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CCaCPIJ^BD BV .. -. -- 

iREjv. E^. :b. f^a^irsop^s, id. id. 

WiLi^iAjcsTowN, Massachusetts 



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9iko(To<pla Biov Kvfiepvi^rrf3 


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(alphabbtical by institutions) 

Amherst College, Beta of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

Boston University, Epsilon of Massachusetts, Boston. 

Bowdoin CoUeg^e, Alpha of Maine, Brunswick. 

Brown University, Alpha of Rhode Island, Providence. 

California University, Alpha of California, Berkeley. 

Chicago University, JBeta of Illinois, Chicago. 

Cincinnati University, Delta of Ohio, Cincinnati. 

Colby CoUeg^e, Beta of Maine, Waterville. 

Colgate University, Eta of New York, Hamilton. 

Columbia University, Delta of New York, New York City. 

Cornell University, Theta of New York, Ithaca. 

Dartmouth College, Alpha of New Hampshire, Hanover. 

DePauw University, Alpha of Indiana, Greencastle. 

Dickinson College, Alpha of Pennsylvania, Carlisle. 

Hamilton College, Epsilon of New York, Clinton. 

Harvard University, Alpha of Massachusetts, Cambridge. 

Haverford College, Zeta of Pennsylvania, Haverford. 

Hobart College, Zeta of New York, Geneva. 

Iowa University, Alpha of Iowa, Iowa City. 

Johns Hopkins University, Ali>ha of Maryland, Baltimore. 

Kansas University, Alpha of Kansas, Lawrence. 

Kenyon College, Beta of Ohio, Gambier. 

Lafayette College, Gamma of Pennsylvania, Easton. 

Lehigh University, Beta of Pennsylvania, South Bethlehem. 

Marietta College, Gamma of Ohio, Marietta. 

Middlebury College, Beta of Vermont, Middlebury. 

Minnesota University, Alpha of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 

Nebraska University, Alpha of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

New York City College, Gamma of New York. 

New York University, Beta of New York, New York City. 

Northwestern University, Alpha of Illinois, Evanston. 

Pennsylvania University, Delta of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

Princeton University, 6eta of New Jersey, Princeton. 

Rochester University, Iota of New York, Rochester. \ 

Rutgers College, Alpha of New Jersey, New Brunswick. I 

St. Lawrence University, Lambda of New York, Canton. i 

Swarthmore College, Efsilon of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore. 

Syracuse University, Kappa of New York, Syracuse. ' 

Trinity College, Beia of Connecticat, Hartf 0Td« 

226125 i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC .J 

4 : ; .rkft^SB chaptbm 

Tufts College, Delta of Massachusetts, Tufts College. 
Union University, Alpha of New York, Schenectady. 
Vassar College, Mu of New York, Poughkeepsie. 
Vermont University, Alpha of Vermont, Burlington. 
Wabash College, neta ot Indiana, Crawfordsville. 
Wesleyan University, Gamma of Connecticut, Middletown. 
Western Reserve, Alpha of Ohio, Cleveland. 
William and Mary College, Alpha of Virgina, Williamsburg. 
Williams College, Gamma of Massachusetts, Williamstown. 
Wisconsin University, Alpha of Wisconsin, Madison. 
Yale University, Alpha of Connecticut, New Haven. 


William and Mary 1776, Harvard 1780, Yale 1780, Dartmouth, 1787, 
Union 1817, Bowdoin 1824, Brown 1830, Trinity 1845, Wesleyan 1845, 
Western Reserve 1847, Vermont 1848, Amherst 1853, Kenyon 1858, New 
York University 1858, Marietta 1860, Williams 1864, New York City 
College 1867, Columbia 1868, Middlebury 1868, Hamilton 1869, Rutgers 
1869, Hobart 1871, Colgate 1875, Cornell 1882, Dickinson 1886, Lehigh 
1886, Rochester 1886, DePauw 1889, Lafayette 1889, Kansas 1889, 
Northwestern 1889, Minnesota 1892, Pennsylvania 1892, Tufts 1892, 
Colby 1895, Iowa 1895, Johns Hopkins 1895, Nebraska 1895, Swarthmore 
1895, Syracuse 1895, Boston University, 1898, California 1898, Chicago 
1898, Cincinnati 1898, Haverford 1898, Princeton 1898, St. Lawrence 
1898, Vassar 1898, Wabash 1898, Wisconsin 1898. 


Pres. Charles W. Eliot, LL D, 1883—1886. 
Hon. Matthew Hale, LL D, 1886—1889. 
Col. Thomas W. Higginson, LL D, 1889—1895. 
Bishop Henry C. Potter, DD, LL D, 1895—1898. 
Hon. John A. DeRemer, LL D, 1898— 

Vice Presidents 

Hon. Matthew Hale, LL D, 1883—1886. 
Col. Thomas W. Higginson, LL D, 1886—1889. 
Prof. Francis P. Nash, Ph D, LL D, 1889—1892. 
Prof. Adolph Werner, Ph D, 1892—1895. 
Hon. John A. DeRemer, LL D, 1895—1898. 
Prof. James C. Van Benschoten, LL D, 1898— 

Secretaries and Treasurers 

Prof- Adolph Werner, Ph D, 1883—1889. 
Rev. E. B. Parsons, D D, 1889— 


Pres. Charles K. Adams, LL D, 1889—1895. 
Pres. James B. Angell^ LL D, 1883—1892. 

Digitized by 



Prof, Simeon E. Baldwin, LL D, 1895—1901. 

Bishop Phillips Brooks, D D, 1892—* 

Prof. Henry L. Chapman, D D, 1895—1901. 

Hon. Joseph H. Choate, LL D, 1883—1892, 1898—1904. 

Hon. George W. Curtis, LH D, LL D, 1883—1889. 

Hon. John A. DeRemer, LL D, 1883—1904. 

Prof. Theodore W. Dwight, LL D, 1883—* 

Pres. Charles W. Eliot, LL D, 1883—1886. 

Judge Walbridge A. Field, LL D, 1883—1886. 

Rev. Octavius B. Frothingham, D D, 1883—1895. 

Pres. Merrill E. Gates, LH D, LL D, 1892—1898. 

Pres. Daniel C. Gilman, LL D, 1886—1901. 

Rev. Edward Everett Hale, D D, 1883—1901. 

Hon. Matthew Hale, LL D, 1883—1895. 

Hon. Theodore E. Hancock, LL D, 1898—1904. 

Prof. Samuel Hart, DD, 1892—1904. 

Col. Thomas W. Higginson, LL D, 1883—1904. 

Judge Oliver W. Holmes, LL D, 1883—1889. 

Bishop J. F. Hurst, D D, 1895--1901. 

Col. William Lamb, MA, 1895—1901. 

Pres. Seth Low, LL D, 1892—1904. 

Hon. James Russell Lowell, LL D, 1886—* 

Editor Hamilton W. Mabie, L H D, LLD, 1898—1904. 

Prof. Francis A. March, LH D, LL D, 1892—1904. 

Prof. Benjamin N. Martin, D D, L H D, 1883—* 

Prof. Francis P. Nash, Ph D, LL D, 1883—1901. 

Rev. Eben B. Parsons, DD, 1889—1901. 

Bishop Henn' C. Potter, D D, LL D, 1886—1898. 

Hon. Elihu Root, LL D, 1892—1895. 

Editor Horace E. Scudder, L H D, 1895—1904. 

Rev. Richard S. Storrs, D D, LL D, 188S— 1892. 

Pres. Charles F. Twing, D D, 1895—1901. 

Prof. James C. Van Benschoten, LL D, 1898—1904. 

Pres. Francis A. Walker, Ph D, LL D, 1883—* 

Pres. Harrison E. Webster, M D, LL D, 1889—1895. 

Prof. Adolph Werner, Ph D, 1883—1901. 

Frof. William D. Whitney, L H D, LLD, 1886—* 

Librarian Justin Winsor, LL D, 1883 — * 

Hon. Stewart L. Woodford, LL D, 1883—1892. 

Prof. John H. Wright, LL D, 1883—1886. 

^Deceased while in office. 

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I The National Council of the Phi Beta Kappa Society shall con- 
sist of the Senators hereinafter spoken of, and of delegates from the 
several Chapters of the Society. £2ach Chapter shall be entitled to send 
three delegates, who shall be graduates of at least five years' standing 
and members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, but not necessarily of the 
Chapter by which they are chosen. 


II The Senate shall originally consist of twenty Senators, chosen 
by the delegates of the first session of the National Council from the 
Society at large. These shall be divided into two classes, whose terms 
of office shall expire at the adjotumment of alternate regiilar sessions of 
the National Council. At every subsequent regxilar session the places of 
the outgoing class shall be filled by election as follows: On the day pre- 
ceding the first day of each regular session of the National Council, 
the Senate shall meet and shall nominate fifteen candidates in addition 
to the members of the outgoing class for the ten vacant seats, and also 
two candidates for the unexpired term of each Senator who may have 
died or resigned since the last regular session. Other persons not nomi- 
nated by the Senate may be presented as candidates at the time of the 
election. Of every ten members whose term of office shall expire, 
one may be elected by the Council Senator for life. In every election of 
Senators a majority of the votes cast shall be required to elect, and in 
such elections the outgoing Senators shall have no vote. The Senate 
may fill vacancies in its own body till the next meeting of the National 


III The officers of the National Council shall be a President, a 
Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, and such others as may 
be found necessary from time to time. The President shall be chosen 
from among the Senators. 


IV The National Council shall meet every third year at such 
place and time as shall have been determined by the officers of the 
United Chapters, and shall proceed at once to the election first of its 
officers and next of the Senators. The National Council shall make 
such rules as may be f otmd necessary for the carrying out of any pro- 
vision of this Constitution. 


V During the sessions of the National Council the Senate shall 

Digitized by 



have no separate existence, but its members shall take their places with 
the delegates as members of the National Council, voting* with the del- 
eg'ates^.as well upon all other matters as upon the election of officers 
and S^{]|j^tors, except as provided in Article II. When the National 
CounciLis* not in session the Senate shall constitute an independent body, 
charged with the duty of representing the Phi Beta Kappa Society and 
speaking in its name, and exercising, in addition, the functions of a per- 
manent Executive Committee of the National Council. It shall hold its 
meetings at such times and places as it shall determine, being first called 
together by that Senator, who, at the original election of the Senate, 
shall have been elected by the largest number of votes. It shall recom- 
mend candidates for election as Senators. It shall also have power to 
call an extra session of the National Cotmcil. It shall furthermore pre- 
pare and recommend to the consideration of the National Council such 
matters as it may deem proper. It shall transmit its lists of candidates 
and of matters recommended for discussion, by the hands of the secre- 
tary, to the presiding officer of the National Council, immediately upon 
its organization being completed. It shall also transmit, in the same 
manner, to the National Council a report of its doings between the ses- 
sions of the Council. Nothing herein shall be so construed as to dero- 
gate from the right of the National Council to appoint Committees to 
sit between sessions, independently of the Senate, and to report at the 
next session. 


VI Applications for charters shall, in all cases, be made to the 
Senate, at least six months before the regular session of the National 
Council; the Senate shall at once notify all the chapters of such appli- 
cations, and such applications shall be reported to the National Council 
with the recommendation of the Senate at the next meeting of the 
Council, and shall be passed upon by the Council, which shall have ex- 
clusive power to grant charters. But no charters shall be issued with- 
out the consent of delegations representing a majority of the chapters. 


VII The National Council at any of its sessions, and the Senate at 
any time, may respectively make such By-Laws and Rules of Order as 
may be thought expedient for their use, provided the same be not in- 
consistent with any of the provisions of this Constitution. A quorum 
of the National Council shall consist of delegates from a majority of the 
chapters and not fewer than three Senators; the Senate shaU determine 
the number which shall constitute its quorum. (The present number is 


VIII Nothing contained in this constitution shall be construed as 
empowering the Senate of the National Council to restrict or abridge 
the rights or privileges now exercised by existing Chapters, except as 
expressly provided herein. 

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IX No change shall be made in this Constitution unless the same 
shall have been proposed at the session of the National Council next 
preceeding the session at which the proposed change is voted for; and 
no vote shall be had upon any such proposed change except at a stated 
hour previously ordered by the meeting, — and no amendment shall be 
made without the concurrence of the delegations of two-thirds of the 
Chapters represented in the Council. 


X This Constitution shall take effect when ratified by fourteen 
Chapters. (Sixteen chapters ratified it before July, 1883. ) 



I All elections shall be by ballot. The President shall preside 
over the meetings of tiie Council. In his absence the Vice-President 
shall perform his duties. When both are absent a president /r^ tempore 
shall be chosen viva voce. The Secretary shall keep the records of the 
Council, conduct its correspondence, and send to the Senate and to each 
chapter a certified report of the proceedings of each session. The 
Treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds of the Council, and re- 
port at each session thereof. (At the Council of 1892, the treasurer re- 
quested that the financial report be submitted to an auditor appointed 
by the president after its presentation.) 


II (1) Calling the Roll. (2) Reading the minutes. (3) Re- 
ports of officers. (4) Communication from the Senate on nominations. 
(5) Election of officers. (6) Election of senators. (7) Communica- 
tion from the Senate on new chapters and other matters. (8) Miscel- 
laneous business. 


III In all cases not otherwise provided for by the Constitution 
each senator and delegate present shall be entitled to cast one vote. (In 
establishing new chapters the Constitution requires a vote by delega- 
tions, each delegation having one vote. ) 


IV Each chapter shall pay to the Treasurer a triennial assess- 

Digitized by 



ment of five dollars. (The Council of 1883 voted that the first assess- 
ment should be due in 1884. Each successive assessment becoming due 
in periods of three years from that time 1887, 1890, 1893, 1896, and so 


V The proceedings of the Council, in all cases not provided for in 
the constitution, or the by-laws, shall conform to the rules laid down 
in Cushing's Manual. 


VI All applications for future chapters shall have the endorsement 
of at least five existing chapters prior to presentation to the Senate. 


VII These by-law, or any of them, may be suspended, altered or 
amended at any meeting of the Council by a two-thirds vote of the 
members of the Council present and voting. 


The Phi Beta Kappa society was organized at the College of 
William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, December 5, 1776. It was 
a social club and a literary society. One of the rules of procedure was, 
"that four members be selected to perform at every session, two of 
whom in matters of argumentation and the others in opposite composi- 
tion." Hon. Stewart L.Wood ford, in his Phi Beta Kappa address at Colum- 
bia, 1886, says that the society was probably suggested by the philo- 
sophic clubs which were then common among the collegiate students of 
France and the continent. 

For many years there was much uncertainty regarding the moving 
spirits of the society at its inception. One noted orator said "Thomas 
Jefferson organized the Phi Beta Kappa." Another writer said "Phi 
Beta Kap]^a would be glad to have Mr. Jefferson's portrait in its hall 
but there is not a shadow of a line of evidence to show that he had any- 
thing to do with it." 

These questionings were answered by the early records that were 
printed in the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, 
April, 1896, by its editor, President L. G. Tyler of the college. The 
first minute of the records says: — "On Thursday, the 5th of December, 
in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and seventy- 
six, and the first of the Commonwealth, a happjr spirit and resolution of 
attaining the important ends of Society entering the minds of John 
Heath, Thomas Smith, Richard Booker, Armst'd Smith, and John 
Jones, and afterwards seconded by others, prevailed and was accordingly 

Digitized by 



ratified." The record then gives the medal with its Latin and Greek 
initials and its '4ndex imparting a philosophical design, extended to the 
three stars, a part of the planetary orb," and the strong oath of initia- 
tion, with the society's general rules of procedure. The first rule says: 
— "That in every design or attempt, whether great or small, we ought 
to invoke the Deity." The twenty-five printed pages of the * 'minutes" 
are not greatly unlike those of any college literary society of the olden 
time, with just a trace of the '^banquet" in evidence, and no larger ele- 
ment of "politics" than we should expect to find when we remember 
that Jefferson and the Virginia patriots were assembled at that time in 
that same village of Williamsburg. These are some of the questions for 
their "argumentation:" — **Whether Brutus was Justifyable in Killing 
Caesar ;" * * Whether * the Execution of Charles the First was Justifyable ;" 
"Whether a general Assessment for the support of Religious Establish- 
ments is repugnant to the principles of a Republican Government;" 
"The Justice of African Slavery;" "Whether any form of Government 
is more favorable to public virtue than a Commonwealth." It is evi- 
dent that the early Phi Beta Kappas felt there was a place for the 
scholar in politics. It is also clear that those young men began to 
broaden their views and to desire some kind of union with the students 
of other parts of the new country. In his delightful essay upon the 
society as "A Fossil from the Tertiary," in the Atlantic Monthty^ July, 
1879, that Past Master of Phi Beta Kapija, Dr. Edward Everett Hale, 
says: — "The early correspondence of Phi Beta Kappa shows that the 
young men who formed it had just such dreams of union as those fos- 
tered by clubs imong the educated men of Germany." With this high 
purpose they responded to the call for other chapters oiF the society, say- 
ing: — "It is repugnant to the liberal principles of Societies' that they 
should be confined to any particular place, Men or Description of Men, 
but that they should be extended to tiie wise and virtuous of every de- 
gree and of whatever country." 

The first stadium of the new society was destined to be brief. On 
January 3, 1781. the British fleet, "bearing Benedict Arnold and his 
forces," appeared off the coast, and the members sealed up their records 
and delivered them into the hands of the college steward "until the de- 
sirable event of the Society's resurrection." After the war there was 
no attempt to revive the society at the old college till 1849, when Mr. 
Short, the last president in 1781, at the advanced age of ninety-two, be- 
came "the connecting link with the original society." The society was 
a^ain broken up by 3ie war of 1861, the records went to the Virginia 
Historical Society and on the revival of the chapter in 1895 were re- 
turned to the old college. 

In the interesting record published by President Tyler are the 
names and personal sketches of the half hundred members of the first 
Phi Beta Kappa. They were men who had an active share in the stir- 
ring affairs of the Revolution, and in camp and legislative hall per- 
formed their parts in the contest for freedom. Nearly all of the fifty were 
in the Continental army, seventeen were in the state legislature and 
most of them for ^veral terms, eight were members of the convention 
which ratified the Federal Constitution, five were members of the 

Digitized by 



national House of Representatives and two of the national Senate. The 
state Convention of 1788 and the legislatures of 1783 to 1787 could 
readily hold Phi Beta Kappa meetings as a considerable number of the 
society was always present. Some of the men became leaders in 
national affairs: Heath, the first president of the society, was in the 
legfislature when barely twenty-two and ten years later in Congress; 
Archibald Stuart, member of both' houses, presidential elector and 
Judge, a leading man of the South till his death; Beckley was clerk of 
the Convention of 1788 as afterwards he was of Congress; Bushrod 
Washingfton, the favorite nephew of President Washington, and the in- 
heritor of Mount Vernon, was an associate Justice of the United States; 
Short, the second president of the society, was secretary of legation in 
France when Jefferson was the minister and afterwards was himself an 
eminent diplomatist. The names of Cabel and Clements, Fitzhugh and 
Hardy, Mason and Madison and Lee were well known in Virginia af- 
fairs. Perhaps the most widely known member of the original fifty was 
John Marshall, whose record as lawyer, legislator, and Chief Justice is 
a part of national story. 

THE HUNDRED YEARS, 1781— 1881 

One of the original fifty members of Phi Beta Kappa, at William 
and Mary, was Elisha Parmale, a graduate of Harvard in 1779, who for 
graduate work had probably gone south on account of weaJc lungs. 
Upon his return to the north he was authorized to establish chapters of 
the Society at Harvard and Yale. The former was vot«d December 4, 
1779 and the latter five days afterwards. It appears that Mr. Parmale, 
because of convenience, instituted the Yale chapter first and then the 
Harvard chapter, both some time in 1780 or 1781. At first the Alpha 
of Virginia intended to connect the new chapters closely to itself and 
to name that at Harvard, Epsilon, and that at Yale, Zeta, the Beta, 
Gamma, and Delta having already been assigned to Virginia branches 
which were never started or by the war were quickly ended. But before 
the charters were issued a more liberal spirit prevailed and the new 
chapters were called the Alpha of Massachusetts Bay and the Alpha of 
Connecticut. Under the privileges granted by the parent society each 
Alpha was to be at the head of its state, and the concurrent act of all the 
Alphas was required to extend the society to other states. After six 
years the two northern Alphas agreed to give Dartmouth a chapter and 
the * 'foundation meeting" was held August 20, 1787, establishing the 
Alpha of New Hampshire. These three chapters formed the Society 
for thirty vears. When the Morgan craze against Free Masonry filled 
New England the Harvard chapter yielded to the influence of John 
Qiiincy Adams, Judge Story and others, and abandoned the oath of 
secrecy. Edward Everett was sent to a meeting of the Yale chapter to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


induce them to take similar action. It is recorded that ''He touching-lj 
set forth that the students at Harvard had such conscientious scruples 
as to keep them from taking* the oath of secrecy and the society life was 
thus endangered. There was stout opposition but the motion prevailed 
and the missionary returned to g-ladden the tender consciences of the 
Harvard boys." Dartmouth also joined the movement and the three 
chapters laid no emphasis upon secrecy even if they did not give it up 

Possibly there came at this point, all unconsciously to the immediate 
members of that time, a broadening* of views and purposes that in due 
time brought Phi Beta Kappa from the limited range of an ordinary 
Greek Letter Fraternity into the larger ambition of a union of scholars. 
At all events, the three chapters began to show that there was a value 
in the bond of union which the society afforded to all scholarly men who 
had graduated or were about to graduate. '*For nearly half a century," 
says Mr. Hale, *4t was the only society in America which could pretend 
to be devoted to literature and philosophy. And it happened therefore, 
that in the infant literature of the nation some noteworthy steps are 
marked by orations and poems delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa." 

The admirable bibliographical description which Mr. Tilling-hast 
has given of those Phi Beta Kappa orations and poems at Harvard 
make us understand how Phi Beta Kappa day has become the notable 
day of Harvard Commencement week. One is tempted to enjoy in 
imagination the eloquence of John Quincy Adams (1788), to hear how 
Timothy Bigelow (1796) "deals with the character of Phi Beta Kappa," 
to have John Kirkland (1798) call **attention to those principles, man- 
ners and institutions which are the price and pledge of all America's 
other blessings," to have James Richardson (1808) describe **the in- 
fluence of commerce on the prosperity, character and genius of nations," 
to know how Joseph Buckminster (1809) looked upon "the dangers and 
duties of men of letters" and to estimate with William Crofts (1817) 
"the influence of moral causes on national character." 

Edward Everett appears with a poem and two orations: the one in 
1824, dedicated to General Lafayette who was present considered "the 
peculiar motives to intellectual exertion in America." T "Emerson gave 
the poem in 1835, the oration "The American Scholar" in 1837 and 
"Progress and Culture" in 1867. The very names are a course in Amer- 
ican literature. The orations by Story, Parsons, Wayland, Cushing, 
Hedge, Hillard, Putnam, Peabody, Sumner, Marsh, Bushnell, Bethune, 
Bellows, Beecher, Bacon, Sears, Curtis, Adams, Woolsey, Porter, Storrs, 
and rounding out the century (1881) Wendell Phillips with "The 
Scholar in a Republic." flo less notable were the poems by AUston, 
Bryant, Emerson, Holmes, Longfellow, Gray, Sargent, Taylor, Bret 
Harte, Stedman and Stoddard. 

The early years of the Yale chapter are well pictured by Mr. 
George D. Kellogg in his Historical Sketch written for the Yale Chapter 
Catalogue. "The Yale chapter saw its palmiest days in the first half 
century of its existence. There were elaborate initiatory formulae; mem- 
bers were brethren and pledged to encourage friendship, morality and 
science; there were room-to-room meetings, at Commencement there was a 

Digitized by 



grand public gathering of the Society at which the annual poem and 
oration were delivered. Manj^ of those notable names given in the 
Harvard list reappear on the list of Yale orators and poets. And many 
new names appear, — Chauncey, Hoadley, Hillhouse (twice as orator and 
once as poet) Spring, Fisher, Dwight, Percival (both as orator and 
poet) Kent, Olmsted, Bacon, Barnes and Barnard. '*By the time of the 
Civil War, although the annual orations and poems were continued, the 
private meetings had wholly lapsed, so that when the annual public 
literary exercises ceased in 1871, the last thread of tradition seemed to 
be broken. But it was not so. After a short interim a revival was 
proposed by the the Class of 1884." One of the '^Suggestions" sent out 
by the Graduate Committee gives the key-note of the Yale chapter, "It 
has always been the policy of the Yale representatives to encourage 
everywhere the undergraduate side of the society, believing that there 
lies the greatest need to-day and the one which the founders had in 
mind. In keeping with this idea the first elections are at the beginning 
of Junior year, the literary meetings are frequent, a course of lectures is 
given and good progress is made toward a Society House, which shall 
not only be a meeting place of the Society but also a hall of scholarship 
with its appropriate Library. 

The early years of the Dartmouth chapter show the same variations 
as appeared at Yale and Harvard. In the early part of 1787 Aaron 
Kinsman was authorized by the existing Alphas of the North to insti- 
tute the Society at Dartmouth. He admitted four of his classmates to 
the secrets and the^ held a foundation meeting August 20, 1787. A few 
days later four Juniors were admitted and after that the membership 
was increased to a number not exceeding one-third of the class. There 
were stated literary meetings, '^sometimes bi-weekly and sometimes 
weekly during many years." The annual literary excercises have also 
been attended with general regularity and often with enthusiasm not- 
withstanding of course repeated fluctuations of interest." By an 
amendment to the Chapter Constitution in 1852 the election of new 
members was postponed till the last day of the Senior year and it be- 
came a graduate Society. It began from that time to be distinctively a 
brotherhood of scholars. 

In the list of orators and poets at Dartmouth are the names of Pres- 
cott, Daniel Webster, Rufus Choate, Peabody, Woodbury, Bush, Parker, 
Marsh, Saxe, Holmes, Hoffman, Shedd, 'Warner, Trowbridge, Hoadly, 
Chase and Atkinson. 

In 1817 the Alphas again united and granted a chapter to Union 
college which became the proud parent of seven new chapters, almost 
one-third of all that were established up to the time of the United 
Chapters. Charters to Bowdoin and Brown soon followed the one to 
Union. Then there was an interval of fifteen years, for in those 
early days there prevailed a conservative spirit in granting new charters 
and with considerable effort chapters were established at Trinity, Wes- 
leyan, Western Reserve, Vermont, Amherst, Kenyon, New York Univer- 
sity, Marietta, Williams, New York City College, Columbia, Middle- 
bury, Hamilton, Rutgers, Hobart, Colgate and Cornell. The last being 
given after the first steps toward the union of the Chapters. 

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The necessary data to determine the nature and work of Phi Beta 
Kappa in these twenty-two chapters, during their part of the first cen- 
tury cannot be secured. It seems clear that the chapters that were in- 
stituted by Union held more to the secrecy of symbol and sign and init- 
iation than those that went out from the original New England centers. 
More of form and ceremony still exist in those New York chapters. 

In the chapters whose members were a year in college and in some 
cases two years in college after their election to Phi Beta Kappa there 
was naturally more of acquaintance, more of literary companionship, 
more of those social helps that seem very prominent in the inception of 
the Fraternity. 

On the other hand, in those chapters whose members were elected 
at graduation, everything of good fellowship and attractive comrade- 
ship took second place or no place in the society. The advent of other 
Greek letter fraternities met the social needs or supposed needs of 
underclass men and left Phi Beta Kappa to give sole concern to 
scholarly affairs. 

The amount of literary activity in any chapter depended upon the 
controlling spirits of the time and was subject to the law of variable 
bodies. In most of the chapters special effort was made to secure every 
year or every three years some literary event worthy of the Society. 
There are notable published lists of orations and poems at Vermont 
University for twenty-three years and for shorter periods in several of 
the other so-called older chapters. In a few chapters there has been 
special literary activity during the college year. Rutgers has been 
foremost in this work and presents an average of seven lectures or 
literary papers a year during sixteen years. And from the wide range 
and high quality of the papers it is easy to credit historian Voorhees 
when he says '*The meetings have exerted a marked iufluence and the 
chapter has had a beneficial effect upon the college." Rutgers is a fine 
example of what Phi Beta Kappa can do when tsdcen seriously. 

In this way and in other ways, during the century or such part of 
it as measured the life of each chapter, there was something being done 
**to promote literature and friendly intercourse among scholars." But 
it was felt that something more and better could be done if there could be 
devised a vnse plan of union. This feeling, voiced by Harvard as was 
fitting^, and thoughtfully considered by the other chapters, was finally 
materialized in what is known as the United Chapters. 


In the spring of 1881, the Harvard chapter invited the other chap- 
ters to send delegates to attend the celebration of the hundredth an- 
niversary of its establishment, and to empower such delegates to con- 
stitute themselves a convention to represent the society. A majority 
of the chapters responded to the invitation, and the delegates met at 

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Cambridge, June 30, 1881. Some discussion was had upon the condi- 
tion of the society, and upon the possibility of bringing the chapters 
into close relations. The institution of a permanent representative 
body was suggested. The delegates did not take action but resolved to 
meet again in the fall. October 18, 1881, sixteen chapters were repre- 
sented in a meeting at the University building in New York City. It 
was resolved to recommend the creation of a National Council. Sep- 
tember 6, and 7, 1882, a third meeting was held in the town hall of 
Saratoga Springs, at which fifteen chapters were represented. Pro- 
longed discussion was had upon a proposed constitution, which was 
finally adopted by a unanimous vote and sent to the chapters for ratifi- 
cation. It was voted that when fourteen chapters shall have ratified 
the constitution, the Chairman and Secretary shall announce the fact to 
all the chapters, and shall call a convention of the National Council to 
meet at Saratoga, September S, 1883. 

The First National Council. Pursuant to that,call, delegates 
met at the appointed place and time representing the chapters at 
Bowdoin, Harvard, Dartmouth, Union, University of Vermont, Trinity, 
Amherst, Wesleyan, Williams, College of the City of New York, Col- 
umbia, Hamilton, and Hobart. In addition to these thirteen chapters 
it appeared that the chapters at Middlebury, University of the City of 
New York, and Kenyon, sixteen chapters in all, had ratified the con- 

Under that constitution Senators were elected as follows: For the 
term of six years. Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale, Prof. Adolph Werner, 
Rev. Dr. O. B. Frothingham, Prof. F. P. Nash, Hon. George William 
Curtis, Hon. Justin Winsor, Hon. O. W. Holmes, Jr., Hon. Matthew 
Hale, Pres. C. W. Eliot and Hon T. W. Dwight; and for the term of 
three years, Hon. S. L. Woodford, Hon. J. H. Choate, Prof. J. H. 
Wright, Rev. Dr. R. S. Storrs, Pres. J. B. Angell, Pres. B. N. Martin, 
Hon. J. A. DeRemer, Pres. F. A. Walker, Col. T. W. Higginson, and 
Hon. W. A. Field. 

The delegates and senators present then constituted themselves 
the first National Council of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, and elec- 
ted President Eliot president. Judge Hale vice-president, and 
Professor Werner secretary and treasurer. The work of the Coun- 
cil will be found in the amendments to the constitution, the by-laws, 
the methods of procedure and the unification of the existing chapters. 

Thib Second Council was held at Saratoga, September 1, 1886. 
There were present five senators, and delegfates from twelve chapters. 
Judge Hale was elected president, Col. Higginson vice-president, and 
Proi. Werner was re-elected secretary and treasurer. Senators Angell, 
Choate, DeRemer, Higginson, Storrs, Walker and Woodford were re- 
elected. Pres. D. C. Gilman was elected in place of Pres. Eliot resigpned, 
and there were added to the Senate Hon. J. R. Lowell, Bishop H. C. 
Potter and Prof. W. D. Whitney. 

The chapters at Yale, University of the City of New York, and 
Cornell, having ratified the constitution, became part of the United 

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Chapters. The following roll was made official, — Alpha of Maine, 
Alpha of New Hampshire, Alpha and Beta of Vermont, Alpha, Beta 
and Gamma of Massachusetts, Alpha, Beta and Gamma of Connecticut, 
Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, and Theta of New 
York, and Beta of Ohio. 

New chapters were organized at Rochester University, Dickinson 
College, and Lehigh University. The desirableness of uniform stand- 
ards of scholarship, methods of conducting initiation, and doing chapter 
work was considered. It was voted, "That in the opinion of the Na- 
tional Conucil there is nothing in the character of the Phi Beta Kappa 
Society making secrecy obligatory upon any chapter." Various amend- 
ments to the constitution and by-laws were adopted, and committees 
were appointed to prepare a model constitution for the new chapters, to 
secure lists of membership, and to further the unification of the Society. 

The Third Council was held at Saratoga, September 4, 1889. 
There were present five senators, and delegates from eighteen chapters. 
Col. T. W. Higginson was elected president. Prof. F. P. Nash vice- 
president, and Rev. E. B. Parsons secretary and treasurer. Senators 
Hale, Werner, Frothingham, Nash, M. Hale, Dwight, and Gilman 
were re-elected, and Pres. C. K. Adams, Pres. H. E. Webster, and Rev. 
E. B. Parsons were added to the Senate. The model constitution and 
the form of a charter for new chapters were considered and were adopt- 
ed after fixing the superior limit of membership as one fourth of each 
graduating class. The chapter at Rutgers College having ratified the 
constitution became a part of the United Chapters, and new chapters 
were granted to Lafayette College and to De Pauw, Kansas, and North 
Western Universities. 

The amendments to the Constitution proposed at the last Council, 
allowing the officers of the United Chapters to fix the place and date of 
the triennial meeting, removing the necessity for giving one day's 
notice for considering any change in the Constitution, and permitting 
the Senate to fill vacancies in its own body till the next meeting of the 
Council, were adopted. The Senate was authorized to provide for the 
delivery of three literary papers or addresses at each triennial session of 
the Council. 

The subject of uniformity as to the requirements for membership 
and the fractional number talcen from each class was considered at 
length, and it was *'^ Resolved^ That while in no way wishing to dictate 
to the chapters already formed or to disturb their reserved rights, the 
Council is of the opinion that for the sake of fairness, uniformity and 
high scholarship the membership from each graduating class should not 
exceed one-fourth of the class. 

The Fourth Council was held at Saratoga, Sejjtember 7, 1892. 
There were present seven Senators, and delegates from nineteen chapters. 
Col. Higginson was re-elected president. Prof. Adolph Werner was 
elected vice-president, and Rev. E. B. Parsons was re-elected secretary 
and treasurer. Senators DeRemer, Higci'inson, Potter and Walker were 
re-elected and there were added to the S^ate Bishop Phillips Brooks. 

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Pres. M- E. Gates, Prof. Samuel Hart, Pres. Seth Low, Prof. F. A. 
March, and Hon. Justin Winsor. Hon. Elihu Root was elected in place 
of Prof. Dwight deceased. New chapters were established at Tufts 
College, and at the Universities of Minnesota and Pennsylvania. 
Various amendments were considered and those that were adopted are 
found in the constitution as printed in this paper. The chapters were 
requested to contribute to a scholarship fund of $10,000, the income of 
which shall support some graduate student. The preparation of a gen- 
eral Catalogue was urged upon the attention of the chapters and a com- 
mittee was appointed to consider the matter of vital statistics in con- 
nection with the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The Alumni Association of 
New York City was invited to send a delegate to each Council, who 
should have every privilege but that of voting. 

The Fifth Council was held at Saratoga, September 11, 1895. 
There were present six senators, and delegates from twenty-six chapters. 
Bishop Henry C. Potter was elected president, Hon. J. A. DeRemer 
vice-president, and Rev. E. B. Parsons was re-elected secretary and 
treasurer. Senators Gilman, E. E. Hale, Nash, Parsons, and Werner 
were re-elected, and there were added to the Senate, Prof. S. E. Bald- 
win, Prof. H. L. Chapman, Pres. J. F. Hurst, Col. William Lamb, and 
Pres. C. F. Thwing. Editor H. E. Scudder was elected senator to fill 
the vacancy caused by the death of Bishop Brooks. The chapters at 
Brown University, Western Reserve University, Marietta College, and 
the College of William and Mary, having ratified the constitution, be- 
came a part of the United Chapters. New chapters were established at 
Swarthmore College, at the State Universities of Iowa and Nebraska, 
and at Colby, Syracuse, and Johns Hopkins Universities. After pro- 
longed discussion upon the application of the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology for a chapter of Phi Beta Kajppa, it was voted that the fol- 
lowing resolutions be sent forward to the next council and that the 
Secretary be instructed to send a copy to each chapter for its action: 

Resolved^ That it is inexpjedient to grant a chapter of Phi Beta 
Kappa to any institution which does not grant in regular course the 
degree of Bachelor of Arts. 

Resolved^ That it is expedient to confine the membership in every 
chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa to graduates taking the degree of Bach- 
elor of Arts. 

The Council earnestly recommended the chapters to hold stated 
meetings in each month, for the reading of papers, oral discussions, and 
other appropriate literary exercises, in which members generally may 

The Secretaries of the chapters were requested to send printed or 
manuscript lists of their members to the Secretary of the United Chap- 
ters, and he was authorized to publish as soon as practicable a general 
Catalogue of the Society. 

The thanks of the society were voted to the Rev. W. H. van Allen 
for his paper on vital statistics. He makes the following suggestion: 
'*That all colleges keep carefully prepared tables in their Alumni rec- 
ords, showing the vital statistics for every student who is graduated. 

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It would be difficult to estimate, in the present state of statistical 
science, the value of deductions to be made from facts submitted by the 
entire body of American colleges and covering a period of twenty 

The Sixth Council was held at Saratoga, September 7, 1898. 
There were present eleven senators and forty-eight duly accredited del- 
egates representing thirty-four chapters. Hon. J. A. DeRemer was 
elected president, Prof. J. C. Van Benschoten vice-president, and Rev. 
E. B. Parsons was re-elected secretary and treasurer. Senators Choate, 
DeRemer, Hart, Higginson, Low, March and Scudder were re-elected, 
and there were added to the Senate Hon. T. E. Hancock, Editor H. W. 
Mabie and Prof. J. C. Van Benschoten. 

The action of the chapters upon the Resolutions sent from the 
Council of 1895 was placed in the hands of the original committee. The 
committee reported that of the twenty-nine chapters, that h ad taken 
action, all but four favored theirs/ Resolution and all but five did not 
favor the second. The committee said their own opinions coincided 
with the action of the chapters and they therefore recommended the 
adoption of theirs/ resolution and the rejection of the second. The 
Council sustained their report and adopted their recommendation. 

The Council voted to establish new chapters at Boston University, 
the University of California, the University of Chicago, the University 
of Cincinnati, Haverford College, Princeton University, St. Lawrence 
University, Vassar College, Wabash College, and the University of 
Wisconsin, making the United Chapters consist of fifty college 

The Council voted that when subscriptions warrant it a memorial 
to the founder of the Alphas of Harvard and Yale be established and 
called the Elisha Parmale Scholarship. 

The Committee on the uniformity of customs and methods of pro- 
cedure, — elections, initations, keys, etc., — and on various matters of 
a semi-confidential character relative to the Society, reported progress 
and was instructed to report as fully as possible at the next Council. 

The Secretary presented to the Council a general Catalogue of the 
Society in five large volumes, containing in some form the names and 
addresses of the seventeen thousand members of the Society. The cat- 
alogue was made up of the Phi Beta Kappa list, the address book and 
general Catalogue of each College in alphabetical order and formed the 
basis of work on the present address Catalogue. 

The usual abbreviations are used: agt, agent; arch, architect; b, 
banker or broker; coll, college; dept, department; ed, or jour, news- 

?aper man; h, honorary member; 1 or LL B, lawyer; t or Prof, teacher, 
^he figures following the name indicate the year of graduation, the 
apostrophe being omitted. The non-punctuation scheme of the New 
York State Regents has been generally followed, saving pounds of 
printers' energy and type-metsJ. The abbreviations for street and 
avenue, being readily understood by the line position, are also omitted 
e. g. * 'Pleasant, Auburn, N Y" means Pleasant Street in that city. 
The Bachelors degree is taken for granted, and each maji has been free 
to say A M or M A. 

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Amhbrst College, Amherst, Mass. 


President^ Prof Edwin Augfustus Grosvenor, M A 
Vice-PreSy Rev Hiram Collins Haydn, D D 
Sec and Treas^ Prof Heman Humphrey Neill, M A 
Auditor^ Prof EJdward Payson Crowell, D D 

Henrr H Abbott, 93, 1, 

Rev Edwin A Adams, 61, 

William B Aiken, 86, 

Edmund K Alden, 80, t. 

Prof Eugene T Allen, 87, 

Rev Frederick B Allen, 63, 

Frederick S Allis, 93, 1, 

Alfred E Alvord, 84, 

Herbert B Ames, 85, 

Charles A Andrews, 95, 

Hon Charles B Andrews, 58, 

Edward A Appleton, 89, 

Prof Albert E Austin, 99, 

Nathan P Avery 91, LL B, 

Rev Thomas E Babb, 65, M A, 

Frank I Babcock, 75, 

Sidney E Bailey, 71, 

Charles H Baker, 81, cashier, 

Allen P Ball, 92, 

William C Ball, 68, ed, 

Thomas P Ballard, 76, 

Frederic A Ballou, 90, 

Edward E Bancroft, 83, M D, 

Edward W Bancroft, 96, 1, 

Prof Joseph E Banta, 80, A M, 

Rev Clarence H Barber, 77, 

Darwin L Bardwell, 83, supt schools, 

Edmund P Barker, 76, 

Herbert A Barker, 97, 

Hon James L Barker ^ 65, M A, mining. 

Rev Otis W Barker, 84, 

Rev William H Barrows, 59, 

Edward M Bassett, 84, 1, 

Edwin F Bailey, 68, 1, 

Prof Clark S Beardslee, 76, 

Albion F Bemis, 60, 

115 Broadway, N Y Citv 

864 S Ashland, Chicago, ifi 

157 Washington, Norwich, Conn 

Packer Inst, Brooklyn, N Y 

State School, RoUa, Mo 

132 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Penn Bid, Erie, Pa 

113 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

131 Bishop, Montreal, Can 

277 Maple, Holyoke, Mass 

Litchfield, Conn 

313 Maple, Springfield, Mass 

Medway, Mass 

Holyoke, Mass 

Holden, Mass 

Attleboro, Mass 

6 Rockland, Swampscott, Mass 

26 Broadway, N Y City 

Columbia University, N Y City 

Terre Haute, Ind 

1830 Chicago Ave, Evanston, HI 

Tekoa, Westfield, Mass 

Wellesley, Mass 

23 Court, Boston, Mass 

Normal School, Cortland, N Y 

Manchester, Conn 

Binghamton, N Y 

Ayer, Mass 

Theol Sem, Hartford, Conn 

Santa Barbara, Cal % 

Newton, Conn 

Southbury, Conn 

156 Broadway, NY City 

4634 Greenwood, Chicago, III 

Theol Sem, Hartford, Conn 

Foxboro, MfltSB 

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Prof Edward W Bemis, 80, A M, Ph D, 52 Lafayette Place, N Y Ci^ 
Hon Reuben M Benjamin, 53, A M, LL D, 510 £ Grove, Bloomington, 111 

Rev Edward A Benner, 69, 

Frank T Benner, 73, 1, 

Norman S Bentley, 92, LL B, 

John H Belts, 76, 

Henry L Beveridge, 81, 

Prof Oscar A Beverstock, 96, A M, 

Rev John Bigham, 87, Ph D, 

Prof Sanford W Billings, 59, A M, 

William J Binney, 62, 1, 

George K Bird, 97, manuf , 

Walter S Biscoe, 74, A M, librarian, 

James h Bishop, 65, 1, 

Rev James W Bixler, 82, A M, 

Edmund M Blake, 97, C E, 

Wellesley, Mass 

27 State, Boston, Mass 

1st Nat Bk Bid, Oswego, N Y 

16 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

732 N Penn, Indianapolis, Ind 

Robbins School, Norfolk, Conn 

121— 13th, Ann Arbor, Mich 

16 Billings, Sharon, Mass 

709 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Norwood, Mass 

320 Madison, Albany, N Y 

115 Broadway, N Y 

5 Broad, New London, Conn 

454 Walnut, Newtonville, Mass 

Univ Kan, Lawrence, Kansas 

Prof Lucian I Blake, 77, Ph D, 

Hon Abiathar Blanchard, 75, A M, manuf. South Norfolk, Conn 

Rev Joseph N Blanchard, 71, M A, D D, 2208 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 
Chester M Bliss, 98, t, Cornwall on Hudson, N Y 

Pres Daniel Bliss, 52, D D, Beyrout, Syria 

Rev Edwin M Bliss, 71, D D, TAe Independent, 130 Fulton, N Y City 
Ernest M Bliss, 93, 15 West Dean, AtHeboro, Mass 

Frederick J Bliss, 80, Ph D, t, Beyrout, Syria 

Rev Howard S Bliss, 82, Upper Montclair, N J 

William T Bliss, 87, Mail and Express office, N Y Ci^ 

Frank D Blodgett, 93, t, 55 Elm, Oneonta, N Y 

Frederick A Blossom, Jr, 98, 210 Clermont, Brooklyn, N Y 

Joseph Board, 67, 

Henry L Boltwood, 53, t, 

Arthur C Boyden, 76, t. 

Prof Wallace C Boyden, 83, A M, Boston Normal, 

Haven D Brackett, 98, t, 

Edward E Bradbury, 56, 1, 

William F Bradbury, 56, t, 

Arthur L Brainerd, 92, 

Robert S Breed, 98, 

William C Breed, 93, 

Hon Arthur M Bridg^man, 73, A M, ed, pub, 

Rev Howard A Bridgman, 83, 

Rev Charles E Bronson, 80, 

Rev Charles S Brooks, 63, 

Edwin M Brooks, 99, t, 

Stephen D Brooks, 75, M D, 

Harrison H Brown, 89, 

Rev William Brown, 60, 

Charles H Brownell, 71, 

Amasa B Bryant, 92, 

Rev Seelye Bryant, 87, 

Albert F Buck, 90, t. 

Chester, N Y 

Evanston, 111 

Bridgewater, Mass 

Newtonville, Mass 

Southbridge, Mass 

37 Benevolent, Providence, R I 

369 Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Passaic, N J 

Boulder, Col 

58 Pine, N Y City 

Stoughton, Mass 

14 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

707 Court, Saginaw, Mich 

Mt Vernon, N Y 

Stamford, Conn 

Marine Hospital, Portland, Me 

Divinity Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

T3mgsboro, Mass 

Peru, Ind 

Gardner, Mass 

Egypt, Mass 

High School, Brooklyn, N Y 

Digitized by 



Rev Charles W Buck, 55, MA, 8 Mason, Cambridg^e, Mass 

Rev George H Buck, 86, Haydenville, Mass 

Charles A Buffum, 75, Easthampton, Mass 

McGreorge Bundy, 76, 1, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Prof John W Burgess, 67, 323 W 57, N Y City 

Charles T Burnett, 95, A M, Turners Falls, Mass 

Prof R Wesley Bumham, 95, A M, Gloucester, Mass 

Rev Hanf ord M Burr, 85, 159 Princeton, Springfield, Mass 

Dwight G Burrage, 97, t. East Jaffrey, N Y 

Rev Enoch H Burt, 82, A M, Ivoryton, Conn 

George F Burt, 94, t. Westerly, R I 

Rev Frank E Butler, 84, South Weymouth, Mass 

John E Butler, 85, M D, 310 Warren, Boston, Mass 

Rev Edwin H Byington, 83, 210 Harrison, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon John C Caldwell, 55, San Jose, Costa Rica, Centrsd Am 

Rev Edward C Camp, 89, A M, Whitman, Mass 

Rev Edward W Capen, 94, Toney, Bright and Capen Co, Boston, Mass 

Henry Carmichael, 67, chem eng, 12 Pearl St, Boston, Mass 

James Chambers, Jr, 89, 215 Lincoln, Brooklyn, N Y 

Supt William E Chancellor, 89, A M, supt schools, Bloomfield, N J 

Rev Franklin P Chapin, 52, Hudson, N H 

Robert M Chapin, 97, Amherst, Mass 

Aurin M Chase, 96, Comstock, Syracuse, N Y 

Herbert M Chase, 91, 1, Newtonville, Mass 

William B Chase, 96, 147 E 21, N Y City 

Hon William H Chickering, 71, 1, 222 Sansome, San Francisco, Calm 

Rev James H Childs, 69, Northbridge Center, Mass 

Rev Washington Choate, 70, United Char Bid, N Y City 

Prof Francis A Christie, 81, Theol Sch, Meadville, Pa 

George E Church, 72, t, 37 Adelaide, Providence, R I 

Prof George B Churchill, 89, Ph D, Amherst, Mass 

John M Clapp, 90, t, 417 E 2nd, Bloomin^ton, Ind 

Rev Walter C Clapp, 83, 19— 11th, Toledo, O 

Cassius M Clark, 84, Peabody, Kan 

Hon Charles N Clark, 73, 1, 124 Main, Northampton, Mass 

Clinton Clark, 91, t. Boys High School, Brooklyn, N Y 

Frank h Clark, 94, Munich, Germany 

Jefferson Clark, 67, 1, 32 Nassau, N Y City 
Prof John B Clark, 72, Ph D, LL D, Columbia University, N Y City 

Rev John B Clark, 86 D D, 1014 Cass Ave, Detroit, Mich 

Rev Joseph B Clark, 58, D D, Cong H M Soc, 4th Ave and 22, N Y City 

Prof William B Clark, 84, Ph D, J H Univ, Baltimore, Md 

B Preston Clarke, 81, 55 Kilby, Boston, Mass 

Rev James F Clarke, 54, Samokov, Bulgaria 

Rev h Mason Clarke, 80, Brooklyn, N Y 

Maurice D Clarke, 71, M D, 8 Newcomb, Haverhill, Mass 

Selah M Clarke, 71, TAe Sun office, N Y City 

William B Clarke, 74, TAe American office, Baltimore, Md 

George H Cobb, 85, M D, 117 Irvington, South Orange, N J 
Rev William H Cobb, 67, D D, librarian, 14 Beacon St, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 




Eugene B Collester, 73, 1, 

Hon Irving E Comins, 83, manf , 

David T Comstock, 73, t, 

Harry W Conant, 97, 1, 

Henry A Cooke, 89, M D, 

Prof Arthur S Cooley, 91, 

Prof Edwin A Cooley, 54, 

Prof Zelotes W Coombs, 88, M A, 

William A Copeland, 77, 1, 

Eddie H Corttis, 84, 

Rev Perez D Cowan, 66, 

Prof William L Cowles, 78, 

Rev Thomas Coyle, 92, 

Rev Sidney Crawford, 61, 

Rev William Crawford, 57, A M, D D, 

George R Critchlow, 95, M A, M D, 

Ralph W Crockett, 91, 

Rev Allen E Cross, 86, 

George N Cross, 76, 

Prof Edward P Crowell, 53, M A, D D, 

Charles Ciunmings, 86, 

S Woodward Cunningham, 73, 1, 

Prof Samuel I Curtiss, 67, Ph D, D D, 

Sanford L Cutler, 85, t. 

Rev George R Cutting, 71, M A, 

Frank W Damon, 73 

Ernest D Daniels, 90, 

Rev Albert P Davis, 87, 

Arthur V Davis, 88, 

Rev William V W Davis, 73, D D, 

Prof Edmund B Delabarre, 86, 

Hasket Derby, 54, M D, 

Louis Derr, 89, t. 

Rev Cornelius E Dickinson, 60, D D, 

Rev George R Dickinson, 81, 

Henry N Dickinson, 89, t. 

Marquis F Dickinson, Jr, 62, 

Rev William E Dickinson, 55, 

Samuel J Dike, 66, 

Prof James D Dillingham, 87, Ph D, 

Rev Frank B Doane, 90, 

Walter H Dodd, 89, 1, 

Rev John W Dodge, 57, 

Charles A Doubleday, 81, 

Pascal M Dowd, 72, M D, 

William A Dudley, 70, 

Hon Edwin Duflfey, 90, LL B, 

Raymond S Dugan, 99, t, 

Charles G M Dunham, 63, 

George E Dunlap, 55, 

Waseca, Minn 

68 Wellington, Worcester, Mass 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

421 Mass, Boston, Mass 

381 Angell, Providence, R I 

Wichita, Kan 

Galesburg, 111 

Polyt Inst, Worcester, Mass 

350 Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

N Grosvenor Dale, Conn 

Canastota, N Y 

Amherst, Mass 

Everett, Wash 

Rutland, Mass 

Sparta, Wis 

505 Norwood, Buffalo, N Y 

Lewiston, Me 

Springfield, Mass 

fixeter, N H 

College, Amherst, Mass 

Marquette, Mich 

Pittsburg, Pa 

45 Warren, Chicago, 111 

470 E 177, N Y City 

12 Hawthorne, Yonkers, N Y 

Honolulu, H I 

Franklin, Mass 

Wakefield, Mass 

5636 Margaretta, Pittsburg, Pa 

Pittsfield, Mass 

9 Arlinglon, Providence R I 

182 Marlborough, Boston,Mass 

Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Windham, Ohio 

Janesville, Ohio 

Colchester, Conn 

53 State, Boston, Mass 

Amherst, Mass 

134 E 44, N Y City 

Corona, N Y 

Cheney, Wash 

31 Nassau, N Y City 

Newburyport, Mass 

Rutherford, N J 

Oswego, N Y 

Marlboro, Mass 

Cortland, N Y 

Beyrout, Syria 

Edgartown, Mass 

245 Broadway, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Rev Almon J Djei^t 83, A M, Sharon, Mass 

Rev George P £astman, 84, Millbury, Mass 

Rev John H Eastman, 69, Pottsville, Pa 
Rev Lucius R Eastman, 57, A M, Plymouth Church, Framingham, Mass 

Prof William W Eaton, 68, Middlebury, Vt 

Frank D Edgell, 93, t, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Henry L Edwards, 47, A M, 225 Elm, Northampton, Mass 

Julius W Eg^leston, 98, New London, Conn 

Greorge F Ellingwood, 96, t, Webster, Mass 

Warner W Elliott, 95, LL B, 125 Adelbert, Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas C Elvins, 96, m, Hammonton, N J 

Prof Levi H I^lwell, 75, A M, Amherst, Mass 

Alfred Ely, 74, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev Robert E Ely, 85, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Benjamin K Emerson, 65, Ph D, Amherst, Mass 

Benjamin K Emerson, 97, Amherst, Mass 

Charles P Emerson, 94, Baltimore, Md 

Edward T Esty, 97, 1, 19 Rutland, Cambridge, Mass 

Robert P Esty, 97, 1, Amherst, Mass 

Thomas C Esty, 93, t, Amherst, Mass 

Prof William C Esty, 60, LL D, Amherst, Mass 

Edward R Evans, 94, New Haven, Conn 

John H Evans, 61, 117 Clay, Topeka, Kan 

Hon William D Evans, 85, LL B, 509 Times Bid, Pittsburg, Pa 

Prof Addison A Ewing, 92, Crawf ordsville, Ind 

Rev Greorge H Ewing, 90, Tientsin, China 

James Ewing, 88, M D, 1730 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Thomas Ewing, Jr, 89, 1, 430 Fourth, Pittsburg, Pa 

Rev Henry Fairbank, 83, Wadalc, India 

Joseph W Fairbanks, 66, Amherst, Mass 

Rev James A Fairley, 88, Nutley, N J 

Edward H Fallows, 86, 1, 18 Wall, N Y Citv 

Hon Elbert E Farman, 55 LL D, 1, Warsaw, N Y 

Supt Clarence W Fearing, 75, A M, Schools, Provincetown, Mass 

George S Fellows, 84, 106 Fulton, N Y City 

Willard T Fisher, 92, t, Woods HoU, Mass 

Rev Asa S Fiske, 55, 1353 Q, N W, Washington, D C 

George F Fiske, 81, M D, 438 La Salle, Chicago, 111 

George F Fiske, 94, 75 Milton, Hyde Park, Mass 

Rev G Walter Fiske, 95, Huntington, Mass 

Frank H Fitts, 83, 80 Oakland, Brighton, Mass 
Rev George F Flichtner, 67, M A, St Paul's Rectory, Englewood, N J 

Hon Henry C Folger, Jr, 79, A M, LL B, 26 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Jesse F Forbes, 74, 133 E 29, N Y City 

William T Forbes, 71, 1, Worcester, Mass 

Andrew E Ford, 71, Clinton, Mass 

Howard I Ford, 94, t, Andover, Mass 

Rev James L Fowle, 70, Cesarea, Asia Minor 
Edwin Fowler, 83, A M, broker, 307 Husted Bid, Kansas City, Mo 
Prof Harlan P French, 68, A M, teacher's agency, 24 State, Albany, N Y 

Digitized by 




Pres Edward S Prisbee, 60, A M, D D, 

Horace S Fuller, 58, M D, 

Lucius A Pumey, 62, 

Herbert P Gallinger, 93, t. 

Rev Edward P Gardner, 58, 

Prof George E Gardner, 85, 1, 

William W Gardner, 96, 

Rev Prank L Garfield, 88, 

Prof Charles E Garman, 72, 

Carl M Gates, 97, 

Merrill E Gates, Jr, %, 

William B Qates, 97, 

James E Gibson, 81, banker, 

William O Gilbert, 90, 1, 

Hon Prederick H Gillett, 74, 1," 

Heman Glass, 54, 

William A Goddard, 59, 

Levi J Goodrich, 81, 1, 

Rev Edward P Goodwin, 56, D D, 

Prof William D (Joodwin, 88, 

Rev John H Grant, 92, 

Rev Henry C Graves, 56, D D, 

Rev Jno L Graves, 55, 

Prin Prank L Greene, 76, M A, 

Rev John M Greene, 53, D D, 

Rev William Greenwood, 71, 

Richard H Gregory, 98, 

Rev Leverett S Griggs, 60, 

Prof Edwin A Grosvenor, 67, M A, 

Edwin P Grosvenor, 97, t, 

George S Grosvenor, 58, 

Gilbert H Grosvenor, 97, 

Charles S Hager, 98, 

Rev Edson D Hale, 82, 

Alfred D P Hamlin, 75, 

Prederick W Hamlin, 83, M D, 

Herbert P Hamilton, 97, 

Rev John A Hamilton, 53, D D, 

Hon John C Hammond, 65, LL B, dist. 

Rev Charles Hardon, 55, 

Prank E Harkness, 96, 

Prof Elijah P Harris, 55, 

Willard F Harris, 98, 

Prof Charles S Hartwell, 77, A M, 

E Adams Hartwell, 74, 

Shattuck O Hartwell, 88, 

Nelson C Haskell, 87, M D, 

Robert W Hastings, 88, M D, 

William C Hawks, 85 M A, librarian. 

Rev Chester W Hawley, 58, 

Regents office, Albany, N T 

95 Trumbull, Hartford, Conn 

Weehawken, N J 

Amherst, Mass 

Chatham, N J 

Bangor, Me 

Swansea Centre, Mass 

Feeding EUUs, Mass 

Amherst, Mass 

41E69, N YCity 

130 Fulton, N Y City 

Elizabeth, N J 

Lowell, Mass 

Omaha, Neb 

Springfield, Mass 

Lake, Rochester, N Y 

Sioux Falls, S Dak 

City Hall, Portland, Ore 

Chicago, 111 

45 Forest PI, Pittsfield, Mass 

Meriden, Conn 

Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass 

2 Mt Vernon PI, Boston, Mass 

490 Vanderbilt, Brooklyn, N Y 

Lowell, Mass 

Wheaton, 111 

157 W 14, N Y City 

Terryville, Conn 

Amherst, Mass 

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa 

115 N 14, E Orange, N J 

Corcoran Bid, Washington, D C 

South Deerfield, Mass 

Niles, Calif * 

1285 Columbus, N Y City 

35 W 51, N Y City 

Greenfield, Mass 

615 Cong House, Boston, Mass 

atty, Northampton, Mass 

Hopkinton, N H 

291 48th, Chicago, 111 

Amherst, Mass 

Golden, Col 

Boys High Sch, Brooklyn, N Y 

36 Chestnut, Fitchburg, Mass 

Kalamazoo, Mich 

Amherst, Mass 

Brookline, Mass 

Theol Sem, Hartford, Conn 

Amherst, Mass 

Digitized by 




Samuel P Hayes, 96, 

Herman M Hayley, 87, 

George H Hajmes, 87, t, 

Ernest L Hayward, 90, 

Arnold N Heap, 73, 1, 

Rev Henry M Herrick, 84, 

Hon George T Higley, 57, LL B, 

Hon George P Hilton. 81, C E, 

Rev Albert W Hitchcock, 82, A M, 

Prof Charles H Hitchcock, 56, 

Rev Milan H Hitchcock, 54, M A, 

William H Hitchcock, 98, 

William C Hodder, 92, 

Prof Frank S Hoffman, 76, Ph D, 

Chanc William T Holland, 69, Ph D, 

Rev Charles H HoUoway, 54, 

Frederick R Holt 83, 

George E Hooker, 83, ed, 

Rev John C Houghton, 61, 

Arthur F Howard, 95, 

Timothy Howard, 86, 1, 

Clarence h Howes, 69, M D, 

Prof George C Howland, 85, 

Rev John Howland, 76, 

Rev Samuel W Howland, 70, 

Hon Walter M Howland, 63, LL B, 

Rev Charles F Hubbard, 76, A M, 

Louis V Hubbard, 87, 1, 

Arthur P Hunt, 97, 

Edwin S Hunt, 90, 1, 

Josiah H Hunt, 61, 

Rev Aaron B Hunter, 76, t, 

Hon Alva L Hyde, 83 A M, 

Raymond V IngersoU, 97, 1, 

George H Jewett, 96, t, 

Arthur M Johnson, 92, 1, 

Rev Frederick P Johnson, 87, 

Prof Allen Johnson, 92, 

Rev Edgar F Johnson, 84, A M, 

Hon Edmund A Jones, 65, A M, supt 

William E Judd, 74, 

Herbert A Jump, 96, 

Prof Josiah Keep, 74, A M, 

Prof James F Kemp, 81, 

Rev George F Kenugott, 86, 

Harry W Kidder, 97, 

Edward B Kilbum, 74, 

Rev John C Kimball, 54, 

Rev Joseph Kimball, 57 A M,* 

William P Kinney, 84, 

103 Meigs, Rochester, N Y 

105 Lawn, Middletown, Conn 

28 Bojmton, Worcester, Mass 

148 High, Taunton, Mass 

85 Dearborn, Chicago, Dl 

Carpentersville, 111 

Ashland, Mass 

240 State, Albany, N Y 

298 High, Newburyport, Mass 

Hanover, N H 

Hubbardston, Mass 

Cambridge, Mass 

21 S 13, Minneapolis, Minn 

Un Coll, Schenectady, N Y 

D D, LL D, W Univ, Pittsburg, Pa 

1011 Brown, Philadelphia, Pa 

43 Hayward Rochester, N Y 

335 S Hal,sted, Chicago, 111 

Middlebury, Vt 

Portsmouth, N H 

N Brookfield, Mass 

Hanover, Mass 

University, Chicago, 111 

Guadalajara, Mexico 

Batticotta, Ceylon 

57 Portland Block, Chicago, 111 

289 Highland, Buffalo. N Y 

115 Broadway, N Y City 

Theol Sem, N Y City 

41 Wall, NY City 

206 Clay, Topeka, Kan 

St Aug Sch, Raleigh, N C 

Southbridge, Mass 

184 Eldridge, N Y City 

Montclair, N J 

Mt Vernon, N Y 

Red Bluff, Califs 

Grinnell, Iowa 

Wooster, Ohio 

schools, Massillon, Ohio 

Holyoke, Mass 

279 Madison, Albany, N Y 

Mills College, P O. Califs 

Colum Univ, N Y City 

296 Liberty, Lowell, Mass 

Northampton, Mass 

Racine, Wis 

Hartford, Conn 

Hampton Falls, N H 

Colorado Springs, Col 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



John K KoUock, 92, 1, 
Walter H Knapp, 79, 1, 
Rev Edward H Knight, 76, 
Franklin H Knight, 83, 1, 
Henry S Knight, 75, M D, 
Stephen B Knowlton, 91, t, 
William S Knox, 65, 
Henry W Lane, 95 b, 
Rev Wiliam W Leete, 77, D D, 
Prof Willard T Leonard, 62, A M, 
Hon Francis D Lewis, 69, LL B, 
Herbert Lewis, 91, 
Howard A Lincoln, 92 A M, 
Rev Francis Lobdell, 58, D D, 
Frank A Lombard, 96, 
Hon Elihu G Loomis, 74, LL B, 
Frederic B Loomis, 96, 
Rev Herbert G Lord, 71. t, 
Prof Frank H Loud, 73, 
Lewis I Loveland, 96, t, 
Russell T Low, 81, 1, 
Harrison F Lyman, 98, t, 
Rev Payson W Lyman, 67, 
Appleton P Lyon, 70, 
Arthur V Lyon, 84. M D, 

Portland, Ore 

Canandaigtia, N Y 

Springfield, Mass 

50 State, Hartford, Conn 

15 High, Worcester, Mass 

Haverford, Pa 

184 Jackson, Lawrence, Mass 

Keene, N H 

518 George, New Haven, Conn 

160 Oak, Taunton, Mass 

501 Drexel Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Patent office, Washingfton, D C 

34 Exchange, Portland, Me 

357 Delaware, Buffalo, N Y 

Sutton, Mass 

28 State, Boston, Mass 

Amherst, Mass 

55 Cottage, Buffalo, N Y 

Colorado Springs, Col 

Paterson, N J 

111 Broadway, N Y City 

Stamford, Conn 

154 Hanover, Fall River, Mass 

47 E 44, N Y City 

106 Main, Brockton, Mass 

Henry A Macgowan, 86, M A, mgr life ins co, 306 Main, Worcester, Mass 
Prof Joseph F McGregory, 80, M A, Colgate Univ, Hamilton, N Y 

Arthur E Magill, 96, Amherst, Mass 

James Mahoney, 84, ^ Hotel Nottingham, Boston, Mass 

George B Mallon, 87, 

Rev Herbert G Mank, 85, 

George R Mansfield. 97, t, 

Charles F Marble, 86, manuf. 

Rev Frederic W March, 67, 

Wilbur B Marple, 77, M D, 

Prof C Dwight Marsh, 77, 

Hon Edward B Marsh, 76, M A, broker, 

Rev Edward L Marsh, 88, A M, 

Rev Francis J Marsh, 70, 

Frank B Marsh, 83, 

Harry B Marsh, 99, 

Edward H Martin, 82, M D, 

Hon Francis O Mason, 64, A M, 

Albert B Mather, 68, 

Henry M Maxson, 77, 

Hon James Maynard, 74, LL B, 

Frank L Mellen, 81, 

George H Mellen. 74. 1, 

Rev James G Merrill, 63, D D, 

Hon Willard MerrUl, 54, M A, 

The Sun office, N Y City 

Lawrence, Mass 

160 Kennard, Cleveland, Ohio 

4 Marble, Worcester, Mass 

Tripoli, Syria 


Ripon, Wis 

7 Water, Boston, Mass 

7 Park, Waterville. Me 

Cong House, Boston, Mass 

326 Clermont. Brooklyn, N Y 

349 Hancock, Sprinpffield, Mass 

Middlebury. Vt 

479 Main, Geneva. N Y 

Meriden, Conn 

Plainfield. N J 

Deaderick Bid, Knoxville, Tenn 

S Le Grange, Worcester, Mass 

5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Fisk Univ, Nashville, Tenn 

95 Prospect, Milwaukee, Wis 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



George R Metcalf, 72. M A, M D, 

Thomas A Mighill, 89, 

Rufus E Miles, 99, 

Arthur N Milliken, 80, 1, 

Rev Charles S Mills, 82, 

Isaac N Mills, 74, 1, 

Greorge A Mirick, 87, t, 

Prof William L Montague, 55, 

Charles W Morey, 80, t, 

Dwight W Morrow, 95, 

Prof Anson D Morse, 71, LL D, 

Calvin H Morse, 83, 

Rev Charles F Morse, 53, 

Elihu M Morse, 54, 1, 

Prof Harmon N Morse, 73, Ph D, 

Joseph F Morse, 84, t. 

Rev Vincent Moses, 66, 

Rev William D Mossman, 70, 

110 W 4th, St Paul, Minn 

135 Pembroke, Boston, Mass 

5 Kingsbury, Worcester, Mass 

82 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

463 Jennings, Cleveland, Ohio 

Mt Vernon, N Y 

442 George, New Haven, Conn 

Paris, France 

14 Belmont, Lowell, Mass 

44 W 92, N Y City 

College, Amherst, Mass 

Hotel Oxford, Denver, Col 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

Canandaigua, N Y 

J H Univ, Baltimore, Md 

6959 Pamell, Chicago, 111 

Bradford, Mass 

New Haven, Conn 

Rev Warren J Moulton, 88, M A, Ph D, t, Theol Sch, New Haven, Conn 

Edward K Mundy, 95, M A, 

Starr J Murphy, 81, 1, 

Prof Charles S Nash. 77, D D, 

Prof H Humphrey Neill, 66, M A, 

Daniel T Nelson, 61, M D, 

Edwin Nelson, 53, 

Frank G Nelson, 73, 

Rev William S Nelson, 81, 

William J Newlin, 99, 

Samuel F Nichols, 87, 

Rev Granville W Nims, 73, A M, 

Frederic P Noble, 85, 

AUanMNorth, 81, 1, 

Fred L Norton, 86, 1, 

Alexander D Noyes, 83, 

Charles S Noyes, 80, 1, 

William W Obear, 97, t, 

John Ome, 55, Ph D, 

William Orr, Jr, 83, 

Prof Herbert L, Osgood, 77, 

Levi S Packard, 55, t, 

John A Page, 69, 1, 

Hon Maurice R Page, 86, LL B, 

Hon Charles R Paine. 66, horticulturist. 

Rev Francis L Palmer, 85, 

Rev Horace Parker, 60, 

William E Parker, 84, 

Rev Charles H Parkhurst, 66, D D, 

Edgar H Parkman, 89, 

Prof Edward S Parsons, 83, 

Frank H Parsons, 81, M A, LL B, banker. 

701 Warren, Syracuse. N Y 

111 Broadway, N Y Citj 

Pacific Theol Sem, Berkeley, Calif # 

Amherst, Mass 

2400 Indiana, Chicago, 111 

Amherst, Mass 


Tripoli, Syria 

Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

1325 Monad Bid, Chicago, 111 

Walton, N Y 

532 Wash Boul, Chicago, 111 

33 Ortan, Binghamton, N Y 

434 Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Evening Post office, N Y City 

170 Broadway, N Y City 

648 Salem, Maiden Mass 

104 EUery, Cambridge, Mass 

30 Firglade, Springfield, Mass 

Colum Univ, N Y City 

Pineblufif, N C 

Haverhill, Mass 

Phelps Bk Bid, Binghamton, N Y 

Redlands, Calif • 

Chicopee, Mass 

W Tisbury, Mass 

530 Atlantic, Boston, Mass 

133 E 35, N Y City 

Thompsonville, Conn 

Colorado Springs, Col 

69 Wall, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

28 imiTBD cHArrsRS 

Ralph L Parsonsi 53,M A, M D, Greenmont on Hudsoiii Sing Sing, P O, N T 

Frank C Partridge, 82, Rutland, Vt 

Robert W Patton, 76, pub, 211 E Madison, Chicago, 111 

Rev Edmund M Pease, 54, Claremont, Califs 

Prof William C Peckham, 67, Adelphi Coll, Brooklyn, N Y 

Pres William P Peirce, 88, L H D, Gambier, Ohio 

Cyrus H Pendleton, 56, M A, M D, Hebron, Conn 

Prof George D B Pepper, 57, D D, Colby College, Waterville, Me 

Joseph H Perry, 82, t, 176 Highland, Worcester, Mass 

William B Perry, 92, 1, 57 Wilham, New Bedford, Mass 

Benjamin W Pettibone, 60, Winchester, Conn 

Prof Halbert C Phillips, 95, A M, Turners Falls, Mass 

Isaiah L Pickard, 91, M D, Concord Junction, Mass 

Arthur H Pierce, 88, t, Amherst, Mass 

Edwin D Pierce, 92, t, Newton Centre, Mass 

Willard H Poole, 86, t, 371 Prospect, Fall River, Mass 

Dwight D Porter, 71, 1, Orlando, Fla 

Prof Harvey Porter, 70, Beyrout, Syria 

Charles H Fratt, 83, 1225 Evans, Denver, Col 

William O Pratt, 77, * 70 5th Ave, N Y City 

E Parmalee Prentice, 85 1, 115 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

Rev Norman A Prentiss, 54, 108 La Salle, Chicago, 111 

Rev Hiram B Putnam, 60, Derry, N H 

Rev John W Quimby, 69, E Bridgewater, Mass 

Alexander Rae, 83, M D, 117 Henry, Brooklyn, N Y 

William L Raub, 93, 8 Bank, New London, Conn 

Rev Benjamin E Ray, 95, Nekoosa, Wis 

Rev Philander Read, 59, Le Mars, Iowa 
Josiah T Reade, 56, M A, School Fum, 90 Wabash, Chicago, 111 
Prof Henry S Redfield, 77, LL B, Cornell, 7 South Ave, Ithaca, N Y 

Charles A Reed, 56, Taunton, Mass 

Frank O Reed, 99, Amherst, Mass 

Rev Lewis T Reed, 93, Cummington, Mass 

John Reid, 96, Andover, Mass 

Pres Rush Rees, 83, University, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Austin Rice, 94, Walla Walla. Wash 

Hon Stillman Rice, 56, MA, 60 Summer, Gloucester, Mass 

Rev Frederick B Richards, 85, 244 E 13, N Y City 

Prof Ernest C Richardson, 80, M A, Ph D, librarian, Princeton, N J 

Prof Henry B Richardson, 69, Amherst, Mass 

John K Richardson, 69, Wellesley Hills, Mass 

Rev John P Richardson, 70, Dracut, Mass 

(Jerald M Richmond, 97, Worcester, Mass 

Franklin Ripley, 76, Troy, N H 

Rev Wilford L Robbins, 81, D D, Albany, N Y 

Prof Elbert W Rockf ord, 84, Iowa City, Iowa 

Rev Daniel H Rogan, 58, Athol, Mass 

Alfred G Rolfe, 82, t, Pottstown, Pa 

Henry W Rolfe, 80, University, Chicago, 111 

Richard R Rollins, 96, Des Moines, Iowa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Walter H Ross, 93, M D, 

Arthur C Rounds, 87, 1, 

Charles E Rounds, 83, 

Ralph S Rounds, 96, 1, 

Rev Lyman S Rowland, 58, 

Hon John S Runnells, 65, LL B, 

Alvan F Sanborn, 87, 

John E Sanford, 51, 

Thomas A Sawhill, 74, pub, 

Prin Joseph H Sawyer, 65, Ph D, 

Francis H Saylor, 65, 

William G Schauffler, 86, M D, 

Hon Howard B Scott, 74, judg-e, 

Gteorge G Sears, 80, M D, 

Hon Nathaniel C Sears, 75, LL D, judge, 

Oliver C Semple, 83, 1, 

Prof Frank C Sharp, 87, 

Frank A Sheldon, 93, 

Sidney A Sherman, 85, 

Robert P Sibley, 1900, 

Hon John W Simpson, 71, LL B, 

Rev Arthur F Skeele, 75, 

Rev Uriel W Small, 54, A M, 

Rev Isaac C Smart, 81, 

Hon Alexander L Smith, 76, LL B, 

Rev Arthur Smith, 77, 

Rev Charles H Smith, 84, 

Charles S Smith, 74, t. 

Charles V T Smith, 76, 1, 

Ellis R Smith, 91, 

Ernest E Smith, 88, t, 

Ernest H Smith, 85, M D, 

Prof Erastus G Smith, 77, A M, Ph D, 

Edward R Smith, 76, 

Prof Henry P Smith, 69, D D, 

Prof Josiah R Smith, 71, 

Rev Judson Smith, 59, D D, 

J Woodbridge Smith, 56, 1, 

Luther B Smith, 59, 

Luther E Smith, 94, 1, 

Prof Maurice B Smith, 95, A M, 

Osgood Smith, 83, 

Sidney P Smith, 74, 

Rev Thomas S Smith, 60, (missionary,) 

William D Smith, 83, 

William H Smith, 90, 

Charles B Spahr, 81, 

Frank E Soaulding, 89, 

Daniel M Spaulding, 84, 

Rev Julius Spencer, 53, 

185 Hewes, Brooklyn, N Y 

96 Broadway, NY City 

122 Flour Exch, Minneapolis, Minn 

96 Broadway, N Y City 

306 Pullman Bid, Chicago, 111 

90 Church, Marlboro, Mass 

Taunton, Mass 

Concordia, Kan 

Wil Sem, Easthampton, Mass 

Pottstown, Pa 

Box 425, Lakewood, N J 

Danbury, Conn 

19 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Chicago, 111 

156 Broadway, N Y City 

Madison, Wis 

Newton Centre, Mass 

227 Irving, Providence, R I 

Westfield, Mass 

10 Wall, N Y City 

Painesville, Ohio 

West Leeds, Me 

Pittsfield, Mass 

2208 Parkwood, Toledo, Ohio 

South Freeport, Me 

Plymouth, Conn 

16 W 61, NY City 

307 Hennepin, Minneapolis, Minn 

South Hadley, Mass 

Cambridge, N Y 

Redding, Conn 

649 Harrison, Beloit, Wis 

Colum Univ, N Y City 

Amherst, Mass 

State Univ, Columbus, Ohio 

1 Somerset, Boston, Mass 

469 Main, Springfield, Mass 

1918 I, N W, Washington, D C 

Security Bid, St Louis, Mo 

HoUiston, Mass 

59 Wall, N Y City 

Athol, Mass 

Easthampton, Mass 

Bon Air, Va 

Olaa Puna, Hawaii, H I 

Upper Montclair, N J 

Supt Sch, Passaic, N J 

Keene, N H 

East Cleveland, Ohio 

Digitized by 




Charles C Spooner, 96, 

Rev Arthur W Stanford, 82, 

Charles G Stearns 74, M D, 

Rev Georg^e Sterling, 70, 

Hon Elisha M Stevens, 85, A M, LLB, 

Herbert K Stiles, 91, M D, 

Henry Stockbridge, 77, 

Jay T Stocking, 95, 

Rev Eugene W Stoddard, 82, 

Prof Francis H Stoddard, 69, 

Arthur F Stone, 85, 

Harlan F Stone, 94, 

Charles L Storrs, Jr, 96, 

Hon Edward A Strong, 55, 

Rev George A Strong, 80, 

George E Sutherland, 70, 

Harry P Swett, 93, t, 

Edgar J Swift, 86, t, 

Frederick H Tarr, 91, 1, 

Prof Nathaniel M Terry, 67, 

Everett E Thompson, 99, librarian, 

Salida, Col 

Matsuyama, Japan 

Leicester, Mass 

Manomet, Mass 

333 Union, Ljrnn, Mass 

Newtonville, Mass 

11 N Calhoun, Baltimore, Md 

New Haven, Conn 

Martinez, Calif « 

Univ Heights, N Y City 

St Johnsbuiy, Vt 

Colum Univ, NY City 

Ann Arbor, Mich 

P O Box 3196, Boston, Mass 

Brockton, Mass 

641 Van Buren, Milwaukee, Wis 

Farmington, Conn 

Stevens Point, Wis 

Gloucester, Mass 

Annapolis Md 

Amherst, Mass 

Garret W Thoxnpson, 88, 15th and Race, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Joseph O Thompson, 84, Amherst, Mass 
Prof Nathan Thompson, 61, M A Supt Reformatory, Cheltenham, Md 

William H Thompson, 82, t, Millersville, Md 

Rev Charles N Thorp, 91, Oswego. N Y 

Rev J Brainard Thrall, 73, Pepperell, Mass 

Almon U Thresher, 65, t, Granville, Ohio 

Prin Albert M Tibbetts, 95, Academy, Salisbury, Conn 

Frank M Tiffany, 91, M D, Stamford, Conn 

Charles E Tilley, 92, t, 8 Elton, Providence, R I 

Rev George H Tilton, 70, Wobum, Mass 

Prof David P Todd, 75, M A, Ph D, Observ House, Amherst, Mass 

Rev Charles L Tomblen, 71, 

Rev Francis E Tower, 60, 

Prof Charles B Travis, 64, 

Rev William A Trow, 86, 

Rev Edwin A Tuck, 85, 

Ervin A Tucker, 85, A M, M D, 

Louis B Tuckerman, 72, A M, M D, 

Prof James H Tufts, 84, 

Prof Charles W Turner, 65, 

Prof Charles A Tuttle, 83, 

George A Tuttle, 83, M D, 

Albert B Tyler, 94, 

Cornelius B Tyler, 98, LL B, 

Hon Eliphalet W Tyler, 68, LL B, 

Prof Henry M Tyler 65, 

Col Mason W Tyler, 62, LL B, A M, 

William W Tyler, 64, 

North Middleboro, Mass 

397 Pine, Providence, R I 

Eng High Sch, Boston, Mass 

Sherburne, N Y 

Nantucket, Mass 

110 W 57, N Y City 

298 Central, Cleveland, Ohio 

University, Chicago, 111 

University, Knoxville, Tenn 

Crawfordsville, Ind 

236 W 44, N Y City 

Amherst, Mass 

146 Broadway, N Y City 

111 Broadway, N Y Ci^ 

Northampton, Mass 

525 W 7th, Plainfield, N J 

627 W 3rd, Dayton, Ohio 

Digitized by 




Edward D Upham, 84, 1, 312 Peoples Bk Bid, Denver, Col 

Prof Irving' H Upton, 85, A M, High School, Roxbury, Mass 

Hon George W Waite, 61, M A Supt Schools, 193 E College, Oberlin, Ohio 
Edward H Waldo, 88, t, 5709 Ashland, Philadelphia, Pa 

Roberts Walker, 96, A M, LL B, 40 Wall, N Y City 

Prof Williston Walker, 83, Ph D, D D, Theol Sem, Hartford, Conn 

Samuel Ward, 67, b, 49 Franklin, Boston, Mass 

Rev Wm H Ward, 56, D D, LL D, ed Independent, 130 Fulton, NY City 

Edwin G Warner, 85, t, 

Frank M Warren, Jr, 98, 

Pres George Washburn, 55, D D, 

George H Washburn, 82, M A, M D, 

Hon William I Washburn, 76, LL B, 

Rev Philip M Waters, 82, 

Prof George N Webber, 52, D D, 

Nathan H Weeks, 94, 

Frank C Wellman, 98, t, 

Charles F Wells, 68, 1, 

Hiland H Wheeler, 68, 

Prof Hobart K Whitaker, 90, A M, 

Hon G Henry Whitcomb, 64, 

Clarence H White, 86, t, 

Rev Robert R White, 89, 

Walter P White, 87, 

Rev Elbridge C Whiting, 88, 

Prin William H Whiting, 76, M A, 

Addis M Whitney, 86, 

Edward S Whitney, 90, 1, 

William B Whitney, 87, 1, 

Prof Harris H Wilder, 86, 

Ernest H Wilkins, 1900, 

Prof Walter F Wilcox, 84, LL B, Ph D, 

Rev Horace R Williams, 60, 

Rev John H Williams, 68, 

38 Second PI, Brooklyn, N Y 

213 W Park, Portland, Ore 

Robert Coll, Constantinople 

311 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

71 Broadway, N Y City 

168 W 105, N Y City 

130 N Elm, Northampton, Mass 

140 N Union, Chicago, IH 

The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa 

132 Nassau, N Y City 

1517 H, Lincoln, Neb 

Brattleboro, Vt 

Station A, Worcester, Mass 

Academy, Worcester, Mass 

322 New, Macon, Ga 

16 Mt Vernon, Oshkosh, Wis 

Tewksbury, Mass 

High School, Greenfield, Mass 

558 5th, N Y City 

Monadnock Blk, Chicago, 111 

96 Broadway, N Y City 

Northampton, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Cornell Univ, Ithaca, N Y 

939 Wall, Port Huron, Mich 

Redlands, Calif ft 

Rev Edward C Winslow, 70, 202 West Newton, Boston, Mass 

Prof E Lincoln Wood, 84, M A, College, Amherst, Mass 
Prof Frederick J E Woodbridge, 89, MA, Univ Minn, Minneapolis, Minn 

Edwin B Woodin, 85, 111 Lyman, Springfield, Mass 

Rev Herbert P Woodin, 88, Chicopee, Mass 

Rev Robert M Woods, 69, Hatfield, Mass 

Arthur V Woodworth, 93, New Haven, Conn 

James W Woodworth, 96, New Haven, Conn 

Robert S Woodworth, 91, t, 338 E 26, N Y City 

G Frederick Ziej^ler, 66, Greencastle, Pa 

Digitized by 



Boston Univbrsity, Boston, Mass. 

President^ Prof Thomas B Lindsay, Ph D 

Vice-Pres^ Prof Joseph B Taylor, A. M 

Sec and TreaSy Prof F Spencer Baldwin, Ph D 

Alice H Bigelow, 99, 2 Warren Sq, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Prof Borden P Bowne, (Univ City NY), LL D, B Univ, Boston, Mass 
Alice S Burrell, 99, Rockland, Mass 

Prof F Spencer Baldwin, Ph D, B Univ, Boston, Mass 

Prof Frank R Bdtler, B Univ, Boston, Mass 

Maria E Clark, 99, 325 N Main, Brockton, Mass 

Ada A Cole, 99, 136 Perkins, Somerville, Mass 

Mary W Dorchester, 99, Rebecca, Pittsburg-, Pa 

Helen N Gary, 99, Washington, D C 

Prof William E Huntington, (Univ Wis), Ph D,B Univ, Boston, Mass 
Prof Thomas B Lindsay, (Wesl), Ph D, B Univ, Boston, Mass 

Martha P Luther, 99, 416 Fifth, S Boston, Mass 

Grace G Newhall, 99, 489 Lynnfield, Lynn, Mass 

Albert I Oliver, 99 11 Ballard, E Saugus, Mass 

Julia K Ordway, 99, Glen Road, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Prof Joseph B Taylor, (Wesl), AM, B Univ, Boston, Mass 

Pres William F. Warren, (Wesl), LL D, B Univ, Boston, Mass 

Prof William M Warren, Ph D, B Univ, Boston, Mass 

Katharine A Whiting, 99, 26 Concord Sq, Boston, Mass 

Charles W. Wilder, Jr, 99, Wollaston, Mass 

Digitized by 



BowDOiN College, Brunswick, Maine 

President^ Hon Horace Harmon Burbank, LL D 

Vice-PreSy Hon John Holmes Groodenow, A M 

Sec and Treas^ Prof Franklin Clement Robinson, A M 

Literary CommiUee, Prof Geo T Little, Litt D; Prof Frank E 

Woodruff, A M; Arlo Bates, Litt D; Rev Henry M King, D D; Prof 

Lucilius A Emery, LL D. 

(distinguished members who have died) 

Ezra Abbot, Author 

Jacob Abbot, Author 

John S C Abbot, Author 

Ruf us Anderson, Secretary A B C F M 

John A Andrew, Governor of Massachusetts 

John Appleton, Chief Justice of Maine 

George Evans, Senator of the United States 

Alpheus Felch, Governor of Maine and U S Senator 

William Pitt Fessenden, Senator of the United States 

Frederic Gardiner, Author 

Daniel R Goodwin, Provost, University of Pennsylvania 

John P Hale, Senator of the Uhited States 

Samuel Harris, Theologian 

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Author 

Henry W Longfellow, Poet 

Nathan Lord, President of Dartmouth 

James L Phillips, Missionary 

Franklin Pierce, President of the United States 

Henry B Smith, Theologian 

Seba Smith, Author 

Calvin E Stowe, Theologian 

Francis A Waterhouse, Educator 

William A Wheeler, Lexicographer 

Rev Aaron C Adams, 36, Wethersfield, Conn 

Francis Adams, SO, Bath, Me 

Rev George M Adams, 44, D D, Auburndale, Mass 

Rev Jonathan E Adams, 53, Bangor, Me 

Amos L Allen, 60, Alfred, Me 

Frank W Alexander, 85, Richmond, Me 

Homer E Alexander, 90, Supt Sch, Richmond, Me 
Prof Melvin F Arey, 67, A M, 2320 Normal, Cedar Falls, Iowa 

Digitized by 




Kingsbury Bachelder, 71, 

Hon Orville D Baker, 68, LL B, 

Boyd Bartlett, 85, 

£mest S Bartlett, 88, 

Percy Bartlett, 92, 

Rev Cyrus A Bartol, 32, D D, 

Willard S Bass, 96, 

Prof Arlo Bates, 76, AM, Litt D, 

George F Bates, 82, M D, 

John H Bates, 96, M A, M D, 

Clinton L Baxter, 81, 

Hartley C fiaxter, 78, 

Percival P Baxter, 98, LL B, 

Hon Charles U Bell, 63, 1, 

George S Berry, 86, 

Charles A Black, 75, 

(Jeorge W Blanchard, 90, M A, M D, 

Rev Alfred V Bliss, 94, STB, 

Lincoln J Bodge, 89, 1, 

Henry H Boody, 42, 

Prof Cyrus F Brackett, 59, M D, LL D, 

Rev Louis O Brastow, 57, 

George M Brett, 97, t, 

Frank E Briggs, 94, t, 

Gren John M Brown, 60, banker, 

Bertram L Bryant, 95, M D, 

Hon Horace H Burbank, 60, LL D, judge, 

John E Burbank, 96, t. 

Rev Sylvester Bumham, 62, 

Edward B Burpee, 87, 

Prof Alfred E Burton, 78, Ph D, 

Prof Arthur R Butler, 86, A M, 

Wilson R Butler, 85, t, 

John W Butterfield, 51, 

Hillsdale, Mich 

Augusta, Me 

Chelsea, Mass 

Pension, Washington, D C 

Ellsworth, Me 

17 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

Wilton, Me 

Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Hillsboro, N Dak 

West Sumner, Me 

374 Spring, Portland, Me 

Brunswick, Me 

Portland, Me 

117 Jackson,, Lawrence, Mass 

1755 Lawrence, Denver, Col 

Growanda, N Y 

20 E 88, N Y City 

Ludlow, Vt 

426 Boston Blk, Minneapolis, Minn 

57 Broadway, N Y City 

4 Prospect, Princeton, N J 

New Haven, Conn 

137 Spring, Auburn, Me 

Alfred, Me 

Falmouth, Foreside, Me 

Bangor, Me 

Pres Bk, Saco, Me 

Brunswick, Me 

Hamilton, N Y 

36 Wall, N Y City 

Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Cazenovi^ N Y 

New Bedford, Mass 

419 4th Washington, D C 

Hon Frank M Byron, 79, Agt LS and M SR^;, 149 Locust, Chicago, 111 
Horatio S Card, 88, M D, 52 Highlands Somerville, Mass 

George E Carmichael, 97, M A, Life Insurance, Medway, Mass 

Seth M Carter, 75, 1, 

Austin Carey, 87, 

George F Carey, 88, banker, 

Prof Joseph W Chadwick, 62, A M, 

Hon Joshua L Chamberlain, 52, 

Weston P Chamberlain, 93, M D, 

George L Chandler, 68, 

George S Chapin, 93, 

Charles J Chapman, 68, 

Prof Henry L Chapman, 66, D D, 

Henry S Chapman, 91, 

Rev Henry W Chapman, 73, 

John E Chapman, 77, ed. 

Laurel Hill, Auburn, Me 

Brunswick, Me 

E Machias, Me 

537 Pleasant, Maiden, Mass 

Brunswick, Me 

Washington, DC 

Aubumdale, Mass 

Mt Vernon, N H 

Portland, Me 

Bow Coll, Brunswick, Me 

32 W Cedar, Boston, Mass 

Lakeport, Col 

31 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 



William H Chapman, 80, Newport, R I 

Herbert H Chase, 82, Brockton, Mass 

Rev Henry T Cheever, 34, Worcester, Mass 
Prof John W Chickering, 52, D I>, Gallaudet Coll, Washington, D C 

Prof Isaac B Choate, 62, Ph D, author, 99 Pinckney, Boston, Mass 

Charles H Clark, 76, Waban, Mass 
John R Clark, 89, M D, Surg USA, Presidio, San Francisco, Cal* 

Charles L Clarke, 75, Mt Vernon, N Y 

Nathan D A Clarke, 73, 5 Exchange, Lynn, Mass 

Milton S CliflEord, 93, 60 Montgomery, Bangor, Me 

Prof Herbert O Cloueh, 96, A M Kennebunkport, Me 

Thomas W Coe, 57, A M, M D, Bangor; Me 

Herbert E Cole, 83, t, 979 Middle, Bath, Me 

Rev Samuel V Cole, 74, Norton, Mass 

Rev William I Cole, 81, 6 Rollins, Boston, Mass 

Edgar F Conant, 90, M D, Lewiston, Me 

John D Condon, 98, Berlin, N H 

Ezekiel H Cook, 66, Ph D, 22 Livingston, Yonkers, N Y 

John C Coombs, 69, Boston, Mass 

Nathaniel Cothren, 49, 170 Broadway, N Y City 

William Cothren, 43, Woodbury, Conn 

Rev Henry K Craig, 44, HoUister, Mass 

Rev George C Cressey, 75, Ph D, D D, Northampton, Mass 

Hon Josiah Crosby, 35, LL D, 59 Main, Dexter, Me 

Thomas R Croswell, 91, Ph D, Farmington Falls, Me 

Rev Albert H Currier, 57, Oberlin, O 

William E Currier, 94, M D, Leicester, Mass 

Newton F Curtis, 71, A M, M D, White Plains, N Y 

Rev Charles H Cutler, 81, Bangor, Me 

Hon John L Cutler, 37, LL D, Piscola, Ga 
Henry E Cutts, 91, A M, chemist, 65 Colum Heights, Brooklyn, N Y 

Usher W Cutts, 67, Orange, N J 

Harold F Dana, 99, 395 Spring, Portland, Me 

Walter L Dane, 80, 1, Kennebunk, Me 

Charles A Davis, 86, Alma, Mich 

Chanc James R Day, h, 74, LL D, Syracuse, N Y 

Frank E Dennett, 90, Bath, T^e 

William S Dennett, 71, M D, 8 E 49, N Y City 

Frank L Dingley, 61, ed, Lewiston, Me 

Rev John Dinsmore, 48, 338 Turner, Auburn, Me 

John E Dinsmore, 83, Auburn, Me 

James P Dixon, 67, New London, N H 

Prof Frederick H Dole, 97, A M, North Windham, Me 

Albert W Donnell, 85, Kents Hill, Me 

Rev Ellis R Drake, 62, D D, 418 Mack Block, Denver, Col 

Alvin C Dresser, 88, A M, LL B, 31 >4 Exchange, Portland, Me 

Fred W Dudley, 91, t, West Newbury, Mass 

Algernon S Dyer, 91, t, Biddeford, Me 

Chase Eastman, %, Portland, Me 

Prin Clarence E Eaton, 98, M A, High School, Waldoboro, Me 

Digitized by 




Thomas H Eaton, 69, banker, 

William W Eaton, 61, A M, M D, 

Prof Wallace S Elden, 89, M A, 

Daniel W Elliott, 97, 

Prof Henry C Emery, 92 Ph D, 

Hannibal H Emery, 74, 

Prof Lucilius A Emery, 61, LL D, 

Thomas J Emery, 68, 1, 

Samuel H Erskine, 91, 

Prof Charles C Everett, SO, D D, LL D, 

Lorin Farr, 61, 

Frank G Farrington, 94, 

Daniel H Felch, 78, 

Prof Merritt C Femald, 61, 

Fred L Fessenden, 95, 

Rev George W Field, 37, D D, 

Herbert T Field, 92, 

H Boardman Fifield, 79, 

Prof George T Files, 89, 

Charles Fish, 65, t, 

Hon Frederick A Fisher, 81, A M, 1, 

Charles A Flagg, 94, B L S, 

Leon M Forbes, 93, M A, manuf, 

Lucius B Folsom, 85, 

George H D Foster, 95, 1, 

George W Foster, 68, M D, 

George F Freeman, 90, M D, 

Hon John S H Frink, 51, LL D, 

John E Frost, 96, 

William E Frost, 70, t. 

Rev Americus Fuller, 59, 

Hon Melville W Fuller, 53, LL D, Ch 

Willam A Gardner, 81, 

Prof Frederic H Gerrish, 66, M D, 

Hon Horace R Given, 80, A M, LL B, 

Walter T Goodale, 74, M D, 

Hon John H Goodenow, 52, A M, Univ 

Prof Charles J Goodwin, 87, 

John M Goodwin, 45, 

Franklin Goulding, 80, 

Benjamin S Grant, 61, 

Willian H Greeley, 90, A M, 

Rev Joseph K Greene, 55, D D, 

Hon Joseph K Greene, 77, LL B, 

Hon Samuel Gross, 82, 1, 

Herbert R Gumey, 92, 

Edwin S Hadlock, 99, 

James M Hagar, 43, 

George Haines, 97, 

Hon Clarence Hale, 69, 1, 

Portland, Me 

Danvers, Mass 

189 Main, Waterville, Me 

31 Highrock, Lynn, Mass 

New Haven, Conn 

Portland, Me 

Brunswick Me 

82 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Rutland, Vt 

53 Garden, Cambridge, Mass 

Augusta, Me 

Augusta, Me 

Cheney, Wash 

Orono, Me 

Madisonville, O 

Bangor, Me 

Belfast, Me 

Conway, N H 

Brunswick, Me 

Brunswick, Me 

71 Central, Lowell, Mass 

State Library, Albany, N Y 

Portland, Me 

25 Winter, Boston, Mass 

141 Broadway, N Y 

Le Mars, Iowa 

Navy Dept, Washington, D C 

5 Pleasant, Portsmouth, N H 

Maiden, Mass 

Westfield, Mass 

Aintab, Turkey 

Justice Supreme Ct, Wash, D C 

558 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Brunswick, Me 

Weaverville, Calif ^ 

Saco, Me 

Club, N Y City 

S Bethlehem, Pa 

Biddeford, Me 

Warren Pa 

32 Hawley, Boston, Mass 
13 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Constantinople, Turkey 

340 Main, Worcester, Mass 

206 Broadway, N Y City 

Poughkeepsie, N i 

Clinton, N Y 

Richmond, Me 

Andover, Mass 

39 Exchange, Portland, Me 

Digitized by 



Drew B Hall, 99, State Library, Albany, N Y 

Edwin H Hall, 75, 37 Gk)rham, Cambridge, Mass 

Frederic W Hall, 80, Mills Bid, San Francisco, Calif % 

Hon William T Hall, Jr, 88, A M, Bath, Me 

Francis A Hamlin, 98, Dresden Mills, Me 

Rev Carroll E Harding, 81, 142 N Broadway, Baltimore, Md 

Rev Henry F Harding, 50, East Machias, Me 

Thomas S Harlow, 36, Medf ord, Mass 

Archie S Harriman, 97, t. East Machias, Me 

Herbert Harris, 72, East Machias, Me 

Charles H Hastings, 91, lib, 5704 Jackson, Chicago, 111 

Henry F Hastings, 90, 1, Bethel, Me 

Prof Benjamin F Hayes, 55, D D, Lewiston, Me 

Louis C Hatch, 95, Bans^or, Me 

Alton A Hayden, 99, Presque Isle, Me 

Herbert M Heath, 72, Aurasta, Me 

Horace E Henderson, 79, Garden City, N Y 

Rev Charles F Hersey, 89, New Bedford, Mass 

Joseph W Hewitt, 97, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Frank A Hill, 62, A M, Litt D, Mass Bd Ed, Cambridge, Mass 
Hon Lysander Hill, 58 LL D, judge, 1133 Monadnock Bid, Chicago, 111 

Melvin J Hill, 65, t, Wakefield, Mass 

Charles K Hinkley, 66, Boston, Mass 

Eugene B Hinkley, 49, 22 Congress, Boston, Mass 

John A Hinkley, 68, Gorham, Me 

Edward F Holden, 83, t, 32 Lake, Melrose, Mass 

Hon Albert H Holmes, 80, A M, LL B, Brunswick, Me 

Herbert E Holmes, 95, 1, 25 Lisbon, Lewiston, Me 

Melvin S Holway, 82, Augusta, Me 

Irving W Home, 86, Braintree, Mass 

Rev John R Home, 91, Bartlett, N H 

Charles H Howard, 93, South Paris, Me 

Guy C Howard, 98, Farmington, Me 

Gen Oliver O Howard, 50, LL D, US A, Washin^on, D C 

Prof James A Howe, 59, D D, Lewiston, Me 

Gen Thomas H Hubbard, 57, LL D, 23 Broad, N Y City 
Prin John C Hull, 92, Ph D, High School, 16 Summer, Adams, Mass 

Robert L Hull, 97, t, Saco, Me 

Samuel F Humphrey, 48, 63 Grove, Bangor, Me 

Arthur L Hunt, 98, M D, Columb Univ, Washington, D C 

Charles O Hunt, 61, M D, Portland, Me 

Ralph H Hunt, 91, M D, Togus, Me 

Rev Walter R Hunt, 90, East Orange, N J 

Charles H Hunter, 74, M D, Minneapolis, Minn 

Thomas W H Hussey, 63, Methuen, Mass 

Edward Hutchings, 98, Bangor, Me 

Prof Charles C Hutchins, Brunswick, Me 

Albert S Hutchinson, 93, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Winfield S Hutchinson, 67, 1, 125 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Rev William L Hyde, 42, Jamestown, N Y 

Digitized by 



Henry Ingfalls, 41, Wiscasset, Me 

John N Jewett, 50, 59 Clark, Chicago, 111 

Prof Henry Johnson, 74, Ph, D, Bowdoin, Brunswick, Me 
Prin Augustine Jones, 60, A M, LL B, Friends School, Providence, R I 

Prof Edgar A Kaharl, 99, A M, Hanover, N H 

Joseph W Keene, M D, 70, National City, Col 

Rev Harry W Kimball, 92, Skowhegan, Me 

Levi H Kimball, 74, M D, . 15 Elm, Boston, Mass 

Merton L Kimball, 87, 1, Norway, Me 

Walter S Kimball, 95, M D, 161 Clark, Portland, Me 

Rev Henry M King, 59, A M, S T D, 94 Angell, Providence, R I 

Hon Benjamin B Kingsbury, 57 LL D, Defiance, O 

Fred G Kneeland, 97, t, Bridgton, Me 

Charles A Knight, 96, 1, Augusta, Me 

Frank H Knight, 94, Ph G, Pharm, 278 Dartmouth, Boston, Mass 

Rev Francis B Knowlton, 58, Athol, Mass 

Rev Horatio O Ladd, 59, A M, S T D, Grace Church, N Y City 

Prin George H Larrabee, 88, Newcastle, Me 

Seth L Larrabee, 75, Portland, Me 

William W Lawrence, 98, 712 Congre^, Portland, Mc 

Prof Leslie A Leeh, 98, Brunswick, Me 

Hon Charles F Libby, 64, LL B, 60S Congress, Portland, Me 
Hon Dorville Libby, 62, A M, Flood Bid, San Francisco, Calif • 

Rev Frederick J Libby, 94, Andover, Mass 

John F Libby, 85, 1, IS Court, Boston, Mass 

John G Libby, 76, Auburndale, Mass 

Oliver Libbey, 59, Green Bay, Wis 

Prof Henry F Linscott, 92, Chapel Hill, N C 

Edward T Little, 87, 117 W 115, N Y City 

George T Little, 77, Litt D, librarian, Brunswick, Me 

Hon Joseph A Locke, 65, A M, 1, 180 Middle, Portland, Me 

Edward P Loring, 61, Fitchburg, Mass 

Prof Everett G Loring, 91, A M, Exeter, N H 
Prof Daniel O S Lowell, 74, AM, M D, Lat Sch, New Dorchester, Mass 

William H Lowell, 41, Virginia City, Nev 

Eugene T MacCarthy, 82, Lynn, Mass 

Rev Hugh McCuUum, 97, Waldoboro, Me 

George S Machan, 93, A M, M D, 656 Broad, Providence, R I 
Prin Wendell P McKown, 98, M A, High School, Boothbay Harbor, Me 

Rev John T Magrath, 62, Hyde Park, Mass 

William C Marshall, 47, , Belfast, Me 

Thomas L Marble, 98, Gk)rham, Me 

Charles W Marston, 96, t, Skowhegan, Me 

Wallace E Mason, 82, Orange, Mass 

Gen Charles P Mattocks, 62, 1, Portland, Me 

John S May, 93, M D, 219 Warren, Boston, Mass 

Hon Ezekiel R Mayo, 60, 1, Smethport, Pa 

Guy B Mayo, 95, LL B, Smethport, Pa 

Prof Simeon P Meads, 72, Sc D, 1459 Brush, Oakland, Calif* 

Hon Willis H Meads, 70, 1, 547 Franklin, Buffalo, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Edgar L Means, 87, 

Rev Oliver W Means, 84, 

Burdus R Melcher, 70, 

Nathaniel Melcher, 64, 

Leander O Merriam, 66, 

Arthur W Merrill, 87, 

Earle A Merrill, 89, A M, 

Hon Edward B MerriU, 57, A M, LL B, 

Franklin B Merrill, 47, M D, 

Rev George A Merrill, 94, 

William C Merryman, 82, A M, C E, 

John C Minot, 96 A M, editor, 

Charles V Minott, Jr, 91, 

Hon Edward P Mitchell, 71, A M, editor, 

Frank A Mitchell, 77, 

William A Moody, 82, 

Charles H Moore, 70, 

Prin Hoyt A Moore, 95, A M, (Putnam,) 

Hon Joseph E Moore, 66, LL B, 

John A Morrill, 76, 1, 

Frank R Morse, 90, 

Rev Robert R Morson, 98, 

Galen C Moses, 56, 

Prof Thomas F Moses, 57, A M, M D, 

Pres George F Mosher, 69, A M, LL D, 

Augustus F Moulton, 73, 

Willis B Moulton, 99, 

George S Mower, 73, 

Prof Arthur H Nason, 99, A M, 

Albert E Neal, 89, A M, LLB, 

Henry Nelson, 91, civ «ig. 

Rev Edward H Newbegin, 91, 

Hon Henry Newbegin, 57, A M, LL B, 

Parker C Newbegin, 91, 

Rev Stephen M Newman, 67, A M, D D, 

Thomas F Nichols, 92, 

Wallace K Oakes, 70, A M, M D, 

Joseph E Odiome, 98, M D, 

Hon Melvin H Orr, 84, A M, 

Prof Daniel E Owen; 89, A M, 

Prof Alpheus S Packard, 61, 

Charles A Packard, 48, 

Edward A Packard, 83, M A, M D, 

Rev Edward N Packard, 62, D D, 

Rev Greorge T Packard, 66, 

Prof Robert L Packard, 68, Litt D, 3020 

Prof William A Packard, 51, Ph D, D D, 

Albert D Palmer, 61, 

Rev Charles J Palmer, 74, 

Rev Edwin B Palmer, 56, 

Orleans, Neb 

Enfield, Conn 

Cambridge, Mass 

Auburn, Me 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Portland, Me 

26 Cortlandt, N Y City 

17 William, N Y City 

Alfred, Mie 

New Sharon, Me 

Bnmswick, Me 

Augusta, Me 

Phippsburg, Me 

170 Nassau, N Y City 

Manistee, Mich 

Brunswick, Me 

159 LaSalle, Chicago, 111 

Ellsworth, Me 

Thomaston, Me 

Auburn, Me 

Bradford, Mass 

Winthrop, Me 

Bath, Me 

Waltham, Mass 

College, Hillsdale, Mich 

Portland, Me 

93 Portland, Portland, Me 

Newbury, S C 

Wesl Sem, Keats Hill, Me 

85 Exchange, Portland Me 

Rumf ord Falls, Me 

Ayer, Mass 

Defiance, Ohio 

Patten, Me 

10 and G N W, Wash, D C 

Clinton, NY 

60 High, Auburn, Me 

Richmond, Me 

Box 46, Stockton, Calif % 

8 S 12, Philadelphia, Pa 

Providence, R I 

Bath, Me 

908 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Syracuse, N Y 

New Hayen, Conn 

Dumbarton, Washington, D C 

Princeton, N J 

Asylum Station, Mass 

Lanesboro, Mass 

Winchester, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev Edwin P Parker, S6, D D, Hartford Conn 

John C Parker, 86, M D, Farmington, N H 

Rev Benjamin P Parsons, 41, Iterry, N H 

Rev Ebenezer G Parsons, 33, Derry, N H 

Sumner C Pattee, 99, Belfast, Me 

Hon Franklin C Payson, 76, LL B, Portland, Me 

Robert E Peary, 77, Artie Explorer, U S Navy 

Joseph C Pearson, 1900, 88 Pleasant, Brunswick, Me 

Charles M Pennell, 92, Farmington, Me 

Dwig^ht R Pennell, 98, 70 Horton, Lewiston, Me 

Rev Charles S Perkins, 60, Lyndon, Vt 

William A Perkins, 83, 7 Sachem, Lynn, Mass 

Curtis A Perry, 77, Portland, Me 

John A Peters, 85, Bar Harbor, Me 

Noah B K Pettengill, 83, San Juan, Fla 

Frederick W Pickard, 94, editor, Portland, Me 

Joseph C Pickard, 46, Champaign, 111 

John H Pierce, 93, Portland, Me 

Heniy H Pierce, 96, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Georg-e A Pollard, 51, 333 Terrace, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Rev William C Pond, 48, DD, 524 Bartlett, San Francisco, Calif f 

Hon Barrett Potter, 78, LL B, Brunswick, Me 

Rev George L Prentiss, 35, D D, U T S, 41 E 61, N Y City 

George C Purington, 78, Farmington, M!e 

Marshall H Purrington, 85, 187 Middle, Portland, Me 

William L Putnam, 55, Portland, Me 

Rev John L Quimby, 95, Gardiner, Me 

Rev John H Quint, 97, M A, Rochester, Mass 
Rev Edward A- Rand, 57, A M, author, 13 Garfield, Watertown, Mass 

Rev William W Rand, 37, D D, author, 150 Nassau, N Y City 

Hon Eldwin Reed, 57, A M, author, Andover, Mass 
Hon Thomas B Reed, 60, LL D, Speaker H of R, 10 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Charles S Rich, 92, Stockbridge, Mass 

Rev Jehiel S Richards, 72, W Brooksville, Me 

Albert S Ridler, 90, 45 Wall, N Y City 

Hon James A Roberts, 70, LL D, 1115 Delaware, BufiEalo, N Y 

John A Roberts, 77, Norway, Me 

Rev Edward Robie, 40, D D, Greenland, N H 

Rev Thomas S Robie, 56, West Hawley, Mass 

Daniel A Robinson, 73, M D, Bangor, Me 

Prof Franklin C Robinson, 73, A M, Bowdoin, Brunswick, Me 

Walter A Robinson, 76, Arlington, Mass 

Charles Rowell, 69, Oakland, Me 

Alvah H Sabin, 76, Long Island City, N Y 

William E Sargent, 78, Hebron, Me 

Rev William H Savage, 58, Watertown, Mass 

Rev David B Sewall, 36, York, Me 

Rev Prank Sewall, 58, Glasgow, Scotland 

Hon George T Sewall, 67, A M, LL D, Old Town, Me 

James W Sewall, 77, Old Town, Me 

Digitized by 



Rev John S Sewall, 50, Bangor, Me 

Rev Jotham B Sewall, 48, 17 Blayden, Boston, Mass 

Rev Oliver D Sewall, 87, Brookline, Mass 

John W Sharp, 61, M D, Oxford, N Y 

Rev Addison M Sherman, 77, Batavia, N Y 

Edg-ar M Simpson, 94, Bangor, Me 

Frank E Simpson, 90, M D, 5437, Jeflferson, Chicago, 111 

George E Simpson, 95, M A, M D, (Howard, R I,) Alna, Me 

Frank J Small, 97, Old Town, Me 

Harlan P Small, 95, 317 Main, Springfield, Mass 
Prin Robert O Small, 96, A M, High School, West Upton, Mass 

Rev Edwin Smith, 61, Bedford, Mass 

Rev Ernest C Smith, 84, Framingham, Mass 

Frank E Smith, 81, 66 Dudley, Boston, Mass 
Prof Frederick L Smith, 86, A M, Wm Penn Sch, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Harry de F Smith, 91, Brunswick, Me 

Rev Egbert C Smyth, 48, D D, Andover, Mass 

Frederick K Smyth, 67, Napa, Calif % 

Rev Newman Smyth, 63, D D, New Haven, Conn 

William H Smyth, 56, Atlanta, Ga 

Rev Benjamin P Snow, 55, A M, Prin Academy, Yarmouth, Me 

Bishop John F Spalding, 53, S T D, 2011 Lincoln, Denver, Col 

Gen Ellis Spear, 58, LL D, 1003 F N W, Washington, D C 

William E Spear, 70, 1, 10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Albion P Spinney, 47, Ashland, Pa 

Charles A Spofford, 46, Deer Isle, Me 

Sidney G Stacy, 89, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Everett S Stackpole, 71, Augusta, Me 

Jonathan Y Stanton, 56, Lewiston, Me 

Levi W Stanton, 55, t, Center Sandwich, N H 

Edward Stanwood, 61, editor, Brookline, Mass 

Arthur G Staples, 82, Lewiston, Me 
Prof Henry L Staples, 81, A M, M D, 430 Oak Grove, Minneapolis, Minn 

Rev Edward R Steams, 89, Warren, Me 

Seward S Stearns, 79, Norway, Me 

Charles H Stetson, 83, Nashville, Tenn 

Frederick C Stevens, 81, St Paul, Minn 

Oliver C Stevens, 76, 1, 53 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Rev Cyrus Stone, 57, Readfield, Me 

Moses C Stone, 65, M A, M D, Hopkinton, Mass 

Lyman S Strickland, 57, Houlton, Me 

Hon Philip H Stubbs, 60, LL B, Strong, Me 

George T Sumner, 66, 1, 1258 Grant, Denver, Col 

Greorge C Swallow, 43, M D, Helena, Mont 

Charles E Swan, 44, M D, Calais, Me 

Frank H Swan, 98, t, Westbrook, Me 

Hon George R Swasey, 75, LL B, 30 Court, Boston, Mass 
Hon Joseph W Symonds, 60, LL D, Judge Supreme Ct, Portland, Me 

John C Talbot, 39, East Machias, Me 

Hon Thomas H Talbot, 46, LL D, 15 Court, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 




James C Tarbox, 79, 1, Monticello, Minn 

Rev James H Tarlor, 56, D D, 39 Williams, Clinton, N Y 

Rev Francis H Thacher, 66, 54 Wendell, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev Henry O Thayer, 62, West Woolwich, Me 

Hon William W Thomas, 60, U S Mins, Sweden, Portland, Me 

John W Thorp, 61, M D, 

Grenville M Thurlow, 61, manuf, 

Rev Richard B Thurston, 41, 

George W Tnison, 77, C E, 

Prof Charles C Torrey, 84, Ph D, 

Elliot B Torrey, 87, 

Joseph Torrey, 84, 

Hiram Tuell, 69, 

Hon Charles W Tuttle, 86, A M, 

Everett W Varney, 99, 

Harry M Varrell, 97, 

Charles H Verrill, 87, 

Eugene C Vining, 97, t, 

William G Waitt, 76, 1, ' 

Clarence M Walker, 73, t, 

John A Waterman, 84, 1, 

Rev John M Wathen, 92, A M, 

Oliver P Watts, 89, 

Rev Edwin B Webb, 46, D D, 

George C Webber, 95, 

Walter Q Weeks, 90, 

Hon HenryS Webster, 69, LL B, banker, 

Walter V Wentworth, 86, 

Harold P West, 1900, 

Rev Crosby H Wheeler, 47, 

George M Whitaker, 72, 

Alfred B White, 98, 

Prin Henry K White, 74, A M, 

Alonzo G Whitman, 70, 

Rev Harrison S Whitman, 69, 

Hon Frederick E Whitney, 73, A M, LL B, 

Joseph W Whitney, 1900, 

Prof Frank N Whittier, 85, 

Bertelle G Willard, 96, 

Joseph Williamson, Jr, 88, 

Hon Franklin A Wilson, 54, hh D, 

Rev Frederic A Wilson, 73, 

Frank Winter, 80, 

Ernest R Woodbury, 95, t, 

Rev Webster Woodbury, 64, 

Prof Willard W Woodman, 88, A M, 

John H Woods, 64, t, 

Hon Edwin C Woodward, 70, 

Rev Joshua Young, 45, 

Stephen E Young, 98, LL B, 

Oxford, N Y 

Newport, R I 

Round Hill, Conn 

Munc Bid, Brooklyn, N Y 

Andover, Mass 

6 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

9 Shepard, Cambridge, Mass 

Milton, Mass 

Colusa, Califs 

Farmington, N Y 

York Harbor, Me 

labor dept, Washington, D C 

Freeport, Me 

50 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

3019 Clay, San Francisco, Calif* 

Gorham, Me 

16 Bailey, Claremont, N H 

Waltham, Mass 

Wellesley, Mass 

102 Pine, Lewiston, Me 

40 Commercial, Boston, Mass 

Gardiner, Me 

Ticonderoga, N Y 

276 Pine, Lewiston, Me 

Harpoot, Turkey 

30 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

501 Main, Lewiston, Me 

13 Hudson, Bangor, Me 

Melrose, Mass 

Augusta, Me 

921 B'way, Oakland, Calif *• 

365 Spring, Portland, Me 

Brunswick, Me 

131 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Augusta, Me 

106 Broadway, Bangor, Me 

Andover, Mass 

LaCrosse, Wis 

Fryeburg, Me 

Milford, Mass 

Gorham, Me 

80 Blue Hill, Boston, Mass 

24 E Kiowa, Colorado Springs, Col 

Groton, Mass 

Brunswick, Me 

Digitized by 



Brown University, Providknce, R. I. 

President, Prof Wilfred Harold Munro, A M 
Vice-Pres, William Vaile Kellen, Ph D 
Secretary y Prof William Whitman Bailey, A M 
Treasurer, William Thane Peck, Sc D 

(distinguished hbmbkrs who have died) 

Henry B Anthony, Senator of the United States 

James P Boyce, President, Theologfical Seminary 

Charles S Bradley, Chief Justice, R I Supreme Court 

Greorg-e I Chase, President, Brown University 

John H Clifford, Grovemor of Massachusetts 

George William Curtis, Editor, Author, Orator 

Ebenezer Dodg-e, President, Colgate University 

Laf ajette S Foster, Senator of the United States 

William Gaston, Governor of Massachusetts 

Thomas A Jenckes, Author of the Civil Service Reform 

George V N Lothrop, U S Minister to Russia 

Horace Mann, Educator 

William L Marcy, Grovemor of New York, Sec of State 

Marcus Morton, Governor of Massachusetts 

James O Murray, Dean, Princeton University 

Greorge M Randall, Bishop of Colorado 

Bamas Sears, Educator 

Ezekiel G Robinson, President, Brown University 

Eli Thayer, Educator, Statesman 

Francis Way land. President, Brown University 

Walter G Webster, Clergyman, (lost on steamer Bourgog^e) 

Augustus L Abbott, 80, A M, LL B, 315 Chestnut, St Louis, Mo 

Charles R Adams, 80, A M, publisher. Chestnut Hill, Mass 
Joshua M Addeman, 62, 49 Westminster, Providence, R I 

Samuel H Albro, 66, Mansfield, Pa 

Fred D Aldrich, 95, t. Academy, Worcester, Mass 

Supt John L Alger, 90, A M, Schools, Bennington, Vt 

Arthur M Allen, 97, 62 Moore, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 




Horatio C Allen, 97, 

James S Allen, 98, 

Rev Thomas D Anderson, 74, D D, 

Supt Elisha B Andrews, 70, D D, LL D, 

Rev Neil Andrews, Jr, 92, 

Pres James B Angell, 49, hh B, 

Thomas L Angell, 62, t, 

Walter P Angell, 80, 

Rev Alfred W Anthony, 83, t, 

Frank W Anthony, 46, 

John C Anthony, 95, 

Prof John H Appleton, 63, A M, 

Prof Denham Arnold, 63, 

Earl C Arnold, 93, 

Fred A Arnold, 97, A M, 

Henry W B Arnold, 93, t, 

John J Arnold, 76, 1, 

Rev Edward E Atkinson, 79, 

James Austin, 80, 1, 

Prof Seth J Axtell, 64, 

Rev Edward W Babcock, 74, A M, 

Harmon S Babcock, 74, 1, 

Justin H Bacon, 96, t. 

Prof William W Bailey, 64, A M, 

Benjamin Baker, 75, 

Hon David S Baker, 75, LL B, 

William C Baker, 81, 1, 

Edgar F Ballou, 77, 

Rev Lucius W Bancroft, 52, D D, 

Rev Thomas S Barbour, 74, D D, 

Benjamin Barker, 81, 1, 

Christopher F Barker, 75, M D, 

Hon Walter H Barney, 76, A M, 1, 

Rev Brainard W Barrows, 51, 

Chester W Barrows, 95, 1, 

Charles L Bartlett, 82, A M, LL B, 

Edward O Bartlett, Jr, 91, 

Rev Thomas E Bartlett, 77, 

Rev George M Bartol, 42, D D, 

Hon Samuel P Bates, 51, LL D, Author, 

Rev William J Batt, 55, 

John R Bean, 72, 1, 

George F Bean, 81, 1, 

Daniel Beckwith, 70, 

Herbert G Beede, 93, 

Rev Clarendon D Belden, 68, A M, editor. 

Rev Arthur T Belknap, 93, 

Roscoe H Belknap, 97, 

Oscar F Bellows, 95, Ph B, C E, 

Charles E Bennett, 78, t. 

Marion, Mass 
Kingston, R I 

12 Barnes, Providence, R I 
Schools, Chicago, 111 

75 Chatham, Providence, R I 

Ann Arbor, Mich 

226 College, Lewiston, Me 

165 Brown, Providence, R I 

336 College, Lewiston, Me 

Mattawan, Mich 

Thompson's Island, Boston, Mass 

209 Angell, Providence, R I 

1127 N Grand, St Louis, Mo 

409 Friendship, Providence, R I 

94 Mineral Spring, Pawtucket, R I 

Hopedale, Mass 

4 Weybosset, Providence, R I 

Cambridge, Mass 

727 Oakwood, Toledo, Ohio 

517 Locust, Kalamazoo, Mich 

142 8th, Troy, N Y 

74 Weybosset, Providence, R I 

Bellows Falls, Vt 

Brown Univ, Providence, R I 

10 Mt Vernon, Newport, R I 

Providence, R I 

17 Custom House, Providence, R I 

34 River, Chicago, 111 

13 Cedar, Worcester, Mass 
Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass 

120 Broadway, N Y City 

32 Bull, ISewport, R I 

49 Westminster, Providence, R I 

Brooklyn, N Y 

Providence, R I 

Stock Exch Bid, Chicago, 111 

Cornwall on Hudson, N Y 

169 Ocean, Providence, R I 

Lancaster, Pa 

Meadville, Pa 

Concord, Mass 

390 Broadway, Paterson, N J 

Woburn, Mass 

79 Prospect, Providence, R I 

10 Humes, Pawtucket, R I 

Austin, Minn 

Framingham, Mass 

Framing-ham, Mass 

U S Fish Com, Washington, D C 

Ithaca, N Y 

Digitized by 




William H Bennett, 86, M D, 

Rev Orson P Bestor, 72, D D, 

Alexander Bevan, 76, t, 

Allen B Bickwell, 96, t, 

Hon Thomas W Bickwell, 60, LL D, 

Russell H Birge, 94, M D, 

Joseph B Bishop, 70, editor. 

Rev John P Blacklock, 92, 

Bertram Blaisdell, 92, 1, 

Hon Bertram S Blaisdell, 89, 

Prof Eli W Blake, 88, A M, 

John T Blodgett, 80, 1, 

Rev Greorge D Boardman, 52, D D, 

Julius Bond, 56, A M, 

Hon Augustus O Bourn, 55, LL D, 

Rev Alexander P Bourne, 90, 

William C Bourne, 94, 

Rev William H Bowen, 57, D D, 

Arthur F Bowers, 71, 

Frank S Bradford, 53, M D, 

Horace S Bradford, 60, 1, 

Hon John S Brayton, 51, LL D, banker, 

Clarence S Brigham, 99, 

Frank M Bronson, 84, t. 

Prof Walter C Bronson, 87, A M, 

Franklin E Brooks, 83, 

Prof Samuel Brooks, 52, D D, 

Hon Edward O Brown, 67, LL B, 

Frank H Brown, 85, 

Rev Horace F Brown, 76, 

Prof Marshall S Brown, 92, 

Robert R Brown, 71, 

Thomas E Brown, Jr, 90, 

Ernest H Brownell, 88, 

Capt John K Bucklyn, 61, LL D, t, 

Edward H Bucknam, 65, AM, 

Greorge A Buffum, 69, 

Herbert C Bullard, 66, M D, 

283 Main, Fitchburg, Mass 

331 Clement, Milwaukee, Wis 

131 East, Providence, R I 

30 Arch, Providence, R I 

254 Pleasant, Providence, R I 

City Hospital, Boston, Mass 

210 Broadway, N Y City 

Meriden, N H 

Meredith, N H 

539 Potters, Providence, R I 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

Providence, R I 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Plantsvilie, Conn 

49 Westfield, Bristol, R I 

Exeter, NH 

44 Sisson, Pawtucket, R I 

27 Sycamore, Providence, R I 

154 Nassau, N Y City 

Morristown, N J 

Box 1523, N Y City 

Fall River, Mass 

141 Prospect, Providence, R I 

Morgan Park, 111 

Providence, R I 

Colorado Springs, Col 

Kalamazoo, Mich 

First Nat Bk Bid, Chicago, 111 

Providence, R I 

Phenix, R I 

University Heights, N Y City 

Providence, R I 

111 Broadway, N Y City 

4 Cushing, Providence, R I 

M V Institute, Mystic, Conn 

ins and Real Estate, Sioux City, Iowa 

190 Hope, Providence, R I 

N Attleboro, Mass 

Prof Warren G Bullard, 92, Ph D, Univ Vt, Burlington, Vt 

Dana R BuUen, 86, M A, Mgr Gen Elec Co, 509 Arch, Philadelphia, Pa 

Joseph E BuUen, 90, 

Prof Hermon C Bumpus, 84, Ph D, 

Caleb A Burkank, 78, 

Robert W Burbank, 78, 

William Burdick, 93, banker. 

Bishop Alexander Burgess, 38, S T D, LL D, 

Rev Gideon A Burgess, 78, DD, 

Prof Isaac B Burgess, 83, A M, Ph D, 

Edward C Bumham, 86, t. 

John M Burnham, 74, 

151 W 45, N Y City 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

111 Broadway, N Y City 

17 Custom House, Providence, R I 

Newport, R I 

St Albans, Vt 

407 Hicks, Toledo, Ohio 

Morgan Park, 111 

Providence, R I 

27 Stewart, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 




Rev Edward D Burr, 84, 

LaPayette Burr, 48, treas, 

Champlin Burrage, 96, 

Rev Hennr S Burrage, 61, D D, 

Thomas J Burrage, 98, 

William C Burwell, 85, manuf , 

Clarence E Bury, 86, 

Walter G Cady, 95, 

William H Cady, 98, 

Supt Frank W Carpenter, 89, A 

Frederic E Carpenter, 89, 

Clarence A Carr, 87, A M, D M D, 

Charles Carroll, 98, 

Theron H Carter, 85, M D, 

Elmer Case, 85, t, 

Arnold B Chace, 66, 

Arnold B Chace, Jr, 93, 

Zechariah Chaffee, 80, 

Arthur H Chamberlain, 97, 

D Henry Chandler, 86, M D, 

Alexander D Chapin, 66, 

Stewart Chaplin, 82, 1, 

John L Chapman, Jr, 1900, t, 

James H Chase, 99, t, 

Walter L Chase, 92, 

Rev William S Chase, 81, 

Edmund D Chesebro, 87, M D, 

Charles S Child, 70, 

Harold C Childs, 78, t, 

George D Church, 99, t, 

Samuel B Churchill, 96, t, 

Frederick O Clapp, 95, 

Rev Edward W Clark, 57, 

Prof Benjamin P Clarke, 63, A M, Sc D, 

Willis G Clark, 78, 

Rev William J Clones, 84, 

John A Clough, 99, 

Gardner Colby, 87, 

Rev Henry F Colby, 62, D D, 

Prof Alfred D Cole, 84, 

Thomas S Cole, 86, 

Abel C Collins, 78, A M, LL B, 

Clarkson A Collins, M A, LL B, 

Rev James W Colwell, 64, 

Prof Richard S Colwell, 70, 

Hon Richard B Comstock, 76, 1, 

George S Cooper, 1900, 

Henry E Cooper, 95, 

Elmer L Corthell, 67, M A, Sc D, civ eng, 

George R Coughlan, 97, 1, 

36 Clifford, Roxbury, Mass 

Box 2235, Boston, Mass 

Portland, Me 

Portland, Me 

Portland, Me 

91 Sabin, Providence, R I 

5 Ridge, Fall River, Mass 

127 Power, Providence, R I 

Providence, R I 

M, lumber, 153 S Main, Attleboro, Mass 

32 Westminster, Providence, R I 

17 R I Ave, Newport, R I 

Providence, R I 

City Hospital, Boston, Mass 

24 Chase, Lynn, Mass 

Valley Falls, R I 

Valley Falls, R I 

129 Hope, Providence, R I 

12 Condon, Providence, R I 

Cornwall on Hudson, N T 

39 Manning, Providence, R I 

40 Wall, N Y City 

136 Mitchell, Providence, R I 

Providence, R I 

49 Judkin, Newtonville, Mass 

34 Hamlet, Woonsocket, R I 

9 Hawthorne, Providence, R I 

217 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Swampscott, Mass 

87 Adelaide, Providence, R I 

Honesdale, Pa 

11 Bridgham, Providence, R I 

Amguri Assam, India 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

424 4th, Sioux City, Iowa 

Littleton, Mass 

1 Merrick, Worcester, Mass 

1 Broadway, N Y City 

Dayton, Ohio 

Granville, Ohio 

Chester, Pa 

Gt Barringfton, Mass 

99 Nassau, N Y City 

Greenville, R I 

Granville, Ohio 

76 Humboldt, Providence, R I 

90 Congdon, Providence, R I 

186 College, Pawtucket, R I 

27 Pine, N Y Citv 

Adams, N Y 

Digitized by 




John H Cox, 97, Ph B, 

Rev Charles C Cragin, 63, M A, 

Rev Alvin M Crane, 69, 

Rev Frank G Cressey, 91, A M, 

Rev Henry Crocker, 67, 

Louis A Crocker, 98, 

Hon Wilson G Crosby, 83, LL B, 

Prof Asa C Crowell, 86, Ph D, 

Prof Clinton H Currier, 98, 

Edward H Cutler, 58, 

James M Cutis, 56, 1, 

John Daboll, 84, 

Amos L Danielson, 86, 

Edward L Davis, 54, 

Rev Francis H Davis, 82, 

Prof Nathaniel F Davis, 70, A M, LL D, 

Frank L Day, 85, A M, M D, 

Robert H D^, 96, A M, life ins agt. 

Prof James Q Dealey, 90, Ph D, 

Arthur D Dean, 72, 1, 

Benjamin C Dean, 64, 

Rev Minor R Deming*, 65, 

Rev Frederic Denison, 47, 

Charles E Dennis, Jr, 88, t, 

Prof Amos A DeWitt, 55 A M, 

Lewis Dexter, Jr, 83, manf , 

Wallace P Dick, 79, t, 

Franklin J Dickman, 46, LL D, 

Rev Asa R Dilts, 82, 

William R Dorman, 92, LL B, 

Horace P Dormon, 96, LL B, 

Charles T Dorrance, 67, 

Rev James G Dougherty, 65, D D, 

William Douglas, 94, t, 

Hon William W Douglas, 61, 

Hon Albert N Drown, 61, LL D, 

Samuel S Durpee, 80, 1, 

Hon Henry H Earl, 66, LL B, 

Joseph P fearle, 71, 

Hon Samuel C Eastman, 57, LL D, 

Charles R Easton, 96, LL B, 

Charles T Eaton, 85, t, 

Frank T Eaxton, 92, 1, 

Seeber Edwards, 91, 1, 

Stephen O Edwards, 79, 1, 

Rev Charles B Elder, 77, 

Charles H Ellis, 94, 

Edward F Ely, 79, 

James W O :Ely, 42, M D, 

Joseph C Ely, 70, 

13 Mellen St, Cambridge, Mass 

Rio Vista, Calif ^ 

Groton, Mass 

1025 Stillwater, Dayton, Ohio 

Chester^ Vt 

Brewster, Mass 

1st Nat Bank Bid, Duluth, Minn 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

B Univ, 46 Hope, Providence, R I 

Newton, Mass 

2815 N, Washington, D C 

291 Atlantic, Boston, Mass 

71 George, Providence, R I 

Worcester, Mass 

Tiverton, R I 

159 Brown, Providence, R I 

240 Benefit, Providence, R I 

216 Medway, Providence, R I 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

Scranton, Pa 

Brookline, Mass 

149 Sth, N Y City 

28 S Court, Providence, R I 

114 Taber, Providence, R I 

Norwichtown, Conn 

Milltown, N B 

429 N Walnut, Westchester, Pa 

449 Prospect, Cleveland, Ohio 

Northampton, Mass 

48 Wall, N Y City 

Crozer Bld,Philadelphia, Pa 

98 Waterman, Providence, R I 

Kansas City, Mo 

392 N State, Chicago, 111 

121 George, Providence, R I 

2550 Jackson, San Francisco, Califs 

32 Westminster, Providence, R I 

294 June, Fall River, Mass 

136 Pearl, N Y City 

Concord, N H 

49 Westminster, Providence, R I 

Stoninp^ton, Conn 

86 Weybosset, Providence, R I 

32 Westminster, Providence, R I 

181 Lloyd, Providence, R I 

Keene, N H 

Newton Center, Mass 

36 Prospect, Providence, R I 

Providence, R I 

94 Waterman, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 



William G Ely, Jr, 90, Gen Elec Co, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev Forrest F Emerson, 63, 274 Benefit, Providence, R I 

Prof John M English, 70, D D, 891 Beacon, Newton Centre, Mass 

Henry L ijverett, 86, Worcester, Mass 

Samuel A Everett, 91, Providence, R I 

Prof Walter G Everett, 85, A M, Providence, R I 

Barnard C Ewer, 99, t. Providence, R 1 

Rev Elisha F Fales, 70, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Edwin P Famham, 73, Salem, Mass 

Rev William A Farren, 75, N Attleboro, Mass 

Pres William H P Faunce, 80, D D, Brown Univ, Providence, R I 

George H Felton, 69, M D, Leland Univ, New Orleans, La 

Rev Robert H Ferguson, 84, Ashland, N H 

Fred T Field, 1900, North Springfield, Vt 

Prof George W Field, 87, Ph D, 233 Medway, Providence, R I 

Harold C Field, 94, 16 Cabot, Providence R I 

Carl R Fish, 97, 18 Cabot, Providence, R I 

Prof George P Fisher, 47, New Haven, Conn 
Rev James C Fletcher, 46, L H D, 173 S Bon Brae, Los Angeles, Califs 

Miller M Fogg, 94, Providence, R I 

Charles H Forbes, 99, Andover, Mass 

Arthur J Ford, 84, Louisville, Ky 

Albert O Foster, 97, 94 Mott, N Y City 

Irving L Foster, 93, librarian. Providence, R I 

William A Francis, 82, t, Exeter, N H 

Frank W Freeborn, 69, A M, High School, Brooklyn, N Y 

Archibald Freeman, 89, t, Andover, Mass 

Otis A Freeman, 86, 21 Florence, Worcester, Mass 

Edgar B French, 90, Pawtucket, R I 

Prof Ferdinand C French, 83, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Edwin C Frost, 90, t, 207 Smith, Providence, R I 

George F Frost, 96, 209 Maxcy Hall, Providence, R I 

Daniel H Fuller, 86, A M, M D, 990 Centre, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Clarence M Gallup, 96, Norwich, Conn 

Asa M Gammell, 41, Providence, R I 
Hon Robert I Gammell, 72, A M, manuf , 327 Benefit, Providence, R I 

Hon William Gammell, 78, manuf, 170 Hope, Providence, R I 
Edward F Gamwell, 94, M A, editor, 438 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass 

Franklin B Gamwell, 60, HoUiston, Mass 

Irving H Gamwell, 96, Milford, Mass 

Hon Benjamin Gardiner, 53, A M, 22 Barnes, Providence, R I 

Prof Henrj; B Gardner, 84, Ph D, 54 Stimson, Providence, R I 

Hon Francis A Gaskill, 66, LL D, Worcester, Mass 

Nathaniel H Gififord, 99, Wellington, Mass 
Prof Moses C Gile, 83, Ph D, Colorado Coll, Colorado Springs, Col 

Hon Alfred E Giles, 44, LL B, 265 Fairmount, Hyde Park, Mass 

James M Gillrain, 91, LL B, 35 Dover, Providence, R I 

Prof Joseph H Gilmore, 58, Ph D, Roch Univ, Rochester. N Y 

Hon John R Gladding, 81, treas, 30 Stimson, Providence, R I 

Royal H Gladding, 92, LL B, 262 Broadway, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 



Thomas S Gladding:, 75, 55 Fulton, N Y City 

Rev Nelson N Glazier, 66, Greenfield, Mass 

Edward K Glezen, 66, Providence, R I 

Asa E Goddard, 77, t, Waltham, Mass 
Hon Robert H I Goddard, 58, manuf , Col U S V, 160 Hope, Providence, R I 

Col William Goddard, 46, A M, LL D, Providence, R I 

Alvah W Godding-, SO, 32 Westminster, Providence, R I 

Clarence M Godding, 78, M D, Providence, R I 

Charles B Goff, 56, Providence, R I 

George S Goodspeed, 80, Chicago, 111 

Rev Daniel Goodwin, 57, E Greenwich, R I 

John M Gould, 71, Newton, Mass 

Prof (Jeorge A Goulding, 99, 234 Wayland, Providence, R I 

Rev John R Gow, 77, Somerville, Mass 

Harry L Grant, 90, Providence, R I 
Pres Henry T Grant, Jr, 69, M A, ins, P O Box, 1153, Providence, R I 

Rev Benjamin A Greene, 72, D D, Evanston, 111 

Hon Frank B Greene, 72, A M, ed, 5904 Wayne, G^ermantown, Pa 

John F Greene, 91, Providence, R I 

William C Greene, 75, Peace Dale, R I 

Prof Albert A Griffin, 97, A M, Franklin Falls, N H 

Clifford H Griffin, 94, M D, 6 Division, Providence, R I 

John B Grinnell, 73, Bridgeport, Conn 

Supt Edgar H Grout, 85, Princeton, Mass 

Frederick T Guild, 90, A M, Sec Brown Univ, Providence, R I 

Sanford K Gurney, 97, Brockton, Mass 

Rev Samuel W Hamblen, 86, Sendai, Japan 

Clarence G Hamilton, 88, 22 Portland, Providence, R I 

George B Hanna, 65, Charlotte, N C 

Prof Albert Harkness, 42, Ph D, LL D, author, Providence, R I 

Prof Albert G Harkness, 79, AM,' 7 Cooke, Providence, R I 

Charles Hart, 41, 17 Custom House, Providence, R I 

Prin E LeRoy Hart, 98, M A, High School, E Greenwich, R I 

Rev Samuel Haskell, 45, DD, Kalamazoo, Mich 

William H Hawkes, 67, A M, M D, 1317 Columbia Road, Wash, D C 

Hon John Hay, 58, LL D, Sec of State, 800 16th, Washington, D C 

Walter S Hayward, 78, M D, Rochester, N Y 

Rowland Hazard, 49, Peace Dale, R I 

Rev Francis T Hazelwood, 64, Lynn, Mass 

John C Hebden, 85, Providence, R I 

Rev Edwin A Herring, 72, E Providence, R I 

George D Hersey, 69, M D, Providence, R I 

Ratcliffe G E Hicks, 98, 85 Wood, Providence, R I 

Leonidas R Higgins, 84, t, 5836 Drexel, Chicago, 111 

Hon Nathaniel P Hill, 56, LL D, Denver, Col 

William C Hill, 94, Maiden, Mass 

Carlos G Hillard, 99, Saxton River, Vt 

Frank L Hinckley, 91, Providence, R I 

Albert W Hinds, 87, West Boylston, Mass 

George J Holden, 91, M A, 87 Weybossett, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 




Dennis J Holland, 90, 

Georg-e W Hopkins, 78, 1, 

Prof Gkorge Hopkinson, 96, 

Rev George E Horr, Jr, 76, 

Oliver C Horsman, 99, 

Victor C Horton, 73, t, 

Frederick H Hovey, 90, t, 

(ieorg-e R Hovey, 82, t, 

Daniel Howard, 93, t, 

Gardner K Hudson, 96, 

Charles E Hughes, 81, 1, 

Ray G Huling, 69, Sc D, 

Rev John M Hunt, 96, 

George Huntington, 82, 

John S Hutchinson, 69, 

Rev Albert E Hylan, 92, 

Will C Ingalls, 84, t, 

Samuel L Irons, 81, 

Norman M Isham, 86, 

William C Ives, 65, 1, 

Joseph Jackson, 68, 

Ralph W Jackson, 89, M D, 

Horace E Jacobs, 93, t, 

Walter B Jacobs, 82, 

Charles S James, 43, 

Edward P Jastram, 95, 

George F Jelly, 64, M D, 

Hon Andrew J Jennings, 72, LL B, 

Greorge A Jepherson, 87, 

Prin Marcus W Jernegan, 96, A M, 

Rev Prescott F Jernegan, 89, 

William E Jillson, 82, t, 

Albert B Johnson, 91, 

Alfred E Johnson, 71, 

Alfred S Johnson. 90, 

Arthur P Johnson, 88, 

Hon Clarke H Johnson, 77, judge, 

Prof Edgar M Johnson, 93, M A, 

Ernest H Johnson, 91, 

Rev Millard F Johnson, 76, 

Frank O Jones, 97, t, 

Rev Howard M Jones, S3, 

Rev Nelson B Jones, 75, A M, 

Rev Edward Judson, 65, D D, 

Herbert I Keen, 80, 

Providence, R I 

7 Beekman, N Y City 

949 Central, Plainfield, N J 

Brookline, Mass 

15 Adelphi, Providence, R I 

40 Gilmore, Providence, R I 

Newton Centre, Mass 

Richmond, Va 

Windsor Locks, Conn 

Fitchburg, Mass 

96 Broadway, N Y City 

Head Master High School, Cambridge, Mass 

Pottsville, Pa 

Detroit, Mich 

Brooklyn, N Y 

Westboro, Mass 

160 Orient, Rutherford, N J 

St Helena, Calif* 

151 Power, Providence, R I 

Omaha, Neb 

15 Woodland, Worcester, Mass 

1120 N Main, Fall River, Mass 

37 Medway, Providence, R I 

362 Point Providence, R I 

Westchester, Pa 

153 Power, Providence, R I 

69 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Granite Block, Fall River, Mass 

12 Congress, Providence, R I 

Edgar ton. Mass 

Deland, Fla 

Crete, Neb 

East Providence, R I 

343 Thayer, Providence, R I 

324 Butter Ech, Providence, R I 

324 Butter Ech, Providence, R I 

49 Westminster, Providence, R I 

205 Mauran, E Providence, R I 

Chelsea, Mass 

18 Walnut, Medford, Mass 

E Bridgewater, Mass 

Le Sueur, Minn 

114 White, Boston, Mass 

N Y City 

4210 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof William W Keen, 59, M D, LL D, 1729 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 
Supt George F Keene, 75, M D, State Hospital, Howard, R I 

Hon William VKellen, 72, PhD, LLB, 202 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 
James P Kelley, 77, t, Greenwich, Conn 

Howard D Kenyon, 96, Pawtucket, R I 

Digitized by 



Charles H Kinne, 79, Durham, N H 

Rev Albert E Kingsley, 90, Bangor, Me 

John Knox, 87, Norwood, R I 

Rev Charles E Knowles, 91, Flushing, N Y 

Edwin Knowles, Jr, 94, A M, 47 Stewart, Providence, R I 

Cornelius Kollock, 45, M D, Cheraw, S C 

William P Koopman, 99, West Roxbury, Mass 

Prof William C Ladd, 81, Haverford, Pa 

Prof Alfred G Langley, 76, AM, 1 School, Newport, R I 

Benjamin N Lapham, 43, 1, Providence, R I 
Hon and Col Oscar Lapham, 64, LL B, M C, 183 Waterman, Providence 

Rev William G Lathrop, 89, North Haven, Conn 

Rev Leslie E Learned, 93, Fall River, Mass 

Prof William S Learned, 97, A M, 8206 Artesian, Chicago, 111 

William M Ledwith, 60, Jacksonville, Fla 

Rev Abraham LeGrand, 96, Bangor, Wis 

Prof Arthur N Leonard, 92, Ph D, 235 College, Lewiston, Me 

Clarence B Lester, 1900, 509 Public, Providence, R I 

Rev Frank G Lewis, 93, Ambrose, Ohio 

Joseph W Lewis, 94, Lawrence, Mass 

Arthur Lincoln, 70, A M, stock broker, 29 Wall, N Y City 

James G Lincoln, 80, 88 Water, Boston, Mass 

William E Lincoln, 68. Pittsburg, Pa 

Henry F Lippitt, 78, Providence, R I 

Fredrick N Luther, Providence, R I 

Rev John H Luther, 47, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Jonathan F Lyon, 70, M A, M D, 231 E 116, N Y City 

Marcus W Lyon, Jr, 97, Ph B, US Museum, Washington, D C 

Rev William H Lyon, 68, Boston, Mass 

Pres James MacAJister, 56, Drexel Inst, Philadelphia, Pa 

Charles J McCreery, 86, t. Fall River, Mass 

Herbert Mcintosh, 82, A M, M D, 3 Sanford, Medway, Mass 

Arthur A Macurdy, 95, t, 1257 Clay, San Francisco, Cal^ 

Clarence H Manchester, 86, 1 Major, Providence, R I 

Henry P Manning, 83, t. Providence, R I 

Rev Joseph R Man ton, 42, Richfield, Minn 

John M Marshall, 81, 1, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Richard R Martin, 89, 1, 81 (ienesee, Utica, N Y 

Rev Robert M Martin, 73, Salem, Mass 

George S Mathews, 85, M D, Providence, R I 

Everett P Mathewson, 73, Hopkinton, R I 

Rev Eaton W Maxcy, S3, D D, 1161 Stratford Ave, Bridgeport, Conn 

Rev Charles A Meader, 91, Phenix, R I 

Walter S Meader, 80, t, Providence, R I 

George A Mellen, 98, t, Middletown, Conn 

Theodore C Merrill, 96, M D, Providence, R I 

Edward Miller, 74, Meriden, Conn 

Horace G Miller, 60, M D, Providence, R I 

George L Miner, 79, Providence, R I 

Henry B Miner, 64, Hyde Park, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Hon Charles E Mitchell, 61, LL B, 

Rev Thomas I Morgan, h 94, D D, LL D, 

Albert S Morse, 96, 

Allan B Morton, 94, t, 

William W Moss, 94, 1, 

Joseph E Mowry, 67, t, 

Hon William A Mowry, h 69, Ph D, 

Charles C Mumford, 81, 

Dana C Munro, 87, t, 

Walter L Munro, 79, M D, 

Prof Wilfred H Munro, 70, A M, Ph D, 

Prof James O Murray, SO, LL D, 

Lyman C Newell, 90, t, 

Charles L Nichols, 72, 

Lucian A Niles, 62, 

Clarence E Norris, 1900, 

Arthur E Norton, 1900, 

Hon John H Olcott, 72, A M, LL B, 

Hon Richard Olney, 56, LL D, 

Samuel A Ordway, 80, 

William Overton, 87, 

Prof William H Pabodie, 55, A M, DD S, Wyoming, Ohio 

Henry F Parker, 89, 1, 158 Belmont, Brockton, Mass 

Willard C Parker, 76, 1, Flemington, N J 

Christopher F I^arkhurst, 76, 1, Providence, R I 

Hon Henry W Parkhurst, 68, 1 Park Row, Chicago, 111 

Rev Wilbur B Parshley, 86, Yokohama, Japan 

Rev John Parsons, 42, Dorchester, Mass 

Rev Lyman Partridge, 63, Westwood, Mass 

Rev Robert H Paine, 65, Baltimore, Md 

Arthur D Payne, 72, 146 Broadway, N Y City 

Charles H Payne, 82, 1, 154 Times Bid, N Y City 

Hon Alvin F Pease, 75, A M, Teachers Ag, pub. Maiden, Mass 

Myron C Pease, 76, Worcester, Mass 

Prin William T Peck, 70, D Sc, High School, Providence, R I 

Hon James M Pendleton, 85, A M, banker. Westerly, R I 

41 Park Row, N Y City 

N Y City 

Providence, R I 

Atlanta, Oa 

Kansas City, Mo 

Proyidence, R I 

17 Riverside, Hyde Park, Mass 

Providence, R I 

Univ Pa, Philadelphia, Pa 

Providence, R I 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

Princeton, N J 

Lowell, Mass 

38 Cedar, Worcester, Mass 

35 Broad, N Y City 

Providence, R I 

23 Chestnut, Portland Me 

2008 R N W, Washington, D C 

23 Court, Boston, Mass 

31 Nassau, N Y City 

118 College, Pawtucket, R I 

Warren R Perce, 65, 1, 

Fordyce D Perkins, 98, 

Charles M Perry, 91, M A, chemist, 

Edgar Perry, 80 M A, M D, 

Rev James D Perry, 60, D D, 

Prof John Pettibone, 98, A M, 

Robert S Phillips, 96, 

Rev John B G Pidge, 69, 

Rev Hen^ N Pierce, 42, D D, 

James A Fierce, 92, 

Rev Henry W Pinkham, 88, M A, 

Carl C Plehn, 89, t. 

Rev Albert H Plumb, 55, 

Prof William C Poland^ 66, A M, 

311 Butter Ech, Providence, R I 

Kennebunkport, Me 

238 Cottage, Pawtucket, R I 

1120 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

Germantown, Pa 

Broad Brook, Conn 

Flower Hosp, N Y City 

2027 Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa 

Little Rock, Ark 

Providence, R I 

B%rKc^^, C%\. Denver, Col 

Roxbury, Mass 
53 Lloyd, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 




William H Pomeroy, 82, A M, M D, 

Charles H Poor, 76, 1, 

Prof Charles M Poor, 93, Ph D, 

Charles H Porter, 1900, 

Col George L Porter, 59, M D, 

George W Porter, 70, M D, 

Hon Henry K Porter, 60, manuf , 

Albert K Potter, 86, 

John M Potter, 74, 

Jefferson R Potter, 77, 

Prank K Pratt, 77, 1, 

William Pratt, 85, 

Howard W Preston, 83, A M, 

Rev Edward W Pride, 65, 

William M Proctor, 70, 

Prof Otis E Randall, 84, A M, 

Rev William H Randall, 61, 

Rev Warren Randolph, 51, 

Hon Samuel A Reade, 54, banker, 

Rev Augustus P Reccord, 92, 

Rev Charles W Redding, 37, 

James H Remington, 62, 

Herbert A Rice, 89, 1, 

Herbert H Rice, 92, 

Howard M Rice, 60, 

Rev Wilbur T Rice, 81, 

Knight C Richmond, 85, 

William T Richmond, 69, 

Rev George W Rigler, 80, 

Charles P Robinson, 63, 1, 

Rev Fred A Robinson, 95, 

Will A Robinson, 96, 

Prof Frank E Rockwood, 74, M A, 

John D Rockefeller, Jr, 97, 

Rev Arthur Rogers, 86, 

Hon Horatio Rogers, 55, 

John W Rogers, 61, 

William A Rogers, 57, 

Thomas H Rothwell, 93, 

Frank A Rugg, 97, t, 

Cyrus K Russell, 44, 

Henry G Safford, 58, 

Hon John Sanderson, 53, judge. 

Rev Cornelius S Savage, 78, 

James Scammon, 68, 

Prof Adrian Scott, 72, 

Rev Charles S Scott, 77, 

Rev Augustus E Scoville, 84, 

Leon W Scudder, 99, 

Henry D Sharpe, 94, manuf , 

310 State, Springrfield, Mass 

Haverhill, Mass 

Providence, R I 

8 Greene, Providence, R I 

266 State, Bridgeport, Conn 

8 Greene, Providence, R I 

541 Wood, Pittsburg, Pa 

Springfield, Mass 

Lynn, Mass 

Walpole, Mass 

510 N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

Elwyn, Pa 

98 Westminster, Providence, R I 

Andover, Mass 

Wrentham, Mass 

Providence, R I 

, Riverside, Col 

454 Broadway, N Y City 

Romeo, Mich 

7 Bigelow, Cambridge, Mass 

Beverly Farms, Mass 

277 Broadway, N Y City 

48 Custom House, Providence, R I 

15 Snow, Providence, R I 

63 Snow, Providence, R I 

S Londonderry, Vt 

Cromton, R I 

159 LaSalle, Chicago, 111 

E Providence, R I 

Providence, R I 

Pawtucket, R I 

Cambridge, Mass 

Buc Univ, Lewisburg, Pa 

26 Broadway, N Y City 

West Chester, Pa 

264 Bowen, Providence R I 

Mansfield, Mass 

Waterville, Me 

96 Broadway, N Y City 

Medford, Mass 

Lowell, Mass 

Newton, Mass 

Catskill, N Y 

Hamilton, N Y 

Kansas City, Mo 

Providence, R I 

Waverly, Mass 

Wilkinsonville, Mass 

E Providence, R I 

Providence, R I 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lucian Sharpe, Jr, 93, manuf, 

Joseph H Shattuck, 78, 

Rev George W Shaw, 65, 

Rev John T Shaw, 76, t, 

Lawrence M Shaw, 99, A M, librarian, 

Edward W Shedd, 84, A M, civ eng, 

Hon William P Sheffield, Jr, 77, 

Horace W Sheldon, 81, A M, M D, 

Prof Francis WShepardson, 83, Ph D, UnivChi, 5515 Woodlawn, Chicago 

Frederic Sherman, 62, 210 Main Pawtucket, R I 

John S Shippee, 94, E Greenwich, R I 

Edgar O Silver, 83, A M, publisher, 29 E 19, N Y City 

Rev Newton M Simonds, 89, Merchantville, N J 

Rev James B Simmons, 51, A M, D D, 129 E 59, N Y City 

Providence, R I 

Winchester, Mass 

St Anthony Park, Minn 

Oberlin, Ohio 

Oak Lawn, R I 

52 Broadway, N Y City 

221 Thames, Newport, R I 

Negaunee, Mich 

Henry R Skinner, 85, 

William A Slade, 98, 

Horatio N Slater, 54, 

Frederic Slocum, 95, t. 

Prof Fred A Smart, 98, A M, 

Morton C Smart, 94, t. 

Rev Arvin A Smith, 73, 

Charles M Smith, 59, 

Elbridge Smith, 41, 

Ernest G Smith, 89, A M, 

Henry L Smith, 96, M A, E E, 

John D Smith, 72, 1, 

Jesse F Smith, 96, 

Martin S Smith, 67, 

Walter B Smith, 88, 

William H Smith, 92, 

David G Smyth, 89, 

Daniel C Snow, 93, 

Louis F Snow, 87, A M, 

Joseph H Southwick, 68, 

Rev Charles H Spalding, 65, D D, 

Rev William H Spencer, 66, D D, 

George T Spicer, 97, 

Vernon P Squires, 89, A M, t. 

Rev Charles J Staples, 78, 

Harris E Starr, 97, 

Hon Charles M Stead, 61, banker, 

Charles Steere, 73, 1, 

Rev Edward O Stevens, 61, 

Hon Solon W Stevens, 58, A M, LL D, 

Howard Y Stillman, 79, 

Charles M Stillwell, 66, 

Hon John H Stiness, 61, 1, 

Hon William M Stockbridge, 78, LL B, 

Rev Frederick E Stockwell, 90, A M, B D, 

Thomas B Stockwell, 62, 

28 State, Boston, Mass 

200 A, S E, Washington, D C 

Webster, Mass 

Providence, R I 

21>^ N Mill, New Castle, Pa 

High School, Quincy, 111 

Wilmington, Vt 

Providence, R I 

Dorchester, Mass 

87 Weybosset, Providence, R I 

155 Cottage, New Bedford, Mass 

2720 Pillsbury, Minneapolis, Minn 

Silver Lake, Conn 

North Scituate, R I 

Providence, R I 

38 Bank, Fall River, Mass 

46 Willard, Hartford, Conn 

5 Dartmouth, Taunton, Mass 

B Univ, Providence, R I 

Milton, Col 

8 Scott, Cambridge, Mass 

Skowhegan, Me 

371 Broadway, Providence, R I 

University, North Dakota 

Manchester, N H 

Providence, R I 

Un League Club, N Y City 

27 School, Boston, Mass 

Maulmain, Burmah 

Lowell, Mass 

. 38 Park Row, N Y City 

55 Fulton, N Y City 

210 Gk>vemor, Providence, R I 

608 Sears Bid, Boston, Mass 

Beverly, N J 

20 Cooke, Providence, R I 

Digitized by 



Rev Darius H Stoddard, 64, Chicopee Palls, Mass 

Hon Elijah B Stoddard, 47, LL D, 314 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Edward C Stokes, 83, Millville, N J 

Howard K Stokes, 85, Providence, R I 

Rev Henry M Stone, 92, M A, Newport, R I 

Asa E Stratton, 73, Fitchburg, Mass 

Israel Strauss, 94, 35 W 120, N Y City 

Rev Elliott F Studley, 93, Mansfield, Mass 

Edward A Swain, 82, t, Pomfret Centre, Conn 

Cornelius S Sweetland, 66 Box 55, Providence, R I 
Prof Augustus T Swift, 89, A M, Ph D, High School, Providence, R I 

Prof John C Swift, 95, A M, Cosm Univ, Irvington on Hudson, N Y 

Edward P Taft, 54, manf Providence, R I 

Hon George S Taft, 82, LL B, 314 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Rev George C Tanner, 57, Faribault, Minn 

Willard B Tanner, 79, Providence, R I 

Alfred S Taylor, 91, M D, 152 W 57, N Y City 

Prof Barnard C Taylor, 74, Chester, Pa 

Pres James M Taylor, h 86, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Lucien E Taylor, 95, 158 Whitmarsh, Providence, R I 

Rev Lyman B Tefft, 58, D D, ' Richmond, Va 

John Tetlow, 64, t, 51 Cedar, Roxbury, Mass 

John M Thayer, 41, Lincoln, Neb 

Rev Thatcher Thayer, h 49, Newport, R I 

Sylvanus M Thomas, 71, Taunton, Mast 

Rev Willis F Thomas, 77, Insein, Burmah 

Prin Harry L Thompson, 96, A M, Academy, Suffield, Conn 

James F Thompson, 91, Providence, R I 

Millitt T Thompson, 98, Providence, R I 

Prof William E Thompson, 73, A M, 879 Pascal, St Paul, Minn 

William H Thornley, 97, Pawtucket, R I 

Samuel Thurber, 58, 13 Westminster, Roxbury, Mass 

Benjamin F Thurston, 80, Ed News^ Newport, R I 

Wilmarth H Thurston, 77, Providence, R I 

Hon James Tillinghast, 49, 1, 260 Angell, Providence, R I 

William R Tillinghast, 79, 1, 6 S Main, Providence, R I 

Edgar L Tinkham, 95, Philadelphia, Pa 

Frank L Tinkham, 80, 1, Taunton, Mass 

William E Tolman, 49, Pawtucket, R I 

Walter J Town, 81, Providence, R I 

Edward T Tucker, 71, M D, 258 Pleasant, New Bedford, Mass 
Hon George F Tucker, 73, LL B, Ph D, Court House, Boston, Mass 

Rev Edward P Tuller, 84, Lawrence, Mass 

Rev Martin W Twing, 83, Alton, 111 

Joseph H Tyler, 77, manf, 2018 Bolton, Baltimore, Md 

Ernest E Tyzzer,97, Wakefield, Mass 

Rev Alfred G Upham, 74, 410 Columbia, Boston, Mass 

Prof Winslow Upton, 75, A M, Brown Univ, Providence, R I 

William G Van Home, 77, Salt Lake Citj, Utah 

Rev Richard M Vaughan, 95, Detroit, Mich 

Digitized by 



Rev Arthur L Wadsworth, 86, Monrovia, Califs 

Rev Gregory D Walcott, 97, MA, 41 E 69, N Y City 

Charles S Waldo, 74, 102 Milk, Boston, Mass 

George E Walker, 97, Lawrence, Mass 

Everett L Walling, 96, Auburndale, Mass 

Greorge O Ward, 77, M D, Worcester, Mass 

Prof Laban E Warren, 66, LL D, 27 College, Waterville, Me 

Hon Theodore D Warren, 55, A M, banker, 4th Nat Bk, N Y City 

Henry H Waterman, 96, 23 Baker, Providence, R I 

Harold P Waterman, 74, 180 Angell, Providence, R I 

Lewis A Waterman, 94, 45 Chapin, Providence, R I 

Arthur E Watson, 88, t, 30 Congdon, Providence, R I 
Hon William H Watson, 52, M D, Regent, 270 Genesee, Utica, N Y 
Prof Francis Wayland, 46, LL D, Dean Yale Law School, New Haven, Ct 

Rev Heman L Wayland, 49, 1420 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

George E Weeden, 70, manf. Providence, R I 

John R Wellman, 99, LL B, 293 Franklin, Melrose Hlds, Mass 

John E Wells, 98, 209 Montgomery, Providence, R I 

George F Weston, 78, 182 Adelaide, Providence, R I 

Rev Henry G Weston, 40, D D, Chester, Pa 

Qen Frank Wheaton, h 66, US A, Washington, D C 

Pres Benjamin I Wheeler, 75, '^'^^ Z/-2>^ Berkeley, Calif • 

Rev Isaac R Wheelock, 69, Roslindale, Mass 

Clifford Whipple, 95, t, Bristol, R I 

Hon Francis W White, 56, M A, Summit, N J 

Paul M White, 95, 1, 55 Kilby, Boston, Mass 
Pres Beniah L Whitman, 87, D D, LL D, Columb Univ, Washington, DC 

Frank P Whitman, 74, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon William W Whitman, 43, Pawling, Troy, N Y 

Henry A Whitmarsh, 76, M A, M D, 64 Jackson, Providence, R I 
Prof Solon F Whitney, 59, A M, librarian, 9 Garfield, Watertown, Mass 

Edward N Whittier, 62, M D, Boston, Mass 

Prof William A Wilbur, 88, A M, Columb Univ, Washington, D C 

Prof Elmer A Wilcox, 91, LL B, State Univ, Iowa City, Iowa 

Charles E Willard, 64, 1 W 81, N" Y City 

Prin Horace M Willard, 64, Sc D, Mansion School, Wollaston, Mass 

Rev John B Willard, 42, Still River, Mass 

Allan H Willett, 86, Urbana, Ohio 

Prof Alonzo Williams, 70, Providence, R I 

Benjamin Williams, 95, 1, Jackson, Mich 

George E Williams, 50, Taunton, Mass 

John P Williams, 89, A M, M E, 10 Cromwell, Providence, R I 

Rev James A Williamson, 61, D D, Johnstown, N Y 

Prof George G Wilson, 86, A M, Ph D, B Univ, Providence, R I 

Isaac O Wmslow, 78, St Albans, Me 

Thomas W Wood, 84, dentist, 160 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

John C B Woods, 72, * Providence, R I 

Marshall Woods, 45, M D, Providence, R I 

Nathan M Wright, 89, editor, Providence, R I 

Herrick P Young, 87, Greenville, S C 

Digitized by 



University op California, Berkeley, Cal 


President, Ex-Pres Martin Kellogg, LL D, Yale, SO 
Vice-Presidents, Prof Willfai Bradley Rising, Ph D, Hamilton, 64; 
Prof Mellen Woodman Haskell, Ph D, Harvard 83; Prof William Al- 
bert Setchell, Ph D, Yale 87 

Sec and Trees. Prof Kendric Charles Babcock, Ph D, Minnesota 89 

Prof Charles M Gaylejr, 
Prof Herbert M Hopkins, 

Prof E Percival Lewis, Ph D, 
Prof Joseph C Rockwell, 

Frank W Aitkin, 1900, 
D Raymond Curtis^9, t, 
Ralph C Daniels, 99, t, 
Arthur M Ellis, 99, t, 
T Sidney Elston, 99, t, 
Charles E Friyer, 1900, 
Agnes R Jewett, 99, 
Ivan M Linforth, 1900, 
Roy V Nye, 99, 
Harry A Overstreet, 99, 
Willard G Parsons, 1900, 
Alfred C Skaife, 1900, 
Elise WartlBJdeiler, 99, t. 

University of California A^i.VK'P. 'Boijhtcn 
University of California t*i#fc^itN.u^^sliJL 
University of California -ftt^AC.itW.'i^ 
University of California ^^Urt^Bor^*. 

University __ 

atr Francisco, Calif 

San Luis^p Obispo, Calif 

University, Berkeley, Calif 

High School, 32 Church, Santa Cruz, Calif 

2023 Channing Way, Berkeley, Calif 

University, Berkeley, Calif 

Oakland, Calif 

2230 Fulton, Berkeley, Calif 

Berkeley, Calif 

Berkeley, Calif 

The Beta House, Berkeley, Calif 

824 Waller, San Francisco, Calif 

Isleton, Calif 

University op Chicago, Chicago, III 

President, Prof Heniy Pratt Judson, (Williams) LL D 
Vice Pres, Prof Charles H Thurber 
Sec and Treas, Prof Henry R Hatfield 

Susan H Ballou, 97, 

Lucy H Carson, 98, t, 

Mary Castle, 95, Ph B, t, 

Elisabeth T Coolidge, 96, A M, 

Grace Darling, 97, t, 

Mrs Helen K Darrow, 99, t, 

Frank W Dignan, 97, A M, t, ^ 

Joseph C Friedman, 96, 

Frederic M Giles, 98, 

Rose A Gilpatrick, 96, t, 

Fannie S Hay, 97, t, 

John C Hessler, 96, 

Robert L Hughes, 95, 

5831 Monroe, Chicago 

502 Goodwin, Urbana, 111 

Granville, O 

High Sch, 2917, Groveland, Chicago 

328, 53, Chicago 

6443 Jefferson, Chicago 

5853 Indiana, Chicago 

4120 Ellis, Chicago 

6345 Ellis, Chicago 

Waterville, Me 

311 T, N W, Washington, D C 

346, 55, Chicago 

5440 Monroe, Chicago 

Digitized by 



Eleanor L Jones, 96, 573 E'62, Chicago 

Florence R Jones, 99, t, 6315 Woodlawn, Chicago 

Minnie Lester, 99, Ph B, Tuscola, 111 

Mary C Lewis, 95, t, 5605 Madison, Chicago 

Susan W Lewis 95, A M, t, 5605 Madison, Chicago 

Ludwig Loeb, 96, 528 Dearborn, Chicago 

Angeline Loesch, 98, A M, 46 Lincoln Place, Chicago 

Mrs MaiT Evelyn Lovejoy, 97, A M, t. South Royalston, Vt 

Mary L Marot, 94, Sc B, t, 411 W First, Dayton, O 

John P Mentzer, 98, Ph B, ' 410 Atlas Bid, Chicago 

€ Wesley C Mitchell, 96, t, 002? LBJdm{lUu, Chioosu " 

Ella M Osgood, Ph B, t, Verona, N Y 

Anna L Peterson, 99, A B, t, 348 E 54, Chicago 

Maurice J Rubel, 97, M D, 3341 Wabash, Chicago 

Max D Slimmer, 97, University, Chicago 

Arthur W Smith, 98, 5039 Lake, Chicago 

Kenneth G Smith, 96, Dixon, 111 

Emily C Thompson, 97, A M, 4457 Emerald, Chicago 

Helen B Thompson, 97, 326 W 61, Chicago 
Alice Van Vliet, 96, A M, t, Packer C I, Brooklyn, N Y 

Henry W Wales, 96, 4308 Ellis, Chicago 

Frank H Westcott, 97, A M, t, Lacon, 111 

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O. 

President, Bishop Boyd Vincent, S T D 

Vice Presidents^ Rev Henry M Curtiss, D D; Prof Phineas S Connor, 
M D, LL D; Hon William H Taft, LL D 

Secretary, Prof Charles Frederick Seybold, (Harvard, 71) LL B 
Treasurer, Prof Thomas Herbert Norton, (Hamilton, 73)Ph D, Sc D 
Chaplain, Rev Warren G Partridge, D D 

Sarah A Albray, 99, 2633 Elmwood, W H, Cincinnati 

Edith T Andrews, 95, 309 Pike, Cincinnati 

Eleanor Ashfield, 1900, B A, 120 Calhoun, Cincinnati 

Rev Henry P Atkins, 97, Harrodsburg, Ky 

Pres Howard Ayers, Ph D, University of Cincinnati 

Hon Alfred B Benedict, 78, LL B, 5 and Vine, Cincinnati 

Adele J Bentley, 99, t, 2228 N St James, W H, Cincinnati 

Mary J Bentley, 98, t, 2228 N St James, W H, Cincinnati 

Henry W Bettmann, 88, M D, 3593 Bogart, Avon, Cincinnati 

Elberta M Bigler, 98, 3074 Colrain, Cincinnati 

Emily L Brooke, 97, t, Woodstock, 111 

Edward N Clingman, 80, 3760 Clifton, Cincinnati 

Rev Frederick Cohn, 94, Fort Wayne, Ind 

Emilie M Dieterle, 98, Nixon, Cincinnati 

Alice M Donnelly, 90, 4307 Hamilton, Cincinnati 

Digitized by 




June R Donnelly, 95, 

Emily F Dyer, 81, t, 

Elizabeth A Ely, 87, t, 

Mary D Ely, 98, 

Emilie Esselburn, 93, t, 

Nora Ettling^er, 95, t, 

Mrs Blanche Kahler Evans, 97, 

Mary S Evans, 97, t. 

Alma S Fick, 94, t, 

Edna H Fick, 99, 

Miss Nettie Oskamp Ford, 85, 

Lelia A Garvin, 98, 

Gustavus A Ginter, 97, LL B, 

Mary A Griffith, 96, 

Rev Rudolph Grossman, 89, D D, Rabbi, 

Vernon Halliday, 99, 

Mrs Hermine Hansen, 98, 

Rev Samuel G Heckman, 91, 

Rev Maximilian Heller, 82, 

Prof C Judson Herrick, 91, Ph D, 

Rev Howard A Johnston, 82, Ph D, D D, 

Ellis G Kinkead, 89, 

Oscar W Kuhn, 86, 

Lucy M Lambdin, 94, 

Margaret E Layman, 91, 

David Lefkowitz, 99, B L, 

Alice L Leonard, 96, 

Solomon C Lowenstein, 98, 

Edith McReynolds, 99, B A, 

Hon Max B May, 88, A M, LL B, 

Elizabeth Merrill, 1900, 

Martin A Meyer, 99, B A, 

Elizabeth S Neuhaus, 84, 

Prin Emma L Parry, 87, M L, H T M Sch, 

Rev David Philipson, 83, D D, 

Rosalie Phillips, 99, B L, 

Mary K Ratterman, 98, 

Estella M Riley, 92, M D, 

Edward D Roberts, 99, t, 

Martin W Sampson, 88, 

Stella V Seybold, 1900, 

Louise Spillman, 96, 

Prof William Strunk, Jr, 90, A M, Ph D, 

Charles E Tenney, 98, LL B, 

Wilson R Tenney, 96, editor, 

Frank Thilly, 87, 

Jewel Elizabeth Ulrich, 97, 

Bryant Venable, 96, 

Una Venable, 99, 

Prof Nelson A Wklker, 95, A M, 

4307 Hamilton, Cincinnati 

Clifton, Cincinnati 

Clifton, Cincinnati 

College Hill, Cincinnati 

Portsmouth, Ohio 

806 W 8, Cincinnati 


Glendale, Ohio 

67 Hemlock, Cincinnati 

2619 Hemlock, Cincinnati 

504 W 7, Cincinnati 

Cypress, Cincinnati 

439 Dayton, Cincinnati 

118 E Auburn, Cincinnati 

1347 Lexington, N Y City 

North Bend, Ohio 

23 Webster, Cincinnati 

722 York, Newport, Ky 

New Orleans, La 

Granville, Ohio 

Madison Ave, 53, N Y City 

625 W 8, Cincinnati 

2539 Ingleside, Cincinnati 

2122 Grand, Cincinnati 

619 Crown, Cincinnati 

953 W Court, Cincinnati 

527 Hopkins, Cincinnati 

2129 Fulton, Cincinnati 

704 Clinton, Cincinnati 

Atlas Bk Bid, Cincinnati 

26 E 8, Cincinnati 

839 Oak, Cincinnati 

84 Avon, Cincinnati 

655 June, Cincinnati 


2240 Francis Lane, W H, Cincinnati 

510 York, Cincinnati 

728 W 7, Cincinnati 

1620 Dudley, Cincinnati 

Bloomingfton, Ind 

Morris Place, Cincinnati 

3737 Mead, Tusculum, Cincinnati 

Cornell Univ, Ithaca, N Y 

2101 St James, Cincinnati 

2101 St James, Cincinnati 

Columbia, Mo 

631 Bakewell, Covinglon, K^r 

225 W 4, Cincinnati 

Station C, Cincinnati 

348 Tusculum, Cincinnati 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Colby Coixbgb, Watbrvills, Mainb 

President, Prof George D B Pepper, (Amherst) D D, LL D 

Sec and Treas, Prof J William Black, Ph D 

Excutvve Committee^ Hon Dudley P Bailey and John E Nelson 

Mrs Dora Knight Andrews, 92, Andover, Mass 

Burleigh S Annis, 85, t, Windsor, Conn 

Rev William G Ayer, 68, A M, 86 Chestnut, Brockton, Mass 

Hon Dudley P Bailey, 67, A M, LL B, Everett, Mass 

Rev Francis W Bakeman, 66, D D, Chelsea, Mass 

Gen and Hon Charles P Baldwin, 58, A M, Georgetown, Col 

Hon Jotham F Baldwin, 53, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev Junius A Bartlett, 48, S T D, 403 E Paris, Frankfort, Ind 

Jonathan Q Barton, 57, Pay U S N, N Sidney, Me 

George K Bassett, 97, t, Manlius, N Y 

Josiah C Bassett, 95, 1, Winslow, Me 

Norman L Bassett, 91, 1, Augusta, Me 

Helen R Beede, 93, 157 Court, Auburn, Me 

Prof George R Berry, 85, Hamilton, N Y 

Prof J William Black, J H U, Colby, Waterville, Me 

Rev Frederic D Blake, Attleboro, Mass 

Hon Percival Bonney, 63, Portland, Me 

Dennis E Bowman, 93, A M, LL B, Waterville, Me 

Rev and Mrs Woodman Bradley, 87, 88, Worcester, Mass 

Winifred H Brooks, 87, Lewiston, Me 

Bertha L Brown, 88, A M, t, 53 Court, Bangor, Me 

Herbert M Brown, 98, Waterboro, Me 

Hon Simon S Brown, 58, Waterville, Me 

Hon Alfred E Buck, 59, U S Min, Yokohama, Japan 

Frank D Bullard, 81, M D, Los Angeles, Califs 

Rev Edwin P Burtt, 84, West Newton, Mass 

Pres Nathaniel Butler, 73, A M, 1) D, Colby College, Waterville, Me 

Augustus Champlin, 62, Portland, Me 

llugh R Chaplin, 80, Bangor, Me 

Wilfred G Chapman, 83, 1, Portland, Me 

Frederick V Chase, 76, 1, Portland, Me 

Arthur W Cleaves, 98, Newton Centre, Mass 

Prof Willard K Clement, 84, Ph D, 5724 Drexel, Chicago, 111 

Louise H Cobum, 77, Skowhegan, Me 

Lemuel H Cobb, 67, editor, Portland, Me 

Rev James E Cochrane, 80, Hallowell, Me 

Charles R Coffin, 67, t, Allegheney, Pa 

Albert S Cole, 96, t, High School, Thomaston, Me 

Alice D Cole, 98, t. High School, Hartford, Conn 

Digitized by 



Randall J Condon, 86, Supt Sch, Everett, Mass 

Charles E Cook, 87, Friendship, Me 

Edith M Cook, 98, t, Maynard, Mass, Vassalboro, Me 

Leslie C Cornish, 75, 1, Augusta, Me 

Hon William J Corthell, 57, Gorham, Me 

Rev Abijah R Crane, 56, D D, Hebron, Me 

Mrs Gertrude Randall Cummings, 92, Maiden, Mass 

Grace M Cummings, 92, Maiden, Mass 

Hon John F Davies, 81, A M, Ph D, librarian, Butte, Mont 

Rev Frederic E Dewhurst, 78, Indianapolis, Ind 

Mrs Emeline Fletcher Dickinson, 91, Mt Hermon, Mass 

Granville M Donham, 65, pub, Portland, Me 

Rev and Mrs Winfred N Donovan, 92, Newton Centre, Mass 

Hon Josiah H Drummond, 46, Lh D, Portland, Me 

George L Dunham, 82, Brattleboro, Vt 

Florence E Dunn, 96, Waterville, Me 

Harry W Dunn, 96, 1, 40 College, Waterville, Me 

Hon Mark H Dunnell, 49, A M, LL D, M C, Owatonna, Minn 

Prof William Elder, (Ac 68,) Sc D, Colby, 76 Elm, Waterville, Me 

Prin Charles S Estes, 84, Ph D, Cook Academy, Montour Falls, N Y 
Rev Hiram C Estes, 47, D D, Newton Junction, N H 

Prof Alfred H Evans, 81, A M, High School, Northampton, Mass 

Walter B Farr, 87, A M, LL B, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Rev Charles F Foster, 55, A M, Supt Schools, Chester, Pa 

Rev John M Foster, 77, China 

Hon Reuben Foster, 55, LL D, Waterville, Me 

Emma A Fountain, 95, t, Thomaston, Me 

James Geddes, 79, 92 State, Boston, Mass 

Albert C (ietchell, 78, A M, M D, 6 Linden, Worcester, Mass 

George Gifford, 62, U S Consul, Basle, Switzerland 

Edwin F Goodwin, 87, Skowhegan, Me 

George A Gorham, Jr, 91, A M, LL B, Houlton, Me 

Linda Graves, 95 t, Skowhegan, Me 

Prof Edward W Hall, 62, Colby, Waterville, Me 

Henry C Hallowell, 68, M D, Quincy, Mass 

George W Hanson, 83, 1, Sanford, Me 

Harold L Hanson, 99, Theol Stu, Newton Centre, Mass 

Pres William R Harper, LL D, University, Chicago, 111 

Hon Harry N Haynes, 77, A M, LL B, Greeley, Col 

Col and Hon Francis S Hesseltine, 73, A M, LL B, 10 Tremont, Boston 
Asher C Hinds, 83, editor, 22 Woodford, Portland, Me 

Amos L Hinds, 58, farmer, Benton Falls, Me 

John H Jackson, 60, Fall River, Mass 

Prin Franklin W Johnson, 91, A M, Classical Institute, Waterville, Me 
Walter F Kenrick, 94, t, • Fairfield, Me 

Charles B Kimball, 96, N New, Portland, Me 

Rev Henry Kingman, 84, China 

Jacob Kleinhans, Jr, 94, Crystal Run, N Y 

David W Knowlton, 83, A M, LL B, NY Life Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 
Harry L Koopman^ 60^ A M| librarian^ Providence, R I 

Digitized by 



Hon John W Lamb, 55, A M, insurance, 49 Pearl, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Prof Asa L Lane, 62, A M, 12 Nudd, Waterville, Me 

Charles F Leadbetter, 91, N Attleboro, Mass 

Minerva E Leland, 82, A M, t, Newton Lower Falls, Mass 

Arad E Linscott, 97, Waterboro, Me 

Hon John F Liscomb, 62, A M, Manager Steamships, Portland, Me 
Rev Georg^e C Lorimer, LL D, Boston, Mass 

Hon Edwin F Lyford, 77 A M, LL B, 106 Clarendon, Spring-field, Mass 
Tena P McCallum, 97, Cherryfield, Me 

Mrs Minnie Mathews Mann, 80, Cumberland Mills, Me 

Prof Albert P Marble, 61, A M, Ph D, Bd of Ed, 59, 4, N Y City 

Prof Edward B Mathews, 91, Ph D, J H University, Baltimore, Md 

Prof William Mathews, 35, LL D, author, 43 W Newton, Boston, Mass 
Samuel W Matthews, 54, Augusta, Me 

Sara B Matthews, 96, Box 57, Aubumdale, Mass 

Hon Nathaniel Meader, 63, treasurer, 101 Silver, Waterville, Me 

Maj Gen Henry C Merriam, 64, LL D, US A, War Dept, Wash, D C 
John B Merrill, 96, Newmarket, N H 

Pres Charles E Meservey, 81, Raleigh, N C 

Prof Merton L Miller, 90, A M, Ph D, University, Chicago, 111 

Robert N Millett, 93, t. High School, Rockport, Me 

Pres Edward C Mitchell, 49, D D, Leland Univ, New Orleans, La 

Rev Howard R Mitchell, 72, Waterville, Me 

Edna S Moffatt, 96, N Brookfield, Mass 

John E Nelson, 98, Waterville, Me 

Alfred I Noble, 83, M D, Asst Supt Asylum, Worcester, Mass 

Ephraim W Norwood, 69, M D, Spencer, Mass 

Rev Charles E Owen, 79, Houlton, Me 

Prin L Herbert Owen, 82, A M, High School, Wobum, Mass 

Arthur H Page, 98, t, Rockport, Me 

Hon Albert W Paine, 32, A M, LL B, Bangor, Me 

Georcfe S Paine, 71, 1, Winslow, Me 

Hattie M Parmenter, 89, Waterville, Me 

Rev John H Parshley, 81, Lawrence, Mass 

Everett W Pattison, 58, Trust Bldg, St Louis, Mo 

Prof Calvin S Pennell, 50, 2245 Knapp, St Anthony Park, Minn 

Charles H Pepper, 89, Concord, Mass 

Prin Charles N Perkins, 93, A M, High School, N Brookfield, Mass 
Prin George P Phenix, 86, Willimantic, Conn 

Harry L Pierce, 92, M D, Palmer, Mass 

Hon Aaron A Plaisted, 51, A M, Waterville, Me 

Sheridan Plaisted, 86, Waterville, Me 

Henr^ H Pratt, 98, W Springfield, Mass 

Rev Ford M Preble, 81, Auburn, Me 

Hon Charles J Prescott, 55, A M, Customs, Barge Office, N Y City 

Alice M Purinton, 99, Waterville, Me 

Rev Thomas J Ramsdell, 86, A M, South Paris, Me 

Albert M Richardson, 86, Portland, Me 

Bertram C Richardson, 98, Calais, Me 

Charles C Richardson, 87, Brewster, Mass 

Digitized by 




Rev Justin K Sichardson, 69, D D, 

Prof Arthur J Roberts, 90, 

Prof Henry E Robins, D D, LL D, 

Arthur K Rogers, 91, t, 

Hon Richard C Shannon, 62, A M, LL D, 

Hon and Gen Russell B Shepherd, 57, A M, 

Dora M Sibley, 92, t, 

Rev Albion K P Small, 49, D D, 

Prof Albion W Small, 76, Ph D, 

Edwin S Small, 68, 

Edward H Smiley, 75, 

Mrs Lillian Fletcher Smiley, 88, 

Appleton W Smith, 87, 

Maj Gen Charles H Smith, 56, 

Prof George O Smith, 93, Geologist, U S Surv, 

Brockton, Mass 

Waterville, Me 

Theol Sem, Rochester, N Y 

Alfred, N Y 

low SO, NY City 

Skowhegan, Me 

Gloucester, Mass 

5731 Wash, Chicago, 111 

University, Chicago, 111 

Melrose, Mass 

High School, Hartford, Conn 

Minnewaska, N Y 

Newton Centre, Mass 

Washington, D C 

Prof George W Smith, 83, LL D, 

Jennie M Smith, 81, 

Laura H Smith, 98, t, 

Prof Melvin M Smith, 90, Sc D, 

Prof Samuel K Smith, 45, D D, 

Rev Fred A Snow, 85, 

Prof Henry R Spencer, 99, 

Stephen Stark, 92, t, 

Prof Carlton B Stetson, 81, 

Horace W Stewart, 74, 1, 

Rev Alfred S Stowell, 72, 

Charles H Sturgis, 71, 

Evangeline M Taylor, 93, A M, t. 

Prof Jefiferson Taylor, 73, Ph D, 

Prof Julian D Taylor, 68, A M, 

Prof Edwin C Teague, 91, A M, 

Rev Henry M Thompson, 78, 

Rev Herbert Tilden, 75, 

Rev Howard B Tilden, 78, A M, 

Rev Horace W Tilden, 72, D D, 

Edward B Tompson, 82, 

Henry Trowbridge, 83, 1, 

Adelaide F True, 90, t, 

Charles A True, 82, 1, 

Qarrie M True, 95, t, 

Prin Charles F Warner, 79, A M, Mech Arts, 

Harry B Watson, 97, 

Hon William P Whitehouse, 63, LL D, Judge, 

Rev Daniel W Wilcox, 52, A M, 

Charles E Williams, 74, M D, 

Prof Charles B Wilson, 81, Sc D, 

Hon George A Wilson, 62, 

Rev Gowen C Wilson, 57, 

Rev Abram Wyman, 89, A M, 

Elwood T Wyman, 90, Supt Sch, 

Washington, D C 

College Ave, Waterville, Me 

College Ave, Waterville, Me 

47 Mt Vernon, Dover, N H 

Dover, N H 

College Ave, Waterville, Me 

Cherryfield, Me 

Skowhegan, Me 

Mt Hermon, Northfield, Mass 

Waterville, Me 

Hartland, Me 

Santa Ana, Califs 

Cherryfield, Me 

Hampden, Me 

Supt Schools, Ontario, Calif % 

37 College Ave, Waterville, Me 

Academy, Hebron, Me 

69 Congfress, Hartford, Conn 

Lewiston, Me 

Poxcroft, Me 

Des Moines, Iowa 

Portland, Me 

Cripple Creek, Col^ 

Waterville, Me' 

Portland, Me 

Waterville, Me 

H S, Springfield, Mass 

East Fairfield, Me 

Augusta, Me 

Shelburne Falls, Mass 

Houlton, Me 

Normal School, Westfield, Mass 

South Paris, Me 

1st Nat Bk Bid, Portland, Me 

Topeka, Kan 

Waterville, Me 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Colgate University, Hamilton, N Y 

President^ Prof Albert Perry Brigham, A M 
Vice-Pres^ Prof William Franklin Langworthy, A M 
Secretary^ Rev Charles S Savage, A M 
Treasurer^ Prof David Foster Estes, D D 
Rec SeCj Albert Smith Sheldon, Esq 

Hon Jotham P AUds, 83, M A, LL B, Norwich, N Y 

Rev George K Allen, 70, Perth Amboy, N J 

Rev John C Allen, 74, A M, D D, 56 Madison, Jersey City, N J 

Rev John B Anderson, 96, Camillus, N Y 

Prof Newton L Andrews, 62, Ph D, LL D, Hamilton, NY 

Sterling G Andrews, 86, 

Hon John S Applegate, 58, A M, 1, 

Rev William S Apsey, 61, D D, 

Hon George F Arnold, 71, A M, 

Rev Charles J Baldwin, 64, DD, 

Rev Henry D Baldwin, 78, 

Rev Wesley E Bates, 73, 

Hon Joseph Beal, 79, LL B, 

Rev Charles E Backer, 67, 

Martin G Benedict, 82, 

Rev Alberto A Bennett, 86, M A, 

Times-Herald^ Chicago, 111 

20 Riverside, Red Bank, N J 

West Somerville, Mass 

81 Davis, Brookline, Mass 

Granville, Ohio 

Syracuse, N Y 

I^irkwood, Mo 

Oneida, N Y 

Fitzgerald, Ga 

State College, Pa 

5 Dodge, Maiden, Mass 

Hon Delevan Bloodgood, 52, M D, U S N, 320 Clermont, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Brewer G Boardman, 75, 

Rev Alvah W Bourne, 76, D D, 

Rev George A Briggs, 94 

Rev John J Bronner, 66, 

Prof Albert P Brigham, 79, 

Marion L Brown, 84, t. 

Rev T Byron Caldwell, 84, 

Don S Carpenter, 92, 

Rev Carl D Case, 91, 

Wavland M Chester, 94, A M, t, 

Rev Daniel H Clare, 95, 

Rev Andrew W Clark, 74, 

Prof William N Clarke, 61, D D, 

Frederick D H Cobb, 86, A M, LL B, 

James C Colgate, 84, 1, 

Prof Frederick W Colgrove, 82, D D, 

Rev Henry A Cordo, 59, D D, 

Newport, R I 

117 S Main, Gloversville, N Y 

Canton, Pa 

11, 5th, N Y City 

Hamilton, N Y 

Shushan, N Y 

Zanesville, Ohio 

Westport, N Y 

South Bend, Ind 

Hamilton, N Y 

Waverly, N Y 

Winsted, Conn 

Colgate, Hamilton, N Y 

37 Elwood Bid, Rochester, N Y 

36 Wall, N Y City 

Seattle, Wash 

Lambertville^ N J 

Digitized by 



Rev William H Cossum, 87, DeRuyter, N Y 

Joseph B Crandall, 96, jour, 280 Putnam, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof William H Crawshaw, 87, Hamilton, N Y 

Rev Thomas Cull, 61, West Pawlet, Vt 

Rev Delavan D Dean, 77, A M, Lowville, N Y 

Rev Leonard J Dean, 71, A M, 2012 Fifth, Troy, N Y 

Charles H Doug-las, 85, pub, . 110 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

George W Douglas, 88, ed Eagle, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev John W Duffy, 82, 1252 Wrightwood, Chicago, 111 

Chauncy E Dunkelberger, 85, Lockport, N Y 
George B Eaton, 56, 570 Panovia, Jersey City Heights, N J 

William C Eaton, 69, U S Navy, Hamilton, N Y 

Edward Ellery, 90, t, Saxton River, Vt 

Rev John S Festerson, 85, Little Falls, Minn 

Everett H Fitch, 93, Ottawa, Kan 

Rev Judson K Folwell, 78, A M, Hackensack, N J 
Rev James W Ford, 69, 1507 Centennial, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev James W Ford, 73, t, Owatonna, Minn 

Rev William J Ford, 90, Scranton, Pa 

Rev Andrew K Fuller, 79, Newburgh, N Y 

Rev Charles A Fulton, 83, A M, 399 Second, Detroit, Mich 

Charles J Galpin, 85, t, Belleville, N Y 

Rev Prof Eugene S Gardiner, 76, A M, Franklin, Ind 

Hon Isaac E Gates, 58, M A, Pres R R, 23 Broad, N Y City 

John W Griffith, 95, Nanticoke, Pa 

Francis W Goddard, 97, 4427 Osage, Philadelphia, Pa 
William D Goddard, 94, A M, Library of Congress, Washington, D C 

Myron M Goodenough, 50, Hamilton, N Y 

Rev William A Granger, 74, D D, Mt Vernon, N Y 

Prof Elmer D Grant, 95, A M, 3464 Forest Glen, Chicago, 111 

Prof John Greene, 73, Hamilton, N Y 

Rev Hugh G Gregg, 92, A M, B D, Mahopac Falls, N Y 

Burt B Grenell, 96, AM, 185 W Randolph, Chicago, 111 

Rev Zelotes Grenell, 62, D D, ed, 643 2nd, Detroit, Mich 

Pres Peter B Guernsey, 89, Nashville, Tenn 

Rev Charles F Hahn, 81, Piedmont, W Va 

Rev William T C Hanna, 70, D D, Bradford, Pa 

Erwin C Harmon, 91, Ottawa, Kan 

Rev Myron W Haynes, 79, D D, 324 Burling, Chicago, 111 
Hon Arthur C Heath, 79, L L B, Abstracter of Titles, Buffalo, Minn 

Prof John L Heffron, 73, A M, M D, University, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev William T Henry, 74, D D, 114 W Gray, Elmira, N Y 

Prof Albert C Hill, 77, Ph D, 40 High, Albany, N Y 

Rev Edward T Hiscox, 43, D D, Mt Vernon, N Y 

Rev Alvah S Hobart, 73, Yonkers, N Y 

Sherman L Howe, 93, t, Stamford, N Y 

Rev Giles H Hubbard, 75, Auburn, N Y 

Prof Eri B Hulbert, 63, A M, D D, LL D, University, Chicago, 111 

Edgar S Ingraham, 97, 9 Howe, Oil City, Pa 

Rev Gove G Johnson, 91, Pittsfield, Mass 

Digitized by 



Samuel C Johnston, 84, 316 W 57, N Y City 

Frederick B Jones, 98, M A, Sheridan, Auburn, N Y 

George W Lang, 93, Oneida, N Y 

Orthello S Langworthy, 89, Hamilton, N Y 

William F Langworthy, 87, t, Hamilton, N'Y 

Rev George W Lasher, 57, D D, 422 Elm, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev William M Lawrence, 70, 515 Jackson, Chicago, 111 

John H Leete, 94, State College, Pa 
Prof Fred V Lester, 86, A M, Supt Schools, Ticonderoga, N Y 

Hon Ceylon H Lewis, 73, Syracuse, N Y 

Hon William A Lewis, 59, Jersey City, N J 
Prof Elmer H Loomis, 83, Ph D, 39 Van Deventer, Princeton, N Y 

Fred M Loomis, 85, 1010 Electric, Scranton, Pa 

Elbert H Lloyd, 99, Gloversville, N Y 
Rev Hinton S Loyd, i56, D D, Sec and Treas, Ed Soc, Hamilton, N Y 

Rev Oscar R McKay, 87, Warsaw, N Y 

Rev Donald D MacLaurin, 81, Detroit, Mich 

Hervey F Malloy, 90, 3226 Calumet, Chicago, 111 

William P Manguse, 90, 309 N 41, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Duey L Martin, 84, Le Roy, N Y 

Rev Marcus C Mason, 72, Tura, Assam 

Rev Cyrus H Merrill, 73, A M, Johnstown, N Y 

Rev Howland C Merrill, 90, Pittsford, N Y 

George H Meyer, 89, Lake Forest, 111 

Charles E Mills, 97, Manlius, N Y 

Rev Malcolm M Mills, 75, Hartwick, N J 

William P Moon, 57, M D, Coudersport, Pa 

Frank B Moore, 88, Kansas City, Mo 

Frank R Moore, 75, 101 Halsey, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Pitt H Moore, 76, Nowgong, Assam 

Rev Frank R Morris, 94, 30 N Pine, Albany, N Y 

Rev Charles A Nichols, 76, Bassein, Burma 

Herbert E Nims, 95, Newbury port. Mass 

Emanuel Northrup, 79, McMinnville, Ore 
Pres Abraham C Osbom, 55, A M, D D, Benedict Coll, Columbia, S C 
Rev Ethan B Palmer, 60, D D, Sec A B H M S, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Clayton M Parke, 68, A M, 29 Prospect, Gloversville, N Y 
Rev Warren G Partridge, 78, A M, D D, 60 HoUister, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev Judson O Perkins, 72, Cazenovia, N Y 

Rev George P Perry, 82, Troy, N Y 

Ellison D W Petteys, 82, M A, editor, Keyport, N J 

Rev Elnathan G Phillips, 72, Tura, Assam 

Rev Charles C Pierce, 88, Chelsea, Mass 

Rev George R Pierce, 59, Belvidere, 111 

Eugene M Pope, 82, 410 Man Bid, Chicago, 111 

Rev David E Post, 75, Westport, N Y 

Rev Henry S Potter, 92, A M, 374 Clinton, Albany, N Y 

Rev Charles R Powers, 81, 278 Main, Randolph, Mass 

Rev William W Pratt, 79, Passaic, N J 

Rev Albert M Prentice, 67^ A M, Ogdensburgi N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ernest A Prentice, 98, Murray, Ky 

Rev John H Randall, 92, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Rev Harry W Reed, 80, LaCrosse, Wis 

Rev Fred S Retan, 89, Parkersburg, W Va 

Artemus W Reynolds, 85, Chester, Pa 

Prof Henry M Richmond, 85, AM, W J College, Liberty, Mo 
Adna W Risley, 94, 5724 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Rev Frank I Koscoe, 83, Dover Plains, N Y 

Hon Eugene A Rowland, 84, A M, 304 N George, Rome, N Y 

Rev Hugh O Rowlands, 72, Lincoln, Neb 

Rev Orison C Sargent, 78, Claremont, N H 

Cornelius E Schaible, 99, Hamilton, N Y 

Emanuel Schmidt, 94, University, Chicago, 111 
Rev Robert G Seymour, 66, D D, Sec, 1420 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Albert S Sheldon, 73, 1, Hamilton, N Y 

Hon George I Skinner, 89, A M, Bank Dept, Albany, N Y 

Herbert E Slaught, 83, t. University, Chicago, 111 

Rev William F Slocum, 78, A M, B D, Montour Falls, N Y 

George K Smith, 89, Newburgh, N Y 

Prof Herbert J Smith, 88, A M, Oswego, N Y 
Prof Kendall P Smith, 97, A M, 208 E JefiEerson, Syracuse, N Y 

Charles E Spencer, 90, 1, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev William A Stanton, 89, Kurnool, Madras 

Rev Henry B Steelman, 77, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Thomas E Stillman, 59, 54 Wall, NY City 

Rev Archibald H Sutphin, 92, 234 Pringle, Jackson, Mich 

Prof James M Taylor, 67, A M, LL D, Colgate, Hamilton, N Y 

James P Taylor, 95, Hamilton, N Y 

Prof Benjamin Terry, 78, University, Chicago, 111 

Henry Thompson, 72, 2 Wall, N Y Citv 

Rev Harvey R Traver, 66, Saratoga, N Y 

Charles W Underbill, 62, Hamilton, N Y 

Charles C Van Kirk, 84, 1, Greenwich, N Y 

Homer J Vosburgh, 86, t, Beaver Dam, Wis 

Prof Charles H A Wager, 92, Gambler, Ohio 
Edward F Waite, 80, LL M, 413 N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

Rev Albert E Wapple, 72, Albion, N Y 

Prof Ulysses G Weatherby, 90, Bloomington, 111 

William E Weed, 86, Herald office, Utica, N Y 

William F White, 93, t. New Paltz, N Y 

Edward E Whitford, 86, Brookfield, N Y 

Rev William C Whitford, 86, t, Alfred, N Y 

Rev Sheldon E Wilcox, 77, Osage, Iowa 

Frank M Williams, 95, C E, Durhamville, N Y 

Greorge A Williams, 80, t, 14 Peirce, Providence, R I 

William H Winegar, 96, 1, Saratoga, N Y 

Herbert D Winters, 95, Dundee, N Y 

Rev Idell H Wood, 93, Kearney, Neb 
Rev Eber A Woodsi 63, 320 Eddy, San Francisco, Calif % 

Digitized by 




Columbia University, New York City 

President, Prof J Howard Van Ararin^e, Ph D, L H D, LL D 
Vice-Pres, Prof Clarence Hoffman Young, Ph D 
Cor SeCy George C D Odell, Ph D 
Rec SeCy Prof William Hallock, Ph D 
Treasurer, Prof Philip E Brodt 

William J Adams, 75, E M, 434 Calif, San Francisco, Calif« 

Felix Adler, 70, Ph D, 123 E 60, N Y City 

Leon N Adler, 80, A M, Ph D, chemist, 100 William, NY City 

Edward H Apger, 83, A M, LL B, importer, 105 Hudson, N Y City 

Frank W Arnold, 81, 

Prof Sidney G Ashmore, 72, M A, 

Rev Robert A Ashworth, 92, 

Arthur DeL Ayrault, 88, t, 

Charles A Baker, 99, LL B, 

John C Baker, 84, 

Joseph E Baker, 82, 

Prof Charles S Baldwin, 88, 

Jared G Baldwin, Jr, 85, 1, 

James N Ballantine, 86, A M, 

Samuel Bandler, 92, M D, 

Francis S Bangs, 78, A M, banker, 

Frederic S Barnum, 79, A M, LL B, 

Harry F Barrell, 82, LL B, Ph D, 

Isaac B Barrett, 70, A M, 

Hon Willard Bartlett, 69, LL D, 

Rev William H Bawden, 93, 

James F Berry, 94, t, 

George L Bier, 92, A M, merchant, 

Nathan Bijur, 81, LL B, Ph D, 

Philip Bissell, 97, 

George E Blackwell, 80, A M, LL B, 

Rev Harry I Bodley, 75, 

Henry L feogert, 78, A M, LL B, 

John V Bouvier, Jr, 86, M A, LL B, 

Temple Bowdoin, 85, 

Harold H Bowman, 99, A M, 

William A Bradley, 99, A M, editor, 

Philip E Brodt, 97, 

Edward S Bronson, Jr, 92* 

Frank H Brooks, 97, 

3 Broad, N Y Ci^ 

Union College, Schenectady, N Y 

Bridgeton, N J 

Garden City, N Y 

294 Manhattan, N Y City 

Great Neck, N Y 

New Rochelle, N Y 

Yale, New Haven, Conn 

33 Wall, N Y City 

331 W 87, N Y City 

70 W 51, N Y City 

40 Wall, N Y City 

White Plains, N Y 

748 Broad, Newark, N J 

50 State, Albany, N Y 

N Y Supreme Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

Port Chester, N Y 

85 W 103, N Y City 

329 W 71, N Y City 

34 Nassau, N Y City 

112 W 40, N Y City 

63 Wall, N Y City 

New Britain, Conn 

99 Nassau, N Y City 

31 Nassau, N Y City 

23 Wall, N YCity 

130 Grove, Montclair, N J 

187 Lenox, N Y City 

758 West End, N Y City 

49 Garden Place, Brooklyn, N Y 

122 W 103, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Charles DeH Brower, 78, A M, LL B, 

Eugene C Brown, 97, 

JohnC Brown. 59, 

John A Browning-, 75, 

Henry A Burchell, Jr, 92, t, 

Frederic M Burr, 82, A M, adv agt, 

Dayton Burrill, 82, 

Prof Nicholas M Butler, 82, Ph D, 

George F Butterworth, 74, A M, LL B, 

David Caiman, 76, LL B, Ph D, 

Benjamin N Cardozo, 89, A M, 

Rev John W F Carlisle, 80, A M, 

Lewis B Carll, 70, 

Rev James Carter, 82, 

Frank P Church, 59, 

Howard Coghill, 80, 

Rev Oscar J Cohen, 86, A M, Rabbi, 

Clarence R Conger, 71, A M, LL B, 

Prof Walter W Cook, 94, A M, 

Hon Frederick R Coudert, 50, 

Frederick R Coudert, Jr, 90, 

Frederick Coykendall, 95, A M, 

Joseph F Crowell, 78, LL B, 

Lincoln Cromwell, 86, M A, 

B Farquhar Curtis, 78, M D, 

Holbrook Cushman, 78, 

W Bayard Cutting, 69, LL B, A M, 

William S Day, 84, 

10 Wall, N Y City 

22 Monroe, Brooklyn, N Y 

59 Wall, N Y City 

1 W 72, N Y City 

38 E 53, N Y City 

99 Nassau, N Y City 

48 Exchange Place, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

40 Wall, N Y City 

22 William, N Y City 

52 Broadway, N Y City 

284 Liberty, Newburgh, N Y 

67 Union, Jersey City, N J 

Williamsport, Pa 

46E30, NY City 

Morristown, N J 

1001 Mass Ave, El Paso, Tex 

37 Liberty, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

100 Broadway, N Y City 

71 Broadway, N Y City 

Sec Steamboat Co, 1 W 72, N Y City 

115 Broadway, N Y City 

1 Greene, N Y City 

7 E 41, N Y City 

337 W 22, N Y City 

32 Nassau, N Y City 

, , , 203 W 85, N Y City 

Prof Charles J Deghuee, 84, M A, L H D, 373 State, Brooklyn, N Y 
Hon Chauncey M Depew, h, 87, LL D, US Senate, Washington,D C 
Prof Francis H Dike, 97. A M, Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Rev Morgan Dix, 48, S T D, D C L, D D, 

Gustavus T Donnell, 89, 

William H Draper, 51, M D, LL D, 

Frank Drisler, 74, t. 

Prof Herman Drisler, 76, A M, LL B, 

Rev Cornelius R Duffie, 41, S T D, 

Prof William A Dunning, 81, A M, 

Mortimer L Earle, 86, t, 

Clarence C Edgerton, 72, LL B, 

Rev George D Egbert, 85, 

James C Egbert, Jr, 81, PhD, 

Prof Thomas Egleston, h, 69, 

Lewis Einstein, 98, M A, 

Channing EHery, 77, 

Hampton D Ewing, 88, A M, 

Thomas Ewing, Jr, 85, LL B, 

Jarvis R Fairchild, 88, A M, publisher, 

Edward S Field, 81, 

27 W 25, N Y City 

1 Nassau, N Y City 

19 E 47, N Y City 

9 E 49, N Y City 

9 E 49, N Y City 

263 Lexington, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Barnard, N Y City 

Cooperstown, N Y 

Cornwall, N Y 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

39 W 57, N Y City 

228 W 38, N Y City 

41 Wall, N Y City 

41 Wall, N Y City 

100 Wash Sq, N Y City 

80 Leonard, NY City 

Hon Stuyvesant Fish, 71, A M, Pres 111 Cent RR, 214 Broadway, N YCi^ 

Digitized by 




E Rodney Fiske, 92, M D, 488 Nostrand, Brooklyn, N Y 

John S Fiske, 90, merchant, 27 William, N Y City 

Prof Thomas S Fiske, 85, Ph D^ Columb Univ, N Y City 

Prof John D Fitzgerald, 95, (Columb Univ,) 57 Liberty, Newark, N J 

Harry H Flagler, 97, 

Lawrence B Fletcher, 77, Ph D, 

Rev Theodore B Foster, 79, A M, S T B, 

William D Foulke, 69, LL B, 

Arthur A Fowler, 99, merchant, 

Clarence W Francis, 77, LL B, 

Halstead H Frost, Jr, 83, A M, LL B, 

Albert R Gallatin, 91, A M, Elec Eng, 

William Gasten, 87, LL B, 

William O Gennert, 95, A M, LL B, 

Charles H Genung, 84, 

George B Germann, 95, t, 

H Starr Giddings, 1900, 

Samuel T Gilford, 86, LL B, 

William E Gilhooly, 70, LL B, 

Edwin J Gillies, 82, A M, merchant, 

George H Gilman, 87, LL B, 

C Franc Goddard, 87, LL B, 

John K Gore, 83, A M, 

Everett W Gould, 96, A M, M D, 

Pres Frank P Graves, 90, Ph D, LL D, 

Henry E Gregory, 78, LL B, 

Harold Griffing, "90, 

Prof Alfred Gudeman, 83, Ph D, 

Rev Percy F Hall, 88, 

Walter E Hallett, 83, 

William Hallock, 79, 

Frank S Halsey 82, M D, 

Oliver K Hand, 83, A M, 

William Harison, 91, A M, LL B, 

John S Harrison, 99, A M, 

Rev Leon Harrison, 86, 

Rev Charles H Hayes, 90, 

Harry Heilbrun, 86, 

Arthur P Heinze, 85, 

George S Hellman, 99, editor, 

Ambrose D Henry, 84, 

Frank L Henry, 82, 

William A Hervey, 93, 

Otto T Hess, 94, 

Frederic M Hinrichs, 74, 1, 

Charles F Hoffman, Jr, 78, A M, Real Estate, 

51 Park, NY City 

Marlborough, N Y 

85 West, Rutland, Vt 

Richmond, Ind 

60 E 68, N Y City 

31 Pine, N Y City 

18 Wall, N Y City 

58 W 55, N Y City 

287 Broadway, N Y Ci^ 

290 Broadway, N Y City 

Nutley, N J 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

150 W 79, NY City 

473 Lexington, N Y City 

5 Beekman, N Y Ci^ 

32 W 51, N Y City 

1507 Broadway, N Y City 

7 Pine, N Y City 

Orange, N J 

539 W 44, N Y City 

Univ Wash, Seattle, Wash 

214 Broadway, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Univ Penn, Philadelphia, Pa 

Catonsville, Md 

280 4th, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

123 W 69, N Y City 

101 Clark, Brooklyn, N Y 

62 William, N Y City 

72 William, Orange, N J 

4333 Wash, St Louis, Mo 

417 A, Washington, D C 

836 Broadway, N Y City 

45 William, N Y City 

36 W 75, N Y City 

74 Broadway, N Y City 

5 Wall, N Y City 

Roseville, N Y 

307 W 86, N Y City 

115 Broadway, N Y City 

31 W 72, N Y City 

Prof Washburn Hopkins, 78, Ph D, 235 Bishop, New Haven,Conn 

Stephen Y Howell, 77, 164 Franklin, Buffalo, N Y 

Prof Willard Humphreys, 88, A M, M D, Ph D, Univ, Princeton, N J 
Charles F Hurlburt, 78, 661 Prospect, Brooklyn, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



George B Hussey, 84, t, 

Francis Hustace, 71, A M, M D, 

Prof Frederic R Hutton, 73, Ph D, 

Greorg-e Hyatt, 85, A M, cashier, 

J E Hindon Hyde, 76, LL B, 

William H Hyde, 77, 

Edward Hynes, 91, 

Rev Robert I B lUmati, 85, 

John D Irving, 96, Ph D, 

Prof A V Williams Jackson, 83, Ph D, 

Prof Harold Jacoby, 85, 

Oswald N Jacoby, 90, 1, 

Rev Herman L Jaco, t, 87, 

Remsen Johnson, 89, 1, 

Edward W S Johnston, 86, 

Harry M Jones, 69, 

Charles C Kalbfleisch, 91, 

Stephen H Keating, 93, 1, 

Prof William A Keenerh, 95, 

Edmond Kelly, 70, 

Robert C Kemp, 85, M D, 

Greorge Kennedy, 74, 

Frederick P Keppel, 98, A M, 

William E Keyes, 72, 

Maulsby Kimball, 95, 

Landreth H King, 80, 

Willard V King, 89, 

Arthur C Kletach, 93, 

Charles Knapp, 87 t, 

Harry K Knapp, 85, 

Shepherd Knapp, 94, 

Walter C Kretz, 96, Ph D, 

Wilfred Lay, 93, t, 

Milton E Lehman, 80, 

Albert R Lesinsky, 96, 

Hon John H Livingston, 69, LL B, 

Campbell E Locke, 94, 

Jesse A Locke, 80, A M, literary work, 

Albert J Loder, 74, LL B, 

Hon Franklin B Lord, 70, A M, LL B, 

Pres Seth Low, 70, LL D, 

Frederic L Luqueer, 94, Ph D, t, 

Charles M Lum, 81, LL B, 

James A Lynch, 79, LL B, 

Edward P Lyon, 83, LL B, 

Barclay E McCarty, 84, 

Prof Nelson G McCrea, 85, M A, Ph D, 

Robert A McCullock, 96, arch, 

William D McKim, 75, M D, 

Edward P McMuUin, 93, 

East Orange, N J 

413 Madison, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Union Ferry Co, Brooklyn, N Y 

120 Broadway, N Y City 

105 E 61, N Y City 

340 W 24, N Y City 

S Meriden, Conn 

814 Conn, Washington, D C 

Columbia, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

140 Nassau, N Y City 

Ogowe, West Africa 

169 Broadway, N Y City 

8 Centre, N Y City 

29 E 30, NY City 

11 Wall, N Y City 

133 E 30, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

107 E 60, N Y City 

168 W 54, N Y City 

Beaver Falls, Pa 

Sec Columb Univ, 239 E 17, N Y City 

160 Broadway, N Y City 

38 W 34, N Y City 

Grand Cent Depot, N Y City 

30 Broad, N Y City 

34 E 60, N Y City 

Barnard, N Y City 

10 W 37, N Y City 

Southington, Conn 

133 W 129, N Y City 

1294 Lexington, N Y City 

4 Exchange, N Y City 

4 Warren, N Y City 

Clermont, Tivoli, N Y 

340 W 71, N Y City 

303 W 84, N Y City 

N E Terrace, Orange, N J 

120 Broadway, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

570 Bedford, Brooklyn N Y 

Prud Bid, Newark, N J 

99 Nassau, N Y City 

34 Nassau, N Y City 

Univ Club, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

76 W 82, N Y City 

50 E 53, N Y City 

521 W 161, N Y City 

Digitized by 




Leonard B McWhood, 93, 

John H Mag-bee, 72, M A, C E, 

Alfred L Manierre, 83, A M, LL B, 

Charles R Mann, 90, A M, 

Charles H Mapes, 85, ag^ chem, 

Victor Mapes, 91, 

Henry R Marshall, 73, M A, arch, 

Prof Walter T Marvin, 93, Ph D, 

William T Mason, 95, A M, LL B, 

Everett Masten, 85, 

Prof Brander Matthews, h, 93, 

Clarkson S Mead, 82, M D, 

Hon Edward Mitchell, 61, LL B, 

John M Mitchell, 77, A M, LL B, 1, 

Theodore C Mitchell, 86, t, 

Charles F Moody, 80, 

Robert S Morison, 70, 

Caldwell Morrison, 86, M D, 

James O Morse, Jr, 71, 

John H Mulch ahey, 79, 

George D Mumford, 89, 

William Newbrough, 80, A M, E M, 

Eben W Newton, 84, 1, 

Louis A Noble, 83, 1, 

Van Home Norrie, 85, M D, 

Edward A Northall, 79, 

George C D Odell, 89, A M, Ph D, 

Hammond Odell, 89, A M, 

David B Ogden, 69, LL B, 

George N Olcott, 93, t, Ph D, 

James L Onderdonk, 72, 

Charles A O'Neill, 80, LL B, 

Thomas S Ormiston, 75, LL B, 

Samuel D Osborne, 79, LL B, 

Geoffrey Parsons, 99, LL B, 

George B Parsons, 82, 

Edward L Patterson, 86, 

Prof Harry T Peck, 81, 

Prof Edward D Perry, 75, 

Edward M Perry, 84, 1, 

Joseph C Pfister, 89, t, 

Frederick D Philips, 80, 

Hon John B Pine, 77, LL B, 

Charles L Pollard, 93, 

Rev Elbert S Porter, 80, 

William R Powell, 88, A M, merchant. 

Prof John D Prince, 88, Ph D, 

Joseph M Proskaner, 96, 

Prof Michael Pupin, 83, 

Albert W Putman, 97, 1, 

136 Penn, Newark, N J 

222 Pacific, Jersey City, N J 

31 Nassau, N Y City 

University, Chicago, 111 

143 Liberty, N Y City 

60 W 40, N Y City 

3 W 29, N Y City 

Adelbert, 36 Knox, Cleveland, Ohio 

45 Broadway, N Y City 

45 William, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Portchester, N Y 

44 Wall, N Y City 

22 Broad, N Y City 

151 W 57, N Y City 

206 Broadway, N Y City 

42 Garden, Brooklyn, N Y 

Summit, N J 

Englewood, N J 

99 Nassau, N Y City 

11 William, N Y City 

Evanston, Wyom 

217 The Nasby, Toledo, Ohio 

115 Broadway, N Y City 

21 W 37, NY City 

108 W 45, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

35 Nassau, N Y City 

111 Broadway, N Y City 

Ridgefield, Conn 

326 Michigan, Chicago, 111 

159 W 132, N Y City 

7 Nassau, N Y City 

Mad Sq Garden, N Y City 

Hempstead, N Y 

505 5th, N Y City 

71 Wall, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

180 Calyer, Brooklyn, N Y 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

36 Wall, N Y City 

63 Wall, N Y City 

104 E 20, N Y City 

Bridgewater, Mass 

467 5th Av, N Y City 

N Y University, 31 W 38, N Y City 

138 W 97, NY City 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

16 W 77, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Graham F Putman, 88, 1, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Prof John D Quackenbos, 68, M D, Columb Univ, N Y City 
Head Master Louis D Ray, 82, MA, Ph D, Irving Sch, 35 W 84, N Y City 

Sylvanus A Reed, 74, Univ Club, N Y City 

Prof John K Rees, 72, A M, Ph D, Astronomy, 1 W 72, N Y City 

Rev Edward Riggs, 81, 1538 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa 

Reginald W Rives, 82, New Hamburgh, N Y 

Prof William L Robb, 80, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Claudius M Roome, 80, LL B, B D, The Nevada, N Y Citjr 

Rev Edward J Runk, 79, Cold Spring, N Y 

John A Ryerson, 85, 215 Wabash, Chicago, 111 

Rev William T Sabine, 59, 960 Madison, N Y City 

Prin Julius W Sachs, 67, Ph D, 38 W 59, N Y City 

William H Sage, 71, 156 Broadway, N Y City 

Benjamin A Sands, 74, A M, 1, 58 W 48, N Y City 

Prof Reginald H Sayre, 81, M D, 285 Sth Av, N Y City 

James H Schmelzel, 83, A M, merchant, 18 W 56, N Y City 

William W Scrugham, 80, 34 Warbiirton, Yonkers, N Y 

Eugene Seligman, 76, 1, Mills Bid, N Y City 

Prof Edwin R A Seligman, 79, Columb Univ, N Y City 

J Perry Seward, 90, M D, 113 W 85, N Y City 

Rt Rev George F Seymour, 50, S T D, Springfield, 111 

William R Shepherd, 93, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Edward L Short, 75, LL B, 59 Cedar, N Y City 

Henry A Short, 80, 78 Madison, N Y City 

Samuel T Skidmore, 86, Ph D, 71 W 50, N Y City 

John R Slack, 84, Grand Central Depot, N Y City 

Prof William M Sloane, h 98, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Frank B Smidt, 82, 54 Wall, N Y City 

Prof Charles S Smith, h, 87, 16 W 61, N Y City 

Clarence B Smith, 94, 1, 101 E 69, N Y City 

Prof Charles H Smyth, Jr, 88, Clinton, N Y 

Rev Henry M Smyth, 71, Gloversville, N Y 

Edwin H Snyder, 87, 210 Duane, N Y City 

Rev Joseph G Snyder, 86, 90 Sterling, Brooklyn, N Y 

Joel E Spingarn, 95, 118 E 58, N Y City 

Irvin A Sprague, 76, 97 Wall, N Y City 

Edward L Stabler, 85, 135 Willow, Brooklyn, N Y 

John B Stevens, 84, LL B, 146 Broadway, N Y City 

Samuel E Stilwell, 83, A M, Ph D, 1034 Garfield Bid, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev Richard S Storrs, h 87, D D, 80 Pierrepont, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Oscar S Straus, 71, LL B, L H D, NY City 

Lefferts Strebeigh, 73, LL B, 71 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev William D Street, 95, 567 Park, N Y City 

Sutherland Tenney, 73, 87 Madison, N Y City 

Franklin B Torrey, 81, 103 Second, Brooklyn, N Y 

Fitzhugh Townsend, 93, Knickerbocker Club, N Y City 

Rev Sidney H Treat, 93, M A, B D, South Lee, Mass 

Prof Milton H Turk, 86, Geneva, N Y 

George M Tuttle, 88, M D, 3509 Morgan, St Louis, Mo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Clarence W Vail, 92, Goshen, N Y 

Charles A Valadier, 92, 130 E 64, N Y City 
Prof J H Van Amring^e, 60, Ph D, LL D, L H D, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Robert B Van Cortlandt, 82, 33 Wall, N Y City 

Herbert T Wade, 93, 149 E 46, N Y City 

Jonathan M Wainwright, 84, Rye, N Y 

William I Walter, 81, A M, merchant, 115 W 57, N Y City 

Frank T Warburton, 85, A M, LL B, 63 Wall, N Y City 

Samuel B Ward, 51, M D, 135 Pearl, Albany, N Y 

Georgfe F Warren, Jr, 88, 1, 27 William, N Y City 

Edward F Weeks, 69, 64 Pine, N Y City 

Robert Weil, 85, LL B, 220 Broadway, N Y City 

Lemuel Whitaker, 81, A M, 4269 Viola, Philadelphia, Pa 

Leonard D White, 87, A M, banker, 39 E 74, N Y City 

Bache McE Whitlock, 73, LL B, 49 Wall, N Y City 

Norman Wilde, 89, Ph D, t, Univ Minn, Minneapolis, Minn 

Rev Leighton Williams, 76, LL B, M A, 312 W 54, N Y City 

Mornay Williams, 78, M A, LL B, 59 Wall, N Y City 

George N Williamson, 73, chem, 14 Dey, N Y City 

Dennistoun Wood, 70, A M, LL B, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Hon Stewart L Woodford, 54, LL D, D C L, 18 Wall, N YCity 

Thenford Woodhull, 69, LL B, 4 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev El wood Worcester, 86, M A, Ph D, S T D, D D, 1318 Locust, Fhil, Pa 

Samuel C Worthen, 98, A M, LL B, Corinna, Me 

Clarence H Young, 88, Ph D, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Franklin Zeiger, 98, 138 Park, Montclair, N J 

CoRNKLi* University, Ithaca, N Y 

President, Prof Herbert Charles Elmer, Ph D 

Vice-Pres, Prof James Morgan Hart, A M 

Sec and Treas, Prof George Prentice Bristol, A M 

Elbert J AUendorf , 87, 20 Exchange, N Y City 

Asa A Ailing, 83, LL B, 13 William, N Y City 

Charles W Ames, 78, LL B, Law Pub, 501 Grand, St Paul, Minn 

Charles H Anderson, 83, LL B, 719 Chestnut, St Louis, Mo 

Eugene P Andrews, 95, t, 132 E Mill, Ithaca, N Y 

George F Atkinson, 85, ^ 45 Stewart, Ithaca, NY 

Bessie Avery, 97, t, ' Forestville, N Y 

Clinton L Babcock, 95, Boonville, N Y 

Winifred Ball, 91, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Arthur W Barber, 95, 1, 227 W 122, N Y City 

Mrs Lucy Murray Barto, 92, Oak Park, 111 

Emma N Bassett, 84, t, Painted Post, N Y 

Digitized by 




Fred O Bates, 92, t, 

William O Bates, 75, Ph D, jour, 

Rev George F Behringer, 69, D D, 

Frank C Bentley, 91, 

George A Benton, 71, LL B, 

Emma L Berry, 90, t, 

William J Berry, 76, 

Chauncey H Bickford, 85, 

Albert A Bird, 93, 

Mrs Clara Smith Blood, 83, 

Prof Donaldson Bodine, 87, D Sc, 

Leona Bowman, 95, t, 

Margaret F Boynton, 95, 

Hon Charles T Brewer, 76, LL B, 

Alice H Bricker, 98, A M, t, 

Charles R Browning, 83, 

George L Burr, 81, 

Rose H Cahill, 86, Ph D, t, 

Prof Francis C Caldwell, 90, M E, 

Grace W Caldwell, 92, 

Charles R Cameron, 98, 

Mrs Harriet Heyl Cary, 81, M D, 

Hon Julius Chambers, 70, A M, ed Times^ 

Frances E Chapman, 99 t, 

Mabel A Clark, 97, 

Charles E Cooke, 97, 

Frederick V Coville, 87, A M, botanist, 

Thomas F Crane, h, 88, 

Leonard C Crouch, 89, 

Vernon L Davey, 75, Supt Sch, 

George M Davison, 92 t. 

Rev John P Deane, 90, 

Delbert H Decker, 84, 1, 

Charles H Deuohler, 90, manf , 

Henry M Dibble, 82, 

Julia C Doubleday, 83, Patent Office, 

John H Drown, 89, 

Clyde A Duniway, 92, t. 

Prof George M Dutcher, 97, A M, 

August H Edgren, 71, 

Katherine M Edwards, 88, t. 

Prof Herbert C Elmer, 83, 

Fred W Ely, 90, LL B, 

Hon Clarence H Esty, 76, LL B, 

Prof Frank S Fielder, 89, M D, *' 

Prof William A Finch, 80, LL B, 

Prof Willard C Fisher, 88, 

Mary R Fitzpatrick, 93, 

Frances E H Flint, 92, t, 

William H Flint, 74, M D, 

77 Reed, Detroit, Mich 

416 Jennings, Fort Worth, Texas 

Nyack, N Y 

Springfield, Mo 

Court House, Rochester, N Y 

373 Front, Oswego, N Y 

Forestville, N Y 

Adams, N Y 

Otto, N Y 

Warren, Pa 

Wabash, Crawfordsville, Ind 

East Hickory, Pa 

Lockport, N Y 

Cooperstown, N Y 

Lititz, Pa 

99 Chambers, N Y City 

Ithaca, N Y 

68 Putnam, Brooklyn, N Y 

Ohio Univ, Columbus, O 

11 Central, Ithaca, N Y 

LeRoy, N Y 

2935 Indiana, Chicago, 111 

223 S 16, Philadelphia, Pa 

Unadilla Falls, N Y 

HoUenbeck, Rochester, N Y 

Freehold, N Y 

AgT Dept, Washington, D C 

Central, Ithaca, N Y 

101 White, Syracuse, N Y 

East Orange, N J 

Gloversville, N Y 

New Haven, Conn 

141 Broadway, N Y City 

1442 Addison, Chicago, 111 

Aiken, S C 

Washington, D C 

1418 Wash, St Louis, Mo 

Stanford^ University, Calif • 

Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

1446 Q, Lincoln, Neb 

Wellesley, Mass 

Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

521 Mass Av, Buffalo, N Y 

Addingfton Road, Brookline, Mass 

33 W 93, N Y City 

Cascadilla Bid, Ithaca, N Y 

Middletown, Conn 

288 Clinton, Albany, N Y 

60W13, NY City 

Santa Barbara^ Calif # 

Digitized by 




Joseph B Foraker, 69, 

John Ford, 90, 

Herbert L Fordham, 94, 

Mrs Emma Eastman Foster, 73, 

Charles S Fowler, 88, civ service, 

Mrs Anna Barrett Fox, 93, 

Hon John Frankenheimer, 73, hh B, 

Hon Eugene Frayer, 76, A M, LL B, 

Prin Herbert H Gadsby, 86, Ph D, 

William J Gardinier, 93, 1, 

Charles R Gaston, 96, t, 

William H Glasson, 96, 

Harold P Goodrow, 95, 

Rev Arthur H Grant, 87, 

Edith Grant, 82, 

Albert R Greene, 70, 

Percy Hagrerman, 90, 

James A Haight, 79, 

Prof James P Hall, 94, LL B, 

Samuel D Halliday, 70, 

Clarence O Harris, 98, t, 

Gilbert D Harris, 66, 

George W Harris, 73, librarian, 

RoUin A Harris, 85, Coast Survey, 

James M Hart, h, 88, 

Royal S Haynes, 99, M D, 

Vesta V Heywood, 97, A M, t, 

Pres Elijah C Hills, 92, A M, 

Jessica M Hitchcock, 97, 

Prof Helen E Hoag, 94, A M, 

Supt Fox Holden, 72, A M, LL B, 

Clinton T Horton, 98, 1, 

Hon William B Hoyt, 81, LL B, 

Mrs Jessie Bunting Huestis, 94, 

Prof Charles H Hull, 86, Ph D, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

122 W 94, N Y City 

143 W 104, N Y City 

51 ISth, Lowell, Mass 

Albany N Y 

The Westgate, Buffalo, N Y 

20 Broad, N Y City 

141 Broadway, N Y City 

Drury H S, North Adams, Mass 

12 Prospect, Herkimer, N Y 

120 Oak, Ithaca, N Y 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Ithaca, N Y 

Montclair, N J 

10 W 30, N Y City 

Cowesett, R I 

Colorado Springs, Col 

Olympia, Wash 

558 Ellicott Sq, Buffalo, N Y 

110 E Seneca, Ithaca, N Y 

Peekskill, N Y 

43 Stewart, Ithaca, N Y 

3 Grove, Ithaca, N Y 

Washington, D C 

Reservoir, Ithaca, N Y 

449 Greene, Brooklyn, N Y 

991 Mass Av, Cambridge, Mass 

Rollins Coll, Winter Park, Fla 

5 Grove, Ithaca, N Y 

College, Elmira, N Y 

City Schools, Olean, N Y 

Morgan Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

841 Delaware, Buffalo, N Y 

Crown Point, N Y 

413 E Buffalo, Ithaca, N Y 

5722 Market, Philadelphia, Pa 

John H Humphries, 83, 

Mrs Julia Thomas Irvine, 75, M A, Litt D, Wellesley, Mass 

Joseph M Jameson, 93, t, Pratt Inst, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Henry C Johnson, 73, A M, LL B, 21 Prospect, Cortland, N Y 

Florence M Kelley, 82, 105 E 22, N Y City 

Prof Robert J Kellogg, 91 312 W Main, Richmond, Va 

Daniel C Knowlton, 98, A M, library, Cornell, 59 N Tioga, Ithaca, N Y 
Benjamin Kuykendall, Jr, 87, LL B, ' Towanda. N Y 

Carlton E Ladd, 93, 170 Niagara, Buffalo, N Y 

• ^:W#t^***BW^2 Landfield, 94, \^^, C aitJLiitt, ' ; 9 1 Stuyn^nunt, ¥iiis4i tmi()U, - W ¥ ■ 
^ Mary C Lane, 98, A B, t, 1 Juniper, Lockport, N Y 

Antoinette Lawrence, 89, t, 126 Thorn, Sewickley, Pa 

Ernest G Lorenzen, 98, 145 Franklin, New Rochelle, N Y 

Herbert M Lovell, 87, LL B, 405 Robinson Bid, Elmira, N Y 

William E Lucas, 77, 1320 E Superior, Duluth, Minn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Mary E Macauley, 98, A M, t, 

James McCall, 85, A M, LL B, 

Willis G McDowell, 76, 

DeWitt H McGraw, 83, 

Prof George H McKnight, 92, Ph D, 

Prof James McMabon, h, 91, AM, 

Vojta P Mashek, 89, lumberman, 

Hiram J Messenger, 80, Ph D, 

Rachael E Meyer, 86, 

Herbert E MiUholen, 89, 

Edmund J Moflfat, 79, 

Prof Benton S Monroe, 96, A M, 

Elmon L Monroe, 84, t, 

John R Mott, 88, M A, Gen Sec Stu, Fed, 

Prof Fayette E Moyer, 96, Ph B, 

Isadore G Mudge, 97, 

Chester Murray, 99, Ph B, 

Ruth A Nelson, 97, 

Benjamin H Newell, 93, 1, 

Clark S Northup, 93, t, 

Algernon S Norton, 86, LL B, 

Frederick W Noyes, 76, 

George W Noyes, 92, A M, Pub, 

Mrs Irene N Noyes, 95, 

Philip Ogden, 91, 

Henry C Olmsted, 85 1, 

Margaret Otis, 93, t. 

Prof Anna H Palmie, 90, W R U, 

Charles H Parshall, 89, ed pub. 

Prof Charles W D Parsons, 97, A M, 

Henry J Patten, 84, Ph B, grain com, 

Sarah Pearson, 93, t, Gk and Lat, 

Charles Perrine, 93, t, 

Mary M Pitcher, 79, A M, 

Ira A Place, 81, 

Adolphus L Rader, 72, LL B, 

Prof Charles H Rammelkamp, 96, Ph D, 

Hon John A Rea, 69, A M, 

Bertha P Reed, 91, t, 

Nellie M Reed, 95, t, 

Charles M Rexford, 78, 

48 S Union, Rochester, N Y 

Bath, Steuben Co, N Y 

Syracuse, N Y 

96 Court, Binghamton, N Y 

State Univ, Columbus, Ohio 

Cornell Univ, Ithaca, N Y 

Laflin and 22nd, Chicago, 111 

Trav Ins Co, Hartford, N Y 

124 E 81, N Y City 

Evening Post, N Y City 

Cooper Bid, Denver, Col 

Cornell, Romulus, N Y 

Columbus, Pa 

3 W 29, N Y City 

Fort Plain, N Y 

189 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Tottenville, S I, N Y 

510 W 143, N Y City 

80 Broadway, N Y City 

Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

261 Broadway, N Y City 

Dansville, N Y 

503 W 138, N Y City 

503 W 138, N Y City 

1314 Park, Baltimore, Md 

Phelps Bk Bid, Binghamton, N Y 

46 Brighton, Rochester, N Y 

2531 Euclid, Cleveland, O 

Cooperstown, N Y 

57 East Ave, Middletown, N Y 

Bd Trade Bid, Chicago, 111 

27 S Hamilton, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

685 Wales, N Y City 

325 Main, Oswego, N Y 

Grand Central Sta, N Y City 

Hillside, St Louis, Mo 

Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

Olympia, Wash 

Millbrook, N Y 

Packer Inst, Brooklyn, N Y 

6 Massey, Watertown, N Y 

Prud Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

471 Ashland, St Paul, Minn 

86 S Oxford, Brooklyn, N Y 

Ezra P Reynolds, 94, 1, 
Rev Dudley W Rhodes, 69, 
William C Richardson, 99, A B, t, 

Mary L Robbins, 91, • 1708, 15th N W, Washington, D C 

Mrs Emma Sellew Roberts, 77, AM, * Ches Sem, N Chili, N Y 

Minnie H Robertson, 96, Cherry Creek, N Y 

Agnes A Rogers, 88, 87 Prince, Rochester, N Y 

Helen A Root, 96, missionary, Jaffna, Ceylon 

Clara G Rowley, 97, Ph B, t, 3031 Dauphin, Philadelphia, Pa 

Digitized by 




Kennedy F Ruber, 90, IS John, Owego, N Y 

Sarah J Russel, 79, 179 N Broadway, Yonkers, N Y 

William C Russel, 80, A M, jour. Record office, Philadelphia, Pa 

Ernest E Russell, 84, 

Isaac H Russell, 86, t, 

James E Russell, 87, t, 

Col Henry W Sackett, 75, LL B, 

Frederic P Schoonmaker, 91, LL B, 

Pres Jacob G Schurman, 1, 88, LL D, 

Florence C Seeley, 85, 

Amelia Shapleigh, 91, 

Mrs Emma Gilbert Shorey, 90, 

Edward A Simons, 79, 

Mrs Mary Roberts Smith, 80, 

Charlotte Smith, 88 t, 

Prof Theobald Smith, 81 M D, 

Hon William Hazlitt Smith, 73 LL B, 

Alice M Southworth, 96, t, 

Andrew Spencer, 88, 1, 

Prof Henry C Stanclift, 89, Ph D, 

Edward L Stevens, Jr, 99, 

Stoddard M Stevens, 85, 

Caroline H Swartout, 92, t 

Harry L Taylor, 88, LL B, 

Harry L Taylor, 98, A M, 

Perry P Taylor, 89 LL B, 

Martha Carey Thomas, 77, 

Charles M Thorp, 84, 1, 

Mrs Jessie Boulton Thorp, 83, 

Prof Charles H Thurber, 89, A M, 

Daniel J Tompkins, 75, 

Stiles A Torrance, 94, A M, editor, 

Edward C Townsend, 93, t, 

Lewis H Tuthill, 84, A M, t, 

Frank P Uflford, 96, 1, 

Arthur L K Volkmann, 77, 

Arthur C Wakeley, 78, LL B, 

Hon Adna F Weber, 94, Ph D, 

Oscar D Weed, 84, 

Mrs Alice Goddard West, 81, 

Frank C Whitney, 80, 

Royal E Wilbur, 87, 

Prof Charles S Williams, 98, A M, 

Roger H Williams, 95, banker, 

Prof Charles B Wilson, 84, A M, 

El Paso, Texas 

North East, Pa 

Teachers, N Y City 

Tribune Bid, N Y City 

124 Congress, Bradford, Pa 

Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

4 Joslyn, Rochester, N Y 

West Lebanon, Me 

5516 Woodlawn, Chicago, 111 

147 Park, Buffalo, N Y 

Stanford University, Cal • 

High School, Nostrand, Buffalo, N Y 

Harvard Med, Forest Hills, Mass 

7 Sav Bk Bid, Ithaca, N Y 

Holley, N Y 

Milf ord, N Y 

Cornell Coll, Mt Vernon, Iowa 

Rome, N Y 

Rome, N Y 

Kalamazoo, Mich 

Morgan Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

Hamburg, N Y 

600 Carleton Bid, St Louis, Mo 

Bryn Mawr, Pa 

450 4th, Pittsburgh, Pa 

450 4th, Pittsburgh, Pa 

University, Chicago, 111 

111 Broadway, N Y City 

100 Wash Sq, N Y City 

Columbus, N C 

Homer, N Y 

4 Carver, Cambridge, Mass 

Brookline, Mass 

N Y Life Ins Bid, Omaha, Neb 

Labor Com Stat, Albany, N Y 

11 William, N Y City 

4 Homestead, Worcester, Mass 

313 Oakland, Austin, Texas 

61 S N W, Washington, D C 

Groton, N Y 

31 Nassau, N Y City 

Univ, 919 College, Iowa City, Iowa 

Pres George T Winston, 74, LL D, N C College, Raleigh, N C 

Hon Thomas Worthington, 73, LL B, Jacksonville, 111 

Prof Ellsworth D Wright, 87, Ph D, College, Appleton, Wis 

Letitia E Young, 97, A M, t, High School, 149 Adams, Rochester, N Y 
Lou E Young, 98, 35 Proepect, Glorersrillc, N Y 

Digitized by 




Dartmouth Coli^kge, Hanover, N H 

President, Prin Cecil F P Bancroft, Ph D, Litt D, LL D 
Vice-'Pres, Prof Charles Francis Richardson, Ph D 
Secretary, Prof Greorge Dana Lord, Ph D 
Treasurer, Prof Herbert Darling Foster, . 
Marshall, Col Stephen M Crosby, LL D 
Chaplain, Rev Levi Henry Cobb, D D 

(distinguished members who have died) 

Samuel C Bartlett, Theologian, President of Dartmouth, 

Charles H Bell, Governor of N H, Senator of United States 

Samuel Bell, Governor of New Hampshire 

Salmon P Chase, United States Senator, Governor of Ohio 

Martin Chittenden, Governor of Vermont 

Ruf us Choate, Lawyer, Orator 

Daniel Clark, Senator of the United States 

Alpheus Crosby, Linguist, Teacher 

Nelson Dingley, Governor of Maine, Legislator 

William Eaton, General in United States Army 

George P Marsh, Essayist, Diplomatist 

Reut^n D Mussej, Physician and Surgeon 

Joel Parker, Jurist 

James W Patterson, Senator of the United States 

Edmund B Peaslee, Physician and Surgeon 

Ebenezer Porter, President of Andover Theological Seminary 

Samuel H Taylor, Educator 

George Ticknor, Teacher, Author 

Daniel Webster, Statesman, Orator 

Levi Woodbury, Governor of N H, Senator of the United States 

Rev Ephrain E E P Abbott, 63, 

Ira A Abbott, 70, 

Rev Justin E Abbott, 76, missionary, 

William T Abbott, 90, 

Arthur A Adams, 94> C E, 

Prof Charles D Adams, 77, Ph D, 

Rev Ephraim Adams, 39, D D, 

Melvin O Adams, 71, 

Prof Myron W Adams, 81, Ph D, 

Orange H Adams, 61, M D, 

Chala Vista, Calif ' 

Haverhill, Mass 

Bombay, India 

Y M C A Bid, Peoria, 111 

Supt Streets, Springfield, Mass 

Hanover, N H 

626 Park Av, Waterloo, Iowa 

Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Atlanta, Ga 

Vineland, N J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon John A Aiken, 74, judge, Greenfield, Mass 

Georg-e I Aldrich, 75, Newtonville, Mass 

Edwin H Allen, 85, M D, 37 Hancock, Boston, Mass 

Prof Frederick J Allen, 80, A M, Franklin Falls, N H 

Fred L Allen, 74, White River Junction, Vt 

John E Allen, 94, Keene, N H 

Rev John H Allen, 70, D D, 29 Farewell, Newport, R I 

Fisher Ames, 69, 220 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif* 

David A Anderson, 68, North Adams, Mass 

Hans P Anderson, 86, A M, Sec Int Y M C A, 3 W 29, N Y City 

Addison F Andrews, 78, A M, news and jour, 18 E 22, N Y City 

Charles C Applegate, 79, Lawrenceville, 111 

Arthur D Arnold, 93, Stoughton, Mass 

Abraham L Artz, 88, ins, S3 State, Boston, Mass 

William T Atwood, 99, A M, t. New Market, N H 

Prof John P Averill, 42, M A, 48 Church, Concord, N H 

Benjamin F Ayer, 46, LL D, 78 Michig^an, Chicag-o, 111 

Rev Franklin D Ayer, 56, D D, 3739 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Jeremiah E Ayers, 63, AM, 541 S 12, Denver, Col 

Prof Charles A Bacon, 83, A M, College, 641 Church, Beloit, Wis 

George P Bacon, 87, t, 741 Church, Beloit, Wis 

Edward G Bailey, 79, C E, 100 Broadway, N Y City 

Capt Fisher A Baker, 59, 2 Wall, N Y City 

Rufus H Baker, 93, LL B, 88 N Main, Concord, N H 

Prof Frank A Balch, 94, A M, Norwich University, Northfield, Vt 

Samuel P Baldwin, 92, LL B, 736 Prospect^ Cleveland, Ohio 
Prin Cecil FP Bancroft, 60, PhD, LittD, LLD, Phil Acad, Andover, Mass 

Solon Bancroft, 64, 23 Court, Boston, Mass 

Prof Theodore M Barber, 70, A M, 4710 Beuvenne, Pittsburg, Pa 

Hon James Barrett, 38, LL D, Rutland, Vt 

Hon William E Barrett, 80, 248 Washington, Boston, Mass 

J Whitney Barston, 46, M D, 6 E 9, N Y City 

George K Bartholmew, 58, Ph D, 501 Third, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Prof Edwin J Bartlett, 72, M D, Hanover, N H 

Horace E Bartlett, 60, Haverhill, Mass 

Rev Samuel C Bartlett, 87, missionary, Tottori, Japan 

Hon William H Bartlett, 71, A M, West Un Bid, Chicago, 111 

Prof Herbert J Barton, 76, A M, Univ 111, Champaign, 111 

Edwin A Bayley, 85, 47 Court, Boston, Mass 

Charles H Beckett, 81, 100 Broadway, N Y Citj 

A E Beebee, 90, A M, lumber manuf, McMillan, Wis 

Joshua W Beede, 58, M D, Auburn, Me 
John D Bell, 89, AM, US Surv, Gen Office, 2041, 9, Boise City, Idaho 
Louis P Benezet, 99, A M, t, High School, 500 Bradley, Peoria, 111 

Jay B Benton, 90, editor, 324 Washington, Boston, Mass 
Prof Albert S Bickmore, 60, AM, Ph D, Museum Nat His, N Y City 

George D Bigelow, 73, 73 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

George W Bingham, 63, Derry, N H 

Rev William Bird, 44, missionary, Aintab, Turkey 

Prof Marvin D Bisbee, 71, Hanover, N H 

Digitized by 



Henry P Blair, 87, A M, LL B, 213 E Capitol, Washington, D C 

George W Blaisdell, 78, M D, Manchester, Mass 

Hon Barton P Blake, 63, A M, 11th and Market, Philadelphia, Pa 

Herbert A Blake, 91, t, 9 Almy, Providence, R I 

David N Blakely, 89, M D, City Hospital, Boston, Mass 

Gilbert S Blakely, 88, A M, 2678 Creston, N Y City 

Quincy Blakely, 94, B D, S Glastonbury, Conn 

Hon Caleb Blodgett, 56, LL D, Justice Sup Court Mass, Boston, Mass 
Hon Samuel R Bond, SS, A M, LL B, 13 Iowa Circle, Washington, DC 
Hon John B Bouton, 49, A M, author, 21 Craigie, Cambridge, Mass 
William C Bouton, 85, M D, 210 Grand. Waukegan, 111 

Perry S Boynton, 90, A M, M D, 103 W 84, N Y City 

Prof Frank P Brackett, 87, A M, Ph D, Pom Coll, Claremont, Califs 
Prof Charles F Bradley, 73, D D, Bib Inst, 1745 Hinman, Evanston, 111 
Charles A Braley, 83, 7th and Wyandotte, Kansas City, Mo 

Hon John L Brewster, 61, A M, Andover, Mass 

Alton E Briggs, 85, t, Chelsea, Mass 

Charles H Brock, 88, 418 Olive, St Louis, Mo 

Hon John G Brooks, 48, M D, Belfast, Me 

Abram Brown, 67, t, 1068 Franklin, Columbus, Ohio 

Albert O Brown, 78, 1, Manchester, N H 

Prof Francis Brown, 70, Ph D, D D, U T S, 700 Park Ave, N Y City 
Hon John P Brown, 60, M D, Supt Hospital, Taunton, Mass 

David H Brown, 61, M A, publisher, 76 Summer, Boston, Mass 

Supt Jonathan I Buck, 89, Schools, Lexington, Mass 

Will P Buckley, 87, Lancaster, N H 

Hon Charles A Bunker, 64, Prin State Normal School, Castleton, Vt 
Eugene D Burbank, 91, A M, Box 66, Ginn & Co, Des Moines, Iowa 

William R Burleigh, 72, 100 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Prof Wilder L Burnap, 63, Burlington, Vt 

Hon Henry E Burnham, 65, judge, 1911 Elm, Manchester, N H 

Sherman E Burroughs, 94, LL B, Manchester, N H 

Rev John H Butler, 73, Somerset, Mich 

Alfred H Campbell, 77, t, Plymouth, N H 

Cassius S Campbell, 68, t, Derry, N H 

Hon Richard C Campbell, 86, A M, ed /? Mt News, Denver, Col 

Prof Isaac N Carleton, 59, A M, Ph D, Bradford, Mass 

Burt W Carr, 97, Hanover, N H 

Nathan F Carter, 53, Concord, N H 

Albion F Cate, 67, 502 Merrimac, Manchester, N H 

Rev Carter E Cate, 70, 1402 Westminster, Providence, R I 

Edward F Cate, 82, 1, Wolfeborough, N H 

Charles F Caverly, 78, M D, 9 Court, Rutland, Vt 

Rev Charles Caverno, 54, A M, D D, LL D, Lombard, 111 

Hon Harrison E Chadwick, 58, A M, 10 Salem, Bradford, Mass 

Hon Mellen Chamberlain, 44, A M, LL D, Libr, Judge, Chelsea, Mass 
Prof Charles H Chandler, 68, Ripon, Wis 

Arthur H Chase, 86, librarian, Concord, N H 

Charles F Chase, 85, C E, E Berlin, Conn 

Hon Charles P Chase, 69, A M, Treas Dart, Hanover, N H 

Digitized by 




Hon Henry Chase, SO, A M, Agt N E W W, 28 School, Boston, Mass 
Henry M Chase, Jr, 97, 61 Bradford, Lawrence, Mass 

Hon William M Chase, 58, L L B, Justice Supreme Court, Concord, N H 
Prof Charles H Churchill, 45, D D, author, Seattle, Wash 

Rev Edward W Clark, 44, 
Rev Francis E Clark, 73, D D, 
Hon Greenleaf Clark, 55, 
Isaiah R Clark, 73, 
Hon John H Clark, 57, LL D, 
Hon Lewis W Clark, 50, 
Rev Thomas, M Clark, h, 63, 
Newton D Clarke, 95, 
Fred C Cleveland, 95, 1, 
Henry B Closson, 79, 

Westboro, Mass 

Auburndale, Mass 

SO Gilfillan Bid, St Paul, Minn 

23 Court, Boston Mass 

Medical Direct U S N, Amherst, N H 

Manchester, N H 

Providence, R I 

Putney, Vt 

Lancaster, N H 

, . Ill Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Moses T Clough, 34, A M, LL B, 17 First, Troy, N Y 

Rev Levi H Cobb, 54, A M, D D, Sec Cong Bid Soc, 222 W 23, N Y City 

Rev Warren R Cochrane, 59, A M, D D, 

Hon William N Cohen, 79, A M, LL D, 

Herbert E Colby, 91, 

Rev John Colby, 52, 

James M Colson, Jr, 83, A M, t, 

Prin John M Comstock, 77, A M, Ph D, 

Levi L Conant, 79, t, 

Osmyn P Conant, 79, A M, Publisher, 

John S Connor, 65, Judge, 

Antrim, N H 

22 William, N Y City 

Danville, N H 

Fitzwilliam, N H 

271 Harrison, Petersburg, Va 

Acad, Chelsea, Vt 

Worcester, Mass 

70, 5th, N Y City 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon Phineas S Connor, 59, M D, LL D, 104 E Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Charles B Converse, 63, A M, M D, 

Rev William A C Converse, 57, 

Capt Albert W Cooke, 69, A M, Real Est, 

Charles H Cooper, 77, A M, t, 

Hon Samuel B G Corser, 41, A M, 

Rev Carl H Corwin, 87, 

Supt Edward Cowles, 59, M D, LL D, 

Guy W Cox, 93, LL B, 

Prof Isaac J Cox, 96, A M, 1935 N 

James A Cox, 96, 

Louis S Cox, 96, 

Hon and Col De Witt C Cram, 50, 

Rev Henry C Crane, 69, 

Rev Philip W Crannell, 82, A M, 

Supt Ernest T Critchett, 65, A M, 

Hon Stephen M Crosby, 49, A M, Banker, 

Allen C Cummings, 92, 

George J Cummings, 69, 

Hon Horace S Cummings, 62, LL B, 

Mott A Cummings, 82, 

Pres Amos N Currier, 56, A M, LL D, 

Rev Henry I Cushman, 65, A M, S T D, 

Hon Sullivan M Cutcheon, 56, LL D, 

Rev Calvin Cutler, 56, 

Jersey City, N J 

Lyme, N H 

31 State, Boston, Mass 

Mankato, Minn 

Boscawen, N H 

306, 8, Calumet, Mich 

Somerville, Mass 

Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Flores, San Antonio, Texas 

213 W Canton, Boston, Mass 

213 W Canton, Boston, Mass 

Custom House, Dubuque, Iowa 

East Norton, Mass 

Corning, N Y 

Schools, New Ulm, Minn 

60 State, Boston, Mass 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

Howard Univ, Washington, D C 

1756 K, N W, Washington, D C 

Winchester, Mass 

Iowa City, Iowa 

11 Euclid, Providence, R I 

51 Edmund, Detroit, Mich 

Auburndale, Mass 

Digitized by 




Rev Charles Cutler, 52, D D, 

Hon Edward S Cutter, 44, A M, LL B, 

Prof Charles L Dana, 72, M D, 

John C Dana, librarian, 

William S Dana, 71, 

Supt George H Danforth, 80, 

Rev Ozora S Davis, 89, 

Rev William H Davis, 74, D D, 

Joseph A DeBoer, 84, M A, Actuary, 

James H Dennv, 59, M D, 

Edgar A DeWitt, 82, A M, Business, 

Rev Myron P Dickey, 74, 

Rev James M Dickson, S3, D D, 

Frank E Dimick, 71, 1, 

Hon James Dinsmoor, 41, LL D, 

Frank P Dodge, 95, 

Prin Frederick W Doring, 83, A M, 

Vernon A Doty, 92, B L, Business, 

Rev William W Dow, 61, A M, 

Prank E Drew, 97, 

Charles G Du Bois, 91, 

Prof EmiliusC Dudley, 73, A M, M D, 

George E Duffy, 94, manuf, 

Joseph H Dunbar, 79, 

Hon De Witt C Duncan, 61, LL B, 

Dana M Dustan, 80, A M, 

George Dutton, 55, M D, 

Rev John M Dutton, 73, 

Prof Earl Eastman, 99, B L, 

Pres John Eaton, 54, LL D, 

Hon Joseph G Edgerly, 67, A M, 

Rev T Merrill Edmands, 83, A M, 

Benjamin F Ellis, 89, 

Talmadge, Ohio 

76 Main, Nashua, N H 

50 W 46, N Y City 

Springfield, Mass 

Turners Falls, Mass 

Schools, Greenfield, Mass 

Springfield, Vt 

Newton, Mass 

Montpelier, Vt 

Vienna, Austria 

Dallas, Texas 

Milton, N H 

Brooklyn, N Y 

10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Sterling, 111 

Latin School, Roxbury, Mass 

High School, Woonsocket, R I 

Bradford, Vt 

Portsmouth, N If 

243 Washington, Boston, Mass 

259 S Clinton, Chicago, 111 

1617 Indiana, Chicago, 111 

N Andover, Mass 

S Woodstock, Vt 

Vinita, Indian Ter 

Marion, Mass 

52 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Newport, Vt 

New Preston, Conn 

Supt Schools, Porto Rico 

Supt Schools, Fitchburg, Mass 

Mankato, Minn 

104 Perry, Peoria, 111 

Prof Charles F Emerson, 68, Ph D, Dean Dartmouth, Hanover, N H 

Edwards D Emerson, 84, 

Charles W Emery, 75, 

Prof Fred P Emery, 87, 

Natt M Emery, 95, M A, t, 

Lee F English, 88, 1, 

Rev William F English, 82, 

George W Estabrook, 61, 

Clinton B Evans, 73, 

Rev Arthur Fairbanks, 86, 

Rev Henry Fairbanks, 53, 

Samuel M Fairfield, 76, 

Hon Lewis G Farmer, 72, LL B, 

Jonathan B Farnsworth, 53, 

Charles S Farrar, 50, publisher, 

Rev Franklin E Fellows, 55, A M, 

Hon Brayton A Field, 78, A M, LL B, 

17 E Swan, Buffalo, N Y 
1155, 23rd, Oakland Califs 

Hanover, N H 

129 Wall, Bethlehem, Pa 

115 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

East Windsor, Conn 

82 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

115 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

Ithaca, N Y 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

63 Park, NY City 

5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Windsor, Vt 

79 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

55 Otis, Norwich, Conn 

Watcrtown, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Prof Martin H Fish, 52, Temple, N H 

Rev James C Flanders, 84, Woodsville, N H 

Prof Robert Fletcher, h, 68, Hanover, N H 

Robert H Fletcher, 96, Hanover, N H 

William W Flint, 71, t, St Paul, Concord, N H 

Charles W Floyd, 85, 87 P O Bid, Boston, Mass 
Prof John A FoUett, 57, M D, Dean, Boston Dental Coll, Brookline, Mass 

Henre H Folsom, 92, 1, 209 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Rev Omar W Folsom, 69, Bath, Me 

Rev William B Forbush, 88, Charlestown, Mass 

Daniel Ford, 99, 37 West, Hyde Park, Mass 

Rev David Foster, 49, D D, Winchendon, Mass 

Prof Herbert D Foster, Hanover, N H 

John French, 86, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Warren C French, Jr, 80, 1, 115 Broadway, N Y City 

Warren K French, 95, Park Hill, N H 

Prof Albert E Frost, 72, Winthrop, Pittsburgh, Pa 

Prof Edwin B Frost, 86, Williams Bay, Wis 

Prof Oilman D Frost, 86, Hanover, N H 

Hon Walter C Frost, 76, 4 N Nevada, Colorado Springs, Col 

Prof A L Fuller, 86, Ph D, Greek, Adelbert, Cleveland, Ohio 

Pres Homer T Fuller, 64, Ph D, D D, Drury, Springfield, Mo 

Rev William F Furman, 80, A M, Wilton, N H 

Charles C Gardner, 87, banker, Sargent, Neb 

Rev Owen H Gates, 83, Ph D, Dorset, Vt 

Matthew Gault, 90, C E, City Hall, Worcester, Mass 

James T Gerould, 95, Librafy Columb Univ, N Y City 

Prof John H Gerould, 90, Ph D, Hanover, N H 

John P Giflford, 94, M D, Coos, N H 

Prof George H Gilbert, 78, D D, Chicago, 111 

Ernest S Gile, 95, advertising, 19 High, Boston, Mass 

Prof John M Gile, 87, A M, M D, Hanover, N H 

Burton S Gilman, 91, Gardner, Mass 

William Gibbon, 94, A B, merchant and planter, Egremont, Miss 

John T Gibson, 64, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

George W Glass, 87, Concord, N H 

Rev George Gleason, 61, Haverhill, Mass 

George Goodhue, 76, M D, 133 N Perry, Dayton, Ohio 

Rev Henry A Goodhue, 57, Westminster, Vt 

Nathaniel Gordon, 41, Exeter, N H 

Charles H Gould, 92, 1, 2 Wall, N Y City 

Hon Frank P Goulding, 63, A M, LL B, Worcester, Mass 

Hon Arthur P Greeley, 83, LL M, Pat office, Washington, D C 

Hon William B Greeley, 81, LL B, 38 Park Row, N Y City 

Rev Daniel C Greene, 64, D D, missionary, Tokio, Japan 

Joseph W Grosvenor, 59, A M, M D, 118 Plymouth Ave, Buffalo, N Y 

Prof Frederick O Grover, 90, A M, Botany, Oberlin, Ohio 

Edward L Gulick, 83, t, Lawrenceville, N J 

Sidney L Gulick, 83, missionary, Matzuvama, Japan 

William T Gunnison, 92, LL B, Rochester, N H 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Amos Hadley, 44, 

Albert E Hallock, 87, LL B, 

Hon William H Haile, 56, LL D, banker, 

Arthur H Hale, 86, banker, 

Edwin B Hale, 65, 

Hon John C Hale, 57, LL D, judge, 

William P Hale, 89, 1, 

Charles C Hall, 65, M A, Journalist, 

Capt Daniel Hall, 54, 

Edward K Hall, 92, 1, 

Rev Newton M Hall, 88, 

Ernest G Ham, 94, t, 

Thomas C Ham, 96, 

Hon Alfred K Hamilton, 63, M A, 

Charles B Hammond, 77, M D, 

Harry H Hanson, 86, 

Hon Arthur S Hardy, h 79, Ph D, 

Ashley K Hardy, 94, 

Rev George Hardy, 60, 

Henry W Hardy, 97, 

Hon John H Hardy, 70, 

George R Harlow, 78, C E, 

Hon Benjamin S Harmon, 82, LL B, 

Hiram P Harriman, 69, 

William L Harris, 96, LL B, 

Hon William H Hart, 75, A M, 

Prin Lemuel S Hastings, 70, 

John E R Hayes, 95, A M, LLB, 

Rev John W Hayley, 60, D D, 

Prank M Hayward, 80, 

Rev Silvanus Hayward, 53, A M, 

Rev Azel W Hazen, 63, A M, DD, 

Prof Charles D Hazen, 89, Ph D, History, Smith, 

Irving A Hazen, 91, 

Marsham W Hazen, 66, 1, 

Isaac L Heath, 65, 1, Munip Court, 

John Herbert, 71, 1, 

Prof John L Hildreth, 64, M D, 

Benjamin M Hill, 68, A M, 

Josiah F Hill, 84, 

Henry H Hilton, 90, A M, publisher, 

Hon Lloyd W Hixon, 57, M D, librarian, 

Rev Frank W Hodgdon, 94, A M, 

Lewis Hodgkins, 85, M D, 

Prof Charles A Holden, 95, B S, 

Joseph B Holland, 58, M D, 

Ira W Holt, 81, t, 

Gilbert E Hood, 51, 

James D Home, 84, A M, t, 

Hon John C C Hoskins, 41, C E, 

Concord, N H 

52 Broadway, N Y City 

Springfield, Mass 

Manchester, N H 

209 Washington, Boston, Mass 

1749 Euclid, Cleveland, Ohio 

10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

587 Lafayette, Brooklyn, N Y 

Dover, N H 

125 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Springfield, Mass 

Vergennes, Vt 

352 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Cham Commerce, Milwaukee, Wis 

Nashua, N H 

Dover, N H 

U S Mins, Athens, Greece 

Hanover, N H 

Sauquoit, N Y 

23 Northey, Salem, Mass 

60 Academy, Arlington, Mass 

448 Ella, Wilkinsburg, Pa 

40 Wall, N Y City 

Wellfleet, Mass 

Glidden Bid, Lowell, Mass 

Poughkeepsie, N Y 

High School, Nashua, N H 

30 Court, Boston, Mass 

Lowell, Mass 

N Y Life Bid, Kansas City, Mo 

Globe Village, Mass 

Middletown, Conn 

Northampton, Mass 

28 W 23, N Y City 

27 Thames, N Y City 

Manchester, N H 

19 Milk, Boston, Mass 

14 Garden, Cambridge, Mass 

Hyde Park, Mass 

80 Broadway, N Y City 

13 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Nashotah, Wis 

48 Highland, Orange, N J 

Ellsworth, Me 

Polyt Institute, \/orcester. Mass 

Galesburg, 111 

362 Mass, Arlington, Mass 

169 Jackson, Lawrence, Mass 

Lawrence, Mass 

1523 Rebecca, Sioux City, Iowa 

Digitized by 




Hon Charles M Hough, 79, LL B, 

James P Houston, 84, M D, 

Prof Richard Hovey, 82, Litt D, 

Ernest Howard, 84, A M, jour, 

Charles H Howe, 81, t, 

Elias W Howe, 64, 

Fred A Howland, 87, 1, 

Alpheus W Hoyt, 88, M D, 

Grosvenor S Hubbard, 62, 1, 

Rev Calvin B Hulbert, S3, D D, 

Samuel P Hunt, 93, E E, 

Hon Simeon Hunt, 62, A M, M D, 

Hon Hiram A Huse, 65, LL B, 

Rev Charles Hutchinson, 48, D D, 

Rev George H Ide, 65, D D, 

Hon Henry C Ide, 66, 

Arthur E Jacobs, 83, 

Prof Arthur W Jenks, 84, D D, 

Paul R Jenks, 94. t. 

Prof Frank C Johnson, 97, A M, 

George E Johnson, 87, 

Henry B Johnson, 83, 1, 11 Wall, 

Jesse Johnson, 63, 1, 

William E Johnson, 62, 

Edwin A Jones, 76, 

Hon Edwin F Jones, 80, LL B, 

Matt B Jones, 94, LL B, 

Seth W Kelley, 69, M D, 

Herman H Kibbey, 91, t, 

Elmer A Kimball, 85, 

Hon Richard Kimball, 65, LL B, 

Charles F King, 67, t, 

160 Broadway, N Y City 

1180 Sheffield, Chicago, lU 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

286 Pine, Springfield, Mass 

Wakefield, Mass 

561 Beacon, Chelsea, Mass 

Montpelier, Vt 

Bellevue Hospital, N Y City 

35 Wall, N Y City 

Rome, Ohio 

261 Triangle, Buffalo, N Y 

East Providence, R I 

3 Baldwin, Montx)elier, Vt 

New Albany, Ind 

211, 17, Milwaukee, Wis 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

10435 Ewing, South Chicago, 111 

N House, Nashotah, Wis 

Plymouth, N H 

Meriden, N H 

Supt Schools, Andover, Mass 

N YCi^ 

189 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Woodstock, Vt 

Stoughton, Mass 

936 Elm, Manchester, N H 

125 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Wobum, Mass 

Mil Acad, Worcester, Mass 

1420 Unity Bid, Chicago, 111 

Meridien, Texas 

Boston Highlands, Mass 

Prin Hiram U King, 73, MA, Boys School, 15 Prospect, Stamford, Conn 

Samuel T King, 80, M D, 

Prin Herbert W Kittredge, 79, A M, 

John Kivel, 76, 

Hon Edward W Knight, 87, LL B, 

Rev Frederic H Knight, 82, 

Kent Knowlton, 94, 

Hon Fletcher Ladd, 84, LL B, 

Hon Nathaniel W Ladd, 73, LL B, 

Rev William P Ladd, 91, 

Harry D Lakeman, 96, 

Francis R Lane, 81, M D, 

Walter A Lane, 95, A M, M D, 

Edward A Lawrence, 43, 

Craven Laylock, 96, 

Rev Samuel R Leeds, h, 62, D D, 

Charles E Leslie, 77, 

Arthur G Lewis, 69, 

34 Greene, Brooklyn, N Y 

Westfield, Mass 

Dover, N H 

Charleston, W Va 

38 Bromfield, Boston 

Danville, Vt 

Lancaster, N H 

56 Pemberton, Boston, Mass 

Berlin N H 

Manchester, N H 

1720 p, N W, Washington, D C 

City Hospital, Boston, Mass 

43 E 10, N Y City 

Hanover, N H 

Hanover, N H 

Hillsboro, N Dak 

180 Lincoln, Worcester, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Calvin W Lewis, 70, 530 Mass Ave, Boston, Mass 
Eugene Lewis, 64, 1, 102 Com Block, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hon Frank W Lewis, 66, LL B, 45 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Edward N Libby, 92, M D, 3094 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Ernest H Lines, 82, M D, 346 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Arthur Little, 60, D D, 6 Melville, Dorchester, Mass 

Luther B Little, 82, 5th Ave Hotel, N Y City 

Edward T S Lord, 91, 153 5th Ave, N Y City 

Frederic P Lord, 98, Hanover, N fi 

Prof Greorge D Lord, 84, A M, Greek, Dartmouth, Hanover, N H 

Prof John K Lord, 68, Hanover, N H 

John K Lord, Jr, 95, 1, 315 Chestnut, St Louis, Mo 

Frank O Loveland, 86, 1, US Gov Bid, Cincinnati, O 

Thomas D Luce, 75, Nashua, N H 

Albert M Lyon, 94, 20 Water, Boston, Mass 

Hon Samuel W McCall, 74, M C, Boston, Mass 

Prof Walter V McDuffee, 92, A M, 78 Spring, Springfield, Mass 

Willis McDuffee, 90, editor, Rochester, N H 

Clarence W McKay, 93, 1, Elwood Bid, Rochester, N Y 

Charles R McKenzie, 93, 244 Elm, Albany, N Y 

Supt Edward H McLachlin, 83, A M, Schools, S Hadley Falls, Mass 

Harry N McLaren, 93, * 619 Union, Manchester, N H 

Rev Robert G McNiece, 67, D D, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Prof John L Mann, 94, C E, Dartmouth, Hanover, N H 

Hon George A Marden, 61, A M, Asst Treas U S, Boston, Mass 

Rev Jesse K Marden, 95, Aintab, Turkey 

Philip S Marden, 94, LL B, 84 Fairmount, Lowell, Mass 

Arthur W Marshall, 46, A M, t, Metuchen, N J 

Benjamin T Marshall, 97, 41 E 66, N Y City 
Hon Peter T Marshall, 76, A M, LL B, R R Director, Horse Heads, N Y 

Rev Edward D Mason, 72, Georgetown, Mass 

Charles F Mathewson, 82, LL B, 40 Wall, N Y City 

Ozias D Mathewson, 90, Barre, Vt 

Hon Arthur A Maxwell, 83, LL B, 252 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

Hamilton Mayo, 73, Leominster, Mass 
Joseph P Mee, 71, 325 Montgomery, San Francisco, Califs 

Henry Milville, 79, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Charles C Merrill, 94, Steubenville, Ohio 

Rev Charles H Merrill, 67, St Johnsbury, Vt 

Chester W Merrill, 66, A M, 1, 514 Main, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Daniel F Merrill, 36, 1330, 11 N W, Washington, D C 

Rev John L Merrill, 56, A M, Newbury, Vt 
Prof Walter H MerrilJ, 94, A M, X-Ray Laboratory, Washington, D C 

John S Meserve, 97, Hanover, N H 

Oscar S Michael, 81, 3247 N 15, Philadelphia, Pa 

Ralph I Middleton, 60, 12 LamboU, Charleston, S C 

David G Miller, 84, Taunton, Mass 

Frank W Miller, 93, High School, Dayton, Ohio 

George S Mills, 90, Belfast, Me 

Winfield S Montgomery, 78, M D, 1912, 11th N W, Washington, D C 

Digitized by 




Rev Albert W Moore, 64, D D, 

Joseph Morgan, 89, t, 

Rev Alva H Morrill, 72, D D, 

Prin Charles H Morrill, 88, A M, 

Frederick A Morrill, 93, 

Prof Henry A Morrill, 60, 

William W Morrill, 74, 

Henry C Morrison, 95, 

Pres Nathan J Morrison, S3, D D, LL D, 

Carroll W Morse, 97, 

Rev Edgar L Morse, 74, 

Rev Morris W Morse, 87, 

Prof Prank Morton, 80, A M, 

John M Moses, 78, 

Fred L Mudgett, 94, 

Rev Charles F Mussey, 48, D D, 

Rev Homer S Newcomb, 52, 

Henry C Newell, 60, M D, 

Rev John P Newell, 49, 

Horace Newhart, 95, A M, M D, 

Hon William Niles, 59, A M, banker, 

William W Niles, 45, 

Rev Edward Norton, 61, 

Charles H Noyes, 92, 't, 

Daniel J Noyes, 61, 

Frank H Noyes, 97, 1, 

Samuel A Noyes, 59, 

William B Orcult, 71, 

Prof John Ordronau, 50, M D, LL D, 

Rev John M Ordway, 44, 

Norman J Page, 95, A M, t, 

Hon George H Palmer, 45, LL B, 

Lindley G Palmer, 96, 

Hon Ezra K Parker, 57, LL B, 

Hon Henry L Parker, 56, LL B, 

Prof Isaac A Parker, 53, Ph D, 

Walter M Parker, 71, 

Supt Wiliam D Parkinson, 78, A M, 

22 Chatham, Lynn, Mass 

294 S Harwood, Dallas, Texas 

475 Cottage, New Bedford, Mass 

Academy, Bakersfield, Vt 

129 Main, Gloucester, Mass 

416 Walnut, Cincinnati, Ohio 

6, 1st, Troy, N Y 

Supt School, Portsmouth, N H 

Fairmount, Wichita, Kan 

Brookline, Mass 

Park Falls, Wis 

Crete, Neb 

3331 Wash, San Francisco, Califs 

Northwood Ridge, N H 

Milton Mills, N H 

Westwood, Ohio 

Patterson, N Y 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

Thornton's Ferry, N H 

New Ulm, Minn 

313 Rose, La Porte, Ind 

11 Wall, N Y City 

Quincy, Mass 

19 Laton, Nashua, N H 

150 Broadway, N Y City 

West Canaan, N H 

150 Broadway, N Y City 

30 Pemberton, Boston, Mass 

Roslyn, N Y 

3125 Chestnut, New Orleans, La 

Heniker, N H 

Box 348, New Bedford, Mass 

153, 5th Ave ,N Y City 

48 Cust House, Providence, R I 

1022 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Greek, Lomb Univ, Galesburg, 111 

Manchester, N H 

Schools, Waltham, Mass 

Hon Frank N Parsons, 74, LL D, Supreme Court, Franklin, N H 

Hon Charles H Patterson,, 64, LL B, banker, 16 W 87, N Y City 

Gen Joab N Patterson, 60, A M, Supt Bldg, Havana, Cuba 

Supt Walter B Patterson, 83, A M, LL M, Schools, Washington, D C 
SuptWilliamR Patterson, 75, AM,WestElec, 259 S Clinton, Chicago, 111 

Hon Isaac F Paul, 78, LL B, 

Prof Raymond Pearl, 99, 

Hon Edward N Pearson, 81, A M, 

Harlan C Peason, 93, journaJist, 

Frank A Pease, 82, 

Rev Benjamin F Perkins, 59, A M, 

Charles A Perkins, 90, 1, 

244 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Ann Arbor, Mich 

Sec State, Concord, N H 

Concord, N H 

Fall River, Mass 

East Walpole, Mass 

32 Nassau, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon Edwin R Perkins, 57, A M, banker, 1775 Euclid, Cleveland, Ohio 

Prof Charles H Pettee, 74, Durham, N H 

Rev James H Pettee, 73, missionary, Japan 

Oscar J Pfeiflfer, 77, M D, 521 Colfax, Denver, Col 

Eliphalet P Philbrick, 85, LL B, 89 State, Boston, Mass 

Benjamin Phillips, 83, Lynn, Mass 

John L Phillips, 94, Andover, Mass 

Prof John Pickard, 83, A M, Ph D, Dean Univ, Columbia, Mo 

Edwin Pierce, 52, t, IS Klnowles, Newton Centre, Mass 

Franlc Pierce, 82, M D, 327 Wash, Haverhill, Mass 

Rev Alpheus J Pike, 55, Sauk Center, Minn 

Rev Clarence Pike, 80, Mansfield Center, Conn 

Hon Samuel E Pingree, 57, Hartford, Vt 

Frederick W Plapp, 85, t, 2949 N 42, Chicago, 111 

John M Poor, Jr, 97, t, Hanover, N H 

Burrill Porter, 56, North Attleboro, Mass 

Elmer C Potter, 92, 1, 340 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Erastus B Powers, 65, 1, 209 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Hon Samuel L Powers, 74, LL B, 125 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Hon Frank Proctor, 78, A M, banker, Franklin Falls, N H 

Hon Redfield Proctor, 51, LL D, US Senator, Proctor, Vt 

Thomas W Proctor, 79, 246 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Charles A Prouty, 75, Newport, Vt 

Prof Daniel Putman, 51, A M, LL D, Ypsilanti, Mich 

Prof Charles E Putney, 70, Ph D, Supt Schools, Baldwinville, Mass 

Charles E Quimby, 74, M D, 44 W 36, N Y City 

Josiah H Quincy, 84, 19 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Wilder D Quint, 87, A M, 87, jour Traveler^ Boston, Mass 

William J Randall, 96, Hanover, N H 

Prof Ambrose L Ranney, 68, M D, 156 Madison, N Y City 

William A Redenhaugh, 93, 505 N 13, Quincy, 111 

Burt H Redfield, 89, Dover, N H 

Edward D Redington, Marquette Bid, Chicago, 111 

Hon Charles M Reed, 67, LL B, 53 State, Boston Mass 

Edwin T Rice, 45, 59 Liberty, N Y City 

Emerson Rice, 87, t. 111 Arlington, Hyde Park, Mass 

William F Rice, 96, t, 89 Sherman, Springfield, Mass 

Harvie M Rich, 79, bank treas, Morrisville, Vt 

Prof Charles F Richardson, 71, Ph D, Hanover, N H 

Rev Cyrus Richardson, 64, D D, 6 Summer, Nashau, N H 

Erving L Richardson, 73, t, Avon Park, Fla 

Henry S Richardson, 96, Walpole, N H 

James P Richardson, 99, Boston, Mass 

Hon James B Richardson, 57, 231 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Henry A Roberts, 90, M D, State Farm, Mass 

Rev Charles F Robinson, 90, A M, Meriden, N H 

Prin Oscar D Robinson, 69, A M, Ph D, High School, Albany, N Y 

George H Rockwood, 79, 927 W Jackson Boul, Chicago, 111 

Rev Levi Rodgers, 66, Port Chester, N Y 

Jordon J Rollins, 92, 1, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Hon Jonathan Ross, 51, LL D, 

Jonathan C Ross, 89, 1, 

Winfred S Ross, 87, t, 

George H M Rowe, 64, M D, 

Howard C Rumery, 95, 

Rev Moses T Runnels, 53, M A, historian, 

Hon Alfred Russell, 50, LL D, 

Hon Horace Russell, 65, LL D, judge, 

Herbert D Ryder, 76, 

Moses V Safford, 90, M D, 

Alex D Salinger, 92, 1, 

Rev Albert C Sails, 93, 

Frank L Saltmarsh, 93, 

Walter Sampson, 86, A M, t, 

Hon Edward P Sanborn, 76, LL B, 

Edwin W Sanborn, 78, 

Irving E Sanborn, 89, A M, editor Uniotiy 

Jacob O Sanborn, 64 

John C Sanborn, jr, 91, 

Hon Walter H Sanborn, 67, LL D, 

Rev James B Sargent, 92, A M, 

William E Sargent, 84, 

Prof George W Sanderson, 77 

Hon Albert R Savage, 71, 

Edward Savage, 60, N W Guaranty Bid, 

Prof Artemas W Sawyer, 47, LL D, 

Charles L Sawyer, 88, A M, LL B, 

J Augustus Sawyer, 48, 

Edward P Scales, 55, M D, 

Hon John Scales, 63, A M, journalist. 

Prof Clarence W Scott, 74, 

Rev Walter A Sellew, 66, 

Rev Robert J Service, 77, 

Rev John L Sewell, 77, 

Harold B Shattuck, 97, 

Elmer D Sherburne, 90, 1, 

Merrill Shurtleff, 92, 

James C Simpson, 87, 

Prof John E Sinclair, 58, 

Rev Carlos Slafter, 49, A M, 

Rev Edmund P Slafter, 40, D D, 

Supt Walter H Small, 78, A M, Schools, 

Bertrand A Smalley, 94, 

Fred L Smalley, 94, M D, 

Arthur T Smith, 96, t, 

Charles M Smith, 91, 

Rev Clifford H Smith, 79, 

Daniel L Smith, 91, 1, 

Edwin E Smith, 68, M D, 

Henry L Smith, 69, 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

38 Park Row, N Y City 

20 Franklin, Providence, R I 

City Hospital, Boston, Mass 

936 Turner, Chicago, 111 

Newport, N H 

70 Griswold, Detroit, Mich 

280 Broadway, N Y City 

Bellows Falls, Vt 

U S Imigrant, N Y City 

40 Water, Boston, Mass 

Guilford Center, N Y 

West Hartford, Vt 

Middleboro, Mass 

505 Oakland, St Paul, Minn 

32 Nassau, N Y City 

Springfield, Mass 

Hingham Centre, Mass 

Lawrence Mass 

143 Virginia, St Paul, Minn 

Hampden, Mass 

Lancaster, Mass 

Ripon, Wis 

\ Auburn, Me 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Wolfville, N S 

827 15 S, Minneapolis, Minn 

28 State, Boston Mass 

Newton, Mass 

Dover, N H 

Durham, N H 

Jamestown, N Y 

49 Lincoln, Detroit, Mich 

North Brookfield, Mass 

Nashua, N H 

30 Court, Boston, Mass 

Lancaster, N H 

110 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

4 N Ave, Worcester, Mass 

17 Chestnut, Dedham, Mass 

249 Berkeley, Boston, Mass 

166 Shurtleff, Chelsea, Mass 

Press Club, Boston, Mass 

Lebanon, N H 

47 Mt Vernon, Dover, N H 

W Rutland, Vt 

Pittsford, Vt 

28 State, Boston, Mass 

S Wilton, Conn 

153, 5th, N Y City 

Digitized by 




Hon Henry W Smith, 75, LL B, 

Herbert L Smith, 82, M D, 

Rev William B T Smith, 66, 

Hon Frank A Spencer, 63, LL B, 

Clarence W Sprine, 80, M D, 

Hon John LeP Stanley, A M, banker, 

Sanf ord H Steele, 70, 1, 

George W Stetson, 86, 1, 

Hon John D Stevens, 62, LL B, 

Hon Lyman D Stevens, 43, LL D, 

Hon William B Stevens, 65, 

Hon Darius Steward, 75, A M, 

16 First, Troy, N Y 

156 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Charlestown, N H 

McGill Bid, Washington, D C 

Fitchburg, Mass 

61 Middle, Gloucester, Mass 

32 Liberty, N Y City 

Middleborough, Mass 

139 High, Peoria, III. 

78 School, Concord, N H 

Stoneham, Mass 

S15S Third, Stillwater, Minn 

220 Broadway, N Y City 

Arthur W Stone, 94, 

Rev Richard S Storrs, Amh 39, D D, LLD, Brooklyn, N Y 

Amos G Straw, 87, M D, 627 Union, Manchester, N H 

Frank S Streeter, 74, 77 N Main, Concord, N H 

Rev Elnathan E Strong, 52, D D, Auburndale, Mass 

Rev William E Strong, 82, Jackson, Mich 

Charles C Sturtevant, 99, 23 Pleasant, Keeue, N H 

Hon Wilberforce Sully, 78, LL B, 29 Broadway, N YCity 

Hugh B Tabor, 96, C E, 83 Church, Middletown, Conn 

Bishop Ethelbert Talbot, 70, D D, LL D, South Bethlehem, Pa 

Rev Charles D Tenney, 78, missionary, Tientsin, China 

Rev Leonard B Tenney, 75, 

Hon Harry B Thayer, 79, A M, 

Samuel B Thombs, 77, M D, 

Frank E Thompson, 71, 

John F Thompson, 82, M D, 

Prin John G Thompson, 86, A M, 

J Walcott Thompson, 95, LL M, 

Hon W L Thompson, 58, A M, LL B, 

James D Thomson, 56, 

Charles O Thurston, 84, 

Henry W Thurston, 86, t, 

Herbert R Thurston, 94, 

Charles Q Tirrell, 66, 

William C Todd, 44, A M, 

Samuel F Tower, 84, t, 

Amasa W Townsend, 78, 

Prof Luther T Townsend, 59, D D, 

Edward H Trowbridge, 81, M D, 

John T Trowbridg;e, 84, 

Prof Benjamin O True, 66, D D, 

Edward Tuck, 62, architect, 

Essex Centre, Vt 

W Elec Co, 463 W, N Y City 

121 Spring, Portland, Me 

21 Ayrault, Newport, R I 

211 State, Portland, Me 

Normal School, Fitchburg, Mass 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

307 Essex, Lawrence, Mass 

27 School, Boston, Mass 

Kingston, Pa 

5333 Greenwood, Chicago, 111 

220 Broadway, N Y Ci^ 

Natick, Mass 

Atkinson, N H 

Eng High School, Boston, Mass 

Lebanon, N H 

Baltimore, Md 

54 Pleasant, Worcester, Mass 

Arlington, Mass 

Roch Theol Sem, Rochester, N Y 

Paris, France 

Hon Gilman H Tucker, A M, 61, publisher, 100 Wash Sq, N Y City 
Pres William J Tucker, 61, D D, LL D, Dartmouth, Hanover, N H 

George T Tuttle, 72, M D, Waverly, Mass 

Hon J Baxter Upham, 42, A M, M D, F A A S, 1748 Broadway, N Y City 
Hon Warren Upham, 71, A M, Sec Minn His Soc, St. Paul, Minn 

Rev Edmund M Vittum, 78, D D, Grinnell, Iowa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon Robert M Wallace, 67, LL B, ' : ;• Milf ord, N H 
Pres George M Ward, 82, Ph D, Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla 

Oliver S Warden, 89, M A, ed Tribune, •' " -Great Falls, Mont 

Henry Wardwell, 66, 1, 13 Summer, Salem, Mass 

Hon Willard Warner, Jr, 80, A M, Supt Fum, Rockwood, Tenn 

Alfred E Watson, 83, Hartford, Vt 

Edward S Watson, 95, t, Woburn, Mass 

Rev Franklin G Webster, 83, Summer Hill, N Y 

Rev Joshua W Wellman, 46, D D, 117 Summer, Maiden, Mass 

L Roger Wentworth, 81, 1, 81 Munroe, Somerville, Mass 

Bartlett H Weston, 64, Dunstable, Mass 

Frank I Weston, 92, Revere, Mass 

Alfred A Wheat, 89, 1, 195 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Carroll H White, 96, B S, S Walden, Vt 

Edson W White, 80, 244 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Leon E White, 90, M D, 543 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

Nelson Wilbur, 64, M D, Fayetteville, N Y 

Leonard Wilcox, 65, 520 Olive, St Louis, Mo 
Ashton R Willard, 79, 340 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

Hon Charles A Willard, 77, LL B, Minneapolis, Minn 
Prin Harley R Willard, 99, High School, Barton Landing, Vt 

Joseph M Willard, 87, State College, Pa 

Clarence H Willey, 91, t, Milton, Vt 

Rev Samuel H Willey, 45, D D, 905 Sutter, San Francisco, Cal# 

Berton Williams, 88, elec, Woonsocket, R I 

LeonO Williams, 86, 162 Ashmont, Boston, Mass 

Wendel Williams, 88, Milford, Mass 

Edward L Williamson, 89, A M, M D, 163 W 74, N Y City 

Hon John W Willis, 77, A M, LL B, 923 Summit, St Paul, Minn 

Albert G Wilson, 67, 1144 W 3, Dayton, Ohio 

Guy Wilson, 86, 1, Bethel, Vt 

Herbert J Wilson, 94, A M, LL B, Malone, N Y 

Philip H Winchester, 99, Hanover, N H 

flon George W Wing, 66, LL B, Montpelier, Vt 

Rev Fred E Winn, 87, Bennington, N H 

Rev Franklin P Wood, 68, A M, Acton, Mass 

Rev George W Wood, 32, D D, (Jeneseo, N Y 

Prin Charles T Woodbury, 95, Johnson High School, N Andover, Mass 

Prin Eri D Woodbury, 63, M A, Academy, Cheshire, Conn 

Rev George M Woodwell, 84, Bridgton, Me 

Prof Thomas W D Worthen, 72, A M, Hanover, N H 
Prof John H Wright, 73, Ph D, Harvard, 38 Quincy, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev William B Wright, 57, D D, 547 W Ferry,. BufiFalo, N Y 

Rev Albert A Young, 56, 531 S Claremont, Chicago, 111 
Prof Charles A Young, 53, Ph D, LL D, Astronomy, Princeton, N J 

John E Young, 78, Exeter, N H 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


De Pauw University, Greencasti^e, Ind. 


President, Prof James Riley Weaver, (Alleghany) A M, S T D 
Vice-Pres^ Prof Henry Boyer Longden, A M 
Secretary, Prof William Fletcher Swahlen, (Univ Penn) Ph D 
Treasurer, Prof Philip SchafFner Baker, M D 

Bennet M Allen, 98, t. 

Prof William G Alexander, 93, A M, 

Prof Philip S Baker, 74, A M, M D, 

Prin Otto Basye, 96, A M, 

Russell K Bedgood, 91, 

Rev Layton C Bentley, 94, 

Frederick H Bly, 95, A M, 

Bishop Thomas Bowman, D D, LL D, 

Rev Albert T Briggs, 90, 

Prof Wilbur V Brown, 80, Ph D, 

Chan Henry A Buchtel, 72, A M, D D, U of D, 

Hon George W Burton, 71, M A, LL B, banker. 

Rev Albert B Cadwell, 98, A M, 

George C Calvert, 93, A M, LL B, journalist. 

Rev John E Carpenter, 92, A M, 

Josephine Cartwright, 98, 

James H Cooper, 95, A M, LL B, 

Rev Frost Craft, 70, A M, D D, 

Thomas R Crowler, 94, M D, 

Hon Will Cumbach, 

Rev Ira E David, 93, 

Charles W De Pauw, 80, A M, 

422 W 11, Pueblo, Col 

High School, Evanston, 111 

University,* Greencastle, Ind 

High School, Nappanee, Ind 

Lafayette, Ind 

Brazil, Ind 

Sec F A of A, Taylorville, 111 

Evanston, 111 

Monticello, Ind 

tJreencastle, Ind 

University Park, Col 

Orleans, Neb 

Manchester, 111 

Indianapolis, Ind 

Colorado City, Col 

Delphi, Ind 

126 S 6, Terre Haute, Ind 

Decatur, 111 

568 Washington Boul, Chicago, 111 

Greensburg, Ind 

Benson, 111 

New Albany, Ind 

HonNewland T De Pauw, 79, A M, glass manuf. New Albanj. Ind 
Alfred E Dickey, 94, 1, 932 Stevenson, Indianapolis, Ind 

Rev Lewis F Dimmitt, 94, Connorsville, Ind 

Henry M Dowling, 93, 1, 32 W Walnut, Indianapolis, Ind 

Prof Trumbull G Duvall, 88, S T B, Ph D, C W U, Delaware, Ohio 
Edward Eggleston, LL D, author, N Y Ci^ 

Bishop Charles H Fowler, D D, LL D, Buffalo, N Y 

Eugene A Gilmore, 93, LL B, 5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Pres Hillary A Gobin, 70, D D, De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind 

Williamsport, Ind 

Brazil, Ind 

De Pauw Univ, Greencastle, Ind 

Sec Y M C A, Tokio, Japan 

Rev Joseph N Greene, 95, A M, 
Stella W Hawkins, 99, t, 
Prof Nathan W Helm, 99, A M, 
Veiling W Helm, 96, A M, 

Digitized by 




John E Higdon, 93 t, 
Rev Fred W Hixson, 99, A M, 
Prof Charles W Hodell, 92, Ph D, 
Prof Oliver P Hoover, 94, A M, 
James M House, 95, Ph B, LL B, 
Rev Henry G Jackson, 62, D D, 
Rev John P D John, D D, LL D, 
S Curtis Johnson, 95, A M, M D, 
Prof Henry H Lane, 99, Ph B, 
Rev Watson L Lewis, 96, A M, 
Prank L Littleton, 91, LL B, 

2541 Illinois, Indianapolis, Ind 

415 Willow, Terre Haute, Ind 

Womans College, Baltimore, Md 

Juniata College, Huntington, Pa 

Vincennes, Ind 

4558 Dakenwald Ave, Chicago, 111 

Greencastle, Ind 

Rensselaer, Ind 

526 Wash, E Lebanon, Ind 

Greencastle, Ind 

Indianapolis, Ind 

George B Lockwood, 94, A M, news cor, (Washington, DC,) Peru, Ind 
Prof William W Lockwood, 98, A M, (Muncie) Peru, Ind 

Prof Henry B Longden, A M, Greencastle, Ind 

Clara Elizabeth Mcintosh, 99, A M, Greencastle, Ind 

Hon Augustus L Mason, 79, A M, LL B, 1006 W Del, Indianapolis, Ind 

Prof Cyrus DeW Mead, 98, A M, 

Prof Thomas W Nadal, 98, A M, 

Prof Joseph P Naylor, M S, 

Prof Robert W P Noble, 91, A M, 

Rev Horace G Ogden, 93, A M, 

Prof Frederic A Ogg, 99, A M, 

Edgar G Osborne, 92, LL B, 

Albert A Patterson, 97, 

Warren S Peters, 98, t. 

Rev John Poucher, 65, D D, 

Orville C Pratt, 95, 

Prof Arthur R Priest, 91, M A, 

Rev Clarence Reed, 92, A M, 

Prof John C Ridpath, 63, LL D, author, 

Halsted L Ritter, 91, LL B, 

Roscoe H Ritter, 95, M D, 

Prin Richard J Roberts, 95, A M, 

Oliver P Robinson, 97, 

Emma N Sevinghans, 99, 

Prof Benjamin F Simonson, 98, 

Prof William F Swahlen, A M, Ph D, 

Rev Henry J Talbott, 73, D D, 

Hon Richard S Tennant, "67, A M, LL B, 

William H Thompson, 99, A M, journalist, 

Mary R Town, 99, t, 

Rev Salem B Town, 66, 

Prof Charles W Treat, 92, AM 

Spencer, Ind 

College, Olivet, Mich 

Greencastle, Ind 

University, Vincennes, Ind 

Attica, Ind 

Greencastle, Ind 

Valparaiso, Ind 

Logansport, Ind 

Knightstown, Ind 

Lawrenceburg, Ind 

Supt Schools, Danville, Ind 

U of W, Seattle, Wash 

Sullivan, 111 

Greencastle, Ind 

Equitable Bid, Denver, Col 

866 Virginia, Indianapolis, Ind 

High School, Selbyville, 111 

Supt Sch, Cannelton, Ind 

Seymour, Ind 

^ Quincy, 111 

De Pauw, Greencastle, Ind 

Evansville, Ind 

Terre Haute, Ind 

Riverside, Muncie, Ind 

Monticello, Ind 

Greencastle, Ind 

University, Appleton, Wis 

Arcadia, Ind 

Franklin, 111 

Rev Raymond J Wade, 98, 

Rev Marquise M Want, 96, A M, 

Prof J R Weaver, AUeg Coll, 63, A M, S T B, De Pauw, Greencastle, Ind 

Hon Roy O West, 90, A M. LL B, 164 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Prof William A Wirt, 98, A M, Supt Schools, Bluff ton, Ind 

Rev William H Wise, 91, Evanston, ill 

Prof Charles L Woodfield, 99, A M, High School, Greencastle, Ind 

Digitized by 



Dickinson C01.1.EGE, Carwsi.e, Pa. 

President, Prof Henry C Whitney, Ph D, L H D 
Vice-Pres, Rev William W Evans, D D 
Secretary, Prof John F Mohler, Ph D 
Treasurer, Prof James H Morgan, Ph D 

Jno D Bacon, 98, A M, LL B, PhilopoHs, Md 

Prof Charles M Baker, 93, A M, Teachers Colleg^e, N Y City 

Prof Franklin T Baker, 85, A M, Teachers College, N Y City 

Gen and Hon James A Beaver, LL D, Judge, Bellefonte, Pa 

Rev Edward Berger, 96, Keyport, N J 

Hon Edward Biddle 70, A M, Judge, Carlisle," Pa 

Frank C Bosler, 96, (Harvard 94) A M, LL B, Carlisle, Pa 

Russell T Boswell, 84, LL B, Drexel Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Bishop Shadrock L Bowman, 55, DD, LL D, Katonah, N Y 

Hon William DeW Boyer, 88, A M, Capitalist, 1536 Jeff Ave, Scranton, Pa 
Rev J B Brenneman, 87, A M, Camp Hill, Pa 

Henry P Cannon, 70, A M, fruit packer, Bridgeville, Del 

Rev David H Carroll, 68, A M, D D, manf, 1600 Eutaw, Baltimore, Md 
Hon Asbury J Clark, 63, A M, DL B, 71, 12th, Wheeling, W Va 

Reynolds Clough, 97, A M, LL B, Dover, Del 

Rev Vaughn S Collins, 81, AM, W C Academy, Dover, Md 

Hon Moncure D Conway, 49, L H D, LL D, Paris, France 

Prof Elmer L Crass, 91, A M, Milford, Del 

Prof Forrest E Craver, 99, A M, Williamsport, Pa 

Prof William J Crist, 97, A M, Pennington, N J 

Prof Hugh A Curran, 89, A M, East Strondsburg, Pa 

Edward A Curry, 86, M D, Danville, Pa 

Prof William K Dare, 83, A M, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Charles S Davison, 98, A M, Madison, N J 

Rev John J Dobbins, 75, A M, Montclair, N J 

Prin Fred E Downes, 93, A M, Preparatory School, Carlisle, Pa 

Hon A Lincoln Dryden, 88, A M, Col of Customs; 22 W 25, Baltimore, Md 
Rev Charles T Dunning, M A, Mechanicsburg, Pa 

Rev William W Evans, 79, D D, Sunburey, Pa 

Prof Cecil A Ewing, 98, A M, AcAdemy, Dover, Del 

Prof Mervin G Filler, 93, A M, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev W MasHn Frysinger, 71, A M, Tyrone, Pa 

Prof Edgar H Heckman, 97, A M, Carlisle, Pa 

Hon Robert M Henderson, 45, LL D, judge, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev J Frederick Heisse, 86, A M, 509, 3 N W, Washington, D C 

Digitized by 



Conway W Hillman, 73, AM, N Pac RR, Chicago, 111 

Prof David W Horn, 69, A M, chemistry, 32 W High, Carlisle, Pa 

Bishop John F Hurst, 58, D D, 1207 Conn, Washington. D C 

Rev Rogers Israel, 81, A M, St Luke's Rectory, Scranton, Pa 

Gen and Hon Horatio C King, 58, LL D, 46 Willow, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof William W Landis, 91, A M, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Ananias Lawrence, D D, Trenton, N J 

Prof Marion D Learned, 80, A M, Ph D, U of P, 234 W 38, Phila, Pa 
Prof Guy C Lee, 95, A M, Ph D, J H University, Baltimore, Md 

Rev Joshua A Lippincott, 58, DD, LLD, 1429 S Broad, Philadelphia, Pa 
Hon Louis E McComas, 66, LL D, U S Senator, Williamsport, Md 

Rev William L McDowel, 63, D D, 2134 N 12. Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Robert McKay, D D, Morristown, N J 

Joseph P McKeehan, 97, t, 123 W High, Carlisle Pa 

George W Mitchell, 95, A M, Supt Schools, Lewes, Del 

Prof George E Mills, 91, LL B, Carlisle, Pa 

Prof John F Mohler, 87, Ph D, Carlisle, Pa 

Prin Oliver C Mordorf , 89, A M, 48 Prospect, Trenton, N J 

Prof James H Morgan, 78, A M, Ph D, Greek, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Benjamin H Mosser, 79, A M, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Thomas B Neely, 75, A M, 2017 Diamond, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev James C Nicholson, 77, D D, 1702 Harlem, Baltimore, Md 

Hon Hugh Pitcairn, M D, U S Consul, Hamburg, Germany 

Hon Moses A Paints, 64, A M, Bedford, Pa 

Prof Edwin Post, 72, A M, Ph D, Latin, DePauw, Greencastle, Ind 
Rev Leon C Prince, 98, LL B, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Herbert F Randolph, 93, A M, Bernardsville, N J 

Walter W Rice, 98, A M, LL B, New Bloomfield, Pa 

Robert H Richards, 95, A M, LL B, Ford Bid, Wilmington, Del 

Rev Aaron Rittenhouse, 78, D D, 1421, N 54, Philadelphia, Pa 

Frank B Sellers, 97, LL B, Carlisle, Pa 

Prof William J Shearer, 87, A M, Supt Schools, Elizabeth, N J 

Stanley DeV Shipley, 99, A B, ( J H University) West Friendship, Md 
Rev Prof George A Singer, 66, A M, Williamburg, Pa 

Capt A D Bache Smead, 68, A M, LL B, Carlisle, Pa 

Prof Joseph G E Smedley, 97, A M, Johnstown, Pa 

Prof Howard E Smith, 94, A M, Mercersburg, Pa 

Prof Henry M Stephens, 91, A M, Biology, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Harry B Stock, 91, A M, West High, Carlisle, Pa 

Hon John B Storm, 61, A M, Stroudsburg, Pa 

Prof Ovando S Super, 73, Ph D, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev C C Tiffany, 50. D D, Archdeacon. 29 Lafayette. N Y City 

Dean William Trickett, 68, A M, X^L D, Law School, Carlisle, Pa 

Paul A Tulleys, 94, Ph B, Real Estate, Bloomfield, Neb 

Prof James T Van Burkalow, 93, Ph D, Carlisle, Pa 

Prof Henry C Whiting, Ph D, L H D, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev Luther B Wilson, 75, A M, 407 T N W, Washington, D C 

Prin Raymond H Wilson, 94, A M, High School, Danville, Pa 

Rev Ezra H Yocum, 82, A M, Harrisburg, Pa 

Rev Jesse B Young, 68, D D, editor, St Louis, Mo 

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Hamilton College, Clinton, N Y. 


President^ Hon M Rumsey Miller 

Vice-Pres, Prof Edward Fitch, Ph D; Prin A G Benedict; Clinton 

ScoUard, Esq 
Secretary^ Prof Melvin Gilbert Dodge, A M 
Marshal, Prof William Pierce Shephard, Ph, D 

(distinguished members who have died.) 

Elliot Anthony, Lawyer, Judge, Author 

Lewis A Brigham, Lawyer, Statesman 

Loomis J Campbell, Lexicographer, Editor of Webster's International 

Theodore W Dwight, Jurist, Dean of Columbia Law School 

Henry A Frink, Professor of Oratory, Author 

Isaac H Hall, Scientist, Curator Metropolitan Museum 

A Grosvenor Hopkins, Professor of Latin, Author 

John Jay Knox, Banker, Comptroller of the Currency 

John J Lewis, Preacher, Professor of Oratory 

Samuel F Miller, Lawyer, Member Constitutional Convention 

Daniel J Pratt, Educator, Secretary of the Board of Regents 

Oren Root, Scientist, Professor of Mathematics, Educator 

Horatio Seymour, Statesman, Governor of New York 

Hon Thomas A Abbott, 70, A M, merchant, 

Lincoln C Acker, 89, 

Rev Joseph A Adair, 84, 

Rev Edward P Adams, 58, 

Rev Samuel H Adams, 63, A M, D D, Chap, 

Herbert G Aldrich, 84, 

Allan P Ames, 98, jour, 

Charles F Amidon, 82f 

Prof Henry M Andrews, 99, A M 

Prin S Dwight Arms, 83, 

Rev John L Bachman, 70, 

Rev Robert L Bachman, 71, 

Rev Lucius F Badger, 84, 

Burton L Balch, 95, editor, 

Hon Clarence L Barber, 76, A M, LL B, 

William C Barber, 84, 

420 Sibley, St Paul, Minn 


Saginaw, Mich 

Dunkirk, N Y 

Clifton Springs, N Y 

Gouverneur, N Y 

91 N Hawks, Albany, N Y 

Fargo, N Dak 

Hamilton College, Clinton, N Y 

Palmyra, N Y 

Sweet Water, Tenn 

Knoxville, Tenn 

Tracy, Minn 

Madison, N J 

IS Wall, N Y City 
Joliet, m 

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Rev William A Bartlett, 52, A M, D D, NY Mills. N Y 

Rev Carroll L Bates, 83, Wilkinsburgh, Pa 

Rev William H Bates, 65, A M, D D, Webster Groves, Mo 

Lawrence W Baxter, 79, Cobleskill, N Y 

Rev Georg-e Bayless, 64, Mexico, N Y 

Myron H Beach, 53, 1, 3630 Lake, Chicago, 111 

Prof William H Beach, 60, A M, 229 Pleasant, Milwaukee, Wis 

Crosby J Beakes, 97, 1, 62 William, N Y City 

Hon Norman H Becker, 62, A M, banker, Seneca Falls, N Y 

Prof Willis J Beecher, 58, A M, D D, Theol Sem, Auburn, N Y 

Asa G Benedict, 72, t, Clinton, N Y 

Rev Isaac O Best, 67, A M, Mayfield, N Y 

Rev James T Black, 84, A M, 59 Monmouth, East Boston, Mass 

Albert L Blair, 72, jour, Cambridge, Mass 

Albert W Boesche, 97, t, Plattsburg, N Y 

Rev Horace P V Bogue, 63, A M, D D, 1 Hobart, Rochester, N Y 

Louis Boisot, jr, 77, 1, 444 N Clark, Chicago, 111 

Charles A Borst, 81, 3150 U, Washington, D C 

Rev Henry K Booth, 98, A M, 81 Ashland Boul, Chicago, 111 

Calvin L Bradley, 82, 1, 1022 First, Fargo, N Dak 

Hon Oliver E Branch, 73, M A, LL B, Manchester, N H 
Prof Herman C G Brandt, 72, A M, Ph D, Hamilton Col, Clinton, N Y 

Hon John M Brayton, 53, A M, LL B, Delhis, Iowa 

Prof David R Breed, 67, D D, Homiletics, Pittsburg, Pa 

Prof George P Bristol, 76, Ithaca, N Y 

Rev James F Brodie, 76, 136 Federal, Salem, Mass 

Rev Sherman W Brown, 87, Spencer, Mass 

Hon Horatio C Burchard, 50, A M, LL B, 7 N Galena, Freeport, 111 

Prof Francis M Burdick, 69, LL D, Columb University, N Y City 

Theodore C Burgess, 83, t, Peoria, 111 

Daniel W E Burke, 93, 1, 44 Pine, N Y City 

Prof Thomas G Burt, 95, M A, Park College, Parkville, Me 

Hon William M Butler, 70, A M, M D, 507 Clinton, Brooklyn, N Y 

Starr Cadwallader, 93, 368 St Clair, Cleveland, O 

Rev Archibald H Campbell, 49, A M, LL B, Harvey, 111 

John G Campbell, 93, M D, 6857 Wentworth, Chicago, 111 

Myron E Carmer, 80 M D, Lyons, N Y 

Clarence U Carruth, 89, A M, LL B, White Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

Clarence Carskadden, 54, Oneida, N Y 

William B Caiver, 98, 1, 216 Court, Bingham ton, N Y 

Hon Simeon B Chase, 50, A M, LL B, Hallstead, Pa 

Thomas W Chesebrough, 96, t, Littie Falls, N Y 

Prof Albert H Chester, h, 91, Ph D, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Nelson B Chester, 88, Caldwell, N J 

Rev Frank S Child, 75, A M, D D, author, Fairfield, Conn 

Albert L Childs, 61, Waterloo, N Y 

Walter H Church, 92, t, 47 W 43, N Y CiU 

George Clark, jr, 95, t, Ensemore, N Y 

Julian A Clark, 74, Bloomington, 111 

Rev Adelbert S Coats, 74 Buffalo, N Y 

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Rev Eben B Cobb, 75, D D, Elizabeth, N J 
David H Cochran, SO, LL D, 171 Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, N Y 

Charles B Cole, 87, 1, 45 Wall, N Y City 

Supt Charles W Cole, 62, A M, Ph D, 354 Hudson, Albany, N Y 

Theodore P Collier, 94, 41 E 69, N Y City 

William M Collier, 89, 1, 2 Hamilton, Auburn, N Y 

Charles E Congdon, 99, LL B, Randolph, N Y 

Rev A Willard Cooper, 79, Bangkok, Siam 

Hon Charles L Corbin, 66, A M, LL B, Jersejr City, N J 

Prof Walter T Cooper, 92, 

Kirk P Crandall, 69, 

Rev William D Crockett, 90, 

Theodore L Cross, 81, 

Rev Elbert W Cummings, 71, 

John M Curran, 92, A M, LL B, 

Charles H Davidson, 85, ins, 

Rev Edson C Dayton, 81, 

Edmund A DeGarmo, 81, 

Andrew J Dewey, 98, 1, 

Frederick L Dewey, 82, A M, Ph D, manf , 

William H DeWitt, 75, 1, 

Rev Cassius H Dibble, 68, 

Rev Henry M Dodd, 63, 

Prof Melvin G Dodge, 90, A M, librarian. College, 

George E Draper, 69, 

Rev Carl H Dudley, 92, 

Roy B Dudley, 95, 

Clinton, N Y 

Ithaca, N Y 

Canton, Pa 

Utica, N Y 

Barre, Vt 

Home Insurance Bid, Chicago, 111 

42 Martin Bid, Utica, N Y 

1728 Third, Minneapolis, Minn 

Portland, Me 

Watertown, N Y 

Potsdam, N Y 

Butte, Mont 

Peny, N Y 

Ashland, N Y 

Clinton, N Y 

Sidney, Iowa 

Augusta, N Y 

Augusta, N Y 

Hon Charles H Duell, 71, LL D, U S Com Patents (Wash), Syracuse, N Y 

Charles E Edgarton, 82, 

George V Edwards, 91, 

Rev Maurice D Edwards, 70, A M, D D, 

Burr G Eells, 96, t. 

Rev Frank P EUinwood, 49, D D, 

Samuel P Engs, 83, 

Rev Edgar A Enos, 74, A M, D D, 

Rev Albert Erdman, 58, 

Harry H Pay, 92, editor. 

Rev Courtevay H Penn, 87, 

William B Penn, 86, M D, 

Rev James A Ferguson, 65, A M, D D, 

Rev Samuel J Fisher, 67, D D, 

Prof Edward Fitch, 86, A M, Ph D, 

Prof James H Foster, 95, 

Hon John C Fowler, 69, A M, hh B, 

Rev Harold J Frothingham, 80, 

Thomas K Gale, 84, A M, manuf , 

Rev John H Gardner, 78, 

Rev Murray H Gardner, 84, 

Rev WUliam P Garrett, 86, 

Binghamton, N Y 

Schenectady, N Y 

St Paul, Minn 

North Adams, Mass 

N Y City 

401 Produce Exchange, N Y City 

52 Third, Troy, N Y 

Morristown, N J 

Potsdam, N Y 

Pekin, China 

Colorado Springs, Col 

Hanover, N J 

Swissvale, Pa 

Hamilton College, Clinton, N Y 

Crawfordsville, Ind 

337 W Onondaga, Syracuse, N Y 

Warsaw, 111 

Syracuse, N Y 

Port Covington, N Y 

Horseheads, N Y 

McGraw, N Y 

Hon William B Garritt, 49^ A M, merchant, 128 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

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Albert De A Getman, 80, M D, Richfield Spring, N Y 

Herbert H Getman» 79, 1, Amer Bank Bid, Kansas City, Mo 

Daniel Goodwin, 52, Chicago, 111 

William B Goodwin, 59, Waterville, N Y 

Daniel P Gott, 49, Syracuse, N Y 

Hon Frederick H Gouge, 79, A M, architect, Winston Bid, Utica^ N Y 
Rev Rufus S Green, 67, D D, NY City 

Hon James S Greves, 61, A M, LL B, 32 Park Place, N Y City 

Frederick W Griffith, 86, Palmyra, N Y 

Supt George Griffith, 77, 40 Jewett, Utica, N Y 

Hon Rufus T Griggs, 69, A M, LL B, 87 8th Av, Brooklyn, N Y 

Lincoln A Groat, 90, 1, 403 Main, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev James E Hall, 67, M A, Cherry Valley, N Y 

NicoU Halsey, 67, A M, merchant, 234 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

George H Harkness, 91, 1, 94 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Ira F Hart, 49, M D, Elmira, N Y 

Rev Charles E Haven, 74, Newton Highlands, Mass 

Rev Egbert D Haven, 65, Rocklin, Califs 

Hon Charles A Hawley, 59, Seneca Falls, N Y 

Gen and Hon Joseph K Hawley, 47, LL D, U S Senator, Wash, D C 
Thomas E Hayden, 91, Waterville, N Y 

Hon Franklin H Head, 56, LL D, banker, 2 Banks, Chicago, 111 

Pres Charles C Hemenway, 74, Glasgow, Mo 

Hon John D Henderson, 68, A M, LL B, Herkimer, N Y 

Charles H Hitchcock, 79, 1, 49 Court, Binghamton, N Y 

Rev James H Hoadley, 70, D D, 359 W 48, N Y City 

Rev George Hodges, 77, D D, 3 Mason, Cambridge, Mass 

Henry D Hopkins, 87, t, Titusville, Pa 

Prof James B Hopkins, 99, A M, Huron College, Huron, S Dak 

William H Hotchkiss, 86, 1, 319 Main, Buffalo, N Y 

Hon William W Howe, S3, A M, LL D, Hennen Bid, New Orleans, La 
Prof Arthur S Hoyt, 72, D D, 15 Seminary, Auburn, N Y 

Charles K Hoyt, 70, t, Bellevue, Neb 

Rev Charles S Hoyt, 77, Oak Park, 111 

Hon Georp^e W Hubbell, 67, A M, LL B, 346 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Thomas B Hudson, 51, D D, Clinton, N Y 

Robert W Hughes, 81, Springville, N Y 

Rev Erwin C Hull, 69, Dresden, N Y 

Rev Frederick Humphrey, 52, Havre de Grace, Md 

Hon Chester Huntington, 66, A M, architect, Flushing, N Y City 

Hon Samuel V V Huntington, 73, A M, manuf, 6'f E 78, N Y City 

Rev William Hutton, 64, A M, D D, 1627 S 13, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Joseph D Ibbotaon, Jr, 90, t, Clinton, N Y 

Rev J Wilford Jacks, 67, A M, D D, Synod Supt, Geneva, N Y 

Rev Charles F Janes, 68, M A, 1050 Cortland Av, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Theodore F Jessup, 64, Boonville, N Y 

Rev Thomas D Gester, 70, Millerton, N Y 

Benjamin R Johnson, 97, A M, Patent Office, Washington, D C 

Rev Herrick Johnson, 57, D D, LLD, D C L, 1070 N Halsted, Chicago, 111 
Prof Arthur Jones, 73, D D, Hamilton, N Y 

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Prof Edward N Jones, 83, A M, Ph D, White Plains, N Y 

Gary M Jones, 88, Watertown, N Y 

Rev Albert B Judson, 87, Hunter, N Y 

Hon Charles K Judson, 51, A M, Res Mgr, Box 204, Washington, D C 
Fred R Keck, 99, t, Southampton, N Y 

Rev Hiram H Kellogg", 66, Havana, N Y 

Hon A Palmer Kent, 70 A M, editor, Elkhart, Ind 

Prof David L Kiehle, 61, A M, LL D, University, Minneapolis, Minn 
Harry G Kimball, 98, AM, US Patent Office, Washington, D C 

George W Kimberly, 77, 1, 

Edward S King, 87, 

Prof Robert A King, 85, 

Percy L Klock, 80, 1, 

Prof George A Knapp, 84, 

Rev Martin D Kneeland, 69, D D, 

Walter S Knowlson, 89, 

Rev Charles E Knox, 56, D D, 

Rev George W Knox, 74, D D, 

Rev William J Knox, 52, 

Ernest F Kruse, 83, 1, 

Prof John L Lampson, 82, A M, 

Prank P Laird, 77, M D, 

William T Laird, 68, M D, 

Charles R La Rue, 93, 1, 

Charles K Law, 88, M D, 

George Lawyer, 85, A M, LL B, 

Prof Duncan C Lee, 91, 

Rev James B Lee, 86, 

Rev George L Lerch, 96, A M, 

Hon Henry C Lester, 50, A M, LL B, 

Rev Welcome Lewis, 49, 

Willard M Lillibridge, 69, Judge, 

Rev Henry Loomis, 66, 

Rev Archibald L Love, 76, 

Henry M Love, 83, 

Rev William D Love, 73, 

Rev Wallace B Lucas, 66, A M, D D, 

Hon Cornelius E Lucky, 69, A M, LL B, 

Prof Eugene W Lyttle, 78, A M, Ph D, 

Rice Macauley, 69, 

Rev Ariel McMaster, 56, 

Edwin A McMath, 70, 

Jonas F Mann, 87, 1, 

Joseph A Marshall, 68, 

Robert L Massonneau, 81, 

Edward D Mathews, 73, 1, 

Rev William H Maynard, 54, D D, 

Frederick J Meagher, 99, 

Charles W Merritt, 66, 

Oriskany Palls, N Y 

15 Walker, Cambridge, Mass 

Crawfordsville, Ind 

149 Broadway, N Y City 

Olivet, Mich 

29 Wyoming, Boston, Mass 

Saratoga Springs, N Y 

N Y City 

700 Park, N Y City 

424 E State, Ithaca, N Y 

Ellicot Square, Buffalo, N Y 

Hermitage Club, Nashville, Tenn 

Utica, N Y 

Watertown, N Y 

100 Broadway, N Y City 

82 Glenwood, Jersey City, N J 

79 Chapel, Albany, N Y 

Ithaca, N Y 

Bloomfield, N Y 

724 Delaware, Buffalo, N Y 

Geneseo, N Y 

Coventry, N Y 

Detroit, Mich 

Yokahama, Japan 

335 Madison, Albany, N Y 

Utica, N Y 

Hartford, Conn 

Meridian, N Y 

Nat Bk Bid, Knoxville, Tenn 

Regents office, Albany, N Y 

Stanley, N Y 

Cherry Valley, N Y 

Topeka, Kan 

45 Wall, N Y City 

Lincoln, Neb 

131 Livingston, Brooklyn, N Y 

296 Genesee, Utica, N Y 

Hamilton, N Y 

14 New, Binghamton, N Y 

East Aurora, N Y 

Hon Milton H Merwin, 52, LL D, Justice Supreme Court, Utica, N Y 

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Friend H Miller, 95, Horseheads, N Y 

Rev L Merrill Miller, 40, A M, D D, Ogdensburg, N Y 

Hon M Rumsey Miller, 68, A M, LL B, Bath, N Y 

Rev Samuel Aliller, 60, A M, Sherburne, N Y 

William H H Miller, 61, LL D, 1207 N Delaware, Indianapolis, Ind 

Rev Frank V Mills, 77, Windsor, Conn 

George H Minor, 90, A M, LL B, 117 Erie Co Bank Bid, Buffalo, N Y 
James A Minor, 94, 129 Lexingfton, N Y City 

John P Montross, 87, A M, Bank Cashier, 164 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 
Rev Warren D More, 88, A M, 312 Irvine Place, Elmira, N Y 

Prof Edgar C Morris, 89, A M, 309 University Place, Syracuse, N Y 
Rev Andrew B Morse, 49, Asheville, N C 

Edwin M Nelson, 68, M D, 965 Hamilton, St Louis, Mo 

Rev John S Niles, 86, Trumansburg, N Y 

Prof Edward North, 41, L H D, LL D, Hamilton, College, Clinton, NY 
Hon A Judd Northrup, 58, LL D, judge, 207 Green, Syrkcuse, N Y 

Hon Milton H Northrup, 60, M A, journalist, 400 Oak, Syracuse, N Y 
Rev Luther A Ostrander, 65, D D, Lyons, N Y 

Rev George H Ottoway, 80, Canastota, N Y 

Rev George W Owen, 99, Clayville, N Y 

Rev William L Page, 54, 12 Waverly, Rochester, N Y 

Rev William N Page, 63, D D, Leavenworth, Kan 

John H Pardee, 89, A M, V P and Mgr Elec, Canandaigua, N Y 

Rev Levi Parsons, 49, D D, Mount Morris, N Y 

William L Parsons, 78, 1, Fergus Falls, Minn 

Arthur M Payne, 94, Middletown, N Y 

Rev Henry N Payne, 68, D D, West Point, Miss 

Prof Eliot R Payson, 69 A M, Ph D, Rutgers, New Brunswick, N J 
Rev George H Payson, 73, Rahway, N J 

John G Peck, 87, Great Bend, N Y 

Pres John H Peck, 59, LL D, R P I, 11 First, Troy, N Y 

Hon Willard Peck, 64, A M, LL B, 6 North 4, Hudson, N Y 

Samuel H Peck, 75, East Aurora, N Y 

Harry P Pendrick, 88, Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Sidney W Petrie, 76, 1, 766 Efllicott, N Y 

Albert C Phillips, 71, 1, 1210 S Salina, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Charles H Phillips, 82, Jamestown, N Dak 

Rev Samuel K Piercy, 98, A M, 1107 Bushwick, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Arthur T Pierson, 57, D D, Philadelphia, Pa 

Frank W Plant, 64, manuf, Joliet, 111 

Hon Theodore M Pomeroy, 42, Auburn, N Y 

Rev Marco N Popofif, 90, Sophia, Bulg 

Rev Henry A Porter, 78, Ovid, N Y 

Jermain (J Porter, 73, observatory, Cincinnati, O 

Rev William S Potter, 75, Battle Creek, Mich 

Rev Edward P Powell, 53, Clinton, N Y 

Lee S Pratt, 81, t, 592 N Academy, Galesburg, 111 

Charles W Rice, 96, t, Geneva, N Y 

Hon Lloyd F Rice, 71, A M, farmer, Homer, N Y 

Prof Willard B Rising, 64, Berkeley, Cal # 

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Edwin B Robbina, 96, t, Fonda, N T 

Rev James A Robinson, 49, Cortland, N Y 

Rev James Rodgers, 65, Farming'ton, Minn 

Rev James B Rodgers, 85, Rio Janeiro, S A 

Prof James D Rodgers, 89, N Y City 

Edwin B Root, 83, N Y City 

Hon Elihu Root, 64, LL D, Secretary of War, Washington, D C 

Prof Oren Root, 56, D D, L H D, Hamilton College, Clinton, N Y 

Oren Root, Jr, 94, Cable Building, N Y City 

Walstein Root, 90, St Louis, Mo 

Robert S Rudd, 79, Glen Ridge, N Y 

Emery W Ruggles, 85, M D, 294 Alexander, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Henry K Sanborne, 84, Alton, 111 

Rev Leicester J Sawyer, 59, Tibbals, Fla 
Hon Lorenzo S B Sawyer, 62, A M, LLB, 617 Hyde, SanFrancisco, Calif i 

Clinton Scollard, 81, A M, author, Clinton, N Y 

Rev Dwight Scovel, 54, Clinton, N Y 

Charles H Searle, 69, Utica, N Y 

Prof Clayton H Sharp, 90, Ithaca, N Y 
Prin N Archibald Shaw, Jr, 82, M A, Hamilton Inst, 45 W 81, N Y City 

Prof William P Shepard, 92, Clinton, N Y 

John S Sheppard, 60, Pcnn Yan, N Y 

Rev Charles Sherman, 66, Sherman, N Y 

Elmer C Sherman, 82, publisher, S Orange, N J 

Elihu R Sherman, 87, 1, 822 EUicot, Buffalo, N Y 

Isaac S Signor, 70, Albion, N Y 

Rev Henry M Simmons, 64, Minneapolis, Minn 

Rev James A Skinner, 57, A M, 1106 East Adams, Syracuse, N Y 

Edward V D Slauson, 86, 1, 186 Remsen, Brooklyn, N Y 

J Seymour Slie, 63, 603 W 8, Topeka, Kan 

Prof Brainard G Smith, 72, Clinton, N Y 

Edward N Smith, 90, Watertown, N Y 

Hannibal Smith, 66, 1, Watertown, N Y 

William H Smith, 99, Watertown, N Y 

Prof Charles H Smyth, 90, Clinton, N Y 

Prof Delos D Smith, 90, Clinton, N Y 

Supt Benjamin B Snow, SO, A M, Schools, 10 Grover, Auburn, N Y 
Hon Alexander C Soper, 67, A M, manuf, Laflin and 22, Chicago, 111 

Hon Champlin H Spencer, 49, A M, LL B, Daytona, Fla 

Rev Willard K Spencer, 75, Alma, Mich 

Prof William H Squires, 88, Clinton, N Y 

Hon Breese J Stevens, 53, A M, LL B, Madison, Wis 

Hon Solon W Stocking, 55, A M, Pat office, Washington, D C 

Hon Charles L Stone, 71, AM, LL B, 815 James, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Cornelius S Stowitts, 72, 142 Lancaster, Albany, N Y 

Rev James P Stratton, 65, Tiffin, Ohio 

Prof Jacob Streibert, 77, Kenyon, Gambier, Ohio 

Pres Melancthon W Stryker, 72, D D, LL D, Clinton, N Y 

Rev Albert E Stuart, 91, M A, Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa 

James N Taylor, 84, 1, 54 William, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Rev William H Teel, 63, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Robert J Thompson, 81, Lima, Ohio 

Frank W Tilden, 92, t, Bloomington, Ind 

Neile P Towner, 96, 1, 13 N Pearl, Albany, N Y 

Hon Charles H Tniax, 67, LL D, NY City 
Hon James P Tufts, 72, A M, LL B, Dept Interior, Washington D C 

Charles Unaugst, 71, 1, 175 Broadway, N Y City 

Chanc Anson J Upson, 43, L H D, LL D, Glens Falls, N Y 

Prof Hiram A Vance, 88, A M, Ph D, University, Nashville, Tenn 

Augustus C Van Duyn, 57, A M, M D, Cottage Grove, Chicago, 111 

Hon David W Van Hoesen, 86, A M, LL B, Cortland, N Y 

George E Van Kennen, 86, Ogdensburg, N Y 

Hon Charles Van Norden, 63, D D, LL D, 517, 12, Sacramento, Califs 

Henry S Verrill, 92, t, Parkville, Mo 

Edmond J Wager, 85, Utica, N Y 

David B Ward, 73, M D, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Rev Henry Ward, 62, A M, D D, 512 Swan, Buffalo, N Y 

John J Ward, 94, t, Brighton, Col 

Charles H Warfield, 89, t. Little Falls, N Y 

Frederick P Warfield, 96, Canandaigua, N Y 

Charles Dudley Warner, 51, A M, L H D, D CL, author, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Stephen D Waterbury, 89, Nicholson, Pa 

Daniel Waterman, 51, Utica, N Y 

Rev Arthur J Waugh, 72, Phelps, N Y 

Hon Abram B Weaver, 51, Deerfield, N Y 

Hon George M Weaver, 60, A M, LL B, 69 Genesee, Utica, N Y 

George M Weaver, 91, Utica, N Y 

Rev William H Webb, 58, D D, Geneva, N Y 

Rev George S Webster, 78, 107 E 45, N Y City 

Rev Frank G Weeks, 79, Lincoln Park, N Y 

Byron Wells, 76, A M, 81 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Frederick W Welsh, 92, 1, Binghamton, N Y 

Rev Samuel D Westfall, 60, Redwood Falls, Minn 

Rev William W Wetmore, 61, 802 W Huron, Ann Arbor, Mich 
Prof Andrew C White, 81, A M, Ph D, librarian, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

Rev Orson L White, 80, Skaneateles, N Y 

Rev William G White, 85, Youngstown, Ohio 

Prof Percy L Wight, 91, A M, Clinton, N Y 

Hon Gilbert Wilcoxen, 52, AM, LLB, Judge, 85Ca3ruga, Seneca Falls, NY 

Hon James H Willard, 68, Bedford. Ind 

Hon Myron G Willard, 68, A M, manuf, 103 Clark, Mankato, Minn 

Prof Samuel G Williams, 52, Ph D, Ithaca, N Y 

Herbert L Willis, 99, t, Johnstown, N Y 

George H Witherhead, 88, Manlius, N Y 

Rev George W Wood, 65, Mackinaw, Mich 

Prof Arthur M Wright* 72, Waterville, N Y 

Edward R Wright, 98, 1, 90 Pierrepont, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Ormond W Wright, 73, Barnegat, N J 

Charles W Yeomans, 92, Mt Vernon, N Y 

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Harvard Univbrsity, Cambridgb, Mass. 

President, Prof Charles Eliot Norton, Litt D, LL D 
Vice-Pres, Hon Roger Wolcott, LL D 
Secretary y Librarian William Coolidge Lane 
Treasurer^ Henry Gardner Denney, A M, LL B 


Charles Francis Adams, Diplomatist 

John Quincy Adams, President of the United States 

George Bancroft, Historian 

Phillips Brooks, Preacher, Bishop of Massachusetts 

Caleb Gushing, Lawyer 

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Author 

Edward Everett, Orator 

Cornelius Conway Pelton, Greek Scholar, President of Harvard 

Thomas Hill, President of Harvard 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Poet 

James Russell Lowell, Author 

John Lothrop Motley, Historian 

Willard Parker, Physician and Surgeon 

Theophilus Parsons, Jurist 

William Hickling Prescott, Historian 

Jared Sparks, Historian, President of Harvard 

Joseph Story, Jurist 

Charles Sumner, Statesman, Orator 

James Walker, President of Harvard 

Robert Charles Winthrop, Senator of the United States 

Hon Edwin H Abbott, 55, A M, LL B, R RPres, 1 FoUen, Cambridge, Mass 
Rev Francis E Abbot, 59, Ph D, author, ed, 43 Larch, Cambridge, Mass 
Samuel L Abbott, 38, A M, M D, 90 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Prof William F Abbott, 74, A M, Ph D, 38 William, Worcester, Mass 
Hon Charles F Adams, 56, LL D, Literature, South Lincoln, Mass 

Hon George E Adams, 60 A M, LL B, 530 Belden Ave, Chicago, 111 
Henry Adams, 58, 1603 H, Washinton, D C 

Samuel Adams, 92, A M, LL B, 40 Scott, Chicago, 111 

Prof Alexander Agassiz, 55, 36 Quincy, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev Charles F Aiken, 84, t, Cath Univ, Washington, D C 

Digitized by 




Prof Victor C Alderson, 85, A M, Dean Armour Inst Tech, Chicago, 111 
►Morton A Aldrich, 95, Cambridge, MaSs 

Richard Aldrich, 85, A M, editor, Tribune office, N Y City 

Edward F Alexander, 99, 341 Emming, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Alfred M Allen, 82, A M, LL B, 304 Bell Block, Cincinnati, O 

Hon Charles Allen, 47, LL D, The Berkeley, Boston, Mass 

Rev Charles A Allen, 58, Bridgewater, Mass 

Hon Frederick H Allen, 80, A M, LL B, 63 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Henry F Allen, 60, 200 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Joseph Allen, 92, A M, t, 130 E 27, N Y City 

Willis B Allen, 78, A M, author, 477 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

Frederic Almy, 80, 165 Swan, Buffalo, N Y 

Prof James B Ames, 68, LL D, Dean of Harv Law School, Cambridge, Mass 
Albert H Ammidon, 68, 1, 206 Broadway, N Y City 

Clement W Andrews, 79, A M, librarian, J C Library, Chicago, 111 

Prof William H Appleton, 64, Swarthmore, Pa 

Richard H Arms, 90, 241 Goethe, Chicago, 111 

Chester H Arnold, 92, A M, Elec Eng, 176 Park, West Roxbury, Mass 
Horace D Arnold, 85, M D, 188 Warren, Roxbury, Mass 

James D Arnold, 94, North Abington, Mass 

Prof Edward H Atherton, 79, A M, Girls Lat Sch, 82 Ruthven, Roxbury 
Hon Edward Atkinson, h, 72, LL D, Pres Ins Co, Boston, Mass 

Prof Charles H Ayres, Jr, 98, A M, (Harvard,) Rahway, N J 

Marshall Ayres, 63, 12 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Angell B Babbitt, 83, A M, 228 N Jackson, Media, Pa 

Prof Eugene H Babbitt, 86, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Prof Frank C Babbitt, 90, A M, Ph, D, Greek, Trinity, Hartford, Conn 
Rev William G Babcock, 41, 75 Clarkson, Dorchester, Mass 

Hon Thomas C Bachelder, 83, A M, LL B, 10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 
Horace Bacon, 68, banker, 54 Wall, N Y City 

Hon William F Bacon, 85, A M, LL B, 113 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 
Prof Frederick H Bailey, 87, Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Hon HoUis R Bailey, 77, A M, LL B, 4 Buckingham, Cambridge, Mass 
Hon James Q Bailey, Jr, 88, A M, LL B, 5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Charles F Baker, 72, 1, 
Prof George P Baker, 87, 
Harvey H Baker, 91, A M, LL B, 
William W Baker, 98, 
Edward D Baldwin 75, 
Henry C Baldwin, 80, A M, M D, 
Hon George H Ball, 69, A M, 
John C Bancroft, 54, 
George C Barrett, 56, 

140 Main, Fitchburg, Mass 

195 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

Newton St, Brookline, Mass 

13 Beethoven, Roxbury, Mass 

Newton, Mass 

126 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

23 Bay State Road, Boston, Mass 

61 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Dresduer Bank, Dresden, Ger 

Hon Charles H Barrows, 76, AM, LL B, Court Square, Springfield, Mass 
Hon Franklin Bartlett, 69, A M, LL B, 82 Times Bid, N Y City 

Walter L Bartlett, 92, 205 Merrimack, Newburyport, Mass 

Edmund B Barton, 98, t, 262 Salisbury, Worcester, Mass 

Rev George Batchelor, 66, 11 Elmwood, Cambridge, Mass 

Greorge L Baxter, 63, t, 27 Warren, Romerville, Mass 

Gregory P Baxter, 96, t, 27 Warren, Somerville, Mass 

Digitized by 



Prof Joseph H Beale, Jr, 82, 13 Chauncey, Cambridgfe, Mass 

Thomas P Beal, 69, 101 Sears Bid, Boston, Mass 

Prof Georgre P Becker, 68, M E, Ph D, U S Greologist, Washington, D C 
Gordon K Bell, 93, 22 William, N Y City 

Charles V Bemis, 35, M D, Medford, Mass 

George Beudelari, 74, Sun office, NY City 

Allen R Benner, 92, t, Phil Acad, Andover, Mass 

Prof William Z Bennett, 78, Ph D, University, Wooster, Ohio 

Prof Max Benshimol, 95, A M, 30 Bellevue, North Cambridge, Mass 
Henry N Benry, 93, 238 Ocean, Lynn, Mass 

Edward D Bettens, 73, 130 W 87, N Y City 

Thomas S Bettens, 74, 130 W 87, N Y City 

H Conrad Bierwirth, 84, 35 Weld Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Edwin M Bigelow, 46 A M, LL B, 27 School, Boston, Mass 

Prof Frank H Bigelow, 73, M A, ST B, L H D, U S W B, Washington, D C 
Hany A Biglow, 96, 1, Norwood, Mass 

Asa W K Billings, 95, A M, Elec Eng Street Ry Co, Havana, Cuba 

Charles C Binney, 78, 1, Dept Justice, Wash, D C 

Prof John Binney, 64, D D, Div School, Middletown, Conn 

Rev James T Bixby, 64, A M, Ph D, Author, 105 Hudson, Yonkers, N Y 
George A Black, 79, 40 W 59, N Y City 

William P Blake, 66, 19 Pemberton, Boston, Mass 

Hon Eugene P Bliss, 58, AM, PresOhioHPSoc, 450 E 5, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Charles W Blood, 99, 31 Woodbine, Auburndale, Mass 

Prof Maxime Bocher, 88, 15 Larch, Cambridge, Mass 

Percy G Bolster, 86, 1, 17 State, Boston, Mass 

Hon Charles J Bonaparte, 71, LL D, 216 St Paul, Baltimore, Md 

Hon Lawrence Bond, 77, A M, LL B, 40 Water, Boston, Mass 

Hon Charles P Bowditch, 63, A M, Trustee, 28 State, Boston, Mass 
Prof Henry P Bowditch, 61, M D, LLD, DSc, 688 Boylston, Boston, Mass 
Augustus J Bowie, 93, 1913 Clay, San Francisco, Cal i 

Rev William W Boyd, 71, 4323 W Pine, St Louis, Mo 

George C Brackett, 64, 50 Remsen, Brooklyn, N Y 

Edward H Bradford, 69, M D, 218 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Gamaliel Bradford, 49, 68 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Edward C Bradlee, 94, 113 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Homer W Brainard, 87, t, 88 Kenyon, Hartford, Conn 

Frank Brewster, 79, LL B, 39 Court, Boston, Mass 

William T Brewster, 92, t, Columb Univ, N Y Ci^r 

Josiah Bridge, 84, Dobbs Ferry, N Y 

George R Briggs, 74, Plymouth, Mass 

Prof LeBaron R Briggs, 75, 140 Battle, Cambridge, Mass 

Hugh H Brogan, 85, 1132 Mass, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Frederick G Bromberg, 58 A M, 72 St Francis, Mobile, Ala 

Rev Arthur A Brooks, 79, Isle au Hart, Me 

Francis A Brooks, 42, 31 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Frederick Brooks, 68, C E, 31 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Rev John C Brooks, 72, Springfield, Mass 

Hon Addison Brown, 52, LL D, Judge, 45 W 89, N Y City 

Charles E Brown, 97, t, Shortsville, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Carrol N Brown, 91, 322 Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Charles R Brown, 77, New Centre, Mass 

Harry L Brown, 96, Hotel Westminster, Boston, Mass 

Rev Henry W Brown, 52, 4 Forest, Worcester, Mass 

John A Brown, 79, A M, Private Tutor, 33 Pine, Exeter, N H 

Lawrence A Brown, 98, 23 Wabon, Roxbury, Mass 

Louis M Brown, 80, 1, Glens Falls, N Y 

Reynolds D Brown, 90, 1, 328 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Rome G Brown, 84, LL B, 1918 Queen, S, Minneapolis, Minn 

William G Brown, 91, Gore Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

George H Browne, 78, 24 Garden, Cambridge, Mass 

T Frank Brownell, 65, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon John D Bryant, 53, A M, LL B, 356 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 
Edgar Buckingham, 87, M E, Cambridge, Mass 

William R Buckminster, 94, LL B, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

James H Bullard, 76, M D, Los Angeles, Cal # 

William N Bullard, 75, M D, 89 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Clarence A Bunker, 89, A M, LL B, 5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Frederic S Bunker, 84, M D, Lowell, Mass 

Ernest G Burke, 93, Quincy, Mass 

Charles C Burlingham, 79, 1, 45 William, NY City 

Frederick W Burlingham, 91, 107 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Addison C Burnham, 90, 1, 28 State, Boston, Mass 

Arthur E Burr, 91, A M, LL B, 935 Tremont Building, Boston, Mass 
William S Burrage, 92, Cambridgeport, Mass 

Hon William W Burrage, 56, A M, LL B, 27 School, Boston, Mass 

Rev George H Burrill, 79, Claverack, N Y 

Henry F. Burt, 69, A M, Dahlia Specialist, 63 Burt, Taunton, Mass 
Prof Harry E Burton, 90, A M, Hanover, N H 

John T Busiel, 68, manuf, Laconia, N H 

Harry Butler, 79, 5 Thomas, Portland, Me 

Prof William E Byerly, 71, 39 Hammond, Cambridge, Mass 

James Byrne, 77, 30 Broad, N Y City 

J Elliot Cabot, 40, Brookline, Mass 

Richard C Cabot, 89, M D, 190 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

William T Campbell, 75 t, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof George F Canfield, 75, LL B, 48 Wall, N Y City 

Walker B Cannon, 96, 8 Foxcroft, Cambridge, Mass 

William M Cannon, 91, Norfolk, Mass 

Edward Capen, 42, Haverhill, Mass 

Prof Paul Capron, 96, MA, SI Academy, New Brighton, N Y 

Prof George R Carpenter, 86, A M, Ph D, Columbia University, N Y City 
Charles F Carrier, 85, 1, Santa Barbara, Cal • 

Prof Almy M Carter, 98, A M, Constantinople, 627 Main, Woburn, Mass 
Hon James C Carter, 50, A M, LL D, 54 Wall, N Y City 

Richard B Carter, 98, A M, clerk, 315 Otis, West Newton, Mass 

William W Carter, 72, 6012 Indiana, Chicago, 111 

William W Case, 79, 1, 172 Washington, Chicago, 111 

James M Cassety, 56, t, 110, 114th, Buffalo, N Y 

Edward W Cate, 74, 113 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

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Rev Georg^e H Cate, 74, 

William H Chadbourn, 62, 

James R Chadwick, 65, M D, 

Allen H Chamberlain, 85, A M, M D, 

Charles F Chamberlayne, 78, 

Rev George h Chaney, 59, A M, 

Prof Edward Channing, 78, 

Charles A Chase, 55 A M, bank treasurer, 

Hon George B Chase, 56, A M, 

George H Chase, 96, A M, 

John H Chase, 95, t, 

Hon Henry Chauncey, 44, A M, 

David W Cheever, 52, M D, 

Winthrop L Chenery, 67, A M, insurance, 

Rev William P Cheney, 73, 

George H Chittenden, 91, t, 

Charles P Choate, 49, 

54 Broomfield, Boston, Mass 

307 Market, Wilmington, N C 

270 Clarendon, Boston, Mass 

Poxcraft, Me 

60 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Leominster, Mass 

17 Brewster, Cambridge, Mass 

13 Poster, Worcester, Mass 

Dedham, Mass 

83 Chestnut, Lynn, Mass 

2702 St Paul, Baltimore, Md 

329 W 77, N Y City 

557 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

Belmont, Mass 

Dedham, Mass 

45 Salcombe, Dorchester, Mass 

50 State, Boston, Mass 

Hon Joseph H Choate, 52, LL D, U S Minister, London, Eng 

William G Choate, 52, 40 Wall, N Y City 

Jonathan L Cilley, 58, M D, HE 8th, Cincinnati, Ohio 

G^eorge I Clapp, 95, t, Milton, Mass 

Henry A Clapp, 60, Court House, Boston, Mass 

Prof Herbert C Clapp, 67, A M, M D, 334 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

Robert P Clapp, 79, LL B, Lexinpfton, Mass 

Pranklin J Clark, 67, Parmington, Me 

John T Clark, 98, S Lambert, Roxbury, Mass 

Joseph H Clark, 57, Hotel Vendome, Boston, Mass 

Walter T Clark, 86, M D, 

Charles C Clarke, 74, Customs, 

Samuel B Clarke, 74, 

Thomas C Clarke, 48, 

S Willard Clary, 77, publisher, 

Hon Charles W Clifford, 65, A M, LL B, 

C?irlosC Closson, 92, A M, 

Prederick W Coburn, 91, 

49 Pearl, Worcester, Mass 

Shanghai, China 

100 Broadway, N Y City 

127 Duane, N Y City 

110 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

New Bedford, Mass 

Los Angeles, Califs 

109 W 54, N Y City 

1077 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

Columb Univ, N Y City 

Prederic Coggeshall, 86, A M, M D, 

Prof Prank N Cole, 82, 

Walter Cole, 80, 87 W Monument, Baltimore, Md 

Ernest L Conant, 84, A M, LL B, Univ Club, 54 and 5th Ave, N Y City 

Prederick S. Converse, 93, AM,Composer, St Botolph Club, Boston, Mass 

Rev John H Converse, 57, 

Hon Prank G Cook, 82, A M, LL B, 

Howard H Cook, 93, Ph D, statistician, 

Rev Joseph Cook, 65, 

Rev Silas P Cook, 67, 

Prof Archibald C Coolidge, 87, 

Hon Daniel H Coolidge, 54, A M. LL B, 114 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

Hon Horace H Coolidge, 52, A M, LL B, 162 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Rev James I T Coolidge, 38, 31 Brewster, Cambridge, Mass 

Julian L Coolidge, 95, 147 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Gwynedd, Pa 

44 Garden, Cambridge, Mass 

71 City Hall, Boston, Mass 

Ticonderoga, N Y 

Pittsfield, Mass 

Cambridge, Mass 

Digitized by 



Joseph R Coolidge, Jr, 83, Cbestnut Hill, Mass 

J Templeman Coolidge, Jr, 79, 114 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Frederic J B Cordeiro, 81, M D, US Navy, Washingfton, D C 

Joseph P Cotton, Jr, 96, 1, IS Park, Newport, R I 

George A Craigin, 85, M D, 18 Hereford, Boston, Mass 

Prank L Crawford, 79, 229 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon George G Crocker, 64, A M, LL B, 19 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Hon Uriel H Crocker, S3, A M, LLB, 247 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 
Hon George W Crosby, S8, A M, treas R H White Co, S18 Wash, Boston 
Prof Arthur L Cross, 9S, Ph D, Univ Mich, 610 S State, Ann Arbor, Mich 
Headmaster James G Croswell, 73, A M, Brearly Sch, 17 W 44, N Y City 
Simon G Croswell, 7S, 180 Summer, Boston Mass 

Hon Richard S Culbreth, 76, A M, LL B, Herald Bid, Baltimore, Md 
Charles R Cummings, 92, Fall River, Mass 

Prof Edward Cummings, 83, 104 Irving, Cambridge, Mass 

John Cummings, 91, M D, Cambridge, Mass 

Prentiss Cummings, 64, A M, LL B, Brookline, Mass 

Edward L Cunningham, 29, M D, Newport, R I 

Prof Charles F A Currier, 87, Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Thomas F Currier, 94, , Library, Cambridge, Mass 

Daniel S Curtis, 46, SO State, Boston, Mass 

Edward Curtis, 59, M D, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Ernest W Cushing, 67, M D, LL D, 168 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Joseph M Cushing, S5, A M, pub, bookseller, 708 Park, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Herbert E Cushman, 95, Tufts College, Mass 

Hon S Newton Cutler, 77, A M, mer, Sch Com, 28 Flint, Somerville, Mass 
William W Cutler, 94, 360 Summit, St Paul, Minn 

Hon Charles A Cutler, 55, AM, libr, Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass 
Hon Lewis S Dabney, 61, A M, LL B, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Franklin A Dakin, 82, t, 90 Pond, Natick, Mass 

Hon Frederick W Dallinger, 93, A M, LL B, 384 Broadway, Cambridge 
Rev Asa Dalton, 48, D D, Portland, Me 

Prof Lindsay T Damon, 94, A M, English, University, Chicago, 111 

Hon Israel P Dana, 71, A M, LL B, Thayer Bid, Kansas City, Mo 

Allen Danforth, 66, A M, SO State, Boston, Mass 

M Grant Daniell, 63, A M, editor, 9 Schuyler, Roxbury, Mass 

Hon Francis B Daniels, 71, A M, LL B, Pullman Building, Chicago, 111 
Herbert H Darling, 89, 21 Pemberton, Boston, Mass 

Bennett F Davenport, 67, A M, M D, 161 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

(Jeorge F Davidson, 85, University Club, San Francisco, Calif # 

Bancroft G Davis, 85, 1, 23 Court, Boston, Mass 

Hon Charles G Davis, 40, LL D, judge, Plymouth, Mass 

Samuel W Davis, 77, West Newton, Mass 

Hon Horace Davis, 49, merchant, 134 California, San Francisco, Calif # 
Horace A Davis, 91, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Leonard H Davis, 92, A M, civil engineer, 10 Allston, Brighton, Mass 
Rev Thomas Dawes, 39, A M, Brewster, Mass 

Hon Lafayette L DeFriese, 76. A M, LL B, Mut Life Bid, N Y City 

Samuel Delano, 79, M D, 39 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Hon Horace E Deming, 71, A M, LL B, 11 William, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Artbur C Denniston, 83, 2211 Locust, Philadelphia, Pa 

Henry 6 Denny, 52, A M, LL B, 68 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 
Prof Samuel C Derby, 66, A M, Latin, State Univ, Columbus, Ohio 

Albert J Dibblee, 93, 1, Mills Bid, San Francisco, CaU 

George W Dickerman, 82, 237 Broadway, N Y City 

John H Dillingham, 62, t, 140 N 16, Philadelphia, Pa 

A J Dallas Dixon, 70, 1. 221 S S, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prin Epes J Dixwell, 27, A M, 58 Garden, Cambridge. Mass 
Hon Frederick Dodge, 67, LL B, 706 Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 

James A Dodge, 69, t, 116 W Islay, Santa Barbara, Cal 

Robert G Dodge, 93, Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Rev Charles F Dole, 68, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

William E Dorman, 98, 158 Ocean, Lynn, Mass 

Goldthwaite M H Dorr, 97, Cambridge, Mass 

Walter C Douglass, Jr, 93, 1, Girard Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Charles H Dow, 92, Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Russell Duane, 88, LL B, 911 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Loren G Du Bois, 76, A M, LL B, 5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Albertus T Dudley, 87, Exeter, N H 

Augustus W Dudley, 91, M D, North Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Charles F Dunbar, 51, Cambridge, Mass 

William H Dunbar, 82, 1, 220 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Frederick S Duncan, 90, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Theodore Dunham, 85, M D, 305 W 76, N Y City 

William B Durant, 65, 19 Congress, Boston, Mass 
Hon Edmund Dwight, 44 A M, merchant, 191 Marlboro. Boston, Mass 

Richard J Dwyer, 77, 113 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Prof Louis Dyer, 74, Oxford, Eng 

Charles M Eaton. 90, Weston, Mass 

Prin George A Eaton. 92, A M, High School, Ogden. Utah 

Prof Horace A Eaton, 93, A M, ^ 20 Elmwood, Cambridge, Mass 

Carroll E Edson, 88, M D, McPhee Bid, Denver. Col 

Harold Edwards, 96, 108 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Rev Wendell P Elkins, 88, Peterboro, N H 
Pres Charles W Eliot, 53, LL D, L HD, D C L, Harvard. Cambridge. Mass 

David A Ellis, 94, 75 Dale. Roxbury, Mass 

Hon Ralph W Ellis, 79, A M, LL B, 39 Mulberry. Springfield. Mass 

Hon Irving Elting, 78, A M. LL B. 56 Market, Poughkeepsie, N Y 
Hon EUius A Emerson, 75, A M, judge, 260 N Broadway, Haverhill, Mass 

Edward W Emerson, 66, M D, Concord, Mass 

Thomas Emerson, 56, Wobum, Mass 

Prof Ephraim Emerton, 71, Cambridge, Mass 

Charles C Emott 70, 186 Grand, N Y City 

Hon William C Endicott, 47, Danvers, Mass 

John Erving, 53, 49 Exchange, N Y City 

Oliver H Everett, 73, M D, 53 Pearl, Worcester, Mass 

Hon William Everett, 59, LL D, t, Quincy, Mass 

Carl A Ewald, 8H, M D, Deckertown, N J 

Hon Charles S Fairchild, 63, LL D, Pres Trust Co, 46 Wall, N Y City 
Prof John AFairlie, 95, A M, PhD,LecColumb, 890 West End, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Prof Will am G Farlow, 66, 24 Quincy, Cambridge, Mass 

William Faxon, Jr, 83, 704 Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Francis B Fay, 83, A M, LL B> 367 Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Edgar C Felton, 79, A M, Pres Steel Co, Girard Building, Phil, Pa 

13 Pleasant, Baltimore, Md 

S729 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

Tokio, Japan 

Salem, Mass 

Broadway, near 117, N Y 

Williamstown, Mass 

Washington, D C 

Pasadena, Cal # 

Evening Post, N Y City 

5622 Ellis, Chicago, 111 

40 Water, Boston, Mass 

Franklin E Felton, 51, 

Rev William W Fenn, 84, A M, B D, 

Prof Ernest F Fenollosa, 74, 

William S Fenollosa, 75, 

Frederick A Femald, 82, A M, Bookseller, 

Prof Orlando M Femald, 64, A M, 

J. Walter Fewkes, 75, Ph, D, Ethnology, 

Prof Henry M Field, 59, A M, M D, 

Henry T. Finck, 76, 

Alfred L Fish, 99, 

Frederick P Fish, 75, 

Rev William WFish, Jr, 65, A M, 1501 Wood Ave, Colorado Springs, Col 

Samuel T Fisher, 76, 1, 930 F, N W, Washington, D C 

Arthur I Fiske, 69, t, 17 Montrose, Boston, Mass 

Amos K Fiske, 66, Century Club, N Y City 

Rev Charles C Fiske, 49, 149 E 46, N Y City 

George C Fiske, 94, 44 Thayer Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Henry M Fiske, 97, Lombard, Dorchester, Mass 

Irving L Fiske, 97, LL B, 28 Erie, Buffalo, N Y 

Hon John Fiske, 63, A M, LL D, Litt D, Author,22 Berkeley, Cambridge, 

Lyman B Fiske, 73, Cambridge, Mass 

Andrew Fitz, 70, 1, Salem, Mass 

Prof Isaac Flagg, 69, Ph D, Berkeley, Cal • 

Daniel H Fletcher, 99, t, Chelmsford, Mass 

Prof Albert S Flint, 75, A M, Astronomer, 420 Mary, Madison, Wis 

James H Flint, 76, 

Charles F Folson, 62, M D, 

Arthur Foote, 74, musician, 

Gen Manning F Force, 45, 

Jermiah D M Ford, 94, 

Prof Frank H Foster, 73, Ph DJiJD^ 

Herbert B Foster, 95, ^SAi^JT. S 

Prof Harold N Fowler, 89, A M, PhD, 

Austen G Fox, 69, 

Jabez Fox, 71, 

Hon Laurens N Francis, 70, A M, LL B, 

Prof Henry E Fraser, 86, A M, Boston Lat Sch, Trinity Ct, Boston, Mass 

Prof Thomas French, 72, A M, physics, 713 E Ridgeway, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon William F Frick, 35, LL B, 126 Franklin^ Baltimore. Md 

Edward Frost, 50, C E, Littleton, Mass 

Samuel T Frost, 98, 406 Massachusetts, Boston Mass 

John W Frothingham, 99, 185 Columb Heights, Brooklyn, N Y 

Theodore L Frothingham, 84, A M, LL B, 32 Liberty, N Y City 

George P Furber, 87, A M, LL B, 340 .§ Station, Boston, Mass 

Hon Horace H Fumess, 54, Ph D, L H D, LL p. Litt D, Wallingford Pa 

Hon William E Furness, 60> A M, LL B, Portland Blki ChicagOi 111 

39 Court, Boston Mass 

15 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Dedham, Mass 

Soldiers Home, Erie Co, Ohio 

mersville, Mass 

Oakland, Calif t 

timore, Md 

leveland, O 

45 Wall, N Y City 

99 Erving, Cambridge, Mass 

19 Clinton, Taunton, Mass 

Digitized by 




Homer Gage, 82, A M, M D, 72 Pearl, Worcester, Mass 

Thomas H Gage, Jr, A M, LL B, 314 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Principal Archibald V Galbraith, 99, A M, Academy, Milton, Mass 

Prof John S Galbraith, 99, A M, St George's School, Newport, R I 

Hon Justin E Gale, 66, A M, Treasurer Brookside Mills, Weston, Mass 

Headmaster William Gallagher, 69, 

Hon James B Galloway, 70, A M, LL B, 

Rev William C Gannett, 60, D D, 

Hon Robert H Gardiner, 76, LL B, 

Perley Gardner, 98, 

William A Gardner, 84, 

Frederick E Garland, 98, 

Hon Wendell P Garrison, 61, A M, journalist, 

Prof Lewis E Gates, 84, 

Albert Gehring, 94, A M, 

Nathan R George, Jr, 90, t, 

Frank S Gerrish, 75, A M, 

Amory T Gibbs, 54, 

Prof William F Giese, 89, 

Ralph W Gififord, 92, 1, 

James A Gillet, 63, 

Hon James A Gillis, 49, A M, LLB, 

Rev James W Gilman, 77, 

South Braintree, Mass 

115 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

15 Sibley, Rochester, N Y 

Gardiner, Me 

Exeter, N H 

Groton, Mass 

Gardner, Mass 

Orange, N J 

Cambridge, Mass 

109 Edgewater, Cleveland, Ohio . 

Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

17 E 76, N Y City 

Cambridgeport, Mass 

Madison, Wis 

17 Wendell, Cambridge, Mass 

109 E 76, N Y City 

Salem, Mass 

1307 N Wis St, Racine, Wis 

564 S 2, San Jose, Califs 

Charles B Gleason, 85, t. 

Prof Clarence W Gleason 88, A M, Latin School, 6 Copeland, Boston, Mass 

Hon Daniel A Gleason, 56, A M, LL B, Tr F R R, 375 High, W Medf ord 

Henry R Gledhill, 91, 

Prof Philip B Goetz, 93, M A, 

Henry Goldmark, 78, C E, 

Prof William G Goldsmith, 57, A M, 

Joseph L Goodale, 89, M D, 

John McG Goodale, 85, 1, 

Rev Alfred Gooding, 77, 

Hon James W Goodwin, 77, A M, LL B, 

Prof William W Goodwin, 51, LL D, 

Allen W Gould, 72, 

George H Gould, 72, 

Hon William H Gove, 76, A M, LL B, 

Prof Charles H Grandgent, 83, 

Hon Robert Grant, 73, Judge, 

Horace Graves, 64, 

Jerseyville, 111 

676 Norwood, Buffalo, N Y 

270 W 94, N Y City 

Andover, Mass 

3 Fairfield, Boston, Mass 

18 Wall, N Y City 

Portsmouth, N H 

Haverhill, Mass 

5 FoUen, Cambridge, Mass 

175 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Santa Barbara, Calif # 

254 Lafayette, Salem, Mass 

Cambridge, Mass 

205 Bay State, Boston, Mass 

16 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

7 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Hon Francis C Gray, 66, A M, merchant, 

Hon Horace Gray, 45, LL D, Justice Supreme Court, Washington, D C 
Prof John C Gray, 59, 60 State, Boston, Mass 

Prof John H Gray, 87, Ph D, Evanston, 111 

Roland Gray, 95, LL B, 176 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Russell Gray, 69, 1, SO State, Boston, Mass 

Louis M Greeley, 80, 1, 115 Monroe, Chicago, 111 

Prof Charles M Green, 74, MD, Harvard, 78 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 
Frederick Green, 89, 54 Wall, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Hon Samuel A Green, 51, LL D, Lib Mass Hist Soc, 1154 Boylston, Boston 
Samuel S Green, 58, A M, librarian, 12 Harvard, Worcester, Mass 

Henry C Greene, 94, A M, author, 354 Marlboro, Boston, Mass 

Prof James B Greenoug-li, 56, Cambridge, Mass 

William W Greenough, 37, 299 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Curtis Guild, Jr, 81, AM, newspaperman, 282 Washingt<m, Boston, Mass 
Prof Charles B Gulick, 90, A M, Ph D, Greek, 18 Walker, Cambridge, Mass 
Prof Francis B Gummere, 75, A M, English, Havertord, Pa 

Binney Gunnison, 86, t. Pierce Bid, Boston, Mass 

Eugene B Hager, 71, LL B, 33 Temple. Boston, Mass 

Rev Edward Hale, 79, Div School, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev Edward Everett Hale, 39, S T D, 39 Highland, Roxbury, Mass 

Richard W Hale, 92, 1, 10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Robert S Hale, 91, 5 Exeter, Boston, Mass 

Prof William G Hale, 70, LL D, University, Chicago, 111 

Rev Angelo Hall, 91, Turners Falls, Mass 

Prof Asaph Hall, Jr, 82, A M, Ph D, astronomer, Ann Arbor, Mich 
Rev Edward H Hall, 51, Cambridge, Mass 

Charles A Hamilton, 78, t. High School, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Franklin E E Hamilton, 87, 5 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

Philip M Hammett, 88, IS Vine, Melrose, Mass 

Franklin T Hammond, 92, 49 Langdon, Cambridge, Mass 

Learned Hand, 93, 25 N Pearl, Albany, N Y 

Hon Meldon L Hanscom, 67, A M, LL B, 1525 Walnut, Berkeley, Calif • 
Otto R Hansen, 85, 1, 649 Cass, Milwaukee, Wis 

Hutchins Hapgood, 92, Evening Post, N Y City 

Norman Hapgood, 90, Evening Post, N Y City 

Hon Joseph B Hardon, 61, A M, 1648 Mass Ave, Cambridge, Mass 

Edwin A W Harlow, 41, M D, Wollaston, Mass 

Rev Robert H Harlow, 41, Wollaston, Mass 

Edward A Harriman, 88, A M, LL B, 175 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Rev Nathan H Harriman, 77, A M, 124 N G, Tacoma, Wash 

Charles M Harrington, 85, 1, Sav Bk Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Thomas R Harris, 63, D D, Scarborough, N Y 

William F Harris, 91, 8 Mercer, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Albert B Hart, 80, Cambridge, Mass 

John G Hart, 93, t, 38 Shepard, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Alfred S Hartwell, 58, Honolulu, H I 

Herbert J Harwood, 77, Littleton, Mass 

John H Harwood, 93, 1, 708 Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Frank Hasbrouck, 72, 1, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Prof Mellen W Haskell, 83, A M, Ph D, U of C, Berkeley, Califs 

David G Raskins, 66, 1, Cambridge, Mass 

Arthur G Hatch, 84, t. Box 1726, Boston, Mass 

Eugene H Hatch, 84, 1, Plainfield, N J 

Rev William H P Hatch, 98, A M, South Hartford, N Y 

Edward S Hawes, 80, 85 Pierrepont, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon James W Hawes, 66, A M, LL B, 35 Nassau, N Y City 

Prof Henry W Haynes, 51, A M, author, 239 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

George Hayward, 39, A M, M D, 381 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 



Jonatban B Hayward, 97, Neponset, Mass 

Mayo W Hazeltine, 62, 170 Nassau, N Y City 

Prof John B Hetick, 40, A M, civil engineer, Montecito, Califs 

William P Henderson, 88, Dorchester, Mass 

Prof George N Henning", 94, A M, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Henry A Henshaw, 86, A M, B D, 129 Salem, Woburn, Mass 

Col Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 41, LL D, author, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Henry T Hildreth, 85, Salem, Va 

Prof A Sherman Hill, 53, LL D, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Edward B Hill, 94, Cambridge, Mass 

George A Hill, 65, t, 19 Hilton Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Henry B Hill, 69, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev William Bancroft Hill, 79, A M, Reformed Ch, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Prof Francis W Hilliard, 52, D D, Episcopal Church, Oxford, N C 

William H Hills, 80, ed, Box 1905, Boston, Mass 

George Hoadley, Jr, 79, LL B, 111 E 4, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon George P Hoar, 46, Worcester, Mass 

Charles A Hobbs, 80, t, Watertown, Mass 

Prof Archibald L Hodges, 83, AM, 36 E 12, N Y City 

Nathaniel D C Hodges, 74, Cambridge, Mass 
Prof Arthur W Hodgman, 90, A M, Ph D, State Univ, Columbus, Ohio 

Wickham Hoffman, 41, Washington, D C 

Albert P Holden, 88, A M, mining, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Frederic M Holland, 59, Concord, Mass 

Henry F Hollis, 92, 1, Concord, N H 

Samuel H Hollis, 98, 220 Ocean, Lynn, Mass 

Rev William H Holman, 75, A M, Cong Church, Southport, Conn 

Nathaniel Holmes, 37, 9 Holyoke, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Oliver W Holmes, 61, Boston, Mass 

Edwin B Holt, 96, Winchester, Mass 

Edward W Hooper, 59, 50 State, Boston, Mass 

Louis L Hooper, 89, t, High School, Washington, D C 

Nathaniel L Hooper, 46, 56 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

John P Hopkinson, 61, t, 29 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

Prof James K Hosmer, 55, librarian, Minneapolis, Minn 

John W Houston, 80, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Albert S Howard, 96, Lowell, Mass 

Charles T Howard, 56, A M, 13 Pearl, Boston, Mass 

William G Howard, 91, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof George E Howes, 86, Burlington, Vt 

Charles J Hubbard, 83, Boston Building, Kansas City, Mo 

Frank A Hubbard, 73, A M, M D, 157 High, Taunton, Mass 

Harry Hubbard, 84, 195 Broadway, N Y City 
Prof Lucius L Hubbard, 72, A M, LL B, Ph D, GreoPst, Houghton, Mich 

John H Huddleston, 86, M D, 126 W 85, N Y City 

Rev Henry J Hudson, 43, A M, 70 Court, Plattsburgh, N Y 
Hon John E Hudson, 62, Pres Bell Telephone Co, 125 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Woodward Hudson, 79, 1, Concord, Mass 

Rev Charles A Humphreys, 60, A M, Mt Monadnock, Dorchester, Mass 

Francis C Huntington, 87, 1, 48 Wall, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Rev Wm Reed Huntington, 59, D D, D C L, L H D, Grace Ch, N Y City 
Edward W Hutcliins, 72, 1, Sears Bid, Bo.ston, Mass 

William E Hutton, 95, 1, 23U8 Marion, Denver, Col 

Pres William DeW Hyde, 79, LL D, Bowdoin, Brunswick, Me 

Frank Irwin, 90, 57 Wall, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Charles L Jackson, 67, Cambridge, Mass 

Carl N Jackson, 98, Cambridge, Mass 

Ernest Jackson, 78, t, 383 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Frederick G Jackson, 93, t, Dorchester, Mass 

David R Jaques, 42, 119 E <.0, N Y City 

Alfred Jaretzki, 81, 45 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Henry T Jenks, 63, Canton, Mass 

Frank E Jennison, 83, A M, banker, 2 Wall, M Y City 

Hon Benjamin N Johnson, 78, A M, LL B, 50 Slate, Bt»ston, Mass 

Hon Charles E Johnson, 53, manuf, 1420 Gilpin, Denver, Col 

Hon Edward F Johnson, 78, A M, LL B, Judge, WoLurn, Mass 

Henry A Johnson, 44, 27 Kilby, Boston, Mass 

Prof Joseph F Jolanson, 78, Univ Penn, Philadelphia, Pa 

Gilbert N Jones, 84, M D, Wellesley Hills, Mass 

Henry C Jones, 80, t, Latin School, Boston, Mass 

Frederick D Jordan, 80, Circle City, Alaska 

Josiah M Kagan, 94, t, Cambridge, Mass 

Charles H Keep, 82, A M, Sec Merchants Ex, 285 Summer, Buffalo, N Y 
Prof John A H Keith, 99, A M, De Kalb, 111 

Merton S Keith, 72, t, 46 Irving, Cambridge, Mass 

Prin Clarence E Kelley, 73, A M, Hi^h School, Haverhill, Mass 

Joshua Kendall, S3, t, 13 Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass 

Thomas W Kenefick, 77, Palmer, Mass 

Nehemiah S Kenison, 86, M D, 58 Winter, Boston, Mass 

Thaddeus D Kenneson, 80, 11 William. N Y City 

Charles W Kettell, 70, A M, Mech Eng, 19 Brewster, Cambridge, Mass 
Prescott Keves, 79, 1, Concord. N H 

Hon Camillus G Kidder, 72, LL B, 27 William, N Y City 

Henry S Kilby, 73, M D, N Attleboro, Mass 

James T Kilbreth, 94, 1, 5 Beekman, N Y City 

Hon David P Kimball, 56, A M, 35 Congress, Boston, Mass 

Prof Albert E King, 97, A M, Erasmus High School, Bro*»klyn, N Y 
Cyril N King, 98, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Edward King, S3, Pres Union Trust Co, N Y City 

Gustav H Kinnicutt, 98, 39 E 35, N Y City 

Hon Samuel Kirkman, 50, A M, Cotton Crop Statistician, Florence, Ala 
Prof George L Kittridge, 82, A M, English, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 
Herbert C Lakin, 94, 1, 52 Wall, N Y City 

Prof Hammond Lamont, 86, Brown Univ, Providence, R I 

Hon Artemas W Lamson, 49, LL D, Dedham, Mass 

William W Lancaster, 97, LL B, 27 W 44, N Y City 

Hugh McK Landon, 92, A M, 113 Monument Place, Indianapolis, Ind 
Alfred C Lane, 83, geologist, Lansing, Mich 

Gardiner M Lane, 81, A M, 44 State, Boston, Mass 

William C Lane, 81, A M, librarian, Harvard Univ, Cambridge, Mass 

Digitized by 



Prof C C Langdell, 51, LL D, Cambridge, Mass (f , 

# Gaillard T Lapsley, 93, ttW^«2AX.¥-Ckjh (iiuiikL 

Walter C Larned, 71, 325 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 U 

Ralph C Larrabee, 93, M D, 912 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Hon Andrew J Lathrop, 59, A M, LL B, Waltham, Mass 

Prof Henry B Lathrop, 89, Stanford University, Calif % 

Prof J Laurence Laughlin, 73, LL D, Univ, 5747 Lexington, Chicago, 111 
Charles L Lawrence, 94, 1154 Maple, Los Angeles, Califs 

Hon Rosewell B Lawrence, 78, A M, LL B, Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 
Gen and Hon Samuel C Lawrence, 55, A M, manuf, Medford, Mass 

Kev William Lawrence, 71, S T D, 101 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

William B Lawrence, 79, LL B, Medford, Mass 

Hon Frederick Lawton, 74, 1, Lowell, Mass 

Prof William C Lawton, 73, Brooklyn, N Y 

William A Leahy, 88, S Boston, Mass 

R^v Charles H Leroyd, 58, Wakefield, Mass 

John K Le Bosquet, 96, Andover, Mass 

Prof Samuel Leland, 77, A M, 294, 66th Place, Chicago, 111 

Rev Otis L Leonard, 66, Marshfield Hills, Mass 

George V Leveritt, 67, 53 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Gilbert N Lewis, 96, t, 16 Oxford, Cambridge, Mass 

Frederick T Lewis, 97, 36 Highland, Cambridge, Mass 

Herschel W Lewis, 96, Somerville, Mass • 

John H Lewis, 95, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Louis C Lewis, 65, A M, LL B, 66 Broadway, N Y City 

Arthur Lincoln, 63, 1, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Hon Albert L Lincoln, Jr, 72, LL B, 18 P O Square, Boston, Mass 

Rev James O Lincoln, 73, A M, t, San Mateo, Col 

Roland C Lincoln, 65, . Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Hon Solomon, Lincoln, 57, A M, LL B, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Lawrence Litchfield, 85, M A, M D, 5431 5th Ave, Pittsburg, Pa 

Alfred H Lloyd, 86, Ph D, t, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Herbert M Lloyd, 83, LL B, Montclair, N J 

Rev George L Locke, 59, Bristol, R I 

James Loeb, 88, A M, banker, 27 Pine, N Y City 

Prof Morris Loeb, 83, Ph D, NY University, 117 W 72, N Y City 

Josiah Lombard, 63, 12 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon John D Long, 57, LL D, Sec Navy, Washington, D C 

Rev Joseph M Long, 85, Harrington, Me 

Hon William P P Longfellow, 55, arch, 479 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass 
Arthur Lord, 72, Plymouth, Mass 

Eliojt Lord, 72, Plymouth, Mass 

Gen Charles G Loring, 48, A M, Director Museum Fine Arts, Boston 
Hon William C Loring, 72, A M, LL B, Judge, 2 Gloucester, Boston 
Daniel W Lotham, 85, 93 Greenwood, Cleveland, Ohio 

Thornton K Lothrop, 49, 27 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

Robert M Lovett,. 92, University, Chicago, 111 

A Lawience Lowell, 77, 1, Boston, Mass 

Hon Francis C Lowell, 76, Judge, Boston, Mass 

Clinton W Lucas, 78, 15 E 21, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Hon James B Ludlow, 81, A M, LL B, 45 Cedar, N Y City 

Fred B Lund, 88, M D, 529 Beacon, Boston, Mass • 

Henry M Lydenberg, 97, A M, librarian. Public Library, N Y City 

Hon Arthur T Lyman, 53, A M, manuf, 39 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Hon George T Lyman, 42, A M, merchant, Bellport, N Y 

Samuel A Lynde, 77, 1, 398 Ontario, Chicago, 111 

Hugh McCulloch, Jr, 91, Firenze, Italy 

Walton B McDaniel, 93, t, 69 Dana, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof George N McDaniels, 99, A M, Cabot, Vt 

Prof Joseph H McDaniels, 61, A M, Hobart, Geneva, N Y 

Hon Wallace Macfarlane, 79, A M, LL B, 32 Liberty, N Y City 

George F McKell eget, 92, A M, LL B, 709 Cambridge, Cambridgeport 
Rev Alexander McKenzie, 59, D D, 12 Garden, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Kenneth McKenzie, 91, Ph D,W Va University, Morgantown, W Va 
Rev Haslet McKim, Jr, 66, D D, 33 W 20, N Y City 

Edwin G Mclnnes, 83, 1, 209 Washington, Boston, Mass 

James McManus, 71, Natick, Mass 

Prof Silas M Macvane, 73, Cambridge, Mass 

John A Macy, 99, 10 Remington, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Edgar Madden, 79, A M, LL B, 155 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Hon Rowland B Mahany, 88, M A, LL B, 621 Main, Buflfalo, N Y 

Charles F M Malley, 94, A M, LL B, 87 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Prin George C Mann, 67, High School, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Richard C Manning, Jr, 88, Salem, Mass 

Prof Philippe B Marcon, 76, Cambridge, Mass 

Henry O Marcy, Jr, 93, M D, 180 Commonwealth, N Y City 

Phillip Marquand, 89, 7 Pine, N Y City 

Prof Arthur R Marsh, 83, Cambridge, Mass 

H Stanley Marsh, 97, A M, 102 Cambridge, Winchester, Mass 

Rev John M Marstern, 47, North Camrbidge, Mass 

Langdon P Marvin, 98, A M, LL B, 344 State, Albany, N Y 

Hon John W Mason, 82, A M, LL B, Judge, Northampton, Mass 

Maurice W Mather, 90, t, Cambridge, Mass 

George W Mathews, 96, 5 Lincoln, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev Joseph May, 57, D D, 2033 Sansom, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Frederick H Means, 88, Windham, Conn 

John S Melcher, 81, 1, 27 William, N Y City 

Joseph W Merriam, 56, M D, US Consul, Chili 

Henry F Merrill, 74, Customs, Shanghai, China 

Head Master Moses Merrill, 56, Ph D, Latin School, Boston, Mass 

Frank D Millett, 69, 92 Clinton, N Y City 

Clifford Mitchell, 75, M D, 70 State, Chica^^o, 111 

Hon James T Mitchell, 55, LLD, Supreme Court Penn, Philadelphia, Pa 
Rev Walter Mitchell, 46, A M, Episcopal Church, 254 W 100, N Y City 
Charles L Mix, 90, M D, 3058 Calumet, Chicago, 111 

Hon George P Montague, 71, LL B, McGill Building, Washington, D C 
William H Moody, 76, Haverhill, Mass 

William V Moody, 93, A M, t, University, Chicago, 111 

Hon Charles Moore, 78, M A, 2013 R, Washington, D C 

Prof Clarence K Moore, 97, A M, Modem Languages, Belmont, Calif m 

Digitized by 



Prof Clifford H Moore, 89, A M, Ph D, 34 Shepard, Cambridge, Mass 
Arthur W Moore, 80, A M, banker, 171 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

George S Morison, 63, A M, civil engineer, 35 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Robert S Morison, 69, libr, Harv Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass • 
Hon Albert G Morse, 77, A M, LL B, 120 Washington, Dorchester, Mass 
Edwin W Morse, 78, editor, 153, 5th, N Y City 

Hon Godfrey Morse, 70, A M, LL B, 925 Exchange Bid, Boston, Mass 
Herbert R Morse, 98, 1, 55 Hastings, W Roxbury, Mass 

James H Morse, 63, 423 Madison, N Y City 

John T Morse, Jr, 60, 16 Fairfield, Boston, Mass 

Robert M Morse, 57, Equitable Bid, Boston, Mass 

William R Morse, 76, t, 32 Northern, Dorchester, Mass 

Supt Charles H Morss, 80, A M, Schools, West Medford, Mass 

James F Morton, Jr, 92, 236 Clinton, San Francisco, Calif ♦ 

Otto Mueller, 81, M D, 539 Pearl, Cleveland, Ohio 

William A Munroe, 64, A M, 1, 23 Court, Boston, Mass 

John Murdoch, 73, 195 Walnut, Roxbury, Mass 

William D Murray, 99, A M, Ocean Ave, Newport, R I 

David S Muzzey, 93, t, 228 West End, N Y City 

Prof Bennett H Nash, 56, A M, 252 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Frederick H Nash, 95, 1, 5 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Prof Francis P Nash, 56, Ph D, LL D, Latin, Hobart, Geneva, N Y 

George M Nash, 77, Everett, Mass 

Rev Henry S Nash, 78, 9 Alacia, Cambridge, Mass 

John U Nef , 84. University, Chicago, 111 

James M Newell, 89, 23 Court, Boston, Mass 

William W Newell, 59, Buckingham, Cambridge, Mass 

Guy Newhall, 98, LL B, 57 Silsbee Ave, Lynn, Mass 

Herbert W Newhall, 79, M D, 13 Nahant, Lynn, Mass 

Albert H Newman, 95, AM, banker, 16 Congress, Boston, Mass 

Benjamin W Nichols, 42, 40 State, Boston, Mass 

Edgar H Nichols, 78, 33 Kirkland, Cambridge, Mass 

Frederick Nichols, 83, 2 Joy, Boston, Mass 

Henry G Nichols, 77, 40 Water, Boston, Mass 

Rev Harry P Nichols, 71, A M, Holy Trinity, 18 W 122, N Y City 

John R Nichols, 94, 194 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Rev John T G Nichols, 36, D D, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev William I Nichols, 74, 69 Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Frank W Nicolson, 87, A M, Middletown, Conn 

George W C Noble, 58, Private School, 21 Concord, Cambridge, Mass 
Hon John Noble, 50, LL B, Court House, Boston, Mass 

Prof Charles E Norton, 46, LH D, LL D, Harvard Univ, Cambridge, Mass 
Henry S Nourse, 53, civil eng, S Lancaster, Mass 

Grenville H Norcross, 75, LL B, 35 Congress, Boston, Mass 

Otis Norcross, 70, LL B, 35 Congress, Boston, Mass 

Carleton E Noyes, 95, A M, t, 338 Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

George R Nutter, 85, A M, LL B, 220 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Hon Daniel J M O'Callaghan, 77, A M, LL B, 99 Nassau, N Y City 

James S O'Callaghan, 75, LL B, 558 W 150, N Y City 

John A O'Keefe, 80, A M, LL B, 414 Broadway, Lynn, Mass 

Digitized by 




483 North, St Paul, Minn 

175 Ninth, NY City 

3 Beckford, Salem, Mass 

Brookline, Mass 

Univ Club, N Y City 

201 W 85, N Y City 

Newton Centre, Mass 

14 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Robert E Olds, 97, 

John R Oliver, 94, 

Prof Thomas E Oliver, 93, Ph D, 

Frederick h Olmsted, Jr, 94, land arch, 

Leonard E Opdycke, 80, 

B Sutro Oppenheimer, 97, 

Herbert I Ordway, 73, 

Rev Cyrus P Osborne, 59, 

Winfred H Osborne, 97, t, 28 Andrew, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

George L Osgood, 66, A M, musician, Walnut, Brookline, Mass 

Prof William F Osgood, 86, Ph D, Cambridge, Mass 

Edward O Otis, 71, A M, M D, 308 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass 

Roscoe P Owen, 63, 1, 73 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Prof Curtis H Page, 90, Ph D, Columb Univ, N Y City 

George T Page, 92, M D, 113 Inman, Cambridgeport, Mass 

Hon William R Page, 76, A M, manuf , Proctor, Vt 

Greorge L Paine, 96, AM, 6 Joy, Boston. Mass 

Hon Robert Treat Paine, 55, LL D, 6 Joy, Boston 

Charles W Palfrey, 35, Lafayette, Dow, Salem, Mass 

Francis W Palfrey, 98, 

Hersey G Palfrey, 60, 

John C Palfrey, 53, M A, 

John G Palfrey, 96, 

Prof George H Palmer, 64, 

Joseph N Palmer, 86, 1, 

William H Palmer, 63, broker, 

Raymond T Parker, 98, 

Edward O Parker, 91, M D, 

James C D Parker, 48, music teacher, 

George F Parkman, 44, 

Henry Parkman, 70, 

James P Parmenter, 81, 1, 

John Parsons, 74, asst libr, 

Starr Parsons, 91, A M, LL B, 

88 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Bradford, Mass 

13 Doane, Boston, Mass 

88 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

11 Quincy, Cambridge, Mass 

50 State, Boston, Mass 

55 Liberty, N Y City 

36 Walnut, Lynn, Mass 

168 W 85, N Y City 

Brookline, Mass 

33 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

1003 Exchange, Boston, Mass 

53 State, Boston, Mass 

1228 Corona, Denver, Col 

126 Beacon Hill, Lynn, Mass 

194 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Francis B Patten, 79, LL B, 

Thomas F Patterson, Jr, 92, A M, banker, 15 Wall, N Y City 

John S Patton, 74, 1, Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Wesley Paul, 89, 1, East Saugus, Mass 

Rev Francis G Peabody, 69, 13 Kirkland, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Joseph Peabody, 44, A M, trustee, 30 Kilby, Boston, Mass 

Robert S Peabody, 66, architect, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Edward D Pearce, 71, A M, manuf, chemist, 157 Hope, Providence, R I 
Henry G Pearson, 93, Weston, Mass 

Thomas B Peck, 63, Walpole, N H 

Prof Benjamin O Peirce, 76, 51 Oxford, Cambridge, Mass 

Pt-of James M Peirce, 53, LL D, 4 Kirkland, Cambridge, Mass 

James L Pennypacker, 80, A M, publisher, 614 Arch, Philadelphia, Pa 
Charles B Penrose, 81, Ph D, M D, 1720 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 

Richard A F Penrose, 84, 1331 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev William T Perrin, 70. 1121 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon Amos Perry, 37, LL D, Libr R I Hist Soc, Box 1275, Providence, R I 
Drake T Perry, 97, 23 Perkins, Cambridge, Mass 

Henry T Perry, 90, 212 President, Brooklyn, N Y 

R Ross Perry, Jr, 92, A M, LL M, Fendall Building", Washington, D C 
Thomas S Perry, 66, 312 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Prof Ellis Peterson, S3, A M, Suprv Bos Schs, 305 Chest, Jamaica Plain 
Prof William H Pettee, 61, A M, Mich Univ, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Hon Henry Pickering, 61, AM, 1 Otis Place, Boston, Mass 

Arthur S Pier, 95, 201 Columbus, Boston, Mass 

George W Pierce, 64, 50 Equitable Bid, Boston, Mass 

William F Pillsbury, 89, The Rookery, Chicago, 111 

William L Pillsbury, 63. Urbana, 111 

Rev George S Pine, 76, Marlborough,. Mass 

Walter S Pinkham, 87, LL B, Wollaston, Mass 

Hon George M Pinney, Jr, 78, LL B, 44 Pine, N Y City 

William T Piper, 74, 179 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

Charles A Pitkin, 73, S Braintree, Mass 

George E Pond, 58, journalist, 345 W 20, N Y City 

Albert Poor, 79, A M, LL B, 42 Court, Boston, Mass 

Frank L Porter, 79, A M, insurance, Lawrence, Mass 

Hon Jesse W Potts, 65, A M, 342 State, Albany, N Y 

John O Powers, 91, 1420 Sacramento, San Francisco, Calif # 

Henry Preble, 75, A M, literature, 42 Stuyvesant, St George, S I, N Y 
William P Preble, Jr, 75, A M, LL B, 150 Nassau, N Y City 

Nathaniel A Prentiss, 62, A M, 1, 119 E 38, N Y City 

Silas D Presbrey, 60, A M, M D, 103 Weir, Taunton, Ma»a , . ^ 

Henry W Prescott, 95, t, 4 Aai»L, i ' lll iifciiii Hfft i ht # *^ • ^ 

William A Preston, 54, New Ipswich, N H 

Prof Sylvester Primer, 74, Ph D, Univ, 2709 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas 
Edward J Pringle, 45, ' 522 Montgomery, San Francisco, Califs 

(Jeorge Putnam, 54, 90 Ames Building, Boston, Mass 

Henry W Putnam, 69, 85 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Herbert Putnam, 83, Cong Library, Boston, Mass 

James J Putnam, 66, M D, 106 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

William L Putnam, 82, A M, LL B, Ames Building, Boston, Mass 

Prof Oscar Quick, 95, A M, University of Illinois, Urbana, 111 

Hon Josiah Quincy, 80, 13 School, Boston, Mass 

Josiah P Quincy, SO, 82 Charles, Boston, Mass 

Prin Charles C Ramsay, 92, A M, B M C Durfee H Sch, Fall River, Mass 
Benjamin Rand, 79, Ph D, 24 Quincy, Cambridge, Mass 

Edward K Rand, 94, t, Watertown, Mass 

Edward L Rand, 81, A M, LL B, 740 Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 
Edward E Rankin, 86, A M, manuf, agent, 502 Park Bid, Pittsburg, Pa 
Frederick J Ranlett, 80, 1, 87 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Fletcher Ranney, 83, 23 Court, Boston. Mass 

Hon Francis Rawle, 69, A M, LL B, 328 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 
Arthur Reed, 62, A M, insurance, 27 Kilby, Boston, Mass 

Rev James Reed, 55, A M, 12 Louisburg Square, Boston, Mass 

Warren A Reed. 75, 1, 1531 Main, Brockton, Mass 

Rev Willard Reed, 91, 35 Walker, Cambridge, Mass 

Digitized by 



•Creorge Reisner, 89, M D, Museum, Cairo, Egypt 

Hon John Reynolds, 71, A M, LL B, 60 Plymouth, Montclair, N J 

John P Reynolds, 45, M D, 416 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Hon R Barnwell Rhett, 49, Huntsville, Ala 

Charles M Rice, 82, Worcester, Mass 

Edgar J Rich, 87, 1, Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 

William R Richards, 74, 31 State, Boston, Mass 

Ambrose C Richardson, 73, t, 44 Days Park, Buffalo, N Y 
Myron W Richardson, 86, A M, agent, H M & Co, East Milton, Mass 

William K Richardson, 80, 1, 40 Water, Boston, Mass 

William L Richardson, 64, M D, 225 Commowealth, Boston, Mass 

John Ritchie, 61, 10 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Frank R Rix, 75, M D, Flushing, N Y 

Arthur W Roberts, 81, Ph D, t, Wayne, Pa 

Reginald C Robbins, 92, 373 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Royal Robbins, 87, 403 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Archer T Robinson, 96, t. Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 

Benjamin L Robinson, 87, Herbarium, Cambridge, Mass 

Beverley R Robinson, 98, A M, LL B, 42 W 37, N Y City 

Fred N Robinson, 91, Ph D, t, 24 Grays Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Herman F Robinson, 98, 42 W 37, N Y City 

Rev Lucien M Robinson, 82, A M, 5000 Woodland, Philadelphia, Pa 
Hon William H Rollins, 41, A M, LL B, 68 Pleasant, Portsmouth, N H 

Hon Theodore Roosevelt, 80, LL D, Governor N Y, Albany, N Y 

Rev Theophilus H Root, 85, Framingham, Mass 

Hon John C Ropes, 57, LL D, 60 State, Boston, Mass 

Prof James H Ropes, 89, A M, B D, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev William L Ropes, 4^, A M, Librarian ATS, Andover, Mass 
Prof Denman W Ross, 75, A M, Ph D, 24 Craigie, Cambridge, Mass 

William Rotch, 65, C E, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

George Rublee, 90, 1, 35 Wall, N Y City 

Frank T Rusk, 77, Journal of Commerce^ N Y City 

Hon Thomas H Russell, 43, LL D, 27 State, Boston, Mass 

Arthur W Ryder, 97, Andover, Mass 

Barney Sachs, 7S, M D, 21 E 65, N Y City 

Prof Truman H Safford, 54, Ph D, Williamstown, Mass 
Hon Stephen Salisbury, 56, AM, Pres Am Antiq Soc and Nat Bk, Worcester 

Simon G Sanger, 48, 519 W Lovell, Kalamazoo, Mich 

Prof George Santayana, 86, Ph D, 60 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

Gen Horace B Sargent, 43, Santa Monica, Calif # 

Hon Charles G Saunders, 67, A M, LL B, 95 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Charles R Saunders, 84, LL B, 40 Water, Boston, Mass 

George C Sawyer, 55 t, 11 Mason, Cambridge, Mass 

Henry Schofieid, 87, Marquette Bid, Chicago, 111 

Hon William Schofieid, 79, LL B, 7.^ Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Henry E Scott, 81, t, 21 Wendell, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Arthur Searle, 56, 41 Concord, Cambridge, Mass 
Rev George M Searle, 57, Catholic University, Washington, D C 

Supt Edwin P Seaver, 64, A M, Schools, Waban, Mass 

Arthur G Sedgwick, 64, 1, 115 Broadway, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Hon Henry D Sedgwick, 43, LL D, Stockbridge, Mass 

Mark S Severance, 69, A M, 758 W Adams, Los Angeles, Calif • 

Edward O Sewall, 47, 2721 N Winchester, Chicago, 111 

Prof Charles F Seybold, 71, Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio 

James H Shannon, 97, 71 Hammond, Cambridge, Mass 

Frederick C Shattuck, 68, M D, 135 Marlboro, Boston, Mass 

Thomas P Shaw, 66, A M, M D, Lowell, Mass 

Robert K Shaw, 94, State Library, Albany, N Y 

Prof Daniel W Shea, 86, A M, Ph D, Catholic Univ, Washington, D C 
Prof Joseph H SheflReld, 83, A M, 519 Lunt Ave, Chicago, 111 

Chauncey C Sheldon, 70, A M, M D, 49 N Common, Lynn, Mass 

Prof Edward S Sheldon, 72, 27 Hurlbut, Cambridge, Mass 

Frederick Sheldon, 42, 193 Madison, N Y City 

Henry N Sheldon, 63, 1, 538 Mass Ave, Boston, Mass 

George C Shepard, 74, M D, Bostonia, Califs 

Harvey N Shepard, 72, 1, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Rev Samuel Shepard, 78, Magnoketa, Iowa 

Rev Elmer E Shoemaker, 89, Newburyport, Mass 

Prof Paul Shorey, 78, University, Chicago, 111 

William C Simmons, 68, t, Green Ena, Newport, R I 

Albert T Sinclair, 64, 82 Devonshire, Boston, Masi^ 

Prof Macy M Skinner, 94, A M, Ph D, 33 Holyoke House, Cambridge, Mass 
Prescott O Skinner, 96, 2849 Washington, Roxbury, Mass 

John R Slater, 94, University, Chicago, III 

RevCharlesL Slattery,91, A M, B D, Dean of Cathedral, Faribault, Minn 
Marcus C Sloss, 90, A M, LL B, 222 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif •► 

Clarence J Smerdon, 99, . 17 Union, Taunton, Mass 

Prin William H Smiley, 77, A M, High School, 2112 Lincoln, Denver, Col 
Abbot E Smith, 77, 58 GilfiUan Block, St Paul, Minn 

Prof Clement L Smith, 63, LL D, Dean Harv, 64 Sparks, Cambridge, Mass 
Clarence W Smith, 86, A M, S B, Steam Eng, 182 Prospect, Cambridge 
Rev Daniel A W Smith, 59, Burma, India 

Edward I Smith, 85, 31 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Frank W Smith, 77, A M, Teachers College, N Y City 

Prof Jeremiah Smith, 56, LL D, 4 Berkeley, Cambridge, Mass 

Theodore C Smith, 92, t, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

William C Smith, 85, 712 Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 

Theophilus G Smith, 71, LL B, Groton, Mass 

James R Soley, 70, 1, 35 Wall, N Y City 

Charles C Soule, 62, 45 Warren, Brookline, Mass 

Nicholas E Soule, 45, M D, 771 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Rev Franklin C South worth, 87, A M, B D, 175 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 
William M Spackman, 70, 820 Madison, N Y City 

George H Spalding, 96, 1, 30 Hildredth Building, Lowell, Mass 

Rev Henry G Spalding, 60, 25 Beacon, Boston. Mass 

Hon Henry K Spaulding, 70, A M, Civ Serv Examiner, 102 W 93, N Y City 
Israel M Spelman, 36, A M, Civil Engineer, 62 Sparks, Cambridge, Mass 
William F Spinney, 74, Customs, Shanghai, China 

Edward E Sprague, 68, 146 Broadway, N Y City 

Henry H Sprague, 64, 1, 19 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 



Oliver M Sprague, 94, t, Cambridg-e, Mass 

Rufus W Sprague, Jr, 96, 407 Main, Charlestown, Mass 

Hon J Lewis Stackpole, 57, AM, LL B. 89 State, Boston, Mass 

Stephen B Stanton, 87, 1, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Prof Henry P Starbuck, 71, A M, LL B, 6 W Canon Perdido, Santa Barbara 
William E Stark, 95, t, 26 Whittier, N Cambridge, Mass 

F Stanley Stebbins 90, t, South Berwick, Me 

Livingston B Stedman, 87, 1111, 18th, Seattle, Wash 

Hon Charles C Stein, 71, LL B, Pueblo, Col 

Prof Charles E Stetson, 54, A M, 27 Granite, Quincy, Mass 

Edward G Stetson, 63, 1, 508 California, San Francisco, Califs 

Albert Stickney, 59, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Charles W Stickney, 76, mining, White Pine, Col 

Hon Sumner B Stiles, 76, A M, LL B, 15 Wall, N Y City 

Hon Frederic J Stimson, 76, LL B, Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 
Frederick J Stone, 74. 41 Wall, N Y City 

Rev James K Stone, 61, Monastery, W Hoboken, N J 

Richard Stone, 61, 1, 68 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

Horatio R Storer, 50, M D, 56 Washington, Newport, R I 

Hon Moorlield Storey, 66, A M, LLB, Exchange Builditig, Boston, Mass 
Hon Charles S Storrow, 29, C E, 192 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Prof William E Storey, 71, Clark Univ. Worcester, Mass 

Ralph Stout, 98, 429 Monroe, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev George L Stowell, 71, Lexington, Mass 

Hon Charles E Stratton, 66, LLB, 68 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Prof Irving Stringham, 77, Ph D, Math U of C, Prospect, Berkeley, Calif • 
Hon Edward H Strobel, 77, 67 Sparks, Cambridge, Mass 

James B Studley, 99, Rockland, Mass 

Prof Daniel Sullivan, 97, A M, Harvard Club, 27 W 44, N Y City 

Hon William Sullivan, 78, A M, LL B, 5 Tremont. Boston, Mass 

Rev John W Suter, 81, Winchester, Mass 

Hon Theodore Sutro, 71,AM. LL B, Com Taxes, 280 Broadway. N Y City 
Francis J Swayze, 79, A M, surveyor, 776 Broad, Newark, N J 

Isaac H Swectser, «»8, 256 Marlborough, Boston, Mass 

Melville H Sweet, 73, Watertown, Mass 

Samuel F Swinburne, 90, New Rochelle, N Y 

Gerritt S Svkes, 77, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Prof Willijim H Sylvester, 79, A M, Newtonville, Mass 

Thomas L Talbot, 76, 1, 4Sj4 Exchange, Portland, Me 

Hon Henry P Talmadgc, 68, A M, banker, 68 William, N YCity 

Laurence A Tanzer, 94, 1, 40 W 93, N Y City 

John S P Tatlock, 96, t, 306 N Division, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Frank W Taussig, 79, t, Cambridj^e, Mass 

Henry O Taylor. 78. author, 7 W 4.^ N Y City 

Hon Nelson Taylor, 7S, A M, publisher, 7 E H>, N Y City 

Thomas F Taylor, 75. 1. 31 Nassau, N Y City 

William G L Taylor, 80, University, Lincoln, Neb 

William C Tenney, 39, 720 Delaware. Kansas City. Mo 

Albert S Thayer.* 75, 11 William, N Y City 

Ezra R Thayer, 88, 1, 220 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Hon John A Thayer. 79, A M, LL B, 

Pruf James B Thayer. 52, 

l*rof Joseph H Thayer, 50, 

Charles S Thompson, 87, 

Lewis S Thompson, *>2, 1, 

William G Tliompson, 88, 

Heiman I Thomsen. 81, 

John J Thomsen, 80, 

S Lothrop Thorndike, 52, 

Joseph G Thorp. 79, 

Pres Charles F Thwing, 76, D D, LL D, 

HughTallant, 91, 

Hon Dexter Tiffany, 68, A M, LL B, 

Kev Francis Tiffany, 47, 

Francis B Tiffany, 77, 1, 

Ki»^rer E Tileston, 91, 

Wilder Tileston, 95, 

William H Tillinghast, 77, 

Frederic W Tilton, 62, t, 

Charles H Titus, 72, 

Horace F Tobey, 58, 

340 Main, Worcester, Mass 

5 Phillips, Cambridge. Mass 

67 Sparks, Cambridge, Mass 

loul Prairie, Chicago, 111 

16 Slate, Boston, Mass 

1 Mercer, Cambridge, Mass 

Univ Club, Baltimore, Md 

Arundel, Baltimore, Md 

19 Pemberton, Boston, Mass 

115 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

Adelbert, Cleveland, Ohio 

481, 5th, NY City 

72 Vandevcnter, St Louis, Mo 

11 Hilliard, Cambridge, Mass 

Pioneer Press Building, St Paul, Minn 

Mattapan, Mass 

56 W Cedar, Boston, Mass 

50 Garden, Cambridge, Mass 

Cambridge, Mass 

Box ]544, Providence, R I 

76 Pearl, Boston, Mass 

Hon Robert N Toppan, 58, AM, trustee, 54 Highland, Cambridge, Mass 

George A Torrey, 59, 

Benjamin L M Tower, 69, 

Frederick Townsend, 93, 1, 

Hiiward Townsend, 80, A M, LL B, 

Henry C Townsend, 71, 

Perry D Trafford, 89, 

George C Travis, 69, 1, 

Hon Samuel Treat 37, LL D, U S Judge, 

William M Trotter, 95, A M, real estate, 

Prof John F Tufts. 72, 

17 State, I^oston, Mass 

40 Water, Boston, Mass 

3 Elk, Albany, N Y 

29 W 39. N Y City 

5 Beekman, N Y City 

97 Cedar, N Y City 

Newton, Mass 

St Louis, Mo 

97 Sawyer, Dorchester, Mass 

Wolfville, N S 

Head Master Frederick A Tupper, 80, A M. B HS. 7 Menlo, Boston. Mass 

Hon Charles H Tweed, 65, A M. LL B, 

Hon Hamilton MzK Twombly, 71, A M, 

Samuel G Underhill, 98, M A, M D, 

Mtlvin A Underwood, (»6, 

Edward P Usher, 73, LL B, 

Henry Van Brunt, 54, 

Walter L Van Kleeck, 95, t 

Hon G Willett Van Nest,' 74, A M, LL B, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

William W Vaughan, 70, Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 

Hon Frederick \1 Viaux, 70, A M, treasurer, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Mills Building, N Y City 

684, 5th Ave, N Y City 

48 Pinckney, Somerville, Mass 

33 Milton, Dorchester, Mass 

Grafton, Mass 

3617 Oak, Kansas City, Mo 

Medfield, Mass 

Herman F Vickery, 78, M D, 
Jonas Vilas, 96, 
Alfred C Vinton, 66, 1, 
Winthrop H Wade, 81, LL B, 
Prof Lucien A Wait, 70, Ph D, 
William C Wait, 82, A M, LL B, 
Charles H Wakott, 70, 1, 

263 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Waltham, Mass 

19 Milk, Boston, Mass 

S3 State, Boston, Mass 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N Y 

Ames Building, Boston, Mass 

Concordy Mass 

Digitized by 



Henry P Walcott, 58, M D, 11 Waterhouse, Cambridge, Mass 

Robert Walcott, 95, 1, Ames Building, Boston, Mass 

Prof John W H Walden, 88, A M, Ph D, 13 Mt Auburn, Cambridge, Mass 
Fullerton L Waldo, 98, t, Plainfield, N J 

Joseph E Walker, 87, Kennett Square, Pa 

Correa M Walsh, 84, Bellport, N Y 

Rev John C Ward, 96, M A, Belmont, N Y 

Robert DeC Ward, 89, t, 25 Brewster, Cambridge, Mass 

Samuel G Ward, 36, 1608 K N W, Washington, D C 

George P Wardner, 90, 42 Court, Boston, Mass 

Charles P Ware, 62, librarian, 125 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Henry Ware, 93, 1, 82 High, Brookline, Mass 

Prof William R Ware, 52, 130 E 27, N Y City 

William R Ware, 71, 211 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Hon Herman J Warner, 50, A M, Care F C W, 73 Tremont Boston, Mass 
Hon Joseph B Warner, 69, A M, LL B, S3 State, Boston, Mass 

Charles Warren, 89, 1, 39 Court, Boston^, Mass 

Edward H Warren, 95, 25 Oread, Worcester, Mass 

Hon Joseph P Warren, 69, A M, LL B, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Rev William H Warren, 65, D D, H M Sec, 817 Mich Ave, Lansing, Mich 
Prof William H Warren, 89, A M, Ph D, Wash University, St Louis, Mo 
Alexander C Washburn, 39, 40 State, Boston, Mass 

William T Washburn, 62, 29 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Sylvester Waterhouse, S3, Wash University, St Louis, Mo 

Rev Thomas F Waters, 72, Ipswich, Mass 

Rev John H Watson, 66, 355 W 20, N Y City 

Charles A Weatherby, 97, A M, East Hartford, Conn 

Hon Nathan Webb, 46, LL D, 127 Pleasant, Portland, Me 

Prof Arthur G Webster, 85, 936 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Hollis Webster, 84, A M, t, 9 Linden, Cambridge, Mass 

Joseph R Webster, 54, M D, IS Arlington, N Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Raymond Weeks, 90, Ph D, Univ Missouri, Columbia, Mo 

Albert B Weiner, 80, 512 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Charles A Welch, 33, A M, LL B, ' 9 Tremont, Boston, Mass 
Richard H Weld, 56, 127 State, Boston, Mass 

James L Wellington, 38, A M, M D, Swansea, Mass 

Hiller C Wellman, 94, Library, Brookline, Mass 

Edgar H Wells, 97, 1, 16 Hereford, Boston, Mass 

Samuel Wells, 57, 22 Pemberton, Boston, Mass 

Prof Barrett Wendell, 77, A M, Ph D,( Harvard )3S8 Marlborough, Boston 
George A Wentworth, 58, Exeter, N H 

Paul Wentworth, 68, 1. Sandwich, N H 

Hon Edmund Wetmore, 60, A M, LL B, 34 Pine. N Y Citj 

Alfred A Wheeler, 76, 10 Crocker Building, San Francisco, Calif % 

Harold Wheeler, 77, 1, University Club, San Francisco, Calif % 

George G Wheelock, 60, M D, 75 Park, N Y City 

Charles J White, 59, A M, t, 24 Quincy, Cambridge, Mass 

Frank O White, 99, 45 Upton, Boston, Mass 

Prof Greenough White, 84 A M, B D. Episcopal Ch, author, Sewanee, Tenn 
Prof Horatio S White, 73, A M, German, Dean, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

Digitized by 



Josepli E White, 77, 133 May, Cincinnati, Ohio 

John S White, 70, 20 W 44. N Y City 

Hon Moses F White, 72, LL B, 1004 Tremont Buildings, Boston, Mass 
William H White, 80, 1, Brookline, Mass 

Rev William O White, 40, A M, 222 High, Brookline, Mass 

Edmund A Whitman, 81, A M, LL B, 23 Everett, Cambridge, Mass 

Russell Whitman, 82, 115 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Louis L Whitney, 98, A M, Lincoln, Mass 

Rev George H Whittemore, 60, A M, 329 Harvard. Cambridge, Mass 
James K Whittemore, 95, Box 2216, Boston, Mass 

Joseph Wiggin, 93, A M, LL B, 28 State, Boston, Mass 

Oliver C Wiggin, 66,' A M, M D, Kingston, RI 

George Wigglesworth, 74, 1, S3 State, Boston, Mass 

Hon Joseph Wilby, 75, A M, LL B, 615 Oak, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Charles W Willard, 91, Mills Building, San Francisco, Califs 

Henry F Willard, 92, 19 St James, Boston, Mass 

Frank B Williams, 88. A M, LL B, 1st Nat Bank Bid, Hartford, Conn 
Prof F Beverly Williams, 88, 111 Crawford Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

Frederic D Williams, SO, A M, 23 Irvington, Boston, Mass 

Henry Williams, 37, 18 Concord Sq, Boston, Mass 

Moses Williams, 68, 18 P O Sq, Boston, Mass 

Rev Theodore C Williams, 76, A M, Master Hackley Sch, Tarrytown, N Y 
Prof Robert W Willson, 73, Ph D, 64 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

Max Winkler, 89, 97 Dayton, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Beekman Winthrop, 97, 1, 38 E 37, N Y City 

Alvin W Wise, 99, LL B, 167 Dearborn. Chicago, 111 

Charles H Wiswell, 77, t, Lexington, Mass 

Charles F Withington, 74, M D, Elm Hill, Roxbury, Mass 

David L Withington. 74, San Diego, Calif* 

Hon Roger Wolcott, 70, LL D, Exchange Building, Boston, Mass 

Hon Charles F Woodard, 70. A M, LL B, Bangor, Me 

Prof George E Woodberry, 77, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Hon John Woodbury, 80, A M, LL B, Lynn, Mass 

Prof Calvin M Woodward, 60 A M, Ph D, Wash University, St Louis, Mo 
Hon Andrew Woods, 77, A M, LLB, 32S DelaGuerra, Santa Barbara, Calif* 
Alfred Worcester, 78, M D, Waltham, Mass 

Francis J Worcester, 70, 271 Broadway. N Y City 

Rev William L Worcester, 81, 3502 Hamilton, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon William Worthington, 67, LL B, Wiggins Block, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Prof Charles H C Wright, 91, M A, French, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 
George E Wright, 89, 1, Burke Building, Seattle, Wash 

Rev J Edward Wright, 61, A M, 19 Baldwin. Montpelier, Vt 

Sydney R Wright. 97, 1, 56 Franklin, Fall River, Mass 

Alphonso A Wyman, 83, A M, LL B, 131 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Bruce Wyman. 96, 1, 131 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 

Morrill Wyman, 33, M D, 77 Sparks, Cambridge, Mass 

Herbert H Yeamea, 95, 1 Joy, Boston, Mass 

Rev Edward J Young, 48, A M, D D, 519 Main, Waltham, Mass 

Hon James H Young, 72, A M, LL B, 511 Sears Building, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 



Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. 

President J Hon James Wood, A M 

Vice-Pres^ Hon John B Garrett, A M 

Secretary, Prof Wilfred P Mustard, Ph D 

Treasurer^ Prof William C Ladd, A M 

Executive Committee, The oflScers and Pres Isaac Sharpless, LL D; 
Prof F B Gummere, Ph D; Alden Sampson, A M, and J H 
Scattergood, A M 

Douglas H Adams, 96, t, Haverford, Pa 

Edward P Allinson, 74, 1, 917 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa 

George A Barton, 82, t, A M, Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Hon Edward Bettle, Jr, 61, A M, Invest Securities, S14 Walnut, Phila 
Prof Ernest W Brown, A M, Haverford, Pa 

Charles H Burr, Jr, 89, A M, LL B, 1004 Land Title Bid, Philadelphia 
Benjamin Cadbury, 92, A M, 1502 Green, Philadelphia, Pa 

Richard T Cadbury, 72, A M, Trust Co, Philadelphia, Pa 

John D Carter, 99, West Chester, Pa 

Hon Henry T Coates, 62, A M, publisher, Berwyn, Pa 

William H Collins, 81, A M, Observatory, Haverford, Pa 

Hon Howard Comfort, 70, M A, merchant, 529 Arch, Philadelphia, Pa 
Henry S Conard, 94, A M, Lansdowne, Pa 

Morton P Darlington, 97, A M, banker, Norway, Pa 

Francis F Davis, 93, AM, S3 W 53, N Y City 

George B Dean, 94, M D, Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio 

George H Deuell, 96, farmer, Bangall, N Y 

Head MasterJonathan Dickinson, Jr,86, AM, InglesideSch,Levanna,NY 
Prof Levi T Edwards, 81, A M, Haverford, Pa 

Prof A Marshall Elliott, 66, Ph D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Alfred C Garrett. 87, Ph D, 27 Everett. Cambridge, Mass 

Hon John B Garrett, 54, A M, V P L V R R Co, Rosemont, Pa 

Hon Philip C Garrett, 51, A M, Logan Station, Philadelphia, Pa 

John H Gifford, 79, A M, M D, 254 Locust, Fall River, Mass 

Prof Seth K Gifford, 76, A M, Haverford, Pa 

Vincent Gilpin, 97, A M, 526 N Church, West Chester, Pa 

Prof Francis B Gummere, 72, Ph D, Haverford, Pa 

T Harvey Haines, 96, A M, Haverford, Pa 

Prof Albert E Hancock, Ph D, Haverford, Pa 

Prof Lyman B Hall, Amh, 73, Ph D, Haverford, Pa 

Rev Francis C Hartshorne, 88, A M, LL B, Kittanning, Pa 

Dilworth P Hibbard, 90, 1, Philadelphia, Pa 

Digitized by 




Pres Lewis L Hobbs, 76, A M, Ph D, Guilford College, N C 

Head Master Richard M Jones, 67,LL D,Wm Penn Char Scli,Philadelphia 

Prof Rufus M Jones, 85, A M, 

Prof William C Ladd, A M, 

Morris M Lee, ^8, A M, 

John A Lester, 96, 

Daniel C Lewis, 89, Sc D, chemist, 

Prof Joseph L Markley, 85, A M, Ph D, 

Hon George G Mercer, 77, LL M, D C L, 

Prof Frank Morley, 83, A M, 

John S Morris, 91, A M, 

Prof Wilfred P Mustard, Ph D, 

Henry S Pratt, Ph D, 

Charles J Rhoads, 93, 

Theodore W Richards, 85, t, 

Charles Roberts, 64, insurance, 

Alden Sampson, 73, A M, 

J Henry Scattergood, 96, 

David Scull, 54, 

Pres Isaac Sharpless, Sc D, LL D, 

Ira I Sterner, 98, A M, 

Robert R Tatnall, 90, Ph D, 

Joseph M Taylor, 98, 

Haverford, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

3528 N 18, Philadelphia, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

Millville, N J 

Mich Univ, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Drexel Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

High School, Philadelphia, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

Trust Co, Bryn Mawr, Pa 

44 Shepard, Cambridge, Mass 

431 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

3515 Powelton, Philadelphia, Pa 

Overbrook, Pa 

Haverford, Pa 

30 College House, Cambridge, Mass 

Evanston, 111 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Allen C Thomas, 65, A M, Ph D, History, Librarian, Haverford, Pa 
George Thomas, 3rd, 91, Sc D, Iron Co, Parkesburg, Pa 

Henry E Thomas, 95, A M, real estate, 55 Liberty, N Y City 

Prof James Tyson, 63, A M, M D, Uof P, 1506 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 
George Vaux, Jr, 84, LL B, 404 Girard Building, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Frank K Walter, 99, A B, 
Parker S Williams, 94, LL B, 
Rev Charles Wood, 70, D D, 
James Wood, 58, A M, farmer, 
Stuart Wood, 70^ Ph D, 
Stanley R Yarnall, 92, A M, 

Haverford, Pa 

Girard Building, Philadelphia, Pa 

Overbrook, Pa 

Mt Kisco, N Y 

400 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Grermantown, Pa 

Digitized by 



HoBART C01.1.KGB, Geneva, N. Y. 

President^ Prof Joseph H McDaniels, LL D 
Vice-Pres, Pres Robert EUis Jones, St D, LL D 
Secretary, Prof Milton Haight Turk, Ph D 
Treasurer^ Lewis W Keyes, A M 

Walter W Adams, 70, Dobbs Ferry, N Y 

Lewis A W Alleman, 83, M D, 64 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Benjamin M Anderson, 97, M A, Statesburg, S C 

Hon Charles Andrews, LL D, Jud^e, Syracuse, N Y 

Hon James Armstrong, 56, A M, LL B, 192 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Charles L Arnold, 75, 220 Trumbull, Detroit, Mich 

William J Ashley, 63, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Arthur M Aucock, 87, M A, 60 Comstock, Providence, R I 

Ernest F Ayrault, 82, 1, 41 W 27, N Y City 

Frederick G Barnard, 61, Pittsford, N Y 

Rev W W Battershall, D D, 31 Lodge, Albany, N Y 

Kinsley Blodgett, 99, A M, Theol Student, Cambridge, Mass 

Edward B Bostwick, 68, Barry town. N Y 

Rev Charles A Bragdon, 73, M A, 1982 Bailey, BuflFalo, N Y 

Hon George G Brooks, 63, M A, manufacturer, 264 Water, N Y City 
William R Brooks, h 94, D Sc, Observatory, Geneva, N Y 

Prof Arthur C L Brown, 93, A M, 49 Oxford, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Delano C Calvin, LL D, 44 Cedar, N Y City 

Rev James C Carnahan, 91, Sherburne, Vt 

William H Chace, 84, M D, Buffalo, N Y 

Hon Beverley Chew, 69, A M, Met Trust Co, 37 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Herbert M Clarke, 76, Eldred, Pa 

Rev Prof Joseph M Clarke, 47, S T D, 112 Comstock, Syracuse, N Y 
Charles C Coe, 75, Loan and Trust Co, Kenova, W Va 

Prof J Milnor Coit, 65, M A, Ph D, St Paul's School, Concord, N H 
Hobart B Cone, 69, 1, 98 Main, Batavia, N Y 

Rev R R McG Converse, Geneva, N Y 

Hon Edward A Conger, 63, M A, paymaster, NY C and St L RR, Cleveland 
Rev William E Couper, 94, Luzerne, Minn 

Rev Pierre Cushing, 81, LeRoy, N Y 

William H DeLancey, 56, 31 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev William D'O Doty, Ken 62, D D, Christ Church, Rochester, N Y 
Bishop Thomas U Dudley, D D, LL D, D C L, 716 Third, Louisville, Ky 
Rev Edward M Duff, 88, M A, B D, 169 Abbott Road, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Robert M Duff, 61, Waterloo, N Y 

Digitized by 



Prof William P Durfee, M U, 76, Geneva, N Y 

Rev Georg^e N Eastman, 73, D D, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon Newbury W Evans, 74, M A, LL B, Warsaw, N Y 

Prof Albert Fermand, Geneva, N Y 

John C Flood, 84, t, Southborough, Mass 

Prof William W Folwell, 57, A M, librarian, Univ, Minneapolis, Minn 
Rev Frank F German, 90, M A, Mamaroneck, N Y 

Josiah h Hale, 60, M A, M D, Brookline, Mass 

Rev Lewis Halsey, 67, A M, D D, 1130 E Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona 
Arthur J Hammond, 92, M A, LL B, Geneva, N Y 

Hon Stephen H Hammond, 54, D C L, Geneva, N Y 

Rev Frank P Harrington, 73, M A, 200 Montgomery, West Pittston, Pa 
Prof Carl A Harstrow, 86, M A, Ph D» Norwalk, Conn 

Edward W Hawley, 88, 1, 900 Guar Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

Prof Charles W Hayes, 49, D D, DeLancey Divinity School, Phelps, N Y 
Rev William E Hayes, 87, M A, Wellesley, Mass 

Charles N Hemiup, 73, Geneva, N Y 

Edward G Herendeen, 79, M A, LL B, Robinson Bid, Elmira, N Y 

Rev Charles H Hibbard, 76, D D, St Peter's Church, Morristown, N J 
Rev William M Hughes, 71, M A, D D, Ch of Redeemer, Morristown, N J 
Rev Frank L Humphreys, h 94, S T D, Morristown, N J 

Hon Charles G Irish, 73, A M, LL B, 35 Mann Building, Utica, N Y 
Rev George M Irish, 84, Colton, N Y 

Charles Jacobus, 64, 28 Wellesley, Springfield, Mass 

Prof Edward H Jewett,55,D D, LL D,Gen Theol Sem, Chelsea Sq,NY City 
Rutger B Jewett, 90, M A, publisher, 5 E 16, N Y City 

Dunkin V R Johnston, 83, Albany, N Y 

James M Johnston, 92, 1, 704 Main, Geneva, N Y 

Malcolm S Johnston, 96, Theol Sem, N Y City 

Prof Maximilian L Kellner, 81, D D, Epis Theol Sch, Cambridge, Mass 
Lewis W Keyes, 87, A M, LL B, 41 High, Geneva, N Y 

Rev Charles A Kienzle, Pompton, N J 

Prin Edmund Kirby, 96, M A, Public School, Tuxedo Park, N Y 

Prof John C Kirtland, Jr, 90, A M, Phil Acad, Exeter, N H 

Walter J LeGrys, 83, Times office, Troy, N Y 

David F Lincoln, M D, Geneva, N Y 

Rev Henry R Lockwood, 64, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Henry Lubeck, 1674 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon John McDonald, 60, A M, LL B, 39 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Laurens M'Lure, 81, D D, Oalonont, Pa 

Rev Alexander Mann, 81, M A, S T B, 12 Prospect Ter, East Orange, N J 
Rev Cameron Mann, 70, A M, D D, Grace Church, Kansas City, Mo 
Donald P Mann, 83, A M, wholesale lumber, Tenn Club, Memphis, Tenn 
Prof Eugene L Mann, 83, M A, M D, Endicott Arcade, St Paul, Minn 
Hon F O Mason, A M, Geneva, N Y 

Rev William A Matson, 43, D D, 68 E 7, N Y City 

Howard E Merrill, 83, Geneva, N Y 

Douglas Merritt, h 74, Rhinebeck, N Y 

Rev Henry M Morey, Ypsilanti, Mich 

Rev Arthur W Moulton, 97, AM, 7 Woodland, Worcester, Mass 

Digitized by 



Edward Munson, 78, M D, Medina. N Y 

Rev Frank H Nelson, 90, 207 E 16, N Y City 

Rev Henry W Nelson, D D, Geneva, N Y 

Prof Carl W New, 95, A M, St Johns Mil Academy, Delafield, Wis 

Rev Charles M Nickerson, 64, Lansingburgh, N Y 

Prin John R Olin, 93, A M, High School, Belmont, Mass 

Rev Robert N Parke, 48^ A M, ST D, St Matthew's Church, Unadilla,N Y 
Evans S Parker, 95, Delafield, Wis 

Hon Edward Patterson, LL D, Justice N Y Supr Ct, 19 E 45, N Y City 
Rev George H Patterson, 58, MA, S Portsmouth, R I 

Henry Pegram, 89, 142 W 43, N Y City 

Rev G Lewis Piatt, 41, AM, ST D, St Paul's Church, Tivoli-on-Hudson 
Prof Charles A Poole, 72, A M, ST D, Divinity School, Faribault, Minn 
Bishop Henry C Potter, D D, LL D, 29 Lafayette PI, N Y City 

Rev William Prall, 92, Ph D, S T D, LL B, Detroit, Mich 

Henry A Prince, 82, M A, 1, 149 Broadway, N Y City 

Frederick D Reed, 89, 33 Wash Sq, N Y City 

Timothy G Remick, 99, A M, student, 118 Genesee. Geneva, N Y 

Rev Charles S Richardson, 65, Little Falls, N Y 

Arthur P Rose, 62, 1, Geneva, N Y 

Prof Charles J Rose, 76, Geneva, N Y 

Arthur C Smith, 72, Rochester, N Y 

Prof Charles A Smith, 88, M A, Military Academy, Montclair, N J 

Rev Charles H Smith, 70, D D, 470 Swan, BufiEalo, N Y 

Hon Edmund H Smith, 69, LL B, Court of Appeals, Albany, N Y 

Rev George N Smith, 72, Utica, N Y 

Hon James C Smith, Jr, 78, A M, LL B, 80 Griswold, Detroit, Mich 
Hon T Guilford Smith, LL D, German Ins Build, Buffalo, N Y 

Hon Charles Stebbins, Jr, 46, Cazenovia, N Y 

Rev Lawrence S Stevens, 48, Pontiac, Mich 

Rev Louis M Sweet, 92, Union Springs, N Y 

Rev S De Lancey Townsend, 80, Ph D, All Angels Ch, W End and 81, NY 
Prof Milton H Turk, Ph D, Geneva, N Y 

Prof Charles E Vail, 59, LLD, librarian, Hobart, 492 Main, Geneva, NY 
Newton F Vail, 90, t, 112 E 64, N Y City 

Rev Maunsell Van Rensselaer, D D, NY City 

Francis S Viele, 88,. B S, elec engineer, 6730 McPherson, Pittsburg, Pa 
John K Walker, 96, A M, merchant, 77 Pearl, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Warren W Walsh, 61, AM, E Aurora, N Y 

Samuel R Welles, M D, Waterloo, N Y 

Prof Albert S Wheeler, 51, New Haven, Conn 

Prin Lester Wheeler, 69, L H D, 621 Delaware, BufiEalo, N Y 

Frederick D Whitwell, 98, Geneva, N Y 

Francis W Whitwell, 92, A M, banker, 17 Genesee Park, Geneva, N Y 
Prof Edward H Williams, Jr, Lehigh, Bethlehem, Pa 

William Wilson, 76, 181 Exchange, Geneva, N Y 

Rev William W Wilson, 95, LHD, St Mark's Ch, 21 Aldine Sq, Chicago 
Rev Elwood E Worcester, S T D, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Benjamin W Woodward, 62, A M, LL B, 229 Garfield PI, Brooklyn 
Rev Charles F J Wrigley, 79, Niagara, Buffalo, N Y 

Digitized by 



University op Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 


President, Prof Charles B Wilson, M A 
Vice-Pres, Prof William C Wilcox, M A 
Sec and TreaSj Elbert W Rockwood, M D 

John T Bailey, 90, A M, LL B, 

Mary Emily Barrett, 96, Ph B, 

Fred H Blume, 98, LL B, 

Prof Louise A Boesche, 97, Ph B, 

Prof S Joe Brown, 98, A M, Greek, 

Prof Leona A Call, 80, A M, Greek, 

Charles C Clark, 81, 1, 

Helen N Currier, 96, 

Maurice L Curtis, 99, 

Prof Cora E Dorcas, 95, Ph B, 

Herbert C Dorcas, 95, t, 

Carl E Eggert, 86, t, 

Mrs Mary Barber Ely, 90, 

Forest C Ensign, 97, t, 

Charles R Garrett, 99, 

Ethel R Golden, 98, t, 

Ellen C Green, 99, t, 

Albert W Hamann, 97, LL B, 

James E Hardman, 97, M A, 

Obadiah F Higbee, 96, A M, M D, 

Prof Mary C Holt, 95, M A, t, 

H Claude Horack, 99, 

Libbie C Howard, 99, Ph B, 

Sarah Delia Hutchinson, 83, t, 

Lester T Jackson, 96, t, 

Inez Fannie Kelso, 94, A M, t, 

Ida E Kriechbaum, 98, 

Hon Herbert G Lamson, 84, A M, 

Hon Robert E Leach, 89, A M, LL B, 

Frederick F Lohr, 88, 

William F Lohr, 88, A M, LL B, 

Max O Lorenz, 99, t, 

Frank O Lowden, 85, A M, LL B, 

Mary Lytle, 98, Ph B, t. 

236 Lincoln Park Boul, Chicago, 111 

Iowa City, Iowa 

Audubon, Iowa 

High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Bishop College, Marshall, Texas 

University, Iowa City, Iowa 

923 N 3, Burlington, Iowa 

32 Bloomington, Iowa City, Iowa 

Knoxville, Iowa 

German and Latin, Waverly, Iowa 

427 Reynolds, Iowa City, Iowa 

196 S Fran, Chicago, 111 

Iowa City, Iowa 

Iowa City, Iowa 

Troy, Iowa 

Vinton, Iowa 

1211 Nebraska, Sioux City, Iowa 

Davenport, Iowa 

Courier office, Ottumwa, Iowa 

Mediapolis, Iowa 

124 Washington, Janesville, Wis 

120 N Dodge, Iowa City, Iowa 

H S, Charles City, Jefferson, Iowa 

Iowa City, Iowa 

Clinton, Iowa 

Sewal, Wayne Co, Iowa 

716 N 5, Burlington, Iowa 

Supt Schools, Nevada, Iowa 

Independence, Iowa 

Sioux City, Iowa 

Sioux City, Iowa 

Burlington, Iowa 

184 La Salle, Chicago, 111 

424 Jefferson, Iowa City, Iowa 

Prof Emlin McClain, 71, A M, LL D, Law, University, Iowa City, Iowa 

Digitized by 



Prof Herbert W Magoun, 79, Ph D, Greek and Latin, Redfield, S Dak 
Prof James Q Manatt, 69, Ph D, LL D, . Providence, R I 

William F Mozier, 86, Ottawa, 111 

Prof Alvin B Noble, 87, A M, Ph D, Afrr College, Ames, Iowa 

Prof John S Nollen, 88, A M, Ph D, Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa 

Mary C Noyes, 81, t, Painesville, Ohio 

Katharine Paine, 89, t, Iowa City, Iowa 

Prof Louis A Parsons, 95, A M, 932 Valley, Burlington, Iowa 

Prof George T W Patrick, 78, Ph D, Iowa City, Iowa 

Gertrude E Preston, 98, t, Iowa City, Iowa 

Mrs Ellen Warren Remley, 94, Iowa City, Iowa 

Mrs. Laura Clarke Rockwood, 92, Iowa City, Iowa 

Prof James A Rohbach, A M, LL B, Indianapolis, Ind 

Elbridge H Sabin, 86, A M, LL B, Manhattan Bid, Des Moines, Iowa 
Mrs Zoe Williams Seevers, 91, A M, High School, Des Moines, Iowa 
Prof Lars Sheldahl, 94, A M, English and History, Waverly, Iowa 

Hugh H Shepard, 97, Ph B, Abstracter of Titles, Mason City, Iowa 
Mrs Julia Crawford Underwood, 93, 2623 Gamble, St Louis, Mo 

Peter D Van Oosterbout, 93, Orange City, Iowa 

Oswald Veblen, 98, 49 Oxford, Cambridge, Mass 

Laenas G Weld, 83, Iowa City, Iowa 

Prof Morton E Weldy, 99, A M, Highland Park Col, Des Moines, Iowa 
Supt Edward S White, 94, A M, City Schools, Harlan, Iowa 

Charles A Williams, 99, Coralville, Iowa 

Capt Hermon P Williams, 95, B D, Manila, P I 

Rev C L D Younkin, 82, 201 North, Boston, Mass 

Florence A Zerwekh, 97, M A, RadcliflFe, Cambridge, Mass 


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimorib, Md. 

President^ Prof Joseph S Ames, Ph D 
Vice-Pres, Prof William Henry Welch, M D, LL D 
Secretary, Prof Kirby F Smith, Ph D 
Treasurer, G^eorge C Morrison, LL B 

Prof Herbert B Adams, Amh, 72, Ph D, LL D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Henry C Adams, Ph D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Thomas S Adams, 96, Ph D, census clerk, Walbrook, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Francis G Allinson, Haver, 76, B U, Providence, R I 

Prof Joseph S Ames, 86, Ph D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Thomas S Baker, 91, Ph D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Lewellys F Barker, Toronto, 90, M D, J H U Hospital, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Florence Bascom, U of W, 84, M A, Ph D, Geology, Bryn Mawr, Pa 
Prof William S Bayley, 83, Ph D, Geology, Colby, Waterville, Me 

Prof Ernest J Becker, 94, Ph D, Modern Languages, Richmond, Va 

Digitized by 



Prof Samuel W Bejer, 94, Ph D, Geology, State College, Ames, Iowa 
Prof Frank W Blackmar, 88, Kan Univ, Lawrence, Kan 

Thomas R Brown, 92, M D, 1033 Cathedral, Baltimore, Md 

Charles W Bump, 92, A M, Editor Sun, 1611 N Calvert, Baltimore, Md 
Henry A Bumstead, Yale 97, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Pierce Butler, Tulane 92, Ph D, 1412 Pine, Phil, Pa, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Morgan Callaway, Jr, Emory, 81, Ph D, English, Univ, Austin, Tex 
Prof Joseph S Chamberlain, Iowa Agr 90, Ph D, Oberlin, Ohio 

Prof Edwin G Conklin, O Wesl, 85, PhD, Zoology, U of P, Philadelphia 
. Prof N Ernest Dorsey, 93, Ph D, Physics, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Howard B Dowell, U Md 95, LL B, Baltimore. Md 

Prof A Marshall Elliott, PhD, LL D, Romance Lang, J H U, Baltimore 
Prof Henry R Fairclough, 9b, Ph D, Classical Lit, Stanford Univ, Cal% 
Prof Albert B Faust, 89, Ph D, Middletown, Conn 

Prof Edwin W Fay, S P U 83, Ph D, University, Austin, Texas 

Eli Frank, U Md 96, LL B, Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md 

Harry Friedenwald, 84, M D, 1029 Madison, Baltimore, Md 

Julius Friedenwald, 87, M D, 310 Neutaw, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Basil L Gildersleeve, Princ 49, Baltimore, Md 

Prof J Elliott Gilpin, 89, Ph D, 1127 Madison, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Leonidas C Glenn, S C Coll 90, Ph D, Geol and Biol, Columbia, SC 
Caswell Grave, Earl 95, Ph D, Richmond, Ind 

Milton G Greenbaum, Md U 97, 1, 610 Fidelity Building, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Charles W Greene, Stan 92, Ph D, Stanford University, CaU 

Nathaniel E Griffin, 94, Baltimore, Md 

Karl J Grimm, 99, Ph D, Fellow, 429 N Gilmor, Baltimore, Md 

Prof George B Halsted, Princ 75, Ph D, Geometer, Univ, Austin, Texas 
Prof Charles H Haskins, 87, Ph D, History, U of W, Madison, Wis 

Prof Paul Haupt, Ph D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Prof William E Henderson, Wooster 91, Ph D, Chem, Univ, Columbus, O 
Prof Charles Hoeing, Ky State 90, Ph D, Rochester, N Y 

Prof Jacob H Hollander, 91, Ph D, J H University, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Theodore Hough, 93, Ph D, Biology, Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 
Prof William H Howell, 81, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Lrorrain S Hulburt, U of W 83, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Henry M Hurd, M U 63, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Hans C G Jagemann, Gym 76, Ph D, Philology, Harv, Cambridge 
Prof Charles W L Johnson, 91, Ph D, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Christopher Johnston, Va U, 76, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Frederick R Jones, W Md 92, AM, Ph D,Hist, Union, Schenectady,NY 
Prof George T Kemp, 83, M D, Ph D, Physiology, Univ, Champaign, 111 
Gordon J Laing, Toronto 91, Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Prof Henry Lanahan, 96, College Park, Md 

Sylvan H Lauchheimer, 90, LL B, Baltimore, Md 

Prof George Lefevre, 91, Ph D, Zoologjr, Univerity, Columbia, Mo , 

Prof Felix Lengfeld, 88, Ph D, Inorganic Chemistry, Univ, Chicago, 111 
Prof Arthur G Leonard, Ober 89, AM, PhD, Geol, Univ, Columbia, Mo 
Piof Edwin S Lewis, Wa 88, Ph D, Princeton, N J 

Prof Arthur S Mackenzie, Dalh 85, Ph D, Bryn Mawr, Pa 

Prof John H T Main, 92, Ph D, Greek, Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa 

Digitized by 



Prof William H Maltbie, O Wesl 90, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Prof C Carroll Marden, 89, Ph D, J H Univ, 2205 Oak, Baltimore, Md 
Prof John E Matzke, Hope 82, Ph D, Romance Lan^, Stanford Univ, Calt 
Robert M McLane, 87, LL B, Ck>tirt House, Baltimore, Md 

Prof John H T McPherson, 86, Ph D, Athens, Ga 

Prof Charles E Mendenhall, S B R P 94, Ph D, Williamstown, Mass 
Prof Joseph F Merrill, M U 93, Ph D, Physics, U of U, Salt Lake City 
Prof Maynard M Metcalf, Ober 89, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Prof C W Emil Miller, 82, Baltimore, Md 

Henry L Moore, Rand-Mac 92, Northampton, Mass 

Hon Jacob M Moses, 93, A M, LL B, Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Daniel A Murray, Dalh 84, Ph D, Mathematics, Cornell, Ithaca, NY 
Prof Charles P Neill, 97, Ph D, Pol Econ, Cath Univ, Washington, D C 
Prof James P Norris, 92, Ph D, Mass Inst Technology, Boston, Mass 
Prof William Osier, LL D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Harold Pender, 98, A M, student. Box 474, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Charles W Peppier, 92, Ph D, Oxford, Ga 

William H Perkins, Jr, Md U 88, Baltimore, Md 

Wyatt W Randall, St J 84, Ph D, Lawrenceville, N J 

Herbert M Reese, 97, Fellow, 2133 Oak, Baltimore, Md 

Milton Reizenstein, 94, Ph D, 45 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Pranklin_I^Riley, Miss^CoU 89,^ M, Ph D, University, Miss 

Prof Edward A Ross, Coe, 86, Ph D, SGBSSX^im^emitj, CalV 

Prof Robert W Rogers^ 87, Ph D, D D, LL D, ^ JjV^oji Madison, N J^ 
Prof Henry A Rowland, R P I 70, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Josiah Royce, Cal Univ 75, Ph D, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Harry L Kussell, U of W 88, Ph D, Madison, Wis 

Prof William B Saflford, U Ala 87, Ph D, University P O, Ala 

Prof Frederick A Saunders, Toronto 95, Ph D, Haverford, Pa 

GreorgeShipley, Rand-Mac, 87, AM, Ph D, Ed American^ Baltimore, Md 
Alfred J Shriver, Md U 93, LL B, 602 Equitable Bid, Baltimore, Md 
Prof St George L Sioussat, 96, Ph D, Hist, Smith, Northampton, Mass 
Prof Moses S Slaughter, Ind Asb 83, Ph D, Latin, Univ, Madison, Wis 
Prof Kirby S Smith, U Vt 84, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Morris A Soper, Md U 95, LL B, 1515 McCuUah, Baltimore, Md 

Edwin A Spilman, 99, A B, Greek, 915 N Arlington, Baltimore, Md 
Charles M Stearns, 98, B A, English, 126 Garden, Hartford, Conn 

Simon H Stein, 94, LL B, 2545 Entaw Place, Baltimore, Md 

Morris C Sutphen, Princ 90, Morristown, N J 

Prof Hugo P Thieme, 93, Ph D, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Horace S Uhler, 94, t, 1222 Madison, Baltimore, Md 

Prof John M Vincent, Ober 83, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Bert J Vos, M U, 88, Ph D, 2118 St Paul, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Charles W Waidner, 96, Ph D, Williamstown, Mass 

Prof David E Weglein, 97, A B, 1329 W Balto, Baltimore. Md 

Prof Henry S West, 93, Ph D, J H Univ, 2438 Maryland, Baltimore, Md 
Prof John R Wightman, Toronto 71, Ph D, Oberlin, Ohio 

Prof J Whitridge Williams, 86, M A, M D, J H Univ, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Westel W Willoughby, 88, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Harry L Wilson, A M, Ph D, 311 Dolphin, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Richard H Wilson, 92,M A,Ph D, Rom Lang.U of Va, Charlottesville 

Digitized by 



University op Kansas, Lawrknck, Kan. 

Presidenty Prof Raphael D O'Leary, Ph D 
Vice-Presy Prof Florence E Parrott, M A 
Secretary^ Prof Marshall A Barber, M A 
Treasurer^ Prof Hannah Oliver 

Annie H Abel, 98, A M, Ms Reader, Univ, 847 Illinois, Lawrence, Kan 
Prof Marshall A Barber, 91, MA, Botany, 1300 Oread, Lawrence, Kan 
Mrs Alice Boughton Blackwelder, 75, A M, Morgan Park, 111 

Edward G Blair, 87, A M, M D, 302 Altman Building, Kansas City, Mo 
Justin De W Bowersock, 91, LL B, Kansas City, Mo 

Grace H Brewster, 96, lola, Kan 

Clydus C Brown, 96, 1664 Mass, Cambridge, Mass 

Robert D Brown, 92, LL B, Kansas City, Mo 

Harry Buckingham, 89, B S, merchant, Kingfisher, Okl T 

Prof William H Carruth, 80, Lawrence, Kan 

Edith M Clarke, 95, librarian, Lawrence, Kan 

Prof Ralph W Cone, 95, A M, Economics, University, Lawrence, Kan 
Alberta L Corbin, 93, M A, t, 89 Whalley Ave, New Haven, Conn 

Arthur L Corbin, 94, LL B, Cripple Creek, Col 

Cyrus S Crane, 87, Kansas City, Mo 

Walter M Crass, 99, A M, chemist, 913 E 10, Kansas City, Mo 

A Leora Crawford, 98, M A, teacher Latin, Cherryvale, Kan 

Frank G Crowell, 88, LL B, Atchison, Kan 

Albert E Curdy, 85, t, Orchard Lake, Mich 

Rev Joseph E Curry, 86, M A, Cranbury, N J 

Breese M Dickinson, 95, Everest, Kan 

Thomas F Doran, 88, Topeka, Kan 

Prof Walter W Douglass, 98, A M, English, High Sch, Kansas City, Mo 
Elmer F En gel, 92, Lawrence, Kan 

Daniel E Esterly, 90, M A, M D, 735 Kansas Ave, Topeka, Kan 

Prof and Mrs Edward C Franklin, 88, 91, Lawrence, Kan 

William S Franklin 87, S Bethlehem, Pa 

Eleanor M Gephart, 98, t. Valley Falls, Kan 

Solon T Gil more, 86, Kansas City, Mo 

Hon James W Gleed, 79, A M, LL B, Topeka, Kan 

Nettie D Goodell, 90, M A, Sedgwick, Kan 

Walter B Graham, 99, Brantford, Kan 

Prof Erasmus Haworth, 81, Ph D, Lawrence, Kan 

John H Henderson, 96, A M, real estate, lola, Kan 

Willis E Henderson, 99, t, Parsons, Kan 

Stuart O Henry, 81, Denver, Col 

William E Higgins, 88, LL B, Lawrence, Kan 

Archibald Hogg, 94, LL B, t, Lawrence, Kan 

Digitized by 



Prof Samuel J Hunter, 93, A M, Entomology, Univ, Lawrence, Kan 
Emma Hyde, 99, A M, t. High School, lola. Kan 

Wilbur S Jenks, 87, Ottawa, Kan 

Prof William H Johnson, 85, M A, 819, 8th Ave, Helena, Mont 

Charles A Katherman, 97, t, Howard, Kan 

Prof Vernon L Kellogg, 89, D Sc, Entomology, Stanford University, CaU 
Frederick Liddeke, 90, t, Centreville, Cal • 

Alice L, Litchfield, 84, 333 Miss, Lawrence, Kan 

Charles McClair, 99, Galena, Kan 

Anna L McKinnon, 89, t, Aurora, N Y 

John E McPherson, 98, A M, cashier, 342 NY Life Bid, Kansas City, Mo 
Katherine Merrill, 89, t, Austin, Chicago, 111 

Edward C Meservey, 82, LL B, Kansas City, Mo 

Frank H Moore, 94, A M, LL B, 832 N Y Life Build, Kansas City Mo 
Rose Ruth Morgan, 94, A M, t, 318 Pine, Leavenworth, Kan 

Prof and Mrs Raphael D O'Leary, 93, 95, A M, Univ, Lawrence, Kan 
Prof Hannah Oliver, 74, Lawrence, Kan 

Minnie J Oliverson, 99, A M, t, 716 E Sth Ave, Winfield, Kan 

Mrs Mary Manley Parmallee, 89, Buffalo, Wyo 

Alfred H Parrott, 99, A M, t Mathmatics, 1125 Tenn, Lawrence, Kan 
Florence E Parrott, 95, A M, t German, 1125 Tenn, Lawrence, Kan 
Prof Percival J Parrott, 97, A M, Manhattan, Kan 

Rev Dwight E Potter, 92, Oakland, Calif # 

Lewis M Powell, 85, M D, 727 Kansas Ave, Topeka, Kan 

Frank P Pratt, 99, 716 Miss, Lawrence, Kan 

Hon John A Prescott, 88, A M, 342 N Y Life Building, Kansas City, Mo 
Richard R Price, 97, t, Hutchinson, Kan 

Anne R Pugh, 91, t, Aurora, N Y 

Prof Christian A Rohrer, 97, A M, (Jerman and Latin, Chapman, Kan 
Prof WilbertDRoss, 93, A M, Eng and Hist, High Sch, Leavenworth, Kan 
Pres Angelo C Scott, 77, M A LL M. Okl Agr and Mech Coll, Stillwater 
Hon Charles F Scott, 81, M S, editor Register^ lola, Kan 

Anna M Shire, 97, t, Leavenworth, Kan 

Prin Charles E Shutt, 98, A M, High School, Beloit, Kan 

Edwin E Slosson, 90, t, Laramie, Wyo 

Hon Charles W Smith, 76, M A, LL B, Judge, Stockton, Kan 

Henry F Smith, 85, Wellington, Kan 

Joseph E Smith, 97, M A, Union National Bank, Kansas City, Mo 

Rev Chandler W Stephenson, 79, Lapeer, Mich 

Miles W Sterling, 83, Lawrence, Kan 

Frederick A Stocks, 84, Blue Rapids, Kan 

Olin Templin, 86, Lawrence, Kan 

Martha A Thompson, 92, t, Lawrence, Kan 

George Wagner, 99, Ph C, Geologist, 1120 E Univ Ave, Ann Arbor, Mich 
Rev Albert E Wardner, Jr, 98, A M, 103 E 33, Kansas City, Mo 

Ruth H Whitman, 99, Kansas City, Mo 

James A Wickersham, 76, Terre Haute, Ind 

Mrs Mina Marion Wilcox, 81, Lawrence, Kan 

Herbert Wing, 98, 1, Newton, Kan 

Frederick H Wood, 97, 1, • Kansas City, Mo 

Digitized by 



Kbnyon Coi«lbgb» Gambier, Ohio 

President, Pres Rev William Foster Peirce, L H D 
Vice-Pres, Prof Hosea W Jones, D D 
Sec and Treas, 3z,j Johnson Dimon, M A 

Prof Chester F Adams, 78, 1056 Emporia, Wichita, Kan 

Hon John J Adams, 79, Judge, 3 Putnam, Zanesville, Ohio 

Oscar S Adams, 96, Gambier, Ohio 

Prof Alexander V G Allen, 62, D D, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev George P Atwater, 95, Akron, Ohio 

Rev John G Bacchus, 70, D D, 239 Gates, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Henry L Badger, 62, Ol^mpia, Wash 

Rev Norman N Badger, 75, Worthington, Ohio 

Rev Cleveland K Benedict, 85, t, Glendale, Ohio 

Ernest M Benedict, 85, t, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev George E Benedict, 84, Cedartown, Ga 

Prof Edward C Benson, 49, D D, LL D, Gambier, Ohio 

Capt Harry C Benson, 77, The Presidio, San Francisco, Calif « 

Hon Upton C Blake, 65, A M, LL B, Sav Bk Bid, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Rev William Bower, 59, D D, 330 S 13, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Asahel A Bresee, 80, East Mauch Chunk, Pa 

Charles C Bubb, Jr, 99, Divinity student, Warren, Ohio 

Rev John H Burton, 67, A M, B D, Episcopal Church, Cupola, Pa 

Bishop Lewis W Burton, 73, D D, Episcopal Church, Lexington, Ky 
Hon Charles E Burr, 65, LL D, 60 Jeflferson, Columbus, Ohio 

Henry W Buttolph, 92, M A, Actuary Life Insurance, Indianapolis, Ind 
Rev George G Carter, 64, A M, S T D, All Sts Ch, 84 Green, Hudson, N Y 
Hon Edson B Cartwell, 71, A M, Pres Hocking Vallev Co, Lancaster, O 
George W Cass, 70, LL B, 100 Wash, Chicago, 111 

Hon George T Chapman, 56, LL D, Sav Bid, Cleveland, Ohio 

William A Child, 83, manf, Hamilton, Canada 

Rev Edward' B Church, 67, 2126 California, San Francisco, Cal« 

Hugh B Clement 86, Sc D, architect, 28 E 41, N Y City 

Hon William T Colville, 74, A M, treasurer, Carbondale, Pa 

Hon Ernest S Cook, 82, A M, LL B, 171 Franklin Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rev David W Cox, 69, A M, Madisonville, Ohio 

Rev George C Coxe, 86, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Hon Thaddeus E Cromley, 65, M A, Ashville, Ohio 

Grove D Curtis, 80, M A, merchant, 444 E 57, N Y Citv 

Prof N Pendleton Dandridge, 66, A M, M D, 422 Broadwjyr, Cincinnati, O 
Rev Owen J Davies, 91, Haddonfield, N J 

Henry C Devin, 88, A M, LL B, Mt Vernon, Ohio 

Prof Russell S Devol, Ohio U 70, Gambier, Ohio 

Rev William H Dewart, 87, 277 Clarendon, Boston, Mass 

Jay J Dimon, 98, A M, Theol Student, Gambier, Ohio 

Digitized by 



Prof Fred J Doolittle, 94, A M, Chelt Military Academy, Offontz, Pa 
Walstein P Douthirt, 88, LL B, 40 Wall, N Y City 

Arthur S Dudley, 86, C M and St P Ry Co, Milwaukee, Wis 

Arthur Dumper, 95, Theol Student, Gambier, Ohio 

Jacob D Early, 79, 1, Terre Haute, Ind 

Prof Henry J Eberth, 89, A M, High School, 408 Winthrop, Toledo, O 
Hon William P Elliott, 70, LL B, 100 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Charles C Fisher, 76, 1, Marion, Ohio 

Hon Richard C A Flournoy, 74, A M, banker, 1427 Douglas, Sioux City, la 
Carl R Ganter, 99, student, Akron, Ohio 

Florien Giauque, 69, A M, LL D, author, 4th and Walnut, Cincinnati, O 
Frank H Ginn, 90, LL B, 80S Savings Building, Cleveland, Ohio 

Col and Hon Moses M Granger, 50, LL D, Judge, 140 Wash, Zanesville, O 
Henry S Gregg, 81, A M, merchant, 204, 2nd N, Minneapolis, Minn 
Rev John Gregson, 68, A M, B D, St Philip's Church, Wiscasset, Me 
Rev Wyllys Hall, 58, D D, San Rafael, Calif « 

James K Hamilton, 59, 412 Gardner Building, Toledo, Ohio 

Hon Andrew L Herrlinger, 83, A M, LL B, 728 Elberon, Cincinnati, O 
Harry N Hills, 77, A M, t, Gambier, Ohio 

Frank W Hubby, 64, NordhoflE, Calift 

Rev William Hyde, 64, 543 Clinton, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Leslie H Ingham, Da, 89, Gambier, Ohio 

Rev Edward D Irvine, 68, A M, Episcopal Church, CarroUton, 111 

Prof Hosea W Jones, D D, Gambier, Ohio 

Bishop John M Kendrick, D D, New Mexico 

Hon Desault B Kirk, 69, LL B, Mt Vernon, Ohio 

Rev Henry D Lathrop, 53, D D, St Helena, Calif • 

Rev John McD Leavitt, 41, D D, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon John B Leavitt, 68, A M, LL D, 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev James H Lee, 59, Manhattan, Kan 

Charles D Leggett, 69, 1, Fairfield, Iowa 

Rev Edward T Mabley, 89, Paoli, Pa 

Col and Hon John J McCook, 66, LL D, 120 Broadway, N Y City j 

Hon Charles D McGuffey, 63, A M, LLB, 610 Georgia, Chattanooga, Tenn 
Rev Edward M McGuffey, 76, A M, Elmhurst, N Y City 

John DeW H McKinley, 72, t, Trimvay, Ohio I 

Rev James K Mendenhall, 66, Saratoga Springs, N Y ' 

Gren John G Mitchell, 59, Columbus, Ohio | 

Hon Worcester B Morrow, 68, A M, LL B, 947 Chateau, Cincinnati, O 
Rev Joseph S Motoda, 91, Tokio, Japan 

Rev Charles E Murray, 61, Wilmington, Del 

Hon Peter Neff, 49, A M, F G S A, 361 Russell, Cleveland, Ohio 

James Nelson, 98, Urbana, Ohio 

Prof Barker Newhall, Haver .87, Gambier, Ohio 

Rev Albert B Nicholas, 69, Guthrie. O T 

Robert M O'Ferrall, 75, M D, Piqua, Ohio 

Rev John F Ohl, 61, Pomeroy, Ohio 

Joseph Packard, Jr, 60, 1, 207 N Calvert, Baltimore, Md 

Rev Henry D Page, 77, Osako, Japan 

William C Pennock, 82, Logansport, Ind 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev William R Powell, 63, Portland, Ore 

Rev George C Rafter, 63, A M, B D, Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Rev William E Rambo, 90, A M, B D, Brownsville, Pa 

George A Reid, 87, t, Bastrop, La 

Rev Charles A L Richards, Yale, Providence, R I 

Albert Ruth, 68, KnoxvlUe, Tenn 

Clay V Sanford, 94, manuf, Portsmouth, Ohio 

Solomon N Sanford, 48, t, Los Angeles, Calif# 

Prof Charles T Seibt, Gen Theol Sem, N Y City 

John A Sipher, 96, A M, M D, Medina, Ohio 

Rev Amos Skeele, 64, 131 Jefferson, Rochester, N Y 
Rev John D Skilton, 88, A M, Prin Chelt Military Academy, Ogontz, Pa 

Rev George H Smith, 65, M A, Plymouth, Conn 

Prof Hamilton L Smith, Yale 39, LL D, Geneva, N Y 

Rev George F Smythe, West Res, Gambier, Ohio 

Constant Southworth, 98, Salem, Ohio 

Prof George C S Southworth, 82, Litt D, 156 Lincoln, Salem, Ohio 

Philemon B Stanbery, Jr, 98, Pomeroy, Ohio 

Charles M Sterling, 97, t, Lawrence, Mass 

Prof Theodore Sterling, Hobart 48, M D, LL D, Gambier, Ohio 

Rev Charles T Stout, 70, M A, Traverse City, Mich 

Rev George A Strong, 50, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev Charles M Sturges, 69, A M, 34 Marine, St Augustine, Pla 

Prof Vung Piang Suvoong, 67, Shanghai, China 

Rev R Rush Swope, D D, Wheeling, W Va 

Prof William Tappan, 85, Ph D, 1205 Cathedral, Baltimore, Md 

Manlcy H Thompson, 96, M A, Courier office, Zanesville, Ohio 

Thomas J Thompson, 69, M D, Rosebank, N Y 

Rev William Thompson, 58, A M, San Diego, Califs 

Irving Todd, 84, Toi)eka. Kan 

Prin Willis M Townsend, 79, Zanesville, Ohio 

Rev T Stevens Tyng, 69, D D, Tokyo, Japan 

Prof Charles H A Wager, Colgate 92, Gambier, Ohio 

Rev Charles T Walkley, 92, Palmyra, N Y 

Rev Orville E Watson, 92, Cleveland, Ohio 

George W D Webster, 85, farmer, Geneva, Ohio 

Prof Henry T West, Oberlin 91, Gambier, Ohio 

Prof Greenough White, Harv 84, Sewanee, Tenn 

Rev Charles D Williams, 80, D D, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rev George F Williams, 95, A M, Episcopal Church, Tiffin, Ohio 
Prof Lewis C Williams, 92, M A, Chelt Military Academy, Ogontz, Pa 

John P Wilson, 90, Napoleon, Ohio 

Hon Marcus A Woodward, 59, LLr D, Aiken Ave, Pittsburg, Pa 

Thompson B Wright, 83, M D Circleville, Ohio 

Rev William E Wright, 62, Geneva, Ohio 

William T Wright, 78, A M, M D, Denison, Iowa 

Charles H Young, 87, Springfield, Mo 

Rev James H Young, 87, M A, Troy, Ohio 

Rev Lee H Young, 90, M A, Chadron, Neb 

Digitized by 



Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 

Presj Prof Francis Andrew March, LL D, L H D, D C L 

Vice-Pres, Prof William Baxter Owen, A M, Ph D 

Sec and Treasy Prof Robert Barber Youngman, A M, Ph D 

Rev Stephen G Barnes, 73, Ph D, Litt D, D D, Long'meadow, Mass 
Carrol P Bassett, 83, E M, Ph D, civil engineer, Summit, N J 

Rev Thomas C Bates, D D, Easton, Pa 

Harvey M Berkley, 85, A M, LL B, banker, Somerset, Pa 

Allen P Berlin, 76, A M, Slating-ton, Pa 

Henry W Bieber, 94, A M, Princeton, N J 

Rev Albert A Bird, 84, A M, Wilcox, Pa 

Milton J Bliem, 82, Ph B, M D, Kirk Building, San Antonio, Tex 

Rev Thomas B Boughton, 81, Parker, S Dak 

William D Boyden, 97, Carbondale, Pa 

Charles B Brady, 96, M S, LL B, National Bank Bid, Phillipsburg, Pa 
Prof Stanley E Brasefield, 95, C E, M S, Mathematics, E Stroudsburg, Pa 
Frank K Bretz, 93, C E, Manager D F R R, Hendricks, W Va 

Prof James M Bright, 77, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

John K Britton, 90, Chambersburg, Pa 

Arthur B Camp, 84, LL B, 411 Wabash, Chicago, 111 

Rev Orton H Carmichael, 90, Tuscola, 111 

Prof James McK Cattell, 80, M A, Ph D, Psychology, Columb U. N Y City 
William G Chambers, 94, Indiana, Pa 

Rev Selden J Coffin, 58, Ph D, Easton, Pa 

Emerson Collins, 84, A M, Williamsport, Pa 

Eugene M Colvin, 90, 1, NY Life Building, Kansas, City, Mo 

Jolm G Conner, 87, A M, Colosa, Md 

Hon Frederic Corss, 62, A M, M D, Kingston, Pa 

Jonathan D Craig, 98, New Germantown, N J 

Prof Thomas Craig, 74, Ph D, Baltimore, Md 

Hon John M Crawford, 71, A M, M D, 2314 Auburn Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Rev Lewis R Dalrymple, 82, Reading, Pa 

Rev John R Davies, 81, D D, Philadelphia, Pa 

John M Davis, 93, Bridgeton, N J 

Rev Luther Davis, 91, Paxtang, Pa 

Rev Oliver S Dean, 58, A M, D D, Patterson, N Y 

Hon Lucien W Doty, 77, A M, LL B, Judge, Greensburg, Pa 

Rev Theodore A Elmer, 94, Batticotta, Ceylon 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon Montgomery Evans, 75, A M, LL B, Nomstown, Pa 

Prof Edsall Perrier, 54, D D, Heband Moral Phi, Lafayette, Easton, Pa 
Samuel L Fisler, 61, A M, Easton, Pa 

Robins Fleming, 77, C E, East Berlin, Corm 

Rev John Fox, 72, D D, Bible House, N Y City 

Rev Samuel A Freeman, 57, A M, D D, Lyndonville, N Y 

Prof Almon H Fuller, 97, MCE, Civil Eng, University, Seattle, Wash 
Rev Samuel A Gayley, 47, D D, Wayne, Pa 

Prof Isaiah Gayman, 90, M S, Mansfield, Pa 

Rev Benjamin McK G^mmill, Cresson, Pa 

Hon Branch H Giles, 88, A M, LL B, 238 Equitable Bid, Denver, Col 
Walter C Gilmore, 84, Williamsport, Pa 

Rev James I Gk)od, 72, D D, Reading, Pa 

Edgar M Green, 83, M D, Easton, Pa 

Rev Ulysses G Greves, 92, M A, 4209 Sherman, Pittsburg, Pa 

Hon John W Griggs, 68, LL D, Washington, D C 

Gteorge D Grover, 87, Wilson, Kan 

Prof William S Hall, 84, M S, Easton, Pa 

Robert A Hamilton, 92, 739 Ferry, Easton, Pa 

Prof James G Hardy, 94, A M, Ph D, Mathematics, Williamstown, Mass 
Prof Joseph J Hardy, 70, A M, Ph D, Mathematics, Easton, Pa 

Rev Edward M Haymaker, 81, A M, Gautemala, S A 

James C Heckman, 99, Germantown, Pa 

Hon Charles Heebner, 78, A M, LL B, R R Mgr, 315 S 41, Philadelphia, Pa 
Prof Jacob B Hench, 83, A M, 5524 Kentucky Ave, Pittsburg, Pa 

Rev John R Henderson, 75, A M, * Wyncote, Pa 

Hon John B Hinkson, 60, A M, LL B, 126 E 4, Chester, Pa 

John C Hickson, 91, Chester, Pa 

Rev William Hoppaugh, 84, A M, Springfield, N J 

Archibald Howard, 92, A M, LL B, 26 Seminary Ave, Binghamton, N Y 
Abraham B Howell, 68, Easton, Pa 

Edward B Huev, 95, Reimersburg, Pa 

Rev William lirl Jack 92, Hontzdale, Pa 

William L Kinter, 97, t, Easton, Pa 

Hon William S Kirkpatrick, 63, A M, Easton, Pa 

Marcus B Lambert, 82, Ph D, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon and Maj Henry TLee, 60, A M, LL B, 412 BuUard Blk, Los Angeles • 
Rev John A Liggett, 57, D D, Rahway, N J 

Rev James C Mackenzie, 78, A M, Ph D, Briarcliff, N Y 

Prof Francis A March, Amh 45, LL D, L H D, D C L, Easton, Pa 

Prof Francis A March, Jr, 81 Ph D, English, Easton, Pa 

Prof John L March, 93, A M, Union College, Schenectady, N Y 

Maj Peyton C March, 84, Fortress Monroe, Va 

Rev Thomas C Marshall, 88, A M, Aubumdale, Fla 

Prof Samuel A Mastin, 77, Chambersburg, Pa 

Wallace McCamant, 88, A M, LL B, 236 King, Portland, Ore 

Osivis D McConnell, 88, Phillipsburg, Pa 

Prof Charles Mclntire, 68, A M, MD, Lafayette, 104 N 4, Easton, Pa 
Rev Franklin J Miller, 89, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof James W Moore, 64, A M, M D, Mechanics, Easton, Pa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon John T Morrison, 80, M E, Pres Coal Co, 115 E 14, Pittsburg, Kan 
Charles C Mose, 98, A M, Pencoye, Pa 

John M Nute, 82, AM, 39 W 39, Kansas City, Mo 

Prof William B Owen, 71, Ph D, Easton, Pa 

Rev Winfield S Parsons, 44, A M, Wilkesbarre, Pa 

John D Pierson, 96, Belvidere, N J 

Prof Thomas C Porter, 40, D D, LL D, Dean, Easton, Pa 

Henry H Pounds, 83, t, Riegrelsville, Pa 

Arthur P Reid, 99, Law Student, 130 W Chestnut, West Chester, Pa 
Charles W Riegel, 98, Easton, Pa 

James E Robbins, 87, M D, Danville, Pa 

Harry S Robinson, 89, Scranton, Pa 

Hon William N Ruby, 81, A M, LL B, 631 E Boulder, Col Springs, Col 
Prof Elmer Schuyler, 97, B Sc, German, Math, High School, Reading, Pa 
Charles M Sciple, 97, Easton, Pa 

Charles P G Scott, 78, MA, 28 W 125, Philadelphia, Pa 

Edwin L Scott, 81, MA, 28 W 125, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Harry O Scott, 77, M A, D D, Carthage, Mo 

Rev Walter Q Scott, 69, D D, Elmhurst, Pa 

William A Seibert, 82, A M, M D, 43 N 4, Easton, Pa 

Orrin Serf ass, 82, 1, Easton, Pa 

Rev John B Shaw, 85, A M, D D, West End Pres Church, N Y City 

Rev George L Shearer, 57, D D, 150 Nassau, N Y City 

Prof George Q Sheppard,83, AM, Math, The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa 
Prof John M Sherrerd, 78, M E, M S, chemist, 122 N 2, Easton, Pa 

Makwell G Simpson, 78, M D, Elizabeth, N J 

Robert L Slagle, 87, Ph D, Rapid City, S Dak 

Robert Snodgrass, 57, Harrisburg, Pa 

Hon Henry Snyder, 78, A M, Supt Schools, City Hall, Jersey City, N J 
Jefiferson Snyder, 72, Reading, Pa 

Thomas M Stalford, 89, A M, insurance, Wyalusing, Pa 

Rev William I Steams, 78, D D, Danville, Pa 

Edward F Stewart, 39, Easton, Pa 

Earl G Swem, 93, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Hon Nathaniel Taylor. 73, A M, LL B, 182 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Welling E Thomas, 75, Marion, Ohio 

Joseph H Tudor, 86, t. State College, Pa 

Ansel A Tyler, 92, t, Tucson, Arizona 

Arthur J Underwood, 95, E M, Mining Engineer, Robinson, Utah 

James W Walk, 78, A M, M D, 737 Corinthian Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 
Prof Daniel J Waller, 70, D D, Indiana, Pa 

George S Ward, 97, t, Easton, Pa 

Pres Ethelbert D Warfield, LL D, Easton, Pa 

Rev Albert J Weisley, 91, M A, Tyrone, Pa 

Rev William W Weller, 85, A M, 94 Washington, Geneva, N Y 

Prof Albert H Welles, 89, M S, Chemist, 635 Qumcy, Scranton, Pa 

Edwin L Whatenecht, 95, Nescopeek Junction, Pa 

William J Young, 87, A M, Gen Supt RR, PenArgyl, Pa 

Benjamin C Youngman, 62, Clearfield, Pa 

Prof Robert B Youngman, 60, A M, Ph D, Greek, Lafayette, Easton, Pa 

Digitized by 



Lbhigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

President^ Rev George Pomeroy Allen, D D 
Vice-Presy Harvey S Kitchell, A M 
Secretary, Prof Edward H Williams, Jr, E M ' 
Treasurer, Prof Edmund Morris Hyde, Ph D 

Rev William N R Ashmead, 92, M A, Memorial Church, Gettysburg-, Pa 
Charles L Banks, 88, M A, M D, Bridgeport, Conn 

Prof Samuel E Berger, 89, A M, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Warren J Bieber, 96, Bethlehem, Pa 

George R Booth, 86, A M, LL B, Bethlehem, Pa 

Charles E Clapp, 86, A M, LL B, 804 N Y Life Bid, Omaha, Neb 

Robert G Cooke, 84, A M, publisher, 72 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

William H Cooke, 85, M D, East Orange, N J 

Walter J Dech, 93, t, Myerstown, Pa 

Rev Charles M Douglas, 93, Leonia, N J 

Nimson Eckert, 1900, student, 420 Walnut, Allentown, Pa 

Prof Milton H Pehnel, 87, A C, chemist, 265 S 9, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Harvey S Fifeher, 87, Norristown, Pa 

Thomas H Hardcastle, 80, M A, LL B, 601 Boston Bid, Denver, Col 
John D Hoffman, 83, 1, 38 Garrison, Bethlehem, Pa 

Mark A D Howe, 86, journalist, Bristol, R I 

Prof Elmer A Jacoby, 95, M A, Mathematics, Pennsburg, Pa 

Prof Preston A Lambert, 83, South Bethlehem, Pa 

Rev William A Lambert, 95, Albany, N Y 

Sylvanus E Lambert, 89, M A, LL B, 1010 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111 
Prof Robert E Laramy, 96, M A, 79 Broad, Bethlehem, Pa 

Rev Frederic C Lauderburn, 91, M A, Calvary Church, Tamaqua, Pa 
Garrett B Linderman, 87, Ph B, coal operator, S Bethlehem, Pa 

Hon Robert P Linderman, 84, M A, banker, manuf, S Bethlehem, Pa 
Hon William H MacCarthy , 71, M A, Globe Iron Wks, 556 W 34, N Y City 
Prof Payette A McKenzie, 95, Huntington, Pa 

Rembrandt R Peale, 83, A M, coal operator, 1 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon H A Porterfield, 83, M A, Pres Dexter Co, Pittsburg, Pa 

Albert G Rau, 88, 63 Broad, Bethlehem, Pa 

Prof Ellis A Schnabel, 91, A M, Greek, Latin, 1630 N 16, Philadelphia, Pa 
Lewis B Semple, 84, t, Bethlehem, Pa 

Ira A Shimer, 91, M D, U S Army, Washington, D C 

Hon A Parker Smith, 84, M E, LL B, 44 Broadway, N Y City 

George Stern, 93, LL B, Mut Life Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prin John E Stocker, 95, Bethlehem, Pa 

Robert S Taylor, 95, 1, Bethlehem, Pa 

Rev William P Taylor, 86, Morristown, N J 

Joseph W Thurston, 96, A M, South Bethlehem, Pa 

Harry Toulmin, 86, M D, 69 Prospect, Milwaukee, Wis 

A Howell Van Cleve, 90, Sc D, Civil Engineer, Niagara Palls, N Y 

Prof Edward H Williams, Jr, E M, Bethlehem, Pa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Marietta Collbgb, Marietta, Ohio 

President, Hon Martin D FoUett, A M, LL B 
Sec and Treas, Prof Frank C Jordan, M A 
Cor Sec, Prof Wilson F Monf ort, M A 

Arthur R Addy, 92, A M, M D, 300 W 70, N Y City 

William B Addy, 88, manuf, Portland, Oregon 

Edward H Allen, 51, banker, Kansas City, Mo 

Julius L Anderson, 67, 1, Iron ton, Ohio 

Rev Francis E Andrews, 74, t, Jeffersonville, Ind 

Prof Martin R Andrews, 69, A M, LL D, 500 Front, Marietta, Ohio 
Rev William G Andrews, 55, A M, D D, Guilford, Conn 

Rev Joseph R Armstrong, 52, Kirkwood, Mo 

Francis H Babb, 71, San Jose, Calif % 

Charles E 6ailey, 80, Min Eng, Eveleth, Minn 

Rev William G Ballantine, 68, D D, LL D, Springfield, Mass 

Arthur D Barker, 92, A M, farmer. Marietta, Ohio 

Prof Jasper C Barnes, 90, A M, Mary ville, Tenn 

William A Batchelor, 78, M D, 1109 Kinnickinnie, Milwaukee, Wis 

Allen E Beach, 84, A M, journalist, 369 E Town, Columbus, Ohio 

Rev Arthur G Beach, 91, Ashland, Wis 

Chandler B Beach, 63, A M, publisher, 216 Clark, Chicago, 111 

Walter G Beach, 88, t, Pullman, Wash 

Prof Emmet Belknap, 80, A M, Supt of Schools, Lockport, N Y 

Alice M Biscoe, 99, 404, 4th, Marietta, Ohio 

Prof Thomas D Biscoe, Amh, 63, Marietta, Ohio 

Hon William H Blymyer, 52, A M, Blymyer Building, Cincinnati, Ohio 
William A Bosworth, 64, t, Wichita, Kan 

Capt Verne M Bo vie, 98, A M, LL B, Gallipolis, Ohio 

William W Boyd, 84, t, Painesville, Ohio 

Harry Briggs. 97, t, Dexter City, Ohio 

Joseph H Brokaw, 93, 232 Main, Marlboro, Mass 

Edwy R Brown, 94, M A, Supt Oil Manuf, Corsicana, Texas 

Robert A Brown, 95, t, Gallipolis, Ohio 

Rev Frank S Brush, 78, D D, 1371 Versailles, Alameda, Calif ♦ 

Rev John B Cameron, 78, Fielding, Iowa 

Prof Joseph H Chambertin, Beloit 72, Marietta, Ohio 

Hon David A Chambers, 60, A M, LL B, 1441 Q, N W, Washington, D C 
Thomas H Cisler, 89, A M, manuf, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev Edward E Clark, 83, Elmhurst, Calif 

Raymond C Cobum, 97, SMC, Coltunbus, Ohio 

Digitized by 



William C Cooder, 75, Hartwell, Ohio 

Prof William A Cooper, 92, A M, Mod Langs, 615 Wooster, Marietta, O 
Frank M Copeland, 75, 1, S3 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Clifford E Corwin, 92, t. Marietta, Ohio 

David B Cotton, 53, A M, M D, 303 Court, Portsmouth, Ohio 

Hon John T Cotton, 38, A M, M D, LL D, Charleston, W Va 

Josiah D Cotton, 42, A M, M D, Marietta, Ohio 

Edward B Dana, 79, ed, Muskegon, Mich 

Laurence N Dana, 95, mining, Joplin, Mo 

Rev Prof David F Davies, 74, A M, D D, Theology, Gambler, Ohio 

Rev Evan L Davies, 52, AM, 2 Poplar Ave, Lake Forest, 111 

John W Davies, 99, A B, Theol Student, 81 Ashland, Chicago, 111 

Rev P S Davies, 61, A M, Ph D, 121 Frazer, Mankato, Minn 

Hon Charles G Dawes, 84, LL D, Comptroller, Treas Dept, Wash, D C 
Rufus C Dawes, 86, A M, Gas, 1207 Maple Ave, Evanston, 111 

George P Deshler, 90, t, MacConnelville, Ohio 

John S Donaghho, 89, t, Palo Alto, Calif • 

Eagleton F Dunn, 84, Circleville, Ohio 

Harold M Dyer, 88, Fort Hancock, N J 

William H Evans, 63, A M, surveyor and farmer, Neath, Pa 

Rev Charles K Fankhauser, 93, M A, Avon, Conn 

Hon Aaron A Ferris, 71, A M, LL B, Blymyer Bid, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Thomas C Flanegin, 66, A M, t, Pomeroy, Ohio 

Alfred D FoUett, 76, 1, Marietta, Ohio 

Hon Martin D FoUett, 53, A M, LL B, 326 Muskingum, Marietta, Ohio 
Edward P Foster, 74, pub, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Robert S Fulton, 66, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev Henry B Gage, 69, Riverside, Calif ♦ 

Hon John A Gallaher, 69, A M, LL B, banker, Bellaire, Ohio 

Rev Gkorge R Gear, 67, D D, Marietta, Ohio 

Hon Hiram L Gear, 62, A M, LL B, 310 Pine, San Francisco, Calif 
Hon Charles H Goddard, 43, AM, 412 Fourth, Marietta, Ohio 

Hon Alfred TGoshorn, 54, AM, Director Museum, Clifton, Cincinnati, O 
Rev James G Hamner, 81, Newark, N J 

Winfield S Hancock, 98, A M, LL B, 308 Third, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev Edward B Haskell, 87, Thessalonica, Turkey 

Theron H Hawks, 82, Duluth, Minn 

Prof George H Howison, 52, M A, LL D, Philosophy, Berkeley, Calif* 
Prof Harry B Hoyt, 96, M A, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev A T Huber, 93, New Plymouth, Ohio 

Charles W Hudson, 76, McArthur, Ohio 

Thomas J Huges, 71, Wheeling, W Va 

Rev Josiah H Jenkins, 62, M A, B D, 3837 Arlington, Denver, Col 

David D Johnson, 96, t, Parkersburg, W Va 

Rev Thomas C Johnson, 72, D D, Charleston, W Va 

Rev David H Jones, -91, Wellston, Ohio 

John E Jones, 98, Oak Hill, Ohio 

Prof Frank C Jordan, 89, College, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev William W Jordan, 79, D D, Clinton, Mass 

John Kaiser, 90, Marietta, Ohio 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Francis D Kelsey, 70, Toledo, Ohio 

Prof Samuel S Kingsbury, 93, A M, Ph D, Princeton, N J 

Supt Robert G Kinkead, 82, A M, LL B, Schools, Kirkwood, Mo 

Rev Benjamin W Labaree, 88, Oroomiah, Persia 

Rev Robert M Labaree, 88, Mojlan, Pa 

Rev Ashbel G Lane, 77, A M, 614 Garrison, Fremont, Ohio 

George W Lemert, 63, 709 E Long, Columbus, Ohio 

Charles T Lewis, 72, Toledo. Ohio 

Rev Daniel M Lewis, 78, M A, D D, W Pullman, Chicago, 111 

Rev Edwin J Lewis. 91, M A, B D, Shabbona, 111 

Rev Richard G Lewis, 76, D D, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev Charles Little, 67, Wabash, Ind 

Rhys R Lloyd, 84, Oakland, Calif # 

Carl H Lund. 96, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev Frank P Lutz, 61, Gallipolis, Ohio 

John N Lyle, 59, A M, Ph D, Bentonville, Ark 

Hon Prank R McCormick, 74, AM, LL B, 100 Corcoran Bid, Washington 
Prof Thomas E McKinney, 87, M A, Marietta, Ohio 

Edward E McTaggart, 92, A M, merchant, Parkersburg, W Va 

Benjamin F Maiden, 92, A M, LL B, Anaconda, Montana 

Prof Irving J Manatt, Grinnell, Providence, R I 

Howe A Maxwell, 79, Louisville, Ky 

Samuel N Maxwell, 64, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon Charles H Merwin, 64, LL D, Treasury, Washington, D C 

Clarence C Middleswart, 94, 1, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev Charles L Mills, 85, Clay Centre, Kan 

Charles S Mitchell, 86, Denver, Col 

Prof Edwin K Mitchell, 78, DD, Church History, HT S, Hartford, Conn 
Hon John Q Mitchell, 80, A M, U S Customs, 13 E 46, N Y City 

Elmore M Monfort, 90, farmer ^ Burton, Wash 

Prof Wilson P Monfort, 90, M A, Chemistry, Marietta, Ohio 

Rev Edwin C Moore, 77, Providence, R I 

Henry M Moore, 82, M D, Columbus, Ohio 

Homer Morris, 90, 1, 51 E 4, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Reece M Newport 60, St Paul, Minn 

Rev Charles S Nickerson, 84, Racine, Wis 

Hon Harold W Nickerson, 82, M A, LL B, 504 Old Ins Bid, Milwaukee 
Harold B Nye, 79, Water and Superior, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Charles R Oldham, 75, A M, LL B, Moundsville, W Va 

Francis P Oldham, 70, 1, Vine and Fifth, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Wylie E Oldham, 82, M D, Lovett, Ind 

Robert S Padan, 74, Englewood, 111 

Supt Ezekiel W Patterson, 85, A M, Schools, Wellston, Ohio 

Hon Winfield S Pattin, 73, A M, manuf, 401 Franklin Marietta, Ohio 
Francis Penrose, 96, Marietta, Ohio 

Charles S Perry, 65, Berkeley, Calif # 

Edward E Phillips, h 75, t, Marietta, Ohio 

John H Phillips, 80, t, Birmingham, Ala 

David P Pratt, 66, t, Portsmouth, Ohio 

Thornton M Pratt, 99, M A, cataloguer. Marietta, Ohio 

Digitized by 




Rev Ira M Preston, 45, missionary, 

Douglas Putnam, 81, insurance, 

Rev James W Reese, 74, M A, 

Charles £ Rehm, 83, 

Hon Ernst Rehm, 80, A M, LL B, 

Prank J Roemer, 93, 

John H Roemer, 87, A M, LL B, 

Charles A Rossiter, 82, clerk, 

Rev Francis Z Rossiter, 50, M A, 

Hon William W Rowlands, 74, A M, LL B, 

John E Sater, 75, 1, 

Henry L Schoolcraft, 92, t, 

Rev Hugh B Scott, 58, 

Paul W Scott, 90, A M, LL B, 

Hon Thomas M Sechler, 63, A M, carriage manufacturer, Moline, 111 

Ephraim C Shedd, 93, t, Wichita, Kan 

Rev Nelson A Shedd, 83, Plain City. Ohio 

Rev William A Shedd, 87, missionary, Oroomiah, Persia 

Hon Samuel S Sisson, 70, A M, LL B, Harper, Kan 

Charles G Slack, 81, Marietta, Ohio 

William H Slack, 81, 769 Marshall, Milwaukee, Wis 

Hon Rodney M Stimson, 47, A M, Treasurer College, Marietta, Ohio 

Marietta, Ohio 

St Paul, Minn 

Girard, Erie Co, Pa 

Pomeroy, Ohio 

514 Main, Cincinnati, Ohio 

415 Grand, Milwaukee, Wis 

577 Van Buren, Milwaukee, Wis 

33 Surrey, Chicago, 111 

Plainwell, Mich 

Racine, Wis 

High, Columbus, Ohio 

Urbana, 111 

Marysville, Ohio 

Huntington, W Va 

Benjamin F Stone, 53, 
Rev Thomas C Straus, 77, A M, 
Rev John Tenny, 69, A M, 
Rev Thomas N Todd, 77, M A. 

U S Consul, Haddonsfield, Engf 

1132 Main, Peekskill, N Y 

Olena, Ohio 

Franklin, Ind 

Ex-Pres Joseph F Tuttle, 41, D D, LL D, Wabash, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Rev Leonard Twinen, 87, 

Albert T Wakefield, 72, M A, M D, 

Rev Charles E Walker, 76, 

Rev John H Walter, 51, 

Charles E Walton, 71, M D, 

Arthur J Warner, 89, A M, Mining, 

Edward F Welles, 81, M A, Mining, 

Charles K Wells 74 

Hon Albert B White, 78, M A, Collector Int Rev, Parkersburg, W Va 

Supt Charles C White, 97, M A, Schools, Stockport, Ohio 

Rev William T Wilcox, 91, M A, 203 S 2nd, Rockford, 111 

Rev Augustus W Williams, 69, Rogers Park, 111 

Rev John E Williams, 94, Auburn, N Y 

Rev R M Williams, 89, M A, Cambria, Wis 

Charles L Wilson, 99, t. Centre Belpre, Ohio 

Charles P Wortman, 97, t, Galesville, Wis 

Adena, Ohio 

Sheffield, Mass 

Hartwell, Ohio 

Kennedy, Ohio 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Chute, Ga 

1345 Franklin, Denver, Col 

Atlantic City, N J 

Digitized by 




MiDDLBBURY College, Middlebury, Vt. 

President, Prof William Wells Eaton, A M 
Vice-Pres, Prof Julian Willis Abemethy, Ph D 
Secretary, Prof Charles Baker Wright, A M 
Treasurer, Prof Ernest Calvin Bryant, S B 

Prin Julian W Abemethy, 76, AM, PhD, Berkeley, 183 Lincoln, Brooklyn 

Charles A Adams, 95, 

Prof Sumner Albee, 48, 

Florence C Allen, 98, t, 

Rev Kerr C Anderson, 72, D D, 

Mary A Anderson, 99, t, 

Lucia E Avery, 98, t, 

Robert M Bailey, 72, A M, printer, 

Rev Henry S Baker, 69, t, 

John Barlow, 95, t. 

Knoxville, 111 

30 Court, Boston, Mass 

Proctor, Vt 

Dundee, Scotland 

2420 Canal, New Orleans, La 

Middlebury, Vt 

Elm, West Somerville, Mass 

2268 Blake, St Paul, Minn 

Wichita, Kan 

Rev James L Barton, 81, D D, Sec A B C F M, 14 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Rev Robert J Barton, 84, Salisbury, Vt 

Prof William F Bascom, 38. LL D, 924, 17 N W, Washing^ton, D C 

Prof Charles Billings, 86, A M, Poultney, Vt 

Prof Eugene C Bingham, 99, Randolph, State Normal, W Cornwall, Vt 

Rev Lyman H Blake, 63, Essex, Mass 

Rev S Leroy Blake, 59, A M, D D, New London, Conn 

David H Blossom, 96, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rev Prof George N Boardman, 47, D D, LL D, 18 W 55, N Y City 

Harriete E Bolton, 90, A M, Secretary, P O Box 2672, Boston, Mass 

Hon Elias H Bottum, 71, A M, LL B, Milwaukee, Wis 

Prin William H Botsford, 98, A M, High School, Wallingford, Vt 

Thomas E Boyce, 76, 

Rev John W Bradshaw, 69, A M, D D, 

Pres Ezra Brainerd, 64, LL D, 

Rev Edward R Brainerd, 79, 

Cora A Brook, 96, t. 

Rev G Wolcott Brooks, 73, 

Edgar R Brown, 93, t, 

Hon Frank Brown, 82, M A, merchant. Postmaster, 

Luther A Brown, 97, t. 

Prof Ernest C Bryant, 91, 

Rev Martin E Cady, 69, A M, D D, 

Gideon E Clark, 71, 

James T Clark, 87, 

Laura S Clark, 94, t. 

Middlebury, Vt 

Ann Arbor, Mich 

College, Middlebury, Vt 

Los Angeles, Calif^^ 

Lyndon Centre, Vt 

Dorchester, Mass 

187 S 11, Newark, N J 

Milton, Calif* 

New Haven, Vt 

Middlebury, Vt 

892 W Adams, Chicago, 111 

9206 Commercial, Chicago, 111 

N Y City 

27 Liberty, Montpelier, vt 

Digitized by 



Edwin B Clift, 90, Middlebury, Vt 

Adaline C Crampton, 99, t, St Albans, Vt 

Edward Dana, 76, 26 Washington, Rutland, Vt 

Rev Prof Francis B Denio, 71, D D, Theol Seminary, Bangor, Me 

Herbert W Denio, 88, Library, 83 Center, Concord, N H 

Marion E Dunbar, 97, t, Castleton, Vt 

Vida A Dunbar, 98, t, Milford, N H 

Walter B Dunton, 98, 1, 19, 35, Chicago, 111 

Hon George W Ellis, 68, A M, LL B, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev James W Flagg, 78, Poxborough, Mass 

Sidney A Giffin, 70, 1, Boulder, Col 

Hon James M Giflford, 77, A M. LL D, 319 W 103, N Y City 

Hon William J Gilbert, 69, A M, LL B, Mayor, Niles, Mich 

Rev Henry M Goddard, 90, S Royalton, Vt 

Ellen C Gordon, 97, t, Bradford, Mass 

Franklin H Graham, 71, 1, Berlin Bid, Tacoma, Wash 

Perley A Griswold, 80, 1, 724 Wainwright Bid, St Louis, Mo 

Willis A Guernsey, 80, 468 Broadway, Saratop^a Springs, N Y 

Prof Christopher W Hall, 71, M A, University, Minneapolis, Minn 

Ava L Hawley, 96, A M, Asst Prin, Middle Granville, N Y 

Lewis H Hemenway, 64, M D, Manchester, Vt 

Rev Charles E Hesselgrave, 93, A M, Madison, N J 

Prof Edwin H Higley, 68, A M, Groton, Mass 

Mary G Higley, 98, A M, t, Brigham Academy, Bakersfield, Vt 

Florence M Holden, 97, 154 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Rev Richard S Holmes, 62, Pittsburg, Pa 

Rev Edward P Hooker, 55, Marshfield, Mass 

Edward W Howe, 69, A M, C E, 65 City Hall, Boston, Mass 

Prentiss C Hoyt, 89, t, 61 Gorham, Cambridge, Mass 

Henry W Hulbert, 79, M A, 156 Huntington, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev John M Hull, 77, A M, Ludlow, Vt 

William A Jenner, 65, 1, NY City 

Rev James A Jones, 85, Norridgewock, Me 

John D Jones, 81, A M, M D, 240 Genesee, Utica, N Y 

Brainerd Kellogg, 58, 58 S Portland, Brooklyn, N Y 

Abbie L King, 94, t. North Craftsbury, Vt 

Charles F Kingsley, 72, 1, Salisbury, Vt 

Rev Harvey D Kitchell, 35, East Liverpool, Ohio 

George E Knapp, 88, Sitka, Alaska 

Lyman E Knapp, 62, LL D, Seattle, Wash 

Rev Henry M Ladd, 72, 409 Osbom Bid, Cleveland, Ohio 

James A Lobban, 98, t, Wilmington, Vt 

Carl A Mead, 91, 1, 44 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Charles M Mead, 56, 83 Grove, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Junius E Mead, 90, Cohoes, N Y 

Prof A Louis Miner, 74, 1312 Green, San Francisco, Calif « 

Rev Calvin B Moody, 77, A M, 1327 N Emerson, Minneapolis, Minn 

James Moore, 96, Camden, N Y 

Prof Charles S Murkland, 81, Durham, N H 

David J Newland, 65, LL B, 550 W 113, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Herbert F Northrup, 73, C E, Traverse City, Mich 

Kate E Palmer, 95, Round Lake, N Y 
Hazen M Parker, 80, 1, 1815 Portland, Minneapolis, Minn 

Rev Henry M Perkins, 67, Dunstable, Mass 

Marsh O Perkins, 70, editor, Windsor, Vt 
Hon Harlan S Perrigo, 70, A M, insurance, 90 Main, Potsdam, N Y 

Hon Edward J Phelps, 40, LL D, Burlington, Vt 

Mary O Pollard, 96, t, Middlebury, Vt 

Charles W Prentiss, 96, t, Cambridge, Mass 

Leslie H Raine, 89, A M, merchant, 349 Broadway, N Y City, 

Bertha E Ranslow, 94, A M, t, Swanton, Vt 

Rev Eugene J Ranslow, 66, A M, Swanton, Vt 

Flora C Rockwood, 97, t, East Middlebury, Vt 

Cora M Rogers, 95, t. Corona, N Y 

Carroll B Ross, 82, M D, West Rutland, Vt 

Eleanor S Ross, 95, Rutland, Vt 

Prof Henry H Ross, 72, AM, 18 S Main, Rutland, Vt 

Rev Greorge M Rowland, 83, Saporo, Japan 

George G Ryan, 74, A M, t, 429 Third, Brooklyn, N Y 

Oliver J Sawyer, 94, Ashburnham, Mass 

Hon Oscar D Scott, 68, A M, LL B, Texarkana, Ark 

Rev Frank B Seeley, 93, Kingston, N Y 

Annah B Sheldon, 93, A M, t, Bristol, Vt 

Samuel Sheldon, 83, t, Polyt Inst, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof William R Shipman, 59, A M, D D, LL D, Tufts College, Mass 

David K Simonds, 62, editor, Manchester, Vt 

Hon Nathan B Smith, 63, M A, LL B, Pulaski, N Y 

Rev William D Smith, 78, Normal, 111 

Lucy Walker Southwick, 99, A B, 112 Pleasant, Worcester, Mass 

Supt Michael A Stapleton, 85, A M, Schools, Anaconda, Montana 

John W Stewart, 46, Middlebury, Vt 

Harry P Stimson, 77, M A, broker 45 Milk, Boston, Mass 

George W Stone, 99, Newton, N J 

Annis M Sturgis, 99, t, Centreville, Mass 

Edmond R Sturtevant, 93, t, Monmouth, 111 

Rev Byron Sunderland, 38, 331 C, N W, Washington, D C 

Louis Taylor, 93, A M, LL B, Mamaroneck, N Y 

Rev James Ten Broeke, 84, t, 16 Elgin, Toronto, Can 

Horace H Thomas, 57, U S Appraiser's OflBlce, 157 Harrison, Chicago, 111 

Rev and Mrs John M Thomas, ,90, 91, East Orange, N J 

Hon Richard S Tuthill, 63, LL D, Judge, 532 Jackson, Chicago, 111 

Blanche A Verder, 95, t, Rutland, Vt 

Rev Hedley A Vicker, 95, A M, Sennett, N Y 

Hon George R Wales, 87, A M, LL B, U S Civil Service Com, Washington 

Hon Aldace P Walker, 62, LL D, 59 Cedar, N Y City 

Rev Joel F Whitney, 68, A M, Eldred, N Y 

William B Wilcox, 96, 205 Lafayette, Detroit, Mich 

Rev Azel W Wild, 57, A M, Cambridgeport, Vt 

Rev John K Williams, 60, M A, Peacham, Vt 

George M Wright, 72, 1, 280 Broadway, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Univkrsity op Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 

President^ Hon Charles Burke Elliott, Iowa 81 

Vtce-Pres, Prof Pred S Jones, Prof Charles P Berkeley, Ph D 

Secretary, Prof Clara Edith Bailey, M A 

Treasurer^ Anna L Guthrie 


Georg-e B Alton, 81, 1601 University, Minneapolis 

Prof Kendric C Babcock, 89, M A, Ph D, Berkeley, Calif i 

Prof Clara E Bailey, 92, M A, t. High School, 1425, 6 S E, Minneapolis 

Henry P Baily, 93, B S, LL B, 

Nathan M Baker, 84, M D, 

Annabel W Beach, 98, t, 

Elizabeth S Beach, 96, t, 

Mrs Emily Harris Bell, 

Prof Mary L Benton, 85, (Smith), 

Prof Charles P Berkey, 92, M S, Ph D, 

John N Berg, 96, LL B, 

Mrs Mary Bassett Bray, 93, M D, 

Flora E Brewer, 97, B L, 

Ethel C Brill, 99, 

Frederic K Buttens, 99, B S, Student, 

Conrad H Christopherson, 98, t, 

Arthur B Church, 91, 1, 

Lettie M Crafts, 81, 

Perley A Davis, 98, t. 

Prof Halsten O Eg-gen, 99, B S, 

Prof Charles B Elliott, 88, 

Clarence Ellithorpe, 95, t, 

Florence A Fish, 99, 

Lester J Fitch, 99, 

Caroline A Fullerton, 96, t, 

Prin William A Godward, 95, A M, 

Hon John F Goodnow, 79, 

Albert Graber, 88, M A, C E, 

Ulysses S Grant, 88, t, 

Anna L Guthrie, 92, 

Asa J Hammond, 91, M D, 

Huber L Hartley, 93, A M, LL B, 

William R Hoag, 83, C E, t, 

Mrs Elizabeth Peters Hodge, 93, 

Louise E Hollister, 83, 

Mr and Mrs Arthur E Huntington, 93, 

Prof John C Hutchinson, 76, A M, Ph D, 

Edmund G Jewett, 97, 

Prof Charles A Johnson, 99, 

Patrick P Kennedy, 90, 

507 N Y Life Bid. Minneapolis 

Hyde Block, Spokane, Wash 

804 Third, Faribault, Minn 

81 Arthur, Minneapolis 

2401 Park, Minneapolis 

729, 10th S E, Minneapolis 

University, Minneapolis 

216 Seventh, S Minneapolis 

Biwabik, Minn 

2314 S Aldrich, Minneapolis 

2365 Carter, St Paul, Minn 

815, 57, Minneapolis 

Long Prairie, Minn 

609 N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis 

610, 5 S E, Minneapolis 

Caledonia, Minn 

St Peter, Minn 


Walhalla, N Dak 

2301, 3 S, Minneapolis 

2213 Portland, Minneapolis 

3016 Harriet, Minneapolis 

Pembina, N Dak 

U S Consul, Shanghai, China 

142, 5th Ave, N E Minneapolis 

Evanston, 111 

1205, 4 S E, Minneapolis 

Winnebago City, Minn 

1305 E Superior, Duluth, Minn 

151, 7 S E, Minneapolis 

52 Rutland, Boston, Mass 

1312, 6 S E, Minneapolis 

Colorado Springs, Col 

University, Minneapolis 

546 Selby, St Paul, Minn 

Sank Centre, Minn 

Supt Schools, Fairmount, Minn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Theodore M Knappen, 91, 606 E 27, Minneapolis 

Bertram G Knight, 98, 1537 Madison, N Y City 

Prof Albert CKnudson, 93, STB, School of Theol, University Park. Col 
Laura A Linton, 79, M D, 424 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis 

Prof Kate MacDermid, 97, BS, Hig-h Sch, 2703Bloomington, Minneapolis 
Prof Hope McDonald, 94, M S, University, 314 Tenth S E, Minneapolis 
William A Mclntyre, 99, B S, law student, Minneapolis 

Hon Stephen Mahoney, 77, LL B, Guaranty Building, Minneapolis 

Clarence B Miller, 95, LL B, 303 Washington Ave S E, Minneapolis 
Prof Grace Miller, 96, A M, 1710, 22 S, Minneapolis 

J Burt Miner, 97, LL B, lawyer and journalist, Berlin, Wis 

Robert L Moffett, 89, 1, 170 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Henry P Nachtrieb, 82, B S, Ph D, 90S, 6 S E, Univ, Minneapolis 
Prin Joan T Peterson. 95, B S, High School, Lakefield, Minn 

Prin Lydia M Plummer, 96, B L, High School, Elk River, Minn 

Marion Potter, 97, t 2420 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis 

Roberta Pratt, 94, 1603 Bryant Ave, Minneapolis 

Prof Francis Ramaley, 95, Sc D, Univesity, Boulder, Col 

Arthur Ranum, 92, A B, t. University, Seattle, Wash 

Soren P Rees, 95, B S, M D, Anoka, Minn 

Katherine Rowey, 96, t, Crookston, Minn 

Eva R Sardeson, 99, t, Janesville, Minn 

Prof Frederick Sardeson, 91, M S, Ph D, 922 N Emerson, Minneapolis 
Arthur W Selover, 93, M A, LL M, 411 Phoenix Bid, Minneapolis 

Hon Siver Serumgard, 90, LL B, Devils Lake, N Dak 

Reuben S Shepherd, 94, M S. Mankato, Minn 

Charles F Sidever, 83, t, 1320 Fifth, S E, Minneapolis 

Rose A Simmons, 96, t, Hastings, Minn 

William A Simonton, 94, editor. Pine City, Minn 

Mary C Smith, 96, t, 2720 Pillsbury, Minneapolis 

Fred B Snyder, 81, 1, 217 N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis 

Rev Theodore G Soares, 91, Galesburg, 111 

Charles L Sommers, 90, B L, merchant, St Paul, Minn 

Harold M Stanford, 98, t. Normal School, Moorhead, Minn 

Lydia K Strohmeier, 89, t, 104 Royalston, Minneapolis 

Francis B Sumner, 94, B S, t, C C N Y, 17 Lexington, N Y City 

David S Swenson, 98 t, 3101, 16 S, Minneapolis 

Benjamin C Taylor, 93, 1, Mankato, Minn 

Grace M Tennent, 96, M A, Public Library, 422, 6 S E, Minneapolis 
Oscar L Trigg^, 89, t, University, Chicago, 111 

Prof Josephine P Tryon, 98, B A, High School, Aberdeen, S Dak 

Thomas F Wallace, 93, 1, 909 N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis 

Prof Mary Ward, 97, A M, College, Hillsdale, Mich 

Alice C Webb, 96, 2755 Hennepin, Minneapolis 

Hattie E Welles, 96, t, 1301, 7 S E, Minneapolis 

Prof Matilda J C Wilkin, 77, ML, U of M, 618, 15 Ave S E, Minneapolis 
Helen C Woodman, 97, t, 772 Lincoln, St Paul, Minn 

Prof Charles E Young, 93, Ph D, Supt Schools, Henderson, Minn 

Charles Zeleny, 98, 1011, 18 S E, Minneapolis 

John Zeleny, 92, t, University, Minneapolis 

Digitized by 




University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 

President^ Prof August H Edgren, Ph D 
Vice-Presy Prof James T Lees, Ph D 
Secretary y Miss May Cynthia Whiting", A M 
Treasurer, Prof Ellery W Davis, Ph D 

John E Almy, 96, M A, Ph D, Greenwood, Neb 

Clark F Ansley, 90, t, . Iowa City, Iowa 

Pleasant J Barron, 98, stenograher, 419 N 10, Lincoln, Neb 

Harris M Benedict, 96, Lincoln, Neb 

J Madison Bentley, 9S, t, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

Prin and Mrs. Rufus C Bentley, 94, 96, San Rafael, Calif # 

Carl A Bessey, 97, t, A and M CoUeg-e, Stillwater, Okl 

Prof Charles E Bessey, Ph D, LL D, University, Lincoln, Neb 

Edward A Bessey, 96, Sc D, C E, Stanley Co, Pittsfield, Mass 

Ernest A Bessey, 96, 1021, 11 N W, Washing^ton, D C 

Anna M Betts, 98, A M, t, 524 S 10, Lincoln, Neb 

Prank E Bishop, 91, 1, B & M Depot, Lincoln, Neb 

Grace T Bridges, 95, t, Fremont, Neb 

Alice H Bross, 98, A M, 2904 Q, Lincoln, Neb 

Bessie K Brown, 99, A M, t. High School, Cozad, Neb 

James A C Canfield, 95, A M, merchant, Columbus, Ohio 

May Chamberlain, 94, Valparaiso, Neb 

Hon Edmund J Churchill, 85, A M, LL B, 1013, 14th Ave, Denver, Col 
Edith S Clements, 98, 616 N 16, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof Frederic E Clements, 94, M A, Ph D, Universitv, Lincoln, Neb 
Mabel R Cleveland, 99, A M, t. High School, 1930 6, Lincoln, Neb 

Nellie J Compton, 96, A M, Librarian, 2345 R, Lincoln, Neb 

Allan R Congdon, 99, t. High School, Lincoln, Neb 

John V Z Cortelyou, 97, Lincoln, Neb 

Mrs Julia M Crewitt, 98, A M, Schuyler, Neb 

Benton Dales, 97, student, Ithaca, N Y 

Hon James S Dales, 73, M Ph, Sec Regents, 1242 P, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof Ellery W Davis, 79, Ph D, Mathematics, 1545 C, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof Albert E Davisson, 98, A M, Director Sch of Agr, Lincoln, Neb 
Homer J Edmiston, 92, M A, Ph D, 55 Trowbridge, Cambridge, Mass 
Robert D Elliott, 99, A B, Greek, 309 Brace Bid, Lincoln, Neb 

Clarence J Elmore, 95, farmer, Lancaster, Neb 

Rollins A Emerson, 97, t. University, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof Albert A Faurot, 91, A M, Rose Polyt Inst, Terre Haute, Ind 

Prof Daniel D Feldman, 99, B S, Mathematics, Orangeville Pa 

Lawyer and Mrs Allen W Field, 77, 80, 1828 N, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof Allen C Fling, 94, A M, Supt Schools, Nebraska City, Neb 

Prof Lawrence Fossler, 81, Lincoln, Neb 

Jennie L Fox, 99, Lexington, Neb 

Mr and Mrs Lincoln Frost, 86, 89, Lincoln, Neb 

Digitized by 



Prof George B Prankfooter, 86, M A, Ph D, University, Minneapolis 
Ada V Graham, 97, t, 252S R, Lincoln, Neb 

Mrs Gertrude Laws Hardy, 90, 1536 N,' Lincoln, Neb 

William S Heitzman, 98, t, Lincoln, Neb 

Margaret E Henry, 98, Lincoln, Neb 

Ward Hildreth, 95, Box 450, Lincoln, Neb 

Prin Alma Hosic, 96, A M, High School, Tecumseh, Neb 

Prof Alice C Hunter, 95, A M, University, 1448 R, Lincoln, Neb 

Clyde R Jeffords, 98, A M, Latin, University, Lincoln, Neb 

Alvin S Johnson, 97, A M, Dakota City, Neb 

John L Kind, 99, A M, German University, Lincoln, Neb 

Robert C Lansing, 96, English, ^^ • . Lincoln, Neb 

I Derrick N Lehmer, 93, ^^ Uniuareityj Chimgfi^rlil 

Charles S Lobringier, 88, 1, Omaha, Neb 

Julia E Loughbridge, 99, t, ^ 1436 S, Lincoln, Neb 

Conway MacMillan, 85, M A, Botanist, ' Minneapolis, Minn 

Orville H Martin, 91, LL B, 631 N 26, Lincoln, Neb 

Katherine M Melick, 97, t. Red Oak, Iowa 

Simeon M Moss, 97, M A, t, Fairburg, Neb 

Lillian Newbranch, 99, t, Randolph, Neb 

Charles B Newcomer, 89 t, Columbia, Mo 

Hans C Peterson, 90, Lincoln, Neb 

Annette E Philbrick, 97, 1003 J, Lincoln, Neb 

Francis S Philbrick, 97, 1003 J, Lincoln, Neb 

Walter B Pillsbury, 92, Ph D, t, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Edwin F Piper, 97, Alma, Neb 

Cary S Polk, 87, A M, LL B, Plattsmouth, Neb 

Oliver Pound, 95, 1632 L, Lincoln, Neb 

Hon Roscoe Pound, 88, A M, Ph D, 1, 1632 L, Lincoln, Neb 

Bertha B Quaintance, 99, 515 N 13, Lincoln, Neb 

Brayton H Ransom, 9*^ B Sc, Bancroft, Neb 

Capt Philip W Russell, 98, LL B, 104 Lexington, N Y City 

Prof Herbert A Senter, 93, Ph D, chemistry. High School, Omaha, Neb 
Sam B Sloan, 99, t, Iowa City, Iowa 

Prof Leo C Smith, 97, A M, High School, 504 Englewood, Chicago, 111 
William L Stephens, 89, Fair bury. Neb 

Charles F Stroman, 93, 1, York, Neb 

Prof Herbert O Sutton, 98, B S, Grand Island, Neb 

Prof Roscoe W Thatcher, 98, B S, Chemist, 2937 Potter, Lincoln, Neb 
Prof George H Thomas, 97, A M, Harward, Neb 

Charles W Wallace, 98, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof and Mrs Amos G Warner, 85, Lei and Stanford, Calif ♦ 

Mary E Wadgwood, 91, t. High School, Omaha, Neb 

Emily Weeks, 99, 1327 H, Lincoln, Neb 

Katherine Weston, 94, Beatrice, Neb 

Mary C Whiting, 96, A M, Sec Phi Beta Kappa, U of N, Lincoln, Neb 
Anne C Wilder, 95, A M, (t Westport H S), 1611 Central, Kansas City, Mo 
Thomas A Williams, 89, Takoma Park, D C 

Henry H Wilson, 78, Lincoln, Neb 

Julia M Wort, 97, t, 1810 H, Lincoln, Neb 

Digitized by 



College of the City of New York, New York City 

President, Prof Adolph Werner, M S, Ph D 

Vice-Pres, James Godwin, A M 

Treasurer, Henry S Carr, A M 

Secretary, John S Battell, B S 

fudge of Comp, Samson Lacbman, Lrlr B 

Register, Ferdinand Shack, M A 

Rec Sec, Prof Arthur T Hanson, A M 

Robert Abbe, 70, M D, 11 W SO, N Y City 

John W Acton, 71, Coifee Wholesale, 23 W 123, N Y City 

Edward A Alexander, 92, LL B, 206 Broadway, N Y City 

Jerome Alexander, 9*>, M S, 690 West Knd Ave, N Y City 

Felix Arnold, 98, A B, 701 E 62, N Y City 

Louis P Bach, 85, 237 E 23, N Y City 

Frederick A Bacon, 81, M A, tutor, R R man, 916 Trinity, N Y City 

William M Banks, 58, Portchester, N Y 

Hermann B Barnch, 92, 67 W 70, N Y City 

John S Battell, 73, insurance, 119 Broadway, N Y City 

Theodore Baumeister, 87, LL B, Tribune Building, N Y City 

Arthur Beach, 72, M D, 300 Sumner Ave, Brooklyn, N Y 

Clarence G Bernheimer, 97, LL M, 124 W 70, N Y City 

Henry E Bliss, 84, B S, ^ 1550 Lexington, N Y City 

Daniel Bontecon, 71, C E, Thayer Building, Kansas City, Mo 

Hubert F Breitwieser, 97, t, C C N Y, 159 Ross, Brooklyn, N Y 

Leonard L Breitwieser, 90, 146 Broadway, 1^1 Y City 

Walter M Brickner, 93, M D, 36 W 92, N Y City 

Everit Brown, 82, M A, LL B, 56 Pine, N Y City 

Henry E Brown, 82. ^ 56 Pine, N Y City 
Ronald K Brown, 83, A M, LLB, Central Bk Bid, 320 B'dway, N Y City 

Louis T Brush, 83, real estate, 304 W 87, N Y City 

Charles Buerger, 98, 164 W 133, N Y City 

Leo Buerger, 97, 204 E 116, N Y City 

Ferdinand E M Bullowa, 92, LL B, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Lewis S Burchard, 77, A M, LL B, 6 Wall, N Y City 

William Carl, 91, LL B, 247 W 133, N Y City 

Henry S Carr, 66, N Y City 

Henry F Chapman, 67, clerk, 500 Madison, N Y City 

Evander Childs, Jr, 61, M S, 811 E 116, N Y City 

John Chaplin, 69, merchant, 140 Church, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Nathan Clark, Jr, 70, caterer, 22 W 23, N Y City 

R Floyd Clark, 80, A M, L L B, 80 Broadway, N Y City 

Edward M Cole, 73, 1, East Orange, N J 

Alfred D Compton, 97, t, 40 W 126, N Y City 

Alfred A Cook, 92, 152 E 71, N Y City 

Gilbert H Crawford, 68, LL B, 229 Broadway, N Y City 
Hanford Crawford, 75, A M, merchant, B'dway and Locust, St Louis, Mo 

Prof Reuben Cronson, 82, A M, 225 E 116, N Y City 

Prof William A Dalton, 93, M S, Ph D, 1057 Jenningrs, N Y City 

Bashford Dean, 86, Ph D, t, 20 W 82, N Y City 

Charles Derleth, Jr, 94, C E, 674 E 135, N Y City 

Hon Warren R Dix, 74, A M, LL B, 1046 E Jersey, Elizabeth, N J 

Gano S Dunn, 89, A M, elec eng, 115 W 71, N Y City 
Samuel W Dnnscomb, Jr, 88, A M, Ph D, LL B, 28 W 128, N Y City 

Harry Eising-, 87, B S, merchant, 50 W 85, N Y City 

H Seymour Eisman, 93, 124 E 74, N Y City 

Jesse W Ehrlich, 94, LL B, 54 W 75, N Y City 

Charles A Elsberg, 90, M D, 137 E 57, N Y City 

Nathaniel A Elsberg-, 91, LL B, 132 Nassau, N Y City 

Dean Emery, 93, LL B, 52 Broadway, N Y City 
Capt Oscar Erlandsen, 84, A M, C E, 1217 Park Row Build, N Y City 
Rev Prof Charles P Pagnani, 73, LL B, D D, U T S, 700 Park, N Y City 

Ernest A Pintel, 92, B S, C E, 1850 Bathgate Ave, N Y City 

Julius A Flaum, 95, A M, LL B, 156 Rivington, N Y City 

McCreery Forbes, 85, M D, 123 E 40, N Y City 

William Fox, 84, M E, West New Brighton, N Y 

Prin John L Fruauf, 83 A M, LL B, 621 Lexington, N Y City 

Jed Frye, 72, 47 Water, N Y City 
Clarence Galicenstein, 95, LL B, t, 415 Central Park West, N Y City 

Hon Asa Bird Gardiner, 59, LL D, L H D, Dist Atty, Court Bid, N Y City 

James Godwin, 58, A M, 146 Grand, N Y City 

Israel E Goldwasser, 97, 171 E 1^5, N Y City 

Prof Louis P Gratacap, 69, M A, curator A M NH, 77 and 78, N Y City 

Benjamin Griffin, 65, 41 W 58, N Y City 

John C Gulick, 72, LL B, 132 Nassau, N Y City 

Abraham L Gutman, 86, LL B, 20 Broad, N Y City 

Rev Charles L Hall, 66, missionary, EUowoods, N Dakota 

John D Haney, 93, M S, LL B, t, Girls' High School, N Y City 

Prof Arthur T Hanson, 98, A M, 145 W 121, N Y City 

Edward C Henderson, 76, LL B, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Everett B Heymann, 95, LL B, 66 E 8fl, N Y City 

Georg-e Benedict Hickok, 63, M D, 167 W 78, N Y City 

Rev Edwin T Hiscox, 69, Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Hon George E Hoe, 64, B S, builder, 10 Liberty Place, N Y City 

S Milford B Hopkins, 61, A M, Trust Co, 153Columb Heights Brooklyn, 

Charles E Home, 89, M S, editor, C C N Y, N Y City 

Leigh H Hunt, 77, M Sc, t, 195 W 23, NY City 

Solomon Hymen, 93, 171 East 94, N Y City 

Charles B Jessup, 70, Civil Service, 101 W 90, N Y City 

Lynds E Jones 73, Civil Service, 125 Centre, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


L C Levin Jordan, 70, Secretary, 34 Cooper Union, N Y City 

Louis M Josephthal, 87, N Y City 

Edward Kasner, %, A M, Ph D, Student, 52 Catharine, N Y City 

Alan D Kenyon, 78, LL B, ISO Nassau, N Y City 

Hon William Houston Kenyon, 76, A M, LL B, 321, W 82, N Y City 
Col Alexander P Ketchum, 58, A M, LL B, 4 William. N Y City 

Charles A Kinch, 70, M D, 273 W 70, N Y City 

Herbert A Knox, 96, 472 Mott Ave, N Y City 

Max J Kohler, 90, LL B, 115 E 71, N Y City 

Albert Kohn, 88, M D, 217 E 62, N Y City 

Samson Lochman, 74, LL B, NY City 

Wilbur Larremore, 75, LL B, 32 Nassau, N Y Ci^ 

Hon Edward Lauterbach, 64, A M, LL B, 22 William, N Y City 

George C Lay, 69, M A, LL B, 100 Broadway, N Y City 

Harry Leventhal, 98, B S, t, public school, 228 E Broadway, N Y City 
Emmanuel Libman, 91, A M, M D, 180 E 64, N Y City 

Harold E Lippincott, 91. MS, 61 W 19, N Y City 

Otto T Louis, 90, M M E, manager, 340 E 119, N Y City 

Hon Charles E Ly decker, 71, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Lucius McAdam, 64, LL B, Hartford Life Ins Co, Hartford, Conn 
George B McAulifiFe, 85, A M, M D, 57 E 65, N Y City 

Forbes R McCreery, 85, M D, NY City 

Prof William G McGuckin, 69, 17 Lexington, N Y City 

Alfred W Mack, 85, M A, importer, 8 W 4, N Y City 

Morris Manges, 84, M D, 941 Madison, N Y City 

Prof James W Mason, 55, A M, Ph D, College City of New York 

Burton C Meidran, 90, LL B, 38 Park Row, N Y City 

Howard S Meighan, 91, LL B, Mamaroneck, N Y 

Leo B Meyer, 94, MD, Mt Sinai Hospital, N Y City 

Henry F Miller, 79, LL B, 44 Pine, N Y City 

Philip J Mosenthal, 83, M S, Insurance. 46 Cedar, N Y Ci^ 

Fred G Mueller, 82, A M, Gov Service. 45 Neptune, New Rochelle, N Y 
Hon Hermann J Muller, 73, B S, manuf, 118 Walker, N Y City 

Harold Nathan, 85, LL B, 44 Broad, N Y City 

Rev Edwin R Murgatroy, 79, New Vernon, N J 

Bernard Naumberg, 94, LL B, 124 W 64, N Y City 

Hon Charles H Nettleton, 70, A M, Manager Gas Co, Derby Conn 

John C Oakes, 91, U S Army, Washington, D C 

Nathan Ottinger. 92, 110 E 61, N Y City 

Charles H Parmly, 88, S M, t, C C N Y, 524 W 114, N Y City 

Benjamin G Paskusa, 94, 242 E 72, N Y City 

Frederick E Perham, 88, LL B, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Prof Charles L Poor, 86, Ph D, astronomer, 4 E 48, N Y City 

Bishop Henry C Potter, S T D, LL D, 29 Lafayette Place, N Y City 
Julius Prince, 89, merchant, 124 Greene, N Y Qi^ 

John Prochazka, 82 manuf chemist, 15 E 12, N Y City 

Hon Maurice Rapp, 76, LL B, 167 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Ira Remsen, 65, A M, M D, Ph D, LL D, J HUniv, Baltimore, Md 
Arthur F Remy, 90, A M, t, Columb Univ, 112 W 137, N Y City 

Frederick G Reynolds, 91, LL B, 124 W 132. N YCity 

Digitized by 



Edwin T Rice, Jr, 80, 1, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Clarence D Rogers, 90, LL B, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

August Rupp, 84, t, C C N Y, 17 Lexington, N Y City 

Hon Francis A Sampson, 65, A M, LL B, Sedalia, Mo 

George Schaettler, 83, LL B, manuf , 533 W 33, N Y City 

Emelius W Scherr, Jr, 96, 2067 Seventh Ave, N Y City 

Oswald Schlockow, 94, Pd M, t, Public School, 914 Forest Ave, N YCity 
Henry G Scheider, 87, t, 610 W 47, N Y City 

Livingston Schuyler, 89, 311 E 86, N Y City 

Edward W Scripture, 85, Psych Lab, New Haven, Conn 

Ferdinand Shack, 74, M A, LL B, 56 Wall, N Y City 

Hon Edward M Shepard, 69, A M, LL B, 172 Congress, Brooklyn, N Y 
Prof John R Sim, 68, A M, Math, C C N Y, 536 W 156, N Y City 

Augustus Smith, 87, C E, 39 Cortlandt, N Y Ci^ 

Francis Smyth, 91, A M, LL B, 40 Wall, N Y City 

Otto C Sommerich, 96, LL B, 175 E 79, N Y City 

Frederick E Stanton, 92, B S, manuf, 475 Broadway, N Y City 

Prin Edward W Stitt, 81, Pd M Lenox and 134, N Y City 

Prof William Stratford, 65, A M, M D, Ph D, 263 W 52, N Y City 

Israel Strauss, M D, Mt Sinai Hospital, N Y City 

Russsell Sturgis, 56, A M, Ph D, architect, 307 E 17, N Y City 

Richard L Sweezy, 74, 1, 62 William, N Y City 

Hon Henry N Tiff t, 73, M L, LL B, 11 William, N Y City 

Hon Irving H TifiFt, 77, LL B, 302 Broadway, N Y City 

Walter Timme, 93, M D, 102 W 85, N Y City 

Edward F Todd, 84, 1, 33 Liberty, N Y City 

Rudolph Tombo, Jr, 95, M A, M S, 2 Ridge Place, N Y City 

Gen H E Tremain, 60, LL B, 146 Broadway, N Y City 

F Fay Tucker, 93, 145 W 123, N Y City 

Samuel A Tuska, 84, merchant, 62 William, N Y City 

Albert Ullman, 81. banker, 40 Exchange, N Y City 

Hon Joseph Ullman, 75, A M, LL B, 203 Broadway, N Y City 

Henry Van Kleeck, 72, A M, 518 Boston Bid, Denver, Col 

Richard Van Santvoord, 72, M D, 106 W 122, N Y City 

Hon Townsend Wandell. 63, A M, LL B, 51 Chambers, N Y City 

Walter M Wechsler, 95, LL B, Trust Co, 132 W 74. N Y City 

Prof Adolph Werner, 57, M S, Ph D, C C N Y, 339 W 29, N Y City 

Fred W Wendt, 86, clerk, 25 Greene, N Y City 

Hon Everett P Wheeler. 56, LL B, 45 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Henry K White, 60, LL B, St Joseph, Mo 

Howard P Wild, 69, LL B, 34 Pine, NY City 

Hon Peter B Wright, A M, architect, 1112 Cham Commerce, Chicago, 111 
Frank S Williams, 78, A M, broker, 60 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Richard P Williams, 74, A M, 219 C, N W, Washington, D C 

John W Wood, 86, A M, editor, 281 Fourth Ave, N Y City 

Sidney L Wood, 91, M E, Newport News, Va 

James A Wotton, 66, merchant, 226 W 75, N Y City 

Edward C Zabriske, 93, 200 E 20, N Y City 

Louis Zinke, 93, LL B, 129 W 97, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Nkw York University, Nisw York City 

President, Prof Henry M Baird, D D, L H D, LL D 
Vice-jPres, Prof John J Stevenson, Ph D, LL D 
Secretary, Chanc Henry M MacCracken, D D, LL D 
Treasurer, Prof Francis H Stoddard, Ph D 
Rec Sec, Prof Marshall S Brown, M A 

James Abbott, 83, A M, books, 33 E 17, N Y City 
Rev Lyman Abbott, S3, D D, editor The Outlook, 287 4th Ave, N Y City 

Rev Walter B Adams, 86, Prot College, Beirut, Syria 

Rev William Aikman, 46, D D, 122 States, Atlantic City, N J 

Hon William Aikman, Jr, 72, LL B, 4 Walker Block, Detroit, Mich 

Rev Henry C Alvord, 76, A M, South Weymouth, Mass 

Howard C Anderson, 88, 146 Java, Brooklyn, N Y 

William P H Bacon, 86, 302 Mott Ave, N Y City 
Prof Henry M Baird, 50, D D,LL D,LH D,Dean NY U,219 Palisade, Yonkers 

Henry M Baird, Jr, 91, LL B, 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Frederic Baker, 52, A M, LL B,* 815 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Milan D Barnes, 81, LL B, 35 Wall, N Y City 

Benjamin S Barrington, 98, 226 W 132, N Y City 

Theodore B Barrington, Jr, 94, 226 W 132, N Y City 

Ira Beard, Jr, 79, Emlin, Germantown, Pa 

Julian A Becker, 95, 67 W 92, N Y City 

George Bell, 69, 1, New Brighton, N Y 

Rev Robert C Bell, 66, Granby, Mass 

William E Belknap, 88, City Works, Brooklyn, N Y 

Alfred C Benedict, 97, M D, 86 Convent Ave, N Y City 

Charles A Bell, 92, broker, 101 W 78, N Y City 
Ernest F Birmingham, 79, A M, publisher, 19 Park Row, N Y City 

Rev Albert C Bishop, 60, Keeseville, N Y 

Rev John D Blake, 84, Marshallton, Del 

Rev Cornelius R Blauvelt, 64, Nyack, N Y 

Prof Borden P Bowne, 71, 380 Longwood, Boston, Mass 

James O Boyd, 95, M A, B D, Theol Seminary, Princeton, N J 

Rev Cornelius Brett, 62, A M, D D, 509 Bergen Ave, Jersey City, N J 
John K Brigham, 73, A M, water supply, 50 Willow, Brooklyn, N Y 

John B Briggs, Jr, 98, 311 Washington, Brooklyn, N Y 

Marvin Briggs, 52, 128 Noble, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Charles L Bristol, 83, University Heights, N Y 

Joseph M Brodey, 94, C E, 320 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Henry M Brown, 86, 1864 Fleetwood Ave, N Y City 

Rev Jesse Brush, 54, 318, 14, Buffalo, N Y 

Joseph H Bryan, 86, A M, M D, Asbury Park, N J 

Prof Marcus D Buell, 72, AM, STD, N T Greek, 72 Mt Vernon, Boston 

Erastus W Bulkley, 91, Ph G, banker, 67 State, Albany, N Y 

James E Bull, 78, 253 Broadway, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


James B Burnett, 63, M D, 16 Chestnut, Newark, N J 

Rev Theodore F Burnham, 71, Vallljo, Calijta 

William Allen Butler, 43, LL D, 54 Wall, N Y City 

Arthur H Cameron, 87, C E, LL B, 375 Fulton, Brooklyn, N Y 

William F Campbell, 87, M D, 219 Cumberland, Brooklyn, N Y 

William M Campbell, 98, A M, building construction, 18 E 62, N Y City 
Benjamin A Capwell, 81, 108 Franklin, N Y City 

Rev Samuel Carlile, 55, D D, Newton, N J 

John H Carll, 70, 1234 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 

Rev Hugh S Carpenter, 42, D D, 1401 Pacific, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Samuel T Carter, 58, Huntington, N Y 

Thomas Carter, 58, Boonton, N J 

Rev Thomas S Childs, 47, D D, Archdeacon, 1308 Conn Ave, Washington 
Rev Edward A Collier, 57, D D, Kinderhook, N Y 

Rev Judson Conklin, 78, 39 Model, Trenton, N J 

Rev David Conway, 64, Mt Joy, Pa 

Henry S Cooler, 91, Summit, N J 

Rev William F Cooley, 78, Chatham, N J 

Charles F Cooper, 77, 605 Grand, N Y City 

John C Cozens, 72, t, Amsterdam, N Y 

Jesse G Carmer, 89, East Orange, N J 

Hon Edward P Crane, 51, 90 Broad, N Y City 

J Parker Crittenden, 75, 1, Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Ernest H Crosby, 76, author, Rhinebeck, N Y 

Avac Cutujian, 88, M D, 71 Lexington, N Y City 

Robert B Davis, 78, A M, civil engineer, 101 Milk, Boston, Mass 

Robert A Davison, 64, 346 Mason, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Henry S Drayton, 59, A M, LL B, M D, F S L, author. 70, 5th, NY City 
Rev J Frederick Dripps, 63, D D, 221 W Chelten, Germantown, Pa 

Prof George M Duncan, 81, 175 Edwards, New Haven, Conn 

Hon William D Edwards, 75, LL B, 1 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NY 
Rev James C Egbert, 52, D D, Hoboken, N J 

Rev John B Falkner, 59, Germantown, Pa 

Albert W Ferris, 78, M D, 343 Madison, N Y City 

Richard Ferris, 74, B S, C E, artist, West Shokan, N Y 

Maybury Fleming, 72, A M, editor, New Brighton, N Y 

Alden Freeman, 82, M S, 101 Munn Ave, East Orange, N J 

Frederick S Gibson, 96, 1, 27 Waverly Place, N Y City 

Prof William K Gillitt, 80, Pelham Manor, N Y 

Hon Archibald VV Hall, 66, A M, LL B, 843 Clinton Ave, Newark, N J 
Rev W W Halloway, 65, A M, D D, Dover, N J 

Edward K Hayt, 77, Paterson, N J 

John A Hedrick, 61, farmer, Salisbury, N C 

Skidmore Hendrickson, 63, A M, M D, 1275 Bergen, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof D W Bering, 87, University Heights, N Y City 

Robert W Higbie, 82, M A, wholesale lumber, 45 Broadway, N Y City 
William H Hillman, 81, 275 Hicks, Brooklyn, N Y 

William J Hoe, 83, A M, builder, 327 W 14, N Y City 

William M Hoflf, Jr, 73, 763 E 142, N Y City 

Digitized by 



Prof W A Houghton, 87, Brunswick, Me 

Arthur H Rowland, 95, A M, Evangelist, New City, N Y 

Hon William B Hurd, Jr, 72, LL B, Judge, 1167 Dean, Brooklyn, N Y 
Rev Manicus H Hutton, 57, D D, New Brunswick, N J 

Andrew B Inglis, 81, 206 Main, Paterson, N J 

John V Irwin, 94, A M, LL B, 203 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Abram S Isaacs, 71, 2 W 14, N Y City 

Hon Myer S Isaacs, 59, A M, LL M, 27 Pine, N Y City 

Rev Alfred C V Johnson, 67, Yonkers, N Y 

Rev Charles H Jones, 82, A M, 525 Oswego, Newark, N J 

Paul E Jones,88, A M, LL B, 215 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Arthur M King, 90, 132 Nassau, N Y City 

William M Kingsley, 83, 74 W 103, N Y Ci^ 

Rev William A Kirkwood, 90, Parkville, N Y 

James L Kortright, 78, M D, 252 Rodney, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Samuel P Leeds, 43, D D, College Church, Hanover, N H 

Charles H Leklman, Jr, 84, 229 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Henry Lewis, 93, A M, Ph D, 150 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev John Love, Jr, 68, M A, D D, 505 Third Ave, Asbury Park, N J 
Charles H Ludlum, 63, M A, M D, Hempstead, N Y 

Walter D Ludlum, 95, M A, M D, ME Hospital, Brooklyn, NY 

William L Ludlum, 68, A M, banker, 48 Wall, N Y City 

Alexander S Lyman, 84, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Joseph B Lyman, 94, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Thomas J Maccabe, 96, LL B, 178 W 94, N Y City 

Rev T Calvin McClelland, 89,M A,Ph D,4Mt Vernon Court,Newport,RI 
Chanc Henry M MacCracken, M U, 57, LL D, NY University, NY City 
John H MacCracken, 94, University Heights, N Y City 

Rev Joseph C McKelvey, 89, M A, Plainfield, N J 

William C Mains, 92, A M, Ph D, LL B, Mount Vernon, N Y 

Prof D S Martin, 63, 75 W 55, N Y City 

Rev Edward A Mason, 80, M A, B D, Dexter, Me 

Prof George C Mason, 92, C E, M S, NYU, Univ Heights, N Y City 
Rev James A Miller, 88, A M, Ph D, 633 Pennsylvania Ave, Elmira, N Y 
George A Minasian, 85, M A, LL B, 132 Nassau, N Y City 

Edgar V Moffat, 76, M D, 476 Main, Orange, N J 

Rev Elliot H Moore, 91, Fergus Palls, Minn 

Hon Thomas S Mount, 57, A M, LL B, Stony Brook, N Y 

Prof Daniel A Murray, 95, Ithaca, N Y 

Charles W Meyers, 96, 907 Morris, N Y City 

Freeman R Myers, 54, 86 Trinity, N Y City 

Walter H Nelson, 77, 490 Degraw, Brooklyn, N Y 

Francis L Noble, 86, A M, LL B, 2 Wall, N Y City 

Prof Henry D Noyes, 51, A M, M D, 233 Madison, N Y City 

Alfred C P Opdyke, 90, 20 Nassau, N Y City 

Charles W Opdyke, 56, Plainfield, N J 

Henry B Opdyke, 60, 12 Pine, N Y City 

William S Opdyke, 56, 1, 20 Nassau, N Y City 

George W Osbom, 96, University Heights, N Y City 

Rev John P Otis, 69, M A, LL B, S T B, Mt Salem Lane, Wilmington, Del 

Digitized by 



Prof Edward J Owen, 55, A M, Supt Schools, Ticonderog-a, N Y 

Hon Randolph Parmly, 75, A M, liL B, 160 Broadway, NY City 

Samuel B Parish, 58, fruit grower, San Bernardino, Cal* 

Prof James M Paton, 83, Middletown, Conn 

Prof Lewis B Paton, 84, Ph D, Greek, Wesl Univ, Middletown, Conn 
Eugene F Pearce, 81, M D, 95 Henry, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev L W Peck, 45, 302 Chestnut, Scranton, Pa 

Prin Arthur C Perry, Jr, 92, A M, Ph D, 310 Decatur, Brooklyn, N Y 
Hon John F Phayre, 61, A M, 105 W 121, N Y City 

Rev William H Phraner, 60, Jamaica, N Y 

Rev Wilson Phraner, 47, E Orange, N J 

Hon Israel C Pierson, 65, Ph D, Act Wash Life Ins, 141 B'dway, N Y City 
James O Pingry, 62, M D, Millbrook, N Y 

Vincent Pisek, 82, 347 E 74, N Y City 

Rev Samuel D Price, 93, A M, Shrewsbury, N J 

James F Rice, 93, A M, M D, Gnadenhutten, Ohio 

Rev Herman C Riggs, 52, D D, 40 Rutgers, Rochester, N Y 

M T Rosenberg, 78, A M, LL B, 1 Exchange Place, Jersey City, N J 
Prof Isaac F Russell, 75, LL D, D C L, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Henry E Schell, 88, salesman, 132 Second, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof E R Shaw, 94, Washington Square, N Y City 

Lemuel Skidmore, 61, A M, LL B, Summit, N J 

Augustus H Skillin, 92, LL B, 34 Pine, N Y City 

Henry H Spies, 78, A M, merchant, NYC, Montclair, N J 

Rev Edward P Sprague, 64, Ph D, D D, Salem, N Y 

Benjamin H Stern, 95, M A, LL B, 19 Liberty, N Y City 

Hon Eugene Stevenson, 70, A M, LL B, Paterson, N J 

Prof John J Stevenson, 63, Ph D, LL D, University Heights, N Y City 
Hon Richard W Stevenson, 75, A M, LL B, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Joseph Strachan, 83, M S, C E, 352 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon William H Syme, 62, A M, LL B, 170 Broadway, N Y City 

Daniel D Tompkins, 97, B S, First National Bank, Sing Sing, N Y 

Louis L Tribus, 85, C E, 84 Warren, N Y City 

Arthur S Tuttle, 85, Municipal Building, Brooklyn, N Y 

Erskine Uhl, 60, Sec Y M C A, 3 W 29, N Y City 

Hon John G Van Home, 72, C E, 71 Broadway, N Y City 

Cornelius Van Riper, 63, A M, M D, 207 Main, Passaic, N J 

Philip H Vernon, 53, 1, 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Thomas Walters, 84, D D, Euclid Ave, Pittsburg, Pa 

Eugene P Weed, 92, A M, LL B, 117 Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, N Y 
George C Wetmore, Jr, 79, manuf , Woonsocket, R I 

Charles G Wheeler, 96, 1, 586 Jeflferson, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Theodore F White, 49, D D, Summit, N J 

Capt Walter F Whittemore, 83, C E, 1 Newark, Hoboken, N J 

Louis C Whiton, 78, 1, 149 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Arthur L Wolfe, 89, Parkville, Mo 

Prof Samuel L Woodbridge, 39, D D, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev George S WoodhuU, 48, D D, Saginaw, Mich 

James V S WooUey, 66, A M, M D, 75 E 79, N Y City 

George D Young, 87, Princeton, N J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Northwestern University, Evanston, III. 

President^ Pres Henry W Rogers, LL D 
Vice Pres, Prof George A Coe, Ph D 
Secretary, Prof Charles M Stuart, D D 
Treasurer, William H Tuttle 
Rec Sec, Miss Clara Grant, Ph B 

Rev Clarence Abel, 95, 

Lodilla Ambrose, 87, Ph M, librarian, 

Edward W Andrews, 78, M D, 

Rev Edward C Arnold, 73, 

Prof Robert Baird, 69, 

Ruth Baird, 97, 

Wilfred F Beardsley, 93, Ph B, t, 

Mrs Nellie Bray Bennett, 96, 

Merritt C Bragdon, 70, M D, 

Margaret Brown, 96, t, 

Ann E Caraway, 98, t, 

Fred L Charles, 94, t, 

Joseph H Cole, 94, t, 

Edgar P Cook, Jr, 92, M D, 

Andrew Cooke, 99, bond buyer, 

Mrs Clara Tucker Craig, 90, 

Alfred W Craven, 96, A M, LL B, 

Rev William H Crawford, 84, 

Prin Fred C Demorest, 90, A M, 

Mary E Demorest, 93, t, 

Edith B Dickson, 94, 

517 Greenleaf Ave, Chicago, 111 

Evanston, 111 

2525 Prairie Ave, Chicago, 111 

Batavia, 111 

Evanston, 111 

Evanston, 111 

Evanston, 111 

South Bend, Ind 

Evanston, 111 

La Salle, Dl 

Academy, Evanston, 111 

Normal School, De Kalb, 111 

654 W 38, Los Angeles, Calif # 

284 Linden Ave, Chicago, 111 

Waukegan, 111 

Albion, Mich 

145 La Salle, Chicago, 111 

Meadville, Pa 

G P Seminary, Onarga, 111 

2036 Wells, Milwaukee, Wis 

2007 Sheridan, Minneapolis, Minn 

Hon William A Dyche, 82, A M, Mayor, 1882 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, 111 
Rev John M Ericsson, 94, A M, Grace Church, 1439 Wabash, Chicago, 111 
Prof and Mrs Henry B Fisher, 96, A M, Calumet, Mich 

Fanny Cook Gates, 94, M L, Physics, Woman's College, Baltimore, Md 

Clara Grant, 96, Ph B, t, 

Martin M Gridley, 83, Ph M, LL B, 

Herbert E Griffith, 92, t, 

Fanny Aline Hall, 96, Ph B, t, 

Winfield S Hall, 87, M D, 

Frank H Haller, 98, Ph B, t, 

Rev James W Haney, 61, D D, 

Mrs Lulu Abernethjr Harker, 96, 

Rev Amary S Haskms, 91, A M, 

Prof Henry R Hatfield, 92, Ph D, 

Prof Doremus A Hayes, h 97, S T B, Ph D, 

Charles Hazzard,»95, Ph B, D O, Osteopath, 

Stephen J Herben, 89, editor, 

Rev Joseph J Hicks, 97, 

Rev and Mrs William T Hobart, 79, 82, 

Rev Richard G Hobbs, 74, 

Elfrieda Hochbaum, 99, t, 

Evanston, 111 

1403 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111 

Knox, Galesburg, 111 

1723 Cornelia Ave, Chicago, 111 

2431 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Lanark, 111 

Normal, 111 

Appleton, Wis 

1167 W Grace, Chicago, 111 

University, Chicago, 111 

730 Emerson, Evanston, 111 

Valpey Bid, Detroit, Mich 

150 Fifth Ave, NY City 

Mexico, Mo 

Tsun Hua, China 

Champaign, 111 

404 E Division, Chicago, 111 

Digitized by 




Prof Thomas F Holgate, h 94, 

Rev Charles Horswell, 84, t, 

George H Horswell, 79, 

Mrs Anna Dunlop Houston, 95, B L, 

Mrs Elizabeth Sown Howell, 90, Ph B, 

Walter C Jones, 98, A M, 

Prank S Johnson, 78, A M, M D, 

Prof William A Locy, U of M, 81, 

Frank E Lord, 83, A M, LL B, 

Rev William F McDowell, h 99, Ph D,S T D, Sec Bd Ed, ISO, 5th, N Y City 

Frank F Marsden, 95, LL B, banker, Fennimore, Wis 

Evanston, 111 

715 Church, Evanston, 111 

Armstrong, Iowa 

102 Buell Ave, Joliet, 111 

1619 High, Des Moines, Iowa 

1107 Ayars, Evanston, 111 

2521 Prairie Ave, Chicago, 111 

2031 Sherman, Evanston, 111 

500 The Temple, Chicago, 111 

Chester B Masslich, 94, 1, 
Rev Joseph A Matlack, 81, 
Rev Frank W Merrell, 82, 
Terressa A Metcalf , 98, 
Prof Flora P Moore, 96, B S, 
Rev William B Norton, 80, 
Rev Edward L Parks, 73, D D, 
Rev Amos W Patten, 70, 
Charles W Pearson, 71, t. 
Prof Samuel J Pease, 77, A M, 

100 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

9137 Commercial, Chicago, 111 

Rock Island, 111 

1023 Maple Ave, Evanston, 111 

University, Moscow, Idaho 

Fulton, m 

Atlanta, 6a 

Aurora, 111 

1930 Sheridan Road, Evanston, 111 

Hamline, Wis 

Prof Christian A Petterson, 93, Ph B, High Sch, 901 W North Av, Chicago 

William A Phillips, 83, M D, 

Rev Robert H Pooley, 82, 

Rev James Potter, 95, 

Guy N Power, 91, LL B, 

Miriam E Prindle, 96, 

Precept Cora M Rawlins, 92, A M, 

Helen G Reed, 94, t, 

Masy Isabel Reynolds, 98, t, 

Frank A Reynolds, 91, t, 

Carla F Sargent, 95, t, 

Mrs Ethel Grey Scott, 96, 

Catharine L Sharp, 85, Ph M, librarian. 

Rev Frederick H Sheets, 82, 

Edwin L Shuman, 87, editor, 

Lucy E Shuman, 95, 

Rev Nels E Simonson, 80, D D, 

Martha C Smith, 91, A M, 

Albert L Stebbins. 93, 

Evanston, 111 

Oak Park, HI 

Carthage, Mo 

104 Woodlawn Ave, Burlington, Iowa 

1622 Wesley, Evanston, 111 

Normal School, Madison, S Dak 

419 W 20, Cairo, 111 

557 Orchard, Chicago, 111 

61 Oxford, Cambridge, Mass 

627 Clark, Evanston, 111 

404 Lake, Evanston, 111 

U of 111, Urbana, 111 

142 Locust, Chicago, 111 

221 Kedzie, Evanston, 111 

Moline, 111 

Evanston, 111 

2227 Chapel, Berkeley, CaliU 

Park Ridge, 111 

Prof Charles M Stuart, (Kalamazoo 80), D D, Biblical Inst, Evanston, 111 

Charles B Thwing, 88, t, 

Fred M Tisdell. 91, Ph D, t, 

Rev Wilbur F Tomlinson, 93, 

Ada Townsend, 89, t, 

William B Walrath, 91, LL B, 

John A Walz, 92, t, 

Emily F Wheeler, 75, t, 

Mrs Mary Swail Wilkinson, 86, 

Prin Robert E Wilson, 98, 

Rev Thomas J Woodcock, 90, B D, 

Knox, Galesburg, 111 

39 Ellery, Cambridge, Mass 

Glenwood, Wis 

Academy, Evanston, HI 

Evanston, 111 

Adelbert, Cleveland, Ohio 

5614 Woodlawn, Chicago, 111 

Evanston, 111 

Clyde, 111 

Elk Point, S Dak 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Untvbrsity op Pknnsyi^vania, Phii,adblphia, Pa. 

President^ Hon Joseph G Rosengaxten, LL D 
Vice-Pres^ Prof William A Lamberton, Litt D 
Sec and Treas^ Prof Edward Potts Cheyney, A M 
Executive Committee^ The Officers, with Prof George W Pepper, 
A M ; Prof Felix E Schelling, A M ; and Roger Ashhurst, A M 

Prof Raymond M Alden, 94, A M, College Hall, U of P, Philadelphia 
Rev Joseph K Arnold, 94, 898 Warren, Chicago, 111 

Astley P C Ashhurst, 96, 2000 W Delancey, Philadelphia 

Prof John Ashhurst, Jr,57, A M, M D, LL D,U of P,2000 WDelancey,Phila 
Hon Richard L Ashhurst, 56, 1830 Spruce, Philadelphia 

Roger Ashhurst, 95, A M, 225 S 6, Philadelphia 

George W Bacon, 99, B S, Box 77, Swarthmore, Pa 

Hon Edwin N Benson, 59, AM, 59 S 4, Philadelphia 

Alexander Biddle, 38, 1307 Walnut, Philadelphia 

George W Biddle, h, 505 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

George T Bispham, 58, A M, 1805 De Lancey, Philadelphia 

William S Blight, Jr, 78, 1412 Pine, Philadelphia 

Barclay W Bradley, 97, Ph D, t,' 2221 Spring Garden, Philadelphia 
Ellis J Brown, 69, 228 S 3, Philadelphia 

Henry Budd, 68, h, 727 Walnut, Philadelphia 

Rev Jesse J Burk, 62, A M, Secretary U of P, Philadelphia 

Robert B Burke, 90, 3339 Walnut, Philadelphia 

Hon William H Burnett, 69, A M, LL B, 400 Chestnut, Philadelphia 
Charles E Cadwalader, 55, M D, 240 South, Philadelphia 

Hon John Cadwalader, 62, A M, LL B, 1519 Locust, Philadelphia 

Hon Hampton L Carson, 71, A M, LL D, 426 Drexel Bid, Philadelphia 
Prof Edward P Cheyney, 83, A M, history, U of P, 259 S 44, Philadelphia 
Rev Samuel R CoUaday, 91, 1163 S Broad, Philadelphia 

Walter S Cornell, 97, 1725 N 16, Philadelphia 

Andrew WCrawford,93, A M,LLB,701 Stephen Girard Bld,Philadelphia 
Walter R Cuthbeit, 95, chemist, 3944 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

Richard C Dale, 72, 1805 Pine, Philadelphia 

Erskine H Dickson, 91, 901 Clinton, Philadelphia 

Rev James S Dickson, 80, 4111 Locust, Philadelphia 

Samuel Dickson, 55, 901 Clinton, Philadelphia 

Prof William Duane, 92, A M, Ph D, Physics, University, Boulder, Col 
Burton S Easton, 98, 224 S 43, Philadelphia 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev William H Falkner, 83, A M, 428 S 42, Philadelphia 

Rev Edmund M Ferguson, 83, A M. Trenton, N J 

Frederick Fraley, h, 2017 DeLancey, Philadelphia 

Joseph C Fraley, 68, 1833 Pine, Philadelphia 

Robert Frazer, 67, 209 S 3, Philadelphia 

Prof Benjamin W Frazier, 59, South Bethlehem, Pa 

Rev George S Fullerton, 97, Philadelphia 

Hon John B Gest, 44, A M, LL B, Pres Fidelity Trust Co, Overbrook, Pa 
Hon John M Gest, 79, A M, LL B, 400 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

Hon Harold Goodwin, 70, A M, LL B, 3927 Locust, Philadelphia 

Casper R Gregory, 64, Leij)sig, Germany 

Rev George C F Haas, 76, AM, 64 Seventh, N Y City 

John L Haney, 98, 934 Nil, Philadelphia 

Hon J I Clarke Hare, 34, LL D, 118 S 22, Philadelphia 

Provost Charles C Harrison, 62, LL D, 400 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

Edwin Harwood, 40, 433 Temple, New Haven, Conn 

Morton P Henry, 43, 2206 St James, Philadelphia 

Rev Theodore Heysham, 94, Norristown, Pa 

Rev Edward B Hodge, 59, D D, 319 S 41, Philadalphia 

Arthur W Howes, 93, t, Wayne, Pa 

Rev Oliver Huckel, 87, Baltimore, Md 

Isaac Husick, 97, t, 616 Morris, Philadelphia 

Hon Charles H Hutchinspn, 52, A M, lawyer, 1617 Walnut, Philadelphia 
Prof Francis A Jackson, 48, LL D, Latin, U of P, Overbrook, Pa 

Morris Jastrow, Jr, h, 81, Library, U of P, Philadelphia 

Prof Horace Jayne,79, M D,PhD,DirectorW I Anat,318 S 19, Philadelphia 
Rev George Johnson 93, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico 

Henry W Jones 99, LL B, 25 E 5, Chester, Pa 

Prof Gregory B Keen, 61, AM, libr, PennHistSoc, 3237 Chestnut, Phila 
Joseph S Kratz, 96, 1, Norristown, Pa 

Rev T W Kretschmann, 88, A M, Ph D, 400 N Division, Buffalo, N Y 
William A Lamberton, 67, 4403 Osage, Philadelphia 

Hon Henry C Lea, LL D, (U of P, Harvard, Princeton) 2000 Walnut, Phila 
Prof Francis H Lee, 93, 4721 Windsor, Philadelphia 

Gnsrshon B Levi, 99, A B, student and teacher, 603 Annin, Philadelphia 
Francis W Lewis, 44, 2016 Spruce, Philadelphia 

Walter S Lincoln, 92, M D, Dodgeville, Wis 

Walter C Lippincott, 96, U of P, Philadelphia 

Prof Herman T Luckens, 85, A M, Ph D, State Normal, California, Pa 
Charles L McKeehan, 97, 2116 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

Charles M Magee, 95, Conshohocken, Pa 

Rev Rufus B Marks, 81, A M, Hilburn, Rockland Co, N Y 

Daniel E Martell, 98, Philadelphia 

Prof Isadore Merzbacher, 98, AM, Latin and Greek, 413 Penn, Reading,Pa 
Charles M Montgomery, 97, Westchester, Pa 

Rev James A Montgomery, 87, 6806 Greene, Germantown, Pa 

J Chester Morris, 51, Springhaven, Pa 

William R Newbold, 87, Philadelphia 

Hon H S Prentiss Nichols, 79, A M, LL B, real est. Trust Bid, Philadelphia 
Prof William F Norris, 57, AM, M D, U of P, 1530 Locust, Philadelphia 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hugh W Ogden, 90, A M, hh B, 73 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Howard W Page, 83, 1, 717 Locust, Philadelphia 

Charles E Pancoast, 75, 512 Walnut, Philadelphia 

Christopher S Patterson, 60, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia 

Matthew Patton, 92, Sound Beach, Conn 

Frederick L Paxson, 98, t, 1725 Oxford, Philadelphia 

James W Paul, 33, Villa Nova, Pa 

John R Paul, 72, 903 Pine, Philadelphia 

Oglesby Paul, 99, Villa Nova, Pa 
Charles Peabody, 89, M A, PhD, literature, 197 Brattle, Cambridge, Mass 

Josiah H Penniman, 90, 4326 Sansom, Philadelphia 

Prof George W Pepper, 87, A M, LL B, 701 Drexel Bid, Philadelphia 

Rev Prof George T Purves, 72, D D, University, Princeton, N J 

Prof Althur HQuinn, 94, Ph D, English, U of P, 720 N 16, Philadelphia 

Horace C Richards, 88, t, 4812 Pairmount, Philadelphia 
Owen J Roberts, 95, LL B, 503 Mutual Life Building, Philadelphia 

Rev James W Robins, 50, D D, Merion Station, Pa 

Fairman Rogers, 53, Newport, R I 

Hon Joseph G Rosengarten, 52, LL D, 1704 Walnut Philadelphia 

Rev Ulysses S Schaul, 92, M A, Wynantskill, N Y 

Prof Felix E Schelling, 81, U of P, Philadelphia 

Rev Theodore E Schmauk, 80, Lebanon, Pa 
Hon Franklin LSheppard, 72, MA, manuf, 5443 Greene, Germantown, Pa 

Hon A Lewis Smith, 50, A M, LL B, 1011 Chestnut. Philadelphia 
Prof Edgar F Smith, 74, Ph D, Sc D, chemistry, U of P, Philadelphia 

Lewis L Smith, 84, 1, 2117 Sansom, Philadelphia 

Hon Walter G Smith, 73, A M, LL B, 505 Chestnut, Philadelphia 

H Wilson Stahlnecker, 99, A B, 622 Swede, Norristown, Pa 

Horace Stern, 99, A B, 907 N 8, Philadelphia 

Prof John L Stewart, 89, Ph D, Lehigh, South Bethlehem, Pa 

George F Stradling, 87, t, 1111 Howard, Philadelphia 

Hon Martin R Thayer, 40, LL D, Judge, M C, 1824 Pine, Philadelphia 

Harold H Tryon, 1900, student, U of P, Cymoyd, Pa 

Rev Robert B Wallace, 96, 2319 Wharton, Philadelphia 

Hon Henry G Ward, 70, A M, LL B, 816 Madison Ave, N Y City 

Arthur E Weil, 96, A M, LL B, 1720 Pine, Philadelphia 

Thompson S Wescott, 82, M D, 1833 Spruce, Philadelphia 

Rev David B Willson, 60, M D, D D, Allegheny, Pa 

James D Winsor, Jr, 97, Haverford, Pa 

Isaac J Wistar, h, Spruce and 17, Philadelphia 

Prof Leightner Witmer, 88, 332 S 15, Philadelphia 

Rev Erskine Wright, 93, A M, B D, Dansville, Pa 

William R Wright, h, 508 Walnut, Philadelphia 

Digitized by 





President, Prof William A Packard, Ph D, D D 
Secretary, Prof Willard Humphreys, Ph D 
Treasurer, Prof Samuel R Winans, Ph D 

Edward W Axson, 97, M A, Princeton, N J 

Henry E Belcher, 98, t, Harrark Valley, N J 

Prof Robert S Birch, 98, A M, High School, Reading, Pa 

Prof Cyrus P Brackett, M D, LL D, Physics, Princeton, N J 

Prof Charles H Breed, 99, A M, Latin, Lawrenceville, N J 

Prof Henry C Cameron, 47, A M, Ph D, D D, Greek, Princeton, N J 
Norman McL Carter, 99, 60 W 58, N Y City 

John W Churchman, 98, J H Medical, Baltimore, Md 

Rev J Forsyth Crawford, 95, Argylc, N Y 

Henry Crew, 82, t, 627 Hamline, Evanston, 111 

Prof Winthrop M Daniels, 88, Princeton, N J 

Prof John T Duffield, 41, D D, LL D, Mathematics, Princeton, N J 
Prank R Elliott, 99, Jacksonville, 111 

Pros Isaac A Gaines, 98, A M, Mathematics, Maryville, Tenn 

George W Gordon, 99, t, Jacksonville, 111 

Louis H Gray, 96, A M, graduate student, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Prof Charles E Hart, 58, D D, Ethics, Rutgers, New Brunswick, N J 
Albert Hayes, 95, A M, LL B, 10 E 43, N Y City 

Prof John G Hibben. 82, Princeton, N J 

George Howe, 97, A M, tutor. Care Prof Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, N J 
Prof Theodore W Hunt, 65, Ph D, Princeton, N J 

Prof Herman C O Huss, h, Ph D, Princeton, N J 

Rev A Lawrence, 71, A M, D D, Hamilton Ave, Trenton, N J 

Prof William Libbey, 77, D Sc, Physical Geograi)hy, Princeton, N J 
Frederick W Loetscher, 96, 1015 Lincoln, Dubuque, Iowa 

Prof Albert H Lybyer, 96, A M,Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey 
William P Jessup, 97, t, 118 St James, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev William W Knox, 62, D D, 58 Bayard, New Brunswick, N J 

Charles B McMulIen, 96, A M, Theol student, Tarkio, Mo 

David Magie, Jr, 97, A M, t, Princeton, N J 

Prof William F Magie, 79, Ph D, Princeton, N J 

Prof Allan Marquand, 74, Ph D, L H D, History of Art, Princeton, N J 
John J Moment, 96, t, Lawrenceville, N J 

Prof J Leverett Moore, 81, A M, Ph D, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 
Warren N Nevins, 99, Glen Ridge, N J 

John H Nichols, 97, A M, t, Princeton, N J 

Prof Alexander T Ormond, 77, Ph D, LL D, University, Princeton, N J 
Horace G Padget, 97, t, Susq Coll Inst, Towanda, Pa 

Pres Francis L Patton, D D, LL D, Princeton, N J 

Prof George S Patton, 91, Princeton, N J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Prof Ralph B Perry, 96, Ph D, Williamstown, Mass 

Daniel F Piatt, 95, LL B, 27 Pine, N Y City 

Ezra P Prentice, 98, law student, 9 W 16, N Y City 

Richard P L Ridgway, 98, t, Paterson, N J 

Rev James P Rig-gfs, 72, D D, East Orange, N J 

Prof Edmund J Robbins, 89, Princeton, N J 

Philip E Robinson, 98, t, Sewickley, Pa 

William A Robinson, 81, t, Lawrenceville, N J 

Henry N Russell, 97, Princeton, N J 

William M Schultz, 99, 4302 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof William B Scott, 77, Ph D, Princeton, N J 

Prof Sidney Sherwood, 79, Ph D, Economics, J H U, Baltimore, Md 
Nicholas Stahl, 97, t, • Lawrenceville, N J 

Prof Henry D Thompson, 85, Ph, D, Princeton, N J 

George R Wallace, 91, A M, LL B, 427 Diamond, Pittsburg, Pa 

Richard Webster, 99, Classical Fellow, P U, Islip, N Y 

Arthur R Wells, 95, LL B, Coming, Iowa 

Prof John H Westcott, 77, Princeton, N J 

Alfred S Weston, 99, Princeton, N J 

Prof Frederick N Willson, R P I, 79, A M, Graphics, Princeton, N J 
Prof Woodrow Wilson, 79, Ph D, LL D, Jurisprudence, Princeton, N J 
Prof Samuel R Winans, 74, Ph D, Princeton', N J 

Edward S Worcester, 96, AM, Theol student, IS Elmwood Burlington, Vt 
Howard H Yocum, 98, 505 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 



President, Rev John B Calvert, D D 
Vice-Pres, Prof Henry E Lawrence, A M 
Secretary, Prof Charles R Hoeing, Ph D 
Treasurer^ Benjamin B Chase 

Prof Fred H Abell, 92, A M, Salamanca, N Y 

George B Adams, 82, Geneseo, N Y 

Rev John Q Adams, 74, A M, Canandaigua, N Y 

Joseph T Ailing, 76, Rochester, N Y 

Henry V Andrews, 91, editor. Tribune office, N Y City 

Edward B Angell, 77, A M, M D, 295 Alexander, Rochester, N Y 

Louis M Antisdale, 93, Rochester, N Y 

Prof Walter W Arnold, 98, AM, 87 S Washington, Rochester, N Y 

Prof R Lewis Ashley, 94, A M, 730 W 16, Los Angeles, Calif # 
Edward C Atwater, 98, LL B, 713 Wilder Building, Rochester, N Y 

Pres Truman J Backus, 64, LL D, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Arthur L Baker, Ph D, Rochester, N Y 
John A Barhite, 81, A M, 84 German Ins Building, Rochester, N Y 

Digitized by 




Theol Seminary, Rochester, N Y 

Medina, N Y 

Paterson, N J 

Rochester, N Y 

330 Central, Rochester, N Y 

Grerman Ins Bid, Rochester, N Y 

Geneseo, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

N Y City 

516 Locust, Kalamazoo, Mich 

285 Alexander, Rochester, N Y 

696 Wash Boulv, Chicago, 111 

501 W Water, Elmira, N Y 

Rev Elmer G Barnum, 96, A M, 

Harry H Barstow, 93, 

Rev John Bentzein, 92, 

Prof Walter R Betteridge, 88, A M, 

William Betz, 98, t, 

Myron T Bly, 80, 1, 

Rev Charles H Boynton, 86, B D, 

Prof J Howard Bradstreet, 91, 

Rev Charles DeW Bridgman, 55, 

Prof Clark M Brink, 79, A M, Ph D, 

John S Bronk, 87, A M, 

Hon Charles A Brown, 79, A M, hh B, 

Charles F Bullard, 90, 

Prof Henry F Burton, (M U 72), A M,Latin, University, Rochester, N Y 

Rev John B Calvert, 76, A M, D D, editor, 15 E 57, N Y City 

Prin Frank S Capen, 68, NewPaltz, N Y 

Arthur L Cardus, 96, A M, LL B, Batavia, N Y 

Benjamin B Chace, 89, 1, Rochester, N Y 

Prof Theodore F Chapin, 70, Westboro, Mass 

Rev Judson C Chapin, 89, Normal, 111 

Clement D Child, 90, t, Hamilton, N Y 

Prof Oliver D Clark, 84, A M, 590 Halsey, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev James A Clarke, 94, A M, Walluigford, Conn 

Prof John C C Clarke, 59, A M, D D, Upper Alton, 111 

Rev Frederick W Clif fe, 92, Aberdeen, S Dak 

William N Cogswell, 78, 1, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Albert Coit, 66, 521 Columbus, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Charles P Coit, 67, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Milton B Comfort, 61, Rochester, N Y 

Henry W Conklin, 79, 1, 307 E & B, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Henry C Cooper, 85, Schenectady, N Y 

Hon Adelbert Cronise, 77, A M, hh B, 39 State, Rochester, N Y 

Frank L Cuby, 97, 1, 

Charles E Darrow, 77, A M, M D, 

Hon George F Davis, Jr, 64, A M, 

Martin Davis, 87, 1, 

Arthur Datmers, 89, t. 

Prof Charles W Dodge, h. 

Rev Rutger Dox, 74, 

Prof Elon H Eaton, 90, 

Timothy E Ellsworth, 57, 

Robert B English, 96, A M, t. 

Rev Philip S Evans, 55, A M, 

Rev WUliam F Faber, 80, M A, 

John Fahy, 66, M A, merchant, 

Hon Jacob S Fassett, 75, 

Frederick S Fish, 73, M A, manuf. 

Prof George M Forbes, 78, 

Pres John F Forbes, 78, A M, Ph D, 

Charles W Foreman, 85, 

Potsdam, N Y 

116 East Ave, Rochester, N Y 

Johnston Bid, Cincinnati, Ohio 

830 Powery, Rochester, N Y 

41 Oxford, Buffalo, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

3236 N 16, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rochester, N Y 

Lockport, N Y 

Greenville, 111 

Torrington, Conn 

Lockport, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

Elmira, N Y 

South Bend, Ind 

Rochester, N Y 

University, DeLand, Fla 

Evanston, 111 

Digitized by 




Rev Norman Fox, 55, D D, 

Elmer G Frail, 88, 

Rev Corliss B Gardner, 57, A M, D D, 

George S Gardner, 93, Ph B, 

Hon Joshua Gaskill, 59, A M, LL B, 

William W Gilbert, 61, 

Rev David C Gilmore, missionary, 

Frank E Glen, 74, 

Prof Warren S Gordis, SS, A M, Latin, 

Charles W Gorton, 76, 

Rev James Gosnell, 90, A M, Ph D, 

Rev Howard B Gross, 76, 

Rev Jacob S Gubelmann, 58, 

Luther M Hair, 77, 

Prof Albert C Hale. 69, E M, Ph D, 

George D Hale, 70, 

William B Hale, 85, 

Morristown, N J 

Erie, Pa 

Ripley, N Y 

141 Clifton, Rochester, N Y 

75 Main, Lockport, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 


Rochester, N Y 

Stetson Univ, DeLand, Fla 

41 Prince, Rochester, N Y 

85 Niagara, Lockport, N Y 

Boston, Mass 

Rochester, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

551 Putnam, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

Bryn Mawr, Pa 

H Adelbert Hamilton, 92, 

Capt and Prof William Harkness, 58, AM, M D, LL D, Washington, D C 
Albert H Harris, 81, A M, Sav Bank Bid, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Ransom Harvey, 78, Germantown, Pa 

David Hays, 78, 1, 19 Rutgers, Rochester, N Y 

Joseph H Hill, 85, Rochester, N Y 

Edward Hirshfield, 97, 8 Bates, Rochester, N Y 

Prof T Morey Hodgman. 84, 700 N 16, Lincoln, Neb 

Jacob A Horkstra, 63, Rochester, N Y 

George C HoUister, 77, A M, lumber mer. Granger PI, Rochester, N Y 

Luther E Holt, 75, M D, 

Rev Isaiah B Hudnutt, 72, 

James M Hudnut, 72, editor. 

Rev Robert B Hull, 71, A M, D D, 

Rev Emory W Hunt, 84, 

Rev George B Huntington, 96, 

Joseph L Humphrey, 95, 1, 

Charles B Jacobs, 84, 

Hon William W Jacobs, 77, LL B, 

Adelbert F Jenks, 75, A M, LL B, 

Franklin N Jewett, 81, t. 

Prof Elias H Johnson, 62, D D, LL D, 

Hon Rossiter Johnson, 63, LL D, 

Ryland M Kendrick, 89, 

14 W 55, NY City 

Castile, N Y 

346 Broadway, N Y City 

448, 9th Brooklyn, N Y 

Toledo, Ohio 

40 Chestnut, Rochester, N Y 

Powers Building, Rochester, N Y 

2424 Caldwell, Omaha, Neb 

502 N Y Life Bid, Kansas City, Mo 

Jamestown, N Y 

Fredonia, N Y 

Theol Seminary, Chester, Pa 

N Y City 

Rochester, N Y 

Harold C Kimball, 82, A M, merchant, 34 Court, Rochester, N Y 
Hon Emil Kuichling, 68, C E, water works. City Hall, Rochester, N Y 

Fred L Lamson, 96, t, Montour Falls, N Y 

Prof Samuel A Lattimore, LL D, Rochester, N Y 

Prof Henry E Lawrence, 89, A M, University, Rochester, N Y 

Fred A Lewis, 86, A M, LL B, Batavia, N Y 

Walter S Lincoln, 92, Dodgeville, Wis 

Abram Lipsky, 95, Rochester, N Y 

Rev William fe Loucks, 86, 1457 Huron, Toledo, Ohio 

Digitized by 



Thomas B Lovell, 62, Niagara Falls, N Y 

Edmund Lyon, 77, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Robert S MacArthur, 67, N Y City 

William S McDonald, 82, Seneca Palls, N Y 

Rev John McGuire, 88, Mandalay, Burma 

John G Mac Vicar, 87, Montclfiir, N J 

Rev Herbert A Manchester, 87, Syracuse, N Y 

Edward W Maurer, 77, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Charles H Maxson, 92, Saginaw, Mich 
Herbert J Menzie, 86, A M, LL B, 83 German Ins Bid, Rochester, N Y 

Prof Alden J Merrill, 88, A M, Supt Schools, Herkimer, N Y 

William D Merrill, 91, t, Rochester, N Y 

Arthur R Middleton, 91, Buffalo, N Y 

Benjamin F Miles, 81, A M, Euclid Heights, Cleveland, Ohio 

Irving E Miller, 94, t. New London, N H 

Herbert E Mills, 83, ' Poughkeepsie, N Y 
Pres William J Milne, 68, A M, Ph D, LL D, Normal Col, Albany, N Y 

Prof Albert H Mixer, LL D, Rochester, N Y 

Samuel P Moore, 74, 1, 18 Bates, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Henry L Morehouse, 58, 111 Fifth. N Y City 

Albert W Morehouse, 69, t, Port Byron, N Y 

William C Morey, 68, Rochester, N Y 

James B Mormon, 90, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Philip S Moxom, 79, Springfield, Mass 
Rev Ezekiel W Mundy, 60, A M, Librarian, Central Library, Syracuse, N Y 

John P Munn, 70, A M, M D, 18 W 58, N Y City 
Prof Thomas Nolan, 79, A M, M S, architecture, Univ, Columbia, Mo 

Rev Philip A Nordell, 70, D D, 29 Thayer, Brookline, Mass 
George W Northrup, Jr, 81, AM, LL B, Cham Commerce, Chicago, 111 

Arthur C Nute, 93, Jordan, N Y 

Joseph O'Connor, 62, Rochester, N Y 

Prof George D Olds, 73, Amherst, Mass 

Jay S Page, 92, Rochester, N Y 

Hon Willis S Paine, 68, A M, Metropolitan Club, N Y City 

Francis B Palmer, 58, Predonia, N Y 

Rev Alonzo K Parker, 66, 612 Jackson, Chicago, 111 

Prof Ernest N Pattee, 86, Syracuse, N Y 

William A Perrin, 91, Rochester, N Y 

Raymond G Phillips, 97, LL B, 65 Prince, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Frank D Phinney, 78, Rangoon, Burma 

Herman K Phinney, 77, AM, 8 Brighton, Rochester, N Y 

William T Plumb, 91, 1, Elwood Building, Rochester, N Y 

Alonzo C Raymond, 69, 1, Moffat Building, Detroit, Mich 

William C Raymond, 89, Hamden, Conn 

George W Reilly, 91, Rochester, N Y 

Charles M Robinson, 91, 65 S Washington, Rochester, N Y 
Prof Otis H Robinson, 61, A M, Ph D, Univ,273 Alexander, Rochester, N Y 

Rev William D Robinson, 96, East Bloomfield, N Y 

Charles W Robson, 93, Rochester, N Y 

Adolph J Rodenbeck, 85, Rochester, N Y 

Digitized by 



Rev Frank H Rowley, 75, Fall River, Mass 

Hon Edwin O Sage, 53, A M, manuf, 148 Plymouth, Rochester, N Y 
Chester G Sanford, 92, Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Hon Eugene Satterlee, 67, A M, LL B, Pittsford, N Y 

Prof William A Scott, 86, A M, U of W, Madison, Wis 

Kendrick P Shedd, 89, t, 25 Rosdale, Rochester, N Y 

William P Shedd, 89, t, Owatonna, Minn 

Rev William F Shero, 87, Niagara Falls, N Y 

Frank E Sickles, 80, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Arthur H Simpson, 95, Syracuse, N Y 

Arthur G Slocum, 74, Kalamazoo, Mich 

George F Slocum, 78, Rochester, N Y 

Arthur L Smith, 87, M D, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Charles E Smith, 60, Fredonia, N Y 

Carl H Smith, 85, LL B, 614 EUicot Square, Buffalo, N Y 

Edward P Smith, 95 t, Tyre, N Y 

Hon George H Smith, 81, AM, LL B, Mt Vernon Ave, Rochester, NY 
Frederick J Smythe, 84, 1, Rochester, N Y 

Nelson E Spencer, 93, 1, Rochester, N Y 

George R Stearns, 75, M D, Buffalo, N Y 

John B M Stephens, 84, Rochester, N Y 

Rev James M Sterrett, 67, D D, Washinjefton, D C 

Prof James S Stevens, 85, Ph D, Physics, U of M, Orono, Me 

William F Strasmer, 81, 1, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev John H Strong, 89, New Britain, Conn 

Charles R Sumner, 74, A M, M D, 33 S Clinton Ave. Rochester, N Y 
Prin Roger W Swetland. 94, A M, Peddic Inst, Hightstown, N J 

Rev George S Swezey, 84, East Palestine, Ohio 

Pres James M Taylor, 68, D D, LL D, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Zacharv P Taylor, 69, Rochester. N Y 

Seth S "Terry, 83, A M, LL B, 66 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Charles B Tenney, 97, 300 Alexander, Rochester, N Y 

Arthur Tooley, 83, Brockport, N Y 

Wallace S Truesdale, 86, Germantown, Pa 

Eugene Van Voohris, 85, A M, LL B, Rochester, N Y 

(Jeorge Van Ingen, 95, 1, Rochester, N Y 

Rev George R Vamey, 94, A M, B D, Spokane, Wash 

Rev Henry C Vedder, 73, D D, Chester, Pa 

Rev Thomas J Villers, 85, Indianapolis, Ind 

Prof Ralph P Webster, 98, AM, S Sumtier Park, Rochester, N Y 

John F W Whitbeck, 67, M D, 322 East Ave, Rochester, N Y 

Rev James W White, 75, Menomonee, Wis 

Robert B Wickes, 78, 1, Rochester. N Y 

Albert H Wilcox, 90, t, 269 Oak, Chicago, 111 

Prof William C Wilcox, 88, A M, Ph D, History, Univ, Iowa City, Iowa 
Herve D Wilkins, 66, Rochester, N Y 

Charles M Williams, 71, Rochester, N Y 

Charles H Wiltsie, 80, A M, LL B, 123 Plymouth Ave, Rochester, N Y 
Hiram R Wood, 91, LL B, 711 Wilder Bid, Rochester, N Y 

Charles D Young, 85, M D, 5 Gibbs, Rochester, N Y 

Digitized by 



Rutgers Coi«i«EG£t New Brunswick, N. J. 

President^ Prof Louis Bevier, Jr, Ph D 
Fwrtf-/V«,Rev Philetus Theodore Pockman, D D 
Secretary^ Fred Herbert Dodge, A M 
Rec Secj Jacob Groodale Lipman, B Sc 
Treasurer^ Henry Gansevoort Cooke, M D 

Charles E Adams, Bowdoin 84, A M, M D, 29 W Broadway, Bangor, Me 
Reginald B Allen, 93, M S, t, Brooklyn, N Y 

Henry R Anderson, 89, Rahway, N J 

Prof Ellis A Apgar, 66, East Orange, N J 

Rev Samuel E Appleton, S2 D D, 1804 DeLancey, Philadelphia, Pa 
Prof Henry P Armsby, Ph D, Director Ex Sta, State College, Pa 

Pres George W Atherton, Yale 63, LL D, State College, Pa 

Prof Peter T Austen, New Brunswick, N J 

John C Aydelott, 91, Pekin, 111 

Martin Bahler, 69, t, Orange, N J 

Hon Thomas W Bakewell, 80, A M, LL B,112S Carnegie Bid, Pittsburg, Pa 
Hon George V N Baldwin, 56, A M, LL B, 132 Nassau, N Y City 

Hon Henry R Baldwin, 49, A M,MD,LL D,349 George,New Brunswick, N J 
Rev Frederick J Barny, 94, Bardonia, N Y 

William A Beardslee, 88, Holland, Mich 

Henry M T Beekman, 77, 1, 76 Montgomery, Jersey City, N J 

Rev Peter S Beekman, 84, Glenham, N Y 

Rev George B Bell, 83, Philadelphia, Pa 

Edgar Bergen, 69, Flatbush, N Y 

Rev John T Bergen, 83, Holland, Mich 

Eugene Betts, 92, E E, 125 W Third, Bayonne, N J 

Prof Louis Bevier, Jr, 78, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev William S Bishop, 87, A M. B D, St Johns, Varick, N Y City 

George H Blakeley, 84, Middlebush, N J 

Eugene Boyert, 95, Harrington Park, N J 

Rev William H Boocock, 85, 763 Ave C, Bayonne, N J 

Prof Edward A Bowser, 68, LL D, Math,Rutgers, New Brunswick, N J 
Rev John H Brandow, 83, Schuylerville, N Y 

Milvin Brandow, 88, Library J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Rev Jesse W Brooks, 81, Ph D, 2355 N 42, Chicago, 111 

George W Brown, 97, Keyport, N J 

John Bruyere, 81, M S, M D, Mercer Hospital, 123 Perry, Trenton, N J 
Elihu C Bryan, 91, Skekomeko, N Y 

Simeon E Bucknell, 69, M D, New Douglas, 111 

George C Bullock, 92, A M, Life Ins, 127 Tyler, Trenton, N J 

David Cohert, 95, Rahway, N J 

Gardner H Cain, 81, 1, Warren, Trenton, N J 

Rev Alan D Campbell, 62, New Brunswick, N J 

John N Carpenter, 66, New Brunswick, N J 

Digitized by 



Raymond V A Carpenter, 97, Plainfield, N J 

James D Carr, 92, LL B, 220 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Clifford P Case, 97, A M, Somerville, N J 

Lewis B Chamberlain, 87, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev William I Chamberlain, 82, M A, Ph D, Arcot College, Madras, India 
William A Chapman, 73, C E, Hillburn, N Y 

William V Clark, 70, A M, Lakewood, N J 

Rev David Cole, 42, AM, 68 Buena Vista, Yonkers, N Y 

Frederick J Collier, 78, Hudson, N Y 

Rev Geor« Z Collier, 83, Mellenville, N Y 

Edgar S Conklin, 95, Pekin, 111 

Rev John W Conklin, 71, Chittior, India 

Rev Marion T, Conklin, 81, A M, Wallkill, N Y 

Charles E Conover, 95, A M, civil engineer, 142 E 16, N Y City 

Prof Albert S Cook, 72, M S, M A, Ph D, L H D, Yale, New Haven, Conn 
Ezekiel H Cook, h 90, Ph D, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev William W Cook, 73, Hull, Iowa 

Henry G Cooke, 53, M D, New Brunswick, N J 

Drury W Cooper, 92, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Jacob Cooper, Yale 52, Ph D,D C L, S T D,LL D, New Brunswick, N J 
Lane Cooper, 96, M A, New Brunswick, N J 

William J Cooper, 92, M E, Wilmington, Del 

Rev Charles E Corwin, 92, Greendale, N Y 

Rev Edward T Corwin, C N Y 53, D D, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Henry M Cox, 76, A M, Roycefield, N J 

Rev William S Cranmer, 82, Somerville, N J 

Rev Peter Crispell, 84, Utica, N Y 

Prof Bj^ron Cummings, 89, A M, Ph D, University, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Franklin R Cushman, 94, Providence, R I 

Rev Henry C Cussler, 93, Jersey City, N J 

Condict W Cutler, 79, M S, M D, 135 W 76, N Y City 

Ephraim Cutler, 74, Woodbridge, N J 

Charles Davis, 74, Saugerties, N Y 

Rev George Davis, 84, Peapack, N J 

Ezra D Delamater, 71, Hudson, N Y 

Rev Alfred H Demarest, 79, A M, 78 Richmond Ave, Port Richmond, N Y 
Rev James S N Demarest, 72, N Y Ci^ 

Rev Nathan H Demarest, 80, A M, Roxbury, N Y 

Rev Willian H S Demarest, 83, A M, Catskill, N Y 

Elmore DeWitt, 86, Jersey City, N J 

Prof John DeWitt, 38, D D, New Brunswick, N J 

John DeWitt, Jr, 86, New Brunswick^ N J 

Rev John T E DeWitt, 89, Oradell, N J 

Rev Benjamin E Dickhaut, 84, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Fred H Dodge, Yale 84, A M, Gymnasium, New Brunswick, N J 
John P Drake, 98, E E, Mendham, N J 

Francis K W Drury, 98, A M, Library, Rutgers, New Brunswick, N J 
Rev John B Drury, 58, D D, New Brunswick, N J 

Clarence M DuBois, 86, Bridgeton, N J 

Rev William A Dtunont, 80, Hackensack, N J 

Digitized by 




Charles A Dunham, 72, New Brunswick, N J 

Edward Duryee, 78, C E, Portland Cem Chemist, Carlton, Calif • 

Edward H Duryee, 76, 

John L Duryee, 96, 

Rev Joachim Elmendorf, 50, D D, 

Rev Alfred Erickson, 97, A M, 

Rev Charles Everett, 78, 

John M Farley, 86, M S, C E, 

J Ridgrway Fell, 69, 

George S Ferguson, 97, banker, 

W Edwin Florance, 85, 

Stephen G Gano, 71, C E, 

Rev Merrill E Gates, 82, D D, LL D, 

Prof John H Gillespie, 82, D D, 

Prin Georgfe W Glasier, 90, A M, 

Howard Goff, 90, 

Rev Isaac W Gowen, 79, A M, 

Thomas E Gravatt, 97, B S, 

Rev William E Griffis, 69, D D, L H D, author, 

Raynond W Gulick, 98, B S, electrician. 

Rev Herman Hag-eman, 79, 

Prof Byron D Halsted, 89, 

Cornelius I Harring, 81, 

Prof Charles E Hart. 81, D D, 

William R Hart, 99, 

Prof Chester D Hartranft, D D, 

Prof Isaac E Hasbrouck, 65, A M, 

Ichizo Hattori, 75, 

Daniel T Hawkhurst, 73, 

Rev Hendrick A Hendrickson, 75, 

Prof John E Hill, 84, M Sc, M C E, 

George S Hobart, 96, LL B, 

Prof John T Honeycut, 86, 

Rev Jasper S Hogan, 91, 

Rsv George D Hulst, 66, Ph D, 

Rev Mancius H Hutton, D D, 

Peter V Huyssoon, 73, 

Rev Harry L Janeway, 74, 

Greorge H Johnson, 82, Sc D, 

Rev Charles K Jones, 70, 

Rev James H Keeling-, Jr, 89, 

Rev Isaac L Kip, 92, 

Rev William W Knox, D D, 

Jacob Kotinsky, 98, U S Agr, 

Rev Gkorg-e W Labaw, 69, 

Prof John G Lansing, D D, 

Walter L Lawrence, 78, 

Rev William H Lawrence, 71, 

Prof David Layton, 94, B Sc, 

Newark, N J 

New Brunswick, N J 

The Winthrop, N Y City 

New Brunswick, N J 

Belmar, N J 

White Plains, N Y 

Trenton, N J 

Ocean Grove, N J 

New Brunswick, N J 

New Castle, Pa 

Washington, D C 

New Brunswick, N J 

High School, Warsaw, N Y 

East Creek, N J 

Weehawken, N J 

73 Lake Place, New Haven, Conn 

Ithaca, N Y 

Middletown, N J 

High Falls, N Y 

'New Brunswick, N J 

Milwaukee, Wis 

New Brunswick, N J 

Neshanic, N J 

Hartford, Conn 

364 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, N Y 

Tokio, Japan 

King-sbridge, N Y 

Ellenville, N Y 

Providence, R I 

Jersey City, N J 

Alcatraz Island, Calif t 

Pompton Plains, N J 

15 Himrod, Brooklyn, N Y 

New Brunswick, N J 

156, 5th Ave, N Y City 

New Brighton, N Y 

62 Trinity, N Y City 

Louisville, Ky 

Dunkirk, Ind 

Philadelphia, Pa 

New Brunswick, N J 

1206, 5 N W, Washington, D C 

23 Bank, Paterson, N J 

New Brunswick, N J 

Scranton, Pa 

Charleston, S C 

1069 Dawson, N Y City 

Rev Prof Lewis G Leary, 97, A M, Beirut, Syria, 130 Jefferson, Elizabeth 

Digitized by 



Prin Isaac A Lee, 94, A M,Higfli School, 162 Soinerset,NewBrunswick,NJ 
Prof Egrbert LeFevre, 80, N Y City 

Rev William J Leggett, 72, A M, Ph D, 66 S Broadway, Nyack, N Y 
Frank T Lent, 78, Cranford, N J 

Hon George M Lilburn, 83, M A, LL B, Haverstraw, N Y 

Jacob G Lipman, 98, B Sc, Chemist, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

Isaac W Lott, 92, Flatlands, N Y 

Charles B Ludlow, 86, New Brunswick, N J 

Hon George C Ludlow, 72, New Brunswick, N J 

George S Ludlow, 95, M A, 1, 61 Park Row, N Y City 

William G Ludlow, 84, A M, G^n Agt Mut Life, Worcester, Mass 

Rev John E Lyall, 76, Millbrook, N Y 

Rev George DeW Lydecker, 74, Nassau, N Y 

Rev Charles Maar, 89, Upper Red Hook, N Y 

Harry J March, 87, M S, C E, Public Works, City Hall, Buffalo, N Y 
Warren A Mayou, 90, Cornwall, N Y 

Robert A Meeker, 75, M S, C E, 671 W Front, Plainfield, N J 

Prof George B Merriman, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Robert D Merrill, 93, Brentwood, N Y 

Rev William P Merrill, 87, A M, 188, 36, Chicago, 111 

William A Messier, 98, Dover, N J 

Prof Carl Meyer, D D, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof Henry Miller, 94, A M, 117 Throop Ave, New Brunswick, N J 
Rev Peter H Milliken, 76, Philadelphia, Pa 

Theodore D Mills, 74, M D, Middletown, N Y 

George A Mitchell, 91, M S, Irrigation Expert, Vineland, N J 

Richard Morris, 99, t, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev John Morrison, 82, Oakland, Calif# 

William J Morrison, Jr, 97, B S, Elec manuf, Ridgefield Park, N J 

Rev Henry D B Mulford, 81, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof William S Myers, 89, New Brunswick, N J 

Frank L Nason, Amh 82, New Brunswick, N J 

Hon James Neilson, 66, A M, Wood Lawn, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof Julius Nelson, U of W, 81, New Brunswick, N J 

Walter R Newton, U of Vt, 81, New Brunswick, N J 

Harmon B Niver, 88, Catskill, N Y 

Rev James A Norris, 82, Hastings on Hudson, N Y 

Prof George W Nuttman, 96, B S, New Brunswick, N J 

Henry M Orne, 78, A M, Gen Sec Y M C E, 3 W 29, N Y City 

Hon Cortlandt Parker, 36, LL D, Prudential Bid, Newark, N J 

Franklin A Pattison, 87, Metuchen, N J 

Horace B Patton, Amh 81, Houghton, Mich 

Rev Richard A Pearse, 70, Minaville, N Y 

Rev Nicholas Pearse, 70, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon John DeW Peltz, 73, A M, LL B, 80 State, Albany, N Y 

Robert M Pierson, 96, 53 State, Boston, Mass 

Rev Sherman G Pitt, 88, A M, Lakewood, N J 

Rev Philelus T Pockman, 75, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Cornelius H Polhemus, 77, Hopewell Junction, N Y 

Rev Charles H Pool, 63, D D, Somerville, N J 

Digitized by 



Albion E Preble, 99, B S, CE. 78 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Prof Robert W Prentiss, 78, M S, New Brunswick, N J 

Patrick A Ray, 91, t, Newark, N J 

Prof DeWitt T B Reiley, 57, Lewiston, Pa 

Joseph B Reynolds, 86, Bordentown, N J 

Claudius Rockefeller, 73, Hudson, N Y 

Frederic Roeber, 97, B S, C E, 24 Monmouth, Newark, N J 

Rev Lewis F Ruf, 85, M A, Watkins, N Y 

Supt Frank J Sagendorph, 87, A M, Schools, 456 Union, Hudson, N Y 

Francis B Sanford, 93, M A, LL B, 35 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev George W Scarlett, 80, New Hurley, N Y 

Rev John Scarlett, 79, Jerusalem, N Y 
Prof Ezra F Scattergood, 93, M ME, Physics. State Sch Tech, Atlanta, Ga 

Rev Cornelius Schenck, 79, Plainfield, N J 

Louis H Schenck, 74, Newark, N J 

Warren R Schenck, 90, New Brunswick, N J 

Charles B Scott, 81, St Paul, Minn 

Jared W Scudder, 83, t, 117 Chestnut, Albany, N Y 

Myron T Scudder, 82, t, M A, New Paltz, N Y 

George F Scull, Jr, 95, 614 Bainbridge, Brooklyn, N Y 

Marcus C Sears, 91, Blooming Grove, N Y 

Rev Theodore Shafer, 79, Millstone, N J 

Gren George H Sharpe, 47, Kingston, N Y 
Augiistus H Shearer, 99, A M, 330 Witherspoon Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Edgar S Shumway, Amh 79, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof Samuel E Smitey, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof John B Smith, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof John C Smock, Trenton, N J 

Garrett Z Snider, 77, Nyack. N Y 

Rev Richard H Steele, 72, Detroit, Mich 

George H Stevens, 72 Albany. N Y 
Prof Thomas B Stillman,73,M Sc,Ph D,FC S, Stevens Inst Tech,Hoboken 

William M Stillman, 77, Plainfield, N J 

Rev John L Stillwell, 79, Bloomsburg, N Y 

Joseph S Stillwell, 89, Princess Bay, N Y 
John P Street, 89, M S, chemist, Agr Exp Station, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof James G Sutphen, 75, Holland, Mich 

John L Suydam, 80, A M, M D, Jamesburg, N J 

Rev George E Talmadge, 86, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev David M Talmage, 74, Westwood, N J 

Rev Livingston L Taylor, 81, Port Jervis, N Y 

Rev William R Taylor, 76, Rochester, N Y 
Prof James W Thompson, 92,Ph D, Hist, Univ, 5747 Washington, Chicago 

Rev John B Thompson, 51, D D, 20 Wall, Trenton, N J 

Maurice J Thompson, 89, State College, Pa 

Prof Alfred A Titsworth, 77, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Everett T Tomlinson, Wms 70, Elizabeth, N J 

Irving S Upson, 81, A M, Librarian, New Brunswick, N J 

John J Vail, 98, C E, 102 Fulton, Rahway, N J 

Rev Ira Van Allen, 73, 115 Burnet, Syracuse, N Y 

Digitized by 



Rev Elias B Van Arsdale, 90, Parmer, N Y 

Frank Van Brakle, 85, M S, civil engineer, Keyport, N J 

Hon Georg-e V Vander Veer, 79, A M, LL B, Somerville, N J 

Rev John C Van Deventer, U N Y 70, Nyack, N Y 

Prof Francis C Van Dyck, 65, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof John C Van Dyke, L H D, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Jacob O Van Fleet, 73, Litte Falls, N J 

Prof Frank R Van Horn, 92, M S, Ph D, 110 Cornell, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Charles F Van Inwegen, 71, A M, banker. Port Jervis, N Y 

Sherman Van Ness, Jr, 80, Old Bridge, N J 

William H Van Steenbergh, 77, 1, 10 Wall, N Y City 

Elbridge Van Syckel, Jr, 73, Wilson's Point, La 

Alexander Van Wagoner, 90, 1, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Henry Veghtie, 77, A M, Holland, Mich 

. Charles H Voorhees, 74, M D, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof Edward B Voorhees, 81, A M, New Brunswick, N J 

Foster McG Voorhees, 76, .Elizabeth, N J 

J Howard Voorhees, 88, Sioux Falls, S D 

John S Voorhees, 76, 1, New Brunswick, N J 
Louis A Voorhees, 85, A M, chemist, Agr Exp Station, New Brunswick 

Rev Oscar McM Voorhees, 88, A M, Three Bridffes, N J 

Hon Willard P Voorhees, 71, A M, LL B, New Brunswick, N J 

Prof George M Wahl, L H D, German, Williamstown, Mass 

Henry J Ward, 83, Troy, N Y 

Jacob E Ward, 75, Newark, N J 

Charles L D Washburn, 75, Treasury, Washington, D C 

Henry E Waters, 92, Philadelphia, Pa 

Alexander B Way, 95, Everett, Mass 

Rev Herman C Weber, 95, 2057 Boston, N Y City 

William W Wendover, 71, M D, Warwick, N Y 
Leonard LWetmore, 94, AM, broker, 100 B'way, N Y City, Englewood,N J 
Hon Charles A Wharton, 72, A M, manuf , 134 W Kinney, Newark, N J 

Robert B Whitaker, 96, C E, 58 W 98, N Y City 

Howard E White, 96, B S, draughtsman, Derby, Conn 

Erasmus A Whitenack, 91, Holland, Mich 

Miller R Whitenack, 96, Newark, N J 
Hon James S Wight, 81, A M, LL B, editor, 70 Smith, Perth Amboy,N J 

Nicholas Williamson, M D, New Brunswick, N J 

Isaac L Winckler, 87, Concord, N H 

Gustav Wittig, 96, t. New Brunswick, N J 

Prof Samuel M Woodbridge, U N Y 38, New Brunswick, N J 

Rev Charles. S Wright, 73, Jersey City, N J 

Prof Martin N Wyckoflf, A M, Tokio, Japan 

Willard P Wyckoff, 77, Wood Haven N Y 

Rev Asa Wynkoop, 87, Catskill, N Y 

Gillett Wynkoop, 91, Undercliff, N J 

Jesse F Zabriskie, 96, Cherry Hill, N J 

Digitized by 



St Lawkencb University, Canton, N. Y. 

President^ Hon Ledjard Park Hale, M S, LL B 
Vice-Pres^ Walter Balfour Gunniston, Ph D 
Sec and Treas, Prof Robert Dale Ford, M S 

Hon Vasco P Abbott, 67, A M, LL B, Grouvemeur, N Y 

Rev Isaac M Atwood, S T D, Gen Supt U Ch, Rochester N Y 

H Ware Bamum, 99, 1, Danbury, Conn 

Hon Leffert L Buck, 63, M S, C E, 46 E 21, NY City 

Prin Percy I Bugbee, 79, A M, D Sc, Normal School, Oneonta, N Y 
George S Conkey, 83, druggist. Canton, N Y 

Gen Newton M Curtis, LL D, Ogdensburg, N Y 

L Ansil Doolittle, 75, M S, LL B, 101 Grand Ave, E, Eau Claire, Wis 
Rev Charles H Eaton, D D, NY City 

Prof Robert D Ford, 85, M S, Mathematics, University, Canton, N Y 
Rev Absalom G Gaines, U of VaSO, S T D, LL D, University, Canton, N Y 
Herbert F Gunnison, 80, A M, journalist, Eagle^ Brooklyn, N Y 

Prin Walter B Gunnison, 75, Ph D,ErasmusHall H S,77 Wilson, Brooklyn 
Hon Ledyard P Hale, 76, M S, LL B, Canton, N Y 

Prof George R Hardie, 90, M A, Latin, Canton, N Y 

Lucia E Heaton, 79, M S, M D, Canton, N Y 

William R Lasher, 99, Ph B, Little Falls, N Y 

Prof FredericSLee,78,(PhD, JHU),PhysiologyCU,437W59,N YCity 
Rev John C Lee, 76, Ph D, Canton, N Y 

Henri H Liotard, A M, Canton, N Y 

Amy L Lyon, 99, A B, 143 Hewes, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Delos McCurdy, 65, A M, LL B, 66 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Henry Priest, Ph D, C;anton, N Y 

Mrs Clara Weaver Robinson, 76, MA, 46 E 21, N Y City 

Hon Nelson L Robinson, 77, M A, LL B, 39 Liberty, N Y City 



President Benjamin Franklin Battin, A M 

Vice-Presy Elizabeth S Collins 

Sec and Treas^ Esther T Moore, A M 

Emily Atkinson, 73, A M, t, Moorestown, N J 

Minnie F Baker, 85, t, 1906 H N W, Washincfton, D C 

Prof Benjamin F Battin, 92, A M, Holicong, Pa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Mrs Eliza Holmes Bennett, 91, George School, Pa 

Mrs Elizabeth Woolston Collins, 74, Swarthmore, Pa 

Rev Alexander G Cummins, Jr, 89, M A, The Balmoral, 70 Lenox,N Y City 
Beulah W Darlington, 90, t, 26 E Washington, West Chester, Pa 

Prances Darlington, 96, A M, t. Glen Mills, Pa 

Gerry B Dudley, 97, A M, t, Charleston, 111 

Anna B Eisenhower, 99, 802 DeKalb, Norristown, Pa 

Prof George EUsler, 90, A M, Latin, East Orange, N J 

William L Ferris, 79, 

Joseph Fitch, 79, 1, 

Mary H Gawthrop, 94, 

Mrs Rosamond Baker Haines, 92, 

Abby M Hall. 90, t, 

J Carroll Hayes, 89, LL B, 

Prof John R Hayes, 88, LL B, 

Mrs Marie Kemp Hoadley, 79, 

Alice W Jackson, 83, t, 

Howard M Jenkins, h, editor. 

Prof Roland G Kent, 95, A M, 

San Francisco, Calif^ — 

303 Sanford Ave, Flushing, N Y 

2515 W N Ave, Baltimore, Md 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Swarthmore, Pa 

West Chester, Pa 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Gwynedd, Pa 

1411 Van Buren, Wilmington, Del 


Philip S Knauer, 96, M E, civil engineer, 117 Governor, Providence, R I 
Mrs Alice Battin Lewis, 87, Rumford Falls, Me 

Mary S McDowell, 96, 116 W 13, N Y City 

Prof Edward H Magill, A M, LL D, French, Swarthmore, Pa 

Lorena B Matlack, 93, t, 

Edward Martin, 78, M D, 

Mrs Hetty Lippincott Miller, 88, 

Laura C Miller, 97, 

Esther T Moore, 73, A M, Registrar, 

A Mitchell Palmer, 91, A M, LL B, 

Linda B Palmer, 87, A M, t, 

Mrs Alice Hall Paxson, 88, 

Mrs Frances Stevenson Pettus, 93, 

Mrs Ellen Evans Price, 74, 

West Chester, Pa 

415 S IS, Philadelphia, Pa 

Riverton, N J 

62 W 89, N Y City 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Stroudsburg, Pa 

17 W Union, West Chester, Pa 

Swarthmore, Pa 

197 Boush, Norfolk, Va 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Swarthmore, Pa 

Prof Ferris W Price, 74, 

Hon John K Richards, 75, U S Solic Gen, 1335 Conn Ave, Washington, D C 

Mrs Frances Linton Sharpless, 76, M D, West Chester, Pa 

Mrs Martha Watson Sutphen, 86, 
Mrs Joyense Fullerton Sweet, 88, 
Prof William H Wauzer, 95, M A, 
Mrs Caroline Sargent Walter, 94, 
Prof Gerrit E H Weaver, 82, A M, 
Mrs Helen Magill White, 73, Ph D, 
Mary Willits, 84, M D, 
Mary L Wolverton, 92, 
Genevieve S Zane, 93, t. 

Holland, Mich 

1370 Gilpin, Denver, Col 

Hurstville, N Y 

Wallingford, Pa 

University Club, Philadelphia, Pa 

Berlin, Germany 

5 Livingston, N Y City 

Vancouver Barracks, Wash 

West Chester, Pa 

Digitized by 



Syracusb University, Syracusk, N. Y. 

President, Prof Charles W Hargitt, Ph D 
Vice-Presy Prof Edgar A Emens 
Secretary, Prof Edgar C Morris, A M 
Treasurer^ Prof Ernest N Pattee 

Rev William R Benham, 66, D D, Clifton Springs, N Y 

Prof James B Brooks, M A, D C L, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof Charles W Cabeen, M A, Syracuse, N Y 

Prin Francis J Cheney, 72, Ph D, Cortland, N Y 

John W Church, 96, LL B, Syracuse, N Y 

Bertha E Coates, 99, Ph B, 220 W Fourth, Erie, Pa 

Hon Charles N Cobb, 77, MA, 26 N Pine, Albany, N Y 

Rev Lafayette Congdon, D D, Homellsville, N Y 

John W Cornell, 98, t. South Atlanta, Ga 

Prof Harvey M Dann, 98, A M, Belleville. N Y 

Hon Henry D Didama, M D, LL D, Syracuse, N Y 

Zona L Dunn, 99, t, Mc&enzie, Tenn 

H Clinton Emm, 98, A M, t, Turin, N Y 

Jeanette F Graham, 97, 608 University, Syracuse, N Y 

Sarah N Graham, 97, 608 University, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof Eugene Haanel, Ph D, Syracuse, N Y 
Rev Manley S Hard, 63, D D, Sec Bd Church Extension, Kingston, Pa 

Prof Charles W Hargitt, Ph D, Syracuse, N Y 
Prin Edward L Harris, 78, A M, Ph D, High School, Cleveland, Ohio 

Minnie F Heermans, 99, B S, t, 7 W 65, N Y City 
Prof Franklin J Holzwarth, 87, A M, Ph D, 301 Waverly, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Oscar A Houghton, 69, D D, Cortland, N Y 

Frederick H Howard, 81, t, Hamilton, N Y 

Pres Horace H Howe, 79, A M, Ph D, Adelphi, Brooklyn, N Y 

Roland S Keyser, 72, Ph D, t, Normal School, Jamaica, N Y 

E Olin Kinne, 76, Ph M, M D, 516 Warren, Syracuse, N Y 

Clara B Knapp, 99, t, Fairmount, N Y 

Prof Albert Leonard, Syracuse, N Y 

Mrs Jessie Wheeler Lewis, 96, A M, 552 Hancock, Brooklyn, N*Y 

Prof Hugh S Lowther, 99, A M, Gen Wesl Sem, Lima, N Y 
Prof William H Mace, Ph D, 127 College Place, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof William H Metzler, 88, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev R DeWitt Munger, 61, A M, D D, 213 Columbia, Elmira^ N Y 

Hon Edwin Nottingham, 76, A M, LL B, Syracuse, N Y 

William Nottingham, 76, Ph D, Syracuse, N Y 

Bessie Parsons, 96, t, 108 Renwick, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof Henry A Peck, 85, Ph D, 307 Waverly, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Ismar J Peritz, Ph D, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev James D Phelps, 76, D D, BuflFalo, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mabel C Rhoades, 98, Syracuse, N Y 

Willis E Ridgfeway, 99, Towanda, Pa 

.Edward D Roe, 80, Ph D. Elmira, N Y 

Rev George W Rosenberry, 96, A M, De Ruyter, N Y 

Benjamin J Shove, 80, A M, LL B, 36S Green, Syracuse, N Y 

Lora O Snider, 96, t. East Orange, N J 

Prof Frank Smalley, 74, A M, Ph D, ijatin, 607 Univer PI, Syracuse, N Y 
Prin David E Smith, 71, Ph D, Normal School, Brockport, N Y 

Grace E Smith, 96, t, 183 First, Troy, N Y 

Rev Wilbur F Steele, 72, D D, University Park, Col 

Prin Thomas B Stowell, 65, A M, Ph D, Normal School, Potsdam, N Y 
Pres Carlton C Wilbor, 68, Ph D, D D, Seminary, Cazenovia, N Y 

Rev William H Yard, 97, Fayetteville, N Y 


Trinity Coi,ug9, Hartford, Conn. 

President, Prof Thomas R Pynchon, D D, LL D 
Vice-Presj Prof John T Huntington, M A 
Secretary, Prof Samuel Hart, D D, D C L, Middletown, Conn. 
Treasurer, Hon George L Cooke, M A, LL B 


Eben E Beardsley, President House of Deputies 

William E Curtis, Chief Justice N Y City 

Robert B Pairbairn, President St Stephens College 

Edwin E Johnson, Professor Trinity College 

David B Knickerbocker, Bishop of Indiana 

George S Mallory, Treasurer and Trustee Trinity College 

Benjamin H Paddock, Bishop of Massachusetts 

John A Paddock, Bishop of Washington 

Thomas S Preston, Chancellor and Vicar General 

William Rudder, Preacher and Orator 

Charles D Scudder, Physician and Lecturer 

Henry J Scudder, Representative in Congress 

Rev William N Ackley, 63, M A, 291 Forty Seven, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Edwin C Alcorn, 74, M A, S T B, Hammonton, N J 

Rev Stephen Ailing, M A, St Peter's Church, Lyndonville, Vt 

Prof Samuel J Andrews, Wms 39, D D, Hartford, Conn 

Octavius Applegate, S6, Kingston, N Y 

Digitized by 



Hon John M Atwood, 49, lawyer, farmer, Wichita, Kan 

Hon John W Bacon, 46, bank president, Danburj, Conn 

Rev John Bakewell, 59, D D, nj^ 7%). Av*. Oakland, Calif # 

Frank M Barber, 91, B S, t, S George, Pawtucket. R I 

Prof John H Barbour, 73, D D, Divinity School, Middletown, Conn 

Rev William S Barrows, 84, MA, De Veaux, Niagara Falls, N Y 

Hon Charles C Barton, 69, M A, LL B, 82 Devonshire, Boston, Mass 
Rev John M Bates, 72, A M, Longpine, Neb 

Prin Robert P Bates, 93, M A, Latin School, 561 E Division, Chicago, 111 
Rev William H Bates, 72, Sanford, Fla 

Rev William A Beardsley, 87, M A, 64 Grove, New Haven, Conn 

George E Beers, 86, LL B, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Henry M Belden, 88, Ph D, English, University, Columbia, Mo 
Louis L G Benedict, 88, M A, 315 Gates, Brooklyn, N Y 

Robert A Benton, 64, Sewickley, Pa 

James B Birchhead, 94, Newport, R I 

Harry C Black, 80, Washington, D C 

Prof Edwin C Bolles, &S>, D D, Melrose, Mass 

William Bowie, 93, C E, Annapolis Junction, Md 

Rev John Brainard, 51, D D, 169 Genesee, Auburn, N Y 

John M Brainard, 84, A M, LL B, 144 South, Auburn N Y 

Arthur K Brocklesby, 70, insurance, Hartford, Conn 

Hon John H Brocklesby, 65, A M, LL B, 750 Main, Hartford, Conn 
William C Brocklesby, 69, Hartford, Conn 

Merritt Bronson, 52, Plymouth, Conn 

Rev Charles D Broughtou, 95, Fort Plain, N Y 

Rev J Eldred Brown, 83, M A, 70 Washington, Norwich, Conn 

Washington Bryan, 75, New Berne, N C 

Rev William H Bulkley, 73, Alpena, Mich 

John H K Burgwin, 77, 424 Fourth, Pittsburg, Pa 

Hon Joseph Buffington, 75, A M, Judge, Federal Bid, Pittsburg, Pa' 
Frank S Burrage, 95, A M, Cheyenne, Wyoming 

James S Carpenter, 79, Pottsville, Pa 

G^eorge C Carter, 87, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Francis Chase, 52, A M, Scarsdale, N Y 

March F Chase, 97, B S, chemist. Mineral Point, Wis 

James W Clark, 63, M A, 717 Mass Ave, N E, Washington, D C 

Rev Francis J Clerc, 43, D D, St Paul's Church, Philipsburg, Pa 

Rev Charles W Coit, 82, Baltimore, Md 

Charles S Coleman, 82, Reed House, Erie, Pa 

William F Collins, 93, Hartford, Conn 

Thomas A Conover, 90, 266 Hamilton, Trenton, N J 

Hon George L Cooke, 70, M A, LL B, 17 Custom House, Providence, R I 
Prof William E Conklin, 93, MA, 1 Wolcott, Hartford, Conn 

Martyn K Coster, 87, M A, LL B, 450 Fourth Ave, Pittsburg, Pa 

Rev Albert Crabtree, 92, M A, Manville, R I 

John W R Crawford, 88, M A, accountant, 26 B'way, N Y City 

Alexander 6 Cummins, 51, Smyrna, Del 

Robert W Curtis, 96 t, 4 Girard, Hartford, Conn 

Hon William G Davies, 60, M A, LL B, 22 E 45, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev Cameron J Davis, 94, M A, B D, Trinity, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Ellis B Dean, 93, M A, Angelica, N Y 

Jfdward N Dickerson, 74, Stovall, N C 

Rev G^eorge W Douglas, 71, D D, Tuxedo Park, N Y 

Andrew E Douglass, 89, Astro, 850 Exchange Bid, Boston, Mass 

George M DuBois, 74, El Paso, Tex 

Rev Henry O BuBois, 76, M A, 316 W 102, N Y City 

Rev Charles C Edmunds, 77, Newark, N J 

Rev Rufus Emery, 54, D D, St Paul's Church, Newburg, N Y 

Rev Sydney K Evans, 95, M A, S T B, Manheim, Pa 

Prof Joseph W Fell, 89, M S, chemist, Asheville, N C 

Rev Prof Henry Ferguson, 68, 123 Vernon, Hartford, Conn 

Prof Charles L Fischer, 60, Gambier, Ohio 

Rev George McC Fiske, 70, D D, St Stephen's Church, Providence, R I 
Joseph D Flynn, 97, t, 96 Hudson, Hartford, Conn 

Prosser H Frye, 89, South Bethlehem, Pa 

Rev Thomas Gallaudet, 42, D D,| 112 W 78, N Y City 

Rev James H George, 72, M A, Salisbtury, Conn 

Rev Thomas M N George, 80, New Berne, N C 

Horatio L Golden, 83, 1, Kittanning, Pa 

Thomas H Gordon, 71, Chew's Landing, N J 

Frederick C Gowen, 82, 119 S 4, Philadelphia, Pa 

John Graham, 72, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Hsenry T Gregory, 54, Southern Pines, S C 

Clifford S Griswold, 90, Groton, Mass 

George E Hamlin, 95, merchant, Willimantic, Conn 

Charles A Hamilton, 82, N Y City 

Rev Alfred Harding, 79, M A, 920 Twenty Third N W, Washington, D C 
Rev Frank S Harraden, 67, Hanover, Mass 

Rev Frederick W Harriman, 72, Windsor, Conn 

Rev Edwin Harwood, 40, D D, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Samuel Hart, 66, D D, D C L, Divinity School, Middletown, Conn 
Charles C Hayden, 66, 4 Ave and 23, N Y City 

Charles B Hedrick, 99, t. Box 213, Jacksonville, Fla 

Prof Ernest F Henderson, 82, A M, Ph D, Dublin, N H 

Charles W Henry, 99, Theol student, Bridp^water, Mass 

George A Hickok, 31, Litchfield, Conn 

George C Hicks, 56, X and First, Boston, Mass 

James M Hicks, 54, Summit, N J 

Rev John D Hills, 78, 4317 Sansom, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Charles J Hoadley, 51, M A, LL D, State Librarian, Hartford, Conn 
George O Holbrooke, 69, M A, Athens, Pa 

Seaver M Holden, 82, Sharon, Pa 

Orlando Hoi way, 80, LaCrosse, Wis 

Sydney D Hooker, 77, Dillon, Mont 

Prof George B Hopson, 57, M A, D D, Latin, St Stephens, Annandale, N Y 
Rev Samuel F Hotchkin, 56, A M, Bustleton, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Hennr E Hovev, 66, M A, ^||. ^^%* The Rectory, Portsmouth, N H 
George M Hubbard, 75, M A, banner, Hibernia, San Francisco, Califs- 
William S Hubbard, 88, M A, M D, 97 Halsey, Brooklyn, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Isaac W Hughes, 91, Aurora, N C 

Albert S Hull, 66, Morrisania, N Y 

Romilly P Humphries, 92, N Y City 

Rev Prof John T Hunting:ton, 50. M A, Trinity, Hartford, Conn 

John Huske, 77, 139 Madison. N Y City 

Robert H Hutchins, 90, M A, 1, 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Albin B Jenningfs, 61, M A, St Stephen's Church, Denver, Col 

Charles A Johnson, 92, B S, manuf, 228 Washing-ton, Norwich, Conn 
Capt Frank E Johnson, 84, A M, manuf, 42 Union Place, Hartford,Conn 
Frederick F Johnson, 94, Redlands, Califs 

Rev George D Johnson, 54, M A, D D, New Brighton, N Y 

Charles W Jones, 81, Pittsburg, Pa 

Charies Judd, 93, M A, Chelsea Square, N Y City 

George Ker, 43, M D, Eastville, Va 

Edward V B Kissam, 69, LL B, S Beekman, N Y City 

Ashbel S Kittridge, 57, San Jose, Califs 

Louis A Lampher, 80, 1032 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 

Edwin F Lawton, 91, M A, Supt Elec Light Co, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Herman Liliehthal, 86, M A, Wethersfield, Conn 

Arthur B Linsley, 82, MA, DeLancey School, Philadelphia, Pa 

Luke A Lockwood, 55, Riverside, Conn 

Luke V Lockwood, 93, 1, 115 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Hiram B Loomis, 85, Evanston, lU 

Daniel E Loveridge, 50, Eugene City. Oregon 

Prof Flavel S Luther, 70, M A, Ph D, Mathematics, Trinity, Hartford 
Philip J McCook, 95, 1, 10 Wall, N Y City 

John H McCracken, 82, Baden-Baden, Germrny 

Prof George S Mallory, 58, D D, LL D, 47 Lafayette, N Y City 

Rev Henry A Metcalf , 66, M A, West Roxbury, Mass 

Samuel S Mitchell, 85, M A, 39 and 7, N Y City 

George H Moffett, 78, A M, 2026 Cherry, Philadelphia, Pa 

William F Morgan, 88, Cooperstown, N Y 

Rev James B Murray, 62, D D, Moravia, N Y 

Rev Henry R Neely, 84, MA, 1113 Washington Boul, Chicago, 111 

John W Nichols, 99, Theol student, San Mateo, Califs 

Rev William F Nichols, 70, D D, San Mateo, Calif • 

Edward C Niles, 87, A M, LL B, 60 N Main, Concord, N H 

William P Niles, 93, M A, 52 Church, Laconia, N H 

Bishop William W Niles, 57, D D, LL D, D C L, Concord, N H 

Rev Charies T Olmsted, 65, S T D, 115 W 91, N Y City 

Lewis H Paddock, 88, M A, LL B, Detroit, Mich 

Theodore H Parker, 98, B A, journalist, N Wilbraham, Mass • 

Rev Arthur T Parsons, 71, M A, Thomaston, Conn 

Hinsdill Parsons, 83, M A, Hoosick Falls, N Y 

James Russell Parsons, 81, M A, Regents Office, Albany, N Y 

Arthur E Pattison, 80, MA, merchant, 134 Duane, N Y City 

George B Pattison, 81, M A, 1, 12 First, Troy, N Y 

Hon Francis B Peabody, 48, M A, banker, 426 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 
Victor C Pedersen, 91, A M, M D. 228 W 44, N Y City 

Josiah B Perry, 72, M A, 1536, 16 N W, Washington, DC 

Digitized by 




Philip DeW Phair, 94, A M, 
John F Plumb, 91, M A, 
Francis H Potts, 68, M A, 

Rev William Pressey, 90, M A, B D, 

John Prout, 77, 

Charles E Purdy, 88, 

Prof Thomas R Pynchon, 41, D D, LL D, 

William H C Pynchon, 90, M A, 

Oliver H Raftery, 73, M A, 

Robert T Reineman, 83, 1, 

Rev Charles H Remington, 89, 

Frank W Richardson, 84, M A, merchant, 

Leonard W Richardson, 73, M A, 

Frank F Russell, 85. M A, LL B, 

Hon Gurdon W Russell, 34, M D, 

Bishop John Scarborough, 54, M A, D D, 

Walter S Schutz, 94, M A, LL B, 

Edward M Scudder, 77, LL B, 

Heyward Scudder, 91, M D, 

Willard Scudder, 89, 

Prof Lucien F Sennett, 89, A M, History, 

George H Seyms, 72, 

Library of Congress, Washington, D C 
New Milford, Conn 
128 Beacon, Minneapolis, Minn 

Ashton, R I 

East Springfield, N Y 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Hartford, Conn 

Hartford, Conn 

Portland, Conn 

Law Bid, Pittsburg, Pa 

Fort Dodge, Iowa 

46 South, Auburn, N Y 

Albany, N Y 

27 Grove, Putnam, Conn 

Hartford, Conn 

Trenton, N J 

120 Broadway, N Y City 

54 Wall, N Y City 

The Ludlow, Boston, Mass 

Concord, N H 

Pomfret, Conn 

Hartford, Conn 

Rev Prof Charles N Shepard, 91, M A, G T S, Chelsea Square, N Y City 

Hon William D Shipman, LL D, 

Rev William Short, 69, M A, 

Rev Edwin F Small, 74, 

Rev Cornelius B Smith, 54, D D, 

Prof George W Smith, 57, D D, LL D, 

Herbert M Smith, 93, 

Hon John S Smith, 63, LL D, 

Seth E Smith, 75, A M, 

James D Smyth, 74, M A,. 

Rev Uriel H Spencer, 90, M A, missionary. 

Rev Charles H W Stocking, 60, D D, 

Rev Morton Stone, 80, M A, 

N Y City 

3692 Pine, St Louis, Mo 

Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio 

101 E 69, N Y City 

Hartford, Conn 

Hartford, Conn 

1425 Broadway, N Y City 

Grosou Ste, Mich 

Burlington, Iowa 

Ventura, Califi^ 

Freehold, N J 

Taunton, Mass 

Hon John H Stotseuburg, 50, A M, LL B, 112 E Main, New Albany, Ind 

William J Tate, 86, 

Rev Elbert B Taylor, 73, M A, 

Robert Thome, 85, M A, LL B, 

Charles H Tibbits, 87, 

William B Tibbits, 61, 

William A Valentine, 72, A M, M D, 

t>aniel H Verder, 99, Divinity student, 

Hon Howard C Vibbert, 68, A M, 

Rev William H Vibbert, 58, S T D, 

Windsor Locks, Conn 
Westminster, Md 
30 Broad, N Y City 
Wallingford, Conn 
White Plains, N Y 
45 W 35, N Y City 
Middletown, Conn 
702 Orange, New Haven, Conn 
11 E 24, N Y City 
41 Union Square, N Y City 

Malcolm C Warner, 88, , , ^ 

Rev Louis C Washburn, 81, M A, S T D, 339 South Ave, Rochester, N Y 
Lucius Waterman, 71, Tilton, N H 

Rev Samuel N Watson, 82, D D, Chillicothe, Ohio 

Rear Lorin Webster, 80, M A, Holdemess School, Plymouth, N H 

Digitized by 



Charles F Weed, 94, LL B, Boston, Mass 

Rev Francis B Whitcomb, 87, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Richard A White 81, M A, Auditor NYC&HRRR, NY City 

Harlow R Whitlock, 70, Rockville, Conn 

Prof Harry E Whitney, 74, M A, Latin and German, Faribault, Minn 
Chauncey C Williams, 71, Augusta, Ga 

Rev Francis G Williams, 89, Milford, Mass 

Rev John Williams, 90, 551, 5th Ave, N Y City 

John W Williams, 78, M A, East Orange, N J 

Robert L Winkley, 79, Boston, Mass 

Rev Richard H Woffenden, 93, M A, Apponaug, R I 

Rev Clarence E Woodman, 73, M A, Ph D, 415 W 59, N Y City 

Edward W Worthington, 75, M A, 84 Huron, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev Arthur H Wright, 83, Newburyport, Mass 

George H Wright. 91, M A, M D, New Milford, Conn 

William G Wright, 91,M A, LL B, 97 Cedar, N Y City 

Rev Charles H Young, 91, M A, Sec Diocese, 4112 Nicholas, Omaha, Neb 
Paul Ziegler, 72, M A, 178 Henry, Detroit, Mich 


TuPTs CoLLKGB, Mass. 

President^ Prof Byron Groce, M A 
Vice-Presy Prof Charles E Fay 
Sec and TreaSy Samuel W Mendum, A M, LL B 
Marshal^ Prof Leo R Lewis, A M 

Rev John C Adams, 70, D D, 101 Wilson, Brooklyn, N Y 

Fannie G Allison, 99, t, 51 Winn, Wobum, Mass 

Malcolm C Anderson, 98, Somerville, Mass 

Prof Stephen M Babcock, 66, Madison, Wis 

Prof Percival G Barnard, 96, A M, High Sch, 68 Harvard, Lowell, Mass 

Charles N Barney, 95, A M, LL B, 103 Green, L^nn, Mass 

Frank E Bateman, 87, M D, Somerville, Mass 

Prof Charles C Bates, 73, Akron, Ohio 

Prin Walter P Beckwith, 75, Normal School, Salem, Mass 

Hon Horatio Bisbee, 63, Jacksonville, Fla 

Rev Henry Blanchard, 59, A M, D D, 88 Park, Portland, Me 

Hon Henry W Bragg, 61, A M, Judge, 209 Washington, Boston, Mass 

James B Brewster, 63, M D, Plymouth, Mass 

Daniel R Brown, 77, M D, Salem, Mass 

Henry C Buck, 75, A M, Elec Eng, 620 Atlantic, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Prof Lester h Burring-ton, 66, A M, Classics, Franklin, Mass 

Rev Theodore E Busfield. 80, Utica, N Y 

Pres Elmer H Capen, 60, A M, D D, LL D, Tufts College, Mass 

Edward H Clement, 64, Boston, Mass 

John L Coffin, 71, M D, 229 Berkeley, Boston, Mass 

Hon and Gen Selden Connor, 59, LL D, 16 Elm, Augusta, Me 

Wadlo L Cook, 87, journalist, Springfield, Mass 

Edward C Craig, 95, teacher, Franklin, Mass 

Virgil G Curtis, 66, School Supt, Toledo, Ohio 

Prof Herbert Cushman, Tufts College, Mass 

Lorrin L Dame, 60, t, Medford, Mass 

Prof Charles E Day, 68, A M, Tufts College, Mass 

Arthur E Denison, 69, Boston, Mass 

Prof William K Denison, 91, Tufts College, Mass 

Prof A E Dolbear, A M, M E, Ph D, Physics, Tufts College, Mass 

Prof Frank W Durkee, 68, Tufts College, Mass 

Florence G Dyer, 97, A M, teacher, Lenox, Mass 

Rev Charles H Eaton, 74, D D, 319 W 78, N Y City 

Prin Frederic T Farnsworth, 73, A M, Sanborn Seminary, Kingston,N H 
Prof Charles E Fay, 68, Tufts College, Mass 

Hon Charles S Fobes, 61, A M, merchant, 72 Emery, Portland, Me 

Harry C Folsom, 95, t, Oakland, Me 

William B French, 70, Boston, Mass 

Gen Win»or B French, 59, A M, LL B, Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Prof William Fuller, 79, A M, 22 Maple, Auburndale, Mass 

Edwin Ginn, 62, A M, publisher, Ginn & Co, Boston, Mass 

Mary F Goddard, 96, t. West Somerville, Mass 

Beatrice A Grant, 98, A M, t, High School, 29 Pleasant, Woburn, Mass 
Byron Groce, 67, A M, t, 4 Schuyler, Roxbury, Mass 

Rev Arthur W Grose, 91, Stoughton, Mass 

Clifford F Hall, 96, t, Nashua, N H 

Rev Frederick W Hamilton, 80, D D, 44 Townsend, Boston, Mass 

Hon John W Hammond, 61, Cambridgeport, Mass 

Prof George M Harmon, 67, Tufts College, Mass 

Francis B Harrington, 77, M D, Boston, Mass 

Frank M Hawes, 72, Somerville, Mass 

George H Hero, 89, t. Garden City, N Y 

Rev Alpheus B Hervey, AM, Ph D, Bath, Me 

Hon Samuel G Hilborn, 59, Oakland, Calif* 

Frederick C Hodgdon, 94, A M, Ginn & Co, 70 Fifth Ave, N Y City 
Prof William L Hooper, 77, Ph D, Tufts College, Mass 

Melvin M Johnson, 92, L L B, 53 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Prof Charles M Jordan, 77, Ph D, Supt Sch, 615 E 18, Minneapolis, Minn 
Ralph E Joslin, 86, A M, LL B, 10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Prof J Sterling Kingsley, Sc D, Biology, Tufts College, Mass 

Prof Charles M Knight, 73, A M, Sc D, Chemistry, Akron, Ohio 

Prof George T Knight, 72, D D, Tufts College, Mass 

Isabella G Knight, 99, librarian, Salem, Mass 

Hon Hosea M Knowlton, 67, New Bedford, Mass 

Prof Charles H Leonard, D D, Tufts College, Mass 

Digitized by 




Prof Leo R Lewis, 88, A M, Music, 
Prof Orlando F Lewis, 95, A M, 
Aaron Lovell, 62, 

Charles M Ludden, 86, A M, LL B, 
William W McClench, 75, LL B, 
Rev Lee S McCollester, 81, A M, D D, 
Winthrop L Marvin, 84, A M, journalist. 
Prof David L Maulsby, 87, A M, English, 
Samuel W Mendum, 85, A M, LL B, 
Prof Arthur Michael, Ph D, chemistry, 
S Griswold Morley, 98, A M, student, 
William R O'Neil, 96, 

Tufts College, Mass 

Tufts College, Mass 

N Y City 

Medford, Mass 

Springfield, Mass 

654 John, Detroit, Mich 

157 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Tufts College, Mass 

10 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Tufts College, Mass 

119 Cedar, Newton Center, Mass 

Attleboro, Mass 

Prin Charles W Parmenter, 77, A M, Ph D, High Sch, North Cambridge 

Frederick S Pearson, 83, 

Prin Arthur W Peirce, 82, Litt D, 

Rev Greorge W Penniman, 79, A M, 

Rev Frederick W Perkins, 91, 

Oscar H Perry, 83, t, 

Prin A Everett Peterson, 92, A M, 

Etta F Philbrook, 99, A M, teacher, 

Stephen M Pitman, 69, A M, Sec Ins Co, 242 Wayland, Providence, R I 

Prof Henry Priest, 74, A M, Ph D, Chemistry, St L Univ, Canton, N Y 

Prof William R Ransom, 98, A M, Mathematics, Poly t Inst, Brooklyn,N Y 

NY City 

Dean Academy, Franklin, Mass 

Southbridge, Mass 

Hartford, Conn 

Deering, Me 

High School, S Manchester, Conn 

Everett, Mass 

Charles L Reed, 89, A M, t, 
Sumner Robinson, 88, lawyer, 
Hon Augustus E Scott, 58, 
Sylvanus G Small, 98, 
Willard S Small, 94, 
Herman J Smith, 58, M D, 
Prin Orren H Smith, 96, A M, 
Frederic E Snow, 83, 
Rev Joseph C Snow, 58, D D, 
William W Spaulding, 67, 
Alaric B Start. 97, A M, 

AUston, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Tufts College, Mass 

Worcester, Mass 

Lowell, Mass 

Sanderson Academy, Ashfield, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Haverhill, Mass 

Haverhill, Mass 

D C Heath & Co, 93 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Prof Edwin A Start, 84, AM,History, Tufts, 42 Vernon, W Medford, Mass 

Morton A Sturtevant, 99, A M, 

Rev Edwin C Sweetzer, 66, D D, 

Prof William G Tousey, 

William D T Trefry, 78, 

H Austin Tuttle, 91, teacher, 

Prof Charles S C Wade, 94, A M, 

George C Waldo, 60, 

Prof Minton Warren, 70, Ph D, 

Jarvis S Wight, 59, M D, 

Franklin B Williams, 97, 

Prof Guy M Winslow, 95, A M, Ph D, 

Prof Warren S Woodbridge, 74, 

William R Woodbury, 85, M D, 

Frank G Wren, 94. t, 

Philip G Wright, 84, teacher, 

33 Gould, Stoneham, Ma^ 

1848 Park, Philadelphia, Pa 

Tufts College, Mass 

Savings Bank Com, Boston, Mass 

Polyt Inst, Brooklyn, N Y 

Tufts College, Mass 

Bridgeport, Conn 

Cambridge, Mass 

Brooklyn, N Y 

Roxbury, Mass 

Aubumdale, Mass 

Tufts College, Mass 

175 Newbury, Boston, Mass 

Tufts College, Mass 

Galesburg, 111 

Digitized by 



Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. 

President, Prof Benjamin H Ripton, Ph D, LL D 
Vice-Pres, William L Pearson, M D 
Secretary y Prof John I Bennett, A M 
Treasurer, Robert J Landon, LL B 

(distinguished members who have died) 

Chester A Arthur, President of the United States 

John I Bennett, Jurist, Author 

Austin Blair, Governor of Michigan 

George W Doane, Bishop of New Jersey 

Henry W Halleck, Major General of U S A 

Ira Harris, United States Senator 

Laurens P Hickok, Author, President of Union College 

John T Hoffman, Governor of New York 

Taylor Lewis, Author, Educator 

John McLean, President of Princeton 

Eliphalet Nott, President of Union College 

Alonzo Potter, President of Union, Bishop of Pennsylvania 

Horatio Potter, Bishop of New York 

Alexander H Rice, Governor of Massachusetts 

William H Seward, Statesman, Senator, Secretary of State 

Francis Wayland, Educator, President of Brown 

James Wood, President of Hanover, Author 

James Wood, Jr, Major General of U S A 

Hon Rodney C Abell, 54, West Haven, Vt 

Prof Elbridge G R Adams, 61, A M, High School, Vernon, N Y 

William R Adams, 51, Lowville, N Y 

Rev Spencer M Adsit, 77, A M, New Scotland, N Y 

Clarence E Akin, 77, Troy, N Y 

Daniel F Akin, 51, C E, Farmington, Minn 

Rev George Alexander, 66, D D, University Place, N Y City 

Hon Elmer A Allen, 65, A M, LL B, 80 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Edward B Allen, 57, Brewsters, N Y 

Courtland V Anable, 81, 32 Liberty, N Y City 

Edwin C Angle, 86, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev Andrew W Archibald, 72, D D, Brockton, Mass 

Digitized by 




George Arthur, 64, Springfield, Ohio 

John E Ashe, 66, Box 2884, N Y Citv 

Anthony W Atwood, 63, 801 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon James H Austin, 67, A M, LL B, Judge, 1016 Jefferson, Kansas City 
Hon Robert N Austin,4S, A M,LL B, Judge, 1004 Walnut, Milwaukee, Wis 
Rev Prof Charles Babcock, 47, A M, D D, Ithaca, N Y 

Rev John H Babcock, 45, A M, 

Rev Theodore Babcock, 41, D D, 

Hon James h Bagg, 37, LL D, 

Frank Bailey, 85, 

Charles C Ballard, 99, 

Rev William Bannard, 44, D D, 

Delos N Barnes, 53, 

Rev Edwin O Bartlett, 59, D D, 

Rev Frederic J Bassett, 77, D D, 

Abel Beach, 49, 

Rev Charles Beattie, 59, D D, 

Rev Joseph M Benedict, 66, 

Roswell A Benedict, 83, 

Rev Alden L Bennett, 87, A M, B D, 

Prof John I Bennett, 90, 

Hon John Bigelow, 35, LL D, 

John P Birch, bO, M D, 

Alvin B Bishop, 85, 

Rev Charles W Blessing, 88, 

Rev Thomas E Bliss, 48, D D, 

Rev James Bolton. 51, A M, 

Box 373, Mitchell, S Dak 

Manlius, N Y 

402 James, Syracuse, N Y 

175 Remsen, Brooklyn, N Y 

Morgantown, W Va 

2302 DeLancey, Philadelphia, Pa 

Leavenworth, Kan 

Providence, R I 

166 Prospect, Providence, R I 

Iowa City, Iowa 

Middletown, N Y 

Utica, N Y 

195 Broadway, N Y City 

134 Park, Montclair, N J 

Schenectady, N Y 

21 Gramercy Park, NY City 

3801 Powelton, Philadelphia, Pa 

Clyde, N Y 

Slingerlands, N Y 

3395 Hayward Place, Denver, Col 

Roycefield, N J 

James R Bolton, 83, M A, M D, Retreat, 30 Washington, Hartford, Conn 

James L Bothwell, 62, 

Rev Alfred P Botsford, 47, D D, 

Clark Brooks, 65, A M, 

Rev John S Brown, 34, A M, 

Warren G Brown, 47, 

Hon William R Brown, 72, A M, Judge, 

Hon Silas B Brownell, 51, A M, LL D, 

Rev Clarence Buel, 49, 

Henry D Burlingame, 55, A M, LL B, 

David A Burnett, 62, 

Hon Silas W Burt, 49, LL D, 

Hon John H Burtis, 54, A M, broker, 

Douglas Campbell, 94, 1, 

James H Campbell, 44, 1, 

Eliab W Capron, 50, M D, 

Edward T Carroll, 89, 

Hon John M Carroll, 46, A M, LL B, 

Joseph F Cary, 46, 

Michael P Cavert, 40, 

William P Chambers, 48, 

Francis T Chase, 52, M A, 111 Cent R R Co, 

Prof Albert H Chester, 66, Ph D, 

Albany, N Y 

Woodbury, N J 

54 William, N Y City 

Lawrence, Kan 

170 Broadway, N Y City 

El Reno, Okla 

71 Wall, N Y City 

615 Jeiferson, Detroit, Mich 

Albany, N Y 

Bradford, Pa 

Civil Service Com, N Y City 

121 Quincy, Brooklyn, N Y 

44 Cedar, N Y City 

1909 Parkwood, Toledo, Ohio 

Lansingburg, N Y 

Amsterdam, N Y 

112 William, Johnstown, N Y 

San Diego, Calif« 

Galway, N Y 

N Y City 

802 St Charles, New Orleans 

New Brunswick, N J 

Digitized by 




Hon John E Clancy, 66, manuf, 
Prin John H Clark, 70, A M, 
William H Clark, 68, editor. 
Rev I Jay Clizbe, 61, 
Henry F Cochram, 56, 

Trenton, N J 

High School, Flushing, N Y 

Cortland, N Y 

Mason, Mich 

Hartford, Mich 

Headmaster Charles J Colcock, 75, A M, Military A'demy, Charleston, S C 

Hon Orsamus Cole, 43, 3126 Wells, Milwaukee, Wis 

Rev Philip H Cole, 88, 416 E Willow, Syracuse, N Y 

Robert S Coleman, 58, Sandy Hill, N Y 

Gerrit S Collier, 68, Kinderhook, N Y 

Isaac N Collier, 55, Hudson, N Y 

Lewis Collins, 53, M A, Sec P and F Soc 222 Macon, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev George M Colman, 58, A M, 

John D S Cook, 59, 

Joseph S Cook, 53, M D, 

Rev Howard Cornell, 65, 

Rev Augustus W Cowles, 41, D D, 

George D Cowles, 50, 

Joseph D Craig, 80, M D, 

Rev David H Craver, 96, 

Rev John Crawford, 47, D D, 

Prof James Cruikshank, 51, LL D, 

Rev Robert Cruikshank, 49, D D, 

Edgar R Cumings, 97, teacher, 

Charles M Culver, 78, A M, M D, 

Augjustus E Curtis, 66, 

Benjamin F Dake, 57, A M, M D, 

Hon George F Danforth, 40, 

George J Dann, 96, A M, teacher. 

Rev George Darling, 46, 

Prof Daniel J Darrow, 50, A M, 

Hon George K Dauchy, 48, A M, Iron Works, 

Rev S Mills Day, 50, A M, 

John A Delehanty, 77, A M, LL B, 

6039 Champlain Ave, Chicago, 111 

Kansas City, Mo 

Washington, N J 

Seneca Castle, N Y 

Elmira, N Y 

Syracuse, N Y 

12 Ten Broeck, Albany, N Y 

Groton, N Y 

Damascus, Syria 

206 South Oxford, Brooklyn, N Y 

Oakes, Col 

Bloomington, Ind 

36 Eagle, Albany, N Y 

Adrian, Mich 

703 Penn Ave, Pittsburg, Pa 

544 West Ave, Rochester, N Y 

Liberty, N Y 

Milford, N H 

Brookings, S Dak 

84 Illinois, Chicago, 111 

Honeoye, N Y 

451 State, Albany, N Y 

Rev Charles H DeLong, 46, D D, 1415 Washington, Colorado Springs, Col 

Hon John A DeRemer, 57, LL D, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev Alexander Dickson, 46, D D, Lansingburg, N Y 

Rev James Dobbin, 59, D D, Faribault, Minn 

Rev P Melanchon Doolittle, 52, North Branch, N J 

Rev Samuel K Doolittle, 67, Paterson, N J 

Rev Arthur Dougall, 92, A M, Berlin, Md 

George R Donnan, 71, 10 Keenan, Troy, N Y 

William G Donnan, 56, 1, Independence, Iowa 

Alexander Duane, 78, A M, M D, 49 East 30, N Y City 

Hon Robert Earl, 45, LL D, Herkimer, N Y 

Rev David R Eddy, 60, Chicago, 111 
Hon Samuel Edwards, 62, LL D, Justice Supreme Court, Hudson, N Y 
Hon Wakeman W Edwards, 50, A M, LL B, 
Job B Ellis, 51, 
Rev Caleb B Ellsworth, 46, 

Abbeville, La 
Newfield, N J 
Maspeth, N Y 

Digitized by 




Sidney T Emerson, 52, M A, civil engineer, 3552 Vernon, Chicago, 111 

Hon Eli W Fairchild, 46, A M, LL B, Monticello, N Y 

Greorge W Featherstonhaugh, 71, Schenectady, N Y 

David W Fenton, 51, 71 W 12, N Y City 

Norman D Fish, 90, 1, Tonawanda, N Y 

Hon Robert B Fish, 67, A M, LL B, Fultonville, N Y 

Rev John B Fisk. 48, Bonne Terre, Mo 

Rev Frederick W Flint, 56, A M,Supt Chu Al, 1817 S Flower, Los Angeles# 

Rev James Frothingham, 53, D D, Chicago, 111 

Rev George W Furbeck, 87, A M, 522 Central Ave, Albany, N Y 

Peter R Furbeck, 54, A M, M D, 129 N Main, Gloversville, N Y 

Hon Asahel C Geer, 43, A M, LL B, 1223 N, N W, Washington, D C 

Rev George F Genung, 70, Richmond, Va 

Rev Prof John F Genung, 70, Ph D, Rhetoric, Amherst, Mass 

William K Gibson, 52, Jackson, Mich 

Hon Alexander Gilchrist, 59, A M, LL B, Evansville, Ind 

William K Gilchrist, 83, 7 Beekman, N Y City 

Neil Gilmour, 60, 

Henry Glen, 93, 

Horatio G Glen, 81, 

Rev Henry Graham, 65, D D, 

Hon Joseph B Graham, 58, A M, merchant, 

Hon John G Gray, 53, A M, LL B, 

Andrew H Green, 49, 

James G Greene, 84, 1, 

Rev Hervey D Griswold, 85, missionary. 

Prof Roscoe Guernsey, 96, A M, 

Elijah M Griffin, 52, 
Hon Sterling G Hadley, 36, 
Frederick D Hall, 84, dairyman, 
Rev Teunis S Hamlin, 67, D D, 
James H Hanson, 89, A M, LL B, 
Rev Luther R Hargrave, 82, 
Rev George Harkness, 62, 
Richard A Harkness, 63, 
Henry L Harter, 58, 

35 State, Albany, N Y 

Schenectady, N Y 

Schenectady, N Y 

Schenectady, N Y 

Schenectady, N Y 

Ellenville, N Y 

Syracuse, N Y 

36 Tracy, Rochester, N Y 

Jahuso, India 

East Cobleskill, N Y 

Winter Park, Fla 

Waterloo, N Y 

Antwerp, N Y 

1306 Conn Ave, Washington, D C 

Amsterdam, N Y 

Northwood, O 

Hillsboro, 111 

Fairfield, Iowa 

101 W 77, N Y City 

Rev Prof David Heagle,59, D D,LL D,Dean S Baptist Univ, Jackson,Tenn 
Henry O Hill, 73, Derry, N H 

John L Hill, 61, 115 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Herbert C Hinds, 82, A M, Albany, N Y 

Frank J Hoag, 65, A M, contractor, 2146 CoUingwood, Toledo, Ohio 
Rev Thomas M Hodg'man, 40, Rochester, N Y 

Hon Nelson K Hopkins, 42, A M, LL D, Austin Building, Buffalo, N Y 
Rev Ira Hotaling, 97, A M, student H T S, Hamilton, N Y 

Boardman S Hough, 62, West Leyden, N Y 

Prof George W Hough, 56, LL D, Astronomy, N W Univ, Evanston, 111 
Samuel B Howe, 62, Ph D, Supt Schools, • Schenectady, N Y 

Selah Howell, 64, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

James T Hoyt, 74, 7 Beekman, N Y City 

Hon Walter S Hubbell, 44, A M, LL B, Canandaigua, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Georg-e T Hughes, 93, journalist, Mail and Express^ N Y City 

Marcus T Hun, 65, Albany, N Y 

Arthur W Hunter, 92, 1, 310 Exchange Bid, Duluth, Minn 

Prof Ezra A Huntington, 33, D D, Aub Theol Sem, Auburn, N Y 

John Ickler, 80, A M, Real Estate, 22 Buhl Block, Detroit, Mich 

Hon S Marshall Ingalls, 46, A M, LL B, Springfield, N Y 

Rev David B Jackson, 59, • 1805 Fourth, Minneapolis, Minn 

Hon Samuel W Jackson, 42, A M, LL B, Myers Block, Schenectady, N Y 
Edgar M Jenkins, 77, 8 Union, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev Stanley D Jewell, 75, Butler, Mo 

Rev Edward C Johnson, 81, Duluth, Minn 

Rev Irving P Johnson, 87, South Omaha, Neb 

William A Johnston, 97, A M, mining. Bear Gulch, S Dak 

William F Jones, 51, Wellsville, N Y 

Eugene Joralemon, 77, A M, teacher, Belmont, Calif* 

Alexis A Julien, 59, Ph D, t, Colum Univ, N Y City 

Rev Prof John S Kedney, 38, D D, Faribault, Minn 

D Alonzo King, 44, Pulaski, N Y 

Hon Harvey J King, 48, A M, LL B, 128 First, Troy, N Y 

William W Kirby. 55, Roslyn, N Y 

Rev William H Kirk, 46, Orange, N J 

Hon William J Kline, 72, A M, newspaper publisher, Amsterdam, N Y 
George LaMonte, 57, A M, banker, Bound Brook, N J 

Prof Wendell Lamoroux, 44, Schenectady, N Y 

Robert J Landon, 80, A M, LL B, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev Egbert C Lawrence, 69, A M, Ph D, Westhampton Beach, N Y 
John H Leggett, 58, 22 Seventh, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Charles C Lester, 70, A M, LL B, Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Sylvester D Lewis, 57, A M, M D, 110 Elk, Syracuse, N Y 

Cyrillo S Lincoln, 58, Naples, N Y 

J Hayes Linville, 48, C E, 800 St Bernard, Philadelphia, Pa 

David Little, 55, M A, M D, City Hospital, 162 Plymouth Ave, Rochester 
Seelye W Little, 88, M D, 162 Plymouth Ave, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Abram N Littlejohn, 45, Garden City, N Y 

Rev Clinton Locke, 49, D D, 2825 Indiana, Chicago, 111 

James B Lockwood,. 70, White Plains, N Y 

Abraham B Longaker, 50, lawyer, Norristown, Pa 

Hon Henry R Lovell, 57, A M, LL B, 803 Clifford, Flint, Mich 

Rev David B Lyon, 47, Minneapolis, Minn 

Franklin W McClellan, 83, A M, manuf , 730 Union, Schenectady, N Y 
Hon William E McCormick, 50, real estate, Port Jervis, N Y 

Rev Patrick H MacDermott, 74, A M, P F, Johnstown, N Y 

Andrew McFarlane, 84, M D, 24 S Hawk, Albany, N Y 

Rev Charles K McHarg, 42, M D, Cooperstown, N Y 

Rev William N McHarg, 38, Blue Rapids, Kan 

Rev Donald McLaren, 53, D D, 356 Greene, Brooklyn, N Y 

William P McLaury, 69, A M, M D, 2209 Seventh Ave, N Y City 

Pres John K McLean, 58, D D, Pacific Theol Seminary, Oakland, Califs 
Rev Alexander McWilliam, 50, Somerville, N J 

Albon Man, 49, 52 Broadway, N Y City 

• Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon Henry Markell, SO, A M, banker, 200 West 1121, N Y City 

Charles A Marvin, 87, Charlton, N Y 

Rev William D Maxon, 78, Pittsburg, Pa 

Abel Merchant, 49, Nassau, N Y 

John C Merchant, 98, Nassau, N Y 

James L Meredith, 65, Williamsport, Pa 

Rev Nelson Millard, S3, D D, Rochester, N Y 

Charles C Miller, S3, M D, Marenzo, 111 

James C Miller, 66, Amsterdam, N Y 

Rev William Y Miller, 33, San Jose. Calif • 

Hon William H Helme Moore, 44, A M, Pres A M I Co, 51 Wall, N Y City 
Rev Arthur B Moorhouse, 78, Medford, Mass 

Rev Henry M Morey, 61, . 305 S Huron, Ypsilanti, Mich 

Rev William C Mosher, 45, A M, 754 Coronado, Los Angeles, Calif* 

David Muhlfelder, 80, Albany, N Y 

Rev John E Muller, 79, Louisville, Ky 

Rev David Murdoch, 45, D D, New Milf ord. Conn 

Thomas S Murdock, 63, M D, Northville, Mich 

Prof David Murray, 52, LL D. New Brunswick, N J 

Ephraim C Murray, 82, Clinton, S C 

Rev G Parsons Nichols, 60, D D, Binghamton, N Y 

Rev Henry E Niles, 44, D D, ' York, Pa 

Rev Charles F Noble, 65, Dalton, Mass 

Michael D Nolan, 89, lawyer, 251 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Henry H Northrop, 34, Flint, Mich 

Prof Sidney A Norton, 56, Ph D, LL D, Chemistry, Columbus, Ohio 
Rev John W Nott 46, A M, Mt Savage, Md 

Rev Matthew N Oliver, 57, Tappan, N Y 

Alfonso R Olney, 67, D D, West Troy, N Y 

Louis Oppetiheim, 75, A M, real estate, 402 E 50, N Y City 

Hon John K Paige, 65, A M, 17 Washington Ave, Schenectady, NY 
Hon Henry Parsons, 61, A M, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Hon Charles E Patterson 60, A M, LL B, 25 North Pearl, Albany, N Y 
Albert D Peake, 70, Walton, N Y 

Cyrus A Peake, 70, Yonkers, N Y 

William L Pearson, 68, M D, Schenectady, N Y 

Prof Charles H Peck, 59, A M, botanist, Capitol, Albany, N Y 

Prof Albert H Pepper, 87, A M, Modem Languages, Schenectady, N Y 
Roger G Perkins, 93, M D, W R Med, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Andrew J Perry, 46, 32 Liberty, N Y City 

Hon Seely Perry, 45, A M, merchant, First Street, Rockford, 111 

Capt Egbert Phelps, 56, lawyer, Joliet, 111 

Milton G Plank, 67, M D, Schenectady, N Y 

William J Pollard, 82, Seneca Falls, N Y 

Rev Washington I Pond. 52, Saratoga, N Y 

Rev J Jermain Porter, 43, D D, 17 Trinity Place, Watertown, N Y 

Pres Eliphalet Nott Potter, 61, D D, LL B, D C L, L H D, NY City 
Fayette B Potter, 43, Pawlet, Vt 

Henry C Potter, 41, A M, M D, banker, Saginaw, E S, Mich 

Howard Potter, 46, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Rev Rockwell H Potter, 95, Flushiiifir, N Y 

Hon Wilson M Powell, 59, A M, LL B, 29 Wall, N Y City 

Henry A Pratt, 56, Hornellsville, N Y 

Hon William B Rankine, 75, A M, V P Power Co, Niagara Falls, N Y 
Hon Frank H Ransom, 67, A M, 137 Main, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Charles Ray, 49, Marion, N Y 

Pres Andrew V V Raymond, 75, D D, LL D,Union Col,Schenectady, N Y 
Hon Colton J Reed, 60, A M, lawyer. North Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Newton L Reed, 79, Olean, N Y 

Rev Villeroy D Reed, 35, D D, 316 N 37, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev William J Reid, 55, D D, 244 Oakland, Pittsburg, Pa 

Willie M Rexford, 60, 116 E 38, N Y City 

Rev Edwin W Rice, 54, A M, D D, editor, 1122 Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa 
. Prof Benjamin H Ripton, 80, Ph D, LL D, " Union, Schenectady, N Y 
David C Robinson, 65, lawyer, Elmira, N Y 

Rev Greor^e Robinson, 61, D D, Chaplain USA, Fort Leavenworth, Kan 
Prof Lewis A Rockwell, 65, . Albany, N Y 

Gen James C Rogers, 60, lawyer, Sandy Hill, N Y 

Hon Edward D Ronan, 67, A M, LL B, Tweddle Building, Albany, NY 

Rev Stealey B Rossiter, 65, D D, 

Samuel Rowley, 47, 

Hon William P Rudd, 73, A M. LL B, 

Rev Thomas A Sanson, 58, A M, 

Thomas J Sanson, 66, 

Rev Nicholas J Seeley, 48, 

Pres L Clark Seelye, 57, D D, 

Hon Frederick W Seward, 49, LL D, 

Daniel Seymour, 66, 

Rev Gilbert Small, 49, 

Charles E Smith, 61, editor, 

Rev Young C Smith, 48, D D, 

Erwin I Spink, 53, 

David Spraker, 68, A M, lawyer. 

346 W'28, N Y City 

Hastings on Hudson, N Y 

363 State, Albany, N Y 

Muscogee, Ind Ter 

East Orange, N J 

Avon, Conn 

Smith, Northampton, Mass 

Montrose, N Y 

29 Wall, N Y City 

Idaville, Ind 

Press oflSce, Philadelphia, Pa 

West Pittston, Pa 

38 Park Row, N Y City 

Canajoharie, N Y 

Col Charles E Sprague, 60, A M, Ph D, Pres Sav Bk, 54 W^ 32, N Y City 

Rev David Sprague, 79, 

Pres Cady Staley, 65, Ph, D, LL D, 

Rev Horace C Stanton, 67, Ph D, D D, 

Hon John W Stebbins, 46, 

Rev CDF Steinftihrer, 64, D D, 

Edward L Stevens, 55, 1, 

Rev Julius Stevens, 50, A M, 

Prof Oliver P Steves, 62, 

Rev Josiah Still, 81, A M, 

Horace B Stillman, 46, 

Earl L Stimson, 56, 

Alonzo P Strong, 64, A M, lawyer, 

Marvin H Strong, 96, 1, 

Edwin B Tefft, 60, M D, 

Rev Chester C Thome, 59, A M, 

Prof James R Truaz, 76» A M, 

Amherst, Mass 

Case School, Cleveland, Ohio 

Clifton Springs, N Y 

Rochester, N Y 

520 Second Ave, Astoria, NY 

176 W Dominick, Rome, N Y 

Bryant, S Dak 

St Augustine, Fla 

Wassaic, Dutchess Co, N Y 

35 Mt Morris, N Y City 

16 Exchange, N Y Ci^ 

311 State, Schenectady, N Y 

12 Union, Schenectady, N Y 

New Rochelle, N Y 

Windham, N Y 

Schenectady, N Y 

Digitized by 



Hon and Gen James R Tryon, 58, M D, Ph D, LL D, Univ Club, N Y City 
George B Tullidge, 81, M D, 1544 N 54, Philadelphia, Pa 

S G H Turner, 98, A M, law student, Elmira, N Y 

Rev David N Vanderveer, 63, AM, 22 W 123,, N Y City 

Prin Fred Van Dusen, 79, A M, Ph D, Free Academy, Ogdensburg, NY 
Pres David Van Home, 64, D D, LL D, HT S, 91 Greenfield, Tiffin, Ohio 
Archibald L Van Ness, 67, lawyer, 258 W IS, N Y City 

Rev Maunsell Van Rensselaer, 38, D D, 22 St Nicholas, N Y City 

Rev Charles S Vedder, 51, D D, LL D, 116 Church, Charleston, S C 

Prof John N V Vedder, 95, A M, 524 Union, Schenectady, N Y 

Elmer E Veeder, 86, LL B, Las Vegas, New Mex 

Hon John DeW Veeder, 75, A M, LL B, Las Vegas, New Mex 

Albert B Van Voast, 90, lawyer, 153 Jay, Schenectady, N Y 

Col James Van Voast, 52, A M, 507 E Third, Cincinnati, Ohio 

John C Van Voast, 87, A M, LL B, 1079 Union, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev Francis V Van Vranken, 58, Philmont, N Y 

Rev William A Waddell, 82, San Pauls, Brazil 

Hon Cornelius A Waldron, 48, A M, Judge, Waterford, N Y 

Rev A V S Wallace, 78, Thompsonville, Conn 

Rev R Howard Wallace, 50, A M, Chaplain USA, Old Forge, N Y 

Rev Clarence Walworth, 38, Albany, N Y 

Rev Henry Ward, 64, Closter, N J 

Charles B Warring, 45, Ph D, 288 Mill, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Rev Schureman H Watkins, 82, Norwalk, Conn 

Rev Truman Weed, 75, A M, B D, Three Mile Bay, N Y 

Ex-Pres Harrison E Webster, 68, LL D, Schenectady, N Y 

Rev John D Wells, 38, D D, 155 South Third, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Samuel Wells, 49, A M, lawyer, Schuylerville, N Y 

Prof William Wells, A M, Ph D, LL D, Schenectady, N Y 

Edward Wemple, 66, manufacturer, Fultouville, N Y 

Rev John E Werth, 59, A M, Pres Ins Co, 18 N Third, St Louis, Mo 
Daniel M Westfall, 54, Cambridge. N Y 

Hon Jerome W Wetmore, 41, A M, 632 Peach, Erie, Pa 

Hon Lansing D Wetmore, 41, A M, LL D, Judge, Warren, Pa 

Edward P White, 79, A M, LL B, 45 E Main, Amsterdam, N Y 

Prof Henry Whitehorne, LL D, Union, Schenectady, N Y 

Prof Henry C Whiting, 67, Ph D, L H D, Latin, Carlisle, Pa 

Edward C Whitmyer, 82, Schenectady, N Y 

Col Timothy E Wilcox, 61,. M D, U S Army, Barracks, Columbus, Ohio 
Rev Charles S Williams, 48, Crescent City, Fla 

Hon Stephen K Williams, 37, A M, lawyer and editor, Newark, N Y 
Prof Marcius Wilson, 36, Vineland, N J 

Hon William H Wood, 44, Oak Park, 111 

Hon Wales W Wood, 57, A M, LL D, 218 W Lincoln, Belvidere, 111 

Arthur S Wright, 82, A M, teacher, Cleveland, Ohio 

Prof Benjamin F Wright, 62, St Paul, Minn 

Rev John Wright, Jr, 63, D D, 380 E Ninth, St Paul, Minn 

Prof William J Wright, 57, Ph D,D D,LL D, Westminster Col, Fulton, Mo 
Hon Austin A Yates, 54, Schenectady, N Y 

Hon N Lansing Zabriskie, 57, A M, lawyer, Aurora, N Y 

Digitized by 



Vassar Collbgb, Poughkkbpsik, N. Y. 

President, Pres James M Taylor, D D, LL D 
Vice-Pres, Mary W Whitney 
Secretary i Adelaide Underbill 
Treasurer, Ella M Freeman 

Mrs Mary Kleberg Abbott, 99, Fryeburg, Me 

Mrs Mary Clarke Acker, 78, A B, Hornellsville, N Y 

Mrs Ethel Serviss Ackerman, 98, A B, Closter, N J 

Elizabeth K Adams, 93, Vassar College 

Georgie Angell, 88, 1537 Kenmore, Chicago, 111 

Mrs Sarah Sheppard Armstrong, 77, A M, Penn Yan, N Y 

Mrs Caroline Swift Atwater, 77, A B, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Mrs Helen Hiscock Backus, 73, A M, Brooklyn, N Y 

Nellie R Baker, 99, 74 Elm, Bangor, Me 

Emeline B Bartlett, 94, . 103 S Angell, Providence, R I 

Mrs Sarah Glazier Bates, 68, A M, Lincoln, Neb 

Grace A Beard, 95, teacher. High School, 406 James, Rome, N Y 

Frances S Belcher, 93, Farmington, Me 

Katharine F Belcher, 98, 90 Clinton, Newark, N J 

Mrs Cornelia Golay Benedict, 92, Middletown, Conn 

Mary K Benedict, 97, Brookline Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Sarah C Bernard, 83, A B, 224 Fair, Kingston, N Y 

Flora B Bernkopf , 97, Wellsboro, Pa 

Elizabeth L Bishop, 97, A M, 74 Pitcher, Detroit, Mich 

Mrs Harriette Warner Bishop, 67, A M, t, 74 Pitcher, Detroit, Mich 
Mrs Harriet Stanton Blatch, 78, A M, Basingstoke, Eng 

C Lena Bostwick, 83, Springfield, Mass 

Prof Mary R Botsford, 78, A M, English W C, Chambersburg, Pa 

Eda C Bowman, 99, 1618 Susquehanna, Philadelphia, Pa 

Elizabeth S Bradley, 93, 102 Wall, New Haven, Conn 

Mary L Brinckerhoff. 99, 10 W 4, Mt Vernon, N Y 

Mrs Ellen Babcock Brown, 69, 103 E 39, N Y City 

Laura A Brownell, 95, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prin Mary F Bufl&ngton, 75, A M, Davenport, Iowa ; Kittanning, Pa 
Marion Burke, 81, M D, Colorado Springs, Col 

Ida J Butcher, 87, A M, teacher, 30 Court, Utica, N Y 

Mrs Helen Tunniclifif Catterall, 89, A M, 5629 Washington, Chicago, 111 
May H Childs, 95, A B, 34 Gramercy Park, N Y City 

Augusta Choate, 99, 133 Peoples, Atlanta, Ga 

Martha M Clark, 97, A M, teacher, 335 State, Brooklyn, N Y 

Mary V Clark, 93, A M, Sec N Y C A A, 105 E 22, N Y City 

Alice Clarke, 99, 500 Central, East Orange, N J 

Alice B Coles, 99, A B, 76 Maiden Lane, Kingston, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mary Colgate, 79, Yonkers, N Y 

Caroline Coman, 94, A M, teacher, Hamilton, N Y 

Mrs Florence Easton Conable, 82, A M, 706 Grand, St Paul, Minn 

Ellen E Cotrael, 99, 1014, IS N W, Washing-ton, D C 

Berthat M Critchley, 87, t, 235 Forest, Cleveland, Ohio 

Ellen K Gumming. 96, Fredonia, N Y 

Mrs Lucretia Stow Cummings, 74, Plantsville, Conn 

Caroline M Curry, 91, Cortland, N Y 

Eva J Daniels, 92, 342 E Fulton, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Sarah E Daniels, 69, A M, Claverack, N Y 

Helen L Davis, 99, Moultonborough, N H 

Lucy Davis, 85, A M, 902 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 

Mary A Deach, 98, Peoria, HI 

Charlotte Deming, 89, Parkersburg. W Va 

Mrs Grace Learned DeWitt, 76, 228 Washington, Albany, N Y 

Cornelia A Dike, 79, 131 Liberty, N Y City 

Mrs Frances Swift Doty, 75, 553 W 141, N Y City 

Caroline B Dow, 80, A M, music teacher, 415 Ashland, Buffalo, N Y 
Elizabeth D Dwight, 98, t, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

MaiT E Eastwood, 99, teacher, Bordentown, N J 

Prof Achsah M Ely» 68, A M, Mathematics, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 
Mrs Wilimena Eliot Emerson, 72, A M, 128 Henry, Detroit, Mich 

Susan H Evans, 95, teacher, Torrington, Conn 

Josephine Fagan, 96, teacher, Gambier, Ohio 

Virginia Field, 99, 16 Brevoort, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hasseltine R Fletcher, 95, A M, teacher, 43 Beach, Bloomfield, N J 
Mrs Emily Jordan Folger, 79, A M, 212 Lefferts, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prin Ellen M Folsom, 71, A M, Private School, 19 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 
Ellen M Freeman, 84, teacher, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Caroline E Fumess, 91, Vassar College 

Emma L Garrett, 99, A B, 194 Washington. Atlanta, Ga 

Juliette Golay, 94, teacher, 109 W 77, N Y City 

May B Granger, 98, A M, teacher, Greek, Winsted, Conn 

Elizabeth A Grigg"s, 89, 741 Brady, Davenport, Iowa 

Elizabeth H Haight, 94, M A, t Greek and Latin, 9 Steele, Auburn, N Y 
Jean Hamilton, 99, 138 W 6th, Oswego, N Y 

Claire B Hassler, 99, 2S2.^ Q, Washington, D C 

Mabel L Hastings, 94, 276 Ryerson, Brooklyn, N Y 

Phebe A Hatfield, 98, teacher, Saratoga, N Y 

Bertha Hazard, 79, t, Roxbury, Mass 

Mrs Hannah Mace Hedrick, 90, A M, U S Naval Observ, Washington. D C 
Ann Hero, 96, A M, teacher. Chemistry, 1213 Third, New Orlean, La 
Heloise E Hersey, 76, A M, teacher, 13 Walnut, Boston, Mass 

Nellie Higman, 96, 1822 Tenth S, Minneapolis, Minn 

Mrs Justina Merrick HoUister, 84, 465 E Fulton, Grand Rapids, Mich 
Harriet F Holmes, 95, 6636 Wentworth, Chicago, 111 

Emily G Hooker, 97, t, Marshfield, Mass 

Mary A Hopson, 73, A M, Kent, Conn 

Mary L Hosmer, 99, 146 E 6, Oswego, N Y 

Mrs Elizabeth Howe, 82, 183 Delaware, Buffalo, N Y 

Digitized by 



Helen N Hoy, 99, A B, teacher, 584 Western Ave, Albany, N Y 

Emma L Hubbard, 69, A M, 30 Essex, Holyoke, Mass 

Lola LaMotte Iddings, 89, M A, student, Yale, 100 High, Orang-e, N J 
Rachel B Jacobs, 77, 725 Wortbington, Springfield, Mass 

Anna M Johnson, 83, High School, Brookline, Mass 

Blanche A Jones, 96, Wilkinsburgh, Pa 

Clara L Jones, 87, 67 W Central, Delaware, Ohio 

Rose M Kavana, 91, A M, teacher, 1010 South Boul, Oak Park, 111 

Mrs Maria Brace Kimball, 72, Governor's Island, N Y 

Helen D King, 92, Ph D, teacher, 369 Front, Oswego, N Y 

Mrs Marietta Barnes Knight, 80, University Grounds, Columbus, Ohio 
Lillian LaMonte, 89, A M, teacher, 86 Washington, Binghamton, N Y 
Grace H Landfield, 97, A M, t,High Sch, 34 Stuy vesant, Binghamton, N Y 
Ella C Lapham, 76, A M, 1392 Amherst, Buffalo, N Y 

Abby Leach, 85, Greek, Vassar College 

Prin Ella M Liggett, 69, A M, Home and Day Sch, 73 Stimson, Detroit 
Mabel R Loomis, 85, teacher, Ticknor Hall, Colorado Springs, Col 

Mrs Julia Bennett Lord, 74, A M, Wolfboro, N H 

Lillian A McAllister, 96, teacher, Randolph, Mass 

Maria C McCarty, 98, teacher, Gouverneur, N Y 

Ruth M Mann, 96, A M, teacher, 284 Broad, Central Falls, R I 

Blanche Martin, 99, teacher, 620 Bishop, Little Rock, Ark 

Adele H Merwin, 99, teacher, 607 Whitney, New Haven, Conn 

Mrs Harriet Ransom Milinowski, 78, 1298 Main, Buffalo, N Y 

Mrs Autha Knowlton Miller, 90, 6017 Wood! awn, Chicago, 111 

Anne Moore, 96, 113 Chestnut, Wilmington, N C 

Mrs Elizabeth Woodbridge Morris, 92, Ph D, New Haven, Conn 

Mary B Mumford, 94, M A, teacher, 34 Edmund Place, Detroit. Mich 
Angie M Myers, 94, M D, Hope Hospital, Amoy, China 

Florence W Olivet, 98. A B, 261 Mill. Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Mary S Packard, 92. M D, 1709 Penn, Pittsburg. Pa 

Elizabeth E Packer, 96, A B, teacher, Latin, New Centre, Mass 

Rose A Palmer, 96, A B. 1408 Thirty-first, Washington, D C 

Anna Redfield Phelps, 73, Librarian, 422 James, Syracuse, N Y 

Theodora A Phelps, 95, 734 Central, Dunkirk, N Y 

Henrietta A R Pratt, 93, West Acton, Mass 

Adella Prentiss, 90, A M, Accom and Mangr, 273 Princeton, Cleveland, O 
Helen R Putnam. 89, 45 S College, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Mrs Eliza Metcalf Radeke, 76, 254 Benedict, Providence, R I 

Susan Raymond, 71, A M, 123 Henry, Brooklyn, N Y 

Amjr L Reed, 92, Kingsbridge, N Y 

Marie Reimer, 97, East Aurora, N Y 

Mary P Rhoades, 68, t, Brockport, N Y 

Mrs Mary Smiley Rhodes, 85, Groton, N Y 

Bertha Richardson, 99, student in Economics, 86 S Oxford, Brooklyn, NY 
Edith Rickerts, 91, Ph D, teacher, English, Vassar College 

Cynthia W Ritch, 70, teacher, 109 Atlantic, Stamford, Ctmn 

Grace H Robbins, 99, A B, 243 Summit Ave, St Paul, Minn 

Mrs Florence Halliday Rogers, 91, Chestnut Hill, Mass 

Alice W Sawyer, 97, teacher, 431 E First, Jacksonville, Fla 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Beatrice Shaw, 97, A M, teacher, 196 Ellison, Paterson, N J 

Mary Sherwood, 83, M D, The Arundel, Baltimore, Md 

Lizzie M Simpson, 98, A M, Mexico, N Y 

Jessie V Skelton, 95, A M, teacher, Princeton, Ind 

Mrs Martha Hubbard Skinner, 84, A M, 206 Elm, Holyoke, Mass 

Helen M Slade, 94, Vassar Colleg^e 

Mrs Harriet Palmer Slocum, 70, Pittsfield, Mass 

Mrs Emma Colby Smith, 69, AM, 43 N Fullerton, Montclair, N J 

Mrs Grace Bliss Snyder, 77, Rockford, 111 

Mrs Elizabeth Hill Spalding, 74, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N Y 

Leila C Spaulding, 99, Bedford Park, N Y City 

Elizabeth D Storer, 70, A M, Asheville, N C 

Helen L Storke, 68, . 167 Whitman, Cleveland, Ohio 

Sophie D Storke, 70, 167 Whitman, Cleveland, Ohio 

Mrs Amelia Esty Stowell, 71, A M, 303 N Aurora, Ithaca, N Y 

Elma D Swift, 73, A M, 130 Academy, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Mrs Louise Smith Swift, 87, M D, Mt Vernon, N Y 

Eva M Tappan, 75, A M, Ph D, teacher, 32 Chatham, Worcester, Mass 
Lucy Tappan, 80, A M, teacher, 22 Mason, Gloucester, Mass 

Helen D Thompson, 99, Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Prof Isabel Nelson Tillinghast, 78, Ph M, Eng, F A Col, Springfield 
Alta M Tozer, 99, teacher, North Bennington, Vt 

Mrs Mary Chuwar Trask, 70, 140 W 46, N Y City 

Sarah B Tunnicliff, 92, Macomb, 111 

Alma E Tuttle, 96, A B, teacher, 194 Main, Hornellsville, N Y 

Adelaide Underbill, 88, Library, Vassar College 

Elizabeth Updegraff, 95, teacher, McGregor, Iowa 

Melvina Van Kleeck, 94, A M, 285 Mill, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Helen Van Vliet, 92, A M, Virginia Ave, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Catherine Warren, 89, teacher, Vassar College 

Prof Margaret F Washburn, 91, A M, Ph D, Aurora, N Y 

Mrs Elizabeth Fox Webster, 76, A M, 132 Chestnut, Waterbury, Conn 
Emilie L Wells, 94, teacher, Vassar College 

Amy Wentworth, 98, A B, Boston CAS, 46 Sawyer, Dorchester, Mass 
Mary M Whitney, 68, A M, Vassar, College 

Ethel Wilkinson, 93, teacher, 1537 Kenmore, Chicago, 111 

Mrs Charlotte Halliday Wing, A M, 4822 Lake Ave, Chicago, 111 

Ida Wood, 77, Ph D, 2038 Spring Garden, Philadelphia, Pa 

Laura J Wylie, 77, Ph D, teacher, Vassar College 

Mary E Wylie, 99, Ph D, 4257 Viola, Philadelphia, Pa 

Mrs Anne Southworth Wyman, 82, A M, 93 Pinckney, Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 



Univejrsity of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

President, Prof John E Goodrich, D D 
Vice-Pres, Hon John H Converse, LL D 
Secretary, Lucy Florence Burdick 
Treasurer, Prof Lyman Allen, M D 
Registrar, Rev George Y Bliss 


Frederick Billings. President Pacific Railroad 

Nathan G Clark, Secretary A B C F M 

Matthew Hale, President United Chapters Phi Beta Kappa 

Calvin Pease, President University of Vermont 

Henry J Raymond, Founder New York Timea 

William G T Shedd, Theologian 

George N Abbott, 49, A M, South Newbury, Vt 

Pres Charles K Adams, M U 61, LL D, Madison, Wis 

Prof Ernest Albee, 87, Ph D, Cornell, 62 Dryden Road, Ithaca, N Y 

George W Alger, 92, LL B, 203 Broadway, N Y City 

Charles E Allen, 96, bookkeeper, Easthampton, Mass 

Principal. Joseph D Allen, 93, A M, DeLancey School, Philadelphia, Pa 
John J Allen, 62, A M, LL B, 203 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Lyman Allen, 93, M D, 288 Main, Burlington, Vt 

Egbert J Armstrong, 94, Castleton, Vt 

Ella E Atwater, 89, A M, teacher, 123 Pulaski, Brooklyn, N Y 

Pres Oscar Atwood, 64, A M, Straight, New Orleans, La 

Rev Will A Babbitt, 92, 9 Park Place, Ashtabula, Ohio 

Charles W Baker, 86, C E, editor, St Paul Bid, N Y City 

Mr and Mrs Moses N Baker, 86, Upper Montclair, N J 

Rev Alanson D Barber, 45, A M, Williston, Vt 

Rev George I Bard, 57, A M, Meredith, N H 

Annie R Barker, 78, teacher, Burlington, Vt 

Hon Horace Barlow, 62, A M, merchant, Hudson, Wis 

Lucia E Barney, 89, teacher, Erie, Pa 

Rev Edward C Bass, 59, D D, Providence, R I 

Hon George W Batchelder, 51, A M, LL B, Faribault, Minn 

Mary R Bates, 94, Librarian, 31 Loomis, Burlington, Vt 

Hon Benjamin L Benedict, 55, A M, U S Com, 86 Hancock, Brooklyn, NY 
Hon Charles L Benedict, 44, LL D, Dongan Hills. S I, N Y 

Digitized by 



Hon George G Benedict, 47, A M, jour, 31 S Prospect, Burlingfton, Vt 
George W Benedict, 93, A M, Ph D, teacher, Providence, R I 

Hon Wyllys Benedict, 76, A M, LL B, 140 Broadway. N Y City 

Prof Allen P Bissell, 58, Ph D, D D, Hebrew, Biddle, Charlotte, N C 
Rev George Y Bliss, 89, Burlington, Vt 

Rev Joshua I Bliss, 52, D D, Burlington, Vt 

Rev Boardman B Bosworth, 91, 616 W 148, N Y City 

Adelbert W Boynton, 76, Keeseville, N Y 

Rev Samuel I Briant, 63, Westboro, Mass 

Clarence S Brigham, 89, M D, Leominster, Mass 

James A Brown, 63, 1, Burlington, Vt 

Sarah V S Brownell, 77, oflSce clerk, Burlington, Vt 

Rev John W Buckham, 85, Salem, Mass 

Pres Matthew H Buckham, D D, Burlington, Vt 

Lucy P Burdick, 95, A M, teacher, 18 N Battery, Burlington, Vt 

Rev Henry E Butler, 61, D D, Alma, Mich 

Rev Ezra H Byington, 52, A M, D D, 300 Franklin, Newton, Mass 

Stephen T Byington, 91, Cornwall, N Y 

Mrs Elizabeth Norton Canfield, 96, Lake Park, Minn 

Prof Charles ACatlin, 73, Ph B, F R A A S, chemist, 133 Hope, Providence 
George B Catlin, 80, manuf, Winooski, Vt 

Newman K Chappee, 91, manuf, Rutland, Vt 

Rev Lucian W Chaney, 43, A M, Dundas, Minn 

Supt George H Claflin, 90, C E, creamery, St Albans, Vt 

Rev Albert W Clark, 65, D D, Prague, Bohemia 

Anna M Clark, 98, Ph B, teacher, Normal School, Brookfield, Vt 

Elroy N Clark, 85, LL B, 420 Equitable Building, Denver, Col 

Henry W Clark, 97, 1, 239 W 79, N Y City 

Vinton A Clark, 98, B S, Depart Agriculture, Washington, D C 

Rev William C Clark, 85, A M, Hardwick, Vt 

George B Cochran, 62, M D, Hudson, Mass 

James O Codding, 98, teacher, Westminster, Vt 

Col Charles A Converse, 69, Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia 
Hon John H Converse, 61, LL D, Baldwin Locomotive Wks, Philadelphia 
Frederick M Corse, 88, A M, manuf, 1161 Amsterdam Ave, N Y City 
Helen L Cram, 79, M A, teacher, 117 W 115, N Y City 

Hon Philander Deming, 61, LL B, writer, 12 Jay, Albany, N Y 

John H Denison, 77, 1, 541 Equitable Bid, Denver, Col 

Prof Davis R Dewey, 79, Ph D, Economics, Mass Inst Tech, Boston, Mass 
Supt Frank E Dodge, 88, Ph B, chemist, manufacturer, Frankford, Pa 
Joseph T Dodge, 45, Ph D, Madison, Wis 

Rev Dennis Donovan, 64, A M, South Lyndeboro, N H 

Albert R Dow, 70, Burlington, Vt 

Prof Edward H Dutcher, 82, A M, East Orange, N J 

Hon Dorman B Eaton, 48, N Y City 

Fred S English, 96, mech eng, 10 Pearl, New London, Conn 

Prof David S Estes, 71, D D, Theological Seminary, Hamilton, N Y 
Rev Edwin C Ferguson, 69, Athens, Tenn 

Walter C Flanders, 90, 1, 149 Broadway, N Y City 

Dr and Mrs George I Forbes, 90, 91, 215 Pearl, Burlington, Vt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev Calvin H French, 94, 7 Middagh, Brooklyn, N Y 

Mrs Isabelle Chandler Gates, 89, Burlington, Vt 

Hon Charles M Gay, 54, A M, editor, 127 Franklin, Newton, Mass 

Hon John I Gilbert, 59, A M, LL D, lawyer, Malone, N Y 

Rev Simeon Gilbert, 54, D D, Chicago, 111 

Chauncy M Goodrich, 96, 483 Main, Burlington, Vt 

Prof John E Goodrich, 53, D D, Latin, Burlington, Vt 

Rev Frank K Graves, 86, A M, teacher, South Royalton, Vt 

Abel J Grout, 90, t, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Robert N Hall, 57, LL D, Montreal, Canada 

Erwin M Harvey, 96, 1, Montpelier, Vt 

Hon Seneca Haselton, 71, Burlington, Vt 

Ralph L Hayes,86, A M,publisher(Ginn & Co)1229 Arch, Philadelphia, Pa 
Allen Hazen, 88, M D, 145 W 66, N Y City 

Rev Austin Hazen, 85, Thomaston, Conn 

Rev Carleton Hazen, 88, Rochester, Vt 

Rev Frank W Hazen, 90, A M, Gaysville, Vt 

Rev William Hazen, 93, A M, Sherburne, Vt 

Prof George W Henderson, 77, A M, D D, Straight Univ, New Orleans, La 
Rev John R Herrick, 47, D D, Polo, 111 

Hon Henry W Hill, 76, A M, LL B, 47l Linwood, Buffalo, N Y 

Mrs Lida Mason Hodge, 75 A M, 88 N Prospect, Burlington, Vt 

Theodore ifi Hopkins, 95, A M, LL B, Windsor, Vt 

Judson B Howard, 88, t. Concord, N H 

Bessie I Howe, 90, t, 33 W Washington, N Y City 

Prof Marshall A Howe, 90, Ph D, Botany, Columbia Univ, N Y City 
Roger W Hulburd, 82, 1, Hyde Park, Vt 

Merril M Hutchinson, 95, A M, insurance, Montpelier, Vt 

George E Hyde, 88, C E, U S Geologist, 1924 Third, N W, Washington 
Eliza C Isham, 86 t, Barre, Vt 

Jason D Jenkins, 74, East Haven, Vt 

Leirion H Johnson, 96, Springfield, Mass 

Hon John A Kasson, 42, LL D, Washington, D C 

Darwin P Kingsley, 81, A M, 346 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Orpheus T Lamphear, 45, Beverly, Mass 

Rev Warren H Landon, 74, D D, San Rafael, Calif # 

Rev Philo F Leavens, 61, D D, Passaic, N J 

Elwyn N Lovewell, 98, Ph B, teacher, Gaysville, Vt 

Hon Eli as Lyman, 70, A M, merchant* Burlington, Vt 

Rev William H H McAllister, 80, Old Orchard, Me 

Henry M McFarland, 78, 1, Hyde Park, Vt 

Mrs Annie Leavens Manchee, 96, Newark, N J 

Prof Joseph W Marsh, 57, Ph D, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Ore 
Hon George A Marshall, 61, A M, LL B, 305 Main, Darlington, Wis 
Willard A Mitchell, 87, 1, 35 Nassau, N Y Citv 

Hon Davis G Moore, 58, A M, coal operator, 312 Walnut, Danville, 111 
Effie Moore, 76, A M, t, High School, 8 S Willard, Burlington, Vt 

Edmund C Morse, 93, Island Pond, Vt 

Rev Edward P Morse, 79, A M, Troy, Pa 

Edmund C Mower, 92, 1, Burlington, Vt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mrs and Mr Walter R Newton, 80, 81, Andover, Mass 

Harry A Noyes, 93, A M, LL B, 423 W Church, Elmira, N Y 

Frank H Parker, 74, 325 S Union, Burlington, Vt 

Madison A Parker, 97, B S in Ag^r. West Concord, Vt 

Rev Moses P Parmelee, 55, A M, Trebizond, Turkey 

Rev Wilson B Parmelee, 53, D D, Oswego, N Y 

Selim H Peabody, 52, Ph D, LL D, 7424 Normal, Chicago, 111 

Mrs Mittie Skinner Peck, 91, Bristol, Conn 

Hon Hamilton S Peck, 70, A M, Judge, Mayor, Burlington, Vt 

M Aurelia Peck, 96, teacher. College Farm, Burlington, Vt 

Julia B Piatt, 82, Ph D, Burlington, Vt 

Theodora M Plumley, 97, Mattoon, 111 

Max L Powell, 89, A M, LL B, Burlington, Vt 

George McC Powers, 83, Morrisville, Vt 

Hon Horace H Powers, 55, Morrisville, Vt 

John W Redmond, 86, Newport, Vt 

Rev Alonzo B Rich, 42, D D, Short Hills, N J 

Hon John P Rich, 79, A M, manuf, Swanton Junction, Vt 

George W Roberts 57, M D, 1672 Broadway, N Y City 

Robert Roberts, 69, Burlington, Vt 

Hon Homer C Royce, 84, A M, LL B, St Albans, Vt 

Marion B Rustedt, 98, teacher, Richford, Vt 

Lillian A Scott, 94, Ph B, teacher, Burlin^on, Vt 

Frederick T Sharp, 95, A M, teacher. New Britain, Conn 

Merton E Shedd, 83, 98 Summer, Boston, Mass 

Rev William T Sleeper, 50, Sherman Mills, Me 

George E P Smith, 97, Burlington, Vt 

Prof Kirby F Smith, 84, A M, Ph D, Latin, J H U, Baltimpre, Md 
Hon Horace E Stevens, 70, AM, contractor, 530 Grand Ave, St Paul, Minn 

Ralph A Stewart, 93, LL B, 340 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Supt William M Stiles, 84, A M, manuf. Long Island City, N Y 

Rev George B Stone, 85, Baltimore, Md 

Hon George L Stow, 73, A M, LL B, Chelsea, Vt 
Edward D Strickland, 94, AM, Sec B H S, 395 W Utica, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Benjamin Swift, 86, Orwell, Vt 
MiloLTempleton, 59, A M, Gen Pass Dept S P, 1426, 16th, Oakland, Califs 

Rev Charles C Torrey, 49, M A, 14 Essex, Andover, Mass 

Rev Daniel T Torrey, 81, Providence, R I 

Rev Henry A P Torrey, 58, Burlington, Vt 

John C Torrey, 98, Burlington, Vt 

Rev Joseph Torrey, 52, D D, Shirley, Mass 

Abel C Tracy, 94, C E (Marlboro), East Randolph, Vt 

Prof Josiah W Votey, 84, Burlington, Vt 

William F Waters, 86, Burlington, Vt 

Supt Frederick A Wheeler, 93, A M, schools, Fairhaven, Vt 

Henry O Wheeler, 67, 335 S Union, Burlington, Vt 

Prof and Mrs James R Wheeler, 80, 80, Columb Univ, N Y City 

George L Wheelock, 87, A M, publisher, 33 E 17, N Y City 

Mrs Jessie Wright Whitcomb, 84, Topeka, Kan 

Byron O White, 73, Burlington, Vt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


George W T Whitney, 97, teacher, Barre, Vt 

Rev Earl M Wilbur, 86, A M, Meadville, Pa 

Prof and Mrs Frank E Woodruff, 75, 75, A M, A M, Brunswick, Me 

Wabaoh College, Crawpordsville, Ind. 

President, Prof Joseph F Tuttle, D D, LL D 

Vice^Pres, Benjamin Crane, A M 

Sec and Treas, Prof Robert A King, A M 

Albert B Anderson, 79, 1, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Hon Daniel P Baldwin, 56, Logansport, Ind 

Prof George S Burroughs, Princ 73, D D, Old Testament, Oberlin, Ohio 

Prof John L Campbell, 48, LL D, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Capt John E Cleland, 62, Litt D, Indianapolis, Ind 

Rev Robert F Coyle. 77, D D, OdkUud, Calif • Jici^Vtr 

Benjamin Crane, 73, 1, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Charles E Crockett, 98, South Bend, Ind 

Prof William O Emery, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Prof George A Ferguson, 98, A M, Rising Sun, Ind 

Harry N Fine, 96, 1, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Prof James B Garner, 93,M S, Ph D, Chemistry, 125 N Underhill, Peoria, 111 

Jesse A Greene, 89, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Rev Matthias L Haines, 71, D D, Indianapolis, Ind 

Daniel D Hains, 95, t, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Prof Benjamin R Howell, 97, A M, English, U of U, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Prof Hugh M Kingery, Wooster 84, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Elliott W Kirk, 99, B S, student, 213 W Jefferson, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Arthur A McCain, 89, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Rev George L Mackintosh, 84, A M, Indianapolis, Ind 

Prof Henry Z McLain. 67, L H D, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Hon John S McLain, 77, A M, 'Editor /oumal, Minneapolis, Minn 

Hon Thomas R Marshall, 73, A M, LL B, • Columbia City, Ind 

Prof Arthur B Milford, Prin 79, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Edgar W Olive, 93, 30 Shepard, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof James H Osborne, 79, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Rev Douglas P Putnam, 67, D D, Princeton, Ind 

Prof Charles B F Randolph, 96, M A, Latin, Urbana, Ohio 

William A Roth, 99, Mankato, Minn 

Prin Hiram H Ruston, 95, A M, High School, Princeton, Ind 

Prof Harry L Starr, 93, M A, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Prof Clarence D Stevens, 94, Ph D, English University, Vincennes, Ind 

George B Sweazey, 97, t, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Albert D Thomas, 64, lawyer, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Prof Mason B Thomas, C U, 90, D S, Botany, Wabash, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Maurice Thompson, author, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Gen Lew Wallace, 34, LL D, author, Crawfordsville, Ind 

Prof Robert N Whitef ord, 90, A M, Ph D, English, 307 Ravine, Peoria, 111 

Rev John E Wolever, 99, Brookston, Ind 

Hon William A Woods, 59, LL D, Judge, Indianapolis, Ind 

Digitized by 




Wksleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 

President, Prof James C Van Benschoten, LL D 
Secretary^ Prof Levi Oscar Kuhns, M A 
Treasurer^ Hon David W Northrop, M A 

(distinguished members who have died) 

Joseph Cummingfs, Educator, Author, College President 

Daniel Curry, Editor, Author, College President 

Calvin S Harrington, Author and Educator 

Erastus O Haven, Educator, College President, Bishop of M E 

Gilbert Haven, Editor, Bishop of M E Church 
Albert S Hunt, Secretary American Bible Society 
Orange Judd, Editor 
Harvey B Lane, Educator 
Oliver Marcy, Author, Educator, Scientist 
James Strong, Author and Educator 
Alexander Winchell, Author, Educator, Scientist 

Rev Dudley C Abbott, 89, West Haven, Conn 

Hon John E Abbott, 69, Boston, Mass 

Sarah L Abbott, 93, Rochester, N H 

Rev EJdward E Abercrombie, 89, HoUiston, Mass 

Lena M Adams, 92, t, Wethersfield, Conn 

Lulu G Adams, 95, t, ' Brookline, Mass 

Hon Joseph A Adlington, 73, A M, LL B, 15 Argyle, Rochester, N Y 
Prin Winfred C Akers, 93, AM, High School, 287 Linden, Holyoke, Mass 

Charles M Allen, 82, t, Pratt Inst, Brooklyn, N Y 

Pres David Allison, 59, LL D, Mt Allison College, Sackville, N B 

John A Anderson, 96, 143 Fifth, N Y City 

William L Anderson, 92, Black Hall, Conn 

Rev Joseph P Andrew, 76, Paterson, N J 

Arthur L Andrews, 75, 1, Savings Bank Bid, Albany, N Y 
Bishop Edward G Andrews, 47, D D, LL D, 150 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Prof Wilbur O Atwater, 65, Middletown, Conn 

Stockton Axson, 90, t, Princeton, N J 
Hon Clarence E Bacon, 78, M A, LL B, 235 College, Middletown, Conn 

Francis A Bagnall, 90, A M, t, St Albans, Vt 

Prof James L Bahret, MA, 131 Cannon, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Middlesex A Bailey, 77, t, Emporia, Kan 

Darius Baker, 70, 1, Newport, R I 

Rev Henry Baker, 54, D D, Washington, D C 

Rev William R Baldwin, 62, A M, Friendship, N Y 

Hon Forrest E Barker, 74, A M, LL B, State House, Boston, Mass 

Charles A Barnard, 63, 1, 45 Parsons, Brighton, Mass 

Digitized by 



Rev Edward A Bawden, 90, Germantown, Pa 

Rev John W Beach, 45, D D, Middletown, Conn 

George T Beattys, 8S, 1, 31 Liberty, N Y City 

Rev Leonard L Beeman, 75, Warren, Conn 
Hon Geo S Bennett, 64, A M, Pres Nat Bank, 4 N Main, Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Prof John A Berg-strom, 90, Ph D, Indiana Univ, Bloomington, Ind 

Cornelius R Berrien, 96, Montclair, N J 

Georg-e H Bickford, 91, Bennington, Vt 

Rev Robert E Bisbee, 75, E Pepperell, Mass 
Rev Edwin A Blake, 72, A M, Ph D, D D, 98 Edwards, Hartford, Conn 

Albert P Blakeslee, 96, East Greenwich, R I 

Charles W Blakeslee, 86, t, Long Branch, N J 

George H Blakeslee, 93, Cambridge, Mass 

Charles L Bonnell, 68, A M, M D, 3 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev George C Boswell, 86, AM, B D, Ridgefield, Conn 

Lahman F Bower, 79, Scranton, Pa 

Rev John S Breckinridge, 61, D D, Millburn, N J 

John L Bridge, 88, Waterbury, Conn 

Rev William Brill, 86, Bumham, Pa 

Byron A Brooks, 71, t, 314 McDonough, Brooklyn, N Y 
Prof JabezBrooks,50, A M, DD,Greek,U of M, 1708 Laurel Ave, Minneapolis 

Prin Selden L Brown, 79, A M, High School, Wellesley Hills, Mass 

Rev William M Brundage, 80, Albany, N Y 

Hon Alfred C Bruner, 79, A M, LL B, Columbia, Pa 

William E Bruner, 88, A M, M D, N E Building, Cleveland, Ohio 

Arthur P Bryant, 92, Middletown, Conn 

Rev Charles H Buck, 64, A M, D D, 101 Summer, Bristol, Conn 

Rev Walter P Buck, 86, 30 Myrtle, Taunton, Mass 

Clinton D Burdick, 86, A M, LL B, 175 Remsen, Brooklyn, N Y 

Arthur N Burke, 89, t, Waltham, Mass 

Arthur B Calef , 51, Middletown, Conn 

Prof Henry S Carhart, 69, Ann Arbor, Mich 

George A Cart^ahan, 84, Rochester, N Y 
Hon Augustus B Carrington, 76, M A, LL B, 115 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev James L Carroll, 51, New Haven, Conn 

Mrs Ida Gridley Case, 85, M D, Collitisville, Conn 

Rev William M Cassidy, 88, Hopkinton, Mass 

Rev George S Chadboume, 58, D D, Medfield, Mass 

Prin Charles S Chapin, 80, A M, Westfield, Mass 

Daniel H Case, 33, LL D, Middletown, Conn 

Irah E Chase, 50, A M, M D, 59 Park, Haverhill, Mass 

Rev Wesley D Chase, 63, Carthage, N Y 

Henry H Chatfield, 89, 1, Bridgehamton, N Y 

Simon F Chester, 52, t, Springfield, Mass 

Charles M Child, 90, t, Univ, Chicago, 111 

Charles W Church, 64, Waterbury, Conn 

Rev William R Clark, 52, Cambridge, Mass 

Ernest P Clarke, 88, A M, Editor Daily Press, Riverside, Calif \ 

Rev George H Clarke, 77, Winthrop, Mass 

Willis G Clarke, 77, Detroit, Mich 

Digitized by 



Rev Isaac N Clements, 70, A M, Cazenovia, N Y 

Herbert E Cobb, 87, t, 107 Winchester, Chicago, 111 

Prof Wellesley P Coddingfton, 60, D D, Syracuse, N Y 

Rev Wilmer IB Coflfman, 95, Parryville, Pa 

Rev Jacob A Cole, 87, Newark, N J 

Hon George S Coleman, 76, M A, LL B, 80 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Henry A Collier, 58, Mt Vernon, Iowa 

Rev Quincy J Collier, 57, Fayetteville, N Y 

Rev Benjamin C Conner, 76, Bloomsburg, Pa 

Samuel J Connor, 92, t, 7408 Pamell, Chicago, 111 

Hon Leslie B Cooke, 68, M A, C E, 24 Paddock, Watertown, N Y 

Rev Jacob P Cooper, 83, MA, 3 Arch, New Bedford, Mass 

Edward E Cornwall, 87, M A, M D, 146 Herkimer, Brooklyn, N Y 

Lewis W Craig, 79. t, Wellsville, N Y 

Mary E Cramer, 95, t, Portland, Conn 

Prof and Mrs Morris B Crawford, 74, 79, Middletown, Conn 

Samuel G Cushing, 72, A M, 186 E Maple Ave, Ottumwa, Iowa 

Prof Frank B Dains, 90, M S, Ph D, Chemistry, 2421 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 
Wilbur F Dales, 86, Ph D, t, Washington, D C 

Frederick M Davenport, 89, Columb Univ, N Y City 

Rev Charles E Davis, 76, Lynn, Mass 

Stephen B Davis, 59, Middletown, Conn 

George W Davison, 92, Jamaica, N Y 

Hon Roswell S Douglass, 61, M A, manufacturer, Plymouth, Mass 

Rev David G Downey, 84, M A, D D, 530 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn. N Y 
Herbert E Drake, 86, t, 28 Whitmarsh, Providence, R I 

Charles M Drew, 92, 1, 1400 Summit, Minneapolis, Minn 

William B Eaton, 89, M D, Hartford, Conn 

Thomas H Eckfeldt, 81, t. New Bedford, Mass 

Rev Edward Edson, 60, Yarmouthport, Mass 

Rev Asahel C Eggleston, 58, A M, 30 Portsea, New Haven, Conn 

Charles P Eggleston, 90, A M, LL B, 21 S 12, Philadelphia, Pa 

George M Eggleston, 92, Bristol, Conn 

Rev David H Ela, 57, D D, Hudson, Mass 

Grace R Emerson, 74, 65 Oliver, Boston, Mass 

Hon Thomas R Ercanbrack, 58, LL B, Affamosa, Iowa 

A Howry Espenbade, 94, t. State College, Pa 

William M Esten, 94, t, Middletown, Conn 

Edgar S Fernald, 90, A M, editor, 15 Cedar, Springfield, Mass 

Rev Oliver H Fernald, 63, A M, D D, Dexter, Me 

Prof William W Fisher, 94, M A, Greek, Coll School, 241 W 77, N Y City 
Prof Herbert F Fisk, 60, D D, LL D, N W University, Evanston, 111 
Henry Floy, 89, A M, M E, consulting engineer, 220 Broadway, N Y City 
Frederic W Frost, 94, A M, LL B, 54 Wall. N Y Citj 

Alice Cora Fuller, 94, Ph B, (t Evansville), 120 Academy, Fitchburg, Mass 
Catharine A Gardner, 85, t, Portland, Conn 

Arthur M Gates. 94, t, Dover, Del 

Herbert P Gerald, 82, Patent Office, Washington, D C 

Rev Levi Gilbert, 74, D D, New Haven, Conn 

Norman E Gilbert, 95, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Digitized by 



Prof Benjamin Gill, 70, A M, Greek and Latin, State Collegfe, Pa 

Wilbur P Gillette, 79, Wellsville, N Y 

Rev Andrew Gillies, 76, A M, 1724 Fifth Ave, Troy, N Y 

Prof Pedro Gillott, 92, A M,Greek and Latin, Wyoming- Sem,Kingfston,Pa 
Wesley C Ginn, 59, A M, Delaware, Ohio 

Prof Charles G Goodrich, 9S, Ph B, 65 Mallery Place, Wilkesbarre, Pa 
Prof Frederic S Goodrich, 90, Albion, Mich 

Prof John P Gordy, 78, Athens, Ohio 

Wilbur F Gorby, 80, t, Hartford, Conn 

Mary Graham, 89, Ph D, Middletown, Conn 

Roscoe A Grant, 94, t, Franconia, N BL 

Isabel Graves, 91, A M, Ph D, t, South Hadley, Mass 

Rev George A Graves, 65, New Britain, Conn 

Franklin H Griffin, 75, Flushing, N Y 

Charles W Gulick, 54, 1, 9 S Oxford, Brooklyn, N Y 

Roland W Guss, 88, t. Normal School, North Adams, Mass 

William B Gwinnell, 86, Newark, N J 

Hon and Rev A E Hall, 72, M A, merchant, Williamstown, Mass 

Frank K Hallock, 82, M D, Cornwall, ,Conn 

Rev Albert O Hammond, 65, t, HackettStonw N J 

Rev Pres D H Hanaburgh, 70, AM, Drew Ladies Seminary, Carmel, N Y 
Prof Albert E Hancock, 91, Ph D, 1621 N 15, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Theodore, E Hancock, 71, A M, LL D, Syracuse, N Y 

Henry I Harriman, 95, Readville, Mass 

Prof Karl P Harrington, 82, A M, Latin, Univ Maine, Orono, Me 

Pres Abram W Harris, 80, Sc D, Univ Maine, Orono, Me 

Prof Charles S Harrower, 63, D D, 245 W 104. N Y City 

Edwin B Harvey, 59, M D, Westborough, Mass 

Prof Marcus P Hatfield, 70, Chicago, 111 

Pres Bostwick Hawley, 38, A M, D D, Children's S H, Saratoga Springs 
Rev Emory J Haynes, 67, D D, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Bishop Eugene R Hendrix, 67, D D, LL D, Kansas City, Mo 

Rev Austin H Herrick, 75, Chicopee Falls, Mass 

Herbert A Hill, 89, 1, Bridgeport, Conn 

Rev William T Hill, 54, A M, 37 Howe, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Merrill Hitchcock, 81, White Creek, N Y 

Alice M Hotchkiss, 88, t, 83 Church, Middletown, Conn 

Frank C Hoyt, 84, A M, Com Agent Iron, 3 Park Place, N Y City 

Hon William P Hubbard, 63, A M, LL B, Wheeling, W Va 

James A Hulse, 90, t, Newark, N J 

Rev Jesse L Hurlbut, 64, D D, 150 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Prof Ammi B Hyde, 46, M A, S T D, Greek, U of D, University Park, Col 
Hon Henry C M Ingraham, 64, LL B, 16 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

Richard Ingraham, 42, 16 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

William M Ingraham, 46, 1, 166 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Arthur W James, 88, Oxford, Ohio 

William J James, 83, librarian, Middletown, Conn 

John E Jenkins, 91, Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Prof Duncan S Johnson, 92, Ph D, Botany, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

William A Jones, 81, 1, Newark, N J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Charles H Judd, 94, Ph D, t, Middletown, Conn 

Rev William V Kelley, 65, D D, ISO Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Amherst W Kellogg, 58, ii #^ ' Milwaukee, Wis 

Sheldon G Kellogg, 78, 1, l^% V V^^<y ^ San Francisco, Caliii 

Rev William H Kidd, 92, Torrington, Conn 

Prof Truman H Kimpton, 63, A M, D C H & Co, 11 AUston, Boston, Mass 
George E King, 59, LL D, D C L, Ottawa, Canada 

Rev James M King, 62, D D, Philadelphia, Pa 

Pres Joseph E King, 47, Ph D, DD, Ft E Colllnstitute, Ft Edward,N Y 
Rev Melvin D Kinney, 60, A M, Thousand Island Park, N Y 

Hon Martin A Knapp, 68, LLD, Chairman In t Com Com, Washington, D C 
Prof Thomas R Kneil, 75, A M, Supt Schools, Saratoga Springs, N Y 
Rev Daniel C Knowles, 58, D D, Tilton, N H 

Frederic L Knowles, 94, 32 Irving, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof Levi O Kuhns, 85, Middletown, Conn 

Linnaeus E La Fetra, 91, M A, M D, 23 W 37, N Y City 

Wesley E Lake, 93, M A, real estate. Ocean City, N J 

Rev George Landon, 41, Herrick, Pa 

Samuel G Landon, 89, t, Binghamton, NY 

Frederick W Lange, 88, M D, Scranton, Pa 

Daniel A Lehman, 93, t, Berca, Ohio 

William D Leonard, 78, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

William H Leslie, 99, A B, teacher, Kents Hill, Md 

Rev Isaac C Libby, 75, M A, t, Latin High School, Spokane, Pa 

Rev John W Lindsay, 40, D D, West Newton, Mass 

Prof Thomas B Lindsay, 74, AM, Ph D, Latin, 12 Somerset, Boston,Mass 
Prof Frank B Littell,91,A M, Astronomer, U S Naval Obs, Washington, DC 
Rev Cyrus C Lovejoy, 75, A M, B D, Morris, 111 

John E Loveland, 93, M D, Middletown, Conn 

Rev Delmar R Lowell, 73, A M, D D, Chaplain USA, Fort Plain, N Y 
Prof Henry Lummis, 55, Appleton, Wis 

Rev Ensign McChesney, 68, D D, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof Charles W McCormick,81,Ph D,D D,Cent Coll Ins, Hackettstown,N J 
Rev George H McGrew,70, M A, D D, LLB, 7l5Case Ave,Cleveland,Ohio 
Prof Bradford O Mclntire, 83, A M, Ph D, English, Dickinson, Carlisle, Pa 
Bishop Willard F Mallalieu, 57, D D, LL D, Auburndale, Mass 

Rev John H Mansfield, 55, A M, 167 Chestnut, Gardner, Mass 

Rev Tamerlane P Marsh, 69, D D, Alliance, Ohio 

Rev William W Martin, 74, Brentwood, Tenn 

Lillie B Matherson, 86, t, Maiden, Mass 

Rev John W Maynard, 83, New Britain, Conn 

Prin Emory L Mead, 78, A M, High School. Milton, Mass 

Prof William E Mead, 81, Middletown, Cbnn 

Ernest L Meritt, 91, t, Southington, Conn 

Hon Charles A Merrill, 64, A M, LL B, 76 Elm, Worcester, Mass 

Prof Elmer T Merrill, 81, Middletown, Conn 

Rev Charles W Millard, 67, Yonkers, N Y 

Arthur B Miller, 92, Waterbury, Conn 

Charles A Miller, 92, t. Providence, R I 

Rev Edmund M Mills, 72, Ph D, D D, P E, 408 W Clinton, Elmira, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



William H Mitchell, 85, A M, LL B, 
Vida P Moore, 93, Ph D, t. 
Rev Joseph L Morse, 59, A M, t, 
I Rev James Mudge, 65, D D, 
George R Munroe, 93, 1, 
Rev Joseph O Munson, 65, 
Rev Albert J Nast, 68, D D, 
Rev William R Newhall, 81, D D, 
Hon Henry G Newton, 70, A M, LL B, 
Mrs Carrie Webster Nichols, 82, Ph B, 
Bishop William X Ninde, 55, D D, LL D, 
Rev James Nixon, Jr, 75, 
Rev Frank M North, 72, D D, 
David W Northrop, 68, 
Lewis J Norton, 93, Ph B, A M, teacher, 
George LeRoy Noyes, 98, t, 
Stephen H Olin, 66, LL D, 
Samuel B Opdyke, 95, 
Henry L Osborn, 78, Ph D, t, 
Hon Wilbur F Osborne, 61, A M, manuf, 
Frederick C Ostrander, 93, t, 
Rev Isaac H Packard, 73, 
John C Packard, 86, A M, t, 
Rev Albert P Palmer, 71, A M, 
Archie E Palmer, 74, A M, 
Hon Francis H Parker, 74. A M, LL B, 
Pres Millard M Parker, A M, 
Wendell P Parker, 90, t. 
Rev Arthur W Partch, 89, A M, 
Rev Watson L Phillips, 72, D D, 
Prof William H H Phillips, 65, Ph D, 
Rev Benjamin, C Pilsbury, 75, M A, 
Rev John H Pillsbury, 74, A M, 
Ralph H Pomeroy, 87, M D, 
Mrs Bella Pullman Porter, 85, 
Arthur W Price, 98, M A, LL B, 
Prof M W Prince, 68, A M, S T D, 
John S Pullman, 92, 1, 
Ernest M Quittmeyer, 99, t, 

16 State, Boston, Mass 

Ithaca, N Y 

Evanston, 111 

Natick, Mass 

220 Broadway, N Y City 

Center Moriches, N Y 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Wilbraham, Mass 

New Haven, Conn 

Burlington, N J 

59 Ledyard, Detroit, Mich 

Gorham, Me 

150 Fifth Ave. N Y City 

Middletown, Conn 

Suffield, Conn 

Middletown, Conn 

32 Nassau, N Y City 

75 N 2, Easton, Pa 

Hamline, St Paul, Minn 

Ansonia, Conn 

1074 Washington, N Y City 

Watertown, Mass 

Brookline, Mass 

Camden, N Y 

146 Grand, N Y City 

902 Main, Hartford, Conn 

Univ of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz 

2 Midland, Worcester, Mass 

Hiawatha, Kan 

New Haven, Conn 

Brookings, S Dak 

New Canaan, Conn 

Principal of School, Woburn, Mass 

511 Nostrand, Brooklyn, N Y 

832 Quincy, Brooklyn, N Y 

65 Summer, Bang-or, Me 

Dickinson, Carlisle, Pa 

Bridgeport, Conn 

High School, Bridgeport, Conn 

Hon John C Rand, 63, M A, Bradstreet's Com Ag, 100 Franklin, Boston 
Prof William T Randall, 87, A M, Dean Chaffey College, Ontario, Calif 
Pres George E Reed, 69, D D, LL D, Dickinson, Carlisle, Pa 

Rev John J Reed, 64, D D, 
Frank Reynolds, 68, 1, 
George G Reynolds, 41, 1, 
Rev Charles F Rice, 72, D D, 
Prof Edward L Rice, 92, Ph D, 
Rev Willard M Rice, 37, D D, 
Rev William N Rice, 65, D D, 
Burdett A Rich, 78, 1, 

221 Fourth, N Y City 

16 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

16 Court, Brooklyn, N Y 

156 Harvard, Springfield, Mass 

Ohio Wesl Univ, Delaware, Ohio 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Middletown, Conn 

Rochester, N Y 

Digitized by 



Herbert L Rich, 88, M D, West Roxbury, Mass 

Rev William A Richard, 84, N Y City 

Rev Aaron Rittenhouse, 61, D D, 1421 N 54, Philadelphia, Pa 

George A Robbins, 83, 821 Pullman, Chicago, 111 

Rev Silas W Robbins, 47, 18 Highland, Hartford, Conn 

Hon George L Roberts, 59, LL B, 81 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Hon Daniel h Robertson, 78, M A, manuf, Glens Palls, N Y 

Herbert D Rockwell, 87, North Adams, Mass 

Hon Alfred S Roe, 70, A M, teacher, Worcester, Mass 

Prof Edward B Rosa, 86, Ph D, Physics, W U, Middletown, Conn 

Hon George C Round, 66, A M, Law, Real Estate, Manassas, Va 

Wilbur E Rowell, 85, LL B, Lawrence, Mass 

Albin C Russell, 77, t, Kents Hill, Me 

Prof Herbert E Russell, 84, University Park, Col 

Rev Richard H Rust, 65, D D, P E, 220 W 4, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Prank E Sanford, 87, Supt Schools, La Grange, 111 

Prof Myron R Sanford, 80, Middlebury, Vt 

Rev William E Scofield, 78, Southampton, N Y 

Henry T Scudder, 72, 1, Marinette, Wis 

Edmund D Searls, 96, t, Wilbraham, Mass 

Rev Hiram P Shepard, 58, Porestville, N Y 

Rev J O Sherbum, 73, M A, P E, Summer, St Johnsbury, Vt 

Hon George W Shonk, 73, A M, LL B, Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Rev Prin William B Silber, 50, M D, Ph D, LL D, 2111 Pifth Ave,N Y City 
Rev Benjamin P Simon, 80, M A, 10 Somerset Ave, Taunton, Mass 

Hon Charles W Smiley, 74, AM, editor, 943 Mass Ave, N W, Washington 
Arthur W Smith, 91, Pall River, Mass 

Pres Edgar M Smith, 71, D D, Bloomington, 111 

Rev Sidney K Smith, 65, A M, 83 East Main, Marlboro, Mass 

William B Smith, 88, t, 83 East Main, Marlboro, MStss 

Prof William E Smyser, 89, Greencastle, Ind 

Winfield S Smyth, 63, A M, Ph D, publisher, 378 Wabash, Chicago, 111 
William L Snow, 94, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev Henry A Starks, 69, D D, Middletown, Conn 

Rev Daniel Steele, 48, D D, Milton, Mass 

Rev George M Steele, 50, D D, Chicago. Ill 

Willis K Stetson, 81, A M, Librarian Public Library, New. Haven, Conn 
Prof James M Stevens, 87^, M A, Supt Schools, Darlington, Wis 

George H Stone, 68, A M, Colorado Springs, Col 

Henry A Strong, 66, 1, Erie, Pa 

William C Strong, 79, Natick, Mass 

Arthur E Sutherland, 85, 1, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Marcus L Taft, 73, D D, Tientsin, China 

Rev William N Taft, 78, Haupaug, N Y 

RevMicah J Talbot, 43, A M, D D, Providence, R I 

Egburt J Tamblyn, 92, 1, Newark, N J 

Evan L Tamblyn, 97, 1, Hackettstown, N J 

Rev Edwin S Tasker, 90, Sunapee, N H 

Pred E Tasker, 84, 1, 220 Broadway, N Y City 

Alfred E Taylor, 92, A M, t, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 

Digitized by 



Franklin H Taylor, 84, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Riley T Taylor, 54, D D, 1523, Edmondson Ave, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Milton S Terry, 70, A M, D D, LL D, Evanston, 111 

Ashley H Thorndyke, 93, A M, Cleveland, Ohio 

Edward h Thorndike, 95, Teachers CoUeg-e, N Y City 

Prof John L Tilton, 85, Ph D, Nat Sci, Simpson College, Indianola, la 
Rev Freeman P Tower, 93, A M, D D, Southport, Conn 

Prof Olin F Tower, 92, A M, Ph D, Chemistry, Adelbert, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rev Edward D Towle, 74, Brookline, Mass 

Gilbert H Trafton, 98, Ph B, t. East Greenwich, R I 

Prof Aaron h Treadwell, 88, Oxford, Ohio 

Alfred C True, 73, Dept Agr, Washington, D C 

Rev Alexander H Tuttle, 66, Newark, N J 

Abm S Underbill, 75, A M. LL B, Sing Sing, N Y 

Henry R Van Deusen, 94, 1, Philadelphia, Pa 

Anna Van Vleck, 79, t, Girls High School, N Y City 

Edward B Van Vleck, 84, Middletown, Conn 

Prof John M Van Vleck,50,LL D,Math and Astronomy,Middletown,Conn 
Prof Clarence A Wadlo, 75, Lafayette, Ind 

Merle B Waltz, 95, t, Quincy, 111 

Hon Herbert H Ward, 79, A M,LLB,Fifth and Rodney, Wilmington,Del 
George P Wardell, 86, 26 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev William H Wardell, 60, New Rochelle, N Y 

Mrs Maud Wells Weeks, 95, Marlborough, Mass 

Rev Herbert Welch, 87, M A, B D, Middletown, Conn 

George W Wendell, 52, A M, collector, 860 Mass Ave, Cambridge, Mass 
Prof and Mrs Lewis G Westgate, 90, 90, Evanston, III 

Rev Daniel A Whedon, 45 D.D, E Greenwich, R I 

Hon William G Whipple. 57, LL B, 415 Scott, Little Rock, Ark 

Rev (Jeo Whitaker, 61, D D, Cambridge, Mass 

Rev N T Whitaker, 65, A M, D D, 135 Shurtleflf, Chelsea, Mass 

Rev William F Whitcher, 71, Woodsville, N H 

Henry S White, 82, Evanston, 111 

Prof Moses C White, 45, A M, M D, 214 Crown, New Haven, Conn 

RevPres George H Whitney, 58, D D, 828 First Place, Plainfield, N J 
Rev Charles W Walder, 65, Quincy, Mass 

Rev Frank E Wiliams, 86, D D, Baltimore, Md 

Robert H Williams, 86, M A, LL B, Chattanooga, Tenn 

Hon Thomas C Wilson, 83, AM, LLB, 1502 Park Place Ave, Wichita, Kan 
Rev William S Winans, Jr, 77, West Haven, Conn 

Prof Caleb T Winchester, 69, L HD, LL D, English, Middletown, Conn 
Rev Thomas B Wood, 64, LL D, Lima, Peru 

Prof Charles D Woods, 80, Orona, Me 

Rev Frederick Woods, 59, D D, Wobum, Mass 

Frederick S Woods, 85, t, Newton, Mass 

William S Woods, 95, 30 Lafayette, N Y City 

Rev Harvey Woodward, 69, Natick, Mass 

Rev Dean Alfred A Wright, 63, D D, B C S, 9 Clinton, Cambridge, Mass 
Rev Granville Yager, 66, M A, East Bridgewater, Mass 

Arthur E Young, 98, t, 113 Greenwood, New Britain, Conn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Western Reserve University, Clevei*and, Ohio 

President^ Prof Charles J Smith 
Vice-Pres, Prof Clarence P Bill 
Secretary ^ Prof John Dickerman 
Treasurer^ David G Jaeger, LL B 

Hon Clarence E AUen, 77, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Prof Frederick W Ashley, 85, Painesville, Ohio 

John P Barden, 79, P M, Painesville, Ohio 

Prof Allen C Barrows, 61, D D, 85 W 10, Columbus, Ohio 

Prof Nathan Barrows, 49, East Bridgewater, Mass 

Prof Henry C Beardslee, 89, Cleveland, Ohio 

Mrs Anna Roeder Meriam Bell, 87, A M, 49 Tilden Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 
Bell Bernard, 86, A M, t, Central H S, 110 Ing-leside, Cleveland, Ohio 
Prof Clarence -P Bill, 94, 853 Logan Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 

Herbert W Bill, 69, C E, 853 Logan Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev Lemuel B Bissell, 76, Lansing, Mich 

John R,Brotherton, 79, Ogalalla, Neb 

Rev Nathan S Burton, 46, D D, 813 E Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Rev Ebenezer Bushnell,46,D D, Sc and Tr W R U, 727 Genesee,Cleveland 
Rev Lewis E Canfield, 84, A M, Pres Academy, Charles, Mix Co, S Dak 
Hon Walter L Campbell,67, A M, editor, 324 Wick Ave, Youngstown,Ohio 
Henry L Cannon, 93, t, High School, Indianapolis, Ind 

Rev Alanson Carroll, 58, t, Independence, Mo 

Pres William I Chamberlain, 59, A M,LL D,editorO>4w? Farmer^ Cleveland 
Rev Jacob Chamberlin, 56, D D, missionary, Madras, India 

Rev Addison M Chapin, 69, Utica, Ohio 

Rev Edwin W Childs, 57, Granville, Ohio 

Rev Edward S Claflin, 95, 446 Dunham, Cleveland, Ohio 

Edwin A Clark, 87, M D, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon John H Clarke, 77, A M, LL B, Solic N Y, Ch and St L Ry, Cleveland 
Rev Edwards P Cleaveland, 78, Fredonia, N Y 

Prof Albert P Cook, 82, A M, Supt Schools, Ithaca, Mich 

Gertrude Cozad, 87, t, Bible School, Kiobe, Japan 

Rev Henry M Curtis, 71, D D, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon William E Curtis, 71, Washington, D C 

William E Cushing, 75, 1, 12 Hayward, Cleveland, Ohio 

John Dickerman 91, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev Thomas Doggett, 48, D D, Bryan, Ohio 

Hon Myron MDrury,77, A M,V P & Treas,1011 Chicago Ave,Evanston,Ill 
John H Dynes, 91, 20 Grant, Washington, D C 

Rev Albert Fitch, 52, Central City, Neb 

Rev David Fitch, 55, Brooklyn, N Y 

William W Ford, 93, Norwalk, Ohio 

Horace B Foster, 52, A M, 1, Hudson, Ohio 

Digitized by 



Rev Theodore Y Gardner, 64, 46 Hough, Cleveland, Ohio 

Charles A Gates, 73, Massillon, Ohio 

William H Gaylord, 64, East Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Charles R Grant, 72, M A, LL B, Akron, Ohio 

Harry A Harine, 98, Secretary Adelbert, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev Howell M Hayden, 96, 1599 Euclid, Cleveland, Ohio 

Ellen C Hinsdale, 85, A M, teacher, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Mary L Hinsdale, 85, A M, teacher, Ann Arbor, Mich 

Brainard S Higley, 59, A M, 1, * Youngstown, Ohio 

Rev Charles E Hitchcock, 83, A M, Benson, Vt 

Rev Henry V Hitchcock, 59, Michigan City, Ind 

Hon George Hoadley, 44, LL D, 22 William, N Y City 

Prin Nowton B Hobart, 78, A M, High School, Greenwich, Conn 

Prof Evan H Hopkins, 89, A M, LL B, 84 Miles Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 
Prof Henry H Hosford, 80, A M, Crete, Neb 

Rev John H House, 68, D D, Salonica, Turkey 

Harvey W Hurlebaus, 98, student, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev William J Jacobs, 88, A M, Penfield, Ohio 

David G Jaeger, 97, LL B, 113 Brookfield, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Frank H Jones, 82, A M, LL B, Judge, Norwalk, Ohio 

Franklin T Jones, 97, t, Geneva, Ohio 

Rev John P Jones, 75, D D, Madura, India 

Calvin A Judson, 86, 1, Cleveland, Ohio 

Louis A Kelly, 78, merchant, 25 Vienna, Cleveland, Ohio 

Col Cortland L Kennan, 67. A M, LL B, Norwalk, Ohio 

Hon Henry L K Kennan, 73, A M, Judge, City Hall, Spokane, Was 

Jarvis R Kennan, 71, Supt Schools, ' Medina, Ohio 

John G Kennan, 79, M D, Springffield, Ohio 

Prof George T Ladd, 64, D D, LL D, author. New Haven, Conn 

Prof James T Lees, 86, Ph D, Lincoln, Neb 

Rev Arthur C Ludlow, 84, A M, 191 Miles Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 

Bertha A Lynch, 91, B L, teacher, 302 Sibley, Cleveland, Ohio 

Arthur H Mabley, 94, t, Akron, Ohio 

Rev Nathaniel McConaughy, 52, MA, 16 W 125, N Y City 

Rev Henry T McEwen, 78, D D, Amsterdam, N Y 

Prof Arthur C McGiflfert, 82, Ph D, D D, Church Hist, U T S, N Y City 
Frank S McGowan, 90, A M, LL B, 841 Case Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 

Prof James W McLane, 83, A M, 37 Brookfield, Cleveland, Ohio 

George M Marshall, 83, M A, M D, 1819 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 

Alexander H Martin, 95, 1, 501 Am Trust Building, Cleveland, Ohio 
Dean Colbert Mathews, 1900, student, Painesville, Mass 

George R Mathews, 84, t, Redlands, Calif • 

Hon Frank F Morrill, 68, A M, banker, Newburyport, Mass 

Rev Henry V Noyes, 61, A M, Canton, China 

William O Osborn, 90, M D, Osborn Building, Cleveland, Ohio 

Roscoe M Packard, 99, A B, student, Hatch Library, Cleveland, Ohio 
Prof Arthur H Palmer, 79, A M, Yale, 251 Lawrence, New Haven, Conn 
Rev Samuel C Palmer, 73, D D, 1532 Miss Ave, St Louis, Mo 

Horace F Parks, 86, 1, East Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Sheldon Parks, 79, A M, LL B, 712 Cuyohoga Bid, Cleveland, Ohio 

Digitized by 



Hon William C Parsons, 63, manuf, Akron, Ohio 

Harry P Payer, 97, A B, LL B, 1242 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio 

William S Pettibone, 86, publisher, 63 Glenn, Cleveland, Ohio 

Walter W Pratt, 85, M A, insurance. Box 834, Hartford, Conn 

Henry A Preston, 93, A M, t, Y M C A Buildingf, Columbus, Ohio 

Prof Homer D Rankin, 98, A M, 507 Wheeling, Cambridgfe, Ohio 

Rev Henry H Rice, 67, A M, i^^^Ji) Pomona, Calif- 

Rev George J E Richards, 72, A M, S C, Greenville, 111 

Rev Thomas Roberts, 56, A M, Wartburg, Tenn 

James A Robertson, 96, Ph B, proof reader, 1004 First, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rev Rollin A Sawyer, 51, S T D, editor, Montclair, N J 

Rev Ezekiel C Scudder, 50, M D, D D, Asbury Park, N J 

Rev Jared W Scudder, 50, M D, D D, Palmanair, India 

Rev Samuel T Seelye, 43, D D, Pres Bank, Easthampton, Mass 

Rev Wilson D Saxton, 77, 213 Field, Detroit, Mich 

Rev Joel M Seymour, 70, Alliance, Ohio 

Prof Thomas D Seymour, 70,LL D, Greek, Yale, 34 Hillhouse, New Haveu 
Willard J Sigler, 94, Cleveland, Ohio 

Homer O Sluss, 75, t, Hudson, Ohio 

Prof Charles J Smith, 70, A M. Cleveland, Ohio 

Dudley L Smith, 99, A B, musician, 40 Cheshire, Cleveland, Ohio 

Emerson O Stevens, 88, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Edward W Stuart, 62, A M, LLB, Judge, 404 Perkins, Akron, Ohio 
Rev William L Swan, 77, Greenville, Ohio 

Hon Albert P Tallman, 66, A M, banker. Wheeling, W Va 

Hon Sheldon H Tolles, 78, LL B, Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev Edward P Treat, 95, Hartford, Conn 

Roy A Tuttle, 94, t, Painesville, Ohio 

Henry S Upson, 80, M D, Cleveland, Ohio 

William F Upson, 78, 1, 59 Wall, N Y City 

Hon William H Upson, 43, Judge, Akron, Ohio 

Rev Edward D Vance, 71, A M, 8 Boynton, Worcester, Mass 

Jos^eph H Vance, 73, collection agent, Erie, Pa 

Walter C Van Ness, 83, t, Denison, la 

Prof Frederick C Waite, 92, A M, Ph D, University Heights, N Y City 
Charles J Wehr, 98, stu M D, Adelbert, 368 St Clair, Cleveland, Ohio 
Hon John G White, 65, A M, LL B, Blackstone Bid, Cleveland, Ohio 
Prof Benjamin B Wickham, 96, A M, Milit Academy, Culver, Ind 

Rev Edgar S Wiers, 95, 170 Dodge, Cleveland, Ohio 

Edward C Williams, 92, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Edward P Williams, 64, A M, manuf, 100 Canal, Cleveland, Ohio 
William G Williams, 61, A M, San Francisco, Calif 

Rev James Detr Williamson, 70, A M, 27 Cornell, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Samuel E Williamson,64,GenCounselNYCRR,(idCentral,N YCity 
Sidney S Wilson, 88, merchant, Willoughby, Ohio 

Hon Alfred Wolcott, 80, A M, Judge, 406 Lyon, Grand Rapids, Mich 
Rev Edward B Wright, 59, D D, Austin, Tex 

George A Wright, 87, A M, banker, Bellevue, Ohio 

John A Wright, 80, A M, teacher and banker, Bellevue, Ohio 

Reginald H Wright, 63, A M, treasurer A M C, Akron, Ohio 

Digitized by 





President, Hon Robert M Hughes, A M 
Vice-PreSy Hon Beverley B Mumford, A M 
Secretary, Prof J Lesslie Hall, Ph D 
Treasurer, Prof Van F Garrett, A M, M D 

(See "Early Days," page 9, for the distingtdshed men of the early times.) 

Prof Hugh S Bird, A B, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

Prof Charles E Bishop, Ph D, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

Julian A C Chandler, A M, Ph D, Richmond, Va 

S Gordon Gumming, 95, A M, Lt/ B, 30 Queen, E Hampton, Va 

Charles W Dabney, LL D, Knoxville, Tenn 

Prof Van F Garrett, 93, A M, M D, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

Hon Armistead C Gordon,U of V, AM,LL B, 330 E Beverley.Staunton, Va 
Prof John L Hall, Ph D, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

James A Harrison, LL D, University of Virginia 

Robert M Hughes, A M, Norfolk, Va 

Col William Lamb, 55, L B, LL D, merchant, Norfolk, Va 

Rev Jno D Lindsay, D D, Boston, Mass 

John W Lawson, M D, Smithfield, Va 

Rev W W Moore, D D, Richmond, Va 

Beverley B Mumford, AM, Richmond, Va 

Thomas Nelson Page, L H D, Washington, D C 

Rev A M Randolph, D D, Norfolk, Va 

Hon William Reynolds, U of Md, 60, LL B, 216 St Paul, Baltimore, Md 
Percy S Stephenson, 90, A M, LL B, 90 York, Norfolk, Va 

Hon Charles G Stringfellow, 55, 318 W Franklin, Richmond, Va 

Prof Thomas J Stubbs. A M, Ph D, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

Robert Lee Traylor, 99, A B, banker, 806 E Marshall, Richmond, Va 
Prof Robert H Tucker, 93, AM, A and M College, Stillwater, Okla 
Pres Lyon G Tyler, A M, LL D, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

Rev Prof Lyman B Wharton, D D, W and M, Williamsburg, Va 

Jacob M White, 97, M A, Theol student, Alexandria, Va 

Pres William L Wilson, LLD, Wash and Lee University , Lexington, Va 
Richard A Wise, M D, Williamsburg, Va 

Digitized by 





President^ Hon Jacob P Miller, LL D 
Vice-Pres^ Prof Henry Lef avour, Ph D 
Secretary y Rev Eben Burt Parsons, D D 
Treasurer^ Prof Henry Daniel Wild, M A 


Samuel Chapman Armstrong-, Founder of Hampton Institute 

Erastus Cornelius Benedict, Chancellor University New York State 

William Cullen Bryant, Poet and Editor 

Paul Ansel Chadbourne, President Williams College 

Henry Halsey Childs, Founder of Berkshire Medical College 

Alonzo Clark, President College Physicians and Surgeons 

David Dudley Field, Jurist 

Stephen Johnson Field, Justice U S Supreme Court 

James Abram Garfield, President United States 

Mark Hopkins, President of Williams College 

Samuel Irenaeus Prime, Editor and Author 

Emory Washburn, Governor of Massachusetts 

David Ames Wells, Author, Editor, Scientist 

William Dwight Whitney, Linguist, Educator 

Frederick C Adams, 95, M A, teacher, 274 Benefit, Providence, R I 

John B Adams, 74, merchant, 19 Bryant, Chicago, 111 

Rev William W Adams, 55, D D, Fall River, Mass 

Prof Robert G Aitken, 87, MA, Astron, LickObserv, Mt Hamilton, Calif • 
Rev William P Alcott, 61, Boxford, Mass 

Rev James M Alexander, 58, A M, 1567 Tenth, Oakland, Calif* 

Rev John G Ames, 58, M A, Public Service, 1600 Sixteenth, Washington 
George W Anderson, 86, 1, 73 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Rev James M Anderson. 54, M A, D D, 621 Boul West, Duluth, Minn 
Albert LeR Andrews, 99, t, Williamstown, Mass 

Lilian H Andrews, 74, M A, LL B, 38 Park Row, N Y City 

Rev Samuel J Andrews, 39, D D, author, 95^ Asylum, Hartford, Conn 
Rev Henry Anstice, 62, D D, 1917 Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Rufus Apthorp, 57, Nottingham, Ohio 

Clarence W Austin, 91, LL B, 206 Kirk Building, Syracuse, N Y 

Henry W Austin, 88, M A, banker, 172 Washington, Chicago, 111 

James F Bacon, 98, LL B, 39 Hamlin, Pittsfield, Mass 

Robinson P Bainbridge, 92, chemist, Mills, Braddock, Pa 

Prof Addison Ballard, 42, D D, University Heights, N Y City 

Harlan H Ballard, 74, M A, Librarian, Pittsfield, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Louis J Balliett, 93, Nevada Boul, N Y City 

Talcott M Banks, 90, merchant, 103 Front, N Y City 

Hon James M Barker, 60, LL D, Justice Mass Supreme Court,Pittsfield,Mass 
Prin Frank C Barnes, 87, M A, Troy Academy, Troy, N Y 

Prof Samuel D Barr, 53, MA, 129 Clinton, Cleveland, Ohio 

Frederick W Barthel, 93, M A, 15S0 Lill Ave, Chicag-o, III 

Pres P Mason Bartlett, SO, D D, LL D, Nat Bank, Maryville, Tenn 

Prof Edward Barton, 92, Chemistry, U of K, Lawrence, Kan 

Prof John Bascom, 49, D D, LL D, Williamstown, Mass 

Rev Austin B Bassett, 81, B D, Ware, Mass 

Rev John S Bayne, 65, M A, Mendon, 111 

Howard H Bayne, 93, 532 Congfress, Ottawa, 111 

Rev Edward G Beckwith, 49, D D, Paia, Maui, H I 

Samuel S Benedict, 65, Benedict, Kan 

Percy F Bicknell, 84, Librarian, Maiden, Mass 

Prof John M Bigelow, 66, M D, Albany N Y 

Edmond W Billetdoux, 99, t, W C, Williamstown, Mass 

Prof Edward A Birge, 73, Ph D, Sc D, U of W, 744 Langdon, Madison, Wis 
Rev Edwin W Bishop, 92, Stafford Springs, Conn 

D Hiram Blanchard, 97, M A, t. Round Lake, N Y 

John W Bockes, 96, t. High School, Brooklyn, N Y 

Jacob A Bohrer. 91, Bloomington, 111 

Rev Robert Russell Booth, 49, D D, LL D, 277 West End Ave, N Y City 
George H Bradford, 66, 3050 Locust, St Louis, Mo 

Pres John E Bradley, 65, LL D, Illinois College, Jacksonville, 111 

Prof Walter P Bradley, 84, Ph D, Chemistry, W U, Middletown, Conn 
Prof Walter A Bratton, 95, Whitman, Walla Walla, Wash 

Prof William K Brooks, 70, LL D, J H University, Baltimore, Md 

John W Brennan, 94, St Albans, Vt 

Fred LeR Brown, 99, Williamstown, Mass 

Horace G Brown, 96, t, 74 Russell, Worcester, Mass 

Prof Charles A Browne, Jr, 92, M A, State College, Pa 

Stuart M Buck, 64, M A, Mining Engineer, Maybeury, W Va 

Rev Charles B Bullard, 75, East Orange, N J 

Charles M Burdick, 95, Lowville, N Y 

Rev Charles H Burr, 68, Librarian, Williamstown, Mass 

Prof Carl D Burtt, 93, 73 Fort Hill Ave, Lowell, Mass 

Joshua D Bush, 89, merchant, Wilmington, Del 

David Campbell, 74, 1, Portland Block, Chicago, 111 

John G Campbell, 80, publisher, Wellington, Kan 

Prof Arthur G Canfield, 78, A M, 1318 Louisiana, Lawrence, Kan 

Prof James H Canfield, 68, A M, LL D, Librarian, Columb Univ, N Y City 
William E Carnochan, 87, 1, 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Lawrence W Carr, 99, teacher, Ashbumham, Mass 

President Franklin Carter, 62, Ph D, LL D, Williamstown, Mass 

Prin Howard W Carter, 77, A M, Norfolk, Conn 

Everett D Chadwick, 90, 1, 31 State, Boston, Mass 

Robert M Chamberlain, 73, 1, Moflfat Block, Detroit, Mich 

Hon Alfred C Chapin, 69, LL D, 24 E 56, N Y City 

Supt John B Chapin, SO, MD, LLD, Penn Hosp Insane, Philadelphia, Pa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Edwin N Chapman, 94, manuf, 102 Macon, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon William Cheney, S3, A M, Life Ins, 418 Guar Loan Bid, Minneapolis 
George P Chipperfield, 76, lawyer, 910 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, N Y 

Bayard H Christy, 94, LL B, 1225 Carnegie Bid, Pittsburg, Pa 

Rev Calvin M Clark, 84, Haverhill, Mass 

Prof Gaylord P Clark, 77, A M,M D,S Univ,619 W Genesee, Syr acuse,N Y 
Robert A Clark, 85, 81 Eastern Ave, Springfield, Mass 

Leslie L Cleveland, 93, t. Black Hall, Conn 

Samuel McC Cleveland, 58, 251 W 21, Philadelphia, Pa 

T Munson Coan, 59, M D, 70 Fifth, N Y City 

Arthur A Coar, 94, EUenville, Me 

Charles C Cobb, 85, 24 Goethe, Chicago, 111 

Emanuel Cohen, 76, 1, 313 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, Minn 

Bainbridge Colby, 90, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Edward H Cole, 69, A M, LL B, Nyack, N Y 

Rev Charles J Collins, 45, M A, 251 W 92, N Y City 

Marc W Comstock, 88, LL B, Trust Bid, St Louis, Mo 

Prof John P Congdon, 95, A M, C E, 612 Dakota, S Bethlehem, Pa 

Ray Connor, 97, 103 Cass, Detroit, Mich 

Frederick H Cooke, 80, LL B, 40 Wall, N Y City 

John W Cooke, 89, Cambridge, Mass 

James S Cooley, 69, A M, M D, Glen Cove, N Y 

James R Craighead, 95, Lansingburgh, N Y 

H Burr Crandall, 59, A M, LL B, 1 Somerset, Boston, Mass 

Samuel Crook. 90, LL B, 93 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev Ethan Curtis, 66, Kirk Block, Syracuse, N Y 

Winterton C Curtis, 97, The Dallas, Oregon 

Prof Starr W Cutting, 81, M A, Ph D, German, University, Chicago, 111 
Rev Stephen W Dana, 61, D D, 3925 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Timothy G Darling, 64, D D, Theol Seminary, Auburn, N Y 

Philip H Dater, 96, civil engineer, 17 Grove Place, Rochester, N Y 

Charles A Davenport, 67, 142 Chandler, Boston, Mass 

Francis H Davenport, 70, M D, 419 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

Rev John G Davenport, 63, D D, Walerbury, Conn 

Maxwell W Day, 87, Elec Engineer, 351 Summit Ave, Schenectady, N Y 
Sylvester C Deming, 96, Arlington, Vt 

Charles M Demond, 81, 1, 27 William, N Y City 

Rev John H Denison, 62, D D, Williamstown, Mass 

Rev John H Denison, 90, 61 Henry, N Y City 

Robert P Denison, 97, LL B, Lorain and Davis, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hon Charles A Dewey, 51, MA, Milford, Mass 

Francis H Dewey, 76, 311 Main, Worcester, Mass 

James R Dewey, 54, 518 Washington Boul, Chicago, 111 

Hon John W Dickinson, 52, M A, Newtonville, Mass 

Rev Samuel W Dike, 63, LL D, 113 Hancock, Auburndale, Mass 

Edgar R Downs, 76, Denver, Col 

Rev Myron S Dudley, 63, M A, Nantucket, Mass 

Rudolph C P Duenhaupt, 74, 4022 Park, St Louis, Mo 

Hon James R Dunbar, 71, Lawyer, Judge, 23 Court, Boston, Mass 

Rev Clarence W Dunham, 96, Troy, N Y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Edward C Durfee, 96, t, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Charles C Dwig-ht, SO, LL D, Justice Supreme Court, Auburn, N Y 
Rev Charles O Eames, 88, Becket, Mass 

Hon Frank C Eaton, 72, manufacturer, Columbus, Ohio 

Rev James P Eaton, 76, D D, Rochester, Wis 

Walter D Edmonds, 74, M A, Lh B, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Edward Edwards, Jr, 94, 369 Congress, Troy, N Y 

Hon William H Edwards, 42, M A, author, Coalburgh, W Va 

Melville Egleston, 70, M A, LL B, 15 Dey, N Y City 

William S Elder, 95, Auburn, N Y 

Clement G Elmer, 95, Ashbumham, Mass 

Hon Samuel P Ely, 47, M A, 222 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif 

Justin E Emerson. 65, M A, M D, 128 Henry, Detroit, Mich 

Nathaniel B Emerson, 65, M A, M D, Box 645, Honolulu, H I 

Prof Frank A Erwin, 82, A M, LL M, N Y Univ, 32 Waverly PI, N Y City 
Rev Charles H Everest, 59, M A, D D, 70 North Grove, East Orange, N J 
Thomas S Fagan, 82, Keenan Build, Troy, N Y 

Hon Leland Fairbanks, 42, lawyer, 57 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Frederick C Ferry, 91, Ph D, Mathematics, Williamstown, Mass 
Frederick J Fessenden. 87, t. Hill School, Pottstown, Pa 

Hon Samuel T Field, 48, LL D, Shelburne Falls, Mass 

Charles A Piske, 79, t, High School, St Paul, Minn 

Frederick W Fiske, 72, t, 849 Grand, St Paul, Minn 

Hon Charles E Fitch, 55, LL D, 49 Oxford, Rochester, N Y 

Robert G Pitch, 70, Oxford Terrace, Boston, Mass 

Herbert H Fletcher, 79, journalist, 328 Washington, Boston, Mass 

Rev George H Flint, 86, M A, B D, 101 Tonawanda, Dorchester, Mass 
Rev Samuel B Forbes, 55, M A, 206 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, Conn 
Rev Addison P Foster, 63, D D, Sec N E Am S S U, Auburndale, Mass 
Harold E Foster, 95, t. High School, N Y City 

Walter E Foster, 99, t. High School, N Y City 

William J Foster, 84, A M, M S, electrician, 11 Univ PI, Schenectady, N Y 
Frank Foxcroft, 71, journalist, Boston, Mass 

Rev John A French, 62, D D, Flushing, N Y 

Walter Geer, 78, M A, LL M, manufacturer, 38 Park Row, N Y City 
Frederick Geller, 83, 1, 22 William, N Y City 

Herbert R Gibbs, 71, A M, editor, 4 Park, Boston, Mass 

Hon William B Gilbert, 68, LL D, Judge, Portland, Oregon 

Rev Washington Gladden,59, D D,LL D,author,631 E Town,Columbus,0 
Rev Herbert W Gleason, 77, editor, Minneapolis, Minn 

Prin James C Greenough, 60, M A, LL D, Westfield, Mass 

Prof Edward H Griffiu, 62, D D, LL D, J H University, Baltimore, Md 
Prof Charles Gross, 78, Ph D, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Frederick W Guenster, 67, M A, LL B, (d March 1900,)Scranton,Pa 
Rev Thomas L Gulick, 65, Paia, Maui, H I 

Prin Franklin F Gunn, 82, Glens Falls, N Y 

Marshall S Hager, 90, 1, 34 Pine, N Y City 

Edward D Hale, 80, Newtonville, Mass 

Pres Charles Cuthbert Hall, 72, D D, U T S, 700 Park Ave, N Y City 
Pres G Stanley Hall, 67, Ph D, Clark University, Worcester, Mass 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Prin Charles S Halsey, 56, A M, 18 Sidney Place, Brooklyn, N Y 

Pres Rufus H Halsey, 77, A M, State Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis 
RoUin E Harmon, 67, Lynn, Mass 

William W Hartwell, 96, 88 Pleasant, Wobum, Mass 

Rev Henry C Haskell, 59, D D, missionary, Bulgaria, Turkey 

Clifford C Haskins, 98, civil engineer. North Adams, Mass 

Joel Hathaway, 99, (student U of Penn,) Peru, Mass 

William LeR Haven, 64, A M, Supt Schools, Morristown, N J 

Lawrence A Hawkins, 97, Pittsfield, Mass 

Hon Walter P Hawkins, 84, LL B, Pittsfield, Mass 

Rev Theron H Hawks, 44, D D, 626 Worthington, Springfield, Mass 
Rev Warren L Hayden, 61, A M, Edinburg, Pa 

Frederick M Herrick, 83, Ph D, 40 Wall, N Y City 

David S Herrick, 85, t, Battagundu, India 

William H Herrick, 71, 207 Greenwich, N Y City 

Charles L Hibbard, 92, 1, Pittsfield, Mass 

Prof Grosvenor B Hill, 97, High School, Williams town. Mass 

Horace G Hill, 79, M D, 3416 Baring, Philadelphia, Pa 

Alfred E Holcomb, 89, 1, 15 Dey, N Y City 

William H Hollister, Jr, 70, A M, LL B, 17 First, Troy, N Y 

Rev Samuel W Holmes, 83, Buflfalo, NY 

Charles S Holt, 74, 1, 1007 Tacoma Build, Chicago, 111 

Thomas Hooker, 65, M A, manufacturer, 511 E Fayette, Syracuse, N Y 
Rev Henry Hopkins, 58, D D, 916 Holmes, Kansas City, Mo 

Llewellyn J Howe, 99, 127 Eighth, Troy, N Y 

Prof Frank G Hubbard, 80, Ph D, U of W, 227 Langdon, Madison, Wis 
Harry H Hubbell, 98, 78 Irving Place, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Charles W Huntington, 76, M A, 12 Nesmith, Lowell, Mass 

Alexander Hutchins. 57, A M, M D, 796 DeKalb, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Charles L Hutchins, 61, A M, D D, author. Concord, Mass 

Henrv K Hyde, 87, A M, Pres Nat Bank, Ware, Mass 

Rev Joseph W Hyde, 60, Danvers, Mass 

Edwards P IngersoU, 82, 99 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev Stewart W Irwin, 99, Long Lake, N Y 

Hon Edward S Isham, 57, LL D, Manchester, Vt 

Frederick B Jennings, 72, M A, LL B, 86 Park Ave, N Y City 

Harold E Johnston, 99, Cohoes, N Y 

Robert H Johnston, 92, 186 Remsen, Brooklyn, N Y 

Pres Robert E Jones, 79, D D, Hobart CoFlege, Geneva, N Y 

Emerson W Judd, 77, 404 W 57, N Y City 

Prof Harry P Judson, 70, LL D, Dean University, Chicago, 111 

Rev Everard Kempshall, 51, D D, Elizabeth, N J 

Howard Kennedy, Jr, 89, LL B, NY Life Bid, Omaha, Neb 

Rev Henry Ketcham, 69, M A, Westfield, N J 

Rev John L Kilbon, 86, M A, editor, 14 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

George B Kil bourne, 96, 604 E Town. Columbus. Ohio 

Hon Virgil P Kline, 66, M A, LLB, 5l7 Cuyahoga Bid, Cleveland, Ohio 
Dexter A Knowlton, 66, M A, banker, Freeport, 111 

Hon Samuel Knox, 36, M A, M C, lawyer, Blandford, Mass 

Rev George E Ladd, 91, Waterbury, Vt 

Digitized by 



G^org-e F Lawton, 68, East Cambridg'e, Mass 

George P Lawton, 68, Troy, N Y 

Rev Burke F Leavitt, 68, -Melrose Highlands, Mass 

Rev George R Leavitt, 60, D D, Beloit, Wis 

H Shumway Lee, 89, 567 W Ferry, Buflfalo, N Y 

Prof Henry Lefavour, 83, Ph D, Physics, Wilhamstown, Mass 

Gardner C Leonard, 87, 472 Broadway, Albany, N Y 

Alvah M Levy, 91, 1, 59 Highland, Fitchburg, Mass 

Maurice A Levy, 97, New Centre, Mass 

Rev Everett E Lewis, 62, M A, Haddam, Conn 

Jeremiah F Locke, 75, M A, Fall River, Mass 

Charles W Loomis, 69, 1, Binghamton, N Y 

Prof Henry M Lyman, 58, M A, M D, Chicago, 111 

Prof Albert B Lyons, 65, M D, F C S, chemist, 72 Brainard, Detroit, Mich 
Hon Curtis J Lyon, 58, M A, Gov Service, 74 Dole, Honolulu, H I 

Hamilton W Mabie, 67, L H D, LL D, author, editor Outlook, N Y City 
Rufus B McClenon, 78, A M, Supt Schools, Madison, N Dak 

James R McDonald,89, A M, publisher, Macmill an Co, Tremont Bld,Boston 
Chanc George E MacLean,71, Ph D, LL D, State Univ, Iowa City, Iowa 
Andrew P McKean, 92, LL B, 56 Fourth, Troy, N Y 

Col and Hon John G McMynn, 48, M A, 416 Wisconsin Ave, Madison, Wis 
Robert N McMynn, 91, A M, LL B, 504 PabstBld, Milwaukee, Wis 
Rev Irving Magee, 57, A M, D D, Valatie, N Y 

Walter D Mapes, 86, t, 423 Dunham Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 

Edward J Maroney, 98, 522 Chestnut, Springfield, Mass 

William T R Marvin, 54, M A, printer, 73 Federal, Boston, Mass 

Herman L Matz, 80, M A, Sec C H P B Co, 301 Cham Com Bld,Chicago, 111 
Rudolph Matz, 82, M A, LL B, 55 Portland Block, Chicago, 111 

Charles L Maurice, 61, C E, manufacturer, Athens, Pa 

Prof Carroll L Maxcy, 87, M A, English, Williamstown, Mass 

Charles May, 73, M A, LL B, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev Willis W Mead, 80, missionary, Adana, Turkey 

Prof Leverett Mears, Amh 74, Ph D, Chemistry, Williamstown, Mass 
Frederick W Memmott, 95, North Adams, Mass 

Rev Daniel Merriman, 63, M A, D D, Worcester, Mass 

Prof Willis I Milham, 94, Ph D, Mathematics, Williamstown, Mass 
Edward C Miller, 95, 1, Skaneateles, N Y 

Henry C Miller, 67, t, 1481 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Jacob F Miller, 59, A M, lawyer, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Joel D Miller, 64, M A, Leominster, Mass 

Rev Carlton P Mills, 78, WoUaston, Mass 

FVanklin H Mills, 93, law student, Amherst, Mass 

Prof George F Mills, 62, M A, Mass Agfr College, Amherst, Mass 

Willard P Millspaugh, 95, Richmond, N Y 

Roy W Miner, 97, North Adams, Mass 

Francis LeB Monroe, 57, M A, M D, Meriden, N H 

Charles E Montague, 91, M D, Wakefield, Mass 

Prof George Mooar, 51, D D, Pacific T S, Oakland, Calif # 

Prof Edward W Morley, 60, A M,Ph D,LL D, Chem, Adelbert,Cleveland,0 
Pres John H Morley, 63, M A, LL D, College, Fargo, N Dak 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Prof Asa H Morton, L H D, Romance Languages, Williamstown, Mass 

309 W 70, N Y City 

54 Wall, N Y City 

35 Wall, N Y City 

50 Seventh, N Y City 

160 Central Park S, N Y City 

Spy Office, Worcester, Mass 

111 Broadway, N Y City 

140 W 63, N Y City 

Summit, N J 

Newark, N J 

U of W, Madison, Wis 

8 Union, Schenectady, N Y 

N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

Box 297, Palo Alto, Calif • 

Rev Alfred E Myers. 66, M A, 

Wilhelmus Mynderse, 71, M A, LL B, 

James R Nash, 89, broker. 

Rev Edward Niles, 91, Mid Coll Ref Ch, 

Thomas M North, 47, M A, lawyer, 

George T Northup, 97, 

Charles C Nott, Jr, 90, 

Rev Isaac G Ogden, 49, 

RoUo Ogden, 77, journalist, 

Franklin M Olds, 73, M A, LL B, 

Prof John M Olin, 73, M A, LL B, 

Howard Opdyke, 93, 

Howe Paige, 78, 

Rev Andrew Parsons, 57, M A, 

Rev Eben B Parsons, 59, A M, D D, Secretary, Williamstown, Mass 

Frederick J Parsons, 81, Ph D, electrician, 10 Ruede Londres Paris,France 

Payn B Parsons, 92, M D, Asst Physician, Hospital, Northampton, Mass 

Olcott O Partridge, 94, lawyer, 601 Sears Bid, Boston, Mass 

Robert W Patterson, 71, M A, editor Tribune^ Chicago, 111 

Sidney F Pattison, 99, t, Colorado Springs, Col 

Charles F Pease, 97, merchant, Chester, Mass 

John H Peck, 95, Pittsfield, Mass 

Rev Francis N Peloubet, 53, D D, author, Auburndale, Mass 

Pres Stephen B L Penrose, 85, M A, Whitman, Walla Walla, Wash 

Prof Charles A Perkins, 79, Ph D, Knoxville, Tenn 

Rev Henry P Perkins, 79, missionary, Ling Ching, China 

Rev Alfred T Perry, 80, A M, 80 Farmington Ave, Hartford, Conn 

Prof Arthur L Perry, 52, M A, D D, LLD, author, Williamstown, Mass 

Bliss Perry, 81, M A, ^^xXox' Atlantic^ 4 Park, Boston, Mass 

Rev Charles M Pierce, 57, Auburn, Mass 

Hon Frank Pierce, 81, M A, LL B, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rev Stephen C Pixley, 52, missionary. Natal, South Africa 

William A Piatt, 76, A M, RecGN Bank, 719 Equitable Bid, Denver, Col 

Adair Pleasants, 75, 

Hon George W Pleasants, 42, 

Prof William Porter, 39, M A, D D, 

Elisha B Powell, 69, M A, 

Rev D Butler Pratt, 83, 

James B Pratt, 98, 

Rev Lewellyn Pratt, 52, M A, D D, 

Prof Waldo S Pratt, 78, Mus D, 

Col William P Prentice, 55, Ph D, 

Edmonds Putney, 96, 

Hon William B Putney, 63, M A, 

Paul C Ransom, 86, LL B, t, 

Rock Island, 111 

Rock Island, 111 

Beloit, 735 College, Beloit, Wis 

Oswego, N Y 

1274 Herkimer, Brooklyn, N Y 

415 Lake, Elmira, N Y 

170 Broadway, Norwich, Conn 

Theol Sem, Hartford, Conn 

9 W 16, N Y City 

115 Broadway, N Y City 

115 Broadway, N Y City 

1298 Main, Buffalo, N Y 

Prof George L Raymond, 62, M A, L H D, Aesthetics, Princeton, N J 
Rev Charles P Redfield, 93, Winter Park, Fla 

Clarence E Rexford, 97, Winsted, Conn 

Rev William C P Rhoades, 66, D D, Brooklyn, N Y 

Digitized by 




Edward W Rice, 68, - Mt Vernon, N Y 

Fred M Rice, 83, 56 E 120, N Y City 

Rev George L Richardson, 88, Glens Palls, N Y 

Wallace E Richmond, 97, 273 Ashland, North Adams, Mass 

Franklin A Rising*, 64, M A, banker, Winona, Minn 

Philip A Robinson, 87, M A, clerk. Sun Building, Washington, D C 
Rev Walter C Roe, 81, M^A, missionary, Colony, Okla 

Rev William E Roe, 78, D D, 

George B Rogers, 88, A M, t. 

Rev Lewis G Rogers, 83, 

Prin Clarence B Roote, 76, A M, 

George D Rumsey, 72, 

Hon Daniel E Saflford, 48, M A, LL B, 

Hon George A Sanders, 61, MA, LL D, 

Obed H Sanderson, 67, A M, LL B, 

Cleon J Sawyer, 81, M A, LL M, 

Rev Henry A Schauffler, 59, D D, 

Rev Henry T Scholl, 73, 

George G Scott, 98, 

Rev Willard Scott, 75, D D, 

Horace E Scudder, 58, L H D, Literature, 

Samuel H Scudder, 57, Sc D, Naturalist, 

Edward T Scully, 94, LL B, 

John D Seacord, 90, 

Rev Norman Seaver, 54, D D, 

Rev Albert C Sewall, 67, D D, 

Rev Charles G Sewall, 93, 

Willard D Shannahan, 96, 

Charles L Shaw, 64, 

Norman B Sherry, 99, merchant, 

Louis P Slade, 93, M A, t, 

Frederic M Smedley, 93, 

Hon Ford Smith, 67, M A, LL B, 

F DeLysle Smith, 83, 

Chanc Francis H Snow, 62, Ph D, LL D, 

Rev Peter M Snyder, 73, A M, 

Marietta, Ohio 

Phil Acad, Exeter, N H 

20 Fenton, Buffalo, N Y 

High School, Northampton, Mass 

Jackson, Chicago, 111 

Salem, Mass 

508 South 8, Springfield, 111 

45 Cedar, N Y City 

220 Broadway, N Y City 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Junius, N Y 

Geneseo, N Y 

31 May, Worcester, Mass 

Cambridge, Mass 

Cambridge, Mass 

Sav Bank Bid, Pittsfield, Mass 

Lee, Mass 

Rutland, Vt 

Schenectady, N Y 

11 Arnold Park, Rochester, N Y 

196 Woodland, New Rochelle, N Y 

Astoria, N Y 

Troy, N Y 

620 N Main, Fall River, Mass 

237 Broadway, N Y City 

420 Olive, St Louis, Mo 

100 Broadway, N Y City 

U of K, Lawrence, Kan 

Rockford, 111 

Pana, 111 

North Scituate, Mass 

Rev Benjamin M Southgate, 90, 

Charles Spalding, 90, 

James F Spalding, 62, A M, D D, literary work. Concord, Mass 

Prof Leverett W Spring, 63, M A, D D, English Lit, Williamstown, Mass 

S Romney Spring, 94, LL B, 1137 Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Fred C Stanley, 93, 

Rev Raymond H Stearns, 80, 

Francis Lynde Stetson, 67, M A, LL B, 

Hon Homer B Stevens, 57, A M, Judge, 

Rev Halsey B Stevenson, 78, 

Rev Charles A Stoddard, 54, M A, D D, 

John L Stoddard, 71, lecturer, 

Hon Charles W Stone, 63, LL D, Lieut Grov Penn, Warren, Pa 

James F Stone, 61, A M, M D, 1806 Green, Philadelphia, Pa 

Norwalk, Conn 

Hannibal, N Y 

15 Broad, N Y City 

53 Court, Westfield, Mass 

Wolcott, N Y 

156 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Boston, Mass 

Digitized by 



Rev Alfred E Street, 85, missionary, Hainan, China 

Hon William P Strickland, 58, LL D, Judge, Northampton, Mass 

Herman A Strong, 95, Winsted, Conn 

Rev Stephen C Strong, 45, M A, Wellesley, Mass 

Elnathan Sweet, 95, Sec and Treas H B C Co, 13 Ten Broeck, Albany, N Y 
William H Swift, 63, Portland Block, Chicago, 111 

Russell L Tarbox, 92, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Henry Tatlock, 71, A M, St Andrews,306 N Division, Ann Arbor,Mich 
Rev John Tatlock, 56, D D, Pelham Manor, N Y 

Arthur V Taylor, 86, 148 N 6, Newark, N J 

Edward F T.aylor, 99, 742 Butler, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Sanborn G Tenney, 86, M A, Judge, Williamstown, Mass 

Charles T Terry, 89, LL B, 14 Central Park West, N Y City 

Lyman E Thayer, 94, N Y Life Insurance, N Y Ci^ 

Ellis J Thomas, 88, insurance, 1 Madison, N Y City 

John J Thomas, 86, M D, 636 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Edward R Tinker, Jr, 99, 38 Broad, N Y City 

Henry W Titus, 98, M D, 36 W 61, N Y City 

Prof Albert H Tolman, 77, Ph D, University, Chicago, 111 

Hon Martin I Townsend, 33, A M. LL D, M C, Troy, N Y 

Rev Charles C Tracy, 64, D D, missionary, Marsovan, Turkey 

Rev John L R Trask, 64, M A, PhD,ST D,495 Chestnut, Sprinerfield, Mass 
Prin J Winthrop Travell, 90, High School, Plainfield, N J 

John W Travell, 91, M D, 17 E 12, N Y City 

Gilbert E Treat, 97, 1, Auburn, N Y 

Percival H Truman, 98, 27 St James, Chicago, 111 

Hon Gilbert M Tucker, 67, A M, editor, 304 State, Albany, N Y 

John L Tupper, 72, 558 Lexington, N Y City 

William H H Tuttle, 72, Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Arthur W Underwood, 84, M A, LL B, 204 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Herbert S Underwood, 83, M A, editor Advertiser^ Boston, Mass 

Rev Rufus S Underwood, 66, Longtneadow, Mass 

Henry S Van Ingen,68, M A, real estate, 1323 Cham Commerce, Chicago, 111 
Edwin Van Wormer, 92, LL B, 86 Chestnut, Albany, N Y 

Rev Jonathan Wadhams, 67, Brockport, N Y 

William F Walsh, 98, 1, 40 E 10, N Y City 

Seymour Walton, 68,, 1302 Fisher Bid, Chicago, 111 

Prof Henry B Ward, 85, Ph D, University, Lincoln, Neb 

Prof R Halsted Ward, 58, A M, M D, F R M S, 53 Fourth, Troy, N Y 
Morton S Wardner, 73, M D, Barron, Wis 

Charles L Warner, 85, M D, Baltimore, Md 

Levi F Warner, 85, M D, 139 W 21, N Y City 

William A Way, 88, M A, Park Building, Pittsburg, Pa 

Prof Walter A Weed, Jr, 92, The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa 

Rev Edward P Wells, 64, M A, Box 232, Pittsburg, Pa 

Rev Henry H Wentworth, 85, Goffstown, N H 

Rev Elliot White, M A, 258 South 8, Newark, N J 

Henry C Whitehead, 99, 35 Hamilton, Passaic, N J 

Hon Milton B Whitney, 49, M A, lawyer, Westfield, Mass 

William W Wight, 69, A M, LL B, 404 Keene,, Milwaukee, Wis 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hon Marshall Wilcox, 44, A M, LL D, 45 Linden, Pittsfield, Mass 

Nathaniel F Wilcox, 82, A M, pharmacist, Bridgewater, Mass 

Prof Henry D Wild, 88, M A, Latin, Williamstown, Mass 

Payson S Wild, 91, M A, t, 4045 Drexel Boul, Chicago, 111 

Irving D Wildey, 99, Theol student, 41 E 69, N Y City 

Rev Edward C Wiley, 81, North Granville, N Y 

Prin Charles A Williams, 88, High School, Hudson, Mass 

William R Williams, 89, M D, 152 W 57, N Y City 

Edward E Wilson, 92, 191 Clark, Chicago 111 

Prank A Wilson, 89, Worcester, Mass 

Lavalette Wilson, 56, A M, civil engineer, Haverstraw, N Y 

Rev Merritt J Winchester, 90, Elbridge, N Y 

Frederic T Wood, 98, clerk, War Department, Washington, D C 

Samuel Wood, 57, Stonington, Conn 

Frederick R Woodward, 92, t, 11 Simpson, Lowell, Mass 

Herbert P Woodward, 88, 1, Batavia, N Y 

Russell M Wright, 41, M A, t, Castleton, Vt 

Harry V Youngman, 86, M A, merchant, 1 Broadway, N Y City 


Univkksity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

President^ Prof EJdward Asahel Birge, Ph D, Sc D 

Vice-Pres^ Prof Charles Homer Haskins, Ph D 

Sec and Treas^ Prof Moses Stephen Slaughter, Ph D 

Pres Charles K Adams, U of M, LL D, Madison, Wis 

Sebastian Albrecht, 1900, student, 767 Forest Home, Milwaukee, Wis 
Helen G Andrews, 99, Lodi, Wis 

Gertrude Anthony, 99, teacher High School, 127 W Gilman, Madison, Wis 
Nellie M Bush, 99, teacher Latin and German, Kankanna, Wis 

Prof Charles WCabeen,82, A M,Romance Language,Univ, Syracuse, NY 
Lillian E Case, 99, student, 438 Lake, Madison, Wis 

Prof Ellery W Davis, 79, Ph D, Mathematics, U of N, Lincoln, Neb 
Lucretia F Hinkley, 99, teacher, 249, 14, Milwaukee, Wis 

Edward A Hook, 1900, student, S Milwaukee, Wis 

Dean William E Huntington, 70, Ph D, 12 Somerset, Boston, Mass 

Joseph Loeb, 1900, student, 726 North, Appleton, Wis 

Warren M Persons, 99, t. Mathematics, High School, Sheboygan, Wis 
Prin Ole S Rice, 99, High School, Deerfield, Wis 

William C Ruediger, 99, teacher, 310 Broadway, Eau Claire, Wis 

Prof HariT L Russell, 88, Madison, Wis 

Joseph L Shaw, 99, law student, Geneseo, 111 

William C Sieker, 99, teacher, 334, 20, Milwaukee, Wis 

Katharine E Swain, 1900, student, 385 Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis 

Charles A Vilas, 99, law student, 530 Astor, Milwaukee, Wis 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

232 UNITto CHAPT9K5 


Yaxa University, New Havkn, Conn. 

President, Prof Arthur Martin Wheeler, LL D 
Vice-Pres, Pres Arthur Twining Hadley, LL D 
Secretary, Prof Bemadotte Perrin, LL D 
Treasurer, Librarian Joel Sumner Smith, M A 

(distinguished members who have died) 

William Adams, Preacher, President Union Theological Seminary 

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, President of Columbia 

David Daggett, Jurist, Senator of the United States 

James Dwight Dana, Scientist 

Jeremiah Day, President of Yale 

Edward Dorr Griffin, President of Williams 

James Kent, Jurist, Chancellor of New York 

Elias Loomis, Astronomer and Mathematician 

Othniel Charles Marsh, Paleontologist 

Simeon North, President of Hamilton 

William Walter Phelps, Diplomatist 

Noah Porter, President of Yale 

Benjamin Silliman, Author, Scientist 

Israel Smith, Governor of Vermont, U S Senator 

William Strong, Jurist 

Moses Stuart, Theologian 

Alphonzo Taft, Diplomatist, Secretary of War 

Nathaniel William Taylor, Theologian 

John Todd, Preacher and Author 

Theodore Dwight Woolsey, President of Yale 

Greorge H Abbott, 98, Cambridge, Mass 

Prof William M Aber, 78, A M, Missoula, Mont 

John S Abercrombie, 96, Rushvile, Ind 

Charles H Adams, 66, A M, editor, 66 State, Hartford, Conn 

Hon Elmer B Adams, 65, St Louis, Mo 

Hon Frederic Adams, 62, Judge, 784 Broad, Newark, N J 

John C Adams, 96, M A, teacher, 39 Kawson Road, Brookline, Mass 

Rev Edwin E Aiken, 81, Tientsin, China 

Rev Robert Aikman, 43, M A, D D, Madison, N J 

Prof Eben Alexander, 73, Ph D, LL D, Chai>el Hill, N C 

Eugene D Alexander, 96, Clinton Ave, New Brighton, N Y 

William P Alexander, 51, Augusta, Ga 

Hon William D Alexander, 55, M A, author, Honolulu, H I 

Rev Arthur H Allen, 73, Woodside, Troy, N Y 

Digitized by 



Bernard M Allen, 92, t, Phil Academy, ' Concord, N H 

Maj Charles J F Allen, 55, LL B, Louisville, Kj 

Edmund T Allen, 57, M A, 2805 Russell, St Louis, Mo 

P Sturges Allen, 84, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

Philip R Allen, 96, Walpole, Mass 

Samuel S Allen, 94, 640 Drexel Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Simeon O Allen, 65, West Springfield, Mass 

Arthur N Ailing, 86, M D, 199 York, New Haven, Conn 

John W Ailing, 62, New Haven, Conn 

Samuel M Alvord, 96, t. Seminary, Bennington, N J 

Sullivan D Ames, 99, law student, Hope Club, Providence, R I 

John A Amundson, 80, 1, 146 Broadway, N Y City 

Robbins B Anderson, 99, law student, 621 The Boulevard, Duluth, Minn 
William H Anderson, 59, 1, Lowell, Mass 

Horace Andrews, 41, 60 Broadway, N Y City 

James Archbald, Jr, 87, A M, C & M Engineer, 325S Centre,Pottsville, Pa 
Hon Robert W Archbald, 71, Judge, Scranton, Pa 

Robert W Archbald, Jr, 98, Scranton, Pa 

Pres George W Atherton, 63, A M, LL D, State College, Pa 

William A Atlee. 51, 1, 55 E Orange, Lancaster, Pa 

Charles L Atterbury, 64, 690 Madison, N Y City 

Grosvenor Atterbury, 91, 25 W 33, N Y City 

Hon Isaac Atwater, 44, Judge, Minneapolis, Minn 

Rev John Avery, 43, 44 Oneco, Norwich, Conn 

Frank O Ayres, 84, 12 E 24, N Y City 

Willoughby M Babcock, 87, LL B, 3217 Pleasant, Minneapolis, Minn 
Rev Joseph W Backus, 46, D D, Farmington, Conn 

Maj George W Baird, 63, USA, Washington, D C 

Rev John T Baird, 58, Portsmouth, Neb 

William G Baker, Jr, 96, Treas S L & S Co, Equitable Bid, Baltimore, Md 
Frank L Baldwin, 67, Massillon, Ohio 

Roger S Baldwin, 90, LL B, 69 Church, New Haven, Conn 

Hon Simeon E Baldwin, 6 1, M A, LL D, Prof Yale, Judge, New Haven, Conn 
William P Baldwin, 88, M D, 1119 Chapel, New Haven, Conn 

A Brayton Ball, 60, M D, 42 W 36, N Y City 

Cecil K Bancroft, 91, t, Yale, 213Durfee, New Haven, Conn 

Rev George W Banks, 63, A M, Guilford, Conn 

John W Banks, 89, 1, 94 State, Bridgeport, Conn 

Hon Henrv C Bannard, 69, A M, Chicago Club, Chicago, 111 

Carleton H Barclay, 98, 122 Madison Ave, N Y City 

Charles W Bardeen, 69, A M, editor, publisher, Syracuse, N Y 

Ralph Barker, 79, Madison, Pla 

Everett L Barnard, 97, 20 W 130, N Y City 

Hon Henry Barnard, 30, A M, L H D, LL D, Educator, Hartford, Conn 
Hon Joseph P Barnard, 41, LL D, Poughkeepsie, N Y 

Jonathan Barnes, 85, 1, 455 Main, Springfield, Mass 

Rev Henry S Bamum, 62, D D, missionary, Constantinople, Turkey 
Hon Andrew J Bartholomew, 56, Southbridge, Mass 

Charles J Bartlett, 92, M D, t, 150 York, New Haven, Conn 

Philip G Bartlett, 81, A M, LL B, 10 Wall, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev William T Bartley, 91, Ph D, Salem, N H 

Samuel E Bassett, 98, student, 41 Lynwood, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Walton W Battershall, 64, D D, Albany, N Y 

Rev Harlan P Beach, 78, 3 W 29, N Y City 

Morgan H Beach, 82, A M, LL B, 344 D, N W, Washington, D C 

Walter R Beach, 70, A M, LL B, Potter Building, N Y City 

William D Beach, 97, student, 96 W Divinity, New Haven, Conn 

Willoughby P Beam, 95, M A, t, 451 Elmwood, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Gerald H Beard, 87, Ph D, South Norwalk, Conn 

George L Beardsley, 70, M D, Derby, Conn 

Samuel F Beardsley, 95, 1, 11 Franklin Bid, Bridgeport, Conn 

Prof Isbon T Beckwith, 68, Ph D, Theol Sem, Chelsea Sq, N Y City 
Charles E Bedell, 84, 17 Burling Slip, N Y City 

Frederick Bedell, 90, Ph D, t, ComeU, Ithaca, N Y 

Prof William B^ebe, 73, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Rev George B Beecher, 61, Hillsboro, Ohio 

Prof Henry A Beers, 69, Yale, 25 Vernon, New Haven, Conn 

Jesse H Behrends, 88, 1, Sav Bank Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

Henry S Bennett, 53, 45 Broadway, N Y City 

William H Bennett, 66, A M, LLB, 350 Temple Court, Minneapolis, Minn 
Alexander G Bentley, 96, A M, LL B, 1116 Ninth N W, Washington, D C 
Edward M Bentley, 80, 5 Beekman, N Y City 

William J Betts, 70, M A, t, Stamford, Conn 

Arthur W Bingham, 96, West Cornwall, Vt 

Rev Hiram Bingham, 53, D D, Honolulu, H I 

Julian C Bingham, 95, 27 Highland, Northampton, Mass 

Rev J Foote Bingham, 52, D D, Rome, Italy 

Hon William Binney, 45, LL D, lawyer, banker, 80 Catherine, Newport, R I 
Charles W Birely, 96, merchant, 1388 Chapel, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Douglas P Birnie, 78, Rye, N Y 

Arthur H Bissell, 97, law student. 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Josiah H Bissell, b5. First Nat Bk Bid, Chicago, 111 

Shelton Bissell, 97, Theol student, 76 Grove, Montclair, N J 

Rev Li:?us Blakesley, 60, D D, Topeka, Kan 

Edward L Bliss, 87, M D, missionary, Foochow, China 

Rev Henry Blodget, 45, D D, Bridgeport, Conn 

Henry Blodget, 75, M D, Bridgeport, Conn 

Charles E Blumley, 82, Norwich, Conn 

George B Bonney, 61, 51 Wall, N Y Citv 

Prof Alfred G Bookwalter, 97, St Paul's School, Concord, N fi 

John H Booth, 85, LL B, Plattsburgh, N Y 

Rev Louis N Booth, 79, Bridgeport, Conn 

Sherman M Booth, 41, 38 N Campbell, Chicago, 111 

Wilbur F Booth, 84, A M, LL B, Minneapolis, Minn 

Edward R Bosley, 94, 1, Morgan Bid, Buffalo, N Y 

William B Bosley, 92, M A, LL B, Nevada Block, San Francisco, Calif* 
Arthur E Bostwick, 81, Ph D, Librarian, 26 Brevoort, Brooklyn, N Y 
Prof Edward I Bosworth, 83, A M, B D, Theology, Oberlin, Ohio 

Prof Edward A Bouchet, 74, Ph D, Chem & Phvsics, 517 S 9, Philadelphia 
Prof Edward G Bourne, 83, Ph D, History, 73 Mansfield, New Haven, Conn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Robert M Boyd, Jr, 84, Moutclair, N J 

Joseph Bowden, 91, Ph D, t, 57 Clifton, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Marcel lus Bowen, 67, Bible House, Constantinople, Turkey 

Arthur E Bowers, 83, 41 Park Row, N Y City 

Irloyd W Bowers, 79, LL B, Lake and Sth, Chicago, 111 

Austin L Bowman, 83, M A, C E, Empire Bid, 71 Broadway, N Y City 
John Boyce, 99, B A, Schodack Landing, N Y 

Henry Brace, 47, lawyer, 61 Liberty, N Y City 

Lester Bradner, 57, R R Mgr, Dansville, N Y 

Rev Lester Bradner, Jr, 89, A M, Ph D, 12 W 11, N Y City 

Albert P Bradstreet, 71, Thorn aston. Conn 

Hon George C Brainard, 67, A M, LL B, 56 Wall, N Y City 

Hon Augustus Brandegee, 49, New London, Conn 

Hon David J Brewer, 56, LL D, Supreme Court, Washington, D C 

John H Brewer, 50, A M, 969 Broadway, Oakland, Calif # 

Rev Benjamin Brewster, 82, Colorado Springs, Col 

Bishop Chauncey B Brewster, 68, D D, Hartford, Conn 

Lyman D Brewster, 55, Danbury, Conn 

John C Bridc-man, 85, M A, manufacturer, Wilkesbarre, Pa 

Walter R Bndgman, 81, M A, t, Lake Forest, 111 

Zenas M Briggs, 98, A B, engineer, Calumet, Mich 

Bennet J Bristol, 54, M D, Webster Groves, Mo 

Hon Louis H Bristol, 59, M A, lawyer, 65 Elm, New Haven, Conn 

Fred C G Bronson, 92, Norwich, Conn 

George C Brooke, 97, B A, banker, Birdsboro, Pa 

Frank T Brooks, 53, M A, M D, Greenwich, Conn 

David W Brown, 76, Ph D, 1, 111 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Francis T Brown, 91, Fort Plain, N Y 

Hon Henry B Brown, 56, LL D, Supreme Court, Washington, D C 

Rev Horatio W Brown, 54, M A, Wooster, Ohio 

Prof William A Brown, 86, Syst Theol, 44 E 70, N Y City 

Henry B Brownell, 88, 1, 41 Park Row, N Y City 

Prof Carleton L Brownson, 87, Ph D, Greek, C C N Y, New Rochelle, N Y 
Wallace Bruce, 67, 267 Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, N Y 

Wayland I Bruce, 82, Easthampton, Mass 

Rev George A Bryan, 43, Norwich, Conn 

Carl D Buck, 86, Ph D, t. University, Chicago, 111 

Edward Buck, 52, Bucksport, Me 

Walter H Buell, 80, 243 Jefferson, Scranton, Pa 

Edward P Buffett, 54, A M. M D, 520 Bergen Ave, Jersey City, N J 

Pres Horace Bumstead, 63, D D, University, Atlanta, Ga 

Nathaniel W Bumstead, 55, Atlantic Nat Bank, Boston, Mas^ 

William S Burns, 87, 1424 Eleventh N W, Washington, D C 

Col and Hon Lucien F Burpee, 79,LL B,Judge,254 Grove, Water bury, Conn 
Joseph A Burr, 71, 84 Broadway, Brooklyn, N Y 

Noah A Burr, 98, medical student, 105 Park, New Haven, Conn 

Rev David J Burrell, 67, D D, 248 W 75, N Y City 

George D Bushnell, 76, M D, Washington, D C 

Rev John E Bushnell, 80, D D, 73 E 29, N Y City 

William G Bussey, 66, 48 Wall, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


John H Butler, 63, 244 Washingfton, Boston, Mass 

David S Calhoun, 48, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Wolcott Calkins, 56, D D, Newton, Mass 

Rev Prof Charles C Camp, 77, M A, Divinity School, Faribault, Minn 
Rev Charles W Camp, 44, D D, Sierra Madre, Calif* 

Hon Charles K Cannon, 67, A M, LL B, 52 Newark, Hoboken, N J 

Rev Isaac E Carey, 49, Oberlin, Ohio 

Rev Charles L Carhart, 85, Peekskill, N Y 

Woolsey Carmalt, 83, N Y City 

Hon Georg-e P Carroll 83, A M, LL B, Judge, 325 Main, Bridgeport, Conn 
Ernest Carter, 79, 29 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Norman W Carey, 70, 214 Lincoln, Detroit, Mich 

Rev Basket D Catlin, 59, Qouverueur, N Y 

Hon Daniel H Chamberlain, 62, LL D, W Brookfleld, Mass 

Rev Leander T Chamberlain, 63, D D, 222 W 23, N Y City 

Rev John S Chandler, 70, Madura, India 

William J Chandler, 64, M D, South Orange, N J 

Frank S Chapin, 66, fruit grower, Tulare, Calif# 

Rev Adelbert P Chapman, 64, Fair Haven, Conn 

Rev Edward M Chapman, 84, Saybrook, Conn 

Frederick S Chase, 71, Lafayette, Ind 

Prof George Chase, 70, LL B, Dean N Y Law School, 35 Nassau, N Y City 
Rev Prin James B Chase, 62, A M, Academy, Hull, Iowa 

;rhomas I Chatfield, 93, A M, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Charles T Chester, 75, 1, 914 Ellicott, Buffalo, N Y 

Rev Ames S Chesebrough, 35, D D, New Hartford, Conn 

Prof Edward C Chickering,96,M A, Latin, Greek, 28 Smith, Jamaica,N Y 
Francis R Childs, 69, real estate, Hartford, Conn 

Willard Church, 97, reporter, 51 Irving Place, N Y City 

Hon Henry Churchill, 65, A M, banker, manufacturer, Herkimer, N Y 
William Churchill, 97, student, 58 Franklin Square, New Britain, Conn 
Charles H Clark, 71, editor Courant^ Hartford, Conn 

Rev Edson L Clark, 53, Dalton. Mass 

Hon James G Clark, 61, M A, 152 Orange, New Haven, Conn 

Salter S Clark, 73, 1, 27 William, N Y City 

Walter H Clark, 96, 1, Hartford, Conn 

Rev William B Clarke, 49, Durham, Conn 

Cassius M Clay, Jr, 66, Paris, Ky 

Duane P Cobb, 91, 56 William, N Y City 

Rev Henry N Cobb, 55, D D, Sec Bd F M, 25 E 22, N Y City 

Hollis W Cobb, 78, 1, 340 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Aaron V S Cochrane, 79, Hudson, N Y 

Charles G Coe, 67, 60 W 46, N Y City 

Rev Edward B Coe, 62, D D, LL D, 42 W 52, N Y City 

Henry C Coe, 78, M D, 27 E 64, N Y City 

Edmund Coffin, 66, 13 W 57, N Y City 

Henry S Coffin, 97, Theol student, 13 W 57, N Y City 

James Coffin, 68, 132 Market, San Francisco, Calif # 

George Coggill, 89, 140 E 37, N Y City 

Russell E Colcord, 98, t, Jacksonvillei Pla 

Digitized by 




Rev Christopher B Coleman, 96, 
George W Colles, 92, M E, 
M Dwight Collier, 66, M A, LL B, 
Charles A Collin, 66, 
• Rev Henry P Collin, 65, 
Edward D Collins, 96, t, Yale, 
Molton A Colton, 98, t, Yale, 
Rev Willis S Colton, SO, 
William H Comley, Jr, 97, 1, 
William T Comstock, 65, 
Rev Luther H Cone, 47, 
George E Coney, 76, 
Lewis R Conklin, 96, LL B, 
Theobald M Connor, 97, LL B, 
Harlan W Cooley, 88, 1, 
Edwin H Cooper, 63, M D, 
Prof Jacob Cooper, 52, D D, LL D, 
Joseph A Cooper, 59, 
Pres Oscar H Cooper, 72, LL D, 
Rev William B Corbyn, 39, D D, 
William A Cornish, 87, t, 
Arthur B Cornwall, 83, 
Edward G Coy, 69, M A, t, 
Prof Edwin B Craig-in, 82, M D, 
Prank Crawford, 91, A M, LL B, 
George M Creevey, 93, M D, 
Hon John K Creevey, 66, LL B, 
James H Crosby, 62, t, 
John Crosby, 90, M A, 1, 
Cornelius E Cuddeback, 71, 1, 
Prof Edward L Curtis. 74, D D, Yale, 
Rev George L Curtis, 78, 
Thomas H Curtis, 87, civil engineer, 
William L Cushing, 72, t, 
Prof Edward S Dana, 70, 

Springfield, 111 

Patent Office, Washington, D C 

45 Pine, N Y City 

32 Nassau, N Y City 

Coldwater, Mich 

New Haven, Conn 

New Haven, Conn 

35 Thirteenth, Toledo, Ohio 

Bridgeport, Conn 

27 Warren, N Y City 

Springfield, Mass 

48 Wall, N Y City 

192 Broadway, N Y City 

94 Main, Northampton, Mass 

115 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Henderson, 111 

New Brunswick, N J 

Edinboro, Pa 

Baylor University, Waco, Texas 

Good Shepherd Ch, Quincy, 111 

Cortland, N Y 

23 Vandewater, N Y City 

Lakeville, Conn 

62 W 50, N Y City 

N Y Life Build, Omaha, Neb 

Roosevelt Hospital, N Y City 

41 Wall N Y City 

13 Broadway, Bangor, Me 

N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

Port Jervis, N Y 

New Haven, Conn 

1431 Park, Baltimore, Md 

Box 542, Astoria, Oregon 

Simbury, Conn 

New Haven, Conn 

Rev Prof Joseph L Daniels, 60, D D, Greek, Olivet, Mich 

Samuel C Darling, 64, Somerville, Mass 

Rev Silas A Davenport, 68, M D, Robertsdale, Pa 

Bishop Thomas P Davies, 53, D D, LL D, Detroit. Mich 

Rev Thomas P Davies, Jr, 94, 25 E 35, N Y City 

Rev Benjamin J Davis, 86, 217 Spring Garden, Easton, Pa 

Hon Lowndes H Davis, 60, Huntsville, Ala 

Robert S Davis, 60, 1801 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rev Thomas K Davis, 45, D D, Librarian, University, Wooster, Ohio 
Hon Henry L Dawes, 39, LL D, Pittsfield, Masi 

Henry S Dawson, 94, M A, typewriter, 42 Chestnut, Boston, Mass 

Rev Charles O Day, 72, N Germantown, N Y 

Glive Day, 92, Ph D, t, 158 Whitney, New Haven, Conn 

Prof George E Day, 33, D D, 125 College, New Haven, Conn 

Sherman Day, %, 1, 3 East 44, N Y City 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Walter A De Camp, 90, 1, 2617 Eden, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Frederick M De Forest, 95, Ph D, 42 Cornell, Springfield, Mass 

Rev Herman P De Forest, 62, D D, 16 Charlotte Ave, Detroit, Mich 

Rev John H De Forest, 68, D D, Sendai, Japan 

Hon Robert W de Forest, 70, A M, lawyer, 30 Broad, N Y City 

Prof Francis Del afield, bO, N Y City 

Rev Herbert M Denslow, 73, A M, Munice, Ind 

Prof Franklin B Dexter, 61, M A, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Morton Dexter, 67, editor, 14 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Stanley W Dexter, 78, 71 Broadway, N Y City 

Orson G Dibble, 64, M D, Pompey, N Y 

Sherwood O Dickerman, 96, t, 140 Cottag^e, New Haven, Conn 

Calvin Dickey, 86, M A, real estate,, 94 Washington, Chicago, 111 

John C Diehl, 87, t, 510 Myrtle, Erie, Pa 

Frank A Dillingrham, 91, A M, LL B, 96 Broadway, N Y City 

Henry F Dimock, 63, 25 E 60, N Y City 

Georg-e E Dorland, 94, 388 Elmwood, Buffalo, N Y 

George Douglas, 49, 45 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Solomon J Doug-lass, 57, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Edg-ar S Downs, 98, Physics 128 Howe, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Edward P Drew, 91, Keene, N H 

Charles B Dudley, 71, Ph D, chemist. Pa R R Co, Altoona, Pa 

J Joseph Dunn, 95, Ph D, t, Chapel St, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Albert E Dunning, 67, D D, editor, 14 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

Charles A Dupee, 54, 185 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

Hon Henry R Durfee, 61, A M, LL B, Palmyra, N Y 

Judson S Dutcher, 86, t, Watertown, Conn 

Pres Timothy Dwight, 49, D D, LL D, New Haven, Conn 

Winthrop E Dwight, 93, Ph D, 10 Wall, N Y City 

Hon Benjamin T Eames, 43, LL D, M C, Providence, R I 

Prin George Eastbum, 68, M A, Ph D, 700 N Broad, Philadelphia, Pa 
Rev William R Eastman, 54, Librarian, Albany, N Y 

Prof D Cady Eaton, 60, LL B, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Samuel W Eaton, 42, D D, Roscoe, 111 

Charles B Eddy, 93, 63 Wall, N YCity 

Prof Henry T Eddy, 67,M A, Ph D, LL D, U of M, 916, 6, S E, Minneapolis 
John Edmands,47, A M, Mercantile Libr, 1828 Mt Vemon,Philadelphia,Pa 
Arthur H Eggleston, 95, M A, insurance, 55 William, New Haven, Conn 
Prof Jay G Eldridge, 96, A M, Ph D, German, Yale, New Haven, Conn 
Levi A Eliel, 81, 1, 1503 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111 

George E Eliot, Jr, 86, t, Clinton, Conn 

Edward T Elliott 58, Guaranty Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

John Elliott, 95. LL B, New Haven, Conn 

Elmore F Elmore, 95, 1, 199 Second, Troy, N Y 

Hon William D Ely, 36, A M, lawyer, 1 Magee, Providence, R I 

Prof Joseph Emerson, 41, D D, Beloit, Wis 

Rev Thomas A Emerson, 63, Clinton, Conn 

Joseph R Ensign, 89, M A, manufacturer, Simsbury, Conn 

Everett J Esselstyn, 83, A M, LL B, 35 Wall, NY City 

Joe G EstiU, 91, A M, t, Lakeville, Conn 

Digitized by 




Hon Cotistantine C Esty, 45, A M, lawyer, Framing-ham, Mass 

Hon William M Evarts, 37, LL D, 231 Second Ave, N Y City 

Rev John L Ewell, 65, D D, Howard University, Washington, D C 

Charles H Ewing, 93, A M, real estate, 31 Ashland Boul, Chicago, 111 
William G Ewing, 98, M D, Prospect, Hartford, Conn 

Charles H Farnam, 68, M A, LL B, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Henry W Farnam, 74, M A, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Hollon A Farr, 96, M A, 170 Farnam. New Haven, Conn 

♦John V Farwell, Jr, 79, 
Prof Gilbert O Fay, 59, M A, Ph D, 
Rev Edward C Fellows. 88, 
Rev William H Fenn, 54, D D, 
Augustine W Ferrin, Jr, 97, 
Prof Harry B Ferris, 87, M D, 
Edward R Finch, 95, A M, LL B, 
Louis C Fischer, 56, 
Prof Irving Fisher, 88, Ph D, Yale, 

PresFranklin W Fisk, 49,D D,LLD,Theol Sem,532 W Adams,Chicago,Ill 
Hon James G Flanders, 67, A M, LL B, Pabst Bid, Milwaukee, Wis 
Henry Fletcher, 98, LL B, student, 29 Winthrop Hall, Cambridge, Mass 
J Frank Flynn, 99, Fellow at Yale, 160 Liberty, Meriden, Conn 

Cleaveland 'Forbes, 77, 29 Essex, San Francisco, Calif # 

George F Foster, 79, 27 W 23, N Y City 

Hon Samuel M Foster, 79, A M, manufacturer, Fort Wayne, Ind 

Charles R Fowler, 99, student, 308 Humphrey, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Henry T Fowler, 90, Ph D, Galesburg, III 

148 Market, Chicago, 111 

6 Atwood, Hartford, Conn 

136 Elizabeth, Derby, Conn 

Portland, Me 

45 Park, N Y City 

New Haven, Conn 

11 William, N Y City 

9 E Biddle, Baltimore, Md 

Colorado Springs, Col 

John M Fox, 79, 1, 
Rev Cyrus W Francis, 63; 
Hon Walter F Frear, 79, LL B, 
DeLancey Freeborn, 58, 
Rev Samuel M Freeland, 57, 
William P Freeman, 59, 
Lucius P Fuller, 99, LL B, 
Luther Fuller, 71, M A, 
Thomas H Fuller, 63, M A, 
John M Gaines, 96, 
Edward C Gale, 84, A M, 1, 
Edward E Gaylord, 73, M D, 
Rev Franklin Gaylord, 76, 
Rev Joseph F Gaylord, 63, 
George W Gedney, 9U, A M, LL B, 
Prof J Willard Gibbs, 58, 
Greorge J Gibson, 97, LL B, 
Pres Daniel C Gilman, 52, LL D, 

117 W 6, Kansas City. Mo 

Brookfield Center, Conn 

Honolulu, H I 

Knoxville, Pa 

Seattle, Wash 

Champion, N Y 

84 Windham, Willimantic, Conn 

Patent Office, Washington, D C 

P O Dept, Washington, D C 

530 Pierson Hall, New Haven, Conn 

N Y Life Bid, Minneapolis, Minn 

Pasadena, Calif $ 

374 E 177, N Y City 

Barre, Mass 

Montclair, N J 

New Haven, Conn 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

J H University, Baltimore, Md 

Rev Edward W Gilman, 43, D D, Sec Am Bible Soc, Bible House, N Y City 
Edward B Glasgow, 63, 1, 405 Main, Worcester, Mass 

John B Gleason, 76, 155 Broadway, N Y City 

Nathan Glickman, 91, 1, 105 Grand, Milwaukee, Wis 

Arthur Goebel, 86, 413 Elm, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Prof Thomas D Goodell, 77, Ph D, New Haven, Conn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rev Chauncey W Goodrich, 86, A M, Orange, N J 

Prof Prank Goodrich, 80, Ph D, Williamstown, Mass 

Prof Thomas W Gosling, 94, A M, 1670 Pullen, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Philip S Goulding-, 98, Library, Concord, N H 

Theodore M Gowans, 96, 129 North, Buffalo, N Y 

Prof John C Grant, 69, LL D, 4670 Lake Ave, Chicago, 111 

Charles B Graves, 82, M D, New London, Conn 

Rev James T Graves, 66, S663 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Edward Gray, 71, M A, M D, 2241 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, Calif* 

J Warren Greene, 68, 115 Willow, Brooklyn, N Y 

James G Gregory, 65, M D, Norwalk, Conn 

Timothy M Griffing, 64, A M. LL B, Riverhead, N Y 

Charles E Gross, 69, Hartford, Conn 

Charles H Gross, 59, Drexel Bid, Philadelphia, Pa 

Charles W Gross, 98, law student, Hartford, Conn 

Rev Louis Grout, 42, author. West Brattleboro, Vt 

Prof Gustav Gruener, 84, Ph D, Grerman, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Hippolyte Gruener, 91, Ph D, Cleveland, Ohio 

Henry S Gulliver, 75, M A, t, Waterbury, Conn 

Edward B Guthrie. 71, C E, 436 EUicott, Buffalo, N Y 

Pres Arthur T Hadley, 76, LL D, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Albert P Hale, 66, Nottoway C H, Va 
William H Hale, 60, A M, LL B, Ph D, 40 First Place, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Alfred B Hall, 99, B A, History, Hotchkiss, Lakeville, Conn 

Elial F Hall, 49, 7 W 43, N Y City 

Prof Francis J Hall, 99, B A, Brookville, Jefferson Co, Pa 

Charles H Hamill, 90, LL B, 160 Washington, Chicago, 111 

Rev Charles H Hamlin, 71, Easthampton, Mass 

George S Hamlin, 63, 18 Wall, N Y City 

Alfred Hand, 57, lawyer, Scranton, Pa 

William J Hand, 87, lawyer, Scranton, Pa 

Walter Hanford, 61, 96 Spring, N Y City 

Daniel B Hardenburgh, 88, M D, Middletown, N Y 

Rev William J Harris, 56, D D, Rutland, Vt 

Burton N Harrison, 59, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Francis B Harrison, 95, LL B, 43 E 29, N Y City 

Hon Henry B Harrison, 46, LL D, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Frederic W Hart, 87, LaJunta, Col 
Willabee Haskell, 63, M A, Ph D, Univ Reading Room, New Haven, Conn 

Lewis S Haslam, 90, LL B, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

Harold A Hatch, 98, banker, 25 E 73, N Y City 

James S Havens, 84, A M, LL B, 462 East Ave, Rochester, N Y 
Herbert E Hawkes, 96, t, 391 Edgewood, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Frederick S Hayden, 69, Jacksonville, 111 

Cornelius Hedges, 53, Helena, Mont 

Theodore W Heermance, 93, Ph D, t, New Haven, Conn 

William M Hess, 96, Ph D, Philosophy, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Harrison Hewitt, 97, LL B, 818 Chapel, New Haven, Conn 

Prof John H Hewitt 59, M A, LL D, Williamstown, Mass 
Edward Hidden, 85, M A, manufactttrer,3940 W Bell Place, St Louis, Mo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


William H Hig-bec, 61, 36 W 35, N Y City 

Anthony Higgins, 61, LL D, Wilmington, Del 

Shirley T High, 95, M A, LL B, 2021 Prairie, Chicago, 111 

William B Hill, 81, A M, LL B, 56 Pine, N Y City 

Hon James Hillhouse, 75, LL B, 47 Cedar, N Y City 

Curtis J Hillyer, 50, 2121 Mass Ave, Washington, D C 

Henry B Hinckley, 92, M A, journalist, 80 Wash Square, E, N Y City 
Charles D Hine, 71, New Britain, Conn 

Prof Roderick W Hine, 84, M A, Supt Schools, Dedham, Mass 

• Thornton M Hinckle, 63, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Levi Holbrook, 57, MA, P O Box 536, N Y City 

Stephen Holden, 57, 1, Sherburne, N Y 

Hon John C HoUister, 40, New Haven, Conn 

Peter H Holme, 98, t, 1908 Grant Ave, Denver, Col 

Thomas Hooker, 64, 1, 4 Warren, N Y City 

Thomas Hooker, 69, 233 Church, New Haven, Conn 

Franklin W Hopkins, 80, 66 Broadway, N Y City 

Benjamin Hoppin, 72, B A, 47 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, Conn 

Prof James M Hoppin, 40, D D, 47 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, Conn 
William H Hotchkiss, 75, 387 Main, Buffalo, N Y 

Prof William A Houghton, 73, Brunswick, Me 

Charles P Howland, 91, A M, LL B, 35 Wall, N Y City 

Murray S Howland, 97, B A, Theol student, Wilmington, Del 

Rev James P Hoyt, 64, Cheshire, Conn 

Charles E Hubbard, 62, 1, 28 State, Boston, Mass 

Prof Oliver P Hubbard, 28, LL D, 117 W 55, N Y City 

William E Hulburt, 57, Cromwell, Conn 

Rev Edward S Hume, 70, missionary, Bombay, India 

Rev Robert A Hume, 68, D D, missionary, Ahmednagar, India 

Robert E Hume, 98, student, 24 Court, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Henry S Huntington, 57, M A, Milton, Mass 

William H Hurlbut, 60, 146 Grand, N Y City 

Rev William J Hutchins, 92, 73 Herkimer, Brooklyn, N Y 

Hon Ely I Hutchinson, 69, M A, farmer. Concord, Calif 

James N Hyde, 61, A M, M D, 100 State, Chicago, 111 

MUes G Hyde, 65, M D, 249 W 55, N Y City 

Hon William W Hyde, 76, M A, LL B, 37 Charter Oak, Hartford, Conn 
George E Ide, 81, Home Ins Co, 256 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Thomas S Iglehart, 40, A M, planter, Davidsonville, Md 

James W D IngersoU, 92, Ph D, t, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Orland S Isbell, 68, University Club, Denver, Col 

Prof George E Jackson, 52, A M, Latin, W U, 4400 Morgan, St Louis, Mo 
Gen Joseph C Jackson, 57, 41 Wall, N Y City 

George Jacobus, 95, t, 28 Wellesley, Springfield, Mass 

Allen E Janvier, 71, mining. Citrus, Calif # 

Prank M Jeffrey, 96, t, 3337 Morgan, St Louis, Mo 

Robert I Jenks, 87, 1 Broadway, N Y City 

John G Jennings, 78, manufacturer, 182 Jennings Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rev Prof Henry G Jesup, 47, M A, Botany, Hanover, N H 

^ev Henry H Jessup, 51, D D, missionary, Beirut, Syria 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Prof Prank P Jewett, 70, A M, Oberlin, Ohio 

Hon Prancis Johnson, 71, A M, LL B, Little Rock, Ark 

Rev Wilbur Johnson, 56, Brooklyn, Conn 

Prof William W Johnson, 62, U S Naval Acad, Annapolis, Md 

George W Johnson, 83, A M, 21 Carew, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Augustus T Jones, 58, A M, Brockton, Mass 

Edward C Jones, 95, student, 84 William, N Y City 

Prederick S Jones, 84, A M, t, U of M, Minneapolis, Minn 

Prof George W Jones, 59, A M, Mathematics, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 
Louis C Jones, 96, Solvay Process, Syracuse, N Y 

EUicott P Joslin, 90, M D, 517 Beacon, Boston, Mass 

James Joy, 69, 50 Kirby, Detroit, Mich 

James R Joy, 85, 150 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Hon A Prancis Judd, 62, Judge, Honolulu, H I 

Hon Frederick N Judson, 66, A M, LL B, 500 Rialto Bid, St Louis, Mo 
Walter Judson, 64, M D, 1145 Chapel, New Haven, Conn 

Rev S McNeill Keeler, 56, Bainbridge, N Y 

Robert P Keep, 65, Ph D, t, Norwich, Conn 

Albert G Keller, 95, 270 Edgewood, New Haven, Conn 

Prof George D Kellogg, 95, Ph D, 19 Lancaster, N Cambridge, Mass 
Herbert H Kellogg, 94, 1, 56 Clark, Brooklyn, N Y 

Cassius W Kelly, 70, C E, New Haven, Conn 

Clifford S JCelsey, 83, 39 Whitehall, N Y City 

Hon Greene Kendrick, 72, A M, LL B, 119 W Main, Waterbury, Conn 
John B Kendrick, 76, Wallingford, Conn 

David A Kennedy, 74, Orange, N J 

Albert E Kent, 97, t, 42 W 83, N Y City 

Charles F Kent, 89, Ph D, t, Brown, Providence, R I 

Norton A Kent, 95, J H University, Baltimore, Md 

Hon J Frederic Kernochan, 63, M A, LL B, 44 Pine, N Y City 

Charles A Kimball, 95, t, Littleton, Mass 

Howard T Kingsbury, 91, M A, LL B, 239 W 54, N Y City 

Prof David Kinley, 84, Ph D, Urbana, 111 

Herbert E Kinney, 71, 1, Grand Central, N Y City 

Maj Thomas B Kirby, 62, M A, journalist, 44 Broad, N Y City 

Rev Cornelius L Kitchel, 62, t, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Cornelius P ICitchel, 97, 27 High, New Haven, Conn 

Harvey S Kitchel, 61, S Bethlehem, Pa 

William L Kitchel, 92, 1, 120 Broadway, N Y City 

George A Kittredge, 55, Roxbury, Mass 

Ernest Knaebel, 94, LL B, Equitable Building, Denver, Col 

Sherman W Knevals, 53, 32 Nassau^ N Y City 

Hon Marcus P Knowlton, 60, LL D, Springfield, Mass 

J H Mason Knox, Jr, 92, A M, M D, Ph D, 1408 Park, Baltimore, Md 
William J Lamson, 93, A M, M D, 50 E 31, N Y City 

William A Lane, 58, 914 Burnet, Fort Worth, Texas 

Prof Charles R Lanman, 71, A M, Ph D, Sanskrit, Harv,Cambridge,MasB 
David G Lapham, 64, Canandaigua, N Y 

Hon Henry Lear, 69, M A, LL B, Doyleston, Pa 

Hon William L Learned, 41, LL D, Justice Supreme Court, Albany, N Y 

Digitized by 



Rev Samuel H Lee, 58, M A, Springfield, Mass 

Frederick A Lehlbach, 98, 1, 165 Mt Prospect, Newark, N J 

Charles H Leonard, 65, M D, Providence, R I 

Rev Theodore L Leverett, 88, 4 Curtis, Watertown, N Y 

Carll A Lewis, 83, t, Guilford, Conn 

Charlton M Lewis, 86, Ph D, t, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Charlton T Lewis, 53, Ph D, 1, 34 Nassau, N Y City 

Hon Geor^^e H Lewis, 68, M A, LL B, Manhattan Bid, Des Moines, Iowa 
John Lewis, 68, 1, Oak Park, 111 

Adrian V Lindley, 69, 407 Union, Nashville, Tenn 

Philip Lindsley, 70, 41 Park Row, N Y City 

Rev Edin S Lines, 72, D D, New Haven, Conn 

Robbins Little, 51, A M, LL B, 19 E 38, N Y City 

Walter S Logan, 70, M A, LL B, 27 William, N Y City 

Edward N Loomis, 91, A M, LL B, merchant, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prof Francis E Loomis, 64, Ph D, London, Eng 

Hon Greorge E Lounsbury, 63, Ridgefield, Conn 

Prof Thomas R Lounsbury, 59, LL D, New Haven, Conn 

Prank B Lucas, 81, 346 Broadway, N Y City 

Frederick B Luquiens> 97, t, Sheffield, New Haven, Conn 

Henry W Lyman, 1900, student, Greenfield, Mass 

Irving P Lyon, 93, M D, 75 Niagara, Buffalo, N Y 

Pres James G K McClure, 70, D D, Lake Forest, 111 

William A McConnel, 90, A M, LL B, Beaver, Pa 

Col Henry McCormick, 52, manufacturer, Harrisburg, Pa 

James McCormick, 53, banker, Harrisburg, Pa 

Rev Charles G McCuUy, 53, M A, Calais, Maine 

Samuel S McCutchen, 70, 170 Broadway, N Y City 

McKee D McKee, 96, Secretary, 1127 Broadway, N Y City 

Malcom M McKenzie, 79, 241 Sherman, New Haven, Conn 

Hon Charles F MacLean,64,Ph D, J U D, Jus Su Ct,2122 Fifth Ave,NYCity 
John R MacNeille, 97, A B, International Paper Co, 30 Broad, NY City 
Rev Robert G S McNeille, 63, D D, Pine Bluflf, N C 

William A McQuaid, 89, 1, 154 Nassau, N Y City 

Franklin McVeagh, 62, 103 Lake Shore, Chicago, 111 

Hon Wa^ne McVeagh, 53, LL D, Washin^on, D C 

Hon Benjamin D Magruder, 56, Court House, Chicago, 111 

Rev Charles A Maison, 44, D D, 412 S Broad, Philadelphia, Pa 

Walter D Makepeace, 97, 1, Springfield, Mass 

Guy W Mallon, 85, 1, Carlisle Bid, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hon Howard Mansfield, 71, A M, LL B, 35 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Daniel March, 40, D D, Woburn, Mass 

Hon AlfredBMason, 71,M A,PresVC and PacR R,Box2136,Cityof Mexico 
Arthur Matherson, 58, M D, 139 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Henry B Mead, 66, Scotland, Conn 

Frank S Meara, 90, Ph D, M D, 422 West End Ave, N Y City 

Lafayette B Mendell, 91, Ph D, t, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

George S Merriam, 64, Springfield, Mass 

Charles G G Merrill, 61, M A, 139 Whalley, New Haven, Conn 

Payson Merrill, 65, 111 Broadway, N Y Cit-^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Edward DeW Merriman, 72, A M, t, 154 Elm, New Haven, Conn 

Hon George D Metcalf, 70, LL B, 969 Broadway, Oakland, Calif # 

Eug-ene Meyer, Jr. 95, A M, banker, 10 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Elisha W Miller, 68, Douglas, Mich 

Robert H Miller 97, student, 133 Wall, New Haven, Conn 

Hon John H Mitchell, 61, M A, LL B, La Plata. Md 

Rev Charles A Moore, 86, Rockland, Me 

EHakim H Moore, 83, Ph D, t. University, Chicago, 111 

Prof George P Moore, 72, D D, Theol Seminary, Audover, Mass 

Rev Nathaniel S Moore, 61, Winsted, Conn 

Rev William E Moore, 47, D D, LL D, Columbus, Ohio 

Rev William H Moore, 41, Hartford, Conn 

Prof Edward D Morris, 49, D D, Columbus, Ohio 

Prof Edward P Morris, 74, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

William P Morrison, 85, M A, merchant, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Samuel R Morrow, 70, A M, M D, 29 S Hawk, Albany, N Y 

Richard C Morse, 62, M A, Gen Sec Y M C A, 3 W 2% N Y City 

Sidney N Morse, 90, M A. t Greek, W S, Easthampton, Mass 

Hon Joseph Naphthaly, 63,M A,LLB,42(>California,San FranciscoCalif^ 
Homer G Newton, 59, M D, banker, Sherburne, N Y 

Alfred B Nichols, 80, t. Harvard, Cambridge, Mass 

Hon Effingham H Nichols, 41, LL D, 620 Fifth Ave, N Y City 

Henry J Nichols, 9^, student, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Starr H Nichols, 54, 41 Wall, N Y Citjr 

William T Nichols, 84, editor, Manchester, N H 

Hon Sereno D Nickerson, 45, A M, LL B, Masonic Temple, Boston, Mass 
Prof A Eugene Nolen, 67, AM, 3 Wood Place, Fitchburg, Mass 

Henry S Noon, 94, M A, LL B, Tremont Bid, Boston, Mass 

Pres Cyrus Northrop, 57, LL D, Minneapolis, Minn 

John P Norton, 99, Ph D, student, 549 Oraufafe, New Haven, Conn 

Nathaniel Norton, 60, 289 Macon, Brooklyn, N Y 

Rev Edward M Noyes, 79, Newton Center, Mass 

Hon Joseph Olds, 53, M A, LL B, Judg^e, 82 Jefferson, Columbus, Ohio 
John Olendorf, 69, M A, LL B, 83 Montgomery, Jersey City, N J 

Henry Opdyke, 90, 1, 20 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev Prof Frederick W Osborn, 55, M A, Philosophy, Adelphi, Brooklyn 
Prof Charles G Osgood, 94, Ph D, Rhetoric, U of C, Boulder, Col 

Prof Edwart T Owen, 72, Madison, Wis 

Hon S Davis Page. 59, A M, LL B, 700 West End Trust Bid, Philadelphia 
William H Pag-e, 89, LL M, 1068 Franklin, Columbus, Ohio 

Rev Prof Levi L Paine, 56, D D, Bangor, Me 

Rev Charles R Palmer. 55, D D, 127 Whitney, New Haven, Conn 

Harry L Pangborn, 91, M A, LL B, Yale Club, 17 Madison Sq, N Y City 
Rev William E Park, 61, D D, Gloversville, N Y 

William Parkin, 74, 48 Wall, N Y City 

Rev Samuel Parry, 68, Pluckemin, N J 

William E Parsons, 95, architect, Paris, Prance 

Prank D Pavey, 84, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Rev Edward P Payson, 61, Montclair, N J 

Rev George S Payaon, 66, D D, . NY City 

Digitized by 



John B Pearse, 61, 317 Walnut, Boston, Mass 

John W Peck, 74, Devoy, Conn 

Prof Tracy Peck, 61, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Tracy Peck, Jr, 95, Safe Deposit Co, N Y City 

Alton W Pierce, 93, Ph D, t, Sheldon, Conn 
Prof Frederick B Percy, 77, M D, Boston University, Brookline, Mass 
Prof Georg-e H Perkins, 67, Ph D, Geology, U of V, Burlington, Vt 

Henry A Perkins, 96, M A, E E, 55 Forest, Hartford, Conn 

Hon Samuel C Perkins, 48, LL D, 627 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Prof Bernadotte Perrin, 69, LL D, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Hon John H Perry, 70, M A, LL B, Southport, Conn 
Hon John A Peters, 42, LL D, Justice Supreme Court, Bangor, Me 

Prof George D Pettee, 87, M A, Phil Academy, Andover, Mass 

Lemuel D Pettee, 98, t, Dobbs Ferry, N Y 

Rev Arthur S Phelps, 86, Greeley, Col 

Hon Myron H Phelps, 76, A M, LL B, 220 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof William L Phelps, 87, M A, Ph D, 44 High, New Haven, Conn 

Thomas W Pierce, 68, 1, West Chester, Pa 

Rev Isaac Pierson, 66, Medford, Mass 

Thomas H Pitkin, 62, Walker Block, Detroit, Mich 

Prof Samuel B Platner, 83, Ph D, Cleveland, Ohio 
Harrison G Piatt, 88, 1, 242 Washington, Portland, Oregon 

Rev Howard W Pope, 71, New Haven, Conn 

Louis H Porter, 96, A M, LL B, 45 Broadway, N Y City 

Nathan T Porter, 90, 78 Worth, N Y City 

Peter B Porter, 67, M D, 150 W 84, N Y City 

Hon Timothy H Porter, 48, A M, banker, Box 227, Stamford, Conn 

Rev Lemuel S Potwin, 54, D D, Cleveland, Ohio 

Prof John R Powell, 97, A M, High School, Joliet, 111 

Addison S Pratt, 96, LL B, A M, 120 Broadway, N Y City 
Prin Julius H Pratt, 82, A M, Ph D, Academy, 471 VanBuren, Milwaukee 

Foster Pruyn, 97, A M, LL B, 230 State, Albany, N Y 

Sands F Randall, 70, 99 Nassau, N Y City 

Joseph F Randall, 62, 1, Morristown, N J 

William M Raymond, 94, 1, 36 Bellevue, Chicago, 111 

Rev William C Reade, 63, Beverly, Mass 

Prof Edward B Reed, 94, M A, Ph D, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Harry L Reed, 89, Albany, Oregon 

Mitchell D Rhame, 69, C E, 201 State, Minneapolis, Minn 

Prin Abner Rice, 44, AM, Lee, Mass 

Rev William H Rice, 59, M A, Gnadenhtitten, Ohio 

Rev Charles H Richards, 60, 2033 Greene, Philadelphia, Pa 

Dickinson W Richards, 80, 1, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Eugene L Richards, 60, New Haven, Conn 

George Richards, 72, 141 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev William R Richards, 75, D D, Plainfield, N J 
Prof Oliver H Richardson, 89, M A, Ph D, History, Yale,New Haven, Conn 

Prof Rufus B Richardson, 69, Ph D, Athens, Greece 

Rev Warner B Riggs, 71, Dallas, Texas' 

Isaac W Riley, 92, t, St Pauls, Concord, N H 

Digitized by 



Alfred L Ripley, 78, banker, Boston, Mass 

Hon Thomas G Ritch, 54, M A, LL B, 18 Wall, N Y City 

Fred O Robbins, 96, t, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Prof George W Robbins, 76, A M, 71 Montview, West Roxbury, Mass 
Howard C Robbins, 99, Theol student, Greenfield, Mass 

Hon Ellis H Roberts, 50, LL D, Treasurer, Washington, D C 

Edwin L Robinson, 96, t, 3337 Morg-an, St Louis, Mo 

Hon Henry C Robinson, 53, LL D, Hartford, Conn 

Michael W Robinson, 57, 1, 698 Pullerton, Chicago, 111 

Prof Charles GRockwood, Jr, 64, M A,Ph D, Mathematics,Princeton,N J 
Rev Edson Rogers, 57, A M, Cincinnatus, N Y 

Philip F Rogers, 94, M D, Milwaukee, Wis 

George W RoUins, 76, Latin School, Boston, Mass 

Rev Edward T Root, 87, M A, B D, 16 Redwing, Providence, R I 

Robert K Root, 98, t. New Haven, Conn 

Prof Charles J H Ropes, 72, D D, Bangor, Me 

Grant I Rosenzweig, 87, N Y Life Bid, Kansas City, Mo 

Wallis G Rowe, 97, t, 2115 Oregon, St Louis, Mo 

William L Rowland, 52, A M, librarian, Rockford, 111 

Louis B Runk, 93, A M, LL B, 20 S 21, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Julius W Russell, 68, M A, LL B, Judge, Burlington, Vt 

Darius P Sackett, 66, 20 Sidney, Brooklyn, N Y 

Prin Daniel S Sanford, 82, High School, Brookline, Mass 

Rev William H Savary, 57, Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Lauriston L Scaife, 70, 23 Court, Boston, Mass 

Benjamin Scharps, 84, A M, LL B, 45 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Charles A Schumaker, 92, A M, Ph D, Eng, Nor Sch,Oneonta, N Y 
Prof John C Schwab, 86, New Haven, Conn 

Rudolph Schwill, 96, t, 339 Main, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Pres Austin Scott, 69, LL D, New Brunswick, N J 

Edmund D Scott, 89, M A, t, Holyoke, Mass 

Charles B Sears, 98, 1, 558 EUicott, Buffalo, N Y 

Hon Edward D Selden, 44, A M, Saratoga Springs, N Y 

Prof William A Setchell, 87, Ph D, Botany, U of C, Berkeley, Calif # 
Rev Arthur W Shaw, 92, M A, Chichester, N Y 

Edward Shaw, 47, Museum, Washington, D C 

Samuel C Shaw, 91, 1, Bridgeport, Conn 

Albert B Shearer, 62, 524 Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hon Daniel L Shearer, 42, AM, 8 Dana, Cambridge, Mass 

George P Sheldon, 67, insurance, 47 Cedar, N Y City 

Henry C Sheldon, 67, t, 72 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Charles E Shepard, 70, 1, 615 N Y Bid, Seattle, Wash 

Hon C Sidney Shepard, 78, A M, LL B, manufacturer, New Haven, Conn 
Prof Charles C Sherman, 83, A M, 405 W Onondaga, Syracuse, N Y 
Prof Lucius A Sherman, 71, U of N, Lincoln, Neb 

William H Sherman, 80, M D, Yonkers, N Y 

Hon Nathaniel Shipman, 48,LL D, Judge, Charter Oak Pl,Hartford, Conn 
Hon George Shiras, Jr,53,LL D, Justice U S SupremeCt, Washington, D C 
Rev Arthur Shirley, 69, M A, B D, Stratford, Conn 

Hon George G Sill, 52, A M, LL D, 863 Main, Hartford, Conn 

Digitized by 



Henry Sillcocks, 98, 23 S Portland, Brooklyn, N Y 

Album E Skinner, 95, A M, Ottawa, Kan 

Francis G Slade, 91, 18 W 52, N Y City 

Henry T Sloane, 66, A M, merchant, 884 Broadway, N Y City 

Benjamin Smith, 67, A M, t, Plymouth, Pa 

Prof Charles H Smith, 65, LL D, New Haven, Conn 

Eugene Smith, 59, 1, 31 Nassau, N Y City 

Prof Frederick M Smith, 80, AM, 21 Niles, Hartford, Conn 

Herbert A Smith, 89, Ph D, t, Lake Waccabuc, N Y 

Herbert K Smith, 91„ 1, 847 Main, Hartford, Conn 

James R Smith, 98, student, 31 Felton Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Editor of Yale Chapter Catalogue, 1898, pp 126 
Joel S Smith, 53, A M, Librarian, Yale, 257 St Ronan, New Haven, Conn 

Rev Moses Smith, 52, 115 S Leavitt, Chicago, 111 

Rev Oscar M Smith, 55, A M, Java, Wyoming Co, N Y 

Ray B Smith, 91, A M, LL B, Kirk Block. Syracuse, N Y 

Prof William M Smith, 44, M D, Syracuse, N Y 

Prof William T Smith, 60, M D, LL D, Hanover, N H 

Fred P SoUey, 88, M D, 33 W 53, N Y City 

Rev Charles M Southgate, 66, Auburndale, Mass 

Edward W Southworth, 75, University Club, N Y City 

Thomas S Southworth, 83, M D, 47 W 56, N Y City 

Hon Selden P Spencer, 84, A M, M D, Ph D, Judge, St Louis, Mo 

Prof Homer B Sprague, 52, Ph D, Madison, N J 

Louis L Stanton, 79, 30 W 49, N Y City 

Edward R Stearns, 70, manufacturer, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev Henry H Stebbins, 62, D D, 24 Prince, Rochester, N Y 

Rev Charles E Steele, 71, New Britain, Conn 

Sydney Stein, 84, 85 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 
Prof Bernard C Steiner,88,M A,Ph D,LL B,Enoch Pratt Lib. Baltimore,Md 

John W Sterling, 64, 44 Wall, N Y City 

Hon Charles P Stetson, 55, A M, lawyer, Bangor, Me 

Frederick W Stevens, 58, 62 Wall, N Y City 

Henry E Stevens, Jr, 88, A M, lumber, 272 W 89, N Y City 

Rev Henry A Stimson, 65, D D, 159 W 86, N Y City 

Henry L Stimson, 88, 1, 32 Liberty, N Y City 

Frank R Stocker, 98, Law student, Jermyn, Pa 

William Stocking, 65, editor, Detroit, Mich 
Anson Phelps Stokes, Jr, 96, B D, Secretary of Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Corydon G Stowell, 65, A M, t, 459 Dayton, Chicago, 111 

Harry L Street, 95, A M, lumber, 133 Astor, Chicago, 111 

Rev Augustus H Strong, 57, D D, Theol Sem, Rochester, N Y 

George A Strong, 71, 50 Wall, N Y City 

Wendell M Strong, 93, t, Yale, New Haven, Conn 

Charles H Studinski, 97, 1, 40 Wall, N Y Citv 

George S Sumner, 95, Ph D, t, Claremont, Calif# 

Prof William G Sumner, 63, LL D, New Haven, Conn 

Hon Charles P Taft, 64, M A, LL B, J U D, editor, 316 Pike, Cincinnati 

Hon William H Taft, 78, LL D, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Henry E Taintor, 65, Hartford, Conn 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


John B Talcott, 46, A M, New Britain, Conn 

Prank B Tarbell, 73, t, 5730 Woodlawn, Chicago, 111 

Prof John P Taylor, 62, D D, Andover, Mass 

Prof Henry T Terry, 69, Tokyo, Japan 

Alfred B Thacher, 74, 1, 10 Wall, N Y City 

John S Thacher, 77, M D, 33 W 39, N Y City 

Thomas Thacher, 71, 10 Wall, N Y City 

Aaron S Thomas, 69, 133 W 73, N Y City 

Prin Isaac Thomas, 81, M A, High School, 8 Wilson, Burlington, \t 
Gouverneur M Thompson, 65, 320 Broadway, N Y City 

Wilmot H Thompson, 98, t, Torrington, Conn 

Ambrose Tighe, 79, M A, 1, St Paul, Minn 

Rev John E Todd, 55, D D, Riverside, Califs 

Prof Herbert C Tolman, 88, M A, Ph D, Greek, V U, Nashville, Tenn 
Rev Edward C Towne, 56, M A, Albany, N Y 

Roger S Tracy, 62, M A, M D, 151 W 106, N Y City 

George K Tufts, 63, M A, New Braintree, Mass 

Edgar A Turrell, 67. 1, 170 Broadway, N Y City 

Rev Henrv H Tweedy, 91, 376 Genesee. Utica, N Y 

Rev Kinsley Twining, 53, D D, L H D, editor, Morristown, N J 

Rev Alexander S Twombly, 54, D D, Newton, Mass 

Rev Clifford G Twombly, 91, Newton Highlands, Mass 

Henry B Twombly, 84, 1, 115 Broadway, N Y City 

Prof Charles M Tyler, 55, A M, D D, Philosophy, Cornell, Ithaca, N Y 
Morris F Tyler, 70, Telephone Co., New Haven, Conn 

Prof Moses C Tyler, 57, LL D, Ithaca, N Y 

Rev Samuel Tyler, 95, A M, St George's Church, 207 E 16, N Y City 
Adrian S Van de Graff, 81, 1, Tuscaloosa, Ala 

Addison Van Name, 58, A M, Librarian of Yale, New Haven, Conn 
Willard G Van Name, 94, 121 High, New Haven, Conn 

Hon J Leonard Varick, 68, 206 W 86, N Y City 

Bishop Boyd Vincent,67,M A,S T D,663 Forest, Avondale,Cincinnati,Ohio 
Prof George E Vincent, 85, University, Chicago, 111 

Isidore Wachsman, 93, Tweddle Bid, Albany, N Y 

William H Wadhams, 96, 1, 34 Pine, N Y City 

Otis H Waldo, 79, Borden Block, Chicago, 111 

Rev Charles S Walker, 67, Ph D, Amherst, Mass 

Arthur E Wabradt, 80, A M, LL B, 52 Broadway, N Y City 

Hon Frederic A Ward, 62, A M, LL M, judge, 31 Nassau, N Y City 
John D Warnock, 93, Ph D, t, Pottstown, Pa 

Rev Albert Warren, 67, Leicester, Mass 

Hon Edwin F Warren, 64, A M, LL B, Nebraska City, Neb 

Samuel R Warren, 60, Cosmos Club, Washington, D C 

Pres William E Waters, 78, Aurora, N Y 

Rev Benjamin Webb, 56, 39 W 33, N Y City 

Hon Frederick C Webster, 73, M A, LL B, Missoula, Mont 

Hon John H Webster, 68, MA, LL B, Cleveland, Ohio 

Prof William H Welch, 70, M D, LL D, J H U, Baltimore, Md 

Prof Charles H Weller, 95, M A, HUlhouse H S, 17 Parmelee, New Haven 
Supt Paul I Welles, 85, M A, Southern Ry Co, Columbia, S C 

Digitized by 



Thomas P Wentworth, 68, 1, 40 Central Park S, N Y City 

Hon Clarence L Wescott, iA, A M, hit B, 146 Broadway, NY City 

Alexander Wheeler, 97, t, Higrh School, 390 Park Place, Bridgeport, Conn 
Prof Arthur L Wheeler, 93, A M,Ph D, Yale,81 Cottage, New Haven, Conn 
Prof Arthur M Wheeler, 57, LL D, New Haven, Conn 

Ralph Wheeler, 64, lawyer. New London, Conn 

Hon William E Wheeler, 66, M A, manufacturer, Portville, N Y 

Rev William C Wheeler, 80, Newton, Kan 

Albert B White, 93, Ph D, t, U of Minn, Minneapolis, Minn 

Thomas H White, 60, M D, Tuckahoe, N Y 

Lrewis P Whitin, 64, M A, merchant, 112 Worth, N Y City 

James L Whitney, 56, Public Library, Boston, Mass 

Rev James M Whiton, S3, M A, Ph D. editor, 287 Fourth Ave, N Y City 
Rev Albert L Whittaker, 92, Phelps Place, North Adams, Mass 

Gen Eliphalet Whittlesey, 42, 8 Iowa Circle, Washington, D C 

Rev Charles M Whittlesey, 42, 8 Iowa Circle, Washington, D C 

Frederic R Whittlesey, 87, 100 Hudson, N Y City 

Heman C Whittlesey, 80, 187 S Main, Middletown, Conn 

Rev Nathan H Whittlesey, 7l, D D, New Haven, Conn 

Prof Alexander M Wilcox, 77, Ph D, Greek, U of K, Lawrence, Kan 
Rev Asher H Wilcox, 59, Norwich Town, Conn 

Rev Charles H Wilcox, 76, Lawrenceville, N J 

Hon George A Wilcox, 52, M A, Madison, Conn 

Ahab G Wilkinson, 56, Patent Office, Washington, D C 

Rev Andrew J Willard, 53, A M, M D, Burlington, Vt 

Prof Giles B Willcox, 48, D D, Theol Sem, Chicago, 111 

Rev Edward F Williams, 56, D D, editor, 147 Ashland, Chicago, 111 

Prin Job Williams, 64, L H D, School for Deaf ,690 Asylum, Hartford,Conn 
RevMoseley H WilHams,64,AM, Ph D,editor,1122 Chestnut, Philadelphia 
Bishop Richard H Wilmer, 36, D D, LL D, Springhill, Ala 

Edwin H Wilson, 65, 16 Lee, Cambridge. Mass 

John H Wilson, 68, 97 Nassau, N Y City 

Henry Winn, 59, 1, Maiden, Mass 

Andrew L Winters, 89, 153 LaSalle, Chicago. Ill 

Hon Francis E Woodruff, 64, AM, 9 James, Morristown, N J 

George W Woodruff, 89, A M, LL B, Stephen Girard Bld.Philadelphia,Pa 
Rev Henry C Woodruff, 68, A M, Bridgeport, Conn 

Richard W Woodward, 67, 2 Park, Hartford, Conn 

Alfred C Woolner, 93, A M, LL B, 20 Broad, N Y City 

Edwin D Worcester, Jr, 76, 35 Nassau, N Y City 

Wilfred J Worcester, 85, 11 Pine, N Y City 

Prof Arthur W Wright, 59, Ph D, New Haven, Conn 

Henry B Wright, 98, Gen Sec Y MC A, Dwight Hall, New Haven, Conn 
Prof Henry P Wright, 68, LL D, Yale, New Haven, Conn 


Hon Francis Adams, Bowd, 50, A M, LL B, 104 South, Bath, Me 

Hon Fisher Ames, Dart ^»9, A M, LL B, ExamBld.San Francisco, Calif # 
Hon Henry Budd, U of Pa 68, M A, LL B, 727 Walnut, Philadelphia 
Charles M Burdick, Wms 95, M D, Lowville, N Y 

Digitized by 



Hon John H Buttrick, Dart 52, A M, Pres Manuf Co^ Lowell, Mass 

Prof Henry S Carhart, Wesl 69, LL D, Physics, U of M, Ann Arbor, Mich 
Edwin A Clark, Adelbert 87, A M, M D, Pauldinfi:, Ohio 

Prof Melvin E Crowell, U of R 79, A M, Chem and Physics, Franklin, Ind 
Francis H Dewey, Wms 76, A M, LL B, Worcester, Mass 

Hon Charles N M Dunham, Edgarton, Mass 

George h Farley, Dart 98, teacher, 348 Essex, Lynn, Mass 

Roy C Flickinfirer, U W 99 teacher, 2685 N 42, Chicajpo, 111 

Hon John H HoUiday, Hanover 64f A M, editor, Indianapolis, Ind 

Prof O Per^ Hoover, M A, Greek, Juniata, Huntington, Pa 

Hon Frank P Howe, Brown 72, A M,Pres P R M Co, 251 S 17, Philadelphia 
Harry I Huber, Dick 98, A M, lawyer, Chambersburg, Pa 

Wirt E Humphrey, N W 90, A M, LL B, 115 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 
Prof J H Keener, Princ 97, A M, 13 Hamill House, Lawrenceville, N J 
John Knox, Brown 87, A M, Treas S B & Co, 388 Wabash, Chicagfo, 111 
Egbert LeFevre, Rut 80, A M, M D, 52 W 56, N Y City 

Prof Christian P Lommen, U of M 91, Biologn^, Vermillion, S Dak 

Rev William H H McAllister, U of Vt 80, A M, 62 Spruce, Portland, Me 
Rev Donald McLaren, Union 53, A M, D D, 194 Park Ave, Orange, N J 
Mrs. Harriet Kimball McWilliams, N W 83, A M, Dwight, 111 

Olivia M Mattison, N W 98, A M, Librarian, Evanston, 111 

Rev Peter H Milliken, Rut 76, Ph D, D D, 1433 Poplar, Philadelphia, Pa 
Hon Walter B Moore, Uof R61, AM, insurance, 346 Broadway,NY City 
Allan M North, Amh 81, A M, teacher, 3 Orton, Binghamton, N Y 
CuUen W Parmclee, Rut 96, A M, chemist, 100 Kent, Brooklyn, N Y 
Prof RAF Penrose Jr, Harv 84, Ph D, Geologist, Bullitt Bid, Philadelphia 
Prof Martin W Sampson, Cin 88, A M, English, Univ, Bloomington, Ind 
Prof Charles B Scott, Rut 81, A M, Ph D, Supt Sch, Santuce, Puerto Rico 
William J Shaeffer, Dick 91, A M, LL B, Girard Building, Philadelphia 
Prof Helen M Slade, Vassar 94, A M, (Vassar), Quincy, Mass 

Prof Martha C Smith, N W 91, Ph B, University, Palo Alto, Calif# 

Prof J Y Stanton, Bowd 56, Litt D, Greek, Bates, Lewiston, Me 

Prof Francis H Stoddard, Amh 69, Ph D, Eng, Univ Heights, NY City' 
PresMartyn Summerbell,CCNY 71Ph D, DD,Starkey Sem,Eddjtown,NY 
James F Thompson, Brown 91, A M, musician, 60 Moore, Providence, R I 
Prof Samuel Thurber, Brown 58, Ph D, Girls' High School, Boston, Mass 
Brainard ToUes, Ham 86, A M, lawyer, 32 Nassau, N Y City 

Alexander J Williams, Trinity 96, B S, M D, 309 Sixth, Racine, Wis 


These Chapter Catalogues have been made from all available 
materials. There has been difficulty in securing accurate lists of 
members and their addresses from some chapters. Using the best lists ob- 
tainable the Secretary has gfiven each man one opportunity, and in most 
cases two opportunities, to make his name and address correct at the 
cost of a postage stamp. Over four hundred of these letters have been 
returned by postmasters, showing imperfect chapter lists and a fluctua- 
ting race. Grateful acknowledgment is due to the chapter officers for their 
patience and good nature in responding to the Secretary's repeated 
calls for information, and especially due to the generous members who 
have sent 4heir money to help pay for the book. 

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Uniformity has been one of the watchwords of the National Coun- 
cils. As one step toward it, the existing customs and methods of pro- 
cedure have been obtained. Questions were sent out to all the chapters 
asking the fractional part taken from each class, the college courses 
that are regarded as furnishing eligible men, the time in their course 
when men are taken, the method of election, the fees and dues, the 
meetings of the chapter, the ceremony of initiation or welcoming of the 
new members, the symbols on the key and their interpretation and some 
matters of a semi-confidential character relative to the society. For 
the most part the chapter secretaries have responded to these multiform 
questions with charming patience and the result is herewith submitted. 


Good moral character and high scholarship are the recognized 
foundation qualities for membership eligibility. The question at issue 
has related to the courses of study in which the hip^h scholarship has 
been obtained. For many years the election was limited to the students 
pursuing the course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. When 
the colleges began to give other degrees the question arose regarding 
Phi Beta Kappa. After prolonged discussion and a reference back to 
the chapters for their decision the National Council voted that it is 
not expedient to grant a charter to any institution that does not have 
the Bachelor of Arts course, but that it is also not expedient to confine 
the membership to students in that course. At present a very large per 
cent, probably ninety per cent, of the membership is from the Arts 
course. The requirements for the Arts degree are not the same in all 
colleges, though quite generally Latin and Greek, or Latin and a modem 
language, are required. 

The following statements from the chapters indicate the present 
situation. *'No distinction is made between classical and scientific 
courses," (Amherst); * 'Members are elected from the A B and the Ph B 
courses, though eighty-five per cent, are from the former," (Brown); 
•*Men are taken from the B A, B L, and B S courses," (Dartmouth); 
"Men are taken mostly though not altogether from dhe A B course," 
(Kenyon); **In earlier days at least nine-tenths have been taken from 
the A B course, though now the proportion may be about two-thirds," 
(Marietta); "We take from both the B A and B S courses, though the 
proportion from the latter is small," (Middlebury); The Ck)llege of the 
City of New York and New York University take from both the classical 
and scientific courses. Rochester, Syracuse and Wesleyan elect from all 
courses. Williams gives only the A B degree. The great body of mem- 
bership in Colgate, Columbia and Cornell, in Rutgers and Union, in 
Harvard and Yale, is altogether from the Bachelor of Arts course. 

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Some chapters fix a limit in the average of the scholarship mark,— 
eighty or eighth-five or ninety per cent, — ^but methods of marking as 
well as the requirement for the A B degree are not uniform. There is 
great diversity of method in the selection of Phi Beta Kappa members, 
perhaps no two of the fifty chapters have the same method, but in all 
of them the ideals of membership are good character and sound scholar- 


When the old chapters constituted themselves the United Chapters 
they reserved some rights and privileges. One of these vested rights 
was the power to elect one-third of each class to Phi Beta Kappa 
membership. But since in the new order they have voted that 
the new chapters shall take only one-fourth of each class, the old 
chapters, in the interest of uniformity and fairness and good scholar- 
ship, have nearly all agreed to restrict themselves to a smaller frac- 
tional proportion, so that now only six of the old chapters elect 
one-third of each class. In fact most of the old chapters have 
put a much greater restriction upon themselves. Harvard takes 
twenty-five or thirty from a class of four hundred graduates, or about 
one-thirteenth of each class. Yale, Cornell, and the College of the City 
of New York elect about one-eighth of each class. Dartmouth and'Ne- 
braska take one-sixth. Colui^bia, Syracuse and Williams take one-fifth. 
Changes are now inprogress that will bring other chapters into these 
restricted ranks. The prevailing limit outside the great University 
chapters is one-fourth of each class, the limit fixed for the new chap- 
ters by the National Council. 


The time of the election to membership in Phi Beta Kappa is later 
in the college course than has been commonlj supposed. Yale is 
thought to be the only chapter that elects a considerable number at the 
end of the Sophomore year, though two other chapters take a few men 
at that point in the course. Three chapters take their men at the end 
of Junior year. Fifteen chapters elect about half of their number at the 
end of Junior and the rest at the end of Senior year. Thirty-one 
chapters elect only Seniors and usually after the final examinations. 
In most colleges therefore Phi Beta Kappa is a graduate society. 
The trend is away from the original idea of the literary helpfulness and 
social comradeship of the Virginians. 


The basis of election is the college system of marks. In some col- 
leges the Faculty furnishes, by the hands of the Secretary, a list of the 
highest scholars and if no objection is made to any candidate the list is 

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strictly followed. In otter collegfes a number, somewhat exceeding the 
number to be elected, is furnished and the voting- body make a selection. 
In some colle^^es a nominating committee receives from the Faculty 
record the standing of the best scholars and recommends a list to 
the voting body. A few quotations from the chapter by-laws indicate 
the practice. The original Alpha of Virginia says, — "The names are 
proposed by a nominating committee of which at least two shall be 
members of the College Faculty." Many chapters' say, — '*The Secre- 
tary furnishes the list of the best scholars." * 'The executive committee 
borrows the Reg-istrar's books, and prepares a list of nominations." **The 
executive committee nominates from a list of the first third of the class 
furnished by the Faculty records." 


As thirty-one of the fifty chapters have no undergradute body the 
election is in the hands of the Faculty members of the Phi Beta Kappa. 
In the larger places there is also a body of resident members who are 
invited to participate in the election of new members. Of those nineteen 
institutions, having undergraduate members, six lay the whole responsi- 
bility of election upon the undergraduates and in thirteen the faculty 
members and undergraduates take common responsibility in the election. 

Some chapters require a unanimous vote for the election of each new 
member; other chapters require only a three-fourths vote. The require- 
ment in most of the chapters is between these extremes and two or 
three "black balls" are not allowed to prevent an election. 


In most of those chapters having members a year or more before 
graduation some literary meetings are held. A few chapters say, — 
^'Monthly meetings of graduates and undergraduates are held through- 
out the year." As has been already mentioned some chapters have a 
notable list of literary papers prepared for these regular meetings of 
Phi Beta Kappa undergraduates. In the larger places it is not difficult 
to secure able writers and speakers and appreciative audiences. The 
chapter that has had for so many ^ears the service of Professor Werner, 
to whom the whole Fraternity is largely indebted for its present 
prosperity, has held more than thirty notable literary meetings, for 
which he has secured the writers and speakers and made all other 
arrangements. Several chapters hold quarterly meetings and arrange 
for some paper or address, usually by one of the resident Professors. 

The Phi Beta Kappa Alumni of New York City since 1877 have 
held nearly seventy reunions, an average of three each year, and heard 
addresses from the foremost scholars and educators of our country. 
Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Associations centering at Chicago and Cincin- 
nati are expecting to undertake a similar work. 

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Two chapters have no initiation f ee, one chapter fixes the fee at 
fifty cents, five chapters receive one dollar, fifteen chapters receive two 
dollars, six chapters receive three dollars, sixteen chapters receive five 
dollars and five chapters receive ten dollars. It is presumed that the 
ten dollars cover the cost of the key. The dues are usually nominal, 
depending" on the votes of the chapter, for banquet or catalogue or 
speaker at the public meetings. 


The form by which the new members are received or initiated dif- 
fers widely throughout the Fraternity. In some chapters the fact of a 
man's eleetion is reported to him, the admission fee is collected and he 
helps pay for a dinner to celebrate the event. In other chapters there 
is an impressive welcoming service conducted by the President of the 
Chapter or b^ some leading man of the order selected for that service. 
A few quotaticfcs from the chapters will show the practice. **There is 
an impressive initiation followed by a reception," (Amherst); **There 
is a brief form of initiation," (Bowdoin); *'The initiation is a formal 
affair conducted by the Secretary," (Brown); ''The initiation is a 
simple ceremony conducted in the chapel," (Colby); "The initiation is 
formal but not extended," (ColgaXe); "The initiation is somewhat ex- 
tended and is conducted by the President who makes an address of 
welcome and, with the rest of the Society present, gives the welcoming 
hand to the new members," (Columbia); "There is an evening meeting 
for initiation with an address by the president," (Cornell); "At the 
initiation there are brief addresses b^ the president and others. The 
initation was public for the first time in 1899," ^Dartmouth); "The 
initiation is the event of the year," (De Pauw); "The initiation is a 
serious ceremony, with an address by the president and the g^p by the 
treasurer," (Hamilton); "There is no initiation and no secrecy. An in- 
itiation dinner is given by the undergraduates," (Harvard); "The 
initiation is a brief address by the president or vice-president who gives 
the grip, and the secretary makes a statement of the obligations of 
membership," (Hobart); "The initiation is an impressive ceremony con- 
ducted bjr the president, who administers the oath, gives the grip, 
and explains the aims and symbols of the Society. The oath is a slight 
dilution of the somewhat strong waters of the original Phi Beta Kappa 
oath of 1776," (Johns Hopkins); "The initiation is held the evening of 
commencement. The president conducts a brief service of obligation 
and an orator delivers a short address. This is fallowed by a banquet," 
(Kenyon) ; "The initiation is simple and dignified, and conducted by the 
president of the chapter," (Middlebury) ; "New members are received by 
the form furnished by the Alpha of New York at the beginning," (Col- 
lege City of New York); "The initiation is quite formal, with the 
reading of the constitution and an address partly historical," (Trinity); 
"The graduate president reads the constitution, the new members 
signify assent by the uplifted hand, and he recites a Latin formula 
admitting them to the Society," (Yale). 

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The printed forms of initiation, sent by several chapters, indicate 
a common origin. When a student has been elected and has examined 
the Constitution of the Society he answers *'/flfo" to the following* 
pledge: — 

*'2?£> you agree to suffort the Constitution of Phi Beta Kafpa and 
to generously am in every honorable way to enlarge its usefulness V'* 

When the members are assembled for the service some one introduces 
the members elect, (the chapter rising), saying: — 

^"^ Allow me to introduce to the f hi Beta Kafpa these members duly 
elected. They desire to be admitted to all the honors and privileges of 
ike Society:' 

The presiding" officer (the chapter being seated) addresses the mem- 
bers elect as follows: — 

^"Gentlemen: In recognition of the honorable record that you have, 
made during your college life you nave been elected members of the Phi 
Beta Kappa. For more than a century this fraternity has encouraged 
upright character and good scholarship. Founded at the venerable seat 
of teaming in Virginia at the very time our national government was 
organized tt has been closely and actively identified with the history of our 
country in the important affairs of church anct state. 

** The Fraternity now embraces fifty chapters in twenty states with an 
active membership of over ten thousand. True to its original purpose the 
fraternity fosters the love of wisdom and sound learning which should be 
the guide of life. The watchword symbolizes that purpose. The hand 
pointing to the stars indicates a noble aspirationJ*^ 

^^^ Understanding this object of the fraternity^ do you still desire to 
become members ? " 

Upon receiving an affirmative answer the presiding officer, or some 
one appointed for the purpose, explains the motto, the key inscription, 
and gives the grip. Some chapters call for a pledge of secrecy and a 
promise to help worthy brothers in distress, like the great order which 
has sent its phraseolog'y down through all college fraternities. But 
most chapters are satisfied to let the presiding officer explain these mat- 
ters, that were once held as sacred secrets, and then give the initiates 
some general charges: — 

^^ Gentlemen^ We now have the pleasure of welcoming you as associ' 
ates with us in Phi Beta Kappa. Let your new relation urge you to in- 
creased diligence in the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of virtue. 
Possessing the treasures of the past it behooves us to make our contribution 
to the present and to the future. Educated men owe a duty to their 
country and to humanity^ to encourage the love of letters ana of sound 
scholarship and to keep alive the pure fiame of truth.'*'* 

Then turning to the chapter members, who rise, the president 
says: — 

^^ Gentlemen: 2ou join me in this pleasure of welcoming these new 
members. Allow me to present them to you I " 

Then in an informal way the old members shake hands with the new, 
using the grip of the Socie^ in giving the right hand of fellowship. 

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At first the badge of the Society was a square silver medal bearing* 
on one side S. P., the initials of the two Latin words that in the early 
days gave name to the Fraternity, and bearing on the other side the 
Greek initials of the Society watchword which have given name to the 
Fraternity all these later years. The Latin words suggested by S. P. 
have been rendered with a generous freedom, ''Science and Philosophy," 
or '^Society of Philosophers," or "Philosophical Society." On the 
medal there was also engraved an index finger pointing to three stars. 

When the Society came North, or early in its Northern history, the 
badge became a gold key bearing the same symbols. Some chapters 
still use the silver medal, giving one to each initiated member. Pink 
and blue ribbons were generally used on public occasions in the earlier 
chapters. The number of stars on the key differs according to the cen- 
ter of chapter origin. Those chartered by Union took the number of 
stars that indicated their distance from the Alpha. But the majority 
of the chapters have now fixed upon the number seven as the symbol of 
completeness. Upon the chief watchword of the Fraternity there is gen- 
eral agreement though a few chapters give a changed termination to 
the Homeric word. 

In purchasing keys we have had very satisfactory dealing with the 
firm whose card is given on this page. Their work is excellent and 
their prices reasonable. We can cordially recommend them to the mem- 
bers of the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. 



Scnafl SU«, No. 20, $4.50. 

BSaken of hisfh grade ^ B K Keyi in two strei. 

No. 26 (see pac:e2), $6.00; No. 20, as llltss- 
trated here, $4.50. Stick Pins, smaller, at $2i)0. 

Also makers of emblems for many other old and prominent 
college fraternities* 

ProdiiOBCB of best quality Stattooery, stamped with the 
Iraiemity emblem or flionograau 

MvftesfvlM ftwwy 

aad viaHoca to Dctfoh Inviftad to call «« 

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