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Brevard College 

Brevard, NC 



A ^ew Beginui 

Martha Cilliam, with Ihe help of her father. Citizen telephone company arranges phone 
motes in for a new exciting year. connections for students. Will Dad be happy 

when Ihe phone bill comes? 

Moving In 


You don't realize how much ?!? you have until 
you try to fit it into your small, compact 


Sophomore Jay Rudersdorf smiles as she 
yes in for a second time. 

Chris and Bubba stand ia line waiting to reg- Mike Jenkins registers for his room in Beam 
isier for their class schedules. lobby. 

Moving In 



. ,f 

Brevard College is located near the beautiful Blue Ridge Moun- 
tains. Its location is one of the driving forces behind some students' 
decisions to attend BC. Kayaking, rock climbing and hiking are ac- 
tivities that students may enjoy both in and out of the classroom. 
However, whether one is active in these outdoor sports or just likes 
to sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all, the Blue Ridge Mountains 
project a timeless beauty we have come to know and love. 









The Horseback cImss at Camp Jesse Gore conceutratef^ 
lllabee practice their skills. climbing the "BS2' 

Jutted Summer, aladKya sing 
their hearts out during 
karoake night at Wedge and 

Out & Abou( 



Out St About 

When he Aas time anay from 
his studies, Carlos Green 
clowns around on bis family 
farm in Highlands, 

Candy Crosby, Beth Fisher, and 
Crystal Rollison enjoy baying a 
picoic in Pisgab ISiational Forest. 

Members of the BC Men's Bas- 
ketball Team enjoy a cool dip at 
Sliding Rock. 

Out & About 



President Bertrand and daughter, Maggie. §how 
ibeir spirit by attending and lielping at Derby 

Thomas tries to Hx up Ben for the big excitement 
of Derby Day. 


Derby Day 


Chrystal enjoys crawling over the man- 
made-and-beld bridge. 

Stephanie and T.T. race to beat everyone 
else in the three-legged race. 



Derby Day is THE day where the I 
students in the dorms compete 
against each other in athletic and 
crazy events such as: the izy-dizzy, 
musical water buckets, tug-of-war, 
can crushing, the three-legged race, 
and the shaving cream sculpting 
contest, to name only a few. The 
games are very exciting and chal- 
lenging for students, faculty, and 
staff members who enjoy competing 
as well as socializing. J 

Winners of the day's etents, the Commuter Students, 
shon their spirit in their ty e-d\ ed t-shirts. 

Chris Theokas, Brian Burris. and Chris Ford crush for 
BC recycles. 

\\ hile no one is looking Chris Ford sneaks a chance to 
cool ofr.! 

Ready, set. GO! Eric and Mike enjoy the 
chance to slurp dovin jell-o in front of every- 

Derby Dav 




tommy Mad Fhd compete to wiit-^ 
tn the buitgee ruB. 

12 ~l 




Laud Where 
The Water 

~ar? ^:s- -. - ■ ■ ^ 




Each year, classes from all the 
way back to 1939 enjoy the 

lony and Jennie, class of 

turn to join all the Homecoming 


Heather, Keeta, Megan, Joe anit- 
Kelly gather for a photo at the 
fling Dance. 

the dance. 




More dancing, dancing, dancing!! On "Pajama Day" Amy enjoys 

showing her spirit while talking 
to Erica. 

:i4 ~i 





Thh h what the bonfire nouU 
hate looked like! 

Nick, Bobby, Koss, Rodney, Date, Bodie, and 
Jess enjoy the Crown of the Carolinas to- 

Daring Homecoming, students 
enjoy "hangin' out" while await- 
ing the court. 





f. 1994 Homecoming Court: Stephanie Thomp-" 
I son, Lyle Alexis, Megan Remick, Lisa Roberts, 
' Mike Crochetiere, Sheila Best, Summer Ker- 
shaw, Lezonne Miller, Piper Andre, Christina 
Olsen, Chris Sailors, Tonya Costa, Rodney 
Melton, Trysh and Bryant Womack, Tyann Blis- 
sett, and Tom Stahlschmidt. 
King and Queen: Rodney Melton and Tonya 

Prince and Princess: Lyle Alexis and Summer 

10 Hh 



The week before Homecoming started off with students dressing 
up in different outfits to show their spirit. Hicic Day, Preppic Day, 
Pajama Day, Woodstock Day, and Spirit Day were the themes of 
the week. The dance on Friday night was the perfect end to a excit- 
ing week as well as a perfect beginning to the weekend. Not only did 
the students enjoy the week, but faculty as well joined in on the fun, 
especially on Homecoming Day. On Saturday, which was Home- 
coming Day. the women's soccer team truimphed over Essex Com- 
munity College, and the men's soccer team also defeated its oppo- 
nent, Reinhardt College. The soccer teams were not the only ones 
who were playing that day; the baseball team thrashed Furman Col- 
lege which was a pefect end to the Homecoming games. The base- 
ball team also enjoyed a special dedication after the game of the 
"Gil Coan Field." Thus, Homecoming was an enjoyable time for ev- 

Tyann Blissett and Tom Stahl- 
scbmidt take time out from soccer to 
join the 1994 Homecoming Court. 

Willie Evans, Preston Woodruff, 
Joe McCall (alumni), and Ernie 
Mills enjoy entertaining alumni, 
staff, and students during the Sat- 
urday night "coffee house" in the 

Tammy, Nakia, and LaShawnta 
bust a more at the Homecoming 

At the Homecoming dance, Chris 
Theokas and Bobbie Jo Simmons 
do their own version of "Friday 
Night Live. " 




East Beam 

Unlike last year. East Beam houses males and fe- 
males. There are females on the first floor and males 
on the second and third. Beam is a dorm with a lot of 
activity, and there is always someone being a little too 
rowdy. Beam is a nice place to live and most impor- 
tantly, there are no community restrooms. 

"Candy, didn't your Mom nam you about poking someone's eye out?" 
asked Christy. 



Maxium Security" — East Beam 

East Beam 




Listening to his music and chill- 
ing out is vihat Oneal does to re- 
in \ after a hard day of classes. 

mmtd m 

20 -F 

West Be 


Chisako likes to read a good book in her spare 


94-95 school year is the first at- 
tempt to have co-ed honor schol- 
ars' housing. The women are on the 
first and third fioor, while the men 
are living in the basement and on 
the second fioor. To live in the 
co-ed honors dorm, one must main- 
tain a 3.0 GPA and not have any 

It's laundry day for Twana. 

West Beam 





The Complex houses the Men's 
Track and Cross Country Team. 
Living on the edge of the campus, 
these guys sometimes fee! alien- 
ated, but as soon as they jump into 
their OWN KITCHEN and whip 
up a big plate of nachos they soon 
forget all their worries. As a team 
and housemates, these guys have 
learned to respect and understand 
each other both on the track and in 
their "house." 

Jason, Ross, and Jimmy clown 
around before practice. 

Their home away from home. 


James enjoys relaxing from a run Walter and Jeremey try to hide 
with a bowl of popcorn. from the camera. 







John and Rodney kick back and think about 
doing their homework. 

Date practices his Interior Decorating skills. 

Personality from Smitty's "Stop Bed-Wetting" sign to more variety of 
music than a radio station. Green is really full of it. Under the direction 
of new Resident Director Michael Louter, it is described as fun, loud, 
and boasts of the largest rooms. One of the residents, Raymond Smith 
says he enjoys living in the cinderblock dungeons because, "that's where 
all the cool people hang." Having combined good times and academics. 
Green has become one of the best dorms on campus. 





Looking for a date. Chan and Geoff break out 
their not-so-little — black book. 

Always having time to pose. Tony does one 
more freeze-frame for the ladies. 

Demonstrating another occupational hazard 
for photographers. Jason politely requests to 
eat in peace. 





Jones Dormitory — the » omens dorm. 

\'icole and L.A. pose for the i 

Jones dormitory, the only 
all women complex on campus 
underwent a change in leader- 
ship this year. New Resident 
Directors Linda Griffith and 
Heather Laughran are one of 
the many new additions to the 
Brevard campus. Famous for 
it's four o'clock A.M. fire 
drills and soccer in the halls, 
Jones has proved to be the 
best dorm on campus, from a 
woman's point of view. 

Sureka leaies Jones prepared for class. 



Decorating doors for Halloween. Becca, 
Heather, and Megan take a break for the 

Second floor West Jones celebrate Jamie's 
birthda y. 



Rob Nelson. The Man. 

Jeremy, Shawn, and Kevin hate a jam session! 


Joe and Hunter cnlhusiastically take notes Marlboro Man searches for his homenork 
from Bea . is and Butthead. his neat and tid\ desk. 




I .-, 

I KTVjfckY - 

If the abundance of police lines was the only indica- 
tion of how wild Taylor Dorm is, wouldn't it be 
enough? John Dodson and the RA's work well with 
the residents to create a relaxed, amiable atmosphere. 
Living in Taylor can be described as total immersion 
into the "studying" environment. 

Rab and Roy enjoy calling several John Kilburn takes a rest in Tay- 
900 numbers. lor. 

Taylor guys in their spare time. 


Taylor Hall 




LIFE ■ *»l 

In between classes, Daniel sacks 
out in the commuter lounge. 

During orientation, many stu- 
dents, like Frank, ha\e questions 
to ask Dean Martin. 

Commuter President, Fred 
Woodward, and Vice-President, 
Erin Stacey, plan activities for 
the organization. 

At the car wash fundraiser, Kathy 
Raymond and her husband enjoy 
rinsing as Fred washes. 

30 ~i 



%f^^^ Commutei^Si 

The Commuter Students began the year planning 
many social activities with Dean Steve Martin and 
Advisor, Patricia Chapman. They planned activities 
such as car washes, hiking trips, and other socials. 
Their first achievement came with the victory of 
Derby Day as many of them competed hard and 
showed their teamwork. For students who stay on the 
go and keep the roads hot, this group sure knows how 
to slow down and show their sense of unity and com- 

Commuters ll to r) (back): Lisa Roberts. Zora Ringlein. Stephanie 
Summey, Jacinda Peterson: (front): \orma Chason, Mary Ann 
O'Bryan. Kerry Sorliia, Joey Manno, Michael Collins, Tim Thew. 
Erin Stacey, Fred Woodward. Maria Rowsan. and Kathy Raymond. 

Lisa hides a way in the commuter 
lounge to study for a test. 

While listening to the radio, sis- 
ters Kathy and Maria decide that 
studying in the parking lot is 
more comfortable than in a hot 





Parent's Weekend was held October 
28-30 — Halloween Weekend; how 
spooky! Parents, students, and faculty all 
had a chance to enjoy each other both in 
and out of class. On Friday, parents were 
invited to attend class. On Saturday 
morning, faculty, students, and parents all 
enjoyed social time over a continental 
breakfast; then parents were invited to 
meet for conferences with the faculty. On 
the more social side, many parents en- 
joyed picnics, "The Fantasticks," and 
quality time with their child. 

Ben Vogle and family anxiously await for one of Peter 
Burger's famous lectures. 

Sam Fuss and her dad discuss her schedule for Picnics by the creek remind this family of home, 
next semester. 


Parents Weekend 


Don V Scott 
Pavfos/ioA ■; 
look eager 
to p3> the 

Stephen Siferd shows his mother hoi* "easy" the 
computer is to operate. 

Daniela Argiro and her par- 
ents enjoy lunch together in 
the cafeteria. 

Parents Weekend 



*rj. .-^^ - — ;.-7-v 


October 31st always brings stories of witches and 
warlocks, masquerade parties, and superstitious be- 
liefs. For BC, Halloween especially means mischief! 
The Music department, BC Recycles, and the Social 
Board released academic tensions upon hapless stu- 
dents and the community at the Haunted House in 
Ross Hall. On the other hand, the more athletic stu- 
dents held a ritual bonfire and pep rally for the bas- 
ketball teams. Whatever the plans, Halloween week- 
end always mean fun at BC. 


If Samanlha reads you a book. Crystal scare's the howl out of the 
you will be spooked! Halloneener's. 

At night Dana's true personality 
comes through. 








The haunted house gang wished us a 
spooky Halloween. 

Mike cooks an eye ball bretr. 

Where is Tatyana's leg? 


One, two (John) Freddy's coming 
for you. 


Halloween | <^ ^- 




36 Hi 





(in order of appearance) 
(EIGallo) Shane R, Tanner 

THE GIRL (Lulsa) Meredyth 

Hope Funkhouser 
THE BOY (Matt) Joshua 

S.Q. Poindexter 
(Hucklebee) Chan Graham 

(Bellomv) Justin E, McGuire 

(Henry) Michael Dunsworth 

DIES Lara S, Sweet 

THE MUTE Amyi Frankhn 

The Breiard College Theater Department 

opened Parents' Weekend »ith "The Fantasticks." The plat »as directed 

and designed by Bob H hite, and the musical director was Sam Cope. 




''Ofuss Gott" 
From Aiisti*ia 

Seven students and Scott Sheffield went over to Aus- 
tria to spend four unforgettable months during the 
spring semester. They had a chance to visit archaeologi- 
cal sites, homes of famous composers, castles, and muse- 
ums. A previous professor of philosophy at BC, Maggie 
Zednik, has lived in Altmunster, Austria for twenty 
years and houses BC students when they arrive. While 
under her wing, the students learn all about the German 
culture — the language, the art, the literature, and most 
important, the food. 

After being welcomed by the 
Mayor, BC students enjoy their 
first Austrian dinner in a reno- 
vated Austrian farmhouse. 

Beautiful buildings such as the 
City Hall of Vienna are part of 
the sightseeing tour. 

Guarding the city for centuries, the Salzburg 
fortress stands tall and beautifully upon the 

In the early mornings and late etenings, one 
will find natives and tourists beside Lake 
Traun, in the tillage of Altmunster, 




If . M 

ill Aint^ 



■■ ■■ 

• ■ -a 

• a -« 

■■ ■■ ■• 

If :Z 'I:! 

BC students enjoy visiting Mozart's birth- 

"Tbe Austrian Crew". Top row (I to r) Carissa 
Koebler, Dana Dudzinski, Brooke Jewell, 
Tina Malone, Dr. Scott Sheffield, \ialtraud 
Etz; bottom row 1 1 to rl: Chris Hall, Professor 
Maggie Zednik, kimberly Burkey, and Caro- 
line Hotz. 

Dr. Sheffield enjoys taking tbe students to 
visit a historical place — the Sew Hofburg 
palace, where Hitler took oier Vienna. 

Architectural designs such as tbe Votirkirch 
cathedral is renown for its style. 





Another beautiful street in Alt- The gorgeous liew from the stu- 
munster. dents ' apartment. 

Ij ^ Tina and the "Mother Cook " at a Maggie takes time to discuss dif- 1 

Bir* Ski Hut. ferent cultures with Chris. 

40 H 




A v^,^?* 



A fabulous view of Traunstein. 

Maggie, himberly. and \\ allraud sA; llie 
Daclislein glacier. 

arissa and Brooke enjoy an Eas- Ableistrasse in the spring lime, 
er brunch. 



1-41 I 


The BC ttork team and others Dan Milstein, Carlos Dominguez, 
Hork at the Health Care Clinic in and a volunteer from the commu- 
Bolitia. nity help plant tulips by the gym. 

Brad Dodson and Toshi Akita re- Tak Yamada and a Bolivian child 
pair a roof in Brownsiille. Texas. smile for the camera. 

Fran Lynch, Ernie Mills, Doug 
Stroud, Anderson Mack, and Hi- 
romi Akiyama help out at John's 
Island, S.C. by cutting wood for 
the citizens there. 

4a -I 

Project Inside And Out 


Projeet Insiide-Out 

"The John Island Crew" (l-r): Min Kim, Doug Stroud, Mark Casson, 
Helen DePuy, Chris Smith, John Aubrey, Tatyana Perry, Amy Hoi- 
combe, Kate Crawford, and Jason Stroud. 

In Brownsiille, Texas, Richard Bladom helps out an elderly couple by 
painting their house. 

Project Inside-Out is tiie service learning compo- 
nent for graduation. Students volunteer 30 hours of 
work in the Brevard area, in their home towns, or on 
service trips during school breaks. This work enables 
students to examine and live out their responsibility to 
others and to the community at large. As students put 
together the hands on work experience with the expe- 
riences in the classroom, their horizons are broadened 
and they are more sensitive to understanding of the 
needs of others. 

Hiromi Yamada assists in reroof- 
ittga home in Brownsfille, Texas. 

Project Inside And Out 



W raping athlete's arms, legs, and 
feet are part of Elizabeth's »ork 
study as the athletic trainer's as- 

Sancy makes copies of tests for 
Instructor Rhue Miller. 


The workstudy program at BC strives to provide 
the students with an opportunity to experience a true 
wori< situation. BC employs about 80 students, and 
these students work in sixteen different departments 
on campus, performing clerical work, tutoring, pre- 
paring labs, and assisting faculty. Becky Sanchez, Di- 
rector of Student and Volunteer Work Opportunity 
Office helps these future leaders to develop good work 
habits and attitudes. 

J ««»»««* 

After grading papers, recording 
grades, and running errands. 
Heather still keeps a smile on her 

Alicia meets with Becky Sanchez 
to discuss employment opportuni- 
ties both on and off campus. 




Jennifer narks diligently on her En- 
glish research paper. 

Miss Chapman's students prefer to 
haie class outside on warm sunny 

It is inevitable that all students must study. It is 
sad, but true, and sometimes students find it difficult 
to juggle studying along with socializing, especially on 
those nights when the moon is full and the air is crisp 
and inviting. However, students soon learn to make 
sacrifices and get their priorities straight. When this 
happens, you will see many students crowding the li- 
brary at night, or you will find several outside in the 
shade trying to cram before a test. Whether its in a 
computer lab, library, outside, or in the dorms, stu- 
dents usually spend the majority of their time with 
their nose in a book. 

46 -I 

.Siud> Time 


.4s Joe's psychology teacher said, 
it's important to take a short 
break etery no» and then from 
studying, but she didn't say to fall 
asleep, Joe! 


. Isn't it time for a 
You all look too seri- 

{Study Time 

Tab and Jess find that writing out Studying seems to keep Chrystal 
problems on the board helps them and Candy in a good mood, yet it 
to understand new concepts. seems to put Doug to sleep! 

Study Time 


1- 47 


"^ ""^^^^^l 




^lir" * 










Administration & Staff 


1- *9 

Office Of The 

Going in new directions. 

President Bertrand 
and Betty Neale always 
keep a busy schedule; 
however, the 1994-95 
year has been extremely 
challenging due to the 
B.A. purposal. As BC 
takes a giant step in 4 yr 
direction, degrees in both 
Music and Art, President 
Bertrand leads the way. 


l-*rcsidcnt\ Office 


Betty \eale. proofreads an important letter on her computer screen. She norks diligently to help things in the President's office run 
smoothh . 


'resident Bertrand addresses the Music instructor Jenny Tillolson 
ludience during Comocation. and freshman Kalhryn Bentley 

Courtesy of the Clarion) help the President celebrate bis 


Heather Lynch looks on as the 
President makes plans 
concerning student-related issues. 

President Tom Bertrand and 
former President Cameron West 
enjoy the opportunity to meet and 
discuss current BC issues during 
the Fall meeting of the Trustees. 
(Courtesy of the Clarion! 

President's Office 



Dr. Coleman- West takes a 
moment for some serious 

Charles Teague, Dean of 
4 cademic Planning, takes the 
opportunity during a Faculty 
meeting to discuss the Possible 
Bachelor's program with Tim 

Aeademic Affaips 

Staying on track 

The Academic Affairs 
Office has a host of 
duties. Catalog 
development, Continuing 
Education, Registration, 
Academic Discipline, 
and scheduling are some 
of the duties these 
employees are 
responsible for just to 
keep the college on the 
right academic track. 


52 -J 

Acadi;mic Alf.iirs 



Charles Teague isalitays interested in meetings his student's parents. Parent's Weekend is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Members of the Office of 
Academic Affairs: Jacolyn 
Cambell, Dr. Clara 
Coleman-West. Adelaide Hart, 
(standing) Linda Epperson, Joy ce 
Jackson, Ann E tiers, Becky 
Sanchez, and Penn \ Creasman. 

keeping all the etents at BC 
scheduled without conflicts. 

Dr. Coleman-Hest, Sr. \'ice 
President and Dean Academic 
Affairs, takes time from her busy 
schedule to assist a student 
one-on-one ttith some 
registration conflicts. 

Dr. Coleman-W est and Cam 
W est take time after a poetry 
reading to hate Ruth Moose 
autograph their books. Moose 
was the first performer in the 
1994-95 "Poets and Writers at 
Brevard" series. 

Academic Affai 



^^ m- 

Martha ghes Ann a mailing list 
of prospective students. 
Efficiency is crucial in lieeping 
the Admissions office organized. 

Gala Rice and Student 
Ambassador President, Daniel 
BoMman, clonn around before 
giving campus tours. 

Admissions And 
Fittaneial Aid 

Ensuring academic success 

The Admissions and Financial 
Aid staff counsel students, lo make 
informed decisions about BC. Il is 
imperative for students to make 
decisions based on finances as well 
as academics, so these staffs both 
assist students through college day 
programs, tours, interviews, and 
financial counseling. 


Admissions/Financial Aid 


\iles Hipps reiiens a high school student's record before their inteniew. 

Members of the Office of 
Admissions and Financial Aid: 
(back row) Mike White. Cindy 
McCall. Martha \'olen, and 
Lisanne Masterson. (front row) 
Bob McLendon. Caron Surrett, 
and Marilyn Garren. \ot 
pictured: Gala Rice, Sarah Mead, 
and Niles Hipps. 

Bob McLendon. Dean of 
Admissions, discusses future 
career goals with BC student 
Cristy Surrett. 

Lisanne Masterson. Director of Relieted to be home from a 

Financial Aid. wades through the recruiting trip to Virginia. Caron 

red tape and paperwork in order Surrett races to unpack the car 

to ensure proper financial and get home, 
assistance is giten to all BC 

Admissions/Financial Aid 



Business And 

Keeping the balance 

The employees in the 
Business and Finance 
Office work to see that 
everyone stays content 
by meeting their 
responsibilities which 
include keeping each 
student's account 
accurate, distributing 
staff salaries, and 
keeping the college's 
books balanced. 


Business & rin.incc 




Joyce Rogers works to pay the 
end-of-the-month bills. 

Alyse Hollingsaorth spends some 
other free time with her 
daughter, Emily at Oh Susanna 's. 

Willy Elans teams up with Da\e 
H etmore to teach the faculty 
about the new INTERNET 

Business & Finance 



Linda Helms. Director of 
Development, plans the future of 
the college. 

Don Scarborough. Sharon 
Brigham. and Sherry Maska 
shoH off their fundraising 
projects. Thet »orked to engage 
community members to 
Adopt- A-Baseball-Player to help 
finance the baseball players ' trip 
to the Jr. College \\ orld .Series in 


Working hard for the money 

Members of the In- 
stitutional Advance- 
ment Office are re- 
sponsible for funding 
efforts and alumni ac- 
tivities. From financial 
success to Homecom- 
ing activities, this staff 
stays busy keeping BC 
financially secure and 

Institutional Advancement 




Brad Kimzey takes a break from his Public information Duties 

.Members of the Office of 
Institutional Adtancement: Paige 
Johnson. Marty Cochran, Sharon 
Brigham, and Dan Scarborough. 
\ot pictured: Brad Kimzey. Kate 
Stockman, and Linda Helms. 

Don Scarborough discusses BC 
fundraising issues ttith ttto of the 
trustees during the Fall 1994 
trustee meeting. 

Hillary Fenner and Cristina 
Olson HorA hard raising money 
during the Fall Phon-A-Thon. 

Paige Johnson assists alumnus in 
Homecoming Registration. 

Institutional Advancement 



Campus Ivif e 

Keeping the campus safe and fun 

The Campus Life 
staff works to keep the 
campus active and 
safe. From student 
dances to routine 
security checks, the 
hard working 
employees help keep 
the students happy and 


C ;inipus I 


Campus Life staff: Charles Whitley, Steve Martin, Stere Woodson, and Andrea Finer. 

Stere Woodson explains new 
security procedures to Steie 

Alvin Dodson patrols campus to 
ensure the safety of the BC 

Susan Chappell keeps smiling as 
she works to keep things in the 
Campus Life Office on track. 

Onna Bouder and Heather 
Laughran take time to hate 
dinner with the RD's. 

Campus Life 




I^ibi^ai^y And 

Where can you find most students between 7 and 9 
p.m.? — in the hbrary. The James Addison library is 
one of the most important places on campus, for it 
provides useful resources for growing minds. The 
brary houses over 44,000 books, 200 CD's, 100 video- 
tapes, over 250 periodicals, and many new CD- 
ROM's, such as Academic Index, News Bank, SIRS, 
and Discovering Authors; as many will confirm, this 
building on campus provides a priceless source of in- 
formation and entertainment for students, faculty, 
and county residents. 

While researching on Infotrack, 
\'athan receites help from Librarian 
Mike McCabe. 

Millie Carmen spends a lot of 
her time sorting through all of 
the students' mail. 

Library staff: back row (I to r): Mike McCabe 
and Jackie Young: (front row): Burnley Ga- 
nus, Jan Jones, and George Stahlherg. 

Burnley Ganus lends a helping hand to a stu- 
dent who is researching a topic. 




The BC bookstore has it all! The 
hard-working staff runs a post of- 
fice, a mini-department store, and 
a grocery store. At the beginning 
of the semester, the students 
swamp the bookstore to buy school 
supplies, textbooks, and that 
"gotta have" bag of gummy bears 
and sunflower seeds. Throughout 
the semester, students run to the 
bookstore anxiously to pick up 
those packages and letters from 
home. And in the winter, those stu- 
dents who did not pack for the 
"winter" flood into the bookstore 
to buy up all of the sweat suits, 
sweaters, and hats. 

Mind} and Susan "check out" the new fash- 
ions at the bookstore. 

After registration Kathy and Barbara help 
students find their textbooks. 

Bookstore staff (I to r): Stephanie Mutting, 
Barbara nhitley. kathy McConnell, Laurie 
»yrick. and Bill » hike. 




Infirmary And 
Connection Center 

The Infirmary and the Connection Center are 
places that aid students in various ways. To keep the 
students healthy, Dr. Folger, Lee Henry, and Susan 
Cahalan always keep stocked up with plenty of medi- 
cine and good advice. On the other hand, the Rev. 
Ernie Mills and Counselor Adeliade Hart in the Con- 
nection Center aid a student by keeping him in touch 
with himself, with his spirituality, and with other 
schools that he would like to attend after Brevard. 

During flu season, Susan and the 
others in the Infirmary stay 
"booked. " 

"laughter is the he\t niidicine," says Lee. Henry natches Dr. Fogler »rite up a stu- 
dent's medical report. 

6* -I 

Infirmary And Connection Center 



Dana Dudzinski searches through college bro- 
chures in the Connection Center to help her 
decide nhat transfer school she tianls. 

Adelaide Hart norks on a transfer guide for 

These catalogs and others are kept in stock in 
the Connection Center b\ Adelaide Hart. 

Ernie Mills, the college chaplain, sits and 
plans his Bible study for College Life. 

Inrirmarv And Connection Center 




And Caf etei*ia 

Need a place to just hang out and chow down? The 
Cafeteria offers a large selection of hot food, desserts, 
soups, sandwiches, and even wokery food. If you hap- 
pen to be in the mood for potato skins, cheese sticks, 
or pizza, just swing on over to the Snack Bar in Col- 
trane Commons. Wherever one decides to eat, both 
places have good food that is filling (although it is not 
like mom's!). 

Katie gets the hot bar ready for 
the lunch rush. 

Day shift: (I to r): Annie Griffin. Maude Norwood, Milte McManimen, 
Ytonne Migus. Leilen McDowell. Jerry Jackson: (front row) Lucille 
Miller, .\'ilsa Lobdell, Kathy Holliday, and Stephen kernes. 

Da\id Seller works hard to 
keep the cafeteria well- 


C'lifclcria And Snack Ba r 



Raymond Floyd »orA$ hard to keep the MS 
building swept and mopped. 

Reid Plemmons and Jerry Marshall keep busy Housekeeping staff (I to r): Eddie Sac. Ray- To keep the lawns neat. Danny Corn and 

tidying up the grounds for the trustee meeting. mond Floyd. Hank Shipp, Leslie Childers. other maintenance workers hare to put in a lot 

Becky Biron (secretary), Charlite Powell, and of hours. 

Ralph Ray. 

68 -I 

Housekeeping And Mainlcnance 


Sxeeping up after Breiard College students 
keeps Mark bust. 

Gary »orks hard to repair the light so the stu- 
dents are able to see at night. 



No, your mom does not work 
here! It seems that way, because of 
the efficiency of our Housekeeping 
and Maintenance staff. Much dilii- 
gence and hard work goes into 
keeping our grounds and buildings 
in neat and tip-top shape. These 
unseen and unsung heroes add to 
the comfortable environment 
working with the motto "Clean and 
then vanish quickly without a 

Maintenance Staff: Reid Plemmons, Jerry Marshall. Crawford tone. Patricia Allison. Hayne Taking pride in his work. Jesse ainays carries 
Hinkle, Mark Walker, Danny Corn. Charles Stewart. Jack Hamlin. Gary Buchanan. along a smile. 

Housekeeping And Mainten ance 




The Resident Assistants, also 
known as the RA's, are student 
leaders for each floor. RA's are 
the mediators between the stu- 
dents and the Office of Student 
Affairs. RA's are there to assist 
the RD's, keep the halls quiet, 
report problems or violations, 
and help their peers with prob- 
lems, RA's commit a lot of time 
and energy into their job to 
make the dorms a great place to 

The RA 's (front ron. I to n: Jon Ostendorff. 
Lara S»eet. Chris Ford. Tom a Costa. \anc\ 
Genes, Chris Hall. Aei/n Weiss. i2nd row): 
Thomas Weber. Jo Woodruff. Brian Bradner. 
Daniel Bonman. him Button, i.lrd rom: Jen- 
nifer Cook. Tanyna Mazyck. Ben \oegele. 
Elizabeth Lynn. Dustin Calhoun. Carl Gaines. 
Heather Waitman. Tat lor Lutheren. and 
Wt'i'.if? Rffjiick. 

Mark decides to spend West Beam's activity 
money on a steak dinner Yum. 

Michael and ( hris register ne» students into 
their ne» home. 

While Kim takes ID pictures. Carl and Jon 
discuss actitities for each dorm. 

M \W I Resident Assistant 


Charles \Miitlei. Asit, Dean of Student Life, 
checks his social calendar. 

Heather. Linda. Terri, and Pablo are always 
on the go but still make time to plan activities 
for the students. 


The Resident Directors, or 
RD"s, are the backbone of dorm 
life. Like RA's, they are there to 
help students with problems, keep 
the halls quiet, report problems or 
violations, and to hand out needed 
supplies. RD"s also put in a lot of 
time into making the dorms a 
home away from home. 

The RDs (front ran. I to rn Heather Laugh- 
ran, Charlie Whitley. Linda Griffith: back 
ro»: Michael Louder, John Dodson. Pablo 
Sanchez, and Terri Owen. 

Resident Directors ■ M JL. 










i- 73 

Faculty And Staff 

Allison, Patricia 

Batcher, Pat 

Bertrand, Tom 

Bouder, Onna 

Brigham, Sharon 

Brockman, Tammy 

Bryant, Anita 

Byers, Bill 

Bullock, Joy 

Burger, Pete 

Campbell, Jacolyn 

Carson, Carl 

Chapman, Patricia 

Chamlee, Ken 

Chappell, Susan 

Cash, Diane 

Cochran, Marty 

Coleman- West, Clara 

Corn, Danny 

Creasman, Penny 


Kacully & Staff 


Epperson, Linda 
Etters, Ann 
Evans, Willy 
Fisher, Ray 

Fogle, Dan 
Foster, Phyllis 
Foster, Robert 
Garren, Marilyn 

Faculty & Staff 



Faculty And S»taff 

Jones, Jan 
Lander, Don 
Laughran, Heather 
Llewellyn, Jeff 

Louter, Michael 
McBride, Tina 
McCabe, Mike 
McDowell, Laura 

Marshall, Jerry 
Meehan, Kathy 
Miller, Rhue 
Morris, Greg 

Murray, Tim 
Neale, Betty 
Nelon, Carmen 
Finer, Andrea 


Pittman, Anne 
Plemmons, Reid 
Poctrow, Mollie 
Pumphrey, Jo 

Faculty & Staff 



Faculty And Staff 

Rinker, Dave 

Robinson, Pat 

Rolph, Ray 

Sanchez, Becky 

Sawyer, Sandy 

Scarborough, Don 

Shaw, Gene 

Sheffield, Scott 

Smith, Patricia 

Stahiberg, George 

Surrett, Caron 

Suder, Bill 

Teague, Charlie 

Walker, Mark 

Warren, Robbie 

Wellborn, Clark 

Wetmore, Dave 

Whatley, Larry 

Whitley, Charles 

Whitmire, Bobbie Jean 



F'aculty & Staff 


Young, Jaqueline 

Pat Robinson practices a 
difficult piece for an 
upcoming BC 

l\ancy Ballinger gets 
caught with her hair wet af- 
ter her WSI class. 



Tim \f array, Jo Pumphrey, 
Bill Byers. and Molly Doctrow 
take time a»a\ from their du- 
ties in the Sims Art Building 
to horse around in front of the 

Dr. Don Lander juggles eras- 
ers for a fe» minutes while 
taking time anay from jug- 
gling numbers. 

Bobbie Jean Whilmire works dil- 
igently to keep things running 
smoothly in the Dit ision of Sci- 
ence and Mathematics. 

80 -+ 

Faculty & Staff 



Faeulty And 

Support Staff 

Make Time For 

Work And Play 

Sam Cope setts one of the many Shirley Wing keeps on smiling, 
drama costumes tt orn during The giving the gym a needed happy 
Fantastiks. face. 

Sandy Sattyer spends her first 
year at BC ttorking for the Diti- 
sion of Fine Arts. 




Aubrey, John 
Bennett, Jennifer 
Berry, Jennifer 
Bladin, Richard 

Bonei, Hans 

Bonnoitt, Douglas 

Brien, Catherine 

Brunner, Lori 

Butler, Jamey 

Button, Kimberly 

Calhoun, Dustin 

Casson, Mark 

Causton, Jane 

Christian, Rachel 

Cohen, Julie 

Cook, Jennifer 

82 -I 




4 ^J 

Cooper. Gavin 
Crawley, Joseph 
Crithfield, Josh 
Crosby, Candance 

Cuccia, Amy 
Desaegher, Jennifer 
Dudzinski, Dana 
Durham, Jeff 

heeta and L.A. are alnays 
horsing around. 



I- 88 

Everhart, Natalie 

Faircloth, Chad 

Finner, Hillary 

Fisher, Beth 

Fitzpatrick, Devon 

Fleming, William 

Ford, Christopher 

Gaines, Carl 

Galloway, Billie 
Garlington, Michelle 

Getford, Maria 
Gaines, Nancy 

The philosophical Smitty 
contemplates life (among other 

84 -I 



Gilbert, Nicole 
Graham, Charles 
Green, Geoff 
Grindstaff, Helen 

Haessin, Dawn 
Hartsell. Chris 
Hill, Jennifer 
Hinaso, Yosuke 

Hinds, Ashlie 
HoUier, Brandon 
Howard, Amy 
Jones, Kevin 

Kee, Kevin 
Kim, Min 
Kolousek, Beth 
Kuhn, Walter 

Sophomores w ^_^ ^^^ 

PEOPLE ■ 99 

, ^ y . i^k^£~J^ ^ 

Lambert, Greg 

Lambert, Jon 

Leistner, Myra 

Lester, Katherine 

Lyda, John 

Lynn, Elizabeth 

MacGregor, Ken 

Major, Robert 

Marino, Fran 
Marley, Travis 

Martiing, Megan 
Matthews, Jennifer 

(ieoff Hunt sports the rugged 
look after a night in the 
H oods. 

86 -I 



Mcintosh, Melissa 
Miller, Lezon 
Milner, John 
Melton, Rodney 

Moore, Aubrey 
Moore, Robert 
Mulligan, Chris 
Newby, Rebecca 

Norman, Chris 
Okochi, Michiko 
Okuda, Ai 
Olsen, Christina 

Ono, Fujio 
Parker, James 
Parker, Layton 
Paul, Gequita 



I- 87 

Katherine and Marlene gel ex- 
cited while making plans 
about ttieir future. 

Phelps, Marjorie 

Pideck, Chris 

Pignataro, Tracy 

Poindexter, Joshua 

Printup, Brandon 

Purcell, Adam 

Remick, Megan 

Robinson, Keeta 

88 -I 



Rogers, Jeremy 
RoUison, Chrystal 
Rose, Christen 
Ruch, Mindy 

Rushing, Lavetta 
Sailors, Chris 
Schramm, Rob 
Setser, Scotty 

Shelton, Angie 
Siferd, Stephen 
Simmons, Bobbie Jo 
Skinner, Rahaum 

Small, William 
Smith, Michael 
Sorkin, Kerri 
Rebecca, Stine 



^1- 89 


Stroud, Jason 

Surrett, Crystal 

Sweet, Lara 

Swicegood, Taylor 


Tate, Brett 



Theokas, Christopher 
Tougas, John 


B klu^ / 

Tucker, Slade 




Wa --^ 




Uchiyama, Yuka 
Vernon, Oneal 


wt^ *^B 

Voegle, Ben 


K - -^ W 

Wattman, Heather 



Weber, Thomas 

Williams, Brad 

Winn, Kim 

Woodruff, Lamonica 

90 -I 



Wright, Kelly 
Yamada, Makoto 
Yamado, Nozomi 
Yuknus, Jason 

Arai, Yasuhiro 

Monica, Jill, and Leslie 
happily pose for the camera. 

As one can see these 
sophomores are ready for their 
night on the tottn. 




Alexander, Nakia 

Alexis, Lyle 

Andre, Piper 

Andrews, Nancy 

Armstrong, Angela 

Argiro, Daniela 

Barba, Christy 

Barbee, Jennifer 

Barelski, Maria 

Bentley, Kathryn 

Bollinger, Ian 

Borland, Kim 

Breiner, Janae 

Broome, Kelle' 

Burton, Candy 

Camacho. Christina 

92 HI 



Cannon, Staacy 
Campagnoli, Alex 
Cameron, Cliff 
Carpenter, Catherine 

Carson, Brandy 
Chappel, Jason 
Chase, Jacqueline 
Coan, Michael 

Mike and Tony sit donn for a 
moments rest in the SU. 



4- 93 

Collins, Michael 

Cooper, Joe (Jr.) 

Crochetiere, Michael 

Crow, Jonothan 

Culpepper, Catherine 

Dalrymple, Jamie 

Davis, Amy 

Davison, Benjamin 

Dean, Brooke 
Durden, Lindsay 

Duncan, Michael 
Durham, Michael 

imy sAoH* her grace and Hyle 
US >/i(' dances. 




Edwards, Chris 
Elliott, Aungrae 
Falgoust, Maria 
Ferris. C. Scott 

Freeman, Jade 
Fuss, Samantha 
Garrett, Lisa 
Gilbert, Davis 

Gilliam, Martha 
Green, Carlos 
Green, Theodore 
Greenlee, Veronica 

Haber, Ira 
Hall, Eric 
Hamilton, Josh 
Hammonds, Sureka 



I- 95 

Harvey, Leisha 

Haisegawa, Yuko 

Hicks, Shane 

Higgins, Timothy 

Hillis, Bryan 

Holland, Robert 

Horsman, Shawn 

Inuma, Marami 

Johnson, Ben 
Jackson, Katina 

Kawashima, Terumi 
Kershaw, Summer 

Mall tcaws the dorm dressed 
and read} for his normal ftuit 




Kiser, Share 
Koiwai, Hiromi 
Lackey, Brandon 
LeConte, Chris 

Ledford, Alicia 
Leonard, Eric 
Lineberger, Sean 
Lineberry, Mary 

Lynch, Heather 
M.trtin, Christy 
Maui, Chris 
Maxwell, Dan 

McDonald, Amy 
McCall, Gary 
Mc Guire, Justin 
Millet, Matthew 



h- 97 

This electric duo palientl\ 
await for class out in tiie quad. 

Milton, Beth 

Miyata, Hiromi 

Mora, Nancy 

Mori, Mami 

Morris, Tarnmy 

Morrow, Erika 

Nao, Takeuchi 

Nanse, Cassie 




Noe, Katrina 
Nutting, Stephanie 
Otani, Yuka 
Park, Jo Lynn 

Parrish, Lenny 
Patton, Tab 
Pavco, Mary 
Pendleton, Paula 

Phelps, Tanya 
Philippe, Donald 
Phillips, Cory 
Phillips, Jennifer 

Poorbaugh, Brandilye 
Powell, Dwayne 
Queen, Belinda 
Ragle, Sean 




Raymond, Kathy 

Reynolds, Ryan 

Rhoades, Cori 

Richardson, Kim 

Ringiein, Zara 

Rivers, Vivian 

Roberts, Jon 

Rogerson, Alissa 

Rondeii, Maria 
Rowsam, Maria 

Sandlin, Derek 
Sarchet, Christel 

Brooke and Kristen keep an 
umbrella handy and neier 
leave their dorm nilhoul it. 

100 -I 



Sechrist. Rya 
Shockelton, Emily 
Shull, Lanier 
Singer, Gianna 

Sipprell, Megan 
Smith, Chris 
Smith, Raymond 
Snyder, Amy 

Michiko and Knae prote there 
is a/»a»s time in a busy day lo 
hate a chat with a friend. 



I- 101 

Springer, Mike 

Steward, Chad 

Suzuki, Yoko 

Tanner, Lia 

Tapper, Penny 

Thompson, Amanda 

Tickardze, Nino 

Sano, Tomomi 

Tommy. Bullet. Terry, and 
Sharod enjoy hanging out in 
Beam looby. 

loa -I 



Beautiful notes can be heard by eieryone in 
Dunham as !\ozomi practices her flute. 

Tab enjoys riding in style. 

Torres, Zinnia 
Ueda, Takako 
Walters, Chris 
Womack, Brian 

Womack, Trish 
Woodward, Fred 
Wyrick, Laurie 

Pendleton, DeeDee 
(sorry for the mistake. 



I- 103 

104 -i 



















I- 107 


The BC yearbook staff under ad- 
visor Patricia Chapman and assis- 
tant advisor Tina McBride has 
worked very hard to maintain the 
Pertelote's high standards. Endless 
hours of hard work are put into the 
book each year, and this year was 
no exception. Scheduling pictures, 
capturing the right moments, writ- 
ing accurate body copy, and draw- 
ing layouts to fit the pictures are 
just the half of it, as Nicole Gil- 
bert, editor, and Candy Crosby, 
asst. editor, will affirm. 

Yearbook members such as Martha, Jamie, 
Rya. and Kim spread out in the hallways to 
dra» layouts for the yearbook. 

108 HI 



Mrs. McBride proofs the copy on the 

Using their critical eyes. Raymond, 
Martha, and ( hrystal select the perfect 
picture for the opening pages of the 




Candy and \icole reiievt old yearbooks for nen ideas. 

Raymond uses his math skills to design a i en unique lay out. 

After a day of running around 
campus taking pictures, \fiss 
Chapman is glad to slop for 
someone else's camera. 

The 1994 Pertelote staff (back 
rovii: Martha Gilliam, Kim 
Borland, Candy Crosy, Chrystal 
Rollinson. Jamie Dalyrmple, and 
Miss Patricia Chapman, ibottom 
roYtl: Sicole Gilbert, and Rya 
Sechrisl. (not pictured: Raymond 
Smith and Mrs. Tina McBridei. 




The Clarion is a major source of 
information and communication at 
Brevard. The students look for- 
ward to the turn out of all the Clar- 
ion staffs hard work to bring us 
the latest in current events and 
news-breaking stories. The Brevard 
newspaper gives the students a 
chance to voice their opinions on 
debated concerns and issues. The 
staff not only keeps the students in- 
formed, but the faculty as we 
with news that counts. 

John Roberts, Assistant Editor: Kim Button, 
Editor; and Raliaum Sliinner, PItoto Editor, 
look oier lists of stories and photos for the 
ne\ t issue of the Clairon. 


John Roberts types away to try to Ben Voegele goes oyer his layout 
complete an article in time for a to make sure it is perfect to he 
deadline. printed. 




Clarion Staff: Kelly Wright, Assistant Editor; 
John Roberts. Assistance Editor: Eim Button. 
Editor: Ben \ oegele. Sports Editor: and Jen- 
nifer Barbee. Assistance Editor: and Brad 
Kimzey. Adyisor. (not pictured — Rahaum 
Skinner. Photo Editor) 

Brad kimzey takes time from his busy sched- 
ual to pose for someone else's camera. 

l.-R: Kim Button. Kelly M right. Tatiana 
Mora. Jennifer Barbie. Alicia l.edford. and 
Robert Holland are the support staff of the 





BC's literary magazine, the Chiaroscuro, is a 
cherished tradition at Brevard College. Dr. Ken 
Chamlee, the advisor, encourages students and even 
faculty on campus to realize their creative potential 
and make their mark by submitting poetry, 
photography, drawings, and short stories. The 
publication, released in early Spring, is a wonderful 
outlet for students' ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. 


The inspiration of this magazine 

prepares for his Creatite Writing 


Chris and John review 

submissions and learn how to 

layout a literary magazine. 

Amy and Geoff enjoy reading student 
contributions from last year. 

112 ~-\ 

C hiaroscuro 



Moments ofreflecliie inspiration yield, hope- 
fully, poetic masterpieces. 

Meredith and Rick sho» that creatiie writing 
J can be both shocking and amusing. 

A modern day Renaissance man, Doug helps 
keep the poetic muse aliie. 



1- 113 


The Student Ambassadors work 
closely with the Admissions Office. 
Their purpose is to be tour guides 
on days when the campus has visit- 
ing and prospective students. Con- 
tributing many hours of hard work 
to the college, these students have 
no problem showing their positive 
attitude, representing BC, and in- 
troducing new students to college 

Caron Surretl, Brooke \ hian. and Beth 
Fisher giie a Saturday morning tuur to a high 
school student and her family. 

During a trustee meeting. Daniel Bowman. 
Student Ambassador President, discusses the 
benefits of attending BC for tno years. 

J_ _M^''^' j Studcnl Ambassadors 


Student Ambassadors: (front row) Chris Ford. Beth Fisher. Kim Button, and Megan Keniick 
(second ronl Brooke Dean, Denise Mckie. Jennifer Barhee. Daniel Bowman. Thomas Weber, 
and Fric Hall, (back row I Amy C'uccia. Flizabeth Lynn. Sam Fuss. Rachael Christian. Candy 
Burton, Kelly Wright, and Dana Dudiinski. 


Now Brevard College reaches out for higher aca- 
demic students' interests. Each semester, from now 
on, faculty members present a research project or in- 
tellectual interest for those students with an academic 
concentration. Dr. Scott Sheffield launched the pro- 
gram in hopes of the faculty spending even more time 
with students in a relaxed, yet stimulating atmo- 
sphere. If two heads are better than one, then expect 
big things to come from this group. 

Socialization among teachers and 
students »ith great refreshments 
adds much to the experience of 
being a Bretard Scholar. 

At a Bretard Scholars meeting, 
the students learn about topics 
that interest them, like this one 
from Dr. Llewellyn. 

LeZonn and President Bertrand engage in a 
deep, intellectual conversation after one of the 

Dr. Sheffield, the creator of the program, en- 
tertains t»o scholars after a meeting. 

Brevard Scholars 




PTK, the international honor 
fraternity of 2 yr. colleges, exists to 
recognize academic excellence. 
Membership in this organization is 
a privilege earned by qualifica- 
tions, honor, and service. The 
Delta Pi Chapter of BC conducts 
activities to give programs on an 
Honors Topic each year. Apart 
from sponsoring programs and 
conducting fund raisers, members 
also have the opportunity to attend 
Leadership conferences and con- 
ventions as they did this year in 
Wilmington, NC 

PTK officers: Josh Poindexter, Amy Cuccia. 
Robert Moore, and Kim Button. 

Faculty members Bill Suder and Ginny Tillot- 
son await to induct Tom Pettard. and Kevin 
Lee into PTK. 

Linda Epperson receives the light from Burn- 
ley Ganus during the induction ceremony. 



116 -I 



PTK members: (standing) Rhue Miller, sponsor, John Lambert, Layten Parker, Min Kim, Chris 
Hall, Linda Epperson, Terri Credille. Rebecca Stine, Amy Cuccia. Kim Button, and Robbie 
Warren, asst. (Sitting!: Brian Burris. Robert Moore, Keri Sorkcn, Ai Okuda, Tonia Windam. 
Denise McKie. and Dana Dudsinski. 


The top four students with the highest GPA are the 
Student Marshalls of Brevard College. They were 
selected before going into their sophomore year, 
during the summer of 1994. These four students are 
Aaron Barnes, Ross Gillespie, Dana Dudsinzki, and 
Amy Cuccia. Along with setting a good example for 
the BC community, they march with the faculty at 
Fall and Spring Convocation. 

BC Student Marshalls: Amy Cuccia. Dana 
Dudsinski. Ross Gillespie, and Aaron 

Before Fall Contocalion. the Student 
Marshalls mingle viith other students. 

) ou can still hate fun and succeed — as Dana 
and Am t affirm. 

Student Marshalls 


I- 117 

Chris Ford, Student Goyernment 
President: Jo Woodruff. Judicial 
Board Vice-President; and Dustin 
Calhoun, Social Board 

Members of the Social Board 
entertain the Transyhania 
County Board of Commissioners. 


^ -^n^^^^^r ^^l 

Ik*' ^h M^^Ma B 


Judicial Board: (standing! Pablo 
Sanchez, advisor; Geoff Hunt, 
John Milner, Stewart Johnson, 
Travis Marley, Brandon Printup, 
Fred Woodward, (sitting): 
Jennifer Lemmons, Jo Woodruff, 
Stephanie Nutting, and Min Kim. 

Chrystal enjoys the socializing 
part of this organization. 

118 -I 

Student Government 



The Student Government Association represents 
views of the student body to the administration. This 
organization works to improve campus life for all stu- 
dents. The Student Government Association includes 
both the Social Board and the Judicial Board. The 
Social Board sponsors the Halloween dance, the 
Homecoming Dance, and the Spring formal and is re- 
sponsible for all other college-sponsored student en- 
tertainment. The Judicial Board hears appeals from 
students who have been involved in disciplinary ac- 

Even Jo and Chris can relax and hate fun. 

Daniel and Fred prepare for a J-board meet- 
ing in a light-hearted manner. 

Derek, Andrea. Candy. Bobbie Jo. James, 
Mike, Lyle, John, Chris, and Erin show off 
the Social Board way of celebrating with 
Christmas spirit. 

Social Board 



-fci. " —rsr- -7j— 




Spanis^li And 

The Spanish Club, sponsored by Judy Pascale, as 
well as the French Club which is sponsored by Joy 
Bulluck, enjoyed a successful year. Both clubs are 
designed to encourage the members to appreciate and 
participate in other cultures. Special presentations, 
guest speakers, films, and socials help them fulfill this 
goal. Field trips also enhance awareness and 
appreciation of the larger world around us. This year 
the French Club traveled to the Biltmore House in 
Asheville which incorporates features from the 
Chateaux of the Loire. The Spanish Club, as well 
enjoyed an outing of their own when they were invited 
to a fiesta at Senora Pascale's house. 

Members of the Spanish Club 
enjoy a trip to a Mexican Res- 

The French Club: {back row) 
Donald Philippe, Tyrone 
!\'emorin, Georff Greene. 
Maria Rondeli. and Josh 
Poindexler. (front ro»l Joy 
Bulluck, Raymond Smith, 
!^ancy Genes, Mary Cordell, 
Catherine Carpenter, and Lau- 
rie Dalrymple. (sitting) Dan 

Spanish and French 


*- lai 



Recycling has become very pop- 
ular these days. Dr. Bob Glesenor 
works hard with President Beth 
Fisher and Vice-President Heather 
Waitman to keep BC Recycles an 
important part of Brevard. This en- 
vironmental staff has put recycling 
bends up campus wide to ask for 
student support in recycling. 

Jon Roberts. Mary Lineberry. Heather Waitman, Beth Fisher. Raymond Smith, Chrystal Rolli- 
son. Jace Freeman, and Josh Hamilton. 

F.lizabeth and Robbie are hard at work col- Beth Fisher shows the easy way to paint the Putting her artistic talent to work. Heather 
lectins the paper to recycle. shed. M ailman decorates the BC Recycle boy. 


BC Recycles 




Seac. Student 
Environmental Action 
Coalition, was formed to 
further educate and 
encourage students to get 
involved in environmental 
issues which affect us all. 
The newly developed group 
on campus were fortunate 
to attend the State 
Conference at Duke 
University. Advisor Bob 
Glesener and President 
Beth Fisher state that as the 
years progress, groups such 
as this one will become 
more instrumental to the 
progress and success of the 
human race. 

During a late night meeting. Jon and 
Mary address letters of support to 
local statewide organizations. 


Seac members: (I to rl Mary Lineberry. Jon Roberts. Beth Fisher. Sam 

Fuss, and Heather Waitman. 

President Beth Fisber discusses local environmental issues. 



^- 133 


College Life, sponsored by the 

Chaplain of the College, Ernie 

Mills, is an organization that seeks 

to explore and celebrate all facets 

of one's experience in college, 

while emphasizing the personal 

and the religious. This year the 

club found a new home in one of 

the duplexes, and there the group 

met each week to have fellowship, 

sing, worship, and just relax after a 

stressful day of college. 

Thomas lislens attentively as Mr. Mills 
explains one of the many parables in the 


Several students enjoy having the 

opportunity to discuss their trials and 

tribulations while at college. 

1^4 -I 

College Life 


Outdooi* Club 

The Outdoor Club, advised by Clyde Carter, was 
organized this year for those students with a common 
interest in the outdoors, or namely activities in the 
wilderness. The club met each week at the Climbing 
wall in the gym to plan their "outings" and were able to 
go on many climbing, rafting, backpacking, and 
canoeing trips in Pisgah Forest and the surrounding 

Brad McCarley and Jon Lamert (Co-Presidents of the club) discuss 
upcoming rock-climbing trips with other members. 

Jon takes advice from a guest lecturer about climbing and bungee 


Mr. Carter supenises at a club meeting while members tackle the 

Climbing Wall. 

Outdoor Club 



Concert Band 

Djiid Kirb}. Director 


Mat Hendrix 
Nozomi Yamada 
Amy Goodman 
Sarah Goodman 


Kim Mega 


Tami Knesel 
Dale Taylor 


Jennifer Phillips 
Angic Shclion 
Paul Summers 
Derrick Weaver 
Chris Whatley 
Tonia Windham 


Clay Brookms 
Paul Gerbcr 
Leisha Harve\ 
Rob Riddle 


Chris Elmore 
Darryl Forney 
Scott Ferris 
Denisc McKie 
Pete Small 
John Sprouse 


Dale McSwain 
Leon Kirkpatrick 
Todd Baker 


Chris Bunion 
Andy Bacz 
Jamie Parsons 


Daniel f rankenbergcr 
Chris Walters 


Layton Parker 
Adam Puree}} 
Doug Stroud 


Aungrac Hlliot 
Collins Latimer 
LeZonn Miller 
Derek Sa ndlin 
John Smith 

^'Sfe-.' ^ 

"i 9^tt Conccrl Band 


KjHpn^^f ^ 

M^MMgjIpw m 



>'''■ V'^Lici J 

r ..■» f Isi^ 


Jazz Ensemble 

Da vid Kirby. Director 


Clay Brookins 
Paul Gcrber 
Leisba Harvey 
Dale McSwain 
Mami Mon 
Rob Riddle 
Derrick Weaver 


Chns Elmore 
Darry I Forney 
Scoit Ferris 
Denise McKie 
John Sprouse 


Chris Bunion 
Andy Baez 
Chisako \akamura 
Lay ton Parker 
Chris Walters 


Nozomi Yamada 


A I Okuda. piano 
Adam Puree!!, bass 
Tim Bells, guitar 
Pelc Small, guiiar 
Chris Bunion, guitar 
LeZonn Miller, drums 
Derek Sandlin. drums 
John Smilh, drums 

Jazz Ensemble 



Brass Choir 

Ruth Still. Director 


Diirry I Forney 
Denise McKic 
Scoit Fern's 
Chris Elmore 
John Sprouse 


Dale McSwain 
Todd Baker 
Leon Kirkpatrick 


Chris Bunton 
Chisako Nakamura 
Andy Baez 


Daniel Frankenberger 
Chris Walters 


Layton Parker 
Doug Stroud 

Student C onductors: 

Leon Kirkpatrick 
Daniel Frankenberger 

_^ ^-^^^ Brass Choir 



Percussion Ensemble 

Dune Oi^. Director 

L eZonne Miller 
John Smith 
Derek Sandim 
Collins Latimer 
Aungrae Elliot 
Lauren Cobb 

Woodwind Quintet 

\fait Hendnx. flute 
Kim Mega, oboe 
Derrick Weaver, clarinet 
Dale McSv.ain, horn 
Tami Knesel. bassoon 



Guitar Ensemble 

David Stephenson, Director 

Pete Small 
Bryan Womack 
John Tougas 
Scott McManus 

130 Hi 

String Ensemble 

Sidney Baker. Director 


Jennifer Cook 
Kimberly Winn 
Sandra Saviver 
Scjan Yun 
Georgianna White 


Buillermo Perick 
Patricia Batcher 
Ann Sloutamire 




Collegiate Singers 

DuMii Zuschin. Director 


*Christinc Barba 

Maria Barelski 

Jennifer Berry 

Christina Camacho 

Beth Cordell 

•Amy McDonald 

•Stephanie Nutting 

Ai Okuda 

Donna Pimcntal 

•Melinda Ruch 

•Bobbie Jo Simmons 

•Rebecca Stine 

Tenia Windham 

•Laurie Wyrick 


•Hiromi Akiyama 

Kathrvn Bentley 

Jennifer Cook 

Catherine Culpepper 

Nancy Genes 

Sejan Yun 

•Share Riser 

Tami Knesel 

Angela Knighlen 

•Mary Pavco 

Jennifer Phillips 

Vivian Rivers 

•Christel Sarchet 

Angic Shelton 

•Kerri Sorkin 

•Penny Tapper 


*Lyle Alexis 

Todd Baker 

Aungrae Elliot 

•Jason Freeman 

Tarus Johnson 

Leon Kirkpatrick 

•Justin McGuirc 

Chris Mulligan 

James Parker 

•Patrick Resoika 

•Shane Tanner 

•Brett Tate 

John Tougas 

Mat Hendrix 


•Jeffrey Adams 

Lee Dameron 

•Chris Edwards 

Dan Frankenberger 

•David Gilbert 

Collins Latimer 

Scott McManus 

•Joshua Poindexter 

•Chad Steward 

Doug Stroud 

Paul Summers 

Dale Taylor 

Tim Thew 

Derrick Weaver 

Bryant Womack 

Fred Woodward 

•also m Vocal Workshop 


Collegiate Singers 



I- 133 





<"'' ^^'''''' 



1- 135 


Team Us Them 

Mars Hill 7 4 S.Creemille IS 


Emmanuel t ]2 5 

« / Mars Hill « 


VSC-Salkehalchie 6 J Spartanburg 17 


■< J 


Truell McConnell 10 6 Montreal Anderson 7 

-' 7 

Anderson 10 2 Louisburg II 



6 2 


Hagerslown -4 .) Spartanburg 4 


» ■/ # 


Montreal Anderson 12 2 Young Harris 7 


4 7 


Roane St. 7 « y.Creeniille 4 


1 (• 5 


Halters St. 10 /; I SCSalkehatchie 6 


II -' / 


Carson \e« man 12 .? \ oung Harris 6 

S 4 5 


Hit*assee ^2 6 


2 4 

Louisburg 6 / HORLD SERIES 

* 7 Butter, Kansas 5 


Cuyahoga 10 5 Muscatine. lo» a S(4^-I5) 
6 5 


« 7 
Anderson -? < 


Emmanuel 4 J 

Back rox (I to ri: ( oach Slraupe. Jason Corhell. Brnndtin Hanks. Dylan Daiis. (had Eaircliilh. Brandon lliillicr. Stcte 
Mullis. (,ary Sbufnrd. Tim Bro»n. Beau Binns, Heath lirttwn. (oach Mike tfoss. t2nd rout: Taylor I ulhrcn. Mali llat- 
lon. Daniel BoMman. Sleie Sanders. ( liff ( anicron. Derek llenson. Darron I adouceur. Stete Blakenship. Tah I'allon. 
Tarus .lohnsnn. isilling: Ben t oegele. Mike English. Scott I'aslushok. Roh Schramm, loel Porter, larcd Coldherg. (had 
Berr\man. and ( oach .loe dahrielli. 

136 -I 



During the World Series in Colo- 
Jason sprints towards third base rado. Tim Bronn deliiers a pitch 
as Jared keeps his focus on first. against lona. 

, Mike English pitches his famous 
curie ball. 


In a game against Furman, Tab 
prepares for a hopeful easy out. 

Chad takes out Derek in an inter- 
squad game. 




.T^fc CT^ ^TTTjr*^ .i&.^s:aiBys5»'fc4,B 

Shotting the importance of 
attack. Sarah Milona takes 
possesion and heads for the goal. 







Man Hill College 



Clemson l'niiersit\ 



Lenis and Clark CC 



Anderson College 



St. Louis CC 



St. Louis CC 



Dupage College 



Anderson College 



Spartanburg Meth. 



Mercer Co. CC 

Schoolcraft College 




Meredith College 


Essex CC 


Anderson College 



Essex CC 


Champlain College 


Flagler College 



Rollins College 



Spartanburg Meth. 



J >- 


-- ^ 

Top Ron (L-Ri: Jennifer Williams, Stacy Kuhr, Jennifer Bennett. Jennifer Hill. Tyanne Blisset. Tracey 
Pignataro, Sarah Milona. Coach Joe Bartlinski. Bottom Row (L-Rl: Rebecca Rice, Tammy Morse, Shelia 
Best, Michelle Joyce. Dawn Haessig, Melissa Mcintosh, Jennifer Walsh. 

'^^ ^ 

138 -\ 

Women's Socc 


Jennifer Walsh » ins possession 
of the ball during the 
Homecoming game against Essex 
College nhile her teammates 6acA 
her up. 

Jennifer Bennett defends the 


^ ~ 

W ith the sliill of an 
.Mi-American, Dattn Haessig 
finds herself alone again aith no 
one but the keeper between her 
and that all-important goal. 

Team Captain Dawn Haessig 
recei}es the District X plaque 
after Breiard's 7-2 »in over 
Dupage College. 

Women's Soccer 




There is no feeling like a goal or 
ninning a game, especially 
against Bretard's all-time riial. 
Anderson. Here John Sola and 
Charlie Holt check to see if these 
tno can still breathe. 






Montreal Anderson 


I nil. of V. Rorida 4 .1 

Le»is and Clark 


Florida CC-Jax 3 2 

Andrew College 


Truett McConnell 11 

Anderson College 


Spartanburg Meth. 1 4 

Harren VMIson 


Dekalb College 2 4 

Spartanburg Meth. 


Milligan College 3 

Truett McConnell 


Anderson College 3 4 Region \ 

Daiidson College Res. 


Daiidson College Res. 


Reinhardt College 


Anderson College 


Back roH il to rl: Ryan Tudhope. Allen Broun. Jesse Dunker. Br\an Bradner, John .Sole. Kareen Omary, 
Glad Bugariu. Ben Zierden. Steie Robinson. Matt Millet, and Coach Andy Shaefer. (first ro»): Shane 
Hicks. C.eorge Hanyok. I)a,e Harrison. Josh Markle. Charley Holt. Tom Stahlschmidt. Lance Martin 
l.ance toden, and Bubba Halls. 

140 -I 

Men's Soccer 


Eten though it looks like Bubba 
is asking Charlie to dance, the} 
are really planning a tactical 

As the saying goes. "Sacrifice the 
bod} for the ball.'" The Bretard 
men shot* this gallanti} b} 
leaping into the air for the 
possible goal. 

The look of total concentration is 
not uncommon as Datid goes for 
the ball. 

Beating you man is essential to 
offense. Go Ben! 

Matt seems to be the onh one 
nho is in the mood for soccer. 
What's eieryone looking at? 

Men's Soccer 


HI- 141 

Displaying good defense, Sureka 
bloclis tlie ball. 






Denmark Tech 

\ot. 1 

Truetl McConnell Tournament 

\oK 4-S 

Tip-Off Tournament 

No*. Itt-II 

Truell McConnell 

Denmark Tech 

So,. 18 

Satannah Tech 

Vor. 19 

Reiahardi College 

^'ot. 30 

Carolina- Tenn. Classic 

Dec. 2-4 


Dec. 7 

Chattahoochee Tournament 

Mt. Moysius Tournament 

Jan. 1.1- N 


Jan. IS 

Satannah Tech. 

Jan. 23 


Jan. 29 


Feb. 2 


Feb. 4 

Tniett McConnell 

Feb. 7 

North Creen title College 

Feb. 9 

Spartanburg Methodist 

Feb. iS 


Feb. 17 

Region V Tournament 

Feb. 23-25 

f. £1 



Back ron 
Heather (, 

{I to rl. 

Sheila Best. Tish Mcl.aughin, Veronica Greenlee, Key ana Burden, Dusty Orr, Angela 
a Hammonds, Tia Brown. (First row): Keeta Robinson. Katina Corbet, Jo Woodruff, 
and .lenni DeSaeger. 

142 H 

Women's Baskclball 



Jo and \eronica fight their 
opponent for possession of the 


During a time out. Coach .\'elon 
orchestrates their new strategies. 



Kristen psyches out her opponent 
before passing the ball. 

The Lad} Tornado offense 
attempts to score the winning 

Women's Basketball 


i- 143 


■- ■-rf»i**r:s- 

Coach Bradley stirs up 
destructhe tactics and primes the 
team for domination. 





Opponent Date 

Roane Stale 

Jan. 14 

Crossfire \ot. I 


Jan. IS 

Anderson Classic \ot. 4-5 

ISC Salkehatchie 

Jan. 21 

+ Viallers Slate. Raeford. 


Jan. 22 

Aitderson and Bretard + 

Emory J. I , 

Jan. 28 

Clinton \o\. 8 

Forsyth Tech 

Jan. 30 

Piiza Hut Classic Vot. 11-12 

Spartanburg Methodist 

Feb. 2 

+ Roane State. Spartanburg, 


Feb. 4 

Hia>*assee and Breiard* 

\orlh Green* Hie 

Feb. 9 

Clinton \ot. IS 

Spartanburg Methodist 

Feb. IS 

Aiken Tech So*. 18 

ISC Salkehatchie 

Feb. 19 

Anderson \ot. 19 

\orth Greenulle 

Feb. 23 

Walters State So,. 22 


Feb. 26 

Aiken Tech \ok JO 

Region \ Tournament 

Mar. 2-4 

Hiattassee Dec. .1 

Middle Georgia Dec. 4 

Back row (I to r): Coach Dudley Bradley, Adrian Phifer. Carlos Green, Teon Cooke, John Lyda. Sean Ragle. 
Dennis Gabriel, Ross Brooks, Anthony McKay, Oneal Vernon, and Anthony Harding, (first ro»): Roger 
Hady, Jason Chappell, Gary McCall, Seattle Setzer, Will Fleming, Joe Cooper, Ketin Jones, Anthony Dar- 
den, Rodney Milton, and Mike Felder. 

144 -I 

Men's Basketball 



Jumping, nalking, oreten 
Mike thruits into the air and standing in mid-air is no problem 

explodes nith a deadly dunk. for Oneal. 

>^7Ta^ ■ 

Uith Scott} on the attack, the 
Tornadoes look to increase their 

White men can't xhat? John 
helps Breiard grab an eas\ t»o 
points off the paint. 

The Tornado defense h hirls 
around the opposition, hopefully 
preienting any points to the 

Men's Basketball 


I- 145 

"^•trg'j^ a u-'.^ £. \. T.- *^ 

These nomen knon the 
importance of stretching before a 

Men's and Wonnen's 

Cross Country 

Women Men 

Greensboro Invitational - 

Greensboro Invitational 

1st out of 1 1 teams 

1st out of i 1 teams 

Alfred State Intitational — 

Alfred Stale Invitational — 

1st out of .1 teams 

1st out of 9 learns 

North Carolina Collegiate 

North Carolina Collegiate 

Championships — 

Championships — 

10th out of 18 teams 

1st out of 19 teams 

Southeastern Small College 

Southeastern Small College 

Championships — 

Championships — 

4th out of 16 teams 

1st out of 22 teams 

Region \ Championships — 

Region X Championships — 

1st out of 2 teams 

1st out of 2 teams 

NJCAA National Champion- 

NJCAA National Champion- 

ships — 

ships — 

5ih out of 8 teams 

4th out of 8 teams 

Back. roK (I to ril: Matthett Repass, ISiles Yantchook. John McMillian. Jeremy Rogers, Tommy Lancaster. 
Waller huhn. Daiid Deere, ( hris fluchos. Coach Date Rinkcr. i2nd ronk Rick Simolari. Hill BalilHin, 
Jason ) uknus, Roger f lark, dreg Destefano, James ( lanton. John Johnston, James Sinkoski. Patrick 
Oibson. I front ro»l: Helen Crindstaff, Lori Brunncr, Maria (ielford. Erika Morron, Hillary h'enner, 
Christina Olsen, Lynn Price, and Cori Rhoades. 

146 -I 

C ross Cuunlrv 


Helen Grindslaff blazes for the 

Coach Rinker presents John and 
the other team members »ith a 
plaque for » inning the regionals. 

These men hare to psyche 
Ihemsehes out in order to prepare 
for an intense 5A' run. 

The Breiard »omen begin racing 
to liclory. 

■j_ Bretard's men focus on pulling 

ahead of the field. 


Cross Country 


I- \^7 

At the \A Tech Iniilational, 
Ericka and Cori race to the finish 
line in the 1000 meter race. 

Men's and women's 
Traek And Field 



14 lech Iniilational 

Jan. 21-22 

I S Air Iniilational 
Clem^on Indoor Classic 

Jan. 27-28 
Teh. 10 

Tennessee Iniilalional 

Teh. 17 

\JCAA Sational Championships 
Clemson Outdoor Relays 
Raleigh Relays 
Emory Classic 

March 2-4 
.March 18 
March 24-25 
April 1 

Duke Iniilational 
OR Sea Ra I Relats 

April 7-8 

H estern Carolina Iny. 
Pembroke Stale Ini. 
Penn Relays 
Last Chance Meet 
Last Chance Meet 

April 15 
.April 22 
April 27-29 
May 6 
May 13 

NJCAA Championships 

Mar 18-20 

1st rott (I to rl: Christina Olsen. Erika Morrow, l.ynn Price, Lisa Roberts, lori Brunner. Cori Rhoades. 
Chrissy Martin. Maria (ietford. and Kim Richartison. (2nd ronl: Rohert Easter. Bill Bald»in. Tommy 
Lancaster. (,reg Deslefano. James Clanton. Rick Simolari. Brian Eduards. i.lrdroni: Ben Paiidson.Jimmi 
Sinkoski. Chris Pluchos. Sherod Segars. Mies Yantchook. Jeremy Rogers. John McMillian. (last ro»l: 
Terry .Smith. .Marcus Lester, John Johnson. Slete Mulanie. Waller Kuhn. Mall Repass, and Patrick 

148 -I 

Track Ami ( icid 


Jaion. John, and James gain the 
Lisa goes the distance on the long lead on the competition during a 
jump. 1000 meter race in \irginia. 

Shooting out of the blocks, 
Marcus and Sherod sprint the S$ 
meter dash. 

Ben displays good form while 

Walter. Chris, Robert practice 
steeple chasing for the upcoming 

Track And Field 



Tat lor Greganti, Billy Hendrix, 
and Me\ Campagnoli. 




Team Us 


Full tournament 

UNCA 317 


schedule begins 



March 3, 1995. 

Mars Hill 321 


Region X tourna- 
ment begins in April. 

N. Greenville 

Tech. 159 


Ian lakes his turn al pulling. 

150 -I 




Ale\ practices good form «hile 
teeing off at Clen Cannon 
Country Club. 

Coach ) ager, a professional golf 
player, giies his team a fen 
pointers before the tournament. 

' .Aim for the tee and not the 
i ttindotfs! 


Jeff Durham. A lex Campagnoli, 
Billy Hendrix and Coach ) ager. 




Sam and Bill} practice their stunts 
before a game. 

The cheerleaders naif on the 

sidelines as the referees argue oter a 


After the halloween bonfire, the 

cheerleaders find someone lurking in 

the shado»s. 

isa -I 




BC Cheerleaders: bottom (I to r) 
Rachael Christian, Bill Hendrix. Dana 
Dudsinki, Megan Remick, Geoff Green 
and Amy Cuccia. (sitting) Elizabeth 
j Swearingen. (top) Samantha Fuss, 
i Nakia Alexander, co-captain; and Amy 
Bennett, captain. 

!\akia and Megan get all fired up 
during a game. 





■'•"^^^^ ,^A.^!**-'"3S^:.- 


154 -I 



\ I 






1 1 
t J 



1 "■ 

^^^H^^r / i 

IK- WW*"**' 




Tt^tAitt^ <^»id ^eut St<t^ 

"Stct <x*t£^ Aa <ut ^^ncx. 

So eCoMut ^oe^ eCotoK to eCcuf,. 
'}totAi4u^ ^o£d e<ttt iXUUf.. 


Randv Jackson 




/ -. - — * 

160 -I 




1. ^!\> 

I'f #'/ 


I- 161 

*«jfy..fa i> .^**<JH 

163 -I 






164 -I 



Photo courtesy of Brad Kimsey 

166 -I 






Wishes best of luck to those moving onward 
as well as those returning. 

College Walk, Neely Road, P.O. Box 1117, Brevard, NC 28712 

168 -+ 



V "!",;■■' T-i n 

f:p^^iii .£iif;z 

1 ^ji 





AL & DIANE CHU-DRESS 704-884-4453 



"IVliere Fashion Begins" 



Sam Gillani 

■HE. Man: Si. 

Brefard, NC 2S712 

Phone <jf Fax: 



A Nice Place Ti' Slav, In .4 Gooil Timri To Live 

Owners - Manaj^crs 

(70*) KH4-:W5(i 

750 .\.( ulihvell Si 
Drcviinl, NC 2K7 1 U 


\- 169 




|9p 0lti Poob Jioofe 

anb ILo^t tlnirorn iHtu. Craftjf 

15-17 South Broad Street. Brevard. NC 28712 
704) 88 3-9745 « A l L. Jean Baitezore. Owners 

Sen. Murder. AduJlery. joy. S ofrow. Passion &. Mayhem. 



© &\LOON 



Sagebrush of Brevard, Inc. #21 

985 West Asheville Highway 

Brevard, NC 28712 


Drug Centers 


Dogwood Plaza 

Brevard, N.C. 




170 -4 


Your Only 

An Institution 
Since 1867 

TheTransylvania Times 

Monday & Thursday 

''-VJ] Victorian %gsc Tea %poiiv 

Luncfteotts • afternoon Tea • Cji/ts 

Sfiawn 'J'uUiam 
jaclqe 'J^cfiaris 

30 Jordan Street 





fite. Boats 'n Boots *to(^'^'^' 

Mtn. bike rentals-full service bike shop 


camping-climbing-whitewater sports 

Hwy. 64 (entrance to Pisgah Forest) 

Roxanne Smith-manager -883-Wild 


I- 171 

iON SShi 

270 Forest Gate Center 

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 

Phone (704) 885-7946 

Open 7 Days A Week 

Lunch Buffet 

Mon.-Sun. 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

Mon.-Sat. 5:00 p.m. ■ 9:30 p.m. 

Everybody is excited about 

O.P. Taylor's 

in downtown Brevard 
(well... almost everybody!) 

17a -f 


the 'Difference'' 

1 IHMIB m 



406 N. Broad St. 

"Princess Plaza" 

Brevard, NC 28712 



Soup And Salad Bar 

<A// You Can Bat Breakfast S Buffet 

Asheville Hwy. 

Brevard. NC 704-8S4-2949 



The Complete Home lurnisliing Center 



W F Minn ".I 
Lirevanl, NC ?>l7t/ 

(704) 883-3116 
Home 883-8331 

Cat & Co. 

1 7 W. Moin Si. 

Brevord, NC. 28712 

(704) 884-CATS 

Gifts, Collectibles & Home 
Accessories for Cot Lovers & Others 




First Citizens' 
Student Account 




Mfinljer FDIC and Your Communily. 




"Where Shoppers 
Come First" 



409 N. Broad St., Brevard, NC. 28712 
(704) 884-2424 


Arthur B. Love 
Pamela Love 
(704) 884-4601 

JlouLi. Q.e.i\jLl\u 

30 Easl Main Street 
Brevard. NC 28712 

. . . . ■ . ag . . . 1 . 1 . . 

Here's to bigger and 
better things in your future! 

I -^ 







*- 175 






Open S4 





176 -I 


Jim ']imlx>' Mctlroy 

(704) 884-3733 



420 S. Broad Street 
Brevard, NC28712 



708 N. Broad SL 

next lo Brevard College 



f- 177 

:-■ r : : : . ; :.i'' ■■■ :i~ --■(.■. ^:.- ■^.- \n ,-. . ,^ -t:-,-,; i-.-^^.-r.^Kr;.-^ — jC'-^ - --^i?/ 

€W^ TAN 

;; (Juihv K 

>< iMvKMUiW i<<».«i««*;w*w«U« i .Ma»;«»iUfc>^ 

:l Culhy Kilchcn 

1020 Mhcvillc Wvy 
Brevard, NC 28712 



Specializing in Outdoor & Climbing Equipment 



Mike & Julie McCormick 


Office (704) 884-5854 

Res (704) 884-5808 

33 New Hcndersonville Hwy . Pisgafi Forest, NC 28768 




178 -t 



PHONE (704) 883-3020 


Than rl 


Kflore 1 nan 

Designed Especially Fcr You 


BREVARD, N. C. 28712 



Sanford & Linda McCosh 

1 70th 



Camera ■ Film ■ Photofinishing 

Passport Photos 

Musical Supplies - Tapes & CD's 

11 East Main St. Brevard, N. C. 

Phone 884-6425 








It is when you can laugh with one another, cry with 
one another, be at your best or worst with another, 
that you share the gift of true friendship. 

180 -I 




I would like to say goodbye to all my friends in 
which we shared a lot of great times and experiences. 
Brevard gave us a lot to move forward with. A very 
special thanks goes to my mom and dad for all the 
help they have given me and for supporting my every 
decision even if they felt it was the wrong one. Also, 
thanks to Bobby and Dawn, who in very odd ways 
kept me from giving up when things were down. I love 
you all! I leave with one last saying: 

The Lord watches over all who love him, 

but all the wicked he will destroy. Psalms: 145 




I- 181 


This index is intended for the pri\ate use of BC staff, faculty, 

and students and may not be used for any other purposes without 

the permission of Brevard College. 


Andro Abashidze 

Mr & MriNukrci Abashidze 

KipshJdzcStr N8 

Ft J I 106 


Michael Christian Abel 

Mr & Mrs Don A. Abel 
:35Frazier Rd 
Franklin NC 28734 

BHIie Jean Adams 

Ms Nancy C Nagy 
656 Dobson St 
Kerncrsvillc NC 27284 

Jeffrey Charles Adams 

Ms AIjcc A. Ware 
3328 Fish Haichcn Rd 
GaslonSC 29053 

James Robert Akers Jr. 

2500 Shenandoah Dr 
Chattanooga TN 37421 

Taketoshi Akita 

Taizho Akita 

220 Uruka Ichinomiya-cho 


Hyogo 671-41 JAPAN 

Hiromi Akiyama 

Mr & Mrs Kazunisa Akiyama 
Takikawa BIdg 3F. 3-8-9 
Shinjuku. 5hinjuku-ku 
Tokyo 160 JAPAN 

Nakia Lashawn Alexander 

Ms, Wanda A Logan 
54 Avery's Creek Ln 
ArdenNC 28704 

Lyte Matthew Alexis-Gilkes 

Mr Colson F. dikes 
7415 Valrie Lane 
Rivcrvicw FL 33569 

Stephen Gregory Amburgey 

Mr it. Mrs Slcphcn G Amburgey 

bos 245 

Ermine KV4I8I5 

Piper Andre 

Ms Patricia A Skcvmglon 

1 6 Forest Dr 

Hillon Head SC 29928 

Nancy Lyn Andrews 

Mr & Nirs John Stewari 
8289 W BoyntonBch Blvd. 
Boynlon FL 33437 

Chesley Irene Annis 

Mr & Mrs Jack C Annis Jr. 
5 Ciaircasllc Dr 
Ashcville NC 28787 

Vasuhiro Aral 

12-17 Tcnjin-cho 
2-chomc. Oyama<shi 
Tochigi 323 JAPAN 

Daniela Stefani Argiro 

Mr & Mrs Mario Argiro 

405 Coral Way 

Fl Lauderdale FL 33301 

Angela Marie Armstrong 

Mr & Mrs. David J Armstrong 
Rl 2. Bo*534-N 
Dallas NC 28034 

ftiah Victorovitch Assalin 

Mr A Mrs Victor V Assalin 
7-242, Soviet Square Si 
Kolomna 140407 RUSSIA 

Takuroh Atsuta 

Junsaku Atsuta 

1 1-1 Tsuboi-machi 


Okayama 708 JAPAN 

John Denton Aubrey 

Ms, Charlotte N Aubrey 
1055 Richwood Ave 
Cincinnati OH 45208 


Andres R. Baez 

Mr. & Mrs Elhol M Schattner 
1434 Lakcndgc Court 
Macon GA 3121 I 

Kelly Wallace Baird 

Dt iMrs HaynesW Baird 
2805 New Hanover Dr. 
Greensboro NC 27408 

Todd Allan Baker 

Mr, & Mrs Allan H Baker 
Rt I. Box I68,D 
Old Fori NC 28762 

William Carroll Baldwin 

84 Sayles Town Rd. 
Fairview NC 28730 

Allison Leigh Ballinger 

Mr Si. Mrs Eddv D Ballinger 

413 Rd 

Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Brandon Daniel Banks 

Mr 4 Mrs Joseph G- Keller 
1027 Maple Si. 
Granite Fall NC 28630 

Christine Marie Barba 

8076 Rannoch Moor Dr 
Winston GA 30187 

Jennifer Lee Barbee 

Mr & Mrs Everett L Barbee 
Rt. II.Bo«3974 
Lexington NC 27292 

Maria Rose Barelski 

Mr & Mrs Paul M Barelski 
2979 Emerald 
Memphis TN 381 15 

William Micou Jordan 

3416 Southview Ave. 
Montgomery AL36I1 1 

Aaron Lee Banres 

Mr & Mrs. Robert L Barnes 

PO Box 722 

Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Chelsea Nicole Bartlett 

Mr & Mrs Jnnscn L Bartlett 


Pilot Mountain NC 27041 

William Ra y Beding field 

Mr & Mrs Wiilia'm R BcdingTeld 
CummingGA 30130 

Stacey Christian Bell 

Mr & ^^rs Tilman W Bell 
SOSoulhwicke Dr 
Arden NC 28704 

Ari Lee Beloate 

Mr & Mrs Bobby A Beloate 
3S25 Nellie Lane 
Roswcll GA 30075 

Theodore Carl Bench 

Mr * Mrs Ted C Bench 
105 Lilac Dr 
Annandale N3 08801 

Amy Michelle Bennett 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary K Bennett 
26 Maple Crescent 
Asheville NC 28806 

Jennifer Lynn Bennett 

Mr & Mrs Cline M Bennett 
4738 Mulberry Bush Ct 
Jacksonville FL 32257 

Kathryn Anne Bentley 

Mr. & Mrs James B Bentley 
6311 Ben Lippen Rd 
Asheville NC 28806 

Jennifer Marie Berry 

Mr * Mrs John M. Berry 
7695 Mill Stream Dr. 
Naples FL 33942 

William Chad Berryman 

Mr & Mrs William T Bcrrvman 
503 Villa St 
Kannapolis NC 28083 

Sheila Renee Best 

Mr. & Mrs Bobby S. Best 
Raleigh NC 27607 

Timothy Reid Belts 

Mr & Mrs. Dennis R. Belts 

5204 Fox Hum Dr 


Greensboro NC 27407-6357 

Alton Murray Bickley III 

Mr & Mrs Alton M Bicklev Jr. 
PO Box 189 
MarshallvilleGA 31057 

Beau Christopher Binns 

Mr & Mrs Beau G. Binns 
8501 Grucnewald Lane 
Charlotte NC 28210 

Richard Merritt Bladon 

Mr it Mrs H Marvin Harrison 
114 W Augusta PI. 
Greenville SC 29605 

David Stephen Blankenship 

314Ridgccrcsl Dr 
King NC 27021 

Frank Kasal Blecha III 

Mr Sl Mrs Frank K Blecha Jr 
1 37 Old Count) Home Road 
Brevard NC 28712 

Tyann Rachael Blissett 

Mr. & Mrs. Rod R. Blissett 
7319 Belter Hours Ct 
Columbia MD 21045 

Steve BIythe 

PO Box 925 
Brevard NC 28712 

Ian Dwa yne Bollinger 

Ms Lois E. [Zollinger 

PO Box 122 

Balsam Grove NC 28708 

Hans Eriine Bone 

Mr. & Mrs John E Bone 
PO Box 1163 
Brevard NC 28712 

Sven Erik Bone 

Mrs John E Bone 
PO Box 1163 
Brevard NC 28712 

Douglas Simons Bonnoitt 

Mr & Mrs Murray D. Bonnoitt 

107 New Sl. 

Ml Pleasant SC 29464 

Kimberlyn Marie Borland 

Mr & Mrs Howard E Borland 
1 144 New Stock Rd 
Wcaverville NC 28787 


183 -I 


Ira Daniel Bowman 

Ms k2ih% E Bowman 
1S06 Columbus St 
Lenoir NC 28M5-532: 

Rebecca English Bovie 

Mr-iMre William A Bo\!cIir 
349 West Caihoun Si 
SumicrSC 29150 

Bryan Jacob Bradner 

Mr'Robcrl Bradner 
TalUhassec FL 32308 

Tiffany Anneil Braswell 

Ms. Jud^'bras*ell 
P O Box 305 
Pmcola NC 38662 

Tia Sharon Brown 

Ms Juanila Brown 
lOOOMonirca! Rd. 
ClarksionGA 30021 

Timothy Jones Brown 

Mr, &Mrs*Tcdd\ J Brown 
305 King Hcnr\Lanc 
Gaslonia NC 28056 

Rachel tori Brunner 

Mr i Mrs Barr\ L Bninncr 
54! Hiilcrcsi Circle 
Cleveland MS 38''3: 

Christopher Shane Buchanan 

Mr. & Mrs, Carl S Buchanan 
Rl. 2, BoK 78A 
Whmier NC 28789 

James D. Butter 

Ms. Susan S, Butter 

5 Cr\st3l Spnngs Road 


Grccnv. lie SC 29615-3157 

Kimberly Button 

Mr. & Mrs feruce Button 
P.O. Box 534 
Bo^sCamp Road 
Lake Lure SC 28746 

Rebecca Lee Byrum 

Mr. & Mrs Gerald W 'Bjmm 
1071 Foxhall Dr, 
Winsion-SalemNC 27106 

Janae Sharee Bremer 

Mr. i Mrs Allen ,A Bremer 
10 Whitticr Rd 
Rochester NV U624 

Clay Austin Brook ins 

Mr. £Mr3 JohnK Brookins 
4616 Forest Lake Dr. 
Tlfion.GA 31794 

William Ross Brooks 

Mr William L BroolLS 
PO Bot 1132 
Highlands. NC 2*"4! 

Teresa Kelle Broome 

Mr &. Mrs, Ronald M Broome 
1972 Blowing Rock Rd 
Boone NC 2860'' 

Allen Leonard Brown 

Mr- & Mr^ Roben L Brown 
1 728 Coronado 
Idaho FalU ID 83404 

Heath Yates Brown 

Mr iMr5 Mike V Brown 
10300 Whitehorn Dr 
Charloilc NC 28277 

Glad Tudor Bugariu 

Mr & Mrs Decebdl Buganu 
513 South Harrison 
Can NC 27511 

Christopher Mark Bunton 

Mr & Mrs. Terrence K Bunton 
236 Beaver Dam Rd 

Ashevillc NC 28804 

Keyana Sechelia Burden 

Ms Janice Porter 
2501 MorelandSl 
Charlotte NC 28208 

Frances Walter Burr 

Mr &. Mrs Borden H Burr 
4l49Shar[«burg Dr 
Birmingham .^L 35213 

Brian Da* id Burris 

Mr Joseph D Burris 
Franklin NC 28734 

Candy Denise Burton 

Ms. Annie M Rawls 
1305 \^ 9ihSi 
Lakeland FL 33805-3328 

Dustin Windell Calhoun 

Mr. & Mrs Jerr\ E. Calhoun 
31017 AirwayRd, 
Lccsburg FL 34748 

Christopher Robert Calloway 

Mr &. Mrs David B Callowa\ 
6Brookcliff Dr 
Ashcvilie NC 28804 

Christina Camacho 

Mr Sl Mrs. Nasario Camacho 
8204 29th St East 
Ellenton FL 34222 

Charles Clifford Cameron 

Mr. & Mrs Randolph M Cameron 
1900 Charleston Place Ln 
Charlotte NC 28212 

Alexander James Campagnoli 

Mr & Mrs Carlos F Campagnoii 

8 Plcasani St 

Black Pool 

Lancashire F>'I2JA ENGLAND 

Staacy Nicole Cannon 

Mr & Mrs Ronald R Cannon 
502 Corpus Chnsii Dr 
Houma LA 70360 


I- 183 

Catherine Rowe Carpenter 

Dr & Mr-, Richard H Carpcnicr 
SimpsoriMllc SC 296X1 

Da*id Gregory Carr 

Mr &. \Us Louis J Carr 
439 Lililc Silver Pi Rd. 
l.mtcSilvcr NJ07739 

Antonio Learone Carroll 

Mi Brcndj Carroll 
408 Ptcdmoni St 
Greenwood SC 29646 

Brandy Lorrain Carson 

P.O. Box '1403 
Brevard NC 28712 

Daniel Wickham Carter 

Mr & Mr^ Wick R Carter 
2747 Lansdownc Ln 
Allanta GA 30339 

Mark Joseph Casson 

Mr Si Mrs Thomas H Casson 
810 Tree Ridgc Parkway 
Alpharetia GA 30202 

Demetrious George Castanas 

Mr & Mrs George J Casianas 
4212 Windwood Circle 
Charloltc NC 28226 

Kristin Amy Caswell 

Mr & Mrs David T Caswell 
lORidgewuod Rd 
Elioi ME 03903 

Jana Caviston 

Mr & Mrs John F. Caviston 
190 W WcniworlhSl 
Englcwood FL 34223-2951 

Lorin Albert Stephens Chamlee 

Mr. Al S Chamlee 

4756 Old Shell Rd 
Mobile AL 36608 

Natalie S Chapman 

2103 Williamion Creek Rd 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Jason Eric Chappell 

Mr, & Mrs Ronald E Chappell 
301 Shore Dr 
Suffolk VA 23434 

Jacqueline Michelle Chase 

3727 Floral Ave 
Largo FL 34641 

Norma Hughes Chason 

Rl I Box 179 
LakcToxaway NC 28747 

Samuel Johnson Cheek 

Mr & Mrs Samuel J Check 
1821 HobkirkCl 
Camden SC 29020 

Rachel Nicole Christian 

Mr & Mrs, Walter B. Christian 
25 Monivicw Dr 
Ashcvjile NC 28801 

James William Clanton 

Mr & Mrs. John S. Clanton 
P O Box 8 
Crili- VA 24082 

Angle Hamilton Clark 

684 Greenville Hwy 


Brevard NC 28712 

Anita Marie Clark 

Mr & Mrs. Mark D. Clark 
490 Haven Dr 
Saluda NC 2H773 

Roger Wayne Clark Jr. 

Mr.T L Slagic 
P.O. Box 1701 
BrisiolTN 37621-1701 

Roy Bunch Clary Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. RoyB. ClarJSr 
27 1 1 Sharondale Court 
Nashville TN 37215 

James Lawrence Coan 

Mr & Mrs, Gil Coan 
20 Beech Lane 
Brevard NC 28712 

Michael John Coan 

Mr & Mrs Matthew J Coan 
1029 Spinnaker Lane 
Jacksonville FL 32259 

Julie Elizabeth Cohen 

Mr & Mrs Alan H Cohen 
1848 WiKhireDr 
Charleston SC 29407 

John Scott Collina 

Mr & Mrs John B Collina 
47 Tsuganawvi Court 
Brevard NC 28712 

Michael Collins 

HC 71 Box 199 L 

Rosman NC 28772 

Stanley Witherell Converse HI 

Ms. Nancy R. Crowley 

304 Saugus Rd 

Spa rlanburgSC 29307 

Jennifer Megan Cook 

Mr & Mrs Gary GCook 

2I7 Nantucket Dr. 
SummcrvillcSC 29485 

Vincent Teon Cooke 

Mr & Mrs, Herbert C. Cooke 

934 Mitchell Dr 
Camden SC 29020 

Gavin James Cooper 

Mi & Mrs James I Cooper 
Rl 3. BoK 107 
kingstreeSC 29556 

Joe Cooper Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs JoeCuoperSr, 
1301 Grahamville Rd. 
JohnsonvillcSC 2955'=> 

184 -I 



Matthett Robert Cooper 

Mr 4 Mrs Charles R Copper 
tyo} LocVmcjd Ljnc 
Mjllhcws NC :8I05 

Douglas Winslon Copaey 

Mr &A1r-, Douglas W Gilliland 
PO Box 523 
fklchcr SC:873; 

Jason Ra » Corbell 

Rt :, Bo\ 5«'^ 

Scv. LoiiJonNC:8l27 

Katina Renea Corbett 

Mr & Mrs Donncll Corbell 
RR I Box 350 
Slonc\ Creek School Rd 
Reidsvillc. NC 27320 

Mary Elizabeth Cordell 

Mr i\lrs Larr> E Cordcl! 
18 kalhryan Court 
Greenville SC 21)605 

Tanya Marie Costa 

Dr &"Mrs Allan J Cosla 

PO Box 1451 

Blowing Rock NC 2860! 

Matthew Thomas Costanza 

Mr & Mrs SalT-Coslanza 
1440 Laurel Lane 
Casloma NC 28054 

Steten Wilson Crain 

Dr. & Mrs Charles R Cram 
1 15 Counlrv Club Ln 
Oxford OH 45056 

Kate Whitton Crawford 

Ms Catharine C. Stuart 
124 Heritage Circle 
Birmingham AL 35213 

Joseph Andrew Crawley 

Mr SMrs-VickM Crawley 
486 E Yale Loop 
Irvine CA 92714 

Dustin A Creech 

I 20 McLean Road 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Manuel Alexander Creech 

Mr & Mrs Howard F Gordon 
302 Balsam Rd 
Hendersonville NC 28792 

Joshua James Crithfield 

Mr & Mrs Duanc J Crithrield 
2961 Heather Tr 
Ciearwalcr FL 34621 

Michael Sean Crochetiere 

Mr. & Mrs Robert P Crochetiere 
3519 Parsons Ridge Ln. 

Nathan Randolph Croom 

Ms. Lucille S Woodard 
P O. Box 2083 
Hendersonville NC 28793 

Candace Mae Crosby 

PO. Box 2338 

Orange Park FL 32067-2338 

Jonathan Armstrong Crow- 
Mr & Mrs Jonathan S Crow 
1012 Cashiers Valley Rd 

Brevard NC 28712 

Amy Vanessa Cuccia 

Mr & Mrs Louis J Cuccia 
603 Winlhrop Ave. 
SmyrnaTN 37167 

Catherine Baldwin Culpepper 

Mr & Mrs James H Culpepper 
3300 Meadow Bluff Dr 
Charlotte NC 28226 

Phillipp Lee Cunningham 

Mr & Mrs David J Cunningham 
PO Box 61 1 
Fletcher NC 28732 

Joseph Orrin Curtis II 

Mr. 4 Mrs Joseph O Curlis 
2215 Pathway Dr 
Chapel Hill NC 27516 


Laura James Dalrymple 

2619Gracewood Dr 
Greensboro NC 27408 

Matthew Lee Dalton 

Mr & Mrs Michael R Dallon 
1 1 1 Prentice Circle 
Goose Creek SC 29445 

Ernest Lee Dameron III 

5 1 6 Sherwood Dr 

Bessemer City NC 28016-8770 

Anthony Alonzo Darden 

Mr. & Mrs'Brolhel Darden 
103 Lewislon Cl 
Faycueville NC 28304 

Amy Lynn Davis 

Dr & Mrs'Melvin L Davis 
110 Morningside Dr 
Brevard NC287I2 

James Dylan Datis 

1221 Cherry Mountain Rd 
Shelby NC 28150 

Benjamin Ryan Darison 

Mr & Mrs. James R. Davison 
321 Cosmer Dr 
Bessemer City NC 28016 

Helen Marie DePuy 

Ms. Janel Ellerbv 

415 Dock St. 

Wilmington NC 28401-4542 

Jennifer Anne DeSaegher 

Mr & Mrs Paul G. DeSaegher 
108 Hunterdale Dr 
Lynchburg VA 24502 

Gregory Vincent DeStefano 

Mr & Mrs" Arthur Schultz 
2280 Leewood Blvd 
Melbourne FL 32935 

Brooke Elizabeth Dean 


Goose Creek SC 29445 

Day id Nathan Deere 

Ms Deborah S Deere 
2205 Windsor Ave. 
Bristol TN 37620 

Dana Allen Dodge 

Mr & Mrs David A DoBgc 
2405 N.W 31 Terrance 
Gainesville FL 32605 

Carlos Eduardo Dominguez 

P O Box 420003 
Laredo TX 78042 

Andrew Benjamin James Douglas 

PO Box 823 1 
Richmond VA 23226 

Sean Michael Dowd 

Mr & Mrs Edward J Dowd 
41 4 Overland Dr 
Brandon FL 33511 

Henry Hill DuRant 

Mr & Mrs. Henry Hill DuRanl 
500 Chesnut St 
Camden SC 29020 

Adam Horry Ducey 

Ms CarlaH Hor'rv 
RR 3Box II2C 
RidgelandSC 29916 

Dana Ann Dudzinski 

Ms Dawn M Dudzinski 
6858 Alpen Dr 
Orlando FL 32810 

Michael Nugent Duncan 

Mr & Mrs Samuel W Duncan 
P O Box 563 
Murphy NC 28906 

Michael Allen Dunham 

Mr & Mrs Richard A Dunham 
3417 Windy Wood Dr 
OrlandoFL 32812 

Jesse Alan Dunker 

Dr & Mrs Ralph A Dunker 
3661 Dogwood Lane SW. 
Roanoke V A 24015 

James Michael Dunsworth 

Mr & Mrs Allen R Dunsworth 
3917 Meeting Street 
DululhGA 30136 

Meredith Lindsey Durden 

Ms. Belly O Durden 

PO Box 1315 

Ml Pleasant NC 28124 

Jeffrey Lee Durham 

Mr & Mrs. J William Burnett 
PO Box 1597 
Greer SC 29652 


Katherine Anne Edney 

Mr & Mrs. Sam Edney 
440 Boxwood Lane 
Brevard NC 287 1 2 

Brian Lawrence Edwards 

Mr * Mrs Wilham R Edwards IV 
1 5475 Chloc Circle 
Ft Myers FL 33908 

Christopher Anthony Edwards 

Ms Mildred Edwards 
1101 RundellSl 
Winston-Salem NC 27105 

Richard Louis Eilers Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Richard L. Filers Sr 
16745 Buffalo Rd 
Wendell NC 27591 

Schill Maree Eiserhardt 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E Eiserhardt 
1 538 Fairway Dr. 
Charleston SC 294 1 2 

Aungrae Camillus Elliott 

1720 Black Street Ext 
WallerboroSC 29488 

Daniel Christopher Elmore 

Mr & Mrs Martin D Elmore 
2867 Saddlelop Way 
Lawrcncevillc GA 30244 

Michael Barron English 

Mr Walter B English 

411 SlroupeSl 

Ml Holly NC 28120 

Patrick Henry Ensley 

Mr. Bill Ensley 
521 Edwards Street 
Waynesville NC 28786 

Diane Linda Epperson 

Mr & Mrs Michael D Epperson 

19 Red Fox Dr 

Pisgah Forest NC 28768 



Nata/ie Casey Eierbart 

Mr. & Mrs Stephen E. Evcrharl 
106 33rd Ave N.E 
Hickory NC 28601 

Chad Justin Faircloth 

Mr St Mrs. Eugene G Faircloth 
533 Adams Gale Rd 
Winsion-Salcm NC :7167-7690 

Michael Judd Faircloth 

Mr & Mrs Douglas E. Fjirclolh 
510 Partridge Dr 
Albany G A 31707 

Heidi Susanne Fais 

Mr & Mrs David W Fais 
1793 Bluff Ave 
ColumbusOH 43:i2 

Maria Elizabeth Falgoust 

Mr. &. Mrs William M, Falgoust 
94 Donelon Dr. 
Harahan LA 70123 

Michael Jerome Felder 

Ms. Susan Feldcr 
3330 Cash Rd 

JohnsvilleSC 29555 

Hillary Gwendolyn Fenner 

Mrs Loma J. Fcnncr 
1 1 7 Tcryl Rd B-2 
Naples PL 33962 

Jason Matthew Fernandez 

Mr & Mrs. Robert P Fernandez 
301 N.HtllcreslDr 
Clearwater FL 34615 

Christopher Scott Ferris 

Mr &. Mrs Joel E Ferris 
1409 W'aterwood Dr 

Columbia SC 29212 

Mary Elizabeth Fisher 

Mr & Mrs. Robert L Fisher 
Huntcrsvillc NC 28078 

Devon Hart Fitzpatrick 

Mr & Mrs Duross Filzpalrick 
Rl l.Box 1525 

JcffcrsonvitleGA 31044 

William Franklin Fleming 

Mr & Mrs Joe K Flemmg 
Rl 1. Box 445 
AkoluSC 29001 

Aueustits Mc Daniel Floyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Augustus M. Floyd 
Rl l.Box 1234 
Chester SC 29706 

Lance Finlay Foden 

Mr & Mrs Larry F Foden 
22 Topping Drive 
Riverhcad NY 1 1901 

Craig Christopher Ford 

Mr & Mrs Roger C Ford 
2612 W Parkland Blvd. 
Tampa FL 33609 

Jay Michael Ford 

Mr & Mrs Jay M Ford 
21 Haddon Rd 
Sommcrs Point NJ 08244 

Darryl Andrew Forney 

Mr &. Mrs Robert W Forney 
5325 Great Wagon 
Charlotte NC 28215 

Carolyn Valinda Fountaine 

Mr & Vfrs Charles G Bccmcr 
417 HighvicwDr 
Chapel Hill NC 27514 

Elizabeth L. Francis 

Ms. Dons B Francis 
4041 Declaration Ave 

CalabasasCA 91302 

Daniel Paul Frankenbereer 

Mr & Mrs James D Pressley 


Black Mountain NC 2871 1 

Amy Elizabeth Franklin 

Mr & Mrs. Lawrence P, Franklin 

I 135 Essex Dr 

West Palm Beach FL 33414 

Courtney Foilin Franklin 

Ms. Carroll E, Franklin 
702 Granville Dr 
Winter Park FL 32789 

Nathan Jerome Frederick 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Frederick 


Pisgah Forest NC 2H768 

Andrea Smith Freeman 

Mr & Mrs, Bill Smith 

199 Kentwood Lane 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Jason Scott Freeman 

Ms. Judith A. Freeman 
6711 Skidawav Rd 

Robert Andrew Freeman 

Mr Dec Andrew Freeman 
199 Kenlwood Lane 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Meredith Hope Funkbouser 

Major & Mr, Morton L. Funkhouser 
9 Evergreen Circle 
Myrtle Beach SC 29575 

Masatoshi Furuya 

Mr, & Mrs. Masaaki Furuya 

550-62 Matsudoshinden 


Chiba 27! JAPAN 

Samantha Michelle Fuss 

Mr & Mrs. John E. Fuss 
1818 Woody Drive 
WindemereFL 34786 

Dennis Ravon Gabriel 

Mr. & Mrs Bruce Pearson 
713 Hillside St 
Kannapolis NC 28083 

Carl Anthony Gaines 

Mr & Mrs Charles H Games 
2302 Caroline Dr. 
Durham NC 27705 

Billie Jean Galloway 

Mr & Mrs. Billv Wayne Galloway 
Rl, 2, Bon 480 
Brevard NC 28712 

Benny Lee Gandy 

78 0akdalcSl, 
Brevard NC 28712 

Anita Park Gardner 

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll A Gardner 
668 East Pclham Rd 
Atlanta GA 30324 

Michelle Lynette Garlington 

Ms. Mildred W. Garlington 

1422 Bailey Circle 

High Point NC 27262-3562 

Shanaia Deanne Garren 

Mr & Mrs Bill Garren 

114 kingRd 

Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Lisa Michelle Garrett 

Mr & Mrs. Danny H Garrett 
2090 Lake Dr. 
Winslon-Salem NC27!27 

Makisha Saundretta Gary 

Ms. Rena J Gary 
5340-CSl S,E, #301 
Washington DC 20019 

Jason Allen Gatton 

Mr & Mrs George A. Gatton 
RR 10. Box 186 

Slatesvillc NC 28677-9029 

Christopher Daniel Gaudreau 

Mr & Mrs. James A Gaudreau 
P,0, Box 3608 
MS 519-001 
Harrisburg PA 17105 

Nancy Elizabeth Genes 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Genes 

1 167 Marquis Rd, 

N, Charleston SC 29406 

Paul Scott Gerber 

933 N E. 199th Si. 
Apt, #103 
Miami FL 33179 

Maria Lanae Getford 

Mrs, Patricia A. Bartell 
450Sylva Highway 
Franklin NC 28734 

Patrick Denson Gibson 

Mr & Mrs. Lewis D Gibson 
3011 PickfairSi. 
Orlando FL 32803 

Dafid Edward Gilbert 

Mrs Virginia L, Gilbert 
4706 Kings Hwy. 

DouglasvilleGA 30135 

Nicole Anna Gilbert 

Ms. Gail Gilbert 
75 King Henry Ct. 
Rocky Mount NC 27804 

Ross Stuart Gillespie 

PO. Box 601 

Alpharetta GA 30239-0601 

Martha Susan Gilliam 

823Grcenbeli Dr 
Houston TX 77079 

Makeca Eieshia Gilliland 

Ms. Juanita M. Mills 
44 Bradley Branch 

Ardcn NC 28704 

Traci Nicole Young Glesener 

Ms Judy Glesener 
161 E French Broad 
Brevard NC 28712 

Jared Marshall Goldberg 

Mr &. Mrs Richard G, Goldberg 
21 l3St, James Place 
Wexford PA 15090 

Charles Allan Graham HI 

Mr, Charles A Graham Jr 
5 ErskineSi. 
Greenville SC 29607 

Shannon Kristian Gray 

Mr & Mrs Warren F, Gray 

107 Duckworth Ave. 
Brevard NC 28712 

Geoffrey Brandon Green 

Ms. Sandra E Lee 
5166 0uan Dr 
Jacksonville FL 32205 

Theodore Green 

Miss Mary Havncs 
1380 Myers Rd. 
Orangeburg SC 29115 

186 ~\ 




William Carlos Green 

Mr. & Mr^ Jerrj W Green 
P-O- Box 2171 
HigMardsNC 28741 

Veronica Lrnette Greenlee 

OldTon NC 28762 

Mack Ta ylor Greganti 

Mr?^ Mrs \{ac A Greganti 
104 Village Lane 
Chapel Hill NC 27SI4 

Daniel Marc Griffin 

MriMrs JohnR-Grifnn 
225 Walers Drive 
Taylor SC 29687 

Helen Elizabeth Grindstaff 

Mr &. Mrs. Ciiarlcs M. Gnndslaff 
1 Poplarwood Ci. 
Johnson Cit> TN 37604 

Heather Lynn Glover 

Ms Terr) L Mailimorc 
ClcWislon FL 33440 

Amy Webb Guffev 

Mr 4 Mrs DonW.Gurfey 
Atlanta GA 30307 

Jill Kristin Gumula 

Mrs Nancy A. Sapp 
443 Valley Stream Dr 
Geneva FL 32732 


Ira Evan Haber 

Mr & Mrs Barry Haber 
10365 SW. l28Terrancc 
Miami FL 3J176 

Dawn Marie Haessig 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Haessig 

4424 Gannett 

St. Louis MO 631 16 

Roger Eugene Hagy 

Ms. Kathv J Hannon 
1844 Loggen Rd. 
York SC 29745 

Christopher Matthew Hall 

Mr & Mrs Gregory Wright 
505 Tysons Cir 
Roswell GA 30076 

David Isaac Hall 

Mr & Mrs Daniel R Hall 
210 Firelhorn Lane 
FayettevilleCA 30214- S456 

Eric Alan Hall 

Mr & Mrs Gary D Hall 
4822 Indian Corn Trail 
Castle Hayne NC 28429 

James Gordon Halls 

Mr & Mrs James L Halls 
45 Pintail Lane 
Rocky Point NC 28457 

Joshua Pearre Hamilton 

321 1 Sandal^vood Dr 
WaxhawNC 28173 

Sureka T. Hammonds 

Ms Debra A Hammonds 
Waxhav»NC 28173 

Teresa Marie Hanrahan 

Ms. JoEllen Hanrahan 

308 Hillside Dr 

Elmiea Heights NY 14903 

George Bryan Hanyok 

Mr & Mrs Robert E Hanyok 
3I3Coorsdale Dr 

William Lamont Hardin 

Mr & Mrs. Hardm 

P.O. Box 972 

Walnut Cove NC 27052 

David Eric Harrison 

Mr & Mrs John Harrison 
3035 St. Claire Rd. 
Winston-Salem NC 27106 

Christopher Shane Hartsell 

Mr &. Mrs Gary L Hartsell 
3770 Shiloh Church Rd 
Davidson NC 28036 

Leisha Joy Harvey 

Ms. Elizabeth H Harvey 

506 Trussell St 

Honea Path SC 29654-1041 

Yuko Hasegawa 

240-24 kazama 

Nagano City 

Nagano 381 JAPAN 

Matthew Stephen Hendrix 

Mr & Mrs Dennis C Hendrix 
234 S Academy St. 

William Christopher Hendrix 

Mr & Mrs Dennis C. Hendrix 
234 South Academy St 
Mooresville NC281 15 

Derek Tate Henson 

Mr, & Mrs. Stanley W Henson 
2237 Blue Stone Lane 
Winslon-Salem NC 27107 

Larry Gene Hicks 

Ms Brcnda B Hicks 
2709 W Market SL 
Greensboro NC 27403 

Taylor Julius Hicks 

Mr. & Mrs. David H Hicks 
1264 0akdalcRd N E 
Atlanta G A 30307 



Bryan James Hieserman 

Mr & Mrs. Jame!> E Hieserman 
3044 Moirni Vernon Dr 
Gasionia NC 28056 

Timothy Andrew Higgins 

Mr & Mrs'Kcnion B Higgins 
991 Dean Dr N W 
Atlanta GA 30318 

Jennifer Susan Hill 

Mr & Mrs W Tucker Hill 
3603 Sequoia Wa> 
ValricoFL 335'i4 

IVfatthew Wayne Hill 

Ms Carolyn T- DeMarl 
1824 Carmcl Ridge Rd. 
ChariotlcNC 28226 

Bryan David HilUs 

Dr *& Mrs Paul D Hillis 
2527 E Broadw.ay 
Logansporl IN 46947 

Yosuke Hinago 

Mr & Mrs. Kcisuke^linago 
Hyogo 665 JAPAN 

Ash he Ljnne Hinds 

Mr & Mrs Rodney S Hmds 

Marietta GA 30062 

Katharine Mary Hinsby 

Mr & Mrs. Will Caihe'y 
P O Box 278 
Rosman NC 28772 

Hitoshi Hirai 

4-8-3 Sanyo-Sanchi 
Sanyo-cho, Akaiwa-Gun 
Okayama 709-08 JAPAN 

Amy Elizabeth Holcombe 

Mr Michael Dennis Holcombe 
146 Campbell Dr 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Christen Ronnette Holland 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Holland 
118 Rutherford Rd 
Manon NC 28752 

Robert Eugene Holland 

Ms Susan C Holland 
1145 Churchill Downs Rd 
Atlanta GA 30319 

Robbie William Holliday 

Mr & Mrs Carv Holliday 
43 Cardinal Dr 
Brevard NC 28712 

Brandon Lee Hollier 

Mr, & Mrs, Joseph P Hollier 
4641 Clary Lakes Dr 
RoswellGA 30075 

Sara Kelly Holmes 

Ms Leila H rtolmes 
55 Old Vermont Place 
AllantaGA 30328 

Charley Hammond Holt 

Mr & Mrs. James E Holi 
3 5lh Avenue NC 

Hickory NC 28601-5023 

Miyuki Honda 

Mr. i Mrs. Susumu Honda 
4-20-1-301 Takinok 
Chiba 274 JAPAN 

Shaun Renee Horsman 

4561 Kettering Dr 
RoswellGA 30075 

Amy Elizabeth Howard 

Mr Robert E. Howard 
324 St James St. 
Columbia SC 29205 

Anna Jeanette Hughes 

Mr. & Mrs. Foster J Hughes 
1 504 Broad St 
Camden SC 29020 

Rodney Keith Hulsey 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Hulsey 
1233 CasUcgate Drive 
Gasionia NC 28054 

Geoffrey Glen Hunt 

Dr. & Mrs /GlenL Hunt 
3514 WaldronDr, 
Greensboro NC 27408 

Manami linuma 

4-2-4.301 Higashi-ota 


Chiba 292 JAPAN 

Vukari Ishikawa 

138-23 Kamigawara 


Okayama 708 JAPAN 

Hirooki Iwamoto 

Mr. & Mrs. Hikoia Iwamoio 

2-35-5 Minamiohashi 


Fukuoka 8I5JAPAN 

Katina Laiette Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs Clint W Jack.^on 

31 1 Bridgcwalcr Dr 

Newport News VA 23603-1440 

Donald Shiloh Jacques 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jacques 

7 Tarah Lane 

Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

John Michael Jenkins V 

Mr John M, Jenkins VI 
3607 Everest Ct 
Montgomery Al 36106 

Brooke Alexander Jewell 

Ms. Joan Oglethorpe 
RR2Box 532-3 

Hickory NC 28601-9780 

188 -I 


Benjamin Dansev Johnson 

Mr &. Mrs Robert W Johnson 
2508 Heritage Circle 
SlalcsvillcNC 28677 

John Joseph Johnson Jr, 

Mr Si. Mrs Jonn J. Johnson 
712 Hill PoiniCt. 
Chesapeake VA 23320 

Stewart Heath Johnson 

Mr &. Mrs Sic4*arl H. Johnson 
1008 Glcndalyn Circle 
Sparianburg SC 29302 

Tarus Chezrey Johnson 

Mri Bernij E Johnson 
21 n Branilc Rd SA 
Kannapohs NC 28083 

Trisha Kathleen Johnson 

Mr. &. Mrs. Judd Johnson 
P.O.Box 1231 
Brevard NC 28712 

George Elliott Jones 

Mr & Mrs Ho\vard W Jones 
154 Robertson Rd N W 
Calhoun GA 30701 

Jeremy Gordon Jones 

Mr James D. Jones 
735 N Rock Spring Rd 
Atlanta GA 30324 

Joshua Dean Jones 

Mr & Mrs Slanc) D Jones 
9 Hope Lane 
Wcavcrville NC 28787 

Ketin Wayne Jones 

Mr & Mrs Diflard W Jones Jr 

RR I Bos 48 1 

West Jefferson NC 28694 

Michelle M. Joyce 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence J. Joyce 
733 Clayton St. 
Brandon FL 3351 1 


Terumi Kawasbima 

2852-16 Imaizumi 


Shizuoka-Kcn 417 JAPAN 

Key in David Kee 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth R Kee 
2720 Northbrook Dr 
DoravillcGA 30340 

Gusta to Lee Keener 

Mr & Mrs Gars & Sylvia Keener 
3 Knob Creek Rd 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Anthony Craig Kelley 

Mr & Mrs Phillip B Kelley 

219 Bayou Woods Dr, 

Ft. Walton Beach FL 32548 

Traci Lynn Kennedy 

Mr & Mrs 'David C Kennedy 
2808 Summerlree Ln, 
ColleyvilleTX 76034-5136 

Willa Summer Kershaw 

Mr & Mrs Joseph B Kershaw 

15 Isle of Venice 

Ft. UuderdaleFL 33301 

John Edward Kilburn 

Mr & Mrs Richard F Kilburn 
9891 BecketCt. 
Fairfa>VA 22032 

Min-Gooli Kim 

P.O- Box 57 
Marlboro VT 05344 

Gilbert Leon Kirl<patnck 

Mr & Mrs Adrian P Kirkpatnck 
1 719 Salem Church Rd 
Goldsboro NC 27530 

Share Kiser 

Mr & Mrs. Shanes Kiser 
2775 Fountain Circle 
Sarasota FL 34235 

Tami Lynn Knesel 

Mr. & Mrs Ernest Knesel 
1908 Tiffany Place 
Greensboro NC 27408 

Angela Lea Knighten 

Mr S Mrs Jack W Knighlen 
Rl l.Bon 210 
Leicester NC 28748 

Hiromi Koiwai 

2-31-9-502 Olsugaoka 
Shonan-machi. Higashi- 
Kalsushika-gun Chiba 277 JAPAN 

Beth Kolousek 

Mr, * Mrs Allen R, Kolousek 
166 E Hickorv Knoll Rd, 
Franklin NC 28734 

Walter Carlos Kubn 

Mrs Susan S. Sullivan 
153 Saunders Rd 
Franklin NC 28734 

Stacey Sue Kuhr 

Mr & Mrs Howard Kuhr 
315N. Ranger Blvd. 
Winter Park FL 32792 

Brandon Michael Laclcey 

Ms. Janice M Lackev 



Darren Richard Ladouceur 

Skyview Dr #36 
Jericho VT 05465 

Gary William Lambert 

Mr & Mrs. Bill H Lambert 
Rl. 1. Box 224M 
Old Ford NC 28762 

Gregory Scott Lambert 

Mr i Mrs Bill H Lambert 
Rl 1 Box224M 
Old Fort NC 28762 

Jon Phillip Lambert 

Ms Barbara B Lambert 
P.O. Box 1 1 22 
Saluda NC 28773-1 122 

Claude Tommy Lancaster 

Ms Denise Lancaster 
8300 Plaza Gate Ln. #1112 
Jacksonville FL 32217-4469 

Michael Collins Latimer 

Mr & Mrs. Philip N Latimer 
3 1 2 Baytrec Lane 
Raleigh NC 27615 

James Carroll Lavinder Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs James C Lavinder 
1178 Iron Mtn. View Rd 
Ashcboro NC 27203 

Christopher Michael LeConte 

11013 117th St. North 
Largo Florida 34648 

Alicia Courtney Ledford 

RR 2. Box 200-A 
Haynesville NC 28904 

Susan Lynn Lee 

Mr & Mrs Harold W Lee 
1 560 Old Coach Rd 
Kernersvillc NC 27284 

Myra Dianne Leistner 

Mr & Mrs Max E Leistner 
481 Barclay Rd 
Brevard NC 28712 

Jennifer Anne Lemmons 

Mr & Mrs Arthur M Lemmons 


Durham NC 27712 

Benny Joseph Leonard 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Leonard 

Eric Vincent Leonard 

Mrs Carol L. Leonard 
11 16 Sylvan Blvd. 
Hendersonville NC 28739 

Katherine Ann Lester 

Mr i Mrs. Frederick W. Lester 

I lOCopeces Ln 

East Hampton NV 11937 

Marcus Mandel Lester 

Ms Carrie L Lester 
FayeltevilleNC 28304 

Robert Grant Linebaugh 

Ms. Cheryl J Zielinski 
215 Ridge Rd. 
Jupiter FL 33477 

Sean Robert Lineberger 

4834 Old Catawba Rd. 
ClaremontNC 28610 

Mary Elizabeth Lineberry 

Mr & Mrs. Ron Lineberry 
21 14 Maple St 
Greensboro NC 27405 

Brandon James Lonz 

Mr & Mrs James F. Lonz 
1200 Richbury Terrace 
Matthews NC 28105-8800 

Heather Lauren Loweastein 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Lowenslein 
538 Lindley Rd 
Greensboro NC 27410 

Lindsay Taylor Luthren 

Mrs. Eleanor S. Aliffi 
1380 Railfence Dr. 
Columbia SC 2921 2 

John Edwin Lyda 

Mr. & Mrs. James H Lvda 
98 Lyda Lane 
Fletcher NC 28732 

Heather Colleen Lynch 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Lynch 
4619 Winslon Place 
Alexandria VA 22310 

Elizabeth Monique Lynn 

Ms Karen R Lynn 
1240 NE- 206 St 
N.Miami Beach FL 33179 

George Gambrill Lynn Jr. 

Ms. Gaoriella H Lynn 
2716 Canterbury Rd. 
Birmingham AL 35223 

Kristin Joy Lyons 

Mr & Mrs David NT Lyons 
8031 LynnFieldDr. 
Alexandria VA 22306 




Kenneth Edward MacGregor 

Ms Norma i hc) 
ll29BnsonCiiv Rd 
Franklin NC :8734 

John Cody Macfie 

Ms Veronica C. Morrow 
563 Easi Main Si. 
Brevard NC28712 

Nathan Evan Macolly 

Mr & Mrs James S Macollv 
PO Box 19"^ 
Cashiers NC 38717 

Christopher Brandon Maddox 

Mr & Mrs OHanlan 
lOOEdgcmont Ave 
Libcny SC :9&57 

Kristin Leigh Maenuson 

Coral Springs FL 33067 

Robert Hunter Major 

Mr 4 Mrs Ernesi J Major 
521 Cross Winds Cl 
ChapinSC 29036 

Joseph Andrew Manno 

Mr &Mrs Joseph R Manno 
Boi 220-A EaslFork Rd. 
Brevard NC 28712 

Jeffrey Richard Marchaesi 

Ms Adeic M Marchaesi 
Pcnficld NY 14526 

Francesca Linh Marino 

Mr. &. Mrs Vmcc .Manno 
4738 Dundee Dr W 
Brandcnion FL 34120 

Joshua McGovern Markle 

Mrs Palricia A Markle 

34 Briar Ln 

Essex Junclion VT 05452 

Travis Lee Marley 

Mr & Mrs Ro> L Marley 

6630 Boone Dr 

Baton Rouge LA 70808 

Stephen McDaniel Mariowe Jr. 

Mr 6L Mrs Stephen M. Marlowe 
803 Hillside Dr 

Kings Mountain NC 28086 

Christina Lynn Martin 

Mr & Mrs Raymond J Martin 

6711 N E. 21st Rd. 

Ft, UuderdalcFL 33308 

Lance AHen Martin 

Mr & Mrs Allen E Marlin 
;04 PrmccSi . Apt 5 
Belmont NC 28012 

Suzan Faith Martin 

Mr & Mrs Michael H Martm 
204 Pennwuod Lane 
Greenville SC 29609 

Megan Michele Mart/ine 

Ms Judy K Martting 
1 198 Etmwood Ave 
Columbus OH 43212 

Heather Nicole Massingale 

Ms Sheila G Massingale 
Rt 4 Box S97 
Brevard NC 28712 

Brandon J. Mattson 

Ms Karen Davidson 
l2040Grecnmont Walk 
Alphercii.1 GA 30201 

Christopher Charles Maul 

Mr & Mrs Robert E Maul 
5 1 20 Cimarron Dr 
Lakeland FL 33813 

Daniel Rahn Maxwell 

Ms Marlha J Maxwell 
2l5Gallimorc Rd 
Api 5-B 
Brevard NC 28712 

Lakil Theodore Mayes 

Mr & Mrs Robert J Godfrey 
3501 Nelson St 
Porlsmouih V A 23707 

Twana Tanyale Mazyck 

Douglas Ma?yck" 
1117 Ramona Dr. 
Bellon SC 29627 

Thomas Joseph McAuley Jr. 

Mrs. Susan M. McAulcy 
46 Roberta Dr 
Howell NJ 07731 

Gary Edward McCall 

Mr. i& Mrs. Clyde E. McCall 
1 1 3 Mashburn Branch Rd 

Franklin NC 28734 

Bernie Bryant McCarley /// 

Mr & Mrs. Bernie B McCarlcv Jr * 
6932 Midhurst Rd. 
Memphis TN 38119 

Jeremy Bryant McDermott 

Mr & Mrs Gregory J McDcrmoil 
2101 Dilworth Rd. West 
Charlotte NC 28203 

Amy An nice McDonald 

Mr & Mrs Roy J McDonald 
6781 Fairways Dr 

Justin Everett McGuire 

Mr & Mrs Brian A McGuire 

5022 Simmons Branch Trail 
Raleigh NC 27606 

Erica Seton Mcintosh 

Mrs. Catherine M Mcintosh 
1009 Br\an Ave, 

Wilmington NC 28403 

Melissa Michelle Mcintosh 

Ms. Janice A. Mcintosh 
628 Ponte Vedra Blvd A-5 
Ponic Vedra Beach FL 32082 

Antonio Tremayne McKay 

1015 Boykins Ave. 
Sanford NC 27330 

Helen Denise McKie 

Mr & Mrs James A McKie 
l30Millbrook Dr 

Brevard NC 287)2 

Tish Mechelle McLaughlin 

Mr Si Mrs Randy M McLaughlin 
5 Cascade St 
Mooresville NC 281 15 

Jeffrey Scott McManus 

Mr. & Mrs, George A McManus 
1259 Fury's Ferry Rd 
Evans G A 30809 

John McMillian Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs Joe N, Jacobs 
4l7Grousc Rd 

SummervilleSC 29485 

James Dale McSwain Jr. 

Mrs Patricia P McSwam 
507 North Dr. 
CherryvilleNC 28021 

Candida Nicole Meadows 
Ms DcbraC Marshall 
1 1 OO Rockdale Dr 

Wmslon-Salem NC 27104 

Marlene Dorothea Mechanic 

Ms. Diane L Mechanic 
P.O Box 235 
Fairvicw NC 28730 

Kimberly Ann Mega 

102 Pmc Forest Dr 
Anderson SC 29625 

Rodney Alan Melton 

Mr & Mrs Tommy W Mellon 
860Greenbrook Dr 
Shelby NC 28150 

Ryan Shea Menard 

Mr & Mrs Richard J. Menard 
1638 Arapahoe Trail 
Green Bay WI 54313 

Roy Eugene Mevers IV 

Mr. & Mrs Roy E Mevers III 
1538 East Crossing Lane 
Ml Pleasant SC 29464 

Amy Beth Miller 

Ms Jetia Miller 

44 Independence Blvd 

Asheville NC 28805 

LeZonn Yuvayne Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Miller 
1 302 Winchester Trail 
Smyrna GA 30080 

Matthew William Millet 

Mr. & Mrs Sterling A Millet 
4104 Ferran Dr 
Mctairie LA 70002 

Alicia Nicole Mills 

Mr. Gregory Mills 
29 Eastview Dr. 
Brevard NC 28712 

Demond Jegrille Mills 

Mr. & Mrs, William R Mills 
77 Bradley Branch 
Ardcn NC 28704 

John Robert Milner 

Mr, & Mrs. Milton W Milner 
191 Weavervillc Hwv 
Asheville NC 28804' 

Sarah Ashburne Milona 

Mr & Mrs Arthur V Milona 
12211 Windsor Dr 
Carmel IN 46033 

Dan Marnin Milstein 

Ms Esther M Croes 

PO Box 3762 

Arlitlericweg 4 


Beth Virginia Milton 

Mr & Mrs William A Milton 

25 Romaine Dr 

Santa Barbara CA 93105 

Hiromi Miyata 

Mr. & Mrs Voshifumi Mivala 

103 2-29-1 Bessho 


Tokyo 192-03 JAPAN 

Jeremy Scott Montgomery 

Mr, & Mrs Ben Montgomery 
1509Pincresl Ave 
Charlotte NC 28205 

Aubrey Nichole Moore 

Mr & Mrs Myron R Moore 
P O Box 264 ' 
Reasonovcr Rd 
Cedar Mountain NC 28718 

Jeremy Joseph Moore 

PO Box 1046 
LaFaycltctiA 3072K 

Robert Vance Moore 

PO Box 1687 
Wcjvcrville NC 287H7 

Timothy Craig Moore 

Mr & Mrs David Moore 
15520SW 85th Ave 
Miami FL 33157 

190 -I 


!\ancy Tatiana Mora 

Mr. & N^rs Joseph R Bango 
16200 WUdwoodCoufl 
Puma Gorda FL 35982-9687 

Matthew Allen Moreland 

Dr & Mrs Michael E Moreland 
3088 Slralford Cl 
Chesapeake VA 23321 

Michael Curtis Morgan 

Mr & Mrs Paul H Vanjandl 
907 Arnetle Drive 
Ncwpon News VA 23602 

Mami Mori 

253 Fujiwara. Yanahara-cho 


Okayama-ken 708-1 S JAPAN 

Jason Thomas Morris 

Mr & Mrs Allon T Morris 

6 Desporl Sites Rd 

Rl. 1 

LicUe Mouniain SC 29075 

Tammy L\n Morris 

Mr- Dave A Morris 
Casselbcrry FL 32707 

Thad Joshua Morrish 

Mr. & Mrs Victor H. Morrish 
2100 Shawnee Dr 
McComb MS 39648 

Julie Elizabeth Morrison 

Mr i Mrs Randy L Morrison 
951 Sleepv Hollow Rd 
Midland NC 28107 

Erika Eleonore Morrow 

Ms Roswitha H. Morrow 
2l68Quailridge Dr 
Fayellevillc NC 28304 

James Halbert Moseley III 

Mr & Mrs, James H Moseley 
201 Wynnchesler Rd 
Gastonia NC 28056 

Chris James Mulligan 

Ms. Margo M Mulligan 
234 Lynn Cove Rd 
Asheville NC 28804 

Steien Robert Mull is 

Mr. & Mrs. John H Mullis 
300 Ogden Dr 
Gastonia NC 28056 

Aaron Spence Mumford 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E Mumford III 
19 S Main St. 
Berlin MD218I 1 

Alex Angel Muncher 

Ms. LiliaR DaGiauMuncher 
Samanex Ocampo 161 
San Isidro 
Lima — PERU 

Julie Ann Myatt 

Mr. & Mrs. John H Myatt 
Sullivans Island SC 29482 


Chisako Nakamura 

Mr & Mrs Hidchiro Nakamura 
2-8-5 HarumidaiSakai 
Osaka 590-01 JAPAN 

Natsuko Nakamura 

Mr & Mrs. keiitsu Nakamura 
P O Box 4050 
Culver City CA 90230 

Cassie Hope Nantz 

Ms. Diane S Nanlz 
505 Lakecresl Drive 
Kernersville NC 27284 

Robert Hillman Nelson 

Mr & Mrs. Robert H Nelson 
8750 Willowmede Dr 
CIcmmonsNC 27012-5745 

Tyrone Nemorin 

Ms. Dcnise Nemorin 
5200 N E. 5th Terr. 
Apt. #3 
Pompano Beach FL 33064 

Rebecca Elizabeth Newby 

Ms. Elizabeth A Kahn 
102 Planterswood Ln 

Carlton Andrew Newsome 

Dr & Mrs Samuel C Newsome 
P O Box 1 1 29 
King NC 27021 

Margaret Butlerfield Nichols 

Ms. Alices Nichols 
5025 Hillsboro Rd »18H 
Nashville TN 37215 

Katrina Michelle Noe 

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth E. Noc 
10135 Lake Jackson Dr. 
Manassas VA 221 1 1-2831 

Christopher Conrad Norman 

Mr & Mrs John A Norman 
4225 Robin Hood Rd 
Winston-Salem NC 27106 

Stephanie Ann Nutting 

Mr & Mrs Ray A Nutting Jr 
18631 Coconut Rd. 
Fort Myers FL 33912 


I- 191 



Ltnda Catherine O Bnen 

Mr 8l Mrs Don & Sarah Mead 


Brevard NC 28'' 1 2 

Manann Elizabeth O'Brien 

PO Box 11% 

Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Michiko Okochi 

3-3- 1 8 Shounanlakaion 
Kanagawa 237 JAPAN 

Ai Okuda 

3371-4 Nishikaia 
Koshigaya City 
Sailama 343 JAPAN 

Christina Renee Olson 

Mr, & Mrs GavlJn L Olson 
2254 PeachlcafCl 
Longwood FL 32779 

Kareem Omarv 

Mr & Mrs Ayham CSmary 
S597 Seminary Road 
Fall Church VA 22041 

Fujio Ono 

1035-3 Kami Agco 
Sailama 362 JAPAN 

Dusty Leigh Orr 

Mr & Mrs, PhilR Orr 
PO Box. 643 

Robbinsvillc NC 28771 

Jonathan Greer Ostendorff 

Mr & Mrs Robert K, Oslcndorff 
202 Bendingwood Circle 
Taylors SC 29687 

Yuka Otani 

Mr & Mrs Tadashi Olani 
1061-2 Ono Kagawa-cho 

Kagawa 761-17 JAPAN 

Nancy Jeanne Ott 

Dr- HarddOlI 
63111 Marbclla Blvd. 
Apollo Beach FL 33572 

Dana S. Owen 

PO Bon 1041 

Brevard NC 28712 

Penny Leigh Owen 

Mr & Mrs Herbert H Owen 
Rl I.Box348A 
LakcToxQway NC 28747 

Martha Lang Painter 

Ms karcn Palmer 

Peter R. Palmer Jr. 

Mrs. AlburlaC Anderson 
406 S Hubert Ave 
Tampa FL 33609 

Hyun Sun Park 

Mr-& Mrs Vuung K Park 
501. Jcsung B D, 1487-7 
Secho-dong Sccho-gu 
Seoul KOREA 

Jo Lynn Park 

Mr. & Mrs, Timothy A. Park 

8202 Aulumn Lane 

New Port Richey FL 34653 

Amy Lisa Parker 

Ms. Eda A Parker 
P.O.Box 1308 
Brevard NC 28712 

James Oscar Parker 

601 Meadowvicw Dr Apt. 3 
Boone NC 28607 

Lay ton Ray Parker 

Mr & Mrs, Donald L Parker 

723 New Hendersonville 


Pisgah Forcsl NC 28768 

Patrick Shawn Parnell 

Mr. & Mrs. William M Parnell 111 
PO Box 586 

Lafayette GA 30728 

Matthew Leonard Parrish 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles Linder 
2922 Hickory Dr. 

SncllvillcGA 30278 

Scott Pastushok 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Pastushok 
4217Gosford PI 
Charlotte NC 28277 

John Taxwell Pattott 

Mr, & Mrs. Johns Pallon 
207 Plantation Dr 
Woodruff SC 29388 

Gequita Marvette Paul 

Mr A Mrs Albert J, Paul 
2461 Quebec Ave. S. 
St Petersburg FL 337 12 

Mary Katherine Pavco 

Mr &Mrs John J. Pavco 
10727 Burr Oak Wav 
Burke VA 22015 

Nathan Bradley Payne 

Mr. & Mrs Charles L, Payne 
222 Groveland Dr 
Peachtrec Cily GA 30269 

Robert William Pempin 

Mr, & Mrs Robert E. Pcmpin 
996 Hulls Hill Rd. 
SouthburyCT 06488 

DeeDee Marie Pendleton 

Mr & Mrs Keys S, Pendleton 
Bessemer Cily NC 28016 

192 -I 




LaGair Kathv Pendleton 

Mr & Mrs Ke^sS Pcndkion 
6'iO'* Dull3s-Chcfr>Mllc H*\ 
Bcv.cmcrCu> NC 280l^ 

Paula Dawn Pendleton 

Re* & Mrs Kc»S Pcndlclon 
6**tW DalUs-Chcrnvillc Highway 
Bessemer Cil> \C :8016 

llona Johanna Perry 

Mr. Jerome K Perr> 
: WilHamsvillePbcc 
Souihampion SN04 

Robert Lee Pern 

Mr Robert L Pern. 
1226 Fairmonl \\e 
tmt 3A 
Ml Pleasant SC ;'*4b4 

Tatyana Esther Perry 

Mr Jerome K Pcrr> 
2 Willidmsville Place 
Southampton SN04 

Jacinda Kay Peterson 

Mr & Mr^ David M E\ans 
1208 Si Charles Court 

Marjorie Alice Phelps 

Mrs- Marjorie H Phelps 
Rl 2. Bo» 1 7C 
GoodcW 24556 

Tanya Michelle Phelps 

Mr & Mrs Jack Phelps 
Rl 4. Box 619 
MocksvillcNC 27028 

Adrian J. Phifer 

Ms Cecilia Ph.rer 
l906Delware Dr 
Apt F 
Charlotte \C 28215 

Donald Jacques Philippe 

Ms Danjclte Philippe 
78 Hawthorne St 
Apt 1-A 
Brooklyn \Y 11225 

Corv William Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs Cjrl W. Phillips 
5S24 Robmndgc Rd 
Greensboro SC 27410 

Jennifer LeAnne Phillips 

Mr & Mrs Joe H Phillips 
146 Phillips Place Lane 
Harmonj NC 28634 

Jennifer Marlene Phillips 

Mr & Mrs Sherman L Phillips 
905 Rainbow Lane 
HendersonvilleNC 28739 

Michael John Phillips 

Mr & Mrs Charles C Phillips 
84 Lecline Circle 
Concord NC 28025-3018 

Julie Scherer Pickhardt 

Mr. & Mrs Thomas E. Pickhardi 
684 Oak Marsh Dr 
Ml Pleasant SC 29464 

Christopher Emile Pideck 

Mr & Mrs David M Garbade 
PO Bo^ 1672 

Tracy Ann Pignataro 

Mr & ^Irs Ralph Pignataro 

7849 McPhcrson Dr 

New Point Richc> FL 34653 

Donna Maria Pi mental 

Mr & M 

Rl I, Bo\ 140 

Brevard NC 28712 

Frank Pimenta! 

Thomas Roger Pittard 

Mr & Mrs Manon T Pittard 
5597 Trowbridge Dr 
Dun«o.>d> GA 303.^S 

Phillip Charles Placak 

Mr, & Mrs Frederick E Placak 
100 Skyuka Trail 
Columbus NC 28722 

Christopher John Pluchos 

Mr & Mrs Alexander G Pluchos 
632 Doc Run Dr 

Kcrncrsvillc NC 27284 

Joshua Quincey Poindexter 

Mrs Sharon D Poindc\icr 
531 Mm Park Rd 
Slate Road NC 28676 

Brandilyn Kay Poorbaugh 

Dr. & Mrs David M Poorbaugh 
69 Walker Branch Rd 
Mars Hill NC 28754 

Joel Elliott Porter 

Mr & Mrs John W. Porter 
2065 Eaker Drive 
Cherryville NC 28021 

Dwayne Wesley Powell 

Mr &Mrs Samm> J. "Powell 
Star Route. Box 47-H 
Rosman NC 28772 

Dana Lynn Price 

Mr, & Mrs 'David L Price 
1835 Merrimac Rd 
Bbcksburg VA 24060 

Brandon Harold Printup 

Mr. &. Mrs Earnest H Printup 
939 Porter Rd 
Decatur GA 30032 

James Adam Purcell 

Mr & Mrs, James W Puree!! 
5009 Wmdermere Dr. 

GreensboroNC 27407 

Leslie Lyn Purcell 

Mr. & Mrs. Mikel L Purcell 
225 Broadmeadow Cove 
RoswellGA 30075 

Lydia Adele Putnam 

Mr & Mrs Bob Putnam 
Rt I. Box 71 
Penrose NC 28766 


Belinda Lee Queen 

Piney Grove Api. C 
Cherokee NC 28719 

Deidre Carol Queen 

Ms Pam C Queen 
Rl, 7. Box 29 
Taylorsvillc NC28681 


Sean Michael Ragle 

Mr & Mrs William M Ragle 

PO Bo< 1051 

Glen Mpine NC 2862S 

Jeffrey Michael Rapp 

Mr & Mrs Donald W. Rapp 
202 Laurel Oak Lane 
Monroe NC 28110 

Kathleen June Raymond 

I lOChickadeeCircle 
Hendersonvillc NC 28792 

Alexander Raimadze 

Mr & Mrr, Mjmuka Ra^mad/c 

I58B BarnovSl 


Amanda Constance Reid 

Mr & Mri Ron Rcid 
21 Friendship Lane 
Pisgah Foteii NC 28768 

Megan Lynn Remick 

Mr & Mrs Ronald J Nicholson 
SUSouth Carolina Dr 
Sluarl FL .UWJ 

Matthew Franklin Repass 

Mr & Mrs Bennv F- Repass 
13020 LindellRd 
Meadosssicw VA 24361 

Patrick Joseph Resotka 

Ms Susan M Rcsolka 
lOSmithReld Rd 
Whippan) NJ 07981 

Ryan Alan Reynolds 

Mr & Mrs Steve A Reynolds 
104 Brian Dr 
Spartanburg SC 29307 

Cori Lynn Rhoades 

Mr & Mri Clarence E, Rhoades 
CoalesvMlePA 19320 

Rebecca Barbara Rice 

Mr LucianC Rice 
1 Park Road 
AshcviUc NC 28803 

Thomas Edtrard Rich 

Mr & Mrs, Larry R Rich 
6 Hickory Creek Cl 
Arden NC 28704 

Kimberly Ann Richardson 

Mr Jerry C. Richardson 
182 Birc'htrec Rd 
Clover SC 29710 

Robert A. Riddle 

3901 Dove Creek Rd, 
Durham NC 27705 

Zara Ringlein 

Mr & Mrs Duane D Ringlein 
32 Friendship Lane 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

Alexander Rotem Rittmaster 

Mr & Mrs Charles Cans 
400 Midland Dr 
Asheville NC 28804 

Viyian Lynne Rivers 

Mr 4 Mrs CuU Risers 
PO. Boic 1394 
LcninglonSC 29701-1394 

John Gabriel Roberts 

Mr & Mrs, Edward C Roberts 
8 Woodhill Circle 
Columbia SC 29209 

John Michael Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs Nelson E Willis 
l360ChestnutCove Rd 
WhitlterNC 28789-7615 

Lisa Roberts 

Mr & Mrs Charles W Roberts 111 
109Southerland Rd 
Pisgah Forest NC 28768 

James William Robinson 

Mr & Mrs James William Robinson 

Rt. 3. Bon 308 


Kokita Nylette Robinson 

Ms. W ilhe L kobinson 
Rl. 1. Box 621 
ConoverNC 28613 



Stephen William Robinson 

Mr i Mrs William C Robinson 

875 Francis St. 

Aliamonic Springs FL 33701 

Benjamin Charles Rogers 

Mr & Mrs Don B Rogers 
1 28 Campbell Dr 
Pisgah Forcsl NC 28768 

Jeremy Allen Rogers 

Mr & Mrs Donald S Rogers 

PO Box 164 

Vjlley Fails NY 12185-OlM 

Alissa Betts Rogerson 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis D Rogerson 

24 Serenily Dr 

Pawlcys Island SC 29585 

Chrystal Elizabeth Rollison 

Mrs. Elizabelh DeBlois 

762 hi St N E 

Si Petersburg FL 33710 

Maria Alexander Rondeli 

Mr Alexander D Rondcit 

33 UshangiChkmcidze 

Flat 10 

Tbilisi 380002 REP OF GEORGIA 

Johnatban Bradford Rose 

Mr & Mrs Wayne P Rose 
1542 Jimmie Kerr Rd 
Ha» River NC 27258 

Maria June Rowsam 

nOChickadee Circle 
Hcndcrsonville NC 28792 

Melinda Hope Ruch 

10 Penny Ci. 
Hcndersonville NC 28739 

Jennifer Nichole Rudersdorf 

Mr & Mrs Douglas M. Rudersdorf 
664Grjnd Btvd 
Boone NC 28607 

Mary Lavetta Rushing 

Ms Belly Ann Rushing 
8IOCreck.ridge Dr 
Monroe NC 28110 

James Azro Sadler Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs James A. Sadler 
2t02Sl, Pclcrs Ln 
Charleston SC 29414 

Christopher Roger Sailors 

Rev & Mrs Roger R ^ilors 
PC Box 548 
Lawndalc NC 28090 

Steven Michael Sanders 

Mr & Mrs Jerry D Sanders 
PO Box 583 
CherryvillcNC 28021-0583 

Derek Bernard Sandlin 

Ms. Edna M Williams 
PO Box 654 
Brevard NC287I2 

Tomomi Sano 

1-26-3 Nankadai 
Osaka 586 JAPAN 

Christel L. Sarchet , 

Mr & Mrs Douglas CSarchei > 
i4209lhAvc Ea-st 
Palmetto FL 34221 

Hiroshi Sasaki . 

Mr & Mrs Minoru Sasaki \ 

3-5-6-101 Wakamatsu \ 

Chiba 273 JAPAN 

Monica Joy Schmitt 

Mr & Mrs John M Schmiii 
1020 Rushing Oaks 
Millcrsvillc MD 21 108 

Robert Joseph Schramm 

Mr & Mrs Robert C Schramm 
33 Bay Point Harbour 
Point Pleasant NJ 08742 

Kristen Elizabeth Scott 

Mr & Mrs Bill Scott 
Rt t. Box 29 
Brevard NC 28712 

Stacy Dean Searcy 

Mr & Mrs Eddie D Searcy 
P O Box 387 
Rosman NC 2S772 

Rya Dawn Sechrist 

Mr. & Mrs E. Sechrist 
1457 Parkhaven Row 
Lakewood OH 44107 

Sherod Rasbawn Seears 

172-10 133 Ave. 
Queens NY I 1434 

Scotty Edwin Setser 

Mr & Mrs Dennis E Seiser 
Rt 4, Box 145 
Canton NC 28716 

Emily Jayne Shackelton 

64 GalewoodDr 
Marietta GA 30068 

Aneie Kim Shelton 

Mr S Mrs, James D Shdton 
614 N Homestead Rd 
Pickens SC 29671 

William Kane Shelton 

Mr & Mrs John R Shelton 

Rt 3. Box 360 

Pilot Mountam NC 27041 

Andrew William Sherman 

Mr. George W Sherman IV 
412 Volusia Ave. 
Dayton OH 45405 

Gary Edward Shu ford If 

Ms, V^irginia Ford 
837 East Graham Si 

Shelby NC 28 150 

George Lanier Shall 

Mr & Mrs Joseph R, Shull 
251 Hempstead Place 
Charlotte NC 28207 

Stephen Willis Siferd 

Ms Frances P Siferd 
1791 S, BayshorcLn 

Miami FL 33133 

Bobbie Jo Simmons 

Mrs, Debra Simmons 
Route 6. Box 17-E 
Kinslon NC 28501 

Richard Clayton Simolari 

Philip Simolari 

441 Mcadowlark Drive 

Sarasota FL 34236 

Gianna Tatiana Singer 

Mr & Mrs Errol R Singer 

Scru Mungusa #20 


James Richard Sinkoski 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Sinkoski 
190 Pine Knoll Rd. 
Faycitcvillc GA 30214 

Megan Susan Sipprell 

Dr, & Mrs Thomas \ Sipprell 
150X Ensenada Ave 
Orlando FL 32825 

Rashaum Abdul Skinner 

Ms Jjnice B Skinner 
220 Mclntyre Lane 
Rocky Mount NC 27804 

Tamela Nicole Slade 

341 Jackson St 
Rcidsville NC 27320-2832 

William Dale Small 

Mrs, Carries Bradley 

PO, Box 201 

Kings Mountain NC 28086 

Christopher Warren Smith 

Mr & Mrs Warren W Smith 
75-540 DcsiertoDr, 
Indian WetlsCA 92210 

Dorothy Leeora Smith 

Mr & Mrs. Glen F Clanton 
4300 Lindawood Dr 
Nashville TN 37215 

Eldric Jerfandrin Smith 

Mrs, Vivian E,Gambren 
1107 Whitest 
Pendleton SC 29670 

Jeremiah Reid Smith 

Mr, & Mrs Cecil R Smith 
Winsion-Salcm NC 27106 

John Allen Smith 

Ms, Audrey T. Smith 
4222 Randleman Rd 
Greensboro NC 27406 

Michael Darren Smith 

Mr. BoydG Smith 
4424 Old Forge Dr 
Gastonia NC 280S6 

Michael Jackson Smith 

Mr & Mrs. MickvF Smith 
551 Landers Chapel Rd 
Lincolnton NC 28092 

Raymond Henri Smith 

Mr & Mrs Ralph W Smith 

3722 Wayfarer Dr 
Greensboro NC 27410 

Samuel Andrew Smith 

Ms. Barbara L Smilh 
401 Hickory Knoll 
Birmingham AL 35226 

Terry Vaphet Smith 

Mr & Mrs. W'llhe J Smith 
517 Ashbury Circle 
EasleySC 29640 

Jennifer Lynn Sneeden 

405-H Racine Dr 
Wilmingion NC 28403 

Amy Woodward Snyder 

Mr & Mrs. James L Snyder 
1425 Myers Park Dr 
Charlotte NC 28207 

John Ivica Sola 

Mr & Mrs. Ante A Sola 

153 Stevenson Rd. 


Ontario L6L 527 CANADA 

Kerri Lee Sorkin 

Mr & Mrs, Larry J Sorkin 
RR I Box 1 56 A 
Penrose NC 28766-9715 

Josh Forrest Spiegel 

Dr & Mrs Curl H Spregef 
52(lL.iflGr.fnn Rd 
Monroe NC 2H I 12-9407 

Michael Datid Springer 

Mr & Mrs John Springer 
7260 Beverly Manor Dr. 

Annandalc VA 22003 

194 -I 



John W iNiam Sprouse 

Mr & Mrs James P Sprouse 
2417 Elmhursi Dr 
Fa>elle\iHc NC 2S403 

Erin EHzabeth Stacv 

Mr. & Mrs Robcri D Siac\ 
21 Cheulah Rd 
Brevard NC 28712 

Sara Louise Stafford 

S4I Sercnit) Place 
Lake Mar> FL 33746 

Thomas Christopher Stahlschmidt 

Mr. & Mrs Paul F Slahlschmidt 
3724 Browne's Fern 

Charlolle NC 28269 

Susan \1arie Steele 

Mr & Mrs Lorman C. Sleek 
6104 Staffordshire Ci 
Ralicgh NC 27609 

Chad Alan Steward 

Mr Sl Mfi James R Steward 
2877 Sl Andrews Wa\ 
MarieUaGA 30062 

Rebecca Elisabeth Stine 

Mr & Mrs, Allen E Stine 
Gainesville FL 32606 

James Douglas Stroud 

Ms Teresa A Stroud 
707 Lynnwood Dr. 
Burlington NC 27215-6211 

Jason /?. Stroud 

Mrs Teresa A Slroud 
707 Lyn«ood Dr 
Burlington NC 27215 

Paul Douglas Summers 

Rev. & Mrs. Thomas S. Summers 
PO Box 401 
WillisionSC 29853 

Stephanie Melissa Summey 

Mr isMrs Edward J Summey 
PO Box 251 

Horse Shoe NC 28742 

Vkeitb Antwann Surratt 

Mr &. Mrs. Marion Briscoe 
191 I Peii\ Road 
Shelby NC 28150 

Crystal Elise Surrett 

Mr ■& Mrs William M SurrcU 
Ri 3. Box 225 
Brevard NC 28712 

Yoko Suzuki 

Mr & Mrs Tsuguo Suzuki 

I-I-20 Imagawa 


Chiba 279 JAPAN 

Elizabeth Ann Swearingen 

307 Weeks Dr 
Cleveland TN 37312 

Lara Sophia Sweet 

Mr & Mrs Urne H Sweet 
3101 Barnhill Dr 
Charlolle NC 28205-6202 

Taylor McGuire Swicegood 

Ms *Kathy T Palmer 
I Valley Springs Rd 
AshevilleNC 28803 

JSao Takeuchi 

158-1 Monzen. Ibo-cho 
Hyogo-ken JAPAN 

Lia June Tanner 

Mr & Mrs Frederick A T 
2830 Wilmoi Ave 
Columbia SC 29205 

Shane Raymond Tanner 

Mr & Mrs Jerry S Tanner 
PO Box 104 
Glcnville NC 28736 

Penny Rose Tapper 

Rev & Mrs Edward S Tapper 
Rl 9, Box 368-C 

Mocksville NC 27028 

Brett Harrison Tate 

Mr & Mrs Charles R Tate 
7805 Beech Forest Rd 
Lewisville NC 27023 

Dale Alexander Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. S.M Taylor 111 
5 Wesiridge Court 

Falmouth V A 22405-1447 

Hunter March Terry 

6600 Marna Lane 

North Fl MjersFL33917 

Christopher Paul Theokas 

Ms Dianne B Loving 
4439 Scarborough Sij 
Alexandria VA 22309 

Timothy Christopher Thew 

Mr.& Mrs'Linwood C Butler 
1406 Country Club Rd 
Brevard NC287I2 

Brian Douglas Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs Jerry D. Thomas 
Rl.4, Box 237H 

Marshville NC 28103 

Amanda Carol Thompson 

Ms. Marcia K Gcddings 
1449 Hidden Bridge Rd 
Ml Pleasanl SC 29464 

Lauren Fletcher Thompson 

Mr & Mrs Russell L. Thompson 
PO Box 1 3 

Cashiers NC 28717 


I- 195 

Stephanie Erin Thompson 

M( & Mrs Robcn D. Thompson 
*4 West Crescent 
Tantdrmti \ale 
VVarwKl. 'AK-OA 

Nino Tickaradze 

Mr & Mrs Nicholai Tickaradze 
2550 Akcrs Mill Rd 
Atlama GA 30339 

MichaelJoseph Tolomea III 

Mr & Mrs Michael J Tolomea Jr 
I Forcsi Trail Couri 
Ulc of Palms SC 29451 

Zinnia Ann Torres 

12330 Wcsl Hampton 
Wcsi Palm Beach FL 33414 

John Man Tougas 

Mrs Ann M Gunnin 
4171 Forcsl Circle 
RoswctlGA 30075 

Christopher Lawrence Tritten 

Mr & Mrs Roberi L Triiicn 
Charloiic \C 2821 1 

Jonathan Burch Trollineer 

Ro A; Mrs JjmcsT Trollinger 


: Nt 

Thomas Slade Tucker Jr. 

Mr & Mrs, Thomas S Tucker 
1160 Windmg Branch Cir 
Atlanta GA 3033H 

Ryan Clarke Tudhope 

Mr & Mrs WjlliucW Tudhope 
323 Pressvicw Ave 
Longwood FL 32750 


\ukako Vchivama 

Mr i Mrs Yoshihiro Uchiyama 

l-37M3 0no-mathi 


Chiba-kcn 272 JAPAN 

Takako Veda 

Mr & Mrs Masaru Ueda 

4-6-7-205 Tanaka 


Kobe 658 JAPAN 

Anna Elizabeth Vander»erf 

Dr, & Mrs Joseph \ VandcrvM-rf 
306 Woodland Trail 
Hcndcrsonvillc NC 28731 

Samantha Elizabeth Vauphn 

Mr & Mrs Donald W Vaughn 
4220 Morningsidc Dr 
CunimingGA 30131 

Oneal Jermaine Vernon 

Ms. Vjola M Vernon 
4-E Mounatin Side Apis. 
Ashevillc NC 28801 

Benjamin Ryan Voegele 

Mr & Mrs James P Vocgelc 
#1. Ln IKO, Hsing Vi Rd. 
Pciiou District 


Yu Wada 

Dr& Mrs Hiromj Wada 

2-32-16 Nango 


Shiga 520JAPAN 

Heather Waitman 

Ms lois F Waiiman 
201 Broadwuv 

Tryon NC 28782 

Tory Dyn Walker 

Mr & Mrs Denny C Walker 
206Greenlawn Dr. 
Kernersvillc NC 27284 

Jennifer Lynn Walsh 

Mr & Mrs Joseph E. Walsh 

5705 Rosa Si. 

St. Louis MO 63 1 09 

Christofer Charles Walters 

Mr & Mrs CIvdc T Wallers 
350 Waters Rd 
Jacksonville NC 28546 

Jess David Walters 

Mr & Mrs David O Wallers 
41 5 Stanton Cl. 
Winslon-Salcm NC 27106 

Jonathan Richard Ward 

Ms. Rebecca G Davis 

P O Boi 2082 

Blowing Rock NC 28605-2082 

Joshua James Ward 

Mr, & Mrs, Michael C, Ward 
204 Sagramorc Lane 

Eric T. Wasser 

Dr & Mrs Tom D Wasser 
8 Locust Hjll Dr 
Lyons NY 14489 

Amanda Gail Watson 

Mr & Mrs Wavnc Walson 
Rl I. BoK 137 
Penrose NC 287(i6 

Cristopher Ellis Weatherford 

Mr & Mrs, Hcldon D Weatherford 
300 Davis River Rd 
Belmoni NC 28012 

Derrick Lorenzo Wearer 

Ms Mary Bcrnice Weaver 
7848 Ocean Hwy, W 
ShalliMic NC 28459 

Thomas Luke Weber 

Ms Phyllis Chase 

20(> Kingswood Ave Lot 56 

Spartanburg SC 29303 

196 -I 



Sharon Diane Weiland 

Mr 4 Mr> E<l»jrd \ Wciland 
26^5 Sunset Lane 
York PA 1 ^404 

Keiin Matthew Weiss 

1 1 Seneca Ave 
Emerson \JO76J0 

Christopher Adam Welch 

307 SoulhTth Street 
Ufajclle IN 47«0I 

John Patrick West 

Mr i Mrs William D West 
216 \ Broadmoor Blvd 
Spnngfield OH 45504 

LaShattnta Denise Whiteside 

Mr i Mr^ Gilberl F Whiteside 
4 North Ridge Place 
^rdc^ NC IS^Ol 

Bradley Dereli Williams 

Mr iMrJ Mark O Williams 
3640 7lhSl N E, 
Hickor> NC :860l 

Daniel Edward Williams 

Ms Sandra R W illiams 
6 Lions St 
Franklin NC :8-14 

Jeffrey Derek Williams 

Mr i MVs Dennis L Williams 
IbOi Iron Forge Rd 
Hcmdon VA 22071 

Jennifer Leigh Williams 

Mr i Mrs Stephen Cregors W itliams 
RR 1. Bos 227 
BreiardNC 28712-9714 

Marc Edward Williamson 

Mr i Mrs Tllomas L- Williamson 
Rt 4, Bo» 1 25 
Wasncssillc NC 28786 

Scot Michael Williamson 

Mr & Mrs Stephen M Williamson 
1 04 Terrcnce Ct 
Greer SC 29650 

Tommy Lee Williamson Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Tomms L Williamson Sr 
3<J Carver St 
Brevard NC 28712 

Tonia Michele Windham 

Mr 4 Mrs Bill) J Windham 
1 1 7 S Sunny Grove Rd- 
NeboNC 28761 

Kimberly !\eal Winn 

Mr & Mrs Phillip L- Winn 
3921 Southeast School Rd 
Greensboro NC 27406 

Trails yelson Wolfe 

425 Grosvenor Dr 
Raleigh NC 27615 

Bryant Vernon Womack 

72 Bcthea Dr 
Hcndersonville NC 28732 

Trysh Martinez H omack 

72 Sethca Dr 
Hcndersonville NC 28732 

Lisa Renee Hood 

Mr & Mrs Harn K Wood 
1 26 Slonebridgc Dr 
Hcndersonville NC 28739 

William Pane Wood Jr. 

Ms Lucile W Mckain 
3928 Severn Ave 
Charlotte NC 28210-6218 

LaMonica Jo Woodruff 

Mr 4 Mrs Johnnv B Woodnilf 


Sparunburg SC 29301 

Fred Victor Woodward III 

Mr 4 Mrs Fred V Woodward 
121 Dogwood Dr 
Brevard NC 28712 

Kelly Lynn Wright 

Ms- Rowcna L Wright 
Franklin NC 28734 

Laurie Patricia Wyrick 

Mr 4 Mrs Bennv L WvricV 


Hope Mills NC 28348-1968 

Makoto Yamada 

131-2 llado 
kanagawa-ken 259-11 JAPAN 

Nozomi Tamada 

Mr 4 Mrs Minoru Yamada 
6-2-29, 7-jyo Taihci 
kita-ku Sapporo 
Hokkaido 002 JAPAN 

Siles Paul Yantchook 

Mr 4 Mrs Paul P Yantchook 
4601 FilhngameDr 
ChamilK V A 22021 

John Hoffman Yingst 

Ms. Judith R ■^ingst 
735 Nonhway lane 
Atlanta GA 30342 

Kanae Yonezawa 

6-88-8 Makuhari-cho 
Chiba 262 JAPAN 

Thea Blair ioungblood 

Mr & Mrs Thomas W ^ungblood 

P O Boi 295 

Fletcher NC 28732-0295 

Jason Anthony Yuknus 

Mr 4 Mrs-FrankJ Nuknus 
6312 N W 62 Terr 
Parkland FL 33067 

Sejan Yun 

Mr- 4 Mrs WuGyuYun 
204 Belinda Court 
Lexington SC 29072 

Benjamin W illiam Zierden 

Mr 4 Mrs W illiam W Zierden 
2231 Woodcrest Dr 
Lvnchburg VA 24503 


'indicaiCi pan-iime 

Fine Arts 

Virginia Tilloison 

Division Chair. Professor of Music 

*Sidnc> Baker 

Adjunct Insiructor in Music/Siring 

•Palncu Batcher 
insiructor in Music/Piano 

W-iiliam B Bycrs. Jr. 
Associate Professor of Art 

Diane Cash 

Assistant Professor of Music/Pcrcusston 

Samuel L Cope 

Professor of Music and Theater Arts 

•Moliic Doctrow 
Intlrucior in Art 

*Dann> Fogle 
Insiructor m Voice 

•Adelaide Hart 
Insiructor in Organ 

•Rita Hayes 

Instructor in Music/Flule 

David Kirbv 
Instructor In Music 

Laura P McDowell 
Associate Professor of Music 

HarveyH Miller. Jr. 
Professor of Music 

Dr Gregory W Morris 

Assistant Professor of Music/Piano 

D Timothy G. Murray 
Professor of Art 

'Kathcrinc Palmer 
Adjunct Instructor in Music 

•Guillermo Pcrich 

Adjunct Instructor of Music/Slring 

Jo Pumphrey 
Instructor in An 

Patricia L Robinson 

Associate Professor of Music/Organ 

"David Stevenson 
Instructor of Music/Guiiar 

■Ruth Still 

Instructor in Music/Life and Culture Director 

'Eliot Wadopian 
Instructor in Music 

Dr B Larry Whailey 
Professor of Music 

Robert A While 
Instructor in Theater Arts 

'David Zuschin 
Instructor in Voice 

Sandra Sawyer 
Secretary to the Division 

Physical Education, 
Health and 
Wilderness Education 

Dr Byrdic E. £ason 

Division Chair, Professor of PE 

'Nancy Ballingcr 

Instructor in PE. Aquaiics Coordinator 

Joseph Barllinski 

Soccer Coordinator, Women's Soccer Coach 

*Tammy Brockman 
Instructor in Athletic Training 

Clyde W Carter 

Assistant Professor of Recreation/Wilderness Ed. 

•John Dodson 

Instructor in Wilderness Education 

•Dr Robert Kerr 
Instructor in PE 

Carmen Nclon 

Instructor in PE. Women's Basketball Coach 

Judy Pascale 

Assisianl Professor of PE/Foreign Language 

L David Rinkcr 

Athletic Director, Track Coach 


I- 197 

Andre* SchacTcr 

Insiructof in PE, Men's Soccer Coach 

Rusty Slroupe 

Instructor in Psy/Soc, Baseball Coach 

Norm Wiick 
Professor of Health/ PE 

Shirley Wing 
Secretary to ihe Division 


J Belton Hammond 

Acting Division Chair, Associate Professor of 


*Joy Bulluck 

Instructor in Foreign Language 

•Beisy Biirrows 
Instructor in English 

Dr Kenneth D Chamlec 
Associate Professor of English 

•Patricia Chapman 
Instructor in English 

•Bonnie Clark 
Instructor in Reading 

Jonathan Collcy 
Instructor in Philosophy 

Peggy Goodwin Jackson 
Instructor in English 

•Douglas M Guthrie 
Instructor in English 

*Dr Kristi Leatherwood 
Adjunct Instructor in English 

Kristina H McBridc 
Instructor in English 

Rhuemma Miller 

Assistant Professor of English/Communications 

Ernest Mills 

Instructor in Religion, College Chaplain 

Judy C Pascale 

Assistant Professor of Foreign Language/ PE 

Dr Charles P league 
Professor of Religion 

A Preston Woodruff 
Associate Professor of Religion 

Margaret B. Zednik 

Instructor in Philosophy /Semester in Austria 

Robbie Warrerr 

Secrctiry to the Humanities and Social Science Divisions 

Mathematics and 
Natural Science 

Dr Jeffrey B Llewellyn 

Divisions. Chair, Associate Professor of Biology 

Anita Bryant 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Carl A- Carlson 
Instructor in Mathematics 

'Rachel C Daniels 

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics 

Dr Robert R Glesener 
Associate Professor Biology 

Susan L Horn 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Dr Donald H Lander 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Anne Pittman 

Instructor in Mathematics/Geology 

Dr Geneva Shaw 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

•William L Sudcr 
Instructor in Biology 

Dr-C Clarke Wellborn 

Professor of Mathematics and Physics 

Dr, David E Wetmorc 

Professor of Chcmisti^/Computer Science 

Scoii Yager 

Instructor in Physics/Mathematics 

Bobbie Jean Whiimirc 
Secretary to the Division 

Social Sciences 

C Ray Fisher 

Division Chair, Professor of Business 

Peter E Burger 

Associate Prof of History/Political Science 

Michelle Choate 

Instructor in Computer Science 

Dec Dasburg 

College Counselor. Instructor in Psychology 

•Jill Demarco 
Instructor in Psychology 

Alyse Hollingsworlh 

Instructor in Business/Computer Science 

•Pamela Johnson 
Instructor in Psychology 

S, Eugene Lovely 
Professor of History 

Kaihy Meehan 

Instructor in Psychology, Director of Learning Enhancement Center 

Dr Scott Sheffield 

Assistant Professor of History 

Patricia Smith 

Assistant Professor of Business 

Rusty Slroupe 

Instructor in Psy/Soc, Baseball Coach 

Dr. David E, Wetmore 

Professor of Computer Science/Chemistry 

Administrative Faculty 
and Staff 

Office of the President 

J. Thomas Bcrtrand 

Betty Nealc 

Assistant to the President 

Office of Academic 

Dr. Clara Coleman- West 

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Linda Epperson 

Administrative Assistant lo the Sr, Vice President for Academic 

Affairs and Academic Budget Coordinator 

Jacolyn Campbell 

Director of Community Education 

Penny M Crcasman 

Administrative Assistant to the Office of Community Education 

Joyce Jackson 

Becky Sanchez 

Director of Student Volunteer Opportunity 

Michael M McCabe 
Director of the Library 

Burnley CGanus 

Janet Jones 
Adminislraiivc/Library Assistant 

George Stahlbcrg 

Library Technical Assistant 

Jacqueline Y, Young 
Library Technical Assistant 

Adelaide Han 

Director of the Connection Center 

Ann Ettcrs 

Director of OfHce Services 

Office of Campus Life 

Steve Martin 

Vice President for Campus Life 

Charles BWhitlev 

Assistant Dcaon for Campus Life 

Andrea Pincr 

Assistant Dean for Student Activities 

Susan Chappell 

Secretary to the Vice President and Dean for Campus Life 

Steve Woodson 
Director of Public Safety 

Phyllis B Hoffmcyer-Lee. R N 

Nurse Director of Student Health Services 

Patricia Jenkins, L P N 
Staff Nurse 

Dcanne Dasburg 
College Counselor 

Fran Lynch 

Director of Project Inside-Out 

Onna Bouder 

Resident Director for Complex 

John Dodson 

Resident Director for Taylor 

Linda Griffith 

Resident Director for West Jones 

Heather Laughran 

Resident Director for East Jones 

Michel Louter 

Resident Director for Green 

Tern Owen 

Resident Director for East Beam 

Pablo Sanchez 

Resident Director for West Beam 

Office of Admissions 
and Financial Aid 

Bob McLendon 

Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid 

Sarah T, Mead 

Administrative Admissions and Financial Aid 

Marilyn Garrcn 
Admissions Counselor 

Niles Hipps 

Director of Admissions 

198 -F 


Gala R Rice 

-Xssisunt to ehc \ ice Presidcnl for \dmissions 

Michael While 

\s5ociaic Director of Admissions 

MarthT, Nolen 
Daiaba^ Coordinator 

Cvnthia McCall 

Secretary to ihe Vice President for Admiisions 

Lisanne H Mastcrson 
DifMtor of Financial Aid 

Caron O- Surrett 

Assistant Director of Financial Aid 

Office of Business and 

ArgylcW Gash 

Acting Director of Ihe Business Office 

Doris E Montgomcrj 
Purchaiing Agent 

Kdl> H Wilkie 

Joyce P Rogers 

Mark Roberts 

College Budget OfT.cer and Systems Analyst 

George Rolland 

Director of Computer Serivces 

V\illie Evans 

Project Manager. Computenzation 

Ten Credille 

Systems Manager. Network Suppon Coordinator 

Facilities and Grounds 

Rcid Plcmmons 

Director of Facilities and Grounds 

Palricia Allison 

Assistant to the Director of Faalities 

and Grounds 

Maintenance staff: 
Gary Buchanan 
Danny Corn 
Jack Hamlin 
V\ avnc Hinkle 
Crawford Lo»c 
Jerry Marshall 
Charles Stewart 
Mark Walker 

Becky Biron 

Coordinating Manager for Housekeeping 

Raymond Royd 
Supervisor for Housekeeping 

Housekeeping staff: 
Charliic Powell 
Raymond McCants 
Hank Ship 
Ralph Ray 
Paul PJerson 
Jesse \^ oods 
Eddie Sacks 

Office of Institutional 

Dr Don Scarborough 

Vice Presideni for Institutional Advancement 

Paige D Johnson 

Associate Director of Alumni Affairs 

Sharon Brig ham 

Assistant lo the Vice Prcsidtnt for Institutional Advancement 

Sherr> G. Maska 

Marty Cochran 
Secreury/Gifl Processor 

Kate Stockman 

Director of Public Information 

Brad Kimzey 

Director of I'he News Bureau. Office of Public Information 






Patricia Cliapiiiaii, Advisor 
Tina MeBride, Asst. Advisor 
i^ieole Gilbert, Editor 
Candy Crosby, Asst. Editor 
Martha Gilliam 
Chrystal Rollison 
Raymond Smitb 
Rya Seehrist 
Kim Borland 
tiamie Dalyrmple 

Special Thanks To: 
Bill Byers 
Jared Goldberg 
Brad Kimzey 
Bob Glesener 
Belton Hammond 
Tab Patton 
Becky Sanchez 
Jennifer Williams 




■> :^•v;oMf^■;'