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Full text of "Petition of the stockholders of Spot Pond Aqueduct Company : August 18, 1845, referred to Aldermen Ayer, Perkins and Shipley, and ordered that one hundred copies be printed"

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City Document. — No. 27. 




August 18, 1845. 

Referred to Aldermen Ayer, Perkins and Shipley, 
and ordered that one hundred copies be printed. 

Attest, S. F. McCleary, City Clerk. 

To THE Mayor and Aldermen of the City of 

Whereas two thirds of the Capital of the Spot 
Pond Aqueduct Company have been subscribed, and 
a portion of the subscribers by their circular of May 
last pledged themselves to apply to the Legislature 
for certain amendments of their Charter, specified 
below, and to offer to the City a portion of the Cap- 
ital, the subscribers to the Stock respectfully request 
you to submit to the Citizens of Boston, in their re- 
spective wards, as soon as may be, the following 
proposition : — 

" Shall the immediate introduction of pure w^ater 
be secured by requesting the City Government to 
subscribe for the remaining third of the Capital of 
the Spot Pond Aqueduct Company, with liberty to 
take the whole on the completion of the work pur- 
suant to the Charter." 

And in case a majority of voters shall approve the 
same, they respectfully request the City Government,, 
under the power conferred by the Charter, to sub- 
scribe for one third of the Stock of the Company^ 
which has been reserved for the City. 

At the next session of the Legislature, application 
will be made for the following amendments. 

L That the Mayor and Aldermen shall forever be,^ 
by virtue of their office, but without compensation, 
a Board of Water Comptrollers, whose duty it shall 


be to supervise the income of the Corporation, and 
to regulate the water rents, from time to time, so 
that the Stockholders shall not receive a yearly profit 
of less than six per cent., if the net income of the 
works will yield so much — nor more than ten per 

2. That the said Board of Water Comptrollers 
shall determine, from time to time, how many, and 
when, and where, pubhc hydrants shall be placed in 
the street, for the accommodation of the poor, for 
the use of which an annual rent shall be paid by the 
City to the Corporation. 

3. Said Board shall also determine how many, and 
when, and where, ornamental public fountains, not 
exceeding three, shall be placed, and the annual 
rent for the use of both hydrants and fountains, (if 
the Water Comptrollers and the Corporation cannot 
agree upon a price,) shall be fixed by three Commis- 
sioners, to be mutually chosen by the parties, from 
time to time, as occasion may require. 

4. Said Board may notify the agents of the Cor- 
poration, when and where, they desire to have fire 
plugs inserted into the main pipes — and said Corpo- 
ration shall be compelled forthwith to make such 
insertions, at the expense of the City — but the use 
of the water for the suppression and extinguishment 
of fires, and to fill the City reservoirs, shall at all 
times be free, and without any expense to the City ; 
and one or more servants of the Company shall at 
all times be at hand, to aid the Chief Engineer of the 
Fire Department. 

And also a further amendment, providing that the 
City may elect a number of Directors proportionate 
to the Stock subscribed by them, by concurrent vote 

1845.] CITY DOCUMENT.—No. 27. 5 

of the Mayor and Aldermen and Common Council, 
and vote on all other subjects at the meeting of the 

The introduction of Water by this Company has 
been once approved by the City Government. 

The Charter of the Company has been framed to 
meet the suggestions and wishes of the City Govern- 
ment, and your petitioners have no doubt, that a 
prompt subscription on the part of the City will 
secure, by next year, an ample and sure supply of 
the purest water at a low scale of charges, and, 
combining the resources and credit of the City with 
individual frugality, enterprise and sagacity, will 
insure promptitude in action, and economy in ex- 
penditure, and rapid execution, and avoid all risk of 
increased taxation from a larger and more uncertain 
enterprise at the sole risk of the City. 

By the concert of action proposed, the City would 
become at once proprietors of one third of the Stock, 
and have the option of taking the whole Stock upon 
the completion of the enterprise. 

Respectfully asking the immediate action of the 
Mayor and Aldermen, your petitioners as in duty 
bound will ever pray. 

The subscribers to the Stock of the Spot Pond 
Aqueduct Company, by 

CALEB EDDY, Chairman. 
S. Shaw, Jr., Secretary. 
Boston, August 5th, 1845. 


Boston, August 5th, 1845. 

At a meeting of the subscribers to the Stock of 
the Spot Pond Aqueduct Corporation, the following 
vote was passed without a dissenting voice. 

Voted, That the Petition to the City Government 
annexed to the Report of the Executive Committee, 
be adopted by the meeting, and that the same be 
signed, in behalf of the association, by the Chairman 
and Secretary, and be transmitted to the Mayor and 
Aldermen, by a Committee of one hundred sub- 
scribers to the Stock. 

Attest, S. Shaw^, Jr., Secretary. 

To THE Mayor amd Aldermen of the City of 

The undersigned, Committee of the subscribers to 
the Stock of the Spot Pond Aqueduct Company, 
respectfully present to your Honorable Board, the 
petition of their associates, accompanied by the con- 
templated amendments of the Charter of the Spot 
Pond Aqueduct Company, which are designed to 
protect the interests of the City. 

Commending the same to your favorable consid- 
eration, they are respectfully, 

Robert G. Shaw, John D. Williams, 

Thomas Wigglesworth, Richard Urann, 

Cyrus Alger, Aaron Bancroft, 

Giles Lodge, William Dall, 

John Ballard, Henry K. Hancock, 

Samuel T. Armstrong, Henry Farnam, 

1845.] CITY DOCUMENT.— No. 27. 

Jonathan Chapman, 
William Underwood, 
Edward D. Peters, 
George W. Crockett, 
Z. B. Adams, 
Prentiss Hobbs, 
Richard Martin, 
Jedediah Tattle, 
Edward Blake, 
Edward A Raymond, 
Benjamin Lamson, 
John Eaton, 
Jabez C. Howe, 
Francis Welch, 
Samuel F. Coohdge, 
George C. Shattuck, 
James C. Merrill, 
Amos Binney, 
Charles Amory, 
H. B. Rogers, 
Henry G. Andrews, 
J. A. Lowell, 
Abner Phelps, 
Pliny Cutler, 
Samuel May, 
Moses French, 
Ezra Lincoln, 
Stephen Fairbanks, 
Ellis Gray Loring, 
B. T. Reed, 
Bela Hunting, 
John Templeton, 
Jonathan Preston, 
William Lawrence, 

John P. Thorndike, 
John Stevens, 
Deming Jarves, 
Henry Edwards, 
Henry Hall, 
Israel Ames, 
Philo S. Shelton, 
F. C. Loring, 
Simon Wilkmson, 
John G. Torrey, 
C. F. Adams, 
Joseph N. Howe, Jr. 
Charles Wilkins, 
Samuel Johnson, 
Wilham P. Winchester, 

by his attorney, S. 

Wyatt Richards, 
Josiah Bradlee, 
Jeffrey Richardson, 
Joel Thayer, 
Solomon Piper, 
Isaac Parker, Ward 7, 
Uriel Crocker, 
Daniel Draper, 
WilHam H. Prentice, 
Benjamin Humphrey, 
Adin Hall, 
P. P. F. Degrand, 
James Cheever, 
Ebenezer Smith, 
Silas Pierce, 
Wilham W. Stone, 
Samuel Gilbert, 




Charles Stoddard, 
Daniel Safford, 
Frederick Gould, 
William Wright, 
Thaddeus Nichols, 
Jabez Ellis, 
John G. Roberts, 
Nathaniel Faxon, 
Francis O. Watts, 
Wilham F. Weld, 
Henry D. Gray, 

Wilham J. Hubbard, 
Royal B. Wihis, 
Wilham H. Lane, 
Nathaniel Hammond, 
A. Perkins, 
Wilham E. Coffin, 
Joseph Cotton, 
Jonathan Goldsmith, 
M. A. Metcalf, 
H. Weld Fuller, 
Henry B. Stone. 


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