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Chester County historical Society 


Thoebe T^hillips T^rime 















.S it is generally acknowledged, that a Direclory in a 
mercantile city is one of the moft uleful Publications ; and, 
from the circumfrance of the great acceffion of new inhabit- 
in ts to the city every yc;ir, together with the freqr.ewt 
removals, are the leading moti^ es which have actuated the 
Editor ' to publilh the prefent one. 

To the Direclory is fubjoined a Lift of the Duties p^yab.-*. 
on Goods, with all other Information refpecting the Cuftcm- 
Houfe, interefting to ISIerchants and all others concerned i* 
mercantile tranfactions, with a further colle£tion of ufeR 

Frpm the utility of the work, the Editor flatters hlrnfeif 
to experience the patronage of the Public every year, as he 
atends publifhing one annually, and which will be keepinf^ 
en foot a delirable collection of genuine information. 

The Subfcriber is well aware of the ahnoft impracHcabiiit ^ 
of compiling a publication of this nature without errors •, foi 
liefe, which he trufts will be found but few, he folicits tiie 
ndulgence of a generous Pubhc- 




J^^rj>EB.TUS LEWIS, perfumer and hair drefler, 169, north 

Front a. 
Auld Jacob, gentleman, 84, Arch ft- 

BABE GEORGE, tavern keeper, llgn of the Shepherd, South- 
Barthelemv john M. , between South andShippeain 

fifth ft. ' 
BafTet George Francis, watch & clock maker, 131, fb. Front ft. 

Beaumont, gentleman, corner of Brown and Front ft. 
Berriman Jacob, printer, Laetitia court. 
Breuil Francis, merchant, 115, Spruce ft. 
Brewer Daniel & James, merchants, 20, Penn ft. 
firumard Rock, merchant, 249, fouth front ft. 
Brunelan Peter, grocer, iii. South ft. 
Bullerdine John, M. D. 53, Plumb ft. 
Byrne Patrick, boarding houfe, 86, fouth Front ft, 


CAMPBELL JAMES, merchant, 219, fouth Front ft, 

Carfon Hugh, 206, north third ft, 

Carfon William, frore keeper, 35, Walnut ft. 

Chambears John, innkeeper, 16, north third ft. 

Chandler Eli, innkeeper, 59, north fecond ft. 

Colhoun Guftavus & Hugh, merchants, 27, north Water ft. 

Cooper Ezekiel Rev. at Colonel North'<^, <l^rownft. 

Cratft Jacob, tavern keeper, 464, north Iccond fti 

Croufillat L. merchant, 13, north Water ft. 


DAVIS SAMUEL, upholdftcrer and paper hanger, 140, fou(h 
ourth ft. " i 

S U P P L E M E N T. 

De Haas John Phlilip, gent\ernan, 322, north third Tt. 

Defgroves Robert C. & A. hatters, 90, louth fee end ft. 

De Viar Don Jofeph Ignatius, coniul general of Spain, 126, 

fouth fourth It. 
Douglas G. bookfeller & ftationer, 2, fouth third i\. 
Dowers Ed\vard, fail maker, 1"^, Pear it 
Dreifbafch />dam, Ihopkecper, north third between Green a.nd 

Noble ft. 
Duncan Primus, labourer, 423, north third fl. 


ENGLE FRANCIS, ironmonger, 73, Race ft. 

Evans George, mathematical initrument maker, 33, north 
front ft. 

Fowler Andrew R. teacher of the Young Ladies' Academy, be- 
tween 391 &: 405, fouth Front ft. 

Frefnaye & Co. tobacconifts, 57, fouth Front ft. 


GATLIFF SAMUEL, merchant, 124, Spruce ft. 

Ghant Mary, widow, boarding hcufe, 3, Callowhill ft. 

Gibbons Francis, taylor, Gaikel ft, 

Gilpin ThQmas, infpecStor of lumber, 197, north fecond ft. 

Ginther George, butcher, Budd between Brown and Coates 

Griffiths & Rhecs, bookfellers & ftationers, 177, fouth fecond 

Griffitts Samuel Powell, M. D. 115, Walnut ft. 
Gueft John, & Co. merchants, 20, fouth fecond ft. 
Gurney and Smith, merchants, 199, Ibuth front ft, 
Guyger Cafper, taylor, Black-horfe alley. 

HANLON JOHN, bottler, 80, fouth front ft. 
Ham.lin Matthew, printer and hoarding houfe, 3, Moravian 

liart Jofeph, tavern keeper, corner of Callowhill and third ft. 
Hiorgins Price, Pilot, Catherine, berween fecond and third ft. 
Holland Hannah, widow, wholefale and retail dry good ftore, 

3, north front ft. 
Kollingfworth, Jehu, & Co. merchants, Willings and Francir. 

Hume John, architecl, at the Globe Mill, north fecond ft. N.L 


INCH THOMAS, merchant, 16, Chefnut ft. 
Tol iiftone David, 219, fouth fecond Cz, 


Keifer Peter, lumber merchant, 28, Callowhill and fouth wa- 
ter ft. 
Kinfey Jane, widow, boarding houfe, 190, fouth fecond ft. 
Klufman William, grocer. Arch, near eighth fh 

LACESTY JAMES, gentleman, 162, Spruce ft. 
Leib George, tanner, 445, fouth front ft. 
Leib Michael, M. D. 445, nortli front ft. 
Lechier Adam, reed maker, 208, High ft. 
Lee Wilfon, Rev. at Duncan Stuart's Callowhill ft. 

M'CRE A WILLIAM, Rev. 109, V/alnutft. 
M'Dermott Henry, 109, fouth water ft. 
/ M'Ghee Gabriel, foap boiler and tallow chandler, Vernon ft. 

Malone James S. cabinet maker, 343, Arch ft. 

Markland John, printer, bookfeller, and ftationer, 91, fouth 

front It. 
Marfhall Jofejjh, taylor, 59, Walnut ft. 
Mafon Tauten, baker, foutb fifth, between Plumb and German 

Mafkell Gowen, tavern keeper. Arch ft. Ferry. 
M'ebon Bernard, fchoolmafter, 75, north front ft. 
Miller & Bennett, ftonc cutter, Market between tenth and 

eleventh ft. 
Morcau de St. Mery, printer, bookfeller, and ftationer, corner 

of front and Walnut i\. 

NEAL A, JAMES, preceptor of an academy for young ladies, 
28, Carter's alley. 


PERRINE WILLIAM, merchant, 45, Callowhill ft. 
Phares William, tavern keeper. Market ft. Ferry. 
Pragcrs &: Co. merchants, 2, Walnut ft. 

REGNELL RICHARD L..39, fouth water ft. 
Ruffell Robert, ftone cutter, corner of tenth and Chefnut ft. 


SEMM HENRY, cordwainer, between tliird and fourth in 
Green ft. 


Shaw Thomas, fifth, between South and Shippen ft. 

Shiiltz , baker, corner of fifth and Oak ft. 

Snider John, tavern keeper, above Poplar Lane in third ft. 

Stevens Benjamin, gentleman, 96, Arch ft. 

Steiner Jacob, houfe carpenter, between Green and St. Tarn- 

' many's in St. John ft. 
Stringer John, hair drefler, 42, Race ft. 


BAUM ANDREW, M. D. 173, High ft. 
Kelly James, fhoe ftore, 62, High ft.^ 
Kelly Thomas, Ihoe ftore, 70, High ft. 
Jenks Jonathan, merchant, 4, fouih water ft. 


D I R -E C T O R Y. 


1 HE nanze:^ occupatiens, aiid places of abode of the Citizens 

of Philadelphia and the Suburbs ^ arranged in Alphabeti- 
cal o^der - - - - I 


Following the Directory. 

The Officers of Government of the United States - - i 

Senate of the United States - - - - i 

Houfe of Reprefentatives of do. - - - 2 

Department of State - - . . ^ 

Treafury Department - - - -_ 6 

CommiJJioners of Loans - _ _ 5 

War Department - - - . j 

ytidiciary of the United States - - _ y 

Conjiitiition of the United States - - -il to zi 


Tiynes of holding the Federal Courts in Pennfyhania - 8 

Minijiers^ ConimiJJioners^ Coiijuls^ iyc. of the Ujiited States^ to 

Foreign Ponvers - - - rj 

/ySnifers and Confuh from Foreign Powers^ refiding in the 

United States - - - - j 


Governor .f Senate^ and Honfe of Reprefentatives - 2Z 

jfudiciary of Fennfylvania - - _ 2 ^ 

Land Office - - _ . o~ 

Police cf Philadelphia - -" - - ^ 


Officers of the Cufloms for the Dijlri^ of fennfyhan'.a. - 2 

Diuies on Gcodsy Wares ^ arid Merchandize - - 29 rs u 

[ 6 ] 

Information refpeuing the Cujlotn Houfe - - 43 

Officers nf Internal Revenues - " " 63 

Mint of the Umted States - - - - ip 


Rates of Coins for efimating Duties - ' ' 57 

Rules for reducing the Currencies of the different States into 
• each other - - - - 67 

Tables fliewing the value of Dollars frotn i to 10,000, in the 

Currencies of the different States - - . yo 

A T able flieiving the value of any number of Pounds^ Shil- 
lings^ and Pence ^ from id. to £1000 of the Currencies 
of New-Jerfey^ Pennfylvania^ and Maryland^ in Dollars 
and Cents - - - - 72 

A Table of the Weight of Coins as they pafs in the refpeCiive 
States of the Union^ with their fierling and Federal 
value - - - - - 69 

Gold and Silver Coins - - -- - 68 

Pcfl-OfficeEJiablifimefit - - - 64 

Banks of the United St/ires^ Pennfylvania^ and ^onh America 73 

Society for Infoi-mation and Affifiance cf Emigrants - 75 

t 7 ] 




tVhich run eajl and lueji beiiuee?t the Delaware and the 



-IGH-Street, commonly called Market Street, is the princir 
pal ftreet in the city, and near the centre. 

Parallel to it, on the North, the firfl {Ireet is Mulberry, com- 
monly called Arch Street. 

The lecond is SafTafras, commonly called Race Street. 

The third is Vine Street. 

And- the fourth is Callowhill Street, in the Northern Liber- 

On the South fide, the lirll Jlreet parallel to Higk Street is 
Chefnut Street. 

The fecond Walnut Street. 

The third, Spruce Street. 

The fourth. Pine Street. 

And the hfth. Cedar, commonly called South Street. 

A LIST of the private Streets ^ La?ieSy and Alleys ; with thAr 
original Names ^ and thoj'e by which they are mojl commonly 
known* y 


.PPLETPi.EE Alley, running E. and W. from Fourth to 
Fifth Streets, between Mulberry and Sallafras Streets. 

Baker's Alley, running N. andS. from Vine to Elm Street, 
between Second and Third Streets. 

BearlHcker's Court, between No. 68, and 72, North Sixth 

L 8 ] 

Benner's Alley, running N. and S, from Vine to Elm Street, 
between Second and Third Streets. 

Biddle's Alley, running S. from High Street, between Second 
and Third Streets. 

Black-horle Alley, running E. and \V. from Front to Second 
Streets, between High and Chefnut Street. 

Blackberry Alley, running N. and S. from Pine to Lombard 
ftreet, between Eighth and Ninth Streets. 

Branch Street, running E. and W. from Third to Fourth 
itreet, between Vine and Saflafras Streets. 

Moravian Alley, running N. and S. from Mulberry to Saf- 
fefras Street, between Second and Third Streets. 

Brookes 's Court, on the weft Tide of Front Street, between 
Saflafras and Vine Streets, 

Carpeiiter Street, running E. and W. irom Sixth to Seventh 
ftreer, between High and Chefnut Streets. 

Carter's Alley, on the wefl fide of Second Street, between 
Chefnut and Walnut Streets. 

Cauffman's Alley, on the fouth fide of Cherry Street, be- 
tween Third and Fourch Streets. 

Chancery Lane, running N. and S. from Mulberry Street to 
Combes's Alley, between Front and Second Streets, 

Cherry Street, running E. and W. from third to Ninth Street, 
between Mulberry and Saflafras flreets. 

Chimnies Fourteen, between No. 130, and No. 146, North 
^ifth Street. 

Church Alley, running E. and W. from Second to Third 
Street, between High and JNIulberrv Streets. 

Coates's Alley, running E. and W. from Front to Second 
flre€t, between Vine and Saflafras Streets. 

Combes's Allev, ninnir^g E. and W. from Front to Second 
Street, between High and Mulberry Streets. 

Cooper's Court, on the north fide of Mulberry Street, be- 
tween Front and Second Streets. 

Crciforrs Alley, runniug E. and W. from Fifth to Sixth 
flreets, between Mulberry and Saflafras Streets. 

Creflbn's Court, between Cherry Street and Creflbn's Alley. 

Crooked-billet Alley, on the eafl: fide of Water Street, be- 
tween High and Chefnut Streets. 

Crown '^Street, ruaning N. and S. from Safl*afras to Vine 
Street, and continued in the Northern Liberties, between Fourth 
and Fifth Streets. 

Cyprus Alley, running E. and W. from Third to Fourth 
fireet, between Spruce and Union Streets. 

Bock Street is the only crooked ftreet in Phibdelphis. begins 

.,- the bridge in Front Street, and extends North-weft>vard in 

\ a ferpentine track tbrough two fquarcs, acrofs Second and 

" ' ' "Streets, and terminates at Third Street: another 

C 9 3 

branch of it extends S. W. acrofs Spruce Street, and terminites 
n Second Street. 

Drinker's Allev, running E. and W. from Front to Second 
ftrcet, between Mulberry and Saffafras (treets. 

Drinker's Court, on the South fide of Union Street, between 
Second and Third Street. 

Elbow Lane, running S. from High Street, between Second 
and Third Streets, and turning W. into Third Street, between 
High and Chefnut Streets. That part of Elbow Lane whick 
runs S. from High Street is commonly called White-horfe 

Elfrith's Alley, rnnning E. and W. from Front to Second 
Street between Mulberry and Saflafras Streets. 

Elm Street, running E. and W. from Second to Third Street, 
between Vine and Salfafras Streets, commonly called New 

Etris's Alley, on the Weft fide of Fifth Street, between Saf- 
fafras and Vine llreets. 

Fayette ftreet, running N. and S. between Mulberry and 
Filbert ftreets, and between Ninth and Tenth ftreets. 

Fcaris's Alley, on the W. fide of Front ftreet, between Saf- 
fafras and Vine Streets. 

Fetter Lane, running E. and W. from Third to Bread ftreet^ 
between Mulberry and Saflafras ftreets. 

Filbert ftreet, running E. and W. from Eighth ftreet to 
Schuylkill, between High and Mulberry ftreets. 

Franklin's Court, between 106 and 108, Market ftreet. 

Fromberger's Court, between Market and Arch ftreets. 

Galkei ftreet, running E. and W. from Second to Fifth ftreet, 
between Lombard and Cedar ftreets. 

Gcorge^'s Itreet, running N. and S. from Gafkell to Cedar 
ftreet, and continued in Southwark, between Second and Third 

Gray's Alley, running E. andW. from Front to Second ftreet, 
between Chefnut and Walnut ftreets. 

Grindftone Alley, bet^Vcen Nos. 81 and 83, Market Street. 

GroiTs Alley, on the north iide of Saflafras ftreet, between 
Second and Third ftreets. 

Hoffman's Alley, on the fouth fide of Saflafras ftreet, between 
Fourth and Fifth ftreets. 

Jackfons Court, on the north fide of Saflafras ftreet, between 
i' font and Second ftreets. 

Key's Alley, running E. and W. from Front to Second ftreet, 
between Vine and Salufras ftreets. 

Knight's Yard, between Fourth and Fifth ftreet, opens Ibu-Ji- 
•wardly from Saflafras ftreet, at No. 130. 

Lsetitia Court, running N. and S. from High ftteet tc Blick 
Horfe Alley, between Front and Second ftrcc::. 


C 'O ] 

Laurel Court, on the north fide of Spruce Urcet, between 
Second and Third ftreets. 

Little Water Itreet, running N. and S. from Willing and 
Morris's Wharf to Cedar ftreet. 

Lodge Alley, ou the Nvefl fide of Second ftreet, between Chef- 
nut and Walnut Itreets. 

Lombard ftreet, beginning at Front ftreet, and runnii>g W. 
between Pine and Cedar ftreets, 

Lownes's or Elmfley's Alley, on the weft fide of Second ftreet. 
between Welnut and Spruce ftreets. 

JM'CuUoch's Alley, on the weft fide of Front ftreet, between 
Safla.ras and Vine ftreets. 

Mayor's Alley, on the eaft fide of Third ftreet, between Saf- 
fafras and Vine ftreets, 

Mifflin's Alley, on the weft fide of Second ftreet, between 
Walnut and Spruce ftreets. 

Mulberry Court, on the Weft fide of Sixth ftreet, between 
High and Mulberry ftreets. 

N:cholfon's Court, runs from Saifafras to Cherry ftreet, and 
between Sixth and Seventh ftreets, 

Norris's Alley, running E. and W, from Front to Second 
ftreet, between Chefnut and Walnut ftreets. 

North Alley, running E. and W, from Fifth to Sixth ftrctt, 
between High and Mulberry ftreets, 

Parton's Alley, on tiie weft fide of Fourth ftreet, between 
High and Chefnut ftreets. 

Pear ftreet, running E, and W, from fecond to Third ftreet, 
between Walnut and Spruce ftreets. 

Penn ftreet, running N, and S. from Pine to Cedar fireet. 
between Front and Little Water ftreets. 

Petty's or Greenleai'e's Alley, on the Weft fide of Foarir 
ftreet, between High and Chefnut ftreets. 

Pewter-Platter Alley, on the Weft fide of Front ftreet, be- 
tween High and Mulberry ftreets. 

Pricft's Alley, on the weft fide of front ftreet, between High 
and Mrlberry ftreets. 

Pru:i J St. running W, from Fourth ftreet, between Walnut 
anJ Spruce ftreet, commonly called Shippcn's Alley. 

C)iirtrry St. running E. and W. from Tiiird to Bread Stree:, 
K-^C'veen Mulberry and Saftafras ftreets. 

llawlinlon's Court, chi tlie eaft fide of Second ftreet, betwecui 
Saffafras and Vine ftreets. 

E^tlief Alley, running E, and W. between Front and Second 
ftreet, and between Lombard and Cedar Itreeis. 

SafTafras Alley, running N. and S. from SaiTafras ftreet to 
Sciicibell's Alley, between Fifth and Sixth ilreets. 

Say's Alley, on the E. fide of Water ftreet, between High 
and iNlulberry ftreets. 

[ " ] 

Shievely's Alley, between Saflkfras and Vine ftrcets, and 
runs call Irom Sixth ftrcet towards the Fourteen Chimnies. > 

Scheibell's Alley, running E. from the eaft fide of Sixth flreet 
betNNcen Salfafras and Vine ftreets. 

Shepherd's Allcv, on the weft fide of Third ftreet, between 
High and Mulberrv ftreets. 

Sim's Alley, on the E. fide of Water ftreet, between High 
and Chefnut ftreets. 

Smith's Alley, running N. and S. from Dock ftreet to Car- 
ter's Alley, between Second and Third ftreet. 

South Alley, running E. and W. from Fitth to Sixth ftreet, 
between High and Mulberry ftreets. 

Star Alley, runs N. and S. from Cherry ftreet to SalTafras 
ftreet, between Fifth and Sixth ftreets. 

Stamper's Alley, running E. and W. from Second to Third 
ftreet, between Pine and Lombard ftreets. 

Steinmctz's Alley, on the eaft fide of Fourth ftreet, between 
Saflafras and Vine ftreets. 

Sterling Alley, running N. and S. from Saflafras to Cherry- 
Street, between Third and Fourth ftreets. 

Story ftreet, running E. and W. from Third to Fourth ftreet, 
between Saftafras and Vine ftreet, commonly called New ftreet. 

Strawberry ftreet, running N. and S. from High to Chefnut 
ftreets, between Second and Third ftreets. 

Styles's Court on the fouth fide of Mulberry ftreet, between 
Second and Third ftreets. • 

Sugar Alley, running E. and W. from Sixth to Ninth ftreet, 
between High and Mulberry ftreets. 

Taylor's Alley, running E. and W. from from Front to Se- 
cond ftreet, between Chefnut and Walnut ftreets. 

Union ftreet, running E. and W. from Front to Fourth ftreet, 
between Spruce and Pine ftreets. 

Videl's Alley, on the Weft fide of Second ftreet, between 
Chefnut and Walnut ftreets. 

Waggoner's Allev, running S. from Saflafras ftreet, between 
Ninth p.r.d Tenth ftreets. 

Whalebone Alley, running S. from Chefnut, between Third 
ind Fourth ftreets. 

Willing 's Alley, nmning E. and W. from Third to Fourth 
ftreet, betw een Walnut and Spruce ftreets. 

White Horfe Alley, running S. from High, between Second 
and Third ftreets, a part of Elbow Lane. 

York Court, running E. from Third ftreet, to Laurel Court, 
between Walnut and Spruce ftreets. 

Zacharv's Court, on the N. fide of Walnut ftreet, between 
Front and Second ftreets. 



FOR 1797. 


.ARON widow, fhopkeeper, 113, north third ftreet. 
Abbet Andrew, labourer, 185, Race ftreet. 
Abbet Henry, blackfmith, 18, pewter-platter alley. 
Abbet William, carpenter, 20, ditto. 

Abbot Timothy, and Samuel Barnes, curriers, 20, fouth third ft. 
Abbot and Simpfon, importers and dealers in china, glafs, and 

earthen ware, 8o,north fecond ftreet. 
Abbot George, hair-drefler, 9, Chefnut ftreet. 
Abel 1 blackfmith, Almond ftreet, between Front and 

fwanfon ftreet. 
Abel George, fhocmaker, 200, north water ftreet. 
Abel Jacob, butcher, 

Abel John, grave-digger, 154, fouth fourth ftreet. 
Abel Peter, cordwainer, Budd ftreet, above Brown ftreet. 
Abel William Wood, fay wcr, Green ftreet, between third ani 

fourth (treet. 
Abercrombie James, rev. miniftcr of the epifcopal church, loi, 

Pine fbeet. 
Abington Snfannah, widow gentlewoman, 85, north fixth ft. 
Abraham Ann, fhopkeer, 62, fouth fecond ftreet. 
Abraham -, mariner, fouth front ftreet, between Mary 

and Chriftian ftreet. 
Ace Daniel, mariner, fouth fifth ftreet, near German ftreet. 
Ackley David, fliopkeepcr, 27, north front ftreet. 
Ackley Eleanor, widow, 58, Almond ftreet, 
Ackley John B. chair maker, 103, north front ftreet, and 25, 

Elfrith'.-? Alley. 


Adams Alexander, Ci»e;iiaker, Catharine ftrect, between fecoivl 

and tiiird ftreet. 
Adams James, blackfmith, Plum flreet, between fecond and 

third ftreet. 
Adams Jonathan, mariner, Galkell ftreet. 
Adams Margaret, widow, fhopkeeper, between 357 and 369, 

fouth Front ftreet. 
Adams Mary, widow, huckfter. 
Adams Pvobert, livery ftable keeper, 25, louth alley. 
Adams Saint Lawrence, /hoemaker, 85 Ibnth front ftreet. 
Adams Sina, widow, waflier, fouth fourth ftreet, between 

Plumb and Shippen ftreet. 
Adams Thomas, fhip mafter, 182, Swanfon ftreet. 
Adams William, livery ftable keeper, Cyprefs Alley. 
Adan Margaret, widow, fnopkeeper, 357, fouth front ftreet. 
Adcock William, fhopkeeper, 52, High llreet. 
Adet, minifter plenipotentiary from the French Republic, cor- 
ner of twelfth and High ftreets. 
Adgate Mrs. gentlewoman, 63, north fcventh ftreet. 
Adger James, grocer, corner of fecond and Catherine ftreets. 
Adolph John, houfc carpenter, north third ftreet, between 

Green and Coates's ftreet. 
Affleck Lewis G. Cabinet maker, Elmfley's alley. 
Agnew James, grocer, 13, High ftreet. 
Agnew James, oaker, fouth fi-ont ftreet, between Mary and 

Prime's ftreet. 
Agnew Peter, tobacconift, 302, fouth Front ftreet. 
Ainfworth John, ft:evidore, 15, Pine ftreet. 
Aitken John, filverfmith, 193, fouth fecond ftreet. 
Aitken John, cabinet maker, 50, Chefnut ftreet. 
Aitken Roberc, and Son, printers and bookfellerS, 12 High 

ftreet and Black-horfe alley. 
Aitken Mrs, 195, fouth fecond ftreet. 
Aitken William, cordwainer, near 77, fouth third ftreet. 
Aker Michael, huckfter, 433, north fecond ftreet. 
Akron, ftone-euttcr, 2, Vernon ftreet. 
Alberger Elizabeth, widow, feamftrefs, near fourth ftreet, in 

New ftreet. 
Albert Cafpar, bricklavcr, north third ftreet, between Green 

and St. Tammany's ftreet. 
Alberti George, M. D. 59, Arch ftreet. 

Albertfon Jonathan, dealer in earthen ware, 48 north fecond ftt. 
Albertfon, RielofF, board merchant, 87, Swanfon ftteet. 
AlWight Frederick, cedar cooper, 138, St. John ftreet. 
Albright George, cabinet maker, 05^ Vine ftreet. 
Albright Michael, cooper, 17, north lixth flreet. 
Aiburger, Sufannah, widow, boarding houfe, 112 Vine ftreet. 
Alcorn Mark, fea captain, 166, foutli third ftreet. 

L 15 J 

Alexander James, taylor, 9, fouth third flreet. 

Alder Caleb, upholfterer, 119, fouth third llreet. 

Ale Elizabeth, widow, leamftrefs, near IJ4, fpruce ftrcet. 

Alexander Adam, houfe carpenter, Ruttcr's alley. 

Alexander Alexander, white-wafhcr, 5, Elbow lane. 

Alexander Catharine, fchool miilreis, M'CulIoch's court. 

Alexander Daniel, cooper, 5, Elbow Jane. 

Alexander Elizabeth, widow, taylorefs, fhepherd's court. 

Alexander James, icTJeant at arm* for the ftate ofPtnnfylva- 
nia. Carpenter's ftreet. 

Alexander John, cabinet maker, 157, fouth fecond ftreet. 

Alexander John, grocer, corner of CheiViut and eighth llreet. 

Alexander John, labourer, 210, Race Itrcet. 

Alexander John, houfe carpenter, flater's row near Carpenter's 

Alexanderjohn,lookingglafs frame maker, 11, spple-tree alley. 

Alexander R.achel, widow, punch and beer houfe, between 22, 
and 34, Plumb ftreet. 

Alexander Robert, grocer. Green ftreet, between front and fe- 
cond ftrcets. 

Alexander Samuel, goldfmith and jeweller, 21 c-, north fecond 

Alexander William, bottler, corner of fecond and fhippen ft. 

Al'ibone Thomas, flour merchant, 98, north fourth ftreet, and 
5, Race ftreet. 

Alibone William, gentleman, 29, Pine ftreet. 

Alibone William, jun. currier and leather cutter, 216, north fe- 
cond ftreet. 

Allan, John, drayman, 246, fouth front ftreet. 

Allan Thomas mariner, 86, Queen ftreet. 

Allen Chamlefs, merchant, 31, fo. w^ater ft. and 32, Filbert ft. 

Allen Charles, grocer, fouth fecond ftreet, betwex-n Queen and 

Catherine itreers. 
Allen David, cordwainer, 26, Chriitian ftreet. 
Alien Edward, hatter, Loxley's Alley. 

Allen Elizabeth^ widow, ihopkeeper, 11, fouth third ftreet. 
Allen Jofeph, cuftom hovife officer, 160, fouth lecond Itrett. 
Allen Jofeph, houfe carpenter, 60, fjruce l-reet. 
Allen Mary, fhopkeeptr, 30, Chcfnut ftreet. 
Allen Mary, widow, between 223 and 227, nor:h third ftreet. 
Allen Richard, mafterlwecp, 15-, fpruce ftreet. 
Allen Robert, tavern keeper, corner of ihippen and Crab ft. 
Allen Samuel, brewer, between fecond and third fireets, in 

Brewer's alley. 
Allen Samuel, merchant, 6j, fouth water ftreet. 
Allen Thomas, Livery ftabie keeper, 12, north feventh ftreet. 
Allen William, health officer, 21, Key's allev. 
Allcn William, painter and glazier, 3^, dock ftreet. 

[ i6 ] 


Allphyfcr William, tanner, Green flrcet, between third and 

fourth ftreet. 
AUifon William, lex ton to the pine ftreet meeting, 8 1, fouth 

fifth Ilrcet. 
AUmati, widow, 82, Crown flrcet. 
AUmindinger Jacob, baktr, 130, north fourth flrcet. 
Alloways Lewis, cooper, noble llreet, between front and fc- 

cond itreet. 
AUoway Samuel, porter, 496, north fecond llreet. 
Allwine Lawrence, windfor chair maker, 99, Ibuth front llreet. 
Alricks William, gentleman,, 264, fouth front llreet. 
AUbp Clement, and co. merchants, 57, north front llreet. 
Alfop John, flour merchant, 137, north water llreet. 
Amber Levi, labourer, Coates's llreet, beyond fourth llreet. 
Ambrofe Meeker, lire worker, 297, arch ftreet. 
Ambrulter, news-carrier, 32, Callow hill llreet. 
Amey Peter, hofticr, between Coates and Green llreet, in St. 

John's ftreet. 
Amherft Matthew, watchman, CrelTon's alley. 
Amies Thomas, fhoemaker, 188, fouth fecond ftreet. 
Anadown and Jacklon, taylorsj 11, Itrawberry llreet. 
Anbert, gentleman, 166, fouth fourth ftreet. 
Andaule Anthony, lliip mailer, arch llreet, between ninth and 

tenth llreets. 
Anderfon Abraham, mariner, 2j, pewter platter alley. 
Anderfon Alexander, taylor, 11, Ihawberry llreet. 
Anderfon Ann, widow, taylorefs, Budd ftreet, between Graen 

and Coates's ftreet. 
Anderfon, Ann, widow, 7. Elfrith's alley. 
Anderfon James, mariner, 246, fouth front llreet. 
Anderfon James, blackfmith, Phiifer's alley, near Cable lane. 
Anderfon Mary, widow, Ihopkeeper, 372, fouth llreet. 
Anderfon, Phoebe, widow, huckller, between 22 and 24, north 

Anderfon Samuel, phyfician, third ftreet, between plumb and 

fliippen ftreet. 
Anderfon, Samuel, V. 25, fouth water ftreet, and houfe, 7. 

white horfe alley. 
.Anderfon Tliomas, fhipmafter, 63, lliippen ftreet. 
Anderfon Thomas, taylor, 82, Ibuth water ftreet, 
Anderfon William, Ihoemaker, corner of front near noble ft 
Anderfon, widow, 137, Chcfnut ftreet. 

Anderfon Mr. between fixth and fevcnth ftreet, in Cherry ft. 
Anderfon, fliipmafter, oppofite fwedilh clnnxh, fwanfon ftreet 
Andlefs, Mary, widow, fifth ftreet, near plumb ftreet. 
Andre Francis, merchant, near 3, fouth third ftreet. 
Andrews Jacob, carter, 447, north fecond ftreet. 
Andrews Jacob, taylor, ^7, fouth water ftreet. 

[ '7 ] 

Andrews, rev. Jolm, D. D. Vice Provoft of the Univerfity, and 
proteffor of Moral philofophy, Univerfity, Yard, north 
fourth flreet. 

Andre\/s John, butcher, 172, north fifth ftr^et. 

Andrews Jofcph, labourer, Cerman Itreet, between fourth and 
fifth llreets. 

Andrews Michael, taylor, 447, north fecund flreet. 

Andrews Peter, Jhoeinaker, corner of tifth and Ihippen ftrect. 

Annan William, M. D. 350, fouth fecond ftreet. 

Annan Robert, Rev. minilter of the Scotch Prefbyterian chureh 
in Spruce ftreet, 350, fouth front ftreet. 

Anne, gentlewoman, Ann ftreet. 

Annelv Thomas, gunAnith, 49, Race ftreet. 

Annefly Thomas, runner of the bank of Pennfylvania, Catharine 
ftreet, between front and fecond ftreet. 

Anfley George, Ihoemaker, 139, fouth fecond ftreet. 

Anthony Charles, tanner and currier, 100, Walnut ftreet. 

x^nthony Frederick, carter, 32, Budd ftreet. 

Anthony Jacob, turner, 225, north fecond ftreet. 

Anthony Jacob, fhipwright, 37, Coatcs's ftreet. 

Anthony John Baptifte, upholfterer, Creffon's alley. 

Anthony Jcjin, porter, Coates's ftreet, between third and fourth 

Anthony Jofeph, and co. merchants, counting houfe, 5, Chef- 
nut ftreet, 

Anthony Jofeph, fen. merchant, 337, High ftreet, 

Anthony Jofeph, jun. goldfraith, 94, High ftreet. 

Anthony Jofiah Hewes, merchant, 18, north eighth ftreet. 

Anthony Michael, porter, 32, between Coates's ftreet and 
Brown ftreet. 

Anthony N. blackfmith, between Market and Chefnut ftreets 
in fevenh ftreet. 

Antonie, gentleman, 113, Vine ftreet. 

Apker Henry, tavern keeper, corner of Noble and fecond ftreet. 

Apple George, hair drclfer, 48, north fifth ftreet. 

Apple Henry, cooper, near 30, north fifth ftreet. 

Apple Jacob, fhoemaker, between 20 and 22, North ftreet. 

Arbuckle James, tavern keeper, fifth Itreet, near Oak Itreet. 

Arbuckle John, ditto, corner of fifth and oak ftreet. 

Archer and Newbold, merchants, 67, High ftreet. 

Archer Martha, boarding houfe, 214, High ftreet. 

ArchibaW Martha, boarding houfe, 82, Swaufon ftreet. 

Archilles Charles, oyfterman, Oak ftreet. 

Ardonin P. gentleman, 114, Shippen ftreet. 

Armat Thomas and fon, merchants, 21, north fecond ftreet, 

Armat Thomas W. merchant 21, north fecond ftreet. 

Armat Thomas merchant, 167, Arch ftreet. 

Armitage Sherbert, grocer^ fouth, fifth, aiiose GennaQ ftr*eet> 


[ i8 ] 

Armflrong Andrew, rigger, 31, Catharine ftrcct. 

Armltrong, James, cordwainer, fouth fourth flreet, bct%reen 

Plumb and Shippen flreets. 
Armflrong John, fhoemaker, German ftreet, between Iburth 

and hfth llreets, 
Armftrong John, merchant, between 38 and 40, New llreet. 
Armltrong Margaret, gentlewoman, between Brown and 

Green llreets, in St. John's Itreet. 
Armftrong Mary, Ichoohniftrefs, between brown llreet and 

poplar lane, in St. John's ilreet. 
Armflrong, Thomas, attorney at law, 97, Chefnut ftreet. 
Armftrong, fea captain, 170, north water ftreet. 
Armftrong and M'Maftcrs, dry good ftore and bottlers, 43, 

north fecond ftreet, 
Arnold John, fliopkeeper, corner iouth front and Almond ftreet^ 
Arnold Thomas, fliipmafter. Plumb ftreet, between third and 

fourth ftreet. 
Arnfey, Caleb, houfe carpenter, 325, fouth front ftreet. 
Arontitey David, wheelwright, 4, Sugar alley. 
Aroniiter, Matthias, coach- wheelwright. 
Art James, ihipmafter, 31, Cable lane, north liberties. 
Art William, grocer, fouth front ftreet, between Mary and 

Prime ftreets. 
Arthur, widow, fliopkeeper, 198 fouth front ftreet. 
Aih Caleb, grazier, corner of front and Chriftian ftreets. 
Afh James, merchant, 49, north third ftreet. 
Aih Munael, dealer in corn, &c. 220, north third ftreet. 
AOibridge, Anne, ihcipkeeper, 125, High ftreet. 
Afhbridge Joleph, biicuit baker, 67, north water ftreet. 
Afnbridge George, and co. ironmongers, MafTev's wharf. 
Afhburn Thcwnas, ihip carpenter, Green ftreet, between front 

and fecond ftreets. 
Afhburner John, tanner, 66, fouth third ftreet. 
Aihby William, and Benjamin Tyibn, fhopkeepers, 99, arch 

Afhby, Nathaniel, taylor, 41, north fourth ftreet. 
Alher Frederick, baker, fouth third ftreet, between fouth and 

Shippen ftreet. 
A^fiimead Jacob, gentleman, 167, north third ftreet. 
Afhmead John, fea captain, s^j Union ftreet. 
Afhmead John, cardmaker, ibuth ftreet, betweeo fourth and 

iifth ftreets. 
Afhmead William, lilverfmith, 122, Race ftreet. 
Afliton Andrew, blackfmith, fouth fecond ftreet, between Cluif- 

tian and Mary ftreets. 
Afhton — — T-^ watdimaker, 57, n<jrth water ftreet. 
Alliton George, boat builder, near the corner of Green and fe 
cond ftreets. 

C '9 ] 

/ Alhton John, taylor, 39, fouth water ftrect. 
^ AiTiton Uaac, cabinet maker, 52, north ieventh fTreet. 

^ihton llebecca, widow, fhopkecper, 41, north fevenrh ftrcet. 
K Aihton Samuel, cabinet-maker, near 146, Arch ft. 
Ajiiton Sufannah, gentlewoman, 3, north eighth ft. 
Afper John, cooper, Catharine fti'eet near front ft. 
Afton James, houfc-carpenter, 300, fouth front ftreet. 
Atherton Henrv, fchoolmafter. Smith's court, 
Attmore Ann, fhopkeeper, 33, north fecond ftreet. 
Attmore Thomas, gentleman, 163, fouth third ftreet. 
Audibert Philip, clerk in the War Office, between Lombard and 

Pine in fifth ftreet. 
Auge Nicholas, gentleman, 210, fouth Front ft, 
Augleber Leonard, and Colze, tavlors, 116, north Front ft. 
Auguftus Caefar, w^ood lawyer, Coates's ft. between third and 

fourth ftreet. 
Aul Robert, houfe carpenter, fouth fourth ftreet, between 

Shippcn and Plumb ftreet, 
Auftin Alexander, fhoemaker, 268, High ftreet. 
Auftin Benjamin, 299, north third ftreet. 
Auftin Eleanor, grocer, corner fouth fecond and Shippen ft- 
Auftin James, bottler, corner fouth fecond and Shippen fh 
Auftin Joanna, widow, 18, Vine ft. 
Auftin Ifaac, clock and watch maker, 7, Arch ft. 
Auftin Stephen, merchant, 65, Pine ftreet. 

Axkert Conrad, infpector of the revenue, Catherine ftreet be- 
tween Swanfon and front ftreet. 
Ayres York, houle carpenter, Catharine ftreet between Swan- 
fon and Front ftreet. 
Ayfters Francis, labourer, between Green ft, and Coates's, in 
St. John's ftreet. 



► ABAME Peter, grocer, between Lombard and South ft, 

in Sixth ftreet. 
Babe Richard, cooper, 147, fouth Water ft. 
Babing Johit, mariner, between Lombard and South ftreets, in 

fixrh ftreet. 
Bach Frederick, fhoeraaker, between Vine and Race, in north 

fixth ft. 
Bach Frederick A. tavern-keeper, 427, north fecond flreet, 
Bache Benjamin Franklin, Editor of the Aiu'ora and General 

Advertifer, TI2, Hicrh ft. 

[ 20 ] 

Bacbman Cotirad, taylor, between Vine and Race, in north 

Tixth St. 
Back John, grocer, between 259 &: 271, north fecond ft. 
Bacon David & Jofeph, ironmongers, 24, Ibuth fecond It 
Bacon David, ironmonger, 24, fouthiecond ft. 
Bacon James, ironmonger, 24, High ft. 
Bacon Jacob & Co. merchants, 10, north third ft. 
Bacon Jofeph, ironmonger, 192, north Front ft. 
Kacon tiamuel, taylor, 36, north Water ftreet. 
Baggs Luke, cabinet maker, 216, fouth fecond ftreet. 
Baily Robert P. merchant, 153, fouth Water ft. 
Bailey & Co, merchants, 41, High ft. and 93, north third ft- 

Bailey , Ihopkeeper, 80, north third ft. 

Bailey Francis &: Robert, printers and bookfellers, 116, High 

Bailey John, white fmith, 250, fouth Front ft. 
Bains Sarah, widow, 228, north fecond ft. 
Baird George, labourer, fouth third ft. between Plumb and 

Sliippen ftreet. 
Baird William, fhipmafter, 275, fouth fecond ft. 
Bai/h Martin, Shoemaker, 57, Arch ft. 
Bake and Teftart, merchants, 28, Spruce ft. 
Baker Bartholomew, merchant, 138, fouth fourth ft. 
Baker & Comegys, raerehants, 6c, north Front ft. 
Baker Mr. boarding-houfe, 59, north Water ft. 
Baker George A. fcrivener, accomptant, land and houfe broker, 

23, Branch ft. 
Baker Godfrey & Co. merchants, 59, Race ft. 
Baker Hilary, mayor, 78, High ft. 
Baker Jacob, merchant, 19, Branch ft. 
Baker Jacob, tavern keeper, north third ft. between Noble and 

Green ft. 
Baker Jacub, butcher, Budd ft, between Brown and Caatcs's ft. 
Baker John, fterifF, 154, north fecond ft. 
Baker John R, merchant, 89, Race ft. 
Baker John, milkman, 433, north fecond ft. 
Baker John, cabinet-maker, 118, fouth fourth ft. 
Baker John, cabinet-maker, 48, fouth fourth ft. 
Baker Jofeph, hatter. South ft. between fifth and fixth ft. 
Baker Michael, wheelwright, 420, north fecond ft. 
Baker Petci, mariner, 246, fouth fecond ft. 
Baker Samuel, ihopkeeper, 9, fouth fecond ft. 
Baker Thomas, fea captain, 42, Race ft. 
Balbot Joieph, button maker, 81, Vine ft, 
Balde /'. nthony, baker, corner of fouth fecond ft. and Plumb ft. 
Baldwin Thomas, houfe carpenter, Qiieen ft. between Front 

and fecond ft. 
Ball h Conrad, fnopkeepers, 2j, High ft. 

[ 21 ] 

Ball Jofeph, merchant, 153, Chefnut fr. 

Ball Ifratl, houle carpenter, 107, Pine ft. 

Bali , lea captain, 20, north n.nth ft. 

Ballantinc John, furgeon and man mid-wife, Plumb ft. corner 
of Third ft. 

Baltzer Catharine, widow, huckfter, 190, Arch ft. 

Bamant Hannah, widow, boarding-houfe, {^s, Lombard ft. 

Bamhart John, taylor, 10, Comb's alley. 

Banbridge , gentleman, between 22 & 34, Plumb ft. 

Bankin Jofeph, fhopkeeper, 320, fouch fecond ft. 

Banks Haddon, cordwainer, fouth fecond ft. between Chriftian 
and Mary ft. 

Banks Jofeph, fcevidore. Noble ft. between fecond and third ft. 

Banks William, broker, n,. Carter's alley. 

Banning Jofeph, ihopkeeper, north third ftreet, between Cal- 
low hill and Vine it. 

Banfide Jofeph, fea captain, 193, north Front Itreet. 

Baptifle , cutler, fouth third fl. between Plumb and 

Shippen ft. 

Baralet John James, artift, fouth fecond ft. between Chriftian 
and Queen ft. 

Barber Abner, taylor, fonth Second ft. between Queen and Ca- 
therine ft. 

Barber Barbara, %vidow, Oak ft. 

Barber James, bricklayer, between IMead alley and Catha- 
rine it. 

Barclay John, prefident of the Eankof Pcnnfylvania, 216, fouth 
Front ft. counting-houle, 5, Lombard il. 

Barclay George, grocer, 176, fouth Second it. 

Barclay Franci?, grocer, between Second and Front, in South 

Barclay Samuel, hatter, fouth Second ft. corner of Cox's, 

Bardin Ivlary, widow, 322, fouth Front ft. 

Bardon Stephen, grocer, 184, fouth third ft. 

Barepo Tliomas, gentleman, 359, north Front ft. 

Barge Jacob, gentleman, 191, High ft. 

Barger John, cedar cooper. Saint Tamany ft, N. L. 

Barker James, taylor, 206, louth Water ft. 

Barker Peter, mercriant, 74, Union ft. 

Barker Rebecca, widow, fchoolmiitrefs, Catharine ft. between 
Front and fecond. 

Barnard John, houfe carpenter, between Catharine and Ger- 
man it. 

Barnes Dempfey, fruiterer, 75, Shippen ft. 

Barnes James, pilo% Catherine, between Front and Swanfon ft. 

Barnes John, dealer in tea, 16, fouth third ft. 

Barnes John, pilot, Ciiriftian, between Front and Second ft, 

Barnes Paul, tavern-keeper, 114., Swanfon k. 

C 22 ] 

Barnes Thomsis, currier, 257, north fecond fc. 

Barnet .Agnes, mead houfe, Blackberry alley. 

Barnet James, mariner, Piumb, between fecond and third ft. 

Barnet Nathaniel, , 151, north third ft. 

Barnhill John, fhcpkeeper, 13, north third ft. 

Barnhill Robert, fhopkeeper, 63, north fecond (t. 

Baron John, , near the corner of Chefnut, in foutli eighth 

Baron Samuel, carter, 11, Kunckel fr. 
Baron Mils, near fifth, in Walnut ft. 

Baron , widow, German ft, betNveen fecond and third. 

Barns Samuel, taylor, Duke ft. 

Earns William, brufh maker, near 149, fouth fecond ft. 
Barr William, mariner, fouth fifth ft. between German and 

Plumb it. 
Barras Jam.cs, houfe-carpenter, Kunckel ft. 
Barret John, harnefs maker, 269, High ft. 
Barris Dorothy, widow, 32, Kunckel St. 
Barrier Francis, weaver, between Vine and Race, in North 

Sixth St. 
Barrington Ann, widow, board ing-houfe, 7, Strawberry ft. 
Barrington Charles, grocer and bottler, 62, High St. 
Barrington Henrv fhoemaker, 33, Strawberry St. 
Barrow John, gentlenrian, 64, Spruce ft. 
Barry John, commander in the navy of the United States, 151, 

fouth third ft, and Strawberry Hill. 
Barry Joleph B. cabinet-maker, 148, foutb third ft. 
Barry John, fchool-mafter, 62, Union St. 
Bart George, rope-maker, fouth fifth, oppofite German ft. 
Bartiing C, innkeeper, 156, north fecond ft. 
Bartling Conrad, houfc-carpenter, 38, north fecond ft. 
Bartiing Emanuel, houfe-carpenter, near 11 Kunckle ft. 
Bartch Andrew, fhoemaker, 72, Vine St. 
Earth Conrad, tavern-keeper, 376, north Second St. 
Bartholomew Charles, tobacconift, 88, north third St. 
Bartholomew John, fugar-refiner, 15, north third St. 
Bartholomew , ihopkceper, 128, north fecond ft. 

Bartle Michael, block-maker. Comb's alley. 
Bartleman Thomas, painter and glazier, between 12 and 16, 

Dock Street. 
Bartlefon Abner, taylor, 63, Arch ft. 
Barilefon Henry, houfe-carpenter, 81, New St. 
Bartlefon Levy, grocer, 2 2v6, north third St. 
Bartlett Edward, merchant, 18, north Second ft. and Brook's 

Barton Benjamin Smith, M. D.- profefTor of materia medica, 

natural hiftorv and botany, in the univerfity of Pennfy)- 

vania, 86, north fifth ft. 

[ 23 ] 


Barton William, counfcUor at law, 223, Arch ft. 

Bartow George, upholitcrer, 51, fouth third It. 

Bartow Sarah, widow gentlewoman, 60, Union ft. 

Bartram Ifaac &: Son, apothecaries and druggifts, 39, north 

Third ft. 
Bartram llaac, fen. drnggift and apothecary, 39, north third ft. 
Bartram Moles dc Son, apothecaries, 58, north iecond ft. 
Bartram Thomas, apothecary, 54, Race ft. 
Bafliford Mary, widow, Miiilin's alley. 
Balkerville T. tavlor, 30, Touch third ft. 
Bafs Robert, apothecary, 114, High ft. 
Bafs William, major, clerk in the"mili«ary ftore department of 

the United States, 16, Carter's alley. 
BafTe , gentleman, Ann ft. 

Balfeterre James, gentleman, Farmer's Row. 
BafTett George Francis, watch maker, Qiieen, betweea fecond 

and third ft. 
Baifett Judith, widow, walher, Noble ft. between fecond and 

Front ft. 
Baifet Sarah, widow gentlewoman, near the Swedes' church, 

Swanfon ft. 
Baftide Anthony, umbrella maker, near 194, north fecond ft. 
Baftion Charles, baker, Crabb ft. near South 
Batchclor , turner, between third and fourth in South, 

Batchelor Deborah, fn«pkeeper, 36, fouth fifth ft. 
Bates Benjamin, lliingle iliavcr. Saint Tammany ft:. 
Bates Chriftian, baker, 135, Arch ft. 
Bates, Chefnut ft. near fixtii ft. 

Bateman Ann, widow fciioolmiftrefs, Elmflies alley. 
Baths John, potter. Saint Tammany ft. 
Batfon Catherine, widow foopkeeper, 234, ibuth fecond ft. 
Battar Ann, widow gentlewoman, 164, fouth third ft. 
Battin John, carter, between 110 and 116 South ft, 
Baugli Ann, mantua maker. White Horfe alley. 
Baugh Frederick, Ihoemaker, between Vine and Race, in north 

lixth ft. 
Baum , M. D. 127, north front ft. 

Bayley Richard &: Co. merchants, 136 High ft. 
Kaylev Robert, houfe-carpenter, Plumb, between fourth and 

fifth ft. 
Bayne Nathaniel, turner, 85, north Front ft. 
Baynton Peter, clerk of the Houfe of Reprcfentativcs, 56, Wal- 

out Street. 
Baxter Eleanor, widow gentlewoman, 21, South ft. 
Baxter William, ihip mafter, 312, fouth Front ft. 
Bazan John, merchant, 83, Chefnut ft. 
Beal Catherine, 40, Moravian alley. 

Beale & M'Clung, cabinet makers, 261, High ft. 

C H ] 


Bean Conrad, carter, 3x2, fouth Front ft. 

Beard Cafpar, hucklcer, 24, north eighth ic 

Bearmore Pvachel, 68, north third ft. 

Beailey Stephen, Ihipwright Swanlbn ft- beyoad the Swcdifii 

Beafmer Andrew, grocer, j;^., north feventh ft. 
Beates Frederick, Icrivincr, 94, north third ft. 
Beattie William, weaver, ibuth fecond, between Plumb and 

Shippcn ft. 
Beatty Elizabeth, boarding-houfe, 18, Swanfon ft. 
Beauchamp William, merchant, 6c, north fecond ft. 
Beaupre , baker, 104, north third ft. 

Beauvois Peter, painter, between feventh and eighth, in Wal- 
nut ft. 
Beavea , gentleman, 18, South ft. 

Beaven William, gentleman, 14, north eighth ft. 
Beazley Jacob, baiket maker, Budd ft. above Brown ft. 
Beck Amelia, widow, boarding houfe, 19, Straw berry it. 
Beck George, taylor. Spruce ft. 
Beck Henry, merchant, 30, Race ft. 
Beck Henry, merchant, 61, Chethutft. 
Beck Jacob, Ihoemaker, 70, Race ft. 
Beck Jacob, fhoemaker, 30, Branch ft. 
Beck Jacob, accomptant. Saint Tammany's ft. 
Beck Paul, fen. gentleman, 12, South allev. 
Beck Paul, jun. merchant, 59, norih third ft. counting-houfe 

II, fouth Water ft. 
Beck Peter, &opkeeper, 228, fouth fecond ft. 
Beck Valentine, cordwaincr, iouth lifth, between South and 

Oak ftreets. 
Beckley Daniel, houfe-carpenter, between Arch and Cherry ft. 

in north eighth ft. 
Beckley Elizabeth, widow gentlewoman, between eighth and 

ninth, in Cherry ft. 
Beckley John, clerk of the Houfu of Reprefentatives of the 

United States, between Walnut and Spruce, in eighth ft. 
Bedford Gunning, alderman, 88, Lombard ft. 
Bedford John, fhoemaker, 79, fouth fecond ft. 
Bedford Thomas, Shopkeeper, 38, Sourb it. 
Bedford Thomas, painter & glazier, Budd above Brown ft. 
Btdkin Elizabeth, widow, north fourth below Vine ft. 
Bedwell Thomas, allayer &i draftsman, i, Callo\\hill ft. 
Beebee Nathaniel, nailor. Plumb between third and fourth ft. 
Beelan Edward, cordwainer, 324, fouth Front It. 
BeeJlev Johnfon, merchant, 130, Vine ft. 
Beghtel George, brewer, between 22 and 34, Plumb ft. 
Belefme Michael L. wine merchant, 19, Walnut ft. 
Selk WiHiam, watch and clock maker, 76, fouch Front ft. 

t 25 ] 

Bell Henry, <^rocer, 34, fouth Water ft. 

Bell Henry, falc merchant, corner of third ftreet and Brewer's 

Bell Peter, mariner, German between fourth and fifth ft. 
Bell Peter, fhip mafter, German between fecond and third ft. 
Bell Samuel, mariner,- between Chelhut and Walnut, in fouth 

hfth ft. 
Bell Thomas, merchant, 182, fouth fecond ft. 
Bell Thomas, houfe-carpenter, nearth fifth in Shippcn ft. 
Bell William, merchant, Z17, Hi^h ft. 
Bell William, merchant, zi, fouth fecond ft. 
Bell William G. taylor, 'j'j^ fouth Front ft. 
Bell William, fhipmafter, 78, Penn ft. 
Bell, widow, huckfter, 125, New ft. 
Bellinger Charles, 20, fouth fifth ft. 

Below Cornelius, coachee driver, near 24, Branch ft. 
Beltifhaw Mary, widow, fegar maker, between Chefnut" and 

Walnut, in fouth fifth ft. 
Bender Chriftopher, houfc carpenter, between 326 and 334, 

north fecond ft. 
Bender John, houfe-carpenter, 442, north fecond ft. 
-Bender Lewis, tavernkeeper, 226, north fecond ft. 
Bender Sophia, widow, boarding-houfe, 105, Vine ft. 
Benezet Daniel, merchant, 47 and 49, Arch ft. 
Benge Samuel, upholfterer, 193, Chefnut ft. 
Beninghove Jacob, tobacconift, 47, fouth Front ft. 
Beninghove Jacob jun. tobacconilt, 77, High ft. 
.Benner George, carter, Budd ft. between Coates's and Browa. 
Benner John, bottler, 1 26, north Front ft. 
Benner , mariner, near Noble ft. 

Bennet James, taylor, 210, fouth fecond ft. 
Bennet Jeremiah, ihip mafter, 162, Swanfon ft. 
Bennett John, 60, Vine ft. 

Bennett , taylor, between fixth and feventh, in South ft. 

Bennett Stephen, Ihoemaker, 50, Union ft. 
Bennett William, bricklayer, Apple Tree alley. 
Bennett William, pilot, Catherine between Ssvanfon and 

Front ft. 
Bennyman Jofeph, bricklayer, between Race andArch, in north 

^eighth ft. 
Benlon Peter, vendue mafter, 74, fouth third ftreet, and be» 

.^ tween fifth and fixth, in Spruce ft. 
Bentzaken Ifaac, boarding-houfe, between fecond and third ft, 

in Brewer's alley. 
Berard Andrew, goldfmlth, near the corner of Arch, in north 

eighth ft. 
B^rauld Peter, embroiderer, 45, fouth fifth ft. 
Berg Daniel^ baker, 422, north Front ft. 


[ 26 ] 

iDcrgendoUar Cathaiiiie, widow, 391, north fecond ft, 

Bergendollar Frederick, cooper, 366, Rortli fecond ft. 

Bcrgendollar , cedar cooper, 395, north fecond ft. 

Bergmever Daniel, fhoemaker, 86, north fecond ft. 

Bergo Ifrael, lawyer, Creflbn's alley. 

Bergy Samuel, carter, Noble ft. near fourth. 

Berk Kenry, taylor, Saflafras .Alley. 

Bernard John, boarding-houfe, 18, Spruce ft. 

i>erni Madame, 38 Coates's alley. 

Berrett William, coach and lign painter, 5, Cherry ft. 

Berriman Jemima, widow, German bet. fecond and third ft. 

Berry Cato, mariner, near 98, fouth fifth ft. 

Berry Edward, drayman, 367, north fecond ft. 

Berry Peter, houle carpenter, fouth fecond, between Plumb and 

German ft. 
Berwick Puchard, baker, 30, North ft. 
Bertrand , gentleman, 156, fouth fourth ft. 

Beft t widow, 15, Scheiveley's alley. 

Beft Henrv, carter, ,between Market and Chefnut, in feventh ft. 
Betheiland Cooper, fliip chandlers, Bicklay's wharf. 
Bethell Robert, fliip chandler, 132, north front ft. 
Betkin Elizabeth, widow, corner of fourth ft. and Brewer's 

Betag^i Thomas, grocer, corner of Front and South ft. 
Betterton Benjamin, fcrivener, 80, north fixth ft. 
Bettle Samuel, Ihopkeeper, 14, fouth third ft. 
Betton and Harrifon, druggifts, 10, fouth fecond ft. 
Betz John, baker, corner of fouth fourth and German ft. 
Betz 'Elizabeth, widow, Crabh it. 
Beymer George, wood fa v/yer, Brown ft. between fecond and 

third ft. 
Beynroth William, merchant, 211, High ft. 
Benezet Daniel, merchant, 47 and 49, Arch ft. 
Bible Thomas, ihoemaker, comer of German and fifth ft. 
BFcker Mrs. boarding-houfe, 12, north eighth ft. 
Bickerton Abraham, fhoemaker, German between fecond anil 

third ft. 
Bickerton Benjamin, lliip carpenter, 20, Almond ft. 
Bickcvton Elizabeth, widow hucldler, 20, Almond ft. 
Bickerton George, flioemaker, 31, fouth third ft. 
Bickham Caleb,'^ftave merchant, 103, Swanfon ft. 
Bickham Ckleb, blackfmith, between Front and Second ft. i* 

South ft. 
Bickham and Reefe, merchants, 154, High ft. 
Bickham Thomas, boat-builder, 32, Swanfon ft. 
Bickham Thomas, boat-builder, 254, fouth front ft. 
Bickley Abraham, gentleman, 149, fouth fecond ft. 
Bickley Daniel^ grocer, 30, Callcwhill ft. 

[ 27 ] 

Bickley David, fliopkeeper, 242, north front ft. 

Biclcnell Peter, bottler, 33, EltVith's alley. 

Bidclcloii , widow, 108, Chriftian ft. 

Bidding Lewis, maron, 208, Race il. 

Biddle Charles, prothonotary of the court of common picas, 243 

High il. 
Biddle Clement, notary public, fcrivener and broker, 38 and 45, 

Walnut ft. 
Biddle James, judge of the court of common pleas, 67, north 

feventh i\. 
Biddle John, apothecary and (Iruggift, 14a, High ft. 
Biddle Owen, apothecary and druggift, 85, High ft. 
Biddle William, merchant. Arch ft, 4 doors above fifth ff. 
Bidwell John, livery ftable keeper, Callowhill below Water ih 
Biegler , 58, Elder or Zeen i\. 

Bigar John, merchant, 208, fouth Front ft, 
Biggard James, between St. Tammany and Green ft. in 

Sr. John's ft. 
Biggar John, filk, cotton, and linen manufa6lurer, Carpenter it, 

between fourth and fifth It. 
Biggs Thomas^ mathematical inftrument maker, 81, fouth 

Front ft. 
Bigley James, taylor, 13,2,' north water 11. 
Biglow Jofiah, M. D. 7, north fixth ft. 
Billington Thomas, taylor, 87, fouth fecond ft, 
Billis , fea-cap.tain, i35> ibuth fecond fb. 

Billon & Co. watch makers^ 12, foutli third ft. 
Bills William, fnip-carpenter, 31, Chriftian ft. 
Bifland Alexander, ironmonger, 201, High ft. 
Binder William, hatter, 286, north Front ft. 
Bingham Archibald, merchant, 32, north fecond ft. 
Bingham Thomas, engraver, 79, north fecond il. 
Bingham William, Member in the Senate of the United Srates, 
for the State of Penniylvania, corner of Spruce and Thlrdih 
Birch William Young, ftationer, 17, fouth fecond ft. 
Birchall Caleb, hatter, 29, north Front ft. and CJirith's alky. 
Bird George, mariner, 79, Green ft. 
Bird Jacob, fhip mailer, 30, Queen ft. 
Bird Jofeph, juftice of the peace, near the corner of fifth, in 

South ft. 
Birkinghan John, printer, between third and fourth in 3r;_'.v- 

cr's alley, 
Bifbing John, innkeeper, 139, north third ft. 
Bifbing Henry, carter, 77, St. John's ft. 
Biibing John, labourer, 81, St. John's fl. 
Bifby Catherine, widow, Plumi^ ftreet bet. fourth and fifth. 
Bifby M^.ry, Avidow, Plumb ft. between fourth and fifth. 
Bifhop Thomas, tavern-keeper^ neartlie corner of Prime ft. ii 

Swanfon ft. 

C 28 ] 

Kiiliopbcrry Jacob, labourer, 81, Brown ft, 

Bifpham Jofeph, hatter, 29, High ftreet. 

Bifpham Samuel, hatter, 43, ditto. 

Bifl'ell John, j(hopkeeper, 19, fouth third ftreet. 

Billell John, butcher, lonth front between Mary and Prime ft. 

Bitters Charles, furrier, 3, north third ftreet. 

Bizonard Jofcph Yoes, between Ninth and Tenth, in Filbert ft. 

Black Elizabeth, Fourteen Chimnies. 

Black George, fhip carpenter, 117, Swanfon ft- 

Black James, jeweller, 122, fouth Iccond ftreet. 

Black James, bellman, 6, Mead alley. 

Black Mary, widow, 38, Plumb ft. 

Black William, filk andftuff fhoemaker, no. South ft. 

Blackburn William, broker, 64, fouth fecond ftreet. 

Biackledge Thomas, ihopkeeper, 399, ditto. 

Blackwell George, china merchant, 126, north fecond ft. 

Blackwell Robert, rev. D. D. Epifcopal clergyman, 50, Pine it 

Blades James, dealer in grain, 30, Lombard ft. 

Blaikie James, cabinet maker, 12, Race ft. 

Blair Samuel, rev. D. D. minifter of the Presbyterian Church, 

29, Prune ft. 
Blair William, boot and llioemaker, 24, Chefnut ftreet. 
Blakiftone Prieftly, flibemaker, 212, fouth front ft. 
Blan« Lewis, grocer, 105, north third ft. 
Blanchard John D. merchant, 6, fouth third ft. 
Blane Jofeph, bottler, 5, north fifth ftreet. 
Blayney /Arthur, M. D. 158, fouth fecond ft. 
Bleaklev John, attorney at law, Chefnut ft. near corner of fifth. 
Bletterman Henry, baker, 83, fouth fourth ft. 
Blewer Jofcph, ihipmafter, back of 250, fouth front ft. 
Blight Peter, merchant, dwelling houfe 102, fouth front ft. and 

counting-houfe at R.ofs's wharf. 
Blodgei Samuel, m.erchant, 169, Chefnut ftreet. 
Bloer Robert, taylor, 9, Dock ft. 

Blondel Anthony, goldimith and jeweller, 169, fouth fecond ft. 
Blondicu , M'Culloch's court. 

Blood John, and co. bottlers, 166, north fecond ft. 
Bloom Mary, widow, huckfter, i4.q, fouth water ft. 
Blurac George, taylor, 113, north fecond ft. 
Blume John, coachman, between tenth and eleventh ft. in Fil- 
bert ftreet. 
Blunt Thomas, Creflbn's alley; 
Biyth Jofeph, hair drelfer, 161, north front ft. 
Boat Thomas, bookbinder, between fourth and fifth ftreet in 

South i\. 
Boatfwain George, ihip carpenter, Catherine ft. between fourth 

and fifth ft. 
Bode William, watchmaker, 228, north fecond ft. 

t 29 ] 

Biwrlim Daniel, merchant, 96, north fecond ft. 

Bochm, Jofeph, harnefs-maker, near 26, north ninth ft. 

Boger John, flioeniaktr, 389, north I'econcl ft. 

Boggs James, merchant, 39, fouth front ft. 

Bo2;gs Jofeph, conveyancer and broker, 40, Chefnut ft. 

Boggs Walter, wiadfor chair maker, fouth fecond ft. near 

Chriftian ft. 
Bohlen, Bohl, and John, merchants, 7, north water ft. 
Boining George, lockfmith. Carpenter ft. 
Boiflanday B. grocer, 125, ibuth water ftreet. 
BoifScr John, cordwainer, 87, fouth front ftreet. 
Bcker Aaron, tavlor, 98, fouth water ft. 
Boler William, labourer, 54, Callowhillft. 
BoUand George, merchant, corner of iifth and Spruce ft. 
Bollen Sarah, widow, Ihopkecper, corner of north third ft, and 

Crown ft. 
Boiler and Jordan, grocers, 123, north third ft. 
BoUer, w^idow, boarding houfe, 191, north fecond ft. 
Bolton Edward, houfe carpenter, fouth fourth ft. between 

Plumb and German ftreets. 
Bomberger William, fharpener of faw5, 5, White-horle alley. 
Bond Jofeph, mipwright, z4. Queen ft. 
Bond JoHiLia B. merchant, 39, Ibuth front ft. 
Bond Phineas, his Britannic Majefty's Conful Genera!, 173, 

Chefnut ft. 
Bond Mrs. 5, north fixth ftreet. 
Bond widow. Oak ftreet. 

Bonnell Charles, cooper, 180, north front ft. and 16, Vine ft. 
Bonnon , boarding houie, 147, north fecond ft. 

Eonfall Edward and co. conveyancers and keepers of an office 

for the fale of real'eftates, 64, Dock ftreet. 
Bonfall, Edward, conveyancer, between 93 and 97, fouth 

eighth ftreet. 
Bonfall JefTe, fhoemaker. Baker's Alley. 
Bonfall John, taylor, 9, Strawberry ftreet. 
Book Jacob, flioemaker. Star alley. 
Book John, houfe carpenter, 26, north fifth ftreet. 
Booker Bichard, mariner, between third and fourth ft. in 

South ft. 
Bookings Godfrey, hatter, fouth third ft. between Plumb and 

Shippen ft. 
Boone Garret, fhip carpenter, 430, fouth front ftreet. 
Boone Jeremiah, merchant, i63, fouth fourth ftreet. 
Booth George, gentleman, 5, Cherry ftreet. 
Boraef Martin, butcher, 148, north fifth ftreet. 
Bordely John B. gentleman, 7, Union ft. 
Bordenftine Andrew, mariner, between fourth and fifth ft. in 

Gafkel ft. 

[ 3° ] 

Borger Peter, commiilion merchant and broker, 129, Arch ft. 

Bortleldt Frederick, tavern keeper, 145, fouth ft. 

Bofs Frederick, carpenter, 35, north fifth ft. 

Boi's James, br^lhmaker, 81, north front ft. 

BofTee , wine merchant, 59, fouth fifth ftreet. 

Boflio Secundo, boarding houfe, 62, Lombard ft. 

Bofller Jofeph, brafs founder, north fecond ft. above Poplar 

BoiXvell William, trader, between Brown ft. and poplar lane, 

in north third ft. 
Both Conrad, tallow chandler and foap boiler, St. John ftreet 

between Coates's and Green ft. 
Bouche G. & co. merchants, 123, north water ftreet. 
Boucher Jefte, blackfmith, north fecond, between Poplar lane 

and Brown ft. 
Boughton Thomas, cooper, 28, Moravian alley. 
Boullance Madame, 252, fouth fecond ft. 
Boullanger, French boarding houfe, 171, north front ft. 
Boulcon William, filverplater, 88, Chcfnut ft. 
Bourgeouis , gentleman, corner of Second and Noble ft. 

Bourne Stephen, houfe carpenter, fouth third, between Shippen 

and Plumb ft. 
Boufh George, oal: cooper, 134, north fourth ft. 
Bouvar Jofeph, jeweller, 83, Vine flreei:. 
Bowell William, chairmaker, 82, north water ftreet. 
Bowcn Elijah, taylor, Loxley's alley. 
Bovv-en Ezra, fhip mafter, 206, north fecond ft. 
Bowen John, labourer, between feventh and eighth in Cherry ft. 
Bowen *John, labourer, Plumb ftreet, between fecpnd and 

third ft. 
Bowen Thomas, cabinet maker, 44, Spruce fl. 
BDwen William, chairmaker, 83, North front flreet. 
Bower Afhley, labourer, 51, Cherry flreet. 
Bower Andrew, ftone cutter, 125, north fixth ftreet. 
Bowers Charlotte, midwife, near 21, north fixth ft. 
Bowers, Jacob, potter, between Coates's and Green in St. 

John ft. 
Bowers Jacob, fhoemaker, between Poplar lane and Brown ft. 

in St. John ft. 
Bowes Charlotte, widow, gentlewoman, 47, Spruce ft. 
Eowes Jofeph, architect and engraver, 25, CrefTon's alley. 
Bowie jane, widow, fhopkeeper, fouth fecond near Shippen ft. 
Bowker John, fhoemaker, M 'Culloch's court. 
Bowlan John, fhopkeeper, 409, north third ft. 
Bowles Sarak, widow, baker, 46, Union ft. 
Bowman Charles, hog butch^-, Budd ft. between Green and 

Bowman George, houfe carpenter, Gaikel ft. 

C 3' ] 

Bowman Jofeph, bricklayer, bctwcea Brown and Coates's i't, 

in St. John's ft. 
Bowman Robert, Itorekeeper, 86, north fecond ft. 
Bowne Thomas, fliip joiner, Noble between front and fecond ft. 
Boyard .Adam, tinman, Star alley. 
Boyce William, houfe carpenter, Gray's alley. 
Boyd Alexandei?, boarding houfe and revenue office, 201, 

Race ft. 
Boyd Andrew, fliopkeeper, 6, High ft. 
Boyd Andrew, chair maker, 90, north front ft. 
Boyd Jacob, carter, fouth fourth ft. between Plumb and Ger- 
man ft. 
Boyd James, houfe carpenter, between third and fourth ftreets, 

in Brewer's alley. 
Boyd John, bricklayer, Chriftian ft. corner of Second Ct. 
Boyd John, clerk in the treafury department, 153, South ft. 
Boyd John, ropemaker, fouth front ft. between Mary and 

Prime ft. 
Boyd Parks, near 35, Elfrith's alley. 
Boyd Patrick, ihip carpenter, near 10, Chriftian fr. 
Boyd widow, Sarah, gentlewoman, 41, Callowhill ftreet. 
Boyer , gentleman of St Domia^o, 156, fouth fourth ft. 

Boyer Mifs, fliopkeeper, 24, north fecond ft. 
Boyland Margaret, widow, 274, fouth fecond ftreet. 
Boyle Cornelius, ftevidore, ibuth fecond ft. between Plumb and 

Shippen ft. 
Boyle Daniel, labourer, Plumb ftreet, between third and fourth 

Boyle Daniel, labourer, Catherine ftreet, between lecond an^ 

third i\. 
Boyle Dennis, taylor, 86, Swahfon ft. 
Boyle John, fliopkeeper, corner of fourth and fouth ft. 
Boyle Joliu, ropemaker, third ft. near Carpenter ft. 
Boys and iVJ 'Callmont, merchants, 26, north front ftreet. 
Boys and M'Elwaine, merchants, 38, fouth wharves. 
Boys Nathan, city commiftioner, 277, fouth front ftreet. 
Boys Rodney, w^ood lawyer, fouth fourth ft. near Lombard ft. 
Boys Samuel, merchant, 27, Penn ftreet. 
Brabant , 87, north lecond ft. 

Bradford Thomas, printer Sc bookfeller, 8, fouth Front ft. 
Bradley Abraham, ju'i. clerk in the general poft office, 78, 

Cromi ft. 
Bradley Andrew, fhip carpenter, Chriftian ft. betv.eao feconJ 

and third ftreets. 
Bradley Thomas, copperfinith, 132, High ft. 
Brady John, accomptaot, louth fecond ft. between Chriftian and 

Mary ft. 
Srady John, bricklayar, fouth fecond ft. corner of Chriftian ft. 

[ 3^ ] 

Brady Marv, ^vidow, feaniilrefs, Duke ft. 

Brady Richard, labourer, ibath iecond i\. near Mary H. 

Brady Robert, caulker, corner of South /ront and Prime ft. 

Bnetio-nan Daniel, bookbinder, 191, north Iecond l!. 

Braither John, Nvatchman, Coates's ftreet, between Second & 

Front ft. 
Bramc Henry, painter and glazier, 14,' north fixth ft. 
Eranclau Peter, grocer, 11 1, South ft. 

Brandt &: Mathey, clock and watchmakers, 158 no. fecond ft. 
Brandt , hatter, 373, South Front ft. 

Branham Abraham, inn keeper, i')4. High ftreet. 
Brannanian Cnnftian, houfe carpenter, ij, SafTafras alky. 
Brannon, Edward, drayman, 24, Moravian allcv. 
Brannot William, labourer, between Eighth and Ninth ft. in 

Cherry ftreet. 
Brantingham Joleph, farmer, 50, Ibuth fifth ft. 
Brattan ifubella, widow, fouth fecond, between Catherine and 

Qiieen ft. 
Bray Francis, gentleman, 115, Spruce ft. 
Bray Sufannah, widow, 60, x'\lmond ft. 
Brazier A. watchmaker, 23, North third ftreet. 
Brazier Mark, merchant, 151, fouih fecond ft. 
Breck Samuel, Icn. gentleman, 321, High ftreet. 
Breck Samuel, jun. merchant, 89, fouth third ft, 
Brearley James, clock and watchmaker, 79, north fecond ft. 
Breeee Samuel, between eighth and ninth ft. in Race ft. 
2reining George, tinplate-worker, near 26, North ninth ft. 

Bren Martha, 13, North fixth ft. 

Brewfter William, fea captain, 1.1, Race ft. 

Brice, Mrs. dealer in earthen ware and china, and boarding* 
houfe, 1 10, fouth fecond ftreet. 

Bridge John, gardiner, fouth Front between Mary and Chrif- 
tian ft. 

Bridges Robert, fail-maker, 259, fouth Front ft. 

Briggs Dorothy, widow. Mead alley. 

Briggs Frances mifs, mantua-maker, 2, Kerr's alley. 

BriSgs & Kelley, m.erchants, 5, north fecond ft. 

Briggs Roger, houfe -carpenter, Budd ft. between Coates's and 
Brown ft. 

Briggs Samuel, fire-engine maker, 26, North ft. 

Bright Jacob, gentleman, 177, north Front ft. 

Bright James, wood fawyer, between St. Tammany arid Grce» 
ft. in St. Johns ft. 

Bright Mary, widow, 47, Lombard ft. 

Bringhurft George, coachmaker, 23, north Fifth ft. 

Bringhurft James, merchant, 29, Union it. 

Bringhurft , coach maker, Gaikell it. 

Bringhurft Georg«, coach maker, between 180 and 196, foutk 
third ft. 

t 33 ] 

feri'nton John H. attorney at law, lo*^, Arch ft. 

Brir>ane John, corner of Callowhill ft. and Cable lane. 

Brifiol Sarah, widow, 3, Letitia court. 

Briftol Thomas, baker, 3, Latitia. 

Briftol Thomas, dealer in flour, 403, north fecond ft. 

Britt Daniel, fchoolmafter, Willing's alley. 

Brittle Adam, collet^or of taxes, 212, fouth fecond ft. 

Britton John, lumber merchant, 259, north front ft. 

Britton Johniun. merchant, 200, fouth water ft, 

Britton Jofeph, tavern-keeper, "j-]^ north front ft. 

Britton Jofeph, watchman, 210, north fecond ft. 

Britton PoUv, widow, bet. third and f(?)urth, in Plumb ft, 

Britton Thomas, merchant, 255, north Front ft. 

Britz Jacob, baker. Shepherd's court. 

Broadhead Daniel, furveyor general, 226, High ft. 

Broadrich Andrew, flioemaker, Kerr's alley. 

Brobert William, corner of Tenth and Arch ft. 

Bromell Benjamin, nailer, Chriftian bet. Front &" Swanfon ft* 

Brook Bowycr, boat-builder, Brook's court. 

Brook Bowyer jun. boat-builder. Brook's court. 

Brooks , widow. Oak ft. 

Brooks David, taylor, 185, north front ft. 

Brooks James, houfe carpenter, fouth front between Catherine 
and Almond ft. 

Brooks John, houfe carpenter, fouth front between Catherine 
and Almond ft. 

Brooks John, breeches maker and glover, 121, High ft. 

Erooks Thomas, brafs founder, fliop on the bridge in fecond fti 
above Callowhill ft. 

Brooks Thomas, meafurer, io. front bet. Qj.iecn &: Chriftian ft. 

Brooks V/illiam, plane maker, 37, Key's allev. 

Brooks William, oyilerman, between Green and St. Tammany 
in St. John's ft. 

Brooks William, near 28, Dock ft. 

Broom, Littler, &co. wholefaledrygoodm.erchants,38, High ft. 

Broom Thomas, cordwainer, 108, South ft. 

Brotherton James, labourer, Noble il. bet. front & fecond. 

Brown Abia, fhipwright, 395, north Front ft. 

Brown Andrew^ Editor and Proprietor of the Philadelphia Ga- 
zette and Univerlai Daily Advcrtifer, zg, Chefnut ft. 

Brown Ann, feamltrefs, 12, fouth feventh ft. 

Brown Armit, merchant, 76, Union Tt. - 

Brown Benjamin, tavern-keeper, 11, White Horfe alley. 

Brown Benjamin, fiiosmaker, 334, north fecond ft. 

Brown & De Bree, merchants, 20, Penn ft. 

Brown Daniel, taylor, 13, fouth Water ft. 

Brown Daniel, labourer, fouth fourth near Lombard ft. 

Brown David;, labourer, 94, South ft. 


L 34 j 

KrcAsn Eleanor, ss .ulow, •■entlewoiran, 76, .-Imontlft, 

BiowD Elijah, land broker, 117 and ii<y, fouih fecoad ft. 

Brown Elizabeth, gtmtlewoman, 16, Race (z. 

Brown Francis, rigger, back of 250, fouth Front ft. 

Brown Francis ^ John Canjpbell, taylors, 96, fouth Waret ft; 

Brown George, blackfmith, 91, Callowhill {}. 

Brown George, tobacconi ft, 138, north fecond it. 

Brown George, coachmakcr, between fixtti and fevcnih, in 

• .South ft. 
Brown Ifaiah, labourer, 417, fouth Front [t. 
Brown Jacob, iron feller, between 167 and 161, north fecond It 
Brown J^cob, barber, 44, north third fi:. 
Brown Jame^, ^opkeeper. 31, foiiih EYont ft. 
Brown James, merchant^ 1 17 & 119, fouth fecond ft. 
Browne James, nlerchant, 80, Pcnn ft. 
Brown John, merchant, 217, fouth Front ft. 
Brown John, cabinet maker, 148, north Front ft. 
Brown John, merchant, 40, Pine fr. 
Brown John, taylor, 45, fouih third ft. 
Brown John, mariner, 6, Shippen ft. 

Brown John, blackfmith, between fecond and Front in South Iti 
J'rown John, cabinet maker, Duke ft. 
Brown John, gentleman. 368, north Front ft. 
Brown John, ihoemaker, 6, South alley. 
Brown John, mariner 6, Shippen ft. 
Brown Jofeph, fiopkeeper, 4, fouth third ft. 
Brown Jofeph, fnoemaker, 9, Hoffman's allejr. 
Brown Leonard, taylor, 184, foirth feeond ft. 
Brown Marianne, widow, 29, Strawberry ft. 
Brown IVIark, grocer, 10, north Water ft. 
Brown Mary, between Lombard and South, in fouth fifth ft. 
Brown Mary, midwife, 18, Apple Tree alley. 
Brow n Matthew, mariner, near 24, Combes's alley. 
Brow^n Nathaniel, blackfmith, near 26, Race ft. 
Brown Paul, taylor, 12, north Water ft. 
Browne Peter, blackfmith, 136, north Water^ and 141, nortli 

Front ft. 
BrowM and Swaine, merchants, 363, north fecond ft. 
Brown Samuel, fchoolmafter and fhipwright, Green ft. betwe«» 

fecond and third it. 
Brown Surah, widow, innkeeper, 211 Arch ft. 
Brown Stewart, merchant; 62, fouth Front ft. 
Brown Thaddeus, accomptant, Vernon ft. " 
Brown Thomas, coachman, Elmflie's alley. 
Brown Thomas, cooper. Pear ft. 
Brown Thomas, grocer, 206, fouth fecond ft. 
Brown Thomas, labourer, back of 250, fouth Front ft. 
Brown Thomss, houfe carpenter^ 24, Callowhill ft. 

I 35 3 

ijrown W'^iiliam, cabincr-niakcr, 194, fuuth iecond It. 

iirown V/illiain, bricklayer, 31, Shippen i\. 

Brown William, merchant, 41, Almond Ir. 

Brown William, mariner, Crabb ft. 

Brown William, bifcuit baker, 11, Vine fr. bake-houfe north 

Water, betwtf n Vine and Callowhill fr. 
Brown William, bricklayer,3i, Shipp^^n i\. 
Brown William, blackfmith, 21, Qrecn It. 
Brown William, manner, M'Cull.jjgli's court. 
Brown William Sc Abia, fliipwrights, i. Oak It. 
Bruce Alexander, bottler, corner Merritt's lane and fourth ft. 
Bruce Edward, boarding houfe, 14, Church alley. 
Bruce James, uphollttrer and paper hanger, 66, Peim ft. 
Brugniens , baker, 124, ionth Iccond il. 

Brummage Minia, widow, cake-ieller, 12, Arch ft. 
Brummtli Charles, blatkfmith, 3.38, Soutli front it 
Bruner Adam, ikinner, 49, Coates''s allev. 
Brvan Agnes, widow, between 22 and 34, Pkimb ft. 
Bryan Guyer, meichai:t, Fromberger's court, 
Bryan John, taylor, near 6, Pewter-platter alley. 
Bryan Samuel, Regifter General, Pennfylvania, '307, High ft. 
Brvan Thomas, cabinet maker, 136 cc 138, nortir front it. 
Bryant Benjamin, tanner and currier, 9i,"Walnur, and 68,'fouth 

third It. 
Br ydcn William, houfe carpenter, Carter's allev, 
Bryfon James, boarding houfe, 159, north rhird'ft. 
Bucer Jacob, laft maker, St. Tammany's ft. 
Buchanan George, buifcuit baker, between fifth and fixth ft in 

South ft. 
Buchanan William, taylor, 16, Shippen ft. 
Bucher John, baker, north third ft. between Green ft. ami 

Coates's ft. 
BuchorThtrion, cutler and armourer, 72, Pvace ft. 
Buck George, cedar cooper, 188, north Iecond ft. 
Buck William, porter, near 121, Pine ft. 
Buck William, porter. Green's court. 
Buckbee Pvachel, widow, 19, north fourth ft, 
Buckley Carll, grocer, 410, north front il. 
Buckley Hannah, widow, Catherine ft. between Front ft ard 

Swanfon ft. . ' 

Buckley Ifaac, mearl merchant, 389, north fi'ont ft. 
Buckk-y William, merchant, 147, fouth front, and 87, South 

third ft. ^ 

Budd Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman, 409, north front ft 

Budd George, merchant, 261, do. 

Budd Jofeph, hatter, 4, do. 

Budd, Wm. phyfician, 2tj, north fccond ft. 

Budd and Prior, merchants, 41, north W9ter ft. 

[ 36 3 

Buddy Peter, tavern-keeper, corner of fecond and Callowhill ft. 

Budvine James, fhoemaker, Oak 11. 

Buglefs Caleb, bookbinder, Prielt's alley. 

Bugniard Charies, hair-drefler, 178, ibuth fecond {\:. 

Bulger Margaret, widow, fhopkecper, fouth front flreet near 

Qi.een i\. 
Bully George, 44, Vine ft. 
Bunker Richard, near 59, fo. th fifth ft. 
Bunner Jacob, inrpeclor of the revenue, fouth fourth ft. near 

Lombard ft. 
Bunting Nicholas, blackfmith, houfe 8, Plumb ft. and fljop 

fouth ft. between front and fecond ft. 
Bunting Charity, v/idow,, 320, fouth front ft. 
Bunting Philip S. grocer, iiq, Race, and corner of Race and 

third ft. 
Bunting Thomas, tanner, norrh fecond ft. above Poplar lane. 
Bunting a^id Thomas, merchants, fecond wharf, below Chef- 
nut ftrcet. 
Bunting Wm. and co. merchants, 23, fouth third ft. 
Bunton Jofeph, blackimith, Hofiman's alley. 
Burchell Andrew, labourer. Carpenter's ft. between fourth and 

fifth ft. 
Burd Edward, regifter of the high court of errors and appeals, 

88, fouth fourth ft. 
Burd Jofeph, wood corder, corner of Lombard and fifth ft. 
Burden Georgt;, cabinet maker, fouth front, between Qjieen & 

Mary ft. 
Burden Jofeph, windfor chair maker, 90, fouth third ft. 
Burdock Nicholas, lilvcrfmith, Waggoner's alley. 
Burge , confectioner, 160, north third ft. 

Burgefs Wm. and co. merchants, 23, fouth third ft. 
B.uriad Jofeph P. embroiderer, 65, New ft. 
Burk Andrew, fea captain, 13, Branch ft. 
Burk John, houfe carpenter, between Lombard and South ft. in 

Burk Philip, tavern keeper, 5, Chefnut ft. 
Burk Thomas, meafiarei, fouth front ft. between Queen and 

Chriftian ft. 
Burk Edmund, taylnr, 402, north fecond ft. 
Burke James, cordwainer, 54, Pcnn ft, 
Burk Patrick, huckfter. Pewter-platter alley. 
Burkhard Andrew, infpe^tor of the port, Levi Hollingfworth's 

Burklsard Samuel, tobacconift, near Pine ft. in South Water ft. 
Burkhart Frederick, conftable, 76, Race ft. 
Burkhart Sarah, hair drelfer, 57, north water ft. 
Burkis George, labourer, 73, Shippen ft. 
Burkitt Jacobj fence maker, «St. Tammany's ft. 

I 37 ] 

iRnrkloe Samnel, watchmaker, corner of Shippen and Vernon ft. 

Burn John, grocer, 171, ibuth Iccond ft. 

Burn Jolcph, Ihopkceper, 2.^^ 2, north front ft. 

Durn Jolcph, v/oolcombtr, Cyprcls ft. 

Burn jViaurice, taylor, 6, Little Water ft. 

Bumback Martin, blackfuiith-, corner of north third ftrcet and 

Coates's It. 
Burnet George, mariner, 377, north front ft. 
Burns Mary, Ihopkeeper, 14, Shippen ft. 
Burns Marv, widow, huckfter. Crown ft. 
Burns Rhoda, widow, midwife, Duke ftrcet. 
Burrowes Stephen, fdddler, harnefs and trunk maker, 52, north 

fecond ft. 
Burrows Edward, fea captain, 175, north front ft. 
Burrows John, fea captain, 218, north front ft. 
Burrows Jofeph, grocer, Arch iireet wharf. 
Burtnett Daniel, grocer, between ninth and tenth in Arch ft. 
Burton William, (crivener, 176, north tifth It 
Bufby John, rneal merchant, between eighth and ninth ft. ia 

Cherry ft. 
Bufh Ann, widow, gentlewoman, 12, Carter's alley. 
Bufliell John, inn-keeper, 144, north front ft. 
Bulkello Jacob, 30, Coates's alley. 
Bulkello Mary, widow. Stamper's alley. 
Buffy Eliza, boarding houle, 26, Spruce ft. 
Bufterlind Jacob, houfe carpenter, between Coates's $z Brown 

in north third ft. 
Buftell Cyrus, carter, north third ft. between Coates's and 

Brown ft. 
Butcher Job, merchant, 49, north water ft. 
Butcher Ixichard, labourer, near 147, S^nice ft. 
Butler Abraham, oyfterman, 61, Qiieen ftreet. 
Butler Anthony, merchant, near 411, north front ft, 
Butler Daniel, mariner, 210, north fecond ft. 
Butler David, wood fawer, Catherine fh between fecond and 

third ft. 
Butler Tames, fhopkceper, 80, north fourth ft. 
Butler James, labourer. Plumb between fecond and third it. 
Butler James, mafon, 18, Plumb ft. 
Butler John, houfe carpenter, iii, north third ftreet. 
Butler Pierce, Senator of the United States for South Carolina, 

315, High ftreet. 
Butts Margaret, widow, mantua-maker, 292, foath front ft-. 
Byrne Edmund, innkeeper. Crooked billet wharf. 
Byrne Redmond grocer, 37, ibuth water ft. 
Byrne Peter, rigger, back of 250, fouth front ft. 
Bysfield Frederick, French ft ay and ladies habit maker, 17, 

Strawberry ft. 

[ 3^ 1 

By waters, AVm. fhocmakor, between Coates's and Erowa in 
north third ft. 

V^x^DlE, Charlotte, gentlewoman, 239, Arch ft. 
Cadwallader, widow, near 315, High ft. 

Caefar Jofeph, mariner, Coates's ft. between fecond and front ft, 
Cahill Ceorge, cooper, fouth fourth ft. between Shipp^p and 

South ft. 
Cahill and M'Coy, bottlers, 84, fouth water ft. 
Caillebaux , baker, 52, Swanfon ft. 

Caillebaun Wm. baker, 72, Swanfon ft. 
Cain Alexander, Ihipmalter, corner of South and fecond ft. 
Caine Andrew, printer, Catherine ft. between front oz iecond It 
Calbraith, Heeler, merchant, 111, Spruce ft. 
Calbraith James, & co. ditto, ditto. 
Caldcleugh An^irew, merchant, 22, north third .'I. 
Caldwell, Ann, widow, wafher, Plumb ft. between third and 

fourth ft. 
Caldwell Charles, phyfician, 25, Pine ft. 
Caldwell John, attorney at law^, 92, fouth third ft. 
Caldwell John E. merchant, Rofs's wharf, aud dwelling houfe 

119, fouth front ft. 
Caldwell Margaret, widow, fouth fecond ft. between Chriftiaa 

and Queen ft. 
Caldwell Samuel, clerk of the diftricft court, 56, north fourth ft. 
Callaghan David, merchant, 169, fouth water and 12, Lombard ih 
Callaohan Nicholas, broker, 23, Lombard ft. 
CallaghanThomas, labourer, foufh fecond near Catherine ft. 
Callender Cornelius, Pilot, 3c, Queen ft. 
Callow Edward, mariner, MifHin's alley. 
Calvin Wm. wood fawyer, St. Tammany's ft. 
Cameron James, tavern keeper, 69, Shippen ft. 
Cameron James Burrr, millftone maker, fouth ft. between fifth 

and fixth ft. 
Cameron John, bookbinder, ?-, Pear ft. 
Camoin w'idow, 131, Callow^ hill It. 

Camoin 7 goldfmith, corner of Green and St. John ft. 

Camo Robert, commiilion merchant, 13, north fourth ft. 
Campbell Alexander, cordwaincr, Si, fouth ft. 

[ 39 1 

ampbcll Charles, clock aiui watchmaker, 3, fout-h fotirth ft. 

Campbell Duncan, labourer, fouth fixth i\. between South and 
Shippen It. 

Campbell Duncan, flioemaker, Cyprefs alley. 

Campbell George, rcgiiler of wills, 143, High ft. 

Campbell Hugh, taylor, Ibuth fifth it. between South and Ship- 
pen ft. 

Campbell John, grocer, 115, High ftrect. 

Campbell Jane, l>etween Walnut and Chefnut in eighth ft. 

Campbell Jane, widow, mantua-maker, Elmllie's alley. 

Campbell John, taylor, 82, fouth water ft. 

Campbell llichard, Bndd ft. between Coates's and Green ft. 

Campbell Robert ar>d co. bookfellers and ftationers, 40, fouth 
lecond it. 

Campbell Samuel, accomptant, Gafeell ft. 

Campbell Wm. lea captain, 163, north third ft. 

Campbell Wm. wharf builder, St. Tammany's ft. 

Campbell Wm. cabinet maker, 13Z, fouth fourth it. 

Camphire Ja«ob> type founder. Fourteen Chimnies. 

Cana Simon, \T|^ood lawyer, between iifth and lixth in ibuth i\. 

Canby Thomas, merchant, 170, ibuth fecond ft. 

Canby Thomas, jun. and co, merchants, 81, ibuth water ft. 

Canby Thomas, jun. merchant, 64, Swanfon it. 

Cannon , mariner, 117, Swanfon ft. 

Cannon Ann, widow, gentlewoman, t, Brewer's alley. 

Cannon James, 16, Pewter platter alley. 

Cannon Sarah, widow, boarding houfe, 10, do. 

Cantie T. merchant, Walnut ft. wharf. 

Capp John, grocer, 241, Pligh ft\ 

Carborn Daniel, labourer, Etris's alley. 

Care Jefte, iaddle-tree maker, 172, Arch ft. 

Care John, do. 122, north fifth it. 

Care Philip, merchant, i§^ fouth water ft. and 3, fouth wharves. 

Care Wm. grocer, corner of Front and Almond ft. • 

Carey widow, boarding houic, no, Union it. 

Carey James, printer and bookfeller, 83, north iecond it. 

Carey Matthew, printer and bookieller, 118, High ftreeti 

Carey Robert, grocer, 51, ibuth lecond ft. 

Carhart Wm. ihipmafter, 21, Swanfon ft. 

Carliile Abraham, grocer, 102, north front il. 

Carliilc Alexander, gentleman, f^y^ fouth fifth ft, 

Carll Gilbert, taylor, 105, ibuth Front ft. 

Carls John, blackfmith, Pearfon's court. 

Carmalt CalelD, clerk to the Gontributoriliip f^ ifcfoling hbufes 

from fire, 99, High ft. 
Carmalt Jonathan, ihopkeeper, 99, Higti ft. 
Carman James, hatter, 23, High it. 
Coi'raick Ann^ widoNY, 202, Arch ft, 

L +0 ] 

CaniicU Jofeph, coaeh-maker, ^lfth ft. between Lombard and 

Souih ft. 
Carney Thatv, labourer, German between fourth and rii'th ft. 
Caron Peter, blacklmith, corner of eighth and Walnut ft. 
Carpenter , fail maker, Catherine between front and 

Swanfon ft. 
Carpenter Csefar, carter, near 73, fouth fifth ft. 
Carpenter Pompey, woodfawyer^ fouth third betv/een Plurab 

and German ft. 
Carpenter Samuel, painter and glazier, 45, Pine ft. 
Carpenter Samuel, carter, St. John's ft. between Brown ft. and 

Poplar lane. 
Carpenter Thomas, taylor, 67, Arch ft. 
Carpenter William, cabinet maker, 296, fouth fecond ft. 
Carpenter York, rope-maker, Carpenter ft. between fourth and 

fifth ft. 

Carr Benjamin, mufic ftore, 122, Hie;!! ftreet. 
Carr Elizabeth, mantua maker, Elfrith's allev. 
Carr, Jane, widow, nurfe. Noble, between Front and fecond ft. 
Carr Matthew Rev. minifter of St. Mary's ciiurch, 17, Wil- 

ling's alley. 
Carr Robert, cutler. Mead alley. 
Carr Robert, brafs founder, CrefTon's alley. 
Carre John, Thomas & Charles, teachers of the French and 

Enalifh languages, 8, Union ft. 
Carrell Edward, merchant, 113, fouth Front ft. 
Carrell John, ironmongers, 32, High ft. 
Carriau'Charles, taylor, 10 1, Race It. 
Carroll Daniel, 29, Pewter Plater alley. 

Carruthers James, merchant, 42, Dock ft. 
CaiTuthers Jonathan, 77, fouth fecond ft. 

Carfon, Mils, boarding-houfe, 137, Arch It. 
Carfon Elizabeth, widow, gentlewomen, 67, Lombard ft. 
Carfon James, fchoolraafter, 117, South ft. 
Carfon Jonathan, taylor, 77, fouth fecond ft. 
Caribn John, fea captain, 76, Lombard ft. 
Carfon William, ftorekeeper, ?.i. Water ft. 
Carfpcr Martin, baker, fouth fecond ft. between Queen and Ca- 
therine fr. 
Carftairs Thomas, houfe-carpenter, corner of Walnut ft. and 

eigth It. 
Carfwell & Jackfon, merchants, 52, Chefnut ft. 
Carter George, dry good ftore, sSi north Front ft. 
Carter Jafper, painter and glazier, between third and fourth 

in South ft. 
Carter John, Ihip carpenter, Duke ft. 
Carter Richard, fail-maker, Callowhiil below Water ft. 
Carter Sarah, widow, back of 6, White Horfe alley. 

t 4' ] 

Carter Thomas, flioemaker, Duke ft, ^y 

Carter , cabinet maker, South near fifth ft. 

Cartout Daniel, Nvindior chair-maker, 365, foiaxh Front fc. 

Caruthers George, liiopkeeper, 88, Touth lecond It. 
Cartvael , 119, north Water It. 

Cartwright Daniel, cabinet-maker, 20, Shippen fl. 

Carty James, mariacr, Mead alley. 

Carver Jacob, war rh maker, 44, fouth Front ft. 

Carver Samuel, lioufe-carpenter, 98, Spruce ft. 

Cafe Jofeph, tJ: Jofiah Baldwin, fhoemakers, 67, fouth third ft. 

Cafey Adam, fhoemaker, 79, fouth fifth ft. 

Ca'hady William, maft-maker, fouth Front, between Queen and 
Chriftian it. 

Cafhiner Adam, labourer. Queen ft. between fecond &: third. 

Caffedy Barney, labourer, near 147, Spruce ft. 

Cafledy Henry, cooper. Plumb ft. between third and fourth. 

Caflin James, IbaAD-boiler, 188, Race ft. 

Caftin Luke, grocer, 150, fouth fourth ft. 

Caftillon Joibph, M. D. 4, Prune ft. 

Caftner Enoch, fhoemaker, 191, north third ft. 

Catherine Benjamin, fchoolmafter, -j^^ Cherry ft. 

Cathers William, grocer, 84, Union ft. 

Cathrall Ifaac, M.l). 40, Arch ft. 

Cathrall Ifaac, cooper, 135, north \Vater ft. 

Cathrall Jofeph, labourer, 83, Shippen ft. 

Caton Barbara, widow (liopkeeper, corner of fouth fourth and 
Plumb ft. 

Caton William, labourer, fouth fourth between Plumb and Ger- 
man ft. 

Cauffman Jacob, fhoemaker, 130, north Water ft. 

Cauffman Jofeph, gentleman, 14, Cherry ft. 

Cavanau2;h Patrick, mahogany lawyer. Queen near Second ft, 

Cellcr Charles, 100, north fifcb ft. 

Celles Antoine, baker, 27, Walnut ft. 

Ceify Afa, wheelwiiright, %' ites's fh between third & fourtji. 

Cent Barbara, widow fhopkeeper, fouth fourth flreet, corner of 

Cerfoot Charles, houfe-carpenter, Shippen ft. near fifth. 

Chace Henrv, mariner, near 73, fouth fifth fl. 

Chadwick Ifaac, cordwainer. Green ftreet between third and 
fourth ft. 

Chalk John, circulating; library, "j^^ north third ft. 

Chaloner Ann, widow fhopkeeper, 38, north third ft. 

Chamaellon John Louis, boarding-houfe, 105, north Front ft. 

Chamberlain Benjamin, fhoemaker, 37, north third it. 

Chamberlain Richard, houfe-carpenter, 95, Coates's alley. 

Chamberlain Sarah, widow, 280, north Front ft. 

Chambers Jame^ rigger, 8-7, fouth Wattr ft, 



[ 4^ ] 

CI. ambers John, innkeeper, 16, High ft. 

Chambers William, iliocmaker, 154, foutii fourth fl. 

Clianccllor William & Davis, merchants, icj. High ft. 

Cliandler EH, gentlemen, foutli fourth near South ft. 

Chandler Elizabeth, widow, fouui fourth near South ft. 

Chandler William Penn, M. D. 12, Crelfon's alley. 

Chapen Nathan, fchoolmafter. Oak ft. 

Chapins Anthony, cordwainer, 492, north fecond ft. 

Chapman George R. merchant, 164, fouth fourth ft. 

Chapman Jane, widow, gentle womarr, 61, Cherry ft. 

Chapman William, fiOimongcr, fouth fQurth betwcc^n Plumb 

and German i\. 
Chard George, mariner, 32/j, north Frontlt. ^ 
Cbardon Anthonv, paper manufacturer, 71, fouth fecond ft. 
Ch.arlton Richard, fhoemakcr, Mifflin's alley. 
Chat Claudius, jeweller, 4, fouth fourth ft. 
Cha- field Oliver, cooper, 377, nortli front ft. 
Chauvet , gentleman, third ft. between Shlppen and 

CheiVtec William, wheelwright, 445, north fecond ft. 
Chefnut John, labourer, fouth Front between Mary and Prime 

Chevalier Mary, widow gentlewoman, 97, Callowhill ft. 
Chevalier Peter, 15, Branch ft. 

Chevalier Peter R.. Accomptant 97, Callowhill ft. 
Chevalier 45, Lombard ft. 

Chew Benjamin, prefident ot the high court of errors and ap- 

peals, no, fouth third ft. 
Chew Benjamin jun. attorney at law, 68, Walnut ft. 
Chew Jefferv* carter. Green ft. between fecond and Front. 
Chew Jofeph, labourer. Plumb bet. third and fourth ft. 
Cliierdel , taylor, 126, north Front ft. 

Childs Hannah, ieamftrefs, near T02, Union ft. ^ 
Chine Chriftian, labourer, 494, north fecond ft. 
Chipman James, merchant, 38, F.^^h ft. 
Chore Jacob, baker, back of 81, Kace ft. 
Chrice Catherine, Star alley. 

Chriftian Elizabeth, widow bifcuit baker, 126, north Water ft. 

and 129, north Front ft. 
Chriftie Alexander, coach and fign painter, 1 1, fouth fixth ft. 
Chriftie David, M. D. 117, north fifth ft. 
Chriftie Dennis, turner, German ft. between fourth and firtb. 
Chriftie James, gentleman, 365, north fecond ft. 
Chriftie John, fliip mafter, 48, Duke ft. 
Chriftie William, dry good merchant, 55, north fccontl ft. 
Chriftine Thomas, .houfe-carpenter, near the corner of Arch, in 

north eighth ft. 
Chrifty Hugh^ grocer, 2 and 4, north Vv''ater ft. 

' C 43 3 

Chrifty Robert, fhoemaker, 87, fouth front ft. 

ChryfUer Jacobs fliopkccpcr, 71, x'\rch ft. 

ClHuch Jeremiah, {liipmafter, 58, Duke ft. 

Church John, trader, Shippcn ft. neartifthfL 

Church Samuel, trader, i. Little Water ft. 

Churchman Mordecai, Ihipmafter, :,:^i. Union ft. 

Ciil Charles, Itationer, J 04, north fecond ft. 

Oampuer Adam, deputy Iheiiff, zi, Elfrith's alleys 

Ciapier John, 1 2,6, no4-ili fourth ft. 

Clare Jervi, gentleman, 23;;, Arch ft. 

Clareris Califta, milliner, ly, north third ft. 

Clarey Michael, drayman, 10, Elbow lane. 

Claridge Philip, grocer, corner of fifth and Vine ft. 

Clark Benjamin, clock and watch maker, i, fouth Front it. 

Clark Edward, clock and watch maker, fouth fifth ft. between 

South and Shippen. 
Clark Ephraim, clock & wat:h maker, S6-) fouth Front ft, 
Clark Jacob, merchant, 14, High ft. and dwElliug-houfe corner 

ot Vine and Front. 
Clark John, 62, Arch ft. 

Clark John, filk dyer, 181, fouth fecond ft. 
Clark John, merchant, nr^^ north water ft. 
Clark John, fhoemaker, German ft. between fourth and fifLh, 
Clark John, labourer. Prime ft. between third and fourth. 
Clark John, blackfmith, Crown ft'. 
Clark John, ihipmafter, back of Front near Noble ft, 
Clark John, porter, Biddle's alley. 
Clark »John, blackGnith, Sugar alley. 
Clark , widow. Plumb near George ft:, 

Clark Jofeph, merchant, 17, High ft, ^ 
Clark Jofeph, fchoolmafter, 12, north fifih ft. 
Clark Jofeph, houfe-carpenter, 31, North ft. 
Clark Jofeph, grocer, north fecond between Green and St. 

Tammany ft. 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 192, Arch ft. 
Clark Samuel, gentleman, 38, north fifth ft. 
Clark Sufannah, widow, boarding-houfc, 192, Arch ft. 
Clark Thomas, fhipmafler, 357, fouth Front ft. 
Clark William, grocer, 140, fouth Front ft. 
Clark William, mariner, 11, Qiieen ft. 

Clarklon & Foreft, merchants, Willings' and Francis' wharf. 
Clarkfon Levinus, merchant, counting-houfe 20, Pcnn ft. and 

dwelling-houfe, fouth Front ft. 
Clarkfon Matthew, alderman, 109, Arch ft. 
Clarkfon Samuel, merchant, 120, Spruce ft. fouth whar/es. 
Claftrie John, fegar maker, fouth fecond, between Almond and 

Catherine ft. 
Claufe Henry, grocer, 124, north fecond ft. 

[ 44 ] 

Clavier widow, gentlewoman, 79, Vine R. 

Oawges Daniel, painter and glazier, 187, Arch ft. 

Claxton Elizabeth, fhopkeeper, Ctown i\. 

Claxton John, Ihip chandler, Perot's wharf, and dwelling houlc 

17, Arch {\. 
Claxton Thomas, door keeper to the houfc of repr^fcntatives of 

the Congrefs of the United States, 359, north fecond ft. 
Clay, Alexander, innkeeper, fign of the Black Horfe, fouth ft. 

between fourth and fifth ft. 
Clay Alexander, cordwaincr, Ibuth between fourth and fifth ft. 
' Clay Curtis, merchant, 60, fouth thfrd ft. 
Clay John, taylor, 22, Plumb ft. 
Claypoole David C. and Septimus, printers and proprietors of 

the American Daily Adverrifer, 48, High ft. 
Claypoole David C. 2, North eighth ft 
Claypoole John, upholfterer, 72, fouth front ft. 
Clayton Charles, coachmaker, 39, Elder or Zeen ft, 
Clayton Samuel, flioemaker, fouth third, between German and 

Catherine ft. 
Clayton Thomas, hatter, 82, fouth iVcond ft. 
Clein John & co, merchants, 203, High ft. 
Clements Edv/ard, cordwaincr, Trotter's allev, Strawberry 

Clements Evan, M. D. 33, Callowhill ft. 
Clement Jacob and Bankfon Tavlor, merchants, 3, fouth Tv^a- 

ter ft. 
Clement Jofeph, hair dreiTer, 57, Walnut ftrect. 
Clement Valentine, fhoemakcr. Fourteen Chimiuies. 
Clevenger Squire, Taylor, 6, north water ft. 
Clibborn Joflrja, merchant, 59, north water ftreet. 
Clifford Ann, gentlewoman, corner of Arch andfeventh ft. 
Clifford John, merchant, 186, Arch ft. 
Clifford Thon~c'i^ and John, merchants, 39, north front ft. 
Cliiford Thomas, merchant, 184, Arch ft. 
Clifton Jamet, fliip mafter, 45, Almrvnd f h v 

Clifton William, fhopkeeper, 172, north fecond ft. 
Clifton Willi'. m, blackfmith, 74, Swanfon i\. 
Ciine George, fhip carpenter, fouth fecond near Queen ft. 
Cline Henry, taylor, 32, fugar alley. 

Cline Pstcr, fifherman. Green betwcea third and fourth ft. 
Cling John, CrefTon's alley. 

Clinton Ann and Elizabeth, boarding houfe, 5, fouth fourtli i\. 
Clinton Robert, merchant, 62, Penn ft. 
Clock John, blackfmith, 30, Brandt ft. 
Cloer John, cabinet maker and joiner, 68, north fifth ft. 
Clole Chriftian, baker, fouth fifth above German ft. 
Clothier Samuel, fliip carpenter, Green between front and fe- 
cond ft. 

C 45 ] 

"Clothier Mrs. widow, near 40, New ft. 

ClotNvorthy, John, bifcuit baker, Green between Front and Se- 
cond il. 

Cloud John, /liip carpenter, 8, Almond ft. 

Cly Philip, baker, back 01^76, Race ft. 

Clymer Baltzer, carter, Clymcr's ft. 

Clymsr George, merciiant, 189, ibuththird ft. 

Clymer George, lioufe carpenter, north third between Green 

/ and St. Tammany's ft. **• 

Clymer Henry, plaifterer, north third ft. above Poplar lane. 

Clymer Jacob, box maker, Coates's between third and fourth ft. 

Clymer John, box maker, Coatcs's between third and fourth ft. 

Clymer John, carter. Seventh between High andChcfnut. 

Clymer John, between Green and Noble in North third ft. 

Clymer fohn, Appletree alley. 

Clymer Henry, merchant, 185, iouth third ft. 

Clymer widow, near Poplar lane, in North third ft. 

Coatts Jacob, fhip mafter, 20, Cable lane, northern libertieg. 

Coates John, tavern keeper, 158, Swanfon ft. 

Coates Jofiah, grocer, 6, Church alley. 

Coates and Randolph, grocers, 6, north fecond ft. 

Coates Samuel, merchant, 82, fonth front ft. 

Coates Thomas, grocer, 97, Race ftreet. < ^ 

Coates Warwick, fliipwright, 22, Queen ft. 

Coates William, colonel, juftice of peace, 372, north front ft, 

Coates Wm. broker, 15, Carter's alley. 

Cob'^et Wm. alias Peter Porcupine, bookfeller, 25, north fecond. 

Coburn John, taylor, between Chefnut and Yv^alnut ft. in fouth 
fifth ft. 

Coburn John, rigger, 22, Arch ft. 

Cochran Robert, printer, 9 ;., fouth fifth ft. 

Cochrane and Thursby, merchant, 28, north front ft. 

Cockburn Philip, hair dreiTer, 187, fouth front ft. 

Cockburn Wm. hair dreffer, 146, fouth fourth ft. 

Coe Robert, brufli manufacturer and ironmonger, 46, north fe- 
cond ft. 

Coen H. M. broker, 208, north fecond ft. 

Coet Martin, fhoemaker, 38, Vine ft. 

Cohen Jacob, reader co the Jewifli congregation, i, Cherryft, 

Cohen and M 'Donald, broker, 10, fouth fourth ft. 

Cohcc E. merchant, 19, Race fl. 

Corner Henry, labourer, Chriftian neartliird il, 

Colborn Nathaniel, taylor, 142, fouth ft. 

Cole Edward I. clerk of the common council, 132, Spruce ft. 

Cole Elijah, houfe carpenter, north third, between Noble and 
Green il. 

Cole James, labourer, between fixth and feventh, in Cherry ft. 

Cole James H. hatter, 46, High ftreet. 

£ 4^ 3 

Cole James, 18^ Almond ft. 

Cole James, Catharine ft. between foiirlh and fifth ft. 
Coleman Adam, flioemaker, Vine between eighth and ninth ft. 
Coleman Charity, huckfter, between feventh and eighth ft. in 

Cherry it. 
Coleman John, v/atchman, between feventh and eighth ft. in 

Cherry ft. 
Coleman Joleph, cooper, ^-j^ fouth water ft. 
Coleman Nicholas, bifcuit baker, 117, north third ft. 
Coleman Philip, carter, 421, north fecond ft. 
Coleman Philip, ikin dreffer, 383, north front ft. 
Coleman Vvm. mariner, 324, fouth front It. 
CoUaday Abraham, houfe carpenter, 138, Arch ft. 
Colladay Wm. and Abraham, houfe carpenter, between fecond 

and third ft. in Brewei's alley, 
Colladay William, houfe carpenter, 76, Vine ft. 
CoUey John, labourer, Queen between front and fecond ft. 
Collet Charles, coafcctioner, 166, fouth fecond, 
Collet John, iliip raafter, 62, ibuth front ft. 
CoUiday John, houfe carpenter, 26, Kunckel ft. 
Collins Abraham, fail maker, 208, north front ft. 
Collin N. rev. minifterof the Swediili church, Swanfon ft. 
Collins Benjamin, painter and glazier, 30, Strawberry aftey. 
Collins Chaikley, baker, 82, Arch ft. 
Collins Elizabeth, 4, Cable lane, Northern Liberties. 
Collins James, fhoemaker, Plumb between fecond and third ft. 
Collins James, houfe carpenter, 14, Plumb ft. 
Collins Jeremiah, labourer, 25, Prune ft. 
Collins John, grocer, fouth front ft. corner of Catherine and 

Q^ueen ft. 
Collins Lewis, clerk of the Baltimore and New York ftage of- 
fice, 99, fouth fecond ft. 
Collins Richard, fail maker, 33, Union ft. 
Collins Robert, fnoemaker, between Brown ft. and Poplar lane . 

in St. John ft. 
Collins Sarah, baker, 60, Chefnut ft. 
Collins Timothy, grocer, 51, fouth fifth ft. 
Collins Wilkinfon, & Dunton, fail-makers, north wharves, near 

Arch ft. 
Collins Zaccheus, mxrchant, 29, north fecond ft. 
Collins , v/aterman, near 150, north water f' 

Collinfon GcjDrge, mariner, Catherine ft. between fourth and 

fifth fr. 
Collock Corne, ftevidore, 56, Penn ft. 
Colom , cutler, near 219, fouth fecond ft. 

, Colquhoun Conrad, mariner, 19, Prime It. 
I Colftcn William, wood fawyer, fouth fourth near Lombard ft- 
Colzy and Kingilebert, taylors, 116, north front ft. 


L 49 ] 

Copia, Jacob, grocer, corner of fecond and Queen it. 

Copper Elizabeth, widow gentlewoman, ^-4, Lombard fr. 

Copperthwaite , cordwainer, Galkel ft. 

Coppinger, Francis merchant, 221, fouth front ft 

Corbett ^^lexander, gentleman, 159, Arch i\. 

Cordner John, innkeeper, between eighth andnfnth in Filbert. 

Corrield William, tanner, 63, Touth third ft. 

Corgac Thomas, blackfmith, corner of ibuth front and Mary ft. 

Corkren James, lumber merchant, 96, fouth third and ico, 

louth fourth ft. 
Corlett John, carpenter, 69, Swanfon ft. 

Corley James, upholfterer and paper hanger, 95, north front ft. 
Cormick Elizabeth, 152, North water ft. 
Cork John, tavern keeper, 8, Strawberry ft. 
Corn John, baker, between Poplar lane and Bro\vn ft. in St. 

John's ft. 
Corneille , tobacconift, corner of water and High ft. 

Ccrneillc James, houfe carpenter, between feventh and eighth 

in Cherry ft. ■ 
Cornelv William, conftable, Coates's between front and fecond. 
Corner Elizabeth, widoNV, grocer, 77, Souih ft. 
Cornilh James, turner and grocer, 80, South ft. 
CorniCi John, tavern keeper, corner of fouth and fecond. 
" Correar James, labourer, 367, north lecond ft. 
Corry Jane, widow, gentlewoman, f:§^ Spruce ft. 
Corry James, carpentej-, between Chelhut and Walnut in eighih . 
Corry (k Maltby, merchants, 28, Chefnut ft. 
Corry Robert, merchant, 71, fouth water ft. 
Col^rove James, weaver, between fixth and feventh in foutli. 
Coifea Jacob, grocer, comer of fecond and Queen ft. 
Cotmah M:irt::a, widow, Catherine between front and fecoud. 
Cottereau ? 2.81, High ft. 

Cottrell John, bottler, 167, fouth front ft. 
Cottringer Elizabeth, dealer in china, 189, High ft. 
Cottringer, Garrett, merchant, Chefnut near the corner of fifth. 
Couleux Julien, gunfmith, 93, fouth water It. 
Coulter Jofeph, grocer, 163, fouth water ft. 
Coulton James, houfe carpenter, between fourth and fiflh ft. ia 

Gaikel it. 
Couper Robert, bottler, 170, fouth water ft. and 171, fouth 

front ft. 
Courtney Henry, mariner, 32c, fouth front ft. 
Courtney Hugh, labourer, Creffon's alley. 
Courtney John, ihopkeeper, fouth fourth ft. between fouth and 

Snippen It. 
Courtney Mary, widow, boarding houfe, 105, fouth water ft. 
Coufland Jolin, plumber, between front and fecond in South ft. 
Boutty Elizabeth, \Tidow^ Coates's it. between fecond and atoht. 


[ 5° ] 

Co\Tan Jofepl:, carter, Budd between Green and Coates's k. 
Cowau Sarah, widow, fhopkecper, 28, Strawberry {t. 
Cowcll Mary, widow, gentlewoman, Willing's alley. 
Cowperthwaite Jofepli, naval agent for the United States, 204, 

north front It. 
Cowperihwaiie Samuel, grocer, corner of fouth fourth and 

Plunib ft. 
Cox Catherine, widow, 27, Carter's alley. 
Cox Ezekic], taUor, 32, Coates's alley. 
Cox Jacob, merchant, 128, High ft. 

Cox Jacob, houfe carpenter, German, between fecond & third^. 
Cox James, fchool maficr, 63, Walnut ft. 
Cox fames, carter. Green between front and fecond ft. 
Cox James, merchant, 85, fouth fecond ft. 
Cox John, carpenter, T25, fouth fifth ft. 
Coxe John D. counfcllor at law, 76, Walnut ft. 
Cox INiofes, fliopkceper, corner of fecond and Spruce ft. 
Ccx Paa>, ilidpkeeper, 88, {buth front ft. 
Cox Samuel, fhoemaker, 27, Carter's Alley. 
Cox Sarah, widow, feamftrefs, 90, Shippen ft. 
Coxe Tenchs, commiilioner of the revenue, 139, Walnut ft. 
Cox William, cabinet maker, i, Gray's alley. 
Cox William, chair maker, 50, north front ft. 
Cox , carpenter, 125, fouth fifth ft. 

Cox, widow, 144, fouth fourth ft. 

Cox , mariner. Plumb between fosrth and fifth ft. 

Coyle John, jrrocer, 303, High ft. 
Craft Jacob, white fmith, north third, between Noble and 

Green ft. 
Craig David, labourer, Oiieen between fecond and third ft. 
Craig Jacob, fliipm.after, Ibuth between fifth and lixth ft. 
Craig James, gentleman, 352, north front ft. 
Craig James, houfe carpenter^ 84, fouth third It. 
Craig, James, fliipmafter, corner of third and Swanfon ft. 
Craig Janet, gentlewoman. Spruce beuveen fifth and fixth il:. 
Craig John, merchant, j6i, fouth fecond ft. and counting houfr 

12, Dock ft. 
Craig Jofeph, porter, Biddle's alley. 
Craig Thomas, fnipn^alter, bctwt-en Catherine and Qiieen in 

Swanfon ft. 
Craig Vv'illiam, grain mcrcliant. Almond ft. wharf. 
Craig William, leather breeches maker and plover, ()iieen ft, 

near front ft. 
Craig William, taylor, 5, Prune ft; 
Craig Seth, faddler, 110, High ft. 
Craiger Jacob, ihoemuker. Star alley. 
Cramond William, merchant, 106, Spruce ft. 
Cranche widow, fvviitercr, 53, north front ft^ 


i 5' 3 

/ap jolcph, taylor, 67, fouth fourth ih 

Crapnon Henry, prolciror of mulic, 208, fouth fecond i\. 

Crawford Alexander, taylor. Brewer's alley, between leconj 
and third. 

Crawford B'elix, joiner, fouth fecond between Catiierinc and 
German i\. ^ 

Crawford Tames, cabinet maker, .'3?.4, ibuth fecond ft, 

Crawford James, merchant, 9v6, fouth fourth ft. 

Crawford James & co. merchants, 66, fouth front ft, 

Crawford fV!argdret,lbap boiler and tallow chandler, 336, north 
fecond i\. 

Crawford Samuel, grocer, 43, north water ft. 

Crawford Samuel, lhopl<eeper. Noble between Front and Se- 
cond fh 

Crawford Samuel, boarding houfe, 48, Penn ft, 

Crawford \Vm. houfe carpenter, 22, fouth iifth ft. 

Creamer Jacob, blackfmith, near 166, Spruce ft. 

Crcan John, houfe carpeater, 2, Lombard ft. 

Creighton R.obert, grocer, fouth fecond between German and 
Plumb ft. ' " 

Cremar Chriftian, brick maker, between Brown and Coates's in 
Sr. John ft. 

Crefs George, fhoemaker, near the corner of Race and fifth ft. 

Crcfs Henrv, Sexton to the Lutheran congregation, 164^ north 
Iburth ft. 

Crefs John, hatter, 25, north iixth ft. 

Crefs Peter, harnefs maker, 237, High ft. 

Crefsman Jacob, fhoemaker, 8, Brewer's alley. 

CrefTon Benjamin, merchant, 18, Strawberry ft. 

CrefTon Caleb, gentleman, 43, Cherry ft, 

CreiTon James, gentleman, 43, Cherry ft. 

CrefTon John Elliott, convevancer, office 144, fouth fecond an^ 
dwelling houfe, 49, Cherry ft,' 

CrefwcU James, filver plater, 157, Cheinut ft. 

Cribbs Mary, wafher, 129, New ft, 

Crilley Elizabeth, boarding-houfe, 8, $wanfon ft. 

Crippin John, pilot, 21, South ft. 

Cripps Richard, mariner, 34 Budd ft. bet. Coates h Srown. 

Crifsfield Ifaac, mariner, corner of fouth fourth ft. and Lom- 
bard ft. 

Crifpin Samuel, boat-builder, Duke ft. 

Crifpin William, fhopkeeper, 69 High ft. 

Crifpin apothecary, 153, north fecond ft. 

Croafdill John, Baker's alley. 

Crohen Benjamin, fhoemaker, Creflc)n*s alley. 

Crohen Benjamin, Ihoemaker, 53, Cherry ft. 

Cromley Jacob, heckler, between 29 and 33, north fecond ft» 

Cromwell John, bricklayer, near 123, Arch ft. 

iji^romwcll Rowland, taylor, izo, Swanfon ft. 

[ 52 ] f 

Coniwell widow, 197, north Front ir. ' \ 

Croney Judith, widow. 6, Norris's alley. • \ 

Crooks William, 1 1» north fixth ft. 

Crofs George, attorney at law, foiith Fio..: fu. between Qii^e;? 

and Cl)riitian it. 
Crois John, tavern-keeper, 9, Letina court. 
Crofs Jo!in, carpenter, i2;j,'rouilx hixh it. 
Crofs John, flioeraaker, near the comer of e'ghth fcreet in 

Crofs John, bleeder and mahogany fawver, Crabb ft. 
Crollnian Henry, grocer, corner of South and fifth ft. 
Crotto Catherine, widow wafher, Pearfon's court. 
Crotto William, livery frable keep<:r, Branch ft. 
Crow Jacob, pilot, Catherine it. between fecond and third. 
Crowcil Eliiha, pilot, 45, Shippen fi:. 
Crowd] Samuel, pilot, ibuth Front between Catherine and 

-Almond ft. 
Crowley Mrs. near 505, Arch ft. 

Crozier Hannah, widow, German ft. between third and fourth. 
Crozier Hannah, grocer, ibuth fecond ft. between Plumb and 

Crozier Margaret, widow, boarding-houfe, 151, Arch fr. 
^ Crozier Ivlathew, houfe-carpenter, cear 103, iouth fifth i't. 
* Cruau Vv'illiam, trunkmaker, 71, Chefr.ut. 
Crukiliank Jofeph, bookfeller and llationer, 87, High fl. 
Cryder Ifaac, merchant, 95, New ft. 
Culber William, fea-captain, Key's alley. 
CuUen Nathaniel, ihoemaker, 161, north third ft. 
Culvell Timothy, well digger, Wacrgoner's alley. 
Culver John, hcufe carpenter, Tallman's alley. ' 
Culver Jofeph, blarkf;nith, German ft. bet. fourth and fifth. 
Cuhvell Dublin, biicuit baker, near 218, Race ft. 
Cummings George, grocer, between 22 and 34, Plumb ft. 
Cumming James, & co. mercliants, 51, Chefnut ft. 
Cummings Samuel, -gentleman, fouth Front between ChriftiaK 

and Mary ft. 
Cummuigs Thomas, taylor, Duke fr. 

Cumming William, tin and copperfmith, 123, north fifth ft. 
Cummins James, taylor, 82, Chelhut ft. " ♦ 
Cummins John, fliopkeeper, 246, ibutn front ft. 
Cummins^ CO. hair-dre/fers, j8i, fonth Front ft. 
Cummins William C. grocer, 31, High i}. 
Cumpfton Thomas, merchant, 24, fouth third ft. 
Cunningham James, M. D. 25, Cheinut i\. 
Cunningham. James, houie-carpenter, .5, Prune ft. 
Cunningham John, labourer, 21, north fixth fl. 
Cunnmgham John, taylor, Shippen ft. near fifth. 
<iuuuingham Mary, widow, foao boiler, Willing's allev. 

C ^i ] 

. rl Caleb, fliipmafbcr, 144, Swanlba i\. 
Earl David, fhoemaker, corner of Coa:es's aiid ^:. John il. 
Earneft Heary, grocer, 407, north lecond It. 
Eanicll Jacob, iVuiterer, 18, High 11. 
Earmot Jacob, ta\ lor, 65, ibuth fourth ft. 
Carncil Thomas, houie carper.tcr, bctwcca LonibarJ and 

Pine ft. 
Earlich George, fhoemuker, St. Joha ft. between Green and S". 

Tammany's ft. 
Eaftis John, mariner, 43, Callowhiil ft. 
Ebbes Samuel, labourer. Carpenter, near hnh ll:, 
Eckfeldt, Jacob, blacki'mith, 30, north fifth ft. 
EckHey John, baker, 77, New ft. 

Eckftein Jacob, tavlor, between 117, and 121, New ft. 
Eckitein John and fon, limners 2i ftatuaries, 32.3, High ft. 
Ecky John, Ihoemaker, 159, north fecond ft. 
Eddowes Ralph, ironmonger, 67, north third ft. 
Eddy Charles, merchant, 7, north eighth it. 
Eddy George, gentleman, 251, High ft. 
Eden Elizabeth, widow, between Poplar like and Brown in St. 

John ft. 
Ldenborn Jacob, curner, 11c, Race it. 
Edenborn Peter, wocd iawver, German ft. bet\>cen fcnrth and 

fifth ft. 
Edgar James, houfe carpenter, 56, Almond ir. 
Edgar William, button-mould turner, Crowa ft. 
Edger Mary, widow, boarding houfe, 67, Penn ft 
Edling John, windfor chair maker, foarh fecond, between Chrif- 
tian and Queen ft. 

Edwards Mary, widow, gentlewcmac, Duke ft. 
Edwards Edward, gentleman, Fromberger's court. 
Edwards Edward, ka captain, 8, Elfrith's alley. 
Edwards Griffith, grocer, 21, Church alley. 
Edwards Jacob, tavlor, S3t fouth water ft. 
Edwards James, iliipmaftcr, north water ft._ above Vine ft. 
Edwards Jonathan, tavlor, 88, north water ft. 
Edwards Jofeph, carpenter, Cherrv ft. between ftxch and fc- 

venth ft. 
Edwards and Maddock, grocers, 72, Hi^:'^ ft- 
Edwcrds Marc-aret, fchoolraiftrefs. Pear ft. 
Edwards Richard, wood lawyer, Prune it. 
Edwards Ricklot^', cabinet maker, 91, Swanfon ft. 
Edwards Thomai, mariner, 2j, Saippen ft. 
Egert, widow, boarding houfe, 11, Norris^s alley. 
Egert George, innkeeper, 214, north third ft. 
Egger Thomas, {hipmafter, 54, Almcnd ft. 
Ehrenzelleri Jacob, innkeeper, 34, nortli iburtb ft. 
Eieelburncr V:^-. '•- — — -<^--. -^ '""''^ r...,. .. .v 

[ t..^ ] 

Eifeahut Aadiew, Gopperfmith, coiner of North iccond and 
Vine ft. 

Klder Andrew, flioemaker, 32, Pine i\. 

Eidridge Phineas, lea captain, Carpenter fl. betv/een fourth and 

E^eck Philip, taylor, 49, fouth Mfth ft. 

Elfrith Pvachel, widow gentlewoman, 16, Elfrith's alley. 

Elfry Jacob, cedar cooper, 22, Moravian alley. 

Elkins Jofhua, fliipmafter, Almond It. v/harf. 

Elkinfon Afa, taylor, 95, fouth Water ft. 

Eiiaway Edward, merchant, 17, Dock It. 

Elleard John, farmer, Prime between fiith and fixth it. 

Ellerfon Andrew, fhipmafter, 36.4, north fecond It. 

Ellicot Andrew, 16, north fixth ft. 

Elliot Francis, mariner, 38, Fvace It- 
Elliot James, tavern keeper, 43, fouth fifth ft. 

Elliot James, mariner, fifth between South and Oak ft. 

Elliot John, looking-glafs and medicine merchant, 60, lout; 
Front ft. 

Elliot John, fnip joiner. Prime near Swanfon ft. 

EUiot Robert, merchant, 434, fouth Front ft. 

Elliot Samuel, currier, 54, Dock ft. and 93, fouth Front ft. 

Elliot Thomas, carter, north fourth belov^ Vine ft. 

Elliot Thomas, mariner, 34, Budd ft. 

Elliot William, inn-keeper, 18, north Fourth ft. 

Elliot William, plaifterer, German between fourth and fifth ft- 

Ellis &: Burley, brafs founders, South between fifth aad fixth f' 

Ellis David, grocer, corner of Shippen and fourth ft. 

Ellis Rowland, merchant, 59, north fourth ft. 

Ellis & Sterling, merchants, 15, north Water ft. 

EUifon & Shoemaker, merchants, 4.^,0, fouth Water ft. 

Eliifon James, houfe carpenter, Pffyfer's alley. 

EUifon Robert, houfe carpenter, 96, South ft. 

Eliifon Samuel, merchant, Mulberry court. 

Elm.flie John, turner, Elmflie's alley. 

Elridge John, fhopkceper, 112, Ghefnut ft. 

Elting Mary, widow, feamftrefs, fouth fourth between Ship- 
pen and Plumb ft. 

Elton Jofcph, taylor, 84, north fourth ft. 

Klverfon Hannah, mantua maker, near 102, Union ft. >w 

Ely Hugh, merchant, t6, Arch ft. 

Ely Hugh ik Jofeph, merchants, 51, north Water ft. 

Ely John, fchoolm^fter, 7, Cherry ft. 

Emerick Baltis, baker, 234, High ft. 

Emerick George, baker, 23, north feventh ft. 

Cmerick Lewis, meal merchant, between St. Tammany and 
Green in St. John's ft. 

[ % ] 

^".iiicry Jacob, dealer in flour, near Poplar Lane, in north third 

Emery Lewis, hatter, 85, north fecond ft. 

Kmcry \S^iliiam, mariner, Brown ft. between third and fourth, 

Emes William, ihopkeeper, 7, north third ft. 

Emit Catherine, widow. Fourteen Chimnies. 

Emlcn Anne, widow, 179, Cheihut ft. 

Emleii Caleb, gentleman, 6, north third ft. 

Emlen George,' merchant, corner of Willing's alley and fourth 

Emlen Samuel, gentleman, 183, north fecoud ft. 
Emlen Samuel, gentleman^ 114, Arch ft. 
Emory John, labonrer, 5, north eighth ft. 
Emory Samuel, msrchant, 64, fouth fecond ft. 
Ems John, mariner, fouth fecond between Gernlan and Plumb 

Enen James, baker, fouth Front between Mary and Prime ft, 
ilngeard Adam, carter, St. John's ftreet, between Coates and 

Geeen ft. 
Engeard Henry, tavern keeper, 418, north fecond ft. 
Engle Ann, widow fliookeeper, nezr 70, Almond ft. 
Engle Benjamin, hatter. South between fourth and fifth ft. 
Engle James, grocer, ibuth lecond between Plumb and Ship- 
pen ft. 
Engles Jofeph, gentleman, Duke ft. 

Engles Silas, houfe carpeater, corner of third and Shippen ft. 
Engliili Ann, ihopkeeper, corner of Oiicen and fecond ft. 
Enler, Andrew, baker, 316, north fecond ft. 
Enneflcr Jane, ihopkeeper, 183, louth Front ft. 
Ennis Ann, widow, bctl'ding-houfe, 76, Penn ft. 
Ennis Michael Rev. one of the minifters of St. Mary's churchy 

17, Wiliing's alley. 
Ennis Thomas, fadler, 16, Race ft. 

Enos houfe carpenter, Coates 's ft. bet. fecond &: front, 

Epple Andrew, broker, 83, Cheiiiut ft. 
Epple & Banks, brokers, fouth Front ft. 
Epple John, cordwainer. Noble ft. betw^een fecond and third. 
Erdman Charles:, fworn interpreter and broker, office 99, Race 

ft. dwelling houfe 121, Callowhill ft. 
Erontiter Jacob, coach wheehvright, 42, Filbert ft. 
Erringer Frederick, cordwainer, 227, north third ft. 
Erringer Philip, hair drelfer, 227, north third ft-. 
Erwin John, porter, Coates's ft. between fecond and third. 
Erwin Margaret, fliopkeeper, 248, north fecond ft, 
Erwin Samuel, gentleman, 90, north fifth <t. 
Elby James, weaver, 56, Cherry ft, 
Efby John Ward, cooper, 386, north Front ft. 
liibv William^ carter, between ninth and tenth in Filbert ftj 


[ 66 ] - 

tfdall T'lomas, l.ou'c-carpenter, between fifth andf fixth rtfcets 

- in Cherry ft. 
Eftnbry Catherii e, widow, innkeeper, no, north fifth ft. 
El!er Adam, kcej e; of carriages, 36, Pine ft. 
Elling Nicholas, bricklayer,' 8, foiith iifth ft. 
Efpy William, carter. Filbert between ninth and tenth ft. 
Eirel Daniel, taylor, 24, north Water ft. 
Etch Robert, brais founder, 92, Sooth Ih 
Etris Wiliiam, grocer, 130, north fifth ft. 
Ettwean Jacob, hoiife carpenter, 131, Callowhill ft. 
Ettwine Jacob, carpenter, north fourth below Vine ft. 
i Evans Cadwallader, merchant, 60, north eighth ft, 
Evans David, cabinet maker, 215, Arch ft. 
Evans David, houfe carpenter, S3, Unior ft. 
Evans Da<vid jim. architect, 37, Almond ft. 
Evans Edward, Ihopkeeper, bet. 184 and 190, north thiid ft. 
Evavis Griffith, gehileman,i07. Arch ft. 
Evans Griffith, 200, north fecond ft, 

Evans Kannah, boarding houfe, 2, Norris's alley. 
Evans If-'iah, labourer, near 43, fouth fourth ft. 
Evans Ifaiah, labourer, foufh third between Plumb and Ship- 
pen ft. 
Evans ifaiah^ plaifterer, Starr alley. 
Evans John, merchant and hatter, 58, fouth fecond ft. 

Evans John, carpenter, 123, north fixth ft. 
Evans Jonathan, houfe carpenter, 102, Union ft. 

Evans jofhua, bricklayer, Chriltian betNveen Front and Swan- 
foil ftree'-S. 

Evans Oliver, burf mill-ftorie manufadlurer, and feller of bouit- 
ing cloths, 126, fonth fecond ft. 

Evans Peter, innkeeper, 138, fouth Front ft. 

Evans Robert, carpenter, near 96, north fifth ft. 

Evens & Bullock, merchants, 57, High ft. 

Evens John B. merchant, 54, fouth Front ft. 

Evens Robert, gentleman, near 94, north fifth ft.' 

Everheart Elizabeth, huckfter, 82, north fixth ft, 

F.verly Adam, hair daeffer, 75, north fecond ft. 

r.verly John, hatter, 28, (buth fourth ft. 

Ewan Levv, porter, Budd above Brown ft. 

Ewing Catherine, widow, 327, fouth Front ft. 

Ewing John Rev. D. D, provolt and profelfor of natural philo- 
fophy in the univcrlity of Pennfylvania, and minifter of the 
Firli: Prclbyrcrian church, 86, Arch ft. corner of fourth. 

Ewing Thomas, merchant, 19, Chefnut ft. 

^'.wing William, attorney at law, 72, Arch ft. 
.yre Geoige, merchant, 40, north Water ft:. 

Eyre Natlian, taylor^ iji>orth Water ft. 

{ 67 3 

X ACUND/^ Jacob, ftone cutter, eighth between Chefnut ^c 
Walnut i\. 

Fagcns John, porter, German, between fourth and fifth ft. 

fagens l\ladame^ gentlewoman, Plumb, between third an:-. 
fourth ft. 

Fagundus George, tavern keeper and conftable^ 330, north fe- 
cond ft. 

Faipous I. lock and gunfmith. Arch, between ninth & tenth fl. 

Fairborn John, merchant, 36, fouth fecond i\. 

Fairweather Alexander, grocer, 88, iouth ft. 

Fairy Elizabeth, huckfter, between Brown It. Sz Poplar lan*^ 
in north third ;l. 

Faith Prefton, houfe carpenter, 12, IM(>i*avian allev. 

Falby Timothv, rope maker, 438, fouth front ft. 

Falconer Nathaniel, mafter warden, 29, Race {z. 

Faliner John, mariner, i^;lead alley. 

Falkner Matthew, 33, north tenth ft. 

Falkner Samuel, 32, painter and gilder, fouth fom-th it. 

Fannen Anthony, painter and glazier, 94, Spruce ft. 

Fanny John, Slater's row, near Carpenter's ftreet. 

Faris Bernard, accomptant, back of ij6, fouth fourth ft. 

'Farmer Cafper tobacconift, 173, north fecond ft. 

Farmer James, houfe carpenter, 28, fouth third ft. 

Farmer Lawrence and co. bottlers, 150, fouth fonriih ft. 

Farrall Patrick, merchant, near fecond in Dock ft. 

Farran Mary, widow, boarding houfe, Vernon fr. 

Farrell James, rigger, Biddle's alley. 

Farrell Thomas, filk dyer, fouth near George ft. 

Farrier Geber, 112, R.a€e ft. 

Farrier John, wood fawyer. Crab ft. 

Farvafin Martin, 5^', fouth fifth ft. 

Faunce George, brickniaker, 4^7, north fecond ft, 

Faunce Henr\, caulker, Budd ft. above Brown. 

Faunce Henry, baker, 455, north fecond ft. 

Faures Francis L. baker, .91, Lombard ft. 

Fauier John, boarding houfe, 118, R.ace ft. 

Favre John James, clock and watch maker, 14, /ihnond ft. 

Faw^cctt Elizabeth, boarding houfe, 153, High It 

Fawcett Jofeph, coQpej, fourth, between fouth and Shippen ft. 

Fawcett Sarah, widow jwaiher, iecond between Queen and Ca- 
therine ft. 

Fearefs Francii, fhipmafter. '-34, fouth front ft. 

[ 68 ] 

Fcaron Jofeph, tallcw cliandkr, 93, Walnut ft. 

Fcaron Peter, merchant, 47, Walnut ft. 

Febiger widow, gentlewoniai^, 2,6.3, ^^^^^^ ^• 

Fcely Thomas, fchoolmafter, 16, Carter's alley. 

Fceran Ann, Hoffman's alley. 

Feinour Jofeph, jun. tinplate-worker, 202, fouth fecond ft. 

Fell Pvichard, merchant, 13, Ker's alley. 

Fell Sanderfon and Shute, merchants, 2, north third ft. 

Fendall Thomas, grocer, corner of Shippen and Crab it. 

Fennell Margaret, unholflerefs, 80, fouth front ft. 

Fennell Wm. fnopkeeper, 2, Strawberry ft. 

Fenner Henry, taylor, 141, fouth water ft. 

Fenner Lawrence, Ihoemaker, 6c, Penn ft. 

Fenner Peter, cordwainer. Star alley. 

J'enno John, proprietor and editor of the Gazette of the United 

States, 119, Chefnut fr. 
Fenno Samuel, merchant, 43, Almond ft. 
Fenthan John G. coachmakcr, 257, High ft. 
Fenton Anna, widow, fchool miftrefs, 200, north front ft. 
Fenton Ifabella, widow, fchool miflrcfs, 200, north front ft. 
Fenton Martha, widow, 50, north feventh ft. 
Fenton Thomas, fliocmaker, 46, Race ft. 
Ferand , merchant, 44, Union ft. 

Fergufon Benjamin, taylor, 29, north front ft. 
Fergufon Ebenezer, ironmonger, 194, fouth fecond, and 61 ^ 

Shippen ft. 
Fergufon George, currier, fecond ft. .above Poplar lane. 
Fergufon Hugh, jun. merchant, 22, north fecond ft. 
Fergufon James, bifcuit baker, 9, Penn ft. 
Fergufon Jofiah, 97, New ft. 

Fergufon Robert, ropcmaker, third, near Carpenter ft. 
Fergufon widow, between 249 & 255, north fecond ft. 
Ferguf(jn Robert, fhcemaker, fourth, between German and 

Plumb ft. 
Fetter George, 194, Vine ft. 

Fick Chriftiau, fliocmaker, fouth fifth, near Plumb i\. 
Field John & fbn, merchants, 22, fouth front fl. 
Field John, merchant, 24, fouth front i\. 
Field John, porter, 127, Walnut ft. 
Field John, labourer. Crown ft. 
Field John, currier, 248, north front ft. 

Field Nathan, merchant, 48, north water tk 47, north front ft. 
Field Peter, taylor, 146, Spruce ft. 
Field Wm. Grain, meafurer, fifth between Plumb and German 

FieTiler David, mariner, fifth, above German ft. 
fielding Robert, coachmaker, 325, High and dwelling houfe^ 

25, Filbert ft. 

[ 69 ] 

Fimple Jacob, taylor, 67, iicrtli fiKth ft. 

^iii Michael, houle carpenter, Catherine, between Swanfon & 

front ft. 
Finch Jacob, ftocking weaver, bet^vccn 25 &: 27, north 0:. 
Finch John, grain mcafurer, louth third, between Shippen and 

Plumb It. 
Fineour Jofcph, tin plate worker, Plunib fl. between fecond & 

third ft. 
i'Jiich Sa(annah, widoNv, boarding houfe, 6c, nortlx ci:|^hth ft. 
Finley James, fchoolnvail'er, 299, Arch ft. 
Finlcy William, editor of the Naval and Commercial Rcgifter, 

39, Chcfniit ft. 
Finney Charles, houfe carpenter, 20, Pear ft. 
Finney John, coachinan, near 8, Prune ft. 
Finney W. L. attorney at law, 11, north fourth ft, 
Fireing Philip, taylor, 190, north water {t. 
Fi/her C. and W. merchants, 13, Arch f;. 
Fiiher Eli/ha, merchant, 47, north feventh ft. 
FiHier James C. me'rchant, 21, Arch ft. 
Fifher, Jeremiah, gentleman, Elder or Zecn ft, 
Fiflier John, labourer, Budd above Brown ft. 
Fillier John, labourer, near 67, north fixth ft. 
Fifiier John Henry- boarding houfe, Vernon ft. 
Fifher John, coach maker, Pewter platter alloy. 
Fidier Jofeph C. hatter, 26, High ft. 
FiOier iVIartin, 5, Appletree alley. 
Fifher i\'Iicrs, merchant, 92, fouth front ft. 
Fi.'her Philip, 7, Appletree Alley. 
Fifher Samuel, merchant, 23, Arch ft, 
Fiflier Samuel & Miers, mercl^ants, 27, Dock fh 
Ffther Samuel Rowland, ilo, fotrth front ft. 
i'iiher Samuel grazier, between Pt.ace and Vice ft. in nortk 

fixth ft. 
Fiflier, innkeeper, 52, north fourth ft. 
Fiilier Thomas, merchant, 142, fouth fecond ft. 
Fiflier Thomas, filverfniith, German, between fecond and third, 
Fifuer Thomas ^ JoTnua, merchants, 5, Dock ft. 
Filler Catherine, boarding houfe, 80, llace fl. 
Fifpaugh Elizabeth, huckfter, 141, north water iL 
Fifs Jonn, M. D. Filbert ftreet. 

Fifs Mary, widow, German between fecond and third ft, 
Fifs Peter, baker, near 131, Callowhill ft. 
Fifcer Adam, taylor, 78, New ft. 

Filler, widow, iouth third, between German and Catherine ft. 
Fitch Jofeph, houfe carpenter, 79, Brown ft. 
Fitzgerald Robert, block and pump maker, 35, Penn ft. 
Fitzgiles Thomas, cabinet maker, near 30, Branch iu ^'' 

filz Randolph Ifaac, fhoemaker, 43, Chefnut It, 

L 70 ] 

Fitz Sirnmon?;, "mcrciiant, oppofite Morris's new building i 

Cheinut i\^ and counting h'nile i, Walnut ft. 
Flahavan Roger, brufh manufafcurer, 3, fouth fccond fl:. 
Flake George, painter and glazier, bettveen fcventh & eighth 

in Arch ft. 
Flake Jacob, taylor, 44, Moravian alley. 
Flaming James, hair drclTer, 173, Arch ft. 
Flanagan John conftable, 31, Shlppen ft. 
Flandire, Mrs. 127, Race ft. 
Fleagler Valentine, labourer, between 10 & 20, north feventH 

Fleafon, widow, Callowhill, belo.-v water ft. 
Fiecfon Robeit, Pilot, foMth fecond near Mary ft. 
Fleefon Thomas, rev. Baptift minifter, 131, Chefnut ft. 
Fleii'her Balrzar, cordv/ainer, 78, north third ft. 
Fleming Charles, tavern keeper, 333, north front ft. 
Fleming John, fhipmafter, Catherine between fecond and third 

Flemings Wm. fea captain, betwieen 30 and 44, Spruce ft. 
Fletcher Elizabeth, widow, 52, Crow'n ft. 
Flick William, baker, 22, Queen ft. 
Flicker David, carpenter, 39, fouth fecond ft. 
Fling John, merchant, 29^ fouth fourth and Crooked Billet 

Flinn Richard, fnip mafter, 361, north fecond ft. 
Flint John, coachmaker, 237, Arch ft. 
Flintham John, cooper, 93, Vine ft. 
Flintham Wm. cooper, & lumber merchant, 139, sorth water ft. 

and 15, Key's alley. 
Flood John, filhmonger, 11, Shippen ft. 
Flotte, gentlewoman, Duke ft. 

Flower John, bifcuit baker, Swanfon near Almond ft. 
Flower John & Riqhard, "^.our merchants. Willing and Francir 

Flower Richard merchant, 17, Penn ft. 
Flowers Thomas, tavern keeper, 38, Cable lane, N. L. 
Fagel Albright, ftocking weaver. Star alley. 
f ogel Jacob, grocer, 140, north fecond ft. 
Fogel Jacob, grocer, 142, north fecond ft. 
Fogel Nicholas, wood fawyer. Fourteen Chimnies. 
Foggay V/m. gentleman, 314, fouth front ft. 
Fo8;go Wm. Brown, mariner, Catherine, between fourth an^ 

fifth ft. 
Fo25gy John, pedlar. Prime, above front ft. 
Folk Peter, mariner, 154, fouth fourth ft. 
Folker John, caulker. Slater's Row near Carpenter (j:. 
Folwell John, iliopkeeper, 52, north Front ft. 
Folwcll Nathan, fnopkeepcr, i6y north Front ft. 

[ 7^ ] 

f'olwcll Richard, printer, houfc 2, Lsetitia court, and office 35, 
Carter'";^ alley. ^ 

Folwell William, merchant", 36, north lecond it. 

Folwell widow, 2, hxtit'ia. court. 

Foot Mary^ tavern keeper, 9, High ft. 

Footman & Co. audtioncers, 65, Ibuth front ft. 

Footman Peter, 69, Union ft. 

Footman Samuel, auctioneer, 59, Ibuth front ft. 

Forber Catherine, widow, niead feller, between Poplar lane 
and Brown ft. in St. John's ft, 

Forbes Daniel, taylor, Budd ft. between Coatcs and Green. 

Force Peter, cordwairier, 8, Lcetitia court. 

Ford widow, corner of Filbert and tenth ft. 

Ford Ann, widow, gentlewoman, 16, Cable lane, N. L. 

Ford Hannah, widow gentlewoman, 367, north Front ft. - 

Ford Hannah, widow mantua maker, 11, Strawberry ft. 

Ford Jofeph, rope maker, Marriot's lane corner of fifth ft. 

Fortt Lawrence, brafs fleevc button maker, 199, Race ft. 

Ford Samuel, goldfmith^ 39, Arch ft. 

Forde Standifli, merchant, 27, Vine ft. 

Foreham Benjamin, Ihip carpenter, 56, Vine ft. 

.Forepaugh George, & John, houfe carpenters, north fecond 
between Callowhill ft. and the bridge. 

Forguibn Robert, taylor, between Lombard and South in fixth 

Fornance John, fhoemaker, 19, ibuth Front it. 

Forreft William, ihopkeeper, 10, north Front ft. 

Forrefter William, mariner, 340, fouth Front iL 

Foril David, labourer, Dake it. ^ 

Fortyth Thomas, bottler, 87, South ft. 

Fortune James, iail maker, 50, Shippen ft. 

Fortune Walter, blackfmith, 157, Vine ft. 

Foiberry Nicholas, painter and glazier, Budd it. 

Foifer John, innkeeper, 333, north third ft. 

FoiTet Mrs. 65, Arch ft. 

Fdftane Walter, blackfmith, near 144, Vine ft. 

Foiter Jeremiah, ihip carpenter, fouth fecond between German 
and Plumb i\. 

Fofter Jofeph, houie carpenter, 69, Lombard it. 

Fofter Robert, labourer, German between third and fourth ft- 

Foiter Walter, taylor, fouth fourth between Plnmb and Ship- 
pen ft. 

Foulke Adam, fruiterer, 203, ibuth front ft. 

Foulke Adam, grocer, 202, fouth Water ft. 

Foulke Cadwaliader, dealer in china, &c. 233, north fecond ft. 

Foulke Caleb, merchant, 293, High ft. 

Foulke Caleb, &: Owen, merchants, 145, High fl. 

Foulke Cafper, fea captain, 138, aorih thir-= '" 

t - ] 

i'oulke Frederick, coach joiner, Etris allev. 

foulke Fredci ick, cliair maker, Fourteen Chiriinie?. 

Fourcades Mrs. gentlewoman, 123, I'outli third ft. 

Fowler John, labourer, 154, ibuth fourth it. 

Fox widow, gentlewoman, 32, nortii third fl, 

Fo.'i Chriitian, joiner. Crown ft. 

Fox Edward, auctioaeer, 56, fouth Front ft. 

i ox Eliice, wiJow gentlewoman, Noble ft. between fccond and 

Fox Frederick, ccrdwainer, between Brown ft. and Poplar lane 

in Si. John's it. 
Fox George, turner, 150 and 152, north fecond fl. 
Fox George, piaifterer, 23, Caliowhill it. 
Fox George, caulker, Budd above Bro\Ti> ft. 
Fox James, labourer, near 6, Pewter Plater alley. 
Fox John, millwright, CreiTon's alley. 

Fox John, fhip carpenter, Eudd I":, between Green and Coates. 
Fox Joi'eph, 132, Vine ft. 

Fox Jultiiiian, taylor, 11, north third ft. 
Fox Martha, miUirier, 42, High ft. 
Fox iSiichael, labourer, 91, Caliowhill fr. 
Fo^ iyiichael, between ninth and tenth in Filbert ft. 

Fox , attorney at law, 38, New it. 

Fox Pvobert, ikicner, north fecond ft. between Caliowhill ft. a:^ 

the bridge. 
Fox Samuel, gentleman, near 14c, Chefnut ft. 
Fox \Viiliam, houie carpenter, corner of fouth fifth and Ger- 
man ft. 
Frail Edward^ taylor, fifth between Plumb andGcrman ft. 
Frahn Jolcph, grocer, 20i,ibnth front ft. 
Fralev Frederick, baker, 7, Church alley. 
Francis Elizabeth, grocer, 38, fouth fifth ft. 
Francis John, hotel, 1 1 and 13, fouth foiirth it. 
Francis Jofeph, mafon, Catherine between Front and Swan- 

fbn ftreets. 
Francis Tench, purveyor for the United States, 101, Chelhut ft. 
Francis Thomas, ikin drefier, 133, Arch ft. 
Francis Thomas W. merchant, ico, ibuth third ft. 
Francis Thomas, breeches maker, Taylor's alley. 
Francis Thomas, Ihip carpenter, Catherine between Front and 

fecond ft. 
Francis William, windibr chair maker, between ninth and 

tenth in Race ft. 
Francis William, brick moulder, between third fourth itreets. 

in Green {t. 
Francis , comedian, 70, north eighth ft. 

Franckleberry Sarah, widow, huckfter, ^jy Pine ft. 
Frank Chriftian, baker, 112, Shippen ft. 

( 79 ) 

iOrorlcy Hugh, merchant, 30, Swanfon ft. 
Gofiier George, Irocmakcr, 18, Race it. 

Gohier widow, 13c;, Chclnut fr. 

Gois Joleph, phylitian, 334, fouth fecond ft. 

Goiieilo widow, 205, ^rch i\. 

Gouers John, coachman, Elder or Zeen ft. 

Gouge John, dealer in Hour, I't. between Green and Noble in 
north third lb. 

Gougli Thomas, -vvool comber, Combcs's AUev. 

Gouin Dutiet", Trench teacher. Pear ft. 

Gould John, mdthematical iuftrument maker, 70, iouth front Ct, 

Gould John, ihipwright, 117, Swanfon ft. 

Gould corner of fixth and Pine it. 

Gover John, taylor, 98, fouth lecond ft. 

Govett Elizabeth, bonnet maker, i. Strawberry ft. 

Govett \V^illiam, iioufc carpenter, i, Strawberry ft. 

Govett William, merchaut, 45, Spruce It. 

Go wan Alexander, houfe and fign painter and gilder, 29, Sliiu- 
pen ft. 

Gowell Valentine, fhoemaker, 

Gowcn Nicholas, labourer, between fixthand fcventb in Cher- 
ry fr. 

Graba John, joiner and houfe carpenter, 449, north third fr. 

Grace Jacob, carter, near the corner of fourth in Brewer's aJIey. 

Grace John, carter, between third ar.d iburt.i ic. ia Brewer's Al- 

Grace John, copperfaiith and brazier, 2 :}j^ Arch ft. 

CraiBabzar, Uboarer, 474, north fecond ft. 

Graii Lafpar, , 100, north fecond ft. 

Grart Joh.i, gentieman, 124, north fourth ft. 

Grarf widow Sophia, baker, 6, Cherry ft. 

Gra.T John, deputy colleger and weigher of the cuftoms, 2:i, 
north lixih fr. 

Graham Alexander, taylor, fouth third between South and SLiv- 

pen it. ^ 

Graham and Clement, draggiils and chymiib, 78 and 223 fonth 

Graham Daniel, labourer, 366, north fecond it. 

Graham David, grocer, corner of South and Penn ii:. 

Graiiam David aud John, ii-cnmongers, 63, fouth fecond ft. 

Graham Edward, taylor, 89, north tilth Jt. 

Graham Francis, cop.crfmith. Smith's court, north fitfli fr. and 

ftiop ncrth third above Vine ft". 
Graham John, labourer, fonth fecond between Catherine and 

Queen fr. 
Graham William, gentleman, 242, north front ft. 
Grahl Peter, merchant, 5, north Water it. 
Graiftjury widow, 45, ihuth front ft. 

L 8o ] 

Crr.-'o:::, . .v:::h gentleman, i;^. 

Crsndau John, flitipktcper, 233, High i\. 

Grana Alexander, labourer, back of zcS, north iecond ft. 

Grant Ale:<a'.ider, mariner, fouth fecond between Catherine and 
Or.ccn fr. 

Grant^Hngh, hou{e carpenter, South between fixth &: feventh ft 

Grant Jt)hn, boot and flioemaker, 45, fouth front ft. 

Grant William, blockmaker, 26, Callowhill ft. 

Grant William, iliverfmith, north third two doors from Coates' 

Grafly isl. D. 149, Race ft. 

Gr^tz iv'Uchatl, merchant, 107, Race ft. 

Graul John, (hopkeeper, 237, north fecond ft. 

Gravel Elizabeth, huckfter, 72, north fixth i\. 

Gravenftiiie widow, fruiterer, 82, Race ft. 

GravenfHnc John, fruiterer, 17c, north fecond ft. 

Gravenftine Peter, fruiterer, 134, High ft. 

Grav David, carpenter, 162, north fifth ft-. 

Gray John, baker, 73, Lombard ft. 

Gray John, mariner, Chriftian ft. betwciin frent and fecond. 

Gray Nathan, carter. Cherry ft. between fixth and feventh. 

Gray Robert, merchant, 39, fouth front ft. 

Grav Samuel, blackfmith, Goddard's alley. 

Gray Sarah, widow, bearding houfc, 11, Carter's alley. 

Gray William, fruiterer, 42, Chefnut ft. 

Gray William and Jofeph, l^rewers, 24, fouth fixth ft. 

Greaves Alexander, grocer, Oiieen near fecond ft. 

Greblc widow, tavern keeper, 100, Jrligh ft. 

Greble Jacob, grccer, fouth fecond between Catherine and Ger- 
man it. 

Greeger widow Chriftiana, Hoffman's alley. 

Green, Rev. Aihbel, D. D. rninifter of the fecond Preibyteria'- 
church, i2i^, north third ft. 

Green Eleanor, grocer, 134, fouth fourth ft. 

Greeii Enoch, bottler, 13, Little Water ft. 

Green George, Venetian blijid lock maker, 98^ Union ft. 

Green George, keeper of carriages, 123, Pine ft. 

Grten Kenry, huckfter, 425, north fecond ft. 

Green Henry, fhip mafter, 79, Callowhill ft. 

Green James, houfe carpenter, 402, north fecond ft. 

Green John, mariner, 7, Shippen ft. 

Green ]ohn, & Co. ironmongers, 28, north fecond ft. 

Green Peter, mariner, iNIerrit's lane. 

Green Peter, 125, fouth water ft. 

Green Rufus, fea captain, 108, north water ft. 

Green i^Trs. between Lombard and South in fixth ft. 

Green Stephen, tillierman, Green ft. between third and fourth 

Grten & Vantilburgh, Ihopkeepers, i j, north front ft- 

L 8i ] 

cen William, labourer, near (ixth ft. in Sugar alley. 
Orecuaway Jofeph, cooper, 89, Arch ft. 
Greenwood Alexander, ihoemakcr, 72, north fourth ft. 
Grcenleaf James, oppoiite Oeller's hotel, Chcfuut ft, 

Greeves Thomas, merchant, 73, Walnut ft, 
Greg Mary, Ichoohniftrefs, 18, Elfrith's alley- 
GregjT James, labourer, near 98, (outh fourth ft. 
Gregoire Barthelamy, gentleman, Green ft. 
Grenier Frederick, taylor, 29, north fourth ft. 
Greiner Jacob, gentleman, 182, Race ft. 
Greiner John, gentleman, 182, Race ft. 
Gregory James, Ihopkeeper, 69, north fecond ft. 
Gregory William, Shreeve &: Thomas, flioe merchants, 29, 

fouth front, and 123, north fecond ft. 
Gregory William, fliopkeeper, 45, Coates's ft. 
Grev Richard, fexton of the African church, Cherry between 

feventh and eighth ft. 
Grice Francis, fhip mafter, 37, Chriftian ft. 
Grice Itaac, fliip ccrpenter, 438, fouth front ft. 
Gricr James, labourer, fouth fourth ft, bet^veen Plumb and 

Grier William, grocer, 391, fouth front ft. 
Griffin Mofes, ihip mafter, north Water rt. above Vine ft. 
Griffith & Axford, taylors, 146, fouth third ft. 
Griffith Cadwallader, fhoemaker, 92, Spruce i\. 
Griffith Flizlbeth mifs, gentlewoman, 77 fouth third ft. 
Griffith Elizabeth mifs, ftay maker, 3, Ker's alley. 
Griffith Evan^ ffiopkeeper, bet. 178 and 184, north third ft. 
Griffith Griffith, labourer. Noble ft. between front and fecond^ 
Griffith Hannah, feamftrefs, 8 and 10, Norris's alley. 
Griffith Ifaac, carpenter, between 179 & 183, north third ft. 
Griffith George, blackfmith, Chriilian between front and Swan^ 

fon ft. 
Grimes Hugh, phyfician, fouth fourth ft. between Plumb and 

Grimes John, maft maker,. 442, fouth front ft. 
Grimes John, innkeeper, 46, Arch fl, 
Grol George, ftocking weaver, Knight's yard, 
Grofs Chriftian, gentleman, 119, Callowhill ft. 
Grofs Jofeph, gentleman, between fixth and feventh in Pine ft. 
Grofs Wooliery, trader, between Race and Vine, m north fifth 

Grous Frederick, tobacconif^, 6, north feventh ft. 
Grove Chriftian, bricklayer, 194, Arch ft. 

Grove Margaret, widow. Noble ft. near the corner of fourth ft.' 
Groves Daniel, Green ft, between fecond and front* 
Groves Jeffe, back of 206, north fecond ft. 
Groves .Michael, bricklayer, 52, Green i\, 


C 8^ 3 

Grovier Hugh, wharf builder, 33, Chriflian (1 
Tn-ubb Adam, ftockin^ weaver, Ann i\. 
Grubb Elizabeth, ^valher, 5, Schievely's alley. 
Gnibb Jacob, l-al:er, 86, fouth third ft, 
Gutteribn John, Tnip niafter, 44, Almond ft. 
G'lvinup John, labourer, near 204, north frout Cr 



A AS Conrad, baker, 107, north third ft. 

Haas Henry, cooper, between Brown and Coates ft. in north 

third ft. 
Haas John, cooper, between Brown ft. and Poplar lane in 

north third ft. 
laas Martin, 26, Pewter Plater alley. 

Haberfham Tofeph, poft mafter general, 152, fouth front ft. 
Hacker Leonard, tavern keeper, 290, north front ft. 
Hacker William, ipariner, fouth fourth ft. between Shrppen 

and South. 
Hadfeg Andrew, merchant, corner of Queen andfe^ond ft. 
Hafline John, ftone cutter, 59, north fourth ft. 
Haga Godfrey, merchant, 87, Race ft. 
Hagenau John N. merchant, 158, High ft. 
Hao-er Philip, pedlar, Coates ft. between fec6nd and front. 
Ha8;ncr Philip, muftard and chocolate manufacturer, 34, r.ortl 

^ third ft. 
Hagner John, labourer, fouth Front near Vine ft. 
Kahn Chriftian, chocolate maker, 104, north Front ft. 
Hailhaud jMefTonus, baker, 49, Lombard ft. 
Hailcr Frederick, bleeder, 24, Arch ft. 
Hailer John, hair drefter, 37, north Front ft. 
Hainc Polly, pepper pot makcr,^back 154, north fifth ft, 
/Haines John, fadler, 132, High ft. 
J Hains Adam, cabinet maker, 135, north third ft. 
Hains George, tobacconift, 7, Branch ft. 
Hains William, grocer, 23, Strawberry ft. 
Hains Wido\v, 135, north third ft. 

Hailer Michael, huckfter, Crown ft. 
,Haifmger Elder or Zeen ft. 

' -■ Halberftadt &Barnctt, cabinet and chair makers, 198, north 

Front ft. 
Halbert William, labourer, Gaikill ft. 

[ 83 ] 

li'ale l\'Jary, widow gentlewoman, 3^9, fouih l-'roiit 11. 

Hale Mathew, houle carpenter, 27, Church alley, 

Mall Andrew, tavlor, 81, Green ft. 

H-^11 Jacob, gentleman, 84, Arch i\. 

Hall James, fhoemaker, Plumb between third and fourth fi. 

Hall John, 301, High ft. 

Ha!i John, ?>!. D. 1 1, north eighth fl. 

Hail Margaret, fhopkeeper, 71, High ft. 

Kali Richard, labourer. Plumb between fccond and third ft 

Hall llohert, mariner, George ft. 

Hall Sc Sellers, printers, 51, High ft. 

Hall Thomas, carpt^nter, 65, i'outh fifth ft. 

Hal!, houle carpenter, 17, Schievely's alley. 

Jlailer Francis, attorney at law, 264, fouth Front li. 

Hallman John, llioemaker, 33, north Front ft. 

Hailowell John, attomev at law, 50, Walnut ft. 

Hallowell Jofeoh, cordwainer, fouth fifth ft. between Sout^i 

and Oak. ' ^ 

Hallowell William, ironmonger, 193, north third ft. 
Hallowell William, retailer of gi'ain, Hamilton's wharf. 
Kaiiowell Mrs. widow, 10, Pear ft. 

Ham Jacob, Star alley. 

Hamel James, fliopkeeper, i2.i3, (buth fecond ft. 
Hamcline Catherine, boarding houfe, -47, north fourth ft. ' 
Hameiin, trunk maker, 89, north third ft. 
Hamil Mary, widow, tavernkeeper, 214, fouth fecond fl. 
Hamilton Abigail, widow, gentlewoman, corner of Walnut (Sj 

third ft. 
Hamilton John, dealer in bees wax, 36, Strawberry ft. 
Hamilton Thomas, infpetlor of lumber, 5, Callow-hill ft. 
Hamilton Wm. taylor, 23, fouth water ft, 
Hamilton & fon, tobacconifts, 13, fouth fecond ft. 
Hamlet Godfrey, blackfmith, 48, Vine It. * 

Hammer Ludwick, hair drelTer, 54, Arch ft. 
Hammitt Barbara, widow, boarding houfe, 34, Strawberry ft. 
Hampfhire Jacob, houfe carpenter, Chriftian near third ft. 
Hanipfoire "[ohn, labourt:r, Catherine, between fourth and 

tifth ft. ^ 
Hampton Samuel, accomptant, 66, Shippenft. 
Hampton Wm. fhip mafter, 35, Alm.ond It. 
Hanckel Frederick, merchant, 364, north fecond ft. 
Hanckel John Michael, M. D. 364, north fecond ft. 
Hancock Benjamin & Knight, merchants, 112, fouth water ft. 
Hancock Bcniamin, merchant, 121, fouth water ft. 
Hand John, fhipmafter, 11, Callowhill ft. 
Hand Nicholas, fhoemaker, near 130, Race ft. 
Hand , widow, boarding-houfe, 87, Vine ft, 

Handle Adam, tavern keeper. 139, High ft. 

C 84 j 

Handzey Charles, comb maker, 63, St. Joliu's fb. 

Hanes Barney, innkeeper, 6z, north fourth ft. 

Hanlon James, grocer, 89, Ibuth water l\. 

Hannah John, labourer, near 125, Ibuth fifth ft. 

Hannah John, fnipmaller, 152, Swanfon ft. 

Hanfe Conrad, coachmaker, near 119, Walnut ft . 

Hanfeli John, blackfmith, near 350, Race ft. 

Hanfman John, brick maker, 200, Race ft. 

Kara John, houfe carpenter, fouth lifch above German {i. 

Harbum Jofeph, mariner, 23, Shlppen ft. 

Harbefon Benjamin & fon, copperfmiths and ij-onmongers, yj. 

High ft. 
Harbefon Benjamin, copperfraith and ironmonger, 239, Arch ft. 
Harbefon Jofeph, copperfmith and ironmonger, 179, north 

third ft. 
Harden Wm. labourer, between fixth and feveath, in Cherry ft . 
Hardie Alexander, accomptant, German, between fourth and 

fifch it 
Hardie John, boarding houfe, German, between fourth and 

fifth ft. 
Hardie Sufannah, \yidow, Vernon ft. 
Hardie , fliipm.after. Oak ftreet. 

Harding Jofeph, houfe carpenter, fouth fecond, between Cathe- 
rine and German ft. - 
Hardy I. innkeeper, 69, north third ft. 
Hardy Niel, blackfmith, fugar alley, near fixth ft. 
Hare Robert, brewer, 35, Callow hill ft. 
Harford Charles, looking glafs manufa«Pwurer, corner of Shippe 

and Oak ft. 
Harford Charles, carver and gilder, corner of Crab and Ship 

pen ft. 
Harford John, grocer, fourth, between Shippen and Plumb fl. 
Hargan Daniel and Wm, fhopkeepcrs, near 235, fouth fecond ft. 
Hargerflieimer Jacob, painter and glazier, German, between 

fourth and tifth 11. 
Hargerflieimer Samuel, blackfmith, fouth fecond bcVwec 

Chriftian and Qiieen ft. 
Harker Jofeph, gentleman, corner of Green &: Budd ft. 
Harker Ludovic, printer, between Green and St. Tammany in 

St. John i\. 
Harkins John, watchman, Plumb, between third and fourth ih 
Harkins Wm. ihoemaker, crown ft. 

Harlan Jofliua, merchant, 64, north water i\. and 79, Arch ft 
Hirlan William, mercliant, 44, fouth wharves. 
Harland John, merchant, 66, Chefnut ft. 
Harland George, carpenter. Smith's court. 
Harley Joleph, miathematical inftniment maker- 
Harman George, baker, 184, Race ft. 

[ 85 ] 

]Iaravin Jacob, blackiniith, 175, north (cconcl i\. 

riarman John, baker, i6i, north fourth it. 

Harmer John, fliipwright, bei:\vc?cn 422 and 444, north front rt. 

Harmllead Lawrence, houfc carpenter, 164, north fourth IL 

Harmflead Marthi, Hioemaker, 163, north fecond fc. 

Harnock , Ihocmakcr, between Brown ft. and PopUr 

lane, in north tliird ft. 
HarperBenjainin, feed flore, 237, north third ft. 
Harper Chriflopher, grocer, 69^ north third ft. 
Harper John, weigher, 81, foutli water A', 
Harper John, mufical inilrument maker, 167, Arch ft. 
Harper Richard, oval turner and engine maker, 178, llacc fl. 
Harper, widow, faw maker, back of 15, north eighth il. 
Harris Amos, llioemaker, Duke It 
Harris Charles, merchant, 7, fouth fecond fl. 
Harris Eleanor, fchoohnillrefs Cherry, between lixth and fe- 

venth ft. 
Harris Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman, fouth, between fourth 

and fifth ft. 
Harris Hannah, widow, paftry ccx^k, Biddle's alley. 
Harris James, fexton of St. Paul's church, between 83 and 87, 

fouth third ft. 
Harris John, Hiip carpenter, 42, Cable lane, N. L. 
Harris John, hackney coachman, South between lifth and iixth. 
Harris Robert, M. D. 158, fouth fi-ont ft. 
Harrifon and Cooper, lumber merchants, north w^atcr above 

Vine ft. 
Harrifon Francis, mariner, corner of Shippen and third ft. 
Harrifon Francis, Coombe's alley. 

l-iarrifon George, merchant, next door to Oeller's hotel, Chef- 
nut ft. 
Harrifon George K. gentleman, 260, Kigh ft. 
Harrifon Jacob, dry good merhcant, 45, north front ft. 
Harrifon Jeremiah, Itoiae-xutter, Sugar alley. 
Harrifon John, lumber merchant, ,02, Callowhill ft. 
Harrifon John, M. D, fouth fecoud ft. 
Harrifon Riciiard, auditor general of the United States, 44, 

nortl] fifth ft. 
Harrifon and Sterrett, merchants, 3, Walnut ft. 
Harrifon Timothv, tvpe founder, corner of Cherry and north 

fifth ft. ' ' ' 

Harrifon Thomas, tavior, 70, foutli third ft, 
Harrifon Wm. fcip carpenter, between Coate'sand Green in St. 
"' : John ft. 

Harrifon , 96, north fifth ft. 

Harrifon Mrs. 54, north feventh ft. 
Harrifon widow, gentlewoman, Mulberry court. 
Hart Jacob, carter, 123, fouth lifth ft. 

L So ] 

Hart Tohn, Jriiapi'^, ^, foiith fecond ft. 

Hart jof.-i. h, tavern keeper, corner of C^liowhlli and third ft. 

Ra:*r Mycr, eentleman, ii-j, Vine ft. 

Hcrt Nichu'as, cooper, 71, Union ft. 

Hart Seymour, gentleman, 176, north fecond ft. 

Hartley James, merchant, 18, Arch ft. 

Hartley iVlr.rtin, Ihopkeeper, 164, nortli fecond ft. 

Hartley Wm. mariner, icuth fourth, between Plumb and Ship 

yen ft. 
Hartuctt Honora, midwife, ji, fuuth fifth ft. 
Hartnctt widow, 46, Bock ft. 

Kart^^oriie Large &; co. merchants, 46, ibutli front ft. 
Hartf::onie Patterfon, merchant, iiy, north front ft. 
Kartimg Daniel, ftirrier, 31, north third ft. 
Haming Wm. clerk in the flieriff's of?.ce, 56, north tifth ft. 
Karvey &: Davis, ihip chandlers and ropemr.kers. Race ftrcf 

Harvey Hannah, feamftrels, jc, Norris's alkv. 
Hanrey Jonatlian o: co. io6, fouth front ft. 
Hari"ey ifaac, jun. merchant, 5, fouth water ft. 
Har\-cy ^amfon, fcip chandler, 66, Arch ft. 
Harvey Samuel, taylor, 46, Spruce ft. 
Harvey Thomas Gardner, 21, Prime ftrcer. 
Harrev sr«<i V/orth, merchants, 2.6, Chefnut ft. 
Haieuclever Mary, between Race c^c Arch in fifth ft. 
Haikins Tiionias, grocer, 27, Branch ft. 
HaficttWm. 6z Joiin, merchants, 68, fouth fecond ft. 
Harf.eld George, biackfraith, Almond, between front and k 

coad ft. 
Hathaway Caleb, fea captain, 43, Union ft. 
Hawker Godfrey, bifcuit baker, near 21, north fixth ft. 
Hawkins AniOi, labourer, Dudd near Coate'sft. 
Hawkins Ann, widow, 212, north front ft. 
Hawkins Henry, fea captain, 61, Pine ft. 
Hawkir.^ Mary, fliocmaker, 66, Walnut ft. 
Ha worth Jidm, mnftard Sc chocolate manufacturer, 98, Soutl^ 

front ft. 
Haworth Jofeph, M. D. 98, fouth front ft. 

Haws Frederick, fhoemaker. Green between third and fourth ft. 
Hawthorn Dlizabetli, widow, oentlewoman, fouth third belwec 

P'l'nib and Siiipncn ft. 
Hawthorn 8z Kcr^ merchants, -i, Ciiefnut ft. 
Hav D.inic!, cnhincr maker, 5 :■, fouth third ft. 
Hay F.dward, flo;:c mafoa, ibuth fourth between Plumb and 

.Shippen fr. 
JTay James Ironc ci.iicr, oor.ili c.licy. 
Hay \Vr.od, weaver, ncblc, kctwccn lecond and third ft. 
Hayes Patrick, {^-a capttin, J^i, fouth third ft. 

[ 8? ] 

iiaylcy John, grocer, loath, between Sbippea & Piumlj. 

Haynes Catherine mifs, gentlewoman, 16, fourh fourtli It. 

Hays Ann, v/:dow, ichooimiilrers, Elmflie's alley. 

liays Charles, bricklayer, 402, north Itcond ii. 

Hays James, houre carpenter, Eimllie's alley. 

Hays John, innkeeper, ii3, north third ll. 

Hayfe Patrick, 166, north water ft 

Hays Samuel, 127, Chefaut ft. 

Hazard Ebenezer, lecretary to the Infurznce compaiiy of ^vortl* 

America, 145, Arch ft. 
Hazlehiirft Ifaac & fon, merchants. Drinker's alley. 
Hazlehurft llaac, merchant, 117, north I'econd ft. 
Hazlewood John, gentleman, 79, Lombard ft. 
Heaborn William, 63, St. John ft. 

Head, ?tlarv, widow, wafher, fouth between fixtli and feventh. 
Tieatherington, Hannah cc S. fchoolmiftrelFe!^, 19, sorrh faurth. 
Heathy Charles, counrsllor at law, 74, north fecond ft. 
rieaton Jofeph, mafon. Noble between fccond and ihird IL 
Hebcrtoii George, merchant, 15, fouth fecond ft. 
Hebler Gideon, carter, near 11, Kunckel ft. 
Hechford Walter, ivory turner, 89, north lecoad &. 
Hedderley Charles, bell founder and fraith, between Brown ft. 

and Poplar lane. 
Hedengraa Sufannah, boarding houfe, 158, High ft. 
HelTernan Elizabeth, widow, 29, Strawberry it 
Heiberger Jacob, grocer, 140, north front ft. 
Heimberger Frederick, chymift apothecary, aaddrDggifr, 20c, 

north fecond It. 
Keineifer Jacob, carter, corner of fagar alley and feTeath ft. 
Keins Daniel, potter, 7, Appletree alley. 
Heins Henry Andrew, merchant, 142, north third ft. 
Heitly Leonard, porter to the treafury oifice of the Ucltcd 

Helbron, Petrus, rev. minifter of the G.rman CatiiCttic coagre- 

gatioa, 6th between Prune &:■ Spruce ft. 
Helfrick Francis, taylor, fcowerer, corner of £fih and Ship- 
pen It. 
Heller A.dam, tnmk maker, 1 1 1, north fecond ft. 
Heller Jofeph, grocer, between eighth nnd ninth ia Race ft. 
Helm Adam, ftreet fweeper. Noble between fecoo^ afid third. 
Helm Elizabeth, fhopkeeper, 86, Race ft. 
Helm Peter, county commiilioner, 13, north fifth ft. 
Helmltead Catherine, widow, 7, Elbow lane. 
Helmuth He::ry, rev, D. D. minifter of the Lutlieran cosgrc- 

garicn, i4-V,High ft. 
Helmuth Leonard labourer, foiiiu, between f.fth and flxth ft. 
Helt Peter, coooer^ between Grcsi^ and St, Tam2iia.!iv*s is St. 

John ft. 

[ 83 ] 

Hcmbcl William, tayior, 16, north water R. 

Hcmbel William, jun. fliopkecper, 17, north front ft. 

i-'elmftead Catlicrine, widow, 7, Elbow lane, 

Hclt Peter, cooper, between Green and St. Tammany ft. ii> 

St. John's it. 
rlcmm Jacob, bhickfrnith, between 25 and 27, north ninth fl. 
Hejnple Chriltian, tobacconift^ between 249 and 255, north le- 

cond fl. 
Hcndel 'Abraham, drug^ifl:, 42, Arch l\. 
lieiidei Wiliiam Kev. minifierof the Reformed German churchy 

• 39, north fourth it. 
Hendcrfon Arabella M. fhop]:ecpcr, p,S^ north fecond ft. 
Henderfon Henry, 131, fouth Front ft. 

Hcnderfon James, hoafe carpenter, 141, Walnut ft; 
Henderfon James, labourer, 22, Chriitian ft. 
Henderfon Jane, widow, 154, fouth Fourth ft. 
Henderfon Joim, houfe- carpenter, fifth ft. between Lombard 

and South. 
Henderfon IMartha, widow, grocer and boarding houfe, j. 

Strawberry ft. 
Henderfon Marv, widow, tavern keeper, Crabb ft. 
Henderfon Mary, brufh maker, 21, north fixth ft. 
Henderfon Marv, widow, 158, fouth third ft. 
Henderfon Robert, mcfchanl, 10, Chefnut it. 
Henderfon Robert, ftocking weaver, South ^ft. between fixth 

and feventh fr. 
Henderfon Samuel, treafurer of the New Theatre, between 

130 and 136, Arch ft. 
Henderfon William, turner and meafurer of lalt, 117, Cal- 
low hill fr. 
Hendrick? John, cutler, 53, Queen ii. 
Hennelry Thomas, iifhmonger, 92, north fifth fl. 
Henrigej Jacob, taylor, iSo, Vine ft. 
Henry Alexander, merchant, 43, Spruce ft. 
Henry Andrew, upholfrerer, 17, norrh Water ft. 
Henry & Boggs, merchants, 42, fouth front ft. 
Henry Chriftopher, blackfmith, between Brown ft. and Poplar 

lane, in north third it. 
Flenry George, fhoemaker, between Brown ft. and Poplar lane 

in St, John's ft. 
Henry James, labourer, Slater's Row near Carpenter ft. 
Henry John, labourer, between Erown and Coatcs fl. in St. 

John's ft. 
Henry Peter, blackfmith, between Brown fl. and Poplar lane 

in 3orth third ft, 
Henlhaw William, 17, north nhith ft, 

Henfman Chriftopher, 187, north fecond fl, 

Henzey Samuel, carter, Prune ft. 

I 89 ] 

llcptop Henry, butcher, Browa ft. between third and fourtli. 
Hex-btTt Elizabeth, between Vine and Race ft. in north 

lixth ft. 
Herbert Lawrence, fliopkeeper, i6i. High ft. 
Herbit &; Lex, merchants, 283, High ft. 
Heritage Nathan, taylor, 490, north ftcond ft. 
Hcrma'n [acob, coach painter, 34, fouth iifth ft. 
Herman William jun. baker, 340, foiith front ft. 
Hero Charlotte, widow, 230, north teccnd ft. 
Hero Chriftopher, pewterer, 230, north fecond ft. 
Herring James, printer, 6, White Horfe alley. 
Herrincton George, grocer, lixth bet. Lombard &: South. 
Hertzog Andrew, fhopkeepcr, 37, Ibuth front ft. 
Herrzog Jofeph, grocer, 177, north fecond ft. 
Hefs, bricklayer, Coates's ft. between fecond k third; 

Hefs Frederick, merchant, Dock ft. 
Hefs George, blackimith, 70, Vine ft. 
fiefs John, fliipmafter, Bailey's court. 
Hefs Lewis, blackfmitb, 178, north tifth ft. 
Hefs Peter, fhoejnakcr, .-71, New it. 
Hefter Catherine, widow, grocer, 212, north fecond ft. 
Keftor Ifaac & Parnell Gibbs, painters and glaziers, 50, Vine 

Hetterick Matthew, rope maker, fouth fecond ft. oetween Ca» 

therine and Qiieen. 
Hettegoe Mary, widow wafher, fouth fifth ft. between Chelnut 

and Walnut. 
Hewer John, rope maker, fouth fecond between Chriftiaa and 

Hewett William, merchant, ioi. Vine ft. 
Hewlintrs Ann, widow gentlewoman, 61, Cherry ft- 
Heyde John, taylor, 24, north ninth ft. 
Heydel Sarah, milliner, 110, north fecond ft. 
Heyl John, bruih manufacturer, 204, north fecond ft. 
Heyl John, tobacconift, 160, High ft. 
Heyl Philip, baker, 106, north fecond ft. 
Hibbard Amos and James, curriers, 100, fouth fecond ft; 
Hibbit John, between Lombard and South, in fifth It. 
Hibbs Bright well, taylor, 87, fouth Water ft. 
Hickenbotlom Elizabeth, boarding houle, 116, north front fc. 
Hickev John, tavlor, 471, north fecond ft. 
Hickey Michael,' mariner, Catherine ft. bet. front and fecond-, 
Hickman Benjamin, plaifterer, 151, Vine ft; 
Hickman Sclby, taylor, 35 and 37, Spruce ft. 
Hickman widow, innkeeper, 379, north third ft. 
Hicks Nicholas, bricklayer, 23, Key's alley. 
Hicks William, carter, 1.06, north fourth ft^ 
Hibertrer George, blackfmith, Duke ft; 


[ 9^ ] 

rijlfernan John, Ihoemaker, Merritt*s Lane, bet\vccn fourtn 

an.l tifth i\. 
Higbee Jofeph, incrchant, ccuntinc; houfe 47 South Wharves^ 

dwelling houlb near 44, fouch tiith i\. 
Kiggins John, boarding hcufe, third ft. between Plumb and 

Fio;hbirkcr George, blackfmith, iliGp 357, north front fl. 
Hilibrty Daniel, labourer, Icuth fourth ii. between Plunrib and 

Hill Adam, gentleman, 08, Plumb fl. 
Hill Elizabeth widow, I'chool miftrcfs, 18, Carter's allev. 
Hill Elizabeth, widow gentlewoman, 27, Callowhill i\. 
Hill George, innkeeper, 130, north fecond i\. 
Hiil Henry, gentleman, 79, fouth fourtli i\. 
Hill PItfler, widow, pepper pot maker, Shippen near fifth fl. 
Hill John, tobacconiit, 247, fouth fecond 11. 
HiU John, furvevor and draftsman, 747, north Water {\. 
Hill Joanra, widow, mantua maker, 19, Elfrith's alley. 
Hiil Jofepii, ovflerman, 6j, Chrillian It. 
Hillborn Jcfeph, mercljant, 12, north fourth ft. 
Kiiicgas [Michael, alderman, 91, north fecond fh 
Hillman GeorQe, mariner, 105, Swanfon fh 
Hillman Appollona, huckfter, Honman's alley. 
Hill Cornelius, boarding houfe, 36, Penn ft. 
Hittle Philip, fliingle ihavcr, 63, Sr. John's ft. 
Hiivard Abraham and Benjamin Pippitt, taylors, 38, fotuh 

' third ft. 
Hiltzeimcr Jacob, gentleman, i, fouth Seventh ft. 
F itzeimer Thomas, livery ftable keeper, 2, fouth feventh ft, 
Himes Frederick, carter, 477, north fecond ft. 
Himes John, waterman, 475, north fecond ft. 
Hinckle John, ptjtter, 2.-^6, liigh ft. 
Hinckel Ruth, widow, fifth, between Oak and South ft. 
Hinckle John, blackfmith, 341, north fecond ft. 
Hind [ohn, baker, betw een Brown ft. and Poplar lane in north 

third ft. 
Hincold Charles, grocer, 38, Callowhill ft. 
Hines Jamcf^, marmer, 86, Queen ft. 
Hinfman John, brickmaker, 174, ilace ft. 
Hiuton Barbary, grocer, 196, Spruce ft. 
Hiier Margaret, v/aflier, 13, Shippen ft. 
Hitchcock Daniel, houie carpenter, 86, Shippen ft. 
Hobart Hannah, 79, Walnut ft. 
Hoble George, 383, north third ft. 
Hobfon John, ico, Lombard ft. 

Hochner John Jacob, manufafturer of leather hofc for fire en- 
gines, corner of third and Coates's ft. 
Hockirmiller Wm. blackfmith, 243, north front ft. 

i: 93 ] 

Horton Jc-rTc, lioiifc carpenter, fouth fourth between Plumb &: 

Shippen ft. 
Hortwick James, taylor, ii8, north water ft. 
Hosfonl John, plaifterer, Talmaii's Alley. 
Hoiking R.aper, grazier, 59, {outh third ft. 
Hotenan John, ihoemaker, Plumb between fourth and fifthV 
Hough John, grocer, 183, north third ft. 
Hough John, lair merchant, north water above Vine ft. and 

190, north fi{th ft. 
Hough Jofeph, grocer, corner ofRacc and fourth ft. 
Hough Thomas, gentleman, 20, Pine ft. 
Houlton David, grocer, 339, north fecond ft. 
Houlton John, fi'lverfmith", 39, Race ft. 
Hoiife Peter, joiner, between Brown ft. and Poplar lane iu 

north third ft. 
Ploufe Umrick, coachmaker, 179, Arch ft. 
Houfehold Sarah, widow, fchool miftrcfs, 28, Cable lane. 
Houfer Jacob, labourer, 11, Saftafras alley. 
Hauler John, porter, fouth third ft. between Shipoen and 

Plumb ft. ^ ' 

Houfton James, fea captain, near 172, Spruce ft, 
Houfton 'Major John, taylor, Elmflie's alley. 
Houfton Samuel, grocer, 91, north front ft. 
How Samuel, blackfmifch, Knight's yard. 
Howard Sc Frontis, merchants, 9, Ibuth front ft. 
Howard John, gentleman, 27, Strawber^v ft. 
Howard Peter, fhoemaker, 110, fouth fecond ft. 
Hov/ard Samuel, pilot, 132, Swanlbn ft. 
Howard Thomas, ironmonger, 95, High ft. 
Howell Abraham, ph' fician, fouth near fourth ft-. 
Howell Amos, tavernkeeper, 82, north front ft. 
Howell Arthur, currier, 107, Chefnut ft. 
Howell Jofliua, gentleman, 81, Arch ft. 
Howell Ifaac, judge of the coqrt of common pleas, 128, north 

fourth ft. 
Howell &: Lawrence, brokers, 33, fouth third ft. 
Howell Mary, boarding houle, 19, Key's alley. 
Howell Reading, furveyor, 88, north fifth ft. 
Howell Samuel, merchant, 54, (Chefnut ft. 
Howell Samuel, jun. & co. merchants. Crooked billet wharf. 
Howell Mrs. boarding houfe, 13, north fourth ft. 
Howland Ifaac, fhip mafler, 52, Shippen ft. 
Howley Mary, widow, boarding houfe, Biddle's alley. 
Hoy John, fhopkeeper, 6, Pewter platter alley. 
Hubar Henry, innkeepcF, 140, north fecond ft. 
Hubar Ifaac, fea captain, 112, Walnut ft. 
Hubbart Anthony, ftarch manufa^urer, 504, north fecond ft. 
Jiu bbell Samuel, fhipmafter, j 2, Qiieen ft. 

L 94- ] 

Hiukle William, taylor, 79, foiith Water fl:. 

Hudule jorepb jun. llave merchant^ 360, fouth front ft. 

Hudl'.jn Jolm B. fliip mailer, fouth fecond it. bet«\'cen Mead a'l 

ley and Catherine i\. 
Iludi'pn Joleph, huckfter, corner of fourth and Shippcn ft. 
Hi^^on and Yorke, merchants, 54, north front ft. 
I-iufflfaac, clerk in the rvlinr, 171, north iccood ft. 
IIuiFty Ifaac, blackfrnith, 194, Vine ft. 
Huger Charles and Co. merchants, 281, High ft, 
Hugg Jacob, fnip joiner, 28, fomh Water ft. 
Hughes Ann, Spruce near fifth ft. 
Hughes Benjamin, grazier, fouth fecond between Chriiiian and 

Mary H 

Hnghes Caleb, taylcr, 199, nortji fecond ft'. 

Hughes and Fritz, fhopkeepers, 3, nortli fecond Ct. 

Hughes James, fea captain, 67, Lombard ft. 

Huglies John, ihopkeeper, i, north fecond ft. 

Hughes John, fhipwright, 69, Chriftian ft. 

Hughes ^vido\v Mary, gentlewoman, 239, north front ft. 

Hughes Thomas, innkeeper, Filbert between eleventh and 
twelfth ft. 

Hughes Thomas, fhipmafter, 46, Penn ft. 

Hughes William, fliipmafter, 46, Penn ft. 

Huguenin Charles Frederick, clock and watch-maker, 83, Cal- 
low hill ft. 

Hull Jacob, colle6lor of taxes, 49, north eighth ft. 

HuHlcamp Garret, pilot, 16, South i\. 

Humphreys Afheton and James, conveyancers, 61, Walnut ft. 
'Tlumphrevs Clement, inipectcr of lumber, 17, Shippen ft. 

Humphreys Daniel, printer, 48, Spruce ft. 

Humphreys Elizabeth, fchoolmiitrefs, 45, north feventh ft. 

Humphreys James, labourer, corner of Green It. and Lilly allev. 

Humphreys Jolhua, Ihipwright, Swanfon ft. beyond the Swediih 

Humphreys widow Mary, 30, Carter's alley. 

H'jmphreys Richard, china merchant, 54, High ft. 

Humphreys Sanuiel, itcne cutter, South between tifih & lixth ft, 

Hungarets Gabriel, tobacconift, 29, Prime fr. 

Hunn John, fiiipmaftcr, 356, fouth front ft. 

Hunt James, butcher, back of 154, north Hth fr. 

Hunt Michael, labourer. Oak ft. fouthern liberties. 

Hunt Pearfon, merchant, near 44, ibuth fifth ft. and 5, fbutk 

Hunt Wilfon, merchant, 16, fouth front ft. 

Hum er Mrs. 329, Arch ft. 

Hunter George, chymift and druggift, 114, fouth fecond ft. 

Hur.ter James, plaiftcrcr, bct\^ ^cn 24 Zind 30, Sugar alley. 

C 95 ] 

Hunter John, fhopkeeper, louth fecond betwte.i (^aeen and Ca* 

therine it. 
Hunter Oliver, mariner, 94, .Swanfon it. 
Hunter Sarah, dealer in China, ^^-, Higli ft. 
Hunter William, coachmikcr, 235, High it. and iii Chefnutft. 
Hunter William, mariner. South between fifth and lixth ft. 
Hurd widow, 27, Filbert ft. 

Hurley John, houfe-painter, and glazier, hetw een Prime and 

Spruce in fouth fixth ft. 
Hurley Michael, paper-hanger, 16, Carter's alley. 
Hurley Tiiomas, paper-hanger, 16, Carter's alley. 
Huron Lawrence, mernhant, William Smith's w harf, between 

Arch and Race ft. 
Hurft Charles, gentleman, corner of South and fifth ft. 
Hurft Thomas, tinplaie worker, Goddard's allev. 
Hutchins and Clement, merchants, Merton'.s wharf. 
Hutchins rev. Jofiah, 83, fouth third ft. 
Hutch'nfon James, taylor, 291, fouth front fr. 
Hiitchinfon John, carpenter, 52, ibuth tifth it. 
Hutcliiiifon Sydney widow, gentlewoman, 4, Church aller. 
HutcIiinfoQ Manlon, merchant, 61, north ftcondft. 
Hutjhinfon William, grocer, 30, north tenth It. 
Hutmaii George, barber, 47, Race ll. 
Hutton Benjamin, fliipw right, Swanfcn fb. heyor.d the Swedes* 

Hutton Elizabeth, widow gentlewomen, 40, Almond i\, 
Hutton James, ironmonger, S5t ^^g^ ^^- 
Hatton Nathaniel, fiiipw right, 380, fouth Front it. 
tlurton R.ichard, acccmptanr. South between lixth and fcventli 

Hutton Samuel, houfc carpenter, fouth fecond ll. near Almond 

Hutton William, bricklayer, Catherine ft. between fecond an^ 

third ft. • 
Hutts Peter, butcher, corner of eighth and Race ft, 
Hurz John, butcher, Elder or Zeen ft. 
Hvde George, bookbinder, 147, Chefnut ft. 
Hveler John, fliopkeepcr, 109, north third ft. 
Hver Walter W. printer, 18, north third ft. 
Hylander Jacob, fhip mafter, 107, Swanlbn ft. 
Hyiie Cafper, carter, 66, fouth fifth ft. , 

Hvnaman John, taylor, 120, north water ft. 
Hyndman John, clerk in the regifter of the ireaiury of the 

United Stat^, Anne ft. 
Hyndman Samuel fhopkeeper, ibuth third ft. between Plamb 

and Shippen ft. 
Hyneman Frederick, labourer, 77, Cillowhili ft. 
Hynemen Henry, harnefs maker, 94, Vine ft. 
iTvi' Tcr Henrv, labourer, north fecond ft, above Poplar Lane- 

t <)0 J 


^CARD JOSEPH LAZARUS, gentleman, 87, CallowhiU ih 

Imbert Felix, and Co. merchants, 261, Ibuth front It. 

Imlciy ant! Harper, merchants, 20, north Water ft. 

Imlay Jo) r, jnn. merchant, 265, north front ft. 

Imlay and Tuthill, merchants, 5, north Water ft. 

ImmcU Michael, innkeeper, 76, north thiid ft. 

Inch Thomas, merchant, 87, fouth i^burth Sc ftore in Straw- 

berry It. 
Ing Thomas, turner. Spruce near fouth fecond ft. 
Ingeis George, lumber meafurej, 22, Cable lane, Dorthern li- 
IngerfoU Jared, counfellor at law, and attorney general of the 

State of Pennl'ylvania, 181, Chefnut It. 
Ingle Henry, ironmonger, 114, north fecond ft. 
Ingles Abraham, ropemaker, between 103 &: 125, fouth fifth ft; 
Inalis John, fningleftiaver, between fourth and fifth ft; 
Inoram Lucy» widow waflier, Cicrman ft. between third and 

Inkfon Rebecca, widow, fliopkeeper, 168, north front ft. 
innes John, mariuer, 21, South fh 
Innes John, & Co. printers' joiners, corner of Relief and Car* 

ter's alley. 
Innes Michuel rev. one of the minifters of St. Mary's Churchy 

Willing's alley. 
Innes Thomas, m.ariner, 7, Qiieen ft. 
Innes William, brewer, 357, louth Front ft. 
Inikeep John, china merchant, 31, fouth fecond ft. 
Infkcep John, well digger, 56, north feventh ft. 
Inltone and Bacon, merchants, 24, High ft. 
Inftone John, merchant, 128, north Front ft. 
Ireland Alphonfon Caulbnd, houle carpenter, Moravian alley. 
Irvin Hugh, fiioemakcr, near the corner of Arch in fifth ft. 
Irvine John, labourer^ 33, Shippen ft. 
Irvine Robert, grocer, corner of Shippen and fourth; 
Irving David, tavern keeper, 6, Dock ft. 
Irvius Mary, widow. Sugar alley. 
Irwin George, fea captain, 10, Union ft. ^ 

Irwin Matthev/, mailer of the rolls, office in the eaft wing of 

the ftate houfe, 161, Chefnut ft. 
Irwin Samuel, houfe carpenter, 4, Cherry ft. 
Irwine James general, 119, Arch ft. 
Ifrael liVael, gentleman. Harmony ft. 
Ifrael Samuel, gentleman, 177, Arch ft. 
Ifrael Samuel, 57, fouth third ft* 

L 97 ] 


J ACK Francis, bricklayer, 2c()^ fouth third ft. C' 

Jack John, merchant, 74, north front ft. 
Jack John & co. merchants, 16, noethfecond ii. 
Jackaway \Vm. fur cutter, 43, Coates alley. 

Iackfon Caleb, blackfmith, 16, Vernon il. 
ackfon David druggift & apothecary, 47, north third ft, 

Jackfon Majcr, 167, fouth third i\. 

Jackibn E. and co. mercliants, 37, north water ft. 

Jackibn Francis, mariner, 121, Pine ft. 

Jackibn Kannah and Suiannah, IclioolmiftrelTes, 20, Pine ft, 

Jackibn liaac H. merchant, ibuth front between Queen and 
Mary it 

Jackfon Mary, widow, 36, Walnut ft. 

Jackibn Moodie, carter^ fouth third between fouth and Ship- 
pen i\. 

Jackibn and Morris, merchants, Walnut ft. wharf 

Jackibn Nathaniel, ihipwright, Catherine, between fecond & 
third ft. 

Jackicon Richard B. grocer, 191, north third ft. 

Jackfon Samuel, gentleman, corner of tenth and Chefnut ft. 

Jackfon widow, Hoifman's alley. 

Jacobs, blackball maker, 187, north front ft. 

Jacobs Chrjitian, labourer, German, between third and fourth. 

Jacobs Elizabeth, widow, feamftrefs, Bearfticker's alley. 

Jacobs Nicholas, cordwainer, 50, Almond ft. 
acobs William, hatter, 23, Caliowhill ft. 
Jacobs, mariner, Caliowhill i\, 
Jacoby Leonard, merchant, 137^ north fecond, and corner of 

Race ft. 
Jacoby Lewis, perfumer, 21, Ibuth third ft. 
Jacox Edward, ihipmafter, German, between fecond Sz third ft. 
James Clibborn & Englifh, merchants, 6, north front fh 
James Edward, cabinet maker, 27, Queen ft. 
James Jane, widow, Catherine, near the corner of fecond ft, 
James John, merchant, 18, north lifth it. 
James and Luke^ bookbinders, Rutter's alley. 

nes Margaret, widow, 228, north lecond it. 
J Martha, fchoolmiitrefs, 77, north lixth ft. 
James Thomas C. M. D. 23, Chefnut it. 
Jamiefon George, mariner, fouth fifth, between Lombard and 

fouth ft. 
Jamieibn John, coach painter. 

Jandues Francis, gardn«r, Carpenter ft, near fouth fifth ft- 

N - 

L 9^ ] 

January David, cicioinptant, 260, fouth front ft. 

faques Jean, Farmer's row. 

jaquett Thomas, upholiterer, 35, fouth front ft. 
Jarvis Elijah B. grocer, 2j, ndrih ninth ft. 

Jarvis John, livery ftable keeper, corner of South and Sixth ft 
Jarvis John, fcrivener, 126, north third It. 

[audon Daniel, fchoolmafter, 157, Arch ft, 
Jav Jacob, blackfmith, 66, north fourth ft. 
Jeffries Edward, porter, Coate's ftreet, between third an<t 

fourth ft. 
Jenkins Elizabeth, widow, Ichoolmiftrcfs, 27, Callowhill ft. 
Jenkins Mary, widow. Green between front and fecx)nd ft. 
jenks Jonathan, merchant, 70, north water it. 
Jennings Dorus, chimney fweeper, Coates ftreet, between front 

and fecond ft. 
Jennings John, alderman, corner of Union and fourth ft. 
Jennings Paul, mariner, fouth fifth, above German ft. 

Jennings Strcphon, cooper, Coates, between front and fecond ft. 
cnnings John, cierk in the department of war of the United 
Stater, 7, ^ew ft. 
Jen-is Charles, jgentleman, 28, Strawberry ft. 
Jelfro George, ijuckfter, 30, Vine ft. 
Jewell Kenneth, taylor, 78, Arch ft. 
[cad John, upholfterer, 160, fouth front ft. 
[obfon Samuel, tanner. Noble, between fecond and third ft. 
Joes John, houfe carpenter, 14, Moravian alley. 
Joes widow, 53, Moravian alley. 
John Adam, labourer, St. John, above Poplar lane. 
|ohn William, mariner, Vernon ft. 
Johns Richard, foap boiler and tallow chandler^ 42, Lombard 

Johns Richard, (hoemaker, 114, Chcfnut It. 
Johnibn Ann, w idow, huckfter, 403, north front ft. 
Joimfon Barney, carter, German, between fourth and fifth ft. 
Johnfon Benjamin, oyiterroan, 2, Pewter platter alley. 
Johnfon Benjamin (Sc Jacob, merchants, 147, High ft. 
Johnlon, widow, 30, Ibuth fifth ft. 
Johnfon Chriftopher, fea captain, 23, Coate's alley, 
fohnfon Conrad, dealer in flour and grain, 258, north front fl. 
fohnfoc and Flint, coachmakers, near 235, Arch i\. 
Johnfon, widocv, 67, New llreet. 
Johnfon George, 8, Moravian alley. 

ohnlbn ICaac, tavern keeper, 320, north front ft. 
^ohnfon James, carpenter, 179, Race ft. 
Johnfon James, labourer, 198, Race ft. 
ohnion John, grocer, near 43, Filbert ft. 

"ohnfon Jofeph, rope maker 6c fhip chandler, 66, JSims's whar 
ohnfon Jofeph, houfe carpenter, back of 12, north ftxtlt.ft. 

t 99 3 

Jolinron widow, 30, fouth fifth {}. 

Johnloii Jo'iiah, letter carrier, 6, Carter^s alley. 

JolKifon and King, merchants, 55, louth water fb. 

toliafon iVlargarer, widow, gentlewoman, 25, Race It. 

Tohnfon Moi'es, lawyer, Waggoner's alley. 

Johnlon Philip, lawyer, 42, Crown ft. 

Johnfon Walter, coachmaker, between ieventh and eighth in 
Race ft. and fixth, between Market and Chefnut 11. 

Johnfon Wm. Ihopkeepcr, fouth fifth, oppofite Plumb ft. 

joiinfon Wm. near 125, fouth fifth ft. 

Jchnfton Charles, houfe carpenter, corner of fourth and fouth. 

Johnfton Francis, receiver general of the land ofRce, 133, Wal- 
nut ft. 

Johnfton Ifrael, grocer, corner of Lombard & third ft. 

Johufton James, merchant, 71, Lombard ft. 

Johnfton James, laLonrcr, fouth fecond betwec r7 «i t-«r . o» --^ - 
Plumb ft. - 

Johnfton John, •hopkeeper, 249, fouth fecor J ft. 

Johnfton [ohn, printer, fouth third, between Shippea acd 
Plumb ft. 

Johnfton John, ftucco plaifterer, 3fy, Filbert ft. 

Johuftoy John, hawker, 92, Swanfon ft. 

Johnfton Jonathan, labourer, Cherry ft. l)etw^en feventh aod 
eighth ft. 

Johnfton , labourer, Shippen, between fourth and 

fifth ft. 

Johnfton Jofeph, houfe carpenter, back of 12, north fixth ft, 

Johnfton Jofeph, cooper. Almond between Front and Swaa- 
fon ft. 

Johnfton Juftice, plaifterer, fouth third above South ft. 

Johnfton Peter, fhipmaller, 51, Penn ft. 

Johnfton Richard, i'oap boiler 8z tallow chandler, German be- 
tween third and fourth ft,' 

Johnfton Samuel, labourer, ShipjJen, near fifth ft. 

Johnfton Samuel, mariner, Green between third and fourth ft. 

Johnfton Wm. fhopkeeper, fouth fifth oppofite Plumb ft. 

Johnfton Wm, mariner, 7, Plumb ft. 

Johufton Wm. fhip carpenter, 12, Almond ft. 

Johnfton William and Thomas Wayne, coopers, 65, fouth wa- 
ter ft. 

Tohnftonc David, dealer in china, and glafs ware, 219, fouth 
fecond ft. 

Johnftone Ifrael, grocer, corner of Lombard and third ft. 

Johnftone James, baker, 46, north fourth ft. 

Johnftone James, merchant, 153, fouth front ft, 

Jolliff Simkins Sc co. merchants, 19, north iront ft. 

Jolly Charles, iron merchant, 130, north third ft. 

Jolly William, iron merchant, 11, Arch ft. 

James Abfalom, rev. minifter of the African church, 165, foutl^ 

tiiird a. 

Jones Benjamin, hatter, 13, fonth H. 

Jones Crim, labourer, Shippen between fourth and fifth ft. 

Jones and Clarke, merchants, 8, Penn rt. 

Jones David, blackfmith, Bailey's court, between Front and 

Vernon i\. 
Jones David, grocer, 32, north fourth it. 
Jones David, ihoemaker, 140, fouth fourth ft. 
joi^es Deen, paper hanger, fourh, between front and fccond ft. 
Jones Edward, Ihipmafter, Carpenter between fourth and fifth. 
Jones Edward, one of the chief clerks in the office of the fecre- 
tary of the treafury of the United States, 1 1 j, north fifth 
Jones Edward, merchant, 26, Vine ft. 
[ones Elizabeth, widow, 23, Carter's alley. 

Jennmgs ju.».. ^. ,-^^ {choolmiflrefs, Moravian aliev. 
Jones George, taylo."., ^^^ louth hith It. 
Jones Herbert, fhipmaiter, 58, Almond ft. 
Jones liaac, tobacconiii, 169, north front ft. 
Jones liaac, gentleman, 17, Pine ft. 
Jones Ifrael and David, grocers, 4, fou»-h fifth ft. 
Jones James, wood fawycr^ Coares, between fecondand front. 
Jones JefTe, houfe carpeiiter, 27, Arch it. 
Jones, widow, ibopkcepcr, 113, High it. 
Jones John, wcod corder, north Water ft, above Vine. 
Jones John JAI. wine merchant, 211, fouth front (K 

Jones John, wlieelwright, between Brown and Ccates's fl. in 
St. John's ft. 

Jones John, taylor, 122, north water ft. 

Jones John, fnoemaker, 6y, Arch ft. 

Jones John, gentleman, 55,' Vine ft. 

Jones John, cooper, 9 and 10, Swanfon ft. 

Jones John, whitefmith, be'tween Chcfnut and V/alnut in fouth 
fifth it. 

Jones John, merchant, corner of feventh and High /t. 

Jones John, 423, north tliirdft. 

[ones John, wheelwright, back of 416, north fecond ft. 

Jones Lees, paper maker, fouth fccond near Chriftian ft. 

Jones Lloyd, fea captain, 22/;, fouth front ft. 

Jones Margaret, widow, fchool miftrefs, Moravian alley. 

Jones Margaret, widow, 6, ^ueen ft. 

Jones Martha, widow, nurfe, South between fifth and fixth ft, 

Jones Mary, fijopkeeper and milliner, 28, north fecond It. 

Jones Mary, widow, boarding houfe, 112^ Spruce ft. 

Jones Mary, widow, fhopkeeper, fouth front ft. between Mary 
and Chriftian ft. 

Jcnes Nathan, fhopkeepcr, 48 and JC; fouth fecond ft. 

[ 10! ] 

Jones OwcT), nicrcliant, 154, fouth fccond fr. 
Jones & Jonatlian, mercluuts, 151, High i\.. 
Jones Philip, I'en. upholfterer, 84, Union (h 
Jones Rebecca, Brook's court, 
Jones &: Reeve, fiiopkeepcrs, 84, High ft. 
Jones Richard, board merchant, 11, north fourth 11. 
Jones Robert, lumber merchant, 66, Swanfon ft. 
Jones Robert V.. ^vine merchant, 174, High ft. 
Jones Roiannah, widow, 14, north fifth ft. 
fones Samuel, well digger, near 98, fouth fifth ft. 
Jones Sarah, widow, 56, .:^ilmond ft, 

Jones Thomas, turner, fouth (Tront bet. Mary o: Chriftlan ft, 
Jones Thomas rev. minifterof ihe Univerfal Church, corner of 

Shippen and • #/ 

Jones Thomas, cabinetmaker, between Market and Cheftiut, 

in fouth Mfth ft. 
Tones widow, fhopkecper, 113, High ft. 
Jones William, grazier, lyi^ High ft. 
Jones William, fadler and harnefs maker, 88, Chefnut ft. 
Jones William, upholdfterer, 61, Arch ft. 
Jones William, plaifterer, 50, Cable Lane. 
Jones William, mariner, Shippen near fifr-h ft. 
Jones William, cordwaincr, South bet. iixth and fcventh ft. 
Jones William, carter, Plumbft. between iliird and fourth, 
|ones William, merchant, 262., north fecond ft. - 
Jordan Alexander, plaifterer, 34, Sugar alley. 
J'ordan Eliza, widow, il-opkeeper, 334, fcutli front ft, 
Jordan Joieph, plaifterer, 50, Cable Lane, N. L. 
Jordan , button ma!:er, Baker^s alley. 

Jordan Mary, Cre{ibn''s alley. 

Jordaa Michael, mariner, 70, Almond ft. 
Jordan Robert, houfe carpenter, 11* Brewer's alley. 
Jordan Sanmcl, plaifterer, 74, north feventh ft. 
Jofeph JMrs 1 4, north fourth ft. 

Joyee Dominick, merchant, 174, fouth fourth ft. 
Juillia R. 169, feuth fecond ft. 

Juflice George, fiiopkeeper, 19, Branch ft. 
jultice James, taylor, 8, Chancery Lane. 
Juftice John, hatter, 157, Vine i\. 
Juftice John, potter, 316, north fecond ft-. 
Juflice John, potter, 443, nortJi fecond ft. 

Juftice Jofeph, plaifterer, corner of Callowhill and Kunckle (t. 
Juftice Lawrence, houfe carpenter, louth Front. ft. between 

Mary and Chriftian ft. 
Juftice Philip, hoi.fe carpenter, 194, north ilfch ft. 
Juftice Thomas, (hip nrafter, 22, Carter's alley. 
Juftice Wm. ihoemaker, back of Fiont near Noblc^. 
Juftis Charles, fhcemaker, 38, New ft. 


XS^AENNEL Mark 5: Co. merchants, 103, north lecorid ft. 

Kalhafer Fre^lerick, innkeeper, 114, north fifth fl. 

Kaighn John, merchiint, 209, north lecond ft. 

Kain Ann, widu-Nv, Catherine ft, between fourth andftfrh. 

Kain Jacob, brick niaker, 3, Pewter Plater alley. 

Kanimerlo Frederick, box maker, Coates's between fccond and 
front ft. 

Xaramer William, harnefs maker, 59, New ft. 

Kamraerer Henr) fen. bookfcller and ftationer, 24, north third 

Kammerer Henry, printer. Crown ft. 

Kamp William, baker, near 147, Spruce ft. 

Kanes Daniel, tobacconift, near 219, fouth Iccond ft. 

Karlin Davis, deputy fherifF, 225, Archft. 

Karn Peter, wheelwright, 104, north fourth ft, 

Karr Dennis, currier, 16, Carter's alley. 

Karrick Jofeph, 23c, High ft. 

Karum llobert, coach maker, between 47 and 51, north ic- 
venth fl. 

Kattz Michael, carter, 11, Kunckle fl. 

Katz Jacob, fnoemaker, 22, Elder or Zeen fl. 

Kauck , grocer, 34, north fixth ft. 

Kay Jofeph, hatter, 42, north front (t 

Kavfer John, labr.urer, between Brown fl. and Poplar Lane in 
north third fl. 

Kearns Gabriel, tavlor, 117, fouth Water 11. 

Kean Daniel, tobacconiil, corner of Second and Queen ft. 

Kean Henry, flioemaker, fourth fl. between South and Ship- 
pen ft. 

Kean James, carter, third near Carpenter ft. 

Kean John, hair drefTer, 11, Chefnut ft. 

Kean Mary, boarding houfc, 291, High ft. 

Kean Roger, fea captain, 66, fouth lecond ft. 

Kean Thomas, chair maker, 1 10, north Water ft. 

Kean , tobacconift, fecond between Oiiecn and Cathe- 

rine ft. 

Kearns Margaret, walher, between Chefnut and Walnut ft. in 
fouth fifth ft. 

Kearney & Martin, fail makers. Willing' and Francis' wharf. 

Keaves Samuel, houfe carpenter, between fevcnth and eighth 
in Cherry fl. 

Kebler Conrad, tin plate worker, 108, north flxth ft. 

Keck Chriftian E. fchoolmafter, 23, north fourth ft. 

Kecble John, gentleman, Pcarfon's court. 

C "53 ] 

Keefe Daniel, trunk maker, 38, Moravian alley. 

Kecgan Hannah, Ichool miltreis, Hoffman's alley. 

Keegan James, taylor, 61, Dock ft^ 

Keehmle George, bilcuit maker, 64, Union fl. 

Keehmle John, M. D, 33, north fourth ft. 

Keehmle Leonard, fhopkccper, 90, north third ft. 

Keel Dallus, painter and glazier, 90, north leventh ft. 

Keely Mathias, merchant, 63, ibuth Water ft. dwelling houfe 

61 and 63, Race It. 
Keeley Nebro, v/ood lawyer, Soutb bet. fifth and iixth ft. 
Keen & Creflbn, curriers, 14, Chelnut ft. 
Keen 1. & John Sellers, curriers, 81, Dock ft. 
Keen John, labourer,, between third and fourth ft. in Brewcr'3 

Keen John, houfe carpenter, Green ft. between Front and Se- 
cond ft. 
Keen Jofeph, tanner and currier, 23, fouth fourth ft. 
Keea Reynold, alderman^ 20, fouth fixth ft. 
Keen Reuben, houfe carpenter, near 11, Kunckcl ft. 
Keefe Henry, porter, between Brown and Coates's ft. in noitb 

third ft. 
Keffer John, flioemaker, 123, north Front ft. 
Kehr John, baker, between Brown ft. and Poplar lane, in north 

third ft. 
Kehrum Thomas, tavern keeper, Vine ft. between feventii 

and eighth. 
Keir Charles, baker, 114, Spruce? ft. 
Keith John, ihopkeeper, 226, fouth fecond ft. 
Keith Thomas, labourer. Plumb between third and fourth ft. 
Keith William c\: Samuel, merchants, 279, fouth Front ft. 
Keich Leonard, labourer, Budd ft. bet. Green and Coates. 
Keller Adam, baker, 194, n«rth third ft. 
Kelly James, fhoe warehoufe, 70, High ft. 
Kelly John, bottler, Catherine corner of Front ft. 
Kelly John, tavern keeper, corner of Catherine and Front ft. 
Kelly John, grocer, 20, Swanfon ft. 
Kelly iMargarct, mantua maker, Letitia court. 
Kelly Mary, vv^idow, upholfterefs, 13, Callowhill ft. 
Kelly Alichael, taylor. Relief alley. 
Kelly Thomas, fhoe warehoufe, 27, Hitrh ft. 
Kelly William, taylor, 192, north Water ft. 
^elly Mrs. 149, north Water ft. 

Kelfe Samuel, fcrivener, 175, Arch ft. 
Keiuble George, fnoemaker, 56, fouth third Ct,, 
Kemp George, fcrivener, 170, foutli third ft. 
Kempton Benjamiu, mariner, Vernon ft. 
K^nil Philip, cor Jwainer, between 326 and 334, nertk fecond 

frrer r 


t 104 ] 

Kenly Williair., gentleman, 105, Walnut fl-. 

Ktnly diaries 1. ivi. D. 135, Vv'ainrc Tt. 

Kennard Anthony, houle carpenter, bet. Brov/n and Coates, in 

St. John's it. 
Kennedy Andrew, Lap and candle inanufacttirer, 37, fotith fe- 

cond fr. 
Kenr.cdy Ciiarlotte, feainftrefsj German between third and 

fourth fr. 
Kenr>edy and ITarding, foap boilers, 195 and 197, Arch ft. 
Kennedy John, dealer iu crockery ware, bct^veen 346 and 356- 

north front 11. 
Kennedy and Lynch, merchants, 18, fouth front fl". 
Kennedy /Maurice, fcrivener, 22, Lombard (l. 
Kennedy Patrick, clock and watchmaker, 61, fouth fccond ft. 
Kennedy Mrs. widow, gcnric woman, 329, High it. 
Kcny Doyle, labourer, corricr of fixth and Shippen ft. 
Kenny Robert, trader, 7, Plumb fh 
Kenny Tiiomas, fea captain, 70, New ft. Marg-aret widow, between third and fourth ft. in Brew- 

er's alley. 
Kentel Beniamin, fnip raafter, near theSwediili church in Swan- 

fon ft.' 
?Ceonigh Henry, houfe carpenter, 127, New ft. 
Kepler John, dealer in China, &c. 2ifc, jiv.!rth third ft. 
Kepley iMichael, attorney at law, next 14c, Chefnut ft. 
Xeppele and Zantzingcr, merchants, 98, High ft, 
Ker James, coachmakcr, 299, High ft. dwelling houfe 170, 

Arch ft. 
Ker Jacob, butcher, near 108, north fixth ft, 
Ker jiulannah, mifs, boarding houfe, 15, Ker's aliey, 
Kcfrn Anthony, labourer, Budd above Brown ft. 
Kern Gabriel, taylor, 117, foath water ft. 
Kernan Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman, fourth between Ship- 
pen and South ft. 
Kerr James, infpetlor of flour, Catherine between front and fe- 

cond ft. 
Kerr Francis Kennedy, merchant, 5, north water ft. 
Kerr Jofeph, 27, Cable lane, N. L. 
Kerr Robert, ihopkeeper, 10, north fecoad ft. 
Kerr Thomas, breeches maker, 5, Plumb ft. 
KerrWm. ihopkeeper, fouth, between fifth and fixth ft. 
Kefier Andrew, boarding houfe, between Market and Chefnut 

in feventh ft. 
Kefler Conrad, tobacconift, between Arch and Cherry in north 

eighth ft- / 

Kefler Frederick, fhoemaker, 3oo,.n0ith front ft. i / 
Keller Leonard, cabinet maker, 1 25, Arch ft. 
Ketlsnd Thomas and John, merchants, 3, Walnut ft. 

[ I05 ] 

key Jamcn, printer, Duke fb. 

Ke\ icr Adam, baker, 357, north iecond it. 

Kcyfer Benjamin, grocer, 195, north Iccond ft. 

Kevfer John wood lawyer, Coates between fecond and third 

' Ibect. 
Kcyicr Jofeph, labourer, Noble, between Front and ieccmd ft. 
Keyicr Peter, lumber merchant, z8, Callowhill it. 
Kibler David, brulh maker, 190, north third it. 
Kid ?v.obert, perfumer, 192, High i\. 
Kien Anthony, accomptant, 38, Prune 11. 
Killer Ilhac, 'ihoemaker, betwet-a eighth and ninth ft. in R.ace 

Killer John, ll^ia drelfer. Brown between thi-rd and fourth ft. 
Killinger George, flioemaker, 75, Union ft. 
Killpatrick Ann, midwife, 96, Swanfon ft. 
Kil'parrick William, mariner, 291, fouth front ft. 
Kilron William, bricklayer, 43, Callowhill ft. 
PLim' er Predy, cryer at vendues, 76, Spruce ft. 
Kincaid James, mariner, corner of front and Queen ft. 
Kincaid Jokn, diftiller, 226, north front ft. 
Kinckcl Conrad, rope maker, north fecend ft. betweeia Poplar 

Lane and Brown ft. 
King Guftavas, accomptant 
King John, hocl'e carpenter, 2!^, Lombard ft. 
King John, bric"klayer, 17, SafTafras alley. 
King John, tavern keeper, corner of South and George ft. 
Kiiig John, labourer, Catherine between fs-cond and third ft. 
King^ Ifaiah, carter, Budd above. Brown ft. 

King Mary, widow feamftrefs, near 18, Pewter Platter alley. 
King Reay, merchant, 27, north fecond ft. 
King William, Ihip mailer, 39, x'^lmond ft. 
Kmgfton Marv, Ihcpkeeper, between Walnut and Ch*f«ut ki 

eighth ft. 
Kingfton Thomas, fruiterer, 60, High ft. 
Kingfton Thomas, carpenter, near 9J, fouth nfth ft. 
Kinicy, 178, High il. * 

Kinfei John, blackfmith, between feventh and eighth, in Arch 

Kinfey John, woodfawver, 6, Shippeaft. 
Kinfing widow, gentlewoman, 36, Sugar alley. 
Kintfing, merchant, 114, north front ft. 

Kintzlinger Michael, tobacconift, Budd between Coates 's and 

Green ft. 
Kirby Edward, ftcv-*dcre, Bailey's cc^rt between Front and 

Vernon i\. 
Kirk JeiTe 8: Ifaac, grocers, 201, north third (I. 
Kirk Toli.n, ftoT-keeijer, lev's, north third ft. 

■ * ' ^ o 

[ io6 ] 

Kirk jofeph, lliopkecper, between Green and Noble fl. in norttx 
third il. 

Kirkbridge Jofeph, gentleman, Frornbcrgcr's court. 

Kirkby widow^ Catherine between front and fecond ft. ' 

Kirkendall Nathaniel, cordwainer, fecond between Chriftian 
and Mary ft. 

Kirkham Charles, fliopkecper, 41, north third ft. 

Kirkpatrick Francis, grocer, 454, north fecond ft, • 

Kirkpatrick William, taylor, 41, fouth N»ater ft. 

^ilfelman Frederick, merchant, counting houfc loj, fouth Wa- 
ter ft. dwellingr honfe, 166, fouth fecond ft. 

Kite Benjamin, ichaolmafter, 80, north fourth ft. 

Kite Jofeph, dealer in queens ware, glafs, &:c. 34^ fouth fourth 

Kitts Elizabeth, \\idow, between Brown ft. and Poplar Lane 
in St. John's ft. 

Kitts George, innkeeper, 58, High Ct. 

Kitts Michael, innkeeper, 80, High ft. 

Kitts widow, between Green and Tammany's ft. in St. Johns. 

Klaer George & Co. merchants, 120, High ft. 

Kline Gabriel, news carrier, Plumb between third and fourth 

Kilne Peter, bricklayer, between Green and Coates's ft. in 
north third. 

Klingle George, cooper, 219, north front ft. 

Knapp John, fecond teller of the bank of Pennfylvania, between 
fifch and fixth. Spruce ft, 

Knapp Reuben, mariner, fecond between Plumb and Shippen 

Kncle Baltzer, labourer, 375, north fecond ft. 

Knerr Henry, tavern keeper, 14, Brewer's alley. 

Knight Daniel, houfe carpenter, 63, north fixth ft. 

Knight Jonathan, lumber merchant, Duke ft. 

Knight John, hatter, 131, Arch ft. 

Knight Ifaac, livery ftable keeper, Drinker's alley, and i 16^ 
Race ft. 

Knight Ifaac, dealer in lime, 33^ Key's alley. 

Knight Philip, blackfmith, between 123 and 131, Callowhill Tr 

Knight Thomas, hatter, 156, north front ft. 

Knorr Catherine, widow, 134, Race ft. 

Knorr George, baker, 31, fouth fourth ft. 

Knorr Jacob, jun. ironmonger, 50, north third ft. and 8, Car- 
ter's alley. 

Knorr John, cooper, 173, 'High ft. 

Knowles Mary, widow gentlewoman, 324, fouth front fr. 

Knowles Sarah Mrs. 70, fouth front ft. 

Knowles William, tavern keeper, corner of Callowhill ft. and 

[ I07 j 

Knax Franc's, fea captain, 81, fouth fecond it. 

Knox Hannah, 48, north levcnth ft. 

Knox &: Hcndcrfoa, merchants, 46, north front ft. 

Knox John,^ houfe carpenter, fo. third ft. bet. South &:S1: ippeu. 

Knox John, accomptant, Farmer's Row. 

Knox Jofeph, bridle bit and harnefs maker, 252, fouth front ft. 

Knox Robert, /Iiip mafter, 58, Penn It. 

Knox William, & Co. merchants, 66, fouth Frpnt (i. 

Knox William, merchant, 31, Spruce ft. 

Koch Jacob Gerard, merchant, Cuthbert's wharf, dwelling 

hoale 263, fouth Front ft. 
Kollotk &: GoUings, iail makers, Latimer's wharf. 
Koon John, labourer, 54, Crown ft. 
Kouckel Henry, biicuit baker, 267, north Front ft. 
Koul Frederick, 24, Callowhill ft. 

Kraaf Heiter, Avidow, waflier, South between lifth and f:xth ft, 
Krafit Jacob-, tavern keeper, 464, north fecond ft. 
Krafft Mary, widow, 404, north iecond ft. 
Krafft Michael, merchant, back of 273, north fecond ft. 
KraiFt Peter, taylor, 36, fouth Water fh 
Kratz & Buehlen, merchants, 255, High ft. 
Kratzburger John, labourer, 355, north fecond ft. 
Kreider Frederick, hatter, 243, north iecond ft. 
Kreps George, brickmaker, between 15 and 19, north fifth ft 
Kretzer Mary, widow, taylorefs, Tallman's alley. 
Krcder William, carpenter, Fromberger's court. 
Kringle Andrew, cooper, 16, Callowhill ft. 
Kripps Margaret, widow, ihopkeeper, 308, north fecond ft. 
Kroll Elizabeth, widow feamftrefs, 33, north fifth ft. 
Kruze Nicholas, houie carpenter. Vine between fcventli an^ 

eighth ft. 
Kucher Peter, iliopkeeper, 227, north fecond ft. 
Kughlen Charles, fliopkeeper, near the corner of fom'tii -ft. in 

Puace ft. 
■Kuhl Frederick, gentleman, 143, north fecond ft. 
Kuhl Henry, afliftant calhier at the bank of the United States,. 

74, Spruce ft. 
Kuhl, M. D. 143, north Iecond ft. 

Knhn x'\dam, M. D. near 140, Chefnut il. 
KuliR Daniel, fhoemaker, 148, Spruce ft. 
Kuhn Martin, butcher, 32, Safiafras ft. 
ivuhn Peter, merchant, 179, High ft. 
Kulen George, painter and glazier, fifth ft. between Plnmband 

German ft. 
Kunckel Chriftian, (hopkeeper, 232, north fecond ft. 
Kunckel Joim, Ihopkeeper, 249, north fecond ft. 
Kurtz George, hog butcher, 440, north fecond ft. 
Kurtz Henry, taylor^ Cherry ft. corner of liftlz. 

C io8 ] 

Knrtn Jacob, hatter, 121, north fecond A. 

Kurtz Peter, tobacconift, 125, rorth iecond ft. 

Xcyfer R.achcl, widow, fouth third between Shippcn an: 

Plumb n. ^"^ 

SL j'^^CE Wm. fpring-makcr, 14, foath fixth A. 
Lackey .Martha, widow, gentlewoman, 370, foinh front ft. 
Lickcy r^larmadiike, plaiflerer, Catherine between Front and 

fecond ft. 
Lacomb John, apothecary, Spruce near £fth ft. 
Lacotombe Cadignon & co. merchants, 97, fouth water/ft. 
Laconcre Gaertin, M. D. 2 u Carter's alley. / 

Laeflcy Philip, glue manufacturer, 22, Kunckell ft. . 
LaiFerty Patrick, carter, 22, Plumb ft. 
Lafierty Daniel, taylor, 22, Plumb ft. 
Laffett, board-ing houfe, 167, fouth front ft. 
LaSttc Peter, furgcon barber, 66, Shippcn ft. 
La^orce, iipholfterer, 179, north iecor.d It 
Laforge margaret, w^idow, innkeeper, 89, Chefnut ft. 
Lagon , Elfrith's allev. 

Lahy Michael, plaiftercr, 27, PeNVter platter alley. 
Lake Edmund, rigger, 45, Queen ft. 
Lake Richard, attorney at law, 88, Vine ft. 
Lalor Dennis, grocer and tavern keeper, corner ofSwanfon and 

Queen ft. 
Lalor John, tavern keeper, 1131, fouth water ft. 
Lamane Thomas, iMifiiin's alley. 
Lamar Mathias, filverfmith, 81, High ft. 
Lambert Catherine, widow, fchoolmiftrefs, Brewer's alley be- 

tsVee:! fecond and third ft. 
Lambert and Labouret, grocers, corner of Vine and third ft. 
Lamorclle &.Hcrve, tobaccoriifts, 97, 
Lamourous Lawrence, grocer, 187, nortli fecond ft. 
Lamy Jofeph, gentleman, 115, nor:h fifth ft. 
Lancaster Sarah, near 35, fouth fourth ft. 
Lance Martin, fur cutcer, /;, Saflfafras alley. 
Land ell Mary, widow, tavern keeper, 343, north front ft. 
Lander John, carter, 79, South ft. Margaret, widow, taylorcfs, fouth front, between 

Queen & Chriftian ft. 

[ 109 ] 

Landis Samuel, fadler, 316, fouth front Ih 

Laiulry , tavlor, tifth between Plumb and German ft, 

^ inc Kdward, fcriveiicr, 152, Spruce It. 

:::e and Godfrev, merchants, Crooked Billet wharf. 

Lane James G. grocer, 73, north hfrh iz. 

Lane Wm. iron merchant, 24, foutl* tifth {\. 

Lang Charles, cordwairver, 33, Vine ft. 
' Lang Johs, upholftcrer, 95, fouth Q. 

Lang Margaret, mantuamakcr, 11, north fifth fb. 
,Lang & Uflick, printers, 79, north third ft. 

Lang William, callico printer, bctwecii Brown and Coates in 
St. John St. 

Langdon John, houfe carpenter, 65, north third ft. 
L'ingiield John, wood fawyer, Shippjn, nsar lifth ii. 

Laning Ilaac, taylor, 21, Strawberry ft. ,^ 

Laning James, Cabinet maker, fliop near 217, Arch ft. 

Ladiag Samuel, houfe carpenter, 9, Chancery lane. 

Lante Lawrence, huckfter, third between Plumb and German 

Lapcfs H. boarding houfe, 50, Spruce ft. 
Laperche John Francis, merchant, 119, Vine fr. 
Laplanche John B. paltry cook, corner of South and third ft, 
Laplanre and Troubal, taylors, 40, north ihird ft. 
Lapfiey David, merchants, 18, fouth fecond ft. 
Lar Adam, blacki'mlth-, Budd, above Brcwn Vc. 
Larimorc Jane, fhopkeeper, 47, fouth fecar.d ft. 
Larkam Thomas, tavern keeper and boarding houfe, z2o fouth 

front ft. . 
Larkey and Mctett, hatters, 9, fouth fifth ft. 
Larkey Patrick, tabourer, fourth be.tveen Shippcn and Plumb. 
Larne Jofeph, grocer, between 32 and 4^, ChrJtijn ft. 
La Pcoche, M. D. corner of Union and fouth third ft. 
La Rue Etienne, gentleman. Farmer's Row. 
L::fher Leonard, tavcrnkeeper, fign" of the iljir, i;frh near Soutk 

La-key Edward, butcher, T15, Vine ft. 
Latimer George and Son, m.erchants, i, P!: : !! 
Lauck David, cooper, 94, north fourth it. 
Lanck , fyuajrer 

Laugier, 37, Cheihut ft. 

Lauman George, merchant, 27, fouth third ft. 
Lauman , mariner, third, near German ft. 

Laup Peter, ftreet fweeper, Coates betv/cen third and fourth 
Laver Melchior, bottler, 14, north fourth ft. > 
Lavand ■" , merchant, 12.5, fouth third ft.^ 
Law Samuel, paper ftainer, 59, Qiicen ft. -* 

Lawrent Maria, tavcrnkeeper, corner of South and Fifth. 
Lawerfwyler Jacob^ fugar reftnerj 90, north iecond ft. 

C no ] 

Lawgcr Chriftian, drayman, 166, north lifth ft. 

Lawler Matthew, fea captain, 34, Walnut ft 

Lawrence Chriftian, blackfmith, 83, north fixth fh 

Lawrence Eleanor, widow, China and glals Here, 259, foiith 

fecond ft. 
Lawrence Henry and Clement, merchants, 54, north fecond ft. 
Lawrence Jacob, carter, Coombes'« alley. 
Lav» rence John, gentleman, 195, Cheinut ft. 
Lawrence Thomas, cooper, 19, north water ft. 
Lawrence Wm. hiitter, 134, fouih front ft. 
Lawrence Wm.. tavern keeper, Vine it. between feventh and 

eighth ft. 
Lawfon John, iliipmafter, 41, table lane, N. L. 
Lawfor Jofeph, fadler, 162, High ft. 
Lawfon Sarah, widow, boarding houfe, 7, fcuth fourth ft. 
Leacock John, coroner, 10, fouth fifth ft. 
Lealord Wm. labourer, near 112, Walnut ft. 
Learning Thomas, attorney at law. Vine ft. corner of Cabk 

Leamy John, merchant, 79, fouth third ft. 
Lear Henry, labourer, 345, north front ft. 
Lcary Elizabeth, widow. Plumb, between fourth and fifth ft. 
Leary IvTargarct, widow, gentlewoman, 259, fouth fecond It. 
Leatherman Francis, carter, fifth kbove German ft. 
Le Boutellicr , 220, fouth fecond ft. 

Le Breton, M. D. 135, Chefnnt ft. 
Lecky Jofeph, mer chant, 34, north front fr. 
Le Clerk Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman, between 22 and 34., 

Plumb ft. 
Le Dorc, ftlverfmith, 238, north front ft., ftone cutter, Elmilie's allev. 
Ledrew John, bricklayer, 6, Almond ft. 
Lee Benjamin, bricklayer, 91, north front ft. Charles, attorney genei-al of the United States, 182, Ar-ch 

Le- Chriftopher, fliipmafter, 39, Cable lane, N. L. 
Lee John 23, north eighth ft. 
Lee Jofeph, mariner, 10, Shippen ft. Robert, m.ariner, fouth third near Carpenter's ft. 
Leech Daniel, houfe carpenter, 156, Spruce ft. 
Leech Duncan, 156, Spruce ft. 
Leech John, jun. innkeeper, 171, High ft. Wm. fadler, German between fecond and third ft. 
'Leedom Wm. jun. and co. merchants, 67, Sims's wharL 
Lees Hannah, widow, 4, Elbow lane. 
Lrfcs Henry, butcher. Crown ft. 
Lees John, flioemaker, fifth near louth fr. 
Lees Samuel, chair maker, 97^ Chcfnutir. 

L III 3 

t^ecfon Michael, labourer, 402, north fccond d. 

Lcfevre E. between Lombard and fouth in Sixth (I. 

Legcay John, uphoHlcrer, ntar 131, Callowhill it. 

Legeay widow, gentlewoman, near 131, Callowhill fl. 

Le Gleifer, 1,-^1, north lecond ft. 

Legrend Clodius, ftone cutter and carver, near ninth in High ft. 

Lechlcr Catherine, widow. Brown, between fecond and third ft. 

Lechler Catherine, widow, grocer, near 91, Lombard ft. 

Lehman Jofeph, 73, north third ft. 

Lehman Samuel, blackfniith, 302, north front ft. 

Lehrs Henry, tavlor, 288, north front ft. 

Lcib George, dealer in tiour. Green between third and fourth 


Leib John L. attorney, 2j, fouth fourth H. 

Leighton [ohn, filk and ftuff fhoemaker, fouth fourth, between 

South and Shippen ft. 
Leinau xAndrew, hatter, loi, north third ft. 
Leineau George, faddle and harnefs maker, Kerr's alley. 
Leiper Thomas, tobacconift, 9, north water ft. 
Lejune Michael, clerk in the general poft office, 10, Elbow lane. 
Lemaire John Baptilte, fencing mafter, 28, Carter's alley. 
Lemai'uriez, widow^, 131, Callowhill i\. 
Lemons INTargaret, wafter. Carpenter ft. between third and 

fourth ft. 
Lcnagan Patrick, cooper, 50, Penn ft. 
Lenncman John, between ninth and tenth in Cherry ft. 
Lenox David, gentleman, 118, AvchCt. 
Lenox Hugh, Arch above fixth ft. 
Lent George, butcher, new Fourth ft. 

Lcntz Henrv, grocer, 236, north lecond fc. / 

Lentz John, cabinet maker, north third between Coates and ^ 

Green i\. 
Leo Peter, teacher of languages, 62, Dock ft. 
Leo Wm. hair drelTer, 45, Chefnut ft. 
Leonard John, fnip carpenter, corner of Callowhill ft. and Cs- 

We lane. 
Leonard John, labourer, Green betW'cen fecond and third ft. 
Leonard jMargaret, widow, huckfter, South, between fourth & 

tilth k. 
Leonard Michael, labourer, north fifth ft. 
Leray Peter, baker, black horfe alley. 
Lerwitt Wm. Cherry between ninth and tenth ft. 
Lefch Zachariah, houfe carpenter, 170, Race ft. 
Lcfher George, coachmaker, near 11, Lombard ft, 
Lefher George, innkeeper, 94, north fecond il. 
Lefher Leonard, tavern keeper, fouth ^i.^th, between Oak and 

South ft. 
Lefher Philip, por^ci', Cr.nvn {\, 

[ I'2 ] 

Lefley Jofiah, merchant, 53, north fecond H:. 

Lc chworih John, windier chair maker, 78, north fourth rt. 

Lttchworth \Vni. fliopkeepcr, 7/j, South Third {\. 

Le'Oinb.' P. conful general fromtbe Republic of France, twelfth 

between Market and Chefnut It. 
Lcutfcr Thomas Herman, merchant, corner of South alley and 

north fifth ih 
Leve Jofcph, grocer, corner of third and Vine i\. 
Lcville l-eicr, ropemaker, Chriflian near third ii. 
Lever John, grocer, Crabb ft. 
Levis Wm. papermaker, 6,, north eighth ft. 
Levy A. gentleman, 58, uonh fourth it. 
Levy widow, 86, Chefnut ft. 
Levy Jofepb, trader, north third between Brown ftreet and 

Poplar lane: 
Levy Joilph, grocer, corner of third and Vine ft. 
Le^y Moles, counfcllor at law, 104, Chefnut ft. 
Levy Samplbn, counfellor at law, 51, north third ft. 
Lewadc Ofburn, wood fawver, back of 369, nortli ft;cond ft. 
Lewis David, infurance broker, between 136 and 142,, fuuth 

fecond it. 
Lewis John, mariner, Sfth between South and Shippcn ft. 
Lewis John, labourer, 45, South ft. 
/ Lewis John A. fcriviner, 121, north fifth ft. 
Lewis iViordecai, merchant, 25, Dock ft. 
L'fewis Nathaniel & Son, merchants, 70, South Wharves, and 

dwelling-houfe 209, fouth fecond ft. 
Lewis Samuel, clerk in the Vv'ar Oflite, 201, Arch ft. 
Lewis Samuel, lliip mafter, Catherine ft. between Front and 

Swanfon ft. 
Lewis William, counfellor at law, 82, fouth third ft. 
Lex A.ndrew, butcher, Creffon's alley. 
Lex Jacob, butcher. Brown ft. between third and fourth. 
Lexur William, grocer, 170, north fecond ft. 
Liber, furgeon dentift, 78, north fixth ft. 
Liber, furgeon dentift, 208, Race ft. 

Librafs Paul, between Prune and Spruce, in fixth ft. 
Liddon Abraham, merchant, 36, north third ft. 
Lightkep Michael, labourer, 20, Plumb ft. 
Limburner John, coach trimmer and harnefs maker, between 

Chefnut and W^alnut in eightli ft. 
Limeburner Philip, bookindcr, 185, north fecond ft. 
Liminington Maria, widow gentlewoman. Green ft. between 

' front and fecond ft. 
Linck Qeorge, ftone cutter. Sugar alley. 
Lincoln, ropemaker, fifth above German ft. 
Lindlay Chriftian, hair drefll-r, Letitia court. 
Lindfay John, cabiset maker, back of 84, fouth third ft- 

t r'?, ] 

Liiidiay Jolin, gentleman, black horlc alley. 

Linulay John, baker, 3, Prune It. 

*Lindiay folin, hoiile carpenter, South, between fifth ar.d tlxth. 

Lindiay fvlarv, widow, (econd ft. between Chrifiian and fhiiioii. 

LindiavWilliam, dealer in China, i, north third it. 

LinelioifGodl'rev, carter, 40, Plumb It. 

Linenfhcet Charles, carter, north fecond (t. 

Link Charlotte, huckfter, 15, north iixth ft. 

Link Gcorre, carter, Budd it. above Brown. 

Link Henrvi I'hoemaker, north fourth above Brown ih 

Linker Daniel, ihoe maker, 146, nortli third ft. 

Linn Hannah, fnopkeeper, 27, foutli fecond ft. 

Linn Robert, labourer, Plumb ft. between fourth and fifth. 

Ljnnard Thomas, bricklayer, 32,^), fouth fecond ft. 

Linnard William, houte carpenter, 32,6, fouth iecond ft. 

Linnard William, houfe carpenter, 332, fouth fecond ft. 

Linlon Benjamin, laft and heel maker, Riddle's alley. 

Linton Samuel, bricklayer, 

Linton William, 

Liot Charles F. Confal from tjic French Republic, 30, north 

eighth ft. 
Lippincotts & iVIerretield, merchants, ,^8, north Front ft. 
Lippincott , 58, north Front ft. 

Lippincott Tbomas, labourer, 61, Chriftian {x. 
Lippincott William, dry gooj merchant, 2, north Front ft. 
Life John, jnn. merchant, 8, north third ft. 
Lifie Henrv, gentleman, 127, fouth ibcondft. 
Lilton Robert, iNlinifter from Great-Britain to the V. States, 

217, Arch ft. 
Lithgaw Edward, hcufe carpenter, 258, fouth fecond ft. 
Little Catherine, v.idow waflier, fouth third near Plumb ft. 
Little James, fchoolmaftcr, fouth fecond between Catherine ft, 

and ]Mead alley. 
Little John, clerk in the office of the Rc^ifter General of the 

Treafiiry of the United States, 40, north fixth ft. 
Little Robert, taylor, 26, Swanfon ft. 
Little William, houfe carpenter and (hip joiner, fouth fecond ft. 

between and Catherhie ft. 

Littler John S. merchant, 38, High ft. 
Lloyd llaac, merchant, ^8, Union ft, 
Lioyd Marv, v/idow, boarding houfe, 12, Shippen ft. 
Lloyd Nicholas, biackfmith, feo, north feveath ft. 
Llovd & Sparks, merchants, next to 44, South Wharves, 
Lloyd Sc Tompkins, flour factors, 87, corih water ft. 
Loague Robert, houfe carpenter, 14, Shippen fc. 
Lockart John, merchant. Brook's court. 
Loclcton John, fliopkeeper, 150, fouth tront ft, 
Lockyer Sufannah, ihopkeeper, 14, fouth fecond ft. 


C "+ ] 

Lodrr Edward, millwright, 115- Callowhill ft. 

Locior Benjamin, blockmakcr, Elfrith's alley. 

Lcdor John, tavlor, fouth Water ft. near the corner of spruce 

Lon-an Adam, cordwainer, 20T, nertb Iccond ft. 
Logan Ann, widow, German ft. betv/een third and fourth. 
Logea Anthor.v, labourer, 5, South alley. 
Lorue Thomas, ibldier, Pewter Platter alley. 
Lohra & Carlile, ironmongers, 42, north third ft. 
Lohra John, ironmonger, 41, Cherrv ft. 
Lohra Peter, notary public, 54, ibuth feccnd ft. 
Loir John B. & Jofeph Henry Chevalier, merchant*;, 58, Lom- 
bard ft. 
Loif^ur William, gentleman, Green ftreet between Front and 

Lompert Jofnna, butcher. Vine ft. between feventh and eighths 
Long David, labourer. Plumb between third and fourth ft. 
Long James, mariner, between 351 Sc 357, fonth Front ft. 
Long Jobn, tallow chandler, 172, Race i\. 
Longcope Edward, taylor and boarding houfe, Lrttitia court. 
Longcope Samuel, printer, 147, Spruce ft. 
Longs Margaret^ widow, 82, Union ft. 
Lorain John & Son, merchants, 24, High ft. 
Lort Mary, widow, near 137, Spruce ft. 
Lorron Jeffe, brals founder, 14, north fifth ft. 
Lott . J-Ienry, houfe carpenter, 149, Walnut ft. 
Louden John, tobacconift, 329, fouth Front ft. 
Loudon Jacob, bifcuit baker, 50, Almond ft. 
Loutherbouro- A. C. H. limner, 273, fonth fccond ft. 
Lovs William, chair and fpinninc; wheel maker, 150, nortk 

Love!l William, fchoolmiafter, 17, Coates's alley. 
Lovett Francis, cooper, Chriftian between front and feccnd ft, 
Lovewell John & Co. merchants, and manufacturers of hofl- 

ery, &:c. 4, north third ft. 
Low Hugh, iliopkeepcr, 349, fouth fecond ft. 
Low & Thatcher, (hopkeeper, 7, north fecond ft. 
Low^ Vincent, pilot, 32, Queen ft. 

Lower George, baker. Cherry ft. near the corner of eighth. 
Lownes Caleb, merchant, fecond wharf fouth of Chefnut ft. aod 

near the corner of tenth in A.rch ft. 
Lowne^, David, tayolr, 73, Arch ft. 
Lowaes John, gentleman, 33, fouth third ft. 
Lownes Jofeph, goldfmith, 130, fouth front ft. 
Loxlcy Benjamin, houfe carpenter, 30, Spruce ft. 
Loxley Benjamin, fea captain, 1 17, Arch ft. 
Lucas Edward, lioulc carpenter, between ninth and tenth, i» 

Cherry ft. 

[ J '5 ] 

Lucas William, mariner, between 351 and 357, fouth front ft. 

Lucas merchant, Sonth Wharves. 

Luck Peter, labourer, Plumb between fourth and fifth ft. 

Luckins Jonathan, fadier, 8y, north front ft. 

Ludlam George, plumber, 9, Norris's alley. 

Ludlam & Howflands, plumbers, 33, South Wharves. 

LutfAdam, wood fa wyer,,, Green it. between third ar^d fourth. 

Luif borough Nathan, 66, north fixth ft. 

Luifborou;rh Nathaniel, hirer of light waggons, Rutter's alley. 

Luker Jacob, labourer, north fecond Ih above Poplar Lane. 

Lua Sufarnidh, widow, 100, Swanfon ft, 

Luiket John, labourer, Budc above Brown ft. 

Lutter Widow, Pine ft. between lixth and feventli. 

Lutts Adam, breeches maker, 467, north fecondfh 

Lutts George, cedar cooper, 407, north fecond ft. 

Lucz Adam, cedar cooper, Green ft. between Front and fecond 

Lutz Jacob, cedar cooper. Crown ft. 
Lutz John, taylor, Budd ft. between Coates's and Brown. 
Lutz Michael, fhoemaker, Budd ftreet, between Coates's and 

Lybrand Chriftian, brickmaker, 133, New ft. 
Lybrand George, corner of tenth and Filbert ft. 
Lybrand Jacob, houfe carpenter, 27, north eighth ft. 
I^ycer Samuel, rope maker, Carpenter ft. between tkird and 

fourth ft. 
Lyell Margaret, widow, boarding hoiiie, t6, Lombard ft. 
Lyle Ja,mes, merchant, 153, fouth lecondft. 
Lyle Walter, blackfniith, 46, -Almond ft. 
Lynam John^ fhoemaker, 17, Spruce ft. 
Lynch James, turner and fpinning wheel maker, ijj, north 

third ft. 
Lynch John, merchant, i86, fouih Front ft. ^^ 

Lindall Benjamin, cabinet maker, 73, fouth third ft. 
Lyndall Jofeph, labourer, 63, Chriftian ft. 
Lyne & Mathew, blackfmith and farrier, Apple Tree alley, 
Lynn Mifs, 97, fouth front ft. 

Lynn Elizabeth, widow, boarding houfe, ^^^y Walnut ft. 
Lynn John, gentleman, ^, Chancery laae. _ 
Lyon Eleanor, boarding houfe, 388, north fecond ft. 
Lyons Andrew, labourer, near 30, north eighth ft. 
Lyons Solomon, gentleman, 109, Race ft. 
Lyons William, cooper, fouth fecond near the corner of Catlie- 

rine ft. 
7-yons William, houfe carpenter. Prime near Swanfon ft, 
' ytman Sarah, widow, bjarding houfe, 59, Qiisen Ih corner fi£ 

Front IL 

[ ii6 J 



, MLLISTFll Charles, Tea captain, 78, Uuion {\. 

M'Allilier John, whip and cane maker, 48, Chelnut ft. 

M'Allifter Mary, 29, fouth third ft. <^ 

MVUpiii James, raylor, 3, fonth fourth 1. 

M'Aulay ^4^neas, weaver, German, between fourth and fifth ft. 

M'Beath James, taylor, 300, fouth front fl:. 

M'Brids Hannah, widow, Chriflian, between front & fecond fl. 

M'Bridt; Hutrh, fhoemaker, Ibuth fecond between Chriliian &' 

Mary fh 
M 'Bride James, Farrier, 88, Shippen f>. 
M 'Bride Thomas, blackfmith, German between third zv.d 

fourtli ft. 
M^^Cabe Elizabeth, huckfter, 164, Swanfon fl. 
M'Cahan widow, -131, north fixth ft. 
M'Call Archibald, merchant, 187, fouth fecond fl. 
M'Call Archibald jun. merchant, 113, Spruce ft, 
M'Cali George, merchant, 121, Chefnut fl. 
M'Cal! Margaret, widow, yj, fouth fourth i*. 
M'Call R chert, mariner, 
M'C.illa Ai.:lre\v, tavern keeper, fouth third between Plumb ic 

M Cr Ua Andrew, flioemaker, fourth between Shippen mid 

Plumb ft. 
M^Cana Dadd, taybr, 81, South ft. 
M'Calla foliii, copperiinilh, 71, Walnut ft:. 
M'Cal] a Jolfn, innkeeper, 50, north fourth ft. 
M'Caficr I-^':rhanieI, kibjurer, Cieffon's alley. 
M Cora John ik Andrew, merchants, 56, fouih fecond ft. 
M'Ckrdles John, taylor, near 48, fouth fourth ft. 
M'Carr Jo^m, taylor, 89, north fecond ft. ' 

MX JT John, ta)lor, 206, north flxond ft. 
M 'Carry Barnaby, taylor, near 78, ibuth water ft. 
M'Cirt Dar.iei, labourer, German, between fourth and fifth ft. 
M'Carr-iy Rachel, widows feainiirefs, ?l'CuHo( -rs court. 
McCarthy Agr.cs, v/idow, Mead alley. 
M'Carthv Mafy, widow, huckfter, 21, South ft. 
r.l'Caulry George, boat bv.ilder, Drke it. ' 
M^Cauley John.'copperimith, 89, fouth front ft. 
*IVl'Ca\vley James, Livery ftable keeper, 45., Cherry, & dwell- 

injv houfe corner of Vine and fifth ii. 
M'CIaifcry, 114, v.orth fourrh ft. 

'M'Ciajkey James, gavsJnei . MerrittV lano, near Chriftian ft. 
H'Claikey Michael, ihocmaker, iq. Brewer's alley. 

[ '^i 3 / 

M'Laws William, fadler, 72, Chcfnut fl. . 

M'Leau Andrev/, mahogany fawyer, Plumb ft. between fourth '^ 

and Hith. 
IM'Lean Elias^ pointer and glazier, third fl. between Plumb 

and German. 
M*L?aa Fiora, widow, wafher, 20?, north fecond ft. 
M'Leary .Martha, widow, third ft. between Plumb and Gcr= 

man i\. 
M'Leer James, houfe carpenter, German ft. between third and 

M'Leod Catherine, widow, boarding houfe, 22, Elfrith's alley. 
M'Leod Daniel, labourer, Ibutli fccond ft. between Catherine 

and Qiieen. 
M'Lcod Dup-ald, labourer, fouth front ft. between Queen anl 

Al'Leod John, rope maker, i, Chcihut ft. and 17, Swanfon. 
M'Leod John, rope maker, Chriftian ftreet^ between third and 

M'A'lahon Thomas, weaver, 271, north fecond ft. 
M'MdDiis Eleanor, fick nurfe, iouth fecond between Catherine 

and Oueen ft. 
M'Menomy Charles, nailor. Plumb between third and fourth 

jVl'iMicken John, houfe carpenter, 8, Plumb ft. 
M'Mullea Eneas, grocer, Plum.b between fecond and third ft. 
M'lMuilen John, goidfm.ith, 120, fouth front ft. 
M'Mullen John, lllverfmith, Vernon ft. 
M'Mullcn John, blacklmith, Swanfon near Prime. 
M'Mullcu Margaret, widow waiher, INlead alley. 
M'Alullen Mary, waiher, 98, Swanfon ft. 
M'Mullen Robert, Ihip joiner, 60, Swanlbn ft. 
M'Mullen Robert, houfe carpenter. Plumb between fourth and 

tifth ft. 
Al'Mullen William, juftice of the peace, Vernon ft. 
M'Mullen William, feip joiner, 22, Almond ft. 
IM'Murphey Jane, wido^v huckfcer, South between Front and 

feoond ft. 
M'Murtrie William, merchant, bet. 83 and 96, fouth fourth ft. 
M'Nair John, ipinner of thread, corner of fourth and Gaikell 

M'Namara Patrick, orocer, South betw ccn third and fourth. 

M'NeaiW.dow, 52, Almond ft. 
M'Neal Ann, widow gentlev/onian, y6, Union ft. 
M'Neale John, labourer, Gaikell ft. between third and fourth. 
M'Neram ^talcolm, fhip mafter, 336, fouth front ft. 
M'Phail Alexander, bricklayer, corner of South Liberiy' alley. 
^C'PhaiI William, chi«2 and glafs ftore, 77, Dod: ft. 

[ 122 ] 

AiJ^licrion \Vm. naval officer, 8, north eighth ft, 
M'Quecn Donaid, grocer, 182, north fecond ft. 
M'Rae William, khoolmafter, Mifflin's alley. 
M'Shane Barnabas, innkeeper, 43, north third ft. 
M'Vickar Nathan, merchant, 67, fonth front ft. 
Madden Fergus, labourer, ]8o, fouth third ft. 
Madden Mary, feanoftrefs, 4, Hoffman's alley, 
Maddock Jeffe, taylor, 121, fouth fecond ft. 
Maddock \Villiam Lloyd, grocer, jc. White Horfe alley. 
Madery George, labourer, between third and fourth in Brew- 
er's alley. 
Maffett Robert, innkeeper, 28, \^'alnut ft. 
Magaw Samuel, D. D. 126, Spruce ft. 
Magce Gabriel, foap boiler and tallow chandler, Vernon ft. 
A'lager Philip, taylor, Duke fr. 
Magnus John, taylor, St. John's ft. bet\Yeen Poplar Lane an^ 

Brown ft. 
Magoffin Jofeph & Son, merchants, 12, fouth front ft. 
Maguire Ann, widow mantua maker, 12, Sugar alley. 
Maguire Dennis, labourer, near 9, Combes's alley. 
Mahhan James, fliipcarpenter, Budd ft. above Brown ft. 
Mabon John, taylor, 32, north Water ft. 
Mahony Patrick, boarding and lodging houfe, corner of Soutk 

and Vernon ft. 
Makins Samuel, fea captain, 15, Kembard ft. 
Malambre Jacob, Ihuemaker, 37, Walnut ft. 
Malbro Nicholas, coperfmith, near 9, Union ft. 
Maley William, ihip mafter, Duke ft. 
Mallay Timothy, taylor, 385, fouth front ft. 
Mallinfon George, nail manufacturer, between tenth and eir- 

venth in Filbert ft. 
Mander John, hair dreifer, 473, north fecond ft. 
Mandeville David, Icrivener, 81, north fixth ft. 
Maney Michael, carter, 461, north fecond ft. 
Mangold Frederick, flioemakcr, between Coates and Green i» 

north third ft. 
Manly Henry, dealer in flioes, 40, High ft, 
Mann John, blackfmith, near 22, Kunckell ft. 
Manfell John, rule and umbrella maker, 252, fouth front ft, 
Mansfield Jofeph, gentleman, 435, north fecond ft. 
Manfoii James, mariner, 5, Gray's alley. 
Marache Solomon, boarding houfe, 53, north fourth ft. 
Marcer Jofeph, taylor, 131, Race ft. 
Marcker Andrew, taylor, between Race and Arch in nortk 

eighth ft. 
Marechaux John, merchant, 16, Gray's alley, 
Marie Laurent, tavern keeper, corner of South and fixth ft. 
Mariner Frederick, pilot, 32, Union ft. 

t 123 ] 

Marker Jacob, wcavej-, Green ft. between Front and fecoud. 
Marklcy George, grocer, between Green and Coates's i\. in 

St. John's. 
Markoe Abraham, gentleman, near ninth in Market ft. 
Mark^ , gentleman, 26, Callosvhili ft. 

Marks Hymen, corner of Chelnut and fouth fourth ft. 
Marks Ifaac, watcli dealer, 36, Coates's alley. 
Marks John, labourer, between 42, and 52, Cable lane. 
jMarks Nicholas & Peter Leveck, grocers, near 115, Spruce ft. 
Marks Robert, labourer, between Poplar Lane and Brown, in 

St. Joim's ft. 
Marlis Solomon, merchant, 105, fouth third ft. 
Mariey Ptichard, fhocmaker, 15, north fixth ft. 
Marley Thomas, fnopkeeper, 267, High ft. 
Mariey William, cordwainer, Swanibn near Qiiecn ft. 
JNlaroche Solomon, 53, north fjurth ft. 
Marple Elizabeth, ^idow feamftrefs, 20, Sugar alley. 
Marple Samuel, fliip carpenter, Duke ft. 
Marpnle Abraham, fliip carpenter, Tailman's alley. 
JNl^rr John, fadler and cap maker, Cheftiut ft. 

Marrot Davenport, chair maker, 18, Combe's alley. 
Mar.Hi Jofeph Colonel, {hip w right, Chriftian ft. 
Marfli Joi'eph, iliip carpenter, 14, Chriftian ft. 
Marfii Mark, mariner. Spruce near fifth ft. 
Marfhall Ann, widow huckfter, CrefTon's alley. 
Marihall Charles &: Son, druggifts, 46, Cheihut ft. 
Marihall Charles, drusg-ilt, ^6, Chelnut ft. 
Marfliall Chriftopher jun. druggift, 24, Strawberry ft. 
Marftiall l^^avid, legar maker, tifth between Plumb and Oak ft. 
Marfliall Hann-ah, tavern keeper, 140, north water ft. 
Mai (hall Jofeph, feed ftore, 324, north fecond ft. 
Marihall John, ironmonger, 11, north fecond ft. / 

Marfliall Robert & Co. cabinet makers, 255, fouth front ft. V 
Marfliall Sarah, widow, 19, Carter's alley. 
Marfhall William rev. minifter of the Aflbciate Coagregation, 

1 18, Spruce l^. 
Marflion Barney, fhoemaker, Chriftian between front ft. and 

Swanfon ft. 
Martin Benjamin, cordwainer, GafiCell ft. between third and 

fourth ft. 
Martin Charles, boarding houfe, 4, Swanfon ft. 
Martin Chriftopher, caulker. Mead alley. 

Martin Francis, mariner, fourth bet. South and Shippen .ft. 
Martin, Jacob, joiner, 87, north Front ft. 
Martin jofeph, houfe carpenter, *back of 192, Arch ft. 
Martin John, taylor, 17, fouth fourth ft. 

Martin John Peter Baptifte, gentleman, 380, Horth fcventk ft, 
Martin John, flour fa^lor, 6j, north fecon4 ft. 


[ 124 ] 

Martin John, bricklayer, middle of Prime ft. 

Martin Marianne, widow, 21, South ft. 

Martin Ricliard, tavern keeper, fourth A. between PU:mb and 

and German. 
Martin Robert, mariner, 62, Chriftian ft. 
Martin Thomas, lawyer, near the corner of fourth in Cherry 

Martin Thomas, milkman, louth fccond ft. between Cliriftiaa 

and Mary ft. 
MaVtin William, fadler, 69, fonth Second ft. 
Martin William, plane maker, 16, Church ^Ilev. 
Martin William, gentleman, 22, north F^ighth iz. 
Martineau , gentleman, 107, Vine ft. 

M?.fa Philip, mnficlan, corner of tliird and Otieen ti. 
Mafon Vv'idow, between 173 and 177, north third ft. 
Mafon Mrs. . 21, Cherry ft. 
Maibn llaac, iail maker, 58, New ft. 
Alalon Philip, engine maker, 137, Spruce ft. 
Mafon Prifcilla, widow, gentlewoman, ~ 13, Vine ft. 
Mafon Robert, grocer, 21, Shippen ft. 
IMciXon Simeon, taylor, 31, Elfrith's alley. 
Mafon Thomas, chair maker, 20. Callovhill ft. 
Mafon Thoma?, windfor chair maker, 65, Vine ft. 
Alafon Thomas, blocJwraker, Loxlev's alley. 
Mafon Thomas, windfor chair maker, Kunckel ft. 
Mafon William, f}iipmafter, 101, Swanfon ft. 
Mafoner Jacob, fchoolmafier, 54, Green ft. 
Mafley Charles, gentleman, 19, fouth Water ft. 
Maffey William, merchant, 277, north front ft. 
Maffieu John Eaptifte, bathing houfe, 125, Race ft. 
Maflbl ik Rebou!, exchange brokers, ^j. Race ft. 
Maftcr Joftph, cooper cc gr.ager, i^^ Cambes's alley. 
jMafter V/illiam, /lioemaker, 71, fourh third ft 
Maftcrs Thomas Parker, houfe carpenter, 411, north Front ft, 
Mafterman , butcher, 186, nortli fifth ft. 

Marher James, doorkeeper of the Senate of the United States, 

33, north tenth ft. 
Mather Ralph, merchant, Kerr's alley. 
Mather Richard, merchant, 41, Arch ft. 
Mather Richard, flpur merchant, 78, Crown ft. 
iMathews Mary, Ihopkeepcr, between 24 aad 2S, fbuth fourth 

Mathews James, hair dreiTcr, 61, fuuth Front ft. 
Mathews Joleph, taylor, 102,, Vine ft. 
Mathews Lucv, widow^, boarding houfe, 59, Arch ft. 
.Mathews William, painter and glazier, 344, fouth Front ft. 
Mathey Lewis, clock and watch maker, i j8, north fecond ft. 
^lathias Nathaa; taylor, CaliowUiil, below water ft. 

[ '^b ] 

r/i.iiliiron NcU, merchant:, 167, Touth v/atcr, and 32, Pine ft. 

Marliick Jofiih, city furvcyor, 51, Spruce ft. 

Mailack Timothy, clerk of the ihniuc oi" Pennfylvauia, Mul- 
berry court. 

Tvlatlack Wm. watciiniaker, 34, fouth third ft. 

Mitrern Andrew, potter, 247, north fccoiid l\. 

Matthews John, 81, north lecond fu 

Matthews James, whiprnaker, near the corner of tifth in Loin- 
hard ft. 

Matthias Thoma:^, hatter, 72, fouth ft. 

Maul Meyer, ihip carpenter, Green, between front and fecond 

Maulfhy John, gentleman, l>udd above Brov/n it 

Mauranges BaptiCce, ccr.ier of fecond and Cheiiiut. 

Miuranaes Guibert and Codannius, merchants, 89, High ft. 

ATixiniliian Elizabeth, widow. Oak ft. 

Alaxfein Adam, taylor, Anne i\. 

M-ixwell Anthony, cordwainer, Swanfon Ic. 

Maxwell Archibald, fliipmafccr, 2, Prane ft. 

Max .veil James, labourer. Noble ft. betsvecn Front ar.d fs,- 
cond ("t. 

Maxwell John, Chriftian fr. bet. fecond and third ft. 

MaxMeld Stephen o: Son,, lumber merchants, 215, north third, 
aid 23, New Market ft. 

May Adam, grocer, 29, north ninth i\. 

May Lewis, labourer, corner of Ccillcwhill and fourth (t 

Maybin John, merchant, 155, north fecond ft. 

Mayer John, joiner, near 123, north filth ft. 

Mayer Nicholas, innkeeper, 46S,-north fecond P:, 

jN'layres George, baker, 154, north front fr. 

Maze John L maftmaker, Biddle's alley. 

Mazurie James, merchant, 28, fouth front ft. 

Meade Geotrry, mariner^ near 81, Pine ft. 

Meade George, merchant, 78, Walnut it. and cmmting houfc 
between Walnut ft. and Willing's alley. 

Meade George, jun. merchant, btt\veen eighth ai:d ninth m 
Filbert ft. 

Meade James, mariner, near 8t, Pine ft. 

Meade Pvichard, merchant, near 27, Dock ft. 

Mearns John, hair drtller and perfumer, 89, fouth fecond ft. 

Meafe 1. merchant, 176, fouth front ft. 

Medddin widow, dealer in china, &c. ti.ird b^tv/een Coates & 
Brown it. 

Mcder John, rev. paftor of the Moravian church, 74, Race ft. 

Mechlin Jofeph, grocer, 137, Pvace ft. 

Mechlin Samuel, grocer, 135, and 137, Race ft. 

Meeker Cochran & co. merchants, 20, foath front ft. 

Meeker Elihu, cordwainer, corner of South and HuBc ft. 

126 ] 

Meeker Samuel, corchvaincr, foifth fecond, between Chriftian 

and Mary ft. 
Mccny Godfrey, baker, 51, north fixth ft. 
MeiCon Jofeph, grocer, 57, Chefnut ft. 
Ivlelbeck John, dealer in china, 151, north fecond ft. 
Melony Peter, taylor, fouth front between Queen and Chrif- 
tian ft. 
rvlemin2;er Tlieodore and George, grocers, 169, north fecond ft. 
Mendenhall Adam, merchant, Cook's wharf, 
INIends Benjamin, clock and watch maker, 131, fouth front ft. 
Menipple Peter, muftard maker, Brown ft. between third and 

fourth ft. 
Mercer Peter, 22, Appletrce alley. 
Msrcer Robert, cordwaincr, fjuih between fixth and feventh 

IMcrcer \Vm. mariner, 56, Shippsn ft. 
Meredith widow, ijy, Chefnut ft. 
Meredith Benjamin, p'aifterer, 184., Vine ft. 
Meredith Jonathan, tanner and currier, 106, Cliefnut, and 27f 

fouth third ft. 
Meredith Tofeph, plaifterer, 13;>, north fixth ft. 
Meredith lli«hard, paftrycook, 257, fouth front ft. 
Meredith Samuel, treafurer of the United States, 171, Chefnut 

Meredith Walter, plaifterer, Nicholfon's court. 
Meredith William, merchant, in, fouth third ft. 
Merle , merchant, 32, fouth fifth ft. 

Merriam John, carver, fhop 279, north, and houfe Green, be- 
tween front and fecond ft. 
Merrick Samuel, merchant, 243, Arch, and 33, Dock ft. 
Merritt John, labourer, ^$73, fouth front ft. 
Merritt Marmaduke, boatbuilder, Catherine between Front and 

Swanfon ft. 
Merritt Peter, boatbuilder, Chriftian, between Front and 

Swanfon ft. 
Merritt Robert, wac^goncr, front, between Mary and Pine ft. 
Mervine George, blacld"mith, Plumb, between third and fourth 

Mervine John, taylor, Pear ft. 
McfTchert M. H. merchant, 11, Penn fr. 
Mefferfmith John, tinplate worker, 33, Pewter platter alley. 
Mctcalf Leonard, fhoemaker, 2, Mead alley. 
Mctts JoKn, iun. boot and fhoemaker, Catherine, between front 

aacf fecond ft. 
Metz John, boarding and lodging houfe, between Chriftian and 

Mary ft. 
Mctz Paul, tinplate worker, fouth third, between Shippen and 

Plumb ft. 

[ '27 ] 

Meyer George, balcer, 330, north front fl:. 

Meyer Henry, innkeeper, corner of Race andhlfth fl. 

Meyer Henry, Potter, 133, north third 11. 

Meyer Henry, jun. hatter, corner of Race and fifth i\. 

Mcyere Camon, grocer, 38, north feveath ft. 

Meyers Gudlip, baker, 46, Vine it- 

Meyers Jacob, between eighth and ninth, in Filbert ft. 

Mcvers John, weaver, 60^ north fixth fl. 

Micklejohn John, grocer, 4, High 11. 

Micklejohn Walter, taylor, north third, between Shippen aui 

Plumb ft. ' 

Middleton Aaron, waterman, 41, Chriftian ft. 
Middleton Gabriel, bricklayer, 125, north fifth ft, 
Middleton Hannah, gentlewoman, 104, Walnut ft. 
Middleton Samuel, boarding houie, 4, Norris's alley. 
Alidlen Walter, mariner, 34, Plumb ft. 

Miercken Henry and Peter, rehners, 35 and 41, Shippen ft , 
Miffiiu Benjamin, merchant, 51, Almond ft. 
Miffliii John, gentlewoman, 112, fouth fecond ft. 
jMiiflin Jonathan, gentleman, 3, fouth ftxth ft. 
Mifflin Thomas, gentleman, 128, Spruce ft. 
Mifflin Thomas, governor of the ftate of Pcnnfylvania, 248, 

High ft. 
Milan Samuel, tobacconift, 7, Saffafras alley. 
Miles Henry, boarding houfe, Coates between fecond and rhird 

Miles John, gun maker, 500, north fecond ft. 
Miles Sanauel, jun. merchant, 193, High, and dMfclling near 

108, Arch ft. 
Miles Samuel, carpenter, between Walnut and Chefnutia north 

eighth ft. 
Millard Thomas, fpinningNfheel and chair maker, 398 and 400, 

north front ft. 
Miller Alexander, cartman, 158, Spruce ft. 
Miller Alexaiider, bottler, fouth between third and fourth ih 
Miller Andrew, potter. Elder or Zeen ft. 
Miller Andrew, lea captain, 112, fouth third ft. 
Miller Anna, 140, north fourth ft. 

Miller Arthur, innkeeper, between ninth and tenth in Arch ft- 
Miller Baltus, copperplate printer, back of 210, Clyraer's court. 
Miller B. grocer, near 49, fouth wharves. 
Miller Catherhie, widow, huckfter, Green, between third aD(*. 

fourth ft. 
Miller Charles, grocer, corner of fourth and Race ft. 
Miller David, 2;rocer, 230, fouth fecond ft. 
Miller Daniel, Ihopkeeper, 416, north fecond ft. 
Miller Elizabeth, widow, Noble, near the cornef of fourth ft 

[ 128 ] 

Miller Ephraim, labourer, between Walnut and Sp:*ucc ia 

c:o;htii 11. 
Miller Frederick, fliopkeeper, i86, Race ft. 
Miller George, potter, 316^ north lecond ft. 
Miller Sz Hafuiger, merchants, 176, Hip^h ft. 
Miller Henry, law whetter, back of 93, Arch ft. 
IViiller Henry, baker, 32, Penn Ih 
Aliller Henry, tobacconift, 239, north fecond ft. 
Miller Jacob, flour merchant, Appleiree alley. 
Miller Jacob, houle carpenter, between leventh and eighth in 

Race fr. 
Miller Jame« & William, merchants, 87, Chcftiut ft. 
Miller James, ftevidore, 90, north water ft. 
Miller James, taylor, 18, Ibuth water fl. 
Miller John, grocer, 77, north fecond fh 
Miller Jolui, grocer, 157, front ft. 
Miller John, jun. and Co. 8, Chtfnut ft. 
Miller John, jnn. merchant, 18, Pine ft. 

Miller John, labourer, fourh fourth, between Plumb and Ship- 
pen i\. 
Miller John, blackfmith, 63, north fourth ft. 
Miller John Frederick, fhoemaker, corner of Gi-een and third 

Miller John, labourer, German, between fourth and fifth fh 
Milkr "John, bricklayer, 18, Callowhill ft. 
rsiillcr Jofeph I. merchant, 6, north fourth, and IJ7, High ft. 
iViiller and Eckert, merchants, 4 doors below Pine, on RufTel's 

Miller Magnus, one of the wardens of tit e port, 129, fouth 

fecond ft. 
Miller INlichael, wheat-fan maker, between 30 and 44, Spruce 

Miller iVicliael, potter, 314, north fecond ft. 
iMillcr Michael, fan maker, 172, Spruce ft. 
Miller Martin, cordwainer. Brown, between front and fecond 

fecond ft. 
A.iiller Mary, widow, gentlewoman, 153, Arch ft. 
Aliller Michael, labourer. Green, between third and fourth ft. 
Miller Matthew, tayh.r, 2, fbuth water ft. 
Miller Matthias, labourer, fouth front, between Green and 

Mary ft. 
iMil'er Nicholas, fea captain, 48, Union ft. 
Miller Peter, brufli maker, Nicholfon's court. 
Miller Thomas, weaver, Budd between Coates and Green ft. 
Miller Thomas, ftevidore, Noble, between fecond and third ft. 
Miller Wm. tobacconift, 49, nortli front ft. 0> 

Miller Wm. merchant, 104, fouth front ft. 

.[ 129 ] 

Miller Win. fiiallopman, 3^6, fouth front ft. 

Miller Wm. carrer, between feventh aud eighth in Cherry ft. 

Miller wido'.v, 47, Almond ft. 

jMilier i\lrs. 63, Cherry ft. 

Mi'tigan James, gentleman, 131, foiuh fecond ft. 

Milli.^an Samuel, fliip malter, South, between fifth and fixth 

Milli? John, ihoemaker, -369, north fecond ft. 
Millis John, cordwainer, Chriftian between fecond and third (L 
Milne £jrtionJ, ihoc warehoufe, corner of Arch and third ft. 
Milrier Samuel, houfe carpenter, Kunckel ft. 
Milnor Hannah, gentlewoman, 61, Lombard ft. 
Milnor Jamesj attorney at law, 84, Arch ft. 
Milnor ifaac, guager, 37, Union ft. 
Milnor Wm. guager, 5, Norris's alley. 
Mills Francis, wood fawyer, 200, north front ft. 
Alills James, grocer, 84, Cliefnut ft. 

Mills Wm. oylterman, Coatcs between fecond and third ft. 
Millfon John, painter and glazier, corner of Lombard and fifth 

Milly Andre & Co. merchants, near 5, fouth third ft. 
Millwood Wm. maftmaker, Tallman's alley, 
Min63 widow, 68, Elder or Zeen ft. 
Mingel John, bellows maker, Appletree alley. 
Mingle John, blackfmith, between 197 and 201 Arch ft. 
Minifie Charles and Co. foap boilers and tallow chandlers, 49, 

Union ft. 
Alinks Elizabeth, mifs, near 26, north ninth ft. 
Minnick Conrad, labourer, 30, Kunckel ft. 
Mintz El'zabeth, widow, 68, Race ft. 
Mintefs James, 102, Walnut ft. 
Mitchell Abel, ropemaker, Chriftian, between tlllrd and fourth 

Mitchel Alexander, baker, 10, Race ft. 
Mitchell Abraham, cooper, 170, north water ft. 
Mitchell Benjamin, houfe carpenter, 229, Arch ft. 
Mitchel] Fl jrence, tavern keeper, i, Letitia court. 
Mitche'l Flores, trader, 43, Walnut ft. ^ 

Mitchell George, boarding houfe, ito, Swaafon ft. / 

Mitchell Heory, fhip chandler, 198, fouth water ft. V 

Mitchell Jacob, mahogany merchant, Gadvel bet. third &: 4th ft, 
Mitchell Jofhua, houfe carpenter, Anne ft. 
Mitchell Rofannah, widow, fifth between Plumb and Oak ft. 
JVlitchell Samuel, carter, between Race and Vine in north 

iixth ft. 
Mitchell Samuel, labourer, n, Kunckel ft. 
Mitchell Thomas, bricklayer, 26, Cable Lane, N. L, 
Mitchell Wm. bookbinder, 60, Chriftian ft. 


[ i-o ] 

jMitman Philip, taylor, 38, fouth water fV. 

Mocli Nicholas, wheelwright, fouth third, between Plumb Si 

Shippcn 11. 
Mode Jefic, labourer, corner of third and Queen It. 
Moti'att .Adam, labourer, fouth, between fixth and fevcnth ft. 
Moii'att David, ihipmaiter, between lecond and front it. 
Alolan Jamesy furgeon, dentift, and man midwife, 7, Prune ft. 
Moliere Herjrv, ropemaker, and Ibip chandler, 3, fouth ofWal- 

nut fr. wharf. 
Molineaux John, hair drclter, fouth front, between Green and 

Chriirian ft. 
Moll Simon, fhoemaker, St. John ft. 
Molonv James, currier, 90, Chefnut ft. 
MoLiday Francis, mariner, fouth fecond, between Chriftian and 

Q^ueen ft, 
Monderlield John, tavernkeeper, 22, Coatcs ft. 
jMonges John, phyfician, 83, Dock ft. 
Monk Hannah, widow, feami'trefs, fouth front, between Qiiecn 

and Chriftian ft. 
Monro Henry, cabinet maker, front between Catherine and 

Qiieen ft. 
Montea George, fhoemakcr, 30, Sugar alley. 
Monteith , fea captain, 28, Pine ft. 

Monteny "VVm. fea captaiu, 22, Vine ft. 

Montgomery Dorcas, widow, gentlewoman, 31, Lombard ft. 
Montgomery David, carter, near 8, Prune ft. 
Montgomery James, captain of the revenue cutter, General 

Green, 93, Pine ft. 
Mon'rgomery and Newbolds, merchants, 39, north water ft; 
Montgomery Wm. merchant, 85, Arch Cu 
MontmoUin, merchant, 68, north front ft. 
Aloodie Eleanor, widow, 3-8, Plumb ft. 
Moody Elizabeth, widow, 24, Chriftian ft. 
* Moody Mrs. 201, north front ft. 
Mooney Henry, wood fawser, between Poplar lane and Brown 

ft. in St. John's ft. 
Mooney Hugh, labourer, corner of Shippen and fifth ft. 
Mooney Wm. taylor, corner of South and Swanfon ft. 
-Moonev Wm. taylor, 2, Swanfon, corner of South ft. 
Moor Abraham, carter, German corner of fourth ft. 
Moore x^lexandcr, tavern keeper, corner of Chefnut and fourtk 

Moore /4nn, widow, /hopkeeper, 76, Almond ft. 
Moore Charles, joiner, 90, South ft. 
Moore Chloe, wallier, 10^, fouth fifth ft. 
Moore Dugald, waterman. Prime fc. near 33. 
Mo.ire Elizabeth, Mifs, boarding houfe, 18, Lombard ft. 
Moore Edward, houfe carpenter, 58, Cherry ft. 

C ^3^ ] 

Moore George, fhoemakcr, 308, north lecond it. 

Aloore James druggift, 65, Walnut ft. 

Moore James, Gardener, Galkell betvTccn third and fourth k. 

Moore James, cordwainer. South between fixth and fcventh ft. 

JNIoore James, cooper, Duke ft. 

INIpore John, bricklayer, 57, Vine ft. 

Moore John, cordwainer. South between fixth ;and feventh ft. 

Moore John, butcher, between ninth and tenth in Arch ft. 

Moore John, trader, Chriitian, between lecond and third It. 

Moore Jofcph, iliopkeeper, i^ White Horfe ailcy. 

Moore JoHnia, draftsman, 163, Vine ft. 

Moore iVlartha, widov/, milkwcman, Green, between Front Sz 

fecond it. 
I\Ioore Marv, widow, taylorcis, 100, fcuth .water It. 
Moore Patrick, merchant, ;=>3, fouth front It. 
3»ioore Peter, plailtcrer, near 166, Spruce (t. 
I\Ioore Sarah, widows fliopkeeper, 64, Vine ft. 
Moore Thomas, gentleman,^ 116, x4rch ft. 
IMoore Thomas, fadler, i, north front ft. 
Moore Thomas Lloyd, gentleman, 42, Pine it. 
Moore Wm. plaifterer, ilelief alley. 
Moore Wm. houfe carpenter, Catherine, between fecond and 

third ft. 
Moran Auguftina, barber, 166, Spruce ft. 
Mor#iura A. Lewis, Meade allev. 
Morell aad Lacave, perfumers, 61, fouth fecond ft. 
Moret , carpenter, Appletrec alley. 

Moret Marachaux, merchant, Vv'alnut ft. wharf 
Moretor George, hatter, 42, High ft. 
Moreton George, hatter, 35, fouth third ft. 
Moreton George, houfe carpenter, 92, Shippen fc. 
Morccon John, 116, fouth front It. 
Morgan Ann, widow, Creflbn's alley. 
Morgan Benjamin, merchant, 170-, fouth front ir. 
Morgan Benjamin R. attorjey at law, 5, fouth fourth ft. 
Morgan and Douglas, lugar refiners, 54 and 56, north t^hird {t. 
Morgan, Douglas, 1!?^ Schaffer, fugar reiiners, 88, north lecond 

Morgan Jacob General, fugar refiners, 77, Vine ft. 
Morgan John, M. D. 113, Chefiiut ft. 
Morgan Peter, grocer, 123, fouth water ft. 
Morgan and Price, merchants, 170, fouth front ft. 
Morgan Richard, Ikinner, Noble, between fecond and third ft. 
Morgan Thomas, merchant, 31, north water ft. 
Morgan Thomas, merchant, between 96 and 108, Arch ft. 
Morgan & Wigmore, wholefale pocket-book makers, 3, fouth 

front ft. 
Morgan V/m. cordwainer, fouth, near the corner of fourth ft. 

[ >3i ] 

INTorland , carpenter, 85, north fecond ft. 

Mornington John, houfe carpenter, between fifth and fixth iR 

Cherry It. 
MorrcU James, hatter, 171, north fecond ft. 
JVTorrcll James, blackfmith, 74, Almond ft. 
Morell "folin, china merchant, 24, north front ft. 
Morreli Robert, carpenter, 98, fouth fifth ft. 
Morrer Anthony, Drinker's alley. 
Morris Benjamin W. winemerchant, dwelling houfe, 110, fouth 

fecond, ftore 58, Dock ftreet, 
Morris Benjamin, fadler, 18, fouth third ft. 
Morris Benjamin, mariner, fouth fourth, between Shippen and 

fouth :l, 
Morris Cafper, brewer, 2,21, High ft. 
Morris D. grocer, 28, Penn ft. 
Morris Huo;h, taylor, 26, Union It. 
Morris 1. W. brewer, 58, Walnut ft. 

Morris James, houfe carpenter, between South and Shippen ft. 
Morris James, houfe carpenter, 18, Elfritlrs alley. 
Morris John, labourer, Coatcs, between front and fecond ft. 
Morris Jofepb, merchant, 16, Union ft. 
Morris Jofeph, houfe carpenter, between Arch and Cherry in 

north eig;hth ft. 
Morris Ifaac, gentleman, 97, Arch ft. 
Morris Ifaac, gentleman, 209, north fecond ft. 
Morris Ifrael, gentleman, 65, fouth lecond ft. 
Morris Luke, brewer, 54, Walnut ft. 
Morris Luke and Ifaac, W. brewers. Pear ft. 
Morris Margaret, 113, Walnut ft. 
Morris Alurphy, carpenter, near 30, north tenth ft. 
Morris Phcbe, Mifs, gentlewoman, 128, Spruce ft. 
Morris , comedian, 196, fouth fourth ft. 

Morris Richard Hill, merchant, 113, Walnut ft. 
Morri- Robert, merchant, 227, Hio;h ft. 
Morris Samuel, fhopkeener, i68. Race ft. 
Mor> is Samuel, labourer, 97, Swanfon ft. 
Morris Samuel gentleman, 65, fouth fecond ft. 
Morris Thomas, brewer, 86, noiih fecond ft. 
Morris Thomas, wood fawyer, fouth, between fifih and fixth 

Morris Wm. trader, fouth, betw^een fifth and fixth ft. 
M'^rr.s Mil"^-,gcnilewoman, 250, High ft. 
Morrifon Alexander, taylor, near icy, fouth third ft. 
M ■ lifon Alexander, eordwaincr, louth front ft. 
JSli rrifon and Evans, grocers, 277, High ft. 
rvT:.-;i'bn Hugh, taylor, 172, fouth front ft. 
Moir>um Jane, widow, grocer. South, bet. fecond and front ft. 
MorrilV.D John, fhipraafter, back of 250, fouth Front ft. 

C 133 ] 

Morrow Abraham, titvcrn keeper, i9ijChcfnut ft. 
Morrow Elizabeth, widow, Duke 11. 

Morvent William, in.irlner, fourth II. between Sou'ih anJ Ship- 
pea It. 
Mory Lewis, fliip rrafter, 293, fouth Front ft. 
Mttfeley George, houie carpenter. South bet. fourth o: fifth fb. 
Mofely Pcicliard, houfe carpenter, 106, South ft. 
Mofer George, taylor, 65, foutli third ft. 
Mofer Sophia, widow geniicwonian, 34, Union ft. 
Mofer Samuel; bifcuit baker, corner of Fifth and Oak i\. 
Mofs Mofcs, glafs engraver, 9c, Arch it. 

Motclav, perfumer, diitiller, and box maker, fifth ft. near Ger- 
man it. 
Mould John, 9, Sugar alley. 

Moulder AViiliam, fen. city commiflioncr, 13, Race ft. 
Moulder William, jun. gentleman, 11, Race ft. 
Moyer Henry, drayman, between Vine and Noble ft. in north 

third ft. 
Moyes James, fail-maker, 97, Pine ft. 
Moylan Jafper, attorney at law, 95, Walnut ft. 
Moylan Stephen, commiifioner of loans, corner of Walnut and 

fourth ft. 
Moyniham Daniel, tavern keeper, 178, Swanfon ft. 
Moyniham Maurice, m.erchant, 81, north fecond ft. 
Mozard & Municr, diitiller^ &: confectioners, 71, New ft. 
Mush Jeremiah, fnipwright, Swanlbn ft. beyond the Swedifli 

Much Phoebe, widow, Swanfon ft. beyond the Swedifii church. 
Muff Elizabeth, widow, Kerr's alley. 

Muhlenburgh Frederick Auguftus, iugar refiner, 82, north fe- 
cond ft. 
Muhlenburgh Henry jun. fugar refiner, 82, north fecond ft. 
Muhlenburgh & Lawerfwyler, fugar retiners, 82, no. fecond ft. 
MulhoUon, widow Ann, fhopkeeper, 66 Shippen ft, 
MulhoUon Duchal, cooper, next 41 ibutli Water ft. 
Mullen, widow Chriftiana, fhopkeeper, 24 Chriftian ft. 
Mullen & Lincoln, miiiners, near 235, Ibuth fecond ft. 
Mullen Michael, mariner, Vernon ft. 
Mullen William, grocer. Oak fh 
Miillifon John, wood fawyer, 63, St. John's ft, 
MuUin John, bottler, 98 fbuth Second ft. 

Mulladore George, Ihip carpenter. Green ft. hct. 2d. Sc Fro-nt. 
Muiiowny John, merchant. South Wharves behnv Pme ft, 
Mulny John, grocer, 221, fo«ih fecond ft. 
INiulock Edward, houfe carpenter, Ruttcr's alley. 
Muloney Daniel, mariner. Pewter Platter alJe/. 
Mulvey Charles, grocer, 161, fbuth Front ft. 
Munce Jean, widow, fiiopkeeper, 384, north fecond ft. 

t 134- ] 

jMurdoch Elizabeth, \ridow, Brook's court. 

Murdoch John, perfumer, 59, Walnut ft. 

Murdoch William, oyfterman, Mifflin's alley. 

Murdoch William, mariner, Front bet^Yeen Mary and Prime 

Murgatroyd Thomas, merchant, counting houfe, 11, Walnut 

ft. and dwelling houle, 244, High ft. 
Murgatroyd Daniel, merchant. 
Murphy Daniel, hair dreffer, 20, north fourth ft. 
Murphy John, tobacconift, 144, ibuth Water ft. 
JMurphy John, grocer, Plumb ft. between third and fourth. 
Murphy John, tavern and oyftcr houfe, 6, Lretitia court. 
Murphy Michael, grocer, corner of Callowhill ft. and Water. 
Murphy Michael, windfor chair maker, houfe 45, Callowhill 

frreet, and 110, north Water ft. 
Murphy Owen, cordwainer, 16, Swanfbn ft. 
Murphv Robert, ihip carpenter, near Almond ft. wharf. 
MuY-phy Samuel, grocer, 139, fouih Water ft. 
Murphy William, labourer, Coates ft. beyond fourth. 
Murray Alexander, fcrivener, 17, Walnut ft. 
Murray Alexander, mariner, Plumb ft. between third and 

Murray "^.nthony, baker, 48, Shippen ft. 
Murray Daniel, iliip carpenter, Duke ft. 
Murray John, uphoidfterer, Pine ft. between fixth and feventh 

r.Iunay John, cooper. Relief alley. 
Murray , mariner, 89, Callowhill ft. 

Murray Martha, widow, 122, Sw anion It. 
Murray Robert C. cordwainer, 179, fouth front ft. 
Murr?.y Thomas, f":eradore, 9, Gray's alley. 
Mufchert John, tavern keeper, Swanfon ft. beyond the Swe- 

difn church. 
Mufgrave Aaron, jun. conveyancer, 72, Lombard ft. 
Mufgrave Aharon, boarding houfe, 264, fouth front ft. 
Miilgrave James, goldrmith and jeweller, 44, fouth fecond ft. 
iMul^rrave Jofeph, i^ozp boiler and callow chandler, 336, north 

fw'cond ft. 
Muffi Jofeph, gentleman, 37, Horth Water ft. 
Myers Charles, labourer, 382, fouth Front ft. 
Myers Tacob, dreiler. Walnut between feventh and eighth 

Myers Toh.i, ftlverfmith, 71, north fecond ft. 
Myers Job:- b;^ci:fmith, 355, north fecond ft. 
Myers John, bl*ckfmith. Green ft:, between fecond and third. 
Myers La^>re.}cc, blackfmith, corner of Chriftian and Swan- 
fon ftrccts. - 
Myeri Lewis, taylcr, 24, Sv.'anfon ft. 

[ '35 ] 

Myers William, bookbinder, 204, north fecond ft. 

Myhoffcv Daniel, tanner, between Brown ft. and Poplar Lane, 

in 5t, John's ft. 
Mynick Jacob, painter, 81, north fifth ft. 
Myrtetus Chriftopher, taylor, /'outh Front between Queen and 

Mary ft. 



^ , AGEL Widow, hair dreffer, 31, north Front ft. 

Nagel Henry, Ihoemaker, Cherry ftreet, oetwcen fcventli and 

Nagle John, cooper, 49, South V/harves. 
Naglee David, hatter, 188, north fecond ft. 
Naglee EHzabeth, boarding houfe, 363, north Front ft. 
Napier David, weaver, Merrit's lane. 
Napier Thomas, plane maker, ar.d m.anufa^urer of Fifher's 

Pills, Reliefalley. 
Nafh John, carter, Duke ff. 
Nafh Widow, 64, north fixth ft. 

Nafh Sarah, widow gentlewoman, near 11, Kunckel ft. 
Naffau Charles William, baker, 19, north fixthft. 
Nathan Mofes, merchant, 12, fouth fecond ft. 
Nathans Ifaiah, merchant, 2.^7, north Front ft. 
Nazarct, phyfician and furgeon of the faculty of Pari5, 15, 

Vine ft. 
Neal Mofes, houfe carpente*-, Cherry ft. between fcventh and 

Neale Leonard rev. one of^the minifters of St. Mary's church 

17, Willing's alley. 
Neale Samuel, labourer, Reliefalley. 
Neave Samuel, iron merchant, 72, north fecond ft. 
Negus John, merchant, 27, north Front It. 
Neil Widow, Waggoner's alley. 
Nelfon Andrew, innkeeper, 8 and 10, fouth fifth ft. 
Nelfon Noble Caldwell, broker, M'Cullough's court. 
Nelfon William, taylor, 84, north Water 11. 
Nero Francis, houfe carpenter, 92, Sliippen ft. 
Nefbitt liugh, taylor, 14, South alley. 
Nevelin John Rev. minilter of the Reformed Church, back of 

Front near Noble fl. 
Newark Hannah, gentlev»'oman, 62, Spruce fl. 

[ >3^ ] 

Newble Adam, weaver, 6, Saffafras alley. 

New bold John, merchant, of^^ Arch 11. 

Newbold William, 105, Cbeihut Ih 

Newcomb Baye, grocer, 3, Arch fr. 

Newell Eleanor, huckfter, Pewter Platter alley, 

Newell William, groeer, 10, High ft. 

Newman Frederick, ban box maker, 64, north fifth fl. 

Newman Thomas, merchant, 260, fouth lecond ft. counting 

houib, Rofs's wharf. 
Newman , widow, fhopkccper, 199, north thi rd ft. 

Newman , fhopkeeper, 191, R. ace ft. 

Newnham Thomas, fUk dyer, 145, north fecond ft. 
Newport James, diftiller, 25, Arch ft. 
Newton Ann, widow, Crabb ft. 
Newton Fcfi'bes, tinman, 7, ibuth alley. 
Newton Janrics, mariner. Mead alley. 

Newton James, druggilt, Plumb between third and fourth ft 
Newlon John, labourer, third between German and Plumb ft, 
Newton Widow, corner of Poplar Lane in north third ft. 
Nice Ann, widow huckfter, Combe's alley. 
Nice Jacob, houfe carpenter, 40, Coate's alley, 
Nicholas Bernard, gentleman, Merrit's lane. 
Nicholas jMary, widow innkeeper, 140, High ft. 
Nicolas Lewis, brigadier-general, 244, fouth Front ft. 
Nicolas INIichael, fhopkeeper, 43, fouth fecond it. 
NichoU Robert, grocer, corrier of third and Plumb ft. 
Nichols Samuel, grocer, 19, north eighth ft. 
Nicholls William Col. marlhall of the diftricl of Pcnnfylrania, 

117, Race ft. 
Nicholfon Charles, Clip carpenter, Chriftian between fecond 

and third It. 
Nicholfon George, , 25, north fecond ft. 

Nicholfon John, jun. gun maker, 135, Ibuth Front ft. 
Nichohbn John, gentleman, corner of Race and fcventh ft. 
Nicholfon William, fchoolmafter, South between tilth and ftxth 

Nicklin Philip, & Co. merchants. Walnut ft. wharf. 
Nicklin Philip, merchant, 165, Chcfnut ft. 
Nicolet Jofeph Marce, watch maker, 2, north fecond ft. 
NicUy James, tavern keeper, 39, Walnut ft. 
Niefs Davis, nailer, 202, north lecond ft. 

Nightlinger Samuel, wkip and cane maker, 41, north fourth ft. 
Niles William, ihoeraaker, 95, Arch ft. 
Nixon Jane, widow ihopkecpcr, 7, Chancery lane. 
Nixon John, &: Co. merchants, Nixon'* wharf. 
Nixon John, merchant, 44, Pine ft. 
No Nicholas, gentleman, 14, Race ft. 
Noble Jacob, blackfmith, between 1.0 and 28,. north feCond ft 

[ ^57 J . 

Noble Lvdia, widow, corner of Callowhill and fecond ft; 
Noble Richard, tanner and currier, 234, north iecond It. near 

Noble Richard, lumber mercfiant, 234, nortli fecond ft. 
Noble Samuel, tanner, corjQcr of Noble and third it. 
Noble Thomas, broker, 149, Cheihut It. / 

Noble Thomas, cabinet maker, 96, High ft. m^ 

Nolin Joleph, fhingle fhaver, 377, north Front It. . 
Nones Benjamin, broker, 14, fouth Front ft, 
Nennon Francis, grocer, 94, north Front ft. 
Norback Henry, nailor, 3^2, north Iecond ft. 
Norberry Peter, labourer, 100, Shippen ft. 
Norman Jacdb, 185, High ft. 

Norman Jofeph, grocer, cori>er of Race and fifth ft. 
Norris Ann, widow, boarding houfe, 25, Pewter Platter alley, 
Norris & Hall, merchants, 25, north Water ft. 
Norris James, houfe carpenter «i- boarding houfe, 33, Penn 'it^ 
Norris John, tinman, c2, foutk it. 
Norris Joleph Parker, gentleman, 140, Chefnut ft. 
Norris Ifaac, 4, Chancery lane. 

Norris Ifaac, painter and glazier, 400, north fccond ft. 
Norris Thomas, fliipmafter, 342, fouth Front ft. 
Norris V/illiam, mariner, 33, Coare's ft. 
North Caleb, merchant, Crown ft. 
North & Hafkins, merchants, 38, north Water ft. 
North John, tavern keeper, 12, fouth corner of Prime ft. 
North John, hirer ot coaches and horles, 47, South ft. 
North John^ keeper of livery ftable^ South ft. bet. ^ih cj fifth. 
North Jofeph, {hcpkeeper, 66, Race ft. 
iSIorth Jofeph, merchant, 86, Union it. 
North Richard, irone cutter, 289, High ft. 
North William, houie carpenter, between St. Tammany and 

Green, in St. John's ft. 
Northrop Enoch, dealer in flour, bet. 183 and 189, north third 

r>orton George, cooper, 34, Coate's aHey. 
Norton h Starr, laic merchants. Vine ft. wharf, 
Norton Thomas, i'alt merchant, 25, Cable Lane. 
Ncttuagel, MontmoUin, cc Co. merchants, 61 and 63, north 

Frort ft. 
Nourfe Joieph, regifter of the treafury of the United States, 

264, fbnth fecond ft. 
Nowland Pairick.^ tavlor, Willing's allev. 
Nugent Ann, widow, iliopkeeper, fourth betw^een Shippen and 

South ir. 
Nugent Edward, Iliopkeeper, 20, fouth iecond ft. 
Nughee , merchant, corner of Spruce and fourth ft. 

Nijttle Rachel, 43, Lombard ft. 


;S i 



_ 'AKELEY George, & Son, tanners Ik caiTicr?, 20, Dock ft. 

Oakfcrd , brufli maker, 102, Cliril^ian ft. 

Oakfcrcl William, feed flore, fouth (ccond between Plumb and 
Sliij'^pen il. 

Oakley George, carter, Oak O. 

Oakmanlfaac, ihopkeeper, 106, foiith lecond ih 

Oat & Cook, copperfmitb, 184, north fecond ft 

O'Brian James, taylor, Knight's yard. 

O'Brian John, taylor, 21, fonth Water ft. 

O'Brian Michael Morgan, merchant, 63, fouth Front f\ 

O'Brian T^mothy, 59, Dock ft. 

O'Brian William, hair dreffer, 50, Callowhill ft. « 

O'Brian Wm. taylor, corner Penn and Pine k. 

O'Conner Michael, grocer, 102, fouth feccnd ft. 

O'Conncr Miles, grocer, 104, ft)uth corner of third ft. 

O'Daniei John, labourer, 252, fouth Front ft. 

Oellers James, hotel, nearly oppofite the New Theatre, Chef- 
nut ft. 

02:den Hugh, coach maker, 65, north fourth ft. 

Ogden Jofeph, rcgiftcr of vveig;hts and meafures, 272, High 

Ogden William, tavern keeper, 222, fouth fecond ft. 

Odenheimer Philip, butcher, 150, Race ft. 

Odier & Bculquet, brothers, merchants, 117, fouth Front ft. 

Odlin Woodbridore, fhip mailer, p5<^>, fouth E'ront ft. 

O'Donnell Rofanna, widow gentlewoman, Brook's coort. 

OfHey Wido-ns 

Ogilby Jofeph, fliipwright, 344, fouth Front ft. 

Ogilby Patrick, taylor, 344, fouth Front i[. 

Ogilvy Richard, ^voodfa>vyer, Coates ih between third an^ 

Ogle Thomas, coach maker, 13, fouth fixtli ft. 

Ogle W^idow, 17, north eighth i\. 

O'Hara Catherine, widow, Chriftian between fecond and thirrf 

O'Hara John, bru(h maker, 101, fouth Front ft. 

Oldden Benjamin, fhoemaker, 72, north front ft. 

Oldden James, merciiant, 41, north Front fl. 

Oldden John Cz Alexander Elmfiie, merchants, 35, Chefnut ft; 

Oldden John, merchant, 33, Chefnut ft. 

Oldham John, taylor, 277, High ft. 

Oler Catherine, widow, butcher, Coates's ft. between tliir.d 
and fourth. 

01iv«r Benjamin^ keeper of hackney caaches, Drinker's alley. 

C 139 3 

SJ liver Elizabeth, fhopkecper, 88, Touth third ft. 

Oliver William, iron monger, 93, north tifth ft. 

Olivier Peter, goldimith and jeweller, 6, Stra»vberry ^. 

Olivier Samuel, 8, High ft. 

Oiler Catherine, v.idow, butcher, 194, Vine ft. 

Omenfellcr Jacob, miller, Greea ft. corner of feconJ. 

Onieafelicr iMichael, dealer in meal between Brown ft. and 
PoDlar Lane, in north third ft. 

O'Neal Agnes, gentlewoman, 26, Shippen ft. 

O'Neal Safanaali, widow gentlewoman, South ftreert corner of 

O'Neil Ber.iard, boarding boufc, i. Prune ft. 

Ord George, rope maker and ftiip chandler, Willing Si. Fran- 
cis's wharf, and ^54, foath Front ft. 

Organ Timothy, manner^ near the corner of Green ft. in 

Ormrod John, pt\nter and bookfcTler, 41, Chefnut ih 

Ormftjrufter Peter, labourer, 87, north fifth ft. 

Orr Hugh, flioemaker, between 92 and 94, north Front ft. 

Orr Robert, copperfmith, 25, fou^h Front ft. 

Orr Thomas, merchant, 52, fouth Front ft. 

Oihorne Jane, widow, 167, north Front f:. 

Ofborne Elizabeth, widow, Taylor's alley. 

Ofgood John, mariner, fouth fecond between Oaeea and Ca- 
therine ft. 

^ikuUion Francis, wheelwright, Plumb between fecond an^ 
third ft. 

Oflar Adam, butcher, 22, Saftafras alley. 

Oftheim John, grocer, 36, Callow hill ft. 

blwald Elizabeth, w^idow, printer, 179, Iputh fecond ft 

Otis Samuel A. fecretary to the Senate of the United Slates, 
198, High ft. 

Ott David, rtii.ier in the mint, near 88, north fixth ft. 

Ott Jacob, huckiter, 12, Plumb ft. 

Otto Chau-les, pedlar, fourth betw^een South and Sbippen ft. 

Otto John C. Ivl. D. 61, north fourth ft. 

Overman Henry, porter, Catherine betv/een fecond and third 

Overy John, filk dyer. South between third and fourth ft. 

Overy John, filk-d\er, 51, Pine ft. 

-Owen Jane, fhopkeeper, 141, north fecond ft. 

Owen John, fhoemaker, 12, Pear ft. 

Owens Owen, blackfrnith, Shippen near Crabb ft. 

Owens Patrick, between 215 and 219, north fecond ft. 

Owner Edward, fiiip carpenter, 33, Prime ft. Elizabeth, widew, boardiag houfe. Plumb ft. between 
fecond. and third. 

[ I+O ] 

Owner James, fliip carpenter, 33, Prime (i. 
Ozeds George, bifcait baker, 7, Swanion IK 
Ozeas Peter, 295, Arch It, 


AINl EB- Abraham, grocer, 271, louth fecond it. 
Painter Jacob, grocer, 171, Vine it. 

Painter Jacob, hoafe carpenter, i.-'^ar Poplar lane, in fecond 11. 
Painter Jchn, . corJwainer, 401, north fecond it. 
Painti^r ir.iaG, Pearlbn's court. 
Painter Ifaac, grocer, 265, High ft. 
Palmer and Edward, mcrchams, 26, Spruce ft. 
Palmer Elizabeth, grocer, between feventh and eighth in \\'al- 

nut It. 
Palmer Jane, fhopkeeper, cy, fonth third ft. 
Palmer joii, gentleman, 13, Lombard 11. 
Palmer John, caal^cr, Bndd between Coates and Brown ft. 
Palmer Phebr , baker, 77, Cheinut It. 
Palmer Richard, fuopkeeper, 74, north fourth ft. 
Palmer Thomas, taveinkecper, 8, High it. 
Palmer Thomas, ftuif and ulk ihoemaker, 74, Chefnut It. 
Palmer Wm. boarding houle, 39, Chriltian ft. 
Palmer 8c Co. bot'icrs, 65, north third It. 
Pancake Philip Major, tavern keeper, 160, font h fourth it. 
Pancoaft Samuel, gentleman, 129, fouth third It, 
Pancoaft and Walker, ironmongers, 148, High ft. 
Papion John Baptiftc, (hoemaker, 181, north front ft. 
Paplay Mrs. 58, fouth fifth ft. 
Paquet Michael, gun maker, 92, north front ft. 
Parent , printer, 85, Vine ft. 

Parke Jacob, ironmonger, 49, High ft. 
Parke Solomon and Co. watch and clock niakers, 149, n':rth 

front ft. 
Parke, M. D. 20, fouth fourth ft. 
Parker Achilles, bottler, 17, Norris's alley. 
Parker Ci^riftian, widow, taverukeeper, third, between South 

aud Siiippen ft. 
Paiker David, mariner, fourth bct-^reen Shippen and South ft, 
Parker John, Iliopkeeper, 253, High ft. 
P.irker Samuel, brafs founder, 137, Arch ft^^ 
Parke;- Thomas, watch and clock maker^ 13J fouth third ft. 

[ '+■ ] 

l^arker "Thomas, Inbourcr, fouth fourth, between Shippeii and 

Plumb ft. 
Parker and \V':iarto;5, merchants, 109, fouth water i\. 
Parker V/m. iabourei-, corner of" i'ecoiui and Green It. 
Paiker iMrs. boarding iioufe, 96, north fifth 11. 
Parl-:^ George, carter, 38, Plumb i\: 
Parks John, jliipinafler, Front, near Catherine i>. 
Parks Alatthias, broker, 18, north third'fK • 

Parks Sanrnel, tavern keeper, Zachary's court, in Walnut ft. 
Parks iSamuel, grocer, 4, north tilth It. 
Parr John, itarch manufu;^turer, Callowhill, between eighth & 

ninth i\. 
Parris Gabriel, flioc dealer, 20, north fecond, and 21, Straw- 
berry alley. 
Parrifii John, bruOimaker, 62, north third ft. 
Parrifli llaac, hatter, 17, north fecond It. 
Parridi Sainuel, ir.ei chant, 17, north fecond il. 
Parry David, flour mtTchant, 161, Vine it. 
Parry Jalin I. watch aiid clock maker, 38, fouth fecond ft. 
Parrv John, watch and clock maker, 39, north ieventh ft. 
Parry rhoma^, merchant, 73, High It. 
Parfon Stephen, ihip matter, 29^, fouth front it. 
Pafcalis Felix, lA. D. 47, north fourth fl-. 
Pafeh^l John, plane maker, 41, Cable Lane, N. L. 
Pafchall Stephen, fcythe maker, 19, north iifth It. 
Pai'chal Bodie, wi'dow, M'CuUocli's court. 
Pafquier Sz Co. china merchants, 91, fouth fecond ft. 
PafTmore' Thomas, tin manufacturer, 228, High It. and 19, 

north feventh ft. 
Paltorins Samuel, houfe carpenter, 95, CalloxVhill It. 
Patteribn George, corner of Cherry and third ft. 
Paterfon John, ihip builder, front near Mary ft. 
Paterion iiobert, profefTor of mathematics in the UniveiHty of 

Philadelphia, 148, iouth fourth ft. 
Paterfon Samuel, bricklayer, corner of fecond and Shippen ft. 
Patten John, tayior, between Brown ft. and Poplar Lane, in 

north third ft. 
Patteribn Alexander, fringe weaver, fouth, between fifih and 

fixth It. 
Patteribn John, ihipjoiner, 143, north front fl. 
Paiton D. boolcbinder, 9, north fecond ft. ^ - 
Patton Elizabeth, dealer in china, 110, north third ft. 
Patton ilobert, poll mafter of Pniladelphia, 34, fouth front ft. 
Patton Thomas, fand-man, fifth, between Shi|)pen and German 

Patton William, printer, between ninth and tenth in Arch fl. 
Paul David, houle carpenter. Crown fl. 
Paul Jeremiah, fcffoolmaCterj 35, fouih fourth ft. 

[ u^i ] 

Paul John, flour merchant, Frombergcr's tourt. 

Paul William, fliipraafler, 361, north front fl:; 

Paulas Adam, baker, 20, Ibuth fifth fl. 

Pavonariu Frederick, tobacco manufaifturer, between Oi-cen ^i 

Noble in north third ft. 
Paxfon Ifrael, merchant, 10, fouth third ft. 
Paxfon and Parry, merchants, 63, north water ft. 
l^axfon and Richardlbn, hardware merchants, 10, fouth third 

Paxton James, clerk in the treafury olnce of the United States, 

17, Carter's alley. 
Paxten Timothy, flour factor. Key's ajley. 
l^ayerne , grocer, between Lombard and South in fixth fti, 

Pavne V/illiam, houfc carpenter, 202, fouth third ft.' 
I*ayne William, grocer, 110, ncrthfixih i\. 
Payran Stephen, hatter', 2oy, fouth fecond ft. 
Pea Rebecca, widow, feamilrefs, fouth fourth, between Ship- 
pen and Plumb ft. ■ ' 
Peacan Valentin*', innl^eeper, 12, Spruce ft. 
Pcachin John, houfe carpemter, El.nth's alley. 
Peachin Widow, 

Peacock Wrenfall and Co. merchants, 64, north front ft. 
locale Charles Wil'^on, proprietor of the Mufeum kept at the 

Philofophicai Hall, fouth fifth ft. oppofite the Library. 
l*eal(S James, limner, 81, Lombard it. 
Pearcc John, foap and candle manufacturer, 58, north feventii 

Pearce ]ohn, ropemaker, 444, fouth front ft. 
Pearce Ivlatthew, between 44, & 50, fouth fifth ft. 
Pearcc Peter, fhallcpman, Duke ft. 
Pearce ThorEas, merchant, 2I, north third ft. 
Pearfall Lawrence, blackfmith, 16, Shippen ft. 
Peaifon Anthony, bricklayer, 374, fouth front ft. 
Pearfon James, city furv^eyor, 17, north feventh ft. 
Pearfon & Levis, paper makers &: ftatloners, 109, High ft. 
Pearfon Wm. hatter, 34, High It. 
Peart Bryan, houfc carpenter, back of fy, Cherry ft. 
Peart Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman, 17, Cherry ft. 
Pecholicr G. 4, Crown ft. 

Peck Edward, tinplate worker, 25, ShipiTen ft. 
Peckworth John, lilk & ftulf fhocmaker, Elmflie's alley. 
Pecll William, cabinet maker, Trotter's alley or Strawberr^'^ 

Peirce Caleb, livery ftable keeper, 34, Callowhill ft. 
Pierce Caleb, ironmonger, 23, north fecond ft. 
Pierce George, gentleman, 2, Elbow Lane. 
Pierce and Smith, ironmongers, 23, north front ft. 
PeirioU Jeremiah & Co, iron ieiters, 93, north fecond ft. 

[ 14-3' ] 

Feltz William, grocer, 2,46, fouth fecond ft. 

Pembcrron Ann, widow, gentlewoman, 102, Chcfnut tt\. 

Veniberton Anna, widow, gentlewoman, 2t.>, High ft. 

Pemberion James, gentleman, 72, fouth feeond i\. 

Pcmberton Philadelphia, widow, 61, north third ft. 

Peraberton Sarah, gentlcsvoman, 77, Walnut ft. 

Penington Edward, gentleman, 159, Race ft. 

Penington liaac and Edward, {i.tgar refiners, 155, Race ftr«et, 

Penington liaac, fugar reiiner, 120, north fourth ft. 

Pcnift«n Richard, fhipmafter, 23, Green ft. 

Pennan Samuel, white waiher, Catherine between fourth and 

fifth ft. 
Pennock George, merchant, 130, High ft. 
Pennock Tallman, gentleman, 50, Race' ft. 
Penny James, houfc carpenter. Mead alley. 
Penny Michael, labourer, Qiicen, between fecond and front it. 
Penrofc Samuel, merchant, 56, Swanlbn ft* 
Penrofe and Ho2ey, lumber merchants, corner of Swanfon and 

Catherine S. 
Penrofe Jonathan, juftice of the peace, 308, fouth front ft. 
Penrofe Thomas, merchant, Swanfon near Almond (t. 
Penrofe Thomas, merchant, Wharf ft. corner of Almond &: 85, 

Penn ft. 
penrofe William, blackfmith, oppofite the Swedifh ciiarch. 
Penthnd fames, ^vindfor chair maker, 225, north front ft. 
Peoples Francis, fchoolmafter, Ibuth fcconJ, between Mead ai-^. 

ley and Catherine ft. 
Pepper Henry & Son, brewers, 2, fi^uth fiftli ft. 
Perine William, merchant, 45, Callov/hill ft. 
Perkins Benjamin, houfe carpenter. Mead alley. 
Pericins E. M. D. 128, north fccoud (I. 
Perkins Elizabeth, widow, flu.pkeeper, 59, Pcnn ft.- 
Perkins John, houfe carpenter, between 10 and 20, north le- 

venth ft. 
iPerkins Tijomas Pattent, nail manufacturer, 120, fouth front 

Perot Ellilton and John, merchants, 41, north ^vatcr ft. 
Perot Ellifton, merchant, 299, High ft. 
Perot John, merchant, 279, High ft. 
Perrauxj Peter, goldfiT.ith, 220, north front ft. 
Pcrrein Dennis, gunfmith, 93, fouth water ft, 
Perritt Mrs. 37, north fourth ft. 
Perry Jacob, porter, 241 , north front ft. 
Perry Wm. fhip mailer, 299, fouth front Ct. 
Perfyra Jacob Rodricjues, pedlar, 56, Arch ft. 
Pert Jane, paftrycook, 7, Norris's alley. 
Peterkin David, taveTa keeper, Plumb, bctwees third aad 

fourth ft. 

Peter George, merchant, 43, fouth \vatcr, and 157, no. thircii. 

Peter Jofeph, 193, north fccond i\. 

Peter, widow, 193, north I'econd fh 

Peters Henjamin, flicemakcr, 27, Callowhili It. 

j-'e(ers Elizabeth, widow, 225, Arch ft, 

Peters John, caulker. Slater's Row, near Carpenter's i\. 

Peters John, labourer, Letitia court. 

Peters jvlarv, widow, waggoner's alley. 

Peters Richard, judge of the dKhict court for the Dlilricl of 

Penniylvania, 85, Walnut it. 
Peters Thomas T. book binder, v. Cherry ft. 
Peierfon Der:ck, board merchant, 223, fouth front, and 9 j, 

Swanfon ft. 
Peterfon Margaret, waQier, between 177 and 183, north fecond 

Petherbridge John, fliip carpenter, Chriftian, between fecond Si 

front It. 
Petrie I. widow, fouth fecond, between Mead alley and Cathe- 
rine ft, 
Pettit Andrew and Andrew Bayard, merchants, 9, fouth wate) 

Pettit Andrew, merchant, 77, Arch ft. 
Peyton Thomas, houfc carpenter, Shippen, near fifth ft, 
PfeiiTer Jofeph, phyfjcian, 235, north fecond ft. 
Pfifier Amane & Co. tavern keepers, Front between Marv and 

Green ft. 
Phifer Tinev, butcher, 4.6, Crown ft. 

PhifFcr Chriftian, baker, near Poplar Lane, in north third f:. 
Phile loh.n, fiiopkeeper, 122, High ft. 
Phile Jofeph, labourer, 349^ fouth fecond ft. 
Philips, Crammond, & Co. merchants, corner Spruce Sc 3d ft 
Philips Henry, merchant, 112, fouth fourth ft. 
Phillips, Alexander, taylor, 91, fouth Water ft. 
Phillips Tames, houfe carpenter^ South between fiftli and fl,\tl 

Phillips John, hair drefter, §f^y Arch ft. 
Phillips John, nailer, fouth fecond ft. between Chriftian an.i 

Qiiten ft. 
Phillips John, cordwainer, 5171, fouth Front ft. 
Phillips John, fhoeniaker, 461, north fecond ft. , 

Phillips John, Hiocmaker, between St. Tammany £nd Green, 

Sr. John's ft. 
Phillips John H. taylor, 81, Swanfon ft. 

Phillips Jonas, broker, 65, Chefnut ft. and 229, north third ft 
Phillips Levi, fiiopkeeper, 17, fouth third ft. 
Phillips jMathlas, labourer, 402, north fecond ft. 
Phillips N. & B. J. merchants, 33, Arch ft. 
Phillips Richard, between 24 Sc 26, north eighth ll/- 

[ '45 ] 

Phillips William !3. fidlr and hii-ncfs maker, 93, Chefnut ft . 

Pliipps Elizabeth, bonnet maker, 3, Strawberry i'z. 

Phipps likac, tavern keeper, Almond it. wharf. 

Pliipps Lewis, nailer, 69, ncrth tifth ir. 

Phipps Stephen, tayldr, 3, Strawberry ft. 

Phipp5 Thomas, apothecary Sc drugg'ft, 9, north tliird fr. 

Pbyfick Edmund, gentleman, 4J, Arch ft. 

Phylic Philip, M. D. 45, Arch ft. . 

Pic Francis, 148, ncH"tb third fc. 

Pickell Nicholas, blackfinith, 116, South ft. 

Pickering Ca-far, blackfmith, fourth near Lombard fr. 

Pickett Willi im, between Spruce and Pine, in fixth ft. 

Pidgcon Chriftopher, corner of Catherine nnd fecond ft. 

Pidgeon WilUam, (hoemaker, fouth lecond between Catherine 

and German it. 
Picrrie John, hair dreflcr, 8, north fourth il. 
Pieich ^ Mayerhoff", merchants, 71, Race ft. 
Pike Suf^nnah, widow feamftrefs, Biddlc's alley. 
Pile SamueU !hip joiner, 104, Swanfon ft. 
Pimble David, raylor, 130, north Water ft. 
Pinchin William, filverfmith, between 10 ajid xo, north Ic-- 

fecond ft. 
Pinkerman Henry, bricklayer, New Fourth ft. 
Pinkcrton David, merciwut, 38, Pine ft. 
Pinkertoii David, corner of Arch and eighth ft. 
Pinkerton John, ironmonger, 133, fouth Front it. 
Pinkus ElidS, merchant, 113, Caliowhill ft. 
Pinyard ?Jatthids, cooper, 13, Queen it. 
Piper Frederick, currier, corner of Coates's and Budd fr. 
Piper Jace, widow gentk-womaj, 28, Budd ft. 
Pitfield Robert, 46, north fixth ft. 
Planki ihorn John, jnerchar.t, 4, Penn ft. 
Picafajts Charles, merchant, 117, north Front It. 
Piealants Charles cz Jofeph, merchants, 33, High ft. 
Pieafants Ifrael, merchant, 74, lonth fecond ft. 
Plectfants Samuel, merchant, 335. High ft. 
Pieafants Samuel &Son, merchawri, 74, fouth fecond ft. 
Pliefs George, cooper, Green ncir Front ft. 
Plowman Joieph, tavern keeper, corner of Front ind South fr. 
Plumb George, coach maker, CreiTjn's alley. 
Plurabfred George, merchant, counting honfe 166, foutJi Frost 

ft. and dwelling houie, 200 fouth fecond ft. 
Plufh Jonas, labourer, 57, St. John's ft, 
Potf George, printer, 6, Branch ft. 
^inc'ignon F. goldlmith, 55, north third ft. 
Poircou^ gentleman, 113, Vias ft. 
Poilfonnier F. goldfmith, ^^^ north third ft. 
Pole Edward, auctioa^er, 02 and :?4, Dock p., 

^- T ^ 

Polgrain Ouom, filverfmith,' third bet. South and Shippen /: 

l^olk Jeholipphar, fadlcr and cap maker, 6, Ibuth fourth It. 

I'olt Robert, labourer, Duke It. 

l^onicon &: Cufiinc, 74, Lcmbard ft. 

l*oor John, A. M. and principal of the i^cc-ademy for Young 

Ladies in Philadelphia, 9, Cherry ft. 
Poreaux, painter, South between fixth and feventh ft; 
Porcupine, butcher, Eudd between Coates's and Green ft.. 

Porter Alexander, cordwainer, Budd ft, bel^veen Coates's and 

Green it. 
Porter Catherine, widow, dealer in earthenware, izc. 144, 

louth Front It. 
Porter James, fadler, 26, Carter's alley. 
Porter John, brufhinaker, 1 25, High ft. 
Porter John, brufh maker, 6, Strawberry ft. 
Porter John, M. D. 191, fouth Front ft. 
Porter Robert, attorney at law, 36, Arch ft. 
Porter Robert, conveyancer, Front ft. four doers below Ca- 

therine ft. eaft fide. 
Potier, merchant, corner of Lom.bard and foujth fl. 
Potter John, linen diaper, 129, Chefnut ft. 
Potter, Page & Price, merchants, 68, fouth Front ft. \ 

Potter E^ichard & James, merchants, 8, north Front ft. 
Potts Ifaac, gentleman, 180, Arch i\. 
Potts Jafper, chair maker. Black Horfe alley. 
Potts John, filk and ftuff llioemaker, 57, Qiieen fl. 
Pot'iS John 6c James, ironmongers, -124, High ft. 
Potts Thomas, ironmonger, jfe, north Water ll. 
Potts & Welch, conveyancers ci brokers, 124, north fourth ft 
Poulnot Nicholas, fhoemaker, 185, foiith Front Ih 
Poulfon Zacharlah, jun. printer, 31, Carter's alley, and Sc 

Chefnut It. 
Poultncy'John Sz James, ironmongeis, 124, High fl. 
Poultney Thomas, gentleman, 43, Arch i\. 
Pournjayrac James, druggKi: and grocer, 245, fouth Front ft. 
PoufTard James, engraver, 6, Brown's alley. 
Pouzobz, merchant, 399, north Front ft. 

Powell Ann, f-iopkccper, 15, foutli third ft. 
Powell Benjamin, labourer, Vine between feventh and cightft 

Powell Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 112, fouth third ft. 
Powell Frederick, labourer, between feventh and eighth in 

Race ft. 
Powell Mary, widow, milliner, 12, north f xth ft. 
Powell Rebecca, widow, mantua mc.kcr, Shepherd's court. 
Powell Sarah, w idow, fchool miftrefs, 444, north fecond It. 
Powel Sufannah, fhopkeeper, 19, Pine ft. 
Po>reli William, houfe carpenter, Nicholfon's court. 

C >+7 ] 

powers Alexander, broktM-, i ^j, Chtinut it 

powers iMary, widow, boarUing liourc, 4j, Penn ft. 

Voyiitcll Will. Itarioncr and paper hanging maniila'5lory,'70, 

Cliefnut It. 
Praf^fclt John, clockmaker, between Lombard and Phic in 

fifth i>. 
Prahl Lewis, arnioiircr and cutler, 465, north fecond ft. 
l*ratt Henry, merchant, 93, north water II. 
Pratt J;imcs, i'cgar maker, 7, north levcnth fl. 
Pratt and Kintzing, merchants, 95, north water i\. 
Pratt Thomas, fcrivener, 38, Saltatras alley. 
Prcllet Widow, gentlewoman, 5, Gray's alley. 
l*re({:on Aymar, bricklayer, 40, Strawberry it. 
■preftijn James, rigger, 90, Sprnce It. 
Prei'con Joiin, boar-builder, Duke it, 
Pr^flon Mary, fliopkteper, zi, north third ft. 
Prcicon William, iliip carpenter, i'econd, near Ghriftian fl. 
Prefton William, board inrpe5tor, 26, EllVith's alley. 
Prefton William, bricklayer, between Lombard and foath io 

iifth II. . . - 

Prefton William, boat builder, Duke ft, 
Prefton William, jun. boat builder, Duke ft, 
Prevoil widow, w^fher, ShippetJ near fifth ft. 
Price Bcnja^niij, blackfmith, 30, Union it. 
Price David, copperfraith, 167, High ft. 
Price George, fbipmaiter, 320, fouth front /I- 
Price liaac, watch and clock maker, 79, High ft. 2.nd dwelling 

houi'e, Grindflonc alley. 
Price it'abella, fhopkeeper, 88, Swanfon ft. 
Price John M. and Co. merchants, 175, Hig^ ft. 
Pric<j John, mariner, 89, Swanfon ft. 
Price Joie])h, hatter, 79, High Vt. 
Price Rebecca, fhopkeeper, iii. High ft. 
Price Samuel, merchant, 71, fouth front ft. 
Price Sarah, fchoolmiftrefs, 31, Race ft. 
Price William, gentleman, 279, fouth fecond ft. 
Price widow, 340, north front fc. 
Prichett Thomas, infpe(:tQr of fcvltcd provifions, 205, fouth front 

Prichett William, trader, fecond v/harf, fouth of Chcfnut ft. 
Prieftman William, gentleman, near 5, north fixth ft. 
Priemer Adam, grocer, corner of fourth and foutlj i\. 
Primmer Mary, widow, fouth tifth, between South and Oak Jh 
Prince James, merchant, 204, Arch ft. 

iPrince Samuel, cordwainer, Coates between third and fourth fl. 
Pritchard James, carpentei', between fourth and fifth in Cherry 


Pritchard Mary, widow, Catherine between fecond and ihir.d 

Pritdiard , manner, third, between Phimb and Ger- 

, man ft. 
Pritchett ^nn C. widow, u, Lombard ft. 
PritGhett John, hatter, near Pir.e ft. in ibuth fourth ft. 
Pritchett \\^illiairi, merchant, 27, fouth fourth ft. 
Procter Eliza, lliopkeeper, 2S, foath fecond ft. 
Pro6lor Joihua, labourer, Shippcn near tifth ft. 
Prodlor Thcmas> brigadier general, between 171 and 173, 

Arch ir 
Proudfitt James, M. D, 125, foiith fecond ft. 
Provine Jofeph, compofition marble worker, near 26, north 

ninth ft. 
Provoft Fvoderickj coachmaker, between eighth and ninth in 

Filbert it. 
Pryor Charles, 47, Union ft. 
Pryor Jofqoh, grocer, 33, north water, and boule 27, Elfriih" 

alley. ""' , 

Pryor Norton, merchant, 47, Union ft. 
Pryor Thomas, gentleman, 27, fouth water ft. 
Purdon John, (hopkeep&r, 122, fouth front ft. ' 
Purine Aaron, carter, Coombes's alley. 
Purves John & Son, fliopkeepers, 22, fouth fecond ft.* 
Putz Abraham, tavern keeper, 69, Race ft. 
Pylc Rachel, widow, raanruamaker, g, White horfe alley. 
Pyles widow, boarding houfe, 147, South Third ft. 

U AIL Thomas, rharincr, corner of Plumb and George's 

Qualland John, 63, fouth fourth ft. 

Quands Peter, labourer. Noble, between front and fecond ft. 
^ucen Chriftiana, widow, waflier, Budd above Brown ft. 
Quefnet , corner of fixth and Race ft. ^ 

Qucft Nicholas, plaifterer, Waggoner's alley, 
^nig Henry, taylor, 3, Shippen ft. » 

Quigley Michael, ihip carpenter, Chriftian, between front an<li 

fecond ft. 

i H9 :i 



ABSOM George, accompianr, Moravian allejr* 
Kacoon , bilcuit baker, 

Ralilon Ardis & Co. dealer in fhocs, 49, north fecond i\. 
Ralrton Gabriel ti: Jordan, curriers, 121, north tliird il. 
Ralflon Robert, merchaut, 90, fouth front i\. 
Rallion William, 80, Lombard it. 
Ralfton , mariner, 440, fout'i front ft:. 

Raimon, 67, Race it 

Raine Nathaniel, cartman, 119, fouth (}. 
Raine Thomas, Shipwright, third, between German :ind Plumb" 

Rambo Daniel, fhip carpenter, between fecond and front in 

Green it. 
Ramfay John, Univerfity yard, north fourth il. 
Ramfay widow, boarding houl'e, 96, nortli third ft. 
Randall Archibald, iliip carpenter, 26, Shippen i\. 
Randall iVlathias, merchant, 121, fouth third il. 
Randall Roiannah, widow, wafijer, 6, Shippen it. 
Randall JThomas, 88, Spruce It. 
Randolph Edward, grocer, 126, north fecond ft. 
Rlnkins David, labourer, corner of Queen it. and Bird alley. 
Rape Nicholas, wheelwright, '178, Vine it. 
Rapham John, taylor, between fifth and llxthin Cherry ft. 
Rapham John, taylor, near 11, Kunckel it. 
Rapp John, taylor, Budd above Brown ft, 
Rarick Godfrey, tobacconilt, 12, north front ft. 
Rafer Bernard, fea captain, 20, Vine ft. 
Ratcliffe John, flopfeller, north water above Vine ft." 
Ravel Yarier, jeweller, 83, ibuth front ft. 
Rawlc Robert, printer, 33, Carter's alley. 
Rawle William, attorney of the United States for the Diftricl 

..of Pennfylvania, 260, High ft. 
Raworth Mary, widow, fchoolmiftrefs, 7, Queen ft. 
Ray Alexander, labourer, 94, South it. 
Ray Andrew, turner, S\n anion It. betNN'xjen 164 and 17S, 
Ray David, grocer, 10, Penn it. 
Raymond Nathan, labourer, Budd above Brown ft. 
Razor Bernard, ihipmaiter, Duke it. 
Razor Catherine, widow, ihopkeeper, Duke ft. 
Read Jacob, attorney at law, corner of eleventh aud Cheiiiu^ 

Read James. iiifpe<5tor of flour for the port, i, north ft. 

[ 15^ 3 

Rer.d John, joiner, 154, north third Tt. 

3lcacl John, merchant, 91, fouth front i\. 

Rea,J John, merchant, 143, Chefnut i\. 

Read Joleph, merchant, 271, fouth front H:. 

Kcad and Pierre, curriers," 65, Chefnut ft. 

Read Samuel & Jofeph, merchants, 1, S^uth ft. 

Read Samuel, flioc warehoufe, 20, High fi:. 

Read Samuel, merchant, 234, fouth front ft. 

Read William, merchant, i jo, Ibuth feeond ft. 

Read Wm. innkeeper, 25, South alley. 

Breading [ames, mariner, near ii>;, fouth third it. 

Reading Martha, widow, fcaniffirei:, :i69, north fccond il. 

Reagans Thomas, cordwainer, Chi-il'tian, between fe~tond anil 
third fr. 

Reakirk John, grocer, 439, nortli fccond l\. 

P.eaver Kefiah, fchoolmiitrefs, between Green and St, Tam- 
many in St. John i\. 

Reay William, grocer, 5, High ft. 

Reddifh Abraham, labourer, above P(»plar Lane, in St. John ft. 

Redman John, IVL D. 42, north feeond ft. 

R.cdman John, grocer, 53, Arch ft. 

Redmond Philip, tavern keeper, 53, fouth front ft. 

Redmond Rebecca, 107, Walnut ft. 

R.edvvood William, merchant, 133, fouth front ft. 

Reebles Michael, liioemaker, 12, Schievely's alley. 

Reed Anni widow, 8, north ieventh ft. 

Keede & Forde, merchants, 16, fouth water f!:. 

Read I. counfellor at law, 214, High ft. 

Reed Sarah, fhopkeeper, 129, north lecond ft. 

Reed Sufannah, widow, CrelTon's alley. 

Reeder Abner, filverfmlth, 38, north front ft. 

Reeder Daniel, above German in fifth ft. 

Reedle Catherine, widow, gentlewoman between 245 and 249, 
Arch ft. ■ 

Reeclf^i' Andrew, huckfter, 195, Race ft. 

Reel Jacob, baker, between Poplar Lane and Brown ft. in St. 
John ft. 

Rees Francis, mariner. Green, between feeond and third ft. 

Rees George, cordwainer, 265, fonth lecond ft. 

Rees Henry, baker, 126, north fifth ft. 

Rees Jacob, ftocking weaver, 81, Shippen ft. 

Rees Jacob, cedar cooper, 77, Race ft. 

Rees Owen, mariner, 2 j. Union ft. 

Rees Valentine, between Walnut and Chefnut in eighth ft. 

Reeve Mark, merchant, 29, Callow hill ft. 

Reeve Peter, gentleman, 130, Spruce ft. 

Rehn Eve, widow, 42, New ft. 

Rehn George and John, brewers, 64, New ft. 

C ^5^ 3 

Kchn George, brewer, 60, New i\. 

Reiberg Conrad, hair dreifer, 106, north third ft. ,, 

Reichel Augultas Frederick, cabinet maker, 128 Archil, 
Rcid Andrew, wood lawyer, fifth near Plnmb If. 

Rcid Peter, fhoemaker, Plumb between fourth and fifth ff. 

Reid Robert, taylor, 54, Swanibn If. 

Reid William, carter. South between fourth and fifth ff, 

Reid William, carter, 36, Plumb It. 

Reilly John, & Co. bottlers, Plumb bet. third and fourth ft. 

Rcilly John, clock and w;itch maker, 1 1, fouth fecun d ft. 

Reilly fonathan, tavern keeper and bottler, 190, Swanfon U-. 

Reilly Philip Sc Thomas, merchants, near 234, fouth Front ft. 

Rein Michael, labourer, New^ ft. near fourth. 

Reinaging Frederick, labourer, 24, north eighth ft. 

Reinard Lewis, butcher, 112, north Fourth ft. 

Reinboth Frederick, fhoemaker, 154, fouth fourth ft. 

Reiiicky Frederick, turner, 75, north fecondft. 

Reineck Lewis, baker, corner of South and fixth ft. . 

Reinhard Jacob, houfc carpenter, fecond, oppofue Mary It. 

Reinholi John, houfc carpenter, Chriftian near third it. •> 

Reins Madame, 00, Vine ft. 

Reifer Jacob, tin plate worker, 138, north fourth ft. 

Reifs Michael, cedar cooper, 33, Vine ft. , ' ' 

Reifs Nicholas^ watchman, fourth between South and Shippcn 

Relf Ann, widow, boarding lioufe, 172, fouth third ftt 

Remick Enoch, boarding houfe, 1,04, Swanfon ft. 

Remington Clement, inlpe;^or of luKiber, f,j. Vine ft. 

Renan Francis, paper hanger, thiru between Plumb and Ship- 
pen ft. 

Renner Ciiarles, cordwainer, 22, Callowhill ft. 

Renfhaw Richard, graz'er, 90, Union ft. ^ 

Rcwalt Jacob, bricklayer^ Fourteen Chimnies. 

Reymer 224, north front ft. 

Reynell Richard, gun maker, 39, fouth Water {t. 

Reynold 1. & H. carvers and guilders, 56, High it. 

Reynolds Peter, bricklayler, fifth between South and Shippcn 

F.eynolds Samuel, taylor, 8, north fifth ft. 

lleynolds Sarah, widow, Ihopkceper, H2, Swanfon ft. 

Reynolds Simeon, fchool mafter, 214, nortli fecondft. 

Rhea Mary, fhopkeeper, 30, north fecond ft. 

Rhea Oliver, tavcrnkeeper a: grocer/ fqcond betwcea Catherine 
and Queen ft. 

Rhodes Samuel, merchant, near 96 Arch ft. 

Rhodes S^mr.el, merv^hailt, 1, Penn ft. 

Rhodes & Wild, tavlori;, and Ihopkcepers, 76, north fecond it. 

f ^52 ] 

RiaAvhard William, houfe carpentc^r, Cher/y ft. between fixth: 

and fevewth. 
Ribble John, fhocraaker, third between Shippen and Plumb 

Ricardo Jolcph, merchant, 53, north third Ct. 
Rice Henry & Patrick, booklcllcis, 16, Ibuth lecond ft. 
Rice Jolin, ftiip carpenter, 99, Svvanfbn It. 
Rice Philip, fhip mafter, 53, .^.Imond ft. , 

Rice Robert, fliip mafter, 28, Queen ft. 
Rice William, innkeeper, 412, nqrth Front' ft. 
Ricli George, cordwainer. Green i'c. corner of Lilly alley: 
Rich Ifaac, innkeeper, 133, Race ft. 
Rich John, fliip mafter, 7, Vine ft. 
Richnel Jacob, Brown ft. 
Richard John, labourer, 1 18, north fifth ft. 
Richardet Samuel, malter of the City Tavern and Merchant's; 

Colfce Houfe, 86, fouth fecond ft. 
Richards John, ironmonger, 59, High ft. 
Richards Johnjiin. 3, Dock (t. 

Richards jofeph, mariner, {^j. Pine ft. 
Richards Nathaniel, gfocer, Catherine between Front and 

Swanfou ft. 
Richards Rachel, widow, 206,. north Front ft. 
Richards William, leather breeches maker, 126, High ft. 
Richards & Willianjfon, goldfmiths andjewellers, 136, fotith 

Front ft. . 
Richards Widow, innkeeper, corner of Brown and north third 

Richardfon Widow, 9^, north Water ft. 
Richardfon Jacob, 1 avern keeper, Northern Liberties' Ferry^ 

Callow hill ft. below Water. 
Richardfon Joleph, goldfmith, 50, fouth Front ft. 
Richardfon Nicholas, fliopkcep^r, 224, fouth fecond ft. 
Richardfon Sufannah, widow, fecond between Queen and Ca- 

.therine ft. 
Richardfon William, optician, 75, fouth fecond ft. 
Richmond John, labourer, between 31 ^nd ^-^j. Race ft. 
Richner Sarah, widow fhopkeeper, 210, north fecond ft. 
Rickard Jofeph, refiner of gold and filver, and boarding houibj. 

39, Penn ft. 
Rickard Lev>nard, fhopkeeper, 62, uorth fecond fr^ 
Ricketts John Bill, proprietor and manager of the Pantheon 

& Amphitlieatre, corner of Chefnut and fouth fixth ft. and 

at Oeller's hotel. 
Ricketts Jofepli, batcher, 18, Cable Lane. 
Rickey Samuel, broker, 133, Chefnut ft. 
Rickicfon John, mariner, 4, Shippen ft. 
Rickman Richard^ waterman, Bear Sticker's court. 

Rickner ?vlrs. fliopkeepcr, 210, north fccond f:. 

Riddtll John, labourer, (."hieen b( tween Iccond and third fi. 

Riddle Catherine, Fcurteeri Chimnics. 

Riddle David, houle carpenter, 131, Pine H. 

Riddle Margaret, Catherine between Front and fecond fr. 

Ridgeway Allen, grocer, corner of lenth and Arch ft. 

Ridgway Jacob, 160, north Front ft, 

Ridgway John, brickhiver. Relief alley. 

Riding Rebecca, widow hiickfier, 18, Sugar alley. 

Ridy John, porter, Coaies's ft. between fecond and third ft. 

Richle John, tobacconif:, 1^0, High ft. 

K-iever John, baker, Catherine between Front and fecond ft. 

Riffe'.ts Edward, genrleman, 165, Vine ft. 

Rigal Henrv, gentleman, 180, fouth fec>.>nd fr. 

Rigar, gentleman, Vine between eighth and ninth ft. 

Rigbv Joi'eph, 17, E.acc ft. 

Rigby Widow, cabinet rriaker, 122, north front ft. ^ 

Rigger Gedrgc, labourer, St. John's ft. above Poplar Lane. 

Rigier Steplien^ weaver, north third ft. between Brown Ct, 

and Poplar Lane. 
Riley James, labourer, near 30, Prime fc. 
Riley Joh;i, clock &: watchmaker, 11, fiiuth fecond it. 
Rilcv William, butcher, 20, Saffafras alley. 
P,.ilev' John, (hip mafler, 105, Swanfon ft. 
Rimer Thomas, fhoemaker, 59, fouth fecond ft. 
Rindt David, grocer, 212, north third ft. 

Rine Frederick, labotlrer. Green, between third and fourth Cz. 
Rine Thomas, carpenter, near 125, fouth fifrh ft. 
Pvincdellar Emanuef, tavlor, 17, Lombard ft. 
Rinedallar [acob, (iiipw right, Chrifilan, between front and 

Swanfon ft. 
Rinett David, grocer, 212, north third ft. 
Ringrofe Margaret, fchoolmiftrefs, 68, Union ft. 
Rink John, coachm.aker, 45, Cable Lane. 
Rink Sebaftian, coach- e hirer, 7i Shippen ir, 
Rinker John, gentleman, 371, north (econd ft.. 
llilburg'Guftavus, gentleman^ 14, Arch ft. 
PvirJtil John, grocer, 4v''), fouth hfch ft. 
Ritman Barbara, wadier, -14, Salfafras alley. 
B.ittenger John, brickmaker, 2, north tenth ft 
Rittcnkoufe widow, 245, /.rch ft. 
R-itter Henry, baker, 2 ;,. north fifth ft. 
Ritter Jacob, Ihopkecper, 70, north front ft. 
Rivers Francis, mariner, 44', Almond ft. 
Roach Ifaac, mariner, in the revei.ue fervice, 40, Almond ft. 
Roberdeau Eliztibeth, gentle v/oman, 149, Arch i^. 
Rob«rt Peter L grocer, corner of Green and north fecond ft. 
Robuck fokn Sresvart, millwright, eig!uh, between A^'alpiit k 

Clieihut ft. 

L 154 J 

Roberts Mil's, corner of Church and GrindflVmc alley. 

Roberts' Catherine, ironmonger, 97, High (I, 

Roberts Elizabeth, widow, boarding houfc, 2, Lc-'rria court. 

Roberts Edward, honle carpenter, 24, Safiafras alley. ■ 

Roberts Edward, cordcr, 145, fouth third ft. 

Roberts Francis, iadler, Biddle's alley. 

Roberts George, lumber merchant, Yard, corner of fourth and 

Vine it dwelling houfe, 82, Callowhill i\. 
Roberts George, 3, lenith front it. 
Ro'-icrts George, merchanr, 2, Church alley. 
Roberts George & Ion, merchants, 83, High ft. 
Roberts Hugh, ftreet cornmiffioner. Mulberry court. 
Roberts Ifrael, lather, 132, north fourth ft. 
Roberts James, fnoemaker, 44, Strawberry ft. 
Roberts John, clock and watchmaker, 47, ibuth third ft. 
Roberts Jonathan, houfe carpenter, corner of Callowhill and 

Kunckell ft. 
Roberts Jofeph, ironmonger, 16, north fourth ft. . 
Roberts Jofeph, near 47, north feventh ft. 
Roberts Martha, mifs, boarding houfe, 25, Pine ft. 
Roberts Michael, merchant, 92, High ft. 
Roberts Sarah, widow, grocer, Chriftian, between front and 

fecond ft. 
Roberts Thomas, merchant, 205, north fecond ft. 
Roberts \^''illiam, taylor, 12, fouth hfth ft. 
Roberts William, houfe carpenter, 163, Chef nut ft. 
Robertfon Ann, fliopkeeper, 194, fonth front ft. 
Robertfon Chi^rles, bottler, 168, fouth fecond ft. 
Robertfon Duncan, book-binder, Hoffman's 'alley. 
Robertfon James M. coachmaker, 79, Dock ft. 
Robertfon Mary, widow, grocer, 67, Shippen ft. 
Robertfon William, mariner, 84, Pennil. 
Robertfon William, Ikin drelfer, 353, north fecond ft. 
Robefon Morris, merchant, 53, north water ft. 
Robefon & Paul, merchants, 53, north wafer ft. 
Robefon Peier& Jonathan, flour merchants. Wain's wharf. 
Robinett Richard, clerk in the bank of the United States, 43, 

Shippen ft. 
Robins , blockmaker, 43, Pcnn ft. 

Robins John, fen. bricklayer, 159, Vine ft. 
Robins John,jnn. accomptant, 159, Vine ft, 
Robins Saniuel, boat-builder, 387, north front ft. 
Rcbinfon Catherine, widow, 14, Almond ft. 
Fvobinfon Daniel, boarding houfe, 33, Spruce ft. 
Robinfon Duncan, labourer, between 115 and 117, north froirt. 

Robinfon Ebenezer, brufhmaker, 82, northfifthfh 
KoUinlbn Henry, ihipmader, Catherine cornor of Front ft. 

t «55 3 

Hobiufun James, coppcHinith, ^8, Shippen fl. 

Rolnnlbii Junius, jun. ftarch manufacturer, 41, Ibuth fccond ft. 

Robinfon John, baker, Appletree alley. 

Roi)in(bn [ohn, butcher, Filbert, between eiglith and ninth ft. 

Kobinf«)n Jonathan, iiour merchant, near 39, Sprure ft. 

Robinlbn Jofeph, houlc carpenter, fifth, between Plumb anvl 

German ft. 
Robinfon Rach'cvel, %vidov, gentlewoman, 84, Race ft. 
RobinioLi Richard, hatter, 202, High ft. 
Hobinf^n Rolannah, widow, tavern keeper, lyS, fouth fourth 

R-ob'.niijn Samuel, hatter, 41, South Front ft. 
Rubinfon Samuel ^.Co. druggifts and apothecaries, 235, fouth 

fecond It. 
Robinlbn Wm. jufcice of the peace, corner of fouth front ft. cn: 

Mead alley. 
Robinfon William, houfe carpenter, third, between Noble and 

Green It. 
Robinfon Wm. houfe carpenter. Crown ft. 
Robinfon Wm. jua. merchant, 294, fouth iccond ft. 
Robinfon , gentleman, 28, Vine ft:. 

Robinfon Wm. houfe carpenter, 26, north fourth ft. 
Rockenbargh Samuel, flioemaker, 76, New ft. 
RodcT^ield Elizabeth, widow, miilinar, 6|, Race ft= 
Roe JeiTc, houfe carpenter, Hoffman's alley. 
R-odney Clarilfa, widow, 71, Sliippen ft. 
Rogers Benjamin, fhoemaker, 204, High ft. 
Rogers Elizabeth, widow, 8, White Horfe alley. 
Roo-ers Hugli, Ihip carpenter, front, between Catherine and 

Queen ft. 
Rogers John, labourer, Brewer's alley, between third and 

fourth ft. 
R-Oo-ers iVXary, widow, boarding houfe, 67, Pine ft. 
Rogers Thomas, brafs founder, 21, north fifth ft. 
Rogers Thomas, merchant, 8, White horfe alley. 
Rogers Vv illiam, rev. D. D. Proteiror of Rhetoric and Belles 

Lcttres in the Unircrftty, 40, north fourth ft. 
Rogers William, labourer, Budd between Coatcs and Grean ft. 
Rogers William, grocer, 133, north fecond ft. 
Rogers and Wilfon, merchants, 37, High ft. 
R.ohn John, whitefmith, 115, north fecond ft. 
Rorhman Conrad, wheelwright, 72, Green ft. 
Rorhman Henry, wheelwright, 441, north fecond ft, 
Rojeutie widow, gentlewoman, 111, Vino It. 
Rollington John, hair drefTer, 91, fouth fourth ft. 
Rolph James, accomptant, 308, ftjuth front ft. 
Bolftoii George, infpedtor of ihe revenue, 256, fouth I'ront ft. 
Roman John^ labourer, Noble ^ between front and fecontl ft. 

[ 156 


Roney James, cordwaincr, 262, fquth front ft. 

Roney John, turner, 54, Cherry it. 

Roney Margaret, widow, mantua maker, CrelTon's alier. 

Roibottom, Eve, ^^ idow, fifth, between Walnut and Chefnut ft. 

Ftofe Andrew, labourer, fifth, between South and Shippcri fc 

Rofe Croplcy, wine merchant, 83, fouth water ft. 

Role David, bricklayer. Avsue i}. 

Rofe David, grocer, corner of Water and Vine U. 

Rofe David, JLiD. grocer, north water shove Vine 1>. 

Rofe George, bricklayer, 7, Brewer's alley. 

Rofe John, biicklaver, 9, Brewer's alley. 

Rofe Jonathan, bricklayer, 4, Brewer's allev. 

Rofe Jonathan, labourer, 343, fouth front ft. 

R-ofe d' Stockdaie, merchants, 13, nonh front ft. 

B-ofe Thomas, brickmaker, 424, north iecond ft. 

R-ofet Jacob, clerk in the peft office, Llfrith's a'^cy. 

Jlofier Sophia, waflier, 118, fouth ft. 

Rofs Andrew, Pvl. D. 6, Prune ft. 

Rofs Andrew, 148, Ra.e ik. 

Rois and Chapman, merchants, 2 S, north third ft. 

Rofs Charlos and vSimf)n, merchant,, 121, ibuth front ft. 

R-ofs Daniel, wood fawycr, German, between third and fourtl: 

Rofs Henry, houfe k fhip painfer, 74, Almond ft. 
Rofs John, jun. merchant, 14, Dork ft. 
Rofs John, mercl-.ant, corner of Pine and fecond ft. 
Rofs 1. painter cc glazier, 140, north third ft. 
Rofs Rubert, broker, 134, north third ft. 
P~.ofs Thomas, attorney at law, 52, Walnut ft. 
R-ofs William, merchant, between 43 &: 49, Cherry ft. 
Rols William, grocer, 263, fouth fecond It. 
R-ofs Mrs. 5, Church alley. 
Rofs , fea captain, 170, north front ft. 

R.ofTeter John,fta captam, loi, iouth lifth ft. 
Roffett Francis, hatter, 259, north fecond ft. 
Roth Marv, Crown ft. 
Roth Philip, mufjcian, Crown ft; 
Roup John, nioemaker, to8, north fecosd ft. 
R-ourk Miles, trader, fouth, between front and fecor.d ft. 
Roufli Ifaac, grocer, 112, north fecond ft. 
Roufn John, ikin dreftcr, 58, Race ft. 
IWuffelin w'dow, gentlewoman, 8, Prune ft. 

"oulfets F. C. merchant, 7, fouth front ft. 

-ow Cornelius, fnij)gle-lhaver, St. John, between Green an< 
Brown it. 

Row Edward, brafs founder, 8, Elfrith's alley. 
iur-.v ''•^:~:-, jun^ b'Tciiit baker, 146, foutb front ft. 

[ "o/ ] 

RoNY Ricliard, lioafc carpenter, Green, between third and fourtk 

Rowan John, houfe carpenter, 15, Appletree alley. 
Rowen Moles., Ihip joiner and hoiifc carpenter, 31, Queen ft. 
Rowens Sarah, boarding houfe, 120, Swanfon It. 
Roweriwalter Nicholas, porter, 2Z, North li. 
Rowland James, iron and ciiina merchanr, 2,07, north fecond (1. 
Rovvlctr John, merchant, 61, Arch ll. 
Rowley Edward, ihopkeeper, 5, north front il. 
Rovall Mary, widow, boardini^ houfc, 32, Qjaeen ft. 
Roylloa George, taylor, St. John between Brown andCoatcs it. 
Ruddach William, houfe carpenter, 7, Letitia court. 
Rudolph Eflhur, widow, gentlewoman, 21, Branch A. 
Rudolpli John, cordvvainer, !)etwcen fixth and fevcnth in (buth 

Rudolph John, ilour merchant, 105, Spruce (1. 
Rudoloh William, fliopkeeper, near the of eip-hth in 

Race l\. '^ 

Rudclph widow, 10, Pine ft. 
Rudy Rachael, widow, 112, north fifth H:. 

Rue Ifracl, carter, north fecond, between Green an-d St. Tam- 
many's l\. 
Ruff and Pratt, merchants, corner of Arch and fecond ft. 

Ruif Daniel, merchanr, Coombe's alley. 

Rugan John and Rhodes, grocers, 259, High ft. 

Ruglcfs Sharraon, coachraaker, between eighth and ninth ia 
filbert fl, 

Rumell George, drayman, 59, north eighth fl. 

Rump Jacob, baker, Spruce ft. 

Rundle George, merchant, 2-1.6, High ft.- 

Rundie & Leech, merchants, 9, Walnut i\. 

Rundle Richard, gentleman, 246, Hioh ft. 

Runner Martin, butcher, Grov/ii fr. 

Ruli Benjamhi, M. D. corner of Walnut and fourth ft. 

Rufl^. Benjamin, carver, 32, Cable Lane, N. L. 

Rufh Benjamin, carver, 221, north front fl. 

Rufli Catherine, widow, between fecond and third ft. in Brew->. 
er's alley. 

Rufli Conrad, fkin drefler and parchment maker, 52, Callowhill 
ftreet. ' 

R-ufh John, mariner, Coates, between fecond and Front fl. 

Rufh Jofeph, ihipwright, 199, north Front fl. 

Rufh Lewis, fkin dreffer, 95, Race ft. 

RuOi William, grazier, 94, Fvace ft. 

RuOi William, fliip carver, 172 &: 174, north Front ft. 

Ruflell Andrew, tavlor, Elmflie's allev. 

Ruffell and Boone, merchants. Pine ft. wharf. 

RufTell Edward, merchant, 19, Pine fl. 

Rullell Franci:>; fruiterer a.^d dealer i« Chinz, 208, High ft. 

t '58 ] 

UlufTell Jamc?, mariner, iouth, between fourth and fifth ft, 
px.nii*ell Jofeph, houle cirpenter, Catherine, between front and 

Swanlon i\. 
IluTdil Jofeph, merchant, 3, Pcnn ft. 
Rufl'cll Timothy, fiiip nialter, 15, Grav's alley. 
RufTc:! William, grocer, 308, nortli front ft. 
Rulfell William, gentleman, 319, High ft. 
Rufton Anthon) , fruiterer, near Poplar Lane in north third ft. 
Rufton Thomas, M. D. corner of eighth and Chcfnut ft, 
Rutherford Agnes, boarding houle, 30, \\'"alnut ft. 
Rutter Jacob, 3, Saflafras alley. 

Ruttcr John, fhoemaker, Chriftian between third and fourth ft. 
Rv , widow, gentlewoman, front, between Oueen and 

Mary ft. 
Ryal Ifaac, bell-man, 73, north llxt]i ft. 
Ryan James, merchant, 42, north iixth ft. 
Ryan John, bottler, Coombes's alley. 
Ryan Lewis boot Sz fhoemaker, 53, fonth third fr. 
Ryan Michael, flioemaker, Plumb, bi.tween third and fourth ft ^ 
R.yaa Timothy, houfc carpenter, 13, Gray's alley. 
Rycrfon Thomas, merchant, 177, Hip-h fi. 

O iDLER John, ftone cutter, jo. South alley. 

Sadler John, flioemaker, 367, fonth third ft. 

Sadler Matthias, houfc carpenter, 2-;y, Arch It. 

Sager Barbara, baker, 242, Arch ft. 

Sailer Henry, lione cutter, 27, north ninth Ct. 

Saint Douglas, grocer, Veriion ft. 

Salade Sebaftian, fringe and lace weaver, 3, Lsetitia court. 

Salifbury John, mariner, back of Front ft. 

Sollies, 231, fouth Front ft, 

Salter Jol.m, gentleman, 37, Race ft. 

Salter Samuel, carver & gilder, near 78, fouth fourth It. 

Sampfon John, whip maker, yi^ north fixth fl. 

Sandeford Rowland, coach maker, bet. feventh and eighth ia 

Cherry i\. and in Creflbn's alley. 
Hander iXTaria, widow, 19, north ninth ft. 
Sanders Elijah, carpenter, 1 24, north fifth fl. 
."iandcrs Jacob, carter, feeond ft. above Poplar Lane. 
>Sanfom Joieph, fen. merchant, j.j, north Fiont ft 

C '59 ] 

oanfom Samiicl, printer, 27, Arch i}. 

Sanrom William, merchant, 146, Arch H. 

Sardino-haufen William, M. D. between iecond and third (1. in 

Crellon's alley. 
Sang Charles, confectioner, 164, Spruce fl. 
Sangller Eleanor, widow, Plumb between fourth and iifth fl. 
Saul Elfa, blackimith, 198, Race ft. 
Saul John M. grocer, 15, Chefnut ft. 

Savage Edward, between tenth and eleventh in Chefnut ft. 
Savage John, merchant, 91, fouth third ft. 
Savery Mrs. gentlewoman, bet. fifth and ftxth in Spruce ft* 
Savery Thomas, carpenter, 20, nortt fifth ft. 
Saviel Samuel, grocer, 51, north Front ft. 
Savillc George, near 305, Arch ft. 

Sawer James, fhopkeeper, corner of Pine and fecond ft. 
Say Benjamin', 1\1. D. 64, north fecond ft. 
Say Thomas, grocer, South ft. betw een fixth and feventh ft. 
Sayfield Jacob, hair dreffer, near the corner of third in Cherry 

Sayre Francis Bowes, M. D. 107, Arch ft. 
Sayre Leonard, gentleman, 70, north fourth ft. 
Scaife Elizabeth, widow, groc«r, corner of South and George 

Scarlet John, nailor, Chriftian between Front and Swanfoa ft, 
Scattergood John H. tanner &: currier, 272, north Front ft. 
Scattergood Sc Stevenfon, curriers, 276, north Front ft. 
Scattergood Thomas, currier, 278, north Front ft. 
Schafier Charles, fugar refiner, 84, north fecond ft. 
SchafTer Dorothy, widow. Crown ft. 
Schalfcr Francis, well digger, between Brow^n ft. and Poplar 

Lane, in north third if. 
ScijaiTer John, grocer, between Brown and Coates ft. in nortii 

third ft. 
Schaffer Widow, 15, north eighth fh 
Schalmz Henry, joiner, 11, Kerr's alley. 
Schallenger Enos, pilot, 362, fouth Front ft. 
jBchanmeiikellel Frederick, baker, Green between Front and 

fecond ft. 
Scherer Conrad, innkeeper, 144, Vine ft. 
Schively Henry, curler and furgeons inftrument maker, 49, 

fouth third ft. 
Scholfieid <k Tyfon, fliopkeepers, corner of Arch and thi-rd ft. 
Ji:lilolTer John, gentleman, 189, north fecond ft. 
Schmidt Frederick, minifter of the German Lutheran cono;rc- 

garion, 27, north fourth ft. 
vSchnijdt George, grocer, 90, Swanfon ft. • 
Schneider, pilot, 1,96, fouth Front ft. 
^Schneider & Flintham, lumber merchants, 313, north Front ft. 

L i6o ] 

Scholiield Samuel, fliopkecper, 92, north Fourth' fl. 

Schoni'tr Georjvc, biicuit baker, Budd corner of Brown rt. 

Schrack Abraliam, innkeeper, 141, Race ft. 

Schrack Jacob, honfc carpenter, Tailman's alley. 

Schrtider Keiiry, taylor. Green between Front and fecond (^. 

Schreiner Elizabeth, widow, Chrillian between fecond and 

third ft. 
Schreiner Elizabeth, widow, 11, Cherry ft. 
Schro^der Charles, confectioner, 22z, High ft. 
Schultz Erdman, umbrdia mender, 20'->, Race ft. 
Scbultz Frederick, laddie end trunk maker, 123, Race ft. 
Schweichard Frederick,' 8^, north Fourth It. 
Scotland Benjamin, chair maker, Catherine between Front and 

fecond it. 
Scotland James, hcufe carpenter, Catherine between feconci 

and third it. 
Scotten Samuel, whale bone cutter, 123, Chefliut ft. 
Scott Andrew, grocer, corner of Front and Shippen ft. 
Scott Benjamin, conftable, 347,\Valnu\ ft. 
Scott Edward, taylpr, 33, Strawberry ft, 
Scott George, cooper, 138, north Water ft. 
Scott Henry, bricklayer, bet. 5 and 9, Sugar alley. 
Scott James, labourer, GalRel ft. 
Scott James, tanner, Gaikel ft. 
Scott James, pliiifterer, 246, fouth Front ft. 
Scott John, clerk in the^naval yard of the United States, Swan- 

fon ft. beyond the Swedes' church. 
Scott John, taylor, near fifth in Spruce ft. 
Scott John, blackfmith, 60, South ft. 
Scott iviartha, widow, boarding houfe, 43, Vine ft. 
Scott Phtebe, widow hucklter. South between fifth and fixth 

Scott Robert, runner for the Infuraucc Company of Pennfyl-' 

vania, 100, Shippen ft. 
Scott Robert, engraver and copperplate printer. Carter's alley. 
Scott Robert, dealer in corn, iicc. near 133, Pine ft. 
Scott Samuel, houl'e carpenter, 154, north iilth ft. 
Scott, fhip mafter. Plumb between fecond and third ft, 

Scott Widows fhopkeeper, 65, north third (t. 
Scravendyke Peter, Ibap and candle manufacturer, 237, fout^ 

fecond ft, 
Scull Benjamin, hatter, 181, High ft. 
Scull & rVl'Dermott, bottlers, 41, Walnut ft. 
Scully Barnaba, fhopkeeper, near 107, Pine ft. 
Sea-born Robert, taylor^ 76, Arch ft. 
Sebright James, merchant, 49, Chefnut ft. 
Seckel David, 305, High A. 

Seckel George David, gentleman, 309, High {t= 
Scckcl Henry, wine merchant, 215, High It. 

[ i6i ] 

&cckci Lawience, merchant, 155, High It. 

Scjuin Andrew, iiiip carpciitcr, 375, north Front ft. 

ircguia ijenior, gcuclcman, 3Z6, north iecond it. 

Seidei John Nichohis, currier, 6j, Race i\. 

Seij)e Frederick, taylor, i6jj, north Front (t. 

Scirz Charles, ihopkeeper, (10, Race It. 

iDell lienry, painter and glazier, 452, north fecond ft. 

Sellers Chriftopher, gentleman, 208, north iscond ft. 

Sellers David, card maker, 12, north fixth it. 

Sellers Mary, widow, iig, north third It. 

Sellers N. and D. card makers, 231, High ft, 

-Sellers Robert, printer, 83, Arch ft. 

Seman Stephen, drayman, Cherry ft. between ftxth and fe-" 

venth It. 
Semple John, mariner, German between fecond and third ft. 
Semple William, ihio mafter, German betwecQ lecond and 

third it. 
Sender ling Jacob, grocer, 409, north Front ft. 
benti't George, innkeeper, 25, North it. 

Senn Henry, cordwainer. Green between third and fourth ft. 
Sennefr John, taylor, Coates's it. between fecond and third. 
Serfrld John, cordwainer, corner of Brown and St. John's ft. Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman, 42, no. leventh ft. 
Sergeant Godfrey, Fourteen Chimnies. 
Sergeant William, attorney at law, 113, Arch it:. 
Serin Jabez, il»oe maker, 344, Ibuth Front ft. 
Serrrraize 132, north iecond it. 

Sermaize M. a, Cherry ft. 

Sermon Ifaac, M. D. 23, north fecond ft. 
Sermon, blacklmith, back of 23, north fecond ft» 

Sers David, merchant, 173, north Front ft. 
Service ^'Vndrew, merchant, 73, ibuth Front ftx 
Service John, Fourteen Chimnies. 
Service John, grocer, South near fixth ft. 
Serving Nicholas, 88, north fixth it. 
Servols Jacob, jaltice ot the peace, ofticc near the comer of 

Vine in Water ft. and houle 209, north Front ft. 
Servofs John, hatter, 21:?, north Front ft. 
Servois Sc Shoemaker, flour merchants. Vine it. wharf. 
Severne Benjamin, labourer, 66, Elder or Zeen It. 
Sewell Ann ivlaria, French and Englifh boarding ichool, 68, 

Spruce ft. 
Sewell iNlrs. 68, Spruce ft. 

Sewell Mary, boarding boufe, 4, north eighth ft. 
Sev/eil Robert, merchant, 35, Race it. 
Sexton Jared, taylor, 93, north Front it. and (lio";:) 4^, foutb 

Water it. 
Scvbert Adam, labourer. 202, B-Scc it. 


L i6i ] 

Seybert Barbara^ widow, boarding honfc^ -6, nor<h ninth. ft. 
iieybert Peter, iu|,Lir baker, 12, Church alley. 
J'eybert Stbaftian, butcher, north fecond near Green ft. 
SeyiLrhelci, fliip carpenter, corner of Taper's alley 

and Green ft. 
Sliade Peter, brufli maker, near T37, Spruce ft. 
Shafl'er Barbara, widow huckfter, Coates's ft. between Front 

and iecond ft. 
Shaffer Henry, labourer, iS, {buth fourth ft. 
bhafFcr Jacob, fhocniaker, Coatcs's ft. between Front and fe- 

coiid ft. 
Shaflcr John, butcher, Arch ft. between ninth and tenth. 
iShalrcr Pljilip, mariner, jq. Queen ft. 
Sbalicrofs & IM'Kinley, fiioemiikers, 43, north Front ft. 
Shallus Francis, engraver, 4c, Vine ft. 
Shane George, labourer, near 74, north fixth i\. 
Shank Sophia, widow, beiw-een Poplar Lane and Browii ft. v:' 

St. John's ft. 
Shannon John, tavern keeper, 50, Cailowhill ft. 
Shannon William, au. ioncer, 183, High ft. 
Sharp Catherine, 22., ^Ider or Zeen ft. 
Sharp Henry, labourer, 99, New fL 
Sharpiels James, portra.t painter, 164, fouth Front ft. 
Sharpies Jefte, merchant, corner of Ghefnut and third ft. 
Sharfwood James, carpenter, 92, north fixth ft. 
Shaumkerfcl Frederick, baker, 378, north fecond ft. 
Shaw Archibald, yarn merchant, Chriftian between feeoid anal 

third it 
Shaw & Hammitt, merchants, 72, north Water ft. 
Shaw jVIatthew, houie carpenter, 47, Pine ft. 
Shaw Richard, labourer, near 103, Ibuth fifth ft. 
Shaw Fcobert, merchant, 197, High ft. and corner of fifth". 
Shaw Samuel, blackiinith, 79, South ft. 
Shaw Samuel, labuurer, Ccmbes's alley. 
Shaw Samuel, merchant, 275, High ft. 
Shaw Thomas, merchant, 265, fouth Front ft. 
Shaw Thomas, merchant, 71, north Front ft. 
Shaw William, houfe carpenter, 49, Pine ft. 
Shea Margaret, widow, 15, north filVh i\. 
Sheaif Kenry, wine merchant, 180. High ft. 
Sheaff Peter, career, between Green and St. Tammany it. i» 

St. John's ft. 
>;heafF Philip & Son, merchants, 166, High ft. 
Sheaff Wil'iam, wine merchant, i6£. High ft. 
Shcbble Jacob, blackfmith, 77 and 79, north fifth ft. 
Shedd William, plaiftcrer, German between fourth ani fiftk 

t '63 ] 

Igihvc John, city tiealurerj bet v, eon ninth and tenth in Filberi: 

Shcedcr Frederick, taylor, 12, Brewer's alley. 
iSliell Lewis, hiickftcr, back or8i- north fifth it. 
lyhcjl Peter, labourer, Coatcs's It. between third and t'ourth, 
Slicpard James, Jf/-)^ north fifth ft. 

Shepherd John, butcher, between ninth and tenth in Arch ft. 
iShepJierd William, bell hanger and white fmith, 63, New ft. 
Shepherd Robert, houfe carpenter, 
Shepherd William, grocer, 44, foath fourth ft. 
Shepherd Benjatnin, fcrivener, Shepherd's court. 
S4icremuth Stepheu, hoftler, near 67, north fixth Ct. 
Shcrc-i John, manner, German between fecond and third ft. 
Sherer Willian-;, taylor, 64, fouth Water ft. 
Sheridan Abraham, innkeeper, 102, Race it. 
Shcwell Robert, merchant, 35, Race ft. 
hhe vvell F-obert, jun. merciiant, 44, norrh fecond ft. 
Sliewc!] Sallows ik Co. merchants, 67, north second It. 
Sheivcll Stephen, jgentlemaa, 25, north Front ft. 
Shields John, mcrchai^^, 22, Chellmt ft. 
Shields Robert, i'ea captain, 9, Lombird fL 
Shields Robert, merchant, 40, north fecond ft. 
Shin Samnel, bricklayer, fonth fourth, near Lombard ft. 
ShinckU- Frederick, jun. grocer, north weft corner af High £Ji4 

Chefuut fr. 
Shindler fvlichael, baker, corner of Shippen and fifth ft. 
5hincv Lawrence, comb maker, 18^, Vine ft. 
Shingle Frederick, gentleman, 155, Arch ft. 
Shinuick Adam, painter aud glazier, between Coares and Green 

in St. John's ft. 
>pen Edv 

Shippen Edward, ore of the judges of the {upreme court, 98, 
fouth iourth ft. 

Shippen William, jun. IM. D. and profeilbr of anatomy in the 
Univerfity, 10, Prune ft. 

Shippen William, hatter, i, north third ft. 

Shnyder Ignatius, 10, north feventh ft. 

Shober Samuel, phyiician, fecond, betweenCatherine and Queep 

Shoemaker Abraham, convevanxicr, 124., foGth fourth ft. 

Shoemaker, Benjamin, merchant, 258, High ft. 

Shoemaker Benjamin gentlf^man, 3337 High ft. 

Shoemaker and Berrett, infurance brokers, 29, nortTi water ft. 

Shoemaker Charles, tlour fuftor, lecond v/harf, fouth of Chef- 
nut ft. 

Shoemaker Charles, merchant, 9, north fourth ft. 

Shoemaker Chriftian, labourer, tecoud ft:, above Poplar Lane , 

■Shoemaker and Cryder, mercliants, 60, north water (t 

[ i64 ] 

ShoemalJier Edward, ironmonger, 256, High ft. 

Shoemaker Eli, fionr merchant, 30, Cable lane, N. T . 

Shoemaker Jacob, infurance broker, 29, north ^vater ft. 

Shoemaker (efTe, Oioemakcr, 89, north front ft. 

Shoemaker jofef h, T'lverrmith, fliop 12, north front fl, d\"\vi- 

ina; hciil'e 24, Pewter platter alley. 
Shoemaker Jofeph, fliopkeeper, 1 20, north fecond ft. 
Shoe7V.aker Lydia, huckfter, 7, Branch ft. 
Shoemaker Samuel, plaifterer, 119. norrh fifth ft. 
Shoemaker Thomas, gentleman, 117, Chelnut ft 
Shoemaker Thomas, merchant, i6^'7^. Vine it. 
Shortall Thomas, ftave mefv^hant, Swaafon corner of Chrlftian 

ft. dwelling houfe 47, Ojieen ft. 
Shorthcmfe Thomas and John Rofs, merchants, 126, fonth 

front it 
Shotwell Eden, merchant, 22, north fifth ft. 
Shreincr John, blackfmith, 36, north feventh ft. 
Shriber Peter, butcher. Vine, between fe%'enth and eighth ft. 
Shrier Hannah, widow, huckfter, Kcr's alley. 
Shrieve Caleb, (hoc dealer, 360, north front ft. 
Shrink John, ovfterman, Fourteen Chiranies. 
Shrupp Henry, breeches maker, between third and fourth in 

Brewer's alley. 
Shubart Elizabeth, widow, foui-h fecond, between Shippen and 

South ft. 
Shubert Sufannah, widow, 74, nonh fixth ft. 
Shnd Geor2;e, plaillerer, fifth between Plumb and German ft. 
Shn.oart Simon, taylor, 366, north fecond ft^ 
Sug'::ard John, labourer, 478, north fecond ft. 
Shulier Jacob, innkeeper, i?'9, north third ft. 
Shults Charles, grain dealer, corner of fifth and Shippen ft. 
Shuman Philip, Waggoner's alley. 

Shufter Andrew, cooper, above the bridge, north fecond ft. 
Shufton John, porter, 11, Sugar alley. 
Shu'c Margaret, widow, ihopkeeper, 338, fouth Front ft. 
Shutz Henry, {liopkeeper, 202, north fecond ft. 
Shviock /vlbertus*, grocer, Budd, between Green and Coates 1^. 
Sibbald George, merchant, 57, north fourth ft. 
Sibbet [ohp., fhcemaker. Noble, between Front and fecond ft. 
Sicard S. d.incinji matter, 185, north Front ft. 
Sick Thomas, plaifterer, 72, north fcvcnth ft. 
Siddons Jofeph, houfe carpenter, north fou^rth, between Callow- 
hill a;:d Vine ft. 
Siddons jr finh, raylor, 49, Spruce ft. 
Siddons William, lliopkecper, front between Queen and Ciirif- 

tian f^ 
Silas Sip, labourer, near fixth in North ft. 
Sill Henry, painter and glazier, 452, north fecond ft. 

[ '^5 ] 

Silver John, cordwajner, CaliowhiU, near fccond H", 

Simlcr Hcnrv, cordwi^iiier, 5, Pruue It. 

Sim-is Ehzd'veth, widow, corner of lixth and Spruce ft. 

SJmmoiids John, infpe!%r of the revenue, 10, Coates alley. 

Siminouds William, 9, north lixth ft. Anthony, lilverlmith, 13, north fccond.ft. 

Simmt^ns David, coachmaker, 9, Prune ft. 

Simmons David, coachmaker, corner of fifth and Chefnut fi. 

Simmons Edward, lumhcr-'merchant, 145 and 147, north third 

Simmo.iS James, gentleman, near j, loiuh fifth ft. 
Siva nons Joieph, ironmonger, 91, High ft. and houfe, 90, Vine 

Simmons Jofeph, ihopkseper, corner ofibuth and fecond ft. 
Simmons Leelbn, mariner, 91, High ft. 
Summons William, accomptani of war department cftheU. S. 

9, north lixth ft. 
Simmons William, merchant, 53, Spruce ft. 
iSimon John, taylor, 13, Squth alley. 
Simonet & Jaymond, pailry cooks, 254, fouth fecond ft. 
Simons , fnopketpcr, 177, Kace ft. 

Simons Jofeph, corner of leconJ and Ibnth ft, 
Simpfon Charles, watchman at the bank of Penriiylvan'a, 127, 

Pine ft. 
Slmpibn Gcor:Te, cadiier of the bank of the United States, cor- 
ner of fonrtb & Pine it. 
Simpfon James, taylor, 72, Pens ft. 

Simpfon John, merchant, near the corner of Race in fLUh ft. 
Simpfon John, blackfmith and I'arrier, fouth aUey. 
Sincpibn john, huckltrer, Catherine, between front ar.d iecoad 

, Street. 
SimpfoH Lydia &: Mary, boarding houfe, 133, fouth water ft. 
Sims Buehridge, 17, fouth water ft. 
Sims Henry, cabinet maker, 37, north fifth ft. 
Sims Henry, joiner, Credbn's alley. 
Sims j ane, CrcfTon's alley. 
Sims fohn, painter, 37, north fifth ft. 
Sims Jofeph, merchant, -155, fouth water Ci. and 170, fouth 

third ft. 
^^Tis Sarah, >vidoW, boarding hotife, Cherry, near corner of 

fifth ft. 
Sim<bn J'ohn, merchmt, 123, fonth front ft. 
ijim{bajc4in^fioremakcr. Plumb, betv^een fecond and third ft. 
Sioger Abraham, merchant, 3, north fifth ft. 
Singer Emanuel, currier, 22, north fburth ft. 
Singer John and Abraham, merchants, 137, High ft. 
Singef Widow, grocer, 163," north front ft. 
"■ngletoQ Sarah, taylorcls, 34, vSwanfon ft. 

[ 1 66 ] 

•Singleton Thomas, caulker, Ssva-jfon, necf pacen ft. 

i^iiik xAbraham, 19 & 21, Vine ft. 

i);nk, porter, between Green and Noble in third ft. 

^ink Jacob, barber, 105, Face ft. 

.Si-ik Lawrence, cabinet-maker, 41, Lombard ft. 

Sinnet Edward, mariner, German, between fecond and third ft. 

J>innet £.iward, mariner, third near German ft. 

iJips Michael, labourer, Steinmetz Court. 

Sips Michdel, brick-maker, 71, north fourth it. 

i>itgreavcs John, merchant, 48, foiuh Front ft. 

Sitgreaves William, gentleman, 48, fouth Front ft. 

Sitz John, labourer. Crown fc. 

Sixty Job J, grocer, 54, norrh feventh ft. 

Skellinger Daniel, pilot, Cati.erine, l>eiwecn Swanfon and front 

Skelly John, mafon, GaJkel ft. 
Skelly i'bomas, fea captain, 24, norih fixth ft:. 
Skerret Jofeph, filvei-fraith, Cr&iTon's court. 
Skinckle Fredetick, jun. grocer, near the corner, of High and 

fecond it. 
Skinner Wiiliam, houfe carpenier, back of 38, Vine ft. 
Skmner William, painter and glazier, 221, north front It. 
Skipbeck Jacob, 64, Cherry ft. 
Skv'rin John, merchant, 3J, fouth water ft. 
Slade M. boarding houfe, 34, Arch ft. 
SUiigl-itcr Jofin, filk and Hurt Ihoemaker, corner of Shippen and 

f roiit ll:. 
Slaymaker Matthias, flour fa6lor, 5, bet%\een Race and Vine 

Slcahort Chriftcpher, corner of Green and north third ft. 
Sleigh Francis, fhip carpenter, 23, Prime ft. 
Sleigh John, lltip carpenter, 15, Prime ft. 
Slcmmer Jacob, cedar cooper, 298, fouth lecond ft. 
SlelTinan Henry, tayljr, 26, north water ft. 
bliugiatF jofepii, dealer in corn, between Coates and BrcAvn in 

north third (t, 
Sloanc John, taylor, 83, Arch ft. 
Sloane 6c Miller, merchants, 27, north front ft. 
Small James, pedlar, Catherine betNVcen Front and fecond ft. 
Smallwo'jd Ifaac, merchant, 7, Callow hill ft. 
Small .vood Lslartha, tavernkceper, corner of Spruce and Dock 

Smart Elizabeth, fhopkeeper, 17, north third ft. 
Smeltz Reinhart, painter and glazier, 145, fouth fecond ft. 
Smiley Jofeph, labourer, 50, Almond ft. 
Smiley William, taylor, 12, H;gh ft. 
Smith Abigail, widow, 103, Chefnut ft. 
^.Toith Adsim, caulker, front, between Mary and Prime ft. 

C 167 ] 

Smith Angus, labourer, fecond, between ChrilHan and Quccb 

^riiit!i Aili, mifiner, Oiieea between Frout and fecond ft. 

Smith Benjamin, CrclFon's court. 

Smith Charles, trader, 33, St. John's i"L 

Smith Charles & Henry Garriibn, coachmakeis, bet. 184 & 194, 
foutli third ft. 

Smith Daniel, merchant, 44, Lombard It. 

Smith David, grocer, Plumb, between fecond and third H:. 

Smith Deborah, gentlewoman, 57, Cherrv ll. 

Smith Edward, merchant, 2,7, Kice ft. 

Siiiith Elizabeth, ihopkceper, 123, High ft. 

Smith Elizabeth, fliopkceper, 23, Walnut ft. 

Smith Frederick, gentleman, 77, Union ft. 

biiiith Frederick, Minifter of the German Lutheran Congrcga- 
gation, 27, north fourth ft. 

Smith Frederick, carter, foaih fourth, between Plimib aad Ger- 
man ft. 

Smith Frederick, carter, 78, north feventh ft. 

Smith George, taylor, 26, north fourth ft. 

Smith George, lliopkeeper, 102, north third ft. 

Smith George, carter, Green between fecond and third ft. 

Smith George L. phyfician, 75, i^Imondic. 

Smith George, cooper, 24, Brancii ft. 

Smith George, earter, Plnmb bett\een third and fourth ft- 

Sraith Hannah, widow, 56, Chriftian ft. 

Smith Henry, carter. Green between third and fourth ft. 

Smith Hugh, honfe carpenter, 59, Cherrv ft. 

Smith Jacob, hair dreffer, 92, tliird ft. 

Smith Jacob, phifterer, between Race aiid Vine inCxthft., 

Smith Jacob, cordwainer. South between fifth and fixth ft, , 

Smith James, merchant, 15c, north Front ft. 

Smith James, mariner, 153, fouth ft. 

Smith James Sc Ricliard, merchants, 76, fonth fecond ftw 

Smith James, jun. merchant, 76, fouth fecond ft. 

Smirh James, boarding houfe, 311, north Front ft. 

Smith Jamts, trader, German between third and fourth ft- 

Smith Widow, 216, north fecond ft. 

Smith James, infpejtor of the cuftoms, 53, Shippea ft. 

Smith Jeremiah, 43, north fecond ft. 

Smith John, baker, near 58, north feventh ft. 

Smith John & Co. ironmongers, 146, High ft. 

Smith John, mari.ner, 31, Pewter Platter alley. 

Smith John R. attorney at law, 71, north third ft. 

Smith John, mariner, and boarding houfe, 10, South ft. 

Smith John S. 3c, fouth fecond ft. 

S.-nith John, coach tnake-, 96, Vine ft. 

[ i6S ] 

iS.nltli John, labourer, fifth abovie Gcrr.i-w ... 

S;T)ith John, boarding houfe, i6, iMcad alley. 

S.'iiith John, cooper, 267^ liorrii F; Oiic ih 

Smith Joh.i, whitei'mith, third btt ween Plumb and German 

Smith John, rope mckcr. Front between Oueen and Marr 

Smith John, fliipmafler, 17, Vine ft. 
Smith John, tavern keeper, corner 01^ Green and Budd ft. 
Smith John, mariner, 14, Pl^amb fl:. 
vSmiih Jonathan B. alderman, 71, north third ft. 
Smith Jonathan, bottler, Crelfon's court, 
oiiiith Jonathan, caihier of the bank of Pcnnfylvania, 14^, 

loath third ft. 
Smith Joieph, butcher, 166, north feventh ft. 
Smith joieph, oyfter'nan, 16, Shippen ft. 
Smith Jolhua R. bricklayer, betsv cen iiacc and Vine, in fift)» 

Smith Lambert, houfe carpenter, CrelTon's court. 
Srr-.ith Margaret, widow, 12, Sairafras alley. 
6mith Margaret, widow huckfter, 88, New ft. 
Smith i^-iaion, houfe carpenter, CreiTou's court. 
Smith iVIichael, maCon, corner of R.ace and eighth ft. 
Smith Nathan, carpenter, fifth between Race «ind Vine ft. 
Smith Newberry, ihopkeeper, 56, north iecond ft. 
Smith Peter, ihopkeeper, iecond ft. above Poplar Lane. 
Smith Keroh''e, o;enrIemaR, 70, Ibuth ft. 
Smith Reuben, labourer, near Almund ft. wharf. 
Smith ?;.ichard, flour and feed ftore, iecond between Catherine 

and Oueen it. 
Smith Richard, turner, Crabb ft. 
Smith Richard, 61, north iixth ft. 

Smith Richard Pitt, merchant, 19, Penn it. 
Smith Richard, merchant, corner of iixth and Arch ft. 
Smith Robert, fail maker, 19, Shippen i\. 
Smith Robert, & Co. merchants, 58, fouth Front ft. 
Smith c^ Rodman, merchants, 49, ibuth Front it. 
Smith Samuel, fliip broker, 86, ibuth Front ft. and dwelling 

houfe 172, fouth fourth ft. 
Smith Samuel H. printer and proprietor of the New World, 

118, Cheihut ^. 
Smith Samuel, gentleman, 87, Arch ft. 
Smith Samuel, Ihip maiter, 43, Cable Lane N. L. 
Smith Sarah, widow, ihopkeeper, 21, louth fourth ft. 
Smith Stafford, 111, north Water ft. 
Smith Thomas, accomptaut, South between ftxtb and rcvcnt*-' 

Tmitb Thomas, gentleman, 219, High ft. 

W' [ 169 3 

Smith Thomas, fliopkeeper, 58, High ft. 

Smith Tlionias, fcriventr, 105, Walnut ft. 

Smith Thomas, mariner, 46, Sbippen ft. 

Snith Tp.omas, cordwainer, 96, IShippen ft. 

Smith Thomas, clerk in the Bank of the Unitet^ Scaies, 14, 

Coates's alley. 
Smith CJfiah, 60, north eighth ft. 
Smith-Walter, fhip mafter, 34, Queen ft. 
Smith William, jun. merchant, 13, fouth Front ft. 
Smith William T. merchant, 77, north Water ft. 
Smith William Moore, counicllor at law, corner of Chefnut &: 

Hfth ft. 
Smith William, taylor, 78, fouth third ft. 

Smith William, rigger, German ft. between third and fourth. 
Smith William, fhoemaker, German near third ft. 
Smith William, biicuit baker, 402, north lecond ft. 
Smith William, labourer. Brown ft. between third and fourth. 
Smith William, houTe carpenter, between 61 and 71, north 

_ fixthft. 
Smith William, fcrivener, 19, fouth fourth ft. 
Smith William, cordwainer, Catherine between fourth and 

^fth ft. 
Smith & Wood, merchants, 47, north W^ater ft. 
Saiither James, engraver and Teal cutter, 21, Walnut ft. 
Smyth Frederick, gentleman, 77, Union ft. 
Sn ell James, (hip mafrer, Catherine between Swanfonand Front 

Snell IM-argaret, widow waflier, Steinroetz court. , 

Snider Herman, cabinet maker, between feventh and eighth ft." 

in Cherry ft. 
Snowden George, houfe carpentftr, 27, North ft. 
Snowden Ifaac, gentleman, 141, fouth fecond {t. 
Snowden Jedediah, gentleman, between Spruce and Walnut, in 

eishtli ft, 
Snowden John, 47, north fourth It. 
Snowden Jofcph, merchant, 60, Ibuth fifth ft. 
Snow den Leonard, brewer, 130, north Water ft. 
Snowden Sc North, merchants, 11, Spruce ft. 
Snow den Thomas, Sugar allev near iixth It. 
Snyder Anthony, llioemaker, German between fecond and third 

Snyder Bcnedi.,^!, ftockino; v/eaver, 20, north ft. / 

Snyder Ermon, cabinet maker, near 59, north eighth ft. \/ 

Snyder George, coachmaker, fliop 1 1 1, New fr. and dwelling 

houfe i66, Vine ft. 
Snyder Jac<)b, fhoemaker, 44, F.lder or Zeen ft. 
Soyder Jacob, innkeeper, near Poplar Lane, in north third ft. 


[ ifo ] 

Snyder Jacob, innkeeper, between BroNta ft. and P^a^fer Lane» 

in north third it, 
Snyder Jacob, flioemaker, between fecond and third ft. in- 

Brewer's alley. 
Snyder John, innkceer, near Poplar Lane in north third ft. 
Snyder [ohn, brulh maker, 190, north lecond ft. and corner of 

Brewer's alley. 
Snyder [ohn, cooper, Wnter above Vine ft. 
Snvdcr John, grocer, 54, north fourth Ih 
Snyd«r John, cabinet maker, 389, north FroLt ft. 
Snyder |ohn, labourer. Baker's alley. 
Snyder John, tanner, 381, north Front ft. 
Snyder ivlargaret, widow, boarding houfe, 78, Race ft. 
Snydtr rvlichaci, Cherry ft. between fixth and feventh ft. 
Snyder William, chair maker, north third between Brown ft. 

and Poplar Lane. 
Snvder William, band box maker, 193, Race ft. 
Soalh Mary, widow, walher, third between Noble and Green: 

Sober Elizabeth, widow, gentlev/oman, 29, Cable Lane. 
Soderllrom Hi chard, Swedifli Conful, between eighth and ninth- 

ftrect, in Filbert ft. 
Solander John, blackfmith, 20, Chriftian ft. 
Sommerkamp Philip C. druggift and apothecary, 45, High ft. 
Sommers Martin, betweenrRace and Arch ft. in feventh. 
Sones Jacob, fhoemaker, 15, South alley. 
Sonis ^: Marcett, grocers, 55, Walnut ft. 
Sonntag William Lewis, merchant, 114, Front ft. and count-' 

irg houfe, 23, Dock ft. 
Sonder Charles, bricklayer, 301, r\rch ft. 
Souder John, bricklayer, 33, Cable Lane. 
Souder fohn, lumber merchant, north Water near Vine ft. ane 

196, north tiflh ft. 
Souder John, baker, 122, ncrrh third ft. 
Soufler i\lary, w idow, feamftrefs. Mead alley. 
Soulier, merchant, near the corner of fourth and Lorn 

bard ft. 
Souft Kenry, labourer, Bcarfticker's court. 
Sower David, bookbinder and ffationer, 66, north third ft. 
Sowerby Marv, widow, waflier, north third between Green 

and Noble ft. 
Sowerman Martin, dealer in hardware, 7, South alley. 
Spade Margaret, widow, Catherine between foiirth and fifth 

Spaight Sarah, widow, corner of Shippen and third ft. 
Spaight Jacob, butcher, Vine between feventh and eighth ft. 
Spain and Lodor, blocknaakers, between 140 & 150, north Wa- 
ter ft. 

E '77 ] 

Sutter Daniel, grocer, 5, north fourtli ft. 

Sutton Hugh, boardine houfc, 4, Strawberry (Ircct 

Sutton widow Sarah, ieamftrefs, Stamper's alley. 

Sutton Woolman, Tea captain, 72, Union ft. 

Swaagcr John, ovfterman, Crown ft. 

Swab facub, ta\lor, 370, north fecond ft. 

Swaggers Elifha, joiner, back of 250, Couth front ft. 

Swain Ebenezcr, ihip carpenter, Duke ft. 

Swain John, mariner, firth between South and Oak ft. 

Swan Francis, baker, 145, Walnut ft. 

Swanfon John, boarding houfe, fecond between Catherine and 

Qiieen ft. 
SwanNvick John, merchant, the next No. to 20, Penn ft. and 

237, fouth front ft. 
Swarrz George, taylor, 124, north Water ft. 
Swartz George, blackfmith, near 12, north fixth ft. 
Swearer Peter, cedar cooper, 83, Race It. 
Sweeny widow Biddy, between High and Chefnut in fixth ft. 
Sweeny Dovle, clerk in the treafury of the United States, 142, 

fouth fourth ft. 
Sweeny Morgan, clerk in the Auditor's office, 24, Pear ft. 
Sweetman & Rudolph, merchants, i, Spruce ft. 
Sweitzer Chriftopher, tayior, 187, north fecond ft. 
Sweitzer Henry, printer, 85, Race ft. 
Swift Charles, attorney at law, 266, fouth fecond ft. 
Swift Jofeph, merchant, lo'^. Pine ft. 
Switzer Michael, labourer, Steinmetz court. 
Swope Mary, gentlewoman, between Race and Arch ft. in fe- 

venth ft. 
Sybert Widow, fnopkceper, 168, north fecond ft. 
Sybert Cafpcr, dealer in fhorts and corn, 131, north third ft, 
Sybert Conrail, tavern keeper, north fecond near Coates's ft. 
Syifert George, huckfter, 25, Callowhill ft, 
Sykes John, hatter, 20, north Front ft. 
Sykes William, 240, fouth fecond ft. 
Syncr Philip, brickmakcr, corner of Green and fecond ft> 


ACK Chriftiana, tavlorefs, near 126, north fifth ft. 
Ta^e Benjamin, blackfmith, 2.0, Callowhill ft. 
Tage Roger, tavernkeeper, north water, below Vine ft. 
Taggart Conrad, houfe carpenter, Nohlc^ between Front & (t^ 

cond ft. 


C 17^ 3 

Taggart John, mei chant, 7 &: ii, noith water ft. 

Taggart Robert, gentleman, 92, north filth i\. 

Taggart Robert, mahogany fawyer, fifth, between Plumb and" 
Oak a. 

Taggart Catherine, widow, Carpenter between third & fourth fi. 

Taggert Patrick, ta-v'lor, 78, north water it. 

Taggert & Smith, merchants, 137, fonth front ft. 

Talbot Catherine, widow, Carpenter ftreet between third add 
fourth ft. 

Talbot Thomas, mariner^ 357, fouth Front ft. 

Tailiana John, fruiterer, 72, north fifth ft. 

Tall man George, butcUer, 262, north Front it. 

TalJman Thomas W. attorney at law, and clerk of the alder- 
man's court, 50, Race ft. 

Tally John, lawyer, 30, Budd ft. 

Tanner Widow, corner of Chriftian and Front ft. 

Tapfies George, waiter, Creflon's alley. 

Taralcon & Journal, merchants, 51, fouth front {\. 

Tardy Alexander, tin plate worker, 53, north third ft. 

Tarrant Thomas, pilot, 290, fouth front ft. 

Tate Mark, mariner, V^ernon ft. 

Tatem Jeremiah, iliip mafter, 37, Penn ft. 

Tatem Joleph R. merchant, 64, fouth front ft. 

Tatem Thomas, failmaker, 100, Union ft. 

Taunton Mafon, baker, fifth above German. 

Taverner George, hair drciTer, 66, north front ft. 

Taws Charles, inftrum.ent maker, 60, Walnut i\. 

Taylor Amos, ]un. merchant, 46, north water ft. and 14, Cable- 
Lane, N. L. 

Taylor Amos, merchant, 2, fouth fecond ft. 

Tavlor Andrew, hair dreffer, 36, Race ft. 

Taylor Ann, widow boarding-houfe, Axlmond ft. 

Taylor, Ann, widow, boarding houfe, back of 29, Elfrith'tf 

Taylor Anthony and Ncwbold^ merchants, 20, Chefnut ft. 

Tavlor, Benjamin, bricklayer, 29, Elfrith's alley. 

Taylor Charles, millwright and engineer, near Poplar Lane in 
north thTd ft, 

Taylor Egbert, cordwainer, fecond between Chriftian and 
Mary ft. 

Taylor George jun, principal elerk in the fecretary's office, 36^ 
north eighth ft. 

Taylor James & Co. Manchefter ftore, 28, north third ft. 

Taylor James, fouth eaft corner of Lombard and fecond ft. 

Taylor Jane, ihopkeeper, 21, north front ft. 

Tavlor John, bkckfmith, fouth, between front and fecond- ft, 

Taylor John, bla-ckfmith, 16, Shippen ft. 

Taylor John, bricklayer, corner of Ibuth and Huik ft. 

[ 179 ] 

ITdylor |4)hn, coiivcyaacer, north third, near corner of Green 

Taylor John, fhip carpenter, 60, Chriftian ft, 
Tdylor [ohn R. IkiUmaker, 183, north front ft. 
Taylor John, gentleman, 10, fouth front ft. 
Taylor John M. gentleman, 85, Chelnut i\. 
Taylor Lewis, fhoemaker, fecond between Qiieen and Cathe- 
rine ft. 
Taylor Lewis, taylor, 45^ fouth water ft. 
Taylor Mary, widv)w, baker, 32, Strawberry ft. 
Taylor Mary, widow, 54, north fecond ft. 
Taylor Mary, widcw, huckfter, near 43, fouth fifth ft. 
Taylor Richard, frniterer, 66, High It. 
Taylor Richard, Ihipmafter, Hfth between Plumb and German 

Taylor Robert, piaifterer, fo»4th, between fifth and fixth ft. 
Taylor Robert, taylor, 56, fouth water ft. 
Taylor and Stillwaggoa, iron merchants, corner of \vater and 

Vine ft. 
Taylor Thomas, fhoemaker, 28, Pewtey platter alky. 
Taylor , mufician, 96, north fixth ft. 

Taxis George, cabinet nidker, 347, north front ft. 
Teal Jeremiah, labourer, between Poplar Lane and Brown ft. 

in St. John's ft. 
Tear Philip, tavern keeper and boarding houfe, 56, fouth ft. 
Tearncy John, taylor, 77, fouth water ft. 
Tedford John, bottler, between 24, and 28, fouth fourth ft. and 

Rutter's alley. 
Tcllis widow, 6, Penn ft. 

Temped Robert, houfe carpenter, 86, South ft. 
Tennant William, labourer. Mead alley. 
Tcrniyn John, hair dreffer, bleeder, and tooth drawer, fouth 

fourth, between Plumb and Shippen ft. 
Teft John, cooper, near 150, Ibuth water ft. 
Teft Rachael, 178, fouth wat-er ft. 
Thackara James, engraver, 72, Spruce ft. 
Thackara William, meaiurer of grain, 70, Spruce ft. 
Thatcher Bartholomew, fign painter, 331, north front ft. 
Thatcher Jofcph, grocer, 331, north front ft. 
Thatcher Jofeph, lumber m-iirchant, 318, north front ft. 
Tiiatz Michael, ikin drefr3r, 36, north feventh ft. 
Thaw Benjamin, taylor, 37, Arch ft. 
Thclfe Samuel, 175, Arch ft. 

Thibault & Co. goldfmiths & jewellers, 251, fouth fecond ft. 
Thill Peter, wood lawyer, near 96, north fifth ft. 
Third John, fhoemaker, 78, Union ft. 
Thomas Abigail, widow, boarding houfe, Catherine between 

front and fecond ft. 

f i8o ] 

Thomas Alexander, labourer, 16, Shippen ii. 

Thomas Anthony, mariner. Noble between Front and fecond ft 

Thomas Benjamin, labourer, 29, Lombard ft. 

Thomas Daniel, gentleman, 130, Arch ft. 

Thomas David, high conftable of Southwarfe, 294, fouth front 

Thomas Edward, rulh-bottom chair maker, 435, north fecond 

Thomas Eliflia, houie carpenter, Ann ft. 

Thom.2s Evan, 79, Race ft. 

Thomas & Haines, fhopkeepers, 11, north front ft. 

Thomas Henry and David Lvwis, iliopkeepers, 47, north fecond 

Thomas John, labourer. Coatee, between third and fourth ft. 

Thomas John, merchant, 32, north front ft. 

Thomas Jofeph, carpenter, between eighth and ninth in Cherry 

Thomas Jofeph, merchant, 59, north front ft. 

Thomas Jofeph, counfellor at law, 72, fouth third ft. 

Thomas Jofeph, labourer, fecond, between Chriitian and Mary 

Thomas Ifaac, ftorckeeper, 1 23, Race ft. 

Thomas Ifaac, {hoe warehoufe, 40, north fecond ft. 

Thomas Lucy, widow, fiiopkeeper, fourth, between fouth and 
Shippen ft. 

Thomas Luke, merchant, 26, fouth third ft. 

Thomas Mary, widow, gentlewoman, 60, north fifth ft. 

Thomas & Mather, merchants, 125, north water ft. 

Thomas Nathaniel, fcrivener, 168, fouth third ft. 

Thomas Philip, bifcuit baker, third, between Plumb and Ger- 
man ft. 

Thomas Richard, (hip carpenter, 380, fouth front ft. 

Thomas Robert, 1-76, Arch ft. 

Thomas William, 416, north front ft. 

Thomas Mrs. gentlewoman, 18, Chefnut ft. 

Thomas widow, between Green and iSt. Tammanv's ft. in St. 
John's ft. 

Thompfon Anthony and Miles, bottlers, oppofitc the State 
Houfe, Chefnut ft. 

Thomplon Charles, coachman, between ninth and tenth, in Fil- 
bert ft. 

Thompfon Charles, grocer, 347, fouth fecond ft. 

1 hompion CnfFe, labourer. Almond ft. between fourth and fifil' 

Thompftjn Edward, labourer, 39, Oiieen ft. 
i hompfon Henry, mariner, fecond, 'near Catherine ft. 
-^hompion Hugh, blackfmith, 349, fouth front ft. 
- hompfon Jacob Ozier, M. D. i^O; fouth front ft. 

[ i8, ] 

Thonipfon Jamet, printer, 34, Carter's iUey. 

Thompfon James, uailor, Ibuth, between Shippcn and 

Plumb i'c. 
Thom 3lbri James, innkeeper, 15, fouth fourth ft. 
Thomplbn James, rav^ern keeper, 18, Vernon it. 
Thompfo.i John, cooper, and inipcitor of fcaves, 393, north 

front ft. 
Thompfon John, rope mikcr, third, near Carpenter ft. 
Tromplba John, flilpraaiter, 29, Oiicea fr. 
Thompfon John, 38, fourh front ft. 
Thompfon John, potter, 76, north fourth ft. 
Thompfon John, frone cut:er, German, betsveen fourth and 

« foth ft. 
Thompfon John, printer, 34, Carter's alley. 
Thompfon John, cooper, 27, Penn ft. 
Thompfon widow, Margaret, tavern &: bearding houfe, corner 

of ^outh anil S'.jippea (x. 
Thompfon iVlary, tavern keeper, 18, Vernon fl. 
Thompfon Mayard, Bearlhcker's court. 
Thomplbn Matthew, t:.ylor and habit maker. 
Thompfon Michael, houfc carpenter, 41, Lombard R. 
Thompfon Peter, conveyancer, 34, Pvace it. 
Thomplbn Richard, infpecror of tobacco, 180, fouth front fl, 
Thompfon Samuel, houfe carpenter, 200, fouth fourth fl. 
Thompfon Thomas, cooper, 12, Cibow Lane. 
Tnomplbn Thomus, rra:! maker, 160, Swanfon fl. 
Thompfon Thomas, builder, 226, Race ft. 

Thompfon Thomas, labourer. Plumb bet. fonrtb and tifth fl. 

Thompfon William, cooper, 498, north fecoi.d 11. 

TifOmplba William, cooper, 25, Penn 11, 

Thompfon .Mrs. 112, .Spruce fl. 

Thompfon Widow, Hollman's alley. 

Thompfon V/idow^^ grocer, near the corner of Arch in eighth 

Thorafon Edward, merchant, ijci, north third i>. 

Thoraibn George &i Edward, mer.hauts, 129, High fl. 

Thomfon Jacob, grocer, 210, High 11. 

T lorafon James, 273, fouth Front 11. 

Thomfon Widow, gentlewoman, 103, north tliird fl". 

Thorburn <&: Oliver, itone cutters, corner tenth S: Chelnut il. 

Tnorman Nicholas, rigger, Swdnlbn near Queen 11. 

Thome Richard, tavern kee-oer, 9, north Front ft. 

Tiiornhill John, plaiflerer, Willi. ig's alie-. 

Thornton irjenjdmin, houfe carpenter, 20, Church alley. 

Thornton John, innkeeper, 39, north lecond 11. 

T.iumb John, baker, 267, i'outh fecond il. 

Thumb Mary, widow, waJher, Kerr's allev. 

Thuun Daniel & Vincent, me-cLanis, 115, north \\'ater ft. 

T.ce Richard, ih.p m^ilttr; 11, Callovvhill fl. 

[ i82 ] 

Ties Margaret, Fourteen Chimuies. * 

Tiffin James, hatter, 70, fouth fecontl ft. 

Tiffin and Kiernan, diftillers, South near fourth, and 130, fbutk 

Water it. 
Tiighman Edward, counfellor at law, 116, Cl;ernut ft. 
Tilghman Henry, labourer. Noble between third and fourth ft. 
Tilghjian William, counfellor at law, between Walnut and 

Ciiefnut, in fourth ft. 
Till Aduiph, baker,iai. Fine ft. 
Till George, fiiip carpenter, Duke ft. 
Till Hannah, ^vido^v, fomh Fourth ft. between Lombard and 

Pine ft. 
Tiller Robert, bricklayer, Green between third and fourth ft. 
Tillingh*ift Chrilicpher, mariner. 
Tiilinghaft Daniel, ibipmaiier, 307, fouth Front ft. 
Tillon George, labourer, Budd near Coates's ft. 
Tillotfon Francis, grocer. Plumb between third and fourth ft. 
Tilly Peter, merchant, 64, Penn ft. 
Tillyer Thomas, gentleman, 26, Cherry ft. 
Tilman ChriftopLer G. fllk and fiuii ihoemaker, 38, Strawberry 

Timanus Conrad, grocer, north fecond near C") item's Tr, 
/ Timings & Calbv, cabinet and chair makers, 405, no. front ft. 
Timber Ifaac, Creffon's alley. 

Timmons Mary, widow, tavern keeper, bet. 71 ^'J'jy Dock ft. 
Timmons Philip, tavern keeper, 71, Dock ft, 
Timor William, porter. Pewter Platter alley. 
Tims Mary, mantua maker, between 14 &: 18, Sugar alley. 
Tiflern Ann, widow, boarding houfe, Vernon ft. 
Titcs Peter, watchman, Moravian alley. 
Tiitermary John, rope maker and Ihip chandler, 68, Soutk 

Wharves . 
■jittermary Richard o<: Son, ropemakers and fhip chandlers, 34, 

Almond ft. 
Tobin John, ftevidore, 252, fouth Front ft. 
Tobin Simeon, mariner, Ibuth Front between Mary and Prime 

Tod Alexander, grocer, 12, Walnut ft. and 119, fouth Water 

Tod William K. attorney at law, 94, fouth fecond ft. 
Todd James and William Mott, dry good merchants, 26, fouth 

Front ft. 
Toff John, labourer, betAveen Coates's and Brown in St. John's 

Tolaud Henry, merchant, 5 and 14, north third ft. 
Tomkins Bennet, former, 311, north fourth ft. 
Tomkins Charles, fcrivcncr, 54, north fifth ft. 
Tomkins Jacob, fhopkecper, 144, north third ft. 

[ «83 ] 

iTomkins &c Noble, lumber merchants, corner of Noble and 

third ft. 
Tomkin« Thomas, bricklayer, 40, Elder of Zecn ft. 
Toner Philipi merchant, 16, Carter's alley. 
Topham Reuben, copperfmith, 176, Arch fl. 
Toppin James, labourer, above Poplar Lane, in Sr. John's ft. 
Tofdevine Peter, bottler, 112, north lixth ft. 
Tourrette, ihoemaker, 108, Race ft. 

Towell John, brufli maker, 326, fouth Front fl. 
Towers John, fea captain, 42, Union ft. 
Town Abigail, widow, gentlewoman, Green between fccond 

and third ft. 
Town Tnomas, millwright, back of Front near Noble ft. and 

310, north Front ft. 
Town Thomas, lumber merchant, 355, north Front ft. 
ThownOiend Henry, taylor, 82, north third ft. 
Townfhend Ifaac, houfe carpenter, Duke ft. / 

Townfliend John, cabinet maker, 86, Spruce ft. 
Townfhend Noah, dealer in corn, ihorts, &c. 173, no, third ft. 
Toy Hannah, widow, doftrefs, third between Plumb & Ger- 
man ft. 
Toy Jacob, {ail maker, German between fccond and third ft. 
Trachel E. Lewis, between Brown and Goates's ft. in north 

third ft. 
Trainer Felix, labourer, fouth fecond between Chriftian and 

Queen ft. 
Traner Patrick, drover, fouth fourth between Shippcn and 

Plumb ft. 
Traquair James, ftonc cutter, 3, north tenth ft. and corner of 

tenth and High ft. 
Tralel Jacob, merchant, 16, Strawberry ft. 
Trafel & Matlack, grocers, 287, High ft. 
Trau twine William, ftarch and hair power manufacturer, anil 

hair drefter, 192, north fecond ft. 
Travers John, merchant, 317, High ft. 
Travis Patrick, mariner, 83, ChriiHan ft. 
Trellie Jofeph, hair dreffer, 270 South Second ft, 
Trcmell Cafper, huckfter, 66, Cherry ft. 
TremcUs John, fea captain, 195, north Front ft. 
Trefe John, drayman, 10, Branch ft. 
Trefnaye & Go. tobacconifts, §y, fouth Front ft:. 
Treffe Thomas, houfe carpenter, and grocer, 123, Pine ft. 
Trefted Rebecca, widow, boarding houie, 187, Ibuth Front ft. 
Tribit Simon, overfeer of the Delaware and Schuylkill canal, 

24, Kunckel ft. 
Tricfpou Adam, (hopkeeper, near Noble in north third ft. 
Trimble Francis, cabinet and chair maker, fhop fouth fcftoad, 

between Shippea and Plumb ft. 

[ l^ ] 

Irimble James, deputy fecrctary of the Commoawcalth of 
Pcnnfvlvania, 42, Cable Lane. 

Trimble Richard, & Co. merchants, connt{i>g houfc Morris'?. 
wharf, and dwelling houfe, 91, Arch it. 

Trimper Henry, Ihopkeeper, 7, north Front ft. 

Trinper Francis, mariner, 90, north fourth ft. 

Tripner George, fhoemaker, Steinmerz's court. 

Trippe Adam, fchoolmafter, 25, Green ft. 

Trilt Elizabeth, widow, boarding houfe, 'Mulberry court. 

Trites Mary, widow, 35, Coate^i's f:. 
.Trotter Daniel, joiner, 11, Elfrith's alley. 

Trotter David, cabinet and chair maker, 100, north Front it. 

Trueil Nicholas, geatbman, between Prune and Spruce, in 
louth (Ixth ft. 

Truman James, jun. copperfmith and tin plate worker, •45> 
north fecond ft. 

Truman Richar'.I, paper manufa6lurer, i, Elbow Lane. 

Trump Daniel, houfe carpenter, 3-^, north ieventh Ir. 

Tryer Andrew, drayman, back of 28, North l"r. 

Trvon Elizabeth, tinplate worker, 165, north fecond ft. 

Tryon Frederick, baker, 26, CallowhiU ft. 

Tryon George, tin and copper manufadlurer, 148, north fe- 
cond ft. 

Tucker and Dilworth, merchants, 153, High ft. 

Tucker James, grocer, corner of South and Fourth ft. 

Tacknils Henry, printer, 25, Church alley 

Tucknifs John, bookbinder, liutter's alley. 

Tufty Samuel, labourer, Duke ft. 

Tuggs John, fruiterer, near 12, north fixth ft. 

Tull John, boat builder, 225, north third ft. 

Tully William, cordwainer, 85, Shippenfc. 

Tunis Annefley, & Co. merchants, Walnut it. wharf. 
/Turck Godfrey, labourer, near 36, north feventh ft. 

Turnbull & Mirrie, cabinet and chair makers, near the corner 
of High in feventh ft. 

Turnbull Robert, houfe carpenter, fouth fecond between Gcr* 
man and Catherine ft. 

Turnbull, cabinet maker, Pearfon's court. 

Turner & Alrich, taylors, 16, Walnut ft. 

Turner Catherine, widow, 53, Penn ft. 

Turner George, blacklmith, 88, north feventh ft. 

Turner John, printer and proprietor of the Philadelphia Mi- 
nerva, 25, Carter's alley. 

Turner John, mariner, 14, Swanfon ft. 

Turner Jofeph Rev. of the Epifcopal Church, corner of feconA 
and Catherine ft. 

Turner Mary, widow. Black Horfe alley. 

Turner Mary, widow, fifth bet. South and Oak ft. 

[ '85 j ■ 

, arnei.Robtrt, labourer, Waggonai-'s alley. 
Turner &: Tliainpfon, mafc makers, Swanlon n«ar Oilmen it. 
Turner William, gcutlemaii, 212, High it.' 
Turnis George, malba, 146^ north^iifth it. 
Turren Edward, iviariuer, Almond it. wharf. , 
Tuity Francis, caulker, Duke it. 
Tusfler James, mariner, Yernon ft. 
Tuthilljacob ITord, merchant, 265, north Front it. 
Tutton John, rigger, Elmilie's alley. 
Twamley & Shoemaker, merchants, 127, High ft. 
Twibill Matthew, Icrivener, 26, Walnut ft. 
Twineham William, mariner, 382, foUth Front ft, 
Tybout Andre-v^, hatter, 55, Cheihut ft. 


yj HLE John, hair dreifer, 21, north fourth ft. 
ULleritts John, flioemaker, 156, north third fr, 
tJlrick Valentine, gentleman, corner of Brown and St. John*s 

Umbehe Valentine, labourer, 216, Race ft. 
Underwood John, jeweller, north fecond ftteet, above Poplar 


Undersvood Robert, clerk in the Auditor's ofEce, between Wal- 
nut and Chefnut in eighth il. 

Unger John, porter, Swanwick's alley. 

Urqshart Alexander, mariner, Catherine between Swanfon 
and Front IL 

Uftick Thomas Rev. rainifter of the Bapdil church, 79, north 
third i\. 


V AILLANT James, merchant, 109, north fecond ft, 
Vallance, John, engraver, 145, Spruce il. 
\'al lance NiclioluS, ihip maitcr, corner of Shippen and GeoFf c 

A 7, 

t 1^6 ] 

Vailc? John T. boarding houfe, corner of fburtli and Ch«rr j 

Valotte, mulical inftrument nrjaker, corner of Race and 

ninth ft. 
Van Armrin:re Lyo«, gentleman, zj;^,, north fecond ft. 
Vanarldale John, clerk of the Baltimore fbge office, q, fouth 

fourth ll. U 

Vanbeck, tobaccanift, 322, north ferond fl. 

Vanbeuren Abraham, merchant, 14, Branch ft. 
Vance Adam, blackfmith, corner of Bake's alley and SwanloE 

Vance Jacob, !l:inncr, Budd above Brown ft. 
Vance James, cabinet maker, corner of eighth a'ad Arch fr. 
Vance, gentleman, 80, South ft. 

Vandergruf Hefter, cook, CrefTon's alley. 
Vanderherche;-! Andrew, taylor, near 9, Uryon ^z. 
Vandcrgriet ALbraham, ilio-maker, between 220 & 224, north 

Front ft. 
Vanderflice Anthony, lioufe earpenter, 49, Callowhill ft. 
Vanderfice Daniel, tavern keeper, 89, Callowhill ft. 
Vanderflice k Smith, hair di*efiers; 97, north front ft. 
Van Gordon Ifaac, bricklayer, 28,Chriftian ft. 
Van Mannierck Anthony, gentleman, 171, fouth third ft. 
Vannemaa Frederick,'^ taylor. Mead alley. 
Vanneman John, fl}ip mafter, 9, Qiieen ft. { 

Vanneman William, taylor, near Pine ft. in fouth water ft. 
Vannift John, taylor, corner 61 Water and Walnut ft. 
Van Reed John, broker, 273, fouth fecond ft. 
Vanfciver David, gentleman, 365, north front ft. 
Vanuxem James, merchant, 73, north water ftt' 
Varner Philip, tobacconift, near 183, north third ft. 
VafTe Ambrofe, merchant, 29, Arch ft. 
Vatcrs John, near 58, Elder or Zeen ft. 
Vaughan John, merchant, 109 &: iii, (outh front ft. 
Vaughan William, fliip carpenter, 5^^ Queen i\. 
Vaughan , fhip mafter, 322, fouth fecond ft. 

Vaux Ann, widow, gentlewoman,. Vine ft. corner of CabU"? 

Vaux James, gentleman, 72,, north third ft. 
Vaux , gentlewoman, 95, Vine ft.. " 

Venable Robert, white wafher, 79, north lixth ft. 
Vermilay Elizabeth, boarding houfe, 255, north fecond ft. 
Vice George, blackfmith, Creffon's alley. 
Vickers Either, Mils, mantua-maker, 14, Chancery Lane. 
Vickers JefTe, drayman, 450, north fecond ft. 
Vi6lor Saint, uplioifterer, 44, Race ft. 
Vincent John, cordwainer, 15, Qiieen ft. 
Vineyard Chalks, labourer, Callowhill, below Water ft, 

C I&7 3 

¥itaily Anthony, gentleman, 143, north third fr. 

yitry Anthony, bai:cher, fifth between South and Shippen ft. 

Vivant Charles, gilder, 197, north lecond 0:. 

Vogel Frederick, bricklayer, 84, Vine ii. 

yoighc Henrv, chief coiner of tlie mint of the U'. S. 29, ncrtb 

feventh i\. 
Voight Sebaftian, watchmaker, 149, north fecond ft. ^' 

Vonwillar Aadr&w, cabinet maker, 15, Cherry ih 
Vredenbar^hlidacv fhopke.!:per, 7.}, Kigb it. 

W ADDINGTON John, merchant, 63, Pine ft. 

Waddington Jolhua & Harwood, merchants, 30, ibuth front ft. 

Wadman Peale, mariner, 208, ibuth third ft. 

Wadman Praiie, boarding houfe, 137, north front ft. 

Wageman Margaret, widoxs^ gentlewoman, 67, Vine ft. 

V/ager Philip, merchant, 134, north fecond ft. 

Waggoner Peter, Hioemaker, ii6, north third ft, ^ 

Wagner Grace, widow, gentlewoman, 32, Moravian alley. 

Wagner Jacob, attornev at iaw, 32, Moravian allev. ^ 

Wagner fohn, tanner. Noble, between third and fourth ft. 

Wagner John, C9nvad, hucklter, 246, north front ft. 

Wagner I. merchant, 85, north third ft. 

Wagner I. merchant, 25, fouth fecond ft. 

Wambright Ifaac, block maker, north water ft. 

Wainwright Samuel, hatter, between 96 & 102, Vine ft. 

"Wainwright William, taylor, 136, Arch ft. 

Wainwright William, taylor, between 29 and 33, north feventh 

Wakcford Onflow, ccachmaker, {hop Isetween Ckcfnut & Wal- 
nut in fourth ft- 

Walker Andrew, earpenter, 84, north eighth ft. 

Walker Emanuel, merchant, 73, fouth front ft. 

V/alker George, jeweller, 2, Norris's alley. 

V/alker John, taylor, 278, fouth front ft. 

Walker fofeph, cordwainer, 12, Swanfon ft. 

Walker "jofeph, gentleman, Duke ft. 

Walker Jofeph, merchant, 75, Arch ft. 

Walker Margaret, widow,, huckfter, 345, fouth front ft. 

Walker Mithew, chip hat maker, back of 73, north fixth ft. 

[ i88 ] 

"VValkcr and i\Jorris, fiiopkecpers, 05, north front ft. 

"V^'alker Samuel, grocer, 44, Arch i\. 

Walker Simon, merchant, 122, fouth fourth ft. 

Walker William, goldfmith and gilder, 139, fouth front ft 

Walker Mrs. fliopkeeper, 203, fouth fecond fl. 

Walker Mrs. i, north eighth ft. 

Wall Cafpar, ikin drelfer, 24, north fourth ft. 

Wall George, tavern keeper-, 64, Sluppcn It. 

Wall George, raylor, y^y fouth waref ft. 

Wall John, flour merchant, 20, Walnut ft 

Wall Richard, labourer, near 6, Pewter Platter alley. 

Wallace James, nailer, fotith fecond between Queen and Ca- 
therine ft., cordwainer, Ga<i:elft, 

Wallace John, fea captain, 125, fouth fecond ft. 

Wallace Robert, fhopkeeper and boarding houfe, 77, north 
tliird ft. 

Wallace Samuel, bricklayer, 244, Race ft. 

Wallace William, pliyfician, third, between Plumb and Ger- 
man ft. 

Wallham Margaret, widow, gentlewoman, 11, Plumb ft. 

Wallis Samuel, gejitleman, 270, High ft. 
Wallis , 1,22, north fronttt. 

Wain JefTe &: Robert, merchants, i. Wain's wharf. 
Wain JefTe, merchant, 115, fouth third ft. 
Wain John, flour merchant. Stamper's wharf. 

Wain Nicholas, gentleman, i4'i, fouth front ft. 

Wain Richard o: Jofeph, merchants, Bickley's wharf. 

Wain Robert, merchant, between 142 & 136, louth front ft. 

Walnut Gerom, labourer, 372, north fecond fh 

Walfh Abraham, lumber merchant, Green, between Front and 

fecond ft. 
Walfii John, board merchant, 347, north front ft. 
Walfh ATark, grocer, fifth, near Plumb ft. 
' W^alih Michael, grocer, fifth, near Oak ft. 
Walfli Walter, gentleman, Carpenter, between fifth and fixth 

Walter Adam, fhoemaker, 123, Arch ft. 
Weaker Daniel, labourer, 471, north fecond ft. 
Walters Frederick, glover. Brewer's allev. 
Walters George, Carter, 54, CaUowhill l\. 
Walters George, cordwainer, 9, Shippcn ft. 
Walters T' : '^-^v '-• idow, huckflcr, nortli Water above Vine 

Vv'alter Jacob, bricklayer, between fifth and fixth, in Cherry ft. 
Walter Jacob, tin plate worker, 177, north third ft, 
Walter Jacob, baker, 245, north fecond ft. 
' 'liter James, fchool mafler, 369, fouch front ft. 

[ ICC) ] 

\Val!:cr3 T. painter, 109, north water il:. 
~" 'rer Nicholas, dilliller, 21, Cable Liiie, N.L. 
• rers Philip, corJwainer, 198, nortli Ibcond It. 

tcrs Thomas, labourer. Spruce ft. 
\v .liter T. blackf.n'.th, near 28, Dock ft. 
V/alton Samuel, joiner, between Green & Noble in north third 

Walton Elijah, bottler, third, between Plumb and German ft. - 
Walton Samuel, joiner, between Green and Noble in north third 

^. ampole Ifaac, fcrivener, 124, north third ft. 
M''ard* Patrick, plaifterer, fourth, between fouth and Shippen ft. 
Ward Valentine, gentleman, Front, between Queen and Mar/ 

Street. " 
,Warder Jeremiah Parker lz Co.' merchants, 12, north third ft. 
Warder John, merchant, 64, north third ft. ^ ' 

Ware Ann, 'tavern keeper, 177, fouth front ft. 
Ware John, fliip joiner, 123, Callowhillft. 
Ware William, labourer, 70, Elder or Zeen ft. 
Warino- Elijah, merchant, between 22 and 24, fouth front ft. 
Waren Matthew, porter, Catherine, between fourth and fifth 
« Street. 

Warntf" Anna, gentlewoman, 2c, Arch ft. 
Warmer George, ivory turner &: whalebone cutteTr, 28, noitJa 

fourth ft. 
' Warner Hieromius, brafs founder, 26, north eighth ft. 
Warner Joieph, laft and heel maker, 12, Chefnut ft. 
Warner Jofeph, 28, Race ft. 

Warner Jojeph, houfe carpenter, near 12, north fixth ft. 
V,'arncr Martha, boarding houfe, 20, Strawberry ft. 
Warner Mary, fchooi miltrefs. Shepherd's court. 
.Vvsarner Mar)', 2, Combe's alley. 
' " ;ri\er Patrick, wood fawycr, betv.een Poplar Lane oc Brow?i 

ft. in St. John's ft. 
Warner Philip, fhoemaker, lo. Sugar alley. 
Warner Samuel, filverfmith. Pewter Platter allev. 
Warner Sween, laft and heel maker, 24, Chefnut ft. 
Warner William, tavern keeper, AlraorKJ ft. wharf. 
"\J^arreii James, mariner, corner of Plumb and fifth ft. 
Wartman Adam, tavern keeper, 240, north fecond ft. 
Warton Marr, widow, between Pvacc and Arch in nonheifrhtli 

Warwic|[ Thomas, fmith and farrier, 459, north fecond ft. 
Warwick William, conftable, South ft. between fourth and 

fifth ft. . ' 

WASHINGTON GEORGE, Prefident of the United States of \f 

America, 190, High ft. , ^^ 

Waftlake John, f]^, fouth fifth ft'. 

C 19^ ] 

Vv^atcrman Jefle, rchoolmafter, fchool back of 147, Chcfhut k, 

and dwelling houfe, 26, North ft. 
Waterman Thomas, merchant, 8, North eighth Ct. 
Waters John, fchoolmalter, 272, fbuth fecond It. 
Waters John, labourer, between South and Shippen, in fifth ft. 
Waters [ohn, labcmrer, above Poplar Lane, in St. John's ft. 
Waters Thomas, well digger, between Prune aod Spruce, ir 

fixth ft. 
Waters, widov/, apothecary, Willing* alley. 

Watkin John, cordwainer, corner of South and Prime ft. 
Watkin jofeph, gentleman, 121, Arch ft. 
Watkins Thomas, brufh maker, 13, Strawberry ft. 
Watmough James, merchent, 200, Arch ft. 
Watfon Alexander, upholdfterer, Elmfiie's ^Uey. 
Wdtfbn Charles C. taylor, 24, fouth fourth ft, 
Watfon [ames, taylor, middle of Prime ft. 
Watfon John, merchant, 254- High it. 
Watfon Margarec Mifs, milliucr, 192, fputh Front ft:. 
V/atfon & Paul, inerchants. South V/harves, fouth fide cf 

Chefnut ft. 
Watfon Richard, fhip mafter, 46, Shippen ft. 
Watfon Thomas, fnopkecper, 48, Lombard ft. 
Watibn Thomas, rigger, 28, Chriftian ft. 
V/atfon William, harnefs maker, 42, fotith fourth ft. 
Watfon William, coach maker, 40, north eighth ft. 
Watfon '.Villiam, ihip mafter, betv/een Green and St. Tam- 
many ft. in St. John's ft. 
\S'att Samuel, merchant, s^ fouth Front ft. 
Watts George, fhip mafter, 13, Vernon. 
Watts Stephen, mariner, between Lombard and South in fifth 

Watts William, innkeeper, 184, north third ft. 
\7ay Andrew, taylor, 1, Kerr's alley. 

Way George, coach maker, 152, Arch lb. and 5, fouth fifth ft. 
Way Nicholas, M. D. 83, fouth fecond fl. 
Wayne Jacob, cabinet maker, 164 and 166, north front fl. 
Wayne S: Sheppard, lumber merchants, above Callowhill ft. in 

Water ft. 
Wayne Sarausl, houfe carpenter, 17, Ker's alley. 
Wayne William, lumber merchant, 119, Vine ft. 
Weatherby Margaret, widow, midwife, Trotter's alley, or 

Strawberry Lane. 
Weathered Alexander, fruiterer, Coates's ft. between fecond 

and Front ft. 
Weathcrill Benjamin, merchant, 187, High ft. 
Weatherill & Sons, druggifts and colourmen, 65, north Front ft, 
Weatherill Tofeph, lumber merchant, 170, fouth fourth ft. 
Weatherill Samuel, jun. oil and colour man, 9, South alley. 

[ '97 ] 

Wilraer Lambert, flour merchant, 180, Race i\. 
Wilpert John DaviiU Kerr's alley. 
Wilfoii Abraham, mariner, 35, Key's alley. 
Wilfon Benjamin, merchant, 27, north third ft. 

fon George, cabinet maker, fouth third, between Shipper 0: 
Plumb R. 
Willon George, carter, corner ot Plumb and thirj (1. 
Wilfon George, merchant, 2, Chancery lane, and 35, north wa- 
ter ft. 
Wilfon G. B. between Brown ft. .^ Pophr Lane, in north third 

vVilfon James, coachmaker, between eighth and ninth in Fil- 
bert ft. 
Wilfon James, ftone cutter, 22, north feveiith ft. 
Wilibn James, Jndge of the Supreme court of tlie U. S. 274, 

High ft. 
Wihon James, boat builder, 27, Callowhili ft. 
Wilfon John, labourer, front, between Oiieen 8z Chriftian ft. 
Wilfon ("ohn. High Conftable, Gaikel ft. 
Wilfon John Buir, millftone ra.iker. Plumb, between fecccd &: 

third ft. 
V/iKon Margaret, fhopkeeper, 46, fouth fecond ft. 
■^ ihon Margaret, Ihopkeeper, German, between tiiird and 

fourth il. 
Wihon Mary, boarding houfe, 209, north fecond ft. 
Wilfr^n Mary, boarding houfe, 46, Walnut ft. 
W'ilfon iV[ary, boarding houle, 97, Arch ft. 
Wilfon Mary, 35, Eifrith's alley. 
Wilfon Robert, houfe carpenter, 168, north fifth ft. 
Wilfon Robert, grocer, German, corner of fifth i^, 
Wilfon Silas, tavern keeper, 337, north front ft. 
Wilfon Thomas, porter, 295^ fouth front ft. 
Wilfon William, ftationer, 31, north fecondft. 
WJilon William, grocer, 31 fe, fouth front ft. 
Wilfon Ann, widow, Ihopkeeper, front between Catherine and 

Almond ft. 
\\ Uion J widow, too, north third ft. * 

Wilfon, hair-di-eifer, near 235, fouth iecond ft. 
Wih Abraham, grocer, 116, north feccnd ft. 
Wilt Henry, caulker, Budd, between Brown and Goat^ 
- Wilt John.' printer, 03^ Cartsr'i-aUcyi- 
WiatackCh^rlc-, Hiopkeeper, 17S, north fecond ft. 
"^-"^'•Itberger Chriftian, filverfmith, 33, fouth fecond ft. 

iltberger Jacob, currier, 157, nordi fecond ft. 
Wiltberger Peter, merchant, 103, Arch ft. ^ 

Wiltberger & Smith, merchants, 1 01, High ft. 
"imlay John, ihingie drefler, 190, Vine ft. 
vin William, cordwaiucr, near the corner of Race in ei^j.^ jj £ 

C 19s ] 

Winey , widow, 146, Race ft. 

Wing Frederick, baker, 38, north eighth ft. 

Wing Thomas, {hoemaker, Waggoner's alley. 

Winkler Lewis, rigger, 28, Budd ft. 

W^innemore Jacob, tavern keeper, Swanfonp corner of Cathe- 
rine ft, 

Winnemore Philip, porter, 140, fouth fourth ft. 

Winner George, grocer, third, between Shippen and Plumb ft. 

Wintars John, tavernkceper, Black-horfe alley. 

Wire John, ^yind^or and rufhbottom chair maker, 209, fouth 
front ft. 

Wirtz Mathias, baker, Almond ft. wharf. 

Wifdom William, taylor, 14, fouth water ft. 

Wifdom William, taylor, 21, fcuth front ft. 

Wife Thomas, ropo maker, Slater's Row, near Carpenter ft. 

Wifcman Samuel, blackfmith, 351, north fecond ft. 

Wifer George, liioemaker, St, John's, between Green & Browa 

Wifer Sufannah, widow, fifth above German ft. 

Wifely Edward, houic carpenter, German, between fecond & 
third ft. 

Wifliart Thomas, tallow chandler, 14, north front ft. 

Wijfhart William, gentleman, 14, north front ft. 

Wifinger IMelchior, wire maker, 79, north front ft. 

Wifpart Chriftopher, painter, near 146, Vine ft. 

Wiftar & Cooke, merchants, 133, High ft. 

Wiftar Peter, wheelwright, north fecond ft. betweta Poplar 
Lane & Brown ft. 

Wiftar Richard, merchant, 1 10, Chelnut ft. 

Wiftar Ricbaxd, merchant, 119, High ft. 

Wiftar Cafpar, M. D. 225, High ft. 

Wifter Daniel, gentleman, 141, High ft. 

Wifter William, mercJiant, 143, High ft. 

Witchcr Sufannah, widow, boarding houfe, Gaikel ft. 

Witman Samuel, painter and glazier, 96, north fourth ft. 

Witt Francis, tavern keeper, back of 369, north fecond ft. 

Wittman Cafper, between ieventh and eighth in Arch ft. 

Wizer Valentine, back of 95, north fcvcnth ft, 
-^— "W.^avne ^^^^^■> bricklayer, 20, Race ft. 

Woi^ert Charles, porter, 59, St. John's ft. 

Wolbert Frederick, coUedtor of taxes, 61, St. John's ft, 

Wolcot Oliver, fecretary of the trealury of th« United StatcSj 
' 91, Spruce ft. 

^ Wolf Andrew, mufician, 204, fouth fourth ft. 

Wolf John, carter, 353, north front ft. 

W^olfe William, comb-maker, between 16 oc 20, Church alley. 

Wollard James, ihoemaker, M'Culloch's court. 

^Vondcrly David, butcher, 8, Safla^Vas alley. 

C 199 3 

Wondcrly Jicob, butcher, 57, north eighth ft. 

Wonderly William, butcher, 82, north eighth fl. 

Wood Barbary, 15.;, north water ft. 

Wood Barbary, HorFman's alley? 

Wood Bazil, clerk of the jail, between Race and Vine in nortk 
fixth ft. 

Wood Benjamin, taylor, 30, fouth fourth ft. 

Wood Cornelius, huckfter, 4, South alley. 

Wood Elizabeth, widow, china !k glals ftorc, fouth third be- 
tween Shippen and Plumb ft. 

Wood Hannah & Sarah, huckfters, 15, north fourth ft. 

Wood Hannih, grocer, 214, ibuth front ft. 

Wood Lydia, widow, feamftrefs, fouth fecond between Chrif* 
tian ic Mary ft. 

Wood Jacob, ftevidore, north water, above Vine ft. 

Wood James, grocer, 31, Callowhill ft. 

Wood Munstield, houle carpenter, between Gr«ea and Coates 
in north third ft. 

Wood Sophia, fnopkeeper, 92, Race ft. 

Wood Robert, parchment maker, 47, fouth fifth ft. 

Wood Thomas, lace maker, 65, Chefnut ft. 

Wood William, tavlor and fhopkeeper, 8, north fecond ft, 

Woodfall Sarah, Chriftian between front and fecond ft. 

Woodhoufe James, M. D. 13, Cherry ft. 

Woodhoufe William, bookfeller and ftationer, 6, fouth front ft. 

Woodland Michael, carter, 24, Branch ft. 

Woodman Jofeph, iliipmaftcr, 54, xAlmond ft. 

Woodridge Mary widow, huckfter,|betweca Lombard and Soatfc 
in fifth ft. 

Woodrow widow Sufannah, 35, Vine ft. 

Woodrow Leonard, hatter, 44 & 46, north third ft. 

Woodruff Abraham, nailer, north fifth ft. 

Woodruff Archibald, fk Co. grocers, 68, north fecond ft< 

Woodfidc Elizabeth, milliner, 70, Arch ft, 

Woodfide John, fcrivener, 70, Arch ft. 

Woodfide Mary widow, Chriftian, betweisn third and fourth ift- 

Woodward John, fhopkeeper, 93, High ft. 

Woodward Thomas, Ihoemaker, Sair.n Tammany ft. 

Woodward Sufannah, gentlewoman, i^j^ north fecond ft, 

V/oodward William W. printer &: bookieller, 17, ChefcuJ Ik. 

Wood wan Mrs. Creffon's alley. 

Wooldridge Pvofe widow, wafher, 10, Gray's aller. 

Wooley George, bricklayer, 76, Crown ft. 

Woolfc Lewis, hairdrelTer, 10, north fifth ft, 

Woolford George, butcher, 138, Race ft, 

Woolrich Jonas, baker, 56, Union ft. 

Woolflayer widow Ann- fhopkeeper, third betvreen Germaa a»i 
Plumb ft. 

[ '^00 ] 

Work Jinc "widow, Plumb between third and fourth fl. 

\York Samuel, houiccarpcnter, Plumb between thifd & fourth 

Workman William, lawyer, Brown between thh'd &; fobrth ft. 
Workman William, grocer, 128, Sw anion i\, 
Worncr George, £*iopkceper, 26, norih third ft. 
Worral George, 78, north fourth ft. 
V/orrell liaiah, houfecarpentcr, 43, Key's alley. 
Worrill Elizabeth, fcamihefs, Pear ft. 
W^orrill Jonathan, Shoemaker, 93, Arch ft. 
Worrill^Jo'eph, houfecarpenter, J04, Lombard ft. 
Worrington C*clar, labourer, 73, fouth fifth ft. 
Worftall Sarah, 36, Moravian alley. 
V/orthington Sarah widow, 342, fourth front ft. 
Wouchcrer John, tavernkeepcr, 95, Chefnut ft. 
Wright Abraham, grocer, between Lombard and South in fifth 

Wright Andrew, meftenger to Wright's office, 100, Chefnut ft. 
Wright Andrew, 44, fouth third ft. 
Wrigiit Anthony, llioemaker, 41, north eighth ft. 
Wright Enoch, taylor, 80, Arch ft. 

Wright George, labourer, above Poplar lane, in St. John's ft. 
Wright Jofeph, failmaker, Bro_wn's court. 
Wright John, tavernkeeper, 10, Strawberry ft. 
Wright John, cooper, Chriftian, between front and Iccond ft. 
Wright John, caulker, front, between Mary and Prime ft. 
Wright jMalcolm, copperfmith, 26, north fecond ft. 
Wright Robert, planemaker. Shepherd's court. 
Wrigiit Thomas, Hioemaker, 115, fouth fecond ft. 
Wright Thomas, labourer, German near third ft. 
Wright William, fail maker, 145, north front ft. 
Wright William, merchant, near 364, north fecond ft. 
Wright , 8 3, north fifth ft. 

Wrigicy Francis, printer, 32, Carter's alley. 
Wroth William, Ihipmafter, 85, Chriftian It. 
Wurts Maurice, grocer, north Water above Vine ft. 
Wyatt Jofeph, filverfmith, corner of Callowhill ft. & Gable lane. 
Wym^n Jacob, innkeeper, corner of Vine and Front ft. . 
Wynant Jacob, labourer, Coates's between front and fecond ft, 
Wynkoop Benjamin, gentleman, 151, fouth Water ft. 
Wynkoop f^feph, tea merchant, 161, north third ft. and 86, 

nor til fecond ft. 
Wynn Pet&r, cordwaincr, Nicluilfon's court. 

L 20I ] 

X ANSON John, labourer, near the corner bf fecond and 

Coate's 11. n 1 r J 1 

Yarbrough Charles, & Co. merchants, Walnut ft. wharf, d%vel- 

ling 112, Spruce ft. 
Yard James, merchant. Walnut ft, wharf, and dwelhng houle 

155, Chefnut ft. 
Yarley William, flour merchant, 58, Arch ft. 
Yarnall Ellis, ironmonger, 39, High ft. 
Yarnell Ezekicl, fliopkeeper, 4, Gray's alley, 
Yates widow, fhopkeeper, 84, north third ft. 
Yeager Hannah, huckftcr, between feventh and eighth in Cher 

ry ftreet. 
Yeager Henry; cooper, 88, north fourth ft. 
Yeager John, flioemaker, 103, Arch ft. 
Yeaole Anthony, porter, Swanwick's alley. , 

Yeatrnan Charles, furgeon and apothecary, corner of Lombard 

and ibuth fecond ft. . ^ 

Yerger John, Ikin drefter ahd parchment maker, between 280 

and 286, north front ft. _ 

Yerkes Jofeph, fchoolmall:er, 132, north third ft. 
Yohe George, innkeeper, 106, Race ft. 

Yopit [ohn, {]ioemaker,St. John's between Green and Bro\Tn ft. 
Yorke Peter, fhipmafter, near 61, Dock i\. 
Younck Philip, biackfmith, 40, north third ft. 
Young Andrew, taylor, 393, north fecond ft. 
Young Catherine, widow, feamftrefs, 4, Sugar alley. 
Young Catherine, widow, fouth, between tiYtli and Oak ft. 
Young Charles, merchant, north eaft corner of Chefnut and 

' fourth i\. 
Young Chriftian, wheelwright. Green, between Front and fe- 
cond ft. 
Young Francis, carter, front between Mary & Prime ft. 
Young George, cabinet maker, iouth, between fourth and lift)a\; 

■ ftreet. 
Young George, labourer, Callowhill, below water ft. 
Young Henr'y, baker, 166, north feconci ft. ^ 
Young Jacob, painter &,glazi£r, 25, nortli fourth ft. 
Young Jacob, carter, 140, St. John's ft. 

2 C 

[ 202 ] 

I'ounn; James, broker and conveyancer, louth third, bct^V•ce» 
Plumb <Sc Shippen ft. 

Young James, grocer, ii, Swanfon ft. 

Ifoung John, merchant, 173, High ft. 

Young John, merchant, 39, Spruce ft. 

Young [ohn, oyfterman, 65, Chriftian ft. 

Young John T. M. D. 26, Pin^ ft. and corner of fecond ft. 

Young Lewis, innkeeper, 26, fouth fixth ft. 

Young, jNiills & fon," printers, hookfellers, and ftationersy corner 
of fegond and Chelnut ft. 

Young Nicholas, jun. ihip joiner, Callowhill ft. near Cable 

Young Peter, tannpr, St, Tammany's ft. 

Young Rebecca, 69, Cherry ft. 
, Young Samuel, harbour itiafter, 137, fouth water ft. 

Young Samuel merchant, 192, fouth fecond It. 

Young Thomas, houfe carpenter, back of 11, Carter's alley. 

Youn? William, flioemaker, third, bet\Yeen Plumb and Ger- 
man ft. 

Young William, merchant, 274, fouth front ft. 

Youirg William, taylor, 153, fouth ft. 


^^^ANE & Chapman, ironmongers, 23, fouth fecond ft. 
Zane William, ironmonger, 23, Ibuth fecond ft. 
Zanl/.ingcr Adam, merchant, 131, High ft. 
Zargabie x^nthony, ihoemaker, Coatc's ft, between fecond and^ 

third ft, _ • 

Zeblcv Jacob, wheelwright, north eighth ft. between Rac* 

and Arch ft. 
Zeli Henry, painter and glazier, 452, north fecond ft. 
ZcU John, &c William, near 32, SaiFafras alley. 
Zell Soloman, innkeeper, 297, north third ft. 
Zelier Daniel, currier, 115, Race ft. 
Zellcr Jacob, bookbinder, 119 & 121, north third ft. 
Zelley John,- carter, corner of fourth and Coates's ft. 
Zenfs Francis, grocer, 76, north fixth ft, 
Zerban Windle^ innkeeper, 162, north third ft. 

[ 203 ], 

Zigler Dilman, houfe carpenter, between Coates's and GreeS, 

in St. John's ft. 
Zigler Jacob, honfe carpenter, corner of Green and fecond ft. 
Zigler Tilghman, houfe carpenter, St. John's ft. bet. Green 

and fecond ft. 
Zimmerman Chriftian, fhoemaker, 431, north fecond ft. 
Zimmerman George, currier, 16, Shippen ft. 
Zwickell Johan George, hair drcffer, 25, Walnut ft. ' 

T H E f: X D. 

G O V E Pv N M E N T 





ECRGE WASHINGTON, Prefident of the United States^ 
and Commander in Chief of all their forces by land and fea; 
elected for four years on the day of . Salary 25,000 

dollars per annum. 

JOHN ADAMS, Vice-Prefidont, and Prefidentof the Senate. 
Salary j,ooo dollars per annum. 


New Hampfn ire , 
John Langdon, 
Samuel Liverniore. 

Mofes Robinfon, 
Elijah Paine. 

Benjamin Goodhue, 
Theodore Sedgwick. 

Rhode Ifland^ 
"William Bradford, 
Theodore Fofler. 

Conned'icut , 
James Hillhoufe. 
Uriah Tracey. 

New York. 
Aaron Burr. 

NeiD Jerfey. 
Frederick Frelinghuvfon, 
John Pvutherford. 


William Bingham, 
James Rofs. 

Henry Latimer, 
John Vining. 

John Plenry, 
Richard Potts. 
, Viro-inia, 

Henry Tazewell.; 
Stephen T. Malbn. 

North Carolina, 
Alexander Martin, 
Timothv Bloodworth. 
South Carolina, 

Pierce Butler, 
Jacob Read. 

. Georgiat 
James Gunn, 
Jofiah Tatnall, 




Kentucky^ Tenejfee. 

John Brown, William Blount, 

Humphrey Marfliall. William Cocke. 

Chaplain, Bilhop White. Samuel A. Otis, Secretary. 
James r\Iathers, Door-keeper. Cornelius Maxwell x^fliflam 

Jonathan Dayton, Speaker. 
New Harnpfhire. 

\bicl Foftert 
Nicholas Gillman, 
John S. Sherburne, 
Jeremiah Smith. 

Oaniel Buck, 
Ifrael Smith. 

Fifiier Ames, 
Theophilus Bradbury, 
Henry Dearborn, 
D wight Foller, 
Nathaniel Freeman^ Junr. 
George Leonard, 
Samuel Lyman, 
William Lyman, 
John Reed, 
Jofeph B. Varnum, 
George Thatcher, 
Peleg Wadfworth, 

Rhode rjlancL 
Francis Malbone. 

Jolliua Coit, 
Chauncey Goodrich, 
Roger Grifwold, 
Nathaniel Smith, 
Zephaniah Swift, 

Neiv York,' 
Theodorus Bailey, 
William Cooper. 
Ezekiel Gilbert, 
Hi^nry Glen, 

John Hathorn, 
Jonathan N. Havens,' ■ 
Edward Livingfton 
John E. Van Allen, 
Philip Van Cortla'ndt, 
Jolui Williams. 

A^cw Jcrjey^ 
Jonathan Dayton (Speaker), 
Thomas Henderfon, 
Aaron Kitchell, 
Ilaac Smith, 
Mark Tliomfon. 

David Bard, 
William Findley, 
Albert Gallatin, 
Andrew Gregg, 
Thomas Hartley, 
John W. Kittera, 
Samuel Maclay, 
F. A. Muhlenberg, 
John Richards, 
Samuel Sitgreaves, 
John Swan wick, 
Richard Thomas. 

Jolin Patton. 

Gabriel Chriflie, 
George Dent, 
William Hindman, 
-William V. Murray^ 
Samuel Smith, 

Hichard Sprigg, Junr. 

Richard Brent, 
Samuel J. Cabell, 
Thomas Claiborne, 
John Clopton, 
W. B. Giles, 
iiaac Coles, 
George Hancock, 
Carter B. Harriibii, 
John Heath, 
George Jackfon, 
James Madifon, 
Andrew Moore, 
Anthony New, 
John Nicholas, 
John Page, 
Jofiali Parker, 
Francis Preflon, 
Robert Rutherford, 
Abraham Venable. 

North Carolina, 
Thomas Blount. 


Dempfcy Eurges, 
JeiTe Franklin, 
Tames Gillilpie, 
William B. Grove, 
James Holland, 
Matthew Locke, 
Nathaniel Macon, 
Ablalom Tatom. 

South Carolina. 
Lemuel Benton, 
Samuel Earic, 
Wade Hampton, 
P«.obert G. Harper, 
William Smith, 
Richard Yv^inn. 

Abraham Baldwin, 
John Miliedge. 

Chriftopher Greenup, 
Alexander D. Orr. 

S, fVe[i. Territory, 

J^Jathan Bryan, 

John Beckley, Clerk of the Houfe of Reprefentatives. 

The Speaker of the Houfe of Reprefentatives receives twelve 
dollars, the Members of the Senate, and the Reprefentatives, 
•receive each 6 dollars per day for attendance^ and for every 
twenty miles travelling to and from the place of fcffion. 

Chaplain, Afhbcl Green. Sergeant at Arms, J ofeph Wheaton. 
Door-keeper, Thomas CU^ton. Aliiftant, Thomas Dunn. 

Tiie Salaries of each. 


Office kept in North-ftreet, between Market and Arch-flreet. 
Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State, and CommifTicner, 
^:x officio., for granting Patents. Salary 3,500 dollars. 

George Taylor, Jun. Chief Clerk, and -Clerk, ex officio^ for 

•srantina: Patents. 

Minijlers, CommlffiQ?jers^ Confids, tsfc. of the Umted Stai 

Foreign Poivers. 

T0 the Kingdom of Great Britain and its Do?}ii?i]T. 
RufusKing, Miniftcr Plenipotentiary. 

t 4 ] 

■hriilopher Gore, ^ Commiflioncrs for fettling claims for Ipo- 
%V''m. Pinckney, \ liation, &c. at London. 
Samuel Bayard, Agent for managing claims for fpoliation, S:c 

at London. 

Joftiua Tohnfon, Conful at London. 

Elias Vanderhorfl, Brillol, 

Robert Were Fox, Falmouth. 

James Maury, Liverpool. 

Jofeph Wilfon, Dublin. 

Tiiomas Auldjo, Vice-Conml at Poole. 

George Knbx, Coniul Kingllon upon Hiill,. 

James Holmes, Eelfati. 

Wm, James Miller, ■ Calcutta, in India. 

To the French Republic. 
Charles C. Pincknev, Minifter Plenipotentiary. 
Faiwar Skipwith, Conilil-general, refident at Paris. 
James Pitcairn, Vice-Conful at Pari:. 
Jofeph Fenwick, Coniul at Bourdeaux. 
P. F. Dobree, Vice-Conful at Nantes. 
William Vans, Jun. Conful at MorlaJx. 

Francis Cvoffyn, Dunkirk. 

Nathaniel Barrett, Rouen. 

Nathaniel Cutting;, Havre. 

Francis A. de la Mottc, Vice-Conful at Havre. 

Etienne Cathalan, — Marfeilles. 

Jacob jMavor, Conful at Cape Francois, St. Domingo. 
William IvrCarty, Conful at Ille of Fra-Rce. 

* To the Kingdjju of Spain. 
David Humphrevs, Minifler Plenipotcutiarv . 
Jofeph Yznardi, Jun. Conful at Cadiz. 

Koberr i\Ic:ugomery, Alicant. 

Michael Morphy, Malaga. 

To the Ki)2gdojn of Portugal and its Doyniuion. 
F.d'.vard Church, Conful at Lifbon. 

John M. Pintard, Madeira. 

John Street, Fayal. 

John C'jlmau, ^ Tenerifie. 

To the United Pro^.'inces and their Dominic;:: 
John O. Adams, Minirter Relident. 
James Grcenleaf, Conful at Amftcrdam. 
Silvanus Bourne, Vice-Conful, ditto. 
Benjamin K. Philips, Coniul at Couracoa. 
Samuel C. Johan»iet, ■ — Demarara. 

To the Kingdom of Denmark and its Doymmom. 
Hans Feodolph Saabve, Conful at Copenhagen. 
Henry Cooper, Conful at Santa Cruz. 

[ 5 ] 

To the IiKptrial City of Hatyibiitgh. 
&amiiel Williams, Conllil. 

To Bremen, 
Frecicrick J. Vv'ickelhauicn, Confal. 

To Gernia7i}\ 
Philip Mark, Conful at Franconia. 

To Italy. 
Philip Feliechy, Conful at Le2;horn. 
John S. M. IMatthieu, do. Naples. 

To ike Piratical States of Africa. 
James Simpibn, Conlul at Morocco. 
Joi'eph Donaldibn, Jun. Conful at Tunis and Tripoli. 

A iV.m not exceeding 40,000 dollars is ajlnually appropriated to 
iupport Diplomatic Officers in foreiun parts; the annual falary 
of a Miniller Plenipotentiary Ihall not exceed y, coo dollars ; 
that of a Charge d'Aifaires 4,500 ; and that of the Secretary 
of a Minifter 350 dollars. The advance made to a Miniller 
and Charge d'Anaires for outfitting, is limited to one year's 

Mtnijlers and Ccnfuls from Fcrtign Powers^ rcjid:nt in tb^ 

United States. 

Frci7i the Kirigdorn of Great Britain. 
Hobert Lifton, Envoy Extraordinary and Mlaifter Pienipoten- 

Edward Thornton, Secretary of Legation. 
Sir John Temple, Conful-General to the Eaftern States. 
Phineas Bond, Conful-General, Middle and Southern States. 
Thomas M'Donough, Conful, New Hamplhire, MaiTachufettss, 

Rhode llland, and Connecticut. 
John Breefe, Vice-Confui, Rhode Ifiand. 

Gabriel V/ood, Baltimore. 

Geor2ie Miller, Conful, N. & S. Carolina and Georgia. 

Benjamin Moodie, Vice-Conful, Charlellcn, S. C. 

James Schoolbred, Vice-Conful, N. &: S, Carolina and Georgia. 

From the Fre?ick Republic. 
Citizen P. A. Adet, Minifter Pienipoteatiary. 
xArcamball, Vice-Ccnibl, at Newport. 
Rozier, Vice-Conful, at New York. 
Letomb, Conlul, at Philadelphia. 
Duhail, Vice Conful at Norfolk. 
Dupont, Conful, at Charleflon. 

Frcm the Kingdom of Spain. 
Chevalier De Yrujo, xMinifter Plenipotentiary. 
Jofeph Iguatiusde'Viar. Commillioner; Coniul-generaL 


L 6 ] 

.'mtoiiio Argote, Villalobus, Conful of Virginia and Kentucky, 

Juan Eaptilta EaroLbcau, Conful at Maryland. 

Piego Morphy, for North and South-Carolina. 

Juan Stoughton, for New Hampfhire, Maifachufctts, Conjiecth 

cut, Rhode Ifland, and Vermont. 
Jofef Wifeman, Vice-Conful, at Newport. 

Frcm the Kingdom cf Portugal. 
Chevalier Freire, Miniflcr Reiident. 
Ignatius Palyart, Confiil-general. 
'ohn Abrajns, Vice-Conful, at Ne-vv York, 

amc^ Barry, for Maryland and Virginia. 

:^.raes F. Vtrcaocke, for South Carolina. 
Kichard Codman, for Mafiachufctts. 

Fi-(r,n the United Pro-vinces. 
R. G. Van Polaner., Minifler Refidcnt. 
Jan. H. C. Heintken, Conful, Philadelphia. 
Adrian Valck, Maryland and Virginia. 
Tan Boonen Graves, South Carolina and Georgia, 
biecrick I^eertouwcr, N. Hampfiilre and Maffachuiett?^ 

From PruJJia. 
Charles Godfrey, Palelke, Conful-generaL 

Frcm Szuedt:n» 
Kichard Soderflrom, Conful. 


Office kept at No. loo, Chefnut-ftreet. 
Oliver Wolcott,jun. Secretary of the Treafury. Salary 3.5C# 

dollars per annum. 
John Steele, ComptroUcrof the Treafury. Salary 2,650 dollars 

per annum. Oiace kept at No. 100, Chcfnut-flreet. 
Kichard Harrifon, Auditor. Salary 2,400 dollars per annum. 

OfHrc kept at the corner of Market and Third-llrects. 
^amucl Meredith, Trcafurcr. Salary 2,4.00 dollars per annum. 

Office kept at No. No. 171, Chefnut-Ureet. 
Tench Coxe, Commiflioner of the Revenue. Salary 2,400 dol- 
lars per annum. Office kept at comer of Chcfnut and Third- 

Tench Francis, Purveyor of Public Supplies. Salary 2,009 

dollars per annum. Office kept. 
Jofeph Nourfe, Regiller. Salary 2,000 dollars per annum. 

Office kept. 

State. Officers. Salaries. 

rew-Hampibire, V/illiam Gardner, 650 doUs. 

[ 7 ] 





Nathaniel i^pplcton, 

1,500 doli"^. 

Rhode llland, 

Jahez Bowen, 



William Imlay. 


New York, 

Matthew Clarkibn^ 


New Jerley, 

James Ewing, 



Stephen Moylan, 



John Stockden 



Benjamin Harwood, 



John Hopkins, 



William Skinner, 



John NeutVille, 



Richard Wylly. 



.Office kept at the North-eall corner of Chefnut andFifth-ilrects. 
James M'Henry, Secretary. Salary 3000 dollars. 
William Simmons, Accountant. Salary 1200 dollars. 
Samuel Hodgdon, Superintendant of Public Stores. 
Col. F. Mentges, Infpe(itor of Garrifons. 


Oliver Elfworth, Chief Juftice. Salary 4000 dollars per annunfj- 

William Cuihing, of Maifachufetts, 

William Patcribn, of New Jerley, 

James Wilfon, of Pennlylvauia, 

Samuel Chafe, of Maryland, 

James Iredell, of North Carolina, 

Charle? Lee, Attorney General. Salary 1,900 dollars, 

Jacob Wagner, of Philadelphia, Clerk. 

Samuel Caldwell, Clerk of the Dillridl of Pennfylvania; 

AfTociatc Juflice-^. Salary 
3,500 dolls, per ann. each*' 


.Oifh-i^l of Maine, 

N. Hampfliire, 
Rhode Ifland, 
New York, 
New Jerley,. 





David Sew ell, 1000 

John Pickering, 1000 

Samuel Hitchcock coo 

John Lowel, 1200 

Henry INlarchant^ 8cq 

Richard Law, 1000 

John Lawrence, 1500 

Robert Morris, 1000 

Richard Peters, 1600 

Gunning Bedford, 800 

Williani Paca, 1500 


t B ] 


Cyrus Griffin, 

1800 i\<A'l^* 


Henrv Inncs, 


N, Carolina, 

Jolm .Sltgrcaves, 


S. Carolina, 

Thorrius Bee, 



N. Pendleton,' 




Tkc Supreme Courts. 

At ihe Seat of Government, the firft J\Iondays in February and 

AuguH", annually- 


Eajlern Circuit. 
For New Hampiliirc, on the 27th of May, and on the 24th of 
October, at Portrmouth and Exeter, 

Vermont, at Windfor and Bennington, alternately, the 
1 2th of r\Iay annually. 

MalTachufetts, at Bo(lon, on the 7th of June, and 12th of 

Rhode Ifland, on the 19th of June, and on the loth of No- 
vember, at Newport and Providence. 

Connecticut, on the 25th of April, and on the 25th of Sep- 
tember, at New Haven and Hartford. 

New York, at New York, on the /jth of April and Sept. 

Middle Circuit. 
For New Jerfev, at Trenton, on the 2d of April and OcSlober. 
Pennfylvania, at Philadelphia, on the 11th of April, and 

the nth of October. 
Delaware, at Newcaillc, on the fecond Monday in June, 

c^fld at Dover, on the 27th of October. 
Maryland, on the 7th of May, and on the 7tli of No-^m' 

ber, at Annapolis and Eaiton, 
Virginia, at Richmond, on the 22dofMay and November. 

Southern Circuit. 
For North Carolina, at Wake Court-houfc, or at Raleigh, the 
ift of June, and qoth of November. 
South Carolina, on the 12th of May, and the 25th of' 

October, at Charlefton and Columbia. 
Georgia, on the 25th of April, and the 8th of November, 
at Savannah and Augufta. 

When any of the above fixed davs happen to be Sunday, th^ 
Monday following the Court is opened. 

C '3 ] 

to indictment, trial, judgment, and pnniflimcnt, according to 

Sed. 4. The times, places, and manner of holding elec^tion for 
fenators and reprt-rentativcs, fliall be prefcribed in each ilate by 
the Legiflature thereof; but the Congrels may at any time by 
law make or alter fuch regulations, except as to the places of 
chooling fenators. 

The Congrefs ihall aflfemble at lead once in every year, and 
fuch meeti ig ihall be on the firfl Monday in December, unlefs 
they ftiall by law appoint a different day. 

SecL 5. Each houfe fhall be the judge of the elections, returi^s 
and qudlifc iiions of its own members, and a majority of ea<:h 
fhall conllitijte a quorum to do buiinefs ; but a Imaller number 
may ad]6i r ''rom d^v today, and may be authoriled to compel 
the attendari.j'c" of ablent mumbers, in Tuch manner, and under 
fuch penalties as each lioufe may provide. 

Each houfe may determine the rules of its proceedings, punilh 
its members for diforderly behaviour, and, with the concurrence 
of two thirds, expel a member. 

Each houfe fl:all keep a journal of its proceedings, and from 
time to time publifli the fame, excepting fuch parts as may, in 
their judgment require fecrecy ; and the yeas and nays of the 
members of either houfe, on any queflion, iliall, at the defire of 
one fifth of thofe prefent, be entered on the journal. 

Neither houfe, during the feffion of Congrefs, fliall, without 
the confent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor 
to any other place than that in which the two houfes fhall be 

Sed. 6. The fenators and reprefentatives fhall receive a com- 
pcnfation for their fervices, to be afccrtained by law, and paid 
out of the treafury of the United States. They fhall, in all cafes, 
except treafon, felony, and breach of the peace, be privileged 
from arreft during their attendance at the feflion of their re- 
fpeftive houfes, and in going to and returning from the fame ; 
and for any fpeech or debate in either houfe, they fhall not be 
queilioned in any other place. 

No fenator or reprefentative fhall, during the time for which 
he was eleiSled, be appointed to any civil office under the autho- 
rity of the United States, which fhall have been created, or the 
emoluments whereof fhall have been increafed during fuch 
thue ; and no peribn holding any office under the United States, 
fliall bea member of either houfe, during his continuance in office. 
StrJ. 7. AW bills for raifing revenue fliall originate in the 
houfe of reprefentatives; but the fenate may proj^ofe or concur 
with amendments as on other bills. 

Every bill which fhall have pafled the houfe of reprefenta- 
tives and the fenate, fliall, before it becomes a law, be prefent- 
ed to the Prefident of the Uajtoi^tate^i if lie, approves, he^ 

[ H ] 

fliall fign it, but if not, lie Hiall return it, with his objc(9:ions, t« 
that houCc in which it fhall have originated, who (hall enter the 
ohjet^tions at large on their journals, and proceed to reconfider 
It. ll'after fuch reconfideration, two thirds of that lioufe fhall 
agree to pafs the bill, it fliall be fent, together with the objec- 
tions, tothc other houfc, by which it Ihall like wife bereconfidered, 
and if approved by twothirds of that houfe,it fhall become a law. 
But in all fuch cafes, the votes of both houfes fhall be determin- 
ed by v(°;is and nays, and the names of the perfons voting for 
and againft the bill, fhall be entered on the journals of each 
houfe refpe(flively. If any bill fliall not be returned by the 
Prefulent, within ten days, (Sundays excepted) after it fhall 
have been iirefented to him, the fame fhall be a law, in like 
manner as if he had figned it, unlefs the Congrefs by their ad- 
journment prevent its return, in which cafe it fhall not be a 

J] very order, refolution, or vote, to which the concurrence 
of the .Senate and Houle of Reprefentatives mav be neceffarr 
(except on a quefHon of adjournment) fhall he prcfented to the 
Prcfident of the United States ; and before the lame fhall take 
effcc^t, fliall be approved by him, or, being difapproved by him, 
fhall be re-paffcd by twothirds of the Senate and Houfc of Re- 
prefentatives, according to the rules and limitations prefcribed 
in the cafe of a bill. 

Se/l. 8. The Congrefs fliall have power, 

To lay and coUeOt taxes, duties, impofls and excifes, to pay 
the debts, and provide for the common defence and the general 
welfare of the United States ; but all duties, impofls and excifes 
fhall he uniform throughout the United States. 

To borrow money on the credit of the United States ; 

To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the 
feveral ftates, and with the Indian Tribes ; 

To cftablifh an uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform 
laws, on the fubject of bankruptcies throughout the United 
States ; 

To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign 
coin, and fix the flaiulard of weights and meafures ; 

To provide for the punifliment of counterfeiting the fecuritics 
and current coin of the United States ; 

To eftablifh poll offices and poft roads ; 

To promote the progrefs i's'i fcience and ufcful arts, by fecur- 
jng for limited times to authors and inventors, the exclufive 
right to their refpec^tive writings and difcoveries ; 

To co.iftitute tri'inm^ls inferior to the fupreme courts ; 

To define and punifh piracies and felonies committed on the 
high feas, and offences againfl the law of nations ; 

To declare war, grant letters of marque ancf rrprifal, an<l 
I make rules conpernin)i; captnre^on land and wTWrr ; 
li ' 


[ '5 ] 

Toraifc and liipport armies, but no appropriation of money 
to thatufc, Ihall be tor a loii^^cr term tliuu two ycdis j 
To provide and maiutuin a navy ; 

To make rules for the government and regulation or the iaiid 
and naval force > ; 

To providu for calling forth the militia to execute tijcj laws 
of the union, fupprefs infurre6tions, and repel invafious : 

To provide for organizing, arming, and difciplining the mili- 
tia, and for governing Inch part of them as may be employed iu 
the fervice of the United States, rel'erving to the llaius refpec- 
tively, the appointment of the officers, and theauthority of train- 
ing the militiu. according to tiic difciplinc prefcribcd by Con- 
grefs ; 

To exercife exclufive legiflation in all cafes whatfoever, over 
fuch diitridl (not exceeding ten miles fquare) as may, by ceflion 
of particular ilates, and tlie acceptance of Congrefs, become the 
feat of the government of the UnitedStates, and to exercife like 
authority over the places purchafed by the confent of the legif- 
lature of the date, in which the fame fliail be, for the erection 
of forts, magazines, arfenals, dock-yards, and other needful 
buildings ; And 

To make all laws which fhall be necelTary and proper for 
carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all otl)er 
powers vefted by this conllitution in the government of tlic 
United States, or in any department or officers thereof. 

Se^L o. The migration or importation of fuch pcrfons as any 
of the ftates now exiting Ihali think proper to admit, (hall not 
be prohibited by the Congrefs prior to the year One Thoufand 
Eight Hundred and Eight, but a tax or duty may be impofed 
on fuch importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each ]>eribn. 

The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus ihall not be fiif- 
pended, unlefs when in caufes of rebellion orinvafion, the pub- 
lic fafety may require it. 

iSTo bill of attainder or ex poll faClo law fhall be pafTed. 

No capitation, or other dire«5l tax, fliall be' laid, unlefs in pro- 
portion to the cenfus or enumeration herein before diredled to 
be taken. 

No tax or duty fliall be laid on articles exported from any 
ftate. No preference fhall be given by any regulation of com- 
merce or revenue to tlie goris of oneftate overthofe of another; 
nor fhall vefTels bound tp^ orw^rom, one flate, be obliged to enter, 
clear, or pay duties in another. 

No money <hall b<: drawn from t' 
quence of appropri tiosis made 
mcnt and account of the receipts 
money fhall be publifhcd from tii 

Nc • ' ■■ V ihall b 

Afld J <- a')-.. 1)' 

[ i6 ] 

f con font of Congrefs, accept of any ]' 

., rr title, of any kind whatever, fro 
urc'gn {late. 
• jU;e iliall <;ntcr iiv rt aty, allia: ■ cjii- 

i^rant letters c^.ir.arciiie a. id repriral ; co^:; raonef^'t 
uj credit;: make any thiug but G;oi'i ftndf^lver cwia a 
tc xD privment or* debts; pafs atvy bill oK fiitainder, ex poft 

fa^LO law, or law impairing t!ie. obligation of « '.ntracls. or grant 
any title of nobility. 

No Hate fhall, v, ithoiit the .confent- of Ccngreis, lay any imy 
polls or duties on exports or imports, exce?^* what mav be ab- 
Iblutely necei'Iary for execnUng its ia? je^tiCii l^ws ; r.^^the 
net produce of ail duties aiid impofl:?-, laid bv an-V {^atc .r ■ im*- 
ports or exports, fhali be for the ufe of th ti.---a.Vry ;' the 
United Stares ; and all luch laws ^all be {iibicxt to »hc revi- 
sion and cOiitrovil of the Congrefs. 

No ftate Ibail, without the ccrfent ot Congrefs, lay any ilnty 
ofrorinagc, keep troops, or fhips of war in the time of pea-te^ 
enter into any agrecmentor compa<9: with another Itate, or wirt* 
a foreign power, or engage in war. unlefs a^bually invaded, cr 
fuch immiiient dangt.r as will not admit of delay. 

A R T. II. 

Seft. I. The Executive Power fliall be vefled i?i a PrefidcJpt 
of the United States ofAmerica. He Ihall hold hisofIi:e during 
the term of four years, and, together with the Vice Prefrdeiif,, 
chofen for the iame term, to be elec^:ed as follows : # ■ 

Each ftate fliall appoint, in fuch manner as the legiflature, a number of ele6tors, equal to the whdle 
number of fenators and reprefentatives to which the llitte '^y 
be entJticd in the Congrefs; but no fenator or reprefentatiVi^ 
or perion holding an otiice of trufl or profit under th^ U>«*t^d 
States, ihall be appointed an ele<^lor. ..■«,■ ' 

The eleiflors fhall meet in their refpciSlive flates, and yot?i>y 
ballot for two p. rfj!is, of whom one at leall Ihall net be an inhaiJ. 
bitant of tlie fame: Hate with themfelves. And they ihall, n. ike 
a lift of all the perfons voted for, of the numbcH bf .voltes-^ 
for each; which lill they fliall Hgn and certify, and tranfmit 
fv-aledto the feat of the government of the United Stares, direc;~ 
ted to the Prefident of the Senate. The Preiident of the Senate' 
fhcill, in the prefence of the Sena'-e and Hm^^" -^^ "^ 'prefenta- 
tives, open all the certihr,.'tr> then be 

uiud.^ •"' otes fliall 

c whole 

( by 



b^^>^'^v/ai^>«&^.^:^T^ti.irrw=Vi^irx:^fia>a[<iip^!aki A. i/9k r 

[ '92 i 

•/clUlone David, BrLii'h maker, Trotlcr's alloy or Strawbcrrj- 

^S''ells Edward, brickmalccr, ncrrh water above Vine ft. 
V/cll~> Gideon H. merchant, be'. y6 and io3 Arch It. 
^0]].% John C. attorney at law, 41 i:orth fccond i\. 
V/el!s [ohn, near 26, north nintli 11. 
V/clls and Morris, merchants, 135, hi[;h fl. 
V/clia /.aron, fiiipmaficr, 258, fouth iVont ft. 
Welfii Henrr, labourer, near tifth in walnut ftrcets, 
Welfh Tiimcs, Innkeeper, 10, fonth fourth ft, 
I WelHi john, merclianr, 22, Ibuth v.harves, and 47, foulh w2- 

tc.r ft. 
%Veini John, Rope, 31, Prime ft. 

Wehli Lawrence, labourer, corner of Coatcs's and fourth ft. 
Wcrancc Frederick, Coachmakcr, INleadc alley, 
Wefcott George and HenFy> Copper merchants 4, north fourth ft, 
Wefcot Geor'^e, merchant,' 262, high ft. 
Vv'.efcot John, wood corder, 5, Arch ft. 
V/eft Adam, labourer, between Green and £t'. Tam2"!any ft. in 

St. John's i\. 
Weft Caleb, fea captain, 73, Pine ft. 
Weft Charles, gentleman, 186, north front ft, 
V/eft Francis Sc John, merchants, bet'.veen 25 and 2,'^^ Dock 

ftrecc, ' 
V/eft Francis, merchant, ic8, fonth Front ft. 
Weft Hannah, widow, gentlewoman, 186, north third ft. 
Weft James, conftable, between Lombard and South, in fiith 

ftreet. ^ ' . 

Weft John, merchant, 75, north Water ft. 
Weft Martha, innkeeper, 45, north Water ft. 
Weft Mary, widow, 198, Vine ft. 
Weftr^ichard, (Iiio mafter, 16, Gafkcl ft. 
Weft Robert, merchant, 16, Gafkel ft. 
Weft William, merchant, corner of Front and Vine ft. 
Weftwood James, dealer in dry goods, 81, Pine ft. 
Wc-ftwood William, merchant, Front between Catherine and 

Almond ft. * 

V/cttle John> gentleman, back of 154, north fifth {"z. 
"^Veyand John, drayman, nortli fecond above Poplar Lane, 
^'''hartnabv' Jacob, cabinet maker, Duke ft. 
V/harton Charles, merchant, 136, nortli fecond ft. 
V/harton, widow, gentlewoman, 25, Lombard ft; 
^V liarton Elizabctli, genilcwomian, 1 28, fouth Fourth It. 
Wharton George, near .^90, north front ft. 
^^^harton, Ifaac, merchant, 112, north front ft^ 
Vv'liarton Ifaac, merchant, loj, fouth third ft. - • 

"^"^'harton John,, 8j, Chefnut ft. 

' . t 195 ] 

Wharlon John, furgcon barber, 54, Vine ft. 

SV'liarron [ohn, (lioeni-iker, 122, foutli fecond ft. 

Wharton lofc;)'.!, gentleman,'! 6, Pine ft. ^ 

Wharton 'fofcph, gciulcman, 81, fouth third ft. 

Wharton ICearny, imcrchant, 155, Ibuth fecond ft. and 119, 

fouth water ft. ^ 

Wharton ^' Lewis, infurance brokers, 115, louth Front ft. 
Wharton Moore, mtrchant, 109, Spruce ft. 
Wharton Sc, merchants, Pine ft. wharf. 
Wharton Peregrine H. lunnbtjt- merchant, S.vanfon nsar Qu-:ea 

ft. and dsvelling houfe, 479, iouth Front ft. 
Wharton Rachel, gentlewoman, 38, north fixth ft. 
Wharton Pvobert, merchant, 1.3J, fouth third 1^.. 
Wharton Samuel, gentleman, 278, fouth fecond ft. 
Wharton Thomas P. merchant, 73, fouth water ft. 
Wheaton Ames, plane maker. Green ft. bctwc.-n Front and fe- 
cond ft. ' ^ _ 
Wheaton Jofeph, ferjeant at arms, to the Houfe ofRcpreica- 

tatives of the U. S. 6j, north fecond ft. 
Wlieclcr John, keeper of the free mafons Ic-dge, Apple Tre^ 

Wheeler John, taylor, 17, Strawberry ft. 
Wheeler Samnel, blackfmirh, 99, Vine ft. 
Whelan John, boarding houfe, 102, Swanfon ft. 
^Vhelan Marianne, widow, ftay maker, L^titia court. 
Whelan Patrick E. fnopkeeper, 5, north fecond ft. 
Whelan Ifrael, merchant, 276, High ft. 
Whelan & M'Grath, foap boiler, and tallow chandleri, Ere-^'- 

cr's alley, bet. fecond and third ft. 
Whines William, mariner, INIead alley. 
White Charles, fringe weaver, South between fifth and ftxtb 

White Cliarles, merchant, 6, fouth Water ft. 
White Ephraim, fnip mafter, 363, north Front ft. 
White Jacob, wood fawyer, 33, Coates's ft. 
White James, conftable, Pewter Platter alley. ^ 
V/hitc John, chymiftaad drnrgift, 163, Highft. 
White John, cordwaincr, 77, South ft. 

White John, porter, 125, Pine ft. -w • a 

White John, mariner, third between Plumb and Germaii ft. 
White Mar/, widow, 92, north water It. 
V.'hiteMarv, v/iJow, 25, north eiThth ft. 

White 8z jNUFeran, foip bjilers' aad tallow chandlers, 173, 
t. . north third fr. 

^ White Peter,- mcr.-hTnt, 8j, fouth water ft. 
' V/hite liofanna, v.-idow, boirding houfe, between 5 aird n, 

north eigh:h fc. 
V/hitc Samuel, houfe carpenter, Wagioner^s uHe^. 


1300 U)cu 

t »^^» 

C 194 ] 

White To'oias, labourer, fourth bct^vccn 5oii^li afid Shipper 

White Thomas, 18, north Front ft. 
White William Ri^ht Rev. D. D. Bifliopof the Protcftant Epif- 

cppal Church, 89, Walnut ft. 
White William, butcher, 28, north eighth It, 
Wliite William, fnip carpenter, 386, {'outh Front ft. 
"W'hite , tiiird between Plumb and German ft. 

AVhite, widow, waflier, between ^Avch and Cherry, ia 

e*]2;bth ft. 
Whiteall James, 76, Chefnut ft. 
Whitebrcad Charles, fliip carpenter, Chriftian between Fron" 

and fecond ft. 
Whitehead Sarah, v.-idow, 35, Vine ft. 
Whitenbj.iry Elizabeth, feamftrefs, 72, New ft. 
W'hitehead James, grocer, 24, Vine ft. 
V/hitehcad John Sz James, grocers, 222, north fccond ft 
%\''hitehead John, grocer and bottler, 134, Swanfon ft. 
Whitehead John, grocer, 2, Cable Lane, N. L. 
Whitehead Richard, I'crivener, 62, Vine ft. 
W'n^tehead W^illiam, grocer S: bottler, 135, Swanfon ft. 
Vv^hitenian Henry, labourer, Oak ft. . 
Wliiteman Jacob, dealer in corn and flour, between Race an« 

Vine, in hfth ft. 
V/hiteman Jacob, gentleman, 402, north fecond ft. 
'W'hiteman John, innkeeper, 42, north fourth I't. 
Whiteman John, taylor, 37^ Walnut ft. 
Whiteman \Vcndal, tar.ner, north fecond ft. bet. Poplar Lan^ 

and Brown ft. 
W'hjtefides /Mexander, plaifterer, bet. 15 Sc 19, Branch ft. 
Whitefidcs B. tea w arehoufe, 99, north fecond ft. 
Whitefide John, & Co. merchants, 138, High ft. 
Wiall Peter, fan m;-iker, 20, Spruce ft. 
Wickerly Abraham, butcher, Coates's ft. between third anif 

fourth ft. • 

Wicker/liam Abraham, bed-ftead maker, 12, Brewer's alley. 
"^Vickerfham A.mos, grocer, 51, north fecond ft. 
W'icldifield James, 82, Spruce ft. 

W'ideiticld ik Tyfon, iroiimongers, 48, north third ft. 
^V'iderman Paul, turner, 7, north fourth ft. 
"^^^eir John, bottler, 216, Ibuth. fecond ft. 
"^^'igo;!*-'! worth John, toyman, 45, fouth fecond ft. 
"VV ioglefworth Samuel, fhopkeepcr, i, fouth ftcond f:. 
-^^'igr.cU 8k. Reinagle, managers of the New Theatre, 194, foutk 

fourth ft. 
WikofT Jacob C. apothecary ^'druggift, 3^, High ft. and Frpm- 

bcrger's court. 

[ m ] . 

Wikoft'Ilaac, ^^' George K. Han-ifon, merchant*, 53, Chrifnut 

"VVikofFIfaac, mcrcliant, 117, foutli third ft. 
Wilcocks AlcKandcr, counfcllor at law, 105, Arch ft. 
■\Vilcocks John, r.icrcliLint, 30, north third ;ftreet, and South 

Wharves. . 
Wilcocks Samuel, merchant, 40, north fifth ft. 
Wilds Daniel, taylor, Lordey's alley. 
Wiley Abel, grocer, 34, north water ft. 
AViley Richard, Ihip joiner, back of Front near Noble fT. 
Wilcv Ewing, ironmonger, 109, South fb. 
Wilkms Caleb, taylor, 62, Chefnut ft. 
W'Jlkins George, llirgeon barber, South near the corner of fc- 

cond ft. 
Wilkins Tames, tavern keeper, fouth third between Shippcn 

and Plumb ft. 
W: kins John, fhipmaftcr, ic8, Scrjth ft. 

Wilkins Thomas, tavern keeper, corner of Dock and Spruce ft,' 
WiJkins Thomas, tavern keeper, fouth third between Shippcn 
\ and Plumb' ft. 
Wilkinfon James, brigadier general, corner of Dock and Pear 

ftreet. " ' 

Wilkinfon John, fail maker, 13, Ker's alley. 
Wnkinfon William, orocer, corner of Chriftian and {econd ft. 
Will William, pewterer, 66, north fecond ft. 
'VV'ill William, houfe carpenter, third between Green and No- 
ble ft. 
Willand Jefte, taylor, 418, north front ft. 
Williams Alexander, fugar baker, Gafecl ft. 
Williams Ann, wido'.v, Hojiman's alley. 
Williams Barker, & Co. ironmongers, 149, High ft. 
Williams Catb.erine, widow, 29, Chriftian ft. 
Williams Charles, mariner, Noble ft. between fror.t ana fc 

cond ft. 
Williams Chriftophcr, grocer, fourth near SoMth ft. 
y/illiams David, fhip carpenter, Chriftian between Front and 

fecond ft. 
AVilliams Eliz?.beth, widow, Duke ft. 
Williams Harding, ihip mafter, Vernon^ft. 
Williams Heclor, Hiip carpenter, Catlierine between fourth 

and fifth i\. 
yv^'illiams Hezekiah, genrleman, 6o, Arch ft. 
Williams James, painter and glazier, 8, Gray's alley, 
Williams [ames, fruiterer, 61, Higli ft. 
Williams Jame?, labourer, Biddle's alley. 

William^ James,- carpcatcr, bet. Race cc Arch in no. c'ghth ft. 
Williams John, mariner. Mead alley. 
Williams Jofeph, pamtcr and glizier; GaC-icl ft. 


,, MAO. ^on. ".nnlSo f«0»* 

1300 Locust b.., - •• 

[ 196 ] 

Williams Ifaac, fhocmakcr, 550, north fccdnd ([. 
Williams INlary, boarding hon'c, lo-^, Spruce (t. 
Williams Phill'., waiTicr, fouFlf fecond, between Chriflian 2nJ| 

Mary ft. 
Williams Uobcic, plaiflcrer, Plumb, bet\vecn third &: fourth 11:. 
Williams Samuel, iea captain, 63, north third f^. 
Williams Samuel, cabinet maker, 12, ibiitli fourth ([. 
Williams Sarah, widow, gentlewomag, Smith's cour^. 
Williams Sarah, fliopkreper, 35, fouth feconJ i\, 
Williams Sarah, Nridow, Vernon near Shippcn i\. 
Vv'illiams Tiiomas, waiter, fouth third, between Shippen an^ 

Plumb i\. 
Williams Thomas labourer, fourth, between Shippen and South 

Williams Thomas, cabinet rriaker, 75, Ptace ft. 
Williams William, fnip and comnnlhon broker, 117, fouth wa- 
ter fl. 
Williams William, vendue crier, 48, High ll. 
Williams William, taylor, 30, fouth \varcr ft. 
Williajiis Willianl, limner, corner of fourth and Pine fl. 
AVilliams W. 11. phyfician, 99, Callowhill ft. 
Williams Williani, fliip and cominiiiion broker, 47, fouth wa. 

ter Street. 
"Williams William, mariner, Chriftian, near third ft. 
V/illiamf^n «*^ Jackfou, fail makers. Vine ft. wharf. 
Williamfon Jeife, houfe c^.rpenter, 32^ Almond ft. corner cS' 

irout ft. 
W'^illiamfon Jofeph, grazier, 62, Almond ft. 
Williamfon Samuel, filverfmitli, EimHie's alley, 
Williamfon V/illiam, fail maker, 357, (outh front ft. 
VvMllig George, mufic ftorc, 165, High ft. 
Willings & Francis, merchants, 21, Penn ft, 
V/illiug George, merchant, 80, Vv^-ilnut ft. &: counting houfe, 

Willing and Francis' wharf. 
Willing Thomas, nierchant, near 127, Walnut ft. 
Willing Thomas, Prefident of the Bank of the United States, 

106, fouth third ft. ., V 

Willington John, fa p mafter, Mead alley. 
Willis John, oyfterman, I^.Iiffiin's alley. 
Willis Jonathan, rricrchant, 31, fouth wiitcr ft. 
Wills iVaac, merchant, 289, fouth front ft. 
Willis Seth, grocer, 155, Ibuth front, dwelling iii, fouth fifth 

ftreet. ■ ' \ ' 

Willis Thomas, turner, 2Q3, Arch ft. 
Vv^illis oz Yardley, merchants, fecond wharf, fouth of Chcfnut 

Street . 
Wills John, innkeeper, 218, Race ft. 
Wills William, carpenter^ near Noble in north third ft. 

t >9-/ ] 

\Vilrr!er Lambert, four merdi'int, 180, Race ^, 

Wilpert John David, Ivcrr's alley. 

\Vilfon Abraham, mariner, 35, Kt7's alley. 

Wilfon Benjamin, merchant, 27, north third fb. 

Willon George, cabinet nnkcr, Ibuth third, bLiwce.T Shir-aen ^c 

Plumb a. 

Willon George, carter, corner oJ Plumb and third ft. 

Wilfon George, merchant, 2, Chancery lane, and 35, north wa- 
ter (I. 

Wilfon G. n. between Brown ft. 5.' Poplar Lancj in ronh third 

W"ilfon James, coachmaker, bstv/ccn eighth aud ninth in Fil- 
bert ft. 

Wilfon James, ftone cutter, 22, north feventh ft. 

Wilibn 'Janics, Judge of the Supreme court of tlie U. S, 274, 
High ft. 

V/ilion lames, boat builder, 27, Callowhillft. 

Wilfon 'fohn, labourer, front, between Oueen & Chriftian ft. 

V/ilfon John, High Ccnftablc, GafKel ft. 

Wilion John Buir, millftor.e maker. Plumb, between fccond k 
third ft. 

WiHon Margaret, fliopkeeper, 46, fouth fccond i4. 
WiUon r.largarct, fnopkecper, German, bctv/eei;! third v.:w. 
fourth it. 

Wilfon Mary, boarding houfe, 209, north fecond ft. 

Wjlf-r- IMary, boarding houfe, 46, Walnut ii. 

V/illbn Mary, boarding houle, 97, Arch ft. 

Wilfl)n Mary, 35, Elfrith's alley. 

Wilfon Pvobert, houfe carpenter, 168, north ftfch ft. 

Wilfon Robert, grocer, German, corner of hfth ft. 

Wilfon i^ilas, tavern keeper, 337, north front ft. 

Wilfon Thomas, porter, 295^ fouth front ft. 

Wilfon V/illiam, ftationer, 31, north fecond ft. 

Wilion \f illiam, grocer, 318, fouth front ft. 

Wilfon Ann, wido%Y, fliopkeeper, fror.t bctwesr Catherine and 
Almond ft. 

Wilfon , v/idow, 100, north third ft. 

Wilfon, hair-drcffer, near 23J, fouth fecorid ft. 

V/ilt x^braham, grocer, 116, north fecond ft. 

Wilt Henry, caulker, Badd, between Brown and Goatos ft. 

Wilt Jol^n, printer, 33, Carter's alley. . 

Wilftack Charles, fliopkeeper, 178, north fecond Ir. 

Wiltbcro-er Chriftian, filverfmith, 33, fouth fecond fl. 

•Wiltbergcr Jacob, currier, 157, norch fecond ft. 

Wiltbergcr Peter, merchant, 103, Arch ft. 

Wiltberger Sc Smith, merchants, loi. High ft. 

Wimlay John, fningle drefter, 190, Vine ft. 

Win V/illiam^ cord\Yiiin=r, near the ccrner of Hace in eigj^^-ii f^t 


,.cl?n! cn- ^'^ SECURED FROM 



1300 Locus-. i-a. iViu/ 

[ 190 ] 

Tatern^an Jcfic , fchoolmaftcr, fchool back of 147, Chefnut ft. 

and dwelling houfi., 26, North ft. 
WattTman Thomas, nurcharit, 8, North eighth ft. 
V/atcrs John, Ichoolmaltcr, 272, foutli fccor.d ft. 
^S'arers John, labourer, between South and Shipper., in fifth ft, 
\\'ate;-3 John, labourer, above Poplar Lane, in St. Join's ft. 
\\''aicrs Thomas, well digger, between Pi-uue ar\d S^jruce, ia 

fixth ft. • 
"IVaters, widow, apothecary, Willing^ alley. 

A\^'irl:in John, cordwaincr, corner of South and Prime ft. 
^\'atkin Jofcph, gentleman, I2J, Arch fi. 
^\'"alluns Thomas, brufli maker, 13, Strawberry ft. 
Watmouo;>. Tames, mcrchnnt. 200, Arch ft. 
Watfon Alexander, iipholdftercr, F.lmflie's alley. 
Watfon Charles C. taylor, 24, forth fourth ft. 
Watfon Jamer, taylor, m.ickllc of Prime ft. 
'\\'atfon John, mcrcliant, 2,74, High fl. 
Vvatfon Rlargaret iMifs, milliner, 192, fonth Front ft. 
"Watfon o: Paul, merchants, South Wharves, fouth fide of 

Chefnut ft. 
Watfon IlicharJ, fliip mafter, 46, Shippen ft. 
V/atfon Thomas, fiopkeeper, 48, Lombard ft. 
V.'atfon Thomas, riggci , 28, Chriftian ft. 
Watfon William, hLinefs maker, 42, fouth fourth ft. 
Watfon V\^illiara, coach m.aker, 40, north eighth ft. 
^^'atfoa William, fliip mafter, bctv/een Green and St. Tam- 
many ft. in St. John's ft. 
A\'att Samuel, merchant, 5, fouth Front ft. 
Watts George, /hip mafter, 13, Vernon. 
^Vatts Stephen, mariner, betvv een Lom.bard and South in fifth 

Watts William, innkeeper, 184, north third ft. 
V>"ay Andrew, taylor, i, Kerr's alley. 

Way George, coach maker, 152, Arch 11. and 5, fouth fifth fb. 
'\\'ay Nicholas, M. D. 83, fouth fecond ft. 
Wayne Jacob, cabinet maker, 164 and 166, north front f!:. 
Wayne d: Sheppard, lumber merchants, above Callow hill ft. in 

Water ft. 
Wayne Samuel, houfe carpenter, 17, Kcr's alley. » 
\\'ayne William, lumber merchant, 1 19, Vine ft. 
AVeatherby INlargaret, widow, midwife, Trotter's alley, or 

Strawberry Lane. 
\\'eathered Alexander, fruiterer, Coatcs's ft. between fecond 

and Front fl. 
Weathcrill Benjamin, merchant, 1S7, High ft. 
Weatherill & Sons, druggids and colourmen, 65, north Front ft, 
Weatherill Jofcph, lumber merchant, 170, fouth fourth ft. 
V/cathwrill Samuel, jun. oil and colour man, 9, South alley. 

C '9' ] 

\VtathcriIl 8ainiicl> merchant, 73, Arch C:. 

M'cathcrill Tlioiiias, lioufe carpenter, fecond near Almono it. 

Weaver >\dam, taylor, 14, Union ft. 

Weaver Alexander, near Poplar Lane in north thv'Cd ft. 

^\ caver Charles, painter, betu'cen ei;^hth and ni in Arcli ft. 

Weaver Frederick, cabinet maker, iii,nortli fccond ft. 

Weaver Jacob, tatmcr, c<: jufticc of thj peace, 495, no. Front ft, 

\\'cavcr John, innkeeper, corner of Coates's ft, in north third 

Weaver John, M. D. 417, north fecond ft. 

Weaver John, fiiip joiner, Duke ft. 

W^eaver John, labourer, bet. feventh Sc eighth in Cherry ft. 

Wcader jMattliew, meal feller, 88, north leveatU ft. 

Weaver Philip, Joiner, 83, Green ft. 

Weaver William, labourer, near 54, north fifthft. 

Weaver, widow, Green bet. 2d and 3d ft. 

Webb John, cabinet niaker, 88, north front ft. 

Webb John, taylor, 16, Cherrv ft, 

Webb ilobjrt, jeweller, 57, Shippea ft. 

W^ebb Tlionias, hat maker, 11, Gray's "alley. 

Webb Margaret, widow, 427, foutlr fecond ft. 

"XS^ebftcr Daniel, oyfterman, fourth, bctv/een fouth and Shij.:D;a 

Webiler Richard, boarding houfe^ j, Sliippen ft. 
Wcbfter Robert, labourer, north fecond, above Poplar Lans, 
Webfter Zepheniah, printer, 16, Sailafi-as alley. 
Webftcr , labourer 12, Almjcd ft, 

Wcckerly Conrad, merchant, 205, north third ft. 
Weckerly George, brafs founder, 10^, north third ft. 
Weed George, inn-keeper, 22c, High ft. 
Weed George, jun. ?.I, D. 69, north front ft. 
Weed INIary, widow, c;rocer. Walnut ft. 
Weed Mrs. 181, ArclUl. 
Weeden John, turner, 75, Dock ft. 
Weekam James, tavlor, i83, north water ft. 
V/ceks Benjamin, Ihip mafter, German, bctv>-ejn lecond 2::d 

front ft. ■ : 

Weeks John, tavern keeper, German, betv.sen third and 

fourth ft. 
Weeks. , fliip carpenter, fecond, between German ar.d 

Catherine ft. 
Weicks Benjamin, Clip mafter, 62, Swanfon ft. 
Weiderholt Henry, broker, i j, Norris's allcv. 
Weir William, pedlar, fouth third between Shippsnaeid Plumk 

X^'eifs Anthony, grocer, i J2, north third ft. 
WcifsLeiw^, Scrivener, ij8, north fitth ft. 
Wcificnbach Henrv, brcv.c-r, 131-. «nd i^^,^, north N'a'er ft. 


iSt^st^l.i'^i-^elphia. Fa. 19107 





.» .- jrr