1 Willner, and Maj. 

Brigade Major, McCormick. 

The Q r Master Gen 1 is authorized to Direct the Waggon 
Master Gen 1 or his Deputys to use their Best endeavours to 
employ Waggoners, Now out of the Milittia which is out of 
service, & if a sufficient Number Cannot be procured that way, 
they are to Iiigage such as may be Defficienr. out of the Drafts 
or Levys out of the several States. In the Latter Case, they 
are not to take, on any account, more than four men out of a 
Company. A return of the arms and accoutrements are first 
to be made out by the regimental Quarter Masters, which after 
being examined & signed by the Commanding Officers of the 
Regts. , the Brigade Q r Master is to Digest them into Brigade* 
Returns, & Get them examined & signed by the Brigadiers or 
Commandants of Brigades ; then the Commissary of Military 
Stores taking Receipts from the Regt 1 Q'Masters for such articles 
as shall be Delivered. The Commanding Officers of Compy 8 are 
again to Charge their men with arms, &c. , as shall be Delivered 
them respectively, & severely punish any Non Commissioned 
Officer or Soldier who shall Carelesly or Wilfully Destroy them, 
& pay the. full Value thereof, and there has bean, in many 
Instances, a Wanton Waste of arms, accoutrements & ammuni- 
tion. The Commander in Chief Injoins it upon the Command- 
ing Officers of Regt 8 to see this order punctually executed, & 
as it is of the Highest Importance that strict Oeconomy should 
be observed with respect to those essential Articles, he Desires 


the Brigadiers to pay particular attention to the observance 
of the same. 

The Commander in Chief Directs that Doctor Cochran and 
Doctor Burnet. In Conjunction of the Officers of their Depart- 
ment, to take the Immediate Charge of the Flying Hospital. 

Tiie Muster Rolls of the army to be drawn agreeable to the 
Direction & form prescribed by the Commissary or Deputy 
Commissary General of Musters, the absent Officers to be ac- 
counted for By the Commanding Officers of Corps, the Dates 
of Inlistment & Different Forms of Service for which the 
Troops are engaged, to be continued in the Rolls. The strictest 
attention will be expected to this order. A return of the State 
of arms, accoutrements, & Cloathing of the Regt 8 to be made 
on the Day of Muster, to the Officer of Muster. 

The Rank of the Field Officers of the four regt 8 of Light Dra- 
goons having bean settled by a Board of General Officers, at 
White Marsh, on the 20 th Day of November last, the Officers 
are to rank In the following manner, agreeable to the Report 
of the Board : 

Colonels, Lt. Colonels. Majors. 

Moylan, White, Washington, 

Baylor. Bird, Jameson, 

Bland, Sheldan, Clough, 

Sheldan. Blackdon. Telmage. 

S. O". Adjutant of the Day to morrow irom the 2 nd reg'. 

Detale. Qua rd. 















1 K 










Total, 1 6 3 40 

DIVISION ORDERS, 8 th Aug*, 1778. 

A Division Court Martial to sit to morrow morning, at 8 
o'clock, at the President's Quarters, for the Tryale of all such 
Persons as may be brought before them Belonging to either of 
of the 2 Pennsylv Brigades. Colon 1 Frazer, President, and each 
Brigade to furnish six members ; all Partys and Evidence to have 
Notice to attend. 

S. O. 



The Brigade to parade to morrow morning at 6 o'clock. 
Agreeably to Division orders of the 6th Instant, the Colonel 
Commandant expects the officers Commanding Companys will 
make there men Clean themselves this Day, that they may ap- 
pear on the parade to morrow as Decent as Possible their Cir- 
cumstances will admit, and have wooden snappers in their 
Guns; the Troops to exercise on Mondays and Thursdays By 
Brigades, and Regimentally the Remainder of the week. When 
any Detachment or Command is ordered out of the Brigade the 
Adjutant is to have their men on the Brigade Parade one hour 
before the time mentioned in General orders, that the Major of 
Brigade may examine whether they are furnished with Ammu- 
nition and Provisions agreeably to General orders. 

Colon 1 Comand 1 . 

Maneuvers for General Wayne's Division. 

August 9 th , A. D. 1778. 

1 st . The division wheels by Platoons to the right of marches 
to the Exercising Ground. 

2 nd . Form Division on Close Columns ; the Column formed by 
the second Brigade will make a half wheel to the Left, and 
march and Dress with the head of the 1" Column. Infantry 
will advance and Skirmish when the Columns are marching to 
the point of viewT~ v 

3 dly . Display Columns. The first Column will Display to the 
right upon its rear division, & the second to the left, the light 
Infantry retreat, and each division fire four rounds. 

4 th . Fire by Battallions, from right to left. 

5 th . Thus ; 1 st , 2 Qd , 3 rd , & 4 th , four rounds, forward & march. 
March. March. Charge Bayonets. Battalion when halted, they 
w ill fire four Volleys. 

They will face to the right about, & march to their Ground. 

7thi y 2?ire by platoons, advancing, four Rounds. Halt, fire by 
Battalions, by Brigades, & then a Volley. 

8 th| y. Fire by Platoons, retreating, four R<u nds. Halt & form. 

9' hlv . Forward March. March. Mai eh. Charge Bayonets, 
Battalion, &c. 

10 th . Wheel to the Left, by Platoons, form Divisions, Close 
Columns; the head of the post Column is the first Brigade, 
which Dresses by the head of the second. March to the points 
of View. Infantry Skirmish. 

ll th 'y. Display Columns First Brigade, display to the right, 


the second to the left, upon their first Division. Firing com- 
mences, &c. , &c. , &e. , &c. 

Major Inspector. 


Major General, McDougall. 
Brigadier, Muhlenberg. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Meggs, Lt. Colonel Melvell, and Major 

Brigade Major, Harskell. 

The Regimental Pay Masters are to apply to the Pay Master 
General for the Pay of the months of April <Sc May. Thoso who 
have not received their rations from the 1 s * of Jan ry last, are to 
apply Immediately, as the Pay M. Gen 1 is Desired to forward the 
accounts to Congress. The Right wing is to be paid on Monday 
Next ; 2"' 1 Line & artillery on Tuesday, the left wing on Wednes- 

For 2 Days' Guard, furnished with 2 Days' Provisions & 40 
Rounds p. Man. 

Lt. Colon 1 Hubley, Major Thompson, with 24 Light Dragoons, 
p.'operly Officered, to attend the Grand Parade to Morrow Morn- 
ing at Guard Mounting, furnished with 2 Days provision. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial. Aug' 4 th , '78, Colon 1 Hall, president. 
Anthony Matacia, an Inhabitant of this State, was Tryed for 
supplying the Enemy with fuel, and acquitted ; Also, William 
Call, on Suspicion of Being a spy. and acquitted of the Charge 
Exhibited against him ; Both are to be released from their Con- 

At the same Court, John Armstrong, a private In Capt. Pol- 
lard's Company of Artificers, was Tryed, first, for Stealing a 
Key, & 2 d , for Strickeing & Giving abusive Language to Lt. 
Parker. Found Guilty, & Sentenced to Receive 100 Lashes ; 
also, John Duffey, a Soldier in the Delaware reg 1 , Tryed for 
Desertion to the Enemy. Found Guilty, & Sentenced to re- 
ceive 100 Lashes. The Commander in Chief approves of the 
sentence, & orders them to be put in Execution to Morrow 
Morning at Guard mounting, at the head of the Troops to 
which they belong. Lt. Herbert, of the 6 th Pa. Regt. , to do 
the Duty of Brigade Major, in the 2 d Pennsylv* Brigade till 
further orders, & is to be respected accordingly. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day from the 1 st Regt, ; a Captain 
from the 2^, 7 lh , 10 th regts, & 1 Sub from the 1 st , 2 nd , & 7 th . to at- 
tend the Division Court Martial to Morrow ; an Orderly Sergt. 
from each regt. to attend the Court. 


Detale. Guard. 






1, . 





a, . 










10. . 




Total, 1 5 2 41 

2 Days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1 1 1 1 6 D. F. 

2, 1 1 10 1 1 

7 1 5 

10, 8 

Total 1 1 2 2 29 

AFTER ORDERS, Aug* 9 th , 1778. 

For the safety and ease of the army, and to be in Greater 
readiness to attack or repell the enemy, the Commander-in- 
Chief, for the ease and many other reasons, Orders & Directs 
that a Corps of Light Infantry composed of the Best, most 
Hardy, and active men, and Commanded by Good Parti/an 
Officers, l)e Drafted from the several Brigades to be Commanded 
by Brigarlier Gen 1 Scott, till the Committee of Arrangement 
shall have established the Light Infantry of the army, agree- 
able to a late resolve of Congress. 

Colonels. Lt. Colon 1 '* Majors. . 

Morgan, Harmar, Stewart, 

Grier, Sim ins, Taylor, 

Butler, Shearman, Lydard. 


Colon 1 Grayson's Regt. to be added to this Corps. The De- 
tale of the several Brigades are to be Drafted & Got in Readi- 
ness as soon as Possible. 


Colon 1 North is appointed president of a Division court Mar- 
tial In the Room of Colonel Frazer ; the Court to sit to- Morrow 
at the presidents' Marque, members as before warned. All 
evidences & Person Concerned, to attend. 

By order of Gen 1 Wayne 

A. D. C. 


Detalefor Light Infantry. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

, 1 1 1 15 

2 1 29 

7 ;;;;;; i i i i 14 

10 .. 1 1 1 21 


August 9 th , A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 of the Day to-Morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Nixon. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Stewart, Lt. Colonel Lourer, and Major 

Brigade Major, Bannister. 

For Detachment furnished with 40 Rounds p r man, and 2 
Days' Provisions, ready cooked, Golon 1 Cortland, Lt. Colonel 
Nebin & Melvin. Major Buckard & Heath. 16 Light Dragoons, 
furnished with the sftrne Quantity 01 Provision. A Non-Com- 
iniss' 1 officer & 6 Light Dragoons are to attend the Grand Parade 
to-Morrow Morning, at Guard Mounting. 

Colonel Russel to Take the Command of the Tenth Virginia 
Regt. until further orders.. 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th Regiment. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 8 

2, 1 2 1 15 

7, 1 8 

10, 2 1 10 

Total 1 6 3 41 

Three Days' Detachment. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1 1 6 

2 1 1 9 

7, 11006 

1 7 

Total, 1 i 2 2 


BRIGADE ORDERS, August 10 th , A. D. 1778. 
The officers and men from this Brigade ordered to Join the 
Light Corps to be on the Brigade Parade at 5 o'clock, to be re- 
viewed ; its hoped, for the honour of the Brigade, that there 
will be Good men sent on this Command which may be De- 
pended upon for their Good Behavior. 

Colon 1 Comm'. 

CAMP VALLEY FORGE, Aug* 10 th , 1778. 

Major General, De Kalb. 

Brigadier, Clinton. 

Field Officers, Colonel Marshall, L' Colon 1 Mead, and Major 
Taylor. Brigade Major, Marshall. 

L l Colon 1 Carlton is appointed to take the post at Tarry Town. 
The weeks' Command and 2 Days' Guard to be supply' d with 
Two Days' Provisions, ready Cooked, and 40 rounds p. man to 
parade to Morrow Morning. 24 Light Dragoons are to attend at 
Guard mounting To Morrow Morning supply 'd with 2 days 
provision. For 2 days' Guard, Major Sill. Ensign Alexander 
Bensted, of the 10 lh P. Reg', is appointed Pay Master to the 
same. The Eastern and Southern Posts will set of to Morrow 
Morning at 9 o'clock. 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day to Morrow from the 10 th regt. 

x - 
Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1 118 

2, 1 1 15 

7, 1 8 

lo! 2 1 10 

Total, _0 _1 _5 2 41 

2 days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1 1 1 4 

2 1 10 

?! 1 3 

10, 1 5 

Total, 1 _0 JJ 2 22 

21 VOL. XI. 


Week's Command. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1 4 

2, 1 

7i 1 1 1 

10, _ J> 

Total, _1 J. J. '_! 1!' 

WHITE PLAINS, August ll lh , J. D.1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-morrow, McDougal. 

Brigadier, Wayne. 

Field Officers. Colon 1 Vanshayke, I/ Colon 1 Reed, and Major 

Brigade Major, Porterfield. 

A sufficient Number of Officers having not yet presented 
themselves as Candidates for Commissions In the Corapanys of 
Sappers and Miners, the Gen 1 requests all those who may bd 
Disposed to enter into this service, to Give in their Names Im- 
mediately, and wait on Gen 1 De Portell, as he is Desirous to 
have the Companys Established without Delay. This being a 
Specious of Service well worthy the ambition of Gentleman of 
Zeal and Talents, who wish to Destinguish and advance tnem- 
selves In Military Knowledge and Destinction, and being held 
in the highest estimation, it will be expected, as heretofore, 
that those who apply should be well Recommended for their 
Good Character and Liberal Qualifications. 

The field officers in the Maryland Line are Desired to As- 
semble and Collectively, by a Committee, State The Preten- 
tions of rank Claimed by the Officers of that Line, together 
with the Reasons or Ground of their Pretentions, are found 
and report as soon as may be. 

The Issuing Commissarys are Carefully to preserve the pro- 
vision Barrels or Casks after the Meat or flour is taken out of 
them, until the Coopers have repaired them, when they are to 
be returned to the Commissary Gen 1 of Issues. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Colon 1 Hall was president. 
Captain Seely, of the 5 lb Pennsylv" Rigt. , Try d for Leaving his 
Guard before he was regularly relieved, Found Guilty of the 
Charges Exhibited against him, being breaches of the 4 th 
Article & 12 th Sextion of the articles of War, & Sentenced to be 
reprimanded In Gen 1 Orders. The Commander in Chief Con- 
firms the sentence, though he Could wish a severer Punishment 
had been decreed to a neglect which is of the Highest Millitary 
Criminalty, & of the most Dangerous Tendency; the safety of 


the army altogether Depending on the strictest Discipline & 
unremitted Vigilance Observed by Officers on Guard, particu- 
larly on the out posts. At the same Court, Neal McGonnagel, 
a Soldier of the 7 Ih P. Rigt., Try'd, first, for threatening Capt. 
Scott's Life ; 2 nd , Drawing his Bayonet & Stabbing him repeat- 
edly while In the Execution of his Office. Found guilty of the 
Charges Exhibitted against him, being Breach of Sextiori 2'', 
article 5 th , of the articles of War, & Sentenced, by a Majority 
of more then \ to be shot to Death. His Excellency, the Com- 
mander in Chief, approves the Sentence. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd rigt. 


S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 S 

August 12 th , A. D. 1778. 

The Light Troops are to be paraded this afternoon, at 3 
o'clock, on Chatterton's Hill. A number of Tents & Camp 
Kettles, proportioned to the Number of men from each rigt, 
to be sent with them. The Brigade Q r Masters will see that, 
these Tents are brought on the Ground, in Waggons, at the 
lixed Time. The Commissary Gen 1 of Issues will Immediately 
jippoint an Issuing Commissary to the Light Corps. 


August 12 th , 1778. 

Major General to- Morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Patterson. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Grayson, Lt. Colon 1 Harney, & Major 
Merry- weather. 

Brigade Major, Minwes. 

For Two Days' Guard, Major Weed. The Two days' Guard 
to be furnished with 2 Days' provisions & 40 rounds p. man. 
Twenty four Light Dragoons are to attend the Grand parade- 
furnished with the Like provision. The Brigade Commissary* 
are Daily to Deliver the Hides & Tallow at the Maga/ine of 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day for to-Morrow from the first rigt. 




















10, . 



Total, 1 7 3 43 


2 days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 00114 

2, 1 9 

7, 1 4 

10 1 5 

Total 1 2 2 22 

HEAD-QUARTERS, Aug* 13 th , A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to- Morrow, D e Kalb. 

Brigadier, Mulinbergh. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Russel, Lt. Colon 1 Hay, and Major Lee. 

Brigade Major, Humphrys. 

Two Colliers from each Brigade are to be Constantly Im- 
ploy'd, under Directions of Colon 1 Baldwin, In Burning Coals 
for the use of the Army. 

All the Teams attached to the Different Brigades fit for ser- 
vice, are to be Turned out Daily for the Waggon Master Gen- 
eral, to be I m ploy '^ by the Commissary Gen 1 of Provisions of 
Forrage In the Invirons of the Camp, except so many as may be 
Necessary for Camp Duty, which the Waggon Master Gen 1 will 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th reg 1 . 

S. S. C. P. 
2 16 

2 11 

Total, 5 2 43 

HEAD-QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Aug 1 . 14 th , I77a 

Major Gen 1 to-morrow, McDugal. 

Brigadier Gen 1 , Parsons. 

Field Officer. Col Bradley, Lt. Col North, and Major Tory. 

Brigade Major, Aldon. 

For two day guard, Major Mentges. The detachments for 
the advance are to be supplyed with two days' Provi- 
sions, ready cooked, and 40 Rounds p r man. 28 Light Dragoons 
to attend the grand parade to morrow morning at guard mount- 
ing, furnish 6 ' 1 with like Quantity of Provisions ; a detachment of 
Ji^ht Dragoons comm d by a field officer, to Joyn the Light In- 
fantry this afternoon, and 1o be relieved weekly. 





2, . . . '. 



10. . 


The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Major Lord Sterling is Presi- 
dent, is desolv d , also that whereof Col Hall is President, and 
another ordared to sit at the usual place to morrow morning, 
at nine o'clock, to try all such Prisoners as shall be brought 
before them ; Col Heson will Preside. Members, L l Co 1 Russel, 
Major Hause, each Brigade give a Capt. for the Court except 
Scott's, Person's, and Poor's. 

The Regimental Paymasters are to prepare the Pay Rolls for 
the Month of June and July, Deliver the same to the Pay 
Master Gen. for examination. They are to be Carefull to make 
up agreeably to the Resolve of Congress of May the 27 th and 
June 3 d ; a Column is to be added for subsistance of the officers, 
which is to he Charged at the following rates : 

Col p. Month, 50 Dollars. 

Lt. Col, 40 

Major, 30 

Capt. , 20 

Lt & Ensign, 10 

Regi 'nt 1 Surg", 30 

Berg" mate, 10 

The Pay of the Infantry remains as before, except as follows : 
Lieut. , 26j| Dollars p r Month. 

Sergt. Major, Quarter Master Sergt. , and Sergeants, 10 Dol- 
lars p r month ; Drum and fife majors, 9 Dollars p r Month, Surg" 
p r Month, 60 Dollars ; Surg" 8 Mate, 40. The following officers, if 
taken from line, to be allow d in adition to their pay in the line : 

An Aid u Camp, 24 Dollars. 

Brigade Major 24 

Quarter Master, 13 

An Adjt, 13 

A pay Master. 20 

The officers of the staff taken from the line, are not to be 
made up in the pay rolls of their respective Compy, but to Re- 
ceive their pay in the Manner heretofore practised by the staff. 

The Paymaster of the Artillery and Cavalry may Receive the 
establishments of their respective Corps by applying to the 
Paymaster Gen 1 . 

Next Monday morning, at nine o'clock, is appointed for the 
execution of David Patton. Solomon Lines, Alexander Graham, 
Nicholas Pitzjaul, Hezekiah Ward, Richard Burk, Michael Car- 
mon, Wm. McGlaughlin, John Jenkins, John Craig, & Michael 
Magonogal, now under sentence of Death, the 10 first for De- 
sertion, the last for wounding an officer in the execution of his 

Detale. Guard. 





2 . . . . 


10. . 


C. S. S. (G. D. for P. ) 

Two days' Guard, 1 


CAMP WHITK PLAINS, Aug<- 15 th , 1778. 
Major General to-morrow, Crates. 
Brigadier, Clinton. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Patton, L' Colon 1 Ball, and Major Fur- 

Brigade Major, Harwood. 

Ji. O. Adjutant of the Day from the 3 d reg*. 

S. C. P. 

1 1 8 

2 1 18 

3 1 10 

Total, _0 J, _7 _8 44 

HEAD-QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Aug* 16 th . A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 , Lord Sterling. 

Brigadier, Small wood. 

Field Officers, Phebecker, L l Colon 1 Dabny, and Major Hal- 

Brigade Major. Hitchcock. 

For Two days' Guard, Major Murphy. The Detachment for 2 
Detachment to be supply 'd with 2 days' provisions, ready Cook- 
ed, & 40 rounds p. man, & 22 Light Dragoons to be supply'd 
with the same Quantity of Provisions, are to attend the Grand 
parade to Morrow morning at Guard mounting. Returns are 
to be made of the Carbines & Pistles, Good, Bad, wanting, In 
the several regts. of Horse. The Brigade Q. masters are to apply 
to the D. C. Gen 1 of Military Stores, To-Morrow, for their pro- 
portions of Tin Cannisters, wires & Brushes, fifes, Drum heads. 
Snares, sticks, &c. , and proportion them to the several Rcgts. , 
si-jreeable to a late order. The Tin Cannisters are to be put into 
the hands of those men who are in the light Infantry. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 2 1 S 

2, t) 2 19 

7, 1 8 

10, 1 1 10 


2 days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 4 

2, i 1 9 

7, 4 

10, 1 6 


Major Gen 1 to-morrow, Lincoln. 

Brigadier, Poor. 

Field Officers, Col 1 Chambers, L* Col 1 Hare, Major Peters. 

Brigade Major, Banian. 

Fora week's Com d Furnish' 1 with Two days Provision, Ready 
Cook' 1 , & 40 Rounds p r man. Major Adams & 8 Light Dragoons 
to attend the Parade, 2 1) Furnish 11 with Two days' Provision. 

The Sub Inspectors are to Receive 30 dollars p r m in addi- 
tion to the pay which they derived from their rank in the Line 
arid the Brigade Inspector 20 dollars p r month in addition, &c. , 
this pay Commences from y e time of their Respective Appoint- 
ments. The Execution of the 10 Remaining Criminals who 
were to have suffered Death this Day, is Pospon'd till next 
Friday Morning at 9 o'clock. Major Hubble is appointed Brig' 1 
Inspector to Gren' Mulinburg's Brig d , vice Cap 1 Lewis. 

B. O. Aj' of the day for To-morrow from the 7 tb Regt. 

8. C. P. 
2 1 14 

1 1 7 

2 1 9 

Total, 2 _7 

Detachment or week' a Command. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 3 

2', o o o i 5 

7 1 'I 

10, I) ' =5 

Total _J _0 _J _1 1:; 

Regimental Orders: Lt. Hughes is to take the Command of 
Capt. Simpson's Corny, and Lt. McClelan is to Command the 

Detale. Guard. 










Company, late Capt. Holiday's. The Col. expects the officers 
will be very Carefull that the men has their armes Clean and 
in Good order; the officers is to ba very particular in having 
their Nessary Roles Examined every week as usual. 


HKAD-QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Aug 1 18 th , 1778. 

Major General to-Morrow, De Kalb. 

Brigadier, Wayne. 

Field Officers, Colonel Gibson, Lt. Colon Oebny, & Major 

Brigade Major, McCormick. 

Major Christopher Stuart, for 2 days' Guard, with 2 Days' 
provisions, ready Cook'd. 2:J Light Dragoons furnished with the 
Like provisions. 

A board of G 1 officers, Consisting of Major Gen 1 McDougell, 
Brigadier Parsons, & Brigadier Gen 1 Knox, is to sit to morrow 
Morning, at 10 o'clock, at Gen 1 Srnallwood's Marque, to hear 
the Claims of the Maryland Officers In the Maryland Line, 
respecting the rank,<& make such arrangement of the same as 
they shall think right, which they are to report totheCom- 
mander-in-Chief. In order to facilitate the Business, three Offi- 
cers are to be Chosen by that Line out of those who were in the 
regiment formerly Commanded by Gen 1 Small wood ; the Inde- 
pend 1 Companys & Flying Camp to attend the Board and repre- 
sent the Claims & Pretentious of those who have been respec- 
tively, promoted from those Corps into the Present Battal- 
lions from that State. The Com:nander-in-Chief will Lay such 
papers before the Board as have been Transmitted to him by the 
State upon the subject, and they will, besides, Call upon Per- 
sons as They may Judge Necessary, to Give Information on the 
Points in Question. Lt. John Potter is appointed paymaster 
in Colon 1 Wood's regiment of Militia. 

B. O: Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 10 th regiment. 

Detale Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 1 1 S 

2 Days' Guard. 



















REGT. ORDKRS, Augt. 19 th , 1778. 

The tents to be immediately struck and spread on the parade 
that the Ground may dry; the straw to be dryed and all filrh 
to be Cleaned away and burned ; the officers to see this ordei 
Complyed with. 

Col" 5 th Regt. 

CAMP VALLEY FORGE, Augt. 19 th , A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Patterson. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 David Hall, Lt. Colon 1 Smith, & Major 

Brigade Major, Popham. 

The Commander in Chief is Informed that many Corps which 
have had Cloathing sent to them from their respective States, 
Continue, Nevertheless, to make Returns & Draw from the 
Continental store from the same manner as if there had Bean 
no such Provision made for them. This Practice he Does in 
Express & Positive Terms forbid, unless the Officers Command- 
ing such Corps will Evince, Beyond a doubt, that the Cloath- 
ing from their respactive States is not Nor ever will be made a 
Continental Charge. 

The Ho'ble the Continental Congress were Pleased, on the 12 th 
Instant, to pass the follow* Resolve: 

Resnloed, That every officer in the Army of the United States, 
whose duty Requires being on horseback In Time of action, 
be allowed a Sum Not exceeding 500 Dollars as a Compensation 
for any horse he shall have killed in Battle. 

This resolution to have Great respect as far as the first of 
May, '77, and that the Q. M. G. be and is hereby authorized to 
pay the value of such horses, Not exceeding the said sum to the 
said sufferers, on the Facts being Properly authenticated. 

Lt. Hywell, of Colon 1 Crane's regt. of Artillery, is appointed 
Inspector & Superintendent of Musick in the Army, and is to 
be respected accordingly; his pay & Rations to be made equal 
to a Captain in the train. Six Light Dragoons to attend the 
Grand parade at Guard Mounting. 

11. O. Adjutant of the Day to Morrow from the 2 nd Regiment. 

Detale. Guard. 

c. S. S. C. P. 
1, 0118 


BRIGADE ORDERS, August 19 th , A D. 1778. 

A Captain of the Day will see that good Order & Decorum is 
preserved through the Brigade, in particular, that the Q r Mas- 
ters have the Camp Kept Clean. 

No person to settle for this Brigade, except such as will govern 
himself as follows: 

To provide as much Mutton, Fowls, and Vegetables as shall 
be apply 'd for by the officers every Monday & Thursday. Offi- 
cers are to Bespeak what they want for Saturdays & Wednes- 
day mornings, all at moderate prices. 

No Liquor to be sold to soldiers, without a written License 
from an Officer. Nor on any Pretence, after Retreat Beating. 

Soldiers are forbid straglirig from Camp & are by no means 
to exceed half a mile, without a pass from the Commanding 
Officer of the rigt. to which they belong. 

A Brigade Court Martial to sit to-Morrow morning, at ten 

The President will appoint the place of sitting Captain, 
Bankson is appointed Judge Advocate. Colonel Chambers, 

Colonel Commandent. 

N. B. One Captain and 2 Subalterns from each regiment to 
attend as members. An orderly Sergt. from each Regiment to 
attend the Court. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Aug 1 - 20 th , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, Lord Sterling. 

Brigadier, Gen 1 Woodford. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Willis, Lt, Colonel Littleneld and Major 

Brigade Major, Harshill. 

For 3 days' Guard, supply 'd with 2 days' provision, Cook'd. 
Major Talbert, 22 Light Dragoons, supply'd with the Like 
provision, to attend the parade at Guard mounting to-Morrow. 

The Tents of the whole army are to be struck three times a 
week, on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, from ten in tin* 
morning till two in the afternoon, when the weather will per- 
mit. The officers will be careful to have the Ground Between 
and where the Tents stood, well cleaned. 

No Person whatsoever, whether belonging to the army or 
not, to pass Beyond the advanced Corps without a pass from 
head- Quarters. The Comm'ing officer of that Corps, Not only 
to stop all persons who shall hereafter attempt to pass without 
such permit, but report their names, and take away any other 
passes they may have, and send them to the Adjutant General. 


The General also reminds the officers of a former order, for- 
bidding any under the Degree of Comm dg Officer of a Brigade 
from giving Passes, and expects a strict observance. 

Lt. George Purviss is appointed Adjutant of the Delaware; 

Returns of Medicines, Instruments, Bandages, &c. , Now iu 
the several Regiments to be made out by the reg 1 Surgeons, 
and be Delivered to Physician & Surgeon Gen 1 next Monday. 

Return of all the Negroes in the several rigeinentsto be made 
out Immediately, Regimentally Digested into Brigade Returns 
& brought into the Orderly Office Next Saturday, Specifying 
those Present & the Particular Places where the absent or on 
Command are. Two Sergeants from the 1" P. Brigade to Join 
the Light Corps to Morrow Morning. 

B. 0. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, from the first Rigi- 

S. C. P. 

1 8 

2 1 18 

2 1 11 

3 3 44 

S. C. P. 

1 3 

1 1 -, 


Detale. Guard. 









, 2 



2 days' Guard. 




7. , 

10. , 

Total, ...................... 


The General is again Necessitated to repeat the order for keep- 
ing the Camp clean & provided the Soldiers with fresh straw, 
which he Expects the Brigade & regim 1 Q. Masters will make u 
point of Doing as well, as seeing that all the old straw & Brusli 
be Immediately Collected & Burnt, which ought to be Partic- 
ularly Done hereafter. 

The Whole Division to parade in the afternoon of Satturdny 
next In the Neatest & best order that Circumstances will ad- 
mit of. No excuse will pass for Non attendance or unsoldier 
like appearance. One piece of Artillery to parade with each 


Brigade. Major Ryan will furnish Officers Commanding Bri- 
gades & rigts. with a Copy of the Maneuvres to he performed. 

A Court of enquiry to sit at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the 
president's Quarters, to Determine to What Regiment a certain 
Sergeant, now Doing duty in the 3 d P. Regt, ought properly 
to Belong. 

Lt. Colon 1 HAYES, 

Major TALBERT & Capt. BAND, 


All partys to have Notice to attend. 
Captain of the Day to Morrow from the 10 th Regiment. 
The Sergeants to Join the Light Corps, One from the I st 
Regt. , & one from the 2 nd Ditto. 

RIGIMENTAL ORDERS, August, 21 st , A. D. 1778. 
The Colonel Takes the Liberty of Informing the Officers that 
the Better they are acquainted with Maneuvres, when they can 
go through every part of their duty with exactness, it will be 
much to their honour, when, on the Contrary, if you will only 
observe the Officers that appear on the Grand parade, & is on 
Guard, in what light they are viewed, they are Looked upon 
as Negligent bad officers; there is no way of Gaining this 
Knowledge but by Closely attending their duty, Never being 
absent from parade, & Maneuvering the men in Rotation, 
which has been the Plan laid down for some time past. The 
Colonel, therefore, positively orders that the regt. is exercised 
every morning & evening, the first day by the oldest Captain, 
the next day by the second, & so on in Rotation till you Come 
to the youngest officer in the regiment. But this will by no 
means excuse those from attending the parade if it is not their 
Tour to Maneuver the Regiment. The Division is to join to- 
Morrow. The Officers Commanding Company* will see that 
their men wash their cloaths This day, and to have their arms 
in Good Order, with Wooden Snappers. A strict Complyance 
with the orders expected. 


CAMP WHITE PLAINS, Aug. 21 st , 1778. 

Major General of the Day to-Morrow, Lincoln. 
Brigadier, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Humpton, Lt. Colonel Miller, and Major 
Brigade Major, Bannister. 


The Commander in Chief has thought proper to pardon the 

following prisoners who were under sentence of Death this 
l>ay : 

Solornan Lyons, Wm. McGloughlen, 

James Craig, John Jenkyns, 

Ilezekiah Ward, Nicholas Fitzgerald, 

Rich d Burk, John Potter, 

Michael Karman, Neal McGonnagle. 

Notwithstanding the Gen 1 Good Character of the Criminals 
as Soldiers, the Wounds he received in fighting for his Country, 
the warm solicitations he received from several Respectable 
officers in his behalf, and even the special Intercession of Capt. 
Scott himself, to whom the Injury was Offered, it was with 
extreme Difficulty the Commander in Chief Could prevail with 
himself to pardon the Offence so atrocious as that Committed 
by Neal McGonnagle. The Least Disr spect from a soldier to 
an officer is Criminal in a high Degree & Deserves severe 
Punishment, & when it proceeds from any personal violence, the 
offender Justly merits Death. But when it extends to an a^. 
tempt on the Life as was the Case in the Present Instance, it 
assumes a Complexion so Inormious & aggravated that even 
wants a Name, & Puts the Criminal almost Beyond mercy It 
self. The Gen 1 is happy to reflect that this is the first Time an 
Instance of this Nature has Come before him. He thinks it 
Necessary to warn, every Soldier That a similar offence may 
Never after be forgiven whatever may be the Character or In- 
terposition of the Officer. 

Several Deserters from the army to the enemy who have since 
Returned, having been permitted, with Impunity, to Join the 
rigts. , the General to prevent an Abuse of his Lenity By its 
Being Drawn into a precedent & Made an Incouragement to 
others to Comit the same Crime, Takes Occasion to Declare 
in Explicit Terms, that no man who shall Desert to the Enemy, 
ufter the Publication of this order, will ever be allowed to Injoy 
t he Like Indulgence ; but whether he returns Voluntarily him- 
self or falls into our hands By any Other means, will Infallibly 
suffer tho Punishment Decreed to his Crime. 

Colon 1 Command. 

B. O. A fatigue party to parade to Morrow Morning at Ra- 
ville Beating, Consisting of a Sergeant & Twelve men ; the Bri- 
gade Q r Master will attend and Give them orders. 

1 st regt. , 3 men. 

Captain of the Day to Morrow from the second regiment. 

Adjutant of the day from the 7 rtl regiment. 







Detale. Guard. 
























M aneuvres for Gen' Wayne's Division. 

August 22 nd , 1778. 

The 7 lh regt. in th# first Brigade, & 4 Plattoons, of 7 files 
each, in the 2 nd Brigade, are not to be formed in the Battalions. 

1". March by the right, form Divisons, Close column. The 
2 nd Column dresses by the I", the 7 th regt. marches in the rear 
of the 1 st Column in open order. The 4 Platoons marches in 
the rear of the 2 nd Column in the same order. Light Infantry 
advance and skirmish. As the Columns displays, the Light In- 
fantry retreats. The 7 th rigt. faces to the right, the 4 Platoons 
to the left, & march by files to the flanks of the Line, then face 
to the left & right. The 7 th regt. Closes Column, wheels to the 
right, preserving a forming Distance between it & the Line, 
t hen display to the left. The 4 Platoons Wheel to the Left & 
form, firings as usual. 

The Line will be formed in this manner 

Left p 1 of 

4 Platoons. 

L. 1. 



P. & Y. 

7 Regt. 


When the firing Ceases, the 7 lh rigt. and the 4 Platoons 
will wheel into the Line. Forward March. March. March. 
Charge Bayonets, Battalion. Volleys fired. 

2 nd . The whole will wheel by platoons, to the right, from 
Divisions & Close Column. Infantry advance and Skirmish. 
The 7 th Rigt. & the 4 Platoons will Close Columns in Pla- 
toons. The 7 th Regt. will march to the right 60 Paces in front 
of the point of view arid' form an oblique line, by making a half 
wheel to the Left, and Displaying to the Left the 4 Platoons, 
form an oblique Line in front of the Left point of view, by dis- 
playing to the Left, firings as usual, as the Columns Display 
the Light Infantry. 

The following figures will be described by the division : 

A If 


Lef. P. D. R. P. D. 

Lt. Inf. | Lt. Inf. Lt, Inf. 

When the firing ceases, the Flanking parties face to the right- 
about and wheel into the Line, when the Line fires by Battal- 
ions. The Flanking Parties fire by volleys. 
Forward, march, march, march. Charge Bayonets, Batt 1 . 
N. B. By the directions given the flanking parties', 'tis sup- 
posed the Points of view will Touch the extremities of the Line, 
though they are at a Distance in the Draft. 

Major Inspector. 


Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, Barron D e Kalb. 

Brigadier, Muhlenberg. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Gundy, Lt. Colonel Wizenfelts, and Ma- 
jor Mentges. 

Brigade Major, Herbert. 

2 Days' Guard, Major Eldridge. This Guard to be furnished 
with 2 Days' Provisions, ready cook' d, & 40 rounds p. man. 
22 Light Dragoons furnished with the Like Quantity of Provi- 

2 Days' Guard. 








sions. The Southern, Northern, & Eastern Post Riders will set 
out on Monday, the 24 th Instant. 

Captain of the Day to-Morrow from the I 81 Regiment. 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day from the 10 th reg 1 . 

Detale. Guard. 

c. s. s. c. p. 

1? 1 1 8 

2 ' [ 1 2 1 16 


10', 1 13 

Total, _0 _1 _5 _2 45 

S. 8. C. P. 
1 5 

Total, _1 _1 _| _8 20 

B. O. , Aug 23 d , 1778. 

At a Brigade Court Martial held Aug 1 21, '78, Coll. Chambers 
President, Isaac Williams Tryed for Desertion. The Court con- 
sidering the evidence & Prisoner' Defence, acquit him of the 

At the same Court was Tryed And" Magahey, for Desertion, 
& acquitted. Isaac Williams & And" Magahey are to be Reles d 
from their Confinement, & Join their Regts. 

Col' Comdf. 


Major General, Gates. 

Brigadier, Small wood. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Jackson, Lt. Colon 1 Ford, & Major Hale. 

Major of Brigade, Portertield. 

A Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Major Gen 1 Lincoln is appointed 
President, will set to-morrow morning, at 9 o' Clock, at the New 
Dining Room, Near Major Gen 1 Baron De Kalb's Quarters, 
for the Tryal of Major Gen 1 Sinclair. Brigadiers Nixon, Clin- 
ton, Wayne. & Mulenbergh ; Colonels Grayson, Russell ; M. 
Gen 1 Grayton, Putnam, Meggs, Stuart, & Cortland are to at- 


tend as members. All Evidences & Persons concerned will at- 
tend. The General Oor't Martial, whereof Colon 1 Hazen is 
President, will assemble at the president's Marque or Quarters, 
at the Time to which it stands adjourned. 
B. O. Adjutant of the Day to Morrow, 2 nd regt. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

t, 1 1 1 8 

2 1 2 1 17 

7, 1 1 7 

10, 2 13 

Total, 3 6 ' 3 45 

S. S. C. P. 
1 t 





2, . 




HEAD-QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Aug* 24 th , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, Lord Sterling. 

Brigadier, Poor. 

Field Officers, Colonel Seely, Lt. Colon 1 Miller & Major Allen. 

Brigade Major, Minnes. 

Major Merryweather, for 2 days' Guard, supply'd with Two 
Day's Provision & 40 rounds p. man. Those i'or a fortnight & 
a week's Command, to be supply'd with the Like Quantity 
also. 22 Light Dragoons to attend the Grand parade to morrow 
morning. Brigade returns of all the Horses in each rigt. & by 
whome kept, to be made out Immediately, and Delivered into 
the Orderly office to Morrow morning. 

The Honourable the Congress has been pleased to agree to 
the following report of their Committee to pass the resolutions 
annexed to it : 

In Congress., Augt. 17 lh , 1778. The Committee to w home was 
referred a Letter to General Washington, 28 July, '78, respect- 
ing General Putnam & the report of the Court of enquiry on 
the subjects of the Posts in the Highlands on Hudsons river. 
Taken Last year, which were Transmitted to Congress : Report 
22-VOL. XI. 


that on a Careful Examination of the Facts stated by the Court 
of Enquiry, and consideration of the evidence taken & Trans- 
mitted, it appears that those posts were Lost not from any Miss 
Conduct, fault, or Negligence of the Commanding Officers, But 
really for want of an adequate force under their Command to 
Maintain and Drfend them. 

Resolced, That. Congress agree to the same report. 

At a Brigade Court Martial of Artillery, August 14 lh , '78, Lt. 
Colon' Hopkins, President. Lts. Watters & McNamara were 
Try'd for speaking Disrespectfully of the Commander-in-Chief, 
Beating Lt. Hid in a scandalous Manner unbecoming the Char- 
acter of Gentlemen, & raising a Riot & Contemptuous Behavior 
with Colon 1 Harrison, after being arrested. After mature de- 
liberation, the Court are of opinion that Lt. Watters is Guilty 
of treating Lt. Hill in a Scandalous manner unbecoming the 
Character of a Gentleman. But as the provocation from M' 
Hill was so considerable & so very apt to produce In Mr. Wat- 
ters, a forgetfulness of his Character as a Gentleman & Officer, 
we view tho Crime in some measure palliated & therefore only 
sentence him to ke reprimanded by the Commanding officer of 
Artillery, In presence of all the officers of the Corps. 

The General approves of the sentence, and orders it to take 
place to-Morrow morning at roll Call. 

The Court find that Lt. McNamarra, of Colon 1 Harrison's 
Rigt. , is Guilty of speaking disrespectfully of His Excellency 
Gen 1 Washington, Treiting Lt. Hill in a scandalous manner 
unbecoming the character of a gentleman and a Contemptious 
Treatment of Colon 1 Harrison, after Being arrested, and unan- 
imously Judged that he should be Cashiered. 

The Commander-in-Chief is sorry to be under the Necessity 
of deciding a Case of this nature, and would readily remit the 
sentence against Lt. McNamara, if his Behavior to Colon 1 Har- 
rison, his Commanding Officer, had not been so Gross & Dis- 
orderly as to compel the General to Confinement, &c. , &c. ,c. 

-ft. O. Captain of the Day from the 10 til Regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day to Morrow, from the 1 st Regiment. 

Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

l> 2 1 9 

2, 2 1 18 

7, . t 9 

10, 1 2 1 1* 

Total, 1 7 3 ,]() 


2 days' Guard. 

S. C. P. 
1 3 


_1 _1 24 

S. C. P. 




S. C. P. 







7, , 


n, , 




Week's Comm* 











2 Weeks' Comm d . 




















Total, . 

S. C. P. 

1 1 


1 G 


The General Court Martial, whereof Major General Lincoln, 
is President, will sit to-Morrow at the Time & Place mentioned 
in yesterday's order. The same Members to attend, except 
Colonel Wyllys vice Colonel Cortland, who is on command. 


Ad. <?. 


DIVISION ORDERS, Augt. 24Z&, 1778. 

At a Division Court Martial held the 12 th Instant, whereof lit. 
Colonel North was president, Alexander Denny, a soldier be- 
long* to the 7 lh P. Regt, , was try'd for desert" & reenlisting. 
found guilty, & Sentenced to receive 100 Lashes, & one half of 
his pay to be stopt until the Last Bounty he receiv d be paid- 
Gen' Wayne Confirms th3 sentence, & orders the punishment 
to take place to-Morrow morning at. the head of the regiment 
at Troop Beating. 

A Division Court Martial to sit to Morrow morning, at 10 
o'clock, at the President's Quarters, for the trial of M r Steel, 
a Q r Master Belong 8 to the 2 nd Brigade, for Disobedience of Gen 1 
Orders & Neglect of Duty to the Detriment of the Service, & En- 
dangering the health of the officers & Men. Lt. Colon 1 Miller, 
president. 6 Captains from Each Brigade, members. Captain 
Montgomery, Judge Advocate. A.11 Partys to have notice to at- 
tend. 2 Captains from the 1 st regiment. 

DIVISION ORDERS, Aug* 25 th , A. D. 1778. 

A Court of Inquiry to sit this afternoon at the president's 
Tent, to Inquire into a Charge against Capt n Neilson, By Colon 1 
Nagle, for unduly Transferring men Inlisted for the 9 th into the 
sixth Regt. ; all partys Concerned or that may know anything 
of the matter, are Desired to attend. Colonel Humpton, pre- 
sident. A field Officer from each Brigade to attend as mem- 

A few shirts & hatts having arrived for the use of the Penn- 
8ylv a Line, the Q r Master from each Regt, are to attend at Cfen 1 
Wayne's Quarters, at 7 o'clock to-Morrow morning, to receive 
their proportion. 

HEAD QUARTERS, Aug 1 25 th , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, D c Kalb 

Brigadier, Patterson. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Nixon, Lt. Colon 1 Ellison, & Major 

Brigade Major, Humphreys. 

The Court of Enquiry to sit to-Morrow at 9 O'Clook, at 
Colon 1 Marshell's Marquie or Quarters, who is appointed Presi- 
dent, upon a Complaint exhibited by Doctor Brown against 
Oolonel Davis. Members, Lt. Colonel Woolford, Major Reed, 
& a Captain from the 1 st P. Brigade & Clinton's. 

The Whole army to have their Tents & Loade:! into Waggons, 
Their packs Slung. &c., &c., &c., &c , and be in every respect 
Re idy for marching to-Morrow morning at 6 O' Clock. The Q r 


Master Gen 1 , Commissary, Clothier, &c. , &c. , &c. , will, In Like 
manner, ready to move With the affairs of their department. 

At a Gfen 1 Court Martial, Aug' 15 lh , '78, Colon 1 Hazen, Presi- 
dent, Lt. Lewis, of the <J th Virginia Regiment, Tryed for diso- 
bedience of orders, on the 2? lh of Last June, found Guilty of 
the Charge, & sentenced to be reprimanded in Gen 1 Orders. 
The Good Character Given Lt. Lewis by his Commanding Offi- 
cer, has prevented the Court from being still more severe In 
the sentence. The Commander in Chief looks upon Lt. Lewis' 
Conduct as an Inexcusable Breach of Military Discipline ; the 
plea of not knowing Colon 1 Swift, under whose Immediate 
Command he then was, Cannot be admitted, as Lt. Lewis, if 
he was in any doubt, might very easily & very Naturally ought, 
to have asked from whome the orders Came. At the same. 
Court, Joseph Collin, of the 3 d Maryl d Rigt. , & John Fowler,, 
of Colonel Nixon's Regiment, were Try'd for desertion, found 
Guilty & Sentenced to receive 100 Lashes each. The Com- 
mander in Chief approves the sentence, & orders them to be 
put in execution to-Morrow Morning, at the head of the rigt. 
to which they belong. Lt. Lane, of the 2 nd Jersey rigt. Was 
Try'd for unofficer like Proceedings in opening packets fron 
the British Commissioners, Directed to Congress, While on 
Command at Second river, unanimously found Guilty of the 
Charge against him, being a breach of the 5 th article, 18 section, 
of the articles of war, & sentenced to be Cashiered. 

At the Brigade G. Court martial, Colon 1 Patton, Pres'nt. 
Lt. Levi Gatlin, of the 2 nd N. C. Battalion, was try 'd for neglect 
of duty, & Disobedience of Orders, unanimously found Guilty 
of the Charges ag' him, & sentenced to be dismissed the service. 
The Commander in Chief approves the 2 Last mentioned sent- 
ences, & orders them to take place Immediately. 

At another Brigade Court Martial, Aug' 21 sl , '78, Colonel 
Chambers, President, Francis Murray, a soldier in the 1 st P. 
Rigt., was Try'd for desertion to the enemy, the Court duly 
Considering the evidence & Prisoner's Defence and aggravating 
Circumstances, & unanimously of Oppinion that he is Guilty of 
deserting to the Enemy, & do, Therefore, sentence him to suffer 

B. O. Captain of the Day to Morrow from the 2 nd Rigt. 

Adjutant of the Day to Morrow from the 7 th rigt. 

Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
01 1 10 



C. S. S. C. P. 

1 1 1 

A Captain of the 10 th Rigt. to attend the Court of Inquiry. 

B. ORDERS, August 26th, 1778. 

The Camp to be Cleaned front & rear Immediately, Each 
Regt. to Clear 15 paces in front of their Parade & roll away all 
the stones ; as soon as this is Compleatly Perform 1 ', the Tents 

are to be pitch d . 


Colon* Comm? 


Major General to-Morrow, Putnam. 

Brigadier, Woodford. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Vanshaick, Lit. Colon 1 Wiltner, & Major 

Brigade Major, Harwood. 

For 2 Days' Guajd furnished with 2 Days' provisions, ready 
cook'd, & 40 Rounds p. man. Major Lee & 22 Light Dragoons, 
furnished with the same Quantity of Provisions, to attend the 
parade at Guard Mounting. Guards are to be placed at proper 
Distances in front & rear of the Brigades to see that the Soldiers 
make use of the Vaults prepared for them ; the purity of the 
air & wholesomeness of the Camp Depends so much upon the 
observance of this order, that tis expected it will be strictly at- 
tended to, & every soldier severely punished who is found 
Guilty of a breach of it. 

The Brigade Q r Masters are to see that Racks are Immedi- 
ately fixed to Prevent the Great waste of forrage occasioned by 
feeding on the Ground ; they are Likewise to see that the Wag- 
goners remove the Dung & Litter once a week & Burn it. 

The pay Masters who have not Received Pay for the Regi- 
ments for the Months of April & May, are to apply to the Pay 
master to-morrow. The Commanding officers of every Com- 
pany is to keep an exact size Roll by which their men are to be . 
drawn up in a single Rank, Si:ing from right to left, the Tallast 
being on the Right, & the shortest on the Left, Then doubling 
Towards the Centre, the whole is to be thrown into Two Ranks, 
the shortest in the front, & the Tallest in the Rear Rank. In 
all firings, the Words Take sight, are to be substituted in the. 
place of the Word of Command present. 

Ji. Orders. The members of the Court of Inquiry to attend 
\A. Colon 1 Miller at 9 o'clock, agreeable to the orders of the 23 d 


Captain of the Day to-Morrow, from the 1 st Rigem 1 . 
Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, from the 10 lU Regiment. 

Detale Guard. 

c. s. . c. p. 

1, ............................ 1 2 10 

Total, ...................... _0 _i _2 _0 10 

2 days' Guard. 

C. S. S. -" CP. 
1. .............................. 1 4 

Total, ...................... _0 


C. S. S. C. P. 




Major Gfen 1 to-Morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier to-Morrow, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers Colon 1 Morgan, Lt. Colonel Nevill and Major 

Brigade Major, Hitchcock. 

Inspector from the North Carolinia Brigade. As the Late 
Order respecting Brigade Inspectors of the day, renders the 
Duty very unequal, theCommander-in-Chief Directs that they 
be Daily appointed in order & regular rotation. 

Capt" Jno. Alexander, is appointed Paymaster; Lt. John 
McCollum, Adj'; John Hughes, Quarter Master to the 7 th Regt. 
These appointments to bear date from the 1 st Day of June last, 
when they were made. Capt" Joseph Howell, of the 2 nd P. 
Regt., is appointed pay master to the fame. 

The Colon 1 & officers Commanding Corps are desired to Re- 
turn to head Quarters with all the accuracy they Can, A List 
of the Names of all the officers who have served in their 
respective Corps at any time since the 1 st of Jan ry , 1770 & the 
present, day, in which they will specify their ranks and the 
dates of their Commissions & also such promotions & removals 
as have happened, whether by reason of death, Resignation or 
by other causes. All corps now in service of the Continental 
Line are Comprehended in this Order. The Honorable the 


Board of War want these Lists & wish to obtain them as soon 
as they can be made out. 

Gill of Rice a Ration is to be issued to the Troops three 
times a week, in Lieu of -j it), of Flour which is on those Days 
to be deducted from the usual ration. 

The Gen 1 again, in the most positive & express Terms, forbids 
any person from keepening a horse or horses, In or near Camp, 
who are not properly authorized by the regulation of the army, 
or by a special permission, to keep horses Maintained at the 
Publick Expence. The Necessity of a strict Compliance with 
this Order is obvious, and officers Commanding Divisions, Bri- 
gades or regts. , will, in a particular manner, be Responsible for 
the most exact obedience. All Horses belonging to the Publick 
In the Possession of any person Not Intituled to them by pub- 
lick authority, are forthwith to be returned to the Q r M. G. or 
his Deputy. 

The making use of waggon Horses for riding Horses is strictly 
forbidden, unless by a written order sign'd by the Command 8 
officer of the Brigade to which the Horses belong. Any Person 
being guilty of this^Order may Depend on being severely pun- 

All Persons who have horses belonging to the publick in their 
possession for their own use, are without, fail to make returns 
to the Quarter M. Gen 1 , by Saturday Noon Next. The utmost 
punctuality will be expected. 

S. O. Capt n of the Day from the 7 th regt. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd regiment. 

Detale Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
l rt regt., 1119 


C. S. 8. C. P. 
1"regt, 1 1 


A Board of Field Officers, Consisting of Lt. Colonel Cropper, 
Major Wallace, from Gen 1 Woodford's Brigade ; Colonel Davis, 
Lt. Colon 1 Ball, from Gen 1 Muhlenberg's; Colonel Ward, Major 
Clark, in Gen 1 Scott's, Are to sit to-rnorrow to settle the Rela- 
tive rank of the Field Officers & Captains of the Virginia Line. 

One officer from each regt. to attend the Board to Give In- 

The Brigadiers of the Virginia Line are to appoint a board 
of Officers, Consisting of an Equal N from each Brigade, to 


settle the relative Rank of the subalterns ; each of these Boardb 
are to ascertain their dates which the Commissions are to Bear, 
& make a Return of them to the Committee of arrangements to 
Morrow Morning, at Head -Quarters. 

HEAD-QUAKTERS, WHITE PLAINS, Augt 28th, A. D: 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to- Morrow, Lord Sterling. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Bradly, Lt. Colon 1 Loring, & Major 

Brigade Major. Berrian. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Muhlenbergh's Brigade. 

Major Torry, supplyed with 2 Days' Provision for 2 Days' G*, 
& 40 Rounds p. man. 22 Light Dragoons to attend the Grand 
parade to- Morrow Morning, furnished with the like Quantity 
of Provisions. 

The Gen 1 observ d , on the 26 th Inst. , that there were several 
Deficiency** towards the Gen 1 Movement of the Army; he ex- 
pects that every exertion will be made to supply them without 
a moments' loss of Time, that the Troops may be in all respects 
in a perfect State of readiness for marching at the shortest 
Notice. The several Departments of the Army will make their 
arrangements accordingly. The Q r Master Gen 1 , In Particular, 
will Endeavor to supply a full supply of Waggons. Officers & 
Soldiers will keep Close to their Quarters, that, they may always 
answer to a sudden Call. Commanding officers of Corps will 
Carefully examine the state of their men's Arms, Ammunition, 
& will have the former in Perfect order & the Latter Compleat. 
If the Quantity In their Position should be Deficient, they 
should Draw a supply to make up the usual Complement. The 
Return of Arms & Cloathing, Directed in Gen 1 Orders on the 
7 th Instant, to be made to the mustering officers, will be Omitted 
until further orders. No Officer to be on the parade without 
his side arms at the Day of Muster. 

Captain of the day to-morrow from the 10 th Rigiment. 

Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the I 8 ' rigt. 

Delale Guard. 




















Total, _0 _2 _6 J 50 


2 days' Guard. 
















0. . 



D. P. 


Brigade Orders. Captain from the 5 lb Rigiment Judge Advo 8 
of the Brigade Court Martial. 


Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, De Kalb. 

Brigadier, Poor. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Swift, Lt. Colon 1 Basset, & Major Merry- 

Brigade Major, McCormick. 

Inspector from 1 st Maryland Brigade. 

The Board of fiehLOmcers appointed in the orders of the 27 th 
Instant, in the Virginia Line, will Take into Consideration & 
Settle Lt. Colon 1 Brent & Ellison Claim of Rank. Colonel 
Willes, Bradley, Swift, & Meggs are appointed to settle the 
relative Ranks of the Lt. Colonels, Majors, & Captains in the 
Connecticut Line. They are to meet at, Colonel Willes' s Mar- 
que, at 3 O'Clock this afternoon, & make their report to the 
Committee of arrangement, at head Quarters. 

Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1" ....................... 2 1 9 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7 tu rigt. 


The Division Cpurt Martial now Sitting, is to Try all prisoners 
belonging to the Pennsylv* Line that may be brought before 

B. G. 

HEAD QUARTERS, WHITE PLAINS, August 30 th , 1778. 

Major Gen'l To-Morrow, Putnam. 

Brigadier, Poor. 

Field Officers, Co 1 Patton, L< Col. Smith, Major Lee. 

Brigadier, Major Popham. 


Inspector from the 2 [1 Brigade. For two Days' Guard, Major 
Tuble, furnished with two days' Provisions, Ready Cooked. 

Twenty two light Dragoons to attend the parade, at Guard 

Tho Gen 1 Court Martial of the line, Whereof Col. Hazen is 
President, is Dissolved, and another appointed to sit to-morrow, 
at the Usual Place, to try all such persons as shall be Brought 
Before them. Co 1 Humpton is appointed President, Lt. Col. 
Milen, Major Thompson, and a Capt n from each Brigade, Ex- 
cept Nixon's, late Larnard's, and Wayne's to attend as mem- 

B. O. Capt" of the Day from the 1 st Regt. 

Adj 1 of the Day from the tenth. 

The Brigade Commissary to be supply'd with a Corporal and 
six men, ay a Guard, and to be Relieved Weekly, until further 

The Officer of the Brigade Guard is to post Centinels in front 
of the Brigade, at proper places, to Keep the parade Clear of 
all Filth and Garbage. By order of 

Comd 1 . 

S. C. P. 

1 1 10 

2 1 18 

I 1 9 

II 13 

5 4 50 

S. C. P. 

1 1 4 

1 1 6 

2 2 24 

S. C. P. 
1 1 









7 lh 




Two days 1 Guard. 





2' 1 , 





: o 








10 th , 




Aug 1 31 st , A. D. 1778. 

Major General. Gates, 

Brigadier, Woodford. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Chambers, lit. Colon' Reigner, & Maj r 
Holinge. ' 

Brigade Major, Hasken. 

Inspector from the 1 st Pennsylv" Brigade. A Board of Field 
Officers to sit this afternoon in Gen 1 Poor's Brigade, to settle 
the relative Ranks of the Majors & Capt ns in said Brigade. 
Colon" Hazen, Scammel, & Seely, Members for the Board ; an 
Officer at least from Each rigt. to attend said Board. Gen 1 Poor 
will appoint a Captain from each regiment, & a field Officer as 
president to settle the relative rank of the subalterns. 

At a Brigade Court Martial, Aug 1 22 nd , '78, Colon 1 Grayson, 
president, Lt. Welch, of Colonel Putnam's Rigt. , was Tryed 
for Challenging Capt. Barns to fight a Duel, & abusive Lan- 
guage offered to him (Capt. Barns), found Guilty of the Charge 
Exhibited against him, & sentencd to be Cashiered. The 
Commander-in-Chief is not fully satisfy'd that Lt. Welch Be- 
haviour to Capt Barns amounted to a Challenge, In the sense 
Intended by the articles of war; Nevertheless, his Conduct was 
highly Culpable, & Merited a sentence similar to that passed 
by the Court. The Indecent haste & Fury with which he 
acted, & the Insult and abuse Given to Captain Barns, which 
appeared to have been unprovoked, are Certainly a high Im- 
peachment of his discretion : Nevertheless, the Good Character 
the Court has heard of him as an officer, has Induced him to 
restore Lt. Welch to his Command. 

At another Court Martial, Aug 1 20 th , '78, Major Lee, Presi- 
dent, Capt. Newell, of the 1 st Virginia State Rigt., was Try'd, 
first,for Embezzling Money, the property of several soldiers. 2 nd , 
for Embezzling Cloaths Belonging to the Publick ; acquitted of 
the 1 st Charge, but found Guilty of the second, & sentenced to 
be reprimanded in Gen 1 Orders. The General Disapproves of 
the sentence, for if Capt n Newell was Guilty of the Charge of 
Embezzling Public Cloathing, the sentence is Intirely Inade- 
quate to the Offence ; if he was not Guilty, he ought to have 
teen acquitted. He is to be released from his arrest. 

The Regimental Surgeons are to bo supplyed with paper from 
the Brigade Quarter Masters. The Week's Comm d to be sup- 
ply 'd with 2 Days' Provisions. 
Captain of the Day from the 7 th Regiment. 
Adjutant from the 2 nd Regt. 


Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 1 9 

Week' s Command. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 00002 

Gen 1 Wayne's Brigade for Muster on Wednesday, precisely at 
9 o'clock. The Call rolls to be made out with all Possible Fair- 
ness. The Proof of the Effectives to be left Blank. The dates 
of the Irilistments of those men who are not Inlisted during tho 
War, to be Inserted in an additional Column. 


Major Gen 1 To-morrow, Lord Sterling. 

Brigadier, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers, Col. Gibson, Lt. Col. Mead, Major Peters. 

Brigade Major, Banister. 

Inspector from the 2 d P. Brigade. 

For two Days' Guard. Major Johnson, furnished with two 
Days 'Provision, Ready Cooked, & 40 Rounds per man, 22 Light 
Dragoons furnished with the Like Quantity of Provision, to 
attend the Parade at Guard Mounting. A Board of officers to 
tut this Day at Major Allen's Markee, to settle the Rank of 
Capt DS Turner & Reed of the North Carolina Brigade. Major 
Allen, two Captains from Nixon's, and a like Quantity from 
Pattison's Brigade, will Compose the Board. Lieut. John 
Bartley of the 5 th Pennsy 1 Regt. appointed Adjt. of the same. 
Tho" Dungan, Ensign in the 6 lh pensyl a Regt. , is appointed Pay 
Master for the same. 

B. O. Regimental Returns to be made to morrow morning. 
7 o'clock, of the Number of Catouch Boxes of the new Con- 
struction, all the old fit for service, and wanting. 

Capt n of the Day to morrow from the 10 lh Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day to morrow from the 1 st Regt. 

Detale for Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1 2 1 10 

2, 1 3 1 19 

7, 1 1 1 9 

10 1 14 

Total, 2 7 3 52 


Two Days ' Guard. 

C. S. 8. C. P. 

! 1 6 

2 ] 1 10 

7' 5 

Ifl! 1117 

Total = = = = = 


Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, De Kalb. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

Field Officers, Colon. DeHass, Lt. Col. Reed, & Major Sill. 

Brigade Major, Porterfield. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Clinton's Brigade. 

The Court of Enquiry, whereof Colon 1 Marshell was President, 
will assemble at 10 o'clock to morrow morning, at the presi- 
dent's Quarters, & take Into Consideration a Complaint Ex- 
hibited by M r Keain, Assistant Commissary of Issues, agt. Lieut. 
Shel Jan, of the 4 th Virginia Regiment, both Partys to attend. 

A Return of Colours In the Several regiments to be made at 
Orderly Time to morrow. 

B. O. Captain of the Day to Morrow from the 2 nd regiment. 

S. C. P. 

1 11 
3 1 19 

2 1 9 
1 1 14 

Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, To Morrow from the 7 th Regi- 

HEAD-QUARTERS, September 3 d , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 , Putnam." 

Brigadier, Pcor. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Jackson, Lt. Colon 1 Harmar & Major 

Brigade Major, Humphreys. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Pa: son's Brigade. 

For 2 days Guard, Major Hau/.e, furnished with 2 days' pro- 
visions ready cooked, and 40 rounds p^ man. 22 Light Dragoons 
to attend the Grand parade, furnished with the Like Quantity 
of Provisions. 

The Troop to Beat at 7 o'clock & the Guards to be in the 

Detale. Guard. 









10, . 


Grand parade at 8 o'clock till further orders. All the Drums 
& iifes of the right wing, Second Line, to attend the Grand 
parade in Rotation. Tnose of the right wing, Inspector of 
musick to attend the Grand Parade Daily. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, September 4 th , A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, Gates. 

Brigadier, Patterson. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Silly, Lt. Colon 1 Hay & Major Adams. 

Brigade Major, Alden. 

Inspector from General Huntingdon's Brigade. 

Return of Blankets, actually wanted in the several Regiments 
& Corps, to be made Immediately, & to be Digested into Bri- 
gade Returns By the Brigade Q 1 ' Masters, and Delivered into 
the Orderly office. 

B. O. Capt" of the Day to-Morrow, from the 7 th Regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd Regiment. 


All officers under the rank of Captains in the Pennsy a Line, 
Conceiving themselves aggrieved or Injured in their Rank, are 
Immediately to apply to the lield officers of their regiments 
to which they respectively Belong, who, in Conjunction with 
General Wayne, are appointed by the Committee of Congress 
to hear the partys so aggrieved & to report their opinion there- 
on, this being the only mode in which redress is Now to be 
obtained. All the field Officers of the Division are desired to 
attend at Gen 1 Wayne's Quarters to-Morrow, at 11 o'clock. 

Any Officers that are unfit for hard field Duty, are Desired 
to Give in their Names to Gen 1 Wayne by Sunday, at. 12 o'clock, 
as there is several vacancys in Colon 1 Nicola's Corps of Invalids 
Now in Philadelphia, which will be a permanent Establish- 

B. G. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, Sepf 5t7i, A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 , Lord Steiling. 

Brigadier, AVoodford. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Nixon, Lt. Colon 1 North & Major Allen. 

Brigade Major, Harwood. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Nixon's Biigade. 

Ma'or Tiddbald for 2 days' Guaul, furnished with Two Days- 
Provisions & 40 rounds p r man. 22 Light Dragoons to attend 
the Grand parade to-Morrow, at Guard mounting, furnished 
with the Like Provisions. 


The General expects, agreeable to former orders that the 
whole army is Now prepared to move at the Shortest Notice. 
Circumstances may make it very soon Necessary. 

Colon 1 Chambers is appointed to relieve Colonel Craig, who 
is now Superintending the Hospitals In Pennsylvania. 

B. O. Captain of the Day from the 10 1U Regiment. 

Adjutant from the 1" Regt. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

t 1 1 10 

2* \ \,\, *... 2 21 

7' 1 1 9 

10', '.'.*.!".'.*.'."/..... 1 2 1 14 

.Total, _0 _2 _6 _2_ JH 

S. S. C. P. 
1 It 


Total, _! _1 _2 _2 _28 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, Sepl r 6 th , '78. 

The following Officers to hold themselves in Readiness to Go 
on the Recruiting service, viz: Capt. Ja 3 Wilson, Lt. Lyon,Lt. 
Hughes, Lt. Hammond & Ensign Collier ; the following Non- 
Commissioned Serjt. Freiiey, Serjt. Lamb, Serjt. E bright, & 
Serjt. Bower. 

All the officers of the Regt. is desired to attend at 11 o'clock, 
at the Col. 's Marque, to Give in their Claims, that their Rank 
may, as nearly as possible, be settled. 


HE AD- QUARTERS, WHITK PLAINS, September 6 th , 1778. 
Major Gen 1 to-morrow, Putnam. 
Brigadier, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers, Col. Hazen, Lt. Col. S. Smith, Major Tubbs. 
Brigade Major, Hitchcock. 
Inspector from Gen 1 Pattison's Brigade. 
The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Gen 1 Lincoln is president, 

2 Days' Guard. 



. 1 

2 ... . 


10. . 


stand adjourned to the new Dining Room tomorrow. The 
Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Col. Humpton is President, will 
meet, according to adjournment, at the President's Quarters 
or markee. 

B. O. Captain of the Day to-morrow from the 2* Regt 

Adj 1 from the Seventh Regt. 

Detale for Guard. 

c. s. s. c. p. 

1 1 2 1 10 

2 2 1 21 

7, 1119 

10, 2 1 14 

T, _ JJ __7 _3 J4 


The Auditor's office is removed to M r Treddel's, in purchas 
Street ; enquire at the Pay Master General's. 

DIVISION ORDERS Sepf 7 (i , 1778. 

At a Division Court Martial, Lt. Colon 1 Miller, Presid 1 , held 
Aug< 30 th , 1778, the 5 th of Sept r , Inclusive, Stout Broounson, Sol- 
dier in the 13 th Pennsylv a RegS found Guilty of Desertion, & In- 
listing in the 12 th Regt. , Sentenced to receive 100 Lashes on his 
bare back. James Hunter & Conrad Burk, Soldiers in the 10 th 
P. Regiment, Charg 4 with robbing the Commissary's Stores, 
Conrad Burk is found Guilty, & sentenced to receive 100 Lashes ; 
James Hunter ib acquitted, & ordered to Join his Regt. Im- 
mediately. Joseph Barnet, Soldier In the 1 st P. Regt. , Confined 
for attempting a Robbery ; no Evidence appearing to support 
the Charge, the Court orders him to be released, & Join his 
regiment. General Wayne Confirms the sentence, & orders 
the Corporal Punishment to take place to-morrow morning. 

B. Orders. Colonel Irvine hopes the officers have taken par- 
ticular Notice of the repeated G. orders, respecting Being in 
readiness to march at the shortest Notice. They will be ac- 
countable for their men sleeping out of Camp on any pretence, 
& being very Vigilant in preventing them from straggling 
about the Country. Waggon Masters must Dispose of their 
Waggons in such a manner, as they will always be ready to 
take up the Bagage at the shortest notice. 


Colon Commd'.. 
23 VOL. XL 


HEAD- QUARTERS, CAMP, SepF 7 th , 1778. 

Major General, Gates. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

Field Officers, Col 1 Smith, Lt. Colon 1 Nevill, Major C. Stuart. 

Brigade Major, Berrian. 

Inspector from Late Learned's Brig e . 

For 2 days 'Guard, Major Hopkins, furnished with 2 days' pro- 
visions, ready Cook d , and 40 rounds p. man. 22 Light Dragoons 
to attend the Grand parade, also those for a fortnights & weeks 

For the present, & till the Circumstances will admit of a 
more perfect arrangement, the army is to be Divided & Com- 
manded as follows, to wit : Woodford's,Muhlenberg's,& Scott's 
Brigade, by Major Gen 1 Putnam ; Poor, Late Learned's, & Pat- 
terson's, by Major G. Gates; Wayne's, 2 nd Pennsylv", & Clin- 
ton's by Major Gen 1 Lord Sterling ; Parson's & Huntingdon's, 
by Major Gen 1 Lincoln; Smallwood's & the 2 nd Maryland, by 
Major Gen 1 De Kalb; Nixon's & the North Carolina, by Major 
Gen 1 McDougall. 

The Commanding Officers of Brigades are to Call for Exact 
returns of the N of^iVaggons appropriated thereto respectively, 
& with the Q. M. Gen 1 , or his assistant, to see that each Regim 
has its due proportion agreeable to former regulations in this 
matter. If any Corps is Incumb'red with heavy Baggage, it is 
immediately to be removed. The Board of Officers ordered to 
Determine the Claims between Lt. Colon 1 Brent & Ellisons to 
command in the 1 st Virginia State regiment they are of opinion 
That Lt. Colon 1 Brent resume his former Command In the 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to- Morrow from the 1 st regi- 

Adjutant of the day from the 10 th regt. 


C. S. S. C. P. 
1, .............................. 1 1 8 

2 days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, .............................. 4 

7 Days' Guard. 

C. S S. C. P. 
1, .............................. 1 

14 Days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
li ..." ........................... 1 



The following arrangement of the regiment Is to be Imme- 
diately Observed : 

1 st . Colon 1 Company, Late Grier. 

Capt. Buchanan, & Lt. McFarlin. 

2 nd . Lt. Colon 1 Company, Late Buchanan, 

Lt. Dougherty, 

Lt. McDowell. 

3 d . Majors Company, Late Holliday, Be Incorporated, 
I Lt, Zeigler, 

Lt. Crawford. 

4 th . Captain Simpson, To Command the detachment, 

Lt. Boyd, Ensign, Now under Capt n Parr, which is to act as 
the Infantry Company. 

5 th . Captain Parr, 

Lt. Skinner, 

Lt. Hammond. 

6 th . Captain Hamilton 

Lt. Lyons, 

Ensign Johnston. * 

7 th . Captain Craig, 

Lieut. Norcross, 

Ensign Chambers. 

8 th . Captain J. Wilson, 

Lieut. McClelan, 

Ensign Beard. 

9 th . Capt n William Wilson, 

Lt. Hughes. 






s S 
o o 












K Hi. 

_o ^ 

'** > 











The Companys are to take post agreeable to the above(on the 
Parade) till further Orders. An exact Roll of each Company 
to be Given in to-morrow morning to the major. Every man's 
name is to be mentioned in the Rolls, those who are absent is 
to be accounted for as well as possible, the Places they are to 
act, & the Duty they are on, or if sick, in what Hospital. 

Colon 1 1" regt. 




Major General to-Morrow, De Kalh. 

Brigadier, Poor. 

Field Officers, Colonel Vanshaick, Lt. Colon 1 Heath. 

Command', Major Talbert. 

Brigade Major, McCormick. 

Inspector from North Carolina Brigade. 

The Colonels and Commanding Officers of Corps are to Causo 
Company Rolls to be made out, with all possible expedition, 
comprehending the names of their men actually in the Field, 
on Command, & Hospitals, particularly Notify'g the time 
which they are Ingaged to serve. These rolls are to be regi- 
mentally bound up, & Del d to the Brigadier or officer Com- 
manding Brigade, who are to Transmit them to head Quarters 
as soon as they have obtain 'd full Returns of their respective 
commands. The General Expects that there will be the most 
Pointed & Expeditious Complyance with this order. 

His Excellency, the Commander In Chief, Is pleased to accept 
of the following Report of the Court of Enquiry, whereof Colon 1 
Marshell was president. It is ^he oppinion of the Court that 
Lt. Sheldan, Throughout the Whole of his Conduct Towards 
Commissary Kain, was uniform ; that the Conversation relative 
to sword & Pistol did not amount to a Challenge, & as the 
Commissary was Indulged to stay in the same Apartment with 
the Officer of the Guard, or to Go any where within his Gen- 
tries, that there appears nothing unjustifiable in the Conduct 
of Lt. Sheldan. Likewise, by Consent of Colon 1 Davis & Doctor 
Brown, it is published that the muster, in which the Doctor 
was mentioned as superceded, was founded on a Mistaken sup- 
position of Facts, & that he was not actually superceded. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day from the 7 th Regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd regt. 

Detale Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 2 8 

Week's Command. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

B. ORDERS, Sepir 9 th , 1778. 

A Court of Enquiry to sit this afternoon at the President's 
Tent, to Inquire into the Conduct of Brigade Major & Com- 
missary Gamble, on the 7 th Instant ; Major Moore is appointed 
President, Capt n W m Wilson & Ashmead, members. The partys 
Concerned are desired to attend to meet at 3 o' Clock. 

Culo' Cornm*. 


HEAD-QUARTERS, Sept T 10 th , 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to-Morrow, Putnam. 

Brigadier, Patterson. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Marsh el, Lt. Colon 1 Woolford, Major 

Brigade Major, Popham. 

Inspector from Gren 1 Woodford's Brigade. 

For 2 days' Guard furnished with 2 Days' provisions, Ready 
Cooked, & 40 rounds p. man. 24 Light Dragoons to attend the 
Grand parade furnished with the Like Quantity. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, Augt. 31 st , '78, Colon 1 Humpton, 
president, Adjt. Banier, Colon 1 Patton's regiment, was Tryed 
for unmercifully Beating the Fife Major of the Said Regt. when 
in the execution of his duty. The Court are of Opinion that 
Adju 1 Banier is Guilty of Beating the fife major unnecessarily 
But not Cruelly, & sentence him to be reprimanded by the 
Commanding officer of the Brigade to which he belongs, in 
Presence of the Officers of the Brigade ; the Commander in 
Chief approves the sentence, & orders it to take place to-mor- 
row Morning. 

At the same Court, Sam 1 Bond, Ass 1 waggon master, was 
Try'd first for Picking a Lock, breaking in a Public Store & 
Taken from Thence Rum and Candles which he appropriated 
to his own use, found Guilty of the Charges Exhibited against 
him, & sentenced to receive 50 Lashes & to return to the regt. 
from whence he was taken. The Gen 1 remits the stripes, & 
orders said Bond to return to the rigt. from which he was taken- 

The Commander in Chief is pleased to Confirm the following 
oppinions of a Division G. Court Martial, whereof Lt. Colon 
Miller was president, held in the Pennsylv* Line, Augt. 30 th , 
'78. Lt. McFarlin, of the 1 st P. Regirn*, Tryed for unmercifully 
beating James Welch, Soldier in the 7 th Pennsylvania Regt. 
without provocation ; the court are unanimously of oppinion 
that Lt. McFarlin did not unmercifully beat James Welch, & 
that he had sufficient provocation to strike him, The Court 
therefore aquit him of the Charge. At the same Court, by ad- 
jourment Sepf 4 th , M r Allen, Q r Master to the 2 d P. Brigade, was 
Try'd for Disobedience of G. orders & Neglect of Duty to the 
Detriment of the service, endangering the health of the officers 
& men ; the Court are unanimously of opinion that Mr. Allen 
is not guilty of the Charges. 

Capt n of the Day to-Morrow from the 10 th regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day from the I 8t . 





Detale. Guard. 




Total, _0 _? _Z _ J> 








2 Days Guard. 






C. P 

1 8 



1 6 

2 3 

HEAD -QUARTERS, SepZ r 10 th , 4. D. 1778. 

Major General, Baron D e Kalb. 

Brigadier, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Cortland, Lt. Col. Brent, & Major 

Brigade Major, Porterfleld. 

Inspector from General Muhlenberg's Brigade. 

The Committee of arrangement having requested that a board 
of Officers may sit, not connected with the Artillery, to set- 
tle the rank & Precedence of the Colonels & the Senority of 
regts. in that Line, all the General Officers in Camp, Except 
Brigadier Gen 1 Knox, are to meet at 4 o'clock to-morrow, in 
the afternoon, at the New Dining Room for those purposes, 
where the partys Interested will attend. The Board will b 
furnished with such resolutions on the subject as the Com- 
mander in Chief is poss'ed of. 

Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. 
1 ............................... 1 

Captain of the Day to- Morrow from the 2 nd rigt. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th regt. 





Reg 1 Returns to be made out this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, of 
the No. of Bayonet Belts & Scabbards wanting, & the bad. 
The Captain & officer of the Guard will see, in future, that the 


Q r Masters, Centrys, & others Concerned do their Duty, with 
respect to keep the Camp Clean. The Serjants of the Guard 
must be punished if they do not be more punctual & particular 
in instructing & Giving Clear order to the Centrys. 

Coin 1 Comm*. 

HEAD QUARTERS, CAMP WHITE PLAINS, 8ept r 12 th , 1778. 

Major General, Putnam. 

Brigadier, Small wood. 

Field Officers, Colone 1 Morgan, Lt. Colon 1 Dabney, & Major 
Merry weather. 

Brigade Major, Minnes. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Smallwood's Brigade. For 2 days' 
Guard, Major Clark furnished with 2 days' Provisions, & 40 
rounds p. man. 24 Light Dragoons to attend the parade, fur- 
nished with the Like provisions. 

The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Colon 1 Humpton is presi- 
dent, to sit to-Morrow at 9 O'Cloek, at the new Dining Room, 
Lt. Colon 1 Reigner is appointed Vice. Lt. Colon 1 Millon, Nix- 
on 's, & the 1 st Pennsylv* Brigade, each give a Capt n In the room 
of those who have marched. The Drum & Fife Majors of Regts. 
now on the Ground to attend at the Inspector of Mustek's 
Tent, to-Morrow Morning at 10 O'Clock, to receive his Instruc- 

B. 0. Captain of the Day to-morrow, 1 st rigt. 

Detaie Guard, 

C. S. 8. C. P. 
1. . 01119 

2 Days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

3 Days' Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 

HEAD QUARTERS, September 12 th , 1778. 
Major General to Morrow, De Kalb. 
Brigadier, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers. Colon 1 Swift, Lt. Colon 1 Ford, Major Hopkins. 
Brigade Major, Humphrys. 
Inspector from 2 nd Maryland Brigade. 


The Troop to Beat in the following Manner : The Drummer's 
Call to begin at the Artillery Park a Quarter of an hour Before 
Beating of, & run through the right & Left wing & Second 
Line, & be returned to the Park again. The Next signal to be 
Three Tapps from the park, to be returned in the same Manner, 
then the whole Beat of,at the hours appointed for their respec- 
tive Beats. Every fifer and Drummer to be ready to Beat of, 
at the Drummer's Call, Before the Tapps is Received. The 
hour of exercise In the Afternoon, are altered from four to six 

The Court martial, whereof Colon 1 Hampton is President, 
will sit to-Morrow Morning, at 9 o'clock, at the president's' 
Quarters, Near the Provost, the Members to attend punctu- 
ally. The Gen. Officers of Duty, agreable to the Orders of the 
10 th Instant, are Desired to meet this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, 
at the new Dining Room, for the purpose therein Mentioned. 
The field Officers of Artillery will attend the Board at that 

A Subaltern & 16 men from each Brigade to be paraded to- 
Morrow Morning on" the Grand Parade, where they will receive 
particular orders to patrol the Vicinity of Camp to pick up all 
public & other Horses that may have strayed away. 

A Surgeon & a Proportionate Number of Officers, with a 
sufficient number of well men, will hold themselves in readiness 
to assist the sick to Tarry Town, & from thence in Boats to- 
Peeks Kill Hospital ; the Officer will see that the sick Draw 
three Days' provisions. 

The Brigade Surgeons to settle this Duty amongst them- 
selves, or Inspector to be appointed by the Commanding Offi- 
cer of the Brigade. The Surgeons for this service, will immedi- 
ately Deliver to the Surgeon General, at the Hospital Tents,. 
The Number of sick in Each Brigade, that the waggons may 
be sent to transport them as soon as the Boats are ready to re- 
ceive them. A vessel is waiting at Tarry Town for the recep- 
tion of such heavy Baggage as is ordered to be sent of, to Trans- 
port it to Fish Kill where it will be Carefully Stored ; the Offi 
cers will send it in waggons to Tarry Town. Between this & 
to-Morrow Noon they are desired to Mark their Names on their 
own Bagagge. A field Officer from Gen 1 Muhlenberg's Brigade 
is appointed to superint d the Hospitals in Pennsylvania under 
the Direction of Colonel Chambers. 

DetaU Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 10 


Patrole Party. 


Captain of the Day to-Morrow, 

Adjutant, - 

HEAD QUARTERS, Sept r 13 th , '78. 
Major General, Putnam. 

Brigadier, Small wood. 

Field Officers, Colon 1 Patton, Lt. Colon 1 Miller, and Major 

Brigade Major, Alden. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Wayne's Brigade. 

The Commander in Chief Directs that such of those sick in 
Camp, who are able to walk, may be Immediately sent to Picks 
Kill, under Carefull Officers, who will march them moderately, 
& attend Carefully to their accommodations ; they are to take 
their arms & accoutrements with them. Their packs to be sent 
to Tarry Town, & Transported by Watter to Fish Kill. Boats 
will meet this part of the sick a\t< Picks Kill, to connvey them 
to Fish Kill. 

For 2 Days' Guard, Major Lee furnished with 2 Days' pro- 
visions, ready Cook'd, & 40 rounds p. man. 22 Light Dragoons, 
furnished with the Like Quantity of Provisions. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, Colon' Humpton, ept r 4 th , '78, John 
Pollard, of the 2 d regt. of Light Dragoons, Try'd, first, for De- 
sertion ; 2 d , for selling his Continental Clothing ; 3 dly , for stealing 
a horse & sad' le. Found Guilty of Breaches of the 3 d article, 
6 th Sextion, of the 3 d article, 12 th Sextion, & of the 5 th article & 
18 th Section of the articles of War, & sentenced to receive 100 
Lashes, & to serve on board such frigate as his Excellency shall 
Direct, During the Time for What he Was Inlisted. His Ex- 
cellency remits the service on board of the Frigate, but ap- 
proves the remainder of the Sentence, & orders it to be put in 
execution to Morrow morning, at the head of the regt. to which 
he belongs. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-Morrow from the 7 th rigt. 

Adjutant from the 1 st Regt. 

A subaltern from the 1 st rigt. to march with the sick to- 
morrow morning to Picks Kill, agreeable to the General orders 
of the Day. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 $ 

2, 1 3 1 21 

7, 1 1 1 

10, 3 1 15 


2 Days' Guard. 




















B. ORDERS, September 14 th , 1778. 

Returns to be made by twelve o'clock This day of all the offi- 
cers names & Ranks left out by the late Arrangement in each 

Colon 1 Com. 

CAMP WHITE PLAINS, September 14 T 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to Morrow, De Kalb. 

Brigadier, Huntingdon. 

Field Officers, Ccdon 1 D e Hass, L l . Colon 1 Wigglesworth, and 
Major Hayze. 

Brigade Major, Harwood. 

Inspector from 2 nd Pennsylv" Brigade. 

The Consumption of ammunition in this Army, Considering 
there has been no action Nor any extraordinary weather to 
Injure Cartriges in Good Tents, has for the Two Last months 
Been beyond Description ; But this is not to be wond'red at 
when the Camp is Continually Disordered Both within its own 
Limits & its vicinity, By a Disorderly firing. So many Orders 
have Been Given to Correct this abuse & Induce the exertion 
of the officers to prevent & punish Delinquents, make their men 
attentive to preserve their ammunition, that it Gives the Gen- 
eral real pain to be compelled to a further repetition, But find- 
ing himself hitherto Disappointed, he positively Declares that 
officers Commanding Companies will in future keep an Exact 
account of the Cartriges Delivered their men, Chargeing 6 d for 
each Ca'trige that Cant be accounted for, Besides Admin'str- 
ing Corporal Punishment for neglect & Disobedience. This 
order to be regularly read to the men once a Week In Presence 
of a Commisioned Officer, to obviate every plea of Ignorance. 

At a Brigade G. Court Martial in Maxfield's Brigade, Sept r 
4 th , '78, Colon 1 Shreve, President, Captain Mitchell, of the 4 th 
Jersey Regt, , was Try'd for wilfully Disobeying Express written 
orders on the Night of the 1 st of September. The Court are 
unanimously of oppinion That the Charges against Captain 
Mitchell, is not supported, but that he Behaved Like a Care- 


ful, Vigilant, active officer, & Do therefore acquit him with 

At the same Court, Sepf 5 th , Captain Borroughs, of Late 
Turman's Rigt. , was Try'd for Disobeying Positive written 
Gen 1 Orders on the night of the 2 nd Instant, & Persisting in the 
same. The Court Likewise acquit him of the Charges with 
Honour. His Excellency, the Commander in Chief, Confirms 
the oppinion of the Court. 

At a General Court Martial in Nixon's Brigade, Sept' 12 th , 1778, 
Lt. Colon 1 Loring, President, Capt" Donalls, of Colon 1 Nixon's 
regt. , was Try'd for Inattention to his Duty while underarms. 
Tiie Court are of oppinion that the Charge is not supported 
against him, & Do acquit him with honour ; the Commander 
in Chief Confirms the oppinion of the Court. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-Morrow from the 10 th regt. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th Regiment. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 9 

2, 2 1 23 

7, 1 1 9 

10, 1 2 1 15 


7 Days' Guard. 








S. C. P. 
1 4 

1 1 2 


Total, , _0 

BRIGADE ORDERS, 15th Sepf, 1778. 

Two Days' meat to be Immediately Drawn & Cook'd, exclu- 
sive of this Day, & Bread & Flour for three Days exclusive 01 
this Day, & all Baked Instantly. No Excuse will be admitted 
for a Neglect of these Necessary Orders. 

Colon 1 Comm d . 


Sept r 15 th , A. D. 1778. 

Major Gen 1 to Morrow, Putnam. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

Field Officers, Coi 1 Gibson, Lit. Col 1 Russell & Maj r Gushing. 

Brigade Major, Hitchcock. 

Inspector from Genl. Clinton's Reg*. 

For Two days' Guard, Maj r C . Stewart furnished with Two 
days' Provision Ready Cook d and 40 rounds p r man. 24 Light 
Dragoons furnish- 1 with the Quantity of Provision, to attend 
the Grand parade at Guard Mounting. 

B. Orders: Captain of the Day to-Morrow, 2 nd rigt. 

Adjutant from the 10 th Regiment. 

Detale Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

! 01119 

2 ' !!-"!.-.'.'!.... 3 23 

7 1 1 9 

10,' ...7........ f 0021 15 

Total, _0 _2 _6 _3 ,56 

S. S. C. P. 

1 1 20 

1 1 14 

Total, _1 _3 _3 _3 _50 

AFTER ORDERS, SepV 15 th , 1778. 

The whole army will march to Morrow Morning at 7 o'clock. 
The Gen 1 will beat at 5, the Troops at 6 & the march at 7 pre- 

2 nd . The Baggage will proceed the Troops, the first day's 
provision & Forrage Waggons Gowing in front. 

3 d . The Park of artillery will march with the Second Line, 
Bjtween Parsons' & Clinton's Brigades. 

4 th . The Commander-in-Chief, Baggage, with all the Gen 1 
Staff, and flying Hospitall,are also to march with the Second 
Line in the order which will be Particularly Pointed out by 
the Q. M. Gen 1 . 

2 days' Guard. 





10. . 



5 th . The Quarter Masters and Commissary General will de- 
vide the Stores in their respective Departments to the several 
Columns which will lead the Columns of Baggage. 

6 th . Colon 1 Sheldan, with all the Cavalry on the East side of 
the North river, will Join Gen 1 Scott. 

7 th . The Q. M. Gen 1 will Give particular order. of March, to 
be observed by each Division. 

8 th . The Troops are to be furnished with 3 days' Bread. 

The Board of Gen 1 officers assembled by the order of his Ex- 
cellency the Commander-in-Chief, to settle the relative rank 
of the field officers of artillery, met this Day & being of opinion 
that the rules of settling rank as published in Gen 1 orders of 
the 9 th Instant, with the approbation of the Hon'ble Comin* 
of Congress for arrangeing the army, are fully Competent to 
Determine the Relative Rank of the said Officers of Artillery. 

The Board thereupon agreed that the field Officers of that 
present upon the Ground, ought to take the Rank on the fol- 
lowing manner in the Line of^Artillery with respect to each 
other. But that this arrangement does not prevent them from 
such other rank as they are Intitled to in the army. Nor with 
respect to such officers of their own Corps as are absent, whose 
pretentions are unknown to the Board. 

First Colonel. First Lt. Colonels. 

John Lamb 1 st . Carrington, 

Harrison. 2. Hopewal, 

3 d . Papping, 
4 th . Stephens. 

The Board are also of oppinion that the regts. of artillery 
ought to rank in the following manner : 

First Regts. 

1. Crane, 3 d . Harrison's, 

2. Proctor's. 4 th . Lamb's. 

AFTKR ORDERS, SepP 15 th , 1778. 

The General Court Martial, whereof Colon 1 Humptonis presi- 
dent, will assemble near Crotter Bridge, to-morrow, at 12 
o'clock, at such house as the president shall appoint. All evi- 
dence & partys Concerned, are Desired to attend. 
Abstract from the original. 

Ass* A. Genl. 


HEAD QUARTERS, WRIGHT'S MILL, September 16 th , 1778. 

Major General, - 

Brigadier, - 

Field Officers, Lt. Colon 1 Hubley, & Major Moore. 

Brigade Major, McCormick. 

Inspector from General Parsons' Brigade. 

If the Morning is fair, the General to Beat at 5 o'clock, the 
Assembly at 6 ; at which time the army moves of in the same 
order as this Day. At 7, the troops will march by the Left. 

B. O. Captain of the Day from the 1 st regt. 

Adjutant from the 2 Dd regt, 


C. S. S. C. P. 
P'regt 1 10 

B. ORDERS, September 17 th , A. D. 1778. 

The reg 1 Quarter Masters, under the Direction of B. Quarter 
master, will provide Dry Straw Immediately ; for this Purpose 
the Best Covered Wa%gons are to be taken. 

Colon 1 Com. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, WRIGHT'S MILL, Sept T 17 th , 1778. 
Field Officers, Lt. Colon 1 Mead, & Major Grier. 
Brigade Major, Popham. 
Inspector from Gen 1 Huntingdon's Brigade. 


S. S. C. P. 
1 10 

Captain of the Day from the 10 th regiment. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 1 st Regt. 

HEAD QUARTERS, BEDFORD, Sept' 18 th , 1778. 

Field Officers, Lt. Colon 1 Frazer, & Major Mintges. 

Brigade Major, Humphreys. 

The General to Beat to-Morrow, half past 8 o' Clock. The 
Baggage to move of in the same order as this day. The Assem- 
bly at 10 o'Clock. The Troops to march as soon as The Bag- 
gage has march 'd of. His Lordship has observed a very Great 
Remissness in the Officers on this Day's march, & Directs that 
no Officer Quits his platoon on any pretense Whatsoever, with- 
out Leave from ths Commanding Officer of the Division to 
which he Belongs. 100 men to proceed the Column to mend 


the roads, who are to parade at Reynold's house, at 8 O' Clock, 
at which Place the Guards are to parade at 9. 

Captain of the Day from the 2 nd Regt. 

Adj utant of the Day from the 7 th Regt. 

Detale Guard. 

S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 1 1 10 


S. S. C. P. 
1, 1003 


His Lordship Directs that no man except the sick or Lame 
ride on Waggons or put packs on them, on any Pretence What- 
soever; the Commanding Officers of Reg'ts or Corps Will fre- 
qaently ride along the flanks of their respective Corps, to see 
that every officer is in his proper place, & every Division or 
Platoon is in Good Order, & that no man Travele into the Field 
or Country house. No officer to send any man from his platoon 
to procure provision, on any pretence whatsoever, as the inarch 
will be short, it will be unnecessary. A man from each mess to 
Carry the Camp Kettles of the mess, & exchanging with the 

All Officers who have a Right to be on Horseback, are to see 
the foregoing orders Comply 'd with. If any Officer Inferior to 
a field Officer is well mounted. Can be spared from their respec- 
tive reg ts , are Desired to ride with the Gen 1 for his farther Orders, 


Field Officers, Lt. Col. "Mead, & Major Johnson. 

Brigade Major, Alden. 

The Gen 'to Beat to-morrow Morning at half past six ; the bag- 
gage to move precisely at 7, the Troops to be in readiness to 
march at 10, & wait for further orders to begin the march. 

None but the advanced rear & provost Guard are to march 
withfixt Bayonets. The Waggons to move in Close order; if 
any Waggons Get out of order or the horses Tired, is to be 
moved Immediately out of the road so as not to Impede the 
Line of March. The Waggon Masters are to be Continually 
with their waggons to see this order punctually Comply 'd with, 
also that all the waggons, Including the Commiss'? of each 
Brigade, are to move in the Line of waggons as their respective 


Brigades do in the Line of March ; the waggon Master Gen 1 to 
pay particular attention To. 

ji.. Orders. Captain of the Day from the 10 th regt. 

Adjutant from the 10 th regiment, 

Detale Guard. 




















Total, _0 _3 _4 _3 _5l 

Field Officers, Lt. Colonel Robeson, & Major Grosvener. 
Brigade Major, McCormick. 
Inspector from Gen Parsons' Brigade. 
Orders for inarching the same as this Day. 
Ji. Orders. Captain of the Day from the 2 nd regiment. 
Adjutant from tl^e 2 nd regiment, 






















Total ^j_ _2_ _ _3^ _51 

HEAD-QUARTERS, Sept' 21st, 1778. 

Field Officers, Lt. Colon 1 Hay. 

Brigade major, Popham. 

Inspector from Gen 1 Huntingdon's Brigade. 

All the members of the Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Gen 1 
Lincoln is president, will attend the Court to-Morrow morn- 
ing, at 9 o'cloek,at the President's Quarters In Fredricksburgh. 

B. O. Captain of the Day to morrow 7 th regt. 

Adjutant from the I 9t regiment, 

Detale Guard. 























10, . 




Total, ;... i 3 4 3 51 


B. Orders. The soldiers ana followers of the Army are posi. 
tively forbid to take Hay or Straw from the Inhabitants, on any 
Pretense, Except under the Inspection of the Brigade or Reg* 
Q. masters, who are to provide a Sufficient Quantity, if Possi- 
ble, Before or Shortly after the Troops reaches the Ground. 
Officers will be Careful to prevent their men from Stragling on 
the march, either in front or rear. 

Waggon Masters & Drivers are absolutely to be accountable 
for horses being put into Corn fields, or any where but as Di- 
rected by the Forrage Master, who must be alert in provideing 

Pasturage, forrage, &c., &c. 


Col 1 Com*. 

HEAD QUARTERS, SepP 22 nd , 1778. 

Field Officer, Major Hayet. 

Brigade Major, Humphreys. 

Inspector from 1 st Brigade. 

B. O. Captain of the Day from the 1 st regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th regt. 

S. S. C. P. 

1 1 19 

1 1 1 14 

Total, =1=1 = = = 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 00004 

2' ,. 1 1 7 

7 ( *0 4 

10, 1 5 

Total, J) _| _L J |2 

To inarch precisely at 7 O' Clock to-Morrow morning. 

FOWLER'S HOUSE, Sept 1 23 d , I77a 

Field Officer, Major Hayet. 
Brigade Major, Alden. 
Inspector from 2 nd Pennsylvania Brigade. 
24- VOL. XI. 




2 . . 



10. . 


The Great Complaint of the Inhabitants of the Soldiers Rob- 
bing them of their Poultry & Sheep at night, puts the General 
under the Necessity of forbidding any man Leaving Camp after 
Roll Call. The officers are Injoh'ied TO attend Strictly at Roll 
Call, & severely Punish every man 1 who shall be absent. No 
soldier is at any time to Go Beyond the Picquets ; those found 
Beyond that Distance, are also to be Punished. As soon as the 
weather Clears up, the Tents & Baggage are to be Dried, & 
every thing Put in order for marching. 

B. O. Capt n of the Day to morrbjlv, from the 2 nd regt. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 1()4 regt. 



























Total, ... - _1. _5 

Fatigue the same as yesterday. 


The Honorable the Congress have passed the following re- 
solve of the 11 th instant : 

That all officers of the army, Not authorized by the resolu- 
tions of Congress or by the special permission of the Comman- 
der-in-Chief to keep horses, Be prohibited, though at their own 
expence, from keeping any horse or horses, within forty miles 
of the Main Army, and that Gen 1 Washington be desired to ap- 
point proper officers to see this order Carried into Execution 
A: to Bring to triall all offenders against them. The Comman- 
uer-in-Chief expects the most Pointed Complyance to this re- 
solve, The propriety and even Necessity of which are strikeing. 
He will, in a special Manner, Look to the officers Commanding 
Brigades to see it punctually executed and to suffer no deviation 
on any Pretence whatever. 

A week from this date is allowed" to send away the Supernu- 
merary Horses. After which the Commissary of forrage is In- 
joined to report to head Quarters, every horse that falls within 
his Notice, that may be retained Contrary to the Intention of 
this Prohibition. The Regt. Paymasters who have not yet- 
paid the Detachments of Light Infantry with Genl. Scott, are 
to repair Immediately to the flying Camp, Near King s Street, 
and pa> olT their respective regts. 


The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Gen 1 Lincoln is President, 
will meet next Monday, at Gen 1 Lincoln's Quarters, Near Quaker 
Hill, where head Quarters is at Present. 

B. O. Captain of the Day from the 10 tu regiment. 

Adjutant from the 2 nd regiment. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 6 

2, - - 1 1 13 

7, ,. . . 1 1 7 

10, 1 1 10 

Total, _1 _4 _2 _3(j 

ORDERS FOR THE 1st & 2nd P. BRIGADE, Sept' 25th, 1778. 

Great Complaints having been made in particular against 
the Pennsylv a Troops, for Depredations Committed on the late 
march, I have it in Charge from his Excellency, to Call upon 
the Commanding officer of each Brigade & regt. , to Issue the 
most pointed orders to their respective Corps, against Burning 
of Fences or doing of other Damages & although the Genera' 
is Confident, that as Little Depredations has been Committed 
by the Pennsylv a Troops and as much Guarded against by the 
officers as any in the whole line of the army, yet he wishes 
every possible Care taken in order that there may not be the 
Least Ground. 

The Brigade & regt. Quarter Masters are to Furnish Plenty of 
Straw for the men to Ly on, and wood for them to Cook, for 
which purpose the Commanding officers of Brigades will give 
orders for a proper fatigue Party. Gen 1 Wayne's Guard to be 
relieved every other day. In future, 6 men from each Brigade, 
a Corporal & Sergeant alternately.* 

JB. General, Commanding the Pennsylv* Line. 


S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 1 6 

It pleased the Honou"' the Congress to pass the following Re- 
solve : 

CONGRESS, the 4 th Sept', '78. 

Resolved, That any reg" officers who has been kept or shall be 
Ordered by the Commander in Chief or Commanding Officer, 


in any Department, on Business not Incidental to his Office & 
Distanced from Camp, be allowed for the expence of himself 
&c. , three Dollars p. Day, while Necessarily Imployed on that 
service. The Commander in Chief Directs that when it shall 
be Necessary to send any officer on Duty of this Kind, the Com- 
manding Officer of Brigade will apply at Head-Quarters, when 
an order will be given accordingly. The Brigade Q. Masters 
will apply to the Commissary of Forrage for directions where 
to pasture the Horses belonging to their respective Brigades, 
with which proper Guards are to be sent to prevent the horses 
straggling or breaking into adjacent Inclosures, 150 men from 
each Division under a field Officer, to parade to-morrow morn- 
ing, on their Division parade at 7 o'clock, furnished with 3 
Days' provision, & wait for further orders. The Q. Master 
Gen 1 will send a Waggon Load of Tools to each Division proper, 
for mending roads. 

Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, .............................. 1 2 1 14 

2, ................. ............ 1 1 2 1 32 

7, .............................. 1 1 1 15 

10, .............................. 1 1 1 22 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, .............................. 1 1 1 13 

2, .............................. 1 1 1 32 

7, ..... ......................... 1 1 1 13 

10, .............................. 101 1 23 

_J _8 _4 _i ^l 



C. S. S. C. P. 

' .............................. 1 1 1 1 16 

a ........................... 2 3 1 29 

7 ' .............................. 1 1 1 13 

1. .............................. .0 1 19 



S. Orders. Captain of the Day to-Morrow from the 10 th regi- 
Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th regiment. 



C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 1 17 

2, 1 2 1 31 

7, 1 1 1 15 

10, 1 1 2 1 20 

Total, _1 _4 _6 __4 _83 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-morrow from 2 nd regt. 
Adjutant from the 10 th regiment. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-morrow from the seventh 
Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd regiment. 

S. C. P. 

1 1 13 

2 1 22 
1 10 
2 14 

Detale Guard. 




2, . 





10. . 


B. ORDERS, S<&t T 29ta, A. D. 1778. 

The Gen 1 to Beat Immediately, the Baggage to move of Pre- 
cisely at 12. No men to attend the Baggage, except the Q, 
Guards; the Brigade will march by the right. Colon 1 Irvine 
expects that no depredations of any kind will in future be 
committed, no property of any kind belonging to the Inhabi- 
tants to be destroyed. A Contrary Conduct will be severely 

Colon 1 Comm d . 


No filth to be Thrown into the run in the rear, nor Nothing 
to be washt therein. Vaults will be sunk immediately, and 
every Possible Care taken to keep the Camp Clean. 

Detale Guard. 

c. s. s. c. P. 


1 1 1 



1 1 1 14 


1 10 


Total, = =! =? J 

Adjutant of the Day from the 1" reg'. 
Captain of the Day from the 10 th regim'. 

HEAD QUARTERS, September 29th, A. I). 1778. 

IN CONGRESS, Sep r , 17, 1778: WHEREAS, It is represented by 
the auditors of the army that many regimental pay-masters 
have adopted the Unwarrantable practice of paying to the 
Commanding officers of Companys, agreeable to the recom- 
mendations of the Colonel or Commanding officers of the reg ls , 
respectively such sums of money as the said reg ts Pay-Masters 
have drawn for, but not paid, to prisoners, deserters, and men 
who have died in the service. 

Resolved, That until the sums of money so paid by the regi- 
mental pay-Masters will be reimbursed and paid into the hands 
of the pay-Master or Deputy Pay-Master Gen 1 , such Command- 
ing officers of reg ts shall be accountable for the money they have 
s o ordered to be paid, the Commanding officers of Companys for 
the moneys so received, and the regimental pay-masters for 
the Moneys so paid by Them respectively; and the auditors of 
the army are authorized and directed forthwith to oblidge the 
said officers to account agreeable to the mode prescribed by the 
resolution of Congress of the 6th of February last. 

The reg' Pay-masters are to apply to the Pay-Master Gen 1 
for the pay of their respective reg ts for the months of June and 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial of the line whereof Colon 1 HumpTon 
was president. September, 1778, Captain Norwood, of the 4th 
Maryland reg', was Tryed upon the following Charges; 1 st , for 
Pnblickly Declaring and Implying that he will not regard the 
censure of the Commander in Chief, because the Facts sat forth 
1 o him on his Tryall where Mistated ; 2 nd , for Conduct unbecom- 
i ig an officer and Gentleman, In suggesting Publickly that the 
iacts where misrepresented, which had an imply'd Tendency 


either to reflect on his Excellency, or the Court Martial, or Gen 1 
Smallwood, or the whole; ,3 rd1 ?, for declaring that Gen 1 Small- 
wood has been Guilty of. Partiality in his Case, that the Gen 1 
is no Gentleman, and that he would make it his business to 
declare publickly every opportunity that Gen 1 Smallwood was 
a partiale man and no Gentleman. The Court having Consid- 
ered the two first Charges, & the evidence, are of oppinion that 
Captain Norwood is Guilt|y of saying that he did not regard 
the Censure of the Commander in Chief Because the facts set 
forthe to him on his Tryall where misstated, & are further of 
oppinion that such a Tendency had a Tendency to reflect on 
his Excellency & on Gen 1 Smallwood. The Court having Con- 
sidered the Third Charge & the evidence, are of oppinion that 
Cap 1 Norwood's Justification is not sufficient, & that his ex- 
pression in respect of -the Character of Gen 1 Smallwood are to- 
tally Groundless & without foundation. The Court find Cap' 
Norwood Guilty of Breaches of the 2 nd article of the 2 nd Sextion, 
5 th article, 18 th Sextion of the articles of war, & Do sentence him 
to be Disch d the service. The Commander-in-Chief, in Justice 
to Captain Norwood, declares that he does not believe That he 
had any Intention to reflect upon him, though his expression 
might have such a Tendency, But as Captain Norwood's Con- 
duct in many respects has been prejudicial to Good order & 
Military Discipline, and Inconsistent with respect Due to his 
Superior officers, he approves of the sentence of the Court. 

At a Division Court Martial held at Danbury, Sepf 21 st , 1778, 
by order of Major Gen 1 Gates; Colon 1 Seely, President, Colon 1 
Brewer was Try' d for embezzling or misapplying Part of the 
Cloaths sent by the Board of war of the State of Massachusetts 
Bay for the officers of his Regt, , the Court after Consider 'g 
the evidence are unanimously of oppinion That Colon 1 Brewer 
is Guilty of the Charges exhibited against him & Do sentence 
him to be Discharged the service. The Commander in Chief 
Confirms the sentence of the Court. 


In future the Captains & officers Commanding Comp'ys are 
always to Insert in their Muster Rolls the Time when the sick 
absent & those on furlough Left their Comp^. No man is to 
be Borne in the Muster role before he has Joined his Company. 

The Gen 1 Court Martial whereof Major Gen Lincoln Is presi- 
dent will assemble to- Morrow Morning at the President's Quar- 
ters & sit at such place as he shall appoint for the Trial of Major 
Gen 1 Schyler. Colon 1 Johnston is appointed a Member of the 
-Court Vice Colon 1 Willes who is sick ; all evidences & Persons 


Concerned ^o attend. The Gen 1 Court martial whereof Colon 1 
Humpton is President is Dissolved. 

B. O. Field officers to-Morrow Lt. Colonel Hubley ; Captain 
of the Day from the 2 nd regiment, Adjutant of the Day from 
the 7 th regiment. 

Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

! 1 1 

2* ' '. 1 1 16 

7' '" 1 1 1 7 

lo! 1 1 13 

Total = 2 J J J4 



B. Orders. Capt" of the Day to Morrow from the 10 th Regt. 
Adj utant of the Day, 10 th Regiment. Found on the 28 th of Sept 1 , 
'78, a hanger with^, Black Hilt, Silver mounted with a Belt 
&c. Whoever has Lost the same may have it again by applying 
to Henry McCormick, Major of Brigade to the 1" Pennsylvania 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 8 

2, 1 1 16- 

7, ,,.. 1 7 

10, 1 1 11 

Total, _8 _3 _2 42 

Brigade Court martial to sit to-Morrow morning, whereof 
Major Grier is appointed President ; Captain Montgomery 
Judge Advocate ; 2 Captains from the 2 nd & 2 from the 10 th regi- 
ments; 1 Lt. from the 1 st , 8 Lts. from the 7 th , one from the 10 th , 
& 2 from the second will Compose the Members of the Court. 
The Brigade to parade to-Morrow Morning for Muster, at 10 

Col. Com*. 

Captain Buchanan of the 1 st P. Regiment, is appointed pay 
Master to the same, from June 2 nd , A. D. 1778. Lt, Aaron Nor- 
cross, Adjutant from Febry 20 th , 1778. Ensign Andrew John- 



ston, Quarter Master from June 2 nd , '78, to the same, and they 
are to be respected accordingly. 

B. Orders. As there has been an uncommon firing yesterday 
and this Day, the Officers will Immediately Examine their 
men's ammunition, and proceed agreeably to the Gen 1 order 
of the 14 th of Sept r , 1778. By order o* 

Colon 1 Comm d . 

Captain of the Day to-Morro\v from the 1" Regiment. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd regt. 

Fatigue furnished with 2 Days' Provisions, to parade at 7 
o'clock, with Tents, Arms, &c. 

















C. S. S. C. P. 

Captain of the Day to-morrow, 7 th reg'. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 1st regiment. 





Detale. Guard. 















B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-morrow from the 7 th regi- 

Captain of the Day from the 10 lh regiment. 


Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 1 8 

BRIGADE ORDERS, October 5 th , A. D. 1778. 

At a Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial held 1 October 3 d , 1778, 
Whereof Major Grier is President, Alexander Denny, of the 
7 th reg 1 , Tryd for repeated Desertion. The Court on Consider- 
ing the Evidence & Prisoner's Defence, are unanimously of 
oppinion that he is Guilty of the Charge, & Sentence him to 
receive One hundred Lashes on his Bare Back, well Laid on. 

At the same Court George Brenigan, of the 10 tn Regt, Tryd 
for theft, found Guilty, and sentenced to receive One hundred 
Lashes, well Laid on his bare back. Colon 1 Irvine approves the 
sentence, & orders them to take place this afternoon at retreat 
Beating, at the head of their respective Reg ts . 

The Court Martial whereof Major Grier is President, is De- 

Colo 1 Comm d . 


A return of the Number of men Present on the parade and 
those on Duty in or near Camp, to be made to the Quarter- 
Master to- Morrow Morning, & Likewise a return of the Number 
of Tents in each Company. The Quarter-Master will be very 
Careful to keep the Camp Clean ; For which purpose Vaults 
must be well Covered every Morning, & the Camp Coulermen 
must be sent to examine in front of the Parade Carefully every 
Morning, and Bury any Bones or Meat that may be Carelessly 
Throw 'd by the Soldiers. All fires for Cooking must be made 
In front of the Parade, & none suffered among the Tents. The 
regiment to parade this evening, at half past four, with their 
Knapsacks & Cloathing. The Officers to attend with their 
Necessary Rolls & Examine the Cioathing. Any Soldier who 
is absent will be punished In the most exemplary manner. 



S. Orders. Captain of the Day 2 od regiment. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 10 th regiment. 


Detale. Guard. 



















Total, 1 5 2 38 


The reg 1 Pay-Masters to make out their Payrolls for the Month 
of August, and Lodge them at the Pay-Master General's for In- 
spection as soon as Possible. A Court of enquiry, whereof Colon 1 
Temple was President, Ordered to examine into a Charge ag l Lt. 
Egleston's Conduct on the 26th Instant, Report that the Charge 
vas Groundless and vexatious, and that his Conduct was not 
only Prudent but Spirited & Does him honour. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-morrow, 7 th reg*. 

Adjutant of the Day, from the 2 nd regiment. 

Detale Guard. 






Total. . 
















5 2 33 




B. Orders. Captain from the 10 th regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day, from the 1 st regiment. 

Detale Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 

1, ... 1. 1 7 

2 2 1 15 

7', 1 6 

10, i i to 

Total.. 1 5 2 38 


DIVISION ORDERS, Ocf 8 th , A. D. 1778. 

A Division Court Martial to sit to-Morrow at the President's 
Quarters for the Trial of Captain Lt. Henderson, Lt. Marshell 
& Ball & Ensign Smith for ungentlemanly and unofficerly Behav- 
iour in strikeing & wounding with their Swords Hendry Burd- 
sell, James Birdsell & William Murch, three of the Inhabitants 
of this State, all Partyes & evidences to attend. Lt. Colon 1 
Frazer, President- Capt. Patterson Judge Advocate, Three 
Captains & three sub" 8 from the 1 st Brigade, & three Capt ns 
& three Subalt ns from the 2 nd Brigade, to attend as members. 

A return of shirts, shoes, stockings, Buxkin Bretches & woolen 
overalls that may be wanting to Complete each regiment, to be 
made This afternoon to Captain Lang. Such reg ls as where 
Lately supplyed from the Continental Store will mention what 
they received there, that an Equal Proportion may be Issued 
to each agreeable to the Number of men present and with the 
Light Troops, for which purpose a field return of the strength 
of each Regiment must be made to Gen Wayne this Evening. 
The Clothing will be Issued to-Morrow Morning at Nine o'clock, 
by Captain Lang,* who is to Call on Gen 1 Wayne at 8 o'clock 
Previous to any Clothing being Delivered. 

Brigade Orders. Two Captains from the 10 th regiment, one 
Capt" from the 7 th Regiment, One Subaltern from the 2 nd & one 
from the 7 th regiment & one Sub. from the 1" to attend as 


Captain of the Day to-Morrow, 1" reg*. 
Adjutant from the 7 th regiment. 

Detale. Guard. 




















Total 1 5 2 31 

Particular Brigade returns to be made on Monday next to 
the orderly officer agreeable to the Form Given them by the 
Adjutant General. Regimental Returns to be brought in the 



same Day by the Brigade Majors, Containing every article of 
Clothing in Possesioii of the Non-Commisioned officers & Sol- 
diers, describing the Good & serviceable from the Bad & un- 
serviceable. These returns are to be exact & Clean as Possible. 
All Commissarys & Clothiers in or near the army to make re- 
turns the same Day & in the same manner of all the Cloath- 
ing & Materials in their hands respectively, distinguishing State 
from Continental Cloathing, & if any Quarter Master have 
Cloathing of any kind in their Possession they are to do the 
same. Mr. Keinper will take particular Care to Communicate 
this order to the other Commissarys of Cloathing & the Q r 
Master Gen 1 to his assistants & Deputys. 

form of Regimental returns. 


Waist coats. 



Hunt'g Shirts. 








Unserviceable, . . . 


Field return. 

k^ efi 

Unserviceable, . ... 

Explanation of Form of Regular Returns. 

The first and second Column Includes all the Serj'% Drums & 
Fifes belonging to the regiment, weither present, absent, well, 
or sick, who Can really be accounted for. 

The third Column Comprehend all the men actually doing 
duty in the Ranks & on Camp Guards, or other Temporary 
Servise which admits of their Joining their regiment & going 
into action on a Sudden Call. 

The fourth, all the men sick in Camp, Including the flying 

5 th . All the sick men absent who can really be accounted for 
and are known to be at the places they are said to be. 

6 th . All those whose furloughs are upon such a footing that 
they return may be depended on. 


7 th . Includes the Light Corps & all men Detached on service 
who are really Doing the Duty of Soldiers in the ranks. 

8 th . Men serving as Waggoners, &c. , or on any Menial Duty. 

9 th . The Number of Drafts or te'porary Levies in each reg 1 , 
who are, however, to be Included in the other Columns, and 
only Particularized in this. 

10 th . Men who were Inlisted but whose Terms are within 
three or four months of expiring, Included, also, In the other 


The Division Court Martial ordered for the Trial of Capt. Lt. 
Henderson, Lt. Marshell & Ball, & Ensign Smith, for abusing 
three of the Inhabitants of this State, is hereby Dissolved, & 
the said Henderson, Marshell, Ball, & Smith, are to Consider 
themselves in arrest and Confined to their Tents until the Civil 
powers of this State point out a place and Mode of Tryal for the 
Crimes said officers is Charged. 

Captain of the Day from 7 th reg'. 

Adjutant from te 10 th regim 1 . 

B. G. 


C. S. S. C. P. 
1 regS 7 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, October 10 th , A. D. , 1778. 

An Exact return of each Company to be Griven by 10 o'clock 
1 o-Morrow, of the men Present and absent, accounting par- 
ticularly fer those absent, the Duty they are on, and places 
where they really are. The sick in Hospitels are Likewise to 
be accounted for. The men whose Terms of Inlistment are 
wether three or four months of expiring, are Likewise to be 
Inserted. The Commanding officers of Companys are Desired 
to be very Carefull and Particular in making This return, & 
they are Likewise to make a return of every article of Clothing 
which their men are Possessed of, Describing the Serviceable 
from the unserviceable. This return is JSot to be Trusted to 
the Sergeant. The officers, it is expected, will pay particular 
attention & they are made Correct. This to be given in to- 
Morrow morning at 10 o'clock. The Adjutant will furnish the 
officers with a Coppy. 




A Gen 1 Court Martial of the Line, whereof Colon 1 Patton is 
appointed President, is ordered to assemble at the President's 
Quarters Next Monday morning, 9 o'clock, and Sit at Such 
place as he shall appoint, to Try all such Persons as shall be 
Brought before them. Lt. Colon 1 Loring, Major Hayet, a Cap- 
tain from the North Carolina Brigade, one from each of the 
Pennsylv* Brigades. 2 from each of the Connecticut, and 3 from 
Cfeneral Nixon's, will attend as members. 

Capt" T. Moor, of the 3 d Perinsylv* regt, is appointed Major 
of Brigade to the 2 nd Brigade, & is to be obeyed and respected 
as such. Lt. Tho s Dew is appointed Paymaster to Colon 1 Gray- 
son's Regiment, & Lt. John Jeremiah Jacob is appointed Pay- 
master to the 6^ h Maryland Regiment. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial held at Bedford, the 8 th of October, 
78, By order of Brigadier Gen 1 Scott, whereof Lt. Colonel 
Blackdon is appointed President, Elisha Smith a Private of 
Captain Smith's Troop, in the second Regiment of Light Dra- 
goons, was Try'd for Desertion to the enemy Last August, for 
Pioletting them in an Incursion into and against the Troops 
of the States, Defrauding the Public by selling his horse, arms, 
& accoutrements, Furniture & Cloathing in a Treasonable 
manner to the Enemy, & for Mutiny & Insulting & Menacing 
his officers while Prisoners with them, found Guilty of a Breach 
of the 1 st article, 6 th Section, & 3 d article, 12 th section, of the 
articles of war, & sentenced to suffer death. His Excellency, 
the Commander in Chief, approves of the Sentence, & orders 
the said Elisha Smith to be executed next Monday, 12' h Instant, 
at 11 o'Clock, In the forenoon, at or Near Bedford, as Gen 1 
Scott shall Direct. 




B. Orders. A Captain from the 10 th Reg' will attend the Court 
Martial of the Line to-Morrow morning, O'Clock, Colonel 
Patton "s Quarters. 

Captain of the Day from the 2 nd Regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day 1 st regt. 


C. S. S. C. P. 
1", 1 1 6 

The following Summary of dutys of the Marrushusa Corps, 
Comm d by Capt n Van Hare, Is published for the information of 
the Army at Large. The Gen 1 Hopes that the Institution, by 


putting men under Guard, will operate more in preventing 
than punishing Crimes while the Enemy islncamp'cl. Officers 
of this Corps are to patrole the Camp and its Neighborhood for 
the purpose of apprehending Deserters, Moraders, Drunkards, 
Rioters, and Straglers, under which last Denomination are In- 
tended all soldiers who are found beyond the Nearest Piequet in 
front & on the Flanks, & Beyond the Distance of one mile, es- 
timated from the Centre of the Incampment In the Rear. They 
are also to apprehend all other Soldiers that may be detected in 
a violation of Gen 1 Orders. All Countrymen or strangers whose 
appearance or Manners excites suspicion of being spies & are 
not furnished with passes either from some Gen 1 officer, the 
Q. M. Geri 1 , or the Commissary Gen 1 of Provision or Forrage. 
The officers of this Corps are Directed not to apprehend any 
offender who may be within the Incampment of his own Reg 1 , 
as it is expected that the regimental Q r Guard will in that case 
secure the offender. Capt n Van Hare is to keep an exact List, of 
all Licensed Setlers.and Confine any follower of the army who 
may presume to settle without proper Leave ; every Newly ap- 
pointed Setler is therefore to signify his appointment to Capt n 
Van Hare, and produce a proper Certificate thereof. On a 
Day of March, their Corps, with the Provost Guard, is to re- 
mane on the old ground till the Columns & Baggage is moved of, 
In order to secure all such Soldiers as have Loitered in Cainp, 
& the officers are to see that the soldiers & Women who march 
with the Baggage do not Transgress the Gen 1 orders made for 
the Government. They will Likewise secure all straglers on 
the march, treating In this Light all soldiers absent from their 
platoons without a Non-Commissioned Officer to Conduct 
them. On a Day of Batle, the Marrushusa will be In the rear 
of the second Line or reserve, in order to secure fugitives. 
The Commander-in-Chief strictly forbids all persons whatso- 
ever to door say anything that may Tend to Impede the Officers 
of this Corps in the execution of their duty. On the contrary, 
he requires that they be respected & assisted, as Good order & 
Discipline will be much "promoted by the full exercise of this 
office. If any offender attempts to escape or presumes, to mako 
Resistance, He will Indure Double Punishm 1 , & all Persons be- 
long* to the army are requested to succour any part of the Mar- 
rushusa corps that may be opposed in the Execution oi their 
Duty. The Capf of the Marrushusa will have the usual Provo 
Guard drawn from the Line near him, and under his Direction, 
for the security of Prisoners. He is every morning to Deliver 
a written report of the Persons Committed the preceding day, & 
t he Charges against them, to the Adj. Gen 1 , who will have proper 
Courts Martial held for their Tryal. This to be Considered us c, 


Standing order, & as such to be published in the Different parts 
of the army, the Adjutants of regiments are to have it frequently 
read to the men, that by being reminded of what is prohibited 
& the Certainty of Punishment the avoid thrown on each other. 
Ho officer, except those who have authority to do it, to send 
men from Camp Least they should expose such men to Punish 
ment & Subject themselves To Trial for Disobedience of Gen', 

In consideration of the Nature of their duty, Regimental 
Paymasters are to be Included in a List of those officers that 
are Intituled to keep a horse and Draw forage. The Com- 
manding Officers of Regt s are requested to send to the Auditor's 
office the Names of their Regimental Paymasters. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day from the^l" 1 regiment. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th regiment. 
Detale. Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
1, 1 1 8 


The Gen' Co art Martial, whereof Colon 1 Patton is appointed 
President will sit to-Morrow morning 9 o' Clock Gen' St. Clair's 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial held at West Point, Sept r 28 th , 1778, 
Lt. Colon 1 Burr President, Elisha Pain, Major of Artificer*, 
was Try'd for absenting himself from the Garrison and Neglect 
of Duty, found Guilty of the Charges Exhibited against him, 
and sentenced to be dismissed the service. At the same Court, 
Captain Parmeston of Artificers was tryed for neglect of Duty, 
found Guilty, but from Palliateiug Circumstances Induces the 
Court to Mulct him half a Month pay, to be appropriated to 
tho use of such Prissoners in th3 Garrison & Draws no pay. 
His Excellency the Commander in Chief approves the sentence 
& orders them to take place. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-Morrow from th^ 1" regi- 

Adjutant of the Day, from the 10 th regiment 



. . J) _0 J> 81 

25 VOL. XI. 

Detale. Guard. 


















Regimental Q r Masters are to have fatigue Partys Turned out 
Daily or as often as necessary to supply a sufficient Quantity of 
wood for their regiments. The Brigade Q r Masters lo IM> 
Punctual to see this duty performed. Officers are Injoyn'd to 
prevent their men from Burning rails, & Punish offenders. 

Colon 1 Comm d . 

HEAD QUARTERS, October 14 th , A. D. 1778. 

The Gren 1 Court Martial, whereof Colon 1 Patton is President, 
will assembled at the Yellow house, next Below Gen 1 Nixon's 
Brigade, to-morrow morning at 9 o' Clock Precisely. Capt" 
John Bankson, of the 2 nd Pennsylv" regt. is appointed Pay- 
master to the same, Vice Captain Howell, resign'd. 

B. Orders, Adjutant of the day to-morrow from the 2 nd regi- 


C. S. 8. C. P. 



Countersign. % 

A Court of Enquiry, whereof Lt. Colon 1 Carlington is ap- 
pointed President, will sit at one o'Clock this afternoon at tho 
President's Quarters, to Enquire into a Complaint Exhibited 
by Charles Proud, a soldier in the Artillery, against Captain 
Willey. Two Captains from the Connecticut Brigade to at- 
tend as members. 

Brigade Orders. Captain of the Day to-morrow from the 

Adjutant from the 

Detale. Guard. 




















Total, 1 5 3 30 


HEAD QUARTERS, October 16 th , A. D. 1778. 



To Morrow being the Glorious anniversary of the surrender 
of Gen 1 Borgoine & his Troops to the arms of America under 
the Command of Major Gen 1 Grates, it will be Commemorated 
by the firing of 13 pieces of Cannon from the park of artillery 
at 12 o'Clock. 

No more sick to be sent to the Hospital at Quaker hill, till 
first enquiring of the Directing Surgeon there wheither they 
Can be received, as the house is already fill'd. 

At a Gfen 1 Court martial, whereof Colongl Hogan was Presi- 
dent, West Point, Oct r 11 th , '78, Lt. Chindenant, Ass* D. Q m M r 
Gen 1 was Try'd for refusing to sign an order for forage sent him 
by Captain Carter, & acquitted. The Commander in Chief 
approves the sentence. * 

Lt. W' u Handshaw, of the 5 th Connecticut regiment, is ap- 
pointed paymaster to the same from the 1 st of tSept'. 

B. Orders. Captain of the Pay to- Morrow 

Adjutant from the 7 th regt. 

A Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial to sit to Morrow morning, at 
9 o'clock, for the tryal of James Smith, John Fullerton, Joseph 
Lewis, John Thompson, & W m Shields, of the 2 nd Pennsylvania 
Regt., whereof Lt. Col 1 Hubley is appointed President; Cap- 
tain John A^pxander, Judge Advocate; one Captain from tho 
1 st regt, , one from the 7 lh , Two from the 10 th , & 2 from the 2 uii 
Regt* ; one subaltern from the 1 st 2 from the 7 th , one from the 10 lh 
& 2 from the 2 nd regiment will Compose the members of the 
Court. All evidences to attend. 


Col. Comm'. 

Detale. Guard. 


1, .... 


2, .... 


7, . . . . 

. . 

10, .... 

Total, , 



















S. S. C. P. 


HEAD QUARTERS, Ocf 17 th , A. D. 177& 



Captain of the Day to-Morrow. 

Adjutant of the Day from the lO 11 - regiment. 







1 . . 













10, ........ 




Total, ............ _0 J 

HEAD QUARTERS, October 18 th , A. D. 1778. 












Brigade Orders. 




Day to-Morrow 




regt, ^ 



. Sign. 

As Colon 1 Grayson is unable to attend the Court Martial, 
whereof he was yesterday appointed President, Lt. Colon 1 Smith 
will preside in his Room. Major Murphy is appointed an addi- 
tional Member of the Court, which will sit to-Morrow morn- 
ing, 9 o'Clock, at the usual place. A General Court Martial of 
the Line, whereof Colon 1 Bradly is appointed President, will as- 
.-.einble at the President's Marque Next friday Morning, at 9 
o'Clock, & sit at such place as shall be appointed by the Q. M. 
General for the Trial of Colon 1 Price & such others as shall be 
brought before them. Lt. Colon 1 Hay, Russel, & Harney; 
Majors Nicolls, Holliday, and Thompson; A Captain from each 
of the Brigades here on the Ground will Compose the Court. 

All evidence & Persons Concerned are Desired to attend. 

Nixon's, Parson's, and Huntington's to hold themselves in 
readiness at a moment's warning. 

Ensign Richard Fullerton, of the 3 d P. Regiment, is appointed 
1 .ijntant to the same from July last, '78. 


n. Orders. Captain for the Court Martial to attend the Court 
Martial Next Friday. 
Adjutant of the Day from the I 81 regt. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 (> 

2, 2 1 11 

7, 1 1 r, 

10 1 1 8 

5 3 30 

HEAD-QUARTERS, FREDERiCKSBURG&r October 20 th , 78. 



Doctor Cochran is appointed physician General to the East- 
ern Department During the absence of Doctor Burnet. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to- Morrow from the 7 th regi- 

8. C. P. 

2 1 14 

1 7 

1 1 

Total ............. 1 5 3 37 

Guard Immediately. 

C. S. S. C P. 

t, .............................. 2 

2, .............................. 1 2 

7 ............................... I 

10, .............................. 2 

Detale. Guard. 





7, . . 



Total, . . .................... J) J_ J7 




Lt. Sam 1 Richards is appointed pay-Master to the 3 fl Connec- 
1 icut Reg', Lt, W m Adams to the 4' h , Lt. John Sherman to tho 
Sixth, Lt. Richard Sill to the 8 th , from the 7' h of Spteinber Last. 

Pnritv of Morals being the only sure foundation of happiness 



In any Country, & highly Conducive to order, subordination, 
& success in an army, it will be well worchy the emulation o f 
officers of every rank & Class to encourage both, by their In- 
fluence & example & the Penaltys of authority. 

It is painfull to see many Shamefule Instances of riote & 
licentiousness, amongst us ; the wanton Practice of swearing 
lias risen to a most Disgusting height ; a regard to Decency 
should Conspire with a sence of Morality to Banish a Vice Pro- 
ductive of Neither advantage or Pleasure. The frequent Rob- 
berys which has Lately prevailed In the Vicinity of Camp are 
Truly allarming, & Demand the most vigorous exertions to De- 
tect the Perpetrators <Sr Bring them to the severest Punishment. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, 10 th regiment. 

Detale Guard. 
















10 . 




Total. . 





HEAD QUARTERS, October 22, 1778. 



Gen 1 Nixon's, Huntingdon's, & Parson's Brigades are to 
march at 7 o'clock to-Morrow Morning from the Left, under 
the Command of Major Gen 1 McDougel ; the Q r Mr. General 
will give the rout. The 1 st Connecticut Regt. to be stationed 
at Danbury to Guard the Stores Now there until further 


The whole of the Troops to appear under arms on Saturday 
morning at 10 o'clock, In the most soldierly mariner Possible. 
Every Officer will attend, & be particularly Careful That all 
their men are on the parade, that a strict Inspection may be 
made into their Clothing, arms, ammunition, & accoutrements, 
Previous to Begin'g the Exercise. Major Ryan will furnish the 
Commanding Officeis of regiments with a Copy of the Manou- 
veries to be performed. A Gen 1 Return of the Strength &c Con- 
dition of each Brigade to be made out. fair, & Delivered to Gen 1 
Wayne on Saturday Morning, In order to be Transmitted to 
the Assembly of Pennsylvania. 

B. O. Com* Penn.iylc" Line. 



C. S. S. C. P. 

1, 1 1 14 

Adjutant from the 2 nd regiment. 

Manouvres for Gen 1 Wayne's Division, to be performed Octi.b* 
24 th , 1778. 

The Division formed for Charging will wheel by Platoons to 
the Left, & march to the exercising Ground, the Light Infan- 
try in front formed In Platoons. The following words of Com- 
mand will be given: Form Divisions, Close Column. At all 
times when the Column is Marching tothe^points of view, the 
Lt. Infantry will ad vancefc Skirmish, Rangeing Themselves 100 
Yards in front of the points of view, and Retreat as the Columns 

Display Columns To the right face, firing as usual. 

Forward march, march, march, Charge Bayonets, Batt 1 Halt. 
Two voleys will be fired. By Platoons to the right wheel inarch, 
form Division, close Column. The Column Closes, exept 4 pla- 
toons on the left of the 1 st Brigade & 4 platoons on the Left of the 
second Brigade, who remain in open order. 

When marching to the points of view, the head of the first & 
second Bi'igade Dresses with the head of the first Brigade. 

Display Column, to the right & Left face- -the first Brigade 
Displays to the right on its rear platoon the 2 nd Brigade Dis, 
plays to the Left the four platoons of the 1 st Brigade face tc 
the right, March to the extremity of the Line, face to the Left. 
Close Column. Wheel to the right & Display to the right oi 
the 4" 1 Platoon. The 4 platoons of the 2 nl Brigade face to the. 
Left, march to the extremity of the Line, face to the Right, 
and wheel by Platoons to the Left Firings by Battalions By 
Brigades By Divisions. When the firings Ceases, the flankh 
wheel into the Line Forward march, March, march. Charge 
Bayonets. Batialions Halt. To the Right about face, march, 
Halt, d-c. 

Fire by Divisons advancing. 

Fire by half Battalions Retreating. 

Major, Inspector. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, October 23 d 177a 

Thomas Glover, a Soldier in the North Carolina Brigade, 
Try'd for stealing sundry articles from Inhabitants, Likewise 


a piece of Linin, on March from White Plains. The Court 
unanimously are of oppiniori that Thomas Glover is Guilty of 
the several Charges laid against him, & Do sentence him io 
be hanged. 

His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, approves of the 
sentence. & orders said Grover to be hanged to-morrow at 9 
o'clock, at or near Predericksburgh. 

Joseph Goldsmith, Gibbs Lamb, Joseph Timberlake,& Gabriel 
Colston, were Try'd for Robbing the Inhabitants of Sundry 
articles & Cash, amounting to a Considerable value were all 
found Guilty, & sentenced to receive 100 lashes each. 

His Excellency, the Commnader-in-Chief, Confirms the opin- 
ion of the Court, & orders the Punishment to take place to- 
Morrow Morning, Near Fredericksburgh, at Nine o' Clock. 

His Excellency is shocked at the frequent Horrible villainy 
of this Nature Committed by the Troops of Late. He is Deter- 
mined to make examples which will Deter the boldest & Har- 
diest offenders men who are Called out by their Country to 
Defend their rights & Propertys of their fellow Citizens, who 
are abandon enough to violate those rights & plunder that Pro- 
perty, are not Deserving & shall receive no mercy. 

At a Devision Gen 1 Court Martial held at Danbury, October 
N lh '78, By order of Major Gen 1 Gates, Brigadier Gen 1 Patterson, 
President. a Certain David Farnsworth & John Blair were Tryd 
for being found about the Incampm' of the armys of the United 
States as spies, & having a large Quantity of Counterfeit Money 
about them, which they Brought from New York, found 
Guilty of the Charges exhibited against them, & sentenced 
by Two Thirds of the Court, to suffer Death. The Commander- 
in-Chief approves of the above sentence, & orders them to be 
executed as soon as they may arrive at Gen' Gates Division. 


Information has been Given to the Comadent that the women 
of the Bregade still Continues the vile practise of washing their 
Dirty Clothing in the run upon which the solders thirst De- 
pend upon for there water they Drink. It behoves both officers 
<v Men to put a stop to so vile a practise. He orders lhat when 
any women is found washing in it, unless below the Bregadt', 
she be Immediately put in to the Bregade guard. 

When the Deferent Regts is Bregaded the D r & fifes are ail 
to be Collected in the Center, as Great Confusion takes place 
by so Many Diferent Beats Being Mead use of. 

Co. Comadent. 



Court Martial to sit Immediately to Try Patrick Newell. 
Serjant Alexander Crawford, of Colonel Chambers' Company, 
its appointed Quarter-Master Serjaiit. 

James Read, Corporel of Capt" W" Wilson's Comp'y. is ap- 
pointee! Serjant In s-aid Company. 


HEAD QUARTERS, October 25 th , A. D. 1778. 


Adjutant of the Day 10 th regiment. 



C. Sign. 

Captain Bartholomew Bowing, of the 9 th P. Regt. , Is ap- 
pointed paymaster to the same, Vice Ensign Teat, from the 15 ll> 

Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow 2 nd reg 1 . 

B. Orders. Returns to be made by the Regimental Quarter 
Masters to the Brigade Q T Master of the arms, accoutrements, 
& axes wanting In the Different Regts. in order that they may 
be Drawn as soon as possible. All old arms in possession of the 
Q r Masters to be Delivered to the Brigade Q r Master at 4 o' Clock 
to - Morrow afternoon, at which Time the above returns muttt be 

Col 1 Comm J . 



C. Sign. 

Adjutant of the Day 1 st reg'. 


A return of the sick of the Different Reg" of the 1 st Brigade 
to be made out & Delivered to the Brigade Major as soon as 

Colon 1 Comm d . 


A Division Gen 1 Court Martial to sit to-Morrow Morning at 
Ten o'Clock, at the president's Quarters, for the Trial of Lt. 


Thomas McCoy, of the 7 lh Pennsylv" Regiment. All Partys & 
Evidences to have Notice to attend. Lt. Colon 1 Hubley, Presi- 
dent ; Captain Isaac Seely, Judge Advocace. Two Captains & 
four Subalterns from each Brigade, to attend as Members. 

B. G. 

B. Orders. A Captain from the 1 st & one from the 10 th regi-i 
ment, & one subaltern from each regt. , to attend as members. 
An Orderly Serjeant from each regt. to attend the Court. 




Lt. Job Vernon & Lt. Andrew Litel, of the 5 th Pennsylvania 
Regt., are appointed, the first pay Master, the 2 na Q r Master, to 
the same, from the 1 st Instant. 

A General Court Martial of the Line to sit at or Wear Robe- 
son's house, as soon as may be, for the Tryal of Major Painter, 
on an appeal from %Late Garrison Court Martial, held at West 
Point. A Field officer from the Virginia Line to Preside. Four 
Captains from Muhlenbergh's Brigade, five from Scott's, and 
three from the Garrisson, at West Point, to attend as Members. 
All Evidences & Persons Concerned to attend the Court. 

At a Brigade G. Court Martial held in Gen 1 Clinton's Brigade 
Octob r 20 lh , '78, John Yeomans, a soldier in Colonel DeBaw's 
Regt., was tried for desertion & robbery. The Charge of rob- 
bery was not supported, But found Guilty of Desertion, and 
sentenced to be shot to Death at the head of the Brigade. 

The Commander in Chief approves of the sentence, But is 
pleased to pardon Yeomens, on account of the recent Instances 
of many Criminals having been executed for Breaches of Mili- 
tary Duty, which he hopes will not Deter him. But every other 
soldier in the army from violating his solemn obligation faith- 
fully to serve the United States. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7 th regi- 

HEAD QUARTERS, FREDERICKSBURG, October 29 th , A. D. 1778. 


HEAD QUARTERS, Oct' 3Q :h , 177& 

C. Sign. 

Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nJ regiment 





At a Gen 1 Court Martial, held at fort Clinton, Oct r 23 d ' 1778, 
Colon 1 Poor President, Nathaniel Mitehels, Q r Master to the 3' 1 
North Carolina Reg', was tried for Behaving In an Infamous 
Manner, unbecoming an Officer & Gentleman ; also, for Em- 
bezzling the Publick Stores & applying them to his own use; 
found Guilty, & unanimously sentenced, agreeable to the 1" 
article & 12 th Sextion of the Articles of war, to forfeit all his 
pay & be Dismissed the service. 

The Commander in Chief approves of the sentence, & orders 
it to take place Immediately. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, 1 st regt. 


A Return of Cloathing to be made out Immediately of every 
article of Cloathing wanting, from the hat to the shoe. The 
Officers Commanding Companys will be Carefull to make this 
Return agree with the Return Given in some time ago to the 
orderly officer. 


B. Order a. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7 th regt. 

DIVISION ORDERS, Not? 2' 1 , A. D. '78. 

Each regiment is to make out Immediately, a General return 
of Cloathing from the Hat to the shoe, for all non Commiss" 
( Jfficers & privates Belong 5 to them, Together with the No. of 
Blankets yet wanted. 

The Command* officers of each regt. will then Call at head 
Quarters for an order for the, But not to draw any article, ex- 
cept Blankets, until further orders. 

B. O. Comm g the Pennsylc" Line. 



C. Sign. 

As the Campaign is Drawing Near a Close, The Commander 
in Chief, being Desirous to afford the officers an opportunity 
of seeing their Friends & Familys as far as it Can be Done 


Consisting with the Publick service, the Brigadeers & Colonels 
Commanding Brigades are requested to Cfrant furloughs to the 
officers of their respective Commands under the following re- 
strictions, To Wit: One field Officer of each regt. & one Corn- 
miss" 1 Officer of each Company at a Time. They are Not to he 
(fiven to a Greater proportion of Officers at once, & in this 
only But when there will remain Two field Officers & Two 
Commissioned Officers with each regt. & each Company re- 
spectively, except their should arise Cases of a very Pressing & 
Extraordinary Nature, of which the Gen 1 Officers having Gen 1 
Commands of the Post Division or Detachment in which i he 
officers requesting such Indulgence is to Judge, & so to act as 
he shall think proper. As the Length of their furlough must 
Depend on the Circumstance of the Distance & some other Con- 
siderations, the General Cannot prescribe the Time for which 
they are to be Granted. But he mostly Confides that they will 
only be Given for a reasonable Time, that the Officers Remain- 
ing may experience the Like Indulgence in succession, to which 
they will have an equal Claim, upon every principle of Justice 
& Generosity. 

As the Troops are about to receive New Cloaths, the (ieni 
hopes that the Colon's & rest of the Officers will Give particn lar 
attention to their preservation, as well for the sake of their 
own Reputation, & the appearance of their own Corps, as the 
Great Difficultys which attending the Procuring them, & that 
they may be the Better Preserved, he Injoins, in a most pointed 
Manner, that after their Delivery, Comp? Rolls may be kept of 
the same, with proper Columns for each article, that these may 
l>e examined at Least once a week by an actual view of their 
articles, & that every Deficiency & Loss, unless satisfactorily 
accounted for, and every neglect of a sufficient Care in the sol- 
diery, Be punished with proper severity, according to former 
orders, to all of which on this subject there is to be a strict re- 
gard. The General also hopes that the officers will pay Con- 
stant attention to the Cleanliness & Dress of the men, & the 
fitting of their Cloaths. In the first Instance, without these, 
they must be sensible that they Never Can assume the air of 
soldiers, or appear to the Least advantage. After the Tioops 
have received New Cloaths, The Officers Commanding Reg" 
are to be very Careful in Causing the proper Officers to make 
the Earliest Delivery of the old, that is of the Coats, Wesr- 
coats, and Bretches fit for service to the Clothier General, for 
which they are to obtain Two receipts, one to be kept for their 
own Justification, the other to be returned to head Quarters. 

Those of Gen 1 Putnam's & Barren D"Kalb's Division, of Clin- 
ton's Brigade & Malcom's Post, to be Deposited in the hands 


of the Clothier at fish Kills. The old Cloaths are to be well 
aired, & the Clothiers are to have them pack'd in secure Cask*, 
keeping an account of their uniforms, & the whole together as 
will permit. That Casks may not be wanting for this purpose, 
the old Cloaths are to be returned in those which Carried the 
New In the Several Brigades. 
Adj' of the Day to Morrow, 10"' regiment. 




The Peiinsylv* Brigades to hold themselves in Readiness to 
March at a Hour's warning. 

The Deputy Clothier General will exert himself to have the 
('loathing returned in sent to Fish kills as soon as possible. 
The officers Now in Camp to procure Cloathing for the several 
Brigades, are desired to use all possible Dispatch in drawing 
their respective Quotas, & sending them of. 

U. Orders. Adjt. of the Day from the 2 nd regiment. 


The Park is to move of as soon as the orders of March Is Given 
them, as the horses can be brought from the forrage Yard. 

HEAD (BARTERS, Novf 4 th , 1778. 


C. Sign. 

A Gen 1 Court martial of the Line, whereof Lt. Colon 1 Williams 
is appointed President, to sit to-Morrow Morning at Gen 1 St 
Clair's Quarters, for the Tryal of all Persons brought before 
them. Three Captains from the North Carolina Brigade, four 
captains from the 1 st Penn s * Brigade, and five from the second- 
to attend as Members. 

Ji. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 1 st regt. 

N. B. One Captain from the 2 nU , one from the 7 lh ,& 2 from the 
10 th Reg 13 , to attend as Members to -Morrow, at 9 o'Clock, Agree- 
to Gen 1 orders. 



The Regimental Pay Masters are Immediately to apply for 
the Pay for the months of Augt. & September. 



It is with Great Concern that Gen 1 Wayne finds himself 
Necessitated to Censure the Conduct of an Officer on any occa- 
tion, But when a Gentleman so far Neglects his duty, or 
rather from a Mistaken Notion of Clemency, takes upon himself 
to give a slight punishment to a soldier from being Guilty of 
the Highest Crime known in an army, vi/ : for getting Drunk 
on guard or gentry, the Gen 1 Can't, Consistent with his Duty, 
suffer such a Conduct to pass with Impunity, as the safety & 
Lives of both officers & Men Depend on the sobriety, care, & 
vigilance of Guards. 

This being Granted, every Good & worthy soldier will Care- 
fully avoid being Guilty of so deep a Crime, & will Cheerfully 
agree to the Necessity as well as Justice of the Punishment, 
which, by the Articles of War, is Death. But in Consideration 
of the Wound which A mb e Conner, of the 9 th regt. , received 
from Lieut. Ball, the General is Induced to pardon said Con- 
nor for the Crime he was Guilty of. And he is Induced to re- 
lease Lieut. Ball from his arrest. At the same Time he Can't 
help Defaulting theflLt. for Screening said Connor from Capital 
punishment, by his Imprudently Wounding him. 

The Gen 1 is very happy in having it in his power to assure 
his worthy fellow soldiers that a Coinpleat uniform, for every 
man, will be Delivered as soon as the Hatts arrive, which are 
expected every Moment^ 

This order to be read at the heftd of each regt. , this evening 
at Roll Call. 

B. G. Commanding the Peifnaylc" Line. 

HEAD QUARTERS, November 6 lh , 1778. 
Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 10 th regiment. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, CAMP, Nov h 7 th , 1778. 

A Brigade Court Martial to sit this Morning at 11 o'clock, to 
Try such prisoners as shall be brought before them. President 
Major Mentges. Members 1 Captain & 2 subalterns from 
the t" regt. ; 1 Captain & 3 ditto from the 7 th regt. ; 1 Captain 
& 3 ditto from the 2 nd regt. 

A Practice of Cutting Turf in the Meadows for Chimneys has 
taken place amongst the soldiers. This practice is particularly 
distressing to the Proprietor. The Commandant positively for- 
bids the officers of the I 51 P. Brigade against Committing such 


wanton mischief, as they can supply themselves on the Hill on 
which they are Incamped. 

Colon 1 Commandant. 




At a Brigade Court Martial held at Camp Near Hartford, By 
order of Brigadier Gfen 1 Poor, October 1 st , '78, Colonel Hazen, 
President, Lt David Gillman, of the 2 nd New Hampshire Regt. , 
was Tried, first for ungentleman-Like Behavior, in Associating 
with Private Soldiers, & offering a reward of 20 dollars, & Iri- 
gaged to secure them from harm, In CasVany should arise in 
Consequence thereof, if they should take & bring him a horse ; 
Secondly, for takeing up Two Stray horses, the property of 
Private Persons, and Converting them to his own Tise, without, 
making any Publication thereof, much to the Prejudice of the 
service, & to the Good people of^the United States, unanimously 
found Guilty, sentenced to be Cashier' d, and Rendered Un- 
capable of ever serving the United States again as a Military 
officer, & forfeit all the pay that is Now Due to him. 

The Commander-in-Chief approves of the sentence, & orders 
it to take place Immediately. 

At a Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial, held in the Corps of Artil 
lery, by order of B. G. Knox, Octo r 29 th , '78, Lt, Colonel Stevens, 
President, Capt" Moody, of Colon 1 Lamb's regiment of artillery, 
was Tried for disobedience of orders & Contemptious Behaviour, 
found Guilty of all the Charges exhibited against him, & the 
Court are of oppinion that Capt" Moody should be reprimanded 
in Brigade orders. 

The Commander in Chief Confirms the oppinion of the Court, 
& orders the sentence to take place. 

Capt" Lilburn Williams, of the 2 nd Maryland regt.. Is ap- 
pointed Pay Master to the same. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day from the 2 n(1 Regt, 


The order of the 2 n Instant, directing a delivery of the ser- 
viseable old coats, Vests, & Bretches to the Clothier after the 
Troops have received New ones, was not meant to Comprehend 
such as had been procured by the Soldery themselves, or such 
as had been paid for by stoppage out of their pay. Those are 
to be the object of delivery Now CaJled for, on the recommen- 
dation of the Hono'ble the Board of War. as from a view of 
supplies at the tin>e Ihe measure was Considered, was founded 


not only in Policy, but strict necessity, as providing the 
sorts of relief to the soldiers themselves against accidence that 
might attend the Importation of future supplys, as well to 
those whose unhappy Lot should become the subjects of Hos- 
pital when in the army, for whom some provision In this In- 
stant would be Indispensable. However as our Quantity of 
New Cloathing fortunately Turns out Better than it was at 
first apprehended, &, of Course, Remove, in some degree, the 
Necessity which Dictated the Measure, & as the old remaining 
in the hands of the Soldiers will Contribute much by a Care- 
t'iill use and application of them on Duty 8 of fatigue, &c. , to 
Preserve the New. The orders of the second, so far as it re- 
spects a return of them to the Clothier, Is Dispenced with ; but 
such Cloathing Coats, Vests, Bretches, &c. as have been re- 
ceived, either through the hands of the Clothier, or agent, or 
Through the States or Continental account, which has been 
Delivered in the Course of the Pall, or that may remain unde- 
livered, is not to be Comprehended under the Description of 
old, and must be returned to the Clothier or agent of the De- 
partment, in Case new ones are Drawn, to Prevent Injustice 
to the Publick, by*obtaining Double supplys to the Troops 
1 hemselves, who otherwise would be upon an equal footing. 
The General expects an appointed attention on the part of the 
officers to this order, & also, according to former Instructions, 
to their men's Cloathing, & that they will Not only extend 
tlieir Care to its Cleanliness, but to prevent any Misapplication 
of it. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, Novm. 15 th , A. .D. 177b. 

A Court martial to sit this day at 11 o' Clock to try all Pris- 
oners that may be brought before them. 

The Quartermaster will order new wagons for straw Imme- 
diately, and when it arrives the tents are all to be struck, and 
the old straw to be swept Clear of the Incampment & Burnt. 

The soldiers are to Put their arms in the best order Possible 
by evening, the Major expects the Bill tents will be Properly- 
pitched, & Sticks put across to keep the arms from Laying 
against the tent. 


HEAD QUARTERS, Nov. 9 th , A. D. 1778. 


B. Orders Adjutant of the day to- Morrow 7 th reg'. 


S. C. P. 
1" regt. , j i 11 


BRIGADE ORDERS, Nov r 10 th , 1778. 

At a Gen 1 B. Court martial wliereof Major Mentges was Pre- 
sident, was Try'd Serj 1 Major Guy ot tlie 2'"' P. Regt. Charged 
with acting Contrary to the Laws & Libertys of his Country 
by depriving Lawrence Bryan from making his escape from 
the enemy. The Court are of oppiiiion that he is (fuilty of. the 
Charge, but from some favorable Circumstances produced, the 
Court only sentence him to be reprimanded by the Command- 
ing officer of the reg'. John McGraw, setler, was brought be- 
fore the same Court, Charged with abusing <t Defrauding an 
Inhabitant of this State, found Guilty & Sentenced to receive 
KM) Lashes on his bare back, well Laid on, & to Refund The 
paper money to the full amount of the FiveTruineas, be Drum'd 
along the Line, Confined In the Provo Guard until he tells the 
men who were with him when he obtained the receipt for the 
Horse. Was Trie 1 at the tome Court Charles Cowan, of the 
2 nJ P. Regt., Coniined on suspicion of Desertion, found not 
guilty by the Court, & ordered to be Acquitted. 

John Mullen of the said reg 1 was Charged with Leaving his 
post and Getting Drunk, sleeping while a Centinal, also sus- 
pected of Imbez/.liiig the Commissary Stores, the Court are of 
oppiiiion that the Prisoner is Guilty of the Charge of Imbe/.y.'ing 
t he stores, & santenee him t<> receive 100 Lashes. The Comman- 
dant approves the sentence, but from the Circumstances at- 
tending John Mullen's affairs, & the Good Character Given of 
him, the Commandant remits the sentence order'd, & Informs 
the Commissary that he has been very remiss in Leaving a 
Bnckett of Rum in a situation that every Centry might make 
what use he pleased of it. The sentences against Serj 1 Major 
Guy. Setler McGraw, & Charles Cowan to take place this morn- 
ing at 10 o'Clock, at which Time the Brigade is to be paraded. 

Colon 1 Com'. 

HEAD QUARTERS, JUoV 10 th , 1778. 

Ji. Orders. Adj 1 of the 10 th regiment. 

The Court martial, whereof Major Mentges was President, 
is Dissolved. 


At a Division Court martial, held in the Pennsylvania Line, 
by order of General Wayne, Lt. Colonel Adam Hubley, Presi- 
dent, Lt. Thomas McCoy, of the 7 tu P* Reg', was Try'd for re- 
20 VOL. XI. 


peated disorderly Conduct unbecoming an officer and a Gen- 
tleman, & for Embezeliing the State Money, found Guilty oi a 
In-each of the *21 M article, 14"' Section of the articles of Wai-, and 
unanimously sentence to be Disch' 1 the service. The Court to 
acquit him of Embezelling the State Money, But it appears by 
the account rendered by Lt. McCoy & laid before the Court that 
he is Considerably Indebted for Publick money advanced by the 
State of Pennsylvania, & do therefore order the account to be 
transmitted, with the Proceedings of the Court, to head Quar- 
ters. The Commander in Chief approves of the sentence. It 
lias given him real pain & Regret that any officer should permit 
to run into such frivolous Quarrels & Indecent Disorders. As 
Lt. McCoy appears Considerably Indebted to the State of Penn- 
sylv" for Publick money receiv d By him, it is but Equitable 
that if there be any Money Due him from the ^tate, it would 
be stopt so far as the Debt amounts to. The Pay master will 
therefore attend to this, & the Commanding officer will, to which 
he belongs, see that the Money so due by Lt. McCoy be paid to 
the State of Pennsylv*. 

HEAD QUARTERS, Notf ir ft , '78. 

C. Sign. 
B. O. Adjutant 1 st regiment. 

HEAD QUARTERS, Nov T 12'*, A. D. 1778. 

The North C. Brigade to march to Morrow morning at 8 
o'clock, the Commanding officer will receive further orders at 
the Orderly Office. 

11. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-morrow from the 7 th re- 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the day from the 10 th regt. 

HEAD QUARTERS, November 14 th , A. D. 1778. 

The officers are requested to he particularly Careful not to 
Let their soldiers have any Quantity of Rum that may Injure 
Adjutant of the day from the 2 nd regiment. 

Cot. (Jomm dt . 




B. O. Adjut 1 of the Day to-morrow from 1 st reg'. 

Detalefor Guard. 

C. S. 8. C. P. 
I 6t reg' 1 1 13 

HEAD QUARTERS, November 16 th , A. .D. 1778. 
B. O. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow 10* regiment. 

Detalefor Guard. ^- 

G. C. P. 
1 st regS 1 2 14 

B. O. Adj' of the Day to-Morrow 2 nd Reg 1 . 

Detale for Guard. 

S. C. P- 
1 st reg', 2 1 13 

HEADQUARTERS, November 18 th , A. D. 1778. 

Ji. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-morrow from the 1 st regi- 

HEAD QUARTERS, November 19 th , A. D. 1778. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 7 th regim. 

* Detalefor Guard. 

S. C. P. 
Detale for Guard, 1 st reg', 1 1 U 

HEAD QUARTERS, Nov T 20'*, A. D. 1778. 
P a . 

JJ. f O. Adj 1 of the day from the 2'" 1 reg'. 


A Detachment under the Command of Lt, Colon' Hay & 
Major Moor. Consisting of 500 men well appointed, to march 
to-morrow morning ai ( J o 'Clock to tSlieron, supplyed with two 


days' Provisions, the men to be Cloathed at sunrise. They are 
to march as light as Possible as they will Join the Division 
again at King's Ferry, after Conducting the Brittish Prisoners 
to Fish Kills. 

B. Gen. 

Detale for Guard. 

S. S. C. P. 

1" Reg', 1 2 1 12 

Detachment, 'l 2 2 31 

HEAD QUARTERS, November 22 nd , A. D. 1778. 
B. Orders Adju* of the Day from the 10 th Regiment. 

B. Orders. Adj'^f the Day from the 2 n(l Regiment. 

Detale for Guard 

S. S. C. P. 
1 st regiment, 1 2 1 10 

HEAD QUARTERS, NoV 24 th , A. D. 1778. 



The Pennsylv a Line & Park of Artillery to March to-Morrow 
Morning, at 9 O'Clock, the Stores & Baggage of the Flying 
Hospital & Gen* Staff to march with them. 
. B. O. Adj' of the Day to-Morrow from the l sl regiment. 

Detale for Guard. 

C. P. 
1 st reg*, 1 r, 

DIVISION ORDERS, Not? 25 th , 1778. 
Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7 th reg'. 

HEAD QUARTERS, Nov r 26 th , A. D. 1778. 
B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, 10 th regim 1 . 



PICK'S KILL, November 27 th , A. D. 1778. 

The Rolls to be Call d Morning & Evening, during the march 
the whole Division to March. They are to appear fresh 
shaved, well powered, &c., their arms & accoutrements in 
Good Order. 

DIVISION ORDERS, .ZVW 28'". ! 78. 

The Division to Lay on their army, & make Themselves in as 
Comfortable a situation as Possible. Every Thing to be in 
Readiness to move at a Moment's Warning. 


B. Gen 1 . 


DIVISION ORDERS, Nov r 29 th , A. D. 1778. 

Each Brigade to Furnish 20 men who understand Rowing of 
Boats. They are all to parade at sunset, In order to assist in 
Carrying the Baggage & men of the Pennsylv* Line. 

B. Gen 1 . 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 2 nd Regi- 

Detalefor Guard. 

S. C. P. 
l st regS 1 1 8 


HAVER STRAW, December 1 st , A. D. 1778. 

The Division to draw & Cook Provisions to-Morrow & Next 
Day. The men must Bake their own Bread, & Not attempt to 
Change the flour, nor Stragle from Cauip, as Partys of Torys 
are hoovering about, who will be ready to make Prisoners of 
any small Detachm' or unarmed men. This day is to be Im- 
proved in Cleaning & Putting their arms in the Best Order. 
Tents to be Struck to-morrow morning at 8 O 'Clock, fe the 
Baggage to Move of Immediately, the Troops to parade and 
follow at 9 O'Clock, when they are to appear Decent, & in as 

good order as Possible. 


B. G. Command 3 the Pennsyl" Line. 

RACKEACK, De<f2 d , 1778. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 10 th 


Detale for (Jiutrti. 

S- C. P. 
1" reg', <> 1 


The whole Division to be in exact readiness to inarch ;it u 
Moment's warning. The men to appear in the mosr soldiery 
iiianner Possible, &c., under arms tins afternoon at 4 o'clock, 
Their anus i: accoutrements in the Best order Possible. Whilst 
on the march, each man is to Receive one Jill of Rum p. day. 
The Commissarysare to be Carefull In attending to their duty, 
& be in a Capacity of having the above orders Punctually Com- 
ply 'd with. 


B. Gen 1 Comm d * the P. Lin*. 


PORAMUS, December 4 th , A. I). 1778. 

The Troops To parade to-Morrow Morning at 10 o' Clock, 
fresh shaved & well Powered, arms & accoutrements in the 
Best Order possible, to appear in the most Soldiery Mariner. 
The officers to attend at the head of their Respective Com- 
panyes in Order to Manouveir. 

B. Gen 1 Comm'y the Pennsylv* Linr. 

Dec r 5 th , A. 1>. 1 r>. 

Detale for Guard. 

C. S. 8. Cl P. 
l" l regt, ' ' ' 1 1 1 10 

PORAMUS, De? 6 th , A. I). 177*. 

Detale fnr Guard. 

C. H. H. C. P. 
0011 10 

HMITH'H CJ.OVK, Vetf 7 l \ A. l>. 1778, 



c. a & CL p. 

* 1 1 It 

a a a p. 

i c 


, A A I7JB. 

The Brigade to Parade ax 1* o Clock with their Parfe.. to 
have their Teat* Loaded k be ready to inarch Preriwlyax that 


December *, J. H. 177 
Agi table to Diviaon orders-, the Beg* to Parade at three 
o'Cloek this afternoon, in the meet Soldiery maner IVMubk, 
their arms and a Coutreaiente in the Best order. TbeQoarter 
Htfter will draw floor for the aeu to dean their Jaceot ^ 
Brv*che6 and to Powder their hair. It is Expected the ofieers 
will pay Particular attention to their men. and see them a* 
neat as Possible- A$ many of the waiters as can be spared are 
Likewise to Parade. 

B. Order*. A Brigade Court of Inquiry to Sit to-morrow 
Morning to Inquire into report made to Major Mentges that 
Lt. Norerobfe. of the 1*" P. Begt.. has in a Clandestine- aunner 
taken away a saddle. Major Murray. Preadent. a Captain 

Major rfBrigude 1 fkc 1 P. 
Dmsiox OKDKKS. 




The Division to March this morning at 8 O'Cloek- 


a > > 

BRIDOK, Ukcembrr It*. JL I 



Detale for Guard. 

C. S. 8. C. P. 
Adjutant of the Day from the 10 th regiment. 

DIVISION ORDERS, Dec r 11 th , A. D. 1778. 

Detale for Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
lregt 1 1 10 


NEWARK, Dec r ll lh , A. D. 1778. 

The Officers belonging to each regt. to Quarter with their 
men, & be answerable for the Conduct of them. Any Depreda- 
tions or insults Committed by the soldiers on any of the Inhab- 
itants must be Immediately Inquired into, & the offenders 
Punished in the most exemplary Manner. The men are all to 
wash their Stockings & Clean their arms this evening, & the 
whole to Parade W-Morrow Morning, Precisely at 9 o'clock, 
fresh shaved & well Powdered. Any Soldier that appears in 
a slovenly manner will be Punished. 

Previous to the Line of March, which will be at 10 O' Clock, 
each regt. will furnish the Necessary Centries at their Respec- 
tive Quarters. The front guard will form a Piquet in front, or 
S. E. , of the Town, In order to pi-event any Soldiers from pass- 
ing. The rear Guard will take post at the Bridge, in the rear, 
or upper end of the Town, for the Like Purpose. 

A Division Court martial to sit to-Morrow morning, precisely 
at 8 O'Clock, consisting of four members Exclusively of the 
President. Major Nicholls to Preside. 

WESTFIELD, Dec r 13 th , '78. 


WESTKIELD, Dec' 14 th , A. D. 1778. 

Much of the sickness amongst the Troops seem to have been 
Occasioned By the Improper Method adopted In Forming 
Many of the Hutts Last Winter, some being sunk into the 
Ground, & others Covered with Earth. To avoid Consequences 
of a Similar Nature, as far as in our Power, from occurring 
again, the Commander in Chief directs that all the Officers on 
the Ground see that their men observe the Instructions of the 


Q. M. Of. In the formation of their Hutts that they be Roofed 
with Boards, Slabs, or broad shingles; that the men be nob 
suffered to digg into the Ground, Except so far as to level the 
surface of the Earth, or to Cover their hutts with Earth or 

The officers will Likewise See that their men Erect Bunks 
or Berths to keep them off the Ground, & proper Conveniences 
in their Hutts for the Purpose of keeping their arms & accou- 
trements from being Damaged. 

Detalefor Guard. 

C. S. , S. C. P. 

l^reg*, 1 " 1 10 

Adjut. of the Day from the 7 th regiment. 

HEAD QUARTERS, MIDDLE BROOK, Deo r 15 tb , '78. 


The Regimental Pay Masters are to Call upon the Pay Master 
Gen 1 for the Month of October's Pay. 

Detalefor Guard. 

C. S. S. C. P. 
Adjutant of the Day from 10 th regiment. 


Major Gen 1 Lord Sterling is to take the Command of the 
Virginia Brigade. The Regimental Pay Masters are to bring in 
their Pay rolls to the Pay master Gen 1 for the month of Novem- 
ber when they apply for October's Pay. 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day from the 2 nd reg'. 


C. S. S. C. P. 
1" regiment 1 1 9 


MIDDLE BROCK, Dec r 16, '78. 

The Brigade to Strike & load their Tents, & Be ready to 
march to-Morrow morning at 8 O ' Clock. The Q r Masters of the 
several Regf will attend, with the Camp Couler men of the 
Brigade, at Vanvacter's Bridge, at the above mentioned Time. 

Lt. Hughes, of the 7 th P. Regt., is appointed to do the duty 


of Brigade j r Master until further orders, and is to be obeyed 

as such. 

AD m Hriii-KY, Jr., 
Lt. Co 1 Comma the 1" Pennsi/lr a 


All the Artillery attached to the Brigades in this ( 'amp are, 
as soon as the waters will Permit, to Join the park at Purck- 
imin. The Commissary of hides is hereafter Carefully to De- 
posit all the horns of the Cattle Kill'd for the army with the 
Commissary of Military Stores, who is hereby Directed to ha ve 
them Converted Into Powder horns, for the use of the Troops, a.s 
fast as they are Delivered him. The strictest attention to the 
Execution of this order is Expected. 

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day from the I 91 regt. 


C. S. S. C. P. 
1" reg', .............. 1 1 9 


A subaltern & 14 men to Parade Immediately with their Pro- 
visions. The Quarter Master will furnish them with 7 axes, 
and the officer will apply to the Major for his orders. 

Capt n Michael Simpson is appointed to have the Direction of 
the hutts, he will be Careful to see them Built of the same si/.e 
and as nearly alike as Possible. 

All the Men who have old Cloaths are to Lay aside their new 
Cloathes until their hutts are Completed. 

Major Com dl . 

HEAD QUARTERS, MIDDLE BROOK, T)e<? 18 th , 177s. 

The Hon'ble the Congress have been pleased to pass the fol- 
lowing Resolves : 

Nov r 24 th , 1778. Congress took into Consideration the report 
of the Committee of arrangement, &: thereupon Came to the 
following Resolution : 

WHEREAS, The Setllem' of Rank in the army of the United 
.States has been attended with much difficulty & delay in as 
much as no General Principle has been adopted and unifor- 
mity Been Pursued. Therefore upon any dispute of Rank the 
following rules shall be observed : 

1*. For determining rank in the Continental Line. Between 
all Colonels & Inferior officers of Different States, between like 


officers of Infantry & those of horse and artillery appointed 
under the authority of Congress, by virtue of a resolve of the 
16 th of Sepf, '76, or by virtue of any subsequent resolution 
Prior to the 1" of Jaii rv , 1777. All such officers shall be deem 'd 
to have their Commisioiis dated on the day last mentioned, & 
their relai i ve rank with respect to each other in the Continental 
line of the army, shall Vie determined by their rank prior to the 
1(5"' of Spt r , '7(i. This rule shall not be Considered to effect the 
rank of the Line within any State or within the Corps of Ar- 
tillery, horse, or among the 10 additional Battalions, where the 
rank hath been settled, hut shall be the rule to determine the 
relative rank within the Particular line of artillery, so far as 
the Rank remains unsettled. 

omi Preference shall be Given to the Coinmisions In the new 
Levj & flying Camp. 

3 rd . In determining rank between Con inental officers in 
other respects equal, proper respects shall be had to their Com- 
missions In the Militia, where they have served in the Conti- 
nental army for the space of one month. 

4"'. All Colonels or Inferior officers appointed to vacancies 
since the o' h of January, '77, shall take rank from the right of 
succession to such vacancies. 

o"'. In all Cases where the rank between the Officers of Differ- 
ent States is equal between an officer of State troops & one of 
Cavalry, Artillery, & one of the 16 additional Battalions, the 
Precedents to be determined by Lot. 

6" llv . All officers who have been Prisoners with the enemy, 
being appointed by their State, &: again enter into the service, 
shall do it to the above rule ; that is, all of the Rank of Captains 
& under shall enter into the same regt. to which they formerly 
belong'd, & if such regts. is dissolved, or otherwise reduced 
they shall be Intituled to the 1 st Vacancy In any Regt. of the 
State, in their prpoer rank, after the officers belonging to such 
regt. have been provided for. 

7"'H. The rules of rank above laid down, Between Officers of 
Different States, are to govern between officers of 1 he saint- 
State, Excepting In cases where the State may have laid down 
a different rule, or already settled their rank 

H lh . A resignation shall Preclude any Claim of Benefit from 
former Rank under a new appointment. 

WHKRKAS, From the alterations of the establishment, & other 
Causes, many Valuable Officers have been, & may be, admitted 
In the New arrangement, or being supernumerary, who. from 
their Conduct, are Intituled to the honourable Notice of Con- 
gress, & to a suitable Provision, until they Can return to a Civil 
Life with advantage: 


Resolved, thereof, That Congress Gratefully acKnow.euge the 
Faithful service of such Officers, and that all supernumer;u-y 
Officers be Intituled to one year's Pay of their Commissions, 
respectively, to be Computed from the time such Officers had 
Leave of absence from the Commander in Chief, on this ac- 
count, and Congress do Earnestly recommend to the several 
States to which such Officers belong, to make such further Pro- 
vision for them as their respective Circumstances or Merrit 
Intitle them to. 

WHEREAS, It will be for the Benefit of the Service that the 
same rule for Promotion be Established ; therefore, 

Resolved, That the same be recommended to the several 
States to Provide that in all future Promotions Officers Arise 
regimentally to the rank of Captains, & thence in the Line of 
the State to the rank of Colonels, Except in Cases where a Pre- 
ference may be Given on account of distinguishing Merrit. 

Resolved, That all Officers who have been in the service, & 
having been Prisoners with the Enemy, Now are, or hereafter 
may be, Exchanged, or otherwise released, shall, if appointed 
by the authority of the State, in Case of Vacancy, to enter into 
Service of their respective State, In such rank as they would 
have had if they had never been Captured : Provided, alw<ti/ti, 
That every such Officer do, within one month after his exchange 
or release, signify to the authority of the State to which he be- 
longs, his release, & his desire to enter again into the Military 

Resolved, That every officer so released, & Giving Notice, as 
aforesaid, shall until he enter into actual service, be allowed 
half pay of the Commission to which, by the foregoing resol ve,he 
stands Intituled: Provided, always, In Case of his receiving 
any office of Profit, such half Pay shall henceforth Cease. 

Resolved, That No Brevettes be, for the future, Granted, ex- 
cept to Officers in the Line, or in Case of Eminent Services. 

Resolved, That Pay Masters Not. being of the Rank of Can- 
tains. Quarter Master, & adjutants, Be Intituled to receive 20 
dollars p. Mouth subsistance Money in Lieu of Rations. 

Resolved, That all officers & Persons I in ploy 'd on the Staff 
shall Receive one third of a dollar for each extra ration hereto- 
fore allowed them. 

Resolved, That Adjutants, Pay Masters, & Quarter Masters 
taken from the Line be admitted again into the rank they 
would be Intituled to had they Continued In the Line, k such 
Adjutants, Pay Masters, and Quarter Masters Not taken from 
the Line may be admitable into the line In such subaltern 
Ranks as by a signed Certificate from the Field officers of their 
respective Corps they shall l.e deemed Competent to. 


Dec' 10 th , A. D. 1778. 

Resolved, That the twelve months pay allowed to supernum- 
erary Officers of the army as made by a resolution of the 24"' of 
Nov r Last, be made up in the Pay Rolls for their Regimental 
Pay Masters, & drawn for them By the said officers Respect- 

B. Orders. Adj utant of the day from the 7 th Regiment. 


C. S. 8. C. P. 
1 st regS , . . . . v 1 8 

HEAD QUARTERS, MIDDLE BROOK, Deo r 19 th , A. D. 1778. 

Detale for Guard. 

C. 8. S. C. P. 

1 st reg 1 , 1 6 

B. Orders. Adj' of the Day from the J0 th regiment. 

HEAD QUARTERS, MIDDLE BROOK, Dec r 20 (h , A. D. 1778. 



Captain Samuel King, of Colonel Marsh ell's regt. ,is appointed 
Aid-de-(?amp to Barren D'Kalb, Vice Major Rodger Resigned: 

The regimental Surgeons are reminded of the Gen 1 order to 
make returns of their sick every Morning to the Sergeon Gen- 
eral of the Flying Hospital Present, and that no sick be sent 
from Camp to the General Hospital without his Certificate. 

The director General of the flying hospital Quarters at Mr. 
Fields, in Bound Brook. 

B. 0. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 2 nd Regiment. 


S. C. P. 
1" regt, 1 6 






FEBKUAKY 2, 1779, TO APRIL 15, 1779. 






Brigadier, Smallwood. 
Field officers, Stuart. 
B. M. Kirkpatrick. 

Feb. 3d, 1779. 


Feb. 3d, 1779. 

Brigadier, Mulenburg. 

F. O. , Maj. Moor. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

A Sergt. Corpl. & 8 Privates from Woodford's to parade to- 
morrow at 10 o'clock, at ye C. G. of provisions Q to receive 
his directions. They are to be furnished 3 Day's provision & 
40 rounds pr. man. 

The B. M. is Reminded of y e standing genl. orders to bring 
in their returns every Saturday at the orderly time precisely 

Fatigue the same as yesterday, only the 1" P. B. gives a Capt. 
Woodford's sergts. & y e 3 d P. B. gives a sub. each. 

B. 0. Adj. of the Day from y e 3 d Regt. 

Febr. 4th, 79. 

B. O. The G. C. M. ordered for y Trial of C. G. of y e 1" P. 
B. for neglect of Duty, Disobedience of orders to y e prejudice 
of y e Servise of Good order, & Military Decipline, have unani- 
mously found "i r Gamble Guilty of y e 1 st & 3 d charge, & Sentence 
him to be repremand in D. The Sentence approved. 

The C. M. Desolved, & C. G. is to be released from his arreast. 

Commissarys Gamble & Ramsey will, every Monday morning, 
send an exact return to y e Com 'ding officers of y c Division, 
specifying every kind of stores they have on hand, both in 
Quantity & Quality, &, on Monday next, give in a coppy of all 
& every instruction They have received from y Issuing C. 
Genl., B. of war, or any others in authority. Relative to their 
Issuing to their Respective B., with a coppy of every Species 
of Rations each Soldier ought to be served with. All y l Con- 
27- VOL. XI. (417) 


tinental teams now employed in the Division are to given up 
to- morrow to y c D. W. M. At the same time, y W. M rs will 
take care to provide a sufficient no. of Country Teams for y c use 
of each Reg. 

The B. Q. M. of y 1 st P. B. will apply to M. Forsith, at y c 2' 
M. G. , who will give him an order for horse shoes & Coats. 

The Division will be under arms every Monday at 10 o'clock, 
if y c weather permit, in order to review y c Men's Arms & neces- 

The Com'ding officer of the Artilery to make a report to- 
morrow to y c B. M. of y Art. under his comd., with y P. L. , 
mentioning y c no. of horses, public & private, respectively. 

One sub. , 2 Serg'% 2 Corpls. , 2 D. & F. , 22 Privates to Mount 
Guards at Summerset C. H. A Corpl. & 6 to be Detached to a 
house over y c Bridge, near y c Redoubt, on y e Brunswick Road. 
Sergt., Corpl. & 12, where Genl. Wayne's guard used to be 
kept. The Forage guard at Mr. Pool's house, near Raraton 
Bridge, to be reinforced with a Sergt. & 6. This guard to post 
a Centinal on y c Bridge. All these Guards to be released every 
other Day. Th# 1 st P. B. is Immediately to finish Mr. Gain 
ble s Houses, & send out a party, under ye Command of .-: 
officer, to Cut Claboard stuff, & to cover them. 

Col. Comd. 

B. O. , Feb. Qth, 79. 

The Regts. that did not Comply with the orders of yeasterday 
Concerning. y c waggons to assist mending y e Brigade, are to 
Comply with it immediately. 


For y c Day B. G. Mullenberg. 

Col. Gess. 

B. M. , Porterfleld. 

The B. M. are to Attend y c new orderly Rooms presisly at 11 
o'clock, A. M. , for orders. 

The Regt. P. M r ' are to Call at y P. Genls. for pay. 

The Coindr. in Chief approves of y c orders Issued by M. G. L. 
Sterling during his Comd. at this Camp, & thanks him for hit* 
endeavor to preserve order & Discipline in y c property of y 
farms in the vicinity of the Camp, he Doubts not but y c officers 
of every rank form a just sign of y importance of securing to 
others y e Blessing which they themselves are Contending for, 
will use y e utmost to maintain those prevaledges & proper ys, 
& prevent abuses, that nothing can render more to their per- 
sonal honours or the reputation of their respective Camps. 


The views of Congress founded on this advantageous of the- 
mark of y e purchasers & Contractors & the absolute propriety 
of- ,y e reducing the business of Contractors to aset tho sistem for 
y sake of regularity & accounts & the equal j ustice to y e Troop* 
makes it necessary to suspend the orders of y c 1 st of Jan. , so i'ai- 
as it respects the Distributions of hides, but y Genl. vvill thank 
any officer by informing the Commis. of hides of the names of 
such persons as are willing to give shoes in exchange for raw 
hides,& y e Commissary are hereby ordered to Contract accord- 
ing, & see ihat they are Delivered to y c Cloathier Genl. of hi* 
Dep. for y e use of y e Army. 

B. O. Ad't of the Day from y c Regt. 

Stores will be Issued for use of y c sick in Camp every Mon- 
day morn at 9 o'clock, at which time y c Surgeons are required 
to san-.l returns of the sick in Camp to y c C. S. Genls. Q", by 
order of 



For the day to-morrow Brigadier, Small wood 

Major, Green. 

Brigade Major, Minis. 

Fatigue the same ay the 5 tl1 only the 1 th Pen. gives a Capt. 
Woodford's and Mulinburg's, and Scott's gives a sub. each. 

The Honorable* the Congress have been pleased by the Re- 
sol vo of the 23' of Jan. last, to direct that the Command, in 
Chief be Authorised and Directed to take the most efficient 
means to Reinlist, for the war all such of the Continental troops- 
as are not expressly Raised tor that period ; to Complete the>> 
Battalions to their proper Camp. ; and for these purposes, be- 
sides their Bounty arid land heretofore provided by Congress- 
for encouragement of the Service, to grant each able boddy 
Soldier now in the Service who shall Voluntary enlist During; 
the War of y e Country, according to the Circumstances of his 
present engagements, but nob to exceed, by any means, 200 
i)ol\ The Command. Chief, therefore, engages} to every abie.- 
baddy Soldier whoso term of service vvill expire betwixt this , 
the last, day of Jan. next, and who will Reinlist During tin* 
war, a bounty of 200 Dol% besides the usual bounty of Land & 
Cloathing ; and to every able boddy Soldier, who shall Reinlist 
During the War, whose term of time Extends beyond the Lasb 
of Jan. next, a bounty of 100 Doll 8 , Besides the usual bountj of 
Land & Cloathing. 

As an encouragement to the officers to e\ert themselves R 
cruiting of the men, The Honorable The Congress have beer* 


pleased to allow 100 Dol" for every man so interested, and who 
whall pass Muster. 

The officers of one State are not, on any account whatsoever, 
to Inlist the men of any other State ; neither are the officers of 
one Reg. , on no pretence, to Reenlist the men of another. The 
Comm. officers of Reg u are to Call at Head Quarters for War- 
rants for Recruiting money. 

Officers are to use every Occasion to avoid re-enlisting those 
that have been already Inlisted During the War. Reg in'entai 
Returns of the names of the men Reinlisted to be made Monthly 
to the officers Comm. Brigades, who are to make a Brig. Return 
to the Adg. Gen. , to be by him transmitted to the Com. in 

The arrangements & Rank of the Virg. Line as setled by a 
Comm'y of arangeinents at the White plains are Immediately 
to take place, and the officers are to appear and take rank in 
their Respective Reg 1 " to which they were appointed. 

B. O. Of the day from this Regt 8 . 

HEAD Q, MIDDLEBROOK, Feb 5 r '79. 
For y c Day to-morrow, Brigadier Mulenburg. 
M. , Posey. 
B. M. , Kirkpatrick. 

Fatigue the same as yesterday, only Mulenburg' s B. gives a 
Oapt. ; Woodford's, y e 1 st & 2 n<1 P. B. , gives a sub. each. 
B. O. of y e Day from y e 2 nd R. 


For the day to-morrow Brigadier, Gen. Smalwood. 

Major, Merveynt, 

The Brigade Major, Hitchcock. 

Complaints have been made that the Reg' Pay masters have, 
in maney instances, made it a Practice, Whilst paying their 
Reg 1 , to get officers to write receipts, without Obliging the 
persons Receiving the money to sine them, or to make their 
marks thereto. This practice Can not be allowed of as a 
Voucher Sufficient to Discharge the pay Master on a settelment 
of their Accounts. The paymasters are, therefore, forbid to 
take any such receipts in their own Apperil in future. Those 
pay masters who have taken receipts Without signatures are 
Directed to produce receipts with each man's Signature or, in 
Case of the Soldier's not being able to write, with his mark At- 
tested by some Cornd. Officer. The old & the new fie] J officers 
of the day are to attend Regularly at parade hours, at the new 
Orderly office. 

Jt. 0. Adj' of the day from the 1" Reg'. 


R. 0. The private property team to parade every morning in 
front of the Division, Where a waggon master is to attend to 
send them to their Respective Reg 13 at 8 O'Clock; every Wag- 
goner Neglecting to attend in due time, shall be allowed only 
half a day's pay, by Order of 




Brigadier to-morrow, Mulenburgh 

P. officer, L l O 1 Haney. 

B. M. , McCormack. 

Genl. Mulenburgh & y e field officers of y e Virginia Line arr- 
required to meet to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock, at y e ordeiiy 
Oifice, when y e Com d in Chief will lay some business before them 
respecting their Line. Complaints having been made that y-" 
Soldiers have abused y e indulgence of Congress Coutain'd in y- 
resolves by buying many of y e true emissions of May, '77, & April 
I 8t ,of persons not belonging to y e Army, y" P. M. G. is desired 
to receive no more of these emissions after y e 12 th . First notice 
is further given that any one Convicted of the practice above 
mentioned, will be punished with y e utmost severity to facili- 

Collection of j e Biys now in possession of y e soldiers they arc 
to deliver them into their Reg lt P. M r , who will have them ex- 
changed with P. M. G. 

B O. Adj 1 of the y e day from 7 th R. 

B. O., Febr. 10, '79. 

WHEREAS, Some papers have been pasted up in front of y>- 
line tending to hurt y e recruiting service & Create uneassiness 
among y e soldiers. The writer of such papers must either be a 
Tory or some soldier from y e British service & inlisted some 
of our Corps for y e purpose of exciting good and well disposed 
soldiers of this Line to assist their mutinous and traiterous de- 

In order to Detect such Villians, y e Comd'ing officer offers a 
reward of 100 Dol. to any soldier, ectt, &c. , that will Descover 
y e Authors of said paper. The Com 'ding officer is well con- 
vinced that no soldier of y e P. Line would be Guilty of so great 
a break of good order & Military Dissipline. 

HEAD QUARTERS, M. B., Febr. ll' A , '79. 
Brigadier, Smalwood. 
Field O., L l Col. Brant. 
B. M., Porterfield. 
As formal Complaints have been lodged with > c Com'cl in 


Chief against Col. Craige for beating & otherwise ill treating 
Caleb Breay, an Inhabitant of this State, a C. cf Inquiry to 
examine into y Circumstances of y c affair will sit on Saturday 
i.t 10 o'clock, A. M., at y c C. M. R. 

The Court will consist of Col. Russel, as President, Col. 
Williams, Col. Butler, L' Col. Adams, M. Posey, Members. 
This will Report y u state of facts & y c opinion to y Corn'd in 

A Correct return of Anns & Acoutrements. &c. . According 
to y e printed form which will be Delivered out, are to be forth- 
with made by y Com'd officers cf y c Brigade, who are to have 
them Dijested into Brigd. Returns & transmit them y c A. G. 
'Jne officers will advert to y order of y e 7 !h Aug. last, & ail 
Arms, ammunition, & Acoutrements in receipt that Time, or 
Drawn since, are to be regularly account 'd for. 

At a G. C. M. of y c Line, whereof Col Seehall is president, 
held Febr. 6' h , '79, Capt. Vanhair, Comd r of y c Marrishousie, 
was tried for exacting without authority, Licening Settlers, 
y* Court are of oppinion that Capt. Vanhair exacted, without 
authority money for Licening Sutlers, being a breach of Arti- 
cles 5"' Section 18 :h of y c Articles of war. 

The Court are also of , opinion that as Capt. Vanhair's Con- 
duct might probably have risen from a misconception of y f 
nature of his .office, & that he shall only be reprimanded in 
Oenl. orders & repay the several sutlers y c money he exacted 
from them, as the public manner Capt. Vanhair Demanded 
fees from y sutlers is an argument of his being unconscious that 
he was Committing y c most heinous species cf exaction. 

The Comd. in Chief agrees with y first sentence of y c C. M. , 
,nd desires that Capt. Vanhair, for the further, will pay y 
strictest attention to his instructions, & Consider them as y e 
only rule of his Conduct, which will be approved or Condemn'd 
only as ho adheres to or JJeviates iicm their. 

A Course of Lectures on y e Opperation of Surgery will Com- 
mence some time between the middle cf y c latter end of this 
inst. , at or near Camp, so as to suit y c Conveniance of those 
Surgeons belonging to y c Army, who shall attend, by D r Ship- 
pen, Dr. Geril. Pralimanery Lecture will be delivered by Dr. 
Brown, Physician Genl. to the middle Department, at y C. 
M. R. on Tuesday Hi 1 "*', A. M., on the Theory & practice of 
Physic. The Surgeons of y e Army are desired to attend. 

B. O. Adj 1 of y j Day from 10 th R. 

B. O., MILSTONK, Feb. 12W, '79. 

The Com 'ding officer, on inquiry, is Convinced, that > 
paper that was posted on y c parade of y c P. L. was not Indivi- 


dually or Collectively, but by Soldiers, with designs to breed 
a mutiny or resist their officers, but were intended to Convey 
some real or Immagiriery Grievences to y knowledge of them. 

That mode of doing it was highly Improper & unsoldier like. 
When Soldiers have just Cause of Complaints, a representation 
shall be made, & justice will be done them, so far as 13 Coiisia- 
tant with y Duty & Power of their officers, as a Different Con- 
duct in y Soldier will be equally punished wuh utmost severity. 

The Com 'ding officers of Regts. will call for a return of all 
y e Soldiers in their Corps that have any bounty money now 
Due them, with the names of y c officers such soldier were in- 
listed by. Ye officers of y c P. L. , have observed that y trades- 
men & wash women belonging to y c army makes a practice 
to Charge y e officers & soldiers very extra vagent prices for 
which work they do in Camp. The Com'ding officers of Regts. 
unanimously agrees that y c following regulations & stipulated 
price be observed in future, & that no more be given to any 
soldier excused from doing Duty, and wash-women who draw 
rations than what, have been aforementioned, viz: Taylors 
for making a full Regtt. Dress coat, 20 shillings ; waist-coat & 
Breeches, 10 shillings each ; for summer wash Cloths, 7, & for 
attention & mending, c. , all kinds of Gloat hs in the same pro- 
portion. Shoe makers for making a pair of shoes A Dol. , i eol- 
ing & heeling, 2 shillings, wnen Leather and every material is 
found them ; and when they find y c stuff or any part thereof, are 
to Charge no more than 1st Cost of such articles. Washwomen 
when sope is found them, for officers washing A Dol. pr. Day. 
Any washwoman who will presume to charge more then y 
price aforementioned, will immediately be ordered out of Camp, 
& not be suffered to return. The Adj'. of each Regt. will 
take a copy of the above regulations and read them to their 

Col., P. R 

The B. Q. M" will see that y encampment, both in front or 
near a flank, be cleaned out of all rubbish, & every hoie and y 
streets to be fill'd up as soon as the proper necessary houses arc 
completed. Any person that shall presume to make use of any 
other place, if detected, a soldier, shall not only be punished, 
but forfeit one Dol. for each offence, to be paid to y c informer, 
& to be stopt by y c P. M. out of his pay. If a woman or any of 
the Children, they shall be immediately turned oft y encamp- 
ment, as it is y e Duty of y Camp & men to seo that their en- 
campments are kept Clean. The Q. M. of each Regt. will see 


v above order Complyd with. The orders to be read to each 
iegt, as no excuse will be admited for a break of them. 


HEAD Q, M. BROOK, Febr. 13, '79. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

P. officers, M. Murry. 

B. M. , Kirkpatrick. 

1 Serg 1 , 1 Corpl. & 10 men from Grenl. Mulcnburg's Brigd. , to 
parade to-morrow at Ten o'clock, at y c Commisarys of Provi- 
sions, with 3 Days provisions, to escort some provisions of war 
to Elizabethtown. L' Col. Williams to sit as member, vice Col. 

B. O. Adj'. of y e Day from first R 

REGT. ORDERS, Febr. 14, 1779. 

The Chimneys of the soldier's hutts to be raised 2 feet Cleare 
of y Roof. The Commanding officers at Camp will be answer- 
able for a neglect, of this order. Also, y c Comd. of y e hutts will 
be fined. Any non-Comd. officer or soldier who has not received 
their Regt. CloatHes, or any part thereof, for y e year '79, will 
procure Certificates from their officers for what part they want, 
and bring them to me Tuesday next. 

Lt. Col. 

HEAD Q, M. B., Febr. Uth, '79. 

For the Day to-morrow, B. F. officer, L* Col. Hay. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

For a month's Comd. , L* Col. Williams. 

Detachment for a month's & a week's Comd. to be supplied 
with 3 Days provisions & 40 round pr. man. The Court cf 
inquiry was to have sat yesterday, will sit to-morrow at Ten 
o'Clock, A. M. , and some of the men being of the Court, must 
necessary be absent. The following field officers will Compose 
the Court : Col. Febrecker, president ; Cols. Butler & Davis, 
I/ Col. Adams, & M. Posey, members. 

A correct return of y* non-Comd. officers & rank & file absent. 
or on Comd. to be made forthwith, the names of the places 
where they are supposed to be, particularly mentioned. 

B. 0. Adj' of the Day from the 7 th R 

HEAD Q, M. B., Febr. 15th, '79. 
For y" Day to-morrow, B. Gr. Smallwood. 
B. M. , McCormack. 
B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day from 10 th R 


At a G. C. M. , whereof Maj. Moore is president, to sit to- 
morrow at the president's Q" for y e trial of John Hannon & John 
M. Muller, soldiers of y e o rd P. R, Conflued by Capt. Wilson fo r 
Desertion, & such other Prisoners as may come before them- 
All evidences to attend. Capt. Patterson judge advocate. A 
Capt. from y e first, & one from the 7 lh , a sub. from each Regt. 
to attend as members. 

B. O. Genl. Wayne Desires his Compliments & best wishes 
be presented to the officers of y e whole Line of P. Pres', Genl. 
St. Clair. Guard to turn out immediately. 

HEAD Q, M. B. , Febr. 16th, '79. 

Brigd. for to-morrow, Mulenberg. 

F. O. , Maj. Anderson. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

At a G. C. M. held at M. B., Jan. 10 th , '79, L 1 Harmon 
Minis, of y e 1 st Virginia Regt. , was tryd for misconduct, in swap. 
ing an impressd horse, in year '79, the Court is of opinion that 
he is not guilty of swaping y impressd horse as alleged to him 
in his charge, but thinks him guilty of swaping a stray horse ; 
but as he was charged with misconduct in swaping an im- 
pressd horsa, which it appears he is not guilty of, do not Con 
cei've they have a right to censure him for his misconduct in 
Bwaping a stray horse. L l Minis i* released from his arrest. 

All y e men belongfng to y e L c Col's Regt. now doing Duty in 
y Line are to be delivered up to Lieut. Tannyhill, of 1 Regt., 
on his demanding them. 

B. C. Adj 1 of y e Day from 2 P. Regt. 

B. O., Febr. 17th, '79. 

L l M Michael will join Capt. Parker Comp. , and L l Russei 
will take command of L' Col. Hay's Comp. till L l Col. Bush 
comes to Camp. The Adj 1 will make a report this Day, if the 
Last Reg 1 orders was eomplyd with. 

SAM' Hay, 
Lt. Col. 

HEADQRS., Febr. nth, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, B. G. Smallwood. 

P. officer, M. Well. 

B. M., Minis. 

The Commandants of Division and brigade Corps are to be 
Careful that y c Camp is not left so bear of officers to-morrow, & 
give orders that y e soldiers do not straggle from y e Camp. 

B. G. Smallwood will take y e Coamd. of y e Maryland Divi- 
sion during y e absence of Bar. DeKalb. 

B. 0. Adj 1 of y e Day from y e first R. 


HEAD Q, M. B., Feb. IS/??, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Mulenburg. 

F. olflcer, L' Col. Dobury. 

B. M., Kirkpatrick. 

Fatigue same as yesterday, only Mulenburg's Brigade, Capt. 
Scot's, Wayn's & the 2 nd Pa., give a sub. each in Jieu of them 
that gave them yesterday. 

L l Col. Crocker is appointed P. M r to y c 2 nd Verginia Regt. , 
vice L l Erasmus, from the 16"' inst. 

The Gr. C. M. , whereof Col. Hall is president, will set to-mor- 
row at Tea o'Clock, A. M. , at y usual for the Tryal of L* Per- 
sons, of y G' h Virginia Regt. , and such others as shall come be- 
fore them. 

B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day from 7 th Regt, 

The B. Q. M. on receiving any orders i'rom y c Q. M. G. is to 
shew y m to y e Briagdier officer Com'ding y c Brigade before he 
issues; y M. to y Q. M. ; likewise returns made to him for y 
Q. M. are to be shewn in like manner. By order of 


HEAD Q r % Feb. Wth, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Mulenburgh. 

F. officer, Col. Howard. . 

B. M. , Kirkpatrick. 

Fatigue same as yesterday. 

The G. C. M. , which was to have sat to-day sit to-morrow, 
at y c time and place for y c purpose mentioned in yeasterday's 

'B. 0. Adj 1 of y c Day from y e 10 h R. 

HEAD Q", M. B. , Feb. 20th, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburg. 

F. officer, Col. Williams. 

B. M., McCormick. 

The Comd. in Chief having been informed that in several in- 
stances y Regt 1 P. M rj have been ordered vo do Duty in rotation 
with y c other Comd. officers, as it is incompatible with y 
nature of their offices, ho Directs that y be free from all Duty 
except such as relates to y c Pay & Cloathing of their Reg', re- 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from 2 R. 

Tho B. Q. M. is immediately to draw an orderly Book & re- 
turn Book for y c B. M. 

By order of 



HEAD Q, Febr. 21st, 1779. 
Brigr. , Mulenburgh. 

P. officer, M. Stewart. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

The C. M. where of L' Col. Hall was president, to sit to- 
morrow at 10 o'clock. Members & Evidences to attend at y 
Time. 1 Capt. , 2 nubs. , 2 Sergts. , and 40 rank & file for fatigue 
to-morrow, from Genl. Woodford' s Brigade, to be in the grand 
parade to-morrow at 9 o'clock. 

Returns of y e names of y c Men who enlisted in Consequence 
of y e orders of y e 7 Lh lust., to be transmitted to y c orderly office 
of Brigades. 

B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day from 7 th R. 

A sub. from y c 7 th Regt. to go to Brunswick to superintend 
y c hospital there. The 1 st P. B. to be Musterd to-morrow at 
Ten O'Clock. 

HEAD Q, Febr. 22nd. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

Field officer, M. Moor. 

B. M., Minis. 

B. O. Adj' of y e Day from y e 10 th R. 

HEAD Q, M. B., Feb. 23rd, "79. 

Brigadier, Muleliburgh 

F. O., M. Lee. 

B. M., Kirkpatrick. 

The Pay Rolls for y month of Jan. to be Delivered into y P. 
M. G. for examination. 1 Capt. , 2 subs. , 2 Sergeants. , 3 Corpls. , 
& 40 Privates from Grenl. Mulenberg's Brigade to parade to- 
morrow at 9 o'clock for fatigue. 

B. O. None of y Division are to attend muster this after- 

By order of Genl. ST. GLAIR. 

B. O. Adj'ofy Day from 10 th R. 

B. O. Cloathiag returns wanted for y Regt. will bo niade 
out forthwith, and delivered io y Q. M., who will immediately 
make out a Regt. return, & bring it to me : also, for Blankets. 

Lt. Col. 

HEAD Q", M. B., Feb. 24th, '79.. 
Brigadier, Mulenourgh. 
F. O., M. G-rier. 
B. M., Hitchcock. 

1 Capt., 2 Subs., 2 sergts., 40 R: file to parade from Genl. 
Heath' u Brigade to-morrow, at 9 o'clock. 


The C' of inquiry, on a complaint exhibited by Mr. Brikaw 
.against Col. Craig, reported as follows: Y l they are of oppinion 
y' if y c inhabitants of y e Country takes y e liberty of Dailing 
with y e soldiers in an improper manner, & to y e prejudice of 
good order & Discipline, they do it at their own risk, and if y* 
should receive any Correction which they think is a breach of 
y e Civil law as they hold themselves not bound to a military 
Court, they should have recourse for orders to y c Courts of civil 
law, and y l Mr. Brikaw, as he thinks himself aggrieved, has an 
undoubted right to an action against Col. Craig. The Geul. 
is sorry to find y' y e Crt. seems to have mistaken his intention. 
He had no doubt y 1 , as an Inhabitant who conceived himself 
aggrieved by an officer, has a right to seek redress from y c civ'il 
law, but he wished to have y e oppinion of y c Crt. explicitly on 
y e particular merits of y e Com pt. against Col. Craig, in order 
to Determine how far y e Complaint might be proper to redress 
from military justice. All improper treatments of y e Inhabit- 
ants by an officer or soldier being Destructive of order & Disci- 
pline, as well as subversive of y e the rights of Society, is as much 
a break of Military's civil Law, and punishable by you as by 

The Genl. does not mean to decide in ye prest. Case, or to 
include Col. Craig's Conduct in y* Disision, but he seriously re- 
commends it to all officers to Consider well y e Delicacy of their 
Stations, with respect to y e Inhabitants, & to refrain from 
anything y* may ever have y e appearance of an abuse of Power, 
and rely, so far as depends upon him, will never escape y* 
severest notice. 

B. O. Adj' of y e Day from 7 th R 

HEAD Q", M. B., Febr. 25th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. Officer, Posey. 

B. M. , McCormick. 

B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day from 10th R 

HEAD Q", Febr. 26th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. Officer, M. Merryweather. 
B. M., Hoddot. 

All the Ammunition delivered out to y e men yesterday, to 
be returned in again to y e Reg 1 Q r . M. 
B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day from 2 d R 

B. O. Feb. 27th, '79. 

The new Guards y' waits every other Day, are in future to 
be supplied with 40 rounds pr man, to be turned, when re- 


lieved, to y e Q. M. ; likewise to be supplied with 2 Days' pro- 
vision. A party, consisting of a Corporal, & 4 privates, with 4 
Days provision, with Axes, to be sent to Col. Hampton 'a Q" 
immediately, to cut firewood. 

By order of 


H d Q" M. B. , Feb. 27to, 79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. O., Col. Gess. 
B. M., Porterfield. 

The Gr. C. M. , whereof Col. Harris is president, to sit next 
Monday morning, at y c president's tent. 
B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day from y e 7th R. 

B. O. Feb. 27th, 1779. 

GK St. Clair expresses the satisfaction he received in seeing y c 
spirit and activity y e Division displayed when y c expected to 
meet y e Enemy, but he could not help remarking y c extreme 
disorder of y e march, & y e negligence of many officers, when on 
return to Camp. There are 8 things which he will insist on y' : 
officers attention, to which he has the hon r to Coin 4 them on 
every inarch, y' y 6 do not quit their platoon on any account, y 1 
y e do not suffer y e Soldiers to quit them, & y l y e oblige y m to 
Silance, there is nothing more disgusting & unsoldiery y" a 
Regt. or Coinp. , gabling like geese ; besides, a secret march JH 
often necessary. Unless y e men are habited to marching in 
perfect silence, it will be impossible to impose it on y m . Tho 
Com din * officers of Regts. will order out y e men of their Regts. 
twice every Day, when y e weather is fair, divide y m into small 
squads, & direct y m to be instructed in marching & wheeling. 
The officers of Comps. will ahvay attend-. & be Carefull y' y 
Different Squads are all trained to a step of y e same size, & 
made in equal time. 

H* Q" M. B. , feb. 28th, '79. 

Brgd. , Mulenburg. 

P. officer, L l Col. Brent. 

B. M. , Minis. 

Those for y e week's Comd. to have their Cartouch boxes full ; 
those for y e Month's Com d to have 40 rounds pr. man; and 8 
Day's provision both Comds. 

B. O. Adjt. of y e Day from 7 th R. 

B. O., Feb. 28, '79. 

Conformable to B. O. , you will order out y e Regt, and let y* 
officers know y 1 one from a Coinp. must always attend you. 


Will Divide y Regt. into 2 Platoons, each to be Com'ded by 
a com' 1 officer, & you will act as Inspector on those occasions, 
and see y l y c men is taught uniform Step. 

L l Col. 

HEAD Q, March 1st, '79. 

For the Day to-morrow, B. Gr. Mulenburgh. 

F. officer, Col. Craig. 

B. M., Khkpatiick. 

A Gr. Court M. to set to-morrow morning, A. M. , at y e usual 
place, for y e trial of Col. Addam, and all persons y' shall be 
brought before them. Col. Williams to preside, IV Col, Hay 
& Dodly & M. Merry weather & Howard; a Capt. from each 
Brig., except 2 from Woodford's. 

An officer from each Brigade to superintend y e hospital at 
Brunswick, under Col. Beford, to be relieved monthly. 

B. O. A Capt. from y e 1 st R. to attend y e Gr. C. M. to-morrpw, 
at y e time and place appointed in y e Gr. orders of y e Day. 

A sub. of now y e 2 d R. to go to Brunswick agreable to y 
foresaid orders. 

B. O. Adj of y e Day from y e 10 R 

H d Q r " M. B. Mar. 2nd, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. O. , L' Col. Harmon. 
B. M., Hitchcock. 

1 C., 3 S., 3 S., 3 C., 2 D. & F., 60 P>, for fatigue to-morrow, 
at 9 o'clock, from y e Mar. Brig. 
R 0. Adj 1 of y c Day from ye 2 d R. 

HEAD Q" M. B r , Mar. 3rd, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. O., M. Murry. 

B M. , McCormack. 

The Gr. C. M., whereof Col. Hall was president, is disolved, 
at which C., Febr. 23 r , L' Person, of the 6 th Verg. Regt,, was 
tryd for unsolJierly Conduct, in being absent from his Patrol, 
& thereby suffered Enemy to surprise & take his men, on y" 
morn of y ? 9' h of Febr. After mature deliberation, y e C. are of 
opinion y l he is Guilty of y e Charge exhi beted against him, being 
a breach of y e 5 Ih article, 10 th sec. , of y e Art, of war, & sentence 
him to be reprimanded in G. O. 

The Genl. is sorry he is obliged to Deolear y l he thinks y e 
sentence inaddiquate to y e offence. The strictest punctuality 
on patrol is so essential Importance, & a surprise from any 


neglect or irregularity of men & officers is always Disgraceful, 
and often so pernitious, y' it should never fail to incur the 
severest penalty. 
B. O. Adj' of y e Day from y R 

H. Q, M. B., Mar. 4th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. O., Lt. Col. Gaspy. 

B. M., Stoddard. 

1C., 2 S. , 3 S. , 20 Rk. & file from y c 2 d Mar. Brigade for fatigue 
to-morrow, to parade at 9 o' clock in y morning. The (Jloathier 
G. Guards to be augmented with 8 Privates from G. Scot's 

I). 0. G. St. Clair orders y' y c C. M. , whereof M. Moore was 
appointed President, to sit to-morrow for y c trial of such pris- 
oners as shall be brought before y m . 1 Corpl. & 6 men, with 
axes, to parade at y e G. Q rs to-morrow morning. 

B. 0. Adj 1 of y e Day from 7 th R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 5th, '79. 

Brigadier. Mulenburg 

P. O. , Mentges. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

Fatigue of y e 2 11 Mar. Brigade, same as yesterday. 

The G. C. M. , whweof Col. Williams is president, is ajonrned 
to Eiivsabethtown, to meet at Smith's Tavern, on Monday next, 
at 10 o'clock. A. M. 

Regtl. P. M rs are to apply for Dec. Pay. 

Boxes of Auditor's Papers were lately sent to Camp in a Wag- 
gon. Whoever has received y m are Desired to give informa- 

B. O. Adj' of Day from y e 10 lh R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 6th, : 79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. O., M. Stephens. 
B. M., Minis. 

B. O. Adj' of y c Day, 2 d R, 
R. O. Officer of j e weeke, L' Miligan. 

1). O., Mar. 6th, '79. 

The Field officers of the Division are Desired to meet at G. 
St. Clair's Q rs to-morrow at 9 O'clock, and the officers of the 
different Regts. who conceive themselves injured by the late 
arrangement, are desired to give in their Claims, Speaking ex- 
plicitly the principal they are founded, as soon as possible. 
Field officers, those of the first Regt. first, and proceed to the 
others in rotation. 


H. Q., M. B., Mar. 1th, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

R O. , M. Andrewson. 

B. M., Kirkpatrick. 

A C. , 3 S. , 3 S. , & 50 Rank & file from the first P. R. , for fati- 
gue, to parade to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock. 

The Men for Bannointown fatigue, to be supplied with 3 
Day's provision & 40 Rounds pr. man. 

B. O. Adj' of the Day from 1" Reg. 

H. Q", M. B., Mar. 8th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
P. O., M. Well. ' 
B. M., Hitchcock. 

1 C. , 2 S. ,3 S. , 50 Rank & file, for fatigue to-morrow from 3 d P. 
B. , to parade at 9 in the morning. 

TREASURY, Febr. nth, '79. 

Ordered that the Regt. P. M be required, on the settlement 
of their accounts, to produce Vouchers, agreeable to the acts 
of Congress, whichare on no account to be despenced with. 

I). 0., Mar. 8th, '79. 

All y* F. officers not on Duty will meet to-morrow, Ten 
o'clock, at Col. Butler's Hutt in Camp, to take into Considera- 
tion the Claims of the officers of there first Regt 1 arrangements. 

S. O. Adjt. of Day from 7 th R. 

HEAD Q", M. B., Mar. Qth, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

P. O., M. Stuart. 

B. M., Stoddard. 

A C. , 1 S. , 2 S. . 38 Rank & file from Genl. Woodford's Brigade 
for fatigue, to parade to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock. 

Capt. Jeremiah Breans is to superentend the Artificers during 
the absence of Col. Baldwin, & is to be regarded accordingly. 

All officers and Soldiers absent on furlough from any part of 
the army, either immediately under the Com r in- Chief or else- 
where, are without fail to join their respective corps before the 
first of May next. 

These orders is not to affect those whose leave of absence will 
expire before that period, who will be expected to return punc- 
tualy at the expiration of their respective furloughs. Such 
officers of y e Vir. L. who have been on furlough, and have since 
been appointed to particular Duty under B. G. Scott, are not 
comprehended in this order. 

S. 0. Adj' of the Day from 10 th R. 


H. Q., M. B., Mar. 10th, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

P. O., M. Lee. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

1C., 2 S. , 2 S .45 Rank & file for fatigue from Gr. Mulenburg'=t 
B. , to parade to-morrow at 9 o'clock. Col. Hall is appointed to 
superintend the Hospital at Brunswick, & Col. Beauford will 
call at y c orderly office for instruction. 

B. O. The Sutler of the first P. B. is ordered imediately to 
depart from Camp, & all other persons selling Liquors is im- 
mediately to quit selling Liquors. The Disobeying of this order 
will be punished with the greatest severity. The B. Q. M. to 
see this order punctually obeyed. 

Adjt. Ervin, of y e 2 nd Regt, is appointed to do B. M. Duty, 
in the absence of M. McCormack. 

Col. Comd 1 . 

D. a, Mar. Wth, '79. 

The supreme executive Council have provided & sent on a 
quantity of stores for the Comfort & Conveniency of the officers 
& soldiers of this state in Camp, & Directed that they may be 
Issued in the following maner, viz. : That the Articles may be 
Distributed pursuant to the s ? d resolve of Assembly, a | part 
of the original cost for Cash only, the usual allowance to be 
mads to Capt. St. Glair for waterage. That the s'd articles be 
Destributed in quantitys in the following manner : 

1 pint of rum pr. Rations. 

Ib. Uncolkraydo sugar pr. Ditt. 

1 ounce Tea pr. Ditt. 
Chocolate pr. Ditt. 

2 ounces hard sope pr. Ditt. 
ft Tobacco pr. Ditt. 

The Com 'ding officers of Regts. will sign weekly returns, 
specifying the names & No. of non Com d officers & soldiers in 
Camp, & on Com a or other duty ; and the Q. M. will thereupon 
apply to Mr. St. Clair, who is appointed to Distribute the s'd 
stores, & receve from him the amount of each Regt. , giving a 
receipt for the same on the return, & Deliver them to the in- 
dividuals in the proportions above mentioned, all except the 
Rum, which must ba Delivered in such quantities only, at 
once, as the s'd Corn'ding officers shall think proper. And y 9 
P. M. to stop monthly from that Rsg' the value of the receipt, 
& pay it into the Hands of Mr. Ziegler, taking a receipt from 
him for the same returns, which will be their voucher?; <Sc y 
28 VOL. XI 


Council have further resolved that Due Care be had in y e De- 
Htribution to y ranks of y e officers, & y l each officer be intitlad 
to draw from y e store in exact proportion to y e No. of rations 
to which he is intitlad on y Conteuental establishment, Viz: 

The weeky allowance of a soldier for every ration that y* 
prices of y c s'd article now sent be at the following rates, vi:', : 

Quart Rum, 5 ?i 

Ib Sugar, 3 5 

It> Tea, ' 14 9 

tb Coffee 035 

Ib Chocolate . . . G 3 

ib Plug Tobacco, I 11 

1 Ib hard sope, ' 2 5 

1 Ib Loaf Sugar, 7 

The above being the of the original Cost of the s'd articles, 
that as the above articles are designed for the Comfort of the 
officers & soldiers in Camp, none of the furlough be deem'd in- 
titled to draw on the time he is absent. 

D. C. M. to sit^o-Morrow at 10 o'clock, at y c president's Hall, 
for the trial of Sam 1 Moffet, W. M r , and such other persons as 
shall ba brought before tham. Col. Hannon, President- Capt. 
Montgomery, Judge Advocate. 

B. O. A sub. from the first ; a Capt. & 2 subs, from the 2* ; 
1 sub. from the 7 th ; 1 from the 10 th , to sit as members. 

;H. Q., M. B., Mar. 11*, "JU 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
P. O., Grrier. 
B. M. , Minis. 


As y* returns of y e Army ba similar in every respect, and 
regularly transmitted, The Com d in Chief directs y' y c officers 
Co n d " 3 Ragts. & Brigades observes the following regulations: 

First. Under y e Column of prest. fit for Duty, are to be in- 
serted all y' j are capable of gaing into action, Guard Datach- 
ment, &c. 

Second. By officers & men, Com'd officers, such prest., such 
absent on furlough, recruiting, vacant on Com' 1 , and y c state 
ftf P. of war, an:l are to ba inserted in their proper Columns, & 
y 3 Body of y e Brigade returns numerically in y c regt. returns, 
y absent officers' names to ba inserted, the places where, rea- 
sons for, & time of absence. The sick, present & vacant, to be 
put numerically in y e proper lines, in such manner y' both re- 
turns of y e sick & absent officers, together with y e time and y* 


reasons, of y c present fit for Duty, will amount to y c Establish- 

Third. Under y e Rank & file in y c first column, to be inserted 
all men fit for Dur.y, a number are to be included all officers,, 
waiters belonging to them, who are ever to go on Duty with 
thair Masters, making part of y e Detachmant. All soldier* 
employed with their Corps, or artificers, or tradesmen, all 
guard in Camp, or if within alarming distance. In a word, all 
yrank & file capable of doing duty of any kind, within y e foresM 
limet are to be exactly rated. 

Fourth. Sick in Camp, judged so by y c Reg 1 surgeon, so near 
Camp as to be attended by y m . 

Fifth. To Continue all such sick in y c hospital or elsewhere, 
too far distant from Camp to be attended by y Regt. surgeonv 
are underneath to be particularly noted y e hospital at which y* 
are sick. 

Sixth. The 4 lh to include all such as are on Detachment,, or 
too distant from their respective Regts. to join in case of an 
alarm, & underneath the place where, kind of Duty are on, to> 
be exactly rated. 

Seventh. In the 5 th to bs inserted such as are on furlough, by 
officers properly authorized, and y c 6 lh to contain y c number of 
y absent of y e Rk. & file^ 

Ninth. Under wanting & Complete are to be inserted y e No*_ 
of Sarg' 3 & Dr 3 . & fifers, & Rk. & file, defficient on y e establish- 

'Tenth. Under alterations since last return, are to be inserted 
Kuc-h Casuallitys as may have happened since last return to be- 
rated underneath y u return, y e No. discharged by the M. M r . 
for disability, & those whose time of service are expired. 

Eleventh. Besides y c weekly alterations of monthly return* 
all y c alterations in y c Rk. & file fore y e month past are to be in- 
cluded lleg'ly, & y whole return compaired with one imediatJy 
proceeding, which must be made Corespond, so y' if it exceeds 
or falls short of y proceeding, y c augmentation or deficiency of 
officers or soldiers be actually accounted for. 

Twelfth. On y back of each Regt. & Brigade returns are to 
ba inserted, on honour, y c No. of officers, non-Com d officers, & 
Rk. & file, fit for action. None are to be excluded who are? 
returned fit for Duty, but waggoners, or such as are destitute? 
of Arms or Cloathes, who are to be inserted Sundry Columns, 
vix: Waggoners wanting cloathes, wanting Arms; The Tot. 
of which, added to the fit for action, will amount to the No.. 
prest. fit for Duty. 

Thirteenth. The Regf. Returns to Vie made out weekly, signecf 
by y c Com" 1 "' of Regts., & deliver y"' to y e Com d; "* officers of Bri- 


gades, who are to*ave y m digested into Brig, returns, which, 
nfter y* have carefully examined and signed, they will transmit 
to y e Adj 1 G. every Saturday, at y orderly time. The monthly 
returns to be delivered y c last Saturday of every month succes- 
sively, except such Troops as are so far distinct from head Q" 
to have their returns forwarded weekly. Y Com uins officers of 
such Troops are to have returns made out, and transmited to 
y*adj l G. y c last Saturday, save one, of each month successively. 
These returns are by no means to be made now to any persons 
what ever, except to such persons as are immediatly concerned 
in making & signing y m now. To be forwarded by any but 
under said Cover, y* y e returns of y e army may be kept, a pro- 
found secret, as a matter of y c highest importance. Conse- 
quently, they are to be convey d by very trusty persons ; by 
none under y c rank of a Com y officer, if possible. 

Fourteenth. The officers Com dlng Regts. are to keep Books, in 
which y e are to have every return they make regularly regis- 
tared ; also y c Regt. Casualty, that is y c dates of Deaths, Des- 
charged, Desertions, furloughs, &c. , y 1 happening in y c Regt. 
The Com dlng officer of Brigades are also to have their Brig d re- 
turns recorded in a Book kept for y e purpose, and as the G. 
Com di "8 D. orders; together with y Brig d Casualtys. Thia 
Book to be kept in y c Regt. or Brig d , in Case a Regt. Brig a 
should be induced, s d Books to be deposited in y c orderly office. 

Fifteenth. Morn. Reports of Camp to be made every day, & 
signed by y oldest officer of each prest., to y c Com dins officer 
of y Regt. , immediately after roll call in y c morn. The which 
on Munday & Thursday are to bedejested into full returns, & 
delivered to y c Com ding officers of Brig d . 

Sixteenth. The monthly regulations are to be transmited re- 
turns of Clothing, arms, accoutrements. All y e aforementioned 
returns to be made according to the printed Blank forms -y 1 
will be delivered y m . 

Seventeenth. Size rolls according to y e forms to be taken of 
"Camp, which are to be kept by y e Com din8 officer of Camp. 

B. O. Adj* of Day from first R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 12, '79, 

"Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. O., M. Posey. 

B. M., Kirkpatrick. 

The P. Roll for Febr. to be lodged with the P. M. G. for ex- 

1 C,2 S,3 8,60 R. K. & file, from G. Smallwood's B. ,for fatigue, 
Jo parade to-morrow, at 9 o' Clock. 


The hon blc Congress is pleased to come to a resolution the 2 n * 
Instant, 'pointing a Commissioner to settle & pay all account? 
and arrearages of Cloathing due to the Troops of these for y 
year '79, the following parts of which are extracted for the 
Government of all officers Conserned, & are to be carefully at- 
tended to. The Cxenl. has the most perfect confidence y l all 
officers will Contribute to the execution of this resolve on prin- 
cipals of equal justice to the public & the soldiers under their 

The regularity in which the distribution of Cloathing have 
been hitherto inspected makes the utmost Circumspection nec- 
essary. All officers of the army who have received Cloathing for 
the Troops, wether of any Continental State Cloather, or by 
purchase or impressments, are directed to render to y c Com" 1 
for s'd return of y e same,& account with him for their due, ap. 
plying. That y Com. in Chief & officers Com dins at any separate 
part will forthwith Cause y officers & Capts. Conv 1 "' 3 Comps. & 
Troops under their immediate Com* to make out the accounts 
of their respective Comps., specifying the name of the Claim- 
ants still in the service, where y c are, what y c have re'd & what 
: s due. These points in Case of doubt, to be ascertained by a 
particular inquiry of the officers, non Com d officers, & privates 
of each Comp. Y c accounts thus formed & ascertained, shall 
he delivered to y Regt. P. M v who shall draw y in to a Genl. 
one & settle y c same with y e Com d afores'd. The Commissioner 
shall certify y same due on such ac'ts, & to whom due, where- 
upon warrants shall be issued for Payments in like manner as 
for y" monthly P. of y c Troops. Y l y e s'd Regt. P. M. pay y e 
arrears afores'd to y c non Com d officers & soldiers y m selves, or 
their Representations, to whom y c are due, & account with ye 
Com r afores'd for the money that is saved for that use, produc- 
ing the rec-eipts of the non Com' 1 officers & soldiers, or their re- 
presentatives, as vouchers ; & if upon such acct. there shall ap- 
pear to ba any back money in the P. M. hands received for 
any non Com d officer or soldier who, afterwards die or deserted. 
The s 1 Com" shall certify the same to the P. M. Gr. . or his 
Dept. at the post where the Regt. of sa d P. M r . is station' 1 , to 
whom he shall pay overall such money remaining in his handp. 
That all non Com' 1 officers & soldiers intitled to Continental 
Bounty of Cloathing, serving in the year '70, but are not in the 
service now, their representatives in Case of decese, shall also 
receive the arrears of such Cloathing, provided they produce 
oi- Transmit to the Commissioner afors d the accts. thereof, au- 
thenticated Certificates of the officers of their own, they im- 
mediately have served, or other sufficient evidence; & the s* 
Com r being satisfied therewith, shall certify the sums due on 


those ac'ts, whereupon warrant shall be produced for payment 
that was the Cause of this inquiry. It may appear that tho 
Cloathing issued to non Com d officers & soldiers for the year '79 
-exceeds the Bounty allowed by Congress, the Regt, P. M. shall 
<enter the names of such on separate rolls for the inspection of 
:he Com or afores'd, who shall transmit one of them to the P. 
M. G. or his Deputy, at the post where their Regt. may happen 
to be, and the other to y e Com din * officer of y c Regt. , to which 
Kiich non Com d officers & soldiers did belong, who shall there- 
upon be put under stopages, by order of such Com d ing officer 
toy* amount of thesurplussage of y c allowed Bounty, for which 
the Regt, P. M. shall acct. to y c P. M. G., or his D 1 * afores'd, 
on every application for the Regt's Monthly Pay. 

B. O. Adjt of y D. from 7 th R. A Fatigue party, of 1 S. & 15 
men, to turn out to-morrow morning, to finish ahutt in > c first 
Regt. for y c use of y e Brigade G. The B. Q. M. to furnish a 
waggon for that purpose. 

Col. C. 

2?. O. The officers Com d ing Camps are to make out returns 
of >* men who are willing to Draw such articles as are to be had 
in j* state store, and sign an order to Mr. Ziegler to deliver 
such articles as may be wanting in their Camps, which will be 
-a sufficient voucher for Mr. Ziegler to recover his money from 
the officar, who will stop it at the first draw of monthly pay. 
This order is only to be Considered for one draw. The officers 
are desired to see that the Rum is not delivered to > c men at 

Major 7'* P. R. 

II. Q., M. B., Mar. 13th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

P. O., Col. Gest, 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

Capt. Bivy, of Coh Shearman's Regiment ; L l An d Little, of 
y 2' P. R. ; L l Nic. Lawrence, of y state P. R. ; L* M c Murray, 
of > c aO th P. R. ; Mr. Gilliland, director of y c ordnance ; M r Rich. 
Mont, in y c 2 d North Car. or first york R. ; Capt. Dougai, at 
; L' Win. Glairy, 2 d new york R. ; Mr. AVelsh, voiuntenr in 
O. Huntingdon's Brigade; Mr. Mick's. Col. Williams' R. ; & 
Mr. Jno. Burnsides. of Col. Lamb's Artt, 

The above gentlemen being under mention in the appoint- 
ment in the Comps. of sappers miners are desired to attend 
ait, H. Q rs fourthwith. 

B. O. Adj< of y c Day from 11 th R. 

R. O. For the tn.-m ; ng week, L' Williams. 


B. O., Mar. \St?i, '79. 

The party lor fatigue at y c Brig G. house to Continue from 
Day to Day until it is finished ; y Brig. Q' M. to furnish this 
party with Tools & every necessary to Complete it, 

The B. Q. M. is, as soon as possible to draw blank Books for 
the different Regts., & one for the Com d of the Brig d , to keep 
their records in, to agreable G. O. of the ll lh Instant. 

Col. Comd. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. I4tfi, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

P. O. , L l Brant. 

B. M. Btoddard. 

For a month's Com' 1 , L* Col. Gest. 

The returns of y relisted men. from y e 23 r(J Febr. to this Day, 
to be forthwith made to y Adj 1 G. , the Bounty to each Recruit 
to be specifyed to. Where this has been omited in the last re- 
turn, it is to be included in y" prest. 

IS., IS., 25 Rank & file from y c 2* Maryland Brigade for fati- 
gue to-morrow, to parade at y usual time. 

B. O. Adj 1 of y c Day from y e 2 1 R. 

D. O., Mar. Uth, '79. 

At a D. C. M., held Camp millstone, Mar. 12 th , Sam. Moffet, 
\V. M r , Tried for neglect of Duty, & acquited, The G. approves 
of y c sentence, & orders him to be released from his arrest. 

Mr. Francis M'Connel, F, M. , tried by y same Court for 
neglect of Duty, & acquited, Y e G. approves of y e sentence, & 
orders him to be released from his arrest. 

Jas. McCarty, soldier, tried on susspition of intending to 
Desert, found guilty, & sentenced to receive 50 Lashes on his 
Bare back. The G. approves of y c sentence, & orders it to be 
put in execution to-morrow, at Roll call. 

.las. Hunt. Soldier, tried for attempting to desert. No evi- 
dence approving against him, orders him to join his Comp. 
Sentence approved. 

Tiie several Regts. in y Di \ i -lion to make returns immediately 
of the No. of Arms & Accoutrements, Drs. and lifers wanting 
to Compleat. 

The Com dins officers of Regts. will oider their Muster Rolls 
to be prepared that the Troops may be Mustered Tuesday next, 
if fair. 

R. O., Mar.Utf). 79. 

Agreeable to the D. O., the officers Com dln s Comps. are to 
make out returns of Arms & Accoutrements, Drs. and fifers 
wanting to Compleat their Comp. 


The M. Rolls to be in order to be Mustered on Tuesday next, 
L' Torence will take y Charge of y c Maj. Comp. During L l 

Williams' absence. 


M., 7th. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 15th, 79. 
Brigadier, Mulen burgh. 
F. O. , Col. Craige. 
B. M., Porterfield. 
Fatigue from 2 d Mar. B. to-morrow, the eame as this Day. 

D. O. Mar, 15th, '79. 

The B. M. All officers acting as such to the respective Bri- 
gades of Penn'a, are to clothe Duty of B. M. of the Day to y e 
Division in succession ; and it is expected y l they will Daily 
bring to y M. G. Q rs the (r. O. as soon as y ! have issued and re- 
ceived his orders for the Division. They will also make a. Coppy 
for him of all Gf. returns, & deliver them in on the same day 
they are Directed to be given to the adj' G. 

Was lost yesterday a parchment pocket Book, between the 
Bank & house, at y forage yard, containing near 400 Con- 
tinental Dollars of 60, 40, 30, & 8 Dol. bills, and some papers. 
If any person has found the same. & will return it at the Maga- 
y.een of forage, shall have 20 Dol. reward. 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from 1 st R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 16th, 79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. O., L'C'Harmar. 
B. M., Minis. 
S. 0. Adj' of y Day from 7 th R, 

D. 0. Mar. nth, 79. 

The Troops are to draw 2 Days' provision, & have it Cooked 

The Geril. directs tlmt the officers pay particular attention 
to the Troops, & suffer none to leave Camp, and to be in readi- 
ness to inarch at a moment's warning. 

HEADQ., M. B., Mar. I77i, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. O. , M. Murray. 

B. M. . Kirkpatrick. 

The Troops to draw & cook 2 Days' pro vision, exclusive of the 
present. Officers to remain in Camp to see that the Soldiers 
do the same. 

P.. O. Adj' of the Day from 11 th R. 


H, Q., M. B. Mar. 18th, '79. 

P. O. , L' Col Gaskins. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

ACorpl & G men from 2 B. Maryland, with two days' provision, 
to be sent to the Commissary of Provisions to-morrow morning, 
at 9 O'Clock. 

After #., Mar. 17th, '79. 

M. G. L. Stirling's Division to be held in readiness to march 
at a moment's warning. Two Days provision in hands, and 

D. 0., Mar. 18th, '79. 

The O. of the 11 th for return of Arms not being sufficiently 
explained, the Coin dln officers of Segts, will please to order it 
to be made in the following manner, Viz: The No. of men fit 
for Duty in one Column; sick present in another; musquet fit 
for service ; Cattouch Boxes, Bayonets, scabards, & Belts, Drs. 
and fifes wanting, each in their proper Columns, & they will 
note at last of the return the No. of recruits in the several 
Regts. who have not received Arms. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 19th, '79. 
F. O., M. Mentgea > 
B. M., Stoddard. 
B. O. Adj 1 of y Day from 1 st R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 20, '79. 

P. O., M. Stephens. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

The following extiac''^ of a resolve of Congress, to ba strictly 
observed in future by all officers of the Line,<fc F d . officers where- 
of it will be necessary in future, certificates to be more for- 
mally Authenticated to prevent many inconveniences that may 
arise similar to those already experienced ; thereto] e: 

Unsolved* that Certificates hereafter given by Com' 1 officers 
for the use of the army be signed with their names at full 
length, & the rank they hold if under a General officer ; that 
the Regt. to which they belong be added ; that the particular 
articles received be incerted in the Body of the Certificate, iheir 
value, the Time when received, in letters not in figures: That 
the Certificates be Directed to the principal of the Depart- 
ment, whose Duty it is to provide the articles so received, or 
his most nearest Deputy separate certificates to be given 
wheresoever the articles are pertained to several Depart- 
ments; that, officers keep exact coppys of the Certificates they 
give,& transmit other Coppys to th<? nearest Deputy or agent in 



the Department, giving him the necessary information in the 
business The Deputy is to transmit Coppys of all the certifi- 
cates They pay to their principals; that inquiry be made 
whether the giving the Certificates was necessary the public 
service, & whether the things received have been properly ap- 
ply ed. 

B. 0. Adjt, of the Day from 7 th R. 

R. O. Officer of y c week, L l Russell. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 21, '79. 
P. O., M. Well. 
B. M. , Kirkpatrick. 
B. O. Adj 1 of y Day from 10 ;h R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 22, 1779. 
F. O., M. Stewart. 
B, M., Stoddard. 
B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from 2* R 
The Bonnamtown Picket to parade to-morrow at ten o'closk. 

H. Q., M. Br., Mar. 28rcZ, 1779. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

The Comd r in Chief directs the following rations to be de- 
livered to the Army till further orders, Viz : 21 ounces beef, or 
15 pork, 10 ounces Bread or flour, 1 Gill of sperits occasionally, 
the usual quantity of soap & Candles. 

A Capt. , 2 subs., 3 serg 8 , 50 Rk and file from the Maryland 
Line, to be sent as a fatigue party, to-n.orrow morning, to re- 
pair the from Camp to Trenttown, without arms, sup- 
plyed with 3 Days' provisions, and to Continue on that busi- 
ness till further orders. 

1 C. , 2 S. , 3 S. , 40 men to be sent by the Virginia Line, to re- 
pair the Roads from B. Brook to Vanvacton's Bridge, and the 
same No. from the Penn'a Line, to repair the Roads from that 
to Summerset; the two last partys to be Daily imployed from 
their Division till they have Compleatly repaired the Road in 
their respective Districts; they will receive directions from Q. 
M. G. 

A sub. , sergt. , & 23 Rank & file from the 1 st P. B. , to parade 
tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, with their Dinners, on the 
Grand parade. 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from I" 1 R. 

R. O. Capt. M C G. , for the Road fatigue, L 1 MMickle for the 
Grand parade. 


I). 0., Mar. 3rd, '79. 

A Court of inquiry to sit to-morrow morning at Ten o' Clock, 
at Capt. Bower's Hutt, 6 lh P.R. , to determine the Claim of 
Capt. Bower, of 5 th Regt., on Jas. Gardand, Soldier, doing 
Duty in the 7 th P. R. , Capt. Irwiri's Comp; the Gentlemen 
Concerned to attend. 

A party consisting of 1 sub. , & 24 men with axes, to parade 
to-morrow at 8 o 'Clock, ready to march, with 4 Days' Provi- 
sion, the officer to Call on me for instructions. 


H. Q , M. B., Mar. 24, '79. 

F. O., M. Posey. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

The hon' 1 the Congress have been pleased to pass the follow- 
ing resolution, Mar. 16'", '79. 

Resolved, that all warrant officers on the civil staff of the 
army be put on the same footing of Commissioned officers, 
in respect to arrests, Trials, punishments, &c. , &c. 

Fatigue same as yeasterday. 
B. 0. Adj' of the Day from 7 th R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 25th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. O. , L* Col. Hopkins. 
B. M., Minis. 

1 sub., serg 1 , 25 Rk. and file, from y e 1"P. B. for fatigue, to- 
morrow morning, 9 o'Clock. 
B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from 10 R. 

H. Q. , M. B., March 26M, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. O., L l Col. Brent. 

B. M., Kirkpatrick. 

IS., 1 S. , 25 Rk. & file from the 2 P. B. to parade at the 
usual hour. 

At a B. G. C. M., Fishkills, Sept. 29 th , '78, L l Col. Sam 
Smith, President, L' Philip Shrauder & Kns. Henry Meg, both 
of the German Batalion, were tried for behaving in a cowardly 
manner at the Battle of German Town, leaving their Regt. at 
the Time of action, & not joining it again until the action was 

The C. having considered the evidences, are of the opinion 
that L' Shramler is not Guilty of the Charge, He having udrd 
in y c Line of his Duty as Q. M. in Conveying off the wounded. 


The Court, after Considering the evidences, of opinion that 
Kns. Meg is Gruilty of the Charge, & do sentence him to bo 
( 'ashired. 

His Excellency, y c Com' 1 in. Chief, approves of y c foregoing 
oppinions of the Court, & orders that L l Shrauder be released 
from his arrest, and the sentence against Ens. Meg take place 

B. 0. Adj' of the Day from the 2 R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 7th, '79. 
Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 
F. O., Col. Craig. 
B. M., Stoddard. 
B. O. Adj 1 of the Day from 1 st R. 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 28th, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

P. O., L' Col. Harrnar. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

The fatigue party which were to been sent to repare the 
Roads the 24 lh Instant, to be sent to-morrow, as ordered on 
the 23 rd . A sub., a sergt., & 20 Rk & file, from Woodford's Bri- 
gade, for fatigue to-morro\v, to parade as usual. 

D. O. The Honourable the General Assembly of Penn'a have 
been pleased to pass the following resolves: 

First. Resolved, That, in Consideration of the services ren- 
dered by said Troops, & to relieve, as much as possible, the in- 
convenancys that they are at present subjected to, every 
officer of the Penn'a Line, who, by a resolution of Congress, 
shall ba intittled to receive half pay during seven years after 
the Determination of the present War, the half pay to be Con- 
tinued by this State, from the end of the said seven years, 
for during the Life of every such officer. 

Second. Resolved, That the present mode of Distributing to 
the officers & soldiers of the Penn'a Line, the several articles 
voted by this house at the last sessions, of prices at a Certain 
Rates, in proportion to the original Cost, be discontined, &, 
instead thereof, They be delivered at the following rates, VL: : 

West Indian Rum, at 5 Shilling pr. gallon. 

Coffy, at 3s. Qd. i r. pound. 

Tea, at 12s. Od. Dit. 

Chocolate, 3*. M. Dit. 

H aid soap, l.s. 3d. Dit, 

Tobacco, M. Dit. 

Third. Resolved, that to every officer of the said Troops, 
a compleat suit of uniform be furnished evry year by this state, 


to be charged to the officers at the price which said uniform 
might have been purchased at the Commencement of the war. 

Fourth. Resolced, That the Land which may be granted 
within this state to the officers and Soldiers serving in the 
Troops of this State, in consequence of a resolution in Congress, 
Sept. 16"', '76, shall be exempted from Taxation, while they 
Continue in the posession of such officers or soldiers, and before 
any alteration thereof made, and not after. 

Fifth. Resolved, That from and after passing this resolve, the 
Widows of the officers of this state in the Continental service 
that have died since the Commencement of the present war. 
or who may Die during the Continuance thereof, shall be in- 
titled to the half pay which their Husbands were respectively 
intitled to while in service, during her widowhood. 

Extracts from the Minutes : 


Clerk of Gfen. Assb. 

Capt. Zeigler is to observe the above resolves, & to regulate 
the prices accordingly from the Date hereof. 

It having been represented to me that the Enemy's spies do 
sometimes get into Camp, under the disguise of Countrymen ; 
to prevent which, for the future, 2 Guards are to be discon- 
tinued, and to-morfow morning, at the usual time, 4 subs., U 
serg ts , 6 Corps, 2 Drums & fife, & 90 priv. , will assemble on the 
parade ; they will be divided into 2 Guards, one of which will 
mount the front of the Encampment, and the other in the rear. 
They will first relieve the Continentals or the field officers. 
after which they will post a charge of Continentals all around 
the Camp, with orders to suffer no Country man to enter the 

D. O. Capt. of the Day, McClean. 

B. O. Adj* of the Day, McClean. 

11. O. L' Milligan, for guard. 

H. Q. , M. B. . Mar. 30ta, 79. 

Brigadier, Mulen burgh. 

F. O., M. Boyle. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

! sub., 2 serg ts , 30 Rk & file,from Genl. Scots Brigade, for fati- 
gue to-morrow, to parade at the usual time. 

Maj. Gen Green, L d Sterling, Brigadier Genl. Smallwood, 
Krose, & Mulenburgh, are requested to meet at Genl. Green'* 
Qrs., on Thursday next, at 10 o' Clock in the morning, to take 
into Consideration a desputed rank, between Majors Mentis, 
Murray, & Nickles, of the Penn'a Line. They are to make re- 
port to the Com d in Chief. 


The G. C. M., whereof Col. Williams was president, is de- 
s.,K-cd,iiiKl another ordered to sit next thursday, 10 o'Clock, 
A. M.,'at the usual place, to try all such Prisoners as shall 
Come before the Court; Col. Butler to preside. Members I/ 
Col. Harinar; Maj. Anderson; from Woodford's Brigade, a 
Capt, ; Mulenburg's, aCapt. ; Scot's, a Capt. & Sub. ; 1 st Mary- 
land, 2 Subs. ; 2 nd Dit., 1 sub. ; 1 st P. B., 2 subs. ; 2 d P. B., 1 
Capt. All Concerned to attend the Court. 

D. O., Mar. mth, '79. 

Was lost last Wednesday night, in or near Camp, a silver- 
plated Spur, with Chains to it. Whoever has found the same, 
and will bring it to the subscriber, shall have 4 Dollars reward. 

L l Col. 

Capt. of the Day for to-morrow. Stake. 

R. O., Mar. 3lst, '79. 

The Conning officers of Comp. will make returns to the P. M. 
of the No. of men in their Comp. who want shoe and knee 
buckles and stock clasps. 

The serg 13 of Comp. will take care that the men of their 
Coinps. appear neat in their Cloathes on parade: also, to see 
that they have their Arms Cleane, Accoutrements in good 
order and well put on. Any SolJier that appears on parade 
Dressed in a slovenly way, or may have his accoutrements ill 
put on, the serg' will be accountable for it. And any Serg' who 
may be Detected of not turning out all the awkward Men of 
his Comp. to the Drill, shall b3 immediately Confined and 
Dealt with at the descression of a C. M. , for Disobedience of 

H. Q., M. B., Mar. 31^, '79. 

P. O., L' Col. Gaskins. 

B. M., Stoddard. 

Sub., 3 serg", 35 Rk. & file from the 1 st Maryland Briagde, .or 
fatigue to-morrow, to parade as usual. 

L' Abraham Murray is appointed adj 1 . And Nathaniel Perry, 
Q. M., in the 10 th Virginia Regt. 

M. G. Green being Called from Camp on Duty in his Depart- 
ment, the Borde of Genl. officers, as Directed in yesterday's 
orders, to meet at his Qrs. to-morrow, are to meet at M. Genl 
L d Sterling's Q rs , and to proceed on the Business they were ap- 
pointed to. 

A Corple. & 6 privates, from the l n P. B., to Avait on the 
Commissary of provisions to-morow, with 2 Days' provisions. 


D. 0. Capt. of the day, Christy. 
B. O. Adj 1 of Ihe Day, Hughs. 

John Harden, Dr. M. to the 10 lh P. R., is appointed to do the 
Duty of Brigade Dr. M. to the 1 st P. B. 
Fatigue, same as yesterday. 


Col. Com'. 
B. 0. L' M c Mickel for Guard to-morrow. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. 1st, '79. 

Brigadier, Mulenburgh. 

F. O., L' Col. Hay. 

B. M., Porterfield. 

A sub., serg 1 , and 30 Rk. and file, from the 2 nd Maryland Bri- 
gade, for fatigue to-morrow, to parade as usual. 

At (i. C. M., whereof L l Col. Hall was president, Lod'wick 
Wolf, of the Marachuse Corps, Trumpeter, was, for Concerting 
a plot to Disert to the Enemy, and Carry with him 2 horses, 
the property of Capt Vauhan, found guilty and sentenced to 
receive 10 Lashes on his bare back, well laid on. The Com d in 
Chief approves of the sentence, and orders it to bo put in ex- 
ecution to-morrow, at the head the Corps to which he belongs. 

. D. O., Apr. 1st. '79. 

A D. C. M. to sit to-morrow morriing, at 10 o' Clock, at the 
president's Qrs., for the trial of all Soldiers in Complaint. Major 
Boyd will preside. All persons Concerned will give attend- 
ance. 2 orderly sergts. from each Brigade to attend the Court. 
Capt. Butler to act as Judge advocate. 

Capt. of the Day, Montgomery. 

Adj 1 of the Day, McCollum. 

For C. M. to-morrow, 1 Capt from the 7 th , 1 from the 10 lh 
Regt. , 2 subs, from the first, 3 from the 2 rt , to attend as members. 

Capt. Irvin, for C. M., L l Milligan, for guard. 

H. Q., M. B. Apr. 2rf, '79. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

F. O. , Maj. Stephenson. 

B. M., Minis. 

A sub., 2 sergts., 30 Rk. & tile, from the 1 st P. B., for fatigue 
to-morrow, to parade as usual; also, a sub., sergt., & 20 Rk. 
and file, from the 2 d P. B., for fatigue. - 

W m Nolet, a'Corpl. in Capt, Mott's Com p., Col. Lamb's Regt. 
of Artillery, is claimed by the 11 th P. R;, 2 subs, from each of 
said Regts., and a Capt, from the latter, to preside, will meet 
next Tuesday, A. M., at the orderly office, to inquire into the 
claim, and report to which of the Regts. he belongs. 

448 ORDfillLY BOOK. 

The G. C. M. , whereof Col. Butler was appointed president, 
to meet to-morrow morn., 10 o'Clock, Col. Butler having ob- 
tained Leave of absence, I/ Col. Harinar to preside in his room. 
Major Lee to attend as an addissional member. 

The C. M. appointed to try Col. Ogden, Charged with 1"\ 
neglect of Duty in Gfenl ; 2*, repeated frauds against the public, 
& also the officers and Soldiers under his command ; 3 rd , Cowar- 
dice ; 4 th , gaming, Have Declared, it their opioriion, that he is 
not guilty of the l sl charge, that he is not guilty of the 2 d , arid 
are unanimously of opinion that he is not guilty of the 3 rd , and 
have unanimously acquitted him with honour. They are unan- 
imously of oppinion that he is guilty of the 4 th Charge, being 
a breach of the Com d in Chief orders, the 8 th of Jan. , 78, and 
do sentence him to be severly reprimanded in Genl. orders. 

The Grenl. approves of the Sentence of the Court, and it gives 
him pleasure to iind that Col. Ogden, of whom he always had 
a high oppinion, has been acquitted of the 3 rd & 1 st Charges ex- 
hibited against him. Could have been happy, if there had 
been no Circumstance to justify the 4 th & last charge, but he is 
under the painful necessity of observing that they are Circum- 
stances to most fully authorize the sentence of the Court. The 
Cienl. is sorry that a Gentleman at the head of a Regt. , who, 
both in practice & precept, ought to show the most pointed at- 
tention & adherence to all orders to influence and determine 
the Conduct of those acting subordinate Stations to him, should 
be among the first to break them. The officer who acts these. 
Countenances a relaxation of Discipline, and the Introduction 
of disorder can not prevent, much less punish, offences in others, 
which he himself commits. All Genl. orders are in force till 
they are set aside, or altered by subsequent ones Issued from 
proper authority, or till the occasion Ceases that produces 
them. Col. Ogden knows this, and he must know also that 
the particular orders, which was the subject of the Court M. 
Consideration on the 4 th Charge against, remained unaltered, 
& the infraction of it is more Censurable, if possible, than that 
of any other was, much as the order was intended to prevent, 
the most perniscious vice that can appertain to any Army (that 
of gaming. ) 

D. O. Capt. of the Day to-morrow. Grant. 

S. O. Adj of the Day, McClean. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. 3rd, '79. 
Brigadier, Woodford. 
F. O., L' Col. Adams. 
B. M.. Hitchcock. 
The contracts for shoes in exchange for hides, made by officers 


Commanding Brigades, in Consequence of L d Sterling orders, 
Jan. last, when previous to the suspension thereol, on the C lh of 
Pebr., are to be immediately reported to the Adj 1 Genl., with 
greatest exactness. These reports are to Comprehend the Names 
and places of residence of the persons with whom the contract* 
were made, the persise number of shoes Contracted for r the 
terms on which they were to be furnished, The number of shoes 
received in Consequence of the Contracts, and the quantity of 
hides delivered toward the paymaster. 

D. O., Apr. 3rd, '79. 

The Court of inquiry, ordered the 23 d of March, at, which Capt. 
Bower presided, to determine the Claim of Capt. Bond, on Jas. 
Garland, soldier, doing duty in Capt. Irvin's Comp. , of the 7"' 
P. R. , are of opinion that Garland properly belongs to the 5" : 
P. R., Capt. Bond's inlistment being prior to Capt. Irvin's. 
The Genl. approves the opinion of the Court, and orders said 
Garland to join Capt. Bond's Company immediately. As the 
Duty is extremely hard on the subalterns, owing to the small 
numbers in Camp, will mount in future instead of 4, till further 
orders. Divine service will be performed to-morrow, if fair, 
in Camp, at the head of the respective Briga les, at 11 o'Clock, 
A. M. The officers and men not on duty to attend. 

The Court M., whereof Maj. Boyle is president, to meet in 
Camp. The Distance of Maj. Boyle's Q rs makes it very incon- 
venient, and occasions Delay. 

Genl. St. Claire requests the favours of the Camp, of the 
Capt. of the Day, and the officers of the Guard, to dine with 
him the Day they are relieved. 

Capt. of the Day to-morrow, Steel. 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day, Irvin. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. 4to,'79. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 
F. O. , I/ Col. Darling. 
B. M., Stoddard. 

A sub., sergL, 30 Rk. & file, from Woodford's Brigade, for 
fatigue to-morrow, to parade as usual 
D. O. Capt. of the Day, Bower. 
B. O. Adjt. of the day, Hughes. 

H. Q., M. B.. Apr. 5th, '79. 

Brigadier, Woodford. 
F. O., M. Howard. 
B. M., Porterfield. 
29 VOL. XI. 


A sub., 2sergts., 32 Rk. & file, for fatigue, from Mulenburg's 
Brigade, to parade as usual. 

Ail oJicers who have drawn money for the reinlistirig service 
are desired to prepare the accompts for settlement with the 

A sergt. and 12 men from Grenl. Scott's Brigade, to-morrow, to 
be sent to Commissary Cain's. 

D. O. Capt. of the Day to-morrow, Parker. 

B. O. Adj' of the Day, MeColum. 

R. O. L l Bush, for Guard to-morrow. 

B. O., Apr. 5th, '79. 

I am sorry to find that the Cleanliness of the Camp is so much 
neglected. The smell in front of the parade is so very offen- 
sive, and if not soon prevented, must be attended with very 
bad consequences, to prevent which the Q. M. is to have the 
front of their different Regts. immediately Cleaned of all Bones, 
and every thing Causing bad smell buryed in vaults, sunk at 
proper distance, and see that the Camp Coulor men do their 
Duty in Covering the vaults at least 3 times a week. It is ex- 
pected that the<Com d ing officers of the Regts. Q. M r have the 
above orders immediately complyed with. 

The Brigade to parade to-morrow evening at half past 3 
o'clock, with their Arms and Accoutrements in good order, 
and the men Clean and well dressed, with Wooden Snappers in 
their pieces ; all the officers off duty to attend. 

Col. Comt. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. Qth, '79. 

Brigadier, Smallwood. 

F. O., Maj. Stewart. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

For a month's Com d , furnished with 3 Day's Provisions and 
40 Rounds pr. man, L l Col. Ford. 

At a Grenl. Court Martial of the Line, Apr. 3 rd , '79, L' Col. 
Harmar, prest. , Capt. Handy, of 3 rd Maryland Line, was tried 
for refusing his Tour of Duty, in not taking the Command of 
Boundbrook picket. The Court, having considered the evi- 
dence & the reasons offered by Capt. Handy for his refusal to 
do his Tour of duty he is charged with, are of opinion that his 
reasons are not sufficient to justify his refusal to do his duty he 
was ordered, and that he is guilty of a breach of that part of 
the; 5 h - Article, 2' section, of the articles of War, which respects 
a disobedience of orders, but as ft appears it proceeded from a 
dispute of rank existing in the Regt. he belongs to, they Con- 
sider his being arrested and tried by a Genl. Court Marnal to 


he ;i sufficient Punishment for the Charge exhibited against 

The Cora dr in Chief approves of the sentence. Capt. Handy i* 
released from his arrest. 

A Serg' & 12 from Genl. Scot's Brigd. . A sub., 2serg l , 80 Rk. 
& file from Genl. Smallwood's Brigade, for fatigue, to pant. l* 
as usual. 

D. O. Capt. of the Day to-morrow, Grant. 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day, MCleane. 

A sub. from the 1 st Regt. to relieve one of the 2 nd at the hos- 
pital at Summerset. 

R. O. Capt. Montgomery for a month's Command. L l Rus- 
sell for fatigue. 

D. O., Apr. Qth, '79- 

No officers on G. C. M. ought to be ordered on other Duty- 
whatever, except Detachment, untill the Court Martial is de- 
solved, but if, thi*ough mistake, an officer under order fora 
Court Martial, should be ordered for Duty, he is not to obey the 
orders, unless it shall be a special one, in writing from the 
Com' lr in Chief, or officer Com fl ing the Division, but it will be 
proper for him to inform the Brigade Major, in writing, that 
he is on Court Martial, And Cannot attend. 

An officer, serg\ Corpl*J & 11 privates, with 2 Days' Provision, 
to inarch to-u:orrow to Trenttown, to escort Stores for the Di- 
vision from thence to Camp. The officers will please to Call on 
Mr. Ziegler. 

B. O. The Brigade to parade to-morrow, half after 3 o'clock in. 
the afternoon. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. 7th, '79. 

Brigadier, Wood ford. 

F. O. , Major Greene. 

B. M., Stoddard. 

A sub. , 2 serg ts , 30 Rk. and file from the 2 d Maryland Brigade' 
for fatigue to-morrow. 

The Court of inquiry, which was set yeasterday, will sit next 
Saturday, 10 o'Clock, A. M., for the purposes mentioned in 
the orders of the 2 1 Instant. 

D. 0. Capt. of the Day, Bitten. 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day, Irwin. 

H. Q., M. B., April 8th, '79. 
Brigadier, Smallwood. 
F. O. , Col. North. 
B. M., Porterfield. 
A sub., Corpl. , 10 privates from the 1 st Maryland Brigado; 


a sergt. & 10 from the 2 d , to be sent, without their Arms, to be 
furnished with 3 Days' provisions, and join the fatigue party 
on the road to Trent-Town. 

A Hoard of Grenl. officers, to be Composed of Major Genl-. 
Green, if in Camp, L. Sterling, St. Glair, & DeKalb, & Briga 
dier Genl" Krose, Woodford, & Mulenburgh, to sit to-morrow, 
10 o'Clock, at the orderly room, to take into Consideration the 
rank and arrangement of the officers of the Maryland line, and 
to state the same. 

The Com dr in Chief will lay before the Board all the papers he 
has on the subject, & he hopes they will fit in the arrangement, 1 
and report (which they make) the Ranks & state of every officer, 
& the Rates their Commissions should bear. 

The Surgeons of the Army to make returns of their Mates, 
Medicines, and instruments to y c Director Geiil. , at Dr. Draper's 
Q rs , Boundbrook, Saturday next. The Commanding officers of 
Regts. , who have no surgeons, will make report thereof to the ' 
Director at the same Time and place. 

A serg 1 and 12 from the 1 st P. B. for fatigue to-morrow. 

/>. O. Capt, of the Day, Christy. 

B. 0. A fatigTie party of 2 serg ts and 20 men to parade to- 
morrow, at Troop Beating. To Cleane half of the Division 
street between the two Brigades. 

The B. Q. M. to have director give instructions to the Party, 
likewise, to see that the R. Q r M. keep their Regts. Cleane swept, 
& the ground in front for parade for each Regt. in good order. 
The streets that divide the Regts. is to be Cleaned jointly be- 
tween the two Regts. that join them. A fter that is compleated, 
the Regts. is to keep the street on there Left always Clean. The 
U' 1 Regt will then have half of the Division street to Clean, which 
Leaves no part of the Brigade neglected. The B. Q. M. to see 
.every part of the above order immediatly Comply" 1 with. 


Col. Comt. 
Adj 1 of the Day, H ughes. 

H. Q., M. B, Apr. Qth, '7ft. 
Brigadier, Woodford. 

F. O., Williams. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

D. O. Capt. Win. Alesead for y c Day. 

B. O. Adj 1 of y e Day, MCollum. 

H. Q., Apr. 10, '79. 
Brigadier, Smallwood. 
F. O., Maj. Ridly. 
B. M., Stoddard. 
The Commissions of the Virginia line have come to hand. 


The Com d ing officers of the Virginia Regts. are desired to apply 
for them at Head Quarters. 

Sentence of Court Martial L l Philip Mileray, of the 11 th Vir- 
ginia Regt. , was tryd the 5 th Instant for disobedience of orders 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. nth, '79. 
Brigadier, Woodford. 

F. O. , Maj. Mentges. 

H. M., Porterfield. 

Capt Peter Borens, of the 1 st Jersy Regt., and L' Jacob Dutt, 
and Peter Lot are appointed. The first P. M. , The 2 d Adj', 
(lie 3 rd Q. M. , to the same. 

The Com d in Chief as the hot season approaches, expects that 
more than Common pains will be taken to Cleane purify the 
hutts & Camp, giving none to the former, and readying the 
latter of every kind of filth. All Carrion and putrified Bones 
and flesh in and about Camp to be burned. 

The parade of each Brigade to be made as Spacious, and 
kept as neat, as possible. 

Vaults to be properly Dug and Concealed, and fresh earth 
thrown in every morning, and sentrys placed to see that the 
Soldiers make use of them only. 

The Greatest Care shall also be taken that the men preserve 
Cleanliness in their dress, which they now happily have more 
in their Power than heretofore. Equal attention should paid 
to the manner of Cooking their victuals, which it need not be 
said is of the utmost importance to their health. 

These matters, however minutious, are obviously Essential, 
and Demand the attention as well .of officers Com d ing Division 
as of all others. Brigadiers and officers Com d ing Brigades will 
immediately be responsible for the execution of these orders. 

The reinlisting accoumpts, directed to be prepared in the 
orders of the 5 th , are forthwith to be delivered into the auditors, 
who are to settle them, agreeable to the rules prescribed in 
former orders of the 7 lh & 12 th of Febr. 

D. O. Capt. for to-morrow, Patterson. 

7?. O. Adj 1 of the Day, Irvin. 

R. 0. L' Russel for Commander. 

R. O., Apr. 12th, '79. 

The Com d ing officers of Comps. will call upon Capt. Wm. 
Alexander for the attestation of their Comps. , and make rolls, 
leaving one Column for those Inlisted during the War, & one 
for those Inlisted for 3 yrsor During the War, & be very Car- 
full to examine, & Compare the attestation with the Roll, so 
that it may be known what Quantity of men is listed during 
war, anil what number is listed for 3 yrs. , or during war inlisted 


at the same time, the Bates of the attestations. These Roils 
to be Delivered to the adj', who will make out a roll of the 

Reirt SAM- HAY, 

// Col. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. 12th, 79. 

Brigadier, Srnallwood. 

F. O. , Major Posey. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

A Serg' & 12 men from the 1 st P. B. for fatigue to-morrow. 

All the Brigade Inspectors and Adj's of Regts. to attend at 
the orderly office to-morrow, at 10 O'clock, A. M. , to Coppy the 
6 th & C th Chapters of the Barren Stubane's Instructions, which 
are to be strictly adhered to, and immediatly put into practice. 
The hours of exercise from 6 to 8 in the morn. , & 4 to C o'clock 
in the afternoon. 

The honorable the Congress having recommended to the 
United States to set apart Thursday, the 6 th of May next, to be 
observed as a Daj of fasting, humiliation. and prayer to acknow- 
ledge the many Gracious Interpositions of Divine Providence; 
to Deprecate the deserved punishment for our sins & Ingrati- 
tudes; unitedly to implorfTthe protections of heaven, Succesa 
to our Arms & the Arms of allies, the Com d in Chief enjoins the 
Religious observance of said Day, & directs that the Chaplains, 
prepare Discourses for the occasion, and strictly forbids re- 
creation and unnecessary labors. 

I). 0. Capt. of the Day, Moor. 

At a D. C. M. whereof Maj. Boyle was president, was tried 
Jonathan Washburn and John Hutchison, Soldiars in the 1" 
Rgt. for Railery. The Court having heard the Evidence, un- 
animously find them Guilty, & sentence them 100 Lashes on the 
bare Back. 

Serg' Patterson of 9 th P. B. , was tried for absenting himself 
without, after his furlough was expired. The Court find him, 
& sentence him to be reduced to the Ranks. Philip Michael 
was tried for Desertion, pleads Guilty, & found so by the Court. 
Sentenced to receive 100 Lashes on his Bare Back. Patrick 
Rogers, for stealing, found guilty by the Court, & Sentenced 
to receive 100 Lashes on his bare Back, & to be put under stop- 
pages for the Stint and Stock, not exceeding the half of his pay, 
until restitution be made. Corpl. Doyle, of the 3 M P. R., Tried 
for disobedience of orders, found guilty, & sentenced to be re^ 
duced to a private. Centinal George Wolcenance, 1 st P. R., 
Tried for Desertion & re-inlisting. They think the prisoner 
intitled to the Benefit of tho proclamation respecting Deserters, 


but sentence him to receive 50 lashes on his bare Back for re- 
irilisting. Daniel Poor, Soldier in the 10 th P. R., tried for 
Stealing a, pair of Buckles. The Court are of opinion that he is 
not guilty, and acquit him of the Charge. Thos. Scot, of the 
10'" P. R., tried for Desertion. The Court, find him guilty for 
overstaying his furlough, and sentence him to receive 29 Lashes, 
but in Consequence of his age & infirmity, recommend him to 
I he mercy of the Geiil. The Genl. approves of the sentence, 
but remits the Punishment ; he is'to be released from his Con- 
finement. Jacob Sholes, of the 5 th P. R. , tried for Desertion. 
The Court, having heard his defence, thinks him intitled to 
the Benefit of the proclamation, and acquits him. Jas. Bowden, 
of the 2 d P. B. ; Jno. Withmerit, of the 6 th ; & Daniel Jackson, 
of -the 7 th Regts., all plead guilty, found so by the Court, and 
sentenced each to receive 100 lashes on their bare Backs. Thos. 
Denison, of the 7 th P. B.. tried for desertion, found guilty, & 
sentenced 100 Lashes on his Bare Back. Neil MFee, of the 2 nd 
P. R. , tried on suspission of desertion, and attempting re- 
peatedly to make his escape whilst a prisoner, was delerious r 
and, therefore, acquit him. Levi Beatman, Tried for Stealing 
Tea from a Soldier in said Regt. From the evidence, the Court 
are of opinion that he is not guilty, &, therefore, acquit him. 

The Genl. approves the sentence and acquitance, and orders 
that the punishments and releases take place this evening, at 
Roll Call, at their Respective Regts. 

B. 0. Adj 1 of the Day, Hughes. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. mh v '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Woodford. 

F. O., Col. Stewart. 

B. M., Stoddard. 

The Court Martial, whereof Col. Harmar was president, is to 
sit to-morrow, 9 o' Clock, usual place. 

L l Col. Dabing is appointed to superintend the hospital in 
the Jersey. 

I). O. Capt. of the Day to-morrow, Barker. 

The Division to prepare for muster to-morrow. At 9 o'Clock, 
the first Brigade, that of the 2 d , at 3 o'Clock, P. M. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day, McColum. 

Ji. O. L l McMichael to take the Command of Col. Hay's 
Camp, till further orders. 

H. Q., M. B., Apr. I4to, '79. 
Brigadier to-morrow, Sm -llwood. 
F. O., L'Col. Bald. 
B. M., Porteriield. 


The G. C. M. sits to-morrow, at CoL Gest' late Quarters, 
at Bound brook, for the tryal of those belonging to the Maryland 
line, who mutinied and attempted to Desert to the enemy on 
the Monmouth Com d or detachment. All evidence are desired 
to attend Court. 

;i men from Maryland Line, to be sent to the Adj', to Genl. 
Qrs. , with their Packs and Cloathing ; they are to be employed 
ia the surveyor's department. At a Brigade Genl. Court 
Martial, held at Elizabeth town, L l Col. Brierly, president Apr. 
10 th , '79, L* Snowden, of Genl. Marchall's Brigade, was tryd fo:- 
disobedience of orders, and neglect of duty, on the 4 lh instant. 
Tae Court are of oppinion, by the Genls. expression, mentioned 
in Capt. Van Vorass' Testimony, L l Snowden has reason to 
Consider himself exempted from duty, until his Claim of rank 
was settled ; & do, therefore, find him not guilty of the Charge 
exhibited against him. 

The Genl. is sorry he cannot agree in opinion with the Court. 
Genl. Maxwell's reply, related by Capt. Voress, is susseptable 
of differant interpritations, and it appears by Ensign Bishop's 
evidense, that L' Snowden did not found his refusal on Genl. 
Maxwell's exemption, it appeared that he intended to exemp^ 

: , Lt. Snowden, conceiving himself agrieved in rank, was no 
justification for disobeying a regular order, and refusing his 
Tour of D.. duty. He should have represented his Case, and 
apply'd for redress to the Com d in Chief, and in the main time 
Continued to perform the dutys of his station. L l Snowden is 
released from his arrest. 

At a Brigade Court Martial, Jan. 7th, L'Col. Adams, presid- 
ent, Jno. Williams, of Capt. Winder's Comp. ; Win. Pensons, 
of Capt. ^Enen's Comp. ; John Williams, of L' Peets' Comp., 
Soldiers in the 1 st Maryland Regt, were try d, the 2 first for de- 
sertion and Intention, the last for Desertion and intention to- 
go to the Enemy, and persuading others to go with them, found 
guilty of the Charge alleged against them, and sentenced (by- 
upward of of the Court) to suffer Death. The Com dr in 
Chief approves of the sentence of the Court but, Jno. Williams, 
of Winder's, and William Penson, of ^Erien's Comp., being re- 
commended by their officers as Soldiers of Gen'l and good 
Character, were probably seduced into the present Crimes, are 
pardoned, and to be released from their Confinement. 

At a G. C. M. of the time, Apr. 7 th '79, Col. Harmar, presi- 
dent, Joseph Hall, fifer of the 7th Maryland Reg't, and Adam 
Sheppard, of the 3d Virginia Reg't, were tryd for attempting 
io desert to the Enemy, from the Bonomtown picket, found 
i;ailty and sentenced, each of them to 100 Lashes on his bare 


back. The Com dr in Chief approves of the sentence, and orders 
them to be put in execution to-morrow, at the head of their 
respective Reg'ts. 

At the same Court, L' Dougherty, of the 6 th Maryland Reg't, 
was tryd for sending Capt. Didbet a challenge to fight a duel. 
2\ For unolficer and ungentleman behavior in assossiating ami 
playing Ball with serg 1 on the 1 st Instant. The Court having 
Considerei the Charges against Lr Dougherty, the evidence, 
and his defence, are of opinion that he is guilty of them. The 
first Charge being a breach of the 2 d article, 7 th section, The 2 
Charge being a breach of the 21 st article, 14 th section of the 
articles of War, and do sentence him to be Cashiered. The 
Com dr in Chief approves of sentence, and orders it to take place 

D. O. Capt. of the Day, Jno. Christy. 

B. O. Adj 1 of the Day McCleane. 

D. O., Apr. 14to, '79. 

Major Genl. orders that Jas. Reed, Sutler, now under arrest, 
to be Drumd of Camp to-morrow morning Ten o' Clock. All 
the Drums of the Division to attend. 


V H. Q., M. B., Apr. 15th, '79. 

Brigadier, WoodforA. ' 

/'. 0., L l Col. Hubly. 

B. M., Hitchcock. 

1 Capt., 1 sub., 2 serg', 2 Corpls., 1 Dr. & 1 fife & 30 Privates 
from the Virginia Line to parade to-morrow morning at 10 
O'Clock, with 3 Days provisions, and their Boxes field with 
Carttridges. The Capt. will receive his directions from the 
Commissary Genl. of Issues. 

The Honourable the Congress have been pleased to appoint 
Henry Rutledge, jr., & Zariah Hutan Deputy Commissarys of 
Muster, and are to be obeyed and respected accordingly. 

D. O. Capt. of the Day, Irvin. 

S. O. Adj' of the Day. 

R. 0. for Guard to-morrow, L' Bryson. 

[NOTE. Tho leaves are missing from O'Neill's orderly book between 
April 16, 1779, and July 31, 1779.] 







MAY 23, 1779 AUGUST 25, 1779. 





As the weather is exceeding warm, the Major Desiors that the 
Soldiers make two large windows in each Hutt, and Cleen off 
the Lofts. An Officer of the week to be appointed, who will 
see this order Complied with, and he will Likewise Pay Parti- 
cular attention to the Cleenness of the Camp and the huts. 



Brigadier to-rnorrow, Smallwood. 

Field Officer, Lt. Coll" Darby. 

Brigade Major, Croughan. 

Brigadier Gen 1 Irvine is to Command the First Pennsyl' 
Brigade till further orders. 

Capt. Nich" Guillman. of the 3 d Newhamsher Regt., from 
the 15 th of January, '78, and Capt. John Singue Darkster, of 
the first Rhoade Island Regt., from the first of May, following 
are appointed to be assistant to the Adjt. Gen 1 , and is to bo 
respected accordingly. 

The Brigadiers and officers Commanding Brigades, will see 
that there is a sufficiency of ammunition with their Brigades, 
Redy to Be Issued at a moment's warning, and that their men's 
arms & accoutrements are kept in the Best order. 

D. 0. Capt. of the Day from the 2 d Brigade. 

B. 0. Adjt. of the Day, McLeane. 


Brigadier to-morrow, Irwin. 

Field Officer, Coll" Butler. 

Brigade Major, Hitchcock. 

A Sergt. , Corp, and 12 men from the Maryland Line, to 
Mount at Gen 1 Duportail's Quarters, to be relieved every two 
days. Gen 1 Mullenburgh's Brigade to be relieved to-morrow 
morning. The Revew to Begin on the Right, at 7 o 'Clock ; thw 
first Maryland Brigade to be Revewed on Fryday, and the 3 d on 
Saturday next. 

By order of the Commander-in-Chief. 



DIVISION ORDERS, 26th May, 1779. 

The Commanding Officers of the Regts. , Paymasters, Adju- 
tants, and Q r Masters, are Requested to attend, Imediately, at 
Gen 1 St. Glair's Quarters. 

By order of Gen 1 St. Clair. 


Brigadier to-morrow, Woodford. 

Field Officers, Co) 1 Hall. 

Brigade Major, M c Cormick. 

Accurate Brigade Returns, Regimently Digested, of the 
Difrencies of Cloathing and Necessarys, to be Forthwith Made 
to the Adjt. Gen 1 . 

Lieut 1 Col 1 Reignieris appointed sub Inspector. & is to R - 
spected and obayed accordingly. 

Lieut 1 Mitchel, of the First Maryland Regt. , is appointed 
Adjutant to the same from the first Inst. 

D. O. Capt n of the Day from the 2 d Brigade. 

B. O. Adjutant of the Day, Hughes. 

R. 0. This evening the whole Regt. is to parade, Waiters and 
all on Camp Dutyp in order to see the situation of their arms. 



The Regt. will parade this afternoon at 5 o'Clock, with their 
Knapsacks, and their Cloathing, and Necessarys in the Neatest 
manner Possible. No soldier will be absent on any Pretence 
whatsoever. The officers are Requested to attend, with their 
nesisery Rools, to examine their Cloathing and necessaries. 
The Commanding officers of Comp*" will have the Knapsacks 
Delivered, that the men may appear with their Cloathing in 
them this afternoon. The old Knapsacks the men have in 
Possession, they will keep to carry their Provisions in them. 
Commanding Officers are Desired to see that the men Preserve 
their Cloathing as much as Possible. 



Brigadier To-morrow, Mullenburgh. 

Field Officer, L Coll" Williams. 

Brigade Major, Kable. 

Major Gen 1 Green and De Kalb, <and Brigadier Gen 1 Knox, 
Smallwood. Mullenburgh, and Woodford are desired to meet 
1o-morrow Morning, at 11 o'Clock, at the Court Martial Room, 


to toke into Consideration the Dispute of Rank Between Lt. 
Coll Hubley and Connor, and also, Between Major Prowel and 
Capts. in the Pennsy la Line, and Report thereof to the Com- 
mander in Chief. 

The troops are to apply to the Q r Master Gen 1 , without Delay, 
for tents on the following proportion for each Regt. : 1 Marque 
and one horseman's tent for the field officers; one horseman's 
tent for the officers of each Company ; one wald Tent for the 
Adj' ; one Ditto for the Quarter Master; one Ditto for the 
Surgeon and mate ; one Ditto for the Pay Master ; one Common 
Tent for the Sergt. Major and Q r Master Sergt. ; one for the 
ftfe and Drum Major ; one for the non-Commetitioned officers 
of each Company ; and one for every Privets, including tho 
Drums and Fifes. No Regiment to have a Greater Proportion 
of tents, either for officers or Privets, than above, not even if 
the officers will furnish themselves at their own expence, as it 
will be, as it will Increase the Baggage of the army, and 
Render its operations Slow and Tardy. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Coll Green is President, 
17 th Instant, Roger Finney and William Martin, of the 6 th 
Pennsyl" Reg 1 , was Tried for forsiable Breaking and house Rob- 
bing at Mount Pleasant. Acquitted of Breaking, but 
fouud guilty of Robbery, in violation of 5 th article, 18 section oj' 
the articles of war, and sentence each to receive 100 lashes. 

The Gen 1 Confirms the sentence, and orders them to be put 
into execution at the head of the Regt. to which they belong, 
to-morrow Morning. 

At the same Court, 23 d Instant, Patrick English, of the Dela- 
ware Regt., was tried for Changing his Clothes and name, and- 
re-inlisting in one of the Jersey Regts. Found guilty of the 
Charges except Changing his Clothes, and sentenced to re- 
ceive one hundred lashes. 

The Gen' approves the sentence, and orders it to be put into 
execution at the head of the Regiment he belongs. 

At the same Court, 24 th Instant, Lt. Armstrong, of the 3' 
Pennsyl" Regt., was Tried for Disoboydience of Orders, in not 
sending a Prisoner to the Court Martial. 

The Court after Considering the Charge and Testimony 
against Lt. Armstrong, the note signed by Mr. McMich 1 , and 
the Defence, are of opinion that Lt. Armstrong is not Guilty 
of the Charges Exhibited against him, and that he never Rec' 1 
a legal ordar to send the Prisoner to the Court. That he acted 
asa very good officer would or ought to have acted, and do 
aQuit him with honour. 

The Commander-iri-Chief Confirms the opinion of the Court, 
and orders Lt. Armstrong to be Releast from his arrest. 


D. 0. Capt. of the Day to-morrow, Ganaley. 
B. O. Adjt. of the Day to-morrow, McCallom. 

DIVISION ORDERS, May 28th, 1779. 

A Court Martial of the Pennsyl" Line, to sit Immediately for 
the trial of Rich d Word and John Anderson, of the 6 th PennayU 
Regt. ; Likewise Tho 3 Brady, of the 5 th Regt, Capt. Wilson to 
preside. The 2 a Brigade to Give 3 Members, and the first two, 
jit the President's Hut. 


Brigadier To-morrow, Smallwood. 
Field Officer, Lt. Coll 3 Adams. 
Brigade Major, Croughan. 
D. 0. Capt. of the Day from 2 d Brigade. 
B. O. Adjt. of the Day, McLeane. 


The officers who have been Recruiting, are desired to prepare 
accounts Immediately, to be Laid Before a Board of Officers. 

And* Burns, Sam 1 Plum, A 'Brian Brian, John Cammill, 
Major's Company, 1" Regt. Desarted from Furnas of Dane, 
June 29 th 1779. 

May 30 th , the Campign was oppened By the Pensyl 1 . 

DIVISION ORDERS, 3Qth May, '79. 

Gen 1 Irvine having Givin Varble orders that each Regt. of 
the lirst Pennsyl a Brigade Furnish four Waggons for the Com- 
miss* and Conductors of Military Stores, The first and 7 th Regts. 
are Immediately ordered to turn out a Waggoner for that Pur- 
pose Till further orders. 


Col" Commanding. 


Field officer to-morrow, I/ Col Hubley. 

The officer who commands the advance Guard is to inarch, 
and Take Post at the Connatticut Farms, a Bout 3 Miles from 
Springfield, on the Road to Eliz h Town. 

The River Guard is to March 2 Miles on the Roads to Newark, 
and Take Post at a Place Called Vaxhall. 

The officer will place such sentinels as they may Judge Pro- 
per, Sending Frequent Patrols During the Night. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day to-morrow, Hughes. 


GEN' ORDERS, May the 30th, 1779. 

In all future Draughts of Clothing, Regimental Clothers are 
to be furnished By the Commanding officers of Companys, with 
Returns, Spacifying the men's names, and the Particular wanta 
of each. This he is to Derect into Regimental Returns, which, 
Being examined By the officer Commanding the Regiment and 
Coriternsined by himself, with a Receipt upon it for the sup- 
plyes Delivered to the Regiment, is to Be Lodged with the 
dottier, who issues for a Voucher for the Deliverey. 


Field officer for the Day, Lt. Coll Hay. 

The Troops to be in Redyness to march from their Ground 
To-morrow Morning, at 9 o'clock. 

The Gen 1 Expects the officers will Pay Particular attention to 
Loading the waggons, that nether The knapsacks nor Camp 
kettles, on any Pretence whatsoever are to be put into the 
wa'ggons, being expressly Contrary to Gen 1 orders. 

The Gen 1 Beats at 4 o'clock, at which time the Tents are to 
be struck; The Assenil. half an hour after wards, when the 
troops are to March. 

In Leying out the Ground to which the Division will march 
to-morrow, the Reggalitions for the order and Discipling of the 
army are to be strictly obsarved, for which Purpose the Bri- 
gade Q r Masters are to wate on the officers Commanding Bri- 
gades, who will inform them of the Place Necessary. 

Brigades Include the Artillery attached to them. 

B. 0. Adjt. of the Day, McLeane. 

DIVISION ORDERS, TROY, June 1st, '79. 

The Gen 1 to Beate at Break of Day, when the Tents are to be 
struck, and Loaded afterwards as soon as possable. The Devi- 
sion to move as soon as Possable. 

The strictest attention Must be paid By the officers to Pre- 
vent the men from Quiting their Plattons, or Drinking Cold 
water Avhen Heated with marching. 

No horses must be put into any Incloser, But such as the 
forrage Master provides, a,nd, in Gen 1 , every spesiesof Injury to 
the Inhabitants Must be Carefully avoyded. 

The Regts. will draw Provisions for to-morrow, and Dress it as 
soon as Can Conveniently Be Done. 

Field Officer of the Day, Major Minges. He will also act to- 

Adjt. of the Day, McLeane. 
30 VOL, XI. 



POMTON PLAINS, June 2d, 1779. 
Field OTioer to-morrow, Major Murray. 

D. O. Officers Commanding Brigades will order snch Guards 
as they think Proper, to take Care of the horses of the Brigade 


Officers Commanding Regiments will order out such Parties 
as they think proper to Cut wood for their Respective Regi- 
ments, sending wagons to haul it to Camp. 
P r order of 


Co/I' Commanding. 


POMTON PLAINS, June 3d, 1779. 
Field Officer to-morrow, Major Sterrett. 

No men to be out of Camp, on any Pretence, after Roil Call 
this evening. Che Rolls to be Called again half an hour after 
sun set. 
P r order of 

Major Gen 1 ST. CLAIRE, 

Commanding Division. 
B. 0. Adjt. of the Day, Hughes. 


Field officer, Major Boyles. 

The Division to be in Readyness to march in a moment's 

Charles Connar is appointed waggon Master to the Division, 
and to be obeyed as such. 

Adjt. of the Day to-morrow, McCollom. 


All the Flour that is Drawn this Day to be Cooked Imediatly, 
and the Beef, likewise, with the Greatest Dispatch. The Gen 1 
requests that, the Commanding Officers of Regts. will see this 
order Complied with. 
By order of Gen 1 Irvine. 

T). Major. 



RINGWOOD, June 5th, ; 79. 

No Rails to bo Burned on any Pretence. The Grass Guard 
must bo very alert to Prevent the horses to exceed the Bounds 
ullirwed them. Soldiers are Positively forbidden Stragling o;- 
leaving tho Camp. It's expected that ofncers will ba punctual 
in seeing this order executed. 


B. G. 

Field Officer to-morrow, Major Moore. 
B. 0. Adjutant of the Day, McClaine. 


One Day's Flower to be Imediately drawn and Cook" by each 
Regt. In the Division. The Conmiiss? is ordered to bring in 
some spirits in the waggons which he sends For the Provisions. 


GALLAWAY, June 6th, 1779. 

Field Officer to-morrow, Co 1 Butler. 

As; there is great plenty of dry \voodin Camp, it is Gen 1 I Twin's 
Positive orders that no rails be burned. Two days' provisions 
to l>e drawn and Cook' 1 Imediately. The Brigade Com miss* is 
to use every possible endeavours to Bring forward sperrits for 
the use of the troops, with the utmost expedition. 

B. O Adjt. of the Day To-morrow, Irwiri. 

DIVISION ORDERS, June 1th, 1779. 

The Regimental Qu r Masters are Immediately to make re- 
turns to Gen 1 Irwin, of the Qt.antity of provision in their re- 
spective Regiments. The soldiers are on no pretence (o leave 
Camp, But hold themselves in readyness to march at a mo- 
ment's warning. The Gen 1 requests tho Commanding Officers 
of Regts. and Company;; to pen these orders Complied with. 

Field Officer to-morrow, Coll Craig. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day, Hughes. 


The army is to Incamp till further orders in the following 
manner, as nearly as possible, the situation of the ground will 
permit : 

The Virgin 1 Division near the Road leading from lern'sto the 
f:>rrest of Dane. The Maryland Division near the Road leading 
f-o!!i the Clove, and the Pennsyl" Division Near the Road l^atl- 


ing from the widow Von Ambrose, Both to the same placa. 
Each Division will furnish such Piquets and Patrols on the 
avenues leading from The enemy as will be necessary for its 
own security. 

A Careful Inspection to be Immediately made into the men's 
arms and ammunition. The ti-oops to have Constantly two 
days' Provisions in advance, if Fait meat is to be had, if not, 
they will only have two days' Bread in advance, and as much 
Beef as will keep. The officers in Gen 1 will inform themselves 
as exactly as Possable of the Roads and By-Pa', hs leading from 
their respective Incampments,Twards the Ene'y, the furnas of 
Dane, and West Point. 

The Gen 1 was sorry to see throughout the march, a much 
greater Proportion of men with the Baggage than could Possi- 
bly be necessary, and that a Number of them without armes, 
having probably deposited them in the waggons. The former 
tends to lessen the operation, Strength of the army, In a Degree 
which every thinking Officer must avoid, and the latter Occa- 
sions such a Destruction of arms as must add greatly to the 
difficulty of supjplying the troops. It was too observent also, 
that tho heavy baggage of the army has been very little, if any 
thing diminished, and that the Pernishuas practice of suffering 
the women to Incumber the waggons still continues, notwith- 
standing every form of Prohabition. The Gen 1 Recommends 
those Matters to the Particular attention of the officers Com- 
manding Brigades, and that they will take the most vigorous 
and effective Measures to prevent the like abuses hereafter. 
Two Cannon fired from Baron DeKalb's encampment, will be 
t he signal of alarm upon which the troops will get under arms 
-is expedishously and as light as possible. The Quarter Master 
Gen 1 will furnish Guides to attend the several Divisions. 

DIVISION ORDERS, June the 8th, 1779. 

The Commanding officers of Regts. and Companies are re- 
quested, without loss of time, to Examine into the State and 
Condition of the Catriges in their Respective Regiments, and 
see that they fit the Different Catrige boxes therein with ease. 
Every man to be Compleeted with 40 Rounds without Delay. 


A Return of Shoes actually wanted by the Troops on this 
Ground to be made forthwith to head Quarters. 

The officers will sea that their men Clean and refresh them- 
s-lves this Day, where Multiplicity of Busness Prevents the 
s::b-Inspectors From attending for Gen 1 Orders. 


The Brigade Majors of Divisions will attentively attend and 
Convey them to the officers Commanding Divisions. 

All the Axes in the several Brigades to be Ground and Put 
in the Best order Immeditely. 

13. O. Adjt. of the Day, M'Collom. 

D. O. Field officer, Major Mintges. 


A Detachment of 500 men from the Virginia and Maryland 
Division, with three Days' Provisions arid their Blankets, un- 
iucumbered with any other Baggage, to march to-morrow 
Morning at four o'Cloak, to Relieve the Detachment under Coll" 
Stuart. Coll Williams To take the Command, and Call this 
afternoon at Head Quarters for Instructions. 

Second. The Virginia Divisions will furnish a Picquet of 50 
men on the Clove Road, 4 miles advanced on the Right of their 
Incampment,and the Maryland Division will do the sameon the 
Road, or Path, leading from lern's Tavern T wards Haverstraw. 
Patroles to Constantly Going as far Down as may be safe. 

Third. Lord Starlin will Please to order a Party of 30 men to 
opin the Road from lern's, and Gen 1 St. Clair a Like Party to 
opin That from the widow Von Ambrose to the furnace, so as, 
if Possable, to admir, a march in sections. 

Fourth. The Chief Inganiar will furnish the Gen 1 with a Draft 
of West Point and its Invirons, Including its Communicaiion 
with this Camp. The Roads leading from lern's and the widow 
Van Ambrose to the furnas of Dane are, in the first Instance, 
to l>e ascertained. The Provost Corps will assist in this Busi- 

Capt. Prior, of CoP Harrison Rsgt. of Artillery, is appointed 
a De Camp to M. Gen 1 Lord Starlin, and is to be accordingly 

D. O. Field Officer to-morrow, Major Murray. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day to-morrow, McLeane. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, 10th June, 1779. 

Two or three armorers from the first Brigade, to the forge 
with the second, where the armes are to be Repaired with all 
Possible Expedition. Men who are sent work with tho artificers 
are Commanded on Fatigue of any Kind. Staff officers in futor 
to deliver up their armes or accutrements, as they Must allways 
March with the Regiments. Should forage Masters have occa- 
tion for Men to Cut Grass, they are to be supplied on tho 
Ground and Relieved Dayly, as the Guards or Fatigue men 
Cant by no means March with the Waggons. Gen 1 Irvine Ex- 
pects tha Regimental Qu r Masters will Pay Particular attention 


to the Gen 1 order of the 7th, Respecting provisions. They will 
be accountable for a Neglect thereof 

B. Gen 1 . 


The Rum and Whiskey in the magga/.ine to be Delivered 
amongst the Brigade Commissaryes, and a Gill P r man to Be 
Issued to the whole army this Day. Four Days' flour to be Is- 
sued to the Troops, so that the whole Army will be supplied up 
to Sunday Next Inclusive. Two Days' fresh Beef to be Issued 
this Day, and Cattle Equel to two Days' supply to be with each 
Brigade Commissary, Redy to be slaughtered when wanted. 
All Deficiencies of meat on the march are to be made Good to 
the Troops. 

A Sub., Sergt. , Corp 1 , Drum and Fife, and twenty Privets 
from the Pennsyl a Line, to mount this afternoon at Baron 
Stubeen s Quarters. The Gen 1 Derecks that the Returns for 
the Present Deficiencies of Shoes in the several Regiments Be 
Immediately made out, so as to be Redy to Draw them as soon 
us they arrive in Camp, agreeable to the mode Pointed out in 
the order of the 30th of May Last, which is to be strictly and 
Inviably observed in Drawing every futor Re- supply of Cloth- 
ing and necessaries. The Qu r Master Gen 1 is Desired to have the 
Roads leading from the several divisions To Chester Examined, 
and apply for ths Necessary Fatigue Parties to Repair them. 

D. O. Field Officer to-morrow, Major Boyles. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day, Irwin. 


CLOVE, June \\th, 1779. 

A Court of Inquiry, to sit Immeditly, to Inquire into the In- 
listment of a soldier in the first Pennsyl a Regt. , Claimed by the 
8th Virginia. All evidences to attend. A Capt. from the 7tli 
Regt. to Perside, a 3b. from the 2 1 and 10th each to attend as 



HEAD-QUARTERS. CLOVE, June lltft, 1779. 

The Quarter master Gen 1 will order four good Guides to each 
Division, who are to Remarie at or near the Quarters of the 
Major Gen 1 or officer Commanding Divisions, that they may bo 
Redy for any sudden call. These men must have a Complete 
knoledge of all the Roads, Paths, and Cloves lying Between 
these Ineampments and the Rever, a Bout the Forrest of Dane, 
and Twards Haverstraw. 


The Detachment under the Command of Coll Williams must 
have three Days' Provisions sent to them to-morrow. 

A Critical Inspection to be made Imeditly Into the State of 
the men's arms and ammunition on this ground. Coll Davis 
will Inspect the Virginia Division ; L l Coll" Flory the Maryland 
Division; and, there is no sub Inspector to the Pennsyl a Divi- 
sion the Inspector Gen 1 is Requested to examine them himself. 
In this Inspection, Enquiry is to be made into the supplies of 
arms and ammunition that they have received since the Last, 
the Deficiencies that have hapined, and the Causes of them. 


Gen 1 Irvine is sorry to observe that the Camp Guards Pays 
so little attention either to Rail Duty, or the Commoner Neces- 
sary appearance that sentinels should Put on. That they are 
sometimes Lying, frequently siting or Lolling, which Practice 
are not only Highly unbecoming the Character of a soldier, But 
may prove fatal, if such Relaxed Discipline is suffered, nor do 
the Guards seem to take any more pains in Cleaning or Dress- 
ing nor if they were not on Duty. 

The Gen 1 Requests that all officers Passing Guards or sen- 
tinels, tho' not on Duty, will obsarve their Conduct, and, if 
Reprehensible, take Regular modes of bringing the Delinquents 
to Trial. 

D. O. Field officer To-morrow, Major Moore. 

B. O. Adjt. of the Day, Hughes. 


The Regiment to Parade at G o'clock, this afternoon, in the 
Neatest manner Possible. No man is to be absent on any Pre- 
tence whatsoever. 

The officers are Requested to attend at, the Head of their 
Companies, with a Correct Returns, accounting for all nrmes. 
good, bad, and wanting; those which were good at the last 
Inspection ; the Bad which were exchanged ; and them which 

were Drawn. 


HEAD QUARTERS, CLOVE, the I2t7i of June, 1779. 
The following formation of the three Divisions of the Virginia, 
Maryland and Permsyl a Troops Imediately to take place for the 
present Campaign: the 2 d , 5< h , and 11 th Virginia Regim'ts to 
form one Battalion, and form one and half Company of Light 
Infantry, Rank and File G2. 7 lh and 8" to form one Battalion, 
and furnish one Company Light Infantry of 41. 3' 1 and 4 th to 
form one Battalion. G th and 2 1 State's Regiments to form one 


Battalion, and furnish two Companys of Light Infantry, 82 
rank and file. Gest's and the first State Regiment to form one 
Battalion, and furnish one Company of Light Infantry, 41 rank 
and lile. The first and 10 th to form one Battalion, and furnish 
one half Company Light Infantry, 21 Rank and file. The first 
Maryland Regt. to form a Battalion, and furnish one Company 
of Light Infantry, 41 Rank and File. The 5 th to form a Bat- 
talion. The 7 t;i to form one Battalion. The 3' 1 to form om; 
Battalion, and furnish one Company of Light Infantry. The 
a 1 Maryland Regiment to form one Battalion, and furnish ono 
Compy of Light Infantry, 41 rank and file. The G lh to form 
one Battalion. The 4 th to form one Battalion, and form one 
Compy. of Light Infantry; 41 Rank and File. The Delia ware 
Regt, to form one Battalion. The first and 7 l " P. Regt. to form 
one Battalion, and furnish one Company of Light Infantry, 
41 rank and file. The 10 !h to form one Battalion. The 2 d to 
form one Battalion, and furnish one Company of Light Infan- 
try, rank and file, 41. The 3 1 and G t:i to form one Battalion, 
and furnish two Companys of Light Infantry, 82 Rank and 
Pile. 9 th and Gth^o form one Battalion, and furnish two Com- 
panys of Light Infantry, 82 rank and file. 

The Companys of Light Infantry are to Immeditly Draw out 
agreaably to this proportion. The officers Commanding Regi- 
ments will be Particular Carefull in their Choice of the men, 
which 13 a Duty the good of the service and the Credit of their 
Respective Regts, equally Demands, when it is considered that 
in every army the honour of the Regiment and that of its Light. 
Company are Immeditly Connected. The officers Command- 
ing it Cannot But Be Soliscious to furnish men that will support 
the Reputation of his Regiment. 

The Companys from the several Brigades will parade to 
morrow Morning, at 11 o'Cloek, Neare the Maryland Division, 
where the Adjt. Gen 1 is Directed to Pass the men, their Clothes, 
arms, and accutriments under a Critical Inspection, and Re- 
turn all those, upon any ace 1 , shall appear unfit for this kind of 
Korvis, to their Regts., to be Replaced by others who he shall 
approve. A Capt. , Subbaltern, and 3 Sergeants arc to be ap- 
pointei to each Company. 

Lt. Col. Harmar is appointed Inspector to the Pennsyl- 1 Divi- 
sion. Capt, Alex r is entitled to a Majority, is appointed Bri- 
gade Major to the first, and Capt. Moore, also entitled to a 
Majority, to the 2' 1 PennsyJv a Brigade. They are to be ABayed 
and respected accordingly. 

Lt. Co 1 Lewis Morris is appointed Vollinter Aid Do Camp To 
Major Gen' Green, and is to be Respected accordingly. 

A Corp 1 and 8 men are to be Imployd In Makeing Coll for 


their Respective Divisions. ColP Ballding will Give the Neces- 
sary Directions. 

A Sub., Sergt., and 20 Rank and File to be Dayly Imployed 
in Gating Grass, under the Direction of the Commissary Gem 
of forage. Each Brigade will Constantly furnish a Fatagu 
Pa:-ty to Cut Grass for their own Horses, under the Derection 
of the Brigade forrage Master. 

The forementioned fatigue party to join their Regts. Imrno- 
ditly on an alarm. 

Pennsyl* Division Gives the Party to-morrow for the forrage 
Master General. 


A Court of Inquiry to meet to-morrow morning, at 9 o'Clock, 
at the President's Marque, to Enquire Into the Character of 
sundrie persons Now Confined in the first Brigade Guard, and 
Report to Genl. Irvin their oppinion Concerning them Gen 1 . 
All who can Give Evidence are Desired to attend. Major Mur- 
ray to preside. A sub. from each Regt, to attend as members. 
Allso, an ord'ly Sergt. to attend the Court. 

The waggon Conductor will make Imediate Report of all wag- 
gons unfit for servis, specifiying the Regts. they are attached to. 

Adjt. of the Day To-morrow, McCollom. 

D. O. Field Officer, Major Steurt, 


The officers Commanding Divisions, will take the most effect- 
ual means to call in all the absent officers of their Respective 
Regiments or Divisions not on asenchial Publick Business, to 
Join their Corps Immediately. This order must not be Dis- 
pensed with or Daylayed on any acct.tho' ths Execution should 
be attended with expense. The good of the servis, and the 
honour of the officer where they are not ABsent By order, De- 
mands their Immediat attendance, and no excuse can or will 
be admitted. 

The 2 (1 Pennsyl* Brigade is to march to-morrow morning at 5 
o'clock to Relievo tho Detachm' under Col Williams at the 
forrest cf Dane. It must go Light, and furnishfd with Pro- 
visions to Parve till tharsday Incluys.ave. Col Williams will 
Communicate his Instructions to Col' Johnson, and make him 
aquented with tho ground, Roads, and GO forth, which require 
his attention. Tho Inspection of the Light Infantry is post- 
poned till To-morrow afternoon, 5 O'Clock. The Light Infan- 
try of tho 2' 1 Brigade, agreeable to yeslerday'o Information, is 
to Remain on tho ground Till they Pass Inspect ion. 

Tho Maryland Division Gives a Fatigue Party to the Forratr<- 
Master Geri 1 To-morrow. 


D. O. Field officer to-morrow, Coll Humpton. 
Ji. O. Adjt. of the Day, McLean. 

As the Commander-in-Chiei" sits out to-Day for West Point, 
and May be absent two or three Days, Major Gen 1 Putnam will 
iuke the Command of the troops in thij Camp till hid return. 
Major Gen 1 Putnam will assemble the Gen 1 officers, and have 
the suspected Persons taken up in the Vicinity of Camp, 
i brought before them, and will examine into the surcumstan- 
ci-.s of their Case, and Report to the Commander-in-Chief u 
State of facts, with their opinion cf Ihe Measures proper to be 
pursued. The Adjt. Gen 1 will take care to have the Necessary 
v, it nesses Produced. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, 14th June, 1770. 

In futor, the Regimental Qu' Masters will draw one Gill of 
Rum Dayly from the Stale Store, four Days successively week- 
ly, when to be had, the Serjeants having first Collected and De- 
posited the money for a Pint for each man in his hands, and 
on no pretence whatever to Issue more than one Gill each Day, 
unless ho receives orders from Officers Commanding Regiments. 
This to b3 a standing order. 

Gen 1 Irvine hopes the officers, on Credit, added to an At- 
tachment they must have for their men, and the good of the 
servise, will Induce them to keep n strict watch over their 
morals, and, in Particular, use every Possablo Indeavours 
to Prevent the Most a Bomanablo Vice, and Leading Cause of 
all such Drunkenness. 

Field Officer To-mori'ow, Col' Steurt. 

Adjt. of the Day, Irwine. 

HEAD QUARTERS, CLOVE, 15th June, 1779. 

Sixteen Companies of Light Infantry, Drafted from the three 
Divisions on the ground, arc to be devided into four Battallions, 
and to be Commanded By the following officers: Four Com- 
panys from the 'Virginia Line, to be Commanded by Major 
Posey ; four Companys from the Pennsyl a Line. By Lt. Col 
Hay ; four Compys, two from each of the aforesaid Lines, By Lt. 
ColFlorey; four Companycf .=0111 the Maryland Line, By Major 
John Stewart. Lt. CoJ' Hay's and Major Stewart's Battalions 
to be Commanded By Coll' Butler and Lt. ColP Florey's ; and 
Major Posey 's by Col Febiger. 

S. O. Field Officers to-morrow, Lt. Col Hay. 

Adjt., Hughes. 



Field officer to morrow, Lt. Coll Miller 

Brigade Major, Askill. 

Adjt, of the Day, Askill. 

In future there will be two fatigue parties; Each party will 
work 6 howers in. the Day , Before three howers, and afternoon 
threa howers ; first party will parade at seven, firing ; the L d at 
7 o'Clock; the first party again at 9 o'Clock, and the 2 d at 5 
o'Closk ; the same officers parading will attend throughout the 
day; the Brigade Major and Adjt. of the day will attend the 
parade, and see the partyes are in season, and properly Dis- 
tributed ; all Artificers will attend the above Mentioned working 
howers. The non Commitioned officers and Soldiers in futor 
to Bo-.h themselves, Between the Howers of 6 in the morning 
and G in the afternoon. The Officers will see this order put in 

HEAD.QUARTERS, WEST POINT, June 22 d , 1779. 

Field Officer to-morrow, Major Peters. 

Brigade Major, Peters. 

Adjt., Armstrong. 

Piquet from Sunnards'. 

1 Sergt. , 1 Co:p, and 8 men from North Carolina, to parade 
at The Q. M. Gen u , at sun set. 

Gen' 1 McDougall is extremely sorry and Consarned to be 
obliged to Inform the troops at this point, that the Rum is so 
far etp3nl?d that m3re cannot be Issued to the fatigue till a 
supply comes, in which he is Indeavouring to procure by every 
Possible means in his power ; the Difficulty of Carting has caused 
this anointment. He, however, hopes, in a few days, to get a 
supply ; in the meantime doubts not the troops to be guarded, 
for which ea?h Brigade will furnish, Dayly, a Guard not ex- 
ceeding one Corp 1 , one Sergt. , and twelve men. with the name 
of th3 Store Guard. The Inspector and Brigade Majors will see 
this or .lev strictly Carried into Execution, and the Majors of 
Brigade will also be answerable That no Extroiney Guard is 
sent from the Brigade without a Gen 1 order from the officers 
Commanding the Division or Brigade, which order shall be 
R3turned the same day to the Adjt. Gen 1 , that he may, at all 
times, be a Quented with the Number of men on Guard. 

A Board of Gen 1 Officers, whereof Major Gen 1 Green Presi- 
ded, to sit to-morrow at 10 o'Clock, at the President's Quart- 
ers, on Matters which will there be submitted to their Consid- 


HEAD-QUARTERS, 25,'ft June, 1779. 

Ordered that a Court Martial sit Imediatly, to try such Priso- 
ners Belonging to the Regiment as are in the Brigade Guard- 
Capt. Ja* Wilson to Preside. 

A Fatigue Party of one Sub. , and two Ssrjts, and 20 Privets, 
to Parade at four o Clock This afternoon. The officers will 
apply to the Collo. for his Instructions. The Quarter Master 
will Collect all the arms In the Rsgiment and Deliver them to 
the Partey. Tt is expected the Quarter Master will Pay Par- 
ticular attention to this order and the Cleanliness of the Camp, 
and order Vaults to be sunk Immediately, and the old Vaults 
to be fll'd. The new vaults is to be Covered every Morning. 



While the army Remains in its Present situation, His Excell- 
ency, the Commander in Chief, Directs thatMajor Gen 1 Heath 
takes the Command of the three Brigades, on the East side of 
Hudson River, via: Parson's, Nickson's, and Hunt ing tori's. 

Coll Olliver W ms , of the 6th Maryland Regt, is appointed one 
of the sub Inspectors of the army and Inspector to the Mary- 
land Division ; and Capt. Henry Harman, of the 7th Maryland 
Regiment, Intitled to a Majority, is appointed Major of Brigade 
to the 2 1 Maryland Brigade. They are to Be Respected and 
A Bayed accordingly. 

The Officers Commanding Brigades will Cause, Imeditly, App- 
lication to be made, Agreeable to the Gen 1 orders of the lJ)th 
of May Last, for all Deficiencies of arms in their Respective 
Brigades, The Grate Number of the Unnecessary Guards has 
made it absolutely Requiset. 

That the following Regulations Be Immeditly Put into exe- 
cution, as the small Guards has been found not only to Fatague 
the T;*03p3, But to evasion Grate Disorder. The Quarter-Mas- 
ter of each Brigade shall make Choise of some Convanent spot, 
Behind the senter of Brigades, if the ground will admit, and as 
Neai-e to it as Possable, in which he will form a Park of the 
several waggons, viz : 

1 st . The forage and Conductor's. 

2 d . The Quarter Master. 

3 d . The Company's. 

4 th . The Waggon Master's. 

5 l!l . The forage Master's waggons, and all others which Re- 
quires to be. 


REGIMENTAL ORDERS, June 26th, 1779. 

A Court Martial, to Set at 11 o'Clock, to try such Prisoners 
as shall be brought before them, Whereof Capt. James Wilson 
is President, Lt. Haminon, Lt. Crawford, Lt. MeParlane, Lt. 
Johnson, Members. The officers and non Commititioned to be 
Meneuvred this evening, aGreeable to Barran Stubeen's In- 
ductions. The Quarter Master to have his Accompts in Redy- 
ness to be Inspected To-morrow at 3 o'Clock P. M. , at the Coil 
Marquee, Capt. Craig to attend. 



The officers Commanding Companys to make Returns Imme- 
ditly, of the Number of the men in their Respective Com- 
paneys which is not received their full bounty, with the name 
of the Officer who enlisted them, arid the sums that Remenes 
Due to the soldier. The Officer that has Recruting accounts to 
settle, are Requested to have them Redy to Ley Before the 
Bord of Officers now siting to examin Diferent accounts with- 
out Lose of Time. 



It is ordered by his Excellency the Commander- in-Chief, that 
the Commissary take Care that a Considerable stock of hard 
Bread b3 laid in at West Point, for the use of the Garrison on 
any extraordinary occasion. The troopa are to be furnished 
Constantly with two Days' Bread a fore hand, and the Brigade 
Commissary always to keep two days'salt Provisions in Re- 
sarve, to be Issued on any emergency. 

It has been obsarved that a Number of Officers make a prac- 
tice of Rideingthe wagon horses, notwithstanding the prohibi- 
tion of the Commander-in-Chief, exprest in the most pointed 
terms at this practice; altho' Ruinous to the Publick Teams, 
and Directly Contrary to Gen 1 orders has become frequent. 
It is necessary to Declare, that any officer who shall ba found 
hereafter Riding the public Horses without writen License, und 
upon necessary occasions from the Commanding officer of the ; r 
Regiment or Brigade, shall be subject to an Imediate arrest ; 
and in order more effectually to put a stop to this pernicior- 
practice, the Brigade Quarter Masters, and under them wag- 
gon masters, are Desired To Report to the Commander <n' 
Brigade, any officer that is Guilty of a Breach of this order, 
and take the Public Horses without any authority. 


All men who upon Piquet or other Guard, Belonging to the 
first Maryland Brigade, are to Be Imeditly Relieved by the 2 d , 
and sent down to the forrest of Dane, to Join their Regiments. 
The Troop to Beat at 7 o'clock in the morning. Till further 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, June 26th, 1779. 

In Consequence of Particular surcumstances the orders for 
the officers and non Commissioned officers to parade for ex- 
ercise this evening is Countermanded. They are, therefore, 
not to Parade. 

The Coll is very sorry to find Perfect nonsence Insarted in 
somo of the ordly Books by the Serjeants. He, therefore, for- 
bids so scandilous a Practice. Should any Serj. be found 
Guilty of such'Conduct in Futor, he may depend on the sever- 
est Punishment. 

The Serjeant Major will suffer none but the first Serjeants of 
each Corapy. to take orders, except sickness should Prevent 

their attendance. 




The Brigade to atend Divine servis at 5 o'Clock. Gen 1 Irvine 
Expects that all will attend who are of Duty. 

By order of Gen 1 Irvine. 


Brigade Major. 

G. O. , R. W. AH officers Confineing Prisoners in the Provost 
or other Guards are Derected Particular to express their names, 
and other surcumstances of Disparsion of the witnesses, with 
the Charges in their Commitment. Many Prisoners must 
suffer from the Omission of these Particulars, and exposed to 
Long and painfull Confinement. The Gen 1 , therefore, orders 
that, should any officer send a prisoner to the Provost, Neglect 
to Insart in Committing the Names of the witnesses, he shall 
be Reported in the Dayly Report of the Provost, and the Pris- 
oner Discharged after forty-eight Howers. 


Right Wing. The Cleanliness of the Camp is a matter of so 

much Consequence to the helth of the Troops that the Gen 1 

thinks it Necessary to order that to each Regim' a subaltern 

officer for the Day shall be appointed, who will superintend 


the Police, and order of the Regim 1 and its Incampment. For 
the same purpose, a Capt. Shall be Bayly appointed to each 
Brigade, and the field officer of the Day will superintend the 
whole for their Reinspectiori. 

Devision the Necessary Fatague Party up. Application will 
be ordered By the Commanding officer of their Regements, 
Brigade, or Devision. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day To-morrow. 

S. O. Adjt. of the Day, Irwin. 

Captain of the Day To-morrow, Craig. 

DIVISION ORDERS, 28th June, '79. 

The Devision will Prepare for to be Mustered on the 30 th In- 
stant. The First Brigade at G o'Clock, A. M. The2 (1 Brigade 
at 3 o'Clock, P. M. 

3 waggons to be furnished the Cornmissarys Imeditly, one 
from the lirst Brigade, Two from the 2 d . 
Pr Order 

Gen 1 S l GLAIR, 
Commanding Division, Millstone. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, June 29th, '79. 

The Regiment to Parade this Evening, at 7 o'Clock, when a 
Gen 1 Review of Necessarys is to take place. The officers is re- 
quested to Inspect Minutly every article the soldiers is pos- 
sessed of, and make Report to the Coll", Makeing proper Dis- 
tinction Between Good and Bad of every article. 

The Adjt. for the f utor is to See that the Corp' Commanding 
the Qurtr Guard make Report of his Guard every Morning to 
the officers Cornm'd'g the Reg 1 . 

Lt. Johnston, Regimental Quarter Master, to have his ac- 
counts in Redyness to Ley Before the Bord of Officers for In- 
spection, at 3 o'Clock, Jaly the first. President Capt. Craig 
to attend. The Adjt. to have his Books in Redyness for Inspec- 
tion when it is thought to be Necessary to Call on him for that 

The Coll" Flatters himself that the officers will Pay the strict- 
est attention to the Cleanliness and Clothing of the men, all- 
ways making them mend and wash their Clothes when it is in 
their Power, as The Cleanliness and Deaseant appearance of 
their men must Contribut much to the Health of the Sol -Hers 
and Reflect honour on the officers. 




The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Lit. Col Ford was Presi- 
dent, is Disolved, and another Gen 1 Coui't Martial of the Line, 
of which Col Gibson will Preside, will assemble to-morrow 
morning at 10 o'Clock, at the President's Ma: quo. Members 
Major Stuart, of the Pennsyl" Line ; a Capt. from Wood- 
ford's 2' 1 Maryland, and first Pennsyl", and 2 from Mullinburg's ; 
a Sub. from Woodford's and 2 d Maryland, 2 from Mullinburgh's 
and first Pennsyl*. An orderly Light Dragoon from the Marra- 
chuse Corps, to attend the Court. Such Prisoners, officers e\- 
eepted, as Do not Belong to the Brigades on the Ground, will 
be brought before the Court for Tryal. 

Major Gen 1 Lord Sterlin who Comm'ds During the absence 
of Gen 1 Putnam, Recommends to all the Officers of every De- 
partment of this army To enter into his agreement, Binding 
each other, on their Honour, not to give more then Cartin 
Reasonable Price for the Produce of the Country ; and, in order 
to fix those Prices, he Recomends a meeting of the field officers 
and the Commanding officers of Regts. , and the Princables of 
.-ill other Departments in the army, To-moirow Morning at 10 
o Clock, at the Grate Booth, neare the Q. Master Gen 13 office, 
which prices so fixed are to Be Reported to head Quarters, and 
will Be Reported in Gen 1 orders as a Rule of the army. 

A. Sub.. 2 Serjeants, and 20 men from the Virginia Line to 
Parade To-morrow Morning at Sun Rise, with one Day's Pro- 
visions, and Proceed to Slout's, where they will be furnished 
with tools and provisions By M r Shutt, Q. Mast r , and Be Im- 
ployed 4 Days Repairing the Roads from There to Camp. 

The Pensyl" Line will furnish the fatague Party of a Serjt. 
and 12 Privets for the forrage Master 

GEN' AFTER ORDERS, June 2Sth, 1779. 

Each Brigade in the Line will send out a Commitioned officer, 
Serjt. and 10 men Down towards King' sferrey to Reconoitre the 
Countrey and Purticularly the enemy at Stoney Point, and if 
they observe any alterations have Happinned in Their Situa 
tion, they are Immeditly To Return and Report to the Gen 1 
Commanding in this Camp. 

The whole Line are to be Completed with three Day's Provi- 
sions, and hold themselves in Redyness to march at a moment's 

Adit. Gen 1 . 



It has Been obsarved that in many places The property of 
the Inhabitants has been wantingly Distroyed, Princeably by 
the Horses of the waggoners, Sutlers, and women. The Gen' 
in the strongest tarms Prohibits such purnicious Practices, and 
Derects that Emediat Punnishment Be Inflicted in the most 
Examplary manner upon such persons as shall Disobey this 
order. The Brigade Neare Medows and fields ot'Grane are Re- 
spectively to furnish the Necessary Guards for their Preserva- 
tion. No Entreys are to be made into the Company Books 
Issued Be the Inspector Gen 1 till further orders. The Provost 
to be Relieved by the Virginia Line. The Guards over the 
artificers store and at Commissary Smithe's to be Relieved by 
the Pennsyl a Line. 

D. O. The officer of the Day To-morrow, Major Talbort. 

B. O. Adjt. of.the Day, McCollom. 

Captain of the Day To-morrow, Stowell. 

DIVISION ORDERS, July 1st, 1779. 

Col 1 Stewart's Batalion of the first Pensyl" Brigade will march 
this Horning to Relieve the first Battallion of the 2 d Brigade 
Now at West Point. 

A Devision Court Martial to sit to-morrow Morning at 10 
o' Clock, at Coll 1 Chambers' Marque for the Tryal of their 
Prisoner now in the Provost. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July the first, 1779. 

The Coll" is sorry to find the worthy Soldiers of his Regiment 
have payed so much attention to the unjust and wicked In- 
sinuations of a set of Villians, who are not satisfied with their 
own Distruction, But wishes to make you Violate your Feath, 
and Become Pergured wretches. Pergured wretches they un- 
doubtedly are who would wish to Desart so Just a Cause at this 
time, when we have so Gloreous a prospect should we Por- 
severe with the usual Spirit. Could any man, Enemies to 
their Countrey and the Libbertys of America, be Capable of 
unjustly Claiming their Dismission from the serves when they 
are Concious they have not the least Right to it, and by their 
example Induce many of my Good soldiers to Joyn in their 
wicked Designs, who, I thought, not Capable of so Ing'orus an 
act. The Coll is Happy he has found out the Villians who has 
uttep* to Rewing his Regiment, and now Informs his worthy 
Soldiers that they are Imposed on By those wretches who told 
them their times of Inlistment was Expired. 
31 VOL. XI. 


The first Resolve of Congress for Raising the army, on the 
Establishing of September the 16th, 1776, Resolved that Twenty 
Dollars Be (riven as a bounty To each Non Commissioned 
officer and soldier who shall Irilist to sarve During the Present 
war, unless sooner Discharged by Congress. From the time of 
Passing this Resolve untill the 12th of November following, no 
Non Commissioned officer or soldier Could be Inlisted for any 
other term than during the war. 

The 12th of November, the Resolve Passed, Such as Chused 
not to Inlist for the war, shall be Inlisted for three years; then 
Put the Case on this supposition, that you ware only for three 
years from the date of the Resolve, your times will not be ex- 
pired Before the 12th of Nov r next. The Coll' has not the least 
Doubt that this explanation will satisfy the minds of his worthy 
SolJiers who were lead Astiay By the wicked Intentions cf a 
set of Villians. Should it not have the Desired effect, he now 
Declairs that every Non Commissioned officer and Soldier who 
shall in futor Presume to say his time of Inlistment is out, and 
it. shall be otherways Proved, they may Depend to be Punished 
with the utmost severity, for Mutiny. 

Alex r Craford, of the Coll as Company is appointed Sergt. to 
the s d Company. Ensign Chambers will take Command of the 
Coll 3 Company till further orders. 



The Bord appointed in the order of the 29 th instant, to meet 
for the purpose of fixing the Prices, Make the following Rept. : 

CAMP, JuncSQth, '79. 

Agreeable to Gen 1 Orders, Right Wing, dated the 29 lh , 1779, 
the field officer Commanding Regiments, the Princables of the 
other Departments, and other Gentlemen of the army Being a 
sambled to regalate the prises of fresh Provisions, spirits, and 
shugar, and so forth. Hereafter to be given to farmers and 
others, seling to the army, have formed themselves into a Com- 
mittee, and appointed Collo. Morgan, President. The Com- 
mittee Considering the Deprecation of Continent' Currency, as 
well as the extravagant prices Demanded for every necessary 
Convaniencies of Life, and the Proportioned Prices for every 
article of Commerce, have agreed to Give the following Prices 
hereafter Mentioned, and Do Recommend it to the officers, 
and every Gentleman of the army to give no higher prices then 
they are Properly established, and so forth : 


. s. d. 

Veale 2 5, 

Mutton, <j g 

Lam, _ 2- 6 

Resting Pigs, _ 3 9 . 

Turkeys, 1 2 & 

Geese, .. 15 o 

Ducks, . * _ 5 o 

Dunghill fowls, _ 2 

Small Chickens, _ 2 Ct 

Cheese, _ 3 c^ 

Butter, J 10 o 

Kggs, - 3 9 

Milk, 1 & 

Potatoes, _ 10 o 

Turnips, - 7 ft. 

Cabbage heads, .. - 1 S 

Sallats, Carrats, Pasnips, in Proportion. West India Rum- 
or Brandy, four Dollars per Quart, Common Rnm, whiskey,, 
and apple Brandy, 10. p r Quart. Cyder and Beare, 1.3 per Quart- 
Boy led Cyder, 2.6. 

. s. d. 

Brown Shu gar, 15 p r poundL 

Lump, Ditto, 1 6 3 p r pocnwS- 

Loafe, Ditto 1 17 6 p r pound- 

Honney, 7 6 p r quart., 

Vinigar, 2 6 p r quart. 

In all exchanges of salt Provisions, for fresh Provisions, \~eg-- 
ables, and so forth, Salt Pork and Beef shall be Rated at HaK" 
Dollar per pound. 

Haveing agreed upon The fore Going Rates, we Report the 
same to the Commanding officer Right wing, agreeable to the 
aforesaid order, and agree unanimously until a further Regula- 
tion of Rates shall take place, and we shall Deem any officer or 
Gentleman Trespassing against these Regulations, when estab- 
lished, unworthey Confidence or Respect, and shall Report hirm 
accordingly. Subscribed by 9 Coll ' 8 , 3 Lieut. Coll 08 Commad u _ 
and 3 Majors Comd' and one Captan Commed', the Senior 
Surg" of the Plying Hospital, the waggon Master Gen', the 
Deputy Commissary Gen' of Issues, Commissary of Forrage. 
the Superintend 1 of Artificers. The Gen 1 Confirms and ap 
proves those Regulations and orders them to take place Im- 

It Can not be Doubted that a Measure so Intirely Calkalafe<I 
for the Benefit of all Ranks of the army will be adopted By all 



tho for a few Days they may be subject to some Inconvenain- 
ceys. To Priviut who Ever any obstruction to so Saliiterey a 
Desire, the Gen 1 thinks it Necessary To Declare that ail Non 
Commissioned officers and soldiers who shall Give Higher Prices 
than are established By this Regalation shall Be tryed By a 
Court Martial for Missconduct, as there Can be no Doubt ot the 
Detarmination of officers to adhere strictly to an egreement 
founded on so full a Representation of every part of the army. 
The Gen 1 thinks it unNecessary to obsarve that every violation 
on their part will Be held In the most Dishonourable Light and 
treated as a Disobeydience of orders, and for the Most spedy 
Communication of these Regalations the Gen 1 Derects that this 
order will be Read to every Regiment at Roll-Call this evening. 

All the soldiers who are Masons by Trade in the Line are Iin- 
editly to Be Drawn out, and sent to the fort for a spedy and 
Tempory Servis. They are to take their orders from Coll Kus- 

1 Sergt. and 12 men from the first Pennsyl'a Line, to Relive 
a Like Party from the Virginia Line, to be Imployed in Cuting 
Grass 4 Days for the Commissary Gen 1 Department. 


Field Officer of the Day to-morrow, Humpton. All the men 
Belonging to Coll Stuart's Battalion now on Guard to Be Re- 
lived Imeditly by the 2 d Brigade. The tints for the I nf entry to 
be sent down Imeditly. The waggon Master will furnish wag- 
gons for their Transportation. 

B. O., July Id, 1779. 

Adj' of the Day To-morrow McLane. The Brigade will march 
this morning, at 9 o' Clock. Divisions to Be Completed, with 
3 Days' Provisions. 

The Regimental Q. Master will make a Return for a Gill of 
Rum each man, and see that the mixt with water in their Can- 
teens to Carry with them on their march. 

Officers Commanding Regts. are Requested To see that no 
men stay Behind, except Necessary Guard. A Sub. will Re- 
main on the Ground, who is to see that the Quarter Guard 
Do their Duty in taking care of the tents, and Baggage. A 
sergt. will also Remane. 


The Non Commissioned officers and soldiers are Posatively 
forbid to leave Camp, nor go out of sight on any Pretence, as 
wo are at an advance post. Gen 1 Irwin Derects that the Gen- 
ilemen officiers will see the Propriety of these orders, Their 


honour, the men's Credit, and their safety Seeing so Deeply 
Interested. Rolls to be Called Morning, Noon, and Night. 
The Sergts. are to Examine their Companys sleeping places 
every Morning, at Ravoley Beating, and Report to their officers 
if Any men are Missing. The Sergts. shall be severely Punished 
for a Neglect o; this Duty. 

BRIGADE GEN' ORDERS, July 3d, 1779. 
Field officer to morrow, Major Moore. 
Adjt. of the Day, McCollam. 

DANE'S F URN AS, July the 4th, 1779. 

Field Officer, Coll" Chambers. 

A Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial to sit to-rnorrow, at 10 o'Clock, 
at the President's Quarters, for the tryal of such prisoners as 
may be brough t before them. Coll 3 H umpton to Preside. One 
Captain and one subaltern from the first Regment, four Cap- 
tains and one Sub. from the 7 th Regiment, four Cap tJ and 2 
Subs, from the 10 th Regiment, will attend as Members. 

FURNAS OP DANE, July the 5th, 1779. 

J*. O. Field Officer To-morrow, Minges. 

The Brigade will be held Constantly while on this ground in 
Red y ness to march on the shortest notice. 

The Commissary will Issue one Gill of Rum for each man this 
afternoon as it will tend Greately to The Good of the men's 
Health. That it should Be mixed with water at this warm sea- 
son, officers Commanding Companys are Injoined to see it 
done. The Practice of the men swoping their Rum to their 
Brother Soldiers, or Messmates who are on Guard or other 
Duty, Must, in futor, Be Totally abollished. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July the 12th, 1779. 

The officers Commanding Companys is Imeditly to have Re- 
turns made to the Coll of all the men that has not Received 
their full Bounty, in order that they may Be Returns Made to 
the State, and their money Drawn. Quarter Master to have 
his accounts in Redyness for Inspection To-morrow at 3 
o'Clock, P. M. 


Q. O. t R W. By his Excellency's Command, a Gen 1 Court 
martial will sit this Day, at 10 o'Clock, in the forenoon, at 
West Point, for the Tryal of L l Coll" Larren, and such others 


AS may Come Before them. Coll will Porside. A Lt. 
Coll 1 , Major, and 6 Captains from Gen 1 Heath's Division, to 
attend as members, and four Captains from Gen 1 McDougal's. 

At a Brigade Gen' Court Martial, Held by order of Gen 1 
Woodford, July 2", '79, Major Clark, President, John Dabbalin, 
'of the 8th Virginia Regt. , was tryed for Disartion and attempt- 
ing To Go to the Enemy, found Guilty, and sentenced to suffer 
Death, Two thirds of the Court Concurring Therein. The 
CJommander in Chief Confirms the sentence, but as it was Pre- 
vious to the Pardon of the 4th Instant, the Prisoner is Com- 
prehended within the Benefit of it. and is, accordingly, to Be 
fieleased from his Confinement. 

Z). O. Field officer To-morrow, Major Minges. 

J3. O, Adjt. of the Day, Irwin. 


The Camp to be Imineditly Swept and Cleaned of all filth, 
the frount of the Regiment to be Cleaned as fare as the Reare 
of tho Kitchens, and for the futor there is no Cooking to Be 
Carried on in the front of the Regiments, excepting in the 
Kitchens only ; The women is strictly forbidden to wash in 
frount of the tents or to through soap suds or any other Kind 
of filth on the Regimental Parade. The Quarter Master is 
Hearby Desired to see these orders strictly complied with. 

Coll" 1 Regt. 


G. O. , R. Wing. The Depredations Dayly and Nightly Com- 
mitted on the Harvest of the Inhabitants By horses Belonging 
To the Army, are Crewel and Distressing. The Grater Part of 
theso Destructions are Committed By the Horses of them that 
are not allowed By the Regulation of Congress to Keep any. 
The Gen 1 , Therefore, Calls upon the Commanding Officers of 
ilegts. , Imineditly, to order from the Camp all those Belong- 
ing To women, soldiers, others not Inlisted, within their Re 
^pective Comands. Their own Interest, During the Present 
flcarsity of forage, as well as the Case of the Inhabitants, Re- 
quires a Riged execution o' these orders; and of any Extra 
Horses among The Waggoners, which there is Grate Reson to 
suspect it is the Case, The waggon Master who Permits Them, 
and the forage Master who Issues to them, shall hold them selves 
Accountable for Disobaydience of these orders, if they are not 
Immeditly sent away. 

D. O. Field Officer To-morrow, Major Murray. 

B. O. Adjt, of the Day, Hughes. 

Capt. of the day, 7th Ilegc. ,Irwn. 


REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July Ut7i, 1779. 

Lieut. Johnson, Quarter Master, is onst more Called upon to 
Produce his Books for Inspection, at three o'clock, P. M. 
Major Moore and Captain Craig to attend. 

A strict Compliance with the aBove order is expected, as the 
Contrary will not be passed with Impunity. 

The Coll has obsarved that the Camp Cullour men is fre- 
quently ommitted at Roll Call, which is InTirely Contrary To 
the true Spirit of discipline. He, therefore, strictly forbids an 
oinidon of this kind for the f utor, and Desires that the officers 
Commanding Companies will examine Minutely the Reports 
of the Sergeants made them at Roll Call, In order to Detect 
any omition of that nature. 

A Revew of Necessarys to take place to-morrow Morning, at 
Troop beating. 

The Regiment to Minuvre morning and evening, agreeable 
to former orders, if the weather Permit. 



Gf. O., R. W. The Maryland Line will furnish the Provost 
Guard ; and a Fatague, to be Imploy d Three Days upon the 
Road, from the Pennsyl 1 Camp to New Windsor, will Be fur- 
nished from the Pennsyl !l Line, the Party to Consist of a Sub, 
2 Sergeants, and 20 Privates, and to Relive a Like Party upon 
the sama Road from the Maryland Line. They will Parade 
without arms, and are to be furnished with Tools By the D. 
Q, M. Gen 1 . A party of artificers to be Imployed at the same 
time in Repairing the Bridges. 

Capt. Silman, from the 4 th Maryland RegSm', is appointed to 
Do the Duty of Brigade Major of the 2' 1 Maryland Brigade Till 
further orders, viz : Capt. Hardman, who Declins that Duty at 

His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, is surprised to be 
Informed that the orders of the first Instant has been very 
tardily Complied with Respecting Masons, au it is of Grate 
Importance to the Publick servis that a sufficient Number 
should Be furnished without Delay. 

The Commanding officers of Regim'ts are Requested to Pay 
Immedieat and Punctual attention to the execution of the 
aforementioned order. 


Field officer To-morrow, Coll" Chambers. 

Coll Humpton's Battallion, of the first Brigade, will March 



to-morrow Morning to Relive, the 2 1 Battalion, of the 2" Bri- 
gade, at West Point. A subaltern officer, from Coll" Stuart's 
Battalion, to Joyn the Light Corps as Brigade Quarter-Master. 
Capt. of the Day, 2' Regt. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 15th, '79. 

The officers Commanding Companies is Desired to make Re- 
turns to the Coll 3 of the desarters from their Different Com- 
panies as .Near as they Posably Can since the first of November, 
'76, to this present time, spacifiying their Names, Countrey, 
and former place of residence. The officers are Desired to hold 
themselves in Radyness to Parade at half -Past five, in order to 
make themselves more Perfect in their wheelings and March- 
ings and Manual Exorsise. 

Capt. Craig to take Charge of the sergeants at the same 
time, and have them Tought as aBove, to Continue at Exercise 
for one hower. 



O. O., R W. The forrage Masters are Immediately to apply 
at the Magazine of Provisions to Mr. Fitch, for the Damaged 
Flower which they are to Issue as Forrage. 

The Light Troops Commanded by Coll Mages, and Majors 
Hull and Murphy, are by the orders of his Excellency, to Joyn 
those under the Immediat Command of Gen 1 AVayn, and the 
whole to be formed, and Exorcised under Direction of that 

Gen' Nixon's Brigade will also march to the gorge of the 
Mountains near the Continental village, and supply the place 
of the Light Troops, and Those that have Been with Drawn 
from that Post. 

Congress have been Pleased to pass the following Resolves : 

IN CONGRESS, July the Gth, 1779. 

Resolved, That in Consideration of the extra Duty and services 
the officers in the army of these States, serving as sub and Bri- 
gade Inspectors, be allowed, The former three Rations Pr. 
Day, and forrage for three Horses, and the Latter two Rations 
Pr. Day, and the forrago for two Horses, in. Lieu of all former 
rations and forrage, both as officers in the Line and inspectors, 
Their subsistance Money as officers in the Line, to Remain as 
here To fore. 

The Commander-in-Chief is surprised to find by the weekly 
Returns that a Number of men are Continually Reported unfit 
for Duty, wanting Cloathing, when there is Cloathing in the 


Publick stores, and the mode pointed out in which they are to 
be Drawn. He trusts this Business will not Be Delayed any 
Longer, and that the Commanding officers of Corps will also 
see that the Diferent arms are Iminediatly supplied in the 
manner hear to fore Derected. 

The small partys that have Been sent from the Brigades at 
West Point, for the Purpose of aprehending Robers and other 
Disorderly Peple in or near Smith's Clove, are to Join their Re- 
spective Regts. 

D. O. Field officer to-Mor", Col 1 Stuart, 

At a Division Court Martial, lit. Coll Williams, President, 
Math" Dougherty was tried for Murder, and acquitted. 

The Gen 1 approves the sentence, but orders him to be Tried 
for Being Drunk on Duty. 


Adjt. of the Day, Irvine. 
Capt n of the Day To-m w , W m Wilson. 
Officer of Pollise for Battalion, Lieut. McMich 1 . 

DIVISION ORDERS, July the 16th, '79. 

The Devision to hold themselves to March at a Moment's 

Gen 1 orders That no man be absent from Camp on any Pre- 
tance whatever. 


G. O., R. W. The three Devisions of the Right wing, under 
the Comm'd of Gen r Putnam, are Immediatly to Complete 
themselves with three Days' Provisions, Redy Cooked, and 
hold themselves in Redyness to march at a moment's warning, 
with their tents and Baggage. 

Gen Mullinburg's Brigade will riot Be Relived till further 

By his Excellency's Command. 

HEAD QUARTERS, NEW WINDSOR, July the 16th, 1779. 

Parole Wayn. 

Countersign Light Infintrey. 

The Commander in Chief is Happy to Congratulate the army 
on the success of our army under the Brigadier Gen 1 Wayn, 
who Last Night, with the Corps of Light, Inttntrey, surprised 
and Took the Enemy's fort at Stony Point.and with the whole 
Garrison, Cannon, and ators, with Very Inconsiderable loss on 
our side. The Gen 1 ha3 not yet Rec 1 the Particulars of the 
affair, But he has the satisfaction to learn that the officera and 


men in Gen 1 Gloryously Distinguished themselves in the attack. 
He Requests the Brigadier and lii.s whole Corps to Except his 
warmest thanks for their good Conduct and signal Bravery 
Manifested upon the Occation. 

All the Clothiers in or Neare the army are Immediatly to 
make Returns of every article of Clothing on hand. 


NEW WINDSOR, July the 18th, 1779. 

As the Imba-cation of Troops is DiiBcult, the officers will stay 
with their Platoons, and not suffer a man to leave them on any 
Pretence. The Canteens are to be filled with water Before the 
Troops March off the Present Ground. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July tht iQth, 1779. 

The Companys that has no Camp Collour Men is Immediatly 
to furnish one Till the vaults is sunk and Camp Cleand. Any 
soldier found easing himself in any other Place But what is 
appointed for thalfPurpose will Be Punished with the Gratest 

The Quarter Master to see the vaults sunk as soon as Possible, 
and to have Kitchens sunk in the frount for the soldiers to 
Cook in, and some to the Right for the officers waiter's to Cook 
in. The soldiers to have no fire But what is in the Kitchens. 

Coll . 


WEST POINT, July 19M, 1779. 

Regimental Returns to be Made of all the arms unfit for servis 
or wanting Repairing in the Brigade, By four o'clock this after- 

The following Dispoition of the army is to take Place for 
the Present : The Right wing to be Composed of the Virginia, 
Maryland. and Pennsyl a Divisions, under the Command of Major 
Gen 1 Putnam ; The Left wing to be Composed of the two Con- 
iiacttiuut Brigades, and of Nixson's and Glover's, forming two 
Di.-isions, under Major Gen. Heath. Moylin's, and Shalden's 
Regts. of Cavilry and Coil Arrnong's Independing Corps to 
be attached to this wing till further orders. Major Gen 1 How 
will take the Immediat Command of Nixon's and Glover's, The 
Cavilry, and Independing Corps. The Garrison at West Point, 
Comprehending the Island, will, for the Present, Consist of 


Patterson's, Late Larnarcl, and the Carolina Brigades, under 
Gen 1 McDougatl, Commandt of the Garrison. 

The Carolina Brigade to be stationed on tVie* Island. Major 
Gen 1 McDougall will Immediatly make a Distribution of the 
Troops under his Command to the Defence of the several works, 
that every officer arid man may be acquainted with his Post 
in time of action, and know where to Repair without Confusion 
or Delay. In Case of an aLarm the artillery is at onst to Be 
Distributed and a very Minnute arrangement To be made at 
onst that every thing May be in the most Perfect Redyness at 
the shortest Notice. 

A full supply of water to be Immediatly Provided, the Liht 
Infintrey to take Post at any Convanient Place Nigh fort Mont- 
gomery. That part of it which have not Been already arranged 
to Return to their Respective Brigades and be Immediately 
Modled agreeable To the new formation. The Guard Boats 
are to b3 under the Derection of the officers Commanding the 
Light Infintry, from which Corps they are to be maried. 

All the advance Picquets and pad Rols on the west side of 
the River to be furnished from the Virginia Devision and the 
Corps of Light Infantry. The Commanding officers to agree 
when such are to be Respectively furnished, the Place and Roads 
they are ocupy ; the Rest of the Troops are to be Imployed in 
Carrying on the works with all Possable viggor and Dispatch. 

The Injanier will Report to the Adjt. Gen 1 the number of 
men Requiset for the Purpose, that he may have them Fur- 
nished and Regilate the Detail accordingly. 


i" As there has Been frequent Neglacts In not Haveing Provi- 
sions Drawn and Cooked agreeable to Gen 1 orders, the Q r 
Master is for the futor to have two day's Provisions allways in 
the hands of the men, as he shall be answerable for the Con- 
trary Conduct. The officers Commanding Comp'ys is Desired 
to see that their men Immediately Cook their Provision when 
Drawn, and Sevearly Punish any soldier for the Least waist. 

A Court Martial to sit this morning, at 9 o' Clock, to Try 
such Prisoners as shall Be Brought Before them, whereof Capt. 
W IU Wilson is president, Lt. McClelan, Lt. McFarlane, Lt. Ham- 
mond, and Ensign Callour, Members. 

The Coll is Indused, from the Gallant Behavour of John 
Griffey on the Night of the 15 th Instant, at Stoney Point, To 
appoint, him a Serjt, in Capt. Hamilton's Company, and is to 
be ABayed and Respected as such. 

Coll 9 . 



If the Tropos wanting arms have not Been supplied, to be 
furnished out of those Brought from Stoney Point, and not a 
moment's time To be Lost in Doing it. 

If the maggazines will afford it, the Brigade Commissary will 
allway have aBout them, Redy to Issue at a Moment's warn 
ing, two Days' salt Provisions and a Larger Quantity of Bread 
or flour. The troops are all ways to have two Days' Cooked on 
that they may be Redy to march at a moment's warning. 
Their want will not be admitted as an excuse. The officers 
Commanding Corps are to Consider them Responsible to the 
Commander in Chief for strick obaydiance to this order. 

Gen 1 De Portail will Be Pleased to appoint Ingoniersto super- 
intend the new works on the Hights, East and West the River, 
and have them Complected with ali Possable Dispatch, agree- 
able to former order, 

D. 0. The first Battalion of the 2 d Brigade, Composed of the 
3 d and 6 th Regts. to Parade To-morrow Morning, at Grun firing. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, July the 2lst, '79. 

Immediat application to the Conductor for Defisient arms, 
agreeable to the Regimt 1 return of yester Day. Ammunition 
to be Compleeted also. 

HEAD QUARTERS, W. POINT, July22d, '79. 

The following is the formation of Nixon's, Patterson's, Lar- 
nard's and the North Carolina Brigades, which is to take place 
Imediatly for the present Campaign : 

Greatiri's Regt. forms one Battalion, To furnish one Com- 
pany Light Infantry, 24 Privets; Nixon's one Battalion, to 
furnish Light Infentry, 30 Privets; Putnam's, 1 Bat ln , to fur- 
nish one Comp. L. Infantry, 38; Nixon Brigade to furnish for 
Light Infantry Captains, 2; Subs., 5; Sergts. ,7; Dr 9 and 
Fifes, 4; Rank and File, 92. Bayler's Regt. forms one Batal" 
Light Infantry, 32 ; Jackson's Regt. forms one Battalion Light 
Infintrey, 12; Weston's Regt. forms one Battalion Infantry, 
28; Laniard's Brigade furnishes Capt% 2; Subs., 3; Sergts., 
5 ; Dr s and Fifes, 4 ; Rank and File, 72. 

Late Bruer's and Broadford's Regts. furms 1 Battalion, and 
furnishes Light Infantry, 43; Marshal's and Tupper's Regts. 
forms one Battalion Infintrey, 51 ; Patterson's Brigade fur- 
nishes Capts. , 2 ; Subs. , 5 ; Sergts. , 7 ; Dr s and Fifes, 4 ; Rank 
and File, 94. Clarke's Regt. forms 1 Battalion Light Infintrey, 
37; Patton's Regt. forms 1 Battalion Infintrey, 33. The N. 
Carolina Brigade furnishes Capts. , 2; Subs. , 3; Sergts., 5; D r " 
and Fifes, 4 ; R. and File, 70. 


The following Gentlemen are to Do the Duty of Ensigns, 
ant ill the Pleasure of Their State is known, and in their Regt. 
sit against their names: first Virginia Regt., Jacob Brown, to 
Rank from the 15th of Sepf Last, and Philip Cortney, in the 
2' ; John Coleman, Patton Powell, George Blackmore, in the 
:5' ; Philip Clayton, and Ja" Delaplane In the 4 th ; Scott Govin 
Miller, Robt. Keys, in the 7 th ; Robt. Parkins, Sam 1 Phillips, 
Spencer Morgan, and John Lee in the 8 th Regt. ; Joseph Van- 
mott, Edward Williams, 10 th Regt. ; Simpson Foster, Elisha 
Ring, all to Rank from the 4 th Instant, also David Locket; and 
Jn. Nelson, in the Regt. Commanded by Coll Gust, Till The 
Pleasure of Congress is known, to Rank froih the same Date. 

Quarter Master Gen 1 will have a Reasonable Estimate made 
of the value of the Stores Taken at Stoney Point, and Rec d By 
him for the use of the Army, and will Pay the amount thereof 
to Gen 1 Wayn, or some Person of his appointment, for the 
Benefit of the Troops Imployed in the assault of that Post. 

Gen 1 Knox will cause the same to be Done with Respect to 
the ordinance, arms, and Military Stores, that a war'nt may 
be Drawn on the Pay Master for the amount, which is to be 
applied in Like Manner, a Greeable to assurance Given by the 
Commander in Chief Before the attack. Every Soldier who 
has Been Guilty of Plundering at Stoney Point, and applying 
to his own use any Part of which was Intended for the Common 
Benefit assellents, is to be excluded from a share of the above 
Estimet ; and, moreover, on Conviction of the Crime, to Re 
ceive such Corp 1 Punishment as a Court Martial shall think 
proper to sentance. 

And Whereas, some officers have Purchased articles from the 
soldiers, under a Mistaken Ida that they had a Right to sell, 
without Considering The Purnisious Consequences to which 
such a Practice Leads, and that it Intends to Incurrage a spirit 
of Plundering in the most Critical moments, by which the Best 
Concerted Plans are offten Defeated. The Gen 1 Desires that all 
such Practices may be Given up, the money Being Refunded 
to them, and that Practices or this Kind Be Discountenanced 
in futor By officers of every Denomination. 

There Being a few articles of Clothing for officers in the hands 
of the Clothier, at new Borough, In Compedent to a Gen 1 Dis- 
tribution to the army at Large, the Gen 1 is under the Necessity 
of Confining them to those officers only who have not had the 
Benefit of State Provisions, and, therefore, Derects the Cloth- 
ier to Issue them to such of the Cavilrey & Artillery of the l(i 
additional Regiments.and of the Military StafeasDo not Belong 
to the Line of Purticulor States, and are in the Predicament 
on which this Distribution is founded for his Governments. 


The olicers is to bring Certificates, those of the Cavilry from 
the officers Commanding his Respective Regiments; Those of 
the Artillery, from Brigadier Gren 1 Knox ; Those of the 16'" Regi- 
m jnts, from the officers Commaiidg the Brigades to which they 
Belong, and those of the Millitery Stave from the Gen 1 officers, 
or Princables to which they ara attached, unless they are the 
Princables Themselves, in which case their own orders will 

The Clothier has Direcktions Respe cg the Proportion and 
Term by which his Issues are to be Rigulated. 

Coll Nevil is Immediatly to inarch with his Regt. to Join the 
Brigade to which'he Belongs. 

One artificer from each Battalion on the new formations to be 
sent to the orderly office as soon as possible. A Serjt. from 
each Division or Brigade, to Conduct them. 

The following Number of men from the Several Brigades, 
Properly Oificered, are to be Dayly I m ployed in the works ac- 
cording To the Discrip^ion hereafter Mentioned, and to be 
Dayly Imployed Till further orders The 2' 1 Pensyl" Brigade, 127 
at Constitution I sla, id ; the first Pensyl" Brigade, 169 at the 
Point. The Fatague Howers, from Cfuri firing till 9 O'Clock 
in the Morning, and from three in the afternoon till Retreat 


W. POINT, July the 23rf, 1779. 

A Court Martial to sit this afternoon at 2 O'Clock, To Try 
such Prisoners as shall Be Brought Before them. Capt. Craig 
to Preside. Capt. L l MCleIlaii, Lt. Hammon, Ensign Cham- 
bers, Ensign Hoffman Members. 

Capt. Ziegleris to take Command of Lt. Hamilton's Com- 
pany, and to bs A Bayed arid Respected as such. 

The following formation of the Regt. is to take Place This 
Evening: Capt. Craig's Company on the Right, Capt. Jas. 
Wilson's on the Left, Capt. W m Wilson's on the Right of the 
Left Wing, Capt. Buchanan's Company on the Left of the Coll os 
Company, Capt. Ziegler's on the Right of Capt. Ja s Wilson's. 
The Coll 03 , Lt. Coll 03 , and Major's as Usial. 

Capt. Lt. McClellan to take Command of the Coll os Company. 
Lt. Hughes to take Command of the Lt. Coll 08 Company. Lt. 
McParlane to take Command of the Major's. Lt. Colloier to 
Do Duty in Capt. Ziegler's Company. Ensign Hoffman in the 
Lt. Coll c ' Company. The others to Remen as Usual. 




A Bord of Gen 1 officers, to be composed of Major Gen 1 Heath 
and St. Glair and Brigadier Gen 1 Knox, Parsons, Smallwood, 
and Patterson are to sit to-morrow Morning, 10 o' Clock, at Gen 1 
Heath's Quarters, to make a Compleet and Final arrangem' 
of the officers in the Masichusutes Line. The Bord wiil Be 
Pleased to fix the Presise Rank and Station of every Field offi- 
cer, as also the Presedents of the Captains. The Commander 
in Chief will Lay Before them all the Papers in his hands upon 
the subject. 

The Commissary Gen 1 of Issues, and his arrangement for sup- 
plying the Respective Brigads with Provisions, Must take Care 
that the allowance for the Garrison at West Point is not Broke 
in upon. Nor Reduced; But that thirty Days' Provisions, at 
least, are allways in the stor for it. 

Was omitted to Be Menchined in the orders of yesterday that 
the Light Inflntrey from Nixon and Larnerd's Brigad are to 
form one Battalion. That from Patterson's and the North Car- 
olina are to form another. Major Hall to Command the for- 
mer, and Major Murray the Latter. Col J Putnam to have the 
Command of Both the Light Infiantry from those Brigades. 
To Parade to-Morrow Morning, at West Point, to be Inspected, 
and formed into Battalions. 

The Recruts Coming from the State of Masichusutes, Imme- 
diatly on the arrival from Camp, are to be Reported to the Adjt. 
Gen 1 , who is to Derect their Distribution to the several Regts. of 
that State in Proportion to their Strength of each, to bring 
the wholj as Neare a.8 may be to Aquellity. 

The officers Commanding Regts. will have a Simmiller Dis- 
tribution made to the Diferent Companys, That those also may 
be Nearly to the same standard. 

The Present Incampment of the army Being Rather Con- 
fined, and Not admitted to a Change of Ground, an Extraor- 
dinary Degree of Alteration will Be Necessary in order to Pre- 
sarve Cleenliliness. The Regulation for that Purpose are 
Punctually to be Carred into execut". 

At a Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial. Held at Smith's Clove, By 
order Brigadier Smallwood, the 5 lh I list. , Lt Col" Howard, Presi- 
dent, Jno. Clob, Jno. Witman, Roger Lennard, and Charles 
Kuox was tried for Desartion and attempting to go to the 
Enemy, found Guilty of the 1 st Article, th Sexion, of the articles 
of War, and sentenced to Suffer Death, Two thirds of the Court 
agreeing thereto. 

His Excellency, the Comd r in Chief, Confirms the sentence. 


DIVISION ORDERS, 23d July, '79. 

For Fatigue to-morrow, Lieut. Col Murray. 

Ditto, Ditto, Major Stuart. 

A Devision Court Martial will sit To-morrow Morning, 10 
o'Clock, at the President's Quarters, or Marque, for the Trial 
of such Prisoners as shall Be Brought Before them. Coll 
Chambers will Preside. 3 Capts. and 3 subs. , from the 1" Brig- 
ade, 4 Capts. and 3 subs, from the 2 d Brigade. The Judge Ad- 
vocate will attend as Members. An orderly Serjt. from each 
Brigade to attend the Court. 


Capt, of the Day from the 3 d Regt. 
Adjt. of the Day, Lt. Hughes. 

For Devision Court Martial to-Morrow, Capt. Craig; for 
Ditto, Lt. M c Farlane. 
For Fatigue to-morrow, Lieutenant Hammond. 


Gen 1 Heath will Please to Give the Names to the Reedoubta 
he is establishing on the Hights the east side the River, and 
Gen 1 M c Dougall to those on the West Side the River and 
those on the Island, that the whole may be Distinguished and 

Any soldier who Presumes to fire his Musquit, without Leave 
from the Commd'g officer of his Regiment, who is not to Give 
it But in Case of Necessity, and then will acquent the guards 
of it, is to Receive 15 Lashes on the Spot, and pay one sixth of 
a Dollar for the Catridge to the Q. Master of the Regim', who 
will Ley the mony arrising this way for the Bennefit of the 
sick. The Guard Nearest the Spot the Gun is fired is to send 
a File of men to apprehend the offender. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 25th, 1779. 

The Coll" onest More Calls upon the officers Commanding 
Companys to make him out a List of all the Disarters from 
thire Different Companys since the year seventy-six, as Near as 
Possible. He is Exceedingly surprised that officers will so fre- 
quently Dispense with orders. He expects a strict Compliance 
with the aBove. 

Serjt. McCartney appointed to Do the Duty of Serjt. Major 
During the Absence of Serjt. Major McMurtney. 




Lt. Col Bruks, sub Inspactor in the army, is to be Deputy 
Adjt, Gen 1 in the Garrison at West Point arid its Dependences, 
and is to be Respected and a Bayed accordingly. 

Major Platt, who has Done the Duty of that Post, is Desiared 
to except the Commander In Chief's thanks for his faithfull 

Major And w Peters, of Col Bayles' Regt. , is appointed Brig- 
ade Major In the 4 th Massachutes, Commonly calied Larnnord's 
Brigade; is to be accordingly Respected and oBajed. 

The Ammunition Canteens are to be Delivered to the Light 
Infintrey, agreeable to the Returns of the officers Commanding 
their Respective Regiments, who will be Purticlarly attentive 
to Prevent them Being Lost or Misapplied. 

Returns of tha sick to be made every Monday Morning, as 
usual, to the Surgeon Gen', at the Plying Hospital. At the 
same Time, Stores will be Issued for the use of the sick. 

DIVISION ORDERS, July 25th, '79. 

Field officer To-morrow, Col. Stuart. 

For Fatague, Major Grier, who will superintend the Partys 
from each Brigade. 

A Bord, Consisting of all the field officers of the Devision not 
on Duty, to sit to-morrow Morning, at 10 o' Clock, at the Presi- 
dent's Tent, To Take into Consideration, and Determine upon, 
the Claims Respecting Rank of Captain Anderson, Lieut. 
Broadard, and others. The Peapers will be Laid Before them, 
and the Parties will attend. Coll Humpton will Preside. 

B. O. Capt, of the Day from the first Regt. , William Wilson. 

Adjt. of the Day to-morrow, Lt. McClane. 


All the Brigade Majors to attend at the orderly office to- 
morrow, at 12 o'Clock, Except the one from Gen 1 Glover's 

A Trusty Serjt. and 12 men from Gen 1 McDougal's Devision 
to Parade, at 2 o'Clock, This Afternoon, at the orderly office, 
with their arms, Blankets, and two Days' Provision, to escort 
some Prisoners To Paughkipsey. 

Capt. of the Day to-morrow from 2 d Regiment. 

Adjt. of the Day, Capt. Irwin. 

The troop and Retreat Beating will Be Takin from the Gar- 

32 VOL. XI, 


DIVISION ORDERS, July 27 th, 1779. 

Field Officer to-morrow, Lt, CoP North. 

At a Division Court Martial, Held July 2o th , Col Chambers, 
President, Peter Sidel, in the 7"' Pensyl 1 Regt. , \vaii tried for 
Ddsarting to the Enemy. Pleads not Guilty. Thf Court ;.i 
of opp'.nion he is not Guilty of Dasartion to the linemy, But 
his Denying hj naver Belonged to tho army is Considered as ,i. 
Crime, DOJS therefore sentence him to Racaive 50 Lashes. 

At the same Court, Geo. Star 11, soldier in tho 9 lh Pensyi 1 
Ragt, was tried for D^sarting to tho enemy. Pleads Guilty. 
The Court santenaes him to R^C3ive 100 Lashes ; the Gen 1 Con- 
lirms the santance and orders them to take Place at Retreat 
Beating. The Court is Disolved. 

B. O. Capt of the Day to-morrow, 7 tb Regt. 



The extreme Importance of haveing the works and Defieien- 
cyes at and about West Point, on Both s'des of the River, 
Compleeted with all Possable Dispatch, so obvious that the Gen 1 
Conceives it Daily unNecessarie to useargiments in the Prooff 
of it. In the Present unfinished State of them, They are a re- 
streant on every operation and movement of our enemy, and 
must Continue to b3 so Till they are Put in such a Poisture of 
Defence as to be safeely Confldented into a Proper Garrison. 
Strongly Impres' with this Id'a himself, the Gen 1 most ernestly 
exorts the officers of Fatague Parleys that the men Imploy 
thire Labour to advantage, and that they are not suffered 
During their Tower of Duty to be Idle. The workw now entered 
upon must be Compleeted to More therefore, and the greater 
Exartion I in ployed in the execution, the sooner the troops will 
be exempted from Fatigue Duty and Liberty to move from 
their Present Pos'sion from which Publ'ck Benefit and Privet 
Convayn'n3ys will Result to Fassllliate Th'se Desiorable ends. 
The Injunears who suporinted the works will meet the Adjt 
Gen 1 at 5 o'Clock this afternoon to settle a new Deta'l, By 
which Matters are to be so ordered that the wo:ks are not to 
sese till Gun firing till Twa Light in the evening. To atfect this 
the fatigue Parteys for the Day are to be Clast into three or 
four sets, as may ba thought best. Drawing Late thire towers. 
to work, the first not to Quit till Relived By the 2 d and so on. 
Those who have the warmest part of the Day to have the short- 
est time to labor, and as grate advantages would Result from 
haveingtixed snnorlntendence of tho works, who, Beingaquen- 
ted with the Des'^-iiii of the Injuneare, and acting Immed.'a ely 


under the Deraction, Can Carry the Business on systematicaly 
arid without Lose of time and Labour, which is scarse Possable 
By officers to ba Done in Rotation. The Gen 1 will also thank 
and Recompence any officer for thir extroniry Troble who will 
undertake this Duty, such as are inclined to Do it will Give in 
their names to the Adjt. Gen 1 By To-morrow Evening, who is 
to Report them to Head Quarters. The superintendents are not 
Intended to exempt a Due Proportion of officers to the Fatigue 
Parties, as they are eakqully Neccessary, and its hoped we will 
see Thai: men will Do their Duty with the Dispatch becoming 
the urgency of the Case. The Quarter Master Gen 1 haveing ac- 
cation for the water men ingaged By him for the use of Ferreys, 
and who are now Imployed at this Place, they are to be Re- 
lieved by a eakqueal Number, or as many as are absolutely 
Necessary for that Duty, from Patterson's Late Larnnard's 
and the Carolina Brigade. He will Cause an axact Return to 
be Rendered as soon as Possable, of all the Boats at this Place 
and in the visinity of it ; will see that such and so many as are 
Indispenceable Necessary for ordinary Purposes to Be alotted 
to them, and the Rest, such as want Repair, Being got in 
ordar, Left in the Care of a Proper Person with Competent 
Guards, who is not to suffer any of them to Be used without 
his order, while he is at this Post. In writing a Return is also 
to Be given In of all the Boats Belonging to the Publick, at 
new Windsor, new Berrey, fish kills, and their vesineties with 
a Estm 1 of the Numbers of men they are Capable of Carreying 
the Boats, with Respect to the size to be Clast and Numbers of 
each in Numerated in the Return, and how they are to be Pro- 
vided with oars. 

D. O. Field Officer To-morrow, Lt. Col Murray. 
* For Fatigue, Major Steurt. 




The following is the Detail for fatague, agreeable to yester- 
day's orders as assigned To the several works, to Be Devided 
into foar Relievs . The first to work from Gun firing to 9 o Clock 
in the morning ; The 2' 1 from 9 to 12 ; the 3 1 from 12 till 3 in the 
afternoon ; the 4 th , from 3 till twaLight in the Evening. 

Smalhvood's, 412; Relife, 103 at the Redoubts, Neare the 
Maryland Line. Guest's, 300; Relife, 7550 at fort Web. and 
25 to attend the Major's at fort Putnam. Irwin's,424; Relife, 100 
at fort Putnam. 2 a Pensyl a , 312 ; Relife, 7850 to Parade at the 
Point To Cut fasshines, and 28 at Constitusion Island. North 
Carolina, 248; Relife, 02 at Constitusion Island. Patterson's, 


400; Relifp, 10075 at the Point, 25 to attend Masons at fort 
Putnam. Late Lennard.s' 304; Relife, 70 at the Point. 

A Capt., 2 subs., 3 Sergts., Drs. and fifes, 2, to every 50 Men; 
a Corpl. and 3 from the Maryl d Line, to Guard the tools at the 
Redoubts, Neare s d Line, to mount at son set, and Come off 
at son Rise ; and the Paymaster Gen 1 to be Relived from s* 
Line By the Establishment of the army. 

Each Regt. is to Consist of Eight Battalion Companies, and 
one Company of Light Inflntrey, Consequently, the Returns of 
.the army should ba Comformable thereto; and altho the 
Light Infintrey are Drafted according to the Strength of the 
Regt. , the Return to be made in the following order : 

Formation of a Regiment Light Inflntrey, 1 st Capt's Company, 
6 vh Capt's, Collonel's; 4 lh Captain's; 5 th , Major's, 6 th , 3 d Cap- 
tain's; 7 th , Lt. Colonel's; 8, 5 th Captain's; 9 lh , 2' 1 Captain's. 

Where there is only two* field officers In the Regiment, the 
Companys are to be Drawn up and Put Down in the follow- 
ing order : 

Infintrey, 1 st Capt, 6 th Capt., 4 th Capt., Lt. Coll 08 , 3 d Capt., 
Major's, 5 th Capt., 2 d Capt. 

Where a Regiment furnishes part of a Company of Light In- 
fantry, That Number is Returned fit for Duty, and as many us 
are Wanting to Complete, To be Insarted in thir proper Col- 
umns. For example, if a Regt. furnishes 2 Serjeants, a Drum 
and fife, and 3(5 Rank and File,They are to be Returned Present 
lit. for Duty,and 1 Sertj. ,and 1 Drum or fife, and 20 Rank and File 
wanting to Compleet. By which means the Light Infintrey, 
which is allways to be Keept Compleet, is Returned fit for Duty. 

Where a Regt. furnishes no Light Infinetry, all its Light In- 
fintrey officers that Remans in the Batalion Must be Placed in 
those Companys That want officers, and Returned with them, 
and the full Complem 1 of Non-Comiss'ed officers and Rank and 
file for a Company Returned wanting to Compleet. The field 
and Regiment 1 Staf e officers should Be Returned in their Respec- 
tive Collorns, opposite thire Companeys. The other Stafe 
officers as Brigade Majors, A D Camps, Brigade Qur. Masters, 
and so forth With the Regimental Stafe, are To Be Insarted 
at the Bottom of the Returns ; on the Stafe, amonghst The 

The Commanding officers of Cavilry have, cf Late, neglected 
to Transmit their Returns to the orderly office, agreeable to 
the Gen 1 orders of the ll lh of March Last. The Gen 1 Insists on 
jin Explist Compliance Thereof in futor, and that the s d Com- 
manding officers shall Be answerable for any neglect. 

Many and Pointed orders have Been Issued against that un- 
Meuning and a Bomanable Customs of swarine, not with 


standing which, with much Regrate, The Gen 1 observes That it 
Prov&ils, if Possable, More Then ever. His feelings are Con- 
tinually wounded By The oathes and Imprecations of the Sol- 
diers, whenever he is within Hearing of them ; The Name of 
that Being from whose Bountifull Goodness we are Permitted 
to exist and Injoy the Comforts of Life, Insesintly Imprecated 
and Profan'd in a Manor as wanting as it's Shocking. For the 
sake, therefore, of Religion, Daysinsey, and order. 

A Pay Master from each Brigade on the Ground will attend 
at the Inspector Gen 1 Quarters To-morrow Morning, at i) 
o'Clock, to Consult with him on the means of Establishing, 
and uniformity of keeping their acct". They will Bring the 
Books with them. Lt. Coll os Brukse and Homer will Please 
to attend at the time and place. 

A Gen 1 Court Martial of the Line to assemble at West Point, at 
9 o'Clock, to Try.M r James Garvey, assistant to George Major, 
Esq r Deputy Cloather Master Gen 1 for the Northern Depart- 
ment, and such as shall Come Before them. Col Durkey to 
Preside. A Lt. Coll or Major next. 

For Court Martial From the Maryland & Pennsyl a Continen- 
tal Line, 2 Captains from each of the said Lines, and 3 from 
the Connaticut Lines, to attend as Members. 

DIVISION ORDERS, July 30th, '79. 

Field officer To-morrow, Major Grier. 

For Court Martial, Major Hammilton. 

The Devision will Prepear for Inspection. The first Brigade 
on Monday, at 7 o'clock. The 3 d Brigade the Day following. 

As the Printed forms of the Returns is not yet Redy, Lt. 
Coll Harmar will have one of the following Returns Delivered 
him, viz: first, a weekly Return of each Capt., Regimentily 
Dijested. 2 d , a Return of arms and Ammunition, and so forth. 
3 J 'y, a Raturn of Clothing on hand. 4 th , a Return of Camp 
ace u page. 

A Capt. of the 7 th Regt, for Gen 1 Court Martial. 


Capt, of the Day from the 10 lh Regt. 
Adjt. of the Day, Capt. Irwin. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 30ft, '79. 

As the new Plan of Makeing Regimental Returns is attended 
with some Inconvaincys In the Detached State of the Regi- 
ment, and as we Cannot Possable Return two Iiifintrey Com- 
panys, the Coll" Derecks for the Futor the men that is Latly 
Drawn from the Different Coinpanys, as Infintrey, to be Dis- 



continnewed in the Company's Report, and orders theAdjt. to 
Return them and Those at Scoharay Coleetively as one Com- 
pany oflnflntrey, Commanded by Capt. Simpson, all ways 
Properly Remarking the Places they are on Command. 

The Soldiers being very well supplied with Summer Clothing, 
The Collo. expects the officers will Pay the strictest attention 
to the Daysent a Peareance and Cleenliness of their men. 

An orderly Serjt. to attend the Col 03 Marque Daily for the 
f utor, till further orders. 

As the Revew of Inspection is on Monday Next, at 7 o'Clock, 
the Col hopes that the officers Commanding Companys will 
use every means in their Power to make their men mend their 
Close, and appeair Cleen and in a soldier Like Manner. 



The Inspector Gen 1 is Requested to Revew the Leveys lhat 
have alredy arrived from the State of Masichusets, and Those 
which hearaftef arrive Before The Distribution takes Place, and 
to Report to head Quarters the Numbers and Names. of those 
who by age, youth, and Infirmetysare unfit for the servis, and 
Inspection of the whole army is also to be made by the sub In- 
spectors Between the first and 5 th of A ugust next, which is to be 
Confinned to the men, thir arms and Ammunition, and to be 
Conducted in such a Manner as will least Interfer with the 
Prosecution of the work. 

The Quarter Master Gen 1 will Give Perticular Derections to 
have all the Horses of the army shod, and the waggons Re- 
paired, and held in Parfect Redyness for a spedy Movement. 

John Davison, Esq r . of the 2 d Maryland Regiment, and Eldest 
Captain in the 2* Maryland Brigade, is appointed Brigade 
Major to the same till further orders, viz : Capt. Silman, whose 
111 State of helth Prevents his Doing that Duty ; is to be oBayed 
and Respected accordingly. 

EeGnlatinns for the Corps hr,aners, to be Continued. 

3 d . The Command 1 of the Corps of Injaners and the Command 
<>f Injaners In a seprat army shall find plans of the most Im- 
portant Position in Places Ocipied by the army in which they 
Respectively Belong to the Board of Avar. Those Plans will be ? 
of Corse, Delivered to the Commander in Chief or Gene:al 
Commanding a separate army By the Commad 1 of the Corps of 
Injaniers, or Commanding Injahiers will also Report Plans of 
works Intrusted to them By their superior officer, and no plans 
are to be Communciated by any Injanier to any person what so 


4 th . In the attacks of Towns, fort, or fortified Camps of nn 
Enemy By Regular aproaches, the Commanding Injanier shall 
Dereck the oporations, under the athoriry, and wirh the Apro- 
bation, of the then Commanding Gen 1 , to whome he shall 
Daily Transmit a Plan Marking out the Progress of the Atack, 
and shall Likewise, from lime to time, Transmit to the Bord of 
War a Plan of the s d atack, together with a jornal of the oper- 

[To ba Continnewed. ] 

I). O. Field officer To-morrow, Col Chaml ers. 

11. O. Capt. of 1 he Day, Lusk. 

Adj. , Lt. Hughes. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, August the 1st, '79. 

A Regimental Revew of Inspection to Take place this even- 
ing at half past six, if fair, the Regiment to be Drawn up on 
the old Parade, to the Right of the Camp, and to be formed 
agreeable to the 3 d article of the 25 lh Chapter of Baron Stubean's 
Instructions. The Company Reports to be Continewed on the 
old Plan, Prior to the Regimental orders of the 30"' of July. 
The Adjt. to Rigalate the Reports accordingly till further orders. 


BRIGADE ORDERS, the first Aug'st, '79. 

Each Hegt. will furnish the Conductor with an armor. The 
Brigade Quarter Master will find Coles, and so forth, and assist 
the forge to ba in order and Condition for a Mediate Servis. 
He will, also, keep axzact accounts of the Number of Days each 
man works. Officer Commanding Regiments will see that their 
arms are Repaired with all Possable Expadition. 


Brigadier To-morrow, Smallwood. 

The Honourable the Congress, the 5 th of April Last, were 
Pleased To pass the following Resolve : 

That The Regimental Clothiers have an allowance of thirty 
Dollar's pr. montn, In aDition to their Present appointment. 

The Bord of Gen 1 Officers appointed By the order 23' 1 ult. , 
have Reported that the Rank and Presedent of the Regiments 
in the Masichusets Line should stand as in following uKang;-*- 
ment, Being founded on Senority of the officers who first Com- 
manded them, under the appointment made in Consequence 
of the Resalutions of Congress of Sept r 16'", 1770: Vous, I 81 , 


Baylye's2 a , Gratton's 3 d , Sheppard's 4 th , Putnam's 5'", Nixon's 
th , Late Alden's7 lh , Jackson's 8 th , Weston's 9 th , Marshal's 10 th , 
Tapper's ll lh , Bryer's 12 th , Late Wiglessworth I3 lh , Broadford'a 
I4 lh , Biglor's 15 th . 

The Commander in Chisf aprovep the arrangem', and the 
Rpgts. forth ara to Rank and Be Numbered accordingly. 

The Gen 1 Being Inform'd that a number of men haveing 
Being Left at New Windsor and the Neighborhood on Baggage 
guards. Derecks that they be Immediately with Drawn to Join 
thir Regiments, and that Baggage be either Stored there or 
Brought to the army. The former will Be Preforeable in either 

The Quarter Master Gen 1 will Give the Necessary fatague 
Rum at the Rate of a Gill Pr. Day Pr. man, to be Constantly 
Issued to the Different Partys on Fatague, and to the artificers 
Imployed in Carrying on the works. This is to be Delivered 
By the Issuing Commissary, or Keeper of the Magazines. All 
Returns signed By the Superintendents of the Different works^ 
who is Requested to be Carefull to Prevent Imposisions. 

The Commander in Chief Derecks that a Gen 1 officer of the 
Day Be appointedto attend the Polace of the Camp. 

All officers are Requested to be attentive to the appearance 
of any strangers at this Post, and to send all such as Can not 
Give Good account of themselves, and have not Proper Passes, 
to the Gen 1 officer of the Day, and to be by him Crittieally ex- 
amined, and if not satisfied of their Character and Busness, he 
is to have them sent Instantly away, on Pain of punishen*; if 
they are found afterwards Loitering a Bout, they are to be 
Committed to the Provost, if they are any surcumstances of 
suspision to Justify it. All the field officers of the Day arid 
Regimental officers of Police are to be Purticular attention to 
this orders. 

S. O. Capt. of Day, from 10 th Regt. 
Adjt. of Day, McCollam. 

DIVISION ORDERS, Augusl the 1st, 1779. 

Field Officer To-morrow, Col' Humpton. 

20 Masons and Carpiriters are Immediately wanting for the 
works from the Pensyl" Line the Commanding officer of Corps 
to turn out as many as they have to be Paraded to-morrow 
Morning and marcht Down under a sub. from the first Brigade. 
To Col Casbeykews. 

They will receive half a Dollar P r Day Additional pay. and 
be Deducted from the Daily fatagua 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, August 2d, '70. 
A Court. Martial, to set immediatly for the Tryal of all such 


prisoners as shall Be Brought Before them, whereof Captain 
Lt. McClellen is President, Lt. Hammond, Ensign Hoffman, 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOOR'S HOUSE, August 2r/, '79. 

Brigadier To-morrow, Gen 1 Pattison. 

The Bord of Gen 1 officers in the Masichusets arrangement 
are Requested to Meet To-morrow Morning 10 o'Clock, at the 
same Place, to Detarmine further Matter which will be sub- 
mitted. Each Massichusets Regiment is to make out a List of 
the men of the new Leveys, or nine month men, who are Car- 
pinters, Black Smiths, armiors,housor whellwrights, or sailors, 
and so forth ; or of any other Trade and Deliver the List to 
Gen McDougall. Those who have no Trades are Immeditly to 
Relive the Guards at the Hospital and stors at fish kill, and 
elsewhere ; like wise the Baggage and Commissarys Guard, 
and so forth, and the old Guards are to be sent to their Respec- 
tive Battalions. 

Captains Beckly, McMurray, and Dodle, Capt. Lieutennents 
Gellin, Bushland, and Little, first Lieuten" Clievland and 
Welch, who are Nomanated as officers to the Compys of sapers 
and Minnurs, they are Requested to Call upon Brigadier Gen 1 
De Portail and take his orders. Capt. Jno. Dowty, of the 
Core of Artillery, is appointed Brigade Major of the same till 
further orders is to be oBeyed and Respected accordingly. 

Fifth. In a Besheged place, the Commanding Injanier shall 
Dereek -the Defence of it. The orders of the Commanding 
officers of the garrison, and he shall keep a Jurnal of all the 
operations, in order that it may serve for his Justification, and 
for that of a garrison, of that of asurranderof the Companysof 
Sapars and minors. 1 st until Men are Iniisted for the Proposed 
Companys of Sappers and Minors, not exceeding three, shall 
be formed, as surcumstances may Requier, by Draught from 
the army, By the Deraction cf the Commander-in Chief, and 
be under the Command of the Commander of the Core of In- 
jaaiers, untill otherwise ordered By Congress. 2 dly , each Com- 
pany to Consist of a Captain, Lieut. Capt. , a first and 2' 1 Lieut. 
4Serg l! , 4 Cop", 1 Drum, 1 fife, and 60 Privets. 3 d , the Duty 
of the Companys of sapers and minnors shall be under the 
Deraction of the Injanier, to Construct field works of every 
kiri-J, and all works Necessary for the attack or Defence of the 
place, as surcumstances may Require. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day to-mor w , Col" Stuart. 

Major Ja 9 Moore, of the first Regt., to Take Command of tin* 
7 th Regt Till further orders. 



Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

The Honourable the Bord of war Being pleased to appoint 
Raiph Pumrey, Esq r , Coimnissioner, to settle and pay all ar- 
rearages of Clothing Dae to the Troops of these States for the 
year '77, the Gen 1 Deracts that the accounts and Rohs Required 
By the Resolve of the 2 1 of March last, and Published in orders 
the I2 :l1 following, Be Immedieatly made out and Present it to 
the s d Commissioner for settlement. A Regmental Qua lr Master 
from each Brigade, to attend at the Inspector Gen 18 Quarters 
To-morrow Morning 9 o'clock to Consult with him on a Proper 
Method of Keeping Their Books uniformly throughout the 
army. They will Bring their Books with them. Lit. Coi* 
Bruks and Harmar will please to attend at the same time and 
place. Regulatonsjor the Cars of Injanrr, continued. 

Fourthly. When a Company or Part of a Company of sapers 
and minors is Deiacht with a Body of Troops without an En- 
.ianier, the officer Commanding a Company or part of a Com- 
pany shall take his orders Derectly from tho Commanding 
officer of the Troops, and when soever any sapper or minors 
haveing the Charge of any works shall Be Absent, the officer 
of sappers and Minnors Commanding the Detachm 1 , Imployed 
in Instructing them, shall Deract the works agreeable to the 
Plan and Instructions form'd by such injanier. 

Fifthly. When the Company of sapers and Minnors shall not be 
sufficient to perform the Dutys assigned them, The Command- 
ing Injanier shall apply to the Commanding Gen 1 To furnish 
him with such a Number of Patague men from the Line as the 
servis shall Require. 

Sixthly. The officers of the Line, with the Comin d of the 
Fatague Partyes for assisting arid Constructing the works, 
shall not Inteifer in Demoting them, But shall be wholly Con- 
fined to keeping tho soldiers Imployed, and in Mintaining pro- 
per order and Disiplin. 

Seventhly. The sappers and Minnors shall, in Case of Extrorri 
deniry Patague and Daingar shall have such gratuitues over 
and above their Pay as the Commanding Injanir, with the 
Concurraiice of the Commanding Gen 1 of the army shall think 
they Desarve. 

Eightly. The officers of rappers and miners shall Injoy the 
same Rights, honours, and Preveledges with the officers of the 
Like Rank in the other Corps of the army. 

Eleventhly. From (he time the men are Drafted, and During 
their Continnewance in their Companys. they are to be Left 
out of the Pay Rolls of thair Respective Regiments. 

I). 0. Field officer to-morrow, Ijt. Col North. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day 7 lU Regiment, 


Adjt. of the Day, Capt. Irwin. 

Capt. Weever, Capt. Ja s Wilson. Lieut. McMich', Lt. Stricer 
aro appointed To Inspect Provisions that the Commissary have 
no ,v on hands, and make Report To the Command' of the Bri- 
gade accordingly. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, 4t?i, Augst. , '79. 

The officers Commanding Companys to make Reports to the 
Coi of the Number of Sergeants in each Company, with the 
vacancies, that they may bo completed To the Establishment. 

Tho following Regulations are to be obsarved at Roll Call 
till further orders, or till the Inspector thinks Proper to Esta- 
blish oao Uniform Rule for the whole Line, viz: 

When the men is formed on the Parade, the officers is to be 
Drawn up in a single Line, 8 Peases in frount of there Respec- 
tive Companys. The first sergt. is to Take Post on the Right 
of their Compys, when the Commanding officer Present or the 
Adjt., by the Command 1 ' order, gives the following words of 
Command, viz: Non Commissioned officers to the frount, 
March. The first sergt. on the Right of each Company steps 
out Briskly 2 paces, and halts till further orders. The Com- 
missioned officers at the same time, Bring their Spontoonstp 
an advance, face to the Right a Bout frunting their Company 8. 
Call Rolls. The Non Commissioned officers then face to the 
Left a Bout, and Proceed to ('all the Rolls. The officers Com- 
manding Companys, at the same time steping up to the Ser- 
jeants, is to see that they do their Duty Properly, and make 
Just Report. Non commissioned officers to the senter, March 
The Serjt 8 fac3 to the Right and Left, and march to the center 
and form in a Line two Paces in frount of the Regiment. The 
Commissioned officers at the same time face to the Right aBout, 
and take Post. Tne Adj. then advances to the Serjts. . and Re- 
ceives the Reports of their Companys. The Adj. then orders, 
Non-Commissioned officers to Right and left face, Take your 
Post, The Serjts; then face to the Right and left, and fall 
into the Intervils on the Right of their Companys. The Adjt. 
then it; to advance to the Commanding officer, and give in IHH 
Report to the Regt. The officer then Commanding, will then 
give in such further orders as he thinks proper, when the Hegt. 
is dismissed, and the men ordered to Recover arms. The Com- 
missioned officers is to Bring their spontoons to an advance 
To the Right aBout face. 

The officers and men Both face to the Right a Bout. Dis- 
miss. The men then steps off, and the jentle men is at Liberty 
to Retire where they Please for that time. 




Brigadier To-morrow. Erwin. 

Artical Fourteenth. The sappers and miners will Be Taught 
asstablishd manuel exorsise and evelutionson days when they 
are not Imployed in the Particler Duty of their Department, 
and the same Pollace and Disciplin shall be Practiced in their 
Company's as in other Parts of the army. 

Fifteenth. The Command 1 of the Corps of Sappers and Miners 
shall take the most effectual and expadetious Methods to have 
the sappers and Miners Instructed in their Duty, and as, Pro- 
bably, the officers of these Com pan ys, whose Tellents and 
aquierments fit them for these Professions, will be appointed 
Injaniers, The Commander of the Corps of Injaniers shall form 
a Plan of Instructions for those officers, which. Being approved 
by the Bord of war and Commander in Chief, shall be carried 
into execution. 

Sixteenth. The Commander of Corps of Injaniers shall appoint 
an Injanier whome he Judge Best Quallified to Read Lectures 
on fortifications, either for towns, or the field, on a mannor of 
adjusting Fortifications to Different grounds or Projections; 
to Rigulate the extent according to the number of men In- 
tended to be Covered upon an attact and Defence, where the 
use of mines and their Construction, forming Plans, Reconiter- 
ing a Countrey, and serveing and Leying out the fortifying a 

Seventeenth. Upon a March in the visinities of an enemy, a 
Detachment of a Company of sappers and Miners shall be 
stationed at the Head of the Collam, Derectly after the Grand 
Guard, for the Porpose of opening and widening the Roads, 
and Removing obstructions. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day. Lt. Col Minges. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day To-morrow, 10 th Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day, Hughes. 

DIVISION ORDERS, August the 5th, '79. 

Field officer of the Day To-morrow, Lt. Col 1 Murray. 
The Devision to prepair to pass Muster To-morrow, to begin 
on the Right of the first Brigade at 6 o'Clock in the morning. 
The officers Commanding Companys to prepair one Roll for 
that purpose. 

Col" Com* Division. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, 5th of August. '79. 
The Regiment to Parade to-morrow morning; 6 o'Clock, to 


pass Muster. The Col" expects the officers will Pay the Gratest 
attention to the Desent appearence of their men. 



Brigadier To-morrow, Guest. 

The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Col Jackson is President, 
is Disolved ; that whereof Colonel Durgey is President is or- 
dered to sit to-morrow Morning, 9 o'Clock, at the Barracks at 
the Point, Col Star, vine Col Durgey, on Cornm*, will Preside. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, 7 lh Regt. 

Adjt. to-morrow, Lit. Banks. 

Brigadier To-morrow, Gen 1 Irvine. 

The Hon 1 The Congress, on the 26 th of July, were Pleased to 
pass the following Act : 

Resolved, Unanimously, That the Thanks of Congress be Pre- 
sented to Brigadier Gen 1 Wayn, for his Brave, Prudent, and 
Soldierly Conduct in the Spirited and well Conducted attack 
of Stoney Point. 

Revolved, Unanimously, That Congress entertain a Proper 
sense of the good Conduct of the officers and soldiers, under 
the Command of Brigadier Gen 1 Wayne, in the assault of the 
Enemy's works at Stoney Point, and Highly Commend the 
Coolness, Disiplin, and firm Intrepitedey Excibbited on the 

Resolved Unanimously, That Lt. Col" Florray and Major 
Stuart, who by their Situation in the Leading the two attacks, 
had a More Immediate opertunity of Distinguishing themselves 
Hereby, the Porsonal Achifement Excibbited a Right Example 
to the Brother Soldiers, and Merrits, in a Particular Manner 
the aprobation and acknowledgement of the United States. 

Resolved unanimously, That Congress warmly approve and 
aplaude the Cool and detarmiried spirit with which Lt. Gibson 
and Lt. Knox Lead on the Farlorn hope, Braving Danger and 
Death, in the Cause of their Countrey. 

Rest >lved unanimously, That a Medle Emblamatical of the ac- 
tion Be struck; that one of Gold Be Presented to Brigadier 
Gen 1 Wayne, and a silver one to Lt. Col Florray and Major 
Stuart, Respectively. 

Resolved, unanimously, That Bravets of Captains be Given to 
Lt. Gibson and L' Knox. 

Resolved unanimously, That a Brevet of Capt" Be Given to 


W' n Archer, the Bearer of the Gen' 8 Letter, and Vollinter aid 
to Gen 1 Wayne. 

Resoloed, unanimously. That Congress approve the Prornis of 
Reward made by Brigadier Gen 1 Wayne, with the Concurrance 
of the Commander in Chief, for the Troops under his Command. 

Revolved, unanimously, That the Vallue of the Military Stores 
taken at Stoney Point be assortained, Devided Amonghts the 
Gallant Troops By whom it was Reduced, in such manner and 
Preportion as the Commander in chief shall Prescribe. 


A Sergt. and 6 men from the Maryland Line, a Corp 1 , men 
from the Pennsyl. Line, to be sent to New Windsor, to Guard 
the MaggaJne of Provisions at that Place. They are to Parade 
to-Morrow Morning, 8 o'Clock, At the orderly office. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, from the 2 d Regiment. 

Adjt, of the Day, M c Collam. 

It having Been found Predgoduceal, to the Servis to Dis- 
charge Soldiers from the army who are Capable of Doing Duty 
in the Corps of Invalids, The Commander in Chief Deracts 
That none Non-Commisioned officer or Soldier shall be Dis- 
charged with a Certificate from the Diracter Gen 1 , or a. Sennior 
Surjeon of the Flying Hospital, or from some of the Princeable 
Surjeons from the Gen 1 Hospital, that he is unfit for servia 
in the Corps of Invalids, as in the field; that all Discharges 
Granted otherwise shall be void. Those who are Cart i Red to 
be unfit for field Duty only, the Brigad'er or commander of 
Brigades, are to Give them Transference to the Corps of In- 
valids in the following Manner : A. B. , of Regiment, Being Car- 
tified By (Blanks), unfit for field Duty, is Hereby transferred 
to the Corps of Invalids. The men thus transferred are to be 
Put to the orderly office the first rnonday of every mrnth, 
that they may be sent under Proper officers,to the Place where 
the Invalids are stationed. Certificates to be sent with them, 
of what Pay and Cloathing they have Rec d , and what may 
Remene Du to them. 

Col Star Being Absent from Camp, Col Rusill is appointed 
President of the Gen I Court Martial in his Room, the Court to 
sit Next Monday, 10 o'clock, A. M., at the Usual Place. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day to-morrow, Major Boyle. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, 7 lL Regiment. 

Adjt., Capt. Irwin. 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOORE'S HOUSK, August 8//?, '79. 
Brigadier To-morrow, Gen 1 Patterson. 

The Brigadier of the Day will Recive from the other officers 
of the Day, In each Devision, all Remarkable Accurance, and 


Report them to Head Quarters after his tower of Duty is fin- 
ished. He is, During thin Pearied, to Examine into the State, 
Condition, and Mannor of Treating the Prisoners in the Pro- 
vost, and Plain Return of them such as shall to him appear to 
be Confined for Crimea Triable By Regimental Court Martials, 
are to be sent to the Quarter Guards of their Respective Regi- 
ments, with a writing spacifying there Crimes and the Names 
of tho witnesses. 

Ensign William Menyin, of the 2 l Pensyl a , is appointed Quar- 
ter master of tho B_une, vice Lt. Norton, whose Indisposision 
Randers him Incapable of Doing that Duty. 

D. O. Field Onicer of the Day, Major Ja s Moore. 

B. O. Capt, of the Day, 10 th Regt. 

Adjt, of the Day, Lt. Hughes. 


Brigadier To-morrow, Gen 1 Guest. 

D. O. Feeld ofifessr To-morrow, Major Greer. The feeld off- 
esers of tho Division are to make Return of the Dates of There 
Commisions. . 

JR. O. The Col. expects the offecirs Commanding Company 
will Pay the strictest atention to the Third Instant, and if 
there is any Deficiency of Cloathing to there men for the year 
1777, Have there Roles and acounts Maid agreeable to the Re- 
solve of Congress, Published in Gen 1 orders, the 12 th of March 
Last, That the acounts May be Imedately Return d to the Com- 
isioner, who is apointed for this Purpos, setling and Paying 
all such Deficiences. 

The weekly Returns of the Regt. to be Maid out agreabel to 
the Regimental orders of July the :!(), Till the Corps ov Infmtrey 
Laitley Drawn from the army is ordered to Rejoyri there Re- 
speotivo Regts. Tho men is then to joyn There Companeys 
From which the was Drafted, and the Reports to be Maid ac- 


HEAD QUARTERS, MOORE'S HOUSE, 10th August, '79. 

Brigadier To-morrow, Irvine. 

The Bord of the Gen 1 officers, appointed In the order of the 
5 th Instant, to settle the Relative Rank of the Col" of Artillery, 
so far as it Remend unsettled, and the Rank of the Regiments, 
have made the following Report : . 

The Bord are of oppinion the arrangem' of the Colonels of 
Artillery ought to stand as follows : Crane, Lamb, Harrison, 
Procter, and the Regiments in the following order, viz : Col. 


Harrison's first : the Rank of Col 08 Crane and Lamb Regiments 
to be Diseided, and Col 3 Procter's to be the 4 lh . As the Presi- 
danceof Col" Crane's and Lamb Regts. To be Resided, Lt. Col" 
Popkins, on Behalf of the former, and Col. Lamb, In behalf of 
the Latter, will Cast lots for it, without Delay, in Presence of 
Gen 1 Knox, who, with thise two Gentlemen, will Report the 
truth to the Commander-in- Chief, that it may be anounced 
in orders. 

The Clothing accounts for '77 to be lodged with the Com- 
missioner, Mr. Pumrey, who Quarters neare Robinson'* House, 
for Exammination. 

None of the nine months men who have Latly joined the 
Massichucets Line, are to ba made up In the Pay Roils for July. 

A Corp 1 and 3 Men from the Pensyl a Line to parade to-morrow 
morning, with 3 Days 'provision, at Major C. Stuart's Marque, 
and take orders from the Commissary Gen 1 of Prisoners. 

Z). O. Field Officer to-morrow, Col Chambers. 

Capt. of the Day, from the first Regim 1 . 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOOR'S HOUSE, 12th August, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

It has Been Reported to the Commander-in-Chief that Per- 
sons not Properly Licensed are selling Liquor in the Garrison 
and in the Beats on the River, as well to the injury to the Helth 
of the Soldiers as to the subvertion to Good order and Dis- 

Major Gen 1 McDougall will Imediatly take effectul measurs 
to have all Liquors sezed which shall be found for sale in the 
Hands of any Person, as above Discribed, who have not au- 
thority for the Purpose, either from the former or Present 
Commandent of the Garrison, Be in the mode Prescribed by 
the Gen 1 order of the 16 th of April, '78; those seizors to be De- 
posited with the Commissary for the use of the army. The 
officers Commanding Devisions will Do the same within the 
Limmits of their Respective Devisions. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial of the Line, whereof Col. Jackson 
was President, held at West point, July the 13 th , '79, and By 
Different ajournments to the 4 th of August, following, Lt. CoF 
Lorain, of the 3 d Masichutes Regiment, was tried upon the 
following Charges: 

Firstly. For f urloughing a Number of men Belonging to tho 
Regt. , Deractly Contrary to order of his Excellency, Gen 1 Wash- 
ington, which the Publick sarves Gratly Injured. 

Secondly. For Disposing of Articles which he drew out of the 
Publick Clothing Stors for the use of the officers, to Privt-t 
Persons, at a very grate advance. 


Thirdly. For Detaining the Surgeon's Mate in the Absence 
of the Surgeon, when on furlough, with 20 effective men at 
Crown point, as a Guard to him, when at that time the Regt 
was ordered on Command to Haverson's Purches; also, De- 
taining one man to Bake for Gen 1 Huntington's Brigade, then 
at Crown point, the Profet arrising therefrom he converted to 

Fourthly. For Defrauding the soldiers of part of their Ra- 
tions, and ordering 32 pound of flour to be stoped from every 
Hundred Drawn for these of the Regt. , and Converting 2 Bar- 
rels of superfine flour to his own use, which was Drawn for the 
Regt, , and Returning very Bad in Lieu thereof. 

Fifthly. For Refusing an officer or officers money to Recrute 
men which he Drew for that Purpose, to the Grate Injury of 
the Recruiting servis. 

After Meture Delibberation, the Court are of oppinion that 
Lc. Col Lorain 'is not Guilty of the first Charge excibbited 
against him, as it Does not apear to Be any order of his Ex- 
cellincy's, the Commander- in- Chief, Tho' it apears to be a 
Grate number of men furloughed then alow'd by Gen 1 Mc- 
Dougal's orders, and for the Doing he Justifyes himself By 
Major Gen 1 McDougal's Certificate. 

Also, the 2 d and fifth Charges, and the Latter Part of the 3 d , 
viz : for detaining 1 man to Bake for Gen 1 Huntington's Brig- 
ade, then at Crown point, the Profet arrising thereform he Con- 
verted to himself ; But the Court Judge Lt. Col Lorain Guilty 
of the 3 b part of the 3 d Charge, viz: Detaining the Surgeon'n 
mate in the Absence of the Surgeon, when on furlough, 
with 20 effective men, at Crown point, as Guard to him, when 
at that time the Regt. was on Command at Haverson's Pur- 
ches ; and of the 4 th Charge exibbited against him, which are 
a Breach of the 3 d Artical and 18 sextion of the Articles of war, 
and Do Ajudge him disbanded the servis of the United States 
of North America, and that he make Restitution to Col Gra- 
son's Regt. for all the flour and Bread which he Defrauded 
them off. His Excellincy, the Comd r -in-Chief, Confirms the 
sentence of the Court, and orders it to take place Imediatly. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day to-morrow. 

B. O. Cap 1 of Day, 10 th Regt. 

Adjt. , Lt. Hughes. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, August 18th, 1779. 

The Presarvation of the Helth of the Soldiers is a Matter of 
the Gratest Importance. The Col, therefore, orders that the 
officers see the Tents of their Respective Companys struck at 
33 VOL. XI. 


10 o'Clock this Morning, the Ground exposed to the sun on 
which they stood, and Cause them to air thir Bailing as Long 
as the officers thinks Proper. If the other Regiments move 
thdir tents Back, the officers will have their Compy's Tents 
Pitched in a Line with the 7 th Regiment's, and agreeable to the 
Rank of the Companys on the Parade. 

A Careful Serjt. and 8 men to be sent to cut Rushes for the 
men to Lie on. 



Brigadier to-morrow, Irvine. 

The officers who have, or shall Hereafter, Conduct any of 
the Masichutes Nine months' men in to Camp, are to Give 
in Returns, as soon as Posable, to the orderly office, of the 
men's Names, with the towns and Countys they Came from, 
for spacifying the arms and Acutriments they Receive i'rom the 

A Serjt. and 9 men from tha Meryland and Pensyl* Lines, 
who are aQuentefl with Coleing, to be sent, early to-morrow 
Morning, to Col Baldwin's Quarters, at New Windsor. They 
take their arms and Parks with them, and Remane on that 
Duty one fortnight, unless the Regiments Avill soonner March. 
The 1 Maryland, one Serjt. and 2 Privets; 3 d Maryland, 2 Pri- 
vets ; Pensyl a , 3 Privets ; 2 d , two Privets. 

Allso, of the 9 monthes men from the' 1 st , 3 d , and 4 th Masi- 
chutes Brigads, To Be sent to the waggon Master Gen 1 , at New 
Windsor, to Be Imployed as waggoners; from the first B. 11; 
the 3 d , 6 th , and the 4 th , four men. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day, Lt, Col Minzer 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, from the 10 th Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day, Lt. M c Collom. 

Brigadier To-morrow, Paterson. 
D. 0. Field officer of the Day To-morrow, Lt. Col Murray. 


Capt. of the Day To-morrow from 1 st Regiment. 
Adjt of the Day, Lt. Banks. 


Officer of the Day, Capt. McClelan. 
Fatague, Lt. Collier. 
Police Ensign, Hoffman. 


HKAD QUARTERS, MOORE'S HOUSE, August 15th, '79. 

Brigadier To-morrow. Guest. 

A subaltern officer and 10 Men from each Brigade on this 
Ground, Including The Garrison, are to Parade as soon as 
Possable at Major Gen 1 Green's Quarters, with thir arms and 
Blankets and 2 Days' Provisions, to Go into the Countrey to 
Press waggons for the Publick servis. 

The Q r Master Gen 1 or his Deputy will appoint one flat Bottom 
Boat for the use of each Brigade, which is to Be kept in Con- 
stant Radyness for thir use for Mr. Buchanan, and in futor 
the Commanding officers of Brigads will Give thir orders for 
the use of the Boat assigned them ; and Mr. Buchanan is to 
Deliver a Boat to no other Person's order in the Brigade ; and 
that the whole Business of the Brigade May be Done at the same 
Time, they are to be Previously Notified when and wher the 
Boat will Go. Such Boats as may be wanted for other Business 
Besides those of Brigade or Garrison Duty, the Latter of which 
Mr. Whiting will Deract, the number and uses they are wanted 
for, orders are to be obtained from the Quarter Master Gen" 
office, as in former orders. Who ever Gives a Boat will be held 
Responsible for her Return. For this Purpose, Mr. Buchanan 
is to faile all his orders, and Give Recepts for those that are 
Returned ; such as are not must be accounted for By the Per- 
son who Gives the order. 

At a Gen 1 Court martial, whereof Col Jackson was presi- 
dent, the 4 th Instant, Ensign Joshua Brimhall, of Col Brad- 
ford's Regt. , was tried for Continuing at home four months 
after his furlough Expirrad, found Guilty and sentenced to Be 
Repramanded By his Excellincy, in Gen 1 orders. Ensign Brim- 
hall's Excuse is not admissable. Nothing But Absolute neces- 
sity Could Justify an officer for exceeding his furlough for such 
a Lenth of time, and that Necessity Be supposed to have Ex- 
isted in Matters of this kind. Officers ouerht to show an Ex- 
emplary Punctulty. Ensign Brimhall is Releast from his ar- 

D. O. Field Officer of the Day, Major Stuart. 

B. O. At a Devision Court Martial Held at Smithe's Clove, 
July the 8 th , '79, Lt. Col" Williams, President, Thomas Martin 
and James McKrady, Soldiers In the first Pensyla. Regt., were 
tried for Desarting and attempting to go to the Enemy. Pleads 
Guilty. The Court sentence them to Receive 100 Lashes each. 
The Gen 1 Confirms the sentence and orders it to be Put into ex- 
ecution To-morrow Morning at Troop Beating. 

E. 0. Capt. of the Day, from the 
Adjt. of the Day, Irwin. 

Gen 1 Irvino is Sorray so Little Reguard has been paid to the 


Gen 1 orders of the 5 th Instant, Respecting Beathing. He Desiars 
officers Purticlarly of thePollas will see it Punctully Complied 
with, and hopes it will not Be Necessary for him to Repeat Gen 1 

BRIO AD E ORDERS, August 16th. 

The Boat assigned to the Brigade is to sail to New Windsor 
at 12 o'Clock. If there is any sick in the Diferent Regiments 
to be sent to the Hospital, or any oth r Publick Business to be 
done that will answer by this opertunity, the officers Com- 
manding Regiments will Regulate it accordingly. 

Col. Commanding. 


A Court to sit Immediatly to try such Prisoners as shall Be 
Brought Before them. Capt. Wilson, President ; Lieutenant 
Johnson, Lt. Collier, Ensign Chambers, Ensign Hoffman, Mem- 
bers. The Col Deract that the officers Command 8 Companys, 
as soon as Potable, Devide thir Companys into squads, and 
put each squad Immediatly under the care of a Non Commis- 
sioned officer, who is to be accountable for thir Dress and Good 

The Col. is Indused, from the Good Behavour of David Reece 
on many occations, to Promote him to Sergeant In Captain 
James Wilson's Company ; he is to be R-spected as such. Cup . 
James Wilson is to send a man to Infintrey to Relieve him, 
That he may Join his Regiment. 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOORE'S HOUSE, August 16th, '79. 
Brigadier of the Day To-morrow, Gen 1 Irvine. 
D. O. Field officer of the Day, Major Boyles. 
S. O. Capt. of the Day, from the 7 th Regimt. 
Adjt. of the Day, Lieut. Hughes. 

A Regimental Court Martial, Held by order of Col. James 
Chambers, August the 16 th , '79. Jo" Brown, tried for 

HEAD QUARTERS, Augiwt 18th, 1779. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial of the Line of which Col Russel was 
President, William Rhoads, of the 4 th Maryland Regt. , on the 
i) Ih Inst. , was tried for attempting to Disart to the Enemy; 
allso, James McCradey, of the first Pensyl 11 Regt. for Desarting 
to the Enemy, and Mobray Owing?, 2 1 New York Regimt., for 
Disarting and taking up arms against the United States of 
America. Rhoads and McCrady found Guilty, and sentenced 
to Receive one Hundred Lashes each on thir Bare Backs. 


The Court are of opinion that Owins are Intitled to the Ben- 
nefit of his Excellincy's Procklemation. 

The sentence agains Rhoads and McCradey, To be Put into 
Execution to-morrow, at the Head of the Regts. to which they 
Respectively Belong. The Gen 1 Deracts that Owins Be Re- 
leased from his Confinement. 

At a Brigade Gfen 1 Court Martial, held at the Park, the llth 
Instant, Lt. Col. Stevens, President, Mr. John Price, assistant 
Commissary of forage, was tried for Taking a Continental 
Horse for his own Property, and Purchasing another in its 
Place of a mean Quality ; Likewise, for Being Given to Drunk- 
eness when he ought to beat Public Business, and Taking 
Stors Belonging to the Continent, which he had no Right too. 
AQuitted of the 2 d and 3 a Charge, But found Guilty of Defraud- 
ing the Publick In the sale of the Continental Horse, in a 
Breach of the first article, 12 th Sexion, of tho articals of war, and 
sentance to forfit all his pay now due him, Be Dismissed the 
servis, and Rendard unfit to serve the United States in any 

At another Brigade Gen 1 Court Martial, the 16 !h Instant, Lt. 
Col" Hoverington, President, Capt. Lieut. Godman, of the Ar- 
tillery, was tried for willfully Miss aplying and Imbasling a 
tent, the Property of the United States. The Court are of the 
oppinion That Capt. Godman is Guilty of the first article, 12 
Sexion, of articals of War, which Expressly Deracts that if any 
officer offending in the Premmisses, make the Damage Good, 
Lose the Pay Due to him, and Be Dismist the serves. 

The Court are of oppinion that The Articals should, in this 
Case, operate In full force. The Commander in Chief approves 
the Sentance, and orders them to take place Immediately. 

Edw' 1 Morycome, of the 4 th Maryland Regt., was allso tried 
the 15 th Instant, at a Brigade Court MartiaJ, whereof Col Hall 
was President, for Disarting. The Court are of oppinion that 
he make up the Lost time By serveing the term of 3 years, to 
Commence the 11 th of August, '79, The time he joined his Regt. ; 
and allso of oppinion that any Expense that May have Happined 
in aprehending him, should Be stopt from his pay or Bounty, 
if any there be Due by the Pay Master of the Regt. to which he 
Belonged. The Gen Confirms the oppinion of the Court, and 
orders Morycombe to Join his Regim 1 . 

B. 0. Capt. of the Day 10 th Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day, Lt. Banks. 
Regilations for Roll Call to be observed In the Pennsyl* Demsion. 

Submitted to the Consideration of Major Gen' St. Clair, August 

19<\ 1779: 

First. When the Drummers' Call Beats, The Companys will 


turnout on the Company Parade. The Serjt'and Corpls. will 
Inspect Narrowly into the Dress of the men, thir arms, and 
ammunition; see that they are well sized; thir ucoutriments 
well put on ; in short, that they in every Respect Cut a Millitery 
appearance before they arrive at the Regimental Parade, as they 
shall be answerable for the Least Default or Neglect in ihir 
Company s. 

2 rt . When the troop or Retreate of the Serjeants will march 
thir Compys. to the Regimental Parade, and form In oppin 
order, Rear Rank 4 paces Distant from the frount, and, as they 
arrive, the Serj' will Command Hault, Dress, order fire Locks. 

3 d . Officers will allways attend the Parade Properly armed 
with swords and Ksponturis, and take post 8 paces in frount of 
their Respective Companys, Dresing by the Right, and standing 
with Espontuns at opin order. 

4 th . The Corapanys Being all arrived on the Regimental Pa- 
rade, and the Ranks well Dressed, the AdjL then Cemiind 8 , or- 
derly Serjts. to the frount, March. The first Serjts. advanc- 
ing four paces in frount of the Respective Companys, Arms 
advanc'd, and Baynet fixed, Dressing by the Right. To the 
Right about face. The Ser'ts. face to thir Companys, and order 
thir arms. The officers at the sain:) time advance Thir Espon- 
tuns,and face to the Right about, and March to the Serjeants. 

5thi y rpj^ Adjt. Commands : Call your Rolls. The officers ad- 
vance their Espontuns, and attend to Roll Call. 

gthiy T he R O H S Being Call'd, the Adjt. Commands, orderly 
Serjts. to the Center, March. The Serjts. face Inwards, and 
March to the Center. While the Serjts. are making the Re- 
ports, the officers will Inspect thir men's arms and ammuni- 
tion, and, when Inspected, Return to the same Post, 8 paces 
in frounti with ordered Esponton. The Adjt. haveing Rec d the 
Serjts. Reports, Commands : 

7 th . Join your Companys. The Serjts. Returns to thir former 
Posts, and tho Adjt. makes Rep 1 to the Commanding officer of 
the Parade whether any men are absent, &c. 

8 th . The Adjt. Commands Rear Rank, Close to the frount. 
Tho officers advance their Espontuns, and face to the Right a 
Bought March. At tho same time, the Rear Rank Closes to 
tho frount. The officers Marches into thir Intervals, the sup- 
onumarys in the Rear of thir Compys. , and Immediately face 
to tho frount. 

gthiy p or dismissing tho Parade, the Adjt. Commands: or- 
derly Serjeants, Dismissyour Companys. The Serjts. advance 
in iroant of their Respective Companys ; the officers at the same 
time, advance to tho Commanding officer, and Report to him 
the state of the men's arms, and &c. , and Command, to the 


Right wheel March, and march the men to the Company 
Parade ; and there Command : unfix Bayonets, Recover fire 
locks, to the Right aBout face, dismiss. 

N. B. For Parade at Roll Call, the Drummers and fifers will 
form on the Right of the Battalion, But on manevering. They 
are to be Equally Devided on the wings. 


Brigadier To-morrow, Gen 1 Irvine. 

The Pay Masters of the Maryland, and 3 d , 3' 1 , 4 th , and 5 th , and 
11 th , 7 th , and 8 lh Virginia Regiments, and of Armong'.s and 
VanHare's Marachusie Core, are to apply to the Deputy Pay 
Master Gen 1 for Warn'ts to Draw the Hundred Dollars Gra- 
tuity for the men In thir Respective Cors, Inlisted for the 
war Previous to the 23' of Jan r Last, the Muster Rolls for thir 
Troops Being Returned. 

D. O. Field Officer of the Day to-mor w , Major Grier. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, first Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day, Capt. Irwin. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, August Wth, 1779. 

The following orders are to be Punctually observed By the 
Q r Guard : 

The Corp 1 who Commands the Guard for the futor is by no 
Means to leave it, on any Pretence whatsoever, without first 
aquenting the Adjt. , and then not to be away so long as to In- 
terfair with the Reliefs. He is not to Purmit More than two of 
his Guard to be absent at one time, and then only to Bring 
water or Provisions for themselves or Comrades on Guard. If 
any soldier absents himself with out first Gitting his Pur- 
mission, The Corp 1 is to send and Confine him, Makeing Report 
to the Adjt. , who is to send him aNother man. No Guard to 
mount \vith out their Coats. 

A strict Compliance with the aBove orders is Expected as the 
Contrarey will be Punished with the Gratest Saver ity. 


Capt. of the Day, Craig. 
Polace, Lt. M c Farlarie. 
Fatague, Ensign Hoffman. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, August 20th, 1779. 

David Rice, Lately appointed Serjt, in Capt. Ja" Wilson's 
Company, Choses Rather to serve In the Infintrey in his former 
Stetion then Remain in Company with Regt, The Col, then-- 
fore, thinks proper to Indulge him in Liveing with the Infin- 


trey. He is not to be Considered as a Serjt, in the Regt. for 
the futor. 

Corp 1 Benjamin Corson, of the Col 5 Comp?, and Sam 1 MCarr- 
ney, of Cap 1 Ja" Wilson's Company, is appointed to be Serj 18 , 
and to be respected as such. 

The Company's Parrade to be in The Intervals between the 
officers' and Soldiers Tents ; to be Marched from that, after 
Being Inspected By the Non-Commisioned Officers, and form 

on the Regimental Parrade. 


WEST POINT, 2Qth August, 1779. 

The Hon 1 the Congress haveingbeen Pleased to pass the Fol- 
lowing Acts : 

Resolved in Congress, 8 th March ,'79, That all Millitery Com- 
misions to be filed at the war office, and attested by the Secre- 
tary, and then Presented for signing to the President of Con- 
gress, who shall sign the same. After signature By the Presi- 
dent they shall Be sent to the war office, and there Registered 
Verbatum in a Book to be kept for that Purpose. After have- 
ing been examined By the Bord, the seal of the Bord of war 
and ordinance, which the s (1 Bord are hereby obliged and De- 
racted to Provide, shall be of all such Commissions. 

Resolved, That all appointments of all officers in the Con- 
tinental Servis, by the Respective States, being in the 1st In- 
stant, By warnts Cartifled in such manner as They shall sever- 
ally Deract to Bord of war, whereupon Proper Comiss. shall be 
more open, in the manner above Mentioned. 

IN CONGRESS, June 23 d , '79. 

Resolved, That when vacancies of Commissions, shall happin 
in any of the Regimts. Raised by their Respective States for 
the Continental army, Notice there of shall be Given to the 
Executive authority of the State to which the Regiment be- 
longs, by the Commander of such a Reg 1 , to the end that 
Proper Persons May be appointed to fill such Vacances, agree- 
able to the Resolutions of the 8 th of March Last, Haveing in Pu 
Reguard to those Prefarments to Promotion, Recomended to 
Congress By a Resolution of the 24 th Nove r , '7S. The Mode Pre- 
scribed By the foregoing act for announceing Regt 1 vacancies 
to Be in the several States since that, have been arranged as 
well with Respect to Vacances which alredy happined whe-n 
Commissions have not been obtained, as to all which Happin 
in futor, and the Commander in Chief Requests that the Com- 
manding officer of Regiments will Be Very Purticlar in the 


Notice to Give of Resignations, to sit Down the Presise timo 
when they took Place. 

The Gen 1 also thinks Proper, upon This occation, to Repub- 
lish the act containing the Rules Recommended to Govern 
Promotions, as the Prugallity of the army and Good of the 
servis Require that they shall be fully and severally known : 

IN CONGRESS, NoV 24to, '76, Resolved, That it be Recom- 
mended to the several States to Provide that in Futor Pra- 
motions officers Rise Regimentally to the Rank of Captains, 
in the Line of the State, to the Rank of Col 08 , except in Case 
where a Prefarment may be Given on account of Distinguish 

A Capt. , 2 Serjts. , 1 Drum from the Connaticut Line, 2 Subs. , 
a Serjt. , and fife, the 3 d and 4 th Masichutes Brigades To Repair- 
to fish Kills to-morrow. The officers will apply to Col Baldwin 
for orders ; they are to call at the orderly office, on the way, 
to-rnorrow Morning at 10 o'clock. 

Lieut. Hughes, of the 1st Pensyl" Regt. , Vice Lieut. Norcross, 
Resigd., is appointed Adjt. of the same. Lt. Crawford, in the 
1st Pennsyl' 1 Regt. , Vice Capt. Buchanan, is appointed Pay 
master to the same. 

D. O. Field officer, Col. Chambers. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, 10 th Regiment. 

Adjt. of the Day, Hughes. 

For Police to morrow, Lt. Hammond. 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOOR'S HOUSE, 2\st August, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

At a Gen 1 Court Martial of the Line 11 th Inst, Col Russell. 
President, Capt. Ashmad, of the 3 d pennsyl" Regt. , was Tryed 
for being Drunk in the time of the asault at Stoney Point, on 
the 16 th July Last, and behaveing Rediculsly and unbecom- 
ing an officer at the Head of his Compy. , Crossing the Morass. 
2 d 'y. For Disobaying The Gen 1 orders, By Frekquently Hallow- 
ing Dureing the approach to the enemy's works, to the Pre- 
jaduse of Good order and Military Disiplin and Tending to Pro- 
mote Confusion amongst the troops at that Critical Juncture. 
The Court Do, therefore, acquitt him, But are of appinion 
that he is Guilty of the 2' 1 Charge, Being a Breach of the Latter 
Part of the 5 th Artical, 3 d Sexion of the Articals of war. They 
are of oppinion that a Breach of this orders, which subjects 
Capt. Ashmead to be found Guilty, agreeable to the artical of 
war, Did not Proceed from a willfull or Designed Disabadiance 
of orders, But from an Invollintary Impulse of the mind owins 
to an invertency, and do, Therefore sentence him to be Repri- 
manded In Gen 1 orders. 


Capt, Ashmead's Conduct was Certinly Very Reproachful!, 
and of such a nature, and has a Tendancy to Defeat the most 
Important and Best Concarted Interprises. 

At the same Court, the 13 th Instant, Jonathan Black, Com- 
manding a company of Artificers, was Tried, first for 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOOR'S HOUSE, August 22d, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Irvine. 

The Gen 1 Court Martial, whereof Col. Stuart is President, to 
sit to-morrow Morning, Nine o'Clock, at the usual Place. 

The Gen 1 has the Pleasure to inform the army that on the 
Night of the 18 th Instant, Major Lee, at the head of his own Corps, 
and Detachment from the Virginia arid Maryland Lines, Sur- 
prised the Garrison of Powles' Hook, and Brought off a Con- 
siderable Number of Prisoners, with very Little Loss on our 
side. The enterprise was Conducted with a Distinguished 
share of adress, activity, and Bravery, and Dose Grate honour 
to Major Lee, and all the officers and men under his Command, 
who are Requested to Receive the Gen ls warmest thanks. 

For this Day, and During the Present spell of wet wether, 
the whole army^s supplied with full Rations of Rum. 

The officers will be Purticlarly Carefull and attentive that 
thir men use every Precaution for Preservation of thir arms 
and ammunition, and will Carefully inspect them in the In- 
tervils of fair wether. 

At a Division Court Martial, the 14 lh Instant Col Wood Presi- 
dent, Lt. Razor Triplet, of the 2 d Virginia State Regt. , wa< 
tried for appearing on the Parrade, the 5 lh In.r. , in taking 
Charge of a Platoon, so Drunk as to Be uncapable of Doing his 
Duty. The Court are of oppinion That Lt. Triplet is Guilty 
of the Charge exibted against him, Being a breach of the 5 th 
artical, 13 th Sexion, of the articals of War, and sentance him 
to be Cashier'd. 

The Commander in Chief approves the sentence, But Siri- 
ously Lements that any officer should not have more Re^uard 
for his Character and the Dutys of his station, then to suffer 
him self to be Betrayed into such a situation, which is so In- 
jorious to The one, and which Incapasitates him for the other. 

D. O. Field officer to-morrow, Lt. Col" Minzes. 

S. O. Capt. of the Day, from l lh Regim 1 . 

Capt. Stout, Capt. Lt. McClelland, Lt. Hay, Ensign Bingston, 
to Inspect Provisions which Capt. Knight has on hand, and 
make Report to the Col Commd 1 accordingly. 

Adjt. of the Day to-morrow, Lt. Banks. 




August 23d, '79. 

Brigadier To-morrow, 
Gen 1 Patterson. 

D. O. Field officer to- 
morrow, Lt. Col Murray. 

B. 0. Capt. from the 2* 

Adjt. of the Day, Cap- 
tain Irwin. 


24t?t August, '79. 

Brigadier Gen 1 , Guest. 

The Proceedings of the 
Bord of field officers in 
the Virginia Line, on the 
Clames of John A lison and 
Jn Lee, Esq, to a Lt. 
Colloiielcy of the 1 st Virg 
Stato Regt. haveing Been 
Refarred to the Executive 
authority of that State, his 
Excellency the Governor 
and Counsel have Been 
Pleased to aprove the Re- 
port, and transmit Blank 
Commissions to be filled 
up accordingly. These 
Gent 1 men are to take 
Rank as follows: John 
Alison, Esq r , Lt. Col of 
the first Virginia State 
Regt., from the first of 
January, '79 vice Brant 
Promoted. John Lee, 
Esq r , Major of the 2 d , ac- 
cording to his former 
Commission. In Conse- 
quence, Tho" Mery wether, 
Esq r , is to take Rank as 
Major of the first Regt. 
from the first of January, 


'79, vice Major Alison Promoted. And the Commission Granted 
Capt n Quarfalls for the Majority in the 2 a State Regt. is Va- 

1). O. Field Officer of the Day To-morrow, Major Stuart. 

S. 0. Capt. of the Day, from the 2 d Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day, Lt. Hughes. 

HEAD QUARTERS, MOORE'S HOUSE, August 25th, '79. 

Brigadier To-morrow, Gen 1 . 
D. O. Field officer. 
B. O. Capt. of the Day. 
Adjutant of the Day. 

August 25M, 1779. 

Filled with sundrie orders, and Redy for Return. 
Jn Denmark, Sergt. of the U. 8. A. 

8. John Baley. 

9. Edw d O'Neal. 

10. W m Sparrow. 

11. Martin Reynolds. 

12. Nich ls Smith. 

13. Pat r Ambrose. 
14 Robt. Jones. 

15. Ralph Willis. 

16. Sam 1 Plum. 

17. Tho" Sharhan. 

18. John M c Cartey. 

19. Math" Dougherty. 

20. Sam 1 Willis. 

21. John Keltey. 

22. Tho s Fletcher. 

23. Joseph Johnston. 
!J4 John Griffey. 

25. George Whitman. 

26. Tho" Davis. 

27. Mich 1 Norton. 

28. Martin O' Brian. 

29. William Irwin. 

30. Andrew Burns. 

31. John Stephens. 

32. John Word. 
3a IsiahM'Cord. 


A List of the men's Names that Got Canteens in Major 
Moore's Company, May 27 th , 1779. 

Sergt. Donlin, . . 1 Rob 1 Jones, 1 

Tiios Rock, 1 Tho 3 Sharhon, 1 

Pat r Ambrose, 1 Pat r Lennard, 1 

Jno. Stephens, 1 And Burns, 1 

Sam 1 Plum, 1 Ju Cammil, 1 

Math w Sampson, 1 Charles Loud, 1 

Sam 1 Lennard 1 Jn M c Cartey, 1 

Joseph Cammil, 1 Officers. 

W m Sparrow, 1 Lieut. Hughes, 1 

Geo. Witman, 1 Ensign Hoffman, 1 

Robt. MGee, 1 

The men's Names that Rec d Shirts at Pornpton, June 4 th , '79, 
of Major's Company . 

Serp Donlin.' t 

Serj 1 Denmark. 

Corp 1 Samson. 

Corp 1 Lennard, 

Corp 1 Cammil. P* Jn. Denmark, OrdV Serjt. 

Tho Rock. 

Rob 1 MGee. 

Sam' Gorman. 

Abr m Bryan. 

Jn Cammil. 

Pat r Lennard. 

Charles Loud. 

John Bayley. 

Edw d O'Neal. 

W m Sparrow. 

Martin Reynolds. 

Nich 1 " Smith. 

Pat r Ambrose. 






AUGUST 1, 1779, TO SEPTEMBEB 11, 1779. 




D. 0. Field officer to-Morrow, Col Chambers. 
B. O. Capt. of the Day, Lusk. 
Adj 1 of the Day, Lt. Hughes. 

R. O. Capt. Irwinefor fatigue. Lt. Bryson, L'M^ichael for 
the same. 


B. O., August 1th, '79. 

Each Regt. will furnish the Conductor with an armourer. 
The Brigade Quarter M r will find Coals, etc. , and insist on hav- 
ing the forge put in Condition for Imediate Service. He will, 
also keep acounts of the numbers of Days the Men work. 

Officers Comanding Regts. will see that their arms are Re- 
paired with all possible Expedition. 


Brigadier to-Morrow, Smallwood. 

The honourable the Congress, the 5 th of April Last, were pleas- 
ed to pass the following Resolves : 

That the Regimental Clothiers having alowence of 30 Dollars 
a, Month, in adition to their present appointment. 

The Board of genl. officers, appointed by the order of the 23 rd . 
have Reported that the Rank and precedence of the Regts. of 
the Mass. Line Should Stand as in the folowing arrangement, 
being founded on the seniority of the officers who first Com d ed 
them under the appointment made in Consequence of the Re- 
solution made of Congress, September 16 th , 1776: Vose's first, 
Bailey's Second, Greaton's 3' 1 , Sheppard's 4 lh , Putman's 5, 
Nixon's 6, Late Alden's 7th, Jackson's 8 th , "Western's 9 th , Mar- 
shall's 10 th , Tapper's 11 th , Brewer's 12 th , Late Wiggleworth's 
13 th , Bradford's 14 th , Bigelow's 15 th . 

The Com d r in Chief approves the arangement, first the Regts, 
henceforth are to Rank and be numbered accordingly. 

The Genl. being informed that a number of men having been 
Left at New Windsor, and the neighborhood, as Guards, Di- 
rects that they be imediately with Drawn to join their Regts. t 
34 VOL. XI. (529) 


and that Bagage be Rather Stored there or Brought to the 
Army. The former will be preferable. In other cases the Q. 
M. Genl. will give the necessary assistance. Fatigue Rum at 
the Rate of a Gill pr. Day pr. Man, Constantly Issued to the 
party on fatigue and to the artificers Employed in Carrying 
on the works. This to be Delivered by the following Com- 
missarys, or keeper of the Magazines, under Returns by the 
Superintendents, or of the Deferent works, who are Requested 
to be Careful to prevent Imposition. 

The Com dr -in Chief Directs that Genl. officer of the Day be 
appointed to atend the police of the Camp. All officers re- 
quested to be attentive to the appearance of any stranger in 
this post, and to send all such as cannot give a good account of 
themselves, and have not proper passes, to the Genl. officer of 
the Day, to be by him critically examined, and, if not satisfied 
of their characters and business, he is to have them sent In- 
stantly away, on pain of punishment ; if they are found after- 
ward Loitering about, are to be sent to the provost, if there are 
any Circumstances of suspicion to justify it. All the Field offi- 
cers of the Day^ind Regimental officers of the police are to pay 
very particular attention to this order. 

R. 0. Capt, of the Day, to-morrow 10 th Regt. 

Adjt. of the Day, McCollum. 

R. 0- Capt. L' Kenneday and L l Milligan for fatigue. 

B. O. , 1st Aiigust, '79. 

Field Officer to-morrow, Col. Humpton. 

Twenty masoris.and carpenters and materials four'th wanting^ 
for the work, from y e Penn. Line. The Com d ing officers of Corps 
will turn out as many as they have. They are to parade at Gun 
firing to morrow morning, March Down under sub 1 from the 1 st 
Brigade to Capt. Worsley Ems. They will draw half a Dollar 
pr Day additional pay, and be deducted from the Daily fatigue. 


Brigadier to-morrow, Patterson. 

The Bord of Genl. Officers on the Mass. Arrangement are re- 
quested to meet to-morrow, 10 o'clock A. M. , at the same place, 
to Determine a further matter which will be submitted. 

Each Mass. Regt. to make out a list of the men of the new 
Nine Months' Men who are Carpenters, Blacksmiths, House or 
wheel Wrights, Sailors, or of any other trade, and deliver the 
list to Major Genl. M c Dougal. Those that have no trade are 
Immediatly to'Relieve the Guards at the Hospital and Stores 
at fish Kills and elsewhere. Likewise, the bagage and Com- 


isary ; and the old Guards are to be sent Back to their Respec- 
tive Regts. 

Gapt s Bailey, M'Murray, and Deadler, Capt. L ts Gilland, 
Buchnell, and Little, and first L ts Cleaveland, and Welch, who 
were nominated as officers to the Company of Sapers and Miners 
are Requested to Call on Genl. De Portail. and take his orders. 

Capt. John Dogherty, of the Corps of Artillery, is apointed 
Brigade Major to the same till further orders. He is to be 
obeyed and Respected accordingly. 

In a Besigued place, an Engineer shall Direct the Defence of 
it, under the orders of Com d ing officers, and shall keep a journal 
of all the apelations, in order that it May serve for his Justifi- 
cation, and that of a Garison, in Case of a surrender. 

Companies of Sapers and Miners. 

First, Untill men are inlisted for the purpose, Companies of 
Sapers and Miners, Not exceeding three, shall be formed, as 
Circumstances may require, by Draughts from the line, at the 
Direction of the Com d r in Chief, and be under the Comands of 
the Com d r of the Corps of Engineers, untill otherwise ordered 
by Congress. 

Secondly. Each Company Consist of a Capt. , a 1 st L l and 3 d , 
4 Sergts. , 4 Corpls. , and 60 Privates. 

Thirdly. The Duty of the Companies of Sapers and Miners 
shall be, under the Directions of the Enganeers, to Continue 
field works of every kind, and all works necessary for the atact 
or Defence of places, as Circumstances May require. 

D. O., Aug. 3d, '79. 

Field officer to-morrow, Coin. Stewart. 

Major James Moor, of the 1 st Regt., will take the Comand of 
the 7 th Regt. till further orders. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, from the 1 st Regt. 
R. O. Capt. Irvine, L c Bush for Adj'. 


Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

The honourable the bord of war being pleased to apoint 
Ralph Pomeroy, Esq. , Commissioner to settle and pay all wages 
of Cloathing Due to the troops of these states for the year 1779, 
the Genl. directs that the acounts Required by the Resolve of 
the 3 d of March Last, and published in orderly the 13 th of March 
following, be Imediatly made out and presented to the State 
Comisioner for Settlement. 

A Regimental Q r M. from Each Brigade on that ground to 
attend at the Inpector Genl's Q", at 9 O 'Clock, to Consult 


with him on the proper Method of keeping their Books uni- 
formly throughout the army ; will bring their Book with them. 
L l Coin. Bracks and Harmer will please to atend at the same 

Regulations for the Corps of Engineers. 

Fourthly. When a Company or part of a Company, of Sapers 
or Miners, Detailed with a Body of troops, without an Engi- 
neer, the officer Com 'ding a part of a Company Shall take his 
orders Directly to the Com d ing officer of the troops ; and wher- 
soever any Engineer, having the Charge of any works, shall be 
absent, the officer of Sapers and Miners Com d ing the detach- 
ment Employed Instructing, they shall Direct the works agree- 
able to the plans and Instructions formed by such Engineers. 

Fifthly. Where the companies of miners and Sapers shall not 
be subject to perform the Duty asigned them, the Com d ing 
Engineer shall apply to the Com d ing Gfenl. to furnish him with 
such a number of fatigue men from the Line as shall Be Re- 
quisite the Service. 

Sixthly. The cjfficers of the Line, with the Comander of the 
fatigue partys for asisting and Conducting the works, shall not 
interfere in Directing them ; but Shall wholy employd in keep- 
ing the soldiers employed, and in maintaining proper order and 

Seventhly. The sapers and miners, in case of extraordinary 
fatigue and Danger, have such G-rantes over and above the pay 
as the Commanding Engineer, with Consent of the Com d ing 
Genl. of the army, shall think they Deserve. 

Eightly. All the officers of sapers and miners shall enjoy the 
same honour and Rights and privaledges with the officers of 
the Like Ranks in the other corps of the army. 

Ninthly. From the time the men are drafted, and During 
their continuance, these companies are to be Left out of the 
pay Rolls of the Respective Regts. 

D. 0. Lt, Col. North. 

S. 0. Capt. of the Day to-morrow from the 7 th Regt. 

Capt. Irvine, Capt. Jacob Weaver, Capt. James Wilson, L 4 
Michael, and L l Striker are appointed to Inspect provisions 
that the Comisary have on hand, and make Report to the 
Cornan dr of the Brigade accordingly. 

R. 0. For fatigue to-morrow, Capt. L' Kennedy, and L l Bry- 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, August Uh, '79. 
Brigadier to-morrow, Irvine. 

Article Fourteenth. The Sapers and Miners shall be taught 
and established in the Manual Exercise and Evolutions on Days 


when they are not Employed in the perticular Department ; 
and the police and discipline shall be practiced in their com- 
panies as in the other parts of the army. 

Fifteenthly. The Com dr of the Corps of Engineers shall take 
the most efectual and expeditious method to have the sapers 
and miners Instructed into their Duty, and as probably the 
officers of their companies whose talents and engagements fit 
them for these profesions will be engineer, the Com d r of the 
Corps of Engineer 8 shall form a plan of Instructions for the 
officers, which, being approved by the board of war and Com d r 
in Chief, shall be caried into execution. 

Sixteenthly. The Comdr. of the Corps of Engineers shall apoint 
a Engineer or Engineers, whom he shall think best quali- 
fied to Read Lectures on fortifications proper for towns or the 
field or the Manner of adjusting fortifications to Deferent 
Grounds and posissions ; to Regulate their Extent acording to 
the number of Men Intended to be Covered upon attack & De- 
fence ; upon the use of mines, and their Constructions upon. 

The Court of Inquiry, where of Col. Clark was President, ap- 
pointed to inquire into Certain Complaints against Col. Ar- 
mand, by Col. Vandiburgh and Mr. Jones Adarns, of this State 
beg leave to report to the Comd r in Chief Their opinion That 
the Complainants exhibited against Col. Arinand, by Col 
Vandiburgh and Mr. Adams, are so far supported as to demand 
a trial. 

The Com d r in Chief Directs a General Court Martial to sit to- 
Morrow Morning at 10 O'Clock, for the Trial of Col. Armand, 
Col. Stuart to preside. Col. Gouvion, L' Col 8 Ford, De Buis- 
son, Littlefield, Major De La Newville, Major Leavenwork, 
Majr. Ville Franche, Capt. Duponceau, a Capt. from the Gar- 
rison, the Maryland Line, Pen* Line, and Conneticut Line, to 
attend as members. Court will sit at the usual place. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

The Court, whereof Col. Jackson is president, is Disolved. 
Horse Mounting at 9 O'Clock, at the Barracks at the point. 
Col. Dwiges, in Command, will preside. 

For Fatigue to-Morrow, Capt, L l Kenedy & L l R. O. Bush. 
Lieut. M c Michael for Guard to-morrow. 


Brigadier to-morrow, Irvine. 

The honourable the Congress, on the 26 th of July, were pleased 
to make the following : 
Resolved, Unanimously, That the thanks of Congress be given 


to Brigadier Genl. Wayne, for his brave, prudent, and soldierly- 
Conduct in the spirited and well conducted attact at Stoney 

Resolved, That Congress Entertain a proper sence of the good 
conduct of the affair and Soldiers under the command of Bri- 
gadier Genl. Wayne, in the assault of the Enemies works at 
Stoney Point, and highly commend the coolness, Decipline, 
and firm intripidity exhibited on the occasion. 

Resolved, Unanimously, That L l Col. Flury and Major Stewart, 
who, by their Situation in Leading the 2 nd atact, had a more 
imediate opertunity of distinguishing themselves, have, by 
their personal achievements, exhibited a Bright example to 
their brother soldiers, and Merit, in a particular manner, the 
aprobation and acknowledgement of the United States. 

Resolved, Unanimously, That Congress warmly approve and 
applaud the determined spirit of Lieut. Gibbons and L l Knox, 
who lead on the forlorn hope, braving danger and death in the 
cause of their country. 

Resolved, unanimously, That a medal emblematical of this 
action be struck ; that one of gold be presented to General 
Wayne, and a silver one to Lt. Col. Fleury and Major Stewart 

Resolved, Unanimously, That brevets of Captain be given to 
L l Gibbons and Knox. 

Resolved, Unanimously, That a Brevet of Captain be given to 
Mr. Archer, the Bearer of the Genl. Letter and Voluntier aid 
to Genl. Wayne. 

Resolved, Unanimously, That Congress approve the promises 
of reward made by Brigadier Genl. Wayne, with the concur- 
rence of the Com d r in Chief, to the troops under his Command. 
.Resolved, unanimously, That the Value of the Military Stores 
taken at Stoney Point be ascertained and divided among the 
gallant Troops by whom it was reduced, in such manner and 
proportions as the Com d r in Chief shall Direct. 

It having been found prejudicial to the service to Discharge 
Soldiers from the army who are capable of Doing Duty in the 
Corps of Invalids, the Com d r in Chief Directs (hat no non-com- 
missioned officer or Soldier shall be discharged without a certi- 
ficate from the Director General or Senior Surgeon of the .: y 
ing hospital, or from some of the principal Surgeons of <ho 
general hospital, ''that he is unfit to serve in the Corps of In- 
valids, as well as in the field." and all other discharges other- 
wise granted shall be void. The Brigadiers, or commandants 
<>f Brigades, are to give them transferances to the Corps in the 
following manner : A. B. , of. . . Regt. . being certified by 
unfit for field duty, is hereby transfered to the 


Corps of Invalids. The men thus transferee! to be sent to the 
Orderly office the 1 st Monday of every month, that they may be 
sent, under proper officers, to the places where the invalids are 
Stationed. Certificates to be sent with them of what pay and 
Cloathing they have received and that may remain due to them. 

Colonel Starr being absent from Camp, Col Russell is ap- 
pointed President of the General Court Martial in his room, 
the Court to sit next Monday, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at the usual 
place. * 

D. 0. Field officer of the day to-morrow, Major Boyles. 

R. 0. Capt. of the day, from the 7. Regt. , Capt. Irvine. 


Brigadier to-morrow, Patterson. 

The Brigadier of the day will receive from the other officers 
of the day of each Division, all remarkable occurences, and re- 
port them at Head Quarters after his tour of duty is finished. 

Ensign William Murran, of the 2nd Pa. Regt., is appointed 
Q. Master of the Same, Vice Lt. Norton, of the same, whose 
indisposition renders him incapable of duty. 

D. 0. Field officer to-morrow, Major Moore. 

B O. Capt. of the day, from the 10 Regt. 

Adj. of the day, Hughes. 

L* Col. Spraut is appointed Sub Inspector in the army ; is to 
accordingly obeyed and Respected. 

The Maryland and Penn. Lines to Relieve the guard over the 
magazine of provisions at Windsor. The Maryland, one Corpl. 
and 6 ; of the Perina, one Sergt. and 6 for Relief. 

D. 0. Field officer to-morrow, Col. Humpton. 

B. O. Capt of the day from the 7th. 

Adj* of the Day, Capt, Irvine, for the Day to-morrow. 

Capt. for fatigue to-morrow, L' Bush. 

For the Police, L' Miligan. 

HEAD QRS., MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 12, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow. Guest. 

It has been reported to the Com d r -in-Chief that parties Not 
properly licenced are selling Liquors in the Beats in the River, 
as well to the trying of the health of soldiers as to the subver- 
sion of good order and Discipline. M. G. McDougal will Im- 
mediately take effectual measures to have all Liquors seized 
which shall be found for sale on the land of any person so De- 
scribed, who have riot authority for the purpose, either from 

* The Manuscript Orderly Book, for a few pages. Is so blurred that the foregoing gen- 
eral orders could only be made out by reference to Washington s orderly book, published 
in the American Historical Record, Vol. Hi, 1&4, page". 


the former or present Commandants of the Garrison, or in the 
mode Prescribed in the Gen 1 order of the 16 th of April, 1778. 
These Seizures to be Deposited with the Commissary for the use 
of the Army. The officers Com d ing Divisions will do the same 
within the limits of their Respective Divisions. 

At a G. C. M. of the Line, whereof Col. Jackson was presi- 
dent, held at West Point, July 13 th , 1779, & by Different adjourn- 
ment, till the 4 th of Aug 1 following L* Col Lovering, of the 4 th - 
Mass. Regt. , was tryed upon the following Charges : 

Firstly. For furloughing a number of men belonging to the 
Regt. Directly contrary to the orders of His Excellency Gen' 
Washington, by which the public believes is greatly Injured. 

Secondly. For Disposing of Articles which he Drew out of the 
public Cloathing stores for the use of the officers and private 
persons at a great Advance. 

Thirdly. For delaing the Surgeon's mate, in the absence of 
the Surgeon, when on Furlough, with 20 effective men, at Crown 
point, as a guard to him, when at that time, the Regt. was 
ordered to Command to Haverson's Purchase ; also delaing One 
Man to cook for Gen 1 Huntingdon's Brigade then at Crown 
point ; The profits arising there from he Converted to himself. 

Fourthly. For Defrauding the Soldiers of part of their Rations, 
and ordering 33 pounds of Flour to be Stopped from every 
hundred Drawn for the use of the Regt. , and Converting 2 
Barrels of Superfine Flour to his own use which was drawn for 
the Regt. , and Returning very bad in Lieu thereof. 

Fifth. For Refusing any officer or officers any Money to Re- 
cruit Men, which he drew for that purpose, to the Great injury 
of the Recruiting Service. 

After the mature Deliberation, the Court are of opinion tha,t 
L l Col. Lovering is not guilty of the 1 st charge exhibited against 
him, as it does not apear to be any order of his Excellency the 
Comm d r in Chief, though it appears to be a greater number 
of Men furloughed than alowed by Genl. McDougal's orders, 
and for the doing of which he justified himself by Major Genl. 
M'Dougal's Certificate. Also, the second and fifth charge, and 
the later end of the 3 d , to witt : For the detaining one Man to 
Bake for Genl. Huntington's Brigade, then at Crownpoint, 
the profits arising there from he Converted to himself. But 
the Court adjudged L' Col. Lovering guilty of the first part of 
the third Charge, viz : Detaining the Surgeon's mate, in the 
absence of the Surgeon, when on furlough, with 20 Efective 
Men, at Crownpoint, as a guard to himself, when, at that time, 
the Regt. were on Command at Haverson's purchase; and the 
4 th Charge exhibited against him, which are a breach of the 5 th 
article 10 th section of the article of war, and do adjudge him to 


"be Dismissed from the service of the United States of North 
America, and that he makes restitution to Col. Greyton's Regt. 
for all the flour and Bread which he deprived and Defrauded 
them of. 

His Excellency The Com d r in Chief confirms the Sentence of 
the Court, and orders it to take place immediatly. 

I). 0. Field officer to -Morrow. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day from the 10 th Regt, 

R. O. For fatigue to -Morrow, Capt. Irvine and L* Col. Bry- 
son. L' Bush for the Police. 


Brigadier to-Morrow, Irvine. 

The officers who have or shall hereafter Conduct the Mass. 
Men to Camp, are to give in Returns as soon as possible, to 
the orderly office, of the men's names, with the towns and 
County they Came from, specifying their arms and accoutre- 
ments they Receive from the public. 

A sergt. and 9 men from the Maryland and Penn'a Lines, 
who are acquainted with Coaling, to be sent Early to-morrow 
morning to Col. Baldwin's Qrs. , at New Windsor. They take 
their arms and pack with them, and remain on that Duty one 
fortnight, unless the Regt. sooner March. The first Maryland, 
one Sergt. and two privates ; 2 d Maryland, 2 privates ; first 
Penn. , 3 privates ;. 2 Pens a , 2 privates. 

Also 21 of the 9 Month Men, from the 1"', 3 d , and 4 <h Mass. 
Brigade, to be sent to the Wagon Master Genls. , at New Wind- 
sor, to be Employed as wagoners from the first, Ditto, W. 
The 3", 0, and the 4 th four Men. 

I). O. Field officer to-morrow, L 1 Col. Mentges. 

B. O. Capt. of the Day, from the 10 th R. 

Adjt. of the Day, L* M c Collum. 

HEAD QRS. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 14th, '79. 
Brigadier to-morrow, Paterson. 

D. O. Field officer of the Day to-morrow, L 1 Col. Murray. 
B. O. Capt. of the Day, from the 1 st R. 
Adjt. of the Day, Lt. Banks. 
R. O. L 1 M c Michael for faticue. L 1 Bryson for the polise. 

D. O., Aug. 15th, '79. 

At a Division Court Martial, held at Smithe's Clove, July 
5 th , '79, Lt. Col. Walliams president, Theo. Martin and Jas. 
M c Cready, Soldiers in the first Peiin" Regt., were tried for De- 
serting to the Enemy, plead guilty. The Court Do sentence 
them to receive 100 Lashes Each. 


The Genl. Confirms the Sentence, and orders it to be put in 
Execution to-Morrow Morning at Troop Beating. 

A Sub. , Sergt. , and 10 Men from Each Brigade to parade 
imediatly, with 2 Days' provision, with their Blankets. They 
will receive their orders from Gen Green. 

HEAD QRS. , MOOR'S HOUSE, 15th of Aug. , '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

A sub. officer, and 10 men from each Brigade on the Ground, 
including the Garrison, are to parade, as soon as possible, at 
Major Genl. Green's Quarters, with their Arms and Blankets, 
and two Days' provision, to Go into the Country to Impress 
wagons for the publick service. The Q. M. Genl. , or his De- 
puty, will apoint one fiat Botomed Boat for the use of Each 
Brigade, which is to be kept in Constant Redyness for futer use 
by M r Buchanon, and in futer the Com d ing officer of Brigades 
will give their orders for the use of the Boats asigned them, 
and M r Buchanon is to Deliver a Boat to no other person's 
orders in the Brigade ; and that the whole Business May be 
Done at the same tfine, they are to be previously notified where 
the Boats will go. Such Boats as May be wanted for the busi- 
ness, Besides those of Brigade or Garrison Duty, the Latter 
of which M r Whiting will Direct, the number and uses, they 
are waiting for orders to be obtained from the Q. M. G. , as in 
former times. Whoever gives a Boat will be held responsible 
for the Return. For this purpose, M r Buchanon is to fail all 
his returns, and give Receipts for those that are Returned. 
Such as are not must be acounted for by the person wno gives 
the order. 

At a Genl. Court Martial, Whereof Col. Jackson was presi- 
dent, the 4th Instant, Ensign Joshua Brimhall, of Col. Brad- 
ford's Regt. , was tried for Continuing at home 4 Months after 
his furlough was Expired, found guilty, and sentenced to be 
reprimanded by his Excelency in genl. orders. Ensign Brim- 
hall's Excuse is not admisable. Nothing but absolute Nesesity 
Could justify an officer for Exceeding his furlough for such a 
length of thre and that Nesesity is suported to have Existed. 
In Matters of this Kind, officers ought to show an Examplary 
punctuality. Ensign Brimhall is released from his arrest. 

D. O. Field officer to-Morrow, Major Stewart. 

B. 0. Capt. of the Day from the 

Adj 1 of the Day, Capt. Irwine. 

Genl. Irvine is sorry so little Regard has been paid to the 
Genl. orders of 5 th instant, Respecting Bathing. He Desires 
officers, particularly of the Police, will see it Punctualv Com- 


plied with, and hopes it will not be Necesary for him to Repeat 
Genl. orders. 

B. 0. For fatigue to-Morrow, Capt. L l Kennedy, and L 1 

For Guard, L l Miligan. 

L l M'Michael for the Pollice. 

B. O. Aug. Uth, '79. 

The Major is sorry to find that the men pay so Little atten- 
tion to their arms, and neglect a Duty of so much Importance 
that the most trifling Neglect out not to be. 

He now orders that Each Soldier be Compleated with 40 
Rounds of good Cartridges, for which he must be accountable 
Every Day. Should it happen any Cartriges are Lost by Ne- 
glect, the ofeiider will not only be punished with severity Th 
Neglecting punctualy atoning on parade Morning and Evening, 
to Examine the state of their Companies, the situation of their 
arms and amunition are in, so Evident that the Major is Con 
fident the officers will not omit a Duty on which their own 
honour and the Descipline of the Regt. so much depend. 

Ensign Reniston is apointed to Do Duty in Capt. Miller's 
Company till further orders. 

B. O. Aug. Wth, '79. 

The Boat asigned to the Brigade is to sail to New Winsor at 
12 o'clock ; if there are any sick in the Diferent Regts. to be 
sent to the Hospital. Business to be Done that will answer by 
this opertunity. The officers Com d ing Regts. will Regulate it 

Coin. Comt. 

HEAD QRS. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 16th, 79. 
Brigadier to-Morrow, Irvine. 
B. O. Field officer, Major Boyle. 
B. O. Capt. of the 7 th Regt. 
Adjt. of the Day Hughes. 

R. O. Capt L 1 Keneday for the Day to-Morrow. 
L l Bryson for fatigue. 
L* Miligan for the Pollace. 

HEAD QRS., MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 17th, 1779. 

Brigadier to-Morrow, Paterson. 

It is with astonishment the Gen., week after week, Receives 
the Returns of men unfit for Duty for want of arms, when 
there are many hundred stands more, and for a considerable 
time have been, with the army for the purpose of Safety, and 


the Mode of application pointed out in gen' orders. Nothing but 
a Most surprising inatention and Neglect Can acount for these 
Deficiencys. If, after this order, any more men are Returned 
unfit for Duty for want of Arms, the Adj 1 Grenl. is to rep 1 to the 
Com a r in Chief the Regts. and Company in which the Defi- 
ciency begins. 

Notwithstanding the orders against Bathing between the 
hours of 8 and 5, Soldiers are seen in the water, and many of 
them in hours together. The officers Com d ing Brigades will, 
therefore, During the hours above mentioned, now put More 
Centinals at the place usualy returned to by the men for that 
purpose of prevention. 

D. O. Field Officer to-Morrow, Moor. 

S. O. Capt, of the Day. 

Adj' of the Day, L l M c Collum. 

L l Bush for the Pollise. 

H. QRS. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. lOto, '79. 

Brigadier to-Morrow, Guest. 

At a Greiil. Court Martial of the Line, of which Col. Russel is 
president, Will. Raads of the 4 th Maryland Regt. , on the 9 th In- 
stant, was tried for atempting to Desert to the Enemy ; also, 
Jas. MCrary, of the first Pen' a Regt., for Deserting to the 
Enemy; and Mabery Owens, 2 d New York Regt., for Desertion 
and taking up arms against the United States of America. 
Raads, & M c Creary found guilty, and sentenced to receive 100 
Lashes on their Bare Backs. The Court are of opinion that 
Owens is Intitled to the Benefit of his Excelency's proclamation. 
The sentence against Raads and MCreary to be put into Ex- 
ecution to-Morrow Morning, at the Head of the Regt. to which 
they respectively belong, and the Grenl. Directs that Owens 
be released from his Confinement. 

At a Brigade Genl. Court Martial, Held at the Park, the 
11 th Instant,. L l Col. Stephens president, Mr. Jno. Price, A. 
C. of forage, was tried for taking Contenental Horses for his 
own private property, and purchasing another in its place, of 
Mean Quality. Likewise, for being given to Drunkenness when 
he ought to be at publick business, & taking Stores belonging 
to ye Contenent he had no Right to. Acquited of the 2'" 1 and 
3 rd Charge, But found guilty of Defrauding the publick in the 
Seale of y e Contenental Horse, being a breach of 4 th article 12 th 
sect" of the articles of War, and sentenced to forfeit the pay 
that is now Due to him, be Dismissed, & Rendered unfit to 
serve the States in any station. 

At an other Brigade Genl's Court Martial, y e 14 June, L l 
Col. Langton president, Capt. L l Goodman, of y e artillery, was 


tried for willfully Misaplying and Embezling a , property 
of y e United States. The Court are of opinion y l Capt. Good- 
man is guilty of y e 5 th article, 12 th section, of y e article of war, 
which Directs y' any officer offending in y e Premises, Make y 
Damage good, Loss y e pay Due to him, and be Dismissed y e Ser- 
vice. The Ct. are of opinion y' the article in this Case opper- 
ate in full force. 

The Com d r in Chief approves the sentence, and orders them 
to take place Immediatly. 

Edward Merricon, of the 4 th Maryland Regt., was, also, tried, 
y e 13 th Ins., at a Brigade Court Martial, whereof Col. Hall was 
president, for Disertion. Y e Court are of oppinion y l he must 
make up y e Lost time By serving y e term of the year, to Com- 
mencing the 11 of Aug., '79, the time he has lost, & they are 
also of oppinion y l any Expense y' may have happ'ned in appre- 
hending him, it should be stoped from his pay or bounty, if any 
there be Due, by the Pay M r . of y e Regt. to which he belongs. 

The Genl. Confirms y e oppinion of Court, arid ordered Mer- 
ricon to joyne his Regt. 

D. 0. Field officer to -Morrow, Major Salbert. 

B. O. Capt. of y e Day, from 10 Regt. 

Adj' of y e Day, L l Banks. 

R. O. For fatigue, L l MMichael. 

For Polise, L' Bryson. . 


The Brigade boats to Seale for New Winsor to-morrow morn- 
ing at 7 O'Clock ; y e business to y l place to be Regulated accord- 


H. QRS., MOOR HOUSE, Any 19, '79. 

Brigadier to-Morrow, Irvine. 

The Pay master of y e Maryland, & of y e 2 nd , 3 rd , & 4 th , & 1 1 th , 
7 th , & Virginia Regts. , and of Armong's & Vanhair Marchusie 
Corps, are to apply to y e D. paymaster Genl. for warrants to 
Draw 800 Dollars Gratuity for y e men in their Respective Corps, 
Inlisted for y c war, previous to y e 23 d of January, y e Muster Role 
for their troops being returned. 

D. O. Field officer of y e Day, M. Green. 

B. O. Capt. of y e Day y e Regt. 

Adj 1 , Capt, Irvin. 

Regt. , L c M c Michael for fatigue. 

L l Miligan for y e pollise. 


Regulations for Roll Call, in y Pensyl" Dims ion, Submited to 
the consideration of Majr. Genl. St. Clair, Aug. 19, '79. 

When the Drum Calls' beaten, the Company will turn out 
in y e Company parade. Y e Sergts. and Corpls. will Inspect y e 
Men's Dress, their arms and accoutrements, see y'they are pro- 
perly sised, their accoutrements properly put on; in short, y l 
they, in Every Respect, Cut a military appearance, Before they 
appear at the Regimental parade, as they shall be answerable 
for y" Least Default or Neglect in their Companies. 

Second. When y e troop or Retreate beats of, y e Sergts. will 
march their Companys to y e Regimental Parade, & form in 
open order. Rear Rank 4 paces Distance from front, & as they 
arrive, y e Sergt. will Command : halt. Dress, Order. 

Third, officers will always attend the parade properly armed, 
sword and Espontoons, and take post Eight paces in front of 
their Respective Companys, Dresing by y e Right, & Standing 
with Espontoon at open order. 

Fourth. Y e Companys being all arrived on y e Regimental 
parade, & the Ranks well drest, y e Adj's then Commands : 
orderly Sergts to ^y e front march. Y e first Sergts. advance 4 
paces in front of their Respective Companies, arms advanced & 
Bayonets fixed, Dresing by the Right to y e Right about. Y e 
Sergts. face to their Companys, & order their arms ; y e officers, 
at y e same time, advance their Espontoons, & faces to the Right 
about, & march to y e Sergts. 

Fifth. The adj' Commands : Call your Rolls. Y e officers ad- 
vance their Espontoons & attend to Role Call. 

Sixth. The Rolls being called, y e Adjt. Commands : Orderly 
Sergts to y e Senter march ; y e Sergts. face inwards and march 
to y e Sentre. While y e Sergts. are making their reports, y e 
officers will Inspect y e men's arms, ammunition, & when In- 
spected, Return to their former post, 8 paces in front, with 
ordered Espontoons. 

Seosnthly. Y e Adj' having Received y e Sergts. Reports, he 
Commands, join your Company. Y e Sergts. return to their 
posts & Adj' makes report to y e Commanding officer of y e 
parade, whether any men are absent. 

Eightly. Y e Adj' Commands : Shoulder firelocks, Rear Rank 
Closes to y e front. Y e officers advance their Espontoons, & face 
to y e Right about march. At y e seame time, y e Rear Rank Closes 
to y e front. Y e officers Marche into the Intervals, y e Super- 
numery in y e Reare of their Companies, & Imediatly faces y- 

Ninthly. For Dismissing y e parade, y e adjt. Commands : order- 
ly Serg ts , Dismiss your Companys. The Sergts. advance in 


front of their Respective Companies. The officers at the same 
time advance to y Com d ing officer, & report to him the state of 
the men's arms, &c., & Commands; to y e Right wheel march, 
and march their men to y e Company's parade, and there Com- 
mand : unfix Bayonets, Recover fire arms, to y e Right about 
face, dismiss. 

N. B. For Parade or Role call, y e Drummers & fifers will 
form on y e Right of y e Batalion, but in Manuvering they are 
to be equally Divided on the wings. 

IN CONGRESS, 8'* March, '79. 

Resolved, Y 1 when Vacancys of Command* officers hapen in 
the Regts. , Raised by their Respective States for y e Contenental 
army, Notis thereof shall be given to y e Executive authority 
of y e states to which y e Reg 1 belongs, by y e Comm d ing officer of 
y e Regt. , to y e End y e Proper person May be apointed to fill 
such Vacancys, agreeable to y e Resolve of y e 8 of May Last, 
having Due Regard to y e Resolves of promotion, Recommended 
by a Resolution of Congress of y e 24 (h Nov r , '78. The mode pre- 
scribed by y e foregoing acts for anouncing Regerrtental Vacancys 
to be prescribed in y e States y l have been arranged, as well as 
to y e Respect to Vackencies y' have already hapned, when Com- 
missions have not been obtained, as to all which hapned in 

Y e Comm d in Chief Requests y l y e Coni (1 ing officers of Regts. 
will be very particular, in y e Notis of resignation, to set down 
y c set time when they take Leave. Y e Cf enl. also thinks proper, 
upon this occasion, to Republish y e acts Containing y e Rules to 
Govern promotions, for y e tranquility of y e army & good of y e 
Sarvis requires y* they should be fully & Generally known. 

IN CONGRESS, Nov. 24th, '78. 

Resolved, Y 1 it may be Recommended to y e several States to 
provide y 1 in all futer promotions officers may rise Regementaly 
To y e Rank of Capt. , & in the Line of y e state to y e Rank of 
Colls. , except in Cases where preferences May be on account of 
Distinguished merit. 

Capt. , 2 Sergts. , and a drummer from y e Conn. Line ; 2 subs. , 
1 sergt. , & a fifer y e 3 & 4 Mass. Brigade, to Repair to fish kill, 
to-morrow. Y J officers will apply to Col. Baldwin for orders. 
They are to Call at y fc orderly office to-morrow morning, on 
their way, at 10 O' Clock. 

L' Hughes, of y e IP. R., vice L l Cross, Resined, is appointed 
adj'of seame, & L< Crawford, 8 P. R., Vice Capt. Bucannon, 
pay master. 

D. 0. Field officer to-morrow, Coll. Chambers. 


B. 0. Capt. of y e Day to-morrow, from y e 10 R. 4 , I/ Hughes. 

B. O. For fatigue, Capt. Irvin & L' Miligan, 
L' Rush for y e polise. 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 21, '79. 

Brigader to-morrow, Gi-uest. 

At Grenl. Court Martial of y e Line, y e 11 th Inst. , Col. Russel, 
President, Capt. Ashmead, of 2 nd P. R. , Late of Light Infantry, 
wastryd for being Drunk in y e time of y e Assalt of Stony Point, 
on y e 16 of July Last, & behaving in a ridiculously unbecoming 
manner in any officer at y e hed of his Company, Crossing y e 

Secondly. For Disobeying Genl. orders, by Huzaing During 
y e approach to y e Enemy's works, to the pregudice of good order 
& Military Discipline, & tending to promote Confusion among 
y e troops at y e Critical juncter. 

Y e Court Do think, Unanimously, y l Capt. Ashmead is not 
guilty of y e first Charge, & Do. therefore, acquit him of it, but 
are of opinion that iie is guilty of y e 2 nd Charge, being a breach 
of the Latter part of y e 5 th article, 2 ud section, of y e article of 
war. They are of opinion y e breach of y e orders which subjects 
Capt. Ashmead to be found guilty, agreeable to y e articles of 
war, Did not preseed from a Willfull or Desined Disobediance 
of orders, but from an Involuntary Impulse of y e mind, owing 
to an in Yertencey, & Do there sentence him to be Reprimanded 
by his Excellency in Genl. Orders. Capt. Ashmead 's Conduct 
was sartenly very reprehensible, & of a nature, & has a tendency 
to Defeat y e most Important & Consarted Interprises. 

At y e same Court, y e 13 th Inst., Mr. Jonathan Bleake, Com ding 
a Company of artificers, was tryd first, for tearing & Conceal- 
ing a list, wrote by Coll. Chesiascot to Col. May, D. Q. M. , 
During y e alarm, Relative to the Company's going to y e front. 

Second. For absenting himself frequently from Duty without 

Third. For I m ploying, in a claiidistant manner several of his 
men on his farm, while he Drew provision for them from the 
public stores & Returned them fit for Duty. 

Found gulity of y c 1 st & 3 rd Charges Exhibited against Him, 
& seritensed to make Restitution to y e publick in Mony, By 
stoping his pay for y e time he Imployed the men of his com- 
pany in business of his own, & for y e provisions he Drew from 
y e public stores while they wear so Imployd, & that he be 

Y e Corn* Confirms the sentence, and orders it to take place. 

At y e same Court, Adj 1 Inglish, of Late Bower's Regt., was 


try* for wanting I/ Prey for Duty when it was not his turn, 
found guilty, & Sentenced to be Reprimanded by y Com d ing 
officer of his Reg', in the presence of the officers of y e Regt. 
Adj 1 Inglish is released from his arrest. 

Ezekial Case, of y e 5 th Conn. Regt. , was tried, at a Gr. Court 
Martial, whereof Major Walbridge President. y e 9 th Inst, for 
repeated Desartions, & the Jast to y e Enemy, wherof took up 
arms against y e United States, found guilty, Being a breach of 
y e 8 th Art. 6 th Sec. of y e articles of war, & unanimously sentenced 
to suffer Death. 

His Excellency, y e Com d in Chief, -Confirms y e Sentenc 

D. O. Field officer, L l Coll. North. 

A Division Court Martial to assemble at y e Presid't Markgee, 
Mond. Next, 23 Inst., for y e tryal of L l Phil. GHbons, of y e 6 th 
P. R. , & such others as may Come before them. Col. Hump- 
ton will preside. 2 Capt. & 6 subs, from 1 st . Brigade, Capt. & 
4 subs, from y 2 Brigade, to attend as Members. Each Brigade 
to furnish an Orderly Sergt. to attend y e Court. 

B. O. Capt. of y e Day, from 10 Regt. 

.R. 0. Adjt. of y e Day, M Callom. 

R. O., Augt. 22nd, '79. 

A Regemerital Court Martial sit this Day at 10 o' Clock, By 
order of Major Moor, for y e trial of all such prisoners as shall 
be brought before them. Capt. Lusk, president. L ts Bush, 
Bryson, M c Michael, and Miligan to attend as members. An 
orderly Serg' to attend y e Court. 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 22, 79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Irvine. 

The Grenl. Court Martial, of which Coll. Stuart is president, 
to sit to-morrow morning, at 9 O' Clock, at y e Usual place. 

The Grenl. has the pleasure to Inform the army, y l on y e Night 
of y e 13 th Inst., Maj. Lee, at y e head of a party & detachment 
from the Virginia & Maryland Lines, Surprised the Grarrison of 
Powles' Hk. , & brought off a considerable number of prisoners. 
On our side, the Enterprise was Conducted with a distinguished 
share of adress, activity, & Bravery, & give great Honour to 
Maj. Lee, and all y e officers and Men under him, who are re- 
quested to accept the Gfenls' warmest thanks. 

For this Day, & During this spell of wet weather, the whole 
army is to be supplyd with full Rations of Rum. The officers 
will be particularly attintive that y e men use Every precaution 
for the preservation of their arms & accoutrements, & will Care- 
fully Inspect them in y e Intervals of faire weather. 
35-Voi,. XI. 


At a division Court Martial y e 14 th Inst. , Coll. Wood, presi- 
dent, Lt. Col. Baggers, of y e 2 nd Virginia Regt,, was try'd for 
appearing on y e Brigade Parade the 5 th Iiist. and taking charge 
of a platoon when so drunk as being uncapable 1 .of doing his 
Duty, y e Court are of y e opinion y' L 1 B. is guilty of y e Charge 
Exhibited against him Being a breach of y e 5 th article & 13 th 
section of the articles of war, & sentence him to be cashered. 

Y e Com d in Chief approves y e sentence, but sincerely Laments 
that any officers should not have more Regard to his character 
& y e Duty of his station than to suffer himself to be betrayed 
into a situation which is so Injurious to y e one & which In- 
capatiates him from y e other. 

D. O. Field Officer to-morrow, L l Col. Mentges. 

B. 0. of y e Day from 8 R. 

Adj 1 , L 1 Hughes. 

Capt. Stout, Capt. L l McCollim, L' Storry, & Insign Renne- 
son are appoynted to Inspect y e Provisions, which Com'sary 
Knight has on hand, this Evening at 5 O'clock, & make Report 
at y e Col. Com d accordingly. 

B. 0. For Couij Martial of y e Division, Capt. Irvin, L l Bush. 

For fatigue, Ensign Renneson. 

For Pollise, L l McMichael. 

R. O., Aug. 23, '79. 

A Regemental Court Martial to sit to-morrow at 10 O' Clock, 
by order of Majr. Moor, for y e tryal of all such prisoners as 
shall be brought before them, Capt. L l Keneday to preside. 
L' Bryson & L l McMichael, Members, and Orderly Sergt. to at- 
tend y e Court. 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 23rd, '79. 
Brigadier to-morrow, Patterson. 
D. O. Field officer to-morrow, L 1 Col. Murry. 
B. O. Capt, of y e Day, from 7 th Regt. 
Adjt., Capt. Irviii. 
B. O. For fatigue, Oapt. Lusk. 
For polles, L' Milltgan. 

H. Q., MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 24, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

The proceeding of y e board of field officers in the Virginia Line 
on y e Claime of Jno. Elleson & Jno. Lee, Esqrs. . to L 1 Collency. 
of y e 1 st Virginia State Regt,, having Been Refeared to y e Exe- 
cutive authority of y e State, his Excellency y e Governor & 
Counsel have been pleased to approve y e Report, & Transmit 
blank Commisions to be filed accordingly. These gentlemen 
are therefore to take Rank as follows : Jno. Elleson, Esq. , L L 


Col. of y e 1 st Virginia State Regt. from y e 8 of Jan., '79 vice 
Brenl promoted; John Lee, Esq., Majr. of y e 2 Dd , according to 
his former Commission. In Consequence, Tho. Merryweather, 
Esq. , is to take Rank as Major of y e 1 s ' Reg', from y* 8 of Jan., 
"79, vice Majr. Allison promoted, & y e Commission Granted 
( 'apt. Quarrels for the majority in y e 2 nd state Reg 1 is Vacated. 

D. O. Field officer to-morrow, Majr. Stuart. 

B. 0. Capt. of y e Day, from y e 2 nd Reg 1 . 

Adj', L l Hughes. 

R. O. For fatigue, L' Bryson & M c Michael. 

For y e Pollis, Ensign Benson. 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 25to,'79 
Brigadier to-morrow, Patterson. 
D. O. Field officer to-Morrow, Majr. T. Moor. 
B. O. Capt, of y* Day, from the 10 Regt. 
Adj' of y e Day, L' Cullom. 
For fatigue to-morrow, Capt. L* Kenneday. 
For pollise, L 1 Bryson. 

H. Q., MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 26, '79. 

Brigadier to-Morrow. 

Brigd. Returns Immediately to be made out & given in to y e 
orderly office, of y c actual Defesieness of Clothing, agreeable 
to y e orders of y e 10 th Inst. 

It is Determined by Lott y' Coll. Lamb's Regt. have y e pre- 
cedance of Col. Crean's. 

D. O. Field officer to-morrow, Major Tolbert. 

B. 0. Capt. of y e Day from y c 7 th Regt. 

Adj', L 1 Banks. 

B. 0. for y c Day to-Morrow, Capt. Lusk. 

For Guard to-morrow, Ensign Reneson. 

For Pollise, L 1 M e Michael. 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 27th, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Guest. 

D. O. Field Officer, Maj. Green. 

At a Division Court Martial, 25 Inst., Coll. Humpton, Presi- 
dent, Peter Thompson, a soldier in y e 5 th Regt., was tryd for 
Desertion, found guilty, & sentanced to receive 100 Lashes. 

At y e same Court, Jno. Downing, soldier in y e 9Regt., was 
tryd for Changing his Name & Disarting 4 times, found guilty, 
& sentenced to receive 100 Lashes. 

Jo. Reily, of y e 9 th Regt., tryd for Disertion, & Changing his 
name and uniform. Court are of oppinion he is not guilt}', & 
Do, therefore, acquit him. 


Genl. Irvine approves of y e sentence, and orders y e punish- 
ment to be Inflicted at y c head of their Respective Regts. this 
evening at Retreat beating. Jo. Reily is to Joyne his Regt. 

B. O. Capt. of y e Day, from y e 8 Regt. 

Adj' of y e Day, Capt. L' Irvin. 

B. O. For fatigue to-morrow, Capt. Lusk & Milligan. 

For polles, Lt. Bryson. 

H. Q. , MOORE'S HOUSE, Aug. 28th, '79 
Brigd. , Irvine. 

D. 0. Field officer to-morrow, Col. Chambers. 
B. 0. Capt. of y e Day from 10 Regt. 
Adjt. , Lt. Hughes. 
B. O. For fatigue, Capt. Lusk. 
For polles, L l McMichael. 

H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Aug. 28th, '79. 

Brigd. to-morrow, Guest. 

The Comd r in Chief has the pleasure to anounce the following 
resolution which y e honourable y e Congress have been pleased 
to pass for the rJfeneflt of y e army, y e Dispossition Manifested in 
y e Resolves is a fresh proof to y e army y l this Country Entertain 
a high sence of their merrit & Services, and are Inclined to 
Confer an Honorable adequate Compensation. Thegenl. flaters 
himself that y e States will second y e Generous Voice of Con- 
gress & take every proper measure to Gratin y e Reasonable 
Expectations of such officers & soldiers as are Determined to 
have y e Glory of serving their Country & themselves through y e 
wars, and finishing y e task they so nobly began. Y e flourishing 
aspect of affairs in Europe and the West Indies as well as in these 
States, gives us every Reason to believe y l the happy period 
will speedily arrive. 

IN CONGRESS, ibth of Aug. '79. 

Resolved, Y 1 y e Clother General Estemate y e Value of several 
articles of soldier's Clothing at the prises they Respectively 
were worth at y e end of y e year 1777, & forthwith furnish such 
estamates to y e pay mr. of j e several Regts who should be fur- 
nished out of y e Military Chest with Money to pay y e soldiers for 
all Deficencys of Cloathing at y e Estimated price of ever} article 
as fixed by the Cloather Genl., who shall Transfer like Est- 
imates at y e Close of every year During y e war as y e soldiers 
be paid by y e Regt. 

The Pay masters according to such Estemates & previously 
to their Discharge when y e same happens Before y e End of y 
year, for all articles of Cloathing allowed them by a resolu- 
tion of Congress of Sept, 6 th , '79, which y e have not received & 
which are or should be due to them after y e year last mentioned. 


IN CONGRESS, Aug. 7th, 1779. 

WHEREAS, Y e army of y e United States of America have, by 
their patrotism, valour, and perseverance in Defence of their 
Rights & Liberty of their Country, become Intitled to y e gra- 
tuety & approbation of their fellow sitesences. 

Resolved, YM-t bee and is hereby Recommended to y e several 
states, y' have not already adopted measures for the purpose, 
to make such further provisions for y e officers & for y e soldiers 
Inlisted for y e war, to them Respectively belonging, Who shall 
Continue in serving till y e Establishment of peace, as shall be 
an adequat Compensation for y e Many Dangers, and Losses, 
& hardships they have suffered & Being exposed to in y e prest. 
Contest, either by Granting to y e officers half pay for Life, or 
proper rewards for soldiers, or in such Manner as May appear 
most Expediante To Legislature of the several slates. 

Resolved, Y 1 it be and is hereby recommended to y e several 
States to make such provision for y e widows of such of these 
officers & soldiers, Inlisted for y e war, as have Dyed, or May 
Dye, in y e service, as shall secure for them sweetes of y l Liberty 
for y e Maintenance of their husbands' Loss During their lives. 

Aug. 18, '79. 

Resolved, Untill further orders of Congress, y e officers of y" 
army be Intilled to Receive Monthly, for their subsistance, y e 
following, Viz : * * * 

D. O. Field officer to-morrow, Majr. Tolbert. 

B. 0. Capt, of y 6 Day, from y e 10 Reg'. 

Adj' to-Day, L l Hughes. 

R. O. For fatigue to-morrow, Capt. Irvine & L' Bush. 

For polles, L' Bryson. 

H. Q., MOOR'S HOUSE, Sept. 9th, '79. 

The Corner in Chief having observed great Irregularities in 
the differant Beatesof the Drum, Requests A stricter attention 
to the Regulations on this head that all the Drums in the Line 
May Begin and End, as nearly as Posible, at the same time. 
But in the Pres' position of army, the Rule of begining on the 
Right can not be so Conveniantly observed. While at Poast, 
the Sergts. are to begin from the Ram piers of fortt Arnold, 
taken up by the Nearest troops, & Conveyed to Right & Left 
through the Line. 

Gun firing in the Morning will be, as Usual, the signal for 
y e Revile Untill further orders. A gun fired at Sun set in the 
Evening, as the signal for Retreat. The troops will Beate as 
heartofore, & the later at 9 o'clock. 


H. Q. , MOOR'S HOUSE, Sept. 10M, '79. 

Brigadier, Guest. 

A board of field officers, composed of the following Gentlemen 
Viz : Colls. Bailly, Johnston, Gunby, L l Colls. Littlefield and 
Davidson, to sit at Robeson's House to-morrow, at 10 o'Clock, 
to ascertain the Rank of Capts. Clif Titus, & Watson, in the 
Conn. Line, Previous to the Promotion of the former to a 
Majority, and to Inquire Into y e principles Upon which y e pro- 
motions were Made, the parties, & all Persons Concerned to 
attend. The papers in possession of y e Com d r in Chief will be 
Laid before the Board. 

The Relative Rank of the Capts. in Harrison's. Lamb's, & 
Crane's Battalions of Artillery, to be Settled by a board of 
field officer of Artillery, at West Point, Next Thursday. Coll. 
Lamb, L l Col. Hamilton, & L' Hopkins are appointed for the 
Board. All Capts. Concerned are desired to send their Preten- 
sions, in writing, to Genl. Knox By that time. 

The Com d r in Chief has y e Pleasure to Inform the army that 
Majr. Genl. Sullivan, with y e troops under his Com d , has Latly 
gained an Important a place called Newton, a Capital 
Indian Settlement on the Cauga Branch of the Susquehaima, 
where they had assembled their whole force, Indians and white, 
under the two Butlers, Brant. & MDonald, and had Intrenched 
themselves in a very Artful & advantageous Manner. They were 
put to the Rout with Great terror and Precipitation, Leaving 
11 Warriors Dead on y e spot, a very unusual thing among them, 
with a number of arms, Pikes. Blankets, and Camp Utensals, 
& trinkets. Two prisoners taken Reported y l this was the place 
where they Intended to make their principals Stand, & that 
they had sent off a great many Dead & wounded, in Caravans 
and on Horse Back, During the action. On our side, we had 
only 3 men killed & 39 wounded, the Chief Part slightly. This 
makes the 14 th Indian settlement Distroy d since the Commence- 
ment of the Expedition. 

D. 0. Field officer, Majr. Green. 

The officers who compose the Division Court Martial of which 
Coll. Humpton is Presidt, are to do Duty in the Line until] 
such time as the Court May Be again ordered to sit. 

Advertisement. To be sold to-morrow at 10 o'clock, in the 
Brigade, a small horse Brought from y e Enemy by a Diserter. 

B. O. Capt, of y Day from Regt 

Adj', L' McCollom. 

R O. For fatigue to-morrow, Capt. Lusk. 

For polles, L l Mulligan. 


H. Q., MOOR'S HOUSE, Sept. nth, '79. 

Brigadier to-morrow, Patterson. 

L l John Ashton and William Fenno, of Lamb's Regt. of Artil- 
lery, are apointed, y e former Adj 1 from the 1 st of July Last, 
The Latter Q. M. from the 8 th of Aug. , following ; also L l Isaac 
Guyon is appointed Pay master of sd. Regt. from y 1 st Inst. 

The G. C. M. whereof Coll. Marshal is president, Majr. H. 
Lee, of the Light Dragoons, was try'd upon y e following 
Charges: 1 st , for withholding a letter sent by him from Lord 
Sterling to Coll. Guest, of the Virginia Regt., on the morning 
of y e 13 of August, By that means keeping him ignorant of a 
matter which Required his Imediate Information ; 2 dly , after 
having obtained 300 men from Col. Guest. 





JUNE 13, 1780 AUGUST 5, 1780. 





HEAD QRS., BRYAN'S TAVERIST, June 13th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
B. Gr. , Huntington. 

Lt. Co 1 Com d Hubly. 
Brigade Major, Stark's Brigade. 

At a gen'l court martil of the Line the 3 rd Instant, Ens" 
Russel, of Co 1 Sheerburn's late Regiment, was tried.for Defam- 
ing Col. Sheerburn's Character in Company by Saying he was 
a dam'd Lyer and raschal. The Court are of opinion that the 
charge against Ens n Russel is not fully suported, yet they are 
of opinion that the Expressions that Mr. Russel maid use of 
respecting Col. Sheerburn, were highly undeasent and ill Bred, 
more espeachally when made by one of Influence, officer re- 
specting his Supearer, he being the Comanding officer of the 
particular Regt. to which Ensign Russel belbng'd, and that he 
is guilty of a Breach of the 5 th article 18 th section of the articles 
of war, and do sentence that Ensign Russel be Repremanded 
in Gen'l orders. 

The Comander in Chief aproves the opinion of the Court, the 
Expressions that Mr. Russel used were deametrialy Contrary 
to the rule of good breeding, and in the 2 d Extreamly Disre- 
spectful considering the relative situation between him and 
Col. Sheerburn, and in this view the gen'l cannot but consider 
his conduct highly reprehencable ; he is released from his 

At the same court, Capt. Christy, of the 3 rd Penna. Regt, was 
tried for refusing, Contrary to the regulations established by 
Congress, to take his post & march with a detachment for 
guard from the Brigade to the grand Parade when requested 
by the Major of Brigade. The court are of opinion that Capt. 
Christy is guilty of the charge established against him, being 
contrary to the regulations for the order and discipline of the 
Troop, & in Breach of the 5 th article 13 th section of the article of 
war, and do sentence him to be reprimanded in Brigade Orders-. 

The Commander in Chief approves of the oppinion of the 
Court, and orders it to be carried into execution, and thinks 
proper to declare that Capt. Christie was wrong, in the first in- 



.slant , in refusing to take the Command of the detachment when 
requested by Capt. Vanlear, the Brigade Major, and that he has 
been still more so in the defense he made, both in the manner 
and matter. The forming of the Detachment in the Brigade 
parade was of right under the direction of Capt. Vanlear, not as 
Capt., but as Brigade Major, and the officers to march it to 
the Grand Parade were to be posted by him, not from any rank 
required by his appointment, but from the very nature and 
duty of the officers itself. When the sentence is carried into 
execution, Capt. Christy is to be released from his arrest. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, June 14th, 1780. 

Sinks are to be Immediately dug, and the Camp put into as 
Claine a state as Circumstances will admit. 


HEAD QRS. , BRYAN'S TAVERIN, June 14th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
B. Gen'l Irvine. 

Lt. Col. Summers. 

Brigade Major, 1 st Connecticut Brigade. 

Brigadier Gen'l Wayne to take Command of the first, and 
Brigadier Gren'l Irvine of the Second Penn a Brigades. A sur- 
geon or mate, from the 1 st Connecticut Brigade, to join the 
detachment under the command of Major Parr. 

HEAD QRS., BRYAN'S TAVERIN, June 15th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Col. Livingston. 

Lt, Col. Hight. 

Brigade Major, 3 d Connecticut. 

The Commanding officers of the Regiments are to see that 
their men's arms are clean and in the best manner, and their 
ammunition critically Inspected. The Brigade Conductors are 
to have a proper Quantity of spair ammunition on hand. The 
most pointed attention to be paid to the order respecting Cooked 
provisions, and if 3 day's Cooked provisions could be kept on 
hand, it would be much more preferable than two. 

The Gen'l Court Martial, whereof Brigadier Gen'l Hand is 
President, will assemble to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock, at 
Springfield, near the Church, and proceed on the tryal of 
Doctor Shipping. In case of an alarm, the members are to re- 
pair immediately to their respective commands.. 

The officers composing the Gen'l court martial, whereof Col. 
Megs is President, are to go through the common routine till 


order'd to re-assemble. A sub. from Hand's to join the detach- 
ment under Major Parr immediately. 

Capt. of the day, 1 st Brigade. 

Capt. of the day, 7 th Regiment. 

Adjt. To-morrow, Lt. M c Farlane. 

The Brigade Q r Masters will Immediately see that everything 
offensive in the Quarters of the Division be removed or burned. 
They will also see that the Commissarys burry their offals. If 
necessary, they will call on the Major of Brigade for a fatigue 


Officers To-morrow : 
Col. Hazen. 

Lt. Col. North. 
Brigade Major, 1 st P. Brigade. 

The Commander in Chief wishes to inform such of the militia 
as were wounded while bravely contending with the enemy the 
other day, when they advanced into the country, and such as 
have been wounded since, that they will be immediately con- 
veyed to the most convenient continental hospital, if they 
choose it, where every possible care and attention will be paid 
by the Hospital Surgeons to effect their recovery from the 
wounds which they have acquired with so much honor to them- 
selves and their country, and if there are any in the vincinity 
of the army whose situation will not admit of being removed, 
or who prefer remaining at their homes, the Surgeons of the 
army being informed of the places where they are at will visit 
them, and contribute all in their power to their relief. 

Capt. of the day to-morrow. 2 d . Brigade. 

Adj't to-morrow, Lt. McCullam. 

AFTER ORDERS, June 16, 1780. 

The Gren'l Court Martial, whereof Col. Meggs is President, 
to assemble to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock, at the old house 
near the forks of the road, between the first and second line. 

At a Brigade Gren'l Court Martial held in Gen'l Maxwell's 
Brigade, by order of his Excellency, the Commander in Chief, 
Col. Spencer, President, Tho 8 Brown, soldier in the 2 d Jersey 
Regt. , was tryed for desertion and persuading an other to de- 
sert. Pound guilty of both charges, being a breach of 1 st & 4 th 
articles, 6 th Section of the articles of war, & sentenced more 
than two thirds of the Court agreeing thereto to suffer death. 
The Commander-in-Chief approves the sentence, and orders ifc 
to be put into Execution to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock, at such 
place as Gfen'l Maxwell shall think proper. 



MORNING GEN'L ORDERS, June 17, 1780. 

Gen'l Court Martial, whereof Col. Meggs is President, to as- 
semble at the old house immediately for the trial of such pris- 
oners as shall be brought before them. If any of the members 
are absent, new ones are to be appointed in their room. Each 
Brigade to furnish the following members: A Capt. from the 
first Regt. , and a sub from the 2 d to attend the Gen'l Court 

Officers of the day : 
Col. Chambers. 

Lt, Col. Hay. 

Brigade Major, 2 d P. Brigade. 

Y e striping bark of trees Indiscriminately, grately destroys 
timber.and of course, is of grate prej udice to the property, who 
are well disposed to accommodate whenever they can ; the Gen'l 
desires that no more bark be got in the way lately practiced, 
on any pretense whatever, but that each Brigade send a 
wagon or two with A fatigue party to Mr. Timothy Whitehead, 
in the rear of Gen'l Stark's Brigade, who will point out timber 
which will afford bark, and without injuring the owner. 
D. O. Capt. day to-morrow, 10 th Regt. 
B. O. Capt. of the 10 th . 
Adj't of the day, Lt. McCleain. 

HEAD-QUARTERS, BRYAN'S TAVERN, June 18 th , 1780. 

Officers to-morrow : 
Col. Johnston. 

Lt. Col. Sill. 
Brigade Major, Church. 

Drums and fifes, till further orders, are to practice between 
the hours of 9 & 11 in the morning, and 4 & 6 in the afternoon. 

As it is at all times of great importance, both for the sake of 
appearance & for the regularity of service, that the diferent 
military Ranks should be distinguished from each other, and 
more especially at the parade, The Commander in Chief has 
thought proper to establish the following distinctions, and 
strongly recommends it to all the officers to endeavor to con- 
form to them as speedily as possible : 

The Major Genl. to wear a blue coat, wi'h buff facing and 
lining, yelow buttons, white or buff undercloths, 2 epaulet, 
with 2 stars upon each, and a black and white feathers in the 

The Brigadier Gen'l the same uniform as the Major Gen'l, 
with the difference of one star instead of two, and a white 


feather; the Col., Lt. Col, and Major's, the uniform of their 
regiments, and 2 epaulets. The Capt. the uniform of their 
regiments, and a epaulet on the right shoulder; the sub. alone 
the uniform of the regiment, and a epaulet on the left shoulder. 
Aid-de Camp, the uniform of their rank and corps, and, if they 
belong to no corps, of their Gen'l. officers; those of the Major 
Genls. and Brigadier Genls wear a green feather in their Hats. 
As to the Commander in Chief, a white & green. The In- 
spectors, as well sub. as brigade, the uniform of their rank and 
corps, with a blue feather in their hats. The corps of Engineers, 
and that of sappers and miners, a blue coat, with buff facings, red 
lining, buff undercloathes, and the epaulets of their respactive 
ranks. Such of the Staff as have military rank wear the uniform 
of their rank, and of the Corps to which the belong in the Line. 
Such as have no military rank to wear plain Coats, with a 
Cockaid and sword. All officers, as well warrant as Commis- 
sioned, to wear a Cockaid & side arms, either an sword or gen- 
teel Bayonet. The gen'l. recommends it to the officers, as far 
as Practabile, to provide themselves with the uniforms pra- 
scribed for the respactave Corps by the regulation published 
in Gfenl. orders. 

All officers who Draw horses from the publick for spechal 
purposes, or for a Limited time, required to be punctual in re- 
turning them after the service is performed or the experation 
of the time prasented, or the will be answerable for the De- 
tenchen. The Cap tns of Artiliry hither alowed horses in per- 
ticlar Cases from the publick are I mediately to giv up such in 
their poceshin to the Q r M. (jr. ; the Exingancy of the service 
requires it. 

Field returns of the officers, non-commissioned officers, & 
privates fit for Action to be Delivered in at 6 o'clock this after- 
noon. A return of the killed, wounded and missing since the 
6th Instant, to be Delivered in to- Morrow Morning at guard 

D. O. Capt, of the Day, 2 d Brigade. 

B. O. Adjt. To-morrow, Capt. Irvin. 


A detachment to Parade Imedeatly with what Provision the 
heave ; on them their Packs, Blankets, and 40 rounds pr. man. 

RECEIVING ORDERS, June 18th, 1780. 

At a genl. Court martil of the Line, whereot Coll. Megs is 
President, this Day, John Clawson, Lodwick Larick, and W m 
Hutchinson were Tried on the folowing Charges, to wit : Coming 


out from the enemy with arms, and found lurking as spies in 
the vicinety of the army of the United States. By the Judg- 
ment of the Court found guilty and sentenced, more than two 
thirds of the Court agreeing thereto, to suffer Death. The 
Commander in Cheaf confirms the sentence and orders them 
to be Hanged to-morrow morning at guard Mounting. 

No officer or Privat soldier is to be absent from his Quarters 
this night. 

HKAD-QBS., BRYAN'S TAVERIN, June \th t 1780. 
Officers to-morrow : 
Col. Jackson, 

Lt. Col. Mentges. 
Brigade Major, Stark 's Brigad. 
D. O. Capt of the Day, 1 st Brigad. 
B. O. Capt. To-morrow, 1 st Regiment. 
Adjt. of the Day, Lt. MFai-lain. 

A orderly serg* from the 7 th Reg' to atend at the Brigad 
Major's hut. 

Brigadier to-morrow. 
Field officers : 
Col. Butler. 

Maj r Tovy. 

Brigade Major, Woodbridge. 

Lt. Col. Huntington is field officer this day, vice Lt. Col. 
Mentges, who is ordered on other Duty. 

Major Hamilton is appointed to Relieve Major Parr this after- 
noon. He will Call at the orderly office for Instructions. 

All officers are Particularly requested not to be absent from 
their Corps this night, but to be Compleately Ready to move 
with their respective Commands at a moment's warning. 


The old members of the Court Martial, whereof Col. Meggs 
is President, to atend to-morrow. 

HEAD-Q', SHORT MILLS, June 21 st , 1780. 

Major Grenl. Green will, for the present, Comand the advance 
Corps of the army. Consisting of Maxwell & Stark's Brigades, 
the Lit horse and Militia. 

The officers and men of other corps on the Line, are to be re- 
lieved to-Morrow Morning by such detachments as Gen'l Green 
may think proper to order, and are to join their respective 


This order is to Comprehend any guard, in or about Spring- 

The Court Martial, of which Gen'l Hand is President, is to 
sit at Chatam to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock, at Darling 
tavern, and proceed on the trial of Dr. Shiping. The will sit 
from Day to Day till the business is finished, unless a move- 
ment of the enemy should make it necessary the should join 
their respeactave Corps, in which case the are to Do it without 
further orders. 

D. O. The Division is to march to-morrow morning prisely 
at 3 o'clock. The forrage masters are Desired to proceed the 
Division, and fix on the Pasturedge. The horses are not to be 
turned into any meadows but such as are aloted for that pur- 


The following order to be strictly observed whilest on a march. 
The soldiers to have their canteens filled with water before the 
march begins, and on no pretences whatever to quit their plat- 
toons till halted, except in cases of necessity. The officers to 
pay particular attention to the above order. 

Ensign Campble to do duty in the Col's Company till further 


D. O. , ROCKAWAY, June 23 d , 1780. 

Capt. of the Day, 2 a Brigad. 

The Division to be held in rediness to march at the shortest 
notice, with two Days' Kooked Provisions. Return to be maid 
Regmentaly to the Brigad Majors for the N of Waggons neces- 
sary to move the Baggage to the Division. The state Agint is 
redy to join a week's alowance of soap and Tabbaca. 

B. O. Adj' of this day, Capt' Irwin. 

HEAD Q". SPRINGFIELD, June 2lst, 1780. 

Tenche Tillman, Esqr. , is apointed Aid-de-Camp to the Com- 
ander in Chief, and is to be obeaid and respected as such. 

The Troops under the Coinand of Gen'l St. Clear, and the 
Connecticut Line are to march to-morrow, 3 o'clock. 

HEAD Q, June 22d, 1780. 

The Comander in Cheaf canot leave this poast without ex- 
pressing the highsence he entertain of the conduct and breavery 
of the officers and men of Gen'l Maxwell's Brigad, in anoying 
the enemy in their incurshin, the 7 th Instant. Co 1 Datton 
merits partickeral Thanks. He also, with Pleasure, embreases 
36-VOL. XI. 


this opertuinity, Testifying that the Behavour of the Militia 
has Been such as do them signal Honor, and intitles them to the 
warmest approbation. There never, since the commencement 
of the Contest, appear'd a more Gen'l ardor than animated all 
ranks upon this occasion, and spirited opposition was attended 
with answerable effects. 


In case a sudden movement should become necessary, two 
Pieces of cannon will be fired at the Park, as a Signal to the 
Troops to get under arms. 

The Gen 1 Officers Present will assemble at Gren'l Hand Brigad, 
This afternoon, 5 o'clock, to take into Consideration a dispute 
Rank between Col* Leavingston & Hazen, of that Brigade, and 
will, as speedily as Possible, report their oppinion. 

The Gfeneral has often observed much unnecessary damage 
done to Gfrass Grounds, by turning the Horses of the army at 
large upon them, by which means more is troden down than 
is consumed. Care, therefore, will be taken in future, when 
they army Halts^iear mowing Ground, to have the Grass Cut 
and Brought to the horses. 

The Officers Commanding division and Brigades will see this 
order executed, and the Q r M. Gen'l will direct that this is Par- 
ticularly attended to by the Conductor of Teams not attached 
to any perticular Part of the Line. 

Capt. David Humphreys, of the Connecticut Line, is appointed 
Aid -de-Camp to the Commander in Chief, and is to be respected 
and obeyed accordingly. 

Brigade Field returns of the officers and men Present fit for 
action, Regimentally digested, are to be delivered in at 5 o'clock 
this afternoon, at which time after orders will be issued. 

B . 0. Capt. of the day 1 st Regt. 

Adjutant, Lt. McFarlain. 

The Guard to turn out immediately. 

BRIGADE ORDERS, June 24 th , 1780. 

The Brigade to parade immediately, and march by the left 
to the ground in the rear of Bottle Hill where the troops halted 
yesterday, and then halt, draw and Cook two days Provisions, 
with the greatest dispatch. 

Co 1 Com dt . 

HEAD-QR S , WHOPENEY, June 24th, Half Past 11, P. M. 
The 1 st and 2 d Conn, and Hand's Brigade, March by the left 
to-morrow morning for Pompton planes, where the are to halt 


for further orders. The park will move at the same in the order 
alredy Pointed out. 

B. O. June 25 th , 1780. 
Capt. of this day, 3 d Regiment. 
Adjt. of this day, McColloum. 

The Brigad to draw and Kook one day's Provisions Irnedetly, 
and to be in Perfect rediness to move on the shortest notice. 

HEAD QR S , PICQUANEY, June 25th, 1780. 

The Troops to march, and the Capt. of Artilery to moove to- 
morrow morning by 4 o'clock by the left, Stark's Brigade to 
take post on the left of Hand's, when it arives. Such of the 
troops as may want Provisions are to Draw and Kook this even- 
ing. The Brigade to post proper Pickets for their own security ; 
and to Pravent the solders stragling ; the Gen'l Requists officers 
of all ranks to Prevent, as far as posabele, all onessary weast of- 
Meddows, pasturs, or Inclosurs while on a March or in Camp. 
This is to be considered as a standing order. A sub., sergt., 
corpl., and 21 from the 1 st Penn 8 to mount at Head-Quarters 

HEAD-Q, RAMEYPO, June 26th, 1780. 

Officers to-morrow : 
Col. Butler. 

Lt. Col. Olney. 

Brigade Major, Alexander. 

The Commander in Cheaf requests Gen'l Green and all the 
officers arid men under his Comand, to except his warmest 
thanks for the Good Conduct and Galentry Displayed in apos- 
ing the enemy in their advance to Springfield, the 23 d Instant ; 
the Regiment of Col. Angel, from its situation, had aopertunity 
of more distinguishing its self, and is entitled to pertickelar 

The Gen'l observed, with the highest satisfaction, that the 
Beheavour of the Troops, on every late occasion, has exhibited 
signal Proofs how much may be expected from their valour, 
Improved, as it is, by Displing, and afords the hapeyest preceds 
of sucksess in owr operations. 

Major Gen'l Lord Starling, till further orders, will tacke 
Comand of Hand's and Stai-k's Brigade. 

All the Gen'l officers in Camp will meet To-morrow morning 
at 9 o'clock, at Lord Starling's Quarters, & rank between Co' 4 
Ha',en & Livingston. 

HEGIMENTAL ORDERS, June 27th, 1780. 

As the Soldiers makes a practice of Quitting their plattoons 
whiJest on the march, which is very unbecoming, and Lays 


them under the Censure of the Generals, the Col. Desires That 
the officers will Pay strict attention to the Regimental orders 
of the 22 instant, as such practice, for the future, will not be 
admisable on any pretence whatever. 



A Return of the officers present in each Regiments, and in 
Col. Proctor's Artilery to be maid out and signed, by their 
Commanding officers which the will send by their Q r Masters, 
to the State Agent, who has orders to Deliver, thereupon, for 
one week's Proportion of the stores now arived. He will also, 
as soon as the officers is sarved. if there be time for it, Issue 
one week's store of the Dry articles for the men. 

GEN'L WAYNE'S ORDERS, June 27th, 1780. 

The Brigade must Draw and Cook Provisions for To-morrow 
and next Day Imedetly. 

CAMP RAMEYPO, June 27th t 1780. 

D. 0. A Division Court Martil to assemble this morning at 12 
o' the President's Quarters, for the trial of Mr. Swears, 
State Cloather, and such others as may come before the Court. 
Major Talbut will Preside. 3 Capts. and 4 subs, from the first, 
and 3 Capts. aud 3 subs, from the second Brigad will Compos 
the Court ; each Brigade will furnish a orderly serjant. 
By order of Major Gen'l St. Clair. 

Lt. Col. and Inspector. 

HEAD Q/ 8 , RAMEYPOUGH, June 27th. 
Officers for the day : 
Col. Stuart. 

Major Stuart. 
Brigade Major, Vanlear. 

The Guards are to parade this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, be- 
tween the 2 d Penn a and Hand's Brigade. 

Officers To-morrow : 
Col. Craig. 

Major Reed. 

Brigade Major, Church. 

The Board of Gen'l officers appointed to settle the rank be- 
tween Colls. Hazen and Livingston heaving reported, on the 
admission of the Parties, that the Commission of Col. Hazen. 


was Dated on the 22 rt Day of January, '76, and that Col. Living- 
ston produced one dated the 20 th of Nov r , 75, and a writen war- 
ant & Instructions from B. Gen'l Montgomery of the same date 
for raising a regiment, that Congress, by a subsaquant Resolu- 
tion, on the 8 th of Jan y following, approved the appointment of 
Col. Livingston by General Montgomery, and that by an other 
Resolution of the 15 th of August, in the same year, that or- 
dered a Cols. Commission to be given to him, he heaving been 
appointed a Coll. of a Regt. by Gen'l Montgomery, and that 
in the oppinion of the Board, Coll. Livingston ought to have 
Rank as Coll. from the 20 th of Nov r , 1775, agreabel to the ap- 
pointment of Gen'l Montgomery. 

The Commander in Chief Confirms the oppinion of the board, 
and Coll. Livingston is to take rank of Coll. Hazen. The same 
board heaving taken into consideration, at the request of the 
Parties, the Rank of their Regiments, heave reported the same 
to be in favour of Coll. Hazen's, which the Commander in Chief 
likewise approves, and the Regt. , are to take rank acordingly. 

D. O. , MORNING ORDERS, June 28, 1780. 

The Regimental pay masters are to make Imediate applica- 
tion to Ens" Dungan for their respectave Praportion of the 
Clothing arrived from the State, who will Diliver it agreabel 
to the Calculation furnished him. 
By order of Major Gren'l St. Clair. 

Lt. Col. and Inspector. 


Officers to-morrow : 

Lt. Col. Comg, Hubley. 
Major James Moore. 
Brigade Major, Bradford. 

The Piquit on the right to be incrased with the addition of 
a Capt. , Sub. , Serjt. , Corpl. , and 29 Privates. A Sub. , 2 Serjt, , 
a Corpl. , Drum & fife, 25 Privat, to be posted at the mill on 
the left, A Gill of Rum to be Issued to the men this evening. 
The Gen'l Court Martial, of which Col Meggswas President, 
is dissolved. 

RAMEYPOUGH, June 29th, 1780. 

B. 0. The Troops are to Draw and Cook Provisions for to- 
morrow and next Day. The officers are requested to be Per- 
tickely attention to the arms of their men.and see that the are 
made Clane and fit for Imedet action, the amunition to be in- 


spacted, the compliment of Cartridges to be maid good and in 
the best order posabil. 

By order of Geivl Wayne. 



B. O. A spechal Brigade Court Martil to Assembil -at the 
President's Tent at a 11 o'clock, for the trial of David Schrid- 
ner, waggoner to the Conductor. Capt. Montgomery will Pra- 
side. 1 sub. from the 1 st , 2 from the second, 1 from the 10 th 
Regt. to atend as members. 

HEAD Q rs , RAMEYPOUGH, June 29th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Major Talbut. 

Major Greer. 

Brigade Major, Alexander. 

..B. O. At a special Brigad Court Martal Held this day, Cap- 
tain Montgomery, President, David Shridner, Waggoner, was 
tried for stealing a Quantity of ammunition belonging to the 
I 81 P. Brigad, pleads guilty. The Court are of opinion he is 
guilty, and being so great a breach of trust, Do sentance him 
to receive 300 Lashes laid on his bear back. Gen'l Wayn ap- 
proves the sentance of the Court, and orders him to receive 100 
lashes this evening at retreat beating. 

EVENING ORDER, June 29/i, 1780. 

The officers Composing the Gren'l Court Martal, whereof 
Gen'l Hand is President, are to go through their Comon Rou- 
teene of Duty Till further orders. 

HEAD Q rs , RAMEYPOUGH, June 30th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Major Parr. 

Major Hamilton. 
Brigad Major, Vanlear. 

The Army is to march to-morrow morning, 4 o'clock, by the 
right, the Park of Artilery to presarve its place in the line, 
and the Baggage Waggons will folow the whole in the order 
of the Brigade; after them the stores of the army; Col. ^!<>- 
land's Horse will bring up the rear. 

After the army at the ground, the Brigad Q r Masters will 
aply to the Q. iL Gf. for a suply of Tents and the means of 
bringing them on to their respactive Brigades, and folow the 
Directions they receive from him. It is absolutely necessary 
Ave should economise ower tents as much as posable, and, there- 
lore, it is expected no Brigad will apply for more then are In- 


The Surgeons are requested to heave the sick of their Respec- 
tave Regts., who are onflt to remain in Camp, sent Down to 
the Compton road, between the Park of Artillery & Gen'l 
Wayn's Quarters, to-morrow morning,at 3 o'clock, where wag- 
gons will he prepeared to Carrey them off. 

B. O. Capt. of tnis Day, 10 th Regt. 

The Brigade to heave the Day after to-morrow Provisions 
drawn and Cooked. This evening a man from each regiment, 
to parade this evening, 6 o'clock, with their arms. Blankets^ 
and 3 Days Provisions, on the road near the picket on the left.' 

By order of Gen'l Wayn. 

^Signed.) W m ALEXANDER. 

EVENING ORDERS, June 30M, '80. 

Two men from Gen'l Hand's and one from Gen'l Stark's Bri- 
gades to be sent to Mr. Erskin's Immediately, to serve as chain 
bearer a few weeks. 

The General will beat at three o'clock to-morrow morning; 
the assembly at the half past 3. The march to begin precisely 
at 4. The advance Guard to perade in the road opposite Gen'l 
St. Clair's quarters. Major Parr will take Command of it. 
The rear on the Right of the Penn a line, which Major Hamilton 
will command. 

A Capt. , 2 Subs. , 2 Sergt, , 2 Corpl. , Drum, fife, & forty pri- 
vates to Escort the Baggage. 

Colonel Livingston's Regt. will take post in the clove, near 
the old Barracks, and join by the Detachment from Gen'l 
Clinton's Brigade already there ; will furnish such guards as 
may be necessary for the security of the stores at Ringwood. 

. O. Adj 1 of the day to-morrow, Irwin. 


The General, with concern, reminds the officers of his Brig- 
ade of the Inattention paid by them to their men in respect of 
leaving their ranks, under pretense of geting water. He earn- 
estly requests that they will be particularly attentive to this 
neglect hereafter, and not to suffer any men to leave their pla- 
toon, on any pretence whatever. The officer Commanding 
Reg 1 , Companies, and Platoons will see that their men are 
supply'd with water previous to their inarching, as men are not 
allowed to leave the ranks on so trifling an occasion. This to 
be considered as a Stand 8 order. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS. July 1st, '80. 

As soon as the men has themselves Covered with booths, 
The Q. Master is immediately to have Vaults sunk, and every 


soldier found Dirtying in or near the Regt 1 Camp shall be 
punished with the greatest severity. 


Co 1 . 

HEAD Q rs , July 2th, 1780. 

A Serg*, Corp 1 and 12 men to mount at the Marquis De Lefeat 
Quarters; allso, a Corp 1 and 6 at the Adj* Gen'l Quarter, from 
the 3 d Penna. Brigad. 

A sub. , serg', Corp 1 , and 21 Privats from the 1 st Penn a Brigad 
to mount on the road to Morristown. 

Those Brigads who heave not Drawn Rum to-Day, are to be 
suplyed with a Gill of rum this afternoon. 

B. ~ O. Cap 1 of the To-morrow, 1 st Reg 1 . 

Sinks to be Imeditly Dug in front of the Incampments, and 
the Camp kept as Clain as possabil. 

EVENING ORDERS, July 1st 1780. 

Officers To-morrow : 
Major Edwards. 

Major F. Moore. 
Brigad Major, Church. 

The Grand Parade is asigned on the road near the Marquis 
De Lefeat's Quarters till further orders. A sergt. , Corpl., and 
12 men from the 1 st Penn* Brigad to mount at Gen '1 Green's 
Quarters this afternoon. 

D. O. , PRACKNASS, July the 2d, 1780. 

At the Division Gen'l Court, whereof Major Talbut was Presi- 
dent, Mr. Baxter, Comassary to the 3 d Penn" Brigad, was tried 
for repeated Disabedence of orders, Inclined to his shupearers 
and neglect of Duty. The Court, Considering the evidence 
& Defence, are of opinion that Mr. Baxter is not guilty of any 
of the Charges aledged against him, and therefore, Do acquit 
him. Gen'l St. Clear aproves the sentence, but cannot help 
observing that Mr. Baxter is extreamely misteacken in saying 
that it is contrary to his Duty to account for any of his Issues 
to the officers Comanding the Brigade, Whatever orders he may 
have received from the Comassary of Issues. The applycations 
of any stores he may receive for the Brigade, must be subject 
to the examination of the Comanding officer, and to him he is 
acountable as well as to the Comassary Gen'l. Mr. Baxter 
is replace:!. The officers composing the Division Court Mar- 
tial is to go through the Comon rotations of Duty till further 


HEAD QR S , PRACKNASS, July 2d, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
B. G., Maxwell. 

Lt. Col. Com d Hubly. 
Brigad Major, Bradford. 

The Troop to beat at 6 o'clock in the morning. The guards 
to be on the grand Parade at 7 till further orders. Ens n Rod- 
gers, of Col. Aingel's Regiment, is appointed Adjutant to the 
same Vice Lieut. Waters. 
B. O. Adjt. To-morrow, MeColoum. 

HEAD Q r % PRACKNESS, July 3d, 1780. 
Officer's To-morrow : 
B. G. , Wayne. 

Lt. Col. Smith. 
B. Major, Ross. 

A Bord to be Composed of all the Gen'l officers in Camp, ex- 
cept the Parties, will meet to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock, at 
Major Gren'l Green's Quarters, and will hear a Disput of rank 
between Brigadier Gen 'Is Hand and Irvine, and will report 
their Claims & opinions of their right of Presedence. The Gen'l 
will lay before the board such papers and resolutions in his 
Possession as regard the subject. A Corpl. arid six men from 
the 1 st Penn a Brigade, to be sent Imedetly to the orderly Office 
for Fatigue, 2 to be acquanted with mowing. 
D. O. Cap' To-morrow, 1 st Brigad. 
B. O. Cap 1 of the day, 2* Regiment. 
Adjt. To-morrow, MCleain. 

HEAD QRS. , PRACKNASS, July 4th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
B. G., Hand. 

Lt. Col. Olney. 
B. M. , Allexander. 

The troops to be suply d with a gill of Rum pr. man this day, 
In case the heave not already Drawn. 

HEAD QRS., PRACKXASS, July 5th, '80. 
Officers to-morrow : 
B. G. , Irvine. 

Lt, Col. North. 
B. Major, Vanlear. 

A detachment to Parad this afternoon, 5 o'clock, near Gen'l 
St. dear's Quarters, for a week's Command, with Two days' 
provisions & 40 round pr. man. 
li. O. Capt. To-morrow, 7 th Regt. 
Adjt. To-morrow, MFarlain. 


Officers of the day To-morrow : 
, Col. Hazen. 

Lt. Col. Hay. 
B. M., Church. 

Doctor Hegan, Senior Surgeon in the Gen'l Hospital, is ap- 
pointed to do Duty in that Capacity in the Flying Hospital. 

Col. Barber is requested to take the sub-Instructorship, till 
further orders, of Hand's, Maxwell's, & Stark's Brigades. 

Two Battalions from the line to maneuvre to-morrow morn- 
ing. Lt. Col. Barber will attend the Discipline B. M. Ross 
the formation of them. Co' 5 Shrieves & Jackson, & Majors Parr 
& Hamilton will take Command of them under B. Gen'l Max- 
well. 1 st & 3 d P. Brigade gives the Adjut 3 & Colour. 

An orderly serg' from each Brigade to be sent dayly to the 
orderly office, with one day's provision & their Blankets. 
B. O. Provost Guard Maneuvering. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 6th, 1780, 

It is expected the greatest care will be taken in inspecting 
the armies, as so mutch wet weather Renders a minute inspec- 
tions absolutely nessory. 

Corporal Siinerton. of the Col. Company, is appointed Ser- 
gant in the same, and to be Respected as such. To be consid- 
ered as Sarg' from the first instant. 


HEAD Q rs . , July 6th, 1780. 

A Sergant and 10 men from Maxwell's Brigade for Fatigue 
To-morrow. The will be at the bridge near Gen'l St. dear's 
Quarters at 6 o'clock in the morning. 

The maneuvring Battalions are to be formed in the field near 
to the grand parade, half past 4 in the morning. Col. Aingel 
is apointed to Comand one of the Batalions, Vice Col. Jackson, 

B. O. Adjut. of the day, MColom. 

For maneuvring, M c Farlane. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 7th, 1780. 

A Court Marshal to sit this morning at 9 o'clock, to try such 
prisoners as shall be brought before them. Capt. Craig to pre- 
side. The adjutant to furnish the members. 




HEAD QUARTERS, July 1th, 1780. 

For the day to-morrow : 
Col. Chambers. 

Lt. Col. Mentges. 
B. Major Bradford. 

The several Battalions which were to be paraded this morn- 
ing, to parade to-morrow morning at half past four o'clock. 

A detachment for a week's Command to parade at six o'clock 
this afternoon, with two days provisions & forty rounds pr. 

Ensign Bloomfield, of the 3 d Jersey Regt. , is appointed adju- 
tant to the same vice Lt. Shepherd. 

A return of stores actually wanting by the Artillery & In- 
fantry to be made to-morrow morning at orderly time, as a 
supply at present in Camp at present is small, it is expected 
that officers Comd Brig d & Regts. will see that no more men 
are Included in their returns than those who are actually on 
the ground in Immediately want. 

The Board of Gfen'l Officers appointed by the orders of the 
3 d Instant, Composed of Major Gren'ls Green, Lord Stirling, 
The Marquis De Lafiatte, Brigadier Gren'ls Maxwell, Knox, & 
Wayne, have made the following report ; It is the unanimous 
opinion of this board, that they have not power to alter the 
standing of any Gren'l officers different from their appointment, 
and, therefore, they cannot determine upon the Claim of B. 
Genl. Irvine of presidence to Grenl. Hand. 

At a division Gren'l Court Martial the 27 th ult. , Major Talbut, 
President, Mr. Swears, Cothier for the State of Penn a , was 
tried on the following charges : Absenting himself from Camp 
without leave, neglect of duty, abuses in the execution of his 
office, and fraud ; found guilty of the two first charges, being 
a breach of section 18 th , article the 5 th ; also of the third charge 
being a breach of section 12 th , artickle 1 st of the artickles of war ; 
acquited of the fourth charge, & sentenced to be dismised the 
service (as a person unworthy of the trust reposed in him). 
The Commander in Chief Confirms the sentence, & orders it to 
take place Immediately. 

EVENING ORDERS, July 7th, 1780. 

While we remain in this encampment, a corpl. and 4 Dra- 
goons to mount with the daily guards, & will receive their 
orders from the Brigadier or senior officer of the day. Col. 
Moyland gives them to-morrow. 


HEAD Q rs , PRACKANASS, July 8th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Col. 'Hampton. 

Lit. Col. Canaway. 
Brigade Major, Ross. 

A Corpl. and 4 Dragoons from Major Lee's Corps to attend 
the grand parade to-morrow uiorning. 
D. O. Capt. of the day, 2 d Brigade. 
B. O. Adjut To-morrow, 2 d Regt. 
1 Drum & fife for Picket, 

B. O., PRACKNASS, July 8th, 1780. 

The Brigade to march to-morrow morning by the left. The 
Gen'lto beat at 3 o'clock, the assembly half past 3, and the 
Troop will take up their line of march at 4 o'clock Prisaly. 
By order of Gen'l Wayne. 

M. B. 


As soon as the t^nts are Pitched and the Bowers made, the 
Troops will attend to Claning and repearing their Cloths & 

Racks or Forks are to be fixed in front of each Reg' to bear 
the arms against. Vaults must be Imedetly dug, and bushes 
Placed round them, at a proper Distance from the tents, and 6 
inches of fresh Arth thrown into them every morning, and 
every kind of offawls buried, to the end that the camp may 
be kept Clean and wholesame. The Q. M. will be acountabel 
for the strick obsarvance of this and every order respecting the 
Internal Pollice of the Camp within the line of their duty. 

HEAD Q rs , PRACKNESS, July $th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Col. Shreers. 

Major Thear. 
Brigade Major, Vanlear. 

A Gen'l Court Martial of the line to assemble the day after 
To-morrow, 9 o'clock, to Try such prisoners as shall come before 
them. Col. Richard Butler is apointed president, Lt. Col. 
Olney, Major Edwards, 2 Cap ts from the 1 st and 2 d Penn a ,Hand's 
arid Maxwell's Brigades and one from Starks' to attend as 
members. A orderly serg't from each Brigad will attend the 
Court. The Q. M. Or. will point out a place for the Court to 

Application to be maid To-morrow morning to the D. Cloather 
Gen'l for their respactave Proportions of shoes for the Troops. 


A Adj't, or other Commissioned officer from Col. Moland's 
Regt., and Major Lee's Corps to attend Daily at the orderly. 

Gen'l Maxwell's Brigad is for the present annext to Major 
Gen'l Lord Sterling's Division. 

B. 0. Field Officer To-morrow, Col Stewart. 

Adjut. To-morrow, McFarlan. 

3 Drums & 3 tifes for guard To-morrow, 1 Capt. from the 3 d 
1 from the 10 for Gen'l Court Martal. 


The Reg' to hold themselves in rediness to Pass Inspection, 
to-morrow evening at 6 o'clock, of arms, Clothing. Camp Eque- 
page, and in short, every thing that the solders is Posased of 
of publick Property. The Camp collourmen being fraquantly 
employed on services that is not properly in the line of their 
Duty, the Co 1 therefore is under the necessity of Pointing out 
the manner in which the are to perform their Duty for the 
future, Except Gen'l orders to the Contrearey. 

First. When the Reg* marches from their ground of encamp- 
ment, as soon as the Gen'l Beats, they ar Imedetly to strike 
the Commanding officers' and other field officers' Marques or 
tents, and have them folded up and Conveyed with the rest of 
their Baggage to the Waggons and Loaded. 

Second. When the Assimbley Beats the are to Repear to the 
place of paraid apointed for them by the Q. M. , who is to take 
them under his Direction till the new ground is laid out. 

Thirdly. As soon as the ground is marked out for the encamp- 
ment of the regiment, they are imedetly to Pitch the Comand- 
ing officers' and other field officers' Marques or tents. 

Fourth. As soon as the Pitching of the field officers' Tents is 
finished, the are imedetly under the directions of the Q. M. , 
for the Purpose of sinking Vaults, if ordered, and Cleaning and 
keeping Clain the Camp of the Regiment Till further orders. 

The Q r Master to see that there is no fiers made on or neer 
the Parade, and to heave kitchens sunk as soon as Posabele. 
(Signed) JA S CHAMBERS, 



Six of the recruites that has joyned this day to joyn Capt. 
M c Clelan's and four Capt. Simpson's Companys. 



HEAD Q, PRACKEXASS, July 10M, 1780. 
For the day to-morrow : 
Col. Ogdan. 

Major Storrey. 
Brigad Major, Church. 

The third Jersey Regiment is to be in rediness to march at 
4 o'clock To-morrow morning. The Comanding officer of it 
Presant will call at head Q rs this afternoon & receive orders. 

D. O. The recruits arrived last evening with Captain Hubly 
are to join the undernamed Regiments, agreabel to the follow- 
ing Proportain : 

1 Regiment, 

4 th Regiment, 

6 th Regiment 

7 th Regiment, 

9 Regiment, 

By order of Gen'l St. Clear. 

Lt. Col 

B. O., TOTAWAY, July 10M, 1780. 

Field officers for the day to-morow : 

Lt. Col. Hay. 

Adjut. To-morrow, McColom. 

It is his Excellency's Gen'l Washington's wish, that the order 
of the 12 th of May be strictly attended to, the troops having 
teacken a fixed posision. Gen'l Wayne Desires the officers to 
begin the manovering To-morrow morning. 

As it has all ways been the good fortune of this Brigad to 
Distinguish itself in the field, the Gen'l is confidant that it 
will be the study and wish of boath officers and men to Pro- 
duce a Conviction to the World that the are justly entitled to 
hold the first Rank in Point of Disipling and Prowess among 
the Confederet Troops, which the may be verry shortly Called 
to act. 

HEAD Q", AFTER ORDERS, July 10M, 1780. 

AT a Division Gen'l Court Martal held by order of Major 
Genl' St. Clear,the6 th I nstant,Maj or Greer, President, Lt. And" 
Lytal, of the 5 th Penn Regt. , Charged with Issuing State stores 
in a Parchel Mannar, and for refusing to Comply with his arest 
whenarested by Capt. Butlar his shupearer officer. Acquired 
of the 1" part of the Charge, but found guility of refusing to 
Comply with his arest, and sentanced to be repermanded in 
Division orders. 

The Coinander in Chief aproves the sentence of the Court 


with respect to the acquetall of Mr. Lytel on the 1" part of the 
Charge, but Disaproves it with respect to the repremand. As 
a person 1 111 ployed to Disterebut the stores from the State Mr. 
Lytal Could onely be arested by order of the Comanding officer 
of the Troops Belonging to the State presant, or by Those of 
the Comander in Cheef as a officer in the army. Capt. Butler 
not Being his Comanding officer, Tho' a Shupearer one, had no 
wright to arest Mr. Lytel. 

Shuperer Rank without Comand, Dos not give a power of 
aresting, but in a verry few eases, and the Gen'l Canot Dismiss 
this subject without expressing his sincear wishes to see Har- 
money and a spirit of accoinadation prevale Thrughout the 
armey, and he thinks proper to add that he has been greatly 
displeased to find of late that there heave been too maney 
Trifling and Frivolous Causes made subjects of arests to our 
great disreputation, and to a most Irksom increase of Duty, 
and where Disipling did not apear to be much subject or to be 
metearly Consarned in the Business. 

The Gren'l Court Martal, whereof Col. Butlar is apointed 
President, is to assembel To-morrow morning, the ower ap- 
ointed in yesterday's orders, at the House Lately acqupyed 
by Genl' Irvine,near the Marquesser & Gen'l Knoxe' Quarters. 
Hand's Brigade gives a Captain, in adition to these ordered 
yesterday, for this Court. 

HEAD Q rs , PRACKNESS, July nth, 1780. 
Officers To-morow : 
B. G. Maxwell. 

Major Trescut. 
Brigade Major, Bradford. 

The Gen'l Court Martal, whereof Col. Butlar is president, is 
to sit To-morrow morning, 8 o'clock, at the place mentened 
in yesterday's order. The members of the same are desired to 
be punctual in their attendance. 

Mr. Pomroy Quarters at Mr. Peter Decamiss's, on the Hamp- 
ton road. 

Major Reed is apointed field officer of this day, vice Major 
Torrey absent. 

B. O., TOTAWAT, JulylW), 1780.. 

Field officer of the Day To-morrow : Major Ja s Moore. 
Adjut. To-morrow, M c Leane. 

B. O., TOTAWAT, July nth, 1780. 

A Brigade Genl' Court Martial is to assembel To-morrow 

Morning, 9 o'clock, at the President Marquee for the Trial of 

uch Prisoners as shall come before them. Col. Stewart -will 


Preside. 2 Capt 8 and 2 sub 3 from the 1 st Reg', 1 Capt. and 3 sub 8 
from the 2 d , 2 Cap' 8 from the 7 th , 1 Cap 1 , 1 sub. , from the lO* 
Regiments will Compose the Court. 
By order of Gen'l Wayne. 


HEAD Q rs , AFTER ORDERS, July llth, 1780. 
The orders of the 12 th of May last, Relatave to Exersise and 
Disipling the Troops, is to be strickly observed till further 
orders, except the morning exersise to begin at 4 o'clock, and 
the Troops to exercise by Regiments, instead of Companies 
the greatest atttention to be paid to the Instruction of the 
Rf cruits and Draughts agreabel to Chapter the 5 th of the Re- 
gulations ; allso the Manovering Battalions, instead of De- 
tached from the line, to be furnished b> Brigades in rotation- 
s' 1 Penn" and Hand's Brigades each to furnish a Battalion of 96 
files, to be Paraded half past 4 o'clock to-morrow morning, at 
the usual place ; 2 Field officers from each Brigad for this Duty. 
Gen'l Maxwell will Command. Lt. Col. Harmar is Desirad to 
attend the Disipling. 

HEAD Q r % PRACKUTESS, July 12th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
B. G. Hand. 

Major T. Moore. 
Brigad Major, Maxwell. 

A Collier from each Brigad, except the 1 st Penn", to be sent 
to Major Baldwin this afternoon the Post-office is kept near 
the Two Bridges a non-Comissioned officer or trusty Soldier 
to be sent from each guard, that is Included in the Gen'l De- 
tails, to the Grand Parade every morning at guard mounting 
with reports of the same, and to serve as guide to the new 

B. O. , TOTOWAY, July 12th, 1780. 
Field Officer To-morow : Major Grier. 
Adjut. To-morow, Lt. Whithead. 

HEAD Q rs , PRACKNESS, July 13th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
B. G. Irvine. 

Lt. Col. Hoobly. 
Brigad Major, Vanlear. 

Major Barris is appointed field officer of the day for this day, 
vice Major T. Moore Indisposed. 

At a Brigad Gen'l Court Martal Held, by order of Brigadier 
Genl. Wayn, the 12 th instant, Col. Stewart, President, John 


Williams, Soldier in the 3 d Penn a Reg 1 , Tried for Desarting to 
the enemy and Bearing arms in their service, Pled Guilty. The 
Court Sentance him to suffer Death, more than 2 Thirds agree- 
ing thereto, but from his Yuth and former good Caracter, the 
Court beg leave to recommend him to the Cornander in Chief. 

The Commander in Chief aproves the Sentance, but in Con- 
sequence of the Court's recommendation, and for the reasons 
the heave assigned, the Gen'l thinks proper to < pardon the 
prisoner, and he is pardoned acordantly, and to be released 
from Confinement. 

A reward for a pare of spurs lost. 

B. O., TOTAWAY, July \3th, 1780. 
Field Officer To-morrow : Major Parr. 
Adjut. To-morrow, MFarlane. 
2 Drums & 2 Fifes. 

B. O. , APTKB ORDERS, 9 o'clock, July 13. 

The guards ordered for To-morrow will Parade at Gen'l 
Wayne's Quarters, at 3 o'clock in the morning, with their arms 
and 2 Days' Provisions. 

The Members of the Brigade Court Martial are to Do Duty in 
the Brigade till further orders. 

HEAD Q, PRACKNESS, July Uth, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Col. Jackson. 

Lt. Col. Dehart. 
Brigad Major, MGowen. 

Col. Spencer is appointed to Shuperentend the Hospittals in 
the Jersey. He will call at the orderly officer for Instructance. 
2 Batalions, of 80 file each, to parade at the usual time in the 
manovering parade, from Maxwell's and Stark's Brigades, and 
in the Com d of B. G. Hand ; 2 field officers from each of these 
Brigades for this Duty. Lt. Col. Barber to attend the Disip- 
ling. The sub-inspectors will, in futer, attend the Disipling in 

It was oinited in the Gen'l order of 18 th June last, to mention 
that the Adjut. Gen'l and his assistance are to wear a red and 
green fether in their hats and the Uniform of their Corps. 

It is expected that the order refered to above will be Carried 
into Imedet Execution. 

B. O. , TOTAWAY, July 14M, 1780. 
Field officer to-morrow : Major Hamilton. 
Adjut., M c Colom. 
87 VOL. XI. 


Officers to-morrow : 
Col. Angle. 

Lt. Col. North. 
Brigade Major, Bradford. 

AFTER ORDERS, July 15th, 1780. 

Captain Tho s Campble., of the 4 th Penn tt Regiments, apear'd 
before the Court Martial, whereof Col. Butler is President, 
Charged with unofficer-like behaviour, in taking a number of 
men belonging to the 6 th Pennsylvania Regiments, & refussing 
to give them up when demanded. It appering to the Court 
that the only Caus of this Trial was to determine the property 
in the men said to belonging to the 6 th Regiment, as a disput 
had Happened respecting it, the Court thought it Best to re- 
commend to the Partys to have 8 officers not belonging to either 
the 4 th or th Regiment of Penn% and leave it to them to deter- 
mine to which Reg 1 the men do belong, it being agreed to by 
the parties. The Court recommand a releasment of Capt. 
Carnpble from h^is arrest. 

The Commander in Chief approve of the mode recommended 
by the Court, and Capt. Campble is released from his arrest. 

DIVISION ORDERS, July 15th, 1780. 

The Recruits who arrived last night, are to join the under- 
named Regt. , agreable to the following Proportion of Brigadier 
General Irvine. 

Lt. Colonel and Inspector the Perm" Regtu. 

B. O., TOTOWAY, Jtilyl5th, 1780. 

Field officers of the day to-morrow, Colonel Chambers. 
Adjutant to-morrow, McLeane. 

HEAD QUARTERS, July 16th, 1780. 
For the day to-morrow : 
Col. Hazen. 

Lt. Col. Mentges. 
Brigade Major, Ross. 

As the ensuing Carnpam will, in all probability, be peculiarly 
interesting, The Commander in Chief is desirous of having a 
well composed Corps of light Infantry, which cannot fail to be 
extreamly usefull in our operations; he, therefore, determines 
that one Comp* shall be drawn from each Regt. , which shall 
be finally proporton'd to the gen'l strength of the Regiments, 
so as not to be too large a diminution, but for the present shall 


Consist of one Capt. ,one Lieut, or Ensign,three sergeants, one 
drum, one fife, and twenty rank and file. 

The Gen 1 is persuaided that the Com d officers of Reg" will 
be very careful in the Choise of the, men for- these Comp T ", as 
the good of the service and of their Regiments will be meterially 
Concern'd in it. The men should be mostly of a middle sue, 
active, Robust, and trusty, and the first twenty must be all 
old soldiers, the remainder will have their proportion of levies. 

The Companies will, with this part of the army, assemble at 
the grand parade on Tuesday next, nine o'clock, to be Inspected 
by the Inspector Gen'l, or assistant Inspector Gen'l, who will 
reject all such as are improper for the service, & to be replaced 
by others. 

The Commanding officer at West Point will apoint a day for 
the same purpose as soon as possible after the receipt of this 
order. The Comp y , after they are Inspected, will rejoin their 
Reg 18 till further orders; the recruits or d j af ts who areuna- 
quainted with their duty & are under the drill, are to be in- 
cluded amongst the effective Rank & file, and those who are 
Inserted in the Collum fit for duty,are to be deducted therefrom 
the same as those wanting arms. Two Battalions of eighty 
files each from the second Penn a & Hand's Brig" 1 , to manuver 
at the usual time and place to-morrow. Two field officers of 
those Brigades to be apointed for this duty. Gen'l Irvine will 
Com d them. 

B. O. TOTAWAY, July \Wi, 1780. 
Field officer of the day to-morrow, Col. Stewart. 
Adj' of the day, Lt. Whitehead. 


Capt. Craig to Draft as maney men fiom the Regit. as will 
Compleat his Infantry Company, to the General orders of this 
day, making allowance for such of his Comp'y as is now absant, 
that Cannot Joyn the Company against the Inspection ordered 
for that purpose. They are not to mount Guard to-morrow. 


HEAD QUARTERS, PRACKNESS, July \lth t 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Col. Stireever. 

Lt. Col. Canaway. 
Brigade Major, Vanlear. 

Lt, M c Collough, of the 5 th Penna. Reg 1 , is appointed Q r M' 
of the same from the 1 st of June last, vice Lt. Lytel on extra 
service. The Superetendant of Cattle or live stock with Urn 


army, is for the future on every Monday morning to make a 
Return to the Comassary Gen'l of Issues of the number of Cat- 
tle, Sheep, or live stock received and Delivered by him the Prese- 
ding week, and allso the number on hand in order that such 
Return may be Inserted in the weekly Returns of stores Issued 
and on hand, and the state of suplyes of every kind from time 
to time be exectaly known to the Comander in Chief. A Wag- 
goner from the Draughts of the 1 st Penn a Brigade to be sent to 
the Marquacee De Letiats. A Serg 1 , Corpl. and 20 men from 
Maxwell's and Hand's Brigades to be sent to Major Bruin's 
Quarters at 6 o'clock to-morrow morning, with their arms & two 
Day's Provisions ; Mr. Shoot will give them Directions. 

The Comander in Chief requests that in forming Companies 
the most Pertickarel attention be paid to the Choice of the 
non-Comissioned officer. He wishes the size of the men to be 
from 5 feet eight to 5 feet 10, mostly of the Latter. 

The Comander in Chief heas observed, with pain, that a mis- 
take that was and excusable in the Commencement of the army, 
still Prevals among many officers, tnat of attending only to 
that the Cawl qesentials, and neglecting the Menutae of Mili- 
tary service. It is high time, at this advanced peared of ower 
establishment, after heaving made war more then 5 years, to 
Discard those which only suted the Inexpearance of a new 
Formeation, and to adopt those princables which preveal in 
the Uropian armeys, and expearance truly speaking, there is 
nothing unashenchal, and many of those things which seem to 
be regearded as such, by being neglected, may Involve the fate 
of an armey. Our sistom heas been simplified as much as it 
o.ould be, and every thing of useless ornement heas been re- 
jected ; what remans, therefore, ought to be rigedly obsarved- 
We shall soon heave occasion to act in Conjunction with the 
Troops of our allies, who to all the Shupearer Qualites. add a 
Scruplas Exactness in those matters in which we are Defectave, 
and on which the set a high value ; it will not be enough that 
we Possess those Millitary Vartues, that Breavorey, patiance, 
und obedance, which Distingush owr Troops. The Credit of 
owr arms will greatly Depend on a Punctual obsarvance of the 
several parts of Military Duty. Not with standing the pains 
that heave been repeatedly taken to Impress the necessaty of 
exactness in the sarvice of guards, there is still a Mortifing Defi- 
c-ancy, tho acknolledged to be of the greatest Importance. 
Our sentanels are Pecularly Delinquent, Consulting neither 
what is necessary to apearance, nor necurety. 

The Gen'l expects the officers of every rank to be Indefa- 
tigable in their exerchance to Corect these Defects. Solders 
who heave so many exc-allent Qualites ought not to suffer the 


Merit of them to be sullied or Derninished by a neglance of 
things, which to wish is to atain. An American solder Equal 
in breavery ; in Capasity, equal ; supearer in Patance, fortuted, 
and patriotism to any other should scorn to be Inferer inaney 
thing. It is heaped the Troops will be Pertickeraly zealous in 
their exersise and manovers, and that the recruits will be In- 
tructed with the utmost Care and Deligance, strickly Conform- 
ing with the regulattiona 

B. O., TOTOWAT, July 17th, 1780. 
Field officers of the day to-morrow, Lt. Col. Hay. 
Adjt. To-morow, McFarlain. 

A waggonar from the Draughts of the 7 th Regt. , to be sent to 
the Marquess De Lefiats, agreable to this Day's orders. 

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, July 18th, 1780. 

A Court Marshal to sit immediately for the Tryal of such 
prisoners as shall be brought before them. Cap' Ja" Wilson is to 
preside, the adjutant to furnish members. 


HEAD QUARTERS, July 18 th , 1780. 

Officers for To-morrow : 
B. G. Maxwell, 
Major Thayer. 

Brigade Major, Magowen. 

Two Battalions of 80 file each to maneuvre to-morrow morn- 
ing, two from Maxwell's and Stark's Brigade, at y* usual time 
& place. Each Brigade gives two field officers for this duty. 
Ofen'l Hand will Command. 

Some inconveniences having been represented in adhering to 
the recommendation of yesterday respecting the size of y e men 
for the light Companies, It is dispensed with as to those whom 
already form'd or who were formerly in the Corps, but all the 
new men must be of y e standard then given. The Light Com- 
panies to parade upon the Grand Parade to-morrow morning, 
sit eight o'clock, for inspection, except those of the first Penn" 

W m Hutton, Provost Martial, was tried the 12 Instant at the 
(fen'l Court Martial, whereof Co 1 Butler is President, for the 
ading and assisting Samuel Harris in making his escape from 
the Provost Guard, who was Confin'd for Counterfiting the 
( 'ontinental bills of Credit. The Court are of opinion that W m 
Hutton is not Guilty of the charge exhibited against him. 
The Commander-in-Chief confirms the opinion of the Court. 
Hutton is Released from his confinement. 


John Dearmer, a soldier in Col. Angle Reg 1 , was Tried the 
11 th Instant, at Division General Court Martial, whereof CoL 
Angle is President, for attempting to Pass the Gentries of Gen'l 
Hand Brigade, at a 11 o'clock on the evening of the 8 Instant, 
with his arms, acutriments, and B. ; also for indevoring to per- 
suade the Centinels who stopt him to leave his Post and go off 
with him, found guilty and sentence, more the of the Court 
agreeing thereto, to suffer death. The Cominander-in-Chief 
approve the sentence. 

B. ORDER, July 18th, 1780. 

Field officer for the day to-morrow, James Moore. 

Adjutant, Lt. M c Cueun. 

Officers Commanding Regiments will pay strict attention to 
the order respective Provision, and will see that the men have 
always 2 days' Provision Cook on Hand, and no excuse will be 

HEAD Q rs . PRACKNESS, July 19 th , 1780. 

Officers To-morrow : 
B. G. Irvirife. 

Major Church. 

Brigad Major, Bradford. 

The Light Infantrey Companies that heave passed Inspection 
are not to be sent on Detachment or aney other Command for 
Distance from Camp. Unless spechaly Directed in Gen 1 orders, 
this Duty is to be restricted to Camp Guards and Pickets, and 
the hornery Duties within the limets of Camp, in Comon with 
Battallion men. 

As it is much wished to establish uniformity in the Corps, 
the officers are Directed not to make aney changes in the Dress 
of themselves or men till orders are given for a Gen'l Rule. 
The fethers Directed to be worn by the Major GenT are to 
heave the whit Below, the black above. It will be best to 
heave one fether, the upper part black. It is recomended to 
the oncers to heave 'black and whit Cockaids a black ground, 
with a white relief Emblimatack of the expected union of the 
two armies 

Brigadier Gen'l Hand is apointed officer of the Day for this 
day, vice B. Gen'l Maxwell, who heave obtained leave of 

B. O. , TOTOWAY, July 19th. 
Field officer of the day, Major Greer. 
Adj' To-morrow, M e Lean. 

As it is found inconvenient for the Troops to heave Two days' 
fresh Cooked provisions on hand, on account of there not 


heaving aney salt provisions Issued, the Genl. Directs that the 
may allways heave 3 Days' Bred on hand. 
By order of Gen 1 Wayn. 

M. B, 

HEAD Q, PRACKNASS, July 20M, 1780. 

Officers To-morrow : 
Major Reed. 

Brigade Major, Ross. 

The Commander in Chief heas the pleasure to Congratulate 
the army on the arrival of a large land and Navel armement at 
Road Island, sent by his most Christan Majesty, to Cooperate 
with the Troops of these States against the enemy, accompanied 
with every circumstance that can render it Honourabell & 
usf ull. The Genorassety of the succor, and the Manner in which 
ibis given is a new tie between Prance and America. The 
livley Consarn which ower allies maneyfast for our safty and 
Independence has a claim to the affection of every vertues 
cittixen. The Genl. , with confidance. asshures the army that 
the officers and men of the French army came to our aid Ana- 
meted with zeal, founded in Sentiments for us^qp well as in 
Duty to their Prince, & that the will do every thing in their 
power to promote Harmoney & Cultavate Frenship. He is 
equaly Persweded that, on our part, we shall vie with them in 
those good wishes to which wee are exited by gratitude, as 
well as by a Comon Iiitrist, and that the only contention be- 
tween the Two armies will be to excell each other in good 
offices, and the Display of every Military Vertue. This will be 
the pledge of the most solid advantadges to the Comon Caus, 
and of a Gloreus Issue to the Campaine. 

The second Penn a Brigade is to Moove this afternoon from 
their presant Ground and Encampment, upon the most con- 
venient ground upon the left of the 1 st . 

Agreabel to the Gen'l orders of the 15 th Instant, Relatave to 
(Jertan men Claimed by the 4 th and G" Penn a Regiments, a Court 
of enquirey heave reported that the Inlistments of Gilbort 
Mone.Hugh M J Hybary,W m Faulkner, and Ja 8 M c Bride, Solders, 
ought to stand good, & the are the property of the (>"' Perm" 
Reg 1 ; the men are to join the 6 th Regiment accordingly 

Ja 8 Swan & Jn Soald, Inhabitance, and a Certain Peter 
Wetherspoon were Tried by the Gen 1 Court Martal, whereof 
Co 1 Butler is President, on suspection of being Spyes, and 
ucquited. The Gen'l Confirms the opinion and orders them 
released from Confinement. 



Capt. Ogden, of the Jersey Brigade, is appointed to do the 
Duty of Brigade Major in the same until the return of Major 
Ross. Cap 1 Johnston, of Gen 1 Clinton's Brigade, with the De- 
tachment under this Com 4 in the Clove, is to join said Brigad- 

HEAD Q", PRACKNKSS, July 21s, '80. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Major Present. 

Brigad Major, M c Cowen. 


The men Drafted into the Comander in Chief Guards are to 
be returned on Comand in the Regts. from which they were 
Drafted, but to Draw pay and Cloathing in the guards. 

D. ORDERS, TOTAWAY, 20th of July, 1780. 

The troops will take up their line of March from this ground 
axectly at 3 o'clock, P. M. The first Brigade in front Marches 
by the left, the 2 nd by the right, as a General Halting place will 
be Mead in proper position. 

Genl' Wayne is confident that every officer and soldier will 
be fulley impressed with the propriety of keeping their ranks 
and platoons. A Contrary Conduct, unsoldirey and subversive 
of all Disiplin. One Commissioned officer from each regiment, 
or as many as may be deemed necessary, to remain behind with 
such men as are Incapable of marching, to take charge of the 
tents and Baggage and pollice of the Camp. This order to be 
Red at the head of each Regt. previous to their taking up their 
line of inarch. 

AFTER ORDERS July 20th, 1780, 12 o'clock. 

A field officer, with 2 Companies, or 100 Rank and file, pro- 
I>erly officered to take post, at which, if attacked in the absence 
of the Division, must defend it to the last extremity. 

The sixth regiment will advance to the look out immediately 
opposite Spiken Divil Creek, or King's bridge. The 7 th to Fort 
Lee, in order to observe the motions of the enemy on York 
Island. The officers and men will secret themselves so as not 
to be observed from the opposite side of the river. Lt. Col. 
Harmar will leave a Capt. and 40 men on the bank overlooking 
the landing place in order to defend that defile, whilst he, 
with the remainder, advances along the stimit of the mountain 
about one mile lower down, between that and Fort Lee, so as 
lo be in a position to move lo either point, in case the enemy 


attempt landing, but the Captain's command must continue 
at the post assigned them at all events. Pat roles to pass con- 
tinually between those posts & up the river. Should the com- 
manding officer observe the enemy embarking, they are to send 
immediately notice to Gen'l Wayne, towards Bull's ferry, arid 
to make every possible opposition when the enemy begins lo 
asend the Hill ; and as the situation of those Regiments will 
admit of acting in conjunction in case of necessity, the General 
has the fulest confidence that they will maintain the posts as- 
signed them, and at the point of the Bayonet meet the enemy 
in the gorge of the defile, and dispute that ground at every ex- 
pence of blood, untill the arrival of the Division, when they may 
be assured, of effectual support, and in all human probability, of 
a glorious victory. Gen'l Irvine, with the remainder of his Bri- 
gade, will move by Fort Lee, on the summit of the mountain, 
for Bull's ferry,. and endeavour to introduce a sufficient num 
ber of men between the Block House & the river, if practicable, 
or to prevent the retreat of the garrison. 

Great Caution must be observed on this rout, lest the troops 
may be brought into an ambush ; should that be the case, the 
Bayonet will be their true resort, which they will use with a 
confidence of being vigorously supported by the 1" Brigade 
moving paralell with them, attended by Colonel Moylan's Dra- 
goons, and the artillery along the open road. Gen'l Irvine will 
direct a chain of flankers to observe the advance of the right 
column, the situation of the ground being favorable for it. If 
he makes any material discovery, he will be so obliging as to 
communicate it as soon as possible. 

A detachment from the 1 st will prevent the retreat of the re- 
fugees towards Paulas Hook; whilst this is performing, the 
artillery will be preparing to demolish the Block House. Ev ' ry 
precaution will be used to guard against any serious conse- 
quence from up the river, and should the enemy be hardy 
enough to attempt the relief of this post from Fort Washington, 
it may add never failing Laurells to Troops which have always 
step'd first for glory, and who has everything to expect from 
victory, nothing to dread from disgrace, for altho if it is not in 
their power to command success, the Gen'l is well assured tht-y 
will produce a conviction to the world that they deserve it, 

D. O., CAMP, ZUBRASKA'S MILL, July 22eZ, 1780. 
The Regiments are to Draw one Day's flower and 2 Day* 
Meat, and Cook it Imedetlv. Kxect Returns of the killed and 
wounded in each Regt. 


DIVISION ORDERS, TOTOWAY, July 23 d , 1780. 
It is with Infinate pleasure that Genl' \Vayne acknowledges 
to the worthey officers & Soldiers who served under his com- 
mand since the 20 lh Inst. , that he never saw more fortitude than 
that exhibited on the 21 st by the Troops immediately at the 
point of action. Such was the enthusiastic bravery of all ranks 
of officers & men, that the 1 st Regiment, no longer capable of 
restraint, rushed with impetuosity over the abbatis & up to 
the stockades, from which they were with difficulty with drawn. 
The contagion spread to the 2 d , but by the united efforts of 
die field & officers of each regiments, they were at last restran'd. 
Tue ground, fortunately would not admit of the 10 th , & the 
situation of Gen'l Irvine's Brigade & the other Troops pre- 
vented them from experiencing some loss of men, as the same 
jellous spirit prevaded the whole. They would very probably 
have shewn the same eager desire for close action. The Block 
House was only a secondary object, & to serve as allure to 
draw the enemy across the river, & afford us an oppertunity 
of desiding the fate of the day in the defiles thr which they 
must pass before^they could possess the strong frount. At 12 
o'clock, the affairs assumed a pleasing aspect, by intelligence 
from Closter that the British were embarking at Philips, and 
falling down the river towards Fort Lee, where the 6 th & 7 th 
Regiments were posted, with orders to secret themselves, and, 
after the enemy landed, to meet them in the gorge of the 
mountain & dispute the pass with the point of the Bayonet at 
every expense of Blood, untill Gen'l Irvine, with the 2 d & 
Colonel Humpton, with the first Brigades, would arive to sup- 
port them, so that there ought not to be any difficulty in giving 
up a small object for one that was capital. Indeed, had the 
artillery been of sufficient callibore the brave officers & men 
who conducted them would have suceeded in the reduction of 
the Block House by a constant fire of more thari one hour, 
within the medium distance of 60 yards, & not be under the 
disagreeable sensation of leaving a post unreduced behind 
them, this being too trifling an affair to attend to any longer, 
when a more ample & glorious prospect was before us. But in 
this we have been disappointed, as the enemy prudently chose to 
remain in a less hostile position than that of the Jersey Shore. 
The General cannot attempt to discriminate between officers, 
Reg'% or Corps, who, with equal appertunities, would have 
acted with equal fortitude, and he fondly hopes that the day 
is not far distant when the prowess of those troops will be 
acknowledged by the European & American World. Having 
effected a main part of our plan by carrying off the Cattle & 
Horses, the Gen'l calls on the officers indiscriminately to an 


immediate means to collect & deliver all the Horses & Cattle 
bru 1 off from that country to the Q. M. of each Brigade, who 
are to deliver them to Major Herrings, at the bridge near Zub- 
riskies' Mill, he being appointed purchasing Corny for that part 
of the country, for which they will take his rec'. The sick & 
wounded who rode many of the Horses being arrived at camp, 
the Honor & reputation of the troops are concerned in an irne- 
deate complyance. The artillery & Infantry will make out a 
return of amunition wanted to replace that which was ex- 
pended ; the arms & accoutrements of the kill'd & wounded to 
be delivered to the Conductor, who will put them in immedate 
repair. The Commanding officers of Reg ts & Corps will attend 
to the discipline of the Troops. 

HEAD Q", PRACKSASS, July 24th, 1780. 
Officers To-morrow : 
Co 1 Jackson. 
Brigade Major, Vanlear. 

The Gen'l Court Martal, whereof Col. Butlar is President, 
toassembel to-morow morning, 9 o'clock, at the place where 
the last set. A Capt. from the 4 th Regiment of light Dregoons 
to attend the Court in room of one of the Captains from 
Hand's Brigad. 

The men Drafted for the Corps of Sapers & Miners, agreabel 
to the Gen'l order of the 23 d Instant, are to be sent to the grand 
Parade to-morrow morning at guard mounting. 
*?. O. Officer To-morow, Co 1 Stewart. 
Adjutant To-morow, M c Lean. 

HEAD Q", AFTER ORDERS, July 24th, 1780. 

In comitee of Congress, Camp Prackriess, July 23 rd , the Com- 
ander in Chief Leaid before the Comitee an acct. of the 
State of Connecticut, which is in the words following : 

At a Gen'l Assembly of the Goviner and Companey of the 
State of Connecticut, in America, holden at Hartford, the 2 d 
thursday of May, A. IX 1780, upon a Memorall of Ehineaser 
Huntington, Esqr., Lt. Col. Coma dt of the Batalion of the 
army of the United States reased in this state, of which Sam 1 
B. Weeb, now Prisoner of war, is Coll., Shewing to this as- 
sembly that alth said Batalion heave rec d Bountiess, Refresh- 
ments, and all allowance, as the 8 Batalions Reased in this state 
have had and Recived, notwithstanding the heave not been ex- 
pressly adopted by this state and added to their Line in the 
aforesaid army, which is Inconvenient to this S