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Digitized by tine Internet Arcliive 

in 2010 witli funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


^ a . B « » «pi 







Citi/, Southwark, ci' Northern Liberties, 



From the first of March 1810, to the first of March 1811, 





ADAMS JOHN, ch^rmaker 12 Pear 
Adams Charles, candlebox maker 13 WilUng's alley 
Addis Daniel, attorney at law 101 south Fifth 
Albertson Nehemiah, flour and feedstore Old ferry 
Allen John W. printer 81 south Fourth 
Allison John, conveyancer 83 south Fifth 
Andrews David, wharf builder Frankforcl road 
Atherton Humphrey, attorney at law 1 5 south Fifth 

Bacon Samuel, taylor Queen (K.) 

Baylli Anthony, 1 3 1 Spruce 

Bazeiy Mrs. ladies seminary 13 south Fifth 

Eaker Conrad, fisherman Queen (K.) 

Baker Conrad, jun. do do 

Baker Peter, do do 

Baker John L. office north-w^est corner Dock and 2nd 

Bakeoven John, fisherman Queen (K.) 

Bacon Samuel, taylor Queen (K.) 

Beidelman Jacob, fisherman Queen (K.) 

Bainbridge , captain in U. S. navy 193 Spruce 

Beauveau IVIrs. boardinghouse 1G3 Spruce 
Beiscli Henry, grocer )fe^l4 north Second 
Belin Augustas, merchant 237 Spruce 
Bell Wm. lumber merchant 37 Spruce 
Bcnezet Sainuel, m. d. corner Pine and Thiicl 
Berry Joseph, sea captain 89 south Fourth 
Berry Peter L. carpenter 190 Spruce 
Bertrand Madame, 178 Spruce 
Betts Wm. taylor 32 Elizabeth 
Biddle N. a|torney at law 45 Dock, east of Second 
Bines Robert, supercargo 195 Spruce 
Birch Thomas, miniature painter 96 Spruce 
Bonsai Isaac, conveyancer 30 north Ninth 
^Wien Ezra, sea captain 112 south Fifth 

L A TE RE M OV A L S, &c. 

Bright W. {grocer 162 soulh Water 

Brown Joseph, copperplate priiitcr corner Union anC 

Third 1^ 

Brown Lems R. nierchant 100 south Front 
Brown Thomas, sea captain 143 north Water 
Brown James, sea captain 142 Spruce 
Bryan Samuel, register of wills "^0 north Eighth 
Buchannon Mrs. gentlewoman 18 Prune 
Buckley Mary, boardin.ehcuse 194 Fine 
Burrout^hs N. and Co. grocers Old Ferry 
Byerly Detrich, g-rccer Queen (K ) 

Capron Henry, cabinetmaker 23 Dock 

Carney Patrick, boot and shoemaker 22 south Thiixl 

Chandler Wm.P. dentist 68 Spruce 

Cherry Margaret, 142 Spruce 

Clark James, accomptant 8 Pear 

Clarkson Jacob, merchant 94 Union 

Close Flenry, grocer 204 Cedar 

Cohen A. H. manufacturer of artificial mineral waters 

100 south Second 
Connelly John, commission merchant 28 Chesnut 
Connelly Thomas, smith 1 2 Pear 

Cook J brushmaker soutli Fifth near Shippen 

Cooch Francis L. merchant 215 Spruce 
Coui'sauU Amiable, merchant 122 Spruce 
Crowly John, 7 Prune 
Crotz Mrs. silk scourer 78 Union 

Dabadie John, merchant 220 Spruce 

Davies Edward, coach and sigrt painter 214 Mulberry 

De Costa Charles, sea captain 3 Prune 

Duffis Michael, printer 216 south Fifth 

Dwyer Thomas, trader 63 Penn 

Farrand Wm. P. 170 High > 

Forgrove W^m. shoemaker 81 Cedar ^f 
Fowler E. accomptant 147 north Third >^ 

Gallagher Andrew, sea captain 103 Spruce 
Generally Fleury & Co. merchants 11 soitthFourlij 


Gibbs Josiah W. merchant 110 south Fifili 
Graham Mary, taylor corner Walnut and Water 
Green James, inate 47 south Water 
Groves A. merchant 5 north Front and 8 N. Seventh 

Hammer Lewis, storekeeper 147 north Third 
Harper b* Ridgway, merchants Old Ferry 
Harvey Sc Son, shoemakers 140 Cedar 
Hiisee Wm. grocer Frankford road 
Horn Wm. J. grocer 62 High 
Howell Sc Shaw, merchanis 25 south Water 
Huber Henry, mspectof of customs 5 north Eighth 
Humes John, auctioneer 16 north Stventh 
Humes J^uiies, grocer Plum near Third 
Humphreys J. isf A. Y. stationers cor. Walnut 8c 2nd 
Hunter Wm. gentleman 12 north Seventh 

Irvine Caliender, superintendant U. S. Twelfth, 

between High and Chesnut 
Journot Michael, jeweller i07 north Second 

Kempton Wm. boardinghouse 1 Church alley 
Kennedy Robert, 14 north Seventh 
Kirkoff C. combmaker near 242 north Third 
Kraft Henry, shoemaker 1 1 5 north Second 
Kuhn Peter &; Son, auctioneers 190 High 

Lawler Davis B. merc^ynt 25 south Wharves 

Markoe Francis, merchant 63 south Water , 
M'Glathery James, late auctioneer near 46 George 
M' Mullen J. taylor 4 6 George 
IMorgan Peter, grocer corner Pine and Water 
Morris George, painter, Sec. 13 Gaskill 
Murphy Cornelius, shoemaker 121 south Fifth. 
Myer Frederick, innkeeper Frankford road 

Nagel Michael, tavernkeeper 62 Cedar 
Nowiand w^idow of Patrick, 6 Prune 

Phillips Mrs. boardinghouse 12 Pear 


Reeve Clement, tavern and ferry keeper High stret: 

"Wharf, south side 
Reilly Daniel, gilder 58 south Fourth 
Renshaw Francis, accomptant 20 Prune 
Robinson Ann, storekeeper 65 noith Third 
Rogers Mary, gentlewoman 67 Pine 

Sergeant Elizabeth, gentlewoman 1 8 north Seventh 
Sliffer Abraham, innkeeper 233 north Third 
Summer John Jacob, merchant 117 north Second 
Vauclain James L. merchant 24 south Second 

Welch James, tinsmith corner Pine and Second 
Wiley John, carter 1 68 north Eighth 
Wilkinson Wm. millwright 242 south Third 
Williams John G. merchant 244 High 


Stated Days of Sale. 

Thomas Passmore, 34 south Front 

Dry Goods. Monday and Thursday afternoon. 

Groceries. Wednesday and Saturday morning, 
Silas E. Weir, 20 south Front 

Dry Goods. Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. 

Groceries. Tuesday and Friday morning. 
F. MoNTMOLLiN, 51 north Front 

Dry Goods. Tuesday and Fiiday afternoon. 

Groceries. Monday and Tuesday at noon. 
Humes and Etting, 15 south Front \ 

Dry Goods. Tuesday afternoon Sc Friday morning. 

Groceries. Monday and Thursday, 
Peter Kuhn and Son, 190 High 

Dry Goods. Tuesday and Friday afternoon. 

Groceries. Monday and Thursday marning. 
John Dorset, 61 & 63 south Front 

Dry Goods. Tuesday and Thursday morning. 

Groceries, Wednesday and Saturday, 1 1 o'clock. 


AigslerFredericic,167 N.Howard John, St. John near 

Front Tammany 

Alberti Geo. F. 116 N. Front Howell A. 88 Lombard 

Anderson , 148 Cedar James Thos. C. 83 south 2d 

Arenfelt A. corner Vine SilSth Keehmle John, 23 north 4thJ 
Attlee Edwin, 90 N. Fourth Kinley Charles, 135 Walnut 
Barton Benj, S. 241 Chesnut Klapp Joseph, 346 south 2d 
Barton Wm. B. C. Pennsylva. Kuhn Adam, next 140 Chesnut 

Hospital La Roche Rene, corner 5th & 

Benezet , comer Pine and Powell 

Third Latapias Peter, 86 Lombard 

Bertron D. 29 Artillery lane Lee James, 41 German 
Bethausen E. 270 north ThirdLeib Michael, 117 Vine 
Blayney Arthur, 165 Sassafras Lummis Dayton, 86 Sassafras 
Brown Wm. 168 south Front M«Kinney A . 141 south Sixth 
Bullock Jos. jr. 24 ColumbiaMathieu Joseph, 16 Branch 

avenue Mease James, 192 Chesnut 

Caldwell Chas. 211 S Second Miller Peter, 56 north Fourth 
Catharall Isaac, 121 Chesnut Minnick Jos. P. 167 Walnut 
Chapman Nathl. 232 Spruce Mongea R. 81 south Third 
Cleaver Isaac, 286 N Second Niel H. 266 south Second 
Conover Saml. L. 141 S. Fifth Norgrave Nathl. comer Juniper 
Coxe John R. 133 Walnut and High 

Currie Wm. 180 S. Second Otto John C. 139 Mulberry 
Delpeaux P. 82 south Fifth Parke Thos. 20 south Fourth 
Dewees Wm. P. corner Wal-Parrish Joseph, 18 Chesnut 

nut and Fourth Peries Peter, 31 Callowhill 

Dorsey J. S. 120 Mulberry Perkins John, 159 north 2d 
Duffield Samuel, 12 Chesnut Physick Philip S. 114 Mulberry 
Dunlap James, 107 Mulberry Porter John, 244 north Second 
Dyott T. W. 116 N. Second Proudfit James, 153 south 2d 
Frank Adam Fourth aboveRogers P. K. 13 south Ninth 

Noble Rousseau John C. 210 Spruce 

Gallaher James near 27 sputhRowvoudt Wm. corner Wood 

Fifth , ' and York road 

Gillaspy Geo. 90 S. Eighth Rush Benjamin, 98 south 4th 
Glen James, comer 5th andSay Benjamin, 152 Chesnut 

Prune Sermon Isaac, 105 N. Fr(mt 

Glentworth P. F. 144 Sassa-Seybert Adam, 114 High 

fras Shafer Casper, 66 Vine 

Goss Joseph, 174 Cedar Shaw Wm. 137 Mulberry 

Griffith E. 108 ftorth Fourth Smith Samuel B. 208 south 2d 
Griffitts SamL P. 62 S. Front Smith Wm. 27 Sansom 
Guignan L. 5 Cherry Stafford Robert, 25 Pine 

Hanckle John M 364 N. 2d. Stewart Samuel, 182 Spruce 
Harris Robert, 184 south 5th Wallace Wm. 109 Shippen 
Hewson Thos. T. 41 Spmce Wistar Caspar, 112 south 4tb 
HeyKn Isaac, 57 south 7th Weaver John, 417 north 2d 
Houston P. W. 19 Walnut White James, 309 N. Third 


AnUicny Mrs. 130 Coates' Moodee, 2 Oak (S.; 
Beatty Mrs. 308 south SecondMorrell Mrs. 71 Union 
Clinton Mrs. Giles' alley Regin Ann, 16 St. John's 

Ernes Ann, 8th above SassafrasRose Ann, 9 Brewer's alley 
Ervvin Martha, 41 Beck's alley Rose Jane, 7 Brewer's alley 
Forbes Mrs. 222 south Sixth Rose Susannal), 9 ditto 
Garley R. 26 Shippen Shoemaker Lydia, 10 Shippen 

Hemphill Jane, 73 Plum Thacara Eleanor 36 south 6th 

Hoot Mary, 46 north Fourth Van holt A. 190 south Sixth 
Houston P. W. 19 Wahiut WooleyMrs.36 Appletree alley 
M'Fall Rosina, 101 south FifthZigler Ann, 74 New 


Alberson Mrs. 9 Burd's alley Leek Catharine, 89 north 6th 
Ambler Mrs. 9 Chancery lane Lyons E. 98 Plum 
Barber Mrs. 207 souih Fifth M«Cloud Mrs. 71 Sassafras 
Barker Rebecca, 66 CatharincMarks Hannah, 54 Callow hill 
Barnitt.Martha, 81 north ThirdMiller Grace, Patton's court 
Bickerton Mary, 25 Parram's Millar Sarah, Patton's court 

alley Morris Ruth, 28 Church alley 

Brown Grace, 87 north Ninth Murphy Mrs. 19 Vernon 
Chittenton Mrs. 65 Qceen Mushel Mrs.22 Applelree alley 
Clark Mrs. 15 Somh alley Newark Mrs. 9 Burd's alley 
Ciiffon Mrs. 411 south Front Norton Jane, 9 Chancery lane 
CUne E. Poplar lane Norton Sarah, 219 Sw anson 

Cogle Mary, 22 Coomb's alley Pettit Heibter, 74 New 
Cook E. 28 Farmer's alley Poweil Rebecca, Shepherd's 
Corbet Mrs. 108 north Front court 

Cornelius Amie, 207 south 5thPreston Mrs. near 62 Artillery 
Dawson Mary, 260 souih 3d lane 
Dickinson Mrs. 129 Sassafras Richards Mrs. 121 New 
Dunlap Mrs. 42 Penn Simpson Mrs. 162 Pine 

Earhart Mrs. 453 south Front Sloathman Mary, 168 north 2d 
Evans Mrs. 10 South alley Smith Isabella, 106 Cedar 
Ewing Mrs 377 north Front Si)Owden Mrs. back 381 High 
Fiss Mrs. 205 north Eighth Sw'|,ki Mrs. 158 north Third 
Colder A. 51 south Water SyiMthelt E. Taper alley 
Graham E. Poplar lane Ulings Mrs. near 24 St. John's 

January Hannah, back72 Ches-Vockason Mrs.9 Elfreith's alley 

nut Walter Julian, 97 Crown 

Johnson Mrs. 64 Vine Warnick Martha, 23 Plum 

Kean Lcuisa, 23 Walnut Wood Mary, 23 Walnut 

Knowles S. 17 Penn 


January Hannah, back 72 Ches-Powell Rebecca, Shepherd's 

nut coart 

Knowles S, 17 Penn 


Cunitz Mrs. 78 Sassafras Ripperger Conrad, 29 north 

HoU George, 46 north Third Fourth 


FOR 1810 

Abbotts and Sheward, brewers, corner of Pear and 

Dock streets 
Abbott David, 128 Callowhill 
Abbott George, hairdresser 9 Chesnut 
Abbott Jobn, cooper 1 5 Giles' alley 
Abbott Joseph, carpenter Lilly alley 
Abbott John, wrought nailor 477 north Second 
Abbott '^i'imothy, currier 97 Chesnut 
Abbott Thomas B. currier 29 Chesnut 
Abbott \Villiam, bre^Yer 2 New Bank 
Abbott William Henry, carver and gilder 52 Zane 
Abbett Henry, smith 1 1 1 N. Second and 47 Sassnfi as 

Abbott . sea captain 1'80 north Second 

Abel Daniel, carter i3§*?J.ombard 

Abel George, siioemaker-^iOS north Front 

Abel John Sc Joseph, 'tarpenlers 10 Erovrn 

Abel John D. tayltfi-s; Cedar 

Abel Joseph, shoemaker !23 north Tourth 

A.bel Peter, slv^cmaker 435 north Second 

Abel Peter, stablekecper near 17 Applct;ee alley 

Abercrojnbi^Jamcs, d. d. assisiani minister of 

Chfist anS^A. Peter's churches 162 south Fourth 
Abercroml^ Thomas B printer Juniper lane 
Abin^vton Susannah, cjentlewomDn ?5 north Sixth 
Abraham isaac, victualler 1 JO Brown 
Abraham Moses, storel.eeeper If] 7 north Third 
Abraham Henry, taylor 39 Chesnut 



Acheson David, merchant 1 Sansom [see Atkinson 

Ackley D. shopkeeper 33 north Front 

Ackley J. B. oil and colouvman 169 north Second 

Ackley James, hookbinder south Broad 

Ackley E. stevadore 60 Shippen 

Acha BuSno de, merchant S. E corner of Pine & 5th 

Adams Alex. & Wm. grocers High near Juniper 

Adams Benjamin, carpenter 84 Cedar 

Adams John, agent above 261 Callowhill 

Adams John, tobacconist 196 St. John's 

Adams widow of Joseph, shoemaker 259 south Fourth 

Adams John, printer corner Eocust and Eleventh 

Adams Jacob W. printer 70 Mulberry 

Adams Sc Eoughery, merchants (Sumerrs wharf) 

back 69 north Water 
Adams Moses, shipwright near 567 south Front 
Adams Peter, biscuitbaker 138 Lambard 
Adams Rebecca, seamstress Oak (Nothern Liberties) 
Adams Robert, merchant 80 south Eighth 
Adams Robert, carpenter and shipjoiner 9 Pine 
Adams Robert, porter 148 south Ninth 
Adams St. Laurence, cotton manufacturer Mulberry 

near Twelfth 
Adams Thomas, boardinghouse 113 south Water 
Adams Thomas, carter 94 Passyunk road 
Adams William, cordwainer 65 Christian 
Adams William, carpenter George near Eighth 
Adams William, grocer corner Chesnut and Third 
Adams William, coachman JDrinker's court 
Adams Zephaniah, wharf buMder Oak (N. Liberties) 
Addicks John Ed. comrrassioo-fnerchant 79 Walnut 
Addington Stephen, young ladies preceptor 314 High 
Addis Amos, carpenter 335 north Second 
Addis Daniel, attorney at law 174 Lombard 
Adgate Daniel, accomptant 89 New - 
Adolph John, carpenter corner of St.; John 8c Green 
Ager George, ropemaker Frankford road 
Agnew Margaret, grocer 342 north Front 
Aiel George, sailmaker Vine sti'eet wharf 
.Aigster Fred, physician 167 north Front 
Ailer Frederick^ baker 390 south Second 


Aitken Jane, successor to Robert, printer and sta- 
tioner 71 north Third 
Aitken Robert, printer Pearson's court 
Aitken Robert, labourer Cherry near Juniper 
Aitken John, cabinetmaker Chesnut above Sixth 
Aitken John, silversmith, Sec- 76 north Second 
Alberger Henry, victualler Lawrence 
Alberger John, victualler i65 north Second 
Alberger P. victualler Lawrence street and 16 Thiid 

street Shambles 
Alberger Susan Sc Elizabeth, mantuamakersl 12 north 

Alberson R. lumbermerchant 101 Swanson 
Alberson Mrs. nurse 9 Burd*s alley 
Alberson Samuel, weaver 137 Plum, 
Albert Casper, tavernkeeper corner Third Sc Brown 
Albert Henry, planemaker 1 8 Sassafras alley 
Albert! George F. m. d. 116 north Front 
Albertus L. grocer corner of Dock & Water 
Albreght Charles, instrumentmaker 95 Vine 
Albright Conrad, shoe warehouse south-east corner 

of Second Sc High 
Albright Frederick, cedarcooper 8 1 Brown 
Albright Frederick, shoemaker 4 north Fifth 
Albright John, mate 1 1 Callowliill 
Albright John, cooper 3 Farmer's alley 
Albright Jacob, mariner 261 south Fourth 
a^lbright Michael, cedarcooper 36 north Sixth 
Alchin George, bcokbincifcr near 17 Wagner's allev 
Alcock William, printcuiter 19 and 2 1 Coates' 
Alcorn Geo. lastmaker and leather cutler 67 Dock 
Alcorn Michael, sea captain 1 15 south Fifth 
Alderson and Rowlandson, merchants 25 Pine 
Alexander Archibald, mariner back 33 German 
Alexander jtleanor, grocer north-west corner Se- 
cond & SMppen 
Alexander ^mes, shoemaker Elmslie's alley 
Alexander Jane, storekeeper 309 north Second 
Alexander John P. grocer 482 Sassafras 
Alexander James, porter corner Sixth Sc FitzwaUer 
Alexander James, labourer 85 south Water 


Alexander James, shoemaker 149 Walnut 
Alexander Maria, shopkeeper 33 Sassafras 
Alexander Richard, cabinetmaker 92 south Third 
Alexander Robert, grocer 27 Green 
Alexander Rev. Archibald 26 Lombard 
Alexander Thomas, labourer Juniper lane 
Alexander William, shipwright 74 Oudd 
Alexander William, brewer north Thirteenth 
Alexander widow of William, shopkeeper 132 south 

Alfton John, sea captain 67 New 
Algeo Thomas, lAcrchant 210 High 
AUardice Peter, silkdyer, Sec. 181 south Second 
Allcut John, blacksmith 122 Brown 
Allen Alexander, mariner 80 Penn 
Alien Aquilla, shallopman 47 Green 
Allen Chamkss, merchant 23 Lonjbard 
Allen Charles, druggist, &:c. 160 south Second 
Allen Charles, storekeeper, 4 south Second 
Allen David, shoemaker and sexton 34 Christian 
Allen David, storekeeper 23 north Front 
Alien Edward, hatter 458 Sassafras 
Allen E. taylor 32 k 39 south Water 
Allen General Ira, 32 south Sixth 
Allen John, merchant 120 Spruce, compting house 

next 37 Dock 
Allen Joseph, hatter near 155 north Eighth 
Allen Joseph, jun. carpenter 60 Spruce 
Allen Joshua A. accomptant Little George 
Allen John W. printer Laurel \ 
Allen John, oakccoper Crookec1%i.Uet 
Alien Lewis, trader 398 north Third 
Allen Mary, shopkeeper 165 south Third 
Allen Matthew, tavernkeeper 470 south Front 
Allen Mrs. boarding house 25 Pine 
Allen Rev. Richard, 150 Spruce 
Allen Robert, collector of taxes 156 south Sixth 
Allen Samuel, merchant 29 Mulberry ^ 
Allen Thomas, proprietor of horses and carriges foe 

sale or hire 46 north Sixth 
Allen Thomas, labourer Shields' alley 
Allen — -, teacher Eleventh above Sjissafrag 


Allhiser WilHam, tanner 469 north Third 

Allibone k Keim, flour merchants corner of Sassafras 

and Water 
Allibone Thomas, merchant 5 3 north Fourth 
Allibone William, currier 2 1 6 north Second 
Allibone William, jun. merchant 98 north Fourth 
Allick John, carpenter near 24 Zane 
Alligood Thomas, mariner back 121 Queen 
Allison James, taylor 45 Mulberry 
Aliis Henry, carpenter 460 Sassafras 
Allison Rev. Burgiss, d. d. 70 south Eighth 
AUeson 8c Fox, tinsmiths 1 15 north Tiiird 
Allison Christian, mate 19 Parrani's alley 
Allison Robert, coacbpainter 18 south Sixth 
Allison John, labourer i 1 Passyunii 
Alleson Smith, tinsmith 72 north Seventh 
Allison William, measurer 30 Phmi 
Allison William, sailmaker 14 Meade alley 
Allison William, inspector of nuisances corner of 

Prune and Fifth 
Almindinger Jacob, baker 130 north Fourth 
Allmon Joseph, sweep 165 Pine 
AUman Thomas, bricklaver 59 north Eiirhth and 144 

A.lmon John, accomptant 16 Vine 
Alloway Lewis, cooper South alley 
Alloway Samuel, porter 40 Brown 
Ailpier Philip victuallei; 202 north Eighth 
Alpier Jacob, victualler 23 7 Callowhill 
Alsop John, china merchant 231 north Second 
Alsop Othniel,iBerchant 59 north Third 
Alstofi Law^r^ice £c Co. confectioners 136 High 
Altemus John & co. taylors 90 south Second 
Aliemus Leonard, taylor 64 Sassafras 
Altemus James, wheelwright above 504 north Second 
Altimus ""JPhomas, teacher 85 Ccates' 
Ambler Mis. nurse 9 Chancery lane 
Am Ende Fr. William, merchant 108 south Second 
Amies Thomas, paper manufacturer 185 south Sccoivd 
Amos Abraham, shoemaker iO Stall's court 
Araringe L. V. grocer 265 south Third 

B 2 


Ancker Adolph, trader 12 Margaretta 
Anckcr Levi, trader 37 Cable lane 
Ancoru Pietio, drawing master 53 soiuli Fifth 
Andaule widow of VV. sea captain 260 Mulberry 
Anderson Alexander, storekeeper 384 south Second 
Anderson Alexander, -i54 north Second 
And-irson Andrew, sea captain 165 north Sixth 
Anderson Christian, rigger 107 Christian 
Anderson Charles, inspector of customs 350 north 

Anderson E. J. shopkeeper 135 north Front 
Anderson Hugh H. potter 18 Sassafras alley 
Anderson James, carter Oak (N. L) 
Anderson James, carpenter Cherry near Thirteenth 
Anderson James, bricklayer 14 Plum 
Anderson widow of James, manner 101 Catharine 
Anderson James, minter 246 north Front 
Anderson John, carpenter 135 south Tenth & 323 

Anderson John, rigger Oak(N. L.) 
Anderson John, sailmaker 193 Shippen 
Andersen — — -, distiller 19 Coates' alley 
Anderson Leonard, carter Cooper's court 
Anderson Mrs. boardinghouse 5 1 south Water 
Anderson Roberta grocer 92 north Lighlh 
Anderson J. 5c C shopkeepers 35 south Third 
Anderson Robert, teacher 61 south Eleventh 
Anderson IkAchael, widow Hunter's court 
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 north Water 
Anderson Samuel, secretary to the Delaware Insu- 
rance Company 134 Mulberry 

Anderson — , m. d-. 184 Cedar 

Anderson Thomas, hatter 6 Wagner's alley 
Anderson Thomas, jr. sea captain 247 south Third 
Anderson Thomas, feed store 90 Green 
Anderson Thomas, sea captain 63 Shippen 
Anderson Thomas, innkeeper 39 north Second 
Anderson widow of \Vm- E mien's court 
Andrews Leonard, sea captain 15 Noble 
Andrews and Gerrish, storekeepers 3 north Wharves 
Andrev/s Israel, mariner 6 Equality court 


Andrews Rev. John, vice provost of the University 

291 Chesnut 
Andrews John, grocer 96 south Water 
Andrews John, mariner 14 Oak (S.) 
Andrews John, 162 south Fourth 
Andrews Robert, carpenter 135 north Sixth 
Andrews \Vm. tobacconist 192 Shippen 
Andrews Thomas, shoemaker 202 south Fifth 

Angue ^ merchant 56 Lombard 

An true John, cordialdistiller 109 north Second 

Annadown Henry, taylor Rose alley 

Anii;ie Michael, carpenter Callowhiil near Sixth 

Anners Thomas S. haii'dresser 141 Chesnut 

Annersdown Thomas, shoemaker 207 north Front 

Annesley Thos. merchant 43 S. wharves & 17 Powel 

Annesley Robert &; Co. merchants 40 south Wharves 

Annesiey Robert, merchant 122 south Fourth 

Annsley John, sea captain 73 north Ninth 

Ansby George, shoemaker and skincolourer 42 south 

Anslie W^illiam, house carpenter 113 north Third 
Anthony Frederick, carter 32 Budd 
Anthony Jacob, shipwri^^ht 57 Coates* 
Anthony J. instrum.entmaker 25 Brewer's alley 
Anthony Robert D. smith 9 Crown 
Anthony John boardinghouse 170 north Waaler 
Anthony Joseph Sc Son, c^oldsmitiis, he. ^4 High 
Anthony Michael wheely/iight 436 north Front 
Anthony M. segarraaker 10 Almond 
Anthony Michael, porter 36 Budd 
Anthony Mrs. midwifa ISO Coales* 
Anthony widow of Nicholas near 25 Brewer's alley 
Antrim Isaac '8 Vine 
Antiim P. cabinetmaker 286 north Second 
Apo John, confectioner 19 south Sixth 
App Adam,3p)mipmaker Frankford road 
App Georg, pumpmaker Frankford road 
App Michael, carpenter 433 north Front 
Apple Henry, oakcooper 27 south W'harves 
Apple George, hairdresser 48 north ! iflh 
Apple Henry, gentleman corner Fourth and Brown 
Apple Henry, coppersmith 180 nortli Third 


Apple John, baker 26 Pewterplatter alley- 
Apple John, shoemaker Rose alley 
Apple V. cooper 26 York road near Vine 
Applegate Samuel, bricklayer f.73 Pine 
Applegate John, stamper 275 north Front 
Applegate David, carter 311 south Third 
Arabin Hannah, milliner 76 north Second 
Araty Gorge, cooper MifRins' court 
Archer Samuel, merchant 36 north Front 
Archer Samuel Sc Co. merchants 36 north Front 
Archibald John, mariner 291 south Fourth 
Ardley Robert A. merchant 2 1 Walnut 
Ardis John W. carpenter Watkins's alley 
Arenfelt A. m. d. corner Vine and Thirteenth 
Arentrue William, soapboiler 324 Sassafras 
Arey Groom, stablekeeper 113 south Fifth 
Arges William, mariner 385 south Front 
Arrnand L. B. gentleman 105 Lombard 
A^mbrusler Henry, watchman 69 north SixtK 
Ambruster Mattliias, watchman 20 Ncrlh alley 
Ambruster Nicholas, grocer 44 Brown 
Ambruster Peter, late storekeeper noith Broad 
Ambruster Peter, printer 189 north Front 
Armitaare Georn^e, silvernlater 438 Sassafras 
Ar.T!;t?.ge John, shoemaker 218 Sassafras 
Arniroyd Gecrge Sc Co. merchants 11 7 north Water 
Aniiroyd George, rae.-chant 225 Spruce 
Ai'nistrong Andrew, grocer 257 north Front 
Armstrong Archibald, stablekeeper 7 Moravian alley 
Armstrong Allen, goldsmith; Sec. 1 "2 north Second 
Armstrong Christopher, porter 284 south Third 
Armstrong David, weaver 202 Lombard 
Armstrong James, grocer corner I'hird & Cedar 
Armstrong Jacob, sea captain 475 north Front 
Armstrong- John, shoe store 224 south Secxmd 
Armstrong John, harnessmaker 12G south Sixth 
Armstrong John, carpenter 95 Budd • 
Armstrong J. D. teacher Catharine above Second 
Armstrong widow of John, mariner 151 north Water 
Armstrong John, silversmith 5 north Second 
Armstrong Joseph, carpenter 364 north Frotit 


ArmstroiiE^ Peter, carter 99 Budd 
Armstrong Robert, carter 91 Budd 
Armstrong Thomas, attorney at law 106 south Fourth 
Armstrong William, carpenter Juniper lane 
Arney Elizabeth, shopkeeper 32 south Fourth 
Arnoid Geortje, shoemaker 3 Garr'u.yues' court 
Arnold Thomas, sea captain 303 south Front 
Arnous Nicholas, exchange broker York court 
Arrison John, cutnaii factor 19 2 south Eighth 
Arrott James, mercliant 8 north Front 
Arrowood John, labourer Locust above Ninth 
Artson E. storekeeper, 115 south Second 
Arundel Robert, sea captain 106 Lombard 
Arthur John, labourer 5 3 north Tenth 
Ash Michael, cornchandler 220 north Third 
Ash Abigail," Avidow 454 south Front 
Ash James, jur. shipchaudier corner of Coutes* and 

Oak, dwelling 3 1 Coates* 
Ash James, 155 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Ash Joseph, grazier 144 Swanson 
Ash Joshua, grazier 54 Christian 
Ash Caleb, merchant 229 south Front Sc 48 Christian 
Ash Sc Quandriil, stavemerchanis Christian street 

Ash Thomas, iron merchant 133 north Second 
Ashbridge Ann & Sarah, shopkeepers 125 High 
Ashbridge George G. 8^ VV, merchants 18 south 

Ashbridge William, merchant 14 Sansom 
Ashbridge Rebecca, widow 16 north Fifth 
Ashbridge, Mrs. widow 155 Vine 
Ashbrook Joseph, sail maker 30 German 
Ashburn Thomas, siiipwright 10 Equality court 
Ashburner John, tanner 66 south Third 

Ashby Wm. merchant taylor north-east corner Third 

and Mulberry 
Ashurst Richard, merchant 49 north Third 
Ashley John, merchant 92 south Fourth 
Ashman Godfvty, cedarcooper 4i2 north Third 
Ashman James, boot Sc shoemaker 46 Chesuut 8c 9S 



Ashman Peter, cedarcoopcr Fourth above Poplar laRe 
Ashmead John, sea captain 19 Sansom 
Ashmead John, trader 186 south Fourth 
Ashmead Thomas, accomptant 1 1 3 Lombard 
AsMton Andrew, smith near 32 Moravian alley 
Ashton David, blacksmith 161 north Third 
Ashton George, shipwriglit and undertaker of old 

work, corner of Coates' and Oak 
Ashton John, oakcooper 17 Coates' alley 
Ashton John, storekeeper 31 north Third 
Ashton & Eyre, boatbuilders Oak near Noble 
Ashton Samuel, cabinetmaker 273 south Second 
Ashton Richard, teacher 23 north Tenth 
Ashton Thomas, chairmaker back 1 2 north Front 
Ashton William, carpenter 137 north Fifth 
Askew Sc Paxson, hardware merchants 265 High 
Askins John, shoemaker 216 south ^econd 
Asmus widow of John, blacksmith near 4 1 Zane 
Astley Thos. merchant 189 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Aston James, carpenter 37 Queen 
Aston George, yoeman 62 north Third 
Atherton 8c Boker, merchants 12 south Second 
Atherton Humphrey, merchant 10 north Eighth 
A.therton Nathan, china storekeeper 42 north Fourth 
Atkinson J. taylor, 64 Chesnut [See Jcheson, 

Atkinson James, carter near 22 Kunckle 
Atkinson Phineas, biscuitbaker 198 Cedar 
Atlie Joseph D. confectioner 162 south Sixth 
Attmore Ann, gentlewoman^SS north Second 
Attmore widom of Thomas, 163 south Third 
Atlee Edwin, m. d. 90 north Fourth 
Audejet Mrs. gentlewoman 117 Spruce 
Audler Christian, labourer 110 north Sixth 
Auge Henry, stocking weaver 32 Crown 
Aull David, nailor back 175 Cherry 
AuU Mary, storekeeper 219 south Second 
Auner Peter, taylor 6 1 Cherry 
Austie Margaret, storekeeper S09 High 
Austin and Montgomery, merchants 7 south Ninth 
Austin Thomas, merchant 60 north Front & 8 Church 


Austin and Stewart, grocers corner Third and Arch 
Austin Johanna, widow 48 Vine 
Austin James, ropemaker 35 Beck's alley- 
Austin John, wheelwrii^ht 4 . 3 south Second 
Austin John, mariner 72 Christian 
Avis George, shoemaker 9 Equality court 
Avis John, shoemaker 7 Equality court 
Awl James, stablekeeper back U south Seventh 
Axford Samuel I. merchant taylor 307 High 
Ayers Abijah, carpenter 101 Budd 
Ayers William, labourer IQeventh above Sassafras 
Ayler George, labourer 501 south Second 
Azan Joseph, grocer and cordial distiller corner o£ 

Eighth and Mulberry 
Azan Rachel) silkdyer and plumist do. 

Babe Rachel, 42 Penn 
Babe and Irich, oakcoopers 143 south Water 
Bach E. L. merchant 135 north Second -^^j^tm^r 
Bach Frederick, carpenter 131 Green ■ ^^ 

Bach John, plaster of Paris grinder 267 north Second 
Bache Vvilliam, port surveyor Franklin's court 
Bache Richard, jun. attorney at law and clerk of the 

quarter sessions 10 Prune. [See Beach 

Backhorn Garret, tavernkeeper 62 Shippen 
Bacon David, gentleman 14 Cable lane 
Bacon Job, merchant 181 V/aJnut (Sansom's row) and 

20 south Seventh 
Bacon Joseph, ironmonger 1 88 and 192 north Front 
Bacon Charles \V. cabinetmaker 186 north Front 
Bacon Isaac, cabinetm.;-ker 4 1 5 south Front 
Bacon John, lumber yard Oak near Coates' 
Bacon Flagg, carpenter 131 south Eleventh 
Bacon Jol^p, merchant 119 Sassafras 
Bacon Matthew, merchant 5 north Eleventh 
Bacon Thomas, labourer Juniper alley 
Badaraque Thomas, merchant 179 Pine 
Bader Juliana, embroidress 40 Mulberry 
Bader Peter, hatter 1 Appletree alley 


Bagnell Benjamin, mariner 180 Cedar 
Bales John, turner 98 Plum 
Bailey Andrew, trader 14 Christian 
Bailey Francis, printer 24 north Eighth 
Bailey John, carpenter 153 north Third 
Bayly J. L. coachmakei- 246 south Third 
Baillet, widow of Fiancis 9 Favette 
Bailley Jane. g-Ioveress \12 south l^'^ifth 
Bailey, widow of Robert printer 13 North alley 
Eaisch Jacob, cooper 2 Callowhill 
Baker Basset, tavernkeeper 10 Ltctitia court 
Baker C. jun. flour store 43 1 north Second 
Baker George A. jun. attorney at law 23 Cherry 
Baker George A. conveyancer 23 Cherry 
Baker H. painter, £cc. 20 north Fourth 
Baker Hannah^storekeeper 72 north Fotirth 
Baker Henry, victualler York road 
Baker Henry, jun. grocer 27'J north Front 
Baker Piannah, teawarehouse 62 Mulberry 
Baker Jacob, victualler 47 Budd 
Baker Jacob, alderman office 28 south Fourth, dwel- 
ling 167 Mulberry 
Baker John H. 132 south Eighth 
Baker John H. C. taylor Locust above Eighth 
Baker John, mariuer 70 Callowhill 
Baker John, victualler Say's alley 
Baker Jacob, ropemaker James* street 
Baker Joshua, insirumentmaker 130 Vine 
Baker John, one of the alderfricn 154 north Second 
Baker .Tohn L. merchant 65 south Eleventh 
Baker .Tohn, combmaker Juniper above Cherry 
Baker John, grocer 433 north Second & 124 Brown 
Baker John R. merchant 61 Sassafras 
Baker widow of Joseph 239 north Second 
Baker Joseph, smith back 122 Brown 
Baker Lewis, tavernkeeper corner Second & Noble 
Baker Mary, storekeeper 464 High 
Baker Mary, gentlewoman 188 north Fifth 
Baker Michael, hardv.arestore 59 High 
Bakei" Michael, lumbermerchant 74 Rrown 
Baker Nathan, bookkeeper 16 Union 


Eaker Stephen, shoemaker Christian above Third 
Baker Sarah, tutress 23 noith Fourth 
Baker Samuel, shopkeeper 249 north Second 
Baker Samuel, carpenter T2 north Fourth 
Baker Samuel, carpenter Seventh near Fitzwalter 
Baker Thomas, sea captain 184 south Second 
Baker and Wayne, hardware merchants 59 High 
Baker W. I. merchant 67 Vine and 6^ south Water 
Bakmann Frederick, laceweaver 265 Sassafras 
Balan Henry, wine merchant 1 1 Lombard 
.Balch and Ridgway, merchants 15 south Wharves 
Baldt Henry, victualler 67 Old Shambles 
Baldwin Francis, baker 45 Cedar 
Baldwin widow of Joseph, 63 south Fourth 
Balitho Benjamin, storekeeper 66 Mulberry 
Ball Henry, carter Pearson's court 
Ball Joseph, merchant 240 Sassafras 
Ball Richard, carpenter Oak (S.) 
Ball T. instrumentmaker 26 Spruce 
Ball William, jrentleman 41 Hi.^h 
Ballanger Jacob, carpenter 70 north Ninth 
Ballanger Joseph, carpenter 390 north Front 
Ballanger Samuel, shoemaker 4 53 north Second 
Baliflower James, grocer corner Budd and Brown 
Ballentine James, porter 390 north Front 
Bament William, accomptant 52 Shippen 
Bamford Joseph, machine maker 9 Heyde's court 
Bancker Charles N. merchant 3 south Ninth 
Bancker Peter, mariner 586 south Front 
Bangs Jacob, shoemaker Lilly alley 
Banister R. J. instrumentmaker 43 Vine 

Banks , smith 302 \'ine 

Bankson widow of Joseph, 92 Vine 

Bannan John, cooper Coates's alley 

Bannan John, carpenter Eleventh above Sassafras 

Baralet y_ corner Vine and Ashton 

Barber Mrs. nurse 207 south Fifth 
Barber Rebecca, widow 1 1 1 Christian 
Barbier Stephen, jeweller, Sec. 169 south Second 
Barclay Andrew C. merchant 232 north Third 
Barclay George, merchant 168 south Second 



Barclay John, merchant 227 north Third 

Barclay James, merchaiU 226 north Third 

Barclay James, merchant 7 Sansom 

Barclay and Sheble, merchants 228 north Third 

Barclay John and Co. m.erchants 230 north Third 

Barclay John, gentleman o7 Almond 

Barclay Samuel, hatter 323 south Second 

Barclay Samuel, jun. sea captain 68 Almond 

Bard Valentine, labourer 12 Giles' alley 

Bardel Martin, blockmaker 20 Pewterplatter alley 

Bargan widow of John, shoemaker 306 north Second 

Banger Abel, painter, Sec. 9 Dock 

Barger H. J. teacher 192 Vine 

Barger Jacob, cedarcooper 483 north Second 

Barger John, cedarcooper Fourth above Coates' 

Barger William, rigger 39 Green 

Bargh William, baker 225 Walnut 

Bariere Peter, baker 85 New 

Bark Mrs. widow, Twelfth near Chesnut 

Barker James, accomptant 1 14 north Ninth 

Barker John, mayor of the city of Philadelphia 1 14 

north Ninth 
Barker John, jun. undersheriff 106 north Ninth 
Barker Joseph, mate Cox's alley 
Barker Peter, teacher 30 Powell 
Barker Rebecca, nurse 66 Catharine 
Barkman Henry, mariner Cox's alley 
Barnard John, carpenter 360 south Second 
Barnaby Joseph, grocer Beach 
Barnes Elizabeth, milliner 65 Sassafras 
Barnes Edward, cabinetmaker Randolph's court 
Barnes Isaac, mariner 138 Lombard 
Barnes Isaac, taylor 112 Callowhill 
Barnes James, labourer 3 Callowhill and 461 south 2cl 
Barnes James, sea captain 8 Parram's alley 
Barnes James, mate 328 south Front 
Barnes Joseph, attorney at law corner 4th and Prune 
Barnes Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 145 south Second 
Barnes Joshua, labourer 5 Pewterplatter alley 
Barnes John H. merchant 14 Walnut and 43 Sansonn 
Barnes John, pilot 448 south Front 


Barnes Luther, gunsmith St. Tammany 
Barnes Peter, mariner 22 Little Water 
Barnes Robert, mariner IS Crab 
Barnes Samuel, currier 13 north Fourth 
Barnes Samuel W. coachpainter Malt alley 
Barnes Thomas, currier 257 north Second 
Barnes Thomas and Samuel, curriers 63 Chesnut 
Barnes William, painter, &c. 157 south Second 
Barnes B. japanner corner Thirteenth and Filbert 
Barney J. victualler 106 3. Tenth & 65 Old Shambles 
Barnhill Robert, storekeeper 63 north Second 
Barnhill Sarah, shopkeeper 13 north Third 
Barnholt Frederick, victualler 237 St. John's 
Barnholt G. victualler 245 Caliowhill 
Barnholt John, victualler Charles 
Barnett Samuel, turner near 41 Cherry Sj 154 Sas5a= 

Barnitt Thomas, turner 198 north Front 
Barnitt John, mariner Oak (N. L.) &c 28 Union alley 
Barnitt Martha, nurse 8 1 north Third 
Barnum David, Shakspeare hotel corner Sixth and 

Barr Joseph, carter 430 north Third 
Barr Patrick, stone cutter Locust near Eleventh 
Barr James, shoemaker north Thirteenth 
Barrass John, carpenter 122 Callow hili 
Barrass Charles, carpenter 359 north Second 
Barrass William, carpenter back 126 Coatcs' 
Barrett P. saddler Murgaretta 
Barrett Tobias, accomptant 3 liurst 
Barrett James, boarding house 12 Strawberry 
Barrington Charles, fruiterer and bottler 216 High 
Barrington Henry, fruiterer and manufacturer of 

coffee and chocolate 202 south Fourth 
Barrington R. grocer corner Front and Almond 
Barron John, carpenter Hoffman's alley 
Barron Mary, widow 38 Vine 
Barry Edward, universal turner 17 Walnut 
Barry Edward, sea captain 294 south Front 
Barry Mrs. boarding house 1 1 Norris's alley 
Barry William, labourer 130 Walnut 


Barry Jos B. proprietor of City Hotel 187 and 189 

south Second corner of Union 
Barry Jos. B. and Son, cabinetmakers and upTiolster- 

ers 134 south Second 
Barry Mrs. widow of commodore, 214 Chesnut 
Barry Patrick, grocer 186 north Water 
Barry John, merchant 2£0 Spruce 
Barry William, tobacconist 283 south Fourth 
Barsux M. J, upholsterer 133 north Third 
Bart T. ropemaker 501 south Second 
Bartholomew John, hatter back 82 Brown 
Bartholomew Charles, tobacconist 88 north Third 
Bartholomew JMary^ gentlewoman 63 south Seventh 
Bartholomew Mrs. shopkeeper 208 north Eighth 
Bartholomew Mrs. huckster 156 south Eighth 
Bartleson Peter, carpenter SI New 
Bartlett Thomas, shipwright 8 Mary (S.) 
Bartlett Francis, shoemaker Poplar lane 
Bartlit Robert, dairyman Walnut near Eleventh 
Bai'tlit John, merchant 3 south Water 
fiartiing Conrad, carpenter near 129 Cherry 
Eartling David, carpenter 50 north Seventh 
Bartling C. late inspector of lumber 255 north Front 
Bartling William, accomptant Mulberry near 1 2th 
Barton A. taylor 4 1 Chesnut ♦ 

Barton Benjamin Smhh, m. d. professor of materia 

medica, botany and natural history 241 Chesnut 
Barton Gilbert L. merchant 74 Lombard 
Barton Joseph, teacher Germantown road near Rose 
E-arion Thomas I, merchant taylor 46 Spruce 
Barton Vvm. B. C. m. d. Pennsylvania Hospital 

j^y yton , tanner comer Eleventh and Vine 

Barlow Sarah, widow 128 north Third 
Bartram George, gentleman 68 south Second 
Bartram Geo. \V. druggist 58 north Second 
Bartram Isaac, druggist, Sec. 39 north Third 
Bartram Rebecca, gentlewoman 69 Arch 
Bartram Mary% gentlewoman 39 north Third 
Bashful Frederick, taylor back 22 south Second 
Basile Florent, 202 Sprues 
Bass William A. accomptant 121 Cedar 
Basset Asa, ladies' academy Goforth alley 


Beard N. victualler Charlotte & 10 north Shambles 
Bastian Casper, labourer Christian above Third 
Bastian George, jun. tallowchandler 148 Mulberry 
Bastian Henry, victualler 239 south Sixth 
Batchelor Williani R. gunmaker 93 south Water 
Bates Benjamin, skindresser St. Tammany 
Bates Christopher, baker 308 south Fourth 
Bates B. late lumber merchant near 261 Callowhill 
Bates William, mariner 8 Vernon 
Bates Mrs. gentlewoman 42 north Sixth 
Bates John, labourer 479 north Second 
Batho JoJm, potte:* near 466 north Front 
Batten John, porter 124 Cedar 
Batts John, rigger 441 south Second 
Baucher Jacob, carter 96 Green 
Bauclioney L. merchant 102 north Third 
Baughman Catharine, widow 153 south Ninth 
Baughman Aaron, chairmaker 96 Swanson 
Baugier Nvidow of Anthony, merchant 25 south Third. 
Bauvau Elizabeth, boarding house 1 I south Fourth 
Baxter William, sailmaker 312 south Front 
Bayard Andrev/, merchant 1 3 1 Walnut [see Biard 
Bayers Rebecca, widow 186 Sassafras 
Bayiis William, china merchant 131 north Second 
Bayne Nathaniel, turner 85 north Front \_see Bean 
Bayne Robert, coach maker corner Eighth and Arch 
Bazier John, accomptant Cedar above Twelfth 
Beach William M. late druggist 32 Kunckle 
Bealert Margaret 52 Lombard 
Eazely Charles W. teacher near 77 south Fifth 
Beale P. cabinetmaker, 128 Chesnut 
Bcale Joseph, cabinetmaker 75 Dock 
Bealer John T. labourer 131 north Front 
Beam C. soapboiler 247 south Third 
Beamer Andrew, grocer 83 north Seventh 
Bean Joseph, mariner \oS north Water 
Beard James, labourer 50 Crown [see Biard 
Beard Mary, widow of George 263 south Third 
Bt;ard Robert, carter Lorabard near Eleventh 
Beard John, labourer 28 I south Third 
BasseU David S. merchant 4 north Second 

c 2 


Beard William, sea captain 275 south Second 

Beard Wiliiam, .stfiiie cutter 375 Mulberry 

Bearman Jacob, mariner, Relief 

Eeasly A. tayloress. Baker's alley 

Beasley Stephen, shipwright 224 Swanson 

Beasley John, fisherman 149 Green 

Beasley William, segarmaker Lilly alley 

Beates Frederick, scrivener94 north Third 

Beatman John, sailmaker 250 south Sixth 

Beatman £c Taylor, sailmakers 2 Cedar 

Beatty David, saddle and harness maker 68 High 

Beattey George, sandman Cedar above Seventh 

Beatty Peter, labourer 10 Margaretta 

Beatty Samuel, ladies* shoemaker 87 Cedar 

Betty William, storekeeper 308 south Second 

Beaujour Felix de, consul general from his imperial 

majesty 179 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Beckel George, agent 187 north Second 
Beckel Godfrey, taylor 187 fiorth Second 
Bechtel Geo. St. John's above W illow street 
Bechtel Jacob, boot and shoemaker 7 south Front 
Bechtel John, shoe warehouse, 50 Kt^rgh 
Beck George, taylor 216 Lombard 
Beck Henry A. druggist, &e. 248 north Front 
Reck Henry, merchant 161 N. Third £c 30 Sassafras 
Beck Israel, mariner Pegg street 
Beck Isaiah, tavernkeeper 165 north Water 
Beck Jacob, accom.ptant 33 St. Tammany 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist 3 1 Union 
Beck John, grocer 47 Cedar 
Beck Sc Lammott, merchants 1 1 south Water 
Beck John, baker 309 north Eighth 
Beck Joseph, carpenter Pegg street 
Beck Martin, carpenter 1 7 1 Coates' 
Beck Paul, merchant 315 High 
Beck Peter, late storekeeper 180 Coates' 
Beck Lewis, tanner 7 1 Budd 
Beck's wharf opens next 15 south water 
Beck Valentine, shoemaker 263 south Third 
Beckenbach Jacob, shoemaker 73 Green 
Beckery Henry, smith 89 Callowhill 
Beckley Mar Vj boarding house 144 south Fifth 


Beckman Susan, widow 1 5 Wao-ner's alley 

Beckley Danici, carpenter 62 K. eighth [see Bickley 

Bediord John, cordvvainer 73 south Second 

Bedford J. accomptant Vork road above Callowhill 

Bedford Thomas, accomptant near 17^ N, Fourth 

Bedford Thomas, storekeeper 25 north Second 

Bedford T. painter, kc* opposite 307 north Third 

Bedford Thomas Sc Co. storekeepers 17. vS. Second 

Bedinger Henry, shoemaker Cedar above Eleventh 

Bed .veil Thomas Sc Co druggists 178 north Third 

Beeringbaum John, ni inter 78 New 

Beere James, sailmaker 13 Carter's alley 

Behan Thomas, portrait pamter 3i north Eighth 

Beidelmen Abraham, innkeeper 326 north Second 

Beitel John, grocer 147 north Sixth 

Belger James, 28 ?»Ioravian alley 

Belin Augustus, mercliant 317 Spruce 

Bell Henrvj lumber merchant ) 20 south Fourth 

Bell James, packer '271 Sassafras 

Bell Jeremiah, taylor 10 High street 

Bell John, shallopman Stillhouse alley 

Bell John, porter 20 Sassafras alley 

Bell John, labourer 104 north lileventh 

Bell Marc^aret, boardinghouse 27 Carter's alley 

Bell Peter^ sea captain 17 Shippen 

Bell Samuel C. merchant 40 south Second 

Bell Samuel, grocer 39 Small 

Bell Samnel, oak cooper 7 Prune 

Beli widow of Thomas. 182 south Second 

Bell William, merchant 21 soulh Second 

Bell Vvilliam(GR) 68 S. 11th corner of George 

Bell V\ iiiium J. merchant 124 Pirie 

Bell widow cf William, baker 225 south Fifth 

Bell Wm.m.erchant 2 Sims' alley, and 169 Chesnut 

Bell William, stone cutter Mark's lane 

Bell William, yeoman 544 south Front 

Bcliangy John,tavernkeeper next 240 south Third 

Belsteriing Anthony, cabinetmaker 441 N. Third 

Beisterling Jacob, innkeeper corner Coates' Sc Third 

Beiiz John, tavtrnkeeper corner Lombard k Bank 

Beitzner Catharine, shopkeeper 72 Dock 


Benarci — — , riclin?^ nvaster corner 10th Sc Arch 

Bender Jabob, combmiiker rorth3road 

Render Mrs. milkwoman Locust above Thirteenth 

Bender Johp., lunniber yard corner of Poplar lane and 

Bender John, shoemaker 348 N. Second \_see Binder 
Bender John, carpenter 130 Brown 
Bender W iljiam, mate 30 Kunckie 
Benger Timothy, accomptant 13 north Twelfth 
Btnner George, jun. carter 1 1 Budd 
Benner Jacob, sea captain 57 New 
Benner Lewis, innkeeper 242 north Second 
Benner Matthias, brickmaker Spruce near Thirteenth 
Benner George £c John, bakers 360 north Front 
Benner^ Peter, labourer Spruce near Thirteenth 
Benner Peter, oakcooper 365 north Second 
Bennct Abner, labourer Burd's alley 

Bernnet , tanner 314 north Second 

Bennet Jacob, painter 232 Swanson 
I^Bennet John, copperplate printer Richardson's court 
k 3 Sterling alley 
Bennet Lewis, mariner 254 north Front 
Bennet Louisa, storekeeper's south Fourth 
Bennet Nathaniel, porter 172 Coates* 
Bennet Peter, biscuit baker Liberty alley 
Bennet 8>c Griffith, marble cutters 395 Migh 

Bennet , shoemaker 4 I Artillery lune 

Bennet Sarah, widow 66 Union 

Bennett ^Villiam, mate 19 Vernon 

Bennet Titus, bookseller 31 High 

Bennet £c Walton, booksellers, Sec. 31 High 

Bennet William, bricklayer 58 Spruce 

Benninghove J. & Daniel Dick, jr. tobacconists 47 

south Front 
Benninghove J. tobacconist 4 Church alley 
Benninghove Sc Nassau, tobacconists 77 High 
Bennis Thomas, trader 121 Mulberry 

Bennis , cabinetnaaker 4 South alley 

Benson James, shoemaker 5 1 south Water 
Benson James, teacher 136 north Front 
Beresford Robert, printer 268 Mulberry 
Benson. William, ragman Garden 


Bentley John, labourer Fourth above Brown 
Bergasse Cadet, merchant 38 north Second 
Berguear Joseph 95 south Fourth 
Bergen Joshua, watchman 178 south Front 
Ber'gmeyer Daniei/shoemaker 108 north Seventh 
Beriueche Charles, supercargo 42 Gaskill 
Bernhardt Francis, proiessor of music 319 High 
Bernadou John B. accomptant 363 Mulberry 
Bernanose C merchant 163 north '1 bird 
Berniaud C. china merchant 19 south Second 
liernard George, 147 north Second 
Bernard John, hair dresser 42 Cedar 
Bernard Mrs. widow 4 Dock [See Barnard 

Bernhardt J boarding house 94 north Water and 97 

north Front 
Bernbaum John, minter 78 New 
Berrell Samuel, nailor 594 Sassafras 
Berrett William, ornamental painter 9 Cherry 
Berrett Robert, merchant 4 north Eleventh 
Berry Joseph sea captain 106 Union 
Berry Samuel, shoemaker 441 north Third 
Berry Peter L. carpenter 72 south Fifth 
Berry man Joseph, bricklayer 37 Brown 
Berry man Richard, shipwright 31 iMary (S.) 
Berton George, upholsterer 63 south Second 
Bertron James, boarding house 140 north Vv'ater 
Bert ron David m. d..2 9 Artillery lane 
Berwick Richard, baker 25 1 north Second 
Besson wiriow of Anthony> merchant 69 south Second 
Besson Valentine, labourer 44 George 
Besce John Baptist, g^^ntleman 37 Coates' alley 
Besseliever Francis P. accomptant Fitzwalter 
Beihel Wiliiam, merchant 132 St 134 north Front 
Bethausen E. m. d. 270 north Third 
Betson William, shoemaker 45 Passyunk 
Betton Samuel, jun physician 276 High 
Bettle Samuel, merchant 14 south '1 bird 
Bettle John, accomptant 53 Filbert 
Betts Ebenezer, cut nailor l5 and 19 north Seventh 
Bevan Mat. L. merchant 43 S. Water 8c 132 Spruce 
Bevan John, painter, kc. 253 south Front ' 
Beven Philip; accomptant 389 north Third 


Bevens \Vm. clockmaker, Sec 150 Ui^h 
Beverlirs James, porter Caltowhill above Sixtli 
Bevier Peter, victualler Christian above Seventh 
Bewley Tiohert, bricklayer 600 Sassafras 
Bevvley Richard 109 Sassafras 
Beylle Joseph, confectioner 70 north Second 
Biard Mary, widow of George, 263 south 'i'hird 
Bickerton Elizabeth, boarding house 20 Ahiiond 
Bickerton Abie, shoemaker 28 Union alley 
Bickerton George, shoemaker 43 Chesnut 
Bickerton Mary, nurse 25 Parram's alley 
Bickham's wharf opens at 17 SvrANSON 
Bickham Caleb, stave merchant 117 Svvanson 
Bickhara George, merchant 11 north Ninth 
Bickham Hannah, widow 3 Shriver's court 
Bickham Sc Reese, merchants 152 High 
Bickhara T. boat builder 254 south Front 
Bickley's wharf opens at 7 AND 13 N. Water 
Bickley Jacob, innkeeper Point-no-Point \_See Beckkij 
Bickley Daniel, lumber merchant 30 Callowhill 
Bickley D. storekeeper corner Callowhill Sc Front 
Bickley Henry, coliecter 165 north Tiiird 
Bickley & Taylor, lumber yard, High bridge 
Bickneli Peter, bottler 33 EUreith's alley 
Biddtison Catliarine nurse 74 New 
Biddle Chas. Lite prothonotary of C. C. P 159 Chesnut 
Biddle David, porter 232 Lombard 
Biddle Clement, notary public 41 and 34 Walnut 
Biddle Clement, jun. sugar lefiner 142 High 
Kiddle John, druggist, Sec. 142 High 
Biddle John E. taylor 145 south Fifth 
Biddle I'homas, broker 285 Chesnut 
Biddle T- 8c John Wharton, stock and commission 

brokers 2 2 Walnut 
Biddle \Vm. attorney at law 143 Chesnut 
Biddle William M. k Co. brokers 35 Dock 
Biddle be Lea, sugar refiners 13 Church alley 
Biddies ^VilIiam, boarding liouse 78 south Fifth 
Biegel Henry, clockmaker 191 north Third 
Biegler widow of Philip, corner Filbert & Thirteeth 
Bigard James, biscuitbaker 159 St. John's 
Biggard John, labourer 393 north Second 


Biggs Thomas, matbl. instrument maker 56 S. Front 

Bigiey Jac. sa'umaker 18 Artillery lane [see Beigler 

Bigloe Jacob, sea captain 33 Plum 

Bignell E. mantuamaker 149 south Sixth 

Biilurd Jacob (butchers arms) Wice to'»w 

Billings Thomas, teacher 53 New ^ 

Billings Isaac, carpenter 1 10 north Eighth 

Billington George, accomptant 22 Cable lane 

Billington widow of Thomas, 5 Lombard 

Billmeyer John Sc Jacob, flour merchants 272 High 

Billon Charles, watchmaker and jeweller 75 S. Second 

Bills William, Shipwright 3 1 Christian 

Binder William, hatter 286 north Front \^see Bender 

Bingard Philip, carter Centre alley 

Bingham Joseph, carpenter Pine near Twelfth 

Bingham T. engraver and letter cutter Sixth near 

the first turnpike gate 
Bingham Peter, sea captain 20 Parram's alley 
Bingham Robert, trunkmaker High above Broad 
Binney Horace, counsellor at law 80 Walnut 
Binns John, pubhsher of the Democratic Press, ofike 

Franklin court, dwelling 106 High 
Binns James, mariner 104 Cedar 
BInny and Ronaldson, letter founders Cedar between 

Ninth and Tenth 
Binyard William, baker 66 Passyunk 
Bion and Gue, corner of Pine in Fifth 
Bioren Benjamin, sea captain 107 Vine \_see Byron 
Bioren John, printer and oookscller 83 Chesnut 
Birch George, landscape painter 83 south Fifth 
Birch Thomas, miniature painter 39 Spruce 
Birch William Y. stationer, Sec. 37 south Second 
Birchall Caleb, hatter 46 High 
Birchaux Henry T. accomptant 8 north Eleventh 
Birckhead Levin, coachmaker near 350 High 
Bird Charles and Co. hardware merchants 80 and 17© 

High south-west corner of Fifth 
Bird and Earp, hardware merchants 225 S. Second 
Bird George, sea captain 388 north Second 
Birmingham John, accomptant 373 north Second 
Birnie William, merchant 9 south Wharves 
Bisbing Joshua, hatter 81 north Fifth 


Bische Albei't, grocer 198 High 

Bishop James, halter 105 north Front 

Bisiiop John Sc Co. shot m?aiufacturers 49 S. Wharves 

Bishop and Sparks, plumbers 49 south Wharves 

Bishop John, plumber 94 Spruce 

Bishop Robert B. surgeon's instrument maker back 

of i09 Mulberry 
Bishop Benjamin, cabinetmaker back 39 Cable lane 
Bishopbareer Jacob, labourer 89 Brown 
Bisset John, victualler 445 south Front 
Bisset John, mariner 12 Christian 
Bissy A. miniature painter 127 Spruce 
Bitters Charles, furrier 11 north Third 
Biylle Joseph, confectioner 70 north Second 
Black p. carpetweaver Ferris's court 
Black George, shipwright Federal 
Black and Glenn, grocers 84 Plum & 2 Little Water 
Black Henry, gardner Schuylkill 8th near Lombard 
Black John, plaisterer ir^S Chesnut 
Black James, goldsmith, jeweller and hair worker 123 

Black James, plaisterer Mary's alley 
Black John, whalebone cutter 18 south Fifth 
Black John, grocer corner Fourth and Christian 
Black M. shoemaker 54 Oak (S.) 
Black Patrick, grocer 86 Pltim 
Black Robert, carter 62 Shippen 
Black Samuel, storttkeeper 33 north Front 
Black Thomas^ labourer 87 Shippen 
Black vVilliam, reedmaker Walnut near Twelfth 
B^iack William, grocer 22} Cedar 
B'u^ckburn W. \V. fiaxdresscr, Sec. 20 north Water 
Blackfan Jesse, supercargo 264 Mulberry 
Biackson Thomas, carpenter 16 Mary (S.) 
Blakiston John, sea captain 198 south Fourth 
B'akiston Presley, shoemaker 2 1 2 south Front 
Blackislon John, currier 73 Dock 
Biackman David, labourer Oak (M. L.) 
Blackwell Jacob, wine merchant 176 south Second 
Blackwell Rev. Robert, d. d, 50 Pine ^ 
Blackwood Shepherd, merchant 1 8 south Second 
Blackwood Sc W^ickershamj merchants 18 S. Second 


Blain Charles, carpenter 98 Filbert 

Bifiin John, rnerchant 129 Lombard 

Blair John, taylor Juniper lane 

Blair Robert, gentleman 33 Lombard 

Biair S. blacksmith near 138 south Fifth 

Blair William, cordwainer 20 Chesnut 

Blair Wm. L. attorney at law 318 south Second 

Bhir William, sea captain 33 Lombard 

Blair and Workman, lumber yard 137 south Third 

and 67 Swan son 
Blake George E. musical library 1 south Third 
Blake Timothy, hairdresser 191 south Front 
Blakie James, cabinetmaker Eleventh near Locust 
Blaker Solomon, labourer 9 Knight's court 
Blame Joseph, bottler 5 north Fifth 
Blanc Lewis, watchmaker 172 south Second 
Blanc Victor, coppersmith 260 north Second 
■Diane H. grocer 26 Spruce 

Blancan P. turner on metals in general 125 Mulberry 
iilanchard Mrs. gentlewoman 8 1 Vine 
Blanchard John D. 17 south Fifth 
Blandford John, smith 156 Sassafras & 128 N. Fifth 
Blandford David, blacksmith 130 north Fifth 
^ayney Arthur, m.d. 165 Sassafras 
^ eaker Peter, cooper 271 north Second 
xSleas George, oakcooper 1 7 Green 
Blee Samuel, bricktnaker 14 south Broad 
Blinn Jacob, carpenter Fourth above Brown 
«lest Thomas, hatter 4.9 Coates* alley 
^leyler John, grocer 325 north Second 
^ ight xMary, widow 3 1 Pewterplatter alley 
flight Peter, merchant 1 1 7 south Front 
^liss Susannah, mantuamaker 47 Vine 
Bissett Francis, comedian 7 Fayette 
^ ood John, shopkeeper 76 south Water 

B lowert T f ^''T''^ &^°^^^ ^^ "^^^^^ ^^'^tei^ 
mZ/r p • K L°!; ^""^ '"°""^" ^2 north Third 
Blower Robert, dyer 245 south Third 

^ ong H. corner George and Tenth 
B OSS Ann, ^ea<^er 17 north Eighth 
^lume Henry, weaver 443 north Third 




Rlume Philip, baker 89 Christian 
SZe Geo '^e, shoemaker 16 Vewterplalter alley 
Blunder Chvistian, b.ker 1 8 v-ulberry 
Blutterman Peter, bacl. 28 Gaskill 
Boake Israel, ncdlor 19 B^cks alley 
Boate Thomas, bookbinder lb:, \ me 
Boate H. printer 93 north iitth 
Bob Tacob, bricklayer 212 r,orth biphth 
Bob Peter, brickmaker corner Broad and George 
-RnrralUn Tohn, merchant 29 tilhert 
Bocke T^^^^ shoemaker 158 .outh FourU. 

Bockius Godtrey, hatter 1 6 l^ee iiz. 

Bockius John, grocer Frankfora road _ 

Bockius iohn, sea captain 320 soutn hiont 
Bodet Anthony, currier 22 Swanson 
Bodin Louis, 8 Bank \ , ,. 

Bodlev Chaiies, hatter back 109 Mulberry 
Boehm Daniel,' grocer 402 north Second 
Bo^gs William, merchant 33 Swanson^ ^^ 
Bo!|s Tames and WiUiam, porters north Bioad 
Boee-s Robert, porter Beach 
■^BoSs Samuel, shipwright Frank ord road 
BoSle Robert, shopkeeper 46 south ^.ighth 
|;ffen B. and , . merchants 69 south Fourth 
Bohlen J . merchant. 5 south r ourt 
S >issier T. shoemaker 74 Lombard 
tk:;kiron, merchant ^^-^^--tth 
B evTriderick, Qpoper Brewer s uUey 
B.. ler widow of John, 89 ^^assatras 
Bolster Frederick, cabinetmaker ^8 High 

irnta^r^^'oir^e^ofk near Third 
Bolton Rhoda, widow 4 Moravian alley 
ItZ Samuel, hatter 87 -rth becond 

Bond Elizabeth, gentlewoman o4 «ueen 

Bond Jacob, saddle and harness maker 80 N . becona 


Bond Sarah, mantuamak^r Pine near Tenth 

Bond widow of George, supercargo 180 Spruce , 

Bones Samuel, baker 100 north i^inth 

Bonnell widow of Charles, oakcooper 18 Vine 

Bonnell William, paper merchant 24 Chesnut 

Bonnet William, labourer 86 south Third 

Bonneuil Peter, wine cooper 37 Pine 

Bonnin George, accomptant 13 Summer's court 

Bonsail Edward, conveyancer corner Spruce Sc Sixth 

Bonsnll Samuel, blacksmith 131 south Ninth 

Bonsall Edw- Sc Son, conveyancers 3 carpenter's court 

Bonsail John, conveyancer 154 south Sixth 

Book Jacob, watchman 141 north Fourth 

Book John, carpenter 9 Sassafras alley 

Book John H taylor 299 north Second 

Boon A. boarding house and tavern 341 north Front 

Boone Mrs. widow back 78 north Fourth r 

Boone Jer. merchant 90 south Wharves SclOO Spruce 

Booth Will'.STTi, grrnsniith 88 south Second 

Booth William, coachmaker 1 15 Bro'vvTi 

Booth George, ladies preceptor 10 Sansom 

Booz'. r Joseph, carpenter near 15 north Eighth 

Boozer Adam, labourer 329 Callowhill 

Bo^•as Henry, taylor 78 Sassafras 

Borden Samuel, cabinetmaker corner Vv'alnut &;Dock 

Borden and Stev/art, cabinetmakers 21 Chesnut 

Borden Francis, bricklayer 84 south Seventh 

Bordly Sarah, gentlewoman 7 Union 

Borrekins Henry, accomptant 61 south Seventh 

Boi-yff Henry, victualler 94 north Eleventh 

BorafP Mrs. victualler Cherry near Thirteenth 

Borie John Joseph, merchant centre 190 High 

Boss Barbara, brush factory 29 north Front 

l-oss Frederick, grocer 35 north Fifth 

Bosio Secundo, tavern and stablekeeper 1-1%! Cedar 

Bossier Joseph, brass founder Broad near Vine 

Bossman John, hairdresser 498 north Second 

Bosw.?U G. tin plate worker 5 6 Brown 

Boswell Sanjuel, printer Sassafras alley 

Boswell William, oysterman 12 north Front 

Boucherie Anthony 180 Coatcs' 

Bouchet Joseph, cutler 93 south Second 


Boiichony Lordanet, merchant 102 north Third 

Boudar J, china store corner Third and Lombard 

Boulenger A. G. baker 19 Lombard 

Boiittclljer Michael Le, merchant 107 north Front 

Boult Peter, merchant 24 south Front 

Boulu Mrs. {Gentlewoman 335 .S^.ssafras 

BouUey Abrtiham, 10 Norris' alley 
ourgoin captain F. Desey, 144 south Fifth 

Bosquet A. merchant 267 south Front 

Bouvier John B. umbrella maker 196 south Second 

Bouvier John, printer, office 47 Sansom and dwelling- 
6 Cypress alley 

Bouzigues — , pewterer 454 north Second 

Bowen Elijah, taylor 54 Artillery lane 
JBowen John; sailmaker 26-Lombard 
owen John, cooper 9 Elfreith's alley 
Bowen Isaac, shoemaVier 54 Artillery lane 
Bowene Thomas, blacksmith Baker's alley 
owene Thomas, iun. ship joiner 33 ivooic ^7.t C:« 
near the Kay scales 
Bowen William, chairmaker 83 N. Front & 122 Fifth 
Bowen . / ■, shoemaker 204 south Fifth 
Bower George, carpenter 
Bower David, taylor 59 Shippen 
Bowers widow of Joseph, Queen (K.) 
Bowers Jacob, shoemaker 543 north Front 
Bowers Philip, baker 18 south Third 
Bowers Michael, hairdresser 402 north Tliird 
Bowers A. labourer back 128 north 1 illh 
Bower John, eng-raver 80 north Fourth 
Bowie Jane, widow 282 south Second 
Bowlby Edward, ironrnonger 69 High 
Bowles Wm. block and pumpmaker 20 Little Water 
Bowlin John, labourer Coates' court 
Bowman^' Abraham, printer St. Tammony 
Bowman Charles, hog victualler 14 Budd 
Bowman Casper, labourer Gaskili near Thirteenth 
Bowman Zachariah, painter, 8cc. Lilly alley 
Bowman Jacob, labourer north Thirteenth 
Bowman John, labourer Gaskili near Thirteenth 
Bowman Thomas, storekeeper 41 north Second 
Bp\yman Wm. accomptant 123 south Eleventh 


Boyce Joseph, brassfounder,&c. 177 Cedar 

Boyce Sarah, widow 15 Gray's alley 

Boyd Alex, inspector of customs 142 north Second 

Boyd Andrew, shopkeeper 6 Hii^h 

Boyd ~, sailmaker back 1 1 5 norlh Water 

Eoyd widow of Jesse, mariner 7 Chancery lane 

Boyd Hiu^h, shopkeeper 257 St. John's 

Boyd John, ropemaker Prime above Front 

Boyd John, tavernkeeper corner Hiyh & Schuylkill 3d 

Boyd P. pewterer 25 north Second 

Boyd Thomas, accomptant Shepherd's court 

Boyd Thomas, nailer near 13 Hinckle's court 

Boyd William, jun. merchant 18 south Front 

Boyd William^ grocer 141 Vine 

Boyer Abraham, carpenter 61 north Tenth 

Boyer Isaac, Grocer i42 north Second 

Boy^er Jacob, carpenter 127 Green 

Boyer James, accomptant 4 Brewer's alley 

Boyer Nathaniel, blacksmith 188 Mulberry 

Boyer Valentine, victualler near 285 north Eighth 

Boyer Dolly, storekeeper 142 north Third 

Bowyer Michael H. merchant 44 north Second 

Boyer Thomas, storekeeper 6 north Third 

Boyle James, sandman 20 Spruce 

Boyle Mrs. 217 south Front 

Boyle Edward, mariner Mifflin's court 

Boyle Hugh, labourer south Juniper 

Boyle James, labourer 48 Passyunk 

Boyle John, labourer Pine neaV T\yelfth 

Boyle John, sea captain 189 north Front 

Boyle Niel, stevadore 158 south Water 

Boyle Philip,coachmaker218 S. Fourth & 129 Cedar 

Boyle John, cabinetmaker 149 south Sixth 

Boyle Thomas, labourer north Juniper 

Boyle William, grocer 216 south Water 

Boys Samuel, stave merchant yard near 3 1 7 N. Front 

Bozorth Andrew, grocer next 283 Hit^-h 

Bozorth William, carpenter 122 Filbert 

Brackin William, flour, feed and salt-store, Haf scales 

wharf, Northern Liberties 
Brackin Henry, printer 9 Cresson's alley 
Brackney William, tanner Lilly alley 

D 2 " 


Braden Arthur, shoemaker 125 Phim 
Brades Peter, innkeeper 193 north Second 
Bready C. L. coachmaker 137 Pine &c 130 S. Fifth 
Brady Charles, teacher 141 south Sixth 
Brady Daniel, brushmaker, 1 4 1 north Fifth 
Brady John, teacher 83 south Third 
Brady John, watchman 40 Coates' 
Brady James, currier 11 south Fifth 
Brady John, fisherman 149 Green 
Brady Lawrence, grocer 166 north Water 
Brady Margaret, boarding house 79 south Fifth 
Bradey widow of John, sea captan 531 south Front 
Brady Robert, sea captain 5 1 8 south Front 
Brady widow of Peter, corner of Walnut and Fifth 
Brady Thomas, grocer 256 south Fourth 
Bradford & Inskeep, stationers, &c. 4 south Third 
Bradford Samuel F. bookseller. Sec. 151 Walnut 

(Sansom*s row) 
Bradford Thos. & Wm. printers. See. 8 south Front 
Bradford Thomas, printer and bookseller 8 S. Front 
Bradford Thomas, jun. attorney at law 46 south Sixth 
Bradford Thomas mariner 30 Union alley 
Bradford \Vm. printer and bookseller 204 Mulberry 
Bradford William, taylor 7 1 south Third 
Bradley James, grocer 6 north Seventh 
Bradley J. ironmonger & fancy goods store 1^ High 
Bradley Thomas, tinsmith 2 1 Powell 
Bradley Henry, shipwright Queen (K.) 
Bradley William, tinsmith Lombard near Seventh 
Bradley William, taylor 1 Pewter platter alley 
Bradshaw William, silversmith 58 St. John's 
Braley John, accomptant Pearson's court 
Braley William, shipwright Oak Northern Lriberties 
Braeutigan Daniel, bookseller 194 north Second 
Brager Mrs. boardinghouse 44 Filbert 
Brambl^ Asa, stevadore 460 north Second 
Bralsford Thomas, shoemaker 97 Budd 
Brarae Sarah, shopkeeper 84 north Seventh 
Brand Martha, gentlewoman 13 north Sixth 
Brandt Ain^e & Charles, watchmakers, &c. 129 N.2d. 
Brandt John, mariner 178 north Water 
Brandt F. August, merchant 108 south Second 
Brannegan Thomas, accomptant 167 Coates' 


Brannen E. Sc M. shopkeepers 86 north Fourth 
Brannen Edward, umbrella maker 194 south Second 
Brannen Daniel, bottler 228 Sassafras 
Branner Erederick, milkman 2 Branner's alley 
Branner George, milkman 176 Vine 
Brannum Stephen, mariner 50 Meade alley 
Bransby Casper, cedar cooper 4 Starr alley 
l^ransel John, sail maker 278 south Third 
Branson Day, shoemaker 141 south Tenth 
1 rant John, carpenter 154 Sassafras 
Brant Christian, grocer 90 north Eleventh 
Brasier Amable, watchmaker & jeweller 23 N, Third 
l'»rayle Jeremiah, taylor 6 Shippen 
Brazier John, bridlebit mak«r Charlotte 
Brayard widow of Eben. storekeeper 229 S.Second 
Bray Elkina, sea captain 39 Mary 
Bray John, jun wholesale and retail dry good store- 
keeper 187 north Third 
Bray Ann mantuamaker 31 Pewterplatter alley 
Bray John, storekeeper 73 north Third 
Brayfield John, blockmaker near 22 Christian 
lU-asington Thomas, shoemaker 456 north Front 
Brasington Isaac, carter 456 north Front 
Braslen C. labourer 4 Quarry 

Brearly James, clock & watchmaker 78 north Third 
Breck Samuel, gentleman 321 High 
Breece Charles, late constable Green's court 
Rreidenheart George, upholsterer II 3 -south Front 
Brientnall D. ladies shoemaker, corner 5th & Cedar 
Brentzaghofer F. coachmaker 62 Sassafras 
Brentzaghofer Geo. wheelwright 1 6 Sassafras alley 
Breish J. skindresser Vine above Seventh 
Breneise Valentine, cryer Cauffman's court 
Breslin John, labourer Eleventh near Locust 
Bretz Charles, bookbinder 286 Vine 
Bretz Jacob, merchant 34 north Third [See Bntz 
Br'ethoif Henry, sea captain 21 Vernon 
Breuil Francis, merchant corner of Pine and Second 
Brevour J. C. sea captain 17 New 
Brewer George, lyrocer 273 north Front 
Brewton Daniel, sea captain 425 south Front 
Briard John, sea captain 417 south Front 
Brice John, sea captain 3? St. John's 


Bridge John, shopkeeper 29 1 south Fourth 
Bridges Colepepper, merchant 261 south Front 
Bridges Mrs. 259 south Front 
Bright Edward, labourer 5 6 Plum 
Bright widow of John, shoemaker Taylor's alley- 
Bright Michael, head liower inspector 125 N. Water 
Bright Mary, widow 4:7 Lombard 
Bright*s wharf opens at 123^ 127 N. Water 
Briggs Ethan, blacksmith Pegg street 
Briggs Elizabeth, grocer 380 north Third 
Briggs widow of Francis, shipwright 403 north Front 
Briggs John, hairdresser 30 Farmer's aliey 
Brindle James, grocer Fourth above Brown 
Bringhurst George, coachmaker 23 north Fifth 
Bringhurst Jesse, coachmaker 127 north Sixth 
Bringhurst Mary, widow 22 north Ninth 
Bringhurst's whauf opens next 97 S. Waier 
Brinkley Thomas, labourer S. Kroad 
Brink Nicholas, baker 141 south Ninth 
Brinner Daniel, labourer above 349 Callowhill 
Brinton John H. attorney at law 279 High 
Brintzinghoffer G. coachmaker near 39 Crown 
Briol Guy, merchant 54 Combard 
Bristol! Mary, storekeeper 359 north Second 
Bristol Mrs. baker 3 Laetitia court 
Bristoll widow of Thomas, 403 north Second 
Brittin J. tavernkeeper 82 north Front 
Brittingham L. labourer 124 Christian 
Brittle Revd. Adam, corner Sixth and Spruce 
Britton Benjarain, hatter 259 north Front 
Britton Jacob, silversmith 46 north Second 
Britton John, sen. merchant 1 Callowhill 
Britton John, jun, lumberyard 1 49 north Water, dwell- 
ing 214 north Front 
Britton Isaac, nailer 207 St. John*s 
Britton Thomas, smith 437 north Third 
Britton William, lumberyard 207 north Water dwell- 
ing 261 Front 
Britz Adam, grocer 44 1 north Front [*ee Bretz 

Broadhead Daniel, accomptant north Broad 
Broadly William, carter 285 Callowhill 
Brobson Mrs. of Robert, Cypress alley 
Brobson Joseph, grocer 1 73 south Fifth 


Broca Francis, merchant 106 Gaskill 

Brock Samuel, carpenter 9 Laetitia court 

Broe^e John F. lay lor Lilly alley 

Biodie Andrew, grocer corner Coates* and Second 

Brodie C. storekeeper 282 south Front 

Bromill Ber.jumin, nailer 188 Cedar 

Broiison E. publisht*^ of the United States Gazette, 

office back 41 and dwelling 228 Walnut 
Broock John, blacksmith south Broad 
Brooke Bowyer, jun. flaxseed merchant 109 north 

Water and Brooke's court 
Brooke Bowyer, sen. gentleman Brooke's court 
Brooke Caleb, blacksmith 325 north Third 
Brooke Charles J. accoraptant 151 St. John's 
Brooke George, tanner and currier Maiden 
BVooke Robert, surveyor 316 north Third 
Brooke Rees, iron merchant 128 N. Front 
Brooke Samuel, storekeeper 76 north Fourth 
2rC0^*» Catharine, 22 south Seventh 
Brooks J. cooijcr oo souin w'ater arid 5 Norris*s alley 
Brooks John, tanner 238 north Front 
Brooks John, accomptant Pfieffcr's alley 
Brooks Joseph, blacksmith 25 Crab 
Brooks Mary, widow 19 Strawberry 
Brooks Saml. merchant 7 S. Wharves & 206 Chesnut 
Brooks William, baker S., Juniper 
Brooks widow of W^m. planemaker 25 Key s's alley 
Broom Christopher, carter 76 Budd 
Broom Fllias, oakcooper 15 Swanson 
Broom Thomas, shoemaker 1 1 8 Cedar 
Broome Leonard P. surgeon and dentist 1 18 Cedar 
Broom Thomas, cooper 83 Penn and 26 Swanson 
Broom William, carpenter 123 Callowhill 
Brosldsky H. L. grocer 124 south Sixth 
Brotherton Hugh, shoemaker 330 south Front 
Brothcrton John, shoemaker 259 Catharine 
Broubert William, labourer 375 Mulberry 
Brown Andrew, teacher 5 1 south Fifth 
Brown Abncr, sweep 16 Elizabeth 
Brown Armat, merchant 65 south Water and corner 

Chesnut and Eleventh 
Brown Benjamin, mariner Wells' alley 


Brown Benjamin, shallopman 346 north Second 

Brown widow of Benjamin VV. scrivener 248 N. 2d 

Brown C. tavernkeeper corner Broad and Spruce 

Brown Catharine, tulress 23 Artillery lane 

Brown Charles, labourer 151 north Sixth 

Brown Charles B. meichant 74 south Eleventh 

Brown David, bookbinder 479 north Third 

Brown David and Co. stationers 6 north Fifth 

Brown David, sea captain 66 Christian 

Brown Elijah, merchant 65 S. Water & 72 S. Eleventh 

Brown Edv»^ard W. mariner Federal 

Brown George, tobacconist 1 1 2 north Second 

Brown widow of Geo. T blacksmith 127 Callowhill 

Brown Grace, nurse 87 north 

Brown Hannah, mantuamaker St. Tammany 

Brown Henry, shoemaker back 2 1 5 St. John's 

Brown Henry, whitesmith 452 Sassafras 

Brown Hanse, sea captain Hanover near the sign of 

the Larab ^'^.) 
Brown Hugh, iiailer 283 north Third 
Brown Jacob, iron store 161 and 167 north Second 
Brown Jesse, stabiekeeper 12 Locust" 
Brown James, tobacconist 36 Coates' alley 
Brown James and Co. merchants 71 Union 
Brown James, shopkeeper 3 1 south Front 
Brown James, blacksmith 56 Mary 
Brown James, skindresser above 5 1 1 north Second 
Brown Jeremiah, mariner Fearris's court 
Brown John, shoemaker near 6 South alley 
Browne John C. shipsmith Beach 
Brown John, silver plater 20 south Third 
Brown John, taylor Burd's alley 
Brown John, grocer 20 Passyunk road 
Brovi^n John, mariner 137 Green 
Brown John, tavernkeeper 4 Crab 
Brown John, shoemaker near 258 St. John's 
Brown John, caulker 36 Plum 

Brown John, merchant 152 south Third 8c 71 Union 
Brown widow of John, merchant 214 Spruce 
Browne John, gentleman 376 north Front 
Brown Joseph, 313 Sassafras 


Brown Jos. blacksmith corner Lombard and Sixth 

Brown Joseph, copperplate printer 8 Pear 

Brown Lewis R. merchunt 1 47 south Front 

Brown Lunar, sweep 147 Brown 

Brown Lawrence, straw hat warehouse 70 S. Second 

Brown Mrs. widow, 10 Green 

Brown Martin, rigs^er 10 Noble 

Brown Michael, sea captain 2 Pfieffer's alley 

Brown and Merritt, printers 24 Church alley 

Brown Michael, rigger Mari^aretta 

Brown M. and S. niiileners 1 1 Strawberry 

Brown Mrs. boarding iiouse 72 south Sixth and 56 

north Front 
Brown Paul S. china storekeeper 42 south Second 
Brown Peter, baher Queen (K.) 
Brown Paul, storekeeper 1 1 north Front 
Brown Richard, shoemaker back 62 Cherry 
Browne and Seale, jewellers. Sec. 119 Chesnut 
Brown Samuel, biockmaker 14 Plum 
Brown Samuel, painter, Sec. 73 Chesnut 
Brown Sarah, innkeeper 2 1 1 Mulberry 
Brown Thomas, labourer back 39 Mulberry 
Brown Thomas, carpenter St. Tammany 
Brown Thomas, shipjoiner 289 north Front 
Brown Thomas, storekeeper 113 south Second 
Brown T. grocer corner Ninth and Locust 
Brown Thomas, sea captain 209 north Front 
Brown Thadeus, 4* south Second 
Brown William, tanner Juniper alley 
Brown Wiiliam, m.d. 268 south Front 
Brown William, blacksmith 21 and 29 Green 
Brown William, shipbuilder Oak (N. L.) 
Brown William, labourer Weaver's alley 
Brown William, ropemaker 504 north Second 
Brown William, 6 1 north Seventh 
Brown widow of William B. biscuit baker 1 1 Vine 
Brown William, merchant 146 Pine 
Brown William, printer 41 Cherry 
Brown William, tanner and currier 63 south Third 
Brown WilHam R. merchant High-st second door 

above Second, south side 
Browne Liberty, jeweller 70 south Front 


Browne Peter, late shipsmith 197 Mulberry 
Browne Peter A. attorney at law 64 south Sixth 
Browne Peter &: Son, shipsmiths and kimber mer- 
chants 325 north Front 
Bruerton Geo. chinaguilder Cedar near Thirteenth 
BrugiereChas. 8c A. Teisseire, merchants 103 High 
Brum John, hatter 194 St. John's 
Bruner Adam, skin dresser 313 north Second 

Brunete , 178 Lombard 

Bruster widow of Henry, mastraaker Beach 

Brustar James, mastmaker Queen (K ) 

Breustar Samuel, late shipwright Beach 

Bryan Peter, sea captain 23 Strawberry 

Bryan Elizabeth widow back 1 30 Sassafras 

Bryan & Schlatter, merchants 223 High 

Bryan Daniel, taylor 101 Cedar 

Bryan Jesse, taylor ll5 north Second 

Bryan Jonathan 8c Co. merchants 23 Chesnut 

Bryan Guy, merchant 223 Mulberry 

Bryan widow of Hobert, blacksmith 393 north Front 

Bryan Moses, taylor 22 south Fourth 

Bryan Mrs. widow 63 New 

Bryen Peter, grocer 307 south Third 

Bryant Mordicai V. druggist south-west corner of 

Vine and Second 
Bryant Thomas, druggist. Sec. 469 north Second 
Bryant Joseph, cabinetmaker 33 Dock 
Bryant Thomas, merchant 4 Laurel 
Bryant T. J. apothecary 48 N. Third 8c 48 Mulberry 
Bryant John Y. chemist, Sec. 190 south Second 
Bryant William, cabinetmaker 139 south Front 
Bryden W. carpenter back 84 south Third 
Brysack George, porter Wood above Eighth 
Buchanan Alexr. shoemaker corner Locust and 1 3th 
Buchanan Robert, labourer 355 Mulberry 
Buchanan George, biscuit baker 42 George 
Buck William, sugarboiler 3 1 7 north Third 
Buck Frederick, cooper 188 and 249 north Second 
Buck D. oysterman, 575 south Front 
Buck C. N. merchant 204 south Front 
Buck George, cedarcooper 188 north Second 
Buck Hugh, blacksmith 100 Shippen 

l.IRECTORY. -iy 

Buckingham JohU) messei^ger to Health Office Pear- 
son's couit 
Buckley Adum, cedarcwper 258 St. John's 
Buckley OiViiel, RCtitlenian 310 High 
Buckley Isaac, mealstore 389 north Front 
Buckley John, flour merchant 1 1 north Twelfth 
Buckley Vv^m. and A. M. merchants 86 south Front 

and 87 Third 
Buckley John, innkeeper 26 South alley 
, Buckman benjamin, hatter Farmer's low 
ij|ljudd Charles, ironmonj>cr 5 north Second 
*" Buglas Mary, folder and hinder i2 Combs'b alley 
' Bu^not Claude, hatter 2 12 soulh Secc^nd 
Buhn Henry, tanner Sldeveiy's ahey 
Bujac J. L. merchant 236 buuih i ront 
Bukus \\ illiam, carpenter 20 Cypress alley 
Bull John, carter Charles 

Bulfinch Samuel, collector back 30 Columbia avenue 
Ruliock Joseph, jun. m. d. 24- Columbia avenue 
Bullock Joseph, treasurer to the Germantown and 

Perkiomen turnpike 24 Coluujbia avenue 
Bumback Maitin, blacksmiih corner Third 8c Green 
Bunce William, sea captain Ptiefter's alley 
Bunn Rev. Seely, 118 north Fourth 
Bunner E. boarding house 125 south Third 
Bunting Charles S. 7 Powell 
Bunting George, carter Taper alley 
Bunting John, carpenter 172 south Sixth 
Bunting Jonathan, merchant 94 south Front 
Bunting N. whitesmith 395 south Second 
Bunting P. S. grocer 93 and 95 north Second 
Bunting Patrick, Steinmetz*s court 
Bunthig and Watson, lumberyard corner 8th & Pine 
Burd Edward, register of the high court of errors and 

appeals 247 Chesnut 
Burd John, baker 202 north Eighth 
Purd Jacob, victualler 8 Vernon 
Burd Shippen E. attorney at law 74 south Sixth 
Burden Henry R. chaii maker 5 5 Lombard 
Burden George, cabinetmaker 529 south Front 
Burden Joseph, Windsor chairmaker 99 south Third 
and 86 Union 



Burden Joseph, York court 

Burdick Lewis, painter 112 north Seventh 

Burdick George, silversmith \ 10 north Seventh 

Burge John, confectioner 86 Chesnut 

Burger G. C. grocer 20 Callowhill 

Burgess Mary ?.nd Kannah, storekeepers 95 High 

Burgess Mary, tavernkeeper 514 south Third • 

Burk and Cummings, grocers, S^c. 92 south Wharves 

Biirk E. paperhanger 246 south- Front 

Burk George, grain measurer 60 Queen 

Bark John, labourer 152 Spruce 

Bark Phineas, ropemaker 35 Prune 

Burk Thomas, ccpurrii/imer George near Eighth 

Burk Thomas, stablekeeper Hartung's alley 

Burke Henry, taylor Sassafras alley 

Burk , carpenter back 14 Margaretta 

Burke Samuel, shoemaker Lombard near Broad 
Burke Thomas, merchant 165 Mulberiy 
Burket Jacob, fence raiser Rose alley 
Burkhart A. inspector of customs 71 south Wharves 
Barkhart F. constable corner of Cresson and Hoff- 
man's alley 
Burkhart Robert and P. hairdressers 57 north Water 
Burckbardt Henry, baker 27 Walnut 
Burckhardt Samuel, tobacconist Stamper's alley 
Burkloe Samuel, watchmaker 13 Shippen 
Burkman Henry, mariner 35 3 south Front 
Burman widow of Richard, -2 Callowhill 
Burman John, victualler 197 Callowhill 
Burman Amos, shipjoiner 39 Plum 
Burn Samuel, shipwiight Queen (PI.) 
Burns Alexander, carpenter back 251 Sassafras 
Burns Joseph, storekeeper 244 north Front 
Burn widow of John, storekeeper corner Spruce and 

Burns George, labourer 135 north Fifth 
Bums George, flour merchant 245 High 
Burns Jacob, sea captain Pfieffer's alley 
Burns James, sea captain 19 Powell 
Bums Hugh, clock and watch maker 94 Chesnut 
Burns James, labourer 178 Shippen 
Bums John, bootmaker Ninth near Walnut 


Burns Nicholas, grocer corner Sansom and Seventh 
Burns Mrs. midwife 6 Artillery lane 
Burns Peter, labourer 216 south Sixth 
Burns Stephen, carpenter 149 Walnut 
Burns William, labourer Lombard above Eleventh 
Burr Rebecca, widow 3 7 Vine 
Burr Joseph, chairmaker 7 Strawberry- 
Burr Richard, storekeeper 17HiL^hand 15 Sassafras 
Burris John, gardiner near 268 south Sixth 
Burrows Jesse, carpenter 280 High 
Burrows Norman, grocer 79 Sassafras 
Burrows vrldovv of John, 1 5 Keys's alley 
Burrows Thomas, sea captain 15 Keys*s alley 
Burrows widow of Edward, 177 north Front 
Burrows Elizabeth, boarding bouse 92 High 
Btiit and Tohrstoi?, i;*orckcepcrs 177 Mulberry 
Buriin Matthew, boarding house 13 Spruce 
Burton Peter, shipwright Liberty alley 
Burton John, teacher corner Juniper and Arch 
Burton William, chinastore 66 north Second 
Burweli Stephen, shoemaker 8 Oak 
Burweli Benjamin E. shoemaker 15 Passyunk 
Burst Jacob, miller 5 Pewterplattcr alley 
Busch Andrew, shoemaker 105 north Third 
Busch \^alentine, labourer 521 north Third 
Busch Bernard, shoemaker 262 south Third 
Busches M. jeweller 1 17 south Second 
Busch Frederick, shipjoiner Federal 
Bussy Cliarles, baker 106 Plum 
BusEier B. starch factory 349 Callowhill [see JBoissier 
Bussier Daniel, justice of the peace 260 south Fourth 
Bussier Moses, mate 72 Swanson 
Butcher Job and Amos W. grocers 49 north Water 
Butland John, lace and fringe weaver 137 Cherry 
Butland Mary, tassal and fringe maker 186 Spruce 
Butler George, planemaker 18 Appletree alley 
Butler James, teacher 33 Dock 
Butler James, innkeeper corner Wahmt and Fifth 
Butler widovT of Edward, Weaver's alley 
Butler John, planemaker 1 1 1 north Third 
Butler James, boarding house 12 Quarry 
Butler James, carter 476 Sassafras 

J^. V nil. ADELV in X 

Butlei;Piercc. norih-wcst corner of Eigluh Sc Chesniit 

Butier Richard, baker Rritton's alley 

Biiiler Saiiuiei G. painter. &c. 136 south Ninth 

Buti-r Joseph, shoemaker 424 north Stond 

Btitier ^Vll:iam, labourer 136 south Xinth 

ButterwoL'th Saruh, boarding house 39 Filbert 

Button Elizit, back 171 north Second 

Buvet John, j^entleirsan c>4 north Eit(hth 

Buzby Benj. C stiilioner, &;c. 2 N. Third £c 103 Arch 

Buzby John, cornchandier 1 66 C'nerry 

Busbyshfcll C. shopkeeper 120 north Second 

Byerly Andrew, merchant 9 Dock 

Byerly Christopher, late oakcooper 9 Sansom 

Byers '^amuel, carpenter 52 soutli Tenth 

Bv'M's George, labourer back 446 Sassafras 

Byrne John,' distiller 278 High 

Byrne Jolin, hairdresser 249 S(jUth Front 

Byrne Mrs. boarding house 100 north Third 

Byrne Miss, 50 south Sixth 

Byrne Patrick, bookseller and stationer north-east 

corner Chesnut and Fifth 
Byrne Redmond and Son, grocers 37 south Water 
Byrne Terence, teacher St. IVIary's academy, back 

74 Walnut 
Byron Joshua, sea captain 249 north Front 
Bywater William, shoemaker 318 south Sixth 

Caddick Henry, shipwright 492 south Second 
Cadwallader Thomas, attorney at law 266 Chesnut, 

office Geortje near Tenth 
Caillebaux William, baker 57 Lombard 
Caine Patrick, mariner 79 Queen Isee Kean 

Cairns J. grocer near 392 south Second 
Cairou J. B- teacher 13 Elizabeth 
Cake Joseph, hatter 106 north Front £c 80 N. Second 
Cake John, tanner 11 Equality court 
Cake Mattiiias, hatter Fearris' court 
Ca'bangh Henry, labourer 70 north Sixth 
Ca-lbraith Matthew, nierch't 43 Spruce [.sfe Qalbraith 


Caldcleugh and Thomas, stationers and manufacturers 

of paper hangings G6 and 68 Chesnut 
Calderv/ood Andrew, watchmaker, kc. near the first 

gate on the Germantown road 
Caldwell Charles, m. d. 211 south Second 
Caldwell Chew, confectioner 241 north Second 
Caldwell D. clerk of the circuit and district courts 

180 Chesnut 
Caldwell Elizabeth, mantuaker 129 Cherry 
Caldwcll George, grocer 6 Little Water 
Caldwell James, accomptant 12 Pennsylvania avenue 
Caldwell James, storekeeper 3a Strawberry 
Caldwell James, blacksmith corner Brown and Front 
Caldwell Joseph, labourer 458 north Front 
Caldwell John, shoemaker 160 south Front 
Caldwell John, sea captain 362 south Front 
Caldwell Jonathan, labourer Spafford 
Caldwell Noble, labourer 2 14 Coates' 
Caldwell William, mariner 136 south Ninth 
Caldwell William, taylor 46 German 
Call John, harnessmaker 33 Mary 
Call William, tanner 83 Vine 
Callaghan Charles, grain measurer 9 Wood 
Callaghan Michael, carter 68 Plum 
Callaghan Michael, labourer 5 Mead alley 
Callahan Mary, grocer 304 Sassafras 
Callahan Mrs. boarding house 298 High 
Callahan John, carpenter 99 north Fourth 
Callan P. teacher 48 Union 
Callan William, grocer 50 Oak (S.) 
Calleale P. winecooper 65 Lombard 
Callender Thomas, merchant 242 Spruce 
Callender George, shoemaker 62 Plum 
Callender James R. sea captain north-east corner 

Pine and Sixth 
Callender and Shipley, merchants Spruce-st. wharf 
Calver James, labourer 242 south Second 
Calvert Nathaniel, sea captain 35 German 
Calvert Thomas, innkeeper 34 north Fourth 
Calvin John, labourer 244 Cedar 
Cambrin John, labourer 456 north Front 
Cameron A. joiner 19 Wood 

E 2 


(Cameron Daniel, labourer rvear 60 Dock 

Cameron James, goiclenswan inn 69 Korth Third 

Cameron John, smith 1 64 south Sixth 

Cameron John, bookbindt;r corner Lombard & Third 

Camm V\ iiiiam, hatter 26 north Third 

Campbell Alexander, cabinetmaker 141 south Front 

Campbell Alexander, shoemaker 83 Cedar 

Campbell Alexander, carter 19 Passyunk 

Cambell David, cabinetmaker Cautfman's court 

Campbell George, blacksmith Waikins' alley 

Campbell George, jun. attorney at law 86 iMulberpy 

Campbell Francis, 234 north Front 

Campbell Felix, shoemaker 85 Plum 

Campbell Geo. attorney at law corner 4th Sc Mulberry 

Campbell George, shoemaker 5 Lee's court 

Campbell Hugh, grocer 46 Dock 

Campbell James, grocer 62 north Sixth 

Campbell James, mate 26 Shippen 

Campbell widow of James, plaisterer 395 Sassafras 

Campbell James, taylor 192 south Front 

Campbell Jane, teacher 35 Powell 

Campbell John D. taylor 63 Mui berry 

Campbell widow of John, 171 south Third 

Campbell Joseph, bricklayer 254 Lombard 

Campbell Marc^aret, back 13 Wagner's alley 

Campbell IvL boarding house 1 George 

Campbell Quinton, cashier of the Philadelphia bank 

16 Sansom 
Campbell T. taylor 333 north Front 
Campbell Robert, soapboiler Thirteenth near Chesnut 
Campbell William, cabinetmaker 136 south Fourth 
Canan Georc-e, taylor 165 north Sixth 
Canby Eli, merchant 63 south VVharves and 87 Pine 
Canby Mrs boardin-^ house 141 south Fifth 
Caneily William, labourer I 54 north Water 
Cann M. carpenter Locust above Tenth 
Cann Stuart, mariner 115 Coates' 
Cannon Joseph, shallopman 15 Callowhill 
Cannon James, merchant 27 fligh 
Cannon John, carter 266 south Fifth 
Canonge Benjamin, merchant 145 Pine^ 
Cantrenn Robert, plaisterer 166 south Sixth 


Capia Jacob, coaclimuker 183 Pine 

Cciny Charles, suspendermaker 26 Mulberry 

Capp widow of John, grocer 241 High 

Capron and Madelaine, boarding school 290 S. Second 

Carbough Daniel, labourer 450 north Second 

Care Peter and Son, merchants 262 High 

Carey Francis, painter, Sec. near 215 south Fiftlv 

Carey John, shallopman 2 Shippen 

Carey Mathew, printer and bookseller 122 High 

Carels Samuel, carpenter 173 Cherry 

Carleton George, trader 135 Chesnut 

Carlin John, labourer 261 south Seventh 

Carlin George, bricklayer 20 Artillery lane 

Carlisle Abraham, iron merchant 18 Sassafras 

Carlisle David, labourer 34 Crown 

Carlisle William. 93 Crown 

Carlisle William, trader Eleventh near Locust 

Carlyle Alexander, gentleman 8 1 south Fifth 

Carlisle John, boot and shoeraaker 47 Pine 

Carlisle William, carpenter 189 Cherry 

Caril Maskill M. teacher 205 Mulberry 

Carmack Mrs. of David, grocer 190 Water 

Carmack Stephen, 427 south Second 

Carmack Samuel, carter Shievely's alley 

Carmalt Caleb, accomptant 99 High 

Carmalt Jonathan, shopkeeper 99 High 

Carmalt Thomas S. taylor 27 Brown 

Carman Jacob, grocer 132 south Fourth 

Carman James, grocer 23 High 

Carnahan Samuel, treaver Cedar above Ninth 

Carn Anthony, labourer 65 Budd 

Carnes Richard, carter 145 south Ninth 

Carnes David, mariner 12 Parram's alley 

Cams John, shoemaker Juniper alley 

Gams Lawrence, carter Fourth above Noble 

Carney Bernard, plaisterer 233 south Sixth 

Carney Thomas, stonecutter 32 north Tenth 

Carpenter Isaac, ladies' shoemaker 245 south Second 

Carpenter Jolm, taylor 278 south Second 

Carpenter John, jun. bookbinder 34 Coates* alley 

Carpenter and Martin, sailmakers 93 south Wharves 

Carpenter Samuel, painter, &c. 205 south Second 

Carpenter Stephen, 8 Powell 


Carpenter Samuel, sail maker 22 Parram's alley 
Carpentier Lewis D. merchant 125 Sassafras 
Carr 8c Draper, copperplate printers 3 Norris's alley 
Carr Benjamin, professor of music and editor of tlie 

Musical Journal back 159 Chesnut 
Carr Edward W. savvmakerand smith 158 Sassafras 
Carr John, accompiant 207 Sassafras 
Carr Hugh, slater Juniper lane 
Carr Isaac, shoemaker Patton*s court 
Carr John, mariner 16 Swanson 
Carr Mary, boarding house 32 Appletree alley 
(^arr Mary, widow 184 south Fourth 
Carr Morgan, grocer 146 south Third corner Cy- 
press alley 
Carr Robert, carter 140 German 
Carr Robert & VVm. printers 51 Sansom above 8th 
Carr William, printer Locust above Juniper 
Carr William, bright engraver 1 1 Norris*s alley 
Carraway Charles, mariner 44 Coates* 
Carrell Daniel, 14 Filbert [see Carli 
Carrell Edward, merchant 62 south Sixth 
Carrell Joseph, watchman 139 Cherry 
Carrell John, hardware merchant 107 High 
Carroll Patrick, nailer 291 Sassafras 
Carson Christopher, mariner 12 Callowhill 
Carson James, recorder of deeds, office east wing dX 

the state house, dwelling 127 Cedar 
Carson Jemima, boarding house 101 Chesnut 
Carson Joseph, merchant 1 Chesnut and 173 Walnut 
Carson Jonathan, tavernkeeper 26 south Sixth 
Carson Mrs. E. boarding house 6 south Third 
Carson Misses, 169 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Carson Patrick, innkeeper 252 north Front 
Carson Sarah, shopkeeper 5 1 Cherry 
Carswell Samuel, merchant 52 Chesnut 
Carstairs Thos. carpenter and draughtsman 76 S. 8th 
Cart Bernard, 124 New 
Carter Isabella, boarding house 39 Catharine 
Carter Thomas, cooper 84 south Water 
Carter Jacob, mate 415 south Front 
Carter Jasper, painter and stablekeeper 46 south Fifth 

and 29 Prune 
Carter John, mariner 424 south Second & 85 N. Fifth 


Charter Joseph, painter and glazier Twelfth near High 

Carter Samuel, accomptant 14 Branner's alley 

Carter William, silkdyer 263 north Front 

Carter Sharon, chinastore 92 north Front 

Carter William, mariner near 207 north W^ater 

Carteret Daniel, chairmaker 393 south Front 

Carteret Jos. W. cabinetmaker 39 3 8c 401 S. Front 

Carnvri^-at Eliza, widow 2 2 Shippen 

Cany Charles, £i;rocer corner Christian and Front 

C;irly Josiah S. halter 41 south F'ront 

Carty Joseph, sailraaker 5 Coombs' alley 

Caruthers Kliza, tavernkeeper corner Pine and 1 Uh 

Caruthers John, carpenter 342 Sassafras 

Carver widow of Samuel, 98 Spruce 

Carver Charles, writing master 185 Cherry 

Casdorp EUza. teacheress 266 south Front 

Cash Jacob, tobacconist 3 Mulberry 

Cash Thomas, inspector of customs 75 New 

Caskey Robert, carpenter 42 Queen 

Castner Enoch, shoemaker 105 north Ninth 

CaSHor John, carpenter 94 Coates' 

Cassady Mary, shoestore 453 south F>ont 

Cassedy Lawrence, plaisterer 261 south Fourth 

Cassedy Edward, porter 182 Pine 

Cassedy Francis, mastmaker31 Beck's alley 

Cassedy Samuel, porter 329 Sassafras 

Cassey Michael, shoemaker 61 Green 

Cassey Joseph, hairdresser 36 south Fourth 

Casson George, mariner 14 Mary 

Casson Lewis, grocer corner Second and Shippen 

Castilet Paul, gentleman corner Pine and Fifth 

Castledine William, coachtrimmcr 28 North alley 

Castles Robert, storekeeper 2 14 south Second 

Castles Joshua, labourer Oak (N. L.) 

Castles James, grocer corner Lombard and Third 

Cathcart Wm. boarding house near 22 Mead alley 

Cathcart W. boatbuilder 7 Artillery lane 

Gather David, carver 28 1 N. Front and 3 Fearris* court 

Gathers John, shopkeeper 1 10 Cherry 

Cathrall Isaix, carpenter Kuncklc 

Catharall Isaac, m. d. 12 1 Chesnut 

Cathurall liannah, widow 16 Elfreith's alley 


Catlirall Edward, boat builder 22 Artillery lane 

Catlirall Willis, taylor 237 north Front 

Cauffman Barnet, comb maker o7 Filbert 

Cauffman Miss, 41 Sansom 

Cauffman C. storekeeper 133 north Front 

Cauffman Henry, grocer 9 1 north Third 

Cauffman Lawrence china merchant 156. N. Second 

Caul William, baker 64 Cherry 

Cauley John, ropemaker 26 Mary 

Cauvin Nicholas, 49 Lombard 

CavaroeCharles, bottler 108 High 

Cave Thomas, distiller 62 Dock 

Cave Thomas, superentendant of City watch 212 

south Second 
Cave John, sea captain 2 1 Plum 
Cavenaugh Hugh, grocer and tavernkeeper south 

side of Almond street wharf \_see Kavanaugh 
Cavender Curtis, storekeeper 1 60 north Third 
Cecil Algernon, cutler 103 Walnut 
Cecil Charles, locksmith near 105 Walnut 
Chamberlain Aaron, sea captain 1 3 Callowhill 
Chamberlain widow of Ben j. shoemaker 37 N. Third 
Chamberlain James G. merchant 248 Spruce 
Chamberlane Richard, carpenter 35 Coates' alley 
Chambers Ezekiel, shipwright 1 5 Noble 
Chambers Francis, mariner 498 south Front 
Chambers Geo. storekeeper 74 north Fourth 
Chambers James, mariner back 314 north Second 
Chambers John, guager 125 north Sixth 
Chambers widow of John, innkeeper 16 N. Third 
Chambers Thomas, labourer 509 north Third 
Chancellor William 8c Co. merchants 157 High 
Chancellor William, merchant 4 and 6 north Fourth 
Chandler A. boarding house 4 north Eighth 
Chandler David, mariner 5 Vernon 
Chandler Cliff, shoemaker Merritt's lane 
Chapin Nathan, late teacher corner Ceder 8c Fifth 
Chapman Abisha, taylor 24 Crown 
Chapman G. R. ironmonger 22 Wood 
Chapman John, sexton to Friends meeting house (in 

Mulberry-st) Loxley's alley 
Chapman Luke, turner corner Sixth and Pine 
Chapman William, salt measurer 239 north Front 


Ghapman Williann, bricklayer 292 Mulberry 
Chapman Nathaniel, m. d. 232 Spruce 
Chapman & Lehman, stablekeepers 94 north Second 
Chapman William, accomptant Drinker's alley & 

486 Sassafrass 
Chapman James, carter 12 Elizabeth 
Chapman Thomas, stablekeeper Drinker's alley 
Chard George, labourer 141 nonh Water 
Chardon A. paper hanging manufacturer 85 Chesnut 
Charles Catharine, 59 Lombard 
Chai'les Henry, copperplate printer 75 Sassafras 
Charnley Edward, merchant 55 High 
Charlton James, potter Cedar near Thirteenth 
Chase Matthias, mariner 8 Swanson 
Chase E. coachmaker Ninth near Walnut 
Chessereau John, sea captain Carpenter above Fifth 
Chastant J. B. merchant 149 north Third 
Chatham John, shoemaker 39 Prime 
Chaudron S. & Co. watchmakers Sc jewellers 1 2 S* 3d 
Chauncey Charles, attorney at lav/ 48 Walnut 
Chauncey Elisha, Esqr. 46 Walnut 
Cheesman David, bricklayer 160 Coates* 
Cheesman Godfrey, carter 462 north Third 
Cheesman Isaac, shoemaker 29 Prime 
Cherry David, grocer 76 north Sixth 
Chesnut John, labourer Locust near Thirteenth 
Chesnut Samuel 8c William, grocers 280 High 
Chessen George, coppersmith 220 south Third 
Chester James, boot and shoemaker 167 Coates' 
Chester Samuel, shoemaker 373 north Third 
Cheston Elijah, coachmaker 79 Pine 
Chevalier Mary, widow 97 Callow hill 
Chevalier Samuel, tanner York road above Poplar lane 
Chevens William, cooper Equality court 
Chew Richard, porter 462 north Front 
Chew Benjamin, jun. councellor at law 1 12 Spruce 
Chew Je fiery, carter 262 south Fifth 
Chew Joseph, porter 4 1 Prime 
Chew Mrs. of William, grocer Spruce above Eighth 
Chiene M. & Co. dry goods store 104 south Second 
Childs George, maiiner 12 Oak (Southwark) 
Child Henry, ironmonger 452 north Second 
Childs John, printer Prune near Fifth 


Childs Thomas, sea captain 272 south Sixth 
Chillenton Mrs. nurse 65 Queen 
Christian Anthony, mariner C'ox's alley- 
Christy H. grocer, 2 north Water and 80 Front 
Christie widow of James, grocer 121 Brown 
Chrysder Jacob, shopkeeper 3 north Third 
Christian Peter, county commissioner 126 N. Water 
Christal D. milliner 200 Chesnut 
Christopher Michael, porter 134 Coates' 
Christy Robert, boot and shoemaker 27 south Front 
Christy VVm. accomptant 145 south Third 
Chur Jacob, baker 85 Sassafras 
Church Isaac, carpenter 141 Green 
Churchman Owen, teacher 45 Filbert 
Cist Mrs. boarding-house S. W. corner Tenth & High 
ClampfFer Mary, widow 2 1 Eifreith's alley 
Clapier Lewis, merchant 6 Lombard & 216 S. Front 
Clare Casper, porter back 176 south Sixth 
Claridge Philip I. grocer S. E. corner of Vine Sc 5th 
Clark Adam, grocer corner Queen and Second 
Clark Adam, porter 241 south Sixth 
Clark Ashur, shoemaker 94 Gaskill 
Clark A. widow near 41 north Eighth 
Clark Benjamin, clock and watchmaker 36 High 
Clark Catharine, widow 42 north Fourth 
Clark Charles, mariner 74 Penn 
Clark Charles, painter, &c. 1 80 Lombard 
Clark Ephraim and Charles, clock Sc watchmakers 

1 south Front 
Clark Clement, boarding house 105 High 
Clark Daniel, 7 Gaskill & 147 Cherry 
Clark Ephraim, clock and watchmaker 1 south Front 
Clark Elisha, accomptant 2 1 Branch 
Clark Enos, labourer 104 Filbert 
Clark Hannah, gentlewoman 38 north Fifth 
Clark Israel, potter 198 north Second 
Clark John, turner 14 south Fifth 
Clark Jacob, grocer 55 north Water 
Clark James, carpenter Hoffman's alley 
Clark Jesse, watchmaker corner Second & Lombard 
Clark John, sea captain 201 north Second 
Clark John, plumber near 25 Brewer's alley 


Claik John, tavernkeeper Cherry near Eighth 

Clark John L. merchant 32 north Fifth 

Clark widow of Jonathan, north Juniper 

Clark Michael, shoestore 124 High 

Clark Mary, mantuamaker 22 Callowhill 

Clark Mrs. nurse 15 South alley 

Clark Robert, grocer corner of Swanson & Almond 

Clark , shoemaker 224 Lombard 

Clark John, shoemaker 418 south Second 

Clark Justice, shoemaker 198 north Second 

Clark Joseph, teacher 12 north Fifth 

Clark Joseph, merchant 3 S. Water & 91 N. Second 

Clark cj" Kempton, merchants 53 north Water 

Clark Morris shoemaker Cherry near Eleventh 

Clark & Shiras, merchants 13 noi'th Water 

Clarke Samuel, merchant 227 south Front 

Clark Thomas, blacksmith Elmslie's alley 

Clark Timothy, taylor 486 south Second ' 

Clarke Willian, storekeeper 369 north Front 

Clark Wm. mariner 18 Artillery lane 

Clarkson J. merchant 48 S. Wharves & 170 S, Fourth 

Claudius Augusta, merchant north-west corner of 

Ninth and Chesnut 
Classtra Madame, 18 Lombard 
Clawges Daniel, painter 45 north Fourth & 188 Vine 
Clawges J, sen. measurer of painters* Work 52 N. Fifth 
Claxton John, shipchandler 7 S'. Wharves & 19 Arch 
Claxton Mary, storekeeper 76 Crown 
Clay Curtis, sen. gentleman 170 Chesnut 
Clay Curtis, jun. commission merchant 65 Dock 
Clay Joseph, cashier of the Farmers* and Mechanics* 

bank 2 1 Sansom 
Claypoole Abraham G. accomptant 203 south Fifth 
Claypoole David C. 222 Spruce 
Claypoole Jacob, carpenter Charlotte 
Claypoole Josiah, shoemaker 69 Coates' 
Claypoole T. boarding house 39 Pine 
Claypoole John C. upholsterer 70 south Front 
Clayton C. coachmaker corner Seventh & Mulberry 
Claytoa Thomas, hatter 126 south Front 
Cleaver Isaac, m. d. 286 north Second 
Cleaver Jesse, lumber merchant 286 north Second 




Cleaver Mary, milkwomaii 2 1 5 north Eighth 

Cleaver John, mariner -238 north Front 

Clemens Jacob, late justice 473 north Second 

Clemens Edward, fruiterer corner 8th and Mulberry 

Clemens Joseph, perfumer 102 south Second 

Clement James, taylor 143 Lombard 

Clement Jacob, grocer 1 1 north Water and 78 Front 

Clement Jacob, merchant 1 1 1 north Fifth 

Clement James, shot factor 49 S. Wharves Sc 90 Sd 

Clement Mrs. widow 23 Elizabeth 

Clement Jos. T. grocer 15 High 

Clemson James, flour merchant 27 \ High 

Clemson Thomas, flour merchant 2 68 High and 52 

Cleveland John J. hardware merchant 190, High 
Clevenger Squire, taylor 6 N. Water fee 48 Sassafras 
Clew William, ladies shoemaker 3 1 3 & 3 1 5 Mulberry 
Cliffin Allen, mariner 23 Par^^am's alley 
Cliffbn Mrs. nurse 411 south Front 
Clifford Thomas, merchant 232 Walnut 
Clifford Thomas and John, hardware merchants 29 

north Water 

ClIFFOBD's wharf opens next 29 NORTH WATF>R 

Clifton James, sea captain 26 Catharine 

Clifton and Tatem, sailmakers 79 south Wharves 

Cline Henry, taylor 47 north Eighth 

Cline George, shoemaker 505 north Third 

Cline Elizabeth, nurse Poplar lane 

Cline John, printer 347 Sassafras 

Cline George, taylor 1 Prune \_see Kline 

Cline George, tanner corner Noble and York road 

Cline Joseph, oakcooper 352 and 354 north Front 

Cline Peter, bricklayer 374 north Third 

Clinton Mrs. boarding house 5 south Fourth 

Clinton Mrs. midwife Giles' alley 

Clinton Francis, labourer Juniper alley 

Clinton Robert, merchant 141 Spruce 

Clinton Robert, jun. merchant 141 Spruce 

Clippard John, weaver 3J7 north Third 

Clopp John, smith 92 New and 174 north Fourth 

Clopper and Hall, merchants 1 90 High 

Close Christian, cornchandler 81 Passyunk 


Closson John, labourer 32 Applelree alley 

Closson William, tavernkeeper 204 north Water 

Closson Sarah, shopkeeper 48 Mulberry 

Clothier Barbary, tavernkeeper '^175 north Front 

Ciotworthy John, baker 383 north Third 

Cloud J. C. carter Taper alley 

Cloua Charles F. parchmentmaker Margaretta 

Cloud Joseph, refiner in the mint 247 Mulberry 

Clouser Matthew, watchman 29 north Sixth 

Cloyd Joseph, carter Weaver's alley 

Cluley John, wirefender and cageqriaker 17 S. Fourth 

Clyde and Baxter, grocers 1 1 8 north Seventh 

Clyraer George, President of the Philadelphia Bank 

1 1 north Eighth 
Clymcr Jacob,"" candle boxmaker 128 Coates' 
Clymer Jacob, carpenter 75 Crown 
Clymer IVIary, widow 483 north Third 
Coarse Mathias, sea captain 175 N. Front [see Coupe 
Cotit Rev. Michael, 118 north Fourth 
Coates Daniel, tanner and currier 501 north Front 
Coates Georo;e Tvi. hardware merchant 49 High 
Coates Jane, widow near 511 north Front 
Coates John, shipwright 158 Svvai>son 
Coates Joseph S. merchant 210 Chesnut 
Coates widow of Josiah L. 60 north Third 
Coates Matthew, nailer 464 north Front 
Coates Samuel, jun. agent 87 New 
Coates Samuel, merchant 82 south Front 
Coates widow of William, esq. 382 north Front 
Cobb Thomas, carpenter Fourth above Brown 
Cobuin John, rigger 22 Mulberry 
Cochran John, tobacconist Mary 
Cocliran Charles, bottler 84 north Water 
Cochran Hugh, poiter Seventh near Shippen 
Cochran Hugh B. bookbinder 108 Sassafras 
Cochran John, carpenter 7 German 
Cochran John, baker near 350 High 
Cochran John, shallopman 440 souih Front 
Cochran Robert, printer 108 Sassafras 
Cochran Mrs. tutress 33 north Fifth 
Cock J. T. teacher 324 south Second 
Gockburn W. J. gentleman Hudson's lane 
Cody James, carpenter 152 north Fifth 


Goe Richard, merchant store fourth door from High, 

west side of south Second, dwelling 41 Sassafras 
Coe Robert, merchant south Second, second door 

from High, west side 
GofFee Jonathan, blacksmith 297 Vine 
Coffie J. \V. painter, &c. 62 Spruce 
Cofnen Albert, sea captain MHTuiloch's court 
Coffin Thos. merchant 54 south Front 8c 159 Second 
Cogle Mary, nurse 22 Coombs' alley 
Cogle Thomas, labourer 64 Catharine 
Coggins Isaac, sea captain 263 noith Front 
Cohen A. Myers, merchant 290 High 
Cohen A. manufacturer of artificial mineral watevs 

100 south Second 
Cohen J. J. merchant 5 north Second 
Cohen A. B. merchant 37 1 north Second 
Cohen E. merchant 75 north Fourth 
Cohen Rev. Jacob, near 1 Cherry 
Coit Richard, shoemaker 7 Oak (S.) 
Cole James, shopkeeper 325 south Front 
Cole James H. merchant 8 north Third 
-.uic oarauj Wiuvy .< .*^-.* -.twiowiu.* 
Cole William, carpenter 146 north Eightli 
Cole Thomas, shoemaker 122 Plum 
Coleman Alexander, weaver corner 7th 8c Shippen 
Coleman Adam, shoemaker back 293 Vine 
Coleman Catharine, mantuamaker 119 north Third 
Coleman Mrs. widow 419 north Second 
Coleman Charity, widow 133 Cherry 
Coleman Israel, nailer 175 St. John's 
Coleman Lydia, widow Goforth alley 
Coleman N. victualler corner Twelfth 8c Sassafras 
Coleman Philip, skinner and glue factor 22 Noble 
Coleman John, porter 48 south Eighth 
Coleman William, stablekeeper Laurel 
Coleman Jacob, carpenter back 1 1 Wagner's alley 
Cplerick Arthur, printer 141 Walnut 
Colhoun David, shipcarpenter Federal court 
Colhoun G. and A. merchants 37 north Water 
Colhoun Gustavus, merchant 265 Chesnut 
Colhoun Hugh, merchant 37 north Water 
Colhoun Williamj blacksmith Farmer's alley 


GolhoLin John, smith back 126 BroWn 

Calladay Abraham, carpenter 138 Mulberry 

Calladay Jacob, carpenter opposite 136 north Eighth 

Calladay Joseph S. carpenter corner Eighth 8c Vine 

Collard John, bricklayer 141 Green 

Collier John, mariner 340 south Front 

Colhn Rev. "Nicholas, 208 Svvanson 

Collins Charles, taylor 77 south Front 

Collins Abraham, carver Oak (N. L.) 

Collins Benjamin, painter, &c. 120 Chesmit 

Collins C. biscuit baker 32 south Wharves and 171 

north Water 
Collins Rebecca, widow 66 south Sixth 
Collins Peter, grocer 166 north Third 
Collins Joseph, storekeeper 182 north Second 
CoUins and Sanders fruiterers 1 82 north Second 
Collins Sarah, cakebaker 21 Arch and 60 Chesnut 
Collins Timothy, grocer 75 south Fifth 
Collins William, baker 176 Pine 
Collins William, carter 16 Prune 
Collins Zaccheus, merchant 29 north Secand 
Colling James, shoemaker 1 1 Passyunk road. 
Coilings R. sailmaker 25 south Whsrves 8c 33 Union 
Comerlow widow, bandbox maker 67 Coates' 
Comfort Stephen, jun. merchant 26 south Second 
Comfort Martin, brassfounder back 143 Vine 
Comly Benjamin, carpenter 4 1 9 north Front 
Comly E. storekeeper 126 north Second 
Comly James, merchant taylor 17 south Third 
Comly Charles, merchant 38 north Front 
Comly David, carpenter back 246 north Second 
Comly Ezra, storekeeper 75 north Third 
Comly Mrs. widow 1 90 north Fifth 
Conarroe Thomas, wharf-builder 32 Callowhill 
Conchy James, storekeeper 296 south Front 
Conde Charles, hairdresser 57 Mulberry 
Condie Thomas, bookbinder 22 Carter's alley 
Conden William, letter of horses and carriages 74 

nortli Fifth 
Condon William, blacksmith shop Coates'-st. "whai*f^, 

dwellins; Beach near Maiden 
Condy J, W. counsellor at law 106 Wjtluut 


Condy and Ragiiet, merchants Bickley's wharf 
Cone Alice, boarding- house 54 north Fifth 
Coner Michael, carpenter 201 south Seventh 
Conkle George, taylor 90 north Third 
Conkle Henry, taylor 48 north Seventh 
Connell Robert, printcutter north Juniper 
Connelly Francis, labourer 398 north Front 
Connelly H. cabinetmaker 72 south Fourth 
Connelly John, hatter 103 Crown 
Connelly J. blacksmith 282 and 264 soulh Third 
Connelly James, carpenter 23 north Ninth 
Connelly John, commission merchant 78 and 80 S. 

Connery John, cabinetmaker 118 south Fourth 
Connery Thomas, labourer north Juniper 
Connie Peter, wine cooper 30 Meade alley 
Connor James, grocer 349 Callowhill 
Connor Charlotta, boarding house 102 north Third 
Connor Daniel, porter Locust above Twelfth 
Connor John, boardin'g house 75 George 
Connor Bridget, tavernkeeper 284 south Front 
Connor Bridget, tavernkeeper 65 north Water 
Connor Mary, widow 120 Pine 
Connor Thomas, blacksmith Hartung's alley 
Conover Samuel L. m- d. 14 1 south Fifth 
Conover Jacob, bricklayer St. Tammany 
Conrad Bernard, porter Cedar above Ninth 
Conrad C. Sc A. Sc Co. stationers, Sec. 30 Chesnut 
Conrad Elijah, merchant 41 High 
Conrad John, porter Hains*s alley [sec Conard 
Conrad John, bookseller 161 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Conrad John, blacksmith 1 1 & 22 Pewtei platter alley 
Conrad John, woolcomber 21 Sassafras alleys 
Conrad Jonathan, lumber yard 277 north Third 
Conrad Joseph, bricklayer corner Seventh & Cedar 
Conrad Matthew, shoewarehouse 60 High 
Conrad Solomon W. printer & bookseller 93 High, 

dwelling 5 Church alley 
Conrad WiUiara, sugar boiler 189 Cherry 
Consort Adam, mariner Goddard's alley 
Convery Henry, grocer comer Cedar and Sixth 
Conway Bernard, storekeeper 179 Mulberry 


Conway Neil, trader 167 north Sixth 

Conwell G. taylor 208 south Water 

Conyers John, shoemaker 40 south Third 

Conyers Walter, bootmaker 16 Carter's alley 

Conyngham Gustavus, sea captain 81 Lombard 

Cook A. letter carrier 2 Chancery lane 

Cook Alexander, soapboiler 136 and 140 N. Fourth 

Cook Charles, taylor back 126 north Fifth 

Cooke and Cresson, merchants 133 High 

Cook David, shoemaker !09 Plum 

Cook Detrick, baker 485 north Third 

Cook Elizabeth, nurse 28 Farmer's alley 

Cook George, labourer 386 north Third 

Cook George H. shoemaker 108 High 

Cook George, taylor 127 and 149 north Second 

Cook Henry, carpenter 79 V'ine 

Cook John, china meichant 3 1 1 north Second 

Cook John, morocco dresser 14 Artillery lane 

Cook John, coppersmith 223 north Second 

Cook John and Co. paper hanging warehouse 131 

Chesnut north-east corner Fourth 
Cook Mary, widow 10 south Eighth 
Cook Peter, labourer 25 Cresson's alley 
Cook Susannah, boarding house 78 south Third 
Cook John, merchant corner I lih 8c Hunter's court 
Cooke John, merchant 1 33 High 
Coomb Peter, rigger 104 Swanson 
Coombs George, carpenter 4 Qnarry 
Coombs David, constable 33 German Isee Combs 
Coombs John, carpenter 97 Budd 
Coombs Nathaniel, 77 Cherry 
Coombs Thomas, carter 327 north Front 

Coombs , mate 9 Parram's alley 

Cooper Adam, carpenter 345 Mulberry 
Cooper fielfour, mariner rorner German and Fifth 
Cooper Conrad, shoemaker 256 north Front 
Cooper Charles, victualler near 297 south Sixth 
Cooper Deborah, widow 186 south Front 
Cooper Mrs. of Francis, shipwright 403 north Third 
Cooper Hugh, grocer 50 N. Third and 84 Mulberry 
Cooper Henry, printer corner Filbert and Eleventh 


Cooper James, carpenter 192 St. John's 

Cooper James jun. merchant 25 Cable lane 

Cooper James, gentleman 194 north Front 

Cooper Jane, widow of John, 137 Pine 

Cooper John, deputy port surveyor, south Twelfth 

Cooper John, printer 137 Pine [See Cou/iar 

Cooper Joseph, 8c Co. merchants 1 north Front 

Cooper Thomas, porter 6 1 Queen 

Cooper Mahlon, millwright 219 north Second 

Cooper Joseph, merchant 39 Vine 

Cooper Thomas, mastmaker 504 south Second 

Cooper Michael, constable 22 Small 

Cooper Samuel, carpenter Rose alley 

Cooper Thos. assistant keeper at debtors appartment 

Cooper Wm. soap boiler 364 south Front 

Cooper William E. millwright 485 north Second 

Cope Godfrey G. victualler St. Tammany 

Cope Charles, victualler Moyamensing road 

Cope Israel and Jasper, merchants 165 High 

Cope Israel, merchant 136 Mulberry 

Cope Jasper, merchant 166 Mulberry 

Cope widow of John, constable 54 Brown 

Cope Thomas P. merchant over 19 north Second and 

36 north Fourth 
Copeland Wm mate 13 Shievely's alley 
Goppinger John, pilot 92 Cedar 
Corbit Israel, carpenter 73 south Eleventh 
Corbit Mrs. nurse 108 north Front 
Corfield Adam, taylor 64 Vine 
Corfield Edward D. justice of peace 259 north Front 
Corfield Jesse, morocco dresser 116 Walnut and 

Corfield William, tanner 353 Caliowhill 
Corgae George, pilot 12 Queen 
Corgae Thomas, ship smith 209 Swanson & 420 

south Front 
Cork John, carpenter Walnut near Tenth 
Cork John B. lace weaver 133 south Sixth 
Corkrin James, carpenter 207 south Fourth 
Gorkrin Maiy, milliner 207 south Fourth 
Corless Mathias, grocer 2 1 north Second 
Cornell M. mantuamaker 64 north Sixth 


Cornelius Christian, silversmith 8 Pewterplatter alley 
CornelTus Amie, nurse, 207 south fifth 
Cornish James, store^keeper 7 5 Cedar 
Cornish widow of John, corner Cedar and Second 
Cornman Adam, sugar baker 361 north Second 
Cornman Adam, printer 86 north Eleventh 
Cornman Joseph, keeper of debtors apartment 
Cornman Wm.accomptant corner Spruce & Eleventh 
Corragan Jacob, carpenter 204 Cherry 
Correy Robert, merchant 7 1 south Water 
Correy Lawrence, carter Fourth above Coates' 
Corry B. widow 6 Garrigue*s court i^ee Currey 

Cossart David, cedar cooper 76 north Sixth 
Cotter Florence, carpenter 38 1 High 
Gotrell Richard, mariner 4 1 1 south Front 
Cottringer Garret, merchant 210 south Third 
Gouden David, dyer corner Cedar and Fifth 
Coulson John, yoemen 3 1 5 Callowhill 
Goultson Israel, carpenter 5 Butler's court 
Coulter John, merchant corner of Union and Front 
Coulter widow of Joseph, 33 Pine 
Coulton Margaret, widow near 88 Gaskill 
Coulton William, carpenter 48 Spruce 
Coulton Wm. taylor north-east corner Penn & Cedar 
Countryman C. ornamental painter 526 north Front 
Countryman John, baker 120 German 
Coupar Elizabeth, widow Stilihouse alley 
Courtauld Samuel, merchant 104 Spruce 
Courlet John B. gentleman Coates' alley 
Coursault Amiable, merchant 36 St. John's 
Course Mrs. of Henry, Brewer's alley 
Course Peter, mariner 10 Margaretta 
Courtney Arthur, type founder Lombard above 9th 
Courtney James, grocer 148 north Fifth 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter 74 Mulberry 
Cousins widow of Isaiah, .carter, Stilihouse alley 
Cousland widow of John, 26 Carter's alley 
Covert Isaac, blockmaker 37 south Wharves 
Cowdrick John, bricklayer St, Tammany 
Cowden David, calico printer 182 Cedar 
Cowell Richard, shoemaker back 123 Mulberry 
Cowsan Margaret, confectioner 245 south Front 


Cowperthvvaite widow of J. justice, 204 north Front 

Cowperthwaite Mark, shoemaker near 161 Spruce 

Cox Elizabeth, teacher 90 north Fifth 

Cox Benjamin, watchmaker 136 south Front 

Coxe widow of Andrew, 80 Green 

Cox David carpenter Callowhill wharf 

Cox David, carpenter 10 Pewterplatter alley 

Cox Edward, blacksmith 500 south Front 

Cox Elizabeth, widow of Moses, corner Union 8c 3d 

Cox Gideon, cedar cooper 253 High 

Cox Gabriel, carter 92 Green 

Cox George, taylor 1 1 Norris's alley 

Cox Jacob, merchant 226 High 

Cox James S. president of the Pennsylvania InsuN 

ance Company 429 High 
Cox James, artist 1 south Third 
Cox John, mariner 307 south Front 
Cox John T. carpenter 212 Pine 
Cox John, currier 400 north Third 
Cox John A. shoemaker corner Spruce i^ Tenth 
Cox L. labourer 18 Budd 

Cox Martin, blacksmith Hayscales wharf (N. L.) 
Cox Mrs. boarding house 2 Fromberger's court 
Cox Mrs. gentlewoman 4 Sansom 
Cox Paul, sea captain 88 south Front 
Cox Mrs. boarding house 47 Mulberiy 
Cox Samuel, ladies shoemaker 59 Cherry 
Coxe Sarah, gentlewoman 200 Walnut 
Cox Wm. smith 106 north Second 
Cox Wm. labourer corner Thirteenth ^ Chesnut 
Cox DanieF W. merchant 95 south Front, dwelling 

Chesnut, third door above Seventh, north side 
Coxe Esther, gentlewoman 157 Walnut (Sansom's 

Coxe John D. 76 Walnut 
Coxe J. Redman, m. d. 133 Walnut 
Coxe Tench, purveyor of public supplies J 96 Spruce 
Coxe William, chair maker 8 Combs' alley 
Coyles Edward, stevadore 30 Little water 
Coyls Daniel, soap-boiler 102 Crown 
Coyle James, taylor 3 Pewterplatter alley 
Cozine Wm. shipwright Stillliouse alley 


Craddock Thomas (Bush Hill hotel) at Bush Hill 

Craft Jacob smith Fourth above Brown [See Kraft 

Craft Michael, tanner above 511 north Second 

Craft Robert, shoemaker 2o3^north Second 

Craft Casper, taylor 526 north Third 

Crager George, cai-dmaker 137 Cherry 

Craig Elizabeth, boarding house corner Walnut and 

Craig George, sea captain 258 south Front 
Craig Jacob, sailrnaker 62 Gaskill 
Craig widow of John, 181 ^183 Chesnut 
Craig James, merchant 22 Penn Isf \^\ Chesnut 
Craig John, smith 283 north Third 
Craig John, saddle c^ harness maker above 550 N. 3d 
Craig Misses, 1 1 3 Spruce 
Craig Robert, nailer 90 north Water 
Craig Samuel, smith 1 4 Prune 
Craig S. M. bonnetmaker 14 south Fourth 
Craig Seth, saddle and harness maker 246 High 
Craig Seth & Co. saddle Sc harness makers 1 10 High 
Craig Samuel, taylor 72 south Eighth 
Cramer John, shipwright near 504 south Second 
Crammond W. merchant Walnut-st. wharf, south 

side, and 216 Mulberry 
Cranchel Bartholomew, fruiterer 157 Chesnut 
Crane A. wrought nailer Laurel (N. L.) ^see Crean 
Crane Roger, sea captain 28 Queen 
Cranse Peter, shoemaker 56 George (S ) 
Cranston William, sea captain 15 German 
Crap Nicholas, boot and shoemaker U2 S. Second 
Crap widow, storekeeper 15 Spruce 
Crawford Alexander, taylor 192 north Third 
Crawford Andrew, stevadore 75 Plum 
Crawford widow of James, 332 south Second 
Crawford James, merchant 132 south Second 
Crawford John, baker 46 Filbert 
Crawford Mrs. E. 12 Noble 
Crawford Mrs. storekeeper 336 north Second 
Crawford's wharf opens at 99 north water 
Creamer Sarah, widow 1 80 Sassafras 
Creamer George, carpenter 9 Crown [see Cramer 
Creamer J. blacksmith 161 Shippen& 116 Lombard 


Creamer Christian, labourer 204 St. John's 
Crearjc Wm. G. ladles shoemaker 24 6 north Second 
Cregar Samuel, shoemaker 80 Sassafras 
Cress Thomas, cooper 9\ Crown 
Cress George, shoemaker 346 High 
Cress Henry, innkeeper Chesnut Hill 
Cress Heni'y, shoemaker 62 Artillery laYie 
Cress John, inspector of customs 9 1 north Sixth 
Cress Peter, harnessmaker 237 High 
Cressman Henry, shoemaker Farmer's alley 
Cresson Benjamin, china merchant 197 Sassafras 
Cresson Caleb, gentleman 43 Cherry 
Cresson Caleb, jun. merchant 202 Mulberry 
Cresson John H. Sc Joseph, chinastore 14 N. Second 
Cresson James, china merchant 227 High 
Cresson John Elliott, conveyancer 54 High 
Cresson John H. nmerchant 14 north Second 
Cresson Joseph, china merchant 9 Church alley 
Cresson Joshua, accomptant 42 north Eighth 
Cresson Richard C. grocer 409 north Front 
Cresswell Samuel, sea captain 49 Cherry 
Cribbin John, rigger 11 5 Catharine 
Crim George, blacksmith above 500 north Second 
Criner Joseph, coachpainter Leech's court 
Crispin Adam, taylor back 10 Laeiitia court 
Christnaan Henry, shoemaker 1 1 6 Sassafras 
Croasdill Wm. merchant 15 north Fifth 
Crocket John, taylor 150 south Water. Sc 82 Spruce 
Crockett Samuel, taylor 41 L^nion 
Crockett and Tumbelston, taylors 121 south Water 
Cromly Thomas, ropemaker next 115 Christian 
Cromly Jacob, labourer 3 1 north Seventh 
Cromwell John, bricklayer Shriever's court 
Cromwell Philip, victualler back 142 Brown 
Cromwell Oliver^ bricklayer 332 north Second 
Crone Isaac, taylor Spafford 
Crooked billet wharf at 21 south water 
Crooks George, founder near 8 Hyde's court 
Crosby widow cf Dennis, cooper 25 Callowhill 
Crosby widow of George, mariner Nonnoter's court 
Croskey Richard, brewer 10 Little George and 186 


CvoTykty Geor^re D. brewer 2 1 Sansom 
Cross Bcnjaman, teacher 241 north Second 
Cross Robert (). hatter 7 Elfrcith's alley . 
Cross Mrs. shopkeeper 316 north Second 
Classen James, stevadore 9 Vernon 
Crosier Benjamin, sho'.^raaker lilmsley's alley 
Crossman Henry, grocer 128 High 
Croosman J. livery stable 25 5 Vine 
Croosman James, labourer George near Eight!; 
Cropper Isaac, mariner 10 Callowhill 
Crothers William, printer back 135 Mulberry 
Crotto Henry, nevvscarrier 32 Farmer's alley 
Croursauls A, merchant 123 Spruce 
Crouta John B. pastrycook 240 High 
Crouss Michael, victualler H 2 Vine 
Crousillat Edward, 155 Pine 

CrouSILLAt's wharf opens at 13 NORTH WATER 

Crowding widow of Peter, carpenter 53 north Sixth 

Crowal Martin, mariner 21 Appletree alley 

t'rowell James, teacher 18 Shippen 

Crowell Elisha, druggist 28 Almond 

Crowell Samuel, pilot 92 Swanson 

Crowley J. portrait painter 102 Spruce 

Crowley John, clock and watchmaker 130 S. Front 

Crowley James, shoemaker 21 Walnut 

Crowley Timothy, fruiterer 16 Walnut 

Crowley John, smith 1 12 Phim 

Cruckshank Joseph, printer and stationer 87 High 

Crumback Godfrey, shoemaker Drinker's court 

Crumback Jacob, shoemaker 51 Passyunk 

Crumstock John, shoemaker Cedar above Twelfth 

Cruson William, accomptant Locust above Eighth 

Cryder Mary, shopkeeper 165 north Third 

Cryder George, labourer 1 50 St. John's 

Culin John, taylor S.W. corner High and Water and 

5 Chancery lane 
Cullin Arthur, labourer Mifflin's court 
Culnan Charles, back 129 Walnut 
Culp Tilman, teacher 205 Sassafras 
Gulp C. teacher 22 Cherry 
Culver H. carpenter Pennsylvania avenue 



Cummens Charles, perfuiner 2 1 south Fourth 
Cummings William, merchant 26 Plum 
Cummins James, taylor 32 Chesnut 
Cummins James, shoemaker Lilly alley 
Cummings Mrs. boarding house 1 1 5 south Front 
Cummins Paul, physician 22 Fitzwalter 
Cummins Ricluird, tinplate worker 262 N. Second 
Cummins Thomas, labourer 3 1 6 Sassafras 
Cumming Solomon, hatter 178 north Third 
Cummins William, carpenter 17 Carter's alley 
Cumpston Thomas, merchant 301 High 
Cunningham Ann, milliner corner Third Sc Chesnut 
Cunningham John, carter 5 Ciiles* alley 
Cunningham David, sea captain 145 north Second 
Cunni igham John, grocer 46 S. 2d [see Conyngham 
Cunnhigham Silas, mariner 256 south Third 
Cunningham James, shoemaker Locust above 12th 
Cunningham Thomas, waiter 1 12 north Eighth 
Cunningham Robert, weaver 7^ north Sixth 
Cunitz-widow, bleeder andleecher 78 Sassafras 
Curby Edward, mariner 12 Pine 
Curby William, mariner Hoffman's alley 
Currier Andrew, merchant 2 50 Spruce 
Cure Walter, shoemaker 287 Callowhill 
Curlet Catharine, boarding house 81 Swanson 
Curren Hugh, carter Thirteenth near Locust 
Curren John C. porter 9 Sassafras- alley 
Currin Timothy, plaisterer Juniper lane 
Curren widow of Nathaniel, 161 north Thiixl 
Curry E shopkeeper Noble near St. John's 
Currey John, merchant taylor 1 1 8 Walnut [see Corrcy: 
Currey Samuel, shoemaker near 12 South alley 
Curry Samuel, stablekeeper 32 north Eighth 
Currie William, m. d. ISO south Second 
Gtlrry Mary, boarding house 143 Chesnut 
Currigan Thomas, labourer Vine near Eiglith 
Curtis Asa, grocer N. E. corner Mulberry & Second 
Curtis E. taylor 2 south Water & 16 Coomb's alley 
Curtis Joseph, shoemaker 410 south Second 
Curtis Henry, carpenter 326 north Front 
Curtis John, pdrter 405 and 407 south Front 


Curtis Samuel, chimneysweep IB Elizabeth 
Curtis William, nailer 129 Cherry 
Curwen Joseph, merchant 2 1 Dock 
Cusack Ann, grocer ID9 Cherry 
Cushing Caleb, sea captain 17 Beck's alley 
Cutbush I. druggist 25 south Fourth 
Cuthbert A. mastmaker 91 Swanson and 41 Penn. 
Cuthbert Eliza, gentlewoman 397 north Front 
Cuthbert James L. merchant 189 south Third 
Cuthbert John & Jas. L. merchants 102 S. Wharves 
Cuthbert Samuel, merchant 220 Spruce 
Cuthbert T. merchant 264 south Second and 1 Little 

Dady Peter, labourer 237 Cedar 

Daetis B. gentleman Goforth alley 

Dalilgren Bernard, vice consul and secretary from 
Sweden, office 123 and dwelling 79 Walnut 

Daincebury Anne, 91 south Fourth 

Dale Peter, labourer 60 Passyunk road 

Dale commodore Richard, 271 Chesnut 

Dallaker Mary, widow 48 Sassafras 

Dallas Alexander J. attorney of the United States for 
the district of Pennsylvania 98 south Fourth 

Dallis William, plaisterer 390 north Front 

Dallett Elijah and Thomas, soap and candle manu- 
facturers 34 High 

Daly Nicholas, cabinetmaker 122 Lombard 

Daily William, tavernkeeper 243 south Sixth 

Daily Dennis, labourer 79 Budd 

Daily John, laboiu'er 44 south Eighth 

Dally Mary, shopkeeper 1 1 1 High 

Daly John, sea captain 200 north Front 

Dallam Samuel, saddler, Sec. 104 High 

Dallman John, pumpmaker 204 north Eighth 

Dalzell Robert, weaver 196 Lombard 

Dalzell William, chinastore 244 south Second 

Danforth Thomas, pev/terer comer 13th & Filbert 

Daniel John, carter Oak (N. L.) 

Daniel Safinuel, wha^f builder 396 north Front 


Daniels Nathaniel, labourer Oak (N. L-) 
Daniels Joshua, carter corner Broad and Pine 
Dankel Henry, biscuitbaker 27 south Water 
Dankel Mrs. tavernkeeper 95 Chesnut 
Dankwerth John, baker 151 Cherry 
Dannaker John, victuallei' near 285 north Eighth C. merchant 152 Hii^h 
Darby Samuel, carpenter 15 Artillery lane 
Dardine John L. mariner Brookes' court 
Darling Thomas, harnessmaker 51 north Eighth 
Darley widow of John, dealer 289 Sassafras ■ 
Darr John, victualler Rose alley near Coates' 
Darr Nicholas, shoemaker 133 Coates' 
Darrach James, hatter 62 south Second 
Dasey Mrs, boarding house 35 PeuterphUter alley 
Daschkoff Andrew, consul gen. and charge d'affairs 
of H. M. the emperor of all the Russias 1 90 Chesnut 
Dauderman Jacob, cooper 40 Moravian alley 
D'Autrechy widow of Alexander, 1 4 north Ninth 
Davenport John, carter Oak (N. L.) 
Davenport James, cooper 4 Penn 
Daven|X)rt John, hatter 43 south Front 
Davenport Mary, I^aurel 
Davenport William, mathematical instrument maker 

45 south Front 
David R. R.29 Brown 

David Francis James, merchant 14 south Seventh 
David Jacob, storekeeper 237 north Second 
David T. boarding house 94 north Second 
J3avidson D. tavernkeeper 183 S. Front Sc 182 Water 
Davison Robert, innkeeper 151 Spruce 
Davidson Andrew, shipwright 373 south Front 
Davidson A. sailmaker 2 Mulberry 5c 2 32 N. Front 
Davidson widow of Arthur, Cauffman's court 
Davidson Kliza, shoewarehouse 121 south Front 
Davidson John, baker 22.5 south Fourth 
Davidson Nathan, merchant 5 south Ninth 
Davidson Robert, sailmaker 290 south Third 
Davidson William, repository for horses and carri- 
ages for sale, &c. 27 north Fifth 
Davidson William, broker 5 Sansom 
Davies Edward, coach and sign painter 20 N. Ninth 


Davles Benjamin, tay lor 61 Mulberry 

Davies Benjumin, storekeeper 40 north Second 

Davis Abraham, mariner 496 south Front 

Davis A. shoestore 58 High £c Eleventh near Spruce 

Davis Armon, merchant 59 north Eighth 

Davis Andrew, mariner Waikins* alley 

Davis Chaiies, bricklayer 24 Elizabeth 

Davis Catharine, innkeeper 4 Bank 

Daves David, carpenter corner Wood and Garden 

Davis Eli, shoemaker 429 north Second 

Davis Elijah, porter 77 iiudd 

Davis Elijah, merchant 84 Crown 

Davis Evan, shoemaker 83 Mulberry 

Davis George, accomptant 212 Walnut 

Davis Israel, late tavernkeeper north Broad 

Davis Isabella, widow 1 1 1 Catharine 

Davis James, blacksmith Shippen near Seventh 

Davis James, suspendermaker corner New and 4th 

Davis Isaac, tay lor 13 Gennan {see Deavis 

Davis Jesse, innkeeper 416 north Second 

Davis John, shoemaker 1 30 BroAvn 

Davis John, labourer 385 south Front 

Davis John, taylor 121 north Fifth 

Davis John, storekeeper 40 High 

Davis John, tobacconist 228 High 

Davis Joseph, hatter 251 north Second 

Davis Jonathan, carpenter 175 Pine 

Davis and Keen, shipjoiners Oak near Coates' 

Davis Mary, ironmonger 168 north Second 

Davis Nathan, porter 146 St. John's 

Davis Noah, bricklayer St. John's above Callowhill 

Davies Rebecca, milliner 207 south Second 

Davis Richard, gentleman 13 north Ninth 

Davis Robert, carpenter 18 St. John's 

Davis Sampson, carpenter 183 Cherry 

Davis and Strieker, flour merchants 224 High 

Davis Thomas, wharf builder 33 Christian 

Davis Thomas, shipjoiner 328 north Front 

Davis Thos. boot and shoemaker 142 south Front 

Davis Thomas, tavernkeeper 271 Vine 

Davis William, taylor 6 south Fifth 

Davis William, carpenter 227 Cedar 


Davis William, taylor 25 north Third 

Davis William, sliipchandler corner Sassafras and 

Water, dwelling 42 north 1 ilth 
Davis and Way, merchants 5 9 south Wharves 
Davis and W^illis, shoewarehouse 40 High 
Davis Zephaniah stonemason Cleaver alley 
Davy John, cabinetmaker Cox's alley 
Davy and Son, merchants 52 Dock 
Davy William, merchant 356 High 
Dawes Abija, merchant 126 south Second 
Dawes Ann, widow 20 north Sixth 
Dawes Charles, merchant 22 S. Wharves & 141 Arch 
Dawes Deborah, teacher 6 N orris' alley 
Dawes S, storekeeper south Second, third door from 

High, west side 
Dawes JR. and A. merchants 22 south Wharves 
Dawes Saml. F. merchant 1 1 1 south Front Sc 126 S. 2d 
Dawes Timothy, sea captain 45 Green 
Dawson E. boarding house 33 north F.ighth 
Dawson G. B. merchant corner Front and Pine 
Dawson Esther, shopkeeper 225 south Third 
Dawson Mary, nurse 260 south Third 
Dawson Sc Morrison, brewers 79 and 81 Chesnut 
Dawson R. Sc K^ suspender makers 108 High 
Dawson Robert, shopkeeper 101 north Second 
Dawson 8c Thompson, soapboilers 373 south Secoud 
Dawson William, brewer 77 Chesnut 
IDay Joseph, smith Laurence (N. L.) 
Day Samuel, taylor 12 Stall's court 
Daymon Francis, teacher corner Ninth & Vine 
Daymo Francis, baker 463 south Second 
Dayton John, merchant next 37 Dock 
Dayton Israel, taylor 40 St. John's 
Daywalt Henry, carter Fourth above Brown 
Deacon Israel, taylor St. Tammany above Third 
Deal Christ, stocking weaver near 355 Callow hill 
Deal Elias, baker 25 Appletree alley 
Deal Jacob, grocer Queen ( K.) 
Deal John, porter 157 Coates' 

Deal Conrad, baker, 120 German [See Dah. 

Deal Samuel, victualler Laurence 
Deal Peter R. carpenter Otter 


Deal Michael, bookbinder near 17 Wagner's alley- 
Deal Margaret, widow 305 north Eighth 
Deal John, victualler 299 north Eighth \_See Davis. 
Deavies Isaac, carpenter Twelfth near Chesnut 
Deamer L. i;rocer corner of Almond Sc Swanson 
Dean Hannah, widow 36 Sassafras 
Dean Alexander, accomptant 147 Pin«^ 
Dean Richard, inkeeper 1st gate, Gerraantovvn road 
Dean Alexander J. teacher 84 south Third 
Dean John, innkeeper corner Vine Sc Fourth 
Dean William, Dean's alley 
De Bartholt David, taylor 189 south Fi'ont 
Deborah E, cabinetmaker 64 Sassafras 
De Bree J. B. china merchant 74 High & 42 Sansom 
De Bruil Peter, sail maker 110 Union 
De Bruys Madame, 137 south Fifth 
Deckhart Jacob, victuallar 446 Sassafras 
Deckers widow of A'ariin, grocer 88 Swanson 
Decker Moses, labourer 75 Green 
Decker P. I. ladies shoemaker 2 62 south Fourth 
De Chapel A. segar maker corner Fiftli & Lombard 
De Costa Elizabeth, widow 3 Prune 
De Costa Joseph, sea captain 268 north Front 
Decoursey John, shoemaker Fourth above Brown 
Dedrick Joseph, storekeeper 74 Vine 
Dedfebach David, porter 107 north Ninth 
Defield Andrew, shoemaker 2 Vernon 
Deforest Peter, hatter 62 Cherry 
De Forest George, combmaker 57 north Eighth 
De Forest Henry, cabinetmaker 64 north Eighth 
Dehart Abraham, blacksmith Poplar lane 
De Haven Hugh, merchant 207 Mulberry 
De Haven Jonathan, pump maker 206 north Eighth 
Dehym Henry, shoemaker Charlotte 
Deimling F. G accomptant 3 north Fifth 
Deimling Joseph M. teacher 149 south Ninth 
Deimling Francis C. accomptant 2 Quarry 
De la Bourdine John, storekeeper 258 north Second 
De Acha Bunno, merchant corner of Pine iJ' Fifth 
Deitz John, bricklayer 203 north Third ^See Detz. 
De la Croix C. J. Philadelphia distillery, wine and 
liquor store 327 High ^264 north Second 


De la Hunt Richard, soapboiler 42 Zane 

Delany Jolin, 13 Eltreith's alley 

Delaney Lydia, milliner 1 3 1 south Second 

Delaney Patrick, saddler 8 Locust 

Delaney William, attorney at law 74 Walnut 

Delamar Peter, nautical academy 77 north Front 

Delamater John, merchant 68 north Eighth 

Delaunay R. ^ Co. merchants 55 north Second 

Delaveau John, ship builder 217 Swanson 

Delaveau James, fruiterer 158 north Third 

Delaveau Joseph, grocer 176 Spruce 

Delpeaux P. m. d. 82 south Fifth 

Demar Lewis, grocer corner of Almond and Swanson 

Demarlier J. B. shoemaker 172 south Second 

Demsey , labourer 324 south Sixth 

Dempsey John, accomptant 53 south Water 

Dempster James, carter Thirteenth near Sassafras 

Denabre John, sea captain 79 New 

Denckla Christian H. merchant 12 north Third 

De Nike Davis, sea captain 214 Cedar 

Denman Aaron, merchant 205 High 

Denman Samuel, merchant High corner Eleventh 

Denn Patrick, shoemaker Black horse alley 

Denney Daniel, printer below Shippen near Sixth 

Dennie Joseph, 4 south Third 

Denning Catharine, huckster 5 Shippen 

Denning E. tanner 478 north Second 

Dennis Barney C. late shipwright 228 Swanson 

Dennis John, coroner 90 north Sixth 

Dennis Richard, merchant 86 south Eighth 

Denison James, potter 117 Callowhill 

Deppee Henry, baker 30 north alley & 341 Sassafras 

Depeuy Alexander, dancing master 1 1 7 Spruce 

Dering John, labourer Webb*s alley 

Deringer Henry, gunsmith 29 Green 

Derbyshire Johp, carpenter back 12 north Front 

Derrick George, carpenter Oak (N. L.) 

Derry Hannah, widow 27 north Front 

Desauque Lewis, confectioner 114 south Second 

Descuret Lewis, jeweller corner Second and Union 

Deshong Mathias, merchant 7 1 Walnut 

De Silver Joseph, grocer 168 north Water 

lilRECTORY. 81 

^De Silver Robert, bookbinder, 110 Walnut 
De Silver Thomas, bookbinder 152 south Sixth 
Desmond Timothy, painter and glazier 99 Spruce 
Deswan Christopher, sail maker 281 south Third 
De Tune Jane, grocer 7 Vernon 
Detz George, carpenter 829 Sassafras l^^ee Deitz, 
Detz Frederick, taylor 90 Christian 
Devan Micliael, labourer near 9 Oak (S.) 
Devarieux Madame, 9 1 south Fourth 
Devareaux John, sea captain 491 south Front 
Devereaux John F. soap boiler Stampers alley 
Devillers John, gardener 258 Sassafras 
Devitt Hugh, baker 240 Cedar 
Devitt Patrick, porter 228 Catharine 
Devoll Catharine, boardin^house 177 south Front 
Dewees Elizabeth, widow 66 north Seventh 
Dewees C. & D. taylors 123 south Water 
Dewees Benjamin, shoemaker Hay scales Seventh 

near Vine 
Dewees L. blacksmith 276 Swanson 
Dewees WilHam P. m. d. corner Walnut iP" Fourth 
Dewey James, surveyor 10 York road 2 doors above 

Vine iy Fourth 
Dewells Josiah, ropemaker 490 south Second 
Dewiller John, carpenter Cherry near Twelfth 
De Witt P. late lumber merchant 8 Equality court 
Dialogues widow of John, 24 North alley 
Diamond Jacob, carpenter 100 north Sixth 
Diamond Martin, porter Cedar near Tenth 
Dick Able, carpenter Wood above Eighth 
Dick Daniel, merchant 49 south Front and 48 Water 
Dick Peter, taylor near 505 south Second 
Dick Alexander, grocer 29 south Front 
Dickinson Abner, shoemaker Lee*s court 
Dickinson Abel, printer Whitehall, Ridge road 
Dickenson widow of Ge7ieral^ corner of Chesnut and 

Dickenson 8c Little, cake i^ pastry bakers 112 N. 5tli 
Dickenson Phebe, cake baker 158 south Second 
Dickerson Catharine, widow 478 north Second 
Dickersorr John, porter corner Second and Arch 
Dickerson Mahlon, recorder 22 south Sixth 
Dickinson Mrs. i>utss 129 Sassulj'as 


Dickinson Daniel, glover 32 south Second 
Dickinson Jesse, carter 18 Noble 
Dickinson Joseph, weigher near 530 north Front 
Dickinson Joseph, accomptant Oak (N. L.) 
Dickinson Solomon storekeeper 3 south Second 
Dicksey \Vm. pi inter 128 south Fifth 
Dickson John, grocer 200 south Third, corner Gaskift 
Dickson Mary, boarding house 190 High [See Dixon. 
Dickson William, shoemaker 390 Sassafras 
Dickson William, hatter 59 Mulberry- 
Dickey Adam, sea captain Lilly alley 
Diehl Nicholas, notary public, office Carpenter's 

builduig, next door to the Custom house, dwelling 

54 south Eleventh 
Diehl Thomas, merchant 57 north Fourth 
Diehr i^ Lorar, smiths 104 Coates' 
Digel Jacob, victualler above 349 Callowhill 
Dilcart John, inkeeper 340 north Second 
Dilcart Peter, soap, &c. manufacturer 342 N. Second 
Dill Joseph, shoemaker back 12 Cresson's alley 
Dill Hugh; shosiLaker 36C south Seeond 
Dill Jose ph. H. sea captain 32 Catharine 
Diller Isaac, boardinghouse 2 south Seventh 
Dillingham S marine inn 7 south Water 
Dillon John, labourer 293 Mulberry 
Dillin William, shoemaker 1 62 north Eighth 
DilHn A. grocer 2 1 6 south Sixth 
Dilman Jacob, labourer above 526 north Third 
Dihvorth ct* Hooton, cabinet makers S8 Chesnut 
Dilworth James, ironmonger 59 north Second 
Dihvorth Sarah, hardware store 128 south Front 
Dihvorth Wm. ironmonger 128 south Front 
Dihvorth Wm. fur merchant 4 south Fifth 
Dimond J. F. hairdresser 91 Cedar 
Dinhorn X. sea captain Swanwick alley 
Dinnin Robert, carpenter 188 south Sixth 
Diog John, grocer and stonecutter 38 Small 
Dirrickson J . coachmaker 94 north Ninth 
Dirrickson ijj' Harris, coachmakeis next the Fine Arts 

Academy, Chesnut above Tenth 
Dixey Thomas. pumpmakerFitzwalter above Seventh 
Dixson Hugh, shoemaker Ferris' court 


Dixon Mavy, widow corner Locust and Eleventh 
Bixon widow of captain, 1 20 Coates* ^See Dickson, 
Dixon Henry, cooper Rose alley 
Dobbins Thomas, merchant taylor 5 south Front 

Dobbins : , carpenter Callowhill near Crown 

Dobelbower Lewis, printer 33 Almond 
Dobbelere Henry, shipwright West's court 
Dobson George, merchant 2 south Third 
Dobson Samuel, carpenter 1 1 5 Walnut 
Dobson Thomas, bookseller and stationer 41 south 2d 
Dohnart J. H. taylor Hoffman's alley 
Doke Matthew, labourer Pine near Lleventh 
Dolan Ann, boarding house near 70 German 
Dolby Daniel, cooper and guager 83 south W^harves 
Dolby Joseph, sexton of Christ church 21 Cherry 
Dolby Mary, china store 338 south Second 
Dolph Joseph, boarding house 9 1 Shippen 
Dominick Charles, painter, Sec. 512 north Front 
Donahy R. musician 15 Mar) 's alley 
Donaldson Isaac, hatter 72 north Second 
Donaldson John, broker 38 Walnut 
Donaldson John, carpenter 7 1 Cedar 
Donaldson William T. sheriff 68 Swanson 
Donath Joseph & Co. merchants 28 south Front 
Donegan Thomas, storekeeper 410 north Second 
, Donlevy John, shoemaker 117 Plum {see JDunlevy 
Donnaker Christian, grocer 141 north Third 
Donnell Nathaniel, 274 south Front 

Donnelly , plaisterer Juniperlane 

Donnelly David, labourer Locust above Eleventh 
Donnelly James, porter 295 north Third 
Donnelly James, soapboiler 77 north Fifth 
Donnelly John, labourer 404 Sassafras 
Donnely John, turner Spruce near Tenth 
Donnelly Joseph, labourer 1 1 5 Cherry 
Donnohue Matthew, labourer back 38 St. John's 
Donnahew Humphrey, labourer next 20 North alley 
Donnahew James, labourer 105 Christian 
Donovan John, sea captain 9 Willing's alley 
Dooling Paul, smith 62 Cherry 
Doran John, grocer corner Walnut and Tenth 
Doran John, shoemaker 241 north Frorit 


Doran M, storekeeper corner Chesnut and Second 
Dorlie M. teacher 6 Sansom ^ 

Dorely John, carter 2*24 Shippcn 
Dorey Peter, boarding house 137 Sassafras 
Dormyn John, hairdresser 270 south Front 
Dorsey E. gentlewoman 65 New 
Dorsey Benedict, grocer 3 and 5 south Third 
Dorsey and Peterson, grocers 3 south Third 
Dorsey John, auctioneer 61 & 63 south Front, dwell- 
ing 28 Sansom 
Dorsey John S. m. d. ]20 Mulberry 
Dotterer Bernard, gentleman 35 Almond 
Dotterer Henry, millwright 312 north Second 
Dotterer Barney, shoemaker 196 north Third 
Dougherty Charles, labourer back 130 south Fourth 
Dougherty Alexander, taylor 45 Pine 
Dougherty Daniel, porter 225 Cedar 

Dougherty , cooper 12 Pewterplatter alley 

Dougherty George, ironmonger 145 south Front 
Dougherty Hugh, labourer 108 Coates* 
Dougherty Mrs of James, hairdresser 302 S. Front 
Dougherty Jacob, shoemaker Malt alley 
Dougherty Mrs of James, labourer Mark's lane 
Dougherty John, grocer 310 north Front 
Dougherty John, grocer corner Lombard and Sixth 
Dougherty John, labourer Mark's lane 
Dougherty widow of J. boarding house 9 Elbow lane 
Dougherty Martin D. sea captain 138 south Fourth 
Dougherty Richard, carpenter 7th near Elizabeth 
Dougherty W. sen. soapboiler Callowhill above 8th 
Dougherty William, grocer 46 Plum 
Dougherty William, soapboiler Locust above Nij^th 
Dougherty Daniel, labourer 22 Cedar 
Dougherty Thomas, accomptant 123 south Third 
Doughty Patrick, stevadore near 1 16 Shippen 
Douglass Henry, gilder 14 Moravian alley 
Douglass E. widow next 143 Sassafras 
Douglass Francis, bricklayer 27 Cherry 
Douglass John, shoemaker Elmslies* alley 
Douglass John, one of the aldermen 174 S. Fourth 
Douglass John, jun. cabinetmaker 186 south Second 
Douglass John, type founder Cedar above Tenth 


Douglass John, labourer Fourth below Christian 

Douglass Robert, hairdresser 54 Mulberry 

Douglass & Ware, sailmakers 24 south Wharves 

Dove John, sea captain 25 Catharine 

Dover Philip, watchman 295 Vine 

Dow George, boarding house 353 south Front 

Dow John, printer Juniper lane 

Dowd John, sea captain 185 Cedar 

Dowdle John, tobacconist 56 Green 

Dowers John, jun. merchant 20 Sansom 

Dowers J. sen. sailmaker 83 south Sixth 

Dowers Nicholas, stablekeeper near 48 Lombard 

Dowers I. & L. Trees, sailmakers 33 south Wharves 

Dowlin J. & Co. stablekeepers Laurel 

Dowman John, carpenter 72 Shippen 

Dowman Thomas, currier 175 St. John*s 

Downey Hugh, shoemaker back 77 German 

Downey John, labourer Mark's lane 

Downing J. iron merchant 1 19 N. Water & 38 4th 

Downing Thomas, shoemaker back 2 1 5 vSt. John's 

Downhim John, labourer 476 north Second 

DoWNING's wharf opens at 1 19 NORTH WATER 

Downs widow of Ichabad, shoemaker 56 N. Eighth 

Downs Earle, shoemaker corner Shippen & Seventh 

Doye Charles, engineraaker 329 Mulberry 

Doyle James, oakcooper 100 Cedar 

Doyle Mrs. grocer 1 1 5 Cherry 

Doyle John, grocer corner Third and Cedar 

Doyle John, tavernkeeper 95 south Water 

Doyle John, tavernkeeper 8 High 

Doyle Patrick, labourer 30 north Water 

Doyle Walter, soapboiler, &c. 357 Mulberry 

Doyle widow of John B. printer back 142 S. Fourth 

Drake Mrs. boarding house 74 south Sixth 

Drane John, labourer near 147 south Eleventh 

Draper Cade, shoemaker 23 Shippen 

Draper James, grocer corner Beach and Maiden 

Draper John, engraver 1 1 Carter's alley 

Draper Jonathan, shoemaker 129 Pine 

Dreby John, accomptant 567 south Fifth 

Dreer Frederick, cabinetmaker 167 Sassafras 

Dreflfc Andrew, shoemaker Shievely's alley 



Drew Nathaniel, grocer norlh-east corner Water and 

Drible Daniel, victualler Wood above Eighth 
Dring J. carpenter Taper alley 
Drinker &c Bartow, merchants 13 Chesnut 
Drinker Henry, cashier of the B. N. A. 30 N. Front 
Drinker Henry S. merchant 249 Mulberry 
Drinker Daniel, stationer 72 Dock 
Drinker Jos. C. merchant 19 1 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Drinker John, attorney at law 133 south Second 
Driger John, shallopman Brookes' court 
Drisden John, mariner 63 Coates* 
Droz Humbert, clock & watchmaker 28 Mulberry 
Droz 8c Sons, clock and watchmakers 149 Walnut 
Drum B. attorney at law 89 south Fourth 
Drum William, victualler Garden 
Drum John, victualler Garden 
Drummond Thomas labourer Taper alley 
Drummond Josiah, hairdresser near 56 north Eighth 
Drummond Mrs. 274 south Second 
Drurey John, taylor 13 (Chesnut 
Duane William, publisher of the Aurora 98 High 
Duane William J. printer 77 south Eleventh 
Dubacq William, 153 Pine 
Dubarry John, merchant 177 High 
Dubeison Bartholomew, dentist 103 north Third 
Dubinard Thomas, carpenter Eleventh near Cedar 
Dubison V. Ill Pine 

Dubois widow of Abraham, late goldsmith 137 Vine 
Dubois John, shoemaker 522 south Front 
Dubois John, paperstainer 268 Sassafras 
Dubois Cornelius, carpenter 97 Budd 
Dubosq Henry, trunkmaker 90 Shippen 
Dubs Martin Sc Co. grocers 247 High 
Dubs Martin, merchant 37 north Seventh 
Dubs Michael, flour merchant 253 High 
Ducker John, carpenter south Eleventh 
Ducomp Francis, carpenter St. Tammany 
Duche john, gentleman 22 Catharine 
Ducoing John G. confectioner 5 1 north Third 
Ducomb 8c Poole, combmakers 7 3 north Eighth 
Ducomb Vincent, perfumer 53 Walnut 


Ducoing John, merchant 28 Green 
Ducoing 8c Lacombe, merchants 18 Coates* alley 
Ducoing Peter, merchant 1 1 3 north Fifth 
Dudgeon John, shoemaker Sassafras near Thirteenth 
Dudman John, painter. Sec. Tenth near Mulberry- 
Dudley William, mariner 23 Walnut 
DufF John, razor strop maker 174 Pine 

Duey , printer 208 High 

Dueye , hairdresser 99 south Fifth 

Duey Adam, tavernkeeper 10 south Fifth 

Duffey Philip, boarding house and tavern 41 Cedar 

Duffie Charles, labourer 72 Plum 

Duffee Francis, storekeeper corner Water & Walnut 

Duffie Mrs. of Aaron, 12 Swanson 

Duffie Michael, printer Walnut near Tenth 

Duffie George, bottler Pear near Dock 

Duffie Thomas, carpenter north Broad 

Dufief N. G. professor of French literature 10 S. Sthj 

Duffield Benjamin, carpenter 347 Sassafras 

Duffield John, merchant 248 Spruce 

Duffield Samuel, m. d. 12 Chesnut 

Doogan John, shoemaker I Giles' alley 

Dugan Anthony, merchant 230 south Front 

Dugan Joseph, merchant 91 south Third 

Dugan Mary, shopkeeper 203 north Third 

Dukaas Valentine, taylor 3 Appletree alley 

Dukamel John, taylor 47 Mulberry 

Dumas John F. merchant 42 Sassafras 

Du Moulin Michael, sworn interpreter 24 Pear 

Dumoutet J. B. jeweller 55 and 57 south Second 

Dunant Edward, merchant 275 Chesnut 

Dunbar Matthew, labourer 9 Knight's court 

Duncan Arabella, teacher 1 3 north Fifth 

Duncan George, fruiterer 1 north Third 

Duncan William, weaver north Juniper 

Dundas James H. counsellor at law 70 Wahiut 

Dunkerly Luke, bleeder, Sec. 355 north Third 

Dunkin widow of R. H. 95 south Eighth 

Dunlap Andrew, shoemaker 14 Quarry 

Dunlap Elizabeth, nurse 42 Penn 

Dunlap James, m. d. 107 Mulberry 

Dunlap John, saddler 9 Pennsylvania avenue 


Diinlap William, weaver Locust above Ninth 

Dunlap John, 309 High 

Duiilap William, grocer 185 north Third 

Dunlap Robert, turner 230 south Fourth 

Dunn widow of Daniel, innkeeper 2 1 3 south Second 

Dunn Edward, carter 150 south Ninth 

Dunn and French, merchants 48 north Front 

Dunn Ann, spinster 57 Catharine 

Dunn Samuel, plaisterer 18 Farmer's alley 

Dunn Jacob, innkeeper corner Juniper and High 

Dunn Joseph, innkeeper corner 4th & Brewer's alley 

Dunn James L. merchant 50 north Front 

Dunn Margaret, widow 7 Summers' court 

Dunton George, sea captain 30 Green 

Dunton J. sailmaker 61 New. and Bickley's wharf 

Dunvel Daniel, taylor 75 south Fifth 

Dunwick W^illiam, taylor 34 George 

Dunwoody Robert, carter 44 Passyunk 

Dunwoody John, carter 114 south Tenth 

Dunwoody Ruth, widow 41 north Seventh 

Duplaine R.C. widow of A. C. 70 Union 

Dii Plessis Peter Le Barbier, conveyancer and sworn 

interpreter 52 Walnut 
Du Ponceau Peter S. counsellor at law, office 15 south 
Sijf th, near the north-east corner of Chesnut, dwell- 
ing 195 Chesnut 
Dupre Peter> professor of music 46 Spruce 
Dupuy Daniel, 1 59 north Third 
Durang Jacob, surgeon barber Hurst 
Durang John, comedian 216 Cedar 
Durell Jeremiah, porter 44 Budd 
Durfor George, carpenter 328 Sassafras 
Durmare Thomas, victualler 5 14 north Front 
Durney Michael, biscuit baker south-east corner Se- 

cond and Shippen. bakehouse 30 Shippen 
Dusar F. merchant 70 Chesnut 8c 187 south Third 
Dusseausoir C. Sc Co. liquor and confectionary store 

244 High 
Dussey Felix, vice consul from France 125 Spruce 
Duswald John, coachman 28 north Seventh 
Dutilh Peter Stephen, 247 south Fourth 
Dutilh widow of Stephen, rnerchpnt 164 S, Secor,d 


DuUbr Adam, tanner 21 1 St. John's 
Button John, carpenter 178 Sassafras 
Dutry Joseph F. accomptant 121 south Sixth 
Duval James S. 8c Co. merchant 179 Hi^h 
Duval Mary, boarding house 4 Dock 
Duviviere Margaret, widow 139 Green 
Dyer William, brewer 121 Green 
Dyer William, grocer 84 north Ninth 
Dyke John, hairdresser 137 Chesnut 
Dyott T. W. M. D. 116 north Second 
Dwyer Philip, bootmaker 44 south Third, four doors 
above the U. S. bank 

Eakins James, weaver south Thirteenth 
Eakins Rachael, tavernkeeper 50 Spruce 
Eagleson Joseph, blacksmith 21 Pewterplatter alley 
Eagleson 8c Finn, smiths Farmer's alley 
Ealer Frederick, baker 390 south Second 
Eansworth widow of Benjamin, merchant 129 south 

Earhart Mrs. nurse 453 south Front 
Earhart A. springmaker "W^ood above Eighth 
Earl John, caulker back 33 Geraian 
Earl Clayton, merchant 19 Pine 
Earle Edward, stationer corner Fourth and Chesnut 
Earle Mrs. boarding house 58 north Fifth 
Erie James, gilder i south Third 
Early Hugh, porter 236 Lombard 
Early John, porter 223 south Eighth 
Earnest George, shoemaker 239 St. John's 
Earnest George, gunstocker 126 Brown 
Earnest Jacob, taylor 1 6 south Fourth 
Earnest widow of Jacob, fruiterer 18 High 
Eastburn Joseph, cabinetmaker 86 Vine 
Easton Abraham, nailer corner Chesnut &: Juniper 
Eastwick Thomas, carpenter 6 Clever alley 
Eastick Stephen, plaisterer 169 Coates' 
Eaton Thomas, carpenter Brewer's alley 
Eberd John, saddler. See. 73 north Front 
Eberle Chas. surgeon's instrument wxaker 1 1 N. 6th 

t 2 


Eberle Henry, cutler 72 north Sixth 

Eberle Frederick, baker 185 south Fifth 

Ebert Peter, rigger 41 Coates* 

Eberth Catharine, widow 143 Vine 

Eberth Joseph, carpenter 149 Vine 

Eberth Conrad, gentleman 168 north Fifth 

Ebling Margaret, widow above 5 1 1 north Second 

Eck Joseph, 60 Union 

Eck Samuel, smith 393 north Front 

Eckard George, gentlemen 112 south Tenth 

Eckard George, rigger 28 Artillery lane 

Eckert John, baker 1 14 north Eighth 

Eckert Conrad, baker Hanover st. 

Eckel Andrew, tobacconist 40 Crown 

EckendorfF Martin, surgeon barber 10 south Sixth 

Ecky Anthony, druggist corner Walnut and Second 

Ecky widow of John, 1 i 6 north Fourth 

Ecky J. jun. merchant 8 Penn 

Eckfeldt Adam, assistant coiner N. Juniper 

Eckfeldt Jacob, smith 46 North alley 

Eckfeldt Michael, carpenter 104 north Sixth 

Eckley Abraham, cooper 33 Crown 

Eckstein Frederick, merchant 130 south Eighth 

Eckstine John, grocer 251 north Front 

Eckenstein Jacob, taylor Brewer's alley 

Eddy George, broker 1 1 1 Spruce k 35 Dock 

Eddowes Ralph, merchant 1 Church alley 

Eddowes R jun, 8c John china merchants 30 north 3d 

Edenborn Jacob, currier 110 Sassafras 

Edenfield Thomas, pilot back 479 south Front 

Edgar Mrs. boarding house 29 south Water 

Edgar Joseph, stone cutter 372 south Front 

Edgar James, carpenter 460 north Front 

Edgar Owen, shoemaker Thirteenth near Filbert 

Edleman Isaac, carpenter 124 Filbert 

Edwards Daniel, stablekeeper 33 north Eighth 

Edwards Mrs. of John, sea captain 14 Parram's alley 

Edwards John, jun. attorney at law 82 south Fourth 

Edwards John, bricklayer 328 south Sixth 

Edwards Joseph, brassfounder lOS north Sixth 

Edwards Joseph H. oak cooper 6 Swanson 

Edwards Griffith, grocer 72 High and 16 Bank 


Edwards Benjamin, labourer near 38 Filbert 
Edwards Joshua, merchant 1 1 Prune 
Edwards Jonathan, taylor 459 north Third 
Edwards John, mariner 388 north Front 
Edwards John, cooper 247 south Front 
Edwards Richard, coachmaker 28 St. John's 
Edwards William, cabinetmaker 23 Catharine 
Edwards Mrs. Brewer's alley near Second 
Edwards Robert, accomptant 124 south Tenth 
Edwards Thomas, ropemaker 447 south Second 
Edwin David, engraver Pine above Ninth 
Eells Nathan, sea captain Federal 
Egert John, labourer Rose alley 
Egert George, baker 357 north Second 
Eagan Michael, pastor of St. Mary's 15 Willing's alley 
'Eggers Jacob, storekeeper 148 north Third 
Eglee Jacob, cabinetmaker 65 and 66 south Fourth 
F^gleson 8c Fox, grocers Hamilton's wharf 
Ehrenzeller George, accomptant 79 north Tenth 
Eringhause Adolph, broker 18? south Fifth ./ 

Eisenbry Elizabeth, widow 177 Sassafras. 
Eisenbrey Catharine, tavernkeeper 1 10 north Fifth 
Eisenhut Andrew, coppersmith 203 north Second 
Eisenhut John, coppersmith 203 north Second 
Elberson Arthur, pilot 1 3 Catharine 
Elbert Richard, coachtrimmer 250 Lombard 
Eldredge Phineas, sea captain Carpenter's (S.) 
Eldridge Eli, tavernkeeper 75 south Front 
Eldridge Jacob, labourer 65 Coates' 
Elfridge Francis, taylor south Juniper 
Elfrey Jacob, cooper 2 Knight's court 
Elkins William, carter Federal 
Elkinton Asa, storekeeper 7 north Front 
Ella Hannah, storekeeper 2 1 south Third 
Ella John, labourer 42 Coates' 
Ellick Philip, taylor 73 south Fifth 
Ellickson Michael, mariner Mifflin's court 
Elliot Charles, labourer Thirteenth near Cedar 
Elliot James, grocer corner Mulberry and Fourth 
Elliot John, sea captain 33 Queen 


Elliott John, gentleman Mulberry court 

Elliott John & Daniel, druggists and colourmen 60 

south Front ^ 

Elliott John, combmaker and perfumer 5 north Third 
Elliott John G. carpenter 178 Sassafras 
Elliott Richard, leather cutter 74 Union 
Elliott Samuel, leather cutter 74 Union and 56 High 
Elliott Thomas, assistant sheriff 45 Shippen 
Elliott Thomas, carter 1 1 Wood 
Elliot William, coachtrimmer 26 north Ninth 
Elliot William, blacksmith 37 north Fifth 
Elliott William, innkeeper 43 north Third 
Ellis Daniel C. accomptant 1 8 1 Cherry 
Ellis Enos, cabinetmaker 96 north Seventh 
Ellis J. brass founder 252 south Front 
Ellis Rowland, merchant 4 High 8c 153 north Front 
Ellis Saml. engineer Chesnut near Schuylkill Eighth 
Ellis Hugh, silverplater 87 & 75 north Sixth 
Ellison James, labourer 47 1 south Front 
Ellison John, carpenter 9 Mary 
Ellison E. widow 1 3 Strawberry 
Elmer Frederick, labourer 470 north Third 
Ellmaker Levi, flour merchant 313 High 
Elmslie Alex, mercht. 35 Chesnut Sc 311 S. Second 
Elmsley John, blacksmith 9 Swanson 
Elton A. gunsmith Zane 
Elwell Henry, blacksmith 9 Mary 
Ely Joseph, flour merchant 51 north Water and 1 19 

Elwyn Thomas, gentleman 150 Mulberry 
Embree William & D. Brewers 76 New 
Embree William, brewer 4 Hinckle's court 
Emrick Baltis, sen. baker 234 High 
Emrick Baltis, jun. baker 23 north Seventh 
Emrick John, baker 341 Callowh 11 
Emery Abraham, carter 49 Budd 
Emery Jacob, meal merchant above 550 north Third 
Emery John, clerk of St. Thos. church 48 Filbert 
Emery John, carter 159 St. John's 
Emery Lewis, hat merchant 6 south Fourth 
Emery LewiS) jun. hatter 1 15 north Second 


Emery Samuel, broker) office next the customhouse 

Carpenters buildings, dwelling 2 Sansom 
Ernes Ann, midwife Eighth above Sassafras 
Emlen Ann, gentlewoman 179 Chesnut 
Emlen C. hardware store 135 High and 305 Arch 
Emlen Mary, gentlewoman 200 Mulberry 
Emlen Geo. merch. corner of Fourth &c Wilhng's alley. 
Emlen & Howell, merchants 17 south Wharves 
Emley Joseph, smith Eleventh above Sassafras 
Eramick Peter, carter 310 Callowhill 
Emmerland John, accomptant 469 south Front 
Ende Fr. William, merchant 108 south Second 
Endries Jacob, carter > ^^^ ^^^^^ Second 
Endries Michael, taylor 3 

Endries Zephaniah, carpenter 281 north Eighth 
Eneu James, baker 38 Passyunk 
Engard Philip, labourer 96 Budd 
Engard Adam, carter 180 St. John's 
Engard Henry, tavernkeeper 4 1 8 north Second 
Engle Jas. hardware store corner Shippen Sc Second 
Engle John, baker 29 nonh Ninth 
Engle Martin, taylor 3 Farmer's alley 
Englebert Leonard, shopkeeper 20 Cherry 
Englefried C. blacksmith Coxe's alley 
Engles widow of Silas, 229 Cedar 
English b* Hollond merchants 280 Chesnut 
English John W. chairmaker 225 north Front 
English Joseph, v/harfinger 3 1 Brown 
English ^ Jones, cabinetmakers i 1 8 Chesnut 
English Samuel, cabinetmaker 178 Vine 
English Thomas, carpenter 14 Oak 
English Thomas, merchant 280 Chesnut 
Ennis Ann, boarding house 19 Cedar ISee Innes, 
Ennes Lawrence, teacher corner Second if Catharine 

dwelling near 90 Shippen 
Enslen A. P. 1 60 Lombard 
Enters Lewis, tavernkeeper 323 north Third 
Entrikin Thomas, grocer 49 north Second 
Eppelshimer Lewis, sugarboiler 158 Vine 
Epple Andrew, gentleman 77 north Seventh 
Erben Henry, accomptant 14 Branch 
Erdman Charles, sworn interpreteif Haines' court 


Erman William, smith 146 north Third 

Erickson C sea captain 16 Christian 

Erringer Frederick, shoemaker 67 Mulberry 

Erringer Jacob, shoemaker 125 New 

Erskine Hugh, stevadore 467 south Front 

Erwin John, mate 166 south Sixth 

Erwen Mrs. of John, 475 north Second 

Erwin Maltha, midwife 41 Beck's alley 

Erwin, Gilpin & Jackson, stable keepers 1 S. 7th 

Erwin John labourer Cedar above Tenth 

Erwen Samuel, carpenter 6 Cresson's alley 

Erwin widow of Robert, 329 High 

Erwen widow of Thomas, 257 south Front 

Erwen John, hatter 45 Pine 

Erwine Robert, grocer 105 Shippen \^See Irvin. 

Esher Jocob, taylor 268 Sassafras 

Esher Conrad, bricklayer William 

Esherick widow of George, baker 9 north Fifth 

Esherick Joseph, hair dresser 1 5 north Fourth 

Esler George, carpenter Coxe's alley 

Eslinc Nicholas, brickmakcr 14 south Broad 

Espey Martha, boardinghouse near 7 North alley 

Essick Richard, shoemaker south Juniper 

Estell Daniel, taylor 5 Chancery lane and 24 north 

Estell Britten, stablekeeper Moravian alley 
Esterly George innkeeper, 529 north Front 
Etris Christiana, widow 130 north Fifth 
Etris James, smith 94 north Sixth 
Etris Samuel, cabinetmaker High near Thirteenth 
Etris William, tavernkeeper 390 north Second 
Etter George, coachmaker 25 north Sixth 
Etting Reuben, mei chant 328 High 
Etwein Mrs. widow 483 north Front 
Eude E. taylor 83 south Front 
Eugene F. J. accomptant and translator of French 

and Spanish languages North- West corner Ninth 

and Lombard 
Eustace William, hairdresser 17 Passyunk 
Evans Abner, blacksmith corner Filbert and Tenth 
Evans Abel, 24 Callowhili 


Evans Cadr. M. innkeeper (sign Wm. Penn) Ches- 
ter road 1 mile from Permanent bridge 
Evans Cadwallader, merchant 60 north Eighth 
Evans David, jun. currier near 33 Elfreith's alley 
Evans David, sen. gentleman 221 Spruce 
Evans David, jun. ^ Joseph, curriers 92 north Front 
Evens David isf Co, merchants 56 south Second 
Evens David, merchant 60 north Eighth 
Evens Edward, plaisterer 22 Starr alley- 
Evans David, cabinetmaker 215 Mulberry 
Evans David F. lumber merchant 60 north Eighth 
Evans Edward, shopkeeper 1 66 north Fifth 
Evans Eliza, shopkeeper 14 south Second 
Evans & Fisher, painters, &c. 1 1 4 Spruce 
Evans Griffitts, 163 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Evans John, lumber yard corner Fifth & Callowhill 
Evans John F. merchant 239 Mulberry 
Evans John, merchant 58 south Second' 
Evens John, carpenter 145 north Sixth 
Evans John, painter and glazier 1 14 Spruce 
Evans John B. flour, salt and lime store 317 N. Front 
Evans John C. jun. carpenter 186 Pine 
Evans Jonathan, lumber merchant, yard Orange, 

dwelling 102 Union 
Evans Joseph, currier 92 north Front 
Evans Joseph, R. merchant 101 Pine 
Evans Josiah, taylor 63 north Sixth 
Evans Miss Mary, 94 north Fifth 
Evans Mrs. nurse 10 South alley 
Evans Mrs. boarding house 147 south Third 
Evans Owen, labourer 392 north Front 
Evans Oliver, merchant 47 Filbert 
Evans Peter, tavernkeeper corner Schuylkill High 

and Front 
Evans Peter, blacksmith 50 Zane 
Evans Robert, paperstainer near 392 south Second 
Evans Sarah, cakebaker 1 14 Spruce 
Evans Sarah, gentlewoman 40 north Sixth 
Evans Thomas, cabinetmaker 3 1 8 north Second 
Evans Thomas, taylor 19 south Third 
Evans Thomas, brewer Noble corner of Second 
Evans Thomas, 47 Green 


Evans and Williams, merchants 105 High 

Evens William, di'uggist 134 south Front 

Evans and Warner, lumberyard next 245 Vine 

Evens Owen, soapboiler 416 north Front 

Evans Samuel, sea captain 44 Almond 

Evens William, mariner 4 1 6 north Front 

Evens Whitten, merchant 88 south Wharves and 

331 High 
Everhart Abraham, carpenter 255 Sassafras 
Everhart David, coachmaker 151 north Sixth 
Everhart Mrs. widow 50 German 
Everhart Rebecca, widow 65 north Tenth 
Everly Adam, hairdresser corner Third Sc Chesniit 
Everly Jacob, rigger 92 north Front 
Everly Jacob, hatter 16 Vernon 
Evers Ferdinand, merchant 10 Carter's alley 
Everet John, shoemaker 148 Brown 
Everson Thomas, grocer 189 High 
Ewill Mary, gentlewoman 72 George 
Ewen James, shoemaker 313 north Third 
Ewen Mrs. of William, 25 Filbert 
Ewing Samuel, attorney at law 46 Walnut 
Ewing Thomas, merchant 19 Chesnut 
Ewing Mrs. iiurse 377 north FYont 
Eyre Manuel, merchant 278 Chesnut 
Eyre & Massey, merchants 28 south Wharves 
Eyre Nathan, taylor corner Water and High 
Eyres John, grocer 318 north Second 
Eyre Franklin, shipbuilder Beach 
Eyre George, do do 

Eyre Jehu, do do 

Eyre John, do do 

Fable George W. taylor 39 Crown 

Fabry Mrs. tutress 151 Mulberry 

Fagan Michael, tavernkeeper Lastitia court 

Fagundas Jacob, brass founder 52 Brown 

Fagundas Barbara, widow 148 Sassafras 

Fairchilds Marcus, shoemaker 269 north Third 


Fainamb Hannah, 7 north Eigbth 

Fairy Elizabeth, shopkeeper 427 north Third 

Falconer Frances, widov/ 1 i Beck's alley 

Falconer John, shipwright 177 south Front 

Falconer Sarah, widow of Nathaniel 29 Sassafras 

Falconer WilUarn, gentleman 7 Cherry 

Falker George, shoemaker 89 north Sixth 

Fannen Anthony, gentleman 244 south Seventh 

Farden David, trader Pine alley 

Farley James, taylor 105 Cedar 

Farley John, hatter Chatlotte 

Farley Peter, distiller 10 Vernon 

Farlan James, porter Fitzwalter 

Farmer widow of Lewis, boarding house 45 N. 7t!i 

Farmer Margaret, widow 137 south Ninth 

Farquhar Benjamin, painter 17 Cresson's alley 

Farquhar George, merchant 25 Sansom 

Farr Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper 265 south Second 

Farr William, wheelwright corner Broad ^ Cherry 

Farr and Ricketts, wheelwrights corner Broad and 

Farris Edward, teacher 86 south Front 
Farrier Robert, weaver 84 Cedar 
Farris William, carter 308 Sassafras 
Farris \Villiam, merchant Lombard above Ninth 
Farrouilk Andrew, merchant 30 Church alley 
Farrow William, mariner 3 Callowhill 
Fassit James, merchant 23 Mulberrv 
Fassitt Thomas 8c James, merchants south-west cor- 
ner of Second and High, and 2 south Front 
Fatey Mary, grocer corner Pine and Sixtl> 
Fatio Felipe, consul from Spain 65 Pine 
Faunce widow of Jacob, 55 Brown 
Faunce Henry, caulker 227 St. John's 
Faunce Jacob, constable 55 Bfown 
Faure Anthony, taylor corner Second &: Mulberry 
F'awcett J. W. merchant 82 north Fifth 
Fa-.vkes Richard, tavernkeeper 8 Strawberry 
Fay John H. storekeeper 166 south Third 
Fay Michael, taylor Eleventh near Locust 
Feabin Joseph E. taylor 4 Garrigues' court 



Fearon Joseph, soapboiler 93 Walnut 

Fearres lierd. late flour merchant 16G Pine 

Febiger Elizabeth, widow Chesnut above Seventh 

Feckingbush D. siioeniaker 486 north Second 

Feeney Robert, saddler 122 south Tenth 

Fell John T. mariner back 352 south Second 

Fell Jonathan, jun. mustardfactor 74 south Front 

Fell Joseph, innkeeper 220 north Front 

Felt John, ship carpenter near 33 Queen 

Fennatta James, saddler near 25 Brewer's alley 

Fennel William, merchant upper 55 north Third 

Fenner Peter, tobacconist Steinmetz's court 

Fennimore William, merchant 100 north Fifth 

Fennimore Samuel, yeoman 37 Green 

Fenton A. sailmaker 49 Callowhill 

Fenton &: Kelley, sailmakers 13 north Wharves 

Fenton Peter, shoemaker Lilly alley 

Fenton Thomas, ladies shcem.aker 38 Sassafras 

Ferguson Benjamin, taylor next 35 Elfreith's alley 

Ferguson David, shipwright 5 7 Budd 

Ferguson Eben. justice of the peace 40 George (S.) 

Ferguson George, trunkmaker 1 3th near Chesnut 

Ferguson Hugh, col. 84th reg. P. M. 102 S. Eighth 

Ferguson John, labourer 78 Plum 

Ferguson John, silversmith 42 north Front 

Ferguson Jesse, plaisterer Eleventh near Lombard 

Ferguson Mary, shopkeeper 16 south Tenth 

Ferguson Robert, shoemaker Juniper near High 

Ferguson Samuel, shipwright 253 north Second 

Feraagus John Lewis, librarian 88 south Front 

Fernans Joseph, mariner 375 south Front 

Ferre widow of Joseph, ! 50 north Third 

Ferris Benjamin, clock Sc watchmaker 20 N. Second 

Ferris E. teacher 127 Sassafras 

Fertig Jacob, clockmaker 129 Sassafras 

Pest Christian, taylor 84 north Third 

Fett widow of John, 371 north Second 

Field Barton, grocer 5 and 7 High and 139 N. Front 

Field Christiana, widow 127 Walnut 

Field John, merchant 175 Walnut (Sansom's row) 

Field Nathan, merchant 74 north Front 

Field Stephen, taylor 8 1 Callowhill 


Field Peter, taylor 137 and 139 Spruce 

Field Peter, labourer north Thirteenth 

Field & Thomas, merchants 61 north Front 

Field lliomas S. merchant 28 Sassafras 

Field William, late grain measurer 99 north Ninth 

Fieldini^ Robert, coachmaker 252 and 254 High 

Figner Andrew, taylor 115 north Second 

File John, cabinetmaker back 54 Brown 

File David, silverplater St. Tammany 

Filletti M. L. boarding house 129 south Second 

Fillinger Godfrey, labourer above 349 Callowhill 

Fimeton J. carpenter 24 south Tenth 

Finch Elizabeth, widow tavernkeeper 7 Chesnut 

Finkbine Frederick, shoemaker 416 Sassafras 

Fink Adam be George, weavers 50 1 north Third 

Fink Jacob, stocking weaver 26 north alley 

Finley James, teacher 227 Mulberry 

Finley Francis, upholsterer 64 south Front 

Finley William, grocer corner Pine and Sixth 

Finn John, smith 21 Pewterplatter alley 

Finney Patrick, printer 146 Spruce 

Finney Charles, carpenter 20 Pear 

Firth Preston C. carpenter 28 St. Tohn's 

Fisher Abraham, sawmaker 23 Xovth'tiUey 

Fisher A. accomptant Tvvelfth near Chesnut 

Fisher Andrew, hatter 25 Iliyh and 72 north Fron': 

Fisher Ann, victualler York road near St. Tammanv 

Fisher B. shoemaker 47 south Fourth 

Fisher Catharine, boarding house 149 north Second: 

Fisher David, printer 187 Mulberry 

Fisher Llias, tavernkeeper High Bridge ^N. L, 

Fisher Elizabeth, widovv^ Cox's alley 

Fisher Geor^, labourer 396 north Front 

Fisher George, stationer 188 south Second 

Fisher Hance H. sea captain 49 Almond 

Fisher Jacob, carpenter 49 Brown Sc 99 south. Fron:. 

Fisher Jas. G. merchant 7 Dock and 277 Chesnut 

Fisher Jacob, grocer Schuylkill Eighth near Vine 

Fisher James L brewer 1 15 north" Fifth 

Fisher James, shoemaker Eleventh near Lombard 

Fisher Jacob Henry, taylor 147 north Second 

Fisher John, liog victualler 297 Callowhill 


Fislier John, shoemaker 2 Hinckle's couit 
Fisher John, cnrpenter 1 1 Summers' court 
Fisher John, baker Oak (N. L.) 
Fisher John, victualler Garden 
Fisher John, coachlrimmer 4 Stall's court 
Fisher John, victualler Wood above Eii,'hth 
Fisher Jonathan, labourer 213 north Second 
Fisher M. thermometer maker 105 north Second 
Fisher M. shoemaker 353 north Third 
I'ishtr Michael, sea captain 5 6 Vine 
Fisher J. N. lace and fringe weaver 121 Mulberry- 
Fisher Robert^ carpenter Ninth near Walnut 
Fisher Samuel R. merchant 27 Dock Sc 1 10 S, Front 
Fisher Samuel, jun. hardware merchant 13 High 
Fisher Samuel, cardmaker Farmer's alley 
Fisher S. L merchant 38 Sansom 
Fisher Samuel, mariner 64 Coates' 
Fisher Samuel W. merchant 433 High 
Fisher Thomas, gentlemiin 142 south Second 
Fisher Thomas & Miers, staveyard next 19 Swanson 
Fisher Thomas, cooper 275 north Front 
Fisher Rebecca, gentlewoman 399 High 
Fisher Mrs. of Walter, currier 5 Gray's alley 
Fisher Wm. W. merchant? Deck Sc 99 south Front 
Fisher's wharf (T. and M.) opejjs at19 swanson 
Fisher's wharf (J • C. and S. W.) at 63 n. water 
Fisk John, ropemaker Moyamensing road 
Fisler Catharine, l^oarding house 147 north Second 
Fiss Jolm, grocer 21 north Eighth 
Fiss Daniel, carpenter Noble above Eighth 
Fiss Mrs. nurse 205 north Eighth 
Fiss Samuel, cabinetmaker 69 north Seventh 
Fiss William, sailraaktr 176 Spruce 
Fibtler widow of John, Poplar lane 
Fitler Jacob, tanner and currier 51 1 north Second 
Fitler Jacob, jun. tanner above 550 north Third 
Fitler Daniel, victualler 5 1 1 north Second 
Fitler William, tanner and currier above 5 1 1 north 

Fitler George, morocco dresser 122 Coates' 
Fitlow George, drover first gate on Germantown road 
Ftz!i:cruld Tho-.Tias, i2'7 Lombard 

Directory. igi 

Fltzf^erald George, cooper 116 Cedar 
Fitzgerald Keran, stablekeeper 47 south Fourth 
Fitzgerald Robert, blockmaker 10 & 12 Little Water 
Fitzgerald Jesse, innkeeper 69 Sassafras 
Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemaker -291 south Fourth 
Fitzpatrick Mary, grocer 274 St. John's 
Fizan Lewis, carpenter back 184 south Seventh 
Fizan Jacob, carpenter 329 Sassafras 
Fizel Ann, storekeeper 125 north Second 
Fitzsimmons Thomas, President of the Delaware 

Insurance Company 220 ■Mulberry 
Fitzsimmons Richard, labourer 33 south Water 
Flaherty Daniel, grocer 198 north Second 
Flakuler Valentine, 27 North alley 
Flake George, painter 198 Mulberry 
Flanagan James, carpenter Broad above Sassafras 
Flanagan John, paper hanger 163 south Fifth 
Flanagan Patrick, taylor 249 south Fourth 
Flanagan Stephen, pilot 444 south Front 
Flasher John, shoemaker 264 St. John's 
Fleeson Mrs. gentlewoman 275 north Front 
Fleming Joseph H. justice of the peace near the Old 

Rising Sun, Germantown road 
Fletcher John, sea captain 108 north Eighth 
Fletcher E. mantuamaker 153 Mulberry 
Fletcher Margaret, tutress 2 Gray's alley 
Fletcher Hannah, storekeeper George above Tenth 
Fletcher Joshua, bookbinder 1 64 Pine 
Fletcher Rebecca, boarding house 181 Mulberry 
Fletcher William, mate 256 Sassafras 
FTeury Peter E. Secretary to the French Consul ge 

neral 163 north Front 
Flick Adam, curfler Cauffraan's court 
Flick Benjamin, porter 106 north Eleventh 
Flick George, blockmaker 134 north water & 246 

north Second 
Flickquire David, carpenter 24 German 
Fling Daniel, clockmaker, he, 97 north Second Sr 

101 Sassafras 
Fling Edward, painter and glazier 32 Vine 
Fling Susan, boarding house 1 13 Chennut 

^02 PHlLADi^LPHlA 

Fling: William, painter and glazier 155 north Front 
Fling John, mariner 424 south Front 
Flinn Robert, plaisterer 115 north Sixth 
Flint John, coachmaker 210 JNiulberry 


Flintham widow of John, gentlewoman 91 Vine 

Flintham Wm mere. 135 N. Water ^ 19 Keys' alley 

Flinton James, mariner Goddard's alley 

Flitcraft Francis, porter 59 Budd 

Flood Wm. shipwright Well's alley 

Flood Francis, innkeeper 5 17 north Second 

Florence E. boarding house 25 Parram's alley 

Flowers C. cedar cooper 1 1 1 Catharine 

Flowers George, shopkeeper 274 Sassafras 

Flower John, 45 Swanson 

Flower Thomas, pilot 424 south Front 

Fluck Adam, innkeeper 139 north Third 

Fiutts F. cedar cooper 467 north Second 

Flyder ^ Anderson, sailmakers 155 Swanson 

Fceiring Abraham P. saddler 138 N. Third 

Foering Frederick, currier 46 St. John's 

peering Ssml. iy Frederick, curriers 228 N. Second 

Foering Samuel, currier 228 north Second 

Fogal Nicholas, hog drover 447 north Third 

Fagal Michael, labourer 381 north Front 

Fagal Philip F. victualler 158 Coateb' 

Falkennier Abraham, shoemaker 44 George 

Folkmar Henry, coppersmith 1 1 1 Cherry 

FoUin Augustus, merchant 67 north Third 

Folwell ^ Ashburner, merchants 36 north Second 

Folwell, Comly iij' Go. merchants 38 north Front 

Folwell Rachel, milliner 168 north Second 

Folwell Samuel, corner Wood and Crown 

Folwell Wm. merchant 34 N. 2d ijf 2^9 Mulberry 

Fonde Andrew, porter 349 Mulberry 

Fondrell Jacob, accomptant 42 York road 

Foos John, broker Federal 

Foos Matthias, shoemaker 59 Green 

Forbes Arthur, shipwright 14 Mary 

Foibes Kuphemia, midwife 222 south Sixth 

Force Peter, shoemaker 490 south Second 

Forde Jos. ropemaker, corner Frankford road Sc 0;ter 


Forde Elizabeth, tavernkteper 244 south Front 
loid Hannah, maiiKiamLikcr 23 south Front 
Foid Jacnb. wheelvyrli^ht 166 north Eighth 
Ford Laurerxe, binss sleeve button manufactory 199 

Ford Mary, widow !3 Wagner's alley 
Ford Mrs, boarding house 11 south Front 
Ford Peter, cabinelmdker 201 south Third 
Forepaugh Frederick, carpenter near 273 N. Third 
Forepaup;h George, carpenter 207 Callowhill 
Forgray William, bootmciker 285 south Fifth 
Forman William, carpenter Juniper lane 
Forrest Mrs. widow 209 south Seventh 
Forrest Thomas, constable George above Tenth 
I'orrester Catharine, widow 100 Mulberry 
Fort Mrs. of William, shallopman 383 north Front 
Forten Jas. sail maker 59 S. Wharves 5^ 92 Lombard 
Foitune Michael, lottery office 39 Walnut 
Fortune George, blacksmith 244 south Fourth 
F'ortune Walter, blacksmith 63 north Filth 
rossett James, shallopman Federal \^See Faussett, 
Foster George, taylor Eleventh above Sassafras 
Foster Isaac, carter Emlen*s court 
Foster James, shoemaker back 13 Wagner's alley 
Foster John, shoemaker Charlotte 
Foster John, tobacconist back 130 Sassafras 
Foster John, labourer 143 St. John's 
Foster Leonard, hairdresser 12 South alley 
Foster Silas, sea captain 36 Almond 
Foster Wm. merchant 46 north Front 5j'42 Vine 
Foster Wm. labourer Oak (N. L ) 
Forsythe Isaac, carpenter 7 Little George 
Fotterall Stephen E. storekeeper 243 south Second 
F'oudray William, mate 4 Gray's alley 
Fougeray Rene, whitesmith 9 I north Front 
F'ough Jacob, victuller near 330 south Sixth 
Enough John, victualler corner Race and Twelfth 
Foulk Philip, brewer 195 St. John's 
Foulk Graff, tobacconist 195 St. John's 
Foulke Charles, merchant 141 High 
Foulke Mary, boarding house 109 FiOrth Ninth 
Foulk Peter, mariner 8 Stall's court 


Fouike Elizabeth, gentlewoman 27 Coates' 

Fountain Francis., merchant corner Seventh tf Spruce 

Fountain William, sea captain 103 Swanson 

Fournier Anthony, 104 north Second 

Fournier H. F. broker 1 5 Nonis's alley 

Fournier R. F. gentleman 248 south Second 

Foust Michael, taylor north Broad 

Foust Henry, saddler back 219 north Second 

Foussatt J. \V. merchant 115 Spruce 

F'ouquet Lewis, tavernkeeper near 79 north Tenth 

Fow John, victualler corner of Sassafras c^ Twelfth 

Fowler E, accomptant 147 north Third 

Fowler Stephen, shoemaker Poplar lane 

Fowler Nimrod, labourer 488 south Second 

Fowler Thos. innkeeper corner Callowhill b' Water 

Fox widow of Adam, shoemaker Poplar lane 

Fox Edward l^ Son brokers and conveyancers 73 

Fox Edward, canveyancer 218 Mulberry 
Fox Christian, cabinetmaker Hoffman's alley 
F'ox Frederick, shoemaker Steinmetz's court (N. L.) 
Fox George, tinsmith 1 15 north Third 
Fox Hannah, spinster 274 Chesnut 
F^ox James, weaver 297 south Sixth 
Fox James, shopkeeper 21 Pewterplatter alley 
Fox John, carpenter 34 Green 
Fox John, brickmaker 365 IMulberry 
Fox Joseph, jun, printer 290 north Eighth 
Fox Justinean, gluemaker Margaretta 
Fox Justinean W. 39 Coates' 
Fox Lewis, baker 86 north Seventh 
Fox John, attorney at law corner W^alnut and Fourth 
Fox Martha, milliner 43 High 
Fox Michael, brickmaker 1 2 north Ninth 
Fox Michael, carter 129 Callowhill 
Fox Samuel, brickmaker, kilns corner Schuylkill 

Seventh, dwelling 37 Filbert 
Fox Samuel, wine merchant 230 Spruce 
Fox Samuel M. 23 Sansom 
Fox Sarah, gentlewoman 23 Sansom 
Fraley Joseph, plaisterer 189 St. John's 
Fraley George R. merchant 7 Church alley 


I''i'aley John U. baker 113 Vine 
Fraley & Key ser, flour merchants 176 High 
Frailey Frederick, baker 7 Church alley 
Fi^ncis Ann, gentlewoman 154 Chesnut , , 
Francis John, labourer 417 Sassafras 
Francis John, carter Fourth above Coates' 
Francis Henry, tanner 286 St. John's 
Francis Thomas W. merchant 98 south Third 
Francis William, comedian 70 north Eighth 
Frank Adam, m. d. Fourth above Noble {see Franks, 
French Christian, printer 94 north Eleventh 
French George, tobacconist 7 Farmer's alley 
French Heni^j labourer 272 north Eighth 
Frank John, manner 418 south Second 
Frank John, baker corner Thirteenth and Race 
Frank Lewis, labourer 32 Crown 
Frank John, labourer Broad near Cedar 
Frank Elizabeth, widow Nonnater's court 
Frankford widow of John, 66 Spruce 
Frank'lebury Sarah, widow M^Cuilough's court 
Franklin John, porter 79 Budd 
Franklin Lemuel, boot and shoemaker 66 High 
Franklin Nathaniel, sea captain 2 Norris' alley 
Franklin H. sea captain 37 Artillery lane 
Franklin Joseph, carpenter 2 1 1 Cherry 
Franklin Walfer, attorney at law 54 south Sixth 
Franklin Wm. cabinetmaker 252 south Seventh 
Franks Geo. tanner and currier Noble near Fourth 
Franks George, tobacconist Farmers' alley 
Franks Jacob, tanner Noble near Fourth [see Frank. 
Fraser Andrew, groc;;r 437 north Second 
Frazer Rooert, attorney at law 92 south Fourth 
Frazier Thomas, carpenter back 54 Brown 
Frazier Anthony, carpenter 134 south Eighth 
Frazier Elizabeth, widow 63 Queen 
I'Vazier Sc Dtburt, sailmakers 19 Swanson 
Frazier Wiiliani, ri;.>g£r M'Culloch's court 
Frazier James, turner 64 north Eighth 
Frazier Nalbro, merchant 161 south Second 
Fredcfrick Geo. John, cabinetmaker 92 N. Eleventli 
Frederiokson Godfrey, grocer 212 north Second 
Free Benjamin, storekeeper 199 north Second 
Free San^^uel, porter Laurel st. (N. L.) 


Freed Henry, innkeeper 160 north Fourth 
Free Lambert, sailmaker York court 
Freeberrey Jacob, blockmaker 2 i Noble 
Freehuller George, shoemaker Lilley alley 
Freelanf^ x\lexander, constable 262 Lombard 
Fi^eland John, shoemaker 31 German 
Freeman Benj. tavernkeeper Cedar above Eleventh 
Freeman Catharine, widow 74 south Water 
Freeman Henry G. attorney at law 145 Chesnut 
Freeman T. B, commission merchant 34 south Front 

and 332 High 
Freeman Isaac C. shoemaker corner Green 8c Front 
Freemouth Benjamin, printer near 32 Moravian alley 
Freil Edward, porter 69 Budd 

Freil Patrick, labourer 27 Hurst isee Fnd. 

Freilley Jesse, sea captain 74 north Seventh 
French Abigal, storekeeper 181 south Second 
French Charles C. merchant 233 Mulberry 
French John, accomptant 3 Heyde's court 
Freno Paul, boardinghouse ^35 south Water 
Fretwell Ann, grocer 19 north Eighth 
Freytag Daniel, potter corner of Fifth and Shippen 
Freytag Michael, justice of the peace 204 south 5th 
Fricke Agustus, merchant ' 1 south Third 
Fricke John, cabinetmaker 101 Budd 
Fricke Jacob, accomptant 27 Filbert 
Fricke Frederick, cabinetmaker 406 north Second 
Fricke Henry, furrier 55 north Third 
Fricke Michael, brass founder 364 north Third 
Flicker Joseph, grocer 362 north Second 
Fricker Jsicholas, chairmaker 360 north Second 
Friedlein John A. grocer 166 south Sixth 
Friend Isaac, milkman George above Nmth 
Fries John, merchant next 2 couth Third 
Frishmuth Jacob, tobacconist 8 Stall's court 
Fritez widow of Peter, shopkeeper 144 Spruce 
Fritz Christopher, baker 84 south Third 
Fritz George, blacksmith 437 north Third 
Fritz John^accomptant 1 1 South alley 
Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker 4 South alley 
Fritz Peter, innkeeper and stonecutter 226 Sassatras 
Frowert John, shoemaker 84 north i'ifth 


l-'ry E. victualler 99 Cherry and 18 Old Sliambles 

Fry George, potter 136 Sassafras 

Fry Henry, taylor 55 Mulberry 

Fry George, chairmaker 2 8 Elfreith's alley 

Fry John, block and pumpmaker 137 north Water 

Fry Joseph, 16 Cable lane 

Fry Richard, labourer 496 south Front 

Fry William, printer 63 south Seventh 

Fryer widow of John, labourer near 22 Kunkle 

Fry Robert, shoemaker Lilley alley 

Fry & Kammerer, printers Prune, near the Debtors 

Fry Nathan, carpenter Richardson's court 

Fryburg Jacob, victualler 55 north Eighth 

Fryburg John, victualler 55 north Eighth 

Fuller Elizabeth, widow ] i 8 Swanson 

Fulierton Alexander, storekeeper 37 High 

Fulierton E. gentlew man 28 Queen 

Fulmer Casper, labourer 27 Budd 

Fulmer Frederick, tanner Noble near Fourth 

Fulton James, grocer 387 south Front 

Fulton James, shoemaker 83 Chesnut 

Fulton Mark, carpenter Cedar above Ninth 

Fulton Samuel, grocer 257 High and 38 north Sixtli 

Fulton , shoemaker 148 south Front 

Fulton George, accomptant 143 south Eleventh 
Fundervvaith .'acob, grocer 212 Cherry 
Furcey James labourer Eleventh near Locust 
Furcey Charles, weaver Thirteenth near Locust 
Furze James, merchant 9 Norris's alley 
Fuss Henry, tanner near 589 north Second 
Fyan John, shoemaker 39 Coates' 

Gable Peter, carpenter 5 1 Brown 
Gable Samuel, carpenter 93 Brown 
Gable John, carpenter 45 1 north Second 
Galbraith Andrew, trader 58 Artillery lane 

[see Calbraith. 
Galbraith P. clock and watchmaker 30 Almond 
Galbraith Robert, carter 119 Queen 


Gallager Andrew, sea captain J 03 Spruce 

Gallag;her Robert, carpenter Sheively's alley 

Gallagher Barney, taylor 1 18 north Water 

Gallagher Bernard, grocer 30 south Sixth 

Gallagher Charles, grocer 18 Staniper's alley 

Gallagher A. M. china merchant 51 Chesnut 

Gallagher James, shopkeeper 202 north Water 

Gallaher James, m. d. near 37 south Fifth 

Gallagher Jacob, ivory turner 160 St. John's 

Gallagher John, labourer Mifflin's court 

Gallagher Stephen, m.ariner Elmslie's alley 

Gallagher Wm. Sc Thos. flour merchants 325 High 

Gallagher Wm flour merchant 50 Filbert 

Gallant Susan, widow 10 Branch 

Gallard Peter, jeweller, &c. 108 north Third 

Galley widow of Joseph, 123 Sassafras 

GallinerNeil, labourer 268 south Seventh 

Galloway widow of Joseph, sea captain 254 S. Third 

Galloway William, carter corner Arch and Juniper 

Gaime Mark, ship carpenter 29 Mary 

Galrey Thomas, cabinetmaker 83 Dock near Third 

Galvin Susan, boarding house 78 High 

Galvin John, sea captain 233 High 

Gambell James, grocer 471 south Front 

Gambell John, sawyer 14 Queen 

Gambell Mary, boarding house 204 Walnut 

Gamble James, merchant 200 Spruce 

Gamble Joseph, sea captain 460 south Front 

Game Marks, mariner 373 south Front 

Gano John, saddler back 78 north Fourth 

Gano Sylvia, widow 97 Mulberry 

Garaud Jacob, taylor 64 Chesnut 

Gardette M. dentist 75 Walnut 

Gardiner A. mariner 257 south Fourth 

Gardiner Edward C. sea captain 19 Vine 

Gardner Benjamin, carpenter 238 Lombard 

Gardiner's wharf 37 s. wharves near walnut 

Gardner Ann, shopkeeper 30 York road 

Gardiner George, smith Emslie's alley 

Gardner George, shoemaker corner Green & Front 

Gardner Henry, coachmaker 5 Fayette 

Gardner Henry, boatbuilder 27 Beck's alley 


Gardner Jacob, grazier 293 Vine 

Gardner James, carpenter 363 south Second ^ 

Gardner Jas. of the customhouse bar^e Mifflui*s coiirt 

Gardner John M. of U. S. navy 21 Keys' alley 

Gardner John, coachpainter 39 Ktys' alley 

Gardner John, boathuilder 1 9 Christian 

Gardner John, blacksmith 20 Green 

Gardner John, grocer 140 south Eighth 

Gardner Nathaniel D. sea captain 353 south Second 

Gardner Valentine, skindresser 291 Vine 

Gardner William, sea captain 24 Vine 

Gardner Rachael, storekeeper 3 1 south Third 

Gardiner Joseph, hairdresser 457 north Second 

Gardner John, sea captain 341 south Second 

Gardiner John, jun. merchant i 14 south Front 

Gamier J. B. hairdresser 74 south Front 

"Garesche &c Ravesies, merchants 229 High 

Garesche V. merchant 26 Sansoni 

Garey Daniel, carpenter 12 Quarry 

Garlanger Henry, bricklayer 358 north Third 

Garley Rebecca, midwife 5 6 Shippeu 

Garlick Joseph, col ton spinning factory corner Vine 

and Schuylkill Second 
Garlick John, plaisterer north Juniper 
Garns John, carpenter near 33 north Tenth 
Garner Alexander, labourer 413 south Second 
Garnet Michuel, carpenter 17 Wood 
Garretson L. Sc H. C. Sc Co. storekeepers S. Second, 

west side, fifth door from Fligh 
Garretson Joshua, labourer Taylor's alley 
Garretson C. carpenter 153 south Fifth 
Garrett Levi, tobacconist 132 south Front 
Garrett li. gentlewoman 184 Chesnut 
Garrett Philip, watchmaker 144 High 
Garrick Elizabeth, huckster 188 Mulberry 
Garrigues Abraham M. merchant 86 New 
Garrigues Benjamin F. merchant 119 Pine and 24 

south Wharves 
Garrigues 8c Marshall, merchants upper 139 High 
Garrigues William, surveyor 37 Cherry 
Garrish Levy, storekeeper 52 Coates' 
Garrison John, harnessmaker 494 south Second 



Garrison Jonathan, mariner 201 south FronC 

Gartland John, chinasiore !0 north Front 

Gartland James, boarding house 64 Spruce 

Gartley John, teacher 19 Chen y 

Gai tley Wiliiam, master rigger 62 Penn 

Garvanger Lewis, 101 north Nhith 

Garvin James, dealer 131 PKim 

Garwood William, shipwright 549 south Front 

Garwood Richard, sea captain 443 south Second 

Gaschet Lewis, merchant 1 2 1 Cedar 

Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder 13 Gray*s alley 

Gaskill Ebeneztr, oakcooper 278 north Second 

Gaskil Edmund, shoemaker 114 Chesnut 

Gaskill , carpenter 153 north Third 

Gassey James, stevadore 188 Lombard 
Gatchel . oseph, blacksmith Turner's court 
Gatchel David, mate 378 south Second 
Gates Nathaniel, shipwright 23 Beck's alley 
Gatier Mary, teacher 236 Sassafras 
Gatz Frederick, cabinetmaker 156 St. John's 
Gauff John, shoemaker Charlotte 
Gauhn George, shoemaker 1 1 Gray's alley 
Gaul Frederick, brewer 7 north Fourth 
Gaul Richard, sea captain 260 south Front 
Gauit William, blacksmith 4 Branner's alley 
(iavan Mary, milliner 231 south Second 
Gavan James, shoemaker 12 Fear 
Gaven John, coachmaker 30 Cherry 
Gavin George W. printer back 160 Sassafras 
Gaw Gilbert, chairmaker 84 north Front 
Gaw &c Patterson, cabinetmakers 84 north Front 
Gaw John, nairer 1 14 north bixth 
G. w R chairmaker 144 south Front Sc 280 Second 
Gebier Godfrey, jun. blacksmith 58 south Fourth 
Gfcbier Matthias, accomptant i 38 Mulberry 
Gebier John F. merchant 19 Branch 
Gtbler widow of Godfrey, tavernkeeper 82 Dock 
Geiger Martin, baker 468 north Second 
Geisse William, merchant 28 north Second 
Geisse widow of Wilham, 28 Moraviai alley 
Geisse Edward, deputy keeper of me criminal apart- 
ment Ekiventh below Locust 


Geisse Philip, bottler 77 Mulberry 
Geley Peter, lapidary and jeweller 38 south Third 
Gemeny Naomi, grocer corner Eio-hth ^ Lombard 
Genther John, taylor Elmslie's alley 
Genther Chas. shoemaker 257 St. John's [.seeGinther 
Genther Frances, victualler 42 Budd 
Gentry Robert, shipwright 1 1 Artillery lane 
Generally Fleury iJf Co. merchants 102 Chesnut 
George Anthony, grocer 206 south Second 
George Charles, oakcooper 196 and 153 S. Water 
George Edward, merchant 169 south Fifth 
George Matthew, cabinetmaker 329 north Third 
George Mrs. ladies sen^.inary 330 High 
George Martin, labourer 390 Sassafras 
George Richard, hatter 138 High 
Geor^^e Martin, labourer Lee's coTirt 
George Richard, sea captain 278 south Front 
George Peter 8c Co, grocers 26 High 
George Joseph, currier Nonnater's court 
Gerhard William, hatter 44 N. Front 8c 118 Second 
German Jacob, birch hatmaker 30 North alley 
Gern\on John, wharfbuilder 362 north Front 
Germon John, goldsmith 12 Quarry 
Germon Thomas D. paper hanger and print carver, 
places on muslin and rollers maps or charts, apply 
at 118 Lombard or Caldcieugh and Thomas, 66 
Gernon Patrick, merchant 216 Walnut 
Gernon Richard, merchant 196 Chesnut 
Gervais Emanuel, merchant 1 12 S. Fifth \_aee Jarvi-n 
Gethen D. bricklayer 6 Pennsylvania avenue 
Gethen Elizabeth, storekeeper 52 Cedar 
Gethen Samuel, carter M*Culloch*s court 
Gethen widow of Wm. silversmith 170 south Front 
Getter Martin, shoemaker Sheively*s alley 
Geyer Andrew, ironmonger 136 north Third 
Geyer Andrew, jun. inspector customs 28 Branch 
Geyer John, grocer 193 south Fourth 
Geyer John, printer. Sec 122 north Third [^ee Guier 
Gibbons David, mariner MifRlin's alley 
Gibbons Martha, boarding house 75 Mulberry 
Gibbons (Jf Hains, conveyancers 163 Chesnut 


Gibbs Benjamin, {>feni!eman 31 Mulberry 

Gibbs John, pi inter 125 Pine 

Gibbs Janics, musician 5 8 Coates' 

Gibbs Joel, hatter SSnorUi Third 
Gibbs Joiin, dealer 216 south Second 

Gibbs Job. carpenter 79 Green 

Gibbs J. W. jun. merchant 92 High and 3 N. Eightli 

Gibbs Mar£,'aret, £>rocer 181 Cedar 

Gibbs Rosina, miihner 229 south Fourth 

Giberson M. M. & E. milliners 71 Mulberry 

Gibersoii William, innkeeper 171 HiglT 

Gibson Alexander, labourer north Broad 

Gibson E. saddler, &c. 323 Hii>h 
Gibson George, blacksmith 325 north Thud 
Gibson Jas. attorney at law 78 Walnut Sc 61 S. 4th 
Gibson James, distiller Passvunk near Cathai'iiie 

Gibson John, hatter 28 High 

Gibson John, merchant 78 Walnut & 61 S. Fourth 

Gibson Margaret, tutress Cypress alley 

Gibson Mrs. widow 542 south Front 

Gibson Mrs. mantuamaker 153 south Ninth 

Gibson Robert, rigger 12 Parram's alley 

Gibson & Scobey, grocers 169 north Third 

Gibson John, mariner corner Front and Callowhill 

Gideon Henry, victualler 193 north Eighth 

Gideon George, shoemaker 33 Vine 

Gideon Rebecca, boarding house 14 Cherry 

Giffins E. shopkeeper 15 Shippen 

Gifford Mary, mantuamaker 349 south Front 

Gifford Olden, sea captain 8 1 Christian 

Gigon John, taylor 29 German 

Gilbert Conrad, cabinetmaker Say's alley 

Gilbert David, carpenter 4 north Sixth 

Gilbert F>ederick, merchant 144 north Third 

Gilbert Sc Grambo, merchants 16 > High 

Gilbert John, mate 125 north Fifth 

Gilbert Jesse, innkeeper 54 Callo^Yhill 

Gilbert John G. taylor 1 1 Chesnut 

Gilbert Thomas, mariner 20 Budd 

Gilbert Joseph, carpenter i 14 north Eighth 

Gilbert Joseph, umbreilamaker l58Hii^lj 


Gilbert Michael, potter 9 Branch 

Gilbert Jacob, taylor 139 Sassafras 

Gilbert Samuel, potter i46 north Third 

Gilder John, carpenter 8 Clever alley 

Giles Anna, widow 53 north Seventh 

Giles William, accomptant 19 Green 

Gilfrey William, caulker 33 Prime 

Giikey John, watchman ReUef alley 

Gill Edward, brassfounder 2 Locust 

Gill Elizabeth, grocer comer Shippen and Third 

Gill D. boarding house 126 Filbert 

Gill Francis, merchant 56 south Second 

Gill R. & B. hardware merchants 127 High 

Gill Margaret, boarding house 61 north Sixth 

Gill Rachael, 135 Spruce 

Gill Bennington, merchant 127 High 

Gill Thomas, cabinetmaker 150 south Third 

Gillan Daniel, carter 252 south Sixth 

Gillaspy Mrs. 276 south Front 

Gillaspy George, m. d, 90 south Eighth 

Gilliams Lewis, dentist 35 Mulberry 

Gilliard John, shoemaker corner Third Sc Lombard 

GiUiard Enos, hatter 124 south Sixth 

Giliigan George, brewer 10 Elbow lane 

Gilligan Thomas, victualler near 494 south Second 

Gilliiand James, carpenter 500 south Second 

Gillingham George, professor of music 205 Sassafra 

Gillingham James, hatter 175 south Front 

Gillingham Joseph Sc M. merchants 83 High 

Gillingham M. merchant 6 Church alley 

Gillis Samuel, carpenter 30 Columbia avenue 

Gilmer James, merchant 113 High 

Gilmer Elijah, cabinetmaker 19 Strawberry 

Gilmer widow of Matthew, labourer back 89 S. 6th 

Gilmer E. grocer 373 Mulberry 

Gilmer & Readstreak, cabinetmakers corner Dock 

and Walnut 
Gilmer George, accomptant 16 Strawberry 
Gilpin Dynes, grocer 30 Cedar 
Gilpin Sc Jackson, stablekeepers Harmony court 
Gilpin Joseph, livery stablekeeper 78 south FomtU 

K 2 


Gilpin Joshua, merchant ^69 Chesnut 

Gilpin Joshua Sc Thomas, merchants 149 S. Front 

Gilpin Thomas, merchant 14 Dock 

Gilyou E. silkstocking ^ shawl \nasher 52 north 8th 

Ginder John, tavernkeeper Mulberry near Eleventh 

Ginning (Jf Moser, potters 310 north Second 

Ginning John C. potter St. Tammany above Third 

Girard Stephen, merchant 21 and 23 north Water 

Girdon James, sea captain 17 Keys' alley 

Girling William, taylor 26 north Ninth 

Girvan James, taylor next '95 Chesnut 

Givit Benjamin, caulker 12 Christian 

Glading David, stevadore 57 soutlr Water 

Glading John, oak cooper 2 I Svvanson 

Glading Jos. nailer 197 St. John's and 93 Coates* 

Glause Samuel, carpenter 160 Cherry 

Glasgow widow of James, 524 north Front 

Glazier Adam L cabinetmaker 446 north Third 

Glazier Henry, shoemaker 356 north Third 

Glazier L)avid, nailer 191 St. John's^ 

Glasgow Wm grocer Pine-street wharf 

Glassgow James, plaisterer Locust near Eighth 

Glen James, m. d. corner Fifth iJf Prune 

Glenn John, accomptant 6 Heyde's court 

Glenn Joseph, bricklayer 2 57 north Front 

Glenn Joseph, sea captain 201 Spruce 

Glenn Margaret, widow Carlyle's court 

Glenn Mrs. of Wm. labourer near 177 north Water 

Glentworth James, broker 34 Chesnut 

Glentworth Plunket F. m. d. 144 Sassafras 

Glover John, stonecutter 330 south Second 

Glover &; Eager, stonecutters 224 south Front 

Gloystien B. sugar boiler 5 Crown 

Godinease H. tobacconist 78 Dock 

Goddard George, blacksmith 2 1 1 north Second 

Godshall F. stave inspector 37 Beck's alley 

Godshall John, shoemaker 376 north Third 

Goetz Frederick, gunsmith 32 Sassafras alley 

Goff Thomas, shipwright Moyamensing road 

Goff John, shoemaker Merriit's lane 

Golden David, shoemaker Oak (N. L.) 

Colder A. nurse 51 south Water 


Colder Joseph, vvoolcomber 51 south Water 
Goldtrap John, teacher 20 Shippen 
GokUrip William, carpenter Pearson's court 
Goldtress Mrs. widovv 378 north Third 
Goldsmith George, planemaker 85 Coates' 
Goldsmith Thomas, planemaker near 108 Budd 
Good Phillip A. china merchant 226 north Third 
Good Joseph, labourer 439 north Front 
Goodfellow E. pastry cook 64 Dock 
Goodfellow William, clockmaker 64 Dock 
Goodhart John, hatter 333 north Front 
Gomey John, blacksmith Brewer's alley 
Goodman C. bookbinder 400 north Third 
Goodman J, jun. justice of the peace 87 Callowhill 
Goodman Phoebe, storekeeper 68 Mulberry 
(ioodman Samuel, carpenter 179 south Front 
Goodrich Bernard, hatter 30 south Water 
Goodrich William, hatter 9 Gray's alley 
Goodwin J. ship chandler 2 Mulberry &c 171 N. Front 
Goodwin Jonathan, taylor 261 Sassafras 
Goodwin Thomas, merchant 298 Hiy;h 
Gordon Catharine, widow 296 south Fourth 
Gordon E. brewer corner Prune and Fifth 
Cordon Elizabeth, furnished lodgings 112 Union 
Gordon Henry, grocer 165 Shippen 
Gordon John, taylor 15 Coates' alley 
Gordon Peter, mate 1 is Swanson 
Gordon Jonathan, carpenter 98 Catharine 
Gordon John, plane & trunkmaker 1 5 Elizabeth 
Gordon Peter, caulker 1 1 4 Sw anson 
Gordon Robert, F. brewer 101 south Fifth 
Gordon Richard, shoemaker 245 south Front 
Gordon Rebecca, shopkeeper 207 south Fifth 
Gordon S. gentleman 66 south Eleventh 
Gordon T F. &; R. brewers corner Prune & Fifth 
Gordon Robert, shopkeeper 38 south Fifth 
Gorgas Geo. lumber merchant 282 north Second 
Gorley Archibald, accomptant north Twelfth 
Gorley Hugh, grocer 17 Swanson [See Gouriey. 

Gorley Casper, labourer south Broad 
Gorley Jacob, labourer corner Broad & Thirteenth 
Gorley Henry, carter south Broad 
Corman Edward, tavernkeepen 123 north Water 


Gorsucli Rebecca, shopkeeper 3 north Second 

Gosling Nathaniel, ostler 272 St. John's 

Gosling Joseph, carter Callowhiil Wharf 

Gosner C. ropemaker 43 Prime 

Gosner Peter, curiier 10 Hinckle's court 

Gosner Joseph, potter 397 north Second 

Gosoven John, labourer Rose alley 

Goss Joseph, m. d. 176 Cedar 

Gottreu Henry, tavernkeeper 83 south Fifth 

Goucher Francis, papermaker 33 Powell 

Gouge John, shopkeeper 88 north Fourth 

Gougler John, carter 136 Callowhiil 

Goul Calvin, druggist, 8cc. 123 south Third 

Goul Valentine, shoemaker 92 N- Ninth [See GauL 

Gould James, labourer 346 north Second 

Gourley Matthew, carpenter near 53 Fitzwalter 

Gourley John, grocer 385 north 3d corner of Coates' 

Govett Eleanor, widow 149 Mulberry 

Govelt James, silversmith 12 Strawberry 

Govett William G. &: C. merchants 251 High 

Govett 8c Ward, storekeepers 16 1 High 

Govett William J. carpenter Zane 

Govett William, treasurer of the Lancaster turnpike 

company 251 Hit^h 
Gowing John, sea captain 47 Shippen 
Grace Aaron, labourer 390 Sassafras 
Grace widow of J. Brewer's alley 
Grace Jacob, labourer 6 StaiT alley 
Grady Thomas, victualler 356 south Second 
Graff Balshaser, leaker 474 north Second 
Graff John, deputy collector of customs 303 Arch 
Graff Rebecca, widow 62 north Ninth 
Graff F. manager of the Water Works 22 north Sixth 
Graff Charles, corner Mulberry and Sixth 
Graff Henry, deputy weigher of the port 37 N. Sixth 
Graff widow of 'acob, baker 6 Cherry 
Graff Joseph, victualler Lawrence 
Graham David, 12 Oak (S.) 
Graham Edward, tay lor 78 Cedar 
Graham Edward & Son, taylors 78 Cedar 
Graham E. nurse Poplar lane near Second 
Graham G. carpenter 124 Catharine 
Grahiam James, grocer corner Sixth and Shippca 


Graham Robert W. corner Callowhill and Front 
Graham William, grocer 31 Prime 
Graham John, gentleman 397 south Second 
Graham Jane, gentlewoman 242 north Front 
Graham John, late grocer 397 south Second 
Graham John, combmaker 69 south Eleventh 
Graham Margaret, shopkeeper 378 north Third 
Graham Mary, corner Water and Walnut 
Graham widow of R. M. druggist 258 south Second 
Graham Thomas, merchant 14 north Eighth 
Graham Thomas I?* John, grocers 273 High 
Graham William, merchant 26 south Front 
Grahiam William, porter 200 Shippen 
Graham WiUiam, accomptant 12 Parram's alley 
Grambo Christian, merchant 1 63 High 
(jr«!?^'ona John, gentleman corner Sansom 8c Seventh 
Grandom Peter, cOOper 280 south Third 
Grant Joseph, sea captain 1 1 Keys' alley 
Grant Alexander, mariner 261 Catharine 
Grant George, carpenter 104 south Tenth 
Grant John, merchant 49 N. Front Sc 266 Mulberry 
' Grant Peter, bookbinder 73 north Fifth 
Grant Robert, muslin manufacturer 45 Passyunk 
(irant Robert, tavernkeeper 1 14 Swanson 
(irant Samuel, merchant 39 north Front & 301 High 
(irant Mrs. gentlewoman 20 Cedar 
Grant Wm. silver & gold smith 387 north Third 
Ciratz Michael, merchant 258 High 
Ciratz Simon <Jf Co. merchants 232 High 
Cxrauel John, baker 334 north Second 
Gravel Henry, carpenter Vine near Seventh 
Gravel Matthias, furr cutter & puller back 68 N. 6th 
(iravclle R. L. late confectioner 71 New 
Gravenstine George, accomptant 134 south Tenth 
Gravenstine widow of John, 131 Sassafras 
Gravenstine Jacob, baker Fourth near Brown 
Gravenstine Samuel, accomptant next 178 N. Eighth 
Gravenstine Peter, fruiterer, Sec South-West comer 

High and Sixth 
Gravenstine Christian, wheelwrioht 408 south Second 
Graves Bazel, tallowchandler 6 Pegg Sc 314 N. Front 
Graves i3urtholomew, printer University Yard N. 4th 


Graves John, sea captain 334 south Front 

Gravy Henry, innkeeper Beach 

Gray Alexander, stevadore Lombard above Ninth 

Grey David, carpenter corner Fifth and Wood 

Gray i?* Kennedy, brewers near 22 south Sixth 

Gray David, shoemaker 24 Budd 

Gray Edward, merchant 2 17 High 

Gray George labourer Juniper lane 

Grey revd. James, 3 north Tenth 

Gray Joltn, taylor 44 south Water 

Gray James, teacher 360nort'h Third 

Gray Joseph, porter Fourth above Coates' 

Gray Joseph, late brewer 43 Filbert 

Gray John, labourer Eleventh above Sassafras 

Gray Robert E. brewer 24 south Sixth 

Gray Robert, porter Poplar lane 

Gray Samuel, blacksmith St. T^many near St. John*s 

Gray Thomas, porter Fitzwalter 

Gray ^Taylor, grocers 217 Hip;h 8c Hodge's wharf 

Gray Thomas, carter 371 Mulberry 

Gray Thomas, shoemaker Mifflin's court 

Gray William, shoemaker 45 Artillery lane and 490 

north Second 
Grazier Mary, Fitzwalter street 
Gready Thomas, victualler 356 south Second 
Grear Andrew, victualler 255 north Eighth 
Grear J. victualler Noble above Eighth 
Grear Jacob, victualler 289 north Eighth 
Grear N. victualler 234 north Eighth 
Greaves William, shoemaker 19 Plum 
Greaves Alex, accomptant 376 S. Front [see Greeves, 
Greble George, carpenter 84 north Eleventh 
Greble widow of Jacob, cedarcooper 350 south Second 
Greble William, bricklayer near 247 south Fifth 
Greer Jacob, shoemaker 20 Starr alley 
Greer widow of James, cornchandler 255 S. FiFih 
Green rev. Ashbel, 79 Mulberry 
Green B. stone ware factory Second above German - 

town road 
Green Andrew, blacksmith 14 Starr alley 
Green Charles, taylor 525 north Third 
Green Eleanor, storekeeper 134 south Fourth 
Greeo George, grocer 130 south Ninth 


Green Geo. brassfounder and gilder 139 south Ninth 

Green James, sea captain Tenth near Pine 

Green James, mate 47 south AVater 

Green James, mariner Cox's alley 

Green John, marmer 10 Shippen 

Green John, grocer 288 Vine corner of Eighth 

Green John, carpenter 460 north Third 

Green Joseph, plaisterer back 45 Green 

Green rev. Lemuel, 64 south Second 8c 202 N. Third 

Qreen Robert S. attorney at law 46 Walnut 

Green Richard, labourer 97 Swanson 

Green widow of Michael, tavernkeeper 15 S. Seventh 

Green Peter, gentleman 37 Cable lane 

Green Stephen, labourer 135 Green 

Greenaway Hannah, boardinghouse 102 south Front 

Greenleaf James, office corner Sansom 8c Seventh 

Greeves Thomas, broker 54 Chesnut 

Gregory Charles, merchant 85 Callowhill 

Gregory 8c Clever, lumber yard Coates' st. wharf 

Gregory John, cabinetmaker corner Second Sc Spruce 

Gregory Wm. lumber merchant 288 north Second 

Greiner John, baker 165 \''ine 

Greincr John, merchant 182 Sassafras Isee Griner. 

Grelaud Mrs boarding school 105 Mulberry 

Grice Mary, shopkeeper near 16 Christian 

Grice Joseph, shipbuilder Penn (Kensington) 

Griffing Joseph C. sea captain 28 Callowhill 

Griffie George, labourer back 62 Catharine 

Griffie John, shoemaker 304 south Front 

Griffing Moses, sea captain 156 Pine 

Griffing Saml. sea captain corner Callowhill Sc Second 

Griffin William, mariner 28 Union alley 

Griffin G. painter, 8cc. 35 south Wharves 

Griffin William, shipwright 32 Kunkle 

Griffith Benjamin F. bricklayer 142 south Ninth 

Griffith Benjamin, smith 45 Cable lane 

Griffith Sarah, tutress 63 Green 

Griffith Sarah, widow 174 south Fifth 

Griffith Cadwallader, 1 42 south Ninth 

Griffith Caleb, taylor 88 south Second 

Griffith George, painter 35 south Wharves 

Griffitts Hannah, gentlewoman 8 N'orris*s alley 

Griffith Isaac, carpenter 181 north Third 


Griffith John, stonecutter 395 High 
Griifith John R. slater o3 north Tenth 
Griffith William, teacher 90 north 
Griffith Elijah, m. d. 108 north Fourth 
Griffith Joseph, shipjoiner near 58 Queen 
Griffitts Elizabeth, gentlewoman 77 south Third 
Griffith Robert E. mxcrchant compting house Bank 

alley, dwelling 81 south Sixth 
Griffitts Samuel P. m. d. 62 south Front 
Grill Claude, hatter 159 south Iront 
Grlle Madame, 119 south Third 
Grim Peter, meal dealer 476 north Third 
Grimes John, mastmaker 504 south Front 
Grimshey William, mariner 97 German 
Griner Joseph, coach painter Columbia avenue 
Griner John, taylor 34 Penn 
Griscom Rachel, storekeeper 153 north Second 
Griscom "^amuel, bricklayer 320 Sassafras 
Grinnel William, attorney at law 7 1 south Fourth 
Gross Fredenck, tobacconist 10 north Seventh 
Gross George, shoemaker 251 north Front 
Gross George, watchman Spruce above Tenth 
Gross Henry, labourer Miffln's court 
Gross Jacob, jun. shoemaker Twelfth near Walnut 
Gross John, shoemaker Weaver's alley 

Gross , milkman Dean*s alley 

Grotjan John, broker High near Twelfth 

Grotjan Sc Crawley, grocers High near Twelfth 

Groves Anthony, merchant 5 north Front 

Groves widow of Christ, bricklayer 1 19 north Fifth 

Groves Daniel, bricklayer 169 Vine 

Grove Daniel, mariner 364 south Second 

Groves John, sea captain 334 south Front 

Grubb George, boarding house 8c tavern 223 Svvanson 

Grum Henry, victualler James 

Grum William, shoemaker 30 Mulberry 

Grumbach Godfrey, shoemaker Drinker's court 

Grundlock G. innkeeper 400 north Third 

Guenat Sjt* Johnston, merchants 26 south Wharves 

Guenat John B. merchant 230 W^alnut 

Guerin A. silversmith and jeweller 123 Plum 


Guest Ann, I north Ninth 

Guest Amelia, 17 Sansom 

Guest Sc Banker, merchants 39 N. Front Sc 242 High 

Guest James, porter 50 Brown 

Guest Robert, carter back 54 Brown 

Guibala , gentleman 23 Union 

Guier Adam, grazier corner Eleventh and Filbert 

Guier 8c Diehl, wine merchants 199 High 

Guier Mrs. of Jacob, 270 Sassafras 

Guier William, merchant 199 High 

Guieu E. J. 8c L. Bion, merchants corner Fifth ScPinc 

Guignon L. m, d. 5 Cherry 

Guillermin Gilbert, 145 south Third 

Guillotte D. 369 south Front 

Guinn Wm. taylor 125 south Water 8c 82 Swanson 

Gullager Mrs. shopkeeper 70 MuU^erry 

Gullen John, stone cutter 289 Mulberry 

GumbsWm. H. grocer 57 Ghesnut and 97 S. Front 

Gumbs Conrad, rigger 95 south Wharves 

Gumminger Mrs. storekeeper 171 north Third 

Gumper Michael, cooper 291 south Fifth 

Gumper John, cedar cooper 185 High 

Gumpert Abraham, merchant 259 north Second 

Gumpert Sc Moses, merchants 259 north Second 

Gumpert Joseph, storekeeper 288 north Second 

Gurn Conrad, rigger 1 Shippen 

Gurney Francis, merchant 2 Union 

Gurney 8c Smith, merchants 199 south Front 

Guyger Casper, taylor Blackhorse alley 

Guyger J. J. mate back 73 Queen 

Guyger George, hatter 1 6 Vernon 

Guyger Martin, innkeeper 468 north Second 

Guyger James, taylor 96 north Seventh 

Gyot John, carpenter back 214 south Seventh 

Gym Jacob, storekeeper near 1 9 1 Spruce 

HAARS Christian, 66 Cherry 
Haars ^ Kalbach, sugar refiners 1 1 5 Chen^ 
Haas Charles, painter, 8cc. l43 south Sixth 
Haas Conrad, late baker 1 1 6 north Sixth 



Haas Frederick, carpenter 162 north Eighth 
Haas Frederick, stocking weaver 367 north Third 
Haas Henry, oak cooper 391 north Third 
Haiise William, carptnter 187 Cherry 
Habacker Philip, merchant 301 Vine 
Hacktr George, baker 378 north Second 
Hacket Simon, hatter 315 south Second 
Haddock Wm. nailer 41 Eighth 
Haddock Isaac, nailer near 1 91 north Eighth 
Hafline Catharine, \vidow 59 north Fourth 
Hafline John, shoemaker Kunckle 
Hafline Stephen, carpenter Kunckle 
Hafline widow of J 133 north Sixth 
Haga Godfrey, merchant S. E. corner High ^ Sixth 
Hagart Mrs. boarding house 21 Walnut 
Hagarty Charles, grocer li> 8 south Sixth _,.. 
Hagarty James, muriner 288 south Third 
Hagner John, lining hoop maker 358 north Third 
Hagner Philip, mustard, kc. manufacturer 132 N. 3d 
Hague Michael, milkman Logan 
Hague Charles, carpenter 12 Quarry 
Hague Thomas, porter Cedar above Twelfth 
Hahn Wm. grocer corner Sassafras Isf Fourth 
Hahn Peter, merchant 70 Si^ 102 north Front 
Hahn widow of C. 104 north Front 
Hahn Christian, labourer 526 north Third 
Hailer Frederick, gentleman 43 north Sixth 
Flaines Catharine, widow 135 north Third 
Haines E. cabinet warehouse 100 north Front 
Haines Samuel, conveyancer 163 Chesnut and 24 

north Sixth 
Haines Sarah, widow near 33 Moravian alley / 
Haines Hannah, widow 4 New Bank (late Lodge) 
Haines John, victualler 40 Passyunk road 
Haines John, saddler 78 north Ninth 
Haines Noah, currier 43 Union 
Haines Frederick, taylor 15 Fitzwalter 
Hains Joseph, trader Davidson's court 
Haines SjT* Yarnall, curriers 15 Chesnut 
Heins John, tobacconist 19 Cresson's alley 
Hains Josiah B. boat builder 245 Swanson ^ Prime 
near Front 


Hayns John B. innkeeper 62 north Fourth 
Halberstadt ^ Haines, mahogany and lumber yard 

307 north Front 
Halberstadt George,cabinetmaker219 &24r N. Front 
Hale widow of Matthew, 27 Church alley 
Hale Thomas, broker 284 Chesnut 
Halfpenny Robert, painter Sec. 273 north Second 
Hall Edward, cabinetmaker 15 Hopkins* court 
Hall Isaac, innkeeper and corder 320 north Front 
Hall James j labourer Locust near Thirteenth 
Hall John, clock ^ watchmaker corner Front and 

Hall John, merchant corner of Pine and Water and 

91 south Sixth 
Hall John, carpenter 1 1 8 south Tenth 
Hall John, hatter 153 north Second 
Hall Margaret, shopkeepe^r 7 1 High 
Hall Martha, widow 72 Mulberry 
Hall Nathan, merchant High, third door above 

Second, south side 
Hall Isf Pierie, printers 51 High 
Hall Richard, labourer Lombard above Ninth 
Hall Samuel, shipwright 460 south Front 
Hall William, merchant 28 south Second 
Hall Thomas M. merchant 44 south Sixth 
H^ll William, printer 5 1 Hii^h 

Hallov/ell John, attorney at law corner 5th 8s: Chesnut 
Hallowell Mary, boarding house 12 Gray's alley 
Hallowell Mrs. 136 Spruce 

Hallowell William, jun. ironmonger 197 N. Third 
Hallowell & Satterthwait, ironmongers 52 N. Third 
Halverson Hannah, mantuamaker 2 Stamper's alley 
Halzel John, taylor 177 St. John's 
Halzel Philip, fancy chairmaker 5 1 5 north Front 
Hamel Samuel, printer SO George 
Hamel widow of James, shopkeeper 218 S. Second 
Hamer Jacob, taylor 24 Pewterplatter alley 
Hamilbeck Philip, labourer Appletree alley 
Hamill & Piere, curriers 8 1 Dock 
Hamill David, labourer Pegg 
Hamill John, carpenter 308 Sassafras 
Hamilton's wharf opens at 1 19 south water 


Hamilton Elizabeth, widow 14 Moravian alley 
Hamilton Gavin £c William, tobacconists 13 S. 2d 
Hamilton George, carpenter 141 Shippen 
Hamilton Hester, umbreliamaker 71 south Fourth 
Hamilton Hugh, grocer 472 north Second 
Hamilton Isaac, mariner 141 north Sixth 
Hamilton James, gentleman 19 south Seventh 
Hamilton Jesse, carter 246 Cedar 
Hamilton John, brushmaker Cauftman's court 
Hamilton John, taylor 192 south Front 
Hamilton John, millinery shopkeeper 9 north Third 
Hamilton John, grocer 4 High and 75 north Front 
Hamilton John, merchant 36 Strawberry 
Hamilton John, labourer 30 North alley 
Hamilton Robert, shallopman Carpenter 
Hamilton Richai'd, blacksmith Cooper*s court 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter corner Ninth and Vine 
Hamilton Rebecca, widow 82 south Eighth 
Hamilton Talbot, teacher 29 Church alley 
Hamilton William, porter near 22 Kunckle 
Hamilton William, painter, &c. 1 1 1 Chesnut 
Hamilton William, carpenter near 338 High 
Hamlit G. blacksmith 77 Green & shop Oak(N. L.) 
Hamlin Josepli, carter 8 1 Green 
Hamm James, biscuitbaker 9 1 Lombard 
Hamm Sc Son, biscuitbakers 9 1 Lombard 
Hamm William, baker 45 Lombard 
Hammer Adam, shoemaker 351 north Third 
Hammer Lewis, storekeeper 147 north Third 
Hammett Thomas, sea captain Pemberton's alley 
Hammet George, porter 59 Budd 
Hammon William, merchant 143 Pine 
Hamon George, shoemaker 183 Cedar 
Hammond Elijah, shoemaker Poplar lane 
Hammond Philip, sugarboiler near 20 Brewer's alley 
Hamstead William, carpenter 206 north Eighth 
Hampton Alexander, carpenter 319 Mulberry 
Hampton W^illiam, accomptant 182 St. John's 
Hanckle John M. m. d. 364 north Second 
Hancock Robert, dyer 93 Vine 
Hancock Robert, gunsmith 150 north Fifth 


Hancock William, printer 19 north Front 

Hand Geo. jun. merchant compiing house Clifford's 

wharf, dwelling 10 Church alley 
Hand Jeremiah, labourer near 207 north Water 
Hand Margaret, boarding house 28 north Third 
Hand Ruth, tutress 130 Sassafras 
Hand John, sea captain 50 Green 
Haney Benjamin, shoemaker 382 south Third 
Haney R. shoemaker Cedar above Tenth 
Hankinson W^m. storekeeper 18 north Second 
Hanley John, printer 147 Cherry 
Hanley John, labourer 39 Cable lane 
Hank Joseph, combmaker north Juniper 
Hanna Edward, innkeeper 145 Cedar 
Hanna Edward, stablekeeper 26 north Seventh 
Hanna E. shopkeeper 190 Lombard 
Hanna John, Farmer's row 
Hannagan R. grocer 34 north Sixth 
Hannigan WiHiam, milkman 327 south Third 
Hannis widow of Benj. planemaker 404 north Third 
Hannins Isaac, mariner Cypress alley 
Hannold George, taylor 49 Coates' alley 
Hannon Edward, stablekeeper 54 New 
Hanse C. coachmaker corner Fourth and Walnut 
Hanse George, coachmaker 7 Lombard 
Hanse Samuel, bookbinder 170 south Second 
Hanse William, mariner 447 south Front 
Hanse WiUiam, bricklayer 162 Cherry 
Hansen John, wheelwright Coxe's alley 
Hansel! Sarah, widow Zane 
Hansell widow of Jacob, blacksmith 1 62 Sassafras 
Hansell John, blacksmith near 201 north Eighth 
Hanser Jacob, dealer 106 north Third 
Hanson Erasmus, mariner 1 1 Parram's alley 
Hanson Joseph, taylor 32 Union 
Harbert Isaac, bricklayer 1 60 Cherry 
Harberger Henry, tinsmith Eleventh near Locust 
Harbeson Benjamin, jun. copper merchant 75 High' 
Harbeson Benjamin, sen. 2 1 13ranch 
Harby widow of John, innkeeper 404 north Second 
Harder John G. furrier 120 Walnut 
Harding Ezekiah, sea captain 170 south Third 


Harding James, cooper 9 1 Coates* 

Harding vvidpw of George, 366 south Second 

Harding Richard, stablekeeper 102 Sassafras 

Hardie David, sea captain 1G4 Spruce 

Hardy Alexander, grocer 1 1 6 German 

Hardy Francis A. mate 24 Meade alley 

Hardy John, teacher 17 Lombard 

Hardy John & Patrick, carters 32 Penn 

Hardy John C. baker 78 Spruce 

Hardy Laurence, baker 32 Penn 

Hardy Thomas, carter and grocer 129 south Water 

Hare Charles W. attorney at law 95 & 97 Walnut 

Haie Robert, porter brewer 15 north Eighth 

Hare Robert Sc Son, porter brewers Cable lane above 

Harford Charles, merchant Cresson's alley 
Harford John, accomptgjpt 403 south Second 
Hargesheimer John, painter, &cc. 229 south Third 
Hargesheimer Samuel, smith and farrier'"437 S. ^d 
Hargous John, merchant 123 Lombard 
Hargrove Hester, nurse 10 Brewer's alley 
Harker Joshua G. merchant 13 and 15 north Second 
Harkey Charles, brassfounder 128 Coates' 
Harkins James, shopkeeper 188 Cedar 
Harkins Neal, blacksmith 37 Cable lane 
Harkins John, ostler 28 north Seventh 
Harkins Peter, storekeeper 69 Cedar 
Harkins Wilham, salt and coal measurer 52 Sassafras 
Harkhoff Christian, accomptant 394 north Third 
Harlan Edward, carpenter Tenth near Pine 
Harland John, merchant 140 Mulberry 
Harlan Joseph, teacher 5 Hinckle's court 
Harland John, jun. merchant 76 High 
Harlan William, merchant 58 Walnut 
Harley George & Francis, coppersmiths 93 S. Front 
Harman Elizabeth, grocer 3 1 6 Sassafras ^see H€r?nan 
Harman Jacob, blacksmith 139 north Second 
Harman widow of William, 340 south Front 
Harman Mary, mantuamaker 127 New 
Harman John, baker 162 north Fourth 
Harman John, tobacconist 30 Kunckle 
Harman Samuel, porter back 122 Brown 


Harmer C. taylor north Twelfth 

Harmer Amos, carpenter 192 Vine 

Harmes James N. merchant 177 Walnut (Sansom's 

Harmstead Laurence, carpenter 26 Elizabeth 
Harmstead Martin, shoemaker 163 north Second 
Harned J. tinplateworker 43 High 
Harper's wharf opens next 83 south water 
Harper George, brick maker corner Schuylkill Fifth 

and Cedar 
Harper 8c Maguire, grocers 205 Cedar 
Harper James, grocer corner Locust 8c Thirteenth 
Harper John, late weigher Harper's wharf 
Harper Samuel, flour and feedstore 237 north Front 
Harper Thomas, broker 35 Walnut 
Harrel James M. printer corner Lombard 8c Seventh 
Harrington William, printer 13 Cresson's alley 
Harris Adam, coachmaker 131 north Fourth 
Harris Charles, druggist, 8cc. 12 south Front 
Harris James, sexton near 85 south Third 
Harris Joseph, bricklayer St. Tammany 
Harris Mrs. boarding house 295 High 
Harris Michael, labourer Charlotte 
Harris Robert, m. d. 184 south Fifth 
Harris Robert, jun. druggist 196 High 
Harris Theophilis, gentleman 208 south J^ront 
Harris Thomas, carpenter 132 north Fourth 
Harrison Alexander, agent Locust near Eleventh 
Harrison Charles, shipjoiner 9 Coombs' alley 
Harrison C. P. copperplate printer 12th above Arch 
Harrison Daniel, milkman 300 south Fourth 
Harrison Francis, accomptant 20 Coombs' alley 
Harrison Francis, stevadore 72 Catharine 
Harrison Geo. navy agent 19 Dock and 156 Chesnut 
Harrison Israel, bricklayer 66 Walnut 
Harrison Jane, shopkeeper 1 1 north Fifth 
Harrison John, merchant 26 Strawberry 
Han ison Joseph, storekeeper 9 Noble 
Harrison John, mariner back 62 Cherry 
Harrison Job, shoemaker 6 1 Coates' ^ 
Harrison Joseph, grocer 322 north Front 
Harrison Matthias, gentleman 206 Spruce 


Harrison Rachel, widow 253 north Front 

Harrison Samuel, hatter 324 north Front 

Harrison Sarah Ann, gentlewoman 63 north Eighth 

Harrison Thomas, taylor 72 south Third 

Harrison William, mariner Coxe's alley 

Harrison William, engraver Twelfth above Mulberry 

Harry Hannah, boardinghouse tO N orris's alley 

Hart Abraham, storekeeper 11 2 north Third 

Hart Charles, teacher 3.37 Callowhiil 

Heartt Dennis, printer 17 Mulberry 

Hart George labourer 271 north Second 

Hart George, taylor 201 St. John's 

Hart James, grocer 243 north Third 

Hart James, saddkr 312 north Second 

Hart John, porter 186 Lombard 

Han John, druggist 8 south Second & 195 Mulberry 

Hart John, turner 125 north Sixth 

Hart Joseph, grazier 186 north Third 

Hart John, shoemaker 209 Cedar 

Hart Nicholas, cedarcooper 164 south Third 

Hart Susannah, grocer corner Walnut & Twelfth 

Hart Sarah A. 256 Mulberry 

Hart Seymour, gentleman 57 Vine 

Hart James Sc Son, grocers 231 north Third 

Hart Thomas, merchant 243 north Third 

Hart Williiim H. 243 north Third . 

Hart William, oakcooper Harper's wharf 

Hart William, shipwright 505 south Second 

Hartendorfe J. weaver 526 north Tliird 

Hartley Mark, cabinet and chairmaker 35 and 75 

south Front 
Hartley Ezekiel, segarmaker 38 Budd 
Hartley Nicholas, tinsmith 164 north Second 
Hartley George, rigger Warder's wharf & 16 Noble 
Hartley John M. shopkeeper 164 north Second 
Hartley Joseph, upholsterer 272 south Second 
Hartley Soloman, rigger 43 Coates' 
Hartman Christian, sugarboiler Poplar lane 
Hartman Jacob, labourer 17 Appletree alley 
Hartman D. mate 76 Almond 

Hartman John, hairdresser corner of Vine Sc Eighth 
Hartman Peter, chairmaker 39 Coates' alley 


Hartnock C. shoemaker 507 north Third 
Hartnock Justice, shoemaker 468 north Third 
Hartshorn Pattison P. gentleman 122 Mulberry 
Kartranfft John, harnessmaker Eleventh near Pine 
Hartranfft Michael, plaisterer 381 Sassafras 
Hartwell John, sea captain 16 Queen 
Hartwell Sarah, widow Ferris* court 
Hartwig- Mary, grocer near 1 17 north Fourth 
Harvey Frederick, labourer near 3 1 Crown 
Harvey Charles, merchant 13 south Water and 7 

north Eleventh 
Harvey Isaac, jun. merchant near 9 north Eleventh 
Harvey James, grocer 183 Cedar 
Harvey Frederick, weaver north Juniper 
Harvey Joseph, shoemaker 140 Cedar 
Harvey Peter, coachmaker 363 High 
Harvey Samuel D. merchant 9 south Water and 9 

north Eleventh 
Harvey Samuel, ironmonger 23 Branch 
Harvey & Worth, hardware merchants 62 N. Front 

Harvey , sea captain 9 Brewer's alley 

Harvey widow of Edward, 272 south Fourth 
Harwood Robert, merchant 30 south Front 
Harwood Jeremiah, accomptant 167 St. John's 
Haskins John, teacher 135 Vine \_see Hoskins* 

Haskins Thos. merchant 10 &12 S. Water &1 1 Front 
Haslett William, merchant comptinghouse 84 south 

Front, dwelling 262 Second 
Haslett Judeth, widow Waglom*s court 
Hassall Jos. boot iand shoemaker 305 south Second 
Hasenclaver Mary, widow 70 north Seventh 
Hassinger Jacob, merchant 207 High and 24 1 Arch 
Hastings John, grocer Cedar above Tenth 
Hastings John, turner 12 Stall's court 
Hathaway 8c Scull, 28 south Wharves 
Hathaway Caleb, merchant 26 Powell 
Hatrick Alatthew, ropemaker 567 south Front 
Hauduc Victor, baker Cypress' alley 
Haughey James, labourer Dean's alley 
Haupt & Kreider, grocers 143 north Third 
Hauptman John, turner 46 Gaskill 
Havard Catharine, teacher 39 Callowhill 


Havenstrile Samuel, cabinetmaker 541 north Front 

Havland C grocer corner Seventh and Cedar 

Hawke Christian, hosier 440 Sassafras 

Hawke John, hozier Mark's lane 

Hawke Hezekiah, oysterman 44 Green 

Hawke Josiah, mariner 44 Green 

Hawke M. milkman corner of Logan and Charles' 

Haw^kes William, sea captain 1 Norris's alley 

Hawkins Henry, merchant 61 Pine 

Hawkins John, boot and shoemaker 83 Chesnut 

Hawkins William, shallopman 33 Noble 

Hawley Samuel, sea captain 35 Sansom 

Hawthorn Hanse, labourer 204 Coates' 

Hawthorn Thomas P. sea captain 14 Butler's court 

Hay Catharine, widow 30 Cable lane 

Hay George, labourer Say's alley 

Hay John, innkeeper 124 north Fourth 

Hay Mrs. widow : 2 1 north Fourth 

Hay Richard, sugarbaker 65 Passyunk 

Hayes Lawrence, grocer 140 Cherry 

Hay dock E. painter and plumber 5 New Bank 

Hay dock Robert, painter and plumber 38 S. Second 

Hay dock £c Stewart, painters & plumbers 37 Straw- 
berry [see Haddock» 

Hay dock Samuel, merchant 38 south Second 

Haydock William, painter. See. Goforth alley 

Haydon Sc Stewart, fancy japanned chair and.cormsh 
makers 77 Dock 

Haydon William, ornamental painter 77 Dock 

Hayes Ades, carpenter James' 

Hayes James, carpenter Elmslie's alley 

Hayes Laurence, grocer 1 40 Cherry 

Hayes John, shoemaker 180 Lombard 

Hayes John, mariner 181 north Front 

Hayes Patrick, sea captain 18 Pine 

Hayes Samuel, merchant 155 Chesnut 

Hay lander Juliana, storekeeper 250 south Second 

Haynes A. 72 south Front 

Haynes David, shoemaker 75 German 

Haynes George, segarmaker 7 Branch 

Haynes John, carter 25 north Tenth 


Haysdon Casper, combmaker '27 north Tenth 

Hayward John, baker 45 north "ighth 

Hay won David, mariner 418 south Front 

Haywood H. inantuaniaker Kunkle 

Hay worth Mary, gentlewoman 15 1 north Third 

Hazard Sc Cabot, merchants 25 south Wharves 

Hazard Ebenezar, gentleman 145 iyluiberry 

Hazard Samuel, merchant 322 High 

Hazard Happ, oysterbouse 22 south Sixth 

Hazlehurst Samuel, merchant 322 High 

Hazleton Nathaniel, trader 185 Cedar 

Hazleton Mary, widow Fearris' court 

Head jOseph, gentleman 202 Walnut 

Headinger Bernat, jun. painter 65 north Fifth 

Headman Wm. Sc Geo. potters George near Eleventh 

Headman William, potter 17 south Eighth 

Hearn Margaret, teacher 33 Keys' alley 

Heath Charles P. inPAirance office north-east corner 

of Walnut and Eighth 
Heatley Charles, counsellor at law 74 north Second 
Heaton Elijah, shoemaker 146 Brown 
Heberton Gorge, mtrchant 5 south Second 
Hedderly Geo. bell founder &c smith 63 s6uth Fifth 
Hedelius A.^ sea captain 1 1 Sassafras 
Hefferman John, shoemaker Merritt's lane 
Hegamin Samuel, gunsmith 48 Gaskill 
Height Peter, victualler near 5 1 1 north Second 
Heimback Jacob, shoemaker 384' north Front 
Heimberger Peter, mariner 25 Mary 
Heimberger Richard, drug and chemical warehouse 

200 north Second 
Fleinold Charles, grocer 138 Callovvhill 
Heiss Christian, trader 215 north Second 
Heiss 8c Justice 184 north Second 
Heister Conrad, accomptant 25 north Fourth 
Helfenstein Rev. Samuel, 39 north Fourth 
Hellerman John, oysterman Charlotte 
Hellings John, bookbinder 37 Pewterplatter alley 
Helm Adam, rag dealer Lilly alley 
Helm George W. grocer corner Powell and Sixth 
Helm Elizabeth, boarding house near 33 N. Tenth 
Helmbold George, papermaker 190 south Water 


Helmbold George, publisher of the Tickler, office 

131 south Front 
Helmuth Rev. I. Henry Charles, 281 High 
Heimuih John K. merchant 225 High & South alley 
Hem Jacob, smith 71 north Sixth 
Hembel Samuel, tobacconist next 48 north Fourth 
Hembel Samuel, carter Laurence 
Hembel William, taylor 16 north Water 
Hembel VVMlliam, jun. merchant 17 north Front 
Hemphill .'ames 8c John, merchants 101 south Front 
Hemphill James 8c Samuel, grocers corner Walnut 

and Fourth 
Hemphill Joseph, attorney at law near 140 Chesnut 
Hemphill Jane, midwife 7 3 Plum 
Henchman Adam, grocer 28 north Ninth 
Henchman John, bricklayer 200 Sassafras 
Henchman Michael, brickmaker 174 Sassafras 
Henchman F. labourer 21 north Ninth 
Hendel Eliza, shopkeeper 124 north Second 
Henderson Charles, shoemaker 90 Christian 
Henderson John, labourer Webb's alley 
Henderson E. storekeeper 20 1 Mulberry 
Henderson John L. mate 353 north Second 
Henderson James, carpente| Locust above Juniper 
Henderson John, carpenter* 55 north Sixth 
Henderson .?ohn, saltmeasurer 326 north Second 
Henderson Joseph, mastmaker 28 Gaskill 
Henderson Martha, grocer 5 Strawberry 
Henderson Mary, storekeeper 59 south Second 
Henderson Mrs. gentlewoman 46 north Front 
Henderson Stephen, silverplater 2 1 north Seventh 
Henderson William, jun. v/eigher 89 Crown 
Henderson William, tobacconist 9 Walnut 
Hendrick Randolph, shoemaker 65 Queen 
Hendrick John, mariner 41 1 south Front 
Hendrick Rebecca, nurse 65 Queen 
Hendy William, sea captain 277 south Second 
Hendry Jas. tavern and boarding house 3 Shippen 
Henly William, sea captain 97 north Second 
Hennessy Thomas, accomptant 25 north Eighth 
Hennicks — -, mariner Nonnater's court 
Hennins William, shoemaker 358 north Third 

D [RECTORY. ' 13j 

Heurigel Jacobj taylor 188 Vine 

Henry Alexr. merchant 192 High k Minor ne^r 6th 

Henry Amelia, mantuaniaker 22 north Fifth 

Henry Alexander, jun. Sc Co. merchants 192 High 

Henry Christopher, labourer Fourth above Brown 

Henry Daniel, shipwright 16 Brown 

Henry George A. merchant 13 Church alley 

Henry George I. shoemaker 464 north Front 

Henry Hugh, merchant 6 south Third 

Henry Hugh, shoemaker 57 noi'th Sixth 

Henry James, shipwright Carpenter (S.) 

Henry John, labourer 384 north Second 

Henry Joseph, gunfaetory corner Third and Noble 

Henry Mary, shopkeeper 15 south Fourth 

Flenry Peter, labourer 460 north Third 

Henry William, joiner 70 Catharine "" 

Henry William, tinsmith back 159 south Sixth 

Henry Mrs. of William, grocer Charlotte 

Hensel Charles, corabmaker 259 north Eighth 

Hepp Adam, distiller 103 Coates* 

Heppard John, painter, ^c. 9 1 north Water 

Hepple Adam, labourer Blackhorse alley 

Hepburn John, shoemaker 7 South alley 

Hera C. Sc J. pewterers ^0 north Second 

Harbert Isaac, bricklayer 160 Cherry 

Herbert widow of Lawr. storekeeper 161 High 

Herbert William, mariner 9 Mary 

Herd Susannah, victualler 13 Fayette 

Heriges John Joseph, tobacconist 42 1 north Second 

Heriges B. tobacconist 2 i 3 north Second 

Herils Francis, goldsmith 169 Muloerry 

Herkness Adam, stonecutter 22 n<i>rth Ninth 

Herman Jacob, coachpainter 163 & 165 south Fifth 

Heron John, grocer 248 south Fourth 

Heree Samuel, accomptant 8 south Sixth 

Herse John, taylor 164 Sassafras 

Hertage Joseph, marinernear 131 St. John's 

Hertzhog Joseph, merchant 96 north Second 

Hertzhog Andrew, gentleman Margaretta 

Heshisen Maria, widow back 175 Cherry 

Hesler William, carpenter 74 north Sixth 


Hess George, carter 102 Coates' 
Pless John, constable 178 north Fifth 
Hess Peter, slioeniaker 149 St. John's 
Hess William, carpenter 85 Budd 
Hess W illiam, male 2 1 Mary 
Hes'er William, blacksmith near 30 Christian 
Heston W" illiam, painter, &c. 7 Heyde's court 
Hetzel Bernard, oakcooper 169 St, John's 
Heuson John, sen. calicoprinter Queen (K.) 
Heuson John, jun. calicoprinter Beach [sff Henvson 
Hewes Josiah, gentleman 15 south Third [-see Hugi/ies 
Howes William, shoemaker 58 Spruce 
Hewes Joseph, shoemaker 148 soutn Front 
Hewett Thomas, sea captian 139 south Sixth 
PJewitt William, taylor Locust near Seventh 
Hewitt Wm. commission merchant 35 Spruce 
Hewson Thomas T. m. d. 41 Spruce Isee Hcuso?i 
Hewson James, carter 287 north Eighth 
Heyberger Geor.ue, blacksmith 6 Noble 
Keyberger Jacob, county commissioner 8 York road 
Heyberger ^ Miller, ccalyard 97 north Fourth 
Heyde John, sen. taylor 2 5 Filbert 
Heyde John, jun. V rocer 23 Filbert 
Heydel Sarah, milliner 103 north Second 
Heydel Elizabeth, shopkeep-r 7 I Green 
Heyder John, bricklayer Eleventh near Sassafras 
Heyl Geortre, jun. attorney at law and notary piiblic 

30 Walnut 
Heyl John, brushmaker 204 north Second 
Htyl Philip, carpenter 7 vV agner's alley 
Heyl Philip, storekeeper 195 north Second 
Heyl W^m. merchant 140 Pine 
Heyle Philip, baker 106 north Second 
Heyler Frederick, labourer 450 Sassafras 
Heylin Catharine, widow 148 Sassafras 
Heylin Isaac, m.b. 57 south Seventh 
Heymas Thomas, innkeeper corner Sixth and Ger- 

mantown road 
Heysham Robert, 5 1 north Tenth 
Heysler Peter, gentleman near 29 I St. John's 
Heysler John, cedarcooper 99 Callowhill 
Hickey John b* Robinson, grocers 312 High 


Hickey Michael, tavevn and stablekeeper 123 Pine 

Hickey Mrs. boarding house 27 Penn 

Hickey Michael, mate 364 south Second 

Hickman Benjamin, plaisterer 65 south Third 

Hickman isf Oliver, taylors 131 south Water 

Hickman Selby, merchant taylor 121 south Third 

Hicks George W. upholsterer 25 south Front 

Hicks Miss Margaret, 23 Keys* alley 

Higs^ingbottom \Vm. sugarboiler 32 Crown 

Higgerson widow of Joseph, 30 Brown 

Higgins Fr^mcisj -steward of Pennsylvania Hospital 

Higgins Lott, carpenter 18 Brown 

Higgins Robert, mariner 307 south Front 

Higgins John, labourer 8^ south Water 

Hight Christian, blacksmitTi 2 Filbert 

Hight Andrev/, victualler Garden* 

Hilboiii Benj. wheelwi-ight near 160 north Eighth 

Hilborn B. & J. wheelwrights Callov/bill abov-e Ninth 

Hilborn J. wheelwright near 3S9 Callowhill 

Hilborn widow of Joseph, merchant 12 north Fourth 

Hilborn Charles, mate 60 Almond 

Hildeburn Samuel, watchmaker 315 north and 122 

south Front 
Ilildewerth H. grocer ^ tavernkeeper 240 N. Front 
Hill Charles, taylor 6 Chancei^^ lane 
Hill Elizabeth, shopkeeper 110 north Third 
Hill Henry, stablekeeper 1 58 Spruce 
Hill Hugh, bricklayer 169 south Third 
Hill Jeremiah, painter 27 Prune 
Hill Jacob, watchman 4 Knight's court 
Hill James, plaisterer Prospect alley 
Hill John, rigger Wells' alley 
Hill John, shoemaker 43 German 
Hill John, rigger 124 Catharine 
J-Jill John, carpenter 191 north Front 
Hill John, tobacconist 247 south Second and 39 i 

north Second 
Hill widow of James W. tavernkeeper 76 X. Water 
Hill Johanna, widow 19 Elfreith's alley 
Hill Joshua, shoemaker 105 Cedar 
Hill Joseph, boatbuilder 154 Swanson 
HillLaban. shoemaker 120 High 


Hil! Moses, lumber merchant 1 4 Noble 

Hill Moses cs" Co. lumberyard first wharf above the 

Kay scales (N. L.) 
Hill Richard, shipwright 27 Callowhill 
Hill Robert, cabinetmaker corner of Filbert & Ninth 
Hill Robert, £;rocer 4 Chesnut 
Hill Robert, 228 Swanson 
Hill Samuel, carpenter Hunter's court 
Hill Thomas, carter Cedar above Seventh 
Hill Wm. B. shoemaker Hoffman's alley 
Hill Wm. mariner back 338 south Front 
Hills John, draughtsman 82 south Eighth 
Hills Mary, teacher of ladies 82 south Eighth 
Hillerraan Wm. hatter 124 north Third 
Hillman Cornelius, tavernkeeper 36 Penn 
Hillman- Mary, boarding house 23 Elfreith's alley 
Hiltzman Frederick, tobacconist 21 north Ninth 
Hilyard Abraham, merchant taylor 1 9 south Third 
Hilyard John, bricklayer near 165 Coates' 
Hilsee John, taylor 38 south Water 
Hilsee Wm. taylor 120 north Water 
Himes Jacob, drover 386 north Third 
Himes Henry, oakcooper 430 north Front 
Hinckle Adam, victualler next 26 1 Callowhill 
Hinckle John, potter 238 High 
Hinckle John, victualler Laurence 
Hinckle Henry, confectioner 28 Plum 
Hines James, rigger 106 Christian 
Hines James, stevadore 67 Catharine 
Hines Wm. mariner 44 German 
Hink Henry, mariner 32 north Sixth 
Hinkle A. blacksmith & innkeeper 299 Callowhill 
Hinkle Henry, porter Williani 
Hinkle widow of John, victualler James 
Hinkle Peter, accomptant James 
Hinkle Peter, victualler Lawrence 
Hinney Jacob, tobacconist 205 north Eighth 
Hird Thomas, sea captain 290 south Front 
Hire George, grocer corner Cherry and Juniper 
Hirneisen John G. grocer 42 and 39 north Seventh 
Hirneison Jacob, minter 25 north Seventh 
Hisler Peter, gentleman George (N. L.) 


Hirst Thomas, tinsmith 115 High and 109 Arch 

Hitchcock Heniy, stationer 163 Cedar 

Hitchcock Daniel, teacher 163 Cedar 

Hitman Elizabeth, boarding house 59 south Third 

Hitner Mrs. 1 17 New 

Hittel Philip, shingledresser 254 north Front 

Hob'jrt R. E. insurance broker 26 Walnut and 238 

Hobson John, 171 Pine 

Hobson Benjamin, brushmaker 29 t\prth Front 
HockenmiHer J. blacksmith 243 north Front and 35 

Cable lane 
Hocckiey^Elenor, widow 153 north Third 
Hoecklcy FMace and fringe weaver 304 N. Second 
Hockley widow of Thomas, 204 Mulberry 
Hodge tjr Harris, merchants Hodge's wharf 
Hodge's wharf opens at 85 north Water 
Hodge A. merchant 92 Mulberry 
Hodge Mary, gentlewoman 22 Sansom 
Jiodge Robert, tavernkeeper 21 north Sixth 
Hodo:son John B. sea captain Cypress alley- 
Hodgson Samuel, merchant 124 Mulberry 

Hodson 5 merchant 144 Pine 

Hoeth Charles, storekeeper 172 north Second 

Hoff Jacob, bricklayer 139 north Fifth 

HofFMrs. widow Taper alley 

Hoflfecker John, carpenter 219 south Fifth 

Hoffman John, tanner 24 Kunkle 

Hoffman Jonathan, shipjoiner 1 3 Budd 

Hoffman Peter, bleeder 98 Cedar 

Hoffman Samuel, oakcooper 70 Crown 

Hoffman Thomas, labourer 18 Budd 

Hoffman Valentine, blacksmith Hoffman's alley and 

251 Race ^ 

Hoffman Wolfgang, combmaker 262 Sassafras 
Hoffner Daniel, innkeeper corner of Christian & 2d 
Hoffner George, brickmakernear 60 St John's 
'Hoffner Henry, bricklayer corner Second and Ger- 

mantown road 
Hoffner Mrs. boardinghouse 2 north Fifth 
Hoffner widow of Philip, 1 3 Branch 
Hogg John, stone cutter 96 Filbert 

M 2 ' 


Hogg- John, lobourer corner Race and Twelfth 
Hogan P. merchant 147 south Front 
Hogan David, bookseller and stationer 249 High 
Holahan Amos, smith and tavernkeeper 72 Zane 
Holahan David, smith Eleventh near Locust 
Holahan Jacob, smith and tavernkeeper 128 S. 10th 
Holbrook Benjamin, sea captain 397 south Front 
Holden J. mariner 418 south Second 
Holderness William, merchant 252 south Second 
Holdgate Enoch, innkeeper 1 5 1 Spruce 
Holdgate Samuel, shoemaker 289 south Front 
Holdship Henry, carpenter 78 «orth Sixth 
Holland N. hatter 60 south Second 
Holland Lawrence, stonecutter Lees* court 
Holland Isaac, sea captain 38 Queen 
HoUick Charles, sexton 10 Cressen's alley 
Holliday E. widow Juniper lane 
HoUingshead Catharine, widow 29 Cable lane 
Hollingshead H. mantuarnaker near 40 Zane 
Hollingsworth Henry, merchant 201 S. Front& 185 3d 
Hollingsworth Jehu, merchant 237 south Front 
Hollingsworth Jehu, jun. merchant 22 Penn 
Hollingsworth L. & Son, merchants 72 S. Wharves 
Hollingsworth Levi, merchant 16 Dock 
Hollingsworth John, hatter 435 north Front 
Hollikgsworth's wharf opens, 141 S. Water 
Hollman George, porter William 
Hollobush Daniel, plaisterer Laurence 
Hollobush Jacob, plaisterer St. Tammany 
Holioway George, coachmaker 38 Union 
Hollobush Joseph, late innkeeper 98 New 
HolFoway Richard, shoemaker Cooper's court 
HoUoway Jacob, carpenter 127 Cherry 
Holmes Abel, jun. grocer 224 north Front 
Holmes Hugh, gentleman 229 Spruce 
Holmes Isaiah, shoemaker 32 Brown 
Holmes James, tanner and currier 529 north Front 
Holmes James, carpenter Cedar above Tenth 
Xlolmes Samuel, attorney at law 59 south Third 
Holmes Thomas, shoemaker 356 north Third 
Holmskin Garret, pilot 40 Penn 
Holston George, carter Cedar above Seventh 
Holt Robert, sea captain 20 Almond 


Holt laac, boardinghouse S. West corner Chesnut 

and Eighth 
Holt Samuel, sea captain 435 south Front 
Holt Jesse, carter Fourth above Brown 
Holt George, hairdresser 46 north Third 
Homan Abraham, carpenter 332 Sassafras 
Homan Daniel, carpenter back 175 Cherry 
Homman Geo. trader Charlotte 
Homman James, labourer 83 Sassafras 
Homiller Henry, victualler 287 north Third 
Hommann I. C. professor of music 43 north Seventh 
Honey Geo. clerk to county commissioners 107 Race 
Honey George, jun. carpenter 327 Mulberry 
Hong Charles, carpenter Lilly alley 
Hood George, tavern keeper 308 south Front 
Hood John, storekeeper 71 Swanson 
Hood John M. merchant 138 north Second 
Hood Jonathan, shoemaker 6 Callow hill 
Hood John, silk and stuff shoemaker 114 N. Fourth 
Hood Thos. oak cooper 4 Little Water and 33 Penn 
Hood Mrs. widow 33 Coates* 
Hood Thomas, shoemaker 174 south Second 
Hood Be Wilson, grocers 138 north Second 
Hood John, carter Rose alley 
Hook Jane, boardinghouse 45 Callowhill 
Hook William, potter St. Tammany near Fourth 
Hookey Anthony, grocer 349 north Third 
Hookey Catharine, widow 1 1 8 Bro\vn 
Hookey Mary, widow Liiley alley 
Hoon Garret, labourer Gaskillnear Thirteenth 
Hoon Adam, carter north Broad 
Hoops Amos, carpenter 150 north Fifth 
Hoops Israel, wheelwright 17 Filbert 
Floot G. painter and glazier corner of Arch k Fourth 
H<^ot Mary, midwife 46 north Fourth 
Hoot William, shoemaker 1 Cresson's alley 
Hoover Anthony, labourer 153 Green 
Hoover Adam, victualler Charles 
Hoover Andrew, shoemaker 97 Coates' 
Hoover John, taylor Steinmttz's court 
Hoover John, ropemaker 480 south Second 
Hoover William, wheelright 141 north Fourth 


Hope Thomas, ship broker and editor of the Phila- 
delphia Price Current, office 1 Carpenter's build- 
ings near the custom house ; dwelling 63 Chesnut 
Hope Ji?nn, carpenter 8 5 Brown 
Hopes David, ftour merchant 250 High 
Hopkins Benjaman B. stationer 68 south Sixth 
Hopkins H. flour and feed store 312 south Front 
Hopkins John, 72 north Ninth 
Hopkins John, razor stropmaker 151 south Second 
Hopkins & Matthews, storekeepers 2 south Second 
Hopkins Mr^. ladies seminary 62 south Eighth ^ 
Hoi)kins John, gentleman 58 south Sixth 
Hopkins John, sea captain back 15 Noble 
Hopkins Joseph R. attorney at law 18 south Sixth 
Hopkins William H. stationer corner 4th £c Chesnut 
Hopkinson Joseph, counsellor a; law 1 65, Chesnut 
Hoppel George, victualler corner (^oates' and Third 
Hopple widow of George, Prospect alley 
Hopper Benjamin T. labourer Randolph's court 
Hopper Isaac T. taylor 1 10 south Second 
Horn Henry, silverplater 16 south Sixth 
Horn Christiana, grocer 206 south Fourth 
Horn Jacob, innkeeper 218 Sassafras 
Horn William, jun. grocer 62 High 
Hornor Benjamin, jun. ironmonger 8 Church alley 
Hornor Benjamin, sen. gentleman 29 Vine 
Hornor Benj ij" Jos. P. hardware merchants 47 High 
Flornor Joseph P. merchant 36 Sansom 
Horner Jacob, shoemaker 240 St. John's 
Hornor 55* Roberts, iron store 138 north Water 
Horner Roger, sea captain 77 Christian 
Horner Samuel, saddler 102 High 
Horner & Wilson, grocers 261 High 
Hornketh Jeremiah, brickmaker 464 Sassafras 
Horsfall Joseph, painter, &c. 373 Mulberry 
Horton William, gunsmith 104 Plumb 
Hortz Peter, porter 392 south Second 
Hoskins Mrs. gentkwoman 180 Mulberry 
Hoskins Thomas, storekeeper 233 south Fifth 
Hotton Sarah, tutress 70 New [See Huttwi. 

Hotton Mary, mantuamaker 70 New 
Houck John, labourer 143 north Sixth 


Hough Thomas, gentleman 20 Pine 

Housal George, labourer 17 Sassafras alley 

House Elizabeth widow 460 north Second 

House Peter, carpenter 497 north Third 

Houshield John, mariner 14i north Water 

Houseman Daniel, victualler 465 south Second 

Housen George, victualler Garden 

Houston James, sea captain 278 south Fourth 

Houston John, soap boiler SO Passyunk 

Houston Margaret, boarding, house 210 Cedar 

Houston P. W. surgeon and dentist 19 Walnut 

Houtzel Nicholas, near 60 St. John's 

Hovendon Richard, grocer corner Queen and Front 

Hovermeyer Charles, sugar boiler 166 north Fiftli 

How John, carpenter 129 north Fourth 

How Maria, teacher 60 Vine 

Houard Lewis, taylor 63 Dock 

Howard John, gentleman 27 Strawberry alley 

Howard John, m. d. St. John's near Tammany 

Howard John, sea captain 195 north Front 

Howard Thomas, lumber merchant 192 & 143 Spruce 

Howard Willam, labourer 427 north Front 

Howard William, shoemaker 56 Artillery lane 

Howcraft ijf Co. potters 175 High 

Howell A. M. D 88 Lombard 

Howell A. Sc Sons, tanners & curriers 107 Chesnut 

Howell Benjamin B. merchant 55 south Wharves 

Howell Caleb, storekeeper 16 north Second 

Howell Ephr. carter 7 Wood and 4th above Brown 

Howell Ezekiel, taylor 82 north Seventh 

Howell Elijah, m.ate 8 1 Shippen 

Howell Frederick, labourer Federal 

Howell George, merchant 236 Spruce 

Howel Joseph, taylor 126 north Fifth 

Howell Isaac R. cabinet maker 107 Cherry 

Howell Hannah widow, 39 Callow hill 

Howell James, silversmith 50 south Front 

Howell John, carpenter Sterhng alley 

Howell Joseph, currier 47 Spruce 

Howell Joseph. E merchant 54 Walnut 

Howell &; Madeira, storekeepers 10 north Second 

Howell Sc Pleasants, merchants 8 Chesnut 


HoweirReadin.sf, surveyor Sc draftsman 228 Spruce 
Howell Ixichard, pumpmaker near 98 north Fifth 
Mowell Samuel E. merchant 16 south Wharves and 

141 iMulberry 
Howell WiHiam W. hardware store 167 High 
Hoy Wm. shoemaker back 122 Brown 
Hozey Isaac, lumber merchant corner Swanson and 

Hubber Sophia, milliner 40 Pine 
Hubbei t Christian, mas maker Rose alley 
Hubbert Abraham, bargeman Mifflin's court 
Hubbert Anthony, starch maker 583 north Second 
Hubbs Conrad, shoemaker 16 Swanson 
Huber Henry, inspector of customs 1 J south Sixth 
Hubley Bernard, grocer 457 north Third 
Huckle Joseph, dentist 29 Lombard 
Huckle William, storekeeper 220 south Second 
Huddle Joseph, stave merchant 87 Swanson 
Huddle Joseph, jun. stave merchant 356 south Front 
Huddy H. merchant 6 south Second 
Hudson Edward, brewer 9 Moravian alley 8c 44 north 

Hudson James, taylor 33 Green 
Hudson James, constable 83 south Front 
Hudson Robert, south-east corner 10th and Chesnut 
Huff Jacob, victualler 355 Callowhill 
Huif John, victualler Garden 
Huffman Thomas, labourer 1 1 Burd's alley 
Huff John, teacher 37 Cable lane 
Huffnagle John, merchant north-east corner High 

and Fifth 
Huffstidler George, mate Fearris' court 
Hufty John, constable 154 SQuth Fourth 
Hufty Jane, widow 174 Vine 
Hugg Jacob, shipjoiner and innkeeper Cedar-street 

wharf north side 
Flugg E. shipjoiner 363 south Front 
Hugg Levi, blockmaker 17 Little water 
Huggins Benjamin, sea captain 117 north Fifth 
Huggins David, grocer corner Shippen 8c Third 
Hughes Bernard, weaver Spruce above Tenth 
Hughes Caleb, taylor 209 north Second 


Hn.^hes Catharine, tutress 2 Moravian alley 
Hughes Daniel, lumber merchant 1 10 south Eighth, 

yard Walnut above EiKhth 
Hughes Edward, porter 191 Lombard 
Hughes Charles, yeoman 446 south Front 
Hu»-hes Mary, widow 64 Budd 

Hughes widow of James, sea captain 42 south Fifth 
Hughes John, merchant corner Second and High 
Hu'^hes R. H. accomptant 92 north Seventh 
Hughes Samuel, carpenter Wells' court 
Hughes Thomas, innkeeper Beach 
Hughes R H. broker 69 Chesnut 
Hughes William Sc Benjamin, graziers 467 S. Second 
' Huhn Dan'el, brickmaker 343 Sassafras 
Hulings Abraham, wheelwright 5 I Plum 
Hull Agnes, shopkeeper 124 south Second 
Huilock Michael, shoemaker 2 14 Cherry 
Hulfish Obadiah, shoemaker Fourth above Brown 
Huilings W. E. merchant 264 Chesnut 
Humbert C. 474 Sassafras 
Humes Archibald, grocer 87 German 
Hvmies & Etting, auctioneers 15 south Front 
Humes George, distiller corner Sixth and Cedar 
Humes John, merchant 277 High 
Humes 8c Rogers, hardwarestore 233 High 
Humes Wm. grocer 187 south Sixth 
Hummel Jacob, skindresser 521 north Third 
Hummel C. snuflfboxmaker 445 north Third 
Humphreys David, turner corner High Sc Thirteenth 
Humphreys Daniel, printer & stationer 272 S. Front 
Humphreys widow of Jas. corner Walnut 8c Second 
Humphreys Joshua, shipbuilder 240 Swanson 
Humphreys Richard, gentleman 32 Sansom 
Humphreys Samuel, carter Noble above Fourth 
Humphreys Samuel, shipbuilder 74 Swanson 
Humphreys Thomas, silversmith 308 Sassafras 
Humphreys T. merchant 295 High and 1 1 Sansom 
Hungary Gabriel, boatbuilder 23 Callowhill 
Huniker John, chaimnaker 379 north Second 
Hunt Edward, sea captain 80 south Fourth 
Hunt Daniel, stonecutter Locust near Thirteenth" * 
Hunt James, victualler 154 north fifth 


Hunt John, shoemaker Carpenter (S 
Hunt John, coachmaker 60 Zane 
Hunt Richard, currier 35 Elfreith's alley- 
Hunt Rachael, gentlewoman 160 north Front 
Hunt Thomas, sea captain J 49 south Third 
Hunt Wm. perfumer 66 north Front 
Hunt Wilson, merchant 65 south Front 
Hunter Mrs. grocer 39 south Wharves 
Hunter George, nailer 498 north Second 
Hunter John, justice of the peace 186 south Fifth 
Hunter Robert, weaver 12 Elbow lane 
Hunter Wm. late coachmaker 23 north Twelfth 
Hupfeld 8c Co. sugar refiners 189 Cherry 
Hupfeld Charles, su^ar refiner 172 Vine 
Hupfeld Plenry, musician 177- Sassafras 
Huray Nicholas, clock and jvatch maker 3 S. Second 
Hurel Madame, 7 north Twelfth 
Hurley Rev. Thomas, near St. Augustine's church, 

north Fourth 
Hurley Thomas, merchant 289 Chesnut 
liurley Thomas, storekeeper 270 north Front 
Hurley Thomas, paperhanging factory 78 Chesnut 
Hurley William, smith 26 Cresson*s alley 
Hurtel J. F. grocer corner Spruce and Fifth 
Fluron Lawrence, merchant back 67 north Water 
Hurry Samuel, merchant 308 High 
Hirst John Philip, shoemaker 69 Christian 
Hurst Henry, carpenter 300 Sassafras 
Hurts Peter, porter 270 south Fifth 
Husson Henry, cabinetmaker 1 34 south Fifth 
Huston Thomas, saddler, &:c. 1 10 High 
Hutchins Rev. Joseph, d. d. 179 south Fifth 
Hutchins W^m. carpenter 250 south Seventh 
Hutchinson Charles, blockmaker 76 south Wharves 

and 94 Spruce 
Hutchinson George, blockmaker 6 Penn 
Hutchinson G. J. merchant 2 Fromberger's court 
Hutchinson Tohn, carpenter Orange 
Hutchinson Mahlon, merchant 61 north Second 
Hutchinson Margaret, grocer 31 north Tenth 
Hutchinson R. W. accomptant 7 Elbow lane 
Hutchinson S. E. widow 11 Church alley 


Hutton Andrew, cabinetmaker 19 Strawberry 
Hutton Benjamin, shipbuilder 260 Swanson 
Hutton John, office of the Baltimore packet Hamil- 
ton's wharf, dwdling 502 south Front 
Hutton John, accomptant 502 south Front 
Hutton Nathaniel, sen. shipbuilder 382 south Front 
Hutton John, shoemaker Say's alley 
Hutton widow of Thomas, 40 Almond 
Hutton Thomas, labourer 138 south Eighth 
Hutz Charles W. merchant 61 south Seventh 
Hutz Daniel, victualler Wood near Sixth 
Hutz P. victualler Wood above Sixth 
Hyatt Samuel, carpenter 398 north Third 
Hyatt William, labourer 438 south Front 
Hyde George, bookbinder and stationer 77 Chesnut 
Hyde widow of John, sea captain 183 north Front 
liyler John, shoemaker 109 north Third {see Heyde 
Hymer Adam, victualler 8 Charlotte 
j^iymer John, victualler 306 Vine 
Hymer John, labourer Fourth above Brown 
Hyneman F. accomptant 79 Cailowhill 
Hyneman John, 2 Cable lane 
Hyneman & Hart, storekeepers 112 north Third 
Hyneman Wm. grocer 125 Brown. 

IcAHD Joseph L. merchant 1 1 1 Pine 
Ichael Samuel, labourer 519 north Third 
Iddler Jacob, merchant 231 Mulbei'ry 
Imbrie James, merchant 22 & 90 south Front 
Imlay Robert, merchant 5 north Water & 87 Chesnut 

ImLAy's wharf opens at 5 NORTH WATER 

Immel John, coachpainter 159 north Sixth 
Immel Jacob ^ Co. merchants 76 north Third 
Immel Joseph, blacksmith near 271 Vine 
Immel Michael, merchant 76 north Third 
Inches Thomas, trader York court 
In gels George, naval storekeeper Laboratory 
Ingels Wm. wharfbuilder 5 1 Cailowhill 
Inglis Joseph L. treasurer to Frankford and Bristei 
turnpikes 79 Union 



I. i.^-lis (Catharine, spinster 9 I Pine 
In^ersoll C. J. attorney at law SO Chesnut 
Ingersoll J. R. attorney at law iS south Sixth 
Ingersoll Jared, counsellor at law 139 Walnut 
Ingraham Thomas, taylor Blackhorse a4Iey 
Ingraham Francis, merchant 53 Filbert 
Ingraham Mary, widow 273 south Fourth 
Ings David, innkeeper 71 Dock, near the Pennsyl- 
vania bank 
Inkson Rebecca, shopkeeper 170 north Front 
Innes Cornelius, shoeoiaker 127 Plum [see Ennes 
Innes Henry, shoemaker 111 north Fifth 
Innes Joseph, carpenter 318 north Third 
innes William, brewer 1:51 and 133 north Water 
Inpenletz George, baker 112 Callowliill 
liiskeep John, president of North American Insurance 

Company 67 south Seventh 
Ireland Aaron, labourer Oak (.V. L.) 
Ireland Alphonso C. carpenter 122 Pine 
Ireland George, accomptant 48 Brown 
Ireland James, shoemaker 65 north Seventh 
Ireland John, trunkmaker south Thirteenth 
Irick Christopher, 176 south Sixth 
Irick George, merchant 1 42 Pine 
Irick Zachariah, oakcooper 147 south Water 
Irvine Callender, superintendant U vS. 214 Arch 
Irvine Ezekial, bricklayer Randolph's court 
Irving I. B. sea captain 220 Walnut {see Erving 
Irwin Thomas, attorney at law 105 north Front 
Irwin Thomas, caj-penter 5 Jiorth Sixth 
Irving David, coal and salt inspector 4 Chesnut 
Irvine Richard, combmaker Spruce above Ninth 
Irvine Robert, grocer corner Shippen and Fourth 
Irwin Henry, porter Pine near Eleventh 
Irwin John M. accomptant 34 north Eighth 
Irwin John W. gentleman 190 Pine 
Isdel James, shoemakei 30 Budd 
Israel E. J 462 north Second 
Israel Samuel 8c Co. merchants 73 south Front 
Israel Samuel, late auctioneer 69 south Sixth 
Israel WiUiam P. merehant 1 3 Pine 
Ives John, carpenter 8 south Second ^ 10 Cherry 
Ii:ard Mrs, gentlewoman 41 1 High 


Jabal Madame, 204 soulh Fourth 
Jack widow of Francis, bricklayier 218 south Third 
Jack Wiiliani, weaver Brewer's alley 
Jackaway N. plalsterer 27 Noble 
Jackson Andrew, inspector of customs 36 Walnut 
Jackson Ann, maniuamaker 76 Plum 
Jackson Edward, currier 135 Lombard 
Jackson John, labourer 136 Lombard 
Jackson 'ohn, blacksmith 26 Dock £c 133 S. Second 
Jackson John, merchant near 32 8 High 
Jackson Isaac, labourer 66 Coates* 
Jackson John W. shoemaker 395 north Third 
Jackson Joseph, baker 9 Callowhill 
Jackson Mrs. tutress 35 Beck's alley- 
Jackson , carpenter Cresson's alley 

Jackson Mary, gentlewoman 36 Walnut 
Jackson R. gentleman 23 south Second 
Jackson Richard, taylor 175 Mulberry- 
Jackson Samuel and S. (late David and S.) druggists 

corner Mulberry and Fourth 
Jackson Samuel, stablekeeper 13 south Seventh 
Jackson Thomas S; Co. merchants 298 High 
Jackson Thomas, accomptant 347 south Second 
Jackson Thomas, coachmaker 3 Pennsylvania avenue 
Jackson William, publisher of the Political & Com- 
mercial Register, office 1 New Bank, dwelling 
124 Spruce 
Jacobs Benjamin, blacksmith 263 Vine 
Jacobs Chi'istian, labourer 133 Green 
Jacobs Israel, gentleman 5 north Second 
Jacobs Joseph, taylor Pembertgn's alley 
Jacobs Nicholas, shoemaker 50 Alniond 
Jacobs Philip, shoemaker 26 Crown 
Jacobs Richard, boardinghouse 18 Little Vvatei 
Jacobs Samuel, attorney at law 3 south Sixth 
Jacobs \Villiam, hatter 241 north Front 
Jacobson Hanse, mariner Burd*s alley 
Jacoby Francis, merchant 137 north Second 
Jacoby Leonard, merchant 137 north Second 
Jagers Jonathan labourer Mark's alley 
Jagres Jonn, potter 12 Farmer's alley 
Jaquett Thomas, upholsterer 33 south Front 


James Benjamin, woolcomber 49 Budd 

James Duvid, storekeeper 5 north Third 

James Daniel, carpenter Hoflrman*s alley 

James James, tavernkeeper 2 Ahnond 

James John, merchant 13 south Front and 18 N. 5th 

James Joseph, hatter 24 Elizabeth 

James John, carpenter 29 Callowhill 

James Martha, tutress 11 north Sixth 

James Otto, cabinetmaker 342 south Front 

James Stephen, carpenter 96 north Fifth 

James Thomas C. m. d. 83 south Second 

Jameson William, gunsmith 126 Brown 

Jameson Isaac, labourer 217 south Sixth 

Janeway rev. Jacob, 206 Mulberry 

-anuary David, supercargo 123 Cedar 

January H. layer out of the dead back 72 Chesnut 

January R. mantuamaker back 72 Chesnut 

Jardella Andrew, sculptor 54 north Eighth 

Jared James, labourer 38 Coates' 

Jarmon John, wharf builder 360 north Front 

Jarmon Reuben, ragmerchant 28 Budd \_8ee German, 

Jarves Joseph I. sea captain 64 Shippen {see Jerevis, 

Jarvis E. B. boardinghouse 9 Strawberry 

Javelle John S. merchant 4 Cypress alley 

Jaudon Daniel, ladies* academy 22 1 Mulberry 

Jaussaud Peter, gentleman 30 Elfreith*s alley 

Jeanes Sc Thomas, merchants 55 north Front 

Jeanes Isaiah merchant 196 north Front 

Jefferson John, currier 107 Coates' 

Jefferson Richard, painter 4 Butler's court 

Jeffery Daniel, brickmaker Fourth above Poplar lane 

Jeffers Daniel, plaisterer 155 south Ninth 

Jeffreys Edward, carter 1 37 Coates* 

Jeffry John, victualler 291 Vine 

Jenkins Charles, carpenter 2 1 1 Cherry 

Jenkins Mrs. widow 299 south Front 

Jenkins David, Mylor 80 north Water 

Jinkens J. S. ladies shoemaker 82 north Third 

Jenkins John, manner 69 Cedar 

Jinkens Josiah, boardinghouse Lsetitia court 

Jenkins L. shoemaker 200 Cedar 

Jenkins Thomas, boatbuilder 35 Artillery lane 

Jenkins Mrs. of William, 16 St^rr^llf-y 


Jenkins Sarah, storekeeper 100 north Second 

Jenks Joseph R. merchant 33 S. Wharves & 15 Vme 

Jenks Jonat. merchant 20 S. Wharves £c 356 N. Front 

Jennings John, merchant 1 14 Sassafras 

Jennings William, mariner 294 S. Front [see Ginnir.g. 

Jervis Elizabeth, boardinghouse 26 north Fifth 

Jess & Walton, bonnetmakers 28 Church alley 

Jewel Kenneth, taylor 78 Mulberry 

Jewesson George, printer Walnut above Tenth 

Jillett William, shipwright Prime near Second 

Joud John, gentleman 18 Branch 

Jobson Charles, druggist 273 north Third 

Jobson David, baker 275 north Front 

Jobson Sc Son, gluemakers 273 north Third 

Johns Richard, mastmaker Liberty alley 

Johns & Linerd, mastmaker s Oak (N. L.) 

Johns David, corder 87 south Fifth 

Johnson Andrew, mariner Coates' court 

Johnson widow of Adam, 283 north Third 

Johnstcn Andrew, carpenter 295 south Third 

Johnson Barney, carter 109 German 

Johnson Benjamin, printer and stationer 249 High 

Johnson Benj. oysterman 18 Pewter Platter alley 

Johnson Benjamin tavernkeeper 397 north Second 

Johnson Charles, printing ink, lampblack manufac 

turerand grocercomer Tenth and Lombard 
Johnson Charles, grocer 12 Plum 
Johnson C. H, trader corner Queen and Front 
Johnson Charles, labourer, Say's alley 
Johnson David, letter carrier 26 Little George 
Johnson David, porter near 1 9 1 Lombard 
Johnson David, mariner 4 1 6 north Front 
Johnson Frederick, caulker 72 Christian 

Johnson , blacksmith back 15 north Sixth 

Johnson Isaac, late grocer 1 30 Callowhill 
Johnson Isaac, late tax collector 171 St. John's 
Johnson Jacob, bookseller 16 N. Fourth Sc 147 High 
Johnson Jacob, shoemaker near 28 Kunckle 
Johnson Jacob, cabinetmaker 207 north Eighth 
Johnson Jacob, carter near 43 Cable lane * 
Joimston James, sea captaiii 61 Lombard 
Johnson James, sawyer 35 Elizabeth 

?r 2 


Johnston James, painter Spruce above Eighth 
Johnsen J. cai'penter near 529 north Front 
Johnston John, dry good store 249 south Second 
Johnson widow of John, bricklayer Weaver's alley 
Johnston John, sugar boiler 12 Church alley 
Johnson John P. mariner Coxe*s alley 
Johnson Jonathan, labourer back 3 Powell 
Johnson John, boarding house 38 Catharine 
Johnson John, carpenter 18 Gaskill 
Johnson Joseph, mariner 178 north Fifth 
Johnson Joseph, carpenter 12 north Sixth 
Johnson Joseph, ship chandler 77 south Wharves, 

dwelling Moyamensing road 
Johnson Joseph, morocco dresser 363 north Second 
Johnson Josiah, letter carrier 24 Little George 
Johnson John, labourer above 5 1 1 north Second 
Johnson Lydia, gentlewoman 118 north Fifth 
Johnson Martha, mantuamaker 12 Branner*s alley 
Johnson Mrs. nurse 64 Vine 
Johnson Mrs. of Peter, mariner 28 1 south Third 
Johnson Nathan, shipwright Cooper's court 
Johnson Peter, mariner 336 south Second 
Johnson Peter, grocer corner Thirteenth & Cherry 
Johnson Robert, late bookseller 182 Mulberry 
Johnson Richard, merchant 90 Sasfj^fras 
Johnsen Richard, printer 34 German 
Johnson Robert, labourer 14 Margaretta 
Johnson Simon, mariner 475 north Second 
Johnson Samuel, mariner i 10 Green 
Johnston Sarah, widow 1 1 1 Pine 
Johnson Thomas, labourer 1 63 north Front 8c Well's 

Johnson Wm. shoewarehouse 28 High 
Johnson Wm. printer 155 south Sixth 
Johnson William, stave merchant 26 Almond 
Johnson & Warner, stationers, &c. 147 High 
Johnson William, engraver 100 Gaskill 
Johnson William, labourer corner Tenth 8c George 
JoUey Samuel, hardware merchant 129 south Front 
Jones Arabella, 187 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Jones Amos A. merchant 5 south Wharves 
Jones Abraham, shallopman near 567 south Front 
Jones Rev. Absalom, 32 Powell 


Jones Andrew, paper stainer north Thirteenth 

Jones Benjamin, engraver 8 Carter's alley 

Jones Benjamin, merchant 270 High 

Jones Benjamin, grazier 7 Cedar 

Jones Charles,, teacher 22 Moravian alley 

Jones Christopher IVI. grocer 4 1 6 N. 3d corner Brown 

Jones Daniel, chairmaker 46 north Fourth 

Jones Daniel H. storekeeper 50 north Second 

Jones David, hatter 128 north Second 

Jones David, carpenter Juniper alley 

jT)nes Edward, sea captain 43 Almond 

Jones Evan, carter Carpenter (S.) 

Jones Evan, paper hanger 271 south Front 

Jones Geo. W, merchant 127 Mulberry Sc 30 N. 3d 

Jones George D. cabinet maker 92 north Fifth 

Jones Geo. hatter 175 north Second Sc 201 Third 

Jones Hugh, milkman Broad near Spruce 

Jones 8c Howell, iron merchants 18 south Wharves 

Jones Henry, shoemaker 398 north Third 

Jones widow of Isaac, gentlewoman 152 north Front 

Jones Isaac, tobacconist 1 69 north Front 

Jones Isaac C. & T. Firth, merchants 86 High 

Jones Isaac, carpenter Eleventh near Locust 

Jones Isaac H. flour & salt merchant 129 north Water 

Jones Isi'ael, taylor 78 south Water 

Jones Ira, printer 72 north Seventh 

Jones James, shoemaker Cocrabs's alley 

Jones Jane, boarding house 22 Bank 

Jones Jesse, carpenter 239 north Front 

Jones Joseph, tavernkeeper north Broad 

Jones James, labourer 4 Callowhill 

Jones James, hatter 96 High 

Jones Jeremiah, distiller 50 Callowhill 

Jones John, whcelwrigjit Locust above Ninth 

Jones John, taylor 156 north Water 

Jones John, shipwright 36 Mary 

Jones John C merchant 19 Sassafras 

Jones John, corn chandler 326 & 88 north Front 

Jones John, hatter 201 north Third 

Jones John K. wheel and carriage maker 418 N. 3d 

Jones John K jun. cabinetmaker 428 north Third 

Jones John M. distiller 2 and 4 south Eighth 

Jones Jonathan D, hatter 98 north Fifth 


Jones Joseph, merchant 198 Walnut 

Jones Lewis, shoemaker 362 north Front 

Jones & Loyd, merchants 129 High 

Jones Lloyd, sea captain 225 south Front 

Jones M. 6c E. shopkeepers 36 north Fourth 

Jones Mrs. shopkeeper 361 north Third 

Jones Mary, fine goods storekeeper 37 north Second 

Jones Nathan, storekeeper 48 south Second 

JonesNathan,jun, printer 138 Spruce 

Jones Owen, merchant 154 south Second 

Jones P. umbreilamaker 95 south Second 

Jones Rebecca, gentlewoman Brooke's court 

Jones Rebecca, milliner 35 north Fourth 

Jones Rees» 18 north Ninth 

Jones Richard, malster 1 Carlisle's court 

Jones Robert, sea captain 191 Cedar 

Jones Robt. Wm. lace and fringe trimmer 33 N. 7th 

Jones Sc Roth well, dyers Maiden 

Jones Ruth, boardinghouse 45 north Sixth 

Jones Samuel, merchant 48 N Second Sc 154 Front 

Jones Samuel, hatter 234 south Second 

Jones Samuel, saddler P'armer's alley 

Jones Samuel, cabinetmaker Little Dock 

Jones Samuel W. merchant 17 Sassafras 

Jones Samuel Z. pumpmaker 128 south Fifth 

Jones widow of Thomas, 360 south Second 

Jones Thomas, calicoglazier 189 north Second 

Jones Thomas, labourer Laurel (N. L ) 

Jones Wm. merchant 6 north Second 

Jones Wm. engraver 23 Carter's alley 

Jones Wm. teacher, &c. 26 north Fourth 

Jones Wm. plaisterer 47 George (S.) 

Jones Wm, sea captain 234 south Front 

Jones Wm. carter 265 Catharine 

Jones Wm. shoemaker 457 south Second 

Jordan David, merchant 2 17 Walnut 

Jordan John 8c Co. merchants 123 north Water 

Jordan John, shipjoiner corner Queen and Second 

Jordan John, merchant 123 north Third 

Jordan Henry, currier 80 north Third 

Jordan Joseph, plaisterer 540 south Front 

Jordan Michael, grocer Fourth near Brown 


Jorden Samuel, plaisterer 1 10 north Eleventh 

Jurdan Wni. plaisterer Sassafras near Eleventh 

Jourdan Zachariah, labourer 68 Coates' 

Jordan Alexander, plaisterer 398 Sassafras 

Jurden Sarah, widow near 9 Brewer's alley 

Joseph Abraham, accomptant 134 south Tenth 

Joseph Manuel, mariner 84 Shippen 

Josiah James, merchant 23 Christian 

Joubert P. goldsmith and jeweller 240 south Second 

Journat Michael, jeweller 107 north Second 

Joyce Thomas, taylor 1 5 Shippen 

Joynt Jeremiah, storekeeper 407 north Second 

Jyont Charles, surgeon barber 329 north Second 

Jubau Peter, merchant 266 Sassafras 

Jugiez Martin, carver 128 Walnut 

Julian Wm. carpenter 69 south Fifth 

Justis Charles, shoemaker 46 Sassafras 

Justice George, surveyor to N. America Insurance 

Company 95 New 
Justice Isaac, brickmaker Walnut near Twelfth 
Justice Jacob, ironmonger 149 High and 90 Vine 
Justice James, taylor 1 7 Crab 
Justice John, signpainter 32 Strawberry 
Justice Joseph, plaisterer 171 Vine 
Justice Philip, carpenter 167 Vine 
Juvenal N. starch and powder manufactory York road 

near Noble 

Kahr John, grocer Charlotte 
Kaighin John, shoewarehouse 22 High 
Kale Jacob, shoemaker 82 Brown 
Kaler John, wheelwright 205 south Seventh 
Kalhaeffer Frederick, welldigger Shievely*s alleys 
Kamer Daniel, shoemaker 487 north Third 
Kamer widow of Wm. harnessmaker 59 New 
Kammerer Mrs. 212 Chesnut 
Kammerer Jas. R. printer 212 Chesnut 
Kamp Mrs. boardinghouse 236 south Front [^sceKanfi 
Kampfer Jacob, labourer corner Weaver's alley and 


Kane Daniel, tobacconist 394 south Second 
Kane Elisha, merchant 121 south Fronts;?' 335 High 
Kane John, grocer 24 Union 
Kane Patrick, shoemaker 3 2 Giles* alley 
Kean widow of Charles, 223 north Front [see Cain 
Kean John, grocer 22 George 
Kean Louisa, nurse 23 Walnut 
Kean Robert, tavernkeeper 28 Walnut 
Kean Samuel shoemaker 148 south Front 
Kean Alexander, sea captain 158 south Third 
Kean Alice, tavernkeeper corner Carter's and Go- 
forth alley 
Kean Jeremiah, late corder 205 north Water 
Kean Elizabeth, widow 146 south Ninth 
Keen Eliza, storekeeper 445 north Second 
Keen Jacob, tanner and currier 5 1 1 north Front 
Keen John, sen. carpenter 26 Green 
Kean Mary, widow 201 Sassafras 
Keen John, jun. carpenter 26 Green 
Kean John, merchant 288 High 
Kean John, surgeon dciuist 142 Cherry 
Keen Joseph, leatherstore 115 Chesnut, dwelling 19 

south Fourth 
Keen Rebecca, mantuamaker next 146 Cherry 
Kean Roderick, stonecutter 271 south Fourth 
Keen R. merchant 154 north Eighth 
Karl J. N. silverer 51 New 

Karn A. L- clock and watchmaker 202 south Third 
Karkhoff Christian, accomptant 394 north Third 
Karkhoff Christian, combmaker St- Tammany 
Karlin Edward, carpenter Tenth near Pine 
Kartsher Charles, grocer corner Lombard and Fifth 
Karr Edward, sawmaker 120 north Fifth 
Karr Thomas, breechesmaker 5 Plum 
Kehr John, baker 440 north Third 
Karner C. watchmaker 160 Pine 
Karsper Martin, grocer 308 south Third 
Katz widow of Jacob, shoemaker 30 north Seventh 
Katz John, baker 140 north Front 
Katz Michael, carter 1 1 Kunckle 
Kauck Christian G. baker 354 north Third 


Kanck J. G. merchant 337 High and 46 Walnut 

Kauffeit George, bookbinder 130 Caljowhill 

Kay Aaron, stablekeeper 84 and 126 north Front 

Kay Josiah S grocer 31 south Second 

Kay Joseph L. sea captain 24 Almond 

Kavanaugh Jer. victualler 32 Mary [see Cavanaug.h 

Kay Joseph, hatter 42 north Front 

Keamer George, shoemaker 422 south Front 

Keamer Daniel, shoemaker 487 north Third 

Keamer E. widow 422 south Front 

Keasby Jesse, currier 67 and 69 Chesnut 

Keasly Thomas, taylor22 Elizabeth 

Keating Wm. innkeeper High near Schuylkill Third 

Keating Mrs. widow 130 south Fourth 

Keating Thomas, cabinetmaker 88 south Third 

Keating John, 183 south Fifth 

Keates George, bootmaker 256 Lombard 

Keating Lambert, boot and shoemaker corner Dock 

and Third 
Keaton Jesse, mariner 187 north Front 
Kee James, carpenter north Juniper 
Keehum Daniel, yoeman 490 north Second 
Keel Henry, labourer Shievely's alley 
Keely John, gunsmith near 105 Budd 
Keele iohn, shoemaker corner Spruce and Broad 
Keely Mrs. seamstress 278 Sassafras 
Keehmie John, m. d 33 north Fourth 
Keehmle L. register of German passengers 79^orth 

Keffer John, cordwainer 123 north Front 
Kehr John, baker 440 north Third 
Keighler Jacob, tinplateworker 116 High and 47 

north Seventh 
Keim, John turner 127 north Fourth 

Keim , flour merchant 22 Sassafras 

Keim Jacob, copperplatemaker 7 Hinckle*s court 
Keith Samuel, merchant 279 south Front 
Keith John, late i^rocer Locust near Thirteenth 
Keller Adam, baker 194 north Third 
Keller C. tinplateworker 64 north Front 
Keller George, carpenter 109 north Fifth 
Keller Jacob, tinplateworker 176 north Third 


Keller Isaac, shoemakef 282 Sassafras 

Kellum Charles, 35 Noble 

Kellum James, mariner 137 Green 

Kelley Andrew, labourer Juniper near Cherry 

Kelley Eleanor, grocer 198 north Water 

Kelley Edward, sailmaker 23 Sassafras 

Kelley John, accomptant Drinker's court 

Kelley John, carter 297 south Fifth 

Kelley John, stevadore 14 Shippen 

Krlley James, porter 88 Budd 

Kelley David, watchmaker and jeweller 227 N. 2d 

Kelley George, stevadore back 57 south Water 

Kelley Hugh, plaisterer Coxe's alley 

Kelley Hugh, shoemaker 150 south Fourth 

Kelly Hugh, stonecutter Lee*s court 

Kelly John, shoemaker near 5 1 1 north Second 

Kelly John, grocer 20 Swanson 

Kelly John, glue factor 12 south Broad 

Kelly widow of John, mill stonemaker 26 little Water 

Kelley Robert, combmaker 40 Strawberry 

Kelley Thomas, shoemaker 322 south Sixth 

Kelly Thos. shoe and trunkmaker 10 south Seventh 

Kelly Thos. Sc Philip, shoe and trunk store 70 High 

dwelling 10 south Seventh 
Kelly Thos. 8c Wm. paint store 367 north Front 
Kelly Wm. taylor and tavemkeeper corner Water 

Kelm Baltus, labourer 62 Green 
Kelsey John C. tax collector 80 Spruce 
Kelsey Hugh, stonemason 77 German 
Kemble Levi, bricklayer 133 Lombard 
Kemble George, shoemaker '^3 south Third 
Kemple Wm. labourer Weaver's alley 
Kemp George, accomptant 92 south Fifth 
Kemp John, taylor 128 New 
Kemp Wm. baker Pine near Ninth 
Kempfer Joseph, typefounder Tenth near Pine 
Kerapton Moses, scrivener 34 Mulberry 
Kempton Wm. 2 south Second 
Kenard George, merchant 68 south Wharves 
Kennedy Andrew, soapboiler 41 south Fourth and 

336 north Second 


Kennedy Francis, grocer Mary's alley 
Kennedy Miss Bridget, 178 Pine 
Kennedy David, glass and picturestore 134 High 
Kennedy David, tavernkeeper 9 Lsetitia court 
Kennedy H. I. sea captain 222 south Fourth 
Kennedy Hector, merchant 73 s«)Uth Front 
Kennedy Henry> innkeeper 2 1 8 and 240 High 
Kennedy Henry H. sea captain 43 Shippen 
Kennedy James, boardinghouse 10 Spruce 
Kennedy John, blacksmith near 60 St. John's 
Kennedy widow of Maurice, 22 Lombard 
Kennedy R. shopkeeper 202 north Water 
Kennedy Robert, soapboiler 95 south Fourth 
Kennedy Robert, jun. soapboiler 3 Powell 
Kennedy Robert, corner Ninth and Filbert 
Kennedy widow of Samuel? innkeeper 18 N. Fourth 
Kennedy T. conveyancer corner Strawberry and 

Kennedy Thomas, sea captain 275 south Front 
Kennedy Thomas, printer Pattpn's court 
Kenney Daniel, sea captain 183 north Front 
Kenny James, shallopman Well's court 
Kenny I. brewer 18 noith Ninth 
Kenny Bernard, printer near 60 St. John's 
Kenny Robert, s*oveletter 73 Christian 
Kensil John, labourer Rose alley 
Kensil John, blacksmith 291 Mulberry 
Kensil Michael, shipjoiner 29 Noble 
Kenton Joseph, jun. distiller 303 south Third and 82 

north Eighth 
Kenton JosepJi, grocer 61 north Eighth 
Kenton James C- grocer 218 Lombard 
Kentzel Jacob, baker 215 north Second 
Kentzel George, carpenter 465 north Third 
Keppele Michael, alderman ISOaftd 136Chesfiut 
Kepler Christian, potter Lilly alley 
Kerbaugh Daniel, labourer Charlotte 
Kerbaugh John, cooper 2d above Germantown road 
Kerley Josiah, carter 56 Shippen 
Kern Gabriel, taylor 1 1 7 south Water 
Kern Gabriel & John, taylors 119 Water 
Kern John, taylor 191 Pine 



Kern John, accomplant 1 1 Crown 
Ker James, city commissioner 74 south Fifth 
Ker Joseph, accomptant 1 19 Mulberry 
Kerr J. saddler 52 north Second [see Kehr a?id K:er 
Kerr l!f Boyd, coachma|vers 86 south Fifth 
Ker Walter, sea captain corner Chesnut &c Eleventh 
Kerr 'Susannah, 15 Quarry 
Kisler John, baker S5 Budd 
Kessler Jane, grocer 9 Swanson 
Kessler Frederick, shoemaker 300 north Front 
Kessler John, justice of the peace 166 Coates' 
Kessler John, jun. grocer 164 Coates' 
Kessler widow of Leonard, 125 Mulberry 
Kessling Henry, carpenter 271 St. John's 
Ketland Thomas, merchant 152 south Second 
Key Richard, carpenter Fleventh near Sassrfras 
~Key John, wheelwright near 22 Kunckle [^re Kay 
Key Michael, coachpainter Turner's court 
Keyler John, carter 447 South Front 
Keyser Adam, baker 89 Cedar 
Keyser Charles, teacher 8 north Ninth 
Keyser l^ Gorgas, lumbermerchants 225 N. Water 
Keyser Jacob, baker 5 south Sixth \^see Kyser 

Keyser Jacob, plaisterer 315 Sassafras 
Keyser John, lumberyard (New Rising Sim) 
Keyser Peter, lumber merchant 35 Callowiiill 
Keyser Joseph, storekeeper 5 north Second 
Keyser John, grocer 102 Budd 
Keyser John, fliour merchant 27 Filbert 
Kibler David, grocer 94 Coates' 
Kibler John, flourstore277 High 
Kibler Joseph, briishmaker 104 north Third 
Kidd Robert, merchant 214 Walnut 
Kidwell John, sea captain 41 Callov/hill 
Kiel Mrs. widows Shievely's alley 
Kiernan Flugh, rectifying distiller near 172 Cedar 
Killings worth Luke, constable 15 Lombard 
Kiler John, mariner 236 north Front 
Kille Aaron, storekeeper upper 58 north Secoi)d an<1 
^52 Front 

Killey Edward, sailmaker23 Sassafrass 
Killmartin Hugh, labpuj:««JUn}per alley 


Killogb Robert, taylor 20 south Water 
Kilpatrick Robert, labourer Cauffman's court 
Kimber 'cf Conrad, printers, booksellers Sc stationers, 

93 Hiijh 
Kimber Emmor, bookseller, Sec 31 Sprur.e 
Kint^ Albertus, storekeeper 316 north Front 
King Charles, sea captain 370 south Front 
King Daniel, jun. brassfounder 76 south Front 
King Deborah, tutress 170 south Fifth 
King Elisha, sea captain 2 i Branch 
King Ephraim, sea captain near 25 Brewer's alley 
King Isaiah, carter Lawrence (M. L.) 
King Herman, taylor 13 Shievely's alley 
King John, labourer Lee's court 
King James, gentleman 2 1 north Front 
King Mrs. shopkeeper Chancery lane 
King John, brushmaker 6 Shippen 
King Margaret, shoesto re 236 south Second 
King Mrs. widow 26 Lombard 
King Samuel, sea captain 1 10 Catharine 
Kino: William, shoemaker 132 Plum 
King W. smith Weaver's alley, between 1 2th St 13th 
King Wm, silverplater, &c. 137 Mulberry 
Kingsland John, carpenter corner Coates' and Front 
Kingston Simon, sea captain 54 Almond 
Kingston Thomas, carpenter 217 south Fifth 
Kinley Charles, m. d. 135 Walnut 
Kinley Joseph, turner 20 Passyunk 
Kinley Jacob, victualler 291 Vine 
Kinley Catharine, boaidinghouse 134 Callowhill 
Kinnan John & J. ivory turners 112 Walnut 
Kinnard Thomas, coachtrimmer 11 th near Filbert 
Kinnard Jacob, wheelwright 63 north Fifth 
Kinnard Anthony, carpenter 206 St. John's 
Kensel Michael, labourer 2 Sassafras alley 
Kinsey E<lmund, saddler corner Chesnut and Third 
Kinsley John, printer 279 south Third 
Kinsley Jacob, shoemaker north Thirteenth 
Kinsley Michael, labourer Gaskill near Thirteenth 
Kinsley Samuel, combmaker corner Cherry is^ Broad 
Kintzing Abraham, merchant 118 Mulberry 
Kirbv Edward, Leech's coyrt 


Kirk John, merchant 44 north Third 
Kirk John, labourer Mark's lane 
Kirk Joseph, carpenter 333 north Third 
Kirkbride Joseph, yeoman 1 12 south Eighth 
Kirkham Charles, drygood store 7 south Fourth 
Kirkpatrick Robert, labourer Relief alley 
Kisselman Susannah, gentlewoman 166 S. Second 
Kitchen vTames, city tavern and exchange 86 S. 2d 
Kitchen Joseph, saddler 98 north Sixth 
Kitchen Benjamin, shoemaker 254 south Third 
Kite Benjamin 8c Thomas, booksellers Sc stationers 

20 horth Third 
Kite Thomas, stationer, Sec. 20 north Third and 6 

north Fifth 
Kite Isaac, carpenter 9 1 north Ninth 
Kite Joseph, china store 34 south Fourth 
Kittera Ann, shopkeeper 235 High 
Kittera Frederick, rigger near 60 St. John's 
Kittera Thomas, attorney at law 36 south Sixth 
Kitts John, sea captain 293 south Front 
Xitts Michael, oak cooper 44 Gaskill 
Klapp Joseph, m. d. 346 south Second 
Klegand EvaristeGuiho D. cordial distiller 141 south 

Klett Cutlip, shoemaker 439 north Second 
Kliene Abraham, grocer 90 north Seventh 
Kline George, dealer 492 north Third 
Kline John, carter Fourth above Poplar lane 
Kliene Elizabeth, widow 68 north Sixth 
Kline Henry, taylor 47 north Eighth 
Kline William, baker 91 Brown ^see Clint 

KKng John, accomptant 170 Sassafras , 

Klingle A. cooper and guager 56 Callowhil! 
Klonegar John, baker 1 Chancery lane 
Klotz John \j. weaver 42 1 north Third 
Klotz John, taylor 381 north Front 
Kneass Charles, copperplate printer 6 south Fourth 
Kneass William, engraver 3 Chancery lane, dwellijig 

229 Mulberry - 

Kneass George, bricklayer 239 St. John's 
Kneass John Sc Michael, copperplate printers 3 Chan- 
cery lane 


Knell Casper, dealer 482 north Third 

Kneppley k DilUngcr, storekeepers 192 N. Second 

Knight Abel, storekeeper 189 north Second 

Knight Charles, miniature painter 33 Crown ^ 

Knigiu Daniel, carpenter 12 and 172 Cherry 

Knight P. stave merchant 361 north Front 

Knight Isaiah, taylor 1 60 Sassafras 

Knight Joiin, shoemaker 1 6 1 north Front 

Knight Jonathan, lumberyard 179 north Water and 

dwelling 39 Artillery lane 
Knodle John, hairdresser 38 north Eighth 
Knodle Daniel, bricklayer 262 Mulberry 
Knodle William, shoemaker 137 Cherry 
Knerr Henryj tavernkeeper 140 High 
Knorr Kenry? printer 218 south Sixth 
Knorr George, victualler Wood above Eighth 
Knorr Gerge, lumber merchant comptinghouse 195, 

dwelling 197 north Water 
Knorr George, baker 2 1 north Fifth 
Knorr Jacob, ironmonger 40 north Third John, painter 434 north Third 
Knous John, carter 115 Callowhili 
Knowles Jane, tulress 12 Union 
Knowles Sarah, shopkeeper 106 south Second 
Knowles S. nurse and layer out of the dead 17 Penn 
Knowles WiUiam, sea captain 21 Christian 
Knows Jacob 16 High artd 127 north Fifth 
Knox Elizabeth, tutress 1 86 Lombard 
Knox widow of Francis, grocer 81 south Second 
Knox Hannah, widow 74 north Seventh 
Knox George, tobacconist 130 Sassafras 
■Knox John, grocer 296 & 298 south Third 
Knox Jacob, mariner 20 Cedar 
Koch J. G. merchant 337 High and 46 Walnut 
Koechling William, victuallerCharles 
Kochler John, coach wheelwright 36 Columbia avenue 
Koechling Frederick A. baker 303 Vine 
Kockersperger Jacob, victualler 460 south Second 
Kollock Jane, boardinghouse 43 Spruce 
Konigmacher A. & Co. merchants 141 High 

o 2 


Konigmacher A. merchant 43 north Eighth 
Kookooyaei Samuel, musician 99 Crown 
Korckhaus Andrew, furrier 31 north Fourth 
Kraft Georjvej cabinetmaker 76 N. 7th [see Craf^, 
Kraft Henry, shoemaker 1 15 north Second 
Kraft widow of P. 56 north Fifth 
Kraft Michael, grocer 166 High 
Krall Peter, labourer south Juniper 
Kreamer Philip, taylor Steinmetz, court 
Kreamer Jacob tanner 104 Vine and St Tammany 
Krebel Matthias, grocer 8c tavernkeeper 128 N. Fifth 
Krebs George, brickraaker 17 north Fifth 
Kreider Frederick, hatter 243 north Second 
Kreider George, labourer St! Tammany 
Kreider Mary, tutress Charlotte 
Kreider Abraham, gix)cer 143 north Third 
Kraker J. P. baker back 185 High ^ 

Krips Margaret, shopkeeper 464 north Second 
Krips Philip, potter 466 north Third 
Krieermier Jacob, labourer 52 Charlotte 
Krigermier Henry, labourer 442 Sassafras 
Krise William, baker corner Third and Callowhill 
Krouskup George, carpenter 123 Coates' 
Krumbhaar Ludwick, merchant 144 south Third 
Kucher Christiana, shopkeeper 7 north Front 
Kucher John, smith 344 Sassafras 
Kughler Charles, gentleman 89 Callowhill 
Kugler George, innkeeper corner 4th and Sassafras 
Kuhl Conrad, stationer 143 north Second 
Kuhl Henry, cashier U. S. Bank 309 Mulberry 
Kuhlenkampf Nicholas, tinsmith 369 north Second 
Kuhn Adam, m. d. next 140 Chesnut 
Kuhn Adam, victualler Cherry near Eleventh 
Kuhn Charles, merchant 192 Walnut 
Kuhn Daniel, accomptant Elitislie*s alley 
Kuhn Daniel, shoemaker 98 north Seventh 
Kuhn George K. merchant 22 1 High 
Kuhn George, marine hotel 87 south Water 
Kuhn J. M. hairdresser 277 High 
Kuhn John, mate 78 north Seventh 
Kuhn John, labourer 53 Crown and near 130 north 


Kuhn Peter Sc Son, auctioneers and commission mer- 
chants 22 1 High 
Kunckle John, sen. victualler James' 
Kunckle Matthias, mate 6 Cherry 
Kunckle C. late baker 355 north Second 
Kunckle John, jun. victualler James' 
Kunckle John, baker 78 Callowhill 
Kunitz Mrs. bleeder with leeches 78 Sassafras 
Kurtz George, victualler 440 north Second 
Krulz J-ohn, grocer 145 St. John's 
Krutz Henry, taylor 25 Cherry 
Kyser Peter, lumber merchant 35 Callowhill 
Kyser John, labourer back 1 15 Mulberry [see Keysei\ 

Labbrez Benjamin, sea captain 23 Green 

Labee Sarah, widow 10 Coombs's alley 

Lace Wm. coach springmaker 17 south Seventh 

Lacell , merchant 86 south Eleventh 

Lacey Ann, storekeeper 205 south Front 

La Combe Peter, merchant 173 Vine 

Lacombe C. embroiderer, &c. 127 Spruce 

Lackey Henry, clockmaker 13 Elfreith's alley 

Lackey Ladon R. labourer Oak (N. L.) 

Ladow R. labourer Oak (N. L.) 

Lafevre Philip, shoemaker 1 Hinckle's court 

Laferty John, smith 433 south Second 

Laferty Archibald shoemaker Cedar above Twelfth 

Laforgue B. upholsterer. Sec. 30 Strawberry alley 

Lafoi'cade A. Sc Co. storekeepers 18 north Third 

Lafourcade P. M. printer 100 north Second 

Lafitte Peter, perfumer 187 south Front 

Laidley James, merchant taylor 1 12 Chesnut 

Lair John, shoemaker Eleventh near Cedar 

Laird John, grocer 314 Sassafrass 

Lake David, shoenaaker 93 New 

Lake John, tanner 91 south Fifth 

Lake Thomas, near 8 1 Union 

Lalor John, tavernkeeper 142 south Water {^see Lolar. 

Lammarzelle Peter, hairdresser 49 Artillery lane 


Lamare Ann, widow 12 Elfreith's alley 

Lamare Mrs. of Matthias, tavernkeeper 110 Cedar 

Lamb Abner, taylor 1 22 north Water 

Lamb John, grocer 242 south Sixtii 

Lamb Joseph victualler 398 north Third 

Lamb William, labourer 105 Vine 

Lambert Catharine, widow 25 i Vine 

Lambert Gershom W. merchant 34 north Front 

Lambert John, shipjoiner 326 north Front 

Lambert Nicholas, accomptant 10 Union 

Lambert George, victualler Garden 

Lambert Peter, grocer corner Third and Union 

Lambert & Johnes, merchants 34 north Front 

Lambry John, brewer 180 north W^ater 

Lambertius Christian, labourer near 130 north Fifth 

Lammot Daniel, jun. merchant 15 south Water 

Lamorelle Joseph, merchant 206 south Third 

Lampley John, shoemaker 47 9 north Second 

Lampley Richard bookbinder 7 Knight's court 

Lamsback John, tobacconist 154 Sassafras 

Lancaster widow of John, sea captain 204 Mulberry 

Lancaster John, carpenter near 172 north Fourth 

Lancaster Thos. merchant Plamilton's Wharf Sc 174 

south Sixth 
Lance Jacob, taylor 369 north Second 
Land John, hatter 136 north Front 
Landell Mary, tavernkeeper 359 north Front 
Landers Michael, stablekeeper corner Vine Sc Fourth 
Landis Samuel C. saddler 79 north Front 
Landis Henry, saddler 83 north Third 
Lane Edward, accomptant 152 Spruce 
Lane James, clock and watchmaker 1 5 1 north Second 
Lane John, guilder 12 Passyunk Road 
Lane Richard, bellowsmaker 207 south Seventh 
Lang John, accomptant corner Spruce and Eleventh 
Lang John, baker 26^ Pe^vterplatter alley 
Lang Benjamin, carter 79 Passyunk road 
Lang John, carpenter 235 south Front {see Long. 
Langbertels Augustus, sugarboiler 95 Coates' 
Lange , m. d. Germaniown between Washington 

and Wayne signs 


Liingstroth I. G paper manufucturer 106 S. Front 

Laning^ James, cabinetmaker "177 north Second 

Lansinger Jacob, shoemaker 10 Passyunk 

Lapess Hannah, boardinghouse 39 Spruce 

Lapeyre John, supercargo 166 Spruce 

Lapp Abraham, viclualler 515 north Third 

Lapsley David, late merchant 333 High 

Lapsley & Ikin, merchants 26 Chesnut 

Lapsley John, merchant 144 Mulberry 

Lapsley Moses, labourer 54 Passyunk 

Lapsley William M. merchant 23 south Second 

Lare widow of Adam back 54 Brown 

Laremore Jane, storekeeper 47 south Second 

Larer Melchior, brewer 50 north Sixth 

Larey John W. coachmaker George near Tenth 

Large E. ^ Son, merchants dChesnut 

Large Ebenezar, merchant 46 south Front 

Large James, merchant 1 69 High 

Large John, merchant 164 Mulberry 

Larkum Thomas, boardinghouse 18 north Ninth 

La Roche J. G de, broker Sec. 123 south Second 

La Roche Rene, m. d. corner Fifth in Powell 

Lasher Jacob & Francis, tavernkeepers 3G0 N. 2d 

Lasher Barbara, widow corner Noble and Second 

Laskey Catharine, gentlewoman 109 Vine 

Latapias Peter, m. d. 86 Lombard 

Later John, shoemaker I Laetitia court 

Latimer George, merchant 85 south Sixth 

Latimer James, jun. merchant 29 Dock and 208 

Latimer John, carpenter 243 Cedar 
Latimer k. Murduck, flour merchants 67 N. Water 
Latimer Thomas, flour merchant 55 north Fourth 
Latimer Wm. G. merchant 83 south Wharves and 

250 Mulberry 

LatiMER*S wharf opens next 163 SOUTH WATEB. 

Latour John, merchant 8 Lombard 
Lauck David, oakcooper 94 north Fourth 
Lauclenslager George, victualler 251 Callowhill 
Laudenslager Richard, taylor 17 Sterling alley 
Lauderbaugh George, labourer 493 south Front 
Lauicare Jacob, fruiterer 165 south Third 


Laussat A. merchant 208 Walnut 
Laval John, merchant 191 south Second 
Lavardee Francis, labourer 36 Coates' 
Laverty Jesse, grocer 259 High and 32 Filbert 
I^'vvielle Benjamin, broker 48 Shippen 
Lavielle Stephen, broker 48 Shippen 
Lawell Henrvj wharf builer Oak (N. L.) s 
Law Samuel, paperstainer 102 Christian 
Lawerswyler J. W. sUj^'ar i^efiner Moravian alley and 

dv/elling 90 north Second 
Lawerswyler Thomas, hotter 17 south Front 
Lawler Matthew, sea captain 34 Walnut 
Lavvler Thomas, shoemaker 290 north Eighth 
Lawrence A. baker 12 Elfreith's alley 
Lawrence Benjamin, labourer Eleventh near Race 
Lawrence Charlotte, shopkeeper 154 Spruce 
Lawrence C. blacksmith 83 north Sixth 
Lawrence C. victualler James 
Lawrence Edv/ard, tavernkeepaf and grocer 130 S. 

Lawrence Hanse, boardinghouse 75 Penn 
Lawrence James, ropemaker488 south Second 
Lawrence John, gunsmith 465 north Second 
Lawrence J. siikdealer and haberdasher 49 south 2d 
Lawrence L, shingiedresser 275 Vine 
Lawrence Mary, teacher 3 Strawberry 
Lawrence Mary, widow 473 north Third 
Lawrence Rebecca, gentlewoman 13 Sansom 
Lawrence^Thomas, tanner 250 north Second 
Lawrence Thomas, taylor 66 Coates' 
Lawrence widow of \A'iiliam, 275 Vine 
Laws L. tanner 68 south Third 
Laws Elijah, mei'chant 302 High 
Law^ Jonathan, mariner 113 Catharine 
Laws Ludwick, currier 82 south Fourth 
Laws Stephen, tobacconist 10 Locust 
Lawson Alexander, engraver Pine above Ninth 
Lawson John, sea captain 119 Cailowhiil 
Lawson Mrs. boardinghouse 89 south '^Ihird 
Lawton Henry, grocer 444 High 
Lay LewTs &c Co. merchants 89 High 
Lay Thomas, grocer 34 High 

Di RECTORY. 167^ 

Lay David, labourer Noble near Third 
LayboM Adam, baker 71 norlh Sixth 
Laycock John, bookbinder i4 Elizabeth 
Lazuius Isaac, merchant 52 Cable lane 
Lazuro Johr., matirer23 Parram's alley- 
Lea John, merchant 15 i High Sc 21 Prune Isee Lee 
Lea Joseph, sugar refiner 102 south Fourth 
Leacock Wm. carpenter 26 Prune 
Leadbeatter a" Sheldon, patent lamp manufactory Lo- 
cust 5 doors east of Eleventh 
Leahy Michael, plaisterer 27 Pewterplatter alley 
Leak Robert, painter, Sec. 76 south Eleventh 
Learning Rebecca, gentlewoman 53 Pine 
Leamy John, merchant 79 south Third 
Leaner Philip, labourer 10 Greenleaf's alley 
Leatherman Michael, porter Lilly alley 
Leatherman Peter, taylor Lilly alley 
Lebeau Andrew, gunsmith back 249 north Second 
Le Boutelllsr Michael, merchant 107 north Front 
Lecompioa Francis, storekeeper 3 44 north Front 
Lechler George, victualler Fourth above Brov.'n 
Lechler Anthony, 3 Norris' alley * 

Lechler Anthony, cabinetmaker 37 Shippen 
Lechler George E. musician 238 south Fourth 
Lechleitner P. G. merchant 107 north Front 
Lecompt M'Kenney, shoemaker 29 Catharine 
Ledeau Peter, cabinetmaker 173 south Front 
Ledent Lambert, bottler 42 Dock 
Lee Benjamin, bricklayer 18 Cherry 
Lee Sc Fricker, chairmakers 360 north Second 
Lee Christopher, sea captain 131 south Front 
Lee Charles, printer 86 south Third 
Lee David, shoemaker 58 Passyunk road 
Ley Daniel, sugar refiner 7 Sterling alley and 112 

Lee Franklin, bricklayer 448 north Second 
Lee Joseph, late storekeeper 233 Spruce 
Lee John, mariner corner Christian and Front 
Lee James, m. d. 41 German 
Lee Robert, caiter south Broad 
Lee Wm. chainnaker Lilly alley [««?<? if e 

Lee Wm. teacher 71 north Sixth 


Leech Henry, trader 100 Vine [sec Leach 

Leech Jane, 156 Spruce 

Leech Richard, tavernkeeper 9 7 Christian 

Leedom Jonathan, iron merchant 29 Pine 

Leedom W. iron merchant 138 Pine 

Leedom W. &c J. iron merchants 75 south Wharves 

Leeds Mrs. of Samuel, miller 332 north Front 

Leek Catharine, nurse 89 north Sixth 

Lees Elizabeth, shopkeeper 8 Quarry 

Lees Henry, victualler 38 Crown 

Lees Philip, grocer corner Fifth and Plum 

Lefeber widow of Lewis, 21 north Ninth 

Lefevre J. F. silversmith 45 S. Second \_see Lafevre 

Lefevre James, agent for the Union Line 3 soifth 

Legand Thomas, labourer 543 north Third 
Leger Nicholas, grocer 97 north Third 
Lehman Christian, stablekeeper 33 Moravian alley 
Lehman Joseph, druggist and apothecary 222 High 
Lehman Samuel, blacksmith 298 and 302 N. Front 
Lehman Willians, druggist 76 south Second 
Lehman Wm. W. Smith ^ Son, druggists 76 south 

Lehrs Henry, taylor 288 north Front 
Le Huray N. watch and clockmaker south Second 

four doors below High 
Leib John L. attorney at law &c clerk of the Orphan's 

court 70 south Sixth 
Leib Michael, m. d. 117 Vine 
Leibbrandt Andrew, skrndresser 420 north Secotid 
Leidy Jacob, shoemaker 9 Summers* court 
Leitman George, cabinetmaker 98 north Second 
Leineau Andrew, hatter 101 north Third 
Leigh tel Jacob, porter 156 Coates* 
Leipe Henry, carter Britton's alley 
Leipe Mary, dealer 125 Green 
Leiper James, grocer corner Walnut and Eleventh 
Leiper Thomas, tobacconist 274 High 
Leipsam John, mariner 364 south Second 
Lelar Henry, sea captain 121 Lombard 
Lemate Lewis, oakcooper 2 Butler's coupt 
Lempkey Frederick, cooper 1 1 Callowhill 


Lenfesly John, shoemaker 64 Christian 

Lenox wajor David, near 220 Mulberry 

Lentz George, victualler 1 5 I Coateb' 

Lentz George, labourer 28 Branch 

Lentz Henry, merchant 218 north Front 

Lentz ksr Hertzhog, merchants 240 north Second 

Lentz Jacob, carter 371 north Third 

Lentz John, cabinetmaker 444 north Third 

Leonard Catharine, widow Greenleaf alley 

Leonard John, tinsmith 172 south Front 

Leonard John, bleeder 108 German 

Leonard Wm, tavernkeeper 50 Gallovvhill 

Lescure Rosina, boardinghouse 104 north Second 

Lesh Peter, carpenter 64 north Fifth 

Lesk John, printer 131 north Third 

Lesher George, coachmaker corner Callowhill and 

Cable lane 
Leishman Wm. saddle Sc saddletreemaker o83 High 
Lesley Peter, cabinetmaker 15 1 Vine 
11.eslie I^ydia, boardinghouse 48 south Sixth 
Letts*^Vm. inspector of staves 479 south Front 
Levering Jonathan, carpenter 478 Sassafras 
Lovering Wm. architect 135 south Eleventh 
Levering Wm. labourer 54 north Eighth 
Levis David, labourer Oak(N. L.) 
Levis Thomas, papermaker 1 29 south Eleventh 
Levis & Weaver, paper manufacturers and stationers, 

193 High 
Levis William, paper manufacturer 219 High 
Levis William, jun. papermaker 157 north Third 
Levis William, silversmith 1 8 north Front 
Levis Elizabeth C. 6 north Eighth 
Levy Aaron, gentleman 58 north Fourth 
Levy Aaron, jun. storekeeper 160 north Second 
Levy ^ Co. quill manufacturers back 12 N. Front 
Levy Isaac Jacob, collector in general and commis- 
sion merchant 1 2 north F'ront 
Levy Joseph, broker 16 Chesnut 
Levy Michael, merchant 199 north Water 
Levy Moses, counsellor at law Chesnut above 7th 
Levy Samson, counsellor at law 68 Walnut 
Lewis Ann, shopkeeper 262 north Second 



Lewis Abner, storekeeper 208 High 
Lewi^ Davicl, president of the Phoenix insurance com- 
pany 96 and 140 south Second 
Lewis David & Lawrence, merchants 101 S. Front 
Lewis Evan, teacher 62 Union 
Lewis Francis, labourer 339 Sassafras 
Lewis George, sailmaker 99 Shippen 
Lewis Hannah, widow 1 12 south Front 
Lewis Hezekiah, victualler 293 Callowhill 
Lewis Isaac P. carpenter 1 Knight's court 
Lewis Jacob, brick maker Broad near Vine 
Lewis James, shoestore 66 High 
J^ewis John, perfumer 108 north Second 
Lewis John, shoemaker 313 north Third 
Lewis John, shipjoiner 32 Green and Oak (N. L.) 
Lewis Joseph, boardinghouse 13 Swanson 
Lewis Joseph, skindresser 550 north Third 
Lewis -oseph S. Sc Co. merchants 25 Dock 
Lewis Joseph S. merchant 150 south Second 
I^ewis Lewis, merchant 22 Gable lane 
Lewis M. and Samuel N. merchants 15 Dock 
Lewis Reeve, merchant 96 south Fourth 
Lewis Samuel N. merchant 130 Spruce 
Lewis Samuel, glover 57 Walnut , 
Lewis h Smith, silversmiths 2 south Second 
Lewis Sarah, 12 Shievely's alley 
Lewis Samuel, smith 141 south Eleventh 
Lewis William, counsellor at law north-west corner 

of Third and 64 Walnut 
Lewis widow of Wm. merchant 168 south Second 
Lex A. victualler corner Logan and Charles 
Lex Geort^e, victualler Charles 
Lex Henry, victualler Logan 
Lex John, victualler (Charles 
Lex kif Rehn, merchants 283 High 
Lex Peter, sugar refiner 283 High 
Ley Daniel, sugar refiner 1 12 Sassafras and 5 Ster- 
ling alley 
L'Huiier John B. musician 44 Carpenter 
Liddle Thomas, labourer Lombard above Ninth 
liiddie Mrs. shopkeeper 7 G ask ill 
Liddle Wm. late constable 32 Fitzwalter 


Liddon Abraham, gentleman 36 north Thh'd 
Ligger Kezia, spangler 161 Cedar 
Ligiuoif R. shopkeeper 157 south Sixth 
Likins Michael, shoemaker 59 Shippen 
Lilibrege widow of Robert G. sea captain 121 New 
Limeburner Philip, bookbinder 269 norJ.h Second 
Liming John, shallopman 131 north Front 
Limone A. watchmaker 176 north Fifth 
Lindman John, labourer 464 north Third 
Linch Henry, shoemaker 72 Crown [see Lynch 

Lindelbachir John, cabinetmaker 12 Pevvterplatter 

Lindemuth John G. shoemaker north Juniper 
Lindemuth John C. baker 3\ south Fourth 
Lindsay John, labourer Locust above Tenth 
Lindsay Nathaniel, cabinetmaker 1 Lsetitia court 
Lindsay Robert, packer 45 north Sixth 
Lindsay Robert, cabinetmaker back 12 north Sixth 
Lindsay Wm. accomptant 99 Cherry 
Lindsay Wm. chinastore 1 N. Third and 58 Zane 
Lindsay Hugh, labourer Walnut near Twelfth 
Linensheets Charles, carter 104 Budd 
Linard John, mastmakcr 39 Callowhill 
Link Abraham, merchant 10 north Ninth 
Link George, carter Say's alley 
Link George, carpenter 90 north Eleventh 
Linck John, bootmaker 69 north Front 
Linn Mrs Mary, 155 south Second 
Linn Wm. labourer Webb's alley 
Linnard John, mastmaker 39 Callowhill 
Linnard James M. carpenter 379 south Fiont 
Linnard Wm. labourer Mark's lane 
Linnard Wm. military agent 307 south Second 
Linnington Maria, shopkeeper 48 Green 
Linton 13. & J. cutnailers 269 Sassafras 
Linton Jeremiah, nailer 152 Cherry 
I^inton Martha, shopkeeper 223 Swanson 
Linton James, shoemaker 160 Shippen 
Linton Jacob, painter, Sec. 24 Mary 
Lippincott Benjamin, grocer 72 north Water 
Lippincott Isaac, merchant 14 Moravian alley 
Lippincott Jacob, shopkeeper 2 north Front and 83 



Lippincott James, gentleman 2 north Front 

l.ippinrott Joshua, late auctioneer 53 Sc 76 M. Front 

Lippincott Wm. teacher 13 Wood 

lippincott Samuel, laylor 17 and 56 north Water 

Lippincott Sarah, gentlewoman 134 Mulberry 

Lippincott widow ofStephen, 265 south Fourth 

Lisle Mary, 127 south Second Isee Lijle 

Lisle John, merchant 174 High 

List Wm. smith 139 Green 

Lister James, sea captain 363 north Front 

Lithgovv Edward, carpenter 238 south Secdnd 

Little Archibald, trader 49 George (S.) 

Little Anthony, carter Rose alley 

Little Nicholas, labourer 39 1 Sassafras 

Little Stephen, nailer i23 north Fourth 

Little Susannah, widow 6 Swanson 

Little Wra. teacher Cypress alley 

Little Wm. shipjoiner Merritt's lane 

Little Wm. labourer back 83 Chesnut 

LiUleboy N. J. plumist 25 Walnut 

Littman Elizabeth, grocer corner Front and Queen 

Livingston Ann, gentlewoman 268 Chesnut 

Livensetter John, teacher 157 north Second 

Livzey John, taylor 50 north Water 

Livzey John, wheelwright 33 1 south Second 

Lloyd Isaac, naerchant 53 south Wharves and 164 

south Fourth 
Lloyd Joseph, publisher of the -Pennsylvania Demo- 

crat 135 Lombard 
Lloyd John, mariner 416 south Second 
Lloyd John, carpenter Fourth above St. Tammany 
Lloyd N. blacksmith corner Seventh and Cherry 
I^loyd Thomas, 80 north Sixth 
Lloyd Thos. jun. merchant 347 High 
Lloyd Wm. carpenter Fourth above St. Tammany 
Lloyd Wm. jun. storekeeper Oak (N. L.) 
Lloyd Zopher, carpenter 393 south Second 
Lock Nathaniel, cabinetmaker 12 Chancery lane 
Lockard Jonathan, cooper 266 north Eighth 
Lockard John, carter Oak (N. L.) 
Lockhart Joseph, shoemaker 146 Ced&r 


Locton widow of John, shopkeeper 150 south Front 
Lockwood Oliver, shoemaker Fourth above Brown 
Lodor Benjamin, tavernkeeper 83 north Water 
Lodor John, taylor 171 south Front and 170 Water 
Lofland Puinel, storekeeper 32 High 
Logan Daniel, labourer back 147 Cherry- 
Logan George, pumpmaker 3 Giles* alley 
Logan Michael, tinman 34 George 
Logan Saml. boot Sc shoemaker corner Dock & Third 
Logan Samuel, shoemaker 124 Pine 
Logue John, watchman 184 south Fourth 
Lohra Sc Carlisle, ironmongers 139 High 
Lohra widow of Conrad, blacksmith 143 N. Second 
Lohra John, ironmonger 73 Cherry 
Lohra Peter, notary public 65 Dock 
Lorar Conrad, smith 99 Coates' 
Lolar Alexander, 328 north Front 
Long Christian, labourer 101 Coates' 
Long Jacob, boot and shoemaker 431 north Third 
Long Lewis, tanner back 127 Gi^en 
Long M. tavernkeeper Fourth above Callowhill 
Long James, labourer 286 Lombard 
Long James, soap and candlemaker corner Walnut 

and Twelfth 
Long John, grocer corner Vine and Fifth 
Long John, grocer and soapboiler 172 Sassafras 
Long K. milliner 1 Strawberry 
Long Wm. turnkey 220 Lombard [s^e Lang 

Long Wm. silversmith 20 Cherry 
Longcope Samuel, printer 30 Elizabeth 
Longshore Rachael, widow 189 north Front 
Longstieth Isaac T. merchant 10 north Third and 

next 24 Church alley 
Longstreth Joshua, merchant 7 Church alley 
Longstreth widow of Joseph, shopkeeper 92 N. 4th 
Longstreth Saml. merchant 123 High IseeLungatroi/i 
Longstreth widow of Wm. 265 north Front 
Lonton Francis, brushmaker 49 Pine 
Lonton Joseph, painter, &c. 49 Pine 
Loos Christian, baker 1 84 Sassafras 
Loper Noah, carter Webb's alley 
Lorain John, jun. merchant 26 north Front 

P 2 


Lorain & Wilmer, merchants 59 north Front 
Lord Thomas, shoemaker Fourth near Coates' 
Lort Isaac, grocer i 6 Cherry 
Lordonet Bouchony, merchant 102 north Third 
Lorent John D. merchant 108 south Second 
Loreiit erLang, merchants 108 south Second 
Lorenge Lewis, grocer 289 Vine 
Lorong John, merchant Woglom's court 
Lott Henry, carpenter 145 Lombard 
Lott Henry, storekeeper 395 north Front 
Lott Thomas, carpenter Cedar near Thirteeth 
Louden widow of John, tobacconist 317 south Front 
Louder Israel, shingledresser 223 north Water 
Loughery Wm. brewer Elmslies' alley 
Loughery John, merchant 93 north Water 
Loughead James, grocer 74 Passyunk 
Loughead Thomas, sea captain 54 Green 
Loughead Robert, supercargo 293 south Third 
Louis John, perfumer 108 north Second 
Love Robert, printer 41 Cherry 
Love Wm. shoemaker Charlotte 
Loverell Burnet, currier 29 Giles' alley 
Low M, widow 28 Parram's alley 
Lowe John, organbuilder Sixth near the first turn- 
pike gate 
Lowe Jacob, carpenter Charlotte 
Low Benjamin W. hatter Fromberger's court 
Low Vincent, pilot 1 8 Catharine 
Lowber John G. attorney at law 1 17 Chesnut 
Lowber Wm. currier Bank near Chesnut 
Lowder Jeremiah, mariner 4 Caliowhill 
Lower A. cabinetmaker 91 N. 3d & W^atkins* alley 
Lower John, carpenter Merritt's lane 
Lower George, baker 144 south Front 
Lower Henry, taylor 128 New 
Lower Joseph, silversmith 1 8 Dock 
Lowry James, labourer 6 Hurst 
Lowery John, victualler Garden 
Lowery P. victualler 271 Caliowhill 
Lowry Mary, shopkeeper 247 south Front 
Lowns Caleb, carpenter 232 south Seventh 
Lowncs IXavtd, taylor 84 north Fourth 
Lownes joseph, silversmith 124 south Iront 


Lownsberiy Joseph, labourer 147 Cherry 

Lownsberry C. shipwright 33 Artillery lane 

Lmvth Samuel, sea captain 1 3 Queen 

Loxley Catharine, gentlewonian Loxley's court 

Loxley Mary, gentlewoman 1 17 Mulberry 

Loxley Richard, currier 115 Mulberry 

Lozier Jacob, baker 255 St. John's 

Lozier Nicholas, taylor 152 Sassafras 

Luber widow of John, 432 north Front 

Luberg Frederick, tavernkeeper 202 south Water 

Lucas , merchant 72 New 

Lucet Alexander, sea captain 224 south Fourth 

Ludie M, (New Rising Sun) Germantown road 

Ludlam George; plumber 128 south Fourth 

Ludlam 8c Voight, plumbers 47 south Wharves 

Ludwick J. victualler 260 north Eighth 

Ludwick Henry, painter, &c. 122 Brown 

Ludwick Sophia, gentlewoman 105 Vine 

Ludy Jacob, carpenter 56 Passyunk 

Lufburry Andrew, shipwright back 49 Christian 

Lugar Jacob, tanner 545 north Second 

Lugar Philip, shoemaker Poplar lane 

Lukens Jonathan, saddler, Sec. 102 High 

Lummis Dayton, m.d. 86 Sassafras 

Lunback Jacob, mariner 462 north Front 

Lusby Josiah, carpetwarehouse 53 north Second 

Lussy M. J. 166 south Fourth 

Luts Christian, brewer back 12 1 N. Fourth [see Letts 

Luts Martin, carter back 267 Sassafras 

Lybrand Andrew, skindresser 420 north Second 

Lybrand Christian, brickmaker 123 New 

Lybrand George, brickmaker 307 Mulberry 

Lybrand Jacob, carpenter 27 north Eighth 

Lybrand Michael, brickmaker 1 9 north Ninth 

Lykins Michael, shoemaker 59 Shippen 

Lykins N. taylor 84 north Sixth 

Lyell Margaret, boardinghouse 104 Spruce 

Lyle James, merchant 19 south Seventh 

Lyle William, grocer 246 south Second 

Lyle ^ Newman, merchants Turner's alley 

Leyle Madame, 129 Spruce 

Lynch Edward, insurance broker 1 1 north Fourth 


Lynch Francis, taylor 160 south Water 

Lynch William, merchant 226 Spruce 

Lynd James, shopkeeper 24 north Second 

Lyndall B. cabinetmaker 104 Lombard 

Lyndall David, chairmaker 99 north Front 

Lyndall Sarah, grocer 1 4 Shippen 

Lyndall Benjamin, nailer 27 north Tenth 

Lyndall James, carpenter 2lj Pine 

Lyndall Joseph, carpenter Lombard above Ninth 

Lynda! John, shipjoiner prime above Front 

Lynn Simeon, storekeeper 186 north Second 

Lynn Ann, widow 139 Vine 

Lynn Michael, smith Beach 

Lyon Cadet, merchant 233 north Second 

Lyons Elizabeth, nurse 98 Plum 

Lyon Joseph, merchant 6 north Eleventh 

Lyon Patrick, smith near 35 south Fifth ^ 

Lyons Samuel, tinsmith 71 High 

Lyons Andrew, rag^ dealer J uniper lane 

Lyons Catharine, raantuamaker 227 south Third 

Lyons Isaac, merchant 17 Cherry 

Lyons John, turner 182 Sassafras 

Lyons widow of E. 177 Coates' 

Lyons jViat. saddle 8c harnessmaker 68 south Fourth 

Lyons PiObert, carpenter 140 south Ninth 

M^ Adams Robert, stablekeeper 18 south Sixth 
M'Adams Thomas, teacher near 44 south Eighth 
M' AfFee John, carter corner Queen and Sixth 
M'AiFee Wm. tobacconist 14 Moravian alley 
M' Ailester Charles, merchant 5 1 south Wharves and 

142 Mulberry 
M'Allister Alexr. grocer corner Eighth Sc Sassafras 
M'Allister Christopher, na'ler Zane 
M'Allister James, shoemaker 264 south Sixth 
M'Allister John, whipmaker. Sec. 48 Chesnut 
M'Allister Thomas, grocer 66 Walnut 
M'Allister Patrick, labourer 95 Christian 
M'Almont George, mariner 106 north Eighth 
M'Alpin Andrew, taylor 123 Mulberry 


r^I'AIpin James, merchant taylor 3 south Fourth 
M'Analla Wm. gentleman i 32 south Tenth 
IM'Analiy Catharine, widow 230 soutli Third 
M'Anaiiy Thomas, distiller corner Cedar and 7ih 
M'Anisty Andiew, plaisterer 34 Marys' 
M'Arthur D. taylor 104 Cedar 
M-Arthur Jaines, grocer corner F'ront ^ Sassafras 
M'Arthur Wm. painter, Sec. Juniper lane 
IVI'Barren Michael, 306 norlh Front 
IM'Uride Daniel, grocer corner Christian Sc Front 
M'Bride James, mariner 424 south Front 
M^Brien Patrick, carter 152 Cedar 
M'Caffray Philip, carpenter Eleventh near Spruce 
M'Cafferty Thomas, carter 282 south Fourth 
M'Catherty Henry, porter back 126 north Fifth 
M'CafFerty James, porter Cedar above Tenth 
M'Cafferty Patrick, porter 39 German 
M*Cahey Wm. boardinghouse 3 Knight's court 
M'Cahey Lawrance, labourer 29 Cherry 
M'Cahen John, printer back 142 south Fourth 
M'Call Archibald, merchant 123 Walnut 8c 79 S. 4th 
M'Call Margaret, gentlewoman near 275 Chesnut 

and 91 Pine 
M'Calls Miss, 71 south Fourth 
M'Call Mrs. boardinghouse 210 south Front 
M'Call John, taylor i36 Swanson 
M'Calla Alexander, innkeeper 50 north Fourth 
M'Calla Andrew, shoemaker 263 south Fourth 
M' Calla Wm. boot & shoemaker Fouth near Brown 
M'Callaster James, grocer and botler 200 Pine 
M Cann Edward, currier 10 south Broad 
M'( -ann James, labourer 320 south Sixth 
M'Cara John, merchant 281 aouth Front 
M^Caraher Alexander, auctioneer 134 north Fourth 
M'Carter T. B. cabinetmaker near 39 Cherry 
M'Carter James porter 130 German 
M'Carter Wm. turner 82 north Sixth & 64 Seventh 
M'Cartney Daniel, labourer 239 south Sixth 
M'Cartney Danl. accomptant 219 south Sixth 
?fl'Cariy P. C. stonecutter Walnut near Twelfth 
M'Carty Hobeit, labourer 573 south Front 


M'GauIey John, coppersmith 1 19 south Front 
H'Gauley Jas. stablekeeper 46 Clierry [see M-Calla. 
M^Cay James, grocer 173 Mulberry 
M'Chesney Samuel, mariner 54 Artillery lane 
MT.lane John, cabinetmaker 3 Gaskill 
IVI'Clean Thojuys, bottler corner Fifth and Prune 
M'Clane William, Fourth below Christian 
M'CIcan William, sawyer 406 north Third 
M'Claskey Edward, bricklayer 54 Queen 
M'CIaskey ohn, news carrier Drinker's court 
M*Claskey John, teacher corner St. John's 8c Brown 
M^Claskey P. grocer corner Broad and Mulberry 
M'Claskey Patrick, carter near 504 south Second 
M^CIaskey Richard, distiller 229 Cedar 
M'Claskey Patrick, labourer 192 Cherry 
M'Claskey John, watchman Cedar above Seventh 
M'Claskey Patrick, taylor 85 south Water 
M'Claud Samuel, grocer corner Thirteenth and High 
M^Cean William, labourer 406 north Third 
M'Clay John, plaisterer Pine near Eleventh 
M'Cleland A. grocer 127 Plum 
M'Clemon S. mahogany sawyer corner Queen h 2d 
M'Clennachan Blair, merchant 19 Prune 
M'Clennachan Robert, merchant 77 Cherry 
M'Clern Duncan, carpenter 88 north Sixth 
M'Clintock Joseph A., carpenter 142 Cherry 
M'Cloud Mrs. nurse 7 1 Sassafras 
M'Cliess James, shoemaker 20 Elizabeth 
M'Cluney Martha, shopkeeper 27 south Second 
M'Ciure Jennet, widow 164 Spruce 
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter 134 S. 9th [see Maclure. 
M'Clurg Samuel, oakcooper 43 Callowhill 
M'ColIin John, taylor 70 north Third 
M'Collom Mrs. of John, 187 north Front 
M'Collin William, taylor 148 south Third 
M'Coilister John, grocer 240 south Fourth 
M'Comb 8c Flamilton, grocers corner Fligh and 13th 
M'Connel Matthew, broker 82 Chesnut 
M'Connel William, sea captain 55 Shippen 
M^Connemey Michael, taylor 1 3 Gaskill 
M'Connemey John, taylor 280 south Fourth 
M'Gonviile A. Sc Co. bakers 26 George 


M'Corcle William, printer 252 Spruce 
M'Corkle James, porter near 40 Passyunk 
M'Corkle isT EllioU, publishers of the Freeman's 

Journal, &Cv office 120 south Second 
M'Cormick H. labourer Elmsiie's alley & 130 S. 4th 
M'Cormick widow of John, 214 south Sixth 
iM'Cormick John, carpenter 52 Passyunk 
M'Cormick Philip, bootmaker 4 ^ Chesnut 
M'Cowen Archibald, carter Juniper alley 
M'Cowen Robert, grocer 15^^ south Sixth 
M'Cowen Thomas, grocer 50 south Water 
M'Coy Alexander, labourer 497 south Front 
M'Coy Isaac, shoemaker 260 south Third 
M*Coy Kenneth, carpenter 150 Cherry [see M^Kay. 
M'Coy David, tinsmith 39 Crown 
M'Coy iohn, janitor of the university South Yard 

south Ninth 
M'Cracken Philip, mastmaker 65 Queen 
^'Crady Dennis, grocer corner Fenn and Cedar 
M'Crea Ann, widow 39 Union 
M'Crea Daniel, porter 64 Brown 
M'Crea James, 68 south Front 
M'Crea Thomas, cooper Thirteenth near Sassafras 
M'Crea widov/ of Wm. teacher Chesnut above 7th 
M'Crelish Archibald, soapboiler 267 N. Third 
M'Creiish .'ohn, soapboiler 337 north Third 
Mac (^ue Council, grocer i84 north Water 
M' lully John, shipcarpenter 465 south Front 
M^Culley Wm. boot &: shoe warehouse 44. S. Front 
M'CuUoch John, printer, &c. 1 north Third 
M'Cullaugh Robert, grocer 168 south Sixth 
M^Culloch Wm. accomptant 169 Pine 
M'CuUoch William, printer 308 High 
M'Cullah Mrs. Ann, 207 Spruce 
M'CuUough E. labourer Poplar lane 
M'CuUough Henry, carpenter 306 south Second 
M'Culm William, labourer 220 Cedar 
M'Currach Jas. stock & exchange broker 65 Walnut 
M'Currach Sc prr, brokers and commission mer- 
chants 65 Walnut 
M*Curdy 8c Warren, storekeepers 12 north Secoiid 


IVPCurdy Ilngh, shoemaker 20 Hie:h [see Macurdy. 
M'Curdy James, grocer 227 south Second 
M'Curdy John, boot and shoemaker 36 Chesniit 
M'Cuchen Ebenczer, merchant 17 north Third 
M'Cutchen John A. merchant 58 north Front and 

1 1 1 Sassafras 
M'Cutchon Samuel, sea captain 45 Swanson 
M'Cutchen John D. accomptant 104 Cherry 
M'Cutchen William H. merchant 45 north Third 
M'Cutchen Patrick, baker 9 Stall's court 
M' Daniel John, shoemaker 38 St John's 
M'Dermot E. grocer corner Lombard and Fifth 
M'Dermot Edward, broker 10 Chesnut 
M' Dermot Samuel, carpenter back 112 Walnut 
M'Dermott John, bottler corner Walnut and Front 
M'Devitt James, shoemaker 39 Cedar 
M'Devitt John, stablekeeper Laurel 
M*Devitt Daniel, labourer 240 Lombard 
M'Devitt Patrick, labourer north Juniper 
M'Donagh Elizabeth, shopkeeper 13 Fitzwalter 
M'Donaid Alexander, carpenter 150 south Eighth 
McDonald James, blacksmith back 134 south Fourth 
M'Donuld John, stablekeeper back 151 Spruce 
M'Donnald Rebecca, widow 282 south Front 
M'Donnald M. shoemaker Loxley's court 
M'Donaid James, late tavernkeeper near 71 S. lUh 
M' Donnald M. merchant 85 Pine 
M'Dougall Eliza, shopkeeper 15 south Fourth 
M'Dougall John, sea captain 57 Almond 
M'Dougall William, gentleman 94 south Eighth 
M'Dowell John, l. l. d. provost of the university of 

Pennsylvania Ninth st. south apartments 
M'Dowell John, turner 44 Sassafras 
M'Dowell George, boardinghouse 22 south Water 
M'Dowell widow of James, porter 258 south Fourth 
M'Eachran James, saddler Locust above Ninth 
M'Entee Bernard, tobacconist 184 Cedar 
M'Elroy Hannah, shopkeeper ! 82 south Fourth 
M'Elwee Mrs. storekeeper 44 south Second 
M'Euen^ Hale Sc Davidson, brokers 87 Chesnut 
M'Euen Thomas broker 251 Mulberry 
M'Euen Henry, 77 Plum 


ISI'Eiien Joseph, slfce maker Walnut near Eleventh 

M'Euen Patrick, stonecutter 106 Cherry 

M'Faden Arch, typefounder Cedar above Ninth 

M'Faden William, gentlf^man 148 Chesnut 

M'Eaden Sarah, tayloress52 New 

M^Faden Alexander, smith 152 noith. Water 

M'Fall Daniel, bricklayer Juniper alley 

M^Fall Rosina, midwife 101 south Fifth 

M'Fann Thomas bootmaker 137 Cedar 

M'Farlan George, blacksmith 125 south Sixth 

M'Farlan John R. sea captain 74 Catharine 

M'F^rlan John C. sea captain 64 Almond 

M'Farland John, grocer 131 Mulberry 

M*Farlane widow of Andrew, mate 328 south Second 

M'Farlane James, porter 206 Shippen 

M*Farlane Margaret, grocer 101 Spruce 

M^Farlane Sarah, late storekeeper 154 St. John's 

M<Farlan Samxiel, grocer 123 Swanson 

M'Farlan W. mate 8 German 

M^Farran Thomas, shoemakernear 58 Queen 

M*Farren M. 8c L. 424 north Second 

M'Fee Mrs. tayloress 326 south Second 

M«Feely John, type founder Cedar above Ninth 

M'Gandy Henry, labourer 226 south Fifth 

M'Garvey John, vendue cryer 23 Shippen 

M'Gauley Peter, nailer 577 south Front 

M'Geagh Thomas, weaver Pine near Twelfth 

M^Gee George, tobacconist 24 Brown 

M'Gee H. cooper corner Brewer's alley 8c St, John's 

M'Gee James, labourer Elmslie's alley 

M^Gee James, labourer corner Filbert and Tenth 

M'Gee Samuel, carpenter 1 5 Fayette 

M'Gee Samuel, carpenter 30 North alley 

M'Gee William, oakcooper Stillhouse alley 

M'Gerry John, carter 292 south Fourth 

M*Gill Henry, labourer corner Ninth and Walnut k 

Cedar above Tenth 
M'Gill James, tayior 1 20 south Fourth 
M'Gill Margaret, grocer 72 south Front 
M<Gill Stephen, blacksmith 3 Hi nkle's court 
M*Gilligan Hugh, carpenter 124 Plum 
M*Ginnis Arthur, labourer Cedar above Seventh 


M'Ginniss John, laylor 50 Cedar * 
M*Ginnes Arthur, grocer corner Fourth and Plum 
M'Ginness Danl. diaper weaver Spruce near Tenth 
M'Ginness Neal, soapboiler, &c. 1 10 Plum 
iM'Glathery George, carpenter 29 Plum 
M'Glathery M. hatter 12 Strawberry 
M'Gill Stephen, smith 418 north Third 
M<Glinsey J. storekeeper 259 south Second 
M<Glue Luke, coachtrimmer Columbia avenue 
iM'Gonnegal Alexander, reedmaker 208 High 
M<Gowen James, soapboiler 266 south Third 
iM'Gowen widow of John, Cedar above Tenth 
M'Gowen William, umbrellamaker 225 north Second 
M*Go\ven Edward, grainmeasurer 11 1 Plum 
M'Grath Robert, tavernk^eper 1 5 Cherry 
M'Grath James, botler 21G north Front 
Mac Gregor.John, 135 Pine 
McGregor Mao me, widow 13 Burd*s alley 
M'Gueigen F. typefounder Cedar above Ninth 
M'Guire George, teacher Callowhill street Wharf 
M'GuireThos. labourer 340 Sassafras [see Meguire. 
M^Henry Thomas, carpenter 124 south Sixth 
M'llhenney Wm. jun. attorney at law 17 south Fifth 
M'llhenny Moses, carter 9 Passyunk 
M'llhenney William, sen. taylor 52 Mulberry 
M'llhenny Jas. distiller 55 S. 11 th & near 54 Tenth 
M'llwaine F. merchant 79 Lombard 
M'llwaine George, labourer near 227 south Third 
M'llwaine Catharine, widow next 30 Callowhill 
M'llwaine John, jun. printer 151 Ceder 
M'llwham Thomas, brassfounder near 30 south Fifth 
M<Intee Bernard, tobacconist Juniper alley 
M*Intire & Murray, shoemakers 79 south Front 
M'lntire Daniel, grocer Spruce above Eighth 
M*Intire Margaret, mantuamaker Hunter's couit 
M'lntire Samuel, cabinetmaker 108 Filbert 
M'Intosh Alexander, labourer back 15 north Sixth 
M<Keage James, painter 138 south Ninth 
M*Karaher Danid, innkeeper 235 south Second 
M<K araher Rosina, 9 2 Gaskill 
M'Kay Thomas, bricklayer 5 Farmer's alley 
M*Kay John, chairmaker 198 north Seeor*d 
M»Kay Daniel, taylor 28 Gaskill 


M'Kean James, aGcomptant 1 Stall's court 
M'Kean John, storekeeper 217 south Second 
M'Kean widow of Lowry, carter Mark's lane 
M'Kean Joseph, counsellor at law 95 north Second 
M'Kean & Pratt, merchants 95 north Water 
K<Kean Thomas, late governor of the Commonwealth 

south Third between Union and Pine 
M'Kean Thomas, jun. merchant near 48 south Eighth 
M*Kee Thomas, storekeeper 178 south Second 
M^Kee Hugh, carpenter Hunter's court 
IV.*Kee Andrew, saddler 101 south Second 
M'Kell Patrick, steward at the Alms-house 
M'Keighan Daniel, storekeeper corner Locust Sc 9th 
M*Kenzie Charles, 42 Strawberry 
M'Kenzie Mary, widow 36 Union [see M^JQnzie, 
M*Kenzie John, shipjoiner 3 north Front 
M'Kenzie Sarah, shopkeeper 3 north Front 
M'Knever, John, sea captain 45 Almond ^|gSfe 

M'Keever John, sea captain 21 Callowhill WBP" 

M'Keever William, taylor 321 Mulbeny 
M'Knever James, grocer 343 south Front 
M'Kibbon William, sea captain 71 Lombard 
M'Kinley John, grocer 126 Sassafras 
M*Kinley Alexander, bricklayer 131 Vine 
M'Kinley Mrs. boardinghouse 4 Watkins' alley 
M'Kinley Mrs. storekeeper 7 north Third 
M'Kinley James, plaisterer 209 south Eighth 
M'Kinley William, carpenter Elmslie's alley 
M'Kinley William, carter 332 south Sixth 
M'Kinley Hugh, cordwainer 1 62 Pine 
M'-Kinney Wm. Cooper's court 
M'Kinney A. m. d. 141 south Sixth 
M'Kinney John, labourer 187 Vine 
M'Kinzie John, grocer 60 George 
M'Knight George, grocer corner Fourth k Cedar 
M'Knight James, taylor Baker's alley 
M'Knight Robert, labourer Locust above Twelfth 
M'Koy John, shoemaker 31 George 
M'Koy Robert, beliowsmaker and brand cutter 29 i 

north Second 
M'Lane Saml. breechesmaker & glover 8 south Third 
M'Lauchlan Edward, sailmaker 201 north Front 


M'Laughlin George, printer 155 Cedar 
M'Laughlin 8c Strickland, grocers corner Seventh Sic 

M'Laughlin John, biscuitbaker 129 Green 
M*Laughlan J. boot 8c shoemaker cor. Cedar ScVemon 
M'Laughlan Samuel, taylor 196 north Third 
McLaughlin Wm. F. (George Inn) corner Second 8c 

McLaughlin Patrick, tavernkeeper 54 Cedar 
M'Laughlin Patrick, labourer 8 Pear 
M'Laughlin Patrick, labourer Spruce above Tenth 
M'Laughliii Peter, labourer 216 south Sixth 
M'Laughlin widow of >ames, Lombard near Tenth 
M'Laren A. fanmaker 14 Spruce 
M'Leaf*n Samuel, carpenter 4 1 Passyunk 
M'Lelland Wm. taylor 7 1 north Eighth 
M'Leod John, rope maker and shipchandler near 37 

Swan son 
M'Leod Malcolm, carpenter back 154 Sassafras 
M'Leveen Myles, sea captain 35 Vine 
M'Linchey James, grocer 300 south Second 
M*Linehey James, porter 204 Lombard 
M'Mahon Bernard, flowerist, garden and grass seed 

merchant 39 south Second 
M'Mahon Henry, grocer 1 18 south Fifth 
M'Mahon Wm. carpenter 135 north Sixth 
M'Mannis M. taylor 86 Swanson 
M'Mannus C. taylor 26 south Water 
M'Mannus Owen, labourer 304 Sassafras 
M'Manes Robert, labourer 62 Coates* 
M'Master John, constable 81 Pine 
M'Micken John, labourer 22 north Ninth 
M'Monagal John, grocer 146 Lombard 
M'Mullen Alexander, carter 152 south Sixth 
M^Mullen Daniel, labourer Eleventh near Locust 
M'Mallen James, taylor 103 Cedar 
M'Mullen John, goldsmith Sc jeweller 120 S. Front 
M'Mullen J. R. blacksmith 21 Prime 
M'Mullen widow of Michael, painter, &c. 227 S. 3d 
M'Mullen Robert, shipjoiner and county treasurer, 

office near 161 and dwelling 162 Swanson 
M'Mullen Sarah, storekeeper 309 south Second 
M*Mullen Wm. carpenter oS north Fourth 


M<M alien Wm. shipjoiner 309 south Second 
M' Mullen Mrs. gentlewoman 19 Vernon 
M<Mutrie Mrs. 204 Spruce 
M'Nally Daniel, carpenter 92 Spruce 
M'Namee John, shoemaker 166 Pine 
M*Namee Wm. shopkeeper 224 Catharine 
M'Neil Wakeford, porter Spafford 
M'Neil John, labourer north Juniper 
M<Nellis Wm. labourer 19 Pewterplatter alley 
M* Nelly B. ladies shoemaker 35 Beck's alley 
M'Near & Ferguson, grocers 139 Pine 
M*Neir and Cribs, grocers 126 north Fourth 
M^Neran Malcolm, sea captain 336 south Front 
M'Nester Andrew, plaisterer 34 Mary 
M'Nochtane Cornelia, widow 35 Keys' alley 
M'Phail widow of John, grocer 84 south Eighth 
M'Phail Wm. carpenter 227 south Third 
M'Pherson Thomas, mariner 18 Little Water 
M'Pherson. Hugh, sea captain 301 south Front 
Mcpherson widow, confectioner 109 Walnut 
M^Pherson Wm. naval ofhcer, customhouse, carpen- 
ter's buildings 
' M'Quaid FeHx, soapboiler 188 Sassafras 
M'Queen A. mariner 39 Cable lane 
M*Quilling Abraham, victualler 51 Fitzwalter 
M^Handles widow of Benj. grocer 331 south Seeond 
M<Shane Francis, attorney at law 17 south Fifth 
M'Wee Thomas, mariner 41 6 south Second 
Maas David, shoemaker 8 1 Pine 
Maas Jacob, professor of music Portland lane 
Macferran Samuel, justice of the peace 456 N. Third 
Mack Jacob, ropemaker Cedar above Eleventh 
Mack Conrad, baker 322 south Second 
Mack Catharine, 160 Lombard 
Mackason Wm. & John, shipwrights 25 Sassafras 
Macklen Samuel, accomptant 149 Sassafras 
Mackey Richard, shoemaker 225 Cedar 
Mackey Wm, boardinghouse 6 Vernon 
Mackey John, teacher 74 Walnut 
Mackie Peter, soap and candle manufactory 319 N# 

Mackie Thomas, merchant 164 south Front 



Mackie Samuel, boot and shoemaker 167 S. Third 

Maclure & Robertsons, merchants Walnut-st. wharf 

Mac Cue Connel, grocer 184 north Water 

Macurdy Hugh, storekeeper 223 south Second 

Madaria George, carter William 

Madden Stacy, shoemaker Hoffman's alley 

Maddock Mrs. mantuamaker 5 Prune 

Maddock Ezekiel E. merchant 153 south Front and 

209 Spruce 
Madurien A. perfumer 244 south Front 
Maffet David, sea captain 69 New 
Maffet James, sea captain 248 south Fron^ 
Magee Patrick, grocer 10 Pine 
Magaw Thomas, labourer Pine near Eleventh 
Mager Philip Sc Nicholas, next 43 Artillery lane 
Mager Wm. shipwright 151 Green 
Maggs Jacob, shoemaker 53 Coates' 
Magoffin John, merchant 38 north Eighth 
Magrath IVlichael, tall©wchandler 25 Brewer's alley 
Magragh George, carver 1 1 Quarry 
Maher John, of U. S, army Federal 
Maher John, grocer corner Cedar and Swan son 
Mahany Cynthias grocer corner Lombard & Fourth 
Mahany James, storekeeper corner Front & Walnut 
Mahaney James, ostler 150 south Fourth 
Maillard Louis^ merchant 102 south Wharves and 59 

south Eleventh 
Maingault Benjamin, shipwright WelPs court 
Maitland ?ohn Sc Thomasj grocers corner Cedar and 

Fifth and 35 Passyunk 
Major Wm, tayior 69 south Front 
Male Archibald, stagedriver 1 1 7 Green 
Mjelambre Jacob, boot and shoemaker 5 1 S. Front 
Malcolm Jane, widow 199 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Malcolm J. G. merchant 199 Walnut (Sansom'srow) 
Malin John, carpenter back 1 1 1 north Fifth 
Malin James, teacher 6 Lee*s court 
Mayley Wm. carter corner Thirteenth Sc Walnut 
May ley widow of Wm. sea captain Vine-st, wharf 
Mayley Wm. grocer 203 Shippen 
INlalone John, oakcooper corner St. John's and Tarn- 


Malone J^hn S. constable 359 Mulberry 

l^alone Wm. cabinetmaker Juniper above Cherry 

Maloney John, combmaker comer Filbert and Tenth 

Mallen Patrick, typefeiinder Cedar above Ninth 

Mallon Mrs. young ladies seminary 339 High 

Maltby Sarah, \vidow 264 south Front 

Manie Peter, miniature painter 17 north Sixth 

Mafiie C. victualler Charlotte 

Manderson Andrew, storekeeper 445 north Second 

Manderson James, baker Goforth alley 

Mandeville David, accomptant 81 north Sixth 

Mandry Wm. 3 Watkins' alley 

Manell C. baker 200 south Second 

Manigault Mrs. gentlewoman 453 High 

Maniuvre Lewis, slablekeeper 8 1 Union 

Mann Daniel, merchant 57 Sassafras 

Mann John, shoemaker 94 Vine 

Mann Wm. grocer corner Fourth and Vine 

Mann Wm. tavernkeeper 11 Walnut 

Mann Charles, mate 59 north Fourth 

Mann Jacob, porter 2 1 9 north Eighth 

Manning Matthew, mariner 381 north Front 

Manning Wm. tinplate worker 226 south Second 

Manning Thomas S. printer 148 south Fourth 

Manly Henry, gentleman 1 3 Branch 

Mansel John, umbrellamaker 22 south Third 

Mansfield Sarah, widow 3 Shriver's court 

Mantle Conrad, baker 32 Strawberry 

Manville Madame, 10 Moravian alley 

Manyer John, surgeon barber 80 Brown 

Marache Solomon, broker 30 south Fifth 

Marcer Joseph, tayloy 30 Branch 

Marcker Andrew, baker 65 north Eighth 

March mint Jesse, shoemaker 32 1 south Second 

Marcker Jacob, late grocer 34 Green 

Marcker Philip, blacksmith 464 south Front 

Markoe Francis, merchant 73 south "^ater and 226 

Markoe John, gentleman 415 High 
Mariner Andrew, mariner 32 Artillery lane 
Mariner Fen wick, pilot 467 south Front 
Marinot — — , 1 1 8 Spruce 


Maris & Evens, merchants 31 south Wharves 

Maris Wm. merchant 126 Spruce 

Markland John, merchant 204 and 208 Sassafras 

Marckley Mrs. widow 48 Budd 

Markley John, carpenter 50 Artillery lane 

Markley Solomon, hatter 26 Cresson*s alley 

Markley Isaac, carter Poplar lane 

Markley Jacob, lumber merchant 31 1 north Third 

Markley Thomas, mariner 458 south Second 

Markwood B. wheelwright Zane 

Marks Ann, widow 141 north Fourth 

Marks Daniel, rigger Fourth above Coates' 

Marks Isaac, merchant 1 1 5 north Fifth 

Marks James, sea captain 256 south Front 

Marks Nicholas, grocer 162 Spruce 

Marks Hannah, nurse 54 Callowhili 

Marks widow of John, St. John*s (Batlitown) 

Marley Richard I. shoemaker 1 5 north Sixth 

Marley Wm. cordwainer 311 High 

Marley Wm- labourer near 221 Callowhili 

Marlin Lewis, upholsterer 192 Lombard 

Marbel Joseph, grocer 93 Passyunk 

Marr George, merchant 338 High 

Marr Miss, 50 south Sixth 

Marr John, saddler near 81 north Fifth 

Marette Lewis, 33 Coates' alley 

Marrs Robert, silverplater 14 Greenleaf alley 

Marsh John, mariner 291 south Fourth 

Marsh Joseph, jun. lumber merchant 20 Christian 

Marsh Joseph, sen. shipchandler 2 1 1 Swanson, and 

23 Christian 
Marshall A. shoemaker corner Callowhili Sc Fourth 
Marshall Amor, wafermaker 59 Walnut 
Marshall Abraham, carpenter 7 Fayette 
Marshall Benjamin, merchant 140 Sassafras 
Marshall I. R. 24 Strawberry 
Marshall Charles, jun. druggist 226 High and 24 

Marshall Charles, sen. chemist 56 Chesnut 
Marshall Charles, tea warehouse 74 north Third 
Marshall E. labourer 164 north Eighth 


Marshall Hannah, boardinghouse 142 north Front 
Marshall John, shipwright Say's alley 
Marshall John, bricklayer I Mary's alley 
Marshall Susannah, shopkeeper 65 north Seventh 
Marshall Thomas, painter and glazier 42 Chesnut 
Marshall Wm. grocer 285 south Front 
Marsdon David, gunsmith 1 1 1 Brown 
Mart Mary, 188 south Fourth 
Martel Stephen, gentleman 154 Pine 
Martin Benj. grazier 41 Mary (S.) 
Martin Bahan, combmaker 44 north Second 
Martin Charles, board in ghousc 4 Swanson 
Martin Charles, accomptant 14 Coombs* alley 
Martin Elias, 454 north Second 
Martin Ezra, bricklayer corner Elizabeth & Seventh- 
Martin Francis, grocer 68 north Second 
Martin Henry, mate 32 Almond 
Martin Jacob, accomptant 452 south Front 
Martin J. blacksmith Locust near Eighth 
Martin Joseph D. druggist 127 Chesnut 
Martin James, bookbinder 88 north Fifth 
Martin James, jun. grazier 443 south Second 
Martin James, gentleman 66 George (S.) 
Martin John, accomptant Noble above Second 
Martin John, mariner 1 9 Parram's alley 
Martin John, mariner next 318 south Front 
Martin John, flour merchant 75 north Seventh 
Martin John, oakcooper 142 Cedar 
Martin Isaac, cabinetmaker 110 south Tenth 
Martin Joseph, gentleman 275 north Second 
Martin Jane, mantuamaker Hunter's court 
Martin Margaret, 280 south Front 
Martien Mrs. tutress 16 Church alley 
Martien Mrs. tayloress 168 north Fifth 
Martin & Par ham, cabinetmakers 99 north Front 
Martin Philip, sea captain 36 Queen 
Martin Picquet, merchant 173 High 
Martin Robert C. saddler and harnessmaker 1 62 Higk 
Martin Mrs. tutress 136 south Seventh 
Martin Mrs. of Thomas, 203 Cherry 
Martin Samuel, sailmaker 201 south Fourth 
Martin Thomas, smith 15 Sterling alley 


Martin Thomas, grazier near 443 south Second 
Martin Wm. saddler 40 Strawberry 
Martin Wm. merchant 29 south Second 
Martz Philip, surgeon 69 Green 
Masden Benjamin, merchant 1 9 south Water ^ 
Masden & Bunker, merchants 1 9 south Water 
Mason P. widow 13 Vine 

Mason Mrs. of H. boardinghouse 23 North alley- 
Mason Elias, taylor 385 south Front 
Mason N. Isaac, bookbinder 33 Pewterplatter alley 
Mason Jacob, chairmaker 49 Pine 
Mason Isaac, merchant 5 6 New 
Mason Joseph, saddletree maker 231 south Second 
Mason 8c Lackey, block makers 1 5 south W^harves 
Mason Mary, storekeeper 231 south Second 
Mason Philip, enginemaker 1 3 1 south Sixth 
Mason Robert, accomptant 73 Union 
Mason Samuel, collector of tolls Schuylkill Bridge 
Mason Tanton, baker 218 Swanson 
Mason Thomas, Windsor chairmaker 120 CallowhiU 
Mason William, oak cooper Turner's alley 
Mason William, blockmaker 6- north Third 
Massey Charles, sen. gentleman l46fPine 
Massey Charles, jun. merchant 168 Sassafras 
Massey Jamas W. planemaker 76 CroNvn 
Massey John, merchant 9 Penn 
Massey Thomas, merchant 63 Pine 
Massey Thomas, carpenter 114 CallowhiU 
Master Joseph, guager 15 Combs' alley 
Masters James, carpenter George near Eleventh 
Master William, ladies shoemaker 65 south Third 
Masters Thomas, merchant 37 Sansom 
Mather James, grocer George near Eleventh 
Mather Samuel, hatter 186 Lombard 
Matthias Charles, carter Oak (N. Lv) 
Mathieue Armant, 184 south Sixth 
Mathieu Joseph, m. d. 16 Branch 
Mathison Niel, grocer 12 Pine 
Matlack Abraham, mate 203 north Front 
Matlack Benjamin, sea captain 302 south Third 
Matlack Samuel, taylor 202 north Front 
Matson Mary, upholsterer 30 Union 


Mattern Andrew, potter 247 north Second 

Matthews Tames, whipmaker 72 Chesnut 

Matthews James, hair dresser 25 Chesnut 

Matthews James, vendue cryer 128 Plum 

Matthews John, paper store 64 north Third 

IMatthews Lucy, shopkeeper 47 north Second 

Matthews Thomas, teacher Fromberger's court 

Matts John, labourer 434 north Front 

Maul Alexander, labourer 266 north Second 

MauU & Plill, boat builders 161 Swanson 

Maull John, sailmaker 18 Carter's alley 

MaullNehemiah, boat builder 24 8 8s 155 Swanson 

MauU Benjamin, combmaker 389 north Front 

Maull R. ^ J. sailmakers 10 south Wharves 

MauU Robert, sailmaker 8 Elfreith's alley 

MauU Israel, carpenter 35 Cherry 

Mavery John, lal3ourer 1 S 1 Cedar 

Maver John, taylor 99 north Ninth 

Mawhorter Thomas, cabinet maker 143 Cherry 

Maxfield Joseph, inspector of lumber 305 N. Second 

Maxseiner Adam, taylor 218 north Third 

Maxwell A. clock and watchmaker 163 south Front 

Maxwell James, shipwright Beach 

Maxwell Hugh, late printer 3 Laeiitia court 

Maxwell James, printer 93 CallowhiU 

Maxwell John, weaver 1 1 6 Christian 

Maxwell John, tinsmith 72 Coates' 

Maxwell WiUiam, weaver 68 Catharine 

Maxwell Robert, storekeeper 51 north Second 

May Adam, grocer 30 north Ninth 

May Lewis, newscarrier 9 Sassafras alley 

May widow of George, 24 Parram's alley 

May Henry, hatter 83 north Tenth 

Mays John, Fourth above Brown 

Mayburry Jeremiah W. grocer 268 north Front 

Mayburry & Potts, iron merchants corner Arch ^3d 

Maybin John, merchant 5 Chesnut 

Mayer George, porter Fourth above Noble 

Mayer Godlip, baker 46 Vine 

Mayer Hannah, widow 495 north Third 

Mayer Jacob, accoraptant 62 north Fifth 

Mayer N.dyer, coverlet weaver, Sec. 139 south TentU 


Mayer Rev. Philip F. 109 Sassafras 

Mayers Andrew, limner 94 Budd 

Mayer Frederick, labourer Blackhorse alley 

Mayland Jacob, tobacconist 99 Sassafras 

May land Samuel, tobacconist Pcmberton's alley 

Maylegh Simon, mariner Charlotte 

Maysenhaelder Charles, jeweller 77 north Front 

Mayweg John, whitesmith corner Third and Green 

Maze George, mast maker 33 Mary 

Mazurie Jas. I, merchant 28 S. Front Sc 59 N. Fourth 

Meade Edward, sea captain 375 south Front 

Meade Wm. printer 112 north Sixth 

Meade James, Imir dresser near 308 south Front 8c 
291 south Third 

Mead Mary, widow 132 Coates' 

Means Arthur, milkman back 16 south Sixth 

Means John, carpenter looking-glass and picture- 
frame maker 172 Pine 

Means John, copperplate printer back 152 Sassaffas 

Means John, hatter Baker's alley 

Means James, shipwright Oak (N.L.) 

Meany John, merchant corner Columbia- Avenue 
and Walnut 

Mears Sc Smedley, hardware store 9 1 High 

Mears Benjamin, hard-ware merchant, 9 1 High 

Meare John, merchant 4 Norris* alley 

Mease James, m, d. 192 Ghesnut 

Mease Mrs. widow 33 Elizabeth 

Mecaskey Andrew, storekeeper 232 south Second 

Mecke John, cabinet maker 64 north Second 

Mecom Abia, storekeeper 46 south Third 

Meeker C. shoemaker St, Tammany 

Meeker Samuel, shoe warehouse 88 High corner 3d 

Meeker Samuel & Co. shoewrarehouse 88 High 

Meeker Samuel, merchant 2 1 5 High 

Meer, John, sen. artist 4 south Seventh 

Mein Andrew, teacher 6 Laurel 

Mein Thomas, carpenter 6 Budd 

Mein Thomas, stonecutter 334 High 

Maguire Michael, grocer 205 Cedar 

Meguire Philip, smith Farmer's alley [5^5 M^Guire. 

Megvure Wm. caMnetmaker 177 south Second 


Megiiire Philip, labourer corner of Front and Queen 

Meguire Joseph, labourer 148 north Fifth 

Meguire John,accomptant Farmer's alley 

Meibeck John, commission merchant 39 North alley 

Melcher H. carpenter 176 Pine 

Meldrum Robert, smith and innkeeper 2 1 9 N. Secon 

Melew John mariner 41 1 south Front 

Mencer Bernard, carpenter Locust near Tenth 

Mendenhall Isaac, grocer 26 Pear 

Mensing Frederick, shoemaker 168 Chesnut 

Mentel , baker 198 south Second 

Mentz Eliza, widow 68 Sassafras 
Mentz George W. bookbinder 71 Sassafras 
Menzies J. clock & watchmaker 140 south Front 
Mercer widow of George, shoemaker 169 south 

Mercer R. grocer corner of Front and Draw- 
bridge , 
Mercer Robert, sea captain 1 Mary ISee Marcer 
Mercier Bernard, 177 south Third 
Mercer Miss, ladies' seminary 60 north Fifth 
Mercier Charles, professor of music 36 Farmer*s 

Mercier Charles, confectioner 112 High 
Mercier Sc Baird, grocers 12 south Wharves 
Mercier John, grocer 2 south Wharves 
Meredith Benjamin, brewer 90 Crown 
Meredith James, stonecutter Cherry near Uth - 
Meredith Jonathan & David, 77 north Fourth 
Meredith William, attorney at law 88 south Fourth 
Merkel Jacob, chairmaker 377 north Third 
Merrefield Joseph, merchant 16 south Second 
Merrick Jane, widow near 6 Mary 
Merrick Joshua, carpenter 10 Mary 
Merrick Samuel merchant 48 north Sixth, compt- 

inghouse over 13 south Fronth 
Merrill Wm. J. grocer 122 south Tenth 
Merrill Otis B, printer 124 south Tenth 
Merrit D. spinning-M heel maker 18 Coombs' alfcy 
Merrit Joseph, carter Webb's alley 
Mervyn F. shoemaker 74 Christian 
Mervine George, grocer 79 PIuHi 
Mcrvine John, taylor 14 B&nk 


Merry John, cavpenler 2 14 south Seventli 
McsschertM. H. merchant 94 south Fifth 
Messi John, next 246 south Seventh 
Messier Miss, ladies' academy 60 north Tifih 
Metz WilUam, carter corner 4th and Merritt's lane 
Metzer Abrahanm, labourer, 443 north Third 
Metzer George, pumpraaker Fourth above Brown 
Metzger John M. tayior 245 north Second 
Meyers Henry, innkeeper i08 north Fifth 
Meyer Jacob, bookbinder 179 N. Second \^See Myer, 
Meyers Jacob, grocer 454 Sassafras 
Michael Joseph, sea captain 105 Swanson 
Middletcn Joseph, shallopman 22 Union alley 
Middleton G. lumber merchant 170 north Fourth 
Middieton John, hatter 43 Vine 
Middleton Samuel, bricklayer 172 north Four h 
Middleton William, tayior corner Green and Third 
Middleton k Woolley, lumber yard 133 Callowhill 
Miercken widow of Henry, gentleman 41 Shippen 
Miercken Peter ScCo. sugar-refiners 37 Shippen 
jVIiersch Frederick, hog victualler Charles 
Miffiin Benjamin, accoraptant 22 north Eighth 
MifRin John F. counsellor at law 5 and 9 Union 
^Mifflin Samuel F. merchant Chesnut second door 

above Seventh 
Mifflio Thos. merchant 9 S. Water Sc 128 Spruce 
Mifflin's wharf opens 13o Sc 139 north Water 
Miles Edward, jun. storekeeper 36 south Second 
Miles Edward, miniature painter 36 south Second 
Miles Lewis, acccmptant 360 south Second 
Miles Rebecca, widow 29 north Eighth 
Miles Richard, boot and shoemaker 89 north Front 
Miles Robert, carpenter 1 1 4 south Tenth 
Miles S. mate 25 5 south Second 
Miles Thomas, grocer 102 south Tenth 
Miley Frederick, sen. & jun. carters Juniper above 

Miley Frederick, labourer 526 north Third 
Miley Jacob & John, victuallers 136 Brown 
Miley Jacob, innkeeper 434 north Third 
Miley Matthias, bricklayer 132 Callowhill 
Millard Benjamin, tavernkeeper 164 High 


Millard Thomas, wheel and chairmaker 408 N. Front 
Millard William, carpenter 380 south Second 
Millard William, blacksmith 23 Prime 
Miilbien John, baker SO Queen 
Miller Andrew, smith 160Coates' 
Miller Ann, gentlewoman 199 Spruce 
Miller Adam, watchman 1 14 north Eighth 
Miller Andrew, potter N. W. corner Zane & Seventh 
Miller Alexander I, merchant 95 Pine 
Miller widow of Alexander, carter 158 Spruce 
Miller Andrew, sea captain 55 Union 
Miller Mrs, of Abraham, 20 Appletree alley- 
Miller Abraham & Andrew, jun. potters corner Zane 

and Seventh 
Miller Arthur, grocer 123 Vine 
Miller Catharine, shopkeeper 116 Callowhill 
Miller Conard, taylor 309 north Front 
Miller Charles, grocer 1 9 1 north Third 
Miller Daniel, carter 93 Budd 
Miller Daniel, innkeeper 427 north Second 
Miller Daniel H. ironmonger 162 north Second 
Miller David, grocer 230 south Second 
Miller Daniel, painter, &c. 10 Plum 
IXIiiier George, shipjoiner Charlotte 
Miller F. soapboiler Griffits' alley 
Miller Henry, accomptant 19 I north Eighth 
Miller Henry, shipwright Hanover 
Miller Henry, mariner 1 35 north Water 
Miller Henry, jun. sawsharper 93 Mulberry 
Miller Henry, sawsharper 299 north Third 
Miller Henry, tobacconist 208 north Second 
Miller Henry, victualler 262 north Eighth 
Miller Hannah, segar maker 123 north Sixth. 
Miller Jacob, potter 13 Artillery lane 
Miller Jacob, shoemaker 89 Coates* 
Millar James, grocer 29 south Wharves 
.Miller James, tobacconist 155 north Third 
Miller James W. merchant 233 south Front 
Miller James, stevadore 66 Almond 
Miller Jane, widow 260 Sassafras 
Miller John, innkeeper 63 north Fourth 
Miller widow of John, tavernkeeper 127 S. Water 


IVflller John, cooper 277 north Front 

Miller John, jiin. merchant 202 south Front 

Miller John, shoemaker near 545 north Third 

Miller John, carter 197 Lombard 

Miller John, shoemaker 390 north Third 

Miller John, marblecutter 37 1 High 

Miller John, mariner Burd's alley & 16 Pewterplat- 

ter alley 
Miller John, baker 188 St. John*s 
Miller John, oakcooper Fourth above Poplar lane 
Miller John, victualler 138 Sassafras 
Miller widow of John, labourer north Broad 
Miller John, blacksmith 3 1 7 Callowhill 
Miller Jonathan, ^Co. merchants 182 High 
Miller Jonathan, merchant 182 High 
^niler Joseph, grocer 152 north Third 
Miller Joseph, cabinetmaker 407 north Third 
Miller Joshua, cajter near 16 Queen 
Miller Margaret, boardinghouse corner Minor Sc 6th 
Miller Mrs. victualler Lawrence 
Miller Mary, widow 13 Appletree alley 
Miller Martin, labourer 45 Brown 
Miller M. boardinghouse 2 north Eighth 
Miller Mrs. widow Wood near Sixth 
Miller Mary, shopkeeper 399 north Third 
Miller Michael, potter 314 north Second 
Miller widow of Michael, wheat fanmaker 172 Spruce 
Miller Nicholas, blacksmith Peggs 
Miller Philip, printer 88 south Third 
Miller Peter, shoemaker 25 Callowhill 
Miller Peter, m. d. 56 north Fourth 
Miller Philip, tobacconist 78 Cedar 
Miller Philip, blacksmith near 82 Brown 
Miller Philip, carter i94 Cherry 
Miller Sanmel, carpenter 49 Green 
Miller Samuel, wheat fanmaker 170 Spruce 
Miller Samuel, shoemaker corner High &: Thirteenth 
Miller Thomas, taylor Patton's court 
Miller Valentine, merchant 292 High 
Miller ^ Van Buren, merchants 109 south Front 
Miller William J. merchant 187 south Third 
Miller WilUam, jeweller 39 Cable lane 


Miller William, labourer 274 St. John's 

Miller William, sea captain 14 Pine 

Miller William, carter 135 Cherry 

Milligan James, gentleman 263 Chesniit [_see Mulligc.r 

Milligan Patrick, printer Leech's court 

Milligan William, grocer 45 Small 

Millington David, sea captain near 331 south Second 

Milikin Robert, shoemaker 40 Chesnut 

Milikin c^'Torens, grocers 49 Chesnut 

Milikin William, storekeeper 22 Strawberry 

Millman William, shoemaker 12 Equality court 

Milliman John, shoemaker 81 north Fifth 

Mills Edmund, boardinghouse 45 Cherry 

Mills Michael, mariner 292 south Third 

iVIillson John, painter, &:c. corner Chesnut and 12th 

Milne Richard, merchant 9 S. Front & 193 Walnut 

Milner John, tavernkeeper 85 north Water 

Milner Samuel, carpenter 2 Schriver's court 

Milnor Isaac, guager 1 1 1 south Second 

Milnor James, attorney at law 108 Walnut 

Milnor John, commission broker 138 north Fourth 

Milner Larkum, merchant 1 1 Vine 

Milnor Robert, druggist Isfc. Ill south Second 

Milnor WiUiam, jun. attorney at law and conveyancer 

166^111 south Second 
Miltenberger Catharine, widow 108 Green 
Milwood William, mastmaker 96 Budd 
Minks Catherine, shopkeeper 25 1 Sassafras 
Mingle Elfzabeth, midwife 22 Appletree all^y 
Mingle John, bellows maker 28 Appletree alley 
Mingle John, blacksmith 263 and 264 Sassafras 
Mingle Philip, sea captain 202 Sassafras 
Mingus Thomas, smith York road near Wood 
Minnick Jos. P. m. d. 167 Walnut (Sansom's row) 
Minier Wm. carpenter 157 north Sixth 
Mintz Charles, tinsmith 203 north Third 
Mintzer Adam, caner 32 1 north Third 
Mintzer Christopher, hog victualler Say's alley 
Mintzer George, carter 246 north Second 
Mmtzer Mrs. G. widow near 60 St. John's 
Mmtzer George j. taylor 402 north Second 

R 2 


Mintzer John, victualler Fourth above Poplar lane 

Mintzer John, carter St. Tammany near Third 

Mhnzer Joseph, victualler Charlotte 

Mintzer Christopher, i2r Brown 

Mintzer William, victualler Fourth aboVe Bro'-in 

Miquet Francis, hair dresser 371 north Front 

Mirkel John, rigger 10 Budd {^see-MerkeL 

Miskey Anthony, trader 382 north Second 

Mitchell Andrew, grocer Marks lane 

Mitchell Abraham, oak cooper 1 6 1 north Water 

Mitchell Alexander, hair dresser 143 north Front 

Mitchell Benjamin, bricklayer 26 Cable lane 

Mitchell Benjamin, jun. carpenter 73 Crown 

Mitchell Charles, hairdresser 213 north Second 

Mitchell David, carpenter 129 Vine 

Mitchell Francis, trunkmaker S. Juniper near High 

Mitchell George, carpenter 243 Swan son 

Mitchell Jacob, mahogany merchant 1 3 1 Cedar 

Mitchell John, chairmaker 76 south Fourth 

Mitchell Jabez, smith 546 north Second 

Mitchell James, carpenter corner Cherry lif Seventh 

Mitchell Joseph, mariner 412 south Second 

Mitchell Samuel, innkeeper 206 Vine 

Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer 195 south Second 

Mitchell William, sea captain 24 St. John's 

Mitchell Thomas, chairmaker corner Shippen and 

Mitchell William, chairmaker 75 Lombard 
Mitroan Philip, shipjoiner Oak above Noble and 4 \ 

Mitz Adam, porter James 
Mock Adam, labourer 527 north Third 
Moffet James, grocer north-west corner Front and 
Catharine [See Moffet. 

Moffet Robert, grocer 3 18 south Front 
Moffet Robert, carter Locust above Ninth 
Moffet Adam, labourer back 68 north Sixth 
Moffet Spencer, grocer 426 north Second 
MoiUe M. winecooper 31 Coates' alley 
Moiiere H. shipchandlpr 292 south Second 
Molin James, lapidary 3 Sterling alley 
Molyneux John, shopkeeper 316 south Second 


Molony Jas. currier 80 Chesnut i^f 3 1 Carter's alley 
Molony baml. carter near 60 St. John's Isee Mulony. 
Monach Andrew, merchant 386 south Second 
Mongan Francis, grocer corner Plum and Fourth 
Mona Ludwick, labourer 145 Coates* 
Moneger John P. painter near 75 north Tenth 
Monell ^ Hanson, taylors 174 south Second 
Mongea R. m. d. 8 1 south Third 
Monk George, sea captain 54 Vine 
Monk Ann, seamstress 47 Green 
Monroe William, shoemaker 90 Gaskill 
Montant C. merchant 89 High 
Montanye Edward, shoemaker 122 Cedar 
Montany widow of William, grocer 1 80 north FroJit 
Montelius William, tobacconist 1 72 High 
Montgomery Andrew, teacher 322 south Front 
Montgomery Charles, shoemaker 241 north Second 
Montgomery David, carter 4 Prune 
Montgomery James, attorney at law 72 south Sixth 
Montgomery James, inspector of customs 93 Pine 
Montgomery Mary, widow 28 3l. Chesnut 

Montgomery , sea captain Tenth near Pine 

Montgomery 55'Newbold, merchants 101 north Front 
Montgomery Thomas, gentleman 31 Lombard 
Montgomery William, accomptant 195 south Fourth 
Montgomery Wm. boot ^ shoemaker 61 S. Second 
Montgomery William, merchant 128 Mulberry 
Montier Robert, bottler 130 north Front 8c 61 Crown 
Montina Joseph, teacher 117 north Sixth 
Monington John, carpenter 142 north Eighth 
Montmollin F. auctioneer, stores 51 & 53 N. Front, 

dwelling 32 Mulberry 
Moodie Mrs. midwife 184 Lombard 
Moody James, mate 395 south Front 
Mooney Cornelius, labourer 272 south Fourth 
Mooney John, labourer 61 Christian 
Mooney William, carter 1 60 south Front 
Mooney John, shoemaker 24 Gak (S.) 
Mooney Thomas, labourer 133 Pine 
Mooney William, taylor 143 south Water 
Moore Abraham, shoemaker 117 German 


Moore Alexr. stable keeper dwelling corner Fourth 

and Spruce, stables 213 south Second 
Moore Geore D. painter, &c. 15 north Sixth 
Moore C. shopkeeper 308 north Second 
Moore & Herkness, stonecutters 1 1 north Seventh 

& 19 Filbert 
Moore Henry, carpenter 1 Heyde's court 
Moore Hugh, oak cooper 28 Elfreith's alley 
Moore James, merchant 66 north Fifth 
Moore James, sea captain 224 Walnut 
Moore James, bottler 12 Almond 
Moore James, accomptant 366 south Second 
Moore James, cooper 43 Noble 
Moore Jeremiah, smith Emlen's court 
Moore John, shoemaker 322 south Sixth 
Moore John, carpenter Kunckle 
Moore John, combmaker Cherry near Eleventh 
Moore John, bricklayer corner Fourth and Shippen 
Moore John, bricklayer 214 Sassafras 
Moore John, victualler Garden 
Moore Joseph, shopkeeper 2 Bank 
Moore Marmaduke, stonecutter 42 Filbert 
Moore Mrs. grocer corner German & Fourth 
Moore Peter, plaisterer 198 Lombard 
Moore Reuben, chimneysweep 193 Lombard 
Moore Samuel, saddler, &c. back 170 Spruce 
Moore Robinson R. accomptant 51 Pine 
Moore 8c Roch, grocers corner Sixth 8c Shippen 
Moore Samuel, carpenter Fourth above Poplar lane 
Moore Sarah, widow 36 Moravian alley 
Moore Sarah, gentlewoman 1 1 6 Arch 
Moore Thomas, sea captain 18 Cable lane 
Moore Thomas L. gentleman 42 Pine 
Moore Wm. soapboiler corner Callowhill and'Fourth 
Moos Christopher, victualler Laurence 
Marand Augustus, musician 153 south Sixth 
Morehane Joseph, accomptant 43 Vine 
Morel D. L. Asiatic stropmaker 54 Sassafras 
Moreland Martha, boardinghouse 43 Vine 
Morey Lewis, sea captain 263 south Front 
Morgan Benj. R. counsellor at law 4 1 Mulberry 


Margan George W. magistrate 207 north Third 
Morgan John, pocketbook manufacturer 10 S. Front 
Morgan James, carpenter back 175 Cherry 
Morgan Peter, grocer 192 south Second 
Morgan Rachael, storekeeper 41 north Third 
Morgan Solomon, shoemaker 535 south Fourth 
Morgan Thomas, fruiterer 62 south Fourth 
Morgan Wm. wharfbuilder Beach 
Morgan Thomas, sea captain 55 Queen 
Morgan Wm, H. gilder 60 south Fourth 
Morgan widow of Thomas, merchant 106 Mulberry- 
Morgan Wm. shoemaker 80 High 
Morrell I. W. merchant 162 Mulberry 
Morrell J. Sc Son, cWna and glass merchants 24 N. 

Morrell John, china merchant 24 north Front 
Morrell James, hatter 171 north Second 
Morrell Mrs. midwife 71 Union 

[see Murrell and Morel 

Morrell Robert, china merchant 2 1 1 High 

Morrell Toseph, shoemaker 70 Christian 

Morrell Wm. labourer 97 Swanson 

Morrell Wm. sea captain 24 north Front 

Morris Ann, storekeeper 68 north Fourth 

Morris Anthony, counsellor at law 72 south Second 

Morris Andrew, mariner 94 north Seventh 

Morris Benjamin, gentleman 450 High 

Morris Benjamin, jun. gentleman 240 High 

Morris Casper W. brewer 151 High 

Morris & Fraley, merchants 191 High 

Morris & Gaul, brewers near 147 High 

Morris George Sc Co. merchants 32 north Third 

Morris Isaac W. brewer 98 south Front 

Morris Israel W. merchant 149 south Water 

Morris Jeremiah, druggist 293 High 

Morris John, labourer 434 north Front 

Morris James, oakcooper 29 George 

Morris Joseph, labourer 28 Brown 

Morris Joseph, carpenter 58 north Eighth 

Morris Joseph, brewer 96 north Front 

IVIorris Joseph, hatter 12 Chancery lane 


Morris Littleton, carter 242 Lombard 

Morris Mrs. painting and drawing academy 2 Heyde's 

Morris Richard Hill, merchant 34 south Second 
Morris widow of Robert, gentleman next 1 5 1 Walnut 
Morris widow of Owen, comedian 89 south Sixth 
Morris Robert, sea captain 58 Almond 
Morris Rees, grocer 2 1 5 north Third 
Morris Richard, merchant 88 Mulberry 
Morris Sarah, gentlewoman 20 Branch 
Morris Samuel, merchant 65 south Second 
Morris Susan, gentlewoman 35 Filbert 
Morris Thomas, bookbinder back 26 Spruce 
Morris Thomas, plaisterer Gherry near Eleventh 
Morris Thomas, brewer 86 north Second 
Morris 8c Wm. Wurts, merchants 137 High 
Morris's wharf opens next 107 south wateb. 
Morrison widow of Alexander, 4^9 south Front 
Morrison Alexander, carpenter 33 Giles' alley 
Morrison Daniel, turner 46 north Seventh 
Morrison James, mariner 1 9 1 north Front 
Morrison Hugh, tavernkeeper 238 south Third 
Morrison Samuel, stonecutter Walnut near 1 1th 
Morrison Thomas, carpenter near 1 6 Prune 
Morrison William, sea captain 103 Lombard 
Morrow John, shoemaker 43 Prime 
Morrow widow of John, Gherry above Eleventh 
Morrow Wm. carter 68 Passyunk road 
Morse George, sea captain 235 Spruce 
Mortimer Mrs. ladies seminary 206 Walnut 
Morton Andrew, shipwright 3 Equality court 
Morton Benjamin, hatter 343 south Second 
Morton widow of George, sea captain 299 S. Front 
Morton Isaac, sea captain 339 south Second 
Morton Joseph, storekeeper 178 north Second 
Morton John, merchant 116 south Front 
Morton John, jun. merchant 56 south Wharves and 

149 south Second 
Mosely Abraham, storekeeper High near 13th 
Moses Henry, currier 377 north Front 
Moses Abraham, storekeeper 454 N. Third 


Moses Solomon, merchant 260 High 

Moses Solomon and Co. merchants 178 High 

Moss Isaac, shoemaker Biitton's aUey {See Maas. 

Moss John, merchant 131 High 

Moss S= merchant 125 Lombard 

Moss John A. shoemaker 32 north Fourth 

Moss Christopher, shoemaker 4 iutler's Court 

Mottley Mary widow, 30 Coates' alley 

Mott Edward, paint warehouse 73 north Third 

Mott Edward and Co. paintfactory Watkins' alley 

Mott Wm commission merchant 63 south Third 

Moulder Mary, widow 13 Sassafras 

Moulder Margaret, boarding house 24 Pear 

Moulder Wm. teacher 27 Cable lane 

P.Ioulson John, storekeeper 64 Mulberry 

Mount T. B. merchant 4 Cable lane 

Mount Thomas, grocer 540 north Third 

Mower J. grocer 76 Green 

Mountea George, shoemaker 17 Farmer's alley 

Moylan Jasper, counsellor at law 217 Mulberry 

Moyer Peter, plaisterer near 172 north Fourth 

Mozer Martin, potter 3 10 north Second 

Much James, shipwright 159 Swanson 

Muhlenberg widow of Henry W. next 276 High 

Muir Wm. sea captain 5 Summers' Court 

Mulligan Patrick, printer Leech's Court 

Mullen James, baker Frankford road 

Mullen Edwd. grocer^ corner of Oak and Hay-scales 

Mullen Patrick, porter 286 south Fourth 
Mullen John, shoemaker 1 60 south Front 
Mullen William, teacher 14 Oak (S.) 
Mullen Thomas, carpenter back 214 south 7th 
Muilldore Adam, carpenter 262 south Sixth 
Mullikin Mrs. of Joseph, 91 Callowhili 
MuUin Barney, boardinghouse 242 south Sixth 
Mullin Wm. grocer corner of Oak and Noble 
Mullinary M. shopkeeper 22 Small 
Mullison John, bricklayer St. Tammany 
Mullock L. widow 13 Sterling alley 
Mullock George, currier 12 Sterling alley 
Mullowny capt. John, brickmaker 228 Pine 


Muivy Charles, 11 7 Cedar 

Munda widow of John, i75 north Front 

Munhall Henry, baker Locust above Eleventh 

Munns Lyndsey, merchant Christian wharf 

Munns S. storekeeper 24 8c 126 south Fourth 

Murdock i:f Duffield, merchants 1 5 1 south Front 

Murdock Elizabeth, seamstress 14 Sassafras 

Murdock James, sea captain 143 south Sixth 

Murdock John, perfumer 57 Walnut 

Murdock Robert, merchant 53 Lombard 

Murdock Thomas, bookbinder 14 Sassafras 

Murdock William, flour merchant 86 High 

Murfin Wm. carpenter 42 Artillery lane 

Murphy Charles, shipwright Hanover 

Murphy Coraelius, shoemaker 74 south Fifth 

Murphy David, mariner Britton's alley 

Murphy Ezekiel, ladies' shoemaker 10 Lsetitia Court 

Murphy widow of Daniel, Cresson's alley 

Murphy Francis, mate 9 1 north Water 

Murphy Francis, sea capt. 148 north Front 

Murphy James, cabinet maker 37 Walnut 

Murphy John, labourer Locust above I Ith 

Murphy John, tobacconist 26 north Water 

Murphy John, weaver Weaver's alley 

Murphy widow of John, 90 north Water 

Murphy Mfichael, grocer 9 Shippen 

Murphy £c Davidson, smiths 1 3th near Chesnut 

Murphy M. smith, Thirteenth near Chesnut 

Murphy Mrs. nurse 19 Vernon 

Murphy Robert, boot and shoemaker 95 north 3d 

Murray Andrew, shipwright corner of German and 

Murray commodore Alexander, 377 High 
Murray George, engraver comer Walnut and 1 Ith 
Murray James, grocer 94 German 
Murray James, accomptant 1 6 Filbert 
Murphy John, shoemaker 314 south Second 
Murray John, oak cooper 121 Pine 
Murray John, book binder back 24 1 north Second 
Murray Martha, widow 122 Swanson 
Murray Michael, taylor 19 Noble 
Murray Robert C. last maker 166 south Fifth 


Murray Sc Weir, ladies' shoemakers 135 S. Second 
JVIurrell Hugh, carpenter 146 ChL-rry 
Murvine Chs shoemak-r 205 Cherry [See Mervine. 
Musgrave Aaron, accomptaot 168 south Fourth 
Mus-rave Jamt;s. goUlsmith Sc jeweller 74 Spruce 
Musgrave Wm. taylor 9 Strawberry 
Musgrave Joseph P. merchant 139 south Fifth 
Mushel Mrs. nurse 22 Appletree alley 
iVIuschert Sc Anderson, sailmakers Hamilton's wharf 
Muschert George, sailmaker Vine-st. wharf 
^usser John, inspector of customs 146 Sassafras 
Mussinger Nicholas, labourer St. Tammany 
Mussi Joseph, gentleman 246 south Seventh 
Mustin George, taylor 179 north Second 
Mybert E. widow St. Tammany 
Myer David, soapboiler 30 Budd 
Myerly Jacob, labourer James 
Myerly Ann, widow 391 south Second 
Myers Daniel, victualler Callowhiil above Sixth 
Alyers Elizabeth, widow 16 Mulberry 
Myers Elizabeth, late tavernkeeper near 42 Filbert 
Myers George, blacksmith 38 Christian 
Myers George, innkeeper 269 Vine 
Myers Henry, sugarbuiler 252 Sassafras 
Myers Henry, jun. potter 133 north Third 
Myers Henry, potter 133 north Third {see Meyer* 
Myers John, carter Rose alley 
Mayers John, joiner 141 north Fifth 
Myers John, carpenter 230 south Seventh 
Myers John, victualler 269 Callowhiil 
Myers E. shipsmith 202 Swanson 4^*32 Christiaa 
Myers Michael, innkteper 202 Cedai: 
Myers Michael, chinapacker Coates* court 
Myers Thomas, accomptant 133 north Third 
iViyers Wm. blacksmith 32 Christian 
Myers Walter, newscarrier 266 south Fourth 
May land Samuel, tobacconist 26 Sassafras alley 
My nick Jacob, painter, &c. 8 1 north Fifth 
My rick John, sea captain 158 Cherry 
Myrteus Christopher, taylor 43 Christij^ 



Nace Jacob, nailer 92 Brown 
Nagle Charles, hairdresser 48 north Fourth 
Nagle Ehzabcth, corner Coates' and St. John's 
Nagel George, storekeeper 209 north Third 
Nagel Henry, hairchesser George near Shippen 
Nagle John, hairdresser 48 north Fourth 
Nagel Lewis, yoeman Passyunk near Federal 
Naglee Wm shipwright Moyaniensing road 
Naglee Benjamin, lumberyard corner Brown & Oak 
Naglee Catharine, shopkeeper 18 north Sixth 
Naglee James, shoemaker 337 south Front 
Napier David> weaver corner Merrilt's lane 8c Fifth 
Napier Alexander, stonecutter High near Broad 
Napier Thomas, planemaker, and maker and proprie- 
tor of Fisher or Napier's pills. Relief 
Napp John, shoemaker 467 north Second 
Nartigue Mrs. 29 Powell 
Nash Sarah, widow 12 Kunckle 
Nassau Charles, jun. baker Laurence 
Nassau Michael, tobacconist 208 north Second 
Nassau Wm. tobacconist 77 High 
Nathan Isaac, shipjoiner Liberty alley 
Nathan Isaiah, storekeeper 256 north Second 
Nathan Moses, merchant 53 north Third 
Natt Thomas, gilder 76 Chesnut 
Nau Peter, billsticker 2 1 6 Cedar 
Navarre Peter, baker 212 south Sixth 
Nayle widow of John R. cooper 4 Penn 
Naylor Samuel, shipwright 52 Artillery laire 
Nay lor John, carter 20 Green 

Neath Jas. rigger 42 German & Christian-st. wharf 
Neble Charles, sea captain 14 Pennsylvania avenue 
Neely John, nailer 1 14 north Sixth 
Neff Wm. hatter 1 18 north Second 
Neff Rudolph, grocer 281 Vine 
Negley Wm. pilot 363 south Second 
Negrin J. J. editor of the Oracle back 28 N. SeconH 
Negus John, merchant 43 north Water 
Neilheu B. J. watchrtlan corner -eventh and Pine- 
Neisser Jacob, potter Grissel's alley 
Neil H. M. D. 266 south Second 
Neil Samuel, carter corner Cherry and Twelfth 
Neill ^ Hurley, merchaRts 154 High 


Neil Jacob, mariner Little Water 

Neiil Lewis, merchant 154 Hij^h 

Keilson Noble Caldwell, 113 south Third 

Nelson Nicholas, mariner Burd's alley 

Nelson W m coalmeasurer Broad near High 

Nelson Wm. harnessmaker BUckhorse alley 

Nelson George, shoemaker 260 south Third 

Nelson John D. storekeeper 54 north Second 

Ncilson Ralph, waiter 224 south Seventh 

Nepiss Abraham, cutler 2 62 St John's 

Nesbitt Robert, taylor 36 St. Mary's 

Nesbit John, carpenter 155 Cherry 

Nesbitt William, storekeeper 416 south i^ront 

Neveil John, diaperweaver 548 north Third 

Nevitt John, storekeeper 84 north Second 

Nevling Daniel, carpenter 83 Green 

Nevling Rev. John G. W. 83 Green 

Newbern George, labourer 19 Gresson's alley 

Newbold &c Bispham, merchants 14 south Front 

Newbold Caleb, merchant 194 Chesnut 

Newbold Thomas, merchant 14 south Front 

Newbold Wm. merchant 194 Walnut 

Newark Mrs. nurse 9 Burd's alley 

Ncwcomb Ob^diah, carpenter Mary 

Newcomb Whi. sea captain 61 Shippen 

Newcomb Bayse, jun. attorney at law 173 N. Front- 

Newell widow of Nicholas, sea captain 442 S. Front 

Newell John, cooper Oak (N. L.) 

Newell Wm. [grocer corner of Water and High 

Newkirk E. milliner 15 north Front 

Newk'.rk Garrett, storekeeper 21 north Front 

Newlin Benjamin, chinamcrchant 78 north Fourth 

Nev/lin John, carpenter ~>4 south Tenth 

Newlin W. oakcooper 60 soutii Wharves 

Newman is^ Happ, distillers back 39 i north From 

Newman Hu,uh, storekeeper 8 1 Hiu.h 

Newman Jacob, accomptant 8 Cherry 

Newman John, shoemaker 59 Dock 

Newman John, grocer 6 south Water 

Newman John, distiller Charlotte 

Newman John, mariner 185 north Front 

Newman Mary, shopkeeper 176 north Second 

Newman J. B. merchant 38 south Sixth 


Newman Thomas, broker corner Third & Walnut 
Kewnan Elihu, plaisterer Juniper lane 
Newport David, wheelwright 32 i north Second 
Newport Benjamin, wheelwright, &c. 315 N. Third 
Newton Giles, merchant 104 north Water 
Newton George, grocer 231 north Eighth 
Newton Harriot, seamstress 97 Shippen 
Newton Thomas N. attorney at law 139 Lombard 
Newton Thomas, grocer 90 south Fifth 
Nice F. shoemaker 127 Sassafras 
Nice Jacob, innkeeper Turner's alley- 
Nice James, cooper and guager 20 Brewer's alley 

{see JVace 
Nice Joseph, accomptant 454 Sassafras 
Nice Thomas, shoemaker 1 6 Parram's 
NichoUs James, baker Centre alley 
Nichol John, stonecutter 106 Cherry 
Nichols Mary, gentlewoman 281 Chesnut 
Nicolls James A. baker corner Centre alley & 12th 
Nicholas Peter, grocer 2 south Fourth 
Nicholas George, labourer 506 south Front 
Nichols Enoch, taylor 28 Cable lane 
Nichols Jeremiah, grocer 358 south Second 
Nicholas Wm. shipwright near 458 south Second 
Nicholson Mrs of Patrick, shoemaker 224 S. Sixth 
Nicholson L. cabinetmaker 50 Chesnut and corner 

Arch and Sixth 
Nicholson J. upholsterer 145 north Front 
Nicholson Joshua, merchant taylor 40 north Second 
Nicholson Mrs. boardinghouse 182 Spruce 
Nick John, wheelwright 39 Brown 
Nickless Wm. corner High and Schuylkill Third 
Nicklin wid >w of Philip, merchant 200 Spruce 
Nietscake John S. shoemaker 4 Vernon 
Nightingale Isaac, taylor 1 1 Gray*s alley 
Nightingale Thomas, merchant Ross's wharf & 189 

Niles Wm. shoemaker 95 Mulberry 
Niser Alexander, chemist 142 Cedar 
Niser Jacob, potter back 26 Dock 
Nixon Edward, hatter 99 north Ninth 
Nixon Alexander, coachmaker 122 Walnut 


Nixon 8c Walker, merchants 93 south Wharves 

Noad John, marinei* Oak (N. L.) 

Koah M. M merchant 4 1 north Fourth 

Noble Richard, tanner 234 north Second 

Noble Samuel, tanner 268 north Third 

Noble Samuel, shoemaker 461 north Second 

Noble Wm. merchant 1 30 south Sixth 

Noblon Andrew, merchant 60 north Second 

Noblet Dell, cabinetmaker l50 south Fourth 

Noblet Abraham, bricklayer 100 north Eleventh 

Noial Simon, shipwright 76 Christian 

Nolin Joseph, shi.igledresser 1 14 Callowhill 

Nonamaker George, cooper 34 Charlotte 

Nones Benjamin, notary public 22 Chesnut 

Nounater Jacob, hatter corner Tenth Sc ISIulberry 

Nonnater Peter, weaver Nonnater's court 

Nori:^rave Nathl. m. d. corner Juniper and High 

Norkvvay Joan, rigger 403 south Front 

Norman Joseph, grocer corner Fifth Sc Sassafras 

Norman Joseph, shoemaker back 141 Green 

Norman Sarah, storekeeper 83 Mulberry 

Norris Isaac, hatter 40 north Front 

Norris Isaac W. shipchandier store corner Vine and 

Water, dwelling 27 Keys' alley 
Norris John, shoemaker 102 Queen 
Norris Joseph P. gentleman 140 Chesnut 
Norris Joseph, shipwright 157 north Froni 
Norris Thomas, sea captain 3 Summers' court 
North Caleb, merchant 19 Crown 
North John, stablekeeper Relief and 172 Cedar 
North John, tavernkeeper 54 Swanson 
North Joseph, shopkeeper 66 Sassafras 
North Joseph, merchant Spruce-st. Avharf, north side* 

dwelling 77 Lombard 
North Richard, stonecutter 289 High 
North Stephen, druggist and apothecary 85 High 
North Thomas, constable 7 Heyde's couit 
North &c White, merchants 31 north Water 
North Wm. merchant 12<5 Pine 
Northrop Enoch, cooper 27 Lombard 
Norton Jane, nurse 9 Chancery lane 
Norton John, smith 244 Sassafras 

s 2 


Norton Thomas, smith Malt alley 

Norton Sarah, nurse 219 Swanson 

Norton Wm. L. printer 62 north Ninth 

Norton Nathan, sea captain PfiefFer's alley 

Norton Thomas, carpenter 22 Kunckle 

Norton Thomas, watchmaker ( New Rising Sun) Ger- 

mantown road 
Norton Thomas, gentleman 9 Vine 
Nor\\ood John L. innkeeper 203 north Water 
Nottingham William, merchant 68 Vine 
Nowland Thomas, storekeeper 36 south Third 
Nugent George, merchant 25 south Second 
Nungesser John, grocer 52 1 north Third 

Oakford Charles, grainmeasurer 30 Lombard 
Oakford Samuel, coalmeasurer 319 south Second 
Oakford Wm. measurer of grain 312 south Second 
Oakley George, gentleman i:0 Dock 
Oakley Robert, merchant 22 Dock 
'Oakman widow of Isaac, merchant 197 south Second 
Oat .esse, storekeeper 170 north Second 
Oat Joseph, bookbinder back 160 Sassafras 
Obrie Nicholas and Co. merchants 153 High 
Obrie George, blacksmith 244 Cedar 
O'Birn Elizabeth, widow Shriver*s court 
O'Boyle Roger, stevadore 91 Shipptn 
O'Brien Lawrence, labourer 142 south Fourth 
O'Brien Richard, late consul at Algiers 59 S. 7th 
O'Conner Daniel, dealer norih Thirteenth 
0*Conner Christopher, sea captain 22 Almond 
Xj*Conner Hugh, lubotu-er 30 Giles' alley 
O'Ccnner Patrick, labourer 528 soiith Front 
O'Conner Mrs. 120 Pine 

G'Conway Matthias James, commissioned interpreteT 
and teacher of the Spanish, French and English 
languages, 202 Chesnut above F^ighth 
O'Donnell B. shopkeeper Locust near Thirteenth 
O'Donnell & M'Linchey^ 300 south Second 
O'Donnel Bernard, storekeeper 60 Cedaf 
O'Doiinel , saddler \25 Mulberry 


O^Donnel Con, bottler 306 soiuKThird 
0*Donnel Isaiah, tanner 325 Callowhill 
0*DonnelDominick, labourer 283 south Fourth 
O'Dohnell Richard, 15 Cherry 
O'Donnell John, grocer 176 south I'ourth 
O'Donnel James, labourer 50 Passyunk 
O^Ellers James, hotel corner Fourth and Spruce 
O'Eilers James, jun. broker 68 south Second 
0*Hara James, travelling stationer, billsticker, ven- 
due cryer Sc shipwatch. Rose alley near Coates' 
0*Hara John, brushmaker 162 south Third 
0*Leary Wm. grocer 94 north Front 
O'Neil Daniel, tayior 19 Crab 
O'Neill & Boyd, china merchants 18 south Front 
O'Neill Grace, vridow 223 north Third 
O'Neill Owen, tanner 2d above Germantown road 
O'Neill Rachel, widow 82 Cedar 
O'Neill John, tayior back 214 south Seventh 
Odenheiraer Jacob, coachtrimmer 1 82 Pine 
Odenheimer Philip, victualler 150 Sassafras 
Oedorfer George, merchant 187 north Second 
Offley Ann, widow 178 south Front 
Ogden Dorothy, widow 83 New 
Ogden Abraham, bookbinder near 7 Elfreitli's alley 
Ogden Michael, mate Brown's court 
Ogden Robert, accomptant 70 south Eleventh 
Ogden Jesse, coalyard 303 north Third 
Ogden John, carpenter corner Ninth and Pine 
Ogilby John, hatter 204 Vine 
Ogilby Joseph, shipwright 56 Swanson 
Ogle Thomas, coachmaker 1 1 south vSixth 
Okie Sc Williamson, merchant 73 High 
Old John, merchant 130 Mulberry 
Oldden James, jan. merchant 33 Chesnut 
Oidenbergh Daniel, hatter 43 High 
Oldenbergh Martin, hairdresser 10 north Sixth 
Oldfield David, carter 261 St. John's 
Oliphant Uziel, sea captain 25 Pewterplatter alley 
Oliver Andrew, tavernkeeper 36 Bank 
Oliver John G. merchant 130 south Second 
Oliver Reuben, tayior 198 south Front 
Oliver & Smith merchants 36 south Front 
Oliver Thomas, sea captain 194 south Front 


Oliver William, boardinghouse 47 south Water 
Oliver William G. printer 198 Sassafras 
Olmstead Moses, sea captain 197 south Fourth 
Ohnstead William, shoemaker 102 Plum 
Omensetter Frederick, baker 30 Crown 
Omensetter George, saddler Taper alley 
Omery Mr. gentleman 134 north Third 
Onis Don Luis de, his catholic majesty's envoy ex- 
traordinary and minister plenipotentiary south 
Third next St. Peter's church 
Orchard Thomas, shoemaker 12 Knight's court 
Orchard Joseph, shoemaker 135 north Water 
Orchard William, shoemaker 419 south Front 
Ord George is' Co. ship chandlers 99 S. Wharves 
Ord widow of George, shipchandler 354 S. Front 
Ormrod John, accomptant 6 Pear 
Ormsbey John, baker Britton's alley 
Orr John, grocer 1 14 Plum 

Orr widow of Robert, boardinghouse 289 S. Fourth 
Orr Robert, coppersmith 50 New 
Orr Robert, grocer corner Walnut & Juniper alley 
Orr Thos. exchange broker corner 12th and Arch 
Orr Thomas, watchmaker 343 Sassafras 
Orso John B. accomptant 197 Spruce 
T)rth, C6ok & Co. paperwarehouse north-east corner 

Fourth and Chesnut 
Orth Henry, next 24 north Eighth 
Osbourne Ebenezar, carpenter 80 Lombard 
Osbourne Nehemiah, mariner back 2 16 north Front 
Osbourne John, mariner 181 north Front 
Osbourne James, oysterman 113 north Front 
Osbourne Joseph, carpenter Lombard above Seventh 
Osmond William, 387 Mulberry 
Oswald Sc M'llvain, printers 179 south Second 
Oswald John H. translator of the French, Spanish $c 

Italian languages 179 south Second 
Ottenheinner M. trader 171 north Third 
Ott widow of David, gold and silver refiner 86 N. 6th 
Otto Jacob S. merchant 139 Mulberry 
Otto & Strawbridge, merchants 52 south Wharves 
Otto John, labourer 10 Charlotte 
Otto John C, M. D. 139 Mulberry 


Otway Nicholas, mate back 360 south Second 
Ouram Henry, printingpress manufactory corner of 

Sixth and Prune 
Overman Wm. 1 1 Pine 
Overn John, trankmaker 10 south Hroad 
Overstack Sarah, widow \60 Sassafras 
Overstack James, mariner 489 north Third 
Overy John, silk dver and scourer back 47 Cedar 
Ovington Mrs. milkwoman Cedar near Ninth 
t)wen Elizabeth, shopkeeper 95 north Ninth 
Owen Evan, nailer f rising sun) Germantown road 
Owen Griffith, clock and'watchmaker 73 Mulberry- 
Owen James, carpenter 133 Spruce 
Owen Jane, shopkeeper 141 north Second 
Owen Jesse, silver refiner 154 Coates* 
Owen John shoemaker 172 Lombard 
Owen John, silversmith 33 south Second 
Owen Patrick, shopkeeper 2 1 7 north Second 
Owen Thomas jun. merchant 27 N. Third 8c 30 Vine 
Owings Michael, tinsmith 34 George 
Ozeas George, biscuit baker 7 Swanson 
Ozeas Peter inspector of customs 311 Mulberrj 

Packerby John, labourer Oak (N. L.) , 

Pacot Joseph, sock maker, M»Cullough*s court 

Packer Edward, brass founder 110 Green 

Packer & Statzel, brassfounders 94 Green 

Page Benjamin, merchant 184 High 

Page James, late corder 7 Vine 

Page Benj. Sc Wm. Taylor jr. merchants 184 High 

Page Wm, merchant 3 1 Chesnut 

Pagot John, mercht. 149 Pine 

Page Mrs. boarding house ^0 Spruce 

Painter Nicholas, painter, See. 488 north Third 

Painter George, coppersmith 50 Ai'tillery lane 

Painter Jacob, grocer corner Sassafras and Fifth 

Painter John, carpenter Poplar lane 

Painter Mary, widow 571 north Third 

Painter Wm. shoemaker 33 Noble 

Painter John, carpenter 152 Coates* 

Paleske Charles G. merchant 212 south Third 

Palm Henry, grocer corner 8th and Orange 


Palmer Ann, widow 86 south Third 

Palmer Anthony E. druggist ) 2 I Spruce 

Palmer David, mariner 298 south Front 

Palmer Amos, distiller 45 Vine 

Palmer Clement, shoemaker 494 south Second 

Palmer John, tavernkeeper 290 north Front 

Palmer John B. merchant 13 Lombard 

Palmer John, shipwright 134 Brown 

Palmer Thomas, caulker Say's alley 

Palmer Richard, trader 205 north Second 

Palmer Richard, justice of the peace 248 south Third 

Palmer Samuel, druggist 74 Chesnut 

Palmer Simeon, Pilot 121 Swanson 

Palmer Thomas 8c George, printers, office corner 

Locust and 8th, dwelling 225 Spruce 
Palmer Thomas, druggist, Scc;^ corner Spruce and 5 th 
Pancoast Hannah, widow 129 south Third 
Pancoast Samuel jun. iron monger 148 High 
Pancoast William, carpenter 133 south Eleventh 
Papet — — , supercargo 142 south 5th 
Paratoe B. sea captain, 5 Artillery lane 
Pardee Joseph, teacher 42 Union 
Paris G. calico glazier 42 Mulberry 
Parham Joseph 8c Co. lumber yard Walnut near 10th 
Parham Joseph, lumber merchant 8th near Walnut 
Parham John, carpenter Wahiut near 10th 
Parham Robert, cabinet maker 18 Key's alley 
Parke Charles B. watchmaker 268 north Second 
Parke James P. bookseller and stationer 119 High 
Parke Jacob, 2 1 9 Walnut 
Park Sc M'Farland, grocers 183 High 
Park Robert, hatter 48 north Third 
park Samuel, merchant 1 83 High 
Park Samuel, accomptant 153 Cherry 
Parke Thomas m. d. 20 south Fourth 
park William, hatter 14 Chancery lane 
Parker Achilles, wine merchant 13 Norris' alley 
Parker Andrew, tay lor back 198 north Second 
Parker B. teacher 145 Spruce 
Parker Chas. tay lor 46 Budd 
Parker Daniel, tavernkeeper 23 south Third, 
Parker Eiisha, labourer 207 south Fifth 


Parker Elisha, taylor 5 1 Mulberry 

Parker Catharine, Schriver's court 

Parker James, carpenter 14 Knight's court 

Parker Isaac, sea captain 17 Pine 

Parker John, grocer 2 17 Sassafras 

Parker James, mate 2 \ 9 north Second 

Parker Josiah, gentleman 6 Chancery lane 

Parker Joseph, merchant 209 High 

Parker John, carpenter 180 Lombard 

Parker Nathaniel, 26 Vine 

Parker Mrs. shopkeeper 239 south Fihh 

Parker Joseph, taylor 9 Coombs* alley 

Parker Sarah, widow 203 Mulberry 

Parks Richard, carpenter 270 south Third 

Parker Thomas, carpenter 144 south Ninth 

Parker Thomas, corn chandler 9 Pear 

Parker Thomas, clock and watchmaker 13 south ."kl 

Parker Thomas, cabinetmaker 212 south Seventh 

Parker Wm. grocer 150 north Water 

Parkes Solomon Sc Co. clockmakers 1 46 N. Front 

Parkes Solomon, watchmaker 146 north ?>ont 

Parkenheimer Adam, baker 107 north Third 

Parkinson Martin H. sea captain 2 1 4 south Fifth 

Parmentier Charles, accomptant 21 north Twelfth 

Parrin Mrs. boarding house 97 north Ninth 

Parish David, merchant 153 Walnut (Sansom's row) 

Parrish I. hatter Mulberry court 

Parrish Joshua iP' l^ee glass warehouse 54 Dock 

Parrish Joseph, m. d. 18 Chesnut 

Parrish Robert A. planemaker 40 St. John's and 242 

north Third 
Parrish Sam merchant Mulberry Court 
Parry John J. clock maker 8cc. 243 High ISee Perry, 
Parsons Wm. mariner 1 Callowhill 
Parsons Abraham, mariner S^. Juniper 
Parsons Wm. ferryman 19 Pewterplatter alley 
Parson Mrs. gentlewoman 64 south Eleventh 
Parvin Pearson, teacher 25 north Fifth 
Paskill Jane, gentlewoman 107 Lombard 
Passmore Thomas, auctioneer 34 south Front 
Passmore John, tinman 193 Cedar 
Passey Samuel, teacher 163 Vine 
Patrick Wm. labourer Locust above Ninth 


Patterson Henry, nailer 269 Sassafras 

Patterson rev. James, 124 south Fifth 

Patterson James, grocer 93 bmall 

Patterson widow of John, baker 512 north Front 

Patterson Joseph, joiner S5 Mulberry 

Patterson Thomas, shoemaker 16 Starr alky 

Patterson Jame^, porter 4 Quarry 

Patterson James, labourer back 83 Chesnut 

Patterson john, flour merchant 38 Filbert 

Patterson Joseph, mate 3 Parram's alley 

Patterson John, grocer corntr Fourth and Sassafras 

Patterson Isaac, innkeeper 119 south Water 

Patterson Robert, carter Broad near Spruce 

Patterson widow of Robert, Emien's court 

Patterson Robert, professor of maihematics & director 

of the mint of the United States, University yard, 

north apartments, south Ninth near High 
Patterson John kCo. flour merchants corner Twelfth 

and High 
Paterson 8c Hurry, merchants 57 south Wharves 
Paterson Stephen, merchant 227 Spruce 
Patton Abraham, clock and watchmaker 44 High 
Patton David, bookbinder (Whitehall printing-office) 

Ridge road, above Callowhill and Tenth 
Patton John, mariner 20 1 south Front 
Patton & Jones, clock and watchmaker 44 High 
Patton Margaret, widow 34 Brown 
Patton , labourer 4 Callowhill 

Patton Richard, carter Coxe's alley 
Patton Robert, postmaster 27 south Third 
Patton Thomas, stevadore 120 German 
Patton William, printer Pine above Eleventh 
Patton Wm. Porter 121 Queen 
Patton Wm. queens ware store 65 Cedar 
Paul David, ship joiner 83 Christian 
Paul James, merchant 35 north Fifth 
Paul Jeremiah, teacher 2 1 Greenleaf alley 
Paul Joseph M. merchant 95 north Fifth 
Paul ^Vm. jun sea captain 12 Green 
Paul James Sc \Vatson, merchants 24 south Wharves 
Paul John, merchant 2 Mulberry 
Paul Mary, widow r60 north F'oqrth 


Paul Mrs. boar^inghouse 4 1 Filbert 

Paul Thomas, iastmaker22 Strawberry 

Paul Wm. sea captain 57 Green 

Paulus Adam, baker 26 soudi Fifth 

Paxson Benjamin, merchant 19 k 30 north Second 

Paxson Charles, merchant 3 north From and 129 

Paxson Charles, storekeeper 116 Budd 
Paxson Isaac, ironmonger 10 south Third 
Paxson widow of Israel, currier back 111 N. Fifth 
Paxson Joseph S. innkeeper 130 north Second 
Paxton John I. silversmith back 1 30 south F^ourth 
Paxson Samuel, hatter 104 High and 156 N. Fifth 
Paxson Timothy, merchant 65 north Water and 8! 

Paxson Wm. hardware merchant 203 High 
Paxton Sarah, shopkeeper 77 south Third 
Payerne Francis, confectioner 96 north Third 
Payne Bernard, tavernkeeper 36 Cedar 
Payne John, mariner 30 Carter's alley 
Payne Wm. carpenter 2 14 south Third 
Payne Wm. grocer 484 north Second 
Pay ton John, shipwright 43 Prime 
Payran Stephen, hatter 22 1 south Second 
Peacan Thomas, tavernkeeper 1 2 Spruce 
Peace Joseph, attorney at law 78 south Sixth 
Peacock Abner, carpenter 13 Butler's court 
Peacock Ralph, merchant corner Filbert zs' Eighth 
Peale Charles Wilson, proprietor of the Museum 

Fifth below Chesnut 
Pealq James, portrait painter 1 8 Sansom 
Peale Jacob, labourer 15 Sterling alley 
Peale James, mariner 444 south Front 
Peale Raphael, portrait painter 24 Powell 
Penry Walter, waiter 208 High 
Pert Thomas, wheelwright 340 south Front 
Perce Abraham, mariner Penn below Cedar 
Pearee Alexander, mariner 10 Wagner's alley 
Pearce Henry W. gentleman 68 south Eighth 
Pearee John, painter 84 Dock [see Fierce 

Pearce John, combmaker 72 Brown 
Pearce James, mariner 51 south Water 



Pearce Thomas, sea captain 7 South alley 

Pearce Thomas, grocer 61 Walnut 

Vearce Thomas P. grocer 15 Butler's court 

Pearce Richard, hatter back 152 Sassafras 

Pearson David, skindresser 282. north Eighth 

Pearson George, carpenter 399 south Second 

Pearson Isaac, bookseller and stationer 109 High 

Pearson John B. stonecutter 27 Meade alley 

Pearson James, city surveyor 17 north Seventh 

Pearson John, stevadore 53 German 

Pearson Phosbe, mantuamaker 147 Cherry 

Pearson Thomas, saddler 1 16 High 

Pechin John, collector of taxes 3 Elfreith's alley 

Pechin widow, 12 Elfreith's alley 

Peck Israel, marmer 170 north Water 

Peck Jeremiah, tavernkeeper 150 north Water 

Peckworth Rev. John P. 139 south Second 

Peddle widow of George, 208 north Front 

Peddle Jos. oakcooper 213 S. Front and 212 Water 

Peddle & Potts, oakcoopers 63 north Water 

Pederson P. his Daiiish majesty's charge d'affaires, 

and consul general, 212 Mulberry 
Pedosy S. silversmith 3 Stall'b court 
Pedrick Samuel, smith Rose alley 
Pedrick Joseph, smith Charlotte 
Pedrick Wrn. labourer 101 Coates' 
Peirce Caleb, ironmonger 20 north Front and Church 

Peirce George, gentleman 23 Coates' alley 
Peirsol J. &c C. SchafTer, sugar refiners 88 N. Second 
Peirsol Jeremiah, sugar refiner 84 north Second 
Peirsol Wm. ironmonger 56 north Third 
Feirson James, merchant 301 ^lulberry 
Pelagan Mrs. Stamper's alley 
Peling Margaret, widow 202 south Third 
Peloux & Monferrer, gunsmiths 174 south Second 
Pember Edward, picture frarnemaker 91 Passyunk 
Pemberton Hannah, widow 213 High 
Pemberton widow of Jas. gentleman 74 S. Second 
Pemberton Philadelphia, shopkeeper 61 north Third 
Pemberton Sarah, spinster 223 Spruce 
Fenington Edward, sugar refiner 155 and 159 Race 


Penirijjton M. corner Eleventh and Fiibert 

Penn Abraham, shipjoiner 75 Queen 

Pennock Abraham L. merchant 36 north Thirn 

Penriock Robert, innkeeper 118 north Third 

Pcnniston Eliza, widow 4 1 Vine 

Penny Thomas, manner 152 south Sixth 

Penrose Charles, gentleman 93 Penn 

Penrose Joseph, carpenter Seventh near Pine 

Penrose Sophia, widow corner Chesnut and Twelfth 

Penrose Thomas, late shipbuilder 93 Penn 

Penrose Mrs. of Jonathan, 17 Queen 

Penrose Wm. merchant 1 Almond 

Pepin & Breschard, corner Walnut and Ninth 

Peplow E. D. victualler 23 Fitz waiter 

Pepper George, brewer corner Minor and Fifth 

Pepper Joseph, coachmaker 8 Pennsylvania avenue 

Pepper widow of Henry, 191 Chesnut 

Pepper Michael, mariner 1 5 Mulberry 

Peregra widow of Jacob, storekeeper 96 Vine 

Percy ra D. R. 29 Brown 

Penes Peter, m."d. 31 Callowhill 

Percival Andrew, smith 171 north Second 

Percival Joshua, merchant 150 Pine 

Perkenpine David, skindresser 457 north Third 

Perkins A. carpenter 8 5 Green ^ 

Perkins Benjamin, brickmaker 444 Sassafras 

Perkins George taylor 27 Prune 

Perkins widow of Isaac, 342 Sassafras 

Perkins Henry, smith 140 north Eighth 

Perkins J. brickmaker corner Eleventh &: Fiibert 

Perkins John, m. d. 159 north Second 

Perkins W. accomptant corner Arch and Tu^elfth 

Perle James, late grocer 1 8 I north Front 

Perot EUiston, merchant 299 High 

Perot EUiston 8c John, merchants 4 1 north Water 

Perot John, merchant 297 Fligh 

Perot's wharf opens at 39 8c 43 north water 

Perpignan Peter, goldsmith, Sec 55 Walnut 

Perry Mrs. of Robert, 85 north Ninth 

Perry James, miilstonemaker Marks' lane 

Pert Thomas, wheelwright 340 south Front 

Pert Mary, 33 Coates* 


Pershouse John, merchant coiner 1 1th and Filbert 
Pescay Madame, storekeeper 9 3 north 'I'hird 
Pesoa widow of Isaac, merchant 37 north Fourth 
Peternrian George, grocer, feed and grainstore 2 north 

Peteiman Jacob, fiour merchant 389 High, dwelling 

Filbert, second door above F'.leventh 
Peters Christian, coachman 62 Cherry 
Peters Evan, bricklayer 17 Fayette 
Peters George, labourer near 12 Sterling alley 
Peters John, beefsteak and oysterhouse 20 Higli 
Peters John, caulker 42 Christian 
Peters John, sea captain 126 Swanson 
Peters John, cabinetmaker 73 Lombard 
Peters John, mate ISO Sassaf^'as 
Peters Manuel, mariner Coxe's alley 
Peters Mary, 12 Wagner's alley 
Peters Nicholas, carter 8-6 Passyunk 
Peters Nicholas, tavernkeeper High above Broad 
Peters Richard, judge of the district court of the 

United States, Belmont 
Peters Richard, jun. attorney at law 85 Walnut 
Peters Thomas R. attorney at law 113 Walnut 
Peters Thomas T. bookbinder 3 Cherry 
Peters Wm. accomptant 71 south Eleventh 
Peterson B. shipwright 12 Noble 
Peterson J. sea captain 65 north Fourth 
Peterson Jacob, merchant Bickley's wharf 
Peterson John, porter Poplar lane 
Peterson Peter, shipwright 508 south F'ront 
Peterson Thomas, shallopman Oak (N. L.) 
Petherbridge John, shipwright 12 Christian 
Pettit Andrew, late auctioneer 79 south Sixti 
Pettit Hester, nurse 74 New 
Pettit Nicholas, taylor 149 north Second 
Pewiey George, labourer back 65 Queen 
Peyre Madame, 84 Gaskill 
Pfaft' George, printer 6 Branch 
Pfeiffer widow of George, 235 north Second 
Pfeilfer Mrs. widow Fourth near Poplar lane 
Fifer John, tavernkeeper 18 Vernon 
Pfelaunie Francis, baker 346 north Front 


Phlle Mary, widow Fourth above Bro^^lV 

phile David, brassfounder 23 Cresson's alley 

Phile John, collector 157 Mulberry 

Fhiller Andrew, bootmaker, &c. 156 S. Front 

Philier Andrew, jun. boot and shoemaker 27 1 S. 2d 

Phillips B. I. merchant 41 north Fourth 

Phillips Benjamin, shipbuilder 245 Sc 266 Swanson 

Phillips John M. quill manufacturer corner Sixth and 

Germantowh road 
Phillips Jacob, dealer 1 72 Vine 
Phillips J. circulating library and bookseller 24 south 

Phillips James, mate 160 north Water 
Phillips John, commission merchant 69WaInut 
Phillips John, merchant 14 Powell 
Phillips Joseph, storekeeper 43 north Second 
Phillips widow of John, 7 Pine 
Phillips Levy, merchant 224 Spruce 
Phillips Mary, widow St. Tammany 
Phillips Mrs. gentlewoman 7 Pine 
Phillips Jolin, chairmaker Mary 
Phillips P. nailer 97 Budd 

Phillips Rebecca, widow of Joseph 41 north Fourth 
Phillips Samuel, coachmaker 164 Lombard 
Phillips 8c Wright, ironplate workers 33 1 S. Second 
Phillips William, merchant 200 south Front 
Phillips William, sea captain 42 Almond 
Phillips Peter ^ James, grocers 128 south Water 
Phillips Z. attorney at law 193 Chesnut 
Phipps John, carter 461 south Second 
Phipps Thomas, guardian of the poor 169 High 
Phipps M. k S. shopkeepers 21 north Fourth 
Physick Philip S. m. d. professor of surgery 1 14 Arch 
Picard Peter M. porter :?66 Lombard 
Pickands Thomas, carpenter 298 Sassafras 
Pickei John C- tinsmith 172 High 
Pickel Ann, widow 126 Cedar 

Pickering Thomas, boardinghouse 45 Cedar ^ 

Pickering Elihu, teacher opposite 7 Keys' alley- 
Pickering John, late miller 264 south Fifth 
J^ickering Samuel, taylor 254 north Front 
Pidgeon C. cabinetmaker Lombard above Ninth 

T 2 



Pidgeon David, coachmaker 27 Appletree alkv 

Pidgeon Wm. deputy sheriff 3 52 south Second 

Pidgeon John, printer 62 north Fifth 

Picquet Martin, merchant 173 High 

Pierce Caleb, ironmonger 20 noi th Front 

Pierie &c Caner, coaehmakers 12 south Sevent 

Pierman Godfrey, taylor back 25 1 Sassafras 

Pierie Charles, coachmaker 42 Carpenter 

Pierie John, hairdresser 10 north Fourth 

Pierie Mary, widow 20 Greenleaf alley 

Piersal Jeremiah, sugar refiner 67 Vine \see Felrsol 

Piesch Abraham, merchant 1 15 north Water 

Pike Stephen, stationer 22 north Second 

Pike M. W. gilder 41 north Sixth 

Pile Mary, gentlewoman U7'south Third 

Pile Samuel, sea captain 1 64 Swanson [see Pyle 

Pile John, accomptant 236 south Third 

Pilmore Rev. Joseph, 171 south Fifth 

Pine Lazarus, shallopman 485 south Front 

Pinchin widow of VVm. silversmith 326 Sassafras 

Pinkerman Henry, bricklayer 155 Coates' 

Pinyard John, labourer back 216 north Front 

Pineyard Elizabeth, gentlewoman 13 Queen 

Piper Frederick, currier 370 north Second 

Pitcher R. millinery and fanc}^tore 65 north Second 

Pitfield Robert L. merchant 233 Mulberry 

Pitner Aaron, sea captain 384 south Front 

Pittman E^iiraim, taylor 74 north Water 

Plankinhorne Jacob, flour inspector 62 Almond 

Plankinhorne John, merchant 309 High 

Plank John, cooper 277 north F>ont 

Piatt Wm. grocer 306 north Front 

Piatt £c Bushe, grocers corner Spruce and Front 

Pleas George, jun. cooper 129 Green 

Pleasants Charles, ironmonger 267 High 

Pleasants Israel, president of the U. S. Insurance 

Company 273 Chesnut, corner of Ninth 
Pleasants Joseph, ironmenger 33 High Sc 6 N. Ninth 
Pleasants widow of Samuel, 2 north Ninth 
Pleurigh Lewis, coachmaker 8 Prospect alley 
Plowman Thomas L. printer and publisher 28 Little 



Plumtner D. L. taylor 374 north Front 

Plucker John, wheelwright P'ourth above Green 

Plush John, labourer 168 north Fifth 

Poalk Robert, late auctioneer 43 north Fourth 

Poalk Solomon, grocer 240 south Third 

Poe George, merchant 222 Pine 

Poffe John, shoemaker 94 north Eleventh 

Point J. pumpmaker Richardson's court 

PoHn Peter, boot and shoemaker 30 south Fourth 

Polhemus Mont, copperplate printer Sixth near ihe 

first turnpike gate 
Polls George, shoemaker 222 Lombard 
Pollock Mrs. 99 south Fourth 
Pollock Wm. carter Malt alley 
Pollock George, gentleman 172 Chesnut 
Pomroy Wrn. L. shoemaker Fourth above Coates* 
Pomioy Wm. currier Gray's alley 
Pond Samuel, watchman 170 north Eighth 
Pond Thomas, shallopman 343 north Front 
Ponce John B. hatter 172 Lombard 
Pontaloe Frederick, victualler 168 noi'th Fifth 
Pontaloe Henry, victualler 83 Brown 
Pontaloe William, victualler lorkroad 
Poole Mrs. of John, ferryman Cooper's court 
Poole John, ferryman, M'Cullough's court 
Poole Wm. shoe warehouse 32 High 
Pool Wmcorab maker 162 Vine 
Poole Joseph, comb maker 73 north Eighth 
Poole Wm. tavernkeeper (Old Ferry) 45 N. Water 
Pope Wm. labourer 64 Coates' 
Pope Nathaniel, bricklayer 74 north Ninth 
Pope Isaac, shipwright back 363 south Second 
Poppal George, victualler and inn keeper 178 Cedar 
Poppe Henry, tavernkeeper 154 Vine 
Porcupine John, victualler 43 Budd 
Porter Cyrus, coachman 159 Lombard 
Porter Daniel, oak cooper 49 south Vv ater 
Porter Elizabeth, widow Zane 
Porter Jonathan, oysterman St. Tammany 
Porter John, m. d. 244 north Second 
Porter John, brushmaker 125 High and 89 Arch 
Porter Margaret, bpanJing house 255. north Second 


Porter John, labourer 391 Sassafras 

Porter Robert, attorney at law 69 north Second 

Porter Samuel, smith back 381 High 

Porter Walter P.. taylor 120 north Fourth 

Post Henry, labourer 3 Callowhill 

Poth Conrad, tallow chandler 178 St. John's 

Poller Thomas N. merchant 191 south Second 

Potter James, carpenter 116 Chesnut 

Potter Richard C. merchant 4 north Third 

Potter Sam. & William Page, merchants 31 Chesnut 

Potter vVm. bookbinder 33 Carter's alley 

Potts rev. Geo. C. pastor of the fourth Presbyterian 

Church 149 Cedar 
Potts George, tobacconist 41 Coates' and 4 Quarry 
Potts James, oak cooper 63 north Water 
Potts JNlargaret, gentlewoman 100 Lombard 
Potts James, iron merchant 9 6 Crown 
Potts John, shoemaker 28 German 
Fotts Josepli, wharf builder 2 Equality Court 
Potts widow of Joseph, 102 Mulberry 
Potts Miss, storekeeper 42 south Third 
Fotts & Peddle, oak coopers 63 north Water 
Fotts Phineas, accomptant 24Mulberry 
Potts Stacy K. merchant 9 north Second 
Potts Samuel, accomptant 94 Crown 
Pouble Tetcr,^ 72 Lombard 
Poulson Zachariah, publisher of the American Daily 

Advertiser 106 Chesnut 
Poulson John, bricklayer 220 south Seventh 
Poulson Ann, boarding house 210 south Seventh 
Poultney James, late ironmonger 71 &oulh Eighth 
Poultney Catharine, layloress 3 Strawberry 
Poultney John, hardware merchant 18 north Sixth 
Pounder Jonathan, stocking weaver Charlotte 
Powell Andrew, tavernkeeper 376 south Second 
Powell Abraham, labourer 502 south Second 
Powell Ann, shopkeeper 15 south Third 
Powell Benj. labourer 122 Brown 
Powell Mary, grocer 144 south Eighth 
Powell Peter, wheelwright Germantown road 
Powell Sarah, shopkeeper 43 Green 
Powell Elizabeth, gentlewoman Chesnut near 7th 
Powel Dennis, carter 25 Giles* alley 


Powell Joseph, carpenter 92 north Ninth 

Powell John, maiiner 91 north Water 

Powell Mary, shopkeeper 96 north Fifth 

Powell Rebecca,]ayer outof the dead Shepherd's court 

Powell widow of Isaac, carpenter Shepherd*s court 

Powell John, bricklayer 5 Elizabeth 

Powell William lumber yard 375 High, dwelling 

Haines* alley 
Povver vVm. mariner Burd's alley 
Poyner Francis, late bottler 32 CoatesV alley 
Poynlell Wm. merchant 196 Walnut 
Prade John 8c N. Thouron, merchants 97 High 
Prahl Samuel, smith Say's alley 
Praell John, shoemaker 26 Oak (S.) 
Prahl Edward, chairmaker 72 north Fifth 
Prahl widow of Lewis, cutler 465 north Second 
Pratt Henry, merchant 112 north Front 
Pratt James, tobacconist }28 Cedar 
Pratt & Kintzing, merchants 95 north Water 
Pratt Thomas, merchant 58 South Eleventh 
Pratt & Kintzing's wharf opens 93 N. Water 
Pray John, victualler 50 Charlotte & 69 O. S. 
Prell James, cooper 44 Spruce 
Premir Jacob, tavernkeeper 3 1 7 S. Third 
Premir Adam, yeoman, 134 south Sixth 
Prentice John, teacher Margaretta near Second 
Prentice Benj. stablekeeper corner 8th and Locust 
Prentice David, millwright 470 north Front 
Prentzel Charles S. baker 100 north Seventh 
Preston Ann, nurse opposite 62 Artillery lane 
Preston James, mariner 14 Shippen 
Preston John, painter Sec. 9 1 north W^ater 
Preston John, shoemaker 61 Passyunk road 
Preston Wm. jun. boat builder 5l Artillery lane 
Preston William, boat builder 5 1 Artillery lane 
Prevost Andrew M. tobacconist 133 Pine, &: 57 and 

59 south Front 
Price A. turnkey Locust above Eighth 
Price Chandler, merchant 94 south Front, comotine^- 

house 39 DocR east of Second 
Price David, mariner 362 south Second 
PriceElizabeth, widow 99 Pine 


Price Frederick, carpenter Eleventh near Sassafras 

Price widow of Jacob, shipwright 166 Swanson 

Price John; mariner 200 south Water 

Price John, carter 396 Sassafras 

Price John, medicine pulverizer 41 Cable lane 

Price Joseph, hatter 79 High 

Price John M. merchant 8 Sansom 

Price Matthias, blackball maker near 355 Callowhill 

Price Rebecca, gentlewoman 16 north Fourth 

Price Rebecca, tutress 78 Crown 

PricCj Susannah, widow Cresson's alley 

Price John, mate 5 Parram's alley 

Price R. lumber merchant 111 Lombard & 196 

south Fourth 
Price Samuel, merchant 19 High and 3 north llth 
Price Wm pilot 66 Swanson 
Price Wm. mariner 234 north Front 
Price Seth, deputy keeper of criminal's apartment 

101 Crown 
Prince Isaac, merchant near 149 south Ninth 
Prichett John, merchant 239 Spruce 
Prichett K carpenter Eighth near Spruce 
Prichett 8c Murray, oak coopers 204 south Water 
Prichett Thomas & John, merchants 41 south Water 
Prichett Wm. R. ship joiner Penn (K.) 
Prichett Wm merchant 41 south Water and 98 

south Eighth 
Priest Thomas, labourer Rose alley 
Priest Emanuel, caulker 328 north Front 
Priestman William, merchant corner Ninth & High 
Pringle John, stonecutter Chesnut above Tenth 
Probasco Henry, justice of the peace, corner Budd 

and Coates' 
Promise William, jeweller 98 north Third 
Prosser Uriah, shoemaker 39 Christian 
Prosser James. 139 south Eleventh 
Prosser Thos. merchant corner Twelfth and Filbcrl 
Proud Robert, gentleman 38 north Fifth 
Proudfit James, m. d. 153 south Second 
Provenshere Peter, 183 south Fifth 
Provest Roderick, coachmaker 404 Sassafras 
Prowitt Thomas, grocer 398 south Second 


Piudet L. upholsterer 74 Dock 

Pryan Daniel, taylor 58 north Eighth 

Pryen James, carpenter 271 north Third 

Pryor George, carpenter corner Spruce and Tenih 

Pryor Jos. grocer 33 N. Water and 26 Elfreith's alley 

Pryor Norton, gentleman 117 Mulberry 

Pryor Thomas W. merchant Pryor's wharf and next 

305 north Second 
Pryor Richard, hatter 4 north Front 
Pryor's Wharf opens next 385 north Front 
Psoa widow of Isaac, merchant 37 north Fourth 
Pudvine James, grocer corner German and Fourth 
Pu'^h Catharine, widow 5 5 Spruce 
Pughlia James Ph. sworn interpreter of foreign lan- 
guages and health officer 6 Carter's alley 
Pullen Robert, silverplatter 132 south Sixth 
Pullen Joel, taylor near 3 Brewer's alley 
Pumeroy D. baker Blackhorse alley 
Puncheon Robert, teacher Merritt's lane 
Purcell James, tobacconist 85 south Front 
Purdey widow, grocer 373 north Front 
Purdon John, shopkeeper 122 south Front 
Purdon John, jun. attorney at law 1 19 south Third 
Purple John, shipcarpenter 7 JEquality court 
Purfil John, shipwright 49 Budd 
Purves Alexander, mercliant 22 south Second 
Purves William, hatter 19 Cresaon's alley 
Purvee Abraham, smith 19 north Sixth 
Pussey William, hatter 49 Sassafras 
Puttiman C. carpenter 270 Sassafras 
Pybus John, ladies shoemaker 18 Greenleaf alley 
Pyle Thomas, carpenter Greenleaf alley 

Quail William, sea captain 445 south Front 
Quandrill Charles, sea captain 222 south Front 
Quandrill & Ash, merchants Christian-street wharf 
Qandrill Jane, shopkeeper Fourth above Coates' 
Quesnet B. dancing master 22 S. 7th and 47 N. 6th 
Queen James, taylor 53 south Third 
Quig Robert, accomptant Weaver's alley 


Quigley Fre<:1crick, manner Mary's alley 

Quigley James, sandman hack 20 Spruce 

Quin Andrew, haiidresser 63 Walnut 

Quin Daniel, rectilying distillery 183 south Fourth 

Quin Felix, typefounder Cedar above Tenth 

Quin William, taylor 82 Swanson 

Quinn John, mariner 93 Plum 

Quinter Thomas and John, labourer Peggs 

Quirk Philip, mariner 68 Union 

Quota Samuel, merchant 1 15 Lombard 

Quotance Wiley, sweep Spruce above Eighth 

Rabsom Henry, shoemaker 480 Sassafras 
Rabsom M ary, boardinghouse 9 1 Sassafras 
Raenoudt Peter, merchant 70 Lombard 
Rabitie Francis, labourer 317 Callowhill 
Rademaker Joseph, charge des affaires and consul 

g:eneral from Portugal corner Spruce and Eighth 
Rafitld John, accomptant 14 north Sixth 
Rafsnyder Mary, grocer 1 10 north Sixth 
Ragin John, carter north Thirteenth 
Raguet Condy, merchant 63 S. Wharves 1 1 S. 5th 
Raivly John, baker 145 Walnut 
Rakestraw Joseph, printer 190 north Third 

Rakestraw carpenter 172 north Fourth 

Ralston Robert, merchant compting house 103 south 

Front, dwelling 189 Mulberry 
Ramage A. joiner and cabinetmaker 66 south Fourth 

and comer Sixth and Elizabeth 
Ramage Benjamin, hosier corner Twelfth and Pine 
Ramage Elizabeth, mantuamaker 210 south Second 
R^mbo Jos. boatbuilder 40 Green 
Rambo widow of John, boatbuilder 43 Green 
Ramsay Alexander, carpenter 175 Cherry 
Ramsay Mrs. boardinghouse 26 south Front 
Ramsay William, grocer 295 south Front 
Randales John, shoemaker Rose alley 
Randall Josiah, attorney at law and clerk of the 

mayor's court, office east wing of the state house 
Randall Joseph, carpenter 2-1 8 Walnut 


Randall George, porter 167 south Fifth 
Randall Mat merchandise and shipbroker 6 1 Chesnut 
Randolph Edward 8c Son, merchants 65 south Front 
Randolph Edward, jun. & Co. merchants 7 N. Second 
Randolph Edward, jun. 88 Vine 
Randolph Edward, merchant 126 north Second 
Randolph Joseph, painter Spruce above Ninth 
Rankin widow of Alexander, merchant 185 N. Front 
Rankin Alexander, shoemaker 377 north Front 
Rankin Davis, shipwright 563 south Front 
Ranken George & Son, cabinetmakers 163 Mul- 
berry, and 165 north Sixth 
Raphun C. baker Grissel's alley 
Raphun John, taylor 4 South alley and 53 Walnut 
Rapico Francis, sailmaker 119 Plum 
Raser A. boardinghouse 122 north Fourth 
Ratshiller A. black and whitesmith 106 north Sixth 
Rauschenbery John, salt measurer Coates' court 
Rawle William, counsellor at law 1 12 south Third 
Rawl Benjamin, Lilly alley 

Rawlins Stedman, gentleman corner Mth 8c Chesnut 
Ray Andrew, store and tavernkeeper 168 Swanson 
Ray David & Moses, merchants 137 south Water 
Ray James, plaisterer 164 north Eighth 
Ray David, merchant 137 south Water 
Ray widow of Johri, grocer 380 south Second 
Ray J. gentlemaiA 124 Queen [see Rea and Wray 
Ray Joseph, 209 south Eighth 
Ray Nathaniel, sea captain 39 Noble 
Ray Thomas, sea captain 19 Queen 
Raybold Joshua, constable 5 1 Fitzwalter 
Raybold Philip, victualler 1 5 Budd 
Ray ford John, blacksmith 25 Appletree alley 
Ray man Isaac, ferryman M'Culloch*s court 
Raymond widow of Pierce, grocer 92 Spruce 
Raymond William, shoemaker 270 north Eighth 
Rayner widow of Thomas, whitesmith next to the 

corner of Spruce in Seventh 
Rea Alexander, umbreilamaker I north Third 
Rea John, upholsterer 151 Chesnut 



Rea ]Mary Ann, storekeeper 1 north Third 
Read widow of Alex, justice of the peace 190 Cedar 
K.eid Adam, grocer 320 south Second 
Reed Adam, baker 19 north Sixth [see Bei/i 

Reid Catharine, teacher 101 Vine 
Reid & Croasdell, merchants 121 High 
Reed E. woolspinner 8 Budd 
Reed George, taylor 75 south Water ' 

Reed George, mariner Juniper alley- 
Read H. shoemaker Poplar lane above Third 
Read Hugh, weaver Locust above Eighth 
Reed James, merchant 1 North alley 
Reed Joseph, counsellor at law 185 Chesnut 
Reed John, merchant 20 north Fifth 
Read John, ladies' shoemaker 79 south Second 
Read John, tanner near 355 Callowhill 
Read John, umbrellamaker 79 south Second 
Read John, jun. attorney at law 176 Chesnut 
Reed Peter, printer 1 Knight's court 
Reed Philip, innkeeper 139 north Third 
Reed Reuben, plaisterer 42 Small 
Read Richard, sea captain 56 Almond 
Reid Robert, bricklayer Locust above Ninth 
Reed Samuel & Alexander, grocers corner Sassafras 

and Third 
Read Samuel, saddler 26 South alley 
Read Samuel, storekeeper 45 north Second 
Reed Sarah, boardinghouse near 12 Little Water 
Reed Thomas, mariner back 385 south Front 
Read Wm. merchant 15 Sansom 
Reed William, taylor 68 south Water 
Reed Wm, porter 1 Gaskill 
Read Wm. F. copperplate printer Coates* court 
Read Wnti.L. saddler 270 north Second 
Reakert John, grocer 439 north Second 
Reall Samuel, accomptant 6 Callowhill 
Reall James, cooper 160 High 
Reary Peter, combmaker 371 north Second 
Reas Joseph, innkeeper 2 1 3 Cherry 
Reaver John, porter James' 
Reaver Henry, shopkeeper 331 north Second 


Rechel 8c Gough, sugar refiners 46 Crown 

Rechel Jacob, sugar refiners 44 Crown 

Redhair Martin, shoemaker 290 Vine 

Redman Barnabas, printer 214 Lombard 

Redman John, bricklayer 1 i Small 

Redman M. shopkeeper 15 north Third 

Redman James, soapboiler 152 Spruce 

Redman Thomas, merchant i88 Chesnut 

Redman Rirbecca, 185 Walnut (Sansom's row) 

Redwood Wm. jun- merchant 33 south Wharves 

Reuse Joseph, innkeeper 2 1 3 Cherry 

Reedie (.'atharine, widow 67 Cherry 

Reese Adam, shoemaker 181 north Front 

Reese iJf B. Brooke, jun. merchants 109 north Water 

Reese Ann, gentlewoman Loxley's court 

Reese Geo. boot and shoemaker 276 south Second 

Reese Nicholas, watchman Margaretta [see Reyw 

Reess John jM. victualler 36 Charlotte 

Rees George, victualler 310 Vine 

Rees Henry, taylor 120 New 

Rees Jacob, cedarcooper 77 Sassafi'as 

Rees John, ironmonger 115 Sassafras 

Rees Mrs. widow 209 north Front 

Rees Valentine, victualler Cedar above Ninth 

Reeves A. shoemaker 3 Garrigues' court 

Reeves Benjamin, ferry and tavernkeeper north side 

of Highest, wharf 
Reeves Clement, new ferry High-st. wharf, north side 
Reeves Enos, teacher 9 Cherry 
Reeves Lemuel, hatter back 160 Sassafras 
Reeves Thomas, jun. grocer 54 north Second 
Reford Elizabeth, storekeeper 24 south Third 
Reffert Philip, innkeeper 133 Sassafras 
Regin Ann, midwife 16 St. John's 
Regnaud A. merchant 277 south Front 
Rego John, boardinghouse 485 south Fron^ 
Rehn Casper, merchant 62 ^q\y 
Rehn George, brewer 365 south Front 
Rehn John, brewer 363 south Front 
Reibsam John, grocer 213 north Third 
Reibsam John & Co. grocers 222 north Second 
ReiUy Bernard, grocer and bottler 32 north Seventh.^ 


Reilly widow of Boyd, 17 north Ninth 

Reilly John, teacher 120 south Tenth 

Reilly John, merchant 185 Hip,h 

Reily John 8c Co. grocers 174 Swanson 

Reilly James, shoemaker 269 south Fourth 

Reilly James, carter Haines' alley 

Reilly John, tavernkeeper 150 bwanson 

Reilly Philip, teacher 50 Penn[.9e(? Riely 

Reilly Philip, bottler 182 north Water 

Reilly Wm. shoemaker 450 north Third 

Reilly Thomas, sea captain 157 Pine 

Reilly Wm. shoemaker 12 Quarry 

Reinboth Frederick, sexton 130 north Fifth 

Reimer John, ostler Poplar lane 

Reineck Lewis, baker Cedar-st. wharf 

Reineck Peter, baker corner Sixth and Cedar 

Heinhard Eliza, widow 65 north Sixth 

Reinhard G. coachpainter 36 Crown 

Reinholdt George, merchant 323 High 

Reinholdt Mary, widow 86 north Fifth 

Reip John, shoemaker 461 north Third 

Reip Philip, carpenter 98 Budd 

Reip Bernard, shoemaker 106 Budd 

Reisch Henry, grocer 1 1 4 north Second 

Reipshir Bernard, skindresser 13 Crown 

Relf Ann, boardingliouse 151 south Fifth 

Relf Samuel, publisher of the Philadelphia Gazette* 

office 76 south Second, dwellin.e; 56 V/alnut 
Remick Enoch, mastmaker 11 Swanson 
Remington C- lumber merchant 42 Cable lane 
Remington Eliza, storekeeper 37 Christian 
Remington Isaac, sea captain 46 Shippen 
Remington Sc Simmons,' lumberyards 223 N. Water 

and corner Sixth and Vine 
Remshart Christian, furrier Callowhill above Tenth 
Remshart Frederick, baker 172 Coates' 
Renguenet Don Bartolome, consul from iiis Catholic 

Majesty 127 Pine, above Fifth 
Renshaw Richard, justice of the peace and notary 

public 302 south Second 
Renshaw James, carter 126 Coates', 
Renshaw Wm. grocer corner Front and Mulberrv 


Reiishaw W. (Mansionhouse Hotel) corner of Third 

and Spruce 
Ressinger Adam, turner 367 north Second 
Revel Adam, carpenter 57 Passyunk 
Reynolds Benjamin, cooper, guager, and inspector of 

salt provisions Clifford's wharf 
Reynolds E. mantuamaker corner 2d and Lombard 
Reynolds E. cakebaker 2 1 Shippen 
Reynolds Francis, tanner Relief 
Reynolds Henry, storekeeper 38 north Seventh 
Reynolds James, taylor 324 south Front 
Reynolds Joseph, sea captain 20 Cable lane 
Reynolds John, attorney at law 195 Walnut 
Reynolds Peter, bricklayer back 7A Passyunk 
Reynolds Samuel, merchant taylor 48 south Third 
Reynolds Simeon, teacher 142 north Third 
Rheem Jacob, fiour merchant 259 High 
Kheem widow of Michael, labourer Shievely's alley . 
Rhodes Joseph, merchant 506 High 
Rhoades Sarah, gentlewoman Laurel 
Rhoads Charles, carpenter 104 Walnut 
Rhoads Philip, carpenter 139 north Sixth 
Rhoads John, carpenter 42 George 
Rhote Nicholas, Rose alley 
Ribel John, shoemaker near 130 north Fifth 

Riblet Peter, confectioner 1 19 south Second 
Rice John, 39 Passyunk road 

Rice Mrs. widow 53 Almond 

Rice Frederick, sugarboiler 189 Cherry 

Rice Samuel, taylor 76 Lombard 

Rice Wm. innkeeper 184 north Third 

Rice Wm. porter 41 Brown 

Rice Wm. smith corner Green and Third 

Richards A. G. hairworker 13 Pfieffer*s alley 

Richards Charles, merchant 52 Vine 

Richards Catharine, tavernkeeper 57 south Water 

Richards Eleanor, widow 123 north Fifth 

Richards Rev. George, 154 south Ninth 

Richards Henry, cabinetmaker 2 1 Shippen 

Richards John, shoemaker 1 1 Passyunk 

Richard Jacob, cabinetmaker 30 south lifth 

u 2 


Richards Azell, smith 462 north Third 
Richards Isaac, mariner 134 south Water 
Richards John, jun. currier 1 Dock and 105 Spruc'e" 
Richards John, ironmonger 59 High 
Richards John, pUnemaker 2 Oak (S.) 
Richards James, mate back 363 south Second 
Richards Joseph, merchant Spruce street wharf, and 

dwelling 160 south Fourth 
RichardsMrs. nurse 121 New 
Richards Mark, iron merchant 1 30 north Third 
Richards Richard, shoemaker 277 south Fifth 
Richards Rachel, widow 206 north Front 
Richards Samuel, iron merchant 1 1 1 north Water 
Richards S. jeweller 136 south Front 
Richards Thomas, grocer 5 Mulberry 
Richards William, grocer 126 High 
Richardson John, mariner 57 Meade alley- 
Richardson Joseph, assay er in the mint 359 High 
Richardson Nathaniel, 55 Vine 
Richardson Thomas, labourer Mulberry above 1 1th 
Richardson William, umbrella maker 284 north 3d 
Richart John, shoemaker 108 Green 
Riche George, grocer 477 north Third 
Riche Peter, painter Sec. 141 north Fourth 
Richli Joseph, confectioner 43 south Second 
Richman j ohn, gilder 89 north Third 
Richmond Isaac, labourer 266 north Second 
Richmond Isaac, trader Schriver*s court 
Richmond John, gilder 378 north Front 
Richmond widow of Richard, labourer 28 Kunckle 
Richmond Eli, carter 33 Callowhill 
Richmond William, ship carpenter 247 north Front 
Richter Charles, hairdresser 48 Callowhill 
Ricketts J. coach wheelright Broad near Cherry 
Richey John, blacksmith 21 Appletree alley 
Rickey Samuel, grocer 1 6 north Front 
Rickstine John, tanner 1 3 1 north Sixth 
Ridabock P. blacksmith and tavernkeeper 14 S, 5 th 
Riday widow of John, 97 Coates' 
Riddett widow of Peter, mariner next 47 Penn 
Riddle David & James, carpenters 125 Pine 
Riddle John, porter 126 Queen 


Riddle Samuel, boot and shoemaker 135 N. Second 
Riddle William, baker 433 south Front 
Riddle William, mariner 9 Burd's alley ISee Reedle, 
Ridgway Jacob, merchant 160 north Front 
Ridgway Mrs tavernkeeper corner High and Juniper 
Ridgway B. & H. mantuamakers 18 Elfreith's alley 
Ridgway Deleplane, bricklayer corner of Sassafras 

and Ninth 
Ridgway Joseph, merchant taylor 36 Mulberry 
Ridgway John, bricklayer 76 north Ninth 
Ridgway John, 97 north Fifth 
Ridgway Thomas S, bricklayer 41 north Sixth 
Riddler John, cooper 50 Callovshill 
Ridley, John, merchant 60 south Eleventh 
Riehle widow of John Simon, tobacconist 150 High 
Riehle Wm. tanner 156 Hr<h 
Riever John, baker 1 8 Christian 
Riffetts Rebecca, milliner 2 1 north Third 
Rigert John, labourer Rose alley 
Reinhard, Jacob, carpenter 97^Cherry 
Rigby Henry, cabinet maker 122 north Front 
Rigby Joseph, merchant 124 north Front 
Rigden widow of Thomas, carpenter 205 south 2d 
Rigg John H. merchant 9 north Fourth 
Riggin John, shallopman Oak (N. L.) 
Riggins ■ , carter Taper alley 
I^iggler John, victualler north Juniper 
Riggler H. victualler 502 Sassafras 
Rihle Jacob, carpenter 503 north Third 
Rihle Richard, shipwright 25 Beck's alley 
Rhile Mary, boarding house 40 Queen 
Rilley James, shoemaker 120 Plum 
Riley John, merchant 40 south Sixth [See ReUley, 
Riley John, bottler and watch maker 1 1 south 2d 
Riley Thomas, taylor 56 south Water 
Riley William, labourer 4 1 Cable lane 
Riely Joseph, shoemaker Fourth above Noble 
Rimer Thomas^ late shoemaker 297 south Front 
Rine Adam^ labourer south Broad 
Rinedollar Jacob, shipwright oQo north Front 
Rinedollar Jacob, jun. shipwinght 9 Artillery lane 
Ringler George, tobacconist 244 Sassafras 
Rink widow of John, 183 south Second 


Rink Tohn, brushmaker 188 north Third 
Rink Peter, brushmaker 236 north Front 
Rink Sebastian, shoemaker 7 Shippen 
Rinker Samuel, sea captain 31 Artillery lane 
Rino John, labourer 291 south Fourth 
Ripley John P. attorney at law 32 south Sixth 
Ripperger Conrad, bleeder and leecher 29 N. Fourth 
Ripshimer Adam, labourer 297 St. John's 
Ripton Bernard, shoemaker 17 Plum 
Risborough John, sea captain 184 Chesnut 
Risdel xMrs. silk dyer and plumist 66 south Fifth 
Rising Eli, trader 2 1 6 north Third 
Ristine Jacob, taylor 3 1 1 north Fi"ont 
Ritchie Robert, merchant 232 south Front 
Ritchie Henry, gunsmith 487 north Third 

Ritchie , watchmaker 213 north Second 

Ritchie James S. merchant 1 2 Lombard 

Ritter George, stablekeeper 96 New 

Ritter George, cabinetmaker 31 Sassafras 

Ritter Jacob, jun. 8c C<5. merchants 68 north Third 

Ritter Jacob, jun. merchant 68 north Third 

Ritter and M'Caraher, stablekeepcrs 15 Branch 

Ritter Jacob, storekeeper 70 north Front 

Ritter Mrs. widow, 24 north Fifth 

Rittenhouse ' enjamin, head grain measurer 97 New 

Rittenhouse Henry, carpenter Hoffman's alley 

River John, baker 68 Christian 

Rivardi Mrs. young ladies seminary 153 Chesnut 

Rizer widow of Martin,innkeeper 222 S. 2d \8ee Raser 

Rizer George, teacher 152 Swanson 

Rouch Isaac, master of revenue barge 48 Almond 

Roach Joseph, malster Hoffman's alley 

Robb James, cabinetmaker 123 Cedar 

Robb James, letter carrier 4 Elbow lane 

Robb John, taylor 229 St. John's 

Roberts B. tavernkeeper(Blackhorse)Frankford road 

Roberts Benjamin, hatter 1 10 north Second 

Roberts Catharine, widow 3 New Bank 

Roberts Charles, teacher 178 south Front 

Roberts and Comly, merchants 63 High 

Roberts Daniel, shopkeeper 270 south Second 

Roberts Daniel, teacher 192 north Fifth 


Roberts Enoch, mariner 148 north F-i'ont 

Roberts Edmund, carpenter 347 Callowhill 

Roberts widow of Thomas, 60 south Sixth 

Roberts George, carpenter Rose alley 

Roberts Elizabeth, gentlewoman 12 Church alley 

Roberts Francis, 62 south Fifth 

Roberts George, gentleman 252 Ghesnut 

Roberts widow of rev. George, 250 Chesnut • - 

Roberts Hugh S, boardinghouse Mulberry court 

Roberts Israel, coppersmith 1 67 north Third 

Roberts James, siiipjoiner 93 Christian^ 

Roberts Jemima, boardinghouse 2 1 Union 

Roberts Johu, cabinetmaker 19 north Eighth, 

Roberts Johi», aceompt. Lombard near lOth ^ 145 N, 

Roberts John, sea captain 292 south Front 
Roberts Joseph, accomptant 1 68 Mulberry 
Roberts Jonathan, carpenter 36 Kuncl^le 
Roberts widow of Joseph, merchant 14 north Fourth 
Roberts Martha, boardinghouse 93 south Eighth 
Roberts Lewis, tavernkeeper 283 south Front 
Roberts Peter, sea captain 77 Christian 
Roberts Robert, carpenter 9 Crown 
Roberts S. printer 9 Stall's court 
Roberts Samuel, carpenter 9 Fayette 
Roberts Thos. P. ironstore 138^N. Water Sc 28 Vine 
Roberts Thomas, shoemaker 2 Laetitia court 
Roberts William, cabinetmaker 82 8c 84 north Sixth 
Roberts \yklowof Wm. carpenter 163 Ciiesnut 
B.obinett Richard, merchant 5 Powell 
Robinett Samuel, mariner 188 Spruce 
Robins Isaiah, carpenter back 84 Sassafras 
Robins Joseph, carpi;nter 6 Pennsylvania avenue 
Robins Job, weaver 8 Green 
Robbins John, jun. accomptant 153 Vine 
Robbins Saml. boardinghouse corner Geniian Sc 4tli 
Robbins Sarah, 9 Little V\^ater 
Roberson Alex, shoemaker back 386 south Second 
Robertson Catharine, widow 496 north Second 
Robertson Christopher, back 352 south Second 
Robertson John, mariner 263 north Front 
Robertson James, morocco dresser Locust above 9th 
Robertson James, labourer 14 Gray's alley 


Robertsoh Jas. merchant 159 Walnut Sc 58. S, Front 
llobertsoD John, merchant 2 1 3 Spruce 
Robertson J. stockingweaver north Juniper 
Robertson Joseph, pilot 16 Catharine 
Robertson William, merchajit 213 Spruce 
Robeson John, boardinghouse 4 Shippen 
Robeson Maurice, merchant 39 Cherry 
Robeson & Pauls, iron merchants 2 Mulberry 
Robinson Anthony W. carpenter 13G north Eighth 
Robinson Benjamin, carpenter 89 north Third 
Robinson George H. currier 117 Cfcesnut 
Robinson Geor,^e, sea captain 27 Catharine 
Robinson George, accomptant 238 north Front 
Robinson widow of Hugh, 386 north Front 
Robeson Hugh, labourer Vine near Kighth 
Robinson Isaac, labourer 34 Budd 
Robinson Israel, carpenter Nonnater*s court 
Robinson James, sea captain 34 Budd 
Robinson James, grocer 41 Small 
Robinson James, shoemaker Juniper lane 
Robinson James, editor of the Philadelphia Directory 

146 Cedar 
Robinson iohn, carpenter 1 08 south Tenth 
Robinson John, mariner 75 Queen 
Robinson Joshua, carpenter 96 Gaskill 
Robinson Joseph, flour merchant 93 north Ninth 
Robinson Lewis, merchant 30 High 
Robinson Mrs. seminary 88 Spruce 
Robinson E. N. gilder 25 south Third 
Robinson Parker, carpenter 40 Coates' alley 
Robinson Robert, bottler 6 Strawberry 
Robinson Sarah, boardinghouse back 464 south Front 
Robinson Samuel, hatter 36 High 
Robinson Thomas, victualler Laurence 
Robertson Thomas, shipwright 1 Green 
Robison Wm. carpenter Juniper lane 
Roch Christian, 106 north Seventh 
Rockhill Mary, widow Blackhorse alley 
Rockwell Justice, smith 217 north Eighth 
Rockert Nicholas, back 1 SO north Fifth 
Rockford Ann W. gentlewoman 78 Union 
Rocfill Joseph, tobacconist 67 Queen 
Rodrique Andrew, merchant 24 south Seventh 


Rodrique Isaac, storekeeper 117 and 135 N. Third 

Rogen J moroccodresser 77 south Fifth 

Rogers Allen, agent for the N. York line 1 8 S. Third 
Rogers Anthony, labourer south Thirteenth 
Rogers Clement, back 15 north Sixth 
Rogers Charles & John, ironmongers High, fifth door 

above Second, south side, and 7 north Second 
Rogers John, shoemaker 58 Lombard 
Rogers Isf Hamilton, storekeepers 3 south Second 
Rogers Jacob, late corder Warder's wharf 
Rogers John, labourer Callowhill above Fifth 
Rogers P. K. m. d. 13 south Ninth 
Rogers Robert, porter 3 i 9 south Third 
Rogers R. G. shoemaker back 1 5 north Sixth 
Rogers Joseph, glue and cowskin whip factory Peggs 
Rogers Rev. \Vm. d. d. professor of English, &c. 

in the University of Pennsylvania 198 Chesnut, 

south-east corner of Eighth 
Rogers Thomas, merchant 6 north Front 
Rogers Matthew, cooper Eleventh above Sassafras 
Rogers Wm. Y. merchant 1 8 south Third 
Rogers Wm. grocer 10 north Fifth 
Rogers Wm. jun. storekeeper 9 south Second 
Rohr John A. watchmaker and jeweller 116 N. 7th 
Rohr widow of J. H. 115 north Second 
Rohrman J. wheelwright Schuylkill 8th near Cherry 
Rohrman Henry, wheelwright 44 1 north Second 
RoUey Dennis, rigger above 5 1 1 north Second 
Romley John, sea captain Blackberry alley 
Ronckemlorff John F. accomptant 4 Union 
Roney John, currier 29 south Fourth 
Roney Wm. blacksmith 45 Green 
Roney John t^f* Thomas, curriers 129 Chesnut 
Roof Michael, labourer Callowhill above Fifth 
Rookstool W. shoemaker 136 Coates' 
Roror John, cutler 65 Mulberry 
Roreiy Wm. P. combmaker near 1 54 Cherry 
Rory John, grocer 165 Vine 
Rose Ann, midwife 9 Brewer's alley 
Rose Atkinson, merchant taylor 36 north Water ari^ 

17 Second 
Rose Jane, midwife 7 Brewer's alley 


Rose John, jun. turner 234 south Third 
Rose John, engine and machinemaker 234 S. Third 
Rose John, taylor 16 Pewterplatter alley- 
Rose Jonathan^ taylor 14 north Water 
Rose Peter, shingledresser 26 Union alley 
-i^ose Stephen, mariner 9 Elfreith's alley 
Rose Susannah, midwife 9 Brewer's alley 
Rose Thomas, merchant 45 High 
Rose Thomas, brickmaker 397 north Third 
Ross Aquiia, carpenter 17 Wagner's alley 
Ross Andrew, painter 270 south Second 
E.OSS David, carpenter 8 1 north Ninth 
Ross Charles, merchant 23 Dock 
Ross Elizabeth, segarmaker 129 Plum 
Ross Henry^ painter, &c. 342 south Second 
Ross James, teacher 44 north Fourth 
Ross James, tavernkeeper 138 north Water 
Ross John, jun. broker 279 south Fifth 
Ross James, painter, &c. back 369 south Front 
Ross John, taylor 34 north Water 
Ross John, painter and glazier 140 north Third 
Ross Robert, broker 172 south Third 
Ross Samuel, carpenter Ninth near Walnut 
Ross Samuel, merchant 67 Fligh 
Ross Thomas, counsellor at law 148 Chesnut 
'Ross Walter, shoemaker 239 south Fifth 
Ross Wm. printer Locust above Eighth 
Ross Wm. whipriiaker near 25 Brewer's alley 
Ross Vv m. accom plant north Thirteenth 


Rosset Jacob, stoi^keeper 243 Mulberry 
Rosset Joseph, hatter 37 south Iront 
Rossettei- Rev. John, next 1 5 Willing's alley 
Puossetter John, sea captain 1 00 south Eighth 
Rote widow of Philip, musicmaster 94 north Seventh 
Rouanez P.P. boardingschool 148 Pine 
Rouschenberger widow of Peter, Shriver's court 
Roush John, skindresser 58 Sassafi'as 
Rousseau John C. m. d. 210 Spruce 
Pvousseau Simon, stevadore 15 Plum 
Routh Richard, tanner 587 north Second 
Routenwater Nicholas, potter 22 North alley 


Rouvert Edmund, merchant 72 south Third 

Row George, accomptant 176 Lombard 

Row James, labourer 282 vSassafras 

Row Jonas, carter 530 north Front 

Row Michael, carpenter 501 south Second 

Row Martin, biscuitbaker 146 south Front 

Rowan Mrs. boardinghouse 79 Walnut 

Rowan Adam, storekeeper 87 north Third 

Rowen.John, carpenter Locust above Eighth - 

Rowen John, labourer 346 north Second 

Rowen John, billsticker Pine near Twelfth 

Roland John, merchant 206 High & 16 south Seventh 

Rowland ^ Noble, merchants 206 High 

Rowland Is' Gordon, iron merchants 78 north Second 

Rowland Jas. ironstore 78 north Second, dwelling 

Fromberger's court 
Rowland Wm. sawfactory back 162 High 
Rowley Edward & Son, storekeepers 14 N. Front 
Rowlett John, accomptant Lombard near Seventh 
Rownd Mrs. storekeeper 207 south Second 
Rowvoudt William, m. d corner Wood & York road 
Rover George, carpenter back 132 Callowhill 
Ruan & Service, druggists 1 14 High 
Ruaud A. grocer corner Fourth and Callowhill 
Rubecam Charles, hatter 387 north Second 
Rubecam John, tanner 143 Green 
Rubecam Jonathan, carpenter Locust near Eleventh 
Rubey Felix M. tobacconist 36 Meade alley 
Ruddock Jane, widow 134 south Eighth 
Rudolph Christian, turner 470 north Third 
Rudolph L. turner Poplar lane 
Rudy Jacob, innkeeper 100 New 
Rue Joseph, mariner 1 1 7 Callowhill 
Ruff Wm. painter, he. 45 Chesnut & 132 N. Fourth 
Rugan John, merchant 248 Sassafi'as 
Rugan & Rhodes, merchants 99 north Water 
Ruggles S. smith and farrier 106 Cherry . 
Rhule George, coachmaker 199 Mulberry and €^ 

north Sixth 
Ruhlman John, labourer Farmer's alley 
Rummel George, labourer 178 north Eighth 
Rummel^^orge, brickmaker Juniper near Cherry 



Rummel Mrs. widow 4 Starr alley 
Rumsey Charles, joiner 440 north From 
Runchay Wni. soapboiler 216 south Sixth 
Runclle George, merchant Ninth near Walnut 
Rundle Sc Moliere, shipchandlers 50 south Wharves 
Runner John, victualler ! 6 Charlotte 
Rush Benjamin, m. d. professor of the theory and 
practice of physic, and of clinical medicine 98 
south Fourth 
Rush Charles, shoemaker 372 north Second 
Rush George, carpenter 207 Cherry 
Rush George, labourer 129 Sassafras 
Rush Jacobf president of the court of common pleas 

48 north Eighth . 
Rush James I. sea captain 258 Mulberry 
Rush Lewis, parchmentmaker 95 Sassafras 
Rush Latham, joiner Stillhouse alley 
Rush Richard, attorney at law 96 south Fourth 
Rush John, shipwright 400 north Front 
Rush Samuel, carter 245 St. John's 
Rush Susannah, shopkeeper 199 north Front 
Rush William^ graaer 94 Sassafras [see Roudh 

Rush William, carver 174 north Front 
Rusk David, watchman 1 60 south Front 
Rusha Joseph, grocer corner Pine and Tenth 
Russel John, pot manufactory 18 Fitzwalter 
Russel Ann, gentlewoman 3 Penn 
Russel Elizabeth, widow 1 Gray's alley 
Russel Edward, merchant 88 S. Wharves 8c 3 Penn 
Russel George, saddler 25 north Sixth 
Russel widow of Francis, grocer 118 south Second 
Russel John, grocer 94 Shippen 
Russel John, chinapainter Fitzwalter 
Russel John, black and whitesmith 462 Sassafras 
Russel Mrs. mantuamaker 145 Cherry 
Russell Stafford, shoemaker 369 north Second 
Russel Robert, shoemaker 366 south Front 
Russel Stephen, sea captain 41 George (S.) 
Russell Wm. grocer 248 Lombard 
Rutherford John, drover Locust above Juniper 
Ruths Michael, baker 149 Spruce 
Eutter Jacob, victu^er Federal near Second 


Rutter Geoi'ge, constable 397 Sassafras 

Rutter Henry, ropemaker Moyamensing road 

Rutter Jacob, labourer 3 1 Sassafras alley 

Rutter John, shoemaker corntr Second & Meade alley 

Rutter widow of Samuel, grocer 1 1 3 Walnut 

Ryal Henry, pilot 449 south Front 

Ryal Mrs. widow 194 north Fifth 

Ryan Dennis, labourer 5 Hey de's court 

Ryan James, merchant 8 north Eighth 

Ryan Joseph, carpenter 60 St. John's 

Ryan Joseph, mariner back 122 Brown 

Ryan widow of Joseph, potter Poplar lane 

Ryan Lewis, taylor 184 St. John's 

Ryan Thomas, grazier German near Fifth 

Ryan Timothy, carpenter 273 south Front 

Ryan John, labourer Spruce near Thirteenth 

Ryan Lewis, boot and shoemaker first door above the 

United States bank south Third 
Ryan Wm. stablekeeper 22 north Second 

Sacriter D. cabinetmaker 149 Cherry 

Sadler Eleanor, widow 171 Mulberry 

Sadler Mary, storekeeper 294 south Fourth 

Sagar Michael, baker 88 north Eleventh 

Sagar widow of Michael, baker 274 Mulberry 

Sagarthy Wm. hatter 46 north Seventh 

Sagey John, furrier 266 north Second 

Sailer Godfrey, cooper Taylor's alley 

Sailer H. stonecutter corner Eighth and Sassafras 

Sailer John, taylor 1 8 north Water 8c 4 1 Coates' alley 

Saint Douglass, late corder 44 Cedar 

Salade Sebast. fringe and lace weaver 4 Lsetitia court 

Salkeld Isaac, shipjoiner 45 south Water 

Salkzman Jacob, grocer 1 8 south Fourth 

Salter Jacob, brewer 1 8 south Fourth 

Salter Samuel, 436 north Third 

Salter Wm. teacher back 12 north Front 

Saltonstall J. corner Walnut and Fourth 

Sampson 8c Carpenter, confectioners 1 1 N. Second 

Sampson John, porter 8 1 Budd 


Sander John C. musician 146 south Seventh 

Sander C. labourer near 2 1 Wood 

Sanders Jesse, grocer corner St. John's and Poplar 

Sanders John, ironfounder 309 Vine 
Sanders John, mate 1 1 6 north Water 
Sanders John, carpenter 17 Budd Isee Sg,unders 

Siinders Mary, tutress 73 north Seventh 
Sanders Peter, fruiterer 183 north Second 
Sandfbrd Rowland, coachmaker 65 north Eighth 
Sandford Ann, storekeeper 1 60 south Sixth 
Sands John, carpenter Oak (N. L.) 
"Sansom Joseph, merchant 411 High 
Sansom Samuel, merchant 41 1 High 
Sansom Wm. merchant office 96 Mulberry- 
San son John, stonecutter corner Locust and Eighth 
Saranecke A. accomptant 25 north Ninth 
Sap James, taylor 9 Chancery lane 
Sapp M. constable 113 south Fifth 
Sarmiento J. F, merchant comptinghouse coi:.ner 4th 

and Spruce, dwelling 286 Chesnut 
Saquy Louisa, gentlewoman 150 south Sixth 
Sargeant rev. Thomas, 69 Crown 
'Sarin Caleb, shoemaker 261 south Fourth 
Sarin John, shoemaker 440 south Front 
Sauarwalt John, tobacconist 131 Callowhill 
Satterthwaite Abel, ironmonger 52 north Third 
Saulnier Joseph, carpenter 438 Sassafras 
Saunders Richard^ sea captain 1 3 Beck's alley 
Saunders Jacob, carter Fourth above Brown 
Saunders Jane, widow 236 north Front 
Saunders Abel, carpenter Pennsylvania avenue 
Saunders Isaac, oakcooper 25 Noble 
Saunders Francis, grocer Cedar above Tenth 
Saunders S. F. accomptant 418 "South Front 
Saurman Martin, 26 north Sixth 
Saurman Henry, accompant 64 north Eighth 
Savage Jemima, mantuamaker 123 south Eleventh 
Savage & Dugan, merchants York court 
Savage John, merchant 9 1 south Third 
Savage John, suspendermaker 78 Lombard 
Savage Mary, widow 328 south Front 


Savage Reuben, floiir and feed store 38 1 Sassafras 

Saveke Godfrey, 86 north Front 

Savern Benjamin, labourer 66Zane 

Savery Thomas, cai'penter near 5 South alley 

Savin Samuel, sea captain 168 north Front 

Savin Mrs. tavernkeeper Spring-garden 

Savoy Francis, paperhanger 9 8 north Third 

Sawer James, storekeeper corner Pine and Second 

Sawn Harriot, tavernkeeper Callo\vhilI-st. wharf - 

Sawyer Lewden, ladies shoemaker 165 south Second 

Sawyer Joseph, sea captuin 88 south Third 

Sawyer Peter, drover 566 north Third 

Sawyer Abigail, widow 138 Brown 

SaAvyer Robert, blacksmith 2i Artillery jane 

Say Benjamin, m. d. 152 Chesnut 

Say Benj. &c Son, druggists, &c. corner 8th & High 

Say Samuel, stevadore 187 north Front 

Savers \Vm. sea captain 18 Mary 

Scattergoods £c Davis, tanners and curriers 276 north 

Scattergood Joseph, currier, Sec. 303 north Second 
Scattergpod Thomas, tanner and currier 278 N. Front 
Scaffer Adam, carter 489 north Third Isee Shaker 
Schaffer Ann PL mantuamaker 15 south alley 
SchafFer Conrad, baker 86 south Third 
SchafTer Cliarles, sugar refiner 82 north Second 
Schaffer Joseph, labourer 80 north Seventh and Pine 

near Eleventh 
Schaffer Jacob, baker Lilly alley 
Schaffer Philip, mariner 463 south Front 
Schrackingast George, labourer 31 1 north Front 
Schaumenkessel Frederick, baker 46 Green 
Scheblee L. stockingweaver 26 North alley 
Schell Henry, grocer 195 north Second 
Schellench John, carpenter Lombard above Ninth 
Scherzinger John M. oil and colourman 66 N. Fourth 
Schetkey George, professor of music 161 Chesnut 
Schively Henry, jun. cutler 45 Chesnut 
Schively Joshua, druggist. Sec. 51 south Third 
Schively Henry, cutler and surgeon's instrument 

maker 49 south Thh'd 
Schindler Michael, baker corner Shippen and Fifth 

X 2 


Schinkle John, watchmaker 268 north Second 
Schinkle Frederick, gentleman 1 5 5- Mulberry 
Schitz Adam, sexton Front near Christian 
Schitz Philip, innkeeper corner Fourth and Vine 

{see Sheets 
Schlatterer John, baker 2 10 north Second 
Sclatter Wm. merchant 233 High 
Schmidt rev. John Frederick, minister of the German 

Lutheran Church 27 north Fourth 
Schnatz Sebastian, baker 129 Sassafras 
Schnider Wm. tyler to the grand lodge of Pennsyl- 
vania near 62 Zane 
Schneider Casper, distiller 313 north Front 
Schnell Lewis, baker 135 Mulberry 
Schoch George, innkeeper 8 1 north Seventh 
Schoch Frederick, labourer 136 Coates* 
Schoch Michael, shoeinaker 78 Brown 
Schoch Casper, teacher 99 Coates* 
Schoeber B. J. attorney at law 160 south Third 
Schoeber Frederick, baker 166 north Second 

■I^Scholfield Harrison, chairmaker Fourth above Noble 

^Schooly Samuel, porter 82 Budd 

Schools James, rattriner 4 1 1 south Front 

Schott James, merchant 235 Mulberry 

Schott John P. jun. 75 north Water 

Schott iif Mandeville, merchants 75 north Water 

Schott John P. inspector of customs 12 Cable lane 

Schrack Abraham, innkeeper 38 High 

Schrack Jacob, shipwright Liberty alley 

Schrack Joseph, carter 20 Green 

Schrader J. D. sugarboiler 38 Kunckle 

JBchram Bernard, sugarboiler 3 5 Crown 

Schreiner Elizabeth, widow 1 1 Cherry 

Schreiner U Richards, iron merchants 99 north 2d 

Sciireiner Henry, iron merchant 50 Vine 

Schreiner Jacob, ironmonger 177 and 122 north 2d 

Schreiner John, whitesmith 23 north Tenth 

Schriber Theodore, painter, 8cc. 304 south Front 

Schviber Henry, victualler 296 north Eighth 

Schriber Mrs. widow 335 Callowhill 

Schriber widow of Peter, victualler 259 Callowhill 

Schroeter F. merchant Hoffman's alley 


Schroeter Sc Co. merchants 3 1 High 
Schronk Bernard, baker north Thirteenth 
Schrunk widow of George, 200 Coates* 
Schryer George, shoemaker 252 Sassafras 
Schryer John, baker 26 Callow hill 

Schultz , gentleman 47 Brown 

Schultz Adam, labourer 106 Christian 

Schultz widow of Wm. brewer 209 St. John's 

Schumo Barney, turner 15 Elfreith's alley 

Schwartz Peter, carver Pemberton's alley 

Schweitzer Michael, porter Steinmetz court 

Scobey John, grocer 132 Vine 

Scochum Stephen, shoemaker near 25 Union 

Scopeman James, taylor back 69 Christian 

Scott Andrew, porter back 208 High 

Scott Andrew, soapboiler 5 Quarry 

Scott Benjamin, copperplate printer 213 north 2d 

Scott Catharine, widow back 35 Mulberry 

Scott Daniel, stevadore 5 1 6 south Front 

Scott George, oakcooper Callowhill-st, wharf 

Scott Henry, mate 78 Catharine 

Scott James, carpenter back 13 Beck's alley 

Scott Job, mastmaker 1 6 Equality court 

Scott John W. printer 147 Chesnut 

^cott John, printer 32 north Fourth 

Scott John, grainmeasurer 6 Dock 

Scotti John, ladies hairdresser 8.S north Second 

Scott Lydia, boardinghouse 73 High 

Scott Martha, shopkeeper 65 north Third 

Scott Robert, engraver m the mint 1 3 north Twelfth 

Scott Samuel, tanner corner York road cs* Callowhill 

Scott Samuel, carpenter il9 Green 

Scott , cooper 198 north Second 

Scroggy Thomas, grocer corner George 8c Juniper 

Scotton P. Sc A. bonnetmakers 2 Strawberry 
Scravendyde Peter, soap and candlemaker 237 S. 2d 
Scull Benjamin, pewterer 26 south Fourtli 
Scull Daniel, grocer next 341 north Front 
Scull Wm. late tavernkeeper Callowhill-st. ferjy 
Scull Wm. porter 40 Brown 
Scully Mary, shopkeeper 209 south Fifth 


Scully John, bottler 17 Walnut 
Scyferhelt John, shipwright 53 Green and 128 Brown 
Scyferhelt widow of B. labourer 25 Callowhiil 
Scarison George, umbrellamaker TS-f^um 
Seaborn Elizabeth, shopkeeper 76 Mulberry 
Seaner Philip, labourer 10 Greenleaf alley 
Seimon Paul, merchant 2 north Ninth 
Searl Robert, porter 530 north Front 
Searl James, tavernkeeper near 528 north Front 
Searl Enos, carter Laurence (N. L.) 
Seawrii>ht Mary, milkwoman o7 Budd 
Seocnlist Michael, baker 44 Sassafras 
Seckle David, grazier 12 north Eighth and 305 High 
Seckle Lawrence, wine merchant 155 High 
Seckie George, watchman Locust near Ninth 
Seddinger M. saddletreemaker Germantown road 
Seddinger Casper, basketmaker 66 Budd 
Sees George, grocer corner Thirteenth and Walnut 
Seeger David, late confectioner 18 south Seventh 
Seeger Charles, confectioner 1 1 1 south Third 
Seeger John, sea captain 148 St. John's 
Seemann John Andrews, innkeeper (Red Lion) cor- 
ner of Brewer's alley and Fourth 
Seeman Serick, cooper 109 Christian 
Senn Wm. shoemaker 124 Callowhiil 
j^eidel John, currier 358 south Second ^ 
Seip Henry, carter Britton's alley 
Seip Jacob, wheelwright 104 north Fourth 
Seip Peter, accomptant 12 Cresson's alley 
Seits Charlotte, shopkeeper 60 Sassafras 
Seits George, surgeon dentist next 69 Sassafras 
Seiby J. sea captain 40 Union 
Sell Henry, painter, &c. near 487 north Second 
Sell Solomon, sen. taylor 76 Brown 
Sellers Coleman, wireworker Mulberry court 
Sellers David, wireworker 8 north Sixth \_see Teller 
Sellers Isaac, brassfounder 40 St. John's 
Sellers Nathan ^ David, wireworkers 231 High 
Sellers Robert R. printer 83 Mulberry 
Seltzer Heniy, carter Fourth above Brown 
Semple John, taylor Elmslies' alley 
Semple Matthew, merchant 52 south Front 


Scnderling Nicholas, carter 62 Artillery lane 
Senderling Rosina, widow Charlotte 
Sendoz Dominique, gentleman 156 Mulberry 
Senofft George, tavernkeeper 25 North alley 
Senneif Jacob, carter 274 Vine 
Senneff John, taylor 99 Coates' 
Senneff Jacob, carpenter Broad near George 
Senneff Ann, widow 106 Coates' and 186 south Front 
Sennix Isaac, bricklayer back 175 Cherry 
Sequin Francis, shipwright 103 Swanson 8c 363 S. 2d 
Sequin Andrew, shipwright 371 north Front 
Sergeant Elizabeth, widow Mulberry corner of Tth 
Sergeant E. Spencer, attorney at law 85 N. Third 
Sergeant John, attomey at law 113 Mulberry 
Sergeant Thomas, attorney at law corner of Walnut 
and Fourth Isee Sargeant 

Sergeant Thomas, labourer 3 Heydes' court 
Serill James, sea captain 1 3 Keys' alley 
Serine Joseph, mariner 1 1 Callowhill 
Sermon Isaac, m. d. 105 north Front 
Sermon Richard, smith 26 north Second 
Service Hugh, druggist, &c. 1 14 High 
Service Andrew, merchant 42 south Front 
Service Philip, shipwright \o Gaskill 
Servoss E hatvvarehouse 213 north Front 
Sexton Daniel, taylor 14 Gray's alley 
Sexton Jared, taylor 35 south Water 
Sexton John, wharfbuilder Beach 
Seybert Adam, m. d. 1 14 High 
Seybert John, labourer 2G Coates' 
Seyfert Conrad, bookbinder 12 Pear 
Seyfert Mrs. nurse 13 Knight's' court 
Seyfert John, blacksmith above 60 St. John's 
Seyferhelt John C. bleeder 83 north Tenth 
Seymour Joseph, comedian 58 north Sixth 
Seymour Joseph H. engraver Shields' alley 
Seymour Samuel, engraver Tenth near Pine 
Shade Peter, brushmaker81 High 
Shade George, hatter near 14 Margaretta 
Shafer Casper, m. d. 66 Vine 
Shafer Mrs. widow 13 Crown 
Shafer John L. carpenter 401 north Third 


Shaffer John, baker 24 Passyunk road [see Sc/iaffr^ 
Shallcross Leonard, shoemaker 81 south Front 
Shallus Francis, engraver 89 south Front 
Shallus Elizabeth, boardinghouse 56 north Fourth 
Shallus John, labourer 184 Spruce 
Shane Benjamin, shoemaker 276 north Second 
Shane widow of George, blacksmith 37 Crown 
Shank Isaac, carpenter 132 Cailowhill 
Shanks Abraham, taylor 1 7 Appletree alley 
Shankland Joseph, taylor 156 south Water and 157 

Shannon \Vm. & Hugh, gunsmiths and cutlers 21 

Passyunk, near Fifth, below Cedar 
Shannon James, plaisterer Walnut above Tenth 
Shannon James, mariner 64 Catharine 
Shannon John, carpenter 33 Shippen 
Shannon John, hatter 131 north Sixth 
Shannon Livingston, 137 south Tenth 
Shannon Mrs. boardinghouse 64 north Front 
Shannon W^m. late auctioneer 19 north Fifth 
Sharpe Benjamin, merchant taylor 94 Chesiiut 
Sharp Charles, taylorShepherd's court 
Sharp Daniel, 32 north Seventh 
Sharp Henry, mate 7 Parram's alley 
Sharp John, carpenter Britton's alley 
Sharp John, pilot 47 Christian 
Shai'p Joseph, shoemaker 70 Passyunk 
Sharp Richard, merchant 133 south Third and 152 

Sharpe Ludwick, accomptant 1 Shriver's court 
Sharp Samuel, pilot 7 Queen 
Sharp Wm. mariner 246 south Fourth 
Sharpless widow of John, coachmaker 30 north 6th 
Sharpless Mary, mantuamaker 56 Mulberry 
Sharpless Jesse, merchant 48 High 
Sharswood James, gentleman 92 north Sixth 
Sharswood William, brewers Fourth above Vine 
Shaw Abraham, tin plate v,^orker 103 Cedar 
Shaw Alexander, cabinetmaker 83 north Front 
Shaw David, labourer 100 north Fourth 
Shaw George, grocer and bottler 21 south Front 


Shaw James, carpenter 127 Gedar 

Shaw James M. hatter 160 High 

Shaw Jolm, carter 503 south Second 

Shaw Abial, labourer Oak (N. L.) 

Shaw Henry, mariner Oak (N. L.) 

Shaw Mary, tayloress 65 north Seventh 

Shaw John, grocer 232 north Second 

Shaw rev. Joseph, pastor of the Associate church 28t 

south Front 
Shaw Mrs. widow 242 Sassafras 
Shaw Mrs. widow 49 Pine 
Shaw Matthew, carpenter 38 Pine 
Shaw Robert, merchant 14 Lombard 
Shaw Samuel B. merchant 210 south Sixth 
Shaw Thomas, accomptant Patton's court 
Shaw William, labourer 99 Passyunk 
Shaw Wm. A. merchant Bickley's wharf, dwelling 

Brookes' court 
Shaw William, m. d. 137 Mulberry 
Shawaker John, constable back 351 north Second 
Sheaff George, wine merchant 168 High Sc 3. S. Fifth 
Sheaff George, cabinetmaker 164 St. John's 
Sheaff Henry, wine merchant 180 High 
Sheaff Philip, merchant 34 north Sixth 
Sheaff Mrs. gentlewoman 269 High 
Sheahan Michael, carter north Juniper 
Shearer John, sea captain 1 6 Almond [see Sherer 
Shearer Michael, baker 1 9 1 Lombard 
Shearer Valentine, grocer 29 1 north Eighth 
. Shearer John, tobacconist corner 12th and George 
Sheble Jacob, cabinetmaker 206 north Second 
Sheble Adam, cedarcooper 206 north Second 
Sheble John, grocer 77 north Fifth 
Shedaker James, cooper 49 south Water 
Sheed George, sen. plaisterer 275 south Fifth 
Sheed George, jun. constable 43 Plum 
Sheed Isabella, gentlewoman 22 Queen 
Sheed widow of William, plaisterer 119 German 
Sheets Adam, sexton of Swedes church 459 S. 2d 
Sheets Christian, justice of the peace Vienna 
Sheets Philip, hatter 267 south Front 
Sheets Michael, carpenter Wells' court 


Shell Jacob, carter 453 north Third 
Shellingsford Thomas, blacksmith 517 north Third 
Shellingsford William, caulker Sweed's alley 
Shellingsforth James, constable 46 Budd 
Shelmerdine Edward, hatter 23 south Fourth 
Shelmire Jesse, grocer 95 Callowhill 
Shelmire Jesse <sf Co. grocers 213 north Third 
Shelmire Wm. meal merchant 101 north Fourth 
Shepherd Benjamin, carpenter 1 40 north Eighth 
Shepherd Jacob, baker 62 Cherry 
Shepherd Thomas, shopkeeper 36 north Third 
Shepherd John, victualler James 
Shepherd James, carpenter back 78 Sassafras 
Shepherd & Pennock, merchants 36 north Third 
Shepperd Robert, victualler Branner's alley 
Shepherd Randall, fruiterer 1 3 south Sixth 
Shepherd William, whitesmith and bell hanger 250 

Sassafras, corner Wagner's alley 
Shepherd Thomas, ornamental painter 72 N. Fifth " 
Sherborne William, baker 52 Swanson 
Sherer Henry, hairdresser 43 north Sixth \_seeShearer 
Sheridan Bernard, stablekeeper 7 north alley 
Sheridan Abraham, innkeeper Schuylkill upperf^^rry 
SheridineDominick, dealer 61 Christian 
Shermer Mrs. shopkeeper 389 north Front 
Shermer Joseph, carver and gilder 5 Sterling alley 
Shermer John, clock and watchmaker 384 north 2d 
Sherman William E. sea captain 6 Union 
Sherman Matthias, shoemaker iS Appletree alley 
Sherry John, grocer 2 I south Water 
Sheward Caleb, brewer corner Dock and Pear 
Shewell S. 174 Mulberry 
Shewell Thomas, storekeeper 67 north Second 
Shidmore Joseph, shoemaker 1 9 1 Shippen 
Shields Andrew, bottler 2 north Front 
Shields Henry, shopkeeper 451 south Second 
Shields L. carpenter Kunckle above St. Tammany. 
Shields James, bookbinder Hunter's court 
Shields Robert, storekeeper 32 north Second 
Shields Thomas, gentleman 15 Dock 
Shealds William, grocer 10 south Fourth 


Shields William, mariner 362 south Second 
Shinn John, jun. chymist 2 1 1 Sassafras 
Shipley John, hardware merchant 50 Mpberry 
Shipley Thomas, hardware merchaiil^ High 
Shipley Thomas & John, hardware merchants 53 

Shipley John 8c Co. hardware store 13 High 
Shippen Wm. hatter 53 north Sixth 
Shippen Mrs widow 15 north Twelfth 
Shipshanks Wm. merchant 77 Vine 
Shirley Moses, tinplateworker 212 south Second 
Shoeber B. J. attorney at law 1 60 south Third and 

Twelfth near Chesnut 
Shoeber Mrs. widow 94 south Third 
Shoemaker Abraham, one of the aldermen, land bro- 
ker and conveyancer, office 100, dwelling 124 south 

Shoemaker Christian, combmaker 59 Coates' 
Shoemaker Christian, porter above 5 1 1 north Second 
Shoemaker Daniel, storekeeper 171 south Second 
Shoemaker Edward, hardware merchant 413 Iligh 
Shoemaker Joseph, merchant 92 north Second 
Shoemaker Jacob & Son, insurance brokers office 

south-east rdem of the coffeehouse, and 132 N. 2d 
Shoemaker Jane', widow 76 New 
Shoemaker Jesse, grocer corner Maide» and Beach 
Shoemaker Joseph, silversmith 12 north Front 
Shoemaker John J. merchant 92 north Second 
Shoemaker M . gunsmith 467 north Third 
Shoemaker Margaret, widow 16 Greenleaf alley 
Shoemaker Lydia, midwife 10 Shippen 
Shoemaker Sarah, widow 60 north Second 
Shoemaker Samuel, attorney at law 26 north Fifth 
Shoemaker Abraham, jun. attorney at law 124 south 

Shoeman Frederick, porter Poplar lane near Fourth 
Shorland Thomas, painter, &:c. 306 south Front 
Shrank Bernard, baker near 438 Sassafras 
Shreve Caleb, merchant 106 north Fourth and 45 

north Front 

Shreve John rigger loft 6'south Wharves 8c 399 north 


Shram Barney, tavernkeeper 1 14 north Fifth 
Shryer John, baker 83 south Fourth 
Shryer George, shingledresser 335 Callowhill 
Shubert George, ladies shoemaker 105 Walnut 
Shubert J. R. merchant 94 Lombard and 52 south 

Shuffelbottom Wm. china merchant 42 north Second 
Shugard George S. hardware store 587 north Second 
Shugard Simon, tax cgllector 366 north Second 
Shull Frederick, inspector of customs 26 Branch 
Shull Lewis, tobacconist north Broad 
Shults C. jun. ladies shoemaker 215 north Second 
Shults Charles, feedstore 1 6 Passyunk road 
Shults Frederick, harnessmaker 48 Lombard 
Shults George, carpenter Rose alley 
Shultz Nicholas, carpenter:near 843 Sassafras 
Shuster Andrew, oakcooper 3 1 7 north. Second 
Shuster D. victualler Pleasant 
Shuster Margaret, widow 50 Callowhill 
Shuster Jacob, oakcooper 110 N. Water Sc 4"2 Vine 
Shuster Charles, coachmaker 178 north Fifth and 

2 Tenth 
Shute Daniel, drygoodstore 251 south Second 
Shute Mary, widow 1 12 Union 
Shute John, carpenter Pine; near Twelfth 
Shute John, labourer 503 south Front 
Shuttle Daniel, labourer 143 Coates' 
Shweppenhauser N. taylor 435 north Third 
Sibbet John, plaisterer comer Prune and Fifth 
Sicard Stephen, dancingmaster 1 30 Mulberry and 

Goforth alley 
Siddons John, carpenter 45&«outh Front 
Siddons Joshua, mariner 20 Union alley 
Siddons Josiah, taylor 193 south Second 
Siddons Joseph, carpenter 119 north Fourth 
Sickles John, taylor 407 north Second 
Side Wm. carter 2 6 Brown 
Siders F. baker Britton's alley 
Sidleman Casper, HO South alley 
Siener Thomas, labourer 52 1 north Third 
Sigoigne Madani^, 9 Powell 


Sigler Samuel, drover 125 Callowhill {.see Ziglev 

Silence John, cabinetmaker 103 Mulberry 
Sillick John, boardinghouse 276 south Fourth 
Silver John, shoemaker 70 Callowhill 
Silver John, merchant 172 High and 7 north Fiftli 
Silver Peter, brewer Carpenter (S.) 
Silvey Joseph, mariner 3 1 7 south Second 
Simon John, taylor 13 South alley 
Simon John, baker 87 south Second 
Simon Joseph, bathhouse Froniberger's court 
Simington George, shoewarehouse 106 High 
Simmons Wm. balance weigher 157 Vine 
Simmons Anthony, late goldsmith, &c. 27 Sassafi^as 
Simmons Edward, lumber merchant 145 N. Third 
Simmons David P. packing factory 1 Ith near Spruce 
Simmons John, teacher 324 north Second and 5 Wat- 
kin's alley 
Simmons Leeson Sc Jos. merchants Bickley's wharf 
Simmons James, gentleman 1 1 south Fifth 
Simmons Leeson, sea captain Fromberger's court 
Simmons Stephen, lumber merchant 43 Cable lane 
Simons Stephen, hairdresser 1 8 1 soutli Front 
Simon John, shoemaker 1 3 Hinckle's court 
Simons Joseph, linen Sc woollen draper 253 south 2d 
Simons Noah, linen and woollen draper 25 5 south 2d 
Simons Richard, shopkeeper 100 south Water 
Simons Michael, cooper 81 Sassafras 
Simonton J. W. merchant 56 north Front 
Simpson Deborah, tutress Coxe's alley 
Simpson Geo. cashier of the U. S. Bank 104 Chesmit 
Simpson David, silverplater 128 south Sixth 
Simpson Hannah, widow 153 north Water 
Simpson James, boardinghouse 64 Catharine 
Simpson Mrs. nurse 162 Pine 
Simpson John, labourer 62 Catharine 
Simpson Wm. grocer 284 High 
Sims' wharf opens at 153 south water 
Sims John, accomptant Haines' alley 
Sims John, painter 2 1 Wood 
Sims Samuel, accomptant 241 Spruce 
Sims John, taylor 94 Swansoi) 


Sims Joseph, merchant comptinghouse 155 S. Watei* 

dwelling south-west corner Chesnut and Seventh 
Sims James, labourer Carpenter (S.) 
Sims Walter, seaciaptain corner Chesnut and 1 1th 
Sinn Thomas, carter 490 north Third 
Sinn Susan, widow 70 Sassafras 
Sinclair James, printer 227 Walnut {see Siiif: 

Siner John, ropemaker Carpenter (S.) 
Siner Jacob, brickmaker Fourth above Brown 
Singer George, coachwheelwright 194 south W^^ter 
Singer John, merchant 263 High 
Singer John, mariner 137 Coates' 
Singer Joseph, ropemaker 16 Mary's (S.) 
Singerly George, taylor 429 north Third 
Singleton Joseph Y. sea captain 295 south Fi'ont 
Singleton Samuel, sea captain 196 south Front 
Singleton Thomas, caulker 456 south Front 
-ink Abraham, hardware store 2 1 High 
Sink Laurence, cabinetmaker 35 Lombard 
Sinkler C. saddler, Sec. near 64 south Fourth 
'-"ink Mrs. ^vidow 202 Vine 
-ips John, brickmaker north Thirteenth 
'iips MichacL labourer 93 north Fourth 
Sippet Chni*^ mariner near 349 south Front 
Sisk Mrs. .dinghouse Spruce near Tenth 
Sisty J. pocketbook maker 10 Strawberry alley 
Sixtc Stephen, confectioner 125 south Second 
rfkellinger Cornelius, pilot Oak (N. L.) 
Skellinger Abigail, grocer 32 Queen 

Skellinger — , sea captain 520 south Front 

Skellinci;er A. tavevnkeeper 9 Christian 

Skeilinger Justice, cooper 50 Almond 

Skelly Thomas, merchant 10 south Wharves and 

29 Sansom 
Skelton Mary, spinster 74 New 
.Skerret James, blacksmith Locust above Eighth 
Skerret James, jun. blacksmith 135 south Ninth 
Skerret James 1. accomptant 152 south Ninth 
Skerret Joseph, jeweller 1 12 Callow hill 
Skerrigal Thomas, porter 46 Brown 
Skidmore Joseph, shoemaker 300 south Third 
Skillman John, saddler, kc. 308 north Second 


Skinner John, sea captain 289 south Front 
Skinner EUzabeth, widow 38 Vine 
Skinner Francis H. sea captain 79 north Secorid 
Skoone Henry, mariner 98 Green 
Skyrin John, gentleman 134 north Eighth 
Slack Daniel, shipwright 12 Brov.n 
Slatter Godfrey, labourer near 74 Passyunk 
Slaughter John, baker corner Third and Callowhill 
Slaughter Peter C. carpenter 8 Budd 
Slaughter Jacob, tobacconist 136 north Third 
Sleeper & Ashton, blacksmiths 90 north Front 
Sleeper James, blacksmith 277 north Second 
Sleeper Jonathan, oakcooper 1 i 1 south Water 
Sleeth zif Desaby, grocers corner Fifth and Plum 
Slemmer Jacob, cooper 439 north Third 
Slasher Jacob, currier 339 north Second 
Slesman George, merchant 58 north Third 
Slesman E. & G. featherstore 98 north Front 
Slingluff Joseph, conichandler 4 10 north Thir<! -^ 
Sloan Mrs. mantuamaker 225 Mulberry 
Sloan Hugh, taylor 168 south Water 
Sloan Joseph, merchant 7 Penn 
Sloathman Mary, nurse 168 north Seccd 
Small Abraham, stationer 2,7 south Se "' 
Small Francis, near 243 south Sixth * 
Small Jacob, grocer 338 Sassafras 
Small R. widow 82 Green 

Smallman Jas. engineer Walnut near Schuylkill 2<i 
Smallwood Isaac, carter 27 Noble 
Smallwood Martha, tavernkeeptr 2 Dock 
Smallwood Isaac, tavernkeeper Arch st. ferry 
Smart Charles, oysterman 9 Elfmth's alley 
Smeltzr R. painter, &c. 4 Cherry 
Smiley John, taylor Eighth near Spruce 
Smiley Wm. merchant taylor 98 Chesnut 
Smith Abigail, widow 103 Chesnut 
Smith Abraham, mariner near 26 South alley 
Smith A. waiter 13 south Seventh 
Smith C. G. baker 258 north Front 
Smith Charles, grocer corner Walnut & Eleventh 
Smith Casper, blacksmith 205 Sassafras 

Y 2 


Smith Charles, coachmaker 177 south Third 
Smith Charles, storekeeper 207 north Second 
Smith Charles, hangingpaper manufacturer corner 
Sassafras and Schuylkill Front, and dvvellinghouse 
north-east corner Chesnut and Fourth 
Smith Christian, mariner 365 south Front 
Smith Cornelius, labourer 165 Coates' 
Smith Charles, trader 177 north Second 
Smith Charles E. merchant 77 r>orth Second 
Smith Charles L. grocer 37 and 28 south Third 
Smith Chester, oakcooper Richardson's court 
Smith Cornelia, boardinghouse 46 Walnut 
Smith David, shopkeeper 152 south Eighth 
Smith Daniel, grocer 99 north Third 
Smith Duncan, porter Juniper alley 
Smith Daniel, merchant 181 south Third 
Smith Daniel, labourer 1 1 Charlotte 
Smith Dockeray, merchant 36 south Front 
Smith Edward, merchant 179 north Front 
Smith Elisha, teacher 6 Hinckle's court 
Smith Edward, grocer 36 George 
Smith Eiias, taylor 9 Stall's court 
Smith Edward, sea captain 1 4 north Fifth 
Smith Francis G. merchant 214 south Front 
Smith Elizabeth, 23 ^Walnut 
Smita Francis, coachtrimmer 148 Cherry 
Smith Francis, late stevadore 49 German 
Smith Frederick, 77 Union 
Smith George, labourer 1 76 north Eighth and 1 ith 

near Race 
Smith George, porter Garden 
Smith George R. accomptant 10 north Eleventh 
Smith George W. merchant 158 north Second 
Smith George, coachtrimmer 3 Fayette 
Smith George, callenderer 9 1 north Third 
Smith George, currier back 102 High 
Smith Godfrey, merchant 9 north Sixth 
Smith Mrs. of George, harnessmaker 126 Gallowhill 
Smith George, boardinghouse 883 south Front 
Smith Henry, baker 424 south Second 
Smith E. Harriot, seamstress 86 Cedar 
Smith Henry, shopkeeper S54 north Front 


Smith 8c Helmutb, merchants 225 High 

Smith Hemphill, grocer corner Walnut and lUh 

Smith Henry, carter 2 north Tenth 

Smith Hugh, sea captain 501 south Front 

Smith Hugh, carpenter 7 1 Cherry 

Smith Isabella, boardinghouse corner 5th & Lombard 

Smith Isabella, nurse 106 Cedar 

Smith widow of Isaac, merchant 287 Chesnut 

Smith Jacob, accomptant 190 Vine 

Smith Jacob, late innkeeper 359 north Third 

Smith Jacob, silversmith 210 north Eighth 

Smith Jacob, t ay lor 278 south Fourth 

Smith Jacob, shoemaker back 130 Sassafras and 462 

north Front 
Smith Jacob, surgeon dentist 269 south Second 
Smith Jacob, plaisterer 179 Cedar 
Smith James & Co. merchants 103 north Front 
Smith James S. attorney at law 15 Pine 
Smith, merchant 2 north Sixth 
Smyth James, grocer corner Columbia avenue and 

Smith James, inspector of customs 83 Walnut 
Smith James, merchant 317 High 
Smith James, merchant ) 5 8 north Front 
Smith James, jun. 209 High 
Smith Jane, tutress 1 5 Cresson's alley 
Smith Jeremiah, brickmaker north Broad 
Smith Jesse, shoemaker 522 south Front 
Smith Job, shoemaker Poplar lane 
Smith John A. tobacconist 304 north Third 
Smith John, stonecutter corner Seventh and Pine 
Smith John, shoemaker Locust above Eighth 
Smith John, saddler, &c. 9 Pennsylvania avenue 
Smith John, superintendant for N. L. 408 north 2d 
Smith John, whitesmith 52 and 54 Cedar 
Smyth John, blacksmith corner Broad and Cherry 
Smith John, grocer 32 south Wharves 
Smith John, shoemaker 7 1 New 
Smith John, 76 Plum 
Smith John J. merchant 33 south Wharves and 187 

Smith John M. carpenter 274 north Second 


Smith John, taylor 382 north Second 
Smith John, shoemaker 9G Lombard 
Smith John, accomptant 141 north Fifth and srsoutli 

Smith John, innkeeper 72 German 
Smith John, weaver 542 north Third 
Smith rev. John F. 27 north Fourth 
Smith John, carpenter Filbert above Tenth 
Smith John, marshall for the district of Pennsylvania 

102 south Eighth 
Smith John, labourer 500 south Front & 309 N. Front 
Smith John, labourer Blackhorse alley 
Smith John S. merchant 107 south Water and 44 

Smith John R. attorney at law 53 Walnut 
Smith John S. merchant 54 south Wharves, 105 and 

lorWater, and 72 Lombard 
Smith John, sea captain 1 7 Vine- 
Smith John, typefounder 105 German 
Smith John, curbstone cutter and setter corner 

Schuylkill Eighth 
Smith Jonathan B. alderman and judge of the court 

of common pleas and quarter sessions 60 S. 5 th 
Smith Jonathan, cashier of the bank of Pennsylvania: 

73 Walnut 
Smith Jonathan, carpenter back 369 south Front - 
Smith Jonas, storekeeper Cable lane 
Smith Joseph, shoemaker 1 17 CaUowhill 
Smith Joseph B. accomptant near 63 Crown 
Smith Jos. merchant 23 S. Wharves and 81 Waliwt 
Smith Joseph, silversmith 7 Little George 
Smith Joshua R. bricklayer next 133 north Fifth 
Smyth Lambert, keeper of criminal apartment, slate 

prison-, corner of Walnut and Sixth 
Smith Mrs. widow 184 south Water 
Smith Sc Maxwell, printers back 28 north Second 
Smith ^ Montgomery, merchants 41 north FroRt- 
Smith Margaret, boardinghoiise 7 Stall's court 
Smith Matthias, hairdresser 1 ] 6 north Third. 
Smith Mrs. boardinghouse 83 Walnut 
Smith & Mullock, curriers 104 High 
Smith Margaret, mantuamaker 43 Lombard 


Smith Margaret, shopkeeper 192 north Third 
Smith Nathan A. carpenter corner Vine and Fifth 
Smyth Nathan, shoemaker 5 Greenleaf alley 
Smith Newberry, merchant 62 north Second 
Smith Oliver, merchant 77 Mulberry 
Smith Peter, taylor 277 north Front 
Smyth Peter, merchant 63 north Front 
Smith tr Parker, merchants 209 High 
Smith Patrick, shoemaker St. John's near Callo^vhlil 
Smith Philip, brewer Charles 
Smith PhiUp, grocer corner Spruce and Front 
Smith PhiHp, victualler 257 north Eighth 
Smith Ralph, carpenter 3 1 4 north Second 
Smith Ralph, jun; carpenter near 109 north Fifth 
Smith Rebecca, gentlewoman Brookes' court 
Smith Reuben, shipwatch 7 Gray's alley 
Smith Richard E. merchant 113 north Water 
Smith Richard, porter 178 north Eighth 
Smith Richard, shoemaker 265 south Fifth 
Smith Richard, turner 18 south Tenth 
Smith Robert isT Co. merchants 5^ south Front 
Smith Robert, merchant 58 south Front 
Smith Robert, jun. merchant 30 south Second 
Smith Robert T. hardware store 35 north Third 
Smith Robert, paperstainer 120 Christian 
Smith Robert, wheelwright 318 south Sixth 
Smith Rowland, tavernkeeper 53 south Fron': 
Smith Sarah, widow 75 Cherry ,.- 
vSmlth Sarauci, grocer 138 south Water 
Smith Samuel, gentleman 87 Mulberry 
Smith Samuel, bricklayer 2 Pennsylvania avenue 
Smith Samuel, tanner, Sec. 68 S. od and 91 Wain*. 
Smith Samuel, mahogany sawyer 7th near Pine 
Smith Samuel, apothecary 31 Sansom 
Smith Samuel B. m. d. 208 south Second 
Smith Stephen W. merchant 17 Pine 
Smith Solomon, currier 68 north Third 
Smith Solomon, boardinghouse 92 north Water 
Smith Solomon, mariner 385 south Front 
Smith Stephen, merchant 41 and 45 north Front 
Smith widow of Thos. judge of the supreme court 328 


Smith Thos. & N. lumber yard corner Vine and 6th 
israith Town, sailmaker 49 south Wharves 
Smith Thomas, accomp. 200 Chesnut & 17 N. I'ith. 
Smith Thomas, sailmaker 80 Cedar 
Smith Thomas, lumber merchant 175 Vine 
Smith Thomas, labourer 41 Cable lane 
Smith Thomas, manner 191 north Front 
Smith Thomas, sea captain near 5i Uiorth Second 
Smith Thomas, watchman Eleventh near Cedar 
Smith TheobaM- '-'acksmith 115 Pine 
Smith Vinccui, laoourer 4 1 Cable lane 
Smith ^^ illiamC. printer near 26 South alley- 
Smith William T. merchant 77 north Water 
Smith Wm. T. jun. merchant 77 north Water and 

16 Sassafras 
Smith William, carpenter 269 Sassafras 8c 4 Knight's 

Smith William, carter 142 Brown 
Smith William, hosier north Juniper 
Smith William, attorney at law 103 Chesnut 
Smith William, jun. merchant 48 south Front 
Smith Wm \\ . merchant 90 south Front, dwelling; 

nea- 'uylkill Bridge 
Smitii , iJiiam, typefounder Cedar above Twelfth 
Smith Vvilliam, mariner 13 Chesmit and 78 Penn 
Smith Wm. H. gilder and japanner 165 south Sd 
Smith William, innkeeper 140 north Second 
Smith William, porter Britton's court 
Smith William M. accomptant Union 
Smith W. grocer corner Poplar lane and Charlotte 
Smith W^illiam, mariner 1 6 Christian 
Smith William, biscuit baker 47 Green 
Smith W illiam, m. d. 27 Sansom 
Smith 8c ^' "ood, merchants 47 north Water 
Smith's v/harf opens at 5 1 and 77 N. W^ater 
Smither Benjamin, shoemaker 17 Filbert from 8th 
Smither James, engraver 143 Mulberry 
Smither John, confectioner 75 south Third 
Snagg Thomas, carter 65 Coates' 
Snalvaker Philip, tobacconist 104 north Water 
Snealh rev. Richard, 220 south Fourth 
Sneathen James, shallopman near 116 Shippen 

DIRECTORY. ' ^^-^ 

Sneck George, victualler Laurence 
Sneck George, sen victualler Laurence 
Sneck Philip, victualler James' street 
Sneed Laven, inspector of lumber 3 Swanson 
Sneiiringer John, grocer 448 north Third 
SneU James, sea captain 207 north Second 
Snell Lewis, labourer 127 Green 
Snovvden Isaac, gentleman 40 Sangom 
Snowden Joseph, shipchandler 1 30 Pine 
Snowden Mrs. nurse back 38 1 High 
Snowden k North, shipchandler? '*^'*«»ce-st. wharf 
Snowden Thomas, carpenter 9 6 nt»nifl5f(^venth 
Snowden & Fisher, brewers 107 New 
Snowdon Leonard, brewer 107 New 
Snyder Adam, chairmaker 116 Brown 
Snyder Benedict, stockingweaver 20 North alley 
Snyder Catharine, boardinghouse 30 north Eighth 
Snyder Charles, shoemaker 24 Artillery lane 
Snyder Christian, cabinetmaker 49 north Fourth 
Snyder Charles, labourer 82 Budd 
Snyder C, cabinetmaker 466 north Second 
Snyder widow of David, 1 30 Brown 
Snyder David, brickmaker 260 St. John's 
Snyder George A. jr. storekeeper 
Snyder George, innkeeper 162 north ThiYt 
Snyder George, carpenter 22 Sassafras alley 
Snyder Henry, painter corner Green and St. John's 
Snyd*ir Henry, labourer 483 north Third 
Snyder Henry, tinplate worker 30 St. John's 
Snider Herman, cabinetmaker 253 Vine 
Snyder Jacob, carpenter Dean's alley 
Snider Jacob, shoemaker 44 Zane 
Snider Jacob, jun. shoemaker 1 50 north Eighth and 8 

Heyde's court 
Snyder Jacob, shoemaker 182 south Fourth 
Snyder Jacob, taylor corner Arch and Eighth 
Snyder Jacob, storekeeper 78 north Fifth 
Snyder widow of John, brushmaker 251 north 2d 
Snyder Mrs. of John, Charlotte 
Snyder John, deputy sheriff 466 north Second 

Snyder , printer 92 Crown 

Snyder Jolin, grocer 52 and 54 north Fourth 


Snyder Jos. blacksmith 79 Penn k 21 Little Water 

Snyder Sophia, grocer 35 Passyunk 

Snyder Joseph, gilder 109 Walnut 

Snyder & Sees, grocers corner Walnut Sc Thirteenth 

Snyder Lewis, blacksmith Haines' alley 

Snyder widow of Ludwick, 465 N. 3d Isee Schneider 

Snyder & Miller flour merchants 308 High 

Snyder Mrs. seamstress back 212 north Eighth 

Snyder Michael, labourer 1 1 3 Cherry 

Snyder Peter, labourer near 28 Kunckle 

Snyder Peter, travelling stationer 480 noinh Third 

Snyder Thomas, brickmakef corner Schuylkill rth 

and Walnut 
Snyder \\ m. tyler to G. lodge Pennsylvania 62 Zane 
Soby David, smith Goddard's alley 
Soderstrom Richard, consul general from Sweden 

corner Sansom and Eighth 
Solomon E. merchant 214 Pine 
Solomon Rachel, near 60 St. John's 
Somervill Christiana, chinastore 233 south Second 
Sommer Johii Jacob, merchant 67 Sassafras 
Spipmers Mrs. widow corner Noble and Second 

■ * [«ee Summer. "i 

Songster William, labourer Cherry near Juniper 
Sonntag WSiiam L. merchant 28 north Fifth 
Sotton Martin, plaisterer 286 Sassafras 
Souder Charles, sien. bricklayer Lilly alley 
Souder Charles, bricklayer 301 north Second 
Souder Charles, bricklayer 19 Noble 
Souder Elizabeth, 196 north Fifth 
Souder Jacob, bricklayer 249 north Second 
Souder Jacob, jun. bricklayer 315 north Second 
Souder widow of John, shopkeeper Kunckle 
Souder John, innkeeper 214 north Third 
Souder wi^ow of John, bricklayer 326 Sassafras 
Souders<John, bricklayer Oak (N. L.) 
Souders Casper, boot and shoemaker 90 Chesnut 
Souders John, bricklayer Wells' alley 
Souffrain John, hairdresser 95 north Front 
Soullier John M. merchant 132 Pine 
Soulnier Josepli, carpenter corner Juniper and 


Sourby Mary, boardinghouse 167 north Front 
Sours Wm. brickmaker William 

Sourwalt , tobacconist 172 north Fourth 

Sowers Henry, porter Garden 

Spackman Samuel, merchant 108 south Foiarth 

Spade Sarah, nurse 59 Shippen 

Spalding Matilda, widow 87 Coates* 

Spangler Henry, blacksmith 32 Cedar 

Spangler George, blacksmith 250 south Front and 

32 Cedar 
Sparhawk widow of John, bookseller 67 south 2d 
Sparks David, porter 10 J^aurel 
Sparks Henry, merchant 167 south Second 
Sparks Robert, cabinetmakers Peggs* 
Sparks widow of R. F*blockmaker 163 south Second 
Speakman Hannah, widow 178 Mulberry 
Speakman John, druggist. Sec. corner 2d and High 
Spear George, taylor 4 Garrigues' court 
Specht Charles, weaver 429 north Third 
Specht George, grocer 319 north Third 
Specht Jacob, Charles' 
Speel John, baker 46 '^trawberry 
Spence Wm. T. sea captain 206 Lombard 
Spencer James S. merchant 252 north Second 
Spencer Joseph, merchant 86 north 2d and n Vine 
Spencer John, grocer 282 south Third 
Spennanberg C shopkeeper 31 north Front 
Sperry Jacob, merchant comptinghouse next 1 north 

Fifth, dwelling 1 10 Mulberry 
Sperry Jacob 8c F. W. merchant 195 High 
Spicekennaul Wm. cabinetmaker corner Chesnut and 

Spicer Mrs. of Samuel, sea captain 462 south Front 
Spiegle John, combmaker 247 Vine 
Spiegle Philip, stonecutter Walnut near Eleventh 
Spillard Henry, grocer 75 Shippen 
Spiers John, ropemaker Federal 
Spiers Peter, ropemaker Federal near Second 
Spofford Jacob, sea captain 3 1 Cable lane 
Spohn Wm grocer corner Sassafras and Second 
Sporon Isaac, printer 192 south Eighth 
Spotswood widow of Wm. printer 38 south Fourth 


Sprag;^ Richard & Son, dealers 17 Dock 
Sprahn Isaac, printer back 239 north Second 
Spraggs Joseph, cooper 57 south Water 
Sriggs James, malster 115 Green 
Springer Benjamin, carter 4 Strawberry 
Springer Francis, shoemaker 24 Almond 
Springer widow of George, shoemaker 2 Crab 
Springer James, storekeeper 2 1 Sassafras 
Sprenger Joseph C. silk warehouse 66 north Third 
Sprngel Ann, mantuamaker 4-48 north Second 
Sprogell John L. carpenter 144 north Front 
Sproul James, near 47 south Wharves 
Sproul Robert, accomptant corner 12th & Chesnut 
Spyres M. dealer 66 Callowhill 
Spruce Richard, teacher High near Thirteenth 
Stackhouse Amos, chinastore 178 north Front 
Stackhouse & Evens, cabinetmakers 17 Chesnut 
Stackhouse Powell, cabinetmaker 17 Chesnut 
Stackhouse E. labourer Shields' alley 
Stackhouse H. hatter 43 Coates' alley 
St. John Oliver, carpenter 2 1 8 south Seventh 
Stafford Robert S. m. d. 25 Pine 
Stafford J. M. mariner 18 Plum 
Stall Elizabeth, widow 78 north Third 
Stall F. shipchandler Ridge road near Logan 
Stall Valentine, victualler Laurence 
Stallard James, stablekeeper 36 Pine 
Stamper Sarah, gentlewoman 68 Pine 
Stamper's whah? opens at 127 south water 
Stanbridge John C merchant 36 Filbert 8c 264 High 
Stanford George, baker Locust above Eleventh 
Stanly Norris, merchant 1 1 German 
Stanly Wm. capenter Nonnater's court 
Stantliff Edward, labourer 16 Mary 
Stanbury John, labourer Poplar lane 
Starke John, wheelwright 5 Knight's court 
Stark Peter, mariner 79 Budd 
Starkey John, liatter 1 1 Gray's alley 
Starr widow of John, 186 north Front 
Starr 8t Thomas, salt merchants corner Vine ami 


Starr James, gentleman t> I Vine 

Starr George, carpenter Locust above Eighth 

Statzel Henry, brassfounder 74 Gi een 

Staughton rev. W m. pastor of first Baptist Church 

152 south Front 
Stay wick Dominick, labourer 2 SO north Front 
Stead Henry, printer 22 Cedar 
Stear widow of John, 291 Caiinwhill 
Stedeaui Isaac, shoemaker 165 south Sixth 
Studinder Mrs. widow 22 Starr ahey 
Steir widow, tavernketper 95 north Fourth 
Stee} A. measurer of carpenter's work 15 German 
Steel A. chairmaker 122 south 2d & Emslie's alley 
Steel George, accomptant Clever alley 
Steel James, shipwright 72 Budd 
Steel James, jun. flour merchant 81 south Wharves 

and 80 south Front 
Steel James, innkeeper (Woodman) first gate Ger- 

mantown road 
Steel John, collector pf the port 216 Pine 
Steel John Q. taylor22 Brown 
Steel John, labourer 67 Queen 
Steel Matthias S. mariner 1 16 Callowhill 
Steel Mrs. tutress 28 1 south Third 
Steel John, storekeeper 228 soutli Second 
Steel John, labourer 1 1 Christian 
Steel Thomas, moroccodresser 29 Walnut 
Steel Thomas B. tavernkecper Cedar above Ninth 
Steel John, mariner Brewer's alley 
Steel Wm, grocer 1 15 Cherry 

Steel Wm. merchant 85 south Wharves 8c 60 Uniop 
Steelman Solomon, hairdresser 345 south Front 
Steenberg Abraham, merchant 7 south Second 
Steers Isaac, carpenter 270 south Second 
Steever Daniel, merchant 3 1 north Eighth 
Steever Daniel, shoemaker 137 south Front 
Steever Henry, tavernkeeper 100 Fligh 
Stein Abraham, dealer in watches 86 north Third 
t^teinbaugh Adam, victualler Pleasant 
Steiner Frederick, taylor 21 North alley 
Steiner Joseph, L\hdurer back 176 Sassafras 
Steiner Wai. cooper 112 north Seventh 


Steinman John, gunsmith 442 north Third 
Steinmelz Mrs. gentle^voman 270 Chesnut 
Steinmetz E. spinster corner Tenth and Chesnut 
i^teinmelz Wm. brickmaker 330 north Second 

StEINMETz's wharf opens at 51 NORTH WATBR 

Steinuur Michael, shoemaker 33 Vine 

Steinaur Wm. shoemaker back S3 Vine 

Steinroch David, blacksmith 50 Brewer's alley 

Stelwaggon Daniel S. sea captain 13 Cherry 

Stelg'aggon F. merchant 202 north Water 

Stephens John, shoemaker 137 Green 

Stephens John, mariner 230 south Fourth 

Stephens Joseph, sea captain 1 12 south Second 

Stephens Robert S. 1 6 Pine 

Stephens Mary, widow 26 Sassafras 

Stephens David, innkeeper 322 north Second 

Stephens George, cutnailer 464 north Front 

Sterling Robert, labourer 43 Vine 

Sterling Robert, grocer corner Cedar and Penn 

Stern Samuel, minter 320 Sassafras 

Sterne Wm. grocer 395 Mulberry 

Sterrit Ezekieljcaiter 121 Queen - 

Sterrit Wm. carter 508 Sassafras 

Sterritt John, hatter 35 Noble 

Stetler Henry, smith corner Second and Germantown 

Stevens David, innkeeper 322 north Second 
Stevens Rebecca, grocer 9 Small 
Stevens Samuel, copperplate printer Eleventh n^ 

Stevens George, taylor SO south Second 
Stevens Samuel, cutler, &:c. 85 north Second 
Stevenson John, labourer 450 Sassafras 
Stevenson Andrew, sea captain 32 Union 
-tevenson Augustine, storekeeper 223 north Third 
Stevenson John, founder 389 Sassafras 
Stevenson Cornelius, carpenter 47 George 
Stevenson Crooke, merchant 35 north Water and 22 

Stevenson Mary A. milliner 145 south Second 
Stevenson John, segarmaker Mark's lane 
S^tevenson John, coachmaker near 9 Plum 


Stevenson John, maltster 241 south Sixth 
Stevenson Samuel W. broker 146 south Fifth 
Stevenson Robert, carpenter Lombard near Seventh 
Stevenson Wm. city surveyor near 85 Union 
Stevenson Wm. currier 214 north Second 
Stevenson Wm. merchant 190 Walnut 
Stewardsoa Thomas, merchant 90 Mulberry 
Stewart Alexander, labourer 241 north Second 
Stewart Andrew, bridlebit and stirrup manufactory, 

22 Greenleaf alley 
Stewart Andrew, tavernkeeper corner Vine Sc Front 
Stewart Ciiarles (Old Rising; Sun) Germantown road 
Steward Charles, teacher 358 north Front 
Stewart Charles, storekeeper 57 north Second 
vSiewart widow of Duncan, gentleman Lilly alley 
Stewart Francis, sea captain 40 Christian 
Stewart George, carpenter Locust near Tenth 
Stewart James, grocer 89 south Water 
Stuart James, drover 416 Sassafras 
Stewart James, plaisterer corner Blackberry alley h 

Stewart Juhn, accomptant 5 Budd 
Stewart John, blacksmith 17 Strawberrv 
Stewart Joseph, carpenter 69 north Tenth 
SteAvart Lydia, shopkeeper 31 north Eighth 
Stewart Moses, grocer 594 Sa»sfifra6 
Stuart Mary, widow 438 south Front 
Stewart Peter, jun. grocer south-east corner Third 

and Mulberry 
Stewart Robert, smith 28 Little Water 
Stewart Samuel, m d., 182 Spruce 
Stewart Samuel, stonecutter north Juniper 
Stewart Thomas Sc Co. dyers 480 north Third 
Stewart T. sailmaker 158 sbuth Front and 76 south 

Stewart Thomas, painter 39 Strawberry and dwelling 

7 New Bank 
Stewart Henry, dyer and calico printer 504 north 2d 
Stewart Wm. shallopnian back 328 north Front 
Stewart Wm. bricklayer 20 Queen 
Stewart Wm. carpenter 239 St. John's 
Stewart Wia* carpenter 1 1 Knight's court 


Stewart Wm. shoemaker 133 south Sixth 
Stewart Walter, carpenter Rose alley- 
Steward h Wiltberger, lumberyard 173 north Water 
Stuard Francis, blacksmith Sassafras near Eleventh 
Stuart Isabella, grocer 102 Shippen 
Stuart James, carpenter 34 Farmer's alley- 
Stuart James, inspector of customs 155 Cedar 
Stuart Mrs. boardinghouse 8 Prune 
Stuart James, blacksmith 102 Shippen 
Stuart James, grocer 241 south Second 
Stuart John, teacher 133 south Sixth 
Stuart John, cabinetmaker 58 south Second 
Stewart Margaret, widow 164 Cherry 
Stuart Rebecca, gentlewoman 55 south Fifth 
Stuart Sarah, shopkeeper 17 Plum 
Stuart Thomas, carpenter 182 Lombard 
Steyer John, grocer 203 Spruce 
Stief John, baker 126 north Fifth 
Stier Mary, tavernkeeper 95 north Fourth 
Stillas Mrs. boardinghouse 93 Lombard 
Stiles John, lumber merchant 41 1 north Front 
Stiles Ann, shopkeeper corner Callowhill & Water 
Stiles Peter, taylor 1 6 Little Water 
Stiles Robert, bricklayer 44 Vine 
Stiles Samuel, shoemaker 131 St. John*s 
Stiles Wm. shoemaker Ninth near Walnut 
Stiles Thomas T. printer 1 1 north Seventh 
Stiles 8c Vanzant, shopkeepers near 20 1 N. Water 
Stille Benjamin, merclmnt 208 Mulberry 
Stille John & Co. merchants 33 south Water 
Stille John, merchant above J 40 Chesnut 
Stille Mrs. gentlewoman 40^ south Front 
Stille widow of John, 404 ncsrth Front 
Stille Samuel, merchant 42 north Eighth 
Stilwell Obadiah, 15 north Sixth 
Still well Aaron, mariner 29 German 
Stimel Philip, tobacconist 155 High l^ 129 north 6tk 
Stine John, labourer bhievely's aHey 
Stine Adam, cooper 382 south Second 
Stine Jacob, tavernkeeper 6 Stamper's alley 
Stine Peter, labourer Eleventh near Sassafras 
Stineman John, gunsmith back 85 Brown 


Stintzman John, labourer north Thirteenth 

Stinemeyer Jacob, labourer 56 north Eighth 

Stinger John, baker 146 Spruce 

Stiner Henry, carpenter 122 Coates* 

Stiner Wm. millwright 393 north Front 

Stites Isaiah, sea captain 102 Plum 

Stitler Jacob, labourer 1 3 1 north Sixth 

St. John Richard, mariner 45 1 south Front 

Stock & Burdick, painters 112 north Seventh 

Stock Frederick, gavdiner Fourth above St. Tammany 

Stock George, painter, &c, Fourth near Poplar lane 

Stock ;ohn, painter, &c. 1 1 south Seventh 

Stock Philip, gardiner St. Tammany above Fourth 

Stock Philip, jun. painter 12 GreSFon's alley 

Stockdale Geraldus, grocer 6 Plum 

Stocker Conrad, baker 161 St. John's 

Stocker John C. jun. merchant 5 Dock Sc 208 S. 3d 

Stocker John Clement, merchant 188 south Front 

Stocker Margaret, gentlewoman 193 south Front 

Stocker Robert, boardinghouse 14 Almond 

Stocker John C. 8c Learning, merchants 5 Dock 

Stocker Anthony, merchant 5 Dock 

Stockman Christian, mariner 453 south Front 

Stockton Saml. collect, of accompts Hoffman's alley 

Stockton Elizabeth, widow 2 Garrigues' court 

Stockton H. merchant 22 Vine 

Stockton Wm. T. agent to New York and Baltimore 

stages, office 9 and dwelling 1 3 south Fourth 
Stoddart John, merchant 22 north Third 
Stoerger Martin, baker Fourth above Green 
Stokes B. Sc J. flour and feedstore 221 north Fcont 
Stokes George, grocer 130 south Water 
Stokes James, broker and commission merchant 

2 south Front 
Stokes Mary, shopkeeper 54 south Second 
Stokes Joseph, flour merchant 77 Crown 
Stokes Thomas, tax collector opposite 33 Key's alley 
Stokes Thomas, jun. plaisterer back 175 Cherry 
Stokes Wm. F. inspector of butter, Sec. 62 N. Water 
Stokes Wm. shoemaker 159 Vine 
Stokley P. shoemaker 352 south Secorid 


Stone widow of Daniel, shopkeeper 1 19 north Second 

Stone John, ccdarcooper back 545 north Second 

Stone John, coachmaker 125 north Fifth 

Stone Wm hairdresser 29 Swansoa 

Stones Samuel, merchant 210 Walnut 

Stoneman Samuel, mate 124 Queen 

Stoops Ann, tutress22 Coombs' alley 

Stork A. wholesale and retail store south-east corner 

Shippen and Fourth 
Story Samuel 8c Co. curriers 109 Chesnut 
Story Samuel, currier 1 13 Chesnut 
Story Thomas, dealer 242 south Fourth 
Story Wm. cutnailer 126 Lombard 
Stoiesbury Arthur, sea captain 102 north Second 
Stothart IJJ'Staikey, merchants 2o3 High 
Stothart Wm. merchant 28 north Sixth 
Stott Jacob, carpenter 8 Knight's court 
Stous Jacob, corner Walnut and Ninth 
Stout G. blacksmith 263 Sassafras 
Stout C. labourer Cable lane above Callowhill 

Stout , saddler 28 Spruce 

Stout Mis. of Peter, near 2 Brewer's alley 
Stout George P. welldigger 125 Coates* 
Stout Jacob, hatter 3o Sassafms alley 
Stout John, labourer Charlotte 
Stout John P. vendue cryer 106 Coates' 
Stout iVIargaret, widow 32 south Sixth 
Si^out Wm. labourer 5 I Callowhill 
Stow Lazarus, shoemaker 312 Cherry 
Stow Charles, taylor 17 north Fourth 
Stow John, tuiner 76 Sassafras 
StoweVs John, innkeeper High near Schuylkill 7th 
Strahan Gregory, innkeeper 190 south Eighth 
Strahan Joseph, carpenter 284 Lombard 
Stratton Allen, carter 12 Green 
Straton Benjamin, blockmaker 90 Spruce 
Stratton John, shipwright Equality court 
Stratton Fithian, gentleman 69 Coates' 
Stratton George, shipwright Penn (K.) 
Stratton Clayton, storekeeper 13 north Front 
Stratton Isaiah, weaver 48 1 north Second 
Stratton Joel, tavernkeeper, board inspector, salt and 
coal measurer, 121 north Water 


Stratton Levi, carpenter 74 Budd 

Stratton 8c Walton, blockmakers 115 Water 

Strawbridge John, merchant 89 south Third 

Strayline George, taylor 302 Vine 

Streiper Leonard, tanner 60 Green 

Streiper Samuel, carter 2 noi th Tenth 

Strembeck Jacob, painter 97 north Second 

Strembeck VVm. tavernkeeper 180 Swanson 

Strembeck John, painter. Sec. 182 Swanson 

Stretch Bradway, grocer 127 Swanson 

Stretch Mrs. nurse 5 3 Coates' 

Stretcher Thomas, carpenter Walnut above Tenth 

Stretcker Peter, brickmaker north Broad 

Stretcher Firnex, carpenter 129 south Sixth 

Strieker Arman, merchant 59 north Eighth 

Strieker Adam, flour merchant 2 StalFs court 

Strieker Sc Davis, merchants 224 High 

Strieker Daniel, tobacconist 189 High 

Strieker Isaac, coppersmith 339 north Second 

Strieker Susannah, Clever alley 

Strickland John, carpenter 262 Mulberry 

Strickland Wm. landscape painter, &c. 262 Mulberry 

Strieby Adam, carpenter 402 north Front 

Stringer Peter, porter 14 farmer's alley 

Strong Joseph, m. d. corner Walnut and Second 

Strong Charles, shallopman 16 Vernon 

Strong Matthew, sea captain 24 Sassafras 

Strong Wm. silversmith 24 Sassafras 

S troop Jacob, victualler Laurence 

Stroud Joshua ^Thomas, merchants 55 S. Wharves 

Stroup John, taylor 12 N. Water and 127 Front 

Stroup John, jun. taylor 125 north Front 

Stroup John, blacksmith 388 north Third 

Strunk George, carter 172 north Fourth 

Strunk P. milkman Carpenter (S.) 

Stryker Peter A. innkeeper 59 north Water 

Stryker Mrs. vfidow Clever alley 

Stryker John H. hairdresser Noble near Third 

Stubert John 8c Jacob, lastmakers 67 north Tenth 

Stuckert Henry, baker 362 north Third 

Stuffle John, ropemaker 449 south Second 


>^tQlI Adam, grocer 334 Sassafras 

StuU Wm. Ivihoiirer 288 Mulberry 

Sturck Jacob, shoemaker 478 north Third 

Stuntz Frederick, baker 352 south Second 

Sturgis Daniel, blacksmith 125 Swanson 

Sturgis John, turner near 315 Callowhili 

Srjrgis .-oseph, sea captain 358 south Front 

Sturgis Peter, boot and shoemaker 138 south Fifth 

Sturm, Nidda 8c Co merchants 28 north Third 

Stutler H, blacksinith 2d abovi", Germantown road 

Stutzell Isaac, carter 269 north Second 

^--tutzei Jacob, carter 96 Green 

Stutzel Jacob, jun. carter 92 Green 

Subers Amos, lead potter 372 north Front 

Such Jesse, carter 140 Callowhili 

Sulger Jacob, sea captain 354 south Second 

Sul.rer Jacob, merchant 161 Mulberry 

Sully Thomas, portrait painter 56 south Eleventh 

Sullender J. blacksmith 484 north Third 

SuUender John, blacksmith 19 Shippen 

Sullender Peter, bricklayer Poplar lane 

Sullivan J. L. baker back 44 Sassafras 

Sullivan JereiTilah, fruiterer 51 Mulberry 

Sullivan Mrs, of Joseph, shoemaker 48 Spruce 

Sullivait Mrs. widow, 161 Vine 

Sullivan John T. stationer 43 N. Front k 40 Sassafras 

Sullivan Joshua, innkeeper 285 High 

Sullivan Pierie, trunkmaker IS Almond 

Summerfield James, mas iner 110 Catharine 

Sunrjcrl Joseph, merchant 73 north Water 

SuMERL's wharf opens at 69 NORTH WAThR 

Summers, widow of And. 1 5 S\nnmer's court 
Summers A. bi'oker 2 1 7 Spruce 
Summers Arthur, shoemaker 599 north Third 
Summers Barnaby, shopkeeper 1 3 i Cherry 
Summers George, carpenter 25" Powell ^ee Sommer 
Summers George, blacksmith Mulberry near 12th 
Summers John, shoemaker 23 Mary (S.) 
Summers Manin, blacksmith Waggoner's alley 
Summers Peter, accomptant 16 south Broad 
Summers Philjp, gentleman Lijiy alley 


Summers Philip, shoraaker corner SchuyJkill Sixth 

and Chesnut 
Sumpton Rebecca, cakebaksr 152 Mulberry 
Sunrighter Mary, widow Hoffman's alley 
Super Jacob, cabinetmaker 162 north Fi'ont 
Supplee Amos, taylor 135 N. Fifth and 186 Third 
Surrell Joseph, porter 29 Charlotte 
Sutherland Daniel, gentleman 60 Plum 
Sutter Daniel ^ Son, merchants 3 north Fourth 
Sutcr Daniel, jun. innkeeper 1 22 south ^ixth 
Sutter Charles J. tobacconist 222 north Third 
Sutter John G. sea captain 358 north Front 
Suter Ann, tavernkeeper 58 High 
Sutter Daniel, grocer 5 north Fourth 
Suter & Rayfield, shoestore 58 High 
Sutter Mary, storekeeper 374 north Second 
Sutter James W. sea captain 36 Christian 
Sutter Samuel merchant 3 north Fourth 
Sutton Mary Ann, 12 Wiilings' alley 
Sutton Joseph, carter 50 Brown 
Sutton Thomas, grocer 77 Callowhill 
Sutton Fenjamin, carter Oak (N. L.) 
Sutton Martin, plaisterer 286 Sassafras 
Swain Ehzabeth, nurse 158 north Third 
Swain John, painter and glazier 175 north Second 
Swain Martha, shopkeeper 415 north Front 
Swaine George, carter 40 Crown 
Swaine Shubeal, sea captain 367 Mulberry 
Swain Silas, sea captain 78 south Eighth 
Swaine Sophia, shopkeeper 363 north Second 
Swan Robert, silversmith 77 south Second 
Swann Thos. ridingmastei- cor. High 8c Schuylkill 8th 
S^^anson John, mariner 254 north Front 
Svvartz George, taylor 124 north Water 
Swartz John, stevadore 112 north Water 
Swats John, shoemaker I5I Coates* 
Swats Jacob, shipwright 101 Coates* 
Sweeny IVlartha, shopkeeper 26 north Eighth 
Sweeny John, printer 317 Mulberry 
Sweeny Lambert, grocer 201 Shippen 
Sweeney Thomas, coachman 1 8 south Sixth 
Sweeny Mrs. storekeeper 8 1 north Second 


Sweeny Robert, hatter 152 Swanson 

Sweeney Wm. taylor 143 south oixth 

Sweeny Wm. painter, &c. 6 Dock 

Sweeny Edward, stonemason Mary's alley 

Sweetappie Thomas, labourer Sixth above Vine 

Sweetman Wm. ladies shoemaker 16 German 

Sweetman Hezekiah, 98 north Fifth 

Sweitzer Frederick, porter 130 Sassafras 

Sweitzer Henry, printer corner Sassafras Sc Fourth 

Sweitzer John, distiller Poplar lane 

Sweitzer John, distiller 147 St. John's 

Swift Charles, 290 south Second 

Swift John W. merchant 2 1 1 south Front 

Swift Samuel, porter 81 Budd 

Swope Walter, tavernkeeper 1 Almond , 

Sybert Casper, grain and shorts store 75 S. Wharves 

Sybert Q. milkwoman 207 Cherry 

Sybert Conrad, gentleman 388 north Second 

Sybert John, blacksmith above 60 St. John's 

Sybert Sebastian, hog victualler 268 St, John's 

Styer John, grocer 203 spruce 

Sykes Wm. gentleman 1 6 Lombard 

Symington Sarah, tutress York court 

Symington George, tavernkeeper, hairpowder and 

starch factor Passyunk near Sixth 
Sypherhelt John, shipcarpenter 53 Green 
Sypherhelt E. nurse Taper alley 

Taber Antipas, 222 south Fifth 

Tage Mrs. nurse north Juniper 

Tack John C. taylor 162 Shippen 

Tackman Christian F. baker 144 Coates' 

Tager Robert, grocer 267 north Eighth 

Tagart John, merchant 7 north Water 

Tagert Jos. ^ W. Kyle, merchants 129 Walnut 

Tagert Joseph, president of Farmers' 8c Mechanics' 

Bank, 76 south Sixth, second door above Walnut 
Tagart Patrick, taylor 513 north Third 
Taggart widow of Robert, sea captain 69 New 

iDlRECTORY. 277 

Tagart Robert, grocer 381 Sassafras 

Taggart Thomas, sea captain 1 14 north Front 

Tage Wm. oakcooper 46 Queen 

Talliana Mrs. fruiterer 164 north Fourth 

Tallman George, carpenter corner Twelfth & George 

Tallman George, victualler 262 north Front 

Tanguy John, jeweller 33 north Third 

Tanguy Peter, jeweller 1 10 Lombard 

Tanner Benjamin, engraver 74 south Eighth 

Tanner Mrs. widow 403 south Second 

Tapa John, taylor 6 Almond 

Tarbet Henry, stockingweaver 392 Sassafras 

Tardel Anthony, accomptant 172 south Front 

Tardy Mrs. of Alexander, 1 Pennsylvania avenue 

Tare Philip, grocer 88 Shippen 

Tarrant Thomas, pilot 34 Catharine 

Tarris John, sea captain 489 south Front 

Tatem James, merchant 37 Dock 

Tatem Jeremiah, shipmaster 38 Penn 

Tatem Joseph R. sea captain 188 Pine 

Tatem widow of Joseph, merchant 80 Vine 

Tatem Thomas, sailmaker loft 32 south Wharves. 

dwelling 9 1 north Thu'd 
Tatham James, merchant 291 High 
Taws Charles, instrumentmaker 69 Walnut 
Taxis George, cabinetmaker 345 north Front 
Taylor Abraham, soapboiler 368 north Third , 
Taylor Alexander, shipwright 1 5 Beck's alley 
Taylor Ann, widow 9 north Twelfth 
Taylor Anthony, merchant 74 south Third 
Tayler Alexander, taylor 310 south Second 
Taylor Amos, carpenter 64 Sassafras 
Taylor Ann, shopkeeper 117 north Front 
Taylor Amos, merchant 46 north Water and 21 

Taylor Bankson, shipchandler 10 south Wharves 

and 31 Pine 
Taylor Benjamin, bricklayer 29 Elfreiih*^s alley 
Taylor Charles, labourer 99 New [_see Tylor 

Taylor Charles, shoemaker near 1 16 Shippen 
Taylor Charles, millwright, &c. 387 Sassafras 

A a 


Taylor Enoch, bricklayer 29 Elfreith's alley 

Taylor Eburn, taylor Peg^s' 

Taylor Enoch, taylor 46^ George (S.) 

Taylor Ebenezer, blacksmith Prime above Front 

Taylor George H. baker 2 1 Bank 

Tayler George, jun. innkeeper 106 Sassafras 

Taylor George, jun. broker and translator of French 

and Spanish languages 85 south Second 
Taylor George, mariner 21 Parram's alley 
Taylor Hannah, widow 80 Crown and 62 Spruce 
Taylor I. R. sailmaker Spruce- st. wharf 
Taylor James, carpenter Moyamensing road 
Taylor Isaac, teacher Brookes* court 
Taylor James, stonecutter corner Tenth & Walnut 
Taylor James, carter north Thirteenth . 
Taylor John, merchant 265 south Front * 

Taylor John, bricklayer 29 Elfreith's alley 
Taylor John, umb»ellamaker29 North alley 
Taylor Jane, shopkeeper 25 north Front 
Taylor John, blacksmith 100 Shippen 
Taylor John M. merchant corner Third and Vine 
Taylor Joseph, plaisterer 331 Sassafras 
Taylor Joseph, cabinetmaker 1 54 south Fourth 
Taylor Lewis, shoewarehouse 90 High, south-west 

corner of Third 
Taylor Lemuel, shoemaker 47 1 north Second 
Taylor Mary, widow 55 Vine 
Taylor M. boardinghouse 204 south Second 
Taylor Mrs. boardinghouse 373 north Third 
Taylor Rebecca, milliner 67 Mulberry 
Taylor Rene, musician 95 north Sixth 
Taylor Robert, merchant 5 south Fourth 
Taylor Robert, teacher 530 south Front 
Taylor Robert, windsor chairmaker 39 south Front 
Taylor Sarah, boardinghouse 108 north Fourth 
Taylor Thomas, gentleman High above Tenth 
Taylor & Tatem, sailmakers 79 south Wharves 
Taylor 8r. Thompson, merchants 1 6 south Front 
Taylor Thomas, mariner 157 south Sixth 
Taylor Wm. jun. merchant 190 High 
Taylor Wm. bricklayer Loxley's court 
Taylorson Robert, shoemaker 50 north Second 


Tedford Mary, nurse 2 13 Sassafras 

Teaney John^taylor 77 south Water 

Teaple John, shoemaker 9 Mary 

Tearney Hugh, carpenter Juniper alley 

Teas widow of John, chinastore 182 north Third 

Teater John, watchman 4 Branner's alley 

Teel Rosina, widow 106 Coates' 

Teel Jesse, labourer near 207 north Water 

Tembrink John, shoemaker 76 Christian 

I'emings I'homas, cabinetmaker 405 north Front 

Tempest widow of Robert, carpenter 94 Cedar 

Tempest Wm. carpenter Cedar above Ninth 

Tennery Ebenezer, coachmaker 388 south Second 

Terrill Ephraim, tanner and currier 329 N. Third 

Terrell Hannahj nurse 14 Swanson 

Terres Charles, carpenter 449 south Front 

Terry Wm. saddletreemaker 456 north Second 

Terry B. upholsterer 358 north Third 

Test David, tanner and currier 268 Mulberry 

Test Henry, painter, &c. near 274 Vine 

Testart Francis, merchant 9 Powell 

Thackara Eleanor, midwife 36 south Sixth - 

Thackara James, engraver 72 Spruce 

Thackara Wm. jun. plaisterer 231 Spruce 

Thackara Wpa. salt and coal measurer 36 south 6th 

Thatcher E. widow of Richard, 76 Vine 

Thatcher Andrew, lumber merchant 312 north Front 

Thatcher Jane, teastore 42 Union 

Thatcher widow of Joseph, 396 north Third 

Thatcher Samuel, labourer 19 Pewterpiatter alley 

Thaw Benjamin, taylor 35 north Second 

Thaw Silas, carpenter Zane 

Thibault 8c Brothers, jewellers 66 south Second 

Thibaut Benjamin, cabinetmaker 162 south Front 

Thoburn & Boyer, merchants 6 north Third 

Thoburn J. merchant 1 15 High and 6 north Third 

Thomas A. sea captain 72 Almond 

Thomas Amor, taylor 64 George 

Thomas Benjamin, inspector of customs 137 Swanson 

Thomas Daniel, gentleman (upper) 132 Mulberry 

Thomas David, shoemaker Charlotte and 74 Crowr 

Thomas E. teacher 273 north Second 

Thomas Daniel, paperhanger 7 Cresson's alley 


Thomas Enoch, taylor 45 south Third 
Thomas E. carpenter 141 south Nmth 
Thomas George, merchant 27 Mulberry 
Thomas Thomas 1. carpenter 229 south P'ifth 
Thomas Isaac, shoemaker 123 north Second 
Thomas J. M. French teacher 24 Prune 
Thomas Jacob, taylor 27 south Fourth 
Thomas Jesse, merchant 25 Mulberry 
Thomas John J. m. d. 30 Vine 
Thomas John, mariner 185 north Front 
Thomas John, shoemaker 123 south Third 
Thomas John ijf Son, merchants 32 north Front 
Thomas John, cabinetmaker 155 south Fifth 
Thomas J. innkeeper 334 High 
Thomas widow of John, back 251 Sassafras 
Thomas Jonathan, storekeeper 35 north Front 
Thomas Jonathan, smith near 12 and 62 Passyunk 
Thomas Jonathan, saltmerchant 212 north Front 
Thomas Jonathan is' Co. saltstore corner Vine and 

Thomas Jon. grocer York road, near St. Tammany 
Thomas Joshua, shipwright 392 north Front 
Thomas Joseph, saltmerchant 23 Cable lane 
Thomas k Kille, nierchf.nts 52 north Front 
Thomas Lewis', blacksmith back 45 Green 
Thomas Mary, gentlewoman 10 Mulberry 
Thomas Mary, tea v/arehouse 24 High 
Thomas Richard, shipwright near 378 south Front 
Thomas Robert, taylor 419 north Front £c 32 Water 
Thomas Sc Shreve, merchants upper 45 north Front 
Thomas Susannah, chinamender 144 St. John's 
Thomas Timothy, dealer 7 Coombs* alley 
Thomas Wm. soapboiler 49 Noble 
Thomas Wm. fruiterer 44 south Fourth 
Thomas Wm. H. gentleman 65 Penn 
Thompson Alexander, south Juniper 
Thompson Andrew, shoemaker 155 north Second 
Thompson Andrew, tavernkeeper 104 south Water 
Thompson Atchcson, tavernkeeper 287 south Front 
Thompson Benjamin, carpenter 117 Catharine 
Thompson Charles, druggist 34 Sassafras 
Thompson Charles, carpenter 75 Union 

DIRECTOar. i.3i 

Thompson David, baker 436 north Front 
Thompson Mrs. of Enoch, 290 Mulberry 
Thomson Edward, merchant 134 Chesnut 
Thompson E. nurse 16 Greenleaf alley 
Thomson George, drygoods merchant 188 High 
Thompson G. oakcooper 39 Penn 
Thompson Isaac, blacksmith 120 Christian 
Thompson James, grocer 48 south Eighth 
Thompson James, tavernkeeper 133 south Water 
Thomson James, cabinetmaker 70 south Fourth 
Thomson James G. professor of languages in the 

University yard, south apartments 
Thompson Jesse, m. d. Brown's court 
Thompson John, grocer 194 Lombard 
Thompson John, bootmaker 67 south Front 
Thompson Jacob, late tavernkeeper near 204 S. 5t'h 
Thomson Jacob, boardinghouse 141 south Ninth 
Thompson John, labourer 25 Penn 
Thompson John, late tavernkeeper 1 1 1 north Fifth 
Thompson John, merchant 38 south Front 
Thompson John Sc Son, merchants 38 south Front 
Tiiompson John B. merchant 221 Walnut 
Thompson John, tavernkeeper 22 Passyunk 
Thompson John, boot and shoemaker 377 S. Front 
Thompson John, carpenter Juniper lane 
Thompson John, shoemaker Emslie*s alley 
Thompson John ■'. grocer corner Cedar 8c Second 
Thompson John C. carpenter 190 Cherry 
Thompson Jos. carpenter 460 north Front 
Thomson & Maris, merchants 145 Hie-h 
Thompson Margaret, boardinghouse 43 Cedar 
Thompson Mary, storekeeper 141 south Second 
Thomson Mary, teacher 4 1 Lombard 
Thompson Nathan, mariner 26 Lombard 
Thompson Peter, labourer Taper alley 
Thompson Rachel, wi(^owl97 Walnut(Sansom'sroSv) 
Thompson Robeit, bricklayer 94 north Eleventh 
Thomson Peter, conveyancer 43 Mulberry 
Thompson Richard, tobacco inspector 15 Walnut and 

69 Pine 
Thompson Samuel, carpenter 7 Gray's alley 
Thomson Samuel, grocer corner Queen and Secoad 

A a 2 


Thompson Samuel, raastmaker back 27 Beck's alley 
Thompson Thomas S. teacher 286 High 
Thompson Thomas, stonecutter 142 Cherry- 
Thompson Thomas, mastmaker 155 Swanson 
Thomson Wm. carpenter George near Eleventh 
Thompson William, teacher 26 Prune 
Thompson William, oakcooper 17 Penn 
Thompson William, mate 328 south Front 
Thornhill widow of John, 9 Pewterplatter alley 
Thornhill Richard, plaisterer 1 1 Willing's alley 
Thornman Nicholas, rigger Cedar-st. wharf N. side 
Thornton John, tavernkeeper 326 south Front 
Thornton Thomas, taylor 79 south Water 
Thornton Robert, mariner 324 south Front 
Thourn Peter, teacher 28 Powell 
Thum George, gentleman 268 south Second 
Thum John, under sheriff 27 Appletree alley 
Thursby Edward, merchant 2 1 5 High 
Thurston Robert, sea captain 34 Almond 
Tibbie James, shoemaker 143 north Second 
Tice Richard, sea captain 53 Spruce 
Tiebout C. engraver Locust near Eighth 
Tiernan John, plaisterer 233 south Sixth 
Tiers Cornelius, blockmaker, &c. 30 Christian 
Tifer H. smith 31 north Seventh 
Tigner William, harnessmaker 528 north Front 
TilghmanBenj. attorney at law 116Chesnut £c 204 

Tilghraan Edward, counsellor at law 116 Chesnut 
Tilghman Edward, jun. merchant 59 south Wharves 

and 109 Spruce 
Tilghman Wm. chief judge of the state of Pennsyl- 
vania 205 Chesnut 
Till William, shipwright Oak (N. L.) 
Tilley Peter, merchant 96 south Fifth 
Tiller Robert, bricklayer 139 Green 
Tillinghast Susannah, storekeeper 262 south Front 
Tilton Daniel, merchant 27 Powell 
Tilton Mrs. tutress 54 Brown 
Tilton Mrs. boardinghouse 71 south Front 
Timberman Gideon, carter 20 Artillery 
Timon James, print cutter 315 south Third 
f itiow — , near 35 Budd 


Tittermary Ann, teacher 450 south Front 
Tittermary John, jun. ropemaker and shipchandler 

57 south Wharves 
Toby Simon, sea captain 1 6 Queen 
Tod Alexander, alderman 221 south Front 
Tod William H. attorney at law 24 W^alnut 
Todd Mrs. boardinghouse 44 north Seventh 
Todd Thomas, cottonspinner Walnut near Twelfth 
Todd widow of James, 219 Walnut 
Toland Henry ^Son, grocers 14 north Third 
Toland Henry, merchant 14 and 29 north Third 
Tomkins Jacob, gentleman ! 02 Vine 
Tomkins Thomas, bricklayer 20 Columbia Avenu2 
Tomkins N. bricklayer Merritt's lane 
Tomlin Brazil, porter 46 Brown 
Tomlin Samuel, porter 78 Budd 
Tomlin i^ Brown, grocers corner Coates' and Oak 
To:nlin Thomas, shoemaker 436 north Front 
Tomlinson Richard, carpenter 23 Crabb 
Tomlinson John, stage office corner 8th iif High 
Toner James, grocer 54 north Third 
Tool Mrs grocer 32 Columbia Avenue 
Topham Reuben, tinplate worker 176 Mulberry 
Toram Stephen, taylor 82 Sassafras 
Torbert William, late storekeeper 364 north Front 
Torens John, carpenter 142 Sassafras 
Torres Samuel, grocer 30 north Second 
Torr John, accomptant 74 north Sixth 
Torr Jaboel, taylor 74 north Sixth 
Torr Joseph, carpenter 35 5 Callowhill 
Torr John, jr. boot & shoemaker 197 north SecontI 
Torr Josiah, blacksmith near 307 Vine 
Torres Samuel, sworn interpreter 127 Spruce 
Tourtelet A. merchant 13 Elfreith's alley 
Towell John, brushfactory 338 south Front 
Tourson Stephen, shViwright Liberty alley 
Towers John, merchant 32 south Third 
Towers James, late storekeeper back 89 south Sixth 
Town John, sailmaker 25 south Wharves 
Town John, sea captain 49 Green 
Town Joseph, boatbuilder 460 north Front 
Town Robert, accomptant 74 Gr|^ 


Town Thomas, sen. millwright 310 north Front 
Town Thomas, printer office 3 Norris' alley, dwell- 
ing 8 Moravian alley 
Townsend Charles, watchmaker 105 Chesnut 
Townsend fohn, cabinetmaker 86 Spruce 
Townsend Jonathan, shallopman 6 Butler*s court 
Townsend Joseph Sc Co. shoewarehouse 8 N. Fifth 
Townsend Jos. storekeeper 8 north Fifth 
Townsend Noe, flour and feed store 173 north Third 
Townsend Salathiel, shallopman Stiilhouse alley 
Toy Andrew, shipwright 45 Christian 
Toy Richard, shoemaker 89 Plum 
Toy John, labourer 23 Plum 
Toy Buddell, bricklayer Lombard near Seventh 
Tracy James, boardinghouse 80 south Water 
Tracy John, grocer coiner Crabb and Shippen 
Traquair Adam, marble mason, yard N. W. corner 

Filbert and Tenth, dwelling 369 Fligh 
Traquair James, marble mason compting house and 

marble yard 369 High, dwelling 5 north Tenth 
Trasel Jacob, grocer 287 High 

Trautvvine Wm. starch & powder maker Margarelta 
Trautwine William, cooper and guager 19 N. Water 
Travis Adam, sea captain 16 Almond 
Tmvis Mrs* gentlewoman 178 Ghesnut 
Tray Charles, hairdresser 204 High 
Tray Edward, soapboiler Thirteenth near Chesnut 
Tree Lambert, sailmaker 1 74 south Front 
Trefts Adam, baker 423 north Third 
Traichel Charles G. accomptant 174 north Fifth 
Trelease Charles, teacher 498 Sassafras 
Tremells John, sea captain 30 Sansom 
Tremner Francis, teacher of music 63 Walnut 
Tremner Robert, Lilly alley 
Tremper Henry, merchant 28 north Fi'ont 
Trexler John, shoemaker Say' « alley 
Trexler Joseph, gentleman 386 north Third 
Tribout P>ancis, hairdresser corner Walnut Sc Front 
Trigent William, gentleman 148 south Sixth 
Trimble Samuel, shipwright 565 south Front 
Trimble Mary, huckster 48 Callowhill 
Trimble Henry, taylor 1 8 south Water 
Trimnul Cornelius, carpenter 105 Budd 


Triranul Robert R. carpenter Lilly alley 

Tripner George, shoemaker James' 

Tripp Adam, teacher 25 Green 

Troll Frederick, baker 373 south Front 

Troll William, jeweller 1 1 Pennsylvania avenue 

Trott Benj. miniature painter corner 6th and Minor 

Trotter Alexander, potter Cedar near Thirteenth 

Trotter Willram, merchant 47 north Front 

Trotter William isi'Co. merchants 47 north Front 

Troubat John, merchant taylor 121 north Second 

Trout John, accomptant 61 n.orth Sixth 

Trout Thomas, carpenter 164 south Fifth 

Troutman George, flour merchant 292 High 

Trucket Lewis, 125 Spruce 

Trueffitt Henry P. broker 174 Spruce 

Trueman Evan, blacksmith 69 north Seventh 

Trueman J. tinplateworker 22 High and 102 N. 7th 

Trueman John, currier 34 Strawberry 

Truman Richard, collector of taxes 75 north Fifth 

Trump l^aniel, county commissioner 45 north 7tb 

Trump Daniel 8c Isaac, carpenters 45 north 7th 

Trump Susan, mantuamaker Farmer's alley 

Trusty Jonathan, mastersweep 4 Locust 

Tryon Geor|j;e, tin and coppersmith 152 north 2d 

Tryon Jacob, tinware manufacturer 165 north 2d 

Tucker Abner, innkeeper High near Broad 

Tucker Benjamin, teacher 98 Mulberry 

Tucker Joseph, carpenter Fourth above Green 

Tucker Mai-y, fancyfeather manufacturer 16 south 3d 

Tucker Samuel, shoemaker 89 Coates' 

Tuckniss John, bookbinder Patton's court 

Tufnell James, dealer 334 south Second 

Tufts Ezekiel, mariner 18 Little Water 

Tull John, shipv/right 47 Callowhill 

Tully Cyrus, hatter Baker's alley 

Tully David, labourer '^20 south Fifth 

Tumbelston Henry, taylor 66 Union 

Tunis Jehu R. merchant 99 Pine 

Tunis' whauf opens at 71 south water 

Tunis Benjamin, millwright J08 north Eleventh 

Tunis Joseph, hatter 108 north Eleventh 

Tunis ey Wray, merchants 58 south Wharves 


Turley Enoch, sea captain M'Culloch's court 

Turnbuli Alexander, cabinetmaker 5 south Sixth 

Turnbull George, baker 173 C.oates* 

Turnbuli John, teacher 379 south Second 

Turnbull Wm. merchant 165 Walnut (Sansom's row) 

Turner B. combmaker first gate Gei mantown road 

Turner Edward, labourer 288 south Fourth 

Turner Dodd, snuff manulacturer Globe Mills 

Turner James W. accomptant 73 New 

Turner Jesse, shipwright 2 1 Beck's alley 

Turner John, sea captain 160 Swanson 

Turner John, gentleman 59 Queen 

Turner rev. Joseph, 370 south Second 

Turner Mrs. storekeeper 133 Mulberry 

Turner Robert, oakcooper 44 Cable lane 

Turner Robert, nailer 187 St. John's 

Turner Wm. gentleman 212 High 

Turner Wm. carter 466 north Front 

Turney Hugh, taylor south-west corner Penn & Pine 

Turney Francis, teacher 52 Green 

Tustian Thomas, perfumer 55 south Third 

Tustian W^m. brassfounder above 550 north Third 

Tuttle Andrew, sea captain 29 Keys* alley 

Tuttle Wm.. shipwright 134 Brown 

Tutton J. p. shoemaker 188 north Second 

Tuze Francis, cauiker 30 Artillery lane 

Twaddle James, merchant 208 south Water and 23 

Twaddle J. P. ironstore 65 south Wharves and 97 

south Eighth 
Twamley Elizabeth, widow 153 north Third 
Twells Mrs, gentlewoman 175 High 
Twells Godfrey, merchant 175 High 
Twinlin Morris, taylor 148 north Front 
Tybout Andrew, dealer in furs 53 Chesnut 
Tybout James, hatter back 17 I north Second 
Tybout Richard, hatter 21 Pear and 5 3 Chesnut 
Tylor k Benson, shoemakers 74 south Front 
Typon Joseph, commission merchant north- west cor- 
ner Vine and Fifth 
Tyson Jonathan, chairmaker 150 north Front 


Tyson George & Daniel, storekeepers 37 N. Front 
Tyson Isaac, accomptant 27 Elfreith's alley 

User David, victualler 255 Callowhill 

Uber Frederick, victualler Garden 

Uber John, victualler 32 Charlotte 

Uhle John, surgeonbarber 45 north Fourth 

Uhlery Anthony, mariner 100 Christian 

Uhler John A baker 414 north Front 

Ulings Mrs. nurse near 24 St. John's 

Ulrich Jonn, shoemaker 156 north Third 

Ulrieh Fredei'ick, shoemaker 299 Vine 

Ulrich Mrs. widow 425 north Third 

Ulrich John, jun. currier 154 north Third 

Ummensetter G. saddler, Sec. Taper alley 

Unckle Henry, paper manufacturer 5 44 north Third 

Uncleson Thomas, plaisterer 196 south Fifth 

Underwood Eliza, widow Twelfth below Chesnut 

Underwood James, bricklayer 50 south Tenth 

Underwood John, bricklayer Eleventh above Sassafras 

Umbehent Valentine, porter 216 Sassafras 

Upman Matthias, saddler, &c. 295 north Third 

Upman Maria, widow Shievely's alley 

Upperman Adam, tavernkeeper Vienna 

Upperman , taylor Rose alley 

Urion E. mantuamaker 246 south Third 

Urquhart Alexander, collector of taxes 31 Catliarine 

Utt John, harnessmaker 158 north Fifth 

Utt John, weaver 486 north Third 

Uz Augustus, patent painter 154 Mulberry 

Valette Eli, accomptant 339 north Third 
Vallum Edward, carter Locust near Eleventh 
Valium Henry, carpenter Locust near Eleventli 
Vallie Francis D. winecooper 27 Plum 
Vallie John, boardinghouse 107 north Second 
Vallon Lewis C. interpreter corner 5th & Walnut 
Vanarsdal Lydia, milliner 164 Cherry 


Vanarsdal John, boardinghouse 32 Moravian alley 
Vanarsdal ames, carpenter Rose alley 
Van Blunk Richard, mastmaker 105 Catharine 
Vanderkemp John J. agent to the Holland land com- 
pany 4 north Nhith 
Van Beuren Abraham, merchant comptinghouse 109 

South Front) dwelling 19 Branch 
Vance Philip, blacksmith 26 Parram's alley 
Vance Adam, blacksmith 79 Christian 
Vance Robert, blacksmith back 62 Cherry 
Vanderbach Peter, mariner 22 Callowhill 
Vanderen Wm. merchant 157 north Second 
Vandermass Abraham, shipwright Cooper's court 
Vanderslice J. W. bleeder 44 York road 
Vanderslice Andrew, mariner 400 north Front 
Vanderslice Anthony, carpenter 348 north Front 
Vanderslice Daniel, hairdresser 102 north Fifth 
Vanderslice George, hairdresser 105 Sassafras 
Vanderslice George, carpenter 348 north Front 
Vanderslice Henry, shoemaker 400 north F>ont 
Venderslice Henry, carpenter 350 north Front 
Vanderslice Jacob, grocer 355 north Front 
Vandaviere Peter, mariner 1 7 Mary (S.) 
Vandervecke John, gentleman 19 Budd 
Vandever Mrs. boardinghouse 97 north Second 
Vandivender John, blacksmith Noble near Third 
Vaneman Frederick, taylor 307 south Front 
Vaneman John, sea captain 392 south Second and 

27 Branch 
Vaneman William, taylor 107 Queen 
Vandine George, sailmaker 246 Lom.bard 
Vandiwater Henry, cabinetmaker 132 Cedar 
Van Hoff Henry, teacher 42 Plum 
Vanholt Ann, midwife 1 84 south Sixth 
Vanhorn Benjamin, labourer Oak (N.L.) 
Van horn Peter, labourer 234 north Front 
Vannatta James, innkeeper 15 Branch 
Vanhorn Reuben, boardinghouse 387 north Front 
Van Ostin James, carpenter 1 5 Cresson's alley 
Van Pelt Peter, sea captain 152 Swanson 
Van Pelt Peter, surgeon dentist 1 49 Chesnut 


Vamstow Henry, labourer Moravian alley 
Vansnavourt C. carpenter corner Locust & Eleventh 
Vansise widow of Joseph, shipchancUer 193 north 

Vantine John, wharfbuilder 392 north Front 
Van Trump Elizabeth, boardinghouse 1 6 N. Sixth 
Vanzant James, accomptant 29 Callowhill 
Vanuxem Sc Clark, merchants Minor near Sixth 
Vanuxem James, merchant 186 High 
Vanzyle John, m. d. 124 Shippen 
Varner Jacob, labourer 78 north Fourth 
Varner widow of Philip, tobacconist 185 N. Third 
Varst Augustus, labourer 344 north Second 
Vauclain James L. merchant 9 south Second 
Vaughan John, mariner 12 Stamper's alley 
Vaughan John, merchant 107 south Front 
Vaughan Wra. shipwright 63 Queen 
Vaughan Mrs. boardinghouse 3 Greenleaf alley 
Vaughn Thomas, jun. shipwright Cherry (K.) 
Vaughn Thomas, sen. grocer Penn (K.) 
Vaux Ann, gentlewoman 184 north Front 
Vaux George, attorney at law 39 south Fourth 
Vaux James, gentleman 72 north Third 
Vaux Roberts, merchant 47 north Third and 184 

north Front 
Vay James, taylor Eleventh near Cedar 
Veacock Samuel, sea captain 62 Lombard < 

Veazey Alexander S. druggist 268 south Front 
Velthoven Lambert, tavernkeeper 270 south Front 
Verdier Mrs. late storekeeper 75 north Seventh 
Vereau Joseph, printer 16 Gray's alley 
Vernou John, hairdresser 3 south Front 
Viau Benjamin, cabinetmaker 156 Lombard 
Vicary Wm. sea captain corner Spruce Sc Seventh 
Vickery Thomas, sea captain 483 south Front 
Vickers Thomas, bricklayer and stonemason in piers 

and bridges, corner Schuylkill Sixth and High 
Vigue J. gentleman 12 Powell 

Vigures widow of Philip, teacher 497 south Second 
Villgrain John, hairworker 67 north Third 
Villars Charles, merchdnt comer Chesnut k Twelfth 

B b 


Vincent John, shoemaker 1 5 Queen 

Viney John, smith 41 6 north Front 

Vinyard \Vm. shipcarpenter 5 Callowhill 

Vinyard Elizabeth, widow 62 Coates* 

Vipen Joseph, mariner 28 Artillery lane 

Virtue James, shoemaker Fourth near Christian 

Vitry A. embroiderer 88 Sassafras 

Vivant Charles, gilder 146 south Fourth 

Vizer Thomas, paperhanger 1 :2 south Fifth 

Vnatta James, saddler 1 10 north Second 

Vogdes Jacob, merchant 298 High and 195 Walnut 

(Sansom's row) 
Vogdes Mrs. 63 north Tenth 
Vogel George & Frederick, bricklayers 84 Vine 
Voight Henry, chief coiner in the mint 27 north 7th 
Voight Henry, plumber 147 Spruce 
Volans Samuel, sea captpin 1 1 5 Vine 
Vollhenius Maria, widow 148 Sassafras 
Volozan Dennis L. miniaturepainter 183 Walnut 
Von Bonhast Charles, next 328 High 
Von Phul George, mate 158 Cherry 
Vomhoff Christian, shoemaker 431 north Front 
Vredenbergh Mrs. storekeeper 10 south Second 

"W^ACHSMUTH John G. mierchant iSOChesnut 

WachsTOuth & Soullier, merchants 36 Dock 

Wacherly Jacob,! 

Wacherly John t victuallers Germantown road 

Wacherly Peter, J 

Waddington & Harwood, merchants 32 south Front 

Waddington John, merchant 171 Chesnut 

Waddle Aaron, taylor 40 north Eighth 

Waddell Henry L. 182 Chesnut 

Waddell John, labourer Giles* alley 

Wade Benjamin, 145 Chesnut 

Wade Thomas, labourer 476 Sassafras" 

Wadkins Samuel, currier 429 south Second 

Wadlow Moses, saddler 5 North alley 

Wadman Peace, corner Third and Cedar 

Wadman Praise, boardinghouse 8 Union 

DlRECrORY. 291 

Wagendorf , mariner 135 north Water 

Wager George, merchiuit 82 Vine 
Wager Peter, ^vi^e merchant 87 Sassafras 
Wager Philip, wine merchant 134 Sc 136 N. Second 
Wagh Jane, grocer 1 14 Lombard 
Waggoner Henry, grocer 593 norih Second 
W^agner Adam, 203 north tighih 
Wagner Catharine, '.vidow 12 Knight's court 
Wagner Georgs, tamper Noble near Fourth 
Wagner Grace, widow 32 Moravian alley 
Wagner George- potter Garden 
Wagner Geo. W. oakcooper 30 Moravian alley 
Wagner Mrs. widow Noble near Fourth 
Wagner John, labourer back 251 Sassafi^s 
Wagner John, tanner corner Noble and Fourth 
Wagner John, merchant 13 north Eighth 
Wagner Peter, innkeeper 189 north Third 
Wagner Peter, accomptant 1 19 north Fifth 
Wagner Peter, jun. accomptant 391 north Front 
Wagner Wm. painter 265 Sassafras 
Wagner Wm. carpenter 63 Cherry 
Wainwright Isaac, blockmaker 81 north Front 
Wainwright Isaac & Son, blockmakers 61 N, Water 
Wainwright John, bricklayer 36 north Second 
Walburn Thomas, moroccodresser 9 1 Callowhili 
Walker Alexander W. merchant 204 Cbesnut 
Walker A. 8c J. & Co. merchants 104 south Fourth 
Walcker Christopher, baker 559 south Front 
Walker Emanuel, merchant 3 Sansom 
Walker widow of George, 1 5 Sterling alley 
Walker George, carpenter Lombard near Eleventh 
Walker George, goldsmith, &c. 19 north Third 
Walker & Hasluck, merchants 101 south Front 
Walker James, saddler 96 High 
Walker E. S. saddler 137 Pine 
Walker John, shoemaker 378 south Front 
Walker Mrs. boardinghouse 38 Cedar 
W^alker John, labourer 295 south Third 
Walker Lewis, hatter 146 Fligh 
Walker Margaret, shopkeeper 298 south Front 
Walker Matthew, soapboiler and candlemanufacturer 
corner Callowhili and Sixth 


Walker rev. John, Rose alley 
Walker Robert, currier ZGreenleaf alley 
Walker Robert, grccer J 79 Cherry 
Walker S. D. storekeeper 43 north Sixth 
Walker Thomas, shoemaker North alley 
Walker Samuel, weaver Locust above Ninth 
Walker S merchant corner Second and Mulberry 
Walker widow of Stephen, 80 north Ninth 
Walker Wm. boardinghouse 108 north Water 
Walker \\ m. grocer 104 north Eighth 
Walker Wm. jeweller, &c. 381 south Second 
Wall Elizabeth, tol^acconist corner German and Sth 
Wall George, lay lor corner J§ wan son and Cedar 
Wall Johntchairmaker 87 north Front 
Wall John, labourer 112-north Sixth 
"NVall John, merchant 64 south Wharves Sc 20 Walnut 

Wall , baker 143 north Second 

^Vali Mrs gentlewoman 233 Spruce 

Wall John, shoemaker 224 south Third 

Wall R. Windsor chairmaker 108 north Front 

Wallace Abraham, labourer north Thirteenth 

Wallace Alexander, storekeeper 361 south Second 

Wall ice Burton, gentleman 67 south Eleventh 

Watiis Charles, ornament culler 65 Coates* 

Wallace ]•]. widow 1 ;> Charter's alley 

Waliace Jsmes, shoemaker 1 1 Gaskill 

'^Vallace J. B councellor at law 92 south Fourth near 

Wallace Joshua M.jun, merchant 152 Walnut 
Wallace John, bookbinder 171 rorth Second 
Wallace Robert, lumber merchant 529 north Front 
Wallace Thomas, taylor 378 south Second 
Waliice Thomas, bookbinder 5 Garrigues* court 
Wallis Samuel, bricklayer 268 Sassalras 
Wallis Wm. grocer 248 Cedar 
Wallace Wm. m. d. 109 Queen 
Wallace Wm. storekeeper 9 north Front 
Wallis Wm. potter 14 Artillery lane 
Wallingion Edward, sea captain 31 Queen 
Wallington Isaac, labourer near 544 north Third 
Wallington Wm. smith 7 Chancery lane 
WallJiiiner widow of Geo, shipjoiner 363 N. Front 


Wain Catharine, widow 50 Union 

Wain Elizabeth, 223 Walnut 

Wain Jesse, merchant 1 1 5 south Thirtl [<?ee Wall 

Wain Jacob S. jun. attorney at law 144 south Second 

Wain Jacob S. merchant 34 south Wharves and 188 

Wain Robert, merchant 138 south Second 
Wain Nicholas, gentleman 148 south Second 
Wain Wm, merchant comj>tinghouse 34 Dock, and 

dwelling south-east corner Seventh and Chesnut 

WaLn's wharf opens next 135 SOUTH WATER 

Walpole Thomas, grocer 84 south Third 
Walsh Christopher, accomptant 9 Hinckle's court 
Walsh John, lumberyard opposite 323 north Third 
Walsh Walter, weaver Carpenter (S.) [see Welsh 
Walters Abraham, innkeeper Poplar lane above 3d 
Walter Adam, shoemaker 123 Mulberry 
Walters Ann, boardinghouse 9 south Second 
Walter Charles, boatbuilder Stillhouse alley 
W^alter Charles, shoemaker o9 George (S.) 
Walter Catharine, widow 38 Vine 
Walter Conrad, brewer 392 St. John's 
Walter E. glover 5, Brewer's alley 
Walter George, carpenter 303 north Second 
Walter George, taylor 24 south Water 
Walter George, carter 205 Callowhill 
Walters widow of George A. shoemaker 246 S. Front 
Walter Isaac, bricklayer Zane 
Walter Jacob, tinplate worker 177 north Third 
Walter Jacob F- bricklayer 138 north Eighth 
Walter James, taylor 349 north Front 
Walter Matthias, carter James* 
Walter John J. baker next 29 Swanscn 
Walter Joseph S. bricklayer 26 Vine 
Walters Michael, glover 91 north Fifth 
Walter Nicholas, caulker 202 north Eighth 
Walter Peter P. accomptant 9 north Eighth 
Walter P. sand dealer 330 north Front 
Walter Peter, baker 134 Brown 
Walter Rosina, widow 21 Cable lane 
Walter Stephen, constable 34 Coates* 



Walter Thomas, teacher Locust above Eighth 

Waltnian Abraham, victualler Noble near Fifth 

Waltman Matthias, victualler 307 north Eighth 

Waltman George, victualler 213 north Eighth 

Waltman Michael, tavernkeej)er Locust above 1 Ith 

Waltman Michael, victualler 287 north Eigth 

Walton Boaz, cabinetmaker next 328 south Front 

Walton Isaiah, plaisterer Rose alley 

Walton James, shoemaker 48 Brown 

Walton Jeremiah, shoemaker Noble above St. John*s 

Walton J'oseph, bricklayer 304 south Front 

Walton Samuel, cabinetmaker 331 north Third 

Walton widow of Samuel, cabinetmaker 28 Spruce 

Walton Thomas, shoemaker 74 Crown 

Walton Thomas, taylor 78 north Water 

Wampole Isaac,- conveyancer 163 Mulberry 

Ward Caleb, carter Shields' alley 

Ward John, storekeeper 257 south Second 

Ward Charles, labourer Juniper alley 

Ward Thomas, carter corner Mulberry and Twelfth 

Ward John, shoemaker 306 south Front 

Ward John, silversmith 1 34 south Front 

Ward John, mariner 204 south Third 

Warder John H. merchant 85 north Seventh 

Warder Jeremiah, merchant 218 Mulberry; 

Warder Jeremiah, jun. merchant 121 Sassaft^as 

Warder John, merchant 117 Sassafras 

Warder John Sc Sons, merchants Race-st. wharf 

Warder Joseph, labourer 20 Appletree alley 

Ware Richard, carpenter 34 north Seventh and 

1 Sh river's court 
Ware Ann, boardinghouse 374 south Front 
Ware B. oakcooper 90 south Water and 9 1 Front 
Ware Charles, brewer Pearson's court 
Ware David, shipchandler 220 and 231 Swanson 
Ware John, shipjoiner 8 Noble and 238 N. Front 
Waring Elijah, merchant 33 north Second 
Waring Matthew, porter 236 Catharine 
Warner Andrew, labourer 98 Gree« 
Warner Adam, saddler 10 north Sixth 
Warner Edward, combmaker 1 1 3 Brown 
Warner Heronimus, brassfounder 36 north Eighth 


Warner Jacob F. brassfounder 17 norlh Eighth 
Warner John, merchant 27 north Water £c 97 Pine 
Warner James, coachmaker 336 north Second 
Warner John, carpenter 177 Pine 
Warner Martha, shopkeeper 56 north Second 
Warner Matthias, labourer 224 south Third 
Warner Philip, shoe and enginehose maker 13 

Parmer's alley 
Warner Samuel, brushmaker 41 Artillery lane 
Warner Sarah, shopkeeeper 26 south Third 
Warner Sarah, widow 28 north Fourth 
Warner Wm. victualler Lawrence 
Warner Wm. merchant 17 south Water 8c 17 Prune 
Warner Wm. tavernkeeper Catharine-st. wharf 
Warnack Jacob, sea captain 405 south Second 
Warnick Martha, nurse 23 Plum 
Warnock Daniel, labourer near 268 south Sixth 
Warnock John, nailcutter 282 High 
Warnock Wm. labourer 207 south Fifth 
Warr John, innkeeper 97 south Fifth 
Warr Valantine, innkeeper 305 Vine 
Warren Benjamin, silversmith West's court 
Warren Philip, bookbinder 161 north Third 
Warren Isaac, carter Oak (N. L.) 
Warren & Nevlin, carpenters Oak (N. L ) 
Warren Jacob, cheeseman 17 Coombs* alley 
Warren James, tanner St. John's (^ L^athtown) 
Warren Wm. trader 14 German 
Warren Wm. manager of N. Theatre 12 Sansom 
Warrence F. coachmaker 97 Spruce 
Wartman Isaac, victualler 142 Brown 
Wartman A. victualler corner Noble and York road 
Wartman George, victualler Logan [see Waltman 
Warwich E. widow Juniper lane 
Warwich John, labourer 1 8 Budd 
Warwick Thomas, smith and farrier 487 north 2d 
Wasley Mrs. nurse 198 north Second 
Wass Christian, porter 64 north Sixth 
Waterman Thos. merchant 171 Walnut 
Waterman Jesse, teacher 88 south Fifth 
Watermire Lewis, taylor back 8 Plum 


Waters Esther, 68 north Seventh 
Waters Hanson, merchant 24 north Third 
Waters Nicholas, shipwright 313 Callowhill 
Waters William, sea captain 7 north Sixth 
AV'atkins Isaac, innkeeper 80 High [see Wadkins 
Watkins John, labourer Loxley's alley 
Watkins John, ropemaker 5 27 south Front 
AVatkins Robert, tavernkeeper 14 Strawberry 
Watkins Sarah, milliner 13 Strawberry 
Watkins Samuel P. sea captain 145 north Water 
Watkins Thomas, sailmaker Rose alley 
Watman Adam, porter 96 Coates' 
Watson V^rs. A. D. embroiderer 117 Lombard 
Watson Charles C. merchant taylor 43 south Third 
Watson ^ Bunting, lumber yard corner 8th and Pine 
Watson Charles, merchant 30 north Second 
Watson Charles C. & J. woollen drapers, men's mer- 
cers, and taylors 92 Chesnut 
Watson Chiistian, taylor 353 north Front 
Watson Hugh, labourer 302 Sassafras 
Watson Isaac, late lumber merchant 136 Pine 
^Vatson John, merchant 24 S. Wharves & 1 18 Pine 
Watson John, merchant taylor 20 Columbia avenue 
Watson John, labourer Gaskill near 13th &c Taper 

Watson John, shoemaker Emlen's alley 
Watson John F. bookseller & stationer 98 S. Second 
Watson Jonathan, carpenter 375 north Third 
Watson Joseph, merchant 259 Vine 
Watson William H. mate 21 Parram's alley 
Watson Mary, widow 363 south Second 
Watson Margaret, milliner 169 south Second 
Watson Mrs. of Wm. Schriver's court 
Watson &: Paul, merchants 24 south Wharves 
Watson Phineas, coachmaker 4 south Seventh 
Watson Thomas, teacher 73 Pine 
Watt Alexander, accomptant 307 south Third 

Walt ; gunsmith 455 north Third 

Watts William, shoemaker 168 south Fifth 
Watts Samuel, shoemaker 264 south Fourth 
Watts William, pilot 138 Swanson 
Watzel Casper, trader 48 1 north Third 


Way Caleb, merchant 84 Crown 
Way Andrew, taylor 93 Sassafras 
Way James, merchant 7 sorris's alley 
AVayne Caleb P. hardware merchant 1 30 High 
Wayne Jacob, cabinetmaker 136 & 166 north Frbnt 
Wayne Samuel, carpenter 1 1 7 north Fifth 
*^Vayne William, gentleman 119 Vine 
Weatherby Joseph, deputy marshal 438 N. Third 

Weatherby , shipwright 37 Artillery lane 

Weatherly David, clock 8c watchmaker 8 1 north 3d 
Weatherstone Samuel, victualler Noble above Fourth 
Weatherstone C. victualler Charlotte Isee Wither 
^^'eazey Samuel, shoemaker 53 Coates' 
Weaver Albright, watchman 149 Cherry 
Weaver Bernard, gardener Locust above Twelfth 
Weaver Emmor T. gold and silversmith, watchcase 

maker & gilder 17 Elfreith's alley, and 113 N. 2d 
Weaver Edward, mate 258 south Fourth 
Weaver George, constable 254 south Third 
Weaver George, labourer 309 north Front 
Weaver Henry, sugar boiler near 511 north Second 
AVeaver Henry, brickmaker corner Green and old 

York road 
Weaver Henry, labourer 87 Passyunk 
Weaver Jacob, labourer 393 north Third 
Weaver Frederick, cabinetmaker 176 Sassafras 
Weaver Christian, mariner back 22 CaUowhill 
Weaver George, coachmaker 161 Pine 
Weaver widow of John, Margaretta 
Weaver John, accompiant 10! Cherry 
Weaver John, m. d. N. E. coiner Coates' and 2d 
Weaver John, sen. shipjoincr Oak (N. L ) 
Weaver John, jun. shipjoincr 22 Budd 
Weaver John, shoemaker Locust above Twelfth 
Weaver Matthew, feedstore 1 14 north Seventh 
Weaver William, hatter 1 12 nortli Sixth 
Webb John, cooper 34 Vine &201 north Front 
Webb John, taylor 87 south Second 
Webb Moses, carpenter Cauffman's court 
Webb Abner, accomptant 19 Wood 
Webb Thomas, sea captain 345 south Second 


Webb Thomas, sea captain 47 Almond 

'Webb William, sugar refiner 68 north Fifth 

Webster E. shoemaker Britton's alley 

^V'eb3ter lames, paper stainer 183 south Fifth 

Webster William, shallopman 22 Brown 

Webster Thomas, 8 Pear street 

Weckerly A. victualler 127 Coates' 8c 27 N. Shambles* 

Weckerly Conrad, mercht. 205 N. 3d Isee IVackerly 

Weckerly Mrs, widow 64 Sassafras 

Weckerly Wolery, oakcooper corner 4th Sc Coates' 

Weed George, late innkeeper 246 Sassafras 

Weed George, painter 103 south Front 

Weed Hugh M merchant 5 south Wharves 

Weeks Samuel, carpenter south Broad {see Wicks 

Weir Silas E. auctioneer 20 south Front 

Weisseman Samuel, blacksmith 349 north Second 

Weisseman Samuel, shoe store 38 High 

Weisenbauch Henry, gentleman 229 north Second 

Weiseman Andrew, cooper 35) north Second 

Weiss Elizabeth, shopkeeper 131 north Third 

Welldy Obadiah. carpenter 198 Cherry 

Welsh Mrs. boardinghouse 64 south Eighth 

Walsh James, tavernkeeper 24 Moravian alley 

Walsh James, grocer 86 north ^Vater 

Welch James, carpenter 139 Cherry \_see Walsh 

Welsh John, merchant 42 south Sixth 

Welch John, saddle and harness maker 48 north 4th 

Welch John, 1 '4 north Eighth 

Welsh John, innkeeper corner Walnut ciT* Schuylkill 

Welsh Mary, widow 295 south Front 
Welsh Elizy.beth, widow 32 Elizabeth 
Welsh Patrick, biscuitbakcr 222 Shippen 
Welch Phcebe, widow Hoffman's alley 
Welch Thomas, baker 56 Union 
Wellford Robert, original American compr'sition or- 
nament manufactory 96 south Eighth, fifth door 
below Walnut 
Wells John C. lumber yard corner 6th &c Callowhill; 

dwelling 7 1 north Fifth 
Wells Mrs. widow Mifflin's court 


Wells Rebecca, near 34 Elfreith's alley 
Wells Thomas, shoemaker 3 Schriver*s court 
Wells Ulysis, mariner 18 Green 
Wenreinhardt George, coach painter 87 Crown 
Welser .iohn, shoemaker 503 south Front 
Wense Frederick, labourer 526 north Third 
Weniling George, labourer Rose alley 
Wentzei Mary, near 25 South alley 
Wentz Bernard, labourer south Juniper near SprUce 
"^Ventz Sc M'Collin, taylors 70 north Third 
West Abigail, milliner 49 Spruce 
West Eliz'abeth, widow 22 Columbia avenue 
West Francis, merchant 29 Dock and 108 S. Front 
West Isaiah, carter 3 1 Green 
West James, salt merchant 155 north Water 
West John, shallopman 78 Penn 
West widow of .^oseph, 198 north Second 
West Nicholas, shopkeeper 26 i south Second 
West Sarah, widow 239 south Second 
West Susan, nurse 148 north Front 
West Samuel, grocer 307 north Second 
West William, corner Vine and Front 
West's wharf opens next 155 N. Water 
Westcott Joel, carter 333 north Front 
Westcoat David, labourer Oak (N. L.) 
Westcoat Lewis, bleeder 3 1 5 south Front 
Westcoat Izra, labourer Cooper's court 
Wester William, taylor 8 Plum 
Westley .'ohn, mariner 24 Parram's alley 
Westley John, labourer 388 north Front 
Westphall Charles W. jeweller and watchcase maker 

1 18 Sassafras 
Westphall C. sailmaker 21 Appletree alley 
Wetherill widow of Benj. china store 187 High 
Wetherill Christopher, hatter 80 Sassafras 
Wetherill Jos. late inspector of lumber 170 south 4tli 
Wetherill Mordecai, oil and colourman 9 South alley' 
W^etherill Samuel, sen colourman 4 1 7 High 
Wetherill Samuel, jr. colourman 419 High 
Wetherill & Son, oil and colourmen 65 north Front 
Wetherill John, oil and colourman 71 north Front 
Wetherill Thomas, carpenter 304 south Second 


Wetherstone Adam ^ John, St. Tammany 
Wetherstone Samuel, victualler Noble near Fourth 
Wetherstone Peter, victualler 58 Brown [see IVeat. 
Wevil & Nicolas, upholsterers corner Chesnul & 5th 
Wey ant John, porter near 5 1 1 north Second 
Weyman George, labourer 479 north Second 
Weyman Jacob, innkeeper 261 north Second 
Weyman Daniel, grocer 308 north Front 
Whale Thomas, dancingmaster 157 Pine 
Wharton Charles, merchant 136 south Second 
Wharton Fishbourn^mercht. 295 High ^240 Spruce 
Wharton widow of Isaac, merchant 107 south Third 
Wharton John, surgeon barber 165 north Front 
Wharton John, shoemaker 87 south Front 
Wharton John, merchant 1 1 south Ninth 
Wharton Joseph, gentleman next 165 south Fifth 
Wharton Jeremiah, cabinetmaker 167 St. John's 
Wharton G. shipcarpenter 35 Brown 
Wharton Kearney, merchant 2 Bank 
Vvharton Peregrine H. merchant 194 south Fourth 
Wharton Rebecca, gentlewoman 58 Chesnut 
Wharton Robert, alderman 135 south Third 
Wharton Sc Palmer, merchants Pine-street wharf 
Wharton Samuel, accomptant 23 Lombard 
Wharton Thos C. merchant near 87 Pine 
Wharton Thos. F. merchant 135 S. Front & 144 4th 
Whartonby Joseph, printer corner Cedar and Tenth 
Whartocby John, carpenter near 90 Brown 
Wheaton Robert, mate St. Tammany 
Wheaton N. sea cap tain 2 6 5 north Front 
Wheaton William, mariner 391 north Front 
Whealan James,soap ^ candle manufactory 202 N.2d 
Whealan James, sea captain 25 Brewer's alley 
^^ helen Israel, merchant, agent of the Phcenix Fire 
company of London, and treasurer of the Schuyl- 
kill Bridge company 159 and 395 High 
"^^^helen Sc Wikoff, merchants 159 High 
Whelan Patrick E. merchant Coombs* alley 
Whelan William, grocer corner Chesnut and Fourth 
Wheeler 1. 1. 8c Ashhurst, merchants 49 N. Third 
Wheeler John, chairmaker 65 Vine 
Wheeler Enoch, gentleman 99 Vine 
Wheeler 1. 1, merchant 47 north Third 


Wheeler J. tavemkeeper and grocer I Equality court 
Wheler John, taylor88 north Water 
Whelar Samuel, carpenter 88 north Ninth 
Wheeler Samuel, black and whitesmith 99 Vine 
Whelldin Daniel, sea captain 1 1 Vernon 
Whellden Alexander, fisherman Charlotte 
Whelldin Johnson, mariner 486 north Third 
Whelldin Jonathan, pilot 121 Swanson 
Whelldin Lambert, sea captain 281 south Front 
Whelldin Skinner, mariner 99 Cedar 
Whelldin Thomas, mariner Oak (N. L.) 
W^helldin Wilmon, captain New-Castle packet 13 

Whetstone Isaac, carter 1 5 Coombs' alley 
Whetstone Jacob, labourer 501 south Second 
Whipple Job, sea captain 88 Cedar * 

Whitaker James, Windsor and fancy chairmaker 19 

and 33 Dock 
Whitaker James, smith, Sec. Hartung's alley 
Whitaker ^ Thomas, smiths back 28 north Second 
V/hitaker Thomas, cabinetmaker 91 south Second 
Whitaker John, accomptant 1 3 Knight's court 
Whitaker Robert, brassfounder 43 Lombard 
Whitecar Joseph, [grocer 15 Callowhill 
Whitall Mary, shopkeeper 216 south Third 
Whitby Wm. plaisterer 1 30 south Tenth 
White Britton, jun. merchant 2 1 Penn 
White widow of Christopher, 128 north Fourth 
AVhite Charles, gentleman 145 south Fifth 
White Geo. storekeeper 40 south Fourth 
White Geo. B. whitelead factory 20 south BroiS 
White Henry, tavernkeeper 36 south Water 
White H. labourer 83 north Fifth 
Vv hite Jesse, tavernkeeper Blackhorse alley 
White Jacob, carter Clever alley 
White James, late innkeeper 178 Sassafras 
W^hite James, nailer 461 north Front 
White Josiah, late ironmonger 16 north Ninth 
White James, accomptant 6 Cypress alley 
White James, m d. and chymist 309 north Third 
White John, mariner 438 south Froat 

c c 


White Joseph, hardware merchant 29 High 
'V\^Mte Joseph, clock and watchmaker 162 N. Third 
"White Jonathan, carpenter near 273 north Third 
White iP" Lippincott, hardwareslore 29 High 
White Margaret, victualler 296 north Ninth 
White Richard, teacher 121 south Ele\'«nth 
White Robert, carpenter 136 south Eighth 
White Robert, labourer Mark's lane [see Wight 

White Rosina, boardinghouse 331 High 
Wliite Samuel, carpenter Wagner's alley 
White Samuel, labourer 414 south Second . 
White widow of Solomon, merchant 172 Mulberry 
White Thomas H, merchant 286 High 
White Thomas, clock and watchmaker 44 north 7th 

White Thomas, china merchant 380 north Second 
White Thomas, teacher 369 north Front 
W' hite Wm. tailowchandler 240 north Third 
"White Wm. storekeeper 6 south Sixth 
White Wm. victualler Noble above Ei9;hth 
White Wm. jun. victualler 296 north Eighth 
White rev. Wm. d. d. 444 north Second 
White rev. Wm. d. d. bishop of the Episcopal 

church 89 Walnut 
White Wm. plaisterer Locust near Tenth 
White Wm. 13 south Fifth 
W^hitebread Charles, shipwright 7 1 Christian 
Whiteford Robert, mariner 18 Little Water 

Whitehead John Sc James, merchants 222 north 2d 

Whitehead John, m.erchant 25 Vine 

Whitehead widow of Richard, 62 Vine 

Whitehead Robert, scrivener 72 Vine 

Whitehead James, merchant 27 Vine 

Whittesley widow of C. combmaker 352 north Third 

Whitely widow of Daniel, plaisterer 456 Sassafras 

Whitemaii Charles, carter 282 north Eighth 

Whiteman James, stonecutter 1 1th above Sassafras 

Whiteman Casper, porter Garden 

Whiteman Windel, tanner near 5 1 1 north Second 

Whiteman David, carter 88 Budd 

Whiteman Henry, porter 24 Branch 

Whiteman Jacob, feedstore 1 10 north Fourth 

Whiteman John, shoemaker 40 Coates* 


Whiteman John, innkeeper IS9 north Fourth ^ 
Whiteman Thomas, harnessniaker 18 Starr alley 
Whiteman widow of John, tanner 37 Walnut • 
Whiteman widow of Samual, 96 north Fourth 
V/hitcman John, carter William 
Whitener John, carter 123 Brown 
Whitcsides Alexander, plaisterer Callowhill near 5th 
. Whitesldes Thomas, brewer Swanwick's alley 
Whitesides Wm. accomptant 63 south Eleventh - 
Whitnell Marj^^aret, widow 472 north Third 
Whitney L. cabinetmaker 153 north Sixth 
Whiteney Thomas, maiiiematicai instrumentmakcr ; 
manufactures surveying instruments generally, 
N. 6th, near the first gate on the Ger man town roud 
Whitsei Peter, labourer Fourth near Noble 
Whittenday Robert, shoemaker 54 Christian 
Whittle Robert, merchant 1 5 south Second 
Wholly Elizabeth, midwife 36 Appletree alley 
Wickard David, labourer 146 St. John*s 
Wickersham Amos, 112 Vine 
Wickham James, taylor 192 north Water 
WidcUfield Wm. ironmonger 42 north Third aad 

38 Mulberry 
Widdifieid Wm. chairmaker 39 Mulberry 
Widdifield James, carpenter 14 Cypress alley 
Widdison John, stonecutter back 67 north Tenth 
Widdowes Peter, teacher 30 Church alley 
Wieatt Solomon, bookbinder 368 north Second 
Wieatt Ann, teacher 60 Coates' 
Wiegand Conrad, smith 340 Sassafras 
Wien John, jnn. brassfbunder 12 Locust 
Wiggins Benjamin, shoemaker 462 north Front 
Wiggins Susan, tayloress 62 Cherry 
Wiggins Thomas, taylor 379 north Front 
Wigglesworth Wm. toy warehouse 3 south Second 
Wight James, cutnail factory 28 I and 313 N. ThirU 
Wight Thomas, boot and shoemaker 118 High 
Wightinburg Michael, bookbinder 124 Coates' 
Wigmore Francis, 53 Elfreith's alley 
Wigmore Joseph A. bottler 72 Walnut 
AVikofT Henry, gentleman 44 Pine 
WikofF Isaac, merchant 34 Saiisom 


WikofF Jacob C. druggist 35 High 

^Vilcocks Benjamin G. merchant south -cast cotnei* 

Walnut and Eighth 
Wilcoeks Edward, taylor Sassafras alley 
Wilcocks Samuel, attorney at law 87 south Sixth 
Wilcocks Richard H. merchant 61 south Water and 

272 Chesnut 
Wilcocks Samuel, merchant 40 north Fifth 


Wild Frederick, baker 277 south Fourth 
Wildes Joseph, merchant taylor 25 north Second 
Wildey Richard, shipjoiner Emlin*s court 
Wildey & Kensil, shipjoiners 177 north Water 
Willdy Obadiah, carpenter 198 Cherry 
Willdy Samuel, combmaker near 9 Brewer*3 alley 
V/ile Conrad, brewer 137 north Sixth 
Wile Conrad, shoemaker 47 north Fourth 
Wiley Benjamin, carpenter 268 Sassafras 
Wiley Benjamin, shoemaker Lee's court 
Wiley James, bookbinder Sassafras alley 
Wiley Ely, shoemaker Laurel (N. L.) 
Wiley Levy, shoemaker 22 Elizabeth 
Wiley John, blacksmith back 9 Elfreith*s alley 
Wiley Nathaniel, assistant turnkey at debtor's apart- 
ment 26 South alley 
Wiaey Robert, grocer 14f south Eleventh 
Willey James, shoemaker 443 north Second 
Wiley Moses, weaver Locust near Eighth 
Wilgus John, carpenter 178 Sassafras 
Wilkins Caleb, taylor 62 Chesnut 
Wilkins Samuel W. carpenter back 152 Sassafras 
Wilkins Samuel, currier 10 Cresson's alley 
Wilkins Samuel, merchant 104 north Water 
Willdnson Christopher, carpenter 293 Mulberry 
Wilkinson James, boardinghouse 24 George (S.) 
Wilkinson Wm. taylor 24 Crown 
V/iilard George, constable 39 Keys' alley 
Willard Martin, mariner 41 1 south Front 
Willard Parr, shoemaker back 1 1 1 north Fifth 
Willett John S. attorney at law 52 Walnut 
Williams Alexander, jeweller 89 south Second 
Williams A. stablekeeper 189 Spruce 

BiRECTORY. -' ' 

Willaninue J. G. 208 Spruce 
Williams Abraham, storekeeper 30 so'alh Third 
Williams Benjamin, currier 100 Sassafras 
Williams Elijah D. sea captain 3 Pfieffer's alley 
Williams Benjamin, merchant 5-7 Migh 
Williams Charles, sea captain 29 Coates' 
Williams Charles, labourer 43 Artillery lane 
Williams Ennion, teacher 86 south Sixth 
Williams Georcje, merchant 60 Mulberry 
Williams Frederick, taylor Malt alley 
Williams widow of Hezekiah, merchant 60 Mulberry 
Williams James, baker Peggs' 
Williams James, fruiterer 64 High 
Williams James, carpenter 198 Pine 
Williams James, combmaker 302 Sassafras 
Williams J. combmaker 302 Sassafras 
Williams Jesse, lumber merchant 21 1 Spruce 
Williams Jesse, shopkeeper 203 Sassafras 
Williams John A, mercliant 20 south Second 
Williams John, mariner 79 Shippcn 
Williams John, carpenter Cherry near Eleventh 
Williams John, victualler Charlotte 
Williams John, labourer 261 south Fourth 
Williams ;ohn, carter 1 10 Catharine 
Williams John, sea captain 44 Union 
Williams Joseph W . sea captain 30 Pine 
Williams Lemuel, cordwainer 160 south Front 
Williams Mrs. grocer south Thirteenth 
Williams Moses, fruiterer 179 Sassafras 
Williams Nehemiah, shoemaker 74 Plum 
Williams Owen, cabinetmaker 76 Dock 
Williams Peter, cakebaker 458 north Phira 
Williams Richard, taylor Coxe*s alley 
Williams Richard, mariner 12 Meade alley 
Williams Robert, plaisterer 137 south Sixth 
Williams S. &. M. shopkeepers 35 south Second 
Williams S. 205 Spruce 

Williams Samuel, lumber merchant 219 Walnut 
Williams .•>. 5c J. mahogany yard 154 ^V"aInut 
Williams £c Seckel, merchants 9 north Water 
Williams S. H. tinplateworker 236 High 

c c2 


Williams Thoraus, tanner, 8cc. 455 north Front 
Williams Thomas isf Benjamin, tanners and curriers 

loo Sassafras and 453 north Front 
Williams Thomas, mariner 257 south Third 
Williams Thomas, cabinetmaker 73 & 75 Sassafras 
Williams Thomas, shoemaker back 182 St. John's 

and y Burd's alley 
Williams Theophilus, Fourth above Noble 
Williams Wm. turner 131 north Sixth 
Williams Wm. marble chimney piece factory corner 

Filbert and Tenth 
Williams W. merchant taylor 98 Vine 
Williams Wm. shoemaker 97 Budd 
Williams Wm. J. carpet warehouse 71 south 2d 
Williams Wm. T. accomptant 181 Cherry 
Williamson Daniel, grocer 67 Passyunk 
Williamson John, labourer near 9 Brewer's alley 

Williamson , hatter 84 north Second 

Williamson Michael, accomptant 40 Sassafras 
Williamson Jesse, carpenter 22 German 
Williamson John, mate 63 Meade alley 
Williamson Joseph, grazier 349 south Second 
Williamson Wm. sea capt. near 12 Stamper's alley 
Williamson Samuel, gold and silversmith 1 1 8 south 

Williamson W. sailmaker 4 Sassafras and 130 north 

Williamson Wm. D. sea captdn 64 Swanson 
Willig George, musical magazine 1 2 south Fourth 
Willing ^Curwen, merchants 21 Dock 
Willing c?" Francis, merchants 2 1 Penn 
Willing George, merchant 64 Pine 
AVilling Richard, merchant 89 Pine 
Willing Thomas, i^entleman 100 south Third 
W^illing Thomas M. merchant 105 south Third 
Willing Wm. S. merchant 2 1 Dock 
Willingsport Wm. labourer 67 Catharine 
Will Winchester, tavernkeeper 300 south Front 
Willis John, accomptant 35 Sassafras 
Willis John, shoedealer 5 Lsetitia court 
Wills John, grocer 242 south Second 


Willis John, labourer MiSlin*s court 
Willis Jonathan, merchant 32 north Third 
Wills George, combmaker Poplar lane 
Wills William, combmaker Fourth above Brown 
Wills Joseph,. rigger 35 Artillery lane 
"Wills Rebecca, widow next 7 Elfreith*s alley 
Willis M. turner 10 Cherry 

Willis Nehemiah, cabinetmaker 338 north Second 
Willis Solomon, turner 112 Cherry 
Willis Thomas Y. merchant 32 north Third 
Willis Sc Yardley, merchants 21 south Wharves at\d 

31 Water 
Wills David, tobacconist 70 New 
Wills Eliza, victualler 285 north Eighth 
Wills James Sc Son, grocers 84 Chesnut 
Willis Williams, shoemaker 82 north Water 
Wills Thomas, sea captain 81 Penn 
Wilmer John, inspector of nuisances Taper alley 
Wilmer Jas, merchant 52 N. Front and 94 Mulberry 
Wilmer John, accomptant 115 north Fifth 
Wilmer Lambert, accomptant 120 north Fourth 
Wilson Alex, flour mercht. 13 S. Front is" 50 NValnut^ 
^^ilson Ann, grocer 62 Sassafras 
Wilson cj;* Anthony, smiths back 90 north Fourth 
Wilson Andrew, labourer Cedar above Twelfth 
Wilson Ann, mantuamaker 7 Lombard 
Wilson Benjamin, shipwright 66 Catharine 
Wilson Francis, tobacconist ]03 Cherry 
Wilson Benjamin, fur merchant 4 south Fifth 
Wilson Charles, rigger. 44 Coates' 
Wilson David, labourer Hoffman's alley 
Wilson Edward, merchant 3 and next 24 Church alley 
Wilson Geo. S. mercht. 40 N. Water & 223 S. Front 
Wilson George, bookbinder above the three mile 

stone Frankford road 
"Wilson George, grocer 10 Fayette 
Wilson George, hatter corner Front and Sassafras 
Wilson rev. James P. pastor of First Presbyterian 

church 10 south Broad 
\A ilson James, taylor 9 Mulberry and 10 and 102 N. 

\y ater 
Wilson James, printer back 40 north Fourth 


Wilson James, shipcarpcnter 27 Callowhill 
Wilson James, merchant corner Sassafras Sc Eighth 
Wilson Job, merchant baxk 78 High 
Wilson Joel, accomptant 8 Stall's court 
Wilson Joseph, taylor 185 south p'ront \ 
"Vvilson Isaac, accomptant 50 Coates' 
Wilson John B. merchant 37 Mulberry- 
Wilson John, porter 20 Appletree alley 
Wilson John, mariner 71 Plum 
Wilson John, nailer 30 Plum 
Wilson John, mate 106 Cedar 
Wilson John, stonecutter 14 south Tenth 
Wilson J. stablekeeper back 129 Walnut 
Wilson John, tavernkeeper 193 Chesnut 
Wilson John, coachpainter back 129 Walnut 
Wilson John, storekeeper 10 north Second 
Wilson John, labourer 31 Crown 
Wilson Margaret, "gentlewoman 9th near Walnut 
Wilson Margaret, widow Lsetitia court 
Wilson Mary, widow M'Cullough's court 
Wilson Matthew, tobacconist south 1 1th near High 
W^ilson Mrs. widow 236 south Third 
Wilson Robert, sea captain 187 Pine 
Wilson Robert, carpenter 8 Knight's court 
Wilson Robert, tobacconist 173 & 241 north Second 
Wilson Samuel, physician Fourth above Green 
W ilson Samuel, smith 9 Crown 
Wilson Seth, taylor 30 Coates* alley 
Wilson Samuel, carter 27 Noble 
Wilson Silas, innkeeper 341, north Front 
Wilson Thomas, mate 277 south Third 
Wilson William, stationer 3 1 north Second 
Wilson William, turner 123 north Sixth 
Wilson William, grocer 138 north Second, 
Wilson William, carter 14 Mulberry 
Wilson William, mariner 86 south Third 
Wilson William, carpenter 61 Budd 
Wilson William, upholsterer 93- south Fifth 
Wilstack Hannah, storkeeper 190 north Second 
Wilt Abraham, gentleman 5 5 Sassafras 
Wilt Hannah, nurse 76 Brown 
Wiltberger Christian, gold 8c silversmith 16 Sassafras 


Wiltberger George, lumber merchant 35 St. John's 
Wjitberger William, hardware merchant l8l High 
Wiltberger Peter, merchant 101 and 25 6 High 
'Wimec Goerge, carter 274 south Third 
Wimley John, labourer St. Tammany 
Wimley William, baker near 261 Cailovvhill 
Winberg Jones, mate 3 Sassafras alley 
Wing Frederick, baker 72 Spruce 
Winkhouse Catharine, widow near 17 Sterling alley 
Winkhouse John, storekeeper 11-4 north Eighth 
Winner James, gunsmith 463 north Third 
Winner Joseph, labourer 12 Butler's court 
Winner, Nippes 8c Steinman, gunsmiths 449 north 3d 
Winner William, labourer 416 north Front 
Winn Jacob, carter 44 Green 
Winn Peter, constable back 83 Chesnut 
Winnemore Jacob, corder corner Sansom and Ca- 
Winnemore Philip, porter 140 south Fourth 
Winser John, tanner Rose alley 
Winter Richard, coverer of bonnet wire 127 south Sd 
Winter William, labourer 20 Brown 
Winter A. victualler Callowhill above Fifth 
Winter Garret, carter 41 6 north Front 
\V inter Thomas, painter corner of Columbia avenue 

and Locust 
Wii ling George, brewer Mifflin*s court 
W^ire J. Windsor chairmaker 209 south Front 
Winslow widow of Elijah, sea captain 22 Callowhill 
Wisdom John, starchmuker 195 south Sixth 
Wisar George, shoemaker 187 St. John's 
Wiser John, bciker 85 north Fifth 
Wiser John, carpenter 522 north Third 
Wiseman Mrs. 41 Sansom 

Wiseman Catharine, 50 south Sixth [see Wdsman, 
Wisham John, porter 103 Vine 
Wisler Jacob, labourer 1 17 Coates* 
Wispart C. painter, ^c. 327 north Third 
Wissenbaugh William, combmaker Garden 
Wissinger Melchior, wire worker 79 north Front 
Wistar Casper, m. d. professor of Anatomy corner 
Prune and Fourth 


Wistar Rd. merchant 110 Chesnut Sc 117 High 
}Yistar H. Sc E. gentlewomen 222 Walnut ^ 

"V^'istar Thomas, gentleman 379 High 
Winter Chas. I. merchant 9 south Ninth 
'^Vister .'ohti, merchant 143 Hi.^h 
Wiser John 8c Charles I. merchants 143 High 
WistCi bai'ah, gentlewoman 108 Chesnut 
Wisier Peter, wheelwiight above 5 1 1 north Second 
Withey Samuel, shoemaker 7 Brewer's alley 
Withey Mrs. nurse 516 north Second 
Witmer Henry, plaisterer 21 north Ninth 
Vvitmer Henry, jr. tavernkceper 30 north Fifih 
Vv/'itten Jacob, hurncsbmakcr I'ine near t.levenih 
Woelp-ipper Gtorge G. ^ictl.niler 2i5 Vine 
Vv'oglom Abraham, bricklayer 39 Sassafras 
Woglom widow of Peter, 20 Sassafras 
Woibert Charles, porter 193 St. John's 
Wolbert Thomas, innkeeper St. Tammany 
Woibert Catharine, mantuamaker 369 south Front 
W^olbert Frederick, prothonotary CC. P. 354 N. 2d 
Woldey Frederick, grocer 176 south Water 
Wolperf David, victualler Lawrence 
Woolpert Mrs. victualler 245 Vine 
Wolpert George, victualler 1 1 Stall's court 
Woite Dayidj shipjoiner Taper ?i;iley 
Wolfe Lewis, -dentist 5 north Sixth 
Wolfe widow of Andrew, shoemaker 458north 2d 
Wolfe Jacob, wheelwright 92 Christian 
W^olfe Jacob, boardinghouse 21 Cedar 
Wolfe .'acob, carter corner ISth and Sassafras 
Wolfe John, tavernkeeper Oak (N. L.) 
Vv'olfeJohn, brasier 12 Charlotte 
Wolfe Mary, late 166 Lombard • 

V/olfe William, baker 267 south Second 
W.olforde Peter, baker 454 Sassafras 
W^olforde Peter, p]?istcrer SO north Tenth 
Wolfstack Francis, baker 200. St. John's 
Wonder George, victualler 5 1 1 north Secend 
WVnderly widow of David, victualler 288 Sassafras 
"Wonderly John, victualler 177'Clierry 
Wondeily John, labourer 124 Callowhill 
W^onderly ^V, victualler 102 north Eighth 


Wood A. hatter Goddard's alley 

Wood Catharine, storekeeper 8 north Second 

Wood Clement, yoeman 247 St. John's 

Wood George, carpenter 90 Gaskill 

Wood Hannah, gentlewoman 15 i south Third 

Wood Isaac, shipwright 23 Callowhill 

Wood Henry, taylor 53 Passyunk road 

Wood James, boatbuilder 55 Coates* 

Wood James, mariner Goddard's alley 

Wood James, merchant 47 north Wateran:M56 

north Front 
Wood iarnes C. taylor 92 Sassafras 
W'ood John, sea captain 7 Mary 
Wood John, Brothers ^ Co. merchants 25 1 High 
\Vood Joseph & Co. merchants 8 north Second 
Wood Obadiah, taylor near 1 1 Brewer's alley 
Wood Mary, nurse 23 Walnut 
Wood widow of M. B. 357 north Third 
Wood Mrs. boardinghouse 559 and 351 High and 

159 north Front 
Wood Peter, corder 3 Callowhill 
W^ood Stephen T. shoemaker 369 north Third 
Wood cif Tomkins, storekeepers 104 north Second 
Wood Thomas, lace and frini2:e v/eaver 65 Chesnut 
Wood Wm. mariner 174 south Water 
Wood Wm. parchmentmaker 71 south Fifth 
Wood widow of Wm. plaisterer 1 1 V/illing's alley 
Wood Wm. millwright 39 Brown 
Wood Wm. labourer 9 Farmer's alley 
Woodbridge Thomas, carpenter 211 St. John's 
Woodhouse John, chandler 1 Shievely's alley 
V/oodhouse Wm. bookseller ^nd stationer 6'somh 

Woodham George, labourer Mary's 
Woodman George, labourer 12 Fayette 
Woodman Joseph, sea captain 5 1 Almond 
Woodman Wm. accomptant 276 north Second 
Woodruff Abraham, nailer 13 Equality court 
Woodruff Archibald, grocer 1 7 north Eighth 
Woodruff Hampton, hairdresser 1 37 north Front 
Woodruff widow of John D. 82 south Water 


Woodsides John A. ornamental painter Nonnater's 

Woodward Charles, accomptant 162 north Fifth 
Woodward W. W. printer and stationer 52 south 2d 
Woolridge & Ellis, pakcoopers 1 1 Little Water 
Woolson J tinplate worker 97 High 
Woolston Benjamin, carpenter 328 north Fro'ht 
Woolverston John, blacksmith Noble near Third 
Wolley G. lumber merchant 168 north Fourth 
Wolley Mrs. midwife 36 Appletree alley 
Work David, labourer south Thirteenth 
Work Samuel, carpenter 277 south Third 
Workom John, innkeeper corner Callowhill & Third 
Workman John, lumber merchant 348 south Front 
Workman Rebecca, gentlewoman back 464 S. Front 
Wormeman Samuel, 123 north Third 
Wormstead Mrs. of M. Emlen's court 
Worrell Benjamin, shopkeeper 84 Cedar 
Worrell 8c Davis, smiths 174 Shippen 

Worrell , smith 326 Sassafras 

Worrell George, storekeeper 59 Sassafras 
Worrell ohn, shoemaker 259 Catharine 
Worrell Joseph, carpenter 56 south Sixth 
Worrell Jonathan, shoemaker 93 Mulberry 
Worrell Wm. merchant 65 High and 142 Sassafras 
Worrell & Jennings, merchants 65 High 
W^orrel Philip, cooper 29 north Sixth 
Worth James, merchant 280 north Second 
Worth Jonathan, merchant 38 south Wharves and 

1 19 Lombard 
Wotherspoon Thomas, merchant 22 south Front 
"VVray A. ^ Wm, grocers Hayscales wharf (N. L.") 
Wray Andrew, grocer &. tavern keeper 166 irvvansoji 
Wray Joel, sea captain 373 north Third 
Wray Matthew, grocer corner Shippen and Fourth 
Wray Geo. A. hardware store 132 High 
Wray Wm. grocer 9 and 1 1 High \^see Ray and Rey 
Wray widow of Wm- innkeeper (ilough 8c Harrow) 

Filbert above Eleventh 
Wright Caleb, currier north-east corner Doc'k and 



Wright Sc Cooke, merchants 57 north Front 
Wright Davis, merchant 33 I'enn 
Wright I'Uizabeth, 145 south Water 
Wright James, taylor 1 2 1 south Water 
Wright John E. carpenter 132 Cedar 
Wright Enoch, taylor 80 Mulberry 
Wriiiht Ellis, carpenter 22 Artillery lane 
Wright J. shoemaker 343 north Second 
Wright ohn, ladies shoemaker 242 south Second 
Wright John, chyraist 154 Lombard 
Wric^ht John, carter 330 south Sixth 
W right widow of Joseph, sailmaker 51 Spruce 
Wright Malcolm, tinplate worker 201 High 
Wright llobert, carpenter 69 Cherry 
Wright Samuel G. merchant 20 Mulberry- 
Wright Wm. E taylor 54 south Water 
Wriiiht Wm. shoemaker 200 Coates* 
Wri^ley Francis, printing ink maker Tenth near 

Wrigley ^5* Johnson, printing ink and lampblack 

manufacturers corner Lombard and Tenth 
Wurts Christian, gentleman 446 north Third 
W urts Maurice & Wm. merchants 137 High 
W' y and John, baker 37 Chesnut 
Wynkoop A- & W. S. merchants i63 south Water 
Wynkoop Joseph, teawarebouse.245 north Third 
Wynkoop Mrs. gentlewoman l5> south vVater 
Wylie Rev. Samuel B. corner Walnut Sc Eleventh 
Wythe DanieU teacher and painter 45 Spruce 

Yard James, merchant south-west comer Walnut- 

street wharf, and 37 south Fourth 
Yard H. boardinghouse 30 Walnut 
Yard ohn, cabinet and chairmaker 30 north Fouywh 
Yard Shandy, fruiterer 11 Walnut 
Yardsley James, sea captain 42 1 south Frent 
Yartlley Richard, innkeeper 53 Vine 
Yar-^iley Wm. merchant 58 Mulberry 
Yanner George, shoemaker 14 German- 


Yarnall Eli, currier 15 Chesnut 

Yarnall Ellis, merchant 357 High 

Yarnall Ellis 8c Son, hardware store 39 High 

Yarnall John, storekeeper 23 north Second 

Yarnall Nathan, hardware store 39 High 

Yates Ann, widow 84 north Second 

Yates Edman, coppersmith and tinman 194 £OUth 23 

Yeary Samuel, labourer 254 north Front 

Yerger Casper, blacksmith 268 Sassafras 

Yeager George, shoemaker 126 New 

Yerger Henry, cedarcooper 296 Vine 

Yerger John, skindresser 284 north Front 

Yeager Tohn, shoemaker 103 Sassafras 

Yerger George, skindresser 209 north Eighth 

Yerger ^ Schryer, skindressers, parchment makers. 

and glue manufacturers, 33 5 Callow hill corner of 

Yeater Charles, carpenter 128 Brown 
Yeater Henry, shoemaker 313 south Third 
YeuserC. shoemaker 274 St. John's , 
Yohe George, store and innkeeper 200 and 202 High 
Yohle Mary, shopkeeper 2 Little Oak (S.) 
Yokem James, labourer 11 north Fifth 
Yokem David, shoemaker 166 north Fifth 
Yopst Ezekiel, blacksmith 336 south Second 
Yopst John, shoemaker 318 north Front 
Yoreous Frederick, musician 528 north Third 
Yorke Peter, sea captain 6 New Bank 
Yorke Sc Schott, merchants 43 north Front 
Yorke Samuel, merchant 43 north Front and 146 

Young Andrew, sugarboiler 189 Cherry 
Young A. taylor 278 St. John's "^ 

Young widow of Alexander, 87 north Seventh 
Young Berijamih^ mariner ^S Green 
Young Sc Black, soap and candle manufacturers 203 

south Sixth 
Young Charles, accomptant 49 north Eighth 
Young Charles, stonecutter 22 south Tenth 
Yovingf Christopher, weaver 5 Wagner's alley 


Young Daniel, labourer 1 Sassafras alley 
Young Francis, taylor Fearis' court 
Young Hannah, widow 293 south Fourth 
Y^oung Henry, gilder and carver 127 south Sixth 
Young Jacob, carter Poplar lane 
Y^oung Jacob, painter and glazier 352 north Third 
Young "Widow of James, grocer 28 Penn 
Young James, plumber George near Eighth 
Y'oung James, gentleman 370 north Third 
Young Joseph, dealer Fourth above Brown 
Young John, tallow chandler and innkeeper 226 

south Sixth 
Y'oung John G. merchant 157 south Fifth 
Y'oung Lewis, cabinetmaker 261 south Second 
Young Lewis, innkeeper 20 south Sixth 
\''oung Mrs. tutress 18 Passyunk 
Young Nicholas, merchant 33 Callowhill 
Young Philip, smith 40 New 
Y^oung Samuel, fruiterer 185 north Second 
Young Samuel, harbour master 182 south Front 
Young Thomas, carpenter, 60 south Second 
Young Thomas, boot and shoemaker 202 south 2d 
Young \Vm. boot and shoemaker 31 Walnut 
Y^oung Wm. broker near 55 Dock 
Young Wm. baker 6 Meade alley 
Y''oung Wm. taylor 29 Passyunk 

Zahrens Anthony, shingledresser 297 N. Third 
ZallekofFer Henry M. druggist 133 south Sixth 
Zanes Isaac, wharf builder 5'?7 south Front 
Zaite Jesse S. balanceweigher 1 17 north Front 
Zane Joel, gentleman 1 1 7 north Front 
Zantzinger Thomas B. attorney at law 174 Chesnut 
Zargable Anthony, shoemaker 489 north Third 
Zebley Benjamin, carpenter 39 Cable lane 
Zebley Joseph P. carpenter 33 Kunckle 
Zebley Jacob, high constable Say*s wharf 
Zebley Rudolph, carter 468 Sassafras 
Ziess Andrew, baker 244 Spruce 


Zeilin Jacob, tavernkeeper 161 Chesnut 
Zell Christopher, carter 33 Sassafras alley 
Zeller Daniel, merchant 126 north Third 
Zeller Jacob, bookbinder 121 north Third 
Zeller Mary, teacher 1 1 9 north Third 
Zeller. Philip, gentleman 115 Sassafras 
Zentler Conrad, printer office back 104 north 2d 
Zeslein Joseph, pastor of the Moravian church 

74 Sassafras 
Zigler Ann, midwife 74 New [see Sigler 

Zigler Jacobj inspector of lumber 74 New 
Zigler Samuel, drover 125 Callow hill 
Zimmerman Adam, taylor 38 New 
Zimmerman, Harvey Sc Co 13 south Water 
Zimmerman Jacob, bleeder back 341 Callowhill 
Zimmerman Sebastian, merchant 1 1 1 Vine 
Zinck George, victualler north Twelfth near Cherry, 
Zonda Francis, taylor 57 Walnut 
Zophy Mary, grocer 334 High 





ALMOND Street, from the Delaware to 315 south Second 
Appletree alley, from 50 north Fourth to 35 Fifth 
Artillery lane, from 342 north Front to 363 Second 
App's lane, from Queen to Bedford, between Marlborough 

and Shakemnxen 
Ashton, north and south on the Schuylkill from Vine to Cedar 
Ash alley, from Schuylkill Front to Second, between High 

and Cedar. 
Aspan alley, from Locust to Spruce, between Schuylkill 

Front and Second 
Ball alley, from 120 Cedar to 77 Shippen 
Ball's alley, fom the Delaware to 391 north Front 
Bank street, from 70 High to 69 Chesnut 
Bakei-'s alley from 55 New to 70 Vine 
Beck's alley, from 172 Swanson to 453 south Front 
Bearsticker's court, from 68 north Sixth 
Biddle's allev, from 78 High to 9 Elbow lane 
Bard's alley, from 78 Catharine to Qiieen 
Blnckhorse alley, from 20 south Front to 19 Second 
Bolion's court, from 16 south Sixth 

Bonsall-st. from Ninth to Tenth between Lombard & Cedar 
Broad street, running north and south from Vine to Cedai> 

between Juniper and Schuylkill Eighth 
Brown's court, from 34 Sassafras 

Britton's alley, from the Delaware to 205 north Water 
Branch street, fiom 130 north Third to 59 Fourth 
Brewer's iiUej-, from 190 north Second, to 113 Fourth 
Brown street, fvom 414 north Front to old Yofk road 
Brooks's court, from 126 north Front 

Eranner's alley, from Shievely's alley to 180 Vine 
Blackberry allcv, from Walnut to Spruce, and from Pine to 

Lombard between Eighth and Ninth 
Bradford's alley, from 246 south Seventh to Eighth 
Euuler's court. See Equality court 
Budd street, from 67 Green to the Germantown road 
Beach street, from the intersection of Maiden andPenn-streets 

running north to Point-no-Point road 
Bishop street, from Beach to Queen 
Brown street (K) from Cherry to Vienna -^ ^ 

Bedford street, from Frankford road to Hanover ^ 

Cable lane, or New Market street, from 19 Vine to 42 Green 
Cauffman's court, from 14 Cherry 
Charles street, from 335 Callowhill to Logan 
Charlotte street, from 121 Brown to Poplar lane 
Callowhill street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between 

Vine and Willow 
Carlyle's court, from 46 south Fifth 
China street, above Front between Mary and Prime 
Clover street, from 12th to 13th between High and Chesnut 
Carpenter's street, from 6th to 7th between High & Chesnut 
Carpenter's street (S.) from Moyamensing to Passyunk, be- 
tween Christian and Prime 
Catharine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between 

Shippen and Queen 
Chancery lane, from 15 Coombs's alley to 32 Mulberry 
Cherry street, from 74 north Third to Tenth, and continued 
from Eleventh to Schuylkill, between Mulberry & Sassafras 
Chesnut street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and be- 
tween High and Walnut 
Cedar street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between Lom- 
bard and Shippen, being the southern boundary of the city 
Church alley, from 20 north Second, to 11 Third 
Christian street, from the Delaware to Shippen's lane, and 

between Queen and Prime 
Carper's court, from 404 north Front running west 
C'ever's alley, from 90 south Fifth to 125 Sixth 
Coates's street, from the Delaware to the Ridge road, be- 
tween Brown and Green 
Coaies's court, from 31 Cable lane 
Coat* s's alley, from 134 north Front to 151 Second 
Coombs' alley, from 44 north Front to 51 Second 
Crab street, from the Old Theatre to 2 Oak 
Cresson's alley, from 96 north Fifth, to 91 Sixth 
Crovn street, from 155 Sassafras running north to Willow 
Cypress alley, from 144 south Third to 79 Fourth 
Carter's alley, from 66 south Second to 55 Third 
Cc.x s alley, from 300 south Front to 323 south Second 
Centre allt-y h-oro 11th to 12th between Walnut and LocuSt 
Cherry street, frosa Queen to the Fr^kford road 

Columbia Avenue, from near 179 Walnut to Locust 

Dock street, from 138 south Front and 15 Spruce, to 67 south 

Third, between Ct^esnut and Walnut 
Drinker's coart, fr')m 66 Union 
Drinker's alley, irom 108 north Front to 119 Second 
Dean's allBV, between 12th and 13th from Wahiutto Spruce 
Duke street, running- norih and souUi from Hanover to Wood 
Elfreth's alley, from- 94 north Front to 105 Second 
Eighth si reel (south) from 266 Hig-h, running south 
Equality court, from 37 Budd 

Eighth street (north) froTi 301 High, running north 
Elizabeth street, from 164 south Sixth to Seventh 
Elmslies' orLownes' alley, from 118 south Second 
Emlen's alley, from 5 Powel to Clever's alley 
Eleventh street (north) from 407 High to Vine 
Eleventh street (south) from High to Cedar, between Tenth 

and Twelfth 
Elbow lane, from 27 south Third 
E mien's court, from 4 Noble 
Etris*s court, from 128 north Fifth, running west 
Eighth street (from Schuylkill) north and south i'vom Vine to 

Cedar, between Seventh and Broad 
Farmer's alley, from 32 north Sixth to 23 Seventh 
Federal street, from Front to Passyunk road, between Wash- 
ington and Warton 
Farmer's row, from near 39 Dock 
Fayette street, from 53 Filbert to 262 Mulberry 
Filbert street, from 22 north Eighth to Schuylkill 
Fearris' court, from 148 north Front 
Fifth street (north) from 197 High running north 
Fifth street (south) from 163 High running south 
Fifth street (from Schuylkill) north and south from Vine to 

Cedar, between Fourth and Sixth 
Fitzwalter street, from 32 Passyunk road 
Fuller's alley, from Swanson to 403 south Front 
Fourth street (north) from 155 High, running north 
Fourth street (south) from 128 High, running- south 
Fourth street (from Schuylkill) r.orth and south from Vhie to 

Cedar, between Tl)ird and Fifth 
Franklin court, from 106 High 
Froffkberger's court, fron> j4 north Second 
Fr nt street (south) from 14 High running south 
Front street (north) from 21 High, running north 
First street (from Schuylkill) north and south from Vine to 

Cedar, between Ashton and Second 
Gaskill street, from 238 south Second to 229 Fifth 
Garden street, from 297 Callowhill 

George street (Southwark) from 24 Gaskill to 31 German 
George street, from Ninth to Schuylkill, between Chesnut 

and Walnut. See Little George. 


German street, from 334 south Second to Tl Pa'ssyunk 

Giles' alley, from 136 Lombard to 189 Cedar 

Goddard's alley, from 2 Cable lane to 211 north Second 

Gray's alley, from 62 south Front to 79 Second 

Goforth alley, from 67 Dock to 72 Chesnut 

G''eenleaPs court, from 10 sonth fourth 

Green street, from 358 north Front to the York road 

Green's court, from 127 Pine, runnlnf?- north 

Gnsel's alley, from 15 Fitzwalter to Little Oak 

Garrig-ues' court, from 213 Sassafras 

Graff's court, from 57 Sassafras 

Germantown road, beginning at the intersection of north 

Front and Maiden 
Haines's alley, fmmi 113 Cherry to 206 Sassafras 
Harmony court, from 76 south Third to 47 Fourth 
Hartung's alley, from 26 north Second to 31 Third 
Hoffman's alley, from 61 Cherry to 114 Sassafras 
Hurst street, from 146 Lombard to 191 Cedar 
High street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and between 

Mulberry and Chesnut 
Hinkle's court, near 203 Sassafras 
Hudson's lane, from Passyunk road near Catharine 
■ Heyde's court, from 25 Filbert 
Huddle's alley, from the Delaware to 79 Swanson 
Hudson's alle)', from 1 12 Chesnut to Harmony court 
Hunter's court, from N. Eleventh between High and Filbert 
Hopkins' court, from near the intersection of the Gernoantown 

road and Second 
Hanover street, from Beach to Frankford road 
Jones's alley, from 15 Mary's alley, running north 
Juniper street N from High to Vine, between 13th and Broad 
Juniper-st. south from High to Cedar btween 13th andSroad 
Juniper lane, from George to Walr.ut, between 10th and 11th 
Juniper alley, from Tenth near Walnut to Juniper lane 
James street, from Charles to the Ridge road 
Keys's alley, from 160 north Front to 183 Second 
Knight's court, from 170 Cherry 
Kunckle street, from Brewer's ailey to Green 
Knodle-st. from W aloutto Locust between Schuylkill Seventh 

and Eighth 
Laetitia court, from 30 High lo Blackhorse alley 
Laurel street, froTn 39 Spruce to 'lark 
Leech's court, opens next 156 Spruce 
Liberty alley, from 9 Artillery lane to 6 Green 
Lilly alleys, from St. Taramanyto 74 Green 
Little Oak street, from Fifth to Spaff'ord, between Shippen 

and Fitzwalter 
Little Dock street, from 50 Spruce to 177 south Second 
Little George street, from 50 south Sixth to 51 Seventh 
Locust street, from 125 south Sixth to Schuylkill 

Logan street, from the Old York road to the Ridge road, be - 

tween Noble and GVeen 
Lombard street, from 212 south Front to Schuylkill 
Loxley's alley, from 115 Mulberry 
Loxley's court, from 30 Spruce 
Laurence street, from 255 Vine to Callowhill 
Laurel street (N. L.) from near 529 N. Front running west 
Lee's court, runs west from Eleventh between Higli & Filbert 
M'Culloch's court, from 144 north Front 
Margaretta street, from 258 north Front to 275 Second 
Mark's lane, from 98 north Eleventh 
Mary street, from 496 south Front to 505 Second 
Mary's alley, from 27 Giles' alley to soutti Sixth 
Matlack's court, from 12 Spruce 
Mead alley, from 90 Svvanson to 349 south Second 
Mifflin's alley, from 112 south Second 
Mifflin's court, from 318 south Front 
Moravian alley, from 77 Mulberry to 70 Sassafras 
Merritt's lane, from Fourth to Passyankroad between Catha- 
rine and Carpenter's 
Mulberry street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill between 

High and Sassafras 
Mulberry court, froT! 8 north Sixth 
Minor street, from 4 south Fifth to 3 south Sixth 
Middle alley, from 168 south Sixth to Seventh 
Maiden street, from the Delaware to the intersection of the 

Germantown road and Front 
Marlborough street, from the Delaware to Frankford road 

between Hanover and Shackemuxen 
Moyamensing road, from the intersection of Second and 

New street, from 168 north Second to near 93 Fourth 
Ninth street (south) from 304 High to Cedar 
Ninth street (north) from 339 High to Vine 
Noble street, from 330 N. Front to Fifth, and continued above 

Eighth in Spring Garden, between Callowhill and Logan 
Nonnater's court, from 280 Mulberry 
Norris's alley, from 68 south Front to 87 Second 
North alley, from o5 north Fifth to 39 Sixth 
New Bank, from 78 south Second to Goforth alley 
New Market street. See Cable Lune 
Oak street (N. L.) a continuation of north Water above Pools* 

bridge and between the Delaware and Front 
Oak street (Southwark) from 22 Crab to Passyunk road 
Ohio-st. between Eleventh and Twelfth and Pine St Lombard 
Orange street, from Seventh to Eighth between Locust and 

Otter street, from the Frankfort road, south of Bedford rUR"* 

ning west to We Germaotown road 
A 2 

Pine street, fi*om tike Delaware to ScUuy&lU, between Unioa 

and Lombard 
Penn sireet, from 8 Pine to Almond 
Pine alley, from Ball alley to 235 south Fourth 
Parram's alley, from 104 Swanson to 393 south Front 
Passyunb road, from IfO Cedar, running south-west 
Pear street, from near 62 Dock to 83 south Third 
Pearson's court, from 11 north Seventh 
Pegg-'s street, from 290 north Front to 299 Second 
Pemberton'.s alley, front 85 New to Vine 
Pe.vterplatter alley, from 14 north Front to 17 Second 
Pennsylvania Avenue, from 18S Vine 
Pfeiffer's alley, from 22 Cable lane to 235 north Second 
Plum street, from 230 south Second to Fifth 
Poplar lane, from 468 north Second to the Ridge road 
Patton's court, from 26 south Fotu'th 
Povvell street, from 100 south Fifth to Sixth 
Prinne-st. from the Delaware to Passvunk, below Catharine 
Prospect alley, from 9 Fayette to the Schuylkill 
Prune street, from 112 south Fourth to near 81 Sixth 
Palmer's street, from Queen street to Frankfort road 
Penn street, commonly called Mount Pleasant, running norfh 

along- the Delaware to Qiieen 
Portland lane, from 152 Sixth 

Q^;arry street, from 36 Moravian alley to 101 north Third 
(>ieen street, from the Delaware to Third, between Catha- 
rine and Christian 
Qtieen street, from the intersection of Penn aud Bishop to 

Frankford road 
Rand(jlph's cotirt, from 126 north Second 
Read's alley, from 190 Cedar to 5 Small 
Relief street, from 218 south Front to 237 Second 
Richardson's court, from 159 Sassafras 
Rasberry alley, from Locust to Spruce, between 9th and lOtU 
Rose alley, from St. Tammany near Third to Brown 
Rose street, near the intersection of Wilham and the Ger- 

mantow n road, running east to Frankford rdad 
Sansom street, from 7th to 9th, between Chesntit and Walnut 
Sassafras street, from Delaware to Schuylkill, between Cherry 

and Vine 
Schievely's alley, from 141 north Sixth to Branner's alley 
Stillhouse alley, frorn 330 north Front 
Say*s alley, from 41 Bruwn 
Shriver's court, from 7l north Eighth 
Simmons' court, from 216 north Front 
Sims' faUey, from the Delaware to 15 south Water 
Swedes' alley, opens at 22 Christian running south 
Shields' allev, from 140 south Ninth to Rasberry alley 
Shippen street, from 266 south Front 


Sixth street (south) from 192 Hi^hto Passyunk road 

Six.h street (Morth) from 233 Hi.^h to Germantown road 

Small street, fro^^ 190 south Fifiti to Sixth 

Smith's alley, near 211 south Third to 32 Gaskill 

Smith's court, from 172 north Eighth 

South alley, from 10 north Fifth to 7 Sixth 

Spaftord street, from 204 Shippeato litzwalter 

Spruce street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between Dock 

and Union 
Stamp, r's alley, fmm 208 south Second to 163 Third 
Stall's court, from 213 Sassafras 
Starr alley, from 163 Cherry (o 189 Sassafras 
Sterling- alley, froir 15 Chr^rry to 118 Sassafras 
Stt'auberrv, street, from 52 High to 55 Ciiesnut 
Steinmetz's court, from 93 north Fourth 
St. Mary's street, from 320 south Sixth to Eighth 
St. John street, from 59 Vine to Germantown road 
St. Tammany street, from 318 north Second to Old York road 
Summer's c<^urt, from 414 south Second 
Swanson street, from 10- Cedar to Prime 
Sassafras alley, from 191 Sassafras 
Second street (soutii) from 52 High to Federal 
Second street (nortli) from 67 Hig.'» to Germantown road 
Seventh street (south) from 228 Hightn Fitzwalter 
Seventh street (north) from 263 High to Vine 
Sheaf's alley, on the west side of Eleventh near Vine 
Shepherd's court, from 36 north Tnird 
Sarah street, from Qiieen to Bedford 

Say street, from Schuylkill Seventh to Eighth, between Sas- 
safras and Vine 
Second street, from Schuylkill, north and south from High to 

Vine, and Cedar be? ween Front and Third 
Sixth street, from Schuylkill, north and south from High to 

Vine and Cedar, between Fifth and Seventh 
Seventh street, from Schuylkill, north and south from High 

to Vine and Ct dar 
Shackemuxen street, from Qiieen to Frankf rd road 
Swanwick's alley, runs from 153 Wjiinut to Little George 
Taper alley, from 53 Green 
Taylor's alley, from 58 south Front to 73 Second 
Tei'th street (north) from High to Vine between 9th & lltli 
Tenth street (south) from High to Cedar bftween 9th & ll'h 
Twelftli street, running north from High to Vine and south 

to Cedar 
Thirieenih street, runniiig north from High to Vine, and 

south to Cedar 
Third sti;eet (north) from 115 High to Germantown road 
Third stree* (south) from 90 High running south 
Turner's alley, from 210 High to Carpenter's 


Third street, trom Sclmylkill, running" north from High and 

south to Cedar, between Secono and Fourth 
Union street, from 166 .>i>uth Front to 79 Fourth 
Union alley, from 180 Swanson to 436 south Front 
Vernon 55treet, front 44 Cedar to 29 Shippen 
Vine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between Sas- 
safras and Callowhill 
Vienna street, from Cherry to West 
W-.*gner's allev, from 135 Cherry to 252 Sassafras 
Ws^lnut street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between 

Chesnul and Dock 
Water street (Little) from 7 Cedar to Lombard 
Water street (south) from 12 Hi,^h to Pine 
Water street (north) from 16 High to Willow 
Wharton street, from the Delaware to Passyunk road 
Watkin's court, from 22 Moraviai> alley 
Webb's alley, from 221 Cherry to 334 Sassafras 
Wells* alley, from the Delaware to 371 north Front 
West's court, from 27 Cable lane 

Wharves (south )J'unning south along the Delaware fromHigh 
Wharves (north) running north along the Delaware fromHigh 
WiUiam street, from 347 Callow^hill to Logan 
Willing's alley, from 98 south Third to 75 Fourth 
Wiitman's court, from 400 Rorth Second 
Wood street, from York to the Ridge roads between Vine 

and Callowhill 
Warren street, from Beach to Queen 
West street, from Wood to Hanover 
Wood street, from Queen near the Point road 
William street (N. L ) from Otter running north to Rose 
York road, from 121 Vine to the Germantown road 
York court, from 105 south Third 
Zane street, from 32 north Seventh to Eighth 


Imported into the United States, from and after the last day of June, 180*. 

ARMS, fire and side not otherwise 

enumerated, or parts thereof 17 1-2 percent, ad vaf^ 

Apparaius, philosophical, specially 
imported for any seminary of 
learning free 

Apparel, wearing (see wearing ap- 
parel, Stc). 

Ale, Beer, and Porter, in casks or 

bottles, 8 cents per gallon 

On the bottles, if bl^ck glass 

quart bottles, 60 cents per groce" 

Antimony, regulus of tVee 

Artificial flowers, feathers and 

other ornaments for women's 

headdresses, 17 1-2 per eent. ad vai 

Anniseed, do. do. 

Articles of all kinds of the growth 

or manufacture of the United 

States, or their territoi its, upon 

which no draw back, bounty or 

allowance has been paid> or ad- 
mitted, free 
Altnonds, 2 cents per pound 
Anchors, 1 1-2 ditto 
*Acqua fortis, free 

Baggage, personal (see, wearing 

apparel, &.c.) 
Bark of the Cork tree, free 

Brass car.non, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vaL t| 

teutenagne and wire, free 

— r— iron or steel locks, hinges ^ 

hoes, anvils, vices, 15 per cent, adval. 

— — all other manufactures of 

brass, 17 1-2 ditto 

Balls and balsams (see powders, 

pastes, &c.) 17 1-2 ditto 

Beasts, viz. Horses, Cattle, Sheep, 

Swine, or o^her useful ones, hn- 

'ported Jor breed, free 

Beer, ale and porter in casks or 

bottles, Scents per gallon 

On the bottles, if black glass quart 

bottles, 60 cents per groce 

Bricks and tiles, 17 1-2 percent, adval. 

Bristles of swine, fice 

Bonnets, hats and caps of every 

kind, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Bo'>ts, 75 cents per pair 

Books, blank, 15 per cent, adval. 

Bottles, black glass quart, 60 cents per groce 

Buttons of every kind, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vaL 

Buckles, shoe and knee, 17 1-2 ditto 

Brushes, 15 ditto 

Burgundy wine, 45 cents per gallon 

Burr stone, unwrought, free 

Bullion, free 

Cannon of brass. 

Carriages or parts of carriages, 

Cards, playing-, 

wool and cotton. 

Cables and tarred cordage, 
Cabinet wares, 

Caps, hats and bonnets, of every 

17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 
22 1-2 ditto 
25 cents per pack 
50 cents per dozen 
2 cents per pound 
17 1-2 per cent, ad val 

Carpets, and carpeting, 
Cartridge paper. 
Candles of tallow, 

of wax or spermaceti. 

Champaign wine, 


Canes, walking sticks and whips, 15 

Cambricks, 15 

17 1-2 ditto 

17 1-2 ditto 

17 1-2 ditto 

. 2 cents per pound 
6 ditto 

45 cents per gallon 
17 1-2 per cent, ad val 

Cassia, Chinese, 
Clay, unwrought, 
China ware, 
CinnaKion and cloves, 

4 cents per pound 

7 cents per pound 
17 1-2 per cent, ad val: 
20 cents per pound 

Chintzes and coloured callicoes or 

muslins, and all printed, stained 

or coloured goods or manufac- 
tures, or not being primed 

stained or coloured, of cotton or 

of linen, or of both, or of which 

cotton oi» linen is the material of 

chief value, 15 per cent, ad val. 
Cocoa, 2 cents per pound 
Chocolate, 3 ditto 
Clogs and Goloshoes (see shoes) 15 cents per pair 
Cordage tarred "' -^"♦"^ ^""^ "^""^ 




Colours (see paints) 

Copper manufactures, 

— — — in plates, pigs and bars, 

Cork tree, bark of, 

Compositions for (he teeth or 

gums (see dentrifice) 


2 cents per pound 

2 12 ditto 

17 1-2 per cent, ad val- 

17 1-2 ditto 

5 cents per busliel 

17 1-2 per cent ad val 

17 1-2 ditto 



17 1-2 per cent ad val 
5 cents per pound 
3 ditto 


Cotton or linen manufactures, or 
of both, or of which cotton or 
hnen is the material of chief 

value, whether printed, stained, 
coloured or oiherwise, 15 per cent, ad vai 

Clocks and watches, or parts of 

either, 17 1-2 ditto 

Coaches, chariots, phsefons, chairs, 
chaises, solos and other carria- 
ges, or parts of either, 22 1-2 ditto 
Clothing ready made, 15 ditto 
Cuvlasses or parts thereof, 17 1-2 ditto 
Currants, 2 cents per pound 

Dates, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vai 

Dentrifice, powders, tinctures, pre- 
parations, and compositions for 
teeth or gums, 17 1-2 ditto 

Dishes, pewter, 4 cents per pound 

Dulls dressed, and undressed, or 

parts thereof, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vai. 

Drugs, medicinal, except those 

comm nly used in dying, 17 1-2 ditto 

— — — and woods for dying, free 

Earthen and ston« wares, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vai 

Essences (see powders, pastes,&c.)17 1-2 ditto 

Fans, or parts thereof, 17 1-2 ditto 

Fayal wine, 28 cents per gallon 

. Feathers and other ornaments for 

women's headdresses, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vai 

Fritjges commonly used by up- 
holsterers, coachmakers and 
saddlers, 17 1-2 ditto 

Figs, 2 cents per pound 

Fish, dried, foreign caught, 50 cents per quintal 

— — n-ackerel, 60 cents per barrel 

- - salmon, 100 ditto 

— — all other pickled, 40 ditto 

FlDwers, artificial, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vai. 

Floor cloths and matts, or parts of 

either 17 1-2 ditto 

Fruits of all kinds, except those 
otherwise particularly enume- 
rated, 17 1-2 ditto 
Furs of every kind, undressed, free 

Glass, black quart bottles, 60 cents per groce 

Glass, window, not above 8 by 10 ^^q C cents per 100 
inches, ^ square feet 

I <» above 10 by 12 175 ditto 

above 10 by 12 225 ditto 

Class, all other glass and manufac- 
tures thereof, 22 l-2per cent, ad val. 

Glauber salts, 200 cents per cwt. 

Ga«!ses, 15 per cent, ad val. 

Geneva (see spirits) 

Ginger, 17 1 2 ditto 

Girandoles, or parts thereof, 22 1-2 ditto 

Goloshoes (see shoes) ISceots per pair 

Gloves and miitens of evepy kind, 17 1-2 per cent ad vaj. 

Gold, silver and plated wares, 17 1-2 ditto 

Gold and silver lace, 17 1-2 ditto 

Goods, wares and merchandise, 
( see wares, See.) 

Glue, 4 cents per pound 

Gunpowder, 4 ditto 

*Gum, chiefly used in preparing 
muslins, cottons or linens, for 
receiving colours or dyes, free 

*— — Arabic free 


Hangers, or parts thereof, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Hair powder, 4 cents per pound 

Hats caps and bonnets of every 

kind, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vaL 

Hemp, 100 cents per cwt. 

^Hempen rags, fiee 

Hides, raw, free 

Hoop iron, 1 cent per pound. 


Implements or tools of a mechani- 
cal trade only, o^ persons who 
arrive in the United States, free 

Indigo, 25 cents per pound 

Iron wire, free 

steel or brass locks, binges, 

hoes, anvils and vices, 15 per cent, ad val. 

hoop and slit, 1 cent per pound 

— sheet, 1 1-2 ditto 

^ cast, and all manufactures of 

iron, steel or brass, or of which 
either of these metals is the 
article of chief value, not being 
otherwise particularly enume- 
rated, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val- 

Jewellery and paste work, 17 1-2 ditto 

Kid shoes, 15 cents per pair 

Lace of gold and silver, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vaH 


Laces and lawns, 15 per cent ad val. 

Laces, linens, fringes, tassels and 
trimmings, commonly used by 
upholsterers, coach-makers and 
saddlers, 17 1-2 ditto 

Lamp black, 15 ditto 

Lapis calaminaris, free 

Leather tanned and tawed, and all 
manufactures of leaiher, or of 
which leather is the article of 
chief value, not otherwise parti- 
cularly enumerated, 17 1-2 per cent, ad vai. 
■ Lead and musket ball, 1 cent per pound 

all other manufactures of lead 

or in which lead is the chief arti- 
cle, 1 ditto 

red, 2 ditto 

white, 2 ditto 

Lemons and limes, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Lime foreicjn, 50 ^"'^"^P^^ ^^^^ , 

-• ' (^containing- 60 g-als. 

Linen or cotton manufactures, or 
of both, c* of which cotton or 
linen is !he material or chief va- 
lue, whether printed, stained, 
coloured or otherwise, 15 per cent, ad val. 

— rags, free 

Lisbon and Oporto wines 30 cents per gallon 

O^ooking-glass, 22 1- 2 per cent, ad val. 

Manufactures of tin, pewter and 
copper, except pewter plates and 
<?ishes, 17 1-2 ditto 

—•—— of iron steel or brass 

not otheirwise particularly enu- 
merated, 17 3.2 ditto 
of leather, not other- 

wise pai'ticulurly enumerated, 17 1-2 ditto 
of lead not otherwise 

particnlariyenumer;ited, 1 cent per pound 

of cotton or linen, 

or of both, either printed, colour- 
ed or otherwise, 15 per cent, ad val; 

of glas? (see glass) 

of tobncco (see snufF 

segars anrl tobacco) 

of wood (see cabinet 

wares and wood) 

ofti.e United States, 

or their territories, upon which 


iio tlrawback, bounty or allow- 
ance has been paid oradmitted, free 

Mats and floor cloths, or parts of 
either, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

^lalt, 10 cents per bushel 

Marble, slate and other stone, 
bricks, tiles, tables^ mortars and 
other utensils of marble or slate, 
and generally all stone and earth- 
en ware, , 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Madeira wines (see wines) 

Malaga wine, 28 cents per gallon 

Mace, 125 cents per pound 

Mackarel, 60 cents per barrel 

Medicinal drugs, except those com- 
monly used in dying, 17 1-2 per cent; ad val. 

Merchandise, goods and wares, 

(see wares, &c.) ditto 

Mittens and gloves of every kind, ditto 

Millenary ready made, ditto 

Molasses, 5 cents per gallon 

Morocco shoes, 15 cents per pair 

Muskets and firelocks, with or with- 
out bayonets, or parts of either, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val 

Mustard in flour, ditto 

Muslins and muslinets, whether 
printed, stained, coloured, or 
otherwise, 15 ditto 


Nails, 2 cents per pound 

Nankeens, 15 per cent, ad val. 

Nutmegs, 50 cents per pound 


Oranges, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Ornaments for women's head dres- < 

ses, ditto 

Ochre, yellow dry, 1 cent per pound 

in oil, 1 1-2 ditto 

Oil of vitriol, free 

Ointments, oils and odours (see 

powders, pastes, &c.) 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 
Olives, ditto 

Oil, ditto 

Oporto and Lisbon wines, 30 cents per gallon 

Old Pewter, free 


Paper hanging, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

writing and wrapping, 15 ditto 

♦« sheathing and cartridge, 17 1-2 ditto 

Painters* colours, whether dry or 

ground in oil, except those other- 
wise enumerated, and thoae com- 
monly used in dying-, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Packthread and twine, 400.cent3 per cwt. 

Paste boards* parchment or vel- 
lum 15 per cent, ad val. 

Paste work and jewellery, 17 1-2 ditto 

Phxtons, or pans thereof, 2212 ditto 

Piaister of. Paris, free 

Pewter manufactures, except plate!f~ 

and dishes, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

plates' and dishes, 4 cents per pound 

— — — old, free 

Pepper, 6 cents per pound 

Perfumes, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Pistols OP parts thereof, ditto 

Pictures and prints, 15 ditto 

Pimento, 4 cents per pound 

Printing types, 15 per cent, ad vai. 

Pickles of all sorts, 171-2 ditto 

l*rinted, stained or coloured goods 
or manufactures of cotton, or of 
linen, OP of both, 15 ditto 

Philosophical apparatus, specially 
imported for any seminary of 
learning, ' fi'ee 

Pickled fish of every kind except 
mackarel and salmon, 40 cents per battel 

Porter, beer and ale, in casks or 
bottles, 8 cents per gallon 

On the bottles, if black glass quart 
bottles, 60 cents per gross 

Powder for hair, 4 cents per pound 

gun, 4 ditto 

Powders, pastes, balls, balsams, 
ointments, oils, waters, washes, 
tinctures, essences, or other pre- 
parations or compositions, com- 
monly called sweet scents, 
odours, perfumes or cosmetics, 
and all powders or preparations 
for the teeth or gums, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val 

Plums and prunes, 2 cents per pound 

Quicksilver, 6 ditto 

Raisins imported in jars and boxes, 

and muscadel raisins, 2, cents per pound 

all other kinds, 1 1-2 ditto 

w aw hides and skins, free 


Rags of cotton, of hempen, of linen 

and woollen cloth, 
Regulus of antimony, 
Red lead, 
Rum (see spirits) 



2 cents per pound 


Salts, gltiuber, 

Stained, printed or coloured goods, 
or manufactures o cotton, or of 

200 cents per cwt. 

linen, cr of both. 
Salt petre, 

Saint Lucar wines, 
Sail cloth, 

Slate, stone and stone wajre, 
Saddles or parts thereof, 
Sattins and other wrought silks, 
Spanish brown, 
* Saffron, 
Steel, iron or brass locks, hinges, 

hoes, anvUs and vises, 

15 per cent, ad val. 



40 cents per gallon 

3 cents per pound 

15 per cent, ad val 

17 1-2 ditto 

15 ditto 

15 ditto 

1 cent per pound 

100 cents per barrel 


100 cents per cwt. 

all otheF manufactures of 

15 per cent, ad val. 


Sheathing and cartridge paper. 

Sherry wine, 

Sea stores of ships or vessels. 

Spermaceti candles. 

Sweet scents (see powders, pastes 



Sheet iron, 

t>pirits distilled in the U. 
S. imported in the same 
ship or vessel in which 
thev had been previous- 
ly exported from the U. 
States, viz. 

From Molasses. 
First proof. 
Second ditto 
Third ditto 
Fourth ditto 
Fifth ditto 
Siith diUo 

17 1-2 ditto 

17 1-2 ditto 

40 cents per gallon 


6 cents per pound 


37 1-2 per cent ad val. 
200 cents per thousand 
4 cents per pound 
1 1-2 ditto 


!= .'i 




cents per gallon 

;2 ? 





From materials of the 
growth and produce of 
the United States. 
First proof. 
Second ditto 
Third ditto 
Fourth ditto 
Fifth ditto 
Sixth ditto 
Spirits distilled in 

tries, viz. 
From Grain. 
First proof, 
Second ditto. 
Third ditto. 
Fourth ditto, 
Fifth ditto, 
Sixth ditto. 
From other materials. 
First proof, 
Second ditto, 
Third ditto. 
Fourth ditto, 
Fifth ditto. 
Sixth ditto, 

Silver and plated ware^ 







foreign coun- 


cents per gallon 










28 cents per. gallon 




25 ditto 

25 ditto 

28 ditto 

32 ditto 

38 ditto 

46 ditto 

1 cent per pound 

17 1-2 per cent, ad vai. 

17 1-2 ditto 


1 cent per pound 

30 cents per gallon 


25 cents per pair 

15 dit'to 

Skins raw. 

Slit iron, 

Sicily wine. 

Swine, bristles of. 

Shoes and slippers of silk. 

Shoes of kid and morocco, 

other shoes and slippers for 

men and women, clogs and go- 
loshes, 15 ditto 

slippers for children, 10 ditto 

Swords and cutlasses, or parts of 
either, 17 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Stockings, 17 1-2 ditto 

Stone and earthen ware, 17 1-2 ditto 

Soap, ♦ 2 cents per pound 

Solos and other carriages, or parts 

Stones burr, unwrought, 
Sugars, brown, 

'White clayed, 

■white powdered, 

22 1-2 per cent, a'd val. 



2 1-2 cents per pound. 

3 ditto 
3 ditto 


Sugars all other clayed or powder- 




-:;il!er refined, 
-sugar candy, *■ 

2 1-2 
,6 1-2 

6 1-2 
11 1-2 

Tallovi', 1 1.2 

Tassels and trimmings commonly 
used by upholsterers, cuach-ma- 



kers and saddiers. 
Tables of marble, slate or other 

17 1-2 per cent, ad vaL 

stone, or parts thereof. 
Tallow candles, ^ 

Ta'Ted cordege, 
Teas fron^ China and In 
dia, or from any islands 
laying eastwardly of the 
Cape of Good H'>pe. 


= souchong and other 

black teas, 
——hyson, imperial, gun- 
Ill^ powder, or gomee, 
" ■ . • other green teas. 
From Europe. 


souchong and other 

black teas, 
——hyson, imperial; gun- 
powder, or gomee, 

other green teas, 

-From any other place. 


jouchong and other 

black teas, 
hyson, imperial, gun- 
powder or gomee, 

other green teas, 

TennerifFe wine. 
Twine and pack thread. 
Tin manufactures, 

in plates and pigs, 

Tirctures, (see powders, 

Tiles and bricks, 

Toys not otherwise enumerated, 15 

Tobacco manufactured, oUier than 










17 1-2 ditto 
2 cents per pound 
2 di-^to 

If imported 

cents perpound 









«• i2 


HH to 

C 4) 

—< > 

17 1-2 



17 1-5 




18 7-10 
29 7-10 



28 cents per gallon 
^00 c^n's per cwt. 
17 1-2 per cent ad vaL 
pastes, • 

17 1-2 per cent ad vaV. 
17 1-2 ditto 

dHuif and segars. 

6 cents per poupd 


Tools or implements of a mecha- 
nical trade only, of p.^rsons who 
arrive in the United Slates, free 

♦Tnrnieric, ffee 

Types for printing-, 15 per cent ad val. 


U'l manufactured wood, free 

wool, --^ free 

UiitHrred cordage, ^ 1-2 cents per pound 

yarn, 225 cents per cwt. 

Unwrought clay, free 


Velvets and Velverets, 15 per cent, ad val. 

•Verdigrise, free 

•Vitriol, oil of, free 


Wares of tin, copper and pewter, 
excepr pewter plates and dish- 
es, 17 1-2 per cent, ad va!. 

earthen or stone, ditto 

-china, ditto 

-—gold, silver and plated, ditto 

Wares, goods and mercliandise^ If imported in Anicr- 
impopted directly from China '>rScf^.n ov F('r?ign ships or 
India, in ships or vessels not of^ ves'-els, 15 1-4 per cent, 
the United Stales, except teas, ^ad val. 
china ware, and all other arti- 
cles liable to higher rates of du- 

— g-oods and merchandise of 

the 5<Towth or manufacture of 
the United States, or of their 
territoi ies, upon wliich no draw- 
back, bounty or allowance has 
been paid or admitted, free 

Wafers, 17 1.2 per cent, ad vaL 

Watches and clocks, or parts of 

either, 17 1-2 ditto 

Waters and washes (see powders 

pastes, &c.) 171-2 ditto 

Walking sticks, whips and canes, 15 ditto 

Wax candles, 6 cents per pound 

Wearing apparel, and other per- 
sonal baggage, of persons who 
arrive in the United States, free 

Wines ip casks, bottles or other ves- 

Malmsey, Madeira, and Lon- 
don particular Madeira, 58 cents per gallon 

all other Madeira wine, 50 ditto 


W»nes,Barg-uncI}', Champaign ,Rhe- 

nish and Tokay, 45 cents per gallon 

Sherry and St. Lucar, 40 ditto 

Claret and other wines, not 

enumerated, when imported in 

bortles or cases, 35" ditto 

Lisbon, Oporto, and other 

Portugal wines, 30 ditto 

Sicily, 30 ditto 

— •— Teneriffe, Fay^l, Malaga, St. 
George and other western island 
wines, 28 ditto 

— '■ — all other wines, when import- 
ed otherwise than in bottles or 
cases, 23 ditto 

On the bottles, if black glass 

quart bottles, 60^cents per gross 

If other than black glass quart 
bottles, 22 1-2 per cent, ad val. 

Window glass, not above 8 by 10 

inches, 160 cts. per 100 sq. feet 

not above 10 by 12, 175 ditto 

above 10 by 12, 224 ditto 

White lead, 2 cents per pound 

Wire of brass and iron, free 

Wool and cotton cards, 50 cents per dozen 

Wood manufactur(^ (exclusive .of 

cabinet wares) 15 per cent, ad vaL 

, unmanufactured, free 

'Wool unmanufactured, free 

Woods, dying free 

Woollen rags, free 


Yarn untarred, 225 cts. per cv^t. 

All other goods not before particu- 
larly enumerated and decribed, 15 per cent, ad val. 

Note. These articles which have asterisks affixed hive 
been declared free by the treasury, as falling under the deno- ' 
mination of Dying Drugs. 

(^ The aforementioned goods, except those particular- 
ized, are subject to an additional duty of ten per cent, when 
imported in Vessels not of the United Stales. 


On any quantity of 1 cwt. or 112 lb. 1 lb 

above 1 and not exceeding 2 cwt. 2 lb 

ab\)ve 2 and not exceeding 3 3 lb 


On any quantity above t5 cwt and not exceeding' 10 cwt. 4 lb 
above 10 ai^d not exceeding 18 7 lb 

above 18 9 lb 


On every whole chest of bohea tea, 70 lb 

' half do do 56 lb 

quarter do do 20 lb 

On ever)" chest of hyson, or other green teas, the gross 

weight of which shall be 70 pounds or upwavls, 20 lb 

On every box of other tea, not less than 50 or more 

than 70- pounds gross, 18 lb 

If more than 70 and not exceeding 80 lb gross, 20 lb 

If more than 80 pounds gro^s, 22 lb 

Whicl^ tares shall include rope, canvass and other 
On all other boxes of tea, according to the im'oice or ' 

actual weight thereof. 
On coffee, in bags, 
in bales, 
in casks. 
On sugar, other than loaf sugar, 
in casks, 
in boxes, 
in bags or irjats. 
On cocoa, in casks^ 

in bags. 
On pimento, in casks, 

in bags. 
On cheese, in hampers or baskets, 

in boxes. 
On candles, in boxes. 
On chocolate, in boxes, 
On cotton in bales, 

in seroons. 
On glauber salts, in casks. 
On indigo, in barrels, 

in other casks, 
in seroons, 
in bags or mats, 
On nails, in casks. 
On pepper in casks, 
in bales, 
in bags, 
On sugar candy, in boxes. 
On segars, in ca^ks or boxes. 
On soap, in boxes. 
On shot in casks, 
Qn twine in casks, 
in bales, 

2 per cent 

3 do. 

12 do. 

12 do. 

15 do. 

5 do. 

10 do. 


16 do. 

3 do. 

10 do. 

20 do. 

8 do. 

10 do. 

2 do. 

6 do. 

8 do. 

12 do. 

15 do. 

10 do. 

3 do. 

8 do. 

12 do. 

5 do. 

2 do. 

10 do. 

18 do. 

10 do. 

3 do. 

12 do.. 

o do. 


On all other floods, accordinp^ to the invoice thereof, Oi^aclual 
we\ghL...Provided alwqye,th2it were the original invoices of 
any of the saitl articles are produced at the tirrie of making 
entry for such articles, and the tare or tares appear there- 
in, it shall be lawful for the collector and naval officer, 
whej^e there is one, if they see ft, wi'h the consent of the 
importer or importers, consignee or co)isignees, to t slimate 
the said tare or tares according to such invoice, but if not 
determined at the time of entry, the tare or tares as above 
shall be granted and allowed. 

Alloviance fur Leakage and Breakage. 

Two per cent, allowed on theguage on all merchandise pay- 
ing duty by the gallon, contained in casks. 

Ten per cent, on all beer, ale and porter in bottles, and five 
per cent, on other liquors in bottles,,4;o be deducted from 
the invoice quantity in lieu of breakage : or it shall be law- 
ful to compute the duties on the actual quantity by tale, at 
the option of the importer, at the time of entry. 


1. No ship or vessel, from foreign ports, or coming by sea, . 
froniany port of the United States, shall be permitted to re- 
port, make entry or break bulk, till the master shall deliver 
to tlie postmaster all letters under his care, or within his 
power, other than such as are to be delivered at the port of 
entry, or such as are directed to the owner or consignee of 
such ship or vessel ;|andon oath or affirmation, to be taken of 
such delivery, the master to receive two cents for every let- 
ter so delivered. 

2. Goods from foreign ports cannot be unladen but be- 
tween sunrise and sunset, without special license, under a 
penalty of four liundred dollars on the rnaster, and every 
other person concerned, disability from holding any office 
under the government of the United States for seven years, 
and being advertised in the newspapers, with forieiture of 
ibe goods ; whic*j, if amounting to 400 dollars, will subject 
the vessel, and apparel also, to forfeiture, 

3. Goods removed before guaged and weighed, and if 
V, ines, spirits or teas, before being marked, without permis- 
sion, are forfeited. 

4. Persons giving or offering a bribe, forfeit from two hun- 
dred to two thousand dollars. Inspectors and officers of the 
revenue cutters, may go on board, examine and search ves- 
sels, have access to the cabin, and seal packages ; and after 
sunset, secure hatches, &.c. Persons in charge of vessels, 
for breaking fastenings, but in the presence of an officer, 
forfeit five hundred dollars. 



Cu^isuis and Commercial Agents from, the United States • to 
foreign nations. 


John Armstrong-. Court of Madrid. James Bow 

Court of London. 

William doin. 

St. Petersburg. John Q. Adams. 



Robt. Montgomery. Havanna. Vincent Gray. 

H^inxbxirgh. John M. Forbes. 

Isk of France. William Buc- 

Isle ^ of St. Bartholomews. 
Isaac Prince 

Isles of Majorca, "^ 

Minorca and C J. M.Baker, 
Ivica J 

Island of Cuba. Henry Hill. 

of Teneriffe. J. J. Arm- 

Kingston (^^\i\i^ G.Knox. 
Thomas Appleton. 


Algiers. Tobias Lear 
Antigua. Henry Rose. 
Antiverp. Jacob Ridgway. 
Amsterdam. Sylv. Bourne. 
Azores. John B. Dabney. 
Barcelona. John Leonard, 
Batavia. Thomas Hewes. 

James Holmes. 

Elias Vanderhorst. 

William Buchanan. 
Bordeaux. William Lee. 
Bremen F. G. Wichselhausen. Leghorn 

Calais. John Appleton. La Roche lie. Thomas Lcvell. 

Canton. Edward Corrington. VOrient. Aaron Vale. 

Cayenne. Thomas Abom 
Cadiz. Jos. Yznardi. 
Cette. Peter Walsh. 
Copenhagen. H. R. Saab}'e 
Cork. John Church. 
Currona. Eenj H. Philips. 
Cape Good Hope. J. Elmslie Madeira 
Calcutta. (Ind.) Jacob Lewis. Madrid. 
Corrunna. Henry Molier. 
Dublin. Thomas English. 
Dunkirk. Francis CofFyn. 
DeTnerara. Wm. Gardiner. 
Emdtn. Wm. Clarke. 
Esiquibo. Wm. Gardener. 
Fayal. B. Darby. 
Falmouth. Robert W Fox 
Franconia. Philip Marck. 
Genoa T. H. Stone. 
\ Gibraltar, John Gavino. 
Glasgoiu. George Johnston 

Liverpool. James Maury. 
London Wm. Lyman. 
Leith. Henry Grant. 
Lisbon. William Jarvis. 
Lci Guira. August in Madip. 
Malta. Joseph Peelis. 

James L. Cathcart. 

Moses Young. 
Malaga. Wm, Kirkpatrick. 
Marseilles. S. Cathalan. 
Messina. John Broadbent. 
Marti?iique. A M. Cock. 
Nantz. WiUiam Patierson. 
Naples. Fredreick Degan. 
Ostend. Henry Wilson. 
Oratava. Thus. Armstrong. 
Paris. Fulwar Skipwirh. 
Palerino. Abraham Gibbs. 
Port au Prince. R. Ritchie. 

Poole. Thomas Aulojo. 
Gottenburg.' R. C Gardener. Porto Rico. Jacob B- Clement. 
Hansre c/' Grace. I. C. Barnet. Plymouth. John Hawker. 


Rome. John B. Sartori. St.yubainCuba.].B\^c\ity\ey. 

Eioy-ineiro. Thos. Sumpter. Stetten. Frederick W. Lutze. 

Motterdatn. Alexander. Surinam. T. Tufts. 

Santa Cruz. Thos. Gannble. Smyrna. Wtn. Hunt. 

St. yago de Cuba. Mmirice St Lucar. Richard S.Hackley. 

Rogers. Tripoli. George Davis. 

St Croix. John F. Brown. Turtola. Maurice Lysle. 
St. Lucar. R. S. Hackley. Tarragona, J. M. Baker. 
St. Thcrmas. Jas. M'Gregg-or. Tangeirs. James Simpson, 
St Bartholo^iiexvs. Wm. Israel. Trieste. William Riggin. 
St. Salvador. H. Hill. Teneriffe. J. W. M'Elroy. 

St. Petersburg. Levit Harris. Tunis. C. D. Coxe. 
St. Andero. L. M. O'Brien. Western Isles. JohnB. Dabney. 


Consuls, Comm,issaries and J gents of Foreign Poviers resident in 
the United States. 
General TpRR,EAtr, Minister Plenipotentiary. 
M.Felix deBeaujour, Consul General, Philadelphia. 
Alexandria. M. Louis deTou-A'e^u Orleans. Le Deforgues. 
sard. Natchez. T. H.Vermonnet. 

JSalti^nore. Louis Arcan^bal. Philadelphia. Le Chancelier. 
Boston. A. Alexis Giraud. Portsinnuth. G. Cazeaux. 

Charleston. Soult. Savanriah. Le Marrois. 

Ne^Tork. Louis Feiix. Wilmington (N. C) Terrlen 

Norfolk. Martin Ouster. de Riviere. 

Ncvjport. Felix de Douzy, 


Baltimore William Wood. New Orleans. A . M'Neil. 
Boston. Andrew Allen. Neroport. Joh-i Breese. 

Charleston (S.C.) B. Moodie. Philadelphia. Phijieas Bond. 
NewTork. Thomam Bdvclay. Savannah. James Wallace. 


Don Lris de Oivis, Ei;voy Extraordinary and Minister 

Alexandria. Dn. Pabl; Cliucon. Norfolk. Dn. A. A. Villalobos, 
Baltimore. Dn.J B.Bernabeu. Nev) Orleans. Dn. D. Morphy. 
Boston. D 1- Jjan Stoughton. Philadelphia. Dn. B. Rengue- 
Ch(.rleston.'Dn.Fe\\p'-. Facio n'it. 

NcwTork. Dn. T, .Sti)U2:hton. Sc.varinah. Dn. Carlos Mulvey. 
P. Pedersen, Charge des Affairs and Consul General. 
Baltimore. F. W Brune, Norfolk. M, Myers. 
Boston. D.Greene. Ne^M Orleans. Richard Relf. 

Charleston. Jos. W»nthrop. Savannah. W. Scbarbrough, jr. 
New York. G. Hammeken. Wilmington (N.C.)R.Langdon. 


Joseph Rademaker, Charge des Affairs and Consul 
Joseph S. Bello, Secretary at Philadelphia, 
Alexandria. Lewis Deblois. Norfolk. Robert Dickson. 
Boston. S.S.Goodwin. NtwYork. J.F.Jenkins. 

Baltimore. Robert Barry. Wilmington (li.C.)}.'^ -C^^- 


Nenu Tork. G. I. E Smisszert, Vice-Consul. 

Richard SouiiusiKOM, Commercial Agent General, resi- 
dent flt PhJlnrlelphia- 
Bernard Dalhcren, Vice-Consul and Sec*y at Philada. 
Alexandria Jonathan Swift. Nev: Tork. Henrj' Guhn. 

Baltimore. Peter Collins. iVew Orleans. Jas. Carrieln. 

Boston. J.G. Hauflf" Norfolk. Francis Taylor. 

Charleston. W.Winthrop. 5'ast;flnna/f. W.Scharbrough. 


M. DASCHKorr, Charge des Affairs and Consul General. 
Boston. Alexis Ewstafier, Consul. 


James Madison, President, salary g25,000. 
George Ci^inton, Vice President, 5,000- 

Ne<vci Hampshire. Nicholas Oilman, Nahum Parker. 
Rhode Island. E. Mathewson, C G. Champlin. 
Massachusetts. James Loyd, Timothy Fickei ing. 
Connecticut. James Hillhouse, Chauncey Goodrich. 
Vermont. Stephen R. Bradley, Jonathan R binson. 
Nexv York. Obadiah German, J'hii Smi'h, 
New Jersey. John Lambert, John Cnndit. 
Pennsyhania. Andrew Gregg, Michael Leib. 
Delaioare. Outerbridge Horsey, J. A.. Bayard. 
Maryland. Philip Reed, Samuel Smith 
Virginia. William B Giles, Richard Brent 
North Carolina. Jesse Franklin, James Turner. 
South Carolina. Thomas Sumter, John Gilliard. 
Georgia William H Crawford, John Milledge. 
Kentucky. Henry Clay, John Pope. 
Tennessee. Joseph Anderson, Jenkin Whitesides- 
Ohio. Alexander Campbell, Stanley Griswold* 



Joseph B. Varxum, Speaker, 

^\Vu.' Hampshire. Daniel Blaisdel, William Hall, John 
C. Cljan-.berlaiiie, Nathaniel A, Haven, James Wilson. 

Massachusetts. Ezekiel Bacon, Orchard Cook, Richard 
Cults, William E'y, Gideon Gardner, Barzillar Gardnei', Ed. 
S. L. Livermore, Benjamin Pickrrian, Josiah Qiiincy, Ebene- 
zev Seaver, Charles Turner, jun. S muiel Tag-gart, Jabez 
Upham, Joseph B. Varnum, Ezekiel Whitman, LabanWhea- 
ton, Wilham Stedman. 
Hhode Island. Richard Jackson, EUsha R, Potter. 
Conyiecticut Epaphroditus Champion, Samuel W. Dana, 
John Davenport, Jonathan O. Mosely, Timothy Plikln, jun. 
Lew-is B. Sturgfis, Benjamin Talmadg-e. 

Vermont. William Cliamberlaine, Martin Chittenden, Jo- 
nathar^ H Hubbard, Samuel Shaw. 

NevjTork. William Denning-, James Emott, Jonathan 
Fisk, Barent Gardenier, Thomas R. Gold, Herman Knicker- 
backer, Robert Le Roy Livingston, Vincent Matthews, John 
Nicholson, Peter B. Porter, Erastus Root, Ebenezer Sage, 
Thomas Sammons, John Thompson, Uri Tracy. 

NcTo Jersey. Adam Boyd, Janies Cox, William Helms, 
Jacob Huft)', Thomas Newbold, Henry Southard. 

Pennsyhania. William Anderson, David Baird, Robert 
Brown, William Crawfordj William Finley, Daniel Heister, 
Robert Jenkins, Aaron Lyle, William Milnor, John Porter, 
John Rea, Matthias Richards, John Ross, Adam Sexbert 
Samuel Smith, John Smiley, George Smith, Robert White- 

Delaware. Nicholas Vandyke. 

Maryland. John Brown, John Campbell, Charles Golds- 
borough, Archibald Van Horn, Philip B. Ke)% Alexander 
M'Kim, John Montgomery, Nicholas R. Moore, Roger Nel- 

Virginia. Burwell Basset, James Breckenridge, William 
A. Burwell, Matthew Clay, John Clopton, John Dawson, John 
W. Eppes, Thomas Newton, Wilson C. Nicholas, John Ran- 
dolph, JohnT. Roane, Thomas Gholson, jun. Peterson Good- 
win, Edwin Gray, JohnG.Jackson,WaUer Jones, John Love, 
Joseph Lewis, jun. John Smith; James Stephenson, Jacob 
Swoope, Daniel Scheffey. 

Kentucky. Henry Crist, Joseph Desha, Benjamin Howard, 
Richard M. Johnson, Samuel M'Kee, Matthew Lyon. 

North Carolina. Willis Alston, jun. Archibald M'Bryde, 
James Cochran, Meshack Franklin, James Holland, Thomas 
K<nan, William Kennedy, Nathaniel Macon, Joseph Pear- 
son, Lemuel Sawyer, Richard Stanf.-rd, John Stanley. 

Tennessee. Pleasant M. Miller, John Rea, Robert Weakley. 
South Carolina. Lemuel J. Alston, William Butler, Josef* 

Calhoun, Robert Marion, Thos. Moore, John Taylor, Richard 
Winn, Robert Witherspoon. 

Georgia. William W. Bibb, Hovv-ell Cobb, Dennis Smelt, 
George M. Troup. 

Ohio. Jeremiah Morrow. 

Mississippi Territory. George Poyndexter, delegate. 

Indiana Territory. Vacant, 

Orkam Ttrrhory. Julian Poydras. 




John Inskeep, President. Alexander Henry, Samuel Hodg- 
don, John H. Brown, J. Tagert, Andrew Pettit, Jacob S. 
Wain, Jacob C. Wickoff, Robt.Harwood, John Large, Sam- 
uel W. Jones, James Reed, Godfrey Haga, John Stille, Joseph 
Donath, William Poyntel, Edward Smith, Thomas Latimer, 
Isaac Harvey, jun. Thomas Astley, Richard Leedom, Wm. 
Ramsey, John Leibert, John M<Kissick, Thomas Dunn, 
Capital 600,000 dollars; shares 100 dollars. Dividends 
January and July. 



James S. Cox, President. Henry Pratt, John C. Stockef, 
Joseph Sinis, J. Hollingsworth, jun, John G. Waclismuth, 
Daniel Smith, Samuel Coates, Henry Nixon, Paul Siemen, 
George Fox, Charles Wharton, Reeve Lewis. Capital 
500,000 dollars ; s'aares 400, dollars. Dividends February 
and August. 



Samuel W. Fisher, President. Thomas M. W^illing, Ro- 
bert Wain, James C. Fisher, John Ashley, John Savage, 
James Sn.iih, Joseph S, Lewi;;, William Wain, Henry Haw- 
kins, Abraham Kinticing, William J. Miller, and Thomas W. 
Francis. Capital 400,000 dollars ; shares 100 dollars. Divi- 
dends June and December. 




Thomas Fitzsimmons, President. Samuel Keith, William 
Montgomery, Stephen Dutilh, Joseph D. Drinker, Manuel 
Eyre, Griffith Evans, William M'Faden, Benjamin Jones, 
Andrew Bayard, Jonathan Leedom, Richard Davis, Wm- 
Phillips, Edward Shoemaker. Capital 500,000 dollars i 
shares 100 dollars. Dividends June and December. 


John B. Palmer, Treasurer Thomas Ewing, John Kaig-hn, 
/ames Read, John Morrell, Robert Wharton, Daniel Smith, 
Jonathan Smith, William Poyntell, Henry Hawkins, James 
Milnor, Robert Smith, James C. Fisher, John C. Stocker. 



David Lewis, President. Joseph Snowden, Joshua Gilpin, 
Joseph Curwen, Paschal Hollingsworth, Paul Beck, jun, 
Charles M*Allister, Ebenezer Large, Charles Biddle. Capi- 
tal 600,000 dollars ; shares 100 dollars. Dividends Jijne and 



Joseph Ball, President. Wm. T. Smith, James Vanuxem, 
Stephen Girard, Joseph Sumerl, Hugh Colhoun, John 
Bohlen, Lewis Clapier, Richard Dale, Edward Dunant, Thos, 
Newbold, Matthew Lawler, George Latimer. Capital 
500,000 dollars; shares 100 dollars. Dividends February 
and August. 



Israel Pleasants, President. William Davy, James Tatem,. 
Robert Ritchie, Thomas Callender, Chandler Price, William 
Newbold, John Rossetter, Edward Carrell, Robert Oakley, 
Charles Pleasants, VI. L. Bevan, James Latimer. Capital 
400,000 dollars j shares 50 dollars. Dividends June and 




John Leatny, President. David Walker, V/illiam Maris, 
Joseph Dug-an, Condy Raguet, Joseph Peace, John Allen, 
Thomas Ketland, John CouUer, John Sirau bridge, Georg:e 
Smith, Thomas Harper, WiUiam Bethell. Car)ital 300,000 
dollars; shares 100 dollars. Dividends July and January 



John Morton, Pattison Kartshorne, John Perot, Jacob' 
Downing-, Joseph P. Nori'is, Joseph Crukshank, Josiah L. 
Coaies,'Zaccheus Collins, Joseph S. Lewis, John C. Evans, 
Isaac Pearson, Joseph S. Morris. Caleb Carmalt, Treasurer. 



Joseph Carson and Joseph Smith, Agents. Capital 300,000 
dollai's ; 4000 shares at 75 dollars each. Dividends June 
and December. 


Thomas Filzsimmons, Presicfent ,- Robert Wain, Thomas 
W. Francis, Vice Presidents ; Robert Smith, Trcctsurer. 




Directors. David Ler.ox, President ,• Elias Boudinot, 
Robert Smith, James C. Fisher, JasL-ph Sims, Archibald 
M'Call, John G. W achsmiilh, Paul Siemen, Samuel Coates, 
He iry pratt, Thomas Eu ing-, Geoige Fox, Pascal HoUings- 
worth. John Stille, Abijali Ilam.-r.ond. William Gray, jun. 
Thorn as Willing, Horace Binney, George Harrison, Peter 
Schermerhorn, Oliver "WoUcot, Moses Rogers, John Law- 
rence, and James M'CIurg. George Siror son, Cashier. 

Open daily, except Sundays, Christmas and fouilh of July, 
from 9 to 3 ia the afternoon. Discouuts ou Taesdavs 'iund^ 

Fridays. Capital 10,000,000 dollars; shares 400 dollar?- 
each. Dividends January and July. 



Directors. John Morton, President/ John Morton, George 
Latimer, Robert Wain, Daniel Sir.ith, Timothy Paxson, 
Jacob Downing, James Srni.h, jiin. Joseph S. Lewis, James 
Read, William Wain, William T. Smith, Henry Nixon. 
Henry Drinker, Caskter. 

Open daily, except Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas, first 
of January and fourth of July, from 9 to 3 in the afternoon. 
Discount on Mondays and Thursdaj's. Capital 800,000 
dollars ; shares 400 dollars each. Dividends January and July. 



Directors. Joseph P. Norris, President ,- Robert Ralston,. 
Godfrey Haga, Thos. Norton, John C. Stocker, Wm. B^yd, 
Jos. P. Norris, Wm. Sansom, Jehu Hollingsworth, jun. Alex- 
ander Henry, Robert Porter, John Conrad, Michael Kep- 
pele, Charles Biddle, George Bickham, William PoyntelV 
Joseph Hemphill, Hugh Ely,Charles Schaffer, Jon;<s Preston, 
Ephraim Douglass, Thomas Leiper, Mark Wilcox, EUhu 
Chauncey, Hugh Ferguson, Abraham Sharpless. Jonathan 
Smith, Cashier. 

Open daily, except Sundays, Fourth of July and Christ- 
map, from 9 to to 3 in the afternoon Discount on Wednes- 
days and Saturdays. Capital 2,000,000 ; dollars shares 400 
dollars each. Dividends January and July. 



Ctorge CXymeY. President ; J Welsh. L. D. Carpentierj,. 
Jacob Sperry, John Boblen, Augustine Bousquet, Thomas 
Ross, Thomas Callender, Casper W. MorriSj WiUiam M'Fa- 
den, Abraham M. Garrigues, Israel Israel, Matthew Lawlerj. 
Joseph D. Drinker. Henry Orth, Theophilus Harris, Lewis 
Rush, David Acheson, Joseph Clark, J. Wm. Fawcett, and 
Wm. Guier. Qiiinton Campbell, CaaAzer. 

Open daily, except Sundays, iburth of July aitd ChriaS? 
mas. Discovmt oa Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridaya« 


Capital 1,000,000 dollars ; shares 100 dollars each. Diyj 
dends March and September. 



Joseph Tagert, President,- James M'Alpin, Juhn MUlerg. 
(M. C) Seih Craige, Thomas Parker Thomas Wutherspoon, 
Jaii;es Sharswood, Saiiiuel Richards, Wm. Levis, Samuel 
Barnes, John B. Wallace, Richard Tybout, Ely Canby. 
Joseph V.^lay, Cashier. 

Open daily, except Sundays, the fourth of July, Cnrist- 
mas and the tirst of January. Discount on Tuesdays and 

Capital 700,000 dollars ; shares 50 dollars. Dividends 
January and July. 



Richard Peters, President,- John Dunlap, John Per*t, 
Abraham Ki tzing-, William Poyntell, Charles Biddle, Jacob 
Downing, Georg-e Fox, Peler Browne, Richard Rundle, Ro- 
bert Imlay, Anthony Cuthbert, Thomas Cumpston. Israel 
Whelen, Treasurer. 


Samuel Sj tgreaves, President. 
Managers. Peter Shn}der, J> hn Heister, John Srotzman, 
Daniel Wagener, WiUiam Barnet, Absalom Reeder. John 
Heister, Treasurer. Election eighth of May, 


OFEICfi 251 HIGH. 

Charles Palaske, President ; Jon Baker, (alderman) James 
Milnor, Jost-ph S. Lewis, J K-eph Huddell, jun Samuel Wcth- 
erill, jun. William Guier, Wilhasn Meredith, Jolm Sergeant, 
Thomas B. Zantzinger, J»;seph Watson, Samuel F. Bradford, 
and WilUam Read.. Joseph S. Lewis, Treasurer ;. William 
Govett, Secretary. 



E aezer Hazard, Ac^aV?;^,- Peter S. Duponceau, The- 
3s»as Parker jJolinli^Erinton, WilUam Meredub^EUiston Fe^ 


rot, Joseph S. Lewis, William Youn^, Richard Wistar, Tur- 
ner Gamac, Jeremiah Park^i-, John Clifil^rd, Benjamin R: 
Morgan. William Govett, Treasurer and Secretary. 



Ellistoa Perot, President,- Richard Thomas, Jacob Down- 
in^^, Samuel Wheeler, Adam Rei^^art, jun. Samuel Hains, 
Wilham Sansom, James C. Fislier, J. H, Brinton, John Cur- 
wen. Jokn Hubley, Jaoies Taylor, William Davidson. Wil- 
Lam Govett, Treasurer and Secretary. 



Benjamin Chew, jun. President ,- John Bohlen, Edward 
Dunant, William Davy, Samuel W. Fisher, George Fox, 
Joseph P. Norris, Thomas Norton, James Vanuxem, Chand- 
ler Price, John Harland, William Davis, Thomas Niwboid, 
Joseph Bullock, Treasurer.. 


Joseph Priestly, President; Charles Hall, Daniel M-mtg-um- 
ery, Thomas Grant, James Moodie, Andrew Albrij^bt, 
Christopher Baldy, William Wit man, jnn. James Mav, 
Henry Boyer, John Eckert, Peter Fraley, and Joseph Old. 
George E. D. Kein>, Secjttary and Treasurer. 


Samuel Miller, President; James Wright, James Graham, 
James Houston, Jihn Newcomer, Daniel Spangler, Jacob 
Eichelberger, Christian Brennoman, William Wriii^hf, Chris- 
tian Hamaker, Andrew Ferrie, Jacob Upp, ThomasLP. 
Cope. William P. Beatty,-T/-f rt5«rer. 



Robert Wharton, President ; John Hart, Zaccheus Collins, 
Tlomas M'Euen, David C. Claypoole, Dr. George GiUaspy, 
Charles Shoemaker, George Rex, Joi^ma Tyson, Oliver 


Wilson, Thomas Mathew, Janett Spencef, Thomas Biddie, 
Griffith Evans, Treasurer. Election Noveml>er fourth. 



Jannes C. Fisher, President ; John G. Wachsmuth, John 
C. Stocker, Robert Smith, George Ludlam, Alexander 
Martin. John Shallcross, Derick Peterson, Leopold Nottnagle, 
John M«Ei''oy, Abraham DuffielH, John Lardner William 
Phillips. Joseph L. Inglis, Treasurer. 


Cadwallftder Evens, jui\. President^ Dp. Georjje Bensall, 
John J ^hnston, jr. Daniel Thomas, jr. John Dager, Isuiah 
Bell, Wilham Foulk, JohnH. Warder, John Roberts, Enoch 
Wheeler, John Bacon, Nicholas Kline &, Even Jones. John 
Huston, Treasurer. Election November fourteenth. 


Henry Pratt, /VweVen? ,• Thomas Masters, 7 reaswrrr, Jacob 
Sommer, Joshua Conily, Isaac Worrell, WilUam Mst^ecj 
AugustineWillitt, Francis Murray, Richard Leedom,.Moore, 
Wharton, Edward Swift, Joseph Hart, Joshua Jones and 
Bernard J. Malferson. 


Edward Tilghman, President,- Gavin Hamilton, William 
Levis, Caleb Lownes, Joim Menough, Samuel Sincla^e, 
George Gregg, Peter Harvey, Thomas Garrett, Joseph Pen- 
nell, Mahlon Parso.'-.s, Moses Palmer, Robert Frazer. Jacob 
EdvvarOs, Treasurer. John Tliomson, Secretary. Election 
November seventeenth. 


Hugh Ferguson, President ; Frederick Wolbert, Bernard 
M*Mahon, Stephen Sicard, Joseph Cloud, J. C. Warren. 
James Vanuxem, Treasurer. Samuel Lippincott, Secretary. 


JoHJi Barker, Mjvor. Mahlom Dicbcerson, Recorder* 

Aldermen. Jonathan B Smith, Alexander Tod, Philip 
Wager, John Bake.-, Jao(jb Baker,' John Barker, Michael 
Kenpele, John Inskeep, Andrew Pettif, Mathew Lawler, 
JohnC. St- cker, Samuel Carswell, John Douglass, Abraham 

Select Council Geo'-g-e Bartram. President ; Benjamin Say, 
Andrew Kennedy, Stephen Girard, Mkhaei F-x, jarties Vaa- 
uxei-n, William Warner, Thomas Lanmep^ James Milnor, 
John Correll, Gasper Rehn, Antony Cuthbert. Thomas 
Bradford jr. Clerk. 

Cotnnion Council. Thomas Leiper, President ; Alexander 
Cook. Nat h.r. Sellers. John Goodwin, John Steel, Seth Craige.> 
Benjamin Mifflin, Thomas Humphreys, William Y. Birch, 
William Abbott, l?.aac Boyer, Liberty Browne, William Dal- 
zell, Alfonso C. Ireland, Cli^rlco Johnson, Joseph *i^orria^ 
Ed^vard Smith, Anthony Taylor, John W. Thompson. Sa- 
muel Holmes, C/e^/^. 


Solicitor^ Joseph Reed. Treasurer, George A. Baker- 
Clerk of Magyars court, Josiah Randol, 

City Cotwrnissioners. James Ker, John Miller, John Arm- 
strong, and Alexander Ramsey. Samuel Gravenstine, . 

Cit? Surveyors, Ijfc. James Pearson, Reading Howell, 
Wiliiam Garrignes and William Stevenson. 

High Constable. Jacob Zebley, Say's wharf. 

City Constables. Peter Winn, North, Jnhn S. Ma- 
ione, M Sap. Jolm M*Master, John Hess, Frederick Burkv 
hardt, James Hudson, George Hutter, Thomas Forest, Joha- 
Hufty, Luke Killip.g>worlh, George Willard, Alexander 

From a report made to the Commissioner in December last, 
by the Snperintendant of the City Wa^ch, it consisted of 
thirty-one persons, the city lighted by one thousand and forty 
seven public lamps, which is stated to consume, daring the 
year, eleven thousand six liundred and ten gallons of oil. 
Their pay is fourteen dollars per month, M'ith the addition of 
two shillings per lamp ; there is a'so four Silent Watch, and 
the said Snperintendant, who alternately see they attend to 
their duty. Sec. the latter has ihirty-five dollars per month, and 
the f)rmer twer.ty. 

The subjoined table of the wards, will exhibit the division 
and arrarsgement of the citv at one vlevv\ 


Southy or 
New-market Ward 


Dock Ward. 







Walnut Ward. 


Chesnut Ward. 

Market^ or 

High-street vNTard. 



Lower Delaware 

Race^ or 

Upper Delaware 









Cedar Street. 
Cedar Ward. 


Locust Ward. 


South Ward. 


Middle Ward. 

/f/g-A iS??ve^. 

North Ward 

Mulberry Street. 

South Mulberry 

Sassafras Street. 

North Mulberry 






August 23y 1809. 
Resolved, That the following' be the depth of Privies, or 
Necessary Houses, as fixed b;.- this board, and approved of by 
the Select and Comnaon Councils. 

In Penn street on the west side- 

From Cedar to Pine street, from or below the level of p^^ 

Penn street 9 

In King or Water street, both sides. 

Tine to Vine street, from the level of s«id Water street 6 


In Front street on the east side. pg^^ 

J^ine to Vine street, from the level of Water street 6 

In Front street, ivest side to Second street. 
Vine to Walnut street, from the level of Front street 15 

Walnut to Pine street, from the level of Front street 12 

Pine to Cedar street, from the level of Front street 15 

In Second street, luest side to Third street. 
Vine to Chesnut street, froni the level of Second street 15 
Chesnut to Union street, frona the level of Second street 13 
Union to Cedar street, from the level of Second street 14 

In Third street, luest side to Fourth street. 
Vine to Cedar street, from the level of Third street 14 

In Fourth street, 'west side to Fifth street. 
Vine to Cedar street, from the level of Fourth street 14 

In Fifth street., west side to Sixth street. 
Vine to Cedar street, from the level of Fifth street 14 

In Sixth street, luest side of Seventh street. 
Vine to Cedar street, from the level of Sixth street 15 

In Seventh street, west side to Eighth street. , 

Vine to Cedar street, from the level of Seventh street 15 

In Eighth street, west side of Broad street- 
Vine to Ceda-- street, from the level of Eighth street 15 
FroiTi Broad street t-^ Schuyllcill, the same depths as the 
easternmost streets, of the same number. 

By order of the Board, 

Samuel Gravenstinjs, Clerk. 


Northern Liberties. Samuel Wheeler, Frederick Wolbert, 
John Guodrnan, jun, 3arauel Macferran, Joseph Grice, John 
Kessler, George W. Morgan, Frederick FcEring, Edward B. 
Corfield, Joseph H. Fleming-, Hemy Probasco, Thomas 
Barnes, iun. Charles Carey, John Clifford. 

Southioark. Ebenezer Ferguson, Richard Renshaw (and 
Notary Public) Richard Palmer, Joseph Marsh, Alexr. SteeL 

Moyamensing. John Hunter, Daniel Bussier, Israel Israel, 
Michael Fieytag, George Goodwin. 

Germantown. John Huston, Samuel Betton, John Conrad, 
Peter Baynton, John Nice. 

Moxborough. ComeUus Holgate. 

Lower Dublin. Jonathan Scholfield, Joshua Comley, Joshua 
Jones, Devick Peterson, Benjamin Walmsley. 

Oxford. Robert Moms, Isaac Worrell, John Ruan, John 
H. Worrell, John Salter, 

Bristol. Jacob Miller. 

Blockley. Francis Johnson, Nathan J«nes, Caleb Davis 



Kurthern Liberties. Stephen Walter, 34 Coales' street ; 
Jacob Faunce, 55 Brown street ; James Shellingsforth, 46 
Budd street; John Shawacker, back of 351 north Second-st. 

SoutJiHxiark. George Weaver, sonth-west corner of Ship- 
pen and Third streets ; George Sheed, ym. 43 Plumb street f 
David Comb, 33 German street. , 


Jacob Heyberger, Peter Christian and Daniel Trump. Geo. 
Honey, Clerk,- John L. Leib, Solicitor ,- Robe'-t M-Mullen, 
Treasurer; William T. Donaldson, Sheriff: John Dinnis, 


For writing, signing and sealing a warrant on behalf - Dols.Cts. 
of the commonwealth, 15 

Every recognizance to appear at the general quarter 

sessions, recorded, and copy transmitt^ to clerk, 20 
Summons or capias for debt, 10 
Subpoena for a witness, 10 
Every name after the first, 3 
Entering judgment after trial, ^ 20 
Every judgment by confession, :,i|gj^|av^ jg 
Every execution, ^^^^^^ 20 
Certified copy of proceedings, on certiorari or appeal, 33 
Writing, signing and sealing every attachment, 13 
Entering rule of reference 10 
Copy thereof to eithe» party, 3,0 
Recognizance of b^rt, in civil suit and entry, &c. 13 
Issuing bail pier^> 13 
Swearing each witness, ^ 7 
Adroinister'iJg oath or affirmation and signing depo- 
sition, ?/" ready, _ -' 7 
If wriu<;n by tlie justice, per line, 1 
Notice to master or apprentice, 13 
Acknowledgment or probate of a deed, 26 
Acknowledgment of a power of attorney, 26 
Order for removing a pauper, 1 00- 
Order for relieving a pauper, 25 
Issuing scire facias against bail, 20 
Issuing scire facias to revive judgment, 20 
Comparing duplicates, &c. 26 
Order to appraise damages, ^\ 



For warrant to appraise swine, recording valuation, DoU.cts, 
and advertising, ' 33 

Warrant to appraise damages done by other cattle, 26 
Certificate to take up vacant land, 10 

Publishing the bands of marriage, 67 

Removing forcible entry, &c. each day necessarily 

spent, 88 

Holding inquisition under the act respecting landlord 

and tenant, 1 00 

Order for wolf's or fox's scalp, 13 


President. Joseph D. Martin, 127 Chesnut street 

Treasurer. Thomas Phipps, 169 High 

Solicitor. Richard Rush, 98 south Fourth 

Secretary. Joseph R. Kammerer, 212 Chesnut 

Boor Keeper. Charles Culnan, back of 129 Walnut 

James Altemus, 504 north Second 

George Egert, 357 north Second 

Joseph F^-icker, 362 north Second 

Jacob Walter, 177 north Third 

Michael Brigt*, 125 north Water 

Isaac Forsyth^ 7 T^ittle George 

James Skerret, 135;iouth Ninth 

Hugh Macurdy, 223 s^juth Second 

John Rutter, corner of Stcond and Mead alley * 

John Carter, river road, near Hanover-st. 

James H. Cole, 8 north Thira 

William Powel, 375 High 

Robert Harris, jun. 196 High 

Thomas Tompkins, 30 Columbia. Avenue 

James Paul, Chesnut street wharf 

William Vickary, corner of Spruce a^d Seventh 

William Marshman, 111 Christian 

Joseph Ogilby, 56 Swanson 

Andrew Powell, corner of Catharine and Seoand 


. William Abbott, 2 New Bank 
Thomas SkeUey, 29 Sansom 
John Thompson, 337 south Front 
Frederick Forepaugh, 162 nwth Third 
Isaac Wainwright, 81 north Front 
Jiohn M Mullin, 120 south Front 
7ohn Workman, 348 south Front 
Leonard Strieker, 60 Green 

Michael Leib, President ; Ebehezer Ferguson, John Con- 
nelly, P. Browne, Alexander Cook, Thomas Phipps, Casper 
Souder, Jacob Bender, George Wagner, Richard Palmer, 
James Josiah, Isaac Hozey, Joseph Morris, Treasurer ; 
George Bariram, Secretary, 



John Kaighn, Thomas Parke, Richard Wistar, Jam«s 
Read, Joseph P. Norris, Robert Wain, James Gibson, Jo- 
shua Gilpin, Zaccheus Collins, George Fox. Z. Poulson, 


Thomas Jefferson, President ,• Caspar Wistar, Benjamin S. 
Barton, and Robert Patterson, Vice Presidents ; 1 homas T. 
Hewson, Thomas C. James, N. Chapman, and Burgess Al- 
lison, Secretaries ; William White, Jonathan WiUiams, Peter 
S. Duponceau, Mahlon Dickerson, Counsellors for three years i 
Adam Sybert, for one year ; Charles W. Peale, Robert 
Hare, jun. and John R. Smith, Curators; John Vaughan, 
Treasurer ; Election sixth May. 



George Clymer, President ; William Tilgkman, William 
Rawle, Joseph Hopkinson, William Rusli, William Poyntell, 
Charles Wilson Peale, Z Collins, James Gibson, Edward 
Penington, P. P. Glentworth, Samuel F. Bradford, and 
Charles J. Wister. 


WiUiam White, Presidi-nt ; ] . B. Ackley, Vice Preside7:t ; 
Charles M^rshviW, Treasurer ,- JohnOrmrod, Secretary. 

President^ Dr. Adam Kuhn. Vice President, Dr. Samuel 
Duffield. Censors, Dr. Thomas Parke, Dr. Caspar Wistar 
Dp. Samuel P. Griffitts, Dr. Williare Currie. Treasurer Dr. 
Benjamin Say. Secretary, Dr. Tlu) T Hewson. 

Dr. John SyngDorsey, President t. Messrs. Armstrong and 
Mezyck, Vice Presidents ; Dr. Elijah Griffith, Treasurer ; Dr. 
Barton, jun. Librarians; Dr. WiUiam ShsiW, Curator ; Dr. 
John C. Rousseau, Corresponding, and Clark, Record- 
ing Secretary. 



Managers. William White, Robert Blackwell, Lawrence 
Seckel, Henry I. C. Helmuth, George Fox, Robert Smith, 
John Kaighn, Godfrey Haga, Robert Ralston, Ebenezer Ha- 
zard, Samuel P. Griffitj£, and Isaac Snowdcn, 


Jtteruiing physicians and Surgeons. Tits. J. C- Rousseau, 
Parrish, Cleaver, Attlee, Klapp and Perkin. 

Consulting Physicians and Surgeons. Drs. Rush, Parke. 
Wistar, and S. Physick. 

Treasurer, John Clifford. Apothecary^ Stephen Taylor. 

Legacies are g-iven in the corporate name, viz. ** I give afid 
bequeath to the Philadelphia Dispensary, the Sum of 
to be paid to the Treasurer for the time being, and applied 
towards carrying on the cliaritable Designs of the said In- 
stitution." Annual Election first Mondav in January. 


Ebene2er Ferguson, President \ William Binder, Elijah 
G.'-iffith, Hugh Ferguson, and Isaac Heylin Secretary. Open 
daily (Sundays excepted) from 9 o'clock, A. M. to 2 P. M. 

The following persons are under the direction of the Board, 
to assist in their respective capacities, the execution of the 
Health Law. 

Isaac Heister, Lazaretto Physician; Samuel Duffield, Port 
i'A>''5''^i"'W ; James Pughlia, Health Officer; Thowas Egger, 
^arantine Master ; George Budd, Steward of the Lazaretto, 
Samuel Goodman, Ste^mard of the City Hospital; John Buck- 
mgliam. Messenger. 


Incorporated for the purpose of recovering persons appa- 
parently dead from drow ning, and other causes. 

Joseph Crukshank, President ; Isaac Snowden, Secretary ; 
Benjamin Horner, jun. Treasurer. 

Managers. Joseph Crukshank, Charles Marshall, Dr. 
Benjamin Say, Dr. Samuel P. Griffitts, Dr. James Mease, 
Dr. Thomas C James, Benjamin Shaw, Samuel Pancoast, 
jun. Cbiirlf 5 Penrose, Joseph C. Howell, William AUibore. 
jaii. Is-.iac Si":o.vilfcn. 

And at a niceting of the managers, the following officers 
vere chosen. 

Inspectors. William Allibone, jun. and Joseph E. Howell. 

Committee cf Correspondence. Dr. Benjamin Say, Dr. Sa- 
muel P. Griffitts, Dr. Thomas C. James, Dr. James Mease, 
Samuel Pancoast, jun. John Morton. 

Medical Assistants. Dr. William Currie, 180 south Se- 
cond ; Dr. Caspar Wistar, corner Prune and Fourth; 
Dr. Benjamin Say, 152 Chesnut ; Dr. Samuel P. Griffitts, 62 
south Front ; Dr. James' Mease, 192 Chesnut ; Dr. Tho- 
mas C James, 83 south Second; Dr. John C. Otto, 139 
Mulberry ; Dr. Thomas T. Hewson, 41 Spruce ; Br. Peter 
Miller, 56 north Fourth ; Dr. Joseph Parrish, 18 Chesnut ; 
Dr. John S. Dorsey, corner Sixth and Mulberry ; Dr. Isaac, 
Cleaver, 286 north Second; Dr. Henry Neill* 286 south 



William White, D. D. President,- William Rogers. D. D 
and Thomas Wistar, Vice Presidents; Caleb Cresson, jun. 
and Roberts Vaux, Secretaries ; Israel W. Morris, TVea- 

E/ecfing Committee. Samuel P. Griffitts, Thomas Wis- 
tar, William M'llhenny, Israel W. Morris, Zachariah Poul- 
son, Isaac Parrish, Kenry Connelly, Thomas Bradford, jun. 
Joseph M. Paul, and John Paul. 


Dr. Benjamin Rusht President ; Robert Patterson and Tho- 
mas Parker, Vice Presidents ,- Benjamin Williams, and Na- 
than Smith, Secretaries; John Evans, Treasurer. 
. Councellors. William Lewis, William Rawle, John Hal- 
lowell, Walter Franklin, James Milnor, Joseph Hopkinson. 
Joseph Hemphill, Daniel Smith, George Fisher, Richard 
Rush, George Vaux, Jacob S. Wain, jun. Walker Reed, Wil- 
liam L. Delany, Joseph R. Hojikins. 

Electing Committee. Thomas Harrison, Joseph Moore, 
Joseph Price, Isaac Pearson, Thomas Rogers, Samuel 
Smith, William Master, Joseph D. Martin, Thomas Phipps, 
Edmund Kinsey, Charles Townsend, and Abrahum Hilyard. 

Committee of Correspondence. James Milnor, Timothy 
Paxson, George Williams, Joseph R. Jenks, Nathan Smith, 
Joseph M. Paul, Benjamin Williams. 


Thomas Bradford, jun. President; Joseph R. Kamerer, 
Vice President; Benjamin Williams, Treasurer; Stephen 
Norlh, Secretary, 

Managers. Thomas Bradford, jun. Charles Clark, William 
Fry, Jonahan Fell, Philip Garrett, J. R. Kamerer, William 
Paxson, George Summers, Benjamin Williams, Joseph Wil- 
liams, Benjamin Woolsttm, William Jones, John Claxton, 
Stephen North, C. Wiltberger, John H. Cresson, William 
Widdifield, and William Allibone, jun 

Electing Conim,ittee. William Abbott, James Cresson, 
WiUiam Fawcett, Richard George, Samuel Hulmes, A, K - 
nigmacher, Johi. Paul, Samuel Sellers, Williani Wood, John 
G. Simmons, Harvey Lewis, and Saniuel Stalans. 


Managers. Jo^^ t)h Scattergood, John Paul, Charles 
Townsend, Reuben Haines, James P. Parke, John C. Evans, 
Charles Alle;i, StAomoii vy. Cot;;'kd, Clement Biddle, jun. 
Roberts Vaux, S;unuel Hi^ytiock, and Robert Smith, jun. 

John Cook, Treasurer ; j|c r.jamin Fen-is, Cler/^ ; James P. 
Parke, kecorder of Adrrnsiion. 

At the commencement cf this year, 212 boys were receiv- 
ing.the benefits of this Society. 

D 2 


Michael Egan, D, D. President ; Edward Carrell, Vice Prer 
i/ident.- James O'EUers, Treas. Revd. W.V. Uscrrold, Chaplin, 

Managers. John Ashley J.seph Snydei , Joseph Eck, Tho- 
mas Hurley, Peter Scravendyke, John Maitland, Charles 
Johnson, and Adam Premh*. 

Electing Committee. Lewis Ryan, Joseph Eck, Philip 
Reily, Timothy Desmond, Patrick Callan, Michael Leahy, 
and Nicholas Brinks,- Peter S. Duponceau, Councellor; James 
Henderson, Secretary. 


John Laval, President ,- Augustine Bousquet, Vice Presi- 
dent / Simon Chaudron, Treasurer / Laurence Huron, Secr*y. 

Hugh Holmes, President ; Charles HeaLley, Vice President .- 
Henry Toland, Treasurer ; John Sergeant, and Thomas Kit- 
tero. Counsellors ; Robert S. Stafford, and Isaac Heylin, Phy- 
sicians ; Rev. Thos. Hurley, Chaplin ,- Edwd. Fox, Secretary, 

William Mcpherson, President ,- Thomas Leiper, and Tho- 
mas Smith, Vice Presidents ; Thomas Ewing, Treasurer / 
James M*Currach, Secretary ; Revd. Joseph Shaw, Chaplin ; 
John B. Wallace, and Edward S. Burd, Counsellors; John 
Proudfit, and Nathaniel Chapman, Physicians ; Thomas Wo- 
therspoon, Charles McAllister, John M. Shields, James Ar- 
rott, Robert Kidd, ^ James Imbrie, Assistants ; R. W. 
Hutchinson, Messenger. 


Robert E. Gnfnth, President ,- Thomas Ketland, Vice Pre- 
sident ,• John Waddington, Treasurer; George Davis, Secre- 
tary ; Joseph Ball, George Ludlam, Peter Browne, WilUam 
Page, Tristram B. Freeman, Josep hCurwen, Richard North, 
John Markoe, Stewards. 


William Duane, President ; Joh n Scully, Vice President / 
Major Daniel M<Karaher, Treasurer; William A. Bass, 
Principal Secretary ; Thomas Cave, Assistant Secretary. 

Samuel Meredith, President ; Robert Wharton, Vice Pre- 
sident ; Thomas Cumpston, Treasurer; Joseph S. Lewis, 
Secretary ; Jonathan Smith, Register ; John Evans, Richard 
Price, Thomas Parke, Chandler Price, Reeve Lewis, Elihu 
Chauncey, and Matthew L. Bevens, Stewards ; Doctors, Tho- 
mas C. James, and Joseph Strong, Phvsicians ; B njamin R. 
Morgan, and Edward Tilghman, Councellors. 


John Snyder, President; James Shellingsford, Vice Presi- 
dent ; George Schoch, Tfeasurer ; Jac<;b Vandertice, Secreta- 
ry ; Henry VandersUce, and Eno8 Searles, Steviards. Elec- 
tion ni»eleenth Fehruary. 



Thomas M'Kiiiley, President; George Norton, Vice Presi- 
dent ,- J ;>-mes Morris, Trtasurer ; }ose\^Y\ H. Edwards ard 
Jolm Leatherman, Stenuards ,- Joseph H Edwards, Secretary. 

William M'Coliin, President ; John Low, Treasurer ; David 
Sin^pson, Secretary. 



Rev. yMv\\i?iai\Y\x G, President ; Robert Ralston, Vice Pre- 
sident ; John Evans, Treasurer ; Thomas Kite Secretary ; 
. Managers of the Asylum. Thomas Latinier, Joseph Clark, 
Samuel ilarvey, Wiiliam Penrose, John Miller, Aaron Mus- 
grave, Gilbert Gav^, Samuel Smith, James Moore. 

Electirg Committee. James Worth, Silas E. Weir, John 
B. Ack!ey, Benedict Borsey, James Taylor, Joseph Towns- 
end, Jesse Oat, James Darracb, BeHJamin Mears, Benjamin 
Cox. • 

Physicians. Drs. William Currey, Thomas C James, Isaac 
Catharall, Joseph Parrish. 


President) Benjamin S. Barton ; Vice President^ Samuel B. 
Smith ; Corresponding Secretary, Aaron Dickerson ; Recording 
Secretary, Joseph G. Si.ippen ; Treasurer, N. S. Allinson ; 
Curators, Samuel Hazard and John H. Lambert ; Orator, 
Walter Chauncey; Comtnittte on Mineralogy, Charles J. Wis- 
ter, Samuel Hazard, James Cutbush, Walter Chauncey ; 
Committee on Botany, Samuel Benezet, John H, Lambert, 
A. Dickers >n, N. S. Allenson ; Committee on Zoology, Sam- 
uel B. Smith, Samuel Stewart, Benjamin Knghler, George 
S. Sciiott, A. M'Kenney, Samuel Jackson, J. Q. Shippen, 
Roberts Vaux. 


Richard Peters, President ; George C!) mer. Vice President,' 
Samuel Hodgdon, Treasurer ; James Mease, m d. Secretary. 

Luke M'Gee, President ,' William Campbell, Treasurer ; 
William Marhman, Secretary, 

Philip Cole water, President f William Campbell, Vice Pre- 
sident ; Thomas Cave, Treasurer ,- Luke Shields, Secretary. 


John Dorsey, President; John Goodman, Vice President ; 
Hugh Henry, Treasw^er ,- James C. Thompson, Secretary. 

Managers, William Y. Birch, James Rrmaidson, Thomas 
Wood, John Thobum, Samuel Carswell, Abraham Small, 
John Lang, John Connelly, Samuel Smith, 


David Lenox, President ; WiUiam Macpherson, Vice Pre- 
sident ; Horace Binney, Secretary ,• Matthew M'Connell, 
Assistant Secretary ; Robert Pation. Treasurer ; Charles Bid- 
die. Assistant Treasurer ,- William Jackson, Caleb North, 
John Markland, James Glentworth, Peter Peres, Jonas 
Simonds, Standing Cotmnittee. 


George Ingtjls, President,- William Linnard, Vice Presi- 
dent ; John /D. Sm'xih, Secretary ,- WiUiam Powell, Treasu- 
rer ; Richard Chamberlane, Warden ; Joseph Morris, Jona- 
than Roberts, David Fliekwire, Jacob Lybrand, Alphonso C. 
Ireland, John How, and Frederick Forepaugh, Managing 


Benjamin Thaw, President ; James M*Alpin, Wm. M'll- 
henney. Vice Presidents ; Abraham Hilyard, Treasurer ; James 
Comly, J. Ridg-vvay, Secretaries 

James M'Alpin, President ; ]ohn Lang, Vice President ; 
James Bobb, Robert Wilson, John Cochran, James Thom- 
son, Alexander Turnbull, and /Alexander Rea, jun. Cowisel- 
lors ; WiUiam Wilson, Treasurer ; George Robertson, Secre- 

John Miller, President ,• Henry Sailer, Vice President ; 
John Bennet, Treasurer ; Adam Traquair, Secretary ,- Mar- 
niaduke Moore, Assistant Secretary ,• James Traquair, John 
*^lover, Henry Sailer, and John Gullen, stated Measurers / 
John Miller, James Traquair, and John Griffith, Corresponditig 

George A. Bakers President,- Jacob Speny, Vice President ; 
John Geyer, Treasurer ; Casper Rehn, Solicitor ,- Jacob Sul- 
ger and L. Krumbhaar, Secretaries ; John Musser, Andrew 
Leinau, John Stock, Gtorge Honey, Godfrey Smith, and A. 
Stein, Overseers. 

Lewis Young, President; George Hammond, Vice Presi' 
dent ; John Lehey and lonn Htigers, Treasurers ,• Jo-;eph H. 
Edwards and James Sproul, Stewards. 

John S. Malone, President,- James Colewaler, Vice Presi- 
dent; Lvike Shields, Secretary; Edward Gfaham, Treasurer. 

Meet ai No. 114, Swanson, first Monday in each month. 
Thomas hvsidi'ovd. President ; John Wdli'XVbSyVice PresiderJ,- 
John F. Dick, Secretary: 





00 ^ . 







S.^^ >.^ ^^•'^ ^^ 

-o ^ -^ ^ c ^ '^- -" 
.=" -i -§ :;;u 3 g o 


C -G -C*-3^c« 

<•— C .— 4 _G "" Tl ^ > 


"^ '^ "^^ n ?^ S <u 





&0 .• 




r Pi 

s s 


52 £ 3 >^ ^-13 
P J5 r° '3 "^ C 

_2 'O ti^ cj 


■5 ^ 

PL, W W 

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„j«;^>^a 2'i 


From the first of March 1810, to theJirst of March 1811. 



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